EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006032; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 170282 BP.
AC   AC006032;
DT   23-NOV-1998 (Rel. 57, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-115E20 from Y, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-170282
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-170282
RA   Glossip D., Bauer C., Harkins R., Le T.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-115E20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-170282
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-NOV-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-170282
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-FEB-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-170282
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-170282
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 22fa0f6355e8bce2053e0d6dfa80a9a0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000181.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006032.2:1-170282; homo_sapiens.
CC   On Mar 1, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:3907472.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_NH0115E20
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. John D.
CC   McPherson, Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis
CC   MO.  For additional information about the map position of this
CC   sequence, see
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries.  Genomics 51:1-8.  The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
CC   (
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-414C23, 200 base overlap;
CC   the clone sequenced to the right is RP11-4N7, 200 base overlap.
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of RP11-115E20;
CC   actual end is at 170282 of RP11-115E20.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..170282
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="Y"
FT                   /map="Y"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-115E20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   2..278
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   336..360
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAT)n"
FT   repeat_region   415..437
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   476..541
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   587..838
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   914..1567
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   1629..1647
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   1648..1918
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    1846..1920
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA630205 (NID:g2552816) ab99g05.s1"
FT   repeat_region   1919..2003
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   2035..2087
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   2454..2506
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   2728..2754
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   2959..3269
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3329..3365
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   3716..4274
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   4707..4800
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   6224..6315
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   6425..6704
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6887..7108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7109..7508
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7509..7594
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7617..7684
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7707..7745
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7913..8335
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8346..8585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8643..8706
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   8712..8823
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   8824..9010
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9011..9098
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9099..9250
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9495..9670
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9671..10219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10269..10395
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   10507..10592
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10581..12126
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12195..12404
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12416..12439
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   12528..14671
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14666..14707
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14734..14830
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14933..15662
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15663..15965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15966..16146
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16155..16199
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   16211..16293
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   16283..16404
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   16543..16767
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   16798..18046
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18061..18315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18364..19448
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19833..20135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    19960..20101
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA516061 (NID:g2255661) ni31a03.s1"
FT   repeat_region   20671..20999
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21204..21316
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   21329..21576
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   22846..23240
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   23324..23369
FT                   /rpt_family="polypurine"
FT   repeat_region   23531..23628
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23837..24089
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   24462..24482
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   26188..26666
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27133..27197
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   27211..27728
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   27975..28131
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28347..28725
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   28954..29173
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   29174..29199
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   29200..29313
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   29910..30000
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   30310..30374
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   30382..30417
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   30461..30655
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31033..31104
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   31315..31527
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31544..31676
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31678..31772
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32059..32253
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32516..32918
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   32978..33697
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33753..34196
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34233..34321
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   34373..34445
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   34465..34538
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   34568..34709
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35415..35450
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   35868..35912
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   36083..36129
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   36255..37518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37519..37557
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   37558..38349
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38565..39339
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39342..39396
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39661..39969
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40580..40689
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   40762..40937
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   40938..41014
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   41015..41078
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   41609..42721
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43308..43516
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43859..44024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44033..44344
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44657..44742
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44753..44907
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   44908..45022
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   45023..45513
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45793..46072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46084..46177
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46262..47214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47255..48129
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48130..48153
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   48154..48617
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48622..48785
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48790..50158
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50158..50813
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50821..51663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52421..52576
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52616..52753
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52756..52916
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53002..53337
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53355..53393
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   53463..54547
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54106..54704
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   55657..55932
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56673..56705
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   58628..58919
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59676..60011
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60738..60780
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   60915..60942
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   61254..61360
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   62117..62658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63153..63330
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64549..64916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64917..65034
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65035..65052
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65212..65847
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   65848..65902
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   65903..66467
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66465..67269
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67310..67818
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   67828..68167
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69592..69940
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   69941..71410
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71411..71773
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71853..71968
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   72519..72773
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72774..72853
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   72854..73090
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73099..73445
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73446..74457
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74472..74915
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74916..75280
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75296..75620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75621..75655
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   75656..76077
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76248..83837
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83847..83867
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   83987..84143
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   84144..84762
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84779..85175
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85824..85865
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   86413..86764
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87019..87311
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87322..87343
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   87524..87558
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   87853..87903
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88401..88441
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   88679..89039
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   89040..90589
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90590..90962
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91509..91578
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   91657..91709
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   92335..92369
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   92662..92968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92982..93280
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93501..95027
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95028..95405
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96844..97225
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97253..97502
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97540..98484
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98525..99200
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99218..99285
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   misc_feature    99463..99783
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI263795 (NID:g3871998) qi10f11.x1"
FT   misc_feature    99514..99740
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA630205 (NID:g2552816) ab99g05.s1"
FT   misc_feature    99518..99740
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA516061 (NID:g2255661) ni31a03.s1"
FT   misc_feature    99536..99815
FT                   /note="similar to EST AI218967 (NID:g3801170) qg11a01.x1"
FT   misc_feature    99564..99771
FT                   /note="similar to EST AA634465 (NID:g2557679) zu76a02.s1"
FT   repeat_region   99885..100000
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100001..100188
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100190..100567
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   100569..100759
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100760..100785
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   100788..101071
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101080..101190
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101220..102267
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102338..102675
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102694..103844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103840..109029
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109025..109687
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109688..109720
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   110038..110299
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110319..110480
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110482..110523
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   110627..111204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111234..111429
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111733..112273
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   112290..112573
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   112571..114934
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   113823..115317
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   115329..115442
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   115444..115580
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   115527..115969
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4_group"
FT   repeat_region   115643..116841
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   116843..117039
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   117092..117706
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   117714..117734
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   118304..118341
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   118361..118407
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118446..118635
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119323..119681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   119828..120492
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120482..121017
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121787..122082
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122338..123208
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123209..123547
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   123548..124358
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124366..125126
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125209..125505
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   125860..126388
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126390..126862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126872..127039
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127087..127300
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127477..127552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127559..127581
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   127582..127858
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127859..128170
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128227..128380
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128381..128576
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128890..128996
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   129043..129366
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   129700..129842
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   129875..130220
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   130247..130500
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130725..130904
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130910..131050
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131065..131320
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131424..131522
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   131941..132365
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   132366..132809
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   132816..132972
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   132971..133113
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   133115..136109
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   136110..136417
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   136418..136461
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   136462..136822
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   136823..138950
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   138953..139014
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   139029..139076
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   139080..139197
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   139202..139313
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139320..139628
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139637..139846
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   139873..139932
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   140578..140670
FT                   /rpt_family="MER73-group"
FT   repeat_region   140680..140834
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140846..140917
FT                   /rpt_family="MER73-group"
FT   repeat_region   141037..141226
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   141624..141663
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   141664..141770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141816..142501
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142495..142690
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142700..142788
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142794..142863
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   143297..143468
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   143615..143663
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   143751..144401
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   144395..144806
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   144943..145518
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   146186..146532
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   146590..146610
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   146698..147041
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147042..148598
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148636..148980
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149190..149335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149336..149689
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149734..150389
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   150390..150507
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150577..150890
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   150891..151066
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   151331..151418
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   151419..152192
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   152193..152403
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   152889..153171
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153199..153230
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   repeat_region   153308..153354
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   153574..153685
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   153990..154126
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   154990..155047
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   155853..156113
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156227..156410
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   156422..156485
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   156747..156849
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   156897..156922
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   156923..157305
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157307..159258
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159219..159987
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159988..160338
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   160339..161219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161428..161564
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   162674..162971
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163203..168501
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   168853..169064
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   169260..169668
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
SQ   Sequence 170282 BP; 51203 A; 31213 C; 30293 G; 57573 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcta atgaaaccat cttggtctgg aggttctttt gtgggagtat ttgaaattac        60
     aaattcagta tacttaatat gatggggcta ttcaaattat ttattttata ttgggcgagt       120
     tgtgacagtt tgttttttta ggatgggtca atattattta gtttgtcaaa tttatgtata       180
     tagagacttt catagtatta ttttactata cttttgctga cttcagggca tgtagtgaaa       240
     tgtatctcct ctttggatat ttaatttgca tcttctctta gttctaagtt aaaggtgtcg       300
     aattgtaagt aacaaaccaa atctgaacat agtattgatg atgatgatga ggatgatgat       360
     atacttcatc gattgctgcc ttactgaatt ttaatatata ggcaattcat atgcaatatt       420
     ttatttaatt ataaatagca aacttgagag cttgactata ttatctattt tcatatgctc       480
     ataatcccac aaatagtaag tagcagagcc tatatttgag cattgatcac gctgactcca       540
     gtctaccatt agtatatatt gcagaagttt tatttgaata acctggtgag aggtgacaac       600
     gtgctagcag ccttcgcttg ctctgggaag ctccttggcc tcagcctctg ctctggccac       660
     actcaaggag cccttcagcc cgccactgcg ctgtgggggc tccgctctgg gactggcgag       720
     tccagagccg gctccctctg cttgcgggga ggtgtggagg gggaggcgca gcggggagct       780
     ggggctgagt gcagcactcg cgggttggct tgggttccgg gtgggcatgg cctgccggca       840
     cctgctgggc ttgatcaggg ctgagctcct tctgggctgc cggagtgccc acgggtgact       900
     gccagtgaca ggtgaagcca gctgggcttc tgggatgggt ggggacttgg aaaacttttc       960
     ctctagccaa aggattgtaa acgcaccaat cagcactctg tgtctagctg aaggtttgta      1020
     aacacaacaa tcagcattct ctcaaattgg accaatcagc tctctgtaaa atggaccaat      1080
     cagcaggatg tgggtggggc cagataaagg aataaaagca ggccacctca gccagcaaca      1140
     gcaacttttc atgctgtgga agcttagttc ctttgttctt cctgctaaat gttgctgctg      1200
     ttgactcttt gggtccgtgc cgcctttgag agctgtaaca ctcaccacga aggtctgaag      1260
     cttcactcct aaagccagcg agactaggaa cccaccagga gggaggaaca actccagacg      1320
     ggaggaacga acaactccgg aggcgccacc tttatgaact gtaacactca ccatgaaggt      1380
     ctgcagcttc actcctgagg ccagtgagac cacacatcca ccagtagaaa gaaactacgg      1440
     acaagtctga acatcagaag gaacaaactc cggacatacc atctttaaga actgtaacat      1500
     tcgccgtgag ggtctgcagc ttcattcttg aagtccgcaa gaccaagaac ccaccaattc      1560
     cggacacgct gggatacttt gtgactttgt ttacagagaa aaaataatat attttttcat      1620
     tccaaatctg tatttaaaaa tatgtatggt caggcacagt ggctgatgcc tgtaatccga      1680
     gcacttttgg aggctgaggt gggatcactt gagactagga gctcatattg accagcctgg      1740
     ccatcatggc aaaaccccat ctgtactaaa aatacaaaag ttagccaggt gtggtggtgc      1800
     acgcctatat tcccagctat tcggaaggct gaagcatgag aattgcttga gcccaggagg      1860
     ccaaggttgc agtgagccga gatcctgaca ctgcactcca gcctgggcca cagagcaata      1920
     tatattatat attatatatt atatattata tattatatat tatatattat gtattatgta      1980
     atataatatt atattatata tattacatta catatgtgtc tagctaaagg tttgtaaaaa      2040
     tttatatatt atagaagtat acattatata tgtgttttat taatattcgt ttataagtta      2100
     gagaattatg aaatcacatg tttcaaggtt acttgatata tgtcagatta ttaatgataa      2160
     tctgatgatc aatttataaa atggaacaat tatgttttac ataatagagg taaccttaat      2220
     aaactactaa aaacttacga tattagagga aagtaagtat tacttactag aagctataag      2280
     gttcaatatg aagataagct ttggcatatt tggattagag tcattcacaa cctaaagggt      2340
     ttttttacat tgacaatttt aacacgcata tactttaagc taggaatgac aaaaatatta      2400
     gtgaaaagtt ttgtgtccat tcacattaaa acatagtatt ttaaaatctt gagttttttg      2460
     aaatataaat aatatttagt gtattttatt agtgttatat atatttgtag ctcagattac      2520
     actcactata catgaaatat actcttaatc atttaatatt atttctgatc atttttcatg      2580
     atgttgcaaa ttctttgtat atgtggttgt aagtgactgc ataacatctc atctaattga      2640
     tgacttgtat gtatgcattt tgcctatttt ggggtacagt ttattttttt ccatttttga      2700
     ttatcataag ccattttgtg ataaaaatgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttatga      2760
     tgttttcagg caattttcaa ataataggct cttagaagta aaattactaa tccaggaatt      2820
     attttgtttc aaatctcttt acttgtttag ggaaggatat ggctactttg aaatggaaac      2880
     aaaagatttt aaataagaaa caatgaataa cattatccac agaaaatcag agattgaacc      2940
     gtcaacatta acatggcatt tatcttttat ttttatttac attatttttt tagacaggat      3000
     cttgttctct tgcccaagct ggagtgcagt gttgtgatca tatttcactg cagactggac      3060
     ctcccaggct caattgatcc tcccacctta gcctgagtag ctggaaccat gggcagggac      3120
     cagtacacct agttaatttt tgattatttg tagagacaga atctccctat gttgcccacg      3180
     ctgggtcttg aaatcctggc ctcaagcagt cctcctgcct cagactccca aagtgctggg      3240
     attacaggtg tgagccaccg tgcctggcca gtatctttgt tgaagtcttc ataaaatctt      3300
     aacagatttt aatctaatct taatcaggta aatataaatt tcttaaaatt ttttattaaa      3360
     ttttaccacc atcattaact ccctttatat actttatagc catgttgaaa tgtccataaa      3420
     tgacctgtta caggaaaaga atattggcaa catattttta aaaatcagat acacacacat      3480
     gcattaatta tactatcatt atattttcat taattttctt aagaattgat attcaagtgt      3540
     taatagtcta tttctcttgt accagattaa tattttatgt ctagtttata taactataca      3600
     tttttaggtc tctgagacac tatgcacttg acagtcatca taaataatat gagaataaag      3660
     gaaatagccc ataatgtaac taattaccag tgatttaatt tttctaatta atctgtgtat      3720
     tagggttctc cagagggcta ataggatata tgtatatatg aaagggagtt tattaaggag      3780
     aattggctca cagtatcaca aagcgaattc ccacgatagg ctgtctgcaa cctgaggaag      3840
     aaagaagcca gtagtggctc agtcagagac caaaagcctc aaaagcaggg cagccgactg      3900
     cagtcagtct tcagtctgtg gccgaaggcc tgagagcccc tggcaaaaca ctggtgtgag      3960
     tccaaaggcc gaagaacgtg gagtctgatg ttcaagagca ggaggaacag aagaaagcat      4020
     ccggcacagg agacagatga aagccagaag actcaagtca gtttatccca ccttcttcct      4080
     ctagctttgt tctagctgct ctggcagcgg attggatggt gcccacccat gttttgcttc      4140
     ctttcccagt ccacctactg caatgttaat ctcctctggc aacaccttta cagacacacg      4200
     cagaaacaat actttaccag ctatctaggc attcttcaat ccaatcaagt tgacacctaa      4260
     cattaaccat cacaatctgc cttattgttt gtggtttata gccctgttgc atgtactatc      4320
     atccatatgc aggcttgtcc atcaatgaca gctgtttctc aatgaacaat tactaagggg      4380
     tatacttcaa gaaaagtgaa gaaatatgtc actcattaca gtttctatta aaagctatca      4440
     gagtttccta tcagaacaat gtgctatgca gtttggtttt atcaatatac ttggcagata      4500
     ccagatatca attggacccg atgtttgaga gtgctacaaa tcttgaagaa aatttgagtc      4560
     ttgtctgcat tagtgctttc aagtagataa ctaaggtagt catttcaaag aaggttgtta      4620
     gagagtacta gcaaataaca caagttttaa aatagtttat tagatgggta aatttagact      4680
     agggcaaaaa tccacataaa gtttcttttt ctcatttaaa atgggaaaat aatttctaat      4740
     ttatgagttt gtggtgagaa ttatgtaatt taacatcaag cacctagtaa acagtaactg      4800
     ttgtcagtat tactaattat tggagtcttt agtcattaac atctgaaatt ctgttttata      4860
     tagttcttct gaaatctttt gttactccct tttacgtttt ctacaatacc ttttttcatt      4920
     agtcatccta attgttaaaa agccaaaatt acatctctaa agtcacatta aatttagttt      4980
     ataatattac aatgcataaa tgcataaggg aagtgttttg ccatagtttt attggccttt      5040
     ttactttcac attattacat taccttctga agttaaacat tagaaaccca ataaacattc      5100
     agtggaaaag ctataggttg aggtggttta aggacattct ttatttagaa atgaatatct      5160
     ttggctaaga atataaaaaa aaaatgtgat acactctggc atatgtcaac tagatgtact      5220
     aaccaagtga atattttgac cttaaaagta gatgttgaat tctacactta taaagttgga      5280
     atgtcctact gctcattgtg caagtagata acaatgggca gagataactt agcctccttt      5340
     aacaacttgc acctatttga caaaaagcca gaggaagatg agaatagtgg gacaaagaat      5400
     ataatagcta ttctgtgtat aaaattgacc ttttttgggg gatattattc ttacaaatgg      5460
     tgattaaaat attttctggt aatatagtcg tcattatgtt aaagatccac ttctaggaaa      5520
     catgtgcttt gaaattttaa actcaatctc aaataatatt acataaatac atgcctgatg      5580
     gacattgcat aggctggaaa acatcgaaat acaaaacatt agatttatgc ctcttgcaaa      5640
     gtaagctcat tgacttttaa gtaaaggttt aaataaacat ttaaagataa ttgcaagatg      5700
     acatgaataa tctgcaaaga acactttcaa tgataggtga ttatgttaat ttgctttact      5760
     attagtaaga ttcagtttaa gcatggcatt attagttagg tatgactgaa ttatttaact      5820
     caagaaaaaa ttttttctct tttggcaaga gctacgttgc cattttatta catctcagtt      5880
     tctgactaac aatatattat ccttcagctc atatcatttc ataatcattt cttatcggtg      5940
     tctagctgat aggcctaggc cataagctaa ggtggggact tactcttcat cagtctctca      6000
     aatttatttg tctctgacat tatttctgga gttaattatt atcatataag aatcaacaac      6060
     ataagaaagc gttgttgaat ttgcacattt ctatcatgta tatatatctt acatatataa      6120
     tatatataga ttactgtagt gtactatata tttataatgc tatgtataca tagatatctt      6180
     actatatatg tagatatata gtaaacaact gtttcaaatg cattatatta tacaatatat      6240
     attatgtaaa tatatacatt ttgattatat atgtacacac ataaacacat acatatacat      6300
     atgcacacac atacaatgga agttacaaac ttctgtcctg caatgaaagc ataaaatatt      6360
     attttcaact tccaaacatt ttaaattggc accataaaac actattaaat aaatgtcact      6420
     tgttgtggct catgcatgta attccagccc tttgggagac caaggtggaa agattccttg      6480
     aaggtgaata attcaagacc agcctgggca acatagtgag actccatctc tacaaaaata      6540
     aaaaataaga ggtgtggtgg catgcacctg tagtcctagc tactctgtag ggtaagagag      6600
     gaggattgct tgagcccagg agttcatagc tgctgtgggt tatgattgtg ccactgcact      6660
     ccagcatggg tgacagtgag atcctgtctc ttaaaaaatg aaaattttta aaatgtcata      6720
     aatatttcag ttctaaatat tatagtggct taaggtagca aacatgagga aacaaagtaa      6780
     aaataaagag aaattatcag cacaatcttt ttttcatcag ggttccaata tggccaacat      6840
     tttacagata cgaaatctct aatccaggct gctataggtt gcacaatgaa cgaaaaaggg      6900
     caagcaatgg ttgacatcac caagaagaaa gagatgttag tattatctga cagagattct      6960
     aaagcagcaa taataaaaat gcttcaatga gcacttacca aagtgtttcg aacaaatgac      7020
     aaaatacaaa gttccagcaa agaaatagaa tttttaaacc taaaaataga agatataaga      7080
     agcaacaaat aaaaattgta taacagtcct atagcttgaa tgtatccccc aaagttaatg      7140
     ttttgaaaag ttagtaccca atgaaatagt gtcaagaggt gagacctatg agaagtaatt      7200
     agatcatgag gtctctgcct tcttaagtgt attaatacca ttatcaatgg agtgggttca      7260
     ttaccatgag agtgggtttg gtataaaagt gagtttggtt ccctcttgtt ctctctcatc      7320
     cacatgtgat gtctctccat gtgatacttc ctgccatgtt atgctgcagc aagaagaccc      7380
     tcaccagatg cagcccctct atgttggact tcccagcctc cggaagtgta agccagaaaa      7440
     acttatattg tttataaatt acccagtctg tagcattctg ttacaccagc acaaaataaa      7500
     ctacaacaaa ctgtaaaata taataaacaa aaactaaaca aaactttgag tgtgctcaac      7560
     agcacaatag agaggcagag aaaagaatta gtgaccatag caattgccta attgcagagg      7620
     ttgcagtcct taggagtcac acattggcca tgggttgggg tagggaggcc catgggaagg      7680
     agagtttgac tgctcaacag ccagatgagg cctacatttt ccttttgcac tgcgctctgc      7740
     aaattggacc tactgtcatg gttctagctg ccaaataaaa attttgctaa taggtttaat      7800
     taggttacac ggaaattggt gcactttgtt taggtgcagt gaaaatagta ctgattagga      7860
     ctcaggagag atcagtttaa gaatcagccc tgtaaaagga aattatcaac ttatttttta      7920
     tcttgatttt ctattctcca ttttgattat ctctgctcaa agccttatta tttccttctt      7980
     ctgacttggg tttagttttt tctccttatt tagtttcata agacttaaag ttaggtagtt      8040
     aatttgaatt cttgcttcgt tttcaatgta cgcacttaca tttaaaaatt ccctcttagc      8100
     atttttttgg ctatatctat aagttttatt attttgtgtt tttattttca tttttctcaa      8160
     gacattttct aatttcttta gtgattttat ctttcactca ttgtttttta aagagtgtat      8220
     tgtttaattt gcacatattt gtggattttt cagttttcct ttgcttcatt tctactttta      8280
     ttcaattgtg atgagaagag ctactttgca tgatttaatg tttttaaatt attgaacgtc      8340
     tcttagagac ttcaatatcc cacgttcaat aatagaaaaa ataagacaga agtttgataa      8400
     atgaaaagag aatttgataa acattataga ccaattggat gtaacaaaca taagtaacac      8460
     agaagaatgt attttttttc tgagtgcata tagaatgttc tccaagatag acaacatgct      8520
     tggccacaga aaaagtctta attaatttaa aaacattaaa tcatgcaaag tatctcttct      8580
     cgtcatcccg tcaaattcat cagtattcgc ttcacatatt ttcagactca gacatttggt      8640
     gcataaatgc atataagtgc aataaatagt atatatatat atacacacac acttatatat      8700
     acatatatac acatatatac atatatatag atagatatag gatttggtac tatcaatggt      8760
     tttaggcatc tattgtggga tgagtcttga aacttatgcc acgtggataa gggaggacta      8820
     ctgtatcttc ttggttattt gaacacttta ttgttacata atgtccattt ttgtctctag      8880
     taactatttt tgacttgaga attatttgtc taatattaat gtagccactt ctgctcaatt      8940
     ttttttacta tttgcatgaa atattttcgc cattctttca ctttctttgc taaatatgtt      9000
     tcttcatttt tttctttttt tatttatgca taatagatgt acatattttc agggtatatg      9060
     tgataatttg atacattcat ataatgtatg aaaatcaact atcctttcat ttttactgta      9120
     tatccttaga tttaaaatga gtctttgtag tcagtgtata gttaaatcat gtttctattt      9180
     taaaatattc tgccaatcta tgtcatttga ttgggcagtt taaactattt acattcaaag      9240
     tagttattga gcagcctcca ctgctttttt ttcttcactc tgggaggccc acatggctct      9300
     gcctcaactt tctattccct gtgactcaca ggacctgaga gatcagtagg gaggacaaca      9360
     tggcactcca gaagctggga agtggacaaa gaaaaggcaa ggggattcca aagctcatat      9420
     agctcaaaaa gtttagttta cttggatagt cttatttgag ttttcatcta tacaattttt      9480
     tttgcaaaag tgccaaaatg gccaactaga tgcagataga aagagcttcc cccactaaga      9540
     gactagacta tcaaaaagac cagcacactc caagcaaatt ttcaggaaga aggcattgag      9600
     agtgggtaaa gggaggacat agactgaaga gggaggaagc tgggaaccct gcacagggtt      9660
     ggtgagcacc cttatatcca aacaaacaat tgaactagct ctccagcaat actttttaac      9720
     caagctgata tgtctaaaat ataaacatat aattcagaat ctggataaca atgaagatca      9780
     tgaagattca ggaaaaaatt gaaactcaag ccaaggaaac taagaaattt agtaaaatga      9840
     tacaagagct caaacagaaa ataactatta tatgcaaaaa ccaaactgat tttctacagc      9900
     tgaaattttc actacaacaa tttcataata caattggaag tatttacagc agaatagacc      9960
     aagctgcagg aagaatctca gagttcaaag accagttctt tgaatctcag tcagacaaaa     10020
     ataaagaaga aatacaaaag aattaacaaa acctacaaga aatatggaat tatataaaga     10080
     gaccaccaaa cctatgacac attggtgtct ctgaaaaaca aggagaggga actagaaact     10140
     tggaaaatat attcaagggt attgtccaca aaaatttctc caacctcagt agagaaagca     10200
     atgttcaaag taaggaaatt cagggaaccc ctgtgaaaca gtatgcaagg caaccatccc     10260
     caatgcagta tatatatata tatatataca cacacacaca tatatatata tcacatatat     10320
     acatatataa gtatatatat ggcatatata tatcacatat atacatatat aagtatatat     10380
     atggcatata tatatcacat atatacatat ataagtatat atatggcata tatatatcac     10440
     atatatacat atataagtat atatatgcca tatatatcac atatatacat atataagtat     10500
     atatatggca gctagaaata aggggcaagt tgcttacaaa aagaacccag tctggctaag     10560
     agtagacctt tcagcaaaaa ccctacaaac taacaatgag gttttccaca tagttagaaa     10620
     aatcacttct aaaattcaca tggaacaaaa acagagccca aacagcagag aaatcctaag     10680
     caaaataaca aagccagagg catcacaata gctgatgtca aactatacta caaggctata     10740
     ataaccaaaa aggtatggta ctggtacaaa aacagacaca tagataaatg ggacaggtta     10800
     gagaacccag aaataaagtc gtccacctag aaccatttga tctttgacaa actcaacaac     10860
     agcaagcaat gcggaaagaa atccttattc aataaatgct actaggataa tttactagcc     10920
     ataggcagaa gattaaaact gaaccccttt atttaaacag atgtaaaaag caactcaaca     10980
     tggattaaag acttaaatgt aaaacctaaa actataaaac cctagagaaa aacctaggaa     11040
     atactattct ggatattggt ctggcaaaga tttcatggtg aagactccaa aaataatttc     11100
     aacaaaaata aaaattgaca aacaggacca aattaaacta aggagctttg acatagtgaa     11160
     agaaactacc aacacagtaa acagaccacc tagagagtgg gaaaatacac ttgcagacta     11220
     tacatccaac agaaacctaa tatccagaat ctataagtaa ctttacaaaa tcaagaaaaa     11280
     aagaaagaaa gaactcctct aaaaatgggc aaatgacatg aacagacact tctcagaaga     11340
     caaacacatg gccaacaagc atatgaaata atgcacaata tcactaatca ttagggaagc     11400
     acaaattaaa accacaatgc aatactatct cacaccagtc agaatggcta ttataaaaaa     11460
     gtcaaaaaat aacagatgtt ggtgaggttg caaagaaaag agaatgctta tacactgctg     11520
     gtgggaatgt aaattagttc agccattgca gaaggcagtt tggtgattcc tcaaagtatt     11580
     taaaacacaa ttaccatttg accaaacaat cacattacta agtatataca caaaggaata     11640
     taaatttttc taccataatg acatatgcac atgtaggttc atcacagaac tattcacaat     11700
     agcaaagaca tggaatccac ccagatgtcc atcaatggtg cacttgataa agaaaatgtg     11760
     gttcatatac accatggaat gcttcacagc cataaaaata agtaaaatta tgtcatttgc     11820
     agcaacatgt atgcagacag aggacattat cttatgcaaa ttaatgcagg aacagaaacc     11880
     aaataccaca tgatctcact tatgagtggg agctaaacat tgtgtacaca gggacataag     11940
     gaagggaaca atagacattg gggcctactt gagggtggaa ggtgagagga gattgagaat     12000
     taaaacccta cctatgcgat gttatgctca tcacctggct ggtgaaatga tctgtacagc     12060
     aaacctctgt gacacgcaat ttacccttgt aacaaacctg cacatgtacc ccctaaacct     12120
     aaaatagtgt ttggaaagaa ataaaagact tttatacaat aacatgccca tctgcgttac     12180
     ttaattgtat ctgtattgga acaaaattaa atttgtaaat taccttaaga acaattgatg     12240
     ttgataatat tgagttttcc catctaataa catgatttga tttttcatgt gtttatgtct     12300
     acattcatat aacttaggaa ctttctatgg tttttgttat attcaaaaca catttttgtt     12360
     agatgtatta ttaggtagtt tattttgtta gagtctatta aaaagtaaac agaagtataa     12420
     aaataataaa ataattattg ataactatgg acatttttta aattcattca agtaatttgg     12480
     aagcctttgt tttttagact tagttactga gatattttcc ccccagtttt tattttggtt     12540
     taaggagtac atgtgccagt ttgttatacg ggtaaattgc atgccatgct ggtttggtgt     12600
     acagataatt ttgtaacaca ggtaatcagc atactaccca gtagagagtt tttcaattct     12660
     cactatcctc ctacctttca acttcaaata agctccagtg tctattgctt ctttctttgt     12720
     gtccatgggt accaatgttt agctcccacc tataagtaag aacatgtagt ctttggtttt     12780
     ctgttcctgc attaattgac ttatgattat ggcctccagc tccattcatg ttgtggcaaa     12840
     gaatatgatc taatttttaa aaatctttgt agtattccgt gatgtacatt acatgcacca     12900
     cattttcttt atcccattca ctgtaggtgg ccatctaggt taattccatg tctttgctat     12960
     tgtgaatagt gcagcgatga acttactcat gcgtgtgtct ttatggtaga ataatatata     13020
     ttcctttgag tatataccca ttaattgaat tgctaggtca aatgttagtt ttgttttaac     13080
     ttctttgaga aatctccaaa gtgttttcca cattggctaa agaaaaatta aattcccact     13140
     aactgtgtag aagccttccc ttttctccac aacctctcca gcatctgtta tttatttatt     13200
     tttgactttt taatgatagc cattctgact ggtgttattc tgatagccat tctgatggta     13260
     tctctttgtg gcattgattt gcatttccct aatgatttgt gatattgaac atttttccat     13320
     atgcttgata gccacgtgtg tatcttcttt tgaaaattgt ctgttcatgt ctttgcccat     13380
     ttttacatgg gattattttt gcttgttgac ttgagttcct tctagattct ggatattaga     13440
     cctctgctgg atgcacagtt tccaaatatt ttcacccata ttgtaggttg tctgtttact     13500
     ctgatagttt cttttgtttt gcagaagctc tttagatcga ttaggtccga tttgtcaatt     13560
     ttttgttttt gttgaaatta cctttggagg ctgcatcatg atttctgaac aagggccaat     13620
     gtctaagaat ggcatttcat aggtcttcct ctatagtttt tatagcttta ggttttacat     13680
     ttaactcttc aagctatctt gagttgattt ttgtgtagag tataaggaag gagtcccatt     13740
     tcaacattct gcatatggca agccagctat cccagcacca ttcattgaat ggggattatt     13800
     tcccaattgc ttgtttttgt cagttttgtc gaagatcaga tgtttttagg tgtgtggctt     13860
     tatttgtggc ctttcatcct ttcctattga tctatgtgcc catctctgta ccagtaccat     13920
     gctattttag ttattttacc ctggcactat agtgtgaagt tggatgttat gatgcttcca     13980
     gcttttttct ttttgcttag gattgctttg gatgtttgtt atatttttgt tccacgtgaa     14040
     ttttaaaaaa gatttttctg attatgtgaa gaatggcatt aataatttga taggagtagc     14100
     actgaatctg taaattgctc gggtcattct tgtggccatt ttaaaaatat cgattcttcc     14160
     tatccctgag cttggagtgt ttttccattt gtttgtgtca tctttgattt ctttgagcag     14220
     cattttgtaa ttcttgttga aaagatcttt aacttctcag gttagttgtt ttcctaggta     14280
     tttttgtgta tatgtatgtg attattggga atgggattgt atttttgatt tggctctcag     14340
     cttggacagt attgatggat agaaatacta ctgatgtttg tacactgatg ttgattcttg     14400
     aaacattgct gaagtcattc atcagatcta gaagcctttg tacagggact agaggatttt     14460
     ctgggtatag aattataatg tctttgaaga gagtttgact ccctgtcttt ttatttgact     14520
     gtcttttgtt tctttgtctt acctgattgc tctggatagg acttccagta gtatgctgaa     14580
     taggtgtggt gagagtgggc atcgttgtct tgttccagtt ttcaagggaa attcttccag     14640
     cttttggtta ttaagtatga tgtcagctgt gcagaagcta tttagtttaa ttaggtccca     14700
     tttgtcagag acaggaaaaa aaaaacttag taccccaaat tgccacaata tatgacctat     14760
     aacgttcagt tatcaaaaaa ctacaagata tgcaaataaa taggaatgtg tgaatgatac     14820
     acagaaaaaa ggaaacaatg ggaaaagtat gtaaaaatga ggagctatca gatataacag     14880
     aaaaagactt aaacagcttc tgcacagctt ctctgtttct gttgttgctt actttgttgc     14940
     aattgctttt ggcatcattg tcataaaatc tttgtcaagg cttatgtcta gaatggattt     15000
     tcctgggttt tcttcaaagg tttttataat tttaggtttt acatttatgt ctttaataat     15060
     cttgagttga tttttgtata tggtgtaaga aagtggttca ctttcaatca tctgcatatg     15120
     actagccagc tatcccagct ccatttatta aatagggagg ccttttccca ctgccttttt     15180
     ttgttgacat tttcaaagaa cagatggttg taggcgtgtg gctttatttc tgggctctct     15240
     attctgttcc attgatctat gtgtctgttt ttgtaccact tccacgctat tttggttact     15300
     gtagccttgt agtatagttt gaagttcagt aatgtaatgc ttccaggttt aatgtttttt     15360
     gtttgtttgt ttgttttgtt cttcttagaa tgtctttggc tattccggct ctgttttggt     15420
     tccatatata tatatatata ttttataatt gtgtgaagaa tgtcattggt actctgatag     15480
     aaatggcatt gaatctgtaa attgctttgg gcagtatggc catttttatg atattgattc     15540
     atcctatcca tgagcatgga atatttttcc atctgttttt tgccatttct gatttctttc     15600
     tttccttcct gccttcctgc tttctttctt tctgtctttc tgtctttcct tctttcatca     15660
     tcttcttctg tttgtttgtt ttttttttga cagggtttta ctctgtcatc gaggctggag     15720
     tgcagtgctg cgatctcagc tcactgccac ttccacctcc ctggctcaag ggatcctccc     15780
     atcttagctt gctgagtagc tgggaccaca gttgcgtgcc accacgcctg cctcgctaat     15840
     tgtatttttt gtagagacag gatttcgcca tgttgcccag gctgatctca aactcctgga     15900
     tttaagcgat atgtctgcct cggacttcca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccactg     15960
     tgccctgatt ttttgagcac tgtttggtag ttctccttga agaggtcttt cacgtccctg     16020
     gttagcttta ttcctaggta ctaatatttt attcttttta cggctatttt gtaaagaatt     16080
     gtgttcttga tttgacactc agcttggatg tggctggtgt ataaaatggt acttattttt     16140
     gcagattgat ttttaggcag gagaataggg cttggaggca ggtaacctaa ggccaattcg     16200
     tgctgagtca cagaaaaaca tcaagctctg tgggcaagga atctaagggc aattcactct     16260
     gacttttcaa agctggatca aaaggaaaac acctgggtct gggggcaggg aacctaaggc     16320
     caattaacac aaaattccta aagctaaacc aaaaggaaaa accccatctc ccacagggag     16380
     taacaaagga acaaggctac tctcccaaca accctccctc ccccttccac cgtctcagtt     16440
     ggaaagggag agtaccttgg attagccaca ggccaagcag ggaccatccc tttatctgca     16500
     ttgggcacca attcacagca gcctttaacc acagaccaaa tccttcatcc agataagggg     16560
     tagtccaaga acctcaaaca gagttcttaa agcccagaaa cttttgtaac tgggccatgg     16620
     ggccgcttgc tgggacccac tctctccctg cagagtgctt tctcgcttta ataaattcct     16680
     gctttcactg cttcgttctt gcatttcatt tctctgctac tttgtgcgtt ttgttcaatt     16740
     ctttgtttaa aacgccaagg acctagagag tgtgtagtca agacccacta ccggtaataa     16800
     ttttgtatca tgaaactttt ctgaagctgg ttaccagatc taagaacttt ggggcagaga     16860
     ctatgaggtc ttctaggtat aaaatcgtat caactacaaa gagagatggt ttgaattcct     16920
     ctcttcctat ttggttgcct ttcatttctt tgcttgattg ctctggctag gacattcagt     16980
     acgatgttca ctagaattgt ggagagtggg cacccttgtc ttgttccatt tccctaggga     17040
     aatgtttcca gtttttgcct gtttcctaag atgttggcca tgtgtttgtc atagatggct     17100
     cttatcattt tgaagtatgt ttcttcaatg cctaatttgg tgagagtttt aaacatgaaa     17160
     gaatgctgat ttttgctgaa agccttttct gcatctattg agatgatcgt tttttaaaag     17220
     ttctttttat gtaatagacc acatttattg atttgcatgt gtggaaccaa ccttgcctcc     17280
     caaagataaa gtcgacttga tcatggtgga ttagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggattcatt     17340
     ttgccagttt tttttctttc tttctttctt tttttttttt tttgagcatt ttggcagtgt     17400
     ttgttgttgt tgctgttgtc attgtgtctc tgccaggttt gttatcagaa taatgctggc     17460
     cgcatagaag agttaggcag gaatccctcc tcttaagttt ttggaacagc ttcagttaga     17520
     atggtaccag ctcttcttta tacatcttgt agaattcagc ttttaattaa tctggttttg     17580
     ggctttttct ggttggtagg ctttttatta ctgattcaat tttggaactc attattggtc     17640
     tgttcagcat ttgaatttct tcctagttca attttgagag gttgtatgct tctcagaatt     17700
     tattcatttt ttctaggttt tctagtttgt gttcatagag gtgtttgtaa tagtcactga     17760
     tgatttttgt atttctgtga atgttgtgat aatgtcctct gtcatttttg gttgtattta     17820
     cttggatctt gtcttttttt ttcttttctt tattattcta gctagcagtc catcaatctt     17880
     atttattctt tcaaaaaaca aacctagttt tataaaaatt ttctgtattt tttgtgtcaa     17940
     ttgtattcag gtctaatttt gcttatttct tttgttttct gcttgcttct gagttggttt     18000
     atgcttactt ttctagttct tctacatttg atgttcaatt gttaatagag atcttcatga     18060
     tagttatttg aacatattta tcatggctcc tttaagtctt tttctgttat atctgatagc     18120
     tcctcatttt tacatacttt tcccattgtt tccttttttc tgtgtatcat tcacatattc     18180
     ctatttattt gcatatcttg tagttttttg ataactgaac gttataggtc atatattgtg     18240
     gcaatttggg gtactaagtt tttttttttc ctgtctctgt ttctgttgtt gcttactttg     18300
     ttattattat gatttttaac ctggctaggc cattttagtg aaattgatca ctacagcagt     18360
     ttgaagcctt ttgtgttcct cctttgaagt cacctacatg gctgtgtata atcaccctga     18420
     gattgtagtg gctttgtcag agatctcttt gattatctct tttcatattt tttctgtaaa     18480
     actctctgcg tcatttggta ttatttccct ccagttcagc ttcattatca gctgatttct     18540
     ctattgtatt cagcaatacc ctgagtgaac tattgctcag caatttgatc cagttaagtt     18600
     gggtcaggaa tagtatttaa ggccagtctt taaactttgt catgacttta gggtcgctat     18660
     tcttagctac attttttcat acattctggt aaagtatctg gcctatgttt cagattgctg     18720
     atcttgattg agaagagcca ttgctactga gagtgtcctt aatttaaaac tcctacatgt     18780
     tctataaagt catattttgt aaggggagct tcatagctct ctttccttat actcttccct     18840
     tctctctggc taactatatg actaactact ctgggcacta ggcaggccac tagactgtgt     18900
     tctcttatgc ttgcctctcc taacatggaa actgcccaat aaatgagcta gggcaagagc     18960
     atttgggggt cccagaattc tcagcttacc acattggggt tagagcttct atcctctatg     19020
     tagagactgg gtgtaggtaa aaggtcccac ttcttggtca cactcactat taatttggcc     19080
     tctttaacta ggagttggag gagataaaac atgttgatga cctacccctc taggtgagag     19140
     atagagtaaa ccttaatttg gatttcagag tagagagtct atcttcttgg ctatatccac     19200
     ctgatataaa atttctgtca agatgagccc aggataggtg aaggagaagg tctcagatac     19260
     catggggtct ctgtgctctt attaagtttt agtagatttt taaaataact tagttttgtt     19320
     aattaggacg atttctaggg acattaagtg gttgtgattt taaatgtttt tatgctagtt     19380
     aggcattttt cacaagggag tgtctctgtg aaacactaca tgtcatcatt cttaaagaaa     19440
     agcactctag ttggtttgtt aaaatgagca tgtatgcaag gaaaaaaaat tatcagacaa     19500
     taaacattat acatagtttt aattgcattg atgggagtgg gagttttgca ttttcacatc     19560
     ttacataatg gatgaacaga gaactttagt tcttagtaag aaaacaaaaa cattgaacca     19620
     tggatagaac agtggggagc tctcttttga acaacttgta ggttgatgag taaatcaaca     19680
     ctagcactta tgtctatcca gaaaataatc aggagattat cacagctcat gagataagca     19740
     cagtagatac gttatagctt ttaaacaaat ttctttctaa acacaataaa aggagaaatt     19800
     taattgtttt gcttaagata aaaacctaag taggctgggc gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa     19860
     tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggtgggtg gataaggagg tcaggaggtc gagatcatcc     19920
     tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc catggctact aaaaatacaa aaattagcca gtgtagtggc     19980
     gtgcacccgt agtcccagtt actcaggagg gtgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacccagga     20040
     ggtggaggtt acagtgagct gagacagcac cgttgcagct tgggcgacag agcaagactc     20100
     ggtcttcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga taaaagaaag aaaaaaaaac cctaagtaaa     20160
     agtgaagaaa tatgcatatt atattgaagt attagaaaaa gtgaactaat agacaataga     20220
     ttattctaag tgagatcaat tgcaaaataa aatttatgaa gagaaaagcc cacaattaca     20280
     atgaaaaaca gagtaacaga aaaacactca acaaagcaaa taaaagtaaa attattcttt     20340
     gaactgactt tatacaaatt tgagtaaaat gattaatttg taagaaaatt ataattacca     20400
     ataaattgac tcaagaagca atagaaaagc tactcagatg agtattatat acaatattga     20460
     gtacattttc aaagggttat actatgaatt ttttctggcc cagaaaattt tgcaggcagt     20520
     ttttgcagta tgtttaagaa cagataattt tgttgctatt tagctattcc taagtataga     20580
     gaacaaagaa aaaaattatg cttttttttc aagattcaag aataagtgaa atatgcttag     20640
     cacactggta gtgtgctact ttgtttattt tcattattac taaatcatca taacattgta     20700
     accaatgtct gacaaagaca gatctaggag aaaataagaa taccaattca cctcactgat     20760
     agacactgac acacacattt ttgataatat gtaactgcac tgcctcctgt aatacatgca     20820
     taaaaattac atcatgatca attaagatta acctgggaat gcagagatca tacagtcata     20880
     gttttatcta ttttagctaa ttcaccattt tgataaaaat gaaaaatgat cttaatgata     20940
     aaagtaaatt tgatataatt aacaactaat tttctaatca caacatttaa gtaaatcagc     21000
     cccccaaatt aatctctctg tgcaaatatc aaagactaac taaacttaca aaatttgcat     21060
     ttgattatat ttagagggta ttatccaaca aactaatgta cttactgctt ggaaaaagca     21120
     agtctctgtg attctggaat acctgtcagt cagctctgag attactttct tatgttaaga     21180
     aatacttgtc tatcaactgt gagattactt tcctttgctt cttaatccta tgtattttat     21240
     tttggcattt aaaattagta ttctgtgaag ggatccattt tttttttact gacaaagagg     21300
     tgcacagaac aaaaaaaaat gagtaaatat agctcctgtt tggcagcctc ctttgtatgg     21360
     ctttagctct aaccattgtt agagctaatg gtctcaatat caccatttct tcctttttgt     21420
     cccttgagag ctaatggtta caaggacttc tttctgttgc tagttaccag atgcctcaat     21480
     ctgcctcatt ggttctctta atcttgccat aatttgcgga atagtccttt ccttaaatat     21540
     tcttcaattc caggcttagc aggtcttctg tttcctttga agataagtag caaatatatt     21600
     atcctgcctt tatggacaga atttttgcat aggcagaata ggcaagggag ttagctttat     21660
     aaagtttgat gagaattgtg tcaatacaga gctcctttgc taaatatata tgacttgcat     21720
     aatgaaatac taaaatcctc tactaacttc ttttagatat catactctac agatgtccct     21780
     cattttaaaa ttcagatgtt ctctggaggt ctaacatatt cagttcctta aaaagaaata     21840
     ttatttttct ttattaacca gacgtgctgc tcctttgcct gtgaagtcct gagtactgaa     21900
     agaggttcaa gtaatacgga aaaatgatgt tattttaaaa ggcaaacttc ctcttctgtc     21960
     tacttttcca ttttgtcatg ggccatctat gacatcactt ataaaggaaa tacaagaagt     22020
     aatatttctg cactttgagt tttagtgagt aaataaaaaa ttgtacacat tcaaatccta     22080
     tacagtacaa gcatttatta gtgttatact cctatattct tgtttctgct tgtgcctggg     22140
     tgcagaagaa attgcaaaac attgggagtg atgtcttatt tatgtactat cctctggagc     22200
     atcatcaatg tctgctagaa tgacttatca caactggtct gtggtgccac cctctgtccc     22260
     taccttaact actttgttgc aactgagctt gtcctaaatt ttggacatat gctaactttg     22320
     actgctgaca tttctggaat gtgcagtggc ctgtattcat aagaatcaca gactttgaac     22380
     cttccttgtc ataagcccgg gcctattttg gccatcagtt ctctcaacac tcttacacct     22440
     tcccattagg tagggcatgc agaaatttct ggttctactc catggcccat tgggacaatg     22500
     tgaaacagag aaataaatca tcttagatac tctatttacc agaacataaa atatattcaa     22560
     ctgtactcca ttgaactatc tcatgttggc atgtaacata ctgtaatgat gtcttcctcc     22620
     agagttccaa ataataagtg atacagaaac acattttgtt tgtttgtttt cctcacttac     22680
     actctcaatc ttataattct atctatccat atgcccagtg cccagggggc ctaatactgc     22740
     ctcctttaaa tatttccgtc atcatctcat gtccatgtag tattcttttt gcctcccttc     22800
     attgtggaca ctgcccttga atgatacctt gtgttttcaa atatataaga gagaagggag     22860
     agtacagtag gagctgaaaa tagagagttc tgaagtaata ccttttaact tgctattagg     22920
     actcttaact ttactttgtg tggaataaaa agcattggaa agttttgagc agtggagagg     22980
     tatgacaaaa cattttagaa gaatcagtat ggctgccaca ctgagaatag atcatagcgt     23040
     ggtggtggcc aaaacagaga ctaattagag gctattgcca taacacaggt gacagatact     23100
     ggcttggagc aaagctgtag cagttgaagg ggtgaaaagt gtcgagtttt agatgatttt     23160
     tttttcgtgg aagagatgac agtgttttct tgtgggctgg aagtagggct taagagaaag     23220
     gctttaagaa taattaaaaa gagactgctg actgcttgcc attttctttc ttaataacaa     23280
     attatcctta ttattggagg tgggaatatt ttcaagttat aaaagaagga agagaaggag     23340
     gaggggaaga aggaagagga gaaagagaat tcatttctca gcttctcttt caaatgaaag     23400
     tagccaagaa aatgcaatga taaaattgcc tggtggagct tttgggaatg cactttaaaa     23460
     tgagttgctt agctagaatg tttactttat tgtactcatc ttttcttttt aaaaattttt     23520
     ttgtttttaa aattttgtgt aggtacatag tagaggtcca tcttcatggt gtacatgaga     23580
     tactctgata caggcatgca acgtgaaata tgcacattat atagcatgta ctcatctttt     23640
     gttcctttct gctatctgga atatggacta aaataccaag atgtttgcaa atgatgcatt     23700
     ttaagcccta aactggtaac agtggttgtc tatatctaaa atatttgtca aataggaaaa     23760
     aatcattctt gtgtttaaac cactgtaatc aggtctccat tacttgtatt ttagcttaaa     23820
     ttctaagtaa aacaaatgaa ttcaagattt ttgttcttag cagatctaat gatggcactg     23880
     ccatttactg agaaggagaa agcagttggg aggagcagat tttgagggaa aaccaggagc     23940
     tcagttttgc atgcgttaag tttttgatgc ccattagata tctatgtaca aatttttagt     24000
     aggtatctgg ccatatgagt ctggatatca tggagtctta gaaataatta tgtgaaatgc     24060
     ctgatacctg tgagtgatgt ctaaagccag tacaaacttt ataatttccc aaatgctatt     24120
     gatatattta aaacagttta tttcaaatcg tctttatttt ttgtataatc agaaaaatat     24180
     tagttcataa ttaatgtata aaaatgggta aatatccttt ctgctttgtt ttcttttacc     24240
     acaatggcat cacaatgaag atttactaaa ttaaataaag ttgatttcag ctaacatctt     24300
     caaatctttg taatatcctg gatgccaatg tatttaagtc aacttggaca aaactatatt     24360
     cagtataata aataaaatac taataagatc actaattcta ttatgtaatt acaatttatt     24420
     tgtgacaatg ttcattagta ccaaaatagt tatatatgta aacacacaca cacacacaca     24480
     catatatgta tatacatatt tgtttttgta tttaaaaata cgtgagcaat aaagaacaaa     24540
     aatattaata gttctatcaa aacactaaga gaaaatattt ctatattcat gaccgttgat     24600
     taacatgact agctaatcca tacatgcttg agatttagga atatatcaaa aaaacaaata     24660
     gtaataaata tgaaaattat tacccattga agccatccaa cctaagcagc aatcttagta     24720
     ctggctgatc ctgcattgtt acagaagtat gggtgattat atttccaaag attcttttcc     24780
     tataaaaacc ttgttctgca caagcagaat atcaaaattt ctattcacat tttaccacta     24840
     tagttgtatt ttttttactc acactgtagt tacttagagg aaaattagta ccataaactt     24900
     atacttttat tatcttatgg cattctcctc atttttgatc ctgcatttat gagcttacat     24960
     tcagccagga gcttattatt atccatttat aagcagccaa taaaatagta aattatacat     25020
     ttgaaagccg ggcttactga gatttttaaa agttcactgc atttattttc ttttctgtag     25080
     tagaaatgtg ctacaaccac tcaaggtctg caaacagatt cctatttaga tgttgttgag     25140
     aggtaagtac aactagttct cattaatatt tcatgtccta tgtgccatac ttacactgcc     25200
     attttgtagt catttgtcct acagctaaag attaatttat aatcagatac gtgaaatctg     25260
     atatgtgcat taagcttgat tatacctgac tgtgtcttca cgaagataat tgtaaatgac     25320
     atattaatta atttgcaagt gtgttcggtt tacattacat atagtatcac agacaacatt     25380
     acacatatga taatttgcca ttagtcctaa atattaataa tatgatttct caatgagtct     25440
     gaaacatttt caagatacta gaaatttgtg acagatgcct tttacatctg tgagaatcca     25500
     gaatattatt ctttaaaatg cattttctca taaatagctc attaactttc tcattgttct     25560
     cagttgtaaa tctgtaaaaa gcaattttgt tcccttgtct gtaataagaa atcttttgca     25620
     ctcattaaga taattaaagc attactagtg tgcatgctca ctatattcaa aacattttct     25680
     acttgatatg agttgtcatg gcattatcaa gaccggaggg ggcggaaaga aaaaaataaa     25740
     atagcgtcag cctatggtta tgctctttga atttgaatat gattaagtgc atctttaatt     25800
     tgtttctgag tcatagttta aaataaaaac tggagagcat tttgtaggag caatactgcc     25860
     cttttgttca atttccttct tttaattcaa cagaacactt aataaaatca tacattttag     25920
     aaagttttgg aaattttttt ggtcttttta ttacagttag gtaggggttt tatttcctca     25980
     tgtgtttgct ttattttgct tgggtaaaga aatgttttca aatttagttt atgtctttac     26040
     attatacatg tagtccagga tgttagctgg taacaaaatt atcaaagcaa aataggtgtt     26100
     tatgctatgg gttccttgat ctcctactct taggcttttt gagacacatt cacttttacc     26160
     attttgatct tttaaatttc tttttatttt taatttttgt gggcacatag tagggcatat     26220
     atttacgagg cacatgagtg attttgatac tggcatacaa tgcattataa tcacatcagg     26280
     ttaaatggag tatccatcac ctcaagcatt tatcatttct ttgtattaca atctaattct     26340
     acacttctag ttatttttca atgtataata aattagcatt gactatagtc accctgatgt     26400
     gctatgacat actagatctt attcattcta tccaactatt ttttgcaccc attagccata     26460
     gtcactctgc cccaatcttc ccactaccct tcccagtctc tggtacccat ccttctactc     26520
     tttatctcta tgagtttaat ggttttaatt tttagctccc acagataaat gagaacatgc     26580
     aaagtttttc ttgctgacct ggcttattca cttaacctaa tgacctccag ttccatctat     26640
     gttgcaaatg acaggatatc attcttcaca tttcattcac aaatggtatg acaagctgta     26700
     gtagacagaa attatttttt ggtttaatct cacatgcccc ttttatcttt atggggaact     26760
     aaactatttt tctgggaact actcctttcc ccaccttaat ccctataggt gttttgtttt     26820
     gttttgctac aactcttatt atgttatctt acttatttta tgcctgttgc tccatccagg     26880
     tgtgggcagt ttatcttatt gagcgaatca tttcttcaat gaacacttta ttaattatac     26940
     agaaaagtat gagtgattcc aacttaagaa gttttaaatt gtggtgatgt cagctctatt     27000
     aataggctaa taaaaacttt taagattagg cctggtcatg ggaatacgtt ttcaggaatc     27060
     gtttcatgaa aaaacacaca aaaatgtttt acttatggtt ctgtattcct caaaattctc     27120
     cagagacaca gaataaaaag ataaatagat ataaagatag ataggtgata gatggataga     27180
     tagatagata gatagatgat agatagatag ataggaaaat aaatatatgt gaggggttta     27240
     ttaggggaat tggctcaaat tattatggaa gctgagatgt cccacactag atcatctgta     27300
     agctgaagaa ccagagaaac tactagcatg ctcagtccca tttggaaggt ctaagaaccg     27360
     agaaagccaa cgatggaagt ctcaatctga gtccaatggc aggagagccc cagtagactg     27420
     caagtgcaat tcccagagtc aaatggcaga acaacctaga gttttgatgc tcaagggcag     27480
     cagaagggtg tgctactcca aaagagagaa agatataatt gacccttcta cccttttttg     27540
     tttaataaga gcccttagcc aattggatgg tgtttgccca tgttgagggt ggaatttccc     27600
     cacttagttg actggctcac ataccagttc ttctccaaaa acacccttac agacaaatac     27660
     agaaacaatg ttttattagt catctaggca tccttcaatc cagtcaacaa ctaaaattta     27720
     ctatcacagg tgtccactgg tttttctctt ctattttcaa tgactcttga ttgtgagtta     27780
     cagaaaatga aattaagcac aaatcaaagt gtactggaag aatcccaggg accttataaa     27840
     ataataaaaa tatggaagga gaaaaaaaca aaggatggcc agtgatttga ttatcaccag     27900
     agttttttta taccttgtct ttctttctaa atgtccaatg ttttatttca ttttgtattt     27960
     taaattgtgt ttatttttaa tttttgtgaa tacatagtag gtatatatat ttatgggtca     28020
     catgggatat tttgatacag gcatgcaatg cataataatc acatcagggt aaatggggtt     28080
     tccttcgact caagcattta tcctttgtgc tacaaacaat gcaattatat tagggagcta     28140
     aacattaaaa taattggact catgttcagt atttttgtct ctctcccctc agaatgactg     28200
     tctatcttga gaaaaaaaaa aaaacatgct taaaccgtat accatatctt gtttttgtag     28260
     acatccagag agataggctc ttaaagatac acaaacccta cttttaaaat attagagaag     28320
     aattgaagga aagattgacc acctgttgta ggggagaaaa aagtgatatg ttttcctctc     28380
     ccatcacaag ggtgttcata gccaacaccc ctataacaaa agacagatta acaagagaaa     28440
     atcatcattt atttatttaa ccaaagtttt atgtgacatg agagccttca taaatcaatg     28500
     caaaccaaaa aacctagaga aaatggtgta tttttatgct gagtatgaag aaaaaagtcg     28560
     atagttgtga aaaaacatga ttaggaaaaa aagagtataa tctaatgata ttatataaac     28620
     tgagataaac ttcagcaagg actgtttgtt cagattattt cctgcatctc tgtatgatat     28680
     ttcttcccct agagtatgga gcaggacccc tgttccatga ggatcattag gggagaagcg     28740
     agatcagaga gtcacaacca aggtgtcatt ttttcaatgt agtactttct aagccttgac     28800
     acagtcatga gtgtgatctt tcagaattat gtggcaaatc aagcaattgg caagctttta     28860
     atgaaaacta aaggagcttt gaggatataa aaaagatata aataaaaaca agttatagaa     28920
     tttatcaaaa atgatttcag aggaaaatat gatagtggtc ctgcttatct gtggggcata     28980
     ggttccaaaa tacctagtgg atgcctgaaa ctactgttaa tactgaaccc tatatgtagt     29040
     atgttttttc ctgtgcacac atctatgatg atatttaatt tataaattag acgccataag     29100
     atattaacac taactgataa aatagaagtc ataataatat aatacactgt aattaaagtt     29160
     atgtgaatgt agttctctct ctctctttct ctctctctca aaatatctta tttctctgaa     29220
     aatatcttat tgtatgtaat atgttcacac tgcagttgat ggtgggtaac tgaaacccca     29280
     gaaaatgaaa acaagggtaa tggaagacta ctgtacctta gagatagatt agtgttaaat     29340
     atgtgccaac atagaaaact gtctcattta cacaaattca atatagtatt ttctcttaaa     29400
     gcaaaaggag ctaataatat tttctgtagt gactactact tcttaatagt gtagcttctt     29460
     ttttttgata accatttttc ttagagctat ttgaagacac tattcaagta gtataacaaa     29520
     gcaaaaagca aatgtgtatg ctctgttaaa agacaatgaa agttatacag aagagctcct     29580
     tttataacaa ataattttgc ataacataac tactcttaaa gcaatactaa tcatacaaaa     29640
     cttctattat tgatttataa gcatgacaaa tagccattat actttttggt gtttttgcta     29700
     tcttcttttg gattttattt tctgttcatg ttttgtaagg tatgttttct gtcattttaa     29760
     ttacttttaa caaaatcaca tccgggtgca ctttttatta aataagcatt tagttctggt     29820
     ctctgcctca aagagccgaa gttgagttgt aatatttgct ttaatgttca agtttttacc     29880
     ttgtaggata gtgatgagtt ctgggtttgt gtagtagaca gaataatgct ctcaaaagat     29940
     gcccacaatc taatccccaa aacctgtgaa tatgtcacct agcatggcaa aagagacttt     30000
     tgtacattat atgttatttt catgtcttta agtgtaatta gctaaaatat tgtttagttt     30060
     tccactgttt gtctttacca atgatcagtt taacagtttt tctattatgg agatttagat     30120
     tgacatcaac atttgctatt aatcatttat tatttcttcc tttctgaaag ctgaatttct     30180
     ggaacaagag atatagatta agactgttgt tacatgttgc ctacatgact ttcaaaagct     30240
     tgattcccag tggcgctctc aacagcagtc ataaacaatg gtaattcaat gtatatttat     30300
     attcaactga tatattaatt ggaatatatt aaaaatacgt atatttatat tcagaatatt     30360
     tatattgaaa atatgaatat ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc     30420
     ccattatttc cctaacacta gatcagggct ttttaactat ggtgatttta cacaccccta     30480
     ttctccagaa gacgtgttat ttatggagac atattcaatg gtcaaaactg cgtggatgat     30540
     gttagtaggc agatgccatg gatgctgtga aaggtcctac aatgcatagg tcagcccccc     30600
     accacaaata attatctaac tcaaaatgcc aataatctcc agatttagaa accctattct     30660
     tcctaatgaa tagtcatatt ttaccatctt taaaaattga gagccatgtg acagaattat     30720
     tttggcattc cctttctcag aagaatgtta aacatatttt gctcactctt tctgagtgat     30780
     ttcaccacag acactacttg catctgttcc cacttaactt tttagcatca aaccaaatat     30840
     agcatttcaa aaactagtta ctttttctga attaaataaa ataaaaacat gatttaagct     30900
     gtgccttcag atttaaaata acagaatgcc ttttcacatt gaccatagta tatatgtaca     30960
     taatactttc aaatatcttt aaaattttca gaggttactt ttctggtaga aagttttatc     31020
     tttatatatg gctgtgtgtg tgtctgtctg tgtgtttgtg tgtggtatat gatatatgta     31080
     tgtgtgtgtg ttgatatgta tgtgacacat aaaatcatat gtagctttta accatttaaa     31140
     aggatcataa aacctacaac catttaacaa tcatactatt tttttaaaaa tagatgatta     31200
     ttcatagtct tgaaacattt catttgcttt catgaatctc attcccttca acaaccctgg     31260
     aaagagcaac tttcctggaa tcagcatata taacattctt gattttctta ttagtttact     31320
     caacaatatc tgcaagatac attcatccat attcttgata tatatgtagg ttatttattt     31380
     tcactgctct gcagttctct accatatgaa aatagcacaa ttatatcgat gtatcccctg     31440
     gctagtggtt attttggttg cttctatttt tttgatgtta caaataatga tgctatgaac     31500
     attatgtgca cattttctat tgaacatggg agtatctctt cagcagcaat cttcaaactt     31560
     ttttctttaa tacaactgaa aaaaactatg tccacttcac atatgtttgg gttggtgtct     31620
     aaatattttt atgtaaaaga attgcaaaaa tatttaattt ctagcatact ataaatgtgt     31680
     cttaaaaatg tgttttcctc aaacccttaa agctatagct ttatctcata caatttggga     31740
     aaatgtctac tatatactct aattggcaaa acagttccca ctctgagaat caaaaattac     31800
     ttgcattacc aataagaata atttcacttt tgaactccaa taaagcttaa gatgcccatt     31860
     aaacatctca tttttaaaga ttcctgggta gatacagtat gcagatatat aaatgattga     31920
     tagagtgatt gattgaaaca gacaaaaatt tttgatagta gttttgtact taggtgaaat     31980
     aaaggcaata ttttttacac atctttttag tttgctttca caataaaaat cttcctcaga     32040
     aactttgtat gctcatactg tttccttgta ggatgctcta cagattggta cactctaatg     32100
     tactattgta atgttccaga taggagaaat ggctaccttt attttgttaa actggagatt     32160
     ggcagctatg actgaggact tgcaaaagcg gaaacaggga cttctcagtg aggtcaatat     32220
     ttggaggaaa tatgtataga aactgaagat ctgtctgagt ttacccctga ggtacattat     32280
     agcatacatg agtttgaata tttattcttt aatgtacata tttggttatg gagttgttta     32340
     agcatcagct gtttggaaat tctgctttgc caagatattt ctaacttgct ttttagaaca     32400
     gttgtaacat tttacatttc catagctccc ttggcttcac atgattgagt aatactttaa     32460
     atcagattgt aaatgtatta cgcagtggtt ttaatttcct gattagtaat gagattgtaa     32520
     ctgaactcag gttcagttgt ttgccaattg aaagccaaaa cttgagaggc aagcgttggt     32580
     ggaagagaaa agcaggttta ttcaggacct gacaatccaa ggagatggtg gacttgcata     32640
     gcaaagacca tctcaagttt ctcagcctgg acataggggt tttaaagggg aaagggcttg     32700
     ggaaactatg tgcaggagtt agctatgcat ttcagaatgt ctttttccaa cgactgtcat     32760
     gaggaatggg catcaagagg tgtagctggc atcatccaac ctctaataag attgaagatt     32820
     aactgctcag tatttttttt ccattaagaa catttcacag ccttggtttt atcttggggt     32880
     tagttcttgg aattcttaag caagcacaca attaggtatc gtaaaagaaa gaatagttat     32940
     ttgtttccaa aatggaatga ctgcatcagt tacaagatga tcacctttat atgttattgc     33000
     tattcagatt ttctcttcca taaaatactt gtttgcatct tttgcctgca gtttaattgg     33060
     gtggtttgac attttggttt atatgaattt cttaatatgt tatggacatt aatcctacac     33120
     tggtttttta tgttgcaaag atctgctctc agcgtgaaaa ttctttttat ggcgtctttt     33180
     gatgatgaaa agtccacaat tcaaaataga ttaacttatc aatacttact agtttctttt     33240
     acttaagtat gttatttctc ttaaaaatta tctatatatc agaaaaatac ctccatttat     33300
     attcctgaaa aaattattta aatttgcctt tcatatttaa gtctctgata tactggaaat     33360
     taacttttgc atatgtcatg acggatacac tattttgctt gctttatagt ttccggataa     33420
     atacttatct cagggccact gactgactag tctatacttt tacctctata caatatctgg     33480
     tgttcatatt tttgcaggtc tatttcttga ctctctaacg tgtttttagc tttcaatcct     33540
     tgcactcaca ccatgcagtg ttaattgcaa ttgtttgata gtaaatttta atcactgcta     33600
     tagcaaattt tcgtatctta tttcttctgg gttatacttg gctctttggc ctttggttcc     33660
     ttgactgtac ttccatttaa aatttcagga ttgacttcag ttaaaaataa tctgtaagaa     33720
     ttgttcaaat ttaagcttga attaccagaa atatttcact ttttgcatta aatgcatctc     33780
     atgattattg atatgtaata ttattttatt ttcttcaatt ctaaagatca cttattcccc     33840
     actgggattt tttatttagc attaatttat gtagaaaagt gtttttaaaa ttccaagctt     33900
     atgatattgt gagttatctt tgtattattt aaaaattaat aacattgcag ttagatatta     33960
     ttatgtgtat gaaattaata ttggaaaacc actgagaatt gctctatttc ctattatatt     34020
     gttgattttc atgaatgttt cctgtttctt gaaactgtat attcgtcagt tctttggtat     34080
     agtgttctat atatactcat ttgatcattc ttactatatg ttacccaaat attcttaatc     34140
     acaattttta cctgtttcac ccatcaatta ctgaaagata tgtttttaaa tcctcactga     34200
     tgtagtaact ttcagcatat tttgcacata tacagatgct ccttgattta tgatagattt     34260
     atgccctgat aaactcataa taactcaaaa attttggaaa tcacaatgca tttaataccc     34320
     cagtaaacac attgttagta aaaaaaaata ttaagttgaa ctatcataag ttcagctgtt     34380
     ccttgactta caatgaggtc acaccccaat aaacccatca caaatgcaaa aaatcataag     34440
     ttgaaccata gttaagtaga ggtcatctgt atatatttat aactatatat caatataaac     34500
     atagatataa gtatgtgtgt acatgcatga atgtatatca tacagatctg tcaggttaga     34560
     actattatat taatatcttc ctgacaaatt gaaccccatc atctcttgtt cactgggcct     34620
     tgaaatttat tttatctgat tttaatataa ccaaagtagc tcttttttaa ttagtatttg     34680
     cctgccatat tattttgtat tattttactg taacaattcc tgttttcttg tggttttggt     34740
     aaaacctctg aacactgcat atagatttaa aataattctg tagatctact ggcatcattt     34800
     ttgtagatat atgttaactt gtttctaatt ccaatttttt caattttcct ctttttaaaa     34860
     tttcagcttt cattgaggag tataacacat gtataggaaa ttgcacaaaa tttatatata     34920
     ttcttttagg gataacttta aaagataaat ctgtgaaacc agaatctagg acaatatatt     34980
     ttttttttta cgtgaaaccc agtgaaccac agttatttta ttagttgggt atttttttat     35040
     ggcccagggt tgcacaaaat tacaaaacaa tttatttgct accccaccaa atataaaata     35100
     atggggctgg aacaaaatca tgacaataaa aatttcccat tcagaataaa ggagaatgaa     35160
     agattcatag caattatgca atgctgctgg ataggcaatt tgaaggccct tttccttggc     35220
     ggtggggtaa tttctttgtt tagactgatt cttcttttaa gaaaaactat attttatggt     35280
     actcaccagg attccagctc tacgctcagc ataattcttt ctcatttatt atcttttgtg     35340
     gcctcatcat aggaaaaatg tacatatatt aagattttaa ataaatgaat aattctagat     35400
     gtggaaaggt tatcattata attagttata actataatat tataataata caaagatctg     35460
     aatgaatggc ttctcccaga taatattgta ttgaaagtat atatatacct tttaaaaaat     35520
     gaacataatt aagttgctct aatggaagaa aaatcacacc tcgttttgca ccatgtacat     35580
     caattgacgt ttgataataa agtgcagatt ttcacacaca gcacacagca acaccttggt     35640
     caccttatca ttccatccaa tctgtgatat taagattgta tatgatctct taagatttat     35700
     tcagctcatt atatattccc cctgaaagaa agtggggatg gtagactctc ccattcattt     35760
     ctcttaattt ttgcacagaa tgcccttcat tgtgatacat acattgcact atcctcctag     35820
     atcattacat gtgagatgca aaagttcctt ttacccaaat ttcagtcatt tataattttt     35880
     aaatttatta gttaaaagta taatagttat ttctactttt tagtagcatt tgaagataag     35940
     agacaaatac cttacccaga attatctgga tgattcagtt aaatttgtta actttattat     36000
     gtgataggcc attgaatttt cctgcactgt aatatgaatt gtgtagataa aaacatttac     36060
     tcaaatgcag ctctagcctc acttatattt tctattctat tttatatttt aaaaaactaa     36120
     atgtaatttc cataagagct gtatggaaac acagctgcca gagagcatgg cataatgtgg     36180
     acaagtgaca ctgggaggga acagtcagaa attaggtcag ttttccagtc caaaagcttt     36240
     gctggggaga atgaaaatgg gaaacagaaa aaagcagggg ttgcaatcct aatttcagat     36300
     aaaacagact gtaaacccac aaagatcaaa aaagacaaag gagagtctta catagcacta     36360
     aagggctcaa ttcaacaaga aggcctaact atcctaaata tatatgcacc caaaacagtg     36420
     gcgcccagat tcataaagca agttcttaga gacctacaaa cttagactac gacacaataa     36480
     tagtgagaga cttcaacatt ctactgatag tattacacag atcatagaag caaaaaatta     36540
     acaaagatat tcaagaccta aactcaacaa tggacaaaat ggatctgata gacctttaca     36600
     gaactctcta gccgaaacca ggatatacat tcttctcatt gccacgtggc acatactcaa     36660
     aaattgacca cataattggg cataaaacaa tattcagcaa atgcaaaata actgaaatta     36720
     taccaaacag actcttggat cacagtgcaa taaaaataga agtcaagcct gaaaaaaaaa     36780
     tcactaaaaa ctacccaatt acatggaaat taaacaacat gctcctaaat gacttttgga     36840
     taaataatga aattaaagga gaaaccaaga agttctttga aactaacgca aaggtacaac     36900
     ataccagaat ccctgggacc ccgctaagca gtgttaagaa ggaagtttat gacactaaat     36960
     gcccacatca aaaagttaga aagatatcag atgagcaacc gagcatcacc atttgaggaa     37020
     ctagagaaat gagagcaaac caaccccaaa gctaacagaa gaccagaaat tctcaaaatc     37080
     agagctgaac tgaagaaaat taagacacaa aaaccacacc aacaaatcaa cgaatctagg     37140
     agttggttct ttgaaagaat taataaaata ggctgctagc tagactaata aataaataga     37200
     gaaatattaa aacaaatgca gtcagaaatg acaaagggga cattatcact gaccccacag     37260
     aaatacaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aacccaaaaa accctgacac tactgtgaac     37320
     acctctatgc acacaaacta gaaaacttag aagaaatgga taaattcctg gaaccctacg     37380
     acttctcaag attgaagcag gaaataattg aatccctgag caaatcaata attatttcca     37440
     aaattgaatc agtagtaaaa agcctatcaa caagaaaatg ctcaggacca gatggattca     37500
     cagcataatt ctacaagatg tgtatatctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtaaa     37560
     taaactggta ccatttctac taaaactatt ccaaaaaatt gagaacgaca tactcctccc     37620
     taactcattc tttgagacca gcatcatcct gataccaaaa cctggtagag acacggcaaa     37680
     aaaagaaaac ttcaggcaaa tatccttgat gaacattgat gcaaaaatcc tcggcagaat     37740
     actagcaaac caaatccagc agcacataaa aaagctaatc caccataatc aagtaagctt     37800
     tatccctagg atgcatggtt tgttcaacat atgcaaatca ataaatgata ttcaccacat     37860
     aagcagtact aaaaaaacaa aaatcacatg attatctcca cagatgcagt aaagactttt     37920
     gacaaaattt aacgtctctt catgttaaca accctcaaca aactgggcat tgaagaaaca     37980
     tactctaaaa taataagaac cgtctatgac aagcctatag caaacatcgt actgaatggg     38040
     caaaggctag aagcactccc catgaaaacc ggaacaagac gaggatgccc aatctcacca     38100
     ctcctattta ccataatact ggatgtccag gtcagagcat tcaggcaaga gaaagaaaga     38160
     aaagccatcc aaataggaag agaaaaagtc gtactatccc tttttaccaa tgatataatt     38220
     ctataccttg aaagtcccat agtctctgcc caagaactcc ttgatctgat aaacaacttc     38280
     atcaaagtgt caggatgcaa aatcaatgtg caaaaatcag tagcattcct atacaacaat     38340
     aacatgcaag tttctaagct tacatggttc tagccatgcc tcttattgtt aaaataatga     38400
     ctatccaaaa ttttgtatat attctcactt tatagatgaa tctgtggacc ttattttgga     38460
     aaatttactt cagcttacca ttttaaaatt gtatacaatt ttatgatttg tggttttaat     38520
     tgtgcttcta acatttatct agattgatgc atgagcccca ttaatattac tgtggtagta     38580
     aaattcattg tgtgcacgta ctacaatgta tttatgtatt ctctgattga tcatcatttg     38640
     ggttgttttc aggttttgat tgttatacaa atggtctcct gaccatttgt gtacacgtca     38700
     cttgcaaaca gacacacgtt tttgagatat gcacctgaga gtaagattcc tcaattttaa     38760
     gctttacaag ataattccaa tttgtttgct aagttgtttg tacaagttac atttttatga     38820
     agagtctata gcagtttcct ttaatctata cgtgtcaagg tgtgtacctg acatcttaaa     38880
     acttataatt tttatggctg acttttgaac atgctaaaat atttctttgt agatttgatt     38940
     tacatttctc taattagtag tagttccagc attatttcag gtatatattg acaccttttt     39000
     ttcctatttt atgtaactcc ttttcctgtt tttgttattt tttccaaaaa ttatgtatgt     39060
     tgtccctttc tttttgattt tcaggtatta tataatttat agggatgact ttttaagtga     39120
     taaatattgc aaatattttc acccgctttg tgaattgtca tttttgtctc cttttatggt     39180
     gtttataata aaaataatta tttaatgtaa tatagtcagt tgcagcattt tcttatgggt     39240
     ctagctcatg aaatccatct ctactcccaa aagcataaag atatctctat attttcttct     39300
     gaaagttcta aagttctgcc ttttacttat tttgttttaa cttttttttt ttttttgggg     39360
     ggatgtagtt tcgttcttgt cgcccaggct ggagtgtcat tttaactttt aaaacatcct     39420
     gttctgtttc attggtaagt acattttttc aaaagtttaa ttatgcttca atagttgtga     39480
     agacagatat acatttaaaa cataaaaatc agaacctcaa cagaaaccca gaggtgagca     39540
     gagtaggtag gtcaggtgtg atgtatatgg caaatagaac atcaatgctg ctttgggggc     39600
     atgggggaat atatacagta ttgtattcag tgttctacat gatcagtgcc agattactgg     39660
     tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tatttttgag atggagtctt accgtgtcac ccaggctgga     39720
     gtgcagtggc accatctctg ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ctgggttcaa gcaattctcc     39780
     tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac agctgcacac cactgtgcct ggctaatttt     39840
     tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggttttgcca tgttggccag gctggtctca aactactgac     39900
     ttcaagtgat tcgaccacct tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgagccacca     39960
     cgcctggccc agattactgt ttattgggat cttctcccat ggatggagac cacagtggtg     40020
     gaggtagaaa ccgttctgat accattgcta taggtcctat gggtaactag tacctctttt     40080
     aagcagcagg cctctggggc ctgtgagtgc tggatgaaca cttataagct agtaatgtaa     40140
     ttatgtgata gagagcaaga gccacagaag ctggtggaga aaagagtata cagctgggtg     40200
     acatggtagt agatataaat gaaacttatt tattactatt gtgagtgaat taacatatac     40260
     agtgaaaccc agggtgtata taaataggta gtttgcttca gcgaattatt ggtaatgagc     40320
     ctgtaaaaat gacttaaaaa ttggcagaaa tgtttctgaa gttgatgata caatggctaa     40380
     atgattaaaa gtcacctata tctaaatcca taatatattc aaagttgatt tttattaatc     40440
     ttataaaatt tggattttga atgatttttc cataaggata tctgagtgtg tgataacaat     40500
     ttattgaata atcagtccat cttttcctaa tggatctatc tctgtgttac tactactctc     40560
     tatgttacat ataagtaatt gtgatggtta attttatgtg tcaacttgat gagctatgag     40620
     gtgaccaaat gaaatataat ttcttgctgt ggtcatgagg gtgtttgagt gttaaattaa     40680
     cattttaatt cctggaagga ggaattcact ttttcatttt cttcctctct gcctacttaa     40740
     gctggggcat cttatctcat cttctaaggc tcttgaactg ggattcagtt tccctggttt     40800
     tcaggtcttt gactcagagt gaattatgtc attggctttt ctgggtctcc agattgcaca     40860
     caacagatca tggaacttct caaccttcat tattgcatga agaaattttc tataattgat     40920
     tttcttttct ttctgtctct atttattatc tatcatctat ctatatctat ctattatcta     40980
     tctatctatc tatttatcta tctatctatc tatcgttatc atcattatca actagctcat     41040
     acttggttct gtttctctgg taaaccctga caaatacaat aactttataa tgtactttga     41100
     tatattgaag gttgaattct cccacgatat tttctttttc aacatacaat tgtatatgtt     41160
     agaatcactt ctttccatat aggttttaga atcagcatgt tgctattgta agtgatagtt     41220
     tttttaaatt atactttcca gatctgtggc tgttgtacag aaatgcaata cgtttatatg     41280
     tactgattta tgttcccaaa atagtgctaa tagcttaact atttttacag tttaatgtgt     41340
     atgtcatttt gcttcctctc ccacatcaat ttcagaaatt aatttccaag tgcccttcaa     41400
     attctgttca aattttgttc gtcatatcac ttattataaa aataagtgag aggagatttg     41460
     acttattttt atgcctctct atttatatag atgtttcttg ttgataatga ataaaacttt     41520
     atacttttct agatcttttc agggttattg ttgctatctt aaataaatat ttaaagtgaa     41580
     tttcctaatt attggagtag acaattgcta ttaattttta gattatgatt ttttggttaa     41640
     actttctaat taaatctaat agagcatctg tagttctatt agtgtttcta ttcatacaat     41700
     aatatcagat gcatataatg cattactgct tttctttgca tttttcttga tgtagtgaac     41760
     tggctgagct ttccaagatg tggttgaact gaagtgaaga tagagaattt tcttctattt     41820
     ttcctcattt aaatgagcac aattttatta ggttaccatt atgaatgatg attgctgttg     41880
     atgtctgaga tctgatttgt gatgaccatt aaaacctttt aagtttttat ttcagccaag     41940
     aaattttgct tgttaatgtt tccttgactg ttgttcctta tactttaagt gaactgacct     42000
     tcaatctttc tctgtaactc ttgatattat catacaattt tttcatcaag tctcttaaag     42060
     cggtgaatga tgtttgaaaa tttgcttata taaaatcact ctttaaccat aacggtcatg     42120
     atttactata tttttaaggg tttattcaat tctgtttact aatattttat tcagaatatt     42180
     tacttctaaa ttcataagta acatgggtct atatttttta atactgtaag tttcattttg     42240
     gtattaagat tttatttttt atagcatagt tgaagaataa tctaattttt ccaatttctt     42300
     tgactagtat atataaaatt ggaattattt ctcccttcaa atttttgtaa tagtgcccta     42360
     ccaaatttta gataagccac caaaatttgg atgattagaa gaccccaata aacaggaatc     42420
     tggcattgat catgaagatt atttagacct accaaaaaat cttctttgtg tgaagatttt     42480
     ttttaaatta agctaaatca ggtttcctac ttgttaaatc agtttttgat atttgtccat     42540
     atcatctgag ttttcaaatt tacagatatc agtattctca tactatgttt ttattctctt     42600
     ttaaacctct tctctatttg tggttatatc ttttcattag tattagtatt tctttggaat     42660
     tcttactttt cttaactatt tgtttaaaca ttttatcaat cttttcaaag aaccaaattt     42720
     ttatatgtgt tagtgttata tttttaataa ttatattaat attgttttga atgcaaatac     42780
     caggcttctg gataagggca ggtttattat tattatatac ataatagtag ctatgctaat     42840
     ttccctttgc ctcagtgctt aaccctagca taaaactatg agagacaaat gtcatcatgt     42900
     gcatattgga gtaggtaaaa aataccaaaa gtataaatct gggcatttat atagaagaga     42960
     gagtttcttg tcatccccta atgaaaggag aaaaatactt ttctccttga gaagaattct     43020
     tagtttttac tctcacactt tgtaatgtaa ataagtttct ccagtagaaa aatgagacta     43080
     gtgtctttat aaaatgtctc catctttata acccaagaca tctctctata atccaaagtt     43140
     tcattctcct ttgaaatctc aacatatata ttttcagaag gaaactactt gtaggtggtc     43200
     tgtcactatt atctgtcata atttaacttc tagacttgtt gataagttca gattccaagt     43260
     tttagtacga tttactaaaa aaaaacctag catgcagaaa caaaaatatt ttctctacag     43320
     cttcactttg agcttttgct ttatttttca tgaatttctg ctatatactt tattatttct     43380
     tttattcttg tttacttggt tttatctgtg tggtttttaa gtttttaagt tagatactta     43440
     ccttgttttt ggacttttat atgtatctat gcattgaagc cataaaattc ctaagttaag     43500
     cttatgctat attccatggc actcttcaat gtaagtaaat tttttgctgt cttgttaaat     43560
     atttcaacac tatttttaat aaagttatat tgccatgttc agaagaaaaa aaatcgagag     43620
     tcaaacaaag ttacttttct ttttattaca agtgctatta atatacataa gaaattacaa     43680
     gttattacaa gtgctattaa tatacataag aaaaatataa ccaacttcag ccagtttctg     43740
     atatgaatta tacaaagtga catgatcaag tgttaactac tagttttaaa tagctatggc     43800
     tattttgaaa tacttaacgc ttttcacaat tgaaatactt attgatattt tcgaagaatc     43860
     ataggcagtt ggaaaaaata acacagagat ggttttataa atcttgccca gtttcttcct     43920
     gataacattg tgcaaaatta tagtataata ttgcaaacag aattttgaca ttgataacat     43980
     tcattgatct tattcagatt ttcccagatt tgcttgtcct cattcgtgta tgttttcttt     44040
     ttcttttctt ttttgcttct tgagacaaag tcttgctcta tcacccaggc tggagtgcag     44100
     tggtgtgtga ttttggctgt ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaaggga ttctcctgcc     44160
     tcagcctccc aagtacctgg attacaggca tgtgccaaca agcttggcta atttttatat     44220
     ttttagtaca gacggtgttt tgccatgttg gccaggctgg tcttgaacta ctggcctgaa     44280
     gcaatccatc cgactcagcc tcccaaagtg ttgggattac agatgtgagc caccatgcct     44340
     ggcctttgta tgtttttgtg catgctgacc tgtatacaat tttgtcacac ttgtaaatta     44400
     tgtgttcacg ctacagtcaa aatgatcaac tgctctaaca ttacaagaat cccttgcatt     44460
     gcccttttat aatgacaaac tcatgactcc caccctcctt tctgtcttaa tccttagcaa     44520
     ctaccattct gtctcccatt tttaaaatgt tataatttca aacatgttat ataagccaga     44580
     aaagtggcat gaagaactcc aagaatgtcc ttagaggaac aatcacaaat aacaaaaatt     44640
     atttcaaaat catcatgcaa agggattgct gggttgaaag gtagttctgt tttcagagat     44700
     ttgaggaatc tccatgctgc tttccacaat ggttgaacta atacccagag gaatatatat     44760
     atatataata tatatatata aaatatatat atttttatat agatatatat ttatatatag     44820
     atatatagaa ttatatctat atatatattt atatatatag atatatagaa ttatatctat     44880
     atatatattt atatatagat atatagaatt atatctatat ctatatttat atatagatat     44940
     atagaattat atctatatat atatatttat atatagagag agaattatat atatctatat     45000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgt aattctacca taaagacaca tgcacgcaaa     45060
     tgttcattgc agcactattc acaataccaa agacatggag tcaactaaat gtccatcaat     45120
     cacagattgg ataaagaata tgtggtatat atacactatg gaatagtatg cagtcataaa     45180
     aaagaagacc atgcctttta ccagaacatg gatggagctg gaggctatta ttcttcacaa     45240
     actaacacag aaacagacaa ccaaatacca catgttctca cttataaatt gaagctaaat     45300
     tatgagaact cacgaacacg aaaaagggaa aaacagacac tggggtatac ttgaggatga     45360
     ggggtaggag aagggagaag cagagaaaca aataactatt ggatgctagg cttaatacct     45420
     ggatgataaa ataatctgta caacaaatcc ctgtaacaag agtttgccta tataataaac     45480
     cattacgtaa ctccagaacc tcaaatgaaa gtttttaaaa aaaggaagaa attgcacatt     45540
     ccagggcctc cacacctatg ttagagtaga actgccccac tgcagaggtc caaggcctta     45600
     gccttgcctt cctcctctca gcacggtctt gctcgaaaga atggctgact gaaacctata     45660
     ttcaatttct tttattcatg catgcatatt atctgacttt tgtctgcaca tgtagggaac     45720
     agaatagttg agaatcaaaa cataaaaatt aaatgaataa aaatgaaaag actagagaaa     45780
     ataaaaataa gtaaaaacta tcatataagg tctctggaaa ttgttctaac tttatgcaac     45840
     aagtggagaa atattagtca agaaaatata ctaacctttg gtaagagcag caaggagttt     45900
     gggacatttg acccagattg gtatagccaa gaaatcaggg cttgccctgt gccctgcccc     45960
     aagtctaggg ttataatata atatgtacct catagaggca ggctacaagc atttctaatc     46020
     tgctctattt catgtggcag aagctctatt ctaggcaaga atatcttgaa ggaatgaagc     46080
     tctagaaaca gctaaagaga gttcttctaa aactggtctc ataccaaggt aactgtgcac     46140
     ataaccagaa cttcaccacc tgataagtga tattagacac tcaggggaaa tagatttcgc     46200
     tgaactagtc tactagtcaa agaaatttaa ttgtttagat tactaaacag acaaataaat     46260
     aaactttttg ttttattgat attctctatt ttttgctatt atctatttta ttgattttta     46320
     ctctatatta ttttattctt tttgctgtaa tttggttcat cttactcttc attttctagt     46380
     tccttatagg gtaaagttag gtaattcatc tgggatcttt ctctttttta atgtatacat     46440
     ttacagttct taattttctt taaagtattg cctatggtgc atcacataag ttttggtgtg     46500
     ccgtgtttta ttttcactta tctaaaagta ttttctaatt ttatttttta attgttttcg     46560
     attcaatagt tattcaagag tgggttgttt tattttcgtg tgtttgtgaa atctctaatt     46620
     attgttatgt tgttcacttc taatttcaat cgattgtgat caggtaaact actttgtatg     46680
     ttacaatctt ttaaaattta ctgagcattg ttttgtgtca gcagatggta tctccgtgac     46740
     taagattcat gtgcacttgg gaaaatgtgt tttctgctga ttttgcatga agtattctct     46800
     gtaggtcaga caggtcttgg tttatggttt ttcaagtcct cagtttcttc gctgatcttc     46860
     ttctatctta ctgtatttat ttctgaaagt agactatgga agcctttaac taatattgta     46920
     tttaaagata tcatctttga tattttttcc caaaattgac cacatctttt ttaagattct     46980
     gttgtgtgtg tatatatgtt ttataattat tataaatgtt taatgaattg atacttttat     47040
     tattatattg catccttctt tgtctcatgt aaagatgtta aagttgattt tgcctggtat     47100
     gagtataact accttagctc tcatctgatt aatatttgca tggagtatat atttccattc     47160
     tttcagcgca tttgtgtttt tggatataaa gtaatatatc ttgaatatat agtttttatc     47220
     tggaaattat actttaataa agctgaggag acaataaagt aaatctcttg tagtcaacat     47280
     atagttgaat tatgtatatt ttatacattt ctttaatacc taccatttaa ttggagagtt     47340
     taacctattc agttttaaat taattattgt taaagaaaaa ctgaatgcta ccatattgtt     47400
     gtttattttc tgtaggtttt gtatctctta tgttctttca tttgtttatt actgtcttct     47460
     tttgtgctta attattttta tgtatacatt ttgattccct tctcatttac gtttttgtgt     47520
     gtttatttta tatttacttg cttttatttg tatatacata ttcttgtttt tttcttaatg     47580
     gttacctgaa ggattacaat gaacatctta aatttataga aatctaattt aaattaattc     47640
     caacttaggt tcaatattac acaaaaatgg tgctcccaca caactctctg tccatcctaa     47700
     tttatgttgc cattttgttt atttatgatg tactaattaa tatagattta ttattattat     47760
     cttatttgac ttttatatca tataggaaga aagtggagtt gccaaccaaa aatacaataa     47820
     taatgacctt tatattttcc tgtgtagtta tcatttctag tattcttcat ttcttcatag     47880
     gacttgaatt tgttctctac tgacctttca tttcatcttt tacctgttct tatgagtcat     47940
     gtttgctagt aacagtcttt cagcttttgt tcattttgga atgtcctaat ttctcctaca     48000
     ttcttgaagg tgatttttgg tagatataga atttttgctt tacatggctt ttttctttca     48060
     acattttaaa tatttcattc tactacccct tggatcatgg tttctaatga gaaattagtg     48120
     attaatcttt ttttatttat tcaatatttt aatttttaat cttatgggta catagttggt     48180
     atatatttat tggatacatg aaatattttg gtaaaggtat acaatgtgta gcaataacat     48240
     gtgggtaaat ggtgtatcca tcacctcaag catttatcat tattttgtgt tacaaacatg     48300
     gcaattttac tgttttattt aaaaatatac aataaattat tgttgactgt agtaaccctg     48360
     ttgtgctatc aaatactaga tcttattcat tctacctaaa ccgtattgtt gtatccatta     48420
     atcattgcct gataccctac ctccccacta cccttctgaa actctggtca ccatccttct     48480
     aatctgtatc ttaattagtt tttttttctt ttcattttta gctcccacaa atgactgaga     48540
     acatgacaaa tttgtcattc tgatactctg aaccagacct ccagtttcat ttatgttgtt     48600
     gtaaatgaca gggtgtcttt tgaaaagtct acacaaacta tttagttttt aacctcaagg     48660
     aactaaaaaa caaatgaaca aacaaacaaa aaaactaagc caaaagttaa caaaaggaac     48720
     aatatagtag tacaggttac agaagaaata attgaaagag agaatagaat aacaatggaa     48780
     aaagaaaata attcacagat cctttgaaag aagcagtgca ctgctgcaaa ttctgtgaaa     48840
     caggtgaaaa actttgactt cccaaagtgt gagagggggt aaacctatct ccaaaacaca     48900
     tccccactgg ggaatttaaa actctagatc atgcaagaag gatttaccct tacctagagc     48960
     tgaaacagac ttagggagtt gtgtgaaata tgaaagtaga agtagcagtg ggaagtgcct     49020
     tgcagatact cacagtctcc agctggagcc cagggaagcc atccttgact atacctcaca     49080
     gagcccctca ggaaacagtc agcagaattg gggaggtgtt tcatggcaaa ggaagcatcc     49140
     aactaaaatt ggtagtggtt ttgactggga acaatttttt ttcagtggag tctggggaac     49200
     attcaagagc cgctgcagat aaaagtgcag gagtgcagca gctgcccaga caaagtgggc     49260
     agatgaggag gagcaaggtt tgaaaaagaa agctatgctt gcgttctcag cagggaagcc     49320
     cacagcttgg ggcaaggtct gaatggggca cttggggact cagactggct ttgtgaactg     49380
     catggaagct aggtgaggcc tctctctata gcctatccac cacttccctg gtgaactata     49440
     tgacacagca gagatgacca agatcccctc tggaacataa ccccactgga ctgaaaacca     49500
     ctgctaaatc acccaagtgg ctgtggcaag ccctgcctaa agagagtttg agcccagatc     49560
     tgcctaacct tgcccacctg atggtatttc tctacctgcc ctcatagcca aacacaagag     49620
     acagaaactc ttgggagctt tatagccctg cccatctcct tagaaatcaa aataatcacc     49680
     ctagccaact tagggcaagc ttagaatccc cactactgct gcagctggtg ctttccaaaa     49740
     agcaccacct ctttgctgaa ggacaaagaa cacaggccac tacagcaact cattacagaa     49800
     taaccctgac ccaggaagga aaatacaata cctaatttga cttcctgcaa catcctggtt     49860
     aaagagttcc tgagtgtgct catgtgacaa cttcactgct ggcatagcca gcatttgaga     49920
     aagccagcac acttaacata tctacaacca gactcacgta gtctacttca ttgccctgcc     49980
     acctctacca gaggaggtgc tggtatccat ggttgggaga cctgaagatg gatcccatca     50040
     caggactctt tgccgacatt ctccagcact agcctggcgc cttgtagccc tgctgggtag     50100
     ctagacccag aagagaaata acaataactg caatctagtt ctctagaagt cccattccat     50160
     attaaaaaat gctcaacatc actaattatc agggtgatgc aaattaaaac cactatgaga     50220
     tactacctta ctcctgcaag aatggccata ataaaaaaaa tcaaaaaata atatatgttg     50280
     gcatggatgt gttgaaaacg gtatactgtt acagtgatag tgggaatgtg aactagtaca     50340
     accaccatgg aacatagtat gaagattcct taaagaacta aaagtagaac tatcgtttga     50400
     tctggcaatc ccactgctgt gtatctaccc agaggaaaag aagtcattat atgaaaaaga     50460
     cacttgcaca tgcatattta ttgtggcaca acttaaaatt caataatatg gaaccagtct     50520
     gaatgcttat caaccaaaga gtagataaag aaaatgtggt atatatacac catggaatac     50580
     tactcagcca tcaaagggaa aaaaaataat ggcattcaca gcaacctaag tggagttgga     50640
     gaccattatt ctaaatgaag taattcagaa atggaaaacc aaatatcgta tgttctcact     50700
     tataactgga agctaaggta tgaggataca aaggcataag aatgatataa tggactttgg     50760
     ggactcaagg ggaagggtag gaggcaggtg agggataaaa gactacccat cggtatgtgg     50820
     tcaagtgatc ttcaacaagg gtgccaagaa tacacaatgg gggaaggata gactcttcaa     50880
     caaatgttgt aaaagctagt tatccacaag caaaaaaaat taaaagtaga atcttatctc     50940
     acaaacaaaa atcaactcaa aatgtattag tgatttatac ataagacctg taactgtaaa     51000
     actcctagaa gtcaacctat gagggaatct tcatgacatt gggcttggga atgatttctt     51060
     gaatatgaca ccaaaagcac aggcaataaa aacaaagaaa aaagtggtac taaatggaac     51120
     taaagcttct gcacatccaa gaaaataaca gaatgcaaag gcaacctatg gaatgggaga     51180
     aaatatcttt aaaccatgta tctgataagg gattaatatt aatccaaaat gtatgaggaa     51240
     cttctatatc tgaacagaaa aaacccaaat aaccagattt ttaaaaaatg atccaagtct     51300
     tgaataggta tttctataaa gaagatacac aaattgtcaa caggtacata aaaagatgct     51360
     caacaatact aatcatcaag gaaatgcaaa tcagatatta cctcacattt gttagaatgg     51420
     ctattatcaa aaacaaaact aatgttaaag tgtttgtgaa aatgtgaaaa cattggaaac     51480
     gcatacattg tgggtaaaaa tccaaaatgc tggagccact gtggaaaaca gtatggaggt     51540
     ctctgaaaaa gttctgaata gaattaccat acaatccagc aattccacta ttgggcatat     51600
     attcagaata attgatatca gcatcttgaa gagataccta tactcccatg tttattgcag     51660
     catggattta ataggtgggt cttagcctat tttgtgggct actgttcaaa gcacagttta     51720
     agagcccttg tggtggtgcc actggaattc tcaatggctc cctctggtgc tgcctaatgg     51780
     cgttaaggga gcttctccaa gctacgcttc tgaatgtctc ttggtggggg atggttttga     51840
     tatgggattt ccccaatgct ttctccaact atctctgcgt atgggaggag ggtctcagca     51900
     tgcagggaca aagaggcttt ctgccttggg ccagttgctg tacctgtgtc actagcccat     51960
     caactatgat gtctctatgc cggagatgat aatcttgagc ctgtgggtaa acatgcttgc     52020
     tgtgactgta tcccattttc tagttcttct caccctcgtt tctatgtagg atggaaatat     52080
     agccttgggt ttttggggaa gaagaggttt ctcatttttc agcgctgtct ctttttctat     52140
     ctagtaactc tagatagaaa tcactgcttt agtgattctg ggcatgtgga ttgggaaagt     52200
     ctcaggcctg gaagagacag gatgctttcc tgccaagagt ctcaatcaaa ttgtctggcc     52260
     caagatgcca ggatcccttt atgtcatagg gtcttctatt cattcccgag gatgaaaaaa     52320
     atgaccaggg tgccttttgc tgttagattt ggagtcagga aatcctgggc ctggaaggcc     52380
     ttccattgtt tggtgggatg accaagacat cctgcttctt tgttgttcct ccatttctgg     52440
     agtcccttac cagttttcct tcttcttacc acctttcaga attttttttt ttttttggtt     52500
     gcatcttgga ttatttccag ggtataaagt tgtgtttagt aaataagaga agggagaaat     52560
     aactctatgc catcttgtaa gatctatgat tagttagctt ttttaaaaaa aatgttataa     52620
     tgatgacttt gtaaatattt ttctgcacct ctagcaagtt ttgttttgtg tatttaaaga     52680
     tggtttcatt atgtgcatac aagttcagaa ttatgaaatt ttcttgatga attggtcatt     52740
     tcgttattct aaatttatta ggtttttttt attgctgaca taaaacaact caccataaac     52800
     aacaaccatt cattatttca catttctcta agtcagaagt tcaggaggct cagctgagat     52860
     caagatgatg taggactgtg ttccttaatg gtgattctca ggaaaagtct actttcaagc     52920
     ttattaaggt tgtggactaa attctgtttc ttataggtat atgactgaga tcccttattc     52980
     cttgctgtca gccagggagg ttttctcagc atctagaggc cacctatatt ctctaaacca     53040
     tgaccctctt catcttcaaa ttagtgacag cagtttgagt ccttctcatg cttcaaattt     53100
     ttttgaactc tctttatgca tcctcttttg acacatctct attttgctta caacctaaga     53160
     agatgctcca cttttaaaga ctaatgtgat tagattaaga ggaactaaat aatccaggat     53220
     aacattacta cattaaacat atttttaatg taattttgac cttataattt aaaaagttct     53280
     taggttccag taatttggat gtggagatct ttggggtcca ttattctgta tactatatga     53340
     gatgacactc tctcttatta ataatgattt ttcttagtaa ttttatttta tatgatatca     53400
     atgtagtcac cttcactttc ttttcatact ttatattgca tcaataattt tgcacatctg     53460
     catttttgta tatagcatat aggtatattt ttaaatttga ttatttctgt cttataggtg     53520
     aaatatttag ctcattcact tttatcagaa atatggcatt tttagatatt cgcacatatt     53580
     aatttttgct ttctatttta aaattttcta tatctctttc tttattcttc ttttactcaa     53640
     gttattttgg gttttattta tttttttttg gctctgttgc cttgggagct atatacctta     53700
     cttctatttt tttagtagtt acccccttcc aggacctttc acctcacaga tataacaagg     53760
     tctgaagata atgccttaat atcttttcta tacaatagaa agacttttaa ctcacttaac     53820
     ctaaatttag cctctcatca cttacattct attttgtcta atgtctaaga tttgtgcttt     53880
     attaaaacct tccttagaaa cttctttttc attgattcat gttaaaccat atttttatta     53940
     ttttacactg ataatttatt tgttaagatt cccctgttaa gtctataaat ttctttgctt     54000
     aatatttttt cctttgtcac aaatattcat tttgggttaa tttttcctct tcttgcaata     54060
     ttgaaagaat tttagagcat gtcagttggt aataaaattg gctgttgttt gaaaatttat     54120
     ttagttctca ttattgagta ataatttttg agaacacaat tttgttttta catttatttt     54180
     ctcttacact ttttatatac tgtcttctgg ttgtccttat tattattgag atgtttgttt     54240
     taagtataat tataattttt aagcccatat taatttttaa ctacttaaaa aaaacctttg     54300
     ccttaatgtt ttgcaattat attacaatgt ctctagatat atcataattt cctttaccat     54360
     tttagtattc attgtatttc ctggttcttt atatttaatt agagttacag aagtcttagg     54420
     aaatttcttg acaaatatta taattcatta actctgttta ttgctttctt ctgtgacttc     54480
     aattatacca acagtactcc ttttcatttg ttcacattta ttaaaccttt atattttcca     54540
     tctacttgcc tctcaatatt ccattctggg caatttcttc aggtctatcg tttagttcta     54600
     aattttcttt tcaactatga ctaaactgta gcttaatcca tcctgtgagt tgttttcgtt     54660
     tttttttttt ttaatttttt tgacttttta tatcatctat tttttgccct aatgcttaat     54720
     tcagagcata gcacatagct attcccaata tgttctcatt aaaggtattt atatttgatt     54780
     tttaaaagta agtaacaata aaactatgac agaggagcag ctttttcctt tgaaaattgt     54840
     ggtttaaatg cagtaagggt tattaacaat tctacatgaa tgacttctta tttcactgaa     54900
     gtgttttata aggtttttaa aacagtactt catagcatcc tgctcttcaa aacatctgtg     54960
     gctctttttg gttcctatta agtgataaat aacaacagaa ttttggttca cataaggacc     55020
     tgaaacaaga aagttggtta agctattcat acttgttgct ttgaaattgg gctcatagaa     55080
     tttaatttta ttatgtctat aatttgcact ggtattttgt caattacctt ttttcttaac     55140
     ttacaagtta ctttttttaa aaaaagaaaa ccatatacaa agcttagatt atataatata     55200
     atgaactggt catttttctt ctcatctctc tattcaaatc atagatttca aagagtttaa     55260
     attattaatt aatttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttatgtagtg gagaggcaaa cttgatacat     55320
     ttaatgcttt aacattatat actgatgcat tcctaattca aagttatatc atgatatgaa     55380
     gaaatataca cgtgaagcta ttaagaaaac atttttgttt gtaaggattt tgaaagttgg     55440
     aggatcaaat aataaaactc agaatttttc ctgtccacaa aaaaaatgtg gaacatgaaa     55500
     ctcaccaaac gagagatatc tgagaaattg tagtcagtcc atgatttttc tcccctctct     55560
     gagaactatc accctctatt caaacaaatc tataagcaga gtccttggta tcatgtttgt     55620
     actgtgtgac atttgcctct aggccaaggc tgattgtccc atgtattttt tttaattttg     55680
     agaatttaat tttacatttt tacacgttca aactcagtta ctttttaaat attccttttc     55740
     attgtgtctt tttgttcatt cattttttct taattgatgt atttcatgaa ggtttattaa     55800
     ttttttaatt tgaattatcc ctatttctat aatctttggt gtctataaat ctcttgcttg     55860
     ttgtttctct taactctaat tgatggtgat ttgttttctg gttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     55920
     taatgtttga ttaatattac ttaatcattg ggaaagtcag tgcttttctc cagagaactg     55980
     gggtttagtt tttctggtcc agagcctgga ctattctggc aaccttccaa gttgccattg     56040
     ttaaattgca aatctcagag aaggagagaa agaggaaaag tactatttca caaaagactc     56100
     ttattaaatg tttttatcat gatttttttc tccttttagg attttgcttt ttgaggttta     56160
     cctattatga tgatctgttc aatagtaaat attcattcag ttggtgtaga tagcttacat     56220
     aaaattcacc aaagagtatt cagggattat gtgaaattct cagcataact ggtttattgt     56280
     ttcagcttat tcatgctact cttgcacttt cacaatacac attagaatat caaataactt     56340
     aatagatatt ccattaaaga aacatatttg tgtctatata actgagcatt tccaaaatat     56400
     atgtgagtat gaaacaaacc tatttctaag ataatattta ttaatatttc aagtttaatg     56460
     gaatttgctt taggaaatgc cagctaaata ttatattagc tctgatgggt tattacccat     56520
     agttgtacca taactattaa gtgatatttt aaaattgagg caaatgtctt tttctcactc     56580
     aaaatcttat atattataca aaaacaaaac gtggttttgt caatacctat ttattccagg     56640
     tatgaagaat atcacacatt ctcttcacct aaacacacag acagacacac acacacacac     56700
     acacaaactt atctaaagaa tcttcctatt gcttacatag tagacataat taagtaaatt     56760
     tgaatgggag aaccaactaa ttgtgagaat accaatagat attcaggcac tgtcttgagt     56820
     gtctctgatg gattgagttt ctccaaacct agatttgctg acagaaaaaa tgttaaagat     56880
     cctaaatgta agctaatcct gaaaaggaaa atctggcctg attacccagg cctattggca     56940
     ggatctttct gtttgtaggg gaaactggtt cctgcacagt gtgcgtttga ggccacaaac     57000
     ttcatgacag ccaaccaacc tgtcctgtga tcataatttg ggaagctttg cagatcgtgg     57060
     tagtataagt tataaagtct gataatgtta acaatcaact ccttgaccca tttttacatc     57120
     ttggctagtg actatttttc cttatcaatg tataaggcac attagactat aagtaacata     57180
     cttttcaaaa cgacaccatt ttttcagtta cagaaacaat gacaactggt cttaaaatac     57240
     ttagactctc ttaatttatt tcttatgatt tggggaggca ggacttgaca aaattgaaat     57300
     ctgtatgtgt tagataattt gggcaatttt gaagtaataa agtttcaaaa acaagttatt     57360
     tgactctcta ctattatgtg tgaatagtga ttaattagag gaaaaaaatt taaaattact     57420
     tcaaaaagaa gagtttctga atatccattg attttctccc agttggtcga ttcccccatg     57480
     caaatggggg aagatggcag catttacact ctatgctaat gaagtaagtc acttttatta     57540
     caaaagtgct aaaaagttaa tgtgatctat actttgcagg acttttattt gggctttaga     57600
     actaaaagtt tactgctact acatagttct tactgtatgt ttttcttact tttttttaat     57660
     tatactaact gtaatagaca gtgaatggaa aacttaattt tgggactctg tcatctgcac     57720
     acctatgttc ccagagtttg aggaatcaat gcaagtggtt tagatgtgac agtttggaaa     57780
     aatatacttc cccagtgcct ataaaagtaa gtacctccga gtgaagcgtt agtattagga     57840
     gagatcagag ccatatatgt taattagctt gttaattatt ctctactgtc acgtaagatg     57900
     aaaatttcta tgtgttttcc atatatcact ttattagctt ttgaaattta ttttatctca     57960
     attttgcctg tataaaatgt ggtgtatgat gttctgggat acatgggaat ggtgtggaaa     58020
     tcagaacagg atgtgttcca gtccaaacat atctttagag ttgactgtgc ccacaaatgt     58080
     gtttctgtga gtgatggtct gacaagtgat agtctgacaa gacatgaccg ttttccaaat     58140
     ttttacttac aaattaaaac acgaaagtaa atctataatg tatgtttatg aaaaatattt     58200
     tgatatcatc tcagccattt aataagtccc taaagaggct ctcatttatt cctgaagaag     58260
     agtccttaat atattgtgaa tgctcgttga ttctgatagc aagttgactc cccattactg     58320
     caactgtttt tataatgtag aaagagcgct aagtgtcaag cactttacct ttccatagct     58380
     aaggaaatcc ttaaaaatat aatggggttc caaatcatag agtcatttta gtactttaat     58440
     aagaccacga tttgtttaat gtgagcagag aaacattgta atcagaatta tccttacctg     58500
     taggaggtac agactctagt gaattatgag ggatgctgga atgcgtttct gacccaattg     58560
     atcttgcaat tagtactgac catgaagttt atttggtgat tacttcattt acttaaggca     58620
     gtaattatgg gaagaaagga ttgggtaaat gttggtcaaa atatacaaaa tttcagttgg     58680
     gggaagaagt tctagagatc tactgtacag tatgatgact atagttaata acagtgtatt     58740
     aactagttaa tgtataatta atatataata tattttaggt attctcacca caaaaactga     58800
     taagtatgtg tggtaatgca tatgttaatt atatttacct aaaccaacaa tatatacata     58860
     ttttaaagca tcgtgtcata taccataaat atatacaatt cttttttgtc aattaaaaat     58920
     aataataaaa aacaaatgtt atccagaaga gttttaatac tcagaactgt ttgataataa     58980
     cttattgtgt gttaatttat acattgcctt tatttatccc cattcagtta gagtctgagt     59040
     tgttacagag ataatgagtc aaatatctgg tgcatggagc tgtaacagtg tggaggagca     59100
     taggatgaaa ctttgccaca ggtgggaaat actaacatgc agaaaaggag tcctaaaaat     59160
     gactcaatat gtgctaagta aatgactttt aaatgtagta agtgacaatt ctgtacacaa     59220
     ttattggtaa agaataattt tggagtccat ttttagatac cttgtcagct ttcaaaaata     59280
     tcaccatttg aacacagcaa gtggtttctg atttttattt ctttaatttg ccagattgtt     59340
     tgtattcttg taattataac tagcctaaat ggatagctat tgagagtgta gtgtctgtgc     59400
     tgaagatgtt aatgcattta tgttttcttt attgctctgg gaaatagtgg tatttcatgt     59460
     taacattgtg agttcctctg tacctcttta gcacactatt tattccataa ataacaggac     59520
     aataaaaata aagtcgagtg accacccgct ttaaatctac attcaaatca aatttcatca     59580
     ctaaattatt gacataaata aatacacata attggttttc aaaatgtggc tacctcccca     59640
     ttattcagga cttgattata caggtcataa gttactgata tggtttgact ctatgtcccc     59700
     acccaaatct catcttgtag ttcccataat tcccacatgt tgttggagga acccggtgga     59760
     aggtgactga attatggggg tgggtctttc ctgcactgtt ctcgtgatag tgaatgggtc     59820
     tcacgagatt tggtggtgtt aaaaacggga gtttctctgc acaagctctc tctttgcctg     59880
     ccaccaacca cataagatat cacttgcctc cccagccacg tggaactgtg agtacaatta     59940
     aacctctttc ttttgtaagt tgcccaatct cggttatgtc tttgtcagca gtgtgaaaac     60000
     agactaacac agttacttaa gcttgtttcc tgcttgtcag catcaccact agagtcagga     60060
     ttcaggaaga cggaagagga aaaaagcatg acaaccatgt ttgcatccaa taatcagtta     60120
     ttctactgat gttatgggga ggaaattgta gtatcttgct aagataaaga ttgtgggtta     60180
     ttagtagatt taattagtcc atactaaaga ctgttataat tagaactgag aacacaaagt     60240
     tgaaatcatg tacatttata aacatgtatt atatctgtat attagtctat gctatatata     60300
     aatacgaaga aataactctt cacaatggct ataataaaaa gtgtagttac ttcctcttcg     60360
     tgatttttct ttttacactt aagttacaag gtccttttat taaaaatcca aatgtgaaac     60420
     tcctgtccat ctatgggtaa tgaaaataaa agtttcatga aataatattt acccttaata     60480
     tatgtgatat acttttatat tgctatccta gtctatgcat atttgatgtt ttttaatagt     60540
     ggtcgagccc tactaaattg ataaaatgac ttgttcatag atttttaaat cacaagttga     60600
     aagaaactgt ttagttaact tgacaagcta tcttgatgtt gtgtatcact aggtaactgt     60660
     aaacagtgta gattgtattt actgcccctg gaaaaaaatg cctggatttt atcattactt     60720
     cctaaaacca gattaactaa tttttatttt aatcgtatgt tattatttaa taattaaata     60780
     cattaggtat cacattatgt tattacccaa gccaccaatt tgtagaaagg aatattaaat     60840
     ttgtttttta aattcaaaat ctcttttgtt aattttttgc catttaaatc tttctatgaa     60900
     gctgaactct ggtgatataa tttaaattaa agataatatt aaggcctttc tcaggtttta     60960
     tagagcagtt gaagttagtt tccaggtatt tatggaaaat gctactaatg agggaattaa     61020
     aaaacatcaa gggtggaggg aggggcagaa agcaatctaa tcaaactatt tttattcaaa     61080
     ttttttgcct tattcatttt atttatttag ttttaataga tgctatattg actagttgga     61140
     gagcgaaaaa aggagtagag tttgaatgga attacagtac acacaaacac aagagactga     61200
     aaagagcctt attcatttat cattaaaatg gctttgactt taaggtaaat catgactgta     61260
     aagctcataa gttcagagat tgtgcctgtt taattaactt tgataattct aatatagcct     61320
     ggtaccatag aagtcctcta taaatgtgca ttgcatggat acctgaattg atgtataatt     61380
     tttgtacttt tgtgagtatt gaatattttg aagtgctgtt ttctgcacat accatgcacc     61440
     taataaatat ttttgaatga tgaacttttg cctgctttgc taaactttca cagtttgata     61500
     aatttcacta gaccaaaaat acattagaaa acatagaaat tcatttctgt gatgacagtg     61560
     catacaagaa attccaggtt agtctgattt aatgtatttt ttctcagttg tcaaatgtgg     61620
     tgcatgaaat tttatttctg tacacatata ataaattgtg gttgagattt tggtctctct     61680
     cacatttgtt taaatagaaa aagaaaatat gctcctaata cagtcatcat atgaatccta     61740
     ggatgaatcc ccattttttg gaggctttta aagctctaaa tctacttcta aaaattatgc     61800
     tgttatcctc tataaaagag actattgaga aaattattca aaagctgttc ttaaaattta     61860
     acatatttca ccctcacatc atattttata gttttatttt gtacctcagg cccagattgt     61920
     tgaaaactga atgaattcaa ccatttcttt atgtgtataa agcagaaagt aaccaacata     61980
     aaaagattac aattgatcct gaatataagt caaccaaaaa aattatcttt ctttttgaac     62040
     tgtatatatt gcatacattc aaaacaataa agctattatt tggttagtgt cagaaatttt     62100
     caagaacttc cagatatttt taaaattaac tttagtgaga tataattgca tacaataaaa     62160
     ggtatatact ttaagcatag agttgcatga gttttgacaa atgtgtgcac ctatgtaata     62220
     attacactaa tcaaggttaa gaacattttt atcaccccaa aacatatttc ttctcttgga     62280
     gtaagttcct atacctccac tgcaaacaag cactgatgtg atttctaact ctatgtatca     62340
     gtttttcttt ttctaaaact tgatttaagt tgaatatcta tcagtatttt ttatttactt     62400
     ttgtattact ctattgcttg aatatattgt atattttcca tctaattctc ttgttgatgg     62460
     atgtgttgat tgttaaagtt atagccatta ttttttatag ctattataat ttttgctcaa     62520
     gtgacaagtg gttttgtgga cacatttttg tttctcttga tttaaatccc taaaagttaa     62580
     agtctaacag tataggctag gttaatatta agtttataag aaaatgacaa atctcttttt     62640
     caaattcatt acgccgttac cacccatccc cagctttgtg gtatatatgt atttcatttg     62700
     aatttacctt tatgagacaa ttgtaactat gaaaaacatt ggcaaactga tcgtgtaaag     62760
     tatgacagct agtatagaat gcatttatgg ccaaaaaaac cccagggcaa tatgaaattt     62820
     cctagttagt gaaagtggaa cctgaagggt gggtgcttag gttgacagga aaagggaagt     62880
     agagaggaat aaagaggtca gagtgagata gagaatgaat taggaaacac gcactacttc     62940
     accactgtcc ctgtgttttc tattccatag aaataaatct atacttattt ttctgaataa     63000
     aaattctatt gacctcattt agattatttt acaaccaaga gaaaatgaga aacacaaggc     63060
     agcaaaatgg tagggctcct ctcactacta agaaataaca aatttatggc ataactcttg     63120
     acactgggag aagatagcag cttcttgtag aattaaagga acagacgttg aatgaagaga     63180
     tattgcaatt ttagtcctac ttctgctgtt tattagagtg tgactttgta catgatgctc     63240
     aatatttctg agcatctatg atttcataag ttgtatgaga aaattataat gataacctct     63300
     ctagcagatt agtttaggaa ttcaaagaat atttttctca tttgcctagc tattttgata     63360
     cattatgaat attaatcctt ctttccatgt ttatgggggt tattgcataa taagaaatac     63420
     aacttcatac atgtataatc aaaccacaag tcaaaagggt tgaggatagc ctagatattg     63480
     cctatgacat ttatactcct tacaagacct ctagtatatc ttcaattttg aacattgaaa     63540
     gaactagaag atatattgaa tttgttcatt ttggctacta ctttcttatt aagaattgcc     63600
     tattttctca cactttgaag atccttgaaa aatatgactt ttatcacagt aattgcactg     63660
     agttaaccaa aagtggtagt aagcaatgaa gccagctact tcactcatga gttgttcttt     63720
     tagaatatga ggctcgtcaa tcattttacc ctgtttttat ttatttcaca tcactttgaa     63780
     attactcacc tttacatatt tgtttatgtt ccatctttcc actcaaatat aaactccata     63840
     atcagtatca gatcagtgtc atatctattg tgttctcctt ttctacccag cattaacata     63900
     atgtctgatg catattctct gtttaatata tctttctaat aagcagtctc ttacttcttt     63960
     aaagctttct ttttgcaaac tttctcctca aggtactctg aaaaggaaaa ccaagaaggg     64020
     ccactttaaa atacttcaaa tacttaataa acaagtaaac atttgtatga tttctcaata     64080
     aatgttttac agttaatact ggatatttcc tttccttagg gagaaaaaat aacaacaaag     64140
     ttatagacta atatccattt ttcagtgagc ctttgacaga aaaaaaatgg tctaaatttt     64200
     caaactgttg ggagagagtc agggagtggc agtgttgaca aaaatgttag gtaggtacaa     64260
     gaactgtgaa acaatgctct tctccagcta atgagtgttt tatggcaaag ccttctggac     64320
     atagagtttg aaaatcagct gttattctat cagtggaggt aaagcttcta ttttctgtga     64380
     cctttgatca cttacttaat tttctctaag ctaaaattat ttttttacag actctcaaaa     64440
     agaatgagaa aacaaagggc ttattttaga aaacaatcct gagaataaat ccaaagtgtt     64500
     gccagtcatt tcgcacattg atttttctta tggcaaacac ttctttttta gtatagattg     64560
     ttatttattc tttgagatgt aaaattctat ggatcttatc aaatgcataa tgtcagatgt     64620
     caatcattta ggtatcacaa agaatacttc agatccccaa cccaggcaat cactgatcag     64680
     tttaccatct ctgtagtttc accagttcca gaatgtcata taaataggga cataaagtgt     64740
     gtagcttctt catactgcct tccttcacat agcaatagtt atgaaagatc aatccatgtg     64800
     tttgcatgtg tggatacttc aatactttct ttatgaatgg tattccattg aatggatgca     64860
     ccctaatttg attatggatg cagcaatgga aggacatttt aactttaagg ttttttttta     64920
     aacttttatt ttaggctcag aggtacatat gcaggtttat tatataggta aactgtgagt     64980
     cacaggagtt tggtgtacag ataattttat cactaggaaa ataagcatgg taccaccatc     65040
     tttgggatta tggctgaaca cctttaagta agaatcccac ccaggtggaa caatagttgt     65100
     tgccttggta atcctgctca gtatgagagg aaccacagat tcagacattt ggtgtatgtg     65160
     cttggctgag gaaccaatgg ggccaaaatg atctcagcct attctggaac tttaattggg     65220
     gtgattgacc cagactatca agattaaatc agtctactac tccacaataa aggtaaggaa     65280
     gagtatgcgt ggaatacagg agatctcgta ggctgtctct tagtattacc atgcctcctg     65340
     attaagttca atgggaaact acaacagccc aatccaggca ggactacaaa tggcccagac     65400
     ccttcaggaa tgaaggtttg ggtcactgca gcaggtaaaa ctccatgacc tgctgaggtg     65460
     cctgctaaag gcaaagggaa tacagaatgg atagtagaag gtagtcatca atacctgcta     65520
     caactacatg accagctgca gaaatgagca ctgtaattgt catgagtatt tcctccttat     65580
     gttgttaaga acatgtttgt gttgtattaa gaaaatatgt tcattttatt tccttttata     65640
     tcatgtgaca taagatttat tgacttcata tcagcattta agttttgtta atgtaatagc     65700
     atttgtgttg gggattggtt catttctggt tatacaaagg aaagctgtat tgtgctaggt     65760
     gtaattatga ccttattatt gtctttattt ggagattata tactatttca ataatgtgta     65820
     tggttttaag ttgacatggg gcagatttgt gatggttaat attgagtgtc aacttgactg     65880
     gattgaagaa tgcaaagtat cgtaccacat tttcttttcc aacataccat tgattggcat     65940
     gtatgttgat tctatgtctt tactactgag aatagtgcta caatgaacat atgtgtgtgt     66000
     gtgtgtattt gtggtagaat gatttatact cctttaggta tacagccaat aatggaattt     66060
     ctgggtcaaa tggtaatttt gttttaagtt ctttgaggaa tttccacact gcttttcaca     66120
     atagctgaaa taatttactg tcccaccagc agtatataag tgttcccttt tctccacaac     66180
     ctcactggca actgttattt tttgactttt ctataatagc cattctgact gttgggaaat     66240
     ggtatctcat tgtggttttg atttgtatta ctctaatgga tagtgatgtt gaggattgtt     66300
     tcatatgctg ttggctgcat gcatgtcttc tttagaacag tgtctgttca tgtctcttgt     66360
     tcacttttta atgaggtttt ttttttgttt ttgcttgtaa atttgtttaa gtttcttata     66420
     gattctgtat attagacttt tgtcagaggc atagtttgca gattttcagc attcttaaaa     66480
     aattcaacca aaaattttat attcagccaa tatgtttcat aagtgaagga gaaatagagt     66540
     ccttttcaga caagtaaatg ctcaggaaat ttattacctc cagacctgtc ttacaagagt     66600
     tcctgaaaag agtgctaaac atggaaagga aagaccatta ctagccaaaa acacacttaa     66660
     ctatacagac cagtaacact ataaagcaac caaacaagtc tgcccaataa ccagttaaca     66720
     acacaatgac agaatcaaac ttgcatatat taatactaac cttgaatgta aattggctaa     66780
     atgttctgat taaaaggtgc agaatggtaa gtttaataaa gaagcaagat ccaatggtat     66840
     gctgtcttca agagatccat ttcacatgca gtgacattta taggatcaaa ataaagagat     66900
     gaagaaaaat ctaccaagtt aatggaaaac agcaaaaaag aaggagttga aatccttatc     66960
     agtcaacaca gactttaaac caacaatgat caaaaaagat aaagaagggc attacataat     67020
     ggtaaagggt tcaattcaac aaaaagatct aactatccta aatatgtatg cacctaacac     67080
     aggagcacat ggattcataa agcaagttct tttagacctt taaagagact tagattccaa     67140
     tgcaataata ttgggaaatg tcaacaaccc actgacagta ttagacagat catggaggca     67200
     gaaaatcaag aatattcaga acctaaattc aacccttgat caaatggacc taatatacat     67260
     ctgcagaaca ttctgttgtg gcttttttac tcccataatt cagaaggcag gagtgttaca     67320
     gctcttttac tcccaccatc catagctcag tgagcaggaa tgttacagct atttcactgc     67380
     cacaatttgg caagttgcgg attcttgtcc ctcaaccaag aggaataaag tacacagaca     67440
     ctggagaggg ggtaaggcag agtagaattt attaagtgaa agaaaagctc ttgacagtga     67500
     gaggggacct aaaagtgggt agccatctgt gaggctgagt ccagggtttt tatgggcttt     67560
     caatgggaga atgcatgctg actggtttag gggtggactt ggaaaaggca ctgtttgatt     67620
     agttaaaatg catcattcgg aaagaaccaa ttgaggaaga gttgataaga cagagatgga     67680
     agttctccct ctggagtgtg gattctatct ggagctggta gcttggtttt caggctttag     67740
     tctgtccttg gcttgaaggt caagtttcac caaggacccc tccctgtctg cccagaaatt     67800
     tgtctcttgc cactgtcaat tccaccccaa aacaacaaaa tatacatact tctcatcaac     67860
     acctggcaca tactccaaaa ctgactacaa aagtggacgt aaaataacgc tcagcaaatt     67920
     caaaaagaat cataccaacc acattcttgg accacagcac aataaaaata gaaatcaata     67980
     ctaagaacat cactcaaaac catacaatta catggaaatt aaacaatctg ctcttgaatt     68040
     gcttttgagt aaatactgaa attaggcagt aatcaagaaa tgctttcaaa ttaataagaa     68100
     caatgataca atatgccaga atctctggga cacaactaag gcagtgttaa gagggaagtt     68160
     cattgcaaac ttttaccaaa ccttctttgc caaaattgag cttcctgttt tgattcttca     68220
     tctatgtcag aacttactaa ttgttagcag ctggtttatt cttctctcaa attatgtctc     68280
     ataattgctc tatgagtcaa taagtgatgc caatgaggat gtcagttatt tcaatagatc     68340
     cttatactct tcagatggta tttacataga tgaagccaac taatgggggc tatgttaaga     68400
     aggtggtgag aaatcaatgg tggcataaat taataaaact tctttggttt caagagtaag     68460
     taagcttcat ttgccacaaa attgaccatt tgcataatta catatgctag aataatactt     68520
     taatgatttt tcacgtgaag gagtttttag cttttcatct gttttaacca agaggatact     68580
     ttaatgattt ttcccatgaa ggagttttta gcttttcatc tgttttaacc atcaggataa     68640
     aagtaccaaa tactttttca aaaactccct caattttctg cagtctctta gaatgtttca     68700
     gccattttta tctatctttt attttgatga aaagggttct actgttacaa aaataacctt     68760
     gcatttatgc ttaattttgt attttctgag actttgaata tttacttatc cttgcttctt     68820
     ttttcttctc caaactctct tcattccttc ctcctctgta tctgctaatt aaatacatca     68880
     ctgcatcacc tccaaaaaca aacaaatgcc cctctcatta tgttttttaa tcctgaaatg     68940
     tagtttctat atcttctttc ttctatcaac agatatatca aaaacctaag ttatacatgt     69000
     ttatttcaat attagaagta atattcatcc atgggattct gaattcttct tttatcacag     69060
     ttattcaaat tgctgcctca gaagtaatgg agaatatcct aaatacaaat tcaaaagcct     69120
     attctcagta ctcaacaaaa tttaaaactg gaacatctta tcctgatgat ccgccacttt     69180
     ttgaaaattt tttcctcctt ttctttagtg tcagtgcact gttctgcttt ttgttctacc     69240
     tcaatcttat tcatgcattt actcatctgt attcattctt accttaaata aagatggttc     69300
     ttgaaattca gcccctatgt cttattttgg cttttactac caaccagagc aatttaaacc     69360
     actattgaaa tttcagctgt cacaattctt tgatgtgaaa ccacatttct aattctgacc     69420
     cctctgctga gatcccatca tgcattttca attgcatgtg gatactttca tattcttgtc     69480
     taaattccaa catgcccaaa tccaaatata tactatttct cccccaaatt cacaattttt     69540
     acatgtgtgt gtctatagaa ctgaaattct ttggagaaga tgtgtttgat ggttttcaca     69600
     ctgctgataa atacataccc aagactggat aatttataaa gaaaaagagg tttaatggac     69660
     tcagagttcc atgtggcttg ggaggcctca caatcatggt agaaggtgaa aggcacatct     69720
     taaatggtgg cagacatgag agaatgagaa ccaagtgaaa gggggaacca tttataaaaa     69780
     catcagctct catgagactt attcaatacc atgagaacag tatggaggaa ccgcccctat     69840
     gattcaatta ttcctaccag gttccttcca caacacgtgc aagttatggg aactacaatt     69900
     caagatgata tttgggtggg gacacagcca aaccatatca ttccacctct ggcccctcca     69960
     aaattttatg tcctcacatt tcaaaatcaa ttatgccttc ctaacaatcc cccaaactct     70020
     taactcattt cagtattaac tcaaaagtcc atagtccaaa gtcttatctg atataaggca     70080
     agtcccttcc acctatgagc ctataaaatc gaaagcaagt tagttacttc ctaaatacag     70140
     tgggggtgca gtcattggac aaatacaccc attccaaatg ggagaaattg gccaaaatga     70200
     agggactaaa agccccatgc aagtttgaaa tccagtgggt cattcaaatt ttaaagctcc     70260
     aaaatgatcc ctttgactcc atgtctcaca tccaagtcac actgatgcaa gaggtgggtt     70320
     cctatggtct taggcagctc cactcctgtg gctttgtaga gcacagaccc cctcctggct     70380
     tctttcaaag gttggggttg agtgtctgtg gctttttcag gtgcacagtg caagctgtca     70440
     gtggatctac tattctggga tttggggatg gtggccctct tcttatagtt ccatgaggca     70500
     gtgtcccagt ggggactctg tgtcagggct tcaactccac attttcctta catactgccc     70560
     tagcagaggc tttccatgag ggccctgcac ctgcaacaaa cttctgtctg gacacctagg     70620
     cattttcata aattttctga aatctaggtg gagattccca aacctcaatt cttgactcct     70680
     gtgtacccac agggtcaaca ccatgtggca gctaccaagg gatacagctt acactctctg     70740
     aagtcatggc ccaagctgta tcatagcccc ttttagccat ggctagagtg gctggtactc     70800
     aaggcaccaa gttcctaggc tgcacgaagc agggggacct tggatctggc ccacaaagcc     70860
     atttttcccc taagcctctg ggcctgtgga gtttccacaa tgttctctga catgccctgg     70920
     agatattttc ccaattgtct tggtgatgaa catttggctc atcattactt atacaaattt     70980
     ctgcagccag cttgaatttc tacacaaaaa attgtttttt cttttctagc acatcgtctg     71040
     gctgcaaatt ttccaaactt ttatgctttg tttcagtttt ggaactgaat acttttaaca     71100
     gcacccaagt cacctcttga ttgctttgct ggttagaaat ttcctctgcc tacctttact     71160
     acaatttcca aaaaggtcct gatctccatc tgagaccacc tcagtctgga ttttattgtc     71220
     catattatta tcagtatttt ggccaaagcc attcaacaag tctctaagaa gtaccaaact     71280
     tatccacttt ttcctatctt cctatgagcc ctccaaactg ttccaacctc tgcatgttac     71340
     cctgtttcaa agttgcttcc acatttttgg gtatcttcac agcagcacct cactcctggt     71400
     accaatttac tgtattagtc tgctatcatg ctgctgataa agacataccc aagactaggt     71460
     aaattataaa gaaaaacagg ctcaatggac tcacagttcc acatggctgg gatggcctca     71520
     caatcagggt ggagggcaaa aggctcatgt tacatggtgg caggcaagag agaatgagga     71580
     ccaaataaag agggtgaaat cccttataaa aacatcagct ctcatgagac ttattcacta     71640
     ccacaagaat ggtatggagg aaactgtccc aatgattcaa ttatctccca ctggttcctc     71700
     cccataacac atgggactta tgggagctac aattcacgat gagatttggg tggggacaca     71760
     gccaaactat atcggaaggt tacaataagg tattaagggt ctaactgata tcacacttat     71820
     ggtatttcaa ttttccctag ggaaaaaaaa attatgcaat aggtaatatt attctcattt     71880
     tacaaataag ggatttgagg cttagagaaa tttggtaact tgctttattt catatgacat     71940
     taggcagcag attcagagtt tgaagtcaat tgtgcccaac cccaatcatg cttaaaatcc     72000
     tggatttttt ttgaggtttt ccttttttag attcatctca taaattcaca ttcaacaaat     72060
     cttaggaaat ctagctcaaa atagcttcta tatttatacc tctgtcccta tttacattgt     72120
     gagttactgc caattgcata ttctaggccc ttattatttc ttaccttcat tacaacaatg     72180
     ccctgccaac tcctttatct tttgtagtct ctttacattt ccaatcacac tttttatgat     72240
     aactaacata ttatagaaca ctccactata taggtaaatg cactgctaca agttgccaga     72300
     aaaggaaaag cagaagatag catcacattt agggttattc atgagctttt tatcaagcta     72360
     actgtccaaa ttatatattt ttatttgtgc tttttttcaa cccatatcca gctacttgca     72420
     tgactccaaa tgtgattttc cccttttcaa taatatatat ttgctcatat atttttctat     72480
     ttttaatgcc attctctgtg ttaaaaactg atacaattct aaaaatagag tcacgtatat     72540
     attgccagtt aattttatac aaagttaaga gcaatttcat gaagaatgga cagtctttta     72600
     actaagttat gcttgaaaaa ttggacaatc atattcaata aaaataaaac aatacaaaat     72660
     gcaacctata taaaagatga ctcataatgt tttataaacc tatatacaac actgcaaact     72720
     atacaacttc aagaataaaa tataatagaa aaacttagcc tcattgggtt acgtatatat     72780
     atacacatat atatatacat atatatacac atatatatat acatatatat acatatatat     72840
     acatatatat ataatatttt accaaaagta cagtcacaga agaataacac tagataaatt     72900
     ggacattatg gaaattaaga acttctgctc ttcaaaatac actgttaagg taatgaaaag     72960
     aaaaatcaca ctttttctgg gagaaaatat tttaagacca tatatctgat aagagacata     73020
     taaccagaat gtataaagga cattcaaatc tcagtaatgt gtaaacagca atccttcaaa     73080
     aaaggacaaa atatatttta ttagtctgtt ctcacaccac tagtaaaggc ataccagtga     73140
     cagggtaatt tataaaggac agaagtttaa tggactcagt tccacatggc tgaagagacc     73200
     ctataatcat ggcagaaggc aaataagaag caaaggcaca tcattcatgg tggcagacaa     73260
     gagaatgtgt gcaggagaac tgccctttat caaaccatca gagctcatga aaattattca     73320
     ctatcatgaa aacagcatgg gaaaatgatg attgcctccc aactggttcc tcccacaaca     73380
     tgtggggatt ttgggagcta caattcaaaa tgagatttgg atagggacaa agcaaaacca     73440
     tatcattcca cacttggctt cccccaaatc acatgttctc acattccaaa accaatcatg     73500
     ccttcccaac agtctcccaa agtcttaact catttcaaca ttaactcaaa agtccaaagt     73560
     ctcatctgag aaaaggcaag tcccttccac ttatgagcct gtaaaatcaa aagcaagata     73620
     gttacttcct ggatataatg tggatacagg catttggtaa atacacccat tccaaatgga     73680
     agaaagtgac caaaacaaag ggtctacagg ccccatgcga gtccaaaatc cgatagggca     73740
     gacattaaac tgtaaaggtc caaaatgatc cctttgactc catgtctcac atccagagca     73800
     cactgatgca aggggtaggc tcccacagcc ttgggcagtt acacccctgt aactttgcag     73860
     gtcctcccag ctgctttcat gtgctggcat tgagtttctg cagcttgtcc aggcacatag     73920
     tgcaaactat tggtggatct atcattctgg ggtctggagg acagtagccc tcttctcata     73980
     gctccactag gcagtgcccc agtggggact ctgtgtgggg ccttcaaccc cacagttttc     74040
     atctgcactg ccctagcaga tgttctccat gagggacccg tttctgcacc aaacttctgc     74100
     ctggacatcc aggtgtttcc acacatcctc tgaaatctag gtggaggttc ccaaagttca     74160
     aatttttatt tttatgcacc ggaatgctca acaccatgtg aaaactgcca aaccttgggg     74220
     cttgcatcct ctgaagccac agcccaagtg atactctgga cccttttagc caccattgga     74280
     gcaactgaga tgcaaggcaa caggccccta aggatgcaca cagcagggtg gccctgggcc     74340
     tggccctcaa aacaattttt ccctcctagg cctccaggcc tgtgatggga gggattgcca     74400
     cgaaggtctc tgacatgacc tggagacatt ttctccattg tcttggtgat caacatttta     74460
     tgctccactt tctcttcaat gctttgctgc ttagaaattt cttgcaccag atcccctaag     74520
     ttatctctct caagttcaaa ggtccacaga tctgtatggt gggggccaaa taccaccagt     74580
     ctctttgcat agcaaaagtg atctttactc cagtttccaa caagttcctc atctccatct     74640
     gagaccacct cagcctggac cttattgtcc atatcactat cagcattttg gtcaaaccca     74700
     ttcaacaagt ctctaggaag tttcaaactt tcccacatct tcctgtcttc tgaactctcc     74760
     aagtttctag aagttccaaa ctttcctaaa ttttcctatc ttcttctgag acctccaaac     74820
     tgtttcaacc tctgactgtt gaccagttcc aaagttgctt ccacatttta ggatatcttt     74880
     atagcagtgt cccactctct gctgtaccaa tctactgtat cggtctgttc tcatgctgtt     74940
     aataaagaca tacccaagac tggataattt ataaaggaaa gaggtttaat gtactcacag     75000
     tttcacatgg ctagggaggc ctcacaatca tggcagaaca caaaaggaga agcaaaggca     75060
     catcttacct ggtggcaggc aagagagcat gtgcagggga actgcccttt ataaaaccac     75120
     cagatctcat gagacttagc cactatcaca agaacagcac gggaaaaatc cacccctgtg     75180
     attcaattac ctttcactgg gtcccttcca tgacatgtga ggattatggg ggctacaaat     75240
     caggatgaga tttgggtagg gacacagtga aactatatca catatgaaag gatgcttgac     75300
     taaattaaat atacacatgg ctaatgagaa tgtgaaaaga ttaaccccat tattcattat     75360
     ggaagggaat ggagaaaaat atgaaatttc tccatgcaca tattataatg gcaaaaacat     75420
     ttttttaaat gacatactaa gtgttgatga agagatagag caactggagc tctcacatat     75480
     tgttggtagg aaagcattaa gtgtataatt aacattctaa ctaggtactt aacagttttc     75540
     tcaatgttaa ttatacactt aaaatgttac ctggtaatct tactgctagg ttttttcctg     75600
     tgtgaaataa gatcttaaat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagtaaa     75660
     agaattttta caactgatat atttataatt tccagaaaac agaaagaaca aatttccttg     75720
     taatgggtta ataaagaagc aggctacagt acaactatct atataacata atactacttg     75780
     gcaattacaa atgaatgaac tatgaatata ctcaaaaaca tggatgaatc tcaaatgtat     75840
     tctgttaaga aaaaatacat ataaggggta tattacaaat aattccatta atatgacatg     75900
     cttaaataga caaaataata gggagaaaaa cctgatgggt ggttgtcagg gattgggaat     75960
     aagaattgat gacaaacagc ataatgaaat gttttacagt aatggaacaa atctatatct     76020
     tgattttcct gatggttata taattgacta tatttgtcaa tcacagaact ctatactgaa     76080
     attgtactgc ttgtaaaatg caatgcctct tcaaccccac accctccaaa aaatacaaaa     76140
     tgaaagaaaa ctcaaaactc tacctaataa tcaggccaag ctaaagaaaa aacatatcct     76200
     tcatacatca ttttccaata ccagtaatta agtttaaaaa aaattttttt aaatgtatat     76260
     gggtaaatag tatgagtata tgtatatagg gttcatgaga tgttttgata cagatatgca     76320
     atgtaaaata agcacattat ggagaatggg gtaaatatgc cctcaagcat ttatgagtta     76380
     catacaatca aattacattc tttaagttat tctaaaatat acaattagta ttgactatag     76440
     tcatgcaaat gtgctgactt atttattcta cgtttgggtc ttatttattc tacgtttttg     76500
     tactcattag ccatccttac ctccctctca aacccctgct actcttgcca gactatggta     76560
     actatccttt tactttctat aacaatgagc tcaattgttt tgacatttag aacccataaa     76620
     taagtgaaaa catgcaacgt ttgcctttct gtacctggct tgtttcgatt aatgtaatga     76680
     tctccatttc cattcatgtt gttgcaaatg actggatttt atcctttttt atggctgaat     76740
     agtgctccat tttgtatatg taccacattt tctttactca tgcatctgat gatggacact     76800
     taggttgctt ccaagtctta gctattgcaa acattgctgc aacaaatata ggagtgtgga     76860
     tatctctgat atattgattt ccaatttggg ggcatatact aaacagtgca actactggat     76920
     cataaggtag ctcaattttt agttttctga gaaacctcca aactgttctc cataatgggt     76980
     gtaataattt aaatttccac caacattgta gatgccgttt tctccacatc attgccagca     77040
     tttgttatta actgtctttt gcatatcagc cattttaaat ggggtgagat gataactcat     77100
     tgtagttttg attagcattt attggatgtg cagtaatgtt gaacaccttt tcatatgcct     77160
     gtttgccatt tgtatgtctt tctctgagaa aagactatta aaatcttttg cctattttta     77220
     aatcagttta tcagattttt tcctatagag ttgtttgtgt tccttatata ttctggttat     77280
     taatcccttg tcagatgggt agtttgcaaa tattttctcc tattctgtgg attgtctctt     77340
     cactttgtta attgtttttt tttgctgtgc agaagctttt ccatttgatg tgattccatt     77400
     tgtccatgtt tggtttgctt acctgtgctt gtagaaacct ttgcccagac cgatgtcctg     77460
     gagactttcc gcaatatttc cttgcaggag tttcatagtt tgagatctta tattagagtc     77520
     tttaatctat tttgatttaa tttttatata gtgaaaaata agggcctagt tttgttcttt     77580
     tatctatgaa tatccagttt tcccagcacc atttattgat gagattatct tttcccctat     77640
     gtatattctt ggcatctttg tcaaaaatga attcactttg ggtgtataaa tttgtttctg     77700
     tgttctctat tctgttccat tggtctatgt gtctgttttt atatcagtac caagttgttt     77760
     tggttactat agctctgtag taccatttga agtcaggtaa tgtaattcct ccagttttgt     77820
     ccattttgct taggacagct ttggctatac tgggtctttt gtggttccat ataaatttta     77880
     acattttttc taattctgtg aagaatgtca ttggtatttt gataggcatt gcattgaatc     77940
     tgcagattgc tttggtaata tgtacatttt aataatattg gttttttagt tcattagtat     78000
     agatgatttt ttactttttt gtttcctctt caatttcttt catcatggat ttatggtttt     78060
     tgttaaaaag acctttcact tattttgtta atttctaggt atttaatttt atgtgtggct     78120
     attgcaaatg aaattacttt tttattcttt tttcacattg ttcactgttg gcatatagaa     78180
     atggtactga tttttgtgtg ttgattatgt gccctgcaac ttgactgaat ttgtttatca     78240
     gttctaatag ttttcttgtg gagctgttca gttttttcaa atataagatc atatcattag     78300
     caggcaggga taatgtgact tattcttttc cagtttggat gccctttatt tctttctctt     78360
     ttctgattgc tctaggtagg aactccagca ctatgttgaa taacagtgtt gacaatgggc     78420
     atctttgtca tgttccacat cttacaggaa aggatttcac tttttcctca ttcagtatga     78480
     tactagctgt gggtctgtca tatatggcat ttattatgtt gagatatgtc ccttctacac     78540
     acagtttttt agggttttta atcatgaaga gatatgaaat tttatcaaat gttttttaac     78600
     atcaattgaa ataatcatat ggattttgtc cttcattctg tttctatgat gtattacact     78660
     gattgatttg cccctgttgg accatccttg catcccagga ttaaatccca cttgatcata     78720
     atgaatgata tttctaatgt attgctgaat tttgtttgct agtgttttgt tgaggacatt     78780
     tacatcaaca ttcttcagag atattggcct gtagtttatt tttctgatgt gtctttgtct     78840
     ggttttggta tcagagaaat actggcctca tagaatatgt ttggaagtat tcccttcttc     78900
     tctatttttc agaacagttt gaacaggatt ggttttagtt cttctttaaa tgtttggtaa     78960
     aattcatcag tgaagccatt aggttcgaag ctttttatta tgagaaaact ttttattatg     79020
     gctttcatat cattgcttgt gatgtattgg tctattcagg ttttgtatgt cttcctggtt     79080
     taagcttggt aggtggtatg catctaggaa tttgtccatt tcttctagat ttttcaattg     79140
     gaatatagtt gctcatagta gcctctaata atctttgaat ttctgcagta tcagttgtaa     79200
     tgtctccttt ttaatttctg attttattta tttgggtctc ctcttttttt ttttcttagt     79260
     tagtctggct ataagtttgt cagttgtgtt taacttttca aaaaaccaac tttttgtttc     79320
     atttatcttt tctatttttt attttaattt cacttatttc tgctctgatc tttattattt     79380
     cttttctcct actaatttgg gatttggttt gctctggctt ttctatttat ttaaggtgtg     79440
     tcattagaat acttacttgg aatttttcct ccttttgatg tagacactta acctataaac     79500
     tcccctcttt ggtattgttt ttactgtatc ccttatccca tatgttttgt tttcattatt     79560
     atttgtttca agaacttttc aatttccttc ttaatttctt cattgaatca ctggtcattc     79620
     aggagcatat tgcttaattt tcattacttg tataatttca aaaattcctc ttgttattaa     79680
     tatctagttt tattgtggtc aaagaagata cttaatgtta cttcaatatt tatgaatgta     79740
     ttaagacttg ttttgtggct taagatatgg tctatcttag aattatacat gtgctgagga     79800
     gaagaatgtg tattattcag ctgttcagta aaatgttctg taaatatcta ttaggtccat     79860
     ttgttctgca gtgcagattt gtcacaaatt tctttgttga ttttctgtct aaaaggtctg     79920
     ccaaatgctg aaagtgaggt attgaagtct ccagctatta ttgtactgag gtctatctct     79980
     ttctttagct ttaataatat tttctttata tatcttggtg ctccactgtt gggtccatgt     80040
     atatttataa ttgttatagt ctcttgctga attgccttta tcattacata gtgatcttct     80100
     ttgtatattc ttacagtgtt tgtcttaaaa tcttttttgt ctaatgtaag tatagcaact     80160
     cctatttttt ttagtttcct ttggcatgga atattttttt ccatcccttt atttttagtc     80220
     tacttttgtc tttccatgta aagtgtgttt cttttagaac tgatcaatgg gtctttttta     80280
     aaatttattc agccactcta tgtcttttga ttggagagtt tagtccattt acatttaatg     80340
     ttattattaa taagaaagaa cttactcctg ccattttgtt atttgtttct ggatgttttg     80400
     tggtcttctc ttcctttctt cttttattca tgtcttcctc tagtgaagat attaatgata     80460
     ttctctggtg atatgattga ctttcttgct ttttattttt tgtgtatcta ttgtaggtct     80520
     ttttggttgg aggttacaag gaggcttgca aacactatct tataacccat tattttaacc     80580
     tgataaaaac ttaacattat ttgcataaac aaacaaacag aaagctaata aaacattacc     80640
     ttaactttgt tgccctgctt tttatctttt tgatgttttt atttatacct tactgtaatg     80700
     actatgtctt gaaaaggtgc tgtagttatt atttttgatt ggttcattgt tcagtctttc     80760
     tagttagcct aagagtagtt tacacaccac agttacagac ttgtaatagg ctatacttgt     80820
     ttgtgtacct actattacca ggaagttttg tagcttcaga tgattattta ttgctaatta     80880
     gtgatttttt ttctttctga tcaaagtact ccccttagca tttcttgtag aatgtgtgtg     80940
     gtgttgacaa aatctttcag atttgtctat ctgggaaaat ctttatttat ttttcatgtt     81000
     tcaagaatat tttcaccaga tatactattc taagatagaa tattattttt tctttaacac     81060
     tttaaatatg ttatgtcact ctctcctggc ctgtgaggtt tccaataaaa aagtcagctg     81120
     tcctgctgcc agatttgttg gagctccatt atatgtcatt tgtttctttt ctcttgctgc     81180
     ttttaggatc cttgaccttc aggagtctat taaatttctt gaggtagtat tgtttgtgtt     81240
     aaatctgctt ggtgttttat gaccttcttg tacttggata ttgatatctt tctctagttt     81300
     tgggacattc tctgttatta tctctttgaa taaactttct accctacctt tttctctatc     81360
     tccactttaa ggccaataac tcttagattt gcctgtttga ggcacttttc tagattctgt     81420
     agcggtgctt cattttttta ttttgtttgt tttgttcttg ttttgtctca tctgactgtg     81480
     tgttttcaaa tagcttgtct tcaagcttaa taattctgtc ttctgctttt tccattcttc     81540
     tattaaagga ctctgatgca ttcttcagta tgccaattac attttttcag ctacagaatt     81600
     tctgcttttt ttaaaaaaat atttgaatct atttgttaaa tatatctgat agaaatctga     81660
     attccttctc tgtgttatgt tgaatctctt tgagtttcct taacacagtt attttgaatt     81720
     cttttctgaa aagtcacata tctctatttc tcgaggattg ttccccagtg ccttatttag     81780
     ttcaattgtt gcagtcttgt tttcctggat ggtattgatg ctagtagatg tttcttcggt     81840
     gtttggacat tgaggaacta tttcttgtag tcttcactgt ttgggcttac ttgtagccat     81900
     ccttcttggg aaggcttaag ttatttgaaa gaacttggat gtttttatct aagctgtttc     81960
     tgctttgggg gcattccaag ctaagtgatg ctgtggttct tgcagaccca tagagatgct     82020
     gccttgatca tcttggaaca gatcagaaag aattctctga attattaagc agagactctt     82080
     gttcttttcc cttactttct cccaaacata cagagtctct gcctctgttg tgagccccca     82140
     aagctggggg tggagtgaca caagcatccc tgtgcccaac accacaatga ctgtgctggg     82200
     tcttgcccaa ggcctgctgt aaccaccccc tggctactgc ctatgtttgc tgaaggcgct     82260
     gggactctat aatcagcagg tggcaaagcc atccaagcct gtgtcattcc cttcagaggt     82320
     ccccaagacc caggtgagtt cagaagtgcc atttcaaagt cagggtctag agtcaaaaac     82380
     cttagtagtg tacctggtat tctattgtat tgcagctgag gtggcattca aaccacaaga     82440
     cgcagttctt cccactcttt cctccccttt ccaaaggcag aggagcctca ccctgtatcc     82500
     actgccacct ctgataaaga ggagtactga cagagtacca ctgatgtttt cttaaggccc     82560
     aaggcctctt aagtcaattt gtggtgactg cccggcatgg agctcaccct ttagggaagt     82620
     gggatgccct ctgtcccggg gaaaatccag aaatgccatc taagagtaaa gctatagaat     82680
     cagagacccc aagagactat tcagtacttc ctgtggcatt gttggttcct aagatgcaag     82740
     acaaagttcc gtttactatt ttgtctgctt tcctcaagca aaagttttgc cccatagcca     82800
     ccatagctgg taatgtgctg agtctcacct gatgccagca aatctcagag gctcaccaag     82860
     atatttgata tagtacctgg atatagctac tggttattca gggcccaagg gctcttcagt     82920
     tatccattga taaatgctgg caggactgtg ttcttttttc aaagcagtgg gttcccttct     82980
     gccctggggt gtgtctagaa atgatacctc tgagctaggg cctggaatag gggcctcttg     83040
     attcttactg gtgccctatc ctgctgtggc tgagctggtg tccaagatgc aagacaaagt     83100
     cctccccact cttctctctg ctctccacgt gcagaaggga gagatatctt ttataaccat     83160
     gagctgtgta gcctgagatt aggggagggg tgttggcagt ccttccttgg ctgccccagc     83220
     tggtgtctca gtatgtcaca atattccgca gtccactgtc tgtgggtcta attcagccct     83280
     aggactcatc taagagttgc agtcgttatg gcctagactg tctttcaaat tttcttagac     83340
     actgataaca ctttggccct tggtggtgag gtttgcaggg tctcatgttc agaccactag     83400
     gattggcaat tctcctcttg ctagggctgg tttaagtgtc ccctctgtgg gtgggcatta     83460
     ctctgaggtt ttttttgttt cgtggttttt atttttattt aattaattaa ttaattcatt     83520
     tatttgtttg ctgcaacagg acaacattca gtttaattcc tcacatttgc tgtgtaatcc     83580
     ctcccccagc accgagagat gctctcttca ccaagctacg gctacttggt gtaagactgc     83640
     gatgacattg gtgattcagg actgtttttc tctccgttca gtgcctcatt cagtgatatg     83700
     aagttaaaac caagtactgt gagtgcttac ctgatttttg gttcttatta aggtgttttt     83760
     tctgcgtaaa tagttgttaa cttggtgtcc ctgcaagggg gacaattgct ggaggtttct     83820
     attttgccat cttgatccca atctccttaa ttaattttaa tttaattccc ccttctggct     83880
     tcttagcaat ttttctatac ttttagtgcc ccaaggtgtt cttttttttt tgtacgagaa     83940
     atatgtcaca cctttgtcat caatttatcc atcttttcct catcaaaata aacatttgtt     84000
     tagtgcccac tctgcctcat actgtatgat aacctcttga catacagtga tacgcaagag     84060
     caacaggtcc attttatttt atagagctta tattccaata aaataaacaa aaaataaatg     84120
     agcaacaaat aaataaatag gataaatgct ttccaggtct ttatcccatg gtcttggcta     84180
     ttagtttttt gctcccttat agttatgaaa atttctctag caagtgcttt ctctgaagcc     84240
     tgcatgaatg cttctccccc caaaaaagct tttcctttct ttgttacatg gcctggtggt     84300
     aaattttcca aatgtttttg ttgcaaatat acatttgtaa acataaattt caaatttaag     84360
     ccattttttt aatgcatttg agcataggct gttagaagca gctaggccac atcttgaatg     84420
     ctttgctgct tagaaatttc ttctgcctca taccctaggt aatcactctc aagttcaaac     84480
     ttccactgat ccctgggtca ttaacagaat gtcaccaagc tctttgctaa ggcagacctt     84540
     tgctctagtt tcctataagt tcctcatttc catctgagac cctgccagcc gagaattcac     84600
     tgtccatatc actatcaaca gtttgtttcc aatcatgtaa ccagtcctta agaagttcca     84660
     aactttatct cattttcttt ttttctcccg aggcctcata actcttccaa cttctgcctg     84720
     ttatccagtt ctaaagctcc ttccacattt tcaggtatct tttggtacca gttttcttta     84780
     gtaggccatg tttacattgc cataaaggaa tacttgagac tgggtaattt aaagaaaaga     84840
     gatgtaattg gctcacattt tttgcaggct gtacagaaag catagtggaa gcatcttctc     84900
     agcttctggg aaggcctaga gagcttttac tcatagtgga aggtaaagca gggcaggcat     84960
     gtcatatggt gaaaacagga tcaagaggga gttggagagg aggtgccata tactgtcaac     85020
     caaccagata tcaagagaac ttgctattgt gaggacagca ccaagccagg gtggatccct     85080
     cctcatgacc caaacacctc ttgccaggcc gcacatttac actgagtatt atcatttaac     85140
     ctgattaggc aggcacatat attcaaacta cattatctac ctagtatttc taagacccca     85200
     aattagaata agaagttttt agttttaatt catctcacag agcactttgt ctcattaatt     85260
     ctacagatct aaggaaagac atagaatttc atatttcaaa taataggtat ctttcagtca     85320
     ggatggtttt tcttaaagga gtaaacattc ctgccctttg aaaaacagca agactccctt     85380
     tatcttcctg tgacattgct ttcgatggct tgaaaatctc tgtggcataa aagtggaaat     85440
     gtgttgtaga taatgatcca tgaaaagtgg attcacttat tcttagtatg ctgccatatt     85500
     ttaaaatgtc acatatttca aagtagttat taaaatttgt cattatcttt gtaaaaatat     85560
     acttagccca ctaacacttg tttctctcta ttacttcagg aacaacttgt gcattcatag     85620
     aaatataaaa tagtaatctt acataatgag atttatctca ttctgacttg gccattggga     85680
     gctttgtgct atttccagtt ttactttctt atgtaatgag tcgtcaacat tcctggaata     85740
     ctttaattgt tattgttctg ggtaggagga gaaaatgttc taggagtgtt ttcatgatta     85800
     aaagaagtat tttacattca ttgaaattat ttaacacttt aattttatga aattttaata     85860
     tatttctttg caggacttga tacatcagca atgtgaatga tcatataaaa ttaagagggt     85920
     ttggaaggcc caactgttta aaattgttta tgcatctctc catcaccacc accactcaca     85980
     gaaataactt cattaggtag tgaaggcctt ttgccttttc tcatttctaa tatatatgta     86040
     aatatcattc agaagaatct caaatactgc ctattattat ctaataacct agcaagtctc     86100
     ctgctcaatc atgaagtaat cacttgagga agtgttgtgt aaccaatatg ataaataata     86160
     tgatgcatat ataataggaa ctaatatctg aggactaaat tgactaaaat gacttcagtt     86220
     ttgaacagaa atccaacaga atactttggc ttgcaataga cccataaaag gatttatgat     86280
     tctgtactcg tgataatttt aaatttggtt taaacgttac atatttttta ctaatacaaa     86340
     taacacagat ttacagcaca caatttgtta aatatggcac tatgcagaaa tatctatatt     86400
     ttgctttatt tctactctag tctgaatatg tcctccataa ttcatatgtt gaaacttaat     86460
     caacaatgtg gtagtattaa taggtgggtg cttaagttac aaggtgatta agtcacgtgg     86520
     gtggagcctt catgcatggg attggggccc ttacaaaagg ttttcagaga gtagattctt     86580
     tttcctttcg ctcttccacc ttcttccctt tggggacaca gcaagaaggt tctcacaaga     86640
     cgtcaaataa cagctcctta atactggact tcccagtctc cagaactgaa agaaatgaag     86700
     ttctgttatt tataaattcc tgagtctcag gtattttgtt atagaacaca aatgtactaa     86760
     gatagttccc ttttacaagt aacatacttc tgtatctata cacatacagg tatccatcac     86820
     aatctcaatt cacattatgt gaatttaaga actgaaaaga tttgtagcat tcctatatcc     86880
     atgtttatct ttgaaaatca acatcagttt actaattgag gtctgaaaga catatacttt     86940
     ctgtttattt tatttaaatg aacttaatta tacactaaat ttcctatttt tgtagaccaa     87000
     tagaaaatta aacctcaggg ctgggcatga tggctcacac ctgttatccc agcactctgg     87060
     gaggccaagg tgagaagatc ttttgaggtc aggagtttga gactagactg aaaaatataa     87120
     caaaaccctg tctctaaaaa taaaaatgtc aaaagttagc taggtgtggt ggcacaaacc     87180
     cgtagtctga attattcagg tgcctgaggc aggagaattg ctttggttta gaagtttgag     87240
     gttgcagtga gctatgattc ggccacttca atccagcctg gatgacagag caagactatg     87300
     actttaaaaa acaagagagg gaaaaataaa aataaaaata tatctcattc tttcctgagg     87360
     atatcttacc aaggttgtat gtctctgcac aatccgcaca tagagtttta tgtttttgta     87420
     gtcatatcaa acaatcttat attttattag ttttattttt agtgttttgc ataaaaataa     87480
     ccactcccaa aaagataata tgcatttgta tttgatgcag gtcatatata aaacatatca     87540
     ttatattaaa taattatact tcgttctata atagttctgg acactctgtt ttgtttaatc     87600
     tttctatata tccttgatca tcttgtttaa tggtacattt tcagaactct tgacacaacc     87660
     atcattaaat acgtttctat gtaaacattt tctttgttgt tattctattt atggtttcca     87720
     gaaaacttgg gaattatatt tgcaagtttt taaataaaat tactcaattt gaagtatatt     87780
     ataataattg tatttaggca agaattgaca tcataatatg cagttttcac tcaggaactt     87840
     agaaggactc tcaattttat ttttatagta cttacatatt tatagttaat tatattataa     87900
     aatgttcaca tttgcaataa aatgtcaatg atatttttat aattacactc tctaaagaat     87960
     ttattttata tacagaattg tattttttgt atttatgcat aactttctaa ttagactcat     88020
     acttcaaata gattttgtca tctctcatat tataaatata acaattaatc atctcatgtt     88080
     atttttgtcc acttggttga tgttgtttgt gggtttctgc tagtggtgtg ggggatattt     88140
     cccataatcc agaatgatat ttctttggcc cagcttcaaa catgcaggaa aatgaacgac     88200
     aaaatagaaa gaatcaggtt ctctaaatta atgcataaac aaagtgcata atcaatatga     88260
     acattacact tccacatgtt tggatgacac tgtaacattt tcaagtggtt gtattagggc     88320
     acaaattttt atccctataa aaatataatt atctcgagcc acttgattat ccccagtgac     88380
     ataaattaca ttctatgagc aattatattt ttaataaata ttaaaattaa ttatcaatat     88440
     agtgatctgc ttccagcagg tatgctaatt cctagaatat tcaagtatgc caattttcct     88500
     gaatctactt tagcaaagta aattttctga gaaaattgta cacagatttc ccagtttaca     88560
     taacaatttt ataatactac tattgttaat aatcctcttg tttacctata gtttactgtt     88620
     ttcatccctg atattgtaaa ttgtttcttc atataaaatt gacaagatat ttagctgttg     88680
     tattagtcca ttctcacgct gctataaaga actgcctgag actgggtaat ttataaagaa     88740
     agggtgttta attgattcac agttccagaa ggctggggaa gcctcaggta acttacaatc     88800
     atgttagaag gggaagcaaa cacatccttc ttcacgtggc aacaggaaaa agaagtgctg     88860
     agcaaaagaa gaaaaaccct tcataaaacc attggatctt gtgagaagtc actcagtatc     88920
     acaagaacag catggaggta agtgccccca tgattcaatt atctgccact gacatgtgaa     88980
     gattatgaga actacaattc aagatgagat ttgagtgggg acaccatcaa accatatcat     89040
     tctgtccttg gctccttcca agtcttatgt cttcacattt caaaacacaa tcatgccttt     89100
     ccaatagtcc actaacccga atgtccaagt ccaaagtctc acatgagaca aaacaattta     89160
     cttctgcctt tgagcctgta aaatcaaaag catgttagtt gcttcctaga taaaatagga     89220
     atacaggaat tgggtaaata tacccattac aaatgggaga aagtggccaa agtgaagggt     89280
     ccacaggccc caatgcaagt ccaaaatcca gtgggacagg caaatcttaa aactccaaaa     89340
     tgatcttctt tgactcaatg tctcacatcc aggtcacact aaggcaagag gttggctccc     89400
     acagccttgg gcagctctgc ccctgtggct ttgcagggca catctcccct cccagctgct     89460
     ttcacaagct ggcattgagt gtctttggct tttccaggca cacagtgcaa gctgtcggtg     89520
     gatctaccat tctgcaatct agaggatgat ggccatcttc tccagtaggt agtgtcccag     89580
     tgaggactct atgtcggggc tccaacccct acatttttct tccacactgc cctagcagag     89640
     gttctccatg agggctctgc tcctcaagta aacttctgcc tagatatcca ggcatttcca     89700
     tacatcctct gaaatctagg tgggggttcc caaaccttaa ttcttgtctt ctgtacactc     89760
     acaggcccaa caccaagtgt aagccaccaa ggcttgaggc ttgcaccatc tgaaacaaca     89820
     gcctgagctg taccttggcc ccttgtagcc acggctgaga tgcagggcac caagtcccaa     89880
     agcttcacaa agcagcaagg ccctggaccc agcccatgaa accattcttt ccttctaggc     89940
     ctccaggcct gtgattggag gggctgccat gaaggtctct tacatgcctc agaaacattt     90000
     tccccattgt cttggcaatt agcatttggc tcctcattac ataagcaaat ttttgcagcc     90060
     agattgaatt tctcctcaga aatagggttt tcttttctat tgcattgtca ggctgcaaat     90120
     tgtctgaact tttatgctct actttctctt gaatgctttg ctgcttataa gtttcttcca     90180
     caagataccc taagccatct ttctcaaagt caaaattcca tagaactgta aggcaggggc     90240
     caaatgccac cagtctcttt acatagcagg aatgaccttt actccagttc ccaacaagtt     90300
     tctcatctcc atctgagacc acctcagact ggactttatt gtccatatca gtataatcat     90360
     ttggtcaaag ccactcaaca agtctacagg aatttccaaa ctttcccaca tctttctgtc     90420
     ttctaagtcc tccaagtgtc taggaacttc caaactttcc cacatttttc tgtcttcttc     90480
     taaggtaaca aaactattcc aacctctgcc tgttacccag tttcgaaatc tcttccaaat     90540
     tttcaggtat ttttatagca gcactccact ctctgtggta ccaatttact gtattaggct     90600
     gttctcccac tgccataaaa aaaatgtctg agactgggta atttataaag gaaagaggtt     90660
     taattgactc acagtttcag ggctggagag gcctcaggaa acttacaatc atggcagaag     90720
     gggaagcaaa tgcatccttc ttcacatgga ggcaggaagg agaaatactg agcaaaagtg     90780
     gaaaagcccc ttataaaacc atcagatctc atgtgaactc actcactatc acaagaacag     90840
     tgtgaaggta accaccctca tgattcaatt accttcccct aggtcactcc tatgccagtt     90900
     ggggattatg ggaactacaa ttcaagatga gatttgggtg gggacacagc caaaccatat     90960
     cagctgtgta tttgattttt ttcataatat actttggatt attataatct gcagtttggc     91020
     ttctactgtt atctattttc ttattttgtt agatatacta atcatttctt acattacctt     91080
     ttactgtatt ttactgttat aatctgagct cttgaattta atattttatt tagtttcata     91140
     ctttgttgac ataatgaaaa gatgtaaatc tgtgaatttc cttatgggca aaattttgat     91200
     tttgtcttat atattttgat attcactgtt atgactattt tttaaagcaa tacatttaag     91260
     caagtaattt tggagattgt tttcaaattt gttgcttatt tatttagttt tgttattagt     91320
     ttcaagatgt attgtattgt gttcattaag tgtccttcat aacctttctg tattattgta     91380
     ttttactata agcttggtaa aaagtaacta ttagtatata ccctttaagt atatatataa     91440
     aatttatggt ttgtgggtag gctgtttgac tttaatctat atcatatact attctaagat     91500
     cacctctgaa atattatttt tataattttt ctgtaaaaaa agtaatctga aatttacatt     91560
     tttatataat tataattagg cattcaaatt tataattgta acatagatta tatctaggtt     91620
     tgctatcaac atttttgaaa taaatcaacc ttcatctaat aaatttaaat tctaatattt     91680
     taatatattt attatatatt gtaatttttg taagctatcc aatgatccgc acatgtattt     91740
     atctatccat ttcagcaaaa aaaagagaga agacacaagt agcattggca tcttttattg     91800
     atcgaagtca atacttcata aaatcaatga gtaccattca ttagtgtgtc tatgcatatc     91860
     tgcaattatg tctttgtgta gatgtttgtt gccttatttt atattttatt tgctcaaaat     91920
     atataagtga atcatttttg cacctagaaa acatcttaaa aacatagttg agcattcatt     91980
     gtgaaaccta taagaattag gagttggggc attgtaaagt agaaatggac aaaagaaaaa     92040
     aagaactaac aagctgtctc aaatatgaaa ttttacaaaa ggtagagaaa gtgttgcctg     92100
     ggcatttcct gattgtatgg ctctcattta tgaacttctt gatgcttagt gtgcacttca     92160
     caatttagaa tttggttaca tttgagccat gcttgcatgt atttttatga actctccaga     92220
     cattgcatct tgtggagtgg tatttttgcc aacatattaa cttccaacat ccagtgctgt     92280
     tgtaattatt tgtaatttag gattggtata cagaacgttt acaataaagt taactatata     92340
     ttaaactaat tattaaataa tacatatttc aaatgtaaaa cacataacac cttaatgtgg     92400
     aagctgaaat ttcttctttt gtaatttcct atctaaatga acatcacccc atgtatgatt     92460
     ttaatggaat gagttaccct ctggattctc cttttcattc ctacatttgt tggtgttaaa     92520
     tttaatcatt ctgtaaaagt taacattatt tttatatgta tgtttggacc cctgggttat     92580
     cataaaatat gatattcaca ttttataact ttttgcaaat caaacacata ctttcattcc     92640
     ttttatacaa ggttatttgc attttctttc ttcttttttt ttgagacagg gcttcactct     92700
     tttgcctagg ctggactata gtggcatggt cttggctcac tgctacctcc acctcccagg     92760
     ctcaagcaat cctcccacct cagcctaata ggtagctggg acaacaggca tgaacaacca     92820
     accactcctg gataattttt gtagtttttt tgtagagaca aggttttact atattgttaa     92880
     agctggccgt ggactcctgg actcaagcaa ttaacctgcc ttggcctctc aaagcactgg     92940
     gattacagac atgagccact gtgcccagaa gtttatttcc attttccttt ttttgaaatg     93000
     gagttttgca cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac aatctcagct cactgaaacc     93060
     tccgccttct aggttcaagc gtttcttctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag     93120
     gcatgtgcca ccacgcctga ctaattttgt attttttttt agtacagatg gggtttctcc     93180
     atgttggtca ggctggtctc aacctccgaa cctcaggtga tcttcctacc ttggcctccc     93240
     aaagttctgg gattacaggc gtgagacacc gcctccagcc ttatgtgcat tttccttgtg     93300
     tattctgtca tagtggtaaa tctcctcaag ttcctaaaag ttttcctccc tgttgcagag     93360
     cagcaatttt tggtcttcat tgatatatat attttttcta aaatagtttc ttgagtattg     93420
     ttgtcttgca tctctgctgg tgatcctctc tggctaattt gtcctctaat ttattagaat     93480
     aagctaaaat atagtcatat ttaactcaaa agtgcaaagt ccaaagtctc atctgagata     93540
     aggcaagtct cttccacctg tgagcatata aaataaaaaa taacttagtc acttctaaga     93600
     tacaatgtta gtacagacat tgggtaaaca ttcccatttc agaagggaga aatcagacaa     93660
     aaagagggac tacaggcccc atgcatgtcc aaagcccagc aggacagtca ttaaatcttc     93720
     aagctccaaa agaatctcct ttgactccat gtcccatatc cagggcaact cggtgcaagg     93780
     ggtgggctcc caaaggcttg gggagctctg cccccgtcac tttgcagggc tcagcccaca     93840
     tagctgctct cataggctgg cgttgagtgc ctgtggcttt tccagacaca cagtgaaagc     93900
     tgctggtaga tctatcattc tggggtctgg aggatggagg ccttcctctt gcacttccac     93960
     taggcagtgc cccagtgaag actctgtgtg ggggctccaa cctcacattt ttcctctgca     94020
     ctgccctagt agaggttctc cattaggacc ctgcccctgc agcaggcttc ctcctagaca     94080
     tccaggcttt tctatatatc atctgaaatc taggcagagg ctcctaagtc tcacctcctg     94140
     catttggtgc acccacaggc ttaacaccac ctgaaagctg ccaaggctta gggcttgcac     94200
     cctctgaagc agaaacctga gctctacttg ggtgcgtttt acctatagct ggagctggag     94260
     gagctgcaat atagtgaaca gtggcccaag tatgtgcatt gcagtggggc cctgggcctg     94320
     gttcatgaaa cctttctttc ctcttagacc tctgggccta tgctgggagg ggctgctggg     94380
     aaggtctctg aaatgccttg aaggccttct ccccattgtc ttggatatta gcacttgccc     94440
     ttttttttgt ttttagttat gcatatttct gcatgaattt ctcccctgaa aatgggcttt     94500
     tcttttctac tacatggcta ggttacaaat tttccaaatt tttacactct gcttcccttt     94560
     taaatataag ttccagtttc agaacatttc tttgctcatg catatgtgca tagggtgtta     94620
     gaagtagtca ggtcacatct tgctttgatg ctcagaaatt ttttctgccg tataccctaa     94680
     atcatctctc taaacttcaa agttccacaa atccctaggg caggcacaca atttaaccaa     94740
     gctcttttct aaagcataac aaaagtgaac tctgcattag tttacaataa gttcctaatc     94800
     tccatctttg tcttcctctg ccaggccttc accattttta tcactaccag cattttggcc     94860
     ttgatcattc aaccagtctc taggaagttc cacaatttcc cctattttcc tgtcttcatc     94920
     tgagccctcc aaactcttcc aacctcttcc cattacctag tttcaaaatt gcttccatat     94980
     gttcaggtat gtctttagaa atgcctcact ccttggtatc agttttctat aagtccattc     95040
     ttgtcctgtt ataaaaaaaa tctgaaccct ggtaatttat aaagaaaaga ggtttagttg     95100
     gctaaagttt ctgcaggctg tataggaagc atgatgctgg catttgtttg gcttctggag     95160
     aggcctttac agtcatcaca gaaggtgaag ggcaagcaag tatgtcttat gtggctggag     95220
     cagtagcaag ggagaagaga gtggagagga actatgcact ttcaaatgac cagatctcat     95280
     gagaacaaaa tcaagggaga aatctgcctc cacgatttaa ttaccttccc ctaggcacca     95340
     cctccaatat ttggaaatac aattcgacat gagatttggg caggaacaca gatccaaacc     95400
     atatctgtgt cacttagtga tttcggcaat tacttgtttt ttaattaacc agttgagtac     95460
     cttgggacat aaataaaatg gcattgctct gaacttgaat gcatatgcta tctatcaaga     95520
     atcagtataa aatgacaaac acagattttt gcaacatatt tggtatagag agcaatgcat     95580
     tcaaagattt atttatttct cgtatctagg taagttcttg tttcaaactg tttttgtcaa     95640
     gcatatagca atggaattta gagctcaacc aataaaaatt aatggcagta ccttatatct     95700
     actttttcta taaaatacat cataagaaaa tatgcaatta taggacagtt tataagttag     95760
     aaaataaata ttttgactta gctcttgaat agatccataa ctgtggagta gcttcccaca     95820
     cattaaattt tgttttttaa tctcagaaca tgttgatggt gataaatgta agtgtattac     95880
     taaataaaat gtgaaaatac tatgtctctt ttaaatttta tgatggtaaa cttagaagac     95940
     tatgatgaga tttctatcaa tttattatta ccttttcttt agaaagttga ctcttacacc     96000
     tgaagacaac aacaacttct tggtttatgg caaaatatct tcttagctta gtatgaactc     96060
     aattaatttg taggaagcta tcctgctgtg aagttatcaa aggtgttgga actaagatta     96120
     gcataaactt caaattcaat ttagatattg atacattaaa tattcattat tactggatat     96180
     attttatata atcatcaatt aggcatttgc aagagcataa gagaagtaat acttttacaa     96240
     ataaatttaa gtggcaaaaa ctaacataat aaagcattaa caaaaagatc tttcaaagga     96300
     tattggtttc attatactac atcttaatct tacttgaata aaggcatata gctatataat     96360
     attttgtatt gctttttttt ttttgctttt ctcttagatt atgtgggtta ttacaataaa     96420
     attaaaagtg aaaaaaaaac atttttaacc tatctggttt cggcaaagtg atgataatat     96480
     tgttgatttt taaatctcta aagtcctcac aaacaatctg agcaagtaat gtaacaaaca     96540
     aaccaaaacc aaaaaacaaa tacataaaag caactttgca tatcaccttt aataacactg     96600
     gtaaaatacc aggaattctg gaatatgagt taatcaacta ctaatgactg caataaaagt     96660
     acaaggatca gtaggtgggc agaagccagt ggagagaggg aaaaaataat tctggggatc     96720
     ttaagggtct tgaatatcat tattgacaac aagtcctcag cttcaaaaga aaagaactac     96780
     aatgatggtt taacactcag ccagcagatc tgagtacaaa tgttaaatct gtcatacaca     96840
     atttaaaata tgtaaaaatt taaatactga ctacagtatt acaaaaggag agaggtgatt     96900
     aggtatatta aaggaattct aaggtccttt tgctgtttgg aaattggtaa atacattaat     96960
     atatttttat ggtattaata acaataatta ttgtaattac taggataact accagaagaa     97020
     tagtaaaaag aatataagat tggaaagctg atacaaagaa aatgtggaaa ataaaacagt     97080
     tgaaattaat aaaacaaagg agggggaaaa gagaatataa cacatgtagg acaaatagga     97140
     aatgagtagt aagatggtag atgtaacgcc aagtatatca gtagttatga tacataataa     97200
     attgtctaac aaattcaatt aaaggcaaat aatagcatgt tatatttttt taaatatcca     97260
     actatatgct gcacacaaca ggctcacttt aaatatggag aaacaaattt tgaaagcaaa     97320
     agaacaaaaa atcatactat gaaattatta ctatagtaat tttagtaaaa gtacacttta     97380
     tagaagcaac attactagag aaagagaaag attttgtcat ggaagaaggg ttagacccca     97440
     agaaggtatt tatatatacc acataatata gccgcaaaat gtacaaagca agattggaca     97500
     aatgtacact cattgcatga ggtttaattt cattttaaca gttttattga gcttcatttt     97560
     agaaattata aaattcatta gttttaaata tgtatttgaa agattttagc cgctttactg     97620
     agtcataaaa ccaccatcat aaatctgttt agaacatttt tatccactga ataagatttc     97680
     tcttgttcat tttcaattaa tccctattcc tatccccaca cacaggcaaa cactaatctg     97740
     tttttgtaaa tgtctttcct agatatttca tataaatgga atcttacaac atgtgagctc     97800
     tcgaatctgg cttctcttgc tcggtgtaat gtttttaaaa ttattccatg atgtagcatg     97860
     catcaatatt tgttctgttt ttactgctga acagcattca attgtgtgac tataagtcat     97920
     ttggctgtct gctcaatggt tgatgagcat ttgagttgtt tctagttttg aaaaattatg     97980
     aattaatgct gctatggaca tgcatataca agtatttgtg taaatatatg tctttatttt     98040
     tctagatagg aaaataattg ctgagtatta tggtagtttt atgtttaatt tcttaagaag     98100
     taaaatagtt tgcagagtgg ctgtaacatt tacagtcctg tcaataatat atgaagacct     98160
     tcttctccac actctcacca gtatgcatta tgtcctgtta ctgattaaag ccattgtaat     98220
     gaatgtgaaa taatatctca tttgggtttt aatccgtatt gccaaatgaa ttgtgatata     98280
     gatattttta atgtgtttat tagccatttg tgcatcaact ttggtaaact gtctatttga     98340
     atcttttgcc cattttttga ttaggttgtt cgtttcttaa tattcagttg taaacatttc     98400
     ttgtaaatta tgaataaaag tctttaagta gtgtttcata aacattcttc ccaggacttt     98460
     tttgtacctt tttttctttt tttggggggg agggggagat tactattttt aaaatttaat     98520
     tactaaaatc ggtagatatt tgtggcataa aacatgatac tttgaaatat gttcacactg     98580
     cagaatggct aaataaagct agttagtata tctattatat cacttactta cttaccatat     98640
     ttggagaatg caaccattta aaatctactc tcaactatgg tcaccatttt tgtggaatac     98700
     attgaactta tttctcctgc taactaaaat tttgtatcat ttgacaaaca tctcccactc     98760
     tcaccccctc ccaacaccta actcatggta accaccattt gactctctgc ttctattagt     98820
     ttattttaga tttcacatat aaatgagatc atgcactatt tgtctttctg tgcttgactt     98880
     atttcactta acatcatgtc ctccaggtat atccacgttg tcacagatga gaggatttcc     98940
     ttttttaaag tctgaatagt attccatttt ttatatatga cacattattc tttatttatc     99000
     atcccttgat ggacatttag gttgattcca taacctggct actgttagta atgctgcaat     99060
     gaacatggga gtgcaaatat cactttgaaa acttcatttt atttctttgg gactgatatg     99120
     cagaagtaga gttggtgcat tatgtggtag ctctagtttt aacattttta agaaactcca     99180
     tactgttttt cataatggtt ttaagctttt ctccatttga aattgaccca atttccccat     99240
     gaaattaatg tttacttttt tttataaaca tagaaattga ccatctgtgg aggaagagtt     99300
     aaatattaac tttgaactca attgaacttg aacacaaaga atggttacgt gccagtaaac     99360
     agcccctggg catctgccca ggagctagta acctatactg attgttttcg taagatacat     99420
     tttctgcctt aaggcaaaca acagaatcta gagaataggc taaccttcct gtgttccctg     99480
     agcccagtca tgaagggccc tcattcctgg gcctcaggcc aagaaaggaa tactacaaaa     99540
     gggctagggt cccagaccac acagaagctc catgagacct ctcctcatct gtgcatggtc     99600
     gagtgaccaa ctctggatcc caggctattg cttcccgatc tggtgatgaa tcctccatag     99660
     tctagtgagt gtaactatat atacatttcc ttctcccctt cccattgcaa tttgcttatt     99720
     atataatttg cttattatac cattttctta ttatatctgc attgccattt acgtaggata     99780
     aagcatagga taaagattgt ttacctttaa aggtatcgtg tatgtgtctt ttctttcccc     99840
     ttcatgcatt tcccacacag aacacaatca ctatcctagt cctctttttt tttttttttt     99900
     ttttttgaga ctgagtttag cttttgttgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gcaatcttgg     99960
     ctcactgcaa tctctccctc ctgggttcat gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag    100020
     ctgggattac aggcatgcac caccaggcct ggctaatttt gtatttttag tagagatggc    100080
     atttctccat atttctcagg ctggtctcga actcccgacc tcaggtaatc tgcccacctt    100140
     gaactcccaa agttctggga ttacaggctt gagccaccat gcctggccat cctagtctta    100200
     aagcttgaaa cttacatttg tcttatgagt tcctttcaca gaaaactgat cctgaggcct    100260
     cacaagtagt gtcaagatac tgaaactcct taatttctgt tttcctaact gaccacctgc    100320
     ttcctgttga ccaactcctc ttccttaccc ctccctaatt tttgttttcc ttcacatagc    100380
     tacatttctt cctcactatt taaaccccca attttagttg gttagggaat ggatttgagg    100440
     cttatctccc atctcctctg ctgcagcacc tgaataaagc cttcttccct ggcaatgcta    100500
     acctcagtga ctggctttct gtgtggtgag caatgggacc tagatcaacc acctggcatt    100560
     tcagtaaacc attgagtata atgatagctg tgagcttgtc gtatacagcc tttgttatat    100620
     tgaaatacat ttcttctata cataaattgc aaagcatatt tattatgaca ggatgtggaa    100680
     ttgtgtcaaa tgcttttact gcatctatta agatggccac gttttatatc ctgcatactt    100740
     ttaatgtact gtgtgacatt tattattatt attactacta ttatttagag acaggatctc    100800
     actcagtcac ccaggctggt gtgcagtgat gcaatcatag ctcactgtag gctcaaactc    100860
     ctgggctcaa gtgattctcc tatcttggcc cctcaagtag caaggactta aaagttcatg    100920
     ccactacact cagttacttt tctttatttc ttgtagaaat gaggtctcac tttgtttccc    100980
     aggctggtct caaactactg gcctcaaaca attctcccat tttggcctcc cacagtgttg    101040
     ggattattga tttgagccat tggacctggc ttcacattta ttagtatgaa ttatatttca    101100
     gacaattcat agatctccat taatttgagg tcagttactg gaaatttatt ttcttttggt    101160
     ggtatcctgt ttccctgatt ctttgttatt gatgtagcat gtagtgggtg tggatcctgt    101220
     ttagtatgtg gatatctaat tgtcccagca ctactgattg aacagattat ggtttcctca    101280
     ataaactagc tagaaaaaaa gtaaaaaaaa atcagtataa caaaaacaga agaatttatt    101340
     tatagatttt taactggttg aattgagcta tatgtctatt tttatgccag tactatagtg    101400
     tcttgactta ctgctggttt gtagtaggtt tcgaaatcag aaagtgtgag tcctcacaat    101460
     tggttttcct tttccaattg ttatggctat tctgggccaa ttacatcttc atataaaatg    101520
     tatacttatg tcaatttcag aaaaatctgt agagattttt ataggaattg cactgatttt    101580
     tgagatttat tttaagacta ctgccagcct agcaatattt tgtgtttcac tccataaaca    101640
     agaaagatct tttcagttat ttagatctta actactttta ataatatttt gttcttttca    101700
     atgtacaagt cctgcatgtg ttttgttaaa ttaatttcta attgttctat ttttttgatg    101760
     ctgttttaat gaaatttttt tttcattttg aattatttac agaaaaacaa tttttgtata    101820
     ttattcatga gtgttgcaac tttgtagaac acttatttat tagttctaac agtttttaaa    101880
     ttttatttct aagaattttc tctgtataaa atcattttat ctgcatacag atataggttt    101940
     atctgttcat ttccaatctg gatacttaaa aaaaattttt ccttgcctca ttgtcatagc    102000
     tataacctgc tcaatagtgt tgaaccatga gaaaaaacat tttaatcttg ttcctgatat    102060
     taggaaaaat ctctaattct tttaaaattc attattatgc tagttacgag tgtattacag    102120
     atgttctcta tcaggttgag gaagttcagt tctattaaga attagaaggt ttttaatcat    102180
     gagtgggtga ataactttgt cataattttt cttcttcata tgttcaagta tttatttgtt    102240
     ctttattata ttaaatgcta taatacacaa aagtgaagta aatctcactt cgtgatgtgc    102300
     aaactatttg catttttcaa ttattctgga attttttttt tagctttcat tttaggttca    102360
     gaggtgcatg tgtagatata ttatataggt aaattgtttg gggagtttgg tatacacatt    102420
     attttcttac ctaggtaaga agcacagtac ctgctatgtg tttttttcaa tcctcagcct    102480
     cctctcattc ctccattctc aagtagccct ggtgtctgtt gttcccttct ttatgttcac    102540
     atgtactgag ggtttagctt ccacttatga gtgaagatat acagtatttg gttttctatt    102600
     cctgtgtcag tatgcttagg ataattttct ccagctccat ccctgttgtt gcaatggaca    102660
     cgatctcatt cttttcatta ttattattat aatttttatt atactttaac ttctggggta    102720
     catgtgcaga acatgcagtt ttgttacata cgtatacacg tgccatggtg gtttgccaca    102780
     cccaccaacc catcacctac attaggtatt tctcctaatg ctatcccttc cctagcccct    102840
     cacccgccga caggcccaag tgtgtgatgt tcccctcccc ctctctgtgt ccatgtgttc    102900
     tcattgttca actcctactt atgtgtgaga acatgtggtg tttgcttttc tgttcttgtg    102960
     ttagtttact gagaatgatg gtttccagct tcatccatgt ccctgtaaag gacatgaact    103020
     catccttttt tatggctgca tagcattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttctttatcc    103080
     agtccatcac tgatggagat ttgggttgat tccaagtctt tgctattgtg aatagtgctg    103140
     caataaacat acgtgtgcat gtgtgtttat agcagaatga tttataatcc tttgggtata    103200
     tacccagtaa tgggaatgct gggtcaaatg gtatttctgg ttctagatcc ttgaggaatc    103260
     accatactgt cttccacaat ggttgaacta atttacactc ccaccaacag tgtaaaagca    103320
     ttcctatttc tccacaacct ctccagcatc tgttgtttcc tgactttgta atgatcacca    103380
     ttctaactga catgagatgg tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctaatgacca    103440
     gtgatgatga gctttttttt catatgtttg ttggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgaaaag    103500
     tcactgttca catccttcat ccactttttg acagggttct tttcttcttg taaatttatt    103560
     taagttcttt gtagattctg gatattagcc ctttgtcaga tggatcgatt gcaaaaattt    103620
     tctcccattc tgtgcattgc ctgttcactc tgatgatagt ttcttttgct gtgcagaagc    103680
     cctttagttt aatcagatcc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgccatt gctttttgtg    103740
     ttttagactt gaagtctttg cccatgccta tgtcctgaat ggtatagcct aagttttctt    103800
     ctaggatatt tatggtttta ggtcttatgt ttaagtctgt aatctcattc tttttatggc    103860
     tgaatagtat tccattatgt atattttcca catttttaat aaatccagtt taccattgat    103920
     gaacatttag tttaattcca tgtcttgtta ttgtcaataa tgccacgatg tatatatgca    103980
     tgcatgtgtc tttacagtag aatgatttct attccattgg gtatataatc actgggtcaa    104040
     atggtagttc tatttcaagt ttttcaagaa attgacaact gttttctgca gtgactgaac    104100
     tgctttacat tcccaccggc tatatataag tgttcccttt tctctacaac ttcaccacca    104160
     tctgttattt ttttgacttt ttaataatgc ccatactgac ttgtgtgaga tggtatctca    104220
     ttgtggttgt gacttgcatt tctctaacaa atagtgatgt tgagcatttt ttatgtgctt    104280
     gttggctgca tgtaagtttt ctttgaaaag tgtctgttat tgttctttgc tcatttttaa    104340
     tggggttatt tcttttttgt ttgttaattt gttagtttct tatagattcc ggctactaga    104400
     ccatcagcag acacatagtt tgcaaatatt ttctcccatt tggtaggttg tctgtttact    104460
     gtgttgatag tttattttgt aatatagagg ctcttaatta ggtcccactt gtcaatttat    104520
     gtttctgatg caattgcttt tgccatcttt attatgaatc tttgccaggt cctatgaaca    104580
     agatattgcc taacttatat tccaatgatt ttatagtttt aggttttaca tttaagtctt    104640
     tgattcatct ggagttgatt tttgtatatg acacaaggaa tgagtccagt ttcaatcttc    104700
     tgcttatggc tagccagtta ttacatcacc acttattaaa tagggagtgt tttccctgtt    104760
     gctttttttt tgccaaattt gttgaagatc agatggttgt agatattctg ctttatttct    104820
     aggttctcta ttctgttcaa ttagtctgtg tgtctatttt tcgacaagta ccatgctgtt    104880
     ctggttactg tagccttgta ttatagtttg aagctgggta atgtgatttc tccaactttc    104940
     ttcatttttc ttaggattac tttggctatt ctggctcttt ttggttccat acacatttta    105000
     caaaaggttt tctaattctg taatgaatat cattggcagt ttgataagga atagcattga    105060
     atccataaat tgctttgggc agtatgatta tttcaacaat attgagtctt cctgtccatg    105120
     agcatgaaat gttttccatt tgtttgtgtc atctctgact ttgagcagtg ttttatgatt    105180
     cttattgtag attttcactt ccctagttag ctgtattcct tggtatttta ttgttttttt    105240
     tttttctggc tattgcttat gacattatgt tcttgattag cctctcactt tagtagttgt    105300
     tggtgtacag aaatgctact aatttctgca cattgatttt gtatccaggt aattttctaa    105360
     ggttgttttt cagacttagg agctcttgga aagagactat ggaattttct aggtaaagaa    105420
     tcatattagg tgcaaaaaga tagtttgact tcctctcttg ctatagggat atcttttatt    105480
     actttttctt gcctggcata aaatatccag tccagtctta tgttgagtag aagtggtgag    105540
     agtgggcatc tttgtcttgt tccagttctc aaggggaatg ttcccagcat ttgcccattc    105600
     agtatgatga tgactatgtg tttgccatag aaagcttttt tgttgtatgt ttcctcaata    105660
     ccttgcttgt tgaggatttt aagatgaaca gatgttaaat tttatcaaaa cccttttctg    105720
     catctattga gataattgtg ttggttttgt ttttagttcc ttttatgtaa tgaattaaat    105780
     ttattgattt tcctatgttg aaacaatctt tcaccctagg gataaagcct acttgataat    105840
     gatggattag ctcttcgatg tgctactaaa tttggtttgc tcgtactttg ttgaggattt    105900
     ttccatctct gtttatcaaa tatattagtc taaagctttc tttttgtgta tttatcaggt    105960
     tttgatatta gagtgatgct ggcctcctag aatgtgttag gtaggagtcc ctcctcctca    106020
     atattttaga ttagtgtcag taggaatggt accagccttt ctttatactt gtagaaatta    106080
     agctgtgaat ccatctggtc ctcagcttct tttggttggt aggctttcta ttattcattc    106140
     aattttggaa cttataattg gtctgttcag agattcaata cttttgtagt ttagtataga    106200
     gatgtgctat gtttctagga atttattttt tttaaagtgt tttagcttgg tgcgtagagg    106260
     tgttcaaagc aatctctgag gaattttgta tttttggggg ctgtggtaac atcccgtttg    106320
     tcatttctga ttttatttat ttatatcata tactttttat tagtgtattc agtggtctat    106380
     caatctatta ttttgaaata atcaacacct agatttgttg atcttttgta tggtttcttg    106440
     tgtctgaatt tccttcagtt cggttcttaa ctttggttat gtcttgtctt ctgctacctt    106500
     tggagttggt ttgctctgct ttttctagtt cttctagttg tgatgttaaa ttgttaattt    106560
     gagatttttc taactttttg atatgtgcat ttagcaatgt aaaattccct cttaacatta    106620
     tctatgtatc agagattctg atatgttgta cctttgttct cattagtttc aaagaatttc    106680
     ttgattcctg ccttaatttc aatatttacc aaaaagttat caaaaagtaa atcaggagca    106740
     tgttgtttaa tttccatgta attgtacagt tttgagcttt cttagtattg atttgaattt    106800
     tcttagtatt gatttgtatt tttactgtgc tgtggtctga gtgtggttgg tataattttg    106860
     ttttataatt tgttgagaat tttttatgac tgattttgtg ctccatttta gagtatgtgc    106920
     tatgtgcaga tgagaagagt gtatgttctg ttgttttggg gtggagagtt ctgtggatgt    106980
     ctatttggtc aagtgttgag ttcgggtctc aaatatcttt gttatttttc tgcctcaatg    107040
     atctgtctaa tactgtctct ggattactaa agtttccact attattgtgt ggtaatctaa    107100
     gtctccttat aagttgtaaa gtactaagta tgtaaagctc tgtgctcctg ttttgggtgc    107160
     atatattctt aagatagtaa tatcttcttg ttgaattaaa tactttacaa ttatgtaatg    107220
     cctttgtttg tcatttttga tatttgttgg tttaaagtct gttttgtctg aaattagaat    107280
     agcaatccta gcttttttct gttttctgtt tacttgccag gcttttctgc atccattctc    107340
     tttgaaccta tgggtgtaac tgcatatgag agagatcttt tgaagacagg ataccattgg    107400
     gtcttccttt tttatgcaac ttgccactct gtgcctttta tttggggcat ttagctcatt    107460
     tacattcaag gttaatcttg atatgtacag atttaattct gtcatcttgt tcctagctgg    107520
     ctaatatgca gagttgatcg tgtacttgct ttatatgtca atgattcatg tacttacatg    107580
     tctttttctg gtagctggta atggtctttc catatttagc actcccttaa ggacttcttg    107640
     taaagcagaa ctgtttgtaa tgaatttcat tagcatttgt ttttctgaaa atgatcttat    107700
     ttctccttcg tgtattaggc ttattttggc aggaataaaa tttgtgattg aaatttattt    107760
     cctttatgaa taatgtatat aggccaccaa tgtcttctgg cttgcagtgt ttctgctgaa    107820
     aggtccacta tcagcctgat gggataccat ctataggtga cctgctcctg ccctcttgct    107880
     gcctttatca ttttttcttt ttttcaaact tgaagaatct gataacaatg tgtgttaggg    107940
     atagttgtct tgtatagtat cttccagggg gtctctgcac ttcttgaatt ttaatattgg    108000
     cttctctagc aaaactgggg aaatttttat tgatgatatt ttcaaataac ttttccaagt    108060
     tacttgtttt tgcttcttgt ttcagggatg taaatgagca taaatttggt ctctttacat    108120
     aatcctgttt ttctcagaaa ttttttcagt cttctttact cttttctctt tacttttatc    108180
     tgagtgtttt caaagacctg gtcttcatgc tctgagattt gtccctcacc ttggttgatt    108240
     ctactgttca tactagagat tgtattatga aatatttgaa atgagttttt cagctctgtt    108300
     agatgagttt agttttcttc ttaaaatgat cattttgtct ttgagctcat tgttttgtcg    108360
     tatccttaga ttccttggat tgggtttcag attttcccaa atctcaatga tcttcattcc    108420
     tatccatttt ctgaattata tttctgtcat ttcagccatt tcagcctggt taggaaacac    108480
     tgctgaggaa ctagtgggtt tgtttggaga aaataggaca ctgtgtcttt tggggttacc    108540
     agagttcttg tgctggttat ttcttttcat tgttttgatg ttccttcagt ctttgaagtt    108600
     gtcttccttt ggatggggtt tttactttta tcttctttga tgcctttggg ggtttgattg    108660
     tggtataaag taggttcaat caactagctt catttctgga agattttaag gggataagtc    108720
     tcaactctta gactgtgtcc cctaactctg agggggggct gatatatggc cgcttgcttt    108780
     gttctgtggc cccttgagtt taaaaacctc atgtgctgca gggtccaata tgttcccagt    108840
     ccactagcta caacactttc attggcagtg ctggctaaag cattttgttg gcatagtggc    108900
     agtgggatcc atgcttgctt gtgtgtgcca gcagctgcag cagtgtggcg gggtgcacac    108960
     gcatgggctg gcatggcata ctggcaggag tggggctgta gcattcctgc ttgtgcctat    109020
     gccaatggcc tctaatcttt tttataagtt gtcggatttg gtttgcttat attttcttga    109080
     agattattgc acatatattg ctaagaaata ttggtatgta gttgtttttc ttttcttgag    109140
     atgacgtatt tttttttaat caggccatat ataatgggtt aaatattttt tctcttttat    109200
     tttattgtaa atatttcttt aagattggtg ttgattactt aagcttttgg taaaattaaa    109260
     caataagggc acttagtcct caactcttat ttacgggaac ttttaaaatt accgttataa    109320
     aagctttatt gttaccggtt ggaatatatt ttctgtttct tcttaagggg gttttagaag    109380
     ttttgtattt gtggtcatct atttcatcta aggtatctaa attgctttca tacagttgtt    109440
     catgttattt cttataatca tctttgtttc tgtaatgtct gtaaaaatat ccctctttta    109500
     ttctaaattt aactcatttg agtcatctgt atttttattt ttagtaagtc tagccatagt    109560
     tgccaatttg ttaatgtttt caaataagca aattttggtt gtactgtttt gtgtctatta    109620
     ttttcctagt ctttattgta tttatttctc ttctcatgtt tattattcac tactttttgc    109680
     ttgcttttaa taaattctat tatctaaaaa taaaaaaata ggtgaaataa ccaatggaaa    109740
     gtcaaattgg aaaagttata atttttatat cacaaacaat atgtaatatt cctgatatag    109800
     aaagagctta tacaaattaa gaaaacaaca acatttaaaa agtcaagaca tataaattgt    109860
     gcaaagagag aattataaat gcatacagga tacacagaaa taaacactaa tattccttaa    109920
     tcacatgaaa aaataatatt tttcaaaaga agaaaactaa ggcattactt ctattttatt    109980
     tacaacaact caatgttttg atgacataaa acaataatat gattaataaa ttagcaaggc    110040
     ttggtatgat gactcatgtg tgtaatccca acactttgag gggcagaggc aggagaatca    110100
     cttaagccca gtagttcgag agtagcctgg gcaacataga gagaccctgt ctctacaaaa    110160
     tacatactta tatatatttt taacaaccag gaaatgtggt gcacatctgg ggtcccagct    110220
     actctggaag ctgaggtagg aggatcactt gagcctggaa ggtctagact gaagtgagcc    110280
     atgttcaccc cagtgcacta agtatcacta aaagagtgat ttcagtatca ctaaaagagt    110340
     aaatgtttaa cattctcatc acaaaaaaat attaaatatc tgtggttata tatatgctaa    110400
     gtagtttaat ttttcacatt gtattaaaaa ttgtaatacc actttgtact ttgtaaatgt    110460
     atacaactgt aatttgtcaa catataatat attttttaaa tagacaagaa aaatttttta    110520
     aaactggtat tgggactaca gattctctaa atgggaaaat aactgagcct ttaattgtag    110580
     cataaaaaca aacagaaacc aaaagaaata acaaatcagt gattagcaaa aagatcacag    110640
     acctaaatgt gaaaggcaaa acttaaaaat attttaagaa cattttggta agtattttgt    110700
     tgaattagtt taagtcaaaa tttcctgaca tgaagaaagt acaagcataa aggaaaagac    110760
     tgataattgt actgataaat ttgagtatta aaaaagtttg tataatgaca ctatttccac    110820
     aatttaacaa taaactaatg acagttaggg aatgtagttt cagtgcatat aaacatgaag    110880
     tgattagttt ctggaacata taaacaactt ctacaaatca acgtatttta aaaaatgaaa    110940
     aataagtgaa ggatataggc agtcaattca cacaagtcac ttacatgact gaaaaatatg    111000
     gatgaattct caatctcatt tataatcagg aaaactcaaa atcacactgt taccatgtct    111060
     tgtttattat gaacatagca aaacaaagtt tgacagtaca aagtgttagc agcaatgtag    111120
     agtcttgtgt attctcagac acatagggta cagatatata gaggtataac tattttaggg    111180
     agaaatgtgg caaaatttca taaagttgaa tttgattata cccactgggc ctcctgtcaa    111240
     gtctgtctac acttaacctc cagcaatatg tcaattaaag ttaaagtgtt ctaaccaata    111300
     ctaaatccaa ttgtgggctt ctgctcctaa acttttgtcc agtaagctgt ctgtctctcc    111360
     agtgttcagg gcagccgttt gtcctatgac ctcagttctc tgatgacaga gcaaaaattt    111420
     gttgattttg aatttttttt ttattgtgaa gaaacttatt acagtatttg ttcaattctt    111480
     ccctcacatt cttggtgata tttttgtaat atattttagt tttgtatatg ctaataacac    111540
     aaaaatactt ctatttttgt gttatctttt agagcaatta aaattaaaat aacccattta    111600
     attttacttt tatttaatcc atttactgtg ttctttatta atttttatag aatcaagtct    111660
     ctgacccttt atcatatctg ttctttctga ttttttaccg tttctagtag gctagaactg    111720
     gtagtataac tggaaagggg tcccaatcca gacctcaaga gaggtctctt ggatttcaca    111780
     gaagaaagaa tttgaggcga gtccataaag caaagtgaaa acaagtttat taagaaagta    111840
     aaggaataaa agaatgacta atcaagaaat aaccataaaa atggttgccc atttttagta    111900
     ttcattagtt ttccaggaaa gcggtgggca attcccagag ctgaggttcc tccccttttt    111960
     agaccatata gggtaacttc ctcacattgc catggcattt ataaattgtt atggcactga    112020
     tgagagtgta gcagtgagga caaccagagg tcattctcat taccatcttg gttttgctgg    112080
     gttttagcca gcttctttac tgaaaccagt tttatcagca aggtttttat gacctgtatc    112140
     ttgtgccaac ctcctatctc attctgtgac ttagaaggcc taaccatctg ggaatacagc    112200
     ccagtatgcc tcagccttat tttatccagc ccctatttaa gatggagttg ctctggttcc    112260
     aacacctctg acattttccc catctctttt ataagagatc ccttaatcct aagagttgta    112320
     gaggagcaaa gatccatctt ctgtaacttc ttcaggctga ataggggtga tattattcct    112380
     gcctagctat tggggtctct tgtattacag gtagagagga gcccagtcat aaagtgtcag    112440
     tatggtgaag gtcattcata cctctgagtt cctacaaaag cttataattt attaagtatt    112500
     caatttaaga aaatattgag taagcttacc cttcattcct acacaaagag tacaatagca    112560
     aatatattcc acatctgatg agactagaat ctaataatga gtgtaccata gttcttgaaa    112620
     tatagtttat ttctccagtc tcccattttc actaaaaata aatcatagta agactggctt    112680
     gctttattaa acttggcctg attatttgaa taaagtggag caagaataac tatttttcac    112740
     ataggctttc taaattgact ttgattgaac tctgttccat aagaaatctc atacaagaca    112800
     tttttctttt aaaactgagc ccagtgatgg ggttgtactg tcaaatacct atgagttggg    112860
     taaattcctc tcctcttgag gtcccaagat aacttggggc tcctgggcct gtcagaaagt    112920
     aatattcttt acttatccca ggtcaggaac cccgtatagg aactctatag acaaggtatg    112980
     aggccagttt tcccaagggg cttctattgg ctctccatgt caaatttgat tccttaaaag    113040
     aaagcatgcc attctagtca aagccttgta aaataaacaa tttatccact tgtgtcctgt    113100
     tgcaaaataa aacattctta tggaacttat gcaaataaat atattgccac aatttaagat    113160
     acaaatagtt tccaaatttt ggagaaatca ggtagagaga aacaaatatg ctgtaaatgt    113220
     tactcacagg agtacacttt acacaattgt taaaatctgt agacaactca aatgaaaagt    113280
     ttccttgact ctgaaaacaa aacaaaggat gggcaatgtt tttaagcaaa gtcaaaaaat    113340
     aattacttcc atcttttatt agtccagttc atgtggttaa ctcctgttct tcttgatatt    113400
     catgaatatt tcagctctcc atgagagtcc tggaagtttt tcctctattc tgatgttaca    113460
     atctccaaag ctatcagaaa cctgcattca agagtacctg ttaaagtcct atagttgatt    113520
     ataaaaacca ccttctaaag aggactaata caaaacaaca attgtctgtg gatgataaaa    113580
     tgccttaggg cagcctctat taaaaccaca attgactagg aattttggtt acttctgtgg    113640
     catacaacaa tttcatgtaa caattataac tattaataac acactaagcc ataatagaat    113700
     tatgggagtt cctcataatt ttggaacaca taccaatggc acatttatac acatacagcc    113760
     caaagaaagc caaacaccat ttcatatttg acaatgcttt ctgtatgatt tttataccaa    113820
     ataagtcaaa tgtcattttt acattaatgt actattaatg ttaaacccta tccttaataa    113880
     aaccttatag acatttctaa ccaattttaa tgtttgacca taaggtaaga ttctcataag    113940
     ccttttgtaa cactttgcaa gttttcatta aaaagcagat cagtggtaag aaaaacctgt    114000
     tgtgctttta ttttcattca attgttcaat aaatgttcaa tttacaggaa aactgtatac    114060
     ccctttaaat ttagccagta tgttcagaca tagaatttat tttacaaaat tctaacttga    114120
     aacaataatt taaccctcta aacttaagca agaaatccac actcccatgc cttcttataa    114180
     tcttttacca aacgtatatt ctacattcct tatatgcctt gcatgtagaa ctgtttcttt    114240
     agtagcctca aatacatgtt acactgttaa ctcttaggaa cttttgcttt tggtgaaaaa    114300
     cttggttagt aggcgattgt aattatgtat caagtgtgga gcttaggaca tcagacagaa    114360
     gtgcagataa gggcttaatc tttccggcac agctggggtg catggtgctc cacatgtctc    114420
     catgtcttat caagaatcta atgcttcaaa gtaggtaaag tgaacaattt tcaaaagtca    114480
     aagaagcagt atatgacctt aaagcattta gtaaacttaa tatcttgcct acctgattta    114540
     gacgaaatat ctttatttta ccaataatct ttaaagctgt ctctatttct caaagattat    114600
     ttaagtccta tgaactaaaa agcattgcac tttttaattt tctgataaaa tatgtgattt    114660
     aaacactatt tttaaatgaa ttaaagtttt ttatatcaca cacacaacac atataaatac    114720
     agatacagaa gaagatccag tacttgtaag agttttcatt tgccagcttc ctaattggat    114780
     ttttggcttc agggtggaac ctttggagga acaggggcag gaaagcacgc agtttctgca    114840
     gcctaatagg caggcacaac tggaaggcaa aactgatctc tagaaattaa gggtcctgta    114900
     gttataccag attctggatc ccaaaaagag ggaatcagac catctcccat gggagcctta    114960
     tatctcattg tggggtgggg acatttccat acttttctgg tagtcaagag catgcttctc    115020
     tgatccaaat gtgcacagag ctgagtatct ccccataact gccattagca atccccaaaa    115080
     ctatatttcc tacctagtta ccacacacca aagttctctc ataatttgaa gtaatttctg    115140
     atactcacaa aactcaaaaa aggtcagata atgcaatgca aaacagaaca aagccttaga    115200
     ttttgaaagg aatctatcca cttccaattc ctggagtttc atgaggaaaa cagaggtgct    115260
     gtttttttcc cccaaaactg ggtctgtgat gcctcctctg tttttcccaa ggagtccaag    115320
     tctgtgagag cttgaatatc tggttttaat taaactgact tttagctata gcactcttta    115380
     taaaagtctt tttaaatttc ttattaccct actttagcca ggccaaatgg tatttatttc    115440
     tgtgctcaga gaaataaaag ttcaagacag attgttgagg ggaagagaat aaacaaatgg    115500
     taagggtcac acaggtatca aaccagaaag gtctcattcc ctaagacagg aattgaaccc    115560
     ttaacttggg cgaccactgt ggtggtggag accaagagaa agtactgcca cgtggtcaca    115620
     aggtcatgct cccaaagaca tgactgacca gtttgctggg ccatcttaat caacaagctt    115680
     acatgtgtcc taggcccaca ttctatccta aggtaccact ctttatgaca gaacaataaa    115740
     ggaagacaca caaagcacac cagattcacc acagcttaag actagcatca caaatgcttt    115800
     tttccactaa tcaaaattct acagaggaga aaaacagtgt ttttttacca tttatttaac    115860
     cagtttgcac agagaaagag aggccagaag tctgactggc aaaaaattct tacccttttg    115920
     ttagcatgcc aggctctcgg ttccctttcc cttattgggc ctagtgacct gactttttgc    115980
     actgtagcct tgggggacaa gctgcaacac aaaggaaaat tatctttttc cattctggcc    116040
     agagcaaaac acatgtgaca aaaggtagac attagccact ctgcttagca cccaatatca    116100
     aactggcgag gctcaaagtt gccccaggtt gggcctcatc atcgttaatt caacctctga    116160
     ctgggaattt caacatgggg tcaatgggca agaaggtcgc cctgagtaat agaaaatata    116220
     ataaagggaa aggagagaaa gagagagaca aaagcattgt ctgtagcagg gtggggaagg    116280
     tgaggcactc aggtcagaga aatacccacc cattgcagtg atgctgaatc aaaagttcag    116340
     gcagctgctt gtgggtcatg aaaggatctt ttctggcagc cccatcggct ctcaagtgtt    116400
     ctcttttggg gagagaaaaa atctccccat gtccggtgat cctgtacatg gctaatccta    116460
     tcacccatag ctgtcagcag agtgtaagac agattaatcc aaagagaaga gcagttagca    116520
     tcccatagtg ccaaacccgt tcttcgctga ggggaacttt actgagaggg acctccaacc    116580
     ccctaaatct taggagggac tttaaccttg ggccttgaat ccatgtttgg tcaagcatcc    116640
     ttgcctttta ttaagagagg cctttaaccc tctctgtctt aggagagact ctaactcccc    116700
     taagttaggc ctctaatcca atcccatcct ctacctgggt accccaccac ttacttaaaa    116760
     gttggccatc agtgctgcag tctatttcct ttgggttggg atggtctcct cattattgtc    116820
     ccttcagcat tcaccagaaa gttgttacac aaaaggggtc cgattccaga ccccaagaga    116880
     gggttcttgg atcttgcaca agaaagaatt tgagaccagt ccatagagca aagtaaaaac    116940
     aagtttatta agaaagtaag gaaataaaag aatggctact ccataggcag aaaaccccaa    117000
     gggctactgg ttgatcattt ttatagttat ttcttgattt tggagtctgt cattaatttt    117060
     ggggaaatct tggttattgt tactgagagg tgaagtcaga tgagcttctg ggtcggatgg    117120
     ggacttggag aacttttgtg tctagctaaa ggattgtaaa tgcaccaatc agcactctgt    117180
     aaaatgggcc aatcagcact ctgtaaaacg gaccaaccag tagggcatgg gcagggccaa    117240
     ataagggaat aaaagctggc ctcccaagcc agcagtggca accggctcgg gtccccttcc    117300
     acactgtgta agctttgttc ttttgctctt caccataaat cttgctgctt ctcactcttt    117360
     gggtccgcac taccttgaag agctgtacca ctcactgcga aggtctgcgg cttcactcct    117420
     gaagtcagtg agacaaggaa cccaccaaga ggaacacaca actccggacg cgccaccttt    117480
     aagagccgta acactcactg cgaaggtctg cggcttcact cctgaagtca agcaagacca    117540
     tgaaccaacc ggaaggaaga aactctggac acatctgaac atctgaagga accaactctg    117600
     gacacacctt ctttaaaaac tgtaacactc actgcaaggg tctgtggttt cattcttgaa    117660
     gtcagtgaga ccaagaaccc accggaagga accaatcccg gacacattac ttcaaatata    117720
     tatattttta ttatctgtta tctctcttct ttacatctgg gtttttgtat gctcctggcc    117780
     aacagacaaa atagactccc catggctaac tgaggacatt caagacagcc atcacaccac    117840
     ctccgtttct ataatcaggc caaaccagtt tctgttttta ctgccaagat aaattacagc    117900
     cagaattttc ttcctcctcc ttgctatttg aaagaaacat ctgaaagagg cttccggttt    117960
     ggggcttgaa aaccacccaa tcagggatcg actattttgg tcattcataa ctgaacaagt    118020
     ttgaatcctt tatttgcata aatgaacctg atagagaaca aggcaagaac tttccttatt    118080
     taagccagac ctctctttct tcttcagaga gcacattttc atttttaatg atggctgtgc    118140
     ctcctcaatc ttcagactgt ttttttctcc tatgtacaac tcctttgttg tttttctcgt    118200
     ttctttttta atttagaaag taaagttctc ctttattcct ctgcaaatct catgatcttc    118260
     ttgttaacac aacatttctg taatgtattg tcatgatccc ccaacaaaca caaacacaca    118320
     cgcgcgcgca cacacacaca cttttttctg tgttttgatt tgggtaattt tacttgatct    118380
     atcttcaagt tcatgagtgc tttcctcatt tatattcaag ttatcaatga gcttgttgaa    118440
     agcactctga tatttcatgt catctacttt tatcattaga gacaaacatt tcattattac    118500
     tttaaatatg ttctgtgaaa taatgccagc atctttgtca tacctgagtc ttgttttaat    118560
     aattgtcata ctacttgaaa gggtgttttt cttccttttt aatatttctt ataatttttg    118620
     tgaaagccag gcatgttaga aagggcagta aataatgagc taaatatttt ttatacttaa    118680
     tgatgaacac acattttctt cagctagacc tttgttgttg aagtttgtgt tagtatagtc    118740
     aggagtgagc tggtgttgtt aaggttatgc cagctgcatc tttggctgta tattcctcca    118800
     gtgatatgtt gtgtttaaaa ggttgagtag ttttaccaga agttattttg gcaatgtctg    118860
     cttctatttg ggttttggtt ctgtgtcttt tcttttgttg ttgttgttgt accccagaga    118920
     aaacctgtct cttgtagctc ttcaagttgt attttactct tattttcact caacacttgt    118980
     taacttggta gtgggtggtg acataatgag gcattatctg atgttctgat taagccttgg    119040
     ttttaggcat gcactctgtc actggatctt gcggacatgg ccttcaaaat tgctgctgtc    119100
     tactctctat ttctagtcct gggcccagta tatagtcttg cccctccacc aggggtgtag    119160
     ctaattcttc tcttctgttt cttcaccatt gagtcaaggt gacagttttg ttgtttgtcc    119220
     aatatagatt aaggtagtta tcctccccaa tatagattaa ggaacatagg ggatgtgggt    119280
     tgtgcagaat tttgccagtg gctgttctgt ccctcttcta acccatagcc aagaggtgaa    119340
     actttttagt atcgtgacaa tcttttctgt gagcatctgg tggaattttt ggaagaaaag    119400
     cctaaaagag ggtgtgcagc ctcctatatt tggaaacttc aggggcttca cactttcaag    119460
     cccttagcct ttagcaatta gtccacattc accctttagc aattcattaa ttttttagct    119520
     tgattttatt actggtgtat acgatacctg gtagtatcac cagtaagcaa atactcaggt    119580
     tttgtttctc cctgaaagct catgttattt tacaagattt cttattagtt aattgccctg    119640
     tgactgcaat tctcctatgg gtttaataaa ggaattaatt tgcagttcat ctaagttttc    119700
     ctaggtaccg acattcttcc cagatctgta tatctttgag cttaaatcgg aagtctcaaa    119760
     tcatgtactt ttgatgatgc tagcatattt ttattcttct taaacaatct caaaagttgg    119820
     agttaccatg taaataaatt tcttactaaa aatttgagtc taagttggca aaatggttct    119880
     ccagtatccc agatgcttta atgtttgttt cctacaagaa gagggaggat tctctgtatt    119940
     accataacat aaacatcaaa gttaggaaat tactagtaat agtttttatt atgctctttt    120000
     ccaattaaaa tttctcaact tattcaaata gtgtccttta tatcaaaaga atacagttca    120060
     taatcacaca ttacctttag tcttcatgtc ttttggtctt cattctaaaa tagttctcta    120120
     gcctttcttt gaatttcatg acttcaacac ttttgaagat taaaaacaag tcatcttgga    120180
     gaattccttc aatttgaaac tgtttggtta tttcttctgg ttagttattt agtttcaggt    120240
     tatgagtctt tgatatgata tcacagagtg aggctatatt cttcccattg cattctgtca    120300
     gctggtgtgt gatttagatt tttcccatta ttgatggtaa ctgatcagtt gattaaaggg    120360
     ctgtctgcca gtattcacca atgtaaaatt aatcttttca gctttgcaat taataataaa    120420
     tgttttatga gggaatactt tgcaaactac ataaatatcc tatttctcat caaaattccc    120480
     atttattaat ttatttagtt ttatctctga ggactcatgg ttctcaattt gatgcaatgg    120540
     gttataattt atcattgcca ttatttattt tgatgctcaa attttcccca gtttggccaa    120600
     tgaaggtcca ctttctatgt cattttaata tgtcccaata ttctttgagc tctcctttgc    120660
     ttcctggcac gagaaatttt agatgcatct tgtatttttc ctctttatcc ccaaaatgag    120720
     caatttctcc cacagaaccc tggtcccatt ggtggagaat agtatttaaa agcatagatt    120780
     taggtagtca gtatactcac tgttatggga gcatcatcca tctacacata tgcgcaccca    120840
     aatatatatc aattaatttt tattaacctt tatatgttaa aaccaatgag tttatactaa    120900
     tatctctaat tccacactaa tggtgcttgt tgcatcgtag tttttttttt ctatattttt    120960
     aattgtcttc tctgacaatg gaaactcagt ctcccattat tcttaatata tttacttgct    121020
     atgtgctata caaagcagta ggaggcacta tcttttcatt caataaatta aaatatagtt    121080
     gtgacaataa gacatatgaa aagtctccca ttctctgtcc acttttattc tctgcaaccc    121140
     acatggatgc ccttctcact atacttgggc tctgactccc catggtagct cacacgtctg    121200
     tgcagaatct ttgtcaacct atttaggcta atcttcatgc cctactgtcc ctttctgagc    121260
     atggtcactc tactcactac tgtcaggctc tgacacttca agcaaggctc cctgtgtgca    121320
     ggaactccct cctcatgttg ctggggctct cagatcccac ctatgtccct gaagcactta    121380
     tccctggtgc agtctcctac ctttctctgc tatgcatact gactaggacc gaaatggtca    121440
     ggaaatgaag ggaaaattga aggtcttact tatatatgta aatgtattgt taactcttgt    121500
     gttcaacttt tcatgtcttt tttgtcacaa ttatattgaa attctttaat tgaaaataat    121560
     gtgtctcata cttctttgtg taataaataa ttatgcatag cagggctcag ttaacatgta    121620
     ttggttttgt tttttttagt ttatgctgct cttattcgtt cattattttt ctcatttatt    121680
     aaataaatta tatgctatag gtgtgtatat tatgtgtgtg tgtgtatgag tttatgaact    121740
     aatgaaatat aagaaaacga aaaaggttgt tataaaaaat gatggcggcc aggcgcggtg    121800
     gctcatgcct gtaatcccaa tactttcaga ggccaagggg ggctggatca cctgaggtca    121860
     ggagttcaag accagcctgg tcaacatagt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa    121920
     ttaaccgggt gtggtggtac atacctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag    121980
     aatcgcttga acccaggaga cggaggttgt agtgagctga catcgtgcca ctgcacgtca    122040
     gcctgggtga cagagcaagt ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aattatgaca ccatactagc    122100
     catcatttgg gtagtcattt actttaatga cctgtttata atagactact aaaaacaaaa    122160
     ttcgtagctt ctacatgagt attttaaatg tacttaaagt aactctatgt aatatgaaat    122220
     attttaggaa taaaaaataa atttgaagtc ctcagggact tttgatttca gctccaacat    122280
     gtaaaattta gagtcttcac ttcagtcttt acaggagaaa gtttaatcag ctggaattca    122340
     ataactttgc ttggccctat cacagaacta aggtcccagg acaaactgcc aacttgaaat    122400
     ctagggagtt agatggcccc taagagacaa actgtgtctg ggtaattggg aggaaagctg    122460
     ctggagccat aaactcttag gggcagttat atggtaattt tactgaattg ttgaaaacta    122520
     agtatagatt agaataaaaa ttagaatctt ttgaggggcc acatttttag ggccccctga    122580
     actttcacag gccttaccta caagaactag aacaggttaa caaggagaag atatgagaaa    122640
     tatcccctaa tggctttggc atgaggagag aaaaataatc atcttggaat aaacccaaag    122700
     ccttcttctc catgacaaag gcatactctc cagagagaaa tacattgcca gaaccttata    122760
     ccaactgggg caagggtttt gattccactt caatcctctc cagacttact aactcacacc    122820
     ataaaggatg atataatact aaatagcgct tctaggaaat aaattcagaa tactgcagcg    122880
     aaagaaggga gtaggggaca agcagggaaa aaggttacac cacaggagaa acacttgtga    122940
     agctacagac ctgagacaca ggcccgctta aagactaaag tttacccaga tgattataga    123000
     acaacatact tcctcataac ttaccaccta cggtacaata acagtggatt aaattctaaa    123060
     gagttgaaca gcacaggctt tctctgagca aaagacaaca gtggagatga caacaaggat    123120
     agtggagaaa tttgtagcct ctgacaccta cacaaacagc aaacaatgag caaaggccaa    123180
     tttctaaagt tgtacttacc tcagttctta ttgagacagc caggtaggaa aggatcccca    123240
     gaaaaactcc agccggactg cacactggga gcagtgcgct ggggtggagc cacagaattt    123300
     cgcgctgttt gcagcgggga ggagcctggt ccctcctctt cctaggtgga acctggagtt    123360
     caatctgcca ggcaggaagc actctaggag ggactctggc cttgtggaga gtccctgttt    123420
     ccttcttttt ctttcaccca ataaaccctg ccctcttcac tcttcaaatt gtctgccagc    123480
     ctagtttttt gtggtcttgt gataaggacc cagtcttgag ctcaactaag gaaaaagtcg    123540
     cacaacatta ttatctggta cagtgtctgc ctttcaagaa aaataaaaat aaaacacgca    123600
     aaaaggcaag tgaaacacag tgttaagaat caaaggaaga atcagaacca gactcagata    123660
     caacatagat attggagttg taagatagac aatataaaat aactgtgact aaaatgttaa    123720
     ggatactaaa gggaaaaaaa ggtaacacaa aagaacagtg atggaagcac taaaaaaaaa    123780
     aaaattaaaa gaaaatacca gaaataaaaa ctactctaaa aatcaaaacg aaggcccttg    123840
     acaggcttat cagtatatgg acaaagaaag aataagcaag cttagtgata aggcaataaa    123900
     agctttccat actagaatgc aaagattaca aaaaactgat gaaacagaaa aggaagaaaa    123960
     ttgtggaaca gcttcaaaag gtgtgacata ttcttaattg taataacaaa agggaaaaaa    124020
     ggacaacaga atacttgaag tgataatgct tggaaacatt caaaattaat aacagatagc    124080
     aaatcacagt ttcaagaaac acaggaaaca ccaagttgaa gaatttaaca ggaagctcct    124140
     aaacatatat gtttgaactg tagaaaagta aaaagagaga aaatcttgaa agaaataaat    124200
     accagaataa aaactggtac cttaccatgg aaaaaagaat taaaaactac agtcgtttct    124260
     catcaaaaac tgtgtaagca acaaaagagt gtaataaaat atttaaagta tttttttaaa    124320
     aaaacccaca aacctaaaaa tctatattca gtaaaattta ctaaaattta ctctaggtat    124380
     gcaaatctgt ttcagcattc taataataat gtagtctacc ataagaacag aatgagaaaa    124440
     ataatcacat catatgattt tatcactaaa cccaaagaaa aaccctccca gcaaacaaaa    124500
     aataggaata cttgttaaag aacacttata aaacactgtt cgtcacacaa ataactatca    124560
     ttatacttaa agatgagaaa ctgtatgctt tcccaccatc aagaataagt caagaatgtc    124620
     ctctcttgtc acttattcca cattgtacta ttggaatgtc ttagcttgta caacaagaca    124680
     agtgtagaaa atatatatag actgggaaga agtaaaatga cggtatttac tcacagatga    124740
     catgttctct atgtggaaaa tcccaaagaa ttaacaaagt ccaaaagagt tgacaaaata    124800
     actactggaa ctaatgcata aatatagcaa ggttgcagaa taaaaggaaa ataaataaaa    124860
     ataaattgat gtcttatata tcagcaatga gttatagaaa taagaactgt aataaaaaat    124920
     acaccactat tatagcaccc aaaaacagaa tacttagata taaatttatt aaaacatata    124980
     caggatctat gtggggaaac ttcaaaaatc ttatgcaaga aatcaaacct ctaaataaat    125040
     ggagaaaaat aaataaatca agaaataaat gaatggagtg ttactctgtg tctatgaatt    125100
     agaagactca atattaatat gtccatttgt tgtcagtggc ctgattcaat ttcttgactt    125160
     cactgggagt ccaaagtcag agtaaagaag tttattgcaa agcaaaagtt tattgcaaag    125220
     tcaaaataaa gaagtttatt tcaaagcaaa agtgctcact gagaggcaga gtgggctgct    125280
     caaaaagcaa gacagcccct agtgtcttaa gggaaattcc ctttatgcaa cctgtacata    125340
     cgtattcata aaatactgat gaggtcaact atgtaaaggc gggcctgtgg ttggtaaatg    125400
     tgcttagtat ctacatgcta taaaatgcat cacatgtatc atcagtgtag aaaatctcca    125460
     cctagggagc atgttttttt tactgttaaa ataagggaaa ggttactaaa ttaaaccttg    125520
     agcctagctg cacatatggg agtccagaga agcccctgtt gcctcctact caggcaggaa    125580
     tttgtagcta atatctcttg ggcttttggt gctgattgat gggagactgg ggaagttgga    125640
     agttacatcg ggaataaggg acgttttttc tttttcccag gctgtactag gtatcaggaa    125700
     catgtaacta tctggcagtc tgttggtatc ctgtaggact gcttaccttg caaaagaatt    125760
     aggtgctgtt gcacaggtgt gcaagggatg cagcgcccac tgggcttcat acaaagggac    125820
     aagccagtat aggctcctaa tcttacttat cgtgcctcaa attcttctta atttaatcta    125880
     catattcaat gcactccata ttagaactca gaaaattgtt tgtatatatt gaaacactaa    125940
     agtttgtatg aaaagcaaaa gacagaatag acaacaaaat actaaagaag tagtttgagg    126000
     acacacccta catgatgaca agacttgctg taaagttaca gtaattaaga caacatagta    126060
     ttagcaaata atagaaacat agatccaggt aacaatatag aaattccata aatcaaccat    126120
     gctaatatat tcaactgacc tgtggcaaga gagcaaagtc aattaaatgg agaaagaata    126180
     gtattttcaa caaatggtgc tggaatattt ggtctaacat gtgcaaaaaa aatatgaatc    126240
     taaacacaaa ttttacatgt ttctctccac acacacacaa aactcaaaat ggatcataga    126300
     tctaaatatg aaatacaaaa ctatagaact cggatatgat gacagcacaa aatctaggtg    126360
     attggttttg acagtgaatg tttagataca tcttcaatgt gcattgctaa ttgaaaggaa    126420
     ctggtctgga agagctacat ataatataat ttcacttttt tcacatcctg gaaaaattaa    126480
     aattagataa taaaaagatc agtgtttgcc agggttttag gggggaggag ggagggatga    126540
     ataaatctat tatggtagat ttttagggca ttaaaactgt ctttatgaaa ctataatagt    126600
     agatacatat cactgtatat gagaatttgt tcaaatccat agtgtgtaca acaccaagag    126660
     tgaactctaa tgggaattac ggactttagt taataacaac atattaatgt taactcgtca    126720
     aatgtaataa atgcaccaca ctaatgcaag ataccaataa taatgggaac tggagaaagg    126780
     ggagaaaccc cagagcaagc tctgtgtacc ttttactcaa tttttctgta aggcaaaaac    126840
     agctaaaaaa aaatctattg atttttaaaa ttgaactatc aagccacaga aaacatagat    126900
     gaatttaaaa tgcatattgt gaagtgaaag aagccagtca gaaaaggctt catatcatat    126960
     gattgtaatg ataccatact ccagcaaagg caaatctata gcaatgttga aaagatccgt    127020
     gattgacaag gattcagggg cagaagaaga gtttaatcgg tctagtaata ctaattatcc    127080
     atataatgtt aatcttttct cctattgatg gatgtctgta tttccagttc ttgactatta    127140
     agaataagta ttatttagat ttttaagagt ctgctaaact tatcaaactt agtgtggttt    127200
     tttacactcc tactaacaat tagagttaat ttgctttaca ctcaaatggc attttgtgtt    127260
     gttagtcttt atttgtaatt ttagccactc tggtgaatgt actacaccgt atatttaatg    127320
     tgaaaaaatc tttctgatga ctttttcatg ttaatggtga agtgtgtgtt agaatacttc    127380
     cctatttctt aaacaaaaaa gtttatttaa atggagtgtt ataatacttc cctattttaa    127440
     aaaattgttg tttttaaata gatttgtgtt tttaaaatat atgatcaata ccagcatttt    127500
     gtcagatata tattttttga atattttctg ctagttttga cttgcttatt aattttcttt    127560
     tctttctttc tttctttttt tttagatggg gtctcgctct gtcctggagt gcaatggcac    127620
     gatcttggct cactgcaacc tccgcctccc aggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc    127680
     ccgagtagct gggactacag gcacacgcca acacgccagg ctaatttttt gtatttttaa    127740
     tagagatgga gtttcaccat gttccccagg ctggtcttga actcctgagc tcaggcaatc    127800
     caccttcctc tgcctcccaa agtgctagga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc gcccggtcta    127860
     tttattttct taacagggta ttttgctaag aagttttaca ttttggtgaa gtctagtttt    127920
     tccatttttt tattatgctt attatttctt atgacttcag atttccttcc cttcacttaa    127980
     ttaatggagg tattgtagta tgatttcttt taccttgtat tttgaaattt taccttttac    128040
     tctgtggtcc atcttgaatt atcttttatg tatgatgtga ggatgtgaga ttacttttct    128100
     tcatatgaaa atgcaatttt tccaccttcc attcttgaag aaattaactt tccccatttg    128160
     actgttttgg tgtattggac agtaagttta aaaatatgtt ttaaaaagta tttgccatgt    128220
     ttaaaaaatg tttagaaaga aaggccacat tcttgtcttt ttccttatct tagaggaaaa    128280
     ggcttcaact tttcacattg agtatgatgt tagctgttgg attgtcatac atggattttc    128340
     ttgttggtga acttttcttc tatacctaat ttgtaattga taataataat atattgttta    128400
     tatcaaaaca gctaaaaaag ggattttaaa tgctctcacc acaaagaaat gatagtattt    128460
     gggtgggata aatatgttaa ttgaccatat ttgattattc cacaatgtac atgtaacaaa    128520
     acaccacatt gtaccccata aatatataaa attattattt gcaattagaa ataaaatata    128580
     acttaaaaaa gaaaatccat aactcctttc tataatttat gaatgtatgt caaaagtctt    128640
     aaatttggtt ttaaatatct tgctgtaact gatctttact gtctatttac aggtcactag    128700
     acatcctgct ccaggtgtaa ttatgctatt aacacaaaca acagctggct cacatgtact    128760
     aagctcacat gtactaagct cacttgtact agcagctcat tgagcccaca tgtactaagc    128820
     agcgtgataa gtacttgtat atgcagtatg tcatatacag gcaataattt taagaggtac    128880
     atattatgcc tacaagaata gggaccatga ctgttttgtt caacactgta caccagtacc    128940
     tagagaagtg atttgtatat ggtagacatt caataaatcg ttattgaatg aaggaacttc    129000
     atttcatgga aagaagattt caaaagtttc agtatcttac atcagggatc cctgaccccg    129060
     gggccacaga ctggtactgc tctgtggcct gttaggagct ggcctgcaca gcaggaggta    129120
     agcagcaggc tagcaagaat tactgcctgt catgttagta gtggcattgt attctcatag    129180
     gagtgtgaac cctattgtga actgcacctg tgggggatct aagttgtgtg ctccttatgc    129240
     gaatctaatg tctgatgatc tgatctgatc tgaggtggaa cggtttcatc ccaccccaca    129300
     cccatccacg gaaagattgt cttccacaaa actgttccct ggtactgaaa aagctgggga    129360
     ctactgtctt acagaatgtc acacagcaca tgatatcaga aaattagtcc cagatctgtg    129420
     tataaagcat atagttaaaa tcactgtatg atcactacct cgtgaatttt ctgtgcatgt    129480
     tgtgctttca cttatattgc ttgattacat attcactgaa aattctctct tatcaccatc    129540
     aatgaaatca ttacatttac ttcatgactc actaaaagat gtaggctctc taaacatgtt    129600
     cacagattct tcccatttca tgttaatctt tttcttcttt tccatctcct tcatgcatgt    129660
     atccatcaga accaggctga taattaatca aataaacagg tagttttcaa ccccggttgt    129720
     gtaccagaaa tacttgtgga gaattttaaa gtacagatat cgcatgctca actgtagatt    129780
     ttcctaatca gaatatcctg ctttagagtc tcagtctgaa agttttgcaa gttctctagg    129840
     tgtactgggt gctgacatct atttggcaga tctaggaatt cattccctaa actgtcagga    129900
     atgttgattg tcaatggctc acagcttaga cactctcaga aaatcaccct ctttgaaagt    129960
     aaactacctc tcacaagatt gtacttctgt cctggaggta gcttacttcc agtgattatt    130020
     gcatagctta caaatactcc accctttgct tcacctggaa actctgaaag atcatttcag    130080
     ctccagaatt ccctgtatac aaaacaggga gttgtagtgg ttgcattgct attgaacttc    130140
     tgccactgcc aaccctgctt ccttcactat tacaggtgtt aatcacaaga acacttttca    130200
     ataaacctgc atgcaaatct taaatatata ttttatatat ggatgtagag ctctggttct    130260
     gagacaagat ggcctagact ttccatttcc ttttctttcc tgctcaataa aaccaaatgc    130320
     cctagaaata attcaaaatg aaagaagaat tctgaagggt ggaaagaaag gtgaaatgcc    130380
     taaggacatc aggacttgaa gaacataatc atggtgaatt ttgtgctttt ttcttttttt    130440
     atcttccata tatcctggat ggaacataac agagatctga aacccagaac tgccaagagg    130500
     ttagctctgg ggaataagtt cgggggaagg gggcgtgtag tggagggtaa tgagaatctc    130560
     agctgggact taatgagtaa acccatacct gatggagcaa gctgcctgaa ctgcctattg    130620
     ctgagtcacc accagagatc caggggccaa cccatcccct gcatcacacc agtatgcagc    130680
     cgtgggtgtg atgcagggga tgggtctaca gccacagtgg cagcagtaga actttagtgc    130740
     aatgaaaatt agtagtgata aagaggagca ttacacaatg ataaatagat tagccaacaa    130800
     aaaaggcatg atgatccgaa atgtgtaagc acaaaacaag atagcctaaa attaaatgaa    130860
     attaaaatgc atggatctga atggagaaat agacaaatcc acaaacatgt aatagaatgt    130920
     ggtttctttg gaggctgatt gaaaagtcta aattgactgt gatgatggtt gcatatataa    130980
     ttgaatacac taaaaaccat taaattataa aatttaaatg cataaattgt atggcatgta    131040
     aattacatct ttttattttt ttatttttaa tttttgtggg tacatagtag gtgtatatat    131100
     ttatggagta catgagatat tttgataaag acaccccgtc atgcaaaatg gggtatccat    131160
     cccctcaagc agttatcctt tgtgttacaa acactccaat tatatttttt tagttattgt    131220
     aaaatgtaca attaaattat tattgatgat agtcactgtt gtggtatgaa atactaaata    131280
     ctattcacat tttctaacta tttttgtatc cattatccat gtgatttatg tgttaataaa    131340
     gccatttaaa atactttaag aaccagatgg aaagagatat atttacttgg tacattatag    131400
     attaatacaa tgaatctaca caacacttga gtgtaatatc tgggggctat ttttttcttc    131460
     ctgttttatc aactgctatg tcttcagaac cgtacgcaaa aggtgctcaa taaagatctg    131520
     ttactgtttg ttttttaact gttagttcaa atacatcagt acacattatt taactagaca    131580
     aattcccata gaatcagagg ttttctttct ctatagtctt tctctctgta tatccctaca    131640
     attgggttag gagaaaagaa agaaggaagg aagtctggtc atttgtgttt cctcattgaa    131700
     ggatgtattc ttttttgata caaacttgtg cttagtaaaa atagtcaatt tcacaatcaa    131760
     gattgcagac atccaaaata tgattgtaac agacactatt tgtttccact gaatatacat    131820
     tccccatatt tttctttgtc acaaatcccc acttctgctc aggtattaga tgacattggg    131880
     ttccttccca tttcaggaat aaattgtgat tagtgcaatc ttattatggt attttattcc    131940
     tatagtagac agtgttctcc agaaaaaaaa tagaaccaat agaacgtgtg tgtgggttca    132000
     ggggagggga gagagtttac tttaagaaag tggctgcaaa actgtggagg ctggcaagtc    132060
     ccagctctgc tggtagacca gcaagcagac tagactcatg gaatagtctg tgtttcagcc    132120
     ccagtactaa ggaggtcagt gggcagattc cctttttctc agagaagatc agtctttttc    132180
     ttaaatcctg gaaatgattg catggggccc acccacatta tagagggcat tctgctttat    132240
     tcaaagtctg ctaacttaaa tattaatctc accaaaaaat accttcacag aaacatccta    132300
     atatgtttca ccaaatacac tggtacatag cctatccaaa ttgacacata aaattaacct    132360
     tcacaagtct accttttgtc aatttggcac tcatatgcat atcaaactat aatctcaaaa    132420
     tacacaaaat tacaaagtta tacttctgct taacatgata cattttacta catacaacta    132480
     aaaatgcact aacattttct ccagaaaagg atgcaaaatc tttgtttaat attcactttt    132540
     cttcttgata ttctagaatt taattactat aatatacagt taaaaatgct taaatattat    132600
     gctgttaaat aaaaatacct tatattatat aaaaagagga ttagatatag aagaaaaatg    132660
     atatttactg aacattatat agatagttga atgtatatat gtatatatat ttctactcat    132720
     atatatatat aaatatgttt gcagtaaaat aagaaaaact atttacgaca attacatcct    132780
     catttctgta actcatcata cagtcatgga atatacaggc agtctccaac ttacaattgt    132840
     tttgctggca atttttcgac ttgatgatga tgtgagagtg atacacaatc agtaaaaatc    132900
     atactttaaa ttttgaaatt tgatattttc ccaagctggc aatatgttgt atgatactgt    132960
     ctcataatac tgttctgagc atttttaagg taggctaagc tgagctatgc tgtatggtag    133020
     gttatgtgta ttaaatgcat ttttcattta caatattttc aacttataat ggatttatca    133080
     ggatgtaacc ccattataag tcaaggagca tttctattta caactacaat ctcctactac    133140
     ccatttaaca tttcctttgc cttcagcaaa cacctcagtt gttggtcatg ggtatttacc    133200
     tggtggggta aacaaaactt catttcagga atgtctgctt tattagcagt tttgtctgaa    133260
     ttgggttgtt gcagttttcc attcacttta aacatagcaa atggtgacac taagagatac    133320
     tccaagggat ctcctgtatt tcagactcct gtattcttat ggtattgtta agtagcagtt    133380
     taatttcccg gtaatcagga tcaatcacct caaccagcac aataactcac ttatttgtct    133440
     attgattcaa tgggataagt atctcaaagt agccaggtag tattcttaac ttcaagtaca    133500
     atgtaatcat tattgtgcct cctggcagaa gtattttccc tttggaaata agacttttag    133560
     gccagcagag cataaggtca cggcaacagg aagcaaagtg gatcattagg ggtaatagct    133620
     aatcgtgcca ctaccaattc cactccttga atgctggaca cagaaatcct agctatggga    133680
     gaaacagcac caaattagat gctgattcag agcataaaca ttgtcctgaa gaatcttacc    133740
     ccagcctttc aagatagtaa ccctagttgg catagtaact gagtcatcaa aaggccattc    133800
     cactgttcta ttaagcctgc tgctttataa tggtgagaaa catagtaaga cgaataaatt    133860
     ccataagcat aggcccattg ccacacctta tttgctgtga agtaggtttc ttgatacaaa    133920
     gcaataagta tggaatacat ggtaaggcat tctgtgagtc cacagatggt agttttagca    133980
     gaagcattgc acatgcggga aaggaacatc catttccaga atgagtttaa gttccagcaa    134040
     ggaaaaaaga agaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa aaacactacc ctttccataa tggaagtgtt    134100
     ccaatgtaat ctacttgctg atctccccaa ggaagggtgc tatatcagag acttggtgtt    134160
     ggtgtctgat gctagcagat tgggcactca ggagtggcca tagccaggtc agccttggtg    134220
     aatggaaggc catgttgctg agcccagaca taaactctat ccctgtcagc atagccactt    134280
     tattcatgag ctcactgggg gattataggg gtggctagga aagaggctat ctggtatcct    134340
     ccacagaatg ggtgatctta tctacttgat tgttaaaaaa tttctctact aaggtcatcc    134400
     attgttgagc atttatacgg aatacaaata tcttcaaatt cttcacccat tctgagaggt    134460
     ctatccacat accttttccc cagacttcct tgacaactat tttcaaatga tgttctataa    134520
     attttctaac ctttaagcca aaccattgcc atgagttgac acataactgc aaatctggcc    134580
     atttcttctt ccaaacaaag taaacagcca ggtgcacttc ttgaggttct gcccattagg    134640
     aggatttttc ttcaatactg cttttcaggt atgtccagaa aggagctgca gttctctaac    134700
     tatcaacttt tacgtaatgc ctacatatca cacagaacca tttgcaaacc aggcccaggt    134760
     cttcccttcc cctatcaaat gatcatagga aacttccaaa taggccatag gggcaggttg    134820
     ggagagacaa ggcaatgctg caggagtggg gaccataggc atttaggtca ctgcttcata    134880
     taacacatct ttgcatttag agcctgctga aactcaatct ggagttattg ctttcatttc    134940
     ataatgaagt gctgctatac ttccttaacc ttatggcttg gtatttcaga gactatttag    135000
     ttagttatgg gcagcttcag ttacatggta acttggtggc ttgtggttaa gcattcagtc    135060
     tttgccatgg cccaatagtg agtcaagggc tgtctctcaa aagaaaagta gttatctgca    135120
     gagaatagca gagtttccta caaattcctg aggccctgca ctgtgattta tctataaggt    135180
     cctaccaaag gctccaaaca gcatccctgt ctgacatgaa catttcaagc tccattttat    135240
     ttgctgcatc atatagctca agtgacagag cagcatgcac agcaccctgc acctgctgca    135300
     gagtcttctc ttgttctgag ctctactcaa aactgacagc tttttgggtt actcaataaa    135360
     taggccaaga tagcatacac gaatgaggaa tatgttgcct ttaaaattca aaaaggttca    135420
     ctaagcattg tgcaactttt ttggttgtgg gaggggtctc atgcaaaaac ttattcttca    135480
     gcttataagg gatatattta catgacacaa acacagtact atggctattt cgctctggta    135540
     aaggtctctg atgtgtattg agatttattt tctactctct caccaatatc ttaccattta    135600
     ttgtagaatt atcgctacct cttgttctat agatccaatc agcataatga tactagtgta    135660
     tttgaccagt gtgacttctt atagaagaaa aaggtgatca aaatctctga aaaattatga    135720
     cataagacag aatagctaat ataccccctg agttaggaca gtgacctttt attgttggtc    135780
     atacaagctg aaattaagct gcttctcatg gctcttacta aaaggtaaag agataaaaac    135840
     attttccaga tcaacagctc cataccaggt accagaggat atgtggattt tcacattggt    135900
     acagcagctg cagttggagc caccaccagg ttaagagtat gataatctat ggcaatcgtc    135960
     caaaatttgt tttctgtaca taccaagtag gtgacctgaa tagagatatg ctgattatca    136020
     ctgctcctgc atccttaatg tccactgtgg tgatgctagt cactgcggtc catccaggaa    136080
     tatgtcattt ctttttttct tttcttttct tttctttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta    136140
     acggagtctt gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gcatctcggc tcactgcaag    136200
     ctccgcctcc cgggttcagg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca    136260
     ggagcctgca accacgcccg gctaattttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcacca    136320
     tgttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa    136380
     atgctgggat tacaggcgtc agccactgcg cccggcctct ctttttgttt tctattcttc    136440
     caggtagtgg cagttctact gtgatatgga ttggctctgt gtccccaccc aaatatcatc    136500
     tggaattgta atccccacat gtcaacggag ggaggtgact ggatcatggt ggcggtttcc    136560
     ctcatactgt tctcatgata gtgagtgagt tctcatgaga tctgatggtt ttataagcat    136620
     ccggcatttc ccttgctcac tcttctctct cttgctacca tgtgaagacg gtccttgctt    136680
     cccgttcacc ttctgccatg attgtaaatt tcccgaggcc tccccagcca tggagaactg    136740
     tgagtcaatt aagcctcttt ccttcataaa ttacccaatc ttgggtagta tctttatagc    136800
     agtgtgagaa tgtactaata catactggct cccacctgac ctttcctacc ataatgacct    136860
     tcattccaca agtcagggaa cccatgtggg gactgtgcca gttcctgaga ttatctatac    136920
     caattataga ttatgaaact agggaattaa gcacagaatg atttggggca ccctctagat    136980
     cctgaaggtg gaccagagct aaaacatcat tgatcatctg acctctataa gttcttactt    137040
     tggtgcatca gagtgatgtt attagtgtca gttcagagcc agtatgcagt aattcctgaa    137100
     agtttctgat tatgtcattt ttctcactgc acagacatca tagtgaaagg acataaatct    137160
     cttggaagaa tgcttgtagt aagattaact gtgtaaattt ttggcaatgt aacagactct    137220
     tttctcaagt ggacccagtc tttctttcat taaaggggtt ctgggtctgt aaactggctt    137280
     catgtctggg aactgattaa gaggtcacaa ctactatctc tttttacgat tcaggctaga    137340
     tgtttgttca ctttacctaa acattttcta tttatacaga taaagtaaga atttagtagg    137400
     tttcctatca atttcacatt tagaaacact gtgattaaat acccaacacc ataggtctct    137460
     tcaagtcaga ttattctgat tacttctttg actctgatgt ccattatagt aaccatgccc    137520
     acttttttgg ggggaattga gtgctgccac ttgacccctg ccaccttaag atccaatttc    137580
     ccttactgca tttagatttc ccaatttggt ggcagtagtt tccaatgtaa gttctgactc    137640
     acagagaaga atgaccatag aggtgttcaa ggatgctaaa gctcccctaa catttttttt    137700
     ttctcatggt aaaagatttg ttatttggac cctactgaca tggatgagca ggtcttaaaa    137760
     gacaaatgca ctgttacatt ccaatctctc taagtgcttt agttccttca cccacagcat    137820
     accaaaaaaa aaagttttga catctctcct tcatttgctg agggccacct tttggtccat    137880
     gtttcagaca gccaaccaaa tcaactactg aagcccttta taaattcctg ggctacaacc    137940
     ttaatttgag aatctctgtt tggtgggctc atatcaataa atttagccta atccaacttt    138000
     aagtttcttc caccatgatc tcacatgtgt aaattggaaa aaaaaatgta gttcttttga    138060
     agtgtaacac acctcatgaa ttacactttg tatttcacct ttcagtccct tctgggactt    138120
     gagtctagtt ataggtatag aagtaaagag tagtgttgag ggtggatcat gagaagaagc    138180
     agtatcttgc aaggcagtta ccttagggga gccattacag tttccttagg cagtgtagga    138240
     ttaatctcct tagatggggt tgcagaggct tctccactta cagagaagac tcatgaaaat    138300
     ttaaggactc agcatcctta ggttcatcac agtctgccct gatatcccat ttcaagtttc    138360
     aggattccat ttctttccaa tcaatcatct cactttaaca gcagacattt tctgaggttt    138420
     gaaattcagt ttgggttgtg attcagccac ttaccaaatg aaactcttgg tttgttttcc    138480
     agcaatctca tctctgaggg tacaaacaat aagcgtttat ttcagggcag acatggaaac    138540
     tttccggtca tttatgtaac acataggctg acacataaat acctgagctt atgctctgtt    138600
     ttctccactt tgttcagcaa gattaggagt aaccagcctg tttccttata ttcattagtt    138660
     tgttaagaat gttctaaaat accaaataca tagtcattca aaatcttgcc tcttataagt    138720
     atttgattgg gagtatccaa ttgtgatatt ttgtgtattt ttattgccac aatatgccat    138780
     ggactctcag tactctcctc aactttggaa atatagtcat tactatttga gagcacagca    138840
     gtgtctataa atttaaattg attagagaac taattcaaga aactccagaa gctattcaga    138900
     aaactcatcc ttaaaactct gtccctctag aaccattttt ggtaacaaaa gctgtagttg    138960
     tcatggttct ccaaagaaag agaaccaaca ggatatttac aggtgtagat atataaatat    139020
     atacatagta tccatttatg tatctatcta cctgtatgta tctatctatc tgtctactaa    139080
     gagagagatt tttaagactt tggttcacat gattatgtgg ttgcagaagc tggaaagtca    139140
     gaaaggtaaa ttggcaggct aaagactaag ggaagagttg atcttgcagc tggagactgc    139200
     ccaactgtta ttgaaaaaag cacaaatgca acctaatgga ggaagaatat ccttttcaat    139260
     aaatagtgtt ggaaaaattg gacatccata ggttgaaaaa ataaaaatca acctaaaccg    139320
     gccaggcgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gtgggcagat    139380
     cacctgaggt caggagtttg agacaagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaacctc atctctataa    139440
     aaatacaaaa aaattagcct ggcgtattat tgtatgcctg cagtcccagg tactcgggag    139500
     gctgaggtgg gataatccct tgaaccaggg aggtggaggt ttcaatgagc tgagattgtg    139560
     ccactgcact ctagcctggg tgatacaccg agattccatc tcaaataaaa aaaaaaaaaa    139620
     aaaagaaagg aaaactagtt tgaaaaccag aaatattaga tgtttctcct agctgaaatc    139680
     tgttaagaga ttttaaaaat attttttcaa aaagatctct atggtcaaag gtcagcttaa    139740
     ttaaaagctg atgttcaggt tatacttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcccttct ctttttctct    139800
     gtttttgaat tatatttctt ccgtgggaac ttctaagtca actgaacccc ttattcttga    139860
     agcttagcta actagaactt tattggcctt tatagaaaac ttgaaatttc cctaatctgg    139920
     ttcctctaag actaattcaa tatgtttctc cccctttttt ccttttgctg gcttttttca    139980
     gcccatgctt tctccatttg gtggtcaatg aataagaatt actaaagcaa aaccttagag    140040
     ttctggctac catatggagg gaactaaagt aagacttgta gcatctttga gatcatttga    140100
     ggaacacaaa atggacacca ctaaaccctt tttagagatc ctctctttct cctggagtcc    140160
     caagtgtcat ggatgggttc ctccaaagtg taaagctctt ttgtcttctg ccttgagttc    140220
     cgtgatctct ggcttttggg agtacaaagg gttattttat agtgtgagag aacactagaa    140280
     ctttgagttt acagtcatta aaaagtcact gtcaagagct gcaattttca aggtaactga    140340
     cagtggtggc aaaaaatggt tgttacaggg aaaatctctg gcttcctgtc ctcttagttt    140400
     cttcacatgc ttagattaaa aaaaaacagt ctcagatgtc tgatcaagtc agatagaaat    140460
     tggcagtaaa tagcaatggt atctgaattt tctcgtatgc taatttgtct aattatttgt    140520
     aaaatcctgt attacattcc tatgattttt tttgctacca ttttttaaat tatcctgtgt    140580
     ctcatcggtc tcatctaact gaaacacttg aacttaattc tcccactcac ctggcccttt    140640
     atcagggctt tcccagagag tggctagctt tttttctaaa atttttgtgg gtatatagta    140700
     ggtgtacata tttatggggt acatgatata ttttgataca ggcatacaat gtgaaataag    140760
     cacatcttgg agaatggggt atccattccc acagcattta tccattgagt tgcaaacaat    140820
     ccaattacac tcttgataaa tctgccaggc cagggctgga gtttataacc accttccaga    140880
     gaaaaacctg aagaccaaat tagaaaaaaa tgcaacaaat tcacccagat gaattttgga    140940
     aacattcaaa cctaaaatct agtccacagc ctacatacat ttattttaat agtagacaat    141000
     atatcttaca gtcttttttg aagataaaat taaaaaaaaa actaatgcaa atgcatttta    141060
     gtttaagtga tctgagataa cctttggtaa ataaagctag atttaaaact ctgaactaaa    141120
     agtaaaaatg tcttcagaag tgtcagaatt tattattata caagcatact tttttaaacc    141180
     tagagttcct attcaagcaa gcttgttacc tcctggatat ttaaaggaga ggaaaaaacc    141240
     aggtttaaat tttagctttt cgttatctct gcttttataa tattgttgat gcattcttga    141300
     tttgtctcag gaggaggaac ctgaggaggc tggatgctgg gctcccagaa aacatacatc    141360
     ttgttgtgag cttatgtact taattttgag cctctgtatt ctgggatcta gacagatcac    141420
     cattgtcaat cctggggacg tgagtgtgct taaagcacct gggccaccag ctgcagggca    141480
     gaatctagcc tggtatgacc acatcctgcc tccagtgatt cagatgcatg agttaggatg    141540
     agactggctg atttagagtt aactttgctt tgctttttca aaagaaaata acttttaaaa    141600
     agctacctct gttttctatg agcaattaaa atataattgt taaaaataag gaatttattt    141660
     tattttattt ttcaagatgg cacattagac gcattgctag catacctctc tcaattgaaa    141720
     ggacaaaata gtgcatagag aatcatattg tgaatgtttt caagaagcaa tgcaggtact    141780
     gaacaggaac tcaaggacct tttgaaaggt ctgtagatac caccttactc ctgtgggaac    141840
     gctcattatt aaatagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccatctgtat    141900
     tggcgtggat gtaggggaaa gggaatgctt atacattgct ggtgggaatg taaattagaa    141960
     caagctctat ggaaaacaat atgaagattc cctaaagagc taaaactaga cctactatac    142020
     aactgagcaa tctcacaact gggtatctac ccaagggaaa aaaagtcatt atgtgaaaaa    142080
     gaaacttgca catgtatgtt tataacagca cagtttacaa ttgcaaagat gtggaaccaa    142140
     cctaagtgcc cattgactaa tgagtggatg aagaaaatgt ggtatatata cttagattcc    142200
     tacttagcca ttaaaaggaa gagaataatg tcctttgcag caacttcgat ggagctggag    142260
     gccattattc taagtgaagt aacacggggg tggtaagccg aaaactatat gttctcactc    142320
     ataattggga gctaagctat caatatgcaa aggcatacag agtgatataa tggactttag    142380
     agactcagaa gggggagggt aggaggggag ctagggataa aaacagtaca cattagttac    142440
     aatgtgcact acttgagtta tgggtgcacc aaaatcttag aattcaccac tgtagggaac    142500
     tgaacagtga gaacacttgg acacagggtg gggaacagca cacaccaggg cctgtagtgg    142560
     ggttggggga ggggggaggg atagcattag gagatatacc taatgtaaat gatgagttaa    142620
     cacgtacatg tatacatatg taacatggca catgtataca tatggcacat ggcacatgta    142680
     tacatatgta acaaacctgg cacacatata catggcacat gtatacacat gtaacaaacc    142740
     tgcacctgca cattgtgcac atgtaccata gaacttaaag tgtaataaaa aaaagaattt    142800
     accactgtat aattcatcca tgtaacagaa gaccacttgt accccaaaat atattaaaat    142860
     aaaatgaaaa ttaacaaaac aaattgtacc aggcaaacaa taaaaaaaag caaatataaa    142920
     caaacattta tatatttgta agtgaaattt gttagtttca agaatctttt cagttattta    142980
     aaatctaaaa gtcatgttat gttacattaa gtagtagata gtcataaaat atctgaggaa    143040
     ctattttgtt tgtttgtttt tggtttccac agaaattcat cttaataaat atttaattac    143100
     tgaaatcatg tagaggtctg acttgtctgg aagctcatct acaacaacac ttcctgaaat    143160
     gagacataac tgttaactgt ttaattggac tggcctattt ggggattaag aggcagagac    143220
     aatggcttat gagacaaccc accaacccaa tttctagact tcgaatcttt ttgtggaagt    143280
     ttcagattgg agaacattga ggctcataaa acaatacccc caaattaaga tctcagaagc    143340
     ataggttttc tctgtccttc tcctgcactc ctgtctgtta ccccctcatt ttcccccaag    143400
     ggaagccata gaaactaaaa tcccttttct ccaagatggg tcatagaaac tagaactcct    143460
     tttccacatg agacagttaa cactgtgttt cctttctgga agagatgttg tagatgggct    143520
     tccacaaaag taaggcctct gtatgatttc agcattcaaa tatttaatga ggcatttcta    143580
     tggaaatata ataaacaaag ataagttagg taatagtcat aaaacctaaa aatgattacc    143640
     ctaactttcc tcttctttct gtgaaagtat ttaggggtgg caaatatcca agtctcccaa    143700
     caccagatat gttactggtg gcaaatatct gagtctcatg gcaccaaata tgttaggggt    143760
     ggaaggtatt ggagttaagg gtggtgaatc cgtacaggtc tgcagcaacc tcaattcttg    143820
     cctcctcgga agaaagaatt caactgagag gcataaggca gaaaaagaga ccaaggcaag    143880
     tttcagagca gtagtggaat tttatttaaa aaggcttttg aacaggaaag aaaggaaagt    143940
     acgcttggaa tagacataag agggcatgtg aaggtcaagt gccatcttta accctgatcc    144000
     tagaacttta tagactggcc cctttcccgt gattcttccc ttagtgtggg cttcctgtac    144060
     atgcagtacc cttcttaccc ttgggaggtg agtacacgca gtatttttag gaagttgtat    144120
     gcgtgctcat ctgagacttt cttccctttt ctggtggagt gtcctcggaa ggtcatactc    144180
     tgccattttg tctcttaatg cacatgccca ggaagttgca tctctctggc acctacaatt    144240
     aacactttag tgcaacaggt gtggaccata aaaaaaatga cctctccctg acaccggctg    144300
     tcaatttatc acttttacaa tgtgataatt gctgaacaat tacccaacat tcctaatggg    144360
     tggagaaaga gccctctcct ggaccactcc tcctaactgc cataaagaac ttatctgacc    144420
     tactttgttt gatagtaggt cataagagcc ccttttaaaa gagggtcctt acctatatcc    144480
     agaaggaaga aatgctgcac agagaggcta ggacaaatac gaacagacgg gctttgctgt    144540
     ttcccgactc agtctattag cattagctat tactctcttt tcagtcatgg ctctgcacag    144600
     ttgaccattt tttattaaac ctaagcataa taacggacac cttcacccat atctttgggt    144660
     ctttattctg aaggttctca tgtaacataa aactgtgatt caatataatt attttgcttc    144720
     tctcttgtta aactgtcttt gttctaaggg tgtcagctgt gacccttatg gggaggaaag    144780
     aaatcaccca ttttgcaccc ccacaggaaa ttagttaaca tattatttat taattttttg    144840
     ctaaaatata tcttatcaaa taacagctag agtgcaattt agcagaaatg atgttggcat    144900
     tacacaaata tagaacattt tttatacacc tctatatttt gtgggctcag aaactgatat    144960
     cccaaaatat ggtgttttaa tgtgctgaac ttaagaagcc tcaagtctcg ctgacctgtc    145020
     ctccaccaca gcctctccca aagcatggga caaagttgtt atttgaagct gctctatcgg    145080
     cccaaagtcc agacgcacca gggagaacaa ttgttgttgt ttttctcttc cctattatat    145140
     aattatttat tgccgaaaag aagaccaaga atttaaccac acaagaacag actcttatat    145200
     aagataatgt ctgtctctca aatgtattca aattccaaag agaactattt accagttaat    145260
     ctgttcccca tccatttatt cttcctgtta ttcaattatt gcccctcacc ataattcttc    145320
     ttcctccctt tcaaaatctg ttttgccagg atctgagtcc cattctttct gtaacatcaa    145380
     gctggtgtat aagcttcttt gccttattgg ggggttggat ctttgtttcc tgtataaaca    145440
     ttgaataaat ttgtatgcct tttctcttat taatcaacgt gtctcatgtc ggtgattttc    145500
     agccaacctt aagagggcaa agaggaattg tccccttggc taccctacaa tatctattac    145560
     ctgtatcttt cttaaaattg tacgttagcc atttttacta gttttgaaaa tgttttttaa    145620
     aagagaaaat agtgttttgc aaaagttagc agacaatttt attgaagtcc ctaatgccta    145680
     attttttaag tgattatttg cataacatat attttatcaa atgtgttgca ttatgttaat    145740
     ggcattttga ttgttagtat taatttatgt gataaatatt tcctacatta aaaaatttaa    145800
     taccaataaa taaatagcct tctttcattc agagcacata tggctctttc aatggggcaa    145860
     agaggtatcc aactgctact gactttaagc agatcaaaaa ttcttttcag gttgagcagg    145920
     acacaaatta gtcacaatca atcacattat ctgttctctt acaccttcca attccactct    145980
     gaatagtatc cacaggaaag aattagtagg aaattaaatt ataatcatgt attctggaga    146040
     atgtatagaa agtattaaag gactgtgtag aagaaatttg aatagaacat aaaggcatta    146100
     gattcgtgtg aaaagaacac agcagcatat gtgccttgtg atataatgtc agacaaattt    146160
     ctttcatata attagcgaac cctggtgttg cagaactttg cttcttagtt cagctaaaac    146220
     caagttcttg tgacacgacc aggaagttag gcatgcaggc acattgaagg gtgaggggaa    146280
     tggaatttat tgggcaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa aaaacaacaa aaaacacctc tcaacaaagc    146340
     gagaggagtt cctgctaaca ggctgccacc tcacaggttg attttaggcc acacacagta    146400
     actgaagagg ccaggctcct cccctgtgta aacagcacaa acttcccatg gctccaccct    146460
     gttctcccag tgcacaggcc ggtaggagat tgtcgggaga ccctctccct tatctgcttt    146520
     ctgcatctat cactggctta ctatgtacat gaatataaga cagaaatttt aatgtaacaa    146580
     ctaggaagca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta cacagtttta cagcctgtta atgaaattcc    146640
     attttcattg ttatgggtgg tgtgcatttt tagaattata atatttaata gcataggtgt    146700
     attagtccat tttcacgctg atcataaaga tatacccaag actgggcaat ttacaaaaga    146760
     aagagattta acgcacttac agttccactt ggctagggag gcctcacagt cacaacagaa    146820
     gatgaaagac atgtctgaca aggaggcaga caagaaaaga gcacttgtgc agggaaatcc    146880
     ccgtttttaa aaccatcaga tctcatgaga cttattcacc atcatgagaa cagcatggga    146940
     aagaaccact cccgtgattg aatcacatcc caccaggtcc atatcacaat atgtggaaat    147000
     tcaagataag atttgaatgg cgacacagcc aaaccgtatc attccacccc agcctctccc    147060
     aaatctcatg tcctcacatt tcaaaaccaa tcatgccttc ccaacagtcc cccaagtctt    147120
     aactcatttt agcattaact caaaagtcca acatctcatc tgagacaaag caagtccttt    147180
     ctgcccatga gcctgtaaaa tcaaaagcaa attagttact tcctagatac aatgtgggta    147240
     tagggattgg gtaaatacag ccattccaaa tggcagaaat tggccaaaac aaaggggcta    147300
     cagaccccat gcaagtcgga aatccagcag ggcagtcaaa ccttaaagct ccaaaatgat    147360
     ctcctttgac tccatgtctc acatccaggt cacgctgatg caagtggtgg gttcctgagg    147420
     tcttgggtag ctccacccct gtggctttgt agggtacagc ctcctttctg gctgctttca    147480
     caggttggca ttgagtgtct gtggctttta caggcgcacg gtgcaaactg tcagtggatc    147540
     tatccttctg gattttggag gacggtggcc ctcttctcac agctccagta ggtggtgtct    147600
     cagtagaaac tctatgtggg ggctcagacc ccacattttc tttcctcact gccccagcag    147660
     aggttctcta tgagagtcct gcccctgcag aaaacttctg cctgggcatc caggcgtttc    147720
     cattcatctt ctgaaatcta ggcagaggtt cccaaacctc aattcttgac ttctgtgcat    147780
     ttgcacactc aacaccatgt ggaagctgcc aaggctttgg aattgcgtcc tctgaagcca    147840
     cggcctgagc tatatgttgg cccctttcag ccacagctgg agtggctggg atgcagggca    147900
     ctaagtccct aggctgcaca cagcacaggg accctttgct cagctcgcaa aactgctttt    147960
     tcctcctaga cctctaggct tgttatggga ggggctgcca tgaagacctc tgacatgccc    148020
     tggagacatt ttcccagttg tcttggggaa taacattagg ctccttgtta ctgatgcaaa    148080
     gttctgcggc cggcttggat ttctcctcag aaaatgggat tttattttct atcgcattgt    148140
     caggctgcaa attttctgaa cttttatgct ctgcttcctt tttaaaactg aatgatttta    148200
     acagcgccca agtcacctct taaaggcttt gctgcttaga aatttcttcc gccagatacc    148260
     ctaaataatc tctctcagag tctatgttcc acaaatctcc agggcagtgg caaaactctt    148320
     gctaaaccat aacaagagtc gcctttgctc cagttcccaa aaaatttcgc atatccctct    148380
     gagaccacct cagactggat ttcattgtcc atattttcag gattttggtc aaagctattc    148440
     aacaagtctc tagggagttc caaactttcc cacaatttcc tgtcttcttc tgagccctcc    148500
     aaactgttcc aacctctgcc tgttacccag ttccaaagtc gtttccacct ttcccagtat    148560
     cttttcagca gcactccact ctactggtaa caatttactg tattattcca ttttcgcact    148620
     gccaataaag acatatcaca ctgctgataa agacatacct gagactgggc aatttacaga    148680
     aaaaaaaaag agagagagag agagatttaa tggacttaca gttccacgtg gcttgggagg    148740
     cctcatgatc atgacagaag gtaaaaggca catctcacat cgtggcagac aagagaatag    148800
     agtctgtgca gggaaactcc cctttttaaa atcatcaggt cttgtgaaac ttattcacca    148860
     tcaagagaac agcatgggaa agacccaccc ttatgattca atcacctccc actgggtccc    148920
     tcccacaaca catgggaatt caagatgaga tttggttggg gacacagcca aaccttatca    148980
     atagaaaagt ttaaattttt ctcctgaagg ttcaattatt tgagtctgta aaaccaacta    149040
     atagacaata ttgggatgca gaaaatgaat acaaaaaata tggtgcttgg gcatgctttg    149100
     tgcttttgaa aatgaaaaga cctcagaaat aagcctcaga atcaaggtcc ttctaacctt    149160
     gttgcattcc tcccactcct caagaagcat tttctttttc tgagacaggg tctcactttg    149220
     tcacccaggc tgccctgcag tagcactatc atagctcact attgtctcaa cttcccaggc    149280
     tcaagccatc ctctcacctc agcctcctga gtagctgaga ccacagctgc gtgcctgtat    149340
     tagtccgttt tcacactgct gataaagacg cacctgagac tgggcaattt acaaaagaaa    149400
     gaagtttaat ggacttacag ttctacatgg ctggggaagc ctcacaatca tgatggaagg    149460
     caagaaagag caagtcatat cttacatgga tggcagcaag caaagagaca gcttttgccg    149520
     agaaactccc ccttatacaa ctatcagatc tcatgagatt tattggctat cacaagaaca    149580
     gcaggagaaa gacctgcctc catgatttaa ttatctccct ccaggtccct cccacaacac    149640
     gtgggaattc aagatgagat tttggtgggg acacagccat atcatatcaa tgtcactgtc    149700
     aacgaaaaga gccgaactct gtaaaatatt tgaagagatt tattcagagc caaatatgag    149760
     tgaccatggc tggtgacaca gccctcagga ggtcctgaga acatgtgccc aagggggttg    149820
     ggatgtagct tggttttata ccttataggg aggaatgaga catcaatcaa atacatttaa    149880
     taaatacatt ggtttggttc agaaaggtgg tacaactcaa agtgggggct tccaggctgt    149940
     aggtaaattt aaatactttc tggttgacaa ttggttgagt tggtctagag acctgggatt    150000
     gacagaaagg aaatgttaag gttaagataa aagactgtgg agaccaaggt tattttgaag    150060
     ccttatagtg gctgccctta gagacaatag atgactaatg ttttctattc ggatctttaa    150120
     aaggtgctag atttttagtc aatctgttta ggattgggag ggtctggaag aaaaagattg    150180
     gctatgttaa tagagattct ttacagatgt aaattttctt ccacaaagga cagctttgca    150240
     gggccatttc aagatatggc aaagaaacat gttttcacat aaaatatttt gatttacttc    150300
     catgtctcat aatattgtgc cagagtcagg ttggaaagta agtcatgata tataggacta    150360
     aataaaaccc atctgatgaa aatttatggt ttgtagggca tgatttccca tgttctccag    150420
     gctagtctca aactcatggc ctcaagcaat cctcctgcct tgaactccca aactactgat    150480
     attacaagca taagccacga tgctcagtgc agagcaggaa agcttcatac caacagaaac    150540
     ataattcctt tcaatttctt ccctgaaatg tcaccaattt cagaatagaa gactaaagaa    150600
     ggcaaccaca ccaaatagac tttttttgca agataatgcc tgactcttga actgatttaa    150660
     attccaaaga gaatcactta tgagttaatt tctgtctccc tggtccattc attctctcta    150720
     ataatcactt actgctgccc aaaagaattt tctacattcc ttatcacctc cctcccctat    150780
     gaaaaagagt acacttctat atcccattga gggtttgggg taatcatttt tcccccaacc    150840
     cctgcccctc atgcatgtta ataaaatttg tatgcctttt atcccattaa tgaaactgcc    150900
     tttgtaaaat tatggcaata agagaaatct gacatcattg acttcatctc actcataatt    150960
     ttgaagctct cctcagtaat tcatgggcat aggccaagca aactttggga gagatttagt    151020
     ttgtagttta atcttaaagc aagggtgata atagctcttc cccaaactaa atcagccttg    151080
     taaaactaat gaaagtccct gcaagtaaga ttatgagagg gacttgaatt ctgctaagat    151140
     gtaggcatag tttctataat cccttactgc tcaggactca ggtagctgga gatgacaaga    151200
     ttcatgactt ccacagttgc tcttatagat aatatcacta ttgtggaagc taagattcat    151260
     cttttgagat ttttttttgc acacttttgt gttctggcaa ccaagttaat ccatctggac    151320
     ttctgattca tgactcaacc agtcctgtgg ccccccactg agaggtggac tcaacgcatg    151380
     aggaccattt ttcacactcc tattatggca acttcaactg ttagcggtgg caaatatcca    151440
     ggttgccagt gctgaatctg tatgggtctg cagcaacttc aattcttgcc tcttcagaag    151500
     aaagaattct actgaggtgc ataaggcaga aaaagagact ggggcaagtt tcagagtggg    151560
     agtggaagtt tattgaaaag ctttagagca ggaaagaaag gaaaatacac ttggaaggga    151620
     tccaagtggg catcttggaa atcaagcacc ttgtttaacc ttgaacctca gattttatat    151680
     gccggtctac ttctagcatc ttgcatcctt ttcctttcag tcttccctaa aggtgagtca    151740
     cccgcatgca tggtgccctc cttgcactcg ggaggtgaac acgcacagtg tgtttaagta    151800
     gtcgtaagca tgctcacctg aggctttctt ccttttctgg tgaaatgccc tgggaaggtc    151860
     atactttacc attttatctc ttaatgtaca tgctcaagcc aactcacccc attcctgagt    151920
     tgttattgga agctgtcaat taccaatttc aagtgttttt atctattgag aaattgcctc    151980
     tttctggcat tggctgtgat gaattattat tttagaaagc ccaaccatct ggaaactgcc    152040
     tctctctggt atgagctgca atcaattctc attctagaga ggcagtgtga taactgctag    152100
     gccatcacct gatgtttgcc tgacattccc agtgggtgga gggtgagccc tctcatgccc    152160
     ctctgatgcc tgcctagcta tatactgaaa cacaaccaat cagtaactgc cattacctag    152220
     tcttctccct gcataccaaa ttttcttgaa agaccataac tctaagcctt caaggagact    152280
     gatttgggta aaaagcatgt ctcctatgtg gccagtttcc tgtaaaataa atcctttcct    152340
     tactgcaatg ctgtgatctc agtgtttgtg cagcaggcag gaaaaggcca tcaaatgatt    152400
     acattgatat gcttcttttt aatttgattt ttatagaatc ttcagagcac aaaggaaaag    152460
     ttttcccttg tcccctacag aaattagcag aaaaaaagac atacaaatgt attggcatga    152520
     atatgtgagc atgagagtca tacaaataaa aatcctgaaa gaaaaggaag atgactgatg    152580
     cttaaatatt cacttcattg aagagagggg agatggaggc ttgtaggagt aaatgatatt    152640
     cagaggaaat taatgaacct aaagaacagc agcccagaaa caggtttctc tgagctctga    152700
     agaatgtcac attatgggtt atagaaaaat gaaggaagga atttatgtca agcaaaggta    152760
     atcttgttat gcagataaaa atattccagg taatctctga gctgccttta gaaaaagtag    152820
     atgatagttt gtggttggtt aatctttcct agacccagat aagagagggg cctcagaaag    152880
     tctgtttatt tatttttatt tttattttta ttttttgaga cggagtcttg ctctgtcacc    152940
     caggctggag tgcagtggcg ccatctcggc tcactgcaag ctccacttcc ctggttcacg    153000
     ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcctgtc accatgccag    153060
     gctaattttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcacca tgttaaccag gatggtctcg    153120
     atctcctgac ctcatgatcc acctgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tgaaagtctg    153180
     tttattttac caatgcagtt tttttctttt ttttttcttt tttctttttt acaaatgcac    153240
     atctcttctg caaaaggcag ctttgccaag gtattcctgt gtgcaggttc tctgaatagc    153300
     tttctggaaa tatctcaaaa aagtagactt tggggtaaaa tatttttggt ttcccataat    153360
     ggcgtgttat cctttgtatt ctgcctaact acatttctcc tttctctgat aacctatctc    153420
     ttgttaatgg aaataatacc gatgacgatc cttcagaaac ataaaatctg aggctacaaa    153480
     tctttggcaa aggagaaagt gatagttatg actcttacat gaggttatgt taataaaatt    153540
     ctagttgcta ataatcagaa ataagacaaa aagtctgtct tctctgtctc tatctctttc    153600
     tctctctata tatatttatg tatatatgta tgtatatatg ggtatgtgta tatctatata    153660
     tgtgtgtata tatgtgtgtg tgcatacgca tccaccacac agacccccca gaatagcaat    153720
     agcaatagaa tttcagggtg ttagatggac tacattgtga gaccaaagca aatatttgat    153780
     ggttactatg ccaattatga aggagataaa gcggacaaga gagaatgaga gagagaaaat    153840
     aatttcaatt taaaggcagt ggaaaaatgg ccccaaaatc tttcatatat tattaatatc    153900
     atcagtttat attgtgtatg acagaataat ttttccttct tattttttag aaagatgtac    153960
     atatttcaga ggtaagattt aggtttcagg tgttctccaa cctttctgca tatcagcaca    154020
     aacacctaat gaatgtatta caaatgttag tttcttagct ctactaaatc tgaatccttt    154080
     gaagtatcta ttttaacagg ctctctggag tgatgatcct gatgtaactg gcccctggag    154140
     agacatttgg gataatgtaa gtttggtaac tatttctttt tttttttagt ggtaatgaaa    154200
     tgtcattgag attttctttt atctttcttg ttataagatg ttaaatacac tttgatgcca    154260
     aaaaataacc agaattcttg atattctgca ttcctgatgt ttcatttcaa ttttgacaaa    154320
     agaccatgag atctgcagag aaaaaaagaa gagctatatt ttctataagc agtctgcaga    154380
     ttggggagat acaaccttca atgcaaactg aaaatgtgct ctgaggagag gttgcagagt    154440
     tagagcttat aaaggcacaa acagtagggc aagagaaggg agttaggaga gtgagaaata    154500
     gaatgttttg actggatgag ctttaagccc aaactcatca gtctttctta attgactggt    154560
     ttcaggtgat taatttgttg acaggagata gtctgttggt gatcagttgg gaaatatcca    154620
     gctgcagtct atctcaagat tgacaacaag aattagtttg gcttcattgt gaaaaggtag    154680
     gttcattgac acttttacat ctttcagaga acacagagtg ggtgaccatt ccctcaccca    154740
     gccatggcca cctaattctg tttaacttgg agcacctcgg tgaggcatgg ggagtccata    154800
     ttatctgtca actgggcgca tagttcaacg ttgaacaaaa gtgacagagc ttgggtttat    154860
     aagtattttg tttacatgta acatgatgag acaggcacta ggtatattgt tttttaatct    154920
     caaaattcaa gctgaaagat taaacttgat tattgttgat ttatggaagt ttggggtcat    154980
     cttaagttct aaaaattttt gttttagaaa atttaactta tattttaata aattagtata    155040
     aaattttgca tctagtttgt tcaggtgatt tctaacattt tagtaaaaaa tgtattaatc    155100
     attaatgtat taatgatctt ttaagagtct ttggatcaag aacattgtta attagtgaat    155160
     tgctttcaat tatgcgaaaa tgagcagaaa taaaatggat tatatacaga ctatgttgca    155220
     agttaatatc tggaagcctg attttatacc tatctaatct atgcaaacaa ttttcatcaa    155280
     actgccagtt tctcatcttt gaaagaaaaa tttgaagctt atttttcatt tctggctagt    155340
     tcatgttgtc cattaactct tccctcccag aaatttcttt caaataagaa gagtttaact    155400
     gattattaga aaatttcagt atagaaacag ataaaatagt attgattaat cagaagcaat    155460
     ccaaatagtt taatgtctgg ttacttcaat tttttttgtt tattcatttt agatttttat    155520
     ttcctagtgc cacagttatt taaaagtgga ttaagattca actaaaaagt agagctatat    155580
     aatctgtata atagcagatg taattgacac aaatccagag aatttacctt aaagaataaa    155640
     caaatttaac atgctataaa aataatgtgt cataaattaa gtgaacaaaa tgtcaagaaa    155700
     agtttaagtt tttaaatata tctaagtaat tataaatgca tttctttctc ttttttttta    155760
     gtagcattag gggaaaattg taagtaacgt aattgtaaat gaatagcttg aatgtaaaat    155820
     acattacttc cccgcctaga tcttttttct aattttgttt ttattgacac attataatgg    155880
     tttatattta tagagtacgt tgtgatgttt ccatacatat atacattgta taaaatcaaa    155940
     tcagaatatt tagcatattc atcatctcat acagttacca tttgtttgtg gtaataacat    156000
     tcaaaattct atcttgtagg tattttgaac tacaccatac agtatagtta acaataggca    156060
     ccctgctgtg caaatagagc accagaactt atttctccta agtataactg taaacattgg    156120
     ccactctctc cctattactc ttctaccacc cccctttaaa attttggccg cattttcttt    156180
     tgggcaagca gaaacagcag ttaagaggag taagaagttc cagactagtg gttctgaatt    156240
     ctgcacacat atcaaaataa gtctggtgaa ggggttaaat ttaaaagtat ttgatttcag    156300
     gtcctcacac ccagattaat taacacaaaa tatctggagg taaaggctag gtattttgaa    156360
     aaataataaa cctcggtgat ttcatttcac agctagaaat agaaccagtg ctttagacag    156420
     gtattttttt taaattagat ataataaatt atttgtttta gcataagatt aaatttctat    156480
     aaaaagcata tattctagtg tgaggaatat aattgcacac tatgtgccat agtagaatat    156540
     aatttggcta cttctagaat acatttcaaa atacatattt attatatatt acagcagaat    156600
     gtgtgagttt ctttgttttg tggctatggt ctaatgtgaa ctattttatc atgcctttct    156660
     aagcatgcat tcagagttta tatgtaaaat ctgaaaaaat acccatagta taattacaat    156720
     tttaaaaagt atgtgaatta taaccctatt ttttaaatgt aagttattta cagtattttt    156780
     acatgaattt tatttgttaa agtattttga ttaaaaatat aacacatttt tattatttta    156840
     gaaaataaag gcacaaaaac ctgtaacgat tcataaatca aaatctataa ttggggttat    156900
     ataattttta tttttatttt attttatttc aacagctttt ggggtacaag tgattttctg    156960
     ttacatggat gaattataca gtggtgaatt ctaagatttt ggtgcaccca tcacacaagt    157020
     agtgcacatt gtatctgatg cgtagtgttt tatccctagt tcccctccca ccctccccct    157080
     tctgagtctt taaaatctat tatatcactc tgtacgcctt tgcatattga cagcttagct    157140
     cccaattagg agtgagaaca tacagctttt ggtttacaga ccctgtgttg cttcacctag    157200
     aataatggcc tccatttcca tccaagttgc tgcaaaagac attatccttt tccttttaat    157260
     ggctaagtag taatcaatgg tgtatatata ccacattgtc ttcatagttt caaacttctt    157320
     ttagcatttc ttttggtgtt gatttggtaa taacaaattc actcagcatt catttgtctg    157380
     aaaattactt tatttctcct tcatttataa aacttagttt tgtgggatac aaaattattg    157440
     actgacagtt gttttgttta aggaggttga agacacgtcc ccaatctggt ttgtaaggtt    157500
     tctgctgaga agtctgctgt tagtctgata agtattcttt tgtaggttat cagaggcttt    157560
     tgttttgctg atcttagaag tctttctttc atgtttactg tacatagcat gacagctata    157620
     taccttggtg aagatatttt tgcagtgaac ttctcaggag ttcttcgagc tacttggatt    157680
     tgcatatcta gatctctagc caggacaaga aagtttttct caattattcc ctcaaataag    157740
     tttttcagat ttattatttt ctcttttgcc tcaggaacat taattgttct tagatttggc    157800
     cattttacat aattccatat tcttgaagac cttgtgaatt tcttttgatt cttttttctt    157860
     taatttttgt ctgattgggt tgattcaaaa gacttgtctt tgagcgctta aattttttct    157920
     tctatttgtc ctactctatt tttaaaactt tctactgcat tttgtaattc cctcagtgtg    157980
     tctttcattt tcagaagttc tgactgtatt ttttaaatta tgatatcact ctctctagaa    158040
     attttttcat tcatatgcca aactgctttt taagtatctt tatggtggtt tttacctctc    158100
     tctgatatct tcttgagtag cttaatactt gaccttctga attcattatg tggtatttca    158160
     aagatttctt cttggtttga gtccattcct ggagagctag tgtgatcttt tgggggtgtt    158220
     atagcatctt attttgtcat attaccagaa ttatttttct ggttccttct cattcaggta    158280
     gactatttcc ctctagttat tcttgagctt atgtttgatt ttactgtgga tttttgtttt    158340
     gttttatttt taaatctttt tttcttctta atgacgatac tttaatgctt atggtaaatt    158400
     atagcctaat tcggttcttg gtgctttcag gggtgaagat tgtaaaagtt ctttggttac    158460
     agagagtctt tgtatgatgg ctttctcata ttctggttgt agtagcaatg tgcttggtat    158520
     atgagcaagt ttactatctc ctatggggtt ggaagggtaa aggtctctta aagcttatct    158580
     cattaccccg tggcatgcac tccttattta tttattttac ctcagtattt tatgtacttt    158640
     tttgatgttt cagacttcag gccagtagag gacatatccc tgagtagaaa ttggttgcaa    158700
     ctaaagcacg tggctaagtg aaatatcagc cttgtcagag gtggctggaa gagctttcaa    158760
     tgaattgcac cgaggtctta tcaaggggaa gggttggagc caccttagct tccccgccag    158820
     atcagcagga aggtccacct ctcaaacaca ctcttgtccc agtcctatga ctattcagat    158880
     cagacaggca ccccttttta tctataggaa tgttcatatt ccaagtagag tgaaattgtg    158940
     attctctctc atgcacggct gaacctggag ggtgctcttc ctgtggggat gcagtcacac    159000
     cttacgtgtt ccagaaaggt ggtctgtagt tgcaccaaca cagaacacac ctgggggaag    159060
     ctccaactgt gactacagtg gtgagcaaaa gaagaaagac ttccttttcc tcaagaccct    159120
     tcatgcacac cagggctgtc tgtattggga tagagctgaa gactttccct tctgagttaa    159180
     acactgcaac tgtacctctg ctaaaagaag ctttctacca ggggatagat ctgtttctca    159240
     aggcctgcca tccagattct tttgtcccac agggttttcc cttatgatac actccccctt    159300
     cacctaggac tgggagttcc taggagtcag actactgtga gtgttgtcgt tcttaggggt    159360
     ctagctgccc agtgaagttg caacacttca ggctggtact ggagaatgtc tgcaaggatc    159420
     cggtgatgtg acctgtcctc aagtttccca acagtagata gcagcacaag ctctaatggg    159480
     ggtcacaggg aagtgatgta gactctgtga aattccttgg ttattgatag ccttagtgtt    159540
     ttggctttct tgaacttcag ttatagtaca atgaactggt cacatggaca gactcaggac    159600
     ctcctggttg gccaaagtgg cgcaggcagt ggtgatagct gagatcacac aagcattttg    159660
     ttcttcctgg gtacagtgtt attatgccag gagaaactgt aatggactgt gttcgttggc    159720
     ctccagccag gaggtggtgc ctagaaaaga gcactagcta ccgtaaaaac agtttgattt    159780
     ttgcttcctt aattgcccaa ggaggtattc tggtttctca ggcaattggc agggccatga    159840
     agctctcaaa atattctgta ttttgtgtta agctaccagg gtgggtggtg gggcaaagct    159900
     aggtagaggt tgggtcaaca ccatttgcac tttggatttt catgtacagg gcaagcagca    159960
     acacttgtgg gtttgggggg atgagagtaa ggcaggaaaa tagggtctgg aggcaggaaa    160020
     cataggccga ctcacacttc acctataaca ggtaatactc tctccatagg ggtatgcctt    160080
     aaattatttt gtaactttac ttcatcctct ccatttacat agggcgaacc caaagtaacc    160140
     aatggaatcc tctagggagt atttaaactc cccaaaattc tgtaagagga cctttgagcc    160200
     cctatgctcc agcctgctcc cacactgtgg agtgcacctt cattttcaac aaaacccttc    160260
     attctttcct ttctttgtgc attttgtcca attctttgtt caagacgcca agaacctgaa    160320
     caccctccat ggttaacagg agcgggtctc aggccagtgg gttgatgttt cagagaggaa    160380
     tattgatgcc tgtactgcac agaagttttt gtacagtgaa tggggagtag caggctgcag    160440
     taagccccac agagttgcca catacctggt gaggcagatc cacacctgca gtgctccact    160500
     gagagcagtg agctgagttc cagtcagcct ttaatcagac ctcaccactg ctagtagtcc    160560
     taagttttcc gtggggagat agaaaccgca gctttcaggc caggctgtca gctgaaatgc    160620
     tgagctcctg cctcctgcac ttggtactcc tgcactcaca gcctgcttta ctctctctgt    160680
     caccttggcc ctggccaagg gaatttatcc ccacccaagg ttatatcatg aaaccctgtt    160740
     aggagtttct ttcaacctgt gacaactact tgaaattttt tgctgttctc cacagggtcc    160800
     tttctgagaa acagtaagga atgactgccc tcagcccaca ctggaatctg ggagtgcacg    160860
     caagggtctt cccataactg ctcctaatgt tgtattccgc aaccttcccc aagtcagttc    160920
     ctgcactggg tggaactagg gccttcccca gtggcctgga ctttcaggga ccctgtggga    160980
     gtgtgtatcc tggaggcaaa ctctccccgt ctcacaccct ggggactggc agtccttcat    161040
     ctgactcaca ttgtaggctg cagcctccta cttgcttcaa agtgtccata aatttctttg    161100
     gttttcctgt tcagttccta cactgcttct tgtaaaaaaa tttacaccgt gaatttctac    161160
     aaattatttt gtccttgcaa gtgggagagg tatgctagca acgcctctta tctaccattg    161220
     taaaaataat gggattgtat ttttgaaagt agatttgtat cctgtttttt ggcttaataa    161280
     atattttagt ctgaattctg tcatgttatt gactattatt taaaaaccgt tttttagaag    161340
     ctacattata ttataaagtg ttaatgtggc attttttttt aatttttctg ttgtaaatat    161400
     tattgtaaaa tactacaatt agaggttggt gacatgttcc tgtaatttca gctactgagg    161460
     aagctgaggt gggaggatct cttacaccag gagtttgtga ccatcctgga caacatagca    161520
     aagccatctt aaaacacaca atcaaacaaa caaacagaaa aaaatgttac aattaaaaat    161580
     acttgcccac ctttgaaata ttcccaatta aatatttcca aaagagtaac tggttcaaat    161640
     attattagat attattagaa tatttcaaat attcccaatt aaatatttcc aaaagaataa    161700
     ctggttcaaa tattattaat atgtttctca aattgcttgt ctggttttat caatttatat    161760
     tatcagcaga tgtaccaaca aatatctttg atattttgag cttaatggct tctaagaaag    161820
     caaaattaac ttttgcccta agactgaaaa ctttgtagga taaaagaaat ttcttccaat    161880
     atactgaaaa tctctcataa attactggct cctgtccttg ttaacaagca tgggctatgg    161940
     gaataagttc tagtagtaga aaatagcagg ggatccctga aacaaatgtc tcaaagagca    162000
     gaaatgacta gagagttggg tagaacctat ttcaaactgt gtcataatga gaaaaagtaa    162060
     ttataaacta atatcataaa cactgaaact ttccctccca gaagcaagtt tatctcctgt    162120
     ggtaacagtt atatgagtaa atctaaagag cccatatttt gtggcctcca agcaaatttt    162180
     ggcatgaaaa tcacctggat aagaaaagtg ttagtggaaa tgaatttaga ctattcctca    162240
     tcaatcttta gtgacctcac tgttgaagca agtgttttta gaataacatt atttccaaca    162300
     caatcagaat aatgaggatt acagaaatat aatgagaata atcagaagtc tcactcaaat    162360
     attttcgacg ttgtgtagtg attatagatt atgaactcac tggatacaat tttatagatg    162420
     agcatacttt aaaaccttta aaaaatatgt tttcttctat gatttttttt tttttttttg    162480
     ccagatgaca gggagacgca gatctgactc caatttaaat aaaagccctc atattgcatg    162540
     gcgttagaca tgaaagataa tattaattta ggcccccaac tcaattgagg cttgatttat    162600
     ggccatggat tgtcagaaga gattattgca accttcatcc aaagcagttc atagctgaga    162660
     taggtaaagt ccctttttta ttttttttga gacagggttt cactctgtca ccccagctgg    162720
     agtgcaatgg cacaatcatg gctcactgca gcctcagcct catggggctc aagtgatcct    162780
     cccacctcag cttccctaac agctgggact gcaggtgcat gccaccatac ccagataatt    162840
     tttgtaattt ttatagagat ggggttttcc catggtgccc aagctggtct caaactcctg    162900
     ggttcaagtg atcctctcac ctcagcctcc caaagtgcta ggattacagg tgtgagccac    162960
     cgcacctggc caaggtccct tttatctgca tctgagaggc caatcttttt atgattctct    163020
     atttccctga gagagagaca ttgtgtaggt cattgctcag tttcaattaa tgcccccatt    163080
     gcaagctagt aattgcctcc ccactcccca accaaatgga gattctctag agcaaagtcc    163140
     aaggagctgc ccctggaagt acatataata ttttgtcata agctccactc tacattcgag    163200
     tctacccctt ctagtcctcc tcttagtttc atcatagatg gggtacccta aggcttctcc    163260
     ttgctttaga gggattagaa agaaggatgg cctgattgtt cccagaacac aggcccctgt    163320
     ccatttggtt ggcagcagcc aatatgccca tagttcacag attcaataag gccagaggat    163380
     gcctgccagg catttggatt ttcaagctgg taccaagagt ggtttaagga ggggaaacga    163440
     gagaattggc ccgggtgggg tgattgggaa tcattccctt ttcccctcta taaactcttt    163500
     cccagtgtct cattataata ctgttgtccc agacaagtta attatcctac tgggtctgta    163560
     aaggcttttc cccagcaggc aatgcagaac atcccgacaa tagaggtttt taacagccag    163620
     atgctccgat ctgtgagcat gggtttgggg gaaggagcca ccagagtgaa gttatcatgg    163680
     ggcatcaagt cccttgcctc ccatggccat tggtccccca tgttggtccc cccacagaca    163740
     tagcatgagg agatgcctag gctgctggca atactttcag ccagttgaac aaataggttt    163800
     ctggacaaag gggagggctc aggcaactcc tggttgatat gctcataaaa tgactcaaat    163860
     actaggaatt gttgggctgg acgggtctga ggctttttgc taatatataa atagactcct    163920
     gggtttgttc cctgactgca gatctgtaat gtcatggggt aacctgtagt ccatataggc    163980
     agatttggct ccaggatggt aaaatttaaa ggactgcagg ttcttatctt atattatggt    164040
     ttcgctggca tttgggtaag cctgactgtc ccctgtgttc attcgtgact ttccacaggg    164100
     tcagtggacc atgttgtaca ggcctaacag tctatttctg gagacctggg ggagcaaaga    164160
     ggggtcttct cttgagaggt tcctctcctt ggtgtccata tatacttgtg acagttacta    164220
     tagtatcttt cccatgacag gctgtcacaa gagactacag gataagagtt gctgatgtat    164280
     gcagcttggc aggcatcaaa atacaaggaa acaggcccct tgtaggaggg agggatcttt    164340
     ttggttaggg ttaggaagtt ctcttctttt agcctgacat agactttaaa ccaaatggac    164400
     tcataaggtg aggacttagg gtcataacat atataaggct ggtcgtttcc ctggtcacag    164460
     actgagtagg tcatctgatt gtgaatacag gtaccttggt gggtccctgt acattcatag    164520
     taagtgtgac ataacagggt tctagttact gtgctctccg actacgtggt gtgagtgcag    164580
     tgggggcacc tttctatggg cccatcccca gacacaggta aagggagtgc cctaatgggg    164640
     aggagtagga acaaagtaaa gagtagcatc tttataccca gcagggacaa aaggagtctt    164700
     tacccggggg aggaggctga gcaaagcgac agaataaata gtaaaacaat tagtattatc    164760
     aggaaggcta ttggacttaa gatttccaac cacattactt tactccagct tcagccatgc    164820
     gtagactagt cagcttctgg ggtgactaga gcagggctgt tgcctcctca agcttcagcc    164880
     atgtatagac tggtcagctt ccggactgac cagagcaggg ctgttgttgt cctcagtggc    164940
     aactcgctcc tgtcgcagga tcagccggct tggatggtct gggttctgct ggctggtcca    165000
     ctagtcctgg atttctggtt ttaaccaact gtgatggatc caaggcacaa ttcctgcaac    165060
     tttaacaata gagggagtgg acaagattat ggtacggagc ccaacccata tgggccctag    165120
     cgtggttgga ttccatttca tgaccgaaac agagtcccca ggtttgaagg ggtgtaccgg    165180
     gtctctcagg cttatgggca ttctttccca tacccagcca tggacaccct gcatagctat    165240
     ccctaaagcc tgcatttgcc ttctcaaagt cagttcccct agttctcgga ggtcaccctt    165300
     aatctgacct atgatggggg gtggccagcc gaacaagatc tcatagggtg aatacccagt    165360
     ttgtttggtg ggggtgcacc tgacctggag gaggaccatg ggcaggacct aatcccatct    165420
     cagatgggtt tcttggcaaa atttctttag tagctatttg agtgtctggt tcatgctctc    165480
     cacttttcct gagctctgcg atcgataggc agtgtgtaat ttccacttta tttttaacag    165540
     ccgcatttgt tcctgaacta tcttggctac aaatctcagt ccattgtctg accccaaagt    165600
     caggggcaat ccaaatctga ggataatgtc tgttaacagc actttagtca cctgtcgtgc    165660
     tttctctgtt cgggtgggga gagccttgac ccatcccgag aaggtgaaaa tgagcaccag    165720
     caggtattga tagtccccca cttggggcaa ctcagtgaaa tccataagca ggtttttaca    165780
     gggtgcggcc cgtatttcct gaatcctggg ggcctggtgg gcgtctgtcg tgggttgttc    165840
     cgggcacaag ttaggtattg tttgcaaatg gcttgggtga tggcagtgag ccgtggcaca    165900
     tagaagtggt gtcccagtag tgtttctagt gccattttcc ccatgtgagt tccttagtgg    165960
     aattgcctta tgaatttagg ggccagcatt tcaggaatgg ctagtctcct atcagagaat    166020
     tttcaccatc ctccctcaat atattttcca gattcttggg caaaccaggc cttctcactt    166080
     ggagagtaac ttggaatctc ccgaggggag gcttcaggag gagagggata accagggctt    166140
     tctttctaga gtgtgcagta gtcgttgctg cctgtcttgc ttccctgtct gtctttccgt    166200
     ttctcttggc ctctagtgtt cttgacctct gttgcctcta cagtgcataa tagctacctt    166260
     cttcagggcc tacacagctt ctaagagctg tagaatttcc tctttgtact ttatttcttt    166320
     tcctccagca gttaaaagtc ctctctcctt atatatagct ccatgtacat gcaatgtggc    166380
     aaaggcatac ttggagtcag tataaatgtt aaccctttta tctttcacta gcaaaagagc    166440
     tctcgttagg gctattagct ctgccttctg ggtcaacatt tcggtgggca ggggctgggc    166500
     ctccaccact gagtccaatg ttaccaccac ataccctgcc cattggaccc cttccaatat    166560
     gaaactgctt cgatctgtga agtattcaac atctgggtct ccaagggggc aatctgtgag    166620
     atctccccaa cttgagaata cctcatctac tgtttccaca cagtcatgaa ggggagctcc    166680
     cgtttcaatc gggaacaagg tggctgggtt aagggtgttt actgtttcca aagttatgtg    166740
     gggattctcg cataggagcc cctgataccg agtcattctc agatttgata gccaatggtg    166800
     ccctcgctgg tccattagag ttataaccga gtgcggatag tcaattgttg tcccaaagtc    166860
     aatttgtcag catcttgcgt tagtagggca gtggcagcta gagccctaag acaggggggc    166920
     catccccaag ctacagagtc cagctgtttg gataagtagg ctaccaggca gtgccaagat    166980
     cctaggactt gagtcaggac ccctatagcc attccttttc gttcatgaac atacagtgaa    167040
     aaggcttagt tatatctggc agtcctaagg ccgggacctg agttagagcc tccttgatct    167100
     gtttaaatgc cttttcttgg tcagtttccc agaggagggg ctcactttcc accttttgtg    167160
     gcttcatata agggcttagc cataagtgag aagtttggga tccagatatg acaaatgcta    167220
     ttatttgacg cctattggtt ggggttggga gtgcacaaac agcctgtttt cattcattgc    167280
     cgagccagcg ttccccttga ctcactatga agcctacata tttaaccctt tcctggcaaa    167340
     ttgggctttc ttcctggata ctttataacc agctttacat acgaagtgga ggaggtcttg    167400
     ggttcgttgg taacagtcct catgggttgg ggctactaaa aggagatcgt ctacatagtt    167460
     gagcaaggca cagttattat ttgcggggtg tagaccttga gttctggggc caccgcttcc    167520
     ccaaaaattg tgggagactt tttgaatcct tgtgggagcc tagtccaggt gagctgctcc    167580
     cctgtacccg tgactgaatc atctcattga aatgcaaaga tgggctgact acttggtgct    167640
     acgcaaggaa acaaaaaggc atcttttaag tccaggcaag taaaccaagc agcatttgca    167700
     ggaatgagtc ccattaaagt atacaggttt ggtactactg ggtggatggt cactgtagcc    167760
     tggtttacag catgcaagtt ctgcaccagt ctgtattcat tagtccctgg tttccgcact    167820
     ggcaaaagca gagtgttcca tggtgaccag cattgggcca agaccctgtg ttccaatagc    167880
     cgcttcaaat gcccttgaat gccctgtacg gcttcttggg aaagtgggta ttgacaaacc    167940
     cgaaccggaa tttcccccgg ttttagttct actgtcactg gtgcctggtt ccagccagtc    168000
     cagggggctt atcttcagcc cactccagga attttactag gcaacccata cagctcatgt    168060
     agctctggct ttagcaatcc ttttgcgcac agtctccatt cctctgcctg tgggacggta    168120
     agggttaaca ccattgcttc tgggtggggc aggcttaaag tcatattccc ctgctgcctg    168180
     aaagcaatct gggcttgcag ttttcgagta agcctcttcc tatcagggga actgggcaat    168240
     tcgggaggta taggaattca tgctggacct ctagtcccct tatgacacat ctctggggcc    168300
     agaagaatga ccttttctct gggacccctg tagccccaac gatagtcata atttttggat    168360
     agtggcccca caggccgtgt cactgccgag tgttcagccc cagtggctac cataaagtcc    168420
     atcagttggc cccctactgc caccatgacc atgggctcct ggcagcctac ggagatggag    168480
     cccagtcttg cctaatcttc atacccttca gttcctgcca gcctgataag gtcagtgtct    168540
     ggctccctct gaatgcggcc tcctttggct agcagtcttc tagccctatg gccttcgtcc    168600
     tttccctcat tgccctctgg acattcattc ttccagtgtc ccttcctctt gcaccaaaca    168660
     cactggtccc tatctagtct tgcccgattc tcaggttttt tcccgatttg acccctttct    168720
     tgtctgcgcc catgtccacg tcctctcgcg atactcactc tcctctccgt gagtgctgcc    168780
     gccagcaaat cagctttctt cctaagtctc cgatcagctt ccctttttgc ctcctggtcg    168840
     cggttaactt acacttttgt ggctacttcc aaaagctggc attcatgcct gcaaaacctt    168900
     ccagcttttg tagtttccgc ctaatgtctc cctgggcttg tcctacagat gccgtgttca    168960
     ccatgccttg gttctcatta gcctcggggt caaatggtgt gtatagccag aatgtctcac    169020
     agagtctctc ataaaactgg ctagcgcttt catctgctct ctgaagcacc tccaaaattt    169080
     ttcccatatt gagtgccttt ttcctacctt ctctcaaacc ttgcaggtgt gcctctcagt    169140
     acctctggct agggccttca tctgctctct gaagcacctc caaaatcttt cccataatga    169200
     gtgccttttt cctgccttct ctcaaacctt gcaggaatgc ctctcggtac ctctggctag    169260
     ggctttcatc tgctctctga agcacctccg aaatctttcc cgtattgagt gcctttgtcc    169320
     tgccttctct caaaccttgt aggagtgcct ctcagaacct ctgcagttgc tacagttggg    169380
     ctgcctcatt tgggtcccag tgtgggtctg cttctgggaa ctggtccaaa gtgtatgtct    169440
     ggacattaag ggtgccttgt tttctagcca gtggaggggt gcttgggtca gcctccgaag    169500
     ctcctcggta tttaacagtg tcaggaggtg tttcttgcaa tctggtcagg atggattacg    169560
     tgtttgagaa ataggctgca tcagatctat gagggcctgg ggcttctctg tgtaggaggg    169620
     aatatggtgc ttccagttaa ggcggtcagt ggttgagaaa gcctggtaga ggaaggtcca    169680
     ttgccctcct tgtacctggc cctgttcatc ataatagatg gatcctcaag tttcccagaa    169740
     gggcatttgt aaggcttggg agcggccaga ctggaggagg cctgcttggt cattttgact    169800
     tccctccctg catttctgag gcagtagttc ggacgcatcc ctttggggtg aagcctctga    169860
     cttaccacca tctgagctta actcctcagg ggccagcctc ggtaaagggg ggtagattgg    169920
     agtgtaagga ggaagaatct ctgtctcctc tggtagttcc tataaaacta gtttctcctg    169980
     actctcctgt ggctttttat gtctctccaa agctcccagt aaagttgatc cttctttcaa    170040
     cataggctcg gcttgggcta cgagcgtttt gcaatacact gccaggcagg gctgcagtca    170100
     cacaggtcga gtttgaatta tatttagcca tgagtcaata tatggaaatc ggtctggatg    170160
     ccctggctgt cctctgacca cagtcaccac cttaaataca cggccaattc tttccctatc    170220
     tatagttcct tcggccgtcc attcgacact aaaagagggc cattctactt cacagagaat    170280
     tc                                                                   170282