EBI Dbfetch

ID   U62317; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 139934 BP.
AC   U62317;
DT   12-JUL-1996 (Rel. 48, Created)
DT   18-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 22q13 BAC clone CIT987SK-384D8 complete sequence.
KW   .
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-139934
RX   DOI; 10.1006/geno.1999.5927.
RX   PUBMED; 10493829.
RA   Loftus B.J., Kim U.J., Sneddon V.P., Kalush F., Brandon R., Fuhrmann J.,
RA   Mason T., Crosby M.L., Barnstead M., Cronin L., Deslattes Mays A., Cao Y.,
RA   Xu R.X., Kang H.L., Mitchell S., Eichler E.E., Harris P.C., Venter J.C.,
RA   Adams M.D.;
RT   "Genome duplications and other features in 12 Mb of DNA sequence from human
RT   chromosome 16p and 16q";
RL   Genomics 60(3):295-308(1999).
RN   [2]
RP   1-139934
RA   Adams M.D.;
RT   "Complete sequence of a chromosome 22q subtelomeric BAC";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-139934
RA   Adams M.D., Kerlavage A.R., Fuldner R.A., Phillips C.A., Venter J.C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-JUN-1996) to the INSDC.
RL   The Institute for Genomic Research, 9712 Medical Center Dr, Rockville,
RL   Maryland 20850, USA
DR   MD5; 653fc658c18ed0aa2c5d1b3fccdf9725.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000156.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000008735; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000025708; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000025770; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000100258; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000100288; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000100299; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000130487; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000130489; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000177989; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000205560; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000254413; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; U62317.2:1-139934; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000008876; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000216080; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000216124; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000252029; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000252785; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000299821; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000312108; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000329363; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000329492; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000341339; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000356098; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000360719; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000380796; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395619; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395621; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395650; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395676; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395678; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395680; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395681; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395693; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000395698; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000399908; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000399912; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000401779; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000403326; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000405135; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000405237; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000406938; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000417176; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000418794; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000420993; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000423069; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000423348; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000425169; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000428989; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000434492; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000474879; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000523045; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000535425; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000543927; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547307; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547805; homo_sapiens.
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DR   GOA; C9J7C3.
DR   GOA; H3BT56.
DR   GOA; H7C0S1.
DR   GOA; K7N7A7.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:10604; SCO2.
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DR   InterPro; IPR010736; SHIPPO-rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR012336; Thioredoxin-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR015915; Kelch-typ_b-propeller.
DR   InterPro; IPR017459; Glycosyl_Trfase_fam3_N_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR017850; Alkaline_phosphatase_core.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A8MYP8; ODF3B_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q96G42; KLD7B_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B5MC17; B5MC17_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B5MD02; B5MD02_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C9J7C3; C9J7C3_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0YC55; H0YC55_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BT56; H3BT56_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7C0S1; H7C0S1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7N7A7; K7N7A7_HUMAN.
CC   On Feb 3, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:1399959.
CC   BAC clone CIT987SK-384D8 is the most distal BAC clone on the q arm
CC   of the chromosome 22 map described in Kim, U.J., et. al, A
CC   BAC-based framework contig map of human chromosome 22q. Proc.
CC   Natl.Acad. Sci., in press.  Genes were identified by a combination
CC   of three methods: XGRAIL (available by anonymous ftp from
CC, searches of the EST database at TIGR
CC   (, and searches of the
CC   complete sequence against a peptide database.  Repeats were
CC   identified with CENSOR (Jurka, J., Klonowski, P., Dagman,
CC   V.,Pelton, P. Censor - a program for identification and elimination
CC   of repetitive elements from DNA sequences. Computers Chem. 20:
CC   119-121 (1996); available by anonymous ftp from
CC   Alu classification was performed by J. Jurka, Genetic Information
CC   Research Institute.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..139934
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   repeat_region   complement(646..947)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   1144..1423
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-J"
FT   repeat_region   2549..2868
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxz"
FT   repeat_region   3093..3231
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3262..3555)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   4147..4513
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5085..5374)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5743..5857)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxzg"
FT   repeat_region   7318..7469
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sbcg"
FT   repeat_region   7473..7791
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8919..9238)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9243..9516)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9859..9910)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER41"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9984..10200)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER41"
FT   mRNA            join(12307..12899,13049..13289,13403..13621,13695..13864,
FT                   14177..14301,14392..14519,14774..14876,14991..15409)
FT   CDS             join(12676..12899,13049..13289,13403..13621,13695..13864,
FT                   14177..14301,14392..14519,14774..14876,14991..15310)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /product="arylsulfatase A"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P15289"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:713"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000917"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017850"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024607"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1AUK"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1E1Z"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1E2S"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1E33"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1E3C"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1N2K"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1N2L"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2AIJ"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2AIK"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2HI8"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P15289"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03341.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15477..15587)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   16085..16379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sp"
FT   repeat_region   16387..16501
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(16519..16838)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   16840..17014
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18356..18566)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19933..20232)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sp"
FT   repeat_region   20603..20808
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxzg"
FT   repeat_region   20809..21172
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21178..21446)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   21447..21634
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   21635..21930
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   21931..22175
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22211..22343)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   22344..22434
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   22440..22730
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   22731..23046
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23048..23206)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23207..23321)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-S"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23322..23452)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23465..23740)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23744..24053)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   24055..24130
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24136..24300)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24396..24526)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   24530..24636
FT                   /rpt_family="TIGGER1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24866..25167)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25514..25832)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25964..26293)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28262..28566)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(28913..29748,30145..30243,30440..30537,
FT                   30633..30741,33464..33534,33690..33797,34521..34630,
FT                   34721..34893,35012..35087,35391..35839,35915..35979,
FT                   36956..>37321))
FT   CDS             complement(join(29676..29748,30145..30243,30440..30537,
FT                   30633..30741,33464..33534,33690..33797,34521..34630,
FT                   34721..34893,35012..35087,35391..35839,35915..35979,
FT                   36956..37321))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /note="hypothetical protein 384D8_2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q13387"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:6883"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006020"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q13387"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03340.1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31056..31193)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   40604..40902
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40912..41026)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41142..41460)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   41680..41902
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   41968..42045
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42430..42717)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43878..44172)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44212..44434)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44499..44812)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   45360..45653
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45781..46078)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46507..46786)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46869..47183)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47568..47761)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48653..48950)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   49460..49757
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50788..51100)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sp"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51464..51611)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1PA7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51617..51984)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52381..52465)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-S"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55765..56071)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56080..56369)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   mRNA            join(57530..57896,58097..58205,58592..58705,58901..59034,
FT                   59794..59889,60038..60096,60183..60264,60372..60480,
FT                   60624..60727,60947..61028,61199..61482)
FT   CDS             join(57673..57896,58097..58205,58592..58705,58901..59034,
FT                   59794..59889,60038..60096,60183..60264,60372..60480,
FT                   60624..60727,60947..61028,61199..61273)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /note="choline kinase isolog 384D8_3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9Y259"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:1938"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2IG7"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3FEG"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3LQ3"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9Y259"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03342.2"
FT   repeat_region   58345..58453
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   59189..59363
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   59374..59672
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   mRNA            join(<62539..62679,62991..63130,63420..63597,63817..63918,
FT                   64119..64256,64342..64419,65854..65961,66035..66119,
FT                   66739..66934,67394..67579,68146..68251,68332..68448,
FT                   68915..69079,69162..69296,69411..69563,70048..70161,
FT                   70786..70878,71033..71118,71373..71592)
FT   CDS             join(62539..62679,62991..63130,63420..63597,63817..63918,
FT                   64119..64256,64342..64419,65854..65961,66035..66119,
FT                   66739..66934,67394..67579,68146..68251,68332..68448,
FT                   68915..69079,69162..69296,69411..69563,70048..70161,
FT                   70786..70878,71033..71116)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /note="carnitine palmitoyltransferase isolog 384D8_4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q92523"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:2329"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000542"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q92523"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03343.1"
FT   repeat_region   65146..65461
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   65487..65651
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   67672..67780
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   67848..68050
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71880..72177)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72285..72427)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   72607..72871
FT                   /rpt_family="MER7A"
FT   repeat_region   72904..73200
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   73237..73506
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   74362..74656
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   74967..75250
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   76010..76309
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(79985..80235)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(80498..80804)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   81028..81325
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82002..82312)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   82999..83316
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sq"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83323..83392)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84166..84347)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4B"
FT   repeat_region   84362..84660
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84662..85025)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85035..85095)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-S"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85206..85319)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER4B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85321..85613)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85614..85741)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85742..86042)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86245..86542)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   86574..86852
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   87190..87227
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-?"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87228..87538)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87568..87754)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87858..88083)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   96316..96567
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   96668..96972
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   97096..97401
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   98285..98586
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   98587..98691
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   98841..99136
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   99867..100000
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Spqxz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100197..100495)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101329..101647)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(102754..103042)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(103203..103521)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sp"
FT   repeat_region   103727..103861
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104258..104446)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxzg"
FT   repeat_region   104572..104855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sc"
FT   repeat_region   104997..105286
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105294..105594)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105639..106275)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR13"
FT   repeat_region   complement(106276..106567)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR13"
FT   repeat_region   106664..107128
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(107235..107451)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   mRNA            join(110625..110958,111116..111318,111844..111942,
FT                   112737..112866,113171..113289,113716..113878,
FT                   113978..114208,114313..114453,114536..114699)
FT   CDS             join(110745..110958,111116..111318,111844..111942,
FT                   112737..112866,113171..113289,113716..113878,
FT                   113978..114208,114313..114453,114536..114684)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /product="endothelial cell growth factor 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P19971"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:3148"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000053"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000312"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013102"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017459"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017872"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018090"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1UOU"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2J0F"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2WK5"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2WK6"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P19971"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03344.2"
FT   repeat_region   112150..112425
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   112503..112685
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(116458..117219,117288..117437,
FT                   117532..117633,117734..117783,117885..117953,
FT                   118039..118111,118203..118273,118415..118468,
FT                   118606..118713,118845..118911,119418..119489,
FT                   121134..121264,121722..121805,122176..122255,
FT                   122402..122481,122645..122713,122793..122877,
FT                   122972..123027,123906..>123965))
FT   CDS             complement(join(117079..117219,117288..117437,
FT                   117532..117633,117734..117783,117885..117953,
FT                   118039..118111,118203..118273,118415..118468,
FT                   118606..118713,118845..118911,119418..119489,
FT                   121134..121264,121722..121805,122176..122255,
FT                   122402..122481,122645..122713,122793..122877,
FT                   122972..123027,123906..123965))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /note="hypothetical protein 384D8_6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6IBW4"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:25071"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009378"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q6IBW4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03345.1"
FT                   AHKRFQTYAAPSMAQP"
FT   repeat_region   119592..119892
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   119903..120217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   120285..120588
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   124759..125049
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(125052..125175)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(126320..126493)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxzg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(126655..126973)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(127002..127217)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Spqxz"
FT   repeat_region   127313..127403
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   127610..127923
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jb"
FT   repeat_region   complement(128216..128340)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR2"
FT   repeat_region   128369..128499
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   128508..128806
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   128807..128848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   128867..129166
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   129167..129255
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sg"
FT   repeat_region   129309..129603
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   129726..130008
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   130055..130171
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-FLA"
FT   repeat_region   130234..130541
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   mRNA            join(<133400..133659,133952..134169,134241..134419,
FT                   134639..134780,134917..135051,135120..135225,
FT                   135301..135397,135470..135652,135727..135895,
FT                   136003..136114,136550..137505)
FT   CDS             join(133400..133659,133952..134169,134241..134419,
FT                   134639..134780,134917..135051,135120..135225,
FT                   135301..135397,135470..135652,135727..135895,
FT                   136003..136114,136550..136688)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /note="hypothetical protein 384D8_7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9BU23"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:25096"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009613"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9BU23"
FT                   /protein_id="AAB03346.1"
FT                   WQG"
FT   repeat_region   138300..138615
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sx"
FT   repeat_region   complement(138637..138747)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Jo"
FT   repeat_region   complement(138793..139092)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Y"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139165..139234)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139257..139399)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Sxzg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139400..139425)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139426..139556)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu-Spqxz"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139570..139914)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB7"
SQ   Sequence 139934 BP; 32254 A; 38912 C; 37365 G; 31403 T; 0 other;
     gcccaaataa accctccgct catgttaatg ttgcttcagc ttctttcttt taggtcaacg        60
     ttcagtacgc gtctgtcatt tccatttgac tgttaaacaa actggagact atagaggcca       120
     agggaaaact tgccctctgc cctcaggaga ttcacggaaa atcaactgac aaagtaagag       180
     aaaaggcata cagatttatt catgcacaca gggagaacca gagtgatgac cccaacctcc       240
     caatggggtt cggaagctta tataccatct tgaggttaca gaaagaacat gggctcaaag       300
     tatggccaca gtttatggtg gaaaatcagg tgaccagtgg caagaccggt tacaggaggg       360
     agagcagagg aggcctggct agcaaaggtg gccttgttct acagatgaaa cctcacaggt       420
     agcagccctg agagagaaca gatggtgaat gttcccttca ggcctttaaa ggcgtcagac       480
     tgttactctt cccagatcag gcaaggaggg cctcagagga ggcctggccg catcagtgta       540
     gattctctcc acagatgcaa atctccccca caaaagacag cttttcagct attcttctat       600
     ttccagtcct tctgagtaac tgtcttgaac cgtgtcaagg aaatattttt gttgttgttg       660
     tttgtttgtt ttgaggcaga gtctcactcc gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggtgcaat       720
     ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc acctactggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgctt cagcctccct       780
     gggattacag gcatgcacca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg       840
     tctcgccatg ttggccagcc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtgatct gcccacctcg       900
     gcctcacgaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agtcaccatg cccagccatg gaaatacatt       960
     ttggggcgaa atattttggt ttccttcagt ccccactttg agactttcag aaagttgccc      1020
     atataaaaag aaagttgata gctttgaaga gatttgagtt agaggttgtt agataagaga      1080
     caggcagagg cgggcaaaaa gaaattggga taagcagaaa aagacaaatt taaatgtcat      1140
     cctggcaggg cacagtggct catggctgta aatctcagca ctttgggaag ctgaggcagg      1200
     aggagcactt gagcccaggt gttcagacca gcccgggcat cacagggaga ctctattgct      1260
     acaaaaaata aaaaattagc caggcatggt agtttgtgtc tgtggtccca gctacctggg      1320
     aggctgatgc agcaggatga cctgagcctg ggaagtcaag tctgcagaga gctgtgatca      1380
     caccactttg tgggtgagtg agtgagaccc tgtctctgaa aaatagatat gtatcatgcc      1440
     atattttctt gaatccgtct cttagtcctg agactagatc agctcagtta aacagctgta      1500
     tcctattcca agaagtggca ttgcagatgg gctgggacct cgtatataat tcacacaaac      1560
     agatctttaa caagatacaa ttctatggaa acagaagaaa aaaaacggtg aatgtctggt      1620
     gtcatccata gactagcttt tctagctctc ctcaatctga ggcatctgga gcatcttcag      1680
     attgcaatgg caatttgaca gatttttctg gattgtagtt ctaattgggt gttcaagtga      1740
     actttctgaa tagtccatat atcaacaggc acaaaggcta tttatacata agtcgctgtg      1800
     atgatttctc ctgaagatta taagtaattt agcttcagtt gcagggcttc aagaaaagcc      1860
     attttaattt ccagtgattt taaatcagaa aaatgggaga aaaactggaa agcattagtt      1920
     tagagacttg gagctaggaa agaatgcagg attcagttca aactataggc aaatgataac      1980
     aactcaaaaa caagtcagtc cggactctcg taacaggtgt caacagtcag tccggactct      2040
     aataacaggt gtcaacagtc agtccggact ctaataacag gtgtcaacag tcagtccgga      2100
     ctctaataac aggtgtcaac agtcagtccg gactctcctc acggcaggtg tcaacagtca      2160
     gtccggactc taatgacagg tgtcaacagt cagtccggac tcttgtgaca ggtgtcaaca      2220
     gtcagtccgg actctcgtga caggtgtcaa cagtcagtcc ggactctaat aacaggtgtc      2280
     aacagtcagt ctggactcta ataacaggta tactatagtt ttcttctaaa acatattttt      2340
     tctctctcca gtctcccttt tccacaaaag acaaatcaga gtaagaacaa ctgatttaca      2400
     aaataagttt tagtcttatt ataattggcc tgattatttg cataaagtac agtaataata      2460
     gtgactggcc attcaacctc ttttaaagtt ggctttgcca gaactttttc ataaggaatc      2520
     tcagattaga cttttaaaag catcttgagg ccgggcatgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc      2580
     agcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggcggatc gtgggctcag gagatcaaga ctatcctggc      2640
     taacacagtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaagaa aatcagccac gtgtggtggc      2700
     gggcgcctgt agtaccagct actcaggagg ctaaggcagg agaatggcat gaacccggga      2760
     gacggagctt gcagtgagcc aagaccgcgc cactacactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga      2820
     gatcggtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtactt      2880
     gtctgggtac tttacatgag tttccttgag gaagaagcaa gtcttgaact gtagctaatt      2940
     ataagctgct ttttaaaaag aatcaaagta aaacagtaat tgactgtgga tgacagatga      3000
     cttagactaa tgatggttac agatgcaatt cacaaggaga tttgtttttt tgtgtgacat      3060
     acaacaattt aacataataa ttataatttt gagccaggcg tggtggctca tacctgtaat      3120
     ccctgcactt tgggagacca aggcaggagg gctgcttgag ctcaggagtt cgagatgagc      3180
     ctgggtggca cagcaagatc ctgtctccaa aataataaat aaataaataa agacagcatg      3240
     aggcaaactc tctactcctc cttttttttt gtgagacaga gtctcactct tgttgcccag      3300
     gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccgg gttcaagcga      3360
     ttctcctgcc tcggcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggc aggcgccacc acgcctggct      3420
     aatttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt tcaccatctt ggccaggcta gtctcaaacg      3480
     cctgacctca ggtgatccac ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgaa      3540
     ccaccgtacc gggcctactc ctccttttct tgtagtttac tcaaaaggta aacaaaaatc      3600
     ttttactgtc tcttattaat actacatgaa aatcttactc aaaaatgaaa actaaattct      3660
     acctttacat tagcatatta ttaatactaa agctaatttt aataaaaact taaaaacaga      3720
     tccattcaat ctcaatcagc tttgaccaca taagatttcc ataaaccttt aataacctct      3780
     taaaatttgt tccattcttt gtttctcaaa ctttctatat atattcagtt ttatctatca      3840
     tttttttatt cctttaattt aaaacaacct ttaaaaacat caaaactaga caaaattact      3900
     tttcctttaa caaaaacctc attctcatgc cttctttata accttcctta ccaaaaacac      3960
     atcctacttt cttataaact ttgcatacag aagtgtttct cttatatcta gtagttttaa      4020
     atacatatat taattacaat gttaactctt aggaagccta attttcagtg aaaaacatgg      4080
     gaagtaagca attttaattg ttattaaaga tgcaaagccc aggacaaagg acagagcttt      4140
     aaagactgat atggtttggc tgtgtcccca cccaaatctc atcttgaact gtagttccca      4200
     aaatccacag gtgttgtggg agggacccag tgggaggtga ttagatgaag ggggcggttc      4260
     ccccacgctg tttttgtgct agtgagttct cacgaggtct catggtttca tgaggtgctt      4320
     ccccactctt cgctctgcac acctccttcc tgacctcatg tgaagaacgt gtttgcttcc      4380
     tcttccgcca tgattgtaag tttcctgagg cttcccagcc acgctgaact gtgagtcaat      4440
     taaacctctt tcctttacaa atcacccagt ctcaggtatg tctttattag cagtgtgaga      4500
     atgggctact acaaagacaa tgcctggagg actcaacccc tcccagcatg accggggggc      4560
     acagctgggc cagggaggac aatgctcggg cactgcagac acacagcatg accggggggc      4620
     acagctgggc aagagaggac aatgctcggg cactgcagac acacagcatg gctggggcgc      4680
     acagctgggc tagggaggac ggggctcagg cactgcagac acacagtatg gccggggggc      4740
     acagctgggc tagggaggac ggggctcggg cactgcagac aaacagcatg accggggggt      4800
     acagctgggc cagggaggat ggggcttagg tactgcggac acacagatgt ctccaggcca      4860
     catcatgtcc acttgtcttg accccagaat gtagaggctc aaagccaaag acctaagttc      4920
     acagacaaat taagcaagta tcagaaatat gacagaagca aattttatga ccttaaagca      4980
     tctaacagag actgtctgaa cctgtccgac caatgggccc aagcaaagat gtctcaatta      5040
     tatttaagac tgacgacttt gaagatattc taattttagc atcatttttt tttttgagat      5100
     ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctagagt gcagtagtgc agtctcggct cactgcaacc      5160
     tctacctccc aggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct aggactacag      5220
     gcgcatgcca ccacgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccatg      5280
     ttggccagga tggtctcgat ctcttgacct cgtgatttgc ccgcctcagc ctcccaaagt      5340
     gctgggatta caggtgtgag ccactgcacc cagcagcaac aattttaaaa ctaagtttat      5400
     ttgccaaaga ttactagtca catgaactag aaaagcatct gggtttagtt acatcattca      5460
     tgagcactta tttatttata cgtcaatttg ctactatgta cataatatac aaacaggcat      5520
     gtacacataa aaatacagac acaaatcaag attttatagc tttagtttta agattttagc      5580
     cacgaatcgg gtaaaaatca ctagtttaaa aggatactta aaattgtgcc tctgtaaatg      5640
     gaacaaggta aaatttatct gtctcacacg gccaaagccc ttaccaagtt ttagagaaaa      5700
     caaggcaaca aatttacatc ttgaagcaca gagaaaaaaa aattattttt atttactgaa      5760
     ttttttcaag acggagtctt gctctgtcgc ccaggttgga gtgcaacggc acgatcttga      5820
     ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc cttggttcaa gcaattccac agggagaaag tttaagcttt      5880
     gatttagtat gttaaaggaa gattttaaat ggatgctgag gtaacaaaaa gtcatagaaa      5940
     ttcaccacag gattttataa ggacaacaat gttatttaaa tatgtggcta ttaatttatt      6000
     ctccattttt gaactagacc actgggctca ggacagagct cattaatgaa catggccaaa      6060
     aaagcatttg cagtttggag gacctaatat ttaaatatgt gaaaaacagg tgcagctgga      6120
     aggcagagca tctagatctt ttaaaatcaa ggatcccaca tttacactga atgctgagtt      6180
     ccctctaaaa agagatatat atgagacaaa gccatacagt gtttccacag tgtacctcac      6240
     tatgaagaca ttcccctgag gctggtggga gacccacagc aatcagccca cggagtctca      6300
     gcctttgacg ccaagtgctt ccatagtctc caagtgttca gattgtgcct ttctcatcta      6360
     aacatgcaga gaaacaagca gccactgcag gaacaaccat tcactacaac tgctttcagc      6420
     cacctccaaa actgtgaggc agccctcgcc agtgacctgc cggccatcac acacactcag      6480
     gtcatgcact gtctcacagt gcaacgtaat ccctggtacc cccaaagcca aagagatcca      6540
     gtgacacagt gccaaagaca gccaagcttt agacccgaga ggaagctacc cacgactcct      6600
     caggccccat aaggaagaca aaagcggggc gcgtggcacc tttctttgcg ttccccaagg      6660
     ggtctctaag tcatcagaag tcccttgtag atcccttcat taggtaccaa agatggcaaa      6720
     ggggatggag gagcacggag gggtagaagt aaatgggact gcaatcctta gaggagccaa      6780
     tttggaaaaa tgttaaggtt ctaaaaggcc aatacaattt tacatttttc tcatcaaaat      6840
     tataccaaca aaggaaccaa acagaaggac caaacacaca atttaaaggg gtttcagtca      6900
     cctgaaaaaa aaattcccag aaacagggtc caaaagcaga aaaggctgta gatacatggc      6960
     ttgaagatca gctcacctgt ttttaattaa gccaacttct gaccacagag ctctttttta      7020
     aaatcctttc aaatatctta ttatcagatt ttagctgaga ccaacagctg atagccatgg      7080
     ctttgagacc ttttttttta aaaccaaagg tacctcccaa gtgactcacc aaaaccaata      7140
     agccttaact aaagctatgg acttaaccaa ggacacataa gccatctcca aagaggcgca      7200
     aagcagtcct gatgacatcc agagccaccc caaagagctc aaagaaagga aatcaaaagc      7260
     tgccagtgga gggggaaagg gtcaacaaca aatgagttcc gcacaaagtc aaaagttggc      7320
     tgggtgcgtg gctcacgctg gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca gccggatcac      7380
     aaggtcagga gttcgagacc agcctggcca acacggtgaa accccatgtc tactaaaaat      7440
     acaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaagaaaat tagctgggcg tggtggctca cacctgtaat      7500
     cccagcactc tgggaggcca aggcgggagg atcacgaggt caggagttcg agaccagcct      7560
     ggccaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaca cacacaaaaa aatcagccgg      7620
     gcgtggtggc tcacacctgt aatcccagct actccagagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt      7680
     aaacccagga ggcagagggt gcagtgagcc aagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc      7740
     gacagagcaa gactccgtct ccaaaaaaaa aacaaaagaa agaattcaaa agtcacacaa      7800
     atatcaaacc aaaagggact ggttcctcta ttgggaattg aacccaggcc atggtagtga      7860
     aagtacagaa ttttaagtag tttccaagat gcagcagtct tcattgtgaa tcctgcaggg      7920
     atccaaagca atggtttgcg cgcacaaagg attttaactt gttacaggtc agatttttgc      7980
     tctttaattt tgtgaagagg atttctaagg ctagccacaa cattattatg tgtctttcct      8040
     ttaatctccc cacaaataca aataaggcaa ttgtttagaa tgagagacct ctaaaatctt      8100
     tttttttttt taatttaggg atctttctaa tgtaaaggat tcatcttttg gctattgaca      8160
     atcagaattt ccaatgatgt atttattcca atagcaactc aatccaagaa gccccttcat      8220
     ggaaagccca aaagattatt ttccaggttt agagagggca tagaagagga ggttccaatg      8280
     atgcccccaa aattcactcc caggaatagg caaagacagc aaaagactct tgttcccaga      8340
     gacagttaag gaacgtgttt gtacatacag tgcctccagt aacacacaat ctgtcagggg      8400
     ctgccagtca cagacccatt aacctgtaac acagggtagg cctgttggga ttgggctttc      8460
     tgaggactga ccaggcaaca aacattggga tgacaaaagc cccttatgga tgggcctgag      8520
     gagagcaaaa accacctggc gaccatcaaa catcaaacag gccctccgag gcaaaactcc      8580
     ttatctgggg aaaatcaaaa gtaactaaac ctccctatta tctaaagcag gcatctggtt      8640
     ccagatttct tcccccaaaa aacgtgtaag taactataat ttctatgtgt ctccagaata      8700
     ccatgacgaa actcactgta caaccgtcgc tgacattaag gcaccaaaat tactataaat      8760
     gtaatcattt atcatgactt acgtggctaa tatggtccaa attactgtta agcctccact      8820
     ttaaggccta taaatgccct taaggagaaa tccacccggc gtactcagtc ctcttgctga      8880
     ggcacctcat tgcactcttc tgcagcattc taataaactt tctttctttt cttttttttt      8940
     cttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtttcac tcttgttgcc caggctggag tgcaatggta      9000
     tgatctcagc tcaccacaac ctccatctcc caggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct      9060
     cccaagtagc tgggaataca ggctcccgac accatgccca gctaattttt tgtattttta      9120
     gtagagatgg ggtttcatca tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgcc ctcaggtgat      9180
     ccacctgcct cagcatccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccaccg tgcccggcaa      9240
     actttctttt ttcttttttt ttttgagaca gtcttgctct gtctcagctc actgcaacct      9300
     ccgcctccca ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagccttc caagtagctg ggattacagc      9360
     cacgcaccac cacacctggc taagttttat actttcagta gagacagggt ttctccatgt      9420
     tggccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cccaccttgg acttccaaag      9480
     tgctgagagt acaagcatga gccactatgc ccggccaaac tttccttttt caaacctatt      9540
     gtcggtaaac tctttttacc aacccgcaag ttgaccacca ctcccagtgc cggggctctg      9600
     acagctcgcc tggcagggac ttcttaagac aaactaaaag cttgacacat tcagaacaaa      9660
     aacggtgctg cttaaaatat taaatgtctt gggttcccaa ccattttcag actgaccaca      9720
     aaatgtgacc tgcgagtcac tacctcggat tggcagaggc caagagagtg ctcctgaggt      9780
     aggaggtggg acttagttga cccagttgag gattggctaa aacagggttg gggcaatagc      9840
     agctttcagt cagatatgcc cgccactgtg ccatgtcagt ttaccattgc catggcaaca      9900
     cccaggagtt gccacccctt tccatggcaa tgacccaatg atgactactc cttccctaga      9960
     aacttctgca taaaccatcc tttaatctac atgcaatcaa aagtgcgtat aaatgtgact     10020
     gcaaaactgc cctgagctgc tactctcagc ctacggggtg gccctgctct gcaggagcag     10080
     tcacagagct ctaacgccac ctgttcaata aagctgtttt cttctacctc tggcttgtct     10140
     ttgaattctt tcctgggcaa agccaaaacc ctcactggct aagctccact ctggggtctg     10200
     cctggcctgc atcattccca ctcgctcaca actcaagctt tcaaggacat caaaagagag     10260
     gagaatctca tccagttttc agttcaggga cccacagcaa agtctgtcta actagacgca     10320
     tccgatcaga gctgcaaaac tgactagcct gcaggacggc cccaagacgg ggtttacagg     10380
     ggttttaggc ctgtgttcta ccctctttat gacagaaaaa cacagaaaga caagaatgaa     10440
     agacgactat ttctggggaa aaaaagcaat caaacaatat gaatacaaaa ctaatcacat     10500
     aaatacattt ctctcattaa aactttgaag aggaaaacaa ggtaaacaga catttttacc     10560
     gtcggcttga caagattcca gagaggccgg gagcctggct gctaagacct tcttaccctt     10620
     ctttctgcca gcttgtcggc tcctgggttc ccctgacgga ggctcccagg agagtgactt     10680
     tagttatcct accgactgca ccaaaactgt aggagcctag agaaaaactt ttctgcattc     10740
     tgagttcaca gaaaatcaac tgacaaaagc caggttagta agaaaaaagg catacagatt     10800
     tattcatgca cacagggaga accagagtga tgaccccaac ctcccaatgg ggttcggaag     10860
     cttatatacc atcttgaggt tacagaaaga acatgggctc aaagtatggc cacagtttat     10920
     ggtggaaaat caggtgacca gtggcaagac cggttacagg agggagagca gaggaggcct     10980
     ggctagcaaa ggtggccttg ttctacagat gaaacctcac aggtagcagc cctgagagag     11040
     aacagatggt gaatgttccc ttcaggcctt taaaggcgtc agactgttac tcttcccaga     11100
     tcaggcaagg agggcctcag aggaggcctg gccgcatcag tgtagattct ctccacagat     11160
     gcaaatctcc cccacaaaag acagcttttc agctattctt ctatttccag tccttctgag     11220
     taactgtctt gaaccgtgtc aaggaaatat atttggaggt gacatattgt gttttccttc     11280
     aagatcaaaa aggttaagtc caaggctgcc caacgaggga gcgaggaccc aatcacgttg     11340
     tcctcagatg agtttttccc cagcagcgta accctgcaac aggccagact ggaccccaga     11400
     cacacattcc acaccacacc acgcctccac caccacacgc acacaacaga cacaccctaa     11460
     acaccagaca cacacacaca cctcaaccac cgcaaacaca catacgccac acctctaaca     11520
     ccacacacac ccaacaccac acacatacgt gcctcaaaca ctacacacac ctcaaccacc     11580
     atacacctca accacacaca cccctcaaac accaaacaca cccctcaacc acacacacac     11640
     acccctcaaa caccacacac ccacctcaaa caccacacac acatatccct caaacactac     11700
     aaaaacacac acacacacct caaacaccac acatgcacac acacctgaaa caccacacac     11760
     ctgcctcaaa cactccacac acaccacaca cagacacgta cacagccccc cgcacccagc     11820
     cacagcttac acgcacacag acacgcgtac gcaggagaaa gggtgtcaaa gcttttgcta     11880
     gtcgtgaagg aagagcccgc agtccatggg gctgcacggt tttccctgcc atttgctcat     11940
     tcaccgggtg cccataacgc tccgcgctca ggtctcttac aggagggccc gagtctccca     12000
     gtaccggagg tctgggggcg cacgagccgc tcctcctctg gagaagctcc ggaccgagag     12060
     gacaccggac actgcgcagc gccgagcccc gcgcgcagcc cgggacgcct cagccagggc     12120
     cgaccgcgca gaggaagctc ccagagcccg tttcaagacc gcagccaaca gcctcaggcg     12180
     cacacggcgg cctcggagcg agcacgcgca gcaacgcccc tcgccccggc ccgcccccgg     12240
     ccccgccccc ggccccgccc ccggccccgc cccgcaaggg tcacaggtca cggggcgggg     12300
     ccgaggcgga agcgcccgca gcccggtacc ggctcctcct gggctccctc tagcgccttc     12360
     cccccggccc gactccgctg gtcagcgcca agtgacttac gcccccgacc ctgagcccgg     12420
     accgctaggc gaggaggatc agatctccgc tcgagaatct gaaggtgccc tggtcctgga     12480
     ggagttccgt cccagcccgc ggtctcccgg tactgtcggg ccccggccct ctggagcttc     12540
     aggaggcggc cgtcagggtc ggggagtatt tgggtccggg gtctcaggga agggcggcgc     12600
     ctgggtctgc ggtatcggaa agagcctgct ggagccaagt agccctccct ctcttgggac     12660
     agacccctcg gtcccatgtc catgggggca ccgcggtccc tcctcctggc cctggctgct     12720
     ggcctggccg ttgcccgtcc gcccaacatc gtgctgatct ttgccgacga cctcggctat     12780
     ggggacctgg gctgctatgg gcaccccagc tctaccactc ccaacctgga ccagctggcg     12840
     gcgggagggc tgcggttcac agacttctac gtgcctgtgt ctctgtgcac accctctagg     12900
     taaagagggg gccgcgcctc ttccccgccc cgaccctcca tccctttcct cccaatggat     12960
     tgcagggggg cgggaaaaac gtctgtctct ctctctaggg aaggccacat ttctgtctgt     13020
     ctcagggact ctgtgacttg tcccgcaggg ccgccctcct gaccggccgg ctcccggttc     13080
     ggatgggcat gtaccctggc gtcctggtgc ccagctcccg ggggggcctg cccctggagg     13140
     aggtgaccgt ggccgaagtc ctggctgccc gaggctacct cacaggaatg gccggcaagt     13200
     ggcaccttgg ggtggggcct gagggggcct tcctgccccc ccatcagggc ttccatcgat     13260
     ttctaggcat cccgtactcc cacgaccagg taggaaccac ccgggccctc agccaccctc     13320
     ccacctccca aagtccccca gcccttgatg ctcccgcagc cccacctgcc agcccagccc     13380
     tcacggcagc tgcccgcctc agggcccctg ccagaacctg acctgcttcc cgccggccac     13440
     tccttgcgac ggtggctgtg accagggcct ggtccccatc ccactgttgg ccaacctgtc     13500
     cgtggaggcg cagcccccct ggctgcccgg actagaggcc cgctacatgg ctttcgccca     13560
     tgacctcatg gccgacgccc agcgccagga tcgccccttc ttcctgtact atgcctctca     13620
     cgtaagtgat cttggcccaa ccccctggct gcccgtgacc cctacccagt gctaactcca     13680
     gtctttgccc ccagcacacc cactaccctc agttcagtgg gcagagcttt gcagagcgtt     13740
     caggccgcgg gccatttggg gactccctga tggagctgga tgcagctgtg gggaccctga     13800
     tgacagccat aggggacctg gggctgcttg aagagacgct ggtcatcttc actgcagaca     13860
     atgggtatgc cagcagggca gctgggtgct ccggccctgt cacgggccag ggccctggag     13920
     gccttgcagt tcagctgctt gccaagaaca tagtgggtga gggggtgcca ggagatgctg     13980
     gccacgttgc aggggcccaa ggtgtagtca ggagacacag tgcacagaga gctggtcttg     14040
     gtaggcctgg gaggtgccgg gctcatgctg ggcacctccg ggcaagcttt gtgacttaga     14100
     ggtgtggggc cactggtcac cctcggtggc tcagaggctg tggctccatg gctcatgagc     14160
     gcctcctgtg tcccagacct gagaccatgc gtatgtcccg aggcggctgc tccggtctct     14220
     tgcggtgtgg aaagggaacg acctacgagg gcggtgtccg agagcctgcc ttggccttct     14280
     ggccaggtca tatcgctccc ggtcagtccg caggccctct ccttggaacc ctggccccac     14340
     caccccaacc ttgatggcga actgagtgac tgaccagcct cctgccccca ggcgtgaccc     14400
     acgagctggc cagctccctg gacctgctgc ctaccctggc agccctggct ggggccccac     14460
     tgcccaatgt caccttggat ggctttgacc tcagccccct gctgctgggc acaggcaagg     14520
     tagggccggt gacccctgat cccagatcct tggcccctgt cctggccttc ccctggggtg     14580
     agtgtgggca gtgcctgaga gtctgtgcct cagtgcctcc tgcactgagt ggcatccaag     14640
     tggcgccacc tctcaggttc ctgggtgggc aagaagcggt gcacgtccag ggcctcccac     14700
     cagggctggc agccccaggt atgtgcagtg cttggggcct gccccgcccc gtgacccctg     14760
     actctgcccc cagagccctc ggcagtctct cttcttctac ccgtcctacc cagacgaggt     14820
     ccgtggggtt tttgctgtgc ggactggaaa gtacaaggct cacttcttca cccagggtaa     14880
     cccctccccg tggatccctc cccccgacct gctgacccct ccccggagcc ctagatccct     14940
     ggcccctcct ctcgcccttg ccctgtgcac agaattggcc ccctccccag gctctgccca     15000
     cagtgatacc actgcagacc ctgcctgcca cgcctccagc tctctgactg ctcatgagcc     15060
     cccgctgctc tatgacctgt ccaaggaccc tggtgagaac tacaacctgc tggggggtgt     15120
     ggccggggcc accccagagg tgctgcaagc cctgaaacag cttcagctgc tcaaggccca     15180
     gttagacgca gctgtgacct tcggccccag ccaggtggcc cggggcgagg accccgccct     15240
     gcagatctgc tgtcatcctg gctgcacccc ccgcccagct tgctgccatt gcccagatcc     15300
     ccatgcctga gggcccctcg gctggcctgg gcatgtgatg gctcctcact gggagcctgt     15360
     gggggaggct caggtgtctg gagggggttt gtgcctgata acgtaataac accagtggag     15420
     acttgcagat gtgacaattc gtccaatcct ggggtaatgc tgtgtgctgg tgccggtccc     15480
     ctgtggtacg aatgaggaaa ctgaggtgca gagaggttca ggacttgtac aagatcaccc     15540
     agccagaaag aggttgggct gggatttgaa ccctggtgtc gtggctctgg aagctgccct     15600
     ggcgccttgg tgatctgcgt gggtcagtgc acacaggcac acgtcagcct caaggacatg     15660
     ggcacatctg ttcacaggag cagcgccacg tgcctttgag tgccaggaac ggggtgggag     15720
     ggtgggaggg tgtgagggcc agaagactca gaagatgcaa agtgcctgag agagacggga     15780
     tattccccca gaagaagcat tcttagagac acaggcactg gacctccttg gttcttataa     15840
     gaaacctgtc tgaagctggg tgatgagttg cacactccag gtggggctaa ggggcctgga     15900
     gcccctgctg gctcctagga aggcacagca gcaggccctg agacggctcc tctggggccc     15960
     ctccaccctc ccaggcctct gcatttcacc tgtgcccaca cttctgtctc ctgccttcac     16020
     cttttgaccc actactaacg attctccacc cagcagacaa agtgatctct taaaaatatc     16080
     tgttggctgg gcacggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttaggaag ccgaggcggg     16140
     tggatcacct gaggtcggga gttcgagacc agcctgacca acatggagaa accccatctc     16200
     tactaaaaat acaaaattag ccaggtgtag tggtgcatcc ctgtaatccc agctacttgg     16260
     gagtctgagg ctggagaatc acttgaacct gggaggcggt ggttgcagtg agccgagatc     16320
     gcaccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaag agaaaaactc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaaaat     16380
     ctgttaggct gcacacggcg attcactcct gtattcccag tgctttggga ggctgaggtg     16440
     agaggatgcc tgaggccagg aattcagacc agcctgggca acatagtgag accccagctc     16500
     taaagatttg tttttgtttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     16560
     cggagtctcg ctctgtcgcc caggctagag tgcagtggta ccatctccgc tcactgcaac     16620
     ctccgcctcc cgggttccag ggattctcct gcctcagcct ccctagtagc tggaactaca     16680
     ggtgtgtgct gccatgccca gctaattttt ttttatttaa tagagacaag atttcaccat     16740
     gttggccagg ctggtctcaa actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacccgcctc agcctcccaa     16800
     agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gaaccaccac acctggccaa caatatttgt tttaattagc     16860
     caggcgtggt agcatttgtc ctagcaattt gggaggttga ggtgggagaa tcacttcagc     16920
     ccactaggtc gaggctgtag tgagctataa ttgtaccact gcactccagc ctcggggaca     16980
     gagtgagacc ctgtctgcaa ataaacaaat aaaacatcag gctgggcttg agcatctatt     17040
     cctgctcaaa atttcgcagg cttctcagaa gaaaatccaa accccttaca gtgacccagt     17100
     ttgcccttga ggcctccacc cacaccccct tccccccagt cttagggggt ggcctggctg     17160
     ttcccttcaa cggcaacgct ctgcctccat tgttggcctc ctctgcaggg agggactgtc     17220
     tgagcacctg cccgtgtctg tgcagcatgg cacactgacg tcaggcccac gtgcatgccc     17280
     aggtggccag tcacacgcca ggtgctccct cagtgttggc caagtgagag gagcacacct     17340
     tccgggcgtt cagacacctc cccgtggcag acaccgttcg ttgctaccaa acagccacct     17400
     ccttcctaat gggctcccat ttttcagtgc tgggcaaagg tcccttgatc ttggagttgc     17460
     agcctctttc tctccaagga gggcggtgac cagcctgagc cagtcaatcc agtgattggt     17520
     tcaggagtag cctgtgacca ggagtcctgg tagtgaacga ctggggcagc cctgggggtg     17580
     aggaccttgc gcagccgtca caggccctga ttggacactg ggcagctgct aacccagtgt     17640
     ctccagctgc ctacctggag agctccaagc gtaagaaaat aaaccctgcc tgttgaagcc     17700
     actgctagtg agggttctgt tatttgcagc caaaagcctt gctggaatgt ggcctatgaa     17760
     tggttgtgtg gcgggcacat gtgcctgcgt gagcctgtgg tgtcagacag tgtgctgagg     17820
     actctccacg caaccgtttc atcccttttc atctggtttg agggctgcat tgaccacacc     17880
     ccaaatcctg ctgtgtttgg aatcaccccc ataaggtggt ggtttccttg gggtgcccag     17940
     cagcccctga tgctggcata aggggggccc ttgtgcactt gtggtccgag tggaggtgct     18000
     ggccccaggt ggcgctgtag aaagtgaagc agaggttcct cttcagactt tcctccccat     18060
     ctaggagtaa atagtaactt ctcttaaaag caaaatttat tcaaagacct gtactaacat     18120
     tcttaaataa ctgctagccg aataaagaac tcaatgtcct ttatgttctt agctcccaca     18180
     atttagccta aatatctgcc ctggcatgct taaactggcc caagcaagca ttacgtcaca     18240
     gcctgttcct cttccttatt tgaaggtgtt tttacctttc tcatcattcc acaagttact     18300
     tcctccttcc tttgttctcc tctctctttt cctcttttaa aaagtgctaa gttgctagcc     18360
     aatcgggaca aatacagaac gtgaggtccc gttccagccg atggaaaccg gacacggcag     18420
     taaggtggac gcatcaggtt acaaatgacc ctgtcccctt ttgttcggtg tactctcacg     18480
     gcaaaactgc tggcgagtgt accctttctg cagaaagtat aaaagaaaat taaatttatg     18540
     ttcaagtgct gtttctttac ggcaccgagg aacaagcatt tcaaacagcg ctgtggttca     18600
     agatgagggc agagaggaac tgaactggag gcatgattcc agtatcacac gaaagaccaa     18660
     accctctagc aagaactaaa tgaatactaa cacccaacca cagtcttcag gcacctcctc     18720
     cagctctgct gctccacttc ctctcacttg ggtagtgtgc ataactgagt taatcccacc     18780
     cgtgtttatg catcagcacc gtgcagtgct gggcatgggg ttgtcagagg agacccactc     18840
     tgcactcacc gggcttacag tctagcaaag gagatgagct taatcccggg atgtcagatg     18900
     cacctgaaat tttcagtgtg attgaagtca ctgcctctgg tagggtgggg tgtgtggagt     18960
     tgcctgacca gggacaccag agaacctgtg ggtgctacaa atcttccaaa tcttaagggg     19020
     tcataacatg atgcatgcat atgtataaag cgatcaaccc acactcgcaa gctgtgcaca     19080
     ctttatgacg tcattgcgta ttttctattt cagtaacaat ctaaccataa taaacgctac     19140
     aaacgaaggg tacctggtct tacaagaaca taaccaagag gtgggggtgg aaagataaat     19200
     gagctctgag gagggtgttc aaatgcactc tgcacccaag gatttttcca ctcccccatt     19260
     ccgcttttgg ttttgctctg atttgtttgt gttcagaaat gcttttcacc agttagctgt     19320
     ttgagccgga tgcaccctcc tcacacaggc atgtacacgt atgcgtatgt gcacatgtgt     19380
     atgcatacag aaatacgcac gcatgcacac tcacattcac gtgcacggag gcacatacac     19440
     atgcatccgg ggatacgtgc cccccgggga cgtgcgcacg tgaacacaca aggactcacc     19500
     cgtgcacaca agcatgcata tacgtgcata tttgcagtga catacacact gttactgttg     19560
     atttacaaaa cagccccttt cctgtgagcc taagataatc tattcaccag gctggcagcc     19620
     atccattccc acagagcagc ttcctcaggg agctcagtgt cctctcgaag gggctaagag     19680
     tgttttgaaa tggacagaac aaacaaacaa gttgattctg tggtttcccc tcaggtgcgt     19740
     taggaaggaa gaggggatat ccggcgccca agtgattgcg tgaacgacag ggtaagaggg     19800
     ggctcctgca gggaaactcc cctcccctcc ctgtggcccc tccttggctg tgtgctcgtc     19860
     tgtcccccaa gtgaccagaa gggggagccc agggaacgtt tcaatggaac aatgtttaaa     19920
     ttcacctctg aatttttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt ttcgctcttg ttgcccaggc     19980
     tgcagtgcaa tggcgcgatc tcagctcacc gcaacctccg cctcccaggt tcaagtgatt     20040
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gcagctggga tgacaggcat gtgccgccac acccggctaa     20100
     ttttgtattt tttagtggag acggggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctgat ctcaaactcc     20160
     cgacctcagg tgatccgcct gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgcgattaca ggcgtgagcc     20220
     actgtgcctg gcacctctga atatttttaa ttacgaaagt aatgcatatt cattagagaa     20280
     actcaagtaa tgcccgctca tctcagtccc aggtagccaa tgctatcagt ttagggtttg     20340
     gggggcgggc acacaccaca ttgttctcca cattcatgca aattatgtat tttggcccca     20400
     ggcgttgatt caactctaac ctcaccccct gctgcaccct ggacactgcc tctcagctgt     20460
     ctgatgtgtc ccctcccttt tgcagccctg agcctggtgc agggggtcag tagtaatgaa     20520
     ggggggagtg catttattta tgccccctcc agcctccttg gctcctttgt gtgaaggccg     20580
     agagccttcc ttgtggatgc agcaacatgg tgaaacccag tctctactgg aatacaaaaa     20640
     attggccaag tgtggtggtg tgcgcctgta atgccaggta ctcaggaggc taagacagga     20700
     gagtcacttg aaccctggag gcggaggttg cagtgagcca cgattgtgcc actgcactcc     20760
     agcctgggcg acagagcaag actctgtctc aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaaga aaaaaagaaa     20820
     aacaaagaaa gaaactgtgg cagccttatt gctgtttaag gagaaagttt aagtggtctg     20880
     catagaagat caaacaagcc aaaacatttc cttaacccaa agtctaatcc agagcaaggc     20940
     cctaattccc tctgattctg tgaaagctgg gagagatgag aaagctgcag gagaaaagct     21000
     ggaaggtagc agaggttggt tcatatggtt taaggaaaga agctgtctcc atgatgtaaa     21060
     agtgcaaggt ggggcagcaa gtgctgatgg agaagctgca gcaagctctc cagaagatcc     21120
     agctaaggta agtgatgagg gtggctacag taaacaatag atcttcagtg tacgcaattt     21180
     tttttttttt tttggagacg gagttttgct cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc     21240
     aatctcggct cactgcaacc tccgcctccc gggttcaagt gattctcctg tctcagcctc     21300
     ctgagtagct aggattacag gcatgcgcca ccaggcctgg ctaattttgt attttttgta     21360
     gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggca ggacttgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatctg     21420
     cctgcctcgg cctctcaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccgcac tcggcaccat     21480
     ctgtgacttt catagctaga gagaagtcaa tgcctggttt taaagcttca aaggacagtc     21540
     tgactctctt gttaggggct aatgcagctg gtggctttaa gttgaatgct catttaccat     21600
     tctgaaaatc ccagggccct taagaaagat gctaggctgg gcatggtggc tcacgcctat     21660
     aatcccagca cttggggagg ccgaggcggg tggatcacga gggcaggaga tggagaccat     21720
     cctggctaac acggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaattac aaaaaatcag ctgggcgcgg     21780
     tggcgggcac ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaacct     21840
     gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc accccagtct gggcaaccga     21900
     gtgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaatactc atgattcaca ggaagaggtc     21960
     aaaatatcat catcattaac agggcttgaa agaagttgat tccaactctc atggatgact     22020
     ttgaggtgac aagtccagtg gaggaagtaa ctgcaaatgt gttgaaagta tcataatagc     22080
     aagagaatta gagttaaacg tgggcctgaa gatgtgactg aattgctgcc atctcacgat     22140
     aaaacttgaa cagatgaaga attgattctt atggacaaag aaagtttttt ttaaattttc     22200
     ttgtttattt atttatttat ttatttaggt agagatgggg gtctcaccat gttgcacagg     22260
     ctggtcttga actcctgggc tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctt ggcctcccaa attgctggga     22320
     ttacaggcat gagccaccgt gcctggctga aagtggtttc ttgagataga atctactctt     22380
     ggtgaagatg ctacggacat tgttgaaatg acaacaaggg attagaatat tgcacaggac     22440
     cgagtgtagt agctcaggcc tgtaatccca acactttggg aggctgaagt gggaggatcg     22500
     cttgagacca ggaatttgag acctgcctgg acaacatagt gagacctcat ctctccaaaa     22560
     aaacgttggc taggcaccgt ggcacttgct ttaggtcctg gctacccggg aggctaaggt     22620
     gggaggatca cttgaaccca ggatatcgag gctgcagtga gccattattg taccactgca     22680
     ctccagccta agtgacagaa caagaccctg tctcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaatattac     22740
     ataaacttag ttgataaagc agcagcagtg tttgagaggg ttgacttcaa ttttgaaaga     22800
     agttctacta tgaataaaat gctatcaaac agtgtcacat gctatagaga aatatttcat     22860
     gaaagagtca gtgtggcaaa cttcattgtc ttaataaatt gccacagctg ctccaacctt     22920
     cagcaacgac caccccgatc agtcaacagc catcaacact gacgcagtac cttctaccgg     22980
     cagaaagatt atgactcact gaaggtggag atgatcactg gcattttttt agcaataagg     23040
     tgttttcttt ttttttcaaa acagagtctc gctctgatgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     23100
     atgatcttgg ctcactgcag cctccgcctc ccgggttcaa gcgattctcc tgccttagcc     23160
     tccagagtag gtgggactac aggtgcgtgc caccacgcct ggctaatttt ttttttttta     23220
     agacggagtc ttgctctgtc acccagactg gagtgcagtg gcgtgatctc ggctccccaa     23280
     gtagctggga ctacaggtgc ccgccaccag gcccggctca ttttttgtat ttttagtaga     23340
     gacggggttt gaccgtgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcat gatccgcctg     23400
     cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca ctgagcctgg ccacgcctgg     23460
     ctaatttttt atatttttag tacagatgga gcttcatcat gttggccagg atggtctcaa     23520
     tctcctgacc tcatgatccg cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga     23580
     gccactgagc ctggccacgc ctggctaatt ttttatattt ttagtacaga tggagcttca     23640
     tcatgttggc caggatggtc tcaatctcct gacctcgtga tccccccgcc ttggcttccc     23700
     aaagtgctgg gatcacaggc atgagccacc aagcccggcc ctattttatt ttatttcttt     23760
     tgagatggag ttttgctctt tttgcccagg ctggggtgca atggcgcaat ctcggctcac     23820
     tgcaacctct gtctcccggg ttcaagcaat tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctggg     23880
     attacaggcg cctgccacca catctggcta tttttttttt tttttgtatt tttagtagag     23940
     atggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacttcagg tgatccaccc     24000
     acctcggcct cccaaagcgc tgggattaca gttgtgagtc atcgtgccca ggctcaataa     24060
     ggtattttca aattaaggta tatactttaa aagctattgc acattcaata gactacagta     24120
     tagtggaaac ataacttttt tttttttttt gagacaagtt ctcactctgt catccacact     24180
     ggagtgcagt ggtgtaatta cagctcactg cagcctcaac ctcccaagct caagcaattc     24240
     tctcacctca gcttcctgaa tagctggggc tacaggcaca tgccaccaca cccagctaat     24300
     atatatatat atatataaaa tatgcatgta tttatatata ttatatacat gtatatctat     24360
     atactacata cgtgtatatc tataaaatat acaggtatac aatatatata cagaccgggt     24420
     ttttttatgt tgtccctgct agtcttaaac tcctgggctc aagcgatctg cttgcgttgg     24480
     cctcccaaag tgctgagatt acaggcatga gccaccattc ctggccaaca taacttttat     24540
     atacgctgga aaacagaaaa tttgtgtggc tcacgttgtt gcaatcttag tgtggtggtc     24600
     tagaaccaaa cctgcaaaat ctccaaggta tgcctgcagc gacctctgct attttgcttt     24660
     tatcttttgc cttaaattct tcttgattcc cctaacctcc ctctgccttc aaccctcaag     24720
     tagaagggag actggaaaaa atacaccaaa atattagaaa cagttatctc tgggccataa     24780
     aaatacagtt gattttagcc tttcttctat catctgcagt ctccaaaatg tctatgatat     24840
     gtgttactct ttatagggaa cgtaattttt ttttttttct tttagacaga gtctcactct     24900
     gtctcccagg ctggagtgca gtggtgcggt ctccactcac tgcaagctcc gcctcccggg     24960
     ttcacgccac tctcctgcct cagcttcccg agtagccggg accacaggtg cccaccacta     25020
     tgcccagcga attttgtttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcaccg tgttagccag     25080
     gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctggtgatcc acccgcctcg tcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     25140
     tacaggtgca agccatcacg cccagccagg gaaagtaata tttttaaaaa tagggaaatc     25200
     ctacttttat agtgtttata aaaataataa cttactcaag cactaccctt ggcctgtctg     25260
     actggcagat tcatttaagc cttatgataa ccttatgggg tggtattttt attgtagcca     25320
     aaataacttt tttgtttgag tttgattaat ttatcttaac ttttttatct ttagtttttc     25380
     tgtggatatt tccatttgca cttggaggtc tctaataagt agcaaataat acttcaaaaa     25440
     attaagacat atttgctgca ggaaaaaaag gaagagaaac accctcagct caacttcagc     25500
     aaaaatgagg tggttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacggag     25560
     tcttgctctg tctcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc ttggctcact gcaagctccg     25620
     cctcccaggt tcatgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggaa ctacaagcgc     25680
     ctgccaccac acccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt gaccgtgtta     25740
     gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcat gatccgcctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgtt     25800
     gggattacag gcatgagcca ctgcgcccgg ccaaaaatga cttttaacat tttttgtgtt     25860
     tcagcatttt tcaacatata gtttctagaa tgctacatat gaccctgcct attttctttc     25920
     tttctctttc tttctttcat ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctctctct     25980
     ctcttctttt ctttcattgt ggttacaggg tcttgctctt tccagccaga gtgtggtggc     26040
     atgatcatgg ctcactgcag cctcaacctc ctaggctcaa gctatcctcc tcccttaccc     26100
     acccaagtaa ctgggactac aggtgtgtgc caccacacct agataatttt tgtatttttt     26160
     tttttttttt tttgtagaga tagaggtttc gctttgttgc tcaggctggt ctcgaactcc     26220
     cagactcaag ggatctgccc accttggcct cccaaattgc taagattaca cagtagcatg     26280
     agctgctgtg cccagaaatt tatttccact taatagcata acagaaattt tctgtgtaat     26340
     tacaaacatt ggaacttttt ttcacatcta cccaatattt caattaggta aatatacctt     26400
     aatcaattaa ccctattggt caatattcag attactttta tgcttacatt atttcaaaga     26460
     agaatgcaat aaacactttt ctgtagaacg cgttttattt agaacgccat ccttgggcta     26520
     gattggcgga agttggaggc gtcatgcagc gcctcctgcc tgggagccag gcgatccgcc     26580
     aggttctggg aggacctaag gtcaacagcc acgcctgctc tctgggctca cagtcagcag     26640
     ccgctaccag gagagcaagt cctcagaagg cccgagacca gggcccggga gcgcccacaa     26700
     ggacgggagg tcacccagtg acaaacaggg aagggcagca ggtgcgccca ggaacccaga     26760
     ggctcccaga gcagaagtgg gatgcagggg tgggggcggg tcatgctgag gttcaacagg     26820
     gacctgcttc ctggttcaac agggagctgg ccagagagag ggatctgctg aggcttctgt     26880
     ttaaaaaccc tggcctgggt gtgggtgcaa gtggatttgc aggtgcagtg aggcagcggc     26940
     cggagcaggc tgttgcacga agacccagga aagtcagggt ggtttgatcc aggcagaaga     27000
     gggggaaatg gagcctgggg cagacgtaaa ggtgctgggg tgaggataag ggtgacagga     27060
     gggaggagtc tggggtgacc aaggcctgca gctcaggtga ctgggaaaaa acataaaaca     27120
     gaacacagat gaatgcaggg gtcgggacga aggctcctgt gagtctgaag tgactgtgag     27180
     tggcaccctc tggccagcca cagtggctct cacagctcat tctgcagagc accggcccag     27240
     tgatgagccg aggaagtgcc cctggaggtc agctggatct gcccagtggt ctgcacaggg     27300
     ggcggctgcc aggggcctga gcacagggaa accctcgaaa ctgtgggagg gatgaagcca     27360
     gagaggtaga ccccagaacc gaccaagccc agcatggggc gtggagggcg gccaagctca     27420
     agaagaccat gagattggag aaggagctgc agagaggtgg aaggcagaca ggcgaaggac     27480
     tcacgagcac gtccaacagc cgtcctaagg gccggctgga gggaaagaga cctgaagaca     27540
     cgttgggggg cggggccggg caggggcggg gccaggccgg gcaggggcgg gacgggggcg     27600
     ccggagggca gggcttggag aattctcacc tgagtggaag agcagaggga ggaggtgggt     27660
     gggtggcagc ggtttccagg cagcagctac aggggactga gggccacacc ccgaatgccc     27720
     tagcccaggg ggcacaagtt tcaaacgtac acacccagtg gggctatctg cctctttaca     27780
     gctttatctc aattagtagg aaagttttct cataaacgtt ctgcgtttcc gtcgtgccac     27840
     tggtctgcgt cctcggtctc tctggggcct caggtctgtg cgctgcacac gggctgaacc     27900
     tctggatcat gatgcacttc ctaacactgg gcagctattt ctctgcttgt tggctctgtg     27960
     aagacgtgtt ttttacggac agcactttct aatgtttatg tagtaagttt gtgtatactt     28020
     cccttagctc actaaggaac cttcaactgt tgtcttcctg gtgttgcacg aatcctgggc     28080
     tcagacagag ggaccccggc catgctgacc cctgcctggg aggcgggctc acccaggagg     28140
     gcctgggagg gaacattgcc gggcatctgc agtcacctaa gcacatagtg aaaaagtcac     28200
     ctattttctt ctggctttct ctggagaatt ttttaaatat ccattttaag atctaagtag     28260
     attgtttttc ttttcctttt tctgagacgg agtctccctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc     28320
     agtggtgcaa tcttggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcga ttctcatgcc     28380
     ttagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gtgcgccagg acacctagct aatttttgta     28440
     ttttttgtgg agatggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaagctg gtctcaaact cctgacctca     28500
     ggtgatacgc cccggctcgg cctcccaaag tgttgggatt acaagcgtga gccaccgtgc     28560
     ccggccagat tgttcttcaa ggagttcatg cccccactac acactgacct gagccgtgct     28620
     ggcccccagt ccgtgcacgt ggaaaggaca ccccattgca cagcctcgga ttcctctgtg     28680
     gccaatcgag tgtatctagg gagaattccc aagggtgctt ctagatacgg cacctcagat     28740
     aaggccccag agcagcaccg cagggacccc cggcacaatt tcggaaagag ctaaaagggt     28800
     gagattgcca caacactccc gccactgggg actctgtccc taccacaatg ggcagcccct     28860
     gggcacctgg ccccatgtct tagcaccctc tagaaacagc caatgtcaca ccaagcagag     28920
     agtttattga ggccatgggc agggcccagg aacacagcac ggggcgtgcg tggggtggat     28980
     gcacgctgga ctgcaggggt gcgctagcag cggcaagcgg aggggtattg ggggcccagg     29040
     agggcccccc ctcctagcag cgtctagggg cttcaggtga gcatcaagaa ccactcctag     29100
     cctccgcagg gctcttttgg gaacccctcc ctgcttcccc ctgagctcca tgtggggtgg     29160
     ggctggggcg agggggcccc tcttgtccct gtggtcaagg atgggatgat cccttgagat     29220
     tcactataaa aattaaaatt cccttataaa tcgcagggga gtggcaggag ggcatcactt     29280
     ggaagccgac attacctgtc cctagagccg cacctcctcc acacccccga agttctgacc     29340
     ccaaagtgaa gaatagagga taaggtttgc aggcacagag aggggcagag acaccaggag     29400
     agagaaaagg gagactggga agggaaggag gaggacaaca cagagaaaga acggatctga     29460
     ggaaaagcag gggcacgggg gctccactcc cccgcagccc caacagctgc gccctgggga     29520
     ccgaggacga gagttcccag cccgcagacc cccacaagcg taaggtccca tgtcccccca     29580
     atccagtcct tgccaaagcc atggtggcct cttgagacat cctcagcccc agctgcgcct     29640
     ggagcagacg gccaggagac agagcggtgg gcaggctact ccaggtagat gtcctccgtg     29700
     gggcaggcgt acgccaggtg ctcttggtag tactccagga aggcgcggct ggggaaagac     29760
     ggtcctccac cagccactca gggccggtcc tcaaccccca aactgccttc cacagagcct     29820
     ctgagctctc cctccttcct ccctctgcag ccatccataa ccccccaccc aggcatggcc     29880
     atgtcacccc caagtgtgac cctcagctct cctggcccag caattctacc cctgccagag     29940
     tgcctgggcc atgtgtctgt gcctgttccc accccatgcc cagcacccca aactgtcacc     30000
     caccactgcc ctctctacac agcacatctg gttctccttc cccagacctc ccctgccagg     30060
     ctcctgcccc cacctgctca cctccgctcc ccacctccgt aaccctgcac ccattctgca     30120
     cccacaccct ggggccccac tcaccccaca ctctgcgcca ccggcctcat ggactcctgg     30180
     gagacaaaga cgtggcaggc gaagcggctc agcagggggt gtttggtgat gaagccgaaa     30240
     tagctgcggg caagtcagtg tggagggcac gtcagagccc tggcccagcc ttggccaccc     30300
     cacaaatgat gtagagagaa gaggcaggaa caaagggctt ggggagaggg taagggacag     30360
     gagtgtgggg gtcgcacaat ttcaagatct gaagttgtct ttttttggtt tcagcccaag     30420
     cacagggctg ggcacctacc aagagttcac gctctgagtt aattccatga tgaccagggg     30480
     cgtccactct cccttctctg agccggtgct gctaccctct gtggccctat tcagggcctg     30540
     ccccaggacc acagagcaag gcctctgcct ggctactgga gaccatatct cctgccaact     30600
     caggcctcct cctgcgggcc tagcagactg acagcccctt gcccagctcc gaggtggggc     30660
     tggacgttac ccctggtctg taaaaccctc ttccggtcta cccctcgctc ccactggaaa     30720
     gcagctcctt gcggggcctc gctcatggag tcactgccca gctcctccac ccagacatta     30780
     gcaaaaatca aaaatcgtcg tccagaggga gaggcaggca gagttctgca gcaggacgct     30840
     gccccacccc cacccctgaa actggccgac ccgtccattc ccccatggct tcggggcttt     30900
     gcgattccac caaatgggaa gccacatgat ggtctgcttg ccaggacagt gtgtgcacgc     30960
     tgtccacaga cagagcacag ggcccgcctc aaatgccgcg ttcaagtcat gatggtaata     31020
     agcgccgacc cacagatctg gcttcctgca ttactcaggc accatcctct gccctttcca     31080
     ttaactcaca gaagcctcac aacagccctc tgaggtaggg ccctgatgga gagctaggca     31140
     cagaggttca ggagcttgcc caggacacac aggcaggatg ggcagccctg ggagaaaagg     31200
     ctacagtctg tgatcccaac accagacatc ctaatgccag atcccaacac agcacacccc     31260
     acgctctcct gacctaccac caccgccatg aagaaacgag ttcatcgttc acctcacacg     31320
     gtttcgtccg tgcctcctcg tggcaaggga ccggggacgg ggggtctggg gtgacaaata     31380
     ttaggaaggt ctgggccagg gcagcagctc ctccacctcc tcccacaccc ctgccacatc     31440
     ttgactccaa accccaaact cgactgacca ccttcctctc acgaaattct agctggggcc     31500
     ctgtccagcc tgagacctga gcttcaccca gtttccttct gatgagaaat ttgggtcatt     31560
     cttcctctcc tggcagcgtc cgctgtccca gtgaccccag agctgtcccc actgtctggt     31620
     ctgcgccccg tccgctgtcc cagtgacccc agagctggcc ccaccgtctg gtctgcgccc     31680
     cgtccgctgt cccggtgacc ccagagctgg ccccactgtc tggtctgcgc ccgtgcccac     31740
     tgtcccacct ctccacccca gagctgtccc tgctgtctgg tctgcgcccc tgcccgctgt     31800
     cccacctctc caccccagag ctgtccctgc tgtctggtct gcgccccgtt cgctgtcccg     31860
     gtgaccccag agctggcccc actgtctggt ctgcgcccct gcccactgtc ccacctctcc     31920
     accccagagc tggccccgct gtctggtctg cgcccctgcc cgctgtccca cctctccacc     31980
     ccagagctgt ccctgctgtc tggtctgcgc cccgttcgct gtcctggtga ccccagagct     32040
     ggccccactg tctggtctgc gcccctgccc actgtcccac ctttccaccc cagagctggc     32100
     cccgctgtct ggtctgcgcc cctgcccgct gtcccacctc tccaccccag agctggcccc     32160
     gcagtctggt ctgcatcgct gcccgctgtc ccacctctcc accccactga gcagcgtttc     32220
     cgcatggatc ccatcagacc atctctgcac tcggcgggga caacacaaaa gggctccgca     32280
     ccttccagca ggcagcaccc tcactctcga ccacagggag agtccacaag gcccccaaga     32340
     tgcactgacg tctgtcccac gcctcagtcc tggcagcacc gtgccctgct gtgtcttgcc     32400
     tgtctgtgag cctgcttcct ccaactcccc gcaagtcctt tccagcctct ggctggctct     32460
     gcctctctgg ttcctcccag atctccttcc tctagggtgc tgggacacag agggcagggg     32520
     cctgtgcctg gagggaagct ggcagccccc cttggcctgc tgctcctatg ccagcacctc     32580
     ctcctcccct cctcccctca ccctgcctgg ccattcccct ctcgtctcag tgatctacct     32640
     gctctgacct ggtatcttcc ctccaggtct ccctcctaaa ctccagaccc atgggaccaa     32700
     cggccacttc agtctcaccg tttgtgattg atcccgcatc ccctctcggt gtgtgggctg     32760
     cagtacaacc atcccccagg gagacgtcac cctggtctct tccaggtcac cctctacagc     32820
     cggtcaacct aggtcctgcc tgtactgcct cttcagtgcc tcttgcatct gcacacttgg     32880
     tctcaggaca tagcacctgt ataacctcag cagcccccag gtcccctgtg tcacctcctt     32940
     ccattaggag ccttctatgg cctcattacc agcaagatta agtacagctc cttggcataa     33000
     tcaaaagggt ccaggtcttc cccggcattt ctagctgctc cccttacacg cgggccccag     33060
     agcctatata gcccccgacc agtgcatccc acacccttgg ctcagctaga ccccaccagg     33120
     aagatccact tccccaccgc tgtcacctgc tgtgtttcca ggctggccat cctgagcccc     33180
     aggcccactc aggcgtcctc tgcacccaca caggcttctc acatccttcg cccgtgtgcc     33240
     tctctccacc cagactggat gcaagcctgt ctgacccacg cctcctgagt ccagctcaga     33300
     gcaggcgcca ctgcaggctc agctcacaga gctaagtggg tgcaggtgga gctctcaggg     33360
     ctgggcacgg gcagccctca gggtctgtgg ggactcaggg ggcggttgga ctctcagggt     33420
     ttgtgggggc ggttggggga ctcggggacg gtcagactct caccagctgt tgcggggatg     33480
     gcagccgcag aaggagatgt tcttcatctg gaagaaatgg ctgcagcgct ggaactagag     33540
     cagaggtggg cagaagtccc tgtgtcaaag gaggcctggc gccacccctg cctcccacct     33600
     actggacacc cctgccagcc tggccccgtc ggactccgtg gcctaaccct atcccccagt     33660
     ccccggtccc cagtccccca cactcccacc tcgggccctc ctccgctcag actcagcttg     33720
     accccccgaa gagagatctc gaggtcacag gaggcaggag ggcgcaggtg gacggtcagt     33780
     ttccgggcag tggcaatcta cagaagaagt tgggggagaa gagggtcttg aggagcccac     33840
     aagggccttt ctttcccctt ggtgggacta cgcctctgct ccttttagct tatgtttgag     33900
     gacacacatg ctgaggaccc tgagatgcaa ttctggaaga cataaggggt gtggccttgg     33960
     ccactcctca ggctcaggag gagcaatcgc ctctctgcag tcagcttgct tcatcttcct     34020
     tctgctcctc caggcaggct gctgcgcttg gctcaggagc caggaacaga gacctcaccc     34080
     gccctgggct gctctgccct gctccctact gccccccagc ctcagcctca gtactggtgc     34140
     ctgggcaggt gctcactaaa cgtccactga gtgagtggat gagtagaggg ctcccaggga     34200
     aggggctgtg agggctggtc ttgattccag atgggaagag gaagggctga tggcagtcgg     34260
     ggccacctgg aagatctgtg gcccagagac ccagaggtga tgagggacag ctgctgtgct     34320
     ctgccctaga ctcacctgct caggcctctg aaccagggcc tggggtaccc accccgagct     34380
     ccccctgcag catcccccag accctccctg gaggaaatca gacctcagac cttggagcct     34440
     caagccctgt gccagcctgc agtgctggtg tggccgccaa gcggaccctc agcctgcact     34500
     tgcccggcct ccacactgac cttctgcatg gctgcacaca ggatgccgtt gccctggtgg     34560
     cagggcacct ccacggagcc caggaactgc acgtcaaagc gctccaccca gcaggggctc     34620
     cgcttactcc ctggggagcg gggcacagag ggcccaggtc aggcaggggc acaggggagg     34680
     atctggggtg aaaagcctcc cctcggggtt gggacctcac ccagcaggtc cttggcaggg     34740
     ccgggcaccg catgggcgta gaaggcagga aacacaccgc gctcccccgt gcgcatgttg     34800
     aagccacgga accagaagtc gtcctcctcg gcctccacca acacagggtc atccacatcc     34860
     agctccagct cgtctggatg ccgcgggatg aacctgccgt tgggggagag gtcactgggg     34920
     aggggggcgg gattgacggt cgtgtccact ggcgttccgt gatggcaggg actgaggctg     34980
     gggccaccgc cagcaaggag ggaggccgta cctgaacaca gcccggtgag tctgctctcg     35040
     ctcctcgccg ttgaccagac aggagaaaag gccaaaggac tcggtgcctg ggagacccgg     35100
     caggacagag gcgggggaga cagggagaca gagtcagagt agtgcttaga ggcctggcct     35160
     tgggcagagg ccaagtcccc tccacagtcc ggtgtaggtg tcctacgagc gggaaggagc     35220
     tgaggcagag caggccacct catgccatgt cctgggtggg agagggcacc cagccctgac     35280
     cacagccaga ccctcaggtg gccctgggca ctgtggggga ccctgggact ggggccaggg     35340
     agtctgcacc ttcctctggg ccacccccct tttccccacc tctcactcac tggaggaccg     35400
     agatgtgctg ttgacgaaga cattgaggaa cttcttggag aaagtgaggt cagggctgtc     35460
     cggcgaggtg tcccccgaga cctgaccgcc gcctagcagc gccgcgcccg cctcctcctc     35520
     gctggcctcc ccgccgctgt cctcttcgct gtcgtggccc agcccagcac agcgccgcag     35580
     gctcaccagc tccagctgcg tgtgctcatc caccaccagc gtgtacttga ccgcgtcgta     35640
     caccagcgac gcgtcccgcg gcgccgaggg gcccgtgccc ctgcccccgg gggaccccgc     35700
     actgtcctcg gcatcctcct cttcctcgtc gtcctcttcg tcctcctcct cggagcaggc     35760
     ggcggagcag gctcgtcccg ggcgggcggc gcggccgggc gcggcccaca gcggcgtgat     35820
     ggtgtcacgc gtggggttgc tgaggaatag gcagggcccg ggctgcgcgg ggccgggtcg     35880
     aggcgcggcg ggcgcgggcg gcggcggcgc gcacagcgtc tccatgtcca ccagctccac     35940
     gccgccgggc cccgcggccg cctcggggtc ctgggagtcc tgggcggccc cgccggccgg     36000
     cgacacgggc tccccgggcg ggcgcggcgc aggagacagg cactggccgg ggcagcggat     36060
     gggcgaggag ccctcggaga tcatgcggct caccaggttg ctgagcagcc agggcgagtc     36120
     cgcgtcctcg ctgaggtccg gctccgactc cgaccccgac tcgtactcgc tgttggtgtc     36180
     gtcggggccc acgggcagga aggcggggcg gcgcgggggt tcgcgcgggg gctccggctc     36240
     cgaggcgggc gacgaggcct cctcgatgga gttggtgagg tgcgaggagc ggccgctgct     36300
     gctgcttccg ccatcgctgc tcagctccag ctccgtctcc gagatggacg agatcatgcg     36360
     ccccaggcgg cgccgcccgc gtcctccgag tcggagccgg gcgaggacag ctcctggctg     36420
     ctgcgacgtc ccccgcggcc gccgctcgag cggcttctca ggtcagcctc gatgccggga     36480
     tctgaggagg gcgaagtccc ccctggcgca gggggttccg caggccggtt cccttcgcag     36540
     tcgcaacccg ggcgcactgg cgactgcgcc ccgccgggcc cggtgtccgt ggcagggagg     36600
     gggcccggga gctctgctgg gcagggaggt ggggtcaccc tctctgcacc acccaggcct     36660
     cttccagcag ccagtccatc ctccctgccc tcctcccccg cttccccgcg ccccgcgggc     36720
     ccaccacccc tcacctctga gggcctccgg ggcgggtgag catagcgctg tctcctgcca     36780
     ggaggccgga cgcaccaggt caaagcctcc gttgttgttt agggagtcct ggggtggaga     36840
     tacatgacgg cggtcctgag gagggccagc tcccaggggg tgagcagggc tggctgcagc     36900
     ccaggtgcta tgaacccagg ctcagctcca gggagctgtg ggtccgggca ctcacctggg     36960
     cccccagtgt ggtcagacgg agggtggtgg gccggtgctt gtggggctcc tccacggaag     37020
     gggaggggat aaggggcccg ggggcaggtg cctctgagcc agggtctcct ccctcctggc     37080
     cttccccatc tccctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcttcctc gtcctcatcg tcctcctctt     37140
     cattgtcatc gatcatctca aactcctgga agtcatcctg gaaggagcag atggggtgcg     37200
     gctgctccga gcgccccagg gagaggctgt cctgcaggac ggagggagat agcagggctg     37260
     ggccagaggg cagcagtagc ccaggggccc aggtgctagg agaagggaaa tcggggagca     37320
     tcagtcaaag gagagcccct tccagctcac tctgcccctc tgtctacagg gcgatgtttt     37380
     caaaatctgc ctaacacaca ttgggatcac tccagttctt gggaagggcc taaactctac     37440
     agctgaatga cagggattct cagagcagcc ccagccccac tttcagactc atctaactgc     37500
     agaaccccat cacatttgac accagcactg tgttcccttc gcagcgtttt aacacaactt     37560
     acagttactg gacatggttt ttggtctgtt gcaagcccca ccagggcagg gtcatgtcca     37620
     tgttatgcac tgttgcaccc gcccccaaga acaagacctg gggctcagcg gatgttcagt     37680
     aaacatcaaa cagatgcaga aatggagaga cagcctctgc actctgagga ttcaccaact     37740
     ttgcgccaac cccagggcca ttggcacagt tattccccat gctggcactt cctctcctcc     37800
     attccctcct acctacccca tctgcctggc tctgctaacc tcagggcatg gttgacattt     37860
     cctctggaaa ttctccctga ttccttcagt gtggattggg ttcccttccc cctcgtggaa     37920
     cttatgtccc tgttggaatg cagcccttga cacgtgggca gccattgtcc cttacaagtc     37980
     tttctcccct actaagttgc agctccagag agcagctgtc ctgttccact cccagcaccc     38040
     agaagccccc agtacttgcc acatggcagt tgctcagaaa tgttcttcaa taaatgaaag     38100
     cagaaatgtg gagagacagg gaggaggaga agcaagagat ggacgagaaa agatttcagc     38160
     agggggagac atgaaacaga cagatgggag ctgcagacga gggcacaggg ctgcagaggg     38220
     gacaaggttg tgatggcagc tgccagggat tagatctttc tgggagtgat ctgaggacag     38280
     agggcaccca aagcaaagga gcacctccct gccccgggct ggccaccgat ggggtcgggg     38340
     agaatgctgg ggaaggccct gcgtggaggc ctgcaatgtg ttggaataag agagagttga     38400
     taccaaggaa acctcaaggg ttaagtgggg aggagccatc agaggagtcc ccggttcaag     38460
     gctgagctca cacccaccct aaaaccccaa gtgaacgcta agaagaacct aatgaggccc     38520
     tcccttgagc tggatctgtg tccccaactc ttctcccacc ttctcacagt ggtctgagtc     38580
     gtagctgagg cccaggccac agtcatcagt gatctcagac agatcttcgt cgtcaaattc     38640
     ttccaggctt atgtcctggg gaggcctgga aaggagacca gggtcagaga gccaccaacc     38700
     ctggactccc tgcctggcaa ctggccctga ggaggggcag agggaggcgt cagctcctac     38760
     acccagtggt ttccacagcc cccagctctc ggaacacatc ctgccatcat cttgaccccc     38820
     aagctctgct cgcctgtgga tcccctcccc catctgagcc aggcctgccc ggaggagcca     38880
     accctgcccc cacccctccc accccgcctc cctggagagc cagcagcctc tcctccctcc     38940
     actcgcagct ccaggcccct ggggtcaggg tcttgcagag caggggaggg ggagctgcaa     39000
     cgcggcagcg gcagatgggg aggggtcgct cctgctctgg gaagagagtc tggcctgttt     39060
     gtctccccct ctccggcgga gtgaggccta aacccagagg cccagcgtcc tcccaacccc     39120
     agtcccttcc cgcagggctc cgggcttgat ttccactctc tcccggccgg gccctatcgg     39180
     ccaggtctgg cgtccactga aagaggccaa ggccaccggg acacgccgcg ccgggagggt     39240
     gtgcccgcat cccgcccgca tcctcccccg cagagggtcg gcccagggcc tccacccttg     39300
     acaggtcagc cgtccaggcc gggcgcggct cagaatcccg gcggggcccg ggggtcactg     39360
     aggctgggga cgcgcggtga agatggaggg agtgggagcg gggtgggggt ggggcgcccg     39420
     agccgaggct cagggaccgc agggggccgg ggccgggtcc gcgccggcgg cggggctggg     39480
     gcggcgggga cgggggtccg ggccgggtcg gggtcggggg ggtgcgcagg gagcggaggg     39540
     tccgcccggc ccgggcgccg aggggggtac ctgcagcccg gcggcgacag cgagtggaag     39600
     gtggagagag aaaacatctc cgcgcgatcc gccatcttct ccgggagagg cccgcgactg     39660
     cggcgggggg tgcgggagcc tcgccgcgcc ccgcgccggc gctcggcccg ccccgctcac     39720
     ctcgtgacac gccctgcggc gtccgccccg cgcacctcgc ccggactccg cggcggcgcg     39780
     gggagggcgg cgggggaggc gggggaggga cgcggccggg gacgctggtt ggaggagagg     39840
     cggcggcttc actgccgggc gctggttggg gaagggccgg gcgtgcgatg aggatttttc     39900
     ccggggaggg gcgggaggga aggggcgggc gggtgggcgt cgggccccgc cctggaggac     39960
     ccgcgcgggg cgggaggccg aggaggcagc gccggggtcc gcgggcctcg ggttcgccgt     40020
     gggctgtttc ctctgggcga gaggccgggg cggccccggg agctgcgccg ccgcgcccag     40080
     gatcccccca ggaaccctaa cccgggtgcg gcccggagcg gggtggcggg cgaggcggga     40140
     ggcgcgggag gagctgtccg ccgtcgggtg ctgatcggag ctgtccccac ggggtgctga     40200
     ccggggctgc acggggacgt ctgcacgagg gtcgccgagc agggctggat tcagaatcga     40260
     gcacaaggta ctcagaggat gctggctggg gctaaaagtg gactttgagc actcagtaga     40320
     gactgcacag ccggacggac gtaccgacgg gcactgggag aagttagcac ccacggaggc     40380
     gacatgcgtc ccactggaaa cactttttct tgggcaccgt gttgctgggc cctgtgtagg     40440
     gaactgaccc gctctggctt gggatggagc cctgtgggga gggccatggt tgaagctgag     40500
     ctcgagacgg tggctgtggg aggaggcggg agatcagggt tgagggcgca gaactaggga     40560
     gagactgcag gacacttttt ttctttctaa aatagagacc ggtggctggg cgcggtggct     40620
     cacgcctgca atcccaccac tttgagaggc caaggcgggt ggatcacgac gtcaagagat     40680
     cgagaccaga gaccatcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctttactaa aaatacaaaa     40740
     aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccggc gacttgggag gctgagccag     40800
     gagaatcatt tgaacccggg aagcggaggt tgcagtgaga cgagattgcg ccactgcact     40860
     ccagcctggc aagagcaaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aagagagaga gagagaccgg     40920
     ctctctctgt attgcccagg ttggtctcaa actcctgggc tcagctatcc tctggcctca     40980
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg aaccacagca cctggctaaa tattggctaa     41040
     agaaggaggc tggcatttca acaaaagcgc aatccctttt cccccttgat gaaagttatg     41100
     tgccctaaga tttctttatg tcttagttct gcggaaaatt cttttttttt tttttttttt     41160
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agacagaact tgctctgttg cccaggctgg agtgtagtgg     41220
     cacgatctca gctcactgta acctccacct cccgggttca accgattctc gtgcctcagc     41280
     ctcccgagta gctgggatta caggcaatca ccaccatgtc cggctaattt ttgtgttttt     41340
     agtagagatg ggtttttgcc atgttggcca ggctggtccc aaactcctga cctcaggtga     41400
     tctgccctcc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcccctggcc     41460
     tggaaaatta ttccttagga aaggacaagg cacttgagtg acaaacacca gaaacgacat     41520
     ggcagaagga gctcatgcaa gtcgggaagg ggggtatcac cattccagct cagagagagg     41580
     cctgtggcca gggcctgatt gaacctgcac tctttggtgt cccatcacaa tttatatttt     41640
     atgccaatta cagtattttt ctaagaatgg catttacttg gctgggcaca gtgacttaca     41700
     cctgtaatcc cagtactttg ggaggccaag gtgggtgcgt cacttgagct caagagtttg     41760
     aaaccagcct ggaaacatgt ctctaccaaa aataaaaaaa attggccgag cccaggaggc     41820
     aaaggttgca gtgagctgag atcacaccac tgcatccaac ctggggggca gagtgagatc     41880
     ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagccattta ctagtttatg cttgccttct tgacttgggt     41940
     tggctggaga gaagagaggc tgtcatctct ctgtgaagcc ctaggctcca agcatggtgc     42000
     ctggcaaaca gtaggtgctt agcagacatg tgaatgaatg aatgagagag cttatggtct     42060
     ctaacccagt ctggggcatc aggtctttgc cataacagtc ttttcccttt tagaagcact     42120
     aagaacattc cccatttctg agggagtctg ggcctattaa ccactccctg cctttcccaa     42180
     aaaatccaga tcccttccca gatttcacag agagtttgac ctcaactttc cagattggct     42240
     tttgatcctg agtcttttca ccaaactggt tcatctggac atccacataa atgacccatc     42300
     caataccctg gtcagtcagt tccttgattt ctgatctgtc aacagtcttt aatactcaag     42360
     tgtagtgacc tctcccacaa agtgcctcca ggatctacct tcatctggaa ttgcagcaag     42420
     cttaaaatct tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcactctgt cacccaggct     42480
     ggagtgcagt ggtgtgtccc tagctcactg tagcctcaaa ctcctgggct caaggaatcc     42540
     ccctgcctca gccttctgag tagctaggac cacaggtgca cactaccata cctggcattt     42600
     tgtttgtttt tgtaaaaaca gggtctcact atgttaccca ggttggtctt aaactcctgg     42660
     gcccaagccc aggtgatggc ctcccagagt gctgagatga caggcatgag ccacagcatc     42720
     caatctgaag tcttatagtc tcaaatttca tcttagatcc taatccccaa aaccttcctc     42780
     aagcctctcc ccttccttcc ctccctctta aaagatggtc actcccaggt cccatgagcg     42840
     taaagaccat gagatggggg ataccgcccg caattttatc tgtggacctc ccatcttgcc     42900
     cccagagcac agatggaaga tcgtcggcct taaagtctga aatacgggag ccactcttca     42960
     ttttgcacca acttgttgaa cgtgggcaaa ttactcagtt cctcgagatc ttggtttctt     43020
     cctctgagca atggtgctgc gaggaccaca tgtcgtggtg taagccccag acacaggccc     43080
     tgttgtttgt tggtgatcat ttaaggctca cctttcccct gctcctcaca ccggggacat     43140
     gtcctcccag tcccccaggg ctgctctgtg cagctcaggg atacattagt gaaaaggcag     43200
     caactctttc ctgagggggt ttatgctcct tacatcatgc acattttatc aaatttgcac     43260
     cttccttgtg tgctcctcag agcatcattg tatggatgaa caaatggggg tccacaggga     43320
     gctgaacatc cctccttgaa gttcctcctc cagcctctgg gccacaggca ctgggttttc     43380
     cttcctgacc accacccgtt gtcagcgtcc ttccagactc cttctccttc aatgacaaat     43440
     caagatgttg tgacgcgacc attttaacgc tttcttccct ctatggtgca cgaatggcat     43500
     agacattaca aagcacaaaa ttgattggac ttagaaggga gagttggaat cgcaacagct     43560
     tccacagtcc tgaccacagc aattctaaaa agtcagagaa cattttctga caactttctg     43620
     agagattaga aaacaaatgc aaactatcag tatttattgt actcatattt cacagaaatc     43680
     acaaacacaa aataaatatg ccaatggtta aaactgcaaa cagacacatt taataaagat     43740
     gaaaattaag agttctacct tcaccatggt gaagtcctaa cgccaccatt tcccgaatct     43800
     tcatttttat gcagccaggt ctctgatcac tacctcctac ttttcttggt ctcttgctgc     43860
     attactacaa tacccacttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg tcttgctctg tcacccaggc     43920
     aggaatgtag tggtgcaatc tcagctcact gtaacctctg cctcctaggt tcaagcaatt     43980
     ctcccacttc attcctcaga gtagttggac tatagatgtg tgccaccaca cctggctaat     44040
     gtttttattt tttgtagaga cagggtttca tcatgttgct cagcctggtc tcaaactcct     44100
     gagctcaagc aatccactca cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca     44160
     ctgtgtcaag cctttttttt tttttttaac tccataagaa atgtgcttca attactatta     44220
     ctgtgtaaca aattatcctc aaatttagtg gattaaaaca attaagttgt tatttacaat     44280
     tgtttgtttt gagggtggaa attcaggaag gactccaatg ggaagttctt gcctgggtct     44340
     cttttgaggt ttggttgcag ttggaggtaa gcctggctcg aggtctgaga tggttcattc     44400
     agaaggttgg cagtggatgc tgagtgtgag ctgggggctc tgctgcggct gtcaccagca     44460
     tatccactgg gctctcctgc atcgtggtct cagggtagtt tcttttcttt tctttttttt     44520
     tttggagaca agagtctcgc tctgtcaccc aggttggagt gcagtggtgt gatcttggct     44580
     cactgcaacc tccacctcct gggttcaagt gattctccta cctcagcctc ccgagtagct     44640
     gggattatag gtgcctgcca gcacgcccag ctcatttttt ttttgtattt ttagtagagg     44700
     cgggtcttcg ccatgttggc caggctggtc tggaactcct gacctcaggt gatccgccca     44760
     cctcggcctc ccaaaatgct aggactacag gcgtgagcca ccgcacccag ccaagggtag     44820
     agtttctaca tgatggctgg ttcccatcag agtaaggatc cttggagggc atgccctttt     44880
     ctggtctaac cttgtaagtc ctacagcatc actgctgctg tgactattgg ccaaagcagt     44940
     tgcaagccta cccagcttca agaggggggt cacagaccct acccctccat gggaagagtg     45000
     tcaaagaact taggagctgt gtcataaaac cactgcaaat ctgcagtcca tgtgtcatga     45060
     aaccaccaca aacctccagt ccatgtgtca taaaaccact gcaaatctcc agtccacgtg     45120
     tcatgaaacc accacaaacc tccagtccac tgaacctcgc tctttcctca atgtccactc     45180
     aagtttctta cctgacatta accctctcaa tcgtcaactt gtccttctct tctggatcat     45240
     ttccatcagc aaacaagcat aacctatgtt aaagaaaatg gtaattctca cctgatggta     45300
     caggacatcc aaaatcatgg catttacaac attgttatgc cttaatgaaa gtgacagtag     45360
     gccgggcacg gtggctcacc cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcaggcggat     45420
     cacaaggtca ggagatcaag cacaatggct aacacggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa     45480
     tacaaaaaat tagccaggcg tggcggcagg cgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggaggctg     45540
     aggcaggaga atggcatgaa tctgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atcacgccac     45600
     tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatccttct     45660
     ggtttaagaa agaaatctca cacataatta tacctttcag aaaacagatt tctatcagtg     45720
     cagaagatga ttataacatg catcagttga agtttttaaa tagattgcta ctatcaggaa     45780
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga cacgattttg ctctgtcgtc caggctggag tgcagtggtg     45840
     caatcatagt tcactgcaac aaccacctcc caggcttaag ccattctccc tgcttcagcc     45900
     ttccaagtag ctgggactac aggtgtgtac caccacaccc aactcatttt tgtattttag     45960
     tagagatggg gtctcaccat gttggccagg ctggtctcga actcctgaac tcaagtgatc     46020
     cgcctgcctc ggcctcccag agtgctgaga ttacaagcat gagccaccac gccttgccag     46080
     gaaatttttt aaatctctga aatctgaatg tctcactaga ctccttcata gaacgtacat     46140
     gcccaaagac acttttataa taactgaaaa aacaacagga ttatacactt tcatgaaagt     46200
     ctttgcactg cagcagagtc atagccccaa ggaggacagc actgcagcct cgacaaatct     46260
     ctctctgaca tacaaatttt ggagagtttt ccatttactg cgatgagcac aaagggaaca     46320
     ggcccagcaa agcatgccag gagctatcaa gctgcagaat gtctggtgag cgcttcccag     46380
     atttccccag ttcctcccaa agatgcacta aagttggtga tgacagggct ctgcctgaca     46440
     gggagactcc ctgataggtt gctggagacc ctgaacagag atttaccaag ccttttttgg     46500
     cggggggacg gagtctcgct ctgttgccca gaccggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcggctc     46560
     actgcaagct ccgcctcccg ggttcacacc attctcctgc ctcgtccttc caagtagctg     46620
     ggactacagg cgcccgccac cgcgcctggc taattttttg tattttttag tagagatggg     46680
     gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc ttgtgatccg cccacctcgg     46740
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggagtga gccaccgcgc ccggccggct atcaggcctc     46800
     ttacacccac aaacttgtca tcttggaact cccagcataa ttacctaatt tgattaacaa     46860
     aaactgtctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagatagg gtctcactct gtcacccagg     46920
     ctgaagtgca gggatgtgat cttggctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcctaag ctcaagcaaa     46980
     cctctcacct cagtctccca agtagctagg actacaggca cccgccacca tgcctggcta     47040
     atttttggtt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtagag acaaggtttc accatgtttt     47100
     ccaggctggt ctccaactcc tgggctcaag tgatccaccc gcttcggcct cccaatgtgc     47160
     tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accatgtgca gcctcaaaag ctgtcttcat cctctggatc     47220
     taatagctaa gttctaagta caatcttgct acacgggccg caggataaga gaccgggcag     47280
     ctggcaggat ggcacttctt ccctcccctg cctcactttc tcacccaccc accttatttc     47340
     ctgcagcttc aaacaaactc cttgcatgtg aatcctcgtt ttagctactt cttctgaagg     47400
     aatccaatct aaggcatcct gctaattgtg acactcacac ttaaattatc aaatcgtaaa     47460
     gttaatcaat agttttaccc ttttcctgaa caatacaagg acccgagaag tatttaactc     47520
     tgtttactcc agtcccaact taaattttat tattatgcat tttaatattc tttatttttc     47580
     cttttttttt tttctggttt tttagacaga gtctcactgt cacgcaggct ggagtgcagt     47640
     ggcatgatct tggctcactg cagcctcgac ctcccgggct caagcaatcc tcctgcctca     47700
     gcctcccaaa gcactgggat tataggtgtg agccactgtg cctggctatt atttttcttt     47760
     tcaagaccca taggaattgt tattgttgct ttaagccatt gatgtttact agatttaccc     47820
     aaatgttacc tctttctata tccttcattc cttcttcctt gtcagatcac cctgtgatac     47880
     caattcctta caccttttaa atgtttcttt aatgagaatc ttccgtagta aactcagttt     47940
     gtccgaaaat gtcttcattt tgtcctggtt cctgaaagat atttttacag gatacagaat     48000
     tctgggtcat tagtttccat tatcacctcg aaggtctcgt ccattgtcct cctctggctt     48060
     tccttgtcgc tagaaaacat catctctcag tcactccctt gaaggtcatt ttccatgcat     48120
     ctccagctgc atttaggacg cttttgtctt tggtgttctg aagtttcaat gtggtctatc     48180
     taggtgtggg tttattttgt atttttttct gcatgaggtt ctcaattata taaatttata     48240
     tgaatttctc aattatgtga ctttcattag tttagaaatt tcatagccat tatctcttca     48300
     aatatttcct ctgctccatt ccatctcttc tccttctggc actctaatta ggctcatgtt     48360
     ggattttcct attctagcct ttatgtctct taaccctttt tccaggtttt ccaaatctat     48420
     gtctttccag gcagcattct gtatactgta ttcatattta tcttttagct catgaagtct     48480
     cgctttggtt atttataatc ttctgttaaa catgcatact aagtttttaa tttagttgaa     48540
     attaaaattc aactaaaatt tgaactaaat taaaactttc cttttagaac ttccatttgg     48600
     ttcttttcaa actgcttgac tattctttat agttttgtgg gttttgcaca cattttcttt     48660
     ctttttcttt tctttagaga cagggtctca ctgtgttgca caggctggag tgcagcggca     48720
     tgatcacggc tcactgtagc ctcaacctcc catgctcacg tgattctctc acctcccaag     48780
     cacctgggac tacaggtgca taccaccgtt tctggctaat tttttatttt tttgtagaga     48840
     cagggtctca ctatttgcct aggctggtct tgaatgcctg ggctcaagaa ttcttcagcc     48900
     ttggcttccc aaagtgctgg gattataggc atgagccacc atgcccagcc ttaagacata     48960
     tgcagatgta aaacataaca acaccaatac agaggatggg aggagaaatg aaaacatact     49020
     gctgtaagga ggctcttaca ttatatgtag atgccataac atcatgtgag ggtagactat     49080
     gacaagttaa aaatgtatat tataaatcct agagaaaaca ttttaaaaac tacaacaaga     49140
     cacaattaat aagctaagag tggtaataaa acagaatacg aaaacatact tgatcaatcc     49200
     atcagaaagc agaaaagaag tggaaatgga acaaaggtaa gatgggacaa ataaatagca     49260
     agatggtaga tttaaaccca ataatatcaa tgattacatt aaatagaaat gatctaaact     49320
     cagattgaaa ggcagagatt atcagaatgt atttaaaaag tgagacacaa actataagct     49380
     acctcaagaa atgaaatgtt aaatataaac accaagatag gctaaaagta atagactgga     49440
     aagaaagaaa aataaaggag ccaggtgtgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcagggaag     49500
     ccagggtggg aggatagcat gagcccaaga gttcgagacc agccagggca acacagtggg     49560
     accccatcta cacacacaca cacaaacaca cacgctagcc aggtggtggc acacacctgt     49620
     agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaaggatc gcttgagccc aggaggtcaa ggctgcagta     49680
     agctgtgata gtgtcactgg actccagcct gggcaacaga gtgagactct gtcagaaaga     49740
     aagaaaagaa agaaaaagag agagaggaag aggaagagga agagggaggg acaaagaaag     49800
     aaagaaagaa ggaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     49860
     gaaggaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaagg aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaggaaaag     49920
     aaagaaaaga aagaaaggga aaagtgaatt agaaggaaag atcagaatca atggaataaa     49980
     aaatatatac acagttgagg gtaatcaatg aaaccaaaag ctggttcttt aaaaaactca     50040
     gtaagattga taaacctcta gctagactaa ccaagaaaaa agaagacata aataacctta     50100
     tcaggaatga aagcaaaaat atcattatag attcagcaga tattaaaaga attataaaac     50160
     tatgaacaac tttatgccaa taaacttgaa aatgtaaatt aaatgaacaa atttcttgaa     50220
     agacacaaat taccaaagct ggaacaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aatctgaatg gcctcataat     50280
     tactaaagac attgaattac caattaaaaa cctttccaca aagaaaactc cagatccaga     50340
     ttgccttact ggtgaattct agcaaacatt taaggaagaa ataatactaa tcctacataa     50400
     acatttcagg aaacaggagg cagaaacctt cccaactcat gttatgaagc tagaatgtca     50460
     ctactgaaaa tgtggagaaa tcgtatcacc aaagaaacta caatctagtt tgtcaaaccc     50520
     tctgacaatt cagctcctaa agtaatccct acaaaagcca ggaggcattt gatcccatag     50580
     aagaaactac gcagcctcca agaaggttcc tctccagtgt cctcctagat gtggacacga     50640
     agtctaacag acaaggagaa acattccaga aaactgagcc ggcgctgcca ggaaagggga     50700
     cttcactatt tatgctcaat aggatttggc aagtgccaca gactagagat cgggtctaaa     50760
     tatggggtct ttgtagtatt tacccaattc ttactctttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttg     50820
     agacggagtt tcactctttt tgcccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct cagctcactg     50880
     aaacctccgc ccgctgggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat     50940
     tacaggcatg cgccaccacg ctggctaatt ttgtattttt agtagagacg aggtttctcc     51000
     atgtgggcca ggctggtgtc taactcccaa cctcaggtga tccgcccacc tcagcctccc     51060
     aaagtgcagg gattataggc atgagccact gcgcccggcc cttaatcttt ctttgtatgt     51120
     ttgggacaca taaaatatgt tttagtttat acgacattgg attaaactag tgtacactga     51180
     gtttgttgga ggatgaatga caaacctttt ataagtcact ggaccacaag gatctacctc     51240
     tggacctgaa ggagcaaatt gcatataagt cagagaacct aaattttgag ctggatgctg     51300
     caactagtta gaacttttac agtggtctcc cttaaggata aggtgagtga gttttgtata     51360
     caggaagtag agagggcatg gccaaagggg cagatggtgc cctaatatca attttccagt     51420
     tttcccataa ttttagaatc cctagccagc acctacacct ggcctttatc cattcacctg     51480
     ccgacgcaca ctcaggttgc ttcctaactt ggctattgtg aataatgctg caatgaataa     51540
     gctggtactg atatcctcca agatattgat ttcatttcct ctggatatac atccagaagt     51600
     gggattgctg gattgcatgg tagttctgtt ttaatttttt actgtattcc ataatggttg     51660
     taccaatcta ccttttcacc aacagtatac aagggttctc ttttctccac atcctcgcca     51720
     atatttgtta tctcttgcct ttgttttttt tttttatata gtagccaaac taagaggtgt     51780
     gaggtggatc gcgttgttgt catatctcgt tgtggtgttt gcatctccct gattagtgat     51840
     gttgggcccc tttcatatac ctgttggtca tttgcatgtc ttctttggag aaatgtctat     51900
     tcaggtcctt tacacatttt aaattgggtt atttggtgtt ttgctattga gttttgtaag     51960
     ttccttatac attttggata ttaactcctt atcagataca tgatttgcaa atactttctc     52020
     ccgttccatg ggttgttgat cgtacccctt tactatcttg aaaagaaatt tataacctat     52080
     ttttttaaat tacacaatgg tctaatgaag ggatagagag aggagagtgg cagccaggtc     52140
     atgtcacata catcacaaat ccactccaca ttctcatctt cccatcaatg taaaccacca     52200
     aggagtccag gcttcattca gccacccagg cacggtcata actactccca ggccttgagc     52260
     caaaatacgg aatcaaagat tctctttgaa gtgcactcat gttgataaat ttgcactaac     52320
     ctacaattca ttcttggctt tgtatcctca cagtccattc ctgtatgtat tcccctcgcc     52380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gatggagttt agctctgttg ctcaggctgg     52440
     agtgcagtgg cacaatctcg gcacaggctc agggggccgc catggtgtca gagaaggcct     52500
     ggagcaggaa gtgcaaagac acacagcaga gatgcagctc tgtgtccact gcagttaaag     52560
     gtgggctgag ggcatcagcc aagacaccat ctcctgcccc tctcagatct agtcagctac     52620
     aatattgagt ctactctgtc acgattcttc aaagtaaagg ctagttacaa ctcctatgaa     52680
     agccttaata caagaggctt agcagaacaa atacaatccc cactgccaca gcttctccca     52740
     agtaacagat attcagcagc cacctcctcc ttggcctcac cctcaccagc attccagctt     52800
     gtctccatgg cttgcctggt gacgctgccc agaccttcac cctgaggcat ctgagccctt     52860
     aggggctatg gctgctgaaa agaccttttc attgtcatta cttggcatgg aagcaccaag     52920
     acagacctag atgaatcctc taagtgccag atcaatgcct gcttgccccg ttacgcagca     52980
     gccacgctac ctcctcaccg tttatcagga tcaagtatcc cctcctttgt ggcctgctgg     53040
     tccaccagta tgaggagctg agagtaacct ggtggtcttt gcagattcag gctcagcaga     53100
     ggtatccttc ctgcaaccag caggagtgcc ctcgtggaag cgttcctacc tgggaaacag     53160
     gctctaatcc agcagatcct aaggctgtgg agacagaatg tacaaattct acgtgtaagc     53220
     actgggaatg atggtgagaa gtagctaatc ccaacccttg ggttcctgga cctgtgtctt     53280
     tctgcttgga tccacatgaa gtatctactg ggggcagagc accatatatt agactctgat     53340
     tcagtgtata tatcccaact cctcaggata ctgtcctaga accaggacct cagctaagcc     53400
     cttaagaagt catcccatct ttccagtagc ctagctgctt ttacgtaacg caggatatta     53460
     gagaagcagt ggatcccatg gtcatccaca cactaccata cctctttcgc tataaaatgg     53520
     ctttcttggc ctgaggcgat gtgattcgtg atcccatgtt ggtacacgga gcatgcctga     53580
     agctcctgga tagtgatgct ggcctgggac cctgtggata cagaagacaa acccttatcc     53640
     agagcaggtg tcaactccag caaggatgaa gggctgtcac caacttgcca ctaagtaact     53700
     agttggggtg ctctagggat ggtatctcag caggggctca gcactgatcg ctttcagcag     53760
     gagtaatcat gagacaagcc ttgagaaaga aggcctgtgc tggtggacgc taacctgtgc     53820
     tccttctgca tgacgccgcc actcacagtc cactgttcaa gcacaggggt agccaggggc     53880
     acagctgact gacatcccat ccatcctgct gttcaccaac tcctctgcag tattaacaca     53940
     aggcagagag atgcacatat tgtgtggcca ctcctgtagg tccatcttcc cctcttgctc     54000
     ttttcaggtc cctgaccagc cagcaggacg tcacaaccca gaagtccata tgcgtccctc     54060
     cctcaggcca ctactctgtc cactgcctcc atacaaagtg gatatccaca cgaactgctg     54120
     gaagctcagc cccatggagg atttcctatt gtcgtccttt agggtcacct tgaatgggac     54180
     tgtagtgtac ctatggttca ttttcagttc atatcaacac atcaaactga cctatatacg     54240
     aaccagacca gaatgcttat ctgctaaggg agaaatatca gtgcaaagca gatgtggggc     54300
     cacactgcca cctcttcctg taaataactg ttacccacta gacacgcttg ggtccaagcc     54360
     caaggcttcc tttttcattg taccatcaat tgctactgag cctctgacct actgacttgg     54420
     aggatctgac aacacctcgc ttgggcagac cctgtcgcat ggtcgctgat gtcccaccag     54480
     caggtgctcg gtctctacct gggtctggta gtgtgcctga tactgctctc acttggcgag     54540
     tagttctctg ctgcagaagg catggtcttg tccaagaact ctaggacagt gtactgcaac     54600
     tcttccgttg gagtttgcca gagatgccat atagggtcct tcctacccca aataagcccc     54660
     ccggtaaccc attggatcta tgcagcaggg aagcccatct cccaatccaa atctttagca     54720
     gagccctctt tttctctggg ccccactcaa agctggcagt tttcccgtta cccaataaag     54780
     gggtcagaga ggtatcctct agcgcggtgc atgctgactc caaaacacag aggtgcctca     54840
     atgctgtgcc tctttcttcc ttgtaaggat gcaggatgca ataacttgtc cctggcttgc     54900
     cctcaaacgc tgcacccctg agaatgtcac tgatatggca ggctccagaa cttctgaggg     54960
     cttctcgctc atcctctgac atgcacggcc ttcttcacca tgtccaacta gtatgacatc     55020
     atcaatgtta tatggaatat agatgataag ctacctaagg actattgtga cagagaacag     55080
     gagagttcag acagcaagaa gcaagaccat ttacagagct gtccttccca tataaatgtg     55140
     aactgctttt aatcctcttt accactggca attgaaaaga atgttcacca agtcaataat     55200
     tgcattatca agagccagag gtgcatttat cggttccagt aaagatacca cacctagcac     55260
     agctgtgtga tcggggacac gacttggcta agtttgtgca gggcatcatc atttacttga     55320
     atccaccaag atttagcagg agccattcag gttaattgaa gggatgaaac ggtaaccact     55380
     gctttataag tctttgaggg cgaaatacct ctgcaattac acctggaatg cagcattgtt     55440
     tctgacttac tatcttggaa aggtttcagt agggtgagga gtttcaaagg tttctacttt     55500
     gcgcttcctt acatatggta ccaaaggcct gggatcaatg tatacgctcc gccctctgct     55560
     aggtaaaaac atcccaagta tgcattgaga ccagagaagt aaccacagga ctcgggttgg     55620
     gaattctgct tatcatctga tttccataag cctgcaccct aatgagaggg ccatgatgct     55680
     tcagggctcc tggaaacagt gtcagctcag atcctgtatc agcccttcaa agacctagac     55740
     agtccctttt ccgaagtaaa ctagtttttt tggtgtgttt gttgttgctg ttcagacagt     55800
     cttgctgtgt tgctcaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgtgaaca caggtcactg cagccttgac     55860
     ctcctgggct taagtgattc tctcacctca gcatccagag tagctggaac cacaggcacc     55920
     tgccaccacg cccagctaat cttttaattt ttgtaaagac aggttcttgc tatgttgccc     55980
     aggctggtct caaactcctg ggctcaaacg atcctcctac ttcggcttcc caaagtgcag     56040
     ggattaaaag cgtgacccac tgcccccagc cagaatcagt tttctttttt tttttttttt     56100
     ttttgagact gagtctgact ctgtcgctca ggctggagtg cagtggctcg cggcaacaag     56160
     gcctgggttc aagggattgt cacgcctcag cctcccgtgt agctgggatt acaggcacaa     56220
     gccaccaaac ccggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagcgac ggggtttcgc tatgttggcc     56280
     agggtggtct caaactcctg acctcaagtg atctgcccgc ctcggcctcc caaaatgctg     56340
     ggagtacagg cgtgagccac cacgcccgga ccagttactt tttaaagtgg ctctaggtcc     56400
     ctttagggaa ggattggagg aatatttctt ggtatatgct cagatgctgg tattgtaaga     56460
     tccttcctga gaggaaccaa gcctccttgt caattaatgg gctctaggtc tcaaaactga     56520
     ctcagattta aacagaatga tcatgatttt ccactgcagc aaaagtgaca ttagccttgt     56580
     gatcaccaat ttttgatttc tttctggtta tcaaacaata ctctagtcag atgccccaaa     56640
     gaacaccatg gttcgacaga cattgccaca gatctctgtg ggtccagcgt tcctggtcgc     56700
     cgctctagcc tggggcagaa gcagaaatgc aggaggcacg cgtttaaatc aggacgccct     56760
     caatgggagg tgcgcaggcc gaggaggggg ctgcggcaag ctgcgagtct tcactttctt     56820
     cggctcttgg gtttgactct gtaattggtt ctaggcctgg aggagacgag gaggataggg     56880
     ggagagggga atgaatgaag acgcgcatct caagcggggc agcaaaagac tcctcattca     56940
     gaggtgcggc tctaccggcc agggagtccc cgtgtagact gggcatttat gcaactggag     57000
     tcatcggaac tgtcccaagg gtcacattcc ttcagcaaat gtttactgcg tacccaccgg     57060
     gtgcccgcat cccgcactct gcccgcgctg tgcggccctg cctagcgcgc gcgcctcctc     57120
     caggcctcac ccacgctcag gacggacgcg cgctggacgg ctcttccttg tcggagcgcc     57180
     ccaggggtcg gggaagaggg cccggcaagg gagccctcgc gccggagctg cagctgcagc     57240
     cgccgccccg ccgccccgcc ggctcccacg gggcagagac gcagctcctc tccggtcttc     57300
     ccgtacgcta ccgcgcccgg gcagttcctc gcccgcgcac gcgccgctcc gccaactgat     57360
     tggcctccgg cgcctcggat tggcccaggc cgtccaacag cagccccgcc cagagagaga     57420
     ccattggtcc ttgcccatag gggcggggcc cggcagagat ctgcggaatt cggccttcgg     57480
     aaagagcccc cgggccgggg cacggagaga gccgagcgcc gcagccgtga gccgaataga     57540
     gccggagaga cccgagtatg accggagaag cccaggccgg ccggaagagg agccgagcgc     57600
     ggccggaagg aaccgagccc gtccgaaggg agcggagcgc agcctggcct ggggcccggt     57660
     cgagcccgcg ccatggcggc cgaggcgaca gctgtggccg gaagcggggc tgttggcggc     57720
     tgcctggcca aagacggctt gcagcagtct aagtgcccgg acactacccc aaaacggcgg     57780
     cgcgcctcgt cgctgtcgcg tgacgccgag cgccgagcct accaatggtg ccgggagtac     57840
     ttgggcgggg cctggcgccg agtgcagccc gaggagctga gggtttaccc cgtgaggtgg     57900
     gaggtcaggg gtcagcctct ccggtgcgcg gatcggggtc aggggtcagc cgcggggccc     57960
     tcaggatgct ccatgttttc gcccccctct tgcgcccgcg cctggggcgg ggcggggccg     58020
     gcctggccgg gagggggccg gggccgcggc aggtagggcc ggccgcgggc tgagcgcgcc     58080
     tggtgtgggt ctgcagcgga ggcctcagca acctgctctt ccgctgctcg ctcccggacc     58140
     acctgcccag cgttggcgag gagccccggg aggtgcttct gcggctgtac ggagccatct     58200
     tgcaggtgag gggggtgtga gcgccgcagc accagtggct ttagggcctg tcgcttacgc     58260
     gatgcgggta gtattgttcc cgttgcgcag ttgaggacac cgaggttcac ggtctgagta     58320
     acacctcatt acaccgaagc ctgggcctgt attcccagag ctttgggagg ctgaggcgag     58380
     aggatcactt gagcacagga gttcgagacc agcctggaca acatagtgag acccccatct     58440
     ctaaataaaa atagaccaac gctaaagcct gtgctccaga gcctccaggc aattggatca     58500
     gaagtcgcag ctctggtggg aggaaggcga gccctcatgt gtgtccctgt gccactttgc     58560
     cttggcccct ttgctgtcca tcctttttca gggcgtggac tccctggtgc tagaaagcgt     58620
     gatgttcgcc atacttgcgg agcggtcgct ggggccccag ctgtacggag tcttcccaga     58680
     gggccggctg gaacagtaca tcccagtacg ggcccagtcc taccctctcc tccccaaggc     58740
     acctccaccc cctaacccta ccccagtgcc caatgtctgc ctccacatcc ctcaccccaa     58800
     gtagggaatt tcccccaaaa ccctgacttc ccctcattgc cccagccctt cccactcctg     58860
     ccccagcccc atcaccaccc tgatagcttc ctgggtgcag agtcggccat tgaaaactca     58920
     agagcttcga gagccagtgt tgtcagcagc cattgccacg aagatggcgc aatttcatgg     58980
     catggagatg cctttcacca aggagcccca ctggctgttt gggaccatgg agcggtgagt     59040
     caggagcctc ctcagggctc ctgtactcct gagctgaacc tccatgccag cggatgtgtc     59100
     gggggctcta tccagccctc cacttgagtg gatctgatgt catgggctgt cacagaacag     59160
     gcttttaaat gcttgccaga ggccacatgc agtgcctcat gcctgtaatc ccagaacttt     59220
     gggagccgag gtgggtgagg tgggaggatc acttgagccc aggaggcgga ggttgcagtg     59280
     agctgagctc atgccattgc acttcagcct gggtgagagc aagactctgt ctcaaaacac     59340
     caaacaaaaa aagaaaaaag aaatgattgc caaggccagg cacggtggct catgcctgta     59400
     atcctagcac ttcgggaggc tgaggtgagc agattgcctg agctcaggag ttcaaaacca     59460
     gcctggacaa cacagtgaaa ccctgtctct attaaaatac aaaaaaatta gccaggcatg     59520
     gcagcatgca cctgtagtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tgcttgaacc     59580
     cgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag     59640
     agcaagactc catttcaaaa gaaaaaaaga aatgattgcc ggacaagtca cacagtgata     59700
     ggagcagggg tgcagtagtc tggcctgagg ggtagatagg cgaggggtgg gaaagaatag     59760
     cagagccagt gtatcctatt ctttgggctt caggtaccta aaacagatcc aggacctgcc     59820
     cccaactggc ctccctgaga tgaacctgct ggagatgtac agcctgaagg atgagatggg     59880
     caacctcagg tgagggcagg caggacaagg ctaatggtaa tggtgtccgc ccttccagta     59940
     gttgctgagg gctggtgtca gggcctggcc tgttagggtg gctctgatcc tcctctagtc     60000
     actcctgctc aggacccatg ctcccatacc cctgtaggaa gttactagag tctaccccat     60060
     cgccagtcgt cttctgccac aatgacatcc aggaaggtag gagaaggcat ctgagtctcc     60120
     taacccaaga tggaagagcc agagggctct ggagtgagca gaacctcacc ccattccccc     60180
     agggaacatc ttgctgctct cagagccaga aaatgctgac agcctcatgc tggtggactt     60240
     cgagtacagc agttataact ataggtgagg ctggaaagat ggcttcccat agatctgttc     60300
     ccatagggct cttgaaaaca ggccagctgc ccagggcatt tggggactga atgtccacct     60360
     tattctccca ggggctttga cattgggaac catttttgtg agtgggttta tgattatact     60420
     cacgaggaat ggcctttcta caaagcaagg cccacagact accccactca agaacagcag     60480
     gtatgtgggc cagaggctgg ggagcaggac ccatcctgtg aggaaggagg gaggtggagt     60540
     ctggaaggaa tggccggaaa ggatgttacc tgggaaatac tccacagtct ccccaattcc     60600
     tgactcttgg ccattgatcg tagttgcatt ttattcgtca ttacctggca gaggcaaaga     60660
     aaggtgagac cctctcccaa gaggagcaga gaaaactgga agaagatttg ctggtagaag     60720
     tcagtcggtg aggaaggagg ggcagggtgg ggtagggcag agcagaggaa agagggattg     60780
     gggaagaggc agatttatca agctgcaggg aaggtggctg tggagagtgg agttaggaca     60840
     gtgggggaga agttaaaact gtagggattg gccaacctgg gtgaggggat ccaagcagtg     60900
     ctagacatgc tcttgaatgc ccctcctttt cctgccctcc ccccaggtat gctctggcat     60960
     cccatttctt ctggggtctg tggtccatcc tccaggcatc catgtccacc atagaatttg     61020
     gttacttggt aagtgaccct ggggatggga atgctagctg gggggctggg gagcagcagc     61080
     agccacactc ttccaggagg cctggggagt cccgggtggc tgtgggcagc ctgaggtgga     61140
     tgtagaatgc tggtcccacg tcttctcacc actgtgtggg gtgggtttcc ttccctagga     61200
     ctatgcccag tctcggttcc agttctactt ccagcagaag gggcagctga ccagtgtcca     61260
     ctcctcatcc tgactccacc ctcccactcc ttggatttct cctggagcct ccagggcagg     61320
     accttggagg gaggaacaac gagcagaagg ccctggcgac tgggctgagc ccccaagtga     61380
     aactgaggtt caggagaccg gcctgttcct gagtttgagt aggtccccat ggctggcagg     61440
     ccagagcccc gtgctgtgta tgtaacacaa taaacaagct tcttcttccc accctgtcct     61500
     ggccctgctg agcagcagca gaaagtacca aaccgagcag tacacacaaa gggactcttc     61560
     agtgctctgg gattgaaagt ggttagcgtt catgctgcca gttggggtcc cccatccctc     61620
     cccagtcccc tggctgcagc ttagaataat aaatactagg acttggggag gaggagagtg     61680
     atgggggtat gaagacgacc ctgaggtggg gatgccgccc ggagcaccag cgatcccaga     61740
     acaggcagca gctgacacat cggtgacctt ttccctacat ttggctattt ttagctctaa     61800
     agccaccatc ctcacgagac tctggggccc cccaggctcc cagacctttg agcaaccttc     61860
     accgcacaga aacccagccg cgccctgcaa ttcccaccgc ggaaggtggg tgggttctgg     61920
     ttctcgcccc acgtttttcc ccgaccccga tttgggagta ggtgtcaggt tcctggtgag     61980
     ggcggggcgg gggtggctag gcctgaagga cgtggggaca cgggccagag tggctggccc     62040
     cacgcacgga caggagtgaa cccgagctgt gagtaggggc cggcacaggg cggcccgcgg     62100
     gggtctgggc cctcagccct gcacaggggc gaggacggcg ctggggcccg cgcgctcggg     62160
     tggggaaggg cgggctcccg aaccctgcct ctgtccaggc cggctccact tccaggggcg     62220
     cctctctccc ctgcccgcgc cctcgctgac gccccccaac tccaggctgc ccttcgccgt     62280
     ccttggggct cctggagctt tcaaggccca aatcccctgc accacagtgg ctgtgcccac     62340
     ccggaaggct ggcgcgagga tttggcggcg gttggcctgg cggggggcgc gggccggggg     62400
     cagccgctag tcgcggggtg gggggcgcga ggggtcgcgg actggctggg ggcgtctcgg     62460
     cgcggctggc ggcggggccg gcctaagcgc gcccgcgcac ccatctgccc ccgtcctagg     62520
     tgccgaccaa cccccaggat ggcggaagct caccaggccg tggccttcca gttcacggtg     62580
     accccagacg gggtcgactt ccggctcagt cgggaggccc tgaaacacgt ctacctgtct     62640
     gggatcaact cctggaagaa acgcctgatc cgcatcaagg tgcgcacagg tgcttctccc     62700
     agagcgtagg cagaggccgg ctgtcagctg ttaagcgctt tgttagggtc cctcactgcc     62760
     tccttggctg gcacttctgc ccggtacagg ttgtggaagt acagacacca gaggggtgca     62820
     caggatgtgg tcggacacag ggagctgtgg gtgtggcgga ggaaggagca cagcagggca     62880
     tcaggagaga aagccttcca ggccaagacc aggagccagt tcccaagact tcacaggcag     62940
     gctaacctcc cgccttccgg ctccataagg gcgcctgttt ctgcccacag aatggcatcc     63000
     tcaggggcgt gtaccctggc agccccacca gctggctggt cgtcatcatg gcaacagtgg     63060
     gttcctcctt ctgcaacgtg gacatctcct tggggctggt cagttgcatc cagagatgcc     63120
     tccctcaggg gtaaggagtg aaactggaag ggcacaggtg ccaccaggga gggctgggcc     63180
     cagctcccaa ggctgaggtt cctgagctgg gcagatacag gacagcagcc attggcagtc     63240
     acggggcagc cctcccctat gacaaccatt gtcttagccc tacatccgct catttgatgc     63300
     agtcagacat gagtgtgccc agggaggttc ttccccttgg tgtctcccct gagacagttc     63360
     acagccaccc gaggctggcc tcaagaggac cccctgcagc ccttgcccct ctccaatagg     63420
     tgtggcccct accagacccc gcagacccgg gcacttctca gcatggccat cttctccacg     63480
     ggcgtctggg tgacgggcat cttcttcttc cgccaaaccc tgaagctgct tctctgctac     63540
     catgggtgga tgtttgagat gcatggcaag accagcaact tgaccaggat ctgggctgtg     63600
     agcagcagcc agtggagggg ttcaggcacc tgggttgaga ctctttggac tcctttgggg     63660
     ttctgagcta gacgggagag gcagacaggg cactggtgcc tggtgtgtgg tttgtcctgg     63720
     aggggctggg atggctctga gggtctcagg gagttgctgg ttggtttcca ttttttccac     63780
     tggctcccac cccagcactc tgctctgtac ccccagatgt gtatccgcct tctatccagc     63840
     cggcacccta tgctctacag cttccagaca tctctgccca agcttcctgt gcccagggtg     63900
     tcagccacaa ttcagcgggt gagggcctcg cttgggcatc ccagtgggca ggggaggttg     63960
     gattcaggag atgtttccaa atataaggtt ctgtgcaaag agtggcctta agggcttgag     64020
     aataatgggg ctgggtgagg agggagaggt gggaagagga ttaagataga ggcagccctt     64080
     gccatctggc cccacggtga tgataactgg ctggacagta cctagagtct gtgcgcccct     64140
     tgttggatga tgaggaatat taccgcatgg agttgctggc caaagaattc caggacaaga     64200
     ctgcccccag gctgcagaaa tacctggtgc tcaagtcatg gtgggcaagt aactatgtaa     64260
     gttcctgccc ctgggctcac tgtcacctgc catgtgtcct ggctgcaccc gccccagctc     64320
     taaccttcca cctccccaca ggtgagtgac tggtgggaag agtacatcta ccttcgaggc     64380
     aggagccctc tcatggtgaa cagcaactat tatgtcatgg tatgaactag agcccccagg     64440
     tccccgcacg tgctcagctc tgtcccagct ccaaggcaag ggatctggag gacagcccag     64500
     agctctagta gcagcttccg tgggcaagtg ggggttatgg agtgaggcct gagggaaagg     64560
     gaagagagag aggagatcct agaagagtcc agaagcagct taggggcaat ggggatccta     64620
     aggatgagga gagtggagac cgccagcctg ccaccgcttc tcagagtccc ggggtcactg     64680
     cccctgccca gctcgggctc tgtcacctct ttccttggtt tcctcactgg cctcctggcc     64740
     atgggttccc agctgtcctg acaccataac cagggaattg tctagaacgt gtcttgcttt     64800
     gtgtccctct gcagagccgg acagcagaat ggaggccagg ctgctgcttt tagagctcag     64860
     gaagtcagtc tgcctctgcc ccatgtaact ggcccttctg agtctctggg tctcccagcc     64920
     acctgggctg tatggcatgc ctcttctctc ctttcccacg gtccaaagca cacttgactt     64980
     gccagagcct actggaattc tcctccataa gctgtccttc caggaactta cacacaactt     65040
     gcccatagca gaggttttaa actgcttttt agtggtagaa cccctttatc aaagcaaaag     65100
     aagtagaata taagcacata aaatagctta taaaaaggca gctcgggccg ggtgcagtgg     65160
     ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcag gtggatcaca aggtcaggag     65220
     atcgagagca tcctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacca aaaatacaaa aaattagccg     65280
     ggcgtggtgg tgggcgtctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gcaaatggcg     65340
     tgaacccggg aggtggagct tgaaatgagc cgagatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg     65400
     tgacaagagc gagactctat ctcagaaaaa taaataaata aaaatttaaa aataaaaata     65460
     aataaacaaa taaaaaggaa gctcagagcc aggcgtggtg gtgcatgact ctaatccctg     65520
     caactcagga ggctgcagca ggaggatcac ttagggcgag taatttgagg ctgcagtgag     65580
     ccatgcttgt tccgctgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc aagaccctaa ctctaaaaaa     65640
     taaagaataa agcagctcag gctgaagctg gagcagaggg ttactgcgat cagttgtgca     65700
     tttctggagg ttcaccccgg cagcatgtgc aggatgtact ggaagaggga gacagaacac     65760
     ctcaggcccc cgaatagatt ggtccttggg tcagcaagac tcaggtgaca cccagacaga     65820
     ggcccccacc ccgcgggctc tgttcctctg taggaccttg tgctcatcaa gaatacagac     65880
     gtgcaggcag cccgcctggg aaacatcatc cacgccatga tcatgtatcg ccgtaaactg     65940
     gaccgtgaag aaatcaagcc tgtgagttgc gtcagggttg aaggtgggat gggaggggag     66000
     acctgagtct gagccatgct gggccttccc tcaggtgatg gcactgggca tagtgcctat     66060
     gtgctcctac cagatggaga ggatgttcaa caccactcgg atcccgggca aggacacagg     66120
     taactgagcc ccctcgctgc tacctgtggg ccatctggct ggctcgctgc cctcctgcct     66180
     gctcatcacc aagcgtcccc agtgtctcag ggtcctgaaa ctgtgaacag tagtcaattg     66240
     tgacagatac tagacatcca ttgtttacag gcatgatgct ggcgcaggga ccccacaggg     66300
     cccagagcag agcccctccc ctccggggct cactgcgcat ggtgaaggga gtcctgctgc     66360
     agcccaaagc ttaggacaga cccggcgctg ccatggagcc ggcagaggag gggaggggcg     66420
     cacccagggg tctggcagag gcagcagcct tccctgcttc tgacactgta tccttaggcg     66480
     gtttgcacaa ccctctagtg cgtcgtttcc tcttctgtga aatactttat aggattgttg     66540
     gtgttgcgtg agagagagtg gaagcaccca gcacagggcc tggtttagga cacacggatc     66600
     ccatccaggg ggcaggaagg cccaggcaga ggccgagcaa aacagggtct gcaggggtca     66660
     cctagtgcat gggaggtggg cccttcccag gatgtagctg ggggccccgc ctcagcttgc     66720
     ccgtggcctg tatcacagat gtgctacagc acctctcaga cagccggcac gtggctgtct     66780
     accacaaggg acgcttcttc aagctgtggc tctatgaggg cgcccgtctg ctcaagcctc     66840
     aggatctgga gatgcagttc cagaggatcc tggacgaccc ctccccacct cagcctgggg     66900
     aggagaagct ggcagccctc actgcaggag gaaggtattg gcctctagga agggactgtc     66960
     cccaccctga gttcagggct ccgtgaggag aggagcgtgg ccctgcctgc caccctggaa     67020
     ctggaggctg gaggcacaac taggggaggg gcattggtgg tcatggcagc aggacagcca     67080
     gcataaccta cctctgacgg gtggcagcca ggtgaagtgt gcagagggtg gggacaccct     67140
     ccaaaatagc ttggcacccc ccacctccag gcccagcctg gcacacacac ccccacctcc     67200
     aggcgcagcc tggcacgcac cccaacacct ccaggcccag cctggcaccc ccacatctcc     67260
     aggtccagcg tggtaccccc catctccagg tccagcctgg caccccaccc ccatctccag     67320
     gtccagccag gccctcagag gcaccctcat cccaagtcca cgtgcccact gcttaccctg     67380
     ccccatgctt cagggtggag tgggcgcagg cacgccaggc cttctttagc tctggaaaga     67440
     ataaggctgc cttggaggcc atcgagcgtg ccgctttctt cgtggccctg gatgaggaat     67500
     cctactccta tgaccccgaa gatgaggcca gcctcagcct ctatggcaag gccctgctac     67560
     atggcaactg ctacaacagg tacggcagcc ccagccccac aggttacagc ttaaggttaa     67620
     aagttagggt tatggttaga ggattaaaga taaaagaagg tagggttatg agctgggtgc     67680
     agtggcacac acctgtgatc ctagcacttt gggggccaag gcaggtggat cacttgagtg     67740
     caggagctca agaccagcct gggcaacgga gcgagacccc ttcataaaag tagttaggat     67800
     tgtgattagt ggttgggtag ggctagtggc tagggttaaa agctagggtt tgggttatag     67860
     aatagggtta aaagccgggc atggtggcag gcacctgtaa tcccagctag tcggaaggct     67920
     gacgcaggag aagcccttga acccgggagg ttatgggaag ctaagatcac accactgcac     67980
     tccagcctgg gcaacagagc aagattccat ctcaatttaa aaaaaaagtg agagaaaaag     68040
     agagagagaa tagggttagt aattagggtt aaaggttggg gttgcaggtc aggcacctct     68100
     ggacattccc agctttggtt cttcatgtgt ctactcttcc tgcaggtggt ttgacaaatc     68160
     cttcactctc atttccttca agaatggcca gttgggtctc aatgcagagc atgcgtgggc     68220
     agatgctccc atcattgggc acctctggga ggtaatagcc ttgcagaggg aacctgcagg     68280
     gcaggctgta ggggatgagg ccagcctctc agtctcatcc tctccctgca gtttgtcctg     68340
     ggcacagaca gcttccacct gggctacacg gagaccgggc actgcctggg caaaccgaac     68400
     cctgcgctcg cacctcctac acggctgcag tgggacattc caaaacaggt gggttggaag     68460
     ctcccagagc aggtgtgaga ccacaaagca gcaggtgggt acagccccga cgaggcctga     68520
     gcctcctcct cccctgctgg cctcactgcc tggcccagcc ctcgggaagg cacagggcac     68580
     gtctcaggat acctgtagag tccaaactgg cttcagggag gacagagacc acccaccgcc     68640
     cctggggcca tctgtgttta gagacagcca tgagatggag gaggcactca caggcccctg     68700
     gagcattttc agcacttccc tcttacccac aaagctgagc ccggcctctg ggggctgatt     68760
     ctccctcaga ctgtcttttg cgtaccctcc tcctgaagat gtcttggccg gctgtgccct     68820
     ttctccacca gctaaacgtc atgcctccta gacatgaccc agagtcctgc ttggagagcc     68880
     ctaccctcag ctgacccttc ccatgtcttg gcagtgccag gcggtcatcg agagttccta     68940
     ccaggtggcc aaggcgttgg cagacgacgt ggagttgtac tgcttccagt tcctgccctt     69000
     tggcaaaggc ctcatcaaga agtgccggac cagccctgat gcctttgtgc agatcgcgct     69060
     gcagctggct cacttccggg taggagcccc gcctcccgct gctgagaggg cagggtggta     69120
     ccagggtcca cctgccagat tcacccctct gtatatccca ggacaggggt aagttctgcc     69180
     tgacctatga ggcctcaatg accagaatgt tccgggaggg acggactgag actgtgcgtt     69240
     cctgtaccag cgagtccaca gcctttgtgc aggccatgat ggaggggtcc cacacagtaa     69300
     gtgtcctctg cccatgtggg ggtcacagtc gtcgggtgag gtgccccctc tgcctcctgt     69360
     ctgcctggag ggccagggct actcttcacc cctttacttc tgccccgcag aaagcagacc     69420
     tgcgagatct cttccagaag gctgctaaga agcaccagaa tatgtaccgc ctggccatga     69480
     ccggggcagg gatcgacagg cacctcttct gcctttactt ggtctccaag tacctaggag     69540
     tcagctctcc tttccttgct gaggtcagca ccgttgttgg gtgtgtcctt tgtcccactg     69600
     ccctcctaca cgcagggctt gggccatctc atgatggagc acggcctgtt ttcctggctt     69660
     gctcccctga agctccctgg agtgctgggc cagctttccc gcccacaccc cacctgggcc     69720
     tgtggtcctg ggactgagca ggagcaacat cctctttgtg gtgttggtgt ccttgtgaca     69780
     gggaacagac aaatatatga tctgtcaggt ggtgacagca ctactgagac tagtgaggct     69840
     atgtggggga gaggcagagc agagggaggg ctgggcagct cacacaagcc ttatgtggca     69900
     tgatgcacag gggaccacgg ggtggtggcc agggagctcc tgcaccctca gcagaaccgt     69960
     gtctggctca gagtaggtcg cagacaccac gtgttggaca ggtgctttgg gtatgtggcc     70020
     tctgaccagc tgtggcctcc attgcaggtg ctctcggaac cctggcgtct ctccaccagc     70080
     cagatccccc aatcccagat ccgcatgttc gacccagagc agcaccccaa tcacctgggc     70140
     gctggaggtg gctttggccc tgtgagtgct cctgaagggg gtgggtgggc agcaccaggg     70200
     ccctgagggt ttcagtggcg agtgcaggcc ctgaggtcag acgagaggca ggagcacctt     70260
     gcttagagga gagcataacc ccagacctgc atggaagcag aatgttagct atggactcag     70320
     gcagccaagc acctgggacc cacccatccc aaatacctcc ctgctgaagc atgaccgtgg     70380
     tttccggggt actgaagcat gactgtgggg ctggtttcca gggtactggg cagtgcactg     70440
     ggtgcttctg aagtctactt atccaagaga gtgcagctgt ctcccacaga aaccttcaca     70500
     tgggctagct tgtcagaagg ctagagaacc ctctggagag agacggagtg atctagagaa     70560
     taagccccct gagggaaact gggaggtccc agatcccttg gcggggtctg ggcagcattc     70620
     tttggttttc acagtttcct gggggtggtc ctcaggaaaa atgcagtgtc tagggctggg     70680
     gcccgttcct gcaactcttg tgggaagaac aagtacaata tcagcttggc tttcagatct     70740
     tcaaggtttg atttatgcct tcttcaccct tcttgttgcc ctcaggtagc agatgatggc     70800
     tatggagttt cctacatgat tgcaggcgag aacacgatct tcttccacat ctccagcaag     70860
     ttctcaagct cagagacggt gagtctcctg ccacagctca ggcctgagga aggggtgcca     70920
     cctggggctg cccaggaaca caggtgtctt tggctgggga ggcatccttg cttgtgggaa     70980
     cagaggggtg ggtacatatc tgaaggtgca tctgaactct tggctcccac agaacgccca     71040
     gcgctttgga aaccacatcc gcaaagccct gctggacatt gctgatcttt tccaagttcc     71100
     caaggcctac agctgaaggt tggagaaatg ccagctgccc tttcgtcccc acactgtgga     71160
     ggaagggacc tgtggcagct cacaggcatg aggggtggcc gtgcacaggt gcccaggctc     71220
     caaggacagc tccggcagca ggtcctcgct gggcagatgc tgctccctga gggcccaggt     71280
     ggtggaggtg gggttggagc aggaagggaa ttttgatttt tttttttctt gatagatact     71340
     aataaaaata aggctgtgta attttctctc agcccttagg tacctgtgtt ttgtttggga     71400
     actcggaggc cctccccctc ccccagctca gaccacagag gtggcaagag aagggctgaa     71460
     gctggaagac tgttcatgag ggacttgtgt gacctgcttt gaaatgtgtg actctgctga     71520
     gtgacgtagg ctctgagata gctgtccacg cccacgtgtt tgcttggaat aaatacttgc     71580
     ctcagaacct tcacctgttc cctggggcca tttctgtttg tctgtctgct ggagagtgag     71640
     cccacctcct cccatgcagg ggcatgtgtg aggcacccct cttggctgag gcacaaccct     71700
     gcacgggccc cgcagcttct tgtcagcatg gaaaggggct gcaggcccag gcctgaagtc     71760
     ttgaggcgcc aggtggtcat gtctgcaaga gggcacgcag gatgacctgt agcaacagac     71820
     actccttcac tgaggttggc tcggctgcta aaatcatgtt aagagtaaat acaaaataat     71880
     tattctttgt ttttaaggcg gagtttcgct cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcac     71940
     gatctcgact cactacaacc tctgcctcct gggttcaagc gattctcgta cctcagctcc     72000
     tgagtagctg ggacaacagg cgcccgccat cacgcccggc taattttttg tatttttagt     72060
     agaggcaggg ttttaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ttcctgacct caggtgatcc     72120
     acctgcctca gcctcccaac gtgcagggat tataggtgtg agccaccgca cccagccata     72180
     aaaaataatt tttatgaaaa gtataagtag gccctcaatt actgtaattg aagtgaatta     72240
     gattcagttc tggaccttca tttaggaacc agtgtcttca tctgtttttg tttttttctt     72300
     ttttttccca tgagataggg tctcactatg ttgcccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgagct     72360
     taagtgatcc tcccacctcg actttccaaa gtgctaggat ttcaggcgtg agccaccgtg     72420
     cccggccagg aaccagtgtc tgttgaacac ccaccataga cttggccctg tgctggggat     72480
     tcagtggtaa acaaggtcct attcctgccc atgtcgaatt cactgctggg tgaggcaggt     72540
     gtggtcaggg gacagagcag ctggcaggaa accaggaggc ttttgggata atccacttac     72600
     caagtacagg catgggttgc ttaatgaagg ggatacattc tgagaagtgc attgttaggc     72660
     gattttgttg tgcaaagatt ctagagtgca tttacacaaa ggtagatggt gcagcctact     72720
     acagacctgg gctatgctgc ttaccctgtt gctcctaggc cgcatgcctt tacaacatgt     72780
     taccatactg aatactgtag gcaactgtaa tacaatggga agtctttgtg tatctaaact     72840
     tgtctaaaca tagaaaaggt atagtaaaaa tgttatataa aagattaaaa atggcaccct     72900
     tatggccagg tgcagtggct cacgcctgtg atcccagcac cttgggaggc cgaggcaggt     72960
     ggatcacgag gtcagaagat cgagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaaca gtgtctctac     73020
     taaacaaaat acaaaaacta gccaggcatg gtggcgggcg cccgtagtcc tagctgcttg     73080
     ggaggctgag gcaggaggat ggcgtgaacc caggaggcgg agcttgcact gagccaagat     73140
     ggcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacag agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     73200
     tggtaccctt atataagaca cttataagac accatgggct gggcgcagtg gctcacgctt     73260
     gtaatctcag cactttggga ggccaaggca ggtggatcac aaggtcagga gatcaagacc     73320
     acggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccaggtgtgg tggtgggtgc     73380
     ttgtagtccc agctactggg agaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc tgggaggtgg     73440
     agcttgcagt gagccaagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag agcaagactc     73500
     cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaag aggaaaagta agtggagaga caaaaggaga ggtgggtggc     73560
     aatttcagac agtggcaaaa gcaagccttc ctgattgggg tcctttgacc acaggcctga     73620
     aggagacgag gagcaagtca tgtccctcat gtccctcatg ttccgtacct aagggcagag     73680
     tattcctggc tgaaggaaca gcaagagcca aagctttgcg agcggtgtct gctgtgatga     73740
     aggatgtggc tagtgtggag tcagggatgg gaagagcaag cggggcagct agatcggggt     73800
     aacaagggcc tcgtaggcca gattctggat tttctgaatg acgggggaag ctgttgggct     73860
     ttgaacagag ggtggcataa tctgtcctaa ttttaaggga tcactggcta accagggtgg     73920
     cgttagaaca aagtaggacg cagtaacagt ggaagcaagg agacccgctg gagaagtgct     73980
     cctggtggtg gtggagctgg aagaaatgag cggcttaaac taaggcagtg ccataggaaa     74040
     gtagaattaa ggagcttgga atgtcaaacg taggactgac aagtctaatc aggaggaatc     74100
     aaagataact catattttct atattgggtg attgggtgat taaattaggt ctttaaatgt     74160
     tgaatttgac ttgcctataa gaaatagctg tgaaaatgtc tcagactctt gaaaatataa     74220
     atgaaaagct aaggagagat ctaggctcct tctaacagtt ttgaagacag ttaaaacctt     74280
     gaaagtgcat gagaggattc ccagggcaga ggctcctcac ctccttcaag tcttcatgag     74340
     ctataagagt atgcctcttg gggccgggcg cggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt     74400
     tgggaggccg aggcgggcag atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaataca     74460
     gcaaaaccct gcctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagccgg gtgtggtggc acgtgcctgt     74520
     agtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacccagga gatggaggtt     74580
     gcagtgagct aagatggtgc cactgtactc cagcctggga gaccgagact ctgtctcaaa     74640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagt acacctctgc ctgcaaaatg ttacattcca tatcagagcg     74700
     ttcttcagct tccaaaagta tttccagaga cctctacctg tttgggtgcc agtaagcctc     74760
     ccctgggaag gtgcctgcgt tttggtagtc ttctggggac atcagctcac cccgtcctga     74820
     gatagcagta aacagagttt ccaacaagct agctttcaat taacatcaaa attcagcatt     74880
     aaagttcttt tatctcattt gttctgggtt aaaatagtga gatgaggaac aacagtggta     74940
     aaccagggta taaacctctg gagactgctg ggcatggtag ctcacgcctg taatgcctgt     75000
     gctttgggag gtcttgagcc caggagttcg agaccagcct gggtggtgca gtgagacccc     75060
     atctctacaa aattaaaaaa aaaaaattag ccaggcgtgg tggcacttgc ctgtggcccc     75120
     agctactctg gaggctgagt tgggaggatt acttgagcct gagagattga ggctgcagtg     75180
     agccatgatt gacccactgc attccagcct aggtgacaga gcaacaccct gtcttaaaaa     75240
     aataaataaa cctctgatga caacccaaac cccaattagt tccccatgtc ccataggtct     75300
     gcaggtctgc attaataaaa gctagcagcc ataacataaa tcctgaaacc tcatggctca     75360
     acccaataga agctggactg ttggtcagat aaaatccagt tggctgagat gagggctctg     75420
     ctccatactg ttattcaagg atctatggtg acagaggccc tgccttcagc aggtagtact     75480
     caagctgcct tgggcatcaa catcataagt acgtggggag agaaagaggg ggccacctgt     75540
     gggaggcttt gatggcctca acctcaaagt gatacacagc atttccctcc acaccctctg     75600
     gctaaagact tgtatttcaa gagaatctga gaagtagagt ctagctgtgt gtccagggcg     75660
     taaaggaaac atttagtgac agttggtctc agatacacaa gggcatggga agaccagcct     75720
     gacatcttcc tgggcttcat ggcctggagt ttgcagggta gcccacctcc agctcctgag     75780
     cagggtactc aagagcctgc acattccagc tcaactgatc tttcccgagt cttctctgtc     75840
     ccttaccaag aaccctgagc ccagaacaca ctcgccattc cccaaaggag gcaggctgag     75900
     ccacaccttc gcctttgccc tagatgggcc ttctgcctgg aatcctgtgc cctttctcct     75960
     actctctcgg aagctgtctt ccttagccat cagaattatt cctgattcgg gccaagcaca     76020
     gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggagtccgag gcgggtggat cacctgagga     76080
     caggagttcg agaccagcct ggccaacata gcgaaacccg gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     76140
     aactagctgg gcgttgtggc atgtgcttgt aatcccagct actagggagg ctgaggcagg     76200
     agaatcactt gaacctggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcgtgc cactgcactc     76260
     cagcctgggc aacagagcaa gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat tattccctat     76320
     tcatgtttct ctgggctgct gtaacagaaa tcggctctgg gctgtataag caaatggaag     76380
     tatgaagagc agctcacagg tggaaaggga tggccagaaa accgggttca accggggcag     76440
     gaacctggca gctggcggag ggagtgtggc ccaggcagca gcctcctcaa taaacaagcg     76500
     aatgctcact ccttgcccag aactgtctgg ctcaacccca gccatttttc ctcctctgca     76560
     atcaggctgc taagaatcag aatccctgag agaaaattca gggggtctaa ggtttgtcag     76620
     gattctcaaa cacaaggtgt tcaaaatcaa agttaacctt ccaagctagc ttctcccact     76680
     cttccacatc tctgccagtg gtatcacccc ggccattagc cccttgcttc tttctccctc     76740
     cctcccacat taccaagccc tgtcaagtcg accttggaat ggctttgacc ctgtccacca     76800
     ctcagccaaa caacagcaac ggccggcccc gtcgccaccc gcctcggcag ccagagacct     76860
     tttaactctg ccactcgcct acttaccacc cttctagggt gcccacgtcc ctctgaaaaa     76920
     aaaggctgag ctcagactgg cctctggtca gcctcctccc agccagagct ttctgtcact     76980
     gcccttctag gtgttgagtg gctctgcttc cagttcttgc ctggagacca ggagcgcccg     77040
     ggaggcccca gcactttcca gcccacatag acctgcgtgc acctctgcct cgtctccctg     77100
     agcccgggct gcctcctctg taagatacat gccacataat gtccgccaca catgatcgct     77160
     gtgacagtgg aaatagctgg gcgttcagcg actcattcga caaatgttta ccagcacctt     77220
     tggtaccggg cgctgtcctg gacactgggg acacagcagg caaacggggc cctgcgtata     77280
     aatccttaag ctcaagaagg aggtgggggc aaaactgtca ggccgggaag ctcttcatct     77340
     ccgcaggatt ctccctcaac ctcaggacgt ccccagcacc gcacctgcca gtcccagact     77400
     cggacgccgc agacctgtgg gagcagcgcg gaatgccccg ccccttttcc cgaggacacc     77460
     caatgagggc gagaggtcac ttccggggag ggttcgctaa cggaaagggc ggggcatccc     77520
     tctcgaggag cggccttgtt cctcaagcgg ccgctggggg cgccagagca ggaccggagc     77580
     gcgggccaag ctggaggtga gcgaggccgc gcccccctgg gccccggccc tcccaacgcg     77640
     ccctgacggc tgggctccgc ctgaccctgt cctagcgttc gcggtggcac caacctcaag     77700
     ccagaccctt gacttcgacc caactccact cacccgactc cactcactcc acaccccatg     77760
     cccctccccc gacgcccctc accccgcctc acccttcacc cctcatcgct cacgtcaccg     77820
     ctcacccgcc tcctcaccca gcctcgcccc tcacccctca ccccgcctca cccctcaccc     77880
     cgcctcaccc ctcacccctc atcccgcctc acccctcacc cctcatcccg cctcacccct     77940
     cacccctcct caccccgcct cacccgcctc gcccctcacc cctcacccct cctcaccccg     78000
     cctcacccct cacccctcac cccgcctcac ccctcacccc gcctcacccc tcaccccgcc     78060
     tcacccttca cccctcaccc cgcctcaccc ttcacccctc accccgcctc acccctcacc     78120
     cctcaccccg cctcaccctt cacccctcac cccgcctcac ccttcacccc tcaccccgcc     78180
     tcacccctcc ttaccccgcc tcacccgcct cgcccctcac ccctcatcgc tcacgtcacc     78240
     gttcacccgc ctcctcaccc agcctcaccc ctcaccccgc ctcacccctc accccgcctc     78300
     acccctcacc cctcctcacc ccgcctcacc ccgcctcacc cctcccccgc tcccctcact     78360
     gcacactcca taccccactc tccccacctt acatccctca cctcagtcct tcaccccctt     78420
     aacctaatct ccatgtcctc acaccataca ctcctgatcc tgaagtctgc acaccctggg     78480
     cttctcattc cgtgcagcct gcccctctta ccctcacacc tgccacacct gggaccccgg     78540
     agtccacaca ccacctcaca ccccaagttc ccacacgcac ctctggcttc ctccacctgc     78600
     acttcaggac ccgcccagac tcttcatagc ccaactccaa gacttctctc ccacatcaca     78660
     ggtgcattcc cttcctgtgc tgctctcatc ccgtacaaaa gagcacatct ctgcaccaag     78720
     catccctctt atcccctcac attccttgtt ctcagaggga tcccagactc tgttagaaac     78780
     tcttcgtacc aggcaagaca ctcagaccac aaaccagact ctaggctctg actcgctcaa     78840
     cccccgtcct tcacacctaa agtgataccc aagccagacc ctacactccc gccccacgct     78900
     cccgccccac actcctcccg ccccacgctc ctcccgcccc acacttccgc cacccatcct     78960
     aagctccgtt ccattgtgct ttggtgcggg ctcaggcctc tttctccacc cgttcccagt     79020
     catcccaggc aacctcatta ggcaagaaat gccgtgaatt ctaatcctgt ggctgcttcc     79080
     tccacatcag ctctcacacc ctctccctgg atctcctttt cagatccatc cctcttctga     79140
     gatccagtgc cactccggcc cagcctccat ccttctagca gtctcatgct ctatccccaa     79200
     atctacctgt ggccacccca acgccccact tatagaaact acatgtcttt tctatgcctc     79260
     tgcttcaccc caaccatcaa ccacccctta agccactctc atacttgtgc tctcagtgtc     79320
     cttaccttgt ccatccactg catgtatgtt tacgttccca ggccttctac actccatcca     79380
     ctgtctctgt gccgtcttag ggtcctgagg acactgtggc catgtggcct cagtcacatg     79440
     cctaggtgcc cctagggagg catgcagctt tgataaagct ttatcgttct cctcaaacca     79500
     agaatgtctg ttgttacaag aagaaacttt tcattgccat ttattaggga gttagagacc     79560
     atcgggcctg aaatcccccc cttgccatcc taccttgacc tctacctacc ttattctatc     79620
     tctacctcct taccttccct taccttcata gggtgaaatg accccttact tgtctgagac     79680
     cagtccctgc accatcagtt gccctttctt ctgattcttc aggcttttct gtccaggtag     79740
     ctctttccac acagcctaga aacgaagaat tcaaaaaaca aaaaaccttg actctgtatc     79800
     accttctagt tacctcctgt ttttttctcc ccttcccatc taaatctgta cacacaatcc     79860
     attttgtcta atgatccatt aattatttaa ttcatgaaat atttttactt ttatggctct     79920
     cctgaaacgt ctcaccgagt tgaccagtga cacccaaatc aaatatcttg aatttactga     79980
     gccctttttt tcattttgca gaggggatct tccagatctt cctctgtagc ctagtctaga     80040
     gtgctgtggc acaattgtcc cacctcaccc tcctgagtaa ctaggactgg aggtgcgcac     80100
     caccacaccc agctattttt aaattttttt gtagagactg ttgcccgggc tggtctgaaa     80160
     ctcctggctt caagcatttc tcctgcttta gcctcccaaa gcactgggat tccaggcatg     80220
     agctaccatg cctgggcctg ccatgcccaa atactgtaat ctttgacact ggtgtaatat     80280
     ctcccaactt aaaataaaat acccctgtga ctctacatta cattccaggt actggcatgt     80340
     ttctctgctt ctctttgaag taaaactcac cagtttctac ttctccttcc ctctctttag     80400
     aaacatttcg attgggctct tgttccagcc actccatgaa aacagctcct gtcaagattg     80460
     ccagtgtgac ctccagattg tcaaatccag tggttacttt ttatttattt ttgtttttgt     80520
     ttttttggaa cagagtgttg ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggca tgatctcggc     80580
     tcactgcaac ctccaccttc tgggttcaag ggattcttct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc     80640
     tgggactaca ggcgcccgtc accatgccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg     80700
     gttttgccat attggccagg cgggtctcga actcctgacc ttgtgatccc ccgcctctgc     80760
     cttccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatgac cgactaagcc tggcggctac ctccacttct     80820
     aacactctgg tccaagcctc atcattcctt acctggagtt ttgcagctgc ctcctaaatg     80880
     atgtccctgt tccatgcttt ccacccctta gtctattctc aacacagaag ccagagtgat     80940
     ccttttaagt cattattcaa atcacatcac ctttgtcaga tttttccagt gtttcctcat     81000
     ctcattcaga ataaaaatcg aagttctggc caggcatagt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca     81060
     ggacttggga ggccgaagca ggcggatcac ctgaggttca ggagtttgag accagcctgg     81120
     ccaatatggc gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttatctgggc atggtggcgg     81180
     gcacctgtaa tcccagctac ttggaaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctgggagg     81240
     cggaggttgt ggtgagccga tatgacgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga     81300
     ctccgtctca agaaaaaaaa aaaaagagtg tgtagtgaga agagaagggg ctaaaaggac     81360
     cttccttgac ccattagagc cagtaaagga gagagccaag aaagagcagg gaaggaacta     81420
     ccacaggtgg acagagtttg gagagaacaa ggttaaaaca tcaagagaag agaattttga     81480
     gcaggagaaa atggccaaat gtcagtgctg cagagatgtt aaataaaaga aagacagaaa     81540
     gtgccctggg tgtgccagtt atgactttgg tgagagcatt gtcagtgaat gtcagagaca     81600
     gatgccagat gacagtggag tgaggaggac agacaaacgt gtgaggcctg gctgctaaag     81660
     gaaggagagg gaatagctat aggagagggt taaggaaggt gttctggaca tttcttcctc     81720
     ccatcaccca ctattagccc cctgccctgc cacctgcctg tacctcccca cttactctta     81780
     gcaaactatt cctacttacc aaaaagcagg acggagtccc tgcacgtgga atggctccat     81840
     gcccacagaa gtacctcctt tacagatccc gaaagaccat acaccctgac cctgcaccct     81900
     cattctcaga tctgcctgtc aggcctcctg gagggccctt tgctcctccc tcagaatctc     81960
     tacccttaac agggaggacg gcaagagggg aaagataata attttctttc tttttttttt     82020
     ttgagatgaa gtttcgctct tgtcacccag actggagtgc aatggcacaa tctcggctca     82080
     ctgcaacctc cacctcccgg gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc cagtaatccc     82140
     agtagctggg attaggcacc tgccgccaca cccggctaat ttttatattt ttagtagaga     82200
     ctgggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc ccaaactcct gacctcaggt gatccaccca     82260
     cctcggcctc ccaaagtgtt gggattacag gcatgagcct ccgcgcttgg ccacgatcat     82320
     gattttcttt cagaattaga gctttacaat ggtcaactcc tttattcagc caacatttat     82380
     taagcacttg ctgttttcct agctctgagc tgaacactag gaatagttca ttggaaagat     82440
     ggcctctgct ttccaggacc ccacagtcta gttggggagg tagaggaatc cacaatcaca     82500
     ataccagcta agaggcaccg tgatgaggga ggcccaggaa gtcacaggag aactgagtgg     82560
     aggcccttaa ctctgaagta aagaccagga aggctttccc cacatgtaca gtgggaacaa     82620
     taccgcagca tctgtggccc atccctccct gttttatgct tacctggctc attccttcac     82680
     cttcatgagg ttacaagttc cctggcagct cttacattat ttatctattt ctctcttttc     82740
     ttactagtgc cttgtagata aataggtgag catcaaatat taacagaatg aattaatgta     82800
     tattaataaa ggtgaggaga ggatctggag tgatgtaatt actgttcaac attttaaata     82860
     acaacggata tgatttatta agtgctcatt acggtaggta ctgtgctgaa cagtatataa     82920
     tttatttcaa ttaatcctca caaaactcca caagatatag gtaatactaa taattcccgt     82980
     ttaaaaaata caaaacttgg ctgggtgtgg tggctcacat ctgtaatctc agcactttgg     83040
     gaggccgagg tggatagatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg     83100
     agaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcac ttgcctgtaa     83160
     tcccagctac tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga acccaggaag cagaggttgt     83220
     ggtgagccga gatcgtgcca ctgtgctcca gcctgggcaa caagagcaaa acttcgtctc     83280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactca aaaaaattac caaaaatttg tcgagaagat gtgtaagttg     83340
     ccaaaagtaa cactgctgat atgaggtagc gccaagattt gaacccaggc agctcaattc     83400
     cagaaccagg acagtctcta tggggcactg cctctaatgc ccaggagaat tcttctggaa     83460
     agttaagttg attataattt tttttaatgt atgaatcatt tcatatttta aaattaaacg     83520
     tacccgcctc caggctccca tcgcttgatg tctgtaatta ttacattaac tgcttcgaca     83580
     tctgtcacat cctggtttgt catatggtgt gtgtgactta ctcccatatt gcactagaaa     83640
     ttccttaggt acaggaattg tatctttgaa acacatcagc acaatagctt gcatcttagt     83700
     gggtactcaa tatggttttg caagaaaaaa ttccatgtca ccattatgac agactttttt     83760
     cattataatg aagatgtttt ctgtgttaat gactccagcc ttcagctacg tttgtatggc     83820
     aaagatggaa gaaaggggaa ggacaactta tatgtgccga atgctatgct ggggccttta     83880
     gacatgttcc catttaacct tcacaacagc cctgtggagt acgtggtatt gtctgaatct     83940
     gagagatggg gaaagaattc cttagagaaa tcactgagtt ataaccagtg gagctggatt     84000
     tgaaatgtag gtctgtctga ctgcagcttc tttctgtgca ttgcctagat ggatgatgct     84060
     gaccctgagg aaagaaacta tgacaacatg ctgaaaatgc tgtcagatct gaataaggac     84120
     ttggaaaagc tattagaaga gatggagaaa atctcaggta ggatgtgtga acccaaaagt     84180
     atctgagaca ggtctcaatc aatttagaaa gtttattttg ccaaggttaa agatgcacct     84240
     gtgacacagc ctcaggaggt cctcaggaca tatgttcaag gttggcaggg tacagcttgc     84300
     ttttatacat tttagggaga gagaatacat cagtcagtac ctgtaagatg tacactggtt     84360
     cggccgggcg cggtggctca ctcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg agacgggtgg     84420
     atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacaca gtaaaacctc gtctctacta     84480
     aaaatacaaa aaattagctg ggtgtggtgg caggcacctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag     84540
     gctgaggcag gagaatggca tgaacccggg aggtggagct tgcagtgagc cgagatggtg     84600
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagagtg agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     84660
     gatgtacatt ggttcgatct ggaaaggtgg gacaactcaa agggggatga ttccaggtta     84720
     tagatagatt taaatttttt ctgattggca attggttgaa agagttatgg tctaaagacc     84780
     tggaatcaat agaaaggaat gtctgggtta tgacggtaag gggttgtgga gaccagagtt     84840
     ttatcatgca gatgaagcct ccgggtagca ggcttcagag ggaatagatt gtaaaaagct     84900
     ttcttatcaa acttaaggtc tgtgttcatg ttaatgctag tcaccttttc ctgaattcca     84960
     aaagagaggc aggtataacg aggcataccc aatttctcct tctcctcacg gcttgaacca     85020
     actttggcca agcaatacac ccaccttggc ctcccaaagt gttgggatta caggtatgag     85080
     ccagcgtgcc tggccaaata gcttttattc actagagcag actttagaaa atttctcctt     85140
     agaaatgttt gcaatttttt gcctatgtac ttttgaacta tgaatagctg agacacgtat     85200
     cagttaattt agagagttta ttttgccaag tttggggaca cttatctgtg acacagcctc     85260
     agggggtcct aatgacatgt gcccaaggtg gtcagagcac agcttggttt tatttattta     85320
     tttatttatt ttaagacaga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagg ctggagtaca gtggcgtgat     85380
     ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcccggg ttcatgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg     85440
     agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacca cgcctggcta attttttgta tttttagtag     85500
     agacggggtt tcactgtgtt agccaggatg gtcttgatct cctgacctcg tgatccgccc     85560
     gtctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtaaacc accgcgcctg gccttgtatt     85620
     tttaatagag acagggtttc accatgttgg ccaggatagt cttgatctcc tgaccttgtg     85680
     atctgcccgc ctcagcctcc caaagtcctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac cgcgcctggc     85740
     cttttttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt cttgctctgt cgtccaggct tgaatgcaat     85800
     gatgtgatct cagctcactg caacctccgc ctctcgggtt caagtgattc ccctgcctca     85860
     gcctcctggg taggtgggat tacaggcgcc tgccaccatg cccagctaat ttttgtattt     85920
     ttagtagaga cgaagtttca ccattttggc caggctggtc tcaaactcct aacctcaggt     85980
     gatccacctg ccttggcctc ctgaagtgct gggattacac gcgtgagcca ccacgcccag     86040
     ccagcaaaca gttttatgta gtgaaaaatc tatcaatatt ttcctttctg atttattgcc     86100
     attattttga cacctagaaa gtctttcctc aatctgagat cagtgaaata tttagttgta     86160
     ttttcttcta cttttctccg tattcctttt taacatttaa tcctaaccca tctggcatgc     86220
     caaatgacct acgctgcgta ttgctttttt tttttttttg agacagagtc gcgctctgtt     86280
     gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacaatctc ggctcactgc aagctctgcc tcccgggttc     86340
     acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact acaggtgccc gccaccatgc     86400
     atggctaatt ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggagttt ccccgtgtta gccaggatgg     86460
     tctcaatctc ttgacctcat aatctgcctg ccttggcctc ccgaagtgct gggattacag     86520
     gaatgagcca ccgcacccag ccgcatattg catttttata taaatctgct acaggctggg     86580
     cacggtggct cacacctgta aacccagcac tttgggaagc cgaggcagga ggatcacaag     86640
     gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctgggcaata tggtgaaact ccatctctaa taaaaataca     86700
     aaaattagct gggcgtgttg gtggatgcct ggaatcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca     86760
     ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gagacggaac ttgcagtgag ccgagatcat accattgcac     86820
     tgcagcctgg gtgacggagc gagactctct cttctgtgat agtccctggg catagaggga     86880
     gggtgtttgt atcgttttag cagcagggca tttgcagtgt aacagatccg ggcccagtgc     86940
     gatgccaaat gagggagatt catatctttg gtcatctgca gaataccatg attttagttt     87000
     ccttggaagc aaaatgaggg gagataagtt tgacaattat aagagtaatt tgtgcattag     87060
     aacagaaaaa ggaacctatt ccattagggc accaacgaaa aatatgagga aaagttacaa     87120
     tctggtcctc tctagaggat tattgtagcc aagaaacaat gatttaattt gcactcaaaa     87180
     aaacgttatg gctgggcgca gtggcctgta atcccagcac tttgggattt tatttattta     87240
     tttatttatt ttgagacagg gtcatactct gtcacccaaa ctggagtgca gtagtgcaat     87300
     cttggctcac tgcaacctcc acctcccagg ctcaagggat cctttttttc atctcagcct     87360
     cctgagtagt tgcaactaca ggtgcacacc accatgccca gctaaatttt gtattttctg     87420
     taaagacagg gtttcaacat gttgcccagt ctgatctcaa acttctgagc tcaagtgatc     87480
     cacccacctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggtac cagccacctt gcccggccag     87540
     ccaccttctt gtatcctcac atagagcctc acatatcctt gcatagagtg agagtgagct     87600
     cttgtgtctc ttctttaagg ggtgctaatc ccattcagga gggtctaccc ttaggaccta     87660
     atcatctcca aaagacccga cctcctaata ccatcacgtc gggggttagg atttcaacag     87720
     gtgaatgtgg gagggacaca ttcagtccat aacatgtgtg ccaggcagtt tacatatatc     87780
     acccatttaa ttctcacagt aagccatgag attggtaggg tctccaaaga tgaggagact     87840
     gagatttatg tatatataac ctccaccttc tgggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct     87900
     ctctagtagc tgggactaca ggcacccacc accacacccg gctaattttt atatttttag     87960
     tagagatggg ccaggaacac tggccatgtt ggccaggatg gtctcaatct cttgatctcg     88020
     tgatctaccc cccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcacccg     88080
     gccgagattg atacattgca gacacttgtt ccaggtcaca gagtcgtcag gtggggagct     88140
     gggaggcgta ctctgctctg gccccaggtc cctgctgcac ctgctgtcca ggtagtctgc     88200
     ggcctccctg caccggaacg atctgggatg cttgtgagga ttccacaaag aggaatttta     88260
     aggggatgtg tttgctatgt acagttggtt gtcatgcaga ggggagatga cctttgttct     88320
     gtatagttgc agagggctga accacaccag ccggtggact atgcagagaa aaagttggag     88380
     gtgggatttc tgcacacact tctttgagtt cacacaagaa gcatgtgttc acctataggc     88440
     ccagggaatg ctaccttcga gttgctgtca gagggaaaga gcaagagagc ccatcagtgc     88500
     attggtagat ggtcaaggac accttcccaa gaggagaagc cccaggcctg ggcctcaacg     88560
     aaagcataga ggtgcccagg tggaggtggg caggcatccc aggccactga acataaggtg     88620
     acatgaggtt tgggtcttgc aggactggaa acaatcaact ctacctgagt gtgtgagctt     88680
     gggtggatga ctccttaggg gtcacctgca gccattggct gtgaactgct tgtaggtaag     88740
     gagctgcggt ttgctctaat tctcctcaca tttcgtatca gaccagcctc tagtttttta     88800
     catcatgtct ggtgtatcca gaagttatgc cttgcatgag actaggaagc gtcactatgg     88860
     atgtttgtag ggagttttta tgagcctgta acaagtagcc taccagctgt ctctccctag     88920
     agtaattggg tgcctcagca ggatctgggc ctccagatgc tgagcccagc tggaggcatc     88980
     tgacccttct ggggcacccc agagctgcag cccctccctg tggcctgacc agtcctgtct     89040
     gcttgttgca gtgcaggcga cctggatggc ctatgacatg gtggtgatgc gcaccaaccc     89100
     tacgctggcc gagtccatgc gtcggctgga ggatgccttc gtcaactgca aggaggagat     89160
     ggagaagaac tggcaagagc tgctgcatga gaccaagcaa aggctgtagg ccccactggc     89220
     ccaccacagc tgccatgcca ccctctgccc gtatgaagag gtcactgggg gatggagctg     89280
     gcacccacat gaatagctgt atgcactgta cttgtttctt aataaactta tttttaagca     89340
     cagcccgagg acctcttctc tcctgtgcca tgatccaccc agctgcatat caaaccttgt     89400
     gaacaaaaca caacaagtgc aagctgcagg tgctttcggt gaattaaaat gtatttggtg     89460
     ccagtggtgc tgaacataga ataaaaaaca gaaaaagggc ccagacaggg acatccaggc     89520
     tggaggttgg agtggagcac agtcagatgt attcactttt ctagcatggg tttcaaagtg     89580
     cgtaagggga gaaaacgcat catggattgt gctgtgcatc ctggacaccg tgcgaggtgc     89640
     tcatagctgt gatcttgtct cccacaactc tcttgggtga cagacgtcca ctgtccacat     89700
     tttatagaca aggagaaagg gaagtcaaat gtctcgtcca agtctacaca gctaaaaagg     89760
     ggcagaacta gggtgacgct caggcctcat ttagagatcg ggggttggcg agaagtgggg     89820
     tgggcttctg gaggggctgg gagagcccca caaggctgca gagggtggtg agcccggagt     89880
     gggcctggcc tggtgtgggc tgggggtatg ggcaggagct gcagacagca gggctgcacc     89940
     agcggaccag tttcagaggc aagggttcta ggcccttgag aatccacagt gccaaacaga     90000
     cccagatagc tacggggttg gtacctgggg aggccttagg acaggcagaa agtcccagag     90060
     gcgagggcgt tgcctgggga cgtttttgct ccctgtcctg ctgacagagc ataggaagtg     90120
     tgaatgtttt ctaccccctc ctctctcggc tcagcagagc tccagcgagc caagtccttg     90180
     tctgtggaga cgcatcagtc cctggctcta gggaataggg agtcccacag acaggggggt     90240
     gtcagcaagc tgagagggtc tgtaagtagg tacggaattg agtcaggaaa cagtctgggt     90300
     gtggagtgag gggcagaaag aggctgaggg agtctgggct tcaaaataat cgacaacctt     90360
     taaagcagaa ggggaaagtt gtccagaaac aagagcagga agttccgatc ccagcccctt     90420
     ccctgagccc cggcctctca ggcccatccc aggagggtct ccctggagag cagcgaagca     90480
     gctttggttc tctgcctgcc actcagagtg aggtctgcag ccggtcctca gggggcagag     90540
     tcaggatgaa tggactgagg accccggtgc tccccaaggg gaagggctgc agctccttgg     90600
     cctggaactg ggcagtcccc ccagagaccg tgaaggtggc agtgacctgg gggttgaggc     90660
     agtaaatggt gttgcccagg gtggtgcagt gcagtggggc gggggcgggc aggggcaggg     90720
     aggcagccct gctccaggag ccggtcactg tgttgtagcg catcacggcg gcgcccacgc     90780
     cccgcagcag gtcgaagcgg tacaggaagc cccccagtgc cacgatgtcg ctggaacgcc     90840
     ggtggctggc actgtatggg cactcgtccc aagcatcctt cacggggctg tacctgagca     90900
     ggcggtagaa gaggtgaccc ccggtgacgt agatgtcccc acggcaggcc acagcctcgt     90960
     gggccacagg gaaggtgcct gcggggagtg gcgcgcgtgg ggtccaggcg tctgttcgcg     91020
     ggtcgtagca ctccatgctg tacaggcatt cgccaccgat ggcatagagc agcccgtcca     91080
     gggccaccag cttgagctgg gctcgggcct gctgcatggg ccgaacctgg ctccagatgt     91140
     tggtcagagg gttgtagcag aagacctcgt tggagcagac ggccttggca ccggagccac     91200
     ggatgccccc cgccagaaac aggtagttgt gcatggtgca gagaccgcag ccccgaagcg     91260
     gggcctcctc gggcacctgg gtcaggggcc gccaggtgtt ctcccggggg ttgaacacat     91320
     gcaggtgcgc aggtagaggc agggacacag gggccgccgc aggaggctcc tcgccacgag     91380
     ggcccctggg gagccctgag cggcccccct ggtagaggct gggcagtacg aggacgccca     91440
     gcaccgcccg gccccggccg gtccgcaggc tgaggatgcg ctcgcggtcg gccgcgctca     91500
     gccggcggta gaggcacggg tctcccagca ctcgcagcag gttgtcgctc atcagcgcgt     91560
     aggtctcctg cgccaggccg ggctctccgt gctgctgggc aaaggccagc acgtccaggc     91620
     aactgcccag gtccagccgc cgccgcaggg ctgccgccgt ggcgggctcc agggcccggg     91680
     agctgggctt ccggggcccc tccaccaccc cccaaccccc gggcctctgc agaaacacca     91740
     tgagcttccg ggcctcctcc tgcttttccg tgagcgcccc gctgcggccg gcagggctgc     91800
     ccccctcccc cggcgcctcc ccttgagggt cccccgaggc ggccggcctg acctcctgct     91860
     ccgagctcgg ggcgatttcg cacctgctgc gtttccgtag ctggggtacc ggctgtgagc     91920
     gcctcgcaga ggaggaggcc gcggggccag gcggcctctg cgcggggggc tgtgcggggc     91980
     ccctgggcat cgcggcttgg ggcagcgggt ctagactttt ctccctggtt ccctctcctc     92040
     ttaggcctgg gggagggtct gggctgggcg atccgttggt ctcggagctt cttggctgtg     92100
     gctgacctcc agcctcaacc aggccccctg tacctgtccc tatgactgtc cccactgaag     92160
     aagaggggcc gtgtctgtcc tcagagtgtg tggaagtgct gggacccacg gggctcccgg     92220
     gaaccgccct cgggacactc ccttggggcc tgtcttgcct ggggaagggg tggcttctaa     92280
     gaaccatggc aataaggttt ccccagctgg ctgagacctg cccctcctgg tagcgcctgg     92340
     ggagagccac actctcctga ggctttgacc cgtcagctgg ggcaggggat gcggctgggg     92400
     ttggggttgg ggctgaggtg ggggctgggg caggggatgc ggctggggtt ggggctggag     92460
     ttggagctgg gcttagggct ggggttggga ctggggttag ggctggggat gcggctgggg     92520
     ttagggctgg agttggagct gggcttaggg ctggggttgg gactggggtt agggctgggg     92580
     atgggggtgt gagggttggg actgggactg gggctggggc tggagttgcg gctgcagctg     92640
     gacttggggc tggggctggg gttgaagttg gagctgaggt tggagctggg gctggggctg     92700
     aggtggggga tgaggttgag gtggtggctg aggttggtgc tgagctgggg gatgaagcca     92760
     gggctggggc taggactgag gctggagctg aagttaagac ttgggctgag gctgaacttg     92820
     gggctggcgc cgctctgaga ttttcgccca cggaaggatc ctgggtaacc tccaggggca     92880
     aaaagtctga aggagagggg agagtcaggg cttcaggtgg gaaccccggg ccgggagctg     92940
     cgggcgggga ggcggagcgc gggcgaggct cacggctccg ggagggcgcg cggctgtggc     93000
     cggctgcagc cggctttgct tgctccgggg gccgggtggg ccccaggtca gcggcaggac     93060
     tgttatctcg ggagctgtca gccccggcct cgccggcatc gtaggcccct gtggcacccg     93120
     gcccttggga cgagagtggg cgaccttgag gcggactctc tagccagggg cgcgtggagt     93180
     ctggggctgg gccaaagctc cgggtgcccg ggacctccct gctgacccag ggccagcctc     93240
     ctccgggggc agggaccccc gaggcctccc tgctccagcc acccttggcc ccagagcctt     93300
     ccgtctgaga cccaggctgc agggcgcggg gagcgggcag cgccgggagt gcgggctcct     93360
     gggcgagtgg gggtcctgtg gggaggccgc gcgcgtgggc gtccagggcg gcggccccgt     93420
     ccaccgcgtc ccacacgctc cccgcggcgc ccaggcggag cgggtccagt ttccgggggc     93480
     ggcgggctct gtctcccgag ccagcgtcca tccgccgccg ccggccccgg cctctcccca     93540
     tcgagcccga gggccccgcg cccgcctgcc aggggccagt gtcctgttgc cccgcggggc     93600
     ctgcggcctg gcgagaggac gccctgacac cacctgtctc cgcctccgct tcgctgccag     93660
     ggctccgagg agtgaagtgg atcaggaggg gggcggacat cccccctgct tcgctcctgc     93720
     ccaggagggc agtgcctggc ctgggaggct cctttccttc cgctcggggg gccgcggggg     93780
     tggcactgcc ccgttgctgt cctaatgcct ctctgcgggc ctcctcgaca gccgtcttga     93840
     gtggaagccg ggccatggcg gccaggcccc cgcccggcgc tgcagcaggg acagggctct     93900
     gctggccgcg tcctgggggc tctggtttcc cctgccctgg gctctgcccc tcgctgccat     93960
     cactgacctt agacttcggt tgcagggcca gctcagctcc tcctgcctga tgaggttgag     94020
     ccccgagggc tgtggacacc ggttctgccg cctcttgatc gtgcccggag ccaaaccagt     94080
     gtaaggccag cgctgtggca gccaccacag ccagcgccag gagggccagc acagcactat     94140
     cccagtcatt gtcactgtcc cagtcccagc cccagagggg accatctggc tccaaggtgc     94200
     cctggatcat ggttcagggc tgcaatagag gcctgatggc aggctggcag tgcatgcaga     94260
     gcacagaggc ctgggctgag gcaccggcca gcgcctgccc caagggctgc ccagttaagg     94320
     tggaccagtc ctccagggcc tgggaatggt ggggtctctg cttgcactca ggcctggggg     94380
     tgtcagtagg gcctggctgc agatatcagg agacagcgag gcttatggca ggataggagc     94440
     ccagggtctc tgcaagcacc ccaccagctc ctgccctctt ctcctcctcg taggccccag     94500
     ggtcctcagg cagcgttcct gagctctgtg ctgtcatcac agccaacctg cttctgcctg     94560
     gtagaccctc acacccctaa atttattcca caccccacag tccctcctct cagcctgggc     94620
     ccagcttcag ggggcttggc agggaagggt tacccacagg gagatgttat ctctagctct     94680
     agcaatgtga tgtggccctg atgaaatcac cagaaaccgg agaggctgat tccactgtgg     94740
     gccagcaggg gaggggtggg ggccgtgcac gggagggtgc aggctgtgcc tgacggtggt     94800
     ctctcaggct gaagagggag accctggaca cgggtcctgg cagtgagcat tatcattgca     94860
     ggggtgctgt ggaggtttgt actggggcac agggaggggg catagagagg agactgaggc     94920
     tcccatagct cctcctccag cagcttttgg actccttact ctgggtttac cagacatggg     94980
     atagggttat caagtcaaga gaaaaaaaaa attaatggga taaataaaat ccaaacatat     95040
     ttctctcttt atggccaggc ttatttcagc ccacctagac cttctaggat ctcctggacc     95100
     ccctgcgccc atcgagagtg tcttgactgc ccagatgaga ctctcactgt gcccctggag     95160
     aaccctgagc ccagcctgcc ccctactcca gttaccgcat cagccagcac ctggatccct     95220
     tagaaaccac ccccctctgg ccccaggtgc tctaatagcc agactctggg tgtcttcatc     95280
     tcagtcctca gccttccctt atctgagctg aggactcgcc ctcgagacca catcctggct     95340
     ggtacctcct agccctggct caggccggca tgtaggtact tctgttggat gtgagcactt     95400
     gcttcctgag ggagaagcct gggctcctcc acctgctcct tgcttaatcc catctcagga     95460
     gtgtctcggg ccaggtgcca ggtgaggctc agacaagaaa aagagcctgg agtccctggg     95520
     acaaaggcag ggctccctgg aaagtaccgt gtgtattttt ccttcctctg ggacacagca     95580
     ggcctgggga tttctccctt actcaagcag caaggagatg gcctaggagt gtccctggca     95640
     cccagcctga accctactga gcctcaggta actcacctcc cagctccccc tgggactatt     95700
     agatgacagg gagagggtga gggtgggccc catgccttaa ggtggacctc aagttgaggg     95760
     aaggctttct agaccgtgcc cttattctct gtcccagtct caggctctgc ctcttggtta     95820
     agtttggggt ccagaaacct tcagaggatg gagatgacac ccataaatat tagagactga     95880
     gtagggggcg ggaagcggtg gcggcagcgc acccccgggg tgcaactgcc ctggaactcc     95940
     aagtggtggc ttcaaaactg gattaaaatt tatttccgcg aaaccctgga gtcacggtcc     96000
     ggcgccgact ggcgttttct gccgtagact gagaacgcgt cagggatggc tccgttggca     96060
     gcgcgcgcga gcgcccccgg gccgcgcctg gagggttgac agcgactcgc gggcgaactg     96120
     tgaacccgca gcccctgggc tccgagcgca aacctggcga ctgggagggc ccggggagcg     96180
     ggtgagccag cgccagcccc gccggcccca ggagcgcgaa tttctctaca tttccggctg     96240
     tggccgcagt tggaggatgg gatcaaaacg ggcaaaaaag tgcgacctgg gccgaggtgt     96300
     cggatcgcct cgaggtggga ggccgaggtg ttggatcgcc tgaggtcagc agttcgagac     96360
     cagcctggcc gacagggaga aaccctgtct ttaccgaaaa tagaaaaatt agccgggcgt     96420
     ggtggcgggc gcctgtaatc ccagctactc cagaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac     96480
     ccggggagtt gcagtgagcc gagatcgcgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcca     96540
     gactccatct caaaaaaaag aaaaaaagac accagcaaag ggtttttttc tgttaataac     96600
     taggtccccc caacccccca aaaaggagga tggttaaaag cagaaaaggc aaaaaataaa     96660
     ggcttttggc cgggcgtggt ggctcacacc tgtaatctca gcactttggg aggccgaggc     96720
     aggcagatca cctgaggtca ggcgttcaag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaacccctg     96780
     ctctacttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaattagtg gggcatggtg ccggacacct gtaatactag     96840
     ccactcagaa ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccgg gaggcggagg tttcagtgag     96900
     ccgagatcgc accgccacac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagactctgt cttaaaaaat     96960
     aaaataaata aactctttta tatttcaaaa tctgaagaca aatcactgta gtgcagataa     97020
     aataaaacgt tcatatcatt ttattatttt aacgtgtttc atattatttt aacgtgtgac     97080
     attaaacaat ttcagggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcaagcctg taatcccagc actgtgggag     97140
     gccgagacgg gcggatcacg aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa     97200
     ccccatctct actaagaata caaaaaaatt agccgggcgc ggtggcgggc acctgtagtc     97260
     ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac gcgggaggcg gaggtttcag     97320
     tgagccgaga tcgcgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ctgtctcaaa     97380
     aaataaaata aataaaataa agtctgttat atttcaaaat ctgaagacaa atcactgtag     97440
     ttcagacaaa accttcatac cattttatta tttaacgtgt ttcatattat tttaacgtgt     97500
     gacatgaaac aatttcagga aattgtatta ggtattgcgc tcgtgtcttc ttaggcgtcc     97560
     tcatcccttt tcacctcgga gctcagcgtc ttcctcagca gcacttccat gtcatctgcc     97620
     ccgtgaaatc agcctaacgc cgtttctcaa tgacgtggat cgccctaggc caccgcaacc     97680
     ttccggaagc tctctcagct cagttcccat tctcccacca tctcttggtt ctccttctac     97740
     ctcaccggtt gctagtcctc cgcttcgcag ctgaaaatgt gcccggggcc tactgtgggc     97800
     ctagccaggc ctgcttacgc agtgcagttt cccatgaatg atgcccagtc attatcacat     97860
     aacctgtggc aagccagcaa gatggccctg gtgacagcaa aagaaactgc actaggacct     97920
     gaatgtagat ctcagtcatg ttccttacta acagcacgtt ttgcaaccat gcgttaaaga     97980
     aacatctgac tcacaacaaa attttaaagg gtttatttga gtgaaaagca atttatgaat     98040
     tggggaacac ctgactgaaa gagcgttagt attccagaga caaaacatca agtgcaagtt     98100
     tttattggga aaatgtagaa gcacaataaa gaaattattt gattggttac agttatagag     98160
     ttgctttctt tggcttatcc tgttggaaag tcagtagtta tataatcatg atagttggtt     98220
     acttatgatt gggtagatta aaatttatct ctgtctaatg gaagcattta tcagaaacaa     98280
     ctcagccagg catggtggct cacgcctata atcccagcac tttgggtggg aggctgaggt     98340
     gggcagatca cctgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg tcaacatagt gaaaccccat     98400
     ctttacaaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggca tgatggcaag tgcctgtaat cccagctact     98460
     cgggagggtg aggtgggaga attgcttgaa cccggtaggc agaagttgca gtgagccaag     98520
     attgcgccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac agagaagact ctgtctcaaa aaagaaaaaa     98580
     aagaaatgac tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggtgt gaggccgagg cagggcagat     98640
     gactagtctt tgagaccagc ctgggcaaca tagcaagacc ttgtctctac tgaaaaacaa     98700
     acaaacaaaa taatggctca agttaagttt cacttatgtt ttcaatttaa gcaaggctga     98760
     agtcacttac gagacctaac ttgttttgtc tgcttaggga ttcttcaggc ccggtctcca     98820
     ttttagttta cttaaacagc ccgggtgcag tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     98880
     gaggccaagg caggtggatc acctgagatc aggagttgga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg     98940
     tgaaaccccg tctccactaa aaatacaaaa aaattagctg ggcatggtgg tactcacctg     99000
     taatcccagc tactcgggaa gctgaggcag gagaattgct gaacccagga ggcagaggtt     99060
     gcagtgagct gagatcgcac tactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcga gactccgtca     99120
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaattta cttcaacaaa tccccactgg gcaagctgag aggatgacca     99180
     gatggtagag ctttgctctc tgttaccact gagtgacgta gtcactggag tgcagagtcg     99240
     tgtacaggtg atcaccatca tagacctggg tggtggggtg ttgaattctg taagttgttt     99300
     aatcctgatg gcaatcattt gatgtgagag tggctgctgg aaagtgttga aacccttgag     99360
     aggatacaat gaaggaactg ggtaaacaca atgactgtaa gaaaaaccac caaggactca     99420
     gcaactccct gcagctgaga tccccaggag ccaagattta acccattaaa tcaaccaacg     99480
     gcgtcgtcta tctcatgaga gacttacatt tgtttcttaa gagtctttaa attttggaaa     99540
     acaatttcta acgtattgat aaggaaattt tcttatcaag aacacaagct cttatttgtt     99600
     aagctcctaa ggtatcaaga gcttctagtt tggaacactg ttgaggctaa gttgttcatt     99660
     tcagattgca ttgcatgatg gggaattcaa agtattgttc tatggaaaca aaataattta     99720
     acaaaggtta atctttggag taaattatga ccttagcctt gttcgttttt tttttttttg     99780
     actaccagtg actatgatct tagtttttga gcccagagat tgcagcctct tcagatgatg     99840
     gaatgaagat gtcagttaaa aaaagaccgg gcgcggtggc tcacgtctgt aatcccagca     99900
     ctttgggagg cggaggtcag gcagatcacc tgaggtcggg agttcgagac cggcctggcg     99960
     aacatggaga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa aaacatatat atatatacaa aattttcttg    100020
     ctgacaaatt ttgtaacaga gataatatga gtttatttga ttaacaaagc taggtagaat    100080
     atccattttt actaaatcac caatattctt atttattaaa gattaatcaa gccacatgga    100140
     cttgaaaagt atttgggtta ctctttttct gagaaaatac ttcatataaa cacttgtttt    100200
     tcttatcttt tccttttttt tttttttttg tttgagacag agtcttgctc tgtcccccag    100260
     gctggagtgc agtggcgtga tctcggctca ctgcaatgtc agcctcctgg gctcaagcga    100320
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggt acgcgccatc acacccagct    100380
     aatttttgta tttttagtaa agatgggctt tctccatgtt ggccagtctg gtcttgaact    100440
     cctagtaatc cacccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagcctggcc    100500
     ataaacactt tttttctcag gctagtgaca aaaatgtcag agataagtat ttgtctgtct    100560
     atttaagaaa atcaggaggc acactgaaga aatcacttgg ttacagttat gcaacttcct    100620
     catttggtct gtctagttgg gaagtcccta gttacgcaat tgagcgttag ctggccgctt    100680
     aggattggct ggagttgagt tttacttctg cctcacataa ccatttatca gaaatgactc    100740
     cagttaagtt tcacttacgt tttccattta ggcaaggttg aggtcagtta gaacgcctaa    100800
     ctggttttgt ctgctcaggg gttcttcagg cctggtctct attttaatat ttagctcagg    100860
     taaggtaatt atgctggggt ttcacagtaa tctattatag tctggaaaat taagtcttcc    100920
     tggaatacaa caggacctca ccgcagatgt caaatacgag tccaccagct taagggtccc    100980
     tggtgaggat gacagaaact tgagaagcta cacttatcaa acatcccaca acctaactca    101040
     tgaaagttgg ctgagacgcc taagtgctga gcgtcggagg ctgtcacttg tttatgatcc    101100
     acatatcaga gtgcttgttt ctgccacgtc tccagcccgg gagtactgca gggccctggg    101160
     gctctttacc cacgtgcaca ccctcagtca ggggcagcaa agtttttgtg cgaagagctg    101220
     gattgcggct gtttttgcct ctgcaggtca cacagtctct tgcaactact caagtctgca    101280
     caaaaccaac cttaaaaaat aaaaggatgt ggctgtgttc ctataacatt ttatttttta    101340
     tttttatttt tatttatttc ttttttgaga tggagtctgg ctctgttgcc caggctggag    101400
     tgcagtggtg ggatctcggc tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg tcattctcct    101460
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggtgcccacc accacgccca gctaattttt    101520
     tgtattttta gtagggatgg ggtttcacag tgttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac    101580
     ctcatgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcggg agccaccgcg    101640
     cctggcccca ataaaatttt atttacagaa acaggaggtg gctggacttg gtgacccctg    101700
     cactaagcgg ccccatccat tcccacggct tgtgcacgcc tctcagttca gcatctccga    101760
     cctggacctc tccgctacgt ctgccatgaa catcactggg tggcagacga catctcaagc    101820
     ctgctgtgct cacatcagga ctcttgattt tccactgtgc tggatgtggt ccattgtgtt    101880
     cagcttccat tctcacctcc ttttgtttat tttcctgtat tttagaacct aaaatacaaa    101940
     tgcggcaata ctgtgtttta cagatcccct tgcagccaca gttccgggcg aggctgttgg    102000
     attcagtgca gttgtgtaag atgtgaaagg cagaaatgac tcggaggcct ccgccctgcg    102060
     ctgactgctg gcagacaggg ctgtggacac tcagccgtcg ctgagggagg cctgggcagc    102120
     aggggtgcag catcaggatt cccggcaggt tcctgatctc agaatcacag ctacccaagt    102180
     ttcctcttaa gctcggtagt cccaaaggcc acctctcagc tattatacca ccaactcatc    102240
     cagcgattct ataatattcc ccataataaa tccatttcta cccctgcctg atacactcac    102300
     cgaacctctc tcatcttccc ctccgaaaat ctctatcacg acttagttcc aaacagaagg    102360
     gaacagccac accaggaatg tgaacaggaa aaacattaac atagcgaatc gttacctagt    102420
     aagatgacgt taacagcgga agtcaagaaa agaggacaca aagggattca gaagcagcaa    102480
     atgcagaaag atgccgcgat ggctgggctt caggagcaag gaaggggccg ggaatgcaca    102540
     gagctgccag gggtgcgtgg cccagccaac ctggtgcatc aaattaactg tcgcatgcgg    102600
     ttaataccta agaacccttt tattcttttc ctgttttaga atttttttga caattgaaca    102660
     catttttgca tatgaacttt aaatttgtgt tttcctattt ttaacattgg aaatcttact    102720
     ggaattaaat atttatattc atttgaggag ctgtttgttt gtttgtgaca gagtctcgct    102780
     ctgtccccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgca gtcttggctc actgcaacct ccacctccca    102840
     ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc ctaagtagct aggattacag gtgcctgaca    102900
     ccaagtccgg ttaattttgt atttttagta gagatgggtt ttcactatgt tggccaggct    102960
     ggtttccaac tcctgaccgc aagtgatcta cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgccgcgatt    103020
     acaggcatga gccacagcgc ccagtctcgt cttcccatct tgttcagagg attaccggta    103080
     gggtaatgaa aatcgtaaag cgttagccat ctgaacaggt aaccttaacc tgttctgttt    103140
     tatcaaaaac ataatttaaa tccaactgtc ctttcacaca cccgtgaatt tatattttta    103200
     tgttttactg tttttgtttt tgcttttgtt tttgtttcga gacagagttt tgctcttgtt    103260
     gcccaggctg aagtgaaatg gtgcaatctc ggctcactga aacctccgcc tcccggattt    103320
     aagtgattct cctgcttcag cctcccgagt agctgggatg acaggcacgc accaccacat    103380
     ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagcaaagac agggtttctc catgttggtc aggttggtct    103440
     cgaactcctg acctcaagtg atctgcccac ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg    103500
     catgagccac cgtgcctggc ctactgtttt ataactaaaa ttttcaagtg aaaagccaca    103560
     agatctttgt gttgtctatg tttttgtgtc tttatgtcta tatgtgattt taatttacaa    103620
     agaactctat ttaattggca taaagaaaaa aagcacttaa atcaagtaat ctaagagcat    103680
     acagtgtata ctatttttat actatattta agaaatatag ggacaagcac agtggctcat    103740
     gcctataatc cctgaacttt gggaggccaa tgcaggagga ttgtttgaag tcagtttgat    103800
     accagcctgg gcaacaaagt aagacctctt ctctacaaca aaaacaaaaa tagctgagtg    103860
     tctctattaa agtatagata gatagataga tagaagaaaa tacaaaaata aaatcattct    103920
     gcaaactgag ttcatcatat tacttcactc tgtgtcattc ttttaaaacc ctgcacctgc    103980
     ccaacctctg caaaagtaca actgctaaca agtaatgctg gcgcagcact ttgacatgat    104040
     agggaacacc tgtgagactg atcaaatgaa aggccgactt aacccaatag ctactccttc    104100
     caaatttcct tccagctgct caaatgtggt tcaaatggtt ttgacactga cttaaaattg    104160
     ctggccattc tcccaacatg gcaccaagtc aacctggaca ggaagggata atcgaaacct    104220
     aaccacagga taattgatca gtgatgtctt cagagaattt tttttttttt tttttgggga    104280
     ctgagtctca ctatcaccca ggctggagtg caatggcacg gtctcagctt actgcaaact    104340
     ccgcctcccg ggatcaagtg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggattacagg    104400
     cacttgccac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagag gaaacgtaaa aattgccaat    104460
     atcaagatgg agtcacttgt gtcgaaccca aacaaaataa gaggttaaga aggggtgggg    104520
     gccttcatgc acacatgcct atgaaaagaa ccatgacaaa actctctgag tggctggacg    104580
     cggtggctca cgcctataat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcag atcacaaggt    104640
     caagagatcg agaccatcct ggccaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa    104700
     aattagctgg gcatggtggc gggcgcctgt aatcccagct attcgggagg ataaggcaga    104760
     agaattgctt gaatccggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagattgtgc cactgcactc    104820
     cagcctggcg acagagcgag actctgtctc aaaaatatac atatatagtt attatatttt    104880
     atctactact ttgtgttagt tcctgtttca ttcctttatg ttacttattt tttttccatt    104940
     tgtaagatat atactaagct ttttgaatcg tttcttcatt aataatgtag tcacgaggct    105000
     gggtggctta cttctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaagcca aggccggtgg atctttcgag    105060
     cccaggtgtt caaggccggc ctgggcaaca tggtgaaacc ccacctctcc caaaaataca    105120
     aaacaagtag ccgagtgtgg tggtgcatgt ctgtggtccc agctacttgg gaggctgaca    105180
     agggaagatt gtttgagcct gggaggcaga ggttgcagcg agctgagatg ctccactgca    105240
     ccccagcctg gttgacagag tgagactctg tctaaaataa taataatgaa gtcttttttt    105300
     tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgcaatct    105360
     ccgctcactg caagctccgc ctcctgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag    105420
     tagctgagac tacaggcgcc cgccactatg actggctaat ttttttttgt atttttagta    105480
     gagacggggt tccaccatgt tagccaggat agtctcgatc tcctgacctc gtgatccacc    105540
     cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc caccgcaccc agccataatg    105600
     aagtcatctt aaaatgacta taaattttcc tcagaacatg tagggtccag ccgtacgggg    105660
     cttagtgggt gttctccccg tgtgcggaga tgagagatta taataaataa agacacaaga    105720
     caaagagata aagagaaaac agctgggccc gggggaccac taccatcaag aggaggagac    105780
     cggtagtggc cccaaacggc tgatatttat tgcatacaag acaaggggac agggtaagga    105840
     gggtgaatct tctgagtgat tgacaaggtg aagcatgtca cgtgatcaca ggacaggggc    105900
     cccttccctt ttaggtagct gaagcagaga gggaaggcag caaacgtcag cgttttcttc    105960
     tatgcatttc taagaaagat caaatacttt aagactttaa ctatttcttc taccgctatc    106020
     tactgtgaac ttcaaagagg aaccaggagt atgggaggag catgaaagtg gacaaggagc    106080
     gtgaccagtg aagcaccaca gggagggggt taggcctccg gatgactgcg ggcaggcctg    106140
     gaaaatatcc agcctcccac aagaagctgg tggagcagag tgttccctga ctccttcaaa    106200
     gaaaggagac tgcctttcgc agtctgctaa gtaacgggtg ccttcccaga cactggcgtt    106260
     accgcttgac caaggagccc tcaaacggcc cttatatggg cgtgacagac ggctcacctc    106320
     ttgccttcta ggtcacttct cacaatgtcc cttcagcacc tgaccctata cccgccggtg    106380
     attcctaggt tatattaatg atgcaacaaa gagtaatatt aaaagttaat gactaatgtc    106440
     tacactaatg attgataatg tccatggtca tctctatatc taatttgtat gataactatt    106500
     cttactgtaa ctattttctt tattatactg aaacagtttg tgccttcagt ctcttgcctc    106560
     ggcacctggg taatcctccg cccacaagaa cacagcttta gctgcctcct gtaggagttc    106620
     agtaggaagg gaatctacct ttgtagtgtt tgatatgtag ttttaaggaa ggagaccacc    106680
     cctcatatat atgtcttatg cccaatttct gcctccaaag aaagaaaaag taaaacctaa    106740
     aagacagaaa taaaatccac aggcagacag cccagtgccg cgccctgggc ctggtagtta    106800
     aagagggacc cctgacctaa ccggttatgt tatctgtaga ttccagacat tgcatggaaa    106860
     agcactgtga aaatccctgt cctgttctgt tccgttctga ttacccggtg cacgcagacc    106920
     ccagtcacgt accccctgct tgctcaatcg atcatgacct ctcacgcaga cccccttaga    106980
     gttgtgagcc cttaaaaggg acaggaattg ctcactcagg gagctcggct cttgagacag    107040
     gagtcttgcc gatgcccccg gccgaataaa tcccttcctt ctttaacctg gtgtctgagg    107100
     agttttgtct gcggctcttc ctgctacagt ttgtaaccag attatttctg acaagttttg    107160
     atccagggtt tttttttaaa gatttgtcaa tttcaaaata tttgtttgct cctgcttcct    107220
     gttctctctc tccctttttt tttctttttt taagacaagg tctcactctg tcacccaggc    107280
     cggagtctag tggtgggatc actgctcact gcaggatcca actcccagac tcaacagatc    107340
     ctgccgactc agccaccgac cccatagctg ggaatacaga tgtacatcat cacacccagc    107400
     taatttttaa agttttttgt cgagatgggt ctcactgtat tgcccaggct gagttttctt    107460
     cttctttttt ttacattttg tttgcctaga attgtatttg attgtaatca aatcatgtgt    107520
     cacatctttt tttcaatttg tgtgattatt ttgtggccca atacatgatt ttttttgcga    107580
     atatttcatg gacttaaata gataagtcct ctctctacac ataattaaat ggagtgtgtg    107640
     ctttgcatta ttcagttcct ttattcccat ccttgctttt gtctgcagat ttgtcctatt    107700
     ccagaatggg tatactgaaa cttgggtaag ggtgaggcca gcgttctggg tggcccaggc    107760
     tactatccca cccgtgccac agaatccaca cagaggccca gcggcggcac tgggtggtgg    107820
     ggaaggggga ggcggaccca ggttgggggg gcaggcagtc agtgcggttg ccaggaagcg    107880
     ggaaagggcc acaatggggt ctgggaggtg ggcggggcgg agcggggatg tccagccacg    107940
     tcgctttgtt ttcccacgct aggagctacc acaacaggtc agtgcacctc ggggcaccgg    108000
     gtcccccacg caggcccttc ccggggcacc ctttcccaac agcacgaaaa tctcctgccc    108060
     ccaccccacc cccaggtgat tcccttcacc aagtctgggt ctagacttgg cccccgcgag    108120
     ttcacgtccc tgcctaatgc gcctggagtc cgggtgatgg ccctggatcc gctcccggcc    108180
     ccaagctcca cacagccggg aaggaagctc gcgtttgttt tgctggcgcc agggatacgg    108240
     tccaggcccc gccccgcccc gcgctgatcc cagggtagtg ggaaagtgcg ctccccaaga    108300
     atttgcggtg caggggccgc ggccaccgcc ttctgtccgc aggtgctgcg agccgtaagc    108360
     gccccccacc cgcgctatgg gctcggacgc ctgggtgggc ctttggcggc cacaccggcc    108420
     ccgcggcccc atcgcggcgc actacggagg ccccgggccc aaatacaagc tgccgcccaa    108480
     caccggtaga aggggcaggc cccgggattg aggggtggga cggcgcctgg gggagggaag    108540
     gggaagagac cagggaggcc tgcgctcggg gctgaaccgt gcctgctaga ggggagaggg    108600
     ggtctgtgcc gggggagggt ccgtgttgca gatggggctt ggggctgggc ccggccagac    108660
     gctaactcgg atgctcccag gctacgccct gcatgacccg tcgcggccgc gcgcccccgc    108720
     cttcaccttc ggcgcgcgct tccccacgca gcagacgacg tgcggccccg ggccaggcca    108780
     cctggtgccc gctcgcatga ccgtgcgcgg caccgacggc gcccccgcct actccatcta    108840
     cggccgccca cgccgctcag cgcccttcct cactccggga cctggtcagg acccccgggc    108900
     ccctggccac cccaacgccg aactgcctcc agggaggccc acctgggaac ccccgacctg    108960
     aaccccgagt ccccctcgga taccctaaca ccgcatattc ggtaccccca tatccggatc    109020
     tcaaatccca aaccccgaac cccacggggc tttgataaat cgtggctcag actccccact    109080
     agtcccagga ccccatctcg ggtacccacc aggctcccac gcagttctag ccccccacac    109140
     ccttgatccg ccccgcaggc aggtacttcc cggagcgagc ggggaacgcg acgtacccca    109200
     gtgcgcctcg gcacaccatt gctccccgaa actggggtgt ccaggcggaa cagcagagcc    109260
     caggtgaggt cagaacggcc catcccagaa ctgtgggcct tcccactcga gaccggggac    109320
     cgccctccgg gagctgggac caccctgcgc ctgtccgcgg agacccacta cccccgagcc    109380
     ctgcctcctc cccaggtccc gcggcctata cggtgccctc gctcttgggt ccgcgcgtca    109440
     tcggcaaagt ctccgcccca acttgctcca tctacggccg cagagcggct ggcagtttct    109500
     tcgaggacct cagcaaggtg ggggaggggc cggggcggac gcagggggtc cctggtccgc    109560
     ggcagtggag gcggcagcca gcaccctctg ccctctcgca gaccccgggc ccctgcgcct    109620
     atcaggtcgt gagtccaggg gtctacaagt cccgggcccc ccagttcacg attctggcgc    109680
     ggacttcgct cccccaagac aacactcgga agccagggcc cgcggcctac aacgtggatc    109740
     aggtggcctg gagcccaggg tcaagggtca gagtcaggag agtggggagg gcctgaggtc    109800
     ggagtgatgg gatcagagtc cccgggggtc caggggtccc ggcgcggaga ggatgccggc    109860
     cccgcgaggt cagcggtgtc tccgggcccg cagcaccgga agccccgcgg ctggagtttc    109920
     gggatccggc actcggacta cctggccccg ctggtgaccg acgcggacaa ctgacccgcc    109980
     aggcgggagc ggccccacac gtgtttgctt aaagtctgcg agtccgcatc gtgtccgcct    110040
     ctctctctct ctctctgcgc gtcctggcgc aaggcctggg gtggagccac ggctggggcc    110100
     gtgtcccaac tccgaaccca gcggggcggg gcccgagcgt cgggcgaggc cgggacccca    110160
     gcgctgcgcc gcgtccgaac gtcgagaccc caccgagggc gggaggggga ctctcgggag    110220
     ccacagacgc ccgagaccca cgccgggcgg gaccggccag ggatcacccc cgccgacggc    110280
     cccgggcccc gacggcccgg aagttccgcg tgtccggggg caccggggga ttggccgggg    110340
     cgcggcgtgc aaggcttccc gggggcggcg actgccgagc tccgccctcc aggcggcccc    110400
     acccgcctgc cgtcctgggg cgccgccgcc ccgccgccgg cagtggaccg ctgtgcgcga    110460
     accctgaacc ctacggtccc gacccgcggg cgaggccggg tacctgggct gggatccgga    110520
     gcaagcgggc gagggcagcg ccctaagcag gtacgggcgg ggctcaagtc gcgaggcggg    110580
     gaagcgggag gcagacacgg acgagggcga cacagacacg ggaccgaggg gcggacaccg    110640
     gagagacacg ggaaaggggt cgggacagga gcacgtggct cagacaccga cgccgggagg    110700
     ccgcagaccc cggacgtgtc aggcatcccc gcaggcccgg agcgatggca gccttgatga    110760
     ccccgggaac cggggcccca cccgcgcctg gtgacttctc cggggaaggg agccagggac    110820
     ttcccgaccc ttcgccagag cccaagcagc tcccggagct gatccgcatg aagcgagacg    110880
     gaggccgcct gagcgaagcg gacatcaggg gcttcgtggc cgctgtggtg aatgggagcg    110940
     cgcagggcgc acagatcggt gcgtggggag ggttgggcgt tcctgacccc gactgggagg    111000
     tcagcccgag agactttggg tccctggggg tgcgacggtg ccccactacc agcaccggcc    111060
     ccagggtgcc ccaccgctgt gggctgccac cctcacgcgt acccccacat accaggggcc    111120
     atgctgatgg ccatccgact tcggggcatg gatctggagg agacctcggt gctgacccag    111180
     gccctggctc agtcgggaca gcagctggag tggccagagg cctggcgcca gcagcttgtg    111240
     gacaagcatt ccacaggggg tgtgggtgac aaggtcagcc tggtcctcgc acctgccctg    111300
     gcggcatgtg gctgcaaggt tagaaaccac ctcctttcca gacgggagcc tataccgcac    111360
     atgcagcaac cagtccatcc acaggcagct cccaacctca agcctggccc aaagcctcca    111420
     agaccctacc aaggcttctc cccaccctgc tccccagcac agttctcccc accccgttcc    111480
     ccagcacagc gcttggggcc cctctggctc cagaccaggc cccttggagc aggaaaaaga    111540
     tccactgatg gaattcagac ccctttcccc ttgggtcccc agacagctcc cccaagggag    111600
     gagctgagga ctttcctccc tctgccccaa gccttgtttc cccaaggaca ggtaccaacc    111660
     tcctccccta ctgacacttc tcaaccaaga aaacttcctt tccattccct caccagctgg    111720
     gcacccctat agctgcttaa atactttcca aatccagctg cactcctagc cagggaaggt    111780
     gaagggatgc acagaggtgg gggaggggta ctgtgcaggg tactcagcat ccctgaccac    111840
     caggtgccaa tgatcagcgg acgtggtctg gggcacacag gaggcacctt ggataagctg    111900
     gagtctattc ctggattcaa tgtcatccag agcccagagc aggtacgggg cgccacggat    111960
     cagtcattaa tccaggttga tgatggagac cctggccaga atcactaaaa gatcactggt    112020
     ggatcattag ggtcactaat gagaacactg gtcaaggtta ctcatgagtc actgggcctg    112080
     ggccgaaatc atcagtggaa ctttgattag gatcataaaa tgggaagttg gtcaaaatca    112140
     cagatggctg gcggggcacg gtggctcaca cctgtagtcc tagcacttgg ggaggccgaa    112200
     gagggcagat cccttgaacc caggagttca aaaccagcct ggataacacg gcaaaacccc    112260
     atctctacaa aatagttcgc tgcgtgtggt ggtgcacgca tgtggttcca gctactcagg    112320
     aggctgaggc aggaggatca cttgagcctg ggaggtctag gctgcagtga gccgggacga    112380
     tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag tgagaccctg tcccagcact ctgggaggca    112440
     gaggagccca gttggagatc agcctgggta atatagtgaa acttgatctc tacaaaaaaa    112500
     agaagaaaaa aaaaagccgc gtgtggtggt gcgcacctgt agtcccagct actgggaagc    112560
     tgaggtggga ggatcactta agcccaggag gcagaggtca caatgagccg aaattgtgcc    112620
     aactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagaggaa gactcttcac agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    112680
     aaaaagctgc taagtcattt accataagtc actgagaaca ggggatgtct gaccagatgc    112740
     aagtgctgct ggaccaggcg ggctgctgta tcgtgggtca gagtgagcag ctggttcctg    112800
     cggacggaat cctatatgca gccagagatg tgacagccac cgtggacagc ctgccactca    112860
     tcacaggtga cctgactcca tggcctgctt ctgcatgttc acaggctcct gacctccaaa    112920
     ctcaagtcaa gggcctctcg ttaggagtta cccgtcacct gaccgtgtgc ccccctaccc    112980
     ccatcacaag atgcctgacc accaccatgt ggggtggcct gatactcaac ccaccaggtg    113040
     ctgccacccc cataataagg gacttgaccc tcaatgctca gggcccctga ccccaaagtc    113100
     ggcatccccg aactctccca agaagctcca ggttctccat tgtctccaac ctcctctgcc    113160
     tcccccaaag cctccattct cagtaagaaa ctcgtggagg ggctgtccgc tctggtggtg    113220
     gacgttaagt tcggaggggc cgccgtcttc cccaaccagg agcaggcccg ggagctggca    113280
     aagacgctgg tgagcggtgt ggcctttccc tgggcaagcg tcttgatgcg ggcccagcct    113340
     acccttcacc cctcccgtcc ccactgcctc cctccactca gcagtcctgc ctaaccccag    113400
     tcccaccctc ttctgcccga agtccctccc tccttcacgg cttcctaacc tgctgtgact    113460
     ttagaggtca aggctggccc ggcctggacc tggggaagcc ctctgtggcg ttcctgcccc    113520
     agaccaagta caagttcctc ctggccccat ggcgaggtgt cgcacttcac tcgtgtctct    113580
     tccccacccc aatccttccc tgacttcatg ctggggggct ggcaacccag ggtgcagcag    113640
     gggctggagt tcgaccaaga accggctgca gaaggccccg ccatgggggg tccacgctga    113700
     gcctcctctc cgcaggttgg cgtgggagcc agcctagggc ttcgggtcgc ggcagcgctg    113760
     accgccatgg acaagcccct gggtcgctgc gtgggccacg ccctggaggt ggaggaggcg    113820
     ctgctctgca tggacggcgc aggcccgcca gacttaaggg acctggtcac cacgctcggt    113880
     gagggggacg gggtgtaggg gagcggaggc ggcggggggt gcttcccgct ggggccgccc    113940
     cgacccggcc gcgcctaaga cccgtccccg cccgcagggg gcgccctgct ctggctcagc    114000
     ggacacgcgg ggactcaggc ccagggcgct gcccgggtgg ccgcggcgct ggacgacggc    114060
     tcggcccttg gccgcttcga gcggatgctg gcggcgcagg gcgtggatcc cggtctggcc    114120
     cgagccctgt gctcgggaag tcccgcagaa cgccggcagc tgctgcctcg cgcccgggag    114180
     caggaggagc tgctggcgcc cgcagatggt gagcgtcggg ggagtccccg tccttccgcc    114240
     tccgccatcc ccttcccttc ccgaggcccc gccccttccc gagcccgcgc ctctcagccc    114300
     ctctccccgc aggcaccgtg gagctggtcc gggcgctgcc gctggcgctg gtgctgcacg    114360
     agctcggggc cgggcgcagc cgcgctgggg agccgctccg cctgggggtg ggcgcagagc    114420
     tgctggtcga cgtgggtcag aggctgcgcc gtggtgagcg ccgcccccgc cctgctggcc    114480
     ccgcaccccc gcccagctcc ggccgcgcgg cctctaacag cccctcgctc tgcagggacc    114540
     ccctggctcc gcgtgcaccg ggacggcccc gcgctcagcg gcccgcagag ccgcgccctg    114600
     caggaggcgc tcgtactctc cgaccgcgcg ccattcgccg ccccctcgcc cttcgcagag    114660
     ctcgttctgc cgccgcagca ataaagctcc tttgccgcga aaccttgtca gtgcttgggc    114720
     gggagcggaa ggatccaggg ctgcggaggc gggggccgtc tcgatgaaca cgtgaccccc    114780
     ggcgggctcc gccttccgcg cacgcgctga gagcctgtca gcggctgcgc ccgtgtgcgc    114840
     atgcgcagct ccggggacgc ctgcgccctg cctgtgagcg tgtggcgccc gctttccctg    114900
     agccggcggg gcagagcgca gggagctgga ggtcggcgct tcctctcgtg cttggtccac    114960
     tgacgcgcgg ccccgccgcg aggtgcggac gccggggctg ggaggggagg aggtagccct    115020
     gaggactcgc tggactccgg ggtagtttcc cagctccggc tactgcgcgg ggctggcggg    115080
     gcacacccca gggcgcgctg gaggccggag cgaggctggg gcgcccgtgg gaggctccca    115140
     gcaggcaccg gtgttctcgc ggccaagcac agttataacg cgctcgcgcg gcgcttcgag    115200
     tggtcctgga acctttctgg ccacgagggc gctggccttg ctggggaggg cacaaaccca    115260
     gaaccgcccg ggcgggggtg cagtgagtcc tcgggagggt gccctcagca ggagggggca    115320
     gtgaccggga gtcctgagac ctccacctag caaaccttct gcgggggccc gtgggaaagg    115380
     ctcaaaggtc accaacgcaa aggcagggcg tcggctgtga gcccggagga gctgctggga    115440
     agcctggatg tgaggagggt ggggttttgt ggcgggtgga agtgtcgtgc gtctctgcca    115500
     ggagaggtta aacacagccg gcgggcagag tctgagctcc gggggtaggt cgtgcaggtt    115560
     ttctgctggg agtgtggagg aaggccgcgg ttggttgaag tggctggagg taacaggaaa    115620
     gtgttggagg aatcggttgc tctcggggat tgcaagccag agagttaccc acctcctttt    115680
     aagaaatggg tttattgcaa atagataacg tggttagttc aggcaaggca tgcacttgga    115740
     atgctttccg tcagcaagag gttcaccttg ctgaggtgca ggtgcagggc agggtgcggt    115800
     gacaggctgg tgatcccagg tagaggacag gagtgacagg tgtggttgcc caggtgtgga    115860
     tgtttggtgg aggtggagtt ctgagctcag gtgagcagct gcaaatgcct gttaagcctg    115920
     aacgtgggct gggtccttca gatgggtggc tggtctcaag tcgcaggggc agcccaggca    115980
     ctgtcctggg ccttcccttc tggctcctga cgcctgtgct tgtttccagg agcatcagat    116040
     ccatgctgct gctgactcgg agccccacag cttggcacag gctctctcag ctcaagcctc    116100
     gggtcctccc tgggaccctg ggaggccagg ccctgcatct gaggtcctgg cttttgtcaa    116160
     ggcagggccc tgcagagaca ggtgggcagg gccagcccca gggccctggg cttcgaaccc    116220
     ggctgctgat cacaggcctg ttcggggctg gactcggtgg ggcctggctg gccctgaggg    116280
     ctgagaagga gaggctgcag cagcaaaagc gaacagaagc cctgcgccag gcagctgtgg    116340
     gccagggcga cttccacctg ctggatcaca gaggccgggc tcgctgcaag gctgacttcc    116400
     ggggccagtg ggtgctgatg tactttggct tcactcactg ccctgacatc tgcccagacg    116460
     agctggagaa gctggtgcag gtggtgcggc agctggaagc agagcctggt ttgcctccag    116520
     tgcagcctgt cttcatcact gtggaccccg agcgggacga cgttgaagcc atggcccgct    116580
     acgtccagga cttccaccca agactgttgg gtctgaccgg ctccaccaaa caggttgccc    116640
     aggctagtca cagttaccgc gtgtactaca atgcaggccc caaggatgag gaccaggact    116700
     acatcgtgga ccactccatt gccatctacc tgctcaaccc tgacggcctc ttcacggatt    116760
     actacggccg gagcagatcg gctgagcaga tctcagacag tgtgcggcgg cacatggcgg    116820
     ctttccgcag tgtcctgtct tgagccactg cagtctgggc cccatcatta aacgggctgc    116880
     gtttaatctg tgtgtgtgtg tgatctgtac cagcggccca gggaggccag gcagccctct    116940
     tctctgcgca ggtgtacata aaagggtttt tagggggaag atgagatggc aacactgctt    117000
     tattaggccg ggccagccag gagcagacac acggctcctc agtacacatt cccccacccc    117060
     tgcctcggtg ctccccactc agggctgggc catggagggg gcagcgtagg tctggaagcg    117120
     cttgtgcgct cgctggtgcg tgagcagtct cagggacatg gtgtccacgg ccatctccag    117180
     cccgggctgc tgggttatct ccactgtgta gtcattggcc tgcaggggtg gcacatcagc    117240
     agggtctggg gaccgtctcc ccctcccacg tatcccaggc tactcaccag ctgcagggag    117300
     gccagcatgg aacgacacac ctcgaaggcc ggctggccag ccaccagctc cgcaaaggga    117360
     caccactcat tgagctgggg gaaccgtgag accagctggt ccccataggt gtggatgtca    117420
     aagggcacat gctgctcctg cacaggggag gggcatgttg gctgcggaga gaggcaaggc    117480
     cctggacaga cccgtggcac acagctctgg ttcccagcgg ccccgcctca cctgctcctg    117540
     gagcagaggc tgcactgtgt cctcccagtc cctgatgcgc tggctcagct ctgtctcctg    117600
     gacaaacttc tgggaggtgg cgatgaagag ctcctagggg aggatcagca ggagctactg    117660
     cctcccaagc aggggcctgg gcaccgctca cctgtccccc tcccctcccc gtctccctct    117720
     aacccaggcc taccacattc cttcgaacca gctcctcgta gctcagggac atcggcactg    117780
     cgtctgggaa ggggtagctg tgagctgggc agctaagggg ccacgctctc ccctgccccc    117840
     agctccagtg gcccctcagc actcctagcc cgctgcccac ctaccaaggt cagcggcttc    117900
     cctggggtct gctccctcgg gctccatgta ctcctcaggc tctagaaagt catctgctgg    117960
     gaggtgggag agtgaacagc acgcaggcag ctagtcggca ggtgccaagc cccaccccac    118020
     cccctggcag gcacccacct gctgccccca ggtcttccag ggaatcctcc aggtggtcct    118080
     cctctgcagg ccgcagccac tgctcagcca cctgtccaga gaaagcatct gtgaggggca    118140
     ctgtcacctc ccatcagggc caccacgggg tcctagatca cagctgacca gctgggactt    118200
     gcctccctcc tctgcagctt ccggagagtt tccaactgct ccttcacgtg tgtccagtac    118260
     aggacctcca tgtctgcaga caaaggcctt gtgagggctc cctcgtcctt cccaggcccc    118320
     gtgccagtcc acccaaggct ttgggtgaca ccaggtgggg gaagaggtag gggaaggaga    118380
     gtaaaactgt cttccccgag gacttcagcc tcacctgcaa aggacggacc ctttcgccga    118440
     agccgcctgc tgtcggcatg gtctgcatct gtgaaagaac atgctcagca ccagccaggc    118500
     caagagctgc ccacagcatt gggaaaaggg tgctgatcct cctccactgg ccctggccca    118560
     gcccccagct cccagtggtc cggagtgcac accacaccca ctcacaggca gccaggtacc    118620
     actggtggaa gtcctgcagc ttggcagcgc ccttcctctt gcgcttctgt cccagagcct    118680
     cctccacaca ggggggcaca gagtaaggcc tacctggggg caaacaggga ctgtcttaga    118740
     gccgctgggg gatcagggtg caaagcccac tcccaccccc ccacctcatg ccccaggaaa    118800
     cccagccagg ggtacctgag tggaggtacc ttccacccaa ttacctttct tgaagggctt    118860
     agactccaag gagtcaaagg ggtccaggct ctgccagggg tctggagtct cctgggcaca    118920
     gagcacaaga aggcgctgga gaagtagggg gtgcacagcc gtccctccca aaggagtagg    118980
     ggatgcacag ccaccctccc aaaggaagag tagggggtac acagccgcgc tcccaaagga    119040
     ggagtagggg gtgcacagcc accctcccaa aggaggagta gggggttcac agccaccctc    119100
     ccaaaggagt agggggtaca cagccaccct cccagaggag tagggggtgc acagccgcct    119160
     tcccaaagcc caggcaacaa gtgcagtgac agcctggggc agagccgacc acactcaaat    119220
     cctggatcac agaggggaac actagagaga gggtgggagc ccagagtcgc atgagggggt    119280
     ctttaagaga gcaagtgcaa agggccacag gctgggaaca ccacaggcca gcaggagcaa    119340
     gagcatgatg ggcaggcagc cagtcctcga atccgcccat ccctccctgc cgggggtcag    119400
     ggccccaaca ctcctacctt cacgcaggat gcaggctctg gggccccctc ccgctcccgc    119460
     agcatgtacc tcctgggcag ggcagcactc tgcaaagaca gtcacagggt ccccacttct    119520
     cctctttctc ccctcaaggc tctgggtacc ccaggaactc caccttgggt taacatcaag    119580
     aaccctacaa gggtcgggcg tggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca    119640
     aggcgggcag atcacccgag gtcaagagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc    119700
     cccgcctcta ctaaaaatgc aaaaaaaatt agccgggtgt ggtggcgcac acctgtaatc    119760
     ccacctactc gggaggccga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggca gaggttgcag    119820
     tgagccgata tcacaccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaaa gaacaagact ccgtccaaaa    119880
     aaaaaaaaaa aacctacagg gaccggacac agtggctcac gcctataatc ccagtgcttt    119940
     gagaggccaa ggcgggtaga tcacttgagc ccaggagttc aagaccagcc tgggcaatgc    120000
     agtgagaccc cgtctctaca aaaaatacaa aaattagccg ggtgtggtgg tacacgcctg    120060
     tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggtgg aaggatcacc tgagcctaga gagagtcaag    120120
     gctgcaatga gccaagatca ggccactgca ctctagcctg ggcaacagag caagaccctg    120180
     tctcaaaaat aaataaataa aataagataa aaataaaccc tgctagtact ctctgggggt    120240
     attaaaacaa aaaccctaag aaaaacttta aaacacaaac agtgggccgg gcgtggtggc    120300
     tcacgcctgt aatcccagtg ctttgggagg ccaagacggg cagatcacga agtcaggaga    120360
     ttgagaccat cctggccaac atggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag    120420
     ccaggcatgg tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg gaggagaatg    120480
     gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc gcaccactgc actccagcct    120540
     gggggacaga gcaaaactcc atctcaaaaa acaaacagaa aacacaaaca gtggtcacgg    120600
     ggtactcttc ttcaaaacta ggaaaaatga atagaatatg acaaatatcc atgccatcta    120660
     ccaactagag tgaagaaacg ttaacatttc ctctgtatgc atcaggttga ttttgtttta    120720
     atgaataaaa aggaaggatt tcttggctct aggctgggta cagttgaccc cgggggttga    120780
     gggaggcagc aatggcctcc agacactccc tcctaccagc ccgactgcag agaggcgcct    120840
     tggcaaccgg cggccatccc aggttgccgt gagctcgaca gggctcaaat ccttggacgc    120900
     cagcccacta ctctgaggag catcagttct gctcagagag gggaggaaca cagaagctgc    120960
     tcttcaaaag ggctggttgc aggacgggct gcaagacagg tgggcttctg ccccagacca    121020
     gtggtctggg gccaaggcca taccactgtc ctccttgtgc aaggtgactc ggccccagag    121080
     ccagggttgc cagttcacag ctcaggttct gcaggcctcc atgtgggtcc cacctgctgc    121140
     gggctcctgg actccttggg ctccagagcg gccttggggg ccgaggcctc aggaagctct    121200
     actgcctcct ctgcatcctc gtcctcgccc ccacccaggg gcatcgggcc ttctggagag    121260
     gggcctaggc agggagcaag agagtgatca gctccaagga gtgccgagac cagacggcac    121320
     caaagggacc ctgatggcta cttcctccct cagctttagt cacggagccc agaggatttg    121380
     gcgggtgcct tgcaccatcc tcgtcgtgct cctgtgctct gtgctctgct tggttcattt    121440
     tatttcttag caaatgttcc tctttaaatg cagccatcca catctgccca gagaggagac    121500
     ccaggagggc agtcagaggg cagtcagtga accaagatgg gctgaggctc accgggggct    121560
     gtggctgctt ccccggggcg aggcctcact cccatgggcc acagaagggg catgaggctg    121620
     gcagctgaga gcagcccctt ggagccctgt ccactgggtg ctgcctccct ggtcccctct    121680
     ttggctgccc tgccagtccc accggggagc tctcttctca cctggctcct gggagaagcc    121740
     gagtgctggg acagggctcc tgcacacgga aacttccatt ggctgctcct cagtcctccc    121800
     ggtgtctggg agagacaggg atcagacaag gtcagcccag cccctctcca agatggtccc    121860
     tgcccggtgt tcaacaagcc tctccaaggg gccagcagga gggcagagac cagcagactc    121920
     caggccttgg gctgggggga gacagcaggg ccctgagcca ggcaccaggt ctctggcact    121980
     gagaccatgt taacttgtaa tcaaggcaca gcagatgggt gggatgagca ccagccaacc    122040
     tgtctagact agagcaggca cccagagaca gggagctccc aagaccagag gtggcaagca    122100
     cagggcaccc cacaagagtc caaccagaag accctccctt ccttcccacc aagccccccg    122160
     catccaagcc ctcacccttc tgggtccctg gcatggggga aacgcccgct ggttccatgg    122220
     gggacatgcc ctctggctcc aacatgaagg cccctctggg gtggggaacg cacgtgttca    122280
     tcctgaaatc cttccggctg gccaggacct caccctgacg gctgtgctgg caaaaacacg    122340
     cctgctgtag agacccttcc caggcaggcc tccctccccg tcgctgggct cagatcccta    122400
     cctgtacagg ggattgttgt tcttctccat ttcatcaggg gccaccaggg ccatgggcag    122460
     gagggggatg atgaggacct cctgcatgga ggccaagggt gggtgagcca ggcacccttc    122520
     cactccagtg gagaacagga cccacatggg gcaatgacac cttcccacac cccatcagct    122580
     caacacagcc ccagggaaag tgctgacctc accccagcct aagaggggcc aggccaggac    122640
     tcacactggg cgtctgatca ttcttgagat ccacgttagt ccgggagtca gggaagtcat    122700
     ccagcgacag gaactggagg gagacagagc tcgtgggggc ggagcccagg caaacacaca    122760
     gtgggcgggg accacatgcc aaagaaactc acctcattct ctgcctcctg ggggaccccg    122820
     gagctggcaa ccccattggc cctgtcctcc tgcaccgaag agagctgctt ggcccgcctg    122880
     agagagaagc acatcccgtg ggcatcccag gagctgcagg ggcctccctg gccacatgca    122940
     gggcagcaca gtgagtggct gcagaactca cctctttcca gagatgaaat caagggcctg    123000
     gtagacgagt gagtagaggt attccacctg gtgaccagat gcaggcagtg aggacccaga    123060
     aaggaggggc ccacccccaa ggccttccca gctatccatc ggtgccccca cgaggcctgg    123120
     ccaccaccac caaacctcca gtacaagaaa ccaccaattt tggttccaaa aataattctc    123180
     aaatcaaacc aggaatctca tgagaattac tttaccagct gaggccaccc acatctctcc    123240
     tctgccctct atggtccacg cagccgcgag cgtggccttc tcaacgtgtg accctgacag    123300
     cactgtggtt cccacagtgt gcctcatcac acggtccttg gtggtgaggc ccctcgtgct    123360
     tggcacccac tctgccgacg gcctgcagcc ctgctgctcc tccgcccgtg tgctcccgcc    123420
     agcatcaccc cagcccctcc tcctgtcctg gccctgccct gtcccagctc ctgccgccac    123480
     ggggcctgca ggacagagcc cgtcactcac ttcctgtcct tctcctccac agaacagagg    123540
     ccccaccgtg agggtggtgg ttgtggactt tctaggtgct gacaatgagg cacccacaag    123600
     taggggacgg ggaaggggaa ggtgggtgca ggtggcaccc tgggctgtgt ccaagtgcac    123660
     acagcaggtg tcattccccc aagacaacag agcccaacag cacaaaagac cctccctgcc    123720
     tggctgtgcg attttaaatt aaaaattgtt cttggtgttg gaaggtgctg aggaattggc    123780
     tgagacctga ggagagaggg aggtaggtca cagacgggac gaccactgca cctgccccag    123840
     aaggagagcc gactgtggtc ccactggcca ccaaaatgcc aagaccagcg tcaagcaggg    123900
     cccaccttct tactgtagac gcaggcagag ccctggatca acaacgctgc ctcaatgaag    123960
     ttcattgtgg tcttgccttc gtcaaaagaa atgcagatct gatccagctg caagaaacaa    124020
     cacaaagaca gggggaatcc aaggcccagt ctgcactcgc ttcttccagg gcagccccac    124080
     ccatctttgg tctctgccca gcacctcccg agacgggcag ctctagctat gctgtgggct    124140
     caccggttgt ccctggtatt tcggggcaga gacaggtctc tgtgtttccc cctacttcct    124200
     ataacaaaaa cctgttttgg aagtggaagg cccccagggc acactgtcta caaacaacca    124260
     gggcagcaca gcggctccct ccacaaggcg ccagaggctg acagactcca gcaggaagat    124320
     ccccgacaca gagaagaaaa gggaacctca ggggtaggaa aggcagagat aaaatgctga    124380
     ggtctccatc ctctgagcag agaactcagg aaacagttac aggtgagtcg ccatccttcc    124440
     tctgctcccc tcagcctccc ggagccccag ctcctctgtc accccttaaa cgtcagtgcg    124500
     ccaggcgctc caccccccgc catgcacatt ccttcatccc atgcccaagc tgccaaccat    124560
     aagccaatga gccccaaacc caacccgacc agctctctct ccttagctct ggggctgcat    124620
     tcatagctgt ccacagagta cattcaaatg tccccaaaca ctttacttcc atactttacc    124680
     caacatcttc cccaacgctg gctcatctcc tgtattcctt ctcagcaaat gacactttaa    124740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg ccgggtgcgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg    124800
     gaggccgagg cgggcagatc atgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg    124860
     aaacctcgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggcgg gcgcctgtag    124920
     tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcatga acctgggagg cggagcttgc    124980
     agtgagccga gatcgcgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagcgaga ctccgtctca    125040
     aaaaaaaaat gtttttgtag agacagggtt tctctatgtt gcccaggttg gtctcaaact    125100
     cctggcctcc agtgatcctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaagc actgggatca caggcatgca    125160
     ccaccgtgcc cagccacaaa cgacactttg aagcccctag gtgtctttcc agctcttcaa    125220
     ttttgcattt ccatctgcct ggaacaccga cccccagctg tccccacgca aactcttttt    125280
     cagagcccct ccattcctgg ggcctctgtg ccgctccctt agtgtgatcg tgtcccttag    125340
     tgaactgtgt gagcagcatt agtgtaattc cagccttctg ttcagtgcct gacactggtg    125400
     tccagtaaat atttgatgaa cacatgcata gataatgtca aagctaagcc tgaaaaacgc    125460
     agaggctcac cagacagatg aagggaacgt gaaggcagct agcagagact ggacacgtct    125520
     cttcaggaaa atgagcatga tctaaacatg gccaaagcat ggcgcgtgct ggggagaggc    125580
     aagattttag gcaccatggt agcacgaagg agtggcagag gctgggaagc catccccaag    125640
     gggagtcact tccattagct cttgaaggat aaagggtgtt tgtcagatct gggaggaagg    125700
     gagaggaaac agcagcatgg tcgtctacgg agtgtaagga cctcgggggt gttcaggacc    125760
     tgaagagctg gtccagaaag aagggaacat ggaggagatg gcggcctgga agctgagctg    125820
     cagaagtggc ccttctctcc agtgaccctc agcctggctg gcttgcccac tcccaagaca    125880
     ctactgggct tcacttgtct tctcacctcc ccaggttgga cctgccatct gagcccaaac    125940
     ccacatgttc agctgccttc ttcaaacatc gcttggatgg cttcaccaag attcatactg    126000
     aatgcatcca cactgaactc caaatagccc ccaacccacc tgcccagaaa cccaggggtt    126060
     cctctccaca gtcaccccca ttctggcccc accacctccc ctttcacctc tgcactgaca    126120
     gggctcctcc tgcccttcac tcccctcccg tccactctcc acgctctgct cagtgcctct    126180
     gtttaggatt ttgggttttt cctaacagtg gcaggaaaaa cccaaaatcc taaacggagc    126240
     cagagggagg cctccatgct ggccagcctc cctctccagc tgcctgccct cctctgctct    126300
     atggtcccaa cttggaacct tctgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttgag acggagtctc    126360
     actctgtcac ccaagctgga atgcaggggc gcaatctcag ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc    126420
     ctgggttcaa gtaattctcc ctgcctaagc ttcctgagta gctgggatta taggcgcccg    126480
     gctaattttt gtaaaaactc caatccttcc aacaccaggt ttcctccacc tggagctaaa    126540
     cattctttag ctcaccataa ataagtaact gctttcatct caaacaaact aagcccccca    126600
     aactctccac aggaccatac attttctttc aaatccctta taagtttctg gtgatttttt    126660
     cggttggttg gttggttttg gtttttgttt ttgagacagt ctctcgctct gttgtccagg    126720
     ctggagtgca gtggcacaat ctcggctcac tgcaacccct gcctcccagg ttcaagtgat    126780
     tttcctgcct cagcctccca agtaactggg actacaggca tgcaccacca tacctggcta    126840
     attttttttg tacttttagc agagacaggt tttcaccatg ctggtcagac tcatctcgaa    126900
     ctcctgacct caaatgatcc tcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctagcat tacaggcgta    126960
     agccacctcg gcctccctaa gtgctgggat cacaggcgtg agccacctcg gcctccctaa    127020
     gtgctgggat cacaggcgtg agccacctcg gccccccaaa gtgctgggat cacaggcgtg    127080
     agccacctcg gctccccaaa gtgctgggat cacaggcgtg agccaccttg gccccccaaa    127140
     ctgctgggat cacaggcgtg agccaccttg gccccccaaa gtgctgggat cacaggcgtt    127200
     agccacctcg cctggccatc agtttctgac tacacaaagt cacacgcagg ggtggaggct    127260
     ggattctgat ctgccaggaa ccactatcat tcagagtaca tctctaacgc ctctactaac    127320
     aaggtttttg tgaggactct gcattcatat gtgtaaagca cataaaacag gtgcttaaca    127380
     caagtaaaca ccaaatgcat atttattaca cccccatgcg gttactctct tggacccgtc    127440
     ttcccatgac agaggaagtc ctaccatagt ggggattatc atttgctttg cttggcacta    127500
     ttttttcaaa gtttaacatg gttcttggca cacaattcac aactaacaac aatgaataaa    127560
     taaatggata aaagagagta ggatcatgac agtactagaa gaacattctg gccagtgcaa    127620
     tggctcacac ctataatccc agcactctgg gaggccaagg caggtggatc acttgagctt    127680
     gggagtttga gaacagcctg ggcaacacag tgacacccca tctctaccaa aaatacaaaa    127740
     aattagccag gtgcggtggc acatgcctgc agtcccagct acttgggaga tgggaggatc    127800
     acttgagcct gggagatcga ggctgcagtg agccatgatt gcaccactgc actctagcct    127860
     gggcaacagg gcaagaacct atctaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaggacaa    127920
     aaaaaagaaa aagaacatca tggtagtgtg tggaaaatga cagaaggaaa aagataatac    127980
     tagaaaccag gaaatcagga cttcaagctg cagaggtttg gaagagcaga cataagaaag    128040
     caggaaggga gctgaccaag ccaggaagga gatttaccaa gtgaacaggt gtcctcatgg    128100
     accctgcttg atgtgaaaac ctgaatccac aggagctctg cccagcacag ttccccgtat    128160
     tttctcagcc aactatgcat gagagcagag aagtttggtc atcagatcac atgtgcattt    128220
     aacaaacact ttaacgtcca cacctatgtg ccaggcactc tactaagcag acaaaagagg    128280
     gcataagtat ggtccctgcc ctggcagaat tcacattcta gggtggagac aggccacaaa    128340
     caggtaaatg agttgaagaa tggcttgtgg ccagtcgcag tggctcacac ctgcaatccc    128400
     agcactttca aaggatgagg tgggcggatc acgaggtcaa gagttcaaga ccagcctggc    128460
     caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctggggc caggcacggt    128520
     ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcattttggg aggccgaggc gggtggatca cgaggtcagg    128580
     agaccaagac catcctggct aacatggtga aaccctgtct ctactgaaaa atacaaaaaa    128640
     attagccagg cgtggtggcg ggcgcctgta atcccagcta ctgaggaggc tgaagtagga    128700
     gaatggcgcg aacccaggag atggagcttg cagtgagccg agattgtgcc actgcactcc    128760
     aacttgggcc acagggcaag actctgtctc aagaaaaaaa aaaaaattag ccaggcgtgg    128820
     tggcaggcgc ctgtaatccc ggctactcaa gaggctgagg caggatcgga cgcggtggct    128880
     caggcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcgggt ggatcatgag gtcaggagat    128940
     cgagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaaaata caaaaaatta    129000
     gccgggcgtg gtggcgggtg ccagtagtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat    129060
     ggtgtgaacc caggaggtgg agcttgcagt gagccgagat tgcaccactg cactccagcc    129120
     tgggcgacag agtgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ggctgaggca    129180
     ggagaactgc ttgaacccag aaggtggagg ctgcagcaag ctgagattgc accactgcac    129240
     tccagcctgg gtgacagagt gagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaacatataa ataaataaaa    129300
     ttttttttgg ctgggcgcgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gacaccgaca    129360
     cgggcggatc accaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacacggta aaaccccgtc    129420
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaca ttagccgggt gtggtggcag gtgcctgtag tcccagctac    129480
     tcgggaagct gaggcaggaa aatggcgtga acccagaagg cagagcttgc agtgagctga    129540
     gatcatgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagtaaga ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa    129600
     aaatttaaat ggtttatgat aaacattcta aagtgtgtaa ggtgctgaga tggagaggac    129660
     tattttagat agggtggtca gctgacattt acactaagac cttaagaatg aaaaggactc    129720
     agtcagccag gcgtggtggc tcacgtctgt aatcccagca ctttggaaag aggcagagct    129780
     ggctggatca cctgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaatgtggc gaaacccatc    129840
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaat taactggacg tggtggtgca tgcctgtaat cccagctact    129900
     cgggaggcca aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggagtc ggaggttgca gtgagccaag    129960
     attctgccat tgtactccag cccgggcaac agagcaagac tccatctcaa aaaaagaaaa    130020
     gaaaacaaac tcagtcattg aaagaatatt cccagccagg tgtggtggtg cacagctata    130080
     gtcccagcta cctgagaagc tgaggcagga ggactgcttg agcacagcag tttgagacca    130140
     gcctgggcaa cacagtaaga tcctcctctc tgattttttt tttctccttt tccttgccat    130200
     atgaagtccc tctttattta aaaacaaaaa agaggccggg cgcggtggct cacgcctgta    130260
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggcaggc ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc    130320
     ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaatacaa aaaaattagt tgggcgtgga    130380
     ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctactgcag aggctgaggc agaatgatgt gaacccagga    130440
     ggcggagctt gcagtgagct cagatcgcgc cactgcactt ccgtctcaga gtgagactcc    130500
     gtctcaaaat atataaataa ataaataaaa acaaaaaaga agattcccaa gtgggggcag    130560
     aaagcatgaa gatcttccac caagaaaaag cttggagggg ccataggttg actggttcaa    130620
     aagaacaaga tacaaaacag cccaaaatga ggctaaaatg gagagcagag ccaggttcag    130680
     agaaggaaat ttgggtttta ttctgggcat aatggaaagc cactgagggg ttgattttag    130740
     gcagaaaaca gtgctgtggc cagattttaa tttttaagag tcacacttgc tgctggttgg    130800
     agcacgaatt ggacgggaca aaaacaggga taagggaacc caaataggaa ggttttacac    130860
     aaatccaggc cagagacaat ggtggcctag accaaataaa atggacaaca gatgaattca    130920
     agtgatattc cggtggtata actgatggaa ttcatggatg aactgagtgt taagcatggg    130980
     gcttcactat agccacattt agcttttgct tttggttgaa cagcggtgtc attttccgag    131040
     atgggaaaag ctggggttta agcagaaaaa tgaagagttc cactttaaat atgttaaatg    131100
     agatgtttgc gtgacaccca ctagatgtca agagagcagc tggatatgta aagtagattt    131160
     ggaggaaaga tctaggatgg agctgcagat ctggtagttg tcctaataca ggcaatattt    131220
     aaaatcatag aaataaatga cacttcaggg taaatgcatc agaagatgac ctaggcccca    131280
     tcctgaggaa ctcaacactt agagactgga tagaaaagaa aaatcaggca atgaaatagg    131340
     gaaaaaaaat cctaccacca tgtttcaaaa agaaaggagt ggccagtcca acaaatgctg    131400
     acttatgtcc cttggatttg gtagaatgga gatcactgct gatcaagaca agaaacattt    131460
     aagtgtcgtg gacgccagac tgagctgggc tgaggagtaa aaatgaagcg caaatatgga    131520
     gcagacagct taacacaggt ctagacaggg ctgtcaaaca tggaagaaac actaatcgct    131580
     aacaggatag agcatggcaa tagcttgaaa ttggtttgaa aatccaagat aaaaaattcc    131640
     tctgacatcg tgatccagac ctctcaaaca cacaagcatg ctcgcaataa ctgcaataaa    131700
     agcaataatg ctttctagtc tattccacta cgttagagaa acggctggtc accacccact    131760
     caatcattca cggctcgctg acgggtagaa acctgcaatg acaggtccac gctaatccaa    131820
     caagggatga tttggggagg cagagatgga gtttgaaaag aagcagggag cccgaggacc    131880
     tgcgcggcca gagcgccaga tagccatagg cgtggagacg gtggggcgcc cacagccccg    131940
     ggcccggagc ccccgccccg cagccccacc cgccggccca ccccgcgtca ctcccccgcc    132000
     gcccttacct cctccagata ctcgcccagc tgggccgcca cgtccacctc ccagttcttg    132060
     gtgaggtcgc ggatgggctg caagaggtgg gcgaagcgcg cctccacgtc ctccatgtcc    132120
     gggagggaac gggcggcaaa gggaccgcag ggctgccttc cgaggggtac ggcgtcctca    132180
     gcccgccact agttctggcg ccattttgct gttcccgccc aggaaaatgc gtaggcgcgg    132240
     cgtcgcgcgc atgtctatga cgtaacgtgg gcaaaagcca gagaggcgaa ccccggcgcc    132300
     gcgcagcggg agctcaccgg aagagtcgcg gggcggggtc gaagcctccg ggaggggggg    132360
     gtgggcggag ctttgggctg ccaccagttt ggacgggagg gcttttgggg ccgccgtggg    132420
     tcgggcgggg cggggtgggg cggggcctgg agctgccgcg ggcgagcggg ccgaggaggc    132480
     ggggcttggg ggctgccacg ggttgggggg gcggggcggt gaggaggcgg ggcctggggc    132540
     agccgcgggc gggcggacgg gccgaggagg cggggcttgg ggctgccacg ggttgggcgg    132600
     gcggggcggt gaggaggcgg ggcctgggac tgccgcgggc gggcgggcgg gccgaggagg    132660
     cggggcttgg ggctgccacg gattgggcgg gcggggcggt gaggaggcgg ggcctggggc    132720
     tgccgcgggc gggcggacgc ggagggcggg ccctgctcta gcgggccgcg tagcggacat    132780
     ggcgggctcc cggctcccgc ggcagctctt cctccagggc gtggcggccg tcttcatgtt    132840
     tgctttcgct tccctctaca cgcaaatccc aggtgaaggc acccagggtg ggacaccccc    132900
     agcctcggcg cgggacccta tgtcctcttt tctctgtgcc cggcactcac gcagtccggg    132960
     gttgggagtg agggccaggc cttggcgtgg ggtagggggc ggcggttcgt gtcctgcagg    133020
     ccgctgtggg ggtaggaagg tgtgcggtga tccatttccc gtaaggctct ggactctgac    133080
     ctggggtggg ggacagaact ctgagagagg tgggagagag gcttcctccc agacctggtg    133140
     ggacaggtag gagatcgggc tgagacctgg aagagggcag tgggctctgc tgggtgggag    133200
     gccctgactc aggtagttga gcaggcctct agccctggga cggggttttg acaggtcccg    133260
     acctggggga cgggctctgg agggactgca gactctgacc tagggatgga ggtatccgca    133320
     tgctctgacc taggctgggg gatctgcagg ccctgactca gaggtagtct agtctgcaag    133380
     ggctgtccag ggcctggcca tgacatgccc tcccacaggc ctgtatggcc ccgagggcat    133440
     cctacctgca aggaggacgc tgcggcctca gggcaagggg cgctggcagc agctgtggga    133500
     gaccccgacg ctgctgtggg aagcgccgag actggggctg gacacggccc agggcctgga    133560
     gctgctgagc ctgctgggtg cactagtggc cctgggagcc ctgctgctga gcccactgcg    133620
     ccaccctgtc atctacttgc tgctttgggc cgcctacctg tcagcctgcc aggcaagtgg    133680
     gacctgtgac cagctcactc tatctccaac ccccaccacc cacccctgcc tctaccttac    133740
     ctgagtccac agacacaccc gctccctgac agcccctctc tccgcaggtg ggccaggtgt    133800
     tcctttattt ccagtggtga gtgacggctg ggcctggggc tgtgggaggc tgggtagggg    133860
     gtgggggagg gctctgccct tcctgggagg actttccgag ggaagcagct gtgtggggag    133920
     gggctcttgg tgctatttgc tctccccata gggactccct gctgctagag actggcttcc    133980
     tggccgtgct ggtggccccg ctgaggccag cctcccaccg caaggaggcc ccccagggca    134040
     ggcaggcagg ggccctgccc cacgaagacc tccccttctg gctggtgcga tggctgctgt    134100
     tccgcctcat gttcgcctca ggcgtggtca agctgaccag ccgctgccct gcgtggtggg    134160
     ggctcactgg tgaggggccc ggtctggacc tggggtagtc tgggggctcg gccagccctg    134220
     actcctgccc tcgcctgcag ccctcaccta ccactacgag acccagtgcc tgcccacgcc    134280
     cgccgcctgg ttcgcacacc acctgccggt ctggctgcac aagctcagcg tggtggccac    134340
     cttcctaatt gagatcgctg tgccgcccct gttcttcgcc cccattcgac gcctgcgctt    134400
     ggctgctttc tactcgcagg tgggtgaggg ccgcagctgt cagagagagg cagacagggc    134460
     tcggccttca gcgctgctca gcgtgccctg ttggggacag cgtggctccc ggggacagct    134520
     ggcaaccgct gttgggaagg ccttgtagca gagggatgca ccctgcaggg tggaggtggg    134580
     tgcctgccac ggggccaggc gtcagtctcc gggagcactg agagcgggcc gcccccaggt    134640
     gctgctgcag gtcctgatta tcatcaccgg caactacaac ttcttcaacc tgatgacgct    134700
     ggtgcttacc actgcgctgc tggacgacca gcacctggct gctgagcctg gccacggcag    134760
     ccgcaagaag acggccacct gtgcgtgtca cttgtccagc cccctgccct cccaggggtt    134820
     ctcccctcca acacccccac aggactccca ctctagctgc accccagccc cctggctggg    134880
     gaccctctgc tgacccatga ctgtcctgcc ccacagcctg gcccaaggcc ctgctggcca    134940
     ccctgtcgct gctgctggaa ctagccgtct acgggcttct ggcctatggc actgtgcact    135000
     actttggcct ggaggttgac tggcagcagc gcaccatcca ctccagaacc agtgagtgcc    135060
     gacctggggg ggccagaggg caggggcgga ccagtcctca cacccccctc ctccaccagc    135120
     tttcaccttc caccagtttt ctcagtggct gaagacactg acgctgccca ctgtgtggct    135180
     gggtgtggcc tccctggtct gggagctgct gagtgccctg tggaggtaca tggcccagga    135240
     agcagggagg gggcacaggt gtgcagggcc ggcctgacga ccttgggtcc ttgcccacag    135300
     gtggacccag gtgcggggct ggctacggaa gctcagtgct gtagtccaac tgtcccttgt    135360
     gggcactgcg accgtggcct tgttcctgat tagcctggtg ggtagcgctg cagggctggg    135420
     ggatgggctg ggggcagggc agccctgaga acctcccacc tgtctccagg tgccgtactc    135480
     ctacgtggag cccgggaccc acgggcgcct ctggaccggg gcccaccgcc tgtttggtgc    135540
     cgtggagcac ctacagctgg ccaactccta cggcctcttc cgccgcatga ctgggcttgg    135600
     tggacggcct gaggtggtgc tggagggcag ttacgacggc caccactgga cggtgagccc    135660
     tcccagggcg ggcagggtgg tggggcccag gtcagcgggc ccagctgacc tcggcctgcc    135720
     tggcaggaga tcgagttcat gtacaagcct gggaacctga gccggccgcc cccggttgtg    135780
     gtgccccacc agccacgcct ggactggcag atgtggtttg cagccctggg cccacacacg    135840
     cacagcccgt ggttcacaag cctggtcttg cgcctgctgc agggcaagga gccaggtgcg    135900
     gagcgggctt ggggggtgtg gagtgggctg gggtggagcg gggtggggag gggaggggca    135960
     gggcgggtac tgtgggggcc acgctgatgc ctctcgctgc agtgatccgc cttgtccaga    136020
     gccaagtggc caggtatccc ttccacaagc agccgcccac ctacgtccga gcccagcgct    136080
     acaagtactg gttctcccag cctggggagc aggggtaagg ctgggcaccg ggtggggtgt    136140
     ggagcccggg gtgcaggggt aaggccgggc accggggggt gtggagcccg gggtgcaggg    136200
     gtaaggccgg gcaccggggg ggggtgtgga gcccggggtg caggggtaag gccgggcact    136260
     ggggggggtg tggagcccgg ggtgcagggg taaggccggg caccggggtg gggtgtggag    136320
     cctggggtgc aggggtaagg ccgggcactg gggggggtgt ggagcccggg gtgcaggggt    136380
     aaggccgggc accgggtggg gtgtggagcc cggggtgcag gggtaaggcc gggcaccagg    136440
     gggggatgtg gagcgtgagg agctgaggag caggggtaag gctgggcact ggcgatgggg    136500
     tatggagccc ggggtgcctc cagcttctga acatcgggtc ctgctgcagc cagtggtggc    136560
     ggcgccagtg ggtggaggag ttcttcccat ccgtgtccct gggggacccc acgctggaga    136620
     cgctgctcag gcagtttgga ctacaggtaa gggggtgtca gccaggctgg gggaggtggc    136680
     aggggtgacc ccagcctccc ggggtaaacc cagtaagcac ttccccaacc tccctccctc    136740
     cctccctccc acaggagaaa agcccacctc gcacccgcag cgccaacagc accctggccc    136800
     aggccctcca ctggactcgc tctcagctgt ctcccctgga ggcccccgcc ctgctctggg    136860
     ggctcctcat ggccgtgggg gctgtcagat ttgtgcaagc cctgctagca ccctgttctc    136920
     tccggtcctc cccgctggca ccagtcagcg gggagaagcg caggccagcc tcccagaaag    136980
     actccggagc tgcctccgaa caggccaccg cagcccccaa cccctgctcc agtagttcga    137040
     ggaccacccg gcgaaagaag tagctgtgtt ctcccagctg cacgtcctga gagggccagg    137100
     tcgccgggag tgctctggcc tccggcagga caggacccag ccactgtgcc ttagctgacc    137160
     ctgcagggcc aggcacaggt tggggggctg cccctggggt ttgcagggtg ctgcattgag    137220
     ggctccaggc cccaccccca cgccagccat gcccctcccc aggactccca ctattgcctc    137280
     tgtgattggc ccaggaggaa aacacgacca agctcaagac ccttcccctg ccctgggctg    137340
     tgggggtctg agtctagagc ccccaaccct aggccccgtg ccagagggga agaggctgac    137400
     tcccagggga agaggggaag cactgtcatc ttccacgtca tcttcacacc agcccatcct    137460
     gccctttaga tctgggcacc aataaaggcg tcttttgtgc ttggctgtgt gcctggtgct    137520
     gctttcccag gaggcatgag gatgggattg tctcccctgc cccaggcagt gggccgccca    137580
     gagcacagtc aggctccgcc acggcgtggc tccctgggca ccctcctgcc ccgtcctcag    137640
     cattctctct gaagaggcct ggcttggtgt tgcccactgc ctgatcacag aggagcctca    137700
     ggcctggcac agcccggtgg acctgtcagc tccacactcc aaggtcggtg gtggagccgg    137760
     tccctcactt ccctcctgct cccacttctt ggcctcagga aaggacggaa gggccagagt    137820
     gggcaagggg agaaggagag atgaggtggg caggttagaa gaggctcctc tgcagagtga    137880
     ggccaggggg agggtagctg gaggccctgg gttgggacgg aggagggaag gtgcatctga    137940
     tgcccctggc ctccatcctg ggaagagaac agcagcagag acagcagtca gggcaccgtc    138000
     caggtttcca tttggggtca ggttatcaat cagaggtcac tgcccaccct ggaaactcac    138060
     agcacagctt cctctgcctc tggcccgtcc tcttggtaca gcccctgcct cctggtctcc    138120
     tgccagaccc ctgggcagct cccaatgtac ccagctccct catgtcactg acctccatct    138180
     ggcccaccca ggcagagccc tgtgctcaaa cacagcctgt ggcgtgaact ctcagatgtc    138240
     ttcaaggggc tcctatacat ggaataaaca atcgagaagt cagccttggc ttaataatag    138300
     gctgggcgct gtggctcatg gctgtaatcc cagcactttg agtggccgag gtgggtggat    138360
     cacctgaggt caggagttcg agaccagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaccca atctctacta    138420
     aaaatacaaa aattagctgg gcatggtgtc gggtgcctgt aatgccagct actccacagg    138480
     ctgaggcagg aaaatcgctt gaacctggga ggcagaggtt gcagggagcc gagatcatgc    138540
     cactgcactt cagcctagac aacagagtga gactccatct caaaaaaaaa aagtaatatg    138600
     tttaaaacta aaaaacctgt tcctaggctt cttggctttc tagacagggt ctcactctgt    138660
     tgcccaggct ggagcacagt ggtgcagttg tggctcactg cagtctcaga ctcctgagct    138720
     caaatgattc tcctgcctca ggctgccatc accacccaca ctccccttgt tgcccaggct    138780
     gatgttcctg agtttttttt tttttgagac ggagtctcgc tctgtcaccc agtctgaagt    138840
     gcagtggcag gatctcggct cactgcaagc tccacttccc gggttcgcgc cattctcctg    138900
     cctcagcctc tctgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accacacctg gctaattttt    138960
     tgtatttttt ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc    139020
     ctgacctcgt gatccgcctg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca    139080
     ccgcgcccgg cctgatgttc ctaagctttc aagctcactt gatgaatgcg ttctgtgttt    139140
     tgttttgtgt agcagctctc ttggtaagcc acgtgctaca caattcaccc gttcaagtgc    139200
     gcaattcagt ggctttcagt ttattcacag agttgcacgt ctatcaccag agtccattta    139260
     tttacttatt tagagatgga gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat    139320
     ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc acctcctggg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct caaccttgca    139380
     agtagctggg attacaggcg tgcaccacca caccgggcta atttttgtag tttattagta    139440
     gagatgggtt ttcactatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aggagatctg    139500
     cccacttcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt ataggcatga gccacggcgc ctggcccgga    139560
     ggccatttta gaacctttca tctccagaag aaaccccaaa ccctttagcc tttgccctct    139620
     gacccctccc tgccaagccc taagcaacta ttcatctacc ttctgtctct gtggatttac    139680
     ctactctgga tatttcctgt aaattggatc agtaacatgg gacctttgtg tctggcttct    139740
     ttcactcagc acggtgtttt caaggccaca cccacgtcat agcacgtatg agcgctgtgt    139800
     tcctttaggg ctgagtcagt ccagtgtacg gaggggccac gttttccctg tccctattca    139860
     ttcgtatatc gatagacgct tgcgtggctt ccgcctttcc tatgtgaata gtgctgctgt    139920
     gaacattgga tatg                                                      139934