EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006158; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 110359 BP.
AC   AC006158;
DT   11-DEC-1998 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-441G8 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-110359
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-110359
RA   Hou S., Bauer C., Elliott G.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-441G8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-110359
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-DEC-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-110359
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-110359
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; ba7b08040f7f37ab1ce58dd4be29094f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000182.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000228927; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000229549; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000233803; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000236424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000258992; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000278940; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279506; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000279760; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000280203; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006158.6:1-110359; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000287721; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000383000; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000383005; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000383008; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000424594; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000426950; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000428845; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440483; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444056; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457222; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000623101; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624038; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624799; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000624913; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; F2Z2I4.
DR   GOA; P0CV98.
DR   GOA; P0CV99.
DR   GOA; P0CW00.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:33876; TSPY3.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37287; TSPY4.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37471; TSPY8.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37473; TSPY10.
DR   InterPro; IPR002164; NAP_family.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z2I4; F2Z2I4_HUMAN.
CC   On Sep 10, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:9838198.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0441G08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-116J19.  Actual start of
CC   this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-441G8; actual end is at
CC   base position 110359 of RP11-441G8.
CC   The sequence RP11-441G8 contains a tandem repeat extending from
CC   base position 39843 to 110359.  The number of copies within this
CC   repeat could not be confirmed.  This area contains single clone
CC   regions, the sequence fidelity and size of this region cannot be
CC   guaranteed.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..110359
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-441G8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    138..595
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AW181908 (NID:g6450368) xj68c06.x1"
FT   repeat_region   961..1352
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   repeat_region   1821..2308
FT                   /rpt_family="MER22"
FT   misc_feature    2205..2638
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA461577 (NID:g2185441) zx51b02.r1"
FT   repeat_region   3213..3802
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   3849..3973
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   4079..4258
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   5166..5249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5250..5429
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    5418..5801
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA632785 (NID:g2556199) np86h11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    6397..6896
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI805309 (NID:g5391875) te32g02.x1"
FT   misc_feature    6970..7368
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA644685 (NID:g2569903) ab87d10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   8823..9027
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9035..9366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9367..9443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    12236..12703
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA758816 (NID:g2806679) ah76c06.s1"
FT   repeat_region   14696..14828
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15331..15516
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15553..15867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15950..16028
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16017..16188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16236..16539
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16616..16893
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    17497..17901
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI220048 (NID:g3802251) qg84b02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   18819..19023
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19025..19068
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19085..19264
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19416..19567
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19569..19615
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19630..19811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19972..20111
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20112..20158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20159..20314
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20519..20652
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20657..20702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20717..20987
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21055..21374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22879..23074
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24588..24887
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    25466..25874
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA861690 (NID:g2953830) ak30e10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   26890..27191
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27358..27402
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   27669..27981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29834..29865
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29866..30141
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30142..30242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30333..30391
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   30561..30612
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   30623..30730
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35286..35568
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36288..36567
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   37831..37903
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   38257..38521
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    45534..45831
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    45558..45584
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    45684..45831
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    45686..45831
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    45749..45831
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    45938..46019
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    46558..46931
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA993340 (NID:g3179885) ot64a03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    46714..46924
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    46714..46915
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   repeat_region   49459..49650
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49660..49955
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50069..50171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50422..51728
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51761..52140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55565..55665
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55666..55972
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55973..56016
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   56018..56324
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56431..56783
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57286..57410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57680..58156
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58227..58345
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59901..60009
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69773..69964
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69972..70269
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70383..70491
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70716..72021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72054..72433
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    74450..74754
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA971069 (NID:g3146359) op69h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   75856..75956
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   75957..76249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76250..76293
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   76295..76600
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76707..77059
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77562..77686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77956..78432
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78503..78621
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    79519..79908
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA910023 (NID:g3049313) ol40b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   80177..80285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    86529..86612
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    87307..87514
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   misc_feature    87373..87517
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI002165 (NID:g3202499) ot42h08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   90047..90238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90248..90543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90657..90767
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90704..90776
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91032..92339
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92372..92751
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96176..96276
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   96277..96583
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96584..96627
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   96629..96935
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97042..97394
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97897..98021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98291..98767
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98838..98956
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100517..100625
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 110359 BP; 30144 A; 25171 C; 24610 G; 30434 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagt gagggtcatc ctccatgaat ggggaaatgt ttagtgtgta agaccttagc        60
     cagacccagg aaaacctagg ccgacaggga acatggaaga caggaaagga agaggcaagt       120
     atggaggcta tatcccaccc agcgtcaatg catctcactc ccatttggct atgggaatga       180
     aagccctcaa atcaggagtt tgccaggatg gccccagttt gcacaccaaa tgttccctgc       240
     acgttggagt actcccaggt gaacacaggg tcatggtgca cactgctggt gcaattaagg       300
     gaatgcagag atgcatttgg aagcactgtc catgtcctct gtcttcacct tttttgcagg       360
     tgaagttgca ggaccccgtc cacccctcac cagattgtat gctcacccct atgtgaactt       420
     acggctgctc acactctctg tttcagaatg aaatcccaag acaatggagg agtttcccct       480
     aatgacgtta agcacctgct tggctgggaa atgaattgga ggtaaattca aggggtcctg       540
     tggacaagac tgctagtgtc cctccctggg ttggccacag gacaatgaaa cactgggagg       600
     cgtcaattcc tgggtatgac gtgcccctct tctttccaga agagtacctt tttctttttt       660
     ggcaggggga ggtagtttgg cctccggcgg gtctcaacca gactcccaat tcgctgcaga       720
     ttcacgatcc acagaagaat aaagaacaca gagacccaca gtccaagcag agccacagac       780
     acacaggcga ccagaatgtt gagttactga aaaaaaagaa gcactgcaat gtgttagcca       840
     cactactata agcagactcc acttacaggc atgcacaccc acacatacac ccacaaatac       900
     acaaagccac acaggcaagc agacatccaa cacttgcaac actccaacag aaacacagcc       960
     cagcagctcc tgaggctaag tggttcttca ggaagcccca cctgggagag agcaaccccg      1020
     gggaacacag gtgggctgta cctagtaatc actgtgggac gagtttcaaa aatactcacc      1080
     cctacaacgt ctaattaggc ctgaggcatc ctgcagatcc ttatggatct gtagggattt      1140
     cacagttcct tcctggggtt ctgcttgatg tttcttcagg ctgactcaca tctactcact      1200
     cctagaatca tgggactgtc ctgtggatct ctgagacaag acaggcaaga ttccaccgcc      1260
     aacacacctc cagggagttc tccttctctg ccaagccaca gggacttgtc actaggcaat      1320
     ggtggcattc actgtgaagc tagcaatagc tcccttctca ggtctggtac tttgaggcta      1380
     tcatatgcgc attcgtgagg caggcttgga tgcctggctg tcagagctgt caggctgcct      1440
     aagcagatga aaatggtaca ggcagagcta gactggtact gagaaaaagg ctgtctgtga      1500
     taacctactg caggaaccta agagtcttga ccttattgcc cctttgggtc atctcgctgg      1560
     tcaggtcccg gtggaggagg aggtatttcg agactgtgag gtggtcgctg gagatggctc      1620
     ttctgtctcc attcctgaaa gagtctgtgt gcaagaatca ggtccgatgg ggattggaag      1680
     agtctgatga gttgttgagg gttctttatg tgatggaatc atacctaaga cctcagagtt      1740
     gaaaggtgct gggcacttca cctcactgcc tcccttcatc ctcggcctca cagggcctat      1800
     ctgggaaagg caggaaccac gacataggca aatccaaggt tgagcagtgt tctctcacct      1860
     tgatctggcc tcgcttgtgg gcagatgagc ttgtgacagt gtctaagagg ccatctgtgg      1920
     cgatggcaag cctgaaaaag gtgtccagta atgttattga tgggcaatgt ggacacccca      1980
     ggaaagcaaa gaaaaatcaa tgctcaccta tgagaatgag ctgccttgtg ctggagtcca      2040
     agcaacgttc aacgattctt gtcagaggac ccaaaatcct ccttcaaagt gcaaatatcc      2100
     tcagccccca agacgcaacc aggacccaca acctggagtt cagccagtct atctgaagtc      2160
     ccatttcctc tctgaaatcc ctggaagcca aaagatctgt ggtgagagta gttccatcca      2220
     gcaacagccc agtgaaggag ccctgtgaca atgagaaagg atgtgcacat gaaatgaaac      2280
     agagcctaga taacgaggca aatgttagac actgttacct gcttctcatc ctacaggaat      2340
     tgtgccaccc tccgatagaa gtgggagatg agttgtttcc ctgttggtgg ctgtgtggga      2400
     atttacattt taaaactatc aaagctgtcc agccatctaa aacatgagtg ttaagaagga      2460
     aacacttatg caatgaattc ccatgagggt catccttcat gaactgggaa atgttttgtg      2520
     tggaagatgg tgaaccagac caaggaaacc ctaattcgat gaggaacaca aagtcagaaa      2580
     atgaagaggc aagtgtggag gccacatccc acccacatca atccatccca ctcccatttg      2640
     gccctgggta tgaaaatcat caaagtgcaa aaccccagtt tgcactccat atgttaatgg      2700
     caggttggag aatacccact tgaacacagg gccatggtgt gggctgcttg tgcaatcaac      2760
     ggaatgtggg gatgcaggtg gaagcaactt ctgtgtcatc tgtcctcacc tttttttcag      2820
     gtgcaggtgt gggacacaat ccacaccaca ccagattgta tccctttccc tatcagacct      2880
     tattgctgct cacactctct gtcccagaat gaaatcccaa gatggtgaag tagtgtcccc      2940
     tcatgacgtt aagcacctgc ctggctggtc tgacatattg attaatcata cttataattg      3000
     tttacattca ttgtaaaaca caatgtttca tttttcttcc ttattcccca ccatttattt      3060
     tcttctcata ttagttacag tttgtaactt attttgttaa atatatacaa tgaagtaaca      3120
     ctgcagtatt gcagaaagca cactgcattg gaaacagact catattgaaa caggaaaata      3180
     tttcttatcc cccactgctg ggcaagaaat taggacaggt tgtggggctc tgaccccagg      3240
     cagcatccag gggtgaattt ttacagctcc tgaatcccca ttgggcatat gttacacggc      3300
     gttaatttag tttattcatc tgtaggcagg ttgtgttagc tcaattagac accctgcctt      3360
     actgcaagga cagagggctt tctggatccc tggatttcct gccttgatgt aattgaagaa      3420
     ctggctcaca cgtgggcttc tacagtaagt gcaaggtttc attgagtgga agttctcagc      3480
     agatgaatgg ggagctagaa aggagatgga gtgagaaggt gcttttcccc tggaatgggg      3540
     cagctcagcg atctcctctc acagccccga ggaactccgt gttcttctgt ggtgaatagc      3600
     ctaccacctc catccttgtc ctctcctttc tctggtgtct tcttggggtc cagttgctgt      3660
     gtctttgtct gctgatggtt cctgtcgatg tccagctgct ctgtctgtgc ctgctagggt      3720
     ctcagggatt cttatagaag atgatggggg tatggcaggc cagggtggtc ttggaaagtg      3780
     caacacttgg gcaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaacag aagggcatgt      3840
     cctcaccaat ttgggcaaga aaacagaagt gtgtgtcctc atctaggtca gtgagcacag      3900
     gcctgagggt ggatccctag ccaagaatca caccctcctc taccagacac ttccctgccc      3960
     cccttccata tcaatatttt ttaaatttaa aactccaaaa atagtaccca gatcctttag      4020
     agaagacaat tggagaagat ggcattagaa gaaccagact aggattaggg tcactacata      4080
     gaaaatggaa acacagatgg catgtcctgc aggccatgga attactgtgg aaagatatcc      4140
     cctactgaga aggaaaggga aacaaacagg cttctctcat ctttttctct aatctctgca      4200
     gtatcacccc ttgactgacc taaaataggg agtaaatttt atgggagcct aggaaatgtg      4260
     cctcccaggg gtcaggcatc tctataacag aatagtgcca gggagaggtg agtgatgtat      4320
     ctgtgggcat acaaacccag gacctcacac aaaggagtat cagagagaaa tatagtatga      4380
     agagattaag agagaagtag tatcaggaat gattcatgca tgatatttgt gaagaggaca      4440
     aaaagtaaaa cagagcttat gaggtagtaa acataataag aacataaaca aaagcaggca      4500
     aaattgtaaa gtccagggta ttaactttcc tttataggat tttgaaaatc ccttgcagaa      4560
     tccctttccc aatagcttcc tttcatagat tcattcaaga aatatttagt gagctagtat      4620
     ggtctaagaa ttggtcagat ggcatcatgt gcattgttag tacttctttt gatagaaaga      4680
     atgtttcttt ttttctacaa tgttttcctc ccaaacattc ttcatggaaa tttgaatcct      4740
     tactgatcca gtcaattgtt cctgccctaa gaatggtccc caaacccctg caaaccccgt      4800
     taagaacttc attcctctcc aactaagtta ctaaattgtg tctattgtaa cacttgtcag      4860
     agtacattgc aattatcgct gttctcttta ttctccaatt aaactatgaa tattttgaag      4920
     gaaatgtcta taaacacaat ggcctgtcat ttgtcaatac ttattgtacc aaaggttatt      4980
     agatatttac atataatatt ataacatatt tatcctaatt tttggaaaac aatataaaca      5040
     atgttcactg cccattcccc atgaactgct caactttaaa caatgtctat gctttggagc      5100
     aattgtacaa acttccaaag aacaccggaa agtgttttta ttttgtttga ctttgttctg      5160
     ttatattgaa ttattttgta gaaacaaagt cttgccctgt ggcccaggct gaagtgcagt      5220
     gtgcaatcac agcccactgc aacattgaac tcctgagtga atagaaaaat aggtgtgtgc      5280
     catcatgccc aatttaatta attaattaat tagttacttt tgtagagact ggtcttgcta      5340
     tgttgcctgt gctagtctca aactctgggt ttgaagcaat tctcccttct cagcctccca      5400
     aagagctgtg attccaggca tgaaccacca gatctcaaag aggaaatttt agattttaca      5460
     atattgcaat atgttagact tcatttcttc tttcaatttt gcatttgcag aagcacttga      5520
     gaataattat ttcttatggt gagagggtga tttctcatat ttggtcaaca aattttgaaa      5580
     tcgttatttt gtttactgaa accctaataa ctggtagtca agtcagctga aagtcaagta      5640
     catgagtgtt tttgtgttga ggttttgaag acaaatgtag agagatatta agaaccaaag      5700
     acattttata tatatatata tatatatatg ctaaagcttc atccttgtag gtgaggcatc      5760
     atacatggca aggatagttt tataaaatac catgaaatac ataatttagt aaccaattca      5820
     gcacttgaaa tttcccaact tagtaaccaa ttcagcactt gaaatttccc aactttgtat      5880
     tcaccaggag ttaatgatgt atggcactta tagtaagtaa attaaggttt gaattgctgt      5940
     tatttaagtc attgctcagc taatcattta aggtatcaaa gatttttact tgtgcaatat      6000
     cataaacgct ggacattaaa tattaatcac taggatttat gtatctaaga gctaccatct      6060
     aatgtgatat tcttcagtaa gttgacagca ataattatgc tgaaaaatag tcattcccat      6120
     agtgtgagtc attacagcaa tttccatctg aggatttcat agtcagagtc cagatctggg      6180
     caacagtgat taatataaag gtttttaatg agaagagatt ttgatatatc tagctgtgtt      6240
     tagatgtcag tgccttgaat ggatgggttt ggtattaata agaaagggtg cattggactg      6300
     gatactaaga aacgtattga attgtttctc ttgttctcca taacatgaaa ggtaaatcag      6360
     agatatagaa acaatggaaa atttcacaga atggcctgac atttcactgc acttttattt      6420
     tttttagcca cttacaaatt ctttaaacat acaaaggtag gactgttaca ggaaaaaagt      6480
     gttggtgtga gaagtcacaa tccacagcaa agtaatagtc tgttgtggat ggcaccttga      6540
     gtgctgaatt agagtgagaa tcaactttca ggctgccaac ctgggacaag gagaatgaag      6600
     ctatcagcag ttaacattat tggatcaatt aaagtgaatg tcaacagaga ttttgttgat      6660
     tttacatcaa attgagtata ggacttcaaa ttgattattt gataaggata aactcttacc      6720
     aaatttccca catgaaaaat tgagaactaa aagattacac aacccataca ttatgagtat      6780
     ctcatataaa tttaatatac acatgtgcta acttacagtg tgcaaatatt tgtctatatc      6840
     taaatatatc caaatccatt gatgaacagt tagaaattta gaaattattc tcccatttta      6900
     actttccctt tcctagaatt ttgtcacaaa tataattttt ccctctgttt gaagcctact      6960
     ctctggaggc atgtaatata tggatacagt aaagccatga gatattacag ggtttgtatc      7020
     agagaaaata ataaaactgg tgttataaaa gatccactgt aaggagaatt ttatacttca      7080
     catgactacg aatacagaag tgttatttca ttgaaagctg atatcagtca atacaatttg      7140
     tttttaatgt tttgtttaaa atacttaatc tcaaaaggat tatttgagta atgttattgg      7200
     taataaataa cgattaagaa tttcctttca tttgttgatt atttaaaatg caagtaaaat      7260
     actaaaaagt actgtataat gtagtttcat gatgcattct ctgtggtttt tgtaaaatta      7320
     atagcctcaa tggaattttt tgacacagag aaatttcctt atttcattat tgtactttca      7380
     ctttattact tgcttgcata tcataactga tggaaataaa atatttttat ttacacatat      7440
     acaaagcatg gaattttatg ttttctagtg agaaaaagtc accaataatt ttatcagtat      7500
     aggaaaattt tgatatgccc aaagttctta actttctttt ctttagaagt ttcatatttc      7560
     agtctaggta tgagatggaa ttgactgtga tcattgtttt tatttcactg tgactactga      7620
     gtttctgata cagtgatact aatgtataga cttaaaagct tgcctcctcc tcctcctcct      7680
     tcttcttctt ctcctcctcc tcatcctcct cctccccgct ttggacctgt ccatgtgatt      7740
     tctgcagtaa tatgcaccgt tatctgaaat aaggttacta aaaggtacaa gcataagtgg      7800
     aattctttat ttttatgaac ctttaggaac agacaagtaa aactgaaaca tagttgtgat      7860
     atgaatttaa gtctgcagtt tctcacagaa gtccaaaagg gtgaaaataa atttaaaaat      7920
     gcatgcctca tccaaaacat catgtagaat aatgaaaaat ttaatttgac ataaatacca      7980
     atttaaaagt tataattatt tcaggtgaga gaaagtagca ctaaaaatcc tatttttcct      8040
     gtttaagtac ataactatta ctgtatcttc aggccttaaa aagtgttaag tttaacttaa      8100
     gcaacaactt tctggcaatt tctaacaatg agtgcatcat cttagaattt ctccaagaat      8160
     tttttgggag aaatataatc aaattttgct ctgtaaacaa ttgaattaat caatagaatt      8220
     attgactgta gtcttgaaat ttcattgtcc ttctcttttc agtttttaca tattctattt      8280
     aaagttcaaa atcccctagg aaaaatatga taaataacaa tgactgaaaa agttgagaaa      8340
     caaaaactga gcagcagaca catttcaggc tttcctttat gagaatgcta cactaaccat      8400
     gtaatataca caatataaat cactgtgaga aaaaaaaaac atttgtgtag ctacttgaca      8460
     gtttatacag taacagcaaa tattctcact tgaacttcaa aagggttttt aagcttgtgt      8520
     ttcataaatg aggaaaatgt ggtttgtatt tcctgtattt gcctattaca gcagttatca      8580
     cacttattat tcctcattta tctctgtgcc tgtaacaact gcactctcag aagagcaagg      8640
     accatgtttt tctgagcttc ttgcagactg ccaggcttat tgtggcattt agaaactatc      8700
     cgctgaatgt ttgtgacatt ttcatgcgag ttagattcta ggccacttga tactaatctt      8760
     ctatttaata tttgggtttg gagagctatt tttccttttc agtttttttt tcttttatct      8820
     tttttttctt tttttattat aaattaagtt ttagggtaca tgtgcacatt gtgcaggtta      8880
     gttacatatg tacacatgtg ccatgctggt gcactgcacc cactaactca tcatctagca      8940
     ttaggtgtat ctcccaatgc catccctccc ccctcccccc accccacaac agtccccgga      9000
     gtgtgatatt ccccttcctg tgtccatttt ttcctttttt tattatactt taagttctag      9060
     ggtatatgtt cacaacatac aggtttgtta catagggata catgtgccat gttggtttac      9120
     tgcacacatc aactcattat ttacattagg tatttctcct aacgctatcc ctccccagcc      9180
     ccgcaaccca ctgactgccc cgtgtgtggt gttccccgcc ctgtgtccat gtgttctcat      9240
     tgttcaactc ctacttatga gtgagaacag gcagtgtttg gttttctgtc cttgtgatag      9300
     tgtgcttagt atgatggttt tcagcttcat ccatgacctt ggaaccacaa agagatacca      9360
     tctcatgtca gttagaatgg caatcattaa aatcaggaaa caacagatgt tggagaggat      9420
     gtggagaaat gggaatgctt ttaagatttt tttaaagtat attttaagga tatgcttatc      9480
     tggacatgga gtggacagtg caggtcatgg tcagtgggac ctccaaagga ggcaccccat      9540
     tcaaattgga ggttctgcag gagagggcag ccagggtaca gagctcgaag gcgcccttgg      9600
     gggaggagaa ggtgctggtg gtggacaacg tcatggtggt ggttgagaag aaggccaaca      9660
     tggagcctgg tggaggacca gcagacactg cctggtcctg gccccagcac accctggcca      9720
     gccacagatt cgctggaggt ccttcacttg aagcagagtt ccatgaataa ccaggccaca      9780
     tggcctgccc acagctgaga gggaaccttt ggcagaggtg cctcccccgc ctggatggca      9840
     caggggccat cagccagggc atctccagct tctgggccac agccacatct ttgcagctgc      9900
     ccattcggaa tgactggcag cagggggtgg gcatctggct tcctggggtg gggagcaggg      9960
     gagccaagca aggggcacac ggggccaacc aggaggaagg ggatggggga tagtgagggg     10020
     atctgaggcc agggtcctgc agataggagg gcagcttgct tgggggtgcc ctgagagcac     10080
     gtggtaggga ctgggagcca agctcagcac tcacaaggga gaatagcggc cccatggacc     10140
     cttcacgcac agcagaaact tgaagggcat gtttccatga gaaagtcctt ggaggaaggg     10200
     gagtctgcat gcccatgcca gccatagaaa ccaccctggc tgcccatgtc tgtggccagc     10260
     agccttaccc cagaaacaca aggtgcttca gactcaggtt cacggtgcac ggggctgctg     10320
     tcatctgcaa ggcaggcacc agctccccag ataggctttc ttccttctgc ctgcactgca     10380
     cccaaagagc tgtaggccct gggcatatac aacctccgtt gcacatacac ctccattaca     10440
     cacatgggag ccccatgggg agtgacaggc acagccctgc agtcccttct atccacagca     10500
     gctccatcaa gtggacatgc ccacctctca gggagaccag aagaggggac tgcacacctg     10560
     gacaccctca gcagagccag tccagtatcc agcacacaat gaccatgtgc agctcagcaa     10620
     ctctgaagat acagccgcct cacacaacgg caccccacac ccaatcccct gcctacttgt     10680
     gccgcccgct ccttgttggc aggggctttc tgggcctccc tccaccctcc cacaagacca     10740
     ccacaaccac taccatgccc ccaacactgg acagagacag gaccacgaat gcagggtacc     10800
     aggtcaaagg ttttgggata gccctgccaa acactctccc agctcttgca aagttgtggg     10860
     gtgtttcctg gcatgcccac ccaatcatct ggaggttcct tgaccagagg cagattgtgc     10920
     agcacaccta catgtcggca gagttcagaa accatgagga agtcctgcta agtaagctac     10980
     aggatggatt tgaagctcag gctgaggagc cagggtctgc aggacgggtc cagggtcctg     11040
     ttcaggttga ggtcctcctg gggcacaggg gtgtctgagt ggtagagctg ggaaggggca     11100
     acacatgctt caccccagcc agcaggccct cagcccagat agatgaaatg gatcctttga     11160
     gtctgtcctc ttcttcttgg catggcaggt ggaggaactc agtcatccgg ggtaccggca     11220
     gcaggatgaa gtgttccttt catcactacc tttatttcca caataaagtg atcattaagg     11280
     aatatcgtgt tcgcatcctt ggtaaggagt gcctcctggt gtggtagaga gggtggagtg     11340
     tgggacgcta ggcctggcat gagcctttct gactcgttcc aggatgcagg gcttctggct     11400
     ctagtgtagt ccagtggttc tagagtcatc agaagaagcc ccaccttcag taaggacaca     11460
     gcctacctga gcttcctcag ctagatggct gactgtgacc actcagggtc agccaggact     11520
     gctgaggcag gggccgctgt ggggtgtcat gggaaaggac cttgctggtc tttccttggc     11580
     atcttgggaa ctggctttga actatgacct gacctttcac agaccacttc cccactcctc     11640
     cagatcatca gtcagggctt ctgactcaat cccctgcagc actacctaag gattaggtcc     11700
     tcagagaggg aacagagagg aggccaggta agcagcccac agctgggggc tcagaggcct     11760
     gtgggtcctg cagctgtgac acacatggag aactcaaggc tcagggagga gcctgcagtg     11820
     agaaatccca gccatccctg gactggggca gaaaagccca tcagggaact gtaacactca     11880
     tatttcagaa ttggggaacc tgaagtgcct aagaggcaga agtggcaaag gtcaatgggt     11940
     gagaagcaac gctcaaggga tagctgtctc atcatccttc tctggctccc ttctatgcct     12000
     tgaggcctgc tactacctgg ggctcagtat gggctcaact agagtgcacg cagggcatgc     12060
     ctaggtctac gtacttctag aatggctata ccagccgtgt catgttttgt ttcaatgacc     12120
     ccaggctccc ctgacatgct ttatcccctc tgccatcctc actcatgctt ccccggctct     12180
     caagatattt cctatgacat taaaaaatag acataaagtt tttaaaatgc cttaataata     12240
     tagatgcaga taaaagattt cattataaaa agtgcttttc ctctttactt gtatcaaagt     12300
     ctttttcatg atggggaaaa gaatgcaaca tactttggta agttaaaaaa gcataaaagt     12360
     aaaaataaat cctactgcag atgatcaatt aaatggcagg ggatcttctg tgtgtgtcca     12420
     gggagggtac gtggctgagc agtaagcctc acctgagtat tggtgtagac acccagtttc     12480
     cctcgtacca gtgtgggtat gggcacgttc cagtttgcgt gtccagcctg tgtgtctacg     12540
     ctgatgcacg catgtgcaca cctgtgcctg tgtccctttg tgtaccttgg ttttgggagg     12600
     gctgacactc ctgcccacag gtgtgcctca aactcagctc ttaagctggc aagcagggtg     12660
     ccactgggtt tggcaatcca acttcaggac ccgtgaagtc tgcatgctag ggagaagcaa     12720
     agagtcctca tggttctcac aaatggcaga gggaggagga aaagggtggc tggcacgagc     12780
     tacctagacg agatgtcata aacctgaaat gacacccaga gggatataaa acctagtagc     12840
     tgcctgtgtt tacctgtgtg ttcggccggg gcattcaggt aagaatcagt gaaacctgca     12900
     gggctttggg attcgctatt cgggaatccc tgtgcaccag agtctctggc ccatgagaga     12960
     ggacagcatg tgggtccggc agggcctgag tctccaggga ggctggcatt ctccccaaga     13020
     gggcatgggt cggtaggtgg aagagaaacc tgggctgtgg gttcaggtag atgggacacc     13080
     taccacttag ccaggtggga gctcaggaga gggccaggag agcctaactg gccggtgaca     13140
     ccccgtccca gtgctgggtg tgcgcacacg agctttgccc catgcaccct ctccaggatg     13200
     cctcacctgg gcagacagga agcaaggcac acaagatcct aagcttatgg tcatgagtgg     13260
     acccagactg gggggtccct aggatcactg ttcccaggag aaccaggcat gcagggtctc     13320
     ttcaggacag gggtaaaatg cataagccct gctctccacc cagtgagtgt catgccctga     13380
     tgatgtcagc catggcagat acaggtcttc cacctagatt gcagatccac aggcttacaa     13440
     cctccccctg gccttctctg ggacagaccc ctggactctg aaacagccag tgccccagga     13500
     ctgttccttc cccgcctcca agctcgtggg aggctcagtg gggactctcc tcctagtaca     13560
     tggccaccca caggcactgt caacaatcca gggcccttct acattccagg gtcctgccac     13620
     cttacccagc agtgggataa tggggaggga aagagtggga acagacagag cgggggccac     13680
     aagcctcacc ctcccacatg gcaagggaat gaggagatcc ttctcagccc aggcagctgc     13740
     tttcagaaca cacacctgga agcccagcac cagctgaggg attcactctg ccacagctgg     13800
     gcatggggga tttcattggg gatttcattg tgtgctgggg aacttgatcc tggttgccat     13860
     accaggtgta cctctcttcc agatcacaat atgctcacac cctcctttac ctgaatggat     13920
     tccttgtcct caccacatgg tgttagctgg aaatgctact cctggtgccc caattgctgt     13980
     ttcaaggtgc agagactgac cagcagaccc ctgagtcctt gtcctcttat ccaagtaata     14040
     tccatagaaa tagtaaaata gtggcacatt agacctagtg ataattttaa ggctgatctc     14100
     tttataagca tttcatcaat atatttatga ctttatctcg tgtattttat ttataactgt     14160
     catttcaaat tcaatttttg ctcaagagtt attttaacat atagcgaaat gttcagagct     14220
     atgatacata ggtttcaagt ttaaaagtct gtatctgcta tgattttggg aaaaacccac     14280
     agagcacttg taaaaatagg taattattag gcatgaccac tgtagtggtt taaaacacac     14340
     tttgaaattc ttctcaaacc catttgaaaa tattcctgat gggactgaac acagtacttg     14400
     cttgtaatga atagaaaaca gtgcaagcat tttcgggata ctggaccacc tctggcctag     14460
     tttagaaaag gtgacacagc tctgcccaag tctcctgctc tcatccccct taggagcccc     14520
     cgaccagtac accacgaagt ctaacaccct gataacacta cacagaaggg acatccaatg     14580
     gagagactca aagaaataga aaaagatgtc tgaggatctc agcagtccag cccctgctat     14640
     ttgagtcacg ctagccatgg caccagggag atgggaagac acccgccaac gtccccatcc     14700
     ttggccatca ctagattgca acctcctgag tgcccctgaa ccatattcat ttggctgaga     14760
     gactgagggc gattgcagag actgacagtt agtaaattat aattattgtt taagccacta     14820
     agttttagac aattctgaaa agcactttag actcctagaa aaactgagtt gtctactcat     14880
     ttaattgcag agagctgtaa aggctaacat catgaataat aataacctgg aaaagtcaaa     14940
     tcatcaagat tcttctaagc acaacagatc tttaatgccc ctttgctatg gctgaagaat     15000
     aatctaacat acacctgata gagatgtttg aaagcctctg ttcacatctc tcggcagggt     15060
     aagggtcaac tctagtctgg tttaattcta ggtaactgca gcagttcacc tttcatttta     15120
     ggtcatggcc tatgctgatt ttttgatcac tgactgtgtc tttgtctgtg tgtgtgtttt     15180
     gtgtgttacg atattttatc tgaggatgct aaataatagt actatagttg ttttgtaaac     15240
     aaaaaacatt ccaggaagtc agtattgttt ataaactgag ctttaaaaca gatacgaaat     15300
     tagacatggc aagatgccat gtctagtatc ataccaaagc tagccaagct tggtggctca     15360
     tggatgttat cccagctact tggaaggctg atgcaggaga atccattgaa cctggtgatg     15420
     gagtttccag taaagtgaga tcacaccact gtgctctagc ctgggcagca gagcgagact     15480
     ctgtctcaga aagaaaaaga gaataaaata ataaaatagg agagatcact gaaaagagaa     15540
     atgcataaaa ctgggtgggc attgtggctc atgcctggat cccagcattt tcagaggatg     15600
     aggtgggtgg atcactagat gacaggagtt caagaccagc ctgagcaaac attgtgaaac     15660
     ctggtctcta ccgaaaatac aaaaaacata tagatatata tacacataca tacatacagg     15720
     attggtgtca tatgattgca gttgcagctg cttagaaggg tgtgactgga caactgcttg     15780
     aacccaggac agggagggag cagtgagctg agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctaggtg     15840
     acagagcagg attctgtctt aaaaaaatta aatgagataa aaagatataa agaaaaaaag     15900
     aaagaaacac aggaatgaag aaaggaaggg agggagggag ggaatgaaaa tttgtatgta     15960
     acagttgtag atacttttgg catacatgtg atattttgat acaagtaatg tgaactggta     16020
     agcgagggat caaagagggg atgggggtgg gttaaattat acttgcttag aaggaataat     16080
     atctagtgtt cagtggcaca ggatgactac acttaataat gatttattgt acatctcaaa     16140
     ataattaata gagcgaaggt ggaatgtcgc tcgtaccaag aaaagatata ccagactcag     16200
     tgaggtggaa tgttgctcat accaagaaaa gatatgccag actcagtggc tcacagctat     16260
     aatcacaaca ctttgggaag ccagggaagg aggatcattt cagcctggga gtttgagacc     16320
     agcctgaaca atatatccaa agcattgtcc ctaccacaca cacacaaaag ctgggcatgg     16380
     tggttggtgt gtgtctgtaa ttccagctac ttgggaggct gaaatggaag tctggcacat     16440
     ttgaaccccg tgtccaaggc tgcagtgagc tacgatggtg ccactgcagt ctaggctgga     16500
     caacagagtg agaccttgtc tctaaaaaag aaaaaagaat tgataagtgc ttgaactgaa     16560
     ggatacccta tttattatgt atatatttgt tgatttatat aattattttt ggtttggagt     16620
     cacactctgt cacccaggct agggtgcatg gtgcaatatc ggctcactgc agcatcaggc     16680
     tcccaagttc aaatgattct cctgcctgag cctcccaatt aactgtaaca tactacaggc     16740
     aggcaccacc atgcctggct aatttttgta tttttggtag agatggggtt tcatggtgtt     16800
     ggccagcctg gtcttcaact cctgtcctaa agtgatctgc aagccacggc ctccccaagt     16860
     gttagaatta aagacctgag ccaccacacc tggacagtaa gatacacaag actagggaga     16920
     tttatctttt cacttcatcc ttacaatgct acaggtgaat gaaaacacaa cttcataaca     16980
     tgaatacctc acttgaatat caaagttggc aacttctccc tttaaaatta ttcgtaccct     17040
     taccctataa aaattgatga tcttgtcaaa atttttcaag aaaatacttc ctccttgcag     17100
     attagtctgt caattgttaa taactaagga ctgtaaaact tctggaactt gatgtatttc     17160
     atttctttag tttgcaaaat caggaaaaat aattgattta gttatttagg tccaaatatt     17220
     tttatcattc catgatttct taaaactttc agcaatcccg tctgaaactt tatgctgttg     17280
     tttatatttt acacacttca ctttccccaa agtatgaggt ttaaagtgtt tccattcata     17340
     ttagaaaact tgaacagttt gcaagggagg cataacgtat gcctaatttt gtatctatgt     17400
     tcaaagaaac aaaggaaaat gtacaacaaa ctacacaatt ttctctccta ttgaatttgc     17460
     tttaagcatg tgcggctaac caataacacc aggcattttg aaatacatgt aaaatcttat     17520
     tgtgaaaatt ttaaggtaga tattacatct aaacactttt caaatagcat caacaagtat     17580
     gaaattactt tgaaaacaat tccttttcct ttgaatacct cagaaaattc atggaggaag     17640
     ttagtatcta cctctctcca caaaaccaat atgtttcttt tagtaatatg caggtaatgc     17700
     agcagaaata acatttcaat ttttgatttg caaacaaggt ttggtatgca ataactatta     17760
     ttttgaaccc atgctttaat atctgcttca gtctcctttt tcagatcaac tttcaccacc     17820
     atctactgta gatgccacat aacttgagct accatatgct tcacgaggag cagggagcac     17880
     cctacccaga gaaggcagat tcctttggtc ttttctgcaa acctactcat gatcacaata     17940
     atgaaaatca ccacagctcc tggagtaact ctcccaactt ctgccatatc tatctcgagt     18000
     attattataa tcatggcatg tgcttccgcc ataagacatc tgaggccctc gtgcaggtgg     18060
     tgcaccatga gaggtccctg catggttgac aaaataatat gttggactac ctttgaacat     18120
     ttttactgct atcattaaag catgaattag ttaaagtact atttggaaat atctgctttc     18180
     ttctgccttt gttgacagga cattaatcaa gtcttcaaca gtcagaaggt ttcatttaaa     18240
     agaagtataa gagtagtatt ctgaagctta acaaacttaa ttctaaagta aatgtggagt     18300
     cacattttct taacgtgaac tgaagttctc gccttcataa cattccctat ctttatactg     18360
     ttaagaatac tcaatattta aacatgttgc atatgtcctt tataattttc cttagaattt     18420
     ccttaaaata acaatctggt ctattacata aaattctgta atttacaaat ccatcctgga     18480
     cccttaccgt atctctgaaa tgcatctcta taagaacttc cacttagatg ttcagaatga     18540
     tctctaccac gggcctcacc gtagccatca tggtaactaa attgaaaaaa aaaaacattt     18600
     ttaatgttag aatgaacaat ttaagaaatc tatttggtaa atccagataa catgatagta     18660
     cctatatcct ctagaggaat gttcatccca actaggatga ccataatcac ggtatgcata     18720
     gtctctaggt ggtggagcat aatccctggt ttctcgggaa ctttgatgat ttctgtgtgc     18780
     acaagtttaa gcaacaaatt ttaaattttc aacttccagt atccaaaaca taactaaatt     18840
     acaacttaaa cacaattaaa ttgccaaaca tctaaaaaaa tgcccaaaga gtccaaatgc     18900
     ccaaaatgcc caaatgccca aaaagcacat gaaacagata ctcataatga atgattcaga     18960
     aaatgcattt caaatccaac aggagcttcc atacttcaca cacacacatt ggaagggcaa     19020
     taaatttttt ttattatact tgaagttcta gggtacatgt gcatgatgag ttaatgggta     19080
     cataaaatgc atttcaaatc caaaatgaga tatcatattt cacacacaca ctggaagggc     19140
     aataaatttt aagaagcagg aaataacaag tgtttgagag gatgcagata aattggagcc     19200
     ctgatacaat gttagttggc atgaacaact taagcaatct gtttgacaaa tccagaaaaa     19260
     gttacagtac ctatatcctc tagtggaatg ttcatgcgga ctagaatgac cataatcaca     19320
     gtatgcatag tctccagata atggagcata atccctagtt tctcgggaac ttggatgatt     19380
     tctgtgtaca taagtttaag caacaaattt taaattttca acttctagta accaatatac     19440
     gactaactta caacttaaac aaaatgaaaa gtccaaacat ctaaatagat atttctccaa     19500
     ataaaatagg caaatggcca aaaagcacat gggacagata ctcaaattca gtgattcaga     19560
     aaatgcattt cttttttcta ttatacttga agttctaggg cacatgtgca tgatgagtta     19620
     atgggtgcag aaaatgcatt tcaaatccaa actgagatat catatttcac acacacactg     19680
     gaatggcaat aaattttaaa agggaggaaa taacaagtgt ttgagaggat gtagataaac     19740
     tggagccctg atacaatgtt agttggaatg aacaatttaa gaaatctatt tgacaaatcc     19800
     agaaaaagtt acagtatcta tatactctag aggaatgttc atcctgacta gaatgaccat     19860
     aatcacggta tgcatagcct ctagatggtg gagcataatc cctagtttct cgggaacttg     19920
     gatgattttt gtgtgcataa gtttaggcaa caaattttaa attttcacct tctactatcc     19980
     aatatatgac taacttacaa cttaaaatta aaaggccaaa catctaaata gctatttctc     20040
     caaataaaat aggcaaatgg ccaaaaagca catgggacag atactcatat tcaatgattc     20100
     agaaaatcca tttctttttt ttattatact ttaagttcta gggtacacat gcatgatgag     20160
     ttaatgggta cagaaaatgc atttcaaatc caaaatgaga tatcatattt cacacacact     20220
     ggaaaggcaa taaattttca aaagcaggaa ataacaagtg tttgagagga tgtagataaa     20280
     ttggagccct gatacgttag ttggaatgaa caatttaaga aatctatttg acaaatccag     20340
     aaacagttac agtacctata tcctctagaa taatgttcat gccgacgaga atgaccataa     20400
     tcacggtatg cgtagcctct agatggtgga gcataatccc tagtttctcg ggaacttcga     20460
     tcatttctgt atgcataagt ttaagcaaca aattttaaat tttcaacttc tagtatccaa     20520
     tatatgacta acttacaact taaacaaaat taaaaggcca aacatctaaa cagatatttc     20580
     tccaaataaa atcggcaaat acccaaaaag cacatgggac agatactcat attcagtgat     20640
     tcaaaaaatg catttctttt tgttttatta tactttaagt tccaggatac atgtgcatga     20700
     tgagttaatg ggtgcagaaa atgcatttca aatccaaaat gagatatcat atttcacaca     20760
     cacagttgaa tggcaataaa tttcaaaaag caggaaataa caagtgttct agaggatgta     20820
     gataaactgg aatgctgata caatgctagt tggaacggaa aatgatgcag ctactatgga     20880
     gaaatgtggt ggttcctcaa gaaaacaaac ataattatca taggaccatg caattccact     20940
     catatacacc cagaaccgaa taagcatact caaacaaata ttggtgcgta gaaatactcg     21000
     ggtggaaaca acccagataa aataatgggt taatagcttc tggagggagt gaagtgctat     21060
     gatgtaaatg aaccttcagg acatcatgca aaaggagagg agacaaatac aaaaagtcat     21120
     gtagtgtttg agcacattaa cattaaatac ccacaacagg taagttcaga ggcagaacac     21180
     tgactggtgt ttgctagcag ctgaggaaag ggagaaaatg gaagggactg cttaactggt     21240
     agttggagtt ttaatttgga gtggtgaaaa cgttttggaa ctcgatggag gtagttgttg     21300
     tatggcacag aatgtattaa acaccactta actgttcacc ttataatatt taattttgtt     21360
     atgtgaattt catcaccaca acaaaaaaaa aatcaactgt gttttttaat ttttccttta     21420
     cccatccttt gttgcataac catcatctct tggtgatata tgatcatttc tccaggaaga     21480
     gattgtcact ctgcatggag gaactccata tctctctctt ctttgtgaca taggaccttt     21540
     aacattaaaa tgatggaaca ttatgtagag aacaccaaat ctgaaacgct attttctctt     21600
     ctctcaaact actttttaaa attatttttt ctatgactcc attctttgtt tcctaaatta     21660
     ctagacactc atgacactgt gaatacttct tatggctttg gagaatccca tggctcccac     21720
     aaggccagtt cttctaatga agctgaaggc aaacattaat tcttaggtaa aagttcattt     21780
     gtaatggtta atatctactt agttattatt ttctttttca tataaattac tgatgactgt     21840
     gagtgacaca gggaaaacat gtaaaaccat caaactcttc actgatttta aagtttacat     21900
     acattgtcct ttctcagcca aagatggtga attttccaat atcattcagt ccatctcaca     21960
     cacatataaa tacagctacc tttaaatgac tatatgctaa atgtttacat aaaagttctt     22020
     tatctctaac tggttggctc tatcttaaat gttgacaaat taaaatgtat tagtgaagat     22080
     tttctaatga tggtcaagat ttgcttttac tgcaaagaaa gcaatgctat gcaaggggtc     22140
     attacaacat tgttgctatt tcaaaataga aagtttctcc ttcaatatat tcttcacttg     22200
     ctattcctta gaggtcagtg tttcacatat gatacgttca ctggctaatt ttccaatgga     22260
     aatgtgttgg cttgggtatc ctgaagccaa taaatacctc tcttcaccga tactctacgt     22320
     atgaaatgta aaattgaaaa cagcagtttt taacttcctc catattcgga tggaggacta     22380
     agaaagaatt ttaatttgct ctgcttaaac ttccttccta agaactttta tttattgtct     22440
     tattttcttc tgttcagtct gcagtcttac aattctttct caagagtatt acttgcattc     22500
     aatcctactg ctcacctcat gttgcttagt tctaaattct ctcctcaaat aatttcaaat     22560
     cttacactaa ggatcttgtg ttaatgttta aacatcccgg tacaatctca attactgatt     22620
     tacatacacc tatatttcac aactctgcat ttctgtgata cccacttaat ttaagcattt     22680
     tggactccta cgtgtctacc tttcaaggct taaatttatt tttaaatcat atttaagccc     22740
     aatgactcct tgtctgctaa atgctcttgt agttcttttg aatcttcatg caagcagtga     22800
     gtatgccttg cacatacgca ttactgagga ctcagaagtt ggatggccag gcttagcggc     22860
     tcacactgtg agtgagtgtg gaaggctgag gcaggtggac cgcttgagcc ccgggcttta     22920
     acatcagttt tgacaatgca gtcagatcct ctctctacaa aaacatagga aaaaaatgta     22980
     cctaggtgtg gtgctgcatg cctgtagttg cagaaactcg ggaggctgaa acagcagaat     23040
     tgcttgagcc caggaatttg aggctatagt aagccgtcat ctcacaaatt tgaggctata     23100
     gtaagccgtc atctcacaaa tttgaggcta tagtaagccg tcatctcaca tagtgcactc     23160
     tcacctagta agagcaagac tccaacccag caaagtcact gaacaagcaa tttttagaat     23220
     gggacaccag gggacctagg aaatggaaga attaattaga tcaagaagcc taccatcaaa     23280
     gaatactgct aggaactttt agaaaaatta aggggaattt tctagcaaac acaggattaa     23340
     aaggaatgtt ggcctcactc taatcacttc tttgatctgc aatgagaagc tcaagtattt     23400
     cttcaatata aatctgaaat gtacctagtg agatagaaac tataataaaa actatcaatc     23460
     agtaattatg ctcacgtatg tgtcacttct cttttgttca atgaacttaa agctaaccat     23520
     tcagggaaaa tagctcattt ttagtcatac aaaaactacg gtctttctgt caggtagcat     23580
     ttaccttggc ttcccatcca actattgctt cttgccacag cagaaggagc agatttttta     23640
     ggaggaggac ctccacttct tgaagatgga cgtcttttaa ctggaatgag tcccctagaa     23700
     taactcatct tgagatcagg agtgtatcca ccatcatctg tatttcaaac aaaatccttt     23760
     tagttaacta acatcactgt ttcttaaatg gctaagtttt agttgtttac aaatattttc     23820
     tacattttat aactaattca cattttgtct aaactaataa aattagcatt cctacatggt     23880
     attagtacac ttcaagcaat aaaagttcat ttagaaaatc tagaaagaaa ctcaagtatc     23940
     ataatatatt ggtatgagag agagatgtgg gaaaatgggg agtgaacggg ggcacaaatc     24000
     tatcactgaa atatctaaat ataatatgca taaaaatatt aaaagaaaag tgataaatga     24060
     ctgcttatat cattctgtaa tgaggaaaaa ttttcaaagc acatcataaa ctaatttcca     24120
     ttcaaagaaa ctcaaatatt tccaatacca agaagtgaca tatcaggaaa atacattgtc     24180
     tctaaaattt gttaacacaa tatagaattc ttaaaattcc cttatgagac actgactttc     24240
     agattagact atgctgaatt ttaacagtct ttaggaactg catattcggt aatataaaaa     24300
     tatttttata catctacaaa aatgtagata tatgccaact gccaggtggt gttacgggtt     24360
     agaatttata tatacattct cgtccgtggc agagtataat tgaacctcac cctcaagatc     24420
     agtggagaca aaatagccac gaagctatgc atcttaaaat ggagcaaaca ctgcaatttc     24480
     aacttgaaaa aaatctccaa taaactacat gtctggttat taaaactcca agttaattgt     24540
     tagagttttg aaggttggtt aatagataat acaagttaac caacaggttt atttatttat     24600
     ttattcagat ggactgttgc cctatcacgc aggctggagt gccatggcat aaccttggct     24660
     cactgcagct tgtgcctccc aggttcctgt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct     24720
     ggtattacag gtgcatgcca ccacgcccag gcaaattttt ttgtatcttt aggagagaca     24780
     gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctg gaactcctga cctcgtggtc cacctgccct     24840
     gtactcccca ggtgctgagg tgacaggcgt gagccacctc gcacagccca tccaatagtc     24900
     ttttttcttt ttttttaaat atatggtttg tttttctttt atatgtaaac atagacccct     24960
     catttctatt aagtaaatca ctcataaata tcattttcag tgactcagcc tccagcaaag     25020
     aaagatacat acatatctgt gaagcagtgg tttttagaca tttccagtca cagactcttt     25080
     tcagaaatta aagttctaca tttcttaaat tgaaaatgct ttatggcagg ccaatgtaca     25140
     aactctctgt atcaaaatta caaagcaata cctttgcata gatgttcgca catgtataca     25200
     caagaaaaca aatactgcaa aatcagtctt aagtattgag ttactttttc ctgttggaaa     25260
     attttaaata tgacatcata ctttgataat acaactgaca cgaagttctg ggccctaaag     25320
     cagaaaactc taaagtataa tgaatataaa tgagttctgc agaaaaccgg ttgagtacag     25380
     gtaatcagca ttcataaaca caactcagtt tgaaatgtgt gttacttcag tgcaaactta     25440
     ttgtaatttt aaaacaaatt tatgtattaa ttcaatcatt cttataatac acctttagta     25500
     cttagaaata attttgctta ttatcaataa gctaattttc tcttcataca ggaaataaaa     25560
     aaattgagaa atttcgatat cttcaaactt attttctttc agtcctatgg ttccatcttt     25620
     atattttaaa acattaccca ggtgtccttc atgtgaggga agccaccctc ctgttcctcc     25680
     actgcttcct cttgcagatc tcagacttcc tgaagggctt ctgtttctca aagaagctgg     25740
     tggtcttcac ctaccaccac tttgaaaaga tggtttcttg gcttgttcta cttttattgc     25800
     ttttccatcc aaagactaga agtattaagg gtactatcaa taacaatggc acatttaacg     25860
     taagcgcatt ttacaaacat ttttacatca accatagttc aattcgaggt attttctccc     25920
     aaaaggaaac ttttttttct cctaaaatga acacatcttt cacaatgcca aatttgagat     25980
     agttactgag cacatgcctt ccattaaggg accaaacaca aattctatta ttcaaattcc     26040
     ttgaaaactc ctccattatt aaaaaaaaaa aactcaaaca taaaaaaaaa gattgaccca     26100
     tcacacattc tatggaagaa tgtggaacat ctgtttttta caatatataa tccacttcat     26160
     ctttgtattc acatcactga tttgaaagtt gcagtgtccc aacgaaactt gtgtcatttt     26220
     aaaaagtgag cttacttttt cagagtgatt agtcacatta gtcactatga gctgtttctt     26280
     gttggatttg ctaacactta cataaaatgt ccccatatga tttacaattc tatattgact     26340
     ctaaaaatgt ttctgtaaat gtgatccttg tttgatctca ttaagttttc ttgccttact     26400
     catttcttat attgccttac acgtgcccct aaaaaacgaa tcttaatata gtacttcagg     26460
     tagtttctca gaaatgctta aatatcctaa ttaatttcat aataacattt ttcactgtaa     26520
     tcttctctac aggccatagc aatttttgaa aacagttcag ctaataatgt gatttacaaa     26580
     ttacatggct tttgttattt ggaggaagga cttaaatccc tgacaagacc ccttgcagcc     26640
     acatcgccag ttgttcctac cttgacactt cttttgttat ttctgggatc aaaatatttt     26700
     ccccagattt gcccatggct gcttccttcc cagtgttctg aagtcagcta aaattcctta     26760
     actgttaatt ccccctgaaa actcgaagaa cttcctttat tggccatctt aacattaatg     26820
     tgcatacaat attcatattt attttaacac actaaaatat gtgagatgaa ctaacttaga     26880
     aataatgttg gctgggcacg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc caacactttg ggaggccaag     26940
     gcaggtggat catgaggtga agagatagag ctcatcctgg ccaacaggga gaaaccccat     27000
     ccctactcaa agtacaaaat tagctgggcg ttgtggcgcg cctctgtagc ccctggtact     27060
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaggcg gatgttgcag taagccaaga     27120
     tggccccact gcaatccagc ctagggcaca cagtgagtct ccatcttaaa aaacaaacaa     27180
     acgaacaaaa actttacaca aattagctgc tcttttgctt gaaaactaga gggaacaaag     27240
     aaattatcat agattactat acagaagtca aaattatctc catacctacc acaaagccat     27300
     gaaccaaaag caactctcgg tttctaccac agcttgaaat actaatttat gagggtgaat     27360
     aaaaatgtac tttctgctat gtgccaggaa ctgtgctaga tgtaacagaa agaaaagcaa     27420
     ctagcaagac ttaaatatgc actacataca atttcacatt caatagatta atacatagta     27480
     cagtgagtac aaaataccta caatatgcaa tgagaaagaa aatatgaaat ctaagtggtt     27540
     tttgaagcat aaattttatt tatgagacat acacagggaa ggataattct caacaagtct     27600
     aaaacagcac tttggggata gcatgaagac taacaggagc taaaaacaga ttgggataat     27660
     gttgtttatt tattttattt attttttatt tttttgagac ggattcttgc tctgttgcca     27720
     ggctggagtg catcagcgtg atctcggctc actgccacct ctgcctcctt gggtttaact     27780
     gattcccctg cctcagccta ctgagtagct ggaactatag gcacacacaa ccagacgcag     27840
     ctaatttttt tgtgtgtgtg ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccatgttg gccattatgg     27900
     tttctttctc ctgacctcgt gatctgcctg ccttggccac ccaaagtgct gggattacat     27960
     ccgtgagcca ccatgcccgg catgattggg ataatgttac aaagcaaaaa agcactaaag     28020
     agcacagaat ggaatgctct tgactacaat gtaaaggaat tcaataatta atataattac     28080
     ataaaagttt aaagctttag taaacacaca atctctagat ttaagactca acaggacaag     28140
     agaccattgg ttgaatcaaa acaagtcctc aaacacactg gggaaatgag taattagcta     28200
     ttcatgttac ataaatcact ctggtgacag gaaagaaatg tccttaggag aaaaagcaag     28260
     catggagcaa aaatgccagt tacttcttct gctatctgac ttcaatgttc tcatattatt     28320
     ttctcttttc aactacttac cctttccgta aatgtaaagg tcttatttaa atatactttt     28380
     gcaagaatat attttcataa aatatattct tcaagaagga aggagtcttt ccttcttgtg     28440
     agtctgtcta gatgtctatc cacagtttgt ctacgctcta aaagaatttc catgaattgg     28500
     aagtacttca attaatagca tttaataaat attgacttat taatttcatt tacatgaggg     28560
     ttccttataa gttttaaagc tcatcaaaac cttttaaaat ctatttgcac tcatatcgaa     28620
     atacaaacat agaaaaaggt taccaaatat taatttatat aatgttaatt ccaataccct     28680
     tccaactaca cttgcacgta taaggcacaa aaaagaggat ggcttcatat gtcattctac     28740
     tatcttcaaa agtttagtaa tattaaaaag acctagaaat attgttaatt gaagaacaca     28800
     gttagaatat tattaataag ggactcttac ctttccattc atatctttgg cagcattctt     28860
     agcatctgca gggttctcaa aagtaataaa ggcaaagcct ctggatttgc tggttcgatc     28920
     ctttatcaaa agaactaaaa tatatgaaaa cattttacat tcatgtaatg gactcatcaa     28980
     ggtactaacc atctaaaagt tacatcaaac taaaaaataa ttgcatttca catcattatt     29040
     atggttctta atactcagtc acccctacag tcagtctagt ttattccagt ttctttctga     29100
     actccacagc acatttactt ttcctcattt tcctttctaa gtagtaggtt atcctttcca     29160
     tagagcctta acctagtact atgagaattt tccaaatatc aaacagatac tacaaaataa     29220
     gagtttaaaa ctcataaggc attttcatgt aggtatacaa tgaactttga aaaaatatat     29280
     tttttcaaaa catatatata tataacatac atattttaaa catacatact gaaatataca     29340
     tgtgaaaata cacataaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cggttttaag     29400
     agttaccttc tgatatggga ccatatttcc caaacactgc tttaagcatc ttctcattgg     29460
     tctctctatt gaggccacaa atgaaaagct tgccaggatg atctgcctct accattgtgc     29520
     tgtaaatggt aaaaaattat ctatatttag atataaataa gctaaaaaga taaaatttta     29580
     ttacaaactg tgctgaaaat ccaagtaaaa ttcccttcct gaggctgaca tctttttatt     29640
     acttcttact ttaaatatgt aaaatttgta acactcagag caaaggggca ctaacttcac     29700
     acacaaatgc tgcattttag tatgaactga cagaatctca tttctaaaaa ttagataaga     29760
     aaagctatca taattttcct aagttgcaat atgaagaatg ccttcattta aataatttta     29820
     tttgaaaact gtctatttat gaggtacagt gtgatgtttt gcatattttc tttcttgaga     29880
     tgtgtgtctc ctgttgccaa agtgcactgt tcactgcagc ctcctccacc cagcccaact     29940
     gatcttccca catctcagct tccgaagttg ctagtactac aggggctttc taccacagct     30000
     gggcaatttt ttgtgttttt aaaaataaac aagggtttcc ccatattgcc caaggtagtc     30060
     tccaaatcct gggctcaagt gttctgccgg cttgggccta ccaaagtgat gggatttcaa     30120
     gggtgaatca ccacactcag catgatattt ggataaaaga ttaaatcaag ctacttaaaa     30180
     tgttctaggg ggagaatatt ttaaatattt tacaatcttc tagtgatttg aaatatacaa     30240
     taggtcacag attctaaaac cctagccttc aacccgtacc tatctgtggc ctgaatgtga     30300
     tgccacagga tgacatgtaa tacctgtttg tggagaatgt aacgcctgag gatgacctga     30360
     ggtggtacag ttctatccag aaaccatcct ccctactccc tcgctggccc tccctgtccc     30420
     cgtggcagcc ccactgcccc acctgtcctc tgtcacattg ctcctaccgg aagacccgcc     30480
     ctaccacgtg cccctcgggt acctgccgcc agcccccact cccaaacctg tccacctcgc     30540
     cgccttctac ccctgtgcaa cccttgtctg aggaaaaatt gtctttcact aaaccagtcc     30600
     ctgatgcgaa aataccaata aaggagtcca ttatgtcacc caggctggtc tcaaactcct     30660
     cacctcaagc catcctctga cctccacttc ccaaaatgct aggattacac gagtaagtca     30720
     gtgtgccagg ttaacagaat aacttaagct catctatgtt gttcccgttt taggctatct     30780
     aactccattt atctcgatta cacccaccga ttattcggtt taaattattt acggtgccaa     30840
     agatacatga aacatgtttc aaatactgtc atacaacgaa ggagacaatt acaggcttta     30900
     cagaggcaaa ctgaaactga gattatttat ggcccccata tttctacata cactaaagta     30960
     acacaattta tgtcaaattt catccaagca aatcagacac gccacatgtg ctaactaaaa     31020
     gtgtgacttt ttaatcgcag tggttaagtg tattgcctgt attctgaatt atgaccacat     31080
     tcacagagaa aacccgcttt aataaaaagt gcacacgaaa acagtggcgc cttagcacca     31140
     tctcccacaa ctagtcggac atattaggca gttaaatgta gaatcctcag gaaaaatcaa     31200
     tgagtttaac gaaagtgagt ctcttaatag cactaaggag ttctttcccc actgactcct     31260
     cccgtaattc aacacccaca catagaaaac ccatcccctt ttatagacaa aatcccaaac     31320
     ctttgctttc tattcttgcc gagagaccca gctgtccaga gaaacagaaa atacctgcgc     31380
     tttttattag gacaaagagc ctgaggttcg cctggccctc aggccgtatg tatccagctt     31440
     cggaacacca cagggccagc tgcgggaagg acacctggag ctaccctgag agagaaggac     31500
     gccagaagcc gtgcccggaa atcccgccta cctccagcgg ccaatcattg agaaggcggt     31560
     gggcgtcagc cagttactgc gaaggctgtg ggtgagtcct gaggcaccca gccccggctg     31620
     gcctgcagct ccatcatctc gctgtaactc ttctgagacc ccgcttgtgc catgtggcgg     31680
     gcggcggtgg attaaggcac aggcgaactg tgagcccttt ggaattgtgg gcatggaaga     31740
     cctacacact aactggcatc ctgagtgtgg caagacatta attaacccac agggaacaca     31800
     tgaaacatct cacttcatta gtcaggctag gctgatggta ctgaatattg cggatccaga     31860
     ggggagagag agggaccagc gctgctgcag gggcgagggc agcagcggtg gcttgggggg     31920
     attggggcag ggcgggtgcg tgggactaaa gtcgactggt acgttgctga ggtggaattc     31980
     atctgcacca gaagctgaaa ccctgcaagg attctctcag gtctaggcaa atacatactc     32040
     cgagttccat ggttcctccc tgaggatgct gtactcacag gggcattcca aaggacttct     32100
     catcctgtgc cctgggcaca cgggaggcct accgccatgg tcgccaatgc agtgatccat     32160
     gtgcactgct ttgctggtgc agaggccctc acaagtgcag gggtggccgt ggtgcctgct     32220
     agcggggctc tggaagccag ggccttggca tcctactcca gggctgctgt gcgcagctaa     32280
     ccctgctggg tatctgagcc ccattgtgag tgtgacaggc taagggtcct gtggggctcc     32340
     ccaggaaccc tgttccacat aggtgtagga tgtggttctc agcagggcaa ggcccgcagg     32400
     tctctcctgg agttgccccc agagtctagg ggtgccgggg gcaggtgggg tgggaggcac     32460
     aggctttgct ctgttggagc cccaaggagg gcaccatgtt aaggctggag gctgtgcagg     32520
     agaggatggc ctgtgcacag agcaggaagg caaccctggg ggaagaggca tgctagtggg     32580
     ggatgacatc attgcagaga tggaggtggt ggccaaggag gaggccaatg tggagccaca     32640
     gcaggaggac ctgcaggcac agcctggccc tggccccagt acgccccggc cagcaacaga     32700
     ctcgctggac gtccttcact tggagcgcag ctacatgaat gtcccaggct gcagggcatc     32760
     cccggcttct gggccagagc catatccttg cagctgccaa ttcgggatgg ttggccgcag     32820
     gggatgggcg ccgagctcct gagaatggag gtgggggaaa caacgtggta ggcactgggg     32880
     gtcagccagg attcagggca tgggggacaa caaggggagc cgagaacaga ctcatgcaga     32940
     tagtagggca gcttaattgc atgtgccctg agggcatgtg gtagggacag gaagccaagc     33000
     acagcactca caaggaagaa tagcagcgcc aaggaccctt cgtaacagca gaaagttgaa     33060
     ggatacgttt cactgggaaa gtcccttgag gaaggggagt ctgcatgccc atgccagcag     33120
     tggaacttcc ctgctcccca tgcctgtgtc cagcaagctc accccagaaa cacaaggtgc     33180
     tcaagactcg gtgtcactgt gcacggggct gctgtcctat gcaaggcagg cactatctcc     33240
     ccagacacaa tttcttccct ctgccagcgc ggcacccaaa gatgtttagg ccctgagcat     33300
     atataacctc ccttgaaacc actcgagctc catggggaga gccaggcaca gccctgtagc     33360
     tacttctacg cacagcagtt ccatggggtg gacacatgca cccctcaggg agaccaggag     33420
     aaggagagac cacacaccca gacagcagca gagcctgtcc agcacccagc acaggagggc     33480
     ctcctgcagc tcagaaacac tgagcaagta gttgcctcac acaacaacac cctgcccgca     33540
     accccctgcc aacttcttca gtgccagccc ctggtcagag caggttgtct gggcctgtct     33600
     ccacccacca ccaagaccac cacagctctg atggtgccct acacgccaga gagagacaga     33660
     ggacctggaa gggaaggtgc cctgccccac actctccgtg ctcttgcaaa cttgcagggt     33720
     gtttccttgc acgcccaccc aatcatctgg cggctccttg accagaggca gattgtgcag     33780
     cacacccaga tgttggccgg gatcacaaat gatgatgaag tcctgctaag ttacgtatgt     33840
     gatggatttg caggtcaggc taaggagcct gagtcttcag gaggggtctg gtgtctgggt     33900
     caggttgagg tacccctggg atgcgggggt gtctcaatga gagagttggg aaggagaaac     33960
     acatgcttca ccccagctaa cagctcacct caccccagct acgtgaaatg gtcctttgag     34020
     tacatcctct ttctccttct tggccaggga aggggaggaa cgcaactatc ccgggtaccg     34080
     gaggcaggat gaagttttcc ctttatcaca atctttactt ccacaatgaa gtgatcattc     34140
     aagagtattg cttcggcatc ctcggtaagg agcacctccc tgcatagtag gggagctggt     34200
     gtgtgggagg gtaggtctgg catgaatctt cctgactctt ctctctgcag gatacaggat     34260
     gtctcattcc actgtagtct agtggttgtg agatcatgaa agtgaagcct ccacctgcag     34320
     gtagtacagc tcctacctga gcttcttcag ctggttggct gaccatgact gcccaggttc     34380
     tggcaggatt gctgaggtga gcgccaggta gggcatcatg ggaaaggatc ttgctggtca     34440
     ttccttggcc tctggggaat tggctttgag ccatgacctg aactaaccag tacccacttc     34500
     tgcagtcccc tagatcatca gccagagcct gtagctcaat cccctgcagt acttctccag     34560
     ggagggaggc cattagagag tgaacagaga ggaggccagg tgagcagtct agggctgggg     34620
     actgagaggc cgtttattcc tggagttgtg ccccacatgg agaatccaag cctcagggag     34680
     gtgactgcag tgagcaatcc cacgccatcc atgggctggc ggagaaatgg ccatcaaaga     34740
     actgtaacac ccacatttta ggattggggc accttaagcc gcctaagagg aataagtgtc     34800
     taaggtcaat gggtgagaag caagactcaa gtggtagctg tctcatcatc cctcaccagc     34860
     tgaggcctga ggccggccac cacttgggac tcagtttggg ctcaaccagg gccctctcac     34920
     cctccacgca gatatcctcc caaggtccct atgtcttccc tgatgggctg tcccacgccc     34980
     atcatttttt gttacaatga tcccaggctt ccctgagatg ctttctgctc tctgccatca     35040
     tcactcacac ttccctgccc cacgctgccc caccagacaa gagaggccac tacacaggga     35100
     atctggagaa ccacactggg ctcacagtat tgtgaatagg ttaaaccttg tatagtattg     35160
     tcattctctc tttcataaat ttttgaagaa ctctgatact gtttccatcc ccccacccct     35220
     gaggagaaca tgcagatagt tccaaacaat tgtggaagtg agtgggtatg aaaacataat     35280
     ttgaaggcca ggtggggtgg ctcacgcctg taatccccac actttggggg gccaaggctg     35340
     gtggattacc agatgtcaga agttcaagac cagcctggtc aacatggtga aaccccatct     35400
     ctactaaata ttcaaaaatt agctgggcgt ggtggcaggt tcctgtaatc ttagctattt     35460
     ggtgggctga ggcaggagaa tcggttgaac ccgagaggtg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga     35520
     tcacgccact gcattacagc ctgggtcaca agaccaaagc tttgtctccc ccaccccaca     35580
     ccccccaaaa aaagcatcaa atttacataa acataattat cttaaaagcc agcataattt     35640
     taattttatt gtagtcatta gtttcagaca ttgtttattt tggagaagtg attacagaaa     35700
     ctacaaaaat caaagcctga tgagaacctt taaattaacc acactgcaca agcccaaagc     35760
     tgaaaaacta aggtgtttct gatataatag accaaattct gcatttcctc tctattgggc     35820
     agcgtaatat tgcacatatg aaaaaaaatg cagtgttaaa taaaaagtag tggaattaag     35880
     aggagtcatt gcttagtgaa ttaaaacaac acacaaattg agaagaaaag acagtgatag     35940
     aaaatatatt gtctattgat ttaattcaga ataattttca tttttgtcta ttagcattaa     36000
     atagtaccat taacataata tcattttgta tattgtcttc taacatgtaa gtggttttta     36060
     ttttgtatat ttggaaacct gatcaaagat tctttataca ttttattttt tccgaaattt     36120
     gctacctaat agctagctaa atgctagttg cctgaatgcc tctcactaag ttgtttgtct     36180
     tttcctaata catttaatat gaacttggtg tgtagtttgt tggcatcttt actaaatcta     36240
     caggtgttga agttgttcag atctcagtca tggatcctct tgggttttct caaggctaaa     36300
     acaccctttc tatgctgacc attaagaaat tctcaacttc aggccagatc tttgttctac     36360
     cttcagactt ggcatatcca acttcatgcc ttacatctcc acataccaaa accagacctt     36420
     cctttcatcc ccaaaacatg tttcctccta cagtattcca ctatttcaga aattcacagc     36480
     accaaatacc ctgtatttca agctagaaat gtagaggatg attcttcagg cagccttttc     36540
     tcaatgactc ttcatcattt acatccaact cttcacaggt tgtgtgtcct ctctgagaat     36600
     tacatagtct tagtaaatga agagtggccc gtaagtaacc ttcaatcgtc cagttttttt     36660
     ttcttcaatt cacgccagtt tctctacaga acagctggag ctctgcaatg tcaatgttgg     36720
     agtaagtacc attctctgcc agtattacca ttttatttat gatgagataa attatcctta     36780
     aaaatgccca cacaaatcta tactaagtaa cacaattaaa ttatgtcttt gttttacaga     36840
     aaagtacaag gcaaatagaa tcaattgtta ttatataatc tttataacta cacacaaagg     36900
     tactagatat ttcagacccc acttcataca tctgaaattt gactctcaaa gtcattaact     36960
     cctcttaaag tctaatttca gattgcaaaa ctacctcttt ccacaatatt gtgctatctg     37020
     cctttaagaa ccagctgggg aatcattaag aataaaaaat ataattttct tcaacatctc     37080
     ctagctgagc caaaatctaa attttctgtg gagatgttgg tgtgcacaat tttgccaaaa     37140
     cttttacaac tttaaccaca gccatgcttc tgtggcctac ctgttcatcc aatacctgca     37200
     cgcatgcttt aacatagaaa aatttgaaag ttaatacgag tattaactct tatcattata     37260
     gacaatgaca tctgaagacg ctttccaatc ttccttgagt atataatatc caaaatgtca     37320
     gtacagtctc caaaatgtca atgtaatctt agtagcagtg gttcattaca gaagataatt     37380
     ttgccacagt ggtcaaatat ttttgttaaa tactgctatt ttatagccat acatagcatt     37440
     aactgaccca tgttgtatag ctagaaaaat gatcctaaag aaaatgttca gaaataggtt     37500
     tcatatattt tgctaaattg caaactaaca ggttaatcgc taccgtgaag tgctagacag     37560
     ttggagtagt atttaccaag aatgaaaaag aagatagggc catatgaatt gagaaggctg     37620
     ccgttatgaa aagatatcat atttattcct gactcctggc ttgatattct ttgtgtgggg     37680
     cttatttttt tttatggttg ttgttctgtt tttggttttt tgttgttgtt ttactttctc     37740
     ttatgtgtca gatcagagtt tcacaaacat cctcaaataa ttacatgggt cataaataaa     37800
     acatataccc agaaacttat agctatttta cttcaaaatc ctggttcaat cacctggaat     37860
     gagacctgga gaaccagtaa ttctcacaag tatgctaagt gattattacc aaaatgacaa     37920
     ttgtgaaata tttagacaat catccaggag ctaggtaatc aacatttaat aattggttct     37980
     tactgtaagg gtaaaggatt ttgttgaaat gactatttaa atgcaagttt tattaaaaag     38040
     atagaagtga gcacttcagt gctttctaat tagtgtcttt aaagtatgtt ttgctaaaat     38100
     ggcaaaataa ttttttcatc tgaagttagc attatggcct caaatgactt ctgagttagc     38160
     ttttggaaaa tcttcagatg ataaattcta aaaactatct tgggtgtttg taaaacttca     38220
     gaacatcact aggaagaata taaataaaat taccactatg caaaataatc aaaataactc     38280
     atacaaatgt acaggaaaaa atatatacaa tctagcccag tagaagaaag cagtacaggt     38340
     aaataattag atccttttta gaaaagagga aagtcaactg accaacgaaa aatggctaga     38400
     tgcttgaact cattagtaat ctggggatat aaatcaaaac cacattaggt tccaactttt     38460
     gttcattagc ttgtcaacta ttaaaataat aattactgag tgtagtcaag aatgtaagga     38520
     atgataattt ttcccatcaa tccacaggac tatctaatca tatttagtaa aattagggtg     38580
     actaaaacct ttattgatcc aatggaaact tttttaggat aaaagagtac gaacatatac     38640
     aaaaccattt attatttaat atattatttc cttacaggca aattgttttt actgtatggt     38700
     tggatctata aaacagttac cttccaaata tttttgaaaa tgaaatacct tgaaaaattt     38760
     aaaaccacaa tagtatatct tgaagcaaaa gagaaaaata acttctttaa atttattgtt     38820
     taaacattag aaatagtagg cagaataacg attctgaaca tatttatatg aattaatgtg     38880
     tttcttaaca ataattatac atagttcttt tctagaaaat gcatttcttt taatgttata     38940
     ttgattttta aataaagtta cttgcaagct tttccaaagt tgcttcttgt tgtcaccaat     39000
     aaaagttatc accaatgttt agctttttaa ctgaacatta aaaatcattt atcacacatt     39060
     gttcaatgtt ttatttctgg cacaataaat ttcaaaagct ttattttgtt tgcaatgatt     39120
     gattaaaaat tcaaactgtt ttttaatgta attttctatt tgaaacatct aaatggcatt     39180
     attcaattct tttggaattt cttctgtagc taatggagct aacatactaa caattactga     39240
     tgcatatttc ttaagtgcag aaaaattaga attaaaatgt acacaattga ttttttaaaa     39300
     tagtaatata atataaataa aaagccaggc atctcagaat tatatgctta atttttccaa     39360
     attcacacac taaacctgtg aaaatgtcat cttcaggcat agttttctta atgtaactaa     39420
     ttattatgtt atgaaatagc agctgctttt tcccctcagc catctgtatt ctggatttca     39480
     ggatatcact tttagcctgt gatcccaaca tggactacat gggatcacag gctaccccat     39540
     gggtatcatg actaccccat gtgtttactg gcactcttta aaccataatt tgattgaacg     39600
     ggaaactgag tagttttcaa ttaagtacct acttgcattt ttaggccatt gctgatgaaa     39660
     cagatttttt taaatagtca ttagcaaata gcccataaat aggtagttat aagaatataa     39720
     cagatgacaa aacgactgtg gccagacaaa tcaactactg tctgtcacct aagcttctat     39780
     ttccaacaca taatttacat atatctagcc tattatttcc ttccttttcc ccagacctac     39840
     catttccaca aggggcaaat aagaaaaaga atttaacacc ccccatataa agtacaaaca     39900
     gtaatctgaa aagaaccaca agggaaaaaa attcaaaatt tacaactatc taccctaaaa     39960
     gaagctgaaa gtccctcaaa aactttctag aggccatgtc cttctattac aaaaatgatc     40020
     ataagaactg caggagtaga agaataaaaa tgcatcttaa aacttgctaa acacttcaag     40080
     tctcccataa gaattgtaat ggaaaatgga tcagtcagca gttttttcca tacaattatg     40140
     aacgaattat atttcctcat acacagattt gttttttcaa tattctaagg aattaacttt     40200
     tatactaata gtaggtgatg taagaaagca ggcctttatc aagataactg acactggatg     40260
     tccataccat tactcaggtg ggccttaatt cccagccggg ttccctccct ggacacacac     40320
     tgaaggtccc cagccatttg gcaatctctt cacattccca gccctggagg tagccctaaa     40380
     atacatgtac ctgaagaaaa taaaacattg cctcacactg gagcccagtg tggtcctcca     40440
     gattccgtgt gaggtggact aacttatatg ggaaggcagg gcagcgggag tgaggatggc     40500
     agagaggatt acacatgtca aggcagccgg ggtcatggaa acaaaacatg actggcctgg     40560
     gagaaacact gtgaaaggac acagacctag gtgggcctca ggtggacatc ctcgtggaga     40620
     aaaagggggc cctggttgat ctcaaaatga gccccaggtg gtagcaggtc ttaccgcagg     40680
     gcagggagct ggcgaatgat aatgagacag ctatcccttt agccctgctt gtcacccact     40740
     gactttagcc acatatgcat catagtggct taaggggccc cgatcgtgaa atgtgggtgt     40800
     tacatgtccc tgatgggtct ctctccccca acccatggat tgtctgggat tgctcactgc     40860
     agtctcctcc aggatccttg ggttctccat gtgtggccca gatccaggtc aaaaggcctc     40920
     tcagttccca gcgcttccca gccctgggct gctcgactgg cctcctctct gttacgcctc     40980
     taaggctgac ccagtcccca tgggatagaa atgcaatgga ttgagccata ggccctggct     41040
     catgatctag gggactgcag aagtgggtcc aggacagttc aggtgacagt ttaaagccaa     41100
     ttccccagag accaaggaat gaccagctag gtcctttccc atgatgcccc acggcaaaca     41160
     ccacctccga actcgtgcca aaacccaggc agtcatgttc agccaaacag ctgaataagc     41220
     tcaggtagga ggtgtactgc ctgcagctgg aggcttaacc ttcgtgaacc cagaaccgct     41280
     ggactgcagt ggaatgagac accctgtagc ctgcagggag aggagtcagg aaggttcatg     41340
     ccagttccac cctcccacac accagctctc ctaccatgct gggaggcatt ccttaccgag     41400
     gatgccaaca cagtgctcct tcatgatgat ttcactgtgg aaataaaggt tgggatgaaa     41460
     ggaaatcatc ctgccaccgg taaccgggat ggctgtgttc ctccacctgc cggatcaagg     41520
     agaaagagga tggattcaat gggaccatct caactagctg ggctgaggtg gcctacttgc     41580
     tgtagtgagc catgagtttc cctttcccag ctctgccact gagacgaccc tggtcccagg     41640
     gggacctcaa actgactcag acactggact cctcccacag acccaggctc cccagcctga     41700
     cctgcaaatc catcacgtag caaagcagga cttccgcatg ctttctgacc cacgccgaca     41760
     tctcgtgtgc caaacaatct acctctgcgc aagaactctc cagaggattg ggtgggcaag     41820
     cctcgtgacg ccttgcaatt tcgcaagaac acagacaatg tggaacaggg ccatctccca     41880
     gacatttggc cagtcaccct tcattgttgg ccctctatct ctgtctgggg aggaggcaac     41940
     gccacaactg tggtggtttt tggagtgggt ggaccccggc caagacggcc tgggctgacc     42000
     agagaccgga ggcagaaaaa gtgggcaggt ggttgcagct gagggacggg aggggcgggg     42060
     ggtggtgtga ggcggctgct tctctgggtt tctgagatgc aggaggcctt tgtgtgctgg     42120
     gtgctggaca tgctccgctg atgtccgggt gtgtggtgtc ctcttatcct agtctccctg     42180
     aggggtgggc ctgtccacct gagggaagcc ttgtagttag aagccacagc agggtcgtgc     42240
     ctggcgctct ccaagggaat tgcgtgggtc cagaggaagt tatacaggct cagggcctac     42300
     acccctttga gtgcagcgcc tgcagttgga agaatgcgca tctgcggagc tggtgcccgc     42360
     cgtcaggtgg tcggcagccc catgcgccgc gaacccgtct taagcacctt gtgtttctgg     42420
     ggtgagcctg ctggaaacag gcaccgagag caggggtggt tcaatggctg gtaatggcat     42480
     acagattccc cgtcctccag ggacgttccc agggaaacgt gtccttcgaa tttgggctgt     42540
     gcgcaaaggg accttggcgc cgcgattctc ccttgtcagt gctggccctg gctccccttc     42600
     cctaccacgt gctcccaggg ctgctacaag cgagctgccc tcacagctgc gggaacgtgg     42660
     cctcggctcc cacgctgtcc cccatcccct gcctcctggc tgaccccacg cgcctcccac     42720
     ctggctcctc cccccaaaca gcccccatac cccccgaggc ccgatgacta tcccctgctg     42780
     cccgccatcc caaatcggca gccgcaagga tatggctctg gctcacaagg cggagatgct     42840
     ctgtggcctg gggcattcac ggagcccagc tccaagtgaa ggacctccag cgagtccatt     42900
     gacggccccg gtgtgctcgg tccagggcca ggctgtgccc gctggccctc cttctgccac     42960
     cccacgtcgg gctccacctc aaccaccacc tccacctcag ccatgatgtc ttccaccttc     43020
     agcaccgcct cctcttccaa ggccgcctcc ttgctctgta ccccggccgt cctctccagc     43080
     attgcctcca gcctgaacac ggttttctcc tgggtgctcc cacagaccct gggcctgcgc     43140
     agcccagccc agcccagccc atgccccgca cccgtaggct ctgggggccc gctccccagc     43200
     agacccgctc cctgcaagac ccacgggcgt cgccctgctg tgaacctggt cccacaccta     43260
     cgtggaccca ggtttcctga ggagctccgc tggacccgca gatcccgcac tggccaaagg     43320
     gctccggtcc ccagcaggct caactgcgca caggagctcg ggagccagag gccccggccc     43380
     tgggcttgca gagccccacc aacaggcacc gcaaccgctg ctgcgggtgc gggagcctct     43440
     gggtcgtcaa ggcagcgcac aacagcgtgc gcgcaggccg acaatggcca accctggcgg     43500
     ctggcctctg gtgtgcccag ggcataggac aagaggccct ttggaatgct ccttggagta     43560
     cagcatcctc agggaggaag catggtactc ggagcctcta tttgcctcga cctgtgagag     43620
     tgtgtgccgg ggctctggcc tctacagcag atcaattcca cctcagcacc ggcaggcgac     43680
     tttcctccca cgtgcccgcc ccgatcactt cccccaggac acccctgccg ccctagcccc     43740
     agcaaccaga gagagttctc tgcatctgct gtattacctc cgtaccatct acctggcctg     43800
     cctaacgaag agagatgttt cctgtgttca tgacacatag agatgttcat ggcttgccac     43860
     actgaggatg tcagggcaca gggctgccat gcccacaatt ccaaaggcca cgcagcccgc     43920
     gtgtgcccgg atgcctagct acccggcaca agctccaagg gcttctcgga ggaggcttgg     43980
     gcagggaagg cgggggttgg gggggctgga gatgcaggcc cgccagtggc tgtgccgccc     44040
     agggagacgc ccaccgccct cccattgact ggccacgacg ggaggaagtc ggcctgggtg     44100
     cggccccccg gcccttcgcg cgcagtccct tagggggcgc ctggaagccc ggcgcatgcg     44160
     ccctgagggc tcgctgacct accgggtgcc agagaggctg cggcagggtt tctgtggcgt     44220
     gggtcgggca gcacaggcct tggtgtgtgc gagtgccaag gagggcaccg ccttcaggat     44280
     ggaggctgta caggaggggg cggccggggt ggagagtgag caggcggctt tgggggagga     44340
     ggcggtgctg ctgttggatg acataatggc ggaggtggag gtggtggcgg aggtggaggt     44400
     ggtggcggag gaggagggcc tcgtggagcg gcgggaggag gcccagcggg cacagcaggc     44460
     tgtgcctggc cctgggccca tgaccccaga gtctgcactg gaggagctgc tggccgttca     44520
     ggtggagctg gagccggtta atgcccaagc caggaaggcc ttttctcggc agcgggaaaa     44580
     gatggagcgg aggcgcaagc cccacctaga ccgcagaggc gccgtcatcc agagcgtccc     44640
     tggcttctgg gccaatgttg tatccttctc agtgtttctt cggcctttct agtggagagg     44700
     tgctctcggg gaagtgtaag tgaccgatgg gcagctcggc gtcgatgtga ctctttgggg     44760
     aacaaagggg agttgccacg gaccagtgtg gctgtggaaa gccggagcag gcgtgggtac     44820
     tattgtcctg catgcggcag agaaaccctt ggtgatgccg agcagcagac gtttggggca     44880
     tctttttgaa gagcagaagc gagttcagag cggaagaggt ttttcagtga atgaagctat     44940
     ttttaaggga gtgtgattgc tgccccttgc tagtccgatc tgggactggg cgtcttcggc     45000
     tataagcaga ttctgccact cctcagacac cagcaagtct ctgcaaatcg cgcctcccca     45060
     tgtcagtgca gtcagcctca gaatcataca ccctctgtga acacaggagg ccttagttta     45120
     cggggagggg gaggcgaaag gagatcatac atggaagcag atctgagaaa tcccctaccc     45180
     cagcctctgg gtgctcttag gccttcttcc ctgttgctcc tcgctttccc ttccatcgtg     45240
     tgtaaagtct ctttgaccta aatcagattg caaaccaccc ccagatgtca gccctgatca     45300
     ctgacgaaga tgaagacatg ctgagctaca tggtcagcct ggaggtgagg ccaggaagac     45360
     tggggctaga gggtttagcg ggggagggta agggaaataa ttcattcctg taagcaagag     45420
     tgagcacctc acccgaaaac ctatctaagc tttctccacc ttgtcctgac aggtggaaga     45480
     agagaagcat cctgttcatc tctgcaagat catgttgttc tttcggagta acccctactt     45540
     ccagaataaa gtgattacca aggaatatct ggtgaacatc acaggtgaca ggtggctccc     45600
     aggatgggta gtggaaggaa gatggtgggt ggatcattgc caacgggatc cagccccctt     45660
     cccacaaaaa ctcctgtctc tgtagaatac agggcttctc attccactcc aattgagtgg     45720
     tatccggatt atgaagtgga ggcctatcgc cgcagacacc acaacagcag ccttaacttc     45780
     ttcaactggt tctctgacca caacttcgca ggatctaaca agattgctga ggtgagtcct     45840
     cactgggaaa catgaggaat gaccccatgt gttcccagct gcttgggtca cctttctgag     45900
     ccctgatgag gcctttcccg attgagtccc ctgacagatc ctatgtaagg acctgtggcg     45960
     caatcccctg caatactaca agaggatgaa gccacctgaa gagggaacag agacgtcagg     46020
     tgagccgtta gttggcactg gagctgtttg atgcccagta taagggggtt gacacacctg     46080
     cctattcagg gagcctgggt gctcatttca gaaatgtaga aattgaggct cctttcgtac     46140
     atgtagaaat tccttgagag gaagacagag agtgacagaa tccaggacgt tcatggcatt     46200
     gggctgaaaa ggcacgttag agactgcact gcaaagcggg tgatagctgt ggagtcttaa     46260
     gcccagtgaa gaatcgtcca tttccagaat caatgagaag taaagctgaa aatcattcag     46320
     ttcagtctgt ggcacttgat tccacggctg tcaaccccac cggcagtcat cccgccaacc     46380
     ccatgagatt gggctccctg aatgtgcgtc ctggtcatcc ttgccccaaa ccacaaagga     46440
     ctgtttagat tgatggattt ccttaagctg ttgccccatc agacttgtgt gtgcttttag     46500
     ggtccagtgc atcttgttag ctgactcccc tcacagacaa tactgggaat ggggcaggga     46560
     ttgcgcagaa cagtttgtaa cacgtggtag gaggaagttt aagggatcac aaatggggaa     46620
     gggatatcct tttctcagcg ggccccacaa ttgaaacatt tcaaagtatg gctcagagaa     46680
     aatgcgtttt aacatgagtt tgtgtttctc taggggactc ccagttgttg agttgaatat     46740
     gatggagcat cagattttac ctaatacagc agaactccta aaaagttaca gccatatgca     46800
     ggacggcagt actcagcatg gtcttatgca caggaactaa aggaaaaaga gatcgagtca     46860
     caaaaattca ggaagagggg gtaaatgtgg attgtatgga atgaaaaata aacattctca     46920
     aggatgtgtg actctgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctt tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tttatccact ttattcgggt gtcataatga attgatcaat     47040
     ccacgtgctt tattctcttc atggaaataa ccagtctgcg ttggagctgg gcctctaaag     47100
     ttgtagagtg aatgggtgtg ggatgtgttg ggattcttcc tacaggacag agtgggagag     47160
     gtaaaagcaa aagacagctt agttggaggc tgacttcgtc ctatggaagc agagatagtt     47220
     caaggaaagg ggttactggg tttccagggc ccagtttgct gggacctcca aaatccttca     47280
     ttttgggtat catcatacac agtagctaag cacaggatga tggaaatctt aaagttcgct     47340
     ttcgtgttga atccacatgt tcttttaaag gtgaatgcat gatccttttc tgggacaatc     47400
     agcctctcag gacttctgaa acatcaacgt gagaagaaat gggcatgtaa ggtgtatgga     47460
     gggactgtgg gaaaggtgac agaggcatgt gggaaggcat tcaggatacg cttttggcag     47520
     acatgactaa gggaaaacag aaacttacag aagtgagggg aaagggggtg gattagtgga     47580
     atataagatt gttggagaat ccatccatgg actctcttgt cacttgatga cccaggatat     47640
     ggacactctt gttgatgttt acatctttag ttgttttaag cttttctcca agattctgtg     47700
     ttaggtgagg agccaataac gtatgtagct aacaacagta cgagtgcatt ttgtgctctt     47760
     gcaaagtcta gtgaggctct attctccctc gtgattggca ctgcagattg tatctggacc     47820
     cagggcccct aaattttctg tggcctcttc agcatagttt gcctaaggtt tagaacgtaa     47880
     agtgaatata gttgcggaat atgttttgca agcctcacac aggaggacaa aacatacagc     47940
     tttcattcgc gagtgggagg ctgcttccca ggaacacgtg tgtctgcaca agacaagggg     48000
     ttgcctctgt caaggatggg gcaggaggat ttcagtgtcg gaggcagaac tttctttcct     48060
     gttcccagat gaaacagttc caacacgagc atccatgttg accacacgct actagagtgc     48120
     taacattgct gtcccgtata gactccagtc agcacagctt ctgtgagaag agctatgttg     48180
     tttcagggaa gagggtttga cagtcaaagt tcctgaatct gttgtggtgc ctgcaatatg     48240
     cattctacac ctcctgctcg gtgtcaaagc agttgagctt tgaaaatcta tcgcccggtt     48300
     ttgtccctgc tcctatgcag acctctgaag ctctggagcg ggagtcttgt cctcctctga     48360
     ctaccgtccc cctgacccac aaacacagga gaaacaggtg ttctaagcaa attattctga     48420
     aaacagtcgg aacactttgg ccccctcaag ctgccctcta tcctactgtg tgcatgtcaa     48480
     agacactgtg gtccagtacg gtatccctat agcggcaatg gggcaacaga ttggtgtgtg     48540
     cactctgggc aactcagatt aggaaacgtc tggggacttg cctataacga ggtcgtctta     48600
     aaacgtgttg ccccaaattt aaggcatagg aaaatgttga ggaaagggtc ttgcaatgat     48660
     ttttctagga ggtaaataga taagaaaatg accgtaaata gatgccaggg ctagttttgg     48720
     agctagcctt ttttaaagtg gtggtagggg aggaggtttt tccaaggcag gtagcaaacc     48780
     aggagctgtc tacgatggat gggcgtgcca tgggttggtg gctcagccat attgccaccc     48840
     cacggagtcg atgcagcaga ctgggcttct tgcttgaatc ctacgtgcaa ttcagtctag     48900
     tgatttcaca tgagatccct tcttctggta ttatcacaga tcgtgctgaa ttatacaggc     48960
     tgtgtaatgc ttcttccact gaatatccgt gcacgtgggc cacagatgct aagggcactg     49020
     acaaatttgc accgtgcctc agtaactcgg aagcacatct gtgatttgta ccgacaggga     49080
     cttggtgtct tttcgtgttt aaagtagcac gtgtgtgttt gtggttgcgt atgtttattt     49140
     ctctgtgcgg gtttgtatat tttctctgac tccacctatg tctccgtggt tccgatattt     49200
     ttccacactc cctgcggcaa tttgcacatg cctatctcta caaccattgt agactttgta     49260
     tctgtgtctt tgaacatctg tcactctctc tcccttcctt ttttcttttc cttcctttac     49320
     acccctcctt tcatccttcc cttgcttccc caccacactc tctccatctg tatcgtctat     49380
     gtttctattc tctatctggg tttactttct aattctgaat tcaagggcat tgaattgaaa     49440
     agaagcactc ttcgtacttt tatgtgtttt aactcatttg gggaatttgg cgtggtatta     49500
     tttacagggt tctctctgcc ctttctcatt gttctcccca gccggggctg ttattatgtg     49560
     aaagctggtt tccttcatca catcgcgtag gctctaatga tgtttcgttt attttgattc     49620
     tcctcacact acatagtttt aatttaccta atgtgactgt ttttttgttt gttttccgag     49680
     aatgggtctt actctgtctt ctaggttgga cagcagcccc acgatctcag cccactgcag     49740
     cccaggcacc acacacccat gtgatcctgt caactcagac tctcacacac ctggcagtac     49800
     aggtgcatgc cacccctcca agctatgtat taattaacta aatacttact ttttgaatgt     49860
     gggtccatgt tgccccaggc tcatctggaa ctcctgagtg caggcaatcc tcccacctca     49920
     gcttatcaaa gtgctgggat gacaggtgtg acccatggcc ctgccatggc tttgtgtttt     49980
     ttgctttttt cttcctcctc ctcacgtctt gttttgaaac atgcactgaa ggtttcaatt     50040
     catggactat agcctctgtg cctggaattt ctatctttca actcatcatc agcattcatt     50100
     gggattttca tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca tacctatata agaataccta     50160
     tgtacacaca tatatacgta tatacatgta tatacgtata tatgcacatt tatatacgta     50220
     tatacatgta tatacgtata tatatacatg tacacatatg tatttatttc tcaagttacg     50280
     aaacggcttg cattctttcc tgtgtcatga aaaagacttt gctagaaaag aaaagcactg     50340
     ctttataata aaatatttta tttgcattta ttttgttaag gcattttaaa aattgtatgt     50400
     ttgtttaaaa aatgtcatat gaaatgatac atatttacaa cttaaggcgt gatgttcaac     50460
     aggtcatata cattatgcat tggatacatc cagccaatca acatatgtgt gacctcacat     50520
     agttgtcatt tttgttgtga aaaaacttga cctgcactgt attcgaatat ttttagagaa     50580
     agaatatgtt accactagtt atagtgagca tgctgaagaa aatattttaa cctattcctc     50640
     ctttataact agaagtatga gttcttcatc cagcatctcg tcagtgcacc ctcttcaccg     50700
     cagtcattgg agtcactact tctgtgaagt ccgctttttt gatttcatat aagaatgaga     50760
     tcatgtgcta ttttcctttc tgatacctgg cttatgtcac ttaacagaat ggcatgcaca     50820
     cattcagcag attcccacac attctcacaa ctggcaggat ttcctgattt cttattgcag     50880
     cgcatatttc cgttgcgcat atgcgttttt gccccatttt ttaatccact tatcaatgga     50940
     gggacactca ggttgcttcc gcattttggc tacagcaaaa atgtaatgag tgcagcaata     51000
     attgcatggg tgcgcgcacc gcttcaacat actgatctgt gtactggcgg gcgtgcccgg     51060
     gtattctgat ttgctggatc atatagtggg tggttctact tgtagatttc tgaaggctgt     51120
     ttatacttaa ataagagcca taaagcttct ttaatgccag cactaattta cattctcccc     51180
     aaaagtgagc agggaattcg ttttctctgc ctcctcacca gagattaggg ttttcttttc     51240
     tttctttttt tttttttgtt tgtttgtctt tcggataata tgcattctga ctgaagtgag     51300
     aagaaatctc attgtgtttt tgatttgcat tttcgtgatg gattggggat aatgaggaat     51360
     ttttagtgtg tcttctgggc aactgtatgt ctcagtttca caaatgagtc ttcgcagcct     51420
     tcgcccattt gttttcatgc tattgagttg ttgggagttc cttatgtact gtgactattc     51480
     ccccatgaac agatgtatgg tgatccaatc attgctccca tcctgtagga tgccccttct     51540
     gtatgttgag ttttctatgg tgtggtgaag cactttagtt tgatatgatt ccattctcta     51600
     tttttgatgg tgtttactgt gttcttgcag tcactttgag accatcattg cacacacgga     51660
     cgccatggag cttcttcctt gtgatctctt ctgctatttt tatcgtttca catctgacac     51720
     tggagtttgg tgataaataa tccacttgta aaatcctttg tgtggctatt cagatttccc     51780
     caacctagtt tatagaagat acttgatttt gcattgggcg ttcttgcttc tttgggaaaa     51840
     ggctgtgagc tgcaaatgca gtgacttagt tctgggctcc tgttgttttt cctaagctct     51900
     agtctctgct tttctgccag tgctattgta ttttggtaca aaaagttttg tagtagtata     51960
     tcatgaagtt aggtagtgtg gtggctccag ctttgtgctt tttactggat tgctctgggt     52020
     tttcaggatc ttctgccatt tcatagcaaa tttgggattc ccagattgtt tttctaagaa     52080
     gaatgtgtca ttgatatttt tacaggggtt gtatagaatc tgaggatgac tcaggtagta     52140
     gtgatgtcaa tgccgtttag acaatgtgcg tgtttgtgtg cacaagctca gggccaagag     52200
     acactgggtg tcctcaccaa tactgaggtg ggccttaata tccagccaga ttgccttctg     52260
     gaaacacacg gaatgtcctg ttctgttttg ccatctcttc acatttcctc ccctgtgagc     52320
     cctgtgtggt cctccagatt ccctgtgcgg tggcctgcct tttttggggt ggggagttgc     52380
     tgggtgaatg aggatggcgg agggaaccaa gcatgtcagt ggagcgtggt gtcatccaaa     52440
     cggtacttag caggcctggg agagtcattc tgggaggacg cagacctaga gaggcctcag     52500
     gtgggcatct gtgtggaggg tgagagatcc ctggttgagc ccaaactgaa ccccaggtag     52560
     aagcaagcct caggacaggg aagtagctag caagggatga tgaggcagct atctcttgac     52620
     cctggcttcc cacccattga ccttagctac ttatgcctat taagcagatt acggttcccc     52680
     catcgtgaaa tgtgggtacc accgttccct aatgggcatt tctccaccag cccatgatgg     52740
     cctgagtttc cttactgcag tctcctccct gagccttggc ttctctatgt gtgtcctaac     52800
     tccaggaccc acaggcctgt caacccccag ccctgggctg cttccctggc ctcttctctg     52860
     ttccctctct gagggcctaa ctcccttggg tagtgctgca gaatatagag ccacaggccc     52920
     tggctgatga tctggtggac tgggcaaatt ggtcgtgaca ggtcaggttc tggttcaaag     52980
     ccaattcctc cgatgccaag gaatgtcgaa gaaggtcctt tgccatgatg ccccatagct     53040
     gccccacctc agcaatcgtg ccgtaacctg ggccctcaca gtcagacaac cagctgaaga     53100
     agctcaggca gtgacctgcg ggaaactcgg gctttcacct gcatgaccct agaaccactg     53160
     gactgcagtg gagccagtca ccctgtatcc tggagggaga cgagtcagga aggcgcacgc     53220
     caggcccagc tcccgaggta ctaccccctc tactcctcag ggaggatgcc aatgcaatac     53280
     tccttagtca tcactttgtt tccgaagtaa atgttgtgat gaaaggcaaa cttcttccta     53340
     ccccttgtat tcagggtggc cgagttcctc cacctgcctg tccaagaagg agaaacaggg     53400
     ctgtgaaggg gcaatttcat ctaggtgggc tgaggtggca ttctagccgg ggtgaagcat     53460
     gcgtttcccc ttcccagctt tcccgctgag acacacctga gccccagaag gacctcaacc     53520
     tgaccaggac cttagcgccc tcccccagac ccaggctttc catcctgacc tgcaaatcca     53580
     acatgcagct ttgaaggact ttctcatggt ttctgagctc cttgctctca ccagaaagaa     53640
     tcagaacttt taaagtgttc tttatgccaa cttaaatttt ttcattttta ctacctcatg     53700
     ttttggatga ggcatgtatt tttaaattta ttttcaccct tattgtacct ctatgataaa     53760
     ctgcttgctt acattcatac cgtaattatc tctcaggtta cttgtctgtt cctaaagatt     53820
     cactgaaacg aagaattcta tatatgcttg tatctttcag caaccgtatg tcagatagca     53880
     ctgcacatta ctgcagacat cgcatataca ggtccaaagg tagaggaaga agaagaaagc     53940
     aagcgttaaa ctctattcat tcctaaaagc atatcagaaa ctcacaaata acagtgaaat     54000
     caaagaatga tcacagccaa ttccattaca tacctagact gaaatacgaa acttcaaaga     54060
     aaagaaacat tagaactttg ggtttgtaaa aattttccta tatagataaa attattggta     54120
     actgtgtctc actagaaaac gtaaacaaaa atccatgttt ttcatatttg taaatataca     54180
     tagttttatt tccatcagtt atgacatgca agcaagtaat aaagtgaaag tacaatcaaa     54240
     tgatatatgg aacttcctca gtcttaaaat attccatgga gactatcaat tttatgaaaa     54300
     ctataaagaa tgcttcatga aactacattg tacagtgcca tttactattt tactgacatt     54360
     ttaaataatc aacaattaaa gggaatacgt caacattatt taataccaat aacgttattt     54420
     ttcttgagta atcctgttga aattaaggat tttaaataaa acattaaaaa caaattatat     54480
     tgactgattt cagctttgga tgaaatcata cttgtgtatt tgtagtaatg cgaagcataa     54540
     ctttctcctc acaattaatc ttttataaca tcggtgttat agttttctct gacaccaaca     54600
     ttgtgatatc gcacaggttt actgcatgca tgcattacat gcctccagag agtaggcttc     54660
     aaatatatgg aaaaattata tttatgaaaa aattctagga aagggaatgg tgaaatggaa     54720
     gagaatttct cacttgctaa ctgttggaca tggatttgta tatatttgga tatagacaca     54780
     tactggcaca ctgtgagttt gcccatgtat atatacactt atatgagaaa cccataatat     54840
     atgggttgtg taatctttta attaatccat aattgtatgt gtgtgaaatt agataagcgg     54900
     ttaccttttc tttactcaat ttgatggaaa gccaaaaaac tctgtccacc ttcatttcaa     54960
     ttaatccaat actgttaact gctggtagct tcattctcct tgttctctta cggcaaccgg     55020
     aaagttaatt ctcgctctaa tttggctttc aaggtgcgat caacaagagt gtcaccttgc     55080
     tgtggattgt gacctctgac tccacctctg tcttcctttt gcagtcctac ctttgcatag     55140
     gtaacaaact ttgtacatgg ttaaaaggat aaacgttcag tgaaatgtca agccatgctg     55200
     tgaaatgttc catagtttct atatctctaa ttgtcctttg atgttataga ggcaagaaaa     55260
     ataattcaat gtttttctta gtatctagtc caatgcacgc tttcttcata atactgcaaa     55320
     caaggcactg acatggaaac gtggctggac gtctcaaaat ctcttctcat taattaccat     55380
     tatgttaatc actgttgccc acaactggaa ttggactttg aaatcccctg gtggaaattg     55440
     ctataatggc tcaaactact ggaaagacta tctttttttt acctgaaaat atctgatgag     55500
     catagacgta tgctatatac aggaacatat tgtacattaa caacatacca tcactgccac     55560
     tcaataatag gtatcccaaa cctttgagcc aaactgagct cgggtgctcc cacaaaccaa     55620
     gcttttccct ccacagattt cttatgtcaa aaagccacaa ctccaggcca ggcttcgtgg     55680
     ctcttgttgt aatttctaca ttttgggagg ccgaggttgg tgggtcactt gaggtcagga     55740
     gttggagacc agcatgggca acatggcaaa aagctgtctc taccaaaaat acaaaaatta     55800
     gccagaccta gtggcacttt cctgtggtcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaac     55860
     cacctgaaca tgggtggcag agattgtata gtaagccaag atcagactac tgcactccag     55920
     cctggatgac acagcgagac catgactgaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaata aaggcaactc     55980
     cactcgtcca ctggcttagg taaaaagtac tggagttggc tgggctcggt ggctcacacc     56040
     tgtattccca gcactttgga ttttgggaag ctgagtcggg cgggtcacct gagatctgta     56100
     gtaggagagc agcctggcca acatggtgaa gcctggcttc tactaaaaat acaaaacatt     56160
     agctgagcgt ggtgatgcat gcttgtaatc ccagctactg cagaggctga acctgggagg     56220
     cggaggatgt gttgagctga gatcctgcca ctgcgctcca gcctggtcta cagagcgaga     56280
     gtaccctgtg agaaacaaag gtgaagagaa caagaaaaaa aaaatgagaa aaataagacc     56340
     cactgcaaaa ggttgccaca gaaaagatta aacatttcag caacttctat cttctgtcat     56400
     ggaagccaag gttatttgga ccaaacctcc tgtcttagtt cattttcacg ctgctgaaga     56460
     agagatacct gaaactggga ataaaaggag gtttaattgg actgacagtt ccacatggct     56520
     gtggaggcct cagaatcatg gtatacgaat aaaggcactt cttacatggc aatgccaaga     56580
     gagaatgagg aagaacctga ggcagaaacc cctgaaaaac ccatcagatc ccgtgagact     56640
     tcttcactgt cacaagaata gcatgagaaa gaccgacccc catgattcaa ttacctcccc     56700
     ctgggtccca cccgcaacac gagggaattc tgggagatac aattgaagct gagatttgaa     56760
     tggagacaca ccaaaccatg tcacttccca aacaattaaa aattcccaat agaagaagca     56820
     ttaattatat caaaaagtgg tggaccaaga aggaactatt agcctcatat ctcaagaaag     56880
     actccagtca aggcctaggg actactcatg aaaagagttt aatagccgac tctctcccag     56940
     tggatctgga ttccaccgga ctgtatcttc acagtaaggg tgaaacagaa gcaaacccat     57000
     tcctatttcc aagctcaagg aactttggtc aaagttctct tggagctgag cagaacaagg     57060
     aggcaaacag aaaagatttg tgtccctgag aagtcatggc cacaggctgg ctatcacaca     57120
     gattgtcaag ccagttccat attgcatggg tattacagaa aatctcaaaa cataaatttg     57180
     tgtgtgggtt gtcccagagt agcaggatct ggcagaagga aatttccttc taaccctcaa     57240
     agaatccaca taaatcttgt tacatttggg attttacgat ttgcttcagg aatgagaatg     57300
     gccttaattt tcatatcttt ttctacactc agtttatggc ttgttggcgt caaagttctg     57360
     cttgcttcac acaatgagtt taggattttc ccttttttat tctatagaat tcttcatata     57420
     tattgaaatg ctctgcctgg ggaaaaaaat ctgagcctag cgttttatct ctaggaagaa     57480
     tcctttattt ccttgaacat ttatgagact atacagatta tatatgtctt cttgtatcaa     57540
     ttttactaag ctatatacat agcttatgtt tatatattat atatataaat gtaagataca     57600
     aatataaaaa ttatgtataa atatgaaaat atatatagaa agcgatatat atgtctatat     57660
     atatagacag attataaata tctgtctatt tgatctaagt tttcaaattt gtaggttaag     57720
     gtgttaacga tatttcctta ttagcttctt aatctatgct gtatctatgg ttgtgtacct     57780
     tttaaattct tagttttatc tatgttttct cccttttttt ctaaacttga ctgacggttg     57840
     catcatttat tatatttctc caacaagcaa aggttagctt tgtatgtttt actaattttg     57900
     tctacatcat tattcccaca ctttagtttt tcagaattga ttctgttgtt tcttttctaa     57960
     ttctttattg aaatatctag tacattaatt ttcaagttat tagagaaata tttgtctgta     58020
     aactcctatt gtaatatcac ttttcttgct actcacagat ttaatcttta atattggcgg     58080
     tatcattgag ttctaagtac atttcaattc ctagtatgat aatctatgaa ttgctgagaa     58140
     atagtgttta caattttgtt gttctatttc cacttaagtt tatttttact tctgctaact     58200
     caattgaaaa ttctttacta atttttaaaa tccttgaacc caagagatgg aggttgcagt     58260
     gagctgagat caggccactg cattccagac tgagtgacag agtggaacga gatttcaaaa     58320
     caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacagtc actggaaaga taataaaata cataaatgtg     58380
     ggatgtaata tgtaatcgtg ataaaataaa ctggattttt tgtataagtt atacatataa     58440
     atgtaatgcc aagacactga taagacaact catggtctta tctcaatact tagtgtcttc     58500
     atgtaacata tgtcctttag gatagttata gtccgttttc tttccaggag agacagatga     58560
     gaatgcagaa atgttaaagt gcaagggacg gaagcttcca gctgtgccca cctgtaacct     58620
     gacgtagaca gttccaccgt ttgcttcatt aatcatgcca aaggctctaa tgcaaatgtg     58680
     gtacagagtc acatgttttt gtatctacat gatagaaact ataacttcat ccctatatag     58740
     aagggtatat agcatatgcc tcagtgataa atataagtga atcattgatc agtaggaaac     58800
     cattttaaaa gtctttcata acagaacaaa atccctgaga acattttctt ctcaatctct     58860
     gagttttctt acacggctta tgaatctcta gccatactaa agagatagta tgctgctctt     58920
     cccacaaatt attcattgta tataattcct gtaatctaat aacagtacct ttacacctca     58980
     gggtttaaaa tgactccaac ctttttctgt ttctccaatt aaaataactt ttttaaggtt     59040
     taatcttcag taattttttg tagtaatatt tttgaaggta tttgaccagg atgatttgct     59100
     tatataccta cctgacgtct ccctttcttc tgaatacata ttttattacc cacctattag     59160
     atctaagttt aagaagttgg aatagggatt taaatctaaa ttctacattt gaatttacag     59220
     gagtcagcga gtccaggaag tgcctttatg cacagaccaa tatctggcaa tggcactagg     59280
     ggacaaataa gctttaccag tctcaaagcc ctggctacta cagtgaatcc acccttctcc     59340
     tggatcttat ctacttcagc aaaagaaggc cacccactaa accaggccct tgtactttgg     59400
     gtggaaactc ctaagtcctc tagtctcctc aaacagacag ccaggctgcc aatttccaca     59460
     ataataattt ctatagcact gagtctttgg tagccttgta actatagcta ctgatgctac     59520
     agtctggtcc ctgtatgata aaacaccaga gcaacagaaa caaaaatatt gactgaagcc     59580
     ttctaaaatc tctctaaata taccttcaat aaatatggtt ttttttacag aacgactgct     59640
     ttcagcttcc tgaactaacg cttggccttc gctagttgtc actgttgaaa ttgattcaaa     59700
     agtgtacatt taacatgaaa gtcaacacag aatttcatgt gtcagcaact aaaattttca     59760
     aaatgttgca aaatacaaat gtgaaactgt atttgtgaaa tttaccattc attgaaatta     59820
     tattttcata cctacccagg cacagaattt tttataactg tctgcatgtt ctcctcatgt     59880
     gggggaaaag cagcatcagc aggcagagga atcctttgaa gctggaggga gaggttgcag     59940
     tgatctgaga gtttgccact tgactgcagc ctggatgaca cagtgagact ccaactgaaa     60000
     agaaacaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacccccaa aattgataag     60060
     taaaaaaaaa atccatattc gaaaacatgc tcacaggcta actcccatat ctaacacaca     60120
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaattcct tgaaaacgaa agttccacaa     60180
     gggcaaaaca agaaaacaaa tttaacaccc cccaaagaaa gtacaaagag taacctcaaa     60240
     agaaccgcag gggaaaacaa ttcaaaattt acaagtatct accctaaaag aagctgaaag     60300
     tccctcaaaa actttccaga ggccatgtcc ttgtattaca aaaatgatca taaaaactgg     60360
     caggagtaga cgaatagaaa tgcatcttaa aacttgctaa acccttcaag tctcccataa     60420
     gaattgtaat ggaaaatgga tcggtcggca gctttttcca tacaattatg aacaaattat     60480
     atttcttcat acatagattt gttttttcaa tattctaagg aattaacttt tatattaata     60540
     gtaggtgatg taagaaagca ggcctttatc aagataactg acactggatg tccataccat     60600
     tactcaggtg ggccttaatt cccagccggg ttccctccct ggacacacac tgaaggtccc     60660
     cagccatttg gcaatctctt cacattccca gccctggagg tagccctaaa atacatgtac     60720
     ctgaagaaaa taaaacattg cctcacactg gagcccagtg tggtcctcca gattccgtgt     60780
     gaggtggact aacttatatg ggaaggcagg gcagcgggag tgaggatggc agagaggatt     60840
     acacatgtca aggcagccgg ggtcatggaa acaaaacatg actggcctgg gagaaacact     60900
     gtgaaaggac acagacctag gtgggcctca ggtggacatc ctcatggaga aaaagggggc     60960
     cctggttgat ctcaaaatga gccccaggtg gtagcaggtc ttaccgcagg gcagggagct     61020
     ggcgagtaat gatgagacag ctatccctta agccctgctt gtcacccact gactttagcc     61080
     acatatgcat catagtggct taaggtgccc cgatcctgaa atgtgggtgt tacatgtccc     61140
     tgatgggcct ctctccccca acccacggat tgcctgggat tgctcactgc agtctcctcc     61200
     cggatccttg ggttctccat gtggggccca gatccaggtc aaaaggcctc tcagttccca     61260
     gcccttccca gccctaggct gctcgcctgg cctcctctct gttccgcctc tagggctgac     61320
     cctctctcca tgggatagaa ctgcaatgga ttgagccata ggccctggct gatgatctag     61380
     gggactgcag aagtgggtcc aggacagttc aggtgacagt tcaaagccaa ttccccagag     61440
     accaaggaat gaccagctag gtcctttccc atgatgcccc acggcgaacc ccacctcagc     61500
     aatcctgcca aaacccgggc agtcatgttc agccaaacag ctgaatgagc tcaggtagga     61560
     ggtgtactgc ctgcagctgg aggcttgacc ttcgtgatcc cagaaccgct ggactgcagt     61620
     ggaatgagac accctgtagc ctgcagggag aggagtcagg aaggttcatg ccagtcccac     61680
     cctcccacac accagctccc ctaccatgct gggaggcatt ccttaccgag gatgccaaca     61740
     cagtgctcct tcatgatgat ttcactgtgg aaataaaggt tgggatgaaa ggaaatcatc     61800
     ctgccaccgg taaccgggat ggctgagttc ctccacctgc cggatcaagg agaaagagga     61860
     tggattcaat gggaccatct caactagctg ggctgaggtg gcctactagc tgtagtgaac     61920
     catgagtttc cccttcccag ctctcccact gagacaaccc tggtccccag ggggacctca     61980
     aactgactca gacactggac tcctcccaca gacccaggct ccccagcctg acctgcaaat     62040
     ccatcacgta gcaaagcagg acttccgcat gctttccgac ccacgccgac atctcgggtg     62100
     tgccaaacaa tctacctctg cgcaagaact ctccagagga ttgggtgggc aagcctcgtg     62160
     acgccttgca atttcgcaag aacacagaca atgtggaaca gggccatctc ccagacattt     62220
     ggccagtcac ccttcattgt tggccctcta tctctgtctg gcgaggaggc aacgccacaa     62280
     ctgtggtggt ttttggagtg ggtggacccc ggccaagacg gcctgggctg accagagacg     62340
     ggaggcagaa aaagtgggca ggtggttgca gctgagggac gggaggggcc gggggtggtg     62400
     tgaggcggct gcttctctgg gtttctgaga tgcaggaggc ctttgtgtgc tgggtgctgg     62460
     acatgctccg ctgatgtccg ggtgtgtggt gtcctcttat cctagtctcc ctgaggggtg     62520
     ggcctgtcca cctgagggaa gccttgtagt tagaagccac agcagggtcg tgcctggcgc     62580
     tctccaaggg aattgcgtgg gtccagagga agttatacag gctcagggcc tacacgcctt     62640
     tgagtgcagc gcctgcagtt ggatgaatgc gcatctgcgg agctggtgcc cgccgtcagg     62700
     tggtcggcag ccccatgcgc cgcgaacccg tcttaagcac cttgtgtttc tggggtgagc     62760
     ctgctggaaa caggcaccga gagcaggggt ggttcaatgg ctggtaatgg catacagatt     62820
     ccccgtcctc cagggacgtt cccagggaaa cgcgtccttc gaatttgggc tgtgcgcaaa     62880
     gggaccttgg cgccgcgatt ctcccttgtc agtgctggcc ctggctcccc ttccctacca     62940
     cgtgctccca gggctgctac aagcgagctg ccctcacagc tgcgggaacg tggcctcggc     63000
     tcccacgctg tcccccatcc cctgcctcct ggctgacccc acgtgcctcc cacctggctc     63060
     ctccccgcaa acagccccca taccccccga ggcccgatga ctatcccctg ctgcccgcca     63120
     tcccaaatcg gcagccgcaa ggatatggct ctggctcaca aggcggagat gctctgtggc     63180
     ctggggcatt cacggagccc agctccaagt gaaggacctc cagcgagtcc attgacggcc     63240
     ccggtgtgct cggtccaggg ccaggctgtg cccgctggcc ctccttctgc caccccacgt     63300
     cgggctccac ctcaaccacc acctccacct cagccatgat gtcttccacc ttcagcaccg     63360
     cctcctcttc caaggccgcc tccttgctct gtaccccggc cgtcctctcc agcattgcct     63420
     ccagcctgaa cacggttttc tcctgggtgc tcccacagac cctgggcctg cgcagcccag     63480
     cccagcccag cccatgcccc gcacccgtag gctctggggg cccgctcccc agcagacccg     63540
     ctccctgcaa gacccacggg cgtcgccctg ctgagaaact ggtcccacac ctacgtggac     63600
     ccaggtttcc tgaggagctc cgctggaccc gcagatcccg cactggccaa agggctccgg     63660
     tccccagcag gctcaactgc gcacaggagc tcgggagcca gaggccccgg ccctgggctt     63720
     gcagagcccc accaacaggc accgcaaccg ctgctgcggg tgcgggagcc tctgggtcgt     63780
     caaggcagcg cacaacagcg tgcgcgcagg ccgacaatgg ccaaccctgg cggctggcct     63840
     ctggtgtgcc cagggcatag gacaagaggc cctttggaat gctccttgga gtacagcatc     63900
     ctcagggagg aagcatggta ctcggagcct ctatttgcct cgacctgtga gagtgtgtgc     63960
     cggggctctg gcctctacag cagatcaatt ccacctcagc accggcaggc gactttcctc     64020
     ccacgtgccc gccccgatca cttcccccag gacacccctg ccgccctagc cccagcaacc     64080
     agagagagtt ctctgcatct gctgtattac ctccgtacca tctacctggc ctgcctaacg     64140
     aagagagatg tttcctgtgt tcatgacaca tagagatgtt catggcttgc cacactgagg     64200
     atgtcagggc acagggctgc catgcccaca attccaaagg ccacgcagcc cgcgtgtgcc     64260
     cggatgccta gctacccggc acaagctcca agggcttctc ggaggaggct tgggcaggga     64320
     aggcgggggg tgggggggct ggagatgcag gcccgccagt ggctgtgccg cccagggaga     64380
     cgcccaccgc cctcccattg actggccacg acgggaggaa gtcggcctgg gtgcggcccc     64440
     ccggcccttc gcgcgcagtc ccttaggggg cgcctggaag cccggcgcat gcgccctgag     64500
     ggctcgctga cctactgggt gccagagagg ctgcggcagg gtttctgtgg cgtgggtcgg     64560
     gcagcacagg ccttggtgtg tgcgagtgcc aaggagggca ccgccttcag gatggaggct     64620
     gtacaggagg gggcggccgg ggtggagagt gagcaggcgg ctttggggga ggaggcggtg     64680
     ctgctgttgg atgacataat ggcggaggtg gaggtggtgg cggaggagga gggcctcgtg     64740
     gagcggcggg aggaggccca gcgggcacag caggctgtgc ctggccctgg gcccatgacc     64800
     ccagagtctg cactggagga gctgctggcc gttcaggtgg agctggagcc ggttaatgcc     64860
     caagccagga aggccttttc tcggcagcgg gaaaagatgg agcggaggcg caagccccac     64920
     ctagaccgca gaggcgccgt catccagagc gtccctggct tctgggccaa tgttgtatcc     64980
     ttctcagtgt ttcttcggcc tttctagtgg agaggtgctc tcggggaagt gtaagtgacc     65040
     gatgggcagc tcggcgtcga tgtgactctt tggggaacaa aggggagttg ccacggacca     65100
     atgtggctgt ggaaagccgg agcaggcgtg ggtactattg tcctgcatgc ggcagagaaa     65160
     cccttggtga tgccgagcag cagacgtttg gggcatcttt ttgaagagca gaagcgagtt     65220
     cagagcggaa gaggtttttc agtgaatgaa gctattttta agggagtgtg attgctgccc     65280
     cttgctagtc cgatctggga ctgggcgtct tcggctataa gcagattctg ccactcctca     65340
     gacaccagca agtctctgca aatcgcgcct ccccatgtca gtgcagtcag cctcagaatc     65400
     atacaccctc tgtgaacaca ggaggcctta gtttacgggg acggggaggc gaaaggagat     65460
     catacatgga agcagatctg agaaatcccc taccccagcc tctgggtgct cttaggcctt     65520
     cttccctgtt gctcctcgct ttcccttcca tcgtgtgtaa agtctctttg acctaaatca     65580
     gattgcaaac cacccccaga tgtcagccct gatcactgac gaagatgaag acatgctgag     65640
     ctacatggtc agcctggagg tgaggccagg aagactgggg ctggagggtt tagcggggga     65700
     gggtaaggga aataattcat tcctgtaagc aagagtgagc acctcacccg aaaacctatc     65760
     taagctttct ccaccttgtc ctgacaggtg gaagaagaga agcatcctgt tcatctctgc     65820
     aagatcatgt tgttctttcg gagtaacccc tacttccaga ataaagtgat taccaaggaa     65880
     tatctggtga acatcacagg tgacaggtgg ctcccaggat gggtagtgga aggaagatgg     65940
     tgggtggatc attgccaacg ggatccagcc cccttcccac aaaaactcct gtctctgtag     66000
     aatacagggc ttctcattcc actccaattg agtggtatct ggattatgaa gtggaggcct     66060
     atcgccgcag acaccacaac agcagcctta acttcttcaa ctggttctct gaccacaact     66120
     tcgcaggatc taacaagatt gctgaggtga gtcctcactg ggaaacatga ggaatgaccc     66180
     cgtgtgttcc cagctgcttg ggtcaccttt ctgagccctg atgaggcctt tcccgattga     66240
     gtcccctgac agatcctatg taaggacctg tggcgcaatc ccctgcaata ctacaagagg     66300
     atgaagccac ctgaagaggg aacagagacg tcaggtgagc cgttagttgg cactggagct     66360
     gtttgatgcc cagtataagg gggttgacac acctgcctat tcagggagcc tgggtgctca     66420
     tttcagaaat gtagaaattg aggctccttt cgtacatgta gaaattcctt gagaggaaga     66480
     cagagagtga cagaatccag gacgttcatg gcattgggct gaaaaggcac gttagagact     66540
     gcactgcaaa gcgggtgata gctgtggagt cttaagccca gtgaagaatc gtccatttcc     66600
     agaatcaatg agaagtaaag ctgaaaatca ttcagttcag tctgtggcac ttgattccac     66660
     ggctgtcaac cccaccggca gtcatcccgc caaccccatg agattgggct ccctgaatgt     66720
     gcgtcctggt catccttgcc ccaaaccaca aaggactgtt tagattgatg gatttcctta     66780
     agctgttgcc ccatcagact tgtgtgtgct tttagggccc agtgcatctt gttagctgac     66840
     tcccctcaca gacaatactg ggaatggggc agggattgcg cagaacagtt tgtaacacgt     66900
     ggtaggagga agtttaaggg atcacaaatg gggaagggat atccttttct cagcgggccc     66960
     cacaattgaa acatttcaaa gtatggctca gagaaaatgc gttttaacat gagtttgtgt     67020
     ttctctaggg gactcccagt tgttgagttg aatatgatgg agcatcagat tttacctaat     67080
     acagcagaac tcctaaaaag ttacagccat atgcaggacg gcagtactca gcatggtctt     67140
     atgcacagga actaaaggaa aaagagatcg agtcacaaaa attcaggaag agggggtaaa     67200
     tgtggattgt atggaatgaa aaataaacat tctcaaggat gtgtgactct gtgtctgtgt     67260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctttgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgttt     67320
     atccacttta ttcgggtgtc ataatgaatt gatcaatcca cgtgctttat tctcttcatg     67380
     gaaataacca gtctgcgttg gagctgggcc tctaaagttg tagagtgaat gggtgtggga     67440
     tgtgttggga ttcttcctac aggacagagt gggagaggta aaagcaaaag acagcttagt     67500
     tggaggctga cttcgtcctg tggaagcaga gatagttcaa ggaaaggggt tactgggttt     67560
     ccagggccca gtttgctggg acctccaaaa tccttcattt tgggtatcat catacacagt     67620
     agctaagcac aggatgatgg aaatcttaaa gttcgctttc gtgttgaatc cacatgttct     67680
     tttaaaggtg aatgcatgat ccttttctgg gacaatcagc ctctcaggac ttctgaaaca     67740
     tcaacgtgag aagaaatggg catgcaaggt gtatggaggg actgtgggaa aggtgacaga     67800
     ggcatgtggg aaggcattca ggatacgctt ttggcagaga tgactaaggg aaaacagaaa     67860
     cttacagaag tgaggggaaa gggggtggat tagtggaata taagattgtt ggagaatcca     67920
     tccatggact ctcttgtcac ttgatgaccc aggatatgga cactcttgtt gatgtttaca     67980
     tctttagttg ttttaagctt ttctccaaga ttctgtgtta ggtgaggagc caataacgta     68040
     tgtagctaac aacagtacga gtgcattttg tgctcttgca aagtctagtg aggctctatt     68100
     ctccctcgtg attggcactg cagattgtat ctggacccag ggcccctaaa ttttctgtgg     68160
     cctcttcagc atagtttgcc taaggtttag aacgtaaagt gaatatagtt gcggaatatg     68220
     ttttgcaagc ctcacacagg aggacaaaac atacagcttt cattcgcgag tgggaggctg     68280
     cttcccagga acacgtgtgt ctgcacaaga caaggggttg cctctgtcaa ggatggggca     68340
     ggaggatttc agtgtcggag gcagaacttt ctttcctgtt cccagatgaa acagttccaa     68400
     cacgagcatc catgttgacc acacgctact agagtgctaa cattgctgtc ccgtatagac     68460
     tccagtcagc acagcttctg tgagaagagc tatgttgttt cagggaagag ggtttgacag     68520
     tcaaagttcc tgaatctgtt gtggtgcctg caatatgcat tctacacctc ctgctcggtg     68580
     tcaaagcagt tgagctttga aaatctatcg cccggttttg tccctgctcc tatgcagacc     68640
     tctgaagctc tggagcggga gtcttgtcct cctctgacta ccgtccccct gacccacaaa     68700
     cacaggagaa acaggtgttc taagcaaatt attctgaaaa cagtcggaac actttggccc     68760
     cctcaagctg ccctctatcc tactgtgtgc atgtcaaaga cactgtggtc cagtacggta     68820
     tccctatagc ggcaatgggg caacagattg gtgtgtgcac tctgggcaac tcagattagg     68880
     aaacgtctgg ggacttgcct ataacgaggt cgtcttaaaa cgtgttgccc caaatttaag     68940
     gcataggaaa atgttgagga aagggtcttg caatgatttt tctaggaggt aaatagataa     69000
     gaaaatgacc gtaaatagat gccagggcta gttttggagc tagcctgttt taaagtggtg     69060
     gtaggggagg agctttttcc aaggcaggta gcaaaccagg aactgtctac gatggatggg     69120
     cgtgccacgg gttggtggct cagccatatt gccaccccac cgagtgaatg cagcagactg     69180
     ggcttcttcc ttgaatccta cgtgcaattc agtctagtga tttcacatga gatcccttct     69240
     tctggtatta tcacagatcg tgctgaatta tacaggctgt gtaatgcttc ttccactgaa     69300
     tatccgtgca cgtgggccac agatgctaag ggcactgaca aatttgcacc gtgcctcagt     69360
     aactcggaag cacatctgtg atttgtaccg acagggactt ggtgtctttt cgtgtttaaa     69420
     gtagcacgtg tgtgtttgtg gttgcgtatg tttatttctc tgtgcgggtt tgtatatttt     69480
     ctctgactcc acctgtgtct ccgtggttcc gatatttttc cacactccct gcgacaattt     69540
     gcacatgcct atctctacaa ccattgtaga ctttgtatct gtgtctttga acatctgtca     69600
     ctctctctcc cttccttttt tcttttcctt cctttacacc cctttcatcc ttcccttgct     69660
     tccccaccac actctctcca tctgtatcgt ctatgtttct attctctatc tgggtttact     69720
     ttctaattct gaattcaagg gcattgaatt gaaaagaagc actcttcgta cttttatgtg     69780
     ttttaactca tttggggaat ttggcgtggt attatttaca gggttctctc tgccctttct     69840
     cattgttctc cccagccggg gctgttatta tgtgaaagct ggtttccttc atcacatcgc     69900
     gtaggctcta atgatgtttc gtttattttg attctcctca cactacatag ttttaattta     69960
     cctaatgtga ctcttttttt gtttgttttc cgagaatggg tcttactctg tcttctaggt     70020
     tggacagcag ccccacgatc tcagcccact gcagcccagg caccacacac ccatgtgatc     70080
     ctgtcaactc agactctcac acacctggca gtacaggtgc atgccacccc tccaagctat     70140
     gtattaatta actaaatact tactttttga atgtgggtcc atgttgcccc aggctcatct     70200
     ggaactcctg agtgcaggca atcctcccac ctcagcttat caaagtgctg ggatgacagg     70260
     tgtgacccat ggccctgcca tggctttgtg ttttttgctt ttttcttcct cctcctcacg     70320
     tcttgttttg aaacatgcac tgaaggtttc aattcatgga ctatagtctc tgtgcctgga     70380
     atttctatct ttcaactcat catcagcatt cattgggatt ttcatatata tatacaccta     70440
     tataagaata cctatgtaca cacatatata cgtatataca tgtatatacg tatatatgca     70500
     catttatata cgtatataca tgtatatacg tatatatata catgtacaca tatgtattta     70560
     tttctcaagt tacgaaacgg cttgcattct ttcctgtgtc atgaaaaaga ctttgctaga     70620
     aaagaaaagc actgctttat aataaaatat tttatttgca tttattttgt taaggcattt     70680
     taaaaattgt atgtttgttt aaaaaatgtc atatgaaatg atacatattt acaacttaag     70740
     gcgtgatgtt caacaggtca tatacattat gcattggata catccagcca atcaacatat     70800
     gtgtgacctc acatagttgt catttttgtt gtgaaaaaac ttgacctgca ctgtattcga     70860
     atatttttag agaaagaata tgttaccact agttatagtg agcatgctga agaaaatatt     70920
     ttaacctatt cctcctttat aactagaagt atgagttctt catccagcat ctcgtcagtg     70980
     caccctcttc accgcagtca ttggagtcac tacttctgtg aagtccgctt ttttgatttc     71040
     atataagaat gagatcatgt gctattttcc tttctgatac ctggcttatg tcacttaaca     71100
     gaatggcatg cacacattca gcagattccc acacattctc acaactggca ggatttcctg     71160
     atttcttatt gcagcgcata tttccgttgc gcatatgcgt ttttgcccca ttttttaatc     71220
     cacttatcaa tggagggaca ctcaggttgc ttccgcattt tggctacagc aaaaatgtaa     71280
     tgagtgcagc aataattgca tgggtgcgcg caccgcttca acatactgat ctgtgtactg     71340
     gcgggcgtgc ccgggtattc tgatttgctg gatcatatag tgggtggttc tacttgtaga     71400
     tttctgaagg ctgtttatac ttaaataaga gccataaagc ttctttaatg ccagcactaa     71460
     tttacattct ccccaaaagt gagcagggaa ttcgttttct ctgcctcctc accagagatt     71520
     agggttttct tttctttctt tttttttttt gtttgtttgt ctttcggata atatgcattc     71580
     tgactgaagt gagaagaaat ctcattgtgt ttttgatttg cattttcgtg atggattggg     71640
     gataatgagg aatttttagt gtgtcttctg ggcaactgta tgtctcagtt tcacaaatga     71700
     gtcttcgcag ccttcgccca tttgttttca tgctattgag ttgttgggag ttccttatgt     71760
     actgtgacta ttcccccatg aacagatgta tggtgatcca atcattgctc ccatcctgta     71820
     ggatgcccct tctgtatgtt gagttttcta tggtgtggtg aagcacttta gtttgatatg     71880
     attccattct ctatttttga tggtgtttac tgtgttcttg cagtcacttt gagaccatca     71940
     ttgcacacac ggacgccatg gagcttcttc cttgtgatct cttctgctat ttttatcgtt     72000
     tcacatctga cactggagtt tggtgataaa taatccactt gtaaaatcct ttgtgtggct     72060
     attcagattt ccccaaccta gtttatagaa gatacttgat tttgcattgg gcgttcttgc     72120
     ttctttggga aaaggctgtg agctgcaaat gcagtgactt agttctgggc tcctgttgtt     72180
     tttcctaagc tctagtctct gcttttctgc cagtgctatt gtattttggt acaaaaagtt     72240
     ttgtagtagt atatcatgaa gttaggtagt gtggtggctc cagctttgtg ctttttactg     72300
     gattgctctg ggttttcagg atcttctgcc atttcatagc aaatttggga ttcccagatt     72360
     gtttttctaa gaagaatgtg tcattgatat ttttacaggg gttgtataga atctgaggat     72420
     gactcaggta gtagtgatgt caatgccgtt tagacaatgt gcgtgtttgt gtgcacaagc     72480
     tcagggccaa gagacactgg gtgtcctcac caatactgag gtgggcctta atatccagcc     72540
     agattgcctt ctggaaacac acggaatgtc ctgttctgtt ttgccatctc ttcacatttc     72600
     ctcccctgtg agccctgtgt ggtcctccag attccctgtg cggtggcctg ccttttttgg     72660
     ggtggggagt tgctgggtga atgaggatgg cggagggaac caagtatgtc agtggagcgt     72720
     ggtgtcatcc aaacggtact tagcaggcct gggagagtca ttctgggagg acgcagacct     72780
     agagaggcct caggtgggca tctgtgtgga gggtgagaga tccctggttg agcccaaact     72840
     gaaccccagg tagaagcaag cctcaggaca gggaagtagc tagcaaggga tgatgaggca     72900
     gctatctctt gaccctggct tcccacccat tgaccttagc tacttgtgcc tattaagcag     72960
     attacggttc ccccatcgtg aaatgtgggt accacagttc cctgatgggc atttctccac     73020
     cagcccatga tggcctgagt ttccttactg cagtctcctc cctgagcctt ggcttctcta     73080
     tgtgtgtcct aactccagga cccacaggcc tgtcaacccc cagccctggg ctgcttccct     73140
     ggcctcttct ctcttccctc tctgagggcc taactccctt gggtagtgct gcagaatata     73200
     gagccacagg ccctggctga tgatctggtg gactgggcaa attggtcgtg acaggtcagg     73260
     ttctggttca aagccaattc ctccgatgcc aaggaatgtc gaagaaggtc ctttgccatg     73320
     atgccccata gctgccccac ctcagcaatc gtgccgtaac ctgggccctc acagtcagac     73380
     aaccagctga agaagctcag gcagtgacct gcgggaaact cgggctttca cctgcatgac     73440
     cctagaacca ctggactgca gtggagccag tcgccctgta tcctggaggg agacgagtca     73500
     ggaaggcgca cgccaggccc agctcccgag gtactacccc ctctactcct cagggaggat     73560
     gccaacgcaa tactccttag tcatcacttt gtttccgaag taaatgttgt gatgaaaggc     73620
     aaacttcttc ctaccccttg tattcagggt ggccgagttc ctccacctgc ctgtccaaga     73680
     aggagaaaca gggctgtgaa ggggcaattt catctaggtg ggctgaggtg gcattctagc     73740
     cggggtgaag catgcgtttc cccttcccag ctttcccgct gagacacacc tgagccccag     73800
     aaggacctca acctgaccag gaccttagca ccctccccca gacccaggct ttccatcctg     73860
     acctgcaaat ccaacatgca gctttgaagg actttctcat ggtttctgag ctccttgctc     73920
     tcaccagaaa gaatcagaac ttttaaagtg ttctttatgc caacttaaat ttttcatttt     73980
     tactacctca tgttttggat gaggcatgta tttttaaatt tattttcacc cttattgtac     74040
     ctctatgata aactgcttgc ttacattcat accgtaatta tctctcaggt tacttgtctg     74100
     ttcctaaaga ttcactgaaa cgaagaattc tatatatgct tgtatctttc agcaaccgta     74160
     tgtcagatag cactgcacat tactgcagac gtcgcatata caggtccaaa ggtagaggaa     74220
     gaagaagaaa gcaagcgtta agctctatac attcctaaaa gcatatcaga aactcacaaa     74280
     taacagtgaa atcaaagaat gatcacagcc aattccatta catacctaga ctgaaatacg     74340
     aaacttcaaa gaaaagaaac attagaactt tgggtttgta aaaattttcc tatatagata     74400
     aaattattgg taactgtgtc tcactagaaa acgtaaacaa aagtccatgt ttttcatatt     74460
     tgtaaatata catagtttta tttccatcag ttatgacatg caagcaagta ataaagtgaa     74520
     agtacaatca aatgatatat ggaacttcct cagtcttaaa atattccatg gagactatca     74580
     attttatgaa aactataaag aatgcttcat gaaactacat tgtacagtgc catttactat     74640
     tttactgaca ttttaaataa tcaacaatta aagggaatac atcaacatta tttaatacca     74700
     ataacgttat ttttcttgag taatcctgtt gaaattaagg attttaaata aaacattaaa     74760
     aacaaattat attgactgat ttcagctttg gatgaaatca tacttgtgta tttgtagtaa     74820
     tgcgaagcat aactttctcc tcacaattaa tcttttataa catcggtgtt atagttttct     74880
     ctgacaccaa cattgtgata tcgcacaggt ttactgcatg catgcattac atgcctccag     74940
     agagtaggct tcaaatatat ggaaaaatta tatttatgaa aaaattctag gaaagggaat     75000
     ggtgaaatgg aagagaattt ctcacttgct aactgttgga catggatttg tatatatttg     75060
     gatatagaca catactggca cactgtgagt ttgcccatgt atatatacac ttaaatgaga     75120
     aacccataat atatgggttg tgtaatcttt taattaatcc ataattgtat gtgtgtgaaa     75180
     ttagataagc ggttaccttt tctttactca atttgatgga aagccaaaaa actctgtcca     75240
     ccttcatttc aattaatcca atactgttaa ctgctggtag cttcattctc cttgttctct     75300
     tacggcaacc ggaaagttaa ttctcgctct aatttggctt tcaaggtgcg atcaacaaga     75360
     gtgtcacctt gctgtggatt gtgacctctg actccacctc tgtcttcctt ttgcagtcct     75420
     acctttgcat aggtaacaaa ctttgtacat ggttaaaagg ataaaagttc agtgaaatgt     75480
     caagccatgc tgtgaaatgt tccatagttt ctatatctct aattgtcctt tgatgttata     75540
     gaggcaagaa aaataattca atgtttttct tagtatctag tccaatgcac tctttcttca     75600
     taatactgca aacaaggcac tgacatggaa acgtggctgg acgtctcaaa atctcttctc     75660
     attaattacc attatgttaa tcactgttgc ccacaactgg aattggactt tgaaatcccc     75720
     tggtggaaat tgctataatg gctcaaacta ctggaaagac tatctttttt tacctgaaaa     75780
     tatctgatga gcatagacgt atgctatata caggaagata ttgtacatta acaacatacc     75840
     atcactgcca ctcaataata ggtatcccaa acctttgagc caaactgagc tcaggtgctc     75900
     ccacaaacca agcttttccc tccacagatt tcttatgtca aaaagccaca actccaggcc     75960
     aggcttcgtg gctcttgttg taatttctac attttgggag gccgaggttg gtgggtcact     76020
     tgaggtcagg agttggagac tagcatgggc aacatggcaa aaagctgtct ctaccaaaaa     76080
     tacaaaaatt agccagacct agtggcactt tcctgtggtc ccagctactt gggaggctga     76140
     ggtaggagaa ccacctgaac atgggtggca gagattgtat agtaagccga gatcagacta     76200
     ctgcactcca gcctggatga cacagcgaga ccatgaaaaa aaaaataaag gcaactccac     76260
     tcgtccactg gcttaggtaa aaaatactgg agttggctgg gctcggtggc tcacacctgt     76320
     attcccagca ctttggattt tgggaagctg agtcgggcgg gtcacctgag atctgtagta     76380
     ggagagcagc ctggccaaca tggtgaagcc tggcttctac taaaaataca aaacattagc     76440
     tgagcgtggt gatgcatgct tgtaatccca gctactgcag aggctgaacc tgggaggcgg     76500
     aggatgtgtt gagctgagat cctgccactg cgctccagcc tggtctacag agcgagagta     76560
     ccctgtgaga aacaaaggtg aagagaacaa gaaaaaaaaa tgagaaaaat aagacccact     76620
     gcaaaaggtt gccacagaaa agattaaaca tttcagcaac ttctatcttc tatcatggaa     76680
     gccaaggtta tttggaccaa acctcctgtc ttagttcatt ttcacgctgc tgaagaagag     76740
     atacctgaaa ctgggaataa aaggaggttt aattggactg acagttccac atggctgtgg     76800
     aggcctcaga atcatggtat acgaataaag gcacttctta catggcaatg ccaagagaga     76860
     atgaggaaga acctgaggca gaaacccctg aaaaacccat cagatcccgt gagacttctt     76920
     cactgtcaca agaatagcat gagaaagacc gacccccatg attcaattac ctccccctgg     76980
     gtcccacccg caacacgagg gaattctggg agatacaatt gaagctgaga tttgaatgga     77040
     gacacaccaa accatgtcac ttcccaaaca attaaaaatt cccaatagaa gaagcattaa     77100
     ttatatcaaa aagtggtgga ccaagaagga actattagcc tcatatctca agaaagactc     77160
     cagtcaaggc ctagggacta ctcatgaaaa gagtttaata gccgactctc tcccagtgga     77220
     tctggattcc accggactgt atcttcacag taagggtgaa acagaagcaa acccattcct     77280
     atttccaagc tcaaggaact ttggtcaaag ttctcttgga gctgagcaga acaaggaggc     77340
     aaacagaaaa gatttgtgtc cctgagaagt catggccaca ggctggctat cacacagatt     77400
     gtcaagccag ttccatattg catgggtatt acagaaaatc tcaaaacata aatttgtgtg     77460
     tgggttgtcc cagagtagca ggatctggca gaaggaaatt tccttctaac cctcaaagaa     77520
     tccacataaa tcttgttaca tttgggattt tacgatttgc ttcaggaatg agaatggcct     77580
     taattttcat atctttttct acactcagtt tatggcttgt tggcgtcaaa gttctgcttg     77640
     cttcacacaa tgagtttagg attttccctt ttttattcta tagaattctt catatatatt     77700
     gaaatgctct gcctggggaa aaaaatctga gcctagcgtt ttatctctag gaagaatcct     77760
     ttatttcctt gaacatttat gagactatac agattatata tgtcttcttg tatcaatttt     77820
     actaagctat atacatagct tatgtttata tattatatat ataaatgtaa gatacaaata     77880
     taaaaattat gtataaatat gaaaatatat atagaaagcg atatatatgt ctatatatat     77940
     agacagatta taaatatctg tctatttgat ctaagttttc aaatttgtag gttaaggtgt     78000
     taatgatatt tccttattag cttcttaatc tatgctgtat ctatggttgt gtacctttta     78060
     aattcttagt tttatctatg ttttctccct ttttttctaa acttgactga cggttgcatc     78120
     atttattata tttctccaac aagcaaaggt tagctttgta tgttttacta attttgtcta     78180
     catcattatt cccacacttt agtttttcag aattgattct gttgtttctt ttctaattct     78240
     ttattgaaat atctagtaca ttaattttca agttattaga gaaatatttg tctgtaaact     78300
     cctattgtaa tatcactttt cttgctactc acagatttaa tctttaatat tggcggtatc     78360
     attgagttct aagtacattt caattcctag tatgataatc tatgaattgc tgagaaatag     78420
     tgtttacaat tttgttgttc tatttccact taagtttatt tttacttctg ctaactcaat     78480
     tgaaaattct ttactaattt ttaaaatcct tgaacccaag agatggaggt tgcagtgagc     78540
     tgagatcagg ccactgcatt ccagactgag tgacagagtg gaacgagatt tcaaaacaaa     78600
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acagtcactg gaaagataat aaaatacata aatgtgggat     78660
     gtaatatgta atcgtgataa aataaactgg attttttgta taagttatac atataaatgt     78720
     aatgccaaga cactgataag acaactcatg gtcttatctc aatacttagt gtcttcatgt     78780
     aacatatgtc ctttaggata gttatagtcc gttttctttc caggagagac agatgagaat     78840
     gcagaaatgt taaagtgcaa gggacggaag cttccagctg tgcccacctg taacctgacg     78900
     tagacagttc caccgtttgc ttcattaatc atgccaaagg ctctaatgca aatgtggtac     78960
     agagtcacat gtttttgtat ctacatgata gaaactataa cttcatccct atatagaagg     79020
     gtatatagca tatgcctcag tgataaatat aagtgaatca ttgatcagta ggaaaccatt     79080
     ttaaaagtct ttcataacag aacaaaatcc ctgaaaacat tttcttctca atctctgagt     79140
     tttcttacac ggcttatgaa tctctagcca tactaaagag atagtatgct gctcttccca     79200
     caaattattc attgtatata attcctgtaa tctaataaca gtacctttac acctcagggt     79260
     ttaaaatgac tccaaccttt ttctgtttct ccaattaaaa taactttttt aaggtttaat     79320
     cttcagtaat tttttgtagt aatatttttg aaggtatttg accaggatga tttgcttata     79380
     tacctacctg acgtctccct ttcttctgaa tacatatttt attacccacc tattagatct     79440
     aagtttaaga agttggaata gggatttaaa tctaaattct acatttgaat ttacaggagt     79500
     cagcgagtcc gggaagtgcc tttatgcaca gaccaatatc tggcaatggc actaggagac     79560
     aaataagctt taccagtctc aaagccctgg ctactacagt gaatccaccc ttctcctgga     79620
     tcttatctac ttcagcaaaa gaaggccacc cactaaacca ggcccttgta ctttgggtgg     79680
     aaactcctaa gtcctctagt ctcctcaaac agacagccag gctgccaatt tccacaataa     79740
     taatttctat agcactgagt ctttggtagc cttgtaacta tagctactga tgctacagtc     79800
     tggtccctgt atgataaaac accagagcaa cagaaacaaa aatattgact gaagccttct     79860
     aaaatctctc taaatatacc ttcaataaat atggtttttt ttacagaacg actgctttca     79920
     gcttcctgaa ctaacgcttg gccttcgcta gttgtcactg ttgaaattga ttcaaaagtg     79980
     tacatttaac atgaaagtca acacagaatt tcatgtgtca gcaactaaaa ttttcaaaat     80040
     gttgcaaaat acaaatgtga aactgtattt gtgaaattta ccattcattg aaattatatt     80100
     ttcataccta cccaggcaca gaatttttta taactgtctg catgttctcc tcatgtgggg     80160
     gaaaagcagc atcagcaggc agaggaatcc tttgaagctg gagggagagg ttgcagtgat     80220
     ctgagagttt gccacttgac tgcagcctgg atgacacagt gagactccaa ctgaaaagaa     80280
     acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ccccaaaatt gataagtaaa     80340
     aaaaaaatcc atattcgaaa acatgctcac aggctaactc ccatatctaa cacacacaca     80400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaattcct tgaaaacgaa agttccacaa     80460
     gggcaaaaga agaaaacaaa tttaacaccc cccaaagaaa gtacaaagag taacctcaaa     80520
     agaactgcag gggaaaacaa ttcaaaattt acaagtatct accctaaaag aagctgaaag     80580
     tccctcaaaa actttccaga ggccatgtcc ttgtattaca aaaatgatca taaaaactgg     80640
     caggagtaga cgaatagaaa tgcatcttaa aacttgctaa acccttcaag tctcccataa     80700
     gaattgtaat ggaaaatgga tcggtcggca gctttttcca tacaattatg aacaaattat     80760
     atttcttcat acatagattt gttttttcaa tattctaagg aattaacttt tatattaata     80820
     gtaggtgatg taagaaagca ggcctttatc aagataactg acactggatg tccataccat     80880
     tactcaggtg ggccttaatt cccagccggg ttccctccct ggacacacac tgaaggtccc     80940
     cagccatttg gcaatctctt cacattccca gccctggagg tagccctaaa atacatgtac     81000
     ctgaagaaaa taaaacattg cctcacactg gagcccagtg tggtcctcca gattccgtgt     81060
     gaggtggact aacttatatg ggaaggcagg gcagcgggag tgaggatggc agagaggatt     81120
     acacatgtca aggcagccgg ggtcatggaa acaaaacatg actggcctgg gagaaacact     81180
     gtgaaaggac acagacctag gtgggcctca ggtggacatc ctcgtggaga aaaagggggc     81240
     cctggttgat ctcaaaatga gccccaggtg gtagcaggtc ttaccgcagg gcagggagct     81300
     ggcgagtaat gatgagacag ctatccctta agccctgctt gtcacccact gactttagcc     81360
     acatatgcat catagtggct taaggtgccc cgatcctgaa atgtgggtgt tacatgtccc     81420
     tgatgggcct ctctccccca acccacggat tgcctgggat tgctcactgc agtctcctcc     81480
     cggatccttg ggttctccat gtggggccca gatccaggtc aaaaggcctc tcagttccca     81540
     gcccttccca gccctaggct gctcgcctgg cctcctctct gttccgcctc tagggctgac     81600
     cctctctcca tgggatagaa ctgcaatgga ttgagccata ggccctggct gatgatctag     81660
     gggactgcag aagtgggtcc aggacagttc aggtgacagt tcaaagccaa ttccccagag     81720
     accaaggaat gaccagctag gtcctttccc atgatgcccc acggcgaacc ccacctcagc     81780
     aatcctgcca aaacccgggc agtcatgttc agccaaacag ctgaatgagc tcaggtagga     81840
     ggtgtactgc ctgcagctgg aggcttgacc ttcgtgatcc cagaaccgct ggactgcagt     81900
     ggaatgagac accctgtagc ctgcagggag aggagtcagg aaggttcatg ccagtcccac     81960
     cctcccacac accagctccc ctaccatgct gggaggcatt ccttaccgag gatgccaaca     82020
     cagtgctcct tcatgatgat ttcactgtgg aaataaaggt tgggatgaaa ggaaatcatc     82080
     ctgccaccgg taaccgggat ggctgagttc ctccacctgc cggatcaagg agaaagagga     82140
     tggattcaat gggaccatct caactagccg ggctgaggtg gcctactagc tgtagtgaac     82200
     catgagtttc cccttcccag ctctcccact gagacaaccc tggtccccag ggggacctca     82260
     aactgactca gacactggac tcctcccaca gacccaggct ccccagcctg acctgcaaat     82320
     ccatcacgta gcaaagcagg acttccgcat gctttccgac ccacgccgac atctcgtgtg     82380
     ccaaacaatc tacctctgcg caagaactct ccagaggatt gggtgggcaa gcctcgtgac     82440
     gccttgcaat ttcgcaagaa cacagacaat gtggaacagg gccatctccc agacatttgg     82500
     ccagtcaccc ttcattgttg gccctctatc tctgtctggc gaggaggcaa cgccacaact     82560
     gtggtggttt ttggagtggg tggaccccgg ccaagacggc ctgggctgac cagagacggg     82620
     aggcagaaaa agtgggcagg tggttgcagc tgagggacgg gagggaccgg gggtggtgtg     82680
     aggcggctgc ttctctgagt ttctgagatg caggaggcct ttgtgtgctg ggtgctggac     82740
     atgctccgct gatgtccggg tgtgtggtgt cctcttatcc tagtctccct gaggggtggg     82800
     cctgtccacc tgagggaagc cttgtagtta gaagccacag cagggtcgtg cctggcgctc     82860
     tccaagggaa ttgcgtgggt ccagaggaag ttatacaggc tcagggccta cacgcctttg     82920
     agtgcagcgc ctgcagttgg atgaatgcgc atctgcggag ctggtgcccg ccgtcaggtg     82980
     gtcggcagcc ccatgcgccg cgaacccgtc ttaagcacct tgtgtttctg gggtgagcct     83040
     gctggaaaca ggcaccgaga gcaggggtgg ttcaatggct ggtaatggca tacagattcc     83100
     ccgtcctcca gggacgttcc cagggaaacg cgtccttcga atttgggctg tgcgcaaagg     83160
     gaccttggcg ccgcgattct cccttgtcag tgctggccct ggctcccctt ccctaccacg     83220
     tgctcccagg gctgctacaa gcgagctgcc ctcacagctg cgggaacgtg gcctcggctc     83280
     ccacgctgtg ccccatcccc tgcctcctgg ctgaccccac gtgcctccca cctggctcct     83340
     ccccccaaac agcccccata ccccccgagg cccgatgact atcccctgct gcccgccatc     83400
     ccaaatcggc agccgcaagg atatggctct ggctcacaag gcggagatgc tctgtggcct     83460
     ggggcattca cggagcccag ctccaagtga aggacctcca gtgagtccat tgacggcccc     83520
     ggtgtgctcg gtccagggcc aggctgtgcc cgctggccct ccttctgcca ccccacgtcg     83580
     ggctccacct caaccaccac ctccacctca gccatgatgt cttccacctt cagcaccgcc     83640
     tcctcttcca aggccgcctc cttgctctgt accccggccg tcctctccag cattgcctcc     83700
     agcctgaaca cggttttctc ctgggtgctc ccacagaccc tgggcctgcg cagcccagcc     83760
     cagcccagcc catgccccgc acccgtaggc tctgggggcc cgctccccag cagacccgct     83820
     ccctgcaaga cccacgggcg tcgccctgct gtgaacctgg tcccacacct acgtggaccc     83880
     aggtttcctg aggagctccg ctggacccgc agatcccgca ctggccaaag ggctccggtc     83940
     cccagcaggc tcaactgcgc acaggagctc gggagccaga ggccccggcc ctgggcttgc     84000
     agagccccac caacaggcac cgcaaccgct gctgcgggtg cgggagcctc tgggtcgtca     84060
     aggcagcgca caacagcgtg tgtgcaggcc gacaatggcc aaccctggcg gctggcctct     84120
     ggtgtgccca gggcatagga caagaggccc tttggaatgc tccttggagt acagcatcct     84180
     cagggaggaa gcatggtact cggagcctct atttgcctcg acctgtgaga gtgtgtgccg     84240
     gggctctggc ctctacagca gatcaattcc acctcagcac cggcaggcga ctttcctccc     84300
     acgtgcccgc cccgatcact tcccccagga cacccctgcc gccctagccc cagcaaccag     84360
     agagagttct ctgcatcttc tgtattacct ccgtaccatc tacctggcct gcctaacgaa     84420
     gagagatgtt tcctgtgttc atgacacata gagatgttca tggcttgcca cactgaggat     84480
     gtcagggcac agggctgcca tgcccacaat tccaaaggcc acgcagcccg cgtgtgcccg     84540
     gatgcctagc tacccggcac aagctccaag ggcttctcgg aggaggcttg ggcagggaag     84600
     gcgggggggt gggggggctg gagatgcagg cccgccagtg gctgtgccgc ccagggagac     84660
     gcccaccgcc ctcccattga ctggccacga cgggaggaag tcggcctggg tgcggccccc     84720
     cggcccttcg cgcgcagtcc cttagggggc gcctggaagc ccggcgcatg cgccctgagg     84780
     gctcgctgac ctaccgggtg ccagagaggc tgcggcaggg tttctgtggc gtgggtcggg     84840
     cagcacaggc cttggtgtgt gcgagtgcca aggagggcac cgccttcagg atggaggctg     84900
     tgcaggaggg ggcggccggg gtggagagtg agcaggcggc tttgggggag gaggcggtgc     84960
     tgctgttgga tgacataatg gcggaggtgg aggtggtggc ggaggaggag ggcctcgtgg     85020
     agcggcggga ggaggcccag cgggcacagc aggctgtgcc tggccctggg cccatgaccc     85080
     cagagtctgc actggaggag ctgctggccg ttcaggtgga gctggagccg gttaatgccc     85140
     aagccaggaa ggccttttct cggcagcggg aaaagatgga gcggagcgca agccccacct     85200
     agaccgcaga ggcgccgtca tccagagcgt ccctggcttc tgggccaatg ttgtatcctt     85260
     ctcagtgttt cttcggcctt tctagtggag aggtgctctc ggggaagtgt aagtgaccga     85320
     tgggcagctc ggcgtcgatg tgactctttg gggaacaaag gggagttgcc acggaccagt     85380
     gtggctgtgg aaagccggag caggcgtggg tactattgtc ctgcatgcgg cagagaaacc     85440
     cttggtgatg ccgagcagca gacgtttggg gcatcttttt gaagagcaga agcgagttca     85500
     gagcggaaga ggtttttcag tgaataaagc tatttttaag ggagtgtgat tgctgcccct     85560
     tgctagtccg atctgggact gggcgtcttc ggctataagc agattctgcc actcctcaga     85620
     caccagcaag tctctgcaaa tcgcgcctcc ccatgtcagt gcagtcagcc tcagaatcat     85680
     acaccctctg tgaacacagg aggccttagt ttacggggag ggggaggcga aaggagatca     85740
     tacatggaag cagatctgag aaatccccta ccccagcctc tgggtgctct taggccttct     85800
     tccctgttgc tcctcgcttt cccttccatc gtgtgtaaag tctctttgac ctaaatcaga     85860
     ttgcaaacca cccccagatg tcagccctga tcactgacga agatgaagac atgctgagct     85920
     acatggtcag cctggaggtg aggccaggaa gactggggct agagggttta gcgggggagg     85980
     gtaagggaaa taattcattc ctgtaagcaa gagtgagcac ctcacccgaa aacctatcta     86040
     agctttctcc accttgtcct gacaggtgga agaagagaag catcctgttc atctctgcaa     86100
     gatcatgttg ttctttcgga gtaaccccta cttccagaat aaagtgatta ccaaggaata     86160
     tctggtgaac atcacaggtg acaggtggct cccaggatgg gtagtggaag gaagatggtg     86220
     ggtggatcat tgccaacggg atccagcccc cttcccacaa aaactcctgt ctctgtagaa     86280
     tacagggctt ctcattccac tccaattgag tggtatccgg attatgaagt ggaggcctat     86340
     cgccgcagac accacaacag cagccttaac ttcttcaact ggttctctga ccacaacttc     86400
     gcaggatcta acaagattgc tgaggtgagt cctcactggg aaacatgagg aatgaccccg     86460
     tgtgttccca gctgcttggg tcacctttct gagccctgat gaggcctttc ccgattgagt     86520
     cccctgacag atcctatgta aggacctgtg gcgcaatccc ctgcaatact acaagaggat     86580
     gaagccacct gaagagggaa cagagacgtc aggtgagccg ttagttggca ctggagctgt     86640
     ttgatgccca gtataagggg gttgacacac ctgcctattc agggagcctg ggtgctcatt     86700
     tcagaaatgt agaaattgag gctcctttcg tacatgtaga aattccttga gaggaagaca     86760
     gagagtgaca gaatccagga cgttcatggc attgggctga aaaggcacgt tagagactgc     86820
     actgcaaagc gggtgatagc tgtggagtct taagcccagt gaagaatcgt ccatttccag     86880
     aatcaatgag aagtaaagct gaaaatcatt cagttcagtc tgtggcactt gattccacgg     86940
     ctgtcaaccc caccggcagt catcccgcca accccatgag attgggctcc ctgaatgtgc     87000
     gtcctggtca tccttgcccc aaaccacaaa ggactgttta gattgatgga tttccttaag     87060
     ctgttgcccc atcagacttg tgtgtgcttt tagggcccag tgcatcttgt tagctgactc     87120
     ccctcacaga caatactggg aatggggcag ggattgcgca gaacagtttg taacacgtgg     87180
     taggaggaag tttaagggat cacaaatggg gaagggatat ccttttctca gcgggcccca     87240
     caattgaaac atttcaaagt atggctcaga gaaaatgcgt tttaacatga gtttgtgttt     87300
     ctctagggga ctcccagttg ttgagttgaa tatgatggag catcagattt tacctaatac     87360
     agcagaactc ctaaaaagtt acagccatat gcaggacggc agtactcagc atggtcttat     87420
     gcacaggaac taaaggaaaa agagatcgag tcacaaaaat tcaggaagag ggggtaaatg     87480
     tggattgtat ggaatgaaaa ataaacattc tcaaggatgt gtgactctgt gtctgtgtgt     87540
     gtgtgtgtgt ctttgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgttt atccacttta     87600
     ttcgggtgtc ataatgaatt gatcaatcca cgtgctttat tctcttcatg gaaataacca     87660
     gtctgcgttg gagctgggcc tctaaagttg tagagtgaat gggtgtggga tgtgttggga     87720
     ttcttcctac aggacagagt gggagaggta aaagcaaaag acagcttagt tggaggctga     87780
     cttcgtcctg tggaagcaga gatagttcaa ggaaaggggt tactgggttt ccagggccca     87840
     gtttgctggg acctccaaaa tccttcattt tgggtatcat catacacagt agctaagcac     87900
     aggatgatgg aaatcttaaa gttcgctttc gtgttgaatc cacatgttct tttaaaggtg     87960
     aatgcatgat ccttttctgg gacaatcagc ctctcaggac ttctgaaaca tcaacgtgag     88020
     aagaaatggg catgtaaggt gtatggaggg actgtgggaa aggtgacaga ggcatgtggg     88080
     aaggcattca ggatacgctt ttggcataga tgactaaggg aaaacagaaa cttacagaag     88140
     tgaggggaaa gggggtggat tagtggaata taagattgtt ggagaatcca tccatggact     88200
     ctcttgtcac ttgatgaccc aggatatgga cactcttgtt gatgtttaca tctttagttg     88260
     ttttaagctt ttctccaaga ttctgtgtta ggtgaggagc caataacgta tgtagctaac     88320
     aacagtacga gtgcattttg tgctcttgca aagtctagtg aggctctatt ctccctcgtg     88380
     attggcactg cagattgtat ctggagccca gggcccctaa attttctgtg gcctcttcag     88440
     catagtttgc ctaaggttta gaacgtaaag cgaatatagt tgcggaatat gttttgcaag     88500
     cctcacacag gaggacaaaa catacagctt tcattcgcga gtgggaggct gcttcccagg     88560
     aacacgtgtg tctgcacaag acaaggggtt gcctctgtca aggatggggc aggaggattt     88620
     cagtgtcgga ggcagaactt tctttcctgt tcccagatga aacagttcca acacgagcat     88680
     ccatgttgac cacacgctac tagagtgcta acattgctgt cccgtataga ctctggtcag     88740
     cacagcttct gtgagaagag ctatgttgtt tcagggaaga gggtttgaca gtcaaagttc     88800
     ctgaatctgt tgtggtgcct gcaatatgca ttctacccct cctgctcggt gtcaaagcag     88860
     ttgagctttg aaaatctatc gcccggtttt gtccctgctc ctatgcagac ctctgaagct     88920
     ctggagcggg agtcttgtcc tcctctgact accgtccccc tgacccacaa acacaggaga     88980
     aacaggtgtt ctaagcaaat tattctgaaa acagtcggaa ccctttggcc ccctcaagct     89040
     gccctctatc ctactgtgtg catgtcaaag acactgtggt ccagtacggt atccctatag     89100
     cggcaatggg gcaacagatt ggtgtgtgca ctctgggcaa ctcagattag gaaacgtctg     89160
     gggacttgcc tataacgagg tcgtcttaaa acgtgttgcc ccaaatttaa ggcataggaa     89220
     aatgttgagg aaagggtctt gcaatgattt ttctaggagg taaatagata agaaaatgac     89280
     cgtaaataga tgccagggct agttttggag ctagcctgtt ttaaagtggt ggtaggggag     89340
     gaggtttttc caaggcaggt agcaaaccag gaactgtcta cgatggatgg gcgtgccatg     89400
     ggttggtggc tcagccatat tgccacccca cggagtggat gcagcagact gggcttcttc     89460
     cttgaatcct acgtgcaatt cagtctagtg atttcacatg agatcccttc ttctggtatt     89520
     atcacagatc gtgctgaatt atacaggctg tgtaatgctt cttccactga atatccgtac     89580
     acgtgggcca cagatgctaa gggcactgac aaatttgcac cgtgcctcag taactcggaa     89640
     gcacatctgt gatttgtacc gacagggact tggtgtcttt tcgtgtttaa agtagcacgt     89700
     gtgtgtttgt ggttgcgtat gtttatttct ctgtgcgggt ttgtatattt tctctgactc     89760
     cacctatgtc tccgtggttc cgatattttt ccacactccc tgcggcaatt tgcacatgcc     89820
     tatctctaca accattgtag actttgtatc tgtgtctttg aacatctgtc actctctctc     89880
     ccttcctttt ttcttttcct tcctttacac ccctcctttc atccttccct tgcttcccca     89940
     ccacactctc tccatctgta tcgtctatgt ttctattctc tatctgggtt tactttctaa     90000
     ttctgaattc aagggcattg aattgaaaag aagcactctt cgtactttta tgtgttttaa     90060
     ctcatttggg gaatttggcg tggtattatt tacagggttc tctctgccct ttctcattgt     90120
     tctccccagc cggggctgtt attatgtgaa agctggtttc cttcatcaca tcgcgtaggc     90180
     tctaatgatg tttcgtttat tttgattctc ctcacactac atagttttaa tttacctaat     90240
     gtgactgttt ttttgtttgt tttccgagaa tgggtcttac tctgtcttct aggttggaca     90300
     gcagccccac gatctcagcc cactgcagcc caggcaccac acacccatgt gatcctgtca     90360
     actcagactc tcacacacct ggcagtacag gtgcatgcca cccctccaag ctatgtatta     90420
     attaactaaa tacttacttt ttgaatgtgg gtccatgttg ccccaggctc atctggaact     90480
     cctgagtgca ggcaatcctc ccacctcagc ttatcaaagt gctgggatga caggtgtgac     90540
     ccatggccct gccatggctt tgtgtttttt gcttttttct tcctcctcct cacgtcttgt     90600
     tttgaaacat gcactgaagg tttcaattca tggactatag cctctgtgcc tggaatttct     90660
     atctttcaac tcatcatcag cattcattgg gattttcata tatatatata tatatatata     90720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacctatata agaataccta tgtacacaca     90780
     tatatacgta tatacatgta tatacgtata tatgcacatt tatatacgta tatacatgta     90840
     tatacgtata tatatacatg tacacatatg tatttatttc tcaagttacg aaacggcttg     90900
     cattctttcc tgtgtcatga aaaagacttt gctagaaaag aaaagcactg ctttataata     90960
     aaatatttta tttgcattta ttttgttaag gcattttaaa aattgtatgt ttgtttaaaa     91020
     aatgtcatat gaaatgatac atatttacaa cttaaggcgt gatgttcaac aggtcatata     91080
     cattatgcat tggatacatc cagccaatca acatatgtgt gacctcacat agttgtcatt     91140
     tttgttgtga aaaaacttga cctgcactgt attcgaatat ttttagagaa agaatatgtt     91200
     accactagtt atagtgagca tgctgaagaa aatattttta acctattcct cctttataac     91260
     tagaagtatg agttcttcat ccagcatctc gtcagtgcac cctcttcacc gcagtcattg     91320
     gagtcactac ttctgtgaag tccgcttttt tgatttcata taagaatgag atcatgtgct     91380
     actttccttt ctgatacctg gcttatgtca cttaacagaa tggcatgcac acattcagca     91440
     gattcccaca cattctcaca actggcagga tttcctgatt tcttattgca gcgcatattt     91500
     ccgttgcgca tatgcgtttt tgccccattt tttaatccac ttatcaatgg agggactctc     91560
     aggttgcttc cgcattttgg ctacagcaaa aatgtaatga gtgcagcaat aattgcatgg     91620
     gtgcgcgcac cgcttcaaca tactgatctg tgtactggcg ggcgtgcccg ggtattctga     91680
     tttgctggat catatagtgg gtggttctac ttgtagattt ctgaaggctg tttatactta     91740
     aataagagcc ataaagcttc tttaatgcca gcactaattt acattctccc caaaagtgag     91800
     cagggaattc gttttctctg cctcctcacc agagattagg gttttctttt ctttcttttt     91860
     ttttttttgt ttgtttgtct ttcggataat atgcattctg actgaagtga gaagaaatct     91920
     cattgtgttt ttgatttgca ttttcgtgat ggattgggga taatgaggaa tttttagtgt     91980
     gtcttctggg caactgtatg tctcagtttc acaaatgagt cttcgcagcc ttcgcccatt     92040
     tgttttcatg ctattgagtt gttgggagtt ccttatgtac tgtgactatt cccccatgaa     92100
     cagatgtatg gtgatccaat cattgctccc atcctgtagg atgccccttc tgtatgttga     92160
     gttttctatg gtgtggtgaa gcactttagt ttgatatgat tccattctct atttttgata     92220
     gtgtttactg tgttcttgca gtcactttga gaccatcatt gcacacatgg acgccatgga     92280
     gcttcttcct tgtgatctct tctgctattt ttatcgtttc acatctgaca ctggagtttg     92340
     gtgataaata atccacttgt aaaatccttt gtgtggctat tcagatttcc ccaacctagt     92400
     ttatagaaga tacttgattt tgcattgggc gttcttgctt ctttgggaaa aggctgtgag     92460
     ctgcaaatgc agtgacttag ttctgggctc ctgttgtttt tcctaagctc tagtctctgc     92520
     ttttctgcca gtgctattgt attttggtac aaaaagtttt gtagtagtat atcatgaagt     92580
     taggtagtgt ggtggctcca gctttgtgct ttttactgga ttgctctggg ttttcaggat     92640
     cttctgccat ttcatagcaa atttgggatt cccagattgt ttttctaaga agaatgtgtc     92700
     attgatattt ttacaggggt tgtatagaat ctgaggatga ctcaggtagt agtgatgtca     92760
     atgccgttta gacaatgtgc gtgtttgtgt gcacaagctc agggccaaga gacactgggt     92820
     gtcctcacca atactgaggt gggccttaat atccagccag attgccttct ggaaacacac     92880
     ggaatgtcct gttctgtttt gccatctctt cacatttcct cccctgtgag ccctgtgtgg     92940
     tcctccagat tccctgtgcg gtggcctgcc ttttttgggg tggggagttg ctgggtgaat     93000
     gaggatggcg gagggaacca agtatgtcag tggagcgtgg tgtcatccaa acggtactta     93060
     gcaggcctgg gagagtcatt ctgggaggac gcagacctag agaggcctca ggtgggcatc     93120
     tgtgtggagg gtgagagatc cctggttgag cccaaactga accccaggta gaagcaagcc     93180
     tcaggacagg gaagtagcta gcaagggatg atgagggagc tatctcttga ccctggcttc     93240
     ccacccattg accttagcta cttatgccta ttaagcagat tacggttccc ccatcgtgaa     93300
     atgtgggtac cacagttccc tgatgggcat ttctccacca gcccatgatg gcctgagttt     93360
     ccttactgca gtctcctccc tgagccttgg cttctctatg tgtgtcctaa ctccaggacc     93420
     cacaggcctg tcaaccccca gccctgggct gcttccctgg cctcttctct gttccctctc     93480
     tgagggccta actcccttgg gtagtgctgc agaatataga gccacaggcc ctggctgatg     93540
     atctggtgga ctgggcaaat tggtcgtgac aggtcaggtt ctggttcaaa gccaattcct     93600
     ccgatgccaa ggaatgtcga agaaggtcct ttgccatgat gccccatagc tgccccacct     93660
     cagcaatcgt gccgtaacct gggccctcac agtcagacaa ccagctgaag aagctcaggc     93720
     agtgacctgc gggaaactcg ggctttcacc tgcatgaccc tagaaccact ggactgcagt     93780
     ggagccagtc gccctgtatc ctggagggag acgagtcagg aaggcgcacg ccaggcccag     93840
     ctcccgaggt actaccccct ctactcctca gggaggatgc caacgcaata ctccttagtc     93900
     atcactttgt ttccgaagta aatgttgtga tgaaaggcaa acttcttcct accccttgta     93960
     ttcagggtgg ccgagttcct ccacctgcct gtccaagaag gagaaacagg gctgtgaagg     94020
     ggcaatttca tctaggtggg ctgaggtggc attctagccg gggtgaagca tgcgtttccc     94080
     cttcccagct ttcccgctga gacacacctg agccccagaa ggacctcaac ctgaccagga     94140
     ccttagcacc ctcccccaga cccaggcttt ccatcctgac ctgcaaatcc aacatgcagc     94200
     tttgaaggac tttctcatgg tttctgagct ccttgctctc accagaaaga atcagaactt     94260
     ttaaagtgtt ctttatgcca acttaaattt tttcattttt actacctcat gttttggatg     94320
     aggcatgtat ttttaaattt attttcaccc ttattgtacc tctatgataa actgcttgct     94380
     tacattcata ccgtaattat ctctcaggtt acttgtctgt tcctaaagat tcactgaaac     94440
     gaagaattct atatatgctt gtatctttca gcaaccgtat gtcagatagc actgcacatt     94500
     actgcagaca tcgcatatac aggtccaaag gtagaggaag aagaagaaag caagcgttaa     94560
     actctattca ttcctaaaag catatcagaa actcacaaat aacagtgaaa tcaaagaatg     94620
     atcacagcca attccattac atacctagac tgaaatacga aacttcaaag aaaagaaaca     94680
     ttagaacttt gggtttgtaa aaattttcct atatagataa aattattggt aactgtgtct     94740
     cactagaaaa cgtaaacaaa aatccatgtt tttcatattt gtaaatatac atagttttat     94800
     ttccatcagt tatgacatgc aagcaagtaa taaagtgaaa gtacaatcaa atgatatatg     94860
     gaacttcctc agtcttaaaa tattccatgg agactatcaa ttttatgaaa actataaaga     94920
     atgcttcatg aaactacatt gtacagtgcc atttactatt ttactgacat tttaaataat     94980
     caacaattaa agggaataca tcaacattat ttaataccaa taacgttatt tttcttgagt     95040
     aatcctgttg aaattaagga ttttaaataa aacattaaaa acaaattata ttgactgatt     95100
     tcagctttgg atgaaatcat acttgtgtat ttgtagtaat gcgaagcata actttctcct     95160
     cacaattaat cttttataac atcggtgtta tagttttctc tgacaccaac attgtgatat     95220
     cgcacaggtt tactgcatgc atgcattaca tgcctccaga gagtaggctt caaatatatg     95280
     gaaaaattat atttatgaaa aaattctagg aaagggaatg gtgaaatgga agagaatttc     95340
     tcacttgcta actgttggac atggatttgt atatatttgg atatagacac atactggcac     95400
     actgtgagtt tgcccatgta tatatacact tatatgagaa acccataata tatgggttgt     95460
     gtaatctttt aattaatcca taattgtatg tgtgtgaaat tagataagcg gttacctttt     95520
     ctttactcaa tttgatggaa agccaaaaaa ctctgtccac cttcatttca attaatccaa     95580
     tactgttaac tgctggtagc ttcattctcc ttgttctctt acggcaaccg gaaagttaat     95640
     tctcgctcta atttggcttt caaggtgcga tcaacaagag tgtcaccttg ctgtggattg     95700
     tgacctctga ctccacctct gtcttccttt tgcagtccta cctttgcata ggtaacaaac     95760
     tttgtacatg gttaaaagga taaaagttca gtgaaatgtc aagccatgct gtgaaatgtt     95820
     ccatagtttc tatatctcta attgtccttt gatgttatag aggcaagaaa aataattcaa     95880
     tgtttttctt agtatctagt ccaatgcact ctttcttcat aatactgcaa acaaggcact     95940
     gacatggaaa cgtggctgga cgtctcaaaa tctcttctca ttaattacca ttatgttaat     96000
     cactgttgcc cacaactgga attggacttt gaaatcccct ggtggaaatt gctataatgg     96060
     ctcaaactac tggaaagact atcttttttt tacctgaaaa tatctgatga gcatagacgt     96120
     atgctatata caggaacata ttgtacatta acaacatacc atcactgcca ctcaataata     96180
     ggtatcccaa acctttgagc caaactgagc tcgggtgctc ccacaaacca agcttttccc     96240
     tccacagatt tcttatgtca aaaagccaca actccaggcc aggcttcgtg gctcttgttg     96300
     taatttctac attttgggag gccgaggttg gtgggtcact tgaggtcagg agttggagac     96360
     cagcatgggc aacatggcaa aaagctgtct ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccagacct     96420
     agtggcactt tcctgtggtc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ccacctgaac     96480
     atgggtggca gagattgtat agtaagccaa gatcagacta ctgcactcca gcctggatga     96540
     cacagcgaga ccatgactga aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaat aaaggcaact ccactcgtcc     96600
     actggcttag gtaaaaagta ctggagttgg ctgggctcgg tggctcacac ctgtattccc     96660
     agcactttgg attttgggaa gctgagtcgg gcgggtcacc tgagatctgt agtaggagag     96720
     cagcctggcc aacatggtga agcctggctt ctgctaaaaa tacaaaacat tagctgagcg     96780
     tggtgatgca tgcttgtaat cccagctact gcagaggctg aacctgggag gcggaggatg     96840
     tgttgagctg agatcctgcg actgcgctcc agcctggtct acagagcgag agtaccctgt     96900
     gagaaacaaa ggtgaagaga acaagaaaaa aaaaatgaga aaaataagac ccactgcaaa     96960
     aggttgccac agaaaagatt aaacatttca gcaacttcta tcttctgtca tggaagccaa     97020
     ggttatttgg accaaacctc ctgtcttagt tcattttcac gctgctgaag aagacatacc     97080
     tgaaactggg aataaaagga ggtttaattg gactgacagt tccacatggc tgtggaggcc     97140
     tcagaatcat ggtatacgaa taaaggcact tcttacatgg caatgccaag agagaatgag     97200
     gaagaacctg aggcagaaac ccctgaaaaa cccatcagat cccgtgagac ttcttcactg     97260
     tcacaagaat agcatgagaa agaccgaccc ccatgattca attacctccc cctgggtccc     97320
     acccgcaaca cgagggaatt ctgggagata caattgaagc tgagatttga atggagacac     97380
     accaaaccat gtcacttccc aaacaattaa aaattcccaa tagaagaagc attaattata     97440
     tcaaaaagtg gtggaccaag aaggaactat tagcctcata tctcaagaaa gactccagtc     97500
     aaggcctagg gactactcat gaaaagagtt taatagccga ctctctccca gtggatctgg     97560
     attccaccgg actgtatctt cacagtaagg gtgaaacaga agcaaaccca ttcctatttc     97620
     caagctcaag gaactttggt caaagttctc ttggagctga gcagaacaag gaggcaaaca     97680
     gaaaagattt gtgtccctga gaagtcatgg ccacaggctg gctatcacac agattgtcaa     97740
     gccagttcca tattgcatgg gtattacaga aaatctcaaa acataaattt gtgtgtgggt     97800
     tgtcccagag tagcaggatc tggcagaagg aaatttcctt ctaaccctca aagaatccac     97860
     ataaatcttg ttacatttgg gattttacga tttgcttcag gaatgagaat ggccttaatt     97920
     ttcatatctt tttctacact cagtttatgt cttgttggcg tcaaagttct gcttgcttca     97980
     cacaatgagt ttaggatttt ccctttttta ttctatagaa ttcttcatat atattgaaat     98040
     gctctgcctg gggaaaaaaa tctgagccta gcgttttatc tctaggaaga atcctttatt     98100
     tccttggaca tttatgagac tatacagatt atatatgtct tcttgtatca attttactaa     98160
     gctatataca tagcttatgt ttatatatta tatatataaa tgtaagatac aaatataaaa     98220
     attatgtata aatatgaaaa tatatataga aagcgatata tatgtctata tatagagaca     98280
     gattataaat atctgtctat ttgatctaag ttttcaaatt tgtaggttaa ggtgttaacg     98340
     atatttcctt attagcttct taatctatgc tgtatctatg gttgtgtacc ttttaaattc     98400
     ttagttttat ctatgttttc tccctttttt tctaaacttg actgacggtt gcatcattta     98460
     ttatatttct ccaacaagca aaggttagct ttgtatgttt tactaatttt gtctacatca     98520
     ttattcccac actttagttt ttcagaattg attctgttgt ttcttttcta attctttatt     98580
     gaaatatcta gtacattaat tttcaagtta ttagagaaat atttgtctgt aaactcctat     98640
     tgtaatatca cttttcttgc tactcacaga tttaatcttt aatattggcg gtatcattga     98700
     gttctaagta catttcaatt cctagtatga taatctatga attgctgaga aatagtgttt     98760
     acaattttgt tgttctattt ccacttaagt ttatttttac ttctgctaac tcaattgaaa     98820
     attctttact aatttttaaa atccttgaac ccaagagatg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga     98880
     tcaggccact gcattccaga ctgagtgaca gagtggaacg agatttcaaa acaaaacaaa     98940
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acagtcactg gaaagataat aaaatacata aatgtgggat     99000
     gtaatatgta atcgtgataa aataaactgg attttttgta taagttatac atataaatgt     99060
     aatgccaaga cactgataag acaactcatg gtcttatctc aatacttagt gtcttcatgt     99120
     aacatatgtc ctttaggata gttatagtcc gttttctttc caggagagac agatgagaat     99180
     gcagaaatgt taaagtgcaa gggacggaag cttccagctg tgcccacctg taacctgacg     99240
     tagacagttc caccgtttgc ttcattaatc atgccaaagg ctctaatgca aatgtggtac     99300
     agagtcacat gtttttgtat ctacatgata gaaactataa cttcatccct atatagaagg     99360
     gtatatagca tatgcctcag tgataaatat aagtgaatca ttgatcagta ggaaaccatt     99420
     ttaaaagtct ttcataacag aacaaaatcc ctgagaacat tttcttctca atctctgagt     99480
     tttcttacac ggcttatgaa tctctagcca tactaaagag atagtatgct gctcttccca     99540
     caaattattc attgtatata attcctgtaa tctaataaca gtacctttac acctcagggt     99600
     ttaaaatgac tccaaccttt ttctgtttct ccaattaaaa taactttttt aaggtttaat     99660
     cttcagtaat tttttgtagt aatatttttg aaggtatttg accaggatga tttgcttata     99720
     tacctacctg acgtctccct ttcttctgaa tacatatttt attacccacc tattagatct     99780
     aagtttaaga agttggaata gggatttaaa tctaaattct acatttgaat ttacaggagt     99840
     cagcgagtcc gggaagtgcc tttatgcaca gaccaatatc tggcaatggc actaggagac     99900
     aaataagctt taccagtctc aaagccctgg ctactacagt gaatccaccc ttctcctgga     99960
     tcttatctac ttcagcaaaa gaaggccacc cactaaacca ggcccttgta ctttgggtgg    100020
     aaactcctaa gtcctctagt ctcctcaaac agacagccag gctgccaatt tccacaataa    100080
     taatttctat agcactgagt ctttggtagc cttgtaacta tagctactga tgctacagtc    100140
     tggtccctgt atgataaaac accagagcaa cagaaacaaa aatattgact gaagccttct    100200
     aaaatctctc taaatatacc ttcaataaat atggtttttt ttacagaacg actgctttca    100260
     gcttcctgaa ctaacgcttg gccttcgcta gttgtcactg ttgaaattga ttcaaaagtg    100320
     tacctttaac atgaaagtca acacagaatt tcatgtgtca gcaactaaaa ttttcaaaat    100380
     gttgcaaaat acaaatgtga aactgtattt gtgaaattta ccattcattg aaattatatt    100440
     ttcataccta cccaggcaca gaatttttta taactgtctg catgttctcc tcatgtgggg    100500
     gaaaagcagc atcagcaggc agaggaatcc tttgaagctg gagggagagg ttgcagtgat    100560
     ctgagagttt gccacttgac tgcagcctgg atgacacagt gagactccaa ctgaaaagaa    100620
     acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacaccccc aaaattgata    100680
     agtaaaaaaa aaatccgtat tcgaaaacat gctcacaggc taactcccat atctaacaca    100740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca attccttgaa aacgaaagtt    100800
     ccacaagggc gaaacaagaa aacaaattta acacccccca aagaaagtac aaagagtaac    100860
     ctcaaaagaa ccgcagggga aaacaattca aaatttacaa gtatctaccc taaaagaagc    100920
     tgaaagtccc tcaaaaactt tccagaggcc atgtccttgt attacaaaaa tgatcataaa    100980
     aactggcagg agtagacgaa tagaaatgca tcttaaaact tgccgaacac ttcaagtctc    101040
     ccataagaat tgtaatggaa aatggatcag tcggcagttt tttccataca attatgaaca    101100
     aattatattt cttcatacat agatttgttt tttcaatatt ctaaggaatt aacttttata    101160
     ttaatagtag gtgatgtaag aaagcaggcc tttatcaaga taactgacac tggatgtcca    101220
     taccattact caggtgggcc ttaattccca gccaggttcc ctccctggac acacactgaa    101280
     ggtccccagc catttggcaa tctcttcaca ttcccagccc tggaggtagc cctaaaatac    101340
     atgtacctga agaaaataaa acattgcctc acactggagc ccagtgtggt cctccagatt    101400
     ccgtgtgagg tggactaact tatatgggaa ggcagggcag cgggagtgag gatggcagag    101460
     aggattacac atgtcaaggc agccggggtc atggaaacaa aacatgactg gcctgggaga    101520
     aacactgtga aaggacatac acctaggtgg gcctcaggtg gacatcctcg tggagaaaaa    101580
     gggggccctg gttgatctca aaatgagccc caggtggtag caggtcttac cgcagggcag    101640
     ggagctggcg agtaatgatg agacagctat cccttaagcc ctgcttgtca cccactgact    101700
     ttagccacat atgcatcata gtggcttaag gtgccccgat cctgaaatgt gggtgttaca    101760
     tgtccctgat gggcctctct cccccaaccc acggattgcc tgggattgct cactgcagtc    101820
     tcctcccgga tccttgggtt ctccatgtgg ggcccagatc caggtcaaaa ggcctctcag    101880
     ttcccagccc ttcccagccc taggctgctc gcctggcctc ctctctgttc cgcctctagg    101940
     gctgaccctc tctccatggg atagaactgc aatggattga gccataggcc ctggctgatg    102000
     atctagggga ctgcagaagt gggtccagga cagttcaggt gacagttcaa agccaattcc    102060
     ccagagacca aggaatgacc agctaggtcc tttcccatga tgccccacgg cgaaccccac    102120
     ctcagcaatc ctgccaaaac ccgggcagtc atgttcagcc aaacagctga atgagctcag    102180
     gtaggaggtg tactgcctgc agctggaggc ttgaccttcg tgatcccaga accgctggac    102240
     tgcagtggaa tgagacaccc tgtagcctgc agggagagga gtcaggaagg ttcatgccag    102300
     tcccaccctc ccacacacca gctcccctac catgctggga ggcattcctt accgaggatg    102360
     ccaacacagt gctccttcat gatgatttca ctgtggaaat aaaggttggg atgaaaggaa    102420
     atcatcctgc caccggtaac cgggatggct gagttcctcc acctgccgga tcaaggagaa    102480
     agaggatgga ttcaatggga ccatctcaac tagccgggct gaggtggcct actagctgta    102540
     gtgaaccatg agtttcccct tcccagctct cccactgaga caaccctggt ccccaggggg    102600
     acctcaaact gactcagaca ctggactcct cccacagacc caggctcccc agcctgacct    102660
     gcaaatccat cacgtagcaa agcaggactt ccgcatgctt tccgacccac gccgacatct    102720
     cgtgtgccaa acaatctacc tctgcgcaag aactctccag aggattgggt gggcaagcct    102780
     cgtgacgcct tgcaatttcg caagaacaca gacaatgtgg aacagggcca tctcccagac    102840
     atttggccag tcacccttca ttgttggccc tctatctctg tctggcgagg aggcaacgcc    102900
     acaactgtgg tggtttttgg agtgggtgga ccccggccaa gacggcctgg gctgaccaga    102960
     gacgggaggc agaaaaagtg ggcaggtggt tgcagctgag ggacgggagg ggccgggggt    103020
     ggtgtgaggc ggctgcttct ctgagtttct gagatgcagg aggcctttgt gtgctgggtg    103080
     ctggacatgc tccgctgatg tccgggtgtg tggtgtcctc ttatcctagt ctccctgagg    103140
     ggtgggcctg tccacctgag ggaagccttg tagttagaag ccacagcagg gtcgtgcctg    103200
     gcgctctcca agggaattgc gtgggtccag aggaagttat acaggctcag ggcctacacg    103260
     cctttgagtg cagcgcctgc agttggatga atgcgcatct gcggagctgg tgcccgccgt    103320
     caggtggtcg gcagccccat gcgccgcgaa cccgtcttaa gcaccttgcg tttctggggt    103380
     gagcctgctg gaaacaggca ccgagagcag gggtggttca atggctggta atggcataca    103440
     gattccccgt cctccaggga cgttcccagg gaaacgcgtc cttcgaattt gggctgtgcg    103500
     caaagggacc ttggcgccgc gattctccct tgtcagtgct ggccctggct ccccttccct    103560
     accacgtgct cccagggctg ctacaagcga gctgccctca cagctgcggg aacgtggcct    103620
     cggctcccac gctgtccccc atcccctgcc tcctggctga ccccacgtgc ctcccacctg    103680
     gctcctcccc ccaaacagcc cccatacccc ccgaggcccg atgactatcc cctgctgccc    103740
     gccgtcccaa atcggcagcc gcaaggatat ggctctggct cacaaggcgg agatgctctg    103800
     tggcctgggg cattcacgga gcccagctcc aagtgaagga cctccagcga gtccattgac    103860
     ggccccggtg tgctcggtcc agggccaggc tgtgcccgct ggccctcctt ctgccacccc    103920
     acgtcgggct ccacctcaac caccacctcc acctcagcca tgatgtcttc caccttcagc    103980
     accgcctcct cttccaaggc cgcctccttg ctctgtaccc cggccgtcct ctccagcatt    104040
     gcctccagcc tgaacacggt tttctcctgg gtgctcccac agaccctggg cctgcgcagc    104100
     ccagcccagc ccagcccatg ccccgcaccc gtaggctctg ggggcccgct ccccagcaga    104160
     cccgctccct gcaagaccca cgggcgtcgc cctgctgtga acctggtccc acacctacgt    104220
     ggacccaggt ttcctgagga gctccgctgg acccgcagat cccgcactgg ccaaagggct    104280
     ccggtcccca gcaggctcaa ctgcgcacag gagctcggga gccagaggcc ccggccctgg    104340
     gcttgcagag ccccaccaac aggcaccgca accgctgctg cgggtgcggg agcctctggg    104400
     tcgtcaaggc agcgcacaac agcgtgcgcg caggccgaca atggccaacc ctggcggctg    104460
     gcctctggtg tgcccagggc ataggacaag aggccctttg gaatgctcct tggagtacag    104520
     catcctcagg gaggaagcat ggtactcgga gcctctattt gcctcgacct gtgagagtgt    104580
     gtgccggggc tctggcctct acagcagatc aattccacct cagcaccggc aggcgacttt    104640
     cctcccacgt gcccgccccg atcacttccc ccaggacacc cctgccgccc tagccccagc    104700
     aaccagagag agttctctgc atctgctgta ttacctccgt accatctacc tggcctgcct    104760
     aacgaagaga gatgtttcct gtgttcatga cacatagaga tgttcatggc ttgccacact    104820
     gaggatgtca gggcacaggg ctgccatgcc cacaattcca aaggccacgc agcccgcgtg    104880
     tgcccggatg cctagctacc cggcacaagc tccaagggct tctcggagga ggcttgggca    104940
     gggaaggcgg ggggtggggg ggctggagat gcaggcccgc cagtggctgt gccgcccagg    105000
     gagacgccca ccgccctccc attgactggc cacgacggga ggaagtcggc ctgggtgcgg    105060
     ccccccggcc cttcgcgcgc agtcccttag ggggcgcctg gaagcccggc gcatgcgccc    105120
     tgagggctcg ctgacctacc gggtgccaga gaggctgcgg cagggtttct gtggcgtggg    105180
     tcgggcagca caggccttgg tgtgtgcgag tgccaaggag ggcaccgcct tcaggatgga    105240
     ggctgtacag gagggggcgg ccggggtgga gagtgagcag gcggctttgg gggaggaggc    105300
     ggtgctgctg ttggatgaca taatggcgga ggtggaggtg gtggcggagg aggagggcct    105360
     cgtggagcgg cgggaggagg cccagcgggc acagcaggct gtgcctggcc ctgggcccat    105420
     gaccccagag tctgcactgg aggagctgct ggccgttcag gtggagctgg agccggttaa    105480
     tgcccaagcc aggaaggcct tttctcggca gcgggaaaag atggagcgga ggcgcaagcc    105540
     ccacctagac cgcagaggcg ccgtcatcca gagcgtccct ggcttctggg ccaatgttgt    105600
     atccttctca gtgtttcttc ggcctttcta gtggagaggt gctctcgggg aagtgtaagt    105660
     gaccgatggg cagctcggcg tcgatgtgac tctttgggga acaaagggga gttgccacgg    105720
     accaatgtgg ctgtggaaag ccggagcagg cgtgggtact attgtcctgc atgcggcaga    105780
     gaaacccttg gtgatgccga gcagcagacg tttggggcat ctttttgaag agcagaagcg    105840
     agttcagagc ggaagaggtt tttcagtgaa tgaagctatt tttaagggag tgtgattgct    105900
     gccccttgct agtccgatct gggactgggc gtcttcggct ataagcagat tctgccactc    105960
     ctcagacacc agcaagtctc tgcaaatcgc gcctccccat gtcagtgcag tcagcctcag    106020
     aatcatacac cctctgtgaa cacaggaggc cttagtttac ggggaggggg aggcgaaagg    106080
     agatcataca tggaagcaga tctgagaaat cccctacccc agcctctggg tgctcttagg    106140
     ccttcttccc tgttgctcct cgctttccct tccatcgtgt gtaaagtctc tttgacctaa    106200
     atcagattgc aaaccacccc cagatgtcag ccctgatcac tgacgaagat gaagacatgc    106260
     tgagctacat ggtcagcctg gaggtgaggc caggaagact ggggctggag ggtttagcgg    106320
     gggagggtaa gggaaataat tcattcctgt aagcaagagt gagcacctca cccgaaaacc    106380
     tatctaagct ttctccacct tgtcctgaca ggtggaagaa gagaagcatc ctgttcatct    106440
     ctgcaagatc atgttgttct ttcggagtaa cccctacttc cagaataaag tgattaccaa    106500
     ggaatatctg gtgaacatca caggtgacag gtggctccca ggatgggtag tggaaggaag    106560
     atggtgggtg gatcattgcc aacgggatcc agcccccttc ccacaaaaac tcctgtctct    106620
     gtagaataca gggcttctca ttccactcca attgagtggt atccggatta tgaagtggag    106680
     gcgtatcgcc gcagacacca caacagcagc cttaacttct tcaactggtt ctctgaccac    106740
     aacttcgcag gatctaacaa gattgctgag gtgagtcctc actgggaaac atgaggaatg    106800
     accccgtgtg ttcccagctg cttgggtcac ctttctgagc cctgatgagg cctttcccga    106860
     ttgagtcccc tgacagatcc tatgtaagga cctgtggcgc aatcccctgc aatactacaa    106920
     gaggatgaag ccacctgaag agggaacaga gacgtcaggt gagccgttag ttggcactgg    106980
     agctgtttga tgcccagtat aagggggttg acacacctgc ctattcaggg agcctgggtg    107040
     ctcatttcag aaatgtagaa attgaggctc ctttcgtaca tgtagaaatt ccttgagagg    107100
     aagacagaga gtgacagaat ccaggacgtt catggcattg ggctgaaaag gcacgttaga    107160
     gactgcactg caaagcgggt gatagctgtg gagtcttaag cccagtgaag aatcgtccat    107220
     ttccagaatc aatgagaagt aaagctgaaa atcattcagt tcagtctgtg gcacttgatt    107280
     ccacggctgt caaccccacc ggcagtcatc ccaccaaccc catgagattg ggctccctga    107340
     atgtgcgtcc tggtcatcct tgccccaaac cacaaaggac tgtttagatt gatggatttc    107400
     cttaagctgt tgccccatca gacttgtgtg tgcttttagg gcccagtgca tcttgttagc    107460
     tgactcccct cacagacaat actgggaatg gggcagggat tgcgcagaac agtttgtaac    107520
     acgtggtagg aggaagttta agggatcaca aatggggaag ggatatcctt ttctcagcgg    107580
     gccccacaat tgaaacattt caaagtatgg ctcagagaaa atgcgtttta acatgagttt    107640
     gtgtttctct aggggactcc cagttgttga gttgaatatg atggagcatc agattttacc    107700
     taatacagca gaactcctaa aaagttacag ccatatgcag gacggcagta ctcagcatgg    107760
     tcttatgcac aggaactaaa ggaaaaagag atcgagtcac aaaaattcag gaagaggggg    107820
     taaatgtgga ttgtatggaa tgaaaaataa acattctcaa ggatgtgtga ctctgtgtct    107880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtcttt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt    107940
     ttatccactt tattcgggtg tcataatgaa ttgatcaatc cacgtgcttt attctcttca    108000
     tggaaataac cagtctgcgt tggagctggg cctctaaagt tgtagagtga atgggtgtgg    108060
     gatgtgttgg gattcttcct acaggacaga gtgggagagg taaaagcaaa agacagctta    108120
     gttggaggct gacttcgtcc tgtggaagca gagatagttc aaggaaaggg gttactgggt    108180
     ttccagggcc cagtttgctg ggacctccaa aatccttcat tttgggtatc atcatacaca    108240
     gtagctaagc acaggatgat ggaaatctta aagttcgctt tcgtgttgaa tccacatgtt    108300
     cttttaaagg tgaatgcatg atccttttct gggacaatca gcctctcagg acttctgaaa    108360
     catcaacgtg agaagaaatg ggcatgtaag gtgtatggag ggactgtggg aaaggtgaca    108420
     gaggcatgtg ggaaggcatt cagcatacgc ttttggcaga gatgactaag ggaaaacaga    108480
     aacttacaga agtgagggga aagggggtgg attagtggaa tataagattg ttggagaatc    108540
     catccatgga ctctcttgtc acttgatgac ccaggatatg gacactcttg ttgatgttta    108600
     catctttagt tgttttaagc ttttctccaa gattctgtgt taggtgagga gccaataacg    108660
     tatgtagcta acaacagtac gagtgcattt tgtgctcttg caaagtctag tgaggctcta    108720
     ttctccctcg tgattggcac tgcagattgt atctggagcc cagggcccct aaattttctg    108780
     tggcctcttc agcatagttt gcctaaggtt tagaacgtaa agcgaatata gttgcggaat    108840
     atgttttgca agcctcacac aggaggacaa aacatacagc tttcattcgc gagtgggagg    108900
     ctgcttccca ggaacacgtg tgtctgcaca agacaagggg ttgcctctgt caaggatggg    108960
     gcaggaggat ttcagtgtcg gaggcagaac tttctttcct gttcccagat gaaacagttc    109020
     caacacgagc atccatgttg accacacgct actagagtgc taacattgct gtcccgtata    109080
     gactctggtc agcacagctt ctgtgagaag agctatgttg tttcagggaa gagggtttga    109140
     cagtcaaagt tcctgaatct gttgtggtgc ctgcaatatg cattctaccc ctcctgctcg    109200
     gtgtcaaagc agttgagctt tgaaaatcta tcgcccggtt ttgtccctgc tcctatgcag    109260
     acctctgaag ctctggagcg ggagtcttgt cctcctctga ctaccgtccc cctgacccac    109320
     aaacacagga gaaacaggtg ttctaagcaa attattctga aaacagtcgg aaccctttgg    109380
     ccccctcaag ctgccctgta tcctactgtg tgcatgtcaa agacactgtg gtccagtacg    109440
     gtatccctat agcggcaatg gggcaacaga ttggtgtgtg cactctgggc aactcagatt    109500
     aggaaacgtc tggggacttg cctataacga ggtcgtctta aaacgtgttg ccccaaattt    109560
     aaggcatagg aaaatgttga ggaaagggtc ttgcaatgat ttttctagga ggtaaataga    109620
     taagaaaatg accgtaaata gatgccaggg ctagttttgg agctagcctg ttttaaagtg    109680
     gtggtagggg aggagctttt tccaaggcag gtagcaaacc aggaactgtc tacgatggat    109740
     gggcgtgcca cgggttggtg gctcagccat attgccaccc caccgactga atgcagcaga    109800
     ctgggcttct tccttgaatc ctacgtgcaa ttcagtctag tgatttcaca tgagatccct    109860
     tcttctggta ttatcacaga tcgtgctgaa ttatacaggc tgtgtaatgc ttcttccact    109920
     gaatatccgt gcacgtgggc cacagatgct aagggcactg acaaatttgc accgtgcctc    109980
     agtaactcgg aagcacatct gtgatttgta ccgacaggga cttggtgtct tttcgtgttt    110040
     aaagtagcac gtgtgtgttt gtggttgcgt atgtttattt ctctgtgcgg gtttgtatat    110100
     tttctctgac tccacctatg tctccgtggt tccgatattt ttccacactc cctgcgacaa    110160
     tttgcacatg cctatctcta caaccattgt agactttgta tctgtgtctt tgaacatctg    110220
     tcactctctc tcccttcctt ttttcttttc cttcctttac acccctttca tccttccctt    110280
     gcttccccac cacactctct ccatctgtat cgtctatctt tctattctct atctgggttt    110340
     actttctaat tctgaattc                                                 110359