EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006335; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 222512 BP.
AC   AC006335;
DT   11-JAN-1999 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   16-DEC-2008 (Rel. 98, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-492C2 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-222512
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Sulston J.E., Waterston R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-222512
RA   Jones K., Bauer C., Hawkins M., Smith-Craig R.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-492C2";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-222512
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-222512
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-222512
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-SEP-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-222512
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 34be91b6863757f7caedc4e90e1f9cdd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000168757; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006335.2:1-222512; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000320701; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000383042; homo_sapiens.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:23924; TSPY2.
DR   InterPro; IPR002164; NAP_family.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A6NKD2; TSPY2_HUMAN.
CC   On May 5, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:4204337.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0492C02
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-492C2;
CC   actual end is at base position 222512 of RP11-492C2.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..222512
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-492C2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   861..899
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   1836..2141
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3405..3687
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3700..4009
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5606..5647
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   5701..5977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    9882..13113
FT                   /note="TSPY pseudogene; similar to AAB51693.1
FT                   (PID:g1932825)"
FT   repeat_region   13125..13185
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   STS             complement(14720..15104)
FT   repeat_region   15469..15553
FT                   /rpt_family="purine-rich"
FT   repeat_region   15644..15835
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15845..16140
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16296..16415
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   16362..16480
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   16635..18354
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    20369..20673
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA971069 (NID:g3146359) op69h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   20660..20692
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   21775..21875
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   21876..22180
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22181..22224
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   22226..22532
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22639..22991
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23477..23764
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23773..23873
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   23888..24364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24435..24523
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24524..24555
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   24556..24576
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    25450..25833
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA910023 (NID:g3049313) ol40b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   26110..26218
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26219..26256
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26321..26361
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   29154..29937
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33568..33652
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33845..33877
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   repeat_region   34416..34610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34611..34908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34909..35024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35051..35084
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   35221..36064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36065..36087
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   36088..36962
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39280..39321
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   40430..40512
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   40513..40819
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40820..40850
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   40852..41159
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41257..41609
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42084..42374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42382..42486
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   42506..42982
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43131..43506
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   43507..43827
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43828..44100
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   44396..44471
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   44513..44817
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45099..45286
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45288..45602
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45603..45776
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45932..45965
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   45995..46108
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   46131..46166
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   46663..46787
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   46968..47181
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   47327..48072
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   48433..48463
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   49840..49900
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   50437..50755
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group?"
FT   repeat_region   50784..51153
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   51161..51194
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   51195..51476
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51477..51580
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   51744..52285
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   52779..53935
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53936..54069
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54070..58987
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59317..59614
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   59615..59756
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59785..61677
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61689..61716
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   61735..61835
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61840..62436
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62579..62611
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   63079..63121
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   63208..63402
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64402..64429
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   65543..65563
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    66385..66704
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA812808 (NID:g2882872) ai74d09.s1"
FT   repeat_region   66883..67487
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   67466..67696
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   73526..73541
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73542..73588
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   73589..73872
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75653..75939
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75957..76114
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76115..76137
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   76138..76251
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79035..79235
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79273..79312
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   79620..79640
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   79767..79808
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   87824..87934
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   87960..88004
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88404..90308
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90322..91231
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91233..91338
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   91392..91425
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   91894..92014
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    92153..107195
FT                   /note="pseudogene similar to AZF; similar to B49418
FT                   (PID:g631384)"
FT   repeat_region   92566..95514
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95517..101111
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101120..101570
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101571..101673
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   101675..101781
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101709..101827
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101830..101984
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102256..102316
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103395..103684
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103799..103819
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   105131..105859
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106058..106312
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106731..106759
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    107252..107429
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    107299..107693
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI220048 (NID:g3802251) qg84b02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   108058..108294
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108301..108346
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108347..108659
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108660..108815
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109481..109783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109835..109862
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   109863..110050
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110347..110646
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110647..110680
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   110709..111006
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111011..111612
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   111628..112241
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   112237..113086
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   113088..113959
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   113967..117017
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   117018..117624
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   117778..118075
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118415..118819
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119026..119320
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119435..119883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    119848..120172
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   misc_feature    120701..120789
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA789285 (NID:g2849405) aj28c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   120727..120838
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121158..121309
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    121320..121538
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431098 (NID:g2114806) zw78f12.s1"
FT   misc_feature    121361..121538
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   repeat_region   121851..121889
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   121934..122040
FT                   /rpt_family="purine-rich"
FT   repeat_region   122041..122163
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   122190..122480
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122534..122835
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    122785..122927
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431098 (NID:g2114806) zw78f12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   123303..123428
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   124256..124331
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   124599..124622
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    124606..125010
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA644685 (NID:g2569903) ab87d10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   124810..124840
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   misc_feature    125429..125514
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431552 (NID:g2115260) zw78d11.r1"
FT   misc_feature    125429..125481
FT                   /note="match to EST AA431098 (NID:g2114806) zw78f12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   127302..127359
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   127384..127550
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   127706..127804
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   129783..129868
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    130112..130193
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    131815..132164
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA984545 (NID:g3163070) am88e06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   132031..132056
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   132266..132346
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   134717..134765
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   135110..135182
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    136975..137446
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA936316 (NID:g3094234) on70d04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   137169..137229
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   137251..137407
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    137840..138000
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   138752..138774
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   139284..139343
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   139677..139753
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    140291..140385
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA629277 (NID:g2541664) zu77h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   140515..140606
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   142471..142492
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   142782..143107
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143108..143400
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143401..143535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143536..143812
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144046..144119
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   146296..146333
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   146529..146632
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   149355..149431
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   149621..151928
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   151928..153420
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   153429..153551
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   153547..153713
FT                   /rpt_family="Harlequin"
FT   repeat_region   153714..154074
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   gene            <154532..154714
FT                   /gene="WUGSC:H_NH0492C02.1"
FT   CDS             <154532..154714
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="WUGSC:H_NH0492C02.1"
FT                   /product="testis-specific Testis Transcript Y 1"
FT                   /note="H_NH0492C02.1"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD54508.1"
FT                   SPWPCHAGEGGVSRM"
FT   repeat_region   156361..156393
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   156753..156846
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   157615..157653
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   158699..158720
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   159127..159189
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   159906..160031
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    160574..160765
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA883832 (NID:g2993362) am21g04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   161093..161118
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   161224..161290
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   163757..163787
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   STS             complement(164576..164655)
FT   repeat_region   165848..166089
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   167843..167920
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   168417..168879
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   169905..169996
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   STS             complement(170379..170466)
FT   repeat_region   171428..171727
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    172949..173049
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   STS             175559..175640
FT   misc_feature    175891..175959
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   176061..176397
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   177210..177404
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   178371..178405
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   179265..179477
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   180706..180799
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   181898..182040
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   183024..183059
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   184051..184379
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   185487..185576
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    185498..185620
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    186849..187049
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA620621 (NID:g2524560) af84b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   187167..187257
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   188133..188524
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   189396..189437
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   repeat_region   190646..191027
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    191564..191889
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI147341 (NID:g3675023) qg63g10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   191883..191917
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   misc_feature    191924..192004
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI147341 (NID:g3675023) qg63g10.s1"
FT   misc_feature    192062..192556
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI142349 (NID:g3658708) qg63g10.r1"
FT   repeat_region   192120..192186
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   192535..192603
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   194534..194579
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   194752..197699
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   197695..197900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   199438..199496
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   199859..199932
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   200716..200839
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   201871..201951
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   202104..202127
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   204870..204938
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   206914..206952
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   209347..209431
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   210297..210546
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    210565..210952
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA969211 (NID:g3144391) op51d12.s1"
FT   repeat_region   211035..211062
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   211287..211384
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   212558..212609
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   213879..213914
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    213927..214358
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA461577 (NID:g2185441) zx51b02.r1"
FT   misc_feature    214479..214789
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA460289 (NID:g2185105) zx51b02.s1"
FT   misc_feature    214916..215250
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA629277 (NID:g2541664) zu77h04.s1"
FT   repeat_region   215052..215143
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   215147..215291
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    218152..218255
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   218402..218855
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    220173..220286
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   repeat_region   220885..221255
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    221762..222007
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI024985 (NID:g3240598) ov39d12.x1"
FT   misc_feature    221877..222001
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA884105 (NID:g2993635) am36e03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   222270..222300
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   222325..222408
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
SQ   Sequence 222512 BP; 64431 A; 48161 C; 47834 G; 62086 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactt tttgtgtaga ggccaagaca gctgttgggg aggctggctg taaggggaca        60
     aattcatggg gtatgaatgc caggaagaaa gaggaatatc ttgcacacta aaagttactt       120
     ctggccctcc ttcaaaatat tgattcatat cttgtatctt tgtttcttgc agcgtgactt       180
     gggagcacct ttcgtatgcc atctacagca aaaggacact tgggtgcaag tgggaatctt       240
     gagtcacttt gaggagcatt gcacaaagcc gtgtgtcttc agccaagtgc acccttttct       300
     ttctggctcc tgggagtgcc atggcctagc catgcaccct ggcaccacca ggggcccatg       360
     actacctctg cttccatgtc cctttcagtc tctgcttcta aagatgcctt gacttttatc       420
     tccactccca cttccatttg gccacacttc atctctctgc cacagcctca gagtaaggct       480
     caaaaccttg gtaggcaaag ccaaagaaga aggtaattga aatagaaaag agtagatgga       540
     aggagagagg agagaaagct cttcctgaaa aatgcacaat attttatctc ccaaatcatg       600
     gaagttattt ccttatggct tacaaaggca tttcatactt gatatattat tcaatttcca       660
     tagtatccct atagattatg atagagatca tttaacatga ttattatagt tatcttaaat       720
     gtgtattctg atactagata agtagaatgg attgatcgat ttctcatggc aaaagatgaa       780
     tagggctaat attaagacac actctcctaa cacaaagaca tttctttact accacacagt       840
     agcttgcatt tgtaatagag ttattttaaa ttaagtatat tttaagttaa agatattttg       900
     atgtttggaa acagtgtaat agttggtaag taatgagttt taggtgctgg tgtactagat       960
     tgggttacgt tgctattatc agtttccccc ttcctttggc tatcagaaaa cctatcacaa      1020
     tattagcaat ggctatttca cattactgta cttctacttg tttccttaga aattgaggga      1080
     tctcttttgg tctcatgagt taaatgtgca cttagccaca gctattttat agctaccacc      1140
     tatcgccata gttacagtga ataatacact taaaacataa aagaggccat aattatttgc      1200
     tcacatcctc caaagtctaa ctcaaagaca actacactta agatcttagt tatgcttcta      1260
     atttcatcta tacttcctta ccccttctac agacaggtta tcttcaacat ttttatctct      1320
     ctctatatat atataaacga gcattgcttc aactcagttt tctgaggaac gctaaaataa      1380
     ttttaaaaat atgagctctt tcctgaacct caatcttgaa ttttctattt aaactattgg      1440
     tttgatatct cactaaaatt gtaagtttag gaagaaaagc cccctccatt ttagagacag      1500
     gtgctttatc tccaaatttt tcattattta ttaatacatt caaatcatta cattttctgt      1560
     tgcctatcta cttcagtgat ttctgggtag ctacaatcat ggatatataa atgttgcaat      1620
     gggggagaaa gctgggatga ctcccaatat tttgattaaa gaaatttaag ctatgacata      1680
     aagaaactat gaactcagaa agatagtaag aggaacactt cttttcaaga aaaatgcatg      1740
     aacacaaaag acgtagaagt ttgtctttgc tggtcatatt taacaatgct aatttggtta      1800
     gcacaaatag gagggattta aaacttaaaa aaatgggcca ggtgcggtgg ctcacacctg      1860
     taatcccaga actttgggag gctgaggcgg gcggatcccg aggtcaggag atcgagacca      1920
     tcctggctaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaaat acaaaaaaaa ttagccaggc      1980
     acagtgatgg acatctgtga tcccagctac tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcagga      2040
     acccaggagg cggagtttgc actgagcaga gagcacgcca ctgcactcca ggctgggaaa      2100
     cagagtgagg ctccgtctca caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatctacag atggcaattc      2160
     tattcaaatt agcacaatta gcttattttt ctcctcagct tcagcagatc agatttctct      2220
     gcaatatgcc atgccttggc aggctgggat catcagctgt ggcagtcagg tctacagcgg      2280
     gtccatagtt agcagctcat gggttctcat agctgcccac tgtgtcagga acatgtaagt      2340
     ttgtgcctgc ctcttcccat atcctatgat ttatgatccc ataagtacat tgctgaaggt      2400
     ttctctgtcc taattcactt ctataataca tgagcatctc acttatatgg ataacatttt      2460
     tgttttaggc taaaaagaaa ttttgtcaca gtgtttggct tattagtacc tctgttagtc      2520
     aattcctctg caatcccctt gtctatgaac tctttatcca tagatttctg atttctctga      2580
     agatgagcta gggaccttat gtatcataaa taaagaaata tgctagaaag cctgatgtag      2640
     gtttaaggtt caggttttct aatgaatgta ttgtaataaa tctttgccta tgcacacagg      2700
     agtcctgaag acactgctgt gatactgggc ctgaggcatc ctggggcaca actgagagtt      2760
     gtgaaggtgt ctaccattct gctgcatgag agattctggt tggtgagtgg agcagcaaga      2820
     aatatcctgg cattgctact cctccaagat gtccagactc ccattcggct ctcagcactc      2880
     cggctgtctg aagaatctga atagtccaga aggctggctc tctggggcac aaattattac      2940
     accaggtcag tgttactttt tctcactggg gtagcagttg taaaaaataa atgagatttg      3000
     tatttttaat attatgtttc aaggagtaac tgtaatcaca attgtataca ttactaataa      3060
     taagatgttt aatccacaca agagacccac taggaaatgt gtttttgttt tataagatga      3120
     tggttctgat gataacttca caagatttta gatctgaaaa catttatatg aggatctttc      3180
     tctgtacagt caattttata aaccaaagta gacatgattg gttttccaac tctttgctaa      3240
     cttcaaaaca aaggaaaaag aaggtttttt gatttgtttt ctttttacct ctttatgaaa      3300
     atgaagctga acttgacttg gcatttggaa tttcttaagt aaaatttact tgttactttt      3360
     gaagagtggc atttaaaaag tgattaaaga atgacaatgt tgtccacagt ggctcaatcc      3420
     tatatttcca gcactttggg agcttcaacc aggagaatgt tttaggccca ggaatttgat      3480
     acccagttgg gcaatagagc aagacttcat cactaaacaa caacaacaac aaatagcttg      3540
     atgtggtgtt gcacacatgt agtcccagct acctgggagg ctgagagagg aagatagctt      3600
     gagcccagga ggttgaggct gcagtgtgtg aagatggtgc caatgcactc cagcctgggt      3660
     gaccaagcaa gaacttgtcc aaaaaaaggt ttgggagctg gcatggtggc tcatgcctgt      3720
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggccag taaatcacct gaagtcagga gtttaagacc      3780
     agtctgacca acatggggaa aacccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaattag ccaggagggg      3840
     tggtgtgtgc ctgtaatccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaaccc      3900
     aagaggctga agttgcagtg agctgtgagc aggccactgc attccagact gagtgacaaa      3960
     gtggaactgc atctcaagaa aaataaaggt caatagaaag ataataaaat atataaatgt      4020
     gtgatgtaaa atttaatggt gataaaatac actgaatttc tctgtgtaag ttacacatac      4080
     aaatgtaatg acgagacagt gataagacaa atcaaggttt tatctcaata cttagtgtct      4140
     acatgtaaca tatgttcttt aggatagtta tagtccattt tctttccagg agagactgat      4200
     gagaatgcag aaatgttaaa gcacaagtga tggaagcttc cagctgtgcc cacctgtaac      4260
     ctgacataga cagttccatt gtttgcttca ttactcaggt caaagacatt aatgcaaatg      4320
     tggtacacag tcaaattctt ttctatctac atgatagaaa ctataacttt gtccctgtat      4380
     agaagggtat acagcatatg cctaaatgat aaatataagt gaatcattga tcagtaggaa      4440
     accattttaa aagtctttaa ttacagaaca aaatctctga aaaattttat tgtcaatctg      4500
     agttttctta catgagttat taatctctag ccatactaaa gagatagtat gctgttcttc      4560
     aaacaaatta gacattgtat ataaaacgac tccaacattt ttctatttct ccaagtaaaa      4620
     taacttgttt aaggtatgct cttcagtgat ttttttgtag taacactttt gaaggtattt      4680
     taccaggaag atttacttat gtacttatct gatgtctgcc tttcttctga atacatattt      4740
     tatcacccac ttattaattc taagtttaag aagttggaat agggatttaa atccaaattc      4800
     tacgtttgaa tttacaggag tcagtgagtc cagaaaatgt cattatgcgc agaccaatat      4860
     ctggcaatgg cactagggga caaatatgct ttaccagtct caaagcccta gctactacag      4920
     tgagtccaca cttctcctgt atcttatctg cttcagcaaa agaaggccac ccactaaatc      4980
     aggccgttgt ggcttgggtg gaaactccta agtcctctac tctccttaaa gagccaacca      5040
     cactgccact ttcctcaata ataattactg cagctctgag actttggtag cctagtgact      5100
     ataactattg atgctacagt ctggtcacag tatgataaaa caccaaaaca acaaaaacaa      5160
     aaatattgac ttaagccttc taagatctct ctaaatatac cttcattaaa tatgatcttt      5220
     ttctacataa caactgcttt ctacttcctg aactaatgca tggccttgga ttgctttcat      5280
     tcttgaaatt gattcaaaag tgtatattta acatgaaggt gaatacagaa tttcatgtgt      5340
     cagcaaataa aattttcaaa atgatgcaaa atacaaatgt gaaatttatt tgtgaatttg      5400
     attattcttt cagattatat tttcatactt accccctcgc acaatttttt ataactatct      5460
     gcatgttctc ctcaggttgg ggaaaaacag tattggagtt cttgaataat ttatgaaaga      5520
     cagaatgaca atactataca aggttaacct atacacaata ctgtatttgg tgagcgaaaa      5580
     tattacatat aaaatcctac aaaagtatta agtaaatata atacattatt tcaataatta      5640
     taaaatacat gtacatgaag aaaatataat aatgattaaa atacattaac aaacaaatga      5700
     ggctgggcgt ggtggctcac acctggaagc ccagcatttt gggaggccag tgcaggcaga      5760
     tcacagcagt atgagaccag tctggcaaat acggtgaaac cagtctctac taaaaataga      5820
     aaaattagca ggacatgtgc ctgtaatccc agctcctcag aaggctaagg caggggaatc      5880
     gtttgaagct gggaggcaga tgttgcagtg agacgagatt ttgccactta acttcagcct      5940
     ggatgacaga tcgagacttc atctgaaaac aaacaaacac acacaccccc ccaaaaacta      6000
     atgaatttaa aaaaaaaatc tatgctagaa aaagtgctca gaggcaaact cacatatcta      6060
     actgaaaaag aaaatccttg aaaacaaaag ttccagaaga ggcaaataag aaaacacaat      6120
     taacaccttg catataaagt acaaatagta aagtgaaaag aaccacaggg gaaaaaaatt      6180
     caaaatttac gactaagtac tctaaaagaa gctgaaagtc cctcaaaaac tttccagagt      6240
     ccatgtccct gtattgcaaa aatgatcata acaattgcca ggagtagaac aataaaaata      6300
     tatcttaaaa cttgataaac acttcaagtc tctcataata tttataatgg aaaatggatc      6360
     cttctgcagt ttttccatac aattatgaag aaattatttt tctttgcact taaatttgtt      6420
     ttttcaatat tctaagaaat taacttttat attaatagta ggtgatgtaa caaagcaggt      6480
     ctttatcaag ataactgaca ctggatgtcc ataccattac tcaggtgggc cttaattccc      6540
     agccaggttc cctccctgga cacatactga aggtccccag ccattttgca atctcttcac      6600
     atttccagtc ctggaggaag ctctaaaata catgtacatg gagataatag aacatttcat      6660
     cacactggaa cccagtgcat tcctccagat tccctgtgaa gtggactgtc ttatatggga      6720
     aggcagggca gttggagtga ggatagcaga gaggataaca tatcagggca gcccggggtc      6780
     atcaaaacag aacatgacag acctgggaga aacattctga aggaatgtag acttagatgg      6840
     gcctcaggtg gatatctgtg tagagaggga gagggtcctg gatgagctca aactgagtct      6900
     caggtggtag gaggtctcag ggcaagggag ggagctggca agtgatgatg agacagctat      6960
     cccttaagct ctgcttctca cccactgatc ttagtcacat atgcattgta gtggcttaag      7020
     gttccccaat cctgaaatgt gggtgttgca gttcaccgat gggcctttct cccccaacca      7080
     atggatggcc tgggattgct cattgcagtt tcctgcatga tccttgggtt ctccctgtgg      7140
     ggcacagatc caggactgaa agacctctca gttcccagcc ctaggctgtt ccctggcctc      7200
     tgttccctct aaaatgctgt ccctcccacc atggaataga actgcaatgg attgagccat      7260
     aggccctggc tgatgatcta ggggactgca gaagtgggtc caggacagtt catgtcacag      7320
     tttaatgcca attccccaga gaccaaggaa tgcccagcga ggtcctttcc catgatgccc      7380
     catggtgaac ctcacctcag caatcctacc aaaacccggg cagtcatgtt cagccaaaca      7440
     ggtgaaaaag ctcaggtagg aggtgtactg cctgcagctg gaggcttgac cttcatgatc      7500
     ccagaacaac tggactgcag tggaatgaga taccctgtac cctggaggga gaggagtcag      7560
     gaaggttcat cctagaccta ccctcccaca taccggctcc cctaccatgc taggaggcac      7620
     tccttaccga ggatgccaat gcagtactac ttactgatca cttcattgtg gaaataaagg      7680
     ctgtgacaaa aggaaatctt catcttgctg ccggtaacag ggatgcctga gttcctccac      7740
     ctgcctaacc aagaaggaga aagagtatgg attcaatggg accatttcat ctagctgggc      7800
     tgaggtggcc tgctagctgg agtgaagcat gaatttccca ttcccagctt tgcaactgag      7860
     acaaccctgg accccagggg gacctcaaac tgactcagac actggacccc tcccacagac      7920
     ccaggctccc cagcctgacc tgcaaatcca tcacttcatc atggtttcca acccaggtca      7980
     acatctggtg tgccaaacaa tctacatctg gtcaaggagt ctccagatga ttcagtgggc      8040
     aagcctcctg acgcctgcaa ttctgcaaga gcacagagaa tgtggagcag ggatatctcc      8100
     cagacatttg gcctgtcacg ctccgatgtt gatcctctgt ttctgtctgg tgaggaggca      8160
     atgccacaac tgtggtggtt tttggggtgg ctggaccccg gccaagacgg cctgggctga      8220
     ccagagacgg gaggcagaaa aagtgggcag gtggttgcag ctgaggggca ggggcggggg      8280
     cagggtggtg tgaggcggct gcttctctgg gttcatgagc tgcaggaggc ctttgcttgc      8340
     tgggtgctgg acatgctctg ctgatgtccg ggtgtgtggt gtcttcttat cctagtctcc      8400
     ctgaggggtg gacctgtctg cctgaggaag ccctgtagtt agaaggggct gcagggtagt      8460
     tcctggcgct ccccatgggg actgggtggg tgcaaaggag gttatatacg ctcaggggct      8520
     ataacccttt gggtgcagcg ccggcaggca gaagaaagca tatctgggga gctagtacct      8580
     gccttgtgga ggtcggcagc cccatgtacc gctaacccga gtcttaagca ccttgtgttt      8640
     ctggggcgag ccttctggaa acgggcactg agagcggggg tgattcaatg gctggcaatg      8700
     tcatgcagac tccccttcct ccaggacatt cccagggaaa catgcccttt gacattgtgc      8760
     tgtgcgtgaa gggactctgg cgccgcgatt ctcccttgtg agtgctgtgc tcggctcccc      8820
     ttccctacca cgtgctccca gtgctcccag tgctgctaca agcaagctgc cctcacagct      8880
     gcaggaacgt gacctcggct cccatcctgt cccccatccc ctgcctcctg gctcacccca      8940
     tgtgcctcct cctggctcct cccccaacag cccccatgcc cccacgaagc ccgatgccca      9000
     tcccctgctg ccagccatct ggaatcggca gctgcaagga tatggctctg tcccagaagc      9060
     ccaggccaca ggggcattca cggagtctac ctccaagtga aggacctcca gcgagtccat      9120
     tgatggcctg ggtgtgctgg gtccagggcc aagctgtgcc cgctggccct ccttctgcca      9180
     ccccacgtca gtctcctcct caaccaccac ctccacctca gccattatgt cttccacctt      9240
     cagcaccgcc tcctcttcca aggctgcctc cttgctctgt accccggccg tcctctccag      9300
     cagagcctcc agcctgaaca cggtgccctc ctgggtgctc ccacagaccc tggcctgcac      9360
     agcccagcac atccccggta tccctatgct ctgggggctg ctccccaaga ggcccgctcc      9420
     gtgaaagacc cacgggcctc tccctgctga aaacctagtc ccacacctac atggacccag      9480
     gtttcctgag gagccccgct gggcccgcag atggccgcac tcgccgtggg gctcaggacc      9540
     acagcagggt caactgcgca taggagctca gaagccagag gccgaggccc tgtgcttcca      9600
     gagccccacc agcaggcacc gcagcggctg ctgcgggtgc gggagcctct gggtcgtcaa      9660
     ggcagtgcac aacagcgtgc gcgcaggccg acaatggcca accctggcgg ctggcctctg      9720
     gtgtgcccag ggcacaggac tagaggccct ttggaatgct ccttggagta cagcatcctc      9780
     agggaggaag catggtactc ggagcctgta tttgcctcga cctgcgagag tacatgccag      9840
     ggttctagcc tacagtgcag acgaattcca cctctgcaca agcaggtgac tttcctccca      9900
     catacccgcc ccgactcact tctgctaggc cacccccgcc gccctcgccc cagcaaccag      9960
     agaaagttct cctctggatc tgcaatattc cttatgtacc atctacctgg cctgcctaat     10020
     gaagagagat gtttcctgtg ttcatgacac atagagatgt tcatggcttg ccacactgag     10080
     gatgtcaggg cacagggctg ccatgcccac aattccaaag gccacgcagc ccgcgtgtgc     10140
     ccggacgcct agctacccgg cacaagttcc aagggcttct cggaggaggc ttgggcaggg     10200
     aaggcggggg gtgggggggc tggagatgca ggcccgccag tggctgtgcc gcccagggag     10260
     acgcccaccg cccttccatt gattggccac gacgggagga agtcggcctg ggtgcggccc     10320
     cccggctctt cgcgcgcagt cccttagggg gcgcctggaa gcccggcgca tgcgccctga     10380
     gggctcgctg acctaccggg tgccagagag gctgcggcag ggttcctgtg gcgtgggtcg     10440
     ggcagcacag gccttggtgt gtgcgagtgc caaggagggc accgccttca ggatggaggc     10500
     tgtgcaggag ggggcggccg gggtggagag tgagcaggcg gctttggggg aggaggcggt     10560
     gctgctgttg gatgacataa tggcggaggt ggaggtggtg gcggaggagg agggcctcgt     10620
     ggagcggcgg gaggaggccc agcgggcaca gcaggctgtg cctggccctg ggcccatgac     10680
     cccagagtct gcactggagg agctgctggc cgttcaggtg gagctggagc cggttaatgc     10740
     ccaagccagg aaggcctttt ctcggcagcg ggaaaagatg gagcggaggc gcaagcccca     10800
     cctagaccgc agaggcgccg tcatccagag cgtccctggc ttctgggcca atgttgtatc     10860
     cttctcagtg tttcttcggc ctttctagtg gagaggtgct ctcggggaag tgtaagtgac     10920
     cgatgggcag ctcggcgtcg atgtgactct ttggggaaca aaggggagtt gccacggacc     10980
     aatgtggctg tggaaaggcg gagaaggcgt gggtactatt gtcctgcatg cggcagagaa     11040
     acccttggtg atgccgagca gcagacgttt ggggcatctt tttgaagagc agaagcgagt     11100
     tcagagcgga agaggttttt cagtgaatga agctattttt aagggagtgt gattgctgcc     11160
     ccttgctagt ccgatctggg actgggcgtc ttcggctata agcagattct gccactcctc     11220
     agacaccagc aagtctctgc aaatcgcgcc tccccatgtc agtgcagtca gcctcagaat     11280
     catacaccct ctgtgaacac aggaggcctt agtttacggg gacggggagg cgaaaggaga     11340
     tcatacatgg aagcagatct gagaaatccc ctaccccagc ctctgggtgc tcttaggcct     11400
     tcttccctgt tgctcctcgc tttcccttcc attaaagtct ctttgaccta aatcagattg     11460
     caaaccaccc ccagatgtca gccctgatca ctgacgaaga tgaagacatg ctgagctaca     11520
     tggtcagcct ggaggtgagg ccaggaagac tggggctgga gggtttagcg ggggagggta     11580
     agggaaataa ttcattcctg taagcaagag tgagcacctc acccgaaaac ctatctaagc     11640
     tttctccacc ttgtcctgac aggtggaaga agagaagcat cgtgttcatc tctgcaagat     11700
     catgttgttc tttcggagta acccctactt ccagaataaa gtgattacca aggaatatct     11760
     ggtgaacatc acaggtgaca ggtggctccc aggatgggta gtggaaggaa gatggtgggt     11820
     ggatcattgc caacgggatc cagccccctt cccacaaaaa ctcctgtctc tgtagaatac     11880
     agggcttctc attccactcc aattgagtgg tatccggatt atgaagtgga ggcctatcgc     11940
     cgcagacacc acaacagcag ccttaacttc ttcaactggt tctctgacca caacttcgca     12000
     ggatctaaca agattgctga ggtgagtcct cactgggaaa catgaggaat gaccccgtgt     12060
     gttcccagct gcttgggtca cctttctgag ccctgatgag gcctttcccg attgagtccc     12120
     ctgacagatc ctatgtaagg acctgtggcg caatcccctg caatactaca agaggatgaa     12180
     gccacctgaa gagggaacag agacgtcagg tgagccgtta gttggcactg gagctgtttg     12240
     atgcccagta taagggggtt gacacacctg cctattcagg gagcctgggt gctcatttca     12300
     gaaatgtaga aattgaggct cctttcgtac atgtagaaat tccttgagag gaagacagag     12360
     agtgacagaa tccaggacgt tcatggcatt gggctgaaaa ggcacgttag agactgcact     12420
     gcaaagcggg tgatagctgt ggagtcttaa gcccagtgaa gaatcgtcca tttccagaat     12480
     caatgagaag taaagctgaa aatcattcag ttcagtctgt ggcacttgat tccacggctg     12540
     tcaaccccac cggcagtcat cccaccaacc ccatgagatt gggctccctg aatgtgcgtc     12600
     ctggtcatcc ttgccccaaa ccacaaagga ctgtttagat tgatggattt ccttaagctg     12660
     ttgccccatc agacttgtgt gtgcttttag ggcccagtgc atcttgttag ctgactcccc     12720
     tcacagacaa tactgggaat ggggcaggga ttgcgcagaa cagtttgtaa cacgtggtag     12780
     gaggaagttt aagggatcac aaatggggaa gggatatcct tttctcagcg ggccccacaa     12840
     ttgaaacatt tcaaagtatg gctcagagaa aatgcgtttt aacatgagtt tgtgtttctc     12900
     taggggactc ccagttgttg agttgaatat gatggagcat cagattttac ctaatacagc     12960
     agaactccta aaaagttaca gccatatgca ggacagcagt actcagcatg gtcttatgca     13020
     caggaactaa aggaaaaaga gatcgagtca caaaaattca ggaagagggg gtaaatgtgg     13080
     attgtatgga atgaaaaata aacattctca aggatgtgtg actctgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg     13140
     tgtgtgtctt tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtttatc cactttattc     13200
     gggtgtcata atgaattgat caatccacgt gctttattct cttcatggaa ataaccagtc     13260
     tgcgttggag ctgggcctct aaagttgtag agtgaatggg tgtgggatgt gttgggattc     13320
     ttcctacagg acagagtggg agaggtaaaa gcaaaagaca gcttagttgg aggctgactt     13380
     cgtcctatgg aagcagagat agttcaagga atggggttac tgggtttcca gggcccagtt     13440
     tgctgggacc tccaaaatcc ttcattttgg gtatcatcat acacagtagc taagcacagg     13500
     atgatggaaa tcttaaagtt cgctttcgtg ttgaatccac atgttctttt aaaggtgaat     13560
     gcatgatcct tttctgggac aatcagcctc tcaggacttc taaaacatca acgtgagaag     13620
     aaatgggcat gtaaggtgta tggagggact gtgggaaagg tgacagaggc atgtgggaag     13680
     gcattcagga tacgcttttg gcatagatga ctaagggaaa acagaaactt acagaagtga     13740
     ggggaaaggg ggtggattag tggaatataa gattgttgga gaatccatcc atggactctc     13800
     ttgtcacttg atgacccagg atatggacac tcttgttgat gtttacatct ttagttgttt     13860
     taagcttttc tccaagattc tgtgttaggt gaggagccaa taacgtatgt agctaacaac     13920
     agtacgagtg cattttgtgc tcttgcaaag tctagtgagg ctctgttctc cctcgtgatt     13980
     ggcactgcag attgtatctg gagcccaggg cccctaaatt ttctgtggcc tcttcagcat     14040
     agtttgccta aggtttagaa cgtaaagcga atatagttgc ggaatatgtt ttgcaagcct     14100
     cacacaggag gacaaaacat acagctttca ttcgcgagtg ggaggctgct tcccaggaac     14160
     acgtgtgtct gcacaagaca aggggttgcc tctgtcaagg atggggcagg aggatttcag     14220
     tgtcggaggc agaactttct ttcctgttcc cagatgaaac agttccaaca cgagcatcca     14280
     tgttgaccac acgctactag agtgctaaca ttgctgtccc gtatagactc tggtcagcac     14340
     agcttctgtg agaagagcta tgttgtttca gggaagaggg tttgacagtc aaagttcctg     14400
     aatctgttgt ggtgcctgca atatgcattc tacccctcct gctcggtgtc aaagcagttg     14460
     agctttgaaa atctatcgcc cggttttgtc cctgctccta tgcagacctc tgaagctctg     14520
     gagcgggagt cttgtcctcc tctgactacc gtccccctga cccacaaaca caggagaaac     14580
     aggtgttcta agcaaattat tctgaaaaca gtcggaaccc tttggccccc tcaagctgcc     14640
     ctctatccta ctgtgtgcat gtcaaagaca ctgtggtcca gtacggtatc cctatagcgg     14700
     caatggggca acagattggt gtgtgcactc tgggcaactc agattaggaa acgtctgggg     14760
     acttgcctat aacgaggtcg tcttaaaacg tgttgcccca aatttaaggc ataggaaaat     14820
     gttgaggaaa gggtcttgca atgatttttc taggaggtaa atagataaga aaatgaccgt     14880
     aaatagatgc cagggctagt tttggagcta gcctgtttta aagtggtggt aggggaggag     14940
     ctttttccaa ggcaggtagc aaaccaggaa ctgtctacga tggatgggtg tgccacgggt     15000
     tggtggctca gccatattgc caccccaccg agtgaatgca gcagactggg cttcttcctt     15060
     gaatcctacg tgcaattcag tctagtgatt tcacatgaga tcccttcttc tggtattatc     15120
     acagatcgtg ctgaattata caggctgtgt aatgcttctt ccactgaata tccgtgcacg     15180
     tgggccacag atgctaaggg cactgacaaa tttgcaccgt gcctcagtaa ctcggaagca     15240
     catctgtgat ttgtaccgac agggacttgg tgtcttttcg tgtttaaagt agcacgtgtg     15300
     tgtttgtggt tgcgtatgtt tatttctctg tgcgggtttg tatattttct ctgactccac     15360
     ctatgtctcc gtggttccga tatttttcca cactccctgc ggcaatttgc acatgcctat     15420
     ctctacaacc attgtagact ttgtatctgt gtctttgaac atctgtcact ctctctccct     15480
     tccttttttc ctttccttcc tttacacccc tcctttcatc cttcccttgc ttccccacca     15540
     cactctctcc atctgtatcg tctatctttc tattctctat ctgggtttac tttctaattc     15600
     tgaattcaag ggcattgaat tgaaaagaag cactcttcgt acttttatgt gttttaactc     15660
     atttggggaa tttggcttgt tattatttac agggttctct ctgccctttc tcattgttct     15720
     ccccagccgg ggctgttatt atgtgaaagc tggtttcctt catcacatcg cgtaggctct     15780
     aatgatgttt cgtttatttt gattctcctc acactacata gttttaattt acctaatgtg     15840
     actgttttct tgtttgtttt ccgagaatgg gtcttactct gtcttctagg ttggacagca     15900
     gccccacgat ctcagcccac tgcagcccag gcaccacaca cccatgtgat cctgtcaact     15960
     cagactctca cacacctggc agtacaggtg catgccaccc ctccaagcta tgtattaatt     16020
     aactaaatac ttactttttg aatgtgggtc catgttgccc caggctcatc tggaactcct     16080
     gagtgcaggc aatcctccca cctcagctta tcaaagtgct gggatgacag gtgtgaccca     16140
     tggccctgcc atggctttgt gttttttgct tttttcttcc tcctcctcac gtcttgtttt     16200
     gaaacatgca ctgaaggttt caattcatgg actatagtct ctgtgcctgg aatttctatc     16260
     tttcaactca tcatcagcat tcattgggat tttcatatat atatatatat atatatatat     16320
     atacctatat aaaaatacat atatgcacac atatatacgt atatacatgt atataagtat     16380
     atatgcacat ttatatacat atatacatgt atatacgcac atttatatac atatatacat     16440
     gtatatacgt atatatatac atgtacacat atgtatttat ttctcaagtt acgaaatggc     16500
     ttgcattctt tcctgtgtca tgaaaaagac tttgctagaa aagaaaagca ctgctttata     16560
     gtaaaatatt gtatttgcat ttattttgtt aaggcatttt aaaaactgta tgtttgttta     16620
     aaaaacgtca tatgaaatga tacatattta caacttaagg cgtgatgttc aacaggtcat     16680
     atacattatg cattggatac atccagccaa tcaacatatg tgtgacctca catagttgtc     16740
     atttttgttg tgaaaaaact tgacctgcac tgtattcgaa tatttttaga gaaagaatat     16800
     gttaccacta gttatagtga gcatgctgaa gaaaatattt ttaacctatt cctcctttat     16860
     aactagaagt atgagttctt catccagcat ctcgtcagtg caccctcttc accgcagtca     16920
     ttggagtcac tacttctgtg aagtccgctt ttttgatttc atataagaat gagatcatgt     16980
     gctattttcc tttctgatac ctggcttatg tcacttaaca gaatggcatg cacacattca     17040
     gcagattccc acacattctc acaactggca ggatttcctg atttcttact gcagcgcata     17100
     tttccgttgc gcatatgcgt ttttgcccca ttttttaatc cacttatcaa tggagggaca     17160
     ctcaggttgc ttccgtattt tggctacagc aaaaatgtaa tgagtgcagc aataattgca     17220
     tgggtgcgcg caccgcttcg acatactgat ctgtgtactg gcgggcgtgc ccgggtattc     17280
     tgatttgctg gatcatatag tgggtggttc tacttgtaga tttctgaaga ctgtttatac     17340
     ttaaataaga gccataaagc ttctttaatg ccagcactaa tttacattct ccccaaaagt     17400
     gagcagggaa ttcgttttct ctgcctcctc accagagatt agggttttct tttctttctt     17460
     tttttttttt tgtttgtttg tctttcggat aatatgcatt ctgactgaag tgagaagaaa     17520
     tctcattgtg tttttgattt gcattttcgt gatggattgg ggataatgag gaatttttag     17580
     tgtgtcttct gggcaactgt aagtctcagt ttcacaaatg agtcttcgca gccttcgccc     17640
     atttgttttc atgctattga gttgttggga gttccttatg tactgtgact attcccccat     17700
     gaacagatgt atggtgatcc aatcattgct cccatcctgt aggatgcccc ttctgtatgt     17760
     tgagttttct atggtgtggt gaagcacttt agtttgatat gattccattc tctatttttg     17820
     atggtgttta ctgtgttctt gcagtcactt tgagaccatc attgcacaca cggacgccat     17880
     ggagcttctt ccttgtgatc tcttctgcta tttttatcgt ttcacatctg acactggagt     17940
     ttggtgataa ataatccact tgtaaaatcc tttgtgtggc tattcagatt tccccaacct     18000
     agtttataga agatacttga ttttgcattg ggcgttcttg cttctttggg aaaaggctgt     18060
     gagctgcaaa tgcagtgact tagttctggg ctcctgttgt ttttcctaag ctctagtctc     18120
     tgcttttctg ccagtgctat tgtattttgg tacaaaaagt tttgtagtag tatatcatga     18180
     agttaggtag tgtggtggct ccagctttgt gctttttact ggattgctct gggttttcag     18240
     gatcttctgc catttcatag caaatttggg attcccagat tgtttttcta agaagaatgt     18300
     gtcattgata tttttacagg ggttgtatag aatctgagga tgactcaggt agtagtgatg     18360
     tcaatgccgt ttagacaatg tgcgtgtttg tgtgcacatg ctcagggcca agagacactg     18420
     ggtgtcctca ccaatactga ggtgggcctt aatatccagc cagattgcct tctggaaaca     18480
     cacggaatgt cctgttctgt tttgccatct cttcacattt cctcccctgt gagccctgtg     18540
     tggtcctcca gattccctgt gcggtggcct gccttttttg gggtggggag ttgctgggtg     18600
     aatgaggatg gcggagggaa ccaagcatgt cagtggagcg tggtgtcatc caaacggtac     18660
     ttagcaggcc tgggagagtc attctgggag gacgcagacc tagagaggcc tcaggtgggc     18720
     atctgtgtgg agggtgagag atccctggtt gagcccaaac tgaaccccag gtagaagcaa     18780
     gcctcaggac agggaagtag ctagcaaggg atgatgaggc agctatctct tgaccctggc     18840
     ttcccaccca ttgaccttag ctacttatgc ctattaagca gattacggtt cccccatcgt     18900
     gaaatgtggg taccacagtt ccctgatggg catttctcca ccagcccatg atggcctgag     18960
     tttccttact gcagtctcct ccctgagcct tggcttctct atgtgtgtcc taactccagg     19020
     acccacaggc ctgtcaaccc ccagccctgg gctgcttccc tggcctcttc tctgttccct     19080
     ctctgagggc ctaactccct tgggtagtgc tgcagaatat agagccacag gccctggctg     19140
     atgatctggt ggactgggca aattggtcgt gacaggtcag gttctggttc aaagccaatt     19200
     cctccgatgc caaggaatgt cgaagaaggt cctttgccat gatgccccat agctgcccca     19260
     cctcagcaat cgtgccgtaa cctgggccct cacagtcaga caaccagctg aagaagctca     19320
     ggcagtgacc tgcgggaaac tcgggctttc acctgcatga ccctagaacc actggactgc     19380
     agtggagcca gtcgccctgt atcctggagg gagacgagtc aggaaggcgc acgccaggcc     19440
     cagcttccga ggtactaccc cctctactcc tcagggagga tgccaacgca atactcctta     19500
     gtcatcactt tgtttccgaa gtaaatgttg tgatgaaagg caaacttctt cctacccctt     19560
     gtattcaggg tggccgagtt cctccacctg cctgtccaag aaggagaaac agggctgtga     19620
     aggggcaatt tcatctaggt gggctgaggt ggcattctag ccggggtgaa gcatgcgttt     19680
     ccccttccca gctttcccgc tgagacacac ctgagcccca gaaggacctc aacctgacca     19740
     ggaccttagc accctccccc agacccaggc tttccatcct gacctgcaaa tccaacatgc     19800
     agctttgaag gactttctca tggtttctga gctccttgct ctcaccagaa agaatcagaa     19860
     cttttaaagt gttctttatg ccaacttaaa tttttcattt ttactacctc atgttttgga     19920
     tgaggcatgt atttttaaat ttattttcac ccttattgta cctctatgat aaactgcttg     19980
     cttacattca taccgtaatt atctctcagg ttacttgtct gttcctaaag attcactgaa     20040
     acgaagaatt ctatatatgc ttgtatcttt cagcaaccgt atgtcagata gcactgcaca     20100
     ttactgcaga catcgcatat acaggtccaa aggtagagga agaagaagaa agcaagcgtt     20160
     aaactctata cattcctaaa agcatatcag aaactcacaa ataacactga aatcaaagaa     20220
     tgatcacagc caattccatt acatacctag actgaaatac gaaacttcaa agaaaagaaa     20280
     cattagaact ttgggtttgt aaaaattttc ctatatagat aaaattattg gtaactgtct     20340
     cactagaaaa cgtaaacaaa aatccatgtt tttcatattt gtaaatatac atagttttat     20400
     ttccatcagt tatgacatgc aagcaagtaa taaagtgaaa gtacaatcaa atgatatatg     20460
     gaacttcctc agtcttaaaa tattccatgg agactatcaa ttttatgaaa agtataaaga     20520
     atgcttcatg aaactacatt gtacagtgcc atttactact ttactgacat tttaaataat     20580
     caacaattaa agggaataca tcaacattat ttaataccaa taacgttatt tttcttgagt     20640
     aatcctgttg aaattaagga ttttaaataa aacattaaaa acaaattata ttgactgatt     20700
     tcagctttgg atgaaatcat acttgtgtat ttgtagtaat gcgaagcata actttctcct     20760
     cacaattaat cttttataac atcggtgtta tagttttctc tgacaccaac attgtgatat     20820
     cgcacaggtt tactgcatgc atgcattaca tgcctccaga gagtaggctt caaatatatg     20880
     gaaaaattat atttatgaaa aaattctagg aaagggaatg gtgaaatgga agagaatttc     20940
     tcacttgcta actgttggac atggatttgt atatatttgg atatagacac atactggcac     21000
     actgtgagtt tgcccatgta tatatacact tatatgagaa acccataata tatgggttgt     21060
     gtaatctttt aattaatcca taattgtatg tgtgtgaaat tagataagcg gttacctttt     21120
     ctttactcaa tttgatggaa agccaaaaaa atctgtccac cttcatttca attaatccaa     21180
     tactgttaac tgctggtagc ttcattctcc ttgttctctt acggcaaccg gaaagttaat     21240
     tctcgctcta atttggcttt caaggtgcga tcaacaagag tgtcaccttg ctgtggattg     21300
     tgacctctga ctccacctct gtcttccttt tgcagtccta cctttgcata ggtaacaaac     21360
     tttgtacatg gttaaaagga taaaagttca gtgaaatgtc aagccatgct gtgaaatgtt     21420
     ccatagtttc tatatctcta attgtccttt gatgttatag aggcaagaaa aataattcaa     21480
     tgtttttctt agtatctagt ccaatgcact ctttcttcat aatactgcaa acaaggcact     21540
     gacatggaaa cgtggctgga cgtctcaaaa tctcttctca ttaattacca ttatgttaat     21600
     cactgttgcc cacaactgga attggactgt gaaatcccct ggtggaaatt gctataatgg     21660
     ctcaaactac tggaatgact atcttttttt acctgaaaat atctgatgag catagacata     21720
     tgctatatac aggaacatat tgtgcattaa caacatacca tcactgccac tcaataatag     21780
     gtatcccaaa cctttgagcc aaactgagct caggtgctcc cacaaaccaa gcttttccct     21840
     ccacagattt cttatgtcaa aaagccacaa ctccaggcca ggcttcgtgg ctcttgttgt     21900
     aatttctaca ttttgggagg ccgaggttgg tgggtcactt gaggtcagga gttggagacc     21960
     agcatgggca acatggcaaa aagctgtctc taccaaaaat acaaaaatta gccagaccta     22020
     gtggcacttt cctgtggtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gtaggagaac cacctgaaca     22080
     tgggtggcag agattgtata gtaagccaag atcagactac tgcactccag cctggatgac     22140
     acagcgagac catgactgaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaataaa ggcaactcca ctcgtccact     22200
     ggcttaggta aaaaatactg gagttggctg ggctcggtgg ctcacacctg tattcccagc     22260
     actctggatt ttgggaagct gagtcgggcg ggtcacctga gatctgtagt aggagagcag     22320
     cctggccaac atggtgaagc ctggcttcta ctaaaaatac aaaacattag ctgagcgtgg     22380
     tgatgcatgc ttgtaatccc agctactgca gaggctgaac ctgggaggcg gaggatgtgt     22440
     tgagctgaga tcctgccact gcgctccagc ctggtctaca gagcgagagt accctgtgag     22500
     aaagaaaggt gaagagaaca agaaaaaaaa aatgagaaaa ataagaccca ctgcaaaagg     22560
     ttgccacaga aaagattaaa catttcagca acttctatct tctatcatgg aagccaaggt     22620
     tatttggacc aaacctcctg tcttagttca ttttcacgct gctgaagaag acatacctga     22680
     aactgggaat aaaaggaggt ttaattggac tgacagttcc acatggctgt ggaggcctca     22740
     gaatcatggt atacgaataa aggcacttct tacatggcaa tgccaagaga gaatgaggaa     22800
     gaacctgagg cagaaacccc tgaaaaaccc atcagatccc gtgagacttc ttcactgtca     22860
     caagaatagc atgagaaaga ccgaccccca tgattcaatt acctccccct gggtcccacc     22920
     cgcaacacga gggaattctg ggagatacaa ttgaagctga gatttgaatg gagacacacc     22980
     aaaccatgtc acttcccaaa caattaaaaa ttcccaatag aagaagcatt aattatatca     23040
     aaaagtggtg gaccaagaag gaactattag cctcatatct caagaaagac tccagtcaag     23100
     gcctagggac tactcatgaa aagagtttaa tagccgactc tctcccagtg gatctggatt     23160
     ccaccggact gtatcttcac agtaagggtg aaacagaagc aaacccattc ctatttccaa     23220
     gctcaaggaa ctttggtcaa agttctcttg gagctgagca gaacaaggag gcaaacagaa     23280
     aagatttgtg tccctgagaa gtcatggcca caggctggct atcacacaga ttgtcaagcc     23340
     agttccatat tgcatgggta ttacagaaaa tctcaaaaca taaatttgtg tgtgggttgt     23400
     cccagagcag caggatctgg cagaaggaaa tttccttcta accctcaaag aatccacata     23460
     aatcttgtta catttgggat tttacgattt gcttcaggaa tgagaatggc cttaattttc     23520
     atatcttttt ctacactcag tttatgtctt gttggcgtca aagttctgct tgcttcacac     23580
     aatgagttta ggattttccc ttttttattc tatagaattc ttcatatata ttgaaatgct     23640
     ctgcctgggg aaaaaaatct gagcctagcg ttttatctct aggaagaatc ctttatttcc     23700
     ttgaacattt atgagactat acagattata tatgtcttct tgtatcaatt ttactaagct     23760
     atatacatag cttatgttta tatattatat atataaatgt aagatacaaa tataaaaatt     23820
     atgtataaat atgaaaatat atatagaaag cgatatatat gtctatatat atagacagat     23880
     tataaatatc tgtctatttg atctaagttt tcaaatttgt aggttaaggt gttaatgata     23940
     tttccttatt agcttcttaa tctatgctgt atctatggtt gtgtaccttt taaattctta     24000
     gttttatcta tgttttctcc ctttttttct aaacttgact gacggttgca tcatttatta     24060
     tatttctcca acaagcaaag gttagctttg tatgttttac taattttgtc tacatcatta     24120
     ttcccacact ttagtttttc agaattgatt ctgttgtttc ttttctaatt ctttattgaa     24180
     atatctagta cattaatttt caagttatta gagaaatatt tgtctgtaaa ctcctattgt     24240
     aatatcactt ttcttgctac tcacagattt aatctttaat attggcggta tcattgagtt     24300
     ctaagtacat ttcaattcct agtatgataa tctatgaatt gctgagaaat agtgtttaca     24360
     attttgttgt tctatttcca cttaagttta tttttacttc tgctaactca attgaaaatt     24420
     ctttactaat ttttaaaatc cttgaaccca agagatggag gttgcaatga gctgagatca     24480
     ggccactgca ttccagactg agtgacagag tggaacgaga tttcaaaaca aaacaaaaca     24540
     aaacaaaaca aaacagtcac tggaaagata ataaaataca taaatgtggg atgtaatatg     24600
     taatcgtgat aaaataaact ggattttttg tataagttat acatataaat gtaatgccaa     24660
     gacactgata agacaactca tggtcttatc tcaatactta gtgtcttcat gtaacatatg     24720
     tcctttagga tagttatagt ccgttttctt tccaggagag acagatgaga atgcagaaat     24780
     gttaaagtgc aagggacaga agcttccagc tgtgcccacc tgtaacctga cgtagacagt     24840
     tccactgttt gcttcattaa tcatgccaaa ggctctaatg caaatgtggt acagagtcac     24900
     atgtttttgt atctacatga tagaaactat aacttcatcc ctatatagaa gggtatatag     24960
     catatgcctc agtgataaat ataagtgaat cattgatcag taggaaacca ttttaaaagt     25020
     ctttcataac agaacaaaat ccctgaaaac attttcttct caatctctga gttttcttac     25080
     acggcttatg aatctctagc catactaaag agatagtatg ctgctcttcc aacaaattat     25140
     tcattgtata taattcctgt aatctaataa cagtaccttt acacctcagg gtttaaaatg     25200
     actccaacct ttttctgttt ctccaattaa aataactttt taaggtttaa tcttcagtaa     25260
     ttttttgtag taatattttt gaaggtattt gaccaggatg atttgcttat atacctacct     25320
     gacgtctccc tttcttctga atacatattt tattacccac ctattagatc taagtttaag     25380
     aagttggaat agggatttaa atctaaattc tacatttgaa tttacaggcg tcagtgagtc     25440
     caggaagtgc ctttatgcac agaccaatat ctggcaatgg cactagggga caaataagct     25500
     ttaccagtct caaagccctg gctactacag tgaatccacc cttctcctgg atcttatcta     25560
     cttcagcaaa agaaggccac ccactaaacc aggcccttgt actttgggtg gaaactccta     25620
     agtcctctag tctcctcaaa cagacagcca ggctgccaat ttccacaata ataatttcta     25680
     tagcactgag tctttggtag ccttgtaact atagctactg atgctacagt ctggtccctg     25740
     tatgataaaa caccagagca acagaaacaa aaatattgac tgaagccttc taaaatctct     25800
     ctaaatatac cttcaataaa tatggttttt tttttacaga acgactgctt tcagcttcct     25860
     gaactaacgc ttggccttcg ctagttgtca ctgttgaaat tgattcaaaa gtgtacattt     25920
     aacatgaaag tcaatacaga atttcatgtg tcagcaacta aaattttcaa aatgatgcaa     25980
     aatacaaatg tgaaactgta tttgtgaaat ttaccattca ttgaaattat attttcatac     26040
     ctacccaggc acagaatttt ttataactgt ctgcaggttc tcctcatgtg ggggaaaaac     26100
     agcatcagca ggcagaggaa tcctttgaag ctggagggag aggttgcagt gatctgagag     26160
     tttgccactt gactgcagcc tggatgacac agtgagactc caactgaaaa gaaacaaaca     26220
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacccaaaat tgataagtaa aaaaaaaatc     26280
     cgtattcgaa aacatgctca caggctaact cccatatcta acacacacac acacacacac     26340
     acacacacac gcacacacac aaaattcctt gaaaacgaaa gttccacaag ggcgaaacaa     26400
     gaaaacaaat ttaacacccc ccaaagaaag tacaaagagt aacctcaaaa gaaccgcagg     26460
     ggaaaacaat tcaaaattta caactatcta ccctaaaaga agctgaaagt ccctcaaaaa     26520
     ctttccagag gccatgtcct tgtattacaa aaatgatcat aaaaactggc aggagtagac     26580
     gaatagaaat gcatcttaaa acttgctaaa cccttcaagt ctcccataag aattgtaatg     26640
     gaaaatggat cagtcggcag ctttttccat acaattatga acaaattata tttcttcata     26700
     catagatttg ttttttcaat attctaagga attaactttt atactaatag taggtgatgt     26760
     aagaaagcag gcctttatca agataactga cactggatgt ccataccatt actcaggtgg     26820
     gccttaattc ccagccaggt tccctccctg gacacacact gaaggtcccc agccatttgg     26880
     caatctcttc acattcccag ccctgaaggt agccctaaaa tacatgtacc tgaagaaaat     26940
     aaaacattgc ctcacactgg agcccagtgt ggtcctccag attccgtgtg aggtggacta     27000
     acttatatgg gaaggcaggg cagcgggagt gaggatggca gagaggatta cacatgtcaa     27060
     ggcagccggg gtcatggaaa caaaacatga atggcctggg agaaacactg tgaaaggaca     27120
     cagacctagg tgggcctcag gtggacatcc tcgtggagaa aaagggggcc ctggttgatc     27180
     tcaaaatgag ccccaggtgg tagcaggtct taccgcaggc agggagctgg cgagtaatga     27240
     tgagacagct atcccttaag ccctgcttgt cacccactga ctttagccac atatgcatca     27300
     tagtggctta aggtgccccg atcctgaaat gtgggtgtta catgtccctg atgggcctct     27360
     ctcccccaac ccacggattg cctgggattg ctcactgcag tctcctcccg gatccttggg     27420
     ttctccatgt ggggcccaga tccaggtcaa aaggcctctc agttcccagc ccttcccagc     27480
     cctaggctgc tcgcctggcc tcctctctgt tccgcctcta gggctgaccc tctctccatg     27540
     ggatagaact gcaatggatt gagccatagg ccctggctga tgatctaggg gactgcagaa     27600
     gtgggtccag gacagttcag gtgacagttt aaagccaatt ccccagagac caaggaatga     27660
     ccagctaggt cctttcccat gatgccccac ggcgaacccc acctcagcaa tcctgccaaa     27720
     acccgggcag tcatgttcag ccaaacagct gaatgagctc aggtaggagg tgtactgcct     27780
     gcagctggag gcttgacctt cgtgatccca gaaccgctgg actgcagtgg aatgagacac     27840
     cctgtagcct gcagggagag gagtcaggaa ggttcatgcc agtcccaccc tcccacacac     27900
     cagctcccct accatgctgg caggcattcc ttaccgagga tgccaacaca gtgctccttc     27960
     atgatgattt cactgtggaa ataaaggttg ggatgaaagg aaatcatcct gccaccggta     28020
     accgggatgg ctgagttcct ccacctgcca gatcaaggag aaagaggatg gattcaatgg     28080
     gaccatctca gctagctggg ctgaggtggc ctactagctg tagtgaacca tgagtttccc     28140
     cttcccagct ctcccactga gacaaccctg gtccccaggg ggacctcaaa ctgactcaga     28200
     cactggactc ctcccacaga cccaggctcc ccagcctgac ctgcaaatcc atcacgtagc     28260
     aaagcaggac ttccgcatgc tttccgaccc acgccgacat ctcgtgtgcc aaacaatcta     28320
     cctctgcgca agaactctcc agaggattgg gtgggcaagc ctcgtgacgc cttgcaattt     28380
     cgcaagaaca cagacaatgt ggaacagggc catctcccag acatttggcc agtcaccctt     28440
     cattgttggc cctctatctc tgtctggcga ggaggcaacg ccacaactgt ggtggttttt     28500
     ggagtgggtg gacaccggcc aagacggcct gggctgacca tagacgggac gcagaaaaag     28560
     tgggcaggtg gttgcagctg agggacggga ggggccgggg gtggtgtgag gcggctgctt     28620
     ctctgggttt ctgagatgca ggaggccttt gtgtgctggg tgctggacat gctccgctga     28680
     tgtccgggtg tgtggtgtcc tcttatccta gtctccctga ggggtgggcc tgtccacctg     28740
     agggaagcct tgtagttaga agccacagca gggtcgtgcc tggcgctctc caagggaatt     28800
     gcgtgggtcc agaggaagtt atacaggctc agggcctaca cgcctttgag tgcagcgcct     28860
     gcagttggat gaatgcgcat ctgcggagct ggtgcccgcc gtcaggtggt cggcagcccc     28920
     atgcgccgcg aacccgtctt aagcaccttg tgtttctggg gtgagcctgc tggaaacagg     28980
     caccgagagc aggggtggtt caatggctgg taatggcata cagattcccc gtcctccagg     29040
     gacgttccca gggaaacgtg tccttcgaat ttgggctgtg cgcaaaggga ccttggcgct     29100
     gcgattctcc cttgtcagtg ctggccctgg ctccccttcc ctaccacgtg ctcccagggc     29160
     tgctacaagc gagctgccct cacagctgcg ggaacgtggc ctcggctccc acgctgtccc     29220
     ccatcccctg cctcctggct gaccccacgc gcctcccacc tggctcctcc ccccaaacag     29280
     cccccatacc ccccgaggcc cgatgactat cccctgctgc ccgccatccc aaatcggcag     29340
     ccgcaaggat atggctctgg ctcacaaggc ggagatgctc tgtggcctgg ggcattcacg     29400
     gagcccagct ccaagtgaag gacctccagc gagtccattg acggccccgg tgtgctcggt     29460
     ccagggccag gctgtgcccg ctggccctcc ttctgccacc ccacgtcggg ctccacctca     29520
     accaccacct ccacctcagc catgatgtct tccaccttca gcaccgcctc ctcttccaag     29580
     gccgcctcct tgctctgtac cccggccgtc ctctccagca ttgcctccag cctgaacacg     29640
     gttttctcct gggtgctccc acagaccctg ggcctgcgca gcccagccca gcccagccca     29700
     tgccccgcac ccgtaggctc tgggggcccg ctccccagca gacccgctcc ctgcaagacc     29760
     cacgggcgtc gccctgctga gaacctggtc ccacacctac gtggacccag gtttcctgag     29820
     gacctccgct ggacccgcag atcccgcact ggccaaaggg ctccggtccc cagcaggctc     29880
     aactgcgcac aggagctcgg gagccagagc cccggccctg ggcttgcaga gccccaccaa     29940
     caggcaccgc aaccgctgct gcgggtgcgg gagcctctgg gtcgtcaagg cagcgcacaa     30000
     cagcgtgcgc gcaggccgac aatggccaac cctggcggct ggcctctggt gtgcccaggg     30060
     cataggacaa gaggcccttt ggaatgctcc ttggagtaca gcatcctcag ggaggaagca     30120
     tggtactcgg agcctctatt tgcctcgacc tgtgagagtg tgtgccgggg ctctggcctc     30180
     tacagcagat caattccacc tcagcaccgg caggcgactt tcctcccacg tgcccgcccc     30240
     gatcacttcc cccaggacac ccctgccgcc ctagccccag caaccagaga gagttctctg     30300
     catctgctgt attacctccg taccatctac ctggcctgcc taacgaagag agatgtttcc     30360
     tgtgttcatg acacatagag atgttcatgg cttgccacac tgaggatgtc agggcacagg     30420
     gctgccatgc ccacaattcc aaaggccacg cagcccgtgt gtgcccggac gcctagctac     30480
     ccggcacaag ctccaagggc ttctcagagg aggcttgggc agggaaggcg gggggtgggg     30540
     gggctggaga tgcaggcccg ccagtggctg tgccgcccag ggagacgccc accgccctcc     30600
     cattgattgg ccacgacggg aggaagtcgg cctgggtgcg gccccccggc tcttcgcgcg     30660
     cagtccctta gggggcgcct ggaagcctgg cgcatgcgcc ctgagggctc gctgacctac     30720
     cgggtgccag agaggctgcg gcagggtttc tgtggcgtgg gtcgggcagc acaggccttg     30780
     gtgtgtgcga gtgccgagga gggcaccgcc ttcaggatgg aggctgtaca ggagggggcg     30840
     gccggggtgg agagtgagca ggcggctttg ggggaggagg cggtgctgct gttggatgac     30900
     ataatggcag aggtggaggt ggtggcccag gaggaggccc tcgtggaggg gcaggaggag     30960
     gcccagaagc cacagcctgg ccctgggccc ataaccccag agtccgccct ggaggagctg     31020
     gtggccgttc aggtggagct ggagccggtt aatgcccaag ccaggaaggc cttttctcgc     31080
     cagagggaaa agatggaatg gaggcacaag ccccacctag gccgcagagg cgccgtcatc     31140
     cagagcgtcc ctggcttctg ggccaatgtt gtatccttct cagtgttttt tctgcctttc     31200
     cagttgagag gtgctcttgg ggaagtgtaa gtaactgatg ggcagctcat cgtcgatatg     31260
     actctttgga gaacaaaggt gagttaccac agacaaatga ggctgtagaa agccggagca     31320
     ggcgtgggta ctgttttcct gcatgcggca gagaaaccct tggtgatgcc gagcagcaga     31380
     cgtttggggc atcatttgaa gagcagaagt gagttcagac cagaatacgt ttttctgtga     31440
     atgaaggtat tgttaaggga gtgtgattac tcccccttgc tagtcagatc tgggactggg     31500
     cgtcttcgcc tataagctga ttctgccact ccgcagacac cagcaactct ctgcaaatcg     31560
     cacctcccca tgtcagtgca gtcagcctca gaattagaca ctctctgcaa gcccaaaaga     31620
     ccttaattta gggggagggg gaggcaaaag gaggtcatac atggaagcag ttctgagaaa     31680
     tcccctaccc cagactctgg gcgctcttag gccttcttcc ctgttgctcc tagcttctcc     31740
     ttccatcaca tgtaaagcct ctttgaccta aatcagattg caaaccaccc ccagatgtca     31800
     gccctgatca ctgaccaaga tgaagacatg ctgagctaca tggtcagcct ggaggtgagg     31860
     ctgggaagac tgaggctaga gggtttagta ggggagggta aaggaaataa ttcattcctg     31920
     taagcaacag tgggcacctc acccgaaaag gtatttaagc tttctccacc ttgtcctgac     31980
     agatgaaaga agtgaagcat cccattcatc tctgcaagat catgttgttc ttttggagta     32040
     acccctactt cagaataaag tgattaccaa ggaatatctc gtgaacatca caggtgagag     32100
     gtggcacccc agatgggtag tggaaggaag atgatgtgtg ggtcattgcc aacatgatcc     32160
     aggccccttc ccacaaaacc ctctctttgt agaatacagg gcttattcca ctccaattca     32220
     gcagtatcag gattatgatg ttgagcccta tcgctgggga caccacaaca gcagccttaa     32280
     cttcttcaac tggtttgctg accgcaactt cacaggatct aacaggattg ctgaggcgag     32340
     tcctcactgg gaaacattag gaatgaccct ggtgtgttcc cagctgcttg ggtcaccagt     32400
     ctgagccctg atgaggcctt tcccaattga ttcccctgat agagcttatg tacggaactg     32460
     tggcacaaac ccctgcaata ctacatgaag atgaagccac ctgaagaggg aacagagatt     32520
     tcagatgagc cgttaagttg gaactggagc tatttggtgc ccagggtaag ggggttgaca     32580
     tacctgcctg ttcagggagc ctggatgctc atttcagaaa tgtagaaatt gaggctcctt     32640
     tcatacatgt agaaattcct tgagagaaag acagagagtg acagaatcca ggacattaac     32700
     ggcattgggc tgaaaaaggc acattagata ccacactgca aagcaggtta tagctgtgga     32760
     gtcttaagcc cggggaagca tagtctatgt ccagactcac tgagaagtaa agttgaatca     32820
     ttcacttcaa tttgtggcac ttgattccat ggccatcaac cccaccagca gccatcctac     32880
     caactcctta agatggggct ccctgaatgt gcctccttgt tgtccttgcc acaaaccaca     32940
     gaagactgtt taggtcattg cattttgtta agctattgcc ccatcagatt tctgtgtgct     33000
     tttagtatac aatgaatctt gttagctgac tcctgtcaca gtgaatactg ggaatgggga     33060
     aaatattgca gggaacagtt tgtagcacct ggtaggagga agtttaagag atcacaaatg     33120
     gggaaggggt agtcttttct cagcaggccc taaaattaaa acattttgaa gtatggctca     33180
     gaggaaatac attttgacac gtgtttgtgt ttctctaggg gactcccaga tggtgagtgg     33240
     aatatgatgg agcatcacac tttacctaat acagcagaac tcctacatag ttactatagt     33300
     atgcaggacg tcagtactca acatggtctt atgcccaaga actaaaggaa aaacagatcc     33360
     agtcacagaa aatcagacag gtttaaacta ccaaccgtgt gtctgtattt gcgtatattt     33420
     atttctctgt atgggtttgt ctctattctc tgactccacc tatgtcactc tctgtctgat     33480
     atgtttccac actgcccatg gtaatttgta cacgcctatc tctacaacca tgctcgactt     33540
     tgtatctctg tctttgaaca tctatcactc tctctccctt tcttcattgc tttccttcct     33600
     tcacaccctt cctttcttcc ttcccttcct tccccaccac tgtctctcca tctgtatcat     33660
     ctgtcttcct attctcgatc tgaatttagt ttgtaattct caatctgttg gcagtggcat     33720
     cagattatcg ttttcatgtc tggatgaaat tcctcttata aagaatatcc gctgaaggag     33780
     atgagttctt tttgtgagcc ataatgaact gtttatttta ggctgatcta gcaatgacag     33840
     agttaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacta gacattacag caaaggcaaa     33900
     ggtcacacgg atcccactca tcccactcat tgtatccaaa aggtggaaat gtgaaaaagc     33960
     gggttatgcc tgtggtctcc aaagcggaag gagaaatttc aagggattct gttggatcat     34020
     tttccaggag gcagctatag ttcatagata catgctgcat aaacacaagc gcaatgatga     34080
     aacaaagaaa atgttctttt ccctctgttt ttattttgta ttatcatttt aacaaacatc     34140
     atgcaaacag aatttattca tgacgtcata aactattgtt taatgaactc atatctgagt     34200
     tcttcattgt gtcaaacaat gtcaaagaat catgatttgt tgtgacctgc tacagataag     34260
     tgataggaaa ttacaaaatg agagcatata gaaagggcaa actgtggtct gagaacttca     34320
     ccaagaggtt caggtgagct gaatgcatgt cagggattca gaaaaagaca cttgcacttg     34380
     tcattaaggg ctttgagttc aaaagaagca ctctttctac atttatgtct tttaactcat     34440
     ctggggagtt tggtgtgtta tctctctgcc ctttctcatt gttctcccca tctggggctg     34500
     ttattatgtg aaagcttgtt tctttcatcg gatcgtgtag gctgtaatga tgtttcgttt     34560
     attttgattc tcctcacact gcgtagtttt aatttaccta atgtgactca tttttgtttg     34620
     tttcctgaga ataggtctta ctctgtctcc taggttggag aggagcctca ggatctcagc     34680
     ccactgcagc ctggacaccg cacacccatg tgatcctctc aagtcagact cacatagctg     34740
     gcactacagg tgcatgtcac ccctcccagc tacgtattaa ttaatcaatt actttttaca     34800
     cgtgggcgca tgttgccccg ggctcatctg gaactcctta gtgcaggcaa tcctcccacc     34860
     tcggcctctc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgacccagg gccctggcat ggctttgagt     34920
     tttttgcttt tttcttctgc ctcctcatgt cttcttttca aacatgcagt gaaggtttca     34980
     atttatggac tatattctgc acctgtaatt tcaatctttc agttgatcat ctacattcac     35040
     tgggatgttc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatattt taacttacca     35100
     aatgatgttg cattctttca tgtgtcatga aaaagacttt gatagaaaag aaaagcactg     35160
     ctttataata aaatacttta ttgacattta ttctcttaag gcattttaaa aattgtatgt     35220
     ttatttttta aatagtcata tgaaatgata catatttata acttacaggg tgatgttcaa     35280
     aagatcacat acattatgca ttggatacat ccagctaatc aacctatgca tgacctcaca     35340
     tacttagcat ttttgtgatg ataaaacatg aaagacactg tcttagaatt ttttagagaa     35400
     agaatatgtt atcactagtt ataatcagca tgctgtagaa aatgttttta acctattcct     35460
     cctttctaac tagaaatatg tattcttgat ccagcatctc ctcagtgcac cctcttcact     35520
     aaacaccacc ccaaccattg gagtcattac ctctgtgggg tctgcttttc agatttcata     35580
     taagaatgag gtcacgtgct atttgccttt ctgatacctg gcctatgtca ctaaagaaaa     35640
     tggcatgcac gcattcagcg gattcacacg tattgtcaca agtggcagga tttccttatt     35700
     tattactgca gtgcattttt ccattgtgca tatgtgtttt tgccccattt ttttaatcca     35760
     cttatcaatt gagggacact caggttgctt ccgtgttttg gctacagcaa aaatgtaaag     35820
     agtgcagcaa taattgcatg ggtgcataca ctgcttcaac atactgattt gtgtacttgt     35880
     gggtgtgccc cagtattctg atttgctgga tcacatgatg ggtggttcta cttgtagagt     35940
     tctgaaggct ctatacttaa ataaaagcca taaagcttct tgtaatgcct gcactaaatt     36000
     acattctcac caaaagtgcg caaggatttc cttttctcct catcctcacc agaaatgagg     36060
     gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt cttttggata ataggtattc tgactgaagt     36120
     gagaagaaat ctcattgtgt ttttgatttg cattttcctg atggattagg gatgatgagt     36180
     gctttttagt gtgtcttctg ggcaactgta tgtcttagtt tcacagatga atattcacat     36240
     ccttaatcca tttcttttca tgctattgat tgttgggagt tccttatgta ctgtgaatat     36300
     tcacccatta acagatgtat agtgatccaa taatttctcc catcctgtag gatgtccctt     36360
     ccgtctgttt agttttctgt ggtgtgccaa agcactttag tttgatataa ccccattctc     36420
     tgtttttgat ggtgtttact gtgctcttgc agtcactttg agaccatcac ggcccacaca     36480
     gatgccatgg agcttcttcc ttgtgatttc ttctggtaat tttattgttt cagatgcgac     36540
     actggagttt gctgataaat aatccacctg taaaatcctt tatgtggctc ttcagatttc     36600
     cccaacctag tttatagaag atacttgatt ttgcactgga cgttcttgct tctttgggaa     36660
     aaggctgtga gctgcaaatg gagtgactta gttgtgggct tttattgttt ttcctaagct     36720
     ctagtctctg cttttctgcc agtgctattg tattttggta cacaaagctt tgtagtagta     36780
     tatcatgaag ttaggtagtg tggtggctcc agctttgtgc tttttaccgg attgctctgg     36840
     gttttcagga tcttctgcca tttcatagca aatttaggat tctcagatgg tttttctaag     36900
     aagaatgggt cattgatatt tttacagggg ttgtatagaa tctgaggatg actcaggtag     36960
     tagtgatgtc aatgccgttt agacaatgtg tgtgtttgtg tgcacatgct cagggccgag     37020
     agacactggg tgtcctcacc aatactgagg tgggcctgaa tgtccagcca gattgccttc     37080
     tggaaacaca cagaaggtcc cgttccattt tgccatctct tcacatttcc tcccctgtga     37140
     gccctgtgtg gtcctccaga ttccctgtgc agtggcctgc ctgtttgggg ggtggggagt     37200
     tgctgggtga atgaggatgg cggaggggac caagcatgtc aggggagcgt ggtgtcatcc     37260
     aaacgggacg tagcaggcct gggagagcca ttctgggagg acgcagacct agagaggcct     37320
     caggtaggca tctgtgtgga gggtgagaga gccctggttg atcccaaact gaaccccagg     37380
     tagtagcaag cctcaggaca gggaaggagc tagcaaggga tgatgaggca gctatctctt     37440
     catcctggct tcccacccat tgaccttagc tacttatgcc tattaagtgg attagggttc     37500
     ccccatcatg aaatgtgggt actacagttc cctgatgggc ctttctccac cagcccatga     37560
     tggcctgagt ttgtttactg cagtctcctc cctgagcctt ggcttctcta tgtgtgtcct     37620
     aactccagga cccacaggcc tgtcaacccc cagccctggg ctgcttccct ggcctcttct     37680
     ctgttctctc tctgagggcc taactccctt gcatagtgct gcagaatatt gagccacagg     37740
     ccctggctga tgatctgggg gactgggcaa agtgttcatc acaggtcagg ttctggttca     37800
     aagccagttc ttccgatgcc aaagaatgac caacagggtc atttctcatg accccccata     37860
     gccgcctcac ctcagcaatc ctgccatacc ctggacagtc acagtaaatc aaccaactga     37920
     agaagctcag ttaggcagtg ctctgcctga aactggggcc ttcacctgca tgaccctaga     37980
     accactggac tgcagtggag ccagttgccc tgtatcctgg agggagagaa ttcagaaagg     38040
     ctcatgccag gcccagcttc ccacatacca ctccctctac catgcgggga ggcgctcctc     38100
     attgcagatg ccaatgcaat actccttagt gatcacttca atgcagaagt aaatgttgtg     38160
     atgaaaggca aatttcttcc taccacttgt tctcaggatg gctgagttct tccacctgcc     38220
     tgtctgagaa ggagaaagag atggtcaagg gacaatttca tctaggtggg ctgaggtggc     38280
     ctgctagctg gggtgaagca tgtgtttccc cttcccagct ctcccactga gacacccctg     38340
     agtcccagga ggacctcaaa ctgaccagga ccttagcacc ctcccctaga accaggcttt     38400
     ccatcctgac ctgcaaatcc aacatgcagc tttgaaggac tttctcatgg tttcagagat     38460
     acttcctctc accagaaata atcagaactt ttaaactgtt ctttatgcca aattaaattt     38520
     ttcatttgta ctacctcatg ttttggatga ggcatgtatt tttaaattta ttttcgccct     38580
     tattgtacct ctgtgataaa ctgcttactt acatccatac cataattatc tttcagtgtt     38640
     attgtctgtt cctaaagatt cactgaaact aagaattcta tttatgcttg tatctttcag     38700
     caaccatatg tgagataatg atgcacatta ctgcagacat cacagataca ggtccaaagg     38760
     gaaatgaaga agtagaagaa gaaagcaagc tttaaagtct atacattcct aacactgtca     38820
     gaaactcacc aataacatga aatcaaagaa tgataacagc aaattccatt tcatacctag     38880
     actgaaatat gaaacttcaa aagaaaagaa agttaagaac tttgggtttg taaaaatttt     38940
     cctatataga taaaattatt ggtaactttg tatcactaga aaacataaat gaaaatccat     39000
     gttttgcata tttgtaaata taaatgtttt tatttccatc atttatgaca tgcaagcaag     39060
     taataaagtg aaagtacatt acaatgatat atggaacttt ctcagtctca aaatattcca     39120
     ttgagactat taattttatg aaaaccacaa agaatgcttc atgcaactat attatacagt     39180
     actttttagt attttactta cattttaaat aattaacaaa gggaattctt caacattatt     39240
     tattacaaat accattattt tccttgagta atactgttga aattaagtat tttaaataaa     39300
     atattaaaaa caaattatat tgactgattt cagctttgga tgaaatcatg cttgtgtatt     39360
     tgtagtaatg tgaagtataa ctttctcctc acaattaatc tttcataaca ccagtgttat     39420
     tgttttctct gacaacaaca ttgtgatatc tcacagcttt actgtacata tacactacat     39480
     gcctccagag agtaggcttc aaacatatgg aaaaattata tttgtgacaa aattctagga     39540
     aagggaatgg taaaatggga gaataatttc taactttcta actgttgatc aatggatttg     39600
     tgtatattta gatatagaca catatttgca cactgtgagt ttgcccatgt acatatacat     39660
     ttacaagaga tacccataat atgtgggttg tgtaatcttt taattaatcc acaattgtat     39720
     atgtgtgaaa tttgataagc ggttaccttt tctatactca atttgatgga aagacaaaaa     39780
     aatctctgtc aacattcatt tcaattaatc caatactgtt aactgctgat agcttcattc     39840
     tccttgttct cttttggcaa cctgaaagtt aattctcact ctaattcagc tctcagggtg     39900
     caatccagaa gacagtgtta tcttgctatg gattgtgacc tctgactcta cctctttctt     39960
     cctagagcag tcctaccttt gcatatttaa taaactttgt acatggttaa atggataaaa     40020
     gttcagtgaa atgtcaagcc atgctgtgaa atgttccatt atttctgtat ctctaagtgt     40080
     cctttcatgt tatagaggca agaaaaataa ttcaacgtgt ttcttagtat ccagtccaat     40140
     gcactctttc ttactaatat gccaaaccta tcccttcaag gccctgacat ctaaacatgg     40200
     ctggatgtct caaaatctct tcttgttaat aaccattatg ttaatcactg ttgcccagaa     40260
     ctggaattca actgtgaaat cccctggtgg caatttctgt aatggctcaa actatgggaa     40320
     tgactatttt ttacctgaaa atacctgatg agcatataca tatgctatgt acatgaacat     40380
     attgtacatt aacaacatac cttcactgcc agtcaataat aggtgagcca aactgagctc     40440
     aggtgctccc acaaaccaag ctttttcctc cacagatttc tttttatgtc aaaaaaaaaa     40500
     aaagcaactc caggctgggc ctgctggctc ttgcctgtaa tttccacatt ttcggaggct     40560
     gaggttggtg ggtcacttga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctgggcaat atggcaaaaa     40620
     catgtctcta ccaaaaacgc aaaaattaac caggcctaat ggcacattcc tgtagtccca     40680
     cctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaactg cctgaacctg ggaggcagag gttgcagtta     40740
     gccaagatca cattactaca ctccagcctg gatgacacaa taagaccctg tctcaggaaa     40800
     aaaaaaaaac aaaacagaac tccactcgct taggtaaaaa atactggagt tggctgggca     40860
     cagtggctca agctttcatt cccagcactt tgggctttgg aaggctgaga caggtggatc     40920
     acctgaggtc aggagttgga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaagcccag cctctactaa     40980
     aaatacaaaa aattagttgg gcgtggtgat gcatgcttgt aatcccagct actcgagagc     41040
     ctgaacctgg gaggcgaagg atgtgttgag ccaagatcct gccactgcac tccagcctgg     41100
     gctacagagc aagagtaccc tatgagaaag gtgaatagaa caaaaaacaa ttagaaaaat     41160
     aatacccact gctaaagttt gccacagaaa agattaaaca tttcaccaac ttctatcttc     41220
     tgtaatggaa gtcaaagtta tttggaccaa ccctcctgtc ttagttaatt ttcacgctgc     41280
     tgataaagac atacctgaga ctgggaagaa aaggacgttt aattggactt acacttccac     41340
     atggctgggg aggtctgaga atcatggtat aggaataaag gcacttctta catggcaatg     41400
     ccaagagaga atgagaaaga accaaaagcg gaaatctctg aaaaacccat cagatctctt     41460
     gagacttatt cactatcaca agaatagcat gagaaagacc agcccccatg attcaattac     41520
     ctccccctgg gtcccacctg caacacgtgg gaattctggg agatacaatt gaagtagaga     41580
     tttgaatgga gacacaccaa accatgtcac ttcccaaacc attaaaaatt cccagtggaa     41640
     gaaacattaa ttatatcaaa aagtggtgga ccaagaagga actattagcc tcatatctca     41700
     agaaaggctc tagtcaaggc ctagggacta ctcaggaaaa gagtttaata gccaactctc     41760
     tcccagtgga tctggattcc accagaccgt atcttcacag taatggtgaa acagaagtaa     41820
     acccacccat tcctatttcc aagctcaagg aactttggtc aaagttctct tggagctgag     41880
     cagaagaagg aggcaaacag aaacaatttg tgtccctgag aagtcgtggc cacaggctgg     41940
     ctatcacaca gattgtcaag ccagttccat attgcatggg tattatagaa aatctcaaaa     42000
     cataaatttg cgtgtgggtt gtcctagagt agcaggatcg ggcagaagca aatttccttc     42060
     taaccctcaa agaacccaca taaatcttgt tacatttggg attttaccat ttgtttcacg     42120
     aatgagaatg gactttagtt ttcatatctt tttatctact cagtttatgt cttgttggct     42180
     tcaaagtcct gcttgcctca cagaataagt ttaggatttt ccctttttta ttttatagaa     42240
     ttcttcatat atattgaaat gctctgcctg gggaaaaaat gtgagcctgt tgttttatct     42300
     ctaggaacaa tcctttattt ccttgaacat ttatgagact attcagatta tatatgtctt     42360
     cttatatcaa ttttaccaag ctatatacat agattatatt tatctttata tattatatat     42420
     aaatataaga tgtaaatata aaaaattaaa tatgaaaaaa tatatagaaa gctatatata     42480
     tgtctatata tatagacaga ttataaatat ctctatttga tctaagtttt caaatttgta     42540
     ggatgaagtg ttaataatat ttccttatta gcttcttaat ctatactgta tctatagtta     42600
     tgtatctttt aaattcttag ttttatttgt gctttctccc tttttatcta aacttgcctg     42660
     aggtttgtac catttactat atttctccaa caaccaaaag ttagctttgt atgttttact     42720
     aattttccct gcatcattat cccctcactt tagtttttca gaattgatgc tgctgtttct     42780
     tttctaatac tttatttaaa tatctagtac attaattttc aagttgtcat agaaacattt     42840
     gtctataaac tcctattgta atatcacttt tcctgctact cacaaattta atctgtaata     42900
     atttcggtat cattaagttc tcagtacgct taaatttcta ttatgataac catgaattgc     42960
     tgagaaatag tggttataat tttgttgctc aatttccact taattttatt ttaacttgtg     43020
     ctaattcaat tgaaaattct ttactaattt ttttaaatct catatcaaga cttttattca     43080
     catgaattgt tctataaatg ctcccacctt gaagaacact ctcttgtagg ctgctgcaac     43140
     agtctgactg gttgccctct aggcctcatt caattgtctc atcctaggaa tttcattcat     43200
     taccctttta cgaatttatc tctctctttt gttctgtctc ttattttctg catttcacat     43260
     atttatctgt cttggtttac ttcttccttt tggtaggaaa aaaatctcta gcagtttcct     43320
     gagaaaagct tcacagggag acaaaatttt acagttgtca tatgtctgaa aaatgtatgt     43380
     tttctacttg tatatttgat tttagtctat gtggaaacaa aaacatatgt cagaaattat     43440
     tttcttttag aatttttaaa gcataactgt aatccattgc cttcaggttt atagtgatgg     43500
     tgttgatttt tttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtttcgc tcttgttgcc caggttggag     43560
     tgcgatggca caatctcagc tcatcacaca ctccgcctcc tgggttcaag caattctcct     43620
     gtctcaggct gtagagtagc tggcattaca ggcaggcacc accatgcctg gataattttg     43680
     tatttttagt agagacaggg tttctccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcaaa ctccggacat     43740
     caggtgattc acctgcctta gcctcccaaa gtgcaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     43800
     tacaggcatg agccaccatg cctggccaat gttgacaatc tttaaatcat ctgattcctc     43860
     atcctttgta cctgacctat ttttacctct ctggaaactt atacaatttt ctctttgttc     43920
     tcagtgttct caaattttac attgacatat cttgacatga gtctattttc atctattttg     43980
     ctaggtgttc accttttaat ctataaataa gcatcctgaa gttctgagac tttttaatta     44040
     ttttgccaac aatttattcc cctttgtttt acttatttat tttatttcta taactcatat     44100
     aattaaaata attggaagaa attatattgg agaagaagat agcaccacac tgattgtgtt     44160
     tgtgtcagac tatcacagct caaggttgtc atattttatt aaggagaaat gttgtatttc     44220
     ttggtattca cattgtaacc tgaagaaggg caatgactgt caaaaattta aatgtatggg     44280
     taatagttag aagatgcaag cactgtatcc tccagaattt tagcatatgc aaacctttaa     44340
     attccaggca agttgactta agcttcaaca ttctcccagc taaaatgaat ccatttgtgc     44400
     taatttctgt gagcaaaggt gaataagaca ttgttcctgc cttcagtgat agctcagtcc     44460
     aaagggatac aagtagaaat ggtataaaac gagcgatact agtctgcatg tagtggctca     44520
     tgcctataac cccagcactt tgggagggca aggcgggagg gtcatgaggt caggagattg     44580
     gggcaatcct ggctaacatg gtaaaacccc atctctacaa aaaattagcc aggcatggtg     44640
     ggagtacttg ggagaatact tgggagcctc ccagctacca gggaggctga ggcaggagaa     44700
     ctgcttgaac tcaggaggca gagtttgcag tgagccaaga acacgccact gcactctggc     44760
     ctaggcaaaa gaacaagact ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaagga     44820
     gagtaatatg taaagtgtgc tataaaaact gagaaaaggg acagaatatc tgtgacagat     44880
     aacttgtttc gggcagtggg aaatgaggag gtctgtgtat gccttcactg tgtcacattt     44940
     gattacaggc agaaataaat gaatcttaat atttatgggg tcacagaccc tttttaaaaa     45000
     tgatgaaatt tatgataatt ctttcaataa acatttatag aacatacata tatattttgc     45060
     ttactaactc agaatgtgca tcaagagctc tggatatagg agaatgagta gaaatatttt     45120
     aggcagaaaa gaagggaagg ggagtccaaa cagaggaaac agcctgtgtc agagcctgga     45180
     gacaaaaaag cttgtgcatt attggaatca agtgactata agataattca gggtgactgg     45240
     agcatagctg gaagatgaac cagtcatggt ataagatgaa aacagaaggc caagcatgtt     45300
     cgcttatgcc tgtaatccta cgctttggga ggcccaggtg ggcagatcac ctgaagtcag     45360
     aagtttgata ccactgtgac caaaatggca aaaccccatc tctactaaaa gtacaaaaat     45420
     tagccaggca tggtggtggg tgcctgtaat cctgctactc aggaggcata tgcaggagaa     45480
     tcagttgaac cagaagggtg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga ttgcaccatt gaaccattga     45540
     actccagaca ggaagaaaga ttgaaactcc atctcaaaaa aaaatatata aatataaaat     45600
     aagccgggcg tggtgttgga tgcctgtaat cccagctcct cgggaggctg aggcaggaga     45660
     attgcttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttatg gtgagctgag atcatgccat ggcagtccag     45720
     cctgggcaac gagagcgaaa ctccacttca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa tgaaaataga     45780
     acataagtag atatccagag ataaggcatg aagtatctca aatatcagtc atgcactttg     45840
     tttactcaga gacaacacca ggattgatta aaattatgca catcatgtca accctcttct     45900
     aaatgttaac aaatataact ggaacagtta tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     45960
     cacacgtgtg tgtgagagag atggagtttc actcatatat atatacatac acacacatat     46020
     atgtatatat gtgtgtgtat acataaatgt atatatgtgg gtgtgtgtgt atatatatat     46080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga aagagtgaaa ctccatcgct catacacaca     46140
     cacacagaca cacacacata catatatgct tggccacttt aattcctcta taatggaatt     46200
     ctgagcagca tgcttgaggg taaatatcag gacctgcagg cagtcagcct gtgctagaaa     46260
     tactcagtgt gttttttcac attatacact ttcatcttct gagtgtactg cctgaggcta     46320
     ttgttctctt catatcttgc agatctttct ggggaaaagg caacatgcat caacaggttt     46380
     tttgctaagg gtcttctaat taattggagg acttttcagt tgaaaaatat ctaaggacaa     46440
     gattttttct cttttggctc aggaaactgc aggcatcagt tgcacaccaa tatttaactg     46500
     taacacagct attaagtcat atccattgcc ttaaacaaaa tgtacagaat tcagtatttt     46560
     tagttacacc aaacactata tagggtttgc agttaatcat ttttatattc tatattctct     46620
     ttgatattga acatagaact tcaagaagag ggtcacacaa tgatttattc agcaaatatt     46680
     tatagagttg tgtgtatcaa aaactgtggt aagtgctgag attagaaaac ataccatgta     46740
     tctgctttca acatgttctc attctattaa atgttgtaat aacacaacat tgagtcctaa     46800
     aagtgtcaaa agagaagtac acacaaaaaa agagctaggc aaatacatta tgacaactta     46860
     gagctggtgt cagttaaaga cagatcttca aggagcataa atgccaggaa agaaagttta     46920
     gaacaaactg tctacataaa ggcaagtttt ttttgttatt gttttttcat aggaaaataa     46980
     gatctgagtt tcacgaaggt tataagacta actgcaatat ataggatggg ttgaagatca     47040
     gcaagagaaa cagaaggtga gttatgagtt ttattaagtg gttcaactaa tagctgatgg     47100
     tggcctgggc aaggaaagtg gaagaaagga ctggaagaaa gaggcagatg caagaatcat     47160
     tgcaaagata aaatgcaaaa gtcttggaat gagttttcaa gttgaggcta gtaaaaaata     47220
     ttgtgggatt cttggcattc atctatccat caaattattc aatgaatctt tattaagatt     47280
     caagattatt attgatcttc attattattt gagattatta aatttattat tcactgaata     47340
     ataaatattc aatgaatatt taatactatg caacaagcac tgtgctgggt tctggaggta     47400
     cagcaatgaa tatggggtta atggtccctg acttctttaa gctttatgta cagggagaga     47460
     cagataataa ataaaagtca caagcaattg taaatgctgt gaaggaaact ttgggatgct     47520
     gaaagagagt aacagacggt agtgatggtt ggtataacag acagaactat tggattttgg     47580
     gaactaagtg aagctttctc caaggaattc ctatttgata tatcagaaag agcaaccatt     47640
     gcaaaagagt gagaaaacag ctgccaactc tctagaatag gacaattttg gcatagttct     47700
     gtgtttgaag aaaagagagt tgctaatgtg cagaataatg ctgagaattt gagtaagagg     47760
     aaaatggtaa agtaaccagt ggttttaata atacagatgg gaatgctgtc cttgataaaa     47820
     gtagttccag tggaatgaga ccaaaaccaa attgaactga actgaaaagc cagtgggaag     47880
     aaatgagaga agtgggtaca gcatgcttag tggagaaaag taatgaaggg gtaggcggca     47940
     ggggcttaaa caatgggaaa aattctaatt tataaaagca atataagaat ttagatcaca     48000
     gttgtatatg tatactgagc tggtagagat agagggatta acgtacatga gaaaataaaa     48060
     ttgagagcag tggatttttg tttctagcac ctacagtgca ctctcacctt gcctgtgagt     48120
     tggataaatg gctgaaagct gattcttttt caaagttgat ttcaatttgg gaaagaaggg     48180
     agtagggaac aaaatgacat tgtaaactgg atagcaaaat aaggatattg agtacataga     48240
     ggaagagctc aggcacaaga agatcttgtt cctcaaacca catgctgcct actttctcgt     48300
     ctagcttcac attagcccta ctccaatttc caaaagaaca atgattgttt catttaatct     48360
     aaccaagagc attttacaca tcctaccata tacatctgtc atctcaaaga ggaaagagta     48420
     ttttaagact acaaataaaa ataatgtaat attaaattaa aatcaagtaa caaatctagc     48480
     ttcattgaaa atctgtctat aatgatatct tatttttttt aaattctgcc gtggagtagt     48540
     gaaaatatta tcccagtctt gtgtctgtct ggaaatcagt attgggaaat cactagagtg     48600
     attgctttat gaaatcactt cctattcaaa ttctataatt cagttaataa ttacaaaaca     48660
     tatcatattt gaagtaaaat aatttccttt tttatcttcc attcaaatat atcacaaata     48720
     actctttctt tccaagtcat ctttgcagtt ctttcaccta tatagggatc taaagcaaca     48780
     ctttgacact ctcatccatt tcaaaagtct cgtctcccaa cttttcagag cccacagcat     48840
     ttacaataaa catatctctc tgcacagaag ataatagctg gttctacgtt atctgtcagc     48900
     ctaaatgttg attaagacct cagtaatcac actccaccct gcacagatct aaaatcacaa     48960
     aatgcagatt aattcatgag aacagaagga aagaactgaa agaaaaatgc tgtcttgctc     49020
     aaagaaagga aaacacaaaa gaagtcccac tgcctgcctc atttggatat ttttattttt     49080
     aaagtgttca agcatcctag tatttttttc atcaccctta aagagacaat taaatattgc     49140
     atcaaatagg atatttaaaa agatgacatg ttataacagg gggactctaa acatgagaat     49200
     tatcactggc tcactgagac ctctgatctg caggcatatg attgacgacg cctttctaat     49260
     tccaatagca tgggcctgca gcaaatttta ttttactgca aggtctactt tattgaattc     49320
     actgcctgtc ctaattctat atatttttga ttagtggacc ttcaaaactg atgttagtaa     49380
     aaggaaattg ttttctgaca tgctaacatt ttaaagctaa tcattttttt taaataagca     49440
     gttgagtttg cagcattctg ctcctgttat gttttattag tgtttgtact ttaatttggt     49500
     atgtttgttt tggcatcact ccagcagtag gtccaattat aaaaatagaa acaattagat     49560
     tcactgtggt gtctgatata agcattccaa gcttagcttt taaaacaaaa tggtagactt     49620
     ggctctttcc agagtcctgc aaataaaatg tattgattct gtagggtttt ctctactgta     49680
     gctttttgaa attttgtccc cactcttcac atgtccaaat ccacaatccc ctaaacagct     49740
     tttattgaaa accacaacct catctcctcc ttttttgaag caattaagtc catctaactg     49800
     gagagcccaa gtacagttta ttttcctctt taaaatctct ctccagtgct ttctacacta     49860
     ttgtcaagta atagggcctt aataaatctt tattaaatga caggttgaat gaacttgtcc     49920
     tctcttctct tttctctgac ttgcagtaaa agaaatttca tttttccaag actaaccttt     49980
     gtcagtgacg tagaatttat ctgattcttt ccactcaggc cttcttcaag accttgattc     50040
     atcatgtatt tcttctaagt ctaactgtct ttggtattca tttcttcatt ggccactgtg     50100
     tggcttccta ataacacaga caaatttctc agttttgtga aaggcctaaa gggaatggtg     50160
     atttggacaa ggtatctgca ttggaatact agtttggtag gcaatattct gttgctttat     50220
     atctgtgtgg tggaaataaa accatacact tgtgtgcttt ccatatctga gttttatctt     50280
     aaaataaaaa ggcaaaaata aaaacaagca aaaaaagaaa cacatcgagg acaagaggtt     50340
     ccttaaggct gatacaactt aacatagaga ccagacctga agaatctctt agaagaaaac     50400
     aacaggcctc agaagtgact tcaaccttgc ttgattcgca aacataagca aaacttaact     50460
     tcagctcttt cttgtaaatg tttatatcta aaaaaaagaa tgtaaactca accaattaga     50520
     agcagttaac aaacttatat aattaggact tcccgatggg actgatcaaa tgaggcaact     50580
     gtgtaattgt aaccaatcaa ataccatctg ctttagttct gtgtgtgttt tataaaattc     50640
     tccccattgt tttcccttga tggagctcct gaatggcttc tactttggag ctgcacaatt     50700
     catggaatat ttcttgctca aactctttaa aaatgtgcct cagtttacct tttaagatta     50760
     gaaatgtaag gcattggctt cacaaggtga acaatttcta aaggctaaat agtaactcct     50820
     cttctaagtc aagcaatttt caatgcttgt ttcaacaaaa ttgaatgact tgcagttgtc     50880
     atgtatatag ttttcggtat ttaatacatg aagaattcaa agaattgagt gaaattgctt     50940
     taaaaattca ttcttccatt cctatataca tattcacggg aacaaagtct ctttttgaca     51000
     cttccatcca tagagagaaa aaagtaaaaa ttgaattaat aatgaatgct gtctcactct     51060
     ggcatttagc aatagttttc tagtctacaa gagagaatga gagtaaatga gaagggggca     51120
     ggaacaatat catgcatctc actaagaaat atattttctt tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgta     51180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagat ggagttttgc tcttgttccc aggctagagt gcaatggcgc     51240
     aatctcggct cactgcaacc tccccttcct gggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc     51300
     ctcagtagct gggattacaa gcatgtgcca ccatgcccag ctaattttgt attttaagta     51360
     gagatgggct ttctccatgt tggtcacact ggtctcgaac tcctgaccgc aggtgatcca     51420
     cctaccttgg cctcccaaaa tgctgagatt acaggcacga gccactgtgc ctggccaaga     51480
     aatgtatttt aatcaatatt aacattgtat gtttaacaag tattttccaa aaaaatttaa     51540
     catactcttt tcaatgaatt gtatgctcta ttaattgaaa cctgcaagta tgtttttcaa     51600
     aacaataagg gtagtttttt ttttattgtt gcatttcaca tggttttttt tgcgtccttc     51660
     tttgtacttt ttgtattttc aaatcttaca gtaggctcat ttttcactga ataaagcaat     51720
     aagctattaa agttattaaa aaatactttc ccttgaaaac acctccctaa agctattaat     51780
     cttttttctt gtttgcttat ctccttttca tcattattca ctcatttcat tttccaaaag     51840
     aatcctgccc ctactactcc actgaaaata tactcttcaa ggtcaacctt accattacaa     51900
     aatcttctgt ctttactttc tttgacagct ctccacaaca ttcagtatag tcaacttgac     51960
     tgagccttgc aaaatgtgtc ccttggctat tcactccctt gttttctttc cctttctgct     52020
     cgcatctttg attggcttta ttatgtcatc tgctagttgt aaaatgtaaa cccaagccta     52080
     aatatttagg ataccactag ctatgtgtct ccaggtcagt atgtcatggt tgaatgactt     52140
     tccagcctgc gttcaccatt cagagtgttc cctgaccttc agtcatagtt ctgtaacttc     52200
     cattttcaat ggaatatctt gacaccacct taaactcaac atgtctaaaa ccacatctgt     52260
     tgctccaagt cagttttccc tctagaccat acttgttctg ccacaaaact agatcacaac     52320
     ttccttgctt ttgcaatagc ctttgggaaa atacaagaaa aagtcacaaa gtgatcttaa     52380
     gctacagtac taagatgaaa acagaacaca cagaaagtct gaatacaaga ttatttattt     52440
     ttcgatctga tttcatagaa gaaattagac caatatatta ttatgttagt ttaagcatgg     52500
     ccataaaagt aaatttggct tcaaatttgg agtcagtcag tctctagaga gaaatgtgtt     52560
     cattaccagg attagcagca ttttatcctc caagtcattt gggtcacaaa tcatggggag     52620
     gtacaattct ctgttttata aacctcatat tcagtctttt gcctactctt tcaagtattt     52680
     ttgaatgcct tttgctgttt gttacgtttg cacttccacg aaatacctaa ttcaggacat     52740
     gttcacttac attaagatgt tacaacactc aaactttttt ttattgtact ttaagtttta     52800
     gggtacatgt gcacaatgtc cacgtttgtt ccatacgtat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg     52860
     ctgcacccat taactcgtca tctagcatta ggaatatctc ctaatgctat ccctccactt     52920
     ccccctaccc cacaacaggc cccagtgtgt gatgttccac ttcctgtgtc catgtgttct     52980
     cattgttcag ttcccaccta tgagtaagaa catgcagtgt tttgcttttt gtccttgaga     53040
     tagtttgctg agaatgatag tttccagctt cgtccatgtc cctacaaagg acatgaactc     53100
     atttttcatg gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc cacattttct taatccagtc     53160
     tatcattgtt ggacatttgg cttggttcca agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccacagt     53220
     aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca gcatgattta taatcctttg ggtatatacc     53280
     cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtac ttctagttct agatccctga ggaatcgcca     53340
     cactgacttc cacaatggtt gaactagttt acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc     53400
     tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga tcgccattct     53460
     aactggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga     53520
     tcatgagcat tttttcatgt gtcttttggc tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct     53580
     gttcatatcc ttcgcccatt tgttgatggg gtgtttgttt ttttcttgta aatttgttgg     53640
     agttcattgt agattctgga tattagccct atgtcagatg agtagattgc aaaaattttc     53700
     tcccattccg taggttgcct gttcactctg atggtggttt cttttggtgt gcagaagttc     53760
     tttagtttaa ttagatccca ttagtcaact ttggcttttg ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt     53820
     ttagacatga agtccttgcc catgcctatg tcctgaatgg tattgcctag gttttcttct     53880
     agggttttta tggttttaca tctaatgttt aagtctttaa tccctcttga attaattttt     53940
     tttttttttt ttcgagacgg agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcggga     54000
     tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg gttcacgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     54060
     aagtagttga attaattttt gtataaggtg taaggaagag atccagtttc agctttctac     54120
     atatggctgc caattttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg gaatcctttc cccatttctt     54180
     gtttctgtaa ggtttgtcaa agatcaggta gttgtaggta tgcgacatta tctctgaggg     54240
     ctctgatctg ctccattgtt ctatatctct gttttggtac cagtaccatg ttgtttttgt     54300
     tactgtagtg tgtagtatag tttgaagtca ggtagtgtga tgcctccagc tttgttcttt     54360
     tggcttagga ttgacttggc aattcgggct cttttttggt tccatgtgaa ctttaaagta     54420
     gttttttcca attctgtgaa gaaaggcatt ggtagcttga tggggatggc attgagtcta     54480
     taaattacct tgggcagtat ggccattttc atgatattga ttcttcctac ccatgagcat     54540
     ggaatgttct tcatttgttt gtatcctctt ttatatcatt gagcagtgtt ctgtagttct     54600
     ccttgaagag gtccttcacg ttgcttataa gttggattcc tagatatttt attctctttg     54660
     aagcaattgt gaatgggagt tcactcagga tttggctctc tctttgtctg ttactggtgt     54720
     ataagaatgc ttgtgatttt tgtacattga ttttatatcc tgagacttca ctgaagttgc     54780
     cttcagttta atgagatttt gggctgagac gatggggttt tctagatata caatcacgtc     54840
     atctgcaaac agggacattt ggcttcctct tttcctaatt gaataccctt ttatttcctt     54900
     ctcctgcctg attgccctgg ccagaacttt gaacactatg tgaataagag tggtgataga     54960
     aggcatccct gtcttgtgcc agctttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg tccattcagt     55020
     gtgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatagaca gctcttatta ttttgagata catcgaatat     55080
     atacctaatt tattgagagt ttttagcatg aagcattgtt gaattttgtc aaagaccttt     55140
     tctacatcta ttgagataat catggttttt gttgttggtt ctgtttatat gctggattat     55200
     ggttattgat gtgtgtatgt tgaacaaggc ttgcatccca gggataaagc ccacttgatc     55260
     atggtggata agctttttga tgtgctgctg gatttgggtt gccagtattt tattgaggat     55320
     gtttgtatca atgttcatca aggatattgg tctaaaattc tcttttttct tgtgtctctg     55380
     ctggcctcat aaaatgagtt agggaggatt ccctcttttt ctattgagtg gaataatttc     55440
     agaaggaatg gtaccagctc ctccttatac ctctggtaga attcagctgt gaatccatct     55500
     ggtcctgtac tttttttggt tggtaagcta ttaatgattt cctcaatttc agagcctgtt     55560
     attggtctat tcagagattc aacttcttcc tggtttagtc ttgggagggt gtatgtgtcg     55620
     aggaattcat ccatttcttc tagattttct agcttatttg catacaggag tttatagtat     55680
     tctctgatgg tagtttgtaa ttctgtggga ttggtggtga tatccccttt atcaattttt     55740
     attgtgtcta tttgattctt ctctattttc tcccttatta atcctgctag cggtctatca     55800
     attttcttga tcttttcaaa aaaccagctc ctggattcat tgattttttt gaagggcttt     55860
     ttgtgtctct gtttccttca gttctgctct gatcttattt cttgccttct gatagctttt     55920
     gaatgtgttt gttcttgctt ctctagttct tttagttgcg atgttagggt gtcaatttta     55980
     catctttcct gctttctctt gtgggcattt agtgctataa atttccctct acacactgct     56040
     ttgaatgtgt cccagagatt ctggtatgtt gtgcctgtgt tcttgttggt ttcaaagaac     56100
     atctttattt ctactttcat tccgttatgt actcagtagt catttaagag caggtttttc     56160
     agtttccatg tagttgagtg gttttgagtg gtgttcttaa tcctgagttc tagtttgatt     56220
     gcactgtggt ttgagagaca gtttgttata atttctgttc ttttacattt gctcaggagt     56280
     gctttacttc caactatgtg gtcaattttg gaataggtgt ggtgtggtgc tgaaaagaat     56340
     gtatattctg ttgatttggg gtggaaattt ctgtagatgc ctattaggtc cacttggtgc     56400
     ggagctgagt tcagttccgg atatccttgt taactttctg tctcgttgat ctgtctaatg     56460
     ttgacagtgg catatttaag tctcccatta ttgttatgtg ggagtctaag tctctttgta     56520
     gtctctaatt acttcctagg tgctcctgta tagggtgtac atatatttag gatagttagc     56580
     tcctcttatt gaattgatcc ctttaccatt atgtaatggc cttctttgtc tctttcgatc     56640
     tttgttggtt taaagcctgt tttatcagag actaggattg caatccctgc cttttttgtt     56700
     ttccatttgc ttggtagatc tacctccatc cctttatttt gagcctatgt gtgtctctgc     56760
     atgtgagatg ggtttcccga atacagcaca ctgatgggtc ttcactcttt atccaatttg     56820
     ccagtctgtg tcttttaatt ggaacattta gcccatttac atttaaggtt aatattgtta     56880
     tgtgtgaatt tgatcctgtc attatgacgt tagctggtta ttttgctcat tagttgatgc     56940
     agtttcttcc tagacttgat ggtctttata atttggcatg tttttgcagt ggctggtact     57000
     ggttgttcct ttccgtgttt agtgcttcct tcaggggctc ttttagagca ggcctggtgg     57060
     tgacaaaatc tctcagcgtt tgcttgtctg taaaggattt tatttctcct tcacttatga     57120
     agcttagttg gctggatatg aaattctggg ttgaaaattc ttttctttaa gaatgttgaa     57180
     tattggctcc cactctcttc tggcttgtag agttgctggt gagcaatcat cttttagtct     57240
     gatgggcttc cctttgtggg taacccaacc tttctctctg gctgcactta acattttttc     57300
     cttcatttca actttggtga atctgacaat tatgtgtctt ggagttgctc ttcttgagga     57360
     gtatctttgt ggcattctct gtatttcttg aatttgaatg tgggcctgcc ttgccatatt     57420
     ggggaagttc tcctggataa taccctgcag agtgttttcc aacctggttc cattctctac     57480
     gtcactttta ggtacaccaa ttagacgtag atttggtctt ttcacatagt cccatatttc     57540
     ttggaggctt tgttcatttc tttttattct tttttctcta aatttctctt ctcacttcat     57600
     ttcattcatt tgatctccat cactgatacc ctttcttcca gttgatcgaa tcagctactg     57660
     aggcttgtgt attcgtcaca tagttctcat gccatggttt tcagctccct caggtccttt     57720
     aaggtgttgt ctgcattggt tattctagtt agccatttgt ctaatttttt ttcaaggttt     57780
     ttgacttctt tgccatgggt ttgaacttcc tcctttagct cagagttctt tgatggtttg     57840
     aagccttctt ctctccactt gtcaaagtca ttctgcatcc agctttgttc cgctgctggt     57900
     aaggagctgc attcctttgg aggaggagag gtgctctgat ttttagagtt tccaattttt     57960
     ctgctctgtt ttttccccat ctttgtgatt ttatctacct ttggtctttg atgatggtga     58020
     cgtacagatg gggttttggt gtggatgtcc tttctgtttg ttagttttcc ttctaacagt     58080
     caggaccctc agctgcaggt ctgttggagt ttgctggagg tcctctgcag accctgtttt     58140
     cctgcgtgtc agcagtgcag gctgcagaac agcagacatt ggtgagcagc aaatgttgct     58200
     gcctgatggt tcctctggaa gttttgtctc agaggagtac ccggccgtgt gaggtgtcag     58260
     tctgccccta ctggggggtg cctcccagat aggctactcg ggggtcaggg acccacttga     58320
     ggaggcagcc ttactgttct cagacctcca gctgcgtgat gggagaacca ctactctctt     58380
     caaagctgtc agacagggac atttaagtct gcagagtgtt ctgctgcctt ttgtttggct     58440
     atgctctggc cccagaggtg gagtctatag aggcaggaag gcctccttga gctttggtga     58500
     gctccaccca gttcaagctt cctggctgct ttgtttacct actcaagcct cctccagcct     58560
     cgctgctgcc ttgcaatttg atctcagcat gctgtgctag caatgagtga ggctctgtgg     58620
     gcataggacc ctccaagcca ggcacaggat ataatctcct ggtgtgccat ttgctaagag     58680
     cattggaaaa gcacagtatt agggcaggag tgacccaatt ttccaggtgc catctgtcac     58740
     ccctttcttt gagtaggaaa gggaattccc tgaccccttg ttcttcccgg gtgaggagat     58800
     gactcgccct gctatgcctc atgcttgttg cgctgcaccc acttcctgca cccactgtcc     58860
     gacactctcc agtgagatgg acctggtacc tcagttggaa atgcagaaat cactcttctt     58920
     ctgcatctct catgctggga gctgtagact ggagctgttc ctattcggcc accttggctc     58980
     caccccctca aactcttaac tgatagactt gatgtccatt gtcttccata ttctgttcct     59040
     gttcatataa attcaacctg ctttaaaaat tatatttggt acttaatgac tataagatag     59100
     acactgtaaa cctgagtatt caaggtgaat aaatctgatc agaagccaac ttccaatcta     59160
     atccagaact atattttttc cacgaactat gtctaatcag ccatgttaaa ttctaagtat     59220
     gaaggaaata aaaatagtgc atatatagtt aaagaaacag catattggaa gcagaggttt     59280
     ggtggaatct agtgaatgtc acaaataagt agagagccta ggacaaacat ttaggggctg     59340
     aattaagtag gagccagtca aggagaatga gagaagtcag tgaggtagga agaaaacaaa     59400
     attaaacttg actttacaaa agacaaggga agaagatgtt caaacaaaga acggatgtcc     59460
     aactctttaa gagtgatagg tgaccattaa attggaaata tagaagtcac tgatgacctt     59520
     gacaaaagca agatcagtgg agtggacaga ctgaaatctg gatggtttaa ggagtgatca     59580
     gaattttgag aaaaaaagtg agtatcaaca actctttttt tttctctttt tctttttttt     59640
     ttttggaggg gggatggagt cttattatat cacccaggct gaagtacagt ggtgcgatct     59700
     catcccactg caacctctac ctcccaggtt aaagcaattc tcctgtgtaa ccctccacgt     59760
     ctggctaatt tttgttgtat ttttgtctca gtccaaaatc tccttaagct gataggcagc     59820
     ttcaccaaag tctcagcata caaaatcaat gtgcagaaat cacaagcatt cttatacacc     59880
     aataacagac aaacagagag ccaaatcatt agtgaactcc cattcgcaat tgcttcaaaa     59940
     agaataaaat acctaggaat ccaactcaca agtgatatga agggcctctt caaggagaac     60000
     tacaaaccac tgctcaatga aataaaacag gatacaaaca aatggaagaa aatcccatgt     60060
     tcatgggtag gaagaatcaa tatcatgaaa atggccatac tgcccaaggt aatttataga     60120
     ttcaatgcca tccccatcaa gctaccaatg atttcttaag agaattggaa aatactactt     60180
     taaagttcat acggaaccaa aaaagagccc gcattgccaa gtcaatccta aaccaaaaga     60240
     acaaagctgg aggcaacatg ctacctgact tcaaactata ctacaatcta cagtaaccaa     60300
     aaaagcatgg tactggtacc aatcagagat atagaccaat ggaacagatc agagccctca     60360
     gaaataatgc tgcatatcta caactatttg ttctttgaca aactttacaa aaacaaaaaa     60420
     tggggaaagg attccctact taataaatgg tgctgggaaa actggctagc catatgtaga     60480
     aagctgaaac tgcatcactt ccttacacct tataaaaaat taatttaata tggattaaag     60540
     acttaaatgt tagacataaa accataaaaa ccctagaaga aaacctaggc cataccattc     60600
     aggatataga catgggcaag gagttcatgt ctaaaacacc aaaagcaatg gcaacaaaag     60660
     ccaaaattga caaatgggat ctaattaaac taaagagctt ctgcacacca aaagaaacta     60720
     ccatcagagt gaacaggcaa cctacggaat gggagaaaat ttttctaatc tactcatctg     60780
     acaaagggct aatatccaga atctacaatg aactccaaca aatttacaag aaaaaaacaa     60840
     acaccccatc aacaagtggg cgaaggatat gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagacattta     60900
     tgcagccaaa agacacatga aaaaatgctc atgatcactg gccatcagag aaatgcaaat     60960
     caaaaccaca atgagatagc atcacacacc aattagaatg gcgatcatta aaaagtcagg     61020
     aaacaacagg tgctggagag gatgtggaga aataggaaca cttttacact gttggtggga     61080
     ctgtaaacta gttcaacagt tgtggaagtc agtgtggtga ttcctcaggg atctagaact     61140
     agaaatacca tttgacccag ctatcccatt actgggtata tacccaaagg attataaatc     61200
     atgcttctat aaagacacat gcacacgtat gtttattgag gcactattca taatagcaaa     61260
     gacttggaac caagccaaat gtccaacaat gacagactgg attaagaaaa tgtggcacat     61320
     atacaccatg gaatactatg cagccatgaa aaatgatgag ttcatgtcct ttgtagggac     61380
     atggatgaag ctggaaacta tcattctcag caaactatct caaggacaaa aaacaaaaca     61440
     ctgcatgttc ttactcatag gtgggaactg aacagtgaga acacatggac acaggaaggg     61500
     gaacatcaca cactggggcc tgttgtgggg tagggggagg tggagggata gcattaggag     61560
     atatacctaa tgctaaatga tgagttaatg ggtgcagcac accaacatgg tacatgcata     61620
     catatggaac aaacgtggac gttgtgcaca tgtaccctaa aacttaaagt ataataaaaa     61680
     agtaaaagaa aataaaaaat aaaataaaat attaatctct ccaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga     61740
     ggggggtttc accgtgtctg ccaggatgga ctgcatctcg tgatccaccc accttggcct     61800
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca gacgtgagcc accgcccaca tcaacaattc ttataacagg     61860
     ttttgcagtg aggaaagcag ataaattaga ctgtagatag ggatttaggg taaataagta     61920
     ttttatcata ttattttgaa gatggcattt ttttaacatg tttgaatgtt aacagatatg     61980
     atacaataca ggagaaactg atgttgcaag agaaatatgg tgcacctgaa agagtaaaat     62040
     ccttggggag tgaagaagaa tgggacccag tacaattgtg gaacgactgt cccatctctt     62100
     agaaatgggg acactttctt ggtttgaaat aaagaaaagg ggtatattaa catcaggctt     62160
     ggagatgtca cagtcaaaat atggagcaag cttcttttca tggcttcctc ccattttctc     62220
     agtgaggtat acaattggaa acaatgagat tgggacaggt gggtatataa aatttaagga     62280
     aagggaagat atgaaaatga gtttagagat agtgaaaaag tgaacttgct atagaaaaac     62340
     agtggaaatt ccaggaagta ttgagactta atttgagttt tgagaacaat taaagttaaa     62400
     ctagggtggc tgatgatttg attttctcca gctatgaaga aaggataact aatgtgcaga     62460
     gcaaaaatgg gacttaactt catgatttct gactctacaa tattctttgg actatactat     62520
     attaatggta ttttctttta aattcactac aaaagtcata gctcaggttg taactgagta     62580
     aaatattttc ttcaaattaa aaaatatata tccaagtgga ggataagcag caataccttt     62640
     ggaaagaaat tgaaaaggct tacaacatga aacatttgta gcttgtatgc taatcagcat     62700
     atatttcact ccctgtaaat attgcaaaat atccatatgc ttatgttgca aaatccttct     62760
     tggagccttg taataaggcc agtggaccat gttgttaggc acaatgtaac cgcttttatt     62820
     cttggcccca aacaaaggac agcaggctga tagtgttaga gctaattagc acactattca     62880
     tcttgcctta tgcttagaat gcctaaagga atcttccttt ttctggctga tgataaaaca     62940
     gaatcagtct cttttgctct ctgatttgag tcatttatca atcatcattc tgcagacaca     63000
     ctgagaagca aagaatgtat acacatatac atgtttttgt taaatgtttt atggggttat     63060
     atatgttttt tagcaggcgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt     63120
     gcttggcaac acaatataat gaaaagaaaa gtgggagggg ttgaggaaag cgaagtctgg     63180
     aaactgagta cagctattcc tggagagaca gaatggtgta aaattaaaag catgggctct     63240
     ggagtcaaat ttcttggcct gaatcctggc tctgacactt attagccaca tggccctggc     63300
     caagttactt accttccctg gacctcagtc accttatttg ttgcatacaa ataatagtag     63360
     tacttaaaat aaaaagttgt tgaaagaatt aaatgagttg atgtttgaaa ctctagtatt     63420
     taccagctgg tgatcctggg aacatcattt aaattcttaa gtttcaatgt ccttacagta     63480
     aaaatacctc caaagcctcc tctgttttgc attttttttt tccctttcac agattttaca     63540
     ttttctggta ttttggcaac agattcatgg ttacataata ttgtattagt tacaaaattt     63600
     cctctacctt tacgcagatt aactagactt cagttgcact aattaagaga gcattagctg     63660
     agtcaaacga taatagataa gttataattg atgtcaaaat tctacctcat tatattacct     63720
     tccaaatcat atcccaagtt ttcttctatt ttgagaaaca tcactctaca tacacataga     63780
     acaaagattg attttgcaga ttagcatgat tttaatagag caaattcgac cttcaaatct     63840
     gataagcact ttccaatcca taaaacactg tcagaaaaaa actgtctatc aggttagaca     63900
     catttcacag agcctatgaa gttgcaaatc acttatgcct ccctcttgtg ttaccaagat     63960
     aacgtatagc actacatagt gtttcttagc ttgaaagagc ttaggaactt aattaatccc     64020
     tagactacct agtgagagag tggtaagaag ccccttgaag agatcattta actacataat     64080
     tcactcttgc ttaaatgtaa ttcagcatat gtgtcatgtt gtgttctact agctttctat     64140
     ttcaatcttc agagaaataa tatttatgtg tgaatgtatg atgcataggc aactattatg     64200
     aacaaaatta tgtagactgc actctgtctg ccactaaaag ctaacagata tatgtacatc     64260
     caacacatta aaaaaatctg gtacattctg ctggattttc ttttcttttc cattttatat     64320
     ctcattttca ggtatttcac agtggccttc ttagatttga aaaggctaaa aattttaaat     64380
     aaggaatata caattctctt gttaattttt ataattactt taattttttg gaaagtgtat     64440
     taaaagtaaa tgtttataga tgaatataaa agaatatcgt atgtgaacac ttcacccaaa     64500
     tgaaagaata tttatttatt ctatttagaa ttctctctag taggatttcc ttctctgcag     64560
     gtagctggct acagggatct accaaaacaa atctatttct gcagtaaata ccaacacttg     64620
     gttactcagg aaataactct ttcagtctgc aaaacactac atatcttttc cctgagcagg     64680
     ataaattctt atacagtttt actgttctac taaaatttca attaaagtta accattttca     64740
     tttttattgc aaataaaatc tggttacttt ctaattactt gcccgaaatc tattctctat     64800
     aactttctaa aattacatag acatacacac acccatacaa aagaaacagt acaactggaa     64860
     gaataaccaa tgtgtgcatg tgttctgttt taaaaaaatt tctactgtac tatttgcatt     64920
     aaggttatag ttgtaattca atcaatgacc cattttaaat gagtggctag gacatcactg     64980
     gagaaagtgg gtgcaatgca agaaacattt ccctatgcat tcactttatt tgtaaataca     65040
     tttatactgt atagttgaag tggttaactt tgtcgtcaaa gactgatact ggcaaaagtt     65100
     ttgtttctta atatgctctt ctttaatttt ttccagaatg tttcaaaatg tcattcatat     65160
     atttattcta atttcttctg ggaatagata gctaaagaaa aatggagaaa accatttttt     65220
     cctataagtt tatcatctct tgagtgtcaa acttgtcatg aaaggagaga tgcatctgct     65280
     gctcttactt taagaccaga ctttccacca atagattata aatgtgaaaa tatctgccta     65340
     cttaaagcca ctgttctgaa gaaaacacta ttacagtctg agattgaacc ctaaggattg     65400
     gccttgggaa ctttgagatt ttggtcaact aatttctaag ctaatttcta aggatgatct     65460
     cagttgcaag agttattgac tctttagtca aacactctat cacagaaaat ctaaccttgt     65520
     gggccatttg gttatgagac ggtaaaaaat aataaaaata ttactgggat gcagatagcc     65580
     agtactatag ctcttcaagg aaaaatactc tcagtaacaa tatgaaagtt tgtctgaatt     65640
     tctatttcca cactatgatt attatgccac attttgtagc atttctgtaa attatttctg     65700
     gttttgaaaa tctttacttt tgaatgagga tttgtcttta aaaattaata ttgttccata     65760
     ggaccatttg cttgtataaa ttatgcaaca ttttatggga gctcatacat ggacatctca     65820
     tagaaagcaa gtgatgagac agatgtttga gatgcattag ggtggatgaa gcggaagcac     65880
     tgtttctact ctctgggtct ctcacttcca ataagacaaa ctacaaaata atttcatata     65940
     agagtttaaa aaagaatgac tcaatctgtt gtgtctgatt gttgttttgt atcccataaa     66000
     cactttatgc tatatctaag acttaaggtg ttttaaacat tagatattgt ctttaggaca     66060
     ccaagtggag gcagggcaac acaagcaggt gctgcctggg ggatcttatc taatgaaaga     66120
     agtcagcaac aggcagctga aagggtagtg gtccagtgcc aggtgtttag ctgagacttg     66180
     tataagtttc tcagaaactc tcacaagtat ctgagggaaa tgaaactggt ttaccaatgc     66240
     tcttttaaaa aaatcagcta aagaacatcc tatagtgtcc tgaggagaaa agtgagcaag     66300
     gcacataatt tgagatagga aaaatagtag gtgattgcag gagcatagaa aatctcagac     66360
     aggtgtttca catgactagc aaatatacac tgttaaaata gccacataaa gtaggagatg     66420
     ataagactgt ggaaaaccag ggtgtgggca aatctggcta ggaacagctg gttgaaattc     66480
     aacatggtgt ggaatttcat ctaggtttcg ccttagagaa aatagccaaa aattcactgc     66540
     tactaccatg cagctctgct actaccatgt agcagagcaa ctaatcaaag gcagcaactg     66600
     cctaactatg gctggttcac atgtgaaaaa cagaaatccc tttttgttta attcatgctt     66660
     acttttttct gctatatgaa gtaaaacaca ttccttaatg acaacatgtt tcattttcta     66720
     tcttactctt caccatttat tttcttctca cattacttat aatttgtaac ttattttgtc     66780
     aaatatatga aatgaggtaa cacggcagta ttatagaaag cacactgcat tgaaaacaga     66840
     cttatattga aacgggaaaa catcgctttt acccttccca atggagcttg caatgaggac     66900
     aggttgtggg gctctgctcc caggcagtgt ctagggatga atgttcacag atctggaatt     66960
     gccagaggtc atgtgttaca tggtgttatt ttagtttatc catccgtagg tggcttgagt     67020
     tagtcagctc catcagacac cctgccttac tgcaaacaca gagggctatc tgaatcccgg     67080
     ggtttcttgc cttggtgtac ctgaagaatt ggctcccacg tgggcttgaa gaataagtgc     67140
     caggtttcat tgagtggatg ctctcagcag atagatgggg acccacaagg gagatggagc     67200
     aggaaggtcg gtttcccttg gaatggggca gctctggact ctcttcccac agccccatgg     67260
     gactccatgt tcttctgagg tggatggcct gccacctctg tccttgtgct ttccttcctc     67320
     tggtgtcttc tcaaggtcca gttgctgcgt ctttttctgc tgatggttcc tctcgacatc     67380
     tgcggctatg tcactgcctg ctagggtctc caggtttctt atatcacagg atggaggtgt     67440
     agcaggccag ggtggtcttg ggaaatgttc ctctcaacat ctgcgggtat gtcactgcct     67500
     gctagggtat cggagtttct tatatcacag gatggaggtg tggcaggcca gggtggtctt     67560
     gggaaatgca acatttggac aagaaaacag aagtgtttgt cctcacctat gtgagtgaac     67620
     acaggtctga gggtggagcc ctaaccaagg accatgccct cccctaccca gcacttctct     67680
     acccccttcc atatcaatag tttttattta agtctccaaa aatgataccc aaattcttta     67740
     gagaagacaa ttggaggaaa tagcattaga atattctagg attagggtca ctaaatagaa     67800
     aatgaaaaca gagagcatgt cctgcaggcc atggaatcac tgcagaaaca tatcccctgc     67860
     tgagaaggag agggacacac actggcttct ctagtcttct tgttctctag tctcttcact     67920
     gtcacccctc aactgaattg aaacaggaag taatttttat gggagcctag gaaccatgac     67980
     tcacagaggc caggcctctc tattacagag cagtgccagg agatgtgatt gatgtatctg     68040
     tgggcatata aacccataat caaggctgac atctgggggt ggttcgcaat cttgatttag     68100
     gtcaaagagg ctttagatgc catggaagga aaagctagaa acaacaggga agaaggccta     68160
     agagcaccca aaggcagggg tatggaattt atcagatctg cttccatgta tgacctccct     68220
     ttcccctctc cctccccctg aattaaggac tcttgggttc acggagagta tgtaattctg     68280
     aggctgactg cactgatatt gggaggggaa atttgcagag agttcctggt gtctaaggag     68340
     tggcagaatc tgcttatacc caaagactcc cagtctcaga tcagactagt aagggggagc     68400
     aatcacacac ccttaacaat atcttgattc acagaaaaac ctgttctggt gagaactcgc     68460
     ttctgctctt caaaaagatg ccccaaacgt ctgatgctca gcatcacgaa gggtttctcc     68520
     gctgcatgca ggaagatagt acccgcctct gctccggctt tttacagcca catgtgtccg     68580
     tggcaaccca cgtttcttcc ccaaatggtc acatcgacgc cgagctgccc atcagttact     68640
     tacacttccc caagagcacc tctcaactag ataggcagaa gaaacactga aaatgatgca     68700
     acactggccc agaagccagg gatgctctgg atgatggcgc ctctgcggtc cagctggggc     68760
     ttgcgcctct gctccatctt tctcctctcc tgagaaaagg tattcctggc tcgggcatta     68820
     accagctcca gccccacctg aacgaccagc agctccacca gtgcagactc tggggtcatg     68880
     ggcccagggc caggctgtgc ccgttggtcc tcctcctgca gctccacgtc ggcctcctcc     68940
     tgggccacca ccttcgtctc cgccattatg ttgtctaaca gcagcacaac tcctcctcca     69000
     aggctgcctc cccgctctgc gcaccgggag ccccctcctg tacagcctcc atcctgaaga     69060
     cagtgccctt ctccggactc ccacagacca ccgcctgtgc tgcctgaccc acaccacagg     69120
     aaccctgccg ctgcccttac tggagcctgt gggtcggagg gccctcaggg cgcatgcact     69180
     gggctccagg ctcccccaac agacttcagg caaacggcgc caggagccgc gccaacacca     69240
     cccgcctccc cccgcggtca atcagtcgga gggcggtggg cgtctccctg ggcggcacca     69300
     acccaggttg gcctgcagtc ccagcctcct ggggtaaccc tcctctgaaa agcccttgga     69360
     gcttgtgcca ggtagcgctg cgtccaggca cacgtgggct gcgtggcctt tggaattgcg     69420
     ggcatgggag acctgtgccc taactgacat cctgaatgtg gcaaatcatt gacccacaag     69480
     gagcacatga aacatctcat ttcattaggc aagccaggta gatgatacgg aatattgcag     69540
     atccagagga gaactctctc tggctgctgg ggcgagggca gtgggggtgg cctggggaaa     69600
     gtgggtcggg gccgacgcta gggaggaaag tagccgggtt atgcttgggt ggaagtcgtc     69660
     gcctctagag gccagaaccc cggcaagcgc tctcgcaggt cgaggcaaat acaggctccg     69720
     cgtaccatgc ttcctccgtg aggatgctgt actccgggga gcattccaaa gtgcctctcg     69780
     tcctatgccc taggcacacc ggagaccagc cgccaggttg gccgtcgata tcctgcgtgc     69840
     acacaattgt gcgctgcctt gcagacctag aggctcccgc acgtgcagca gcggctgcgg     69900
     tgcctgctgg tggggctctg caagcccaag gccttgggct gtggctcctg agctcctgtg     69960
     cgcagttgac cctgctgggg acctgagccc caggtcaagt gcggcgatct gcgggcccag     70020
     ccgggctttt caggaaacct gcgtctacgt acctgtggga ctaggttctc agcagggcga     70080
     ggtctgtggg ccttccgggg agcgggcctc ctggggagcg gccccagagc ctagtggtgc     70140
     cggggatggg ctgggctgca cagaccgggg tctgcgggag tacccaggag ggcacagtgt     70200
     tcaggcggga ggctctgctg gagaggacgg cccgggtaca gagcaaggag gcggccttga     70260
     aagaggaggc ggtgctgatg gtggaagaca taatggctga gaaggaggtg gtggttaagg     70320
     aggagaccaa tgtgtagtgg cagaaggagg accagcgggc acagcctggc cctggaccca     70380
     gcagaaccgg gccgtgaatg gactctctgg aggtccttca cttgcagctg ggctgtgaat     70440
     gggccaggcc acagggcgtc tccggcttct gggacagagc catatccttg cagctgtcca     70500
     ttcggtattg ctggcagcag gggatgggca tcaggcttcg gggtgggggg catgggggct     70560
     gggttggggg aggagccagg agggaggcgt atggggtgag ccaggaggca ggggatgggg     70620
     cacaggttgg gagcggaggc caggttcctg cagataggag gctagcttgc ttgtgggagc     70680
     cccgggagca cgtggtaggg aagggaagcc aagcacagta ctcacaagga ggaatctcgg     70740
     cgccaagggt ccttcactca cagcacaaag ttaaggggca cgtttccctg ggaaatgccc     70800
     tggaggaagg ggagtctgca agctcgggcc agctaatgaa ccacccccgc ttttagtgcc     70860
     tgtttccacc aggctcaccc cagaaacaca aggtgctaaa gactcgagtt tgtggtgcat     70920
     ggggctgctg acctcctcaa ggcaggtacc agctccccag ataacgcttt ctttcccctg     70980
     cgggcgctgc accaaaagag gtgtaggccc cgagcatata taaactcctt tgcacccaca     71040
     caattcccat ggggagcacc aggcaaaatc ctgcaagctc cttctaccta caaggcttcc     71100
     ctcaagtgga caggcacacc ctcagggagt ccaggataag aggacaccac acacccagat     71160
     atcagcagag catgtccaga acccagcaca caagggcctc ctgcagctca tgaaccctga     71220
     ggaagcagac acctcatacc accctgcctt cccccatccc tccctcagcc aaaaccacct     71280
     gcccactcat tctgcttcct gtccctggtc agtgcaggcc agcttggcct ggctccaccc     71340
     aaccaaaaac caccacagtc gtggtgttgc cttcttgcca aagacagggg atcaacaaga     71400
     gagggtgaca ggccaaatgt ctggaagata gccctgctcc acattctctg tgatcttgca     71460
     aaattgcagg gtgtcaccac gcttgcccaa ccaatcatct ggaggctcct tgaccagagg     71520
     tagattgctt ggcaagccca gatgtcggcc taggtcagaa accatgatga agtcctgctt     71580
     tgctacatga tggatttgca ggtcagggtg gggagcctgg gtctgtggga gtggtccagt     71640
     ttctgagtca gtttgaggtt cccctggggc ctggggctgt ctcagtggca gagctggaaa     71700
     ggggaaactc atcctttact ccagatggca gcccacttca gcccagctag atgaaatggt     71760
     cccgttgagt ccatcctctt tcttcttctt gatcagacag gtggaggaac tcagtcatcc     71820
     tggttaccgg cggctggatg aaatttcctt tcatcacaac ctttacttcc acaatgaagt     71880
     tatcattaag gaatacttct ttggcatcct gggtaagaag tgcctctcag catggtaagg     71940
     gagctggtgt gtgagagggt aagcctgtca tgaacctccc tgactcctct ccctgcaggg     72000
     tacagggtgt ctcattccac tgcagtccag tgggatcatg aaggtcaagc ctccagctgt     72060
     aggcagaaca ttgcctacct gagcttgttc agctgtttgg ctgaatatga ctgcctgggt     72120
     tttggcagga ttgctgaggt ggggtccgtg gtggggcatc atgggaaagg accttgctgc     72180
     tcattccttg gcctcttggg aatgggcttt gaactgtgac ctgacctgtt gtggacccct     72240
     tctgcagttc cccagatcat tagccagggc ctatggctca atccattgga gttctacccc     72300
     agggagtgag ggacagcatt agagagggaa caaagaggag gccaggtgag cagcctaggt     72360
     ctgggaactg agaggccttc gagtcatgga tctgtaccct gcatggagaa ctcaaggatc     72420
     atggagaaga ctgcagtgag caatcccagg ccaaccatcg gtttgggaag aaaggcccat     72480
     cagggaactg taacacccac attttaggat tggggaaccc taagccatcg acaatgcata     72540
     tgtgtctaat gtcagtgaga agcagggctt aagggatagc tgtctcatca tcactcacca     72600
     gctccctccc ctgccttgag gcctgctgcc acctggggct cagattgagc tcaaccaggg     72660
     ccctctccct ctccaagcag atgtgcacct gaggccaatc taggtctaca ccctttcaaa     72720
     atgtttctcc caggcctgtc atgttctgtt ttaatgaccc caggcacccc tgacatgcat     72780
     tctcctctct gccatcctca cttgcactcc cactgccctt ccttcccaga taagacaggc     72840
     cactgtacag ggaatctgga ggaccacact gggctccagt gtgaggaaat gttctatttt     72900
     ctgaatgtac atgtatttta gagcttcctc cagggctgta aatgtgaaga gattacaaaa     72960
     tagatgtgga ccttcagtgt gtgtccaggg agggaacctg actgggaatt aaggcccacc     73020
     tgagtaatgg tgtggatatc cagtgtcagt tatcttgata aagacctgct ttgttacatc     73080
     acctactatt aatataaaag ttaatttctt agaatattga aaaagccaat ttaaatacaa     73140
     agaaaaatgg tttgttcata attgtatgca aaacctgcgg aaggatccat tttccattac     73200
     aaatcttatg tgagacttga agtatttatc aaggtttaag atacattttt attgttctac     73260
     tcttggcaaa ttttatgatc atttttgcaa tacaggaaca tgggctctag aaagtttttg     73320
     agggactttc agcttctttt agagtactta gttgtaaatt ttgaatggtt ttcccctgtg     73380
     gttcttttca gtttactatt tgtactttat atgcaaagtg ttaaatttgt tttcttatct     73440
     gcccattctg gaacttttgt tttcaagaat tttttttttt ctgttagata tgtgagtttc     73500
     ctgtgagcac tttttctaaa acagattttt ttttattcgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     73560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt tgaaatggag tctcactctg tcacccaggc     73620
     tggagtgaag tggcatgatc tcggttcact gaaacctctg cctcccaggt ccaagcaatt     73680
     cccctgcctc agccttctga ggagctggga tttcaggtgc atgacaccag gtccagctaa     73740
     cttttgtact tttagtcgag actgggtttc accatatttg ccaggctggt cttgtactcc     73800
     tgacctcaag tgatctgacc acataagcct tttcaaaatg ctggtcttcc agatgtgtgc     73860
     caccacaccc ggactcattt gttgtttacg tattttaatc cttgatctat tttcttcatg     73920
     tacacatatt ttagagttat tgaaatcata tattttactt acttaatact ttagtaggat     73980
     tttaaaagtc atgtcttcat tcactaaata cagtattgtg aataggttaa accttgtata     74040
     gtattgtcat tctgacttcc ataaattatt caagaactct gatactgttt tctcccacct     74100
     gagaagaaca tgcagatagt tataaaaaat tgtgtgagtg ggtaggtatg agcatttaat     74160
     ttgaaggaat agtaaagttc acaaacacaa gttcacattt gtattttgca tcactttgaa     74220
     aattttattt gctgacatat gaaattctgt attcgccctc atgttaaata tacacttttg     74280
     aatcaatttc aagaatgaaa ataatccaag gccaagcatt agttcaggaa gtaagtagaa     74340
     agcagttgtt atgtagaaaa agcatattta ttgaaggtat atttagagag attttaggag     74400
     gcttaagtca atattttgtt tttattgctc tggtgtttta tcatactatg accagactct     74460
     agcatcacta gttatagtca caaggctacg aaagtctcag aggtgcagta attattattg     74520
     aagtaagtgg cactgtggtt ggctgcttaa ggagactaga ggacttagga gtttacaccc     74580
     aaggcataaa ggcctagttt agtgggtggc cttcttttgc tgaagtagat atgacccagg     74640
     agaggtgtga actcactgta gtagctaggg ctttgagact attgaagctt atttgtctcc     74700
     aactgccatt gccagatatt ggtctacaaa taacggcact tcctagactc actgactcct     74760
     gtaaattcaa acgtagaatt tggatttaaa tccctattcc aacttcttaa acttagatct     74820
     aataaatgga taaaaaatat gcattcagaa gaaagtgaga catcaggtaa ctacataagt     74880
     aaatcatcct gatgaaatac attcaaaagt attactacaa aaaatcactg aagattaaac     74940
     tttaaaaaag ttatttaatt agggaaatag gaaaaggtta gactcatttt aaactctgag     75000
     gtgtaaagat actattatta gaatatgaga attatataaa atgtctaatt tgtttcaagg     75060
     gcagcatgcc agcaatttag catggctaga gattagtgac ccatgtaaga aaactcagag     75120
     attaacaaca aagtgttttc agagattttt tctgcaattg aagactttta aaatggtttc     75180
     ctgttaatca atgattcact taaatttatc atttaggcat atgctgtata cccttgtata     75240
     taggaacaaa gttatagttt ctatcactat agaactacta taaaactagt tactatagtt     75300
     ttatagtagc tagaaaaaaa atttttgact gtgtaccaca tttgcattag agtctttggc     75360
     ctcagtaaca aagcaaacaa tggagctgcc tatgtcagaa tccaggtggg cacagatgga     75420
     agcttgcatt agttgcgtct ttaacatttc tggattctca taagtctccc ctagaaagaa     75480
     aaatggagta tagctatcct atagaacata ttttacaatt aaacactaag tattgagata     75540
     aaaccatgaa ttgtctatca ctgtatcatt attactttaa acttgtatgt ataacttata     75600
     gaaagaaatt cagtttatag ccaataattt cattctcttt ctagtgactt catttttttt     75660
     tttttttttt ttttgagatg gtgtttcact ctgtcactca gcctggaatg cagtggcctg     75720
     atctcactgc aacttccacc tcttggtttc aagcaatttt cctgactcag ccttctaagt     75780
     agctgggatt acaggcacac accaccactc ctgcctaatt tcatattttt ggtagagatg     75840
     ggttttcccc atgttggtca gactggtctc aaactcctga cttcaggtta ttcgctggcc     75900
     tcaacctccc aaaatgctgg gagtacaggc atgagcgacg acaccagccc cctctctttt     75960
     tttctgagac aagttattgt gtggtcacac aggctggagt gcattggcac caccttcaca     76020
     tgctgcagcc tcaaactctc agtctcaagc tatcttcctg tctcaacctc ccacgtagct     76080
     gggactacat gtgtgcaaca ccacaccagg ctatttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttctt     76140
     tagtgatgaa gccttgctat attgcccaag tgggtatcaa attcctgggc ccaaaggatt     76200
     ctcctagttc aagctcccag agtgctagaa ttataggagt gagccactgc ggacagcatc     76260
     atcactcttt aatcactttc taaatgccac tcttcaaaag taacaagtaa attttactta     76320
     tgaaattcta aacgccaagt caagttcagt ttaattttca taaagaggga aaaacaaaac     76380
     aaacaaaaaa actccttttt cctttgtttt gaagtcagca aagagttgga aagcaaatca     76440
     tctctacttt agtttacaaa attgactgta cagggaaaga tcctcatgta attgttttcg     76500
     gatctaaaat cctatgaagt tatcatcaga gccatcatct tataaaatga aaacaaatct     76560
     cctattgggt ctcttatgtg gattaaatat cttacactta gtaatatata caattgtgat     76620
     tgtacttctt ccttgaacca taatattaaa aatatgaacc tcatttttta gaactgctac     76680
     ccaaataaga aaactaacca ctgacctggt gtaataattt gtggcccaga gagccggcat     76740
     gctgaactat tcaggttctt cagatagccc aagggggcta agagccaaat gggagtctgg     76800
     acatcttgga ggagtagtaa tgccaggtca ttccttctgc cccactgacc aactggaacc     76860
     tctcatgcaa tagaatacta gacaccttca caactctcaa taatgcccca cggtgcctca     76920
     ggcccagaat cacagcggtg tcttcaggat tcctgtgtgc ataggcaaag atttattgtg     76980
     gtacattcat tagaaaacct gaaccttaca cgtacatcag gctttctagc atatttttta     77040
     gtcatgatac acaaggtccc tagctcatct tcagagaaat cagaaatata tgaataaatc     77100
     ccacagacaa tgggattgca gaggaattaa ctaacagagg tactagtaag ccacagtaaa     77160
     gcaatttctt ttcagcctaa aacaaaaatg atatctgtag aagtgagatg gtcatgcatt     77220
     attgaagtga atttggacac agaaaccttc agcaatgtaa ttataggata atgaattaca     77280
     gggtattgga agaggcaggc acaatcttac atgttcctga catagtgggc agctgtgaga     77340
     acccaagagc tactaactac ggaaccactg cagacctgac tgccacagct gatgatccca     77400
     gcctaccaag gcatggcata ttgcagagaa atctgatctg ctgaagctga ggagaaaaat     77460
     aagctaatgt gctaatttga atagaattgc catctgtaga ccattattta aagttttaaa     77520
     tccctcctat ttctgctaac caagtcagca ttgagaaata tgactagcaa ggacaaactt     77580
     ctacctcttt tgtgtttatg catttttctt gaaaataagt gttcttatta tctttccaag     77640
     atcatagttt ctttatgtcc tagcttaagt ttctttagtc aaaatactgg gagtcattcc     77700
     agctttctcc cccattgcaa catttattta tctatgattt tagctactta gaagtcattg     77760
     aagtagatag gcaacaaaaa atgcaatgat ttgaagctat tagataaata gtgaaaaatc     77820
     tggagataaa gcacctgtct ctaaattaga gagggcttat cttcataaac gtatagtgtt     77880
     cgtgagatac caatccaata gtttaaatag aaaattcaag tttgagtttc agaaaagagc     77940
     ttatattttt gaaatgattt tagagttcct cagaaaattg agttgaagca atgctcctga     78000
     atatatatag agagataacc tgtctataga aagggtaagc aagtagagat gaaattagaa     78060
     gcataactaa tatcttacat gtagttttct ttgaattaga cttggaggat gtgagcaaat     78120
     aattatggcc tcctttatgt tttaaatata ttattcactg tagctataga aataggggta     78180
     gctataaaat agctgtggtt aaatgcacat ttaattcatg agaccaaaag agatccctca     78240
     atttccaagg aaataatatt ttgaaggatg gccggaagta acttttggtg ttcaagatat     78300
     tccttcttct ccctggcatt cacaccccat gaatttgtca acttacagcc aggctcccac     78360
     gtagctttct tggcctccac acaaaaagtg aattcattta gttttgggca aaattggtta     78420
     caagtgctga cttgtaggat gctcaggtgc tgtttctgca taattccagg actccttgat     78480
     agaaaacaga gaagaggttt ttgtgtttgt tttcatactt agcctagatt agagagagaa     78540
     tatggtgaag agaaagacaa atactttatt attcaagaga gaataatatt ctctttccaa     78600
     acatgcttct ctttcatccc actgtcttct tcattactca gcccacataa gggaccaact     78660
     agatagccaa cagtcatata gttgtataaa tttctcctgt tccagacttt ccttcaggca     78720
     tataggaagg accaggggtt gaaaatatgg tggctgcttc aggaagatca acccaggtca     78780
     cagaatcact tggaacctag gtagggtatg gcacagtcaa tgctgacagt ctgagcttgg     78840
     gcagaatcta gaagatgatt aagctccact tggaccaggg ccagggctgc tgagtttttt     78900
     caggggaaaa aaaagtcaag aaaaagtctt attatttcta catttcaatt tgaataaagc     78960
     cctggaggtc acgtgaatca gatgaagtcc aggtaagcac taaagtacaa atactccttt     79020
     agaaactatt ttcaaggatc atttgagacc aggtaggcaa catgataaga ctttatttct     79080
     gctgaaaaaa aattagccag atgcaatggt atgtgcctgt ggtcccatga actcaggagg     79140
     cagaggtggg agaactcctt aatcttggta gtttgaggct actctgaatc acgccactgc     79200
     actccagcct gggcaataga gcaagaccct gtctctatct ctctttctct ctgtctcttt     79260
     ctgtcacata ggcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaggtaaa     79320
     tatattcctt tagaatctca atgttattat tgctttataa tgatatctta atcttaagat     79380
     aaatttctta gacttacata aaattgacac atctagctgt agtaaggaaa tagtgttcat     79440
     ttagtatgga gccagcacag aaatgggaga cagaacgttg tacagaaact attcaagaga     79500
     attcaccaat ttctgactcc cagcggttgt gacagtgggt gatatggcca gggcataatc     79560
     cacactctgc agaaggaata cacatgtgga atagagtgag attagtgtta ctactatcct     79620
     atttataaaa tataatttta ggtttttagg aatgttcttg gaaattcagt atcttcaatt     79680
     ctgagaaaat acttggaaat atacattatt catgctacaa ttttagatat gctacagagg     79740
     ttatttggat actttccctt caaatgataa tttaatgtat atataaatat ataatatatc     79800
     ttattattgt atccaagata ttatagtatt atccagttgt gggtgtatat attcatatac     79860
     ttcaagtgga ataataaacc atttctaaga agtaagacta tcttaaaaat actcttctct     79920
     gaatagaatt gtgtttataa aacatagccc ataaatcctg tttggcaaaa gtaagatatt     79980
     ctctcaatat ttagacatct ctgctgattc atacaataat ctaaattttg gttttgcaaa     80040
     ggtttgagga cataacctct gatcttacaa actgtggttt tagggttcaa caagagtctt     80100
     cgtagcaagt atattaactc acacatatga ctagtctaaa ggtgcctgtg gtttcatgag     80160
     aaataacagc tgtcttgaag agccagaaag cctggaaact tccagattac agctagttga     80220
     cactcaaccg ggaaacattg agttctgatt gcttaagagg tttttgtcca ggattgggtc     80280
     cagattgaaa tccaggcatc aggagaagtt gttttgttga aagtgtggct gcagcagcat     80340
     gcaaggatga aaaagaatga gaaataatgg actcttcagg aaatgttgag gaagatattt     80400
     tctgaagaac attagtagaa gaggctatgg ataggagaac aagagaggag accagaggat     80460
     aaataactga gcaagatggg aaaatgaaga atgaagggaa tgtacaagaa gaaaagactg     80520
     aacaagaagg gcacagtgta catggagatg gaagagaata agaaagagga aggaaaatgg     80580
     aggaagaaag agagataaga gaggtacctg gacatcaggg ctttctttta tctggataat     80640
     ttttaatttc ctgccgtagt gctggtaaac actcttccag gaaaccaagt acttgtacgc     80700
     tggctcaact ggagagaatt gattttatcc tggctttcgg tggcagttat ctcagttaac     80760
     aaagataaaa tactgatctg ggtaagaaac agtttttact ggcaaaaaga gcacatgttt     80820
     agacaaggag ccaaaatgac tcgttaatag tgtttctcca ttaggctcaa tttcaggagg     80880
     agaaaatgat gcaattatat cagccttaaa atggtttatg ggtcttagta tttctgtttc     80940
     aggctggatc catgttctta cttttcccgc tttaaaaata gcaaaggatt caataatatc     81000
     agcttcagac tggatacagt gtctgtctgc ttgggttaca ggcagtatcc aacatacgag     81060
     tgttcttcct ataagcaagg tccgtgtttt gactactgga ggtagaatct tgggtcagaa     81120
     tcttagtaag aaggtttcag actggataaa atggtgaatt atgtcaactt ccagctggat     81180
     ccagggactg actgtttgag attttgaata aacccatgat ctgcctttat tcatttgaat     81240
     gtaaaatgaa gatctgacta tattagtttc ctgctcgatc gagggtctca ctgcttgggt     81300
     ttcaaggtgg gtccaggttt gatatgtagc agctcttggc tgagtccagg tccaaaatgt     81360
     accaacttca gtcagtggcc agggaaagag cagctgactt tcaggatgaa tccagggtct     81420
     aactgtatca cattaagtct ataagcaaga tgtgactgta tcaatttcag tcatgtttca     81480
     gggctttatt ccttggctta cagtccaaat ttggaaaact tcagtttcag gttggttcca     81540
     ggatcttact gaattcattt gagtctggaa caggtatctt atcactatat tgtcttcagg     81600
     gtgggtccag ggatgaattt cagagtaagt ccatggtctg attgtagcac gtacatgctg     81660
     agtccaggaa taatttatgc taacttgatt ctggatctag gagtgtgtca tttgagatcc     81720
     aagttgggtc cagggccaaa cagaagcgtt atgagttggg gaccaacatg tcaccatacc     81780
     tacctcatgc cacatcctaa ttgcttgaga ttcaggctca gtccattgct ctattttatc     81840
     agttgcagaa tgtgtctcgt gtctgactgt attggtttca gcatagatcc aaggtttcag     81900
     aacatcacct tcagactggg tccagggtat gactgcattc ttttcagatt ggttcaatgg     81960
     gcggattatt tgccattctg gcttcatcca ggtagtaact ctttgagaag aaagttgagt     82020
     accacttctt cttacattgt tttgggtctg aaaccaagca ctcagagtat taatgtcagg     82080
     catggtcaag cattttgctg cctgcatttc agccagatat aatagtgtgt cagacaatga     82140
     ttgtattaat gttgccttga gtccaggggt ggattgtgcc tgcttcagac cggatccata     82200
     gttttactgt atgagcttca gaaatggtct gggatctcat tgtacctact tcagattggg     82260
     tacacaggaa gaagccatca atttcagact ggatccatgt tataaatgtt gtagttctct     82320
     gtttggccca ggattctatt ttaccaggtc caaagggagt aaacgtgctc aatgtttgaa     82380
     attctgactg agcccaaggt tttatttttt ctgttccagt tttaaacgaa gttctttaac     82440
     ttgagcttca ggttgggacc atggttttgc tgcttgaggc acagccagta tccaggatat     82500
     aagtgttcca aactcaggca aggtccattc atcgatattt tcaatttcat gatgtgtcca     82560
     taaaatagat gcttgatttt catcttggat caaaagttgc gtagtataag gttaaggcag     82620
     caaggaaact ctataaatat tttagcttca ggcagtgcct agagtttctt agcttcagtt     82680
     ttaaccatca tccaaaatga gcccatatca ctctgtgtat aagaatttgc atctggaaaa     82740
     tcatcatgag tccactttgt gtctgtggaa gctgtggcct ctgtccatgt gtttaccact     82800
     ggagactcag actgagatca tggggtgatt gatttggaca caggtagtgt ccaggttttt     82860
     cctgctgaag ggataccctg ggtccatggt aacactgagg aaactgcagc ccatgcagtt     82920
     tctcagccca tgcatgcctc tggattttct gctgaagttt catcatagtt ccatgatata     82980
     agtatatcag atacagtctg tgtccaggta attcctactg gagactgggc cagaagtcac     83040
     agtataattt tgtcagatac tggctgtgtg gaggtaatga ctgcagaaga ttcagcctgc     83100
     acccacagtg caactatatc agatacagaa tgtatccagg gatttgttgc tagaagtaaa     83160
     gctttgatcc atggggtgac ttggtagcta ttgcctctat ccatggattg actgctagag     83220
     atacaggctg ggtccacagt gataatgtat tagatatagg cagtatccaa ggatttactg     83280
     ctgaagattc aaattggatc aatcctatgt atgtctcaga tacaggcagg atccatgtaa     83340
     ttaatgctgc agattcagtt tgggaccata atctgattgt attagatgaa ggctgtgccc     83400
     aggcctttac tgttgcagat acagcctgtg cccaagttgt agctgtataa aaaacaggct     83460
     gtgtccaggg atttattgct ggaaattcag cctgggtcca gggtataact ttggaagcta     83520
     cagcctctgt ccagatattt actggtagac attcagtttg atgccctgct ttaagtgtac     83580
     catgtaaact ttatgaaaag aagattaatg atggagttac aggctgtgta cacactgtga     83640
     atgtatcagc aacagacttg gtccatggat ttactgccaa aaattcagtc tgtgtccatg     83700
     gtatgactgt gtcagtctca tcctgtaaca gaggacttgg gactgaacat tcagactctg     83760
     tccagatatt tacaattaga gacttagact gcatcatggg atttacagct ggaaattcag     83820
     cctcattcca agtgtttact tatagatatt ttgtttaggt ccatagtgtg actgtatcag     83880
     gtacaggttg taaccagaaa ttgattgctg gtgattttgt ctgtgtccat gttatgaata     83940
     tatcagctag agcctctctc ctgagaatta ttattagaaa tacatccgtg tactgcagtg     84000
     tgtctatatg agttacagcc aatgctaagt gacttattgc tggcaacaga tcctgggtcc     84060
     atgatgtgac tttctcagtt ttagactgtc tccatagatt tactactaca taaacattct     84120
     tagccaatgg tttcactcta tcaataagta tatgtacaga gattattgat tttagaatga     84180
     gcctgggtcc acagtaagac aatttctgtt tcaagctttg tggagggatt tactcctaca     84240
     ggttcatctt ggttctgtgg tataactgca gcaggtatag gctgtgtcca gtcatttact     84300
     tttggagatt cagtcttggt ctactgtatg aaggtatcag tttcatattg tttccagaga     84360
     tttatggcag gtaatttgac ttggttccag agtttgattg tataagctat tgcctgtgtc     84420
     aaatgcttta ctgctgaaga ttcatcttgg tcccatggtt tgattctata agatagatac     84480
     tgtgtaaaag gattcattgc tggagagtca tcctgaatcc acagtatagt actatcaccc     84540
     agagactgcc cagggattta cggctgaaaa ttcaggcttg gtccacagct tgtctgcatc     84600
     aactgttgtc tgtgtccatg aatttactgc tagagaatta tccaggatcc actctgtgac     84660
     tgtatacatt tcagactttg tccatgcatt tccctcttta agttcagcct aattccttgg     84720
     taggaccata tcagctgtag cctctctcca gggattcatt gctggagttt cacccagaat     84780
     ccatgtttga gtccaagata ctggtggatg ttcagggtgg gtccatgata ggaatatatc     84840
     atgtgcccag ggacttactc ctagagtttc agccagaatc catgttgtga gtatatcagt     84900
     ttcagactgt ttccaacgat gtaataatag cgattcagcc tagatacaca ttattatgac     84960
     tgtatcagat ataggagaat atattcatga attcatcact agtgattcat cattggtccc     85020
     tagtgtgatt atatcagtta cctactgttt ccaggaatgt attgctggag cctcaatctg     85080
     ggttcacagt gttattgcct cagtatcaaa ctgtatccag taatttactg ctggcaaata     85140
     agccatggtc cacaatgaga ctggattaaa ttcagatggg agtaagttat ttccttctag     85200
     atattcaggc tgcaatcttt ccatggattt attggtgcat ttcatcaagg gtcaatggta     85260
     tgacagtttc agctatagtt tttgcccaga gattcactgt tgtaaatcta tcctggatcc     85320
     atggtgtgac tgtcttagct atacgaatat gtcaagggaa ataaggctgg aaattcttct     85380
     tggttccaac atgtgacttt atcagataca gaatgtgtcc agagattcac tgctggagat     85440
     ttggcaatag ttcacagtat gattggatca gtttcagact gtcttcagga tgttaatttt     85500
     tgaaattcag cctttgtcca tgttgtgact gtatctgcta acatcttggt ccaagagttt     85560
     actattggag tttcagtctg ggtccacagt gggactgtgt gagttttaga ttgtgtccag     85620
     ggatttaatt cttgagactc tccctgcatc cattgtgtta gtacggtagc tttactttgt     85680
     acccaggggt caattacacc aatgtctttc tgattccagg gtctcaaagt gtcatcttca     85740
     gcttgggtcc acgatctaac tttaacactt tcaaacttgc cccagagtct aaatgcataa     85800
     gcttcatgtt gtatccagtc tcttaactta tcagtcacag gttggttcca aaacctcaat     85860
     atttcagttt cagactgtat ccaatgctga tttgtcagag ttactggttc tctccactgt     85920
     gtgactgtct ctgcttgaga tcaaaacaaa agtttgatga tatcagcttc agtgtgattt     85980
     cagggtctgg atctatcacc tccagtttgg ggcctgggta ccactgtttc catcccagtt     86040
     tgggaccagt acctaactgg atctgcttct ggttgggtcc agtgtttttc tttccattct     86100
     tgagtctggg ttctgggcct cagtatttta aatttatgct gaatccaagg tctcattctt     86160
     tctatttcaa tttgtaactg ttgtttaatt gtatcagctt tcaggtgagt caagagtctt     86220
     cctgattgag tttctgacta gatccatgtt aggactatgg ctgttttagg ctgctttcag     86280
     ggtttgatca tctcaacttt ggagtgaatt gagggctcaa ttgcattcat aataggatgt     86340
     attaagattc atgtctgcat caggggtttc agtaataata gccacatgtt tactcaatgg     86400
     actcaatcta tctatttgat ttgagggcct cattatactg gttttctgtt gtgtccaagc     86460
     cctaatattg tcacctttta actttgcaca tgaagagtat gcagtataga agaaatccag     86520
     aactgagttg actcaggttc agtgagaatc tagtatccat ctgtcctttc tataatttct     86580
     tggggataca aatatattca acactagctg acaccatggt tcaaaggtat gggttactgt     86640
     aggatgctga gatccatctt cattgagtga tcaatgagtc catatttcaa ttttattaac     86700
     tatgaaaagt actggtggaa tctagttgta agttgctggt tttgcaccag ggttaactct     86760
     atgagctaca tgatactttt ggtttctagt actctcttca ctggatttaa tctgcatcac     86820
     tgttcctgtt ttataagcta aaaattgttt ctaagtttca acttcaggag taatttctag     86880
     ccaaggttta gctacaagtt gtccatgaga tggaacatta ataaattgaa cttgagactg     86940
     accagtatcc atcttaacag gaacttgaga ttcacctatc ccacttgaaa agagaaacca     87000
     ggatgtacca gcattaacta atggtagagt atgaagccta attgtactag ctaatgtatt     87060
     aatccagaat cttgctgaat cagtcacagc ttaatattta taatccattg tatttttctc     87120
     aggaaaattc caggctatag gtttaatatc tgtttgggag ttctggagtc cagaaaaaaa     87180
     aagaaatatt gagaagtttc catttctggg gtactccagc attcagctgt accaggatga     87240
     tcccgtggtt tggcagcagg agaaatccgg gattgtacca ttgggaattt gctagctgag     87300
     gagaggtgac cactttgaaa gtgtaatagt ctattggcat gaaaaaatct ctattattct     87360
     aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac attcagtggg ggttccggtg ctttctgtac actggggaag     87420
     tgcttaatct tctcctcctt atttgttctg agaatccatg aaagatcaaa ttgtcagagc     87480
     ctgtattaga ggtaactgta ttttgtggac tatcttctac tccaggagaa aaattgcagg     87540
     atagagaaaa aaataccccc agtggtttct gggatgcctt gataagccat ctcattcaag     87600
     atatgtattg ggctgtcctg atgacaagaa cggggtcata acaggcttct gaggtatcac     87660
     taaccaggcc tactactgag gtatcactga ccaggcctac tactgaggta tcactgacca     87720
     ggcagtgact gccaaagagg caaagaacag gatgaccttg ctgtacctga atggttggaa     87780
     acaaagttaa ccatatatgt tagaaataca catagatgtg tagtatacat gtattacaat     87840
     atgtaatgca taaattacat atacatgcaa tacatatata ttaattataa aatatacaga     87900
     tacatatctt gtatatgttt atgaatactt atatcaataa attatatagt ttatatggct     87960
     tatatattaa attaaaagat actaaactat aagtataaat tttacttttc tatctcatgt     88020
     acatttcata ttacttgatg ggcagtaata aataatatat tgtacatact tcaagagttc     88080
     catataacac ttaggcataa ataattctaa ctgtggttaa aacagtaaaa tcaagcacta     88140
     gaaggaaatt agaggaaggt tctaaacaat acaaattacc tacatactca acatcattat     88200
     ctgaatatta cttatgcctt tagccaagca gtcttaggca aagcacaact tatacgatca     88260
     tgtgaaatga ctgtttgtgt cacctcctct gccattacat ttgttgatgc catcattatt     88320
     tgtttagtct ctctgtttaa ttctgatgcc cacttgcagc ttgcagtttg ttctcctagt     88380
     agccagaatt atactcagag taaacactta ttgtaaaatc gactacatag ttggaagtaa     88440
     aacaatcctc agcaaatgcg aaaggataga aatcataaca aacagtctct caggccacag     88500
     tgcaatcaaa ctagaactca gtatttaaaa attcactcaa aactgcacaa ctatgtggaa     88560
     actgaacaaa ctgctcctca atgactgctg ggtacataat gaaatgaagg cagaaataaa     88620
     gatgttattt gaaaccaata aggacaaaga cacagcatac cagaatctct gggaaacatt     88680
     taaagcagtg ttttgaggga aatatatagc acttttaatg tccagaagag aaagtaggaa     88740
     acatcttaaa ttggcacact aacatcaaca ttaaaagaac tagagaacaa gaaaagcaaa     88800
     agcaacaaat tcaaaagcta ggagaagaca aaaataaata agatcagaac agaactgaag     88860
     gaaacagaga catgaaaaca cttcaaaaaa atcaatgaat ccaggagctg gttttttgaa     88920
     aagatcaaca aaatagatag accactagcc agactaatga agaaaagaga gaagaatcag     88980
     acgtaataaa aaatgataaa ggggatatca ccattgatcc cacagaaata caaactacca     89040
     tcagagaata ctgtaaacac ctctatgcaa ataaactaga aaatttagaa gaaatggata     89100
     aattcctgga tgcatacacc ctccaaaatc taaaccagga agaaatcgaa tctctgaata     89160
     gaccactaac aagttctgaa attgaggcag taattaggag cctatcaaca acaacaacaa     89220
     caaaaggtcg aagagtaggt tgttcacaga agaattctac cagaggcaca aagaggagct     89280
     ggtaccattc cttctgaaac tattccaaac aatagaaaaa caggaaatcc accctaactc     89340
     attttatgag gccagaatca tcctgatatc aacatctgac agagacacag caaaataaga     89400
     aaatttcagg ccaatgtctc tgatgaacat tgatgcaaaa atcctcaatg aaacactggc     89460
     aaaccaaatc cagcagaata tcaaaaagtg tatccaccat gaagaagtca cgttcatgct     89520
     tgggatgcaa ggctgattca acatgcacaa atcaataaac ctaatccatc acataaagag     89580
     aatcaatgac aaaaaccaca tgattatctc aacagatcca gaaaagcccc tcgataaaat     89640
     tcaacatact tcatgataaa aactgtcagt gaactaggta ttgatggaat gcatttcaga     89700
     ataataaagc tactcatgac aaaaccatag ccaatataat actgaatggc agaacctgga     89760
     agctttccat ttaaaaacct gcccaagaca aggttacccc ctctctcacc attcctattc     89820
     accacagttt tggaagttct gacaagggcg atcagacaag agaaagaaag tgtattcaaa     89880
     gagaaagaga agaaatcaaa ttgtctctgt ttgcagatca caagattgta tatttagaaa     89940
     attgcactgt ctcacctcaa aatctcctta agcttataag caacttcagg aaagtctcaa     90000
     gatacaaaat caatgtgcat acatcacaag cattcctata ctccaatagc agacaagcag     90060
     agagccaaat cacagtcatc tcacacacac agttgttact aagagaataa aatacctagg     90120
     aaagtaactc acaagggatg tgaaggacct tttcaaggag aactacaatc cacagctcaa     90180
     ggtataagag aggacacaaa tacgtggaaa agcattccat gctcattata ggaagaatca     90240
     atatcatgaa aatggcccta cagtgcaaag taatttatag attcaatgct atcaccataa     90300
     agttgccatc tgacaaggga taacatatta atctgacaac agaccaatat ccacaatcta     90360
     caaagaactt aaacaaattt acaagaaaaa aactaaacca acccatcaaa aactgagtga     90420
     agggtatgaa gagatacttc ccaaaagagg acatttatgc agtcaacaaa catgaaaaaa     90480
     gctcatcatc cctggtcatt agagaaacgc aaatcaaaac cacaatgaga tactatctca     90540
     tgacagttag aatggctatc attaaaaagt caggaaacaa cagatgctgg agaggatgtg     90600
     gataagtagg aacgctgtta cactgttggt gggagtgtaa cttagttcaa ccactgtgga     90660
     atacagtctg gtgactcctc aaggctctaa aactagaaat accatttgac ccagcaatgt     90720
     cattatgggt tatgtactca aaggattata aataattcta ctataaagac acgtgcacac     90780
     ttacgtttat tgacacattg ttcacaatag caaagacatg gaaccaactc aaatgtccat     90840
     caatgataga ttggataaag aaaatgtggc acatatacac catggaatac taagcagcca     90900
     taaaataaga ttagtttatg tcatttgcac ggacatgggt gaagctagaa agcaccattc     90960
     tcaggaaact aacaccagca ccggaagcca atcaccacat attctcactc ataagttgca     91020
     gttgaacaat gagaacacat ggacacaggg aggggaatat catacaccag ggcctgccag     91080
     gggtggaggg ctagaggagg tatagcagta ggagaaatac ctaatgtgtg tgacaagttg     91140
     atgggtgcag caaaccacca tggcaggttt ataccagtgt aacaaaaccg cacgttcgat     91200
     acatgtaccc cagaacttaa agtatataaa aaatacatat agacatatac tatacatgaa     91260
     ttaaaatata tataatgcat acatttcatc tatatgcaat tcatatatat tataaagtat     91320
     acagatacat atatatgttt tggaacactt atatttataa attagctata taacaagggg     91380
     tttatacata cattataaaa tattaactta aacatataaa ttatactttt ctatcacatg     91440
     caaattttat attactggat ggacagtaag aaattttaca tggtacatac ctaatgagtt     91500
     ccatataaca cttaggcata aataattgaa actctggtta aaagagtaaa accaaatact     91560
     agagggaatt tagaggaaag ttgtaacaat aaaaaatcac ctacatattc aacatcatta     91620
     tctgactatt acttatgccc tcagccaagt atacggttta tacagtcaca tgaaacgact     91680
     gtgtgtatca cctcctctgc cattacattt gttgaagcat catcatttgt ttggtctctc     91740
     tgcttgattc ggacactcac gtgtagctta gtttgttctc ccagtagccg gaattatact     91800
     cagaataaaa tcaaaaggat ttgtctttga tctcacttaa gagttttcct tagttcatct     91860
     tgccacatga tggcagtatg actatttgct taattctagt ttcagaatta tttcaatggt     91920
     tattttctct gcctggaatt ctcttcctcc aaatatattc ctagattact tcctcaacgg     91980
     tttagtcctt gctcaagtaa agcattttta aagacaaagt gacttcaaaa cacttcttcc     92040
     aacattttcc tgtcacctaa ttaactatga actgtagttg atgtaaaaat gtttgtaaat     92100
     gtgcttatgt taaatgtgcc aatgttattg atggtaccct tagtactttt agtctttgga     92160
     tcgaaaagca ataaaagtag aataagccaa aaaaccgtct tttcaaagtg gtggtaggcg     92220
     gagaccacca ccttcttcaa gaaacagaag cccgtcagca aatctgagat ctgcaagagg     92280
     aagtagtgga ggaaaaagag cgtggctgcc ctcacatgaa gaacacttgg gtaatgtttt     92340
     aaaatataaa ggtggaacca tgggactgaa agaaaacaag tttgaaggta tcaaaatttc     92400
     tcaattttat ttattatctt tatgagcaga atattaatta ttgataagca caattatctc     92460
     taattactaa aggtgtatta taagaatgat tgaattaata tctaaaattc attttaaaat     92520
     tgtaacaact ttgcattgaa ataacacaga tttcttttat tattattatt atacttaaag     92580
     ttttagggta catgtgcaca atgtgcaggt tagttacata tgtatacatg tgccatgctg     92640
     gtgtgctgca cccattaact catcatttag cattaggtat atctcctaat gctatcccta     92700
     cctcctccac ccaccccaca acagtcccca gagtgtaatg ttccccttcc tgtgtccatg     92760
     tgttctcatt gttcaattcc cagttatgag tgagaacatg tggtgtttgg ttttttgtcc     92820
     ttgtgatagt ttactgagaa tgatgatttc cagtttcacc catgtcccta caaaggacat     92880
     gaactcatca ttttttgtgg ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatatgtgcc acattttctt     92940
     aatccagtct atcattgtag gacatttggc ttggttacaa gtctttgcta ttgtgaatag     93000
     tgccacaata aacatatgtg tccatgtgtc tttatagcag catgatttat agtcatttgg     93060
     gtatataccc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtatt tctagatcta gatccttgag     93120
     gaatcaccac accgacttcc acaatggttg aactagttta cagtcccacc aacagtgtaa     93180
     aagtgttcct atttctccac atcctctcca gcacctgttg tttcctgact ttttaatgat     93240
     tgccattcta actggtgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt ttgatttgca tttctctgat     93300
     ggccagtgat gatgatcatt ttttcatgtg tcctttggct gcataaatgt cttcttttga     93360
     gaagtgtctg ttcatatcct ttgcccactt gttgatgggg ttgtttgttt ttttcttgta     93420
     aatttgtttg agttcattgt agattctgga tattagccct ttgtcagatg agtaggttgc     93480
     aaaaattttc tcccattctg taggttgctc tccactctga tggtagtttc ttttggtgtg     93540
     cagaagctct ttagtttaat tagatcccat ttgtcaattt tggcttttgt tgccactgct     93600
     tttggtgttt tagacatgaa gtccttgccc atgccaatgt ccttaatggg atttcctcgg     93660
     ttctcttcta gagcttttat ggttttacat ttaacatgta agtctttaat ccatcttgaa     93720
     ttaacttttg tataaggtgt aagggaggga tccaatttca gctttctaca tatggctagc     93780
     cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg gaatcctttc cccattgctt gtttttctca     93840
     ggtttgtcaa aattcagata gttgtagata tgtggcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg     93900
     ttccattgat ctatatctct gttttggtac gagtagcatg ctgttttggt tactgtagcc     93960
     ttgtagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagtgtg atgcctccag ctttgttctt ttggcttagg     94020
     attgacttgg agatgcaggc tctcttttgg ttccatatga actttaaagt agttctttcc     94080
     tattctgtga aaaaagtcat tggtagcttg atggggatgg cattgaatct ataaattacc     94140
     ttgggcatta tggccatttt catgatattg attcttccta cccatgagca tggaatgttc     94200
     ttccatttgt ttctatcctc ttttatttca ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt ctccttgaag     94260
     aggtccttca cgtcccttgt aagttgaatt cctaagtatt ttattctctt tgaagcaatt     94320
     gtgaatggga gttcactcat gatttcgctc tctgtctgtt attggtgtat aagactgctt     94380
     gtgatttttg tacattgatt ttgtatcctg agactttgct gaaattgctt atcagcttaa     94440
     ggagattttg gggggagaca atggggtttt ctagatacac aatcatgtca tctgcaaaca     94500
     gggacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatt gaataccgtt tatttccttc tcctgcctaa     94560
     ttgccctggc cagtacttcc aacactatgt tgaataggag tggtgagaga ggacatccct     94620
     gtcttgtgca tgttttcaaa gggaatgctt ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg     94680
     ctgtgggttt gtcatagata actcttatta ttttgagata tatcccatca gtacctaatt     94740
     tattgagagt ttttagcatg aagggttgtt gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta     94800
     ttgagaaaat catgtgtttt tgtctttggt tctgtttata tgctggatta catttattga     94860
     tttgcatata ttgaaccagc cttgcatccc aggaatgaag cccacttgat catggtggat     94920
     aagctttttg atgtgctgct ggattcagtt tgccagtatt ttattgagga tttttgcatc     94980
     aatgttcatc aaggatattg gtctaaaatt ctcttttttg gctgtgtctc tgccggcttt     95040
     cgtatccgga tgatgcttgc ctcataaaat gagttaggga ggattccctc tttttctatt     95100
     gattggaata gtttcagaag gaatggtacc agtttcttgt tgtacttctg gtagaattcg     95160
     gctgtgaatc cacctggtcc tggactcttt ttggttggta agctattgat tattgccaca     95220
     atttcagatc ctgttattgg tctattcaga gattcaactt ctcgctggtt tagtcttggg     95280
     agagtgtata tgtcgaggaa tttttccatt tcttctagat tttctagttt atttttgtag     95340
     aggtgtttat agtattctct gatggtagtt tgtatttcta tgggatcagt ggtgatatcc     95400
     cctttatcat tttttattgc atctatttga ttcttctctt tttttccttt attagtcttg     95460
     ctagtggtct gtcaattttg ttgatccttt caaaaaatga gctcctggat tcatgcagtt     95520
     tagagaaaaa agaataaaaa gaaatgaaca aagcctccaa gaaatatgag actatgtgaa     95580
     aagaccaagt ctgcatctga ctggtgtacc taaaagtgac ggggagaatg gaaccaagtt     95640
     ggaaaacact ctgcaggata ttatccagga gaacttcccc attttagcaa ggcaggccaa     95700
     cattcagatt caggaaatac agagaatgcc acaaagatac tcctcaagaa gagcaactcc     95760
     aagacacata attgtcagat tcaccaaagt tgaaatgaag gaaaaaatgt taagggcagc     95820
     cagagagaaa ggacaggtta cccacaaagg gaagccatca gactaacagt ggatctctcc     95880
     tcagaaactc tacaagtcag aagagagggg gagccaatat tcaacattct taaagaaaat     95940
     aattttcaac ccagaatttc atattcagcc aaactaagct tcctaagtga aggggaaata     96000
     aaacacttta cacacaagca aatgctcaga gattttgtca ccaccaggcc tgccctaaaa     96060
     gagatcctga aggaagcact aaatgtggaa aggaacaacc agtagcagcc actgcaaaat     96120
     cataccaaat tgtaaagacc attgaggcta ggaagaaact gcatcaacta acgagtgaaa     96180
     taaccagcta acatcgtaat gacaggatca aattcataca taacaatatt aactttaaat     96240
     gtaaatggac taaatgctct aattaaaaga cacagactgg caaattggat gaagagtcaa     96300
     gacccatcag tgtgctgtat tcaggaaacc catctcacct gcagagacac acataggctc     96360
     aaaataaaag gatggaggaa gagctaccaa gcaaatggaa aataaaaaaa ggcagaggtt     96420
     gcaatcctag tctctgataa aacagacatt aaaccaacaa agatcaaaag agacaaagaa     96480
     ggccattata taatggtaaa gggagcaact caacaagaag agccaactat cctaaatata     96540
     tatgcaccca atacaggagc acccagattc ataaagcaag tcctgagtga cctacaaaga     96600
     gacttagact cccacacaat aataatggga cactttaaca ccccactgtc aacattagac     96660
     agatcaacaa gacagaaagt taaaaaggat acccaggaat tcaactcagc tctgcactaa     96720
     gcagacctaa tagacatcta cagaactctc caccccaagt caacagaata tacttttttt     96780
     tcagcaccac accacaccta ttccaaaatt gaccacatag ttggaagtaa agctctcctc     96840
     agcaaatgta aaagaacaga aattataaca aactgtctct cagaccacag tgcaatcaaa     96900
     ctagaaatca tgattaagaa actcactcga aaccgctcaa ctacatggaa actgaacaac     96960
     ctgctcctga atgactactg gatacataac gaaatgaagg cagaaataaa gatgttcttt     97020
     gaaaccaaca agaacaaaga cacaacatac cagaatctct gggacacatt caaagcactg     97080
     tgtagaggga aatttatagc actaaatgcc cacaagagaa agcaggaaag atgcaaaatt     97140
     gacaccctaa catcacaatt aaaataacta gaaaagcaag agcaaacaca ttcgaaagct     97200
     atcagaaggc aagaaataac taaaatcaga gcagaactga aggaaataga gacagaaaat     97260
     cccttcaaga aataacacag atttcaaact gaattgattt tatgaatgct gattgcctgt     97320
     actcaactgg ttttctgcat aactcattta tatttattat actttagagt tttctactcc     97380
     agggcccaga aattcaaatc agttttatta tcaaaataca atggaatatt tacagttttc     97440
     aaatgggaaa aaagtaactc agtacttaag attgattttt caatatttca ttttttatgt     97500
     gtgtatacct gtgcaaacat ctatgcagat gaatcgcttt gtaattttga taaacagagt     97560
     ttgtacattg gcttgccata aagcgttttc aattgaagaa atgtagaact ttaatttctg     97620
     aaaacagtct gtgactctgg aaatgtctaa gaactactgc ttcacacata tctatatatc     97680
     tttctttgct gaaggatgag tctctgaaaa tgatattcat gagtgattta cacaaaagaa     97740
     ataaggggtt atttctacat aaaaaagaaa atcaaaccat atattgtata tatatttata     97800
     attttatata tttctttata aaataaaggt attttatgta tttctgtata cagattaaca     97860
     tattttatgt atttctatat acagataaat gtattttatg tatttctaga ttcagataaa     97920
     catattttgt gtatttctat atacagataa acgtatttta tgtatttcta tatacagatg     97980
     aacgtatttt atgcatttct atatacagat aaatgtactt ttttcatttc tatatacaga     98040
     taaacatatt ttatgcattt ctatataaag ataaacgtat tttatatact tatatataaa     98100
     aataaatgta ttttatatac ttatatataa aaataaatgt attttatata cttatatata     98160
     aaaataaata tgttatatat ttatatataa aaataaataa aaatagactg ctagcaagac     98220
     taataaagaa aaaagagaga agaatcaaat agatgcaata aaaaatgata aaggggatat     98280
     catgaccgat cccacagaaa tacaaactac catcagagaa tactacaaac acctctacaa     98340
     aaataaacta gaaaatctag aagaaatgga taaattcctt gacacgtaca ctcccccaag     98400
     actaaaccag gaagaagttg aatctctgaa tagaccaata acaggatctg aagttgtggc     98460
     aataatcaat agcttaccaa ccaaaaagag tccaggacca gatggattca cagccgaatt     98520
     ctacaagagg tacaaggagg aattgatacc attccttctg acactattcc aatcaataga     98580
     aaaagaggga atcctcccta actcatttta tgaggcaagc atcattctga taccaaagct     98640
     gggcagagac acaaccaaaa aagagaattt tagaccaata tccttgatga acactgatgc     98700
     aaaaatcctc aataaaatac tggcaaaacg aatccagcag catatcaaaa agcttatcca     98760
     ccatgatcca gtggggttca tccctgggat gcaaggctgg ttcaatatac acaaatcaat     98820
     aaatgtaatc cagcatataa acagagccaa agacaaaaac cacatgatta tctcaataga     98880
     tgcagaaaag gcctttgaca aaattcaaca acacttcatg ctaaaaactc tcaataaatt     98940
     aggtattgat gggacatatt tcaaaataat aagagctatc tatgacaaac ccacagccaa     99000
     tatcatactg aatgggcaaa aactggaagc attccctttg aaaacttgca caagacaggg     99060
     atgtcctctc tcaccactcc tattcaacat agtgttggaa gttctggcca gggcaattag     99120
     gcaggagaag gaaataaagg ttattcaatt aggaaaagag gaagtcaaat tgtccctgtt     99180
     tgcagacgac atgattgtat atctagaaaa ccccattgtc tcagcccaaa atcttcttaa     99240
     gctgataagc aacttcagca aagtctcagg atacaaaatc aatgtacaaa agtcacaagc     99300
     attcttatac accaacaata gacaaacaga gagccaaatc atgagtgaac tcccattcac     99360
     aattgcttca aagagaataa aatacctagg aatccaactt acaagggatg tgaaggacct     99420
     cttcaaggag aactacaaac cactgctcaa ggaaataaaa gaggatacaa acaaatggaa     99480
     ggacattcca tgctcatgga taggaagaat caatatcgtg aaaatggcca tactgcccaa     99540
     ggtcatttac agattcaatg ccatccccat caagctacca atgccttttt tcacagaatt     99600
     ggaaaaaact actttaaagt tcatatggaa ccaaaagaga gcccacatca ccaagtcaat     99660
     cctaaagaac aaagctggag gcatcacact acctgacttc aaactatgct acaaggctac     99720
     agtagccaaa acagcatggt actggtacca aaacagagat acacatcagt ggaacagaac     99780
     agagccctca gaaattacac cacatatcta caactatctg atctttgaca aacctgagaa     99840
     aaacaaacaa tggggaaagg attccctatt taataaatgg tgctgggaaa actggctagc     99900
     catatgtaga aagctgaaac tggatccctt ccttacacct tatacaaaaa tcaattcaag     99960
     atggattaaa gacttaaatg ttagacctaa aaccataaaa accctagaag aaaacctagg    100020
     caataccatt caggacataa gcatgggcaa ggacttcatg gctaaaacac caaaagcaat    100080
     ggcaacaaaa gacaaaatat gcaaatggga tccaattaaa ctaaagagct tctgtacagc    100140
     aaaagaaact accatcagag tgaacaggca acctacaaaa tgggagaaaa tttttgcaac    100200
     ctactcatct gacaaagggc taatatccag aatctataat gaactccaac aaatttacaa    100260
     gaaaaaaaca aacaacccca tcaaaaagtc ggcaaaggat atgaacagac acttcccaaa    100320
     agaagacatt tatgcagcca aaaaacacat gaaaaaatgc tcatcatcac tggccatcag    100380
     agaaatacaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcaca ccagttagaa tggcgatcat    100440
     taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag aggatgtgga gaaataggaa cacttgtaca    100500
     ctgttggtag gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgtggaag tcaatgtggc gattcctcag    100560
     ggatctagaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc agccatccca ttactgggta tatacccaaa    100620
     ggactataaa tcatgctgct ataaagacag atggacacat atatttattt tggcactatt    100680
     cacaatagca aagacttgga accaagccaa atgtccaaca atgatagact ggattaagaa    100740
     aatgtggcac atatacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaatgatg agttcatgtc    100800
     ctttgtagag acatgggtga aattggaaat catcattctc agtaaactat cacaagaaca    100860
     aaaaacaaac atcgcatatt ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag atcacatgga    100920
     cacaggaagg ggaacatcac actctgggga ctgttgtggg gtgtggggag gggggaggga    100980
     tagcattggg agatatatct aatgctagat gacgagttag tgggtgcagc gcaccagcat    101040
     ggcacatgta tacatatgta actaacctgc acaatgtgca catgtaccct aaaacttaaa    101100
     atataataaa aggaaaatat atatatatat aacgtattta tatataaaaa taaatatatt    101160
     atatatttat ataaaaataa atatatattt atatataaat ataaaataaa tatattatat    101220
     atttgtataa aaataaatat attatatatt tatatataaa aacaaatata taatatattt    101280
     atatataaaa acaaatatat aatatattta tatataaaaa caaatatata atatatttat    101340
     gtataaaaat aaatatatat ttatgtataa aaataaatat attatatatt tatatatgaa    101400
     aataaatata ttatatattt atatatgaaa ataaatatat tatatattta tatatgaaaa    101460
     taaatatata tttatatatg aaaataaata tatttatatt tatatatgaa aataaatata    101520
     tttatattta tatatgaaaa taaatatatt atatatttat atatgaaaat aaatatattt    101580
     catgtattca tatatgaaaa taaatatatt tcatgtattc atatatgaaa ataaatatat    101640
     ttcatgtatt catatatgaa aataaatata tttcatgtat tcatatatga aaatatatat    101700
     atttcatgta tttatgtatg aaaatatata tatttcatgt atttatatat agaaataaat    101760
     atatttcatg tatttatata taatataaac atattatata tatagataga tattgatata    101820
     gatatatctg gtgtggtgat ttccacctct aatcccaggt actcgggaga ctgaggcagg    101880
     agaatcactg aaaactggca ggtggaagct gcagtgagcc aaggtcacga ctttgcactc    101940
     aagcctgtgg gatatggcaa gagtccatct caataaataa taaatccatt tttaaacttt    102000
     tattatctac taatcaacct tcaaatatat atcatttaat tttgagttta gtaaccagat    102060
     ttttaattaa tgggagatgt tttttaaagt tgaaattgca gtgtttgctc cattttaaga    102120
     aacacagctt catgattatt ttgtctccat tggtcttgag ggtgaggttc aataatattc    102180
     tgccgtggat aagaatgtgc atattctaac ctgtaacact gcctggcaat tggcatatat    102240
     ctacattttt tgtagatata taaaaatatt ttttcatatt atttaatatg gaattcttaa    102300
     agattattaa tatttagcat agtctaacct gaaaattagt gtttcataag ggaattgtaa    102360
     gaattcaata ttatgttaac aaattttaga gataatatat tttcctgatg tgtcaccttt    102420
     tgatattgta aatatctgag tttctttgaa tggaatttag tttatcttta tgatatgctt    102480
     tgaaaatttt tcctcataag agaatgatat aaacagtcat ttatcatttt tctttcaatg    102540
     tttttatata tattatactt agatatttta ctgatagttt tctgctccct gttcactccc    102600
     cactttttcc acatctctct ctcacgcaaa catattatga ttcttgtgtt tctttctaga    102660
     ttttctaaat ggacttttat tgcttgaatt gtacttattt catataaaaa tgttaatttt    102720
     attagtttag acaaatgtga atttgtaaga ttataatatg tagaaaatct ttataaacaa    102780
     ctaaaactta gctatttaag aaacagtgat gttagtcaac taaaaagatt ttgtttgaaa    102840
     tacagatgat ggtggataaa ctcttgatct caacatgagt tcttctaggg ggcacattcc    102900
     agttaaaagc ggtccacctt caagaagtgg aggtcctcct cctacaaaat ctgctcctgc    102960
     tgtggcaaga agcagtagtt ggatgggagg ccaaggtaag tgctaccaga gagaaagaca    103020
     gtatttttcg tatgactaaa aataagctat tttacttgaa tgcttaactt taacttcatc    103080
     gaacgaaaga ggagtgacac atacatgggc ataattcaga ctgatacctt ttattatggt    103140
     ttatatatca ctaactacat ttcagattta tggtaaagaa atacttgagc ttctcattgc    103200
     aggtgaaata agttattaga gtgaggccaa cattactttt aatcctgtgt ttgctagaga    103260
     attcccctta ataattctaa cagttcctag cagtattctt tgattgtagt cttcttcatc    103320
     taatgaattc ttccatttcc taggtcccct ggtagtggtt ccctggtgtc ccattctaaa    103380
     aattgcttgt tcagttcctt tgttgggttg gagtcttgct cttatgaggt cagagtgcat    103440
     aggtgagatg atggcttact acagccttaa actcctgggc tcaggcaatt ctcctgtttc    103500
     attttcctga gttgctgcaa ctatagccat gcaccaccat atctagctaa gttttttccc    103560
     ctatattttt gtagagagag gatctcacca cattgacaaa actgacatta aagcccgggg    103620
     ctcaagcagt ccaggtgcct cacccttcca cactggccca cagtgttagc cagttagcct    103680
     ggccatctag gttttgagac ctcaataatt ctaatccgtg aggcattttt cctgcttata    103740
     taaagattga aaagaactgc aagaatattt agcagaaaaa gattcactga gcttaaacat    103800
     tatttaaaaa ataatttaag gcttgtaagt tagacatgaa ggagtccaat attcttaaat    103860
     taagtggata tcacagaagt gtagagttat gaaatataag gggatgtaaa tcaataatta    103920
     agattgtacc tggatgttta aacattaaca caagacctta gtgtaagatt tgaaattatt    103980
     tgaggtgaga atttagaact aagcaacaag agttgaacag taggatcgaa tagaagtaat    104040
     atttttgaga aggagaattg taagattgca gactgaacag aagaaaacaa gacaataaat    104100
     aaaaattctt agggacgacg tttagcagaa caaaataaaa ttcttacttt gtcctccatc    104160
     ctaagatgga ggaaaatgaa aactgccatt tttaatttta catttcatgt gtagagtatc    104220
     agtgaagtta gttatttatt gtcttcagga tacacaagcc aacacatttc cataggaaaa    104280
     ttagccagtg aacatattat aagtgaaaga cagacctcta aggagtagca cgtgaagagt    104340
     atattaaagg agaacctttt ctattttgaa ataacaacaa tgtgataatg accccttgaa    104400
     cactattgct tattgcagta taagaaaatc ttggtcatca ttagaaaatc ttcactagta    104460
     tattttaatt tgccaacatt taagatagag ccaaccactt agagataaag gagaactttt    104520
     aggtaaaagt ttagcatgca gtcattcaaa ggtggcagta tttgtgtgtg tgagatggac    104580
     tgaacaacat gggaaaattt accttcttca gctgagaaag gacaatgtat gtaaacttta    104640
     aaatcagtgg agagtttgat ggttttacat tttccatgtg tcattagtat tcattagtaa    104700
     ttctataaaa aggaaaataa taactaagta gttattaaac attaaaatga acttttacaa    104760
     aagaattaac atctgccttc agctttgtta gaagaactgg ccttgcagga gccatggggt    104820
     tatccaaggc cataagaaat attcacagtg tcatgatttt ctagtaattt agggaaaaaa    104880
     agaatggaga cgtagatgaa ataattttaa aaagttgttt gagagaagag aaaataatgt    104940
     ttcagatttc gtgttcttta cattatgttc catcatttta atattaaatg taatggaaga    105000
     gagaattatg gagttcctcc acagagacag tcagtctttt cctggagaaa tgaccatgtg    105060
     tcatcaaaag atgttggtta tgcaactaag gataggtaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa    105120
     aatagttaat ttttttttgt tgtggtgatg aaattcactt aacaaaatta aatattataa    105180
     ggtaaacagt taagcggagt tagatacctt ctgtgtagtg cagcaactac ctccatcgag    105240
     ttccaaaaca ttttcatgac tccaaactaa aattccaact actagttaag cagtccttca    105300
     ttttctccct tccctcagct gctagcaaac accaatctgt gttctgcctg tgcacatacc    105360
     tgttgtgggc atttaatgtt aatggggtca aacactacat gactttttta ctgtctgttt    105420
     tcctttttca tgatgtccag aaggttcaca tatgtcatag cacttcattt cttccacaag    105480
     ctgttaaccg atcattttat ttgagttgtt tccaccccag tatttctatg aaccaatatt    105540
     tgtttgggca cacttaatca attctgggta tatatagaag tggaattgct tggccctatg    105600
     ataattatgt gtgtgttctt gaggaaccac cacatttctc tatagagctg catcattttc    105660
     cattccagct agcactgtat cagggttcca gtttatctac atcctctcaa ttgaaatgca    105720
     ttttctgaat cattgattat gagtgtctgt tccatgtgct ttttgggcat ttgtctattt    105780
     tatttggaga aatatccatt tagatgtttg gccttttaat tttgtttaag ttgtaagtta    105840
     gttatgtttt ggataccaga agttgaaaat ttaaaatttg ttgcatacac ttatgcacac    105900
     agtaatcatc caggttcctc agaatctagg gattatgctc caccatctag agactatgca    105960
     taccgtgatt atggtcattc tagtcaggat gaacattcct ctacaggaaa taggtactat    106020
     aataatactt tctgcatttg ccaaatagag ttcttgaatt gttcattcca actaacattg    106080
     catcaatgta tcaatttatc tacattttct caaacactta ctatttcctg ctttttaaaa    106140
     tttattgcct ttccagtgtg tacgtgaatt atggtatctc attttggatt tgaaatgtat    106200
     ttctgaatca cagattatga gtatctgttt catgcgattt tgagacattt ggctatttta    106260
     tttggagaaa tatctattta gctgtttggc cctttaattt tgtttaagtt gtaatttagg    106320
     tattatgtat gctgtaattt agttatgatg gatattttgg acactagaat ttgaaaattt    106380
     aaaatttatt gcttaaactt atgcacacag aaatcatcca agttcccaag aaatgaggga    106440
     ttatgctcta acacctagag gctatgcata ccattattac agtcgtttga gtcaggatga    106500
     acattccttt agaggatata ggtactatat aagtactata taggtactat aatgttttgt    106560
     ggatttataa aacagatttc ttaaattgtt cattctgaca aaagaaacct tttttttttt    106620
     tttcaattta gtgatcttga tggctgctgt gaggtagaga acattctgaa tgtccaagtg    106680
     gaagttctta cagagatgca tttcagagtt atggtatgag tccaggttgg atttttaaat    106740
     tatagaatta tattaaatag accagatcat tattttaaag aaaactaagg aaattataaa    106800
     ggacaaatat aacatgttta aatattgagt attcttaaca gcataaagtg tagggaatga    106860
     tataaaggtg agaatttcat ttcacgttca gttaaatgtg attcaacgtt tactttagaa    106920
     ttaaatttgt taagcttcaa aatactactc ttacacttct tttaaaaaaa accttctgac    106980
     tattgcaggc ataattaata tctgtaaatg aaggcggagg aaagcagata tttccaagta    107040
     gtagtttaac taattaatac tttagtgata gcactaaaaa tgtttaaatg tagtccaaca    107100
     tattatttta tcaaccctgc agggacctct gatggtgcac cacctgtcca agggcctcag    107160
     atgccttatg gtggaagaag ccaccatgat tataacaatt tatgagatag atatggcaga    107220
     acttgggaga gttacctaag aagctgcagt aatttttatt cctgcggttg tgagcacagt    107280
     ggcagaaaag acggaaggaa tccattttct ctggacaggg tgcacactgc tccttgtgaa    107340
     gcctatggta gctcaagtta tgtgacatct ataggagatg gtggcagaag ccgatctgaa    107400
     aaaggagact gaagtagata ttaaagcaag tattcaaaat aatagttatt gcatactaaa    107460
     ccttgtttgc aaatcgaaca ttgaaatttt atttctgcct tgttacatgt gtcttactaa    107520
     aagaaacttg tttttgtgga gagaggtaga aatgcagaaa ctaacttact ccatgaattt    107580
     tttgagctat ttaaaggaaa atgaattttt ttcaaagtaa tttcatactt gttactgtta    107640
     gttataatat ctggaataaa attttcataa tcaattttta catgtaatgc aaaatgcctg    107700
     atgttactgc ttagctacac atgcttaaaa gcaaattaaa tagaagagta aattgcgttg    107760
     tgaacacttt gtttctttga acataaatag atacaaaatc aggcatatat tatgtctccc    107820
     tttcaagttg cataagtttt ctaattaggc tgtgtttctc tttaaaaaat tacaagatta    107880
     aaacattagc gaaatctcca gaaacactac aaaactgttt gcctcaccat acaatgttta    107940
     tcttatagag taatagtaca ggtcaaagga aataattaga tgtggttgat actaaagttt    108000
     aagacatctg gaacaatcta cttgaagcat tctgtgactg aagggggata ttggcttgca    108060
     gatcacttta ggtcgggagt tcaagacaag cctagccaac accatgaaac cccatctgta    108120
     ccaaaaatac aaaaattaac cgggcatggt ggcccatgcc tgtattatgt tacagttaat    108180
     tgggaggctc agacaagaga atcgtttgaa catgggagcc tcagactgca gtgagccgat    108240
     attgcaccat gcactctagc ctgggtaatg gagtgagaca ccaactaaaa ataattatat    108300
     aaatcaacaa atacataagt aataatgtat ccatcagttc aactagttat ttcttttttt    108360
     tcttttttag agacagagtc tcactatgtt gtccagtctg gactgcagtg tcaccatcat    108420
     agctcactgc agccttggac tcctgggttc aaatgtgcaa accttccatt tcagcctccc    108480
     aagtagctgg aattacagac acacaccacc atccccagct cttgtgtttg tgcatgtatg    108540
     gtagggacaa tgtttcgtat atattgttca cgctggtctc aaaattccag gcctaagtga    108600
     tccgccttcc ttggcctccc aaagtgttgt gattgtagct gtgagccact gagtctggca    108660
     tatcatttgt cagtataagt gacattccac cttcactctt ttaattcttt tgagatatac    108720
     aataaaccat tattaagtgt agtcatcctg ggctaccgaa cactggatcg tattccttct    108780
     aagcaactgt catttaaccc acccccaacc cttctatgat accttcctta ccagtataca    108840
     ttgcttgtat caaatatcat ataatatcac atgatatcac caaaagtatc tacaaacgtt    108900
     acatacaatt ttttaaaata agtaaaagaa ataatagaaa gggtatctcc attaaggtga    108960
     taaaatggga ggctctaatt tgtccctgca tccacaaatg caacaaataa aatgcctcac    109020
     ccacatcaat tccctgtgag ataaacacag aaagtatttg agatactctt gcacacatac    109080
     gattatgaaa atactcactt aaaaagaggt aataaaaact gaatcataaa ttttttctag    109140
     agtttatgtc tgacacagtg ccctagaatg aatagagaac tattatttca cagcttctct    109200
     cagatgaccg aagtattaaa tcacatatgt agcaccccac ctgttaaatg ctacagctgc    109260
     ttctccacaa aatgatacct agcttgccta tctctggatt ctaacacaga cttgcattca    109320
     taattctcct aggacctcca agataaaaga cggatttaag taaacattca agcacttctg    109380
     aaactgtttc ctcctggctt actggatctc acacactcaa gaaagctcag ttcccacttt    109440
     gtacctcgaa gaacgtagat tgtgcatcta atgccttgac tttttttttt ctttattctt    109500
     ttgaggcgga gtcccgctct gttgcccaga ctggagtgta atggcatgat ctcggctcac    109560
     tacaacctct gcctcctggt tcaagtgatt cttctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga    109620
     ttacaggcat ccaccatcac actttgctaa ttttcgtagt tttaatagag acggggcttc    109680
     aaaatgttgg ccaggctggt cttgaacttc tgacctcagg tgatcaaccc acctcagcct    109740
     ctcaaagtgc tgggagtgca ggaatgagcc actgtgccca gccttttctt cagcctttaa    109800
     tatcatccat ctttgaaaac attagcaatt aaaatattat tattattatt attattatta    109860
     tttgagatgg aatctcactt ttgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggcacc ttctcagctc    109920
     actgcaacct tcacctcctg ggttcaaaca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgaatagctg    109980
     ggattacagg catgcaccac catgccttgc taattttgtg tttttagtag agaccaggtt    110040
     tctccatttt cctgattata caccctaaag aaatgaaata catgaagttc cagaagtttt    110100
     acagttcata attcttacaa ttaacagact aatcttcagg gaaaaagtat tttattggta    110160
     aaattctggc aagatcatca atttttacag ggtaagtgtg caaataattt tcaagggaga    110220
     aattaccaac ttttgttttc aagtgattta ttcatgatat gaagttttgt tttcattcac    110280
     ttataatgta gcattgtgag gatgaagtga aaggataaaa ctccctagtc ttgtatatgt    110340
     tattgtctag gtgtgatggc tcagttcttt aattccagct ctttaggacg ccaagtcttg    110400
     cagatcacat taggtcagga gttcaagacc agcctggcca aaaccctgaa gccccatctc    110460
     taccaaaaat acaacaatta gctgggcttg gtggcccatg ctagtagtat gttaactagt    110520
     agtagttaat tgggagactc aggaaggata atttttttgt ctctgtgagc ctgaggctga    110580
     agtgagctga tattgcacca tgcactctag tctgggtgac agagtgggac tccaagtcac    110640
     aaataattat ataaatcaat aaatatataa ataataaata gtgtatcctt cagttcaagc    110700
     acttatcatt ttttttcttt ttagacacaa ggttacactg ttgtccagcc tggactgcag    110760
     cagcaccatt gtaactcact gcagccttga actcctgggt tcaaatgtgt gagccttcca    110820
     tttcagcctc tcaagtagaa agaattacag acacacacca ctgtgcccca cttttgtgtg    110880
     tgtgtgtggc aaggacaatg cttcagatat attgttcagg gtggtctcaa actcccaggc    110940
     ttaagtgtcc tccttccttg acctcccaaa gtgttgcaat tatagccctg aaacactgag    111000
     tttggcatat tgtttccaga gttggttcct tctggtaggt tctcggtctt tctgacttca    111060
     agaatgaagc cgtggacctt cacatagagt gttacagctc ttaaagatag tgtgtccaga    111120
     gttcattcgt tcagatgttc agatatgtcc agagtttctt ccttctccca ggggacctcc    111180
     tggtctccct gacttcaaga atgaagctgc agaccttcat ggctggtatt gaatctccta    111240
     aagttggtgc agacccagag cgagcagcag caagatttat tgacaaagct tccacagcat    111300
     ggaaggggac ctgcatggat tgccactgct gggtgggttg gcgagcttta ttcccttatc    111360
     tggccccacc cacatcctgc tgattgatcc attttacaat gtgctgattg gtccatttta    111420
     cagagcgttg attgttgtgt ttaaaatcat ttagctagac acagagcaat aattgatgct    111480
     tttttacaga gtgctggtga atttacattc cttttgctag acacagagtg cagattggtg    111540
     catttacaat catttagcta gacagaaaag tcctccctgt ccccactcaa cccatgaagt    111600
     ctagctgtct tcacatctca atgctctaac tgctgttggg aattgggtga tgaccaccct    111660
     agctacttac tgctggatag aggtaaagaa ggggtctctg gtggtagtgt cctccagagg    111720
     ggaatattct aggccagcca aagggccagt gggttgatcc aggttccttg gtagaagtta    111780
     ttagttgagc tcattggggt tccatttgta agatcaactg tagcttgatg gcctcaatcc    111840
     tagaggaaac aaatttggca gggtggttaa aaatacagga cctgaaggaa agtaatagca    111900
     agatggctgt catgggacct ggaaagagga gaagtcatat ggctcaactc cagaggttgg    111960
     tataagagtt tgaaaggcat tgtctggttt cagtagcctt ttcctttaaa tgctgggtgg    112020
     cattgcatac tatcccagac tggttagtgt aaaagaaaca ctcttccctt aagaaggttt    112080
     agagccctcc tttctcagca gtgagggagt ctaggcctca gtggttctgg agagccactg    112140
     ctgccaaaaa gtctatttgg gattgtagag aaaggataga ttttgttatt tttcacaaac    112200
     tgtctgagaa atcctttgag agtgtgtggt agtaggataa tacatgttac actgttaact    112260
     tttagcaaac tttacttttg ttgaaaacct tctaagtttg ggatttcaag tattctttgc    112320
     tattaataag acctcgttca gtccctattc acttagaaat ggtatagatg gctccttcgt    112380
     gattctgtaa gtacattaag gtttggctga gggcaaacgg ctcgcacatt taagcagaca    112440
     aattattagg caattttcct aactgcttct acaacagttc ccttatcatt tactgaatac    112500
     ccattgcgtc tttttccctt aataacctgg gaggaaccat ctatcatcct gtcctgaagg    112560
     aaattcctcc taggtcttgt tggacctttg tatggtaatt agttaagact ttgatcctta    112620
     gatccccgtt aggaatcctg ctgagttaaa attttttgat aggaggtcta ggggttctca    112680
     gtggcctcag tgctttcaga ctatgccctt gtttacaatg acaacaaggt ggtattgggg    112740
     tgttagaggt cattgagaaa accttaaatt atcaattatg gttattaaat ttaccctggc    112800
     ttttaaagga ataggataca ctgctttttc tttactactt caatctcttt ctctctcttt    112860
     gactccttct ttgtctgtct cttcctctct ctctttcctt ctgtctttga ccttgtctct    112920
     ttctttcttt ttctttttct ctgaccccct ctttgtctgt ctcttcctct ctttctctct    112980
     cactctctct gaatttctgt ctcttcttct gtttctctct ttctctctct tctctctctg    113040
     ctggtctttt cctgcctctg ccagccactt atgctgctgc tctcccctct ccttcccctt    113100
     atgatggctt cggcagtgga acactgccac cacattgggt tttgcagagt gtgcaataac    113160
     tccatggttt ccttgtgata tttaatgggg cttccccccg aggttatgaa ctcattttct    113220
     ttccatattg caggatgggc atgtaggagt agataagcat acttactatc aatacacaca    113280
     tttattcttc ttccgtttcc ccattgtcag gcttgggtaa gtgccattag ttctgctaac    113340
     tgggcgctgg tccctggggg aagaggctta ctttcaagtg cccttacacc actaaatatg    113400
     gcatagcctg cccttcatat accattctac acaaatgaac tttcactggt atataggtta    113460
     aggtcaggat taactaagga gctttctaag agaggctttc gggcagcata aatttggact    113520
     ataatttgtt ggcagtcatg cttgactagt gtttcccatc ctctaggaga aaaatggcag    113580
     ggttgagggc tacatatgtg catatttgaa acacctgtcg ctcaaggagt agtgtctggt    113640
     atctaagcag gctgttgtct gatagccata aacttccttt ggcacctact atgcccttta    113700
     catcatgagt agtccagaga gtgagatcat ttcctcatat tattttgaca gcctcttaca    113760
     ctaagatggt cactgccaca actaatagta aacagtgagg ctggcctttt tctagtacat    113820
     caatttcctt acttaggtat accacaggtt gtggggttgt cccatgagtc tgagtaagga    113880
     ctccaagagc tattcctact ctctctctgg catataaata aaagttttgt cctctcagaa    113940
     ggcttaaggc tggagcttga gtttatttct tccagtgccc agacttcaag gttgactccc    114000
     tcctccagca ggggataaca aatgggtaac ttgttcccta tgttcacgta gataatagct    114060
     ccagctttgg ctaatatgtc cctccctaat aaggtattgg atgttcaggc ataagaagaa    114120
     aggcatgtga aaagagcaaa gtctcccagt tacaactgag aaggtgggag aaacacttgg    114180
     ttacaggcca aaccaggatt cctcagatag taacagccct tgaggacagc tgtccaggac    114240
     aggagattaa cactgagaag gccacaccag tgtcctggag gaagtcaatt tcctggccct    114300
     caatggttaa atgtacctgg ggctcagtga gggtaatgac atgagctggc acttgaccca    114360
     gacaccctca ggcctgttgt tggataatct ggttgggggc ttctggccta gagaaacttt    114420
     gtcctctggg gcagagagcc ttccagtgat tgcctcggta gagtggacat gggccagggg    114480
     acagcttgtt tcttgttgga caaacttttt taaggtgtcc ttgcaaacca cactggtaag    114540
     aaaccctacc tggtaattgg cctgctccat tttatgtccg gtctgaacca ccaaggtttg    114600
     tttgtctgag ggccatgaat aaggctgcaa cctttctctg atctcacttt tccattttgg    114660
     ccaggtcttc ttggtagcta ttagagaaca ctgaggttgc caggtttact aatgcctcca    114720
     gattttgttc agggtccagc gctgactttt ggagctttct cttgatatct tcagctgatt    114780
     gggtaataaa cttatctttc agagtcaatt gaccctcaag ggaatcaggt gacagaggag    114840
     tagatttcct taaggccttc catagccact cgaggaaggc agaaggattt tcttcctttc    114900
     ccagagttag gatggacatc attgcatagt tcaggagcat tttcctaatt ctcctcagtc    114960
     cttctagaac acaggtcagc agatgtttgt gactccagtc ccaataatct gagttgagtt    115020
     tccagtgggg atccatatgg gggatgactt gctgactggt agggaatttg tccctttctt    115080
     cagctgtcat tctatcattt acttgactaa gataccaggt atctccaaac tcttgggctg    115140
     cagctaaagc cacattattt tcattaaagt ccaggatttg atctaacatt agcataacat    115200
     ctctccaagt gaggtgaaag gtttgcccta gaccctataa gatatctatg tacctatcag    115260
     gatcatctga aaacttccct gtgtctgcct tggtctgctt caaatcaggg agagagaagg    115320
     ggacatgtac ccaggttggg caaaattccc ctccccctac atcttgaagg ggacataatc    115380
     aatagcccgg agtttttttg tggtcctctg tagatttctt tgcttgtttc cttctgcagg    115440
     gggaagatta gaggtggctt atcagtaata gaaaggggag ctatacagag gctaggatat    115500
     aggggtaagc taaaaggtac tcctgtggga tgtaaatggc aagctttgca aagctgtgga    115560
     ttctccttca atgaaaataa aacttggaca tcaggtattt cattccactt gccttctctc    115620
     ttatagaaaa ggtcaaactg caagatagta ttttaatttt tacttccctc agttggccat    115680
     ttttccccat tggagagaat attgaggcct ggtaatagtg aagaaaaaaa tgagccacct    115740
     ctttgtcaag gatttgtgga tcaaattggt cccgatggct taggatgcac tgcaatggtg    115800
     agcctgttga tgtctgagtg tttcccatct gaaagacaaa acttcccaca attttggttt    115860
     gtttgtttct tcccctgccc aagaactgca atggtccctg aaccctgctg attggcatag    115920
     ttgcgctcac tgacccagca gcagaaacac tagttttcct ccaagaccac aaagaagatt    115980
     gaggaaggtc agatttagtg tcccttactg atgtattctc aataatctgc accctttcct    116040
     gtcctcctag accacaaaga ggaccaagaa aaatcggatt tagtggcact tactgatgca    116100
     ttcttgaaaa actgttagag tcctaagcat tctcccatta gtattgggac tatgcccctg    116160
     tcctataaag atattacacc tcaaaaatga agtggagggc cataccctga gagagggaaa    116220
     tgttatccag ggttggaaga gtgatgcctt ttgtcctcac ttgaatagga aggataccat    116280
     ttctgaagct ccccataccc tagcttcagg agtagctttt gttaggcctg ctagtctaaa    116340
     gagagatcct aaaattctag ataagatgtt cccccagtcc cccagtgggg ctttgggcta    116400
     aaattatatc tttctgattg gtaagcccgg gtgcctaaag aagggaatag agtcctggag    116460
     tttatactag aaatcattct tagcagagaa actagaaaag caccagagac agggagtggt    116520
     tttcagaagc agggctagcc tcagagaaga gacaagagga agtttgtctg acaggtatta    116580
     ggacccagga agcaaaggtc agatgtcagg atagatagga tagatgggcg agtctcactt    116640
     gtgcaacgtg actttgagag tactactcat ggctgcagca ttaaccaact tgttattggg    116700
     actttggagc tgaatggctt tcctctctgt tgacccccag ctcagcccag aggtataggg    116760
     aaagcagaag ctggttgcag gcaaaccaat gctcccaaat ctgaagagtt ggggcttgtt    116820
     agacagcact tccccagaaa gcatgacacc catgtcttta gtccagcggc catgctagtc    116880
     acttttaact ggcttacagg tggctggttt tttagcccca gaattctgag gaaaaatagg    116940
     acagaatagc aagtgaaagg tgtctgatgg tactcactgc ttggtgatag gtgatagtcc    117000
     cttcatggtt gccataatgt gtctggaatt tattccttct agtgggttct tggtcttgct    117060
     gacttcaaga atgaagccgc gtaccttcac agtgagtttc gcagctctta aagtggcata    117120
     tccagagttt gttccttcag atgttcagat gtgcctagac tttcttcctt ccagtggtct    117180
     tgtggtctca atgacttcaa gaatgaagct gcagaccttc acagtgagtg ttacagctct    117240
     taaaggtggt gtggacccaa acaatgagca gcagcaagat ttattgtgaa gagcaaaaga    117300
     acaaaacttc cagagcttag aaggggaccc aagaaggtgg ctgatgctgg gtgaggtggc    117360
     tagcttttat tcccttattt ggatccatgc acgacctgct gattgactca ttttacagag    117420
     tgctgattgg tccattttac agagtgctta ttgttccatt ttagagagtg ctgattggtg    117480
     catttacaat cctttagcta gacacagagt gctgattggt gcatttttag agtgatgact    117540
     ggtgtgttta caatccttta gctagaggga aaagttctcc aagtcctcac ttgacccagg    117600
     aagtccaggt ggcttcacct gtcactagga cctccaagaa aaaatgggga tttaaataga    117660
     cattcaagca cttctgaaat ggtttccccc tggcttaagg gatctcaagt agtcaaaaat    117720
     ctcagctccc actttgtacc tcaaataact tagattgtac atctaatggc ttgactcttt    117780
     ttttgttttt tcatttcttt tgagacagag tattactctg tcacctgggc tgaagtgcaa    117840
     tggcatgatc ttggctcatt gcaacccctg cctcctgtga ttcccctgcc tcagccttcc    117900
     gagtagctgg aaatacaggt gaccaccact atgacaggct aatttttgta ttttttagtg    117960
     aagaaaaagt ttcaccatgt tggtcacgct ggtctcaaat tcctgacctc aggtgatccc    118020
     cctccttggc ctcccaaagt tctaggatta cagacatggg ccaccacatc cagtcatgtc    118080
     ctcactttta tagcttctgc ccaggtatct tgcttctaat cctcctgact tttggatctg    118140
     tcaaggtcct ctgagagcag gcacataggc atttcccatc agtcttcatc gtcactcact    118200
     ctagcaatat actgagcttc taaattttcc ttccaagaag tcaaactacc caactatttc    118260
     cctgacttct cagcttgatg cctaagagtt ttaatactaa cttgccaatc tctggaagct    118320
     aatgaagccc agcatcttgt agccccaggg ttttgaagag gaaaaatgat tttttttacc    118380
     ataactctgc atgactatta aactggctta tttttgtagt ttaaatattt ttccctccaa    118440
     gcctcaggtt gaaatgtggt tgtccacact ataaatgaca cctagtgtgg ggctggatcc    118500
     ctcataaatg gcttggcacc ctcaccatgg ttaataagtg agttttccac tctattagtt    118560
     cccacaatgg aatttacatc caaataggtt gttcaaaaga gcctgatact gtctcccatt    118620
     ctctctcttg ctctctccac atgtggcatg cctgttttcc tttaccttct gtcctgagtg    118680
     gaagcctcat gagactctca ccagatgcag atgctgagac cacacatctt ttacagcctc    118740
     cagaaccagg agccaatgaa agcttttttc tttataaatg ttccagtctc attcttttat    118800
     aggaacacaa acagaataag ccatgtatct ctggctgata atgtgcctat atcagtaagc    118860
     agtggagctc agcattcact gtttcctttg ttccacagag gaaaaaaaaa gtggttttcg    118920
     gtggtcccgt gaaattgtcc ttaaatccaa cccttggctt actctagctt tcaggttctc    118980
     catggaagca ccacaacatt ttaaactcct cccttaggac cagtattttt tttttttgag    119040
     attgagtctc actctgtcac ccatgttgga gggaagtggc atgatctcag ctcactttga    119100
     cctccatctg ctgggttcaa gatatattcc tgcctcaacc ttccaagtag ctgggactac    119160
     aggcacatgc caccaggcct ggctgatttt tttctttttt ggtatgttta atagagagga    119220
     gatttcacca ttttagccag gatggtctca acctcctgaa cttgtgatat gcccacctca    119280
     tcctcccaaa gtgctggagt tacaggtgtg agccactgtg atcagcatag accattcttt    119340
     taacttgcct gtttctggga tctgaagtga cagagtaggc attctgtgat tctgctaatt    119400
     cctaccctct ccacaaaaac aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa actcagctca caaatatcct    119460
     tagataagga caccttagtg aatgattcta taacttggga ttgaatctat gacacctttt    119520
     ttgactgtag aacatagaat agccatacac ataggataaa agaacagttt taatttgaag    119580
     ttttttttct ccccaagcca gcacagtgtt gcatatgaaa aacatttccc tggactcaca    119640
     gtttcttcag attggagaga gttgaaagtg cacattcagg cttttctttt ccattttgca    119700
     attcttcaca tgatgttctc tctagtctta cccagtgggt aacatcgagg gtatcagaca    119760
     actggggtca ggtagaaaca aactacatgg atggggctca cattgaccat gaaagtaatc    119820
     ttactggtgg ctttgcattc cagccagcag aggagaacca ccagagaaac taggcaacaa    119880
     catcattctg cagcaaccaa ccgtggttga ttggtctgcc aggctcaaat cattggccaa    119940
     ctgccaaatc ccaccctggc tttctctgca gaacttccca ggctgtgaca aagaggcagc    120000
     ttggtaatta cccacagaat gttcatgtga ccccacccaa tctaggctat catacttttg    120060
     accatcttag ccctgtgtgc tccacccatc cccaggctga atatcagagg cagtttaggc    120120
     agtttagtgg ttaaggatga agttgctggc tctaactgga cccagagggc aagtagctta    120180
     tataataagc cttgttacct ctggaaggat gttcacttct gatatatcta atggaaatca    120240
     ctggggtgtt agaatctcta gagcacatga ttttattgag aaaccgagaa tcccagtctc    120300
     agttccagct cctccctctg ctgctcagaa acaactacca tgctggggaa cttgcctgtc    120360
     tgagccaatg aatgtagtct atccaggctc tctccagcag aaaatggatc tagactctcc    120420
     agcctttgtt ccctattggg agaacccact ctcagctctg gttcttccct atgtcaggga    120480
     attataagct ctttgagaaa ctttctgggc aaatgcaact ttcttagccc agaccaggtt    120540
     ctaaatgatc tgttcaacag caatgtcaag ggagctgatt ttcagcccca gagcctcctg    120600
     ctgcaggcag aaaactagcc catttgtgca gagaccttcc agtaatcatc acagccaaaa    120660
     ttacagccat gccattctct gttccacaac agaatcaaag tgaacccggt ctcagctcca    120720
     gcctgtccaa tttcaatttc tgaaattgaa tcattactaa taaataacct accagccaaa    120780
     aaaaaaaaag ccaagaaact gacagattca ggatgcattc taccatatat acaaagagct    120840
     gcatcatatt ccactgtgtg ggtgatccta gattgttcaa ctggttgtga atgtatgctt    120900
     atacacacac acaaaacgca cacaactagg tttcatgttc tgtcaaaaag cagcaatgga    120960
     aatgccatgc tggtctctgg tattatctga aggctcattg ggaaggaccc attcctttgt    121020
     ttgcattaca tttttgccag gagccttgtc cacaatggca gtttttcagt ggtttcttac    121080
     agctctgtag ataacctgca attatgttta tttacatgct ttacaatatc ttcgttagtc    121140
     tttatctcta aacttgaggc tgggtacaat ggctaaagtc tataatttca gtactttagg    121200
     aagttgatgt tggaggatcc tctgagccca aaagtgttag actacagtga tgtataattc    121260
     agactgttga cagagcaaga ccctcactct aagtaaataa ataataaaaa tacaactgat    121320
     agtagtattt ttgttttacc atttggaaat acaaatttcc ttgatcaaat acatgaatat    121380
     ttgatagcca ctaacacaac acatttgctt gtgcatggga gccgatgcag gaaagcagag    121440
     ggattggatg ctcttttctt cttaatgcct gaacgcgggt actatggtga taagtggtga    121500
     gtttggaaca ggaaggcttt ctgccagagc catcaaagct atgggaataa aactctccac    121560
     aagtcaggaa acaaaacaat cattactggt aatagtaaat ggaaaatctt ttgcagattt    121620
     gattgcactt ttaatttaat atggactagg cagcataata cagactaccc tgcccctaat    121680
     agtgtgcaat ttgatgacaa atgtcaattg tgtttggttg ttggaaacta ggtttcagct    121740
     cttccaagaa gcttagttac atgagtaatt ttgacaatac tcatagttac ttgagtattg    121800
     tcaaatatac accagcttat tttaacattt ctgttagtcc accagagacc taaatattat    121860
     taatattatt ttaaacataa aatattaatg taaacatagt tcaaaattca tgtggataat    121920
     gagtaaaatc atgtttttat ttttattcat ttccttttgg tttcatgcct ttcattctct    121980
     ttttctccct cccttcttcc ctccctccct tctccctgtc tttctttcct tctttccttc    122040
     tttctttcct tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    122100
     tatcttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct    122160
     ttcctctatc tctgtatctc tgtttaatat ttttagatgg aatcctgctc tgttgcctag    122220
     gctggagtgc agtggcatga tctcagctca ctgcaacctt cccatcctgg gttccagcag    122280
     ttctccagtc acaccctccc gagtagctat gactgcaggc atgtgacaac aatcttagct    122340
     tttttttttt tttctgcact tttagtaaag accaggtttc acaatatttg ctcaggctgg    122400
     tctcaagctc ctttcctcaa gccatccacc caccttagcc tcttaaaatg ctgggatttc    122460
     agtcataagc cacaatgccc acccagtttt atgtgtttct tttctcagtg atctctcctg    122520
     tctattttat tattttattt catttttatt tctgagacag tgtcttggct ctggtgccca    122580
     ggatggagtg cagtggtgtc atcttacttc accgcaaact ctgtctcagc gtttcagtgg    122640
     attctcctgc atcagcctcc cacatagatg agattatatt catgggacac caagcctggc    122700
     tagctttgct atgatattag acatgggatc ttgccatgtt ggccaggctt atcacaaact    122760
     cctgacatca agagatccac ccaccttggc ttgccaaatt gctgggagtg caggtgtgag    122820
     ccaccatgtc ctgcctcata tctgttttaa agctcagttg ataagcaata ttgtgttcct    122880
     ggaatgcttt atgattatga aaccactata gcactgttat ttagcccctt tggataaaat    122940
     atgataacac acaatacata cagacacaga cacagacaca gtcagtgatt aaagatcagt    123000
     gtaggccagg acctaaaatg atatatgagt tgctgcagtt gactaaaatt aaagcagacc    123060
     agagttggca catacccaga aaagagatgt gaacagagtc tttcaaagta ctctgtcaga    123120
     tacatgttag attattctcc agccatagca aagggaaatt aaatatctgt tgtgtttaga    123180
     atagtcttga ttgtttgact tttccaaggt attagcattc atgaagttgg cctttaaagc    123240
     tctctaaaat tactcaaatc agtagacaac tcagtttttc taggagtcta aagtgctttt    123300
     caaaattatc agaaagttag tggcttcaaa caataattat aatttattaa ctctcagtct    123360
     ctaaaatctt ccacagtctc tcagccaaat gattgtggtt caggggcact caggaggata    123420
     caatctagtg atggctcagg atggggacat tgccaggtgt cttcttattt ccctggtgcc    123480
     atggctagca taactcaaat agtggaggtt gggctgctga gatcctcagg catctccttt    123540
     tatttctatg agtctctcca tgggatgtcc attctgcata gtgttatcag ggtgttagac    123600
     ttcatgatgt actggtctgg ggctcctgag gggtttgtcc ccatgacagc aggagactta    123660
     ggcagagctg tgtcaccttt tctagcctag gccagaggtg gcccaatatc cagaaaatgc    123720
     tttcactgtt ttctattaat tagaagcaag tactgtgttc tgtcacatca ggaatatttt    123780
     caaattggtt tgcaaagaat ttcaaagtgt gttttagatc attacagtgg ccatgcctaa    123840
     taattactta tttttataag tgttggatgg gttttaccca atgtaatatc agatacagac    123900
     ttttaagctt gaaacctgtg tcatagctct gaacatttgg ttgtatgttg aaataactct    123960
     caagcaaaaa ttgattttga aattagcact ataaataagt taaataaatg aggtaaagtc    124020
     ataaatatct gcatgaaatg cttataaaca ggtcagcctt aaaaatgtca tgaagactaa    124080
     tatgccaccc ttttattatt tctatggata ttacttggac tggaggacaa ggactcaggg    124140
     gtatgctggt caatctctgc acctggaaac agtggctggg gcaccaggag taatactttg    124200
     agccatgacc atgtagtgag gacaaggagt ccatctgggt taaggagagt gtcactgtat    124260
     atatatatat atatatataa acacacacta tatataaaaa cactatatat ataacactat    124320
     atatatatat aaagcacaat atcagaaact cagtagtcat agtgaaatca aaaaataatc    124380
     acagtcaatt tgatctcata cctagactga aatatgaaac ttcaaaagaa aagaatgtta    124440
     agaactttcg gcttgtcaaa attttcctac atagataaaa ttattggtga ctttctctca    124500
     ctagagaaca taaacaaaaa tcgatgtttt gtatatgtgt aaatgaaaat atttttattt    124560
     ctatcagtta tgacatgcaa gtaataaagt gaaagtacaa taataaataa taaattatat    124620
     aaggaaattt ctgtgtcaaa aaatttcatt gactattaat tttataaaac catagagaat    124680
     gcttcatgaa actacattat acagtacttt ttagtatttc acttacattt taaataatca    124740
     acaaattaaa ggaaattctg aatcattatt tcttaccaat atcattattc tactcaagaa    124800
     attcttctga tattaaatat tttaaataaa acattaaaaa caaattgtat tcactgatat    124860
     cagcttttga tgaaataata cttctgtatt tgtaatcatg ttaaatatat ctttctcctc    124920
     acagtggatc ttttgtaaca ccagtgttat tattttctct gatacaaacc ctgtgatatc    124980
     tcaaggcttt actgtgtcca tacattacat acctccagag agtaggattc aaagagatgg    125040
     aaaaattata tttgtgacca aattctagga aagggaatga taaaatggga gaataatttc    125100
     taaatttcta actgttcatc aatggatttg gatatattta ggtatagaca aatatttgca    125160
     cactgcaagt ttgcacatgt gtatttaaat ttatatgaga tacccataat gtatgggttg    125220
     tgtaatctct taattaattc tcaattttac atgtggcaaa ttgataagag tttaccctca    125280
     tcaaatacgc aatttgaagt actatactcc atttgatgta aagccaataa aatctctgtc    125340
     aacattcatt tcaattaatc caataatgtt aactgctgat aacttcattc tccctgtccc    125400
     ctgttaacag ctgaaagttg attctcacct taattcagca ctcagggtgt cttcgtcaag    125460
     agactgtcac cttgctttgg attgtgacct ctgactccac cactttcttc ctgtagcagt    125520
     cctacctttg tgtatttaat gaactttgta catcgttaaa aaataaaaac gcagtgaaat    125580
     gtcaggccat gctgtgaaat gttccagtgt ttctatatct caaattgaac tttcatgtta    125640
     tagaagataa gaaaaacaat tcatttatta gtattcagtc caatgcaccc tttcttatta    125700
     atacgccaaa cctgtccctt caaagcactg acattcaagc acagctagac gtatcaaaat    125760
     ttattctcaa caataaccat tatgttaata actgttgccc agatctggac cctgcctgtg    125820
     gaatctttgg ttggaaattg ctattatggg tcaaactaag agaatgacta ttttttggca    125880
     taattactgc tgtcatcttc ctgaaaaata tcacgttaga tggcagcttt tagttagatc    125940
     cattctatta atttttaata tccatcattt atgatattgc acaagtaaag acctttgata    126000
     acttaaattg ttagctgaga agtgactaaa gtaactcaca acaattcaga cattcattta    126060
     cctactagaa atgccataca tcattaactt ccgctgaaaa caaagttgaa aaattacaag    126120
     tgctaaattg tttactaaag tatgtatttc agggcagcta aataattgtg atgagaggca    126180
     gtcccatcca ccaacagccc gatgaaagaa cccttccaca atgagaaggt tgtgcagatg    126240
     aaatgaaaca gaggctggat taccaggcaa aagccagaca tggttgcctc tttctcatcc    126300
     cacaggaatc atgcagccat ccaataaaag tgggagaaca agagtttcct tgttagcagc    126360
     tatagctgga atttatagtt ttaaaactat caaagctgcc cagtctttaa aacttgacag    126420
     tattttgaag gaaacaatca cacaatggat tcccacgtag gtcgttcttc atggagcaga    126480
     aaacgtttag tatggaaaat ggtgagccac acccagaaaa ccctaggctg acaaggaaca    126540
     ccaaaatcat gaaaagaaga gggaagtgtg gaggccacat cccacccagc atcagtccat    126600
     ccaactccca tttgactatg ggtatgaaat ccctcaactt gggagtttgc caggatggcc    126660
     caattttgca tctgaaatgt tccctacata ttggagaact cccacatgaa cactgtgcca    126720
     tgttgtaaac tgcttgagaa atgaaagaaa tgctgtggtg ctgttggaag caacttttgt    126780
     gtcaactatc ttcacatttt ttgcaggtga atgtgtgggt ctctttccac ccctcatcag    126840
     attgtatccc aacccctatt taaccttgtt gttgttcaca ttctctatcc caaaatgaaa    126900
     ccacaagatg atgaaagagt aacccctcat gacctgaagc acctgctagg ctgggaaatg    126960
     aattcgaagt aaattgaagg tggacatgac tattagtgtc tctctatggg ttggccccag    127020
     gacaatgaaa cactggaaga tgtctctttg tgtttgtggt gtgcttctct tctttctaga    127080
     agagtggctg ttttacagat gagagtaatt tggattccgg caggtctgag ccagcatccc    127140
     aattcactgc agattcaaac tccacaaaat gataaagaaa aggatggaca gcagcccaag    127200
     cagagccaca gacaggccaa caaaatgttg gaagactgaa aaaaaaaaaa gtgctgcagt    127260
     gcattagcca cattgcttta agcagattct acttataggt gcacacacac acacacacac    127320
     acacacacac acacacaaag ccacacacat acacagacat tcaacattca cattactttc    127380
     atagaaacac acatcctggc agcttctgag gctgcgtggc tctgcacgaa gccccatctg    127440
     ggagatagca actccgggca acacaaatgg gctgtaccta gaaatcacag tggggcaaat    127500
     ttcaaaaaga ctcaccctta caatgtctag gcaggtctga tgcatcctgc aaatcttttt    127560
     gaatcgttag gaattccaca gtttattcct ggggctctgc ttgatgtttc tttaggcagg    127620
     ctaatgtctg tcctctccta gaactatggg aatatcctgt ggaccccaca cagaagaagg    127680
     caagaatcca tggtctgtgc acctccacga agggctactt ctctacctta tggcagggac    127740
     ttgtcgctag gcaatggtgg cattcattgt gatgctagcc agagctcaca gctcaggcct    127800
     ggtgccctga gactagtgca ttgcattggt gaggcaggct ctggtgtcct gttgtcagag    127860
     ctgtcagcct tcctaaacag aggaaaatat tataggcagt agtggcctga tgtcaaaaaa    127920
     aatgatgcct ctgataaact ctgcaaaact ctaaaagtct cagcattacc gcaccttcag    127980
     gcagtctttg tggtcaggtc ccactgaaca aggcagtgtt ttgagactgt gaggtggtcc    128040
     atggaaacga tattcagact ccattcctga aagaggctgt gtcaaagaat ctttgcccat    128100
     ggggattgga atatagtctg atcagaggtt gaggggtctt tggatgatgg aatcatacct    128160
     gagattccag aggtgggtgt taggaaaaga tggtcatgcc ttcgaccttg atgcttccct    128220
     tcattttggc ccttgcagtc ctgtctcaga aaggtaggaa ccacaacaca gcaagtccaa    128280
     gatgaagcag tgttcttaca cctcggactc tcttctcaca ggtgcagaag aggttcagac    128340
     agtgtcttca aggccaactg tggtgattac aagcctgaaa aggctgtcca gtagtgctat    128400
     tgagaggcac tgtggattct ccatgagaat aaagataaat caaggctcaa ctgctagaat    128460
     gagctgcctt gtgttggagt caaagcaaca ttcaaagatt cctgtcagca cacaaaaagc    128520
     cttctccaat ttgcaaaaaa cccagcctcc aaaaacagac ctgacccaca acctggagtg    128580
     ctgccagcct actcaaaatc ccttttgctc cttgaaatct ttggcagtga aaagatctgc    128640
     ggtgagaggc agtctcatcc agcaacaacc caatgaatgt cacacacagt gagaaaggat    128700
     gtgcagatgc aataaaatat attctagact cccactcaaa agccagtggg gctgcctgtt    128760
     tctcatccta taggaattat gcagccctcc aatgtaactg ggtgaacaag tttccttgtt    128820
     gactgaagta atgggaattt atggttttaa aagtatcaca gctgcccagt cattaaaaca    128880
     tgacagtgtt tagaaggaat cactcttgca atggattccc atgagggttg tttgcaatta    128940
     actgaaaaat tttaagtatg gaagacgttg aggcagaccc aggataccct aggatgatga    129000
     gaaacatgga agtcagaaaa agaaaaggga agtatggagt ccacctgcca ccaagcatca    129060
     acccatccca ctcctatttg gctctgggta tgaaagccat aaaatcaggg gtttgccagc    129120
     atggcccagt ttgcattcca aatgttccct ttgcatttga atactcccac ctgaatactg    129180
     ggccatgttg tggactagtt gtacagttaa aggaatgtgg gtatgctgtt ggaagcaaat    129240
     tctctgtcaa ctgtcttcat gtgttttgca gatgaaggtg tgggtcctca ttcacccctc    129300
     agaagattgc atcctcatcc caatctgatc ttatttctgc tcacactctg tctgagaatg    129360
     aaatcccaag atgatggagg aatacccgct caagacctgt agcacctgct cagctgggaa    129420
     tggaattcaa ggtaaattca attggcactg cagataggac tgctagtgtc tatccccgga    129480
     ttggcctcat tacaatgaaa cactgggaga tgtctgcttt taggtgtgat gtgctcctct    129540
     tctttcgaga agagtggctg tttttataga gggaagttga tttggtttct ggcaggtctt    129600
     agccagcctc tcaatttact atgtattcat aatccacaaa aaaataaaga acacagagcc    129660
     ccacagccca agcagatgca cggacaggct atcaaaaggt taagagagca aaaacaaaca    129720
     aacaaaaaga agcacttatg tgcattagcc acattccttt aagcaacctc catttacaag    129780
     tgcactcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caatgccaaa cacacacaca gacatacaac    129840
     actcacaaca ctcccaaaga aacacacagc ccggcagctt ctgaggctct gaggttctgt    129900
     aggaagcacc atctgtgaga gagcaaccct ggagagcaca gttgggttgc gttccagact    129960
     caaccctaca acatctaggc aagcatgaaa aatcctgcag gtcctttgga tttttaggta    130020
     tttcgcggtt tattccttgg gctctgcttg aggtttctta aggtaggcac acgtctgccc    130080
     tctcctagga tcatgggatc atactatgga ccccacagag aagacaggca agagtccact    130140
     gctgacacaa cctccaagga gttctccttc tcagccaagc cttggaggct tgtctctagg    130200
     cagtagtgca ttcattgtga tactagccag agctcacaat caggcctcat gccctaggac    130260
     tagggcgtac tcatttgtga ggaagactaa agtgtccagc tgtcagagct gtcagcctgc    130320
     ctaggcagag gaaaatggta taggcagagc aagcccagta ccagaaaaaa aaggctacct    130380
     gtgaaaccta ctgtgggacc ttaaaagtct caacttccca ggaccccttt tgtgccatct    130440
     gtgattgctt cctgctggag aaggaggcat tttaagactg tgagtttgtt gctggaaact    130500
     tctactctaa ttatattccc aaaagaggct gtgtgcaaga atcaagtccc atgggatttg    130560
     gaatatagcc tggtgtgttt tttagggttc tttgggtgat aggatcatac ctgagacccc    130620
     agaggctggc gtcagtgaaa gatggttgtt ctctttacca cactgtctct cttcatcctg    130680
     ggcctcacag aggctctcag ggaaaggcag taaccatgac aacggcaaga ccaaggtgga    130740
     gctgtgttct cacacctctg attggcttct cacagttgca gatgatgttg agtcagtgtc    130800
     tcaaaggccg tctgtggtga tagcaatcct gaaaagggtg tccagcagta ccatcaagag    130860
     ccactgtaga ttcctcatga aagcaaagat aaatcaaggc tcactgagag aatgagctgc    130920
     tttgtcctgg ggtccaaaca atgttcagtg attcctgtca gaggacccaa atcccttctg    130980
     caaagtgcaa acaacctcag gccccaaaac gagacaatga cccaccacct ggagctcagc    131040
     cagctttcct gaggtccctt ggctctctgg gctctctgaa atcctgtcag ctacataatc    131100
     tgtggtgaga ggcagtccca tctagcagca gcccaatgaa agagcccttc caaaatgaga    131160
     aaaccatgta gatgaaataa aactgaggct agattaccag gaaaagccag acatggctgt    131220
     ctgcttctca tcctacagga ggaggatcca cgtctatctg atagacatgg gataacaaga    131280
     gtttccttgt tggaggctct aatgggaatt tatggcttta aaactatcaa agctgcctag    131340
     tcattaaaac gtgacagtgt ttagaagtaa atatccatgc aacggattct gatgagggtt    131400
     attctttgtg aaatgtgaaa cgtttcgtgt gaaaactgtt gaaccagacc cattaaaacc    131460
     taggccaagg agaaaaatgg aagtccagaa aagaagaggc aagtgtggag gcaacatccc    131520
     cacagcatca atccattttg ctcccatttg gctttgggta tgaaagcccc caaatcagga    131580
     ttttgccaga ataacaccaa tttacacacc aaatgatcct tgcacattgc agtctcccaa    131640
     cctgtacacc aggccacagt gtggactgct tgtgtaatta agggaatgtg gggatggagt    131700
     ggaaagcacc ttatgtgtca tctgccttta tttttttgca ggtgaagttg tgggtctcca    131760
     accactcctc accaaattgt agcctcaccc ttatataact tattgctgct cacactctta    131820
     tgtacgagga tgaaatccca agactatgaa ggagcacctt atcgtgacat gaagcacctg    131880
     ctaggctggg agctgaattc gtggtaaatt caaggggcga tgtggacagg actgttagtg    131940
     tctcttcctg ggctggcaac tggacaatga aacactggga gatatctgtt ttttcatgtg    132000
     gtatactcct tttctttctc gaagagtggc ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttgctg    132060
     ggggagttga tttggacatt gttgggtctc agcctggctc ccaattcact gcagattgat    132120
     aatccacata agaataaaaa acactgagcc ctgcagccca agcagaacca cacagagaaa    132180
     ccaccaaaag ttggctgact ccaaaaaaaa agaagggcta aaatgcgtta gccaaatccc    132240
     tttaagcaga cttcacttac aggttcatat gcatacacac acaaacacac aatgccacac    132300
     acatgcagac attcaatact cacaacactc ccacagaaac acacacccca gctgctcctg    132360
     aggctgtgtg gttgtgcaga aagccccact ttggagattg caaccccagg gaacagaggc    132420
     aggagtaatt gaaaatcaca gttgggcaag tttcaaaaag actcacttct acaatgccta    132480
     cacaagcctg agtaatcctg cagacccttt tgtatcctta ggaatttctc agtttatttc    132540
     tgaggctgtg cttgatgttt cttcaggcta gctcacgtct gacttctcct gggatcaata    132600
     gactatcctg cggtcccaca gaaaagacag gcaagagcct acggttgaca cacctctaca    132660
     aaagtctcgt ccttcaccaa gctgaaagga cttgttacta ggcaatggtg acactaattg    132720
     tgaagctagc cagagctcat aatcaggcct tttgccctga gactagcaca tgcacattca    132780
     tgaggcaggc ttgagtgact ggcagtcaga gctgtcagct tgccttaaga ggggaaaatg    132840
     gtataggcag agccggcatg ctattgggaa aaaggctgcc tgtgaaaaca cactgcagga    132900
     ccataaatgt ctctacttaa gggctcccaa agccatctcc atggatgagt accactggag    132960
     gaggagacat tttgagaatg tgtggtggtc actggaaact gctcttctga ctccattcct    133020
     gaaagaggct gtgtgccaga atcgggtccc ataagtattg gaatacagtc aggtgtgttt    133080
     ttgagggttc cttgggtgat agaatcatac ctgataccac agaggttgtt gtctgtgaac    133140
     gatgcctggg cttttgatgt cattgcctcc cttcaccctg ggacttgcag gggctctttg    133200
     ggaagggcag gaactaagac taaggcaagt ccaaggtgga gcagtcttct cccacctcag    133260
     actgaacact agcgtgtgga gatgaggttg aaacattgtc tcaggggcca tctgtggcaa    133320
     tggcaagcct gataagtgtg tccaacagtg ctgttgaggg gtactgtgtc ttccccatga    133380
     gagcaaagat aaatcaagcc tcacctgaga caatgagctg ccttgtgctg gcatcaggca    133440
     atcttcgatg attcctgtca gaggacccaa aagcctcctg caaagtgcaa acaacatcag    133500
     cccccataac aagacaacaa cccacaacct ggagcacagt tggcctaccc aaagtccctt    133560
     ttgctctctg aaatatttgg caacccaata atctgtgatg agaggcagtc tcatccaaca    133620
     acagcctaat aaaagagtcc ctccacaata aaaaggctgt gcagataaaa taaaacatag    133680
     gcaagatgac caggcacaag ccacaaacag ctacctgctt ctcatcctac aggaatcatg    133740
     cagttctcgg atagaagtga gagaacaaga gtattcttgc tggtgactgt aacaggaatt    133800
     tgtggttttg cccagtcatt aaaacatgac actgtttaga agaaaatact cacgtagtgg    133860
     attccaatga gtgtcgttct ccatgaactg ggaaatgctt agtgtggaag tcattgagcc    133920
     agatgcagga aaccctaggc ccgaagagaa acatgtaatt caggaaaaca agagttaagt    133980
     gtggaggcca catcccaccc agcatcaatt cattccactc ccatttgttt ctgggtatga    134040
     aaacactcaa actgggagtt tgccaggctg gtcccaattt gcattccaaa tgttccttgc    134100
     acattggaat actcccacat gaacacccag gaatagtgtg gactgcttgt gcaatttagg    134160
     gaatgtgggg atggagttgg aaacacattc tgtgtcagct gttttcactt tttttttgca    134220
     ggtgaaattt tgggacctca tctacctttc accagattat atcctcacct ctatctgtcc    134280
     ttactgttgc tcacacttta tgtcccagaa tgaaatccca aggcaatgaa agagagcccc    134340
     ctcacaacat gaaggacctg ctcagctggg aacagaatgg gaggtaaatt caaggggtaa    134400
     tgctaaaggg actgctagta tctcttccgt agttggttgc aggacaatga aacactggag    134460
     atgtctgaat tttggtgtgg tgtgctcctc ttttttctag aagagtggct ttttttgcaa    134520
     cggtcggtga tttggactcc agcaaatatc agcttgcctc ccaattcact gcagaatcat    134580
     gatgcacaga aacataaaga acatcgagcc ctgcaactca agaagagcca cacagacagg    134640
     ccaccaaaag gttgggacac tcaaaaaaaa gaagcactga agtgcattag ccacattcct    134700
     ttaagcagac tttattacat acatgtgcac acacacacac accatgtcac agacacacac    134760
     agacatccaa caatagcaac actcctacag aaacacagtc tggcagcacc tgtggctgca    134820
     tgattctgca ggaagctgca ccttggagag agcaaaccca tagaacacag gcaggctgta    134880
     ccgagaaatc acagtggggc aagtttcaaa atgactcact actacaacct gtaggcaggt    134940
     ctgaggaaac ctaagattcc tttggatttt tagggatttt caggtttatt catgggtctt    135000
     tgcttgacat ttctttaggc tggttaacct ctgccctcta ctaggatcag gggactattc    135060
     tgtgaatccc acagggaaga aagatgacag tcaacggctg cagcacctcc acaaagtctc    135120
     cttctctgcc aaggcccagg gatgtgtctc taggcaatgg tgacattcat tgtaatgcaa    135180
     gccagagctc acaatcaggc ctaatgcctg agactagtgc ctgtgcattc atgagccagg    135240
     accaggtgcc cagctgtcaa agctgtcaac ctgcctaaac agagaaaaat catataggca    135300
     gagccagcat tgtattggga aaaaggctgc atgcaacatc tcactgtggt accctaaaag    135360
     tctggacctc agagcccctt catgccttct ctgatgtggg atcccactag agaaggagga    135420
     gtttcaagac tgtgatgtga ggtggttcct ggaaactgct ctcctgactc catttctgaa    135480
     ataggctatg tgcaagaatc aggccccagg ggcattgcaa tatagtctgg tttgttgttg    135540
     agggttcttt aagtgataga gacatacctg aaaccccaga ggtgggtgtc agtgaatgat    135600
     ggttgggctc tttatctaac tgcctccctt catcctgggt cttacagggg atctctgcac    135660
     agggccagaa caaaggcaag cccaaaacga agcagtgttc tcacatctca gactggcttc    135720
     tcatgcatgc agatatgggt gagaaagtgt ctcagatgcc ttctgtggtg aggccaagcc    135780
     tgaaaaacct gtccagtagt gctattgagg ggcactgtgg attcccctcg aaagcaaaga    135840
     aaaatcaagg cttgccttaa agaatgaggt gccctgtgct ggagtctctg cactgttcag    135900
     tgattcctgt cagaggactc aaaagcctac tgcaaagtgc aaacaacctg agcccaacag    135960
     tgagacaaca acccacaaca tggagcacag tcagcctacc tgaagtccct tttgctctct    136020
     gaaatccctg gaagcttaat aatttgtggc aagaggccat atcatccagc aatagcccaa    136080
     tgaaagagct cttttacaat gtgaaggctg tgcagataaa atggaagata agttagatta    136140
     ccaggcataa gccagacacg gctgcctgat tcatatccta taggaatcat gcagccctcc    136200
     tatagaagtg ggagaacaag agttttcctg ttggtagaca ttaatgggaa tttacagtgt    136260
     taaaagtatg aaactgtcca gtcattaaaa gctgacattg tttagaagga aacactaact    136320
     caatggattc ccatgagggt tgttctttgt caactgggaa atatctagtg tggaagtcat    136380
     taagccagac ccaggaaacc ctaggccaat gaggaacacg gaattcaaaa aagaagaggc    136440
     aagtgaggag gccacagccc acccaacatc aatcaattcc actccctttt ggatacagga    136500
     atgaaagaac tcaaataggg agtagaccag gatggcccca atttgcactg caaatttttt    136560
     ttgcacatca gagtacttca acctgaacgc tgagccacag tgtggactgc ttgttcaatt    136620
     cagggaaggc aggtatggag ttggaagcac cttctgtggc atctgtcttc attttatctt    136680
     caggtggagt tgcaggacaa gtccacccct cacaagattt tatgctaacc cttatctgac    136740
     attattgctg ctcacacttt atgtttcagc ataaaatccc aagacgatgg agaagtgcac    136800
     tctcatgaca taaaacacct gctcagctgg gaaccgaact ggtgttcaat tcaagggcac    136860
     ctctggacag gactgcaagt atccatagtt tggcctcagc acaatgaaaa attgggagat    136920
     gcctgttttt tggtgtggtg tgctcctctt ctttctggaa gagtgaattt tttttttttg    136980
     caggcagaga tagtatggac accaccacat cttgcaagcc ttccaattca ctgcagatac    137040
     ataatccaca gaaaaaaaaa aaagcatgga gccccgcagt ccaagcagag ccacacagac    137100
     aagtcactga aaaactggga gactcataaa aaagaagggc tcaagtgcat tagcctcatt    137160
     tctttaagca cactccactt acaggcacac acacacacaa acacaccatg tcacacacac    137220
     acaaagacat ttaacagttg caacattccc acagaaagaa acagcccagc agctcttgag    137280
     gttgcatggt ttttcagaaa gccacacctg tgagagagca accctgggga acataggcag    137340
     gctataccta gaaatcacaa aggggcagct ttcaaaaaga caccccacaa tgtataggca    137400
     ggcctgacaa atcctgaaga tagttttgta tccttaggga ttccatggtt tatttttggt    137460
     gctgggcttc gtgcttcttc agactgcctc acttctgttc tcttctagca tcatgggagt    137520
     atcacatgaa ttccagagaa gataggcaaa agtccttccc tgatgcacct ccatggaaga    137580
     ctccctctct gccaagacac aggtacttgt cacaaggcaa ctgtgacatt cattgtgatg    137640
     ctagccaaat ctcacaatga ttcctgctac tctgagacta gcccatgcac attcatgtgg    137700
     caggctcagg cactgggctg tcaaagctgt cagcctgcct aagcagagaa aaacgctaca    137760
     ggcagagcca gcctggtatc gggaaaaagg ctacctgcca aaacccactg caggaccttg    137820
     actgtatcaa cctcaacacc cctttgggcc atctccgtgg tcaggtccca ttggaggagg    137880
     aggtgtttca agactgtgag gtggtcactg caaacttctc ttctgattcc attcctgaaa    137940
     gaggctctgt gcaagaattg aaacccaaag agattggaat atagtctgat gtgttgttga    138000
     ctgttctttg aatgatagaa tcatacctga gaccccagag gtcagtgtca ttgaaagaca    138060
     gatgagatct tgacctcact gtctccctta atcctaggca tcacagggcc tctctgggaa    138120
     aggcaggaac cacgacaaag tcaactctaa ggtgaggttg acaccgggtc tcaggggctc    138180
     tgtgtggtga tggtaagcct gaaaatggtg tcctgcattg ctgctgaggg gcactgttta    138240
     ttccccatga aagcagagaa aaatcaatgc ctgcctgaga gaaagagtag ccttgtgttg    138300
     gagtccaagc aatgtttaat gattcctctc agaagaacca aaaccctcct gcaaagtgca    138360
     aacaacctaa gccccagaaa cgagacaacg actcataaca tgaagtgcag ttagcctaca    138420
     tggccatagt cccttttgct ctctgaaatc actggcagct acataatgtg tagcaagagg    138480
     aagtctcatc cagcaacagt tcaatgaaaa aacctctcca aaatgagaag gctgtacaga    138540
     tgaaacgaaa cagagtatag attaccaggt aaaagcgtga catggcagtc tacttctcat    138600
     cctacaggaa tccctctgat agatgtgaga gaacaagtgt tttgtttttg ttttgagtac    138660
     tctcacttga acactgagcc atggtgtgga ctgcttgttc gattaaggga atgcagggat    138720
     ggatttagaa gcaccaactg tgacatctgt gttatttatt ttattttatt ttttgcaggt    138780
     gaaattgtgg gaccccatcc atgcctcacc agagtgtatc accaccccat ctgaccctat    138840
     tcctgctcat actctatgtc ccaggatgaa atcccaaaat gatggaggag tgcctcctca    138900
     tgacatgaag cacctgctcg gctgggatcc gaatttgagg taaattcgag gggccatgtt    138960
     tacaggactg cttgtgttgg gccaccctgt gttggccaca aaactgtgaa acactggaag    139020
     atgtctgttt tttggtgtgg tgttctccac ttctctgaag aacggtggct tctttttgca    139080
     gagggagttg atttggacac cagcgattcc aggtccatct ctcaattcac tgcagattca    139140
     tgatccacat aaaaataaag aacatggaga cctgaagcct aagcagagcc acataggcag    139200
     gccaccaaaa gatggggaga cagaagaaaa aaaagcactg aagtgcatta gctgcattcc    139260
     tttaaggaga ctccacttaa aggcacacac acacatgcac acaaaaggac ataaacacac    139320
     aatgcctcac acacacgcac atatccaaaa ttcacaatgc tgccacagaa acacatggcc    139380
     cagcagctcc tgatcctgta tggttctgca ggatgccaca ccagggagag agcaacccta    139440
     gggacacagg tgggctgtac ctagaaacca tagtagggca agtttcaaaa agtctcacac    139500
     ctacaatgtc tagacaggcc taaggaatcc tgcagacctt ggatgcttag gaattttgca    139560
     gtttattcct ggggctctgc ttgacatttc ttcaagctgg ctcatgtctg ctcttttcca    139620
     tgacaagggg acaatcctgt ggatcccata gagaagacag gtgagaatcc atagctgatg    139680
     caccctcaca gaggtctcta tctccaccaa gctgcaggaa cttgtcgcta ggcaatggtg    139740
     agattcattg tgagggtacc caaagctcac aatcaggata ggtgccctga ggctaacaca    139800
     tgtgcattca tgaggtggac tagggccctt ggctgtcaga gctgtcagcc ttcccaaaca    139860
     gaggaaaatg gtacaggcag agctggccaa gtatcacaaa acaggctgtc tgtgaaaaac    139920
     cactgcagga cactaaaagt ctagacctca gagactcttc cagccttctc cacttctcca    139980
     tggtcaggtc ctgctggaga aggaggcatt tggagactgt gaggtggttg ctggaaactg    140040
     ctcttgtgac tccagtccca aaagaggctg tgtgcaagta tcaggttcca tgttgattgg    140100
     agtatattct ggtgtcttgt agagggttct ttgggtcata gaatcatacg tgagtcacag    140160
     ggatgaaatt cagggggact tacagacagg actgctagtg tctccccctg gtttggccac    140220
     aggacaatga aacactgaga gatgtctgtt ttttttttgg tgtagagtcc tcctgttctt    140280
     tctagaagag tggctttttt ttttttggca gaaggaggtg atttaaacaa tggcaggtct    140340
     tgggccacct cccaatttac agaggattca tgatccacag aaaaactaac aaacaaggag    140400
     ccctgcagcc caagcacagc cacacagaca ggccacctaa aagtttggtg actcaaagaa    140460
     agaagcaatg aagtgcatta gctacattca tttaagcaga atccacttac agggacacac    140520
     atacacatac acaaacacac aatgccacac acacacacac acactcagac atccaacacc    140580
     tgcaacactc tcacagaaac acagacctgc aactcctgag gctgcctggt tctgcaggaa    140640
     gccccactga agagagagcc acccctggga acacaggtag gctgtacctg gaaatcagac    140700
     cggggcaagt ttcaaaaaga ctcacatcta caacctttag gcaggccaga ggaatcttgc    140760
     agattttttg tatccttaac aatttcacaa tttattcctg gggttgtgcc tgacatttct    140820
     tcaggcaagc tcatgtctga cctctcttgg gatcatggaa ctatcccatc tatcccaaag    140880
     agaagataga tgtgagtcca cagcctatgc aactcaacgg aggtcttctt atccttcaag    140940
     ctgcagggac ttggcgctag gcaacaatga cattcattct ggtactaccc agggcccaca    141000
     atcaggcctg gtgctgtgag actagtgcat gtacattctt gaggcaggtt ctggtgccag    141060
     gctgtcagag ctgtcagcct gcctaatcag ttggaaatag tacaggcaga gccaccctgt    141120
     tatcaagaaa aagggggccc gcaaaaaccc actgtgggac actaaatgtc tcaaccccaa    141180
     gaccacttca ggccgtttcc atggttggat ctctctgacg gagaaaacgt tttgagactc    141240
     tgaggtggtc actggaaact gtttttctga cttcattccc aaaagaagct gtgtgcaaga    141300
     atcagatacc atgaggattg gaatacagta tggtgtgtag ttgagggttc ttagggtgat    141360
     agaatcatac ctgagaccat agatgcagat gtcagtgaag gatggccgga ctcttgacct    141420
     cactgtctcc ctttatcctt ggcctcacag aggctctctg ggaaaggcag gaaccaagat    141480
     gaaggaaagt ccaaggtgaa acagtgttct cacacctcgt attgtcctgt aacaagtgca    141540
     gatgatgttt agacggttct cagatgccat ctgtagagat ggcaagcctg aaaatggtgt    141600
     ccattagttc tgttgaggag aactgtggat tccttgtgaa agaaaagaaa aatcaacact    141660
     cacccaaaag aacaagatgc cttgtcctgg agtccaagca atgttcaatt attcctttca    141720
     gaagacccaa aagccttctg caaagtgcaa acaacctcag cccccacatt gagacaatga    141780
     cccacaacct ggagcacaga cagcctaatg gaagtccctt ttgctctctg gaatccctgg    141840
     cagctacata atctgtggtg agaggcagta ccaccaagca acagtttaat gaaattgccc    141900
     ttcaaaattg agaaggccat gcagatgaaa tgaaacagag tctagattac caggtaaaag    141960
     tctaacacaa ctgcctgctt ctcatcctac aggattcatg cagcccttcg atagaaaaga    142020
     gataacaagt ttgcttttgg ctgatgtgac agggatatat ggatttaaaa gtatcttatt    142080
     ttcccagtca ttaaaacatg acagtgttta gaaggaatta tgcaatggat ttccatgagg    142140
     gtcattatct gtgaactggg aaatgtttag tgtagaagtc gttaagccag aactaggaaa    142200
     ccctagggcc atgagaatca tgaaaggcct gaaaagaaga ggcaagactg gaaacaccat    142260
     cccacccagc atcaatccat cccactccca tttggctctg agtatgaaag gtctcaaatc    142320
     ggaagtttgc caggatggcc ccaatttgca cttcaaatgt tacttgagcg ttggagtact    142380
     gctacctgaa agccgagcca tgatgtggac tgcttctgca attcagggaa tgcagggata    142440
     gagttggaag caccttctgt attatcagtg ttttttatta ttattattat ttgcaggtga    142500
     agttgagaga ccccttccac ctcacaccag attgtatcct catgtctatc taaccttact    142560
     actcatcaca ctctatgtcc ccagataaaa ttccaagatg acggaggact gccacctcat    142620
     gacgtgaaac acctgctcct ctgggaacca aattttaggt aaattcaagg tgcactgccc    142680
     acaggactgc ttgtgcctct ccctgtgttg accataggga tatgaaacac agggtgatgc    142740
     ctgctttttt gatgtggtgt gctcctctta tttctttttt tttttattat actttaagtt    142800
     ttagggtaca tgtgcacaat gtgcaggtta gttacatgtg tatacacgtg ccatgctggt    142860
     gtgctgcacc cattaactcg tcatttagca ttaggtatat ctcctaatgt tatccctcca    142920
     cctcccccca ccccacaata ttccccagag tgtgatactc cccttcctgt gtccatgtgt    142980
     tcttattgtt caattcccgc ctatgagtga gaacatgcgg tgtttggttt tctgtccttg    143040
     caatatttta ctgagaataa tgatttccag tttcatccat gtccctacaa aggacatgaa    143100
     ctcatcattt ttttttcttt ttttgagacg gagtctcgct ctgttgccca ggctggagtg    143160
     cagtggagcg atcttggctc actgcaagct ccatctcctg ggttcatgcc attcttctgc    143220
     ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggactgcagg tgcccaccac cacgcctggc taattttttt    143280
     tgtatttttt agtggagacg gggtttcacc gtcttaggca ggatggtctt gatatcctga    143340
     cctcatgatc cacctgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccacagc    143400
     attttttatg gctgcatagc attccgtggt gtatatgtga cagattttct ttatccagtc    143460
     tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggttcca agtatttgct attgcgaata gtgctgcaat    143520
     aaacatacgt gtgcacaaaa attaattcaa gatggattaa agacttaaac attagaccta    143580
     aaaccataaa aaccctagaa gaaaacctag gcattaccat tcaggacata ggcatgggca    143640
     aggacttcaa gtctaaaaca ccaaaagcaa tggcaacaaa agccaaaatt gacaaatgag    143700
     atctaattaa actaaagaac ttctgcacag caaaagaaac tacaatcaga gtgaactggc    143760
     aacctataaa atgggagaaa atttttgcaa cctactcatc tgacaaaggg ctccccttat    143820
     ttgtaaaaca gtgacttttt ttgcagaggt ggttgatttg gatgccggcg gttcccagcc    143880
     cacctccaaa ttcactgggg atttattata cacataaaaa taaagaacat ggagccttgc    143940
     catccatgca gagccacata gaccaccaaa aggtggagag acacaataaa aagaagcact    144000
     ggagtgcgtt agccacattc ctttaagcag actccactta caggaacaca cacacacaca    144060
     aagacagaaa cacacaatac ctcacacatc aaacattcac aacattctca cagaaacact    144120
     tcacctggcg tctcctgaca ctgtgtggtt ctgcaggaag acccacctgg gaaagaacaa    144180
     ccctgagaaa cacaggcagg cagtccctag aaatcacagt aggacaattt tcaaaaagac    144240
     ttactcctac aacgtctagt gaggcctgag gaatcctgca gattttcttg gatccatagg    144300
     gattttgcat tttattccta gggttctgct tgatgtttct tcatgctggc tcatgtctgg    144360
     cctttcctag gacaatgaaa taatccagtg gatcccacct agaagacagg tgagagtcca    144420
     ctgctgaccc atctccacgg aggtctctat gtctgcaaag ccacagggac tttttgctag    144480
     gcaatgatga cattcattgt gacactagtg agagctcatc atcaggccag gtgctctgag    144540
     actagcacat gcacatttgt gaggcaggct atggcccctg gctgtcatat tggtcagcct    144600
     gcctaagcag aggaaattgg cacagtcaga tctggccgaa tgtcgcgaaa taggctgcct    144660
     atgaaaaccc actgtgggac actaaaatct agacctcagg tccccttcag atcatctcca    144720
     tgatcaggcc cctatggagg aggagatgtt ttgaggctat gagtttgtca ctagaaactg    144780
     cttttctgac tccattccag aaagaggctg tgtgcaagaa tcgggtccct tgtggattga    144840
     aatacagttt gttgtattgt agagggttct ttgggtgata gaatcatacc tgagacccca    144900
     gaggtgggtt tcagcaaatg atggctgggc tcttgacctc aatgccttcc ttgatcctgg    144960
     acttcacagg ggctatctga aaaaagcaga aaccaagaca aatgcaagtc caatgtggag    145020
     cagtgatctc acaagttaaa ctggcctttt acagatgcaa atgagcgtga gtgtctcaga    145080
     gtccatttgt gaccgtggca agcctgaaaa gcatgtccaa tagtactgtt gaggagtact    145140
     gtggattccc catgaaagca aacaaaactc aagactcacc tgacagaatg aggtacgttt    145200
     ttctgtagtc caagcaatgt tcaatgatta ctgttacagg acccaaaatt atcttgcaaa    145260
     gttaaaacca ccacagcccc tacaaggaga aaatgaccca taacctggaa tgcagccagc    145320
     ctacacagag tctcttttgc tttctgaaat tcctgacagc taaataatct gttgctggag    145380
     gcagtcctat cgagcaacat ctcaatgaaa gagctcctcc acaatgagat ggccatgcag    145440
     atgcagtgat acagaggcta gattaccaga aaaaaagtga gacatggctg ccttcttctc    145500
     atcctccaag aatcatgcag cccttcaata gaaatgggag acaaagtttc attgtttgtg    145560
     ggtctaatgg gtattaacag ttttaaaagt aacaaaactg cccagtcatt aaaatatgac    145620
     agtgtttaca aggaaacact caggcaatgg attcccttga gggtcgttcc acattaactg    145680
     gataacattt attgtggaag tcattgagcc agaaccagaa aaccctagga tgataagaat    145740
     catgaaaatc aggaaaagaa gaggcaagtc tgtaggccac atcccgccaa gcctcaatcc    145800
     cttcaactcc catttggcta tgggtatgaa agccctcaaa tcgggagttt gccaggatgg    145860
     ccccagtttg cactcctaat atccacagca tgttggagca ctctcacctg gacccctggc    145920
     catggtgtgg actgcttctg caattaagga tttaccggga tggaattgaa agcaccttct    145980
     gtgttacctg tcttcatttg ttttgcaggt gaagtttggg attccatcca cccctcacca    146040
     gattttatcc tcacccttat ctgaacttat tccttctcac actctatgtc ccaggattaa    146100
     atctcaagat gatgaaggaa taccccctca tgacatgaag cacctgctca tctgggaagc    146160
     taattcaatg taaattcaag gggacctaag aacaggactg ctagtgtctc catggttagg    146220
     ctgcaggaca atgaaacact agatgtcatt tttttttttg gtgtggtgtg cttctcttct    146280
     ttctagaaga atggctttct ttttttttct ctcctttttt tttttctttt tttgcagagg    146340
     gacatgattt aaactatggc aggtatcagc ccacctccca attcactgtg gattcatgat    146400
     ccacagaaaa atagaaaacc tggaccccgc agtccaagca aagccacaca gacagggcac    146460
     ataaaggttt ggtgactcaa aaaaaagaag caatgaagtg cattatccac agtcatttaa    146520
     gcagactcca cttacaggca cacacacata cacacacaca caaaaccaca caatgtctca    146580
     cacacacaca cacagacatc caacatttac aacactccca cagaaacaca cagcgtggga    146640
     actcctaagg ctgcctggta ctgcaggaca tttgagtgtg ggagagagcc cctctccccg    146700
     ccccgccctg gggaacacag gcgtgatgta cctataaatc acagtggggc aagtttcaaa    146760
     atgactcaca actacaatgc ctaggcaggc ttgaagaatc ctacagattt ctttgcatcc    146820
     tttgggattt cagaatttat ttctggaatt gtgcttgatg tttctacaga ctctcacatc    146880
     tgccctctct tgggatcatg ggactgtcct gtctgtctta cagagaagac aagtgggagt    146940
     ccatgggcaa caaaactgta tagaggtgcc cttcttctcc aattcacagg gacttggcat    147000
     taggcaacaa tgacattaat tgtcactcta ctgaaaggtc acagtcaggc ctggtgctgt    147060
     gagactagcg catgcacatt tgtgaggcag gctccgccat cagtcagtct gagctgtcag    147120
     cctgcctatg cagtaaaaaa tggtacaggc agggcaagcc tggtatcaag aaaaaggcag    147180
     cctggaaaaa cccagagcag gacactaaaa ttctcaaact cagggcgcct ttagacagtt    147240
     tttgtggttg ggtcttgctg gaggaggaag ggttttgaga ctctgaggtg gtcacagcaa    147300
     actgttcttc tgacttcatt cccaaaagat gttctttgcg acagtctggt accataggga    147360
     ttgcaatata gtatggtgtg ttaagggttc tttgttgata gaatcatacc taagacccta    147420
     agggcagagg tcagtgaaag atggctgggt tcttgacctc acagcttccc ttaatgctgt    147480
     gcctcacaga ggctttctgg gaaatacagg aagcaacaca aaggcaaatc caatatgaag    147540
     caatggtctc acatccgtat tgtcacctct tgggtgcaga taaggtttag acagtgtctc    147600
     agacaccatc tgcagtcatg gcaagcctga aaagggtgtc caaaaaaaag tctcacctga    147660
     gagaacaagc ttccttgtgc tggaatccaa gcaatgttca atgattcctg tcaggagacc    147720
     caaaacaccc tacaaagtgc aaacaacctc agcccccaca atgagacaac gacccacaat    147780
     gtggagtgca ggcagcctat tgaaagtcat tttgctgtct gaaatcactg gcagattcat    147840
     aatctgtggt gaaaggcagt tccatccagc aacagttcaa tgaaagtgcc cgtccaaaat    147900
     aagaaagttg tgcagatgat gaaacagact ctagattacc aggaaaaact tgacacacaa    147960
     gcctgcttct catcctacag gagtcatggg cccctccaat agatgtgaga gaacaagttt    148020
     tcttttggca gctgtaacat caatatatat ttttaaaagt atcaaatctt cccagtcctt    148080
     agtacatgac gctgtttaga aggaaacatt cacacaatgg attcccatga gagtcattct    148140
     ccatgaactg ggaaacattt agtgtggtag tcactaggcc agacccagga aaccctaaaa    148200
     caatgagaat catggaagtc atgaaacaaa gaggcatgtc tggaagcccc atccaaccag    148260
     catcaatcca ttccacccac atttgacttt gggtattaaa gcccacaaat cggcagtttg    148320
     ccaggatggt cccaatttgc actccaaatg ttccttgcac attggaatac tcatacctga    148380
     acactgagcc attgtctgga ctgcttttgc aattaaggta aagcaggcat ggagttggaa    148440
     gaaacttctt tgtcatctgt ctttattctt tttttgcagg taaagttgtg ggaccccatc    148500
     cacttttcac cacattgtat tctcacccca tctgacttta ttgctgctca cactctatat    148560
     cccaggataa aatcacaaga caatggaggt gtgcctcctt aggacttgaa gcacctgctc    148620
     aattcagaac agaatttgag gtaaaattaa ggggccctgc cgacagaact gctagtgtct    148680
     tttcctgtgt tggccatagg aatatgaaac acagggagat gtctatcttt tggtgtggtg    148740
     tgcttttctt tttttctaga acagtggctt ttcttgcaga gggagttgtt ttggacacca    148800
     gcagttccct gcccacatac caattcactg tggattttgg atccacataa taataaagaa    148860
     cacggtgccc cactgcccaa gcagaaacac acagacaggt gaccataagg tggggagact    148920
     taaaaaaaag cgctgaagtg cattagccac atttctttaa gataactcca cttacattca    148980
     tacacacata gacagccaga aacacaccat gcctcacatg cacacatatc cgatattccc    149040
     aacactttca cagaaacaca caacccagca gtgcctgaca ctatgtcgtt cttcaggaag    149100
     ccttacctgg gagacagcaa ccttgaaaaa ccctggtggg ctgtaccaag aagtcacagc    149160
     agaacaagtt tcaaaaagac tcacccctac aatgtctagg ccagcctgag gaatcctgca    149220
     ggtcatcttg gaaacttagg gattttgcaa tttattcctg gggctctgtt tgatgtttct    149280
     tgaggttggc tcaagtctgc cctctcctag gatcatggaa caatcccaca gaggagacag    149340
     ttgagtcaac tgctgatgca cctcctcaga ggtctccttc tcaaccaagc tgcagggact    149400
     tttctctagg caatgataac attcattgtg atggtagcca actctcacaa tcaggcctgg    149460
     tcccctcaaa ctagtgcatg catatctgta ggcaacatct tgttccaggc tgtcagagct    149520
     gtcagcctgc ctaagcagag ggaaattgta cagacagagc catcctggta ttatgaaaaa    149580
     gctgcctatg aacacccact gtgggaccct ttgatcccaa tatactccct ttgatcccaa    149640
     tagccctcaa tatcagcaca tgattaacat ggctttagtt acttaaagta tagaagacat    149700
     tagaagacaa tggcagaaac agactgggtt tgcaggcatg aataattcac agtattggag    149760
     atagcccacc agaagtttgt aaatagagat gcagtaagct gcagagggaa cctcagagag    149820
     agtgaatgcc gagcctggtg aaacgttgac cttctagctg cggctattag aggggccccc    149880
     ccaaagtggt gagagaaggg gggccctagg aaaaataccc agtctggtca tccatgcttg    149940
     ctgtgtaacc agtgtccttg ctgtaaggaa atagggcatt ggaaggacaa gtgccccaga    150000
     ttgaaaggga aataaggtga ctctgagcag gagtcctcag acaaagatga aggggactta    150060
     ttcaatctag cagaagtgtt attggactgt gggggtccgg gctgatgtgc agtagtaacc    150120
     atcctggtcg ccctcttttc cacaaagact agtaatataa tcagatacac aggggtcctg    150180
     acaaagtaag ctttctgttt gccctagacc tgcactttag gggatggggg ggtcattaag    150240
     tgattcacca cttcctgtac atgcttgact gccccttgcc tttggtagga aggacttact    150300
     tagcaagctg agagccacca tctcttttac aaaacacagc tctttacagt taaagttact    150360
     tggaaggaga gtcatcatgg cccttattgt tcctagcgag aaggaatgga gatgcctctt    150420
     aattcagtta agctaagatg taagaccagc tctggctaag tgatggccaa aagtgtgggc    150480
     agaaaagaac cctccaggat tggcaattaa ctaggccctc ttactcatag gagataagcc    150540
     tatggcccag ccagccagga aaaaacagtc cctagtcccc agagaagctc ttgaaggtac    150600
     ccaggtccat ctcaagcacc tgagggccct tggaattata gtcccttgtt agtatccatg    150660
     gaacactccc tgcctgtctg ttccaaagcc agggatcaag gactacaggc cagtactgga    150720
     gttgtattca gtcatccaag ctacagtgac tttgccccag ttgtacctaa ctcctacaaa    150780
     ttgttggggt tgctgccagc tgaggacagc tgaaggatgc cttcattagc atcagcctag    150840
     cccttgagaa ccagaaactc tttgcctttg agtgggaaga tgcggggcca ggtgtcacca    150900
     ctcagtacac ttggaccttg cttccccaag ggttcaataa ctcccccact atctttggga    150960
     aggtactggc tcgggacttc cagaagtttc ccacagagac ctagactgtt ttttgctcca    151020
     gtctgttgat gacctcctgc agggacaccc aacagtaatc gggtgcccca agggaatgga    151080
     taccctgctc tggcacctgg gggactgcgg gtatgaggtg tccaaagaaa gctcagatct    151140
     gctgacagca tttatgttat ctgggattta ctatcctaca atggagcaca gcctaggatc    151200
     agaaagaaag caggtcattt gcaacctact ggagactaaa accagaaggc agatgagaga    151260
     attcttagga gctgtatttt cagtactgta ggaagtcaca aagggaggta acagagagaa    151320
     ttttgaatgg gagtcccaac agtaatgagc ttttcatgaa ttaaaagaga aacttacatc    151380
     agccccagct ctggggctgc ctgacctcac aaagccattt acactatatg tgtcagagag    151440
     agaaaaatgg tagctggagt ttttacccac acagtgtgcc ctggccaaga ttggtagcct    151500
     acttctccaa acagctagat ggagtttcta aaggttggcc cccatgtttg aaggccttgg    151560
     cagcaactgc cctgctagca caagaagtgg ataaactaac tcttgggcaa aacctgaaca    151620
     taaagtctcc ccatgctgtg gtgttattaa tgaataccaa aggacatcat tggctaatga    151680
     atgcaagggt aagtagctac caaagcttgc tctgtgaaaa tccccacata atcattgaag    151740
     tctgcaacac cttgaactcc accaccttac atacacctta ctggtgtcag agagcccagg    151800
     tgaacataac tgtgtagagg tgttggacac agtttatttt agcagactcc ccattgagac    151860
     cattcttggg catcagtaga tttggagctg tacatggatg ggagtagctt gtcaatctac    151920
     aagaaaagca gtcatacact gcagaggaaa caagcaaact tccactcgat tgccttggag    151980
     aactcccgag ctgactcaga gtctcggaaa gcagcatcca cccactatgg ggcatcagtc    152040
     acaatcctgt tgctccatca ggtacctgac cttgtaccta tttattctaa agaaaagaaa    152100
     gactttctcc aagcagaggg agggcatgtg atagaagagg gaaagattct gttatttgat    152160
     ggaagaatag ccatgtcaca actactagta gccacagtgg tactggctgt gcatgagacc    152220
     acccacctag accaaaactc agtgtgtcac ctttccacag aaaaatgcta ggcaaggtct    152280
     aaccgtcttg cccaacatac aagcttatgg attagcccgc tttgaaaaca tccaagtaga    152340
     cttcaccaag atatccaaat gtagaggtaa caagtatttg ctagttctag tgtgtacata    152400
     ctctgggtgg gtggtggcct atccaacaaa aacttagaaa gctcgtgaag tacactatgt    152460
     gcttctccaa gatgtcatcc ctaggtttag actgccctta tgaatgagct cagacaacat    152520
     gccatcattt gttgctgact tggtacaaaa ggcagcaaag gtattggaaa tgacatggaa    152580
     actacatact gcttattgac cgtagagttg cggaaaggtg aagcagatga actggactat    152640
     caaaaatagt ttagaaaaag tgtgtcaaga aagaggatta aagccggcac aagctctccc    152700
     taaggtattg tttaagatta aatgtattcc ttctaaaaga acaggatatt caccttatga    152760
     aatattatat cataggcccc ctcccatact acggggactc ctaggcactc attgagagct    152820
     aggtaaaatt gagttacagc aacaattaca ggctctaggg aaaattacag aaacaatttc    152880
     agccagggta aatgactttc ttcccagatg atcgggtgtg gatcccggat cggaaagtag    152940
     cccccttgtg gccacaggtg gaaaggacac caggccttcg tcttgaccac tcccacagcc    153000
     acaaatgtag agaaaattct agcgtggatc catcatagcc acctaaaact gcagcacctg    153060
     agacctggga ggagagacca agcccagata acacctccaa ggtgactttg aagaagatga    153120
     caagccctac tccagtcata cccaggagct gactggtcca cgcatggcca aaacatgagg    153180
     aaactcattg taggactcac ttttcttaaa ttttggatgt gtacagtaag gacttcaact    153240
     gaccttcctc agactgagga ctgttcaagt tactgaggta gggaaaaaag ttaaagcagt    153300
     ctttttgttt tatagttatt atgaatgtat tgcaacttta aaagggatga ctttgtataa    153360
     cgccaccctg cacaaggtat gcagcccagg aagtaaccag cctgatgtgg gaaaacccat    153420
     tataactact tgatccctgt cggaaaacag gagagtatgt aattctaaga atcaatggaa    153480
     atggactgga tccccaagta aatattttag tctaagggaa ggtccacagg cactctccca    153540
     agccagtgtt tactccctgt atggtacctg tacttttacc accttagttc atcaaaagac    153600
     cacagcacaa gtgcattaca taaatcacta tcaatctgtt ttgcagaaag acctgggtaa    153660
     tgaagatgag aaagagaact ctcactagtg agtgcagctc tcaaagaggg ggatgaggag    153720
     gaaggctatt tctcttactg tcccctgttc tctgaataga aggaggaagt aaaagctgaa    153780
     aaacatcagg aatgaaatca ttgacaagac cagctggtgc cactaatgaa caggcctgag    153840
     gttaaaagtt taacccacca ctctaaccac acgtgctatc tctagatctc aatctattac    153900
     aaccctttca cgtgtaaccc cttaaagttg taagcactta aaagggacag gaactgtttc    153960
     ttccaggagc tcagttcctg agacaggagt ctgccaacac tcccagctga ataaagccac    154020
     tttcttcttt aatccagtgt ctgaggggtt ttgttcatgg cttgtcctgc tacaaaggaa    154080
     tgcagcaatg gggttgactg gttctgcaag aagcccccac ctgggagaca gcaaccccag    154140
     ggaaaacagc ctggctctac ctagaaatca cagtggggta agtttcaaaa aggctcaccc    154200
     ctacaatgtc taggttgaat gaggaatcct gaagatcatt ttttattatt agggatttca    154260
     tggtttattg ctggaacttt acttgaggtt tcttcaggct ggctcacatc tgccctctcc    154320
     taggatcatg gaacaatacc atggatccca cagtgaagac aggtgagagt ccacctttga    154380
     cacaactcca cggaggtctt cttctccacc aagccacagg aacttgttgc taggcaatgg    154440
     ttacactcat tgtgatgcta gccagagctc acaatcaggc ctggtgccct gagagtagtg    154500
     catgcccatt cctgtggcag cctatgtttc ctgtctgtca gagctgtcag cctgcttaag    154560
     cagagtaaaa tggtacaggc agtgcagcct ggtagcgaga aaaaaggctg cctgtgaaat    154620
     cccactgtgg gaccataagt ggggacctca gggccccttc atggcatctc catggccatg    154680
     tcatgctgga gaaggaggcg tttcaagaat gtgagctgat cgctggaaac tgctcatctg    154740
     actccagtct caaaagaggc tatgtgcaag aatcgggtat gatggggatg caaatatagt    154800
     ttgctgtgtt gttgagggtt atttggatga tagaatcata cctgagaccc cagaagctgg    154860
     ggtcagtgaa agatagttgg gcccttgacc tcacttcctc ccttcatttt gggcctcaca    154920
     ggggctctct gggaaagtct ggacctaaga caaaggcaag tccaaggtgg agcactgttc    154980
     tcacaccttg gactgaccac tcatgggtgc agatgaggtt gagacagtgt gtcaaaggcc    155040
     atttatggca tggcaaggat aaaaagttgt gtcagtactg ctgtttaggg gtactgtaga    155100
     ttccccatga aagcaaagaa aaataaaacc tcatctctct agaatgagct gccttgtgct    155160
     ggagtccaag caatgttcaa tgattcctgt cagaggatcc aaatgcctcc tgtaaagtgg    155220
     aaggaacttc agccccccaa atgagacaat gacccagaac ctggagtgca gccagcctac    155280
     ctgaagtccc ttttcctctc tgaaatcctg gtaactaaat tatctgtgta gagaggcagt    155340
     cctactgaaa aacagctgaa tgaaagagcc cctccacaat aaggaaacca ggcagatgaa    155400
     atgaaacaga agatagacta ccagacaaaa gccagacatg aatgcctgct tctcaccctg    155460
     cagaagtcat gcagcccttt gataggagtg ggagaggaag agtttgcttt ttggtggctg    155520
     taacaggaat ttactgtttt aaaagtatca aagcagctca gtcattaaaa cgtgatggtg    155580
     tttagaagga aacactcaca cagtggatca ccgtgagggt tgttctttgt gaactgggaa    155640
     atgttctgtg ttggaagtca ttgaaccaga cccaggaaac tgtaggccag tgaggaacat    155700
     ggaagtcagg aaaagatgag gcaagtgtgg aggccacatt ccacctagca tgaatttatt    155760
     ccacttccat tttgttccgg gtatgaaagc cctcaaatcg gaagtttgcc aggatggccc    155820
     cagcttgtac actcacctga acactgagcc atggtgtgga ctgcttcttc aactaaggga    155880
     atgtggggat ggtgttggaa gtaccttctg agtcacctgt cttcaggtga caaccttcac    155940
     ctgattgaat tctcacccct atccgatgtt atggctgctt atactctgtg tcccaaaata    156000
     aaatcccaaa atgatggagg agtgccccct caggacgtga agcacttgct aagctgggga    156060
     ctgaatttca ggtaaattga aggggccctg aaaacaagac tgctactgtc tctgtctggg    156120
     ttggccacat aacaatgaaa cactaaagat atctatgttt ttgtgtggtg tgctcctctt    156180
     gtttctagaa gaatggcttt gtgctttgta gggggagatt atttggacat gggtgggtta    156240
     tggcctgcct ctcaattcac tgagacttat gatgtggctc aagcagagcc aaaagggttg    156300
     gagactcaaa aaactagccc tgaattgtgt tagccacatt catttaagca ctctccactt    156360
     acagacacac acacacaaac acacacacac acaaaatgcc acacacatgc aggcctccaa    156420
     cactcacaac actccaacag aaacacacag gctggcagct cctgaggctt cgtggttgtg    156480
     caagaaactt accctggcag agagcaaccc cagggcatac tggcaggctt tacctgggaa    156540
     gcacggtggg gcaagtttca gaaagactaa ccaatacagc atctagccag tcctaaaaaa    156600
     tcctgcagtt ccttttggat ccttagcaat tttgtggttt attcctgggg ctatgcctga    156660
     tgtttcttta ggctggttca tgtctgccct ctcctaggat cgtgggacta tcccgaggct    156720
     tccacaggga ataaaagtga gagtccactg ctgatgcacc tccacaaagg tatcctcctc    156780
     agccaagtca cagggacttg tcgctgggca aatgtgacat tcattgtgac tctaaccaga    156840
     gctcagatct aagccctagt gtcctgagac tagcattaaa attctctacc ttagaacccc    156900
     tttgggatgt ctgcatcttt gggtaccact ggaggaggac gcgtttcaag actgtgaggt    156960
     ggttgcttag gagagctctt ctgactccat tcctgaaaga gcctttgtgc aagaatcagg    157020
     acccatctaa attggaatat agtctggtga gttgttaaag gatttttgtg taatggaatt    157080
     atacctgaga caccaaaaat gagtgtcagt aaaatatagc cagtcccttg atctcattgc    157140
     ttcccttcat catggtcctc acaggggctc tctgcaaaag gcaggaaaca tgaaaaaggt    157200
     aggtccaata tcaagaagtt cttacaccga actggagtgt catgggtgca gttgatactg    157260
     tgaaattgtc tcagaggccg tttttggcaa ttgcaagcct gaaaatggtg gccagtattt    157320
     ctgctgaggg gcaatgtggg cccagcatga aagcaaagaa aaatcaaggc tcacctgtga    157380
     gaatgagtgg acttgtcctg gatttccaga aatgttcaaa gatttctgcc agaggaacca    157440
     aaagcctccc acaaagtgca aacaacctca gattttacaa caagcccatg acacaaaacc    157500
     tggaacacca ccagccgacc aaagtctttt tgctccctga aattctgctt gccaaaagaa    157560
     ccattgtgag tggcagtccc atacagcaaa agctcaatga aagagtctgt ttacaatgag    157620
     aaaggaagtg cagatgaagt gaaacacagc cttggttact aggtgaatcc aaacacggct    157680
     ccctgcttct catcctacgg gagtcaagca gccttccaat aaaagtggga gaacgaaagt    157740
     ttccttgttg gcagctgtaa tgggaattga tgctttaaaa ataaatacag ctgcccattc    157800
     attaaaatgt gacagtgatt agaaggaaac actcatgcaa tggattccaa ttagttcgac    157860
     ctccatgaag tgggaaaggt ttagtgttga agattttgag ccacatgcag catgccatag    157920
     gccatagagg aacatggaag acatgaaaaa aacaggcaag tgtggaggcc atatttcacc    157980
     cagaactagt ccatcccact cccatttggc tttgcctatg aaagcgctca aatctggagt    158040
     ttgccaggat gtccccagtt tgcactccaa atgttctctg catgttggag tactcccacc    158100
     tcaacaatgg gccatggtgt ggactacttg tgcaaatagt ggaatgtagg gattcagttg    158160
     gaagcatctt ctgtgtcatt tgtcttcacc ttatttgcag gtgaagttgt gagaccccat    158220
     ccacccctca caagattgta tccccaccct gtctgacctt actgctgctc aaactatctg    158280
     tccaaggatg aaaacccagg acaaaggagg agtaaccctc atgatgtgaa gcacgtgttc    158340
     acctgtgaat ataacctgag gtaaattcaa gggttgttgt agacaggatt gctattgtct    158400
     ctccctgggt tggccacatg acaatgaaaa cctgggagat gtctgctctt gggtgtggtt    158460
     tgactctctt ctacctagaa gagttgcttt ttttgcaggg catggtgact tggacagcag    158520
     catgtctcgg ccagcctccc aactcactgc agattcatga ttcacaaaaa aataaagaac    158580
     atggagttct atgtcccaaa cagaggcgta caggaagaca acaaaaggtt ggagactcaa    158640
     caaaatgaag tgctgcagtg tgttagccac attcctttaa gcagactcca tttacaggca    158700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca aatgtacaaa gtcaaacaca caggcagaca tccaacactt    158760
     gcagcactcc cacagaaaca cacagcctat cagctcctga ggcagtttgg ttctgcagga    158820
     agccacacct aggagggagc aacaccaagg aacacaggag ggctgtacct atacatcaca    158880
     gtggggcaag tgtcaaaagc actcacccct cactcactca caggggtgag gatacagtgc    158940
     ctaggcaggc ctgaagcatc ttgcagaccc ttttggatcc ttctggaatt catggtttat    159000
     tcctggtgct cttattgaca ttatttcagg ctggctcata tttgccctct cctaaaatca    159060
     ggagactata cagtaattcc cacagagaaa acaggtgaga gtccaccacc gacagcacct    159120
     gtaaaaaggt cttcttctcc gccaacctgc aggaacttgt ctctaggaaa tggtggcatt    159180
     cactgtgacg ctaatcaaaa ctcacagctc agtctttgtg ccttgagacc agtgccttcg    159240
     cattcaagag gcatgttctg gggcctggct gtcagagctg ttagcctgac caaaaagagg    159300
     aacaaagaaa aggcactgtg ataaaccact gctggaccca aaaagtctag gccatagggc    159360
     ccttttgggc agtctctgag gtcgagttcc actgaaggag aactcatttt gagactgtga    159420
     agtggtcgct gcaatcagat actctgcctc cattctggaa agaggctgtg tgcaagaggc    159480
     agttcctatg gggattgtaa tacagtctgg tgagttaccg ggcctcacag gggctctcgg    159540
     gaaaaggtaa gaaccacgac aaaagaaagt ccaagataaa gcattgttct cacaccttaa    159600
     actggctgtt ctcacacctt aaaatgggtg caggtgaggt ggaaacagtt tctcagtggc    159660
     tgtctgtggt gaaagcaagc cagaaaaggg tgtccagtag tgctgatgag gggcaatgtg    159720
     gaaccctcat gaaagcaaag aaaaatgaag gctcatctga gcaaataagc tgacttgtgc    159780
     aggagtccaa ataatgttca aagatttttg tcagaggacc caaaagcctc ctacaaagag    159840
     caaacaacat cagcctccac aaggagaaaa agacccaaaa tctggagtat agccagcata    159900
     cgcaaagtcc tataggcttc ctgaagttcc tggcagccaa aagatctgta gggaggaggc    159960
     agtcccatcc agcaaaagcc aatgaaatat ccactccaca gagagaaagg acttgcagat    160020
     gaagtgaaac agagctaaga ttaccaggca aatgcagaca tggctgcctg cttctcatcc    160080
     taaaggaatc atgcagtctt ccaataaaag tgggaaaaca agagtttcta tgttggtgga    160140
     tgtaatggga atttatgctt ttaaaagtat cacagctgcc cagtcattaa aatgtggcag    160200
     agtttagaaa gaatccctca tgtaatgaat tcccaagaga gtcatcctct gtgaactggg    160260
     aaacttttag tgtggaatac gtgtagccat acccaggaaa acttaggcca aagaagatca    160320
     tgaaagtcag gaaaagaaga ggcaagtgtg gcagccacat tccatccagc atcaatccat    160380
     caccctctcc tttgcctttg ggtatgaaag ccctcacatt gggagtttgc caggatggcc    160440
     ccagtgtgta ctcaaaattt tccccataca ttggagtact tccacctgaa caccaggctg    160500
     tttagctgga aacaatctct gtgtcgtctg tcatcctttt tctttttttt ttttttttac    160560
     aggtgcagtt ggggtatccc atgcacctcc ccagatttca tctttactcc tatctgacat    160620
     cattgctgtt gacactctat gcaccaggat gaaatccaaa gatgatattt gagagccccc    160680
     cgacctaaga catgaattat tggcttggct gggaatcgaa ttcaaggtga attcaatgtg    160740
     ccctgtgcac aggactgcta gcatctctcc ctgggttggc tgcaagacaa tgaaacactg    160800
     agatgtctca tttttggtgt ggtgtgctcc ttttctttct agaagagtgg cttttctcac    160860
     acacacaatg ccacacacac actcagacat ccaacattca caacactccc acagaaacat    160920
     acaaaccagt tactactcag actgtgctgt tgtgcaggta gcaccaactg ggtctgcagg    160980
     tagcccaagc agacccacac agaaaagcca ccaaaaggtt gggagatgta catacagcaa    161040
     acactgaagt gcattagcaa tattccttag gcagactgca cttacagtct ctcacacaca    161100
     cacacataca aacacacaat gccacccaca tgcatgtaga catccaacac tcacagcact    161160
     ccaccagaaa ggttggcaga ctaaagaaga agtgctgaag tgtgttaggc acattatttt    161220
     aagcacactc cacttacaga cacataaaca cgcacataca caaacacaca atgctacaca    161280
     cacacacaca gccatccatc acatgcaaga ctctcataga aaagcaaaga ctggcagccc    161340
     ctgaggcagt gttgttcgga aggaatccca acctgggaga cagcaacccc aagaaacaca    161400
     agggaactgt acctagaaat cacggtggtg caagtttgaa agagactcaa ccctacaaac    161460
     ttctgggtag tcctgagaaa tcctgtatat ccttttgcat cctaagggat tctgcagttt    161520
     attcctggag gtgtacttga cttttcttca ggctggctca tgcctgccct tttctaggat    161580
     catgggacaa tcccatgaac accacagaga agtcaggtga gagtccacgg ccgatgcatc    161640
     tccaaggagg tctcctctgc caagccacag ggcattgtca caaggcagca gtgacattca    161700
     ttgtgatgct agccagcact cacactcagg cctggtgctc tgagactagc acatgtgcat    161760
     ttctgaggca ggctcaggca ctcatcagag ctgtcagcct gcctaagcag aggaaaatgg    161820
     tacaggcaga gcctgcctgg tatagggaaa aatgctgcct gcaataaccc accactggac    161880
     ataaaaatat agatgacagg gccctttcag gcagtctcca aggttgggtt ctgcagaagg    161940
     agaagtcact ttgagactgt gaaagggtcg ctgcaatctg cacctctgcc tccattccca    162000
     aaagaagatg tgtgcaagag ttaattccca tggggattga aataccatct ggtgagtttt    162060
     tgaggcatct ctgggtgatg gaatcatcat tgagacccaa gaggtgggtg tcagtgaaag    162120
     atggttaggc ccttgacctc actgcctccc ttcatcctgg gcctcacagg agctctctgg    162180
     gaaatacagg aaccacaaca aaagcaagtc ccagataaag cattgttctc atatctcaaa    162240
     ctggcctttc acagatgcag atgtggttga cagagtatgt ctgaggtggt ccatggcaat    162300
     tgcaagacag aaaatggtgt ccagtactgc taatgagggg caatgtggac tccccttgaa    162360
     agcaaagaaa aatgaaggct tatctgagca aacaagctga cttgtgtggg agtacaagca    162420
     aagttcaaag attcccatca gaggacccaa aagcctcctg caaagcgcaa acaacatcag    162480
     cccccacaag gacaccatga tccacatcct ggcatgtagc caccatatgc aaagtccttt    162540
     tggcttcctg aaattcctgg cagtgaaaag atctatagca agaggcagtc ccatccagca    162600
     agagccaatg aaagatccac tccacagcag ggaatgacat gcagatgaag tgaaacagag    162660
     ccaagattag caggaaaatg cagaacacag ctgcctgctt ctcctcctac aggaatcatg    162720
     cagctctttg ataaaaggag aataaaaatt tctgtattgg cagttgtaac gggaatttat    162780
     gcttttaaaa gtctcatatt gcccagtcat caaaatgtga cagagtctag gaagaaacac    162840
     tgatgcaatg gattcacatg agagtggtcc tctgtgaact gggaaacttc tagtgtagaa    162900
     gatgtggaac cagacccaga aaaccctagg ccaaaaagga acatgaagac acaagtgtgg    162960
     tggccacatc ccacccagca tcaatccatc acactttcat gtggctctgg gtatgaaagc    163020
     cctcacattg agagtttgcc aggatggccc caatttgttc tcaaaatgtt ctctgcatgt    163080
     ccacctgaac accaggctat ttacttggaa gcagcttctg tgtcatccat ctttatttta    163140
     tttttttcag gtgatattgc aaaaccttat acacccttca ccagattttg tccttactgc    163200
     tatttgactt tattcctgct catactgtat gttccaggat gaaatcaaaa gatgatggag    163260
     aagtgccccc cgccacaaga tgtgaatcac ttgctcagct gggaactgaa ttcaagatta    163320
     attcaaagtg cccagtggac aggactgcca gtgtctatgc ctgggttggc ctcatgacaa    163380
     tgacacacta ggagatacct ctttttggca tggtgtgctc ctcttctttt tagaagagtg    163440
     gctttttttg aacacacaat gccacacaca cgctcagaca tcctacactc aaaatactcc    163500
     cacagaaata cacagcccag cagctactga ggctgcattg ttgtgcagga agcactacct    163560
     ggagaaagtc ccacatccca agcagagaaa cacaggccac caaaatgttg gaagactcaa    163620
     aaacagaaag cactgaagtg cataagtaat attcctttaa gcagactcca tttatagtca    163680
     cacacacaca cacaatgcca cacaaagatg cagacatcca acactcgaaa tcctccacca    163740
     gaaaggttgg gagactaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagaa agacaaaggg ctgaagtggg    163800
     ttagccacat aatttcaagc acactccact gacaggtgca cacacacacc caatgccaca    163860
     cacagatgca gacatccaac actcgcaaca ctcccacagg aaaacacagc tcagcagctc    163920
     cagaggctat gtgattctgc aggaatccca acctgggaga gagcaagcac aagaaaccct    163980
     ggttggctac acctagaaat cacagttagg caagtttcaa aagactcatg cttacaacat    164040
     ctagggtggc ctgaaaaatc ctgcagaggt ttttgcctgt gtgtaagcaa ggtggcatcc    164100
     taagcagaga aaaatggtac aggcagagta ggcctgtttt taataaaaag gcagtgtgtg    164160
     aaaacccact gtgggaccct aaatgtctcg acctgaaggc ccctttgggc tgtctccatg    164220
     gtcaggtccc actgccggag gaaatatttt gagatagtaa cctgttcgct ggaaactgcc    164280
     cttctgactc catttttgaa acaggctgtg agccataatc tggtcccata agaattggaa    164340
     tataatctgt tgtgttgttg agggttgttt gggtgacaga atcatacctg agaacttaga    164400
     ggtgggtgtc agtgaaagaa ggttgggctc ttgacctcac tgcatccctt catcctgggt    164460
     ctctcagaag ctctctgggg aaggtagaaa ccacaacagt ggcaaatcca atgtagagga    164520
     gtgttctcat accttggact ggtctttcac tgtgcagttg aggttattct tacacctcag    164580
     actggccttg gactgtgcag ataaggttga gacagtgaaa cactgcgaga tgtctgtttc    164640
     tggtgtggtg tgctcctctt ctttctagaa gagtggcttt ttttgtgggg ggagttgatt    164700
     tggacaattg tgtgtcttgg cccacctccc aatgcaatgc agattcatga tccacagaaa    164760
     aataaagaac atggagcccc aaagcacaag cagagcaaca ggcaggccaa caaagattga    164820
     aacatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagcagcag cactgaagtg cgttagccat attatttaag    164880
     cagactccac ttacagccac aaacacattc tcaaacacgc aatgacacac acacacacat    164940
     atccaacagt tgcaacactc ccacagaaga acatagccca gcagcacccg aggctgcata    165000
     gctctgcagg aattcccacc tgggagagag caatcccagg gaacatagac aggctgtacc    165060
     tagaaaccac agtggggcaa gtttcaaaaa gactcacccc tacaatatct aggcaggcct    165120
     acaaaatctt gcagatcttt ttggatgttt aaggattttg cggtttattt ctgtagctaa    165180
     gcttgatgtt ccttcacgct ggctaacgtc tgccctctcc taggatcatg agactatctg    165240
     tggatttcac agagaagaca gacgagaaga caccgctgac acttctccac ggaggtctcc    165300
     ttttccacca agatgcagat gcttcttgca aggcaatggt gacatttatt gtgatgctag    165360
     acagagctca caatcagacc aggtgcgctg agactagcgc aagtgcattt gtgaggcaga    165420
     ctcaagtcag gttgtcagag ctgtcagcct gcctctgcag tggataatgg tacaggcaga    165480
     gctggcttgg tattgggaaa aaggctgact ataaaaaccc gctgcaggac cctgaaagtc    165540
     ttgacctcag ggaccctgct agccatttcc ttgttcaggt cgcgctggag gaagaggtgt    165600
     ttcgcgactg tgaggtggtc gctggaaact gctcttctaa ctccattagc gaaagagggt    165660
     gtgtgcaata attgggtccc aaggggattg gaatataatc tggtgtgtcg ttgagtgttc    165720
     tttgggtgac agaaacatac ctgagacacc agaagtggat gtcagcaaaa gatgattggg    165780
     cttttgaact caatggctcc cttcattctg agccttgcag gggctatcta tgaaaggcaa    165840
     gaaccatgac aaaggcaagt ctaatgtgga gcagtgttct cacatcttgg aatggcctct    165900
     cacttgtgca gatgtagttg agacagtgtc tcagaggcca tctgtggtga tggcaagctt    165960
     gaaaatggtg tgcagtgctg ctgttggggg gcactatgga ttccccaaga aaacaaagaa    166020
     aaaccaaggt tcacctaaga atgagctgcc tttgctggag tccaggcaat gttcaagatt    166080
     cctgtcagaa accaaaagcc tcctgcaaag tgcaaacaac tgcagcctct acgatgagac    166140
     aatgatccac aatatggagt gcagccagtt tatcaaagtc ccttttactc tctgaaatcc    166200
     ctggcagcaa aataatctgt ggcaagtggc agtcctagcc agcaatagcc cagtgaaagg    166260
     gcccctccac aatgagaagt ccatgcagat gagatgaaac aggggctaga ttatcaggct    166320
     aaagccagac gtggctgcct ccttctcatc ctagagtaaa catgcaaccc tgtgatagaa    166380
     gtgggaaaaa aaacagattc cttgttggtg ggtgtaacaa gaatttaccg ttttaaaact    166440
     atcaaagctt cccagtcttt aaaaggtgac aatgtttaga aggaaacact catgcaatgg    166500
     attcccagga gggttgttct ctatgaattg ggaaacattt agtgtggaag tcattgagcc    166560
     agaaagagga aaccctaggt tgatgaaaaa catagaagtc agggggaaaa aggcaagtac    166620
     ggaggccaca tccaacccag catcaatcaa tactcctccc atttggctca tgtatgaagg    166680
     ctcttaaatt gggagtttgc aaaaatggcc ccaatttgcc ctccaaatat tccttgcaga    166740
     ttaaagtact cccaccagaa caccgagcca tggtgtggac tgcttgtgca attaagggga    166800
     tgcagagatg aagttggaag cactttctgt gttatctgtc tttatgtttt gctggtgaag    166860
     ttgggagacc actttcaccc ctcaccagat tgtatcctca ccccatctga ccttatttct    166920
     gctcacaatc tatgtccccg aatgaaatcc aagatgatgg acaagatctt cctcatgaca    166980
     tgaagcatct gctcagctgg agactgaatt tgatgtaaat tcaaggggcc atgcacacag    167040
     gtctgtgagt gtcactttct ggtttggact caggtcaata aaacactggg agatctcttt    167100
     tttttggtgt ggtatgctca tcttctttct agaagagtgg cttttgttgc aggggaggtg    167160
     atttggatgc ttgtgtgtct cggcccacct cccaattcac tgcagattca tgatccacag    167220
     acaaataaag aacatgaatc ccggcaaccc aagccgagcc acacagacag gccactataa    167280
     ggataagaga ctcaaaaata aaagaaatgc tgcagtgcat tagccacatt cctttaagca    167340
     gactccactt acaggcacgc aaacacacac acaaatacac aatgccacac ctacccacaa    167400
     agacaaccaa cacttgcaac attcccacgg aaactcactg cctggcagct actgaggctg    167460
     tgtggctcat cagaaatccc cacctgggag agagcaaccc cgggtaacac atgcatgttg    167520
     tacctagaaa tcacattggg acaggtttct aaaagactca cccctacaac ctctaggcag    167580
     gcctgaggaa tccttccaaa tccttttgga tccctaggca gtttgccatt tattcctggg    167640
     gctcttcttg acctttcctc agtctggctc tcatctgccc ttttctagga ctatcctgtg    167700
     aatcccacag agaagacagg tgtggttcca atgccggtgc acctccaggg aattctcctt    167760
     ttctaccaag ctccaggcct tctgccatga tcatgagact atttgtggat ttcacagaga    167820
     agataggtga gagtgtacca ctgacacacc tccacagagg tctccgtctc cagcaagagg    167880
     cagggacttg tcactaggca atggtgacct tttttgtaac ttttgccgaa gctcacaatc    167940
     agccctgata ccttgagact agcacatgtg cattcatgag ggtggctcag gcgcctgact    168000
     gttggagctg tcagcttgcc taagcagagg aaaatagtac aagcagagat ggcctggtat    168060
     caggacaaag tctgcctgcg aaaaccaacg gctggactgt aaaatttgca aagtcagggc    168120
     cccttcagtt catctccatg attggttccc gctggagaag aaggcatttc aagatggtga    168180
     catggtctct ggaaactgct cttcagactc catttctgaa aaagtctatg tgcaagtatc    168240
     gggtttcatg gggattggag tatagtctgg tgagttgttg aggattcttt gggtgataca    168300
     atcatacctg agaccccaaa ggtgggtgtc agagaaagat ggccggtctc ttggcctcac    168360
     tgcctccctt tattttggac ctcgcaggag ctctctggga aaggcagcaa cctcaaaaag    168420
     gcaagtccaa gaaggagcag tgttctcaca tcgtggactg tcttctcaca ggtgcagatg    168480
     aggttgagac agtgtctcca aggctgtctg tggccatggc aaacctgaaa agtgtcaagt    168540
     actgctgttg atgggcacta tgcatacctt atgaaagcaa agaaaaatca atgctcacct    168600
     gaaagaacaa tctgccttgt gctgcagtcc aagcaatgtt caaagattcc tgtcagagga    168660
     ccgaaaagcc tcctgtaaag tgcaaacaac ctcagccccc acgttgacac catggctcac    168720
     aacctggatt ttggtgagcc tacccaaagt gtcttttgct ccctgaaatc cctggcagcc    168780
     aaaagatctg tgatgagagg tagtaccatc cagcaacagt ccagtgaaag atcccttcca    168840
     caatgagaaa cgacatgcag atgaaatgga acagtgccta gaatgtcagc caaaagtgag    168900
     atatgactgc ctgcttctca ccccagagat cttgcagccc ctgatagaag tggtagaaca    168960
     agagtttcct taatggcagc tgtaacagga aatcatggtt ttaaaagtat cacagctgcc    169020
     aagtaattaa aatgtgacat tgttaatatg aaatacgcac acaatggatt ctcataaggg    169080
     tcataatcac tgtatgggga aatgtttagt gtcgaagacg ttgagccaga cccaggaaac    169140
     cctaggctga tgaggagcat ggaagtcagg aaaaaaagag gcaagtgtag acgccacatc    169200
     ccagccagga taaattcatg gtactcccat ttggctttag tatgaaagcc cttaaattgg    169260
     cagtttgcag gatggcttca gtttgcactc caaatgttcc ctgcaccttg tagtactccc    169320
     acctgaacac cgggccatgg tgtggactac tgtgtcatta agggaatgca gggatgcagt    169380
     gtgaagcact ttctgtcttc tgtcttcacc ttttttgcat gttaaggtgc aggtcctcat    169440
     ccacccctca ccacattgta tcttcatctc tctgtgacct tattgctact gatattctct    169500
     gttccagaat gaaattccaa gatgatggag gggttctcct tcacgatgtg aagcaccagc    169560
     ttggctggga actaaattcg aggtacattt aaaaagccct gcagacagga ctgctgctgt    169620
     ctctccctgg gttggctgaa ggacaataaa acactgggag atgtctgttc ttgagggtgg    169680
     tatggccttc ttctttctag gaaagtggtt ttttttggga gaaggaggtg ttttgttacc    169740
     tggcgggtct catcctgcct tagacttcat tgcagattca taatccatag aaaaagaaag    169800
     aatacaaagc cccgcagcct gagacaatcc actaaaaagt tggaagactt aaaaaaaagg    169860
     gggctgcagt gctttagcaa cattacttta agcagactcc ccttacagac accacacaca    169920
     cacacacaca cacacataga cacagccata catacacgca aacatccaac actcacaaca    169980
     ctctcacaga aacacaaagt ctggcagctt ctcaggcttt gtggtcctgc aggaagcccc    170040
     acctgggaga cagccacccc aggaacacag gtgggcttta cctagaaatc acagtggggc    170100
     aagtttcaca atgactcacc cctgcaacat ctaggcaggc attagaaatt ctacacatat    170160
     tttaaatcat taggaatgct tcagtttatt cctgaggctg cccttgaggt ttcttgaggc    170220
     tggcttctgt ctgccctctc ctagcatcat gggactgtcc catgcatttt acttagaaga    170280
     caggtgagag tccactacca atgcccctac atggaggttt cctccctcaa tccacaggga    170340
     cttgtcacta ggcaatggcg gcatttattg tgacactagt cagaactccc aaacaggcct    170400
     tttgcactga gagtagagca tgcacatttg ccaggtagat tcgggcccct ggctgtcaga    170460
     gttgtcagcc tgcctaagca gaggaaaatg atatagacag agatggcatg ctatcatgaa    170520
     aaagtctgtc tgtgataacc aagtgcagta ccgtaaaatt attgaccatg gagccccttc    170580
     acgatgactc catggctggg aaccactgaa ggaggaggct tttccaaact gaggtggtct    170640
     ctgaagactg ctcttctgac tccattcctg aaagaggctg tgtgcaagaa tcaggttcca    170700
     tggagattgg aatatagtct ggtgagttgt tgaggggatt ttatgtgatg gaattatacc    170760
     cgagacccca gagtcagctt tcaatgaatg gggctcggcc cttgacttca ttgcctccta    170820
     tcatcctggg cctggcaggg gatctatgag aaaggcagga accacgacaa aggcaggtcc    170880
     aaagtcaagc agtattctta catgtcgaac gggtctctca ctcatgtaga tgatgttgaa    170940
     aaatgttcac agaaggtgtc tgcggaaatt gcaagtctga caatcatgtc cactaatgct    171000
     gttgaggggc aatgtggacc cagcctgaaa ggaaagaaaa atcaaggctt gcttgagaga    171060
     aggagctggc ttgagctgga gtataagaaa ctttcaaagg ttcctgtcag aggaaccaaa    171120
     agcctcctga gaactgcaaa caacctcagc tctcacaatg agaccacgaa ccacaagctg    171180
     gaaggcagcc agcctatgca aagtcatttt tgctttctga aatcagtggc agcaaaatct    171240
     gtatttagag acattcccat ctagcaacat tcaatgctat atgccctcca caatgagaca    171300
     agacttgcag atgaaataaa acagaacata gattaccaga aaaaaagcta gatacgtctg    171360
     tctgcttctc atcctactgg aattatgcag ccttttgata gaaatgggag aagaactgtt    171420
     tcccaagggc cagacatggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccta gaactttagg aggctgaggt    171480
     gggaggatca tgaggtcagg agattgagac catcctggct aaaatggtga aaccccatct    171540
     ctactaaaaa tataaaaaat tagccaggaa tggtggaagg ctcctgtagt cccagatact    171600
     cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atggtgtgaa cccagaaggc agagcttgca gtgactggag    171660
     atcatgccac tgcactgcag cctgggcaac agaatgagac tctgtctaag gaaaaaaaga    171720
     aaaagaattt atttgttggt ggctgtaatg ggaatttatg gttttaaaag tatcacaaca    171780
     gctctgccat taaaatgtga cagtgtttag aaggaagcac tgatgaaata cattcccatg    171840
     agggtcatcc tctgtgaacc aggaaacgtt tattgtgaaa gacatttagc cagacccagg    171900
     aaattctggg ccaatgaaga acacgaaagt gaggaaaaga agaggcaagt gtggagacca    171960
     tatcccacac agcatcattc catcccactc ccccttggct ccctgtacaa aagccctcca    172020
     atagggaatg tgccagcatt gccaaagttt gcactaacat tgtttcctgc cacttggagt    172080
     agtcacacca gaacacaggg ccatggtgtg gaatcctttt gcaattaagg gaatgcttaa    172140
     atgcagttgg aagcaccttc tgtgtcatct gtttttacca tttctgcagg tgaaggtgtg    172200
     ggaccccatc cacccttcac cagattgcat cctcacccgc atcttacctt attgctgctc    172260
     aaactctgtg tcccagaatg aaatcccagg atgatggagg attgccccct cacaacgtga    172320
     agcagctgct cagctggaaa ctgaattcaa ggttaattca aggagctctg caacatgact    172380
     ggtagtgttg atttttgggt tgacttcagg acaataaaac attctccagg aatcatgcag    172440
     cttttctata gaagtgagag aacaagagtt tccttgtttg tggctgttgc atgaatttac    172500
     agttttaaaa gtatcacagc tgcccagtca ttaaaacatg gcagtgttta gggggaaata    172560
     ctcacacaat agaatcccat gaggatcatt ttccatgaac tggggaatgt tgagtttaga    172620
     agacgttgag ccagaccaag gaaactacgc caatgacgaa caaagaagtc aggaaaagat    172680
     gaggcaattg tggaagctgc atcccaccca gtatcaatcc atcccactca catttggctc    172740
     tgcgtttgaa agccctcaaa ttgagagttt gccaggatgg ccccagtttg cactccaaat    172800
     gttccctgtg tgttagagta ctcccacatg aaaatggggc catagtgtgg acagcttgtg    172860
     atattaaggg aatacaagga caaggatata gttggaaata acttctttgt catttgtctt    172920
     cacctttttt caggtgaagg tgtaggaccc catccacccc tcaccagatt gtatcctcac    172980
     ccctatctga cctcactgct gctcacactc tctgacccaa agtgaaaccc caagacaatg    173040
     gattagtgcc tccgtacaag gtgaagcacc tactcaggtg ggaatcaaat ttgaggtaaa    173100
     ttcaaggggc cctgtgaaca gtgctactgt ctatcactgg gttggctgca ggattaaaac    173160
     acactggaag atgtctgttc ttgaatgtgg tgtgctcctc ttctttgtag aagagagact    173220
     gtttttacag ggaaaggtga tttggacctc tgccagcatc ccaattcaca atagattcat    173280
     tatctacaga aaaatagaga acattgagcc ctgcagccaa aacagtgaca ccaacaggcc    173340
     accaaaatgt taggagactt gaaaaatgaa gtgccacagt gcgttagcca gatttttttt    173400
     aagcagactc catgtacagg cacacacaca caaacaaaaa aacaccgaaa gccacacaca    173460
     cacaagcaga catccagcac tcccaatgct cccatagcaa cactcagccc tgcagcttct    173520
     gggttgtgtg gttctgcagg aagctccacc tgggagaggg cagccatggg gaaaacaggc    173580
     tctacataga aatcagagta gggcaagttt ccaaaagact cacccctaca acgtctaggc    173640
     aggcctaagg cattctgcag atatttttgg atccttaggg atttcagggc ttattcctgg    173700
     ctctgattga tgtttttttt tcagtttggt tcacctctgc cctctcctgg gatcatggga    173760
     ctatactgtg aatcccacag agatggcagg cgaaattcca acaccaatac ccaccccccg    173820
     cccccacgaa attctccttt tccgccaagc catagggact tgtcagtagt caatggtggc    173880
     attgactgtg acgctagcca tagtgcacat ctcatgcctg gtgccctgat actagcacat    173940
     atcccttcat gaggcaggtt gttgtgcctg gctctaggag atgtcagcct gcctaaacag    174000
     aggaaaatgg tacagacaga gctgatctgg tgtcagaaat aatgctgcct gtgataattc    174060
     actgtgggac tctaaacttt tgagcttagg gcatctttgg gccatctctg ggtcgttccc    174120
     tctggaggag gagacatttt gatactgtga ggtagtcgct ggaaagtgcc cttctgactc    174180
     cattcttaaa aaaggctgtg tgcaggaatc gtgtcccatg ggtattgaaa tatagtctgg    174240
     ggaattgttg agaggtcttt gcatgatgga atcatacctg agaccccaga ggcagatgtc    174300
     agtgacagac taccagggcc ttggcctcac tgcctccctt cattttgggc ctcacaaggt    174360
     ctctctggga aaggtaggaa ccacgacaaa gacaaatcca gtgtggagca gtgttctcac    174420
     acatcgcact ggcctttcat aggtgcagat gatgttggga cagtgtctca aaggttgtct    174480
     gtggtgattg taagcctgta aagaatgtct attagcactg ttgaggagaa ctgtggaccc    174540
     cccatgaaat gaaagaaaaa tcaagactcc cctgattgaa tgaggttact tgccctggca    174600
     tccaggcaat gttcaaatat tcctgtcaga gaacccaaag ccttctacaa agtgaaaacc    174660
     acctgagcct ccacaatgag aaaacaaccc acaacctgga gtgtagccag cctacctgaa    174720
     gtttctattt ttccctgtaa tccctggcaa ccaatagata tttggcaaga ggcactccca    174780
     cccagctata gcacagtgaa agaaaccctc cacaatgaga aaggatgggc agatctaata    174840
     aaacagatcc tagattacca gaaaaagcca cacagggctg cctccttctc atcctacagg    174900
     aatcatgcag ctctccgata gaagtgggag aaacagagtt tccttcttgg ccactggaat    174960
     gtgaatttat tgttttaaaa ttatcacagc tgcccagaca ttaaactgag acagtgctta    175020
     gaaagaaata atcacacaat ggatccccat gagatcatcc ttgtgaagtg gaaatgcttg    175080
     ttatggaaaa cttagatcca gacccaggaa accttaggtc gatgaggaac atggaagtca    175140
     gaatgcaaag atgaaagtgt ggaggccaca tgccaccagc atcaatccct cccagtccca    175200
     tttggttctg ggtatgaaag ccctcaaata tggagttagc caacttggcc ccagtttgta    175260
     ctccaaatgt cccctgcacg ttggagtact cccgcgtgaa cacagggcca tggtatgtgc    175320
     ggcttgtgca actaagagaa tgctgggatg cagttggaag caacttctgt gttatctgtc    175380
     ttcttttttt tttttctttt tttgcaggtg aaggtacagc atggcatcca cccctcacca    175440
     gaggggtatc cccaccccta tctgacctta ttaccttatt gctgttcaaa gtctctatcc    175500
     cagactgaaa tcccaagaca atggagaagt tccccctgat gatgtgaagc accaactcct    175560
     ctgggaatca aattcgaggt aaatttaata ggcccggtag agatgaatga tagtgtctct    175620
     ccttggattg gctgaaagac aattaaacac tggtatattt ctgttcttgg ttgtggtgtt    175680
     cttctgttct ttctagaaga gtggcttttt tggcaaagga aggtgatttg gacagtggtg    175740
     tttctcagcc agcttgccaa ttcactgcag attcatgatc ctcagaaaaa taaagaatat    175800
     ggatcccagc agcccaagta gacccacaca tacaggccac tacaatgttt ggagactcaa    175860
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaga atcactgcag tgcattagcc acattccttt aagcagactc    175920
     cacttaacag gcacacacac actcaatcac acatacacac taccacatac atgcagattt    175980
     ccaacatttg caacactctc acaaaaacac acagcccagc agcttcttag gcttcttggt    176040
     tctgcaggaa gccctgcctt tgaaagagca accccaggga acacaggcag cctgtgccta    176100
     gaaattacag tatggtaagt tttaaaaaga ctcatcccga caaagtctgg gaggcttgag    176160
     gcatcctgca gattcttttg gatctgtacg gattttgtgg cttattcctg gggctgtgct    176220
     tgacttttct tcaggctgac tcacctgctc cctctcctta ggcccatggg actatcgtgg    176280
     gaatcccaca gggaagatag gcgagagtcc accgctgact cacctccacg gagttcttat    176340
     ccacaaagtc acagggactt atccctaggc aatggtggcc ttcattgtga tgctagctgg    176400
     agcccatagc tcagtccttg tgtctaagag tatgcaggct ttcgtgatgg gctgtcagac    176460
     ctgtcagcca gcctaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaagataca ggaagagccg gcacggtatt    176520
     gaaaaaaatg ctgcctacaa taactcaatg agggaccata aatgtctcaa ctgtagtgcc    176580
     tctacaagtc attcctgtgg ccaggtccca ctggagaagg aggtgattcg agactacgag    176640
     gtggtctttg gaaagtgtta ctctgattcc attcctgaaa ggctgtgtgc aagagtctgg    176700
     acagatggag gttagaatat attctggtga gttgttgagg gctctttggg tggtggaatc    176760
     atacctgaga gaccagaggt gggtgtcatc aaaagatggc tgggctcttg acctcactgc    176820
     ctcccttcat gctgggcctt gcagaggccc tctgggaaag gaaggaacca cgaaaaaagc    176880
     aagtccaagg cagagcagtg ttctctgacc tcgagctgac ccctaacgga ttcagatgag    176940
     gttgagacag tgtctcagag cccgtctgtg atgaatgcaa gcctaaaaag ggtttccagt    177000
     aatgctgttg aggggcactg tggacccaag atgaaagcaa agaaaattca aggcctgcct    177060
     gagagaacca cctgacttgt gctggagtcc aagtaacatt caaagatttc tgtcacagga    177120
     ccctaaatcc tcctgcaaat tgcaaacagc ctcagctgca acaatgagac catgacccac    177180
     aagctggagc tcagccagcc tgcctaaatt cccttttgct ttcagaaatc cctggcagcc    177240
     aaaagatttg tggtgagtgg cacccccatc cagaaacagc ccaatgaaag atcccctcca    177300
     caataagaaa ggacatatag atgaaatgaa atagagtcta gatttccagg caaaagacag    177360
     aaatgcctgc ctgtttctca tcctagagaa actgtgtagc cctctgatag aagtgggaga    177420
     acaagagttt ccttgttggt ggctgcaacg ggaatttaca gttctaaaag tatcacaact    177480
     ctccagtcat taaaacgtga cagtgtttag aaggaaacat tcactcaatg aattcccatg    177540
     agggtcgtcc tccatgaact gggaacattt agtttggaag aaattgagcc agaccaagga    177600
     aaccctatgc tgaaaaggaa cacggaagtc aagaaaacaa gaggcaagtg tggaggccac    177660
     atgccaccca gtatctatcg attgccctcc cattatgctt cagatataaa agccctcaaa    177720
     ttgggagatt gtgaggatgg ccccagtttg cactccaaat attccctgaa cgttggagta    177780
     ctcccacctg aacaatgggg attgtgtgga ctgcttttgc aactaaagga atttggcaat    177840
     gcagttggaa acaccttctg tgtcatctgt tttaaacttt tttgcaagct aaggtgtggg    177900
     accccataca cccctcagca gattgtatcc tcacccctaa ctgttctttt tgctgctcac    177960
     actctctgtt ccagaaaaaa aatcccaaaa cgatggagga gttgcccctc atgacatgta    178020
     gaacctgctc tcctgggaac caaattctag gtaaattcaa agggtcttgt gaacaacact    178080
     gctattgtct ctccctggga tggccacaga acaatgaaaa acattgtgat gtctattctt    178140
     aggtgtggtt ttctcctgtt ctttcctgaa gagtgacact tttgcaggtg gaggggactt    178200
     ggaccctagc aggtcatagc cagcctctca attaactgca ttcatgatcc acagaaaaat    178260
     aaagaacaca cataccaagt aaaacagcag agacaagtca ccaaaatttt tggagactca    178320
     aaaaaaatgc tatagtgcaa tagctacatt cctttaagca gactccactt acagacacac    178380
     acatgcacac acacacaaac acacaatgcc acaaacacac atgcagattt tgaacatttg    178440
     caacactccc acagaaacat acagcctggt ctcgcctgaa gctgtgtggt tctgcaggaa    178500
     accccacatg gcatagagca acaatgcaca acacaagggg ggctgtaact agaaatcaca    178560
     gtggggcaag tttcaaaaac acacccctac aatgtctagg caggcctgag gaatccactt    178620
     ctgccctctc ctaggattgt gggactatgc catggatttc acagagaata aaagcagagt    178680
     ccactgcaga tgcaccccca tgaaggtctc ctttttccac caagcctcag ggccttgttg    178740
     ctaggcaatg ataacattca ttgtgatgct caaaagagct cacaatcagg tctggtgccc    178800
     caagactagt gcaaacacat tcatgagtta ggttcactta cctggctgtc agagctgtta    178860
     gcctgcctaa ccaaggaaaa tggtacagca gaacctgcct ggtatcagaa aaaaagcagc    178920
     ctgtgaaaac ccattgctgg acccaaaaaa gtctccatct ctgggcccct tcgtccgtct    178980
     ctgtgatcgg gtcccattgg aggagaaggc attttgagat tgtgaggtgg tctctggaaa    179040
     ctgctgttct gactccattc ccaaaagaga atgtgtgtca gaatcaggtc ccatggaaat    179100
     tggtttatag tctggcgtgc tgttgagggg tttttgggtg atagaatcag actttgttga    179160
     gggttttttg ggtaaaagaa tcatacttga aaccccagag gcggcacttg acctgttctt    179220
     acacctcaga ctggcctctc aagggcacag atgacattga aacagtgtct cagatgtcat    179280
     ctgtggtgat ggcaagggtg aacagtatgt gcagtagtgc agttggggga cactgtggat    179340
     cccccatgaa agcaaagaaa aatctaggct cgcatgagag aacaagctgc cttgtgctgg    179400
     agtacaggca atgttcaacg attcctgtct gaggacgcaa aagcctccca caaagtgcaa    179460
     agaacctcag cccccagaac gagacaacaa tcacaacatg gagcccatcc agcatacaca    179520
     aagtcccttt tgctgtctaa aattcctggc agttaattaa actgtagaga gagggagtcc    179580
     catccaggaa cagcccaaag aaacagccct cccacaatga gaaggccgtg aagatgaaat    179640
     aaaatagaga ctagattacc aggcaaaagc tagacatgtt tgcctgcttc ttatccttca    179700
     gaaatcgtgc agctttctga tgcaagtggg agaacaaggg tttctttgtt ggtgactgta    179760
     atacaaattt acagttttaa aaatattaaa gctgtgcagt cattaaaatg tgacaatgct    179820
     tagaaaccaa cactcacaca atggattcca gtgagggtca ttcttcatga actgggaaat    179880
     gtttagtgtg gaagttgttg agccagaccc aggaaaccct aggccaatga ggcgcatgga    179940
     agaaaggaaa agaagaggca agtgtgaagg ccacatgcca cccagcatca atacattgca    180000
     ctcccatttg cctccgtgta tgaaagacct caaatccaga gtttgccagg atggtcccaa    180060
     ctggcacttc caatattcct tgcacattgc agaactccca cctgaacatt ggggccatgg    180120
     tgtggactgt ttgtgcaatt aattaaatgt gagtacagac gtagaatcac ctcctgcatc    180180
     aattgtcttc atttttattg catgggaagt tgtgggaccc cttccacccc tcatctaatt    180240
     gtatcctcac tccagtctca ccttattcct tctcacactc aatgtcccag aatgaaaacc    180300
     taagacaatg gagaagggac ccttcatgat ttgaagcacc tgcatggctg gaaactgaat    180360
     ttgtggtaaa ttcaagggca cctgcagaca ggactttaat tgcctctccc tgggttggaa    180420
     gcagggcaat gaaatgtggc agatgtcaat ttttccactt tttgtggtgt ggtgtgtcct    180480
     tcttctttct agaaaagtgg actttttttt caggaggagg tgatttggat gccagtggat    180540
     ccttgcccgc ctcccaattc actgcggatt cacgatacac agaaaattta aaaacatgga    180600
     gccccgcaag ccaagcagag ccacacataa aggccaaaca gaaggtttgg agacacagaa    180660
     aaagaagcag tgaagtgtga tagccacatt tctttaagca gactgcacat acaagcacaa    180720
     acacagagac acacaatcac acaatgccac acacatacac agactttcaa cactcacaac    180780
     actcccacag aaacacacag tctggcagcc tctgaggttg tgtggttctg caggaagcca    180840
     cacctggcat agagcaaccc tggggaacac aggcgagctg taactagaaa tcacatgggg    180900
     gcaagtttca aaaaaactca cacctacatc taggcaggcc tgaggtaaac agcagatcct    180960
     tttggattcc taaagatttt gcagtttatt cctgggacta tgctttcatt tcctcacact    181020
     gtctctcatc tgaaatctcc taggatcatg ggactatccc gcggattctg cagagaagac    181080
     aggtgacagt tcaccatgga caaacctcta cggaggtctc cttctctgac aggaggcagg    181140
     gacttgtggc taggcagtgg tgatattttt gggatgctag ccagagctca cagtctgacc    181200
     tggagaatag tgcatgtgca ttcatgaagc aggctcgggc acccagctct tacagctgtc    181260
     agtctgacta gcagagaaaa atggtagagg cagagctggc atactatcag aaaaaatgct    181320
     gcctgtgaaa acccactgtg ggtccccaaa agtctcaacc tcagggcccc ttcaggcagc    181380
     ctctgtggtc gggtcccact ggaggaggat gcatttcaag actgtgaggt tgtcactgga    181440
     atccactctt ccagcttcat tcccatagga ggctgtgtgc cagaatcgaa tacgatgggg    181500
     tgtcagtgaa agatggccag gcttttgacc tcactgtctc ccttcatcct gggccttgca    181560
     gggattcttt gagaaaggaa ggaaccatga aaaagccaag tccaatgtga aacagtactt    181620
     tggactggcc tctcatgggt gcagataaaa ttgagaccat gtctcagagg ttgtctgtgg    181680
     caatggcaag cctgagaaga gtgtccagtg gtgctattga ggggcactgt ggattcaaca    181740
     tgaaaacaaa gaaaaatcaa tgctcaccag agagaatggg ctgccttgtg atggagccca    181800
     gaaattttca atatttcctg tcagaggacc caaaaccctg ctgcaaagtg ctaacaacct    181860
     cagtcaccac aatgagaaaa tgacccaaaa cctatagtgc agccagccta cccaaagacc    181920
     tttttgcttt atgaaatccc tggcagctaa ataatttgtg gtgaaaagca gtccaatcca    181980
     gcagcagccc aataaaaaat cacttccaca atcagaaggt ggtgcagatg agatgaaaca    182040
     aatgctggat tactgggcaa aagccagaca tggctgcctg attttcattc ttcaggaatc    182100
     atgcagccct ccaatagaag agggagaaca ggagttttct tgctggcagc tgtaatggga    182160
     atttattgtt ttaaaagtat ctaagatgcc cagtcattaa aacatgactg tttagaagga    182220
     aacactcatg caatggattc ccatgagggt gattctctgt gaactgggaa atgtttagtg    182280
     tggaagtcat cgagccagtc acagtaaacc ctcagccaat gatggacatg gaagtcagga    182340
     aaagaagagg caagtttagg ggtcacattg cacacagcat taatgcattc cacccccatt    182400
     tggctgagat atgaaagctc tcatgtgaga agtttgccag aatggcccca atttgtatac    182460
     caagtgtccc ttgaaggttg aagtaattcc acctgaaacc aggacatggt gtggacaatt    182520
     cctttgcagg tgaaattgtg ggactctatc cacccctcag tagattatat actcacctct    182580
     atctgacctt attgctgctc acattctatt tcacaggatg aaatcccaag acaatagaag    182640
     tgtgtccctt catgatgtga agcatctgat tgaattcgag gtaaattcaa ggggccttga    182700
     agacaggatg actagtgtct ctccctgatt tggccacagg atgagaaaac actgggatat    182760
     gtttgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgctcc tcttctttct agagagggcc tttttttatt    182820
     tcaaggggag gtaatttgga tgccgggggg tctcaggcca cctcccagtt caccatggat    182880
     tcatgatcaa cagaaaaata gagaacatgg agccctgcag ctccagcaga gccacacaag    182940
     ccaacaaaag ataggagtct caaaaaaaaa agaaatgctg gagtgtgtta gccccattcc    183000
     tttaagctga ctccacttac aggcacacac acacaaacac acacagacac aaacacacat    183060
     gcagacatcc aacacttgca acactcctac agaaacacac agcccagcag ctctagaggc    183120
     tgtgtggttc ttcatgaaac cccacctggg agacatcaat cctggggaac aactgggggc    183180
     tgtatctaga aatcacagtg gggcagtttc tggaagacta atttctacaa tatcttggtg    183240
     gaactgagaa atcctgcaaa tacttttgga tctttgggga tttcacagtt tattccttgg    183300
     gctatgcttg aattttttca ggctggctca tgcctgccct ctcctaggat catgtgtcta    183360
     tcccatggat cccacagaga aaacaagcaa gagtacaaca ccactgcacc ttcacagagg    183420
     cctgtttctc agctaagtag cagggacttg tcactaggcc acggtgacat ttaatgtgat    183480
     gctagccaaa gctcacaatc aggcctggtg ccctgagaca agcatgtgca tattcgtgat    183540
     gtcagcgtag gaacttgtct gtcagagctg tcagcctgcc ttagcagaaa aaaatggtac    183600
     aggcagagcc aggttggtat catgaaaaag gctgctggca aaaatccact gtgggatatt    183660
     aagagtctca acctcaggaa tgctttgggc catctccgtt gtcaggtttc tctggagaag    183720
     gaggtgtttc atgactgtga gtgagtctct ggaaactgcc cttctgactc cattctgaaa    183780
     agaggctgtg taagaatcag gtcgcttggg gattggaata tagtctggta tgttgttgag    183840
     ggttattttg gtgataggaa cttacctgag aacccagaag tgggtgtcag tgaaagatgg    183900
     ctgggctctt gacctcactg tctcccttca tcctggtcct tgcagggcct ctctgcaaaa    183960
     ggcaggaacc acgacaaagg atagtccaca gtaaagcagt gtgctgacac ctggggctca    184020
     caactcacag gtgcagatga ggttgagaca gtgtctaaga ggctgtttgt ggtgatggta    184080
     agcctgaaaa tggtgtccag tactactgtt gaggggcaat gtggattccc catgaaagca    184140
     aagaaaaatc aatgctcacc tgaaagaatg agctaccttg tgatggagtc caagcaatgt    184200
     tcaatgactc atatcagagg gctcaaaagc ctctgacaaa gtgcaaacaa tctcagtccc    184260
     cacaacagga caatgacaca caacctggac tcagccagcc tacctgaggt cactttggtt    184320
     ctcagaaatc tttggcaacc aaataatctg tggcaagagg ccgttccatc cagcaacagc    184380
     ccaatgaaag agcccctccg caatgagact gcagtgcaga agaaataaaa cagaggctag    184440
     attaccagac aaaagccaga aatggctgcc tgcttctcat cctacaggaa tcctgtaacc    184500
     ctctggtaga agtgggagaa acaagagttt ccttattggt ggcagtaatg ggaatttatg    184560
     gttttaaaag tatcaaagct ccccagtcat tacaacctga tagtgtttag aaggaaacat    184620
     tcatgcaatg aattctcatg ggggttgttc ttcatgaact gggaaatgtt tagtgtggaa    184680
     gtcgttgagc cagacccagg aaaccatatg ctcatgagaa acatgaaagt caggaaaaga    184740
     agaggcaagt ctggaggcca catcccaccc agcatcaatc cattccacct ccatttgact    184800
     ccaggtaaga aagccctcaa atctggagtt tgccaggacg gcctcaattt gcactccaaa    184860
     tggtctttta ctgtggagta ctcccaactg aacagtgggc catggtgtgg aatgctggtg    184920
     cttaaagtaa tgtggaaatg gagttgaaag ctccttgttt gtcatcagta ttcatatttt    184980
     tttacaggtg gggttgcaga accccatcca acccttacta gattgtatcc acacccctat    185040
     ctgactttat ttctgcttac actctatttc tcaggatgaa atcccaagat gatggaggct    185100
     ttccccctta tgacatgaag cacctgcttg gctgacaact gaattcgagg ttaattcaag    185160
     gggccctgtg gacaggactg acagtgtctc tccttgggtt tgcctcaaga taatgaaaaa    185220
     ctaggagttg tctgtttttg gtgtggtttg ctcctcttct ttctagaaga gtggcttttt    185280
     tcacaggggt ggtgatttgg atgccggggt atctcagctg ccattgaatt cactgtggat    185340
     tcatgatcca caggaaaatg aagaacatgg agccccaaac cccaagcaga gccacataga    185400
     ctggccacaa aaaggttgga aaactaaaaa aaaagaagca ctgatgtgtg ttagccatat    185460
     tcctttaagc agactgcact taaaagcaca cacacacaga cacacaccaa caagcacaca    185520
     atgccacaca cacatgcaga catccaacac ttgcaacagt cccacagaaa cacacagcct    185580
     ggcagctcct gatgctcagt ggttctgtag gaagccccac cttggagtga gcaacctcgg    185640
     agaacagaag aaggatgtac ctaaaaatca cctaggggca cttttcaaaa attctcaccc    185700
     ctacagcatt taggcaggcc taatgaatcc tgcatatcat tttggattat tagggatttt    185760
     gcagtttatt tctggggctc tgcttgaggt ttcttcaggc tgaatcatgt ctgccctttc    185820
     ctacattcat gggactatta catgttgctg gcaatggtga cgttcattat ggtgctagcc    185880
     aaagctcact ttcaggcctg gtgctctgag agtggtgctt gcttgttcat gagacaggtt    185940
     gggcaccagg ctgtcagagc tgtcagcctg cctaagcaga ggaaaaggtt acaggcagag    186000
     atggcctatt gtcaggaaaa aggctgcata tgaaaaccct ctgcaggact gttaatgtct    186060
     tgaccccagg gcctcttcca gctgtatcag tggtttggtc ctgctggagg aggaggcaat    186120
     ttgagattgt gatggggtct ttggaaactg ctctctgact caattttcaa aagaggctgt    186180
     gtggaagaat cagatagcta tggggactgg aagatagtct gcagatgaag ggaaacagag    186240
     cctagattac aaggcaaaag ccagacatgg ctgcctggtt ctcctccttc acgaaccctg    186300
     cagccctctg ataacggtgg gagaacaaaa gtttccctgt tgctggttgt aatagtagtt    186360
     tatgatttta aaagtatcac agaaactcag tcattaaatc gtgacagtgt ttacaagtaa    186420
     atactcacac aatgcatttt tatgatggtc ttctgtgaac agggaagagt ttagtgtgga    186480
     agatgttgag ccagatccag gaagccctac accaatgagg acaatggaag tcagtaaaag    186540
     aggacacaaa tgtggaggcc acaacccacc cagcatcaat ctattccact tccatttgac    186600
     tacaggtatt aaaaccctca aaccaggagt tttccagatt ggccacaatt tgcactccaa    186660
     atttttcctg caggttggag tactcccacc taaacaccag gccatgttgt tgactgattt    186720
     tgcaattatg ggaatgtggg gatggagttg gaagcacatt ctgtgtcatc tattttcacc    186780
     ctttttgctg gtgaaggtac gggaccccat ccacccttca ccaggttgta tactcacccc    186840
     tatctgacct tattgctgtc acactctctg taccagcatg aaatctcaag atgatggagg    186900
     attgcaccct caggacatga agcacctact tggctgggaa ctgaattcta ggtaaattaa    186960
     aggggctatg cagaccagag tgctagtgtc tgtgggttgg ctgctttata atgcaacact    187020
     gggagatgtc tgttcttggg tgtggtgctc tcctcttctt tgtagaagag tacctgtttt    187080
     tttggcaggg gcagacgatg gggaacccgg ctggtcacag acagcttaac tagtcattgc    187140
     tgattcctga tccacagaat tcatttacat acacacacac agacacatac acaaacacac    187200
     aaagccacac acacatgctg acatccaaca ctcgcaacac tcccacagta acacacagcc    187260
     cagtagcttc tgaggctgtg tcattctgca gaaagcccca cctgggagag agaaactgct    187320
     gggaacacag gaaggctgaa gttggaaatt acagtgggac acatttcaat aagactaacc    187380
     cctacaatgt ctaggcaggc ctgacaaatt ctgcagatcc ttttggatct gtagtgattt    187440
     tgtgcttcat tcctggggct ctgcttgaca tttcttcagg ctggctcaca tctaccctct    187500
     cctaggatca tggaactgtc ccatggatcc cacagagaag acaggtgaca gtgcaccacc    187560
     attgtacctc cacagaggtc tccttctcta ccaagccaaa gggaattgtt actagcaaag    187620
     ctggcattca ttgtgacact agctacagct cacagctcag gtccattgcc ctaagactag    187680
     cacatccaca tatagtgact caaactggag caccagggtg tcagggctgt cagcctgcct    187740
     aagcagagga aaatggtaca ggcagagctg gcttggtatc aggataaagg ctgcctgtga    187800
     taacgcattg cagtacccta aaagtctcaa acttagggcc cttatatgcc atctccatgg    187860
     tcagatcaca tgggaggcag agccgtttca agactgtgag gttgtctctg gaaactactc    187920
     ttctgactcc attcctgaaa ggggttttgt gaaagaatca tgccccatga ggattgaaat    187980
     atattctggt gagatgttga gcagtctttg gatgatggac ttatacctga aataccagaa    188040
     aagggtgtca gcaaaagatg gcctggcact tgacctctct gcactcattc atcctgggtt    188100
     gggtaggtgc tatctgggaa aagcaggaac caagacaaag gcaagtccaa attgaaacag    188160
     tgttctcata cctcaaactg gcctctcaca ggtgcagatg tggttcaaac agtgtctcag    188220
     aggccatctg tggtgatggc aagcctgaaa agtgtatcca gtagtgtggt tgagtggcaa    188280
     tgtgaatccc ccatgaaagc caagaaacat caagcatcat ctgaaagaac gagctgactt    188340
     gtgctagagt ccaagcaatg taccaatatt cctgtcacag aaataaaaag cctctttcaa    188400
     aatgcaaaca acctcagacc ccacaacaag acaatgacct aaaacccgat gtgcagccag    188460
     tctactctat aaccattttg cttcctgaaa tccctggcag ccaaaatatc tgtggcaaga    188520
     ggcataccca tccattaaca gcccaatgaa agaacccatt cacaatgaga aggaggagca    188580
     gatgaaatga agcagaggct agattaccag gcaaaatcta gacacagcta catgcttctc    188640
     ataatacaag aatcatgcag ccctctgaga gcagagggaa aagaagagtt tcattgttgg    188700
     tggctgtaat gggaatttag ttttaaaagc atcaaagctg cccagttatt aaaacgtgac    188760
     agtgtttaga agaaaacact cactcagtgg attcccatga gggatgttct ccatgaactc    188820
     agaaatgttt agtgtaacag ttgttcagcc aaacccagga aaccccaggc caatgaggaa    188880
     catgcaagtg aggaaaagaa gaggcaagtt tggaggccac atcccaccca acatcaattc    188940
     attccactcc catttggctc cgggtttgaa agccttcaaa tcagaagttt gacaggatgg    189000
     gccggatttg cactccaaat gttcctttca cattgcagtg ctccaacttg aacccacatt    189060
     atggtgtgga ctacttgtgt aattaaggga atgtgggggt tgagttggaa gcaccttctg    189120
     tgtcatctgt cttcatgttt tttttgcagg tgaagttgtg gggcttcatc caaccttcac    189180
     cagattgtat cctcactcct acctgaccct attcctgctc accctgtatg tcccaggata    189240
     aatgcccaga cgatggagga gtgccgtctc atgaccagaa gaacctgctt ggcagtgaac    189300
     tgaattcttg gtaaattcaa ggggccatga ggacaggact gacagtgtct ctttcttggt    189360
     tggccacagg acaatgaaac actggcagat gcctgttttt ttttttcttt tttttttttt    189420
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttggt gtggtgtgct cctcttcatt ctagaagagt ggcttttttt    189480
     gctgtggtag gtgacttgga tgctggtagg tctcagcccg gcccccaatt cactgtggat    189540
     tcatgagcca caggaaaata aagaacatgg agccctgcgg cccaagcaga gccacacaga    189600
     caggccacca aatttgtgag actcaattaa aaaaagaagc accaaagtgt ggtagccaca    189660
     ttccttaagc agactccact tacaggcaca cacaaacaca cacacaaaaa aaacaaagcc    189720
     acacacccat gccaacatcc aactctcaca acactctttc agaaacagtt tgtcagctcc    189780
     tgtggctgtg tggttttgca agaagctaat gtggcataga gcaaccccag gcaatacagg    189840
     tggcctgctc ctagaaatca cagtactgca agtttcaaaa agactcacac ctacaaagtc    189900
     taggcaggcc taaggaatcc ttccgatttt tttggatcct tagggatttt gaggtttatt    189960
     cctagtgctg tggtcgatgt ttcttcaggc tggctctcat ttgccctctc ctaggctcat    190020
     gggactatcc tgtggtttcc acagagaaga caggcaagag ttcaccaacc acgcagctcc    190080
     acgtaggcct ttttctctgc aaagatgaag ggacttgttg ctaggcaaca atgacattca    190140
     ttgggatgct cactaaagct caatatcagt cctggtgccc tgagacttgt gcatgcacat    190200
     tcgtgaggca ggcccaggtg cctggccatc agacctgtca gtctgcccaa gcagaggaaa    190260
     ataatacagg cagagccaga ctggtattgg gaaaaatgct gcctgtgaaa acccactgca    190320
     ggatcctaaa actctcaacc taaggccgcc cctttctggc cacctctctg gtcaggtcct    190380
     actggaggga gaggcatttc cagactgtga ggtggtcact ggaaactgct cttctgaatc    190440
     cattcccaaa agaggctgtg tgccagaaat gggtcccatg gtgattggaa aattgtctgg    190500
     tgtgtcgttg agggttcttt aagtgataga atcatacctg agaccccagg tgtgaatgtc    190560
     aaagaaagac agcctggctc ttgacctcat tgcctccctt tattttgggc cttgcagggg    190620
     ccctctggga aaagcaggaa caacaacaaa ggcaagtcca aggtagagca gtgttctcat    190680
     agctcatact ggcctctcac aggtgctgat gagattcagt gtctcagagg acatctgcag    190740
     tgatggcgag tctaaaaagg gtgtccatta gtgctgttga ggggcactgt tgaatcccag    190800
     tgaaagcaaa aaaaaaataa aaaataaaaa tatgaaggct tgcctgagag aacaagctgc    190860
     tttgtgcagg agttcaagct ttgttgaata attcctgtca gaggacccaa aatcctcctg    190920
     gaaaatgcaa acaacctcag ctcccactat gagacaagca tcacaacctg gagtgcagcc    190980
     agcctaacca aagtcccttt tgctctctga aatccctggc agccaaacag aggctagatt    191040
     acaagaccaa ggcagacacg gctgtcagct tctcactttt caggtatcat gcatctctct    191100
     gatagtagtg ggtgaacacg agtttcctta tggcagctgt aacaggaatt tatcgtttta    191160
     acaaattcaa agccatgcag tcattaacac atgacagcgt ttagaaagaa aaattaatgc    191220
     aatggatttt cataagtccc attctccatg aattctgaaa tgtttaatgt ggaagtcgtt    191280
     gagccagacc caggaaaccc taggcctata aggaacatgg aagtcaggaa aagaagaggc    191340
     cattgtggaa gccacatccc agacatcatc aatctattct actcacattt gactctgggt    191400
     ataaaaggcc tcaaatccag agtttgccaa gatggcccca atttgcagtc caaatgtttt    191460
     ttgcacatta gagtactccc acctgaacac tgggccaagg tgcagacaga ttgtgcaatt    191520
     aagaaaatga ggggatggag tttgaagaac tatctttgtt acctgtcttc attatttttt    191580
     ttttttgcag atgaagttgc agaaccccat ccactcctca ccagatttta tcctcacccc    191640
     tatctgaact tttccctgtt cacattctag gtccaaggat gatatcccaa gatgatagag    191700
     gagttcccca tcatgacatg aagcacatgc tcagctggga gccaaattct atgtaaattc    191760
     aaggggtcct gcatacagga ctgctagtgt ttctttctgg gttggccaca gaacactgaa    191820
     acactgggag atgtctgttt tttggtgtgg tgtgcttctc ttctttctag aagtgtgttg    191880
     tttttttttg tgtgtgtgtt tttttgtttg tttgtttttg cagggggagg tgatttggac    191940
     attggcgggt cccagcccac atcctaattt actgcagatt catgatccac agaaaaaaaa    192000
     taacacaaag cctcgcagcc gaagcagagc cacagagaca ggccaacaaa aggttgggag    192060
     atccaaaaaa atgaagctct ggagtgtgtt tgccacattc ctttaagtag actcaactta    192120
     caggcacaca tagacacaca caaacacact catacacaaa tacacaatac caaacacaca    192180
     cagacatcca acacttgcaa cactcctgaa gaaacacagc acttggtagc ttctgaggct    192240
     gcatggtttt gctggaatcc ccatttgggt gaaagcaacc cgggggaaca tgtgggctgt    192300
     aactagaaat catagtgaaa caagtttcaa gaaaactcac ccttacatca tctaggcagg    192360
     cctgaggaat cttgcgatct tttggatcct taggggtttt gccgtttatt cctggggctc    192420
     tgtttgatgt ttctttcagc tggctcatgt ctgccctctt gtaggatcat gagactgtcc    192480
     caagtatccc acagagaaga caggcaagag tccacagctg acatgcctac agcgaggtct    192540
     ccttctccct caagaggcag gaacttgtct ctaggcaatg ctgacattca ttgtgatgct    192600
     agccagagtt cacaatgaga actggtaccc tgagactagt gcatatgcat tcccggggca    192660
     ggtacaagtg catggctgtc agagctgtca gcctgcctaa gcagagaaaa aatggtacag    192720
     gtaaaaccgg tctggtgttg tgaaaatgtt gcctgctaga agccatggtc agactctaca    192780
     gtctcgacct cagggcccct tcaggccatc tgcatggttg agaccggctg gaggaggagg    192840
     cattttgaga ctgtgaggtg gtggctggaa actgctcttc ctactccatt cccaaaggat    192900
     gctttttgca agaatcgggt ctcatgggaa ttggaatttg gtctggtgtg ttgctgaggg    192960
     ttctttgggt gagagaatta tacgtgagac cccagagatg ggtgccaatg aaagatggct    193020
     gggctattta cctcactgtc tctcttcagc ctgggccttg atggggccct ctgcaaaagg    193080
     caaaaaccat gacaaagaga agtccaacat gggtcagtgt tctcacttcg gtctggtctc    193140
     tcacgggtgc agatgaggtt gagacaatgt atcagatgcc ctctgtggtg atagcaagcc    193200
     tgaaactgac cagcagtgca tttgtagggt actgtggatt ctctatgaaa gaaaagaaac    193260
     atcaaagctc acctcagaga atgacctgtt ttgtgctgga gtccaagcaa tgttcaatgt    193320
     ttccaggcag agtacccaaa agcctcctga aaagtgcaaa caacctcagt actcacaatg    193380
     agaccaaaaa ccacaacccg gagggagtca gcctacctga agttcttttc atccttgaaa    193440
     tccctggcag ccaatagatc tgtggtgaga ggcagtccca tccagcaaca gcccagtgaa    193500
     agaccttgta tacaaagaga aaggacttgc atatgcaatg aaacagaggc tagatttcca    193560
     ggcaaaagcc caacatagtt gcctgctttt tatgctacag gaatcatgca tccctccagt    193620
     aaaagtgaga gaataagaat ttctttgttg gtggctgtaa tgaaaattta cagtgttaaa    193680
     atcatcacat ctgcccagcc tttaaaacgt gacagtgttt agaagaaaac actcatgcat    193740
     tggattccca tgaaggtcgt cctccatgaa ctgtgaattg cttagtgtgg aaagtgtgaa    193800
     gccagaccca ggaaatccta ggccatgagg aacatggaag tcaggaaaag aagagacaag    193860
     tgtgcagggc acatcccacc taccatcaat acatcccact ctcatttggc tcagggtatg    193920
     agagctctca aattgggagt ttgttagaat gccctcaact tgcactccaa atgttccctg    193980
     aacattgtat tactcccacc tgaacaccgg gccataatgt gaactgcttc tgcaattaaa    194040
     ggaatgtggg gatgcaatag gaagcagctt ctgcgtcatc agtcttcacg ttttttttgc    194100
     gggagaaagt gcgggagtct atttacgcct caccagattg tatcctcacc catattttac    194160
     cttctttctg ctcatactct ctgtcctaga atgaaatcac aagttgatgg aggagtgcca    194220
     catgacgaca tgaagcctct gcttgtctgg gaaccaaatt caaagtaaat tcaaagggcc    194280
     cttcagatag ttctgctagt ttctctccct gggtctgccg caggacaatg aaacacagag    194340
     atatttgctt tggagtgtga tgcgctgtct cctaattcac tgagaattca tactccacgg    194400
     aaaaataacg gagatggagc cctgcaaccc aagcagagct acaccaacag gccaccaaaa    194460
     ggtttggaga ttcaaaaaga ggaagtgttg ccgtgcgtta tccacattcc attaagcaga    194520
     ctccacttac agccacacac aaacacataa acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacaa    194580
     agccacgcag atatgcagac atccaacact ttcaacattt ccacagaaac acacagcacg    194640
     gcagcttctg agtttgcgtg cttctgcagg aagccctaac tgaaagagag gaactttggg    194700
     gaacacaggt gggctgtacc tagaaatcac agtggggtaa gtttcttttt tttattgtac    194760
     tttaagttta aggtacatgt gcacaatgtg caggtttgtt acatatgtat acatgtgcca    194820
     tattggtgtg ctgcacccat taattcatca tttaccatta ggtatatctc ctaatgctat    194880
     ccctcccgcc tctccccacc ccacaattcc cagtatgtga tgttaccctt cctgtgtcca    194940
     cgtgttctca ttgttcaatt cccacctatg agtgagaaaa tgcggtgttt ggttttttgt    195000
     ccttgtgata gtttgctgag aatgatggtt tccagcttca tccatgtccc tacaaaggac    195060
     atgaactcat cattttttat ggctgcatag tattccgtgg tgtaaatatg ccacattttc    195120
     ttaatccagt ctatcattgt tggatatttg gtttggttcc aagtctttgg tattgtgaat    195180
     agtgccgcag taaacaaacg tgtgcatgtg tctttatagc agcatgattt acaatccttt    195240
     gggtatatac acagtaaagg gatggctggg tcaaatggta tttctagatc tagatccctg    195300
     aggaatcgcc acactgactt ccacaatggt tgaactgttt acagtcccac caacagtgta    195360
     aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga    195420
     tccccattct aaatggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttctcgga    195480
     tggccagtga tggtgagtat tttttcatgt gttttttggc tgcataaatg tgttcttttg    195540
     agaagtgtct gttcatatcc tttgcccact ggttgatggt gttgtttgtt ttttttcttg    195600
     taaatttgtt tcagttcatt gtagattctg gatattagcc ctttgtcaga tgagtaggtt    195660
     gcaaaaattt tctcccattc tgtaggttgc ctgttcatgc ttatggcagt ttattttgct    195720
     gtgcagaagc tctttagttt aattagatcc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgccatt    195780
     gcttttggtg ttttagacat gaagtccttg cccatgccaa tgtcctgaat ggtatttcct    195840
     aggttttctt ctagagcttt tatggttttc atctaatgtg taagtcttta atccatcttg    195900
     aattaatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg gattcagttt cagctttcta catatggcta    195960
     gccagttttc ccagcaccat ttgttaaata gggaatcctt tccccatttc ttgtttttgt    196020
     caggtttgtc aaaggtcaga tagttgtaga tatgcggcat tatttctgag ggcgctgttc    196080
     tgttccattg gtctatacct ctgttttggt accagtacca tgctgttttg gtgactgtag    196140
     ccttgtagta tagtttgaag tcaggtagcg tgatgcctcc agctttgttc ttttggctta    196200
     ggattgactt gactatgcag gctctttttt ggttccatat gaactttaaa gtattttttt    196260
     ttccaattct gtgaagaaag tcattggtag cttgatgggg atggcattga atctataaat    196320
     taccttgggc agtatggcca ttttcatgat attgattctt cctacccatg agcatggaat    196380
     gttcttccat ttgttggtat cctctttaat ttcattgagc aatggtttgt agttctcctt    196440
     gaggacatcc ttcacatcca ttgtaagttg gattcctagg tattttattt tctttgaagc    196500
     aattgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg gctgtttgtc tgttattggt gtataagaat    196560
     gtttgtgatt tttgcaagtt gattttgtat cctgagactt tgctgaagtt gcttatccac    196620
     ttaaggagat tttgggctga cattataggg ttctctagat atacaatcat gtcatctgca    196680
     aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttcct aattgaatgc cctttatttc cttctccttc    196740
     ctgattgccc tggccagaat ttccaacact gtgttgaata ggagtggtga gagatggcat    196800
     ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt caaagggaat acttccagtt tttgtgcatt cagtatgata    196860
     ttggctgtgg gtttgtcata gatagctctt attattttga gatatgtccc atcgatacct    196920
     aatttattga gagtttttag catgaagggt tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggg cttttctgca    196980
     tctattgaga taaccatgtg gtttttgtct ttggttctgt ttatatgctg gattacattt    197040
     attgattttc atatgttgaa ccagccttgc atcccaggga tgaagcccac ttgatcatgg    197100
     tggataagct ttttcatgtg ttgcaggatt cggtttgcca gtattttatt gaggattttt    197160
     gcatcaatgt tcatcaagga tattggtcta aaattctctt ttttgttgtg tctctgccag    197220
     gctttggtat cagtatgatg ctggcctcat aaaatgagtt aggcatgatt ccctcttctt    197280
     ctattgattg gaatagtttc agaaggaatg gtatcagttc ctccttgtac ctctggtaga    197340
     atttggctgt gaatccatct ggtcctggac tttttttggt tggtaagcta ttaattatta    197400
     cctcaatttc agagcctgtt attgatctat tcggagattc aacttcttcc tggtttagtc    197460
     ttgggagagt atatgtgttg aggaatttat ccatttcttc tagattttct agtttatttt    197520
     tgtagaggtg ttcatagtat tctctgatgg tagtttgtat ttctgtggaa tcagtggtga    197580
     tatccccttt atcatttttt attgcatcta tttgattctt ctctcttttc ttctttatta    197640
     gtcttgctag cagtctatca attttgttga ccttttcaaa aaaccagctc ctggattcaa    197700
     agcagtgtgt agagggaaat ttatagcact aaatgcccac aagagaaagc aggaaagatc    197760
     tacaattgac accctaacat cacaattaaa cgaactacag aagcaagagc aaacacattc    197820
     agaagctagt agaaggcaag aaataactaa gatcagagca gaactgaagg aaatagacac    197880
     acaaaaaacc cttcaaaaaa cagtggggta taggcttcaa aaggctcacc cctacaacat    197940
     ctaggcatgc ctgagtcatc ctgcagatcc ttttagatcc ttatggattt catggtttat    198000
     tgctgaagct ctgcttgatg tttcttcagg cttgttcaca tctgccctct tctaggatca    198060
     tgggactatc tcgaggatcc acacctccac agaagtctcc ttctcagctg ccaagatgca    198120
     gagacttagg caactatgac attcatggtg atgctagcca gagctcaaag ctaaggcctt    198180
     gtgcccctga cactagcgaa tatgcatttg cgaggatggc tcatgcacac agctctcaga    198240
     cctgttagcc taggcagagg aaaatggtac aagtagagcc agctttgtat ttagaaaaag    198300
     gctgcctgag ataacacact gcggtactct aaatgtcttc aacttaggac cacgtcttgt    198360
     gatctacatg gtcgggtccc actggagtat gaagcattcc aggactgtga agtggtggct    198420
     ggaaactgct cttctgactt catttccaaa agaaactgta tgcaagaatc tggtcccaag    198480
     gggattggaa tatagtacgg tgagtttcct tgttggcggc agtaatggca atttacaatt    198540
     ttaaaaatat caaacctgcc gagtcattaa aacataactg tgtttagaag gaaacactca    198600
     tgcaatggat tcctaagagg gttattctcc atgcaggggg aaacctttag tgtgcaagtg    198660
     attaagccag actcaggaaa ctgtaggctg acaaggaaca tggaagtcag gaaaagaaga    198720
     gaaaagtggc cacatcccat tcaacatcaa tcctttccac tcccatttgg ttctgggtat    198780
     gaaaaccctc aaattgggag tttgccaaaa cagccccaat ttgcagtcca acttttcctg    198840
     aaatattgga ggactccatc tgaacactgg gtcattttat ggactgcttg tgcaattaaa    198900
     agaatgtggg aatggtgttg gaaacacctt ctgtgtcatg taattttttt tgcaggtgaa    198960
     gttgcagaac cccatttact cctcatcaga ttgtatcttc cctcctatct gactttattg    199020
     ctgctcacac tctatgtccc agaaggaaat cccaaaatga tggaggagtg tttcctcatg    199080
     atgtgaagtg cctgctgggc tgggaatttc aaggtatatt caaggggacc tgcagacagg    199140
     actgctagtg tctctctgtg tgttggccac aggaaaataa aacactggga gatgtctctt    199200
     ttttggtgtg gtgtgccctc ttctttctag aagagtcaat tttcttgcag ggtgagctga    199260
     cttggatgcc tgcaggtatc agcccacctt ccaattcact gtggattaat aatccataga    199320
     acacggagct ctggacccca agcagagaca cacagaaagg ccaccaaaag gttttgagtc    199380
     ccccaccaaa aaagtgctga aattcattag ccatacttct ttaagcagac tccactaaca    199440
     ggcacacaca cacacaggca tgcatgcaaa cacacacaca ccaagccaca aacacagaaa    199500
     gacatctaac acttgcagaa aacactccca tggaaacaca gcctggcagc ttctgatgct    199560
     gcctggttct gcaggaagcc cccactggga gagagcaaac ctagggaaca tagttgggct    199620
     gtaactagaa atcacaatgg gacaagtttc aaaaagattg accctacaat ctctaggcaa    199680
     gcctgtggca ttgtgcagat tttttttttt ttgtatgcat agggatttct tggtttattt    199740
     ccagcgctct tcttgacatt tcttcaggct ggctcacatc tgccctctca aagcatcatg    199800
     ggactattcc ttggatccca cagggaagac aggggaaaat ccacagccaa agcatctcca    199860
     cgaaggtctc cgtttctgcc aagctgcagg gagttgtcac taggtaaagg tggcattcac    199920
     tgtgactcta gccagagacc acagctcagg cctggtgccc tgagacaagc acatgggcat    199980
     tcacgaagcc aactctcaaa gctgtcagac tgcctaagca gaggaaaatg atacaggcag    200040
     agaatgtttg gtatcgggaa aaaggctgcc tattataagc tactgtggga tcctaaaagt    200100
     ctccacctga gggctgcctt caggctgagg catttccaga ctctgaggtg gttactgaaa    200160
     actactcttc tgactccatt tttgaaagag tctgtgtgca agaatcgggt cccatgggga    200220
     ttggaatata gtctggtgtg ttgttgaggg gtctttagct gacaaaatca aacctgagac    200280
     atcagaggtg ggtgtcagtg aaagatgact gggttcttaa cctcacttcc tcccttcacc    200340
     ctgggcctca ctgccgctct ctgggaaagc caggaacaac aacaaaggaa agtccaaggt    200400
     ggagcagcat tctcacacct cgaaaggcca atcatgcatt cagatgatgc taagagaatg    200460
     tctcaaatgc cctctgtggt gattgccagc ctgaaaaaag tactcagtac tgctgttaag    200520
     ggacacagtg aaccacacat gaaaggaatg aaaaatcaag gctctcctga gagaatgagc    200580
     cgatttgtgc tggagtccta gcaatgtttc aagattccca tcagaggacc caaatcctcc    200640
     tgcaaaattc aaacaacgtc agcgtccaca tacagaccat gacccataac ctggagcaca    200700
     gaagcctatg caaattccct tttgctccct gaaatctctg gctgccaaaa gatctgtggc    200760
     aagaggcagt cccatccagc aacaacccaa tgaaagacac cctccacaat gagaaagtac    200820
     gtgcaaatga aatgaaacag atcgtagttt accagttaaa agccagacac gatggcctgc    200880
     ttgtcatcct acaggaatca tgcagccctc caatagaagt gggagaaaaa gactttcctt    200940
     gttggtggct gtaatgggaa tttatggtgt taaaatatca cagctgccca gtcattaaaa    201000
     tgtgacagtg tttagaagga aacactaggg attcccatga gggttgtcct ccatgaagtg    201060
     aaaacattta gcgtgaaaga cttggagcca gacccaggaa aacctaggcc cacgagaaac    201120
     atggaagtca gaaaaagaag aggcaagtgt ggaggccaca tcccacccac cttcaatcca    201180
     tctcactccc acttggctgt ggagatgaaa gccctcaaat ctggagtttg ccaagatatc    201240
     cccagttgca gtccaaatgt tccctgaact ttggagtact tccaactgaa caccatgcca    201300
     tgaggttgaa agcacctttt gtgtcatctg tcttcatttc tcttgcaggt aaagttgtgt    201360
     cacccatgca cccctcacca gattgtatca tcacccctat ttgaccttat tgctctccac    201420
     actctatgtc ccaggatgaa atcccaaaat gataaaaaaa tgtgcccacc ccccacaaca    201480
     tatgaatcac ctgttcggct gggatgcgaa ttcgaggtta atttaagagg ccctgtggac    201540
     tggaatgcta gtgtctctcc tgggttggcc aaaagacaat aaaacactga aagatatctc    201600
     tttcttgtgt agtgtgctcc tcttctttct ggaagggtgg tttatggcac acacaatgcc    201660
     acatacagac tcagacatcc aacattcgca acactcccac agaaacaccc aacccaacaa    201720
     ctactcagga tgcattgttg tgcaggaaac accatgtggg agagagcccc acagcccaag    201780
     cagagtcaca cagacaagcc aacaaaagtt tgggagacac aaaaaaagga agtgctgaag    201840
     tgcattacca acattccttt aagcagactg cacttacaat cacacacaca catacatgca    201900
     aacacaaaat gtcacacaca cacacacaca gacatccaac acccacaaca ctccaccaga    201960
     aatgtttgga ggcaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaagcactga gtacattagt cacattattt    202020
     taagcacact ccacttacag gcacacaaac acacacaatg ccacagacac atgcagacat    202080
     ccaagacttg caacactcct gcaaaataag taaataaata aataaatgtt gggcagctcc    202140
     tgtcgctgtg tggttctgca ggaatcctaa tctgcaagag accaacacca agaaacacag    202200
     gggaactgta cctagaaatt acagtgggac aagtttcaaa aagactcacg cctacaatgc    202260
     cagacctgag gattcctgtg tatacttttg gatcctttgg gatttcacag tatattcctg    202320
     gagctgtggt tgatgtttct ccaggctagg atcatgggac aatcccatgg ataccacgga    202380
     gactagtgcc tgtgcattca tgaggaagga tcaggcacct gtctctcaga gctgtcagcc    202440
     tgcttaagca gaggaaaatg gtacaggcag agctggcctg gcatggccag aaaaactgcc    202500
     tgtgataacc cacggccaga cccaaaaagt ctagaccata ggactgtttt gggcagtctc    202560
     cggggtcaag ttctgctgaa ggagttgttt tgagactgtg aactgtcttt gcaacctgca    202620
     cctctgcctt cattccccag agaggctgtg tgcaagattc cattcccatg gggattggaa    202680
     tatgtctggt tagtttttga tgggtccttt ggtgatggaa ccataactga gacccaagag    202740
     gcagatgtca gcaaaagatg gccagcccct tgatttcact gcctcccttc atcctggacc    202800
     tcacagagac tcttggggag agataggaac cacaacaaaa tcaagtccaa gataaagtgt    202860
     ttgcacacct caaactggcc tctcacaggt gcaaatgagg ttgagacacc atatcagagg    202920
     ccgtctgtgg caactgcaag ccagaaaaat tgtgtccagt agggctgatg cagagcaatg    202980
     tgggcctccc atgaaagcaa acataaatga aggctcacct gagagaacaa gctgacttgt    203040
     gcgggagtct aagcaatgtt gaaagatttt tgccagagga tttaaaagcc tcctgcaaat    203100
     gccaaaaaac atcagccccc acaaggagac catggcccac aacctacagc atagtcagca    203160
     tagaaaaaat cctttttggt tcctgaagtt tttggcagcc aaatgatttg tagcaagaag    203220
     cagtcccatt cagcaagagc caatgaaaga tccactccac atcgtggaag gacttgcaga    203280
     tgaagtaaaa cagagccaag attaccaggc aaatacatac atggctgcct gcttcttatc    203340
     ctacaggaat catgtagccc tttgataaaa gtgggagaac aaggtttttc atgttggcgg    203400
     ctgtatcggg aatttacgct ttaaaaatat cacagctgcc cggtcattaa aacgtaacag    203460
     agtttagaaa gaaacactca agcaatggat tcccatgagg gttgtcctcc atgaactggg    203520
     aaattttagt gtggaagaca tggaggaaga cccaggaaac cattggctga aaaggaacat    203580
     ggaagtcagg aaaagaagag gcaagtgtgg aggccacaga ccacccagca tcaatcaatc    203640
     acactctcat ttggctccag gtatgaaagc cctcacattg agggtttgcc agaatgggcc    203700
     cagtttgtaa tgttccctga acattggagt actttcacct gaactctggg ctaaggagtt    203760
     gaaggcacgt tccatgccat ttttcttcat tttatttgca ggtgatgttg cagaacccca    203820
     tgtacccctc accagaatgt atcctcacgc ctaaatgacc ttattgctgc tcacaattta    203880
     tgtcccaggt tgagatccca aaatgatggc gaattgcccc ccaaagatgt gaatcacctg    203940
     atcggctagg aacaaaactc aaggtaaatt caagtggccc tttggacagg actgcttgtg    204000
     tttctccctg ggttggccac aggacaatga aacatttgga gatgtctctt ttctagaaaa    204060
     gctcctcttc tttctagaag agtggctttt ttggcacaca cagtgccgcg cacacacaca    204120
     cacacacact cagatatcct agactacaac actcccacag aaacacacag cccagcagcc    204180
     actgaagttg tgttgttgtg caggcagcac cacctggaag agagccctat agcccaagca    204240
     gagccaaacg gacatgccac caagggttgg gagactcaaa aaaataaaaa aaaggaagtg    204300
     ctaaagtgca ttagcaacat tcctttaagt agactccact tacagtcaca cacacacaaa    204360
     cacacaatcg tacacacata gttatccacc agaaaggttt ggagactaaa aaaagaaaaa    204420
     aagatgaaga agtgctgaag tgttttagcc tcattatttt aagtacactc cacttacagg    204480
     aacacacata cagaaataca caataccaca cacaaaggca gacaagcaac atcacaacac    204540
     ttccacagaa aaacaaattc cagcaccaac ttaggctgtg tggttctgca gggattccca    204600
     ccttggggag agtaacccca agaaatacag gcaggctgta cttcacagtg gggcatgttt    204660
     caaaaagatt cccttctaca acatctaggt aggcctgaga aatcctgcag atccttttgc    204720
     atccttaggg attttgcaga ttatttctgg ggctgtgctt gacctttcta caggctggct    204780
     cacatctgcc ctctcctagc atcatgagac aatcacgtgg ataccacaga gaagacaggc    204840
     atgagtccac cgatgacaca cctccaagga ggtctccttc tccgccaagc cacagggact    204900
     ttttgctagg caattgtgac attcattgtg attctagcca gagctcacaa tcaggcctga    204960
     ttctgtgaga ctagcacaca tgcattcatg aggcaggtca agcagccagc tgtcagaact    205020
     gtcagcttgc ctaagcagag gtaaatggaa caggtagagc cagcctggta tcaagaaaaa    205080
     ggctgtctct gaaaacccac tgcaggatgc taaatgtctc aacctcaggg ccccttcggg    205140
     tcatctctgt ggttggatcc cggtggagga agaggcattt tgaggcagtg agctggtcac    205200
     tgtccattcc agaaagaggg tatgtgcaag aatctggtcc cctggggata ggaatgtgct    205260
     tgggtgtatt gttgagggtt ccttgggcga tagaatcata cctgagtatc tagaggcagg    205320
     tgttaacaaa agacagcagt gctcttgacc tcactgcctt ccttgatcct gggcctcaca    205380
     ggggctcatt gtgaaagaca ggagcaacaa caagggcaag gtggagcagt gttctcatat    205440
     cttggactgg gctttcaccc atgaaggtga agttgagaca gggtctcagc ggccatctgt    205500
     ggggatggta agcctgaaag tggtgtcctg ttgtgctgtt gaggggcact gtgaactccc    205560
     ctggaaagca aagacaaatc aaggcatacc tgggagaatg agctgccttg ttccgcggtc    205620
     cagatgatgt tcatgattcc tgtcagagga cccaaaatcc tcttgcaatt tggaaaccac    205680
     atcagtttca acaatgagac aaggacccac ctccttgagc ataggcagac tacttgaagt    205740
     cccatttgct gtttgaaatc actggcagct aatctgtggc cagaggcagt ctcatctagc    205800
     aatagcctaa tgaaagagcc cttccatgat gagaagcccg tccagatgaa atgaaacaga    205860
     ggatagatta ccaggcaaaa gcaagacatg gctaagtgct catcctacag gaattatgca    205920
     gccctccaat agaagtggga gtttccttgg tggtggtggt ggtaatggga atttatgatt    205980
     ttaaaagtat caaagctgcc cagtcattaa aacttgacag tgtttagaag gaaacactta    206040
     tgcaatggat tcccatgata atcattctcc atgaactgag aaacgtttag tgtagaagtg    206100
     gttgagccat acccaggaaa ccctaggcca acaagaaaca tggaagtcag tgaaagaaga    206160
     agcaagtctg gaggccacat cccacccagc atccatcaat tccactccca tttggctttg    206220
     agtatgaaag ccctcaaatc gggagtttgc caggttggcc ccaatttgca gtccaaatat    206280
     tttttgcaca ttggagtact ctcacttgaa caccgagcca tgttgttgtc tgcttgtgca    206340
     attaagggaa tgcggggatg gagttggaaa cacattctgt gtcacctgtc ttcactattt    206400
     ttacaggtgt agttgtggga ccccatccac cctgaccaga ttgtatcctc atccctattt    206460
     gaccttattg ctgctcactc tctatgtccc agtataaaat cccaagactg tggtggagtg    206520
     ccccctcatg acataaagca cctcctcagg tgggaaacaa atttgaggta aattcaagtg    206580
     gccctgcaga caggacactt aatgtctctc cctcgtttgg ccaaaggaca gacaatgaaa    206640
     cactgggcaa tatctcattt ttggtgtgac gtgctcctct tctttttaga agattggctt    206700
     tttttggtac ggagagatga cttggacaca gacatctctc gacctgcctc ccaattgact    206760
     gcggatttat gatcttccaa aaaataaaga acacagggac ccataaccca agcagagcca    206820
     cacagccaag ccaacaaagt gttggaagaa aaaaaaaaag aagaagctca gaagtgtgtc    206880
     agccacatta ttttaagcag agccacttac aggcacacac acacacacac acacacacac    206940
     acacacaaac acgatgccaa aaacacacac agacatccaa cactcacaac actcccacag    207000
     aaaaatacag cctggcagca cctgagactg tgtggttctg caggaatccc gacctaggag    207060
     agagcaaccc caacgaacac agggcaactg tacctagaaa tcattgtggg acaagtttca    207120
     aaaagactca cccctaaaac ttcttggcag gcccatgaaa tcttgcagac atttttggat    207180
     tcttagggtt ttcaatgttt attcctggga tcagctttac ctttcttcat gctggttcac    207240
     atctacccta tcctagggta atgagactat ccagtaaatc tcacagagaa gacaggtgac    207300
     agtccactgc ccacacaact acatagaggt cttcttctct ggcaagccac gggcattgta    207360
     actaggcaat ggtgacattt attgtgatgc tagctagagc tcacaatcag gcctggtatc    207420
     ctgagagtag cccatgcaca ttttaaggca ggctcaggta accaactctc agggctgtca    207480
     tcctgactaa gcagaggaaa atggtacagg cagaactgaa ctagggtggg ataaaaggct    207540
     gcctgagata acccactgcc ttacccaaaa ggtctagact ctagagccct tttgggcagt    207600
     ctccatggtc aggtccaact gaaagaggag tcattttgag actgtgaggt ggtcgctgca    207660
     atctgctcct ctgtctccat tccaaaaaga gactgtgtgt aagagtctgc tctcttgggg    207720
     attggaatac catctggtga gtctttgagg tgtctttggg taatgaaatc atcactgaga    207780
     cctaagaggt gggtgtcagc aagagatgga caggcccttg acctcactgc ctccctgcat    207840
     tctgcttatc tcaggggccc tcagggaaag gcaggaacca tgacaaaggc aagtcaaaaa    207900
     taaagcattg ttctcacact tcaaactggc ctctcacggg tgtagatgag attgagacat    207960
     tgtatcagag gtcgtctgtg gcaattgcaa gccagaaaat ggtgtccagt agtgctgatg    208020
     aggtgcaaag tggacccccc atgaaagcaa agaaaaatga aggtttgcct gagagaacaa    208080
     gtagacttgt gtgggagttc aagcgatatt caaagatttt tgtcagagta cccaagagcc    208140
     tcctgcaaag cataaacaac atcggctccc caacaaggag accacaacac acaacgtgga    208200
     gcatagccag tctacacaaa gttctttttg cttcctgaaa tttccggcag ccaaaagatc    208260
     tatagcgagt ggcagtccga tccagcaaga gccaatgaaa gatccactcc acagtgaaga    208320
     aggacatgca gatgaagtga aacaaagcca agtttaccag gcaaatgcag aatggctgcc    208380
     tgcttctcct cctacaggaa tcatgcaacc ctatgttaaa agtgggagaa caagaatttc    208440
     catgttggca gctgtaatgg aaatttaagc ttttaaaata tcacagctga caactcatta    208500
     aaacatgaca gagtttagaa agaaacactc atgcaatgga tttccatgag ggtcttcctc    208560
     tgtgaactga gaaacttttg gtatggaaga tgtggatcca gacccagaaa accttaggct    208620
     gaagaggaat atggaaggca gaaaaagaag agcaagtgta taggccacat accacccagc    208680
     atcaatccat tacactctcc tttggctctg ggtatgaaag cctgcacatc aggagtttaa    208740
     aaggatggcc ccagtttata cttgaaatgt tccctgcatg ttggagtact tccagctgaa    208800
     cacctggcta tggagttgga agcaccttct gggtcatctg tcttcttttt ttttttgcag    208860
     gagatgttgt gagaccccat gcactgctca ccagattata tcctcaacac tacctgaact    208920
     tattgcttct cattatgttc gaggatgaaa tttcaaggca atgctggagt ggccactcac    208980
     aacatgaagc acatgcttgg ctgtgaacca aatatgaggt aaattcaagc agctctgaag    209040
     acaggactgc tagtgtttct ccccgggttc accacaggac aatgaaacac tgggagatgc    209100
     cttatttttg gtgtggtgtg ctcctcttct ttctaggaga gtggcttttt ttgcaggggg    209160
     aggtgactta gatgccagca tatttcgact tgcctcccaa ttcactgcag attcatgatc    209220
     cacagaaaaa taaagaccat gaagccctgc agcccaagca aagccacaat gaccacacaa    209280
     cagaatgttg ggagattcga aaaagaagtg ctgaagtgca ttagccacat tattttaagc    209340
     atactccact tacaggcaca tacacacaca cacacaatgc cacacacaca cacaaacaac    209400
     actcacaaca ctcccacaga taaacacaca ctggcagcta ctgaggctgc atggttctgc    209460
     aggaatcccc accttggaga gagcaaccca aaaacaatcg ggatatactt agaaatcact    209520
     gtggggcaag tttcaagaag acttacccct acaatgtcta ggcagtcctg aggaatcctg    209580
     cagatctttt gcatccttgg ggattttgtg gtttattcct gcggctctgc ttgacgttac    209640
     ttcaggctgg ctcacatctg taccctcctg ggaacatggg attatctcat ggatcccaca    209700
     gagaagacag gcaacagtcc aaagccaaca cacttccatg gaaatcttct tctccaacaa    209760
     gacacaggga cttgttgcta ggcaatggtg acatgtattg tgatgctagc cagagctcag    209820
     aatcaggcct tgtgccctga gactagcaca tgcacatttg tgagggaggc ttaggtactg    209880
     tgctgtcaga gctgtcaccc tatctaagca cagaaaaatg gtacaggcag agcaagcctg    209940
     gtatcaaaaa aaaaggctgc ctgcaaacct ccacttcagg accctaaaac tgtcaaactg    210000
     atggactctc cagtccatct tggtgatcgg gtcatgccag aggcagaagc tttatgttac    210060
     tgtgaggtgg tcacaggaaa ctgctcttgt gactccattc aggaaagacc tatgtgcaag    210120
     aatcgggtcc agcggggatt ggcatataat ctggtgtgtt gttgagggtt cttttggtga    210180
     taaaataata cctcagatcc cagagttggg tgttagtgaa agatgtccag gttcttgacc    210240
     tcacttcctc cctttattct gagcctcaca gggctctctg ggaaaagcag gaaccaagac    210300
     aaaggcaatt ccaagttgga gtggtgttct tgtacctcgg attggcctct cactagtgca    210360
     tatgagtata gacagtgtct cagaggctgt ctgtggtgat gacaagcctt taaatggtgt    210420
     ccagtagtgc tgttgatggg cactgtggat tccctgtgaa agcaacagaa aatcaaggct    210480
     caccagagat caagcggtct tgtgctggag cccaagtaat gttcaatgat tcctgtcaga    210540
     ggacccaaaa ccatcctcca aagtgcaaac atcctcaacc cccaaaaaga gacaacaacc    210600
     caaaacctgg agtgcagcca gaatagccaa tcttttttat ggtctctcaa atccctggcc    210660
     acttaataat ctatggtgaa aagcagtcca atctggcaac atcccagtga aagagcccct    210720
     ccacaataag aaggccatgc agatgacatg aaacagaggc tagattacca ggaaaatgaa    210780
     gacactgctg cctgtttctc atcctgcagg aatcacgcag gcctctgata gaagtggaag    210840
     aataagagtt ttcttctgga tggctttaat gggaatttat ggttttaaaa ctatcaaagc    210900
     gtcccactca ttaaaacatg acaatgttta gaataaaaca ctcacaaatg gatttccatg    210960
     aggataattc tctatgaact gggaaacttt ctgtatgtgt gctccctttc tgtctagaag    211020
     agggggttag agtggttttt ttgtttgttt gtttttttgt tttgtttttg caggtggagg    211080
     ttatttggat gctgaaacat tttggcatgc ttcccaatcc actgcagact catgaatgat    211140
     tcacagaaaa ataaagaaca ctgagcaata cagcccaagc caagccacac agacaggcca    211200
     ccaaaaggtt gggatacaaa aaaatgaaag aaagaaatgc tgtagtgcct tagccacatt    211260
     cttataagca gactccactt acagtaacac atgcacaaac acacacaaac ccaatgccac    211320
     acagacacac agacatcaaa cacacagata tccaacactc acaacactcc cacagaaaca    211380
     cacaatccag gatcccctga ggctctgtgg ttctacaagc aaacgcaggc agtctgtagt    211440
     tagaaatcac agtggtgcaa gtttcaagaa gactcatccc tacaatgtct aggcaggcca    211500
     gaggaatcct gctgatcttt ttggatcctt agggatttca tggtttattc ctggagctgt    211560
     gcttcaggtt tcttcaggct gcctcatgtc tgccctctcc taggatcatg ggactatcct    211620
     gtggatctca cagagaagac aggcgatagt tcactgctga cgcacctcta cagaagtctc    211680
     attcaccaag ctgaagagac ttgttgctag gtaatggtga catttatgct gatgcaagcc    211740
     agagttcaca atgaggcctg gtgccctgag gatagtgcat gcacattcgt gaggcaagct    211800
     ggggagcatg gctgtcagag ctatcagcct gcctaagtag acaataatgg tacagacaga    211860
     gttgtcctgg tatcaggaaa aaggctgtct gcaaaaaccc actgaagcac actaaaactc    211920
     ccgacctcag ggacccttca ggccatcgtg gtggttaggt tctgctggag gaggaggcat    211980
     tttgtgactg tgaggtggtc gctagaaact actcttcaga ttccattccc aaaaaaggct    212040
     gtgtgcaagt attgggtacc atggggatta aaatatagtc tgatgtgttc ttgagggtgt    212100
     tttgtgtgat aggatcatac ctgagacccc agaagtgggt gtcatgaaaa gatggtcgga    212160
     ctcttaacct cactgcctcc cttcatctat gaccttgcag gggctctcaa ggaaagacag    212220
     aaactacaac aaaggcaagt caaagttgga tcactgttct cacacctcat actgccctct    212280
     cttgggtgaa gacgaggtta aaacagtgtc tcagaggcca tttgttggga tagcaagcct    212340
     gaaatgggtg tccagtagtg ctgttaaggg ataatgtaga ttcctcatga aaacaaagaa    212400
     aaatcaagtc tcacctaaga gaacgagctg ccttgtgctg gagtccaagt agtgttcagt    212460
     gattcctgtc agagaacaca aaagcctctt gccacgtgca aatattctca gcccccacaa    212520
     caagacaatg atagggagtg tagtcagagt acccaatgtc ccttttgctc tctgaaatcc    212580
     ctggcagcta aataatccct agccagaagc agtctcatct agcaacaacc caatgaaaga    212640
     gaccctccac aagaagaatg ccatgcagat gaaatgaaac agaggctaga ttacaaggaa    212700
     aaagacaaac acggctgcct gcttttcatc ctgcaggaat tatgcagcac ctcgatagaa    212760
     atgggagaac aagagttttc ttattggtgg ctgtaatggg aatttacagt tttaacaatc    212820
     tcagagcttc atagtcatta aaacgtgaca gtggttagaa gaaaacactc aagcaatgga    212880
     ttctcgtgag ggtcgttctc catgaacagg aaaatatttg ttgtggaagt tgttgagcca    212940
     gacccagaac acaggcaaga gttcaatgct aacgcacctc cacgaaagtc tccgtctctg    213000
     ccaagcctca gggacttctc agtatgcaac agtcacagtc attgtgatgc tagcaaggtc    213060
     tcacaatcag tcctggtgcc ctgagtctag cgcatgcaca tttgtgaaac aggctccggt    213120
     gcccatttgt cagagctatc agtctgccta agcagagaaa aatagtacag gcagagcgag    213180
     cttggtatca gaaaaagtcg tgactgcaaa aacccactgc aggaccctaa aagtcttgat    213240
     atcagggccc cttcgggatg tctccatggt cagtttttgt tagagaagaa ggcattttga    213300
     gactgtgaag tggtcactgg aaacagcttt tctgactgca ttcccaaaag agaatatgtg    213360
     tacaagaatc aggtcacatg gggattgcaa tatagtctgg tgtgtggttg aggattattt    213420
     gagtgataga atcttacctg agaccaaccc cagaggtgtg tatcagcaaa agatggccga    213480
     gttcttgacc tcactgcctc ccttcatctt gggactaaca ggggatctct gggaaaggca    213540
     gttaccatga caaggcaagt acaaggagga gcagtgtcct cacgcattgg actggcctcc    213600
     aatgggtgca gatgaggcta agacaatgtc tccgaggcca tctgtggtta tggcaagcct    213660
     gaaaaaggtg aatattagtg ctgtcaatat tcactgtgaa atacccatga aagcaaagaa    213720
     aaatcaagac atttcttaac agaatgagct gccttgtgct ggagtccagg caatgttcag    213780
     tgattcctgt cagataactg aaaactctcc tgcaaagtgc aatcttagcc cctcaataag    213840
     gcaaccaccc acaacctgga tggcaggagc ctgcccaaag tcccttttgc cctctgaaat    213900
     ccgtggcagc taaataatct gtggcaagag gaagtcacat cgagaaacag cccagtgaat    213960
     gagctcctcc acaatgaaaa ggctgtgcag atgaaatgaa acagaagcta gattaccagg    214020
     caaaggccag acatggattc tcatcctata ggtattatgc agccattcga tagaagtggg    214080
     agaaaaagag tttctttgtt ggcagtggta atgggaattt tcagttttaa aatatcaagc    214140
     ttcccagtta ttaaaacatg acactgttta gaaggaaaca ctcaggcaat ggagtcccat    214200
     gaagatcatt ctctgtgaac tgggaaagct taagtgtgga agttgttgaa ccagtcacag    214260
     gaaactctag gtggatgagg aacatagaag tcagaaaaag aagaaactgt ggaggccaca    214320
     tcccacccag aatcaattca ttccattgca ttggtctccg aatatgaaag ccctcaaatc    214380
     gggagtttgc caggatggcc ccaatttgca ccccaaatgt ccgttgcccg ttgtagtatt    214440
     cccacctgaa caccatgcca ttgtgtatac tgcttgtgca attaagggaa tgaggggatg    214500
     aagttggaaa cacgtgcttt aaacactgtc tttattttta ttgcaggtgt agttacaggg    214560
     ccccaaccac ctttcaccag attgtatact cacctgtatc tgaccttatt gctactcaca    214620
     ctctaggtcc caggataaaa tcccaacatg atggaggagt gccccctcat tatgtgaagc    214680
     acctgctggg cttggaacca aattcagtgt aagttcaagt ggccctgtgg agaggactgc    214740
     tagtgtctcc ccctgtattt gctgcaggaa aataaaacag tgaaaaatgt ctggtttttt    214800
     tgttgtggtg tgctcatctt ctttctagaa atgtagattt ttctgcaggg ggaggtgatt    214860
     tggatgccag cgggatttgg cccacctccc aattcatgtg agattcataa ttcacagaaa    214920
     aacaaagcac acaaagcttt gcaggctaag cagagacaca gacaggccac caaaatgatg    214980
     ggaggctcaa aaaaaaaaac actgaagttt tttagccaca ttgctttaag cagactacat    215040
     ttacaggctc tcacacacac acttacaaac acacacagaa atacacaatg ccacacacac    215100
     acagagacat ccaacatttg caacactgcc acagaaacac acaggccagc agctcctgag    215160
     gctgcgtggt tctgcaggta tctccacctg ggccagagca accttgagga acacaggcag    215220
     gctgtaccta gaaatcacaa tggggcaagt ctcaaaaaga ctcacctcta caatatctag    215280
     gcatatctga gaaatgttgc agatgttttt ggatcattag agatattgtg gtttagtcct    215340
     gggacccttc ttgacgttac tacaggctgg cttatgtatg ccctctccta ctctcatggg    215400
     acaatcctgt ggataacaca gagaagacag gtgagagttc atgactgatg cacctccaca    215460
     gaagtctcct tctttgccaa gatgcaggaa ttttcactag gcaatggtga aattcattgt    215520
     ggtgctagtt agagctcaca atcaggcttg gtgtcccaag agtagtgcat gctctacagc    215580
     atgtgctcta cagcatgaca gctctaacag caagccctgc tgttagagct gtcagcctgc    215640
     ctaagcagag gaaaatgata catgcagagc cgaaaggtat ccaggaaaat gctgcctgtg    215700
     ataacccact ctgggaccct aaaagtctca tccttagggc acctagggcc atctttaatg    215760
     gtcccacagg aggaggatgc atttctggac tgagttggtc atgaaaaact gctcttctga    215820
     ctccattccc aaaatgggct gtgtgcaaga attgggtccc atggggattg gaatgtagtc    215880
     tggtgggttg tttaggggtc tttgaatgat agaatcatac ctgagacccc agagatgagt    215940
     gtcaatgaaa gacgaccagg cccttaaccg cagtgcctca cttcatcctg gacctcacag    216000
     gatctctctc gggtaagcag gaaccacacc tagaactggc ctctcacagg tacagatgag    216060
     gttgagacag tgtctcagag gctgtctgtg gcgattgcaa acctgaaaag ggtgtccggt    216120
     agtgagtgtc actgttgacc ccccatgaaa gcaaggaaaa tcaaagatca catgagagaa    216180
     ccagctgcct tttgctggag ttcaagcaaa gttcaaagat tcctgtcaga gaaccctaaa    216240
     gcctcctgca aagtgcaaac atcctcatcc cacataatga gaacaagacc cagaacctgg    216300
     gatgtggcta gcctacctga agtcccttgt gctccatgat atccctgtca gccaataaat    216360
     ttgtgatgag aggcagccct atccaccaac agcacattaa agacccccta cacaatgaga    216420
     aaggatgtgc acataaaatg aaacacagac catattacca ggtggaatcc agacacagct    216480
     gcctgcttct catcctacag gaatcatgca gcccttcaat aaaacttgga gaacaggagt    216540
     ttccttgttg gcagcagtaa caggaagtta ctgttttaga attaccgcat cgcagctgcc    216600
     ctgtcattga aacatgacag ggcagtaagt gtttagaagg aaacacttac tcaatggatt    216660
     ccccccaagg gtcaccttcc atgaactggg aaacatttag tgtagaagac attgagccat    216720
     acccaatcat ccttaggatt atgaggcaca tgtaagtcag gataggagtt ggccagggtg    216780
     gccccagttt gcacttcaaa tattccctgc acgttggagt actcccaact aaacaccagg    216840
     ccaagttgtg gactgcttct gcaattaagg aaatgtggga atgctgtttg aagcaccttt    216900
     tgtgtcacct gtctttacat ttttgcaggt gaaggtgcag gtccccatcc acccctcatc    216960
     aggttgtatc ctcaccccta tctgacctta ttgccattca cactctatga cccaggatga    217020
     aatcccaaga tgatggagga gtgaaccctg acgacaggaa gtacctgctc acctatgaac    217080
     aaaatttgag gtaaattcat ggggccctgt ggacaggact gctagtgttt ctccctggga    217140
     tagccacagg acactgacac actgaaggat ttctgttctt gggtatggtg tgctgcagct    217200
     cttctttcta gagagtggct ttttttgttt gtttgtttgg aagtcatttg ttatgtggac    217260
     ctcagcgtgt cacagccagc ctcgcaattc actgtggatt cagaaaaata aagaacaggg    217320
     aggtctacag ccccagaaga gccatacaga cagggcatga aaatgttgga agtctcaaat    217380
     aaaagaagct ctgcagtgtg tgacccacct ccctttaaac aaactccgct tactggcccg    217440
     cgtgcacaca cacacacact aaaacacaca aagccaaaaa gccacaccac acctagacat    217500
     ccaacacttg caacatgccc tcagaaacag agcctggcag catctgaggc tgtgtgtttg    217560
     tgcagaaggc cccacctggg agagagcaac cccggcaaac acagagcgct ctacctagaa    217620
     atcacagttg ggaaagtttc agaaagactc aaccctacaa ctcccaggca ggcctgagac    217680
     atcctgcaga tacttttgta gccttaggga ctttgcagtt tattccttgg gctctgcttg    217740
     acatttctgc atgctggctc atgtctgccc tctcctagga atatggatgt atcctgtgga    217800
     tccctcagag aagacaggca agagtccacc accaaggcac ctctatggag gtctccttct    217860
     tggccacgca gccaggactg atctctatgt aatggtgaca ttcattgtga tgctagccag    217920
     agctcatagt caggcctggt gccctgaggc gtgcatgtgc atttgagggc atgcttgctg    217980
     gcctggcttt cacagatgtt agcctgtgga agcagaagaa aatggtacac atagagctgg    218040
     ctcggtatcc agaaataggc tgcctgcaat aatgcactgc gggaccctac aatgctcgaa    218100
     gttagggcga cttcaagccg tctccctggt cagctcctgc aggagtagga ggcattcaga    218160
     gactgaggtg gtcgctgaaa tctgttcttc tgattccctt ttggaaagag gctgtgtgca    218220
     agaatccagt cccatgggga ttggaatgta gtctggtgag ttgaggaggg gtctttgggt    218280
     gatggaatta tacctgagaa actagaattg ggtgcctatg aatgatggtt gggcccttaa    218340
     cctcactgtc tcccatcatt ctggacctcg cagggtctct ctatgaagca caggaaccac    218400
     aacaaaggca ggtccaatag ggagcagtgt tctcaaacct cgaactggcc tctcaccagt    218460
     gcagatgagg ttgagatagt gtctctgagg ccatctgtgg ccatggcaag acagaaaagg    218520
     atgtccagta gtgctgttga ggggcactgt ggacttccca ggaaagcaaa gaaaaatcaa    218580
     ggctcgtgtg tgagaaaaag atggcttgtg ctagagtcta agcaacattc aaaaattcct    218640
     gtcagagaac tcaaaaaact cctgcaaagt gcaagcaaca cataacaaga cactgatcca    218700
     caacctggag tgccaccaaa cctacccaga gtctgttttg ctccctgaaa tccttggcag    218760
     cccatagatc tattgtaaga ggcagcccca tccagcaaca gcccaatgaa agaccacctc    218820
     cacaatgaga aaggatgtgc agatgcaatg aaacagagca tagattacca ggcaaaagcc    218880
     aaacacagct gcctgcttct catcctacag gactcatgca gcactccgat aaaagttgaa    218940
     gagcaagagt ttccttgttg ttggctgtaa caggaattta tggtttcaaa attatcacag    219000
     gggccaagtc actaaaacgt gacagtgttt agaaggaaac actgggaaaa ctttatcgtg    219060
     gaatacatga accagatcca ggaaacccta ggctgacaag aaatacggaa gacaggaaaa    219120
     gaagaggcaa gtgtggaggc cacatcccac cttgtgtcta tcattctcac tttcaatggg    219180
     agccgagtat gaaagccctc aaatttgcag tttgccagga tggccccagt ttgcacttca    219240
     aatgttctct gcatgttgga gtactcccac ctgaacacca ggccatagtg tgaactactt    219300
     gtgtaattaa agaaatgtga ggatgcagtt ggaatcactt tctgtgtcat ctgtcttcac    219360
     attttttgca attggaagtg tgggacccca tccacttctc accagattgc atccttaccc    219420
     cttctgacct tattgctatt catgttctct ttccctaaat gaaatcccaa gatgatctag    219480
     gagttccttc tcaggacgtg gagcatctgc tcagctagga agcaaattca aggtaaattc    219540
     aaggggctgt gaggacagga atgctagtgt ttcctccggg gatggccata gaacaaggta    219600
     atacagaggg atgtcctttc ttggatgtgg tgtgctcctc ttctttctag aagagtagct    219660
     ttatttgcag gcagaggtga tgtggacttc ggtgtgtcac agccagcctc ccactacact    219720
     ttggattcat gatccagagc aaaataaaaa acgtggagcc ctgcagccca agcagagcca    219780
     cacagacagg tgaactaaag gttgggagac aaaaaaaaaa aagttgctgc agtgcgttag    219840
     ccacattcct ttaagcagac acagtgccaa aaaagccaca cccataggca gacatcaaag    219900
     actcaatact ttcacagaaa cacacagctc ggcagattct gaggctgcat ggttctgcag    219960
     aaagccttac ctgggagata acaactctgg gcaacacagg cgggttgcac ctaaaaatca    220020
     cagtgggtaa agtttcataa agactcacct ctgcacacct aggcaggcct gaggcaccct    220080
     tcagatcctt ttggaacctt acggatttcg cggtttattc ctggggtttg cttgacgtat    220140
     cttccagctg gctcttgtct gctctcccct aggatcgtgg gactatcctg tggatcccac    220200
     agagaagaga gaggacagtc caccactgat gcacctccac agaggtctcc ttctccgcca    220260
     aacctcacgg aattgtgaca ttcatggtga ggctagccag agctcacagc ttaggcccgg    220320
     tgccctgaga ctaacgcatg tgcatttgtg ggtggctcag cacctgtgtg tcagaggaaa    220380
     atggtacagg cagggccggc ctggtactgg ggaaaaagct gctccatgtg ataacccact    220440
     gtggaaccct aaaagtctca aacttagggc ccctttccgc cgtacctgtg atccggttcc    220500
     actagaggag gaggtgttta gactgagggg gttgttgaga acttcctgaa agaggctgtg    220560
     tgcaagatca ggtctcatgg ggattggaag gttgtctggt gagttgtgga aggttctttc    220620
     agtgatagca tcatacgtgt gaccctacag gtgggtgcca gtgaaatatg accaggttct    220680
     taacctcact gcccccaccc atcctgagcc tcgcaggggc tcttgttgaa aggcaggaac    220740
     catgacaaag gcaagtccaa ggtggaacag tattctcaca gctctaagtg gcctctcacg    220800
     gttgcagatg aggttgagac agtgtctcag aggacatctg tgatgattgc aatcctgaaa    220860
     agtttgtcag gtagtgctgt taaagggcac tgtggacccc ccatataagc aaaggaaaat    220920
     caaggctcac aggagagaac gagctgtcgt gtgctgtagt caaagcaaca tttagagatt    220980
     tctgtcagaa gacccaaaag cctcttgcaa attgcaaata atctcagccc ccacaaggaa    221040
     accatgaccc caaacctaaa gcacagccag tctacccaaa gtcccttttg ctctctgaaa    221100
     tccctggcag ccaataagtc tgtggcaaga ggtagcacca tccagtaaca gcccaatgaa    221160
     agagccctcc acaatgaaaa aagaccagca gatgaaatga aacagagcct agcttcccag    221220
     gcaaaagcca ggtacagctg cctgcttctc ctcctacagg tatcaagcag ctgtctgata    221280
     aaagctggat aagaagagtt tccttcttgg ctactgttac agaaatttat ggttttaaaa    221340
     caatcaaagt tgcccagtca ttaaaaccca atagtattta gaagaaaaca ctcatgaaat    221400
     ggattccctt gagggtcgtc ttccattaag tggtaaacat ttaatgtgga atatgtacag    221460
     ccagacccaa gaaaccttag gctgatgagg tacatggatg tcaggaaaat aagaggtaag    221520
     tatggtgtcc acatcaaacc ttacatcaaa tggcctcact cccatttggc tcctggtata    221580
     aaggccctca aatagggagt ttgccaggat ggctccagtt tgcactccaa acattccctg    221640
     catattgggg tgctcccaaa tgtacaccag gccatggtgt ggatggcttg tatatttaag    221700
     gaaatgtggg gatgcagttg gaagcacctt ctgtaacatc tgtcatcaca tttttttgca    221760
     ggcgaatgtg cgggacccca tccatccctc accagcttgt atcctcagct ttatctgaag    221820
     ttaaaagtat ctttcccata atgaaatcca aagatgatgg aagagtgccc cctcacggtg    221880
     tggaggtcct gcttggctag caactgaata tgaagtaaat tcaagggacc ctgcggaccg    221940
     gactgctagt gtttctaaat ggggtgtaca ctggacaata aaacactgaa agatttctgt    222000
     tcctgaattt cctgtgctcc tcttctttct agaagtgtgg ctttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    222060
     tgtttttgtg gggggaggtt atttggacca tggcgggtct catgccatct ctcaatttat    222120
     ggcagattca tgatctgcag aaaaataaag aacacagaac ccagcagccc aagcagagcc    222180
     acacagatag gccacaaaaa gtttgggaga ctcaaaaaca aagaagagct acagtgtgtt    222240
     aaccacattt tttaaagcag attccactta cagacacaca cacacacaca aacacagaca    222300
     accaacactg gcaacactcc cacagaaaca cactcccagc agcttctgaa gctgtgtggt    222360
     tctgcaggaa gtcccacttg ggagagagca atcctgggga acacaggcat gctgtatgta    222420
     gaaaccacag tgggacaagt ttcaaaagac cccctgcaac gtctaggcag gcctgaggca    222480
     tctgcagacc ctttagcata gttaaggaat tc                                  222512