EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC005010; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 197498 BP.
AC   AC005010;
DT   15-JUN-1998 (Rel. 56, Created)
DT   26-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone GS1-110L19 from 8, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-197498
RX   PUBMED; 9847074.
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Toward a complete human genome sequence";
RL   Genome Res. 8(11):1097-1108(1998).
RN   [2]
RP   1-197498
RA   Davidson S., Bemis G., Langston Y., Mullen M.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone GS1-110L19";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-197498
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-1998) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-197498
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-MAY-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-197498
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-SEP-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-197498
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [7]
RP   1-197498
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-FEB-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f8d11b2c44bb8cbc26d17e400f2ef4c2.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270900.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000062.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270811.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC005010.2:1-197498; homo_sapiens.
DR   InterPro; IPR005026; GKAP.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087X1H7; A0A087X1H7_HUMAN.
CC   On May 5, 1999 this sequence version replaced gi:3212981.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: H_GS110L19
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. John D.
CC   McPherson, Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis
CC   MO. For additional information about the map position of this
CC   sequence, see
CC   This clone is from the first BAC library from Genome Systems, Inc.
CC   (
CC   Cell line:  lymphoblastoid
CC   Haplotypes:  two
CC   Selection:  chloramphenicol
CC   Actual start of this clone is at base position 1 of GS1-110L19;
CC   actual end is at base position 197498 of GS1-110L19.
CC   The PAC GS1-110L19 contains four tandem repeats from 3321 to 18509,
CC   60397 to 61108, 81341 to 81976 and 118792 to 119494.  Sequence
CC   fidelity in these regions can not be guaranteed due to possible
CC   misassemblies, low quality regions, and single stranded or single
CC   chemistry regions.  Digests with BamhI, EcorV, and HindIII showed
CC   no major discrepencies with the submitted sequence.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..197498
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /map="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="GSBAC1"
FT                   /clone="GS1-110L19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    3649..4594
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=56.7, o/e=1.00, #CpGs=58)"
FT   misc_feature    14957..16238
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=56.6, o/e=0.90, #CpGs=80)"
FT   repeat_region   18542..18698
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   20150..20619
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   21426..21448
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   23150..23288
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   23602..23815
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   25321..25628
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25680..25748
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   25909..26530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29269..29701
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   29730..29809
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29854..29930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29973..30035
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30036..30069
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   30179..30602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30603..30746
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   32278..32589
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35021..35239
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35309..35381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35380..35642
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35745..35765
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   37041..37560
FT                   /rpt_family="Other"
FT   repeat_region   37449..38108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38109..38467
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38468..39195
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39277..39316
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39555..39972
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group?"
FT   repeat_region   39994..40079
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   40588..40637
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   41497..41618
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   42323..42390
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   44248..44307
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45079..45368
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45755..45804
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   45938..46636
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   46637..47182
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   47183..47623
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   47872..47994
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   48289..48607
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52002..52302
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52389..52413
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   52414..52486
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52487..52606
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54099..54449
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   54706..54844
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55363..55663
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55693..59203
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60135..60253
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   63339..63469
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   68570..68662
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   68663..68799
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   70271..70546
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73561..73860
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75540..75916
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   75950..76036
FT                   /rpt_family="purine-rich"
FT   repeat_region   76042..76523
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21_g"
FT   repeat_region   77118..77150
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   77448..77489
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   79253..79673
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80469..80764
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82114..82199
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   82560..82763
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   83012..83177
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   83323..83535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83536..83824
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83825..84220
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84228..84587
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84589..85159
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85160..85916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90564..90760
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   91162..91457
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91461..91485
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   91486..91782
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92060..92371
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96337..96626
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96716..96842
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   100493..100783
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101252..101387
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   101418..101622
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101623..101700
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   101729..101775
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   101801..101845
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   105044..105349
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108342..108438
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   108477..109188
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   109206..109342
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   113743..114292
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114662..114802
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   114849..115506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115573..115636
FT                   /rpt_family="purine-rich"
FT   repeat_region   116930..118260
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   118911..119028
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   119645..119938
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120242..120413
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   121231..121330
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   124305..124410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125963..126049
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   126171..126316
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   126546..126658
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGT)n"
FT   repeat_region   126593..126710
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   126958..127075
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   127143..127341
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGAG)n"
FT   repeat_region   130952..131712
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132701..132826
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132834..132939
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135017..135242
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135784..135807
FT                   /rpt_family="POLY_A"
FT   repeat_region   136505..136702
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   137224..137342
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139060..139137
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   139624..139993
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140310..141379
FT                   /rpt_family="Retroviral"
FT   repeat_region   141830..141867
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   142160..142224
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142413..142828
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   143813..144114
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144182..144216
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   144352..144559
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145319..145391
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4-group"
FT   repeat_region   145392..145445
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   146756..146919
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   147511..147667
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   147783..147929
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   148271..148405
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   149480..149779
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150838..151005
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   152025..152134
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   152835..154493
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154494..154796
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154797..155329
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   155330..155622
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155623..155862
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156669..156700
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   158772..159078
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    158874..160312
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=65.4, o/e=0.80, #CpGs=134)"
FT   repeat_region   160337..160906
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162200..162606
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   164600..164881
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   164882..164922
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   167607..167807
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   168242..168552
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   168872..169065
FT                   /rpt_family="MER73-group"
FT   repeat_region   169071..169192
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   169181..169299
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   169363..169486
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   171545..171900
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    172279..174163
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=65.0, o/e=1.20, #CpGs=140)"
FT   repeat_region   175882..175927
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   176982..177018
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   184296..184479
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   185694..185841
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   185841..186096
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   186050..186084
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   186085..187439
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187439..187649
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187697..187870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187881..188184
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   189812..190226
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   190922..190948
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   191034..191318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192852..193181
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   193182..193453
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   193454..193513
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   195788..196060
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   196625..196779
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   196915..197138
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
SQ   Sequence 197498 BP; 48212 A; 48148 C; 49411 G; 51727 T; 0 other;
     aagcttggaa tgataacacg ggagttgaca aggggccctg ctgagggtac tcagagctgg        60
     aagaagtgtc gatgagggac cccgctaagg gcactcagag ctggaagagg tgtggacgag       120
     gccgctcggt gcagaccaca ggtttttagc agaaccaatc tgcacagttc tttgattttt       180
     atcccaccag gctcagcagc ttggatagaa aaaaagctga tgatgaaatg cttccagacc       240
     tcagattgtg cagaatggat gcagcggaga gacaagcact gcctgtccat gagaacgtcc       300
     tccaaggaca gctgttttcc agacttcctc ttaggtggcc gtggagcagc tggggaccta       360
     caggtacaac cccgggcgga gacccagagc gagccttccc tgcaaggatc caacgcagac       420
     ccagatctgc cccagaccca gatctgcctt ttcatgaaaa ttggaagaca acagtgattg       480
     ctgaaaaaca gctagcaggc gtcccacaga gaggggccgc ggagcaccca gctccggcac       540
     agacagctct ccctcacacg tgaacaggag caaccgcagg ctctcgtctg cacccacgga       600
     gtgtgtctgg atggatgttg cctggaaatg cttccaggca ggaaaaactt aacaggctga       660
     catttcatcc gttgatggag atcacagggc cctggtggag tatcaggctt agaggagaag       720
     ctcttccaaa aatcagtaac taaatcgagg cactctctga gctctccaga tgtaaaccaa       780
     acgactctgg aatgatctct gccatagtaa tcatgttggt gaaaaccaga tgggagcctc       840
     tcatctgggc ttctccagaa ggcgcagaaa tgtgtctgtc acctacacaa cgctgtggtg       900
     tgcttgtatc tttacaaact cttatgtatg accttttaaa actccgttta ttaaaataat       960
     actttttttt tcattttctt ccttttgctg gagtaagttt tttgtatgca taaaatgaaa      1020
     cagatggcca tgaactcaga acatcagggt tagttccagg cccacctaca agcccttcct      1080
     gtccattctg ggacctctgt gtactgcact gcaattagaa aatgacaatc tgtcgagctg      1140
     tgtgctcctg tatgcttgcg ggcctctggt ctctgcgtgc cgcctccctt gcctgcttga      1200
     ggactggact tctgcccttt aactgcagtc ccgtccacct ctcacctcca ttgagccgcc      1260
     aagctctgat ctgagtctct tgttgggtgc tggtggtgag ggaggatctt ttcatttggc      1320
     ggagggctct gcctgagaat actgcaggtg gatttcagct caaccctctg ttacaaaacc      1380
     atttttcaag tctcttatcc acagagcgag cccatagcga atgcaaacac actgtgctgt      1440
     gtgcaagagt cataaagaat tacaaggcag catcaccgtc ctcataaaat ggcaaggcag      1500
     gcagcaacct cagaagccaa attaaacaca gtcagcatgg cagcactgaa atcagaaaga      1560
     cccagggtct gtgctggcag gacgaagggg cagcagctga accccccatg tggggtcatc      1620
     tggaacacgt gccttgggtg aatacaacag gaccttgaaa atgagttgga ctaagtcaga      1680
     agaaagaaga cgttccaaga gtaggaagaa gctttggagg cagaaatgtc tggggataat      1740
     gagaccccgg ttggctagat gggaattgga aagattaact cagaagttcc catggggaca      1800
     ttgtgcagga tgttgaatcc aaggctagac attacgagct tccaaactag gcaatggggc      1860
     attcaaggat ttgcaacaag aaagcaaacg gcctgaggta ggggttttgg ggtaccctgc      1920
     agaacgacct ggcagtaccc atgagtctgg atgccccatt cagaggccag atcggatctg      1980
     tgcagaggca cgcggcttat ccagggacac caggctgtgg ctgcaaatgg gatgtcagga      2040
     aggggtgact cagtgccaag caaagtgagg gatgatgaaa aatgataata gctggggttt      2100
     tggccccacg taatgagagt aagattggtg tttttatcag ttggagcgct accagcacat      2160
     gttccaccat ggatgcctca cagagctggc cccatgcaga gtccaggaag gggctgggca      2220
     ggggactgct ctagaagagg agatgggttc ataaaaggtt tagagggcag agggcctggc      2280
     gatgtgtttt ctgttcttga tttcactcca gtatttaagg agctcacttt ggtgcaaata      2340
     atttattttt cctagtttga agaaaacacc ctttctcaag ccagtttatc cttagaagag      2400
     gtcatttcat taagcggaag cagcaaatgt gttgctgcat ctccaagacc cgagtatgtg      2460
     tcttcccctc ctgaacgctt gtgcgtccac cttggacaac caacaagggg ccatggagga      2520
     gccgtcggtg tctgtgacaa aataacccat tgttgtgatg ctgtaggatc tttcagaaaa      2580
     ccaggtcgta ggactgagag cgtgaagaac tgtttgaatc gccttatcta tccccttgtt      2640
     gcgatgctgt aggatctttc agaaaaccca ggtcatagga ctgagagcat gaagaactgt      2700
     ttgaattgcc ttatctacat ctctaatttt tcagaggctg gggtgggcct agaaaacaag      2760
     acccctgagt tccaggctcg ggtgccattg gaacacccag attatggacg gggcggcctt      2820
     gaagtggacg tgaggatgag tcattcctcc atgagtccag atcccaggtc gaggcgcagt      2880
     ccagatcctg ggttgaggcg ccatctggat ccagggtcga ggtgcagggt tacccgttac      2940
     ctgcactccc acggggaggg cttccctttc ttcccatcaa ctcgcggcac tcggggaaaa      3000
     cctgtggccc ccgtcggcct gacttgctaa tgggaggcaa acccgttccg ctgacttgga      3060
     cgccgcgtgg tccttctaag tgccattgtc ctgctgtgcc tcattgccga gtgtgagaat      3120
     gcaactaagt gaaagcaaat agaccttgtc cgaaaaggcc caaaatagac tctgcttgtt      3180
     atcatattaa ctttgcattt taactgtgac cctacatggt gtggaaaccc gtggggagtc      3240
     ccgtgggcct gggcctccat gcatctctgg ggactgggcc aggcctgggt cagcacatct      3300
     gcgtttcagt ggaagtgcca gacctttgcc aggtgatggc acagtagtga tgctcatggg      3360
     ctgtgttctt tcttcgggat aattgcagct tgaaactcct gggcatctgt gattggactt      3420
     tggcaaagtg aatgtatgtg tgttggaatg gggcgtgtgt ctttgttaaa tgtgacgttt      3480
     ctgttttttt tttgagacgg agtctctgtg actctttttt tacaactatt ccccccaaat      3540
     ggagacagat cagttttgct ctaaatgtga atccgaggcc tcaggaaggc attcgaggtt      3600
     ttcagaacct ccttgtcctc ctgagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc      3660
     gtcctccaga gtcgtgcatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg      3720
     tgtattgagt gcttactgag tgccacctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt      3780
     actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctcctgagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgctccct      3840
     ccttgtcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcatc gtcctccgga      3900
     gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgcccc ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt      3960
     gcttactgag cgctccctcc ttgtcctcct gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgcc      4020
     acctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgcattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct cctcgtcctc      4080
     cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagtg ccacctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt      4140
     gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctcctcatcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag      4200
     cgctccctcc tcatcctcct gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt      4260
     cctcctgagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct ccttgtcttc cggagtcgtg      4320
     tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcctc gtcctcctga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac      4380
     tgagcgctcc ctcctcgtcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgccccctcc      4440
     tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctcctgagt      4500
     cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccccct cctcgtcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc      4560
     ttactgagcg ccacctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc      4620
     ctcctcatcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc tcgtcctcct      4680
     gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctccttgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga      4740
     gtgcttactg agcgctccct ccttgtcctc tggagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg      4800
     ccccctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac ctcctcgtcc      4860
     tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgccacctcc ttgtcctcct gagtcgtgta      4920
     ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg      4980
     agcgccacct cctcgtcctc caaagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcctt      5040
     gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac ctcctcatcc tccagagtcg      5100
     tgtattgaga acttactgag cgctccctcc ttgtcctccg gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt      5160
     actgagtgcc acctccttgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcactccct      5220
     ccttgtcctc cggagtcgta tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc gtcctccaga      5280
     gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctccttgtcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt      5340
     gcttactgag cgccacctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct      5400
     ccctccttgt cctccggagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccactc cttgtcctcc      5460
     ggagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctctggag tcgtgtattg      5520
     agagcttact gagcgctccc tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc      5580
     gccacctcct tgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcatc      5640
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt      5700
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctcctca tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact      5760
     gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccggagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct      5820
     catcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctccttgtc ctccagagtc      5880
     gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcatcctcc ggggtcgtgt attgagtgct      5940
     tactgagcgc cacctcctca tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcaccacc      6000
     tccttgtcct ctggagtcat gtattgagaa cttactgagc gctccctcct atgtcctccg      6060
     gagtcctgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgcc acctccttgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga      6120
     gtgcttactg agcgccacct cctcatcctc cagggtagtg tattgagtgc ttactgagtg      6180
     ccacctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctcctcatcc      6240
     tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc tcgtcctcct gagtcgtgta      6300
     ttgagtgctt actgagtgcc acctcctcat cctcctgagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg      6360
     agcgctccct cctcgtcctc ctgagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcgtc      6420
     atcctcctga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgcccc ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg      6480
     tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgccacctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt      6540
     actgagcgct ccctcctcat cctcctgagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgctccct      6600
     cctcgttctc ctgagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcc tcatcctcca gggtagtgta      6660
     ttgagtgctt actgagtgcc acctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg      6720
     agcgctccct cctcatcctc ctgagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc      6780
     gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctccttgtcc tcctgagtcg      6840
     tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgccacctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt      6900
     actgagcgct ccctccttgt cctccggagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccactc      6960
     cttgtcctcc ggagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctccttg tcctccagag      7020
     tcgtgtattg agagcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg      7080
     cttactgagc gccacctcct tgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc      7140
     cctccttgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag aacttactga gcgccacctc ctcgtcctcc      7200
     agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg      7260
     agaacttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgacgg acctttgcca      7320
     ggtgatggca cagtagtgat gctcatgggc tgtgttcttt cttcgggata attgcagctt      7380
     gaaactcctg ggcatctgtg attggacttt ggcaaagtga atgtatgtgt gttggaatgg      7440
     ggcgtgtgtc tttgttaaat gtgacgtttc tgtttttttt ttgagacgga gtctctgtga      7500
     ctcttttttt acaactattc cccccaaatg gagacagatc agttttgctc taaatgtgaa      7560
     tccgaggcct caggaaggca ttcgaggttt tcagaacctc cttgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt      7620
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgcattg agtgcttact      7680
     gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct ccagggtagt gtattgagtg cttactgagt gccacctcct      7740
     cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctg cctcctcatc ctcctgagtc      7800
     gagtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcatcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct      7860
     tactgagcgc tccctcctcg tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc      7920
     tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct tgtcctctgg      7980
     agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgccc cctcctcgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag      8040
     tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc      8100
     cacctccttg tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tcctcgtcct      8160
     ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccaa agtcgtgtat      8220
     tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctccttgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgat gtttttactg      8280
     agcgtatctc ttcatcctct cttgagttgt tattgatgcg cttactgagc tctccccctc      8340
     ttgtctccgg attctgtttt ttcactgctt attttgtctt tccttcttcc cttttttagg      8400
     tgactggact ttggcaaagt gaatgtatgt gtgttggaat ggggcgtgtg tctttgttaa      8460
     atgtgacgtt tctgtttttt ttttgagacg gagtctctgt gactcttttt ttacaactat      8520
     tccccccaaa tggagacaga tcagttttgc tctaaatgtg aatccgaggc ctcaggaagg      8580
     cattcgaggt tttcagaacc tccttgtcct cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc      8640
     gccacctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgcat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcgtc      8700
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gtgccacctc ctcgtcctcc agagtcgtgt      8760
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctca tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact      8820
     gagcgctccc tcctcatcct cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct      8880
     cgtcctcctg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagtgcca cctcctcatc ctccggagtc      8940
     gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct      9000
     tactgagcgc tccctcctcg tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccccc      9060
     tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag      9120
     agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctcctcatc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag      9180
     tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagtgc      9240
     cacctcctca tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tcctcgtcct      9300
     cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct cgtcctcctg agtcgtgtat      9360
     tgagtgctta ctgagtgcca cctcctcatc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga      9420
     gcgctccctc ctcgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cccctcctcg      9480
     tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct cctgagtcgt      9540
     gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct catcctcctg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta      9600
     ctgagtgcca cctcctcatc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gtgccacctc      9660
     ctcatcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctcctgag      9720
     tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcatcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg      9780
     cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc      9840
     cctccttgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcatcctcc      9900
     agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tacctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg      9960
     agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc     10020
     gccacctcct tgtcctcctg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctcctcgtc     10080
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcgtcctcc aaagtcgtgt     10140
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact     10200
     gagcgccacc tcctcatcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagaa cttactgagc gctccctcct     10260
     tgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagtgcca cctccttgtc ctccagagtc     10320
     gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcactccctc cttgtcctcc ggagtcgtat attgagtgct     10380
     tactgagcgc cacctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc     10440
     tccttgtcct cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag     10500
     agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctccttgtc ctccggagtc gtgtattgag     10560
     tgcttactga gcgccacctc cttgtcctcc ggagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc     10620
     cacctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agagcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct     10680
     ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct tgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat     10740
     tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctccttgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag aacttactga     10800
     gcgccacctc cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg     10860
     tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agaacttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt     10920
     gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct tgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta     10980
     ctgagcgcca cctcctcatc ctccagggta gtgtattgag tgcttactga gtgccacctc     11040
     ctcgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctca tcctcctgag     11100
     tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tcctcatcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg     11160
     cttactgagc gccacctcct catcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc     11220
     cctcctcgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcgtcctcc     11280
     aaagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctcg tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg     11340
     agtgcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc     11400
     gctccctcat cgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgccc cctcctcgtc     11460
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcatcctcc tgagtcgtgt     11520
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctca tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact     11580
     gagcgccacc tcctcatcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagt gccacctcct     11640
     cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctcctcgtc ctccagagtc     11700
     gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccccctc ctcgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct     11760
     tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctccggag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagtgccacc     11820
     tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc actccctcct tgtcctccgg     11880
     agtcgtatat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag     11940
     tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcatcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc     12000
     cacctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct     12060
     cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat     12120
     tgagagctta ctgagcactc cctccttgtc ctccaaagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga     12180
     gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctccttg     12240
     tcctcctgag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt     12300
     gcattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta     12360
     ctgagtgcca cctcctcgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc     12420
     ctcatcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctca tcctcctgag     12480
     tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tcctcgtcct cctgagtcgt gtattgagtg     12540
     cttactgagt gccacctcct catcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc     12600
     cctcctcgtc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcgtcctcc     12660
     tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cccctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg     12720
     agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc     12780
     gctccctcct catcctcctg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc cctcctcgtt     12840
     ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gtgccacctc ctcatcctcc ggagtcgtgt     12900
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg cctgagtcgt     12960
     gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct cgtcctcctg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta     13020
     ctgagcgcca cctccttgtc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag agcttactga gcgctccctc     13080
     cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctccttg tcctccggag     13140
     tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagaa     13200
     cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgctc     13260
     cctcctcatc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc ctcatcctcc     13320
     agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctcctca tcctccagag tcgtgtattg     13380
     agtgcttact gagtgccacc tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc     13440
     gctccctcct tgtcctctgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgccc cctcctcgtc     13500
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt     13560
     attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctccttg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact     13620
     gagcgctccc tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct     13680
     catcctccag agtcgtgaag agagtgtaaa atcgctgatc actccaggtg gtgaagggtg     13740
     gatgtgaagt aaggagatta aggcgactta ctcgtcgtcc tgcgtagtga agagattgta     13800
     aaaagagggc tacatccaag tcctcatgcg tggaggatga attgagaaga tccccccacc     13860
     tcctcgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct tgtcctccgg     13920
     agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca ctccttgtcc tccggagtcg tgtattgagt     13980
     gcttactgag cgccacctcc ttgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagagctt actgagcgct     14040
     ccctccttgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct ccttgtcctc     14100
     cggagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcctt gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt     14160
     gagaacttac tgagcgccac ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag     14220
     cgctccctcc ttgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagaactt actgagcgct ccctccttgt     14280
     cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct ccttgtcctc cagagtcgtg     14340
     tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc atcctccagg gtagtgtatt gagtgcttac     14400
     tgagtgccac ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc     14460
     tcatcctcct gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcat cctccagagt     14520
     cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct cctcatcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc     14580
     ttactgagtg ccacctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc     14640
     ctcctcatcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc tcatcctcct     14700
     gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctcctgagt cgtgtattga     14760
     gtgcttactg agtgccacct cctcatcctc ctgagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg     14820
     ctccctcatc gtcctcctga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctcctcgtcc     14880
     tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag tgccacctcc tcatcctcct gagtcgtgta     14940
     ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctcctgagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg     15000
     agcgccccct cctcgtcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc     15060
     atcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg     15120
     tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt     15180
     actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct     15240
     cctcgtcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ctccctcctc gtcctccaga     15300
     gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt     15360
     gcttactgag cgccacctcc tcgtcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgcc     15420
     acctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgctccct cctcgtcctc     15480
     cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc gtcctccaaa gtcgtgtatt     15540
     gagtgcttac tgagcgctcc ctccttgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag     15600
     cgccacctcc tcatcctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgcc ccctccttgt     15660
     cctccagagt cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgccacct cctcgtcctc cagagtcgtg     15720
     tattgagtgc ttactgagcg ccacctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac     15780
     tgagcgctcc ctcctcatcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc     15840
     tcgtcctcct gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctccttgt cctccagagt     15900
     cgtgtattga gtgcttactg agcgctccct catcgtcctc cggagtcgtg tattgagtgc     15960
     ttactgagcg ccccctcctc gtcctccaga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac     16020
     ctcctcgtcc tcctgagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgccacctcc ttgtcctcct     16080
     gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgct ccctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtactaact     16140
     gagcgctccc accttgtcct ccagagtcgc gtaactcagc gcttactgag cgccacctcc     16200
     ttgccctcca gagtcgtgta ttgagtgcgc actgagcgcc acctcctcat cctccagggt     16260
     agtgtattga gtgcttactg agtgccacct cctcgtcctc cagagtcgtg tattgagtgc     16320
     ttactgagcg ctccctcctc atcctcctga gtcgtgtatt gagtgcttac tgagcgccac     16380
     ctcctcgtcc tccagagtcg tgtattgagt gcttactgag cgctccctcc ttgtcctcct     16440
     gagtcgtgta ttgagtgctt actgagcgcc acctcctcgt cctccagagt cgtgtattga     16500
     gtgcttactg agcgctccct ccttgtcctc cggagtcgtg tattgagtgc ttactgagcg     16560
     ccactccttg tcctccggag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tccttgtcct     16620
     ccagagtcgt gtattgagag cttactgagc gctccctcct tgtcctccag agtcgtgtat     16680
     tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctccttgtc ctccggagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga     16740
     gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagaact tactgagcgc cacctcctcg     16800
     tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt     16860
     gtattgagaa cttactgagc gctccctcct tgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctac     16920
     tgagcgcacc acagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcgtc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag     16980
     tgcttactga gcgccacctc cttgtcctcc tgagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc     17040
     tccctcctcg tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tcctcgtcct     17100
     ccaaagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gctccctcct tgtcctccag agtcgtgtat     17160
     tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcatc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga     17220
     gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc ggagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagtgc cacctcctcg     17280
     tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcactccc tccttgtcct ccggagtcgt     17340
     atattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct cgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta     17400
     ctgagcgctc cctccttgtc ctcctgagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc     17460
     ctcgtcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctccggag     17520
     tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc tccttgtcct ccggagtcgt gtattgagag     17580
     cttactgagc actccctcct tgtcctccag agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca     17640
     cctccttgtc ctccggagtc gtgtattgag agcttactga gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc     17700
     ggagtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc cacctccttg tcctccggag tcgtgtattg     17760
     agagcttact gagcgctccc tccttgtcct ccggagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc     17820
     gccacctcct tgtcctccgg agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcatc     17880
     ctccagagtc gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgctccctc cttgtcctcc agagtcgtgt     17940
     attgagaact tactgagcgc tccctccttg tcctccggag tcctgtattg agtgcttact     18000
     gagcgccacc tccttgtcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct     18060
     catcctccag ggtagtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca cctcctcatc gtccagagtc     18120
     gtgtattgag tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcatcctcc agagtcgtgt attgagtgct     18180
     tactgagcgc cacctcctca tcctccagag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcgccacc     18240
     tcctcatcct ccagagtcgt gtattgagtg cttactgagc gccacctcct catcctccag     18300
     agtcgtgtat tgagtgctta ctgagcgcca gctcgtcatc ctccagagtc gtgtattgag     18360
     tgcttactga gcgccacctc ctcatcctcc ggggtcgtgt attgagtgct tactgagcgc     18420
     cacctcctca tcctccggag tcgtgtattg agtgcttact gagcaccacc tccttgtcct     18480
     ctggagtcat gtattgagtg ctgactgagt accgcagggt ccacctcagg gcttccagca     18540
     tttccttgtt gggggttggg gtgggctgtc ctgcacagca cagcatgttt aacagcatcg     18600
     ctggactcag cactggatgc cagtcaggac aaccaaaaat gcctccagat agtgccaaat     18660
     gccccccagg ggatagaatc gtctcctgag aacagctggt cttcactgag atcaaggcaa     18720
     gcctggtctc tggctcactc tttctttcca gcatctccag ctagcatttt attcccgtag     18780
     ttgaagaaca caggaatcct tgtgctcttt ccacctgcct cactgtccaa ctcattctcc     18840
     actttccgcg atgccatttc agtttcccct cttgctgatg atctgggtct gtttcctcac     18900
     tctccagagt gtccgagggt ttccccttcc ctcggggagg cgtctgtgtt ctcatcaggg     18960
     gagaaatcag ttccaggccc cagctccaag ttcgccacaa cctgttagtt cacctggggc     19020
     cttgcgtaat ctccacgagc atctggggca ccgtgtcaag tcctgaagcc cccatggccc     19080
     tgcagaggga ccttctctgg gccttggatg atgagggtgc tgctctccac tgggactcca     19140
     gcattgtcag gcacagacac acacggtgtt aactgttcgg caactggagt ttctaagcct     19200
     gttttctgga gcaggcaaca tggattcacg cataactttg aaaatgtatc ttggatgttt     19260
     gaggccttct agcaagtcct tgtttcaggc tttcacagga cagtgcagag ggttttctgg     19320
     tgaaagcaga acccgggaaa gccaggtttt gggaactcgt ggcagctcta ccaccaagag     19380
     acccttcgtc tgtcactttc actgcgttaa caggaagact tgactgtcat ttaacattaa     19440
     ggtgcgcagg gcacagagaa gaaagctggg cagtggtggt ccatgatgcc tgtctgccca     19500
     ccctcctggg ccacagggtc tgtcttgttg gagacagtgg acatttaatc gatgtctgtt     19560
     ggggaagcat cagttaattc cctgaaagat aaatccacct atgaaaaaga cagcagcatt     19620
     gcctcagttc cagaatgtgg accactgccc aaccccttcc tcactgtagc aggcgcccgg     19680
     ctccccttgg accactgccc agttccttgc tcaccatagc aggcgcccgg ctccccttgg     19740
     accactgccc agttccttcc tcaccatagc aggcgcctgg ctccccttgg accactgccc     19800
     aactccttcc tcaccatagg aagcccatct ccccttggca gccctggccc tgagcacaga     19860
     attgtctaga ccagctgaaa accaactgga accaaccagt tccttcctca ccatagcagg     19920
     cgcctggctc cccttggacc actgcccaac tccttcctca ccgtaggcgc ccagctctcc     19980
     ttggcagtcc tggtgctgag cacagaattg tctagaccag ctgagaacca accggaagaa     20040
     atgggctcag taaagactga tttcagaaat tctccagaca caagttcaag aagagagctg     20100
     ggtgtgacga acgtgctcag aaccctcctc gcttcccagc ctgtcaccgt gtgatggtga     20160
     atcttctccg tcacctagac tgggataggg gatgcccaca gagctgggaa gacattttcc     20220
     agatgtgtct gtggtggtgt ttctggaagg accagcgttt gaatcaggga atgagtaaag     20280
     cagaccccac cccagtgcag gtgggcctcc cccagtccat gagggctcaa atagaactga     20340
     aagaggaagg gaggacctcc tctcttcttg agctgggacc ttcatcttct cctgccctcc     20400
     accagagccc cagggccttc aggctctgag gctttcacca gcagcccctc agtgccgggg     20460
     ccttcgggct tagactgaat tacacctgac cccgtgggtc tccagctgtg gggcttctca     20520
     gcctccataa tcatatgatc cagttccgaa aataaaaccc cctcttatgt gtctgtgtgt     20580
     cctgttggtt ccattcctcc agagaaccct gaccgatacg tgctgcaggt gtgtagacct     20640
     ttggctaact gagaaatggt gtcaggtcca caagccaagc ggtgtcctcc ccaggaatgc     20700
     cagacgctga caccaagtgc ccaaggggaa ggggaggttt caaaacatgc cctcgatctg     20760
     ctgaggagac tgcaagcttc gatcagggcc cagatcatct gggagtggtt ggaatctcac     20820
     tggcttcaga gcagaatctt tgcattgtga ggcactggca atgaggatac cagtaatagt     20880
     gacacggaag gtaacattca cgggcatggc ttcacgcgtg cggcaccgtg gcccaggcag     20940
     cctcacggtg aggagctccc agcagagcag acgccagtct gacccctttg aaatactcgc     21000
     tgagtgcttc ctttttattc tctcccctca gttcacataa ttctgtagca gtaacttact     21060
     gtcatgtccc acagtttcat ggggtcacta gaggaaggct tcctgcaggg gtccatctgc     21120
     aggctactgc atttccgcac aggtcgagtt aaagcaaaag catcaagtca gctcccttct     21180
     cagaatgaaa tacagtgaaa ttatggctta aaactcctgg gggagcttgt aagtatgaag     21240
     aggcagcagc acataagtgt gtttcacgca cggcatcagg gacaccccat gggcctgcgt     21300
     caaaccccac gtccaggtca agggatccag agatgctgat ttggaacctg gttttcttgt     21360
     tcaggaattt tcccagatta tggccacctt tccctgtggg aatgtccttg cttcactctg     21420
     gagccatttt tttttttttt tttttaaact tccttgtttt cagttgtctt atccaggaag     21480
     gaaggctgag ctcctggtga acatgtaaat atctttactt ctctatttaa gagattgtaa     21540
     tcattatttt gttataattg catagtgttg tacgttactt tgacttgcca gctaaactaa     21600
     tatttctgtg ggtttattta ttgagtttca gtgcataaaa ggtgactaaa gtgtcaccgt     21660
     ggaaagctac ctgcatacgc cagttgttcc tttcaggtat tcagtcgtgg tctcttgttc     21720
     tggaaaccca acatctccta attaaaatcg tcgtatgtta attgctctgc ttaactacag     21780
     agaaattatt cattgcaata atttggtctg aaaatgaatg tttatatata ttgtgtcttt     21840
     taacaatgtg caatgcatag ctacattata tactataata agtcaaagaa aacagagtta     21900
     ggaataatca aaacaccaaa aatcttatat ggttttgaag gcagggaatt ataatgttga     21960
     tacatatggg tttccacata aaagagcata aaagcacgaa ggacttgacc cctgagccag     22020
     gcggtcctag ctggcctttg gccccacttg tgccgaagat ataactccat cctgcttgcc     22080
     tccggctccc tagcctggtg acattggcag gaagacggag tcataaactg tgccggtaga     22140
     gccttgggca gattaaacga ggtaaccgaa atgcggaacc tgcaggtggt agacttgagg     22200
     gcctcgtgct cctcctggcc tggtttatcc tctcctttcc ctcctgctct gaaccatctg     22260
     ctaaacttca aacaatgcca agagtaagca tttcacaggc tcacgaagct gcgtgtctac     22320
     ttcatttaag ggcttctaaa attatttccg tgaactttcc agaacttgaa tttatggaaa     22380
     gctgcgcatg aagtctctct cactaagggt gaattttccc taatcagctc tgccctcatg     22440
     agccgtcgtg tgggccctgg tggtgcggca cactcatcca ggcctttgca agtgggacac     22500
     agagtgtggg ggtggatgct tccacgccag tatcctccac gttcagacac atgctccgaa     22560
     aacctacagg caacagcaag ggctctggaa gacacagatg ccatgggcag gtgatctcct     22620
     gctagggatg tcctgccatg gaccctcacc tcccctggag tcactgccct ttctccattc     22680
     ctgcctccag gcctctcaag catgggctgg gcttgctgca tctccctcct cctcacctgt     22740
     gctccctttt tagctccagt gctatggctc ccactgccct ctgcagagcc cccagcactg     22800
     ggacttttat gctgaaggcg aggtcccccg ccagcctcct gctctgagcg ctagactctg     22860
     cagcctgctt gtctttcatg cctcctcctc cctagccttc tgaggctcca ttctctccct     22920
     cagcctccct gtctcccggg ctctttctcc tccatctctc ttacagatgt ggaggttcca     22980
     aaaggttctc agagtctcac cctcttccat atgatttgtt acattgctaa atgcatgcat     23040
     gcatctgatc tcacgaattc agtgctgaaa tatcccactg ctgctacttg acctgcagaa     23100
     taaatgtgtg gtttctcagc ttggccttgt gtatccttgg taagccccag ccattccagc     23160
     tgtgagccct cagataagtt gcttcacccc tctctgcctc agtgtcctct tctgagaaat     23220
     ggtgatagca atggagccca ctgtgaagat cacaggctct ttgtgaaggt cagagtcagt     23280
     gcatgtaatt attgagtctt tcttgctgtt cttgggcact tagcaagacc tctacaggca     23340
     aaaggcaatt gccagctgtg atggccattc tgactctaac ataccctccc tattcacagc     23400
     cctccccagc agatggcctg tgtctccagt gctcagggcc acctgcattt cctgagatta     23460
     cagtgcctct cgcatgctat ttcctgtctc cctgtctctg acttccctcc ctcctgctgg     23520
     gaaaattcct tcaataccca gctcaagtgt cccctcctcc gtaaaacaga cttgcccttc     23580
     ctgaccacag tgtgggaaaa atccttcaat acccagctca agtgtcccct cctctgtgaa     23640
     gagggcttcc tcttcttgac cagtgccatt acctcctcag ttctcctagt gtccctctgg     23700
     aactcacagc tttgtgttct atttgcccct ctgtgttttc tactggacag tggctccttc     23760
     caagtcatgg cttgtctccc tcctctctgt agcacctttg tatgtttcaa cacctttatt     23820
     attagctatt tatttatagt atttttaaag taaataaagg aagaagcata aagatagaag     23880
     gatgggaagc agaatgaata aatggataga tattttcaag aacagaggaa gaaaatgaat     23940
     tactattgta atataaatga acaacctatt gaagaaagga aaatatagtt tcaatgctca     24000
     agaagcataa aaaagacttt caaagtaagt ccaatttaag ggcaagcaaa agtcactatg     24060
     catattttac ttagattctc aaaaagttgt agattacttt gcactaaatc tggcaagtat     24120
     agagttataa tggaaatgaa aaaatgtttt gtcacagaaa aagtattgcc ttaaagtcca     24180
     gaaacatgag atgttcgaag gcccttctct ggatggagga ataatatgaa agggaatgaa     24240
     aatctcagta atcaatgatt ggagtcactc ttatctttga taaatggtct tgaactcaaa     24300
     gggcaccacc cagtctccca gtatgtagct cttctgcagg tgcaatgaca ggatgatggg     24360
     gttagattgt gcaggtctca caaagctcca tcagtgcaca cacgcctgcc aggtgggcct     24420
     tggtgaggca cagcctgaga agaggcacgt gcagatgcac aatgtcaatg gcatacttat     24480
     taaatggtga attcttgttt atcatttttt ttttcaaaaa gagctccaaa ctcatcgtaa     24540
     gctgttcact gaagacacca tcaacagggt gctgtgattg aaagcaaata gtcaaaaagt     24600
     gcagctcagg gcaccgtgtg gacacttagt gacatgccta ggaattctgc tttttcctct     24660
     gctgttagtg ttggggaaag gcattctttc aaggtcagta aagtcagagt tgcaggctgt     24720
     tgagaaagtg aagtgttcag ggttgggggg agttgtctgt tgagagaaac tgacttatat     24780
     tcgtaaagat ggaatctgag aaagtgctaa agctggaaac tggaatggca ggggtgttct     24840
     gtggactctt gtggggttgg catggcgccc tgagcatgtg attggagggt gtgtttcaca     24900
     gttgtcagaa tgaggccaac aagtctgaag gctgtagcca gggagaggca gtgaggacct     24960
     gccaagggca agccagaaat gcaaggtccg gggtgtgagt caggtcgtga cccatggagc     25020
     cggtcaagtg tgggaggcaa gaggcatggg gacatgaggg actgaccagg ccgggggtcc     25080
     cagtgcaggg tccacaccag agcagaagcg gaaggtggcg gggagggact gaccgggctg     25140
     tgggtcccag tgcagagtcc acaccagagt ggaggcagaa cacggctggg agggactgag     25200
     cggagctgcc cggcagctgt ctctgaggat cccgccatct acgcacgtcc aggcgtcctc     25260
     tgccctcagc gtgtcttgcc tttacaagca tggaacctcc tgttaaataa tcaggtgtct     25320
     ggctgggcac ggtggtgcat gtctgtaatc ccaacacttt cggaggccaa ggtgggcaga     25380
     tcacctgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggcaaaaccc catgtctact     25440
     aaaagtacaa aaattagcca ggcgtggtgg caggcatctg taatcccagc tgcttgggag     25500
     gctgaggcag gggaatcact tgaacctggg aggtggaggt ttcagtgagc tgaggtcatg     25560
     cccctgcact cgagcctggg caacagagca agactccgtc tcaaaagaaa aaaaaagaag     25620
     aaaaaaaatc aagcattttg atccctgtat tatacttgtc cagcctttgg ctgtggtgca     25680
     catgcataca tacgtgtaca cacatgtgca cacatgcata caaacaggta cacacatgcg     25740
     tacaaacagg caactctatt ctgccaacct gtgggctgtg tctatcttta atctgtgaac     25800
     ttgactccag gcagccctaa actggtttta ggatacaaaa ctttcacttt taattatttt     25860
     cttatgactt tctctagtgc gtctttctga tttaaaggct aatttttttt tcaactttta     25920
     ttttagatcc gggggtacgt tggcaagttt gttacatgga tttatttcat gacactgaag     25980
     tttgaggtgc aaatgatccc atcacccaga cactgagcac agcacccaat gggcagtgtt     26040
     tcttccccag cccctttttc cctccccctc tagtagccct ggtgtctgct gttcgcacct     26100
     ttatgtccac gtgtgcccta tgtttagcct ccacttataa gtgagaacac gtggtgtctg     26160
     gctttctgtt cctgtggtaa ttcacttggg actaaggccc ccacctgcat ccgtgttgct     26220
     gcagaggacg tgattccatt ctctcttacg gctgcataga atttcgtggt gtataggtag     26280
     cactgtctct ttatctcatc cacctttgat gggcacctgg gttgcttcca tgtttttgct     26340
     attgcgaacc ttgtgaacca tgctgcagtg aacatacatg tgtcagtgtc tttttggtag     26400
     aatgatttat tttcctttgg gtatataccc agtcatggga ttgctgattt aagttctttg     26460
     agaaatcttc aagctgcttt ccatagtggc tgagctaatt tacaatccca caaacagggt     26520
     agaaactcct tgaggggtca tttcatgact aaaagaatat tttttaacat aaattggggg     26580
     agggtgatgg gtgacaaaac tgactacccc tgccaatggg aagcaggtgg aaaatgcaaa     26640
     attatttgac agacttaaag atgttattag atgacaaaaa catagaggac cctgcataat     26700
     atctgcttga ggtgctaaag agacttttca aagtattttc agtgctcagt ttggacgtga     26760
     aacccatcct gtccccagac gatgcctggt taccagcgtc aatacagagt ggcgaccaga     26820
     tgattccagc gtccatacag agtggcgacc agcccggcct ggcgggggat tgtaggttcc     26880
     cgtcacgacg gccatggaaa ccagcttccc gtggtcagcc caggtgtccg ccttcgtatt     26940
     tcagacgtgc ctggtcactt gagggaggtt caaacctctg cagtgcagcg atactacagt     27000
     ttctgaggca aattaaactt ttccataaat gtgtctgatc ctcagaacag tccatcaggc     27060
     ggagaatccg attttgctgc tcctgtttcc taagtgagga catggagttc tagccccgct     27120
     gaatgaacca cccgaggcct gaaccagaac ccctctgcct ccacggccgc cccttctttg     27180
     aaaacttacc atgaaaacga acagtttttt gtcacctcaa catagaaata tcaacatgga     27240
     aactctgttt ctgtgttgac atttcaatcc aaagtgtcta tcaggtcact taataagtaa     27300
     aacaaggaat caaaaaccag gtagtaagaa aaggaatcgg acgtgttggc tgcttaagag     27360
     gagagcctgg gggcggaatg tggctcgcga gcacccgtgc cggcctcctt ttctgtctct     27420
     cctcagacat ttgttgcaaa gcgtgagcat aatccgttct ctccctaaaa cctgttcgtg     27480
     tgaaagcttc tcagacttgc aaagaatgcg cttttgttcc cggaaacaga tttgcttcgt     27540
     gaggaggccc agctcagtgc ggctgtggca ttgagactca gagtccaggg ctcaggggtc     27600
     cccgtcactc ctccgagcag ccgtcagcgg tcccgcccca cactgtcccc ggcgggttca     27660
     gcaggagaaa gggcgggggt ggggggatgg gggggtgggg gggagacccc cgttcattca     27720
     tttagcgtct gaggcggggg agactctgag tgaaggggaa gcccccgttc atttagtgtc     27780
     tgaggcgggg gagactctga gtgaggggag accagcgtcc gtttggcgtc tgaggtgggg     27840
     agaccggcat tcatttagcg tctgaggcgg gaggagagac cggcgttcat ttagcgtctg     27900
     cggggtgccc aggttcgaca gcatctcacc gcatgttcat agaagccctt gaagctagca     27960
     gcactgtcac tgcttttatc ctgatcagga cacggagcct ctgattgttg aagcaaacct     28020
     tgtttttctc tgacttcagc tctttgtgtt ctcttactgt gaaggttaat gtggtaacag     28080
     tttccacggg gctcaccagg gcaggcatag tacatagcac aggtgtgaat gcaatgggga     28140
     tccgaagccc agaacagggg aggagaggag aaaatgcgga cagataaata ggaggctcag     28200
     aaggacttca ctgcgtggcc gcctccaggg gggcacgggg agccccactc ctgcctcact     28260
     ccgcgaggct ccaggggggc acagggggcc ccactcctgc ctcactcggc gaggctccag     28320
     acacagaagc ccacggagac ctatgaacgg accagagggt cctggaatga tttcagagaa     28380
     agtgatcaat gtctccacaa atgcagctaa tgcatttgaa gaattcgatt attacctcat     28440
     ctttattggc gggaattcag agttcacaac acaaaagtgc agttccagga gccttttgct     28500
     ctgataaaat attacatttt caaaatagct accactgaca ttcgtctgtc gtgaaaaaaa     28560
     aagaattaaa tatctgaaat cagcacgttt ggagaatggg ctctacagtc ccgttctgga     28620
     cagtggaagt gggggattag atgcctgcaa gaatattgtt atctcattag caaaaataaa     28680
     tgtaactcct gtccctccac caaataaaag atctccagcc atacagtgtg gcctcatgca     28740
     cagcattctc cttccgaacc attttcaaag accttgatct tgggtggccc aaagaatgat     28800
     gatgtaactg tctctactac tgaacattta agaaatggat attgtatgtg taataactaa     28860
     gtcatttatt aaatagtatg gtctaaaaat taaacagctt cactttagat ggcctcaaac     28920
     atgaaaatat tcaactttag atatttatat tcagtatcct caagtcatta aaaaagtata     28980
     gctaattaat ggatttgatt ctggcatgtt tttaaaaaga tgattatttc tgtagtcgct     29040
     tagcctgaaa ttatagccat cgttaacttc tttctctctt ttaaccccaa acccacgatt     29100
     tatgtctcta ctttcacagt caaaatggaa gcttcacctg gctgccagtg ctctctctgc     29160
     attcacacga cactccactc cgacgccaaa taaaagggaa aaaagtgttt ccttctcgac     29220
     accaaatgca agaaaaattc catttttttt tctttgctac actcacgcca atacttctgg     29280
     ccaccaaatg tgtgtatatt ttcccatgca ccgtttctcc cactaccagg acaccaactg     29340
     ggcgtcctct aattcattgc tgtcctgacc ctgaccacct gcacttccct cagaccccgc     29400
     aggttaagga cgcagccccg caagaccagg gccaatccca agtctggctt ctggcccgct     29460
     ggctagagat catgggttcc catggctcta cctccagttc agtgatttgc ttgaatggct     29520
     cacagaactc ggggaaacac tttacttgtg tttacccaca ctatgtaaat gctcccactc     29580
     aggcacagcc gaacgaaggg gcacatgggg cgaggcagag gccagggcca tgtggactct     29640
     ccgtgccctc tctgggcacc gcctccctgt gttcagccct ctgcaagcac tccaaaaccc     29700
     ttggtaggtt ttgtttttcc attttaaatt tgttattttt agttgactca taataattgt     29760
     acatgtttgt gggatactgt gttacactct gatgcgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     29820
     tgtgtgtagg ttttgttttc cttttataaa tggttatttt tggttgactc acagtaattg     29880
     tacatatttg tgggatacta tgttacactc tgatacgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     29940
     gtgtgtaggt tttgttttcc ttttataaat ggttattttt ggttgactca cagtaattgt     30000
     acatatttgt gggatactgt gttacactct gatacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     30060
     tgtgtgtgta ggttttgttt tcattttata aatggttatt tttggttgac tgatagtaat     30120
     tgtacatatc tgtggatctt gtgttacatg ttgatacgtg tacataatgt ataaggtgag     30180
     gtgtatgaac acatgctcca gtatccagca tcgcatcact aatccccagg gaagtgcaaa     30240
     tcaaaaccac actgagatac tgtctcactc cagttagaat ggcggttacc agaaagacca     30300
     aaagtaacag ttctagcaag gatgtggaga agggaattct tataatgttg gtgagaatat     30360
     aaattagtct agccactaag gaaaacagca tggaggttcc tcaaaaaact aagccaccat     30420
     atgagccagc aatcccacta ctgagtgtac agccaaaaga aatggtatca gagctgcacc     30480
     attcacaata gccaggagat ggaatcgacc tgagtgtcca tcaacagaag aatggagaaa     30540
     gaacatgtga aatggggtag gtagacacag tggactacag ttcagctgta aaaagaatga     30600
     aatccttagg gttttttatg tagactttgt tacataagca cagtgaatta agtcactggc     30660
     catccctgat ccagctaacc ttcagtccct tttcccttcc tggaggtctg gggtcgggag     30720
     gggctggaag ttccaatcct ctaatcacaa ggctagttcc ctgaggactg ccttatcctg     30780
     aggctctcca gggtccagct tgagtctctg catcagcgta aactcaggtg tggttgaagg     30840
     gctggctggg aatgactaag gactgtcctt tcaaccttta ttgcccttat tacttaggaa     30900
     accatggggt tttaggagct ctgagcaaga agtcgctcta tcacaacagt gttcagataa     30960
     atacacgtaa atgaagccta tttctggcca cctcacttct gcgattctct cttccactct     31020
     acgctggtgt cccaggtcat ctcagcactt tgagtttttt ctaattccaa ttcatcctat     31080
     agcaaatttc ctaaactaca actctatgca tgtcactatc ctactaaagc atgtttaagc     31140
     tatccacagt atacctgaat atatttaaaa atatgatctt ctatgttgag catcaatgtc     31200
     aaagcctgtg ggtcaaggtt tcacactgtc aggacccaat ttgtgcctcc gactgcattc     31260
     cctctcgcca aaatgccctc cactccaacc cagtaaagcc actgctgttt cccaaatcta     31320
     tcacataact cagctccctg gctcggtggt aatcttgtta acttggccct cccacagtga     31380
     ccttgattaa aatcccataa tcatccagat ttagacctat tggtgccatt tcagaggtgc     31440
     ttccccatct gcgcagtcct gtttggtgtc ttcgttgcct gggctgcagg tgtggcaagg     31500
     gtctttcttt cttgcatttt aatcattcga ttggctgttt tgaggctgta ctgaatgttg     31560
     cttcccaaag agcggggtcc tctctcatgg gctgtagctc ctctcaggag gatgcaagtt     31620
     gtgttataga cttcccaact cagaataata cactggagaa aatttcaatc tctccaacaa     31680
     gtcactagta gaaaatagta aaataactta tccaaagtat gtttttcaga cctttgaatt     31740
     ttgtggttca taataaacag gaagccgagc tcatttttcc tggaacatag ctctaacatc     31800
     tgagtgtttc atgttgtgtg tgtgagagct gctgtaatct gtgaacacag cctgtccttt     31860
     gctcttcttt gatttttcta tccagtgctt tttgaactga aaagcttgtg tataggcctt     31920
     gcatacatta gaatcttcca gctgtgtttg agtgaagttg tgactgcagt tcatcaatca     31980
     acatcccatt ctgaggctct cagaataata acacccacac aagagacatg gaattaatat     32040
     acaggccaac acaatctgaa aatgcataga atcactttca tgctacgtac tcagcctttc     32100
     tataatacca cagtattcca tggggtgggg ggaatttagt tatttcatta aagttatgaa     32160
     tattatgaaa gttatatttt catatattga agagagtaac gattgcaaaa gatgaaaata     32220
     gagattagtg atgatcaaga agcaagcaca tatgtttggc tataacaaaa ttcataaggc     32280
     taggcacagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggt gggtggatca     32340
     cgaggtcagc agttcgagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactataaa     32400
     tacaaaaatt agccaggtat ggtggcacat gcctgtaatc ccagctactc aagaggctct     32460
     gaggcaggag aatcacttga acccgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagccgt gatcatgcca     32520
     ttgcactcta gcctgggcga caaagtgaga ctccatctca aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa     32580
     agagaaaaag tggcgggtaa aacagttagc aatcataata gctgatattt gctgagcatc     32640
     taacacacgc taggcaccga gggcgaggct gcgtttgtta ctccatggaa tctcagagca     32700
     cctggacaag gtgtgtagga cagctacccc gtttcacgga ccacatggct gagtcgcgag     32760
     gatgtttcct aatgtcttat ggccgctagg agagaaagac acagaccctc ctgaagggta     32820
     tttttttagg agttatggaa tatggaaaag ataccagaag accagggata gaaaaatgtc     32880
     attctagttt tcacaatagg gaagaagtgc attccagcaa ttaattatgt acctgtgaaa     32940
     tttccgtcca ctgcaagcga agttacacaa ctcaagtctt aatgacacgc ttgtgtatat     33000
     gtagggagaa aagcgaagat ggccgtgact gagcgaggat cactaagagc aagtgatgcc     33060
     agggaaacct ctcctgtctt tagagactta atgtaaatct gcgtcttgat cccatgaagg     33120
     cagaagagtg tttggaaaag gctttctttg acattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggtgtgggt     33180
     ggaacagaca gggtggatgc atcttgagaa gccgactcac ggttatcagc aaaggctgga     33240
     gggcacggct ggtgtgtgtt ccctgcccac cagggggtgg tacacagcag gtgctcgtta     33300
     agtgctcagg gaactcaaca tgctgagacc agccaggatt gggggtgggg gaatgtgtcc     33360
     tttcgttagc aggggaaagg ctgagggcat gggagtgttt catccacaag cagtcttcaa     33420
     atgtgagagc tgctcagggc agagttggat gctgtgctgt tccagaatca agcggtgtga     33480
     ggcctgagga agctccagct ccttcctcac ttcaccctag gccaactctg tccagggggc     33540
     cccttagcct ggggagggga tccgtgcagg tggcctggta tatgtgactg tggctacatc     33600
     ttgagcacat caggatacat ggtgctcatc atagtgacat caaaacaaag gtgaaaatgt     33660
     tcagactgcc acaacagtgt agacaagtgg aaatctttta ggggaaataa tatgttttta     33720
     aaataatgaa tgaaccacaa cagctaaagc ctaggtggca agttaatata atatagtttt     33780
     gaattcaacc agcagagatt gagttttttt aatgtaaaca caggtgtgta gagctcagaa     33840
     ctctacttag tcacagctct tatcactccc tgaccccagg cctgctcagt ccatgggaca     33900
     gacaggttcc cccaggcacc cgggcagctc aggtggaggc agatcccagg accaccccag     33960
     gttctgtctc tgggaggggt ctggactgga gtttgcattt cccaccacat cccatagccc     34020
     actttgtgct ccgcgaggtc tgatgaccac tgccctgcca tctccatacc gctccatgca     34080
     cttctggcac cagcttgtca aggcatcagc gctttcaggc ctaggcttaa tactcctgaa     34140
     gtgttgactg tgagtggctt tgaaaagcac gacttccagg atgagggaac acgatgttgg     34200
     gagcagaggc tgctgggacc tgctgctccc ttattgaact cttggaggaa ttgctctgtg     34260
     cgttgagagc ctggcatgtg tagctgctaa caccattgac agagtgtgca agagcactcc     34320
     aagggagaga ggcgggtggg gaagacagcc agggctagtg gcaggagcaa cgggcccatg     34380
     cacttgcaag cttctagttg ttacaggaga aattcgagca ggttaatccc tctttcaaat     34440
     gacacttgca cgtctacagc cattccctgc atggaaacat caagaaagca aaaatatccc     34500
     acgttcagaa gaacccaaat gaggaagcag tgctgaaaaa tagatgtact cttgtgatca     34560
     actcacatga ctggaatgaa ttctgcaaaa atagcagccg gattattcaa agctcgtatc     34620
     aggcagccag ttggatggag gttctcctcc tgtgtgagat actctcccat ggcactcaga     34680
     ggacaccagc atgaaggtcc ttgtgaacta aagcgggctc cacatgggtg aaggaacaca     34740
     gaatgagcct gcagctattt ctctctttca cgcaagttga gagacctcta gaaattcagc     34800
     tagtcttaag ctgatggttt ggcatacgta agaaagtcac agcaaaaggg ggtcccttct     34860
     gtagtctgca tctaactctt caatctaaag acaacagaga cttattaaga cgtgcgtatc     34920
     aagggcccac tatgagccaa gccccttgtt acacattttt ctcatttttc tttggccaga     34980
     gcatactgat attggcatat ggggtggttg tgatttccaa atgaaataat aaaatgaaaa     35040
     tgttcaattg tgtatagctg cccaatggaa tgttaccctg tcatagaaag gaaggaaatt     35100
     ctacacatcc tacgacttgg gtgaaccctg aggacactat gctgagtgaa ataagccatc     35160
     acaaaaggac aaggacggtg tgattaccct aacatgtggc acttggagga gtcagatgca     35220
     cagacagaag gccggatagg acaaggatgg tgtgatcccc ttacacacag cacctggagg     35280
     agtcagatgc acagacagaa ggccggatag gacaaggatg gtgtgatccc cttacacgca     35340
     gcacctggag aagtcagatg cacagacaga aggccgaata ggacaaggac agtatgatcc     35400
     ccttatacgc agcacctgga ggagttggat acacagacag gtcagaggga ggctgccagc     35460
     agctggggag ggagaatgag gagggctgtt taatggggca gagcttcagt ttgggaagat     35520
     cgagaagttc tggagatatt ggcagtgatg gctgcacaac aatgagaaag tgcttaatgc     35580
     cactgaaata gacaaaaatg cccatgatgg tgaatcttat gtgtagctga tctcaattta     35640
     aacatttaaa aaattttttg cacttagttt ttagtaaact tgtatagtat tttgccaact     35700
     aaggtagttt ttaaaattat atttcagcac tgggtgatat aaggattttt aaatttataa     35760
     attatgccta actccatagc ctcagtcatg ataacattat gaattcaatc ttttaactcg     35820
     tttcaatgat agtgaaaata tctgtctgta ttttaaagaa tataaaagac ttagccatgc     35880
     ccatggtaaa tggggggttc ataaaagcat gtgcttgatc tgtcagaagg ggacctggtg     35940
     ttaacatcta gcatcttccc cgggaggcca gccaggtaca acattagctt tgctactcga     36000
     cagcatcgcc catggtacca gggacccatc aggaacctgg tacctgttta agaaagaaag     36060
     aagtgtctga tgggaacact gtgcttgggt cttccctgag gacagacatg gacagctgag     36120
     tgcatccctg caggggcccc agaaggcgtt cctctggatc ccttggagca gatgtggacc     36180
     tctccagatc ccggacagcc tgggcgcatg atccacatgg tcttccacaa gcctagagct     36240
     gtcatgtaaa cccctgagac tgccctgatg gcaagatgag gctcctgtcc tgtagggaac     36300
     tggcccctgt gggctcatga accaagataa ggacgtctgt gcaccattaa aaaaataaac     36360
     ccacagcaaa gccgctgcag gatgagccca ggggatgtca gggccctaga ccgagaaaca     36420
     gagacagcca gaagttcagt tcagtgcctg aggcagggaa tgcggactgg agcttggtgt     36480
     ctgaaagcag ggaagaaagg agactgggga aaagcaaaat agccaggacc tgatgtaggg     36540
     cttatggaaa ccaggtggct ggaggacagc actgagcaga acatgctaca cctgcaaggt     36600
     gaatgcgtgg gtgtggggtc ctcagcatga gaatgagacc aaactctgaa ccaagggaga     36660
     gcatccccta aggccgggag aaagcgtcag ggtagggcaa gaggaggaag aaaccggctc     36720
     agctgctgga gaaactcacc tcaaggccac acatgcagca ggacaactgt gaactgactt     36780
     tgtccaccca atacccacat cagcaaattc aaaatgatga gaacagaggc agatgtaagt     36840
     taagaacaga tgtctatgaa aaacgaggag actaaggaat ttggagacct aaaattggga     36900
     aggaccgact ccagactaga tctgctcaaa gtccatctgg agggaaatgc tgagttgccc     36960
     acgagaacat ggccaaggaa tacaaacaaa tgaacagcat gaagcaggag cccagagcta     37020
     gggaggaaag atgtagagac tccaacaagt tagcagaatt ccagaagaaa agatcccaga     37080
     ggtcgacaga aaagttgtat ccagggaaca gtggctggga attgaccagg ataacatcac     37140
     ccatccagac tgaaagggtt ctgctgttgc ctggaaggaa aaatccccaa cctggacaga     37200
     tgatgtgaaa ctcaagacca tgcatgacta agagaaactc ttattaacct cacccagaaa     37260
     gataggaatc tacaaaggag caaggattag accaacaata gattcttcgt tagtaaaaac     37320
     atatgcaaga agatggtcaa attatggctt ccacgtcttg aagaaaaata aaattcccac     37380
     ctaaaatctc atgtctaagt aaattagtcg taaaaaaaaa ttagtgtcag atatacaaaa     37440
     actcaacctt ctattctacc tgaaagatta ctccaatgca tatgaaaggg gaaaaaaata     37500
     acaacagaag atacaggata caagaaacag cagtgaacag agagatcaat aaaaaatatt     37560
     gtgtcttatt gacaattaaa aactatgagt gcttatttga ataatttaaa gaagaggctt     37620
     caataggtaa aaggtgttaa gatctttatt ttaataaact ttagttaagg caaaatacaa     37680
     aataaaagat aagaaacact acataggtta aaaatccaat taatcaggag cataataagt     37740
     atgaactaat aagcttttta caactagcat taaatttcat aaaataaaaa ggagaaattg     37800
     acaaacctac aattatagat ttcagtatat tttctcagaa aaggaattgc tcaagcagac     37860
     aaattagtga ggatatagat gatttgaaca acacaacgac aaatgtaata tgataaatat     37920
     gtattaccaa gtgtagaata aacactcttt ttaagcataa cccaaagagt aacaaaatca     37980
     attacaaaca ttttaaagaa taaatatgat gtggctactc cctcataatg taatgcagtt     38040
     gagttagaaa taatataaac aaacatcctc atatacttga aaataatcaa atgtcaacag     38100
     aaagcacttg atatggtttg gctgtgtccc tacccaaatc tcatcttgaa ttgtaactcc     38160
     cacaatcccc acatgtcatg gaaagagcat gttgggaggt gattgaattt tgggggtggg     38220
     tctttcctgc tctgttgtct tgatagtgaa tgagtctcat gagatctgat ggttttaaaa     38280
     atgggagttt ccctgtacaa gctctcttct cttgtctgct gccatgtgag acatgccctt     38340
     catctcccac catgattgtg aggcctcccc agctacatgg aaccgtaagt ccaataagtc     38400
     tctttctttt gtaaattgcc cagtcttggg tatgtcttta tcagcagcat gaaaattgac     38460
     caatacagta ctcttctcca taattcataa cttaacagtg ccgcaatgaa tattgtaaaa     38520
     tacttggaat taatataaaa tgaacttata tcagtatttg taggaagaca gctaaaatgc     38580
     aacttagatt gcaaccttaa aagttcatac atgtatttat tggaaaatga caaggaaaat     38640
     aaaaataaat gacttacata gcaaaatgag ctagaaaaag aacagagtac gctaaataaa     38700
     ataagagaaa gaaaatgata aatataaaat aaaaaataat caaaatagaa aacaaaatgc     38760
     tagttagtta aaaatagaca atctctatca aaactcacca aatcagaaaa aaaatttaaa     38820
     gcctattaga aatataattt tttgaaaaaa tataacacaa tgagcaattt tatgatgtaa     38880
     aatttaaaaa gctagataaa aaggacaatt tgtctaaaaa ataaaattga acaattcagt     38940
     gagaatgcaa ataaacttac taccagtaaa taaatccata attttaaata actagatctc     39000
     tctttccttg agagagagag agagaaagag tgagtgagta tgtgccaggg aatacaaaag     39060
     aggggaaagc tacttggcta acatgagaat gatatattct tggtaacaaa acaggccaag     39120
     gacagaataa gaaaagaaaa ttataggtca gattgactgc tgggaacaga tggaaaatat     39180
     taaataagac attagacatt tacaggtaca gaagtatgcc tatgtatacc taataaatat     39240
     gcatgtgccc atacttttaa cacagtgatg gctctcaatc atgtaaggtt tatctcagga     39300
     atgcaaggat ggctcagtgc cagcaaatgt gtcaagtgga agctttgcag gcaggaagag     39360
     gccatgtggc tcatatcagt gcatgtgctg cacacccaca tgggagagcc ttaaacaaaa     39420
     tctggcatgc acggtctaca tccagctgct cactcaccag ctaggtgact cccatgcaca     39480
     ggacgtcgtc tcatgccctg cttggctatc tagggtgagc catccttgtt ttcctgaggt     39540
     ttgggcattt ctgttgttaa aagatcaact taggcacatt aaaattctgt ggagtttatt     39600
     tgaacagaca gcagttcata aattgggcag caccagactg caagcagtgt agcacttctc     39660
     tagggcttca gaggtgagac agaaaatttc ataagttgtt cctggaaaca aaacaaaaca     39720
     tgttggatta gtttgaaaaa tccctactta gagttaattg atagtttctg attggtggag     39780
     tctctactta gaggtcagtt ggcagtttct ggatggtaga attcctactt agggttcagc     39840
     tggtggtttc tgattggtaa gggctctcgt ttcatttcac catttacacg ggagtttggt     39900
     ttgcttacat aggaactaaa agtgctgggg ccatcccagc ccattggcct ccgaattaaa     39960
     ctttcgttaa cactgtagtg gctgctgtca ctcactgtga gctcatgggg tccaggattg     40020
     tgtcttgttc attgctgtgg cttccatact aaacaaagta caggagacat aagagataca     40080
     aaaggctggg ttaacgtgct gatggtgtgt aagctgaaga tgacttaggg acatggaaca     40140
     ctgccctttt gtgaaacatt cttacaataa caacttacaa gaactaatcc taaagacagt     40200
     catccacagc cactgagagg aggggagaaa tatgttccac tgcccggtgt cagcacagtt     40260
     aaaaccagca gggatgagcc tgcagcaggc acatggcaca actctccaag cagacctcta     40320
     ctccccagct tcaatcccag tgctttccat ttacacatag aggatattca gtgcatgctt     40380
     cacactgagg cagaaaagca gggtttttct gtccttaaaa aaaataagca gtattcatct     40440
     gatttgtcca aggtgatctg gccattcatt gtggagtcaa gccgatgctc agaacccatt     40500
     ttaccttcat catacacggc cttctgctta attttcagat atgcacctga aaatatcatc     40560
     ctgcagaatg aaagcagaag gggagagatg catatatata catatatata tatatatata     40620
     tacacacaca cacatatgaa cttagaattc atttttagtg agaataatta tgttactgtg     40680
     tggtaaaata aaccactgcc gcagcatttt gccttttagg ataattttat ggctccttag     40740
     gaggtttcag cactcacttt aaaggtgaca ttctctgcaa aaatacttta atccctatat     40800
     gtcaccaatg atctgtgatt cctttggtta gattttaatt tagattctac ataagcattc     40860
     gaaatcctcc ttgctaaaaa taagaagaaa ataatagtac agattaaatc tttagtggct     40920
     tcattgcttt atagaggaac ttagccacat ttacgttgca ttgcgaatgt gtggctgttt     40980
     tctcaaatac aaggaagtca tgctgatgtt tcttcaaggt cggtttgatc aaatcacatt     41040
     aggcaaagga ctttaagctg gtcttctagc agaagaagcc tggaaagact gatgtttgca     41100
     aagcctaggt ctacaggcct tgtagctaag gtgactcaga caaaccccat tgcttctggg     41160
     cctcagaggt tttgtattta aaatgaagat cagaccatgg atctcacaca gttgcctatg     41220
     actgctcttc tatgagattg agaggagttt gtgacctgcc tttcatactt tcttgaagaa     41280
     aaattaatca ttttaagtat tcttttctat cacagttttc ttccactcag aaatatcttc     41340
     aacctgcaga tccaaaaata agatgaacag ttattgaaac atcctttgtt agtctttaaa     41400
     ggacgaccct gacacgtctg acacattaaa tcaggaatgg cacggcagcg tctttgatat     41460
     caggcattgg caataatgaa tgaataatga aaagatctgg tttcctattc tgactcggct     41520
     gttgactgtc tctggggttc tgggcaagtc attaccttct cttttacttc aagtctccta     41580
     tttacaagat gaggctagca ctcatgcccc tcttacggaa aggaacaaag caaatatttg     41640
     gacatagaaa caaaaatgtg cctgcaaact gtaaaatggg aagcaaaggc tactactatt     41700
     atttcaattg ttacaaccca gtgtacagag aacagaaaca catgcgattc aaatacaagt     41760
     cagtgagctg aaatgtcttt catgcctgtt acaggccgtt agcaaaagtt acattttctg     41820
     tcaatctgac acatcattag aatcattatg tgtaagtccc gattcaatgt tttgtaatgt     41880
     ttttaaagac taaaactcac taaatttaat gtttagtaat agagtagggg ctttattcat     41940
     ctgttcattc attgtgctcc ttgactgcac gtctgatcca tgctgacaac ctactgggcg     42000
     tcagcactgt gtcaagctca gttccgttgg ctgaccaggt agactctacc cgtgggcaaa     42060
     ggacaatgca tagaaacagc agcagaaaga agaagagaaa ggagaaagga agaggcagcc     42120
     agctgcctgg cgctcagcag ccgttcatgc acgagttccc aggccaaagg cagcactggc     42180
     cacatccacc tgtataaaga gtcagctgac ctatcacagg ctcgctggcg tggtgatgag     42240
     accggggctt gtccttccag tgtagctttc agtccgactg cggagtggag gcactggctc     42300
     ccgggcttac tctcctgggc tattgggcag cttactcagc cttccttttc tttagtttgg     42360
     tgttttcatt tgtaaaatga agacactgat gcgtgcatga cagggactct tctgatgcct     42420
     ccgtgtcgat ggccaccaag ccctgagaac cctgccggca cccagcaccc catgccagcc     42480
     agcaccgcta cggctgccat ccatcagggc tgaaccctgc cggcacccag caccccatgc     42540
     cagccagcac cgctacggct gccatccatc ggggctgaat cctgccggca cccagcaccc     42600
     catgccagcc agcaccgcta cggctgccat ccatcggggc tgaaccctgc cggcacccag     42660
     caccccatgc cagccagcac tgctacaggc tgccatccat cggggctgaa ctctggcgtt     42720
     tgatcattcg gggctagttc cacttcacat actcataagg aaacaagtgt ttctctttct     42780
     gcttttttgc cccatatttc attgctgtaa aagccagtgg ctaagatgaa gattgcagca     42840
     tttaaaaatt ctttattgat tggctttgct tcctctacaa aagcagctgc caaatttaat     42900
     ctgagaaact gcttttatat tcaagaaatt ctatgcacct taaaaaaata atggtagagg     42960
     ggatgaaaca tccacttaac tgaaagaagt tagaatctgg ggattagccc aaccaaggaa     43020
     gccacagtcc tgtctaaatg tttatttgtc attttcccat aaagattcat ggggcatatt     43080
     gtcttgaaat tgccactgaa attgttgact ggggagagga gacaaaagag atgggcgagg     43140
     gagtccaggg tgtggaattt atgaaacttt gtcttttgta gttgtagttc tagaaagtca     43200
     aggcctttta agttaattgt aaaaacacat ttgacatttt catattgaag gcactggccc     43260
     tgagctgttc tcttctgtgt ctgtcatgtc ggcatgctgt gaatttggct ggtgagatgc     43320
     cagggcctct ggggacctcc atgacctgcc agcatgcagg ttacgggtga ttcccgcgat     43380
     cgcgtgtttg gattaaacca ggttcagcgg gagtcgcctg gtccagacac actggacccc     43440
     ggtgacttgg gtcctgacac agactggccg agctgggggc gtccccagag accagagacc     43500
     ctgggaatgg cgagcatcga ggcgcggagt tgcatggaag acccagggcc cgctgtgctg     43560
     ctgactgctc caggactcac aggcggctgg acctccatgg aggtgacccc cacagtctgc     43620
     tctcctcatg attctgccaa gttttagtcc cagggcactt aacataggct ttgggactcc     43680
     cttgccgagc cacacgtccc cagtgtgtgg gtgggagtca gcaggggagg aagcccccgc     43740
     catgagccca aagcccctcc aggaacgtgc gggacttggg ttccatgaac tcttgaagga     43800
     gcttaccttg aaaataagtc actgaagatg cttcctgtgc ctctggcaac agaacccatc     43860
     cagctctctg ctctacatgt tccgaaacaa cccctgtact ggtccagctg tggccgtcag     43920
     gggcatccag tcctaggagt gcatggccta cgtgtagcac aaacaggagg ggttggtcct     43980
     gccaggcacc cgctgcggtg gccaggccca agcacccgaa ccacgtggtt tagaaaggtc     44040
     tttttgcaaa ggtgcttgct gctgagcccg tgaggctgct gtggtgtgca agtgtacaga     44100
     tggtgctgtc tggtgagccc acccgagtag gtcctcgagc tggatgacac atttgaagaa     44160
     tagtcctaat caataaggtg cacagtcgga cactgggcag ccaacgcagc tgaccgactt     44220
     ggaatttttt ctgtatccac aaacacacat ttggcaaacc actgaacact ggttaggtgc     44280
     ctggagtttt gctagacact gaagataaat acacagatga ggcaaaactg gctttttttt     44340
     tttttttttt gctaggagag ttcagatatt gtgttgacag ctgagcaggt catatttgta     44400
     ggaatccaaa tttttattaa atggtataaa cctctgctta tttgttctaa atttctccat     44460
     gatgcacatg gaatccagtg ctgtccatgg tccctggggt ccttacactc tcagaaaccg     44520
     agaataacac ctctttgcaa accacaagcc aagattcttt atgtaaatgt tattggagag     44580
     aaagaaggga cttgggcatc tcactaagcc tctccatgcc ctgcaagaaa gtgtttttgc     44640
     gaagtcccag aaatggcgct gaatgaggct ctgtgctatg ggcgtggctg ctttgcaggt     44700
     ggagcatgga gacgtggccg cagggctgag ggtttcgcat tggaggatta atatgaccgt     44760
     cagcagctca gccgctctct ctttctgggt gggtttcatc ttggtaaatg tggattctca     44820
     gactggccct gaggaaatct cgttccgttt tcctgcagat tatctgagtc tgcagagatg     44880
     gggtccttga gtgacccagg aggctgacag gagacaccag gtggaagagc catgtgggaa     44940
     gtagcctcac gtgcagacag caagcactcc acctgcctgg cccatctcct gtgtaagaga     45000
     gagcccttag catcctgcca cacccaccac tgggtcactg agctacctcc cgggagtgtc     45060
     agcattttgg gttttgggtt ttttttttga gacagtgtct cactctgttt cccagcctgg     45120
     agggcagtgg tacaatcttg gctcactgca ggctcaacct cctgggctca agcaatcctc     45180
     ccacttcaag ttcccgagta gctgggacta caggcgtgcg ccaccacacc aggctaattt     45240
     ttgtgtttta gtagagatgg ggtgtcacta tgttgccctg gctgatctcg aactccagac     45300
     tcaggcaatc ttccagcctt tgtcttccaa agtgctggga ttacaggctt gagccactgt     45360
     gcccggccgt cattggcatt ttgagaaaca gaaaatgctc cgtgaacatg agtaacatgc     45420
     attatcgttc cttcctcctc ccttcatcct tcctcccctc cctcctccat ggtatcatca     45480
     tccttcttat cactgggctt tgatgcagga atgggcgtgc ctggtctgca tgtcacatgc     45540
     ctctggccct ggactcttga tcttgtggat ccagatgtac aacattcagt actctgtgtt     45600
     attcttccta aaacttgagc tttgccaaca tttcaatggt cactttggct ccgccgtcct     45660
     tattgctcct ggaagcttag ggacccaggg cccttccaac ctactcgggc ctactgtgtc     45720
     ctcttgtatt ttgtgaacaa gcacagtttg gggatatttg ggtttaagcc ccagatcttc     45780
     cacattagct gtgtgacttg agcagctttt gtagattttg gggtggtagt ggaatgaggg     45840
     caacaaagcc tttttgtaag aataaatgtg agttaagtgc catccatcgg aagcaggcaa     45900
     gggctttata acctcccaca ccggcgcttt gactacatca cgcaccgcac acgggtgttt     45960
     cagtcaaaga caaactgcag gtgcagcggt ggccctgtaa gattatcatc agctggaaga     46020
     ctcctactgt ccagtgacct catagccgtc acaatgcatg actcacgtgt gacttaccct     46080
     ggtagagaaa ccccctgtgc agccaccgta cggaagtgta gccgtagagg gatgcgcagt     46140
     gcatcttgtg atggtgctga cagacgacca tgttgctggt ttatgcatct gggatactgt     46200
     acgtttcatt attattttag agtgcgctcc ttctgcttgt ggaaaaccat tatctgtaaa     46260
     gagccctggg ccagtccttc aggaggtgtc cggaagaagg cactgtggtc gtaggcgatg     46320
     gcagctccac gtctgtcacc gccactgccc cttaagtcct aacagtggga caggaagtga     46380
     agctggaaga tggtgatatc gacagtcctg accctgcgca ggtagaggct gatgtgtttt     46440
     tgggtcttag tgcttaacaa gagagtttaa aaagtaaatt taaaaattaa agattaaaaa     46500
     tagtaaaagg gttatagaat aagaatataa agaaaaatat ttgtacagct gtacaatgca     46560
     tttgtgtttt aagctcagcc ttacaagaga gtcaaacagt tttaaaaata aaataaagta     46620
     caagagttac agtgtgtgta tgagtctggg ttctctagag ggacaggact aataggatag     46680
     gtgtatatat gaaagggagt ttattgagga gaattgactc acaaccacaa ggtgaactcc     46740
     caccacaagc cgtctgcaag ctgaggaacc aggaagccag tccgaggccc aaaacctcaa     46800
     aagcagggaa gccggcagtg cagccttcag tctgtggcca aaggcctgag agccccgggc     46860
     aaaccactgg tgtgagtcca agagtccaaa agctgaagaa cttggagtct gatgttcaag     46920
     ggcaggaggc atccagcatg ggagaaacat ggaggctgga agactcagcc agtccagtcc     46980
     ttccaccttc ctctgcctgc ttttatccta gccgtgctgg cagccgaata gatggtgccc     47040
     acccagactg agggtgggtc tgcctctccc agcccactga ctccagtgtt aatctccttt     47100
     ggaaacaccc tcacagacaa cccaggacaa tactttgcat ccttcaatcc aatcaggttg     47160
     acactccata ttaaccatca cagtatgcta aggttaactt attattgagg aatgaaaagt     47220
     attttttgaa aattgaatgt agcccaagtt tgcagtgtgt gtagagtcta cagtagcata     47280
     cagtgatgtc tcgggccgcg cattcactcc ccactcaccc attcactcac ccacttaccc     47340
     attcacccac ccactcaccc ggtcacccag agcagcttcg ggttctgcaa gttccattca     47400
     tggtgagtgt cctctgcaga cgtaccattt ttaacctttt gtaccatatt tttactgtag     47460
     cttttctatg tggagacatg ttgagataca caacttctta cccctgtgtt acagttttct     47520
     acagtcttca gtgcagtcac acgctgtgca ggtgcagcct gggagcagga ggcctatgcc     47580
     gttcggccca ggcgtgtagg ggcgacgcca tccgggtctg cgttcagccc aggcgcgtaa     47640
     gggtgacgcc atccgggtct gcgttcagcc caggcgcgta ggggtgacgc catccgggtc     47700
     tccgttcagc ccaggcgcgt aagggtgacg ccatccgggt ctgcgttcag cgcaggcgcg     47760
     taagggtgac gccatccggg tctgcgttca gcccaggcgc gtaagggtga cgccatccgg     47820
     gtctgcgttc agcccaggcg cgtaagggtg acgccatccg ggtctccgtt cagcccaggc     47880
     atgcaggcgc gaagccatgc gggtttgtat cagtgcgctc cacaatgctc acacaaccac     47940
     gaggccacct tacgtttctc tgaatgtgcc ccctcattaa gtggcacatg actgtactta     48000
     ttacttgtaa tgatggaacg tagaacccca ctggtttgta gcgtaagacg atgttttcgg     48060
     tgaagcgcta ttttaccaaa tttctgagca ggttctgaca tcgacctaac ctcctggaac     48120
     accttagttc acgtggatgg atggatcaga gtacacagaa cgctatctga gtggtgaatt     48180
     aattcctttt gtgattccta attgtgtgag gaaaagttat ttcccctcca tcagcttttt     48240
     ttctgtaaat atgcatcagt ttatacatta aaaataaata tcaccggccg gtggctcatg     48300
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggcgaag gcaggtggat catttgaggt caggagttcg     48360
     agactagcct gaccaacatt gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa     48420
     aaaaaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtgatgtcat gtgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggct     48480
     gagacaggag aattgcttga accctggaga tggaggttgc agtgaaccga gattgcacca     48540
     ctgcactcca gcctgggcga caagagcaaa actccatctc aaaaaaataa aatgaataaa     48600
     ataaaaacca aagtaggaaa agaggcctaa gttaaaattt ggtatagagg atttctcgag     48660
     ttgtgggctg ttttcacttc agaaacacct gctggtcccc agaagtcagt actcctgtct     48720
     caggaagtgc cggaggaagt gctcccatcg tgtgggtgtg gttacgaggg gcaaccagcg     48780
     ctagccacct ggttctttta aaatgcattt taaatagagt gtgtctcaga ctttgaagtc     48840
     tttccccatc ccagtttcct cccccaacca tgtcatggat atgaggaagg gtaaggggtc     48900
     tttccattac tgagaattaa aaccagaaga ccagttacag ttagcgtttt ggtcttaaat     48960
     ctcatcagat tcgctgctta ggaggccatt ttagtgcgtt gctaagggag tttttccaaa     49020
     gaataaaatt gctaatttaa cttaacagta acaaggccca aagagctgtg gctttttaaa     49080
     aaaaaaccac catacgtatg taagtggtga ctcaccacta gcttttgact aagtaatttt     49140
     tttcttttca aaagaatggc tgatatcgaa aatattttag tgaaactagc agtgaggaaa     49200
     gaaccgagaa ctattttata catggagaaa aagccgggca acactcgcca gagttttctc     49260
     ctccaagggc aggatttgat ctatcacaat acacacttca tcagaaaatc acttccgcat     49320
     gcacagactg tgataacaac gaaattctta gaatggaggc ggcagcaggc tctaaagata     49380
     tgttgctggt tgctatggaa actgccatcc acaaatgttt cctgagcaga atctggttgg     49440
     aagtggaatg ggctgtaata ccaatatcgt aatattcacc ttctccttca ttttttttac     49500
     tagaaaaaag cacgttcaca attgtgaagc atgaaaatag gaacattttg ttaaaataag     49560
     attggccact ttataatagc ttcttatgaa gaaacaaagc ttatgtttta tgaagcttat     49620
     gaagaaacaa agcttcagtg tagagtcaga cgagtgtaaa tgggagagga gagaacgcac     49680
     atgctgggct gagaaagtgg tgactttatc ctccctaatg atttatggag ccacgtggag     49740
     cgttaagtgc tgagaattta agagaatgaa tgaaaagcat agtccgccca gcccctcccc     49800
     tccagaggca ggagcatggt caccggcgcc aggactgaac agcacgtggc agccgggttc     49860
     tgatggaaga gggaagggaa ggagggacag aggctgtggg ggttttagga ggaagcttcg     49920
     cgctgtctgt gggagctaga ggtggataat gacagcacag tcattgccac ggtcctgccg     49980
     tgtaccctgt gccctccgga gcctctgcgt gtcctctcta gttcctcacg ggagcccacg     50040
     cagcaggacc tgctgcccag ccttgctgac cagggctcca gggctcagcc ctgtcatcag     50100
     aggcccacag tggctatgtt gctgagctga gatcctaacg tgggcctcgc tcagtcccac     50160
     ggcaacacgg tctccagtca ctttccttcc tttttttcta gacaaataga acgttgcagg     50220
     cagaaggacg gagtgcgcag agagacaggg tctcgaaact gaaacggcaa cgtgagcagt     50280
     atgtctcctg ctcaccttct tcccgccatc ccctaggctg ctttggatga gccacatgtg     50340
     cccaccctct ccccaccatc ccccagactg cttccgatga gccacgtgtg cacacagggc     50400
     ctggcatttg agggcagaga tgttgcatag tgaggtgctt gctctggagg cctcttgtgt     50460
     gaagagacat gagactgttg atgggctgaa tgtcctcatc cctagacaat gacagtgaac     50520
     ggagttttta ttaaggtcac agtatatttt gatatttgag cacctatgat gtgcaagtca     50580
     ccagagccac actctagtaa gtgatagagt gaggatgtaa agatacagat gtggtttaaa     50640
     gactcttctc aacctctgag ctcagctacc tctcaggtcc cattattcta gaaagcagaa     50700
     atgtgagatt ttactcctct tcattttaag aagaaaaaaa ggaagtctgt taaagtaagg     50760
     ggagaaaaga ccctgataca acttccacca aatataaaac agacatagcc ctaaattgtg     50820
     gtataaatcg ggtatctatt ttgagttcaa gttctccttt agcatacttt taaattcagg     50880
     gtgttacagt ttattgaatt taacattaaa atggactcac gtgggaaatg gagtcaatat     50940
     tttatacatt gaattttgcg ttacgtttca aaagtgaatg taaatataca ggtgtaaaac     51000
     cagctggatg gcacacaggc actccgctgc gagtgcacgg cccaccctgc ccgaatgcag     51060
     agaaacacta gaagctcttg agccagcaga gagaaaaccc agagagtctg agtggaatct     51120
     gttagccgtg caaatgttac acaatgcaca tttgctatga cacaaatcta agactaaagg     51180
     gggaaaacgg cagaaatttt agaagactca tgggctctcc tgaataaaaa tcctgctgaa     51240
     ctagtgaccg gctgagcgtg gattgtcggg tgagccgccc tctgggtcct gaagggccct     51300
     tggtgtctct ttacagagaa gcaaccccga cattggtgga ggcaagcgct cgtggcagat     51360
     gaacctgcag atgaggctgg gcactgccca gcttatgagg acaaatggct ctttttatat     51420
     tccagcaacc acggaactct ctggagtgcc cagggctgtt ttaggacatc ctaaactgct     51480
     actttcatgc caagtttgga ggactgtctt ctgaaatatc ttttataaaa acaaatttaa     51540
     tgcaaaagca cgtaagtcta catgaaaccc tcccagcacg ggttttccag ccaaatggta     51600
     ggggcataca tagaaaaatg aaacatttgt ggttgtgttt tcaaggcaga aaagatgctg     51660
     aagggaaaag tctatgttcg aaacataatc ccagaataaa aagctccaag aaatgcagtt     51720
     ttgaggaagt attatctaaa caaagagatg tattaatata attgatgtgc aatatttatt     51780
     cagtgttaat cttttcatta aaatgcatcc tgagttttca taaattctgg cagatttaat     51840
     tatgtatata ctgcttatcg ttgtatttta aaattgcata aaattacgtt acttatgtct     51900
     gtgcttctta aataatagaa atgtcttcac gcccctactt ttgttaattg ttcactgttt     51960
     ctgagagcga tcaacctaag gccccattta aagtagaact tggccgggca tggtggctca     52020
     ctcctgtaat cacagcactt tgggaggccg aggtgggcag atcacaaggt caagagatca     52080
     agaccatcct ggcaaacatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaagtacaaa aattagccag     52140
     gcgtgttggt gggcacctgt ggtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt     52200
     gagcccagga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggc     52260
     aacatagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtaa aactcatatt tagcatcact     52320
     gttggatgtg aaatttgccc tctcagcttg tgagagtggg ctttcaacag cttgaccagt     52380
     tttttttttt ttatttaatt taatttaatt taaagttctg ggatgtgcag gacatgcagg     52440
     tttgttacgt aggtaaacat gctccacagg gttgctgcac ctatcaatgt ggtccatata     52500
     cactatggaa tactatgcgg ccatgaaaag ggacaagatc atgtattttg cagggacagg     52560
     gatggagctg gaaaccatga tcctcagcaa actaacacag gaagagcgtg accagtttct     52620
     aaggggaact gtgcacacag acccagaggg caccttacta aactcaggag caacagagtg     52680
     agcatgtgtc tcctctgacc tggctaggag acagatccag gcatagaccc tctgggctgc     52740
     tgtgggttca gccactggag gaggagatgg atccaggcat agacctgcca ggctgctgat     52800
     gggttcagcc accgggggag acggacccag gcatagaccc gccaggctgc tgtgggttca     52860
     gccactggag aaggagatgg atccagtcat agacctgcca ggctgctgat gggttcagcc     52920
     actgggggag atggatccag gcatagaccc gccaagctgc tgtgggttca gccactggag     52980
     gagacggatc cgggcataga cccgccaggc tgctgtgggt tcagccactg gaggagacgg     53040
     atccgggcat agacccgcca ggctgctggg ggttcagcca ctgggggaga cggatccggg     53100
     catagacccg ccaggctgct gtgggttcag ccactggggg agacggatcc gggcgtagac     53160
     ccgccaggct gctgtgggtt cagccactgg gggagacgga tcggggcata gacccgccag     53220
     gctgatgtgg gttcagccac tggaggagac ggatccgggc atagacccgc caggctgctg     53280
     tgggttcatc cactggagga gacggatccg ggcatagacc cgccaggctg ctgtgggttc     53340
     agccactgga ggagacggat ccgggcatag acccaccagg ctgctggggg ttcagccact     53400
     gggggagacg gatccaggca tagaccctct aggctgctgt gggtttagcc actgggattg     53460
     tcctgtaaac cacaggatcc tgagtctagc tatttgtatg acataaattt gcttacatct     53520
     tttaccgtaa acacgagttc tgaaagcaag caaaacttat ttgcttacgt acttatggaa     53580
     gctcttgtag ttaagatttt aaaattaact ttatcattct tttaacattt agtgcatttc     53640
     tctttgttag acaaccctta gttacattat cattttaata ctgcaaatac atggaaagta     53700
     tgtagttaaa aaaacatgaa aagttttatg ttatgaaagt cataatcatt acagaaaaac     53760
     ttagaaaaca tagatcaaca tgaaaagata ttgacatata atcccagcgc ccagccttcc     53820
     ctccactgcc cacagataat cgcaggtaac atttggatgt taatacttcc agccttccct     53880
     ccactgccca gagataatcg cgggtaacat ttggatgtta atacttccag ccttccctcc     53940
     actgcccaga gataatcgcg ggtaacattt ggatgttaat acttccagcc ttccctctag     54000
     cggctgtaca tgggtttatt tctgccagtt tcacttaatg cttcatgaat atattctcac     54060
     atccctcagt cttctcctgc aagagagggg tggcgtggtg tattcgtctg ttctcaccct     54120
     gctaataaag acaaacctga gactgggtaa tttatagagg aaagaggttt aatggactca     54180
     cagttccaca cggctgggga ggcctcacga tcatggcaga aggtgaatga gcagcaaagt     54240
     cacatcttac atggtggcag agaagacggc ttgtgcaggg gaactgccct ttataaaatc     54300
     atcaaatcta gtgagactta ctaccatgag aagagtatgg gggaaactgc cctcgtgatt     54360
     caattatctc cacctggccc cacccttgac acgtggggat tattacaatt caagatgaga     54420
     tttgggcagg gacacagcca aaccatgtct catggctaaa atgttcaggg tgagtgactt     54480
     ggaagtggta ctgataaaaa acaaaagcct tcattgatta aaagcaataa ctttagctct     54540
     ataacaagac agagctgtga cttaagcttt ctaggactgt cagaagcatg ccaattatga     54600
     gttttccagt gttcatgatc attgtactca tgctgaatat gtggatggag gaaaaaaacc     54660
     atgctctccc tacacctccc tctaccttaa gctccagtgc tttttgtctc tctccgttgc     54720
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gcgatcatag ctcactacag ccttgaactc ctggcctcaa     54780
     gcgatcctgt tgccttggcc tcccacagct ctgggattat aggcatgagt cactgcaccc     54840
     gtctcaatat catcgtcttc aatactatgg ctgaaatata atttgcttaa ccaactccat     54900
     attaatgggc acttacacgg tattagagtt tttaactgtt aacaacacta ccaaatactc     54960
     aaattgctac tgaaaaggga cattgtggct ttcttcattt ctggaggtca gtgtctacaa     55020
     tatttccata tttaaggcct tccctaacct tgttttgttt gatgtctttc atctgccttc     55080
     atttgcatgg tgggtctttg catttcttat ggaatttttt aagagagaaa gagacagtgt     55140
     gcctgatcct tcaaagagca cattgacaat gctccgtgat tccgagaacc ctccctccac     55200
     ctccttctcc atcatccctc cttcagggtc ttctttcccc atttccaggt tgatggtccc     55260
     atgattttga ctcagtgtca ccatctgcag tcccctttct cccctgctta ctcctgtagt     55320
     aggcatagta ggcatttcat gatcatgctt tgagccaggt cattcttttt tttttttttt     55380
     tttttttttt gagacgtagt ttcactcttg tcactcaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgacc     55440
     tcggctgact gcaaccaccg tcttccaatt caggcaattc tactgcctcc cgagtagctg     55500
     ggattatagg cgtgtgcccc atgcccagct aatttttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt     55560
     tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg atcttgatct cttgaccttg tgatccaccc acctcggcct     55620
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accgcgccca gccagatcat tctttttttt     55680
     tttttttaat tattattata ctctaagttt tagggtacat gtgtacaatg tgcaggtttg     55740
     ttatacatgt atacatgtgc catgctggtg tgctgcaccc attaactcgt catttagcat     55800
     taggtatatc tcctaatgct atccctcccc cctcccccca ccccacaaca gtccccagag     55860
     tgtgatgttc ccctttctgt gtccaagtct tctaatttgt tcaattccca cctatgagtg     55920
     agaacatgca gtgtttggtt ttttgtcctt gcaataattt gctgagaatg gtggtttcca     55980
     gtttcatcca tgtccctaca aaggacatga actcttcatt ttttatggct gcatagtatt     56040
     ccatggtgta tatgtgccac attttcttaa tccagtctat cgttgttgga catttgggtt     56100
     ggttccaagt ctttgctatt gtgaatagtg ccgcaataaa cacacgcgtg cacgtgtctt     56160
     tatagcagca tgatttataa tcccttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa     56220
     atggtatttc tagttctaga tccctgagga attgccacac tgacttccac aatggttgaa     56280
     ctaatttaca gtcccactaa cagtgtaaaa gtgttcctat ttctccacat cctctccagc     56340
     acctgttgtt tcctgacttt ttaatgattg ccattctaac tggtgtgaga tggtatctca     56400
     ctgtggtttt gatttgcatt tctctgatgg ccagtgatga tgagcatatt ttcatgtggt     56460
     ttttggctgc ataaatgtct tcttttgaga agtgtctgtt catatcattc accaactttt     56520
     tgatggggtc gtttgctttt tttcttgtaa atttgtttga gttcattgta gattctggat     56580
     attagccctt tgtcagatga gtaggttgca aaaattttct cccattttgt aggttgcctg     56640
     ttcactctga tggtagtttc ttttgctgtg cagaagctct tgagtttaat tagatcccat     56700
     ttgtcaattt tggcttttgt tgccattgct tttggtgttt tagacatgaa gtccttgccc     56760
     atgcctatgt cctgaatggt attgcctagg ttttcttcta gggtttttat ggttttaggt     56820
     ctaacatgta agtctttaat cgatcttgaa ttaatttttg tataaggtgt aaggaaggga     56880
     tccagtttca gctttctaca tatggctagc cagttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg     56940
     gaatcctttc cccattgctt atttttgtca ggtttgtcaa agatcagatg gttgtagata     57000
     tgtggcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg ttccattgat ctatagctct gttttggtac     57060
     cagtaccatg ctgttttggt tactgttgcc ttgtagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagtgtg     57120
     atgcctccag ctttgttctt ttggcttagg attgacttgg cgatgcgggc tcttttttgg     57180
     ttccatatga actttaaagt agttttttcc aattctgtga agaaagtcat tggtagcttg     57240
     atggggatgg cattgaatgt ataaattacc ttgggcagta tggccatttt cacaatattg     57300
     attcttccta ccaatgatca tggaatgttg tttcatttct ttgtatcctc ttttatttca     57360
     ttgagcagtg gtttttagtt ctcattaaag aggtcattca catcccttgt aagttggatt     57420
     cctaggtatt ttattctctt tgaagcaatt atgaatggga gttcactcat gatttggctc     57480
     tctgtttgcc tgttattggt gtataagaat gcttgtgatt tttgtacatt gattttgtat     57540
     cctgagactt tgctgaagtt gcttatcagc ttaaggagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg     57600
     ttttctagat atacaatgat gtcgtctgca aagagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttcct     57660
     aattgaatac cctttatttc cttctcctgc ctaattgccc tggccagaac ttccagcact     57720
     aggttgaata ggagtggtga gagagggcat ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt caaagagaat     57780
     gtttccagtt tttgcccatt cagtataata ttgcctgtgg gtttgtcata gatagctctt     57840
     attattttgg gatacatccc atctaattta ttgagagttt ttagcatgaa ggttgttgaa     57900
     ttttgtcaaa ggccttttct gcatctattg agataatcat gtggtttttg tctttggttc     57960
     tgtttatatg ctggattaca tttattgatt tgcatatgtt gaaccatcct tgcatcccag     58020
     ggatgaagcc cacttgatca tggtggataa gctttttgat gtgctgctgg attcggtttg     58080
     ccagtatttt attgaggatt tttgcatcaa tgctcatcaa ggatattggt gtaaaattct     58140
     ctttttcggt tgtgtctctg cccggctttg gtatcagaat gatgctggcc tcataaaatg     58200
     agtttgtgag gattccatct ttttctattg attggaatag tttcagaagg aatgttacca     58260
     gcttctcctt gtgcctctgg tagaattcgg ctgtgaatcc atttggtcct ggactttttt     58320
     tggttggtaa gctattgatt attgccacaa tttcagagcc tgttactggt ctattcagag     58380
     agtcaacttc ttcctggttt agtcttggga cagtgtatgt gttgaggaat ttatccattt     58440
     cttctagatt ttctagttta tatacgtaga ggtgtttgta gtattctctg atggtagttt     58500
     gtatttctgt gggatcggtg gtgatatccc ctttatcttt ttttattgca tctatttgat     58560
     tcttctctct tttcttcttt attagtcttg ctagcagtct atctattttg ttgatctttt     58620
     caaaaaacca gctcctggat tcattaattt tttgaagggt tttttgtgtc tctatttcct     58680
     tcagttctgc tctgatttta gttatttctt gccttctgct agcttttgaa tgtgttcgct     58740
     cttgcttttc tagttgtttt aattgtgaca ttagggtgtt gattttggat ctttcctgct     58800
     ttcttttgtg ggcatttagt gcggtaaatt tccctctaca cactgctttg aatgtgtccc     58860
     agagattctg gtatgttgtg tctttgttct cgttggtttc aaagaacatc tttatttctg     58920
     ccttcatttt attatgtacc tagtagtcat tcaggagcag gtggttcagt ttccatgtag     58980
     ttgagtggtt ttgagtgagt ttcttagtcc tgacttccag tttgattgca ctgtggtctg     59040
     agagacagtt tgttataatt tctgttcttt tacatttgct gaggagagct ttacttccaa     59100
     ctatgtggtc aattttggaa taggtgtggt gtggtgctga aaaaaatgta tattctgttg     59160
     atttggggtg gagagttctg tagatgtcta ttaggtccac ttgcttatgt actcaaacaa     59220
     acactatcac ccacaaaata atacggctaa ataaatttaa tacttctgag caactatctt     59280
     gaagactttg atagttcttt gctattgttt ttaaatgtac ttttttcact tggagaccca     59340
     acatttttgt tctgcattcc cgttcccctc actgcgtgca aaaatcaatg catgacatca     59400
     atcattgccc tgatccggcc atggaaagat ttggagaaag cctggattct aatgttgatc     59460
     ctgacccata atagcatgtc acatttcaga tgtctctaca gtgggtcaaa catgcagccg     59520
     ctgctgggcc ttcaaggaag caaagtctgt gtccttaggt cacgcaaagt ctggtttaaa     59580
     agctgacgca tgttctgaga gctgtaggct gtgatgggga ggctcagcac gggtcaggga     59640
     cggcacatcc cggcccccca gagcagctct gggaatgcct cgtgcctgtc atcccggcct     59700
     aatgattatt aattcctgtt ctctttcctc tcatcttccc ctgatgggga aagtcactta     59760
     tatgatcacg ctgaccacac agcacagttc tcagcccagc tgagcctcct attgccaggg     59820
     aggtttttac acgtaccaat gaagtcctca ccctggtgat tccggggtaa ttgttctgag     59880
     acagggtcgg gccatgatgg actaaagagt gaagggtcac tggggcatgg gcaggcatgc     59940
     ttagtccagc ccaggcagct gcaggaattc tctcagagtt gtcttggggc tggagcttcc     60000
     agggggactc gagtttgaca gagctgggag tagagctcag cgttttggga agagcagtgg     60060
     gacgggacgg caccagcggg catggacctg ggatgtcaga ggctctcaca gccaagctgc     60120
     tggcttccag gcaccacagc cactgagtcc tgtctgcacc cagaccccgt tcctgagctc     60180
     cagggtgggc ctggcactct gcattctgaa cgggcaatgc tgaggctgag ggtccctggg     60240
     ccacacttgg aaaggtcaag gcttcagcag aaggtgggag cagggggtgt gcagatgaca     60300
     ccagctgcca ggacaagcct tgctgtaagg atgcaggatg cgaatgggag aggcaccaag     60360
     ggccgcagag aaggagccgt gctgcactgg gctgccgtga agacgaggtg ggcggcctcg     60420
     gtggctgtga ctgtagcgga gctgtgaggg tgaagacgag gtgggcggcc tcggtggctg     60480
     aggcggagct gtgagggtga agacgaggtg ggcggcctcg gtggctgagg cggagctgtg     60540
     agggtgaaga cgaggtgggc ggcctcggtg actgaggcgg agctgtgagg gtgaagacga     60600
     ggtgggcggc ttcggtggct gaggcggacg tgtgagggtg aagacgaggt gggcggcctc     60660
     ggtggctgtg actgtagcgg cgtgtgaggg tgaagacgag gtgggcggcc tccgtggctg     60720
     aggtggagct ctgagggtga agacgaggtg ggcggccctg gtgcctcggg cagagctctg     60780
     agggtgaaga ccgaggtggg ccgcctcggt ggctgaggcg gagctgtgag ggtgaagacg     60840
     aggtgggcgg cctcggtggc tgaggcggag ctgtgagggt gaagacgagg tgggcggcct     60900
     cggtggctga ggcggagctg tgagggtgaa gacgaggtgg gcgacctcgg tggctgaggc     60960
     tgagctgtga gggtgaagat gaggtgggcg gcctcggtgg ctgaggctga gctgtgaggg     61020
     tgaagacgag gtgggcggcc tcggtggctg tggctgaggc tgagctgtga gggtgaagat     61080
     gaggtgggcg gcctcggtgg ctgaggcgga gctgtgagga cacatccata attaaggcac     61140
     tgcggggctg gcaggactcg cctttctgtg aaccatggcc ccagggctac ttcctcctgc     61200
     ctaccttttt tcctttccaa actttgtctt cccccccatc attcccactc tgcaattatg     61260
     tgacactgtg gttctaaatg gcctatgtcc ccagggcctt gggatgagga gggggccaag     61320
     cgacaggcac cgtcctccac gcagcatggc tatgtctctg cgctcaacgt tcccaagcct     61380
     gggagacaga aaagtactat ttgggcaaat atttagaagg tatttgttct ggtaaagaac     61440
     aaaatcataa tatttatttt aaaagagaca ccgtaataaa cagtcctcta tgaattgctt     61500
     agtgaaacac tttttatgtt gcttctcttt gtataatttc tctatttgga aatgcatcat     61560
     acctcgtaag ggcgccagtg acaagggagt cccagggtca ccgaattcca gggcatcact     61620
     ggctcacttg gcagagctcc tgtggtccct acggtggttt taaagttaca tgagtaacac     61680
     atatcctact tagtggattc ccgttctgtg ggccatgggt gggactggag tcacaccttt     61740
     ccagcatgtt ccgccgctgc cagtgctgct gcatgcaggc catatttgga gcctggttcc     61800
     tccttctaca cctgaagaag gaacaggcct gttgcagcgt aactaacatc ctacataact     61860
     acaccactaa aactcagctg actccccaga ctcagtccct gggggaggag gcagccaagg     61920
     ccggcacccc tttccctgtc caagtgcctc caggttgcat gcatgagtga gtcctccagc     61980
     cacctcctgc cagacctgag gtttgcttga agctttatca catccatcag cccagcacgc     62040
     tctgaaaggg cgctggtgcc agggtccctg tcccgccttg atccttccct acctcagcac     62100
     cacccctggt cccataaacc gccttaatcc ttccccacct cagcatcgcc tctggcctca     62160
     tcaaatccga ggtacctgtt ccgcctccat cacatgtccc ctcctggctt ccctccgcct     62220
     ctgttgccgg ctcctcttcc ctccccacat cgaaaactga ggtccccagc agccccttct     62280
     cagccatcac acagcctcat gctgcctccg cctcagcaac tccatctatg tccaggagct     62340
     ccctccacag taacgactcc cacatcttcc tgaggccaca acattctccc aacgtccgga     62400
     tatcccacta ggtagctggc ccacattcgc tgcgatcatc actaatgtac ccaaaccatc     62460
     ctgttccctc caccagagct cacgggctcc cacacacacg gcccaggccc cacaccctgc     62520
     tctcttccgt gttatctgtc caccactccc atatctgact cttaaaacga caacaaaatc     62580
     tagttaagag aaccggaact gcggtttctg ccgatgtccc atcctgggca gcacacaacc     62640
     gaggcatccg gatctgagcc atctgtgaat ttgccactgg gcatggttgt agcgaacaca     62700
     tgcatgccag ggccgtgtct tccagctgtc tgtcaagaca ctgcctcagt ttgaggcata     62760
     gccccgtggc tggatgttct gtggctgcgt gctctgtggc catgtgttct gtggctgggt     62820
     gttctgtggc tgcgtgttct gtggccatgt gttctgtggc tgggtgttct gtggctgggc     62880
     gctctgttgc acagtgaagg gccaagcacc ctccatacag gtgtgcacag gacagaggtg     62940
     actgtgggaa cagcaccaaa catcagccct gagccgaggc tatgcgtgcg acaggttcat     63000
     cagccccagc tggggaagga gaatgagaac aaatggaaga tgcattcagc accagtggac     63060
     atggaatatg gtcatctcag ggccgctagg atgcccgatg cttctgagct tgtgggacac     63120
     tgggcgctcc ggggagagct ggaggcccag tggcccggct taaattgcca ggcaaagggt     63180
     ggaggcagga cacagggaag aggagatgga gaattctgga gggaaacaga ccacttagga     63240
     ggcaggagat gccgaaacat tatcagcaaa ggctctgtgc gggttctgcg ctgggcagct     63300
     gagctgtcgc ctccacagca gccggggtca ggctgggtca gtggttctcc aggtgtttcc     63360
     cagaccagca tctctgggga cccgagcttc ttagaaacgc aggtctatgg atcccagcct     63420
     atgaaaccag attgtctcag gacggtgccc attaaagagt ctctgttttt gtaaaagggg     63480
     ggtggccagg tctattacga aggcctgtga gcccccacca tgcagtggat catgggggtt     63540
     tgatacttgt cgggcggcag gtgttatgga tgggaaggag acgtgagaag tccacaattc     63600
     aaaggaagac acactgagtg ccatctgtga agggttagac atttctctgg ggtgcaaatg     63660
     gacacaaatg accagaagag aaatcccttg tagaggagac tgctcgggag ctgagatgcc     63720
     aggaagggga acgtcgcagg tattggagcg cgctgggcag agggctgggg tggcctactg     63780
     agcccaggat ggaaggtctt aggcacacag ttctcggagc tgggacggag acgggaatgg     63840
     gccgtgctgg ccggtcaggc tggggagaag caggaggagc ctggggaggt gtgtgactgt     63900
     caccaagtgg gagaaaaagt atttttcctt catcatattt atcttcttga gtactttcac     63960
     aagtgtctga gaaagaaaga cagcccataa tgaaatttac cttcttaagt aggttattgt     64020
     tagggtcgac ctaattattc catacctaac agagagaacg gagtgtatgc tggagtgttg     64080
     gcgtggctgc attgaaaatc attatgtatt ctgagtgaaa cacccagaat ttaagtggat     64140
     tattcttgag tgcagtcatt tgcaaactga gtttggtgac accttacaga acgtctcttg     64200
     gggtcccttg caagaagcat aattcaacct gtgcctgcaa caccaccatc cacccagccg     64260
     aactctctac ctgggcctga gaagcgggag aatccgcccc atcaactctt ctcacgagag     64320
     tatgcacttg cctattagaa aatgtgtttg gaatagtaac cagcaggagt ttcaacatac     64380
     tcccaaccca taaggcatca tgcaagaatt atgaagaaaa acgccccctc attagacagc     64440
     tcactttgat ttcagtctcc atggaaactg gatattcaga tgctctgaga tatttttgtc     64500
     tttggggttt tgcatgtctt ggaatgtgga catgtgcaca gatacaaagc cagatgtggc     64560
     gtgtggcgca ggcgatgtcg gctggcgtgg cctcctgcca ggcagtggga tccgctgaaa     64620
     ggcagagtgg aaagttaaca ctgttgaatg acagatcgca aagttgaaat ctgaggcacg     64680
     atgaagccat ggaaaccaca tgcaaagaga tttgagaatg ttttctgggc tggggatggg     64740
     gttcgggtct tcgcaaaccc tctgtggatg tgtgtgtatg tctgtgtgac aagcacgtcc     64800
     acagccgccc ggcaggatgt ccccgtaagg tttcatccac agcgtcccca cttgggaggt     64860
     ggccgagttc cactgccagc tttcccagct gctgaacagt agcatccatg gcagtctgaa     64920
     cacagtgagg tttttcttcc tctgtaacgt tttttttttt tatcttttct ctacactgaa     64980
     actaccgtcc ctgcgtgagt ttgagggcaa gggtgttcct gctggcaact tcacagaggg     65040
     gagggcaggt ctttctggca cagcaactgt agtggtgact cgaaccagaa acccacccct     65100
     ggaggagagg agcagaaaac actgcttcct cctgggtggg ttgaaatcga ccaatgtgag     65160
     tgttcattgc aaggaaagcc aagattcatc tccattaaga tccctttaca tttccgagct     65220
     ccattccagg ggctggatat ttccaaaaac tcaaaggaca tttttgactt cactttttct     65280
     ctaagggagt tcagcttgag ggctgagata tctgttttgt ggttcaaggt catgagcagc     65340
     atcctagtca cagaacaggc aggtagaaaa ggaataaagt cagtggccca gagaccccca     65400
     ctgagcactc agaccttcga taccccatca ggatgatgga aggttagggc ctttggtggt     65460
     cctgtggccc accctcccgt catgcagaca ggatgacctg atggccagga caggaagaac     65520
     agccacctct gagcttcccc gcccatcggg cccccagttt ccacacattc acccatggta     65580
     aggcacagcc acccgtgagc actgtcagct acatcttggg ggtctgggga gggggggata     65640
     ccggatgcaa ggaaggttcc agacacatca tcagctcctt ggctgccgtg aggggtggtt     65700
     tgagcaatgt aatgagctca tggcaaccct gtgagcggct ggtctgagag cccgtctaaa     65760
     gcccagaggg agatgctggc atcaagtcag tgagtgctca aggtcacagc gctccacgtg     65820
     gacgcccagt caggtgcagg tgcaggtggg tcccgcccat ctcaggcact gattctcatg     65880
     cgctggggca gggcccctct ggagctgcct gcctgcaggt ggggtttccc gatggtgggg     65940
     ccaaggccgc tgcagactga agtccacatg agtccccctg cccctcgggg tcccaggggg     66000
     accctggtct gtcaggactc agctgtcggg gagagagctg aaaggaagat gtcaacattc     66060
     gggcctgagc ctagacagct ttgcccgtgt ccttcacgcc tgagcagggc tgagaggagg     66120
     aagtcagtcc gcctgacaca cagaggcttg ccaggacctt ttgcttttcc ttgcagcctc     66180
     ggtggaggcg gagcgcacct catctttgag cttgtcctgc tgtctcagcc cagggccagt     66240
     cccactgcca ggggcacgcc ccccatttat atattaatta agcgtcacat ccacgccccc     66300
     catttatata ttaattaagc gtcgcatcct ccagaggcac ttcctgaccc tcaccccagc     66360
     tgcatcatgc cactgagtga gtgtgcggaa ggcaccacct cctcccatca gcaaggctgc     66420
     agcgttccag gcagaccaca gactccagga cggcaggcgg tcggtctgtc ttgttcactg     66480
     tctcggcctc tgcccggcac gaaatcaatc aacatgactg agaggctgga tccgaggccc     66540
     ccagcatgtg gtcagaccca ttacacatca tcttgtctta aaaagacctg atgccccatg     66600
     atgcacacca gcccgatggc cgctcgctga ttggattctg aggaatctgt tgttggccaa     66660
     ctcctgggtc cctcccagca gctttcgatg gatcaaagct tgactcccat gtcgcgttga     66720
     actcaggagt gagttcatgc cggtttttga gccacctctt tcctaagaaa gctgcggatt     66780
     ctgcagcatt ttgcaaacag gacgccctag tctctctgcc aaacaccgag tgtgctgcac     66840
     gctgccttcc tcattggcag cattgtgggt tacagaatgt ttctacacac acgcttctcc     66900
     caggctgcca ccctgtacgt attcatcacg ccctttaaat atgaccgaaa ttctgtcgtc     66960
     ttcctgacta atggtgccgt gtatctaaac atcaaagcat tttcaaggca atcacataat     67020
     gattcaaaat tgactttggt gtctcctttg ctgcttgcac acagcggatc aagaatctgc     67080
     tgaatcataa tccaaggatt gtgataatgt ggtcccagaa aaggcccatt tcatagtaaa     67140
     aactggtttg taaaaattat tatcagaagc atcacctttt tgcagcaaac taagcaattt     67200
     aattaatgaa aaagtgtcac cagagaaaca caaattgcat cattagaaaa ataaaatgag     67260
     accgattgtt gaagagttgt ctaggatcct tatgtgactg gtaaccagca aacgctgaag     67320
     gccccggtcg ttggacgtca gcaggctgtg ccaggctgtg cactggtgaa attggttttg     67380
     cgagggagct ctgtgatgcc gtgagcccgg gtgcctgcac tctggtcgtt ggacgtcagc     67440
     aggctgtgca ctggtgaaat cggttttgcc agggagctct gtgatgccga tgagcccggt     67500
     gcctgccctc cggccccgag cggtctctca gtgacaacac atcacagcac actaatgagc     67560
     gctggcgccc aggcctgcaa ttagcctttc ccgagttcag agggctgctt ggctctgggc     67620
     ctgcagatca cagggcttca tttcaatgtg gtcatctttg ttccctccgt gcccctagtg     67680
     atttgataaa agactcctat tttattggag ttgcaagatt tttcagtgta tcctatattc     67740
     aagcagatga aatatgttgg agtaggcctt ttgtgtattc gttttcatcc cattttattt     67800
     gttttgctta tctacatttt tacaagatct aactccaagg ggttgttctc aagttatagt     67860
     cataattcat cgacgtgttc gatggctggc aaccacagaa atggttgcag agagaaaaca     67920
     aacgtctcca ctagatttct tcattgttcc tgctcctgct ctaaaatgaa actctgagtt     67980
     ttcctggagg ctgtgtatgc cgtaagaaat ttactgagaa atgtattcca gcatatttat     68040
     ctatactcgg tctcctagaa acataggttt gtatccttaa ctagtagccc agaaatctac     68100
     tttgaatact aataggacaa gctgatggca gcaagttgaa actttaattc tgataagaca     68160
     gatggttctt cgcaaaccag cttcattttg aaataaactg atatctggta tttactaaaa     68220
     atggtatctt tcttacaggc aatttttcct cactatgtta attgccatat ttctcttccc     68280
     tctaatgcaa agcataactt ccttcatgaa agccaaatat tgtagcccca cacacctccc     68340
     ccgtcccacg cctcccccag aaggttgccc ttcctccctc caggatgcct cagtgatggc     68400
     aacaaatagc tgttgtctgc agagtcacgc aactcactac ttgtcatttt ctttgttaat     68460
     tctattttca agggcatgca catttctgca gctcatgaaa ttcctttaaa ctatgatgca     68520
     gggaaattat aaaagctaaa ctcctgtcaa ttgtctctgt tctctgatca tatatatata     68580
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat tttttatatg tgtgtatata taattatata     68640
     tatatatatg tatatgtata taattttttg tatgtgtttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac     68700
     catgttggcc aggatggtct tgatctcctg acctcgtgat ccacccgcct cggcctccca     68760
     aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccacca cacccagcct ctgttgtctg atcttaataa     68820
     gatcttctat gttgccttcc tgcagcatgt ttggaaacac aaaatttttg agtttttaaa     68880
     attctggtca ttgaagttag tttagtattc tgaataactg agcaccttcc ccacagtaag     68940
     gataaaacct tttactgtgt tttatgcctt caggtagaag ttattctaac atgtatcata     69000
     cctggccttt tattgtgttg agtcagatga gatgactgat acttcactgt ttttgacctt     69060
     cacaaatgcc atcttcctat ggttcaacct gacatattta gacaggcatt gttacctggc     69120
     atcatgaata atggttcaga cttcagggag ttcatgaaac cctacaaatt tctgcaaagt     69180
     ggtgtgtaaa tgtgtctatg gttttttatc aaactcaaaa caatctctga gcctccagca     69240
     gcacagacct gcgtgtggct tcaggttgca ggacagggct cagagcagcc ttccctgggg     69300
     aagacagggt ttgcacacag ccttcaggac ccacctagga tgtgtcggct ttgagagaac     69360
     acagggagtt ttctctgcat ccagacatga aaacaggagt gggagaaggc agccgcacag     69420
     ggtgtcccag gacagagagc agggtcgggc gtccccatga tatggggctc tgtaggctgt     69480
     gctagggcct ctggccactc agcatctttc ccaccaatgt gcaagaccag tgtgtgtccc     69540
     agacaggagt gacaaccagg tggtttacat gcatctaccc gaggggtcac cctacagacc     69600
     agcatgcgtc ccagacagga gtgacagcca gctggtttac atgcatatac ctgaggggtc     69660
     accctacaag accagcgtgc gtcccagaca ggagtgacag ccagctggtt tacatgcgta     69720
     gacgccaggg gtcaccctac aagaccagcg tgcgtcccag acaggagtga cagccagctg     69780
     gtttacatgc gtagacccca ggggtcaccc tacaagacca gcgtgcgtcc cagacaggag     69840
     tgacagccag ctggtttaca tgcatatacc tgaggtgtca ccctacaaga ccagcgtgcg     69900
     tcccagacag gagtgacagc cagctggttt acatgcatag gccccagggg tcaccctatt     69960
     ctgctgagca tgttaatatt ttaagcgcca cgttcagaga ttgtcacttg tcatgatatt     70020
     cattatccat aattaatatt gcaactgagg aatgcttgaa agatgttcta ttccatgcac     70080
     gcttgtttgt cactgtcagg aaaactttaa atgggcttgg gctcatttct tcttcaaatt     70140
     aactgcaata ccaagcatgt attgtttata aaattgatta attgcacata tgtaggaaat     70200
     gggagcaggc ctagagcact cacagagctg tcaggatcat ccagcaccct ctctggcatt     70260
     ttaaattctg ttgttttctt tttttttttt tttttttgag atggagtctt gttctgtcac     70320
     ccatgctgga gtgcagtggc acaatcttgg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa     70380
     gcaattatcc tgtgtcagcc tcccgagtag cgggaattgc aggtgcgcac caccacgccc     70440
     ggctaatttt tgtgttttta gtagagacag ggtttcacca tgttggtcag gctggtctca     70500
     aactcctgat ctcaagtgat ccacccacct cagcctccca cagggcaaaa agtactcaca     70560
     gaggttcggg acctcgggtg tttttatgta atggaatgaa gtcagtaaac cttttcacgt     70620
     tctggaattg acagagggac catgagaaca cccatcccat gtcaagaaca cgtgcagcgt     70680
     gagcaggaag gacgctggca tgtggccgga ctcggttctg cggccccggg cttctgtcca     70740
     caccatgctt cctttgaaac atggagctac ataagcctaa gaattgagcc tgtcattgtg     70800
     aaataatcct ccactgaaga ccacttgctc caatacaaca gagccatgtt ctctgtgtac     70860
     aagtggctta tgatcgaact tgtgtcttat gactattttg ttttaattta ctatgaagaa     70920
     actaaaccac gggctctgat gttgtgaaca gatatctgtg gagtaaattc aatgtgtcag     70980
     atgctggcta ggactttaat cagctgattt cgtgtcgtcc tcaacacaac cccttgaaga     71040
     ttaacatgtc gctttactga tgaagccagc agagcagggg acgcctctcc ttcccctctg     71100
     tcacggctgc cttcctggag ccacagtgga tcacagcaga gcatggtgac tcgacggtct     71160
     cttcactgat ggttttcgtg acaggttttt cattgataga attgtaaaat ttgattcttt     71220
     tttgcaggaa gacagataat ttcttgtgca ttttttatat attagatggg ggtaacattt     71280
     tctcaacttt aaagagataa ctcataattt gttttgtggc acagtctctt tggagacttt     71340
     gggttggaat caagagtaaa gaatggtttt tactaatcag agaagatact ttatgggtaa     71400
     agactgcaat atacaaacct ggagaccagc cctactcatc tgggtggcca gtgggtttta     71460
     ttcagtataa tttccacaca agtctttggg tcggtaggga tcagaaagga ctctctccag     71520
     agcataaaca caagggtacc atttggacag aactgagttt ggaaagcctg gcctgggttt     71580
     ctgcctccat aaaccaaaat cagcagctct cacgtgggct gggcacagtc gctgattcag     71640
     tggccaggag gagagagaag ggcggcattt gggttgggag aaggtgctgc tgtcacgtgg     71700
     gctgggtgca gtcgctgatt tcgtggccag gaggagggag aagggcggca tttgggttgg     71760
     gagaaggtgc tgctgtcaca ggactgggtg cagtcgctga ttcggtggcc aggaggaggg     71820
     agaagggtgg catttgggtt gggagaaggt gctgctgtca caggactggg tgcagtcgct     71880
     gattcggtgg ccaggaggag ggagaagggt ggcatttggg ttgggagaag gtgctgctgt     71940
     cacgtgggct gggtgcagtc actgatttgg tggccaggag gagggagaag ggcggcgttc     72000
     aggttgggag aaggtgctgc tgtcacagga ctgggtgcag tcgctgattc ggtgaccagg     72060
     aggagggaga agggtggcat ttgggttggg agaaggtgct gctgtcacgt gggctgggca     72120
     cagtcgctga ttcggtggcc aggaggaggg agaagggtgg catttgggtt gggagaaggt     72180
     gctgctgtca cgtgggctgg gtgcagtcgc tgattcggtg gccaggagga gggagaaggg     72240
     cggcatttgg gttgggagaa ggtgctgctg tcacaggact gggtgcagtc gctgattcgg     72300
     tgaccaggag gagggagaag ggtggcattt gggttgggag aaggtgctgc tgtcacgtgg     72360
     gctgggtgca gtcactgatt tggtggccag gaggagggag aagggcggcg ttcaggttgg     72420
     gagaaggtgc tgctgtcaca ggactgggtg cagtcgctga ttcggtgacc aggaggaggg     72480
     agaagggtgg catttgggtt gggagaaggt gctgctgtca cgtgggctgg gcacagtcgc     72540
     tgattcggtg gccaggagga gggagaaggg tggcatttgg gttgggagaa ggtgctgctg     72600
     tcacgtgggc tgggtgcagt cgctgatttg gtggccagga ggagggagaa gggcggcatt     72660
     tgggttggga gaaggtgctg ctgtcacagg actgggtgca gtcgctgatt cgatgaccag     72720
     gaggagggag aagggtggca tttgggttgg gagaaggtgc tgctgtcagg tgggctgggt     72780
     gcagtcactg atttggtggc caggaggagg gagaagggtg gcgttcaggt tgggagaagg     72840
     tgctgctgtc acaggactgg gtgcagtcgc tgattcagtg accaggagga ggtagaaggg     72900
     tggcatttgg gttgggagaa ggtgctgctg tcacaggact gggtgcagtc gctgattcag     72960
     tgaccaggag gagggagaag ggtggcattc gggttgggag aagctgctgc tgtcacagga     73020
     ctgggtgcag tcgctgattt ggtggccagg aggagggaga agggtggcat ttgggttggg     73080
     agaaggtgct gctgtcacgt gggctgggtg cagtcgctga tttggtggcc aggaggaggg     73140
     agaagggcgg tgttcaggtt gggagaaggt gctgctgtca cgggactgtg gctaccttgg     73200
     gtggatggga attagttcag ttcctcccgc actcggtcat cctgcagtag ctcagcctcc     73260
     aggactcagg ctgccagcgt gggtggctgg ggaaggggaa gggaccagga atgtaccatc     73320
     tcaggcccag ggagccacgt ccccccgcag aggccaggga tgcctcctga acaagcctca     73380
     tctccgtgag atacagcagc cctcaggccc ccacacggcg gcggcttctg atttctagga     73440
     tctattttat ctgaaacgat tagttcaaga aggaaatgtt acttcccagc aaatggctca     73500
     aacacatgtt gccctcatcc cattccatga gaagttggaa gtaaaattaa agttcaagtg     73560
     ggccaggcgt agtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggagtctga ggcgggtgga     73620
     tcatttgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagct gggccaaaat ggtgagcccc catctctact     73680
     aaaaatacaa aaattagcct ggcgtggtgg tgtgtgcccg taatccccgc tactcgggag     73740
     gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaatccagg agatggaggc tgcagtgagc tgagatcatg     73800
     ccattgcact ccagcctggg tgacagggca agaatctgtc tcaaaaaaac aaaagaaaaa     73860
     gatcagggaa ggtgctgatg agacaagcgg ccccagcgtt tgtgctggtt ttggttattg     73920
     atgaaatagt gggagcaact gcgttacgtg tgtcataaaa tacatatgat gaactgacag     73980
     agaaagccac tcagagagaa cccagcatgg ctatgtagtg tgtccaggga ccacccatgc     74040
     tccccaggaa ctcccttcga acccaccgtc caaagccagg gtcaggcagc ctcgggtatg     74100
     gttggctcag ggtcctgttc ccaggacgct cctgccccgg gtggccccga gctggtccgg     74160
     cctcgcgttg aggggtccag tggtttaagc ctgagttctg aacatgtgtc aaacaaagca     74220
     atcccatcca ggaggcggtc gggataccca aatctcactt gcatttccca gcaagcattc     74280
     gtgaaaacag acttgctgac caggcactgg ccacgttgaa catggtgtga gcggcccagg     74340
     ccctcctccg tcagatgggc ctggagcacg gggtgggcga gcaggtgcag ccacgagggc     74400
     ttcaggagct gtggaggcga tggtgtggtt tgagctgatt cacaagctct gctggggttt     74460
     tctttccatc ttgtgacctg ggccttccag ggagctgcac gcgctcctgg gacacgtgga     74520
     gctttcacag ttgtcctgag ggaagaggaa aaatatcagg cacataacaa ctgaggaagg     74580
     agctgaaacc tggaagaaaa agaccaaagt atcatgggaa aaaaagggaa atcaacagaa     74640
     ttcactgaat gtcgcaacag ccgccttcct gaagagcttc cttccagctg agctcccagg     74700
     caagtcactg tccccaaagc cacgttccag gacagcaccc atccaggaca gctcccttcc     74760
     aggacagcac ccgtccagga cagctccctt ccaggacaac acccttccag gacggctccc     74820
     ttccaggacg acacccttcc aggacggctc ccttccagga cggcaccctt ccaggacaac     74880
     gcccttccag gatggcaccc ttccaggaca acgcccttcc aggacggcac ccttccagga     74940
     cggcaccctt ccaggacaac gcccttccag gatggcaccc ttccggaatg gcatccttcc     75000
     aggacagctc cctttcaggc tggcttcctt ccagctgagc tcccaggcag taagtcacca     75060
     tccccaaagc caccttccag gacagctccc ttccaggacg gcacccttcc aggaaagcac     75120
     ccttccagga caataccctt ccaggacgac tcccttccag gacggctctc ttccaggaca     75180
     gctcccttcc tgctgagctc ccaggcagct agtcactgtc tccaatgact gaaggcagat     75240
     agaggggaga cagggccagg aagagctgtc aggggctgga gacacgtccc tcacctttca     75300
     ttctccatgc tgaaagtgac cttgggggcc agaagggctc actgcctcac gcctcaccgt     75360
     cctggcctcc agcgaagcac cgggacgtag agaggccatc agattgcagc aggatgatca     75420
     ttatcatatc agaagctgac cttcctatgc aagagtttca gaggaggaca tagaatcact     75480
     cttcacaaaa aaaaagtagt atctgagtag agaaaaagca caaaccatgt gagggaaaac     75540
     acaccacagt ggtttttcta ttttctcact caacagcaac caacacagga gacttcgatg     75600
     accaaatgtt gggggcttct ccccaccacc cagcaggtga ccagctctgc aggggtcacc     75660
     agccagggat cccctaattc agcacattca cctggcggga acctcaggtc ccacaggggg     75720
     agggctgggt ccccaagacc acccacgact ttggatgctg atcacaagct ccaggagctt     75780
     ctaaccagcc agtggtaaac cgaggctcct gcaagccccc cacacgtggg ttccattcat     75840
     ttgctggagt ggctcccgaa actctgggaa gcacccatgt ttggtggttt attataaagg     75900
     atacagatga agagatgagc agagcgaagg gaagagatga gcagagggaa ggggacagat     75960
     gaagagatga gcagagcgaa gggaagagat gagcagaggg aaggggacag atgaagagat     76020
     gagcagaggg aaggggcgtg gggttccatt aatttgctag agtggctccc agaactctgg     76080
     gaagcaccca tgtttggtgg tttattataa aggatacagg tgaagagatg agcaagggaa     76140
     ggggcatgga gtttctgtgc ctcccagggc accaccctcc aggaacctcc acgggttcag     76200
     gtgtctggaa gctccacaaa aaccccgatc ccagtgctag ggcgttttgt ggagactcca     76260
     ctggatgggc gtgactgagg ctcagacagc cgtgtggaaa tgggactgga gaaagtcgct     76320
     gcgctctgtg ttgctagcag accaagggtg gaaactagca aggcctatgt gttcagactc     76380
     ttcccggccc ctctgtgccg cgtttcttcc tcaggggcgt gaggtaggac cctctggggt     76440
     gagggttttg ggactcacaa tgagaaaggt gggtcagaga atgtctttat ggccaacgcc     76500
     atgacagaaa ggccgggaaa ggtccctgcc ttggggagag aaaggagcag tgaacggagt     76560
     gggaggtcag agagagactc ccaacgttac agcagaggcc gtgggagtca tgaggcgggc     76620
     accgtgggcg aaagccggtt gcatccatcg tgacagcgcc gtctgcttgt gctgtctgac     76680
     atactttgca ttttgagtaa taaattaacc atattcgtgt tggagcgttt aggttgaagt     76740
     caagtgtgct cttgacccac atggagaaat agtcagaggg gtcaaaccga cagtaaaata     76800
     aaatattaga ctctttacta atccacagag tgggctttgc ttttttatca tttggacttg     76860
     aatggcttaa ctgacaattt ggtgccaggc aacctgagcc aagcagagca gtgatgaggc     76920
     ccagccgacc ctcatcctca gccgtggctg ccgcaggaga catttccccc ctcccttttc     76980
     ctcttttggg ctggaaatct gcccactgga accacgcgtg cagtgaccct gtggagacac     77040
     ggtggctcaa aagggaattt tttttcttgg cacagggtat caggtaccag ggtataactt     77100
     ttccagacat ctcaatttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt ctggcccata     77160
     tgtgataaaa accttaattt cagtactttc cagaactctc aggtgccgag aacttaccta     77220
     aattcatagt agtaacattt tggattaaag agctgctgct atttctgctc agtggcattt     77280
     ctctgttaga tacagaggct gtgtgtgcca tgcagctctc agtgagagga aggaaatgat     77340
     caccattgcg tggatagtgg tgtgatgtgg ttggtgagac gtgtggtaat tactgttttc     77400
     caggaagtgg ccagaaccta ggagctacca ggccagggag aagctgcttc ttttctttct     77460
     tttttctact ttttcttttt ttttccctta actacagcct aaacacacct tttagaaatt     77520
     agtttaaaag agagctagtt atagaagtga ttttaaattt ttgtaaaaag tggctgaaag     77580
     gctgaacact ttgaagcttc aagaaagtgg gggggatgtg ggcagatggg attttgccgg     77640
     gtgataaaga agacggatgc ccggccccgg gaccaggatg gtcagtccca gatccagcca     77700
     gagggaggga gggtccggca ggggcctggg agggtcagtc ccagatccag ccagagggag     77760
     gaggggtcca gcaggggccc aggaggtctc tcatcgtcat gcatggcttc tctgttggat     77820
     gtcactgagt gtccttcacc acggtccctc cccccagccc cactgcaccc tcatatccac     77880
     atccagccct ccttatggtc ctcctgcagt ccctgttcct cagacccatc cccatgtgac     77940
     tgtacttccc attcacggcc ccccacagcc ccccagagct ctgccttcta cctcctcagg     78000
     acacctccca ggagctccag agagacccag gacccccact caccaagagg ccccctcact     78060
     agacccgttg aaggcaggga ctccgtgacc tcggctccag acccccatta ccttggcaga     78120
     gcccagcaca agctggcgtt tgctgagtgg atgggagacc acgggcattt ggtgtgcaca     78180
     gagggagggt ttcagggagt gttcgtgtca agtggacaga ctgccctgcc caccttccca     78240
     taagcctgca cattttagcc cccagcacag aaccacggca acgtcccatc actaaaggga     78300
     gcgtggcctg gctgctctcc atagctcact gctgccagta aggggggcag agtggcagag     78360
     accaccgtgg ttctcaaact gtgtcccaca gtgccttggg gtcctgcgcc ctgctgcagg     78420
     ggtggcgcca gggtgagaag ctgacttggc tctgagatcc cagatccccc ctggtcagga     78480
     ggccaccaca tcatacagct ttgtttcact aaacataaat aaataaatac gttctgaggc     78540
     tacacatttt tgaaaagtgt tacccagctg gaaccgtgct aattctttca gcctcctgtt     78600
     ctaagagaga atctttgtgc tgcaaagtgg gggcgctgtg gcttgcatct tgacccctgt     78660
     acagagacac tttcagaaat cacttgccaa agacgtggac ccagggtcac aggagcaggg     78720
     aggtccaggc aggccctgag tccccagcag cctcggtccc ttctgagaac ctccccagtt     78780
     cacacagcgt ggatccgggc tggccctgtg tcctctgcag cctcggtcgg ttctgagaat     78840
     tgtgccctgt tcacacagcg tagatccggg ctggtcctga gtccccagca gcctcggtcc     78900
     attctgagaa cctcgcctgt tcacacggcg tggatctggg ctggtcctga gtccccagca     78960
     gcctcagtcc attctgagaa cctcgcctgt tcacacggcg tggatccggg ctggtcctga     79020
     gtccccaaca gccatggttt cttctgagaa cctccccggt tcacatcgca tggatccggg     79080
     ctggccctga gtccttagca gccatggtgg gttctgagaa ccacacctgt tccaacacat     79140
     ggatcccaag ccttaggctc ctggtgccac caggtcagga ccccggcatc cctccaccct     79200
     tgaaggaaac ctgggaagcc tgtgctttgg ggccagtgca ttcctcgctt tatttactgg     79260
     ggctgccgta aaacgtgact ccagcctggg cagtgtaaac cacagaaagg catcttctcg     79320
     ccattctgga tgccagaaga ccaaagctga ggcatgggca gagctgcact cccactgcag     79380
     gctctgaaaa ccctcctctt ccctcccact ctccatggat gccagcagct tgtggtgacc     79440
     gtcatcctgg ggccacgctg cccggcccag actctcttcc cgtgtccatc ctgctgtgct     79500
     cactccagcc tctctctctc cttagaaaga catcgtcctg gtattaggac caccttccct     79560
     ctgtacgacc tcatctgaac ttggggccac tgcaaagacc aaggtcagag tcacaggctc     79620
     cgggatgagg ctgtcaacac atccttctag gggacacagt tcaacgcatg acatgtcctg     79680
     tcattcattc tatgaaagaa atccatgctg ggcgccccgt gtccagctgg gatgtgagca     79740
     ccaggcagag gcctgcccta aaagctgtgg cagatcctcc agtcctgggg cttcctcccc     79800
     tcgcccagct cctgcacagt gaagggtggc tgtggccagc agcagtggcc gtgacagcag     79860
     ccaccctggc tcccaggaca acaccttgcg gcattcagct ctgagctgct ccctgcccag     79920
     caggccccgt acgagagcga agcgggcttt attctggctc ctaggagccg gctgttaatg     79980
     cgtggccacc atctcctcag gagaccctcc atgtggccac caagggcagc aaactgcagt     80040
     acatccctct ctgccatttc ctgtgcagga gaggtttctt cggaagctac tggaaagcag     80100
     cctggagaga gacgtctgct gctgaggacc ttgcctgctc cttcgctgcc ttactgagct     80160
     tcctcagaag aacctcccac gtattcgtat tttcactggc agctcttggg caacgtgaaa     80220
     tcaccaatgc atctgcctca ccccaagatg attctcacgt cagaagcacc tgctctgcac     80280
     gtgcctgaga attctttttt gtattaaatt tattatttgt tgccctaaat aaaaccaacc     80340
     ccagaaatgg gccctccttg aagtgctgcc attgtttgag aggaaccaac tttaaaagtc     80400
     catgtatgac cctcgattat ttctccagga gatgcacaaa atacagactc ctataaaact     80460
     catttgaggg ccaagcgtgg tggtttatgc ctgtaatccc acactttggg aggctgaggc     80520
     aggaggattg cttgagccca gaagttcaag atcagcctgg gcaacatagg gagacctcat     80580
     ccctaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aaaaaattag ccaagcctgg tggtgtgtgc ctgcgatccc     80640
     agctgctcat gaggttgagg caggaggatc acttgagccc aggaggtcaa ggctgcaatg     80700
     agctgtgatc atgccaccgc actgcagcct gggtgacagg gccagaccct gtctccaaag     80760
     aaaagcctca gttgtggctg ctgaaagaca ggatcatgcc agaccatgga tgcttcactc     80820
     cgctgtctcg ctggacgtct acactgtcgc ctgtgttaag tcctggcagc caggtgctcc     80880
     atccagcact tctcagcccc caatgccatc cttcatccct cagctggtgc caccaagtga     80940
     gccccgctgg ttccttacaa cctgagtcca ccacagtggg agctggattc attctgagtg     81000
     gccgatgcag tggcatggca gctgatagat atgtttaata tcatccctgc tgaaatccct     81060
     cccgccacct gctctcttct gaatactttc acagaatcgt ttaaatacaa caaaatccat     81120
     gggccagtca cacgcagaag cacatattgg aatcctattc tattctctct taaatatttg     81180
     atgtttgact aaatcccaag ccactgaata aatagtttaa cagaacaaaa gtgaaagtga     81240
     ctaatctctc ggcacaatcc taccatttta agatcctgta gctccacgtg gatattccat     81300
     gatgaaggca tcaccgacca cggcctcccc ttccccgact ccttccccga ctcctccagc     81360
     ctttcccgac tcccccagcc tttcccgacc cctccagcct ttcccgaccc ctccagcctt     81420
     tcccgacccc tccaggcttt cccgacccct ccagcctttc ccgacccctc catcctttcc     81480
     cgacccctcc agcctttccc gacccctcca gcctttcccg acccctccag cctttcccga     81540
     cccctccagc ctttcccgac ccctccaggc tttcccgacc cctccagcct ttcccgaccc     81600
     ctccagcctt tcccgacccc tccaggcttt cccgacccct ccagcctttc ccgacccctc     81660
     cagcctttcc cgacccctcc agcctttccc gacccctcca gcctttcccg acccctccag     81720
     gctttcccga cccctccagc ctttcccgac ccctccagcc tttcccgacc cctccaggct     81780
     ttcccgaccc ctccagcctt tcccgacccc tccagccttt cccgacccct ccagcctttc     81840
     ccgacccctc caggctttcc cgacccctcc agcctttccc gacccctcca gcttttcccg     81900
     acccctccag cctttcccga cccctccagc ctttcccgac ccctccagct tttcccgacc     81960
     cctccagcct ttcccgccag ctgctgacct ccacactctg tccccagcac agctcccaaa     82020
     caaggcttcc atctgcctgt gacgcaggac atccccagcc tcctcacctc tgtcagaggc     82080
     ctgtgcacca tggccaaccc agcctctgcg atgccctccc ctcccctccc agcctcctcc     82140
     taacctcctc tgcgacgccc tcccctcccc agcctccctc ctaacctcct ctcacctcct     82200
     gcccacagcc cactcatccc tgaattaagg gatcctcaaa caaccacccc acacacctcc     82260
     ctttatgagc atgggaaatg cctcttcaag accaagaagg gttcatatcc atcagcagct     82320
     ggtgacggac catgctgtgt aggaattcac ccttgctact cccatccttg ggttcaaatc     82380
     ccacctttgt ggctaaagct gggtgaaatc acatcaaact ctccaagtct tcttttcttc     82440
     caggagctca caagtgccgt gacagttgaa tggggctctg cgcaggcctg cggtccgtaa     82500
     acggttgtga ttgcaaccac ttcttgtgcc cagtacaaca tcattaaatc gttctttaat     82560
     ccttcattaa ataaacttgt atttagcggt ggtctctgtg ccaggcacta cgttaaggat     82620
     aaagcagtga gcaccaacaa gccctggtct catagcagcc acgattgagc gtgggagtga     82680
     gacagagggc ctgaggcgta aacaagtgcc cctccacagt gagaacgcag agcaggacat     82740
     gcagagctca gacggggccg cactggggag gtgatgctgg aggaaatcct tgcagcagga     82800
     gggatgcctg ccgccatgtt gggaggggag gggggttgag ccatgcggta gagcggctgt     82860
     gcaccagatg cagggccgga gcaggagagg acgcagctgg gagggaggcc aggggcgcag     82920
     gtgccatcat cccttcaggc ccttctggta aatcccaaag cgggtgtggc ccttgcagtt     82980
     ggttttgtta tgttggtgat tttcattttg ttttttagtg agaatgacat ggtctggtat     83040
     acatatttcc agaattgctt ccactttgtt tcttttgaaa tcactaaaca aggacaaggg     83100
     tagaagcaag gagatgaagc aggaaatgtc agggtctcgg gcccgagtgc cagcagtgga     83160
     gacgctgagg tcagattgag gaggatggaa taatacatga tgtaaacaat cctcaagata     83220
     tacaggttca gaatcgaagc tcagcaggta ttttctacag atgaggcaag gggtgcagct     83280
     gccagccagc cacagtggtc tctgcagaaa gttaacccta tcatgactaa aattagaaaa     83340
     accctagctg gggtgacaag gatgcacagt gagttgaact cccataaaat gcaaaacaga     83400
     gtaactgctt tagaaactgg tttagcagtt tttaaaaagt taagcatata cttttcacat     83460
     ggcccataca ttccattcct aaatatttcc ctaaaatgag ggaaaactta tgtcctcaca     83520
     atataattca cacaattttt tttttgacat ggactcttgc tttgtccagg ctggagtgca     83580
     gtggcttgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccagg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct     83640
     cagtctccca ggcagctggg attacaggca cctgccacca cacctggcta attttggtat     83700
     ttttagtaga gacagcattt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tcttaaaccc ctgacctcag     83760
     atgatccatc cgtcttggcc tcccaaagag ctgggattac agtcgtgagc caccgtgccc     83820
     agcccacaaa tgattatatc ggctttattc ataatcacca aaaacctgta accacccaat     83880
     gcccttcagg ggctgagtag atgaacagaa gaaggttcct ccgcccagca gactgccact     83940
     cagggatgag aggaacggag aacggagcct gcagtgaggg agaatctcag atccactgcg     84000
     gggctggagg cgaaggtgtt cagttggtcc acgttgtaaa acaaccagaa aatggctgct     84060
     tgcagtttga ttctacacat atcacattct caaaaaggca gaactgaagg gaaaaagctg     84120
     catctgtggt ttccaggggc tggagactgg ggaggggttt agctgcagca gggctcaagc     84180
     gagctttggg gtgatgggat gcgctgtctt gaatacggtg taggctatgg tatggtttgg     84240
     ctgtgtcccc acccaaatct cattgtgaat ggcagctccc ataatctcca ctgttgtggg     84300
     agggacccag tgggagatca ctgaatcatg gggtgggtcc ctccatactg ttctcatggt     84360
     agtgaataca tctcatgaga cctgatgatt ttctgagggg tttcccattt tgcttggctt     84420
     ccattgtctc ttgtctgcca ccatgtaaga cctgcctttc accttccacc atgattgtga     84480
     ggcctcccca gccatgtgga actgtgagtc cattaaacct ctttttctgt gtaaattacc     84540
     cagtcttgta tatgtcttca tcagcagcat gaaaacagac taatacatga gcagtgtaca     84600
     ttctgcccaa tgtgtagtct tttatccttc accccttccc cccgagtccc caaagtccat     84660
     tgtatcattc ttacgccttt gcatcctcat cgtttagctc cctcttacaa gcaagaacat     84720
     tcaatatttg gctttccatt cctgagttac ttcccttaga ataatggtct ccaactccat     84780
     ccaggttgtt gagaatgata ttattttatt ccgttttttg gctgatttgt attccatggt     84840
     atatgtatac cacagtttct ttatccactt attgattgat gggcatttgg gctggttccg     84900
     tgtttttgtg attgtgaatt gtgctgctat aaacacgtgt gtgcaagtgt ctttttcata     84960
     cgacttcttt ccctctgggt agatactcag gagtggggtt gctgggtcaa acggtgggtc     85020
     tactcttagt tcttcaagga atctcctcac tgttttccat agtggttgta ctggtttaca     85080
     ttcccaccag cagtgcagaa gtgtttcctt tttatcacgt ccacgccaac attatttttt     85140
     gattctttga ttatgaccaa tgagtaggca cctctcaaaa gaaagaagac atacaagtgg     85200
     gcagaaaaca tgataaaatg ctcatcatca gtaatcatct gagaaatgca aatcaaaacc     85260
     acagtaagat acgatctcac atcagtcaaa aatggctttt gttaaaaggt taaaaataac     85320
     ctgtttaaca ggttggcaag gctatgggga aagggaatgc ttatacactg ccagtgcgag     85380
     cgtacattgg ttcagcccct gtggaaagca gtttgtagat ttctcaaaga actgagagtt     85440
     gaactaccgt ttgaccccat aatgctatta ctaggtatat agccaaagaa aaataaatca     85500
     ttcttccaaa gggcacatgc ccccatacag acatcacagc actattcgca acaggaaaga     85560
     catggcctca acctagatgc ccatcaaagg gggattgaat aaagaaaata tagtgcatac     85620
     acaccatgga atactacgca gccatcagga agaatgagat catgtcctcg cagagacacg     85680
     ggtgtagtca gagtcactat cctaagtgaa tcaacacaaa tactgcacgt tctcactcat     85740
     aagtgggagc taaacattgg gcacacgtgg acacagagac gggaacaaga caccgggaac     85800
     tactgtgctc actacctggg tgacagtatc cgtcataccc caaacctcag catcacacaa     85860
     tcaacctaca taacacacct gcatgtgtac cctcaattct aaaataaacg ttaaaaaaga     85920
     aaaaaaagcc gggggagcag gttttagctg taactctaac agcatctact gagaaatcat     85980
     ggagcagcct gatacctttt catccccctg aagtgcccta ggtatggaaa acagagccca     86040
     taatggtgag caggcatcaa aatgagagca ctccgcaccc cagcgttttg ctttggaggt     86100
     gccccgctga ttgttgcagg ctgtttcgtg aggatcaatg agcggctggg agtaaacgtc     86160
     ttccatactg ggtcaggtca ccaccctaaa gccctacaaa gtcgttgacc cccataattc     86220
     aggaacattg cttgtcatcc cgggacccac cgcaaggccg agcggagagg aagacagaac     86280
     cctcgcgtgg tccacggcag aacacgagtg gcacctgccg gcttggggag ctcaacaaaa     86340
     ggcttgtcag acagaattac tgttcaccaa ctattcaata atgcttctag tgtgtgattt     86400
     ataggagatc attactcttt gtaaccaaat ggaaaggttc aattttcagg tcccatttct     86460
     tgtttttttc tctcccctag gaaatcttag aagtagctct tctaggattt cattaaaatg     86520
     tcttcttcat tataaagaaa aatggttttt gtagttactc ttctcaagtt taattttgct     86580
     ggaggcagag ctggccaaca ctccttttga ataaggaaat atgaggagcc cagggcatcc     86640
     ttcaaaagag ggcatcactg ttctgttggg attatagggc gtacagtaac cagtgtctga     86700
     agaacaagac agtgagcccg ttcactctgt gaaactcaag acctgctttg actcccaccg     86760
     acttcatgag caaaggtgct ttcatggatg cgtggctcgt cctggtacat ctcttagctt     86820
     ttagttccat ttctgtacgt ttttgaagtg tcatctgaat gatatttttt aatccctctg     86880
     aagtcttatt tacacataca tctacgtgag agagcaatac aatcctaata ataatcctgc     86940
     agcacattct cggctgcatc acaaagtaaa tctattccca tcgcgcctgt gacttccttt     87000
     cttcccctct acactccaag ggcgtcacct gttccttcct gttttttata gttcggctga     87060
     gcgcagcgtg ggtattttga gctgagtcaa actgatttcc gctgacacca gcttgggtat     87120
     tttcatcaca cacctcctca tggttccccc ctcagttccc agggcaaatg ttagtgctgt     87180
     ccccatcggt gacattcctc agaagccagt ctctccccct ctcctggagc cggacccacc     87240
     cgtgatggct gactgctgtt ggccaaccca ccagcccgtt atgcagaccc acccttgatg     87300
     gctgagtgct gtcagccacc cactagcccg ttctgcagac ccacccttga tggccgagtg     87360
     ctgtcggcca cccaccagcc ccttctgcag acccacccgt gatggctgag tgctgtcggc     87420
     cacccaccag ccccttctgc agacccaccc gtgatggccg agtgctgtcg gccaacccac     87480
     cagccccttc tgcagaccca cccgtgatgg ctgagtgctg tcagccaccc accagcctgt     87540
     tctgccaagt cagacggaca ttgtgatctg tatgctttgt gtgaccctcc aggaacctaa     87600
     acacctgtga agacaggttt attctcaggt cattccttca gagcaaagcc tccaccgcag     87660
     acacaattaa tcacgtcact gccgcaggca ctgcacacat agccttttat ctcaagaggg     87720
     cttgacccac ctgctgggaa tgtcaccagc tggctgtcag atgggagagg aagttgcggg     87780
     ggtggatgcg cacctgtcca ggatgagaga tcccacccac cctctttgcc taggtcaggt     87840
     ctcagatgac ggctggaagg tactggacca taacacaggg tactggacag acatggagtg     87900
     tcccaggcca tgttggtggc agggctgtgg aaggccagct ggacaggctg cctccccacc     87960
     ctccggctct gtcctttcct tctgaaacca gcctctctcc ccacccctgt gaatctccgc     88020
     tttgcctgtc cctgctgggc cgattcaagt tcactgtctc catttggcct taactttgag     88080
     gaaccttgct cttttattga aattctggct cagaaacgca gctgcacagc ctgagagccg     88140
     gcagcccggt ggtcatcttc agagcctgtc tactgtggtt cctaattcct cacagctcac     88200
     ctgtctgtgg ccatgataaa cagcctcctt ctgcccatct gcacccagga atgtgcatcc     88260
     aaagtagctc gcttatttac ttccctgaca tttattttct catgtttaaa catatggatt     88320
     attatcggtt catagactca gagcccacaa gaaaccagat tatgtggcct agaataattg     88380
     aaaggtgaga aagaaaaaaa aaaaggtgcc taatgaaatg atagtcccaa ccatggaatg     88440
     aatagacctg attccagatg ccggtgtcgg gatggcagag tgaccctgag tcattttgcc     88500
     ccaggcagag cacctgtcag tctggtggaa aatgcatttt cagtggtggg aggcagggga     88560
     ttatctgctg gtttagcgct gcctgtcact ctctgttcgt agggtttaat ttactttcat     88620
     tccccctacg taaggggtaa atgtgacctt cagaaatcac agcatttctt ttccccattt     88680
     gccgtcttgc tcatgggaac ttaactgctg ctaattaatg aaatgccctc tgttttttaa     88740
     atctgggtgt ctgtccactc tcttccattc atcttaccca tgagcctgta gccatctttg     88800
     tttactcctc cttcagactg ggacactggt ggctttctct gaactgtctg gggtatgggt     88860
     gccagccctc cttccctttc cttcaggaat ttgcagccag gaggacacat acaggcatga     88920
     aggaacatga gcacccctca gctcatgtga gacgtggtgt gtgtagacat agcatatttt     88980
     ctcagagttt ccatgacatt ttcaggagct cctcgcggtg tgaagagcat gctttcagcc     89040
     ctggctttcc tcaggtggcc aacagcatcc gtgattctgg ccactcttgc tccacaaggc     89100
     cctcctttct ctattcctct ctccatcgac accatagatg cccagggcaa tggtcaaacc     89160
     aacagaatag atctggtccg ggacgcggca cctggatggc agccaccccc accccacaag     89220
     gccctccttt ctctattcct ctctccattg acaccggaga tgcccagggc aatggtcaaa     89280
     ccaatggaat agacctggtc cgggacatgg catttggatg gcagccaccc ccacccacca     89340
     gtcggctcct cagtatgaga ggtgcatgtt gctgggaatg ccggaaggct tgtgaatgga     89400
     gggtcattat tctagccccc tccttgatga agatcagtca ttagccaggt acaaaggaac     89460
     aagaaagtag cttggaatga gtcacgaagc tggaggttga gggagatgac ggcgcatcct     89520
     ggagactgaa ggtcaggctg cagcgttagc cacatgcaac ttacagaaaa taacctctgg     89580
     gaacatgtta atttattagc atttcacaaa tgatgctgaa acaatcgaaa ggagcacctg     89640
     cttccagttg catagcacca gctgagagca caaaggcctc tgagggtgga gcagggtgag     89700
     cccaggcagg ggggcaacgc tgggacagca gccagcaggc cagtgtttct tcagcggcct     89760
     tgaaaggaga gaggctgtga gtctggagtc agtcaggtct aacacgatgc tccttttcaa     89820
     aaactgcagg acttcctgac ctttactccg ctgccaaacc aggcggggat tgggggcggt     89880
     ggggacagaa taagatgctg ggcgcaggga tgattagccg cctctcaagc tttcatccct     89940
     caggcactct ggggacgaaa gtgacctctg tttgtttttg cataggaagc attgtcctgg     90000
     gaagctggca ggatttactg ccaaggtgag aaaacacagc ggcacattta gccactaatt     90060
     aattgcaaat ggacatctga aaattggatc catcctgaaa gggggtgggg aaagtggtgt     90120
     ttacttgatg gaggacctaa ttcataagca gaggggaagg ctgtgcgttt catttcccct     90180
     gcttatcgat tcttgaaagc aataaatggt agagtttgct ctttcatttc ggtgagtcat     90240
     tcatttctgt gtcctttatc attcctatta tgcaaagggg ttggccaacc gtaagatgaa     90300
     gaaaatagtt gatttcaagg tagtcttttc cttgtgcctc atcagaagcc ccctgcggtc     90360
     caagctggct gttaattttt ggtgtctctg cgttgcgata aagtaatatg aatagccaac     90420
     agaattttgg cctggaagac tttgttggga tggaaaatgt gaatgctatg attatttacc     90480
     ccggtgggat tcattgtgaa agtatctcag ctgcgtatgt aaattgggta gtgctggcgt     90540
     gacttttgtt tttcatgaga gctccagtcc ctgtgataaa tgttttacat agattagtcc     90600
     tcaccagccc ctgtaagaca ggtgcaatta gtatctctct tgcagagaga ggcacggatg     90660
     ccaagggttg gcagtgagtc ccagggacgc cccgcgcagt gcagagccga accccggctg     90720
     tctggctaca ggcagagagc ctttaaccac cactgtaccg aacatccccc ctccgcctgc     90780
     tgagcttttc agaacacagg aaacgtgggg ctagatgtag gttttcagtc tccaaaagcc     90840
     gggtcttgtt tttatgtctc tttggagtcc acatgtgatt taaatggatt tgtctccaga     90900
     ttgtcttgga agaggaagag gatgggtgat gggggcatct cagtgctgac tctgtctttc     90960
     ttcctaatac tcagggtcat gtttcactgg cagaagctct ctgcacccat ggcagggcac     91020
     gttcccacac acatattttg cttaaaccca gaaatacagc attgaagcaa acgcacggct     91080
     ggctgagccc tgacctggcc tagtccatca ctcatcagtg atttgccaaa taaagagtta     91140
     tgttaacaag ataaaagaac aggctggacg cagtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt     91200
     tgggaggccg aggcgggcgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt ctagaccagc ctgaccaatg     91260
     tggtgaaacc ccatctctac taataataat aaaaaaaaaa acctacaaaa ctagccaggc     91320
     atggtggtgt atgcctataa tcccagctgc ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga     91380
     acccgggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga gatcacgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggaaa     91440
     caagaacgaa actccatata aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaaggctgg gaagggtggc     91500
     ttacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg cagatcacga ggtcaggaga     91560
     tcgagaccat cctggctaac atggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag     91620
     ctgggcgtgg tggcgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg     91680
     gcgtgaacct gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc acaccactga actccagcct     91740
     tggtgacaga gcgagacccc atctcaaaaa ataaaaaaaa aattttaaaa accatcaaaa     91800
     atgaaagaag gttgaaggag gcatttttaa aacctcctgg agcctagttt tacgttttcc     91860
     tacatgatcc atgtacaagg ccattaaaac aaacaaaata gtgtgataac tgatgagcgt     91920
     gaccgttcag agaccagcct ggaggtggag atagaaagat ttacactttt ctttccaatg     91980
     gcaaagcctt ttccagaaaa atcttaagag gaagggtcaa agtgagatga tactttattg     92040
     gattttcttt ttctttttct ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg agatggagtt     92100
     ttgcttttgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtatgatct tggatcactg caacctccag     92160
     ctcccaggtt gaagtgattc tactgcctca gcctcctgaa tggctgggat tacaggcatg     92220
     aaccaccacg cccggctaat tttgtatttt tagtaaagac ggggtttcac cttgttggcc     92280
     aggcttgtct cgaactcctg acatcaggtg atccacccgc ctcagcctcc caaagttctg     92340
     ggattacagg catgagtcac cgcaccaggc cagattttat tttctaagac atgagactcc     92400
     cagaagggga atttaaaaaa tctctgactc cttggctggc ccagaaaact aaactcatgt     92460
     cagggcaccc agtgggttga tcatgtctca ggctcaagct tccagcccga cccgattatc     92520
     cttctgatgc cagggtcccc ccgtggagaa gggccaggta ggaggggccc caatgactgc     92580
     tctcagccct cctgtggaac caggtctgtg ttcctcgggg gaaagttggt gatgtcttca     92640
     cagcagggct ggaaaatcac catgctcaca agaaatgaaa gcatccaagt ggctgtgtga     92700
     catctgtcac cccgtgtcat gctcacatga cggtctggga ggaatcacac agttatgtca     92760
     aatgtgatgt gcttgagaac gtgtgggttt taaggatatt ttgagattca gaacacttgc     92820
     ttttcaagtc actgtttctc ttttaaaaga aacgtggaaa gccgtttgat ctgcttcttg     92880
     atagctgggc aggacagcac cgtggtcaac gctgcacgag gcttgccttc ctcagagttc     92940
     taatctccac cctctgtctg ttgtggtcag ttcatgtgtc tttacactag aaacatagcc     93000
     tagcatttgc tgaaaatcat tgcatttctt tttaaagaat gtattaaaaa taatcacaga     93060
     atgtatggaa cgtctgctct gagtaattta tatgcatttt taatttttta cacggtagtc     93120
     ctgcagagga ccttgtagtt aacaaaaaag gctcaacaag cccagctcac tggcatggct     93180
     cgctctcgtg ggccacgggg tgggcggctt gctcggctgg cttctcccgc cccctcccca     93240
     cggtttccgg gagtccctgc gcggtggttc ccacggccgc cccggccagc ctcacctgac     93300
     ctgggatgcg cttccttcca cagctgtagc cctcggcgtc tccccgcccc aaacacagag     93360
     taggagctgc aggcagccgt gcgtggatgt ggggatgggc gtgggaccct cgttcggggc     93420
     atcaggctgg accagaagag gagggagacg caggaagaga tgacaaagag agaaagaagc     93480
     aaagacacga gcgaggacag ggacccagga gaagagggcg gatggtcttg gagcatttag     93540
     ccctcccaca gcccggccat cctcacgtcc cgtgctcggg ccctggcgca cctgttcttc     93600
     cctccggcac tgcctcctcc ttggagctgg cttgagtgag cctccggcgc gcgcggccgg     93660
     agaggcgcaa gggagccccg cggcagcctg ggagataaac cacgctcggt gccggcagga     93720
     agggcagcgg tgcaccgagc tgctgctggg cgtttgcagg gagtgatctg tggctgatga     93780
     gaggccctga ggggtccagg gagtccgtac tttgtgggga aactcagaag gttttcatga     93840
     ggaagtgacc cagcccaggc tttaaaatgc gtccctctag actctgcccc acgcgtgagg     93900
     aagtgagcgt ggcgggcaga gactgggctg gacgtgcgtg aggccgcggt gtgtttccag     93960
     agtctccagg cgccacgtgg agatgagcac acctgctgtt ggcttgacgg acccagaagc     94020
     tgaactgctg tgtaagaggc tcagggagca ggacctgagg gcgtctccac agggcaggga     94080
     ggcaggcgca gaacgtgagg acaagggaag gctgaactgc tgtgcaagag gctcaggaag     94140
     caggacctga gggcgtctac acagagcagg gaggcaggcg cagaacgtga ggacaaggga     94200
     aggctgaact gctgtgcagg aggctcaggg agcaggacct gagggcgtct acacagagca     94260
     gggaggcagg tgcaggaggt ggggaccagg gaggcaggtg caggacgtgg ggaccaggaa     94320
     ggcaggtgca gaatgtgggg accagggagg catgtgcagg acatggggac cagggaggca     94380
     ggcagggctg ccaggagcag ccacagacca cagggctttt gtaagggtct gggagctgtg     94440
     gtttgctcac aattgttcat tgattagtgc ctgttagttt caaacatagc aacacaatat     94500
     agtaatgaga atgaaactcc ttttaaaaag agtcttaaaa aggtgggcaa cagtgttctt     94560
     gcccatgggt ttagcgtgat atggaaactg ggatgttttg ccccatttca aacactgttc     94620
     taggaagagg accacagcag tccatgtgga ggcagctgga aggaagaaag acaaagccgg     94680
     cttccttcct gggagccagc gtgggctgag gagctggtga ggtgccagag agcagccagg     94740
     gcaggccctc caggtgccaa ggccacagcc tcctgggctc tgagctccat gagcttctga     94800
     atgaacagtg agctggctca gccacagctc tcagctttgc agggcttctt gtcagcagtc     94860
     agacccgtat cactgcctgg tccaacagag tcaatggcct tgatttccag aattcatcat     94920
     ttctgattta aaaaagaaaa catccatgat tattttaaga cacggacatg agttccttag     94980
     atcctcattg cgcagggaca cttcaaaaga aaaagggaaa ttggaaacct tctggcttag     95040
     gcctgcgact ggacggctct gccccagagc ggtgcccgcc gacccagggt cctccatggt     95100
     ctgtgatgtt ttgatcacga cggctgaggc ctttggtgag agcccagaac agccatccag     95160
     acactcgaag gaggttcacg ctgattcaga gtcatcaggg taaaaccaat tcagacccaa     95220
     cttacaagct ggacaggaat ttctggtgaa agtggctgag gcatttgata gaaagatatt     95280
     catgttgtta gtccgtaaac tcttatggga gatccatgaa aaattaaacc aaccatagtt     95340
     gggcatcata tctgagggac agaggtggta gcagagcctt ctgtggcttc tgagatggct     95400
     tcatgtcctc ccaccctgag tcatcggctg tatcacaata tttcctggca gcagagagca     95460
     gacctggtct ctcagccttt cagccccctc cccttcctgc tctgccgtct cctttgctgt     95520
     ctgcccccta ggaccttcat tttgccacag tggctgcaat gtcaataaga aggcattatc     95580
     ttaaattccg ctaataataa ctgcaatgag gatgaaaatt ttacattacc atcaggcatt     95640
     gccacggcct ctcttaaaga actatagaga atgatgtgga cacttacaaa tatgccttga     95700
     caggaagttt cagaaacaag cttggaaatt gggacgatgt taatgcagct gccctgtcat     95760
     tttccataaa attattttta tcttcctttc ctctcatctt gccagataat tatgatacgc     95820
     tttttttgta taattttgat taggttgatt agccagaccc actctacgct gtaaaatgca     95880
     gctaatgaat tgcagatttt ttcatatcat ttttccacct agagcatagg caggacttat     95940
     ctatgattca aatgcagaaa atgtttttaa gagcgttcat gcagatgcag gattcaagga     96000
     aaaccagttg agaggcacaa gtgccatgag gcttcacata agaaaggaag cagggaaagc     96060
     atgtatgtaa gtaatggact cgctggatgc agatttttat agcagacgcg gttaaggaaa     96120
     tttggagagg ccgtgtgtcc cacgttgcgt ccatgtgaag atggcgacgc tggtttatcc     96180
     ccgttcttgg ttcactgaag gagaacgctt cagttccccc tcccagctcc cactgtggga     96240
     agacaggtgt ggtctgaagc gctgccccta cttgacagag ggaggaaaag ggaacctttg     96300
     aaagggccca gggaggtcat agaaggtcag tcatcaggct gagcatggtg gctcatgctt     96360
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggca gatggatcac ttgaagttag gagtttgaga     96420
     acagcctggc caacatggcg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt     96480
     ggtggttggc acctgtcgtc ccagctactc aggaggaggc tgaggcagga ggatcgcttg     96540
     aaccccggag gtggaggctg cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg     96600
     acagaaagag actccatctc aaaaaattat aataatttta aaaaggaaga tcagtcatca     96660
     gcatggtctt caagatctct gctcgcgtcc cgtgctctgc caagatgctg catggacatg     96720
     tttctcacct catcttcaga accacccttg gcacaaacag catgatgacc atcctacaga     96780
     taaggaaacc aaggctttca ttacttgccc cagatcataa gagccagagc ctggacttga     96840
     gcaagtcaag cctgcatatt acggcagatg gaaagctgtg cagtctgcgt gttcaaagag     96900
     catttgcaaa aggcagccaa gacaggtggg gccggaagtc tgttcagaag aatgtgaaat     96960
     ctcggctcct ggaggctgtt agggctgtgt cctctctgga tctgtgttgt ttataaagga     97020
     ctgccatgtg gtggcacgtg cgaagcctgt catgttccac aggctctgaa agtagtttgc     97080
     cttggagagg ggaaagaccc cctatggaag gctgtctgct gagcacattc caatcaaagg     97140
     gggaatttct cggtttcctt aggaacagtt cagcatcagc ggagatgcgg cggcggctcc     97200
     tgagccttgc agagagccac aacactaaca gaactgcatt tgtctcctct tgctcttcca     97260
     actctaaata atatcttagc gtttcatgcc aaatgggatg aaattgccag ggtttttcat     97320
     tacagaaaac ataaattgct gaaggcaaat atactgccag tggagctggc aacatgagaa     97380
     tcatgcattt gagtcacaaa caagtagtaa aacacatgca tttatgcagc tgctaatctc     97440
     aagaagcacc aacagatggg aaaactggaa cagcctctgc ctggaacgtt tgtctccacg     97500
     ttcccaatac tgctgggcaa cccagggaga ccagccacgt ggggaggttg aaacaatatt     97560
     ggggcccgcc aagctgccac agcctggcac agtcatttct tggtgaagtt tcaggtcagg     97620
     agctctgtaa cctgttaaag cacaatcgat ctagaatccg aggctttaaa aatgaattgc     97680
     aatgtaagtg ctgtgctaaa accttgtact tatttggttt tctgcgagta aacttgacat     97740
     gtgatgtatt taaaacaaga agaatgatgc cttaggcatg attggtccgt gaataatagg     97800
     aaaccagttt catctgtcat tttttaacaa atgccattca ctgttattaa tacccagagt     97860
     ggaataaatg aataatggct aggcctgggg atatagatca aaattcagtt ctatggctaa     97920
     gtagtactga aagtgggtat tacagagatt cagggaagaa aacaaccaac cacaaatcag     97980
     atttttgaag ttgctttcat ttagaaaatg agaataaaaa tagtatattg gctatgaaat     98040
     attctggtat atagatttat gtaataaatt ctacctgtaa ttgattgagt tgattccatt     98100
     ctgtaggaca actgaatgca ggtttaaaac agtgctactg aagtgaagga tgtgctttgt     98160
     aagctggttt gccctgtgag gttgtccgtc taacccagat aacacgagtc actctccctg     98220
     tacatgtgtc tgtgactgaa ctgatttcat ggtgtaggaa tcgtctgttc atatgtgatt     98280
     ctcctgcctg gctatgagcc cgcaggccag gtcccacctg tgcactgctg cgtcccaagc     98340
     atgcaccaca cagcaccgat tctcaggtcc tcatcctcaa gggctggtcg agtacgagta     98400
     gtcggtgaag cttcacgtcc tcactacctg ccagcaggta cgtggtggcc cctttacccg     98460
     taactgggag gacagcggtc accacagttg ctggagctgc tctgccacgt cctcagatta     98520
     tccctctaaa catctttccc gggacattca ctgtgaggtg aaatcatacc tgtggaaatc     98580
     attgttgaaa tgatcgcttt gaaaggagtt tccatcatcg ctgagagtct tcgttgagga     98640
     gggcagaggt gttgagttcc tcagcagttt caagctgtgg catattcttc aggatttctt     98700
     gacaagccca ctcagggcag agcctccgtt gaacagccag gtgggaggct gggagtcctt     98760
     cttccacaca gtcctcccca cactgtcctc cacacagtcc tccacccccc tgcaaactcc     98820
     cacccggcag ttcacagaga ggcctcatct cccaaacaca gacgcccgtc tgggatttgg     98880
     ccacagcagg aggacgcagc ggggtggctc ttccatggag gccactggaa tccactcgta     98940
     ctcagtcttg gtgagcttgg caggtctctt ttccaagctc agattttgat gccagaaaag     99000
     gagtggctta aagagaaaga gaattgggaa tgggcagttg agcacccaaa agaggcattg     99060
     agaggccagt cggaacggtg cctggcccac gtttcatctt ccctttattt ttgcaaagcc     99120
     tggtcctaag cagctccaca ggtagcccga ggtgggctgc agctgcccag gccaagaggt     99180
     gagcagtaaa tgctgacacg ccacacagga gaaaacaggg gtttggagcc agagagaaat     99240
     tgaggatgca ggttctcatc catgctgcca cggagtagtt gtgggatttt aattctacaa     99300
     catctccaaa gctcctcctc tgcacgatgg gcatgacgac gttttatctt ctgcattcag     99360
     atgctgtgtg ttccctcctc tcaggcagct gcagtcagtg actatgatgt ccagagatca     99420
     ccccaggctg actcttgtcc tgcagatagt ggggcatgca gggggcatca aaggggacct     99480
     ggattcaggg tgggtaagca aatgcaggca tgtcatcccc acagctacca tttcagatct     99540
     tttttcagaa actgattaca ggaagacact ggatagaacc ccacagactc aactcgcatt     99600
     cagcttaaat aatccgcact gttaccttct gcacatggtc caacttcttt aaggaagcaa     99660
     ggtgtcaccc tgttcagatt cttcctccag agttgctttt ctagatgccc aagaaaatat     99720
     gtcctcctct gtgttacctg tggactgtaa aagcctggga aacaacattc catgctgaag     99780
     tttgagctgc tcgagaatgc gactagtgtg cttctgatgc gtggagttgg agttcgtgga     99840
     aaaaatggga ccgtcagctc tgagggcagc atgtcttcct cactgtctgt gagtctcctg     99900
     caagaggcac catgcgtgga tggcaccggt gactggcgga gtggatgagc gagggactgt     99960
     tgttctgtgg gtgtctttct agatcgcagt ggtgccatta tctgtgtgag ggaacagcag    100020
     tcactcgggg ctgacccacg ttagaggaag aaggaaggaa gctgtacgtc tttaccacca    100080
     cccttttcat tccaggccat ctcattccaa aaaggaagac aattcagata ctgtcttttc    100140
     caaagactgt tggatgccaa gtacttttta taatgtttta tacttaggca tacaggttgg    100200
     tgggagaaaa tttggaaagc acaaaaaatt taaagagaaa ataaaacacg gccataattc    100260
     cgctcatcag agcccatcgc tgtgagcatc ttggttaatt gccagcagac attttccaaa    100320
     gcaaactcag atcacaaacc gcatcgagtt tgagtatacc aattctcacg taacgttacg    100380
     atgggaattt caataacact tagaagcttt ctaacattct acatgataat tgcaccataa    100440
     tttacttaag ctttctgctt taattgggca ttccaagatt aaggcatatc aatttttttt    100500
     tttaagatgg agtctcactc tgtctcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tcttggctca    100560
     ctgcaacctc cacctctcag gttcaagcag ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg    100620
     gattacaggc acctgccacc gcacccggct attttttttg catttttagt agacagggtt    100680
     tcactatgtt ggccaggctg gtcttgaact cctgaccttg tgatccacct gcctcagcct    100740
     cccaaagtgc tgagattaca ggcatgagcc actgcgcccg gcttcatttt ttttgaagta    100800
     aaataaatgg gcatcacaac ttaccctgaa gtcatttgca caatacccag aacaagtgtc    100860
     agcaataatt agagctgtga ttgctcctgc cacatcgaag caccttacgt gcggggttga    100920
     aaaggcgcct gtggagaagg aacagaagcc aatctcaggc atccatcagg tgcagaaaat    100980
     tcagacaata cgtcagctaa agaagttaag agcgtttcaa agtgaatatt tttttatgtt    101040
     aaaatgcctg aaaaagttct atccagaaag catgttgtgt gacaaagaca ctgagagagg    101100
     gtgatgggag agtcctgttc tgtgttcgtg tggaaagaca gtgattccag agaggtccac    101160
     agaggtggcg cagccctggg ccacagtcgg ctcagtaggt aaaggtgaaa tgggccctcg    101220
     gttaatcact tttgttcttc ctcccttatt ggtggcctca gccctggctg tggattgatt    101280
     cacctgtggc actgtcaaat gaactgacct gggccccaca ccagaacaaa tgagcagaat    101340
     ctctgggctg gggcatgagg cctgtgtcct cctaaaaggt ccccagggtt agggaggcaa    101400
     gatttagcca atgaaattga gaacacatgg acacaggaag gggaacatca cacaccgggg    101460
     acggttgtgg ggtgggggga cgggggaggg atagcattag gagatatatc taatgctaaa    101520
     tgatgagtta atgggtgcag cacaccaaca tggcacatgt atacatatgt aacaaacctg    101580
     cacattgtgc acatgtaccc taaaacttaa agtataataa taataaaatt taaaaaaata    101640
     aaataaaata aataaaaata aactggaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca aaaataaaat    101700
     cacttttcat gaacagagca aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc aggacgccca gttaggtttg    101760
     catttcacaa aaacatttga tgttgcatga aatatgtgac aaaaatgctc gctgtttctc    101820
     tgaaattcac atgtaactgg cgtcccaggt tgcctggcag ccctgcccag gaactgccga    101880
     tgctgtgagc aagagaaaca gtaaggctgc tttcaggccg ctgctcctga ccccggaggc    101940
     ttcgggccgc tccccctgac cccggaggct tcgggctgct ccccctgacc tcggaggctt    102000
     ccggctgctc cccctgatct cagaggctgt ttcagaaagt gagcacgagg agcaatagcc    102060
     tgagatttga aggccacatt tttctaagct ttgtaaaatg cccttcactc tgtctttaaa    102120
     gtagtgtttc ctgggtaagc atggtggaca tatctttaag gtgtctttag tataaaactt    102180
     tattaagtat agatggtagt gcaggggacc taacgccgca tgtatttgga atttagatct    102240
     gaaacaggtt gtagaaaata taagtaggtg tcacttttca tgcgaacaat gttcaagttt    102300
     caccacaggc agatacgatt tcctcttgaa gttagcagat atttaaataa gaaatagtgt    102360
     gcctttctac ttcagcactt tttaattttt tttccgagtc cagaaaaaat gcaaagttaa    102420
     gtgtacgttg ctgttagtca taactgaatt ccttcggaag atgatgtcgt agtttatcgg    102480
     aaggcatggt ggtgtttaag ctggtaaggc ctgcggagct ccggagcggg acgcgagggg    102540
     gtgacgagtg cacctggtga ctggagccgg gctccgctgt cgtgcgcctt tgcagccatc    102600
     tgttctgaca gaggcactga ttgtcattct tagttgagtg gggttgcttc attagtgact    102660
     ttgagacttt ctcttggcct gatttaagtg acatttaacc actggtaaaa attctgcaga    102720
     ctttaggggc agcttctgtg gagacttgat cctcggtcca aaataaaatt acgatcattt    102780
     ctatggtttt caaagaaaag ccattagtaa tcattacggc agtggctgag cgcggctggt    102840
     gcacagctgc gagtgaaatg gaggaggaag ccagcattaa aaccaatcaa tgtcattgtc    102900
     ctaacggagc agaaatgaat ccctaattta aacagccttc aaatcctgtc attagggaag    102960
     cggctcaaat gtaggctcga gcgtgctttc tgtaaaagta aacttttcaa gagttagaag    103020
     aatctagaaa tggggcaagc tcagatggct gaactctgca ctgactctca gagggctgct    103080
     tctgctgagc gttccctgtg cgttccggaa gcagctcctg tgggcgacac ccgatgggga    103140
     ccgcgcttcg ctccgcaaac attgtcactg cgcctgcgcg gtgactccaa gagccgaggc    103200
     ccacgcctgt cccctccccc cacgaagagg tgccgtggag cacgtgacct gacccctcct    103260
     cacagccgga ggcagagggg ccgggatgga ccccccgcct ccctgacttc caaccaggca    103320
     ccttccccgg ctccatgctc atggcgacgc agccgatttt gcgtgaagac ctgtgtgcta    103380
     cccatgggag gccaataagg agaagggctg tgtacgacca cggagagctg cgggacagta    103440
     ggccggagaa aaacaggaag aactgaaaga caggcacctc cacacctttc cacacatctt    103500
     cagaggtaca tgtcaacccg ccctccaccc tccactgcca tcccacctac gcatagggaa    103560
     caggtagcat tccttgggga ggatggaaac cgagttctca cccaggcgag agaaaatgcc    103620
     aggatctcag gggcaggctg cacagagatt cagcctcaag ggaagtccag gaggatctgg    103680
     gcagggcaca aggtgacaac gagctcaagc tgtgcaggta gaaccaggcg gatccgtgta    103740
     gcaagaactc ggggagaaga ggcagtgccc taggaaccca gatggctgcc ttcatctccg    103800
     cagctctgag acgcgcctcc atggatggag cgcatagagg gctgctttca tctccgcagc    103860
     tctgagacac gcctctgtgg acggagggca cagacggctg cctccatctc cgtggctttc    103920
     agacacgcct ctgtggaccc agcgtgtaga catctgcctc catctccgca gctctgagac    103980
     gtgcctctgt ggaccgagcg catagaccgc tgcctccatc tccctggctt tcagacacgc    104040
     ctctgcgagc ccagtgcatc cctggatgag aatgaagcaa cggaatggga cagttagagg    104100
     gacggacccc agggaagacc cagagacaca cctgaacgtg tgtgggagcc gcgagggtcc    104160
     tggtgaagtt tcccagattc tgaacgttgg tttaatggtg aaggcttcac attctaatcc    104220
     tcctgtaagc aaaggtgtcc atcagctagg aaaacgtcct atcggcaatg aaaagaagta    104280
     agtgtgcttt tcagaaatgg aagggaagca agcccactgc ctgctgccat ctccctgggc    104340
     agcggctggc tcctgtagag aagctggggc gggcggtggg cacgtcaggg gtagatgcgg    104400
     aaggggtgga cgcggcacga ccctgcttct taccctgatt cttcctaggc agtgctgaca    104460
     gcatctgttt tatggtttgg ggttttgtgt ccatttcatt tcgaaaaagg cctgtactat    104520
     aaaaagtgca gtgtggactc acaagactgg tgggaacgtg ttgtatctcc tgaccacgga    104580
     ggggctggcc tgccatgcca ggaggacgca gggcccctgc cctcccattc tgcatcgggg    104640
     ggggcagtag gatgaaccca taaacacata acaaacactc tgcagggcag gaaaggctgc    104700
     agggcccaca cacagtggac gaaagtgggt catgtccttc tcttggtgtt tatgaggtga    104760
     taatactatt gtttcctttt ccatcaagaa atccagtctt ttcttatgag caatttccct    104820
     tctcatgtgt gaacctggtt tttccttcta atactttgaa ggcttaactg cttccttttg    104880
     cttccgcatt agcatgattt ggagacaact tccccctgag aagacgcaat tgtgctttga    104940
     gtttaaaaac ctgtcaattt aaagtgtgca tttcctcctc tttcttccca aaccttgcag    105000
     ttggcattca cggggcaggt ctttaagaaa tgaggggcca cttgggcagg tgcggtgcct    105060
     cacgccttaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc aaggtgggtg gatcacgagg tcaggagttt    105120
     gagacaagcc tggccaacat gatgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagccg    105180
     agcgtggtgt caggcgcctg tagtctcacc tattgggcgt ctgaggcagg agaattgctt    105240
     gatcccggga ggtggaggtt acagtgagct gagattgtgc cattgcactc cagcctgggc    105300
     aacagaccca gactccatct aaaaaaaaaa ggaaagaaaa gaaaagaaac gaggtgccac    105360
     tcaatgcagc ctcccccaaa cagacaccac cacaccacag agcacacaga gctccagcca    105420
     cggggttgag gctcagcttc acggagatct aactcttctg tggcggcaga gaacaaactt    105480
     aacttcccca ggcgtcaatt tctgcatcca cagaactaga gatgatcact cctggcgtaa    105540
     tgacagagtg gtagggtgtt agagtgaggt cccgagatat gcctgttggc aaatgtacct    105600
     ttaaatcctc atacgtgcca tttttcttca tcaattctcc ataatgaggc attgccagga    105660
     ccgacaccag gtggcagctc agcccctggc ggtcttggtg ccctcccttc cctgccaaga    105720
     tcagacgggg gccagcgtca aggtcaatgg agtcctgtgg gttcatcgtg tcgtcttcca    105780
     ggcaagttgc ctgctcgtgt ggtggccgtg ctgggtctga acctgtggcc ttcccattgc    105840
     aggagaagcg acaccagaca gccagtgcca gcgtgccagg gctggctcag atgcccggca    105900
     gctgtggggg aagcattgtc tccacttcca ggacaaggag aggcagccga ggacgtttac    105960
     tgtcccgtgt tacccggcca cacaccccag ggccctttct cttccccttc tgctgtgctg    106020
     ctctgagccg gagactgagc cggccagggc agccgaggcc aagagtggcg ctgctgaggg    106080
     gccgccatca tgaggggtca gaatgtggtg ggtgagccag gactgcgctg gcccggcgag    106140
     gtcggtgtgc tgagaccaca gtgtgctcgg gtcacagtgg tgattgaaac gtttgcctct    106200
     gcacctactg ggaagcctct tcctggagga ccctggcttt gatctgtggt tgtgctgacg    106260
     tggacatctt tgcctcgcag gatgcagatt gcagacgctc atcgtctcgc aggcagctcc    106320
     agctcgagtg gtggccgtgc tgggtctgtg cccggggcct tcccccgtat gctttcgctt    106380
     tctagtgtct gcgatgacgt gcgattcact aatcacccgg actcagcgca tctctatgtt    106440
     aaatagcgcg tgtccatctg caaagcacac gacagcccct gcggccactg ggtgccggcg    106500
     cccagcctgt cccgagagcc tctgacagcc aaggattggc ccaggtgtgg ctgatggatg    106560
     aaacaagact gtgagtattc ccaggcagtg acgtggggcc cccggcacgg ttctccttcg    106620
     agtgcccaga aacacaagcc tgcctgatac atagagaatg taaaacgccc actggcttcc    106680
     ctgaaagtca ggtttcttct tgcaagtaag tctaccctaa ggctatatgg tccatcggtc    106740
     actcacctgc ccacaatcat ttctttcctc tcttctgcct cttcattggc agagtgttct    106800
     gcctccctcc atcatcactc aggagagccc tgttgcaggt cagtgcagaa tctctacatg    106860
     agacattgcg gtgtcggtgg aagcatcaca gggcctcgtg ggggcgccga gaggagtgca    106920
     tgggggtcgg aacctgcagg tctgtctgcg cctctgtcct ctgagtatgc gctctgcctc    106980
     tctggtgctg atttcctcac tttctggaag gtgttgatga tgcagccacc tgggcccggg    107040
     cctctgagga ccggttctgg gaagcatcct gcttccttcc cttctcaagg cgcactgccc    107100
     gagtctccct tccaggaagt gtgagcagct tgtgacattg agacgactca tcactgagca    107160
     aaggaaggca aacgtggcgc acccagcaca gtgatcacgg cgccctatgt ttgattaagg    107220
     gccatcacag accctctcag atccacccag acccctctgg gccacagggg agcaggacag    107280
     ccatttctct gaagctcaag ggtgatcaga gatgttagaa agtgcgcctg tgttgtgtgt    107340
     tcactcggga caggtccacg ctctccaggc ggcacccgag gcaccgcaca cgccatccgc    107400
     acgttcgctg ctgtgcccag aggtgtgcgt tgctggagga gggttgggtg ttgactccaa    107460
     ggaagcacca gggcacagaa tagccagacg accttgctac agctccccca agatggttta    107520
     cggggtctcc agtcacacgt tgtggagtat ggtttacatg gtctccagtc acacgttatg    107580
     gaatatggtt tacggggtct ccaggtcaca cgttatggag cactgccttc atcaagctcc    107640
     agcagatgag aaaggtgact cctaaagtac gttctgccag agggacccta agcaaggggt    107700
     ctgagtgagg aagccccacc cggagttgcc gcggtgaaag actgtttctc cagtgaagac    107760
     agatgtgcat tcccacgcgt gaatggatga ttcccaagac ttctcagtca aaggcacgtt    107820
     ttgttttggc gatggaaatg tgaggtcaga ggtcggcgct gtcagtttca cagcaccgat    107880
     cagcctcaca catgggatgg gatagcgtcc agcctctccc tgggaggtat tcagtttgga    107940
     ccatgggaag taaagaggct aggtggagga agcttacggt cacgtgattt cagaacgtct    108000
     cagagcgcag agagagctgt agttgtatga cagcagccaa cgttggcttc ctaggccagg    108060
     cggcccatct ttccaatgac tggtggagca aatggttctc ctcccttata cgaggaggcc    108120
     aggagagaga gatctaccag aagaaggagg atttccttgt ctctttaagc atagataagg    108180
     gcatttctga ggtcgctgag atggtaatta gcatttctcc catgctgtcc cagatgcgga    108240
     agatgtaagg aagaacatgg ctctacctat ggcctgtcca ggcgaacagg gttcttgcct    108300
     agtgagggtt ctgaactggg ggtgggaacg tggtagaagt acggtagtcc ccgctgtcca    108360
     cggggacatg ttccaagacc cctagcagat gcctgaaacc tcagccagta ccaacacttg    108420
     taggtagatt tttcctgttg tcgacaaaaa gagttgaact ctgtaaagta ttttgaaggg    108480
     gtttattctg agccaaagat gaatgaccca cagcccgtgg cacagccctc aggagatcct    108540
     gagaacatgt gtccagtgtg gtcaagatac agcttttggt tttatacact ttagggagac    108600
     ataagccatt ggtcactacc tgtagatgta ccttggttgg gtctggaaag gcaggacaac    108660
     tggaagtgag gcctcccaag tcattatgga gtcaaacatt ttccgattgg ccattggttg    108720
     aaagagttaa attattgtct gaagacctag aattcataga aagcgatgtc tgggtgaaga    108780
     taaggggttg tggagatgca gttcccaccg tgcagaggaa gcctccaggc agcaggctgc    108840
     aaagaggatg gatggtaagt gtttcttatc agagtcaatt ctctcctgga tctgggaaaa    108900
     ggaaggaaaa agaagggaat tctcttcaga atgtagattt tcctgcacta tttcaagata    108960
     cggcaaaata aataaaaaaa aaaaaattac acattcggga tggaaatatt tttattttgt    109020
     tctttatctg tcacgtgatg tgcccgagtc aggttggaaa gtgagccatg ttatgtaggg    109080
     taaagaaaac ccctctaatg agactccgtg gtttgtaggg catgactccc caggcccctt    109140
     ggatgggaat ttgggcaaga gcagaagaaa gccagagtgc agagctcact gtgtctgtgc    109200
     agccgtgata aagctcagca catacgttaa gcacagtaag agagtaacct gaataactgt    109260
     aatgaaatcg gcatttataa caatctactt taataaaacg tatgtgaatg tggtctctgt    109320
     ttctctctca aagcagctta tttcatacct cagtgactga agccacagga agagaacctc    109380
     caagaagggg gtgctgccct gtacaaaatg taggctgaaa atacaaagcc tcgttagata    109440
     aggaaggatg gtacccacag ttatactgac acacatgctg cattaagctc tcccagctag    109500
     aaggccacac cgcactcgga aaccttccat gcatgtaccc tcagcccatg ctggattgtt    109560
     aactttgaac ggtgtcacct gagccacaca gcttccagac ctcctgttct ctcatctgat    109620
     aaacagcaag ggcgggtggg aggagatcag gcaaggaagc gtttgtactc ctgcaattca    109680
     aggctgacct tcaaacgtcc ccactcctca ttcttggagt gctgttctca agataattag    109740
     gtgtgttcct ccagcaaatc gcaggcttcc gataccaagc ttgtgctctg tgtgaagcac    109800
     gtggctttgc taaactccat gcctgttgct gctggtgttg ttagcggagt gctcatgctt    109860
     gtcattgcaa ctgggtgatg ttggcccatc cttcaagtcc gccctgtgag agcccctgcc    109920
     ttgtctctgt gtgcatgtgt gctgaaagtc tggtgtaagg agggctgagg ttgaagggcc    109980
     cattgtttta gttcatcccc aaattccttt ctcacacagc tggacgctct gttctcacat    110040
     tactcacaca tatgacgatg gtctccatgg aaactgtagt taattagagc tgtccatcat    110100
     atttctacat gaatgagacc attccagtct gtggttttat gttatactta atgtggacat    110160
     ttggcagatg tatttcatta gctgaaaaac gcagcttaaa ctatgcaaaa agtgctgtta    110220
     gccttgaaga aatggggtta tgttaaatca tttgagctgt cttgtaagat acttaactta    110280
     attcagatag ctatttctta tacatgtgtg tttttttaaa agctgtaact gggagatccc    110340
     atgaaatgaa ctcttagttc acatttacct gagaggcgac cgtatcctct tcatcagcat    110400
     ctcacattcc aaatctgtca tcttcctttc ccaaacctct acgaacttat tgaaaatggc    110460
     agatgccgat ttgttgaatc agagatggtg attgcagtgt aagtggctcc agcatcacac    110520
     tctgaaataa atccgtttgc agactacagc ctggctaact gcatctaaca cttgggtggg    110580
     gggggtgggg gcaaatgtga gatgtgcctc aaagcctgtc catgaatatt ggaaacccac    110640
     atatgtgtgt gaatacatgc ctagagtctg aacatgcaat catatttata tttggggcat    110700
     atatgccaaa atggtgacaa agatgtgtgt acgcacatgt gtcatcattc tgatacccca    110760
     taaataacat gtttacatgc acatgtaacg tggtgccaaa ttctccctta tctgatgctc    110820
     cctgcccccc tcctcaggcc actccccaca ccactcactg tggctggtgt cgggcagagc    110880
     ctccctgaga tccagctgtg tctacactgc ctctgcagcc aggtagaaac caaggcagcc    110940
     tggagagtcg gcacctggtt tcctgggcag agcctccctg agatccagct gtgtctgcac    111000
     tgcctctgca gccaggtaga aaccaaggca gcctggagag tcggcacctg gtttcctggg    111060
     cagagcctcc ctgagatcca gctgtgtctg cactgcctct gcagcctggt agaaaccaag    111120
     gcagcctgga gagtcggcac ctggtttcct gggcagagcc cactgggagg agagctacgg    111180
     gatgatgctc agtccagctc ctcagggacc agttaaatca agtgacaagc ttgtctgtct    111240
     ccccagttcc ctgttgcccc acacatggag ggaagacagt gctcagtgac cccaagacct    111300
     tttacagcca catgctgatg tcattctaag aaagtgatgt ctgcttttgt gttagcacag    111360
     atcgaacaat ggaaaatcaa tgccagtgac ctgggtgatc tcccaacaga gggaaattaa    111420
     atcagcgttt tggtcaaagt ggacctaata tgaactaata ttaagcacta agatcacaaa    111480
     tgcaggcttt gaacattgca aaatgaggct tcgaatggca tgaagctttc tagaccggaa    111540
     ggaaagtctt tctcatgggc gatgcagggc cctcatggga ctcacccagc tggaaggaac    111600
     cggggaaaat tagagtggac tgattttact caagtctgtt ccaatgcaaa taaggcctaa    111660
     taaatttgaa gttaggccag agttaaagct gagaatcatt gggactcact gcctatgtcc    111720
     gtgtctaggt gggagaaata cgtgcatctg tggtcacaat gctgctttac agaaaacact    111780
     ggttgttcct gaggttattg gcacaaaatg ctgggctctg agcggtgacg tttgaagaaa    111840
     tacaaaggtg tctgtcatgt ttgaactgtt gagtgtggag ggttttgaag atgtgcaggg    111900
     aatgactgca gtctacacca gaaacgcatt aaagagtgac tttgtttctg tctttgcaga    111960
     ggaagaagct ggagacttgg tccagccggg catcagcttt ccggggccgg cagaggagga    112020
     tctaggtaga gtacagacgt cagccccgct ctggcggggc ccggacagaa ccgggcatgc    112080
     tccgggcacc tcccatcatg cggaccgtcc cacaaacaca cgttagcatg tttagaaagg    112140
     gagctaagaa gaactaagta caatgcggca cttttttcca aaaataatag tttttaagca    112200
     ttacggaagt gctaggtgag gaagggctgc tcctggccct caggaactga ggcagccgtt    112260
     cacataaacg atgcatgtct ccagaggtga aggacccctc cttcccttgc tcctctgtgt    112320
     ctaaacatat tctaagcaaa ctcaggaagc agggtgttcc cgcatttgca tttttcatgt    112380
     agaccttcct tggcaggaag cagctcatct ctccagctgg ccccacacac tggggtctgg    112440
     atgctgagta tgactgtgcg cttccttcca agggccctgc gagaggctgc cacgacacac    112500
     tttccccgat gctggttcaa atcacgtgga aatttcattt ctgagctgcc accagcacag    112560
     caaagctggt gccatatttg ccatcagtct tttgacatgg agctatgctt acaagaacaa    112620
     ggcccaatgc ttctgttaaa gatgtgaaat gttgaataca tctgacatca aactgttgaa    112680
     taaaatcaac gtcaaaccac agctgaagac ggaagcccca tcagtggctc tgtctgtggt    112740
     tattctctaa cctaaaagag gtttgttgct gtctgtggtt attctctaac ctaaaagatt    112800
     gtcagcctct ttctcaagcc actgacagct gtctgcagtg acagcactca gggctgggtc    112860
     tcggatcata agttcaattt atatttaaat gtacattttt aaaaacgtat ttcagacttt    112920
     tagccagtgc atctattgct ggtttgattt gcctaaagaa taatatcgaa aattgaagga    112980
     gtccactttg tataaagctg tgatttttgt taaagaaaac tacagccaaa aagtgtttgc    113040
     ttttcaatat aagatgatgg aaatgggtag agttctaaag gatgaccgtc cattatccac    113100
     tgcaactgag tcctagattt gttgctaact gacgttctac acagcctttc ttcactcgga    113160
     aatagacgag tgaaagtatt tcgacttctc attaggaagg aacagtggct atcatgtttg    113220
     aataattatg catctgtttt tttaaacctc agtctggcaa tactccatcg cgatgaatct    113280
     tcactactca gcctgcctgg ggaggcttcc aaatgcacgg gactcatttg acgtttgttt    113340
     tcttgaggct ttggaggtag ctcagctgcc tttgcactgt ctctggacaa tgttaatgtc    113400
     atagttgtgt ctattccagt tcttctccat agcagcggcg cccacgtgcc ccaggggcct    113460
     tctctggggc agcaggaggt acctggggtg gttctgcttg ggctcaggca cagtgaaaag    113520
     aacctggagg ctggagcagg gggcacagaa ctgaaacaag agtgcaggag tcactctggg    113580
     gaggccagct ttgcctggat tctgaccctg gactccgtgg ttgagagttt gtttgttctg    113640
     cagccacaca agtgagcatc gagggatgag gctggggggc gaaggaggca gaatgtcaca    113700
     tgggtggctt ggtgaaggct ggattgtagg gacagaaagc attttttcat cttagccctt    113760
     tgtaagtaag ttcaacagca ttaaatgcat tcatgttgct gtatagccgt cagcacctct    113820
     gtctctagaa ctttttcctc ttctgcaagt aaaactctgt ccccatgaaa cactcagtcc    113880
     ctttcccctc cccagccctg gaacccccat tctgctttct gtctctgaaa ctgactcctc    113940
     cagggccctc ctagaagtgg aaccacacag gatttgttgt tttgtgactg ctcatttcac    114000
     atggggtaat gtcttcttgt tactgcatgt atcaatgtgt cacacgccct ttctgttgaa    114060
     ggctgagcca cactgcactt tgtggatgga ccacactggt ttccattcct ccgtggacag    114120
     accccgggtc gcttctcctt ggccagtgtg aatggtactg ctgtgaacac ggagtgcagc    114180
     tctctctcca cgtcactgtt ttcggttcat ttgggtaaat gtccagaagt ggaattggtg    114240
     gatcccatgg tgaagcgatg cttcctcgtt ttgaggaacc tccacactgc ttagggacag    114300
     ggtgtgcttt gcgagctgcc tctacagtct tgccatgggg tgggggttgg ccattgtaag    114360
     aatgagaagg gtcagatgtt agaagctctg gaaagaagga aatgagagaa tttggtgacg    114420
     gttggctgag aggaccctca aacacgtgcc tggctttccc ctcttggggt ggtacgtggg    114480
     tggaggactc tggagggaga gggaggaact gctgtagcca tctggtgagc ccagggacct    114540
     gaagcagcca ggtgcaggca cacggtgacc tggagtcaca agatttgtgc agaagtgcac    114600
     ctcgtgagga aggtggacgc attggttcca gggaggcctt ttagcccatt cgtgcaaata    114660
     ttaggtcttg accctggttc tatgtcagtc aggatcactt ggggaaagtt taaaaacata    114720
     ccagtgccca ggccccacct gatgtatttg tctgagaaag gacttggcca ttgtcgtctt    114780
     taaaagttct ttacctgatg cttttttttt taatggaaga aacgcttctt gttttacttt    114840
     aaaaatattt tttctagctt tattaagtta tattcacgga tataaattgt gtgtatagta    114900
     tacaacgtga tgttttgata caggtatacg ttgtgagata agtcaacaaa gctagttaac    114960
     atcttgccac ctcacatcct tatcatcacc ttgtgctttt aagaacattt aagatctcat    115020
     ctcttagcag ttttcaagta aacaaaccat ttaactgtgg ccaccacgtg gtaccataga    115080
     cctcgtcact tactcctctt gtctaactga aatgctgcac ccttccgcca acatcctccc    115140
     agttcccccc aaccctctct ctgttgacca ctgttctacc ctctgcttct gagttctatg    115200
     ctttcagatt ccacgtgtaa gtgaggtcac gcggcacctg tctttctgtg cctggcttgt    115260
     tccacttagc atgatgtcct ccaggctcat ctatgttgtt gcaaatgcta ggatttctca    115320
     ctttttaaga ctgagtaggt attccacatt ttctttgtct gtgcctctgc tgatgggctt    115380
     gaggttggtt ctgcgtgttg gctgtggtga acagcatctt aacgaacacg agagagcaga    115440
     taccccttcc acacatccat tttattccct tcagaaaaat acccagaagt gggattcctg    115500
     gattattcct ttatcattct aatgtacccc taggattgag aatcctgata taaaacatat    115560
     gaaaggataa ttaagagaaa aagcaaaaaa cacaaaaaga aaggaaggaa gaaggaagga    115620
     aagagggagg gaaggatatc tgagttatgt tcccaacact atcataacaa cattgggagc    115680
     aaatagcatt attttagaca tttgtttttc caaattgagt gttccaatct cctcatcttt    115740
     aaattgagag ggttaaatga tgatttttaa gggatcttcc cagtcacgaa tttatggatc    115800
     tataattcta ctgggtcaaa ttaaaattaa aaacacttca taatgatctt gatgctatta    115860
     tagtgaatga gtaactatca tttccaaaat gctgtgggac attttacagc acagtatagg    115920
     ttaaagtcat aaagcaatga agtgacattt gcttctggtc ctatttcaaa gcatcaatct    115980
     tttttttcca actcccctca gtcttcaaaa gctccaagga aagctgagta gcattggctg    116040
     aagagcttaa gataccatta gtgccagatg aattaataaa accgcccaca cttgtgttat    116100
     tagccattac ctcttaagag catttgcgtt ctctgaagct catagagtgt aatgtatgaa    116160
     aagtaatttt atgatgggga aaatggctgt gaaatatagg aggataagga agttttccat    116220
     aaaattaaag tcactgataa aatgaattaa tgtagcacat tcaaaacgaa taccttgaaa    116280
     gagaaaaacc tcactttttc cagaagaaat gtttctaggg aagaccttca gacacactag    116340
     aattaaattg ctctcttaat aacttttgta acattggctc attatgacgt tacttctaag    116400
     aatggcattt tttcattttc ccgaatgtta tatttaaatc agctgtaaag agttggtgat    116460
     ttatttgcat ctatgaagag tgctatattg acccaaattt tgcattgata aatgaatgca    116520
     aaatgaaatt ttaaaaagtt ggcagattaa attatcaaag tatattaagc acatattata    116580
     tatgcagcac aacactgaga aaatgtacac actgtgtaat tttgaaatac ctgaatatta    116640
     aaataatact tagagccttc cacctggcag gcacatagat tgtgaacatg tttttatata    116700
     atagaacatc agctagcata gctttaatca tctccacagc atttaagtgc accaatgtct    116760
     cattctaatg ttaatacata tcttgtctca caggaattcc ccttgggatg tttatttttg    116820
     tgtgttcttt caaaaaacaa aaacccagct ctacctatac ttgtcatttt atcgtccata    116880
     cttattttct tcagggaaat ttatagaaat agcggaagtg tattacattg taggttcttg    116940
     gtctcactga cgtcaagaat gaagctgtgg accttttggg tgagtgtccg gagtttgttc    117000
     cttttaatgt tcagacgttt ttggagtttc ttccttctgg tcggtttgtg gtctcaatgg    117060
     cctcaggagt gaagctgcag atcttcgcgg tgagtgttgc agctcataaa aggagtgcgg    117120
     acccaaagag tgagcaacag caagatttag tgcatacagc gtaaaaatta agcatccaca    117180
     ctgcccaaga cgatctcagc aggttgccag tgccggctca ggcagactgc ttttattccc    117240
     ttatctggcc ccacccacat cctgctgatt ggtccatttt acagagagct gattggtctg    117300
     ttttacaaag agctgattgg tctgttttga cagggtgctg attggtgcat ttacaatccc    117360
     tgagctagac aaagagtgct gattggtgca tttacaatcc tctatctaga cataaaagtt    117420
     ttccaagtcc ccactagatg agctagacac agagcataga ttggtgcatt tacaaacctt    117480
     gagctagaca cagagtgctg attggtgcat ttacaatcct ctagctagac ataaaagttc    117540
     tccaagtccc caccagatta gctagataca gggtgctgat tggtgcatct acaaaccttt    117600
     tgctagacac agagttctca ttggtgcatt tacaatctcc tagctacaca taaaagttct    117660
     ccaagtcccc accggactca ggagcccagc tggcttcacc tagcggatcc tgcgctgggg    117720
     ccacgggcag agctgcctgc caggcgcctg cactcctcag cccttggagg gtcaatggga    117780
     ccgggcgccg cggagcaggg ggcagcgtcc atcagggagg cttgggccgc gcgggagccc    117840
     accgcgaggg ggaggctcag gcatggcggg ctgcaggtcc cgagccctgt cccacgggga    117900
     ggcagctgag gcccggggag atttggcgtg cagcgccggt gggccagcac tgctggggga    117960
     cccagcacat cctccgcagc tgctggccca ggtgctgagc ccttcactgc cccgctggcg    118020
     ctggccggcc gctccaagtg cggggccgcg gagcccgcgc ccacccagaa ctcgcgctgg    118080
     cccatgagcc cacacctctc cctccacgcc tccccgcaag cagagggagc cggctccggc    118140
     ctcggccagc ccccagggca gtggctggct gaagggctcc tcaagtgcgg ccggagtggg    118200
     cgccgaggcg gaggaggcgc cgggagtgag tgagggctgc cagcatgctg tcacctctca    118260
     gaagcagtga tgtgctgagc ttctgtctag aaagaaggta gcagtccacc ctcctgtctc    118320
     ccaggcattc gttcacccag gtcctcagcc accgagtctt cctccttcac ccacgaccct    118380
     ccttcaccca ccaccctccc tccacccacc accctccctc ccaggcatcc tgtagcctcc    118440
     accaccacac ttcctgggag gttcaggctt cagccttgac cttcctgcac tgcccaatgg    118500
     gagcatcgtg accacacatt ttaggagaag gctccttccc cactgtgaca tcaaacacgt    118560
     ggtcacatga aaggcctagt ctgtggcaca ggaaaggggc cctgaggtgc aggggagggt    118620
     cattgtcagt taatcacatg aaagctcacc agggcacact gcattttaac aaccccgttt    118680
     ttaaatttta tttccacaca aacacatcag atacctttaa agttagacac atctaacatt    118740
     tgtggaactt aggatgccag ggcttttcat ctgaatttct ggggtgcatt tacagctttt    118800
     ctcctaaaca tcacgcgtcc cattctggcc tcctgaaggg cggtgcctgc tcccgggctg    118860
     ccccctgcca taccccgcaa acccccgcca ccccctgcaa acgcccacca ccccccaccc    118920
     ctcaccaccc cccgcaaacc cccgcaaacc cccgccaccc cctgcaaacg cccaccaccc    118980
     cccacccccc cacccctcac caccccctgc aaacccccac ccccccccgc aaacccccgc    119040
     caccctctgc aaacccccgc caccccctgc aaacgcccac caccccccac ccctcaccac    119100
     cccctgcaaa cccccgccac cacgcgcaca tcgctgttga tcattgctgc ctccacgcgc    119160
     gccgacatcc attcaaacag caattgctgg tgttttctcc tctgtgggat gtgccagtaa    119220
     gaatgacctg gaagctccca gacatacgta gcaggctcaa cgtggcgggg gagttggaag    119280
     gaaaaatgga atccacaact gctgcgcaca ggagggaaat gaacccagtg cccgcaggag    119340
     gcgctgacgg cgttccctaa aaacaccgag caggcaaatg agtgcggact aagcgcccgg    119400
     ggaagacggg gaagacgggg ccaggctcgg gctccgggga ttcgtaggat ctccagaggg    119460
     gatcatttgt agttaaggat ctaatattgc cacattctca atggttttct gttctgcagt    119520
     tctttagagc actgagtttt aaaccatggg ctgcaactca ttaatgaccc gtgaattcaa    119580
     gttactggtc actgccagca aatttttaaa tggaaacaaa aatacaacag agaagtatag    119640
     actaggccgg gcacggtggc tcacgcctgt aatctcagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg    119700
     cggatcacga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctgcctaaa gctgtaaaac cccgtctcta    119760
     ctaaaataca aaatattagc cgggcatggt ggcgggcgcc tgtaatccca gctactcgag    119820
     aggctgaggc ggaagaattg cttgaacccc ggaggcagag attgcagtga gctgatatta    119880
     cgcctctgtg ctccggcctg gcaacagagc aagactccgt ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc    119940
     gtatagacta gaaaatacca aagtacactc tggataataa gagcacatgt ctaatgaaac    120000
     attttttggg tgtgtgcgtg tgggtgtgtg tgttaggttc tgatgtaaaa tatacgtctt    120060
     attgtggaat ataatccaaa aagtttgaaa gcccttggca ggagcaatac cttgcagcca    120120
     tcagggtggt gcagagaaag gaagtcgctt ttgtgctgtc tcggtgtttg aaacaggaag    120180
     cagtgcgtgt cgtgggttct cagaggcagg ttctgcaggc aaagcctccg cacatacact    120240
     ggaacttgag caattcaccc acctctcctg ttcttctcat tctttgtttg ttaacaaaaa    120300
     gagaagggat cgtaaccttc ctacctcgtt ggaattttaa gataattaaa tatggtaata    120360
     taagacctta gagcaaggtg tggctcacag caagtgttca atgtcagttt ttaccatgat    120420
     tagtatcatt gtcatcattg ctcatacgct gtgaccaggt aacccagcat cacctgtcca    120480
     ggtttaaagg tgcattcagg aggtttcagg agtgcagctc tggaggacgc ggccgcggag    120540
     aggagtcggt gtaatactcc agacagatgt ccacgttaac ttcatgtgtt tcccgaacat    120600
     gatttccatg acaactaatt tatttgcata ttgcagtaac tgaaaacaca gacttctgta    120660
     attttagatt ctgaagagtt ttttgtaagg atttgcccct ttaactgcct gtaaattaca    120720
     agcacgctcc cgtgcaaatg ggcattcgaa aaggagtcgg aatttgtccc tgggaggtat    120780
     ttgtgattta gatggaaaat taaatagaaa caggctggct ttccctggac aacagcgata    120840
     acttgctgat gtgtttggag gtcagcctgt ggctgtgaag tgtggcttcc aggctcatag    120900
     gaagtgaagg tccgctgtcg ggaccttgcc agcctcgttg ccccagatgt caggcttcca    120960
     gaggaactct gcagtgcgtg acgaacgtat tgttgcatcc tctgaagagc tgagaaacgt    121020
     catcagtttg tgatgcctgg gccactccgt gaaagtgctg tcaaggatgg gaaggtccag    121080
     ttttgtggca ggtccaaggg ttgaacacga cgaaggaggg acaaggaaag gaactgcctc    121140
     ccacctgtca ctctgcgtgg gctccctgcg ttctggtgcc ttggtcaata tgcttaacgc    121200
     cacagcaaac atgaaggtca caggacgcgc attctcattc tgcaggtgag gaaactgagg    121260
     cacagagaga gtggtgactt ctccaaggtc attagtgaat gagtggccag tctaggtctg    121320
     aaccaagcca aaccctgtag gaccttttga gtatccacac tgcttcccca aggaaactaa    121380
     aatattatat gtccaagtcc aggaggtcca ctcaacaaat aaaaggcaaa ccttgcattt    121440
     gacacctgaa actgaggtcg gtgttacata attaataagg aattgtgttt ggagtaaacc    121500
     tagaaggaac ttgcacataa gataatttgc tcaatcaatc tggcacatct ccctttgcta    121560
     atgagttagg cttctccaga taaatctgtg agaatgttcc attttctcaa acagtatttg    121620
     ttctccccag ggcatcagtt agttcagctt gaaacctttc ttataataca agcatcgtca    121680
     ttttcaccac actgtggaac cgaaaataaa tttccctagt gggtgaccat cctccatgga    121740
     tgtaagggct gtctagtgta ggacaatcaa tagatgacca tcttccatgg acgtaagtgc    121800
     tgtctagtgt aagacagtca atagatgacc atcttccatg gacgtaaggg ctgtctagtg    121860
     taggacaatc agtagatgac catctaccat ggacgtaagg gctgtctagt gtaggacaat    121920
     cagtagatga ccatcttcca tggacgtaag ggctgtctag tgtaggacaa tcagtagatg    121980
     accatcttcc atggtcgtaa gggctgtcta gtgtaggaca atcagtagat gaccatcttc    122040
     catggacgta agggctgtct agtgtaggac aatcaataga tgaccatctt ccatgggcgt    122100
     aagtgctgtc tagtgtaaga cagtcaatag atgaccatct tccatggacg taagtgctgt    122160
     ctagtgtaag acagtcaata gatgaccatc ttccatggac gtaaggtctg tctagtgtag    122220
     gacaatcagt agatgaccat cttccatgga cgtaagggct gtctagtgta ggacaatcaa    122280
     tagatgacca tcttccatgg acgtaagtgc tgtctagtgt aagacaatca atagatgacc    122340
     atcttccatg gacgtaaggt ctgtctagtg taggacaatc agtagatgac catcttccat    122400
     agacgtaagg gctgtctagt gtaagacaat cagtaggtca catgagcaaa ggtgaacccc    122460
     aaaatctgtt taggaattgg aaagagaaac attaggctcc aagtcttatc agagcctgac    122520
     aaaaagcgtg cgtgttttat gtgcactttc taccaccact cgggtttggt attggatgaa    122580
     tactagctgc agttagcagt aattacacat ctgactaaca atcttcagaa gtctccctga    122640
     gaacggtgtt cctcagccct gtgacgcatc agcccaggta ggcagggctg agggccgacg    122700
     gcctccctaa cgcgtctggt ccacagttca gtgggagaag ccctgctggg aacagctggg    122760
     ttagagtgca ctcacgttgc agaaagcctg ttgctagcaa acagatgtcc attgtagaag    122820
     aatgtgtgct cctccccata aatttcaaag aaacaaatgt cccataaact taaaaataac    122880
     ccatgaatgt tattacactt accttgacaa catgatcaaa gttgtttatt tcacacggtt    122940
     tcataagcag aaatcgccag ctagtgatca cggttcagac aaatggtgga aatcgtcggc    123000
     ggcataggga cggggccagc gtgggtgtca gccgtgggtg tggcagttcc gcactgacct    123060
     cggtgcattc ctgctctgga gtctagcatg ggaaaatcac agcccagaag accctcgggt    123120
     tgcacgtgtg actgacgcac tcccccgaga gaggccaaca cctcacagca gcctgccgca    123180
     gcagcgaaat gcctgcactg aggctgtctg ttaaaagcaa acaacatggc agttgtttta    123240
     gccaagcacg cttcttgctg agaattctag gaggttcagc tgacagcaaa tgcgtgagta    123300
     ccccagctcg ctgtgtccat ggagtagaga tctcagactt cgcagctttg acttatcaat    123360
     ctaaaggtta attagacaaa ctgggtgact actgccaaca ttttctaaag acaggtcaca    123420
     ctctaggttt ctaatttgtc ttccgaatga ccctgatcct ggaaagtgag gccccgggtc    123480
     atggtcgcac cgccaccctg tgccatctgt gtgtgcacgt tggtgtccca ggccacagcg    123540
     gagaaagatg ggagaggcca caggccaggc cctgggagga tcagtgggat aagcatctgc    123600
     ctttcccagt gcagaggagg atggaagagg ccacaggcca gctccaggga ggctcagtgg    123660
     gataagcatc tgcctttccc agtgcagggc aagacgggag aggccacagg ccagctccag    123720
     ggaggctcgg tgggataagc gtctgccttt cccagtgcaa gggaggacgg aagaggccac    123780
     aggccagctc cagggaggct cagtgggata agcatctgcc tttcccagtg cagggcaaga    123840
     cgagagaggc cacaggccag ctccagggag gctcggtggg ataagcgtct gcctttccca    123900
     gtgcaaggga ggacgggaga ggccacaggc cagctccagg gaggctcggt gggatacgct    123960
     actgcctttc ccagtgcaga ggaggaaggg agaggccaca ggccagcccc acggaggctc    124020
     ggtgggatac acgtccgcct ttccctggga acagctggtg ggagcggtgc aagcacagcc    124080
     cagctcagag gggccgtcac ccccatcagt ggcaagtggt ttgcctctgt ggcatagcac    124140
     ctgcccatct cccagagaca atactgcctg gaaaattgca gcattgaatt tctaacctaa    124200
     aaattgaggt gagaccttgc taagccctcc tggtcgtgta tgtaagctcg ttgggaactg    124260
     cagcttttct cagtaaaagc ttcctaatca tatgcaattc cctaaaagta cactttttaa    124320
     taaacaatta tagatgtgta agttacaaaa ataatacaga gaaatcctgg gcacccttcc    124380
     cccagtttca cccatggtca cgttcgtaca gtccaaggtc caacacgaaa catccttctt    124440
     ccagacaatg gcggtcgaac ctcagaccca tccttgcctt ccttccctcc ttcattcatc    124500
     catccatttc agcatttact gaaaccctgc tgcctacgca atgtgattga gatgttgaac    124560
     tgaaaggtac caggagctca cacatcccct ccccttcccg ggttatctta cgtgatatgg    124620
     ggcacagatt tgctttaaat aatttacttc tgagcgccca ccactctgga gaagagctag    124680
     gcaggcattg ggtggcgtct tgtggccaca cgagcagccc caggtgaagc aaagcctgca    124740
     cccaattaga catctaggaa ttcacagtga cgggaaagag gaattgtaca taattagaga    124800
     tatgttttct ctccagtaca aatgtcctct ttctgcctga atttaaatgc aactctcatt    124860
     ttttcttatg cgactattcc cagaaggctt cccgcatcct gcgaagcgaa gggtaacccc    124920
     caacagccca ggtgttttca atggcacaca tggttcctgc tttctgtttc acataacaca    124980
     gaaccccaga gcacgtttta agctccactt ttaaaactta atgaaattgt ataaaattca    125040
     gctactgtat caaggaacag cgagaaaata ttgtgttgga gaatataaaa ggaaataata    125100
     tgaatagcgt taatatttca gtaagagcta cacatgtggt caggagtgtg aaacttctat    125160
     cagccattta tgggtgtttc tcacctccag gcgccgctag agaactttgc ttatactcac    125220
     ctatgtcact catcccttca cagctgtgtg gcctctctgc tgtcacccca ttctaaagga    125280
     ggggacagca cgtgacagaa cgagtcccac agtcagtgag gatgggcaca cgctgcaggt    125340
     ggaggcccaa gctcctagtc catgtagctg ctgcatctct cagcaggaca ggaaaggaag    125400
     gccggcctga gtccggaggg tggcgctcag cgtgatgcca cccagagtct gacagagctg    125460
     catggcagga ccccggggag atgaaagcca gccccacgag gggaagagcc cctacaagag    125520
     cacagccagc gggcaggagc acgcagggag accgacgtgc agggacacca acgtgtagag    125580
     agactgacgt ggagggagac cgacatggag ggagaccgac gtgcagggag accaacgtgc    125640
     agggataccg atccctgcag ggagaccaac atgcagaaaa cgcatgtttg gcctgaaatg    125700
     ggatggatgc atccaaccaa agagaaaaca aggaaggagg agacatggaa ggcagccttg    125760
     gaaatcacgg agagttgttg cattgattct tttgcagccg atgagcacac ccaccctgca    125820
     cttgagtttc agggccaagg tgtctttctt tcttttgaag ggaaaaagga cctgggccag    125880
     agaaaccatc atggaggcat cctgggaggg gcacagagaa aaggagtcct ctcccttccc    125940
     ttaagacaga cagggcagtc agcatacaca tgcacataca tgaacacaca ggcatgcaca    126000
     cagatgtgca cacacacacg cagacacatg cacacacacg tgcagacatg aaaacaattg    126060
     tagacatgca aaaatatgca gacagaaatg tgcacacaca cacacaggtg catgcacatg    126120
     cagacacaca tgcagatgca cacaaacacg agcagacatg aaaatacaat tgcagacatg    126180
     caaaaatatg cagacacacg tgcatgcaca cacacatgca gacacaagca cacacacatg    126240
     cagacatgaa atatacacat acacatgttg acacacacaa catgcacaaa tatgcagaca    126300
     cacaaacaca tgcacagata ggcacactca cacacttgta tgcacacaca tgcacaaaca    126360
     tacaacacat acaacacacc tgacctgtct gcccctccag tctgttccct gctcccattc    126420
     cctctgtact gtgctatgga ctctttaatt cctttccctt ttcctccaca tctcacagag    126480
     ggatgggctt attacaatgt gcagttccct taatggatga gtgagtgaat gagtgcagga    126540
     gggaatgatc gagtgagtga atgactggat gagtgactga gttactgagt gagaatgagt    126600
     gagtgagtgc atgaatgagt gagtgaatga gtaactgagt gaatgagtga gtgggtgagt    126660
     aaaaaagtac atgaatgagt gcatgaatga gtgactgagt gaatgagtga ctgagtgagg    126720
     aaaggaaaga gggagggaat gagtgagtga gtgattggat gagtgaccaa gtgagttact    126780
     gagtgagaat gagtgaatgt gtgcatgaat gagtgagtga atgagtgagt tactgagtaa    126840
     atgagtgagt gaaagagcac acaaatgagt gactgaatga gtgcatgaat gagtgagtga    126900
     atgagggagg gagggagtga atgagttcat gaatgagtga gtgaataagg gagggagtga    126960
     atgagtgagt gagtgactga gtgaatgagt gggtgactga gtgaaagagt gagtgactga    127020
     atgagtgggt gactgaggga aagagtgact gagtgaatga gtgggtgact gagtgaaaga    127080
     gtacatgaat gagtgagtga atgagttcat gaatcagtca gtgagtgagt gagtgcatga    127140
     atgagtgagt gaatgaggga gggagggcgt gaatgagtga gtgaatgagt gcatgaatga    127200
     gtgagtgaat cagggaggga aggagtgaat gagtgagtga gtgactgagt gaatgagtgg    127260
     gtgactgagt gaaagagtga gtgactgagt gaatgagtgg gtgactgagt gaaagagtga    127320
     gtgactgaga aaatgagtgg gtgactgagt gaaagagtac acgaatgagt gagtgaatca    127380
     gtgagtgagt gagtgcatga atgagtgaaa ggcacaatca ggcttgtgcc tttttttgtg    127440
     ctgaaattag ttttaagcag gtgaaactcc ctacagcttc aagaggatga ggagatatgt    127500
     tttgttctgt ttgcttgaaa caataaaata cataaaaaat gaagcacctc atccactgtc    127560
     tcaggcagcg agagcctgcc agtccccaac agccccaggg tgcagaggtg aggaaggctt    127620
     tctcacctcc gcggtcacca ggaatcgagg ttcagtagaa tcaccccatc ttgaaggccg    127680
     cagcctcaag gtccaagtct tcattcccca ggttgaagac atgagctggg gacccccatg    127740
     gctgtgggtg gagggcgagt cctggacgta gtgcttcatt ctgtcttttg aaaggggtga    127800
     tgttagaaag tgagttctgg cagctgtggg gaggaagaag tcaagccctc tgtggggtca    127860
     ggagcttgga aaaaggaccc tgaagagtta gacctggagt ggccagacct aggcagggat    127920
     ggaagaacgg atgtggagcc caggaggagc agagagcacg ccatgaggga ggggccgtgg    127980
     tgaggggcac ccctgggcgc ccagtgcttg gtcctgcaac accttacgtc tcagggcgtt    128040
     tccccacccc ctgctccact gagagcctcc caccctggcc tcgtttcctc caccgagctg    128100
     tgcatcctca gggagagaga gcagaagagc cgctcctctt tggaaaactg agaagctctc    128160
     ctccgagtca gtgctctccc catccaccag caaggggccc ctccatccga atgcaggcac    128220
     acacctgcta aaatgcacca cacagcagaa gggcctcccg tttctggcta ggagagccct    128280
     gcctgtggca ggcagcagca tttgcaagcc tctctgcagt tacgcttgga gttttggtgt    128340
     ggtggaaata ggcaagaagt cgatgtccag ctgcttgttg gattagggat cacaaatgtg    128400
     tgtttatttt ccaaaaacaa gacattggca tgatagtgtg gccctggggg cagggtcatg    128460
     gaataagaca gagactgggg agccttgcac aaaataacca tcccccacgg tatgttgttt    128520
     ggacctggga actttctgga gcaagtgctc atcgtcagta acacacacta actgaatttc    128580
     actcaaggca gatttgtgga ctattttgtt gaaatgacat ctgtagaaaa atttaaaagt    128640
     gattaaaact gatggctgct gccggatgat ggagtctggt gcatctcaga cagcccttat    128700
     ttggaacagt ctgtgggcat gtctaggtta ttgagtgtta cgcttctgtg ttatgtgact    128760
     tgtccgtacc atttagcctc ccaattggac acggaatcga gtttgctagc gttcagccct    128820
     aactggaatg gcgactgctc ccaaattgca ttctggccct aatgaaatct gtctgcttca    128880
     tcctcatctg ccaggacaca gcacattagc tcttatgggt tttgttgttt gtttttgtct    128940
     tcagattgtc ggttctgtgg ctgtggcaaa ccgagtggag gtttaagatg gacttttaaa    129000
     tacaaattat gaagggaaaa agcaagtcac ttcatgtatg cttgtgcatt tacaaggcac    129060
     atagaacaaa gctgacattt atataacgtt tgagtttcat aagagcatgg ctgtggtgac    129120
     tgtccagttt ttagatgaag aaattgagtc tcatccaacc ttgatcagct aataaatgac    129180
     cacgtggtga tttcggccca gacaccctta tgttcctagt agacttgagc tcaagtcata    129240
     taaatttggt tctccctgcc atggacaatg gttcttgagt aaattatgga gtctttgaga    129300
     tttgtttttc tcaggctcca aatattgtga taatatataa attgtacagt gattctgcaa    129360
     accatatcga acccatgtta gatatttgca ttctagtcac tgtctttggc tactggaaat    129420
     gattgtatgt gtgtgcacat cagcattcag tggatactga gcggcatctg gatatttagt    129480
     aaaacacatt ctcacgccag tgcccgtgct tctccctctg cgtggctaag atgagaccaa    129540
     ctctgcttgg agggtcctgt ccatcccagg ccctcccgac cgtgtgtcct ccagctaatt    129600
     ccgaaatttt gagtgccagg atctcaacaa cgagccacag ataggagcct gtggtccctg    129660
     ccgtgaagga gctggcagtc caggaaggga tacgaaggct tggctttcac atgtgatgtg    129720
     ctaaggtgtc agaagggaag aatatttcag ctgcaattgg gaagaaacag aaggggcttc    129780
     tggaaaatga gcaacgctgt cctggaaagt gaagaacacc aaagttagct cagctttacg    129840
     cagcggcatg tcccatccta cgcctgaaaa ccaaaaagca tagaaccctt gtctacttgg    129900
     aaatcttaaa aaaaaaatct aaacatgtgc tttgtgtgcc aaacagtagc tccaggttca    129960
     ctgactgccc gaaattcagt gttttgcacg acaagttcat taacctgctg ctgaaagggc    130020
     ctttgcaatt caaggttgga tccatcagaa aatagaatat gaaactgata aagctctctt    130080
     ttcaagtcaa tactttattt cctctccagg aagagacttt cgttagagag gcacaagctg    130140
     cattctctga ccctgatccc cttgtttaac ggttctgacg accctgagcc tggctctccc    130200
     catgcacctt ccccatggac accacctctt gcctaaacta gattaaatgt tccagacccc    130260
     agaagaaaag tccagaactc attgtgggcc tgggatccgt atgcacttgc ctgcctgtaa    130320
     gaagccagcc tgcgggcctg gcccagctgg gatgtcagca tcctggggac ctggccctgt    130380
     gctgcctgtc acagtgggtt ttgtgctcag caggtgatgg ccccggcagg gccgcccatg    130440
     gcttcctttg ggggcacaga gcaggggagc atgggtgggg tggggatcct agaccaaagg    130500
     ggcgtggctg ggtttgggtc tatcctccca cacctgccct gggagcctcg gtttccagtc    130560
     tgcaggagga ggaggagctc ccagctgctt cgcaggagca ggaggtgtgg gccatcgctg    130620
     ttggctgcat gtgaaggagg ggccttctcc actgagagct ctctctgccc ctggagtgct    130680
     gggcacgctg tccccatctc tgcttcccaa cataccatgg gctatacacc tgatgaacat    130740
     gttagtgatt atctgacgag atcaatggtt catcagctat cgatggggtg tccacaatgg    130800
     ctgaggagaa gaacagctgc aggcccccac cccggagctc atggttcaca gagggaagaa    130860
     gatgggaaaa cgctggggca cacggagggg agcgatgcaa tcggggaacc cagaaagtat    130920
     ttggggagca ggaggaggtt cactccgagt ggtttcccgt gttcttcacc cctcgcactg    130980
     gcgtggtgca tctgtcacaa ttgatgagcc aggattgatg tgttagtgac taaagccatc    131040
     cttcatcctt cacgtcaggg gtcacgcttg gcatggtcca ccctgtgggt ttggacgagt    131100
     gtttaatggt gtggactccc cactgccacc tcacacagag cagtttcctt gccctaaaaa    131160
     tcctgcgtgc tccccctatt catccctccc tgcccccaac ccctggcaaa cactgactct    131220
     ttcgctacct ttgtagttct gccttttcca gaatgaccca tggattcaaa gagtgtgaag    131280
     gctttttcat ggcttgggag ctcatttcat tttagcactg aataatattc cactgcctga    131340
     tgtaacggtt tactcacctc ctgaaggaca tcttccaagt ttgggcaatt gtgaataatg    131400
     ttgctataca catctgtgtg cgggttgatg tgtggatgta agttttgagc ttctttgggt    131460
     gaatacctgg gggcgtgatt gctggactgc atggtgagtg cctagttttg taagaaacca    131520
     cgaaactgtc ttccaaagtg gctgcaccgc tttgcactcc cacgggtaat gaaagagttc    131580
     ctgaggctcc gcgtcctggc cggcgtgtgg tactgttggg gtctggattc tggccgttct    131640
     attcggggtg tggtggtgtc ttgttgttgt tttaatttgg aatactcggg cgggaggtga    131700
     tatggggcgt ctggtttgca cacttgtttt aatttggaat acttgggcgg caggtgatat    131760
     ggggcatctg gtttgcacac ttgttttaat ttggaatact cgggggcagg tgatatgggg    131820
     catctctggt ttgcacactt gttttaattt ggaatacttg ggggcaggtg atatggggca    131880
     tctctggttt gcacacttgt tttaatttgg aatactcggg cggcaggtga tatggggcat    131940
     ctggtttgca cacttgtttt aatttggaat actcgggggc aggtgatatg gagcgtctct    132000
     ggtttgcaca cttgttttaa tttggaatac tcgggcggca ggtgatatgg ggcatctctg    132060
     gtttgcacac ttgttttaat ttggaatact cgggcggcag gtgatatggg gcatctggtt    132120
     tgcacacttg ttttaatttg gaatactcgg gggcagctga tatggggcgt ctctggtttg    132180
     cacacttgtt ttaatttgga atactcgggc ggcaggtgat atggggcatc tggtttgcac    132240
     acttgtttta atttggaata ctcgggcggc aggtgatatg gggcatctgg tttgcacact    132300
     tgttttaatt tggaatactc gggggcagct gatatggggc gtctctggtt tgcacacttg    132360
     ttttaatttg gaatactcgg gcggcaggtg atatggggca tctggtttgc acacttgttt    132420
     taatttggaa tactcggggg caggtgattt ggggcgtctc tggtttgcac acttgtttta    132480
     atttggaata ctcgggtggc aggtgatatg gggcatctgg tttgcacact tgttttaatt    132540
     tggaatactc ggcagctgat atggggcgtc tctggtttgc acacttgttt taatttggaa    132600
     tactcggggg caggtgattt ggggcgtctc tggtttgcac acttgtttta atttggaata    132660
     ctcgggggca ggtgatttgg ggtgtctctg gtttgcacac ttgttttaat ttggaatcct    132720
     cgggtggcac gtggtgtgga gcatctttgg tttccacgct tggcatctga gtgtcctctt    132780
     cggtggggtc cactcagacc tttcgcccat ttttcccagt tgggtttgat gcaccagcat    132840
     cctgccgtat aacagtctgg ttctgatgct tgttctgttt cttcaagctg tgtcttctgt    132900
     gttgaaatat gccttgtggt agttttgctg aaagccgaaa cagctgagtg catggggaag    132960
     ctggcaggtg tgcagcagcc ggggcccagg gcatcacacc cacaggggcc tgggggacct    133020
     ccttttgctc agagcacggg atccacagtg ctggggccaa ggccagtcag agcctcacgc    133080
     acgggtgctg ggtcatcacc atgcccggga agctgggccc ccggccatca gcagatcctt    133140
     tacttcctta cgtcttggtt ttctcctcag tgaagcagga cgcacaggtt tcctcatgtg    133200
     gccattgcaa ggatttaagg ggacgcctgt aaagtcacca gcagaacctg ggagctgagt    133260
     ggaggagctt ctttttcagc agaaagaggg agaatgagtt ttcaggatca ggagacggca    133320
     gtgacctgct gtgtaaactt tcaaattaca cgcgccaagt ggttctaaat aaatgaatca    133380
     ggttaattag caaacaacag ccatttattc tctttaatag cctcatggga tatcaagagg    133440
     ctattatatg atatgatatc atgcattttg gcatgaaaat tagggagtag ctctacattg    133500
     ctaaagggat gcagcttttt acctgggtga cagatgtata tgttttaaag taacttaaat    133560
     gcattaccct ttgctcttca cgtcagccac ataaactaag gaccaggggc agctggagac    133620
     tcactggtca gaaccagcag cactggggtc acacccaggc tgggaacctg cagacggcac    133680
     tgcccgtgcg gcatctcctg ggacctggga gctttcacgc cacgcgtatg ataagttctg    133740
     gggggcggga gtgaggaaaa ggcccccctc tggtggtccg ggcccatggt cctgccaggg    133800
     gcccacagca tgaagatgta gctccctcac acacacgttg aatttggatt tgcttgtctg    133860
     gcttctgctg gggcgcagga tgtggggatg gaaggaccaa gacacacgac agagaacagc    133920
     gtcacggggt caccgtccca cttcccaccc cgcgcctcac agcacagacg ggggatttgc    133980
     cggcctcacg ccggccgagc cactgctgac ttcacgcagc cccagccatg cccccacgca    134040
     gacacacgga gccccaaggc gggccagatc tcagggccgg atggggctgt ggagctgtgc    134100
     cttagacggg ggggaaggac tccctgcccc aggccggcac cgcacagtcc ctgggtagaa    134160
     aattgagtcc tgtttggagg acagctgctc ccacatctgg gggcctctgg atctgcaggg    134220
     cagggctttg gtggtccata aacatacccc gaggaacact cgtggagccg tctgcatttt    134280
     atttttgtca attatggcac taatcatgtc cttttactag agatcccgca gtgtctgtgc    134340
     tccttcgtta catccctaaa agacaagctc ccgagggcca tccatggtgg cctcccagca    134400
     gttcctgcac gtcacagcat ttaaaagaaa tccagtgaat aaaacagttc agcttcaatt    134460
     cagtaaccgc atagaatttc acttgtgaat tgaaaagttc agggcctgag ataatcttaa    134520
     gctgctggat ctgtggggaa aacaaacatc tgaggtccag aattcgtttg gagactccgc    134580
     cgcaagtccg gattcggcat cagatcagct gtgctgtgtg tgcttccaaa gacgtttctg    134640
     atctgcaggg acgtcgtccc gtgtaagagt tcagcggtgc ctccactctg gacggcagaa    134700
     ctgatcccca gacggggctg gccttgtctt tcaagcagag accagagtgg gcttttaaag    134760
     gggaacatct tcagggtgtg cgtcggggtc agcctcatgt tcccagagcc catctgagag    134820
     gccggcaggg aggaagggac cctgttcctt gctgtctgtt gtccaccaat ctccttagaa    134880
     ggttgtctct ttaggggaca acacagaccc tcaccggtgc tgactgggag gaaggagcct    134940
     ggctaccccc agctgtgctt ccaagcagtg tgagtcacat ttagcgttgt ttgcagaact    135000
     gaaatgctcc ctgtagagtc agcttgggca gccctaacta aggagcccag actgggcggc    135060
     ttaaacaacg gacgttgatt ctcccatgtc ctggaggctg cagttcaaga ccaaggtatg    135120
     gcagagctga atcctgctga ggcccctctc cctggcatgc aaaccccatc ttctccttgt    135180
     gtcctcacag cgtcatccct ccgtgcgttt ttgtgtcccc atatcatctt ctcaaaaaaa    135240
     tagatcctgg agctctttcc atataatcac ataaaaaacc ttctcattgc ctttccaagg    135300
     gtacaagtga cgtcacacag tgagagggac acagtcatcg gaccagctta cagtcttccc    135360
     accgccttgc cacagacctg ggctttctgt gaacatctca ggtccttccg tctgcatcac    135420
     tcttaccacc cgtgggttca tcatcttccc acatgatcct gggacctttt agcgctgtgt    135480
     tctgctaacc ctcctgcaca cccttggcca tttgtccccg gttatttgtt ggtatttttc    135540
     ttcttgactt cttggtggtt ttgcggggag attgtccttt tgtggatggc ggagcagcca    135600
     atcctttccc tggctttcat ttgcctttac tttgcttcca ttgttttctt tctgttcaga    135660
     agtgctgagt gtgctcaaat tccttggtcc tttttgtaca gcttctggat tttcagctgt    135720
     tgttaggtct cctgaggcaa caacttcaaa gcaattcacc ggtgtgtctc taggactctg    135780
     atgtcttttt tttttttttt tttttttgat atatgacatt gttgaaactt ttggggagca    135840
     aacttacctt aaagtcatga gttcaaaatt caaaccaggc ttctgacaag ttactaccac    135900
     tatgtattat ctaatgttta gtttttggtt aatggctttt tattttagtt ggatttttct    135960
     gaatgaaatt gattgctgtt agctggtgga attacaggag cattttccat ccattttttc    136020
     tgagctgcgc agttattgat ggtgaccatc agagtcccag tgtacaatcc tggcgatggc    136080
     agaacaggga ggtgggcaga ccccaaagct gcggtcctca gaaaatggaa gaactcagga    136140
     cttacacagc agaagctcca cacttctaaa gatttagtga attcccagat ccaaccatgt    136200
     gcgaatcgca gaaagaatag tagatttaaa aagtcacctt gagattctaa tgctgggagg    136260
     ttcttcctga tctcacctct gcttatacag tgtatcctca ctcccagcct cttagcaaaa    136320
     tgccccaaat cacctgtgtg gtgttgggca gtgatggagc ctaggtgtat cttggcctca    136380
     tctcttgtgt gacattgggt agtgacggga cctcagcatg tcttggcctc atctcctgtg    136440
     tgacgttggg cggtgatggg accttggtgt gtcttggctt tgtctgtaaa gtggatttat    136500
     gctgcaggct aagtatccct cttctgaaat gcttggcatt agacgtgttt cagatttgga    136560
     atttttttgg aatgggggac atttgcatta catacttgcc aagtgaacat ccctaatcca    136620
     aaactctgaa ctccaaagcg ctccagtgag catttcctct gagcgtcacc gtggcagcca    136680
     gtaagtttca gatttgggag taacaatgta atgacaatgc tgtgagcgct tctcagttcc    136740
     catggtgttc ccaacgggct tcagttcctg aacgctgttc cctcctctgc tggagcctcc    136800
     tgcattgact ccccaggtgg acgttgcggt ggcgattgtg tttttacact cacgggtcca    136860
     tagccctgct ctgtgacagc gcctcacctg cgttaacctt cctacctctt acctgcacgc    136920
     ctaccggcag ggctgagagt ctcccccact cacaggggag gaattggggg ctcagagggt    136980
     gggaatgcat gtgggtccaa gggcagtcag tggtggagct ggatttagac tcattcaact    137040
     tagactccgg agcccaggac cataatcatg ggcagtgctg cctctttatt ttggaagcag    137100
     atgatgaaac acctgaatta caatcatttg aacaagcaaa gctggtttgt tctcatagcg    137160
     agacttcccg aggaggacgg tggtgagtcc tggctgaccg ctgagttctg ccactgaaga    137220
     caaaggcttt cttcatcttt tcactctgcc atccttattg ggttgacttt aagtcctctt    137280
     ggttgcaagg aggttgccag gtatccagcc actaactcca catcaagaga ggaaggaggg    137340
     agctgcagtg gtgtgagcta cgtctatccc tgttattgga aacccagagc ttcccagaga    137400
     ctcccctacg tgacttccat ttacctctca ggcccagggt tctctctggg cagccctcct    137460
     gcagcagagc ctggaaaggg ggcggtggct ttgccacctt ggagaggaga gggcagggca    137520
     agagcaaagg aaacgtggtg tggcctcgag ttaggctgca agcagcgggt gccgtcacaa    137580
     gcccacccgt taccacgact tcgcatcgtc tacattgcag gctcacgttc acatgcccta    137640
     tccaaccctc tcctgcgagc agcgggtgcc atcacaagcc cacccgttac cacagcttca    137700
     catcgtctac accgcgggct cacgttcaca cgccctatcc aaccctctcc tgtgagttca    137760
     caaatccgtg actgacatgg tgtgcacctc gtcctcttgt ccaggcttct cacaaacaaa    137820
     atgtcccacc ccagctttca agtctcacca gagcctttgc tgccccatgc ctgagtgaca    137880
     ccaccatcca cccggctcca gccagaggcc cttgcccact gatcccctcc gggaggggcc    137940
     acctggcaca tctctgagtc aagtcaccgt cacaggcaag ctcccgcttc tcacgtgcag    138000
     gacagatggc gccaggaaga ggatgtcagt ggaaagccat aataagttca aacatgaaat    138060
     tagtgtctca cacagcagct ctggtctttg tcagacttta attgggatca gcacagattc    138120
     attgccatgg agagggaagt aaaatgggta aattccagtg catttctgag agtgagaaaa    138180
     gtttctattt ttcctaagga aagaagagaa ctgaaatacg cttcctttta taacctatct    138240
     atgtgggaac ggaacggaaa tattcagaat gtaaaacact cctgcctgtg tctatgcagc    138300
     atgcacggcg taactggggc tggcacgagg ggtcaaggac aagcaggact ctacctgcca    138360
     cccccctcag ggggacacag tgcacgcgtt tagcatctcc caggacatgt gctacctgaa    138420
     gcccaaggga aagtccaccc atttttaata ttttctgttt gaaaaaaaaa atacacagct    138480
     catctttatg ttcaactatg cttttaagta tctgcaaaaa aaaaaaagtt cattcaactg    138540
     attgtattac atacaatttt catggacatt ttttgtacag ttatgacact tcagctaaaa    138600
     gaaaaaagtc cttactgaaa gaggcttaaa atacagaaag ctttgcctct cctggaggaa    138660
     ccatcaataa cgtggcttcc agccactgca cggcagtgac tgctgtgcgg tccaggcctc    138720
     caccccgtcg gacgcagcga tacctttgaa aacagcacct cctcctgggt tactgggttc    138780
     cactgctgga acagctgccc cgaggctttc tagctttcct cctcaggcca ctggccaggt    138840
     ctaggcccaa gcaggagccc accccaggca ggaggacaag tatcccagga ggacctgagc    138900
     ccacgaacac tcctggctca ctgcccaggc ctggagtgaa cagggcattg ttcccacccc    138960
     agtgccaggg atgagggcag aggaagaaag taaagcaaaa cagaagacgt cataaactcc    139020
     taagcccaga gcactgggag atctcacatc tatgaaaact tctcaaaggg cggtgcctcc    139080
     accaggagca gcagcagcta ggaacttgac agaaatgtag attctcaggg cccacccggg    139140
     ggctggcctg cgatacccca ggtgattctc atgctgagaa taaatgtgat gctggctctg    139200
     tctcctgtca ccaccttccg cctggagcct cttgtcctca gtcaacatgg ctttgccatt    139260
     gcagctgtag ggacaggtga gtgggtgacc agatgaccga gctgaaacag gccctggcag    139320
     taaggagcct ggccttcctg tttggaaaca ggaggatgag ccaaggagga gacacaggaa    139380
     aggaatgtcc tgccatctta aggaaggact gggagctccc cttttacaga aagcaaacaa    139440
     atgcttgatt tcctaggtgc ttccaggcag aaaatagtga tgctcaggaa acagtaaaag    139500
     cctttctgca atttttaaaa atcagttctt tcctcactta ttgattccta gcatttccta    139560
     aaatgttcac gtgatattta accttcctca tgtttataaa attatagtgg ctaaaaatcc    139620
     ttctgtatta gtctgttgtc ctactgcttt atataaagag ctgcctgaga ctgggtaatt    139680
     tataaaggaa agaggtttaa ttgactcaca gttcagcatg gctggtgagg cctcaggaaa    139740
     cttacaatcg tggcggaagg tgaaggggaa gcaaggcacc tacttcacaa ggtagcagga    139800
     aggagaaggg gaagagcccc ttgtaaaacc atcagatctt gtgagatctc actcactatc    139860
     atgagaacag catgggggat acagccccca ggattcaatg acctccactt ggtctctccc    139920
     ttgaaacatg gggattatag ggattgtcat tgaagatgag atttagatgg agacacaaag    139980
     cctggccata tcaccttctt atgatgtctt tcatgccaca gattatctca gtggtggcca    140040
     acaagatgga ccgaagactt cagaagcaac aggagagctg agggttggag tgttcatcat    140100
     atgctgagaa aaattcatgt ttatagaaag caccaaaaat attaattacc caaagagagt    140160
     gagtcaccag gtgctgtcaa acccaaggca gggactcgag ttgccaaaaa ttccagacaa    140220
     ctgctgatat ggtgaacatt aaaaaattac agaagttaag cttgaacaat gtgaaaaaat    140280
     ggcaaataat tactctttga acagacactt atcagggaac ctgccccgat attcacgtag    140340
     gttcttttct attttcctta agcgttggcc agcttgagaa ataaagggac agactacaaa    140400
     agagagaaat tttaaagctg ggcatccggg gagacatcac atgtcggtac gttccatgat    140460
     gccccacaag ccacaaaaac cagcacgttt ttattaggga gtttcaaaag gggagggagt    140520
     gtgcgaatag gtgtgggtca cagacatcaa gtactttaca aggtaataga ataccacaag    140580
     gcaagtggag gcagggtgag atcacaggac cacaggacgg gagcgaaatt aaaattgcta    140640
     atgaagtttc gggcaccact gtcattgata acatcttatc aggagacagg gttttgagat    140700
     caaccggtct gatcaaaatt tatttggcag gaatttcctc ttcctaataa gcctgggagc    140760
     actatgggag actggggtct atttcacccc tacagtctca accacaggag acaggtgcac    140820
     ctgggggggc tgtttataag cctatacctc caggcacgta ttctctttcc cagggatgtt    140880
     ccatgctgag aaaaagaatt cagcgatatt tctcccattt gcttttgaaa gaagagaaat    140940
     atggctctgt tctgcccagc tcaccggtgg tcagagttta aggttatctc tcttattccc    141000
     tgaacaattg ctgttatcct gttctttttt cagggtgccc acatttcata ttgctcaaac    141060
     acacatgctg tacaatttgt gcagttaatg caattattac agggtcctga ggcgacatac    141120
     attctcctca gctgacagga ttaagagatt aaagtaaaga caggcatagg aaatcacaag    141180
     ggtactgaat ggggaagtga taagtgtcca tgaaatcttt acagtttatg tttagagact    141240
     gcagtaaaga caggcataag aaattacaaa agtattaatt tggggaacta ataaatgtcc    141300
     atgaaatctt cacaatccac gttcttctgc catggcttca gccagtccct ccgtctgggg    141360
     tccctgactt cctgcaacag acactcaaat tgttgtggtg attataacaa ttccacgtgc    141420
     ataccttccc cacttccagc agaggtaggt gaagacttgg ggtcagaaga gactgtttcc    141480
     tatgtgtgaa tatcagccag tggtgtgatc tggtctatca ggaattcagt aggctgaaat    141540
     tccaactgta aagaacattt ttggattcca tatataaatg gttaggtaca aaaatttgtt    141600
     ttctaacatt cctcactttg aaagttcatt ccaatgtttt ctgtttaata aatattgaga    141660
     aaccataaag tttccaaatg tattccacat tcccttgaaa gtgctgaaac tttgtttctt    141720
     ttttaagttt atttttgaag caacttaagt tcctcccctc cccgctaaaa aagcaggcaa    141780
     ctggttaagt atggtgcatt aattaaatag taagatatta ttagagagcg tgtgcgtgtg    141840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttca ggttcttaac ctgggacaaa tttcataaga    141900
     gataataatg agataaggaa aagcttcttt ctgtattctc ctagaataag tttccaggtc    141960
     aaattacttg ctaaaaggac ctgtatttca aaagctgttt tcttcattta gttcagtggt    142020
     ttgactgtta gtgaggttag aatttttttc agctatttgg tattaatttg tattttcatg    142080
     tctatgaaat tatttcatac tgataatttt ttgaaggaaa tgttttctta tttacaggaa    142140
     tcttttaaat attaagtatg ttattgcact ccagcctggg caacaagaat gaaactctgt    142200
     ctcaaaataa agtagatata ttagtgttta ggatgtatat ttcctttttt atattttaat    142260
     attctctaag aggaaaattc tcttttgatt ttgaaatgta tttttctgac caactcgtgt    142320
     ggtcttggtg tgtgcataac taaattttgt ttctctcctt gcattgactg gcagaaagtt    142380
     agagctacat gtaaatcatg cccatagcta actgtgaacc ctgaacattt gagacaggtc    142440
     tcagtttatt tagaaagttt attttgccaa ggttgtcacg cacacccgtg acacagcctc    142500
     aagaggtcct gaggacatgt gcccaaggtg gttggggcgc agcttggttt tacacatttt    142560
     agggagacat gagacattaa tatacgtaag aagtacactg gttccgtcca gagggggttc    142620
     caggtcatag gaaggtgaga gacacatggt tgcattcttt tgagtttctg ataagccctt    142680
     tgaaggagac agtcagcata tgcatctgtc tcagtgagca gagggatgac tttgaataga    142740
     gtgggaggca ggtttgccct gagcagttcc cagcctgatt tttcccttta gcttagtgat    142800
     attggggccc aaaggttttc ctctcacata acatggggga ggtcctggaa cgcactcttt    142860
     gtggaaacct ccttcccatg ccactgccat tccgatcctt ctctctcttg cttcatatct    142920
     aaatgcttta taaatttacc tgactttctc atttgtattt gcaaatcaaa ttagctcctt    142980
     tttagaatgt gtcagggagt aagtaaataa gcaatacgag attggttttc tgatacagaa    143040
     acatccttct gcagtgtctt tgtttaagag tattttcata tggaatacta taattaccta    143100
     cccaaaggat ggaaacattt ttatggctct taagatttgg gtcaatttat ttctcagaag    143160
     gtcacactaa ctgataaatg ccctcaaata atcaattctt gctttactgc atcctaatca    143220
     taacagtata ttttaatttt taatgtatgt atttgattca aagaaatgtg caaaaacttt    143280
     taatttaatt tacaatagag ttacttttta aaataggtag aaaggaaaga tcgggtttgt    143340
     gaaaatactc tttctctgct ttctactgac gtcagttagg aggttcggtt atagtcaaat    143400
     gttttgaaac aattttaagg aattgaactc acaaaaaggc tcttcctagg agaggaatac    143460
     aagtccagcc taacttttta aagtcctcat gagcgtggct gcctttccac ctgccgagca    143520
     ccacgtatgc cccacggtga aatcacacct ttgttgggct ctgagatgca ttcacctgca    143580
     cttctgtcta ctctccttgc atataaatta tttccagatg attctttcaa aatcataggc    143640
     ctgatttata gattcccaaa tgagatattc tcccccgaag aaatttgtca tgttaaaaaa    143700
     tgtgcagttg ttagtcactg attctaggga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatta acggcataaa    143760
     tccatattga tgttgcctat ttatcatttg atttttagaa tatgtttttc aaccgggcgc    143820
     agtggctcat gcctgtaatt ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggcaga tcatgaggtc    143880
     aggagatcaa gatcatcctg gctaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaac    143940
     aaaaaaaaaa ttagccgggc gttgtggcgg gcacctgtag tccgagctac tcggcaggct    144000
     gaggcaggag aatggtgtga acctgggagg cagagtttgc agtgagccga gatcgcgcca    144060
     ctgcattcca gcctgggcga aagagtgaga ctctgtctcc aaaaaaaaaa agaatgtgtt    144120
     tttcctaaaa atgctgtgtg cactgatggc aataaataaa tactgtctga ctattttcag    144180
     gatttaaatt taaattttaa attttaatta aaatttggat tttaacttgc aatgtttata    144240
     ccaaaggttc tgagtttctg tcatcttaaa acttaaaatt aacttaattt tcataaaact    144300
     tcaagttgat aaactgagaa ggtcatcaat agtaccttaa aaatactgtc aatcagccca    144360
     ggcaatgtgg agagaccctg tctctacaaa aaaattaaaa aatagcctgg cacagcggcc    144420
     tgagcctgtt gtcccagctc ctcaggaggc tgaggtggga ggattgcttg agcgggagtt    144480
     tgaggcgaca gtgagctatc atcacaccac tgcactccag actgggcagc agagcaagac    144540
     tttatctaaa aaaataaaat actatgaata catatttcaa aattacattt gcttatgaaa    144600
     taattattaa aagtcaaatg ttttaaaaca agcattcttc ttttgctgta ttctgatata    144660
     tacatttgga aattgtcagc aggttataaa tttgtgtcaa agcaaaaata taatcaccca    144720
     aaaccgtata aaaggtaaaa gagaaagatt gattggttgg tttaaattaa ggagcccctg    144780
     atcttgtttc aaaggaaact caggaagata tttgggaaac aattataatt acttttgtga    144840
     agcgaaaagt gtgtgtcaca aggcaaattt tctagcacag aaagtaaggt atgacctttt    144900
     ggcttcagga ataatgagat taggtttaca actgatagca gctttctttt gtgctttgga    144960
     agtcattgtt ttctaatgtt acaataaaga tctgttttaa agctacttat tttgcctata    145020
     aataagatgt catttggtaa tcaagggcaa ttaagttgca aatgtgctca ccataatgct    145080
     taatcgaaaa tgtaatgaaa ttctgaaaga gttgaagagt tgaacacctg agtttagaat    145140
     cacaaaactc cttatgttca ccttgtacca atcaaaagac atctatgagc agtttttctt    145200
     taaaattaga actttgatat atgtggaatc agtggggatt ttttttaaag atgtttctta    145260
     aagatggatt ttttgtccat ctcgctattg aacctgctgg tctgagaacc tgctggtcaa    145320
     agattaatca caaggctgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgagtgca cgtgtacgtg    145380
     tgtgagtgta agtgtgtgtg cgcgtgatgt gtgtgcgtgt gcgcacgtgt gcttgcgtgt    145440
     gtgtgaaatc agactttgca cgacccactc tggaacacat tataagagtt aatgaaatcc    145500
     taaatattag ctgagattgt gttgaatgga tgaaatcttc ttggccagct ccatttccaa    145560
     ggtggccttt tgactccatt tgccagagcg cactgttttc gtgtcccaag cgttcatttc    145620
     attaagctct ttctggttgc aaagggcagg cacccggagc caccttctgt agggcaaggt    145680
     cctgtggagc cacgggagga atcgagggag gcaggccctg tctcagcaag tgctggccgc    145740
     tccccgacag atgcccagaa gtccccccag gggtagtggc cgcctctgtg aagacactca    145800
     gagggctggg ctgtagccct ggtcatcaca gcctcagccc tggacagctg aattgagcct    145860
     ggcagctgaa ttgttctcca tgttgctgtg agcccactga caaactcctg ccctcagtgt    145920
     ctggatttca cacgccctga gaaagaggat gtgatttatc ctctcaatca cccacaaaca    145980
     tgaaatgcgc ttgcctggcc tcaccccacg atgggtcagg aacgatggcc aagagggcag    146040
     gattttacgg ggctgagtgt gtcgacacac atgttgttca tgctgtcaga tgggcatgcc    146100
     tagcacagac gtgttcaagc ggtcagatgg gcatgcctgg cacacacgtt gttgtgaact    146160
     cttgcattgt tggtaagatg tgtgatggat ttggttttac caaaaatggc aaatgtggag    146220
     ttatttttaa ggcatacttc gtgtgctatt tcttgatgtg gttttatcac acagtgttgt    146280
     tttcgtccac cttggtgcaa cggccctggt gttgcaagag gaggtgagct ctgagcagaa    146340
     ttctcacata tctccactta ggacacattg ttgagcatcg atgtgtgcca gagacttgca    146400
     gggcattgaa ggcagacagt gggctgccct gtgccggctc tcaggtccca agcctggatg    146460
     actagggcat ggacggtgct gtggatggat ggtgttggtg gtcagccagc acaagcacca    146520
     caagcactgc tctgacatcc cttgcgtggc agacacgttg ccatcctctc cgaggctcac    146580
     ctgagagtct agtgtgtcgg ctataatgta acagtcatga cacgtgagta gcattagccc    146640
     cagtttctcc attaaaggaa ttaaaccgtt tgtgacagtc aactcggtgt agcaggacaa    146700
     gcacctaggg caggtggggg caccctgagt attcaggaga actgttggtt gatggagtgg    146760
     aagagacaga agccagggca ccgtggttct ggctggaact tgggcaccta caagccatct    146820
     gaacttggga aagtcacctt cttggagcag taatgttgtc atctgccagt catgggtagt    146880
     gactgacgac ttcccgggat tgttagcaga accacatgaa atcagcacca tgccgacgac    146940
     catgaaaact gcctctcatt tcatacccga gaaccaatat cttattcatt cctaaaaaag    147000
     gattatctaa catccatggg gtcagattag ccatacagag gcaggtgcat taaaattctg    147060
     aattttcaag tgaacgaaaa gatcttcctt tttccattcg gtaaaccaga gcaccacctt    147120
     gatctgaaag cattttgagc ctggcgtgat ggactttgtg cttctgcgaa agtgtagtat    147180
     aaattccatg gggccagccc tgcatcctga ctgtccccga gggctctcta gagaaagatg    147240
     tcaaggccag ccctgtcctc aggtgcagtc agcagactct gaatctgaac ccgcgtttgg    147300
     tctcatattc attttgtctc ccttttgccc aaagcatccc attccttttc tgccacttct    147360
     ctcccaagtt ttcccacctc tttattttta tttccattca aatatttcac tttgacacca    147420
     ttgaactaat tcctccctgt aggaggcgct ggccaggccc aggaggcgac atgagggcat    147480
     tcagtgctca cagtcgctaa tatgtcatct gcttgctgcg ggcctggcat ggtctaggat    147540
     gtttacctct gttggctcat ttaatgctca ccacgaccct ccaaggccgg tacaatgatt    147600
     acgggccctt cacacctcgg agaagtagtc aggaagtctc ccaaggcagc accactggta    147660
     tgtggtatgt ggtatgtggt atgtggtgtg tggtgtgtgg tgtgtggtat gtggtagacc    147720
     cctgcagctc tgcagcctgg ctgtcaagcc tctgggttct cctggagctt acgacctaat    147780
     gggtgtgcat gcatgcatat gtgtgtacaa aagcatgtgc atctgtgtgt ttgcgtgtgc    147840
     gtgcaagttt gtgcatgtgc ataatcatgc atgtgtggtt acacatgtgc acatagttgt    147900
     gtgtgcctgt gtgtgtggtg agtgtgtgtt ggggtggagg tgaacaaggc aggaaaatgg    147960
     ggaggccatg acagttttta tgtcattaaa atgattacct atccttgagt tccaaatgat    148020
     atctgccaaa cccttccctg attctcccat gcctgccacc accaccctgc cccagtctct    148080
     cagctgcacc ccgtgtacct ctctctgtct gcaggaaaaa ccccattcca aggactggct    148140
     tactcaccct tttctgctat tagactttga acaccagatc ttgcttccgt aggacaggga    148200
     ccatcctgct catctctcta tccccaacat ctactgtgga gcctggaact cgtgatgcct    148260
     gtggcttcat ggatgcaagg atggaaggat agatggaagg atggatggat ggatgaaagg    148320
     atggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    148380
     acaaatggat aaatggatgg atggagtaaa tgtcatagga aaagtgcaga taaaattcta    148440
     atattcagag aaaagagagc taaatttagg tgggagagtt taagaagatg ctcataggag    148500
     aagaaagctc ttacaatggg tcttaaagat ggatggagtg gccataagta aggaggtgaa    148560
     tcagaggaag atactgcggg gggaacagag agctgctgtc catggtaagg gcagctgtag    148620
     cctcatgcaa agtgcctgca tttgaggatg agaagctggc ctggggcacc tgcagggctc    148680
     ggggctgctg atgctgctgg ggctgccgag gcactcatgt cccatgcagc atggcctcag    148740
     tcctccctgc attccctgcc ttttcttcct tttccttcct gttttctctc ccattcattc    148800
     tcaattctct cttcttttta tcactatctg catccaccca aatacactta actaattaaa    148860
     atctctatag tgtgttcaaa agttatttct cacctgcagt actcccttga gctccaggct    148920
     gtccgttccc ccaatttcat tatgccccca aaaggctggg cacattttaa aacatgttct    148980
     ctccacaaac acagaattcc ctgagcacct aagcagaatt gaatggagag gaaatgaaga    149040
     acatattaac ttcctcttag atccccgggc tgatttcttt caggctcagg gctcagactg    149100
     catgataaga taaccatttt gtgaaaagat gaaagctgct ccgtgcaggg cgcattctgt    149160
     gcaggtacag aacagatagg gaggggctta tgtctccgtc cctcctcccc cgctcccatg    149220
     ctcaccgctt gctttctgtt gcgagtgtct agaatgccct ggccctcttt tctaggaatt    149280
     ggattgtacc attgtcattc caacctctct tatcagaggc aaagccccag ggtgcagccc    149340
     tccccgcagc gtggccacag ccactcagaa ctccagagag tcacgccccg ggtggacatg    149400
     tgtgtgaatc atcagcacag caccctcaga tccccaccct gaggcacagc ccctcgtgtc    149460
     atgacagctg tcactcatct tttttttttt tttttttttg agacagagtc ttgcttttgc    149520
     ctaggctgga atgcaatggt gcgatctcca ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ccaggcttca    149580
     gtggttctca tggctcggcc tcctgagtag ctgggattac aggtgcacac caccacgcct    149640
     gactaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcaccg tgttggccag gctgatcttg    149700
     aactctcaac ctcaagtgat ccacctgcct cagcctccta aagtgctggg attccaggca    149760
     tgagccacgg cacctggcct gtcactcatc ttttttcgtt tgttttcata actaacagca    149820
     tgtccaccaa cagactctga gagagctcag gcagcacata ttctctggga cttaatcgct    149880
     gctgttggcc ggatgccttc cacattgaga tgcaatccac agacaagttg tcaagtccat    149940
     ctgggtgagg actccgaaga ggaaaacagg ttaccacgtg gttagccaca ccattacaac    150000
     actggcgact gttcctatga tggacggctc taatctcggt gcactgggag ataacaagcc    150060
     catccccacg agttgagtga gaatttaact tgtgcctgga gccagaagcg cgacgcagag    150120
     tggactgggg tgcactgagc cttgccaggg tcccgcaccc tcaccgggag ctgtgatggg    150180
     gccaccttct ccctctccag gccccacttt cctgtttgaa ggatgcccgc cctcaccagg    150240
     agctgtgaag gggccacctt ctccctctcc agactccact ttcctgtttg gaggatgccg    150300
     acagcgagac ctgcccacat tgcatcgctt tgcatgtcta gctgtgcttg atatagaaga    150360
     ccttctgtgt ggatgtgtga cacacctcag agccagcagg tgggacacag ctgtgccatg    150420
     agcaccacgg cccgtgtcct tgtagggcct cccttccctg ccttcttcct gtgcccccca    150480
     agcccctcag tccatcctca acagccaggg agaccccctc aagcatcagt ggcttcccat    150540
     ctcttctctg ctcctatggc ctccagactc agaagcccag caaagtcctg ttattattgc    150600
     cagccccacc cttcaggacc cagacagggc ctcctcttgc ctgctctccc tgtggtcctc    150660
     ctccctggca gtgccgccac aggcaccaac tcagagctgt ggacgcaccg tgcctggaac    150720
     cctccaccca ggaccctcag agatacgtcc tacttcctta ggtctctgcc ctggtcaagc    150780
     cctccccacc acacttgtcc cagcgggtaa aggcccgaaa catggggtga tgagcccctt    150840
     gccccgcgtt ttttagagtg tttgtcactg tctgacgttt gcctgtttat ctgtttattg    150900
     ccggtaccac cacccaactg aaggctttgg agcaggggct gtttcactca ctgtctacca    150960
     cggtaccttg tttgcagcag gtgctttgta aattttgttt gaatggctgg gttgagtcat    151020
     taatgaaaga gagggaaagg aaggcaggaa aacactttta aaactcatac cacagaagat    151080
     ctatctaaaa cctctccaat tctgtaattc tatgacctca tgagaaaaga aaaaaaaaca    151140
     cccacctagt gaccataatg tagcaaactt cctgccgggc tgggcgctgg agtcgggtgt    151200
     ggctgcacag ctctgctgcc ttgcagacca ctccagggag ctgccgggag ctggacgcat    151260
     gctggtgtct taccccacgg agggggcatc actgcggaca gagcccagcg tgggcggccg    151320
     tgaccagcag tgcttcctct cagaagctgc ctgtaccttc tggaaatatg aaatatggca    151380
     accatacaac catttctgga taatacagtt ccacctttga aaatggtttg aaaccacaca    151440
     aacatccagg tctcatctat ttggggctaa gattttagaa acagtagaat ttttcttaca    151500
     aaacatttaa ataagaaagt acaaagcggc tcctgtgagc acagcagcag aatcgtttcc    151560
     acagaattcg gcccagggat ccacagtttg gtaaccagca caggattttc tacagagccc    151620
     aggattttct acggagccct tcctctcaag agcatcagag tacttgagaa tattaaccat    151680
     gtgttattcg gagcaattcc agccttggaa atttgcggag gatgtaaact ttgccaacta    151740
     acctagggga gagcttcacc caaattctta cctccactga gcccctaatg cacacttcct    151800
     ctttgtgttt aatccattta tttgtttaat acatttattt attcattcca ttatcaaaca    151860
     ttcattgaga cctctgttgg tagtttaaga cattctgcta agtatacagc atgactcaga    151920
     ttaaaatggc cgttggagac acaatatcaa acataaaaac taatgtaaga caaggcagag    151980
     cataaacctg gtagctgctg atatttactg atatcagtaa atatcctgag ctgcacccca    152040
     gaggtatggt cttactgtgc ctgggatgat gtccagaaat ttgtccttta cacacttcct    152100
     gggtgatgct gaggtatagc ctcggtttaa agccctttga actatggaaa aataaaggca    152160
     aacctcaaac agataaggaa atgcaagatc tcagtgagct gtcccaggac cagatcttgg    152220
     atcccacgac tgggaaccag cagagcccac tgggttctag aacctctgcc agctcaccca    152280
     gacgagatct aaggatttcc cttaagcttt cctcagcagt tatctggatg gtggattaag    152340
     taaccatcag ccatttgtgt gtaactcaaa ctcacattat cgggtcagtt aacagattta    152400
     ctaatttata ccttgcttct tttcatgagg aactgaagcg agaacagaaa cgtgtacaat    152460
     ggaatgatgg aatgtctact gactccacaa tcatggtcac ggaacgttaa gtgagaatga    152520
     aggcaaagaa aagagatgta tatgactgtc acaggacctt tgattattga tttaagagcc    152580
     tcagatgttt ctctgagcca tatagtgatc agagcaacac aggaaacagc ttcagccaca    152640
     ttctttgttc tgtggagaag gaggagattt agaagcaaaa aataaacata actgctttcc    152700
     taaatgttat gaaacagatc ttttcctgag ttctaaagca agtgaagaaa aattttaagt    152760
     gaagtgtgtc tatattcaat tttgagtttc tgtgtatgtc ttccttcatc acatgcgtgt    152820
     atttatttta ttcgagcttt atggggatat aagtcacaca ccataaaagt cacgctttag    152880
     gatgtacaat tcggtagcat tcagtagatt tacaggtatg tgcaaccatc gctctaatca    152940
     atttaaaaca tcttcacccc aaaaagcaac cctgtgcctt agcagccgcc tgccctctca    153000
     cctaccctga tgctgggaat caacaatctg ttttccattt tgagatctgc ctgttctgca    153060
     cacttcatat gaatgaaatt gtacattggt ggtcttttgt gactggcttc tttcccatgg    153120
     cataaggttt tgaaggccct tccctggtgc agcacgtttc tgggcttaat tggttttaat    153180
     tgctgaaaac atttccattg tgcggtacag cccccatgtt tgtccattca tccgtcgggc    153240
     agcattgagg tcgtctccac tttttggcaa ctatgaatga tgtcgctgta agcattctta    153300
     cacaggcttt tgcctggatg tgttttcatt tctcttggat gtgcacctcg gagtagactc    153360
     actggggctt ttggtgactc tgtgttcagc ctttttagga ccctccagcc tgttctccct    153420
     tccccagcag cgtgcgaggt tccagtttct ctgcatcttc atcaagcttt ggaactgtgt    153480
     ccttttccct ctgtccactc cagggggctt gagtggtacc gcactgtggt tttgatttca    153540
     tttccctact ggtgagtgat tctgaacgcc tttctgtgtg ctctttcgcc gttaggacat    153600
     cttctttgga gaaatattca gctcctatgc ccattattat ttggattatt tgtcttatta    153660
     taatggagtt gtcagattta tatattctgg attcaagttc cttcacaaat acgtgattta    153720
     caaaaatgtt tcccattctg tggatggcct ttgcattttt ttgatggcat cttttaaagc    153780
     ataaaacttt ttaattttag gtagtttatt ttatctatat tttttcctgt gctttggtga    153840
     catgtctaag aaaccattgc ctggttcaca gtcacaaaga aatgcatcta tgttttctac    153900
     aaatagcttt atagtttgag cccttttctg tctttaagcc actttgagtt catttttgca    153960
     gattttgtaa gatgggggtt aaattcattg tttggtgtgt agaaattggg ttatcctagc    154020
     attatttgta ggagagacta ttctttcccc tctgggtgac cttgtctccc ttatcaaaag    154080
     tatcacatgt gcaggtgcat gtctggactc cagttcagtt ccatgggtcc atgtgtgcat    154140
     ccttgtgtgg ggccccaccc ttttgattac tatcactttg tgactcttgg gatccataag    154200
     tgtgagtctt ccaacctggt tcttctcttt caagattgtt tttgcttctc aggacccatt    154260
     gcatttctat atgaatttga ggattggctt ttgcacttct gcaaaaaagc catgtgaggt    154320
     tttgacagga atttcaggga atctctaggt cacttggggt aggacctacc tcatcttaac    154380
     cattaagtct gccaatctat gaacatagga tgtcttttca tttacgtaag tcttgcttaa    154440
     tttctttcag tagcgatgtt ttctagtttt cagtgtacga atctttcacg tccttttttt    154500
     cttttttttt ttaagagaca aagtctcact ctgacactta ggctggagtg cagtgatgca    154560
     agcttggctc actgcagcct tgaactccca gactcaagca atcctcccac attagcctcc    154620
     caagtaactg ggactacatg tgcctactac tatgcctggc taatttttgt attttttttt    154680
     aaagacaggg tttgccatgt tgtccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgggctg aagtgattcc    154740
     cccatctcag catcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gtgactgcgt ctggccctct    154800
     tttacctcct tggttaggcg gtcccaggga ctttattctt ttagatgtta ttttaagtgg    154860
     aattgctttt ctaatttcct ttttgggttt ctcattgcta atgtatagaa atacaattga    154920
     ttttttattt tgctcctgta acctgctcct ttgctgagca gcagtgaaag tgggcatcct    154980
     tgtcttgttc tcttctcaca gggagagctt tcagcccttc agcattgagt atgatgttag    155040
     ctgtgggttt cccataaatg cccattatca tgttggggaa gttccctcca gtcctagttc    155100
     tctgagtgtt tttatcatga aatagtgttg tactttgtca catgcctttt ctgtatcaat    155160
     tgtgttgagt atgtggcctt ttcccctttg ttctattaaa gtgatttatt acattgattg    155220
     attttcctat gttgaaccac ccttgcattg ctaggataaa ttctacatag tcactgtata    155280
     taattctcct catatgctgc tatatttgat ttgctagtat ttttgaggat tttttttttt    155340
     tttgagacag aggtctcact tttgtcgcca ggctggagtg cagtggtgta atcttggctc    155400
     attgcaactt ctgcctcccg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc atcagcctcc tgagtagctg    155460
     cgattacagg catgcgccac catgcccagc ttatgtttgt atttttagta gagatggggt    155520
     ttcaccatgt tggccaggat ggtctcgatc tcttgacctt gtgattcacc catctcagcc    155580
     gcccaaagtg ctgagattac aggcatgagc caccatacct ggactatttt tgaggctttt    155640
     tgcatctcta tttataaggg atattaatct atagttttct tttcttgtct ttatctggct    155700
     ttgctagcag ggtaattctg gccctgatag aattaccata gaatgggctt ggaagcattc    155760
     ctgcctattc tagtcctggg agactttgag agggatcggt gttaattctt ttttaaatat    155820
     tgatagaatt cacctgtgac accatctggt cctgaacttt tcgtcccaca agcacggcgt    155880
     gcaccctgta aacatttgct gcattcttca tatttttatt gttatactta caatatgcta    155940
     tttagattgg gtaggccggc cgccccataa gtgcaacagt aagacgtgca tttacattct    156000
     attctgaatt tggggagatg gttgtacgtt catgaataaa tgactataat tgctgttttc    156060
     tctcaatgac aaaaatggtg tcatgaagca gtggaaatta ggaaactaag atgctttccg    156120
     cattttgtgt ttgctacctc attttcacaa aaagaaatta ccagccccta agtatttatt    156180
     acacattgtg cacacctaaa aaacccggag acctagctta gtgctcgtta catgttctag    156240
     tgttgccatt gtttacagca cgctgccatt gtcattattg tgataatatt ttaaagtaca    156300
     tgtttccatg catccatcag gaaatccagt cctgtatagt ggaaatgaga atgtggtatc    156360
     aacatgtggc ataatcaaat ttaattcatt tcagttaaat tttatctttt atgccattct    156420
     tttatgaagc cacattcata acatagcttc taggctaaac attaggcaga agtaggatac    156480
     gtgagtgggg cagtaatgga ctctcttttt aatatgaagg aagattaaaa ttgtattaaa    156540
     ttacacgtta atggaaaaac aaagcaaaag ataataggat gacaacttta tgcagctgta    156600
     aagtctggat tacagcacat agttttgcta tttagcagtt gaatattgaa tttcatttga    156660
     aaatttgctt ttaattatat taaaataata tctaaatatt cccccaatat attaaagtgc    156720
     tctcattata atttgactgt ttgagaaagg aagacgccgc cggccattac agtgtaggtg    156780
     ctcctgtgag acagcgtagg cacctgaaat ataacacagt gaggctcacc ttgaagttaa    156840
     aggatctctt tatccttcaa ctggggactg tttactgtga gaatatgcag gagcaatccc    156900
     tttgctggcc tcagtgggag aaacagcccc acaccttgct gtcagtctct cgggatccct    156960
     caggaaatct ttacgttccc ttctgcattc acacctgggt gtgagaagcc ggtccctgac    157020
     ttcccaggga ctcatgaaat cgtatccctt ccttatccca tgtttccatg gccatgctgg    157080
     cccagacggc tggccgtcct ggatcctgaa atctgcgacg ttttgaggcc atacctagga    157140
     ctagtcactt ggtaaacatt atcagcaggg gattttgttg ttgttgtttg tttgtttttg    157200
     ccttggttac ctggagggtt ggggttggac acgatgggaa aactctcact ccccatcact    157260
     ctgcttgctt tccctggcat ccatgttgct cagggagtca gagtgggtgg ctctccaagc    157320
     gcagggcatg atggactcac cccaagactg caagcagggg tgcatctcag gctgcttagg    157380
     gtggtggcga gagaggagca agtgggagag acgcttatgg tgacgggaga gctggcaggc    157440
     aggaattcgt tccgggatcc gaggcatgga ggtggtccag gagaggcagg tattggacaa    157500
     acgtgtgggg ggatagttcc cttcctgagg agacggccac gctcagccgt cgaggtggcc    157560
     acttcttgct cctgtctggg tctttggcct cgaggacggc acacagcaag gccgagtggt    157620
     gtggagccgg gtcttggagt gaatgcaggg atgcattcca ggcctgggag gagaggcggc    157680
     aggacccggg cagcgacatc tacaaatgac ggcagccggg tgtgcttaag gctcagcaga    157740
     ctcacaggga cgtgcggacc gtggggcaga gggaggctcg gcagctcctc tggtcatcac    157800
     agagcttgga cgtctggtct gggcctggca ctgctgcggg atggcccgtg gctgtcacaa    157860
     ggaaggcagc tgtgcccgca gggagcttgc tgtcctagat gtggccctgg gtgacaggct    157920
     gagaagaaca gggctcccct aaaagttggt ggatgggctg gggtgcattt gagggggtca    157980
     gccccacagc tgtgtctggg tggaggcagg gggagaggga gagagaggag gaggccatcg    158040
     tgatggtcct ggtgacaagg aggagggtct ggggcaggag gggcctggga tggaggaggc    158100
     agatgtgggg ttgagggggg cctgccagaa ggaggaaggt gtgagtgcag agaccagggg    158160
     agcaacaggc cgtggagctg gcagatcctc cttctctgca ggtcacccca gcgcccagcc    158220
     gccttcccag ggagagagga gagagcaagc gacctgcccc ttggtggctc agtggccata    158280
     agacaggtgg tgctttgttg tagccacagc ctcgctcctc caggcattca gggaaagccc    158340
     atcacaggcc gcagaaggac acagggagga gtcaagcggg attcctctgg ggaaggaggc    158400
     acagctgccc ccacacagat gggacctcga gaaagctcct cccatcctca ctggcctgta    158460
     agggtgtgga ctgaacaaac gatttcacga ttaatacctg tgtatgtgat acatgagctt    158520
     actagacaat atcacccatc aagtaccaga tgctattttt aaaacttctt aagctgtacg    158580
     acaaaactga aatctatgtg aaatacaact atgcttttcc cccaaattgt taatttcctt    158640
     taataccaca aaatccggct gtcaagagac ctgttcaatc tactagatgc taaatcttgg    158700
     tcattaacca tttgggaaca tcagtgtttc ctctccactc ctcacacttt gcgatataaa    158760
     aacaactgcc tggccgggtg tcctggctca tatctgtaat cccaggactt tgggaggctg    158820
     aggccagtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt tgaaactagc ctgaccaaca tggcgaaacc    158880
     tcgtctctac taaaaataca aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg caggcgcctg tagtcccagc    158940
     tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaacccggg aggcggagct tgcagtgagc    159000
     cgtgatcgcg ccattgcact ccagcctggg cgacagagcg agactgtctc agaaaaaaaa    159060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc cacaaatctg ccctctcgag tgcccaggcc agacatggac    159120
     actgattaat gaagtccacg gtgggggtca catattcccc gcacctgagg gtttccgccg    159180
     cgcttccggg tgttcaatgc cgtttctgtt tccccacaga cccgcagtac tcatggtcgc    159240
     ccacgcagca cttcaatgag gagcgctact cgcccgcgcc caggagcatg aagggccttt    159300
     ccggaagtcg gacccagccg ccgctgtgtt ccgggcacac gtgtggtctg gcgcccccgg    159360
     aggactgcga gcacctgcac cacgggcccg acgcgcggcc gccctacctg ctgagccccg    159420
     ccgacagctg ccccgggggg cgccaccgct gctcgccgcg cagctcggtg cactcggagt    159480
     gcgtgatgat gccggtggtg ctgggcgacc acgtgtccag cagcaccttc ccgcggatgc    159540
     actacagctc gcactacgac acgcgcgacg actgcgctgt ggcccacgcg ggcgccaaga    159600
     tcaaccgcat cccggccaac ctgctggacc agttcgagaa gcagctgccg ctgcaccggg    159660
     acggcttcca cacgctgcag taccagagga cgtccgcggc cgccgagcag cgcagcgaga    159720
     gccccgggcg gatccgccac ctggtacact ccgtgcagaa gctcttcacc aagtcgcact    159780
     cgctggaggg ctcctccaaa agcaacgcca acggcaccaa ggcggacggc cgggcggacg    159840
     accaccacca cgcccaccac gccaagcaca gcaagaggag caagagcaag gagcgcaagc    159900
     cggagggcaa gccccggccc ggcatgagca gctggtggag ctcggacgac aacctggaca    159960
     gcgacagcac ctatcggacg cccagcgtgc tcaaccggca ccacctgggc cccgtggccc    160020
     actgctaccc cgacgcgctg cagagcccct tcggggacct gtccctcaag acctccaaga    160080
     gcaacaacga cgtcaagtgc tcggcctgtg aggggttggc gctgacgccc gacgccaagt    160140
     acctgaagcg cagctcctgg tctacgctga cggtcagcca ggccaaggag gcctaccgca    160200
     agagctcgct gaacctggac aagccgctgc tgcaccagga cgccaagccc gccctgaggc    160260
     cgtgccacta cctccaggta agcaggctca cggccctgtg gaggccgtct cggcacagca    160320
     ggtggtattg tcgttattcc ttttttaatt gacagataac aactgcatac acatttaggt    160380
     tgtgcaacag gatgttctga gctacggata tgttctggga cagctccact gagctgttaa    160440
     cacacgcatt accttacata cgtaattttt ttggtgggag cacttaaaat ccactctgga    160500
     tgatttccac ctattcaata cgtggttgtt aactgcagtt accgtgctgg ccaacaggtc    160560
     tcttgagctg acccctcctc actgaaatgt tgtcctttga ccaacatctc ccaattcttc    160620
     cccatcccca gtccctctgg taaccacggt tccactctct gctcctatga gttcagctgt    160680
     ttcagatgcc acccgtgaga gggaccatgt ggcctctatc tgtgtgcgcc gggctcatcc    160740
     tgctttgcag tttcttccag ctcacctgtg ttgtggagaa tggcagatct ccttctttca    160800
     aagactgagt agtgtcccct gtgtatgtac cgcatcttct ttatccatca tttgccggga    160860
     gactcgagga ttgacggcac gctatggctt tgtgcgcggg gctgcaggga tggcgggacg    160920
     ttatctacgg gcagctctca tgcgtgagtc tggcctgctc tgggagggcc tctgaagatc    160980
     ccgactcctc cttggaacca tccctctaaa cacagtgggc catttcttta aggcctctaa    161040
     ggctggaggg tttaacaacc acagcaaaca cagacttgcc catgtgggtg ttttccatgt    161100
     gagagctgat ggaccggcct aatggaagtg ggcctgcgac attcgtgagt tcactccctg    161160
     cacctggcca cagcctctct aagcaccccc cactacaaaa agcctgatta tggaaaaggc    161220
     ctctgtgtct ctggggtgtg gattaaatga atttaccaaa ggcaaaaaca aagaaggtag    161280
     atccctagag ctggcatatt gcagaattcc ctgttttatg tgatttcact ctctgtctct    161340
     gaattgtgcc atgcctgagt ttactggaga agctctctgg gaggcacacg ctacttctga    161400
     ggatgccact cagtgacttc catcagtcga tagcgctgtt aaaaaaaaca taacatgtgt    161460
     gtcccaactc acaaatcact cttgcttgcc tagagcagcg gctgtgggcc tcgcatcagc    161520
     ttagagacat cttcatggag taatgggcca ttgctggctg agccaacagg cagtcaacta    161580
     atgggacagg gggactagca gccgtgattc tttctgggag tcgtggtggc aaatccttcc    161640
     agtggcaccg tcaccatcag gtccagcgtc cacatctcaa cagctctgtt ttgaaaggaa    161700
     atgctaacca aattgccttt gcaggcagat ttattcagag acaaattggt agttgcataa    161760
     aatattattt tatagcaatg gaagaggcat aaattttgtt tgccgtcggc aaaccctaat    161820
     catatccaaa tgtaaaagtt gtgtctgctt gtttagagaa gcctggtaga aagaatcggg    161880
     gttcactctg atctgtctcc tcattgtcac agacacatag ctctcttgtt tttgtctgtg    161940
     cctggtgtgg atagtcagtg ttccctgaat gagcacttca ggacactgtc agagcctcca    162000
     ggttttgccc cagggtcacc tgcctccaat gcctgccact ctccccaagc ccctccagct    162060
     gcgccttctc cacaggtcct gtgccccttg gacctgcctt ctccaaggag cttcttccac    162120
     ccacttcctc ccaggaacac gcttctctct gcctccaaca gctattccac ggtctaggtg    162180
     cagggaatac cagtcgtcca caaaggtgaa gtgagacaga atgaacccac acaccgtcag    162240
     cccctttcaa aaaccatccc tccgaaagtg acctcattcc atctgcactc acgccttccc    162300
     acccaggcta cactgcaaca aatcccacac gacagacaga tacaactgta aatatgcctg    162360
     tgttgatctc ccagagatcc acacggaatg atgagtacgc tttcttttga aacataacca    162420
     cctgcattat atcatcctgg tcagtggtca cattcccctg agggctcact gtctcttgtt    162480
     ggcttttatt tgaatcagga tccagagaag gggcccgcct ggcagctgct gatgagcctc    162540
     ttcatctcgt tcagcccgag gtttctcctc tctttcctct cttcctcccc ctagattttt    162600
     tttgtttgga accagctggt tggtctgatt gtgtctgtca gtctgagttc cgtgccatgg    162660
     ggtcattcca gacactctgg tcctgttgtt ctgcagccag ccacccactc ctggacttcc    162720
     ctgccctgac gccactggcc tccctctcac gtccactcag atgacacatc ctcggaaaca    162780
     acacagagcg ttatcgtgcc gacattggga agcactgccc ggaggatcgg aggatagaag    162840
     gacgtctgca gggagcagcc acggctttca tggcgctcgt tcacaagggc gttttcttgc    162900
     agtagcaagc ttcccccatc cccacatccg cctcccagtg aaaccacctc ttcggggcat    162960
     gcagctcggt gacttctctc ccctcctcac tgtcccccag tggttgctgc tggacccctc    163020
     atggaaggat ctatgaagct gaatatcagg agctgtgtgc aacctcctcg ggctgtttct    163080
     gtcctaggac tcagctggat tgacgtctgg cattttcaaa gatgcctgtg cagggctgtc    163140
     ccttcctgtc aattgcatta aactttctgg tggaaaacta caggtttctg ggtcctcaca    163200
     accccagatt ttatttcgca gccaggaaac agggaaacta aaggaatttg tctgtgggtc    163260
     ctagtgtacg gataagattt aaaagaataa gaagagagaa ataaatgttt ataaattttc    163320
     ttcctttttt cactaggagc acttgcagct gaacgacagg atcacttttc attttcaccc    163380
     ttggtttgta cagagtatgt ggttcacatt agaggaagat ttttttcttg tttttaagta    163440
     ggtcaaaacg gagaataagt ggaattgaaa ggcaattcag gcctcacgtt attctttcac    163500
     aaagctcttg ttttcatctt ttctgcatca gcagactaag catctaaggt caaacttttc    163560
     atgagcattg taggaatgca gaacggattc gccgtggctt agctcaggat gccaaaggct    163620
     ctctatgcca cagtccaccg aaactcccag ggacgtgcag ggagggagag acgccgcctc    163680
     cccgggaagg ctcctggcgg catcagatgg agggacagcg gggcccctgc tgcatcccag    163740
     agaagacccg gcagcccctc cagccctcgg cctctgtccc cgcctccttc cctcctgtcc    163800
     tcaggcctcc tctctgcagc ctcccagtct cccaccgcgt cctgcgctcc tggttttctc    163860
     ctcttctagt gtcttcccca cctggcgtcg cccggccgca accctggccc tcctggggaa    163920
     gaggttcgga ccctactctt tatttgacat gaagaggttc ggactcccag ttttattcgg    163980
     catgttcacg ggcagcagcc ccattttgtt tggcgtgttc acgggcagca gccctgtttt    164040
     attcggcgtg ttcacggtca gcagccccgt tgtgcttggc gtgttcacgg gcagccccgt    164100
     tagactttgg gttttacctg tcaggctttt tacatgttca cgtgttggaa gcaaatggca    164160
     gaaaagaaca cagaggggag ggggtgcgat gaaaacgggg agccctgagc attccctccc    164220
     tgcgtgtaaa gtgtttcaga acctctccct gctcccgccc tctgcagccg gtcccatcac    164280
     tgagtactga cctttccttg cagccattcg ctgaaggacg tgttgcgggt cccatcaccg    164340
     agttctgagc tttccttgca gccattctct gaacgacgtg tctgttttgt aggccgtgca    164400
     gatccctggc tttcaggctc agctactgca tttgtgaggt ttccagttag gtacaaaaac    164460
     acatcttaaa agtcccatct cccaggtcaa caggtcatcc ttgcggtgta gtttagaaaa    164520
     atcatccatc ttttacaaaa tggagccagg ctcccctgtt tcttgtctct acaataagca    164580
     tttaaaaggc ttgtcacagg gccaggcacg gtggctcaca cctgtcatcc tagcactttg    164640
     ggaggccaac gcaggtggat cacctgaggt caggagttca agaccaacct ggccaaaatg    164700
     gcaaaaccct gtttctacta aaaatacaaa aactagccag gcctggtgac aagtgcctgt    164760
     agccccagct actcaggagg ccaagggctg agaattggtt gaacgtggga ggtggaggtt    164820
     gcagtgagcc aagatcacgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcaa gactccatct    164880
     ctaaataaat aaattaatta aataaataaa taaataaata aaatggtttg tcatggaatg    164940
     cacgatgctg gccatttgct tctttctgcc cgatctgggg tggaacctga gtctcatcag    165000
     agttgggtgt ggtggcctgg gacagcctgg gccacctctg gccctcctgc cacaggccca    165060
     cctccacatg ctgggtgacc cctccctgct ggtttccttc acgccctcag ctcagcttgg    165120
     cctccacctt gacctttatt gagggtccct ctgctgccca tctgcctcct gagcccgggt    165180
     cctgtctttg tcccgctttg cccctgtatc taggagggtc caacacactc agtaacaatt    165240
     agcgaggggc acctgtatcc tgcagcgttc cagaggatgc tggcttgagc ataagggtct    165300
     ctccgggcac ctaggtgtcc catgttccag aacttggcaa gcaggaagga cccacgcgcc    165360
     ccagcccccc ctcccccgcg cccaccaccc tcacggtatc cccaccagtt caggaaggct    165420
     ggcgttgtgg cttatggggt gctttcaact ccagaaaacc aatagttcta acaagcttct    165480
     cagaaaactt ctctgtattt gtagttttag gggcaaaaga gggagaaagg agattgctgt    165540
     ggttggttcc tatccttagc gataccagtg ctcagcagaa tgaaagaact ggccagcctg    165600
     gctgtgctcc actctaatgc acgtttgcaa tttgaaagga gggcttttgt tttaagtggc    165660
     tcatggtata gatctggggc cgtgaatgga taggagagtt ggggtgtggc cacacctcac    165720
     ttccaatccc gtagtggaat agcaggtccg ggaggagctt ctcatcccct tttaagccac    165780
     tctggacaca gacgcacaac cctgcacaat ccttccgcag cccctcgagt ttctggtctg    165840
     gatctctcct gcactgacac ccagccacca gctgccccat ccatccagtg tgagtcctaa    165900
     aacgcctcct tgagacaaag cggtgacctc cgcttccagg agccacgtgt gcctgccccc    165960
     cacactctat gttccctgtc ctgtggccca ggccacacca tttcctgact gcaaagcctg    166020
     tgttgtgagg ggctcctcca caactgccct gcctctgggc caccgcttcc ccccggcccc    166080
     gactgccaca gaatcctctc ccaccttgag taccgtcaca cagggcttgg caggatctcg    166140
     ctggtgctca ccgagcccgt tcgtgtaatc agggaccgtc tgcaggagtg caggagctgg    166200
     gcctgtgcct tcgagcctct cactgtctcc ccggctggac tcctccatca ccccccagtt    166260
     gtcctgggac tcggtgtgtc atcgctggga gcagcttggt gccgggcagg cagggagatc    166320
     gctgggctgt gtcacatctc agtgacatca tcttaggacc caacacattc ttatccccat    166380
     gacggaaatt ccagcaatgt ttgttgaaat gctgatggat gttgaagggt gtctggtttt    166440
     gggttgttgg ctagccttgt gtctggtaaa tctttctgcc tcttcaatcc ttcacgcctc    166500
     cgtttgtggt gagattcaag acagtgttcc gaaaagcaca ttggaaatca taactcatgt    166560
     gaacatggaa cactgggtgg gtgcatgcgc tgttttatcc aggtttacca ggggagaatg    166620
     acatggccta catgtaactc aagatggtcg tggatgcaga gacctcatgg tgactgggtg    166680
     cagaaacctt gtgacctgtg actgggtcct tggattctgt gatctaagac cctgaggaac    166740
     catctgcatt tatgccatga cggccaccga gtggtcacct tgttctgggc acagtgccct    166800
     caacttggca gctgaggctc tgcttctgca ggagtgcagg tagatggggt ccggctctgt    166860
     cctctccctc ccagggcaga tgaggctctg ctcctgtggg tgtgcaggtg ggcggagtcc    166920
     tgctctgtcc tctcccaccc aggacagctg agggtctgct cctgcaggag tgcaggtgga    166980
     cggggtttgg ctctgacctc ttcctcccag ggcagctaag gggtctgctc ctgtgggtgt    167040
     gcagctgggc ggagtccggc tctgttcttt ccctcctagg gcagtggatg ccccaggctt    167100
     gtctgttccc gctgagtctg tgtctcctgc ctcagacttg gtggtccaca tgcagtactg    167160
     ctctgtgaat gatcctggaa gggctgaccc aacccaaagt acagcaggac taggagctgt    167220
     tggagctcag gccggtgaac tgcaatttaa gttatccctt gtctgtcttg gtgttaagga    167280
     gtggaatgga atcaagtttg tccttaagaa aataaagtgg gcagctgaac tctaaaccta    167340
     actctgactt ggtttcagtg gctcagagga aaaaccacaa caaacaaaca ggaaaggaaa    167400
     gacttcccac ccaagctaaa ttgttgtagg gacaccaggg tggatttgag cagcatcgcg    167460
     aagatctctt cagctgagat gtacatcccg ggaggcagca gccatgcacc cagcatttct    167520
     caagctcagc acagcgggat gggggctggg agatgcttgt ggggtcggtc ttatggaatg    167580
     ggggatgttg agcacagcca tgcacccagc gtttctcaag ctcagcacgg gggtgggggc    167640
     tgggagacgc ttgtggggta cgtcttatgc actgggggat gttgagcagc atttctgggc    167700
     tccacctact acctgccgga agcaccccca tttagtgaca accaaacata tctccagatg    167760
     tcaccaaatg tcccctgggg gcagaattac ctggttggga actgctggtg tcatccaaag    167820
     agcgtgagct ttagaacaag acagacgcgt ggaaccttct cacaagctgt gcagccgggg    167880
     ggctcacaat aggggctttc catggaaata aatggctata actgtgcctg cctgacctcc    167940
     ctcagggtcc cggaaagagc ccctggtgag atggacgtgc cgatggccac gggtgtcctc    168000
     tcaacaagga gatggtggct gaggggtgag gacacaggat ggggcagagg gcaggggtga    168060
     gcagcgggga caggtctcgg ccgattctga gagaactcag gtgctgtgtg aactcagggg    168120
     tctccgcacc gaggcaagga gtggccgtcc tgccttcatg ccgccagcct gggtggtgcg    168180
     tgagtcagct cgggtgccat gacgggcata cacacccggg gggcgtgtaa aggcacattc    168240
     attccgcagg gtcctggtgg ctggtgccca agaccgtgga gtcccaaggc cagctcctgc    168300
     tgagcctctc ctgggcacgc agacgccgtc ctctccccat gtcctcatag ggttgccccc    168360
     tctctgtctg tctgtgacct catctcccct tcttaggagg ataccaggca gacaggatca    168420
     gtgcccaccc tggtgacctc attttacctt cttcacctct gtaaacgtcc catctccaaa    168480
     taatcacatt ctgaggtccc aagggttagg gttcaacata ggaatttgga ggaacacaat    168540
     tcaggccata acttgtgtgt ccttcccaag gaggggtgtg gggaaggcag ctttctcccg    168600
     ctgaatggct gagggcatgc cctggagaga ctcagccatt ggctggcacc tcctggcagg    168660
     ttggagcagg caccttggtc ctcgaggggt gagtgtggca tccacgcatc ctgggggctc    168720
     ccatgtgggt ggggttatgc caggcatgca gcgcctctgt tggtggcctc ctggtgtcca    168780
     tgagcccgtg gctcccattc caagcatgag ggcgatagga gctggacggg gccaaagggc    168840
     ccagtcacgt gtgcccagtc gcaggcggct tagatggggg ttttgtacac tcagctgtag    168900
     tgtggcccac aggtttggag atggccatag gaaagacagt tcacaactca cagccccaga    168960
     agagagtgag gccacaccgc aggcctgggg gacacaccta tgggtcagga ggcaggagaa    169020
     gagggaagcg tgggcaggag cctttgccac agtctctggg aaggagggag acacatacaa    169080
     acatgcacac acatacacac ataggcatgc atgcacaccc atatacctgc acacatacac    169140
     atatatgcac attacacata cacacacata cacacatagg catgcatgca cacccatatg    169200
     cctgcacaca cacatacaca tatgtgcaca ttacacatac ataaacacac atatgcacat    169260
     aggcatgcat gcacacccgt atacctgcac acatacacgt atacacacat tacacatacc    169320
     cacacataca cacataggca tgcatgcaca cccatataac tgcacacata cacatatacg    169380
     cacattacac atacacacat aaacacacat acgcacatgg gcatgcatgc acacccatat    169440
     acctgcacac acacatacac atatacgtac tttacacaca cacacacacg gcttaaagga    169500
     atgcagaaga catttccctg tgggaacgca cagcaatgga cgataatgtt tttcctcggt    169560
     tccagtgcct ccaagagaat atgatgatat aatcctggcc cctttcacct gggctttgca    169620
     gcttggaaga aagaaaagat attccagttt gtgcagtgtt gaactatccc taaagcaagt    169680
     aacaggagac gtcaaaatgt atgcttatgt cacccttatg aaaatgcctt tttgttagaa    169740
     attatgaaca tcacccatca ctaggtacaa ggaggtaatt agggtaattg attggcgtta    169800
     aatgcagcag ggactgcaaa ctggatttgc agagtctggt agccgtcgtg gaaagaaatt    169860
     tattcattcc ttcactgaag gccataaagc cattttggtt tcagagcgtg cactaggcca    169920
     ccctgggctg agggctgcag ggttcgaatg ctgtaacata acggagagag atttgtttgc    169980
     tgaggcaggc tggcatttta gtattgctct tctgttcttt tgatagtctc cagacatatg    170040
     ctttggaatg gggatttggt acttgaattc atgctttgaa attgactctg gttgacattc    170100
     tttctgtatt gaaatttctt ctgtcaaagc ctgcgaaatt ggcttcttaa atcagaaaca    170160
     gaaacataca agctggtctc atttgttagt taatttgcag gctgctgaag aaaaaaatct    170220
     ttactttgtt ttttatggaa acatgttttt aattcacaaa aaaaatccca taaacctgcc    170280
     aaagtgaatc tcttctttga tggcagagga gctgctcttc catctgccac cagccagcct    170340
     cagcctccct tcccgaactg agcttttcac acattcccag gagagtggca gcgtgagctc    170400
     ccccgtgccc aggaactggg tggccgggcc tccttctgcc ccatcgcctc tgcctgcacc    170460
     ttctgctggt ccagctcaga caaaagtaaa cccggacctc accccaggac ctttcctgat    170520
     cctggcccct cccgtcagcc gacagtgacc ttcaacacgt gtcccctcca cactggcttc    170580
     tccaccctga tgatgctacc actcatttca tgtccatctc ctgtaccgaa ttgtaatgtc    170640
     attgagaact gtggcttttc ttaaattaaa aataagggtg tttattacaa aagtcatata    170700
     gggttcatgt agacaattta aaaatataaa gaaaagtcat tgaaaaccct gtaatcttca    170760
     tctcctagtg acggtccctg tttcacatct tctggctgct tctgcacata acacagttac    170820
     atctttaaaa gacataaaaa tgtcaagtgc tttaaaaatt gcttttcccc ctcatgagca    170880
     tcttttcatc actaaatgca cattctggaa tagtattttg ggtagctggg tagtatccat    170940
     cctgtgcttt tcgccctcgt gagcatcttt tcatcgctaa atacacattc tggaatagta    171000
     tttttggtag ctgggtagta tccatcctgt ggttttaata aatattgtaa gccatcccct    171060
     atgatacagt actgttgtca tttctcctct ttccctgatt accaattccc cagtccctga    171120
     ccctgggctg cattgtcttg gggaagcttc atggaaggaa agttgcccac tctaaggaca    171180
     tgaccagtcc gaaggcctcc agtcatctcc agaaagaccg ggcgctccac tgcccgccac    171240
     ctggcctgaa gacacggaga taagaattgt caagtcccca aagttgtgaa ttctttattc    171300
     ttccttagtc atctttttcc agtgctcaaa cttcctcact gtcaggaaat gtaaaccaaa    171360
     attcacacgg acaaaatgtg aacaaaacat tggcaaatgt acacctgttt tcttaactgc    171420
     tgatttcttg ctgagagaac ctgctgtggc tgaggcccca ggcctgtctc ttacctgacc    171480
     tacagctctg cagctctgcg gtgtcatctg tgggacattt acattgacca tgtcattaat    171540
     acccgatatg gtttgtgtcc ccaccgaaat ctcgttttgc ctggcagctc ccataatcct    171600
     catgtgtcat gagagggacc cagtaggagg tgactgaatc atggggtggg tctttcctgt    171660
     gctgttttca tgatggtgac taagtcttat gagatctgat ggttttttaa aagggagttc    171720
     ccctgcacac actctcttgc ctgccaccat gtaagacatg actttgctcc tcattcgcct    171780
     tctgccatga ctgcgaggcc tccccagcca cgtggaactg agtcagttaa acctctttcc    171840
     tttataaatt gcccagtctg gggtatgtct ttattagcag tgtgagaaga gatgcataca    171900
     atacctccaa ttccctttca gcgcggtctg tattcctctt tgaacacgtg cagacctggg    171960
     cacaaggcac caggtcataa aggctttaga agaacccggc tggagagcac cacagacacc    172020
     gcctgtccag ctcacggtca cagttcagga tccttgtcct gagcctttgg gcctcttgga    172080
     atctgggtgg agggagaatc tggaacttcc catcctgtcc aaccctctcc tcatcacagc    172140
     atctggatct tctagtgtgc gtggtgctag ggtgtcactg tgagctgccg tgtgcctggg    172200
     ccaccttggg ggtgctacag ctgtgatcca cctgcaccgt gacccacagg ggcctgcggg    172260
     actgtggtgt tgggtgtccg cgcctcgtta ctgggggact gtgtggtgtt ggggtgtccg    172320
     cgcctcgttt ctgggggact gtgtggtgtt ggggtgtccg cgcctcgtta ctgggggact    172380
     gtgtggtgtt ggggtgtctg cacctcgtta ctgggggact gtgtggtgtt gggtgtccgc    172440
     gcctcgttac tgggggactg tgtggtgttg ggtgtccgcg cctcgttact gggggactgt    172500
     gtggagttgg ggtgtccgcg cctcgttgct gcgggactgt gtggtgttgg ggtgtccgcg    172560
     cctcgttgct gcgggactgt gtggtgttgg ggtgtcggcg cctcgttact gggggactgt    172620
     gtggtgttgg gtgtccgcgc ctcgttactg ggggactgtg tggtgttggg gtgtccgcgc    172680
     ctcgttactg ggggactgtg tggtgttggg tgtccgcgcc tcgttactgg gggactgtgt    172740
     ggtgttgggg tgtccgcgcc tcgttactgg gggactgtgt ggtgttgggg tgtctgcacc    172800
     tcgttactgg gggactgtgt ggtgttgggg tgtctgcgcc tcgttactgg gggactgtgt    172860
     ggtgttgggt gtcggcgcct cgttactggg ggactgtgtg gtgttggggt gtccgcgcct    172920
     cgttactggg ggactgtgtg gtgttggggt gtccgcgcct cgttgctggg ggactgtgtg    172980
     gtgttcgggt gtccgcgcct cgttactggg ggactgtgtg gagttcgggt gtccgcgcct    173040
     cgttgctgcg ggactgtgtg ttgttggggt gtcggcgcct cgttactggg ggactgtgtg    173100
     gtgttggggt gtccgcgcct cgttactggg ggactgtgtg gtgttgggtg tccgtgcctc    173160
     gttgctggtg gactgtgtgg tgttgggtgt ccgcgcctcg ttgctcgggg actgtgtggt    173220
     gttggggtgt ccgcgcctcg ttgctggggg actgtgtggt gttggggtgt ccgcgcctca    173280
     ttactggggg gctgtgtggt gttggggtgt ccgcgcctcg ttactggggg actgtgtggt    173340
     gttggggtgt ctgcgcctcg ttactggggg actgtgtggt gttgggtgtc cgcgcctcgt    173400
     tactgggggg ctgtgtggtg ttggggtgtc cgcgcctcgt tactgggggg ctgtgtggtg    173460
     ttggggtgtc cgcgcctcgt tactggggga ctgtgtggtg ttggggtgtc cgtgcctcgt    173520
     tactgcgggg actgtgcagt gtccgggtgt ccgcgcctcg ttactggggg actgtgtggt    173580
     gttggggtgt ccgcgcctcg ttgctggggg gctgtgtggt tttggggtgt ccgcgcctcg    173640
     ttactggggg actgtgtggt gttgggtgtc cgcgcctcgt tgctggggga ctgtgtggtg    173700
     ttggggtgtc cgcgcctcat tgctggggga ctgtgtggtg ttggggtgtc cgcgcctcgt    173760
     tactgggggg ctgtgtggtg ttggggtgtc tgcgcctcgt tactggggga ctggtgttgg    173820
     agtgtctgcg cctcgttact gggggactgt gtggtgttgg gtgtctgcgc ctcgttgctg    173880
     ggggactgtg tggtgttggg gtgtccgtgc ctcgttactg gggggctgtg tggttttggg    173940
     gtgtccgcgc ctcattactg gggggctgtg tggtgttggg gtgtccgcgc ctcgttactg    174000
     gggggctgtg tggtgttggg gtgtccgcgc ctcgttactg ggggactgtg tggtgttggg    174060
     gtgtccgcgc ctcgttactg ggggactgtg tggtgttggg gtgtccgtgc ctcgttactg    174120
     cggggaccgt gcagtgtccg ggtgtccgcg cctcgttgct gcgggactgt gtggtgttga    174180
     ggactccttg ccacacgggg tccatggtaa ggggagctcc tgctcgtcca ggctggaagt    174240
     ccaggatatg tgagtgacag aaatgagcat gcctctccct ctcccttggc tcctgtcctg    174300
     ggctgcaatg tggaagatgt cagatctgcc ggagcactgg tgtggcatgg catttaggaa    174360
     tgaatacagg ggccttcagc cagaagacct gccttcacca ccagccacgc agatccctgc    174420
     tggtagtgct gtcgatcggc tcacaggcaa tatggacact ggaaagatgg caggttcctt    174480
     ttctgatgat ataagtagta tacctcagta gctaagtatt ttacagcaag gaaaaaaaat    174540
     accctgtctg aagacctttt aaatatggaa attttttatt ttctttctct gtaaacagca    174600
     tttggggaga ttctcttctc ctacatgaaa aacatgctat gttagttcct tgactacaga    174660
     ctgtgggtga tgagctagtt gctgtggaaa gctttggagt tctctacact cagcgactgc    174720
     atgctgtgtt cttttgcctt tgtaaacgtg agtttgacct atggagtgaa ctttacccag    174780
     agcctctggg gagctgttca aagctaatga accgtgggga aaagaaacca ggtcctgacc    174840
     tgcagggagc agctcccgca atggaaacca ttgtgttcca gttccatgac tttttgctca    174900
     tggctatgtt gggtttccag tttcacagat ggtggatgga aacagaatac tggcctgcac    174960
     tgtcatcttc atggtttacc ctcccctcag agagacacgt aacgcaaaca cacagcaggc    175020
     agcctgtggg gccgttatgg gtgatatata aaatgcacgt gggttcagtt ctcgaacagt    175080
     cagatacaca gcacaggggg gttatatgta tgggctctca gctctgtgca aggcagatat    175140
     atagcaagta catgggccca gttctgtgcc tggcagatat ataacaggca taggtgctca    175200
     cctctgtgcc aggcagatgt ataacatgca cagttgctca gtttggtacc atgcggatat    175260
     ataatacgca cgggtgctga gttctatacc acacagatat ataacattca tggttgctca    175320
     agtctgcacc aggcagacac ataacatgca tagttgctca gctctgtacc aggcagacat    175380
     ataacaagca caggtggtca gctctgtacc acacagatat attgcatgca caggcaggtg    175440
     ctgagttcca taccacacag atatgtaaca ttcatggttg ctcaggtctg caccaggcag    175500
     acatataaca tgcgtgggtg ctgagttcca taccacacag atatatagta ttcatggttg    175560
     ctcaggtctg caccaggcag acatataaca tgcatgggtg ctcagctctg tacgaggcag    175620
     acgtataaca cgcacaggtg atcagctctg taccacccag atatataaca tgagcgggtg    175680
     ctgagttctg taacaggcag acatattcca tgcacaggtg cttggtgata tgtcaggtgg    175740
     aatgtgatgt ggctgggcaa gatccttttg caactctgag tactgagaat ttgcatgtat    175800
     gatagaactt ggcttctaga tttaaaaccg tcctctttta tttgcttgca attaagatat    175860
     aagtatacaa taagataggc attttctccc ttgttttctt tttttttttt ccttttcttc    175920
     tctgttcagt ttctcaactt tcaatttcct cttataccag agggaaataa aactaaattt    175980
     tagccagtgc tttgtcccag ctgctgagat tgcaagtgtc ccttcttctc ttacttttct    176040
     cacatgttct cactttatcc atagtgttta cctatcactt ataatgaaga aaaaccaaca    176100
     tttttatatt catttccttt taggatatgc atttttatac atctgacttt aactgataaa    176160
     tgactgtaaa gaggtgtatc tttatggaat tgtagaggat ttgtttccaa aaaggagctg    176220
     atgctgccgt tctcagtgac aaagttgatg cgtgtttcat gtctgtctgc tcccaggtac    176280
     ctcaggatga gtggggaggg taccccaccg gtggcaaaga tgaggagatt ccctgcagga    176340
     gaatgagaag tgggagttac attaaagcca tgggggacga ggagagcgga gagtcagact    176400
     ccagccccaa gacatcacca aagtcggcaa tcctaccaga gccgctgctg aagtccatcg    176460
     gacagagacc gcttggagag caccagacgt aagtgagacc agctgccttc ccactccaag    176520
     cactttccca ctgcctgcga gctccctctc caaaaccact tcaccgtgag ctgagtgcca    176580
     tccatttaaa ctaaattgcc aagctgaaaa tattagaccc atggctgtca attttcaagt    176640
     atttttttaa agaacaacca gagcttttgt tatttatcaa ttacataata attaaggaag    176700
     tgtgcttggg caacttcctt gtcaaattat aaagccaaca tgagccatcg tatctttctg    176760
     atcattcaga ttatcctcag gacaagcaca tgtctctgtt tgtatgaatg tgtgcgtatg    176820
     ggtgtgtgtt tgaatgtctt tgtgagtaaa actcgttaac ggaattttgt tgttgactat    176880
     aactttgtaa gtgcatttct aggcaacaca tttttttgta gaggagggag gaaatggact    176940
     agctttataa atataatacc ctacacttta catatttgcc caaaatttat tattaataaa    177000
     tttaattttg aaaatataga cagataaaac tctttgggaa atcagcaatt cctatgaacc    177060
     atgaaaatat gactgttact gtcaacagcc acgctgctgt gtatcttgag tcccacaagt    177120
     tagtttgggt ggtaatgcca agaactgcct ggaagctacc cctgccttct gcggccggct    177180
     gtgaggtcct gggcaagtgg ataggcaggg cggaactgct tctcagcctt ggccagtgcc    177240
     acataagagt tattaattat gacccacaca tcagacaggg agccctgggc cacagggccc    177300
     tccctgtatt gtctctatcc acgccgagtg cacccagtga tgagccagtg accatataac    177360
     ctcttccaat acatctagtt attcatcgct gttggcttac aagatgaaaa agtgaaattt    177420
     taaattgaaa ccaaatctta caaattagaa cttcacaaat ccgaactcta tcattgttgc    177480
     ctagttcagc taaattcaag agctatggtg taggaatgcc agacaagtca tgccctgaga    177540
     ccgggccgca tgtctgccca gcccaggccc atccatctcc tctccctcca cagagggtgg    177600
     tcagtgccag cttgtgggac gagtggctga gaacaaagcc aaaatgttgc cctggggaag    177660
     ctcttagact tgttggaagg aaatggggag caggtgtttg taagccagga aataaccagg    177720
     aaagatgatt accaggaagg ggttggggag ctggacagag ctgggagcag agccaagttg    177780
     tctgacccat ctgctccagc aggaaagtga aggattggac tggatgtcag ctctcaccca    177840
     ccttttattt ggcacactta aagacattag gagaattatg aattatctga aacgtcttct    177900
     ggggaaaagc acacacatgc agaagctatg cttcgtgggt ccagggctcc aaggccagcc    177960
     tcagtcctgg ggttttggac ccccaggtaa acagccattg gttaacttcc cactttaaat    178020
     gtttgtgatt cattgcataa ttctatatgt ttgaaagcaa aacatgaaaa aaccaaagcc    178080
     ttttttagac catgggcagg gactaagtgt tttaagaatt acgaacggcg ttttcctgtt    178140
     gacgggttcc ttcttccact cattcaccat cactgccacg ggtcccccag gatcattatc    178200
     acctcattct tcagtggcag agacagtgtc tcattccttt cttcacatca gggactggcc    178260
     cagagtcctg tacgaggctc cagtactaac aatgttcaaa ggacactctc agaactttac    178320
     actggcaaaa ctcacaccat cacccaatgt agttgaaact cttcaaaaaa ccagcggaag    178380
     gatgtgagcc tgaggccccc tgacagcatc acctaaacac tggccagacc cttccctgcc    178440
     caagtgggaa accctctggg agttcactca ccaacagccc ttaacacctg accagaaagc    178500
     attccatggc ctcaaatctg atcagatgtg aggaaaatgg gtgagatgtg ctgcctacgt    178560
     tactcctgtt ctaaacacaa atccactctg cccgtggacc cccatgccac tgtccactca    178620
     gcaaacacaa atccactctg cccatggccc ccatgccact gcccactcag cagacacaaa    178680
     tccgtctctg cctgtggccc ccatgccact gtccattcag cagacacaaa tccactctgc    178740
     ccgtggcccc catgccactg tccactcagc agacacaaat ctgtctctgc ctgtggcccc    178800
     catgccactg tccactcagt agacacaaat ccactctgcc catggccccc gtgccactgt    178860
     ccactcagca gacacaaatc cgtctttgcc tgtggcctcc atgccactgt ccactcagca    178920
     gacacaaatc cactctgccc gtggccccca tgccactgtc cactcagcac acacaaatcc    178980
     actctgcccg tggccccgat gccattgtcc actcagcaga cacaaatcca ctctgcccgt    179040
     ggcccccgtg ccactgtcca ctcagcagac acaaatccgt ctctgcccgt ggcccccatg    179100
     ccactgtcca ctcagcagac acaaatccac tctgcccgtg gcccccattc cactgtctac    179160
     tcagcagaca caaatccgtc tctgcccgtg gcccccatgc cactgttcac tcagcagaca    179220
     caaatccgtc tctgcccgtg gcccccatgc cactgtccac tcagcagaca caaatccgtc    179280
     tctgcccgtg gcccccatgc cactgcccac tcagcagaca caattccgct ctgcccgtgg    179340
     cccccatgcc actgtccact cagcagacac aaatccgtct ctgcccgtgg cccccatgcc    179400
     actgtccact cagcagacac aaatccgtct ctgcctatgg cccccatgcc actgtccact    179460
     cagcagacac aaatccatct ctgcctgcgg cccccatgcc actgcccact cagcagacac    179520
     aaatccactc tgcccgtggc ctccatgcca ctgtccactc agcagacaca aatccatctc    179580
     tgcctgtggc ccccatgcca ctgtccactc agcagacaca aatccactct gcctgcagcc    179640
     cccatgccac tgcccactca gcagacacaa atccgtctct gcccgtggcc cccatgccac    179700
     tgcccactca ccagacacaa atccactctg cccgtggccc ccatgccact gcccactcag    179760
     cagacacaaa tccactctgc ctatggcccc catgccattg tccacttagc agagatggtg    179820
     caacagttgg gtccattctt ccatttatcc aggatttatc actccattga tgagtccaac    179880
     aaatgtcagg cattctgcca aactcgattt atacgtgccc caatcattct ttttccctaa    179940
     atctgacgcc gtgttgtaga taataaagca gagaaagcag ccatgtgatg ggtctggaca    180000
     gcgacctgcc tgccagggac ctgctaactt gaaagtcctc gaaactcctc tgagtcactc    180060
     tttgggggtt aatgtaatga aagtttctgc aaaaaaaaaa tattatgtta ccaggaggta    180120
     tcaacacatt tttgctgttg cctattcgca tcttagttta tcttatattc cttcacgttt    180180
     tatggattcc aacgtaattc atttatttcc attttagatg acattgctga agctcagctt    180240
     tgtaactcag ggaagctctc atgatgcctg ttttatggac agaaacatga ctcagggaaa    180300
     tgaggtgctg gaggctgcac aagccaccaa ggctctcagc tgaaggtagc tcagccccaa    180360
     gccccgtggc cttcagccca tggcactgct ctgtggaggg cagggtagat cttcaccctg    180420
     tggcactgtt ctgcggaggg caggatagat cttcacccca tggcactgct ctgtggaggg    180480
     caggtagatc ttcaccccat ggcactgctc tgtggagggc agggtagatc ttcaccccat    180540
     ggcactgctc tgtggagggc agtggcggag gccagggtag atactgtggg gagaggagag    180600
     aaaggaagaa aacggccagg actgggagaa ttcccatagt tgtcactctg taaccctgtg    180660
     tttccaggaa acaagggcac gctgagctgt agtgagtgtg gacaaaattc tcttgaaaga    180720
     ttttaacagt ggagatgtca gaagcacatc atagggacct cagattaaac aggaaagaca    180780
     agaccgggga ggcacataca catccatgtg ccgtcttcat tctgctggcc tccagggtca    180840
     tgttaactgt gctgggaacg acttgggttt cacccacgtg aacgcccagc accccctatg    180900
     actgtggctg gcaccatgat gtcgtctctg catcctgttc cattacgcac agccctttca    180960
     taatgttcac tcctgggggc tctttcaatc taggcacatt taaatatcag catttttaac    181020
     gtgtagcagg tgaatattca tatcccaaac atgttctcct aatccaattc ctcatttgtc    181080
     ttagttttaa aattgatttc tgagttgacc attcccacct aagctttgag aaggctcagt    181140
     tggatttcac atgttcacca cagtgtaggt gcagacgctg taatgcccaa gaggctggct    181200
     gtggaggcgt ctgctgggat ggagaggaga gaaggatgaa gagaggacac atctgctggg    181260
     atggagggag gggtgaactg tgggggtgtc tgatgagatg gagaggagag aggggtaaac    181320
     tggagggaca tcttctggga tggagaggag aggggtgaac tgcgggggtg tctgatgaga    181380
     tggagaggag agagggtgaa ctgtggggat gtctgatgag atggagagga gagagggtga    181440
     actgtgggga tgtctgatga gatggagaag agagaggggt gaactggagg ggcgtcttct    181500
     gggatggaga ggagagaggg tgaactgtgg gggtgtctga tgagatggag aggagagagg    181560
     ggtgaactgt ggggcgtctg atgagatgga gaagagagag cggtgaactg gaggggcatc    181620
     ttctgggatg gagaggagag aggtgaactg tgggggcatc tgatgagatg gggaggagag    181680
     agggtgaact gtggggacat ctgatgagat ggagaggaga aaggggtgaa ctgtgggggc    181740
     atcttctggg atggagagga gagagggtga actgtggggg catctgatga gatggagagg    181800
     ggagagggtg aactctgggg gtgtctgatg agatggagaa gagagagggg tgaactggag    181860
     gggtgtcttc tgggatggag aggagagagg tgaactgtgc gggcatctga tgagatgggg    181920
     aggagagagg gtgaactgtg ggggcatctg atgagatgga gaggagagag gggtgaactg    181980
     tgggggcatc tgatgagatg gagaggagag agggtgaatt gtggggtgtc tgatgagatg    182040
     gagaggagag aggggtgaac tgtggggtgt ctgatgagat ggagaggaga aaggggtgaa    182100
     ctggagggtt gtcttctggg atggagagga gagaggagtg aactgtgggg tgtctgatga    182160
     gatggagagg ggagaggggt gaactggagg ggcatcttct gggacggaga ggagagaggg    182220
     ggtgaactat gggggcatct gatgagatgg agagagagaa gggtgaactg tgggggcatc    182280
     ttctgggatg gagaggagag agggtgaact gtgggggcgt ctgatgagat ggagaggaga    182340
     gagggtgaac tgtgggggcg tcttctggga tggagaggag acggggtgaa ctatggggcg    182400
     tctgatgaga tggagaggag agagggtaaa ctgtgggggc gtctgctggg atggagagga    182460
     gacagggtga actgtggggg cgtctaatga gatggagagg agagagggta aactgtgggg    182520
     gcgtctgctg ggatggagag gagagagggt gaactgtggg ggcgtctgat gagatggaga    182580
     ggagagaggg tgaactgtgg gggcgtctga tgagacggag aggagagagg gtgaactgtg    182640
     gggatgtctg atgagatgga gaggagagag ggtgaactgt gggggcgtct gatgagatgg    182700
     agaggagaga gggtgaactg gaggggcatc ttctgggatg gagaggagag agggtgaact    182760
     gtgggggtgt ctgatgagat ggagaggaga gagggtgaac tgtgggggca tctgatgaga    182820
     tggagaggag agggggtgaa ctatgggggc atctgctgga atagagagga gagaggtgaa    182880
     ctgtgggggc atctgatgag atggagagga gaaaggagtg aactgtgggg gcgtcttctg    182940
     ggatggagag gagagagggt gaactgtggg ttgtctgatg agatggagag gagagagggg    183000
     tgaactgtgg gggcatctgc tggaatagag acgagagagg tgaactgtgg ggcgtctgat    183060
     gagatggaga ggagagaagg gtgaactgtg ggggcatctt ctgggatgga gaggagagag    183120
     ggtgaactgt gggggcgtct gatgagatgg agaggagaga gggtgaactg tgggggcgtc    183180
     tgctggtatg gagaggagag ggtgaactgt gggggcgact gatgggatgg agaggagaga    183240
     gggtgaactg gaggggcatc ttctgggatg gagaggagag agggtggact gtgggggtgt    183300
     ctgatgagat ggagaggaga gagggtgaac tgtgggggcg tctgatgaga tggagaggag    183360
     agaggggtga actgtggggg catctgatga gatggagagg agagaggggt gaactgtggg    183420
     ggcatctgat gagatggaga ggagagaggg ttgaactgtg ggggcatctg atgagatgga    183480
     gaggagagat ggtgaactgg aggggtgtct gatgagatgg agatgagaga gggtgaagta    183540
     ttgggggcat ctgatgagat ggagaggaga gagggtgaac tggaggggcg tcttctggga    183600
     tggagaggag agagggtgga ctgtgggggt gtctgatgag atggagagga gagagggtga    183660
     actgtggggg catctgatga gatggagagg agagaggggt gaactgtggg ggcatctgat    183720
     gagatggaga ggagagatgg tgaactggag gggtaatctg atgagatgga gatgagagag    183780
     ggtgaagtgt caggggcatc tgatgagatg gagaggagag agggtgaact ggaggggcgt    183840
     cttctgggat ggagaggaga gagggtggac tgtgggggtg tctgatgaga tggagaggag    183900
     agagggtgaa ctgtgggggc atctgatgag atggagggga gagaggggtg aactgtgggg    183960
     gcgtctgatg agatggaggg gagagagggg tgaactgtgg gggcgtctga tgagatggag    184020
     aggagagaag gtgaactgtg ggggcatcta atgggattga gaagacagaa agggtgaaga    184080
     gtgtctgaga gaaaagtcct ttagacccct gactgccatc cgtgggtttc acagcttggg    184140
     gagcatattc ttgcttaagt tatatttagt catcaataat aacagctcgt ttattcggga    184200
     agtatgcagg aaacatcacg tgctgttctg gtgcccaaat gcaggtaaac taacaccaga    184260
     gaatggagct ttcagtccag atgctggcaa gcaagggcct gccaagggcc ttttttgtga    184320
     ataaagtttt attggaatgt ggcccgctca ctggtcatca tgttgctgtg ggtacctccc    184380
     agcttcaggc agggctgagc aggtgtgagg caccccgaca gccggcagac cctagaatac    184440
     ttacatctgg gcctttacag aaggtgtgag ctgacccctt agaatctaac agacccagtg    184500
     cacttcagtg agtagtcata agtggcgtag gtaacttaca agtgtaaagt gaggtgctct    184560
     ctaaatgcgt gagacaggac tcctaaccca ttctgggagc tccaggcttg tctccctgca    184620
     gactcacatt tgcattgagg ggtccaccct agagcattag ggtaagcggt gggtaggaga    184680
     gcatcagccc tgcacagagc aggaccaagt tcccaaagac agcatattta cgggagaggg    184740
     aaataatatt ttatagtaac actatttcat gttgaatgcc aactctgttg aatcactcag    184800
     gtgcaatcag aaaatggaaa caggttctgc gtcaccagat tttagtgtat ggggggtaac    184860
     gtgagacagg agagcaatga actaggcaca gcaccggcaa taattgcagg acttgtaata    184920
     caccaagaac aacagccatc ccagccctcg ccgctctggt aactgtgctg aagccaacac    184980
     catgacccaa gccttagaga tgaagaccct gtctcagcga gtcacaccac cggaagtcaa    185040
     ctctaggtct ctcagtttta cgcggctaaa ccatgctgcc ccctgccccc ggaggcagca    185100
     gaatctcccc tcggtgatga gtcacctccc tcggtgatga gtcctgtgtg tggtcttccc    185160
     accagagcct caataccatc gagcaagcac atttattaaa cagttagttg acatttccat    185220
     tttgttatga cccaaatcat gtgttactgc aaataaaagc ttccacttag gctgagctaa    185280
     gcacctttac tgtgctgagt tgataaagtt ggttgaccca cattaaactg ccaataatca    185340
     gccaatattt aaaagcagaa attgtatatg gttcaacctg atcattccgg acacaagaaa    185400
     ggaaacccac gaacatacgt gtgacaggca tctcactctg cataaatatg tgactcatga    185460
     gattttgcaa gcattgagaa aatacctaat gagtcttgaa gatgtttctt cgcctaagaa    185520
     ttgtatttgg aatccactgt tgtgcttcct gctagtgact gagtatcttc cacaaacaca    185580
     cacgtgtgca cacactcact acacagggac agagagaggc aagcgaggga gaaacgcaat    185640
     gttaggtcat aataacgcac aacaagagac tatgaacaat acaaaaaatc atcacagacg    185700
     acagagtttc ttcctcttta ggagtgacta gtattccaca ccgtatctgc tgcattttca    185760
     tccactcacc ctttgatgac agaggttgac tctgtgactt ggcgattgtg agcagtgctg    185820
     tggcaaacgt gggaaggcag acgtgaatgg aagcagaggg cattaggtta catgaaataa    185880
     gccaaaatac agaaaaacaa acaccgcaaa tccccaccta aatacaggac ctaaaacaat    185940
     ggaactcaca ggtgcagaca gtggaatgga ggttacagaa gctgggggtg cggaaaatgg    186000
     agagttgagg gtcaaaagaa ccaccctccg tgagacagga ggatattctt tattattatt    186060
     attattatta ttattattat tatttaagtt ctagggtaca tgtgcacaat gtgcaggttt    186120
     gctacatatg tatacatgtg ccatgttggt gtgctgtacc cattaactcg tcatttacat    186180
     tagatatatc tcctaatgct ttccctcccc cctcccccca ccccataaca ggccctagtg    186240
     tgtgatgttc cccttcctgt gtccaagtct tctcattgtt caattcccac ctatgagtga    186300
     gaacatgtgg tgtttggttt tttgttcttg tgatagtttg ctcagaatga tggtttctag    186360
     cttcatccat gtccctacaa aggacatgaa cttgtccttt ttatggctgc gtagttttcc    186420
     atggtgtata tgtgccacat tttcttaatc cagtctatca ttgatggaca tttgggttgg    186480
     ttccaagtct ttgctattgt gaatagtgct gtaataaaca tacatgtgca tgtgccttta    186540
     tagcagcatg atttatagtc cttccggtat atacccagta atgggatggc tgggtcaaat    186600
     ggtatttcta gttctagatc cttgaggaat cgccacactg tcttccacaa tggttgaact    186660
     agtttacagt cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctattt ctccacatcc tctccagcac    186720
     ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt aatgatcgcc attctaactg gtgtgcgatg gtgtctcatt    186780
     gtggttttga tttgcatttc tctgatggcc agtgatgatg agcatttttt catgtgtctg    186840
     ttggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgagaag tgtctgttca tgtccttcgc ccacttgttg    186900
     atggggttgt ttattttttt cttgtaaatt tatttgagtt ctttgtagat tctggatatt    186960
     agccctttgt cagatgagta gattgcaaaa attttctccc attctgtagg ttgcctgttc    187020
     gctctgatag tagtttcttt tgctgttcag aagctcttta gtttaattag atcccatttg    187080
     tcaatttttg cttttgttgc cattgctttt ggtgttctac acatgaagtc cttgcccatg    187140
     cgtatgtcct gaatgataat gcctaggttt tcttctagga tttttatggt tttaggtcta    187200
     acatgtaagt ctttaatcca tcttgaatta attttagtat aaggtgtaag gaagggatcc    187260
     agtttcagct acgtatggct agccagtttt cccagcacca tttattaaat agggagtcct    187320
     ttctccattt cttgtttttg tcaggtttgt caaagataag atggttgtag atgtgtggta    187380
     ttatttctga gggctctgtt ctgttccatt ggtctatatc tctgttttgg taccagtaca    187440
     aggtaattta tagattcagt gccatcccca tcaagctacc aatgcctttc ttcacagaat    187500
     tggaaaaaac tactttaaag ttcttatgga aacaaaaaag agcccacatc gccaagacaa    187560
     tcctaagcca aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcacactacc tgacttcaaa ctatactaca    187620
     ggctacagta accgagacag gaggatattc ttcatgtttt tagatcagta gcacactgaa    187680
     tactgcaagt aaatgagtac tgcacatttc agtatcactg agtgaatttc taatgttctc    187740
     atcacaaaaa atgtgaaata tttcagctga tagctgtgtt aattcacttc atttttctac    187800
     attgtactta aaatcacaac acacttttta accccgtaaa tacacatact ttgtcaatat    187860
     acgataaaaa ttttttaagg ggctgggcgc ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt    187920
     gggaggccaa ggtgggcaga tcaactgagg tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggccaacat    187980
     ggcaaaaccc catctttact aaaaattcaa aaattagctg gtgtagtggc acatgcctgt    188040
     aatcccagct actcgagagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccggga ggcggaggtt    188100
     gcagtgagcc aagatcgtgc cattgccctc cagcctgggc cacagaatta cactctctct    188160
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatttaaa gcaagtaaat gccacaggat atccaacaag    188220
     aggtttattg tgagaaatgg aagaggaaag gcatccctgc tggaggctgc agcctggtgt    188280
     ccctgcagca gggacaggtg tcaagagcag cccggggcca ggggagtgag aggagcctgc    188340
     aggacccagg aaggagcagc aacctcggat tcccacaggg gcacacagca tgctggggaa    188400
     cgggcagcac tcagcgtggt cagcactgac cttcctcctc aacctgcccc tggccccgca    188460
     agtcctgagc cccgcccggt gcctccgagg tgccactggc accagcgcga gtgctcatag    188520
     ctgccagagg caaggtgtgg aaatctgcat taatgtaatc tgataacgtt ttgttggtaa    188580
     attacgtaga cactcttata ctaagtttat cttataccca aagtctgctt taaacaaaat    188640
     tggtgattct ataattgtat tttaaacaga attgaaagta attggataca gtgcactgag    188700
     tgtttttctc ttttttgcac aaaagagctt cccagcagga gctgactgac aaaatctttt    188760
     acgtttccaa gtgattcaaa tgataaaaat gataatgaat gtttgcttgt ctccatgagg    188820
     cttttattct cctcttggtg tacatgaaca acttctcttc acctgaacaa tagttaagaa    188880
     tgcaaatgtt atgggaagat cgacttgcta attgtattta attttaatgt gataggtatg    188940
     ggttcaggtt cttaccccgg aagttatcgg gcacaccaag tccttgggag gctctgggca    189000
     cctgcgttga ctgtgccgtc ccgtgagatg gaacgtgtca gcagttcttt tttgactgcc    189060
     tggtacggga ctggaagaag gttgggtctt taattggctg ttatcagccc tccttctaaa    189120
     ccacagagca gagcactcct gcaaagactg caggaattct gcttcaaaat gttccacctc    189180
     ttggaacaat gccagaatta ttctgttaaa aaccatctta tcttcctgct gtaaaactga    189240
     gaaaaaatca gtcttctcgt taatcactta atatgcacat cctaattata tatataagcg    189300
     ttttcactta taccctgcta tgttctctaa catagtgcaa gataatagaa ggccttttgc    189360
     tctcaaaaat aaaaataaaa acaagcagaa atcctgtccc acctgtctca tgccctggtg    189420
     tacagaccct cggccttgtg tccccgatcg ggaaggtcag attcccaggg ctgatggccc    189480
     cgtctgtggg tcagaccctg cccacgtgca gagcaccact tagaattatt atcaactaat    189540
     tgaaatgcaa attccaagtc ctactgaatc caatttactg catttctaaa ttagcttatg    189600
     tattagtgat tgagatactg gacttgctta tatattaaca tttgaaatac ttgaataact    189660
     aattcaattc tgattgtgat gaaaggtaga ccaaataatt tcatttggag gcctttgctt    189720
     ttttttctgc ttagttcaat tagaaagtca aagctctaat aattttgaat gtctctgggt    189780
     cattctctaa tgaaggtagc actttaaatt tataaagaaa aaagagctta tttcaaagat    189840
     acttcatatc atatgtaaag ataaattctg atggattaaa tatgtaagca ttaaaatcgt    189900
     atatatacac acacatatat gtgtgtatat atatagacac atatgtatat gagtattctg    189960
     tactctgggg gtggagaaga cgtatctggg catgattcca tggggcgtaa ttataaagat    190020
     accactttaa attcataaaa ttaaaaactt atttatgata caagccaaca agcaaactaa    190080
     aaataatatc gccaaagtaa aatcataata aaaacctgag agtttttcaa tataagtaac    190140
     aaatgtttat atttttaata tataaagatt gccttacaaa tcaataaaga aaaaaatgaa    190200
     tgacgcagtg caaaaatgaa taaaggccaa gcaaagacta ttcatctacc ttatcaataa    190260
     ctaaaacgtt tggagagcat gccatttaaa actgaaaatc taaaagttta ttctagagaa    190320
     attcctgaga agcatgcaaa gacgtaaaaa atacagccac gttcactatt gtgttacata    190380
     tcgttgcgtg acacggtaca ttgcctaagt gcccatcgtg ggcgttggtt tgggtgatgt    190440
     gggggcacta aggaagcccc caccatgcgc tgctaccacc ctcagcaaaa ggctgctctg    190500
     gaggaggtaa agtgtgtgct gcagcacagg cagccgcagg gcagcacgac tcagccagct    190560
     ctgcacctga cctgatggcc tcaacacctc caccgaaagc ctgatggaat aagagccccg    190620
     cccatttccc agcactgata ccattcacat ccattcccac tgttctgtac acgatgacca    190680
     agatttcatc aaaatttagg agacaccgta aaattaaagc tcattctcaa gacacagggc    190740
     aatcaataca agattcagaa gtgacatgga tgttccttca aactctcaga gaaaacgtga    190800
     aagtaactat agttatgcga tcaagcagcg gcacagtggg cctggctaaa tgggaagcag    190860
     tggagagagg agaactctaa gaaagaggca gagggaaaga ccacagatgg ggttcatggt    190920
     ttcagaaata aaggattttg ctggtgagtc atcagcaggc tcgacataac gaagaaatca    190980
     gtgaccttga agataggttc atggaaatta cccagcggag gctcgaagag aaagcgtggg    191040
     aatcgaaagg cagaaaagag catccgagag ctgcagagag ctatcaaatg ttctcacaca    191100
     catagaacct gaatcccagc cagaaagacg aaagcagagc agaacagaag aaacgtggga    191160
     agcactaatg ccagggagtt tctaacatta gaaagataga tcacatcaca gactgaagaa    191220
     cctgagaaaa tctcaaagac agatcaacac cagaaacaaa accccataca catctacaca    191280
     ccacagtcga actaccagaa gtgaaggata cagacaaacc cccacacatc tacataccac    191340
     agtcaaacta ccagaagtga aggatacaga caaaacccca cacatctaca caccacagta    191400
     aactaccaga agtgaaggat acagacaaaa ccccacacat ctacacacca tagtcgaact    191460
     accagaagtg aaggatacag acaaaacccc acacatctat acaccacagt aaactaccag    191520
     aagtgaagta tacagacaaa accctgcaca catctacaca caccacaaac taccagaagt    191580
     gaaggataca gacaaaaccc cacacatata cacacacacc acagtcaaac taccagaagt    191640
     gaaggataca gacaaaaccc cacacacatc tacacaccac agtcaaacta ccagaagtga    191700
     aggatacaga caaaacacca cacatctaca caccacagtc aaactaccag aagagaagga    191760
     tacagacaaa accccacaca catctacaca acacagtcaa actaccagaa gtgaaggata    191820
     cagacaaaac cccgcacata tatgcaccac agtcaaacta ccagaagaga aggatacaga    191880
     caaaacccca cacacatcga cacaacacag tcaaactacc agaagagaag gatacagaca    191940
     aaactccaca catatacaca caccacagtc aaactaccag aagtgaagga tacagaaaaa    192000
     accccacaca catatacaca ccacagtcaa actaccagaa gtgaaggata cagacaaaac    192060
     tccacacata tatacaccac agtcaaacta ccagaagtga aggatacaga caaaactcca    192120
     cacacatcta cacaccacag tcaaactacc agaaagatac agacaaaacc ccacacatat    192180
     acacacacca cagtcaaact accagaagtg aaggatacag acaaaacacc acacacatct    192240
     acacaccaca gtcaaccaga aagatacaga caaaactcca cacatataca caccgcagtc    192300
     aaactaccag aagtgaagga tacagataaa accccacaca catacacaca ccacagtcaa    192360
     actaccacaa gtgaacgata cagacaaacc cccacacacg tctacacacc acagtcaaac    192420
     taccagaagt gaaggataca gacaaacccc cacacatata tacacaccat agtcaaacta    192480
     ccagaagtga aggatacaga caaaacacca cacatctaca caccacagtc aaactaccag    192540
     aagtgaagga tacagacaat ccccacacac atgtacacac cacagtcaaa ctaccagaag    192600
     tgaaggatac agaaaaaacc ccacacacgt ctacacacca cagtcaaact accagaagtg    192660
     aaggatacag acaaaacccc gcacacatac acaccacagt caaactacca gaagtgaagg    192720
     atacagataa aaccccacac atgtacacac cacagtcaaa ctaccagaag tgaaggatac    192780
     agacaaaccc ccacacacat gtacacacca cagtcaaact accagaagtg aaggatacag    192840
     acaagcccca cacacatgta cacaccacag tcaaactacc agaagtgaag gatacagata    192900
     aaaccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaaattata gaccattatg tacagaagaa    192960
     taaagaatta cagcacactt ttcatcgtaa atgattctgg ccagaacacc gtaaagtgac    193020
     atacttaaaa caggaaaaga cgttagccca gaattctaga atgagagaaa atatctttca    193080
     taaatcaaaa tgaaaaaagt catccttagg aaaaaaaaaa aaaagctagg gaaattcatt    193140
     gctagcagac cagtactgca agaaatagga aatgaagttc gttcttttct tttcccccgc    193200
     caagatggag tctcgctccg tcacccaggc tggagtgtgg tggcacagtc tcagctcact    193260
     gcaacctctt tctcctgggt tcaaacgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gcagctggga    193320
     ttacaagtgt gcaccaccac acccgactaa tttttgtatt ttatattttt agtagagaca    193380
     agagtttcac catgttggcc agactggtct caaactcctg acctgaaatg gcccaccctc    193440
     ctcggcttcc taagaaagga agttctttaa gcatggctct gaaagaagag ggcagcagga    193500
     acttagaact gcagtgagag ggagggctgc atgtctcggt tttggtggtg gctgcatgac    193560
     cgtgcatttg cggaaattct tacagccatg cagaaagtga gacgcactga cccattcagc    193620
     atctgaacca gagctgcaaa agtgaatctt atgaaacaat ggatcgtgga ggataaaaca    193680
     gaatcctgtg aagccatttc tccaaggtga gaaataaact gtattcttgt acgggaagag    193740
     aaggggcata cctcagcctc ctgacacttc cgttttggga tatgtttgtg agtaggctat    193800
     ttaagtcatg agatggctcc aagcctcttc tccctcccat ctgccatggg ttgggtgagg    193860
     tgatcaagtg agtaaccaag agaacaccag ctattgatgg acgcatctga gaagagctca    193920
     gaagacgggc tcagatattc ctctggccca tgagcctgcc ctgggatcac cttttgctcc    193980
     acacagcgta acaccaccat gctgggcaag ctgggtacct ggcctgggga tctcctagca    194040
     tccactggcc tgtggcgggt ggctgtgcct ccgtaggcag ggagcgtcgg ggctgctttt    194100
     gagaccttgc agagtcaggc tgacatctga ttaagaagcc tttcaaagaa atcacagttt    194160
     ttgcagaatc catctagaaa gatgaaagac ccttcagagc cacttcctgt gtttctaagc    194220
     ccagcagtcc tgacgttttt gcctttcctg atgctgagac tccatttggt atctgggctc    194280
     tcacagcttc cttcagatca ctcagctcct agcacctctc ggccaccagc tccaagtcct    194340
     gcctctcaca tcaaaggctg atctcacgtc tcagctttct gtttgagacc ctccacgcgc    194400
     tggttgcagg ggtttgcctg atcccagtgc agatccttcg tgatctgccc ccggaaagcc    194460
     ttgttcccct gacaattttc ttcctcctcg ctcctctgac ttgaagtcgg ctgttcaccg    194520
     tctcctcctt gctgccggtc atccttccat gcccagctct gattgcctcc tctgggaagg    194580
     ctccctggag ttacgtcccc tgcagcatat ttcctcactg ctcgtgcttg tctctaccac    194640
     atgcctgttt gctttcccga gagtccctat agcctttgaa agcaagagct gtctcattta    194700
     tcattgccat tgcgccttca ctgtgaggca ttatatgtgc tcctcacaca ctggatgaat    194760
     ggataaaacc atcgtcttat gactcatttg tcagggatta ttgataatca acttaataaa    194820
     tgaactgcta ttagcgacgc cgataaagta atcctgttta gagcctaaac ataaagataa    194880
     tcaatttaaa agacgtgtgc aaagctgatt cacattcacc tgatttctta agctccttta    194940
     ggttctatta gtcaaaacgg gagcagacgc cagactcctc gtgcatgcca cacacctgca    195000
     acctgcagtt cttcagttaa taggaagcca tatgctcctg gggaggaggc atcctctctc    195060
     acagtctcct ccactaccgt gggctgctgg ctcttcattt ttagtttcag ctggagggaa    195120
     gcggagggga gattctggtc cagcctgtgt tgcaaccgtt gccagcacgt gcagagagag    195180
     catttgcact ctgatcggtc cagccctagg ggttcccagg tccctgacga tgtctctcct    195240
     cagaagctca ggcatctggg catgaggtga ggacctgggg attcgaatgg cacttggcac    195300
     ttgctcctgg gggtctctgc ccatcaggga agcagctcac cccacacccg gcggacccaa    195360
     caggcagcca tgaagaaggg caccagaaca ttatccatcc acctgtttcg tgctgtttcc    195420
     agtatcttac cttacatctc ttcatggatt tcattgtttc tctagtaaat tcttcacttt    195480
     ttacctcatt tctttcttct tgtgcatacc aactctagtc ttattctaac ttttttctat    195540
     tagaaaaaat gtccttaacg ttaaatcaaa aacttaagta caatgaaaga caaattaaaa    195600
     acttccattt ttaaattttg tgctttactt attcttttct gttatttcta tgtttctcat    195660
     attttacttc aacatctagt ttttggcctg ctacaactga tattgttttc atgaagacct    195720
     tagttaagag ggaggctcct aagactggcg cctggtttgt tcattaatac tcctggctgt    195780
     gaatgagggc tcacacctgt gatcccagca ctttgggagg cggaggcggg cagatcactt    195840
     gagatcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca agatggcaaa accctgtctg tactaaaaat    195900
     acaaaaaatt agccaggcat tttggcccgt gcctgtaatc ccaggtaccc aggtggccga    195960
     gccaggagaa ttgcgtgaat ctgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttgcaccact    196020
     gcactccagc ctgggcaaaa gaccgaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa tactccttag ggctgtcagt    196080
     tcagggggct gtagtgagtg ctgtctttta ccatccagca cttttatggc gaactgcaac    196140
     tgaaaaacac ataatccaca gaccacgtaa gcttttcttt ttttaaccca actgtgccat    196200
     tgcaggtgca aacaagaaat gcagcttagc gagctcacca cagggagaca tccctagaga    196260
     tgcgtctctg gaaaacctgg cggccccgtg cccccaccac ccagccgtgg gcagtgcctg    196320
     ggcagtactg tagccagcct ctccatacac tcgcagtcca ttcattaaat cagttattaa    196380
     actgatgctt aaactgtaaa attatgactc attgtaaaga gctaacacac gtaattgtgt    196440
     gaagtggagt gtcactctgt ctctggcatg tccatcgcca ggggtttcca ctgcccatga    196500
     ctttatcctg tccggacact ttcgtgtgtg tataaaaata tacacatatg ggcgtagttt    196560
     acaataaaca tgaggtccca ctgcacgcat tactgtacaa tttccttttt tctcccaaat    196620
     attttgttag ttttccgttg ctgtcataaa aactgccaca aacttagtgt cttaaaacag    196680
     ggcgtttatc ctcagccaag tcctgcaggt catgagccaa cacgggtttc tctgggctaa    196740
     ggccgaggtg tcggcagcct gccctccttc cgggtctctc tgggctaagg ctgaggtgtc    196800
     ggccgttggc ccttctttcc ggggatctgc gtggggagtg gttttctttc acatcaagat    196860
     gttacagttg cgggaccgaa gccccgtgtc cttgttgtca gctgaagtca gccccctgtt    196920
     tccagaggcc acccacaggg atgtgttagc tctggcccct gcctgcatct tcagagccag    196980
     ctggacgggg tgtggggtct ctctcactct gcagacccct cctgtctcac gtccacatcg    197040
     atctccgact tgctctgcct tcctcttctg ctttcaatgc tcctgcgctg agagggggcc    197100
     tgcctgggtc atcaggagat tctcactacc ccggggtctg ctggttagca acctcgattc    197160
     cacctgcaac cttcatgccc gcttgatgtg tagcgtaacg tgttcacaga tgtggcacca    197220
     gcgtggaagg ccctaggggt cagagtcccg cctgcagagg taccacgtgc gtccttctgt    197280
     ggcggactct aggcccagat gtcactggac ggacacactg ctgcgtgact ttaacattac    197340
     cgttggggaa ctgcctctat gtttttatta ctgcacagag tgttgtaaag aaaatatttg    197400
     cgaatgctca accaccagtc tacttattgc caaggtatct cttcttctgg gtagcatcat    197460
     aaggggattt tctgggcatg tggctccctc tgaagctt                            197498