EBI Dbfetch

ID   ABBA01017887; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; WGS; HUM; 6580 BP.
AC   ABBA01017887;
PR   Project:PRJNA19621;
DT   05-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Created)
DT   23-AUG-2014 (Rel. 121, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Homo sapiens CTG_1103276993297, whole genome shotgun sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RC   Publication Status: Online-Only
RP   1-6580
RX   PUBMED; 17803354.
RA   Levy S., Sutton G., Ng P.C., Feuk L., Halpern A.L., Walenz B.P.,
RA   Axelrod N., Huang J., Kirkness E.F., Denisov G., Lin Y., Macdonald J.R.,
RA   Pang A.W., Shago M., Stockwell T.B., Tsiamouri A., Bafna V., Bansal V.,
RA   Kravitz S.A., Busam D.A., Beeson K.Y., McIntosh T.C., Remington K.A.,
RA   Abril J.F., Gill J., Borman J., Rogers Y.H., Frazier M.E., Scherer S.W.,
RA   Strausberg R.L., Venter J.C.;
RT   "The Diploid Genome Sequence of an Individual Human";
RL   PLoS Biol. 5(10):E254-E254(2007).
RN   [2]
RP   1-6580
RA   Levy S., Sutton G., Ng P., Feuk L., Halpern A.L., Walenz B., Axelrod N.,
RA   Huang J., Kirkness E.F., Denisov G., Lin Y., MacDonald J.R., Wing A.,
RA   Pang C., Shago M., Stockwell T.B., Tsiamouri A., Bafna V., Bansal V.,
RA   Kravitz S.A., Busam D., Beeson K.Y., McIntosh T.C., Remington K., Gill J.,
RA   Borman J., Johnson J., Resnick A., Rogers Y.-H., Frazier M., Scherer S.W.,
RA   Strausberg R.L., Venter J.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   J Craig Venter Institute, 9704 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850,
DR   MD5; 29b34fcefbbb75c3e911b6762788e2d8.
DR   ENA; ABBA010000000; SET.
DR   ENA; ABBA000000000; SET.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270729.
DR   ENA-CON; DS486483.
DR   BioSample; SAMN02981236.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; ABBA01017887.1:1-6580; homo_sapiens.
CC   DNA Donor Name: J. Craig Venter | Date of Birth: October 14, 1946 |
CC   Sex: Male | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Descent: European - England
CC   This WGS project represents a composite haploid version of the
CC   genome where the highest scoring allele contained is represented in
CC   the consensus sequence.  The number of contigs may differ from
CC   those in the PLoS Biol. paper (PloS Biology 2007 5: e254) because
CC   some short sequences were found to be foreign and thus were
CC   suppressed. Scaffolds DS486015-DS490530 represent the 4528
CC   scaffolds that are discussed in the paper.  There are fewer than
CC   listed in the paper because 12 of the original were determined to
CC   be foreign, so were omitted here.  Scaffolds DS490531-DS490620 are
CC   the remaining multi-component scaffolds, not in the set of 4528.
CC   The chromosomes are records CM000462-CM000485, assembled from the
CC   scaffolds.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..6580
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /sex="male"
FT                   /dev_stage="adult"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 6580 BP; 1404 A; 2058 C; 518 G; 2600 T; 0 other;
     cattccgttc tgttccatgc cattccattc cattcctttg tattccattc cattacattc        60
     cattatggtt aattcaaatc cattctattc cattgctttc cattccattc cattccactc       120
     gtgctgattc aattccattc tattccattc tattccattc cattccattc cattccattc       180
     cattccattc cactcgggtt cactccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc       240
     cattccattc cagttgattc aattccattc tattacatgt cattccattc tattccatta       300
     ctttccatta cattccattc cattcgattc cagattattc aattccatac tagtccattc       360
     cattccattc cgttccagtc cattccattc catttcattc cattgcattg gagtttcttc       420
     cattgcattc gattccattc cattgaattc cattccgttc cattccattc cactcgcaat       480
     ctattccatt tctctccatt ccagttgatt cagttccatt ctattccata ccattccatt       540
     ccattccagt tgattccact cttttccatt ctattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt       600
     ccattccact cgggttgatt gaattccatt ctactccatt tcattccatt ccattccaca       660
     ccattccatt ccactcgggt tggttcaatt ccattccatt ccattcaaat ccattccaat       720
     ccactcgggt tgattcaact ccattctata ccattctatt ccattctatt ccattccatt       780
     cctttcgact ccattccttt tgactgcatt caggttgatt caattccttt ccattccatt       840
     ccattacatt ccattccctt ccatttgact ctggttgatt caattccatt ccattctttt       900
     ccattccaat cgattccatt ccaatccatt ccagttgatt caatttcatt ccattccatt       960
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt gcattccatt      1020
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactcgggt tgattccatt      1080
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccaatccatt cccttccatt gcattccatt tgattccatt      1140
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccaat ccattgccct ccattccatt      1200
     gcattccact ctccttgatt caattgtatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactacatt      1260
     ccattccatt acactcggtt tgattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt      1320
     ccattccatt cctttccagt tgattcaatt ccattctatt ccattctttt tcattccatt      1380
     cctttccatt ccattccaat ccagttcatt ccattccatt ccattccaat ccattccagt      1440
     ttattccatt ccattccatt cccttcgatt cgattccatt ccattccatt gcataccatt      1500
     ccattccact cagattgatc gaattccaat ctatttcatt ccattccatt ccattccact      1560
     cgggttgatt ccattccatt ccattccata caattcaaat ccattccgtt ccatttgatt      1620
     caattccatt ctattccatt tcactcgatt ccattccatt ccattccaat ccattccatt      1680
     ccattccact ctgttcgatt ccattccatt ccatgccatt cgcttccatt ccattcccat      1740
     tccactctgg tatcgattcc attctattcc attccattcc attcagttcc actccattcg      1800
     attccactcg agtcgattcc attccattcc attccattac attccattcc actcgggttg      1860
     actccattcc attccattcc atgccattcc aatccattcc attccactcg gtatgattct      1920
     attccattga attccattcc attccacact attgcattcc attccattcc attccactct      1980
     actcaggttc attcaattcc attctattcc attgcattcc attccattcc aaatcattcc      2040
     actccattcg gtttcactca attccattct attcatttcc attccattcc tttccattgc      2100
     attctattcc attcctttcc attccattcc attccaatcg aattgattca tttccattcc      2160
     attcctttcc attccactcc actccattcc attcctttcc attccactca actccattcc      2220
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc agttgattca attccatact attgtattct      2280
     tttctattct atttgattcc attccattcc attcctctcg gatggattcc attccattcc      2340
     attccattcc attccgttcc attccattcg tgttgtttcc attccattcc attccattcc      2400
     attcgaattc attccattcc tcttcatgtc actcggattg atttaattcc attctaaccc      2460
     attccattcc actccattac attcgataac attacattcc agtcagtttg attcaactcc      2520
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc tttctattac      2580
     acggcggttg attccattcc attcccttcc attccattcc actcgaatgg attcaattcc      2640
     attgtgttcc attccattcc attccattcc attccactcg ggttgattcc attccattcc      2700
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc actatggttg atttccttgc      2760
     attccattcg aatccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccaatcc      2820
     attccactcg ggttgtttcc attccatttc attcctttcc attccattcc attccattcc      2880
     actcgggttg attcaattcc attctattcc agtccattcc gtttcattcc attccactcg      2940
     ggttgattcc agtccattcc attccattcc attccattcg atttcagttg attctattca      3000
     tttctattcg attcaatgcc attccattcc attccattac attccagttg aatctgttat      3060
     attccattcc attccattcc acttgggttc attccattct gttgtattcc attccattcc      3120
     attctattcc ataccattcc attccattgc attccactcg ggttgattct attccattct      3180
     gttccattac attgcattcc actccgttcc attccattgc attccactcg ggttgattca      3240
     attccattct attccattcc attccattcg tttccacgtg agttgataca attccattct      3300
     attcctttcc tttcaattcc attccattcc gttccactct ggttgattcc attccattcc      3360
     atgccattct attccactcg gtttgactcc tttccattcc attcccttcc atttcaatcc      3420
     attgctttcc tttccattcc aattaataca attccattct attcgattcc attccattcc      3480
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc agttgattcc attccattcc tttcgattcc      3540
     attccattcc attccattgc attccattcc attccattgc actcgggttg attccattcc      3600
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc agttgattca attccattct attacatgtc      3660
     attccattct attccattac tttccattac attccattcc attctattcc agattattca      3720
     attccatact attccattcc attccattcc agtccagtcc attccattcc atttcattcc      3780
     attgcattgg agtttcttcc attccattct attccattcc attgaattcc attccgttcc      3840
     attccattcc actcgctttg tttccattcc attccatccc actcccttcc attccattct      3900
     attcgattcc attccattcc agtacattac attccagttg attcaattcc attctgttcc      3960
     attcggatcc attccattcc attccgttca attccattcc atttcattcc agttgattca      4020
     attccattct attccattcc gttccattcc atacaattcc attccattcc attccaattg      4080
     attccattcc attcccttcc aatccgttgc attccattcc attccattcc actcggattg      4140
     atacaattcc attctattcc attccattcc atttaattcc attccattcc attccattgc      4200
     tttccattcc acttgggttg aattcattcc actgcattcc attccattcc attccactac      4260
     attccattcc tttcctttga ttggcattgc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc      4320
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattct actcgggttg attcaattcc attctattgc      4380
     tttccattcc attccaatcc attccattcc attgcagttg attgaattct attctaattc      4440
     attgctttcc attcaattcc attccatcct agttgattta attccattgt attccattct      4500
     attccattcc attgcattcc attccattcc agttgattca attccattct attccattgc      4560
     attccatttc gttccatttc attccattcc attccactcg ggttgattca gttctattcc      4620
     attgcattaa attccattcc acttgggttg attcaattcc attctattcc gtttcatcgc      4680
     actccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attgcattac      4740
     agttgattcc attcttttcc attccattct attccattca attccattcg agtccggttg      4800
     attcaattcc attctattcc actccattct attccatttc attccattaa attcccttcc      4860
     actaggcttg attcaattct attccattcc attccactag gtttgattca attccattcc      4920
     cttccgttcc aatccattcc attccattcc attcctttaa tttcctttgc attccactcg      4980
     ggttgattct attccattct attccattcc atttaacacc attccattct attccattcc      5040
     attccactcc actcggattc atccaattcc attctaatcc attccattcc attccaatcc      5100
     attccaatgc agtcgggttg actgaattcc attctattca tttccattcc attccattcc      5160
     attccactcg ggttgattcc agtccattcc attccattcg atttcagttg attctattcc      5220
     tttctattcc attcaatgcc attccattcc attccattcc attcgagttg attccgttat      5280
     attccattcc attccactcg agttcattcc attctgttgt attccattcc attccatttc      5340
     attctattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattct attccatacc      5400
     attccattcc gttgcattcc actcgggttg attctattcc attctgttgc attccattcc      5460
     attgcattcc actcgggttg attcaattcc attctattcc attccattcc attccttcca      5520
     tgcgagttga tacaattcca ttctattcct ttcctttcaa ttccattcca ttccattcca      5580
     ctctggttga ttccattcta ttccatgcca ttctattcca ctcggtttga ttcctttcca      5640
     ttccattccc ttccatttca ttccattgct ttcctttcca ttccaagtga tacaattcca      5700
     ttctattcga ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccagttga ttccattcca ttcctttcga      5760
     ttccattcca tttcattcta ttccattcca ctcgtgttga ttccattcta ttccattcca      5820
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca gtcgtgttga ttccattcca      5880
     ttccagtcca ttccattcca ctcggatgga ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      5940
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ctcgtgtcga ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      6000
     ttccactgga gtcgattcca ttccattgca ttccattcca cgtcattcca ttccattaca      6060
     ctagagtcga gtcaattccg ttctattcca tgccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      6120
     ttccattcca ttccatcaca gtcaattcat atccattcta ttccattcca ttccattccc      6180
     ttccatagtt gattcaattc catttcattc catgttatac cattctattc gattccattc      6240
     tagttggttc aattgatgga atggaatcaa cccaactgga atggaatgtt gtggaatcga      6300
     atggaatgga atgaaatcaa ccatagtgga atggaatgga atggaatgga aaggaatgga      6360
     atggaatgga atggaatgga atggaattga atccaccaga gtggaatgga atggaatgtt      6420
     ttggaatgga atggaatgga atggaatgga ataaacccga gtggaatgga atggaataga      6480
     atggaatgga gtggaatgga atggaatgga atcaacacga atggtaggaa tggaatggaa      6540
     tggaatggaa tataataaca tggaatggaa taaacccgag                            6580