EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006156; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 112581 BP.
AC   AC006156;
DT   11-DEC-1998 (Rel. 58, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-344D2 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-112581
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-112581
RA   Leonard S., Wohldmann P., Elliott G., Gregory S., Haakenson B., Merry B.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-344D2";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-112581
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-DEC-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-112581
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 2cdf1c4224db5223f7964c8cf23e9500.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000183.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000224336; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000225516; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000228927; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000233803; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000236424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000238074; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000258992; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006156.5:1-112581; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000421178; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000423213; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000423647; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000424594; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000426950; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000427871; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000429039; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000430032; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440215; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444056; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000446779; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000450145; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000451548; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; F2Z2I4.
DR   GOA; F2Z2P0.
DR   GOA; F5H0K5.
DR   GOA; H0Y635.
DR   GOA; H0Y812.
DR   GOA; H0YG52.
DR   GOA; H7C334.
DR   GOA; P0CW01.
DR   GOA; Q01534.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:12381; TSPY1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:33876; TSPY3.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:34039; TSPY6P.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37464; FAM197Y1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:37473; TSPY10.
DR   InterPro; IPR002164; NAP_family.
DR   InterPro; IPR013859; DUF1750_fun.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P0CW01; TSPYA_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q01534; TSPY1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z2I4; F2Z2I4_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z2P0; F2Z2P0_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H0K5; F5H0K5_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y635; H0Y635_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y812; H0Y812_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0YG52; H0YG52_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7C334; H7C334_HUMAN.
CC   On Oct 7, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:9838148.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0344D02
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The position of this clone was established as part of a
CC   collaboration between the Human Chromosome Y Mapping Project
CC   (Tomoko Kawaguchi, Helen Skaletsky, Laura G. Brown, Steve Rozen,
CC   and David C. Page at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
CC   Research, Cambridge MA) and the Washington University Genome
CC   Sequencing Center, St. Louis MO.
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the right is RP11-370N2, 200 bp overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-344D2;
CC   actual end is at base position 112387 of RP11-344D2.
CC   RP11-344D2 contains a tandem repeat from base position 1 to 99626
CC   which is part of the BSPY gene repeat.  Five copies are
CC   represented, and each copy is 20kb in length.  The sequence
CC   fidelity can not be guaranteed and the order of the repeat unit,
CC   with the exception of the last copy, could not be confirmed.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..112581
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-344D2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   31..535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   568..947
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4370..4470
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   4471..4776
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4777..4820
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   4822..5128
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5235..5587
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6090..6214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6484..6960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7031..7149
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8710..8818
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    14648..14945
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   misc_feature    14863..14945
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    15052..15133
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    15826..16036
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA608988 (NID:g2457416) af05d09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    15826..16027
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA401773 (NID:g2057257) zt57b09.r1"
FT   repeat_region   18567..18758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18768..19063
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19177..19285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19536..20364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20368..20844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20877..21256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    23273..23577
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA971069 (NID:g3146359) op69h07.s1"
FT   repeat_region   24680..24780
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   24781..25086
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25087..25130
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   25132..25438
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25546..25898
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   26401..26525
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26795..27271
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27342..27460
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    28358..28747
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA910023 (NID:g3049313) ol40b10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   29016..29124
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    35002..35028
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    35128..35275
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT   misc_feature    35130..35275
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    35382..35463
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36002..36375
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA993340 (NID:g3179885) ot64a03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    36158..36368
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA725833 (NID:g2743540) ai25c09.s1"
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI138810 (NID:g3644782) qd98g04.x1"
FT   misc_feature    36224..36368
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI002165 (NID:g3202499) ot42h08.s1"
FT   repeat_region   38898..39089
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39099..39390
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39507..39615
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39840..41146
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41179..41558
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44981..45081
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45082..45374
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45375..45418
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45420..45725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45832..46184
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46687..46811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47081..47557
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47628..47746
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49303..49411
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    55662..55745
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   59179..59370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59380..59675
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59789..59901
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60152..61459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61492..61870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65294..65394
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   65395..65699
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65700..65743
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   65745..66051
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66158..66510
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67013..67137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67407..67883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67954..68072
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69628..69736
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    76753..76960
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI005498 (NID:g3215008) ot59g11.s1"
FT   repeat_region   79686..79981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80458..81765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81798..82176
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    84320..84727
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AA644685 (NID:g2569903) ab87d10.s1"
FT   repeat_region   85650..85752
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   85753..86048
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86049..86096
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   86098..86360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86509..86861
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87757..88051
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88306..88413
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89691..89961
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100515..100828
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101136..102850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    105472..105953
FT                   /note="similar to  EST AI805309 (NID:g5391875) te32g02.x1"
FT   repeat_region   106431..106734
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106780..107087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107194..107545
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108031..108173
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108246..108548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108786..109321
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109322..109639
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109640..109929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110322..110624
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110893..111074
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   111204..111485
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111523..111822
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 112581 BP; 29833 A; 25869 C; 25285 G; 31594 T; 0 other;
     gaattcgttt tctctgcctc ctcaccagag attagggttt tcttttcttt cttttttttt        60
     ttttgtttgt ttgtctttcg gataatatgc attctgactg aagtgagaag aaatctcatt       120
     gtgtttttga tttgcatttt cgtgatggat tggggataat gaggaatttt tagtgtgtct       180
     tctgggcaac tgtatgtctc agtttcacaa atgagtcttc gcagccttcg cccatttgtt       240
     ttcatgctat tgagttgttg ggagttcctt atgtactgtg actattcccc catgaacaga       300
     tgtatggtga tccaatcatt gctcccatcc tgtaggatgc cccttctgta tgttgagttt       360
     tctatggtgt ggtgaagcac tttagtttga tatgattcca ttctctattt ttgatggtgt       420
     ttactgtgtt cttgcagtca ctttgagacc atcattgcac acacggacgc catggagctt       480
     cttccttgtg atctcttctg ctatttttat cgtttcacat ctgacactgg agtttggtga       540
     taaataatcc acttgtaaaa tcctttgtgt ggctattcag atttccccaa cctagtttat       600
     agaagatact tgattttgca ttgggcgttc ttgcttcttt gggaaaaggc tgtgagctgc       660
     aaatgcagtg acttagttct gggctcctgt tgtttttcct aagctctagt ctctgctttt       720
     ctgccagtgc tattgtattt tggtacaaaa agttttgtag tagtatatca tgaagttagg       780
     tagtgtggtg gctccagctt tgtgcttttt actggattgc tctgggtttt caggatcttc       840
     tgccatttca tagcaaattt gggattccca gattgttttt ctaagaagaa tgtgtcattg       900
     atatttttac aggggttgta tagaatctga ggatgactca ggtagtagtg atgtcaatgc       960
     cgtttagaca atgtgcgtgt ttgtgtgcac aagctcaggg ccaagagaca ctgggtgtcc      1020
     tcaccaatac tgaggtgggc cttaatatcc agccagattg ccttctggaa acacacggaa      1080
     tgtcctgttc tgttttgcca tctcttcaca tttcctcccc tgtgagccct gtgtggtcct      1140
     ccagattccc tgtgcggtgg cctgcctttt ttggggtggg gagttgctgg gtgaatgagg      1200
     atggcggagg gaaccaagta tgtcagtgga gcgtggtgtc atccaaacgg tacttagcag      1260
     gcctgggaga gtcattctgg gaggacgcag acctagagag gcctcaggtg ggcatctgtg      1320
     tggagggtga gagatccctg gttgagccca aactgaaccc caggtagaag caagcctcag      1380
     gacagggaag tagctagcaa gggatgatga gggagctatc tcttgaccct ggcttcccac      1440
     ccattgacct tagctacttg tgcctattaa gcagattacg gttcccccat cgtgaaatgt      1500
     gggtaccaca gttccctgat gggcatttct ccaccagccc atgatggcct gagtttcctt      1560
     actgcagtct cctccctgag ccttggcttc tctatgtgtg tcctaactcc aggacccaca      1620
     ggcctgtcaa cccccagccc tgggctgctt ccctggcctc ttctctgttc cctctctgag      1680
     ggcctaactc ccttgggtag tgctgcagaa tatagagcca caggccctgg ctgatgatct      1740
     ggtggactgg gcaaattggt cgtgacaggt caggttctgg ttcaaagcca attcctccga      1800
     tgccaaggaa tgtcgaagaa ggtcctttgc catgatgccc catagctgcc ccacctcagc      1860
     aatcgtgccg taacctgggc cctcacagtc agacaaccag ctgaagaagc tcaggcagtg      1920
     acctgcggga aactcgggct ttcacctgca tgaccctaga accactggac tgcagtggag      1980
     ccagtcgccc tgtatcctgg agggagacga gtcaggaagg cgcacgccag gcccagctcc      2040
     cgaggtacta ccccctctac tcctcaggga ggatgccaac gcaatactcc ttagtcatca      2100
     ctttgtttcc gaagtaaatg ttgtgatgaa aggcaaactt cttcctaccc cttgtattca      2160
     gggtggccga gttcctccac ctgcctgtcc aagaaggaga aacagggctg tgaaggggca      2220
     atttcatcta ggtgggctga ggtggcattc tagccggggt gaagcatgcg tttccccttc      2280
     ccagctttcc cgctgagaca cacctgagcc ccagaaggac ctcaacctga ccaggacctt      2340
     agcaccctcc cccagaccca ggctttccat cctgacctgc aaatccaaca tgcagctttg      2400
     aaggactttc tcatggtttc tgagctcctt gctctcacca gaaagaatca gaacttttaa      2460
     agtgttcttt atgccaactt aaatttttca tttttactac ctcatgtttt ggatgaggca      2520
     tgtattttta aatttatttt cacccttatt gtacctctat gataaactgc ttgcttacat      2580
     tcataccgta attatctctc aggttacttg tctgttccta aagattcact gaaacgaaga      2640
     attctatata tgcttgtatc tttcagcaac cgtatgtcag atagcactgc acattactgc      2700
     agacatcgca tatacaggtc caaaggtaga ggaagaagaa gaaagcaagc gttaaactct      2760
     attcattcct aaaagcatat cagaaactca caaataacag tgaaatcaaa gaatgatcac      2820
     agccaattcc attacatacc tagactgaaa tacgaaactt caaagaaaag aaacattaga      2880
     actttgggtt tgtaaaaatt ttcctatata gataaaatta ttggtaactg tgtctcacta      2940
     gaaaacgtaa acaaaaatcc atgtttttca tatttgtaaa tatacatagt tttatttcca      3000
     tcagttatga catgcaagca agtaataaag tgaaagtaca atcaaatgat atatggaact      3060
     tcctcagtct taaaatattc catggagact atcaatttta tgaaaactat aaagaatgct      3120
     tcatgaaact acattgtaca gtgccattta ctattttact gacattttaa ataatcaaca      3180
     attaaaggga atacgtcaac attatttaat accaataacg ttatttttct tgagtaatcc      3240
     tgttgaaatt aaggatttta aataaaacat taaaaacaaa ttatattgac tgatttcagc      3300
     tttggatgaa atcatacttg tgtatttgta gtaatgcgaa gcataacttt ctcctcacaa      3360
     ttaatctttt ataacatcgg tgttatagtt ttctctgaca ccaacattgt gatatcgcac      3420
     aggtttactg catgcatgca ttacatgcct ccagagagta ggcttcaaat atatggaaaa      3480
     attatattta tgaaaaaatt ctaggaaagg gaatggtgaa atggaagaga atttctcact      3540
     tgctaactgt tggacatgga tttgtatata tttggatata gacacatact ggcacactgt      3600
     gagtttgccc atgtatatat acacttatat gagaaaccca taatatatgg gttgtgtaat      3660
     cttttaatta atccataatt gtatgtgtgt gaaattagat aagcggttac cttttcttta      3720
     ctcaatttga tggaaagcca aaaaactctg tccaccttca tttcaattaa tccaatactg      3780
     ttaactgctg gtagcttcat tctccttgtt ctcttacggc aaccggaaag ttaattctcg      3840
     ctctaatttg gctttcaagg tgcgatcaac aagagtgtca ccttgctgtg gattgtgacc      3900
     tctgactcca cctctgtctt ccttttgcag tcctaccttt gcataggtaa caaactttgt      3960
     acatggttaa aaggataaaa gttcagtgaa atgtcaagcc atgctgtgaa atgttccata      4020
     gtttctatat ctctaattgt cctttgatgt tatagaggca agaaaaataa ttcaatgttt      4080
     ttcttagtat ctagtccaat gcactctttc ttcataatac tgcaaacaag gcactgacat      4140
     ggaaacgtgg ctggacgtct caaaatctct tctcattaat taccattatg ttaatcactg      4200
     ttgcccacaa ctggaattgg actttgaaat cccctggtgg aaattgctat aatggctcaa      4260
     actactggaa agactatctt tttttacctg aaaatatctg atgagcatag acgtatgcta      4320
     tatacaggaa gatattgtac attaacaaca taccatcact gccactcaat aataggtatc      4380
     ccaaaccttt gagccaaact gagctcaggt gctcccacaa accaagcttt tccctccaca      4440
     gatttcttat gtcaaaaagc cacaactcca ggccaggctt cgtggctctt gttgtaattt      4500
     ctacattttg ggaggccgag gttggtgggt cacttgaggt caggagttgg agaccagcat      4560
     gggcaacatg gcaaaaagct gtctctacca aaaatacaaa aattagccag acctagtggc      4620
     actttcctgt ggtcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggtagg agaaccacct gaacatgggt      4680
     ggcagagatt gtatagtaag ccgagatcag actactgcac tccagcctgg atgacacagc      4740
     gagaccatga ctgaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aataaaggca actccactcg tccactggct      4800
     taggtaaaaa gtactggagt tggctgggct cggtggctca cacctgtatt cccagcactt      4860
     tggattttgg gaagctgagt cgggcgggtc acctgagatc tgtagtagga gagcagcctg      4920
     gccaacatgg tgaagcctgg cttctactaa aaatacaaaa cattagctga gcgtggtgat      4980
     gcatgcttgt aatcccagct actgcagagg ctgaacctgg gaggcggagg atgtgttgag      5040
     ctgagatcct gccactgcgc tccagcctgg tctacagagc gagagtaccc tgtgagaaac      5100
     aaaggtgaag agaacaagaa aaaaaaaatg agaaaaataa gacccactgc aaaaggttgc      5160
     cacagaaaag attaaacatt tcagcaactt ctatcttctg tcatggaagc caaggttatt      5220
     tggaccaaac ctcctgtctt agttcatttt cacgctgctg aagaagacat acctgaaact      5280
     gggaataaaa ggaggtttaa ttggactgac agttccacat ggctgtggag gcctcagaat      5340
     catggtatac gaataaaggc acttcttaca tggcaatgcc aagagagaat gaggaagaac      5400
     ctgaggcaga aacccctgaa aaacccatca gatcccgtga gacttcttca ctgtcacaag      5460
     aatagcatga gaaagaccga cccccatgat tcaattacct ccccctgggt cccacccgca      5520
     acacgaggga attctgggag atacaattga agctgagatt tgaatggaga cacaccaaac      5580
     catgtcactt cccaaacaat taaaaattcc caatagaaga agcattaatt atatcaaaaa      5640
     gtggtggacc aagaaggaac tattagcctc atatctcaag aaagactcca gtcaaggcct      5700
     agggactact catgaaaaga gtttaatagc cgactctctc ccagtggatc tggattccac      5760
     cggactgtat cttcacagta agggtgaaac agaagcaaac ccattcctat ttccaagctc      5820
     aaggaacttt ggtcaaagtt ctcttggagc tgagcagaac aaggaggcaa acagaaaaga      5880
     tttgtgtccc taagaagtca tggccacagg ctggctatca cacagattgt caagccagtt      5940
     ccatattgca tgggtattac agaaaatctc aaaacataaa tttgtgtgtg ggttgtccca      6000
     gagtagcagg atctggcaga aggaaatttc cttctaaccc tcaaagaatc cacataaatc      6060
     ttgttacatt tgggatttta cgatttgctt caggaatgag aatggcctta attttcatat      6120
     ctttttctac actcagttta tgtcttgttg gcgtcaaagt tctgcttgct tcacacaatg      6180
     agtttaggat tttccctttt ttattctata gaattcttca tatatattga aatgctctgc      6240
     ctggggaaaa aaatctgagc ctagcgtttt atctctagga agaatccttt atttccttga      6300
     acatttatga gactatacag attatatatg tcttcttgta tcaattttac taagctatat      6360
     acatagctta tgtttatata ttatatatat aaatgtaaga tacaaatata aaaattatgt      6420
     ataaatatga aaatatatat agaaagcgat atatatgtct atatatatag acagattata      6480
     aatatctgtc tatttgacct aagttttcaa atttgtaggt taaggtgtta acgatatttc      6540
     cttattagct tcttaatcta tgctgtatct atggttgtgt accttttaaa ttcttagttt      6600
     tatctatgtt ttctcccttt ttttctaaac ttgactgacg gttgcatcat ttattatatt      6660
     tctccaacaa gcaaaggtta gctttgtatg ttttactaat tttgtctaca tcattattcc      6720
     cacactttag tttttcagaa ttgattctgt tgtttctttt ctaattcttt attgaaatat      6780
     ctagtacatt aattttcaag ttattagaga aatatttgtc tgtaaactcc tattgtaata      6840
     tcacttttct tgctactcac agatttaatc tttaatattg gcggtatcat tgagttctaa      6900
     gtacatttca attcctagta tgataatcta tgaattgctg agaaatagtg tttacaattt      6960
     tgttgttcta tttccactta agtttatttt tacttctgct aactcaattg aaaattcttt      7020
     actaattttt aaaatccttg aacccaagag atggaggttg cagtgagctg agatcaggcc      7080
     actgcattcc agactgagtg acagagtgga acgagatttc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac      7140
     aaaacaaaac aaaacagtca ctggaaagat aataaaatac ataaatgtgg gatgtaatat      7200
     gtaatcgtga taaaataaac tggatttttt gtataagtta tacatataaa tgtaatgcca      7260
     agacactgat aagacaactc atggtcttat ctcaatactt agtgtcttca tgtaacatat      7320
     gtcctttagg atagttatag tccgttttct ttccaggaga gacagatgag aatgcagaaa      7380
     tgttaaagtg caagggacgg aagcttccag ctgtgcccac ctgtaacctg acgtagacag      7440
     ttccaccgtt tgcttcatta atcatgccaa aggctctaat gcaaatgtgg tacagagtca      7500
     catgtttttg tatctacatg atagaaacta taacttcatc cctatataga agggtatata      7560
     gcatatgcct cagtgataaa tataagtgaa tcattgatca gtaggaaacc attttaaaag      7620
     tctttcataa cagaacaaaa tccctgaaaa cattttcttc tcaatctctg agttttctta      7680
     cacggcttat gaatctctag ccatactaaa gagatagtat gctgctcttc ccacaaatta      7740
     ttcattgtat ataattcctg taatctaata acagtacctt tacacctcag ggtttaaaat      7800
     gactccaacc tttttctgtt tctccaatta aaataacttt tttaaggttt aatcttcagt      7860
     aattttttgt agtaatattt ttgaaggtat ttgaccagga tgatttgctt atatacctac      7920
     ctgacgtctc cctttcttct gaatacatat tttattaccc acctattaga tctaagttta      7980
     agaagttgga atagggattt aaatctaaat tctacatttg aatttacagg agtcagcgag      8040
     tccgggaagt gcctttatgc acagaccaat atctggcaat ggcactagga gacaaataag      8100
     ctttaccagt ctcaaagccc tggctactac agtgaatcca cccttctcct ggatcttatc      8160
     tacttcagca aaagaaggcc acccactaaa ccaggccctt gtactttggg tggaaactcc      8220
     taagtcctct agtctcctca aacagacagc caggctgcca atttccacaa taataatttc      8280
     tatagcactg agtctttggt agccttgtaa ctatagctac tgatgctaca gtctggtccc      8340
     tgtatgataa aacaccagag caacagaaac aaaaatattg actgaagcct tctaaaatct      8400
     ctctaaatat accttcaata aatatggttt tttttacaga acgactgctt tcagcttcct      8460
     gaactaacgc ttggccttcg ctagttgtca ctgttgaaat tgattcaaaa gtgtacattt      8520
     aacatgaaag tcaacacaga atttcatgtg tcagcaacta aaattttcaa aatgttgcaa      8580
     aatacaaatg tgaaactgta tttgtgaaat ttaccattca ttgaaattat attttcatac      8640
     ctacccaggc acagaatttt ttataactgt ctgcatgttc tcctcatgtg ggggaaaagc      8700
     agcatcagca ggcagaggaa tcctttgaag ctggagggag aggttgcagt gatctgagag      8760
     tttgccactt gactgcagcc tggatgacac agtgagactc caactgaaaa gaaacaaaca      8820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc cccaaaattg ataagtaaaa aaaaaatcca      8880
     tattcgaaaa catgctcaca ggctaactcc catatctaac acacacacac acacacacac      8940
     acacacacac acacacacaa ttccttgaaa acgaaagttc cacaagggca aaacaagaaa      9000
     acaaatttaa caccccccaa agaaagtaca aagagtaacc tcaaaagaac cgcaggggaa      9060
     aacaattcaa aatttacaag tatctaccct aaaagaagct gaaagtccct caaaaacttt      9120
     ccagaggcca tgtccttgta ttacaaaaat gatcataaaa actggcagga gtagacgaat      9180
     agaaatgcat cttaaaactt gctaaaccct tcaagtctcc cataagaatt gtaatggaaa      9240
     atggatcggt cggcagcttt ttccatacaa ttatgaacaa attatatttc ttcatacata      9300
     gatttgtttt ttcaatattc taaggaatta acttttatat taatagtagg tgatgtaaga      9360
     aagcaggcct ttatcaagat aactgacact ggatgtccat accattactc aggtgggcct      9420
     taattcccag ccaggttccc tccctggaca cacactgaag gtccccagcc atttggcaat      9480
     ctcttcacat tcccagccct ggaggtagcc ctaaaataca tgtacctgaa gaaaataaaa      9540
     cattgcctca cactggagcc cagtgtggtc ctccagattc cgtgtgaggt ggactaactt      9600
     atatgggaag gcagggcagc gggagtgagg atggcagaga ggattacaca tgtcaaggca      9660
     gccggggtca tggaaacaaa acatgactgg cctgggagaa acactgtgaa aggacacaga      9720
     cctaggtggg cctcaggtgg acatcctcgt ggagaaaaag ggggccctgg ttgatctcaa      9780
     aatgagcccc aggtggtagc aggtcttacc gcagggcagg gagctggcga gtaatgatga      9840
     gacagctatc ccttaagccc tgcttgtcac ccactgactt tagccacata tgcatcatag      9900
     tggcttaagg tgccccgatc ctgaaatgtg ggtgttacat gtccctgatg ggcctctctc      9960
     ccccaaccca cggattgcct gggattgctc actgcagtct cctcccggat ccttgggttc     10020
     tccatgtggg gcccagatcc aggtcaaaag gcctctcagt tcccagccct tcccagccct     10080
     agctgctcgc ctggcctcct ctctgttccg cctctagggc tgaccctctc tccatgggat     10140
     agaactgcaa tggattgagc cataggccct ggctgatgat ctaggggact gcagaagtgg     10200
     gtccaggaca gttcaggtga cagttcaaag ccaattcccc agagaccaag gaatgaccag     10260
     ctaggtcctt tcccatgatg ccccacggcg aaccccacct cagcaatcct gccaaaaccc     10320
     gggcagtcat gttcagccaa acagctgaat gagctcaggt aggaggtgta ctgcctgcag     10380
     ctggaggctt gaccttcgtg atcccagaac cgctggactg cagtggaatg agacaccctg     10440
     tagcctgcag ggagaggagt caggaaggtt catgccagtc ccaccctccc acacaccagc     10500
     tcccctacca tgctgggagg cattccttac cgaggatgcc aacacagtgc tccttcatga     10560
     tgatttcact gtggaaataa aggttgggat gaaaggaaat catcctgcca ccggtaaccg     10620
     ggatggctga gttcctccac ctgccggatc aaggagaaag aggatggatt caatgggacc     10680
     atctcaacta gctgggctga ggtggcctac tagctgtagt gaaccatgag tttccccttc     10740
     ccagctctcc cactgagaca accctggtcc ccagggggac ctcaaactga ctcagacact     10800
     ggactcctcc cacagaccca ggctccccag cctgacctgc aaatccatca cgtagcaaag     10860
     caggacttcc gcatgctttc cgacccacgc cgacatctcg tgtgccaaac aatctacctc     10920
     tgcgcaagaa ctctccagag gattgggtgg gcaagcctcg tgacgccttg caatttcgca     10980
     agaacacaga caatgtggaa cagggccatc tcccagacat ttggccagtc acccttcatt     11040
     gttggccctc tatctctgtc tggcgaggag gcaacgccac aactgtggtg gtttttggag     11100
     tgggtggacc cggccaagac ggcctgggct gaccagagac gggaggcaga aaaagtgggc     11160
     aggtggttgc agctgaggga cgggagggac cgggggtggt gtgaggcggc tgcttctctg     11220
     agtttctgag atgcaggagg cctttgtgtg ctgggtgctg gacatgctcc gctgatgtcc     11280
     gggtgtgtgg tgtcctctta tcctagtctc cctgaggggt gggcctgtcc acctgaggga     11340
     agccttgtag ttagaagcca cagcagggtc gtgcctggcg ctctccaagg gaattgcgtg     11400
     ggtccatagg aagttataca ggctcagggc ctacacgcct ttgagtgcag cgcctgcagt     11460
     tggatgaatg cgcatctgcg gagctggtgc ccgccgtcag gtggtcggca gccccatgcg     11520
     ccgcgaaccc gtcttaagca ccttgtgttt ctggggtgag cctgctggaa acaggcaccg     11580
     agagcagggg tggttcaatg gctggtaatg gcatacagat tccccgtcct ccagggacgt     11640
     tcccagggaa acgcgtcctt cgaatttggg ctgtgcgcaa agggaccttg gcgccgcgat     11700
     tctcccttgt cagtgctggc cctggctccc cttccctacc acgtgctccc agggctgcta     11760
     caagcgagct gccctcacag ctgcgggaac gtggcctcgg ctcccacgct gtcccccatc     11820
     ccctgcctcc tggctgaccc cacgtgcctc ccacctggct cctcccccca aacagccccc     11880
     ataccccccg aggcccgatg actatcccct gctgcccgcc atcccaaatc ggcagccgca     11940
     aggatatggc tctggctcac aaggcggaga tgctctgtgg cctggggcat tcacggagcc     12000
     cagctccaag tgaaggacct ccagcgagtc cattgacggc cccggtgtgc tcggtccagg     12060
     gccaggctgt gcccgctggc cctccttctg ccaccccacg tcgggctcca cctcaaccac     12120
     cacctccacc tcagccatga tgtcttccac cttcagcacc gcctcctctt ccaaggccgc     12180
     ctccttgctc tgtaccccgg ccgtcctctc cagcattgcc tccagcctga acacggtttt     12240
     ctcctgggtg ctcccacaga ccctgggcct gcgcagccca gcccagccca gcccatgccc     12300
     cgcacccgta ggctctgggg gcccgctccc cagcagaccc gctccctgca agacccacgc     12360
     gtcgccctgc tgtgaacctg gtcccacacc tacgtggacc caggtttcct gaggacgtcc     12420
     gctggacccg cagatcccgc actggccaaa gggctccggt ccccagcagg ctcaactgcg     12480
     cacaggagct cgggagccag aggccccggc cctgggcttg cagagcccca ccaacaggca     12540
     ccgcaaccgc tgctgcgggt gcgggagcct ctgggtcgtc aaggcagcgc acaacagcgt     12600
     gcgcgcaggc cgacaatggc caacctggcg gctggcctct ggtgtgccca gggcatagga     12660
     caagaggccc tttggaatgc tccttggagt acagcatcct cagggaggaa gcatggtact     12720
     cggagcctct atttgcctcg acctgtgaga gtgtgtgccg gggctctggc ctctacagca     12780
     gatcaattcc acctcagcac cggcaggcga ctttcctccc acgtgcccgc cccgatcact     12840
     tcccccagga cacccctgcc gccctagccc cagcaaccag agagagttct ctgcatctgc     12900
     tgtattacct ccgtaccatc tacctggcct gcctaacgaa gagagatgtt tcctgtgttc     12960
     atgacacata gagatgttca tggcttgcca cactgaggat gtcagggcac agggctgcca     13020
     tgcccacaat tccaaaggcc acgcagcccg cgtgtgcccg gatgcctagc tacccggcac     13080
     aagctccaag ggcttctcgg aggaggcttg ggcagggaag gcaggggggt gggggggctg     13140
     gagatgcagg cccgccagtg gctgtgccgc ccagggagac gcccaccgcc ctcccattga     13200
     ttggccacga cgggaggaag tcggcctggg tgcggccccc cggcccttcg cgcgcagtcc     13260
     cttagggggc gcctggaagc ccggcgcatg cgccctgagg gctcgctgac ctaccgggtg     13320
     ccagagaggc tgcggcaggg tttctgtggc gtgggtcggg cagcacaggc cttggtgtgt     13380
     gcgagtgcca aggagggcac cgccttcagg atggaggctg tgcaggaggg ggcggccggg     13440
     gtggagagtg agcaggcggc tttgggggag gaggcggtgc tgctgttgga tgacataatg     13500
     gcggaggtgg aggtggtggc ggaggaggag ggcctcgtgg agcggcggga ggaggcccag     13560
     cgggcacagc aggctgtgcc tggccctggg cccatgaccc cagagtctgc accggaggag     13620
     ctgctggccg ttcaggtgga gctggagccg gttaatgccc aagccaggaa ggccttttct     13680
     cggcagcggg aaaagatgga gcggaggcgc aagccccacc tagaccgcag aggcgccgtc     13740
     atccagagcg tccctggctt ctgggccaat gttgtatcct tctcagtgtt tcttcggcct     13800
     ttctagtgga gaggtgctct cggggaagtg taagtgaccg atgggcagct cggcgtcgat     13860
     gtgactcttt ggggaacaaa ggggagttgc cacggaccag tgtggctgtg gaaagccgga     13920
     gcaggcgtgg gtactattgt cctgcatgcg gcagagaaac ccttggtgat gccgagcagc     13980
     agacgtttgg ggcatctttt tgaagagcag aagcgagttc agagcggaag aggtttttca     14040
     gtgaatgaag ctatttttaa gggagtgtga ttgctgcccc ttgctagtcc gatctgggac     14100
     tgggcgtctt cggctataag cagattctgc cactcctcag acaccagcaa gtctctgcaa     14160
     atcgcgcctc cccatgtcag tgcagtcagc ctcagaatca tacaccctct gtgaacacag     14220
     gaggccttag tttacgggga cggggaggcg aaaggagatc atacatggaa gcagatctga     14280
     gaaatcccct accccagcct ctgggtgctc ttaggccttc ttccctgttg ctcctcgctt     14340
     tcccttccat cgtgtgtaaa gtctctttga cctaaatcag attgcaaacc acccccagat     14400
     gtcagccctg atcactgacg aagatgaaga catgctgagc tacatggtca gcctggaggt     14460
     gaggccagga agactggggc tagagggttt agcgggggag ggtaagggaa ataattcatt     14520
     cctgtaagca agagtgagca cctcacccga aaacctatct aagctttctc caccttgtcc     14580
     tgacaggtgg gagaagagaa gcatcctgtt catctctgca agatcatgtt gttctttcgg     14640
     agtaacccct acttccagaa taaagtgatt accaaggaat atctggtgaa catcacaggt     14700
     gacaggtggc tcccaggatg ggtagtggaa ggaagatggt gggtggatca ttgccaacgg     14760
     gatccagccc ccttcccaca aaaactcctg tctctgtaga atacagggct tctcattcca     14820
     ctccaattga gtggtatccg gattatgaag tggaggccta tcgccgcaga caccacaaca     14880
     gcagccttaa cttcttcaac tggttctctg accacaactt cgcaggatct aacaagattg     14940
     ctgaggtgag tcctcactgg gaaacatgag gaatgacccc gtgtgttccc agctgcttgg     15000
     gtcacctttc tgagccctga tgaggccttt cccgattgag tcccctgaca gatcctatgt     15060
     aaggacctgt ggcgcaatcc cctgcaatac tacaagagga tgaagccacc tgaagaggga     15120
     acagagacgt caggtgagcc gttagttggc actggagctg tttgatgcgc agtataaggg     15180
     ggttgacaca cctgcctatt cagggagcct gggtgctcat ttcagaaatg tagaaactga     15240
     ggctcctttc gtacatgtag aaattccttg agaggaagac agagtgacag aatccaggac     15300
     gttcatggca ttgggctgaa aaggcacgtt agagactgca ctgcaaagcg ggtgatagct     15360
     gtggagtctt aagcccagtg aagaatcgtc catttccaga atcaatgaga agtaaagctg     15420
     aaaatcattc agttcagtct gtggcacttg attccacggc tgtcaacccc accggcagtc     15480
     atcccaccaa ccccatgaga ttgggctccc tgaatgtgcg tcctggtcat ccttgcccca     15540
     aaccacaaag gactgtttag attgatggat ttccttaagc tgttgcccca tcagacttgt     15600
     gtgtgctttt agggcccagt gcatcttgtt agctgactcc cctcacagac aatactggga     15660
     atggggcagg gattgcgcag aacagtttgt aacacgtggt aggaggaagt ttaagggatc     15720
     acaaatgggg aagggatatc cttttctcag cgggccccac aattgaaaca tttcaaagta     15780
     tggctcagag aaaatgcgtt ttaacatgag tttgtgtttc tctaggggac tcccagttgt     15840
     tgagttgaat atgatggagc atcagatttt acctaataca gcagaactcc taaaaagtta     15900
     cagccatatg caggacggca gtactcagca tggtcttatg cacaggaact aaaggaaaaa     15960
     gagatcgagt cacaaaaatt caggaagagg gggtaaatgt ggattgtatg gaatgaaaaa     16020
     taaacattct caaggatgtg tgactctgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctttgtg     16080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tttatccact ttattcgggt gtcataatga     16140
     attgatcaat ccacgtgctt tattctctta atggaaataa ccagtctgcg ttggagctgg     16200
     gcctctaaag ttgtagagtg aatgggtgtg ggatgtgttg ggattcttcc tacaggacag     16260
     agtgggagag gtaaaagcaa aagacagctt agttggaggc tgacttcgtc ctgtggaagc     16320
     agagatagtt caaggaaagg ggttactggg tttccagggc ccagtttgct gggacctcca     16380
     aaatccttca ttttgggtat catcatacac agtagctaag cacaggatga tggaaatctt     16440
     aaagttcgct tccgtgttga atccacatgt tcttttaaag gtgaatgcat gatccttttc     16500
     tgggacaatc agcctctcag gacttctgaa acatcaacgt gagaagaaat gggcatgtaa     16560
     ggtgtatgga gggactgtgg gaaaggtgac agaggcatgt gggaaggcat tcaggatacg     16620
     cttttggcag agatgactaa gggaaaacag aaacttacag aagtgagggg aaagggggtg     16680
     gattagtgga atataagatt gttggagaat ccatccatgg actctcttgt cacttgatga     16740
     cccaggatat ggacactctt gttgatgttt acatctttag ttgttttaag cttttctcca     16800
     agattctgtg ttaggtgagg agccaataac gtatgtagct aacaacagta cgagtgcatt     16860
     ttgtgctctt gcaaagtcta gtgaggctct attctccctc gtgattggca ctgcagattg     16920
     tatctggagc ccagggcccc taaattttct gtggcctctt cagcatagtt tgcctaaggt     16980
     ttagaacgta aagcgaatat agttgcggaa tatgttttgc aagcctcaca caggaggaca     17040
     aaacatacag ctttcattcg cgagtgggag gctgcttccc aggaacacgt gtgtctgcac     17100
     aagacaaggg gttgcctctg tcaaggatgg ggcaggagga tttcagtgtc ggaggcagaa     17160
     ctttctttcc tgttcccaga tgaaacagtt ccaacacgag catccatgtt gaccacacgc     17220
     tactagagtg ctaacattgc tgtcccgtat agactctggt cagcacagct tctgtgagaa     17280
     gagctatgtt gtttcaggga agagggtttg acagtcaaag ttcctgaatc tgttgtggtg     17340
     cctgcaatat gcattctacc cctcctgctc ggtgtcaaag cagttgagct ttgaaaatct     17400
     atcgcccggt tttgtccctg ctcctatgca gacctctgaa gctctggagc gggagtcttg     17460
     tcctcctctg actaccgtcc ccctgaccca caaacacagg agaaacaggt gttctaagca     17520
     aattattctg aaaacagtcg gaaccctttg gccccctcaa gctgccctgt atcctactgt     17580
     gtgcatgtca aagacactgt ggtccagtac ggtatcccta tagcggcaat ggggcaacag     17640
     attggtgtgt gcactctggg caactcagat taggaaacgt ctggggactt gcctataacg     17700
     aggtcgtctt aaaacgtgtt gccccaaatt taaggcatag gaaaatgttg aggaaagggt     17760
     cttgcaatga tttttctagg aggtaaatag ataagaaaat gaccgtaaat agatgccagg     17820
     gctagttttg gagctagcct gttttaaagt ggtggtaggg gaggagcttt ttccaaggca     17880
     ggtagcaaac caggaactgt ctacgatgga tgggcgtgcc acgggttggt ggctcagcca     17940
     tattgccacc ccaccgagtg aatgcagcag actgggcttc ttccttgaat cctacgtgca     18000
     attcagtcta gtgatttcac atgagatccc ttcttctggt attatcacag atcgtgctga     18060
     attatacagg ctgtgtaatg cttcttccac tgaatatccg tgcacgtggg ccacagatgc     18120
     taagggcact gacaaatttg caccgtgcct cagtaactcg gaagcacatc tgtgatttgt     18180
     accgacaggg acttggtgtc ttttcgtgtt taaagtagca cgtgtgtgtt tgtggttgcg     18240
     tatgtttatt tctctgtgcg ggtttgtata ttttctctga ctccacctgt gtctccgtgg     18300
     ttccgatatt tttccacact ccctgcgaca atttgcacat gcctatctct acaaccattg     18360
     tagactttgt atctgtgtct ttgaacatct gtcactctct ctcccttcct tttttctttt     18420
     ccttccttta cacccctttc atccttccct tgcttcccca ccacactctc tccatctgta     18480
     tcgtctatct ttctattctc tatctgggtt tcctttctaa ttctgaattc aagggcattg     18540
     aattgaaaag aagcactctt cgtactttta tgtgttttaa ctcatttggg gaatttggcg     18600
     tggtattatt tacagggttc tctctgccct ttctcattgt tctccccagc cggggctgtt     18660
     attatgtgaa agctggtttc cttcatcaca tcgcgtaggc tctaatgatg tttcgtttat     18720
     tttgattctc ctcacactac atagttttaa tttacctaat gtgactgttt ttttgtttgt     18780
     tttccgagaa tgggtcttac tctgtcttct aggttggaca gcagccccac gatctcagcc     18840
     cactgcagcc caggcaccac acacccatgt gatcctgtca actcagactc tcacacacct     18900
     ggcagtacag gtgcatgcca cccctccaag ctatgtatta attaactaaa tacttacttt     18960
     ttgaatgtgg gtccatgttg ccccaggctc atctggaact cctgagtgca ggcaatcctc     19020
     ccacctcagc ttatcaaagt gctgggatga caggtgtgac ccatggccct gccatggctt     19080
     tgtgtttttt gcttttttct tcctcctcct cacgtcttgt tttgaaacat gcactgaagg     19140
     tttcaattca tggactatag cctctgtgcc tggaatttct atctttcaac tcatcatcag     19200
     cattcattgg gattttcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacataccta     19260
     tataagaata cctatgtaca cacatatata cgtatataca tgtatatacg tatatatgca     19320
     catttatata cgtatataca tgtatatacg tatatatata catgtacaca tatgtattta     19380
     tttctcaagt tacgaaacgg cttgcattct ttcctgtgtc atgaaaaaga ctttgctaga     19440
     aaagaaaagc actgctttat aataaaatat tttatttgca tttattttgt taaggcattt     19500
     taaaaattgt atgtttgttt aaaaaatgtc atatgaaatg atacatattt acaacttaag     19560
     gcgtgatgtt caacaggtca tatacattat gcattggata catccagcca atcaacatat     19620
     gtgtgacctc acatagttgt catttttgtt gtgaaaaaac ttgacctgca ctgtattcga     19680
     atatttttag agaaagaata tgttaccact agttatagtg agcatgctga agaaaatatt     19740
     tttaacctat tcctccttta taactagaag tatgagttct tcatccagca tctcgtcagt     19800
     gcaccctctt caccgcagtc attggagtca ctacttctgt gaagtccgct tttttgattt     19860
     catataagaa tgagatcatg tgctattttc ctttctgata cctggcttat gtcacttaac     19920
     agaatggcat gcacacattc agcagattcc cacacattct cacaactggc aggatttcct     19980
     gatttcttat tgcagcgcat atttacgttg cgcatatgcg tttttgcccc attttttaat     20040
     ccacttatca atggagggac actcaggttg cttccgcatt ttggctacag caaaaatgta     20100
     atgagtgcag caataattgc atgggtgcgc gcaccgcttc aacatactga tctgtgtact     20160
     ggcgggcgtg cccgggtatt ctgatttgct ggatcatata gtgggtggtt ctacttgtag     20220
     atttctgaag gctgtttata cttaaataag agccataaag cttctttaat gccagcacta     20280
     atttacattc tccccaaaag tgagcaggga attcgttttc tctgcctcct caccagagat     20340
     tagggttttc ttttctttct tttttttttt tttgtttgtt tgtctttcgg ataatatgca     20400
     ttctgactga agtgagaaga aatctcattg tgtttttgat ttgcattttc gtgatggatt     20460
     ggggataatg aggaattttt agtgtgtctt ctgggcaact gtatgtctca gtttcacaaa     20520
     tgagtcttcg cagccttcgc ccatttgttt tcatgctatt gagttgttgg gagttcctta     20580
     tgtactgtga ctattccccc atgaacagat gtatggtgat ccaatcattg ctcccatcct     20640
     gtaggatgcc ccttctgtat gttgagtttt ctatggtgtg gtgaagcact ttagtttgat     20700
     atgattccat tctctatttt tgatggtgtt tactgtgttc ttgcagtcac tttgagacca     20760
     tcattgcaca cacggacgcc atggagcttc ttccttgtga tctcttctgc tatttttatc     20820
     gtttcacatc tgacactgga gtttggtgat aaataatcca cttgtaaaat cctttgtgtg     20880
     gctattcaga tttccccaac ctagtttata gaagatactt gattttgcat tggtcgttct     20940
     tgcttctttg ggaaaaggct gtgagctgca aatgcagtga cttagttctg ggctcctgtt     21000
     gtttttccta agctctagtc tctgcttttc tgccagtgct attgtatttt ggtacaaaaa     21060
     gttttgtagt agtatatcat gaagttaggt agtgtggtgg ctccagcttt gtgcttttta     21120
     ctggattgct ctgggttttc aggatcttct gccatttcat agcaaatttg ggattcccag     21180
     attgtttttc taagaagaat gtgtcattga tatttttaca ggggttgtat agaatctgag     21240
     gatgactcag gtagtagtga tgtcaatgcc gtttagacaa tgtgcgtgtt tgtgtgcaca     21300
     agctcagggc caagagacac tgggtgtcct caccaatact gaggtgggcc ttaatatcca     21360
     gccagattgc cttctggaaa cacacggaat gtcctgttct gttttgccat ctcttcacat     21420
     ttcctcccct gtgagccctg tgtggtcctc cagattccct gtgcggtggc ctgccttttt     21480
     tggggtgggg agttgctggg tgaatgagga tggcggaggg aaccaagcat gtcagtggag     21540
     tgtggtgtca tccaaacggt acttagcagg cctgggagag tcattctggg aggacgcaga     21600
     cctagagagg cctcaggtgg gcatctgtgt ggagggtgag agatccctgg ttgagcccaa     21660
     actgaacccc aggtagaagc aagcctcagg acagggaagt agctagcaag ggatgatgag     21720
     gcagctatct cttgaccctg gcttcccacc cattgacctt agctacttat gcctattaag     21780
     cagattacgg ttcccccatc gtgaaatgtg ggtaccacag ttccctgatg ggcatttctc     21840
     caccagccca tgatggcctg agtttcctta ctgcagtctc ctccctgagc cttggcttct     21900
     ctatgtgtgt cctaactcca ggacccacag gcctgtcaac ccccagccct gggctgcttc     21960
     cctggcctct tctctgttcc ctctctgagg gcctaactcc cttgggtagt gctgcagaat     22020
     atagagccac aggccctggc tgatgatctg gtggactggg caaattggtc gtgacaggtc     22080
     aggttctggt tcaaagccaa ttcctccgat gccaaggaat gtcgaagaag gtcctttgcc     22140
     atgatgcccc atagctgccc cacctcagca atcgtgccgt aacctgggcc ctcacagtca     22200
     gacaaccagc tgaagaagct caggcagtga cctgcgggaa actcgggctt tcacctgcat     22260
     gaccctagaa ccactggact gcagtggagc cagtcgccct gtatcctgga gggagacgag     22320
     tcaggaaggc gcacgccagg cccagcttcc gaggtactac cccctctact cctcagggag     22380
     gatgccaacg caatactcct tagtcgtcac tttgtttccg aagtaaatgt tgtgatgaaa     22440
     ggcaaacttc ttcctacccc ttgtattcag ggtggccgag ttcctccacc tgcctgtcca     22500
     agaaggagaa acagggctgt gaaggggcaa tttcatctag gtgggctgag gtggcattct     22560
     agccggggtg aagcatgcgt ttccccttcc cagctttccc gctgagacac acctgagccc     22620
     cagaaggacc tcaacctgac caggacctta gcaccctccc ccagacccag gctttccatc     22680
     ctgacctgca aatccaacat gcagctttga aggactttct catggtttct gagctccttg     22740
     ctctcaccag aaagaatcag aacttttaaa gtgttcttta tgccaactta aatttttcat     22800
     ttttactacc tcatgttttg gatgaggcat gtatttttaa atttattttc acccttattg     22860
     tacctctatg ataaactgct tgcttacatt cataccgtaa ttatctctca ggttacttgt     22920
     ctgttcctaa agattcactg aaacgaagaa ttctatatat gcttgtatct ttcagcaacc     22980
     gtatgtcaga taacactgca cattactgca gacatcgcat atacaggtcc aaaggtagag     23040
     gaagaagaag aaagcaagcg ttaaactcta ttcattccta aaagcatatc agaaactcac     23100
     aaataacagt gaaatcaaag aatgatcaca gccaattcca ttacatacct agactgaaat     23160
     acgaaacttc aaagaaaaga aacattagaa ctttgggttt gtaaaaattt tcctatatag     23220
     ataaaattgt tggtaactgt gtctcactag aaaacgtaaa caaaaatcca tgtttttcat     23280
     atttgtaaat atacatagtt ttatttccat cagttatgac atgcaagcaa gtaataaagt     23340
     gaaagtacaa tcaaatgata tatggaactt cctcagtctt aaaatattcc atggagacta     23400
     tcaattttat gaaaactata aagaatgctt catgaaacta cattgtacag tgccatttac     23460
     tattttactg acattttaaa taatcaacaa ttaaagggaa tacatcaaca ttatttaata     23520
     ccaataacgt tatttttctt gagtaatcct gttgaaatta aggattttaa ataaaacatt     23580
     aaaaacaaat tatattgact gatttcagct ttggatgaaa tcatacttgt gtatttgtag     23640
     taatgcgaag cataactttc tcctcacaat taatctttta taacatcggt gttatagttt     23700
     tctctgacac caacattgtg atatcgcaca ggtttactgc atgcatgcat tacatgcctc     23760
     cagagagtag gcttcaaata tatggaaaaa ttatatttat gaaaaaattc taggaaaggg     23820
     aatggtgaaa tggaagagaa tttctcactt gctaactgtt ggacatggat ttgtatatat     23880
     ttggatatag acacatactg gcacactgtg agtttgccca tgtatatata cacttatatg     23940
     agaaacccat aatatatggg ttgtgtaatc ttttaattaa tccataattg tatgtgtgtg     24000
     aaattagata agcggttacc ttttctttac tcaatttgat ggaaagccaa aaaactctgt     24060
     ccaccttcat ttcaattaat ccaatactgt taactgctgg tagcttcatt ctccttgttc     24120
     tcttacggca accggaaagt taattctcgc tctaatttgg ctttcaaggt gcgatcaaca     24180
     agagtgtcac cttgctgtgg attgtgacct ctgactccac ctctgtcttc cttttgcagt     24240
     cctacctttg cataggtaac aaactttgta catggttaaa aggataaaag ttcagtgaaa     24300
     tgtcaagcca tgctgtgaaa tgttccatag tttctatatc tctaattgtc ctttgatgtt     24360
     atagaggcaa gaaaaataat tcaatgtttt tcttagtatc tagtccaatg cactctttct     24420
     tcataatact gcaaacaagg cactgacatg gaaacgtggc tggacgtctc aaaatctctt     24480
     ctcattaatt accattatgt taatcactgt tgcccacaac tggaattgga ctttgaaatc     24540
     ccctggtgga aattgctata atggctcaaa ctactggaaa gactatcttt tttttacctg     24600
     aaaatatctg atgagcatag acgtatgcta tatacaggaa catattgtac attaacaaca     24660
     taccatcact gccactcaat aataggtatc ccaaaccttt gagccaaact gagctcaggt     24720
     gctcccacaa accaagcttt tccctccaca gatttcttat gtcaaaaagc cacaactcca     24780
     ggccaggctt cgtggctctt gttgtaattt ctacattttg ggaggccgag gttggtgggt     24840
     cacttgaggt caggagttgg agaccagcat gggcaacatg gcaaaaagct gtctctacca     24900
     aaaatacaaa aattagccag acctagtggc actttcctgt ggtcccagct acttgggagg     24960
     ctgaggcagg agaaccacct gaacatgggt ggcagagatt gtatagtaag ccaagatcag     25020
     actactgcac tccagcctgg atgacacagc gagaccatga ctgaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa     25080
     aataaaggca actccactcg tccactggct taggtaaaaa atactggagt tggctgggct     25140
     cggtggctca cacctgtatt cccagcactt tggattttgg gaagctgagt cgggcgggtc     25200
     acctgagatc tgtagtagga gagcagcctg gccaacatgg tgaagcctgg cttctactaa     25260
     aaatacaaaa cattagctga gcgtggtgat gcatgcttgt aatcccagct actgcagagg     25320
     ctgaacctgg gaggcggagg atgtgttgag ctgagatcct gccactgcgc tccagcctgg     25380
     tctacagagc gagagtaccc tgtgagaaac aaaggtgaag agaacaagaa aaaaaaaaat     25440
     gagaaaaata agacccactg caaaaggttg ccacagaaaa gattaaacat ttcagcaact     25500
     tctatcttct atcatggaag ccaaggttat ttggaccaaa cctcctgtct tagttcattt     25560
     tcacgctgct gaagaagaca tacctgaaac tgggaataaa aggaggttta attggactga     25620
     cagttccaca tggctgtgga ggcctcagaa tcatggtata cgaataaagg cacttcttac     25680
     atggcaatgc caagagagaa tgaggaagaa cctgaggcag aaacccctga aaaacccatc     25740
     agatcccgtg agacttcttc actgtcacaa gaatagcatg agaaagaccg acccccatga     25800
     ttcaattacc tccccctggg tcccacccgc aacacgaggg aattctggga gatacaattg     25860
     aagctgagat ttgaatggag acacaccaaa ccatgtcact tcccaaacaa ttaaaaattc     25920
     ccaatagaag aagcattaat tatatcaaaa agtggtggac caagaaggaa ctattagcct     25980
     catatctcaa gaaagactcc agtcaaggcc tagggactac tcatgaaaag agtttaatag     26040
     ccgactctct cccagtggat ctggattcca ccggactgta tcttcacagt aagggtgaaa     26100
     cagaagcaaa cccattccta tttccaagct caaggaactt tggtcaaagt tctcttggag     26160
     ctgagcagaa caaggaggca aacagaaaag atttgtgtcc ctgagaagtc atggccacag     26220
     gctggctatc acacagattg tcaagccagt tccatattgc atgggtatta cagaaaatct     26280
     caaaacataa atttgtgtgt gggttgtccc agagtagcag gatctggcag aaggaaattt     26340
     ccttctaacc ctcaaagaat ccacataaat cttgttacat ttgggatttt acgatttgct     26400
     tcaggaatga gaatggcctt aattttcata tctttttcta cactcagttt atggcttgtt     26460
     ggcgtcaaag ttctgcttgc ttcacacaat gagtttagga ttttcccttt tttattctat     26520
     agaattcttc atatatattg aaatgctctg cctggggaaa aaaatctgag cctagcgttt     26580
     tatctctagg aagaatcctt tatttccttg aacatttatg agactataca gattatatat     26640
     gtcttcttgt atcaatttta ctaagctata tacatagctt atgtttatat attatatata     26700
     taaatgtaag atacaaatat aaaaattatg tataaatatg aaaatatata tagaaagcga     26760
     tatatatgtc tatatatata gacagattat aaatatctgt ctatttgacc taagttttca     26820
     aatttgtagg ttaaggtgtt aacgatattt ccttattagc ttcttaatct atgctgtatc     26880
     tatggttgtg taccttttaa attcttagtt ttatctatgt tttctccctt tttttctaaa     26940
     cttgactgac ggttgcatca cttattatat ttctccaaca agcaaaggtt agctttgtat     27000
     gttttactaa ttttgtctac atcattattc ccacacttta gtttttcaga attgattctg     27060
     ttgtttcttt tctaattctt tattgaaata tctagtacat taattttcaa gttattagag     27120
     aaatatttgt ctgtaaactc ctattgtaat atcacttttc ttgctactca cagatttaat     27180
     ctttaatatt ggcggtatca ttgagttcta agtacatttc aattcctagt atgataatct     27240
     atgaattgct gagaaatagt gtttacaatt ttgttgttct atttccactt aagtttattt     27300
     ttacttctgc taactcaatt gaaaattctt tactaatttt taaaatcctt gaacccaaga     27360
     gatggaggtt gcagtgagct gagatcaggc cactgcattc cagactgagt gacagagtgg     27420
     aacgagattt caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa cagtcactgg aaagataata     27480
     aaatacataa atgtgggatg taatatgtaa tcgtgataaa ataaactgga ttttttgtat     27540
     aagttataca tataaatgta atgccaagac actgataaga caactcatgg tcttatctca     27600
     atacttagtg tcttcatgta acatatgtcc tttaggatag ttatagtccg ttttctttcc     27660
     aggagagaca gatgagaatg cagaaatgtt aaagtgcaag ggacggaagc ttccagctgt     27720
     gcccacctgt aacctgacgt agacagttcc accgtttgct tcattaatca tgccaaaggc     27780
     tctaatgcaa atgtggtaca gagtcacatg tttttgtatc tacatgatag aaactataac     27840
     ttcatcccta tatagaaggg tatatagcat atgcctcagt gataaatata agtgaatcct     27900
     tgatcagtag gaaaccattt taaaagtctt tcataacaga acaaaatccc tgaaaacatt     27960
     ttcttctcaa tctctgagtt ttcttacacg gcttatgaat ctctagccat actaaagaga     28020
     tagtatgctg ctcttcccac aaattattca ttgtatataa ttcctgtaat ctaataacag     28080
     tacctttaca cctcagggtt taaaatgact ccaacctttt tctgtttctc caattaaaat     28140
     aactttttta aggtttaatc ttcagtaatt ttttgtagta atatttttga aggtatttga     28200
     ccaggatgat ttgcttatat acctacctga cgtctccctt tcttctgaat acatatttta     28260
     ttacccacct attagatcta agtttaagaa gttggaatag ggatttaaat ctaaattcta     28320
     catttgaatt tacaggagtc agcgagtccg ggaagtgcct ttatgcacag accaatatct     28380
     ggcaatggca ctaggagaca aataagcttt accagtctca aagccctggc tactacagtg     28440
     aatccaccct tctcctggat cttatctact tcagcaaaag aaggccaccc actaaaccag     28500
     gcccttgtac tttgggtgga aactcctaag tcctctagtc tcctcaaaca gacagccagg     28560
     ctgccaattt ccacaataat aatttctata gcactgagtc tttggtagcc ttgtaactgt     28620
     agctactgat gctacagtct ggtccctgta tgataaaaca ccagagcaac agaaacaaaa     28680
     atattgactg aagccttcta aaatctctct aaatatacct tcaataaata tggttttttt     28740
     tacagaacga ctgctttcag cttcctgaac taacgcttgg ccttcgctag ttgtcactgt     28800
     tgaaattgat tcaaaagtgt acatttaaca tgaaagtcaa cacagaattt catgtgtcag     28860
     caactaaaat tttcaaaatg ttgcaaaata caaatgtgaa actgtatttg tgaaatttac     28920
     cattcattga aattatattt tcatacctac ccaggcacag aattttttat aactgtctgc     28980
     atgttctcct catgtggggg aaaagcagca tcagcaggca gaggaatcct ttgaagctgg     29040
     agggagaggt tgcagtgatc tgagagtttg ccacttgact gcagcctgga tgacacagtg     29100
     agactccaac tgaaaagaaa caaacacaca cccacacaca cacacacaca cacacacccc     29160
     caaaattgat aagtaaaaaa aaaatccata ttcgaaaaca tgctcacagg ctaactccca     29220
     tatctaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaatt ccttgaaaac     29280
     gaaagttcca caagggcaaa acaagaaaac aaatttaaca ccccccaaag aaagtacaaa     29340
     gagtaacctc aaaagaaccg caggggaaaa caattcaaaa tttacaagta tctaccctaa     29400
     aagaagctga aagtccctca aaaactttcc agaggccatg tccttgtatt acaaaaatga     29460
     tcataaaaac tggcaggagt agacgaatag aaatgcatct taaaacttgc taaacccttc     29520
     aagtctccca taagaattgt aatggaaaat ggatcggtcg gcagcttttt ccatacaatt     29580
     atgaacaaat tatatttctt catacataga tttgtttttt caatattcta aggaattaac     29640
     ttttatatta atagtaggtg atgtaagaaa gcaggccttt atcaagataa ctgacactgg     29700
     atgtccatac cattactcag gtgggcctta attcccagcc gggttccctc cctggacaca     29760
     cactgaaggt ccccagccat ttggcaatct cttcacattc ccagccctgg aggtagccct     29820
     aaaatacatg tacctgaaga aaataaaaca ttgcctcaca ctggagccca gtgtggtcct     29880
     ccagattccg tgtgaggtgg actaacttat atgggaaggc agggcagcgg gagtgaggat     29940
     ggcagagagg attacacatg tcaaggcagc cggggtcatg gaaacaaaac atgactggcc     30000
     tgggagaaac actatgaaag gacatacacc taggtgggcc ttaggtggac atcctcgtgg     30060
     agaaaaaggg ggccctggtt gatctcaaaa tgagccccag gtggtagcag gtcttaccgc     30120
     agggcaggga gctggcgagt aatgatgaga cagctatccc ttaagccctg cttgtcaccc     30180
     actgacttta gccacatatg catcatagtg gcttaaggtg ccccgatcct gaaatgtggg     30240
     tgttacatgt ccctgatggg cctctctccc ccaacccacg gattgcctgg gattgctcac     30300
     tgcagtctcc tcccggatcc ttgggttctc catgtggggc ccagatccag gtcaaaaggc     30360
     ctctcagttc ccagcccttc ccagccctag gctgctcgcc tggcctcctc tctgttccgc     30420
     ctctagggct gaccctctct ccatgggata gaactgcaat ggattgagcc ataggccctg     30480
     ggtgatgatc taggtgactg cagaagtggg tccaggacag ttcaggtgac agttcaaagc     30540
     caattcccca gagaccaagg aatgaccagc taggtccttt cccatgatgc cccacggcga     30600
     accccacctc agcaatcctg ccaaaacccg ggcagtcatg ttcagccaaa cagctgaatg     30660
     agctcaggta ggaggtgtac tgcctgcagc tggaggcttg accttcgtga tcccagaacc     30720
     gctggactgc agtggaatga gacaccctgt agcctgcagg gagaggagtc aggaaggttc     30780
     atgccagtcc caccctccca cacaccagct cccctaccat gctgggaggc attccttacc     30840
     gaggatgcca acacagtgct ccttcatgat gatttcactg tggaaataaa ggttgggatg     30900
     aaaggaaatc atcctgccac cggtaaccgg gatggctgag ttcctccacc tgccggatca     30960
     aggagaaaga ggatggattc aatgggacca tctcaactag ccgggctgag gtggcctact     31020
     agctgtagtg aaccatgagt ttccccttcc cagctctccc actgagacaa ccctggtccc     31080
     cagggggacc tcaaactgac tcagacactg gactcctccc acagacccag gctccccagc     31140
     ctgacctgca aatccatcac gtagcaaagc aggacttccg catgctttcc gacccacgcc     31200
     gacatctcgt gtgccaaaca atctacctct gcgcaagaac tctccagagg attgggtggg     31260
     caagcctcgt gacgccttgc aatttcgcaa gaacacagac aatgtggaac agggccatct     31320
     cccagacatt tggccagtca cccttcattg ttggccctct atctctgtct ggcgaggagg     31380
     caacgccaca actgtggtgg tttttggagt gggtggaccc cggccaagac ggcctgggct     31440
     gaccagagac gggaggcaga aaaagtgggc aggtggttgc agctgaggga cgggaggggc     31500
     cgggggtggt gtgaggcggc tgcttctctg agtttctgag atgcaggagg cctttgtgtg     31560
     ctgggtgctg gacatgctcc gctgatgtcc gggtgtgtgg tgtcctctta tcctagtctc     31620
     cctgaggggt gggcctgtcc acctgaggga agccttgtag ttagaagcca cagcagggtc     31680
     gtgcctggcg ctctccaagg gaattgcgtg ggtccagagg aagttataca ggctcagggc     31740
     ctacacgcct ttgagtgcag cgcctgcagt tggatgaatg cgcatctgcg gagctggtgc     31800
     ccgccgtcag gtggtcggca gccccatgcg ccgcgaaccc gtcttaagca ccttgtgttt     31860
     ctggggtgag cctgctggaa acaggcaccg agagcagggg tggttcaatg gctggtaatg     31920
     gcatacagat tccccgtcct ccagggacgt tcccagggaa acgcgtcctt cgaatttggg     31980
     ctgtgcgcaa agggaccttg gcgccgcgat tctcccttgt cagtgctggc cctggctccc     32040
     cttccctacc acgtgctccc agggctgcta caagcgagct gccctcacag ctgcgggaac     32100
     gtggcctcgg ctcccacgct gtcccccatc ccctgcctcc tggctgaccc cacgtgcctc     32160
     ccacctggct cctccccgca aacagccccc ataccccccg aggcccgatg actatcccct     32220
     gctgcccgcc atcccaaatc ggcagccgca aggatatggc tctggctcac aaggcggaga     32280
     tgctctgtgg cctggggcat tcacggagcc cagctccaag tgaaggacct ccagcgagtc     32340
     cattgacggc cccggtgtgc tcggtccagg gccaggctgt gcccgctggc cctccttctg     32400
     ccaccccacg tcgggctcca cctcaaccac cacctccacc tcagccatga tgtcttccac     32460
     cttcagcacc gcctcctctt ccaaggccgc ctccttgctc tgtaccccgg ccgtcctctc     32520
     cagcattgcc tccagcctga acacggtttt ctcctgggtg ctcccacaga ccctgggcct     32580
     gcgcagccca gcccagccca gcccatgccc cgcacccgta ggctctgggg gcccgctccc     32640
     cagcagaccc gctccctgca agacccacgg gcgtcgccct gctgtgaacc tggtcccaca     32700
     cctacgtgga cccaggtttc ctgaggagct ccgctggacc cgcagatccc gcactggcca     32760
     aagggctccg gtccccagca ggctcaactg cgcacaggag ctcgggagcc agaggccccg     32820
     gccctgggct tgcagagccc caccaacagg caccgcaacc gctgctgcgg gtgcgggagc     32880
     ctctgggtcg tcaaggcagc gcacaacagc gtgcgcgcag gccgacaatg gccaaccctg     32940
     gcggctggcc tctggtgtgc ccagggcata ggacaagagg ccctttggaa tgctccttgg     33000
     agtacagcat cctcagggag gaagcatggt actcggagcc tctatttgcc tcgacctgtg     33060
     agagtgtgtg ccggggctct ggcctctaca gcagatcaat tccacctcag caccggcagg     33120
     cgactttcct cccacgtgcc cgccccgatc acttccccca ggacacccct gccgccctag     33180
     ccccagcaac cagagagagt tctctgcatc tgctgtatta cctccgtacc atctacctgg     33240
     cctgcctaac gaagagagat gtttcctgtg ttcatgacac atagagatgt tcatggcttg     33300
     ccacactgag gatgtcaggg cacagggctg ccatgcccac aattccaaag gccacgcagc     33360
     ccgcgtgtgc ccggatgcct agctacccgg cacaagctcc aagggcttct cggaggaggc     33420
     ttgggcaggg aaggcggggg gtgggggggc tggagatgca ggcccgccag tggctgtgcc     33480
     gcccagggag acgcccaccg ccctcccatt gactggccac gacgggagga agtcggcctg     33540
     ggtgcggccc cccggccctt cgcgcgcagt cccttagggg gcgcctggaa gcccggcgca     33600
     tgcgccctga gggctcgctg acctaccggg tgccagagag gctgcggcag ggtttctgtg     33660
     gcgtgggtcg ggcagcacag gccttggtgt gtgcgagtgc caaggagggc accgccttca     33720
     ggatggaggc tgtacaggag ggggcggccg gggtggagag tgagcaggcg gctttggggg     33780
     aggaggcggt gctgctgttg gatgacataa tggcggaggt ggaggtggtg gcggaggtgg     33840
     aggtggtggc ggaggaggag ggcctcgtgg agcggcggga ggaggcccag cgggcacagc     33900
     aggctgtgcc tggccctggg cccatgaccc cagagtctgc actggaggag ctgctggccg     33960
     ttcaggtgga gctggagccg gttaatgccc aagccaggaa ggccttttct cggcagcggg     34020
     aaaagatgga gcggaggcgc aagccccagc tagaccgcag aggcgccgtc atccagagcg     34080
     tccctggctt ctgggccaat gttgtatcct tctcagtgtt tcttcggcct ttctagtgga     34140
     gaggtgctct cggggaagtg taagtgaccg atgggcagct cggcgtcgat gtgactcttt     34200
     ggggaacaaa ggggagttgc cacggaccag tgtggctgtg gaaagccgga gcaggcgtgg     34260
     gtactattgt cctgcatgcg gcagagaaac ccttggtgat gccgagcagc agacgtttgg     34320
     ggcatctttt tgaagagcag aagcgagttc agagcggaag aggtttttca gtgaatgaag     34380
     ctatttttaa gggagtgtga ttgctgcccc ttgctagtcc gatctgggac tgggcgtctt     34440
     cggctataag cagattctgc cactcctcag acaccagcaa gtctctgcaa atcgcgcctc     34500
     cccatgtcag tgcagtcagc ctcagaatca tacaccctct gtgaacacag gaggccttag     34560
     tttaagggga gggggaggcg aaaggagatc atacatggaa gcagatctga gaaatcccct     34620
     accccagcct ctgggtgctc ttaggccttc ttccctgttg ctcctcgctt tcccttccat     34680
     cgtgtgtaaa gtctctttga cctaaatcag attgcaaacc acccccagat gtcagccctg     34740
     atcactgacg aagatgaaga catgctgagc tacatggtca gcctggaggt gaggccagga     34800
     agactggggc tagagggttt agcgggggag ggtaagggaa ataattcatt cctgtaagca     34860
     agagtgagca cctcacccga aaacctatct aagctttctc caccttgtcc tgacaggtgg     34920
     aagaagagaa gcatcctgtt catctctgca agatcatgtt gttctttcgg agtaacccct     34980
     acttccagaa taaagtgatt accaaggaat atctggtgaa catcacaggt gacaggtggc     35040
     tcccaggatg ggtagtggaa ggaagatggt gggtggatca ttgccaacgg gatccagccc     35100
     ccttcccaca aaaactcctg tctctgtaga atacagggct tctcattcca ctccaattga     35160
     gtggtatccg gattatgaag tggaggccta tcgccgcaga caccacaaca gcagccttaa     35220
     cttcttcaac tggttctctg accacaactt cgcaggatct aacaagattg ctgaggtgag     35280
     tcctcactgg gaaacatgag gaatgacccc atgtgttccc agctgcttgg gtcacctttc     35340
     tgagccctga tgaggccttt cccgattgag tcccctgaca gatcctatgt aaggacctgt     35400
     ggcgcaatcc cctgcaatac tacaagagga tgaagccacc tgaagaggga acagagacgt     35460
     caggtgagcc gttagttggc actggagctg tttgatgccc agtataaggg ggttgacaca     35520
     cctgcctatt cagggagcct gggtgctcat ttcagaaatg tagaaattga ggctcctttc     35580
     gtacatgtag aaattccttg agaggaagac agagagtgac agaatccagg acgttcatgg     35640
     cattgggctg aaaaggcacg ttagagactg cactgcaaag cgggtgatag ctgtggagtc     35700
     ttaagcccag tgaagaatcg tccatttcca gaatcaatga gaagtaaagc tgaaaatcat     35760
     tcagttcagt ctgtggcact tgattccacg gctgtcaacc ccaccggcag tcatcccacc     35820
     aaccccatga gattgggctc cctgaatgtg cgtcctggtc atccttgccc caaaccacaa     35880
     aggactgttt agattgatgg atttccttaa gctgttgccc catcagactt gtgtgtgctt     35940
     ttagggccca gtgcatcttg ttagctgact cccctcacag acaatactgg gaatggggca     36000
     gggattgcgc agaacagttt gtaacacgtg gtaggaggaa gtttaaggga tcacaaatgg     36060
     ggaagggata tccttttctc agcgggcccc acaattgaaa catttcaaag tatggctcag     36120
     agaaaatgcg ttttaacatg agtttgtgtt tctctagggg actcccagtt gttgagttga     36180
     atatgatgga gcatcagatt ttacctaata cagcagaact cctaaaaagt tacagccata     36240
     tgcaggacgg cagtactcag catggtctta tgcacaggaa ctaaaggaaa aagagatcga     36300
     gtcacaaaaa ttcaggaaga gggggtaaat gtggattgta tggaatgaaa aataaacatt     36360
     ctcaaggatg tgtgactctg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctttgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg     36420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtt tatccacttt attcgggtgt cataatgaat tgatcaatcc     36480
     acgtgcttta ttctcttcat ggaaataacc agtctgcgtt ggagctgggc ctctaaagtt     36540
     gtagagtgaa tgggtgtggg atgtgttggg attcttccta caggacagac tgggagaggt     36600
     aaaagcaaaa gacagcttag ttggaggctg acttcgtcct atggaagcag agatagttca     36660
     aggaaagggg ttactgggtt tccagggccc agtttgctgg gacctccaaa atccttcatt     36720
     ttgggtatca tcatacacag tagctaagca caggatgatg gaaatcttaa agttcgcttt     36780
     cgtgttgaat ccacatgttc ttttaaaggt gaatgcatga tccttttctg ggacaatcag     36840
     cctctcagga cttctgaaac atcaacgtga gaagaaatgg gcatgtaagg tgtatggagg     36900
     gactgtggga aaggtgacag aggcatgtgg gaaggcattc aggatacgct tttggcatag     36960
     atgactaagg gaaaacagaa acttacagaa gtgaggggaa agggggtgga ttagtggaat     37020
     ataagattgt tggagaatcc atccatggac tctcttgtca cttgatgacc caggatatgg     37080
     acactcttgt tgatgtttac atctttagtt gttttaagct tttctccaag attctgtgtt     37140
     aggtgaggag ccaataacgt atgtagctaa caacagtacg agtgcatttt gtgctcttgc     37200
     aaagtctagt gaggctctat tctccctcgt gattggcact gcagattgta tctggtgccc     37260
     agggccccta aattttctgt ggcctcttca gcatagtttg cctaaggttt agaacgtaaa     37320
     gcgaatatag ttgcggaata tgttttgcaa gcctcacaca ggaggacaaa acatacagct     37380
     ttcattcgcg agtgggaggc tgcttcccag gaacacgtgt gtctgcacaa gacaaggggt     37440
     tgcctctgtc aaggatgggg caggaggatt tcagtgtcgg aggcagaact ttctttcctg     37500
     ttcccagatg aaacagttcc aacacgagca tccatgttga ccacacgcta ctagagtgct     37560
     aacattgctg tcccgtatag actctggtca gcacagcttc tgtgagaaga gctatgttgt     37620
     ttcagggaag agggtttgac agtcaaagtt cctgaatctg ttgtggtgcc tgcaatatgc     37680
     attctacccc tcctgctcgg tgtcaaagca gttgagcttt gaaaatctat cgcctggttt     37740
     tgtccctgct cctatgcaga cctctgaagc tctggagcgg gagtcttgtc ctcctctgac     37800
     taccgtcccc ctgacccaca aacacaggag aaacaggtgt tctaagcaaa ttattctgaa     37860
     aacagtcgga acactttggc cccctcaagc tgccctctat cctactgtgt gcatgtcaaa     37920
     gacactgtgg tccagtacgg tatccctata gcggcaatgg ggcaacagat tggtgtgtgc     37980
     actctgggca actcagatta ggaaacgtct ggggacttgc ctataacgag gtcgtcttaa     38040
     aacgtgttgc cccaaattta aggcatagga aaatgttgag gaaagggtct tgcaatgatt     38100
     tttctaggag gtaaatagat aagaaaatga ccgtaaatag atgccagggc tagttttgga     38160
     gctagccttt tttaaagtgg tggtagggga ggaggttttt ccaaggcagg tagcaaacca     38220
     ggaactgtct acgatggatg ggcgtgccat gggttggtgg ctcagccata ttgccacccc     38280
     acggagtcga tgcagcagac tgggcttctt gcttgaatcc tacgtgcaat tcagtctagt     38340
     gatttcacat gagatccctt cttctggtat tatcacagat cgtgctgaat tatacaggct     38400
     gtgtaatgct tcttccactg aatatccgtg cacgtgggcc acagatgcta agggcactga     38460
     caaatttgca ccgtgcctca gtaactcgga agcacatctg tgatttgtac cgacagggac     38520
     ttggtgtctt ttcgtgttta cagtagcacg tgtgtgtttg tggttgcgta tgtttatttc     38580
     tctgtgcggg tttgtatatt ttctctgact ccacctatgt ctccgtggtt ccgatatttt     38640
     tccacactcc ctgcgacaat ttgcacatgc ctatctctac aaccattgta gactttgtat     38700
     ctgtgtcttt gaacatctgt cactctctct cccttccttt tttcttttcc ttcctttaca     38760
     cccctccttt catccttccc ttgcttcccc accacactct ctccatctgt atcgtctatg     38820
     tttctattct ctatctgggt ttactttcta attctgaatt caagggcatt gaattgaaaa     38880
     gaagcactct tcgtactttt atgtgtttta actcatttgg ggaatttggc gtggtattat     38940
     ttacagggtt ctctctgccc tttctcattg ttctccccag ccggggctgt tattatgtga     39000
     aagctggttt ccttcatcac atcgcgtagg ctctaatgat gtttcgttta ttttgattct     39060
     cctcacacta catagtttta atttacctaa tgtgactgtt tttttgtttg ttttccgaga     39120
     atgggtctta ctctgtcttc taggttggac agcagcccca cgatctcagc ccactgcagc     39180
     ccaggcacca cacacccatg tgatcctgtc aactcagact ctcacacacc tggcagtaca     39240
     ggtgcatgcc acccctccaa gctatgtatt aattaactaa atacttactt tttgaatgtg     39300
     ggtccatgtt gccccaggct catctggaac tcctgagtgc aggcaatcct cccacctcag     39360
     cttatcaaag tgctgggatg acaggtgtga ccatggccct gccatggctt tgtgtttttt     39420
     gcttttttct tcctcctcct cacgtcttgt tttgaaacat gcactgaagg tttcaattca     39480
     tggactatag cctctgtgcc tggaatttct atctttcaac tcatcatcag cattcattgg     39540
     gattttcata tatatataca cctatataag aatacctatg tacacacata tatacgtata     39600
     tacatgtata tacgtatata tgcacattta tatacgtata tacatgtata tacgtatata     39660
     tatacatgta cacatatgta tttatttctc aagttacgaa acggcttgca ttctttcctg     39720
     tgtcatgaaa aagactttgc tagaaaagaa aagcactgct ttataataaa atattttatt     39780
     tgcatttatt ttgttaaggc attttaaaaa ttgtatgttt gtttaaaaaa tgtcatatga     39840
     aatgatacat atttacaact taaggcgtga tgttcaacag gtcatataca ttatgcattg     39900
     gatacatcca gccaatcaac atatgtgtga cctcacatag ttgtcatttt tgttgtgaaa     39960
     aaacttgacc tgcactgtat tcgaatattt ttagagaaag aatatgttac cactagttat     40020
     agtgagcatg ctgaagaaaa tatttttaac ctattcctcc tttataacta gaagtatgag     40080
     ttcttcatcc agcatctcgt cagtgcaccc tcttcaccgc agtcattgga gtcactactt     40140
     ctgtgaagtc cgcttttttg atttcatata agaatgagat catgtgctat tttcctttct     40200
     gatacctggc ttatgtcact taacagaatg gcatgcacac attcagcaga ttcccacaca     40260
     ttctcacaac tggcaggatt tcctgatttc tcattgcagc gcatatttcc gttgcgcata     40320
     tgcgtttttg ccccattttt taatccactt atcaatggag ggacactcag gttgcttccg     40380
     cattttggct acagcaaaaa tgtaatgagt gcagcaataa ttgcatgggt gcgcgcaccg     40440
     cttcaacata ctgatctgtg tactggcggg cgtgcccggg tattctgatt tgctggatca     40500
     tatagtgggt ggttctactt gtagatttct gaaggctgtt tatacttaaa taagagccat     40560
     aaagcttctt taatgccagc actaatttac attctcccca aaagtgagca gggaattcgt     40620
     tttctctgcc tcctcaccag agattagggt tttcttttct ttcttttttt tttttgtttg     40680
     tttgtctttc ggataatatg cattctgact gaagtgagaa gaaatctcat tgtgtttttg     40740
     atttgcattt tcgtgatgga ttggggataa tgaggaattt ttagtgtgtc ttctgggcaa     40800
     ctgtatgtct cagtttcaca aatgagtctt cgcagccttc gcccatttgt tttcatgcta     40860
     ttgagttgtt gggagttcct tatgtactgt gactattccc ccatgaacag atgtatggtg     40920
     atccaatcat tgctcccatc ctgtaggatg ccccttctgt atgttgagtt ttctatggtg     40980
     tggtgaagca ctttagtttg atatgattcc attctctatt tttgatggtg tttactgtgt     41040
     tcttgcagtc actttgagac catcattgca cacacggacg ccatggagct tcttccttgt     41100
     gatctcttct gctattttta tcgtttcaca tctgacactg gagtttggtg ataaataatc     41160
     cacttgtaaa atcctttgtg tggctattca gatttcccca acctagttta tagaagatac     41220
     ttgattttgc attgggcgtt cttgcttctt tgggaaaagg ctgtgagctg caaatgcagt     41280
     gacttagttc tgggctcctg ttgtttttcc taagctctag tctctgcttt tctgccagtg     41340
     ctattgtatt ttggtacaaa aagttttgta gtagtatatc atgaagttag gtagtgtggt     41400
     ggctccagct ttgtgctttt tactggattg ctctgggttt tcaggatctt ctgccatttc     41460
     atagcaaatt tgggattccc agattgtttt tctaagaaga atgtgtcatt gatattttta     41520
     caggggttgt atagaatctg aggatgactc aggtagtagt gatgtcaatg ccgtttagac     41580
     aatgtgcgtg tttgtgtgca caagctcagg gccaagagac actgggtgtc ctcaccaata     41640
     ctgaggtggg ccttaatatc cagccagatt gccttctgga aacacacgga atgtcctgtt     41700
     ctgttttgcc atctcttcac atttcctccc ctgtgagccc tgtgtggtcc tccagattcc     41760
     ctgtgcggtg gcctgccttt tttggggtgg ggagttgctg ggtgaatgag gatggcggag     41820
     ggaaccaagt atgtcagtgg agcgtggtgt catccaaacg gtacttagca ggcctgggag     41880
     agtcattctg ggaggacgca gacctagaga ggcctcaggt gggcatctgt gtggagggtg     41940
     agagatccct ggttgagccc aaactgaacc ccaggtagaa gcaagcctca ggacagggaa     42000
     gtagctagca agggatgatg agggagctat ctcttgaccc tggcttccca cccattgacc     42060
     ttagctactt gtgcctatta agcagattac ggttccccca tcgtgaaatg tgggtaccac     42120
     agttccctga tgggcatttc tccaccagcc catgatggcc tgagtttcct tactgcagtc     42180
     tcctccctga gccttggctt ctctatgtgt gtcctaactc caggacccac aggcctgtca     42240
     acccccagcc ctgggctgct tccctggcct cttctctgtt ccctctctga gggcctaact     42300
     cccttgggta gtgctgcaga atatagagcc acaggccctg gctgatgatc tggtggactg     42360
     ggcaaattgg tcgtgacagg tcaggttctg gttcaaagcc aattcctccg atgccaagga     42420
     atgtcgaaga aggtcctttg ccatgatgcc ccatagctgc cccacctcag caatcgtgcc     42480
     gtaacctggg ccctcacagt cagacaacca gctgaagaag ctcaggcagt gacctgcggg     42540
     aaactcgggc tttcacctgc atgaccctag aaccactgga ctgcagtgga gccagtcgcc     42600
     ctgtatcctg gagggagacg agtcaggaag gcgcacgcca ggcccagctc ccgaggtact     42660
     accccctcta ctcctcaggg aggatgccaa cgcaatactc cttagtcgtc actttgtttc     42720
     cgaagtaaat gttgtgatga aaggcaaact tcttcctacc ccttgtattc agggtggccg     42780
     agttcctcca cctgcctgtc caagaaggag aaacagggct gtgaaggggc aatttcatct     42840
     aggtgggctg aggtggcatt ctagccgggg tgaagcatgc gtttcccctt cccagctttc     42900
     ccgctgagac acacctgagc cccagaagga cctcaacctg accaggacct tagcaccctc     42960
     ccccagaccc aggctttcca tcctgacctg caaatccaac atgcagcttt gaaggacttt     43020
     ctcatggttt ctgagctcct tgctctcacc agaaagaatc agaactttta aagtgttctt     43080
     tatgccaact taaatttttc atttttacta cctcatgttt tggatgaggc atgtattttt     43140
     aaatttattt tcacccttat tgtacctcta tgataaactg cttgcttaca ttcataccgt     43200
     aattatctct caggttactt gtctgttcct aaagattcac tgaaacgaag aattctatat     43260
     atgcttgtat ctttcagcaa ccgtatgtca gatagcactg cacattactg cagacatcgc     43320
     atatacaggt ccaaaggtag aggaagaaga agaaagcaag cgttaagctc tatacattcc     43380
     taaaagcata tcagaaactc acaaataaca gtgaaatcaa agaatgatca cagccaattc     43440
     cattacatac ctagactgaa atacgaaact tcaaagaaaa gaaacattag aactttgggt     43500
     ttgtaaaaat tttcctatat agataaaatt attggtaact gtgtctcact agaaaacgta     43560
     aacaaaagtc catgtttttc atatttgtaa atatacatag ttttatttcc atcagttatg     43620
     acatgcaagc aagtaataaa gtgaaagtac aatcaaatga tatatggaac ttcctcagtc     43680
     ttaaaatatt ccatggagac tatcaatttt atgaaaacta taaagaatgc ttcatgaaac     43740
     tacattgtac agtgccattt actattttac tgacatttta aataatcaac aattaaaggg     43800
     aatacgtcaa cattatttaa taccaataac gttatttttc ttgagtaatc ctgttgaaat     43860
     taaggatttt aaataaaaca ttaaaaacaa attatattga ctgatttcag ctttggatga     43920
     aatcatactt gtgtatttgt agtaatgcga agcataactt tctcctcaca attaatcttt     43980
     tataacatcg gtgttatagt tttctctgac accaacattg tgatatcgca caggtttact     44040
     gcatgcatgc attacatgcc tccagagagt aggcttcaaa tatatggaaa aattatattt     44100
     atgaaaaaat tctaggaaag ggaatggtga aatggaagag aatttctcac ttgctaactg     44160
     ttggacatgg atttgtatat atttggatat agacacatac tggcacactg tgagtttgcc     44220
     catgtatata tacacttata tgagaaaccc ataatatatg ggttgtgtaa tcttttaatt     44280
     aatccataat tgtatgtgtg tgaaattaga taagcggtta ccttttcttt actcaatttg     44340
     atggaaagcc aaaaaactct gtccaccttc atttcaatta atccaatact gttaactgct     44400
     ggtagcttca ttctccttgt tctcttacgg caaccggaaa gttaattctc gctctaattt     44460
     ggctttcaag gtgcgatcaa caagagtgtc accttgctgt ggattgtgac ctctgactcc     44520
     acctctgtct tccttttgca gtcctacctt tgcataggta acaaactttg tacatggtta     44580
     aaaggataaa agttcagtga aatgtcaagc catgctgtga aatgttccat agtttctata     44640
     tctctaattg tcctttgatg ttatagaggc aagaaaaata attcaatgtt tttcttagta     44700
     tctagtccaa tgcactcttt cttcataata ctgcaaacaa ggcactgaca tggaaacgtg     44760
     gctggacgtc tcaaaatctc ttctcattaa ttaccattat gttaatcact gttgcccaca     44820
     actggaattg gactttgaaa tcccctggtg gaaattgcta taatggctca aactactgga     44880
     aagactatct ttttttacct gaaaatatct gatgagcata gacgtatgct atatacagga     44940
     agatattgta cattaacaac ataccatcac tgccactcaa taataggtat cccaaacctt     45000
     tgagccaaac tgagctcagg tgctcccaca aaccaagctt ttccctccac agatttctta     45060
     tgtcaaaaag ccacaactcc aggccaggct tcgtggctct tgttgtaatt tctacatttt     45120
     gggaggccga ggttggtggg tcacttgagg tcaggagttg gagaccagca tgggcaacat     45180
     ggcaaaaagc tgtctctacc aaaaatacaa aaattagcca gacctagtgg cactttcctg     45240
     tggtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggtag gagaaccacc tgaacatggg tggcagagat     45300
     tgtatagtaa gccgagatca gactactgca ctccagcctg gatgacacag cgagaccatg     45360
     aaaaaaaaaa taaaggcaac tccactcgtc cactggctta ggtaaaaaat actggagttg     45420
     gctgggctcg gtggctcaca cctgtattcc cagcactttg gattttggga agctgagtcg     45480
     ggcgggtcac ctgagatctg tagtaggaga gcagcctggc caacatggtg aagcctggct     45540
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaca ttagctgagc gtggtgatgc atgcttgtaa tcccagctac     45600
     tgcagaggct gaacctggga ggcggaggat gtgttgagct gagatcctgc cactgcgctc     45660
     cagcctggtc tacagagcga gagtaccctg tgagaaacaa aggtgaagag aacaagaaaa     45720
     aaaaatgaga aaaataagac ccactgcaaa aggttgccac agaaaagatt aaacatttca     45780
     gcaacttcta tcttctatca tggaagccaa ggttatttgg accaaacctc ctgtcttagt     45840
     tcattttcac gctgctgaag aagagatacc tgaaactggg aataaaagga ggtttaattg     45900
     gactgacagt tccacatggc tgtggaggcc tcagaatcat ggtatacgaa taaaggcact     45960
     tcttacatgg caatgccaag agagaatgag gaagaacctg aggcagaaac ccctgaaaaa     46020
     cccatcagat cccgtgagac ttcttcactg tcacaagaat agcatgagaa agaccgaccc     46080
     ccatgattca attacctccc cctgggtccc acccgcaaca cgagggaatt ctgggagata     46140
     caattgaagc tgagatttga atggagacac accaaaccat gtcacttccc aaacaattaa     46200
     aaattcccaa tagaagaagc attaattata tcaaaaagtg gtggaccaag aaggaactat     46260
     tagcctcata tctcaagaaa gactccagtc aaggcctagg gactactcat gaaaagagtt     46320
     taatagccga ctctctccca gtggatctgg attccaccgg actgtatctt cacagtaagg     46380
     gtgaaacaga agcaaaccca ttcctatttc caagctcaag gaactttggt caaagttctc     46440
     ttggagctga gcagaacaag gaggcaaaca gaaaagattt gtgtccctga gaagtcatgg     46500
     ccacaggctg gctatcacac agattgtcaa gccagttcca tattgcatgg gtattacaga     46560
     aaatctcaaa acataaattt gtgtgtgggt tgtcccagag tagcaggatc tggcagaagg     46620
     aaatttcctt ctaaccctca aagaatccac ataaatcttg ttacatttgg gattttacga     46680
     tttgcttcag gaatgagaat ggccttaatt ttcatatctt tttctacact cagtttatgt     46740
     cttgttggcg tcaaagttct gcttgcttca cacaatgagt ttaggatttt ccctttttta     46800
     ttctatagaa ttcttcatat atattgaaat gctctgcctg gggaaaaaaa tctgagccta     46860
     gcgttttatc tctaggaaga atcctttatt tccttggaca tttatgagac tatacagatt     46920
     atatatgtct tcttgtatca attttactaa gctatataca tagcttatgt ttatatatta     46980
     tatatataaa tgtaagatac aaatataaaa attatgtata aatatgaaaa tatatataga     47040
     aagcgatata tatgtctata tatagagaca gattataaat atctgtctat ttgatctaag     47100
     ttttcaaatt tgtaggttaa ggtgttaatg atatttcctt attagcttct taatctatgc     47160
     tgtatctatg gttgtgtacc ttttaaattc ttagttttat ctatgttttc tccctttttt     47220
     tctaaacttg actgacggtt gcatcattta ttatatttct ccaacaagca aaggttagct     47280
     ttgtatgttt tactaatttt gtctacatca ttattcccac actttagttt ttcagaattg     47340
     attctgttgt ttcttttcta attctttatt gaaatatcta gtacattaat tttcaagtta     47400
     ttagagaaat atttgtctgt aaactcctat tgtaatatca cttttcttgc tactcacaga     47460
     tttaatcttt aatattggcg gtatcattga gttctaagta catttcaatt cctagtatga     47520
     taatctatga attgctgaga aatagtgttt acaattttgt tgttctattt ccacttaagt     47580
     ttatttttac ttctgctaac tcaattgaaa attctttact aatttttaaa atccttgaac     47640
     ccaagagatg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcaggccact gcattccaga ctgagtgaca     47700
     gagtggaacg agatttcaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacagt cactggaaag     47760
     ataataaaat acataaatgt gggatgtaat atgtaatcgt gataaaataa actggatttt     47820
     ttgtataagt tatacatata aatgtaatgc caagacactg ataagacaac tcatggtctt     47880
     atctcaatac ttagtgtctt catgtaacat atgtccttta ggatagttat agtccgtttt     47940
     ctttccagga gagacagatg agaatgcaga aatgttaaag tgcaagggac ggaagcttcc     48000
     agctgtgccc acctgtaacc tgacgtagac agttccaccg tttgcttcat taatcatgcc     48060
     aaaggctcta atgcaaatgt ggtacagagt cacatgtttt tgtatctaca tgatagaaac     48120
     tataacttca tccctatata gaagggtata tagcatatgc ctcagtgata aatataagtg     48180
     aatcattgat cagtaggaaa ccattttaaa agtctttcat aacagaacaa aatccctgaa     48240
     aacattttct tctcaatctc tgagttttct tacacggctt atgaatctct agccatacta     48300
     aagagatagt atgctgctct tcccacaaat tattcattgt atataattcc tgtaatctaa     48360
     taacagtacc tttacacctc agggtttaaa atgactccaa cctttttctg tttctccaat     48420
     taaaataact tttttaaggt ttaatcttca gtaatttttt gtagtaatat ttttgaaggt     48480
     atttgaccag gatgatttgc ttatatacct acctgacgtc tccctttctt ctgaatacat     48540
     attttattac ccacctatta gatctaagtt taagaagttg gaatagggat ttaaatctaa     48600
     attctacatt tgaatttaca ggagtcagcg agtccgggaa gtgcctttat gcacagacca     48660
     atatctggca atggcactag gagacaaata agctttacca gtctcaaagc cctggctact     48720
     acagtgaatc cacccttctc ctggatctta tctacttcag caaaagaagg ccacccacta     48780
     aaccaggccc ttgtactttg ggtggaaact cctaagtcct ctagtctcct caaacagaca     48840
     gccaggctgc caatttccac aataataatt tctatagcac tgagcctttg gtagccttgt     48900
     aactatagct actgatgcta cagtctggtc cctgtatgat aaaacaccag agcaacagaa     48960
     acaaaaatat tgactgaagc cttctaaaat ctctctaaat ataccttcaa taaatatcgt     49020
     ttttttttac agaacgactg ctttcagctt cctgaacgaa cgcttggcct tcgctagttg     49080
     tcactgttga aattgattca aaagtgtaca tttaacatga aagtcaacac agaatttcat     49140
     gtgtcagcaa ctaaaatttt caaaatgttg caaaatacaa atgtgaaact gtatttgtga     49200
     aatttaccat tcattgaaat tatattttca tacctaccca ggcacagaat tttttataac     49260
     tgtctgcatg ttctcctcat gtgggggaaa aacagcatca gcaggcagag gaatcctttg     49320
     aagctggagg gagaggttgc agtgatctga gagtttgcca cttgactgca gcctggatga     49380
     cacagtgaga ctccaactga aaagaaacaa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     49440
     ccccaaaatt gataagtaaa aaaaaaatcc gtattcgaaa acatgctcac aggctaactc     49500
     ccatatctaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaattcct     49560
     tgaaaacgaa agttccacaa gggcgaaaca agaaaacaaa tttaacaccc cccaaagaaa     49620
     gtacgaagag taacctcaaa agaaccgcag gggaaaacaa ttcaaaattt acaagtatct     49680
     accctaaaag aagctgaaag tccctcaaaa actttccaga ggccatgtcc ttgtattaca     49740
     aaaatgatca taaaaactgg caggagtaga cgaatagaaa tgcatcttaa aacttgctga     49800
     acacttcaag tctcccataa gaattgtaat ggaaaatgga tcagtcggca gttttttcca     49860
     tacaattatg aacaaattat atttcttcat acatagattt gttttttcaa tattctaagg     49920
     aattaacttt tatattaata gtaggtgatg taagaaagca ggcctttatc aagataactg     49980
     acactggatg tccataccat tactcaggtg ggccttaatt cccagccagg ttccctccct     50040
     ggacacacac tgaaggtccc cagccatttg gcaatctctt cacattccca gccctggagg     50100
     tagccctaaa atacatgtac ctgaagaaaa taaaacattg cctcacactg gagcccagtg     50160
     tggtcctcca gattccgtgt gaggtggact aacttatatg ggaaggcagg gcagcgggag     50220
     tgaggatggc agagaggatt acacatgtca aggcagccgg ggtcatggaa acaaaacatg     50280
     actggcctgg gagaaacact gtgaaaggac acagacctag gtgggcctca ggtggacatc     50340
     ctcgtggaga aaaagggggc cctggttgat ctcaaaatga gccccaggtg gtagcaggtc     50400
     ttaccgcagg gcagggagct ggcgagtaat gatgagacag ctatccctta agccctgctt     50460
     gtcacccact gactttagcc acatatgcat catagtggct taaggtgccc cgatcctgaa     50520
     atgtgggtgt tacatgtccc tgatgggcct ctctccccca acccacggat tgcctgggat     50580
     tgctcactgc agtctcctcc cggatccttg ggttctccat gtggggccca gatccaggtc     50640
     aaaaggcctc tcagttccca gcccttccca gccctaggct gctcgcctgg cctcctctct     50700
     gttccgcctc tagggctgac cctctctcca tgggatagaa ctgcaatgga ttgagccata     50760
     ggccctggct gatgatctag gggactgcag aagtgggtcc aggacagttc aggtgacagt     50820
     tcaaagccaa ttccccagag accaaggaat gaccagctag gtcctttccc atgatgcccc     50880
     atggcgaacc ccacctcagc aatcctgcca aaacccgggc agtcatgttc agccaaacag     50940
     ctgaatgagc tcaggtagga ggtgtactgc ctgcagctgg aggcttgacc ttcgtgatcc     51000
     cagaaccgct ggactgcagt ggaatgagac accctgtagc ctgcagggag aggagtcagg     51060
     aaggttcatg ccagtcccac cctcccacac accagctccc ctaccatgct gggaggcatt     51120
     ccttaccgag gatgccaaca cagtgctcct tcatgatgat ttcactgtgg aaataaaggt     51180
     tgggatgaaa ggaaatcatc ctgccaccgg taaccgggat ggctgagttc ctccacctgc     51240
     cggatcaagg agaaagagga tggattcaat gggaccatct caactagctg ggctgaggtg     51300
     gcctactagc tgtagtgaac catgagtttc cccttcccag ctctcccact gagacaaccc     51360
     tggtccccag ggggacctca aactgactca gacactggac tcctcccaca gacccagctc     51420
     cccagcctga cctgcaaatc catcacgtag caaagcagga cttccgcatg ctttccgacc     51480
     cacgccgaca tctcgtgtgc caaacaatct acctctgcgc aagaactctc cagaggattg     51540
     ggtggcaagc ctcgtgacgc cttgcaattt cgcaagaaca cagacaatgt ggaacagggc     51600
     catctcccag acatttggcc agtcaccctt cattgttggc cctctatctc tgtctggcga     51660
     ggagcaacgc cacaactgtg gtggtttttg gagtgggtgg accccggcca agacggcctg     51720
     ggctgaccag agacgggagg cagaaaaagt gggcaggtgg ttgcagctga gggacgggag     51780
     ggaccggggg tggtgtgagg cggctgcttc tctgagtttc tgagatgcag gaggcctttg     51840
     tgtgctgggt gctggacatg ctccgctgat gtccgggtgt gtggtgtcct cttatcctag     51900
     tctccctgag gggtgggcct gtccacctga gggaagcctt gtagttagaa gccacagcag     51960
     ggtcgtgcct ggcgctctcc aagggaattg cgtgggtcca gaggaagtta tacaggctca     52020
     gggcctacac gcctttgagt gcagcgcctg cagttggatg aatgcgcatc tgcggagctg     52080
     gtgcccgccg tcaggtggtc ggcagcccca tgcgccgcga acccgtctta agcaccttgt     52140
     gtttctgggg tgagcctgct ggaaacaggc accgagagca ggggtggttc aatggctggt     52200
     aatggcatac agattccccg tcctccaggg acgttcccag ggaaacgcgt ccttcgaatt     52260
     tgggctgtgc gcaaagggac cttggcgccg cgattctccc ttgtcagtgc tggccctggc     52320
     tccccttccc taccacgtgc tcccagggct gctacaagcg agctgccctc acagctgcgg     52380
     gaacgtggcc tcggctccca cgctgtcccc catcccctgc ctcctggctg accccacgtg     52440
     cctcccacct ggctcctccc cccaaacagc ccccataccc cccgaggccc gatgactatc     52500
     ccctgctgcc cgccatccca aatcggcagc cgcaaggata tggctctggc tcacaaggcg     52560
     gagatgctct gtggcctggg gcattcacgg agcccagctc caagtgaagg acctccagcg     52620
     agtccattga cggccccggt gtgctcggtc cagggccagg ctgtgccgct ggccctcctt     52680
     ctgccacccc acgtcgggct ccacctcaac caccacctcc acctcagcca tgatgtcttc     52740
     caccttcagc accgcctcct cttccaaggc cgcctccttg ctctgtaccc cggccgtcct     52800
     ctccagcatt gcctccagcc tgaacacggt tttctcctgg gtgctcccac agaccctggg     52860
     cctgcgcagc ccagcccagc ccagcccatg ccccgcaccc gtaggctctg ggggcccgct     52920
     ccccagcaga cccgctccct gcaagaccca cgggcgtcgc cctgctgtga acctggtccc     52980
     acacctacgt ggacccaggt ttcctgagga gctccgctgg acccgcagat cccgcactgg     53040
     ccaaagggct ccggtcccca gcaggcccaa ctgcgcacag gagctcggga gccagaggcc     53100
     ccggccctgg gcttgcagag ccccaccaac aggcaccgca accgctgctg cgggtgcggg     53160
     agcctctggg tcgtcaaggc agcgcacaac agcgtgcgcg caggccgaca atggccaacc     53220
     ctggcggctg gcctctggtg tgcccagggc atagggcaag aggccctttg gaatgctcct     53280
     tggagtacag catcctcagg gaggaagcat ggtactcgga gcctctattt gcctcgacct     53340
     gtgagagtgt gtgccggggc tctggcctct acagcagatc aattccacct cagcaccggc     53400
     aggcgacttt cctcccacgt gcccgccccg atcacttccc ccaggacacc cctgccgccc     53460
     tagccccagc aaccagagag agttctctgc atctgctgta ttacctccgt accatctacc     53520
     tggcctgcct aacgaagaga gatgtttcct gtgttcatga cacatagaga tgttcatggc     53580
     ttgccacact gaggatttca gggcacaggg ctgccatgcc cacaattcca aaggccacgc     53640
     agcccgcgtg tgcccggatg cctagctacc cggcacaagc tccaagggct tctcggagga     53700
     ggcttgggca gggaaggcgg ggggtggggg ggctggagat gcaggcccgc cagtggctgt     53760
     gccgcccagg gagacgccca ccgccctccc attgactggc cacgacggga ggaagtcggc     53820
     ctgggtgcgg ccccccggcc cttcgcgcgc agtcccttag ggggcgcctg gaagcccggc     53880
     gcatgcgccc tgagggctcg ctgacctacc gggtgccaga gaggctgcgg cagggtttct     53940
     gtggcgtggg tcgggcagca caggccttgg tgtgtgcgag tgccaaggag ggcaccgcct     54000
     tcaggatgga ggctgtacag gagggggcgg ccggggtgga gagtgagcag gcggctttgg     54060
     gggaggaggc ggtgctgctg ttggatgaca taatggcgga ggtggaggtg gtggcggagg     54120
     tggaggtggt ggcggaggag gagggcctcg tggagcggcg ggaggaggcc cagcgcgaca     54180
     gcaggctgtg cctggccctg ggcccatgac cccagagtct gcactggagg agctgctggc     54240
     cgttcaggtg gagctggagc cggttaatgc ccaagccagg aaggcctttt ctcggcagcg     54300
     ggaaaagatg gagcggaggc gcaagcccca gctagaccgc agaggcgccg tcatccagag     54360
     cgtccctggc ttctgggcca atgttgtatc cttctcagtg tttcttcggc ctttctagtg     54420
     gagaggtgct ctcggggaag tgtaagtgac cgatgggcag ctcggcgtcg atgtgactct     54480
     ttggggaaca aaggggagtt gccacggacc agtgtggctg tggaaagccg gagcaggcgt     54540
     gggtactatt gtcctgcatg cggcagagaa acccttggtg atgccgagca gcagacgttt     54600
     ggggcatctt tttgaagagc agaagcgagt tcagagcgga agaggttttt cagtgaatga     54660
     agctattttt aagggagtgt gattgctgcc ccttgctagt ccgatctggg actgggcgtc     54720
     ttcggctata agcagattct gccactcctc agacaccagc aagtctctgc aaatcgcgcc     54780
     tccccatgtc agtgcagtca gcctcagaat catacaccct ctgtgaacac aggaggcctt     54840
     agtttacggg gacggggagg cgaaaggaga tcatacatgg aagcagatct gagaaatccc     54900
     ctaccccagc ctctgggtgc tcttaggcct tcttccctgt tgctcctcgc tttcccttcc     54960
     atcgtgtgta aagtctcttt gacctaaatc agattgcaaa ccacccccag atgtcagccc     55020
     tgatcactga cgaagatgaa gacatgctga gctacatggt cagcctggag gtgaggccag     55080
     gaagactggg gctagagggt ttagcggggg agggtaaggg aaataattca ttcctgtaag     55140
     caagagtgag cacctcaccc gaaaacctat ctaagctttc tccaccttgt cctgacaggt     55200
     ggaagaagag aagcatcctg ttcatctctg caagatcatg ttgttctttc ggagtaaccc     55260
     ctacttccag aataaagtga ttaccaagga atatctggtg aacatcacag gtgacaggtg     55320
     gctcccagga tgggtagtgg aaggaagatg gtgggtggat cattgccaac gggatccagc     55380
     ccccttccca caaaaactcc tgtctctgta gaatacaggg cttctcattc cactccaatt     55440
     gagtggtatc cggattatga agtggaggcc tatcgccgca gacaccacaa cagcagcctt     55500
     aacttcttca actggttctc tgaccacaac ttcgcaggat ctaacaagat tgctgaggtg     55560
     agtcctcact gggaaacatg aggaatgacc ccgtgtgttc ccagctgctt gggtcacctt     55620
     tctgagccct gatgaggcct ttcccgattg agtcccctga cagatcctat gtaaggacct     55680
     gtggcgcaat cccctgcaat actacaagag gatgaagcca cctgaagagg gaacagagac     55740
     gtcaggtgag ccgttagttg gcactggagc tgtttgatgc ccagtataag ggggttgaca     55800
     cacctgccta ttcagggagc ctgggtgctc atttcagaaa tgtagaaatt gaggctcctt     55860
     tcgtacatgt agaaattcct tgagaggaag acagagagtg acagaatcca ggacgttcat     55920
     ggcattgggc tgaaaaggca cgttagagac tgcactgcaa agcgggtgat agctgtggag     55980
     tcttaagccc agtgaagaat cgtccatttc cagaatcaat gagaagtaaa gctgaaaatc     56040
     attcagttca gtctgtggca cttgattcca cggctgtcaa ccccaccggc agtcatccca     56100
     ccaaccccat gagattgggc tccctgaatg tgcgtcctgg tcatccttgc cccaaaccac     56160
     aaaggactgt ttagattgat ggatttcctt aagctgttgc cccatcagac ttgtgtgtgc     56220
     ttttagggcc cagtgcatct tgttagctga ctcccctcac agacaatact gggaatgggg     56280
     cagggattgc gcagaacagt ttgtaacacg tggtaggagg aagtttaagg gatcacaaat     56340
     ggggaaggga tatccttttc tcagcgggcc ccacaattga aacatttcaa agtatggctc     56400
     agagaaaatg cgttttaaca tgagtttgtg tttctctagg ggactcccag ttgttgagtt     56460
     gaatatgatg gagcatcaga ttttacctaa tacagcagaa ctcctaaaaa gttacagcca     56520
     tatgcaggac ggcagtactc agcatggtct tatgcacagg aactaaagga aaaagagatc     56580
     gagtcacaaa aattcaggaa gagggggtaa atgtggattg tatggaatga aaaataaaca     56640
     ttctcaagga tgtgtgactc tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctttgtg tttgtgtgtg     56700
     tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtatg tttatccact ttattcgggt gtcataatga attgatcaat     56760
     ccacgtgctt tattctcttc atggaaataa ccagtctgcg ttggagctgg gcctctaaag     56820
     ttgtagagtg aatgggtgtg ggatgtgttg ggattcttcc tacaggacag agtgggagag     56880
     gtaaaagcaa aagacagctt agttggaggc tgacttcgtc ctatggaagc agagatagtt     56940
     caaggaaagg ggttactggg tttccagggc ccagtttgct gggacctcca aaatccttca     57000
     ttttgggtat catcatacac agtagctaag cacaggatga tggaaatctt aaagttcgct     57060
     ttcgtgttga atccacatgt tcttttaaag gtgaatgcat gatccttttc tgggacaatc     57120
     agcctctcag gacttctgaa acatcaacgt gagaagaaat gggcatgtaa ggtgtatgga     57180
     gggactgtgg gaaaggtgac agaggcatgt gggaaggcat tcaggatacg cttttggcag     57240
     agatgactaa gggaaaacag aaacttacag aagtgagggg aaagggggtg gattagtgga     57300
     atataagatt gttggagaat ccatccatgg actctcttgt cacttgatga cccaggatat     57360
     ggacactctt gttgatgttt acatctttag ttgttttaag cttttctcca agattctgtg     57420
     ttaggtgagg agccaataac gtatgtagct aacaacagta cgagtgcatt ttgtgctctt     57480
     gcaaagtcta gtgaggctct attctccctc gtgattggca ctgcagattg tatctggacc     57540
     cagggcccct aaattttctg tggcctcttc agcatagttt gcctaaggtt tagaacgtaa     57600
     agcgaatata gttgcggaat atgttttgca agcctcacac aggaggacaa aacatacagc     57660
     tttcattcgc gagtgggagg ctgcttccca ggaacacgtg tgtctgcaca agacaagggg     57720
     ttgcctctgt caaggatggg gcaggaggat ttcagtgtcg gaggcagaac tttctttcct     57780
     gttcccagat gaaacagttc caacacgagc atccatgttg accacacgct actagagtgc     57840
     taacattgct gtcccgtata gactctggtc agcacagctt ctgtgagaag agctatgttg     57900
     tttcagggaa gagggtttga cagtcaaagt tcctgaatct gttgtggtgc ttgcaatatg     57960
     cattctaccc ctcctgctcg gtgtcaaagc agttgagctt tgaaaatcta tcgcccggtt     58020
     ttgtccctgc tcctatgcag acctctgaag ctctggagcg ggagtcttgt cctcctctga     58080
     ctaccgtccc cctgacccac aaacacagga gaaacaggtg ttctaagcaa attattctga     58140
     aaacagtcgg aacactttgg ccccctcaag ctgccctcta tcctactgtg tgcatgtcaa     58200
     agacactgtg gtccagtacg gtatccctat agcggcaatg gggcaacaga ttggtgtgtg     58260
     cactctgggc aactcagatt aggaaacgtc tggggacttg cctataacga ggtcgtctta     58320
     aaacgtgttg ccccaaattt aaggcatagg aaaatgttga ggaaagggtc ttgcaatgat     58380
     tttttctagg aggtaaatag ataagaaaat gaccgtaaat agatgccagg gctagttttg     58440
     gagctagcct gttttaaagt ggtggtaggg gaggagcttt ttccaaggca ggtagcaaac     58500
     caggaactgt ctacgatgga tgggcgtgcc acgggttggt gctcagccat attgccaccc     58560
     caccgagtga atgcagcaga ctgggcttct tgcttgaatc ctacgtgcaa ttcagtctag     58620
     tgatttcaca tgagatccct tcttctggta ttatcacaga tcgtgctgaa ttatacaggc     58680
     tgtgtaatgc ttcttccact gaatatccgt gcacgtgggc cacagatgct aagggcactg     58740
     acaaatttgc accgtgcctc agtaactcgg aagcacatct gtgatttgta ccgacaggga     58800
     cttggtgtct tttcgtgttt aaagtagcac gtgtgtgttt gtggttgcat atgtttattt     58860
     ctctgtgcgg gtttgtatat tttctctgac tccacctgtg tctccgtggt tccgatattt     58920
     ttccacactc cctgcgacaa tttgcacatg cctatctcta caaccattgt agactttgta     58980
     tctgtgtctt tgaacatctg tcactctctc tcccttcctt ttttcttttc cttcctttac     59040
     acccctcctt tcatccttcc cttgcttccc caccacactc tctccatctg tatcgtctat     59100
     ctttctattc tctatctggg tttactttct aattctgaat tcaagggcat tgaattgaaa     59160
     agaagcactc ttcgtacttt tatgtgtttt aactcatttg gggaatttgg cgtggtatta     59220
     tttacagggt tctctctgcc ctttctcatt gttctcccca gccggggctg ttattatgtg     59280
     aaagctggtt tccttcatca catcgcgtag gctctaatga tgtttcgttt attttgattc     59340
     tcctcacact acatagtttt aatttaccta atgtgactgt ttttttgttt gttttccgag     59400
     aatgggtctt actctgtctt ctaggttgga cagcagcccc acgatctcag cccactgcag     59460
     cccaggcacc acacacccat gtgatcctgt caactcagac tctcacacac ctggcagtac     59520
     aggtgcatgc cacccctcca agctatgtat taattaacta aatacttact ttttgaatgt     59580
     gggtccatgt tgccccaggc tcatctggaa ctcctgagtg caggcaatcc tcccacctca     59640
     gcttatcaaa gtgctgggat gacaggtgtg acccatggcc ctgccatggc tttgtgtttt     59700
     ttgctttttt cttcctcctc ctcacgtctt gttttgaaac atgcactgaa ggtttcaatt     59760
     catggactat agtctctgtg cctggaattt ctatctttca actcatcatc agcattcatt     59820
     gggattttca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacctatata     59880
     agaataccta tgtacacaca tatatacgta tatacatgta tatacgtata tatgcacatt     59940
     tatatacgta tatacatgta tatacgtata tatatacatg tacacatatg tatttatttc     60000
     tcaagttacg aaacggcttg cattctttcc tgtgtcatga aaaagacttt gctagaaaag     60060
     aaaagcactg ctttataata aaatatttta tttgcattta ttttgttaag gcattttaaa     60120
     aattgtatgt ttgtttaaaa aatgtcatat gaaatgatac atatttacaa cttaaggcgt     60180
     gatgttcaac aggtcatata cattatgcat tggatacatc cagccaatca acatatgtgt     60240
     gacctcacat agttgtcatt tttgttgtga aaaaacttga cctgcactgt attcgaatat     60300
     ttttagagaa agaatatgtt accactagtt atagtgagca tgctgaagaa aatattttta     60360
     acctattcct cctttataac tagaagtatg agttcttcat ccagcatctc gtcagtgcac     60420
     cctcttcacc gcagtcattg gagtcactac ttctgtgaag tccgcttttt tgatttcata     60480
     taagaatgag atcatgtgct actttccttt ctgatacctg gcttatgtca cttaacagaa     60540
     tggcatgcac acattcagca gattcccaca cattctcaca actggcagga tttcctgatt     60600
     tcttattgca gcgcatattt ccgttgcgca tatgcgtttt tgccccattt tttaatccac     60660
     ttatcaatgg agggactctc aggttgcttc cgcattttgg ctacagcaaa aatgtaatga     60720
     gtgcagcaat aattgcatgg gtgcgcgcac cgcttcaaca tactgatctg tgtactggcg     60780
     ggcgtgcccg ggtattctga tttgctggat catatagtgg gtggttctac ttgtagattt     60840
     ctgaaggctg tttatactta aataagagcc ataaagcttc tttaatgcca gcactaattt     60900
     acattctccc caaaagtgag cagggaattc gttttctctg cctcctcacc agagattagg     60960
     gttttctttt ctttcttttt ttttttttgt ttgtttgtct ttcggataat atgcattctg     61020
     actgaagtga gaagaaatct cattgtgttt ttgatttgca ttttcgtgat ggattgggga     61080
     taatgaggaa tttttagtgt gtcttctggg caactgtatg tctcagtttc acaaatgagt     61140
     cttcgcagcc ttcgcccatt tgttttcatg ctattgagtt gttgggagtt ccttatgtac     61200
     tgtgactatt cccccatgaa cagatgtatg gtgatccaat cattgctccc atcctgtagg     61260
     atgccccttc tgtatgttga gttttctatg gtgtggtgaa gcactttagt ttgatatgat     61320
     tccattctct atttttgatg gtgtttactg tgttcttgca gtcactttga gaccatcatt     61380
     gcacacacgg acgccatgga gcttcttcct tgtgatctct tctgctattt ttatcgtttc     61440
     acatctgaca ctggagtttg gtgataaata atccacttgt aaaatccttt gtgtggctat     61500
     tcagatttcc ccaacctagt ttatagaaga tacttgattt tgcattgggc gttcttgctt     61560
     ctttgggaaa aggctgtgag ctgcaaatgc agtgacttag ttctgggctc ctgttgtttt     61620
     tcctaagctc tagtctctgc ttttctgcca gtgctattgt attttggtac aaaaagtttt     61680
     gtagtagtat atcatgaagt taggtagtgg ggtggctcca gctttgtgct ttttactgga     61740
     ttgctctggg ttttcaggat cttctgccat ttcatagcaa atttgggatt cccagattgt     61800
     tttctaagaa gaatgtgtca ttgatatttt taaaggggtt gtatagaatc tgaggatgac     61860
     tcaggtagta gtgatgtcaa tgccgtttag acaatgtgcg tgtttgtgtg cacatgctca     61920
     gggccaagag acactgggtg tcctcaccaa tactgaggtg ggccttaata tccagccaga     61980
     ttgccttctg gaaacacacg gaatgtcctg ttctgttttg ccatctcttc acatttcctc     62040
     ccctgtgagc cctgtgtggt cctccagatt ccctgtgcgg tggcctgcct tttttggggt     62100
     ggggagttgc tgggtgaatg aggatggcgg agggaaccaa gcatgtcagt ggagcgtggt     62160
     gtcatccaaa cggtacttag caggcctggg agagtcattc tgggaggacg cagacctaga     62220
     gaggcctcag gtgggcatct gtgtggaggg tgagagatcc ctggttgagc ccaaactgaa     62280
     ccccaggtag aagcaagcct caggacaggg aagtagctag caagggatga tgaggcagct     62340
     atctcttgac cctggcttcc cacccattga ccttagctac ttatgcctat taagcagatt     62400
     acggttcccc catcgtgaaa tgtgggtacc acagttccct gatgggcatt tctccaccag     62460
     cccatgatgg cctgagtttc cttactgcag tctcctccct gagccttggc ttctctatgt     62520
     gtgtcctaac tccaggaccc acaggcctgt caacccccag ccctgggctg cttccctggc     62580
     ctcttctctg ttccctctct gagggcctaa ctcccttggg tagtgctgca gaatatagag     62640
     ccacaggccc tggctgatga tctggtggac tgggcaaatt ggtcgtgaca ggtcaggttc     62700
     tggttcaaag ccaattcctc cgatgccaag gaatgtcgaa gaaggtcctt tgccatgatg     62760
     tcccatagct gtcccacctc agcaatcgtg ccgtaacctg ggccctcaca gtcagacaac     62820
     cagctgaaga agctcaggca gtgacctgcg ggaaactcgg gctttcacct gcatgaccct     62880
     agaaccactg gactgcagtg gagccagtcg ccctgtatcc tggagggaga cgagtcagga     62940
     aggcgcacgc caggcccagc tcccgaggta ctaccccctc tactcctcag ggaggatgcc     63000
     aacgcaatac tccttagtca tcactttgtt tccgaagtaa atgttgtgat gaaaggcaaa     63060
     cttcttccta ccccttgtat tcagggtggc cgagttcctc cacctgcctg tccaagaagg     63120
     agaaacaggg ctgtgaaggg gcaatttcat ctaggtgggc tgaggtggca ctctagccgg     63180
     ggtgaagcat gcgtttcccc ttcccagctt tcccgctgag acacacctga gccccagaag     63240
     gacctcaacc tgaccaggac cttagcaccc tcccccagac ccaggctttc catcctgacc     63300
     tgcaaatcca acatgcagct ttgaaggact ttctcatggt ttctgagctc cttgctctca     63360
     ccagaaagaa tcagaacttt taaagtgttc tttatgccaa cttaaatttt tcatttttac     63420
     tacctcatgt tttggatgag gcatgtattt ttaaatttat tttcaccctt attgtacctc     63480
     tatgataaac tgcttgctta cattcatacc gtaattatct ctcaggttac ttgtctgttc     63540
     ctaaagattc actgaaacga agaattctat atatgcttgt atctttcagc aaccgtatgt     63600
     cagatagcac tgcacattac tgcagacatc gcatatacag gtccaaaggt agaggaagaa     63660
     gaagaaagca agcgttaaac tctattcatt cctaaaagca tatcagaaac tcacaaataa     63720
     cagtgaaatc aaagaatgat cacagccaat tccattacat acctagactg aaatacgaaa     63780
     cttcaaagaa aagaaacatt agaactttgg gtttgtaaaa attttcctat atagataaaa     63840
     ttattggtaa ctgtgtctca ctagaaaacg taaacaaaag tccatgtttt tcatatttgt     63900
     aaatatacat agttttattt ccatcagtta tgacatgcaa gcaagtaata aagtgaaagt     63960
     acaatcaaat gatatatgga acttcctcag tcttaaaata ttccatggag actatcaatt     64020
     ttatgaaaac tataaagaat gcttcatgaa actacattgt acagtgccat ttactatttt     64080
     actgacattt taaataatca acaattaaag ggaatacatc aacattattt aataccaata     64140
     acgttatttt tcttgagtaa tcctgttgaa attaaggatt ttaaataaaa cattaaaaac     64200
     aaattatatt gactgatttc agctttggat gaaatcatac ttgtgtattt gtagtaatgc     64260
     gaagcataac tttctcctca caattaatct tttataacat cggtgttata gttttctctg     64320
     acaccaacat tgtgatatcg cacaggttta ctgcatgcat gcattacatg cctccagaga     64380
     gtaggcttca aatatatgga aaaattatat ttatgaaaaa attctaggaa agggaatggt     64440
     gaaatggaag agaatttctc acttgctaac tgttggacat ggatttgtat atatttggat     64500
     atagacacat actggcacac tgtgagtttg cccatgtata tatacactta tatgagaaac     64560
     ccataatata tgggttgtgt aatcttttaa ttaatccata attgtatgtg tgtgaaatta     64620
     gataagcggt taccttttct ttactcaact tgatggaaag ccaaaaaact ctgtccacct     64680
     tcatttcaat taatccaata ctgttaactg ctggtagctt cattctcctt gttctcttac     64740
     ggcaaccgga aagttaattc tcgctctaat ttggctttca aggtgcgatc aacaagagtg     64800
     tcaccttgct gtggattgtg acctctgact ccacctctgt cttccttttg cagtcctacc     64860
     tttgcatagg taacaaactt tgtacatggt taaaaggata aaagttcagt gaaatgtcaa     64920
     gccatgctgt gaaatgttcc atagtttcta tatctctaat tgtcctttga tgttatagag     64980
     gcaagaaaaa taattcaatg tttttcttag tatctagtcc aatgcactct ttcttcataa     65040
     tactgcaaac aaggcactga catggaaacg tggctggacg tctcaaaatc tcttctcatt     65100
     aattaccatt atgttaatca ctgttgccca caactggaat tggactttga aatcccctgg     65160
     tggaaattgc tataatggct caaactactg gaaagactat ctttttttta cctgaaaata     65220
     tctgatgagc atagacgtat gctatataca ggaacatatt gtacattaac aacataccat     65280
     cactgccact caataatagg tatcccaaac ctttgagcca aactgagctc gggtgctccc     65340
     acaaagcaag cttttccctc cacagatttc ttatgtcaaa aagccacaac tccaggccag     65400
     gcttcgtggc tcttgttgta atttctacat tttgggaggc cgaggttggt gggtcacttg     65460
     aggtcaggag ttggagacca gcatgggcaa catggcaaaa agctgtctct accaaaaata     65520
     caaaaattag ccagacctag tggcactttc ctgtggtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     65580
     caggagaacc acctgaacat gggtggcaga gattgtatag taagccaaga tcagactact     65640
     gcactccagc ctggatgaca cagcgagacc atgactgaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaataaag     65700
     gcaactccac tcgtccactg gcttaggtaa aaagtactgg agttggctgg gctcggtggc     65760
     tcacacctgt attcccagca ctttggattt tgggaagctg agtcgggcgg gtcacctgag     65820
     atctgtagta ggagagcagc ctggccaaca tggtgaagcc tggcttctac taaaactaca     65880
     aaacattagc tgagcgtggt gatgcatgct tgtaatccca gctactgcag aggctgaacc     65940
     tgggaggcgg aggatgtgtt gagctgagat cctgccactg cgctccagcc tggtctacag     66000
     agcgagagta ccctgtgaga aacaaaggtg aagagaacaa gaaaaaaaaa atgagaaaaa     66060
     taagacccac tgcaaaaggt tgccacagaa aagattaaac atttcagcaa cttctatctt     66120
     ctgtcatgga agccaaggtt atttggacca aacctcctgt cttagttcat tttcacgctg     66180
     ctgaagaaga gatacctgaa actgggaata aaaggaggtt taattggact gacagttcca     66240
     catggctgtg gaggcctcag aatcatggta tacgaataaa ggcacttctt acatggcaat     66300
     gccaagagag aatgaggaag aacctgaggc agaaacccct gaaaaaccca tcagatcccg     66360
     tgagacttct tcactgtcac aagaatagca tgagaaagac cgacccccat gattcaatta     66420
     cctccccctg ggtcccaccc gcaacacgag ggaattctgg gagatacaat tgaagctgag     66480
     atttgaatgg agacacacca aaccatgtca cttcccaaac aattaaaaat tcccaataga     66540
     agaagcatta attatatcaa aaagtggtgg accaagaagg aactattagc ctcatatctc     66600
     aagaaagact ccagtcaagg cctagggact actcatgaaa agagtttaat agccgactct     66660
     ctcccagtgg atctggattc caccggactg tatcttcaca gtaagggtga aacagaagca     66720
     aacccattcc tatttccaag ctcaaggaac tttggtcaaa gttctcttgg agctgagcag     66780
     aacaaggagg caaacagaaa agatttgtgt ccctgagaag tcatggccac aggctggcta     66840
     tcacacagat tgtcaagcca gttccatatt gcatgggtat tacagaaaat ctcaaaacat     66900
     aaatttgtgt gtgggttgtc ccagagtagc aggatctggc agaaggaaat ttccttctaa     66960
     ccctcaaaga atccacataa atcttgttac atttgggatt ttacgatttg cttcaggaat     67020
     gagaatggcc ttaattttca tatctttttc tacactcagt ttatggcttg ttggcgtcaa     67080
     agttctgctt gcttcacaca atgagtttag gattttccct tttttattct atagaattct     67140
     tcatatatat tgaaatgctc tgcctgggga aaaaaatctg agcctagcgt tttatctcta     67200
     ggaagaatcc tttatttcct tgaacattta tgagactata cagattatat atgtcttctt     67260
     gtatcaattt tactaagcta tatacatagc ttatgtttat atattatata tataaatgta     67320
     agatacaaat ataaaaatta tgtataaata tgaaaatata tatagaaagc gatatatatg     67380
     tctatatata tagacagatt ataaatatct gtctatttga tctaagtttt caaatttgta     67440
     ggttaaggtg ttaatgatat ttccttatta gcttcttaat ctatgctgta tctatggttg     67500
     tgtacctttt aaattcttag ttttatctat gttttctccc tttttttcta aacttgactg     67560
     acggttgcat catttattat atttctccaa caagcaaagg ttagctttgt atgttttact     67620
     aattttgtct acatcattat tcccacactt tagtttttca gaattgattc tgttgtttct     67680
     tttctaattc tttattgaaa tatctagtac attaattttc aagttattag agaaatattt     67740
     gtctgtaaac tcctattgta atatcacttt tcttgctact cacagattta atctttaata     67800
     ttggcggtat cattgagttc taagtacatt tcaattccta gtatgataat ctatgaattg     67860
     ctgagaaata gtgtttacaa ttttgttgtt ctatttccac ttaagtttat ttttacttct     67920
     gctaactcaa ttgaaaattc tttactaatt tttaaaatcc ttgaacccaa gagatggagg     67980
     ttgcagtgag ctgagatcag gccactgcat tccagactga gtgacagagt ggaacgagat     68040
     ttcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacagtcact ggaaagataa taaaatacat     68100
     aaatgtggga tgtaatatgt aatcgtgata aaataaactg gattttttgt ataagttata     68160
     catataaatg taatgccaag acactgataa gacaactcat ggtcttatct caatacttag     68220
     tgtcttcatg taacatatgt cctttaggat agttatagtc cgttttcttt ccaggagaga     68280
     cagatgagaa tgcagaaatg ttaaagtgca agggacggaa gcttccagct gtgcccacct     68340
     gtaacctgac gtagacagtt ccaccgtttg cttcattaat catgccaaag gctctaatgc     68400
     aaatgtggta cagagtcaca tgtttttgta tctacatgat agaaactata acttcatccc     68460
     tatatagaag ggtatatagc atatgcctca gtgataaata taagtgaatc attgatcagt     68520
     aggaaaccat tttaaaagtc tttcataaca gaacaaaatc cctgaaaaca ttttcttctc     68580
     aatctctgag ttttcttaca cggcttatga atctctagcc atactaaaga gatagtatgc     68640
     tgctcttccc acaaattatt cattgtatat aattcctgta atctaataac agtaccttta     68700
     cacctcaggg tttaaaatga ctccaacctt tttctgtttc tccaattaaa ataacttttt     68760
     taaggtttaa tcttcagtaa ttttttgtag taatattttt gaaggtattt gaccaggatg     68820
     atttgcttat atacctacct gacgtctccc tttcttctga atacatattt tattacccac     68880
     ctattagatc taagtttaag aagttggaat agggatttaa atctaaattc tacatttgaa     68940
     tttacaggag tcagcgagtc cgggaagtgc ctttatgcac agaccaatat ctggcaatgg     69000
     cactaggaga caaataagct ttaccagtct caaagccctg gctactacag tgaatccacc     69060
     cttctcctgg atcttatcta cttcagcaaa agaaggccac ccactaaacc aggcccttgt     69120
     actttgggtg gaaactccta agtcctctag tctcctcaaa cagacagcca ggctgccaat     69180
     ttccacaata ataatttcta tagcactgag tctttggtag ccttgtaact atagctactg     69240
     atgctacagt ctggtccctg tatgataaaa caccagagca acagaaacaa aaatattgac     69300
     tgaagccttc taaaatctct ctaaatatac cttcaataaa tatggttttt tttacagaac     69360
     gactgctttc agcttcctga actaacgctt ggccttcgct agttgtcact gttgaaattg     69420
     attcaaaagt gtacctttaa catgaaagtc aacacagaat ttcatgtgtc agcaactaaa     69480
     attttcaaaa tgttgcaaaa tacaaatgtg aaactgtatt tgtgaaattt accattcatt     69540
     gaaattatat tttcatacct acccaggcac agaatttttt ataactgtct gcatgttctc     69600
     ctcatgtggg ggaaaagcag catcagcagg cagaggaatc ctttgaagct ggagggagag     69660
     gttgcagtga tctgagagtt tgccacttga ctgcagcctg gatgacacag tgagactcca     69720
     actgaaaaga aacaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc cccaaaattg     69780
     ataagtaaaa aaaaaatcca tattcgaaaa catgctcaca ggctatctcc catatctaac     69840
     acacagacac acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacac aattccttga aaacgaaagt     69900
     tccacaaggg caaaagaaga aaacaaattt aacacccccc aaagaaagta caaagagtaa     69960
     cctcaaaaga accgcagggg aaaacaattc aaaatttaca agtatctacc ctaaaagaag     70020
     ctgaaagtcc ctcaaaaact ttccagaggc catgtccttg tattacaaaa atgatcataa     70080
     aaactggcag gagtagacga atagaaatgc atcttaaaac ttgctaaacc cttcaagtct     70140
     cccataagaa ttgtaatgga aaatggatcg gtcggcagct ttttccatac aattatgaac     70200
     aaattatatt tcttcacaca tagatttgtt ttttcaatat tctaaggaat taacttttat     70260
     attaatagta ggtgatgtaa gaaagcaggc ctttatcaag ataactgaca ctggatgtcc     70320
     ataccattac tcaggtgggc cttaattccc agccgggttc cctccctgga cacacactga     70380
     aggtccccag ccatttggca atctcttcac attcccagcc ctggaggtag ccctaaaata     70440
     catgtacctg aagaaaataa aacattgcct cacactggag cccagtgtgg tcctccagat     70500
     tccgtgtgag gtggactaac ttatatggga aggcagggca gcgggagtga ggatggcaga     70560
     gaggattaca catgtcaagg cagccggggt catggaaaca aaacatgact ggcctgggag     70620
     aaacactgtg aaaggacata cacctaggtg ggcctcaggt ggacatcctc gtggagaaaa     70680
     agggggccct ggttgatctc aaaatgagcc ccaggtggta gcaggtctta ccgcagggca     70740
     gggagctggc gagtaatgat gagacagcta tcccttaagc cctgcttgtc acccactgac     70800
     tttagccaca tatgcatcat agtggcttaa ggtgccccga tcctgaaatg tgggtgttac     70860
     atgtccctga tgggcctctc tcccccaacc cacggattgc ctgggattgc tcactgcagt     70920
     ctcctcccgg atccttgggt tctccatgtg gggcccagat ccaggtcaaa aggcctctca     70980
     gttcccagcc cttcccagcc ctaggctgct cgcctggcct cctctctgtt ccgcctctag     71040
     ggctgaccct ctctccatgg gatagaactg caatggattg agccataggc cctggctgat     71100
     gatctagggg actgcagaag tgggtccagg acagttcagg tgacagttca aagccaattc     71160
     cccagagacc aaggaatgac cagctaggtc ctttcccatg atgccccacg gcgaacccca     71220
     cctcagcaat cctgccaaaa cccgggcagt catgttcagc caaacagctg aatgagctca     71280
     ggtaggaggt gtactgcctg cagctggagg cttgaccttc gtgatcccag aaccgctgga     71340
     ctgcagtgga atgagacacc ctgtagcctg cagggagagg agtcaggaag gttcatgcca     71400
     gtcccaccct cccacacacc agctccccta ccatgctggg aggcattcct taccgaggat     71460
     gccaacacag tgctccttca tgatgatttc actgtggaaa taaaggttgg gatgaaagga     71520
     aatcatcctg ccaccggtaa ccgggatggc tgagttcctc cacctgccgg atcaaggaga     71580
     aagaggatgg attcaatggg accatctcaa ctagccgggc tgaggtggcc tactagctgt     71640
     agtgaaccat gagtttcccc ttcccagctc tcccactgag acaaccctgg tccccagggg     71700
     gacctcaaac tgactcagac actggactcc tcccacagac ccaggctccc cagcctgacc     71760
     tgcaaatcca tcacgtagca aagcaggact tccgcatgct ttccgaccca cgccgacatc     71820
     tcgtgtgcca aacaatctac ctctgcgcaa gaactctcca gaggattggg tgggcaagcc     71880
     tcgtgacgcc ttgcaatttc gcaagaacac agacaatgtg gaacagggcc atctcccaga     71940
     catttggcca gtcacccttc attgttggcc ctctatctct gtctggcgag gaggcaacgc     72000
     acaactgtgg tggtttttgg agtgggtgga ccccggccaa gacggcctgg gctgaccaga     72060
     gacgggaggc agaaaaagtg ggcaggtggt tgcagctgag ggacgggagg gaccgggggt     72120
     ggtgtgaggc ggctgcttct ctgggtttct gagatgcagg aggcctttgt gtgctgggtg     72180
     ctggacatgc tccgctgatg tccgggtgtg tggtgtcctc ttatcctagt ctccctgagg     72240
     ggtgggcctg tccacctgag ggaagccttg tagttagaag ccacagcagg gtcgtgcctg     72300
     gcgctctcca agggaattgc gtgggtccag aggaagttat acaggctcag ggcctacacg     72360
     cctttgagtg cagcgcctgc agttggatga atgcgcatct gcggagctgg tgcccgccgt     72420
     caggtggtcg gcagccccat gcgccgcgaa cccgtcttaa gcaccttgtg tttctggggt     72480
     gagcctgctg gaaacaggca ccgagagcag gggtggttca atggctggta atggcataca     72540
     gattccccgt cctccaggga cgttcccagg gaaacgcgtc cttcgaattt gggctgtgcg     72600
     caaagggacc ttggcgccgc gattctccct tgtcagtgct ggccctggct ccccttccct     72660
     accacgtgct cccagggctg ctacaagcga gctgccctca cagctgcggg aacgtggcct     72720
     cggctcccac gctgtccccc atcccctgcc tcctggctga ccccacgtgc ctcccacctg     72780
     gctcctcccc ccaaacagcc cctatacccc ccgaggcccg atgactatcc cctgctgccc     72840
     gccatcccaa atcggcagcc gcaaggatat ggctctggct cacaaggcgg agatgctctg     72900
     tggcctgggg cattcacgga gcccagctcc aagtgaagga cctccagcga gtccattgac     72960
     ggccccggtg tgctcggtcc agggccaggc tgtgcccgct ggccctcctt ctgccacccc     73020
     acgtcgggct ccacctcaac caccacctcc acctcagcca tgatgtcttc caccttcagc     73080
     accgcctcct cttccaaggc cgcctccttg ctctgtaccc cggccgtcct ctccagcatt     73140
     gcctccagcc tgaacacggt tttctcctgg gtgctcccac agaccctggg cctgcgcagc     73200
     ccagcccagc ccagcccatg ccccgcaccc gtaggctctg ggggcccgct ccccagcaga     73260
     cccgctccct gcaagaccca cgggcgtcgc cctgctgaga acctggtccc acacctacgt     73320
     ggacccaggt ttcctgagga gctccgctgg acccgcagat cccgcactgg ccaaagggct     73380
     ccggtcccca gcaggctcaa ctgcgcacag gagctcggga gccagaggcc ccggccctgg     73440
     gcttgcagag ccccaccaac aggcaccgca accgctgctg cgggtgcggg agcctctggg     73500
     tcgtcaaggc agcgcacaac agcgtgcgcg caggccgaca atggccaacc ctggcggctg     73560
     gcctctggtg tgcccagggc ataggacaag aggccctttg gaatgctcct tggagtacag     73620
     catcctcagg gaggaagcat ggtactcgga gcctctattt gcctcgacct gtgagagtgt     73680
     gtgccggggc tctggcctct acagcagatc aattccacct cagcaccggc aggcgacttt     73740
     cctcccacgt gcccgccccg atcacttccc ccaggacacc cctgccgccc ttgccccagc     73800
     aaccagagag agttctctgc atctgctgta ttacctccgt accatctacc tggcctgcct     73860
     aacgaagaga gatgtttcct gtgttcatga cacatagaga tgttcatggc ttgccacact     73920
     gaggatgtca gggcacaggg ctgccatgcc cacaattcca aaggccacgc agcccgcgtg     73980
     tgcccggatg cctagctacc cggcacaagc tccaagggct tctcggagga ggcttgggca     74040
     gggaaggcgg ggggtggggg ggctggagat gcaggcccgc cagtggctgt gccgcccagg     74100
     gagacgccca ccgccctccc attgactggc cacgacggga ggaagtcggc ctgggtgcgg     74160
     ccccccggcc cttcgcgcgc agtcccttag ggggcgcctg gaagcccggc gcatgcgccc     74220
     tgagggctcg ctgacctacc gggtgccaga gaggctgcgg cagggtttct gtggcgtggg     74280
     tcgggcagca caggccttgg tgtgtgcgag tgccaaggag ggcaccgcct tcaggatgga     74340
     ggctgtacag gagggggcgg ccggggtgga gagtgagcag gcggctttgg gggaggaggc     74400
     ggtgctgctg ttggatgaca taatggcgga ggtggaggtg gtggcggagg aggagggcct     74460
     cgtggagcgg cgggaggagg cccagcgggc acagcaggct gtgcctggcc ctgggcccat     74520
     gaccccagag tctgcactgg aggagctgct ggccgttcag gtggagctgg agccggttaa     74580
     tgcccaagcc aggaaggcct tttctcggca gcgggaaaag atggagcgga ggcgcaagcc     74640
     ccacctagac cgcagaggcg ccgtcatcca gagcgtccct ggcttctggg ccaatgttgt     74700
     atccttctca gtgtttcttc ggcctttcta gtggagaggt gctctcgggg aagtgtaagt     74760
     gaccgatggg cagctcggcg tcgatgtgac tctttgggga acaaagggga gttgccacgg     74820
     accagtgtgg ctgtggaaag ccggagcagg cgtgggtact attgtcctgc atgcggcaga     74880
     gaaacccttg gtgatgccga gcagcagacg tttggggcat ctttttgaag agcagaagcg     74940
     agttcagagc ggaagaggtt tttcagtgaa tgaagctatt tttaagggag tgtgattgct     75000
     gccccttgct agtccgatct gggactgggc gtcttcggct ataagcagat tctgccactc     75060
     ctcagacacc agcaagtctc tgcaaatcgc gcctccccat gtcagtgcag tcagcctcag     75120
     aatcatacac cctctgtgaa cacaggaggc cttagtttac ggggaggggg aggcgaaagg     75180
     agatcatacg tggaagcaga tctgagaaat cccctacccc agcctctggg tgctcttagg     75240
     ccttcttccc tgttgctcct cgctttccct tccatcgtgt gtaaagtctc tttgacctaa     75300
     atcagattgc aaaccacccc cagatgtcag ccctgatcac tgacgaagat gaagacatgc     75360
     tgagctacat ggtcagcctg gaggtgaggc caggaagact ggggctagag ggtttagcgg     75420
     gggagggtaa gggaaataat tcattcctgt aagcaagagt gagcacctca cccgaaaacc     75480
     tatctaagct ttctccacct tgtcctgaca ggtggaagaa gagaagcatc ctgttcatct     75540
     ctgcaagatc atgttgttct ttcggagtaa cccctacttc cagaataaag tgattaccaa     75600
     ggaatatctg gtgaacatca caggtgacag gtggctccca ggatgggtag tggaaggaag     75660
     atggtgggtg gatcattgcc aacgggatcc agcccccttc ccacaaaaac tcctgtctct     75720
     gtagaataca gggcttctca ttccactcca attgagtggt atccggatta tgaagtggag     75780
     gcctatcgcc gcagacacca caacagcagc cttaacttct tcaactggtt ctctgaccac     75840
     aacttcgcag gatctaacaa gattgctgag gtgagtcctc actgggaaac atgaggaatg     75900
     accccgtgtg ttcccagctg cttgggtcac ctttctgagc cctgatgagg cctttcccga     75960
     ttgagtcccc tgacagatcc tatgtaagga cctgtggcgc aatcccctgc aatactacaa     76020
     gaggatgaag ccacctgaag agggaacaga gacgtcaggt gagccgttag ttggcactgg     76080
     agctgtttga tgcccagtat aagggggttg acacacctgc ctattcaggg agcctgggtg     76140
     ctcatttcag aaatgtagaa attgaggctc ctttcgtaca tgtagaaatt ccttgagagg     76200
     aagacagaga gtgacagaat ccaggacgtt catggcattg ggctgaaaag gcacgttaga     76260
     gactgcactg caaagcgggt gatagctgtg gagtcttaag cccagtgaag aatcgtccat     76320
     ttccagaatc aatgagaagt aaagctgaaa atcattcagt tcagtctgtg gcacttgatt     76380
     ccacggctgt caaccccacc ggcagtcatc ccgccaaccc catgagattg ggctccctga     76440
     atgtgcgtcc tggtcatcct tgccccaaac cacaaaggac tgtttagatt gatggatttc     76500
     cttaagctgt tgccccatca gacttgtgtg tgcttttagg gcccagtgca tcttgttagc     76560
     tgactcccct cacagacaat actgggaatg gggcagggat tgcgcagaac agtttgtaac     76620
     acgtggtagg aggaagttta agggatcaca aatggggaag ggatatcctt ttctcagcgg     76680
     gccccacaat tgaaacattt caaagtatgg ctcagagaaa atgcgtttta acatgagttt     76740
     gtgtttctct aggggactcc cagttgttga gttgaatatg atggagcatc agattttacc     76800
     taatacagca gaactcctaa aaagttacag ccatatgcag gacggcagta ctcagcatgg     76860
     tcttatgcac aggaactaaa ggaaaaacag atcgagtcac aaaaattcag gaagaggggg     76920
     taaatgtgga ttgtatggaa tgaaaaataa acattctcaa ggatgtgtga ctctgtgtct     76980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct ttgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt ttatccactt     77040
     tattcgggtg tcataatgaa ttgatcaatc cacgtgcttt attctcttca tggaaataac     77100
     cagtctgcgt tggagctggg cctctaaagt tgtagagtga atgggtgtgg gatgtgttgg     77160
     gattcttcct acaggacaga gtgggagagg taaaagcaaa agacagctta gttggaggct     77220
     gacttcgtcc tgtggaagca gagatagttc aaggaaaggg gttactgggt ttccagggcc     77280
     cagtttgctg ggacctccaa aatccttcat tttgggtatc atcatacaca gtagctaagc     77340
     acaggatgat ggaaatctta aagttcgctt tcgtgttgaa tccacatgtt cttttaaagg     77400
     tgaatgcatg atccttttct gggacaatca gcctctcagg acttctgaaa catcaacgtg     77460
     agaagaaatg ggcatgtaag gtgtatggag ggactgtggg aaaggtgaca gaggcatgtg     77520
     ggaaggcatt caggatacgc ttttggcata gatgactaag ggaaaacaga aacttacaga     77580
     agtgagggga aagggggtgg attagtggaa tataagattg ttggagaatc catccatgga     77640
     ctctcttgtc acttgatgac ccaggatatg gacactcttg ttgatgttta catctttagt     77700
     tgttttaagc ttttctccaa gattctgtgt taggtgagga gccaataacg tatgtagcta     77760
     acaacagtac gagtgcattt tgtgctcttg caaagtctag tgaggctcta ttctccctcg     77820
     tgattggcac tgcagattgt atctggagcc cagggcccct aaattttctg tggcctcttc     77880
     agcatagttt gcctaaggtt tagaacgtaa agcgaatata gttgcggaat atgttttgca     77940
     agcctcacac aggaggacaa aacatacagc tttcattcgc gagtgggagg ctgcttccca     78000
     ggaacacgtg tgtctgcaca agacaagggg ttgcctctgt caaggatggg gcaggaggat     78060
     ttcagtgtcg gaggcagaac tttctttcct gttcccagat gaaacagttc caacacgagc     78120
     atccatgttg accacacgct actagagtgc taacattgct gtcccgtata gactctcgtc     78180
     agcacagctt ctgtgagaag agcatgttgt ttcagggaag agggtttgac agtcaaagtt     78240
     cctgaatctg ttgtggtgcc tgcaatatgc attctacacc tcctgctcgg tgtcaaagca     78300
     gttgagcttt gaaaatctat cgcctggttt tgtccctgct cctatgcaga cctctgaagc     78360
     tctggagcgg gagtcttgtc ctcctctgac taccgtcccc ctgacccaca aacacaggag     78420
     aaacaggtgt tctaagcaaa ttattctgaa aacagtcgga acactttggc cccctcaagc     78480
     tgccctctat cctactgtgt gcatgtcaaa gacactgtgg tccagtacgg tatccctata     78540
     gcggcaatgg ggcaacagat tggtgtgtgc actctgggca actcagatta ggaaacgtct     78600
     ggggacttgc ctataacgag gtcgtcttaa aacgtgttgc cccaaattta aggcatagga     78660
     aaatgttgag gaaagggtct tgcaatgatt tttctaggag gtaaatagat aagaaaatga     78720
     ccgtaaatag atgccagggc tagttttgga gctagcctgt tttaaagtgg tggtagggga     78780
     ggagcttttt ccaaggcagg tagcaaacca ggaactgtct acgatggatg ggtgtgccac     78840
     gggttggtgg ctcagccata ttgccacccc accgagtgaa tgcagcagac tgggcttctt     78900
     ccttgaatcc tacgtgcaat tcagtctagt gatttcacat gagatccctt cttctggtat     78960
     tatcacagat cgtgctgaat tatacaggct gtgtaatgct tcttccactg aatatccgtg     79020
     cacgtgggcc acagatgcta agggcactga caaatttgca ccgtgcctca gtaactcgga     79080
     agcacatctg tgatttgtac cgacagggac ttggtgtctt ttcgtgttta aagtagcacg     79140
     tgtgtgtttg tggttgcgta tgtttatttc tctgtgcggg tttgtatatt ttctctgact     79200
     ccacctgtgt ctccgtggtt ccgatatttt tccacactcc ctgcgacaat ttgcacatgc     79260
     ctatctctac aaccattgta gactttgtat ctgtgtcttt gaacatctgt cactctctct     79320
     cccttccttt tttcttttcc ttcctttaca cccctttcat ccttcccttg cttccccacc     79380
     acactctctc catctgtatc gtctatcttt ctattctcta tctgggttta ctttctaatt     79440
     ctgaattcaa gggcattgaa ttgaaaagaa gcactcttcg tacttttatg tgttttaact     79500
     catttgggga atttggcgtg gtattattta cagggttctc tctgcccttt ctcattgttc     79560
     tccccagccg gggctgttat tatgtgaaag ctggtttcct tcatcacatc gcgtaggctc     79620
     taatgatgtt tcgtttattt tgattctcct cacactacat agttttaatt tacctaatgt     79680
     gactgttttt ttgtttgttt tccgagaatg ggtcttactc tgtcttctag gttggacagc     79740
     agccccacga tctcagccca ctgcagccca ggcaccacac acccatgtga tcctgtcaac     79800
     tcagactctc acacacctgg cagtacaggt gcatgccacc cctccaagct atgtattaat     79860
     taactaaata cttacttttt gaatgtgggt ccatgttgcc ccaggctcat ctggaactcc     79920
     tgagtgcagg caatcctccc acctcagctt atcaaagtgc tgggatgaca ggtgtgaccc     79980
     atggccctgc catggctttg tgttttttgc ttttttcttc ctcctcctca cgtcttgttt     80040
     tgaaacatgc actgaaggtt tcaattcatg gactgtagtc tctgtgcctg gaatttctat     80100
     ctttcaactc atcatcagca ttcattggga ttttcatata tatatatata tatatatata     80160
     tatatatata tatatatatg tatataagaa tacctatgta cacacatata tatgtatata     80220
     catgtatata cgtatatatg cacatttata tacgtatata catgtatata cgtatatata     80280
     tacatgtaca catatgtatt tatttctcaa gttacgaaac ggcttgcatt ctttcctgtg     80340
     tcatgaaaaa gactttgcta gaaaagaaaa gcactgcttt ataataaaat attttatttg     80400
     catttatttt gttaaggcat tttaaaaatt gtatgtttgt ttaaaaaatg tcatatgaaa     80460
     tgatacatat ttacaactta aggcgtgatg ttcaacaggt catatacatt atgcattgga     80520
     tacatccagc caatcaacat atgtgtgacc tcacatagtt gtcatttttg ttgtgaaaaa     80580
     acttgacttg cactgtattc gaatattttt agagaaagaa tatgttacca ctagttatag     80640
     tgagcatgct gaagaaaata tttttaacct attcctcctt tataactaga agtatgagtt     80700
     cttcatccag catctcgtca gtgcaccctc ttcaccgcag tcattggagt cactacttct     80760
     gtgaagtccg cttttttgat ttcatataag aatgagatca tgtgctattt tcatttctga     80820
     tacctggctt atgtcactta acagaatggc atgcacacat tcagcagatt cccacacatt     80880
     ctcacaactg gcaggatttc ctgatttctt attgcagcgc atatttccgt tgcgcatatg     80940
     cgtttttgcc ccatttttta atccacttat caatggaggg acactcaggt tgcttccgca     81000
     ttttggctac agcaaaaatg taatgagtgc agcaataatt gcatgggtgc gcgcaccgct     81060
     tcaacatact gatctgtgta ctggcgggcg tgcccgggta ttctgatttg ctggatcata     81120
     tagtgggtgg ttctaattgt agatttctga aggctgttta tacttaaata agagcaataa     81180
     agcttcttta atgccagcac taatttacat tctccccaaa agtgagcagg gaattcgttt     81240
     tctctgcctc ctcaccagag attagggttt tcttttcttt cttttttttt ttttgtttgt     81300
     ttgtctttcg gataatatgc attctgactg aagtgagaag aaatctcatt gtgtttttga     81360
     tttgcatttt cgtgatggat tggggataat gaggaatttt tagtgtgtct tctgggcaac     81420
     tgtatgtctc agtttcacaa atgagtcttc gcagccttcg cccatttgtt ttcatgctat     81480
     tgagttgttg ggagttcctt atgtactgtg actattcccc catgaacaga tgtatggtga     81540
     tccaatcatt gctcccatcc tgtaggatgc cccttctgta tgttgagttt tctatggtgt     81600
     ggtgaagcac tttagtttga tatgattcca ttctctattt ttgatggtgt ttactgtgtt     81660
     cttgcagtca ctttgagacc atcattgcac acacggacgc catggagctg cttccttgtg     81720
     atctcttctg ctatttttat cgtttcacat ctgacactgg agtttggtga taaataatcc     81780
     acttgtaaaa tcctttgtgt ggctattcag atttccccaa cctagtttat agaagatact     81840
     tgattttgca ttgggcgttc ttgcttcttt gggaaaaggc tgtgagctgc aaatgcagtg     81900
     acttagttct gggctcctgt tgtttttcct aagctctagt ctctgctttt ctgccagcgc     81960
     tattgtattt tggtacaaaa agttttgtag tagtatatca tgaagttagg tagtggggtg     82020
     gctccagctt tgtgcttttt actggattgc tctgggtttt caggatcttc tgccatttca     82080
     tagcaaattt gggattccca gattgttttc taagaagaat gtgtcattga tatttttaca     82140
     ggggttgtat agaatctgag gatgactcag gtagtagtga tgtcaatgcc gtttagacaa     82200
     tgtgcgtgtt tgtgtgcaca tgctcagggc caagagacac tgggtgtcct caccaatact     82260
     gaggtgggcc ttaatatcca gccagattgc cttctggaaa cacacggaat gtcctgttct     82320
     gttttgccat ctcttcacat ttcctcccct gtgagccctg tgtggtcctc cagattccct     82380
     gtgcggtggc ctgccttttt tggggtgggg agttgctggg tgaatgagga tggcggaggg     82440
     aaccaagtat gtcagtggag cgtggtgtca tccaaacggt acttagcagg cctgggagag     82500
     tcattctggg aggacgcaga cctagagagg cctcaggtgg gcatctgtgt ggagggtgag     82560
     agatccctgg ttgagcccaa actgaacccc aggtagaagc aagcctcagg acagggaagt     82620
     agctagcaag ggatgatgag gcagctatct cttgaccctg gcttcccacc cattgacctt     82680
     agctacttat gcctattaag cagattacgg ttcccccatc gtgaaatgtg ggtaccacag     82740
     ttccctgatg ggcatttctc caccagccca tgatggcctg agtttcctta ctgcagtctc     82800
     ctccctgagc cttggcttct ctatgtgtgt cctaactcca ggacccacag gcctgtcaac     82860
     ccccagccct gggctgcttc cctggcctct tctctgttcc ctctctgagg gcctaactcc     82920
     cttgggtagt gctgcagaat atagagccac aggccctggc tgatgatctg gtggactggg     82980
     caaattggtc gtgacaggtc aggttctggt tcaaagccaa ttcctccgat gccaaggaat     83040
     gtcgaagaag gtcctttgcc atgatgcccc atagctgccc cacctcagca atcgtgccgt     83100
     aacctgggcc ctcacagtca gacaaccagc tgaagaagct caggcagtga cctgcgggaa     83160
     actcgggctt tcacctgcat gaccctagaa ccactggact gcagtggagc cagtcgccct     83220
     gtatcctgga gggagacgag tcaggaaggc gcacgccagg cccagctccc gaggtactac     83280
     cccctctact cctcagggag gatgccaacg caatactcct tagtcatcac tttgtttccg     83340
     aagtaaatgt tgtgatgaaa gggaaacttc ttcctacccc ttgtattcag ggtggccgag     83400
     ttcctccacc tgcctgtcca agaaggagaa acagggctgt gaaggggcaa tttcatctag     83460
     gttggctgag gtggcattct agccggggtg aagcatgcgt ttccccttcc cagctttccc     83520
     actgagacac acctgagccc cagaaggacc tcaacctgac caggacctta gcaccctccc     83580
     ccagacccag gctttccatc ctgacctgca aacccaacat gcagctttga aggaatttct     83640
     catgttttct gagctacttt ctctcaccag aaagaatcag gacttttaaa gtgtgcttta     83700
     tgccaactta aatttttcat tttgactacc tcatgtttct gatgaggcat gtatttttaa     83760
     atttattttc acccttattg tacctctgtg ataaactgct tgcttagatt cataccataa     83820
     ttatctttca ggttactgtt ctgttcctaa agattcactg aaacgaagaa ttctatatat     83880
     gcttgtatct ttcagcaact gtatgtcaga tagcactgca cattactgca gaaatcacat     83940
     ataaatgtcc aaagggagat gaagaagaag aaagcaagct ttaaaatctg tacattccta     84000
     acagcgtatc agaaactcac aaataacagt gaaaacaaag aatgatcaca gccaatacca     84060
     tttcatactt agactgaaat atgcaacttc aaaagaaaag aaagttaaga actttctttt     84120
     gtaaaaattt gtaaatatag tttgtaaaaa tttaaaaata tagttttaaa aattttccta     84180
     tatagataaa attattggta actttgtctc actagaaaac ataaacataa acaaaaatcc     84240
     atcctttgca tatgtgtaaa tatacatagt tttatttcca tcagttatga catgtaagca     84300
     agtagtaaag ttaaagtaca ataaaatgat atatggaatt ttctcagtct caaaatattc     84360
     catggagact atcaatttta tgaaaaccat aaacaatgct tcatgaaact acattataca     84420
     gtgccattta gtattttact tacgttttaa ataatcaaca attaaaggga attcgtcaac     84480
     attatttatt atgaataccg ttaatttcct tcagtaatcc tattgaaatt aagtatttta     84540
     aataaaacat taaaaacaaa ttatattgac tgatttcagc tttggatgaa atcatacttg     84600
     tgtatttgta gtaacgggaa gtataacttt ctcctcacaa ttaatctttt ataacattgg     84660
     tgtttttgtt ttctctgaca ccaacattgt gagatcgcac aggtttactg catgcatgca     84720
     ttacatgcct ccagagagta ggcttcaaat atatgaaaaa ttatatttat gaaaaaattc     84780
     taggaaaggg aatggtgaaa tggaagagaa tttctctctt gttaactgtt ggtcactgga     84840
     tttgtatata cttggatata gacacatatt agcacactgt gagtttgccc atgtacatat     84900
     acacttatat gagaaaccca taatatatgg gttgtataat gttttaatta atccacaatt     84960
     gtatatgcgt gaaattagat aagcggttac cttttcttta ctcaatttga tggaaagcca     85020
     aaaaaatatg tcaaccttta tttcaattaa tccaatacca ttaactgctg gtagcttcat     85080
     tctccttgtt ctcttacggc aaccggaaag ttaattctca ctctaattta gctttcaagg     85140
     tgcgatcaac aagagtgtca ccttgctgtg gattgtgacc tctgactcca cctctgtctt     85200
     ccttttgcag tcctaccttt gcataggtaa caaactttgt acacggttaa aaggctaaaa     85260
     gttcagtgaa atgtcaagcc atgctgtgaa atgttccata gtttctatat ctctaattgt     85320
     cctttgatgt tatagaggca agaaaaataa ttcaatgttt ttcttagtat ctagtccaat     85380
     gcactctttc ttcataatac tgcaaacaag gcactgacat ggaaacgtgg ctggacgtct     85440
     caaaatctct tctcattaat taccattatg ttaatcactg ttgcccacaa ctggaattgg     85500
     actgtgaaat cccctggtgg aaattgctat aatggctcaa actactggaa tgactatctt     85560
     tttttacctg aaaatatctg atgagcatag acatatgcta tatacaggaa catattgtac     85620
     attaacaaca taccgtcact gccactcaat aataggtatc ccaaaccttt gagccaaact     85680
     gatctcaggt gctcccacaa accaagcttt ttcctccaca gatttcttat gtcaaaaagc     85740
     cgcaactcca gcccaggctt catggctctt gttataattt ctacattttg ggaggctgag     85800
     gttggtgggt cacttgaggt caggagttgg agaccagcat gggcaacatg gcaaaaactt     85860
     gtctctacca aaaatacaaa aattaccaga cttagtggca ctttcctgtg gtcccagcta     85920
     cttgggaggc tgaggtagga gaaccgcctg aacatgggtg gcagagattg tatagtaagc     85980
     caagatcaga ctactgcact ccatcctgga tgacacagcg agatcatgac tgaaaaaaga     86040
     aaaaaaaatg aaggcaactc cactcgtcca ctggcttagg taaaaaatac tggagttggc     86100
     tgggctcggt ggctcacacc tgtattccca gcactttgga ttttgggaag ctgagtcggg     86160
     cgggtcacct gagatctgta gtaggagagc agcctggcca acatggtgaa gcctggcttc     86220
     tactaaaaat acaaaacatt agctgagcgt ggtgatgcat gcttgtaatc gcagctactg     86280
     cagaggctga acctgggagg cggaggatgt gttcagctca gatcctgcca ctgcactcca     86340
     gcctgggcta cagagcgaga gtaccctgtg agaaacaaag gtgaagagaa caagaaagaa     86400
     aattagaaaa ataagaccca ctgcaaaagt ttgccacaga atagattaaa catttcgcca     86460
     acttctagct tctatcatgg aagccaaggt tatttggacc aaacctcctg tcttagttca     86520
     ttttcacgct gctgaagaag acatacctga aactgggaat aaaaggaagt ttaattggac     86580
     tgacagttcc acatggctgt ggaggcctca gaatcatggt atacgaataa aggcacttct     86640
     tacatggcaa tgccaagaga gaatgaggaa gaacctgagg cagaaacccc tgaaaaaccc     86700
     atcagatctc gtgagacttc ttcactgtca caagaatagc atgagaaaga ccgaccccca     86760
     tgattcaatt acctccccct gggtcccacc cgcaacacga gggaattctg ggagatacaa     86820
     atgaagctga gattcgaatg gagacgcacc aaaccatatc acttcccaaa caattaaaaa     86880
     ttcccaatag aagaagcatt aattatatca aaaagtggcg gaccaagaag gaactattag     86940
     cctcatatct caagaaagac tctagtcaag gcctagggac tactcatgaa aagagtttaa     87000
     tagccgactc tcccagtgga tctggattcc accggactgt atcttcacag taagggtgaa     87060
     acataagtaa acccattcct atttccaagc tcaaggaact ttggtcaaag ttctcttgga     87120
     gctgagcaga acaaggaggc aaacagaaac aatttgtgtc cctgagaagt catggccaca     87180
     ggctggctat cacacagatt gtcaagccag ttccatattg catgggtatt acagaaaatc     87240
     tcaaaacata aatttgtgtg tgtgttgtcc cagagtagca ggatctggca gaaggaaatt     87300
     tccttctaac cctcaaacaa ttcacataaa tcttgttaca tttgggattt taccatttgt     87360
     ttcatcaatg agaatggact ttagttttca tatctttttc tacactcagt ttatgtcttg     87420
     ttggcatgaa agttctgctt gccttacaca aggagtttag gaatttccct tttttattct     87480
     atagaattct tcatatatat tgaaatgctc tgcctgggga aaaaatctga gcctgttgtt     87540
     ttatctctag gaagaatcct ttatttcctt gaacatttac aagaccattc agattagata     87600
     tgtcttcttg tgttaatttt actaagctat atacatagct tatatttata tcatatataa     87660
     tcttatataa atataagata taaatataaa aaatataaat aaatatgaaa tatatataga     87720
     aagctatata tatgtctata tatgtagaca cattataaaa atctgtctat ttgatctaag     87780
     ttttcaaatt tgtaagttaa ggtgttaatg atatttcctt attagcttct taatctatgc     87840
     tgtatctatg gttgtgtatc ttttaaattc ttagttttat ctgtgctttc tccctttttt     87900
     tctaaacttg actgagggtt gcatcattta ttatatttct ccaacaacca aagtttagct     87960
     ttgtatgttt tactaatttt ctctccatca ttattcccac ccttcagttt ttcagaattg     88020
     attctgttgt ttctcttcta attctttttt tgaaatatct agtacattaa ttttcaagtt     88080
     attagagaaa tatttttctg taaactccta ttgtaatatc acttttcttg ctactcacaa     88140
     acttaatttt taatgttggc agtatcatta agttctaagt acatttcaat tcctagtatg     88200
     ataatccatg aattgctaag aaatagtggt tataattttg ttgttcaatt tccacttact     88260
     tttattttaa cttgggctaa ttgaaaattc tttactaatt ttttaaatcc ttgaacccaa     88320
     gagacggagg ttgcagtgac ctgagatgaa gccactgcat tccagactga cagagtggaa     88380
     gtaaatttga aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacagtcac tggaaatata ataaaataca     88440
     taaatttggg atgtaaaatg ttaatcatga taaaataaac tgaacttctt tgtataagtt     88500
     atacaaatta ttcattgtat ataattcctg taatctaatt atagtgcctt tacacctcag     88560
     ggtttaaaac gactccaacc tttttctgtt tctccaattc aaataactat tttaaggttt     88620
     aatctttagt aatattttgt agtaatattt ttgaagatat ttgaccagga tgatttgctt     88680
     atatacttat ctgatatctc cctttctttt gaatacatat tttattaccc actgattaga     88740
     tgtaagttta agaatttcga atagggattt aaatctaaat tctacatttg aatttatagg     88800
     agtcagtgag tccaggaagt gccattatgc gcagaccaat atctggcaat ggcactaggg     88860
     gacaaataag ctttaccagt ctcaaagccc tggctactac agtgaatcca cccttctcct     88920
     ggatcttatc tacttcagca aaagaaggcc acccactaaa ccaggccctt gtactttggg     88980
     tggaaactcc taagtcctct agtctcctca aacagacagc caggctgcca atttccacaa     89040
     taataatttc tatagcactg agtctttggt agccttgtaa ctatagctac tgatgctaca     89100
     tctggtccct gtatgataaa acaccagagc aacagaaaca aaaatattga ctgaagcctt     89160
     ctaaaatctc tctaaataca ctttcaataa atatgttttt tttttacaac acaactgcgt     89220
     tcagcttcct gaactaatgc ttggccttca attgttttca tagttgaaat tgattcaaaa     89280
     gtgtacattt aacatgaaag tgaatacata atttcatgta tcagcaacta caattttcaa     89340
     aacgatgcaa aatacaaatg tgaaactgta tttgtgaaat ataccatttt ttcaaattat     89400
     attttcgtac ctacccagga acagaatttt ttataactgt ctgcattttc tcctcatgtg     89460
     gggcaaaaac agcatcagag ttcttgaata atttatgaaa gacaggatgg caatactata     89520
     caagttttac ctatacataa tactgtattt agttaatgaa taattagttt caaaagccta     89580
     ttaaagtatg gagtaactaa ataaaatata tttagttcaa taattctaaa atacgtttac     89640
     atgaagaaaa taaaacaatg attaaaatac ataaacaaac aaatgaggct ggcatggcgg     89700
     ctcacacttg gatgcccaac attttgggag gtcagtgcag gcggatcaca ggagtaccag     89760
     accagcctgg caaatatggt gaaaccagtc tcgactaaaa atacaaaaat tagcaggaca     89820
     tagtggcatg tgcctgtaat cccagctcct tggaaggcta aggcgtggga atcctgtgaa     89880
     gctggaggga gaggttgcag tgagccgaga cttttcccct tcactccagc ctggatgaca     89940
     cagtgagact ccatctgaaa acacacacac gcacacacac atacacccca aaaactgatg     90000
     aataaaaaaa aatccgtatt cgaaaacatg ctcacaggct aactcccata tctaacacac     90060
     acacacacaa aattccttga aaacgaaagt tccacaaggg gcaaataaga aaacaaattt     90120
     aacacccccc catataaagt agaaagagca acctgaaaag aaccacaggg gaaaacaatt     90180
     caaaatttac aactatctac cctaaaagaa gctgaaagtc cctcaaaaac tttctagaga     90240
     ccatgtcctt gtgatacaaa atgatcatta aaactggcag gagtagaaga ataaaaatgc     90300
     atcctaaatc ttgctaaaca cttcaagtct cccataagaa ttgtaatggg aaatggatca     90360
     gtcggcagct ttttccatac aattatgaac aaattatatt tcttcatact taaatttgtt     90420
     ttttcaatat tctaagaaat caacttttat attaatagta ggtgatgtaa gaaagcaggt     90480
     ctttatcaag ataactgaca ctggatgtcc ataccattac tcaagtgggc cttaattccc     90540
     agccaggttc cctccctgga cacacactga aggtccccag ccatttggca atctcttcac     90600
     attcccagcc ctggaggtag tcctaaaata catgtacctg aagaaaataa aacattgcct     90660
     cacactggag cccagtgtgg tcctccagat tccgtgtgag gtggactaac ttatatggga     90720
     aggcagggca gtgggagtga ggatggcaga gaggataaca catgtcaagg cagctgggat     90780
     catggaaaca aaacatgact ggcctgggag aaacactgtg aaaggacata gacctaggtg     90840
     ggcctcagag gaacatcctc gtggagaaaa agggggccct ggttgatctc aaaatgagcc     90900
     ccaggtggtc gcaggtctta ctgcagggca gggagctggt gagtgatgat gagacagcta     90960
     tcccttaagc cctgcttgtc acccactgac tttagccaca tatgcatcat agtggcttaa     91020
     ggtgccccaa tcctgaaatg tgggtgttac atgtccctga tgggcctctc tcccccaacc     91080
     cacggattgc ctgggattgc tcactgcagt ctcctccagg atccttgggt tctccatgtg     91140
     gggcccagat ccaggtcaaa aggcctctca gttcccagcc cttccaagcc ctaggctgct     91200
     cgcctggcct cctctctgtt ccgcctctag ggctgaccct ctctccatgg gatagaactg     91260
     caatagattg agccataggg cctggctgat gatctagggg actgcagaag tgggtccagg     91320
     acagttcagg tgacagttta aagccaattc cccagagacc aaggaatgac cagctaggtc     91380
     ctttcccatg atgccccacg gcgaacccca cctcagcaat cctaccaaaa ccaaggcagt     91440
     catgttcagc caaacagctg aataagctca ggtaggaggt gtactgcctg catctggagg     91500
     cttgaccttc atgatcccag aaccgctgga ctgcagtgga atgagacacc ctgtagcctt     91560
     aagggagagg agtcaggaag gttcatgcca gtcctaccct cccacactcc agcttcccta     91620
     ccatgctggg aggcattcct taccgaggat gccaacacag tgctccttca tgatgatttc     91680
     actgtggaaa taaaggttgg gatgaaagga aatcatcctg ccaccagtaa ctgggatggc     91740
     tgagttcctc cacctgcctg atcaaggaga aagaggaggg attcaatggg accatctcaa     91800
     ctagctgggc tgaggtggcc tactagctgt agtgaaccat gagtttcccc ttcccagctc     91860
     tcccactgag acaaccctgg tccccagggg gacctcaaac tgactcagac actggactcc     91920
     tcccacagac ccaggctccc cagcctgacc tgcaaatcca tcacgtagca aagcaggact     91980
     tccgcatgct ttccgaccca cgccgacatc tcgtgtgcca aacaatctac ctctgcgcaa     92040
     gaactctcca gaggattggg tgggcaagcc tcgtgacgcc ttgcaatttc gcaagaacac     92100
     agacaatgtg gaacagggcc atctcccaga catttggcca gtcacccttc attgttggcc     92160
     ctctatctct gtctggcgag gaggcaacgc cacaactgtg gtggtttttg gagtgggtgg     92220
     accctggcca agacggcctg ggctgaccag agacgggagg cagaaaaagt gggcaggtgg     92280
     ttgcagctga gggacgggag gggccggggg tggtgtgagg cggctgcttc tctgggtttc     92340
     tgagatgcag gaggcctttg tgtgctgggt gctggacatg ctccgctgat gtccgggtgt     92400
     gtggtgtcct cttatcctag tctccctgag gggtgggcct gtccacttga cggaagccct     92460
     gtagttagaa gcgacagcag ggtcgtgcct ggcgctctcc atgggaattg ggtgggtgca     92520
     aaggaagtta tataggctca aggcctacac acctttgggt gcagcgcccg cagggggaag     92580
     aaagcatatc tggggagctg gtacctgccc tgaggtggtc ggcaacccca tgcaccatga     92640
     actcgtttta agcaccttgt gtttctgggg tgagcctgct ggaaacaggc accgagagca     92700
     ggggtggttc aatggctggc aatggcatac aaattcaccg tcctccaggt acgttcccag     92760
     ggaaatgtcc ccttcgactt tgtgctgtgc ggcaagggaa cttggcgccg cgattctccc     92820
     ttgtgagtgc tgtgcttggc tccccttccc taccacgtgc tcccaggggt gctacaagaa     92880
     gctgccctca cagctgcagc aacgtggctt cggctcccac cctgtccccc ataccctgcc     92940
     tcctggctga ccccacgtgc ctcccacctg gctcctcccc gcaaccagcc ccaatgcccc     93000
     cctgaagccc aatgactatc ccttgctgcc agccatcccg aatcggcagc tgcaaagtat     93060
     ggctctggcc cacaaggcgg agatgctctg tggcctgggg cattcacgga gcccacctcc     93120
     aagtgaagga cttccagcga gtccattgac ggcccgggtg tgctcggtcc agggccaggc     93180
     tgtgcccgct ggccctcctt ctgccacccc acgtcgggct ccacctcaac caccacctcc     93240
     acctcagcca tgatgtcttc caccttcagc accgcctcct cttccaaggc cgcctccttg     93300
     ctctgtacac cggccgtcct ctccagcatt gcctccagcc tgaacacagt gctctcctgg     93360
     gtgctcccac agcccccggg cctgcgcagc ctagcccagc ccatgtcctg cacccctagg     93420
     ctctgggggc ccgggctcca acagacccac tccttgaaag acccacgggc gtcgccctgc     93480
     tgagaaccta gtcccacacc tacgtggacc caggtttcct gaggagctcc gctggacccg     93540
     cagatctggc actggtcaaa ggcctccggt ccccagcagg ctcaaatgcg gacaggagct     93600
     tgggagccag aggcccaggc cctgggcttg cagagcccca ccagcaggca ccgcagccgc     93660
     tgctgcgggt gcgggagctt ctggatcgtc aaggcagcgc acaacagcgt gcgcgcaggc     93720
     cgacaatggc caaccctggc ggctggcctc tggtgtgccc agggcatagg acaagaggcc     93780
     ctttggaatg ctccttggag tacagcatcc tcagggagga agcatggtac tcggagcctc     93840
     tatttgcctc gacctgtgag agtgtgtgcc ggggctctgg cctctacagc agatcaattc     93900
     cacctcagca ccggcaggcg actttcctcc cacgtgcccg ccccgactca cttcccctag     93960
     tccaaccctg ccgccctagc cccagcaacc agacttctct ggatccgcag tattacttcc     94020
     gtaccatcta cctggcctgc ctaacgaaga gagatgtttt gtgtgttcat gacacataga     94080
     gatgatcatg gcttgccaca ctcaggatgt cagggcacag ggctaccatg cccacaattc     94140
     caaagaccac gcagcccgcg tgtgcctgga ctctgagcta cccggcacaa gctccaaggg     94200
     cttctcggag gaggctcggg gacggaaggc gtggggtgag tgggctggag atgcaggcgc     94260
     gcccgtggct gtgcagccca gggagacgcc cgccgccctc ccattgattg gccatgaggg     94320
     aaggaagtcg gcctgggtgc ggccccttgg cccttagcgc gcagtccctt aggggtctcc     94380
     tggaaacccg gcgcatgcgg ccctgagggc ccgctgaccc accgggtgcc catctgcgac     94440
     agggttccta tggcgtgggt ggagcagcac aggccttggt gtgtgcggtg ccgaggaggg     94500
     cactgccttc aggatggagg ctgtacagga ggggcggccg gggtggagag tgagcaggcg     94560
     gctttgggag ttggaggcag tgctggtggc agatgacata atggcggagg tggaggtggt     94620
     ggcccaggag gaggccctcg tggaggggca ggtggaggcc cagcgggcac agcctggccc     94680
     tgggcccatg accccagagt ctgcactgga ggagctgctg gccgttcagg tggagctgga     94740
     gccggttaat gcccaagcca ggaaggcctt ttctcggcag cgggaaaaga tggagcggag     94800
     gcgcaagccc cacctagacc gcagaggcgc catcatccag agcgtccctg gcttctgggc     94860
     caatgttgta tccttctcag tgtttcttcg gcctttctag tggagaggtg ctctcgggaa     94920
     agtgtaagta actgatgggc agctcggctt cgatgtgact ctttggggaa caaaggggag     94980
     ttgccacgga caaatgtggc tgtggaaagc cggagcaggc gtgggtacta ttgtcctgca     95040
     tgcggcagag aaacccttgg tgatgccgag cagcagacgt ttggggcatc tttttgaaga     95100
     gcagaagcga gttcagagca gaagacgttt ttcagtgaat caaggtattt ttaagggagt     95160
     gtgattgctg ccacttgcta gtccgatctg cgactgggcg tcttcgacta taagcagatt     95220
     ctgccactcc tcagacacca gcaactctcc gcacatcacg cctccccatg tcagtgcagt     95280
     cagcctcaga attatacacc ctccgtgaac acaggaggcc ttagtttacg gggaggggga     95340
     ggcgaaagga ggtcatacat ggaagcagat ctgagaaatc ccctacccca gcctctgggt     95400
     gctcttaggc cttcttccct gttgctcctc gctttccctt ccatcgtgtg taaagtctct     95460
     ttgacctaaa tcagattgca caccaccccc agatgtcagc cctgatcact gaccaagatg     95520
     aagacatgct gagctacatg atccacctgg aggtaaggcc aggaagactg aggctagagg     95580
     gtttagtggg ggagggtaag ggaaataatt cattcctgta agcaacagca ggcatctcac     95640
     ccgaaaaggt atttaagctt tctccacctt gccctgacag gtggaagaag tgaagcatcc     95700
     agttcacctg tgcaagatca tgttgttgtt tcagagtaac ccttacttcc agaataaagt     95760
     gattaccaag gaatatctgg tgaacatcac aggtgacagg tggctcccag gatgggtggt     95820
     ggaaggaaga tggtgggtgg atcattgcca atgtgatcca atccccttcc cgcaaaaatt     95880
     cctgtctctg tagaatacag ggcttctcat tccactccaa ttgattggta tccagattat     95940
     gaagtggagg cctatcgccg caaccaccac aacaggagcc tgaattcttc aactggttct     96000
     ctgaccacaa cttcgcagga tctaacagga ttgctgaggt gagtcctcac tgggaaacat     96060
     gaggaatgac cccatgtgtt cccagctgct tgggtcacca ttctgagtcc tgatgaggcc     96120
     tttcccgatg gattcccctg acagatccta tgtaaggacc tgtggtgcaa tcccctgcaa     96180
     tcctacaaga ggatgaagcc acctgaagag ggaacagaga tttcaggtga gctgttcagt     96240
     tggaactgaa gctttttgat ccccaggata aggaggttga cacacctgcc tattcaggga     96300
     gcctggaggc tcatttcaga aatgtagaaa ttgagcctcc tttcatacat gtagaaattc     96360
     cttgagagga agacagagtg tgacagaatc caggacattc atggcattgg gctgaaaaag     96420
     gcacattaga gactgcactg caaagcacgt tatagctgtg aagtcttaag cccagcgaag     96480
     catcatccat ttccagaatc actgagaaga aaagctaaaa atccttcact tcagtctgtg     96540
     gcacttgatt ccatggctgt caaccccacc ggcagtcatc ctaccaaccc cataagattg     96600
     ggctccctga atgtgcgtcc tggtcctcct tgccccaaac cacaaaggac tgtttacatt     96660
     gatggatttc cttaagctat tgccccatca gatttctgtg tgcttttagg gtacagtgca     96720
     tcttgttagc tgactcccct cacagagaat actgggaatg gggcagggat tgcacagaac     96780
     agtttgtaac acgtggtagg aggaagttta agggatcaca aatggggaag ggatatcctt     96840
     ttctcagcgg gccctacaat tgaaatattt caaagtatgg ctcagagaaa atgcattttg     96900
     acatgtgttt gtgtttctcc agggtactcc cagatgttga gttgagtctc tccccgatgt     96960
     tgagttgagt atgatggagc atcacacttt accgaaagca gcagaactcc taaaaagtta     97020
     ctacagtatg caggatgtca gtattcagca tggtcttatg cacaggaact aaaggaaaaa     97080
     cagatcgagt cacagaaaat cagacaggaa gagggggtaa acttggattg tatggaatga     97140
     aaaataaaca ttctcaagga tatgtgactc tgtgtttgtg tgtgtttctc tgtttgggtg     97200
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatatt tatcccctgg atccgggtgt cataatgaat tgatcaatcc     97260
     atgtgcatta ttctcttcat ggaaataacc agtctgtgtt ggagctgggc ctctaaagtt     97320
     gtagagtgaa taggtgtgga atgtgttgag attcttccta caggacagag ttggggaggt     97380
     aaaagcaaaa gacagcttag ttggaggctt acttcgtcct atggaagcag aggtagttca     97440
     aggaaagggg tcaataggca ctaaggtttc cagggcccag tttgctggga cctccaaaat     97500
     ccttcatttt ggtatcatca tacccaatag atagcacagg atgatagaaa tcttaaagtt     97560
     caatttcgtg ttgaattcac atgttctcct tttaaaggtg aatgcataat ccttttctgg     97620
     gacaatcagc ctctcaggac ttctcagaca tcaacttgag aagaaatggg catgtaacct     97680
     gtatggaggc actgtgggaa aggtgacaga ggcatgtggg aaggcattca ggatactggc     97740
     atagatgact aagggaaaat gcaaacttac agaagtgagg gaaaaggggg aggatttgtg     97800
     gaatataaga ttgctggagg atccacacat ggactctctt gtcacttgat gaccaggata     97860
     tggacactct tgttgatgtt tatatcttta gttgttttaa gcttttctcc aagattctat     97920
     gttaagtgag gagccaataa tgtatgtagc taacaacatt atgagtgcat tttgtgctct     97980
     tgcacattct agtgaggctc tattctccct agtgatgggc actgcagatt atttctagag     98040
     ccaggaccct tttattttct ttggcctttt cagcatactt tgcctaagat taataatata     98100
     aagagaatat agttgcagag tatgtgttgc aagcctcaca caggaggaca aaacatacag     98160
     tgttcattct cgagtgggtg gctgcttccc agggacacct gtgtctatgc acaagataag     98220
     gggttgcctc tatcatagaa gggggaggag gatttcattg ttgggcacag aactttcttc     98280
     cctgttccca gataaaacag ttccaacatg agcatccatg ttggccacac actaatagag     98340
     tgctaacatt cctgtcctct acagactctg gtcagcacag ctcctgagag aagagctgtg     98400
     ttgtttcagg gaagggtgtt tgacagtcaa agttcatgaa tctgttgtgc tgccttcaaa     98460
     aagcattcca cacctcctgc tcggtatcag cagttgagct ttgaaaatct atagcccagt     98520
     tttgcccctg ctcctatgca aagagctgag gctctccagc aggagtcttg tcctcctctg     98580
     actactgtcc ccatgtccca caaacacagg agaaacgggt ttcctcagca aattattatg     98640
     aaaacagttg gaaccctttg gcccccgcaa gctgccatta tcttactgtg tgctggtcaa     98700
     aggcactgtg gtccagtaca gtacccctat agtggaatgg ggcaacagat tggtgtgtgc     98760
     actcagggca actcagatta ggaaacatct ggggacttgc ctataatgag gtcgtctgaa     98820
     aaggtcttgc cccaaattta atgcatagga aaaagttgag gaaagggtct tgcaattatt     98880
     tttctaggag gtaaatagaa aagaaaaata ccgtaaatag atgccagggc tagttttgga     98940
     gctagactgt tttaaagtgg tacgggaagc actttttcca aggcaggcag caaaccagga     99000
     actgtctaca atggatgggc atgccatgag ttgctggctc agccatattg acaccccagt     99060
     aagtgaatgc agcagactgg gcttcttcct ccattcctac atacaattca gtctagtgat     99120
     ttcacatgag aacccttctt ttggtattat cagagatggt gctgaattat acaggctgtc     99180
     taatgattct tccactgcat gttcatgcac atgggccgca gatactaagg tcactgacaa     99240
     atttgtattc tgcctcagta actctgaaac acctgtgtta tttctagtgt cagggtcttg     99300
     gtgttttttc atgtttaaac taccacgtgt gtgtttgtag ttgtgtatgt ttatttttct     99360
     gtgtgggttt atatgttttc tctgactcca cctatgtctc tgtctaccca ataggtttcc     99420
     acactacttg tagtaatttt acatgcctat ctctacaacc gtgctggact ttgtatctgt     99480
     gtctttgaac atcgatcact ctctgtccct tccttttttt cctttctttc ctttacaccc     99540
     ctcctttctt ccttccccac cacacgcttt ccatctgtat catctgtctt tttattctct     99600
     atctaaattc agtttgtaat tctgaatctg ttatcagtgg catcagatta tcattttaat     99660
     gtctggatga aattcctctt tcaaagactc tcagctgaag gatatgagtt ctttttttga     99720
     gccacaatga agggtttatt tctggccgat ctagcaatga ctgttaaaaa aaatactggg     99780
     catgacagga aagccaaaaa tcacacggat tccactcatc ccactcagtg tatccaaaag     99840
     gtggaaaagt gaaaaagtgg gtgattcctg tggtctccaa agcagaatga gaactttcaa     99900
     gtgattgtgt cagatcattt tccaggaggc agctgtagtt cgtagataca tgctgtgtaa     99960
     acacaagcac aatgatgaaa ccaataaaat gttcttctcc ctctgtttta atgttatttt    100020
     atctttttaa caaatattat acatacataa tttcttcatg acatgtcata aactattgtt    100080
     taatgaactc atacatgagt tcttcattgt gtcaaagaat gtcaaagcat catgattcgt    100140
     tatgacctgc tacagataag tgataggaaa taacaaaatg agggcatata gaaaggacaa    100200
     atcatgatct gagaacttca ccaagaggtt caggctagat gaatgtatgt cagggattca    100260
     gaaagaaact tgcacttgtt attaagggct atgaatccaa aagaagcact ctttgacatt    100320
     tatgtctttt aactcatttg gggagtttgg tgtgttatta tttacagtgt tctctctacc    100380
     ttttttcatt attctcccca tctggggctg ttattatgtg aaagctgttt cctaggattg    100440
     cataaggtct actgatattt catttatttt gattctcctc acactacata gttttaattt    100500
     acctaatgtg acgctttttg tgttcatttc cttagaatgg gtcttactct gtctcctagg    100560
     ttgaagagca gccccatgat ctctgcccac tgtagcccag acaccacaca cctatgtgat    100620
     cctctcaact tagactctca cacacctggc agtacaggtg catgccaccc ctcccagcta    100680
     tgtattaatt aattaattaa ttaattaatt actttttgga tgtgggccca tgttgcccca    100740
     ggctcatctg gaactcctga gtgcaggcaa tcctcccacc tcagcctctc aaaatgctgg    100800
     gattacaggt gtgacccatg gcccggccat ggctttgtgt tttttgcttt ttattcctcc    100860
     tcctcacgtc ttctattgaa acatgcagtg aaggtttcaa ttcatggact atagtctccg    100920
     cgcctgtaat ttctatcttt caactcatca tcggccttca ctgggatttt catatatatg    100980
     tatatacatg tacacatata tttttttctt aacttaccaa acgacgtcgc attctttcct    101040
     gtatcatgaa aaagactttg atagaaaaga aaagcactgc tttataataa aatactttat    101100
     tgacatttat tctcttgagg aattttaaaa attgtttatt ttttaaaatg gcgtatgaaa    101160
     agatacatgt ttataactta cggggtgatg ttccaaaggt catatacatt atgcagtgga    101220
     tgcattcagc taatcaacat aagcatgacc tcacatactt gtcatttttg ttgtgaaaaa    101280
     actgacaagc actgtcttcg aattttttag agaaagaata tattatccct agttatagtc    101340
     agcatgctga agaaaatgtt tttaacctat tcctcctttc taactagaaa tatgtatttt    101400
     tgatacagca tctcctcagt gcaccctctt caccccaacc attggagtca ctacctctgt    101460
     gaggtctgct ttttatattt catataagga tgaggtcatg tgctatttgc ctttctgata    101520
     catggcttat gtcacttaac aaaatggcat gcacacattc agcatattca cacacattgt    101580
     cacaactggc aggatttcct tttttattac tgcagtgcat ttttctgttg tgcatatgtg    101640
     tttttgcccc atttttttaa tccactcatc aatcgaggga ctctcaggtt gcttctgtat    101700
     tttggctata gcaaaaatgt aaagagtgca gcaataattg catcggtgca tgcaccgctt    101760
     caacatactg atatgtgtat ttgtgggtgt gccccagaat tctgatttgc tggatcatat    101820
     ggtgggtggt tctacttgta gatttctgaa tactgtttat acttaaataa aagccataaa    101880
     gcttcttgta atgcctgcac tactttacat tctcaccaaa agtgagcaat gatttccttt    101940
     tctctgcatc ctcactagaa atgagcattt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgtctttt    102000
     ggataatagg cattctgact gaaatgagaa gaaatctcac tctgtttttg atttgcattt    102060
     tcctgaagga ttaggacttt ttagtgtgtc ttctgggcaa ctgtatgtct tcgttttaca    102120
     aatgagtatt cacagcctta gcccattggt tttcatgcta ttgatttgtt gggagttcct    102180
     tatgtactgt gaatattcac cagttagcag atgcatggtg atccaatcat tcctcccatc    102240
     ctgtaggatg tccctgtctg tttagttttc tgtggtgtgt ggaagcactt tagtttgata    102300
     tgattccgtt ctctattttt gatggtgttt actgtgctct cgcagtcact ttgagaccat    102360
     cattgcccac agggttgccg tggagcttct tccttgtgat ttctcctagt atttttatcg    102420
     tttcaagtct gacattggag tttggtgaga aataatccac ttgtaaaatg ctttatgtgg    102480
     atactcaggt tttccccagc ctagtttata gaagatactt gattttgcac tgggtattct    102540
     tgcttctttg ggaaaaggct gtgagctgca aatgcagtga cttagttctg ggctcctatt    102600
     gtttctcata agctcgagtc ttcccttttc tgccagtgct attctatttt ggtacgtaaa    102660
     gctttgtagt agatcatgaa gttaggcagt gtgatgcctc cagctttgtg ctttttactg    102720
     gtttgctctg ggttttcagg atcttctgcc atttcatagc aaatttagga ttctcagatt    102780
     gtttttctaa gaatgggtca ttgatatttt tacaggggtt gtatagaatc tgaagatcac    102840
     ttaggtagta ctgatgtcag tgccatttag acaatgtgtg tgtatgcaca tgcacagggc    102900
     caagagacac tgggtgtcct caccaatagt gaggtgcgcc ttaatgtcca gacagattgc    102960
     cttcctggaa gcactcggaa ggtccccttc cttcttgctg tctcttcaca tttcctcccc    103020
     tgtgagccct ctgtggtcct ccagattccc tgtctttttg gggggtggag agttgctgag    103080
     tttggcctgc cttttttagg ggcggggagt tgctggctga atgaggatgg cagagggaaa    103140
     cgagcatgtc agaggagact ggcatcatcc aaacggaact tggcagccct gggagagtca    103200
     ttctgggagg atgcagacct agagaggcct caggtgggca tctgtgtgga gggtgagaga    103260
     gccctggttg agtccaagct gaaccccagg tagtaagtag caagtctcag gacaaggaag    103320
     ggagctagca agggctgatg aggcagctat ctcttgatcc tggcttctca cccattgacc    103380
     ttagctactt atgtctatta agcagattag ggttccccca tcctgaaacg tgggtactac    103440
     agttccctgg tgggcctttc tccaccagcc tatgatggcc taagtttgct tactgcagtc    103500
     tcctccttga gccttggctt ctctatgtgt gtcctacctc caagacccac aggcctctca    103560
     acccccagcc ctgggctgct tccctggcct cttctctgtt ccctctctga gggcctaact    103620
     cccttgggta gtgctgcaga atatagagcc acaggccctg gctgatgatc tggtggactg    103680
     ggcaaattgg tcatgacagg tcaggttctg gttcaaagcc aattcctctg atgccaagga    103740
     atgtcgaaga aggtcctttg ccatgatgcc ccatagctgc cccacctcag caatcgtgcc    103800
     gtaccctggg cagtcacagt cagccaatca gctgaagaag ctcagttagg tagtgacctg    103860
     cgggaaactc gggctttcac ctgcatgacc ctagaaccac tggactgcag tggagccagt    103920
     cgccctgtat cctggagaga gaggagtcag caaggctcac gccaggcacg gcttcctgca    103980
     tactgtcccc tctaacatgc cgggaggcac tcctcattga ggataccaat gcaatactcc    104040
     ttactgatca cttcattgcg gaagtaaacg ttgtgatgaa aggcaaactt cttcctgaca    104100
     cttgtactca ggatagttga gttccttcac ctgcctgtcc aagagggaga aagaggacag    104160
     tcaagggata atttcatcta ggtgggctga tgtggccttg tagctggggt gaagcatgcg    104220
     tttccacttc ccagctctcg cactgagaca ccactgagcc ccaggagaac ctcaacctga    104280
     ccaggacctt agcaccctcc tccagaccca ggcttcccat cctgacttgc caatccaaca    104340
     tgtagatttg caggacttcc tcatggtttc tgagctactt gctgtcatca gaaatgatca    104400
     taacttttaa actgttgttt atgccaacct aaatttttca tttttactac ctcatgtttt    104460
     ggatgaggca tgtattttta aatttatttt cacccttatt gtacctctgt gataaactgc    104520
     ttacttacat tcataccata attttctttc acttttactt ctctgttcct aaagattcac    104580
     tgaaactaag aattctattt acgcttgtat ctttcagcaa ccatatgtca gataacagtg    104640
     cacattactg cagaaatcac atatacaggt ccaaagggag atgacgaaga agaaagcaag    104700
     ctttaaagtc tatacattcc taacactgta tcagaaactc acaaataaca atgaaatcaa    104760
     agaatgatca cagccaattc catttcatac ctagactgaa atataaaact tcaaaagaaa    104820
     agaaagttaa gaactttggg tttgtaaaaa ttttcctata tagataaaat tattggtaac    104880
     tttgtctcac tagaaaacat aaacaaaaat ccacattttt catatgtgta aatatacata    104940
     tttttatttc catcagttat gacatgcaag caagtaataa agtgaaaata caataaaatg    105000
     atatatggaa cttcctcagt ctcaaaatat tacattgaga ctattaattt tatgaaaacc    105060
     ataaagaatg cttcatgaaa ttatattata cgtacttttt agtattttac ttacatttta    105120
     aataatcaac aattaaaggg aatttttcaa cattattgat tatgaatacc aatattttcc    105180
     ttgagtaatc ctgttgaaat taactatttt aaataaaaca ttaaaaagaa agtatattaa    105240
     atgatttcag cttttgatga agtcatacac ctgtaattgt agtaaggtga agtataactt    105300
     tctcctcatg attaatcttt tataacacca gtgtagttgt tttctctgac accaacattg    105360
     tgatatctca gggctttact gtatccatac attacatgcc tccagagagt aggcttcaaa    105420
     cataatgaaa aattatattt gtgacaaaat tgttggaaag ggaatggtaa aatgggagaa    105480
     taatttctaa ctttctgact gttggtcaat ggaattatat atatttagat acagacacgt    105540
     atttgcacac tgtaagtttg cccttgtaca tatacattta tatgagatac ccataatata    105600
     tgggttgtgt aatcttttaa ttaatccaca attgtatatg tgtgaaattg gataagcagt    105660
     tactgtttct ttactcaatt tgatggaaag ccaaaaaaac tctgtcaaca ttcatttcaa    105720
     ttaatccaat actgttaact actgctagct tcattctcct tgttctcttt tgtcaatctg    105780
     aaagttaatt ctcactctaa ttcaactctc agggtgcgat ccacaaaaga ctttcatctt    105840
     gctgtcgatt gtgacctcta actccacctc tttcttccta tagcagtcct acctttgcat    105900
     atgtagtaaa ctttgtacat agttaaaagg ataaaagttc agtgaaatgt caagtcatac    105960
     tgtgaaatgt tccattgttt ctatatctct aattgtcctt tcatgttata gaggtaagaa    106020
     aaaaaattca atgtttttct tagtatccag tctaatgcac tctttcttca taatatgcca    106080
     aacccatccc ttcaagacat tgacatctaa acatgggtga acatctcaaa atctcttctc    106140
     attaataacc attatgttaa tcactattgc ccacaactgg aatctgactg ttaaatcccc    106200
     cagtggaaat tgctgtaatg gctcaaacta ctggaatgtc tattttttta cctgaaaata    106260
     tctgatgagc atatacatat gctatgtaaa tgaacatatt gtatattaac aacatacctt    106320
     cactaataat aggtatccca aacctttgag ccaaactgag ctcagatgct cccacaaacc    106380
     aagctttttc ctgcacagat ttctttttat gtcaaaaaac cacaactcca ggccgggcat    106440
     ggtggctctt gcctgtaatt tccacatttt gggaggccga ggttggtggg tcacttgaga    106500
     tcaggagttt gagaacagcc tgggcaacac ggcaaaaacc tgtctctacc aaaaatataa    106560
     aacttatcca ggcctagtgg cacattcctg tagtcccagc tgcttgggag gctgaggcag    106620
     gagaaccgcc tgaacctggg aggcagaggt tgcagtaagc caagatctca ctactgcact    106680
     ccagcctgga tgacacagcg agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacaac    106740
     tgcacttgtc cactcgctta ggtaaaaaat actgtagttg gctgggcacg gtggctcacg    106800
     cctgtattcc cagcatgttg gactttggaa ggctgagatg ggcagatcac ctgagttcag    106860
     gacttggaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg tagccaggcc tctactaaaa atacaaaacc    106920
     attagctggg tgtggtgatg catgcttgta atcccagcta ctggagaggc taaacctggg    106980
     aggcggaggc tgtgttgagc agagatcctg ccactgcact ccagccttgg ctacagagca    107040
     agagttccct gtgagaaaca aaggtgaata aaacaacaaa aaaaaaatta gaaaaataat    107100
     acccactgca aaagtttgcc acagaaaaga ttaaacattt caccaacttc taccttctat    107160
     aacggaagcc aaagttattt ggaccaaccc tcctgtatta gttcattttc atgctgctga    107220
     taaagacata cttgaaactg ggaagaaaag gaggtttaat tggacttaca gttccacatg    107280
     gctggggagg cctcagaatc atggtatgcg aataaaggca cttcttacat gcaatgccaa    107340
     gagagaatga agaagaactt aaagcggaaa cccctgaaaa acccatcaga tctcgtgaga    107400
     cttcttcact atcacaagaa cagcatgaga aagaccaacc cccgtcgttc aattacctcc    107460
     ccctaggtcc tacctgcaac atgtgggaat tctgggagat acaattgaag ttgagatttg    107520
     aatggagaca caccaaacca tgtcacttcc caaacaatta aaaattccca atagaagaag    107580
     cattaattat atcaaaaagt ggtggaccaa gaaggaacta ttagcctcat atctcaagaa    107640
     agactccagt caaggcctag ggactactca tgaaaagagt ttaatagccg actctctccc    107700
     agtggatctg gattccaccg gactgtatct tcacagtaag ggtgaaagag aagcaaaccc    107760
     attcctattt ccaagctcaa ggaactttgg tcaaagttct cttggagctg agcagaacaa    107820
     ggaggcaaac agaaacaatt tgtgtccctg agaagtcatg gccacaggct ggctatcaca    107880
     cagattgtca agccagttcc atattgcatg ggtattacag aaaatctcaa aacataaatt    107940
     tgtgtgtgtg ttgtcccaga gtagcaggat ctggcagaag gaaatttcct tctaaccctc    108000
     aaagaatcca cataaatctt gttacatttg ggattttacc atttgcttca tgaatgataa    108060
     tggactttag ttttcatatc tttttatcca ctcagtttat gtcttgttgg catcaaagtt    108120
     ctgcttgcct cacacaatga gtttaggatt ttcccttttt cattctatag aattcttcat    108180
     atatattgaa atgctctgcc tggggaaaaa atctgagcct agtgttttat ctctaggaac    108240
     aatcctttat ttccttgaac atgtatgaga taattcagat tacatatgcc ttcttgtatc    108300
     aattttacta agctataaat ttataaaatt ctatttggtc taagttttca aatttgtatc    108360
     ataaagtttt aatcatattt ccttattagc ttcttaatct ctactgtatc tatgcttatg    108420
     tattttttaa attcttcatt ttatttgtgc ttttctcttt ttttctaacc ttgcctgcgg    108480
     tttgcaccat ttattacatt tttccaacaa ccaaaggttg gctttgtatg ttttactaat    108540
     tttctctaca tcattatccc ctcactttag tttttcagaa ttgattctgt tgtttctgtt    108600
     ctaattcttt ctttaaatat ctagtacatt aattttcaag ttgtagaaac atttgtctat    108660
     gaactcctat tgcaatatca cttttcctgc tacccacaaa tttaatctgt aatatttgca    108720
     gtaccattaa tttctattat gaatttatat tatgataatc catgagttgc tgagaaatag    108780
     ctgttataat tttgttgttc aattcccatt taattttatt ttaacttgtg ctaactcagt    108840
     tgaaaattct ttactaattt tttaaatctc atatcaagac ttttattcac atcaattgtt    108900
     ctataaatgc tccctccttg aagaacactc tcttgtaggc tgcttctctg caacagtctt    108960
     gactggttgc cttctaggcc tgattcaatt gtctcatcct aggaatttca ttcactacgc    109020
     ttttaagaat ttatttctct tttgttgtgt ctcttatttt ctgcatttca gaatctttgt    109080
     ctgtcttggt ttacttcttc cttctggttg gaagaaatct ctagtagttt cttgagaaaa    109140
     gtttcacagg gagacaaaat ttcagagttg tcatatttct gagaaatgta tgttttctcc    109200
     ttgtacattt gattttagtc tatgtggaaa taacaatgta tatcagaaat cattttcttt    109260
     tagaattttc aaatcagaac tccgtaattc attgccttct gctttatagt ggtggagttg    109320
     attttttttt ttttatttga gatggagttt cgctcttgtt gcccagagtg gagtgcaatg    109380
     gcatgatctc agctcattgc aacctttacc tcctgggttc aagcaattct cctgcctcag    109440
     cctccccagt agctgggatt acaggcacgc accaccatgc ctggataatt ttgtgttttt    109500
     agtagagacg gggtttctcc ctgttggtca ggatggtctc aaactcctga cataaggtga    109560
     tttgcctgcc ttggcctccc agagtgcacc ttggcctctc aaagtgctgg gattacagtc    109620
     atgagacacc atgcctggcc aatgttgaaa atttttaaat catctgattc ctcatccttt    109680
     gtacctgacc tatttttacc tctctggaaa cttacacaat tttctctttg ttctcagtgt    109740
     tcccaaattt tacattgata tatcttgaca tgagtctatt ttcatctatt ttgctaggtg    109800
     ttcacctttt aatctataaa taagcatcct gaagttctga gactttttaa ttattttgcc    109860
     aacaatttat tcccctttgt tttacttatt tattttattt ctataactca tataattaaa    109920
     ataattggaa gaaattatat tggagaagaa gatagcacca cactgattgt gtttgtgtca    109980
     gactatcaca gctcaaggtt gtcatgtttt attaaggaga aatgttgtat ttcttggtat    110040
     tcacattgta acctgaagaa gggcaatgac tgtcaaaaat ttaaatgtat gggtaatagt    110100
     tagaagatgc aagcactgta tcctccagaa ttttagcata tgcaaacctt taaattccag    110160
     gcaagttgac ttaagcttca acattctccc agctaaaatg aatccatttg tgctaatttc    110220
     tgtgatcaaa ggtgaataag acattgtttc tgccttcagt gatagctcaa tccaaaggga    110280
     gacaaataga aatgatgtaa aaagagagat atgtagtcca tgcatggtgg ctcacggcta    110340
     taaccccagc actctgggag ggaaaggttg gaggatcatg agctcaggag attgagacca    110400
     tcctggcaaa caaggtaaaa ccctgtctct acaaaagata caaaaattag ccaggcatgg    110460
     tggcacatgc ctgtagtccc aactacttgg gaggctcagg caggagaatt gcttgaagct    110520
     gggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agcggagatc atgccactgc atgccagcct aggcaacaga    110580
     gcgagactct gtctcaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaaaccagat acgtaaagtg    110640
     ctctaaaagc tgagaaaagg gacagaatat ctgtgacagg taacttgttt ggggcagttg    110700
     gaaatacgga ggtctcagtg tgtgctttca ctatgtccct aaaggtgttg aatgtggagt    110760
     gctcaaacct caagcttata gcttcatgaa ggaaaaatta tgttagaatg agacaaaaag    110820
     cccctcaacc actacatcaa ttattttatt cctgaataac ttacagcaga atgtcaatct    110880
     ttaatgagta gaaatgcttc tcaatcatac aaacaactta gattcacctg gggagttaac    110940
     aaaaagcatc ccacatctga gatctaccct agaccaatta tatcagaatt tatggggatc    111000
     aatggattct ggatatgtga gcttttgtaa gcttggcaga taactttaat gtgcattcaa    111060
     aattgagagc aactatgtta agaacaataa tccatgacag taagttccta tctactcatc    111120
     tgcccttaat tatattacac tgttctcatg cagcatgata caagtaaaaa ttattattat    111180
     tattactatt attattatta ttattttgaa atggtgtcta gctctgttgc ccaggctgga    111240
     gtgcgttggc gcaacctcag ctcactgaaa catctgactc ctgggttcaa gggattctcc    111300
     tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcacccac aaacatgccc agctaatttt    111360
     tgtattttca gtagtgacgt ggtttcactg cattggccag gctggtctcc aactcctgac    111420
     ttcgtgaccc acccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaagttga gccaccgcac    111480
     ccagccaaca ttaatatttt aaaatattta gaaatatatg ttgcagggca cagtggctca    111540
     agcctgtaat cccatcactt tgagaggcca aggtgggtgg gtcacttgaa ctgaggagtt    111600
     caagaccagc ttgaaaatat ggtgaaaccc ggtgtctaca aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc    111660
     aggactggtg gtgtgtgcct gtggtcccag ctactcagga agcttaggtg agaggattgc    111720
     tcaggaggat cacttgagct caggaggctg aaggtgcagt gtgcagagat tgagcctctg    111780
     cattccagtc cagtctgggc aacaaactga gtctctgtct catatatgaa tgtgtgtgtg    111840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tacatataca tgtatatgta catatacatg tatatgtaca    111900
     tatacacaca catatacata tataggaaag agtgaaactc cctctcatac acacacacac    111960
     acacacacac acacacacac acatatatgc ttggccactt taattcctct acaatggaat    112020
     tctgagcagc atgcttaagg gtcaatatca ggaactgcag gtagtcagcc tgtgctagaa    112080
     atattcagag tgggattttt cacattatac agtttcatct tctgagtgta cttcctgagg    112140
     ctattgttct cttcatatct tgcagatctt tctgtgcaaa aggccacatg caccaacagt    112200
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gctaagggtc ttctaattaa ttggaggact tcagtcgaaa    112260
     aatttctaag gacaagattt ttcctctttt ggctcaggaa actgcaggca tcagttacac    112320
     aacaatattt aacagtagca cagctaataa gtcatatcca ttgccttaaa caaaatgtac    112380
     agaattcagt atttttagtt acacacaaac actatatagg gtttgcaatt aatcattttt    112440
     atattctata ttctctctga tactgaacac agaacttcaa gaagagtttc acacaatgat    112500
     ttattcagta aatatgcata gagttgcata agtactgaga ttagaaaaca taccatgtat    112560
     ctgccctcat catgttctca t                                              112581