EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC006003; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 123255 BP.
AC   AC006003;
DT   23-NOV-1998 (Rel. 57, Created)
DT   16-JAN-2006 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Homo sapiens PAC clone RP4-782K24 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-123255
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-123255
RA   Ali J., Coblitz B., Hawkins M., Wohldman P.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens PAC clone RP4-782K24";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-123255
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-NOV-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-123255
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-123255
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-OCT-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-123255
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-APR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-123255
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-OCT-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 42a9774d2d9a6b476f15cdfd41b03552.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270807.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000059.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000155093; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC006003.4:1-123255; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000389413; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000389416; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000389418; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000409483; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; E7EM83.
DR   GOA; Q92932.
DR   InterPro; IPR000242; Tyr_Pase_rcpt/non-rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR000387; Tyr/Dual-sp_Pase.
DR   InterPro; IPR016130; Tyr_Pase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR021613; Receptor_IA-2_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR029021; Prot-tyrosine_phosphatase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR029403; RESP18_dom.
DR   PDB; 2QEP; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 4HTI; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 4HTJ; X-ray.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q92932; PTPR2_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E7EM83; E7EM83_HUMAN.
CC   On Sep 14, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:9910065.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_DJ0782K24
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   The sequence of this clone was established as part of a mapping and
CC   sequencing collaboration between the NHGRI Chromosome 7 Mapping
CC   Project (Eric D. Green, Director), John D. McPherson in the
CC   Department of Genetics (Washington University), and the Washington
CC   University Genome Sequencing Center. For additional information
CC   about the map position of this sequence, see
CC , send
CC , or see
CC   This clone was derived from human PAC library RPCI-4, prepared by
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at using the
CC   method described by Ioannou et al., Nature Genetics 6:84-9 (1994).
CC   The library is from one male donor.
CC   The clone may be obtained either from Genome Systems, Inc.
CC   ( or Research Genetics, Inc.
CC   (; or from Pieter de Jong.
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP4-703P8, 200 bp overlap the
CC   clone sequenced to the right is RP11-452C13.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 197 of RP4-782K24 actual end is at base
CC   position 123255 of RP4-782K24.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..123255
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-4"
FT                   /clone="RP4-782K24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   1894..2197
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2494..2568
FT                   /rpt_family="Mariner"
FT   repeat_region   3544..3693
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    4288..4516
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=56.8, o/e=0.81, #CpGs=17)"
FT   repeat_region   5878..6023
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6614..6768
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   7385..7494
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   7495..7768
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7769..7799
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   7800..7926
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   9623..9802
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   10037..10357
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12633..12795
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   12796..12936
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13118..13150
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    13247..13921
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=75.6, o/e=1.16, #CpGs=104)"
FT   repeat_region   14654..14746
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14772..14937
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14938..15249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15250..15496
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16065..16209
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   23824..24016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24616..24755
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   26980..27301
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   27415..27459
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   27562..27646
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28573..28604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28624..28655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   28727..28758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29006..30169
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33356..33477
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   33568..33880
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   unsure          33930..36687
FT                   /note="unresolved tandem repeat"
FT   misc_feature    33935..36518
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=62.2, o/e=0.74, #CpGs=186)"
FT   repeat_region   38755..39106
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   46577..46621
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   46977..47005
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   47607..47722
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   54312..54346
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   57355..57651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57972..58370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58648..58753
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   58754..59044
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59045..59084
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    60325..60802
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=65.9, o/e=0.82, #CpGs=42)"
FT   repeat_region   60945..61010
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   61275..61332
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   62672..62750
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   63198..63400
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63401..65226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66502..67211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67296..68093
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   68126..68837
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   68852..68976
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   69090..69191
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   69569..69643
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    70752..70972
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=64.3, o/e=0.79, #CpGs=19)"
FT   repeat_region   73380..73832
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73951..74071
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   74132..74308
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   74340..74858
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   misc_feature    77941..78181
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=68.9, o/e=0.69, #CpGs=20)"
FT   unsure          78514..79470
FT                   /note="unresolved simple sequence repeat"
FT   repeat_region   78516..78695
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   78711..78886
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   78903..79082
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   79128..79619
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   83031..83227
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   83252..83702
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85371..85740
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    87463..87719
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=59.9, o/e=0.75, #CpGs=18)"
FT   repeat_region   89473..89651
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   90563..90865
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92112..92282
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   92333..92666
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   92684..92786
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   92906..93197
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93438..93500
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93948..94062
FT                   /rpt_family="C-rich"
FT   misc_feature    96489..96889
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=69.1, o/e=0.94, #CpGs=33)"
FT   repeat_region   99045..99436
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100446..100757
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100961..101027
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101290..101314
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   103116..103140
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103141..103428
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103429..103495
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103504..103613
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    103665..103905
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=56.4, o/e=0.86, #CpGs=19)"
FT   repeat_region   104317..104541
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    104474..104797
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=61.7, o/e=1.19, #CpGs=32)"
FT   repeat_region   104557..105425
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105426..105733
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105734..106318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106822..106929
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107103..107138
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   107759..107792
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   108582..108799
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   108804..108922
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108947..109123
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   110297..110513
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   110572..110667
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   110681..110790
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGAG)n"
FT   repeat_region   110802..111258
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   111955..112299
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   113459..113772
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113802..113828
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   115932..116181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116246..116408
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   116899..117023
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   118004..118169
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   118870..119055
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   120245..120418
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   120477..120651
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   120665..120737
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   121141..121217
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   121252..121301
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    121814..122093
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=68.9, o/e=0.59, #CpGs=24)"
FT   repeat_region   122281..122962
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   122986..123140
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
SQ   Sequence 123255 BP; 28251 A; 34557 C; 32077 G; 28370 T; 0 other;
     ggatcttggc agagccctca ccatctaccc atgcatactg ggtcttggca gagccctcac        60
     catctaccca tgcatactgg gtcttagtag agccctcacc gtctacccat gcatactgga       120
     tctcggcaga gccctcaccg tctacccatg catactgggt cttagcagag ccctcaccgt       180
     ctacccatgc atactggatc ttggcagagc cctcaccgtc tacccatgca tactggatct       240
     tggcagagcc ctcaccatct acccatgcat actgggtctt cgcagagccc tcactgtcta       300
     cccatgcata ctggatcttg gcagagccct caccatctac tcatgcatac tgggtcttgg       360
     cagagccctc accatctact catgcatact gggtcttggc agagccctca ccatctaccc       420
     atgcatactg gatcttagca gagccctcac catctaccca tgcatactgg gtcttggcag       480
     agccctcacc atctacccat gcatactgga agcagagttt atcccacagg acaaattcat       540
     gaactgggaa gatttttaag ataagatttt gccacattgc ttatgttaga tataacataa       600
     gcaatgcaaa tgtaagcagt gcaaatgtaa gatatagcta taaaatcaat gcccttattt       660
     taaaattgag aaatgctaaa attatttttt caaattattt cactttattt caagaaaaat       720
     atgaattctt tacttaaagc agaacaatgc aagtcatttt ttgttttgaa aaataaatca       780
     ccaacacaac tcagctttta ttattaattc tcatgctggc tcatatgccg atgaatctga       840
     agcttttgaa atccaaaaat aggaactcaa tgatgagata gacttgatat cccaccaatg       900
     gcttgacatg cttacatgaa accacgtgct tataaaccaa gtatgtgttt cagcaaacat       960
     ttctgcttga aggattggct gacaaatatg tcgggatgtt tagacttttc ttccccaaac      1020
     ttcaaagtta taattcaaag aatagaaaaa gcctcaaggc ttcattatta ctattattag      1080
     ttttgtccat taaaagtagc attttgaaaa aatactgttc ataagcacag gtacttataa      1140
     acagtgcagt ctccctagag gtgaatccgg ttttcactgt ctagattcta gtatagagga      1200
     tctattactt ttaatcaacg tatttgtaaa gatctaatat tttattattt acagaataat      1260
     gccataaggc acgtatttaa tagttgatgt tcagtatagt atatatattg tattttcata      1320
     actagattat attcttttca aaactgagct aaaattcctt agattgaatg tttgtaagaa      1380
     agactcatta ccacatgaac aagaatctaa cttttttgaa aatggctaaa tagtgccatt      1440
     atgttcagat gaaaggaaac aagataattc tgtgaagaat aaccaggtca tctctatttt      1500
     tgtttaaaat ctctttcaca tattttgtca gttacatact acacatccat tacaatattt      1560
     ggaaactttt cctcgggttg ctttggaatt aaaagtagaa caataattca ggtaattcag      1620
     gtaaatgttt gtttcacaat tatataactt agccatgtcc tgttcacata ttctttaaga      1680
     aaagtgccta tgtatatttt aatgtatgaa aataggctcc aattaaatga aagaacagca      1740
     acagcctgac aaagctcacc tttgtacctg gattctactg agaaggaaaa tcaaatgatc      1800
     accatcaagt gacatttttt gattttatat tgcaaatatg tctatacata tttagatcta      1860
     atgtgaacaa aaattcagga agcagccagt tgcttttctt ttcttttttt tctttttact      1920
     gagacggagt cttgctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgtgatcc tggctcactg      1980
     ccaaccgccg acacccaggt tcaaatgatt ctgctgccag tagctgggat tacaggtgtc      2040
     tgccaccagg cccagtgaat ttttttttgt atttttagta aagacagggt tttgccatct      2100
     tggccaggct gttcttgagc tcccaacctc gggtggtctg cccaccttga gcctcccaaa      2160
     gtgctggaat tacaggcggg agccaccgca ccctgcccag ttgcttttca ttctgacaca      2220
     gtgcggagca ggttcagggt aagctgtcac tgagacggag cattggtggt gcaggattcc      2280
     atgtgactca ccctcagctg ccaagtggcc aactgcatgg agccgccgca tgtcctcggt      2340
     cagtgcggtg ggatgcacgc tggcattcta gcaagtctgg cacattagca tataatctgc      2400
     aacagggtgc tgtcaggtac tgagaccact tttaaaaccc tcatgaatct gccacatgta      2460
     actatatgtc tccctaatat gtttccattc acacacttta ggaagtgata tacctacttc      2520
     gaccttgctc agtcatttct gaaattccca tttggaattg tcttcagaaa tatgcccaaa      2580
     gaaaaccaga aatctagtct tacgttttct aagctttttc acttgtgatt ctccacacct      2640
     taacctcatc actcctccag ttgactgtcc ttgtctccaa atggctttag agtattaaaa      2700
     aagaaacaaa tctgaaatat cacttccacc attaagagtg catttgaaaa ggccatttca      2760
     aaagagtagt gccccagaca tggtgagcac taagacagac agcacctctg agtgacactg      2820
     cggaaaaacc aggctcactt gtccaagcac gttcgcaaca gagtcagtta cttttcctcc      2880
     actgggtttc ccagtttcca tgacgacagc ctgtcctgaa tgtccatctt tggggtgagg      2940
     cttgaggctt ccttgtcttt tgtcctcccc acaatcagat cccattactt ttttcgggtc      3000
     atcccttatc tgaccttatt ccccatcccc ctatgctgat ggcggctggc ctcctgcagt      3060
     cctggggtct ggtcccctcc atccaccacc ctcagcctcg gccatctcta ccttgtccac      3120
     tggaacagct tcctgtccct ccctgaaaat tccaccaacc cttcctcaca cccatcagag      3180
     gctggctccc tttcatctga tcaaccaagg acacacaggg gcgcctccag acctcccctg      3240
     catgccttcc ccacaccagg agcccctggt cagcggccgc gagggcaccc tcaccctctc      3300
     ctgcacactc tctccccatc gaggaaccct ggctggctca gcggtgggct cggggccttt      3360
     catttgtttg aggtcgaatg ctgagtccct caccttcaga acatgtgagt gctacggact      3420
     gctcatcatt tcacgcatgt gcacatgcac tgtctctcac acacgcacgc tttcgcacac      3480
     gtggagacag gcgagtactt tctagtcagc atgacagcag cggctccatc ctgtcaagct      3540
     actttcccat attttatttc ctttcactcc cagagaaacc gtggaattca tgcatttttt      3600
     tttccagttt tacagatgag aaaaccaaag tactgagagg taaatgaagt atccgaagct      3660
     ggtcagtggc agaatctcaa tcaacacaca ggctcctatg cgaacccaca cactgagggc      3720
     atgtttcaca ggggagagct ccgttcttag ctacagactc aggcaggctt ggagtcactc      3780
     ctctctgcag tctgagctcc gcgggtctcc gccagagcct ccaagcctcc ccccagtaat      3840
     aatattaata atagttacta ttctttgaat agtaattcaa taatagtatc agtctttcaa      3900
     aaagatggtg gtctttattc tctattttcc atagaatgtg gtcacaggca tcgtgtgagc      3960
     actgccattt ctgtgcttct accacacaca ctctaagagg ccagggggtg tctgctccgg      4020
     cagctccaga tgcaccttcc aggggcgtct cctcctgtca ctcagcgctg cccccagacc      4080
     cttcctaccc gaagttctgt ggccacagcc atgcagactt tatcctacac tctgacccac      4140
     tcacaaagca ctgcggttct aggtatgaaa gcttctcact cttaactgac gtgggctgtg      4200
     cgtttataag agagccgggt caatgctggt gtaactgaca cgggctgtgg gtttgtaaga      4260
     gagccgggta ggtgctggtg taactgacgc gggctgtgca tttataagaa agcccggtcg      4320
     gtgctggtgt aactgacacg ggctgtgggt ttgtaagaga gccgggtagg tgctggtgta      4380
     actgacgcgg gctgtgcatt tataagaaag cccggtcggt gctggtgtaa ctgacgcggg      4440
     ctgtgggttt gtaagagagc cgggtaggtg ctggtgtaac tgacgcgggc tgtgcattta      4500
     taagaaagcc cggtcggtgc tggtgtaact gacgtgggct gtgcatttat aagaaagcct      4560
     ggtcggtcct ggtgtaactg ttgcgggctc tgcctttgtg tgaaagcccg gtcggtcctg      4620
     gtgtaactga cacgggctgt gggtttgtaa gagagccggg taggtgctgg tgtaactgac      4680
     gtgggctgtg catttatgag aaagcctggt cggtcctggt gtaactgacg tgggctgtgc      4740
     atttataaga aagcctggtc ggtcctggtg taactgttgc gggctctgcc tttgtgagaa      4800
     agcccggtcg gtgctggtgt aactatgaga aagcctggta ggtgctggtg taactgacac      4860
     gggctctgag tttatgagaa agcctggtcg gtgctggtga acatgggtgt ctcccctcag      4920
     agaagtaagc tgaggtgtgt gcacctctca cagcccagtg gggagcacag ggctgcctgc      4980
     ccacgctcac tggctggctc agtgccctcc ataggctcct gtccaccggc aggcgtgctg      5040
     cggcgttggt gagagccccg gggcggaggc tcaccatcag gcttccagca tatggtggat      5100
     aataatctct ggcaacacaa aaaggcaggc agcagctcag ctcactgttt catctgttga      5160
     tcagtctaca ggtccagggt tttaaaaatg gatttttgct aaatgaatac cacaacatat      5220
     gccaccagaa aagtgcgtgt gtgccatttc aaacacccgc cgtcctgctg ctccgcgctg      5280
     ccgaatctgc tcctctctcc tctggccccg cgtccctcag aaggagctga ggtcagaagg      5340
     aggtgtctcc aggaaacact aggggacctt catacctgag gggccaaaat agctgttttc      5400
     aagctgctgc tgttggagac cggtcttagg aaggggctgt gatagagctc tttgtggaaa      5460
     gccttaaatt aagatgaagg ggagaaaagg aagtatcgaa agtttggaaa aatagagaaa      5520
     taagaagagc tcctaaactg agcctgtggc aaagggagta tcctgaaatt gaacgggctc      5580
     attcttgaaa tgtcagtgtg gccggcagcc tctgagacgg cccagggcct ccgtcctcct      5640
     ggaattctct ttcctgagcg ccactggacc tggtgactcc actccgatgc ctggaggaca      5700
     gcaaaggcag cagagatggc tgctaaggac gcacactggg gtccccgacc gactttcgag      5760
     ctccgaggga tgtctgctgc caggtggtgg cggctgatgg ggaaacctgg tggacagggc      5820
     ccatggacag gggctaacag cacagagggc ctggggctgc cgctgctgag ctgagaggac      5880
     accctcagca cagcctatag ggacgcagct ggaaccccca gctggtccac accaggaccc      5940
     caggcccaca gaaactgtaa gataaaacat ggttgtgtta agctaagttt cgggataact      6000
     cgctgtgcag tggagggtaa ctactggagc tagcaacgtc aagccgtcca ggagagaacc      6060
     agatgggaac acccagcgtg ggtcttccac aaaagaactt cttctcagcc aggcagaggc      6120
     acctgcagga ggtgaaaggc aagttcccgg ccagcctggt ggggttcctg cggtccaacc      6180
     cccacctcag cacgctcccc tcactccccg cggccgcttg tcctctgccg ctgctctgga      6240
     tttgggattc cgagactggc aggtcaggag gcccggaaaa ctacatttgc ctcactctgg      6300
     ttctccgggg ctgtggtgag gctgcctctc ccctgccctc cactttctct ttccctgtaa      6360
     tatttatgta gctgagtgca gcaaacattt tgaatgcgtg atcaccgtgg ggctcagggc      6420
     cctctgaagc tctcactcgc ccaaagctga cggcctctgt tttttccagc tgcagctccg      6480
     ggtgccatcc tccgcggggt gaggtgccac caggaatccc tttccttaga ttgtctgatg      6540
     ctgtgagtta gaagattcct gtttctactc acacgattgg gtgcccagta tacactgcca      6600
     tggtttagag gaagctctgc cactaactgt gtgactgagg caagtggctt cactgccctg      6660
     tgcctcagtt tctctccctg aaaatgggaa taaaatgtac ttgactcatg ggcttaatga      6720
     actgatcccg ggagctcttg gctgtaaggt gctcaggaca gggtggcatc cacaccctca      6780
     ggggccctgc tactttttat taccatcttg actctaggag ctccgacctt ggttttcatg      6840
     gatgccaatg gaaattctgt tttcagacaa atgtggaagg catccttaaa gataatagga      6900
     ttaagtaaca caaatataaa gaggaaaaat gatcaccgat gaagagtgca agagaccacg      6960
     tgtgtgtgct tgggaatgga gggcctgaag gtcccaccct cggctgggcc cgccctgccc      7020
     catgctgctc ccgctctcct gggcacccta ccacctcctg gctccccaca ttcgcttctg      7080
     ggcacacgtg gagggagggc aggtgcccct caggtgttcc ctttctttcc ttctcagcac      7140
     ctcctgagga agccccagga cagaacagga accactggag tcagaagcag aatgaggggc      7200
     atctgtattc actgcagttt acggcggcca ttctattgct ctcgtaactt gcaaagcaga      7260
     cttttaactt agaattgaca tatactaaat atttaaagta atcttcataa gccccagagt      7320
     gtgtgtctgt aactaaggac aattttttca caattaaaaa accctcatga aatgacagtg      7380
     actgttatca aatgtctaac tctgtgctcg agcactaacc tccatgcttg caggaaggct      7440
     ctttgtgaaa ctgacaataa tcctgtgagg tgagcaccat taaaacctgt acttggccgg      7500
     gcgtggtggc tcacgcctgt aatccagcac tttgggaggc ccagggggcg gatcacgagg      7560
     tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggccaatat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa      7620
     aaaaattagc tgggcatggt ggcatgcgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc      7680
     agaagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gccgagattg taccactgca      7740
     ctccagcctg ggtgacagag tgagactcca aaacaaaaca aaacacaaca aaacaaaacc      7800
     ctccattttc cagacaggca aatgaagccc agagtgacaa ggtaacctgc ttaaggtcac      7860
     acagcaggag gcgaggcagg gtatgaattg agtgaatctg acgccagagc cttctggatc      7920
     aacatgggcc acattccccc agaatgccag gaactgagtg aatgtgaccc cagtgccttc      7980
     cagatcaacg cggatcacat cccccagaat gctgggaatt gagtgaatct gacccaggtg      8040
     ccttccggat caatgcggat cacatccccc agaatgctgg gaattgagtg aatctgacct      8100
     cagtgccttc cagataaatg cggatcacat cccccagaat gctgggaatt gagtgaatct      8160
     gacccaggtg ccttctggat aaacgcggat cacatccccc agaatgctgg gaattcagtg      8220
     aatctgaccc aggtgccttc cggataaacg cggaccatat cccccagaat gctgggaatt      8280
     gaatgaatct gacccaggtg ccttccagat caatgcggat cacatccccc agaatgctgg      8340
     gaattgagtg aatctgaccc aggtgccttc tggataaagg cggaccacat ccttccagaa      8400
     tgctgggaac tgggtgaatc tgacgccagt gccttccaga tcaatgtgac cacatccctc      8460
     cagaatgcca ggaactgagt gaatctcacc ccagtgcctt ccaaatcaac gtggaccaca      8520
     tccccctaga atgccgggaa ctgagccaat ctgtcccagg tgccttccgg attaacgtgg      8580
     accacattcc tccagaatgc tgggaattga gcaaatctga ccccagcacc ttccagatca      8640
     atgtgcacta cacccctccc aatgccagga actgaccaaa tctgactcca gtgccttctg      8700
     gattagcggg aaccccattc ctccagatgg tgggaactgc gtgaatctga cgcagtgctg      8760
     tctggattag cgtgaacccc attcctccag atggcgggaa ctgagtgaat ctgacccagt      8820
     gccttccgga tcaacatgca ctacatccct ccacgatgtg ggaactgggc gaatgtgacc      8880
     ccagtgcctt ccagatcaat gtggaccaca tccctccaga atgttaggaa ctgagcaaat      8940
     ctcatgccag tgctttccgg atcaacaggg accacatccc tctagaatgc cgggaactga      9000
     gcgaatctga cccaggtgcc ttctggataa acgtggacca catccttcca gaatgctggg      9060
     aactgggtga atctgacccc agtgccttcc agatcaacgt gaccacatcc ttccagaatg      9120
     ctgggaattg agtgaatctg acccaggtgc cttctggata aaggcggatc acatccccca      9180
     gaatgctggg aattgagtga atctgaccca ggtgccttct ggataaacgt ggaccacatc      9240
     cttccagaat gctgggaact gggtgaatct gaccccagtg ccttccagat caacgtgacc      9300
     acatccctcc tgattgccag caaatgagcg aatctgaccc cagtatcttc cagatcaatg      9360
     tggaccacat ccctccagaa tgccgggaac tgagcaaatc tgacccaggt gccttctgga      9420
     tcaaggtgga acacatcctt ccagaatgcc gggaactgag tgaatctgac cccggtgcct      9480
     tccggatcaa ggtggaccac atccctccag aatgccagac agatgaagga cacagaaaac      9540
     ttaatagtaa aacatatttt ctgatacgca ggtacctggg aatctataga ttcaggttta      9600
     gtgctgtggg ttgtcctttt atacacagca cacataccac aaacacacac agatacagca      9660
     tacacgcaca cacacaacca cattcacata gacaagtacc tcgcacacac atacacagaa      9720
     acacacacac cacacataca cacagacaca tacccagcat acttacacac acagcacaca      9780
     cacaaccaca ttcacacaca cataggcata tagtaaacac caactcaagc acacatcaca      9840
     cgtgcatgga cacccccccc acacacgtgg agatagagtc gacactatat tagcttccca      9900
     tgaattgatg tcataagctc agttaacata cgtgcccgct aagtaccctt cagggatggc      9960
     aatgctaacc cgctgtagtt taaaagcttc agggaagact tgatcagtct cggcaggtat     10020
     tacaggcaga ggcagatttc tttttccttt ttttttcttt ttttttgaga cagagtctca     10080
     ctctgtcact aggctggact ggagtgcagt gacacgatct ctgctcactg caacctccgc     10140
     ctcctgggtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccata atcccaattg ggattacagt     10200
     tgggattaca ggcacgcacc actacgccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacggg     10260
     gtttcaccat gttagccagg atggtcttga ccttgtgatc cactcgcctt ggcccccaaa     10320
     gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgcg cccagccaga ggaagatttc ttatgctgct     10380
     tttaaaacaa aagtagccac aagagttaac atttctagtt ttaactctca aaaataaagt     10440
     ccttgtggat tttatgatct catttcagca aatgtcactg caaagtggag atgctatcat     10500
     cccttagcag tgtgcatctg ccttgggccg ctggggccag ccgctggctg ctctgcaagg     10560
     aagggtccct gtaagcagga cagtggcctt ccagggctga ggctggagaa aggtgctttg     10620
     cctcggatgg gcaccctttc ttttagctct gattctgccc cgtgccgtgt gcctctgagt     10680
     gttgccttcc cttctgaagc tcaggcacat cctctcctct gctgccagct ccctggtgcc     10740
     agttccctcc tgcttccatt ccctgccttc caggcggggt gccaccctgt gtccccttac     10800
     gattatctct ctgcttgtgc aagcatcacc atctgcccac gacccttcag ccaggacctg     10860
     cagcactcag agctggccac agagactcgt tccttccaca gggactgtcc agatcatcct     10920
     aaaggttggg cagtggtgtg agtggctctc ggccattcag gagtacctgc aggtggcaga     10980
     aggtactcca gagttggacg gaggggccgt cccagggctc tcggtgagac tgagaaggtt     11040
     catgagctcc gtgttcctgt ctgagatgac cagaaccagg gcaggcctca tgtgtgcccc     11100
     aacttccgta aaaccacaca tgcatagtca caagcggctc cctgctttat gcattctaaa     11160
     gcaattcagc attccacatg aaaacgcagc cgtgacggca ctgtgtgatt gataatgctc     11220
     tccgtgagac ttacgggtcc ataaaccaaa gaatggctat aatcacccac aggtccatca     11280
     tttctttatc ctttacatca aacatgagat ggtcatagtc acaattcaat aacaagccac     11340
     gtatggctcc atgaaagcca ccagtgagag ctgaacgtgc tctcccagct actcttctct     11400
     actagagcct gcaccccacc gactttgaaa agagataact gtcacctggg aaccgacact     11460
     cctgctgggg aggggaagcc acctggggct ggagactaca gtctggaccc tcaggcggca     11520
     gaggagcgag ccgagagaga caactgtggc ttctgcctct cccagtggga gtgaggcccc     11580
     tggtcagagg gcctgggtcg ggggctgtgc tgcccatggc tgggtgggat tttaatctag     11640
     gctctcacag gtggtcacac agagcggccc tgctgactcc catcagggga gatggaggcc     11700
     atacgtgcca cagatcaata cgatgccctt ccatgcacag ctctggacaa aagctcctcc     11760
     tgggcatagt gtctgaaatg agctgcttac ttttatttcc aagaaaatga caaagacgat     11820
     tttgacccct gacaattctt tcagtcctgg tcctcctgcg ggtagctgag agcctaagtg     11880
     aggtgtgtgg gacagaatga ggtgctggga aattactggc agtggacatt taccactggg     11940
     ttactcggac atctagagca cgaagtgagt gacacagagg ccggggaccc tccttccctc     12000
     ccaagtgggc acccctctga gaaattccct gcgagccccc cagctctgtc ttctatgggg     12060
     acttcgacct cgctccacgt tgtgcagcca catggcccac aggaatgggc ggtcctgcta     12120
     catgggaagg agcttagggt ttaacacgcc tgctccagga gctgcgccac acacccgcct     12180
     tcagattcag cccggcgtgc ctgggcttct gaagtcccag agcactcagc ccggcccatc     12240
     cacggatggc tgggacagag atttacacat acaagtcgga tattctgggg agctggaatt     12300
     caaggatgga caatgaaagc ccagagacag aatcctcatc agtgagcaga caaggctctg     12360
     gcagggatgt tttgggggag cagtggttcc ttacaacgtg agcctgaagg agtttccctc     12420
     acttagccct cagctggggg caaaccgtgg atgctggaga gaggagcgtg aggcatacag     12480
     aggcccaggt ggctctgtgg gggtcggacg catgggtgtg tccccaccac ccacagaagg     12540
     gtgctcgcct gagacacagg gtcggccgtg aggacacagt ttcaggaagc atccacacaa     12600
     ggggaaccca cagggcactt gggttatacg aacctaacaa agagctaaaa tctgagctct     12660
     ctccctcctg cgtccattcg atccccttgg acgaggcttt ctggaacgtc cagaataaag     12720
     agaatcctca tttctcagca cacggacttc tgatgtgaga agacagtgac tgtgtgctca     12780
     ttaaaactca ctcttggcca ggtgtggtgg ctcatgtctg taatctcagc actttgggag     12840
     gccgaggcgg gaggattact tgggcctaga gtttcagacc aggtggccaa cacagtgaga     12900
     ccccatctct acaaacaata aaaaaatcac ccaagctgcc taaccgcccc cacccccccg     12960
     ccccgtggca caggatgttt cccagggcag agagtgacat ggctgcgggg tcccgctgca     13020
     gaagaaccct gtgcagtgag ggccacaggc ctgggacccc aagccgctca ggaccgtgca     13080
     cagctcccag atgtcccctg gggggacatc tcttccggag gatctttagg gtccctttca     13140
     gccctgccat ctgtacgccc accatggact ggtgcctact gcctgccgcc tgggcacagg     13200
     tgcccttgcg cctggccctc agcccgccca tgtgcaggag gggttccggg gcagccgggt     13260
     tacacgcgag agccccacgc gccggaggtt ccggggcagc cgggttacac gcgagagccc     13320
     cacgcgccgg aggttccggg gcagccgggt tacacgcgag agccccacgc gccggaggtt     13380
     ccggggcagc cgggttacac gcgagagccc cacgcgccgg aggttccggg gcagccgggt     13440
     tacacgcgag agccccacgc gccggaggtt ccggggcagc cgggttacac gcgagagccc     13500
     cacgcgccgg aggttccggg gcagccgggt tacacgcgag agccccacgc gccggaggtt     13560
     ccggggcagc ccggttacac gcgagagccc cacgcgccgg aggttccggg gcagccgggt     13620
     tacacgcgag agccccacgc gccggaggtt ccggggcagc cgggttacac gcgagagccc     13680
     cacgcgccgg aggttccggg gcagccgggt tacacgcaga gccccacgcg ccggaggttc     13740
     cggggcagcc gggttacacg cgagagcccc acgcgccgga ggttccgggg cagccgggtt     13800
     acacgcgaga gccccacgcg ccagaggttc cggggcagcc gggttacacg cgagagcccc     13860
     acgcgccgga ggttccgggg cagccgggtt acacgcgaga gccccacgcg ccggaggtcc     13920
     ggtttgtgca cctgcacacg ggtcctgtct gtgctcccct gcagcccggg ggagtcctgg     13980
     cccttcacca cgtgggaggc tgtcctggga cctgaggact ccgcccacac tccatgccct     14040
     ccttcccttc ctcaggccca cctgaccccg gcagacctcc tgctctcctc tttgtcttct     14100
     ggccttgcag gcagctgtct aatgcagggc ctaggcctga ggacaagccc ccggggtggc     14160
     caagctggct gcatccctgg gaccctggtc tccgtcactg ggacgcagca gttctgccgg     14220
     gttaacctca gggggcatat gtgtctctcc catggccgtc attttctacc gactttgtta     14280
     tttcagcatt catttagtgc atatattcct tttaagaggt gtctaaatcc ttcgtgggcc     14340
     acaacagggt agacatcagg ggctgtagcc tccagtgtct ggggggccat gcaggccaca     14400
     tgagtggggg gaggggctgc gtggtggaag gggggccggg cagctggggg caccatgagt     14460
     ggggggaggg gctgcgtggt ggaagggggg ccgggcaggc cacatgagtg gggggagggg     14520
     ctgcgtggtg gaaggggggc cgggcagctg ggggcaccat gagtgggggg aggggctgcg     14580
     tcgtggaagg ggggctgggt ggctgggggc ggccagtcct accccaaggg gagagcacac     14640
     aggtactgct ggctgggaat gcgggtctgg ggttgctcag atctttgatt aagaaaatag     14700
     aaatcaggca tttgtattat ttatgtaaaa tttctcaatt ttgaaaaccc tcattgagct     14760
     cttagagtac aaactgtgtc ccctcaagag gatatgttga gtcttaaccc caggacctca     14820
     gcatgttatg taacttggaa aaaggacctt cacagatgta atcaagtgac cacgaagtct     14880
     ctggggtagg ccatgaatcc agtaggactg gtgtcctgat caaaaacgga aatttgaggc     14940
     tgggcagggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc gggcggatca     15000
     cctgaggtca ggagtttaag accagcctga ccaacatagt gaaaccccgt ctctacttaa     15060
     aatgtaaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggtgg gcacctgtaa tctcagctac ttgggaggct     15120
     gaggcaggag aattgcttga acggaggagg tggaggttgc ggctacccaa gattgcgcca     15180
     ttgcactcca gcctgggctg tgagagtgaa actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     15240
     aaagggaaat tcagacacag acagacgtgc acagggagcg ggtcacacac agaggcaggg     15300
     actggagtgg ggcagccaca agccgaggga cactgggagc tgtcaggtgc tggcagaggc     15360
     tggaggagga gggagcacag cttcagacat gctctcagac ttctggctcc cagcactgtg     15420
     ggagaataaa cgcctgttgt ttgaaggccc ctaggttcat ggtacttggt gagggcggcc     15480
     tcgggcagct cacacatggg ccacacagaa cgtggctgtg ggcgggattg ttctgggtga     15540
     gccatgcgca tcccctgcta tcagcaacac agtggactca cactggctct aaaacccctg     15600
     aggtcgtttc catctgatgg tcgcacttgg gcagggctct tctggtgcca gcgggagacc     15660
     ttactcagac cctcatctcc atccacccct cctcctccta gcactgcatg gtccaaaagt     15720
     ttactcaacc caatgacgca tctttaattc tattattgac aacatcgtgg aatataacag     15780
     aattgaggaa tagccccacg gcacgtttct agagaacccc tttgcactta atctattttc     15840
     tcctcattaa gtaattattt aattaatagc ctgtaagaat agtgtacgta ggtagaaatt     15900
     tatctaacgg catgatcgtt ccaagtctct atcttttctt ttggatactt tgtaaaaaaa     15960
     aaaatcatta aaatctatac ttgtgatgtc aacagccgtt cctccatctc tcagcaagaa     16020
     atgccatcag caaagagacg gtgtgacgcc cggctccctc cccgtcactg atacggccta     16080
     ggatctcacc agggaccaag gcaagcacac tggtctgcgg ttcccacaat ctacctgtaa     16140
     ccctttctga atgtttgtcc aactctctta ttccggcgtc tttcccaact ctgccaatcc     16200
     ctcagacatt cccgacagct gtggccagat ccagctttgc tacggacacg gagccacaga     16260
     actggtctgg acatggagcc acagaactgg tgagagcccc acgaagcagc tctcgtgggc     16320
     tgtgccctcc agccctcaca tggcacacac ctgctgctct gcagagcacg cctcgctccc     16380
     cttcacgaag gagcggaaat acaatggcag ccgcgaagct ctggctacta agatgcatta     16440
     tctgctccaa gctttcaatt gagtgattat gtcttaaaag aatcacataa atgatacagc     16500
     tccacatttt gaggtgtgta aagccacgaa ggcatcgtct tctatatctt attcttgctg     16560
     actatatgac gatgacattc ttaggtgagc tcactacctc atggcatcaa ctctgcagag     16620
     acgtctcaca ggtcacgtta gaaggctatg aaaaattaaa acacataaaa aacaatgttt     16680
     aaacctgtgt gcatcactga gtttgacaga cacagtgtat ggatgccaga ttagttcgtt     16740
     ttactgtcag tatagtacag tccgttaaac tgcgcatctt tgatgagtta ctacctgtgg     16800
     ggtggcacct gacccaggcc aggacagtct gagtggtcct tcctttcgcc ctgtgcaggg     16860
     ctgggcttgc gacctcagtc tttcccggca gctctgcttg gcagaattga gggatgtctc     16920
     cattttatcc agggcgagct actataggaa taacaatgga ggcttaagat ctgtagaaaa     16980
     atctatgagt ttaggaattg tgattcctga tttttattga gtaaaatgct caccctaatt     17040
     tcttcaacag aaaatcaata ttccaaaccc tccagaaatc tggtatttgc aggaatcccg     17100
     acactcacta acagaggtgg cacaaaaggc cctgaagtca gggatccctg gggaacgatg     17160
     cccagtccga cgtgcttctc ctgagccgat tttgggtttc ccgttttcta aagccagctc     17220
     cccagggaac ggcgcccagt ccgacatgct tctgaaagga ttctaggtct cccgctttct     17280
     gaagccaact ccctggggaa cggcactgag cttgaggcgc ttctcctgag cagattctag     17340
     gtctcccgct ttctgaggcc atttccccag ggaatggctc caagcccgat cacttctcct     17400
     gaatgtattc tgggtctccc gctttccgag gccagctccc cagggaacgg cgcccagccc     17460
     catgtgcttt tcctgaatgg attctccgtc tcctgctttt ggaggccagc ttcctgggga     17520
     agagctctga gcccgacgcg cttgtcctgc tttctgagca cttgaatctg gtggcttctg     17580
     tgtcatcttc actctgaatg agtgaaatgt gtgcttaaaa tggccttgag aaaagcaccc     17640
     cctgcagggt gggagagaaa taccgacagg tggggagggc tggaggcggg agtccaggcc     17700
     gtgcgcccaa gaggagggtc gtggtgggaa tgaatgaggc ccagggagtg ttgggagaca     17760
     ggccggcggc cgcgggaaac ccctcagcaa cctaccagca cagatgcaag gacactgggg     17820
     tgccagtccc cccgctacca taaaggaaga agaggaaaac agaatgaggc aaagtgatag     17880
     gggatgaagg gcatgaggag gctgctgtgt gctcgcagag gaggggaggc ccccggttct     17940
     gcttggcgct ggctactctt cttggttgtt gttttctaag tgctgttgac tgctggctgg     18000
     acctcagtga atgacccttc tgctaaagct gccaggcact gcgctggtgt aagctgatca     18060
     tagctccatc atcccaaatc taaaccactc cagaaacagg ccggcccctg ctgcaacagc     18120
     aagttgatct gtgactttgg gcaaatccac tcagcgccag actgccaaga gaaaacggcg     18180
     gtctccgccg tccaagcagc acatcgtgga gggcctacac accccgatgt tctgggggag     18240
     cacttacatc ttcagcaatg cctgtcaaga tggagacaga ctcctgtgct gaggttgcag     18300
     ggttgcactc tgaaaagaca cccagggcag cactccaggc aggctgcatg ctccggggag     18360
     acacagatgg caaggagcag ggcagcgggc ggcctggagg tacagctaca ccagctctgg     18420
     ggttccacgc tctgatctga cttagctgtt ttccacccta accccatgtg agacagccac     18480
     tgccccaaaa ctagggatgg gaaccaaaac ctttgagaag cccacgtggg acatgggatg     18540
     gcctgtgacc catcagctcc cgggccatcc ctttgggttc agccacaggc tgggggtggg     18600
     aggtggtgcc aggacactgt gggcatcgcc ttgggctgaa aaagggggct gtgaggaact     18660
     catacacctg agtcctcgtc ctaagaagtc gcagttgttg ggtgggccat ggccacgaag     18720
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggtcacacag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     18780
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacatag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggtcacacag     18840
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacacag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     18900
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     18960
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggtcacacag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19020
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggtcacacag     19080
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgaggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19140
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggtcacacag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19200
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggtcacacag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19260
     actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19320
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19380
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19440
     actctgaggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag     19500
     actctgcggg aacactgcct ggccacgtag actctgcagg aacactgcct ggccacttag     19560
     actctgcagg aacactgctg ttacctctca ctgcacgggg actcacagac acaaagatgg     19620
     tcattcacag catcaccaaa atcgatccac gaggctttga gaaaatgcat ctctaaaaaa     19680
     agcacatttg gtgggtccaa caagcctcac ttattcacgg tcctgaactc agtgcatgga     19740
     ggcaagaggc atgtcggtga cccagtgagg gaacaactgc acatctgggg caacagcctg     19800
     atggtgccgt gggagccacg ggtgggtatc ctgcaaacat cagcttggac actcagcacc     19860
     tgcatgggac atgcatcgcc acaaggtcac aggtgggcac ctgggtgctg cagggtcagc     19920
     tgacttagtc aaaggctaag cctgcagtga gtgtccgagc ctgcaattga ccgcggaagc     19980
     cagtgccctc cctagttggc aacgttgttc agctgagcta cagagaaaga gctcggaggt     20040
     ctatggactc cttcatggaa atcgctccct tgcgtctcct catgtggaca cagctccacg     20100
     cctcacctct caggccaggc agcggccaac ccagcctctt caccaggtat gggcaccggc     20160
     tgctccttgc tgcaggaccg ctggctgggg tggccggggc acgcagcagg cacatcccga     20220
     cctgcgggcc agcacctgcg ccccatccct gttacacctg ttctgaagcc ttcaagagca     20280
     aagactgatg ttcatcatgg ccaaagcagc tgggctcttt actacggaag gagattaatt     20340
     gctaccccgc gtacctttca gaggtttata tgaagccatt tttcggtatt tctctaagtg     20400
     actgaaacat gcgcagccat ttcatgtatt tctacgcgtg tgggcaggcg gccagggccc     20460
     tgggccacat tccccagaaa gccacgtctc cactctgggg aggggaatgc ttcgtttttc     20520
     tgtgagtggt gaggtctctc ttttaacctg ttataaatta ccttttgtaa tctctcctaa     20580
     accattatat agaggaggga ggggagacaa agaataaata catctgtaat aaatgtggga     20640
     tttgggaaag atgataagat cagaacaatt tgaatgaacg tggcaaatga atttagagtt     20700
     tttgaactat cagctatttc tgcaaataat gacttgtaga aggagaggct atttttaaaa     20760
     caattcatgt tctctgcttt catgtgaagg aaataaaaca aggcactcat gaatgagctc     20820
     ttcaagcacg gactttcctg gagctcacag gaaggggcca gcacaggtca ggctggaggc     20880
     acagtctgat tctacggtgg cttcacaggg cgtgtttgga gagcgccttc ctcctcccaa     20940
     ccctgcagtc cccggcctgg ctccaggtct gccccgcagc cctgaggtga gtctcagcat     21000
     gtccaggcgt ctgaggtgac actgcagcct ctctccgtgg ccctgtggtg agtctcagca     21060
     tgtccaggca tctgaggtga cactgcagcc tctctcggtg gccccgtggt gagtctcagc     21120
     atgtccaggc atccgcggtg acactgcagc cactctccat ggccccaggg tgagtctcag     21180
     cacgtccagg cgtccgcggt gacactgcag ccactctcca tggccccggg gtgagtctca     21240
     gcacgtccag gcgtccgcgg tgacactgca gccactcttg gtttctcagc tgccgcaatc     21300
     ggtccttcca gtgtccgacc tctggggccc tcagaccccc aaacccacct tgtcgctgtg     21360
     gcctctccgc ctcctgcagg tggcagcgct actgtagcct gccatgcccc accccttgcc     21420
     tccatcccca cacattgccc tgtttcttgg gcagccatct tctggacctc tccctcctgc     21480
     aggcgtctct ggccctgggg gctccaggag ggggtctccc caggagcgtg ttccccagtg     21540
     catggcccct gtcctccaac acctgctcag gcctgcagcc aaacccacat ctcccattcc     21600
     tgcctctcct gagcaggaag ccccatgaga gggtcccttt acaattcgtc caggctggcc     21660
     ctgggccctg tgtggccgca ggtggtcacg gaagccccac ctgagcttcc aggcccctcg     21720
     tgccaggact tctgaaggtt gtgcctgact cacgtctcca ttctcgaccc attaaagggg     21780
     gagcggagat cgtgcttccc aagggaccct gaggccttct ctctaggtct gagaagtggg     21840
     aagtccccca ttgggagtgg aaggccaagg ccacagcact gccgtcatgc gctccagaga     21900
     aaggtcacct gccacccttc tgtgtgctta catgtctgtc aggacagccc ggctccggcc     21960
     atgccctttg cacatcccgg cctcctggga acgcggagaa cttcgtgcct gctgtccagt     22020
     tcttggcatc cgggagctcc agctggcatg aaggcagaaa gaataacagc cagtggcagt     22080
     ggaaggcatg agcgcccccg gagagcaggg ccagaccatc agcagggccc ctccaagagg     22140
     agctctgtat gccgggggag tgggctcggc ccgcgggaca aggctgaaag agctccccag     22200
     acccctctct gaagacagcc tctgcaatct ccggccttcc cgcagttgcc cgcgtacttt     22260
     cttcattcct caaaggtctc attaatttac agtctaagtg gaccaagaga gatgttacat     22320
     atgttaccag gaagctagca tgttcattaa ttaatttctg tctagtcatc caatatttat     22380
     tgagtcctta agtctgaggc attataatag ttactgctgt ggggtcatac agataaataa     22440
     gacatggttc ctatttctca gactcatcac ccactggtaa gacagccacc gatggaaacg     22500
     actccaatcg actggaaaat agagaggaaa ttcctttgga atttagggga aagaataaga     22560
     cttttggctg gggtgtcaga tattcgctta taggagcaat ttcttctcag ctgcatggca     22620
     ccaccaggga ccaggccccg gggccagtcc agatatctgc agtgttagcg agagacgctg     22680
     ttgacccttc ttggcttatc atggaactga atttccttag gttcagttgg tagctaccct     22740
     cgccccatca tgccgcggtg acactgcagc cactcttggt ttctcggctg ccgcaatcgg     22800
     tcattccaat gtccgacctc tggggccctc agacccccaa acccaccttg tcactctggc     22860
     ttctccgcct cctgcagctc ctgctctgtg tttgggaacg cgtgcggccc acaggacaaa     22920
     gccttgttgc acacccgggt caagggcaaa tcccagctgc acagccgggt gatccagcgg     22980
     ccgaccctgc ttccctgcgt aggaggcctg agccaaggac actgcggccc cggctgcacc     23040
     gatgcatggg tgtgcacgcg gggaccgagg gagtcacgtg aatcatgtgg cttccacgag     23100
     ctacctcttc ccacaccagg agcaggtgcc ctcgtctcca tcaagcgctt tctggggaga     23160
     aactccttca aggataacgg caaatggtga gcgtgcctca ctctttataa tagaaattac     23220
     aaaaagatgg agaaacaggc agaatcccac ccattcctgt ggcaaagccg agaccctcat     23280
     ttccagtctt tctgggacag cggagccctg ggcaggggac accgtgtgac tggctctagc     23340
     tctcctaaaa cacgggacgc aggagtgttt cttaagtgtg acaaggtgaa agcccctcgc     23400
     gagttgagga aggtctcatt acttctgaca gaggccccat gttggggagg taggtgtggg     23460
     ggctcgggga ggtgtcagga cagcgggatg gacgtgggtc cacagagctg actatcacag     23520
     ccgctcagga tgcagccgtg gtgtgtgtgc tctggcctat tttaggtaca gatataaaac     23580
     agaagacttc ggggcaaaag gaagtcttag aaaaatataa aggaatagaa agaaacagct     23640
     gttccccggc acagaaaatt cctgctaaga acacacaacg ggcacggtgt aggcccatta     23700
     gtgttgctct gggtgctgca tccacaaggg agatttgctt cttcagaaat gtcaggggtg     23760
     cctggtctgc aaggggcttc cctcgtcgga aagtctccca tccacatccc ttcatgtgcc     23820
     atgttcgcat catgagcaat gttgtaatga acagccacgc acttcattct ttgcacatct     23880
     caaagaattg tgtccttagg atgaagtgtc aggggacgag tgtccatgcc aaagcatctc     23940
     cacacgtcga gagcttcgga tgtgcacagc tgcgttgcct cctgactgtc agccgagccc     24000
     agcgtcccac cagcaggagc cacagcaccg ctgtctgttc ccaccgatgc ccagtgtcag     24060
     cgtccactga gtcgcagctc ccctctacac tgggtgtgcc cgagcttgct gcatgggagg     24120
     aaggtggctg atggcaaggg tgtgtgtctc gacactgtgg ctgcagcacg gtttcctcac     24180
     agatgtttgg ggagaggctg agaggacctg cctgccctgg agagccgggt ttctgcctag     24240
     ggctcctcct gtgctcctgc tcccacccca ggggcctggg gctcccgctg gaggatggtg     24300
     gctttgcaga cccttccatt ttattcatcg tgttacagag cattctaaac ctccttcctt     24360
     ctagagtaga ggctcagggg ttaagggata tgtgtcttca aacgagaaca cttcattcaa     24420
     cagacttttc ccgaagacca cgtgctgtgc gcagcctgac atgtggtgct cggccgcaaa     24480
     agcgcttcag tctcgccccc cacccccgga gcagccacca accaagaaac attgtctgta     24540
     tctggcagca tttggtccct gtcatgaggt tacagtgagc ccctggcccc caccctcacg     24600
     tgtctgtgag gtcagctccc cacgccctgg tcctccccac ctgcgaggag gctcgtggca     24660
     cccacttcac ggctggtggg aagacgggtg agaccacgtg tgccatgtgc ctcatatgct     24720
     gcctggcata ttttgggtgc tcacgaatgc tgactgcagc ctggcattgg gaagggagtg     24780
     atcccgccag ggaggggagg cctgacagaa gacatggtct ctcagggggg gtcctgatgt     24840
     catgtcagat ggagccaggg ccaggggcag ggcgggggtg caggggctct cgaggcagaa     24900
     cctgggaccc agcgcccatg tcggtgcagt tgggaaaggt gcgtggctcc cgtgggtggt     24960
     gcagacgagc agtgaatgaa gatgaagctg gagtggcagc ttggcccaga tcctggaggc     25020
     tttgcgtttg cactgaaatg tgtggacttg acgccagaag caactcctgc gtggcccgag     25080
     tgtgggcctg ggcggccctc cattcctcgg cagggcactg cctatcgcag catccaggtg     25140
     cagccggggg ggacaggggt gaggagggaa ggaggcatga gtgccagcct ccccacacct     25200
     gggagagcag cctagagagg agtagagggc agcaggggcc cagtctgtca tccagagagg     25260
     caagggagaa ggcaggggtg agcgaggcgg tgcagggtgg ggctctgctc ccacgggttc     25320
     gatgtggggc catgcttggt ggtggggcca ggctgtgtca cctgtgaggt cacccctgtt     25380
     cctggcacct ggtaggtcac tgaatcaaca gcccaccgcc agcagggcag ggcgatgcat     25440
     tttgcgtccc tggctcaact gcagagtttc gttaccattt cccggaaacc cagactctca     25500
     ccaatgcaga tggtctccta gctattttta atgagggaag atttgttgga agcacaaaat     25560
     tgaattaagt cacattcaga aattctcctt caaagaggaa ctcacacagt caagctgaga     25620
     aagccagcat ctgaggatag cggagctgct ctgtggtgaa catagaatgt ggggccctga     25680
     cggactgtcc ccttgccctg acgcctctcc tggcctctgc ccccacactc tggcaccaga     25740
     atgtccacgg ggacagctct ggtctggcct ggcctgagct gcaggctctc ctgtcacagc     25800
     actggctgaa tgcctcccct ggtgtcccct ggcctttccc cggctggcca cctgtccccc     25860
     actgagctca cggcttctcc ctgaaccagc ttctactcca gtcccaaacc agctccacac     25920
     tgtggctctc ggccccgtgc ccctctcccc acaccagcat gtcactgcgc tcgccggctg     25980
     tgttcccaag cactttctcc ctcctctcct ttctctacca cagcccaggc cttcctcacc     26040
     tcatgctctt cacccatcca cctgtccatc cttgtccccg gagacgctgt catcccaccc     26100
     aagtgacctg ccagccactg tggaagttct atgcactgca gatgttaaac gtgaggcttt     26160
     ttcctactca gggatgtgca gtcaaattgg tgctcagatg gagtctgatg aaaggcaagc     26220
     tctggaagga acacggaccc tgagcaagtg tgagagacgt aagccagcaa tgaagccatg     26280
     ccccaaagcg aatccaccac catccaattc ccgctcatac acagcaggcc agaaagactt     26340
     ccacgctgca cacaacgctc agagcagaac gtctgggaat caatctatcc aaatttgatt     26400
     taatttatgt ggaatttaga gacctgagac ctgttgattt atgtagaatt taggcttccc     26460
     ccgtctgaat cgcgctggtg tatctggaat ttaggcttcc cccgtctgaa ttgtgctggt     26520
     gtatctggaa tttaggcttc ccccgtctga agtgtgctgg tgtgggtgga atttaggctt     26580
     cccccatctg aatcgcgctg gtgtatctgg aatttaggct tccctcgtct gaattgtgct     26640
     ggtgtgggtg gaatttaggc ttcccccgtc tgaattgcgc tggtttacgt gacatttagg     26700
     ctacccccac ctgaaacaca tttatttgca gacgcttgct tacaaatagc agcctgaaac     26760
     tgttcatttt ctcttgtaat tcacaaataa aacaggaatt acgaacataa aacttctata     26820
     atcaaacggg taaggatatt agccatcagg tcactgaaag ctttgtttgt ctattattgg     26880
     agccaatttc ctggttaaat ttactttaca ttttgatatg tattcagttc tcagataaac     26940
     acactatgga ggttcctcag tgtatgatgg ggttacatca tggggttaca tcccaatgaa     27000
     cccggtgcaa gtcgaaatgt gctaggttag agacgtactg gatccatata acctgctgag     27060
     catcacagct cagcccagcc tgccttacgt gtgctcagaa cactcatgca agcctgcagc     27120
     tgggcgaaac catctctcac aaagcctgtt tatgataaag tgctgaagat atcaggccat     27180
     ttcttgacta ctgccctgaa agtgaataac agcgtagttg ggtgagcact cagagtacag     27240
     tttcacacca ctgtaaagtg agaaatacta agtccaacca tcctgaggcg gggaccatct     27300
     gtgtattgtt gagtctgctt tccatgaatc atgcttcttc ttacatgata aatttaaagt     27360
     aaattaaaag gcatgcatta catgttaaat gggacagagt caatatctgg cttgaaatat     27420
     tatcaatatt ttaaagataa tattaactaa attttataac cttaaaaatg tactgatctg     27480
     aaataaaatt ctcgtgtcct taaaaataac ctgctttttc ccatactaaa caaaaataaa     27540
     ctgactttta aaaaacctgt gggggaaagg acggtttcct caacaggtgg ttctgggaga     27600
     actggatatc tacacgcaga ggagtgagcc agaccctcgc ctcccaggag aactggatat     27660
     ccacacgcag aggactgcgg ccagaccctc gcctcccagg agaactggat atccacatgc     27720
     agaggagtga gccagaccct ggcctcccag gagaactgga tacctacacc cagaggagtg     27780
     tggccagacc ctcgcctccc aggagaactg gatatctaca cacagaggag tgtggccaga     27840
     ccctcgcctc ccaggagaac tggatatcta cacacagagg agtgagccag accctcgcct     27900
     cccaggagaa ctggatatcc acatgcagag gagtgagcca gaccctcacc tcccaggaga     27960
     actggatatc cacacgcaga ggacggcggc cagaccctca cctcccagga gaactggata     28020
     tccacacgca gaggagtgag ccagaccctc gcctcccagg agaactggat acctacaccc     28080
     agaggagtgt ggccataccc tcgcctccca ggagaactgg atatctacac acagaggagt     28140
     gagccagacc ctcgcctccc aggagaactg gatatccaca tgcagaggag tgagccagac     28200
     cctcacctcc caggagaact ggatatccac acgcagagga ctgcggccag accctcacct     28260
     cccaggagaa ctggatatcc acacgcagag gagtgagcca gaccctcgcc tcccaggaga     28320
     actggatatc cacacgcaga ggagtgaacc agaccctcgc ctcccaggag aactggatat     28380
     ccacacgcag aggagtgagc cagaccctcg cctcccagga gaactggata tccacatgca     28440
     gaggagtgag ccagaccctc gcctcccagg agaactggat atccacacgc agaggagtgt     28500
     ggccagaccc tcgcctccca ggagaactgg atatccacac gcagaggagt gtggccagac     28560
     cctcacctcc caggaaaact ggatatccac atgcagagga atgagccaga ctctcgcctc     28620
     ccaggaaaac tggatatcca catgcagagg aatgagccag actctcgcct cccaggagaa     28680
     ctggatatcc acacgcagag gagtgtggcc agaccctcac ctcccaggaa aactggatat     28740
     ccacatgcag aggaatgagc cagaccctcg cctcccagga gaactggata tccacacgca     28800
     gaggagtgtg gccataccct cgcctcccag gagaactgga tatccacacg cagaggagtg     28860
     tggccagacc ctcgcctccc aggaaaactg gatatccaca cgcagaggag tgagccagac     28920
     cgtcacctcc cacccgagcg tgcgctgact cacagcgaat agcagagtgg ctggacgcac     28980
     acttggccag aacatacatg aactcagagc taaatgtgag acctaaaaca tacagggcaa     29040
     gacctttatg acattggatt tggccacgat ttcctggata taacaccaaa aacacaggca     29100
     caaaagaaaa aaatagataa attgggtttg atgacactca aaacgtttgt gcgtcaaagc     29160
     gcaccatcca gagagcgaaa agacaaccca tataaagggg gaaaagattt gcgaatcaaa     29220
     ttgcagtggg ggattaatat ccagaacatg taggaaactt ccacaactca actacaataa     29280
     cgatggaaaa ccatctcgtt cagaaaacac aaagtacttg aacacatgtt tctccaaaga     29340
     agacacacaa atgacctcag gcacaggcag aggcgcttgg cgtcaccaaa atcattgggg     29400
     aagcatgatt cctcagtgca attccacctc atgccatgtg cgtgactctt accgaaaaaa     29460
     acagaaagta acaggtgctg gtgagaaggc agagagatgg gaacactgcg ctattgcagc     29520
     agctagggag aacagggtgg cggttcctca gagttagaaa tggaattccc ataggagccg     29580
     gcagccctat gtctgggtgt ccatggagaa caactgaaag cagggtcttg aagaggtatt     29640
     tgcacgccag gttcacagca actttatgac agcagccaaa gggtggatgc aaggccagca     29700
     tctgtggacg gatggacaga ggagcaaaat gtggtccatc cacactgaca gatgtcacca     29760
     gccctaagag gagggggtgc agacatatgg cataacatgg ggagtcctga ggacatgtgc     29820
     ccagtgaaat aagccagtca ccaaaggaca catacagcac aacacaggga accctgggga     29880
     cactgcccag tgaaagaagc catcactaga ggacacagac tgtgtgattc cacttgtgtg     29940
     aggtccctgg agtcatcaaa ctcagagaca gagggtagag tgggctgccg gggtgggggg     30000
     aggaacaggg gtcagtgttt actggggaca gagttccagt ttgggatgat ggaaggttct     30060
     ggaaatgggt ggtggagatg ctcgcacaac gttgtgaaca catacaatgc taagaggcgt     30120
     gcacctaaaa acggttagga cgatccattt tctgttttgt gtcgtttacg taactatgag     30180
     attctgtatt actgagaaaa aggcttgaga gaaccagaag tgtcacgtaa agtgtgaggc     30240
     gtgagccgtg agcagtgatt gagcccagac ccccgcgacc agctctgctg ctggccctgc     30300
     ctgaagctgc agcagcccct gcccttggac ccctgagtct gtggggcctg cactgctgca     30360
     tctctggctg ccctgtgccc agaaacccac cctccatcct tccacactca gagcctcctc     30420
     ccagctgagc accctcccct ctgctatggg gcatctgtgg gccccccagc tcccaccctg     30480
     cagacgtctg tgggctctgc ctctcccgtc tacacctgga ggcccagagg ggctcctgag     30540
     ggccacctgg tacccggtgg gtacccagcg agggtctggc aaggaggtca gctcagctgg     30600
     gcagacacat gcagcccgga ggcctggggt gtccgggtcc cacgaagcca ggagaacaca     30660
     gatggggccg actctgccgc gcggtctcct cactgtgctt cctgcaatca tgccttgtac     30720
     agcctcctga caggccaccc tcagccccat gtggccagca gcaagggctg ctgttgcacc     30780
     ccaagcctct ccgtctaggg gaagaaggcg cgtgaagatc tttctcagaa aggacaagcc     30840
     cacagcatct gcgtcggtgc ctcctgcctc tgacagggct cctggcgccc atggcggctg     30900
     gggtttcacg ggggcgaggg gctgggccac acttgtctgc atcccggggc ccttggctca     30960
     gtggacaaaa cagctttaaa gttcaaggat aactcaaatt ggattttaga aatacaaagt     31020
     cttaaaacat ttgtaccaga ctaagggatt acactcttaa cttatccaca gaaaggcttt     31080
     tgaagaggtg gggaaaggta gctcagattt taaattgggg cctcaaaacc tgcctgtctg     31140
     cggctccttc ctttgcctgg ctgctattat caaaaggtaa aatgtcttag actattgaaa     31200
     aaaggatttg cataaattgc ttttacctgc ttcttatatg aggttaatga aattggaaca     31260
     aaaaggaatg aattcccaat cccagaccag aacctcaaat cccccagaag agacttccat     31320
     gagccccact gagcccaggc atgaagaact ctttctctgg gtccaggagt ggcaccacct     31380
     taatcagctc tcctcataaa tgtcccaagg agaccaggaa acagcctcga gggagacggc     31440
     gctgacccgg ggccagggga gtttggctca cgtgatccag tcacacagag gtcggtcgtt     31500
     gtctggacac agacaatggg aatctgggct gataccgggc ctttgaaaat agtcggggag     31560
     gaaaacagaa aagatgcaga agttgataat tgctttgata tacccatctc tgtttttttt     31620
     tttggacaga attcctatta aatacaatat agagtatttc attttctgca tctgcccatc     31680
     tttgaatctt catgtatttt taaaaaagaa tgaatttaaa actctaatcc acttggccca     31740
     gatttgtttt gggaggcagg tgggaaccca tgagctgtct tgagcacagt ggctggagtc     31800
     tgtgcggtgg ctggaaccct gggctctgga gggctggatg ccttcaggtc ccggaccccc     31860
     cactctgctc ccgtggacag ctccatcttc agcagctccg tgcataggga ctcctgggaa     31920
     gacttctctt tgaggaaatg tttccgctgc taaaatgcaa agttccccga aggcaggtgg     31980
     gcactgtgct ggtgctgtcc gagtggagcc tctggtgagc cggacaccat caaacaacat     32040
     cagagcttgc aaaaggagct ctgcagtgcc tgagacctgc aaagggccat cctggggtcc     32100
     gagggcttcc tggtcctgac ccagtcctgc agggaggtcc tgggagggtc gctagggtga     32160
     ggacgctgag agcccatgtg ctggaaagga cccaggaaga gggctgaggt ctcacgcctg     32220
     gcagagatgg tgcccaggta gtgactgcac cacacccata agggccacct gctggccacg     32280
     tggaggacgg ggagcggcag gcggatgagg gaaggaccgt ccatttgact gggccacagg     32340
     tgtttagatt aaacctgatc cacgtgtgtc tgtgagtgtg actcggagga gtccagcatt     32400
     ggattcagtg ggccaggaac agggcattct tctctccagg gagcagaaac cacaagatag     32460
     acatggccca ttgtgctcga gggtcacttt cattggaaga tttagagaaa atgattttta     32520
     tacaataacg atatgggctt atagggtaaa gtccacattc gcataaaatt ttaaccaagt     32580
     agggacagag cctggcaatt ctgggttctg agacccctgg ggatggcacc tgagtcccac     32640
     tcaggccacc acccctgccc ccccccgggc actcggggtg aagctgtgtc actgtggctg     32700
     gacacatgtc ctggaatcag agttgctctt taactgtgtc tggctttaag gctcgtcttc     32760
     tacgccagac aaagtaaact tcctggaact gttttttgaa atgtggctac tgtcctttcc     32820
     tcttctagaa aaacgaggat gaggagccaa aacagaggag ggtgtcgcaa gcggcagaca     32880
     tttgaaagca gcttaagccc ctgagccccc tttctggggt tcctgggcaa gaggtcgcac     32940
     gcctggccga ggtggtgccc caggggtgac agcggttgcc ctcctgtatg gcacaactga     33000
     aaataaaggc tgggccattt ccccctccat ctgccaaaat cccattactg aggttgtcaa     33060
     aatgcttcaa cctctcttaa aatgcagtga gattgcttca cgatgaaggg tatgaccaag     33120
     tggaattgta cacggtatag ttaggaggtg atgatgacca cagtggggtc tttaaaacag     33180
     tgcacggccc gcctagggga cagagccggc cctcccaaca cttccccgct acagaggcgt     33240
     tctgtggccc cggggctgct ccccgcctgg gcacatggcg gagacatgca agccacaggg     33300
     gagggctctg acctcggcgt ggctcccgcc agggacctgg cagctcttcc gcttgttctc     33360
     tctctcattc ctcatgggga ctgcactagg actttcccct tctccccaac tccccaccca     33420
     atgccccctc ttttgtggca ggtgagctca cgtcctgctc tgaagagaaa atggaggtgc     33480
     cacacgtggt ctcctgaact cccagccctg gacgaggggg tcctgtctca ttcaagtaaa     33540
     ccccctgcag ttcccagcag ccttaggaca gcaggctcct ttacgacttc acctctgcgc     33600
     tgcccccact gagaagctcc tgctaacctc gtccagttgt caaatcactt cttagcatgc     33660
     aaaaccttgc ccgcatatca gctgctctgc caagcccacc ctgagttccg aggaaggtaa     33720
     tcgaggtgcc ttcctgaagg tctgcaccag gcagaaagcc ctgttacagc ctagttgcat     33780
     cgtgtgacaa ctgcctgctc ataatgtgaa ctctgcggtg actagaaccg tatctggcat     33840
     atggcagaca ttcagtacaa aacccatgga cagaacaaat aagtaagtcc agaggtctcc     33900
     ctggggacag ggcctgtgtt actcttcctt cccacgcgcc cagcacagtt accctttccc     33960
     gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccatg cgcccagcac agttaccctt     34020
     tcccgtccca tgcgcccagc acagttactc ttttccaccc catgcgccca gcacagttac     34080
     cctttcccgt cccacgcgcc cagcacagtt accctttccc gtcccacgcg cccagcacag     34140
     ttaccctttc ccgtcccacg cgcccagcac agttaccctt tcccgtccca cgcgcccagc     34200
     acagttaccc tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca gcacagttac tcttttccac cccatgcgcc     34260
     cagcacagtt acccttttcc gccccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttt ccgccccatg     34320
     cgcccagcac agttactctt ttccgcccca tgcgcccagc acagttactc tttcccgtcc     34380
     catgcgccca gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt accctttccc     34440
     gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccatg gcccagcaca gttacccttt     34500
     tccgccccat ggcccagcac agttactctt ttccacccca tgcgcccagc acagttaccc     34560
     tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca gcacagttac tcttttccgc cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt     34620
     accctttccc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttt ccgccccacg cgcccagcac     34680
     agttactctt tcccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttaccc tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca     34740
     gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccacgcgcc cagcacagtt accctttccc gtcccacgcg     34800
     cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccaca cgcccagcac agttaccctt ttccacccca     34860
     cgcgcccagc acagttaccc ttttccgccc catgcgccca gcacagttac ccttttccgc     34920
     cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt acccttttcc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc     34980
     ccgtcccatg cgcccagcac agttaccctt tcccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttaccc     35040
     tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccacgcgcc cagcacagtt     35100
     accctttccc gtcccacgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccacg cgcccagcac     35160
     agttaccctt tcccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttaccc tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca     35220
     gcacagttac tcttttccgt cccacgcgcc cagcacagtt actcttccgt cccacgcgcc     35280
     cagcacagtt accctttccc gtcccacgcg cccagcacag ttactctttt ccgtcccatg     35340
     cgcccagcac agttactctt tcccgtccca tgcgcccagc acagttaccc tttcccgtcc     35400
     catgcgccca gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt accctttccc     35460
     gtcccaggcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccacg cgcccagcac agttaccctt     35520
     ttccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttactc ttccgtccca tgcgcccagc acagttactc     35580
     tttcccgtcc caggcgccca gcacagttac tctttcccgt cccaggcgcc cagcacagtt     35640
     accctttccc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccacg cgcccagcac     35700
     agttactctt ttccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttactc ttccgtccca tgcgcccagc     35760
     acagttaccc tttcccgtcc cacgcgccca gcacagttac tcttttccgt cccatgcgcc     35820
     cagcacagtt actcttttcc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttacccttcc accccatgcg     35880
     cccagcacag ttactctttt ccgtcccatg cgcccagcac agttactctt ttccgcccca     35940
     tgcgcccagc acagttactc ttttccgtcc catgcgccca gcacagttac tctttgccgt     36000
     cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt actctttgcc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc     36060
     ccgtcccatg cgcccagcac agttaccctt tcccgtccca tgcgcccagc acagttaccc     36120
     tttcccgtcc catgcgccca gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt     36180
     accctttccc gtcccatgcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccagg cgcccagcac     36240
     agttaccctt tcccgtccca cgcgcccagc acagttactc ttttccgtcc cacgcgccca     36300
     gcacagttac tcttccgtcc catgcgccca gcacagttac tcttttccgt cccatgcgcc     36360
     cagcacagtt acccttttcc gtcccaggcg cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccatg     36420
     cgcccagcac agttaccctt tcccgtccca tgcgcccagc acagttaccc ttttccgtcc     36480
     catgcgccca gcacagttac cctttcccgt cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt acccttttcc     36540
     gtcccatgca cccagcacag ttaccctttc ccgtcccatg cgcccagcac agttaccctt     36600
     tcccgtccca ggcgcccagc acagttactc ttttccaccc catgcaccca gcacagttac     36660
     tcttttccgt cccatgcgcc cagcacagtt actcttccac cccatgctcc cagcacactc     36720
     ttccgtccca tgtgcccagt gcagtcttcc gtcccatgcg cccagtgcag ttactcttcc     36780
     gtcccatgca cccagcgcag ttactctttt ccattccatg cacccagcac agtcataggc     36840
     ttccagggta ggtactgtca atgtttgttc caggaaaacc caattcagct tttcaaacaa     36900
     gatttataca caccttcagg agcaagcatg cttgaatata atgagtctac ctttaaggta     36960
     aatttcagct ctttgggttt gtaatggatg gaaaaaggca ggcaaagaaa caatttcaac     37020
     atcttccagc cccagagatg tacaaatatt ttagcaacat cccagtgact aaatggtgat     37080
     tcagccgaga cgccccaaat aaacagtctc tattcttaac tctgctccca tcttactgaa     37140
     gcgttacaag gctgtactta catctggggt caagccattc tcatttggct tcgaaatgat     37200
     aacacaaaac tgttacaata acctggaact gtaagggtcc tggggatccc acattcagtc     37260
     ccacccgtgt catggatgaa cccgggacca gcagggcagc cagccagagg caaacccaca     37320
     ccaggacctg gcgctcggcc atgtgcctgc gttttccaat attgatgtcg acgtgggagg     37380
     caagttgcta tggaggaaac gcgcacacac atctgagatt attaaatagc agccgctaac     37440
     tgcctcgatg caggagtccc atctccccaa acaaattctg gctgtgatgc caactgcagc     37500
     aggacggtta gtggtgccgc tggcaccgag agcacctggc ctggtggacc tgtctcccag     37560
     acctgctggg gagcgccgtg tgctcagctg aacacggctc ctgtggccac agtcctgtgt     37620
     tgctcccgtg gttcggccgg cgaagctccg tgttcatgtg cacagccaca ttggccattt     37680
     tgacccaaca gacactcaag caactcttgc gtgaatttgg tgggaagatc catcgaatgt     37740
     attgtttttg gactaacctg atgagtccct ttggtaaagc agtcccactg actatgcctg     37800
     tggacccagc tgggtgcagc catctctgac tgtatggtgt ccatcctgag ctccaagtca     37860
     tcagagagcg gccaggagtg catctgactt tgctggtgac ctgcatctta tctgcgtcca     37920
     cactcaactg tgtgcagcgg cccaggaagg tggagggctg ctgagctgct ttagaaaatg     37980
     agggtttgaa gctgcccttt ggaaatgatt aggttgttca aaagtaattg agctttctca     38040
     aaaggcagct ggggctaaaa taaatggaag tctacttaac atattgttaa aaatatgaag     38100
     gggttgaatg gcatcaaaac acattaaatg acagaacatg actcgcctcc ttggctggat     38160
     tctaaactcc tcggggcagg cgctttcttt agtgacactc tcagtgttgt ttgtgggaga     38220
     cgctccgcaa atgtggggag caggtgggcg cctttggtcc ccgtcctcct ggcaggcagt     38280
     ggctgagtac cttctcggga aaggaggccc ccgtgaggct gggtgggctc tgaattcccg     38340
     gtgtgttgat agcgatcggc acatgcctca agccacctgg aagagaagct gccccaagat     38400
     tctccaggcc ctttctgagc tgaaggtgac gtgacagaca ggcttcaaag aagggtcaga     38460
     gacggccggt gggtgggccc cgttcccaaa cacccacctt ggatctcatg ccctggagca     38520
     gagcatgtgt cctggtcctg cctgggcgag gccggcaccc gctgccctag cttcaccact     38580
     ggtagcccca agcatctctg gctggggata catcacccga tcacaccagc ccgagaacct     38640
     tccctttccc accaccattc aaaggaggct gctcttagcc agaaggcctc tgtgttccag     38700
     gcttaaatct gggcgagatt cagggtttaa ctctggcctt gcagttttag aggttgttat     38760
     aggctgaatt gtgacccccc aaatccatcc attgaagctc tgatccccat gtgcctatat     38820
     ttggagacag gacctccaag gagctaatta aggttcaatg aggccaaaag ggcggccccg     38880
     atcctacagg actggtgtcc ttacaagaag agtgagagac accccgtgcc tgcaccaggg     38940
     aaaggccgtg tgaggacatg gggagaagat gctgtccaca agcccgggag agaggtcaca     39000
     ggaagaaccg cccccacccc cgccgccccc cacagcttgg tctgggactg tcagagctgt     39060
     gagaacagac gtgtcctgca gtttaatgca cccagtctgt ggtcctgggc acggccaccc     39120
     gtgatgactt acacacagat gcacgcagac ggcttgggga gcatggccag tgcttgtctt     39180
     agtgtgggag gcttggtgtc cgcccctggc cacggagtct cgtgtctcct gctctttcgt     39240
     ggacggcgct cacctacatc ttacatgcag gtccctccat gttgagtgaa aaaatcagag     39300
     gaggtacaat cccaccagtg cccggctgga cacatattgg ttttggagcc aaggggtaac     39360
     agtttccctc tacaaatgaa aagctcctct ccgtcctggt gggatgggga tgacattttt     39420
     aaagggtaga gtaaatgtgc tcctgcttca ggtgcccttt gcagaggctt cccgagtctc     39480
     ccgggggcaa tgcatcttct cagtaagaag aaaccccagc aagaaatcac accaggcgtc     39540
     ttggataaac agaagtgaac tacgtcctgg ttgcagctgt atttatttca cacattcatt     39600
     taaaaagtta atttgacatg tatttcatga agcttcggta cacacgccac gttgctcccc     39660
     gattttatct tcatgcgtct tccttcacca gacggcctgg cgagctcact ctcctgtctg     39720
     agggctgaga agcccaagct cgccccagac tggggcctgt gtggacgcgg cccccagcag     39780
     tgttcctgtg tccgtggttt ggaggctctg ttcgctgagc ctcagcacga cctcaacctg     39840
     atctgggagt ctgagtgcgc tgggcttgga gggcacgtgt gctgtgagtg agccctacat     39900
     gcaggagcat ggtgctctct ggccgggcag cctcacctcc agtggaagct aagcgttgtg     39960
     cccgggcagg gggcgcaggc aggagggctg agcttccctg gttatcccct gaggcgagga     40020
     cgcagcagca agttcccatc ccctggcctg gcttctctgg gcccaggcgc tcccattcgt     40080
     actcacggtc ctgagttgag ctccagagtg ttcccctaca gggaggggtt tgctttcccc     40140
     agaatggggc ctgggcgtgg cagcccctcc acagaggaag ggccctggtc ctcgggagca     40200
     tttacagcat cgtgggtgcc ggctggggcg ccagccacca aggccacaag gccggcttag     40260
     aaggtctgga agagcctgac taggaattag gatgctgtgc gttaatctgc aaataccacc     40320
     cccgatgcgg ggaggacctg gtgtctgggc gggggaggag gctccgaggg gctcttgctg     40380
     ccttggccag acctgcagca gcagggacag aggctcccgg gaatgcctgg gtcagaagag     40440
     agggctctgc cactcacccc tcctctcttc tcatccatct cctggtgccc caaagggcct     40500
     cactgttcct gtggagagct gttattttga aattatatct tgtcatgaaa gtttcacttt     40560
     taaacactat taaggcctct cggtattata cttcttttga aacatctatt agaataagga     40620
     tctcacaggc agctgagaat caacaggaat gtggccgtac acaataagct ccacgtgacc     40680
     cagggggacg tatctgtgtg ctctgggaag gctgacattt caacattcct ggcgtctgaa     40740
     ttcgacatct ctcccaccac cgggaaggag gcgccccaga ggggagggag gtgctgggga     40800
     gcgggattga gagcctgata ctggcgtgaa gttcatcagc agaggagcga agggaggagg     40860
     gcagggtcaa gaccagggac tcatggaagc atttggcatc ctgtgaagtt tctcagcctc     40920
     tggaggctcc tctctgatgg gagccttatc cgagaggtgg gtgggaggga cgcaggctgc     40980
     cggtgctggt cccgggttgt ttgtggtgca gccagcggct ggtcactcac atgcagactg     41040
     agctgacgct taggacaaaa tccatgtttt ttcattttga ataaaatcac tcgatatttg     41100
     acattttagg cattgaagtc gtcatcacgg ctcatcacag gagaaatcag agctctgtgc     41160
     tgttgtttct ggatacgtgc ttgttttagg gttttgtatg tattatttca gagctccgtg     41220
     ctgtttctgg acacgtgttt tagggttttg tatgtattat ttctagttcc atgaaggggt     41280
     aggggcatca tgtccttagg atgctcacag gtcaaattag ggctgtccca ccagccaccc     41340
     acacatcccc agcgactttg gtttggagga agatggaaaa gagtcaggag agaggggtgc     41400
     agcccaggag acagagcacc tggaaggatt tgattttaag atttaacttc gcattagggg     41460
     ttttcttcat aggctcctgc aattcagata gtatctttat tccaaggagc tttgagtggt     41520
     ttctgcatca gttttcattt cttgttccca aatctctgtg acatagggag acaggccttt     41580
     ctctaaaacc cactgcagac atgaagagcc acagccgggg gggactcacc caaggtcaca     41640
     cggttaatcc tccatgttcc ggagattaaa gcaaactcca tggctctcag tctcgtctga     41700
     aacttcatgc ctctgaattg cccctgaatt acccacataa cagcagctgg acacaaatat     41760
     aagcagcagc agatgtgatg ttggctggga cagccgaggg aaactggtaa aatgcctctt     41820
     cttcctgact actctctcac cccggcatct gcctccagag tctcgcagcc tttggagatg     41880
     ggtttgcggc ccaggggcac cttcgttgta gcttattcgt ctatgagggg aggaaaagat     41940
     ggtctcctgt aaaaaatgtt aaagtgccag caagaaattg agggtagtat cttggagtgt     42000
     tgtgagaaga gccgtcctga gttctgacgg tcaccataca ggcagagtga cacctgtgcc     42060
     ttcagctgcc ccgaggtcaa ctcaatgcca actgccatct gggactcttg gagagctctt     42120
     tctccccagg tgtgaccaga caaggttgtt atggaatcaa ataccaaatt atggcagatg     42180
     ctaatttcag tcatcttgca cacagatcag ccctggggtc accatactgt gtttttggga     42240
     cactccaaga tggatgtgct ttggttctga cggcagagaa caggacacct cccaaggtga     42300
     ccgcaaggag gcctgagctc ctgggccgct cattccaccc cctctgcgtg ctcacgcatg     42360
     gctccccagc aagacagagc agctttcctc tgacctcttc ctcttccaga agccagagcc     42420
     agccagggtt cagggagagc ggaatcactg ggactgtatg gagtttccac ttttagcaca     42480
     gctggatctt ttcattaatt tttttatatc tacatgggtt taactgtaca ttatattgtg     42540
     cttttttatt gctgattcgg ccagcaggac cccttcctcc atatgccttt tatcacttta     42600
     tttaaccgtg ttgtacacat acacccactt tgctttgtat atggtgagct accttaatgc     42660
     cattgcccag atgcagattt gttattatgt atacattgtt aaatttaaca ctttccttgg     42720
     tggatcaggt tcctgtaggg cacagaacac taacctatca atgacccaga ctcagaaaag     42780
     ccaccagaga accagcaagg tcaaattgct tcggcttcag ctccggaaca tcgtctccct     42840
     ccgtccacgg caacgcggga gcctgaccag ctccggaaca tcgtctccct ccatccacgg     42900
     caaggcaggg ggagcctcac cagctccgga accccgtctc cctccgtcca cggcaacgcg     42960
     ggagcctgac cagctccgga accctgtctc cctctgtcca cggggtgact tcatgctgcc     43020
     atggccatca cctgggttgg gggtgggtag tgcccagggc aggggaaaca cacagagcaa     43080
     ctgaaatatt gtcgtctttc cccagagagg gctccaagga gtggcgggag cttctcagag     43140
     gctcctaatc aatgcttttt cttttaaaca atccacgagc taatgagagg gtggagaatc     43200
     ccatcccgat gggcactggc ttctttccag caagcctcgg aatcacctca gtgcccctgg     43260
     cccacgggat cccaggaatc aagttctgat ggatttgtaa gcagattcgt tcttcagatt     43320
     ataattagag ccgctctctc tccccgcctt tttgaaagtt cccattagcc tgagcaaggg     43380
     ccaaaatatt attggaaaac ccatgggcca ctttgttccc tctgtaccac aggttaaaac     43440
     cctatttact ttgtcagaga ggaaaaaata atcaaataaa ctctccattt cagatgctac     43500
     tgaaacgagc aacaagggaa ggggggagat gatgctcatg tgatttggag gccaaaggtg     43560
     cttctaactc acagtcggag ccaccccacg cctccttcca caggctccat gacggcaaag     43620
     gccctgtcca ccagccctat ggaaaagagc ctggctccag cacctttcct gggacttgat     43680
     ttcctcactt tttaaaatga cttgccaatc aattatcaat tgataatgac tactgattgc     43740
     aacatatctt tagtaagtaa aatgaaaggt gtgtcttact actgctggct gtttccggcc     43800
     aacaagccca agactgagaa ttggtgaagg aaggcattgc ctgtggacct ccctcccatg     43860
     ggtgcccggc ctgctcttag tcccccactg aaggctcttc ggcacctaga gccccatcat     43920
     cccttccccg tgtgtttgct aacgctgttc atcttgtcta ggatgcttct cctccatcaa     43980
     aaccacttca agaatcagtc cctcctggaa ccctccccgg agacgctctc ttcctcacct     44040
     ctctctggac atttgcagga agaagcaaga cccgtccaca tgacccatgc acgattcagt     44100
     ggctctcctc cctctgggag gtcagtttta ctggttgtac gtggagtcct ctaagctatg     44160
     agggaagaag gggacaactg tttggccaaa ccatagtctc tgtggccctt gggaagaagg     44220
     atgttgtgga cactgcacct ggcatctcct gggcttctgt cctctctcag ctttgctctt     44280
     catgtccccg gcatttttaa ctcctagctc agttacttct ctgctcatct ttcctcttag     44340
     acttggggtc cttgagggcc agctctatgt ctggttcatc tttgcattct ccatcagatt     44400
     gcagaagttg tgtcaacgac gaaccaataa atgaatgtgt gcagtcgggt gtggcaggga     44460
     ccaacaatct gaccagcgct ctttctgtgt ggatggtctg gccctgtgtt gacaaacacc     44520
     taaataatcc agcacgattc ccttctagat gtatctctct acggtgactg agtgtgctca     44580
     atgcttacaa ctaggctttt tccaatcacc tgtaactcat gtgaatgtgg tcactgattt     44640
     gagcatcaaa agggccaaag ttatcgaggg cttttgcata tgtagatgga gaacaggtga     44700
     ctggggtaac gcgttattta cctgtattta gatgggcagt ctccagatgt ttttaaacag     44760
     gtgactgggg taaccagcta cttaactgta tttagacggg gcagtctcca gagatttttg     44820
     aaaaggaaga aggaagtaaa ttcagttact tggatacaag taggacagaa aatattcctt     44880
     tgagattgtg agggtattta ttcattgaac agttttagag gtacagagag actacttgat     44940
     gagctgactt ctgttttttt ttttttttcc agaagtgggt atctaggttt gctgattgct     45000
     ggagtaaacg atgaatgtgg atggcagggc agcattttgg aggtgaagcc atctgcagat     45060
     gcgtgtaccc cacgagggtg agaagctcca agcacaccca gaatctaggg tgggggactg     45120
     ttcgcctgag cagcaccaac tccatctcaa gatgtgtgtc tgctgtctgt tgctgttctt     45180
     tgtttgagct ttgaactcct cacataaccc cttaactgtc ctcttgatct tttattcatg     45240
     agcttgacac attgggcaga aagacacagt ctcagtgaga tgataccaac ttggagctta     45300
     gtttcttctt cctaatacct tttgcttgta attccaaagt attgatatta aatactcata     45360
     agtagccaag gaagaggacc atcccactac tcagtttaat ctgtcttgaa aatgcttcgg     45420
     tattgcatga acgtgatgca tgatccaacc caatgctctg tgctaaggct gtgcttgtgt     45480
     tatctgtggt gaagagaacc ttgtaatgaa tggaccactc actgagccag gctgtgcttg     45540
     tgttatctgt ggtggagaga accttgtaat gaacggacca ctcactgagc ctgggcagct     45600
     ccctgcatct gacttctgga gagttctaga gatactcaca ggtcaggagg tctcttgggg     45660
     tgagggcagg ggaggcagct ctgggaaccg accatcagca aaggtcagag acttagatgc     45720
     ccatccagtg ggttcgaatg tcagccgcct tccacagcga ggtctggtaa tgggcttgga     45780
     cctgcctgaa tcctcctggc taagctgtgg agtggagcca ggagtgctgt ctgctcacgg     45840
     tgggaccagc ctgcaatcgg tgcggcgggc tatgcttagg gcctaagaat taggcttccc     45900
     acctgccagc gatacaggca cgggataggc cacattaccc tgcttttgtg actcatcctt     45960
     cctccattta agtgggaccc acacttgtgg ctgggataac aatttccagg ttggctgagt     46020
     tgggctcctg gcaagccatg gctgggatag ctatctccag gttggctgag ttgggctcct     46080
     ggcaagccat ggctgggata gctatctccg ggttggctga gttaggttcc tggcaaggcc     46140
     atggctgggg taacgatctc caggttggct gagctgggct tctggcaagt ccgtggctgg     46200
     gatagctatc tctgggttgg ctgagttggg ctctcggcaa ggctgtggct gggataacaa     46260
     tctccaggtt ggctgagctg ggcttctggc aaggccgtgg ctgggatagt tatttccagg     46320
     ttggctgaat taggttcctg gcatggctgt gaaagtgctg ccccatttct ttgccaccag     46380
     ccacggaagt cgcagctccc tgtgtcctct ttgcacgttg catgtgtcgt ggtgggagct     46440
     gtgaggcggt gccgtgacgg ggcgatgctg ctgcaggaga cgtgctccgg ggcacgactc     46500
     tgacgcagct tagaagagct aatgcttgac accatctgga tccccttcat gctttctgtt     46560
     tttatgggaa gtcctaattc aacacatgtt tcctgaggtg ctactacgtg ctaggttact     46620
     gggtacagca agaccatgga ggaatcagag cgtaaacaag cgggcgcgag gtggtccagg     46680
     catggagggc acagaagccg tgatgctggg gtgggctggg ggtcagctgg cctcaacggg     46740
     gtgaacacag cagctctccc agacatcgaa ggagattcaa ggagcctgaa actcaaacaa     46800
     gtggaagagg ctggaacgtc acctaaggtg ataggaactg gggacccgac ctggcgcccg     46860
     ttcaacagac ccaagcctcc catcccagca tcgggccgtg atgtgccgtc cattacacaa     46920
     cgatggaatc tgctctggga agaataaatg gctctggtga gcatgctcag aattccattt     46980
     taatattaaa aaatttaaaa taattcttgg tttaaaacac aaatagaggt ataatatagt     47040
     agccatctag aacctcaatt taagatatga gattgggtct gcttttgaat tttagaaagt     47100
     agtaagagtc tgctgttttc atgtttaaat gtgtgaggca cttcagtacc atcagaacgt     47160
     gtgcagaaga cggaggatgt ggaagggccc ccaaggacag gtctgtctgc ctggtggaca     47220
     ctgagtgagg tggaggggaa gccacagatc cccactgtcc tcatcactca ggcacatcca     47280
     ggctgatgaa aaagcaacag aatgggttca aaggcctctt accaaacgac tcggggcttc     47340
     cctcagcccc tgggtgttca cttcagccgc accccagtcc cccggcatct ctgaggggcc     47400
     ctgaggcgtg tcacctcact ccccaccacc cctcacttct gcctccatga aatgtgggtc     47460
     cccttccagg cggcaccttc cttacgagga ctacgggtgt ctgagaggcg cctctgagtc     47520
     cctatgccac cgcatctggg ttgggtcacg atgctcccct tgcacggagc taagatttat     47580
     agaccgagac agctccagga gtggccaccc cagcatttct caggggaaga aatgaggatg     47640
     aaagaggtgg agctcgtaca gtcagcaacg gtggcccctg ggcagaccct agagctcctg     47700
     gggccctgcc caggtccttc tgtgtatgtc tcagcccagg tcatcacaga tccagccagt     47760
     gatctgctgg atgagaagct tctgcacgga ctcgtccacc ctctcactgt aaacattgct     47820
     ccagacgaac gcaaggctga gagccggggg tggtctgcgg gaggcaggca tgggggagag     47880
     gacaggctgc gggaggcagg ttgggggaga ggacaggctg tgggaggcag gctcagggac     47940
     agggcaggct cagggaggca ggctggggga gagggcaggc tgcacaatgc tgggctcctc     48000
     cgacaatgct cacctctctt ctcccctcca tttgcacctc agtcctgata tttatctccc     48060
     caaaacgtct gggacactgg gcagaggctg agtgagggtg ccagcatctg cagggcaggc     48120
     tggaggccgc tgctttgctc tcaaatgtca gcatcttttg taggctccag aaccgtgtgg     48180
     ataaagcaaa acgctcaccc aagaggaagc tgatacagca gcaaagacca cccaacgatc     48240
     tggttcctac ccatttccag gcagtcggta aatgaaacct aacatgtttg acgcacgccc     48300
     tgatttgacc atcacaaagc tccttctctg gctgcaggat gcactcagca cgcacgccac     48360
     aaacatggag atcacaggac tccctacaca ccatagtcca tacagggcct tgagtgtgga     48420
     gatcacaggc ctcccctgca ccccacagtc ctcacagggc cctgagtgtg gagatcacag     48480
     gactccctgc accccacagt cctcacaggg ccctgagtgt ggagatcaca ggactcccta     48540
     caccccacag tcctccctac accccacagt cctcacaggg ccaagagcat ggagatcatg     48600
     ggcctcccta caccccacag tcctcatggg accctgagca tgaagatcac gggcctcccc     48660
     tagaccccac agtcctcatg ggaccctgag catggagatc atgggcctcc ctacactcca     48720
     cagtccacat ggggccaaga gcatggagat catgggcctc ccctagaccc tacagtcctc     48780
     acggggccct gagcaaggag atcatgggat tccctacaac ccacagtcct cacggggccc     48840
     tgagcaagga gatcacggga ctccccgcac cccacagtcc acacggagcc ctgagtgtgg     48900
     agatcacggg actccctaca ccctacagta ctcacggggc cctgagcaag gagatcacgg     48960
     gactccctgc accccacagt ccacacgggg ccctgagtgt gatcacggga ctccctacac     49020
     cccacagtcc tcacggggcc aagggcgtgg agatcacggg cctccataca ccccacagtc     49080
     ctcacggtgc caacagcata gagatcacgg gcctctatac accccacagt cttcacgggg     49140
     ccctgagtat ggagatcacg ggactgccct gcacccacag tcctcagcag tttctagagc     49200
     agaagatgcc cattaaaggc agatctcttc cgttcagctg cctggtctgc tgagcagttg     49260
     agggggatgg tgaggcagtg tgggaatccg catgtgttga ggcctgcatc cctgagctgc     49320
     gggcagttga ggtgattctg aggcctgtgt ccctgagctg tgggctgttg aggtgattct     49380
     gaggcctgcg tccctgagct ctgggctgtc cgggtgattc tgaggcctgc gtctctcagc     49440
     tgtgggctgt tgaggcgatt ctgaggcctg tgtccctgag ctgtgggctg ttgaggtgat     49500
     tctgaggcct gcgtccctga gctgtggggt gtccgggtga ttctgaggcc tgcatctctg     49560
     agctgtgggc tgttgaggcg attctgaggc ctgtgtccct gagctgtggg ctgttgaggt     49620
     gattctgagg cctgcgtccc tgagctgtgg ggtgtgcggg tgattctgag gcctgcgtcc     49680
     ctgagctgtg ggctgttgag gtgattctga ggcctgcgtc tctgagctgt ggggtgtccg     49740
     ggtgattctg aggcctgcgt ctctgagctg tggggtgtcc gggtgattct gaggcctgcg     49800
     tccctgagct gtggggtgtc cgggtgattc tgaggcctgc gtccctgagc tgtgggctgt     49860
     tgaggtgatt ctgaggcctg cgtccctgag ctttgggctg tccgggtgat tctgaggcct     49920
     gcgtccctga gctgtggggt gtccgcgtga ttctgaggcc tgcgtccctg agctgtgggg     49980
     tgtgcgggtg attctgaggc ctgcgtccct gagctgtggg ctgttgaggt gattctgagg     50040
     cctgcgtctc tgagctgtgg ggtgtccggg tgattctgag gcctgcgtct ctgagctgtg     50100
     gggtgtgcgg gtgattctga ggcctgcgtc cctgagctgt gggctgttga ggtgattctg     50160
     aggcctgcgt ctctcagctg tgggctgttg aggtgattct gaggcctgca tctctgagct     50220
     ctgggctgtc cgggtgattc tgaggcctgc gtccctgagc tgtgggctgt tgaggtgatt     50280
     ctgaggcctg cgtccctgag ctttgggctg tccgggtgat tctgaggcct gcgtccctga     50340
     gctgtggggt gtccgggtga ttctgaggcc tgcgtccctg aggtgtgggg tgtccgggcg     50400
     attgtgaggc ctgtgtccct gagctgcagg ctgttgaggt gattctgagg cctgcgtctc     50460
     tgagctgtgg ggtgtccggg tgattctgag gcctgcgtcc ctgagctctg ggctgtccgg     50520
     gtgattctga ggcctgcgtc tctcagctgt gggctgttga ggtgattctg aggcctgcgt     50580
     ccctgagctg tctggtgtct gggtgattct gacccctgcg tctctgagct gtagggtgtc     50640
     tgggagattc tgaggcctgc gtccctgagc tgtgagctgt tgaggtaatt ctgaggcctg     50700
     cgtccctgag gtaggagctg cccgggtgat tctgaggcct gcgtccctga gctgtggggt     50760
     gtctggggga ttctgaggcc tgcatctctg agcagagggg tgtccgggca attctgaggc     50820
     ctgcgtccct gagctgtgag ctgcctgggt gattttgagg cctgcgtccc tgagctgcgg     50880
     ggtttctcgg taattctgag gcctgtgtcc ctgagctgtg gggtgtctgg gtgattctga     50940
     ggcctgcgtc cctgagctgc ggagtgtctg ggtgattctt aggtctgcgt ctctgagctg     51000
     tggggtgtcc gggtgattct gaggcctgcg tccctgagct ctggggtgtc tgggtgattc     51060
     tgaggtctgc gtccctgagc tgtgggctgt tgacgtgatt ctgatgcctg cgtccctgag     51120
     ctgtgggctg ttcaggtgat tgtgaggcct gcgtctatga gctgtgggct gttgaggtga     51180
     ttctgaggcc tgcgtccctg agctgtgggc tgtccgggtg attctgaggc ctgcgtccct     51240
     gagctgtggg ctgttgaggt gattctgagg cctgcgtccc tgagctgtgg gctgttgagg     51300
     tgattctgag gcctgtgtcc ctgagctgtg ggctgtccgg gtgattctga ggcctgcgtc     51360
     cctgagctgt gggctgttga ggtgattctg aggcctgcgt ccctgagctg tgggctgttg     51420
     aggtgattct gaggcctgtg tccctgagct ctgggctgtc cgggtgattc tgaggcctgc     51480
     gtccctgagc tgtgggctgt tgaggtgatt ctgaggcctg cgtccctgag ctgtgggctg     51540
     tccgggtgat tctgaggcct gcgtccctga gctgtgggct gttgaggtga ttctgaggcc     51600
     tgcgtccctg agctgtgggc tgttgaggtg attctgaggc ctgtgtccct gagctctggg     51660
     ctgtccgggt gattctgagg cctgcgtccc tgagctgtgg gctgttgagg tgattctgag     51720
     gcgtgcgtcc ctgagctgtg aactgcccgg gtgattctga ggcctgcgtc cctgaggtgc     51780
     ggggtgtctg ggtgattctg aggcctgcgt ccctgagcta caggctgttg aggtgattct     51840
     gtggcctgtg tccctgagct gtggggtgtc cgggtgattc tgaggcctgc gtccctgagc     51900
     tacaggctgt tgaggtgatt ctgtggcctg tgtccctgag ctgtgggttg tctgggtgat     51960
     tctgaggcct gcgtccctga gctgcgggct gttgaggtga ttctgaggcc tgtgtccctg     52020
     agctgcgggg tgtctgggtg attctgaagc ctgcggctgt gagctgtggg gtgtctgagt     52080
     gattctgcgg cctgtgtctc tgagctgtgg ggtgtccggg tgattctgag gcctgcgtcc     52140
     ctgagctgcg gggtgtcagg gtgattctga ggcctgtgtc cctgagctgt gagctgcccg     52200
     ggtgattctg aggcctgcgt ccctgagctg cggggtgtgt gggtgattct gaggcctgcg     52260
     tccctcagct gtggggtgcc tgggtgattt tgaggcctgc gtccctgagc tgtgggctgt     52320
     tgaggtgatt ctgaggcctg tgtccctgcg ctgtggggtg tctgggtgat tctgaggcct     52380
     gcatctctga gctgtggggt gtccgggtga ttctgaggcc tgtgtccccg agctgtgggc     52440
     tgttcacgtg attctgaggc ctgtgtccct gagctgtaga ctgttcgggt gactctgagg     52500
     cctgcttctc tgtgctgtgg gctccccagg ggattctgag ggctcttttg cttgtggccc     52560
     ttctgcttgg catgcatact caggcctgca acatagcacg tggtcctgat ccttcttcgt     52620
     aatgtgtatt ttactggttg gttgcttgtt gttcataatt tttattatat catcttttag     52680
     agaatgctcg atttagagaa aaaaggatga gttttggaag cagccctacc aatgttcttt     52740
     ctcttgtttc ttgttgtgtg gttttggcca aacgatcaaa acaatcaaat ctctgggtct     52800
     tggcttcccc cacggcaatg aggctggccg gatgtaggga gtgaggcgta gaggatgagc     52860
     tgctactact gcacaggaat gtcccagcct gctgccagct ccttggggaa gcagcaagat     52920
     gccacccagg tgagctgctt cctccgcacc tatgagaggc aggaagtggc aggtaacatg     52980
     gagctgctgg agacccagcc ccagggaccc cctgccaata tctgagtgaa cagttcttgc     53040
     aagctaggaa ggctggcccg aggatggcag ttgtatctgg catttcttgg agtgtctcca     53100
     gtttattttg gaaataggtt ttggcaaaag ttcaaaatgt caaactcctg aggctttcag     53160
     ttgtcctctc cctccggctc cagtgtcgag tacccagtga gctgttgaga gagaaattct     53220
     taaatgtacc gcagcgttca gctcctcagt gggttcggaa acagctggaa ggaagggtgt     53280
     aaagcccgcc tgagatggct tcctcagggt ttgcctccca gagacaccgt ggcattggag     53340
     cagggtgcag ctgcattctg gggtgggcca gctcggcacc atcggccgat cttcctggac     53400
     gagccagggc tcgctggtag gccgtggaac cttctggccg catctttagc ttctctagaa     53460
     agggctactc gaccgtgggc tctaaagagc ctcctcacca gtgagcgtcc tgcccaactc     53520
     tgggaaaacc tcccagatcc tggcggggag ctgctgtgag ctgtggggcc gaggaggctc     53580
     ccgacgccca gtagtaggct ggggggacct gcagccgcag gaccaaggga ttgatttctt     53640
     tctcggttat aaattgcaac tggagacatg ctgacatgtg aagggaagct cgtggatggg     53700
     gggcacaagg caatatcccg aggagagaga caggctcaat tccagtttgc gcgcactgga     53760
     caaagtgagg atggggtcag cgagggagag caggtggaaa gaaaaaaatc catgcggcga     53820
     acgccctggc tgtggcagcg ggtttatttt tgaatgaagg caccatgcat ttaaattaaa     53880
     tgtcagatgt aatttagcac ccaggcatca agaggctgag cgtgtgcagg gaaagccggc     53940
     agctcgcagg agtggctgag tgcctgctct ccagcgccca cggagtgcgc tcgctcggga     54000
     ggtgtctctg tcctcggcgt gggagggtct ttgagaaggt gaagcttggc tgttgctaag     54060
     acacacgaga tcattgtttg gaaggcgttt tcccttctct ctccctcaaa tgactgttta     54120
     attgaggtta ctctgcaccg ctgacacgcg gtggaaagcc cgacatcact tggagaactt     54180
     aatcaaggct gatggagccg cgcgcacaga atcccaactg cccgcaccct ttgtttcatg     54240
     ttcaccaaga ccgaggggac cattcctacg ggatgaggaa acacatctaa cacaggcctt     54300
     ctaaagagag aggagggagg gagggaggga tggaaagggg gaaggacaga gaccaccgtg     54360
     aacacatctc cgcttttcgc tatgggcaga tgcttccata gacatgggac tttgcagcca     54420
     agtgggactt gcagttgccc tggacagccc ggccttgcga gactcccatt ccgatttctt     54480
     gacccctgag ggtagatatg ctcagaaaag ctctggtctt caggctgcaa gctcccaagc     54540
     aggatccacg agctcctgca ccccaaaccc caggctcctc cacacgcact cacgaggggc     54600
     tcttcagagc ccacctgcct gctgtgtctg cagctctggc ctggctcggc tgggttttct     54660
     ccagggtggg ggcaccgagt ggccagggcg gctaagacag gtcggccatc acggatgtag     54720
     cggggaacgt cgtaagtgct gcctcaacaa catggtgact tgtccgaaca tgacctgact     54780
     ttgcatccca gggaaggcac agccacagct tcccatcctc tgagagcccc agagggggca     54840
     ggcttcagga tgggtctgca gctgtgctct gggcgagcac gtgccctcgt ccagtctccc     54900
     ttcctgggca gcccaggcca gagctcccct ggggtcgagc tgggcgactg gtgcgcggtg     54960
     tggctgtcgc ccttttgtgc tggcctcagg gtcaacgcgc actctctctt ctgcttccct     55020
     gtttccagct ggcttcttca cccgaaagcc catcctcgtc ttatcaaatc tgatcctctc     55080
     cccagccaca agctcccacc taacctacag cccacctcca ggtacagagg ccaccctctc     55140
     tgtttccgtc ttcctgccct gattgcagct tcctctccta cctggagtcc agcatccata     55200
     ttttcatctt ttagaacaga ggacacccat caaaggcagc aaaccactga ctctggaaat     55260
     ctgtgattag agatggccag ctccatctca gggatggcga gggccgccaa gacaaggaac     55320
     agccgtggga cagaccctcg cagcagccac gccgcctttc agaagggttc agggcttatg     55380
     acaaacatct ggcagcaccc actcctgctg gaagcccaga cagtcagtga ccagatggtt     55440
     ttgccatggc cggcagtgct gataacagac ggtcaggaga tggatttctg tggtgtggct     55500
     gttctccaag gggcaggaac taactgggag gaaaggcggg gtgtcggcac aggcaccctc     55560
     tccaggcctg cgtgcagggg gcaaggacag tgaagctact gacacttatg tctctgctca     55620
     aatcctaaac gcctccctct gctgacgtcg gaacccacac cccgcgcagt gggcttctgt     55680
     cccccgggca gtgccatgtg ccaggcatgt ctgctgtgct gtgggaggag acggtgctgt     55740
     tccctggccg atgcccactg gaccccacag aggaactgtg ctgtggggtg tggttcccac     55800
     agacccttca tcgggaaagt tgagaactta caataggaag tgcagtttgg tgcaagcttt     55860
     tcccttcctg ccagcctcct gtgctatcag aacacagccc cagacacaaa gcccattaca     55920
     aagtgaccag cacaggcacc agccaccact gcttctcctc ccgtctgggc ctcactccag     55980
     ccctagtggc ctccgtctgg gccgcagctc acagcatggc agtgaccctt cctccaacac     56040
     ccccacctct gaaaatgtcc atgtttctag tcgaagctcc gttctctacc acgtgccagg     56100
     ccccacacct gccttaacgc ctcccctccg ttctctacca tgtgccaggc cccacacctg     56160
     ccttaacgcc tcccctccgt tctctaccat gtgccaggcc ccacacctgc cctaacgctt     56220
     cccagatcgt ggcatgcgtg catggctgca ggtccctgct ctcctggcat ctgcaaccgt     56280
     gccctgccca cctccccatc ccccaccggt tccttgccag gcaagaacca aagccaccta     56340
     gcacagcacc cccatccgcg gccatggctg ctgtccaggc atcacgccca cacctgccac     56400
     caggcccagc atcttgctcc ctcctcatcc tggcaccagc tgaccccatc cttgggaggc     56460
     cttggtctct ggttccccgc tcccctatct gaagtgggtg ctggtgagag gctgggagga     56520
     ccaggcgttg tggctgggat ctgtggcaac ccaggaagga gctgcaactc cgaggagttg     56580
     gggtgtgaaa acaatcgtcc actgtgggct caggaagagc agggcctggt gcgggccctt     56640
     cccgaggaag cctgtggggc ctgagtcctg ggagaagcaa actcaggcct ggaggctgag     56700
     tccgtgtggg gaatgtggcc tgtgctgctg ctcctgtgga ctcacgagcc gtcaggacac     56760
     tgagccacgt tacctggtgc ttctccagca tgggcctgtc tagcaaagca gtggcagtgc     56820
     tctgagctgg gggcaggcgg acatgccccg acactcggct tccaccaaac agggtggtcc     56880
     aagcactgag ttctagaaag aaaaccggga ggaggcggtg tgggaccgtg ggcagacatc     56940
     aacctagacc agcccctgtc cccccttggc tgtgtcagag gtgacagtga cagtggcctt     57000
     ccattctctg cacccactgc actcacggga ctccctctgc aactctgcca gggtggcttc     57060
     atcaccacct ttggaggagg ccgaggctcc ggctggaaag gtgcccagtc tgggggggcc     57120
     cttctcaagg gatctttgtg ttttactgaa gttcacgggg tgcccccagc cctacttggc     57180
     atgcgtgttt tctttgtagt tagttttctt tgtagttatt gggatgccac gtcaagttgg     57240
     tcatttcagg taaaaggtgg cgtaaacact ggagctgcag agaaaggaag gtgcttcatg     57300
     aacactctgc agcggggtgt gcttcaaggg gaggaagaac ttagattata atgcttttgt     57360
     tgttgttgtt tgagacagag tctcactctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcagtc     57420
     tgggatcact gaagcctcac cttccctggg ctcaagccat cctcccacct cagcctcctg     57480
     aggagctggg actatgggtg tgcgctgcca cgcccggcta atttttataa tttttgtaga     57540
     gacagggttt ctccatgttg cccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgggctcag caatctgcct     57600
     gccttggcct cccaaagcgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accacaccca gacaatatta     57660
     taattttact cttaaaaatc tttatgaaag atgtaaatat gtaaatattg agatgtttag     57720
     actattcaag ctgtcaaaga caaaaactac ccagaaaccc agtactgtgc caaatgttga     57780
     gaaaatctgt aattccaaac agtagcttct gatgatgttt gttattttaa aaattacaat     57840
     ttagtcctgg gtacgaatgg gagtatttca gcctttcttg agaagttcat cgaacttcta     57900
     gggcaggttc atgtttacag ctgtgtcttc acgggggggt ttgagaagtt gagtcatcct     57960
     catttgatta taagaaaatg tggtccatat acaccgtgga atactatgca accataaaaa     58020
     gaatgaaatc atgtcttttg cagcaacatg ggtgcagctg gaggccatga tcctaagcaa     58080
     gctaatgcag aaacagaaaa ccaaatgcca catgttctca cttatgagtg ggaggtaagc     58140
     actgggtacc catggacaca aagatgggaa tgacagacac tggggacccc cagagggagg     58200
     gggtaggaag gggagaggga aggagtgaaa aaaaaccacc ccttggctac tatgctcact     58260
     gcctggagac ggatccattc ttactccaaa cctcagcatc atgcaataca cccaggaagc     58320
     aaacctgcac acgtaccccc gattctaaaa taaatttgaa aaaaagaaga atgcgagcat     58380
     ttcccattgg tcacaggccc ttcccacggc agcgtccagc acccaggttc ccagccaggg     58440
     ctgggcgggg ctggcattgt gtaggtaaat gctgcagtgg tttacttggc atctgactac     58500
     cctgacattt tatgggtagg atttgtacca ctgcacaaaa atagttttaa ccaaaaatat     58560
     acttgtgaaa aacagtagga aatgccagaa agaccagact tctttacaat caaagaatta     58620
     cgtgtatgtg tttttaagtg gaattatctg gaagagtggc acttccaaaa gagtttccat     58680
     gaatgagtga ataatgaagt tctaggttag gatctcggct ctgtaattta ttatctgggt     58740
     aaaccagggc aaatttttta atcttttaat taattttttt tttttttgag acaggatctg     58800
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc tcggctcact gcagcctctg cctctcaggt     58860
     tgaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga agtacctggg attacaggtg tccgtcacca     58920
     cgcccagcta atttttgtat ttttaataga gacgggttgc accatgttgg ccaggttggt     58980
     ctcagctgcc cacctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc cactgcgccc     59040
     agcctttaac cttctaaagc tcagcctcct gttttgtgga gtagcagtat ctgcgcctgc     59100
     gctgctctca ctgcgcaatg gaagcaatac agcacggagc ttagcaggga aaggcatgag     59160
     aagctgctag cgtggggact caaggaacat cagcagtgtc cttaccttca taggaattaa     59220
     ggccaaacca tttatgggtg actatgtcag gagaagggag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccct     59280
     gttcctgata gacgagaaac tgctcagggg aaagaggacg tcgctttcca tgtcattatt     59340
     cctcagccag ggttgtgcgg atgggagcgc tggtcactta agcacatgaa gaagaaaaag     59400
     tctttctgcg aaacatggac ggagcctgga acatgcaggg ccacgcgtga gggacgggcc     59460
     gaagtcaggg atgtggggcc aggagccgcc gtgtggggtg gacccctgcc agaaaagcaa     59520
     acgggcagtg gatggactat ggtatgctat gcggctcaca agataaaagt ttttttttaa     59580
     aacctccccc accccctaaa gagatcatta ttgttacgac atagaaaaac ctagccttgc     59640
     agctgaggct gcaccgtgca ggcagagacc gtcgaggaac ccacagcaga attggccatg     59700
     ggtgaaggct gagtctgcac cgtgcaggca gagaccgtcg aggaacccac agcagaagtg     59760
     gcccacggag gaggagcact gagccgcctc ctatggcagc gacacagaag ccaggcctgg     59820
     aaggcagagc gggagagcag agagacatgc tccacgccgc aggcccagct caccctccga     59880
     ctgaggcagg agtgctggag ctctcggcgg ccggtgggga caaggaggac cccggcaggc     59940
     gcgggcaggg ccggggcaac tgggcaggac cccagggaac tttggatacg ggcagaggaa     60000
     ggtcttccag tcggggaagg cgggaggtgt taagatgcaa gcacttggca gttagcgggc     60060
     tatgaggatc ttttctatct cgaagccgtg cgtctttcac ctgttgttcg actggtatgc     60120
     tctgtggctc acaagataca agtttttttt tttaaacctc ccccaccccc taaataaatt     60180
     attattgcaa tttaaaaacc tagccttgca aaacagcttt tgaagaacaa gggaaataat     60240
     tgctcaaagc ccacttgctc tacaaacagg tgatttcaga gacctttgaa aagagcccca     60300
     gctgctgaac ttaacctggg gccccgcgaa tgaaccaggc tccgcccctg acgcccgaga     60360
     caccgcgcac aagaaggcag tgctggatct cccgcagggc cctgaagcag ctctctggtg     60420
     cactgaaaag gcagcaccac gtggtggatc atccacgggg cagccccagg gcaaacgtgg     60480
     tgaagccagg ggtttgcggg agggacagcc ttgccggtgc gggggacgcg gtctcgggac     60540
     tgacggcgca ggggacgcgc gggattgacg gagcgggaga tgcggtcgcg ggatgggatg     60600
     tgctccccgt agctcccggc gtggctgcag tgggccggtt gcggggaaga aaagggccgg     60660
     tgtcgtaatt gactggacag gtactaatgc cgaccacatc caaatatgga tgatgacgag     60720
     cgtggtgttg cccacagtcc aggcctgtcc aggcgccatt ccccgtggcc tgcacgctcc     60780
     tgggtcatgc tccgctcagg cggctccttc agtgaagttg cacagcagtc agggtaacct     60840
     ccatgtcccc aaagggcaag accggctcag aggcgaggta ggtggcacga ggccacacag     60900
     ctggtcagct cagccgggct gggacgcggg ccccagaccg tggcccccgt gcagctctgg     60960
     gtccagctgg ccaaggtgga ctttgcacaa ggtttgggag gctaaaggga gccgaggcag     61020
     gtggcagctg ctgtgctggg aaggctgcgt gcgcggggca tcctctcttg gcccgggtgg     61080
     gcggacgcag gggtccctgg aggacgggac tggcatgtct cctgcatccc gcggtgtcct     61140
     tgctttgtgt ccaggtccct cctgaccccc gcccatccac cctactggct cagagacgtg     61200
     gaggcagtgg tcccttcccc agctccccac gctacccccc aacccttgct gcacagcaga     61260
     aggccctgct cagaaaatcc ctgatttcac gggactccta gtggctctgc ctcccggatg     61320
     gagccctgcc tgcgtggctg ctctgtggct aacaaacagc gtgctcctgg tttccctgcc     61380
     acggtacgcc cctccagcca cgtcaggcca ttgctcaact ggaggagtga catcgctcct     61440
     taactttcat acctaggttt atgtcatact ttccaagtta cacaagtcac atcaaataat     61500
     tccgacgttt caagaaaaag gcaagtgact ctattattcc tcgtttctct tgggtctgaa     61560
     aaatcatgtc ctgtgaagcc cttcagacct gcctggggtt cgagtccctg gatctgccgc     61620
     tccccccttc cctctcctgg gagcatcggt gcctgggcgc cgtgggcgca ggcggtcggc     61680
     attgttactt aggtccgagc taagttacgt ctcctctgcc caaatcctgt caatgcagca     61740
     ccgtgtccac catgcgccaa gggagcctgc tgggctgaga tgcacctgtt taggcagcat     61800
     cggggagcga tgttcctgag gagctgggag gccctgcttc ctggatggac tggctcctgc     61860
     gggaactccg gcaggtggga gaacccgagg tggacagagg tctgctagtg tcagccgctt     61920
     ggcccaggag cctggcgtgt ccagtgtcag ctccttgtaa gcccatcagg gccgcttcat     61980
     taaagttgaa tttaaagcca gactttaaag aatgaactgc tgtcttttca aaggcctcct     62040
     tcaaatggaa gacggacacg tgtgactcag acatgtgggg ctcactgtcc ggggcggcct     62100
     ggctttttat cttcagcggt tgctgttatt ggtcaatgat gttggtgttc agatctgcaa     62160
     gttctggact catgactttg aggctttaaa aattacttta acaaataatg tacgcgttga     62220
     gaatggtcgc ctgggcagcg attataatgg aagttctttg tgttatatct ttcaaaatgt     62280
     gccagtccat gtggggtgct ggtgctttgg ggcaccagcc cctgcccctc tcttggggag     62340
     gagctggatg gaacacaagt ccagcactca cagaggctca tcctgagttg tctgcccagg     62400
     gaacatcagt gagaaccata gtgtaggaag agaccgggcg ggcaaagtgg gaccatccag     62460
     cagcccctac ctgtcagggg gacccacccc ttccttccag ccttccctgt tcacagaggg     62520
     tgctgcaggc cgccagggtg ctgtcccccc aacgccatat cggcattcag aacagatgcc     62580
     atactctgct ctaggggcct ccttctgccc ccacatcacc cactgaatct ctctaacaaa     62640
     catcccccac gtggtgatca gtttcccacg tgctcagggg gttctgcgcc ctgccccaaa     62700
     tcttacagct gatgtggggt agagacagaa tcccacccag gtttggctcc caggagtgtg     62760
     acccaggatg ggacagcgat ttgtgctttg cagagaagtg aactcagcag tcgggatgca     62820
     gggtgcacgt tctcggtgtc cccacgttca gctctacatg cacgacccca aacttcctaa     62880
     aggctcatga cgcaaataaa accacaagtc ctgccctcga gagatcatta tctgggccca     62940
     gagcagctgc tccacagaag tgcgaaggag aatgagcaga gccagtcctt cctgtcctct     63000
     ccctgtcctc cctcccatcc tccccacctc ccacatcttc cctgtgctcc ccgagtcttc     63060
     tccatgcccc tcagccctct tctggccaga tccagcctca ccccatcacc attgctattc     63120
     agcggtcaca gtctccactg acacctgctg gggtacttgc cttttaacaa ggcatccaaa     63180
     ataagaaaaa acttttcaga atgcttgtga tttttgtata ttgattttgt atcctgagac     63240
     tttgctgaag ttgcttatca gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacaatgg ggttttctag     63300
     atatacaatc atgtcgtctg caaacaggga caatttgact tcctcttttc ctaattaatt     63360
     gaataccctt tatttccttc tcctgcctaa ttgccctggc caagcattct tatacaccaa     63420
     caacagacaa acagagagcc aaatcatgag tgaactccca ttcacaattg cttcaaagag     63480
     aataaaatac ctaggaatcc aacttacaag ggatgtgaag gacctcttca aggagaacta     63540
     caaaccactg ctcaaggaaa taaaagagga tacaaacaaa tggaagaaca ttccatgctc     63600
     atgggtagga agaatcaata tcgtgaaaat ggccatactg cccaaggtaa tttatagatt     63660
     caatgccatc cccatcaagc taccaatgac tttcttcaca gaattggaaa aaaactactt     63720
     taaagttcat atggaatcaa aaaagagccc acattgccaa gtcaatccta agccaaaaga     63780
     acaaagctgg aggcatcaca ctacctgact tcaaactata ctacaaggct acagtaacca     63840
     aaacagcatg gtactggtac caaaacagag atatagatca atggaacaga acagagccct     63900
     cagaaataat gcctcatatc tacaactatc tgatctttga caaacctgag aaaaacaagc     63960
     aatggggaaa ggattcccta tttaatgaat ggtgctggga aaactggcta gccatatgta     64020
     gaaagctgaa actggatccc ttccttacac cttatacaaa aatcaattca agatggatta     64080
     aagacttaaa cattagacct aaaaccataa aaaccctaga agaaaaccta ggcattacca     64140
     ttcaggacat aggcatgggc aaggacttca tgtctaaaac gccaaaagca atggcaacag     64200
     aagacaaaat tgaccaatgg gatctaatta aactaaagag cttctgcaca gcaaaagaaa     64260
     ccgccatcag agtgaacagg caacctacag aatgggagaa aatttttgca acctactcat     64320
     ctgacaaagg gctaatatcc agaatctaca atgaactcaa acaaatttac aagaaaaaaa     64380
     ccccatcaaa aagtgggcga agaacatgaa cagacacttc tcaaaagaag acatttatgc     64440
     agccaaaaaa cacatgaaaa aaggctcatc atcactggcc atcagagaaa tgcaaatcaa     64500
     aaccacaatg agataccatc tcacaccagt tagaatggca atcattaaaa agtcaggaaa     64560
     caacaggtgc tggagagggt gtggagaaat aggaacactt ttacactgtt ggtgggactg     64620
     caaactagtt caaccattgt ggaagtcagt gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactgga     64680
     aataccattt gacccagcca tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggact ataaatcatg     64740
     ctgctataaa gacacatgca cacgtatgtt tattgcagca ttattcacga tagcaaagat     64800
     ttggaaccaa cccaaatgtc caacaataat agactggatt aagaaaatgt ggcacatata     64860
     caccatggaa tactatgcag ccataaaaaa tgatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacatg     64920
     gatgaaattg gaaatcatca ttctcagtaa actatcgcaa aaacaaaaaa ccgaacaccg     64980
     catattctca ctcataggtg ggaattgaac aatgagatca catggacaca ggaaggggaa     65040
     tatcacactc tggggactgt tgtggggtgg ggggaggggg gagggatagc aatgggagat     65100
     atacctaatg ctagatgacg agttagtggg tgcagcgcac cagcatggca catgtataca     65160
     tatgtaacta acctgcacaa tgtgcacatg taccctaaaa cttaaagtat aataataaaa     65220
     aaaaaagaga aaaaagaaaa aacttttcag agccaaagga gagaggtggg agcatggtgg     65280
     ccccaggcac cgcatgcagg gaggggtatc agggcccccc ttgggaagtg tgtccctgcg     65340
     tgtccaaggc cctgcagcca caatccagcc ccgcccctga aaagcatgtt aggcccaggt     65400
     gctggtgccg gaggctaacc ctccatcaga gcccacagcc gcccactcac ggtcggtcac     65460
     agggctaacc ctccatcaga gcccacagcc gcccactcac agtcggtcac agggctaacc     65520
     ctccatcaga gcccacggcc gcccactcat ggtcacagag ctaaccatca gagcccacgg     65580
     ccgcccactc atggtcggtc acagggttaa ccctccatca gagcccatgg ctgcccactc     65640
     acaggcacag agtccatccc aggccacagt gggaaggaga gggagatgcc ctgaggtgtc     65700
     cagtccaact caaatttcca gccacataca ccatgacctc tggcgtgatg tgccctcctc     65760
     atttttctct cccttccctt ttccaacaaa agctcagccc tggtgatgac agcacagact     65820
     ccagctctcc agaggcccaa gacagcctgc cccagtcact gtggccatgg ggcggccttc     65880
     gctctgaggc acaggttggc ggtggccctg agccaggctg gtgtggcctc gagtcccttc     65940
     tcctagcccc aaaccccacg gcacagttgg ggatcctctc ggctgggtcc ccaggggagc     66000
     tgcacactga gcctccacct ccttttcaga gttgggagca gctgcccccc tggccatggg     66060
     ggaaggccac gcccctaacc tgactgcaga ttaaattctt ctggaaatct tagcctgcct     66120
     cactgcttgg tttcctcttc attcggaatt aattcctccc ttggatgctg agggctggtg     66180
     gctggtcctc tcttcgcagt gcagtcactt gctggagtct cctgagggca ggagagcccc     66240
     ggcagtggta ggaggaggct gcaccgggca gggttagggg ctgctgggcc tctgctgtgt     66300
     ggccactgcc ccatgtggct gccccatccc ccagagcacc acggtgccca ccttttgttt     66360
     tcagagaagc aacaacacct catattcagt ctaacctgtg accattttcc aaacactctc     66420
     atgttcgttt gatcttcatg atgtccgtga acacagggaa gctttagtcg cagccacatg     66480
     agtggagcat gtggaggcta ggagaggcca tgcacgcacc ctctaggatg gccgtaacta     66540
     aacacacaca cacaacaaaa acgtgctggc gagaatgctg aggaatcgta actggcacac     66600
     tctgcaggga ggaatatagc atgatgcagt cgctgttagt gggtcctcaa aaaactaacc     66660
     acagaatcag cccaggaccc agcagttcca ccaggggcat atgcccaaaa gcaccgaatg     66720
     cagtgactca gagagagatt cgcacgccca tgttcatagc agcagcgctc acagaagcca     66780
     agaggtgagg ccacccaagc gtccaccaat ggaagaaaag ataaacatca tgtggtccac     66840
     ccacacatgg gaatattact cagcactgaa aaggcagaga ttttggatgc aggctacaac     66900
     atggatgaac cttgaagatg ttatgctaag tgaaataagc cagtcacaat atgataaaca     66960
     ctgtgtgatt ccactcgtat ggggtcctta gagtcatcag atccatagag acagaatgta     67020
     ggacagtggg tcctgggggc tggggagtta gtgtttaatg gggacagact tccagtgtgg     67080
     aaagatggaa agagttttag aagcagatag tgatgatggt tgcacagtat tttgaatgta     67140
     aatactacca ctaaattgta catttaaagg ttaaaaatca caaatgttat atattttacc     67200
     acaataaaaa attaaaaaat aaaagagtga gagactgcgt gcctggcata cagcagggga     67260
     caggagccga ttgtctgtcc tacagctggg aaatgatcca tcctgccatt catccatcca     67320
     tccatcaagc actcatccat ccttccatcc ttcatccacc catccatcta cccatccatc     67380
     catccattga tccatccata tccatccatc catatccatc catccaccca cccacccatc     67440
     catctaccca tccactttca tccatccaac catccatcat tcttccatcc atccatccat     67500
     catgcactca tccatccctc catccttcct ccatcatcca tgcatccata cctccatcca     67560
     tccaaccacc catccttccc ccatccatcc actcactccc catccatcct tcatccatcc     67620
     atccatcctt cttttatcca tccaaccatc catccatcat tcctccatgc atccatcctt     67680
     cacccatcca tccatccttc tttcatccac ccacccacct gtcattcatc atccattctt     67740
     cctccattca tccacccatc caaccatcca tccatctttc cttcatccat ccctccatca     67800
     tccatccacc catccatcat cctttcaccc atccatcatc cactcttctt ccatctatcc     67860
     accatccctc atccgtacaa cccatccatc atccattctt cctccatctg tccacccttc     67920
     acccatccat ccatccttct ttcatccacc cacacaccca cccatccatc catccttcct     67980
     ccatccattc acccacccat ccatcatcca tcatccattt ttcctccatc cacccatcca     68040
     ctcatccatc catccatcat tgctccatcc atccacccac ctacccatcc atcatccatt     68100
     cttcctccat ccgtccaccc ttcacccatc catccatcct tctttcatcc acccacatac     68160
     ccatccaccc atccatcatc cattcttcat ccattcaccc ttcacccatc catccatcct     68220
     tctttcatcc acccaaactc ccactcatcc atccatcctt cctccatcca ttcactcacc     68280
     catccatcat ccattcttcc tccatccatc cactcatcca ctcatccatc catccatcca     68340
     tcattactcc atccatccat ccatccaccc acccatccat ccatcatcca ttcttcctcc     68400
     atccatccac ccttcaccca tccatccatc cttctttcat ccacccacac acccatccat     68460
     ccatccaacc atccatcctt ccttcatcca cccatccatc caaccaacca ttcatccttc     68520
     ctccatccat ccatccatct atccgcccac ccatccatca tccattcttc ttccattcat     68580
     ccatccatca tccatctact tatccatcat ccactcttct tccatccatc caccatcccc     68640
     catctgtcca ccaatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc cacccacaca cccatccatc     68700
     catccaacca tccatccttc ctccatccat ccatccttcc atccattcac ccacacatcc     68760
     atcatccatt cttcttacat ccatccaccc atccatcctt ccttcatcca tccatccatc     68820
     atccatctac ccatccatca tccactcttc ttccatccaa ccaccatccc tcatctgtca     68880
     accaaaccat ccatccatcc atccatgcat ccatccttct ttcctccatc catctatcca     68940
     cccatccttc ctccatccat ccattgatcc acccataaac aaacactttc actgaagaga     69000
     cacgggagga atcagaaaaa gctattctca gagcttctat cctagagaat tgctggcact     69060
     tgcagagtgt gtttggatga cttgggtgtt cctcacaaat gcctgtgctg cgggtcctat     69120
     tcttttcccc agtttatgga ggagacacta aggtacccag aactgcaaga acttgctcaa     69180
     tgctccatag catttggctg agacaccatt tcttggagga caggacattg aaatctcaga     69240
     ggctgggtga gacacagggc cactttgcag gtggctctcg aaacacgtcc ccttggctac     69300
     ctccgttggg gccttcaccc tctacttgta gttgatggca ccagaaatgg tcttttctgg     69360
     gcttatgtct ctgtcttcct ggccagctct cagcactggc tcttgccggg tgggtggaat     69420
     cctgtctgat gacccagctg ggagtggctt gtccccctct ggacactgcc agccctcctc     69480
     ctggcaccac ctagcaccat acaatagtca ctccaggggc tgccattgcc acagctcccc     69540
     ctgcagggta ggggccaggc cttggcacgt cttgattcaa atcctggcac ttgcagtgta     69600
     gatgaggagc tctgggcaag gtactgagct tccctggctg cagggaggtt gacatgaagt     69660
     agccaggctg tgctgggcac acagcactcc acgtccatca tccatctgtg gcttatgaac     69720
     gccttgtacc agatttatcc ttggacccta ccaatttaag gggaccacgg aagcttctga     69780
     acaagaagga ggggtttccc tgttcctcct ggcatcttgg ttttacaatg agactgactg     69840
     ccatgttatc tgtgttctta ggataaccca atctttctct ctccttctac cttgataatg     69900
     atgcctgaca ctttgtacgg tgtttgcctt tgcgtacaaa tggctgggaa gtcctcacag     69960
     tcacaccctg cagtaagaat gctcacgaat acagcagtaa gaatgctcct gctctcccag     70020
     gaaacactgc attggggaag tgagtgccca tgggtgcaag tcagcaactg gccagggcga     70080
     ccgctctttc actgccaggc cagtctgcct tccgtggtca caggcgaaca ctgttctgtt     70140
     tggtgctgtg cctctgcagt gtggtgagaa ctgtctatac tcctgctcct cttagaaacg     70200
     ctgtgtgtgt gtggaggcgg tgggaaccag tggtcctggc aaggcctgcc aggctcagac     70260
     ctggagcaga gccaggcccc agctgaagca gaaacttcca gctctgtgct ccttgctatt     70320
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttgtt attgttttta aactcaaaag gcaggtagga cttaggaggc     70380
     aagaaagccc gcttgaggga cattaaggac atgaaggcac agtcatggga cgcttccata     70440
     cacgattcct gcttattgct gacaccgagc ggtaaaaaga gaattgccac tgtgagtcac     70500
     acactctgca gtgtggcgac taatattgat cttccaaacg gtaaaaacaa gaacaaactg     70560
     gaaagacaaa ctctacttca gattgcaact acttaagcat ctttgtttaa caaaatcaat     70620
     aaaaaaagat ttcactaaca agactgcaac ctatatttgt ggctatgaat tccccagatt     70680
     gctggaatat caaatccaga gcacaggaga tgcagagaga gtgaggccca gcaagcctgt     70740
     tttacagtca acggatcgtc ctctgctcct ccgagcagct catctgcgtt cggctgtgcg     70800
     atctgagtgt gttcactgaa gcacagcaca cgggcagaac cgcacgctac atcctcaggc     70860
     tttgctttgg ggccaagaag cgacccccct acagtgacag agtgtggctc cgggccggac     70920
     gccccacgct ggcctcccgt tcccatatcc cggccatgag agcacgcggc cgcaacactt     70980
     gtcttcaagg agccatgatg gggatgacgt gaggctcccc agctcctgga gaggccaagg     71040
     gggctgcgac gccccagccc agccccagct ccaccccaga tgtttctgtt cagaaacaaa     71100
     atcagttaca aaaaaaccta aacacatcac cccacaagaa aagtcatttg gaaaaatcat     71160
     ttggaaatca cactgatttc cttaaaatat aaaaaacatt gatttatctc gatctcatcc     71220
     attctgctta ggggagcagt ttctgcttta attgtagtgt ctttctttag aaaataagga     71280
     caagtgattg gggtgttttg gcacccacag tgccatggca cctatggagg ctttaaagaa     71340
     caaacatgcc ctcggaagaa gttactcggc gaagtcgaca cacacatctc tgagtcagac     71400
     atttcctcac attgtcccct catttgtcaa cacataatta ctgtcaccgc tgtgtgctga     71460
     cgctggcatc aggttgcacg tgccagtcag cataaaaata tggccgtaat gttggcataa     71520
     tttttcatga tcatcttcat taaccacagc gaacgggagg agcgtttgcc tgcacccagc     71580
     catcgtcatg acaacgcctc caccgcggcc agcccagtgt ccaccgaggg cagcggttga     71640
     atgtcctcat tattccgccc cccacacgct ttgcccgtgc caagcaagga ccaacacatg     71700
     ccggtgattt atccccaggc cactcccgac ggcatccagg cttaaggcgc tggtctgatt     71760
     tcacagttta attactgcta atctgagagg ccacagctaa tgagctgccg gcaaccagct     71820
     cgccctgctg gaattccaca ccccttccct ggatgactcc cctcattgtc gggggggcag     71880
     ttaaggaagg tgtattgact tctaggtgtg acaggttgac taagcaccta tggaaacatc     71940
     acagcaatgt caacaggcaa atggaacaca gataggattt tggaattcag ccaccacaac     72000
     tccactgaag acagtatggg ttgctgatac accccagacc ttctgcaggc cttgggtaga     72060
     agatgttggg cttggcttta gccacgccac gggctccctt ggtcctgcat aaaacacacc     72120
     cacacatctt caccaggatt tgtaacagca cagcagacat gtcaccagcc cctccacacg     72180
     gaactctctt ccgcagctcc ctgtggctca gcgcgttcct gcctcccact ccaccacagc     72240
     tccctcccag acctgcaggc ttcacatcta aaacactatc ccaggcgctc ctcacctgga     72300
     ttccctgggg gctgccatgg gcccctccct gccacccgcc cctttgcaca ctttattctt     72360
     cccaagaccc ggcagatggc ctgaaagcac atgtggggct gtggcctctg gtgcaggcat     72420
     catggcttac tgggctttag gatacacacc ccgacctcgg ctaccgcatc cacgcttggc     72480
     cccagcagcc cgtccggcct ggggttctct gtggcttcct tggtctccga gcctccccag     72540
     cactttcact tcccgctgcc accggccccg gtgaatgctg cttctgcttc tagaacactg     72600
     ctctgcaatt tagagatgaa attctggcac ccttaattct atttgtttaa tccagtgaat     72660
     ttaatttcag gaacatattg gaaccatgct tagcttcaga gcagagttta tgtagataga     72720
     atatgactgg aggtttctgc tggtttaagt gtgtcagtca cagaatgcat gatgtcagta     72780
     taacaactac ccttgcttaa tgataacgct aattaaatat tcttagcagc atcatgtgga     72840
     gaaactggat tttcaattaa gcactttctg aggtgagggt ctcagcaggt cccacctctt     72900
     tacgttaaac cggaggcttt ctgctgttgt caggccctgt gcacccagag aatgtaggaa     72960
     ttatgaatgc gtgaagctaa tttcttttca ttttcattca atggtatgtg agcttttcca     73020
     aatacatgat cctactctct cctttgggga gaaatctttg ttaaaaatta gcgctatagg     73080
     ggagcttatt ttgcccaatg acagagcaga tctgaaaaaa gcatcaaatc ttccttcgta     73140
     tcctctaata catccctcca gctcgggtag acggacatcc tcgggaagag cgttcagcca     73200
     gctccagaca cagcaaggtc atgaggcgcc tgcattcaga ttcattgctg ggtgtgctga     73260
     agagggccac acattctctg acgcacttgc ccccgaggtg agacctctgt cctccccacc     73320
     tgagtgtggg ggctgtgggc ccgcttggcc agttgaggca gcagaatgca cctgcccccg     73380
     aggtgagacc tctgtcctcc ccacctgagt gcgggggctg tgggcccgct tggccggttg     73440
     aggcagcaga agtaacgccc tgccagtttc tggcttctgg gctcagactc gagagactgg     73500
     cagctcccat ttcctctctt gggacacttg ttcttgggaa actcgctgcc attctgtgag     73560
     gaagcccaag cagccttgtg gaggctccac atgcagaggc ccagagctcc cagccacagc     73620
     cctggctgag ctccacaact gccaccacaa tgtgccagct atgtagacaa gccctctttg     73680
     gggcgagccc tccagccccc ttggaccact ccagctgatg ccagtggagc agaaacaaga     73740
     cttccctgtc atgcctgacc agattataga gctgagagca aaacagggct ctccaatttg     73800
     ggataatttg ctatgcagat atagattcct ggggtacctg cccccccatt ccctgtctcc     73860
     atctctgata taaaactaat cccacctgct gccagttcat gcccttctgt ggcttgcagc     73920
     agctgacact gacacctctt tgccaactca atttaacagc cacccaccat gtcacgggtg     73980
     cagagtgctg gatctgggac tccacagagc agtgagacac agcccctgcc ctcagggagc     74040
     ttacaactga gtggaggaga aagacacaca cggcacaggg aaaatgtgct ggcaaagcag     74100
     tgcaaagggc agtgcacaca cacagtcaga gacacacaaa cacacagaca cacatgcaga     74160
     cacacaaaca cacagacaca cacgaacaca cacagacgca caaacagacg cagatacaga     74220
     cacaaacaga cacacatgca gacacagaca cacactcaca gacacagaca caaacacaca     74280
     gacacagaca cagaaacaca cagacacaag acacaaacag acacacacgg agacacaggc     74340
     acacatgaac acacacagac acagacacaa acacacacag acaaacacac agagacacac     74400
     acagacacat acaaagacac acatacagac agacacacac acatacacac ggacacacat     74460
     gaacacacac agatacatac acagacacac gcacacacag atgcacagac acccacacat     74520
     agaaatacac acagatacac acacagaaca cagacacaaa cacacacatg gatacacaca     74580
     cacagacata cacatacaca gacagacaca cacacagaca caaacacaca cacaggcaca     74640
     gacatacaca gacacagaca cacatacata cacagagaca cacatagaca cagacacaca     74700
     cacatacaca cagacacaga cgcacacaga cacccataca gacatacaca gacacacaaa     74760
     cacacagaca tacagacaca catagacaca gacacacaca tacacacaga catacacaca     74820
     cacacataca cacagacaca gacacacaca gatacacaga cacaaacaga gacacacata     74880
     gacacaaaca cagtttgtga gagccctggc ccgcagacca tggtggctgc agtgtgagcc     74940
     cagcagagtc ctgctcagtg ctgcccagag acctggggca ggaagtggaa agaggcccct     75000
     gatccaggtg cagctcctgc tcccggaacc gcctgtgaac gactgtgacc tgggcgaatc     75060
     ctgctgcggg cggcctcagc tccacactct ctctaggatg aatcaggtgg agctggcacc     75120
     cagggcgacc ccagaggaca cacgaggctc tcggcattgg gtctcagcgt tgggtctctt     75180
     ggccgggtct ggggggaccc ctgtgggggg tgggagaaca tctttttgaa caaacacgta     75240
     aacacattga gtctttggtc gcttttgcat cttctttctt ctctggcctc tgcgccccag     75300
     ctcctttgtg cgaggtccca tgtgctgcta ggccacgggt ggctgtccag ggtgtggctt     75360
     ggagccgtgg agctggaggc ctgggtgata tggtccaggc tgcatgccga ctccgggtgt     75420
     acactgggta ctggcggggt cttcctgggc cgcctgctcc cctgtaaatg ggcagtgata     75480
     caaccagctt cccagaactc ccagaactgg atccaggcct gggtgagaag gtgccttgca     75540
     cagatgtcca cacatcatcc tcagtgctgg gaccatcaag atgctacagt ttccaaccag     75600
     cagctcatcg cgaggacctc gttctaggca ctcgcagcag acggaggcag gggtcctcca     75660
     cctccgcttt tctgacccct ctctcttcag gacaagcctc cttggtcatg ctccggctgg     75720
     cctttagctg aggtttagct ctacgcggac attagaagca caaaccaagc acagcccctt     75780
     ctgtgagtgg gagtcatgcc tagaaaacaa acaggagaga ggcggctccc aacctccagg     75840
     agatgaaaac ctgttcttac aatgcgtggg actcttaccc tgacgagctc tgcagtcccc     75900
     acagacgcct ttgctcaagc ccacctgcct cttcccagca ccacccgtgt cttcatctgg     75960
     ggagaagagc ccgtgctcag ttttctccat cagcccgctg cgagggccag gggcccctat     76020
     gcactcaaca tcagcttcac aaagatgtag tgggctgtgg ggccaggcgg cttgctgtac     76080
     ctcccaccca agcccagggc cctctcaccc agactttggc ccagtgcctc cctctgtctg     76140
     tgttgcctct gttccttgga gctgtatctt cctcagcctc aatttctctg cccattggtg     76200
     tctttgttcc cgaacctcag cccccaggtc ctggttggtg gggcttgtgt ccgcctcatc     76260
     cagttctgga ctctttgtga tgatggtaac aataactgga ctgatccaag ttgaagtcag     76320
     ttggtgaatg aatcaataaa ctccaactga gagctctaca cagcacatcc taagtgtcat     76380
     acagagcact aagtaatttg ctttttcatt tatacctcac ttcattccag aaagatgcat     76440
     acaagttagc aaagtaaaca catatttaaa aagaggtgac aaaaagaaaa catagggaaa     76500
     acaagaatgg gaaataagtt ggagcctaga atgaggttag tatgcaaaac ccatgacacg     76560
     gacctactta ctaggagctg gctacggatg gggctgtgag ctccctagct gccacgggga     76620
     agagaggaac aggatccaca atgtctatat gacaaaaaca gacaatctat tttttgaaaa     76680
     tcatagctat tcttaaatta aaaaagaaat gttccaggag tcctcacaga gatgcgctga     76740
     atagaatatg caccatcctc catgatgtct ttatacaaca gggcaaggga atgcctaggg     76800
     ttgctggcct caggccaagt aaaaatggct atgcaggagc ccagcatggc ctgggcatca     76860
     tgcctgtcaa gcctggtgaa tcctagggtg ggcctgcgag ggtttagaag ggataaacca     76920
     cgtcaatatt attcttccca accaagattt cactggaagt tgagctgcag tgagtttaag     76980
     aaaatggtaa gccccccatc tctgcacgca gttcataatc taggttgtga gaccacacac     77040
     cggctcatgt gcacaagaca gtgtgcgtgg agggtgacag tgtcggcaaa agtgggctca     77100
     gggctcagag ctgtaactgc ggttaagggg ttaggaagct ggccttgggc tggatccagg     77160
     accccagagt gactcagcct catggtacag cagagggcac gcccgacagg ggaggtcttc     77220
     gagtcaacaa tgggaagtag aaatctgccc aagatgaggg gaccagtccg agtggggagg     77280
     cttccaaaga tgagaggacc agtccgacgg gggaggcttc ctctagagga accatgagga     77340
     caagtcagag tggaggtaaa aggcctgaaa taataactgg tcaaggaaca tggtctcttc     77400
     ttctgctact tacatgccag agtctctgaa agttcttgat gagaacagtg acacaatgaa     77460
     agcaaagtca gggaagatga gaaggtggcc ttgcatccta actgctgtca gcagagtctg     77520
     agggcctgaa aacgtccaca tgccagggag tccctcagtc ctcaggaagg agaaacgttt     77580
     catgaaaacg cgaacagtct cggaacgcct cactccgtca cggcagtgta ggctcagatg     77640
     tgacttggga agatggcgcc actctgcagg acgccgtgtg tggcaaccac tcgctctcac     77700
     ccttcgggtc tgcggcagct actgtcatat gagctgctct ttagagggac agaaatccac     77760
     aggaccccag tttccaccca aattcatgag ccgcagtggc caggctacct cacctcaccc     77820
     tgctgggtct gggcagtccc tattctccca taggcataac ggggacagtg aaggtgcaac     77880
     cagcatggac agggccgagg gatggaagga aaacaaaccc ttgcagttca acccacaggg     77940
     cggaggcggc agcgtgagaa gcttcctgaa tacaggactc gatgcctcga ggagaggagc     78000
     gtggagcacg cccggggcac atggggacac agcagcgctg ggaaggcttc gtcctcggga     78060
     gccggcgctc acatgcaggg agtcgcccag gacagcaagc ctgggtgtgg ggctgaggcg     78120
     ggcgcagcct cggggcagtc cccacacaag ggcaggacgg agcctggacg gaagctccac     78180
     gccctggggt acctgctggg gcatccaggg tttcctgccc caggcccggg tcatggtgtc     78240
     ccccgcaggc ctgcaggctg ggttcctcac agggcatctg ctcaccaagt aagcctggcg     78300
     tggccagaac tgtgtttctt gagttgtttg agccgtttct gttcatgacc tacagtaacg     78360
     ccgctgtctc tgtgatgcta tagggatggt cagtgaggag accgccgcaa aatgcagact     78420
     cagaggtgtg cataggtggg ctgggcccgg ggggatagcc gcagccagct gtgtactcgg     78480
     aggtgggcaa ggagtgaggc ggagggggcg tcacctcctc cctctcctcc tcctcttcct     78540
     ccctcttctc ttcctccctc ctctccacct cctctctcct ctcctttttc acctcctccc     78600
     tctcctcctc cctcctctcc tttttcacct cctccctgtc ctccttctcc ctctccttca     78660
     cttcctccct ctcctcctcc atctcctcct cctccttctc atcttcctcc ctcctctccc     78720
     tctcctcctc cctcctcttc ctcttcacct cctccctgtc ctccttctcc ctctcctctt     78780
     cctccctctc ctcctcctcc atctcctcct cctccttctc ctcttcctcc ctcctctctc     78840
     ttcttcctca ctctcctcct cctccatctc ctcctcctcc tcctcttcct ccctcctctg     78900
     tctctcctct tcctcactct cctcctcctc cctctccttc tccctctcct cctccctctc     78960
     cttctccctc tcctcctccc tctccttctc cctctcctct ctctccttct ccctctcctc     79020
     ctctctctcc ttctccctct cctcctccct cttcttctcc ctctcctcct ctctcctcct     79080
     ccctacctct ccactcccct cctctggtgc tgtggctttc cctcttttcc tcctctcttc     79140
     ctccctcctc tgctcctccc tcctcctgcc tccctctcct ccgcctccct ctcctcctcc     79200
     ctctcctcat gctctctcct ccctctcctc ctacctttcc tcctcctctt cctccctctc     79260
     ctcctccctt tcctcctcca cttcctcctc cctctcctcc ctctcttcct cctccctctc     79320
     ctcctcctcc ctctcctcct cctccctctc ctcctccatc tcctcctcct tctccccctc     79380
     ctcctcgctc ttctcctcgt ccttcctctc ctcttcctct tccctctcct cctcctccat     79440
     cttctccttc tcctcctccc tctcctcctc ttccctctcc tcctcttccc tctcctcctc     79500
     ctccctacct ctccactccc ctcctctggt gctgtggctt tccctctttt cctcctctct     79560
     tcctttccct cattttcttt ctccgctttt cctgttctct tttcaacact tttatcctca     79620
     gtatcatttt ctccacacac aattcaattt tagagaatgc ttgcattttt ttcacattca     79680
     aacagatcca caaattcttg ttagatacac aagaaacaca tacaagtgga attggaaaca     79740
     cgcccatgtc ggtcgctgag ttacagaagg ggccatgcac tgtgacttcc tgatgccaga     79800
     ggacacgcag tgccccacac tgctaagctc agggacgcag ccttcctgat gccggaggac     79860
     acgcagtgcc ccacactgct aagctcaggg atgcagcctt cttgatgccg gaggacacgc     79920
     agtgccccac actgctaagc tcagggacgc agccttcctg atgccggagg acacgcagtg     79980
     ccccacactg ctaagctcag ggatgcagca aggctctggc agatcctgcc tgtcatgtcc     80040
     tgtcccccgg acactatgaa agggcagtcc cgctgcatca gggacatgca tgctcctctc     80100
     acacatgtgg attcagagct agggccagaa ggtgtgctta ggcacagcag tcattcctgg     80160
     gctgctgaca taattcagcg aacttcacat cccagtggga agggcaggct cgctcattta     80220
     taatcagtct gcatgcaatg cctacagtaa aactttgaaa tagaaatgaa aatttcttta     80280
     ttgttattta ctttaaaagc actgaaagat ccaccagaat aagatgtctg ctgaaaagct     80340
     agtttctttc aaccactgct gaggaaaatg gtttaatcca taatattgat gcataattga     80400
     cttgtataac attaaaggac ctttagaaaa atctttacac cacagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     80460
     aaatacccca attcaaacca aacgagagca aaaaccaatt cagacaggaa ccactgaagg     80520
     aattaaaagt tacagaacca gagtctaaag tgagcacagc aaactccgcg gtgacaccag     80580
     agctccaaga acacacagac tccctgtttt cctccctggg gacaggctag gaagtgagga     80640
     aggcaactga ccttctcaaa agccaacgct ccgcctgcat ggctcaggct gacgactaaa     80700
     catgtccacg tgaatgcagg cgtcgaatgc ccaagtacat gtgaatacag gtgtcgaatg     80760
     cccacgtaaa catgtacatg tgaatacagg catcaaatgc ccacgtacat gtgattacag     80820
     ttgttgaatg cccacgtaaa catgtccacg tgaatacagg tgttgaatgc ccacgtacat     80880
     gtgaatacag gcatcaaatg cccacgtaaa catgtacaca ggtgaatgaa tacaggtgtt     80940
     gggtgcccat gtaaacatgt acacgtgaat acaggtatcg aatgcctatg taaacatgta     81000
     catgtgaata caggtgttgg atgcccacat acatgtgcat tcaggtgttg aatgtccaca     81060
     taaacatgta catgtgaata caggtatcga atgcctatgt agacatgtac acatgaatac     81120
     aggcactgga tgcccacgta aacatgtcca tgtgaataca tgcactgaac gcccatgtaa     81180
     acatgtccac ctgaatacag gtgccgaatg cccacgtaaa catgtccacg tgaatacggg     81240
     tgccgaatgc ccacataaac atgtccacgt gaatacaggt gccgccgaat gcccacataa     81300
     acatgtccac gtgaatacag gcgctgaatg cccacatatg caacaagtca atgtcttcct     81360
     atgccactgc tctctggaca gaccacattc tgaaaacaat gatgaagcca cacagtgctc     81420
     agctcaagtc ccaggaactt cctgctttat gctggaaacg ggccacagcg ctcaagcaga     81480
     gctccgctca cagccaggtg gccgtgttct ctgaggggtt gtgccggggt cttcagacag     81540
     tgccctccct ggggtcttgg gaccctcaag caaatgccac ctagaagcaa aacctgactt     81600
     aggtcaccag gtgcaggcct tacatataga ggtagtagcg ctacattgag gatgctggac     81660
     acggcttatc tcctggagga gggctgcctc cttgccatgg gagccccgcc ctggctgcca     81720
     ggcttccctg ggcaaggtca gcaaggcatg tgctcggtgg aggaggccta actgttgcta     81780
     ctcttggtga cctgaggtga aaggtcacgt gctggtcgct tgtgctgagc aaggccttgc     81840
     ttctcatctg accaaagaag accgtgtttc ctgggaccct gcaggctgcc agaatgaccg     81900
     cccacccgct gcccctcacc acacactgct gcactgtgct ccacatcctg acaggcagca     81960
     ggaaccccca aattccctcc tcaggccagt gccctccacg ttgtccccag cagggcgacg     82020
     gagggtgggg gcggcaggct gtctccggtg cttgccttct ctgtctaaat aacttgcttc     82080
     tcaccctgct gcaggagtct ccgaagcaca aaggctgacc ctagactctg gccaggacga     82140
     gctggggtga ggggccccgg ccagaaggat gtcctgatga ggggtcctga gggtctgggg     82200
     aaggcgctgt ggcctgaatg ctcaccctat ggctgggtca cccagggcac cccgaggtca     82260
     tcagcctgag gaagagtgct gggtgatttc attctccctg gttgctgaaa atgagcagtg     82320
     tgtgtcctcc caagcagggc tgggacgcca ctgataccat cgacgtacaa cacgccgcaa     82380
     gcagccctcg aggaatggaa aactctcaga ctgctgtgtc cacacgggtt aataaaaatg     82440
     ctgaccccag ttcccaaggt ccacaatgtc catggagagt aggattttac acacttattg     82500
     atgaactgct atgagttttt gatgatggct tggctagttg aattctgatt cgatacttta     82560
     taattagggc tcactagtga cgagcaaaag cccgtgaaac tgtctttgtt tatgatccca     82620
     ccacgtatct ctactattaa agaattagcc tctgggccgt gtgtcctcct ggtctacctc     82680
     cagcacaagg acgttcctca gagcaaggca tttgctcgct ccccttgctc cttacacacg     82740
     gccttcccac tcccagctaa cacctgaaat aggatgggat agtgcacact ctgaaggtga     82800
     agctttaggt gacgtcgaag catccagcca tatctgtcag tttatataag gggtggcggc     82860
     tgctcagcga ggcctcagga gtgtgaagga ggcttggctg gcggaggggc cgtgctgctg     82920
     gatcagatgg cggaacacgg cccagagcaa ctgaagttcg cttgtcccca caggcagctc     82980
     gacatggtgc agaccgtggc agccaagtca ggcatacagc agccctcttg ctggcttcca     83040
     gtactggctc tgcacgcctt caccgtgaga ggcccctgga caagggactg ccttcctctg     83100
     tgcctcagtt tccctgtttg cacaatgggg cttcacccat ttcgcagggt ggtcacgggt     83160
     attccctatg ttggaatgca tgatggggcc acacccagca cggagagagc acttgacact     83220
     gttgcttgca tgtgcccccg ggccaaggtg gacgagctct ccaaactcgc tttctctgcc     83280
     tcatccgtga tgagctgccc cgcgggtccc cacagatcaa tcaggacaga atactcacta     83340
     accaaaggtc ggtttcactt ctctcctcag tgcacacctg aactctcacc acccccaccg     83400
     aggcagtggg cagcccctga gccaggcagc tccaggccaa accttctctg gcctcctgcc     83460
     gctcacggcc acaatcaccc cacatcctgg tccactcaca cccacgtcac ccacatgcgg     83520
     ctccttctag ccatgctcac tcccctctgc ggaacaagac aagggctccc ttcgcctggc     83580
     tgtggtagtg cttgcggtcc tatggccaga gcactgccct gccacagccc tgaccccaca     83640
     gcaccaggcc ttttgatgaa aagtctgtcc ttcccaggtc cacggctgct tttgatttga     83700
     tatattacac atgggctagt gttattatca tctcctcaaa gtggagggtc tgctacatta     83760
     ccgcctggac atgtccggac caaaacatat tttcagaata acacacagtt aaccctccct     83820
     gtgccaagtt gttgatgtca agtctctttg aggacagtgc ttacaacatg cgtgcccttc     83880
     ttctggtccc agcaaatgca gcaaacacca tcgaatcagg ccagactcga ccactgcaat     83940
     caattcttct gggtctgctc tcagacttca aggtgagatg aatctgtact aagaaaactt     84000
     ccactttttc aatactatcc cagagagcct ggttttattg tcatgggttc ccatctcata     84060
     caagttcgag tatgaagcgt gcagctggga gagctcctgg atggtgcatg gcggaagctt     84120
     cctgactgag gacaagctga cccagcttcc tcccaggttg ctttcttgcc ctcagtcaaa     84180
     tcgttatttc tgcatcttta tcaagtcatc tgacttcaca gtacccaaaa cgtatattac     84240
     ttcagcctca ataccctgcc ccagcctccc agccagctcc aaatcacatc ccactgctgt     84300
     cgctgacttc tgtggcaaac cacaccccac tgactttggc agcagctgtc agccctttct     84360
     gggctttcag gggtggatgt gaaatgccca cacagcagct tcaggcagat gcccatatgc     84420
     ctgagaagct tcctgcattt tcagccacca ctgtcctcca agcttgccac agacgggagt     84480
     aggttcccag gtgcgggcac acaggtatgg cctcgcctat gctatctctt tcactgtccc     84540
     tagggaatag acctgggctg gctttgccaa aggtgtgggt ggatttgccc tgatggctta     84600
     cccaggcctc gcctgctctg cacaggaccg tagaccccat gctgaggggc ggccacagag     84660
     gtgtgcagtg caaagccaca gaccaaactg caagtaattt gttcatgtaa gaattcagct     84720
     catgagctca gccctggcac aggctccagt caaccacgct aagtgggtct ggactcaggc     84780
     atccgagaat taatggggcc ccgggttggg atgcatgcag tgccaggcgg aatcggttcc     84840
     agcaggcgtc tgggagggcc ggtttggccc cagtatctga aaacggtgaa tcagctctaa     84900
     gggtaggagc tgcagcccgc cctccacaga gggggtccag ggcttcttac tgatcatcca     84960
     ggcatgggaa gctgatcagg gtcaacctat gaaatcacac atcccagtta tgttgtctat     85020
     aatcttaaca gaaacagcag aaataacctg agagagagga gccatctaaa aactcataca     85080
     tgtataatat accaactgcc cccaggggtc cctgaaagaa cgacgagtgt cggtactcca     85140
     agaaattatt tggaaaatga ctacccaaga gatgatcaca cagcatcgca tcaacattca     85200
     ggatttcttt ccagcacaaa aatgcccagt ttggaaagag gaatcagagg aaaatggaca     85260
     atgaaaataa aggctttgct ctctttcctt aaatagtaga ggcgctggga tgacagaatg     85320
     tgctggctgc ttgactcggg gagccttgag tgcactcggt gctggctggc taacatggtc     85380
     tgactgtgtc cccacccaaa tctcatcttg aattgtccca taatccccac atgttggggg     85440
     agtgacctgg tgggaggtaa ttgcatcaca ggggtggata ccccatgctg ttctcatgat     85500
     agtgaccgag ttctcacaag atctgacggt tttatcatgg gcttttcccc ctttgctcgg     85560
     cacttctcct tgctgccgcc acgtgaagaa gaacatgttt gcttcccctt ctgctgtgat     85620
     tgtaagtttc ctgaggcctc ctcagccctg cagaactgtg agtccattaa acctctttcc     85680
     ttcataaatt acccagtctt gggtgtgtct ttattagcag cgtgagaaca gacgaataca     85740
     cctgccttgg cggtgctgtg acacgtggcc tgttactcac gttcccatct gaatatgtaa     85800
     tgcacaatgg acactcccat gcacagcaca ccgggagggt cctcaccaca cagcctggga     85860
     catacgtcca tccataccta ggaaggttca tcgaacgcat gtctgagcct gatgttcctc     85920
     ggcactgctg gcccaagagg agctgacagc ccacaatcct gaacattacc ttgtgcttat     85980
     ttaatctagt atgaagtcat cttactaaga actccactaa ttctgagcat gcaggggcca     86040
     gcggagtcca tactaaagtt gaccgatcct ggctataaaa agttctgcaa agaaaagtat     86100
     ggcagtaaac aagattccag gagccctctt gaaacagcag agaagacgcc ctggcaggaa     86160
     ggcctgtccc acctgtgggt cctggattca gcctcccgcc ccactcccac ttactcggaa     86220
     cagggacttt cccatgtgga ttcgtatgac cctacttttg agtgatttcc tccggaggct     86280
     gttcacattt catctttgct ccaggccctc tgaggcttga acactgccct gttttcattc     86340
     aagaagaaaa gtgaaaccag gaaggcaggt gtctttccag agggctggga ggctggttga     86400
     atggaggata ttccatctct tactctttca agcagagcgc agctgctgtc ccacaggagt     86460
     aaattcagga tgagtggctg aaacatttcc cacatggttg gagtttaagt ctctcaaggt     86520
     agagacactc atggtgtaag tgcagaggag gagaaggaag ctgggatggg tgtgtttagt     86580
     tctgcttcca gggactattc ctaaattctg cttgtgggca gggcacaggc agctcaacgt     86640
     taggccaggg accaatctta ccacgtggct tctggcccag agcagctcgt gagtcagcct     86700
     ggcctagttg gaaaggcacc aactaggtct caggaggcca agtggggggc ctgcccccac     86760
     ctctggggtc tcagcatctg cacagtgacg gattaggggg gcggttcagc agcccctcga     86820
     accttcaccc ggggctcgtt tgctgcttca cactggagga ggtgctccta gcaagatgcc     86880
     gacctgcagc agcgcccaca aggctcaggg ctgggtccag cctcacctgc aaaagctgtg     86940
     gctgcgggaa ccttcctgcc ctgcaggaac cacctcagcc tcagcctcag cgctggagag     87000
     aaagccctat cccgctcggc ctgaccctcc tctccacaaa gggcttgaag agcaactgac     87060
     ccatgaaacg ggcaggggct gggctgatcc catatgaaac gggcaggggc tgggctgatc     87120
     ccgtatgaaa cgggcagggg ctgggctgat cccgtatgaa acgggcaggg gctgagctga     87180
     tcccgtggca gtgcaaaccg agggccccct gggtctcgac atttcaccgc aaaccctgac     87240
     cccacacccg gcctctctgc agctaatgga aggaaatgaa cccatcgtgt ggggcgacat     87300
     aggggcccag ggggcctgga caagtaataa ggtcaagata tttttggact tgttcaaatg     87360
     ggtgggcagc tgtttctctg aggaaacgcg cccctcccca gtggccaggt gagcagtggg     87420
     gctggagagg agagcagagg gagccgaggc cctctgtcca ggcggctgag gtcacgcggt     87480
     ctcttcagtt tccatttttc cacttgtaac ggctgttaca gccgctgttt catcgcgtcg     87540
     tcataggagt tgaacaaagc tgtgtgtgtg tttccagaat gttggcacag cggcgagaag     87600
     gctgaccgaa caccgagaag cagccagcac aggctctcca caggggctct ggcatggagc     87660
     aggataaccc gggcccacgt ggggacacgc cccgccccac aggcttgcac cggggtgcgg     87720
     cctgccctgt ctggggcgcc aaggccagtg gtgtaaatcc acactctatg gtgacggtgg     87780
     atccacagct gccgcgggtc cccccaaccc caaagccact gagtgaaaac agaccacggt     87840
     gctccaaaac gaaatcgccc ccgaggatga aagggggtgg tggaaaaggc cttggagcct     87900
     ggggcagggc tcagaggggc cccaggccgg ccccactccc agactagagc cagcactcgc     87960
     gggcaggcct ccccaggacc agagcgcctg cgacctgcct gggtgccatc cgcaaacctg     88020
     gtctctgctg aaatctgaac agtctacact ggacagacat ggagggaagc ttctcccagg     88080
     accagggtcc ctgctttctg cagacggtgg gcagagggca gagacggaga ccgtgggcac     88140
     agcacaccaa gggggagcct gctcagagat gggcatgggg ccggcctggg aagcatggcg     88200
     ggaggggaga agaatcgcga tcctttccag gtacacagtc tagcagctgc cacgcccggc     88260
     tgggagctga gacgcgcagg gggcccagct gaagcctgcg ttttcccttc tgcacaacag     88320
     cggaggtttt cctggagttc ataatcactg gttttttttg tgtgcgtgtt caccagcctg     88380
     ctcacctggg tagcagggtg ggagggccgg gtggggatgg ctgcagggac cccctgggcc     88440
     ggctctgggt gctgctgctc ccaggagaga tggtcccgtg caagtgccag gcccctgctg     88500
     tttggcctcc tctgccccct gtggggcacg agcgttagcc gcactccgag tgcgcgccaa     88560
     gggcttcagc tggctgagcg cttttgctgt ggggtggatc ccaggccctc gggccagccc     88620
     tgcgtggggt tctccctgct cacacaaacc acacggggaa cggcacaggt aatattaacc     88680
     aggactagca cctagggccc cacaggtacc gttcacgtat cctggcttta gtcttgctgg     88740
     ttttctcacc agcatttagt gctagttcag tatttattta aatcaacatg ttttgaaaaa     88800
     ctgcctaagt atctgaattg ttataaagtt taaggaccat gaagtctaag aaggaagatt     88860
     atttattgta cttctgggaa aagcccccag aggtgggctc atttgctgtg atcttcgtcc     88920
     cattcacaaa gcactcctgg gcactgtccc agctgtggat ggcactggaa actgggcttg     88980
     tccacagcgt gagtcccttg aggctggaag cacagagtgg ctgtccccag gtagttggtg     89040
     acggggtgag gaccgggctc gctcccactc tcaggagcct cactatggtc cccagagata     89100
     gaggacggtg aggcgctgcc ggtgagggcc acaccaggcc acatccgtgc agaaagcacc     89160
     ctctcattgc aatgtgtttg gaaacatgaa ttcatgtggc agcggtaaca tttagaagag     89220
     aaacagccac atttaaaaac gcgtaagact cacagaacct cagcctgctg tggtttcatc     89280
     atcaggtggg tggcacattc cagcggcttt ggccttgcct gcccagtgcc cagagctcag     89340
     tgcccactgt gggaagtgca gggagcagct ctggcacatc ccacagtgct gtctgcacca     89400
     ccgcacacag agtgccagtg tcagctgtag gtcccatggc ctgaggaagc cactgagcct     89460
     gggacagctt gaggggcagg aggcggacac aggtgcggcg ggggacgcgg gggtggctgc     89520
     ccgggaggcg gacgcgggtg cggcggggga cgcgggggtg gctgcccggg aggcggacgc     89580
     gggtgcggcg ggggacgcgg gggtggctgc ccgggaggcg gacgcgggtg cggcggggga     89640
     cgcgggggtg gctgcccggg actggctctt ctggaagcaa ttcgtgggaa acccacttgg     89700
     atgccactta tgacccccgc gtgccagtgg atgcccacaa cccctctggg gtgtcgggga     89760
     tcaggtgagc aagggggctc atccgtggcc tccaggcccc accttgatgg aaactgcgac     89820
     aggagggggt ctggcctctg ctgggagtga catctgaaga tgccatagaa agtctggcgc     89880
     agcagccggt gggcctgggg ggcgcgtgga ctcccagctg ttgctgtgcc tgggtcaccc     89940
     cagtgggcag ggcgggcagg gggcttcccc acagtctagg gggccaggag agcccctggg     90000
     cctcacgtcc tgcttctctc cttgtccttc atgtcttgta ggcgacccca cagagagaga     90060
     ggcagaggag agtggccgtg acctggagga caaggacatg catttcacac tgaccggggc     90120
     ctccctggga caccctgaac acctgctctg tgggagacgg ggtggtgttt gagctggtgc     90180
     catctgggtc ccctggggtg gtggctgggt gagcccagcc ccatctttcc ctcggacttc     90240
     atttgtgctc atggctgggg gaggcacctg ggggccccgt ccaagctgcc aagggctggg     90300
     gtgggctgtt cccctcttgg catctccctc acacctctgc acccccagtg gataaaagct     90360
     gctggcaaca tcgacgtccc caagacactg acaggcctgg aggtctggac aatggggagc     90420
     cagcaccggg tcccctggga accacgcagc cggggcctgg aggccgacac aagccagacc     90480
     cagcctctct gccattcgca aatcccagtg ttcaaacaga gttctgccaa agaagagaag     90540
     aaccagtaaa aagcagggaa gaggctgggc gcggtggctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact     90600
     ttgggaggct gaggcgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc gagatcatcc cggctaacat     90660
     ggtgaaactc cgtctctact aaaagtacaa aaaagtagcc aggtgtggta gcatgagcct     90720
     gtagtcccag ctactgggga ggctgaggca ggagattcac ttgaacctgg gaggcggagg     90780
     ttgcagtgag ctgagattgc accactgcac tccagcctgg gaaacagaat gagactccat     90840
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagtaca ggaagctttc agcctccttg gcaagacact     90900
     gctgtctgga gaccctggga gaagtgtgcc atcaaccaac gtgaccagaa cccatcctgg     90960
     tttagggagg agctctccac aggcctccac ggggctggag cagtccccaa gctccaaaga     91020
     gtcccccacg acctcttagt cgtcacccct aggaagggcc tagaaggcag atttcccacc     91080
     atgagaagcc acatggagcc cagctcccag gcatgcagcc ctgctgggct atgcggggaa     91140
     gatgtgtgct ctgaaggcct ctggggccac ccaactgcca tgcaggaggc ctccggggcc     91200
     accccactgc cacgcgggag gcctcggggg ccacatctcc gccatagggg aggcttctgg     91260
     ggccagccct ctgccacacg tgaggctgcc ggcccacttc tctgccatgt gggaggcagc     91320
     cggggccaca tctctgctat gctggaggcc gctggaacca cctctccaat gctggggata     91380
     gctccctgga gccatctcct ttctcacaga ggcgaaaccc acaccttccc caaggaacgg     91440
     agctcacgcc ccttcctgcc tccatttccc aagctgtcac cgtaacagtc actacaggac     91500
     agtcagaatg gtaggatttg agctaaattg ctagaattag agagcgtcac aaaaattcta     91560
     ggaggtcagc aactttaggt aatgcccaca cctgatgggg gaaatcactg tcttccggcg     91620
     ggctggtcct ctttggtgac agatgaagtc agatgcttcc gggatgaatt tggttcacct     91680
     ttgaaggaca ctttgaaagc aacacaacaa aactggctgg gccttgtact ctccgctccc     91740
     tcgagaagct ccccgcccgg tgccgctggc ttctactgtt tctaagctgc ctgttgggca     91800
     cgttccctcc tggtggtccc ggggcagcca gacccaccct gggacatcca ggccccctgg     91860
     gcacagacat cttgtacaag gtcagagaga ctgggtttcg ggcttcatga gcctcagaaa     91920
     ttcagctctc aggaggctcg tgggaggcct ccagggtcag gtctctgccg gagagaaaag     91980
     gggcggcctg ggcttctctt caaaagtgtt acctgacaac aagggaattc agccacacac     92040
     caggtggctc cgtggtcccc tgaggtcccc agcctttgac agtgtgtgtg tatgtggtgt     92100
     gtggtgtgaa atgtgggtgt gatatgtgtg tgtggtatgt gtgcatgtat gtgtgtgggg     92160
     gtatgtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tggtatggtg tgtgtgtctg tggggtacat gtgtggtgtg     92220
     tgtggggtat atgtgtggtg tgtgtgtata tggtatgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgatgtgt     92280
     gtagtatgtg gtatgtttgt gtgtgtagta tatgtggtgt gatgtgtatg tggtgtgtgt     92340
     agtatgtgtg caggtatgtg tgtggtatgt gtggtgctgt gtgtgtggta tgttgtgtgt     92400
     gtatggtatg tggtgtgtgt gtggtggtga catgtgcgta tggtggtgtg tgtgtggtgg     92460
     gggtgtgtgt ggtgtttgtg tggtgtgaat gtgtgtgtgg tgggggtgtg tgtggtgttt     92520
     gtgtggtgtg aatgtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgtg gtggtgacat gtgtgtatgg     92580
     tggtgtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtggtgggg gtgtgtgtgg tgtgaatgtg gtgtgtgtgg     92640
     tgtgtgtatg gtggtgtgtg tgtgtggtgc gtggggtggt gacgtgtgtg tatggtggtg     92700
     tgtgtgtgtg tctgtggtgg gggtgtgtgt gtggtgtttg tgtggtgtga atgtgtgtgg     92760
     tgtgtgtatg gtggtgtgtg tgtgtggtgc gggggtggca ggatgtcatt aacttggttc     92820
     taaaggtggt ttgggttcag gtcctggagt acatgctcag gaactgtcaa gcaatctggg     92880
     ggcacaggaa ggagaccggg cgctcctgca ggtattaaat cgtgttttgc gtgaagatca     92940
     gcgttcagac cagtagtaca aaacagatgg tctaggaatg aacgtgacaa cacaagggcc     93000
     tggagtgtat gacgaagggg gcatttcaaa cccgtgggta cagaaaaaat ccacccgata     93060
     aacacaagtg ggaaattgtg taagaaaatg aagtgagatt ccaatattaa aaagtcagat     93120
     aggtcaaaat ctaaataata aacaatttac cataagataa ttagaagaaa atataaaata     93180
     ctttttaatc ttgggttcaa gttgtcacaa aacctaagct atttttttta atccagaagt     93240
     attaaaagtt tgctatttcc tatagacaaa tagctcctac aacttggtga ggaaacaggg     93300
     tccaggagca ttttctctgc tcgggtgaag ctcaggggaa gacataagta catgaaagac     93360
     attccgttct gtaatgatta aaaaatcaaa agttaacacc atcacattgg taaacgttaa     93420
     aaggtttaat aacttttttt aatatactgc tgttgcacat gcaaactgat aaagcctttt     93480
     tggaaagtaa tttggcaata aaaatgcaca tactttatga gcaaaaaaaa tcccgtttct     93540
     tataatctaa ttgataagaa ttatagcata agtgcatgta tgtgtatgag aacagtcact     93600
     ctggcatcgc ctgcaacagc aaataaatga gtggcaaaca agctctcgcg gagggtattt     93660
     aaatatttta tgtgactaag aagaatgaga tacgtccatt tgctgtgata agaaaagata     93720
     ttccacagtt tcgtatttgt taagtatttt cagcaaatca tggaacacga tgcaacaccc     93780
     gattccatgt ttgaaaacag aacagaacaa aattcaacaa gaaataagcg cccgcgtcca     93840
     catattctcg tgcctggcgt gttttacgtg cttgggaagc ggagcggccg ctgggcttgg     93900
     ctctgaggtc gggactggtg caggcggatg catgtatgtg cccgggtccc gcctccacac     93960
     gcctgcctgg cgccagcctg cctgtcctcc ctgcacccgc ccccgctccc tgcacccacc     94020
     tgccccccct ccctgcaccc gccccccctc cctgcaccca cctgccctac tcagggtggt     94080
     gagagcggag gggctctggg gcttcatcca cacgtctcct agtcaccctc tcgaccaaga     94140
     gcatcctctg gattttacat tcacttggca acaaaaaaag tttgagagag gactttgaac     94200
     atcaaaaatg cttacatttg ttatgtcaca aacacaaagc gttctcctag gaggtttctg     94260
     gtacagacca tgtttcctga ggacctggag ggtatcgcac ctacagccag caacgccgtg     94320
     cagcacgctc ggagcgcacc caagagggca gatcagaggg gcgcacgcgg atccccaaaa     94380
     tcctgaagat atgtacggaa aatatgtgcg gcttttcctg ccgaccaggc ctccacgaag     94440
     tgcttcgata aaataaaacc agcctgtcat ggaggagtcc cctttgcccg gagagcctgt     94500
     ccttcccctc tgggggtcac actgccagtt tgtcaaagtt gggcgaagtg gcccctgcct     94560
     ggaactctct ggccttatga agccccctcc ccgttcatgc cgctcaatcg agtgactctt     94620
     acagatcatc ttgagctgcc tcatggggtg gggctcgcgt tcccatctgc cttctgcaag     94680
     gtgtggcctc tgacctgcag cccgcactga gccagcaagc cgcgggagag gccaggcgcc     94740
     cgcagcgggg catctgcgcc tggtgtgcag cgtacttgct atactcaggc cagcccagcc     94800
     ctgggccatc tccctgagtt tcagctcccc ggggccacct ctcctgggtc ccctctttgc     94860
     tgtggctctg gcggacatta gccagcagtg gagagaagcc catctccacc cccagggagc     94920
     tcagccgagg tctccgcgtc ccagcaccag ctgccttcag ctcgagggtg tgttttcggg     94980
     ggtggggatc ccacatggca cggctcctgc acgtccaggg catctgctag tcgtctttgc     95040
     ctgctcccca gtgtcccaag caactcagta ggaccttggg gaagctgggt gctcacagaa     95100
     caccttgtaa gcgaatgagg aaagcaggct tgtccgctgg ccacactgca cgacagacgt     95160
     ctgcccaggc tggggccggg ggtctctgct cctacagccc gcagatgggc cacccggagg     95220
     ctgccccgtg atggctggac ctgaggcttt ccagtgacta ggagggcttg ggtacttctt     95280
     attcatgagc tgtacgttct acagcgtggc tggtcattta atgtgtgcaa tcgatgggca     95340
     ctgcgcttca acttcaaagc atgaccgggc ggatcaatct cccagggccg cgggtgccga     95400
     gtttaaaact catctctttt tctaaagtgg aggcaaggga ccccagtttg ggattaatca     95460
     gcagtgatga gcttaaataa atgagataaa ttttctatct atcttgtaag gctttttttc     95520
     agaattaatg ggacccctct acaatgcgct gtgcccgggg agaggaaggg ggcgcagctg     95580
     catctgcagc tgcggttgtg gtcgggagaa tgagggcctg gagctgccca ggacgggctc     95640
     aggcacaggc acccagccga gagtcccctg ctgttccctc tgcagagcaa acacagtttc     95700
     tgctgaaaag aatgtggcag atgaacaaaa attgtaaggt tttctaaagg tgtttcatta     95760
     cgtgagatgg cagaggttgg tctccatgtc acagatgacc ctcgcggcgg tgataacctt     95820
     tacattttgg ggtgctctgt ggaccccctg tgtaccctgt gagtatgcac gtttctagag     95880
     gtggagtttg acccttgaat tgttcaaatt ataagtagaa tcacagaaat tgggggagga     95940
     aaggatctga ggggcctcca gggcccgtgg cttcaccctg gggtgggggc aagggcgggg     96000
     cgtggtgcct cttccggggt gggatgggtg gatgctcgtg gttcattccc acgtgggatt     96060
     ctcacatgct cgccctccgg ctgtcaggag caatggtgag ttctgccaca cgtggaaaac     96120
     acgttggctt ctctgggttt taagtgtcct gtcagcagct cggagcctct aggagacacc     96180
     gtcccccagg gccacgtata gatccactgg aggcctgaat ggcataattc gtggcacccc     96240
     tggcaccaca caggggtgtt tctgtcccct tctcctccca tggcttagaa gcagtaatct     96300
     cctgacctcc aggcagaagt caatttcctc ctttgcctcc tccgccttgc agggacccca     96360
     gggctgacct gcctccctcg gccccctctc tgccagagcc aggtctgagg tcaaggcttt     96420
     cggtgtttct gaggccacgc tgagggcccc acagcccctt cccgggtccc caccctccag     96480
     gccaccttcg ggcctcggca gcacacctcg aggggcccag gacaagctcg gggcccaggt     96540
     ggccgggagg gggccgcctg tgtctcgccc ctcattctct gctctgaccc gggctcgcac     96600
     ctcccctcgt tctctgctct gacccgggct cgcacctctc ctcgttctct gccctgaccc     96660
     gggatcacac ctccgacccg ggctcacacc tcccctcgtt ctctgctccg acccgggctc     96720
     acacctcccc tcgttctctg ctccgacccg ggctcacacc tcccctcgtt ctctgctctg     96780
     acccgggctc acacctccct gctccaccca ggctgcctgc acttccggtt ctgcgtctgg     96840
     ccggcctacg ggcactcggg cagtgcggtg accaattata gcgtcgacga tggcagcttc     96900
     cctctgaaag cccattgtgt ctgcccctat tctttgaagc ttcactgctt tcggataagt     96960
     atgaaaatag gctctccctc tctgagtcaa aggaggcaat tatacaatag gactatcacc     97020
     ctcactgtca ctctccgctt tgtttaaatg tggggatttc atttcttcat cgcctctgtg     97080
     aacacccact aaaaccgtaa gtgggaaaag tgggtgcctt ctgtatttta cattttttat     97140
     tgtgtcactt actgcaaagc agctcaagga gcctgaagac acccagcctg aaaccacgat     97200
     aaatgtgtgg agttgtggag acagctcacc agcagaacag tgagctacct tctctcccag     97260
     taaccttttc cagaggaaac ctctttgaaa tatcacaagc aaaatttaaa tcacaaaata     97320
     cttcatatct gcctgcactc attgtcatgc taaagcacat cacctcggtc ctcagagagg     97380
     agggatttcc atgtgaaaga ggccagagtg cttccctcac ttagcgggga tgcaattata     97440
     aagtattgaa acttcctcta agacatggat ccctgtgcgt cgcagcccct cacctgtgca     97500
     cctgggaggc acctggggat ggggtggggg tgtcaagctt gaagcccctc acctgtgcac     97560
     ctgggaggct cctggggctc aagctcaaag ccccctcacc tgtgcatcta ggaggcactt     97620
     cggcggggtc gggggcgggg ggggctcaag ctaaaagccc ctcacctgtg cacctgggtg     97680
     gcacctggga gggggactca agctcaaagc cccctcacct gtgcatctag ggggcacttt     97740
     ggcaggaggg agggtgctca aactaaaagc ccctcaccta tgcacctggg aggcccccag     97800
     gagctgcagc aaagctgggc cccagccaca gcctgcaaaa tctccgactc cacatggggc     97860
     ctcagcaccg tctgtttgct caccctcccc agggggctga ggctgggaac cactgctctt     97920
     taactctcaa cctcttccca aggtgctgtc tatctgtggc ccttggagtt ctgtactcgg     97980
     cagtcattta tttacaagtc gcatgagaaa gtccttccag ccactttctg tgcttgctct     98040
     gacatttgcc caaactaacg ttgctgaggt tgacctcatg tttattcagg gaacttgatt     98100
     cattttcaag ctattgataa caacaaagtc ctccccaacc aaggaacttc cgccatggag     98160
     gcgttttcaa aagaaagtgc ttgtgctcat ccccagaggg ttcctgagcc tgtggacgag     98220
     gcgggaggcg ggaggtggag gaggtggcac ctggcagctc acctggtgta ccttctgtga     98280
     gacccagcca gcccatcggt caccaagggg tgcatgtcac accctgacct gcctgacgga     98340
     gggagcccat gaagcagaac aaacacatgt gatgctgacg ccctcagaaa cctggggcta     98400
     aggccacacc tgatcaccgt gatggagggg ggcaggcgcc gaggcgaact tgggagaggc     98460
     cctatggtgc acacccctac ccttcctggc tggagaaaaa tggcccgccc cgtgaaacag     98520
     caaataaaca cacgcgttcc aggacgtgag atacggcctc cacatcaatc agagggacct     98580
     gcccagtcct gtcaattttc catctaaatt acataactgt cctccttaga gacgcgggga     98640
     tgcccaggca caggcatgaa agatcggcct tgaggttatt ttgtctctgc aagtattgat     98700
     gcgaggactt gtggcgcttt tctttcccgg tgaactttcc caactgctga tgttacgtgc     98760
     actaagcaca tgattttcct attcattccc gaatctcaca ttttaccggg atggtgacat     98820
     ccctgtgggg ccttgtgggc tctgagctca tctacaccca atcctagtca gctctgctgc     98880
     ccctgcgggg taaactggca gctctgagtt cactgggtgc tgtttactga acgcctgccc     98940
     atggaagcca ctgtcctcat cactgggaaa ggcgcagaga agagaaggaa acgttaaaaa     99000
     tctggttgga gagaggaaac aaacttggac catctttgac agtggtatta gtccattctc     99060
     catggctaca aagaaacacc tgagactgga tgattctagg aaagaggctt aatcggctca     99120
     gagctctgca ggttgcacag ggagcacggc agcttctgct tctggggagg cctcagggag     99180
     cttccagtca cggtggaagg cgaaagggaa gcaatctcgt cccacggtgg gcgtaggcgc     99240
     aaggtgggag gggctaccca ggtttaaaca cacgggtctc agaaaactca ctatcatgag     99300
     aacagcaagg agagggtggt gcaaaaccat tcaaaaatca cccccaagtc cagtcaccac     99360
     cccccaggcc ccacacccaa cactggggat tacggttcga caggagattt tggggcacac     99420
     tgatccaacc atctcaacag caaagagtga tctgcctcga gttccgactc gccgctcaga     99480
     cgaactcacg gctcagctgg gagaatcaca cgggaggggc ccatgaacgg gcactggggc     99540
     cacagccggg gattcaactg caccgaaatc ccagccctca acacggccca cggctgtgtc     99600
     atcccggatt tatcactata aagcaaaacc aaaaacggac ctcaggtttc tctgcaatat     99660
     gtaggatccg tgaaacctcc aacgtgaaat gagaagtagg tagcctcgaa tctgcaccca     99720
     ggcagcccca aaggctatct gatgacaaca cacattttct catgaagcgg aggagagtcc     99780
     ggccttgttg ctgggcctgc aggacatccc atcgctcatc ttaattctcc tgagggtgat     99840
     atttacacct gatatttaca aggtgtggca agtgagaatt tcatcccagc ctcctgcctg     99900
     gcaggttaca caagctggcc acagggatgc ttatgggctg aggtcgtggg aggcatcccg     99960
     tgagggtcac aggctgaggt cgtgggaggc atcccgtgag ggtcacacag gcaaagactg    100020
     tcagccaaaa ggaattccaa ggcccggacg ggaggcggcc acaggctcct gggtgtgctg    100080
     tgggacgtac cactcggtgg cagggcctgg ccagagagct gccctgcagg cctgtgggat    100140
     ccttcaacgc gaagcttgca ttccaggagc tccctgagcc ctgagaccat ggtgaggggc    100200
     tgcgttgggc caggctgggt gtgcacctgt cagttacatt ttcctatgtg tcctccttcc    100260
     tttctttgga gcctgaatct ttgtctttag catcctttgt agtcttgaat tctgagccca    100320
     ttcctgagac ccctctgaac ctccagaggc cccgcagctc tcaagctgga ggactgggga    100380
     ctatgctcat ctttcctttg accccaggtc tgtcttccta catttcttta acgattattt    100440
     ctctgggcca ggcgtcgtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccggc actttgggag gctgaggcgg    100500
     gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagtctgtcc aatatggtga aatcccgtct    100560
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggcgcac gcctgtaatc caagctgctc    100620
     gggagactga ggcaggagaa tcgtttgaac ctgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga    100680
     tcgtgccact gcactccagc ctcggtgaca gagcgagact cagtcctaaa aaaataaata    100740
     aaaataaaaa tagaaaagaa ttatttctct accttttgga atgtgaaatt gcctctgaga    100800
     cgaacctgtg atttgtcacc tctgggagat gacaaggatg cctctgtgac ctttgtcccc    100860
     atgctaaata ttttgtcacc atgctggctt tcttgtttgc atcagtaaca gaccggccat    100920
     ttctcccatt tggctgtaca gtcgttagca gtggcccctc cacacacaca gacacacacg    100980
     gacacacaca gacacacaca tggacacaca cggacacaca cacacacgtc gcttctggtc    101040
     tgagaatgtc tgcctccttt ccattcccct gggcaggtta ttttcttctc ctaatcacaa    101100
     aacccatcct tcatcttaat aattctcctg agagcgatat ttacacccta taattagaac    101160
     tttatgttcg ttttattaat tacctctttt ttgcctattg atgtgaaaga atctggggct    101220
     aaaagtatta cagatggctc tacacattga accgttgata tttaaactca atcagcagat    101280
     gctggtgctg tggggtgggg tggggcaggg tgggcgtccc accggctcct caggccttcc    101340
     tccacatccc atcggctcca ctcagggact ccacttcttc tcagcacctg tgccctccag    101400
     tccctctccc aggaaggcag caggagagga gacccccgtg ccatcttcaa taccacccct    101460
     gtgactaggg tgctgccccc tcctcctttc ttctccaact tctagatttg gcccctaaat    101520
     gtgactgaat aacgtggcaa gcccttcaga catgacaacc ccatcgggtc agagaggtag    101580
     tggttgcagc tgggcctggc ccaccatcgg ggtggggcca gcaggagcag gagcacgctg    101640
     tgtgctcgtg gggaggaagg gctgggtgag gctggagcgt gggtgggagg tgctggacag    101700
     ggatgctgag ggcaacgggc cctccctgca ccgaggcttc agcagccctg ctctctgctg    101760
     tcagcctcgg atccgggctg gcctggcctt catctctccc caggctccaa agaccccaca    101820
     tcgccatctc ttgccgtgag acctccccac gctgaacgtg tgttcctcta gccacttact    101880
     caacgtctcc actgcaggcc ccagtgtaac ttggccaagc agacatttca ttttccccac    101940
     cagagcagac ccagcccagg gctccctcct caccttggga cctacagcag gtcctgcccc    102000
     agctccatgt gcgggtccct catctgactc gcacactgcc cctccgactg gcccagggcc    102060
     tccactccag cgtgtgctcc tcaggcccag tgttctgagc gtggagtgaa ctttctaagt    102120
     cacaatttaa gtcacatccc tctccctctg gaaatgtctg ctggctttgc acccaccaag    102180
     gacaagatcc acagccttca acacacggca tcacgaacca cctcccgagc cggccccctc    102240
     catccctcag agtcaccaca atcggcctac cccgtccctc agaggcacca cagccggccc    102300
     cctccatccc tcagaggcac cacagccggc cccctccatc cctcagaggc accacagccg    102360
     gccccctcca tccctcagag gcaccacagc cggccccctc catccctcag aggcaccaca    102420
     gccggcctcc tttgtccctc agaggtacca cagccggcct cccccatacc tcagaggcac    102480
     cacaggcagc ctcctctgtc cctcagaggc accacagccg gcctccccca tcccttagag    102540
     gtaccacagg cagcctcctc catccctgag gcaccacagg cggcctcctc catccctcag    102600
     aggcaccaca ggcggcctcc ccatccctca gaggtaccac agatgccctc ctccatccct    102660
     cagaggcacc acagccagcc tgcgtggcct ctgtgtttct ccccggggtc tttccaggct    102720
     gggcttcttc tcgtcctaac gctcagaggc ctctgcttag ccccaccttc catcactgtg    102780
     ccctcttctc ctttcttcac atcacacctt actagaaatt acccggtcac tatagtgcct    102840
     gtcccttctc cgcgacaagg ggacccctag cgtgcttccc cgctgcgctc ccagctccta    102900
     caacagtgtc tggcccctca aagcgactca acgaccctct gctgatccaa agactcggca    102960
     tccatgtgcc tcccaggccg ccgcactcct cctcctggga acaccctcgt acggacgttc    103020
     tgtggaaata gatgttgtgt tttcacctct tgtaccttgt tcacttaaaa tttaatcaac    103080
     atcttattag agaaagaaag aggttctttg ctttttttaa cttttaaaat atgaatacct    103140
     gccgggtgcg gtggctcagg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat    103200
     cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg ccaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa    103260
     aatacaaaaa accagccggg tgtggtggcg ggcacctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc    103320
     tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgcacc    103380
     actgcactcc agcctgggca acagagagag actccgtttc aaaaaaaata tatatataca    103440
     tatatatata tacacacaca tatatataca cacatataca tatacacaca catatatata    103500
     cacatatata tacacatata tacacatata tatacacata tatatacaca cacacacaca    103560
     tatatatatg cacatatata tgaataccca atacccaatc cacagctttc tctttgtggt    103620
     gcttatgtgg tgtcacaatg cgtcttgtgc ctctcatctg attccgctac acggtgcaag    103680
     ttacgccaga ccagaaactg aaccgacgct gaaagtatca ggccttccgc ttagcgctgc    103740
     cttcgagatc agtctctcga cccctgttag gagcaacggc ggtgaggcag gatgaacggc    103800
     ctcatccacg gagcactgct ttgccgtctc cagaaagagc tgtcgaggtt tatttattca    103860
     cggagaggct ctgcatcacg agagtgctgc gttaacccag gtgcggggga tattatcctc    103920
     cccgtgagag cagctgcatg gattttttta atgtcaaatt ccatatgaaa cagcacaaat    103980
     ccccatttct gccccactgg gttgagaaat ctgtgggtga tagagtatag gtaaaaacat    104040
     cttagcctgc atgaaaacaa acatcatctt agaagaagga aagagcaaat gttttaaagg    104100
     cctaaaaata ataattttct ctagggaaaa atttgatggg cacgctatga tttattgcca    104160
     aatgatattt aagaaaaatt cacaggagag gcggctgctg aatgcctcca ccgagggttc    104220
     tgggaaggaa aacgcccgct tagtggaaga acagaacggc cgcacagaaa gtgcttggtc    104280
     cttggcttcc tgtgtctccc ccaaaacaca cgtggcttat cagaaacctg caggaaaaca    104340
     acacagattt attctctcac aggaggccac ggtccagatg ggtttcactg agctgaagtc    104400
     agggcttggg tgggccgcac gctctggggc ggctcctgac cttttctggc ttgtggcacc    104460
     tggctggact tctcggcgtg cagctccttc gtccaccgtg aaacccgccc cggcgtccct    104520
     ctccgactcc gcttccttca tgggacttca cttccgtgtg ctaagaacgt gtagcgaggc    104580
     ccaccgtgtt gacacttccc tgagtgtgca gcgtggtact gttggctctc aaccgtacgg    104640
     cagatgtcga gaccgcgttg aggccgcgtc gctgaaacct tgtgcccttg gaacggcccc    104700
     ttcccgtgct tcccccagcg ccagacccgg cagcctccat cctcctctct tcttcggtgc    104760
     gttcaattgt catagattcc acgcttcagc gacgtcgtgc agcctctgtc ctgggcctgg    104820
     cttttgtttc acttcacgtc atgtcatgca ggtttatccc tgttgttgca gatggcaggt    104880
     tgtccgtctt gtcttaaggc tgaagagcac ccactgggtc tatgcaccac gctttcctgc    104940
     ccgctcgtcc ctgggggaca tgtgcttcca tgtcttggct cctgtgaaca atgccgtgat    105000
     gaactccgga gcgcacccgt cacttcgagg tcctgattta acttcctttg gataaatatc    105060
     tggaagtggg attgctgaat catatggtgg ctctattttt aattttttga gaaaacttca    105120
     tactgttttc cataatggtt gcaccattta tattcccacc aacagcatgt aagtgttcag    105180
     agtctacaca tcctcaccaa cacacgtctt tttggtcaca gcctcctgat gggtacagag    105240
     acgtatctca tcgtggctct gatttgcatg ttcctgatca ttagtgatgt tgagcatctt    105300
     tccatgtaca gtgtgttggc catttgtatg ccttctttgg agaaatgtct actaaagtcc    105360
     tttgcccatt tttaaatcag gttatcatta ttatttgcta ttgaattgta ggaagtccct    105420
     atacatttta ttttattatt attacttttt ggagatggag tcttgctctg tcatccaggc    105480
     tggaatgcag tggcaccatc tcggctcact gcaacctcca cctcccagat tcaagtgatt    105540
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ttacgggtgc ccgccatcac acccagctaa    105600
     tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttt gccatgttag ccaggctggt ctcgaactcc    105660
     tgaccttaag tgatccaccc acctttgcct cccaaagtgc tgggattata ggtgtgagcc    105720
     accacaccca gccacctata cattttaaat attaactcct tatccgttat gtggtatgca    105780
     aatatttcct ccccggtgac cagtagggga tgcagagacc acacacccac cactcaccct    105840
     acctttcgtg ggctgccctc tggatttgct gattgtttcc ctgctgatgc aggagctcac    105900
     tggtttgatg ttgtcctgca tgttcacatt tgcttctgtt gcttgtgcct ttggtgtcag    105960
     atccaagaaa cctttgccta gatgaatgtc atcatgcttc ccccgtgttt tcttctagta    106020
     cgtttatggt ttccagtctt atgtctcagt ctttagccca tgttgagtgg gtttttgtgg    106080
     atgtgaggtg agggtccgat gccgttcttt tgcatgtgga catccagttt ccccagcacc    106140
     tgtgaagagg cgacccttcc ctatggtgta ttctcctcat gcttatgaag gagcacttgg    106200
     cagtgtatga gttgtttctg gactctctgt tccattgatc tataagtctg tttttatgcc    106260
     agtagtgtat tgttttaata accatagctt tgtaatatat tttggaattg ggaactgttg    106320
     catgattttt tgtggagctc tgggcaggtt tttcatgatg gcaaaatatg tcaacttttc    106380
     tttttggtgt aatttcttca ttgctaacat tttccctaga cagtgaaata ataaacattt    106440
     tctaaaagtt cctcaagaaa aactattgaa attatttagt agaaacatat gcaagagtag    106500
     ataatattga tgtatcctta ttatatttag aagttaaaat taaagaggat cttatgggaa    106560
     atttaaaaat tgcacagtaa gggattcctt aagaaacagg cgcaagccct tatttcgtag    106620
     catctaattc ctcaccgggt gtggaggggc ctgtttaccc aatgcccccg cgaagtcata    106680
     gtttggtggc atacagctct taagaatgct tattagctct taatatcaga gaggattaac    106740
     ctcctacttc atgaaacaat ttgctaaggc tgggaatttt tcttccatgt ctgtgaggac    106800
     tgccttccct tctttccaca cacttcttca ttcgttgtgt acctgctgag cactcatgat    106860
     atgtcagacc aagttctagg gactgcagtg gtgaacaact ccagtgtctg tgcacggagc    106920
     ttccattctg taaccatgca gctgctccag agaatgccaa ggtcccagcc aaaaagctct    106980
     agatgattct agactgtgca cggagcttcc attctgtaac tgcagctgct ccagagaatg    107040
     ccaaggtccc agccaaatag ctctagatga ggggtgacac ataaggtgag gacccacgcg    107100
     tgcacacaca tacacacact tgcacacaca tgcacacagt ctcccctctg acccttctcg    107160
     ccctactggg tgaccagtag gtgatgcaga gaccacccac ccaccattca gcaagatctg    107220
     acaccttctg actcttgaca gatgatttct gcagacagat ccgatgtcat cttcctccca    107280
     gccccccttc tcccagtcct gcctcttccc accctgcagg tctaggcctc actcacgaga    107340
     gaaggctggt tttatccact gtgtgtggag cctggcaaca agcatcccac attggtgtga    107400
     tccaggttac cctctcgcca tgcagtgccc tcactgccct tgctgcccct gagctctcag    107460
     agggatgcgc tgcctcagcg tggggtggga gtgccgctct gcacactaga ctcagtcctc    107520
     tctctgcctg gaaataccca caaaggccac aggatacaga taatagctgt actggtgctc    107580
     tcagacacat tttccatgaa aagaagaaaa tagcaaattc cagtaagcat taaggaaact    107640
     ccttctctgg gagtctctgt tcctctcccc cacagtgctt cttatactgt gcatttgaaa    107700
     ggtgttttaa aaggacttgt tgtttcttta agaagcatag aaaaaatata tatactcctg    107760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgcaaataca tcatcaactg aaggtctgaa    107820
     gaaaagggaa aagatcgcag ctcatcagga atgaaaggtg gcttgttctc cagcatccta    107880
     gttaaaagtt caaagcacat ttttcttata aattaggctg gagtaaaatt cagggagatg    107940
     ggaaaaggaa gacataaatt tttaaaacat gcgaagaatt taaatgagca ccaggggtga    108000
     aaattagaca catagaacat gtattcgacg taaactcccg gttgtttaaa gtcattaacg    108060
     ttgtgtcgtt atgtctagtg tcaggttatg gctccacagc ctgtttgcca gttaagcggt    108120
     gggggcaggg caggccttgg tcaatatttg agtaaaagaa gaatcttaat aaacccaaga    108180
     aagtaacttc aataataaga ccaggcagtg ttttgcaaag cagaacagaa gcaattcaaa    108240
     agggagagag acacagccag aggccccagg agcccccacc ttggggacat ggagtgtctg    108300
     tgtgagcctg gctttgttct gaggcaggag ggacccgagt gcttggggcc agccctgtcc    108360
     tgttctgcgt tagcgatggg gtctggtgct tctccacaca caccgtggct gtgtgtgcac    108420
     cggctgggtg acggcccagg tggttttgtg ccagctgctg atgctgagtg cacctgaaag    108480
     gcccacttag cctctttgtg aagaggtgtg ggaagatgtg cacacagtag agagcagact    108540
     atcacaagcc acaaaaatgt gtgtgtgtgt aatatatata aaggtcgacc attccttatc    108600
     tgaagtgatt ggaaccagaa gtgtctcaaa ttttgcattt tagaatattt acatcacact    108660
     tactggttga gcatcccaaa tacaaaaatc tgaaatccaa gatgctccaa atcagcattt    108720
     tcctttaggg tcaggcctat gctcaaaaag ttttcgattt gggggcattt tgggttttag    108780
     atctgggatg ctcaacctgt aggtgcatgt atatatgtgt atatatgtat atctacatat    108840
     gtattcatgc atgtgtacaa aaatatgcac atatgtacat acagatgtat ctgtatatat    108900
     gtatatgtgt gcatgtatgt gtgcatatgt gtctatagat gtctggtata tatgtatatg    108960
     tgcaggtgta aatgtgtgca atagatgcat atacgtgtat atgtgtgtat gtatgtatac    109020
     atagatgcat atgtgtgtat acatgtatat gcgtgtacat ctgtgtgccc ataaagatat    109080
     atgcatgtgt atgtgcatac gcatgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacatcttc tgtctctgca    109140
     ttcttactgg caggattatt gggaactatt ggatctttct gaggaggcca ggatgatttc    109200
     cgtggcctgc cagtttctca gagctatctg ggttgaggca ctgagaaccc cctcagtcca    109260
     ggcagaccac ggcccggtgg tctgcatgaa caaagtgagt acttggaggg ccactggcat    109320
     gggcccagct tcccgctctc ctctgcatgc acagcctcta tcccatcaga cctgcacctc    109380
     agcagcacca agctcagggg ctgccctggg ctcccctctg agcatcagct cctctgttcc    109440
     agggagagcc tctgctcccc tcagggccca cctccttcta gcagaaagct gattcttccc    109500
     cagactgggc cctcagttct ctgctaggtt tggccaggct ggtgtctttg acatgatctt    109560
     ctgggaggag aggcagaaat ggggcccttc cgatgtagct ggcaaagctg taggtgaacg    109620
     gtttgtacca ccagggaact gtgcccgaga acacatatgt tcccacaaca atggggtttg    109680
     tcagcttgca ggtgcccagc cctttccgtg ccctcttgag atgggttggg gcagacagag    109740
     taggaatgct tcctggctga ttacaaggaa atcccggccc attggatggg gaagccacaa    109800
     gacggctgct tggagagatg gtgctgcaca cacatggcag ccagaacgag tgtgggttca    109860
     gagagcagga atagcactcc ctgcccttgt catgctgtgg ccaaggttta ggactccaca    109920
     gggcccagat gtctcctctg gtcccaggag gatggagcct cagacctggg gccatgggga    109980
     gggaagaggt gttccttggg acaagcagga gcccagtggg cagatgcctt tctgcacagc    110040
     caggggactg ctcctatttc tactgtttgc ctggcccaat tcatcacagg agggtgaggg    110100
     cagggctgca tgcctgagag ctgacaaatc cttcacatcc tggagctttg tactgaacac    110160
     tgcagggttc catacagctg tcagctgcag agactaggca ccgcccctgc aaatgcctgg    110220
     cctcctgctg tccagctgcc ttcactctgg cccggaagtg gttctgggga cagtggcttc    110280
     cttccagggc agaagctgag atccagtgtc tgtggagcct ctcatggcac gtcaggctct    110340
     gggatggatg tttacgtggg ttaccctacc aaatccctga gaactgctgc tatgattccc    110400
     actttacaga tgagaaaact gaggcttaga acattaagca ctgtgagctg agatcattgg    110460
     ctagtgagca gcagagctga ggtccaactc caagtgtgtt tgcccccaaa ctcacactct    110520
     gtaaaagtcc atgggcatcc cagatctccc acccatgtct tcccactgga ccaggcatcc    110580
     ccagcctctg ggccacggac tgacaccagt ctgtggcctg ttaggaactg gggtgcacag    110640
     caggaggtga gtggtgggtg agtgagctgt tgagtggccg gtgagtggtg ggtgagtgag    110700
     caggtgagtg gcaggtaggt gagtgggtga gtggcgggag agtgagctgt tgagtggccg    110760
     gtgagtggtg ggtgagtgag tacgtgagtg gcaggtaagc gggtgagtgg cgggtgagtg    110820
     agcgagtgaa actttgtcgg tatttatagc cagtccccat ggctcacagt actgcctggg    110880
     ctccacctcc tgtcagctca gcagtggcat cagattctca taggagcttg agccctgttg    110940
     tgaactgtgc atgtgaggga tccaggttgc acgctcctta tgaaaatcta atgcctgatg    111000
     atctgtcact gtctcccatc acccccagat gggaccagcc agttgcagga aaacaagctc    111060
     agggcaccca ctgattctac atgatggtgg gttttataat tatttaatta tatattacaa    111120
     tgtaataata acacaaatta agtgcacagt aaatgtaatg cgtttgaatc atcctgaaac    111180
     cttcccccaa ccttggtcca tggaaaaacc gtcttccatg gaacaggtcc ctggtgccaa    111240
     aaagagtatg gaccgctgtc ctggacaaac cctgggcctg gaattgacct tgttgaaaac    111300
     actcttttgg attaagcatc tataagattc agttgttgcc ttggacgatt cacatttcac    111360
     atggtcagtc cctgcagcac ctcccgaagt gtggtgtgtc acttgctttt atgtggaatg    111420
     tgggcagttc ttaaaacttt attttaatgc acacgttcag tccctgcagc acctcccgaa    111480
     gtgtgctgtg tcacttgctt ttatgtggaa tgtgggcaat ttttaaaact ttattttaat    111540
     gtgcacgaga aaaagcaaaa tagtacatca aaaacatgaa ttttgtgggt actgttgctt    111600
     aggataagta agaaggtttc gaaagctgag tcagtccaaa gaggaacgtg ttgcgacaag    111660
     ccagatgcct tatggagcca ggaggctgtg actctggccc tggagggggc tcagccctga    111720
     gcgaggtgtg gaaggagccc ggcaccaccc ctgccgtgtg agctcccacg taggcccagg    111780
     gttggatgag atgacaccga ggctgtggag ccaggaggct gtgactctgg ccctggaggg    111840
     ggctcagccc tgagcgaggt gtggaaggag ccccgcgcca cccccgccgt gtgagctccc    111900
     gcgtaggccc agggttggat gagatgacac caaggcactg tggcgagcag aaccgtttcc    111960
     ccaaaaagac acgttcaact cctaacacca gcacagtgaa tgccgccttc tggacatagg    112020
     gtctctgtgg atggagttag taaagatgag gcccttatcc agtacggccg gcatccttct    112080
     aagaagagac agcacagaca cgccccgagg acggagacgg aacggagtga ggcgtctacc    112140
     tgccaaggag cccccggcat tgccaggagc cacagagagt cgcccgagag cttcctgagc    112200
     acgtggccct gacaacacct ggatctccag cttccggccc gcggtcccgt cagacaattc    112260
     atttctgtgg tttgaagcca cccagtttgt ggcactttga ccccaggatc ctcacaggaa    112320
     accgtctcac tggcccagtc ctgctgggcc ctgcccatgg gatggacttg ctgtccttga    112380
     acaggaggca ggttcgggga acaggactgt aatgggtcat ggaaaatacc aggctgatgg    112440
     cagagggtgc gtggggagga gatcagggaa ccgccaggcc ggagctggaa gccggggcca    112500
     ccgtccaact cacgagggct cggcagagag gacaggggag cttcccctgc tggctgaagt    112560
     gggtggaggc gaacctggcc cacaacaccc tgagcttctg cggagccatg tgagggccac    112620
     gtggagaaca ctgcagttcc accttcatca gataaagcca accgttgttg tttaagcaaa    112680
     ggctgcggac agtgagcaca gaacttcaca acacatcatg gtcgcagcgc accatccccc    112740
     gtgatcccaa agcagcgatc tagacgtgtg gggtccacag gcgggcgccc tggcactggg    112800
     ggctctgcaa cttgacgagg ctatgccagg ctgggctaga ggtgccgtgc tgggcacagg    112860
     ctctccacgg gatggcggga ctgctgggca caggctctcc acggggacgg cggggctgct    112920
     gggcacaggc tctccacggg gacagcgggg ctgctgggca cagggtctcc atggggacgg    112980
     cgggactgct gggagctggg ttctccacgg ggacggggac ggcgggactg ctgggggctg    113040
     ggctctccat ggggacaggg acggggacgg cgggactgct gggggctggg ctctccatgg    113100
     ggacggggac gggaacggcg ggactgctgg gggctgggct cttcacgggg acggcgggac    113160
     ttctgggggc tggctctcca cggggacggc gggactgctg gaggctggct ctccacgggg    113220
     acggcgggac tgctgggcac aggctctcca caaggacggc aggactgctg ggcacaggct    113280
     ttccacgggg acggcgggac tgctggggtc tgtgctcctc accccagggc tcacgctttt    113340
     ccatgagacc ctccccagcc acatcggggg ctctgaagac tgagcactga gggtcagcag    113400
     caggtaggag atgtctttga agtttcatct gttatcttaa aaactcgtgg atttttgggg    113460
     cggggcgctg tggctcatgc ctgtaatcct agcactttgg gaggccaagg caggcggatc    113520
     acgaagtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacagtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa    113580
     acacaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcgg gcacctgtag tcccagctac tcgggaggct    113640
     gaggcaggag aatggcatga acccgggagg tggagcttgc agtgagcgga gatcgcacca    113700
     ctatacccca gcctggatga cagagcgaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa cccaaaaaaa    113760
     taaaacaaaa aaaactcatg gatttttgta atctactcta ttatatatat atatatatat    113820
     atatatatgc acacacatgt atgttttagt atcaaaatga cttcacccca aatctccacg    113880
     tgaagtagat gcgtctcctc tccatcgtgg ctgttggcac agtgctgtgt acctgagtgt    113940
     gttcaacgtc ttgagatttc taagcttaag ggcaggagat agcccagggc tggcacccaa    114000
     atcctaagaa ccctggccaa atatacagga tttaatgtcc tcagcaccag gcatcacaca    114060
     ggaacgtgcg tgagcccatg aaatacttgc tcaataataa atgctgccaa gctgctaagc    114120
     ttggggaacc tgatgagcac tcggcttatg ggagactgat gctccccaca ggccggcccc    114180
     tgtgccgaga ctccacgcag tggcttcctc gctgtgacag cctcccctca tctgacgagg    114240
     tccaaacagc gggtccaatt ctacccacac ctctttgcat agggtgcttc tctggatttt    114300
     agggtctaga ccaaagctga ggctgtttta tacattttgg ggtccctgga actcaggaca    114360
     aggccatctg tatccccaat gctgaatgag tctccgacag gtgatagggc gatggggtcg    114420
     ctgtctaagt agggaaggac caccctcgac ttaagacatg gctcagtgaa aaaagcctcg    114480
     ctctgaggac aggcagtgag aaatgaggag gttcagggca ggcggactcc atgtgactga    114540
     gggtttggcc gggctcccct tatcaacccg gcatccctcg accatgttct ctggtgcaca    114600
     caggtgagca gagggcagtg tctgctctgg ccaaggcagg ggcaccccaa catcgcagcc    114660
     ccttttggat gtgaggtccg ctcattagat ccgaggggcc gtcctcctcc cgtgctggga    114720
     cccttggggc ttgccgggag agacgcccag agggaagggg ctttgtggga ggaggggttc    114780
     cgctgccctt cctggggcac ctgtttcgct ttttgtcttt ctttcctccc tttccactcc    114840
     actccctttg gggcatgagg gaggtgaggg aggagggtgg gaagaacaaa ggagagaatt    114900
     ctgaggaggg cgtcctgagt tccagggact tctttcatca agaggaaaaa gaaaaactct    114960
     ttcaacactc cctgtgcata gggtgctaat gagctgcaaa ttgaaattat ttggagtttt    115020
     tcttaatggt gaaaagaaag aagttgtcag aggagaccag aaactctatg tcagctgaga    115080
     aagctgtaag cgagagagat gaatggacgg ctcatctgtg ctttggtgca tctttcatca    115140
     gccggtgtca cccttggtag ccgggtgctg gccaatttcc atttaacttc catttaacgt    115200
     atagccaagg aggcccgtga tttcacctgt ctgacccacc acagatgggt agctgggctt    115260
     cacagaaatg gaggttgagt tcccggagcg gtagcccagg gctggtatgt tgagaattcc    115320
     gtttggaaac cagcgttgtg caaaccgggg ttaggatgtg gaaaactcgc cctccttcca    115380
     aacccagaag ccttcgtctt ggtttagaag tccctaagcc aagtccctac ccacattcca    115440
     cgctgctccc taatttcacc cggaccacag cctctggatg agcttctgtt aaaaagagat    115500
     gactcggtga caaacaggag gacggtgctc aaatgactgt gacacgtgcc gtgtatctgc    115560
     aaagacctgt gccgtgctaa aaccacacgc atggcagcct cccccaagcc aaccacccgg    115620
     gcccacagac aagcatctcc agagcgcgtg ggaccgtaga gaaggcagtg acagggccag    115680
     ggcaagccgg ttggagaagt ggaacttcag tggtaagccc agacctttgg gacccctcac    115740
     cctgcccggt cctcctgctg tggggtgtga gtccagccag tgctgggaag ccggtgtggc    115800
     taggacaaca aagaccaagg acagcgggga acggtgggga gggaagaggg tgggagacca    115860
     gagtcagagg cggacagggg ttcgatacgc cattcaggtc cccaaaacag catgtgcagc    115920
     tctcgttaaa tggaaaaggc cctaatgtca tgggaaagtc taacaatttg ttaaactttg    115980
     ttagtgtaca aaatgtggtg atcctactcg tataaaaaag aaagttcaaa tgcgcagaag    116040
     aaagatcaga ggacaagatg cccacgaatg ataagcgcct ttgctgcctc tgggcgggtc    116100
     cgggggagtc gcatttcttc ctcactgcat cgctgtattt tccagatgtc cactgaggaa    116160
     tgagcattgc tttttaatta gcagctgccc cgagtgctcc agctgccctg cgtgtggctg    116220
     tctacacagc acgcattcct taccccggtg gttttcatct ggaccctgag tcagaatggc    116280
     ctggagcgcg ggtaaaacag ctcggggcca gccagagctt ctgagccagg gctgggccca    116340
     agaacgtgca tttgcgttgt tccccaggtg atgctgctgg tgaccccggg gaccccgccg    116400
     tgagagcccc gacacaagtc gcggtttgtg gtgctttgga ggagtttgct ccttagagtg    116460
     agggggattg ttctgcccca atggcctctt cagagctgcg agactgtgcc cacgcgaggc    116520
     agtggtcgcc acacccacac tgccgtgctg cgcaggtgag gcctggtgca cggagcccct    116580
     gggggacacg gcgaagggcc ttctcctgcc atctgctcag gaacccctcc ctgggcttgg    116640
     cctccatctt gacaggcagg cgaggaagcc cctgctgacg ccatttacaa ctgcaaacct    116700
     cccatttcct cccaggtcct taaagctcca catcataaaa cggatgtgcg cgtgaaggaa    116760
     acgtgggtgt ccacagagag ctcccccgga gaaggccacg tccacggtgc cgcctgacag    116820
     caatggcttc ctcagcgttt gacgggcagg gagaagggtg gggaggccac aaggacagga    116880
     gaactggcgc tcgacatggg gcaggacggg agcaggatgg gaacaggagg ggacaggagg    116940
     gggcaggaca gggacagagg agagacacgg ggcaggacgg ggcaggacgg ggacaggcgg    117000
     gggcaggaca gagggaggac agggacggag gagagacggg gggcaggagg gggcaggagg    117060
     gggcagggag ccacgtcttc tccaatccca tatggggcca tctgccaccc tctgcccaaa    117120
     atgtacgatt caccatggca aggaggcgag aagcggggag atccctctaa acccaaatga    117180
     acacagagtg atggggcccc agcaccccat ccacaggctc attccattat ttgaaaatgt    117240
     ttctaaaaac tgagcttctt ttcatctttg aattggcttc ttgtcacaga gcagctttgc    117300
     aggcagcctg tttcaggtgt ccacactttg cagagggcgc ctctgcacag aagcgcacga    117360
     gtcccagatg gagggaagca aatctcaccc aactttaaat atttgtttct ccaaagctac    117420
     gtggtcaccc gtgcatggtg acggtgatgt ttgatttcag gtgactttga ggctgacctt    117480
     ccacacgggg ccctgcgttt ctctcctctg cacctgaacc ctcctagtct ttattctggg    117540
     agcagcgcgg gaggcagtgg agacgtggaa gcaggctccg gctgctgggc ctgcatgacc    117600
     ggtttccctg cagaagattc tgcgcccttc agcctcaccg tcctcacctg gcctgggtgc    117660
     tgctgtgggc aggcgctggg cacgctggga agagcagggc cagccgtttg caggacggga    117720
     ggctgaggct gtgtgcacct cctgagggct gggccacagg tgggctcagg cctgcgccct    117780
     cccatggccg tggcctcttc ctcggtcctt tgccctccag ggtgccaggc ctaggcctcc    117840
     gcgcatcagt gtggtcaaaa ggcaggactg gtgtgtggtg tttcctgaca ttttgttacc    117900
     tgtagagcca cttagagaag caccgctgcc gaggtgggaa agccggagtc ccagccagtg    117960
     ggctgagctc agggtgctgg ggtcctgggc ccagactctg tgctgggacc ttgtttggaa    118020
     atagggtctt tctagaggat cacatttaga tgacgtcatg ggagttggcc ctagtccagt    118080
     gttgctggca tccttttaaa gggacattcg gatgcagaca ggcactcatg ggggtcgacg    118140
     tgaaggagag agccacccac atccaaggac tgttggaggc caccagaagc tgtagagatc    118200
     ctgggacaga ccacccttac agcctgccat gagctggggc gcgcgcacat gtgtgtaaag    118260
     cagcacacat gcatgccaca aagcagaggc taagcagtgc acactgtgca cactctgcac    118320
     acgctcaggc ggtgacacgt tgcagacatc gctgtgcttc agaaagagct gggcggcaag    118380
     attcacacaa gtaagcatgt tgcagactcc ccagcacacg ccctctctgg cttgtgctca    118440
     tatgaacata ctgtcaccct cgtgcagatg tgaagatgtg ctctcactca tgcacgtaca    118500
     gatcacgccc tctcgctggt gtacatgtga acacatgctc ccctcatata tacaaataca    118560
     ctcactcctt ctccaccctt gttcacagca gcagcctgag aagacacaga attccatgaa    118620
     ttgcagccca gagacccccc agccctgccg gctcgcctcc tgcctcccgc ctcctagcgt    118680
     gctctgaggt ggagaccagc tgctgccccg tgcctgcccc gcctccctgg gccatgctgc    118740
     cttgcagact ctgctgctcg gtgtggtcgg gggcctgggt cggccccagg gtgaatgagt    118800
     gatgggttcc accctaaact ggctgtggag accttccaca cactttcctc ccctccacga    118860
     gctctagggc agggcaagct tggaagccaa gggctggcag aggccgagcc agcctggatc    118920
     tcagagtggc cacacggagc agagccacac tccacctcag gacgctgcac tggatatgag    118980
     tgagaaacaa actttcttgg gttaagttgt taagatttcg gggatgtgtt taaagtccct    119040
     agtgttcttt ttactgtcca ctgcctgtct ccaggagggg cccgggggca ggcactgaag    119100
     cccccgcagt ctacaggcct ctggcactca gacaggagct ctgctctcag aaaagcaggc    119160
     aggctggcat tcggcacatc cttggaagcg ggtggtgcga gactctgccc tctaccctct    119220
     gccctctgcc ctctgccctg gcgttgagtg ctttgctggg actgcggctc cctggccccc    119280
     tctcttgccc cacatgtgga ttcgcacaga ccctgcagca tccccctccc tttctcctcc    119340
     tcttttctct ttactcagga atatcccatc ttagttacgg ggctgggcac cccaagacct    119400
     ctctctaaca ggggtcccca catccagggc actgcagatg ggctgccgac cacatgcctc    119460
     tggcctccgg ccagtctcgg gccatttgct gacaccccgg aggccgatgg gccctctcgc    119520
     tgctcaaggt ggagggaggc tgtgcaccgg gggtgtcggc atgggagcgc tgtgttccgg    119580
     gggcgccgcg ggtccctcct ccccaggctg cttacgcgtc acaccagcag ctctgattta    119640
     aacccaaatc ctttcacata aaacccttca cttgtgctct taggagaggg ttttgcacac    119700
     gtctggctct gcttcccttc tgctgcattt tgctggtgcg ctgggggtct gtgtgtctta    119760
     ttcggagaag acgttgctgc tcccccaaac gaagaatcat gtcacaggaa accatgacaa    119820
     accccccttt tgactgtgcc tcccagcagg agaacaggga gctgagaaga caatgaggag    119880
     caggctgtgg ggaaaggaga ggtcactgag gtcacatgag tatcaggcag atggtgccac    119940
     tgccggagcc accccagagc caccatcacg gcaccgtttc atcccatcca gtcctcccca    120000
     cgtcctcagg tggccaaaga ccacattaca ccacatctgt cctcagggaa aagaggagag    120060
     aatgcatctg agaggacctg tcgaccaggg acacacccga cctgcacaaa gcagcatctg    120120
     gagctacggc cggggccatc aatggggtga gggggccaag gagagccctg gctgccctgc    120180
     agagggtgtg tccgtgtggc ctgtgtgcat gcacgtgtgt gtctatgtgt aatgtgtgag    120240
     agacgtgtgt gatgtgtgca tgtgtacatg tctgtgtatg tgtgcatgtt tggtgtgtgt    120300
     gtgtagcgta tgtgtgtggt gcgtgtgtgt ggtgagtgca catgatgttt gtgtggtgtg    120360
     tgtagtgaga tgtgtgtatg tatcatgtgt gatgtgtatg tatggtgtat atgtgtgtta    120420
     tgtgcatggt gtgtgcctgt ttgtacatgt gtgatatatg tgttgtgcgt ggggcatgtg    120480
     tgcggtgtgt gtatatatgt atatgtttgt gtctgtggat gtgtggcatg tgtggtgtgt    120540
     gtggtgtgtg catatgtggt atgtgtgttg tgtgtacagt gtgggtgtgt gtagtgtgtg    120600
     tatatgtgta tgtgcatgtg tggtgtgtgt ggtaggtgtg tggtgtgtgt gcattcatgt    120660
     gaaagtgtgt gcacatgtgt gtttgcatgc atgtgtatgt gtgtgcccgt gcatgtgtgg    120720
     tgtatggtat gtgtgtggta gatgccggca gtgtgttggt catagggagg gaaggtggag    120780
     gctgcggtct agcagcagag aaacagatgg gtggtttttt ctaaagcgtg ggaaatgaca    120840
     cgggggctgt gtggcctcag agatgggtgg ggtcattggg gagctggatc aataatctgg    120900
     acatttggga agatgtcttg ggggccaggt gcccaagcta catcttcaac gatgaggaag    120960
     acaggaaacg gggagggacg tctcaagaga gggcgtggcc tgagccaagg agttcaggtg    121020
     gcagcttcca gaagggcaga ggccacgaca ccgaggcccc cagctggtgc ctcctgtggc    121080
     tgagtgatga ggggcactgg agtccaaggc cctgggtgtg agtccctggg atgctaaaat    121140
     ttaatttcct catgtgccaa atgaagacaa tatagtattt acccctcagg caattattag    121200
     gaagattaaa tgttaatttt agagaaaatg taaaacataa atgcttttgt gattaattaa    121260
     ttcattaatt acgtgtggag aacctcctgg gtgccaggca catggcactc cagccacaaa    121320
     caggagaagc tggcccgccc tcctccagca gccctcgccc aacacacccc tcctctgaaa    121380
     ccagcaaggc caggcccagg cacccgtgac aactgcaccc cgagccacct ctcaggacag    121440
     gccaggccca ggcacccatg aaatctgcac cctgagcctc ctctcaggac agaggccatc    121500
     agcccacgtg cctgtgggat tcttcatttc tgccactaag ctgccctgtg gacaccactg    121560
     gccccagccc cccaaacacc tgctgggcct gggtccacag tggcccacct gcacccgctc    121620
     agggtggcct gggcagcccc cttcggaagc ccagggctct gctgcctggg agctccagca    121680
     cccagggacg cgctcatttg gcgctgggtc ttccaaagtg agccctcacc cccatgcctc    121740
     atcagcatgg ccctgacagg gacaggagtg tggtagagga cttgggttaa taagtgagat    121800
     ttttaacagg ctccgctcag ctggctctgt cggctcgagt ctgagcccat ccgtcagcgt    121860
     caattaggaa gcctcagctc agaacgcaac accaggggct gcgcagagga agaagcgcga    121920
     gggcgccctg caggctcaca gcgcctgagc acacaccgag cggccgcagc acagccctcc    121980
     ctcccgcccc aagcacacac cgagcggcca cggcacagcc ctccccgccc caagcacaca    122040
     ccgagtggcc gcagcacagc cctcccgcca caagggtaca ccaagcggcc acggcacagc    122100
     cctccccacc cctacctcct tttggcagcg caggtgcatt caggggagcg tgctggatgg    122160
     gagggggctc cctgtcacgt ctcctggaag gatgggatcc ctctgcacgc cccatcaccc    122220
     gcccacccac tgccagccat gggcacacac acaatatttg tgtattcatg aacacgcaaa    122280
     acacactcac acatgcgatc acactgcatg acccccccca cacccacaca tgcagtcaca    122340
     cacacgcaca caacagacac atgcttatgt gcacacacac aacacacctg cactagccca    122400
     ggcactcaca catacatgaa cacagcagac ccaaacacgt tcacacgcac aacacaccca    122460
     cacacacaga ggcactccac acacacatgc acacacacac ccacagtcac acatgcacca    122520
     ccacacacat acagcagatc cacaatgtat atgcacacac acaacacatc cacactcaca    122580
     catgcactcc acatacatgc acacagcaga cccccacaca cgcacacaca tatagaacac    122640
     ccacacttat gcactcacat atatatgaac acagcagacc cacacagtca cacaccaaca    122700
     cattcacaca tgcaatccac acatgcagca gacacacaca cgtgcacaca ccacacccat    122760
     gtcacacaca gcagacccac acacgttcac acacacaaca cagtcacata tgcactcaaa    122820
     catacatgca cacagcagac ccatatatat gcatattcaa acacacaaca catccacact    122880
     cacacatgca ctccacacac ctgcacacag cagatcccca cacacatgca cacaaacacc    122940
     cacactcata cacgcactca cagcagatcc aacacacgca ttcttacaca tgcacacagc    123000
     agacccacac acgtgcacac acacgcacac acactcatac atgcactcac agcagactcc    123060
     cccacacacg cattcttaca catgcacaca gcagacccct acacacgtgc acacacacat    123120
     gcacacacac atacacacac cttcacctga ggccaagcca agggggagtg atctgggaag    123180
     tggcatctgg aggctgagga acctcagagc atttcttctt ttgcatctga ggtttcaaaa    123240
     cccatgagaa tgatc                                                     123255