ID   CT025652; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 226856 BP.
AC   CT025652;
DT   25-AUG-2005 (Rel. 85, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP24-68J3 on chromosome 17
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-226856
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 3cfd54a2195967459c90aaa6518fbd0a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002249; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002250; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000007570; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037446; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037805; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023436; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023437; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023438; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023439; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023394; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023395; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023396; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023397; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023359; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023360; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023361; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023362; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023399; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023400; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023401; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023402; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023160; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023161; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023162; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023163; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023841; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023842; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023843; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022661; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022662; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022664; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023134; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023135; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023136; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023137; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023265; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023266; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023267; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023268; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023235; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023236; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023238; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023343; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023344; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023254; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023255; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023256; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023883; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023884; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023885; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022411; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022412; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022413; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022414; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022723; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022724; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022726; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CT025652.7:1-226856; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000042334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000088007; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114794; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114799; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114801; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114803; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114804; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123248; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123797; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129375; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129935; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133527; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146104; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154873; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156505; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156862; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169040; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0046509; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0046515; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0046529; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0046536; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0046484; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0046490; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0046504; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0046511; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0046432; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0046438; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0046452; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0046459; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0046445; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0046451; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0046465; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0046472; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046178; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046184; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046198; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0046205; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046930; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046936; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046950; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046275; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046281; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0046302; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046112; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046118; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046132; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0046139; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046228; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046234; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046248; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0046255; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046200; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046206; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0046227; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046338; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046344; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046180; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046194; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046201; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047027; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047033; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047047; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045870; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045876; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045890; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045897; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0045548; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0045554; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0045575; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RE43.
DR   GOA; E9PV57.
DR   GOA; Q8R3Z2.
DR   InterPro; IPR000007; Tubby_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR000818; TEA/ATTS_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001628; Znf_hrmn_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR002143; Ribosomal_L1.
DR   InterPro; IPR003074; 1Cnucl_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR003075; 1Cnucl_rcpt_B.
DR   InterPro; IPR013088; Znf_NHR/GATA.
DR   InterPro; IPR016095; Ribosomal_L1_3-a/b-sand.
DR   InterPro; IPR016361; TEF_metazoa.
DR   InterPro; IPR018066; Tubby_C_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR021025; Fanconi_anaemia_gr_E_prot_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR023673; Ribosomal_L1_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023674; Ribosomal_L1-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR025659; Tubby-like_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR027253; TEF-5.
DR   InterPro; IPR028364; Ribosomal_L1/biogenesis.
DR   InterPro; IPR035500; NHR_like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:101884; Ppard.
DR   MGI; MGI:109241; Tead3.
DR   MGI; MGI:109571; Tulp1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1343877; Rpl10a.
DR   MGI; MGI:1920025; Fance.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE43; D6RE43_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PV57; E9PV57_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6R7T6; F6R7T6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8K0Y6; Q8K0Y6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8R3Z2; Q8R3Z2_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP24-68J3 is from a Male (C57BL/6J) mouse BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..226856
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-68J3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    34222..34348
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_101901, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    48949..49175
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_101901, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    156285..156399
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig , version ."
FT   misc_feature    220175..220492
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_37894, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    225722..225790
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_37891, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    226168..226805
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_37891, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 226856 BP; 54904 A; 60029 C; 60343 G; 51580 T; 0 other;
     gatccttcct tccctgaccc cgccccctcc cccaaatctc ctgttcctag gggatgtagg        60
     aagcccggat gcccctcgga aaccgctccg aaccaagaag aaggaggtag gggagggaac       120
     caaactgaga aaggcaaaga aaaaaggtaa aaaacgggac acggggcggg gcggggcagg       180
     gggcactggg tgtggtgcgt tggcgactca ttgtttcctg tctgcagggc ctggggagac       240
     tgacaaggac cccgcgggga gcccagcagc cttgaggaag gagtttccag cagccatgtt       300
     cctggttggg gaaggtggcg cggctgagaa gggtgtgaag aagaaaggtg ggggtggctc       360
     aagggtgctg tgaccgtgga agttgtgtgt gtgcagcgcc ccttgacggg tgtgggtgag       420
     acctagacca cagggtaggc ttcccgatac ccctgatcgc caggctctga caaaagagga       480
     ttatgggtat tagaaaacct gaccaattga agtgaggggt ctacagcctt tccccttccg       540
     tgttcaggac ctcctaaagg ttcagaggaa gagaagaagg aggaggagga agaagtggaa       600
     gaggaggttg catccgcagt gatgaagaac agcaaccaga agggcagagc taaagggaaa       660
     ggcaaaaagg ttgtgaccca aggggcgcag gggacttcgg ggtgaggact tggctcccca       720
     tctgtgacag ggcacatggc ctaggaagat caggttcatg ggaacagaag agacaaggaa       780
     cccatgggct tctgctgtcc cagtctcctc tctgcaatgc aaccatcata tagcccccag       840
     ttagaaagca ggtgtaatta gagaggcgga gcactccgca gcagggcagg gtttttttgt       900
     tgttgttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggaatgggga agtggggtgc agataaggtc       960
     ttgctatgta gcccaggctg ccctggaact ctggtactag gattacaggt gtgagaacta      1020
     ggattccagg cttcctcgag gcacagccta cacacctttg ggaacacacc tttgaggggc      1080
     tgaaagttgg ctagctggac cagttttaaa atgttccact ctgctagtct gaggtcaccc      1140
     tcagggccca tagcctccca gccccggttc caggtgcaca caaacctagg gcatgggaag      1200
     tgcagacagc aggatcaggt gttcagagct aaccacagct acaccctggg gttggggcaa      1260
     acctggtcta catgagactc tgcctcaaaa ataaaatagg gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa      1320
     gaaagaaaga aagaaaggaa gaaaggaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaag ggaaaagaaa      1380
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agagaaaaaa aggaaaagga aagcaagcaa gatgcatacc      1440
     cttaattcca acattccaaa ggtggagcca gtggatctct gtgagtaccc gactagtctg      1500
     tgagtcctag gatagccaca gccacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaacca gccaaccaac      1560
     caaataaaat atatacatac ataaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg      1620
     ctggagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcattg gatgcactta caaaggaatc acacttgatt      1680
     cacagtgcca cccacgtggt acttcaccac ctttgtaact cccgttccag gggccctgat      1740
     gccctctact gaactctgaa ggctccagca ctcccaagat acacagccat gcactgcaca      1800
     taggcagaac cgtcatacaa agaaaagaat acatctttaa atgaaatagt caattgatct      1860
     ctggctgcca aaggctccag aacattcccc gaagtacaga gtccatcctg actggatgtc      1920
     tttcatggtc aagacgtgtt gctaagtact ttgaaggacc acgtagacac acccgcttga      1980
     gttcacagtt aatgcctggc tgagactgtc caaagctcct ctagcaagga agcaacacaa      2040
     gagccaggcc tggtctggtc tgagctttgg agctttcggg gttaataatc tgtggaggag      2100
     tgtcagatct tcagggatgg attcccatga acccaaatcc ctgaggctgg tggccacagt      2160
     atctcacccc aggtagaagc agcccttggg ggcagcaggc ttttgaaatt cacaggtgtg      2220
     agaaatgttt gagtaagttc tcccagccca cattccacac ataatctgat gtttcccaag      2280
     tttcctctgg aacaggctgg agtccactca agatggtcat ttgccccttg gcggtgggcc      2340
     ccaggctgtg cctcacctca cacacagtag gaccgccctc agcaacgagc tgtcatccta      2400
     ggtaactcct cagcctcagg tgctgaaacc tcagcctgat aggtctggct gtcccctgag      2460
     ggacttgagt cccagtgacc ctcttgtgac aaacagagca gagggtgaaa gggcgccagg      2520
     ctcaccctgc ctcctcctgt aacctgcatt actagggaat tctccaagag caaagtgagc      2580
     tgaccggctc atgagtcagc tgtgtcctgc cgagtaacaa agcccacccc ccaaggtctt      2640
     cagagaacta gatttcccct gcttcatttc tgagggtcat aaatctaggg acagcatcac      2700
     agaaccatgt gggctcaggg tgtctcacac agctgtggtc cctggaaaga ctggctagga      2760
     acagagtttc tacagcggtt agctcattgg ttagagacct ctcttcctct ccatatagac      2820
     tgctaacccc caagtgttac ggggaatgaa gaaggttatt gggagagcta ggcatggtgc      2880
     tacagacttc tattccaagt tctgggaagt taaggagggt tccagcgagg ccagcctggg      2940
     cttacagact tccagcccct atagtgaaac cttatctcaa ataaactaaa taggggctgg      3000
     agagatggct cagtggttag agcattgtct actccaccgg aggacctggg ttcagttccc      3060
     agcacccacg tggtcactca caacaacata gaactgcagt tccaggggtt cctgtaccct      3120
     cttctggcct ccaagggcac caggcacaca tgtggtatac agacagacat gcggacaaaa      3180
     cactcatata tatattacca aaaccccaaa aaaaacaaaa gaccatcacc agcacagcag      3240
     ggcaggtcat ggtaggtagt gtcatcccag tactcgggag gtaaagggaa gagcatcaag      3300
     attgtgagac tagctgggcg tggtggcgca cgcctttagc cccagctctt gggaggcaga      3360
     agcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgatgccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttt caggaccttc      3420
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctccaaa acaaaacaaa aaagagtttg aagctagcct      3480
     gagctacatg agactctaaa tgagacttta aatgaaaata agaacattat atccagtcga      3540
     cagacctttg gtggtagaac ctggactcac actgggactg tttgtactca ggctaaatag      3600
     ttatatcaca gaattctaga accttctatc atggggctgg gctgctgggg ctgtagtgga      3660
     acaaggcgcc tcagctccca ggcctgtatg atagacgtag ctcttttctc cctccagaaa      3720
     gtggtaagtg gtggcctgtc ttgcctgggg tgcagagacg ggacctatgg agcggggtgc      3780
     cctggctgat gcaccgtctg cccacgcaga aggaggagag agcctcttcg ccccctgtgg      3840
     aagtgggtga accccgggag tttgtgctgc agccagcacc ccagggccgg gcagtccgct      3900
     gccggctgac acgggacaag aagggcatgg atcgcggcat gtacccgtcc tacttcctgc      3960
     acctggacac tgagaagaag gtcctgagaa agggggtgga gcacgtctaa ggctgggggc      4020
     ggtgtctagg actgagggtg gtgtctaggg ctgggggagt ctagagctgg gggcggtgtc      4080
     taggactgag ggtggtgtct agggctgggg gagtctagag ctgggggcgg tgtctaggac      4140
     tgagggtggt gtctagggct gggggagtct agggctgggg ccggtgtcta ggactgaggg      4200
     tggtgtctag ggctggggga gtctagggct gggggcggtg tctaggactg agggtggtgt      4260
     ctagggctgg gggcggtgtc tagagctgag ggttgtctag tgcttgagtg tctgcggcct      4320
     ctctggtccc gcagttccat ctgtctcact ctgtcacctc tctgtcccct tctctgcagg      4380
     tgtttctcct ggccggcagg aaacgcaagc ggagtaagac agccaactat ctcatctcca      4440
     gtgaccccac caacctgtcc cggggaggcg agaatttcat cgggaagctg aggtgcagct      4500
     gcactcctgt ccctctgtgg ctggcagagc gcagagcgcc cccacacggg gtgctccaga      4560
     gaagtctccc ggcctaggac atttcgaacc ctggcatgca tagatctctt ggggaccttg      4620
     tatagtcagt tttgtgggat ggggtgtgtg tagacatggc caaggctccc atagagaagc      4680
     cccacccagg cagggccagg cccgtggccc ttgtcattga gagctaacac ttcccacata      4740
     gaatcttctc tagggaggtt atactgcagg gcatggtggt gtgtgcctat aatcccagct      4800
     gctgggaagc agagaaaaaa gtatcaggag ttcaaagtta gacttgctgt gtaaggaact      4860
     tgaggccagc ctgggctaca ttagagcctg tcagagaggg gaaggggaag ggggaggggg      4920
     agagggggag gggagggaag gggaggggga gggggagaga gggagggaga gagagagaga      4980
     gggagaggat gcagctcact tggtcacagc accacataaa tcaggcgtca tggaacacat      5040
     ctgtaaaacc agcacttggg aggtagaggc aggaggatag ttcatggccc ttcttggctc      5100
     tagagtcagt tcaacaagct taacaggaac tcctgagccc ctgcctcaca ccctgaatcc      5160
     cagcaccagc aggcagaggc aggcagagct tggcgagttc aagggcagcc tggtctatgc      5220
     tgtgggcaac ctggtctatt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg tcttgtgttt cgagacaggg      5280
     tttctctgta tagccctggc tgttctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac      5340
     tcagaaatcc acttgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccaccg      5400
     cccagcgggc agcttggtct atgctgtgtg acagacactg tctcagaaac aagcaaaagt      5460
     aatattcact gggtgaatga acaagaaagg gaggactctg tgtcaccagg atgacttccc      5520
     acatagccag ctgcccagct gctccgaggt ctttttttgc ttctgtatct aacaaaaggc      5580
     atgtaggggc ctccctgagc ctcagacgta gtcctaaaaa ctttccaaat attagccaaa      5640
     tattgtattt tcttacgaac caaaccagag ggggactgta gctgttctga ttaacagatg      5700
     ggaaagctaa gggccagcaa gatggcaaaa gggggtaagg ggcttgccac caagcctgat      5760
     gacaggcttg gtcccaagcc tgggacccat atgacaaaag gagagaactg actcttcaga      5820
     gttgtcttct gacctccact gtgcgcacga acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      5880
     acacacacac acacacacac acgaggtaca tccaataagt caacgtaaag aataatcaat      5940
     gctgaataga acacctgagg cgttgctgtt tcctatggcc acacagatgg agccagaact      6000
     tgaatggttt gttttagtcc gggtgtggca tgcacacgta ctgcatgctg atttgttcat      6060
     gtggaggtca gctctcttgc aacctttgtg tggatcccag ggatcgaacc tgcgtctcca      6120
     ggcttgtgct atagaccttg ctgccagcct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca      6180
     gggtctcctg tagcccaggc tggtttggac ctcactagac tctgggggat gaccttggat      6240
     tcctgatctt ctgcctccac ctgccaaatg cagctgtttc tgccacatct ggctctgctt      6300
     ttcctgctgc tagggattga atttagggcc tgaggcctgg aaagaaggtt tacttagcag      6360
     ggtgccactg agccccaggg ccaggctgtc tcaaagcaac aatgataaat aataataata      6420
     atcttaaaag ctctccttcc ctttaaggga agcctgggtc agggcacatg acgtgcttag      6480
     tcccaagata catactgccc cttgctcttg gactaggagg ctgtgggaag gctcttgggg      6540
     tgggaggtgg gaagtactcc ctcgccttag cccaactctt tccatcctca ggtctaatct      6600
     cttggggaac cgcttcacgg tctttgacaa cgggcagaac ccacagcgag ggggaggtgg      6660
     tgacgtggga agcctgcgcc aggagctggc cgctgtggtc tatgtgagaa gccactgtcc      6720
     ccgccatgcc agtccctcat cgggtgggat gcagcctgat gtcactctct ttgtttcagg      6780
     aaaccaatgt tttaggcttc cgaggacccc gccgtatgac tgtcatcatt cctggaatga      6840
     actcggacaa cgagagggtc cctatccggc cccgaaacgt gagcttctac catcctacac      6900
     cctatccctc agagccttgc ttcctgttca accactcaac agggccaggg atccagcttg      6960
     gccaagtgac tcttgagtct gcacgtgcct cagattcctc cggccactca tagaatgagc      7020
     tcgggttctc tgggattgaa ttcatgccag gcacagtggc acacttctgt aaccgcagaa      7080
     cttgggaggc agaggcagga ctatcagtaa ttaagggcca tctctagcta tatagtgaga      7140
     gtgttccagg ccagccagag ctacttgtaa tactgtctcc aagaaataaa tagagctgga      7200
     gagatggctc agccattacg ctcttccaga gggcttgagg tttgtttggg ggtctggagg      7260
     tgtttctgag acagagtctc actatggaga ccaggctggc cttgggctca cagagatctg      7320
     cctgcctcta tctccagcac actggggtaa aaagatgtgt accaccatga agcaatacga      7380
     tccctcttgt agctggagta cctgtggagg agggtagact acagacaggg gtggtgacaa      7440
     acaaccaaag tctgggagat attaagtgct agggacggga gggggagcag aggggacggc      7500
     agaagcagat gcccttcata caggtttcca gcgcaggcct caacgatgca aggtgagcga      7560
     tccttagtgc ctgggttcta ggttcaggga catggcattc agagaggaga gccagtgtaa      7620
     ggagcctggg gcagaggtac ctgatgggtt gaggggtcag tagggtgacc atcatggcta      7680
     aaggtcatgg gggccaaggt gattcctagg agtagaaggt gcctggttaa ctggcttttg      7740
     ctctgagaga aatgaggagt catagtagtt gatttggggc ctttaaagag gcaaagttgg      7800
     agctgggcag tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactc gggagtcaga ggcaggcgga      7860
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac      7920
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa attccaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ggcaaagttg gagcatgtgc      7980
     agtgggggta agagggaaaa ctagccctaa acgtcctgtc ctgggctctg tggttcttgt      8040
     aggccgggtg agcctgggat ttcagagact gatgactggc atgctctttg gtgactgatt      8100
     tccctttgct ccttctggtg acaagtaact gctgctcacg catcctccct gcaggctgtc      8160
     ccgggtggac aggccgtccc gagaggccaa gctggccagg aagctgagcc ttacaggttc      8220
     cctgggcccc acagttgctt cttctaagcc cattcagtaa gaaccaacat ggaaatgtgc      8280
     cgtaacagtg agggtgagac atgggctcat ttggcagaga gctcgcccag caggcaggag      8340
     gaggtgctgg gttccattcc agtaccacaa aacctaggct tcatggttca tgcctgtgac      8400
     cccagcactc aggaggtaga ggcaggaaga tcagatgatt aaggttatcc ttagctacac      8460
     agggaatttg aagatagcct gggctatatc ggaccctgaa aacacacaca cacacacaca      8520
     cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaggaggg tttagagata tctctgtttg      8580
     taaagtaccc atcgcataag tctagatccc gagtgcagag ggtgctgggg aacacccaag      8640
     caaaagttga gcacagctcc tgtaacccag cactgggcag gaacagatgg gtggatccct      8700
     agaggcattg atcacacagg cagtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcctagca cttgggaggc      8760
     agaggcaggc agatctctga gttcgaggct agcctagtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca      8820
     gccaggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtctgg aaacaaaacc aaaccaaagg cattgatcac      8880
     ccaactttgc ccagtcaatg agctgcaggt tcagaggaag actaaaactg gaaggttcta      8940
     gaccaccagg ggcacaaaac tcctgttgag ttccggctgt gcctttccac tctctcactc      9000
     tctgccaggg tgccaacagg gcttcttctc agcagggttc tccctgcatc tgctgatgcc      9060
     ttctgtgggt ggtgtggcag tccagtctga acaccagccc acagatccac acatcctggc      9120
     ccctgagcaa gcccagccac ctctaaccac cctttctttc tttgtcccct ctcctcgggc      9180
     actccaggcc agcgatgggc tgctagtgcg ctggcagaac aagaccctgg agagtctcat      9240
     cgagctccat aacaagccgc ccatctggaa tgaagacagt ggctcctaca ccctcaactt      9300
     ccagggccgc gtcacccagg cctccgtcaa gaactttcag attgtgcacg ctgatgaccg      9360
     tgagtatctg agggccaccc agacctttcc ccaccaacgc ctaacctctc ctacacatac      9420
     ccagctcttt ccctccttcc ctcccaggac ccttgggtag gtgctgggat attcccaatg      9480
     gtaccttgat gaagggaagg atgctggaat ctagaaacca ccctgaatcc aaccccactg      9540
     gatggactag gtgaagggac tcaaggccac acagaggata cgagagagtt acttgttatc      9600
     aagatgattg gcaagacaag gtctcactat actgacttgg ctgttctgaa acactatgaa      9660
     gaacaggctg gtctcgaacc cacagagatc ccactccctc cccagtgcag tgattaaagg      9720
     catggccacc atgccctgct aaaatagagg attgtccttt aagagcaggg actattgggc      9780
     ttcgggtgga agcatacatc cccttgtgtg tttgtgtgtg caccatcaag gacaacctac      9840
     aggagttagc tctctctttc cctctgagca ctgagagcca ctttcaggtc atcaaacttg      9900
     gcggcaagca ccaagagacc ggacggaata tggaccatgc atttctaagt gtctattaca      9960
     gttttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttagggttt attattttta tgtgtatgcc cgtatgagat     10020
     atgtgtactc tgtgtgtgtg caggtgtcca cagaggccag aaggtatcag atccccctgg     10080
     gactggagtt tcaggcagtt gtatgggtgc tggggagtat gtgctcctaa ctgctgagcc     10140
     atctctccag ccccctgcct cggctcacag actgcctgtg aagacttact gagggaagcg     10200
     aatgtccctc tcagaagcct gggccaaagg tctcaccaag agtaccacac aaaggactct     10260
     gggttagaag gactgtccct cctgtctcct gaccttggga ctgatctcaa agccagttcc     10320
     tgtagaagct tggtctgcca tcagaccaga gctggggtag agggttggtt ggttggtttg     10380
     attgattgat ttaaggtagc cagcttcatc ctcagagagt ttcaggccag aacatttggg     10440
     agggaggtag caaaaggatt aggggagttc aaggctagct ttggctacaa gaagtctagt     10500
     ctcagaagag atagaaaagg gagaaagggg aggggggtgg ctgattgatt gctgctgata     10560
     gccctgatca gaacgggaga ggcctgagtc cagcgctaat ggctaaggga gggaacgcct     10620
     ggggttggag aagggtctga actgcggtca aaggttagcc ttatgggcag gccagaggaa     10680
     tgaggccaaa agacaactga aaactcggtg agggagggtt ctggtttggg caagtttgac     10740
     agggtccctc cctgtactgc tagattacag gtttactgta gccccaggtg gtggatgata     10800
     aggcagggcc cctgccctgc ggactccgtg tgacagaccc cgcagggccc ctgccctgcg     10860
     gactccgtgt gacagaccct gtagcggctg ggttgggctg attggatgac ccagaacggg     10920
     gaaggtggcc tgaagctgca tgggggctat gactccacat caaggagcaa gacctcgttt     10980
     tgttgagggg ttgcctgtcg agatggggtc caaggtcacc ccacggtctg tcttcacagc     11040
     tgactatata gtgctgcagt tcggccgcgt ggctgaggac gccttcaccc tagactaccg     11100
     gtacccgctg tgtgctctgc aggccttcgc catcgccctc tccagcttcg acgggaagct     11160
     ggcctgcgag tgacccccca cagctcctca gcgctgggaa agcattcggt tgggggtggc     11220
     aaggtccctc ccccacagct cccatggaag ggctcacccc tctccgtgac ctccgggcat     11280
     ttcccccctc cactccccca gcctggcacc ggctgaggca gaggggatgg agatgaacat     11340
     ctggtcgccc aaaagtactt gcctcgcccc ctcctcccca gtcacttcct gtcagagagc     11400
     cggagtcaga tgttcgaggc ccctccgacc ccgcgctggg gggtttgtag ggggtgggga     11460
     ggggacgatg gtgaagcaga gccagggacc cacatcccca ataaagtcac gtccgaggct     11520
     gaacgcatcg gtagtttctg gattcatgtg tgtaaactca ggtgcctgcg ttggccccgc     11580
     gctcccgcgt ccccttctgt tctatggaac ctcgtcaagc gcacagggtc cgggcccccg     11640
     actctccgcc agtagggagg agagggaggg ccctagaggt agaggaagag ggagaaaggg     11700
     agaaattcga gaaacaagcc actcggggag aaccagacaa accgggtccg ggcagggcgg     11760
     agccaagtct gaggccccgg agtggggggc gggctctggg cgggagggga gctgcagagg     11820
     cctgggctgc ccgggacccg agtagaaggg tggggagccc gagaccccgt gcgcgctcgg     11880
     gtcatttgga tgcggaggac gcggctcccc aggaccctaa acacctccaa ggagttcagc     11940
     ctagggggca gagctctcct cttggctccg ccccagacct gatccctcta gattcagcgg     12000
     agtacccaca agggggttgt gtaggggagg tgggaactct gagacgacga gcgaggaatg     12060
     gggtgcgcgg gagtgtgaat ccacagctac gggcgttctt gggactgggt ggttagagag     12120
     acagcaggcc ccggcccgcc ttagatcact ccccccaaat agcaccgccc acccgtgggc     12180
     ccgcccgccg ttggccccgc ctaccggtcc cgcccctccc gcccgcagcc cccacccccc     12240
     gcccggctcc ctcaacacaa actttccgtc ccgctcgctc cctcctccgc gcccagcacc     12300
     tcccgctccg gccgggctca ttccgtacat tccggccatc cccctgccca cgacccccct     12360
     tcccggcccc cctcactact ccctcgggcc cggcggagcg gcccggcgga gcgccccccg     12420
     gagctcggag caggtaagcc cggggaatgc aactcggagg cctcgcgcgc agaggtgact     12480
     gctctgctcg ggtggcttct ggatggcggg gacccgggac actctagggg ttctgagcta     12540
     ttgtccagcc cgcgccggag cccaggacct gggtgccggg aactttggag ggaagggggg     12600
     agacgctctc cgggaagccc cgcccaccca ccccaccccc ccgcgacccg gaggctggga     12660
     agcccggagt gtcccgggtg cccgggcctg gccccgccgt gtgccggggt gtgcgcccag     12720
     agccgcgggc ttggaaggcc tgcgccggga ctcgtatccg gggcgccctt tggactcccg     12780
     agagcccgcg agccccgggc tccacgcagg ccttagccag ggcgcgccgg tgtgcgcgct     12840
     gctcgcggct gcgctgggac ccggcccggg tgtctggaag ccacagtgtg agcccggagc     12900
     gtgtgcgcac ccaaaggcgt ggggggacgc ctgtccccta cagttctgcc gcccgcctcg     12960
     gggcgagtcc cagctccttg ctccaggagc ctcgctcggg acgcggctgg atttggggcc     13020
     ttccccgcac ttctccggag aacttgttaa ggcaattgtg ggcgacaggg cttcccttcc     13080
     cactcgggtc ctctccattg tctgtcacgt ctttattcct gcctgggaag ggaggctgga     13140
     gcgctgatgt gggtctgttt tctagcccca gcaggccttc ggggcagtgt cactttagcc     13200
     cctactctac ccgccccccc cccccccccc aacaggggcc ctgattgagg gcttagtttt     13260
     ttaaagagca agagggaacg aacgaagcct agggccgggc ttctcagggc ctgtgtccct     13320
     ctctctgtat ctcgagctct ctccaggtag gggcagaacc aagtcaggcc tggacttgta     13380
     gcctagcccg gaggatggcg gtgggggctg gacacagctt tgagggactg gtgtccatgg     13440
     tggctccgtg tatttgaact ctcgtagcct ggatctgtac acacagggtt ttgcctcagt     13500
     gctggggtct gggacacccc tacactcaca accagctgcg ggctgctgcc aggagggaaa     13560
     gcagctatta gttgaaggtg taaggactat gcctctgccc ttcctagtcc ccagacctcc     13620
     ttctcctgac acttgttaaa gcagttgagg gcatccggtc ttcccttccc actctggtct     13680
     tccccgttgt ctgacaagcc ttttcttcct tcatgggaag ggtgagggtc tgtctactta     13740
     tcccttgggc caagagtgga caggagactg aattaccccc ctcctcaggg aggggctgga     13800
     agccaggcct tccccacctc cagggaggga actgtaatta atgctaatta gcactttggg     13860
     gaacagaatg gccagtggtt ggcaggaaat cttttgagtg cacacacaca cacacacaca     13920
     caggtgtgtg tctatccaga gtctctcatc caccatcact gaatttttag accctaacta     13980
     gttctgctgt cgggagaaaa gaaatacgca taaaaagata gctccaccaa gggcaggagc     14040
     tgggtctctg gtttgctgcc cactgtattg gtagctcttc aggtgcttgg tccctcatcc     14100
     cacaggccca tcatggaagc tgagcctaga ggggtctaga gggatgggtg ggtcgcccgg     14160
     gacagtgcag ggagggctgg gagcagagtg tggggaaggg catgtagtca aagcacggtg     14220
     gcctgagaca gaactgaagg gccaggggag gctgtgtgtg gagttgggga tgcttgccct     14280
     tgtaagtggg gttcagaggt cactggatgg ctacttagag cctttcaggg cccccacagt     14340
     tccatgtagg agcttttgct ggaacagcag ccaccagtcc tgtcctgggt ggatctggag     14400
     aagctgaggt tcggagggtg gactcctgtt tgaggagcag taaagggaag gcctgactgt     14460
     cacagtgttc tggggttccc aggaggttcc ccatgggtct cgggagcctg agcctgtcac     14520
     tgctggcctg tgctcactgt tgcggtgctc tgcgtgctcc agaccctccg gaggctagag     14580
     cgggagaatc cagacccagg tccccagagc ctgagccctt ggggtttcct agagtgttga     14640
     ttgtttcctg gactccctgc caggcctgaa aagacaggaa gtgatagacg gaaatgggaa     14700
     cacaactgct ggtgtgactg gatttgagga tagttgagga ccatgggggt catctgtgtg     14760
     ggccacactg tgcagggggt gtctgtgtgg gaaaggaccc aggtacagtc tctggggcca     14820
     caagtgggga gagtgggcga tgtgcctgag agccacgtcc ttcatcactg tggtcgttgg     14880
     agaaactgag accttgggct ggctggctgt taggagagac tgctctgagg taagattgct     14940
     tgttgtcaag ctagaaatgg gatgtccagg acccatgtgg tgtaaagaga gcctgtgaga     15000
     atctggtgtg taagttgggt ggggggtaga gatgcgtgcg tgcgtgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg     15060
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg cgaatgcacg agagagaaag     15120
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaggg agagagagag agagagagag atcactggga     15180
     tgatattccg gtgttgggta ccacagtagg gtagttgtgg agaaaatttg tgtgtctatt     15240
     tgtgtgtctt tgggtacact ggctgtgtga gggactgtgg tgctgggatt ctacctgaga     15300
     ggcgttccgt gtgacctgtc atgccatggc gtggccactt ctgttgtcgg ttgtgaaatg     15360
     atgcgtgagg tggctttggg tttgtctgtg tgactgttca tgacactgca cgtgaatgca     15420
     acgacaggat cctctgccac cacggatgcg tatgagggtg cagaggagcc ggatgcaatg     15480
     gacacagcct gtatcctgtg agacagcctg ggagagccag gcggactgag tatgtgagaa     15540
     actggggtgt gactgagacc aactctgtgg gtggtcactg cctcagcttg tgtgggtgac     15600
     atcctcaggg ctctgccaca cagggtgtgg gggcctgtga caccagagca tgtgccatct     15660
     acctggaaga ccttggaaag gtactgccca gccgggtgtg gtggtgtgta ccttcagaag     15720
     cagaggcagg cgcagctctg ctcttgagag gccagcctgg tctacagagc aagttccagg     15780
     acagccaggg ctacacagag agagtctgtc tcaaattttt aaaaagatgc tgtgtgtgtg     15840
     tgtgtgtggg ggggggggac atggtagatg ttatgttatg tatgaatttt ttttttacca     15900
     caatatgaat tttctttttg ctcacatttg caattcctaa cacacgagag gcggggcgtg     15960
     tggatggtga gttcaagacc agcgagagct acaaagtgag gctttatatc aaaacccagt     16020
     aagaaaaaca agtagttaaa atgacaaatt tatgttacag ttcacataac cctaatttga     16080
     ggttttcctc ccagttgtga acactagcac ctgggtgcat cataagttcc agggtaacct     16140
     aggttaggat agtgaagagc ctctctcaga aaagggtggc ggggcagtga gatggctcag     16200
     caggacaaag ggcttgttgc caagtctaac aacctgagtt taacctccag gacctatgtg     16260
     gtgcaaggag agggcttcta tcattgacct ctgacctcca cacgtgcaca gtggcctgtc     16320
     agtgcgcaca catacatgga taaataaata ataactacct atgaatacat atgaacgtgt     16380
     acacacacac acacacacac atttaaaaca caggaggctg caccttactc tggctgctgc     16440
     ctcctgtgag agaggaaggg gaaggtaaaa tggaaggaaa cctgagtgct tataaaggat     16500
     gctgacttcc tagtggcatc ttgtactgct ggctgcccag tggataacct ggcgcaggta     16560
     gatagacaca cagagcctta gccaagcttt gtgggacccc catcccccag cctgtccctt     16620
     ctggatcttt gaggttcctt ccattggaga ccctggagag ggattggaag gtgttctgtt     16680
     ctgggaccgg tcagcgctga ttgtaggagg cctgggggct ctgagggagg gggctgttcc     16740
     tggctgggac tcctggaagt tggagagagg gatgggaacc gtggctctca aaattggaag     16800
     cacattagta agctggaacg gggaggcccc gcctgccttc tccagtgggt ctggaaatta     16860
     ctccctcctg tggagaaagg gagagggtcc tccctcccct gcatggcagg gtgtggctac     16920
     ttggcaggtc cctcctgggt ccgttgactg gagatggggg agacatacag catccccacc     16980
     ccctccccct gcccattctg gtcccaacca gagcttggcc acttgtaggg tgggagactc     17040
     tggcagctgg agaacagctg gctgcagtgg gggtggggtg gagggaagca aggctaaggg     17100
     gggtggggag gcccagtgcg cccttcccag cccggcccgc agcggagcgc ttcggaaccc     17160
     actgtttacc cacgttggtt aaggctctag ttagtggagc atttggggac cggggtctct     17220
     ggaaggtggg tagctgctgg cttcagggcc cggctcagcc tctgtacccc tgggaaacag     17280
     ccatctgaaa gcgtgactcc tctctgctgt gcccctacca ggacaccagc tctaggggag     17340
     tcttcgccta agcttggctt tccctcttca gaggaagcca atggactggt ggtctggagg     17400
     accagggcct tggcacccgc ccagctctgg cctccactca gagctgcctg gccagttctg     17460
     cccgcagatc tggccctggg gctgggagtg ggcggcccct tatctccatt gggcctcctg     17520
     gcccccttcc tcgttgctga cccctaggct gagggtctgg gacaggggag gaggcaggtg     17580
     tgactgatct gcggctaagg gtgaggagaa agactaaagc catgcagaaa actccagcat     17640
     gggggaagag ggtctgtggg aggaggagga gctgagccag gccccaccct ccccgccttc     17700
     tcctcctccc tggttagtcc ttgctctgct ctaccttcca gcccccactt cctcctgagg     17760
     tgtccctccg ggtcccacct cctggcctct tcacttgggc gcgggtgggc ccatccctgg     17820
     gtctttgctg ggtgtggacg ggttgctctt ctccctcctc ctaccccaga tgggagtccc     17880
     tcagtcagtc tgcctgcctg tctggatgga gagtgggctg tctggcactt gctggtttct     17940
     gtctacactc tccctgcaca cagttcactc ttcttgcttg gctcatgcta agtgactctt     18000
     ctgggaccct ccctcccttc catctacctg ggtccatttc ctggtcctct gttcccctca     18060
     gaacacaacc tccacctgga gggtgtcttt ggggactagc ctacccaagt aagtcagcca     18120
     tttgagactc aacctcctgt ctctcatgtg gtcccggggt ttgggaggtg agcacccaca     18180
     cttagccgct ggtttcaccc accttgggag ggcaactgtg atcagtccag gagtctccca     18240
     ccctctcctg aaagatgtcc atgtggaatg atgttggcag aggagacccc tgaccacagt     18300
     atttgctggg tagccaagag ccttataggc atgtgctact gtgcgaagct gttttgtggg     18360
     gagggagtac catttatgtc atctgtctgg acactctgct caccagaagt gcgtccctag     18420
     aaccatgtca ggcctgtcct gcaggtaccc aggagcctca tagggtgtgg gtattagggt     18480
     ccctactcct tgacacctcc cactaccccc cccccaatgc cttttcccct ccccagctct     18540
     ctatccaaga tcccagccag gggctgcccc atcccccagt ctgtcccggc ccccaggctg     18600
     ctctgttcac catatttggc cacatgctcc ctcgggggcg gggcaggact gacatcagcc     18660
     aggagggggg cacagcctgc atgaggagaa gcagtcagag acttggggga ggccagaaag     18720
     tttcttcaga agtcaggcta ccagggtccc tatcactgag cccagtggtt ccagtggagg     18780
     ctgaaggccc aggctgaagg ttcctatctc tgggtgggtc ctctgaccct tctagctggt     18840
     ctgacagccc cattagcatc agactgatat ctaaagaggc taagaccttc agctgcccct     18900
     ctagtgtgtc ccccctcccc ccgtttgcat aacatcttgt cctgtttctc ctgtaagcag     18960
     aggagagggg ttacagacct agacaggtcc tgtggtgaga gacaggctct tggtaggggc     19020
     atctgaccct tgctgccact gggtggcttt agacaccact ggaaaagctg gtcttgtgca     19080
     gtgttgtagg acctttgaag ttgttgcagc cacttgatct gaggggactt catggcctgg     19140
     acctcctttt cctagtcagg tggtgggttt cgatgatgcc gttttgtttc ctgtctacag     19200
     ggtcagggag tgagcagcaa gggcctctct tctccccatg aaccctggcc accatctctg     19260
     ccagtagcca gtaactctgt ttaaaaccta gctgtatcat ttcactgtgt atccttggat     19320
     aaattgttta acttctctgt tccttggtta gtcttgtgta caaagtagca ttaataataa     19380
     gtagcattta tgagtcactg tataaaatcc ccaaaccctg cctggcatac tgaggtgcta     19440
     ctgttggaaa tagtaagtct aaacctgata tccagcacta cctgtaattg catacatatg     19500
     cctgatagcc taccacctgg gaggccaagg cagggggatg gccagcttgg gctacagcga     19560
     gagaccgtct ctaacataga tatggctgtc ttggaacttg ctctgtacac caggctggcc     19620
     tcaaattcgg agagctgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct ggattagagg tgtgagccac     19680
     caggctggca gacatggcat tcttactgcc ccagagcaaa gcttattaag gtctggaggc     19740
     cccaagaact ctgatttcag gttccagtgt tctggggttg ctgaggtaca agggagagaa     19800
     agggtgccca cccctctttc cggagcattg atccatctgc catgtgggcc aggacagagc     19860
     tgtgggtggg tggtttatgg gctggtgtgg ggctgagggg catgggaaca ggaagtggat     19920
     ggaggctgga catgcagaga gccaggttgc tggctgcacc tcctagctgt cctgcacagt     19980
     ctgtgtcctg gccactccca ggacattgcc tggcccatgg tcctctgttg ggtaggtgag     20040
     aacaggctca tctcagagca gggctgctct aatgctggta ggagtcggta gtgagggccc     20100
     tgggctggag tcctcccccc tgccccctga gggctacaga cagaccagtc cttgcctgac     20160
     actcctcttc agagcctact tggggaccct caagcctttc ttgttatgaa ttagcatcct     20220
     ccatgtctgc ctgtgtaggg aactgaccag atatgcaggt gccatgtggg tgtgtgtggg     20280
     aggggtggcc ctcacatagc ccaggctgga ccctcacata gcccaggctg gacacagctg     20340
     agcatgacct tgaactcctg ccacagcctc ccaagtgctg aagttacaag cttctgcctc     20400
     cctgcccagt gtttcaaaag gtttttattt gtgttttgag tcagggtctc cctgggcatt     20460
     ccagattgaa ctttgaactt tgcagtcagt cagccaccca aatctggatt acaggcaaac     20520
     accatgcctg gctccaaact agcaatcctc ctgcccaggg ctcccagttg tgcagcacct     20580
     gctgatatgt actgttatgg ttggtgagat caaggggatc tttttccttt tacccttttt     20640
     aatttatttt tatttaatga gaagtgggtg ttttgcctgc atgtgtgccc gtgagagggt     20700
     gtcagatgcc ctggaactgc tgttaaagtt gtgagctgcc acgtgggtgc tgggaataga     20760
     acctggatct tttggaagaa ccgccaagac ccttaaccac tgagccatct ccccagccat     20820
     ttaccatttt attacaatta tttatccctg tgtgctgtct gtgcctgtgt gtggaggtca     20880
     gaggacagct tccaggagtt gttcttgtct gccacagtat ggcccttggg tgggagaggg     20940
     acaagaagga cataggtatt gtgtagccca ggctggcccc agatgagctg tgtagtggag     21000
     gaggccgagg tattgatccc cctgcctcag ccttccaagt gctgggattc cagggtgcat     21060
     gcccacaccc agctaatatt actgtttcag ggtttccagc ctagcctttt aatcctcata     21120
     actcaaggag accctttttg gttttaaaat agatttgcgt ttttaacttt gtgtatgcgt     21180
     ggcatgtggt ttccctgggg ctggaaggac aggcaggcgt tagctgcaca tgagtactgg     21240
     gaatgggact gagaccctcc actcttaacc tgttccttcc acagactgtt tataggaccc     21300
     cgtgctcaga gaggcaaact aactcctgca aggtcacagc atccagcctg gagcacctac     21360
     ctgtggtgta gggagcactg aatgtggccg ctggggtggg tgggaaaagc ctgccctaac     21420
     ccttggcatc tgcttgtcta ggctcaggcc atccaggggg ctcaggccca gagcccaaag     21480
     caaccagcac aatagcgtcc aacagctgga ccgccaacag cagccccggg gaggcccggg     21540
     aagatgggtc cgaaggcctg gacaagggtc tggacaacga tgcggaggga gtgtggagcc     21600
     cggacatcga gcagagcttt caggaggccc tggccatcta cccgccttgc ggacggcgca     21660
     agatcatcct gtcagatgag ggcaagatgt acggtgagtg cggctgccta ggtgggcgtg     21720
     gcccgcccgc tggctccacc ccctgctctc tgtcccttgc cagaccggtt ggttggggga     21780
     gccctggcgg cttgcccagc gggcgagtcc gggccggcag gcttgggctg cgtgtgtctg     21840
     gggcctcctc caactgcacc tcgcaaacag gcctgccaca gcccacacgc gccccgcctc     21900
     tccctagccc tgccggctgg aggtttcggg gtgactcagg gggccaggaa aactgggtca     21960
     gtccagtgag cctctgtcag tagtctgtgg cctagtgagg cagccccaga ctctaactcc     22020
     cagggcccag gactggggga tatcataggg agattggggt cccactatct gaacaggcca     22080
     atccttgatg cttgataaaa actccactct tgggacagga agatgttctg gggtgctcca     22140
     ctgggtgggg ccgcctgccc acactgtacc ctcaccaata ggagggcagc cccacggggt     22200
     atttttagac aaggggttgg cgggcgggga ggagcggtgg ggcctgttct gtcatcgcag     22260
     aggaatttgg ggaatgtggc agttctgggg aggccaagag gttggggggc tgagcacaca     22320
     ccctggatgc tgacatacac cctgtggtat gtctaggcgg cccccacatt gtatagccta     22380
     ctccccaaga tggtctctgg tgttgtgcag agtccctacc cccagaccca gagaggattg     22440
     ggcaatgcca taggggtcac tggcacaagg acccagggat agaccttaac acaagctgtc     22500
     agtataagag acatatcaga ggtctcctgt cttccttcac cagagaaggg gcagagaact     22560
     tattccgggt cccccatgat caggatgaag ctagacagaa cagcttacag atagaggatg     22620
     tgggctgaga cctatccaaa ccctcagcct ctgagccttg ctgcccagga agcctgtcaa     22680
     ggctttttct gtaggctatg ccttccacca agtcctggag gcagtgatga ggagccctga     22740
     gtaggtgtgc ccaggcaccc gcccccccac ccccgggttc taccctctcc ctcagtcctc     22800
     accggctctg tctccctgac taggtcgaaa tgagctgatt gcccgctaca tcaagctgag     22860
     gactggaaaa accaggacaa gaaaacaggt agagagatgg ctctggtccc ctgtcacacc     22920
     accagtggat accttgatgg ataccttgga tgtaggaagc acagtttagc tcacagggcc     22980
     tgttcatcag tcagaaagat gggtatttgg ctagttgggc tgggtagtaa aacagccaca     23040
     gtcctgctgg aggttggcct ggaggaagga tgtcagaacc tcctttggaa ggtgtgggag     23100
     ttaaccaggg agggaccatg ccaagtgggg agttcagtag atcaggcaga gtagcaaccc     23160
     ccacagtacc ccacttgcgt caacacacac cagaaaactg ccaagtgatg gagttcacac     23220
     cattccacct gcctgtgacc atagggccgc tcagagcccc ttccttatag ccttcccatg     23280
     tgatgtaggc tttctgttgc tatgatcaag acctgtgacc aacagcacct tgggaaggaa     23340
     agggtctgtt tcaccttaca catccgccac tgagggaagc caggaacctg gaggcaggag     23400
     ctgaagcagg gttgctgctt cctgatgcct tttttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattta     23460
     tttttatata ctgtccttga cacccagaag ggggcatcag atcgctttac aggtggttgc     23520
     gagccaccaa gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcctgacctt tggaagaaca gccagtgctc     23580
     ttaactgttg agccatcttt ccagccccct gctgccttct tacagacttt cccagggaca     23640
     gcactgtcca gagagggctg gactgtcctg catcaatcaa ggaaatgaac cacaggcttg     23700
     tccacaggcc agacttggga gggcattttc tcaagcaggt tcccttccca aatgactcta     23760
     gagtgtgtca agtttgcata aaactaagaa actgggaaag gggagtttag tgacccccat     23820
     attgtgtcac tgagtgaggt gggggaggag tcaagatggg cccctacacc taacaggaaa     23880
     agctaggaga aagggaggga gcctgggggg gggcaggggg aggtggtcaa ggagtggagg     23940
     cagttgtggg gggtggggct ctgcatctgt cagggcagtg aatctgggag gccagccagg     24000
     aggcagaggc agagacaggg gcggaataga gagtagcaaa catgacagct tcattcctgg     24060
     gaaggcccgc agctgtggga gaccaggcag ggtgggggtt cgttggatga gttagatctg     24120
     gggtacctag gggagatatc aactcaaccc ctagcccttc gaggggttgg gactcaaact     24180
     ccgcaccccc ttcccctaga gtgctggctg tacgtagaca agccccacct gtccctaacc     24240
     tcagtcctta agggggctcc aggctccctg cctagtgtgg gcatttagta ctgcctgccc     24300
     tgggccctga atgagttcct atgacaaact cagagacact ccttgggtct tcagtacagc     24360
     aggcttcctg cacacagcgt ggagtggcac atgcctgtaa ccacaacact tgagaggctg     24420
     aagtcaaagt gtcccatgag tttgaggctc cagagtaagg ctccatctta cccctccccg     24480
     accctgggca acacagactc tgaagttccg atagtctgtg ctacctgagg ctcggtttgc     24540
     tccccagcct tggctccttg cagctgtgaa ttgggagaga catgaatagc tgaagcagta     24600
     agtgcatctg ctgccgttac tgccacaccc atattcttgg gaacccggtt agcccaggaa     24660
     aggctggcgg tctgtaagtt cagactgaat caaaccaagc tggccaaagg ttgggcatac     24720
     accctgcctt ttctgacccc acttgcaccc acctactcct ggctagactg tccatacagg     24780
     gcaagccatc catctgggga ctggtgccca tctctcctgt cacctgaaac agtgggactc     24840
     gctctgattg aactatgtag cccaggttgg tctgcctctg cctgccccta cctcccaagc     24900
     accagggtca aaggtgtatg ctaccatgcc tggcacaatg acttcttatt aatcagctgg     24960
     tcaaatatta ggttgggtta agtaagcccc tgcttccaga tgttagagct ggccctcagg     25020
     aggtggtgcc aagtgctaag ggtgtgaagg aatcctggga gaatagcttg gtgatgaagc     25080
     caatggccct cagggtcaca tggcctgggt ttgagtgcta gctctgcatc tggctgtgtg     25140
     accctggata cacggccgag cctctctgag ctttgattag gtcatctgta agttagaggg     25200
     ttgctgcaaa gatcaaatga gttgggcgta tgaagcttag ggaacgccag cacctgtgtt     25260
     tggtgaccat cagtactgcc cgggcaagag taagcgtcag ctgggactcc agggggcctg     25320
     caggaggagc accagctggg ggcatgactg ggttccaaag agcactttct ttatgggaat     25380
     aacaaatttt tgaagaaagc ccacagcagc tgctgatata gaccacagag cagccttgat     25440
     ggcttgtgct ctgctcctgg acctcgccaa gggctgaata tacagtctgg gcactgttgg     25500
     cctgggacta gttcaccttt agtctcaggg gctttcaagg agcaggttgc taggaaagaa     25560
     aagccttcaa ataaaagtac ctagtgtgtg cataactctg ttcatggaaa ggcgtgcctg     25620
     ctgggtacag aagaagctga aggagaaaca gagggataca cactgcacag agaaaagatc     25680
     tttgacacaa gctgtggcca gcctttaatc ccagcacagg ggaggcagag gcaggaggat     25740
     ttctgtgagt tcaaggatag cttggtctac atagtgcatt ctaggacagc cagagctaca     25800
     tagtgaaacc ctgtctcaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggg ggtggggggg agggctggtg     25860
     aaatggctca gtggttaaga gcaccccgac tgctcttctg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc     25920
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaacaagat ctgacgccct cttctggagt     25980
     gtctgaagac agctacagtg tactcacata taataaaata aaataaataa atcttaaaaa     26040
     aaaaaaaagc aagcggctgt ggcttcatca aatgctgggg aaagccacag agccacgtgc     26100
     agcctgtgtg gtgtccgcag aggtgagggt tgccataagg ggaagaccta cttcctttgg     26160
     gtcatgtaca gccctcacct gagcatagag cttgactggc agatcgtggg ctgggatttt     26220
     gttccatgaa ccgaaactgg tggtgcatgg tggctcctga gaccactgtg ggttaattta     26280
     agaccaagaa gaaacaattg acagtaccaa gtgcctagag gcatgtgccc actaggatgt     26340
     caggttctcc catcaatcct agtccaccag agacgagggc tggggtgctc ctcccaccct     26400
     ggctgtcctg gctgtggccc ctcaccctct gtgtttttct ttgtggcggg gcatggggca     26460
     cctcccaggt gtccagccac atacaggttc tagctcggaa gaaggttcgg gaataccagg     26520
     ttggcattaa ggtacgttgg gtgcctagca gggcctccgg cccctttcct ggaccttgtc     26580
     tgcctgttct gcacactgcg gggcctctgc ctcggtcggc tctccagccc accatacctc     26640
     tctctggcct gagctctgcc cttcctctct ctcctgtcct tcgctccttc tctcttcccc     26700
     tacaggtctg tagtcacttg caggttctag ccaggaggaa gtctcgggag actcagtcca     26760
     agctgaaggt atgggccccc tggctcttgg cctagccctg cccagcatcc ttctgggccc     26820
     agaccagggc tgaggaactg agagggtctg agagacacaa gtgacagcag taagttcaaa     26880
     aactcccagg tgcccactgt ggtggcatct tcaccccagc actcagacag aaacagtcag     26940
     atctgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agtgagactc ttgtctcaaa aagcaagcaa     27000
     gcaagcaagc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccccaaaa gtagtcttca caggccacag     27060
     cccctgggga ctggacaagc tggtagccag cgtctgagga ctactcaagc ctgcctctct     27120
     cctgtgttcc ccttgttctt ttctcctgac tgttgcttgc taatggcctt gggggcttga     27180
     gggaggacat gaagggtgtt ggctggcagc tcagtggggt ggggggtggg agatgacagt     27240
     taccaggctg agaactccag tctggggttc gtgacttgcc ccctgttttc ccaagcttat     27300
     ggggctcact tcaaggatgg acacccagac ccatgattct tcattgtcat cttgccaggg     27360
     cacccctggc aagcaggcag tccctctctg ggtggggagg gtctccagcc cccagcaggc     27420
     atcctcttgg cttccttgga aactgccaga gcacaaggtg ggggtgggtt gccaaaaagc     27480
     atgtcccctc ccccacagag ccctcaggtg tatcctctaa tgctctctcc ctttctcctt     27540
     cacaggctat gaacctggta agtaacccag cacccctggg gaggggcttg agagcacggg     27600
     gtgcagtgac caggtgtgct tctcgccttc agtgcagttc cgttcagcat agcaaccaga     27660
     ccgaagcccc taaactgtga agagtctggt tacatagaaa aaggcacggg taattgtgag     27720
     catccgggag gagcacgcag tgtccgcgtg ggatcctctg ctggagtcat cgaaggacct     27780
     gggcatccag cctttcagta tataaggggg atcccagaac cagtttgcaa gggacctcag     27840
     tgctggggca taggataaaa tggtcaaacg gtattgcata ctgtgggctg tgcccagaaa     27900
     ggaggcagac accaggagac tgggacccag agagggcagg cacacaaaag caagaattcc     27960
     tacctgaagg gcctggccca ggcctaacat gaccactgcc cccaggacca agtctccaag     28020
     gacaaagctc tccagagcat ggcatccatg tcgtctgccc aaatcgtctc tgccagcgtt     28080
     ctacagaaca agttcagccc gccctcccct ctaccccagg ctgtcttctc ctcctcctca     28140
     agggtagggc tgaggtgggc ttgggtgggg agagcagggc tgaggttggg gtgtggctag     28200
     gggggctggg gttggggtgt ggctaggggg gctggggttg gggtgtggct agggtttctg     28260
     ggtactgaag ccctagctct gtccacagtt ctggagcagc ccccctctgc taggacaaca     28320
     gcctggacct tctcaggagt aagtattgcc tacttgagta actgcagtaa tctctggtca     28380
     ccccaggctc tcagttctga gactgtgctg acggccacac tgtgaatagc ttttgggggg     28440
     atgggagggg agtgtagcca taggctgtgg gatgcagctg ggtaccttcg gagttaaact     28500
     gcaaaggtgg agggctagct tgtgagcatg cgccttgaga caacggatca ggggaggcag     28560
     gggaagacct ctaacctgct ttatcatcat ctgcagcatc aagccctttg cccagcctgc     28620
     ctaccccatc cagcctccct tgccaccagc gctcaacagt aagtgcctca ccatgccttc     28680
     tagcacccga cacctctggt gcccgccctc cttctgtttg agatctgtgt ctttgtactg     28740
     gggtgggtgg cagctgtagc ggtttgagag atttctattc cgtgtagaaa aagaaaaaga     28800
     caccgaaaat ttgccagaat tccaatctag gtgatagtag ttttgtttct gtgtaaacac     28860
     acagaaatgt atctcatgac tactaccaag attacctcct tggtatcctt gacatccaca     28920
     aggattcaag aagacatctt tcacacaatt gtctgtctgg tgtccctggg tgtgggtttg     28980
     ggggactcgt ccacctatgg gtttcaggca gagatccttg gctccctgga ccatgttctg     29040
     ggttttacag accaatcctg ctgtccacca cgtgtgggca gatgagttag agcttacttt     29100
     tttaggttat gagtccctcg ccccgctgcc cccagccgct gcctcagcca ccgcctctgc     29160
     gcctgcatgg caggaccgca ccatcgcctc ctcccggcta cgcctcctgg agtattctgc     29220
     cttcatggag gtgcaacggg accctgacac ggtaatgtgg ggatggtggg gagtctggcc     29280
     caagatccag catccagctc agcgtcttag cagtgggggt cctccggcct gcaggctgac     29340
     cccgattcgg ccctccccac agtacagcaa acacctgttt gtacacatcg gccagacaaa     29400
     ccctgccttc tcagacccac ccctggaggc agtggatgta cgacagatct acgacaagtt     29460
     ccccgagaag aagggggggc tgaaggaact ctacgagaag gggcccccga acgctttctt     29520
     ccttgtcaag ttctgggtga ggcctcttct aaccccagat gggcagcgtg cccagctccc     29580
     tgcctgcttg cccccactag tgggcccctg ggtgggacct gcaggcccct gggtaggtgg     29640
     gatggaggcg tggcggtggg ggaagcacgt gaccaccagt cctctgcaac actcggtacc     29700
     ctcccccagg ctgacctcaa cagcacaatc caggaaggcc ctggggcctt ctacggggtc     29760
     agctcgcagt acagctcagc cgacagcatg accatcagcg tctccaccaa ggtctgctcc     29820
     ttcggcaagc aggtggtaga gaaggtggag gtgagtggag gcctggggag tgagtgtcgg     29880
     gcacagtcag gtcaatgaca cgacacgcag tcaccctcct tctcgcccca ctctgcagac     29940
     cgagtacgcc cgcctggaga acggccgctt cgtgtaccgc atccaccgct cacccatgtg     30000
     cgagtacatg atcaatttca tccacaaact gaagcatctg cccgagaagt acatgatgaa     30060
     cagtgtgctg gagaacttca ccatcctgca ggtgcggcga gggcgagact gtcccgtggc     30120
     tcgggagaac tgggctagcc tggaggagta cagtccaccc agctgcccgc ccttactgag     30180
     tcctattccc ttcctctctg ccccataggt ggtcacaagt cgggactcgc aggagaccct     30240
     gctggtcatt gcttttgtct ttgaagtctc caccagcgag catggggcgc agcaccacgt     30300
     ctacaagctt gtcaaagact agccagccct cgacctccac aggatgcaag gcggacatcc     30360
     tccacacacc tgcctgcctg gtcttcccgt gtgggttggg ggacctagcc cagcccccct     30420
     gggtttcagg ctgggaccca ggctgcctcc ctggctccag cacacatgct ccctgccact     30480
     gttctgcgct ttactggaga gaagagggct ccacggtggg gtggcttgct tgggcactga     30540
     gccacagatg accaggctcc acctggcctc aagtgacacc agaattgtac catggaggac     30600
     accttggggc ttagtgtgtg gttgctggcc cctaggggaa tgaatgtgct gggcaggtga     30660
     gggttgcatt gagactgggg aaaggcagct tgcaaggagg ccctggtaca aggtgtcagg     30720
     ttggggaggt tgagaagggc ccacacttct ttgtaccttc tgggtaccag tctgttccca     30780
     ggtcccttac ccagcaagtt tgggtctccc atatcagaca atgtgccaag atggaggccc     30840
     acagaagtgg acggagggag ctggggctgg ttcagctacc tccctagcag agctgcctat     30900
     ggggcgggga aggggctctg ctgggctgaa gcctagacag ggctctattt cctgttcccc     30960
     ccagcatacc agccactagc gccccccccc ccccccgccc tcttctgtgt cctgaagaca     31020
     ggtggcaggg aacaggaggc tgcctctgcc ttctccacat ccaggtccca aggtcacctg     31080
     ggtatttatg agtttcaaat gaagtactgt gcccccaatc cagcccgagc ttccggaagg     31140
     ttttcgccat tgctcaggcc acctccaaac cccacgtagg ttttataaca tgtattatat     31200
     atatatattt ttgtgtattt ttaaaatcca gctgtgatgg gctacatcat aaatggctca     31260
     aggcaggggc cactcaaggc ctggctcctg ctttaaagaa aaaaattaaa aagctgtttc     31320
     tgggtcaaga cagttgtgcc atatgcaacc ttgtacccta cctagtcaaa aacaggtgtt     31380
     gacacatgac tgccacccct catcactggc acgcacctgt ggccagagct caccttagtg     31440
     cttcaagaaa cagctacagt ggcttaagta gcaaactttg ggagtcctgg ggttagctgc     31500
     agccaggtga ccaggctggg tggtcatgca agtctttaga taagagacct ctgtcaccca     31560
     caaagcctgg ggtagtttca gtactcagag agctatcttc acaaggtgat tcaaatggac     31620
     accttacaca ttcactggtt gacctgcctt cacatctgct ggtttgtttc cctcagccct     31680
     gtccccacct ggctttgagg ggcctgccca agatgggtgt tacctggaag ctgcagcaga     31740
     caggaactct tatgcccagg gcttaaagcc attactgagc agactatggg tgttccccta     31800
     aggcctgaca acagctacag ccccaaacaa aaccacgggg gaattagctt gggaacttca     31860
     cctagaaaag ccggactctc tacccacgag ggggttagag gtacctctcc caccacctga     31920
     gaagcattgt agacccctac agaccccctc tcccagcttt gggatagtgg cctcacatgc     31980
     cctgccccca atcacaggca caccaaggct gagtggcagc agtgaggttt attggagcat     32040
     cctaatacag acgctggggc ttgcccatgg tgctcttgat gtacagagcc cgcacgtttt     32100
     gccagttttt cttaagcaag gacaccaaga aattgacagc cagatgaatg ttgtagacta     32160
     gctcatcatc ggtcatcttc acgtggccaa cagcgacggc caaacacagc acctgcatgg     32220
     acagaaaagg tcaccaggct aagctagcat gtaccctttc ccccagtgaa aaggcttaac     32280
     ccagggctaa ggcacccaga cctagctctt tctggtttcc ccaccacaca ccgcccagac     32340
     tgaccttctt catctggaac ttgattgtcg atttcacctc atccactttg gccaccatgt     32400
     tttcattgtg tgtcagcagg gaggggaact tgccagcctt gtttaggcct gggcccagga     32460
     tacgtgggat ctgcttaatc agagactcag aggccaaaaa ggcatcgtac ttcttagcta     32520
     gaagacacag acactcagga ttgagccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaaaa aaaccaaaaa     32580
     aaccaaccaa acaaacaaaa accaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaacaaa acattttaaa     32640
     caaccaaccc atcctttaca acgagaaggc caagttgcct cctcagaccc atgactgctg     32700
     agtagctcca ccctcaagtc ctcacagagg tcttagacca ggatgtccca caatccctgg     32760
     tgtgctgcat agaactgagg ggctgtgatg gcccccaccc cttggattca ctgtaagcct     32820
     gcatttaaat tgcctcaaac tatggactgg agagatggct cagcagttaa gagtgctgcc     32880
     ttccagaggt cctgagttca atttccagca gccacatggt ggctcacagc cacctgtaat     32940
     gggatctgag gctctcatca gcctgctcat atacataaaa taaaatctta agaaaaaagc     33000
     tgtctcatta tctgtcaaag gtggaccaag gccagctatc tgagaagcct caagcaggcc     33060
     tgggaaccat aatgtcacct gagaacacag ctcagtgaca gggcacagtc ctgagcactt     33120
     ctagaggata accttagacc ccaggctggc aacatcagta agactcagta ttactccaaa     33180
     tcttaagaca gatggagaaa ccttctatct ataaaagcag gcatgacaac tgcctagctc     33240
     acagtggata actattccca aaatgtatgc ggagacaggg gctaccatgg aggctaacac     33300
     gtgggagaca cttgtgaccc ctccctcgat aggttgttaa ctgaaaagac ttgaaaccca     33360
     aaccaatagc tggctatgag tcaactgcac acactggcga gaggggagta tcagaccagc     33420
     ctgtggggca ttttctaact ggttgtgaag cccaatgtgt gctgccactc ctgggcaggg     33480
     ggtcatgggt tgtgttcagc cctagtgagc cccacctacc cagcttcttg accaacttct     33540
     tgtttttgtt aagcttcttg agcgcctcga tgtccatgtg ggggatatcc acggccttgg     33600
     cttcatcaca gtgctgctgg tcccccagaa cgcacaccga gaacttgggg cgtggggtgg     33660
     acttgagcct gcgtttggga ggggagaaaa cagaacaggt catggtcggc gctggccatc     33720
     ccgctagatc tgaacgcatg gcagggagcg gcaagcctta cccggagctc tgggcaacac     33780
     tagcctggct tctcaggcta ggcggcgggc tcggccgagg cctccccacg cctcccctct     33840
     tgttttaaga cccagggtgg gggtccgtcc agcctgcctg cctgcagcag ggctcctgaa     33900
     ctaccctggc acgtcagtgt ccccgtgccc gcctagggcg cggccaggcc acacgggaac     33960
     actgagggct gggtggggtt agagcggtgc caacctgacg gtgcccgaga aacgtttgtc     34020
     cttctgaggg tcgtagttct tcaggctgat ctgcagctcc accgtctcca gaaacctgag     34080
     cgagagggga gctgtgagcc agggtcgcca tggccgggga tgctcgccct gccccgggag     34140
     ggaggcccgc gctcacttgc ggcgcttgcg ctggttcccg tgcaggactt cccgcaccgc     34200
     ctcgtacagg gtgtcgcgtg agactttgct gctgttgggg agaagcgaag gcgttcgggg     34260
     ccggccatgc tgcaccccgg gcccgatgac aggcccacgg cacgctgggg aaaggctcgc     34320
     gacgcggggc agtcgccggg agagcctccg agacgggccg cggggcgtcc gcgggcgtgt     34380
     gggtgcacgg atggcggcgg atagcgccac gataacaact tacctcatgg ctgcggctgc     34440
     cgcggaaacc ggaaagaagg cagagcgctt tgcgcatgcg ctcaaataga gcccgcgttc     34500
     tcgcgagagt tgcccgttac gggcacgttc cgcgctcagc caagccggag aggcgctgca     34560
     gtttgcggcc gctggggggg cgccaccacg cggctgcacc gtgagaaccg ctctaggagc     34620
     agcaggcagt cctgcattgg gacaagggct gaagccgggc cctgggattg gatttctccc     34680
     tgctttctat cttctgcctg ccccatgact tccagtcccc ggcagaaccg gtctccgtca     34740
     tcgcctaatt tggtgatgag ccccgcagag ccactgggca gccgccccct ctagccgtgc     34800
     attgtgcaat ggtccggcca ccgcatgtgg gcagaggcat ggatgacagg aatagcttga     34860
     ggaaatgacc cttgctgaga tctgcagaac gggaaagcgc cttgtgacta gattaggatc     34920
     agatgtgcct ggcttaagcc taagcctcca cctgggagga ggcgcccacc agtctatcct     34980
     ggccatctgt ataaaccgcc cctgattcag cctccgggca aggtggactt tggacaaatg     35040
     cccctgtcct gtctcaatta gttggcattt caaacaaagt cgttcttgtt acttgacccc     35100
     ggtcttcgca gttaatagag aggcgccggg tcaaggagcg tttgcaggga gcctccagat     35160
     ctggagtgac tcatttggag gcatgtcacc ctctctggga acaaatcaca gatgtagcca     35220
     gcacccacca tttccaggga gcagacctac gaatagctca tctcgcctga gcacacacac     35280
     agcaaacagc aggcaggatg aagcaggttc ccacagggtc agagcagagc aggcaggttg     35340
     aagctgcaag tgccatccac actctaaagg ccatcaacat ggtgagcggc tgacgtctgt     35400
     ctcttagaca ttgttcccct tgcttctgta gtcagattca gcttgttctc aaaagccaga     35460
     ccttctcact ggactgacct ccttgcctcc ctggaacagg gactcagaag cacccagaaa     35520
     cctcagttcc ccacccactg cagggctaag gtaggaggat gctgtcatga actttctcag     35580
     gctaattcag tcacatcagt ttggcaaatt tttgtttctt ggcatagccc cgactctctt     35640
     ggaattcgct ctgtaaacca ggctggcctt gaaattagag atctgcctgc ctcgatctcc     35700
     tgagttccag gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc gtgcccagct gtgtgctaaa tattttttga     35760
     gtgaggtgct gtggaaatac agatgtcaca caggtctgca gcaggcaccc tgtgtctttt     35820
     cagcccatgg tgggttagac atccctcaga tcccagtcca aacctttgct gcagctgaag     35880
     acagagttca gagttctagc aggcctaaga ctccggctca gcatgaaaac aaaagttatg     35940
     ggtcccaagc ccacccttgc cctcagtgta gtccttgaca ctcatcaggc agctctgaca     36000
     gacctgctgt gatgggaggg gtgggggcag gtgagggagt aaagggggtt ctgggaaagt     36060
     agcctaagaa tacaagtgct tgtttggaag ttctttgtat ctgacatgca tatgtttgta     36120
     cacatttgtg ctgtgcatgc ttgagcactc tgggttgcaa acatgccaac acacacacac     36180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgggtca gaggtcaacc tcaggtgcca     36240
     gtccctgcct tccattttgt ctccggctaa gctggccctg tagctttggg ggactctcct     36300
     gcccccacct ccagccatct cagccacacc cacaaactta tttgagacag ggtctctctc     36360
     acatagctta ggctggcctt gaactcctgt gcggttgaag atgaccttga attcctgatt     36420
     ctcctggctc tgcctgaggg ctgggatgac agggctgagc caccaagcct ggatggactg     36480
     tcttcttttt attaaaactg ttacaaaatt actcagttca gaaacaaaca aaacagagga     36540
     ggtcacaaca tatacctgag cacaaaaggc tcacactgaa aggccagctt ttctgcccac     36600
     ctcccactca tcctccacag cccctgtatc ctgatgttgt caggagtggt acccaaggcc     36660
     tcctctctgc tccttgtgga gtcaatatgg cccctgcaga gcctggggtg ttgggcagag     36720
     gcagctgact cctgagatgg ctgtgtgttc tgagacaagc agtcagggcg gtgtgtcctt     36780
     gtgtatggtc agtgggtcac atgtctcagc gctgcttgca gggccttctt caggaaggtg     36840
     gcgttgggct ctagggccac agccaggtcc aggctctgct gctctgtgat ctggggagga     36900
     ggagtcaggt caggactgca gcagcccgtc tcacgtctcc tcaacacgct atggggagag     36960
     aggacagaat agaggacagg ctcctgggca cccaaacctt tctgcccctt gcggtggagc     37020
     aagagccagg agggcctgga gttctatcag cagtggagct cagagccggc cccactgata     37080
     gatgggcttc aggtgtgtct gaccaggcac ccgtgaccct cccaggctac agaggaggag     37140
     aggggtttcc gggcatgcct cagacactgc tctctctccc tggcctgttc ctatgccctc     37200
     tacggggctc agatacccac ccccattctc caacccccac tcctcaaaga agacaggggc     37260
     aaagtctttc cccatctgca ggtcctgatg cctctggagg acggcccgtc ttccgggatc     37320
     cagagaggtc tgtggagaag ccaggggccc cagaactgca cagcacatct cctgggatca     37380
     tggggtcaac aaattacctg cacgatggcc aattttggct gtcaacctga cacggctggg     37440
     taaagacgga gcctcatctg aggaactatt gccatcacac tgtggcctct ggggcattct     37500
     tgtgtcgctg gataacatat gagtgctcag cctacagcag gcagtgctag ccctgaccag     37560
     ggggccctgg attgtataaa tcagcaagct gagcccagca tagtggccca gcctttaatc     37620
     ccaccacagg aggcaaaggc aggatggtct ctgagtttga ggccaactag gtcaacatag     37680
     agcattcagg atagcctggt ctccatagag atcaggccaa ccaaagatac agaggaagca     37740
     ggaagcccta ggtccttcct tcagcaccac ataagccagg tcatagtagt gtacccatta     37800
     accctagcac tcaggagctg gagacaggag gatcagatgt tcaaggtcac ctgggctgca     37860
     cagcaaattc aaggccaccc tgagctacct gagatcttgt ttattttatg ttcaatagaa     37920
     cttgtctcat gtctgtctat gtgcgagttt cagaagccct ggaactagag ttacagacag     37980
     ttgtgagcca ccaagtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag aacagtccgt     38040
     gctcttaccc gctgagccat ctctccagcc tgagatcttg tcaaaatgaa gagctccctg     38100
     acccatgacc cacgcagggc cttctaggac aggctgctaa gcctgggcca gtgaggtggc     38160
     tcagagggcg aaggcgcttg ctgccaagct tggctacttg ggacccacac agtggaagga     38220
     aaaaacaagc ttctcaaagt tgtcccccgg cccctacatg tgcacacgca aatacataaa     38280
     cttaaatgca gttttaaaca ttagaatcag gggctaagag acggtcccac atttaacatc     38340
     acttgccact cctctagggg aaccagattc ggttcccagc acccacgtgg tggctcacaa     38400
     ctgtctataa ctccagtttc aggtaatctg gtgccctctt ctggcctcca agggcactgc     38460
     atacacgtgg tacacagata catgttgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     38520
     tcgcacccac acacagatat atataaaaga ggcaagctgg agagatggct cagctgttaa     38580
     gagcactgac tattcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaagtcc cagcaaccac ttggtggctc     38640
     acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctggcactct cttctgctgt gtctgaagac agagacagtg     38700
     tactcacata aaataaataa attaaaatga aaaaaaaaaa acctttggaa ttagaacgaa     38760
     atccagtgtg tttatatgac ctgtgacccc agtgctgggg ttaggagaca ggagattcct     38820
     agggtcattg ctcagtcagc caggccaggc acagagctcc tggtttggtg ggaaaccacg     38880
     tctgcacaat ggagctgcta cacagacact gtggcataag acagcagccc caacagaact     38940
     tgaggccgag acagcaggag ctaacagtgt ctgagggctg acgacaggac aggctaggaa     39000
     cgcacagcct cagagggctt tgcacagggc ttgagctacc agaaggaagt cgtaacaggc     39060
     ttgctccagc tgctactggc tctcacactg ctagctcctg gctacaagga tccccaaggt     39120
     cagtcctggc tcacgctgta tctcttgcca tgaacagctc tccaccgact ccagcctgtg     39180
     gccatcaatg tgtttttggt gtttgggata ggagtgaacc tctcatataa catggactgg     39240
     cctcgaattt gctatgtaca gagcttagct ttttttattt tttattttat tttatttttt     39300
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctcttta tagctctggc     39360
     ttgtcctgga gctcaccttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc     39420
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcctg caccaccacg cccggcttta gcttttttta     39480
     aaaaaaagag aaaagaaagc ctcatgtatt caaggctggc cttgaacttc taatcttctt     39540
     gtctccagct cctcagagct gggatgttat gtgccccccc aaaccccaca tccaatttac     39600
     aaagtataag gaattgagcc caggattatg tctaagctag acatacacat tgctacatcc     39660
     ttagcccctc cccttttatt attattgtta ctaattttta tgtaacaaaa attacataaa     39720
     acagtctcaa tacagccctg gctgtcctgg aacttactat gtaaactagg ccagcctcaa     39780
     attcaagaga tccacctacc tctgcctcct gagagcctag actaaaggtg ttcgccacca     39840
     tgtctagctt tatccattta tttatttatt aatttattta ttttgttttc gagacaggat     39900
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tctacgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg     39960
     catgcaccac cactgcctgg ctattcattc atttttgtgt tttgtattta tttgcctcac     40020
     tgtgtatccc agactggcct tgagcttaga gcaatccccc tgcctcagcc tgctccattc     40080
     attcaccacc ccccagtcac aacccccaat aaggcttagc tgccctcctc ctttgtcacc     40140
     aaatgcctgt gcaagcaaga ctcctcccag gtatgacagc tagagacagg gtcagctcaa     40200
     ggggaactcc ccaatgcccc acatactacc agcagagttc ctggctgggt gagcccctgt     40260
     tgacactcac actggtctgg tacttggtca tcaccgtcag catcagcttg gcataggcca     40320
     tggaggtagt ggctgctggt ccctctttgc agagcctctg cactaagaca ctgaacacct     40380
     caggggtcat ctctacctgc atgcattggg acatggaaca gcgtcacagg acagcgtcga     40440
     ccccaagctg tccatctcct agcaggtagc tgaacagagt gctctataat gttcctccac     40500
     aaacctcagt attgaagtct tggtcccagg gcgaggtact gggaggtagg gtctgtctaa     40560
     aggggacggt ggtagcctgg ccctgttctc tctctgcttg ccggctgcca tcgccagagc     40620
     agcctactgg tcacaaactc cttccaccac gatggtgcct catacaggtc taggagcaac     40680
     ggagccaaca gcgagagaag cctctgacct gtggacgcag ccagcctttc ttctgctctt     40740
     tccctcaggc agtttgtctc agtaagagaa agctaacgca cagctgtctc cacagctgga     40800
     caacagagcc cagctgaagg ctgagaagag gatactgagc tggcatgagt tggcagctac     40860
     aggtcttaca gaagagcaac tgcccttgca aaggtttagt cagggccatg gggagccagt     40920
     gactctcgcc tgcctcagta gatactgaag ccaggccagg gtgaggttct gaggggcact     40980
     gccagctctt catgctaacg aaggaccact agcaccaggt ggcagtcagc atgtcacacg     41040
     cgccatcttg aaatctcccc acactgttgt ctctactctc agataaggag acctgggcat     41100
     gatcggacac agccaatccc tgtgaagctc catcagcatc tgccaacttg atggatttag     41160
     aatcaccata gaaacacatc tccctcagcc tcccaccatg acaggctgta cccttaaact     41220
     ggcagccaaa accaagcctt ccttcttcag gttgattttg tgagctattt tatcacagca     41280
     agaggagtaa ttactcaatt acctaagatg caaacatggg agaagccagg aatggtgtgg     41340
     ttcaccaata atctgaggac ttggggcagg agcccaaggt cagctttcta tacattgagg     41400
     ttcaagagca gcctggacta cttgagaacc tgtctcaaat aataatgatg atgacaataa     41460
     taatataatg atggagaatt ttaggtggta atataggaaa gtgctaatct accactgtaa     41520
     gagggcagag ctggggctgg ggctggggct ctgttgatga agcccatgac tggcatgcat     41580
     ggagccctgg gttcagtatc ttgtatcaca taaaatatgg catggtgaca cacagcatgt     41640
     acagagtcct aagctcaaac tccaggtgga cacacaaaag gcaggtacac tgggcccagg     41700
     gctggtgaac ctcagccccc gtgagaagca aggaagacca gtttaaggcc cgctgtctaa     41760
     gcagccaatg tgagtgttgc cctaactgct gctgtttctc tgaaacagtg agagctgagc     41820
     gccaggccgg gaagtcagat gcctgggaca gtcaggggaa cattttgctt cgctcctgtt     41880
     gagtttttaa agactctgac ctcgtgtgtt agtgcacacc tgtagtccta gcatgaagaa     41940
     gaatgaccag gagttcaaag tcaccctcca gcacacaggg attttagggc agcctgggcc     42000
     acatgataga gaagtggaga tgccaatccc aaggcaggtg ctaccaaaag tcagggctag     42060
     gtgaccaggg gtcagctttc tgtccctgcc tgcatctgca gggccttctg cagtgacaca     42120
     ggtataagac agtggcctgc ttgcctaacc ccgaaacccg gagcctctca agggagcaca     42180
     ctcacctgcc gttccaggag cgtctgcaac accaggaacg tctcttctcg ccaggccagc     42240
     tccaggacct gcctgcacag aagacacctg gtaaggccta tccccaaagc cactcggggt     42300
     ccacagtaga acagcgtcag ccttacccta gcagctgcag accccagaac catcctgggt     42360
     ttgatctcag gctttatcac catctttttt tttttttttt tttgcactga gtatggaagc     42420
     cacatcggct ctgaagctaa gtgatcagtg agcggtggct ggcattattt gaggctacta     42480
     ccccacccca ctatggtttg tgttttatat atatataaaa tataaatata tatatatgtg     42540
     tgtgtatgta tatatagata gatacatata catacacaca cacacatata tatatacaca     42600
     cacatacata taataatttc tatagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc     42660
     tcattaccga tggttgtagg ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg     42720
     aagagcagtc agtggtctta actgctgagc catctctcca ggcaccccac acacataccc     42780
     cgtttttgtt ttgtttgttc atttgttttt cccctttgaa agactcacaa ctatgtgttc     42840
     taacactcag aacgcagagg cagatggatc tctgagttca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     42900
     tctaggatag ccaaggttac acagagaaac cctatcttgg aaaaccaaaa aggacctact     42960
     ctgtagccca ggctggcctg gaattcaaag caatcctccg gcctcactga gatttgacac     43020
     acgaaccatc aagcctggct ctaagcagca tctctagtct atgtctggct gtgggatctt     43080
     ttttctattc atttcagctg cactcatcca gggtccacca tgtggactca gtccaccgtt     43140
     agttacccag cgagtcatct cttcagccta actttttgtt ttgtttgttt ttaagatttt     43200
     tattcttttt gattatgtgc agttgtgtgt gtgtcaccta agttcaggta accaggaagg     43260
     caacgagtgt cagaggcctt ggagctaaag ttacaagcag ctgtgagcca cctgacgtgg     43320
     gtgctgggaa gcaaacttgg ctcttctgta aggacagcat actctttttt cttttttttt     43380
     aaagatttat ttataatatg tttaagtaca gtgtagctgt tatcagacac aacagaagag     43440
     ggcgtcagat ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc     43500
     aggatcttca gaagagcagt cattgctctt accccctgag acatctctcc agcccctgat     43560
     agcacactct taactgttgt ctccctagcc cctatattta tgtttaggaa acaatgtacc     43620
     ccaggctggc cccaaacttg ccatgcagtc aggattagtc ttaaactctt gaccctcctg     43680
     cctctacttc ccatggctaa gacttcaggc ttacaccact aatgcccagc catttgattt     43740
     tactgcctaa atttaatcct gattttgagc ccttacatac tagaaatatt acatgaatct     43800
     tggtgttgag atgcatatgt gttaaacacg tgctctccca ctgagcaaca ccaagtacct     43860
     tggatgcttg gttttctgtg aactcatggt atgtactacc acacagacta cctcaaaaat     43920
     ccccacagag ggactactgg gctcagagac aaggagtgag gagttctggc ttgtgtgcct     43980
     tgtaatccca gcacatggga ggcaggtggt gggagttcaa ggctagcctc agctatgaag     44040
     ttatgctcaa ggccagcctg ggctacatga aaccctgctt tgaaaataaa taaacaagcc     44100
     aggtgtggtg gtgcacgcct ttaattccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct     44160
     gagtttgaga ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccaaggc tacacggaga     44220
     aaccctgttt caaacaacca aaatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     44280
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagataa acacaaacaa gcttgagtta ataaacaagg     44340
     ccaggattga actcacgtct gactctagca acgctcttca acaccacagc atatcctggc     44400
     taagctgagc tacttcttag agggaccaca caccgaaaaa ctggggaaga tgcccggcat     44460
     accacccaac atgggcccag aggaaaggcc accaggcagg tttaagatcc cagtgccacg     44520
     gtgggcatgc gtacttgtgt gtgtgcacag tgctgggggt gaaaccatgg cctcacgcag     44580
     gcttggcctg gggagaaagt ggagtggggt tagctttgaa gtctgcacac ttaccccaaa     44640
     atctggacct gcatgtctga ctccagggac tcatccttta tgagggaaca cagtaactcg     44700
     gtctgcgcag gacctgggcc agacacagga gaggagagag ggctggggaa ggcaggggaa     44760
     ggctgccagg gtcaggatgc ccgctgttgg gcaagttact cactgaagcc cttactccca     44820
     gcaggtccct tggggtgaag tgtgctgggc acaaagggtg gggctggaac tgtttctgca     44880
     cgcacctaca cgagggtcct ggagcaaggg acagaggaca gccctgcaga tggcgtaggt     44940
     gtactttaca cagaaggaga cgagggccac tctgagaagc ctggaggcag aagacggcag     45000
     ggagcggatc tagtcacaag ggagagtcac aagtcacagg gtcacatctt ccctttagga     45060
     ttgtttatct cacacacatt tcagacagca ggctatgttt cagaggaaaa gccaagtgtc     45120
     tgtatctatc taggatcaca gtggcttcca aatctgaaag ccccacctgg ggcccaggcg     45180
     ataagaagtt aacatttttt ttttcagttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagctctg     45240
     gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga acgtgcacca ccacccccgg     45300
     cagaagttaa catttgtaac aacatacagc cagaagccca accctctacc cctcttccaa     45360
     ccccttcctt aggactcaaa ggattcacat tgttcccatc ccattgttcc cattgagccc     45420
     ctgtgcccac ccggtcaaga aagaggctcc tggccagcac agaggcattg ctgaggctga     45480
     gggctggtgt gagacccatc aggtggctgc agagctgcag gagacctccg tcagggagct     45540
     ggggtagctg tagttcgctg catagcaact ccatctgggt gggggaacac cgaggacact     45600
     cagctgcctc tgccaggcta caagcccagt gggcaactga aaggacaggc agggacaaga     45660
     ggaggggaga ggaggagggg acatggccca gagcagggag aaatgtgaca gtgggaggag     45720
     cttggagagg cggagaaagc aagcccctcc cctgagcttc atgggaggcg tggaaacggt     45780
     caggtgcagg ggtgacctca gggcagggcc tgtctcacct cgctgggact acattcatga     45840
     agaaactgca ggtccactag gggcttctcc tgaccctcca gcccctgggg aggcaaatcc     45900
     tacgtaaggg ccagcagagt cctcgtgaca ggtcacagag gctactcttg aaaggcactc     45960
     ctagaggaga acatcttggg ggatgatggc ctatccaagt atggtcctag agtgcctgtc     46020
     agatttctgt actccccagc cccatgccgg agtccatgat ctggggcttc cctgggcaca     46080
     gctacggtac agagagaagc cagaaggagg gctgtagtgg acggggagag cttgtcacct     46140
     cctggaaggc cttcagcagc agctgcagcc tgggcacctg gtcctgtgga agagagtgca     46200
     gtcatggaag atctgtggtg cagcaggccc tctcagctcc ctctgtggga aacaccccgc     46260
     gcaagcgctg gggaacgggg cccagcaccc acactaggct cctcacaatc tccaatccct     46320
     gtaactctag ctctgggagc tccgacgccc tcttctggcc tccatgggca cgacacgcgt     46380
     gtggtacaca caagggcaag caggcacaca cataagctaa ataaaacttc taaagggggt     46440
     gtggggcaca ccactgggag ctgacaggca aaggcaattc agaagaagca ggtatgggct     46500
     gtctccacct agatgcctag agcagcctat gtgaagccca gcccactgct gtcttctctg     46560
     cacccagcct caatggggta ggtagaccct ggatgagcag acaggctctt gatatgactc     46620
     acagagccag gcagagcagc aggaaccgaa cccacacccg agcccgtcag gacaggtgct     46680
     tcccgatcct aggaactccc tcctcacccg tcagtttggg aaggggaagc ccacaaccca     46740
     caacccaccc cttatccctg gcccatggat tacagagagg tccctgctgg aagccgtgtc     46800
     tcaaccagct ttcaccacta cccagaagca accagcttcc caagcacacc atacctggac     46860
     aactttgggc aactccacac tctcagcggg acccttggga ccctccacgc cagggccagt     46920
     ctccggagcc tgggcgtcag tgtcaggcaa cacgcctcct gcatctggtg gggatcccag     46980
     cgactccagc gtgggtctct cctccggttc ctttccttcc accgcctcct cacagccccg     47040
     gaacctttta ggggatctct ctgactcagg gctggcagcc tcttctggct ctttcgtccg     47100
     tttcccgcaa agctgtgaga gtctgtcctc ttgttcagga tctggagcca gggccagttt     47160
     cagccccctc cccccttggc ccagccgccc acacaggtcc cggagctgta actgacagct     47220
     tctggtcaat ggagaagatc cctcagcgac tccaaccccc acatcccttc gcagcagctc     47280
     ccccagggca tggagccagg catcagtggt agaggacaca tcctgatggt ggagctgcag     47340
     cacagagcgg agtccgcttt caggtaagga tggtaggaga gccagcagca gggacagcag     47400
     gttcttctgg cagaccccag gcagccggag caacagtggg accctaagaa caaaagattt     47460
     ttgttttctg agttgggggg cagcggggga aggctcacta tgtaatccag gctggtctta     47520
     acccctcaaa cctcctgcct tagtacccta agtgctgatc acaggcatgt accaccatac     47580
     tggttggggc atactggctc tggagttgaa cactgtggca ggcaacaggc agggactgga     47640
     tggcaggacc ttcgagagct gcctagggta ggtggccagg tctggtggca cataccttta     47700
     atcccagcac ttgcaaagct aaggtagaca gatctctatg agtttgaggc cagtcagagc     47760
     taaacaatga gactctgtct ccaaaacaaa acaagcaggg gtcgctgagg atggaggggt     47820
     cagggacccc tgacatgcac gggccctgtt cttagatccc tgcatcagaa agggcttcac     47880
     agagcaagtg agccaggaag cagaaagaaa gaaccccata acaaccctta atcccaccct     47940
     ttactgctcc taaggggccg gctgctgcaa acagctggca tatcctctct caaccctggc     48000
     ctccagagct tcccagggtc ccatgacttt agctctctag gattctactg aggtagccag     48060
     tgtgacctga accaagtgac catgtcttca agcctccccc tgtgtcaggg ccattatcac     48120
     accaaggtgc ctgtcatgtg aggataatag agaaatatat attggaaata taggaaatat     48180
     atataatata gagaaatata tatagaaaat ataggagata tatatgtgta tatatacata     48240
     tacatacata catacatata tacatatata catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     48300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatcctttat tgtgataggg     48360
     tttctctgtg tagccctcgc tatcctggaa ctcgctctgt ataccatgct ggcctcaaac     48420
     tcacaagaga tctgtcagtc tctagttttc ttggcctgtg cagtcttggt ttccaacttg     48480
     aagcaatcct cctgtctcag cttcctgacc gctgaaacca gaccctacac tgtatgacct     48540
     gtatttttgt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcaga     48600
     aatccgcctc cctctgcctc ccgagcgctg cgattaaagg catgtgcccc cacgcccggc     48660
     atgacctgta tttttaacac aggtgtccac ttgacaagaa catctgtatt agagatacat     48720
     tatttgtgtt ttggcagagt ctatgttgtc ctgggtggtc ttgaacttaa agatcctcat     48780
     gcctctgcct actgggtagt gctattacca gcgtgcacca ccacaccccg ccttttattc     48840
     ttcttaggac agagtctcac tctgttgccc tggaactcaa gagacatatg ctcgcctctg     48900
     cctccaaatg ctggagttaa agccatgcac cagcagctca gcaactggag atggaagcaa     48960
     agcaaacaaa ctcagtctgc acttagaatt ctgcctgaca aaatgcgtgt ctcagcccag     49020
     tgctggcacg cgcacttgta atcctgtcac cgaggacatg gctgccggag ttccaggcta     49080
     acttaggcta gatggaaccc tgcctcaact acacaaataa gcagggggga ggcggcgggg     49140
     gccacgggcg gggactcaca gctctaggcg gccgtcgggg ccccgcacct cgggctctaa     49200
     gtggcccagc gcctccagga agccatccca agggaagtgc tccgcgcggc ggccgagggc     49260
     gcgcagaacc cctagcccgc gccgcgcacc ctcaggccct gcctgtagcg cctgaagcag     49320
     gaggcgggca ggggcctcca ggctcgccca gggcgccgct ccggccgagg ctacggagtc     49380
     cgaccccggc gtcgccagcg cagagcggac gcggggcggc ggctaggaca cgcgggatcg     49440
     gagcgccact ccagccgcgc aaagctcccg aagccaagga aagccggagc accctgtaga     49500
     gcctgaaggg gcgggatcta gcgatcgggg cggggccgga agggacgtga tcatcgggag     49560
     ggggcgggac catcaactaa ccagacctgt aagagagcgt ccaggagagg ggcggagcgg     49620
     ggacggagcg agggcatcag gaagcaactt aactccctgc atagtacgag aagcccgcga     49680
     aggggcgggg ccggttcctg cgtctggagc caatctgatc cgcgcttgat ggagcggctg     49740
     tactatactg ctgcctaatc ttagtccttc tccacgtctt tttaaaatgt ttcttttcaa     49800
     aaattatttt atgccgggcg tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga     49860
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc     49920
     agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaga aaaaaaaaaa aagcaaaaat tattttatgc     49980
     gtatgggtga tttgcttgta tatatgtaaa tgcactatgt ctagtgcccg cggaggccag     50040
     aagagggcgt gggatgtcct gggactggag ttagcggctg taaatttaca tgtggggtcc     50100
     tctgcaagag cagctaatac tcttaaccgc tgagccatca tccctccaac tctgtttcca     50160
     ttttgccttt tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcctgtg tgtatatata     50220
     tgtatgtggg ccaaatgtgt gcaggagacc tggaaggtca gaagagaaaa tcaaaatctt     50280
     tgaaacttga gttataggca gttaagactg cacgcgcatg ctgagaaacc ccagtcttta     50340
     cgaatacaat tagcactctt aaccactaag ccatctctct agttcctatc cttttacatt     50400
     tctattttta ctcatgtgta tggggcgtat gtgtatgtgt agctgggaaa tatctctatg     50460
     tgtatatagt atgtatgtgt tctgaacctt agtcctctgt gagacagcaa tatggcctct     50520
     taactgataa gacatctccc cagccacaaa ttatcaaata ttttgaccgt gacagttact     50580
     ttcaggaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaggagata aattgagatg ccttataata ggatgaccag     50640
     gcaaaatgaa cccaataagg tccaggtcag ggagtctgta gggaggttgc tacaggaaga     50700
     gaagaaacag ggcaacggcc ctggagctgc agggtggctg aagaggagat cagagaggct     50760
     accaggcttg aggtcacaca gaggacattg gctttctact ctatcatggg aacccatggc     50820
     agcatttttg agctgatttt gatctaagcc aaactattta tttcaaaaga attagttgga     50880
     aaaggtgagg tctttactgc ttcacaaagt gggagaaaag gcaaaaagac aaaaaaaaaa     50940
     aaaagaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaaaaaag aaaggaagga agaaagaaag aaaaagaaaa     51000
     tgccttcttc tagtaacctc ctttctcggt gttccacaga ggaactgtgg cagatgtggg     51060
     ccctaagaag tacagctggg acctccccca agcctcaacc aggacctcac tgcctaaggc     51120
     ttcgcatttg agtcatctgg gtagaagtgg ggcagagttc taaacctggt ttaggtttcc     51180
     acattcagag aagtccagga caatatcctc accccctgag gaatgtacag tgcagtcccc     51240
     cagaagtcaa ggaaagcaga tggtccctgg ggacagggcc taaaaacgaa cagtcttcag     51300
     acagcatggg acagctcagt tatagcttat tgtttttttc taccaaaatc cttctacaaa     51360
     acagtaaagt ttaaaaaaaa tatcaaagac ttgtaaagag cctttcttca ctgtggtcct     51420
     ctcctcatcc cgacacccac gcatcctcct cctcccccac cccaggctgg gaaacttcag     51480
     ctcacagggg aggaggtgga gggtttgaag caaagcccca agggattacc agtcaccact     51540
     aaaatttctc acccagcagg tccctttcct tccctcccct cccctctcct cccctcctct     51600
     cccctcccct ctccttcctt tcttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     51660
     ttgttttaga tttatttatt attatacata aatacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca     51720
     gaagagggcg tcagatctca ttaccatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg     51780
     aactcagaag agcagtcagt gctcttaccc gctgagccat ctcgccagcc cctctttctt     51840
     tcttaatatt tatttatttt atgtctatga gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacgatcaga     51900
     tcccattaca gatggttgtg agtcaccgtc accatgtggt tgctggaaat tggaactcag     51960
     gacctctgga agagcagcca gtgctttttt ttttttttta gttttttaat gcatgagtgc     52020
     tctactgtat atacatctga aggccagaag agggcatcag atcccttcct agatggttgt     52080
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggaatttaac tcaggacctc tggaagaagg gacagtgctt     52140
     ctaaccactg agccatctct tcagccccca gtcagtactt tttgtttgtt tgtttttgtt     52200
     ttgttttgtt ttgtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact     52260
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg     52320
     ctaggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgcct ggctctagat ttttgttgtt gttgttgccc     52380
     agtcagtact cttaacgctg agcatttctc cagcctcttt ccctgttctc ctggcagctg     52440
     aaagctaagg gaagaagagt gcatgtcccc ccccccccca ccccaaccct ccaaaagtac     52500
     aggagcaagg ccagggcaca atctggaaga gcacatcttt ctctggcttg ctggtctcta     52560
     ggaatgattt ggctccaact ccataaagca gaaagaaaaa cccagaagcc tttggcttta     52620
     gccatagctg ataggggaca gactcacagg tgaagtctgg caagttggac atggcacaat     52680
     attgtcacat tagggtagac atcatctata tttcttatat aatgcattac atttatggtg     52740
     gatattttaa aaatattggt tctcagcctg gcagtggtgg tgcacacctt taatcccagc     52800
     acttaggagg aagaggcaga cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga     52860
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa accaaacaaa     52920
     caaacaaaga acaacagcaa caacaacaaa actggttctc atgtaaccta ggctgcctgc     52980
     caacttgatg tgtcactcag gatgacctgg gacttctgag cctcctgcct ccacctccca     53040
     actactggga ttacgggtgt ctgcccatat tcctagcaag gagcaaactg agggcttgtg     53100
     cctgctgggc gatcatactg agacccagtc ccagccccag ccttcatgga tattgtatta     53160
     ttttccttcc tttcttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     53220
     tctctctctt tctttctttt ctttttttga cacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     53280
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc tttgaactca gaagttctct ttcctctgcc     53340
     ttccaagtgc ttggattaaa ggtgtgtgcc actacgtccg gcttgtatta cttttctatt     53400
     gctgcgataa agtaccatgg ctaggggctg gagagatggc tcagtgttta tgagcaccga     53460
     ttgctcttcc agaggaccag aattcaattc ctggcaggca gctcacaact gtgtgactcc     53520
     agttccagag gatctgacag cctctcatag acaggcaggt agaacaccaa tgcacataaa     53580
     aaataaataa atctttaaac aacaacacca ggaccaaaac aactggtata agagtatttt     53640
     atttgggctt atggttccag agagttagga gcccatgatg gcagagtaga ctaggcttgc     53700
     gagttggaac tgctgagctt aaactgcaaa cgaaaactag atagcaaact gggaactgca     53760
     cttggctttg aaccctcaga gctggtcccc tggtgacata tttcttccag tggaaaccag     53820
     atctgtttga aaggtgctaa aaggagagat gaagaatccg attcaagctg ttttcttcca     53880
     gtagaaaagg actctcaagt ctggtgggtg attttctcca tgttatacac agtaccaaag     53940
     cacgctcttt aagtgggaaa ggtggcgagg tgaggatcct ccttccactt gtagggttga     54000
     cgtttatacc accgtcttcc agcaggtggc agtgaagcgc cttaatggag acccttctag     54060
     aactctgtct cagagcagcg gaccacgaac ctcttttcaa cttaaatact agcaatatac     54120
     aaggacagga ccctcagctg tgcctctgga gccacgttag aacactgcat tgggctatgg     54180
     gtggccttag ctggtgcagc tgccggctaa tggatgttca gtgatgaggc caaagtgggt     54240
     tgtggacact tgaggtcagc ctcagggagg ccagccaggg tcgggagtgc acggaagaag     54300
     agtttgtcac gaagccttct taaatccatg accatctgga cccttcccac tccccacgta     54360
     aacacggggc ccccagagca cccagggggc agcagaaatt cctcaaaaca actccccccc     54420
     ccctttcaaa aactacctct aggatggttc caggaggtgg ccccatggga gccccaggac     54480
     ttccctttcc tggcccctac gtgacactag ccacgttaac acctgtgctg gaagctttga     54540
     gtggcttctg tttctgtttt gcttgagaca ggctgtcatt atgtagctct ggctgtgtgt     54600
     agatcaaact ggcctcaagc tctgccccct aagagctggg attaaaggta tacacaccca     54660
     cagatctctc attctctctt ttttaacgtt ttggtttact cttttgagac agggtgtcct     54720
     gttgctcagg ctggcctcaa acttgctatg tagccaagga tgacattgaa ttttgttttg     54780
     ttttctttgc ttgttttgag acaaggtttc tctgtgtagc cttggctgtc ctggaactca     54840
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tggaactcac agagatctgc ttgcctctgc ctccatcccg     54900
     agcactggga ttaaaggcgt gcacgccccc actgccaggc ttgagcctca taggtctctt     54960
     aagcattcct ccacctagtc tgtttcctct tccttcggag ttcctttcct ctttgttctg     55020
     gtgccagctt ggacccgaac actggagtcc acatcccact tgcctcttca agctacatag     55080
     accaggcctt tgttttttct tccatagttt ggggagatga agggtcctca cctcacacag     55140
     tgatgatagg tgacccccct cactcccccc caacacacac cacaggctct cattccagtc     55200
     ctccagtact gagctcaaca gaccttccag agccttccaa ctggaataca agtgactggt     55260
     gacacccact ttaacctcca cctgcctgta gcatccttat tttcttctcg cagaaggccc     55320
     cactctccct ccagtgttcc ccggggcgtt gcttttcctc ggtcggtcgc tgaccaggta     55380
     ccattgtggt tcataggcaa gtcccgcaga tgaggctgat ggaaccttcg agctggacag     55440
     aggccattcc tccatcccac caccctcacc ccacccccac ccccacccct gctgctagcc     55500
     ctcccatgct gacttgagga tatccaagga ggaacattgg ttgctcttct gccctgggca     55560
     caggtacctc aggcggtggg tgtggttgag caagatgtca aaggcccaca ttttatccac     55620
     agggatgcca aacactgaat cctgactgtt ctccttccac tgtggcccca gggtggctca     55680
     cacactctcc caatacagtc ccaaaacagc ctcaggtggc acaaaatgtt cctgagcccc     55740
     ccggccctcc aggtcttagc atcctagagg gccagtgtgc catctgccct cagcatctcc     55800
     tgctgctcag ggtcgagcga ggctctgtgc tggggccttg aactcctgtg tgagtggcca     55860
     ggcttgaggc tcctgggagg ggctatggtt cctgtcagaa gcttttctgc tcactcaggt     55920
     ggcatctaca gagagccaac tgcatgcaag gctttgtagt aaactcggct ctcacccagg     55980
     ccctgcccca ggaaggggaa gtctcaggaa tctctcacac ccactgtgca tcctccagta     56040
     cggtacctgt tacctatgag cacctgaatg atccaaattc ataggtgttc agggcctaaa     56100
     ataaaaggaa gactaaaata ctttacattg attgaattag ttgataacac tgcacacata     56160
     attttgatcc attagactat ataaaatgct tttgtgggtg gttgagatgg ggtcttatat     56220
     agcccaggct ggcccaaacg caaagcaacc ttcatttctt agtcctcaca agtctggaga     56280
     ctacatgtgt gagccaccat gctcaactac gtggaaatta ttattatttt ttaaagattt     56340
     atttatttta tgtatgtgag tacacggtag ctgtacagat ggttgtgagc cttcatgtgg     56400
     ttgttgggaa ttgagtttta ggacctctgc tcactctcgt ctgccccact cactctggtc     56460
     aactctgctt gctcagtacc tgctcactct ggcccaaaga tttatttatt attattatac     56520
     cgctcttaat cgctgagcca tctcaccagc ccagaaatta ttattttttt ttttctcaag     56580
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     56640
     tccaactcag aaatccacct acctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca     56700
     ccactgcccg gcccggaaat tattttttaa ccattaaaaa gatatcaatg gggctggagg     56760
     gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag     56820
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta ataggatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc     56880
     agaagacagt gacagtgtaa aaaggtatca agtgtcccag gtgctggtgg cgcacgcctt     56940
     taatcctagc actaggtagg cagaggcagg aggatccctg agttcaatgc tagcctagtc     57000
     tacagagttc aatgatagcc agggatacac agagaaagcc tgtcttgaaa aaacaaacaa     57060
     gaaaagctac catgtgggac tggagggatg gcttcgtggt taggaacact tcctgcttca     57120
     tggaggaact aggttcagtt ccagcactca ggtttgaggc cagcttgggc tacaatatca     57180
     aggtccaggc tagcccatgt ctcaaaaatc cacaacaagg gctagaacac tggctgctct     57240
     tgcagaggac ttgggttcag gccccagcag ccacatggtg gctcacacta tctgtgactc     57300
     cagttccagt gtatccaaac acctctcctg gctttcaaag gcaccaagca tacaaacgat     57360
     gcacaggcat gcatgcagcc atacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaataaacaa agtgatggtt     57420
     ttcatgagca tggccccata tgctcatatg tttgagtgct tggtccccag ctagtggaac     57480
     tgtgtgggga ggattaggag gtgtgtcctg gttggaggag gtgtgtcact ggggatggtc     57540
     tttgagattt caaaagccca aaccactccc agttagcgag ttctctgtct ctgtctctct     57600
     ctctgcctcc tgcttgtggc tgagatgtga gctctcagct accgctccag tgccatgcct     57660
     gcctgcctgc tagctagcta cactcctgcc ttgattgtta tgtgtagcct cccctccccc     57720
     agccttaaag gtcccactgt ttatatcatc gggattgagc cgcaatcgtt ctgccacgcc     57780
     cactgctgga gcttggcgct ttgctgttct ggagccacac acgtggtcac cctgctactg     57840
     gactccaaga ttatttggcg ggaatcgggc ccccttcccc tgcttcataa ctgcgtgtgg     57900
     aatagtaaga ttgagctttg atcaggatgg ctgtcttagc tgcatctttc tctcgccgcc     57960
     tagcccctct tctcttctag gtttccaaaa tgcctttcca ggctagaacc cagacctgag     58020
     atctgctggc gggacacaac agttatggac cctgacactc tggaattgta atcccccaac     58080
     aaactgtttc tttttttaag ttgccttggt catggtgctt tgaccaacac acacagatca     58140
     acactttcca aacaaaatga ccctgagatc ctgagcagaa cttgcactgt accccaagtg     58200
     cccccggtca gctcgctgtc ttaatggtca gactggctgg tggagcttgg gggatggggc     58260
     gctgttggga agatttttaa gtcaaagtct gtctgtcagt ccatcccatc taatgcccca     58320
     tcctgttgcc cttccctacc cccagctaaa taccacaccc aggaccttgc tcttaggtga     58380
     acactgctct actactaagc tcaaccacaa attctaaagc tagaggtgga ggctgattcg     58440
     tcagaggtca caggacacct gggactgggg aggcagcaga gtgggagcag agaggctgga     58500
     agagtcggga agccatcagg actggagtga accagaccag cccctggttg ttacaatcaa     58560
     aagccccaac tttgtctggg ctgctgctct cctgaccttt cccgaccctg ggcaggaagg     58620
     gagcactggc atctctcata gtaaacatcc ttttgagttt ttggcctctt actgggtctg     58680
     cttttcttcc agcttagaaa acccgcaggt gtcagtctgt acactaatcc ctccttctgc     58740
     ccaaacaaac cccagctctc ctgggaggat ggatggcttc taggtattgg caaattaact     58800
     tgtactaacg tgtgaatgtc tgatggaaag ccttagtgga cgtgcagagc ccggacacaa     58860
     aaatgggaga gaaagaaggt aaggggaggg ctggagaggt ggctcagcag ttaagagcac     58920
     tgactgctct tctagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa tcacatggtg gctcacaaac     58980
     atctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtttctga agacagcaac agtgtactca     59040
     catactttaa ataaataaat agcatctctt tttttaaaaa atgataaggg aagcagacct     59100
     gagctagcct aaaataggct gggtaacctt ggcatgttcc tttccattct gggctctttc     59160
     ttctctatga caaggaagcc cttcttctcc tgatatactc aaaaacctta agggactcag     59220
     cttgcaatag ccagattgga ccccaagtaa ttttacgtct ttccaatgct tcccagagat     59280
     ccagacctgt cccgtacctc tatggttgct gaggacagga gccactctcc ctgctataag     59340
     ttgctgtccc catactacag tgtctatccc agttgcagcc ctggtgagaa gctggcaagg     59400
     atgtccaggg agaaccttca tcccacaaac cctgaagagg gaaggagcct cagacagctg     59460
     ctgcccccat ctcaggcctg aaggaaggac tccagggatg tgaggtgggt ggggtaggag     59520
     gcctctgggg tgtttaggta aatattgaaa gaccccaagg attttggaaa gtgggttgac     59580
     ctaagtgctc acggccatga gggcttggga ctcaggactg agggcctgct gggaacctgt     59640
     actgtatgag gtgtggcgag tcagtagagc taagtatagc tagctttcat gcagtgctgc     59700
     tccaggaagc cctggggacc tggcttctca tccaggtgac tggccaggtg tcttcttatc     59760
     aatgaaatga gtttgctatg cgggtcacaa gtaattaaca tcttaccagt gccccaggcc     59820
     ccattcaatc tggacactcg aggttggata gatagccagt cagccagtga ggtctctctg     59880
     gagtgaatca gagcaagaat ttgatcgggg ctgaaccagg agtgaccctg agcacgtgcc     59940
     ttggttccca catcacgcct gtcgaaacac ctacggcatg ggagtttcgg ggagccagtg     60000
     tttctgtggc ccttgagagt gacctcaggt agatgctggc cagcattcct tgagccccag     60060
     caagaagtta gcaaaaaagg acaaaggagg gggtgaccct ccctcaccag acttccccta     60120
     tcttggcgag tccctcctta tgacagattc tgaggataac agtgccaggg tggggttctg     60180
     cctggtggca cgcgggtctt tcagtgccca ctccttccct gggggagatg ccaagcagcc     60240
     taactggtct ctgatgagct tcctctgggc tgcctggaga ttctgggagg tggtcaggga     60300
     cttccctccc cgaggtggta aacaatctgc tgtttaagtt ctcagctggg aacctgtgct     60360
     cagcttgggt ggtggagagg gcgcagtgag gttatagctg aaagacgctt gtacttgcac     60420
     gcagctcaat gtgagctccc agcaggggaa gatccaagcc tgggatcaag agacctgctg     60480
     tgagctaggt caaggtgctt ctgggtcctt ggttcctgaa tcttctctgc attatgtgcc     60540
     aggatggaag ctgacttcta agatttgact cccactgggc tcctgtaagc cagcggtaga     60600
     cgggtctgga cagagttgga ccacactgct cagtgttggg aagatgaggc aaaagggagc     60660
     agatccaatg agaactcagc caggtaaaaa tgcaagtttt agaaattaag attgagccgg     60720
     gcatggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggg ggatttctga     60780
     gtttgaggct agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cagagaaacc     60840
     ctgtctcgaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaaga aattaagatt     60900
     gaaataagac tcactaatat gaccctggtt ggcctagaac tctatgcaga tcaggttggc     60960
     cttaaagtga cagagatcca cccatttctg cctttggaat gctgggatta aaggccggtg     61020
     tcagtatacc aagctcacag ccatctgtaa tgggacccaa tgtcttcttc tggtatgcat     61080
     gaagacagcg acagtgtact cgtatacaaa aagtaaacaa atcttaaaaa aaaaaacaaa     61140
     aaaccaaaaa acccaaaaaa ctatttctaa aagggggcca gcaagttggt atttgccact     61200
     aagcctgaca actttagttt aatccctagg acccacgtag tgggagcaga gaacagaact     61260
     ccagcaagct gtcctatgag ccacacctca caagctggcc atacctcaca agctgtcctg     61320
     tgagccacag cctggccata tctcaggctg tggaactcta tggcctcctc ctccttgttc     61380
     cattggaagt gaaggagagg gaagtcctgg ccttttggaa catggccggc tgactttaat     61440
     cccacatggt ccttcgttcc ccaggagccc ttgagagcag atcccaggcc agcaccagga     61500
     gccctggata aggaagagat gtccccttca tccttaggat ggcatgaata actcagatgg     61560
     ctacaagtca actcttaaat acgtaattcc catttattta aagttccgtc agtctgtata     61620
     cactatttat attaaaaaca cgggaagctg gggctcctag caaaaatata catttcagat     61680
     ttggagactt cagaccctga gaggagctgc atcctcagca ccagacctgg gcggggctgg     61740
     gcaggtgggg gcagggcggg tgatgtagct ccattctcag cctgggtggg ccccacaagg     61800
     aacaccccaa gacctgatca gtagaggtga ggggcaggga gtgtgctagc ggggaatctg     61860
     gcagcattct gtgttggcag gagccgagcc tgggctgatc acctatgggc ctagaggcag     61920
     gatctgccgg gctggggctg agtatgggag cacccagcaa gtttcaagcc acttgaagca     61980
     gcagatggga gcaggtgacc agccaggcaa aagaagagaa ggccacagag ctactggtac     62040
     aagtgagtgg gagagaggac agggtcagag gaaccctagc aactctgcct gtgagctggc     62100
     aggggtgacc tggtaggata tccctgcctg ctcacagatc accagtccta agaacagggc     62160
     catagctgta ccccagtggc cttggggagg gaatgggagg gactctgtgg tgaccgagag     62220
     gtgagccagt gtcatggcta caccggggca gctgcaaggg gggggggggg gcaggtgtgc     62280
     cagcatctcc caggagaaga aagaacagct atggtccagt tcctggtact gggatctgcc     62340
     agtctggatg ctgctacagg gtagaggagg ggtgctgatg gagggcctgc ccactcgctg     62400
     tctagcttct gaccctggga cctaagtgtg ccgctgctcc ttccggcctg cctctacccc     62460
     cttcccttca gtggggccgt tggaccgcat ctggagggga catctggagg ggtcatctcc     62520
     taggcagcac aagggtcatc tgtgacaatg acctaggacg ccggcgagaa gaaaggaagt     62580
     gtcagagagt ggtgtgccta gggctgagac agcctgggaa tatggctccc ggcccaggct     62640
     ccctgcccac ttgctctctg gaggaggaac cctgtggtgg tgaccacaag ctgggatggc     62700
     agttggtcca ggccaggctt cttggaaagc tgggcccaga gagagcgtag tgtttctttg     62760
     gatggctcat gtctttgaag gggatagaga ggagaggcag gactgggcca gcacaggccc     62820
     cactgctttt aggctgctgg tgagcgtacc aacgggctgt ctgctgtgaa tcagacaaat     62880
     gtgaggactg ggaggagggg gatgctagag aaggaaggca aaggggggga gcaagggcgc     62940
     tagggagaca gcaagaacag gaggtgctga ggagaaacag gaaacgggcc atggggagag     63000
     cggggtgggg gaggggggtt gggggaatgg gggggttggt gggggtgggg gtgttggggg     63060
     aagagtctgg gccacgtgtc tggagtgttg tgagtaggct ctagctgctt gactgccagt     63120
     gcctgtggct ggtcctctga acagtccgtg gctgggccca gcagagcctg aggggaggcc     63180
     tgggctgcgg ccttagtaca tgtccttgta gatttcctgg agcagggggt gcagcaaggt     63240
     ctcactctcc gtcttcttta gccactgcat catctgggca tgctcagtga ccagctgccg     63300
     caggtctgcc atcttctgca gcagcttggg gaagaggtac tggctgtcag ggtggttgac     63360
     ctgcagatgg aattctagag cccgcagaat ggtgtcctgg atggcttcta cctggggcac     63420
     attcatgagg cctggccggt ctgtggggac acggggtatg agtaatctca ggcagggacc     63480
     gtcttgctct gtggctaacc ccacccctgg ggactccatt catcctgttt ctgaccagtt     63540
     gtttttcctg atctataggg ctgcatgatt cctagctagg acacctggca cccggattct     63600
     gagcctgtct ctgtggaagg acatcctggt ggctctgggc ttcagtgtcc ttaacacagt     63660
     tgctgtgagg accaaatgag ttaaaaacct ctggcctgag gtgtgttctc tgctcctgtg     63720
     ggggagcagg cttccctgtg tattatactg gactagaaaa atgtgaaagt aacacagaaa     63780
     tttctccgct acccacaaat ggtggatttc ttttccccac gccccagtac tggggattgg     63840
     actcagcgcc tcccgcttgc tagacaagca tcccgccatc cagctataat cccagcaagg     63900
     tacacctctg tctgtccaac cagatgcagc tggttctgca catgtgctct gtgctacact     63960
     gtctgaggtc aggtttggtc cctggcagtg cggctccgcc ccctcacctc cacacagaat     64020
     gatggccgcg atgaagagcg ccaggtcact gtcatcgagc tccagcgcat tgaacttgac     64080
     agcaaactcg aacttgggct caatgatgtc actgaagggc ttgcggagac ttcgcaagaa     64140
     ctcgtgggtg acgaagccac tgccgttggc caccagcagc ccgtctttgt tgacgatgga     64200
     ggccagcatg gcaaagatgg cctcgtgcac gccatacttg aggagggtca cctggtcatt     64260
     gaggaagagg ctgctgaagt tggggatgtt cttggcgaac tcggtgagct ctcggactgt     64320
     ctccactgtg gtggactggc agcggtagaa cacgtgcaca ctgatctcgt tgtagggcgg     64380
     cagcccgttc accagctgtt tccacaccag gcccttctct gcctgccaca gtgtctcgat     64440
     gtcgtggatg acaaagggct gaaaaccagg cccatcagag gccaggcctg gggaaggacg     64500
     gggaccccac cctcgtgtcc cctgaacccc acctcatggc tgggctggcc agtgacactc     64560
     actgcgttgt ggctggactt gccggtgagg atgctccggg ccttcttttt ggtcatgttg     64620
     aagtttttca ggtaggcgtt gtagatgtgc ttagagaagg ccttcaggtc ggccagctgg     64680
     gggttgtgct ggcacccctc gctggcagtc agccccgcca ccagcttcct cttctcggcc     64740
     tccggcatcc gtccaaagcg gatagctgca tagggggtgg gagccagtca tggggggccg     64800
     ggccagcacc cctcctctcc cctgctcctc tcaggtgtgg aggtgagggg gatcatcctt     64860
     taggagccag gggcccccag aggccccaca gtcagcgggg aagcagctcc atgatgagag     64920
     cctttgctga ctccgccggg ggctggccag gcatggcaac tagaaagatc ctgtggtgac     64980
     cagggcccat gcctgagctc cggctcttta cctttccatt ttatggcttt tttttttttt     65040
     ttttttcctg agacagggtc tatctgtgta gccctggcta tcctggaact cactctgtag     65100
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctcgagtg ctgggattaa     65160
     aggcatgcac caccacgccc ggctatatgg ctttcttcct tccctgtctt tgtaggtcag     65220
     ggaaaatgga aatcctttgc acttactagg acaaccaggg gcattcactc tgggcagagg     65280
     tgcgggctgg agtggtacct tgaggacctg aggccactga actcatatga aacagctggg     65340
     ggtgaagagg caaacagagg tgactcctag gagctcccag ccaaggagag aatggcagga     65400
     ggctcccagt tctctggaag cctgaggcaa ggatggctcc tgcgagtctc tggccaccaa     65460
     gaaattccta actgggtcct ggctgctgcc taccctcaac agttcaggac cggggaaccc     65520
     tggcctcagc tttgcctgct gtcaggcaca agtgtgggga gcagtgttgg caaccccatc     65580
     cctgctgggc ttgtcacttg aagcagaaca gggtgagcca caggcacaga gagctagctg     65640
     gtgccggccc aggcctctga ggtcctggca tttgtatcag ccatcaacag caagtgcaca     65700
     cacccatccg tgccaggggc aggtgctggg cgccctctga cagaatggga ccctgggtta     65760
     gctgtgctgc gcaggcgccc tttggggtcc tgagacagac tgcgcaggcg ccctcaccgt     65820
     tgtgcgacat gccgagtgcc aggcacttct ggaagcggca gtactgacac ttgttgcggt     65880
     tcttcttctg gatcttgcag atccgatcgc acttctcata ctcgagcttc atgcggattg     65940
     tccggcggaa gaagccctgc gagaccaagg acgttagcct gcgctgcccc agagcccagt     66000
     ggcacgtaag gtcacaaaaa ggctgaaatt ggcagtgatg gggaatattt ttaaaaaaat     66060
     gatttatttt cattgttgct ttgcttgcat ttatgtatgt gtgaggggta tcaaaaggtt     66120
     ttgagcagcc atgtaggcac tgggaattga tcctgggtcc tctggaagag tagctagtgc     66180
     tcttaaccaa tgagattgct ctccacaccc caggggaatt ttgtttgttt gtttgggata     66240
     ggaaagaaga aaaatatcct taatttaaaa aattaattta ttttatttat gtgagcacac     66300
     catcattgtc ttcagacaca caccagaaga gggcactgga tcccggcaca gatggttgtg     66360
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact cagaacctct ggaaagcact cagtgttctt     66420
     aaccactaag ccattcctcc agcacccaaa aaaatttaag ggctaggtat actggtccat     66480
     ggccttaatc ccagctcttg ggagacagag gatctttgtg agtttaaggc cacctagttt     66540
     acatagtgag tcccaggatg gccagggcta aacagtaaaa ccccgtctca acaaaacaaa     66600
     caaaattagt aataatttat aattataacc cttctgtttt cataagaact tggtttattt     66660
     aacatttatt tatttattta tttatttggg gggtgtgggg ggctatgcat gtgaaggcca     66720
     gcagacaaga attggttccc tctttccagt tggttcttgg aaacggaact cgggtcacca     66780
     ggcttaaggc agcagctcta tccgctgagc catctttcca gcccaacttt gagctgatct     66840
     tcttgccttt agctccaaat ccctaagatt accgtgtata gcaccacacc cagtttttgt     66900
     ggtgatgtcg ctcaaaccaa gggcttctcc caggcaggca agcacatttc caaccccata     66960
     tggcaatttg aaagatatac tttaatgcat gtgtgcctgc gtgtgggcgc atgtgtacct     67020
     gtgtgtgggc acgtgcacgc atgttgagtg tgggtgactt caggccagaa gaggactgga     67080
     gctggggtaa taggagattg aaccaccaga catggttgct ggaaatcaaa ctcggatcct     67140
     cagaagagca gcaagcgctc ttcagcactg agccgcctct cgccatcctt tcagatggcg     67200
     ctttgtgaaa ttctgatggt gtgtcgttag aacaacttag aagcatcact ctcttgccaa     67260
     agatcctctt aagacccaag gccctggaaa ctgacttcaa tggacactca gcccaagctt     67320
     gctctttccc tgcctgcctg ctggagccca ggccccagag ctggccatcc acagcgtctg     67380
     agtggatagc tgggtcagta ggcaggtgtc catttggaca cctgtctttt cttcccttgg     67440
     atgacccaga gctcaggcct ctaaggaacc aaagagcttt gctggagcta ttttcggggt     67500
     cctacctgaa gcaggcaaat ccccacgccc ctcagtccat ctgtaccttg cacccctcgc     67560
     acgcgtggac cccgtagtgg aagcccgagg ccttgtcccc gcacacccga cattccatgt     67620
     tgaggctgcc gcctgaggcc ccatcacagc ccatctgcag ctggtccagc agggaggaag     67680
     gggaggaatt ctgggagagg tctgtgaaga caggacggag gggcagttaa acaatcagct     67740
     accaggccta caagccaggt gggggaagga agagctgcag cctagagctc agctgaagag     67800
     ctcagcagcc atgggctgtg tgactgggga aaagcttcaa gggcccagcc tcctctccag     67860
     ttcagggtcg ggggaagccc cgctaggcag gcagctgagc agctgccgct cacagcctcc     67920
     ctgactggga gaggaggggg cctggtgggc tttgggtaaa tagcatcttc agtgggtccc     67980
     ggatgatggt ggggtggagt gtgtctgttg ggaactgtgg gggtgcggag ctccgcccag     68040
     ctggctccca tcccaggagt tcaagtctct gtggacccca gggttgctgt caggactctc     68100
     ccagaagtcc tgctggagtg agctcaggtg cagcaccagc ttgccctgtt ctactgcgta     68160
     cacagaggtt tgggctgagg tttcaaggct ggcaaggaca gtgggaggct gtaactgcac     68220
     ggtcacaggg atggacctgc tgtcacacaa ctgtctagac gccagcgagc ctcttctgag     68280
     tctactttga gatttaagga ggagacaagc gatgagactg gcttcacagt actacccatc     68340
     cacttccgtt tgctggcctt acttacagtc tgggctggct cctggggctg cagactcact     68400
     tcctcagaga caggcaccaa ctccccagac cagtgagaga cactcaagca ggagagagac     68460
     cacagccacg tgatcagcgc agaccagcac tcccagcctg tacactggcc acagcagggg     68520
     aactcaggca gcaagggacc atgggggcta tagccatccc agacgctaaa gtttgcgtgt     68580
     gttacataag gtcataagtg gcctggaacc ctagttcagg acgactgtca ttccaaaggt     68640
     ataaatgccc tccggcccca gctgaggaga gctgatcccc tcattttctc tggcaggccc     68700
     tcctggaggg taaagcagct ttggacttcc tggtagtttc accaagggat ggggatgggg     68760
     tctgtgcgtt ctcatgtggg cacactgacg cccaaggctg agaagttgtg gataccaagc     68820
     tcatggcaag ctccccagct ctctgggtct gtgctctcca cggcaagccc ctcctgtgca     68880
     ggcagggcca ggagaaaccc ggtacagcct cttgtctccc cacatccatg gctgtcctgg     68940
     agtgctctct ggctcgggga tggggtgggg tgtctgtaca cctccagaac cctgtgatta     69000
     gccaagataa ccaggtccta ctggctaccc gaggtaggcc aggggaatta ctaccacaga     69060
     gaaacaggcc cagctcacca gtgagtggtg gaatgcctca gcttgagtga gggctccaag     69120
     ccatgtgtaa cttgacacac aaggccagag aagcaggacc tgtggggacg ggtatggcgt     69180
     catctgagta tgtgtgctga gtggatagaa atagtgtctg ggtggctttt ccaaaaacaa     69240
     tgtttctgct tcttcctggc tggccactgg cttgaggatt tgtcctcata ccaccacaat     69300
     atcacaccca ggagaatgac cccactgcag gcacagctcc tggaggtgat ggtcctgtgc     69360
     cttctctgtt acaccctgat cagagtgtgg cagatcggtg actgcacaag tggacgttgg     69420
     gattctataa gacccttctt cacacagaac actgccccaa gctcttcagg gcgagggtgc     69480
     aaaaggttgg gtctgctctg tgggcactat tttcccttcc tgaattctct ctttcctctt     69540
     tttttttttt tttttgagac aatagctctt gtgacccagg ctagttttga atttactatg     69600
     tgactgaggt cagccttgaa catgcatgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg     69660
     tgtgtgtgta tcactcctca ctgttgtctt tttttctttt attttctttt tgagacacag     69720
     tttctctgta tagacctggt tgtcctggaa ctagatttat agaccacact ggcctcaaac     69780
     tcagagatcc tcctgcctct gcctcttgag tgctgggatt aaaggtgatg gacaccacgc     69840
     atgacttcca ctgtattttt tgagtcatgg tttcccacca aaccaggagc tctctgcctg     69900
     gcctggctga ctgagcagtg agcctagggg tctcctgtct cctaacccca gcactggggt     69960
     cacaggtcat acgaacactc tggatttagt tctaattcca aagtttttac tttctttctt     70020
     tctttctttt tttctttata tacatgtgtc tgggttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     70080
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctgaacattt     70140
     gtgcatgcag tgcccatgga ggccagaaga gggtaccaga ttacctaaac tggagttata     70200
     gacagttgtg agccaccacg tgggtgctag gaaccgaatc tggttcccct agaggagtgg     70260
     caagagatgt taaatgtggg accgtctctc ggcccctgat tctaatgttt aaaactgcat     70320
     ttaagtttat gtatttgcgt gtgcacatgt aggggccggg ggacaacttt gagaagcttg     70380
     ttttcttctt ccactgtgtg agtcccagga tcaaaccctg gtagccaagc ttggcagcaa     70440
     gcgccttcgc cctctgagcc acctcactgg cccaggccta gctctttctg tgagtgctaa     70500
     gtatctgagt gcaggtcctc atgtatgtgt gcagtcattt ccgtaatggc cttaaagctc     70560
     tgtttctgcc tccttagcct ccccactgct ggggccacac ctgcagcaca gcaggttaac     70620
     actctaccaa ctgagcccca tcctcagcct cttttcttcc cttgactcac agtctcattt     70680
     ctggagtcca ggctggcctg taactcagcc tcctgggaac tgggactata ggcgtatagt     70740
     cacacgcctg gtcatagcat agattctgaa tgttgactaa aggcccggat gttcaaagct     70800
     tgtggtgcta acgggaggca ggacctcccg ctaccgtggt cactggaggt gagccttaga     70860
     gaggcacgtt gaaccctgtc tcttctttac aatgcatgac tcaccataga ccccaaagta     70920
     gtagggttgg ctggctgggc tggaaccttc agcattgtct tcctgaataa agcctttctg     70980
     tttaaggctg tctgtatgag gtatcctgac acatcaatgg acctaacact cctctcactc     71040
     ctgcctgctg ctcttaggag atacctttgt tcacctgata cgcctgcagc tggtcccaga     71100
     atccctgcca ggggcctgag acacctccca agggtctttg tttaccggga ggaacaggag     71160
     aagaggtggc ttttgccagg ccccacctac tagccaaggg tctttttgga ttgtttgggt     71220
     ctgagatggt ctaattaagt agcctggatt agttgtgaac tcacggtgct gcgcctgcct     71280
     ctgcctccca aatgccacca tgcctggctc gtttcatttt gtgcaaggtc acttgctggt     71340
     cgtgcttagg actgggacct gcagcagagg gtgcactggc actgcctgtg ttccagaact     71400
     ctactgggta ctgcccatcc cttccttcat gcaaagcttc gaaataaccc ttcaagtcag     71460
     gcactgtgcc cctctataac aggcgggaga actgtggttg atggggttaa agatagtggt     71520
     gaggacggct ttcctgatct ggctgcgctg tgatagccag gtttccgttc acaggctagt     71580
     ctgcattcat ttaatcccag gacttaggag gcagaggcag gtggatcttt gagtttgaga     71640
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccaggaa tatatagaga gactatctca     71700
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaggagagaa agataaagac     71760
     gtgactgtca tctaactcag gagactggag tacagagtgc taacagttca gaatgcatgt     71820
     ggctctctgt ctataggcga aggcttcgag agaatggctg ggtcctcttt cctcctggaa     71880
     gaggggaccc cacctccatt atagctctac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     71940
     acacacccct ccctttattg ggtctgtcta tctgggaacc cctgatcggg gtggcggtgc     72000
     gcactctcct gctgcccaca ggcacaatct tcctgtctct agagcagctc agcactgatg     72060
     gcggaggtcg gtccttagac acttgaactc tgagtaatcc tggccctggc accccacacg     72120
     gcaatcagtc ttgccatcag actacaagct cagcaaacac acactattga cttatcctca     72180
     cgtcctcaca cggtggcgga aggctggaag cacgctgtca tcacagccat gaggtgcaca     72240
     cagcctgcct ggttagccac ggtgccacca aagcctcaca gttctcacag caggataagc     72300
     tctaagagcc ctgaggctgg ggaactggct tctccttttt tgttttgttt ttatttttga     72360
     gatagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggaact tgctctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     72420
     agggaggtat gcctgtttct tgtgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccacacc cagctaactg     72480
     gatagttcct tgactgttgt cccattttgc ctggactttg ggctcctctg ggctggtgtt     72540
     cagccctgtc caccactgcc tggcccactc tggcatggtg cccagccctg gacattcacc     72600
     aagtgctgct ggggaaagaa gcacacagag agaggagagc cactggtcta cctggctcct     72660
     gtgtgtgtgg gctgccatgg agcgagagtg gacaggggag gggagggagg gttgtgagta     72720
     ccacctcctg agtcagtcct gtgccagcaa cggccccagg ccctgtgctt ccttgttgct     72780
     gtgtgagacc tgcactgccg acctcctggg gacacaaggg tggcagggaa gtttagtgtg     72840
     gacccacatg gaggggttgg agccctgcag ccttcctacc gtctcagggt tcctttggga     72900
     tccccaaagg gactctgggg caaaagcccc aaactcatgg gcacagggca ggggttacta     72960
     ctgagagctg tggagggctc aggtgaggag actgagacgg ggggcctgag gcagctgtga     73020
     gggtccctgt tttgctgtgg gtggtctctg tgtcctgata ggatctcact atgtagaaca     73080
     ggctggcctt gagctcaagg gctctgtctg cttctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggatcagaga     73140
     gaacgtcatc atgtcagttt atccatttca actttgggac aaaacagaac aagagctttt     73200
     aagttatgaa agtcacacgt ggttgctgag aaagacgtac agcgcaggct gtgtcttata     73260
     acggacacgc ctcacccctc aggactctaa atcaactcct gtagtcctct ggtttgcact     73320
     gtctaacatt tattatacat acgggtgttg ggctttttgt tcaaacaggc tggcctggaa     73380
     cctgtgattc tcctgcttca gctcccaagt gcttggatga caggcgtgag ccaccatgct     73440
     tggctctacc ctattctttt agatttattt attattatat ctaagtacac tagctgtctt     73500
     ccgatgcacc agaagagggc gtcagatctc aatatggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     73560
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttaac cactgagcca     73620
     tctctccagc cccctctacc ctattcgttt tttttattat tattacatat tttcttcaat     73680
     tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagtcccc caccccctcc cccccactcc cctacccacc     73740
     cattcccatt ttttggccct ggtgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcctgacc     73800
     aatgggcctc tctttccagt gatggccgac taggtcatct tttgatacat atgcagctag     73860
     agtcaagagc tctggggtac tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccaccgata gggttgcaga     73920
     tctctttagc tccttggata ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggggccctg tgatccattc     73980
     aatagttgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cccggcctag tctcacaagg     74040
     gacagctata tcaccgtcct tgcaacaaag gcttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgtcatcat     74100
     ttggaggcta cctctaccct attcttaaaa aaccaaacca aacaacaaca acaacaacaa     74160
     caaaatcttt caacgcggtg gtgcatgtct ttaatcccag cactccagag gcagaggcag     74220
     aggcagaggc agaggcaggt ggatctctgt gagtttggga caagcctggt ctaaatagtg     74280
     tattccaagt cagccaggag aggcctggtc tcaaaaaacc caaaacaaat aaatctttat     74340
     tatttattac tggtgtatgt gatctgtgtg atggggatgt tgtaatacag cacatgaatg     74400
     tgatctgtgt gacagggacg ttgtgacacg gtacatgtgg aggctgaggg acaactatac     74460
     aactggtcct ctccgccacc tttatgtagg ttccagagat cacactcagg tctctgggct     74520
     tgtgcagcaa gagtctctac ccattgagcc atctccacct tatcctttaa aaacctgggg     74580
     gcaagcacct cgatcactga gtcattccgt caccctttct aatgacagag agtgtcccct     74640
     gaagccatgg cagggcttgc ctgagggact ccccacagaa ggtgacaccc cttttctgtt     74700
     cctatgagcc atgctgtggt aaatagatca cctctgcact cattgaccca acaggcacag     74760
     gggacacatt ctcagagcag atctgagggc aaaagggaca caaacctgta ccatcctgtc     74820
     accactgcca cctagaggct ccacttcagg ccaacagtct cccacacatc tgacaaactg     74880
     acatcctgag tagtctctgc tcactgcgct cactgggagc actgttttct ggctattcgc     74940
     cacctcgact gctctagctt ccctgcgagg gctggtctcc taggccagtg gttttgacag     75000
     ctgttaccag tccagccaag ccatctctaa tgtatccgct tatcaaaaaa gcaggactag     75060
     acatggtgcc ctcggagtcc cacagtctac actgccctag atgttcccac cacacctctt     75120
     tctgtcctca actgactctg ccccggccac tgcactttgg ccggcacgtg aacattacaa     75180
     cctctgtaat ggcttgtggt gggaaatcac ttgtgtgagg tgtgtgtgaa acccagccta     75240
     agatgcttcc tgcccagacc cagatatggg gacaaggttg tcaggacagg cggccaggcc     75300
     agaccgcgtg cctttctctt ccctgttcac ttgtcctcag catcttcatg acacctggca     75360
     cactgccaac ccccttcccc tcccccctct tccctctccc ctcttccatc tcccctcttt     75420
     cctcccttcc ccctccctct ccctctctgt ctcggcaagg tccaggctat acagaccagg     75480
     ctggccttga actctccggg atcatcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg ggttaacagc     75540
     acacactgcc atgcttctgg tcccttgttg tgtaaaagca gcctgtgaca gtgctgagtg     75600
     cattctggat cctggaagct accctctctc tgcaggacca tcacaccaca gccagacaaa     75660
     aacatgggct actctggact ctcagacact ggtctttcca ccctaccctc tgagtgctaa     75720
     agaggaaagg ccttgctctg taggtttcag gtgacatggt tcaaggattt ggccacttct     75780
     tgattgcagg cccaggcaaa ggtttatcct accccatagc cctgtgacct tgggtacccc     75840
     tggagtggcc tatccaactg caaccagcag caagccacgc ccatccctgg gctgagggcc     75900
     gatccaggat caccaggatg cactggccca agacagccag aggaggcgag gctgaggagg     75960
     gaaatctagg ggcctgaggg gccctgtgtg caggcaggat gagatgacag ggccatgctg     76020
     gctaccagag aaggtcacca ttgccaccaa cggaggctaa atgaagtgac ccggcaagtg     76080
     ggaggagcca gctgagccct gatgctcaaa agcagcccat ggcacaggca ctcactcaga     76140
     ccacttggca tttccgctca aacatagcgg agcacagggt tagtaccagg tctcccgggt     76200
     ccggtggtcc atgacaccga gtgcagcttg gactatgggt gcatcccagg ggtggtgtct     76260
     gtccacacaa ggctatctca tgcacaggct ctggcaccaa agcctgtttg ttaccaaacg     76320
     tgtgcaggtg cacatgtggg gccagagaca tctgatgggc aggggtagga taagggacca     76380
     acaccttccc acctcccaga aaagctcatg tacagctcac ctacactcct gtatgtgatt     76440
     tcccagggcc cctcggctca ctggctagtg accagcatgg ccccaggctc tagcatcagt     76500
     cactctactt cttggcaccc cacgttgttc acagaaacct gaacccccac cgcccggctc     76560
     agccccctcc atacctgcac agctgctgga aggaagcgtg tgttctggtc ccccattgag     76620
     ctccggggct ccgtcaccca tggccacttc ctctttctcc tcttcccggg cctcaggggt     76680
     ctcctcctgt ggctgttcca tgactgaccc ccacttggcg tggcgcctgc aggcctggtc     76740
     atagctctgc caccatctgg gtctgagcgc agatggactg cctgggcagg gagagacaga     76800
     gatggtcagg gaaaaggtgg tgggcacagg caccctgcag ggccactgtc acacagcagt     76860
     gctgctcctg tgcccctctc agtgcctgca gtttctggtt tctggagaca gagctttata     76920
     aagcccagga tggactgaat tggccatgcg gccaaagatg acctcaacct cctgtccctt     76980
     tgctctcagt gctggaacac tggtgtgagc gatcacccgg gggattggta ctcaaggcag     77040
     cccacccccc acccagccca tggctcagga cgcagctgtc cagaaccgct gttctgagga     77100
     gtggtctgtc ctgcctgagg taggagggta gagaacagct cggcgctccc actgtgctgg     77160
     ctgccacaga ctgcagagcc agcttgtcct cccgggattg ttccaggagg ggctgggcac     77220
     tgcctagttt tatgtcaact tgacacagtc tggagtctga aaggagggca cctcaattga     77280
     gaaaatgcct ccataagatc cagctgaagg gcattttctt aattaatgat tgatggggga     77340
     gggcccagcc cctggtagat ggtgccatcc ctgggctggt cctgggttct ataagaaagc     77400
     aggctgagca ccctccatgg cctctacatc agctcctgcc tccaggttcc tgccctgact     77460
     tcctctgatg agcaggatat ggaaatatta gctgaataaa ccctttcctc cccaggttgc     77520
     atctggtcac cgtgtctcat ttcagcagta gtaaccctga tgctactcca aggttcatca     77580
     aataaaaaac tgcccataaa tcctgttctc agagtgacaa ctacgggtgg ggtggggtgg     77640
     gggagggctg tggagggctc acccagcaga gaatagcaag agtgcagctt cagcttctca     77700
     aagctcaggg gagccctgtt cagagcctga gctccagcgt ggtcccctcc ttatgcacgt     77760
     cccacaggca gctcaaaggc atcccatgca aacagaaaca ccctttgccc aggaagccca     77820
     gcttcattca ggacctgaat ctatctatct gatcaccaag gccccatggc acctggctct     77880
     cctcaatggc taggtttgga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga cagacagaca     77940
     gacagacaga caggcagaca gagacactga ctgtgtgtgt gcacactctt tcgagtgtac     78000
     atgtatgaga tttatttttt tttgtttgtt ttgtgaaata agatctcttt atgtagccca     78060
     gggtgtcaac caggctggcc tagaacttaa aaagatccat ctgcctccgt ctgttaaaca     78120
     tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc cctgagggtt gtatttctaa cccctgtagc tgtgaagcac     78180
     aagcacattt aacactagtg ctgcccagcg aagcgcctct gtgctccacg tcctccctgc     78240
     tcacactgcg ttccatccgg ccatgctgag tcctggaccg caatgtggcc tctccgaggc     78300
     tgtgctctgg gcagctggac ttgcagccct gaggcctata tggtagagag ctagaagcca     78360
     gggatgtgtg gatctggagg attctggcta agtgatggtc acaggaagga tgtgagcagc     78420
     tcatcacaag agacaccaca cagacagaca cacacacaga caaacccctg cctcaaatca     78480
     agagagaaga ttaagtctgg gagcgggctg tgagaacagc cgaggaagtg ctgacataga     78540
     agctggtccc ccatctatcc caagacaaag cacaaaggct gcagtcctgt acaccaggca     78600
     ggagatgtag ctcagtgggg agtgtgcttg cctctctagt gtagccaagc ctctatgggt     78660
     ttgatcctca gcacccatta gccaggggtg gtgatgcaca tctgtaagcc tagcactcag     78720
     gaggtggagg cacagggtaa gaaagtcagg gttggggctg gtgagatggc tcagcggtta     78780
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc tcagcaacca catggtggct     78840
     cacaaccatt tgtaatgaaa tctgatgcct tcttctggtg catctgaaga cagctacagt     78900
     gaacttacat ataataataa ataaatcttt gtgcctgagc gagtggggcc agagtgagca     78960
     gagggcctga ggtgaattcc cagcaaccac atgatggttc acaaccatct gtacagctac     79020
     agtgtactca tatacataaa ataaataaat cttttttttt ttttttaaag aattagaaga     79080
     ggacattcag ggctacaccc agctgtacag aaagtttgag gccagcctgg gttataggaa     79140
     accctatcaa tacaacaaaa accctcgtaa agtacaagaa accgtgtgtt aacataaaac     79200
     acatcttttg tgagtaagat gtaggcctga caataaactc ataacagctt tatgggtatc     79260
     aaggttacag gtaaaagatt aacagattta attatataat agttctacag agttagaggg     79320
     aatttaagga caagcaggtt aaacccgaac cccagctttg tctgcagccc cgctgccagc     79380
     gagtgcttct caagcattcg ggacccctgg tctgcgcagg cactgcacag gggaccagtt     79440
     ccaaggttag cctaactaca gagcaagtgt gaagccagcc taggcaacct gagacactgc     79500
     cttaaaacct aacctatcaa accaattaga caataagcag agaaaaatgc ttccaacttt     79560
     tatccaagtg ctaagttccc taaaacagct cataaatttc ttaataaaga cgaattacgc     79620
     aacctggaca tggtgtctcg cctgtgctca cagcacggag gctggagatg gtgcctcgcc     79680
     tgtgctcaca acacaacacg taggctggac atggtgtctc tctcgcccgt gctcaccaca     79740
     cggaggctag ccttgtctgc acagagagtt ctaaggcatc cagggctgca taactaaagc     79800
     cgtgcaccag cacacctgag atgtgtgttt caaataaaaa ggctaccact cggggacgcg     79860
     gccccctgga gaggctgggc aagcatatgt ggatgctggg tttaatccta ggagctgagc     79920
     agcaacagcc accatccccc aaaggcagcc aagcagacca tctacctctg accccacaga     79980
     gtgagaggaa gactggtacc acaattttag agccaaattt gaagcaagca taagtactgg     80040
     ccaggtctgt actggtttgg ccttcacagt aaggaggagt gcacttgctt ggaccccgaa     80100
     gccccacttg taggcagtgt ctacagttat tcttacctat acgcggaatg atggtatacg     80160
     ctaagacaag gctatccttc catgatccaa ctggagtggg gcaacttagc agggctctga     80220
     cagccacaga gaatggctgt ggactgacat ggggcaccca ttggcaagaa caatccaggg     80280
     acagaactgg atgaaataag ggggtgggga gagccagctc actcccgtcc cacctctact     80340
     tcctggccac caggatgtga cctgtgtctc cccaccacga aggaatgaac cctttgaaga     80400
     gaagcaacat aagtaattcc tccctttaat gtgttctctt gaatgttttg gtcagaaata     80460
     caggcaggaa actgattaac atggctgtct tttctacaaa tagttagaat caggatgaaa     80520
     cgtgatggcg cacgcctttg atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag     80580
     ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac     80640
     cctgtctcag aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacccaccac     80700
     caccaccaac aacaaaaatc cccccacaaa aataacagtg atgtggaagg ggacgctcag     80760
     ccttcaactc tcaggtcttg atttcccaga agtcagctgg agatgtcgat gataacattc     80820
     agatgagtac tgggctacaa ccagcagaat ggggaagctt tgtgacaccc tggcttaggg     80880
     ctggggtggg agcactgggc caagcctgaa gacccagctg gatccctggg gacccatgtg     80940
     gtgtagggag agaaatgact ttgcaagcta tcttccgatt ttcatgggtt agctgggata     81000
     tgcgtgcaac acacacacac acacacacac acactcatgg gtatataccc atgtacacac     81060
     aggcacatat acacacactc atggacacgt gcacacacac ataaattcaa cggtaagtaa     81120
     ggtctagcct gctgactggg aaagacaagg aaggtggcac gaagactaaa tgagtgaggc     81180
     tcctagaaag agctttgaca ggaagaagac acactgtctg tactgggcct tgtcagccac     81240
     agagacaaga cgtttgtcca tctgttacat gaggagaagc tgggtgaggg gcacacagca     81300
     cattaatttc aagtgctttc tgaccaagcc actggtgcct gggctccatc tccactcccc     81360
     tactgtcctg tccctggcag tccattcact cagccctgct tggcataaac agcccttaag     81420
     gaccaatgcc tcagccctca ccccagtctt aaacacagaa agggacaaga gcttggaaat     81480
     gcttagaagg ggctgtcccc tccctgcatg tggcccttac agtgcagcca ggtgtcacct     81540
     ccacctgtct gtccagttcc ttcactgttt ctgctggctg agcattcatg aggccagcaa     81600
     tgtgcaacaa aatccctgga ctgttccgat tctggggccc gcgtgcgcgc gcgcacacac     81660
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc acacacacgt atgcattcgt     81720
     gagtgttcag tacacacagt cccagctcta ggacccaggc tcacctccca agaagagacc     81780
     ctgggggata ggagggagga aagggagggg tagatatggg agtggcaagc cccacccatc     81840
     tctcactggt gggggagggg ggtcgggaat tgtgcaggca gaggcagaag caggagctga     81900
     acccaatgac cctctagagg actgccacac agcagaagga ggctgcaggg aagggcttcc     81960
     tctcaggaca ccccgttgct gctgcctggg agatgagcta agggaccgca ggtgctctgc     82020
     ctggtggctc agttcccatg ctggctaagc aggctatgtg cttggtgaca gaaggcctgc     82080
     cctgcctggg gtggagatag ctgggggagt cagcatgcta ggtccccctt cataagcccc     82140
     aaatcagagc tttctcactc tctaccaccc tggggctagc tccactctct ctggcttact     82200
     aaccctgtgg gcactgaccc ttcttataaa tacccaaaga accggatgct actgtcccca     82260
     tttaacagat gaggaattgg tagctcgagg tcaagtctta gtcacagcac catgtgcctt     82320
     ctgtgcactg ctgggtcaag aacacagcag aagcaagctg gctcagaggc aggctccaga     82380
     gtgccggaat ctcctgtcat tctgagtcag gagccctcac accgcctgac ttctgtgtgg     82440
     ctgtaagccc tcagctcagt ctgtcacaag agtctgccac agagcccctg ccacaaagtc     82500
     accacgtcat agctgaggtc accacaggct ctagtctctg agtcttcctc tagcccttcc     82560
     ttctgtcccc tgtcccctcg caccaccatg acgctcaggc cagaggctca gcctgggact     82620
     ggagtgccgc tggctcctgg gaggctcacc ggctccctgg gctccccctg gcgctccttc     82680
     caagaagcct tcctgggcta gcactacccc accctgctta cctcagtcct gtctccagat     82740
     ctgcaaggtc tgctgccgcc ctggcctcac cgcaccacca taccccagga ctgtcctctg     82800
     ctctgctggc acggtgcccc ttagtgagtg ttcaacaggc acttggtgaa tggataagca     82860
     ctcggacagc cttggcctgc agccctcgcc aagggatacc atttcctcat gtccctgcca     82920
     ctcacatctg gtgcccttta gaagctacct ctaccagctc ctgggtcagg cttccatcag     82980
     accccggctc accacccctc ccccaatctg gggatgacac tcgtgttccc aaagttctca     83040
     acgaagtgca gctgcctacc aggcagtaag gtccaagaag catagagaca ctgaagcagg     83100
     tgtgcagggc agggcctccg gcagggactg tgactgcagt gtgtgtgtca ctgcctttgg     83160
     tctggaggag actctgctga gccaggacac tgattgtaaa gtgcgcaagc tctgggaccc     83220
     cgagaccacc acagttctca ctccccaatc ccgtccacca caggagatct tcagggcctc     83280
     cctgccctat ccctgaattc tctgaagagg cacaaagtca aacagaagga gactgaccgg     83340
     gaaagagcac tgttgtctct actgagacag cctgtgcctt cctcacctcc tgcccccacc     83400
     actctccagc ttccactcct tccctgccga ctgtggaggt gggggtgagg gttacaagtg     83460
     tccctgaggc acaggttgtc ccatgcctct aatgagtggc ttgggaccag cgtggagggg     83520
     ccctaagaga aagtagctgg atgatggtcc ccagctgccc tatcaatcag taatctgtgt     83580
     gctgacccag tgacccaatt ttctgggcca gcaactctgc agtactcgct gcttcccatt     83640
     tgccaatcca ggtcacccca tgtcctcagg gtacctgagg ccagggtaga ttcaccctag     83700
     tgggtacctg aggtcaatct ccaaaaacca gaaagagcag gtaccaaaca ggacaaaacg     83760
     gcccttgtat ttctagttag ttctctgagc atccagaagc agcactcaat gaaaataaaa     83820
     gctctggcag ccagagaaag agagcaggag ctcttgcctg agctgggaaa caggaagtga     83880
     ggggcctcag gtgggctgcc agcccggctc tcagcagccc ttgactctgg gatgggaggg     83940
     gtaatgtcca ccccaccccc aaccatagat agatggagaa tgttctagaa tgccatttca     84000
     caaacaagaa acgtaaatta tgtgaggact tgggctcaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     84060
     aaaaaacaac aacaacaaaa acccaagcct ggtgtagtgc atgcctgcta ttccagctga     84120
     ggctgaggca ggaagactgc tgcaagttca aggccagcct gggctagcta catagtgaga     84180
     tccagccttc cctaggcagg ggtgggcatg cagttagatg gcttggtgta taaaggtgct     84240
     ttaccaccaa gcttgatgaa ctgaattcaa ctcctgggac ttatacggta gaaggagaga     84300
     attgatttcc acatgaacca gaagtaatgg catgtaactg tacgcgcgtg cacacacaca     84360
     catacaaata agccaaaaag atagctttaa aagtgcttgt cacaaagtca caaagacctg     84420
     agttcaactc ccagaagccg ggggtgggag agccaggagc agcgacacac atttatactg     84480
     caggagtgtg gagctgaggc tgcgaagaca caggcaggca ggctagatgc aggtcagtaa     84540
     gagatggcag tcaagggacc tgtggctgcc acacccaagt gaacacgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     84600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatct gtgcatgcac acatagaaac     84660
     ccgcccacca cagagctaaa gagtgcattt gttttatctc ttttgacaca tgtagccctg     84720
     gctgggctgg aacccactct gtagactaag ctggctttga actcacagag atccaccacc     84780
     tgtctctgtc tcctaagtgc taggtctaaa gatgtgtgct gtaatggttg gcttatttcc     84840
     ttaattataa tcttgtgttt aagtcccacc tggcttcctt ataggaaaga ctcctttaaa     84900
     ggtgctgccg tgctaagcag gaggcctgcc tgggttctgg gaaggttcac aatttttcta     84960
     acagagtttc taagcaaagg ccttcagcag ccaggggctt cagagcacga ggctctgctg     85020
     ccatactgga ggcatcccca aagcccttcc cacagggcct cggagcaatg tctgccaatg     85080
     tcctcgctct tgctcagctt cctctcggtt cctgccagcg gctaccatct gctggcattt     85140
     actcggtcaa caaacatttg ctaagtacgt tggtcaagaa actaacacaa atattgaact     85200
     gtgactgatg gccgtgcctc tctgaataac taatacccgg ccccatgggg caagcttgga     85260
     gcacgctggt ttcaatcagg cctctgatgg acacaggaca cacaggactc cagatgcaaa     85320
     gagaagggtc atgtgactgc agctgggatg gctccaggta cagagaggtg agcagtggga     85380
     ggggcatcaa gctgggaaaa gcaggggctc aggagggctc tgaaggggtt gggcggaact     85440
     gaagactgtg taccccccac acccctccaa ggccgtgtag ggtgtgagga ggaaacacca     85500
     ggagaacctg gcatggtcgt tgacgcagtt gcctgcctat tcctagaaag atgcaggctg     85560
     agttgcccaa gcatagctga caggctgtgc ttctggtggc tgctctgaga ccccactgag     85620
     ccaagtggcc attcaggaat ctgcagcacg ccttgcccac gcgccgcgcc aacgcactct     85680
     ggtgagcgtg tgcagcacaa gtaaatccaa ctgacaggaa gagccgcgtg cctgggcctc     85740
     acagttccct gtgaggtgtc ccagggaccc cagagctgag gactggctgt ccctgctgtg     85800
     aggctgtacg gtcagcaggt accggtccag agacatcact ttcctcccta atccactaag     85860
     accaggaggc cttcaggtta tggacgtgcc ctcacccctg tctcctctca cctaccagcc     85920
     ctgagccggg caggcagcac tgatgctgag caatgacaac ccgggatttc actttatctg     85980
     acctctgtct gggggatcca gcctgtcagg agcagatgag aagctggcca gggggaaggc     86040
     atgaaaatga cctgaggaga cagggtgatg gccagcaagg aggcagggcg ggtgagggag     86100
     aggggagcca caggaactgc acagctgtga tgtggccatc catatctgtc caggggacta     86160
     tgggaaggtt tgagttctgt ctggaaatat tagccgatga cgggcacttt aattccctgg     86220
     gcaggaaaat acataggtgc cggctccaca gtttcaacgt cgagacatca gcaaagagct     86280
     aatgcaaaga gagggatggt cagataaaca gagtgcatgc agaaacacag aatataatcc     86340
     agcacaaaca cgctttctca gcatacttaa cagaatacaa atggcgccaa gcactggctg     86400
     ccgagaaaaa tggctacagg acgaaaggcg gttgtaggtc cccactggca gggctaggtg     86460
     atcttttatg ccactgcacc ttttagcttg ttgtaaagag cacaggctgg accctctgca     86520
     cactccttct gctcagctgc cacagtcacc cctgcttcga catgaccatg tgtctctttg     86580
     ctggtcctgc ccaggccgta gttcctgtct cacctcctac tggccttctc tcaaaggtga     86640
     tcagtgagcc accctcaagg acttgcattc tttcctgctt caaccttagc cagagctcct     86700
     cagccttctg gggtctgctc acagtgactc acctgtccag tcagcacttg tctcttccct     86760
     acagagtgta agtctgtgag atggctcagc ggttgagagt gctggctgct cttgtggagg     86820
     tcctaggttc agatcctggc acccacatgg tggctctctt ctgacctctg tggccaccac     86880
     atatattctg ccagacacac aggcaggcaa atcacccact ggtagaatga gaagtaacca     86940
     gagaccagta accactcagc aaaaccccag ggaacagagc aggactagct ctgccatcag     87000
     gcagaacaca cagtggtcag cttagttccc attactcaca atctcctcta acttcagctc     87060
     cgttgatctc cctttcctgg cctctgaggg tttctgcaga cacacacaca cacaaggctg     87120
     aactgctgtc tctccctggg cctctgcttt cagcccacct gactcttctt tctctctaga     87180
     gcagtggttc tcaaccttcc taacactgca acccttgaat acagttcctc atgttgtgct     87240
     gacccccaac cataaaactg ttgctacttc ataactgtaa ttttgctact gttatgaatg     87300
     gtaatgtatc taatatgctg gatatctgat atctgacctc caaaggggtg gagacccaca     87360
     gggcgagaac agctgatcta gactattcta gatcctggga actcataaga ttacccaggg     87420
     taagccgggc gtggtggtgc acacctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg     87480
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctgc agagtgagtt ccaggacagt cagggttaca     87540
     cagagaaacc ttgtctcaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaaa     87600
     caaaaacaac aacaaaaaaa tggaactaga aaatattaca tgaggtaacc tggctcagac     87660
     agacaaacac cgtctatgtt ccctctcgag gcaggatctg acttctgatt tttgtattgt     87720
     gcacttaaat ggatgtcatt gtaagtagca tccagggtac tgggaagggg agcaatgtaa     87780
     ggggtgggtg gggaaggaaa cagaatgtgt gagatgtgaa tgtgggtagg gaggattgtg     87840
     gggaagaaga cggtatggga agcaagggga tgagagagag caccaatggg gaggaccaac     87900
     caaagctaag tgtgcatgaa tatgtacaaa gaaacctata gtttgtgtgc tgattaaagg     87960
     taaatacatt ttttaaatgt gattttaaaa gattaagaaa atgtgattat cattaaaaag     88020
     ctcctggtaa gagatggaaa accatttggt gtccttgctg cacctgtgac tctctgaggc     88080
     cccctgctgg cttccaagga ctctgcacac actcacaagc acacacgaag ttcccaataa     88140
     gggagacaac aacctttatg tggaagtatg tccaatggta gcccaggagg actcaggtgg     88200
     actgctatca ctgcccaggc ctctggcctg caagcagcgc ccctgaaggt cactctggtc     88260
     tctgtgcact gaaccctcag cctgctgtgt gccaagcctg cgctctacct tgagtcccgt     88320
     cttcatggcc ctcctgcagg ttatctaagc ctgtgctcca cgcatactgt ccctccctac     88380
     accctctatg agtctgatta tcctaacctc aaacttcctc ccaagtccag aacatagtgt     88440
     gatagttttg tcaacgtggc atcatgaaga ctcccctggg aagagaggct cagtgaaggc     88500
     tgtttggatg aggctagcca gtggtctggc cttaggagga gtgtcttgac tgcataagaa     88560
     tagaagggag gcctcgacca ccgtgggtga caccattccc ttggctgagt cttgaattga     88620
     acaagcacta gacaagcttg cattcattct ctctttgttc ttgactgtgg actacctgtt     88680
     tcaagtttcc gccttgattt ccccaaaatg atgggctata ctttggaact gtgagctaca     88740
     ataagccctt cctcccatca ggtgcatttc gtcagggtat ttcatcacag ctccaggaag     88800
     gagacgaggc tgggggtttg cccttgtgct gtttgctaac ctgagctcag gcagctcaac     88860
     aacttcatat cccatccccc cttgctagag aggtgggaag ccagcgggac agaggaggaa     88920
     gctctggtgc caggctcagt aaaaggctca ccccagctcc atcttaccaa gctgggaact     88980
     cctgggccac tgtttggcct ttctgtggct caagttgccc atctgaggcc aagactaata     89040
     tccacgagct cgggatggga attagttgtg aaagacactc gacaatttta aagatgtatt     89100
     tttgttgctt ttgatgtgag tgggtatgtg tccatgtatg ccaaaagaag gcatcaggct     89160
     cccaggagct ggagcaatgg gagtttgtaa gctatctgat gtggggtgct gggactcgaa     89220
     cttgggtcct ctgcaggagt aataactgac ctcaagctct gagccatcgc tccatcccta     89280
     ttttaacttt gatttcttga aagtctcatg ctggctaggc atagtggtgc acaactgaaa     89340
     tcctagcact tgggaggctg tggcaggggg atctctgtga attcaaggct agcctggtct     89400
     gtatagagag ttccaggcca gccagagtta catggtgaga gccagtctcg gaaagaggga     89460
     gcgagggaga gagggagaga gggagagaga ggagattgac tcatatagtc tcatgcagct     89520
     cagtccagct ttgaattcac caaggataac actgaactcc tgatcctcct atctctggca     89580
     ttatggacct gctgacatca cacgggcatg ctgacatcac acaggcatgc tgacatcaca     89640
     caggcatgct ggtactgagt gaagaagtga agcttgaagc tctgcctatg aggtgactca     89700
     gtaggtaggg catgacacat ggcacttgcc atcaagcctg gtggtgccct gaagtgagcc     89760
     cacatggtag aaggagagaa cagactcttt cctacaagct gtgctctgac catcatacat     89820
     gggcacaggc acacacagag ataacaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaatgtac     89880
     ataagtaaga actttaaaga aaagcatcgg ctaagctccc aggagcagtt gaggagggtg     89940
     ctgacgtaag gaagcctcag gtcagcctct gtttgcttct gagcacacac ctcctggggc     90000
     tttcgagttc cagataaggg ctgcttcact cagctctgga aagcaggaag tccccaaggc     90060
     tttcctggtc cctgagaaaa gggacaaagc ggttgagtgg agaggcagcg gagcagatgg     90120
     gctctccctg ccctagtaga gcactctaga gatgggagcc caaccatgcc ctccacagat     90180
     ctacccgcta ggatccccca gattcccttg gcagcctgca cgctcactca ggagggggtc     90240
     tgcggatgtg acagagaaat aacgccggaa gcaggctaca ggggtgacac ctgcacacca     90300
     cattaacagg acagtacacc tcacacactc aggtcacact gggctccttc acctcacaag     90360
     caaggaaccg gctcgacaca gaatgccgag gacacatgcc tctgtgcacc agatgttaca     90420
     ctggtgacag ggacaacctg taaacactgg ttcattcagg agtgctgaaa tgcaggctct     90480
     gaggtggcca tgagccaggg gaagacatcc cagcactttc cccagcctgc acagagcaac     90540
     ctgttccttg ccaggactct ccggccttgg cctccaactc atgagcttcc cgggaggccg     90600
     aagagggagg acagcacaga acaggcactc ggaacgccca gagagctgac tgtcttggtg     90660
     ctgtggcaat aggcagagga caaggtggcc cagacaggaa agacaacaaa ctgattcagc     90720
     cctagccacc gacttctcaa caataaatgc tctggaggac accgaggagt gctagggaca     90780
     gagtcctctc tactcaccca gggctcagga gcggcttcct tgaggatgcg gatgctgcaa     90840
     actggataga gacaggtctg tgggctggct gtgggccgcc gcagcagagg ccactcagcc     90900
     agtcccgggc cactcggcac tcagctgccc agccctcttt tctggaggcc tctaccacag     90960
     tctccaccca aatcctgggg ctacagcagg tggtagctcc ccacccacca taacctgctt     91020
     ggcaaggcct tccgcacctt tccccactga agcttcctgc ttctctcttc cccaggagtc     91080
     cagatcgagg cagggccttc cttatctacc tgggattcac aggccagctt gggaacccta     91140
     ggcactgacc ttaccatggc tcacagtctg ctccttacag cctgcacgtc cccgagggag     91200
     taggtggggg ttggaagggt gcctgcagga taccttggac acagccttcc ctctaaaaga     91260
     ggctgagagc aggcaggggg cctgcagcta gcccagcgga gggcctgctt tctacctgag     91320
     actgccaggt gcacagggcg ctgggaaaca cagggtgtgg tgtcctggga gccctgtact     91380
     ggagtgacct tagtgctggc caaccacatc agaggtagga ctggcacagg gacaaggcaa     91440
     gactgtcccc aaacacaagt aagcttggct catgagcaga gtggcctggc ctgggagctc     91500
     aatctcacgc agcctcgggt ccggaagtgc tgttacagtc atgcgaagag gcagcagggt     91560
     tgagtggtcc caaacccagg aatactggtt ctgaaggttc atcacaaaac gcttctttct     91620
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg     91680
     ctgtcctgga gctcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc     91740
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cactaccaca cccggctcac aaaaaaaacg     91800
     tttcttaact gccattactc atgacatggg agtgatggtc gccagtggct cgcacacgca     91860
     gaggtcagtc cttccaggcc tctgctggta ctaaaggcat ggcctttagg tgccttctat     91920
     acaatgggat ttccattcta tagtcctggc tggctgggaa cccacgatct ttcctgaacc     91980
     tgcaggtggc aggcctccta gggaaagcaa cctcccgcct ctgagacaag gtttctcaca     92040
     ggtctggagg ctggtgagca ggctaggctg gccggtatgc cccagagacc catctctctc     92100
     cacctccccg tgctgcgctc gcaggtgcac agccaagctt ttagtgcagg ctctggaaat     92160
     ggaacttagg ccttcacact tcatatcaga aaattaaatt aaaacgagcg tgtggggccc     92220
     cgtgcctgaa acgccattat cagcacagag atatgggaag atctggagcc tgagaccctc     92280
     ctttgtctca ggcatcaaaa aatgaaggaa gcaggaaaag tcagtttttt ttcttttaaa     92340
     attcataaag tgaaaacatt cctttaaaat tctgtgtgaa agacacagaa taatttataa     92400
     attgaagggt ttctggaaat ttctgttcct tgttcccaaa tcctgacagc cagggactgc     92460
     tgggaacctg cagtccttta ggccctttct tatgtggctc caggggcagg ctcccgcagg     92520
     cacgcacgca cagcagccag agtcctcctc aggtagagtc acttcctggc ccggcgtggg     92580
     tgctgagcat gtgtaaacac actgacccag gcaccaacag ctgtgtgagg agaccacaca     92640
     ggaagcagag cctgcagaag aatgaacgct ggcaaggtgg gaaaggccaa gcaggagggc     92700
     tagtggggca ggcagagcca gtgagccgca cctcgctgag gcatccagct ctcagataag     92760
     gcgcaggccg tggccttgga tcccaggtat aacacgtgaa cctaactctg aggttggact     92820
     tcggagggga gacctcggat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac taaccctcag gctccatccc     92880
     cagcgcttgc acggtctcta actacagttc caagaagatc tgacaccccc tctggctttc     92940
     acgcagtact gcatacacat gatgctgata cacatgcagg caaaacacca gtaagtataa     93000
     ggtaagttaa atcggagtgg aaagagacag aagaaagaga gagagcacca gaggtcggca     93060
     aagtcagtgg agaagcagag ggcctgacat cttaaaccca gcagtagggc gctccctacc     93120
     ctgaggcatc cactgaggca gctctttctg cctgggccac ctcagccact actcactctg     93180
     acttatgcct cctcatccgt cagacatggg cttggccacc acttccttag ataagcctcc     93240
     gcctccccat ccacagctct tcccacgtct gcttgctaac gcatctgaca tgcatttggc     93300
     tgcctggggt gtgaccacag gcacacctga agtcaccata ggtgtctgtt gccaaggggt     93360
     gatggtgacc ccttccagaa ccctggagag gtcctgagtg tccagtcccc accagagcaa     93420
     tcccaatgcc cctggaagag ctgacagcgc tcctgaccag tcaccatcag caagctttgc     93480
     ttaatgctgt gtatgtgtga ggccctcgga ggacaagtgc tgggtaccct cgtttcccac     93540
     aagctcccca agtggtgggt acagagcagg catgtgctga ccaaaggcga gttcaagact     93600
     gcccagaggg gactgagacc taagcatggg tgctctgcct gtgtgctctt cctgcccttt     93660
     cttatgtggc tcatttaaaa cactgagcta gctcaggctg ggggggacag acggcacaat     93720
     tggtaagtca cttgtataac tatggggacc tgagttgaat gcctggagct cacatgaaag     93780
     agctgggtgt ggtggctgca cctgtaagcc caacactggg gaggcagagg caggcgggtc     93840
     cctggggctc actggccagc cagcttagcc cacttagcaa gctccaagtc ccagtgaaaa     93900
     agtctgtctc aaacaaggca tgtagctcct ctaacctcct cctccccaac agaaggagct     93960
     ggctcatgtc atgtccataa gagaagtgtt catctctttc atctctgtgg agtgcctgca     94020
     gcctgcctcg ggagctactg cctgttctga gtctcttttt tttgtttgtt tttgttttta     94080
     tttttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga     94140
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgtc taccaagtgc tgggattaaa     94200
     ggcgtgcgcc accaccaccc ggcctgttct gagtctctag agcagaacat tttcatgttc     94260
     tggaagcttc ctcactggtt caaagaagag tgggctctat cgctcctttc cggcctgtct     94320
     acactgagct aggaagagct ttgctctatc gctcctttcc ggcctgtcta cactgagcta     94380
     ggaagagctt tgctctatcg ctcctttccg gcctgtctac actgagctag gaagagcttt     94440
     gctctatcgc tcctttccgg cctgtctaca ctgagctagg aagagctttg ctctatcgct     94500
     cctttccggc ctgtctacac tgagctagga agagctttgc tctatcgctc ctttccggcc     94560
     tgtctacact gagctaggaa gagctttgct ctatcgctcc tttccggcct gtctacactg     94620
     agctaggaag agctttgctc tatcgctcct ttccggcctg tctacactga gctaggaaga     94680
     gctttgctct atcgctcctt tccggcctgt ctacactgag ctaggaagag ctttgctcta     94740
     tcgctccttt ccggcctgtc tacactgagc taggaagagc tttgctctat cgctcctttc     94800
     cggcctgtct acactgagct aggaagagct ttgctctatc gctcctttcc ggcctgtcta     94860
     cactgagcta ggaagagctt tgctctatcg ctcctttccg gcctgtctac actgagctag     94920
     gaagagcttt gctttagacg gcccagttgc ctcaagtcta cagcttaaaa cgtgtgtgtg     94980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag agagagaatt     95040
     tatttatttt tatgtatgag tgtttgcccg aatgcccctt atagcatgtg tgtgcaatgc     95100
     cgcacaggcc agatgaggga ctgaggagag tgagctgcta gtacttgtaa ctgctgagcc     95160
     atctctccag tgccggcttt aaggcattat agtgtccagt ttgcatgagg atcttcggtt     95220
     aaactacaca cacacacaca cacatgcaca cacatgcatg catgcatgca ccacatggac     95280
     atccaaatgg tttcaaagag aatgcagtgg ctgatactga gagtccaacc acaggttcca     95340
     gtgagaaaga aaagctagac gtgagatcaa cttaggctcc ccagcttcgg gttgtggagc     95400
     aggaagagag caagtgtgaa cgagtgtgag tatgcacagg caggagccag gctcacaccc     95460
     gtgttctatg agagagtgtg agtgagtgaa tatgctcagg taggaggagc caggcacaca     95520
     cccctgggtt ctgggggtgg ggctgcaagc ccagagatag ctcagctctt ttggtcacac     95580
     tttctgatct gtgtacctgc tatttctgta tgaacaaact tgttaacctt cagacaagca     95640
     aacaagctgg gcgtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc     95700
     ggatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaaagtga ttctaagaca gccagggcta     95760
     tacagagaaa ccctgtctca gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagacaaaaa     95820
     aacaaggcgg gcgtggtggc gcacaccttt aattccagca ctcgagaggc agaggcaggc     95880
     ggatctctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta     95940
     cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa ccaaccaacg aaacaaaagg     96000
     caaataaaca ggcagaacct ggaccatcaa gagttctccc cacccgccct gagggcatct     96060
     gaggacaggg gggtgggggg gcaccctgga aacctaggct caggccccag gcaccagaag     96120
     attctgccac aggcctggag gcaagcacct ggctctgatc aggctgcaga gacagccagg     96180
     gcatgggcac agacaagctt gtgatttcag cgcttggcag tggggagata gtgagagttc     96240
     aaattcaagc ttgtcacggt gcgcctgagg tcagagagag agagagcatg agactggaca     96300
     ataaatgtat ttgtgggatt atttttttat tttattttat ttatttgctt tttttgagac     96360
     agggtcccca ccccaccccc gcccttagtt ggttgtcctg gaagtccccc tgtagaccag     96420
     gcaatcctca cagaatccgc ctgcctcagc ctcctgagtg ttgagattaa aggtatgtgc     96480
     caccactgcc tggcttatta ctgtttttca agacagggtt tcttggtgta gccctggctg     96540
     tcctggaact tgctctgtag accaggctat cctcaaactc acagatcctc tgcctctgtc     96600
     tcctgagtgc tgggcatgtg ttaccatgtt tggcttaatc gtttttgttt tgttttgttt     96660
     taaatgtaca gagacaagga tggcctgtga gctcacccag tgtgctcctg gggcttgggg     96720
     aataccaaca actgatacat cccaacctct gtcccacagc caagagctgg gtgctccgag     96780
     tcactgctcg ttttactgtg ggccagtgct gcctacactc ctgcatagcc cacactcatc     96840
     tttctgctgg gaagtcgtgc gcccccctcc ttatggagat gcaaaccctg ggaacttcaa     96900
     agaggaccag agcatctggt acccaagagg ccataaaggc tgcaatgccc ttctccaagg     96960
     acagagctgt ccacagggca gcccggtctg aagccccatc cctatggcca gtcggataac     97020
     aagagggctc ttaccgcctc ctaggtttgt gtctgcatcc actcttggct ccaacttgac     97080
     cttgacctta gacttccaga gcaactgctt cctctcacat cctcagagat ccaaatcatc     97140
     ccaggaccaa agcgaccaac tgtgtgcact gagtcctgag tattcttctg cctaagtcca     97200
     gccaagcccc aaaggcacac cccctgccct gcccagccta cagctagact gctgctagct     97260
     tggtcccctt actcccccgc tcctgtcaga acagtcccac actcctgagg ggtccaccca     97320
     gggtggactc agctctgggt cctgcctctc tctttgctct cccaggtcaa gtccagggct     97380
     ctaggctggg cctctgactt ggccatgcac tgcctgcaag cctcctcatt cttcctgaag     97440
     ccaggctata gaccgggcag aaggctgggc aggctccagc taagcttctg agccctgcag     97500
     tgggacagtc ttcttcccac ccaccaggcc ggcacgaggc tgccactgga ggcttcagaa     97560
     gcacaactga cctgcaatac agaccattac actgctctct cctgcctgca agtaggtccc     97620
     tagcctgttg accctttcct ccgcctccag gatgggggcc cttccttgct cctgctaccc     97680
     acctgtgtcc ggccaccttc ctgccccgga tgaaaccatc atccatccat cctggtctgg     97740
     aatgcgtctc ctgctgactg tctaaatccc acacagaggc ccttcagagc tctgagcatc     97800
     caaagcagtt accttacgcc acacacagtg ccggcatgct ctcctctccc atctctctgc     97860
     tccaccctgg gagctcttgc agttaggggt cactagccta cgcacacagg ctgggcaatg     97920
     tcctacctag ctcaagacct gtctgtctgt ccttcgcctg gagctgcctg cagacattcc     97980
     tctaactggt ccgaccactc cacatctcta ccacgataca caagatctca cttcttatcg     98040
     tggcatccca cacaggcctc tgcatgtggg tgcaaccact gcctacccat gttagggaca     98100
     tgcttcccaa atccctgaga taggcctgca agggaggaac agcaggatca aagcagagca     98160
     ggtgcggaag ctgagggcgg cgcccagagc cactgacaag ttcctgagga acagcgcacc     98220
     tgatcgcctt cccacccaca gtctccccgg aagcggtcca aatcccgcag caagtgaggt     98280
     ccggaactga aatctttact tgacttaaga aaaagaaggg gctggagaga tggctcagcg     98340
     attaagagca ctgactgttc ttccagaaga ccaggttcaa tttccagcaa ccacatggtg     98400
     gctcacaact gtctgtaact ccagttccag gggatctgac gccctcacac agacccacat     98460
     gcaggcaaaa cgccactgca tacaaaacac atcaactata aaagaagagg gagaggagaa     98520
     agcctgcagg gctgaggtac agcccagggg acgggtgagg caggtaagag ggaggccctg     98580
     attcatcctt gcaacagcac cctaccccac ccccaatgcc tgcctgagtt ctcagagagc     98640
     agcactggac agacctggga aggggataag aataaacact gggccggggg tcggggctgg     98700
     gggaaggggt ccgggagtgg ggagggggat gtggttcagt gtttgccttg tatgtacaaa     98760
     gcctaaagct ccatccccag cactagggag ggcagggcag gagagttaca tgttcaaggt     98820
     catccctggc tacacagcaa gtttaaggcc actctgagaa gtacactttg ggttcagtag     98880
     cttcttgaga gctaagagca gttgattggc taaggatgag gtcaaggcct cataacaacc     98940
     atctcaaaac aacggtggag tggggggtgt ggggagggag gaagaatttt cctctggatc     99000
     caggagggaa cttcaatgtt tattctcaca gttaagttgt gtttgtctca catggcaata     99060
     cctctctggt cagcatggac aaaatgctca cactagttaa caattctgga aaaagacctc     99120
     atggttctga ggactcacgt cctcttcctg atgccccgct cttagaggag actggcctct     99180
     tagaggtggc ccagtatgcc cacggataag gtaatttcca gccctggtct ctgagcggct     99240
     aaggcgggag cggctcttca agcatacggt tcattcccag aggctcctac gaagccagct     99300
     gcttcctcag ggtccaggtg gtggtgctga cgtcagaact gaagggagaa aagccaccca     99360
     gcaacaagga cagggatgac aaaagggatg agcacaggag tgccactggg aggctgctct     99420
     ggggtctcct ggctcctttc tcatctgtgc ttgctgcctg gcttgtccct gactggcctc     99480
     tggaaagagg atgcttgagc tgttgctagc agacaggagg cactaaatta atgctgcatg     99540
     aacgtcagct gactgtttat gtttacccaa tacaatatcc actcgcttct gcttgccagt     99600
     tctattccag gtagcctgtg caccagtgaa gtacttccca ccatcccccg tgtcttagtc     99660
     agggttttta tgtgcaccag tgaaatactt cccaccatcc cccaaccccc gtgacttagt     99720
     cagggttcct attcctgcac aaacatcacg accaagaagc aaactaggga gaaaagggtt     99780
     tattcagctt acttttccac attgctgttc atcaccaaag gaagtcagga ctggaactca     99840
     aacaagttag gaagcaggag ctgatgcaga ggccatgaaa ggatgttact tactggcttg     99900
     ctcctctggc ttgctcagct tactctctta ttgaacccaa gactaccagt ccagggatgg     99960
     caccacccac aagggccgct ccccgactga tcactaattg agaaaatgcc ttacagctgg    100020
     atctcatgga ggcatttccc caactgaagc tcctttctct gtgataactc cagcctgtgt    100080
     caagttgaca caaaaccagc cagtacaccc tgcaactatg aacagccaac acgggacaag    100140
     atgctaaagc taccaggagg gacatgctgg aaagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    100200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgcctttg tatatttcct cctgtttcct cccaccttgg    100260
     tgttagatca caaagcagta agcccacacc taaaccatcc accagatttt tttttaaaga    100320
     tttatttatt acctgtaact acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa aagatcttat    100380
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac aatgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac cttcagaaga    100440
     gcagtcagtg cttttaacca ctgagccatc tcgccagtcc cagatttttt tttaaaaaca    100500
     cggtaatgaa cgcccactgc tatttctggt cgagttacta attcccactt gttttacaaa    100560
     tcagttgagc ttggagtggt ggtgcacaac ttatgctagc attctggagg caagtatatt    100620
     ctgtatatta gaggctagcc tggtctatat agcaagtgcc agggcagtca ggactacaag    100680
     gagaagccct gtctcaaaaa tatcccaacg aaccccaaat taactgagcc tgctttttca    100740
     tcccctcact gatctgcagt tttagaggcc atgctgtatt tgcctgtgtg tatgtgtgtg    100800
     tgtggtgcgt acgcacaagc gtgtgctcct ccctcccaca tcctgggaac tgaggaggat    100860
     catggcccga aagaagcgaa agaaggaggg aggagatggg agggaggcag gaggagggaa    100920
     aaaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagagcaaag ggcaggagtg cagcagacac    100980
     catggagccg agtcaggggg agatgggaaa gggccaccac agccagcaat gtcaacagcg    101040
     gatactcctc tgtgtccctg gcctttgcct ggatatcgtg gtgctttaaa gataaagcca    101100
     cagctctgag atgctaagta tagagcccgc agtcctggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    101160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg cgctgtattt tattcacgtt tccttaggag atgagacatc    101220
     attcctcccc ttcctccctg tccaagtgtc tcaggtgtaa catctagaac catggcaacc    101280
     attctggacc atgagaaaca caggtacacc ctaaaacagt acagcagggc atccatgaat    101340
     gtggggtgct caggctgctg gctgtgccac ccgaggaccc acctggacct gccgcagagt    101400
     cggcttgctt catttctttc ctcagcagca cctgagctac ggcctctcac ctgccctgcg    101460
     gtcctgaccc agcggtggct gtggctgtga gctgcttgcc tacaaagagg gaagtcgact    101520
     agaaaggctg aggggctaat ggtaacaccc gggttctgtg gactcaggga ggagagggac    101580
     tgtgctatga gcacctccgt atctgaagca atggtactta acactgcaca cgcaggtgct    101640
     taaatcagga cggaagactg ggagctgttg gagaggagtc ctgggtcccc gctcgggata    101700
     aggcatctat ctatccatgc cttgatgttc cagcccggga gacagaaccc caccttcccg    101760
     tgaaactgct ctcagatatg cgctctgcag tctttcaatg aatgaatcct ctctctctct    101820
     ctctctctct gtctcctggt acaggggatt gaggtgccgc tgaggaggga ggctcggatg    101880
     ggcttgttca gccgagctga gcatggtccc ttgcacttgt ttgtcttaca aagccagaat    101940
     ctggagctgg gcgaaaaggg aggaaaggct tggagtggtg gtgcacaact tatgcttagg    102000
     ctttgagtgc caaacaagaa ccaaagagca caccacgtca aagcatgcaa ggttctagct    102060
     cccgagccct cggcctgcag gtagttagtt cagcttgcta cctttagtgt caaagaccta    102120
     aggttgccag gaaaggcaga caggctggcg cacgcagggc ttcgtgtacc acaccaaggg    102180
     tgtgctgtca gcagcaacag gacttgaagg accagaaggc atcccctccc actcagacac    102240
     acatcccaac tagagagcac ccccctgcca gaatgagtga ctggagctgg cctccgagga    102300
     cctgaggacc ctgggctcca caccacaggt ggtagcttga tgggcctacg gtggctcagg    102360
     tgcaggatga agacggagcc tcagggcgcc tagcacagga gggctggcca cttaggctgt    102420
     acagggatgg gtagggtgtg gtgacacaca cctttttatc ctagcacaga gggtttccac    102480
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacatagta agttccagga cagccaggga tagagagacc    102540
     ctgtctcaaa gcaaacaaac aaaaactaag taaaaacttt agaaatatac atgtgtttaa    102600
     cttatgtgta tgagtgtgtg tacctctggc agccagcaga gggcgccagg tcagatccct    102660
     gagctgcctg acatgagtgc tgggaactgc actgggtcct gtgcaggagc agcgactgtc    102720
     ttgcctgctg agaatggctt ctctgtcaca cgtcctcagc caatgctgct tcaccagtgg    102780
     cctagcaaca gaccagacag accatgggct ggaacctcca agtgcattgc ctacctcggg    102840
     cgtacgatca ctgtgacagg aagctgacta acacaaataa ctgctcctga cggacacttt    102900
     cccagcccag ctcccaagac tcctccccaa agatgagctc agaagccagg gagcaaagca    102960
     ttagtgtgcc agccaggcgc atgcacacag cagacgcaca gaccgacact ggaaacccaa    103020
     gactctgact ggagaaggaa ctttagatga cgcaagctga cacagcacag acagaagaca    103080
     cagagacacg gggacacggc caaggctcag cggtacaatg cttgtttagc atccgaggcc    103140
     cgggttgcac tcccaccaca gagaggacaa atggaatcgg cacactaaac ccctcacgta    103200
     ccgtaccgct aggaaacaaa gggacagact tgtgcatggt tactagctag tgtctacggc    103260
     acaggcgagc ggcctgtgtg aagaggctgc cggtctctaa accagtttca ttctctaacc    103320
     ttttcctttc cctttggaca caaggtctca cgtagtagcc caggctgccg ccctcaagcc    103380
     tactatgctg ctgaggataa cagccctgaa ctgactctcc ttccacctcc caagcgctct    103440
     gacaggccag cggggtctgg tcggctctga caggtcagcg gggtctggtc ggcttacact    103500
     gtcaacccga cccagcctgt gctatccaag aggaaagcct tgactgagga actgcccagg    103560
     aagcttgcct gtgtgagaca gaccgtcttg gctgatctgt gaggtcccgg cccactgtgg    103620
     gcagcaccta tccctaggaa tagaccctga gctgtgtaag aaagctagct gagtgtgagt    103680
     ctcagagcag caacagaacg gttgtgttcc cctatggttc ctgccttgag ttcctgtcct    103740
     gactcccctc aacgacagga tatgacctgg gagtgtgagc caaacaggcc cttcctctcc    103800
     taagctgcag aatagacact gggacaccat aaccagctgg gtggttctca aagtaaaaag    103860
     atcaaagcag agaggagaat ctgtatagtc tacttctaaa acaaaaaatc caaaatggag    103920
     gcataccccc aaatctagcc ctaggactag ccaggagacc agcaggcagc catagttcac    103980
     acccaccttg ccctgagccc tgcccctgcc aggaggcatg acagaggcat gacggcagga    104040
     gggttctggg cgcagcagca gagcagggct ttggacctat gaagcacagg gatcaaccag    104100
     atgagcaggg gtcaggccct gcatcacaac ctggccactt ctactggcaa aaccaagctc    104160
     caacatacat aaccagtcac ctggacctca gcacaacaca tcggtgacag gagaggctgg    104220
     gacaagccct gccggagggc ttactaaggg ttccagagtc taaaggacag aaaggacctt    104280
     gtgggatctg gggtaaggcc atgatgtcaa ggaaagggta tcagagggag gaaatgtacc    104340
     tttcctctgg acatcattgc tgggcaccgt gctgccctgc tgccctgctg ccccgcagct    104400
     gtgtgctcag tgcctggggg agccacgtac tctccaccgc tgactctgtt taaggcctcg    104460
     tgtgtggctc ttcacggccg ggattcgtga aggctctagg ctctgtgcct gtggctttca    104520
     ttttgttctc ccaatcaagt gacctagaaa ctcctgcagg cttgggtggt gtgagccctg    104580
     caaaggtcat actgaaacgc agtcaccaag gcaacagtat caggaagacc agtctctggg    104640
     aagtgaacag cacatcctag aactcagagt gctgaggcag gaggattgta agttacagac    104700
     cagcataggc aacacagtga gaatcaagaa acaggactgg gcatggtgga ggatctctgt    104760
     gagtttgagg ctagcctgga ctacatagca aatcccaggc caatgagtgt gacacagtga    104820
     gacctcatct ttaaaagggg gggagggtgt gggaaaaaaa aggggggaaa aaaagaaaga    104880
     tggaacggag tctataggat agatggataa aaactgcctg tgatcctaga aaaacagaag    104940
     caggaaacac gtgcagcgct gaagaccaag cacaggcagg cagatgcgca gggagaagtc    105000
     tggtatggag ggggagcagg gtgcagccat ggggagcact ggtgaacaga ggggtctcag    105060
     agcatcagag agggggcaaa gcaaaggaca gtcatagtcc agagcaggaa aaggaggact    105120
     gggcacggca gcagggaagg gaaactgagc cctagaacag cagagtcaca gggggcaggg    105180
     gttaggcagc tgctgagaaa acagcaaaag cataaagggc cctttggggg gcaccaaatg    105240
     cagcagggac tcggagatgc caaaaaaagc tagggggcac aggagtcttt aatcacactc    105300
     aagggaggca gaggcaagca tctctgtgag ttcaagcctg gtctacaagg taagttccaa    105360
     gacagccagg gctatacaag aaaccctgtc tcaaaacaac aaccaaagga agggagggca    105420
     ggagggaagg cgggaaggag ggagggatgg atggagggga gctagaagca tccctgggac    105480
     tggggtgggg ggtggggagc agcactttca gagggctgga accagtgcag gaggtgtaag    105540
     gcaaagtaca cagggactga ggcagaaaac aagggagcca aagaaaggtg acaagaccac    105600
     cagatgctgc ccaggaagaa ggtggtgggc tctaggccct tagcagagcc tccaagtaca    105660
     ggtcccaaga aaagtaccag tgctagactc ctcagtctcc cagtgcacac tccacacatg    105720
     tgaaagaccc ccatggtgtg agcatgtttg gagaggctgc tgagacccaa gctctctgga    105780
     actctaccca gcagactttc ccagacagga agtgtgtgga ctccctgctg gggtgactca    105840
     ggcagcatgc acagctgtgg cccccccccc ccaacctctc cctgacaggc aggcggcctt    105900
     gcagactaca tcagacttcc tggaagtgtt cctctctgac atttctgatg gcacacagct    105960
     ttggagtgca cctctcctca tgacttcaga aggctttgat ggccacatcc ggggcccata    106020
     cctctcacgc acacgttacc cacccgatgc cactccctta ccagagcatg cccattcgtg    106080
     acactgcaag tggaaagagg gcttcctaaa ggcaacagga agtgatgtaa tcctaggagg    106140
     cctgccagaa cttatgtggt ccgtggggaa aaacacaagc aacaattcct tttttttttt    106200
     ttggtttttc gagacagcat caatttctaa gcaaaccagt tactacggcc ggcaggaagg    106260
     tagcacactc caaaagacca cagacttctg tatgaactca cccacactca gagggctggc    106320
     aagctagacg ctctcatacc gcagcgagaa aagtcactgt gagggctggc cagatggttc    106380
     ctcaggtaaa gaggcttgct gccaagctca tgaacctgag tgtggtcccc gagacctgac    106440
     ctccacgcgt gtgctgaggt gcgcaggtgt gagtacacac acacaataaa caaaatataa    106500
     tacaattaaa aaaaatacca acgtcagcca ggcatggtgg tgcacaccta taatgccagc    106560
     actcagtagg cacaggcagg cggattcctt tgagttcaag gccagtttgg tctacataat    106620
     gtgcttcagc ccagccaggg ctacacaggg agactctacc tcaaaaccaa actaaaccat    106680
     attaacacca aaacctatcg atcaatctct ctgtccctgt ctgtctctcc ctctctctct    106740
     ccctctcccc tcccctttcc tccccctccc ccacagagtt gcagacctac cctggcatgc    106800
     taacacacac ctgtcttccc aatactcagg aggctgaggt acagtatcag aaagtcaccc    106860
     tcagccacac agctagtttg aggccagtgt aagacacata agaaccaacc ccacaaaaaa    106920
     aaaatctaaa gcgcacacct gccaaaagca agccaggaag gtttgatggc caagagctgg    106980
     gccagcgggg gtggggtggg gggcttcgga gggtgacggt aaggagccaa gccaggaaga    107040
     ggaggagatg agagcaagga gctatgcagg gaagggaaag actggtgaga agctgagccg    107100
     gcaggggtga gggggcaggg caggggtgga ggtgaggcca ctctaaggaa ctacttttcc    107160
     agacatgagg gcttctgagc aggaccatca gacccacact gcccccttca tccacagatg    107220
     gccttctatg cctgggcagt acagcacagc cctgaatccc acttggctct cggctatgtg    107280
     ggacctaggg gcagccacag tggatgcttc agcccaagta cacaaccaac acaacactga    107340
     gcttgctcag aggaggctgc tgagacccta caggctcgtc ctacatcccc agtgagcact    107400
     cccatggctt tcaatgagcc tgtggcaaga cttcccagat agaaagtgta gaaacatgcc    107460
     ccccccccat aaaacccata atgcagttta atttgtgaat caggcacaga gagccccctt    107520
     gggctgcaga cagcggtctg aacggtgtgc agatgagtac agctccctca cagagcggca    107580
     gggacacttg ggacgcactg cggattctca tggatcttac agtcataatg gaaaacggtg    107640
     agatccattt gcagacaaat ggataaagct gggaatcatt atgttaagta aaataaaccc    107700
     agacttaggc gggcaaatgg gggacagggg acggcggggt accaggagtt caactcatcc    107760
     tctgctgcac agaggctgtg ggagactgtc tcaaaaacac aaaagtaaat aaaaagacaa    107820
     aaaaaatata ctagttttct tgtgtgcaga ttatagattt cagtatgtgt gtgtgtccct    107880
     gactgtctgt cagtctgtct gtctgcaatg agagtataga taaggttgtg atgaggaaga    107940
     aagtgctctg ggggaggggg ggcagaaagg aggaccgtgg ggaggatgtg gaccagccac    108000
     agggagggaa gggaggtagg gatgggggaa gaataaatta gattgtcctg aacttatcaa    108060
     gacaccataa ttaaacctat tattttctct gttcacttca acaatacatc aggcacagag    108120
     agtgattaac agtggtcatt aacgatgaca tggagtagtc agcgcaggga tgtaataaaa    108180
     tactgtgatg cccaggacat tccatttggt tctttcacag cacgtagtga gtgaaactgt    108240
     actgtacgtg aggacgtgag ggaccctgta aaagctggtg agcacgtatg agcagggcct    108300
     gacagggaag accacatatc ccgcactgct ctgctgttaa aaccactcgt ccagccttga    108360
     tatgagggct ggtgcctgat cttgttgtaa gactgtttgt ttgcaatcca ggaggcctgc    108420
     tcttttctcg ggaaggggag gtgtgggggg ggaggggcgg gggggggact gtgaggaggg    108480
     aggaggaagg ggcaactgtg gtcaggacgt aataatatgt gagaggggaa taaaagcaaa    108540
     caaaaaattc ttggggttgt tgggatgtct tctggaggac acaagttcag ttcccagcac    108600
     ccacagcaag cagctcacaa accacctgaa acacgcttca ggcgacccag agccctgagc    108660
     accagcacat ccctactaac agacacagac acatggattt taacaactct cttttttttt    108720
     tttttttttt ttttgaggag gcggtggcgg aggcagaggc ggaggaggag gcagaggcgg    108780
     aggcagatgt catgtatagc tcaggctggc cttgaactca tggttctcct gcctctacct    108840
     tctgctacta ggattatagg catcacccct tcatccagca gtatattaaa aacaaaaaag    108900
     aaaaatgaaa aagaaacaaa aagtctaaac tatccttggg ctaaaaagcc ggctctgtgc    108960
     ttgagagctt gtgttgctct tacagaggtc ctgagtttgg gtctcagcgc ccacatccag    109020
     tggtgcaatc atctataaat ctctccagcc ccgggagatc ctgtgctctc ttctggcttc    109080
     tgcgggcact gcactcacac accacataca aacaaacaaa ctaactaact aataaataaa    109140
     cgcaaacaca cccacactgc tagtaatata accatttcat gccgcttata aaactgtccc    109200
     agggctggag agatggctca cccattaaga gcactgattg ctcttccaga gggcctgagt    109260
     tcaattccca gcaactacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct gacgccctct    109320
     tctggtgtgt ctgaagatag ctaccgtgta cttacatata attaattaat aaataaataa    109380
     atcttaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aacagtgtcc catttatgcc cagagaaagg    109440
     agccaagact tttacaaatg atcacgtact ggaagttaca tttacaggaa atgtcccagt    109500
     cccagaggca cagaaggagc ttggcagttg cctgggaggg agggcggggg taggggtggg    109560
     ggtgcgctgg gctgggaaag gcccatggga gtgtggacac agacttctgt ttggagcaat    109620
     gacagtgttc tcagagtagg tggccagctg tgtaaatatg aagccattaa accacacgct    109680
     gcgcacagtg ctgagcaagc agggttctgt caaacacact tgaaatccta aagcatgccg    109740
     actgaagcag ctgggcacca ggttcaaggc cacgcaacaa gactgccaat attaaataga    109800
     taaaaatgta taggtgtgct gggctgcggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga    109860
     ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gacagcctgg tctacagagt gagttctagg    109920
     acaggacatt taagccaagg gttcactgtg cctttccctg tttaagctca gtggacatga    109980
     cagaaaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaacc aaacaaacaa    110040
     acaaaaaagt ataggtgtgt tgttcctgtg ggggctgggg gggggggtgc agagagagac    110100
     agagaaagca ggacgatatc aatgagacat cccaaagaat atccactgac acattaagcc    110160
     gtggtgattt ctgagcaggt tctaggtaat ttgatttttt tttttccttt acatttctta    110220
     gtgtttccca ccgagggaat gaggttgctt taggagggag tcaggtctct ttctgagatg    110280
     cctgtggctg tgggaggagc cgctaacagc aaggcagtct acacactaat cagtctacac    110340
     actaatcagc aagggggctt ctagttctgt gggccaaaat tcctggaaag tccgcccacc    110400
     atgccctgtg tgggactcac ctgtcgggca ccacctggca cagctgtagg gttgtcagcc    110460
     tgcacatctg cctgcagtgc acagcagtgt agtgtgaggc tcccaccccc agcactgcag    110520
     aaggggaact ccgcagggaa gttccaggcc tgatgcctga gggcaacgag cagatcccgg    110580
     gggcacaacc tattttggaa ggatcttggc tgccaacatg gattgggaac tggcacagtt    110640
     cccactttag agggtgagag gggacactgg caacatagga ggcagacatc agagagggac    110700
     tccatatggt aacagtgtgg tgatagtagg ctctgggtcc aaccccagct ctccatcgct    110760
     cgatcatgga tggccatata ccctatgcca ctcttctcat cgagaggtag agcctgtctc    110820
     tagatggctg agccttggac tcccacatgg cgcccggctg tcaggggggc cacctgaaag    110880
     agcagaagtc atgcagaggg acaacttgtc agctgggcac gttcagggtt cagaaccagt    110940
     agccaggccc gggcacacct cagagtcagg agacaggata atggcagcag gcagtgctca    111000
     gccagagctg tatgaggcca gcttcgcctt gacaagtcag agtcttggct ttcttatcct    111060
     tacgcaggga atgctaactt ggacgggcag catctgagac tcaacaggct ggttttggag    111120
     ctgaggaagc ttcattctct gaagtacagg aactattaac acttcctgca actggggagg    111180
     gaccttcgaa caaacagccc ctgttcccag tgactcacca cacaggtcgg ccacaccagc    111240
     gtctcaacag acagcctctt ccccactagt gctgtctttg ttggagggac ctttaaaagc    111300
     cagcctcccc cacctccctc cagcatccag agaaggacca ggacctcctc acccacaact    111360
     tccccatctt tccatggtgc ttgcagacat ggccttcaaa accaggcaga caccagcact    111420
     gtcagcaacc taacggctgg tggccaggct gggaggtggc ccagtgggta cagcgcctgc    111480
     cttggaacgt acgaggcccg gggctggatc ccagcacttg atggtggtgc gggtctcttc    111540
     tcagacagca gaggcaggaa aatgaggggt tcattgccat cctcagctat attgagtttg    111600
     gggccagcct ggaatacatg aaacctgcct caaaaataaa gggtgaaggg ggcaggtttg    111660
     agatggctca atgggtaaag aggcccgtga ccaagtgtga caaactgaat gtgaatttca    111720
     tccctgggac cacccacata gaaggagaaa actgactccc acagttgtcc tttgaccacc    111780
     acataaggtg ctgtggaatg tttatgagtg tgcacaaata catacaaata aataaataca    111840
     atttaaaatt ctaaggagta atgccgggcg tggtggcgca cgcctttaat ctcagcactc    111900
     gggaggcaga ggaaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc    111960
     caggacagcc agggctatag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttctaaggag    112020
     tagacatcag ggttagagag atggctttat ggtgaagaac atgagctgcc cttcagacga    112080
     ccgaccgggg tttggttccc agcaggcaca cggtggtttg caaatgtctg taactccact    112140
     ttcaggggat cctcctgctt cagccctccg tggataccag gcatgcagga gctgtacaga    112200
     cagacataca tgcaagcaaa acattcatgc acataaaata atttttaagt agagatcctc    112260
     tgacatccac agataaagca gggacagcgt acccacagag gatgagggca ttgcggagaa    112320
     gcaatgaaga gatgctgtct ggtcagcaag gagagctgag acattctcag tgaaatgcag    112380
     gtggtccagg gagcacagca gccaccaggg cagggagcat ggaagcagtc agccacccca    112440
     aaagcaccga ggtcagagga gggcttcaca ggggcatgcg ctttaaccca acactaggga    112500
     ggcagaggca gggatcacta tgagtctgag gctagcctgg gctacacagt aagttctgat    112560
     caggaagggc tacagagcga gaccttgtcc ccaatataaa taaataagaa aagtttttta    112620
     aaaggaagtt tagggttgga gagatggctc agcggagaag ggcacttgtt tctcttgcag    112680
     aggacccagg tttagtttcc agcatcaaca tggtgcctta tagccatgac ttcagtcccg    112740
     ggggtccagt ccatgggcac caggaacaca tgtggtgcac gtgcatacat gtaggcacat    112800
     ccacatacct acaacagaca taaatctgta ggaaatgccg acacacgcca cacacggcac    112860
     agatggaccc tgaaagtgtt gtgctaagtg gaacaagcca ctccgaaaga gatgtctggc    112920
     tgtgaacctc acttctgatc tcagtaccag gacatgaagg caggcttata agtgctctag    112980
     gccaacctag atacatacta agaccctgtt tcaaaaaagt tgggtcgagt agaaggggct    113040
     gggggcatgg attgcagtta agagcaagtg ctgctcttcc agaagaccca agttcaattc    113100
     ccaggaccca catcatggag ctcagaaccc cctgggggat ctgactcctt tggcctcttg    113160
     ggtacctgca ttcatgtcca catacgtaca cacagaccca cacacatacg ggtaatgaga    113220
     acataaaaag ggtgagaaga gagagagggg agttatgtcc tgactcctgt cagcaccagg    113280
     aaggagtgag ctggaagcag agggcagaat ggtggttctg gagcagccag ggctggaggg    113340
     agcaatcggg agctgatata tggaggggtt cactttggga attatgaaag agttccagag    113400
     ggggcaggca gatgatggca gaaactatgt atatagttaa agctacttaa agatgactaa    113460
     gaccataaac tgcacgctgc acagatccag gcaaaagcct ccacacggat gctcacaaca    113520
     gaggaggaag gaaatgaaaa ggaaacgagg gagaaagcac ccaaatgtcc atcctggaca    113580
     acgagataaa caaacgtccg ttactctaac agaagtgttg tgggtttgtc ctgatgctgt    113640
     ttgtcctcga ggcccagttg gacagccctc tgggttccga gcagccgaga cagaagagag    113700
     gatttagtaa gtgataagtc aggatgagga gcgggaggtg gattagccac atggaggtgg    113760
     cccagctact gtgctcacat acagctgtgt gtgtctttca ttcgggaaca caaaccattg    113820
     aggcgggtag caaacccgcc atcgagatat ataaacagtt aattcaatac acaagaatgg    113880
     aatgaggtca gggctggcat gcggctgtta gcagagcact tgcccagtat gcacagagac    113940
     ctgggttttg tccccagtgc cacataaaac caagcttagt agggtaataa acccagtact    114000
     gaggaggtgg aggcaagaca tggagttcaa ggtcatcctt agcttcataa ggcatttgaa    114060
     gccatcctgc gctacaagag gacctgtttt cagaaccaag aaagggtggg gaccaggagt    114120
     gggcaccagc acagagtagg atcgcatggg cagactgcaa acaggatgct ggggttcagt    114180
     tctgtgagtg agacaatcct gagcagatgg cctgagttcc ttccttggaa tgtgtgtgat    114240
     ggaacatggg atgcatgtgt aacccccaga accccagaga cagagggtgg aggcaggaga    114300
     atggtctgaa agctcatggg ccagctagcc tggagcacac agcgtgtgac agaaacaaaa    114360
     agagaacccg cctcaaacaa gatggaaaga cagagccaag tcctgcaaag ctgacctccg    114420
     acctgtgtgt gagtgtgccc acatcacatg caaaatacat tttcagaaga agccaggtaa    114480
     gaagtggctg taaggttctc acatgaacat acagaataga gacctatgag agggagacca    114540
     gtggttgcga ggtggacagg ggatttaggg tttagctctc tgaggtaggg gtgtgttttg    114600
     ggggtaaggc agatattgtg caattacatg gaagatctgg tcacgtgact atactaaaaa    114660
     tcaccttaaa ttgtatgtta cttcaggcat tatctcaatt ctaaaatgct aaaatatata    114720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca tacatacata    114780
     cagacagaca gaatagactg ggtgtggcac ccctggggag acacagtggg ccgaatcagg    114840
     agttcaaggc catcctcggt tacacagaca actgcaggcc agcctgggct acctggggcc    114900
     cagtatggaa agtctacact ataaaacagc tgacagtgtg ccctgcagtg gggtgaacca    114960
     gaatgggttc ctgtccgttc tcccctgcaa gcgtgcctgc ttgtcacccc tgtctgtgtc    115020
     cccttgcctt cctagcgacc catccaaccc ttccttcttc cctcaaaacc agatctacct    115080
     tttcctggca gaacaccacc taagtataga cttgccaggg accatctgga ggccaagatg    115140
     ctggcccctg aagttacccc agacgaactg cccaatggct agggctgtgg ttacaaccac    115200
     gtgtcagctg agggatgcgg tttcacatgg gaacttaatt atagctctgg agggaggaag    115260
     agagagaggt ggggcaggct tggagggaat ggacaggaag ccattgccct gggcctgggg    115320
     cacgcacgca ggctcacagg aacacacagc ttatgctaag tggaatcctg gtccaaagtg    115380
     cacccaggcc accatggcac acagaaaacc tgccacagag tctgactccc tctcctgctt    115440
     gctggagacc tcagtcatct ggtaggctcc tgggaacatc actcgctccc aggtctctcc    115500
     ctggcttgga gtttttcctg ggatggaagc tgagccattg atctaaggat ctgaccagtc    115560
     ccccaactca gtactacact gagatccctg cccactcccc aggaggtgcc aaggaggagg    115620
     aggaagagga ggagggggag ggggggagga ggaggaggag gagcggcagc tgctgctctg    115680
     gacttggtca gaacccacgc ctgggcactg ccaggtgggg aaagtaatgt gaagaaacag    115740
     aacccccgta ggggaccacg acacagtgag gcccacagaa gtacagctcc gtttctgggc    115800
     tccttgctct ccaggctttt ttctggtcag caagagctcc ttgcaacccc actccctcaa    115860
     ccctgtccaa gagggagcag gggaccaggc cttgtcctgt cagtcccagg gaccaacctt    115920
     ccatctcatg ttcccctctt atgagcccca gagattgctc cctcaaagct atgagagaaa    115980
     acctccaaac tggaggaggg ggccttttct agactggtac agaaagaaat ttgagtaaaa    116040
     gagggtacgg atcagaaaga aggggtcact gatagtagac ggcaaggacg tgctccatca    116100
     catacagagc gtgaagatgc cacacgaaac ccattgctgt gtgtgattct catatgccag    116160
     gaaacacaaa caaaaactcg ctaggcttac acaatcttcc agcccgcagc cacggctggc    116220
     tgcagcgccc tcactgcagc tgacgggaag ggaactgctt ttcttctcag ggtttcctcc    116280
     ttgtctcttc tcttctttct tcttttcttt ggggtggtgg tggtggtgta ttttgttgtt    116340
     gtttatttgt tttgaggcag ggtttctctg tgtagcgctg gctatcctgg aacccaatat    116400
     ttagaccatg ttggccttga acttagagct ctgaatgcct ctttctcctc agtgctggga    116460
     tcaaaggtgt tcaagtgaca ccaggcccag ctcggtcttt tctaaccaac tattagtgag    116520
     actaatgtat aggattaaaa tgtttttaaa atagaaattt aaagacctac cgatatgtat    116580
     gtctgcatct cagcctcaaa ccctaaaaaa gacagtcttc caactcccta ttgagtggta    116640
     tatgactgct ctaatgtcta accctccaaa cgcagtttta aggccttgtc cttccctgcc    116700
     actagctgaa tagcttacct gtggcaagtc cctcttctat aatcttgtac ccaacttcca    116760
     aaggcacaac agccacagag cacctgccca tttgctccag aggtcatgac tggtagccag    116820
     agcctcagga gatgtgcggg caaagctaga ggtggagccc agtaccctca ggttacagga    116880
     tttccctgta gccaccccct gcttcccctg ggaagtgccc cgtggggtcc ccaggctgtc    116940
     tccagcctcg ggacgattgc ataggttcac tgcagagatg cagtactaaa gttctgtcca    117000
     gcttacccaa agctgcatgc acatctgcag cacaggccaa tgagtggaca gccagggtat    117060
     aggacggaca gaaggacagc caggatatag gacagacagc tgccacccca tgggagacac    117120
     tcaggtagat ccgaggacct tccttcctgc agttgctcct aaccaccacg tcatgttccc    117180
     cccaattcct gggcagtgag gtagagtggc ccgtgcccat gcggcttcct gctcagagtc    117240
     cacagaaaca cgagtggggg ctgcttagtg tacctgcccc tccagcctct ggccaccggg    117300
     cctgcggtcc ctagggtcta cagttgacag gccaggaagc acagttccca gagatgagcc    117360
     agagcccctg tcattcctga atccccagtc tggaccagac catgaaaaca gatcagaaac    117420
     ggatattgaa aataagccag gtgggggctg gagagatggc tcagaaggta aaggcgcctg    117480
     cctgccaccc agcctgacaa ccttagtata accaactcac caaggaggag aggatcaact    117540
     cctgcaagct gtcctccgac agccacataa gtgctgtaag caagtaagtc agggccggca    117600
     ggcatgagga ggcaagagag aaggctggtg taaggagtca gggagggtcc gcatcctgga    117660
     gcagggctga agactagcac actagccaca cccatggagc cggctgaggg gacgctgtca    117720
     ggacaggcca tcagtgaact aagaacagag actcaaaata ccctcagact gtcagtaccc    117780
     tgctctccca ggatggcaag gggcaagggt gtggggggga gaggtgacgg agcaggtagg    117840
     tggggcgctg cctggctcaa gggagaatct gatgaagaca atctgtctcc tctccccaga    117900
     ggaagccatc ttagccatct ttgctttccc cctccctcat gatccagagc agcgcctaag    117960
     ccctgccccc acccccacaa ggctgaccca cagttacttg tgttcttctg ggtgctggag    118020
     cggggccagg cagccactga tcactgggcc ccctctgcct actgactgga atgagaccct    118080
     gcaggaggcc tgccagaagc ctgctctgct cagcgaccaa caagggacta actgttctct    118140
     gaaaccaatg ctgctctagg gactcagaca ggtgatttcc aagtagacca atcagatccg    118200
     gccatctatc cctcctaaga aacgttcacg gctttcagca gctgggttca aattccagct    118260
     gtgctgtaac tcacacacaa acacacacac cccacacaca catggactca cagactcata    118320
     catatacaca tatattcaca cagacgtaca cacgctcaca cacatacatt cactcactta    118380
     tacatcgcat actcatagac acactctcac acacgctcga gggcagagtg cgaacacact    118440
     gaggtgtgta agtgagcact gagcacctag cccaacatgg gcaggcactc tctaccccag    118500
     ccacagcagc caccaacagc tctggggact acaaacaagc agcctagctc ctgaagtcac    118560
     catatgagag ccaaggccac tgtgagatgc cccagcatca gtcccaccag ggaggacggc    118620
     gccaaggtca gaggacaaag ccaatctgtc gtgtccactg agcttaaaca gggaaaggca    118680
     aagtgaaccc ttggcttaaa tgtcctctgt acgagtgtgc ctcccagaca aggccaccct    118740
     gtggaggagg ccacactggg tgactcatca tcatcttctt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt    118800
     tgttgttgtt ttaggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa    118860
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag    118920
     tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccatgg tgttaccatc ttctacctga ctagggcttg    118980
     ctgagcaact ctgtggggag gccctggagg atgtccctga ccatgacccg tgaacccccc    119040
     tcagggctgg gagctggctg cactgcagat ctctgactcc tgacacacct cgggtggaca    119100
     gactgatggt ctcacgatga ggtggacgga gaaaggtagg aaagagggca agtgaaaact    119160
     gtagacccag ggaagccact ggggaagcca cggcctgttc atacacacac tctatgctct    119220
     ggggagtgtg aacacaagag tgaacaacat aaaggtggct gggctgacaa gatggctcag    119280
     tgggcagcgc acctcccgtc aagcttgacc gcctgagtct caacatccac agtcccatac    119340
     agtagaagga aagaaccaac tcccacaaga tgtcctctga tcgatacaca catgctatgc    119400
     catgtgtact tgtgtatagg tacactatca atcaatcaat caataaccat ttttctcaac    119460
     tgaagaaaat aaagaagcag gtggccttca cagtggtatc gtcagggtgg caatgtcact    119520
     ccacacttgt agagcaaagg ccagccctgc tcacacacat agataccagt agggtcagac    119580
     agttaaccag acaacagagg aaactctcta cagttgagcc cagcactggg cccgggcaaa    119640
     ttatactccg tgctacaaat atactcagca taaatgacac ctgctccagc tcacgaactt    119700
     actcagctaa agatggttat tggtcaatgg attatcagtg gtttccctca caaaccctgc    119760
     ctgtccctct acccagggga gaccatccag ggtcctgcca ctggtgagct gtgttactta    119820
     ctgaagattc ctattttctg ataagaatca atctgggcct ggcagtggtg gcgcacgcct    119880
     ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctgat    119940
     ctacagagtg agatccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaaa    120000
     aaaaaaaaga atcaatctgg ggtgattaca tggtaatatg gaatcaggga cacaggggat    120060
     ttaatacaca tagacagttt gtaccctggc ccccaggtga cagtggaggt tatcgtgggc    120120
     tggtggcatc ctggcacttt agaaagtgac cagggaagta gaggtggcag tgttcactat    120180
     ctggggggag ggtggcttta cagcctgggc atctctgacc tgtggggtct gagtctaaga    120240
     tgtccaagga ccagaagtgg aaaaggggtg caattgactc cctggaggct gggaagaagg    120300
     ctgggcatgg aggtgaggcc acagctgaca ggtgaatgca cactggttca aggaggtcca    120360
     ggtgacagcc acacacacaa ttgtataaac ctggtgacac tcctgggtac aaagcagcaa    120420
     atattccaga gaggaaagga ggcaggagca agggagactg acactcagct ctggagatct    120480
     ggacatcaag aggcccaaac tggtttccct ggaccaaagc cagcatgctg gcagagcggc    120540
     accccctgaa ggcccttgaa ggcctgcttc tttgcctttc ccagcctcag agccacattc    120600
     ctcacattct ctggcctcat agtctgtctt caaaaccaga agtatagcat cttgcacgga    120660
     ggtcacacac ctgtcctggg ccacctccct ctgcttcgca ctaacagggc cgcctccagc    120720
     ggccgaagaa ccaacccatc aggcaatccg gaataattcc tcaagagccc taatttagtc    120780
     acatctgaga aacccacctg gttgacagat ggttgctact ggccttcagg gacatcactc    120840
     atctcacagt ggcagaggca acccaaggac acttagggaa cacaggtccc tgtcgagact    120900
     gggggtctgg ctgcctccca gggtggcttc atcctttgga atcaccctcc tttggatggg    120960
     tggaggggga gggatctgtg tcagcagaaa catctaggct ttgggggact tctgtggaag    121020
     ggaaggggtt ttctccaacc tccctaaggg ctcctgagga cagcaccaca ggacctgcac    121080
     tggcatcaag aaaaacgtga gactatctgt gctgacatca aggggctccc ccactgtcct    121140
     cggtgctctt attgcacagt gagctgtcag agagttctgg gccaggcaaa ctcttgtgaa    121200
     tcaggatgac agggacacgg tctccctgca gcacatctac ctggggcaga aggggcttag    121260
     aggggtgagc agctgaggtc agagccctga tcctctgcca tggagagaag ggttggtgtg    121320
     tggcattgtg catagcaaat gtcaccaact gtcctgggaa tgtggcttct gcagaaccag    121380
     actggagaag cacacactag ccatgagtgc cctgggagat ggctctgtgt catccctgtg    121440
     acacgctgct ctttgtaagc cattctcagc ttcccaaagc cctcaggacc tggtaaggtg    121500
     acaatgagag tcaacgtccc acactttcct gttatcctta cccagtgtgc ccagctggcc    121560
     aggggtactc agggcaatgg ctgagaggtg gccctagggg tacacttgat gatatccact    121620
     ggcctctagt ggacaccagc taggcattgc tagctttacc tcctcacaca cacaggacag    121680
     aaggtcactg actcccccag tacactcaga aggctagctt gtactcatga cgttaaagca    121740
     gaggcagagt ggggagaggt tacagttaca agcctggaga tacttcgggc atctagagaa    121800
     actgagcaaa ccttggttcc ttggagatgg agatgagcag agctttgggt tccagaaaat    121860
     tccagcatgg tgtgcttgtg aggtgcgaga ggtctggtct gttgtgctgc cagctgggag    121920
     gttggcttgt gcactgtaga gaggaggcca agctccctga acctcaaagg tcatgactcc    121980
     tggacaggga aagtgccaag gctgtgccag ggatcacata ggacggatgc gtgagctcag    122040
     ggccaggcaa ctcccaacac ctgtgaactc ctccctaggg tcccttcaag gacagcaggt    122100
     ttcagagctg tgtccagatg agctgtaaag aactctgtga ctcagggaga gctgccgaga    122160
     ggatgagagg acagggttga cgcaagatgc agaagatgga acaggagaga aaaagaaggg    122220
     ggcactggta ggtgctgcct aggtcccaag gccaggtgac agacaggcag tgaaaacacc    122280
     gtttaaaagc tggctcccag gtgtggaaag gtgtctcccc agaaataagt ccttcctcaa    122340
     ttctagatcg aagctcactg gggcagatgt actaggaaag gtggttcctt tcagtcctcc    122400
     aggagaagct gatgtagggc tggagacact aaaccgtaag cctgcttcct gcccacgtcc    122460
     caagttacca ttctccaaca tggcctcacc cgtctcttct cacccaccac cttcctcctt    122520
     ttgtttgtga tgcttggtcc catcgagccc aggcaggcct caaactccct aaattctgga    122580
     tcctcctgcc tctaccttcc atgtcctcgg attgcaggtc tgtgccgcta tgccacgtac    122640
     tagaaaggac tatatcctct agctatattg ccgccatctt taggagtttg cctgagcctg    122700
     cttcccaagg gtcttcaagg cttggcttgg aaggagggag tagagagtgt catgggaccc    122760
     tcaccctagt atccggacac ccctcccagc cagatgaaag caattctccc tggcctcaag    122820
     acctctgggg acatacagag gatgcaggtg gagacttgag ggagggggtt ccacccacac    122880
     agccatgggg tgtcatcatc tacactgggt ataaacctat catggctgct ttgagatggc    122940
     ccatgctgct gataacccta acccaagttc agtaagcaaa acctgataaa ctaactctgt    123000
     ctccctagga tgcggctggt ggaatcacac cctgctttgt cattgagacc atggggggaa    123060
     ggttccagtc tcccaaggac attggtttgg gtcttttttt gtttggttgg tttttgtttt    123120
     gtttttcaag acagagtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac    123180
     caggctggcc tccaactcgg aagtccacct tcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggatgaaag    123240
     gcgttgagtc accatggcct ggcctctaca aggacattta acaacacctg cttttaaatt    123300
     tttttaaaag tattttaaaa gattaattta tttatggata taggtgttgg agtattttgc    123360
     ttccattcat gtccacatgg caggcactcc aggcctggtg ccctcagagg tcataagagg    123420
     acaccggatt ccctgaacct ggagtcatgg acagtcacta acagtagtga gctaccgtgt    123480
     gggtgctggg aatagaaccc aggaagagca agtgttccta accactgagc cacctccttc    123540
     cttgccttga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtac tggaactcac tttgtagagc    123600
     aggctggcct caaactcaga gagatctgcc tgcctctgcc tccggagtgc tgggattaaa    123660
     agctcacatt gccacgccca gctctccctt gcttcttaaa ggtcctgaaa ttaaagtata    123720
     cttgaaacaa ttattgatgt taaaaattat tttgtctgct gggtggtgat acacatctta    123780
     aatcccagca ccaaggaggt agaggcaagt ggttctctga gttttaggcc aacccggtcc    123840
     acagagctag ttctaggaca gtcagggcta cacagagaaa ccctagcagg agtgggggta    123900
     aggggagaga cagacaagca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac caactatttt    123960
     gtctgcttca tttttcattg tttaataaaa ttcgtagctt ttcatgtgcc ttagccttga    124020
     cagtaaagct taaacattgc tgtttctcac tgcataaacc ctttaattaa tctctcccac    124080
     acatcaacag tccaaatggg gctggagatc ccttctcact ctctgggcac ctggctggtg    124140
     ggtggatcag agccagtgca ggtggccagc tgtacccaca gggatgagtt tgagaatgga    124200
     aagacctccc ccctcctctg agacccctgt atggtcctcc ctgtccactg acacctccat    124260
     tctccctgtc ccagcaacct tctgcagtat tagtgtcctc caaaactacc agcggcacca    124320
     ccactgccca aacacctgga gacactttcc ctccggacgg gagccaggtg accttaccat    124380
     agcccattca acagaagtgc tgagctcaag gaggcccctc cctctccacc tcacacctgg    124440
     ctgtcatcct ccctctgatg agaactgggc ctgtgatcaa aagaacagag gcgatgacac    124500
     cctgatttcc gagaccaggt cacgagagag ctccgtctcc tcagtgcaat cgctctggga    124560
     tgtttgtgtt cagagcctag ccaccatgct acaagcagct gctgtccaca tacatatgca    124620
     cacagacaca gacagacaga cacacaagca gacagacaca cagacaaata catgtaattt    124680
     aaaaattaga gggggctaga ttatgtggtt catgccttta atcccagcgc tctggaggca    124740
     gaggcgggca gatctctgaa tttgaggcca gcctggtcta caagtaagtt ccaggacagg    124800
     gctacatagg gtcaaaaagt agggtgtgtg gggtattgag atcacaagtt tgaaaactgt    124860
     tctttttgca tggtgcctcc agagcccagc acccctgtat cttcatccct caggatgctg    124920
     actgaagata aactcgccat cacaccctga gcccctgcca gctccctgat atcgggaacg    124980
     tatcttacac aggtctcctc ttcccaccaa gcccacgtta gatgtggttc tgagaactgc    125040
     agggaggggc tcttgcccca gaccttccgg aaggatccag aaacaacctg accctgtgac    125100
     aggcagccag acccaggctg gtcaactcct gtttggcaac aggaaaatct gcaggctgta    125160
     aaactcggga gtaagggaaa tggatcccac aaacagctcc tgaaccccca aacatcagag    125220
     attaaaacag ggccaggttt cccctgcccc cagcagggac ccaccatagc cctgcctgcc    125280
     aagccattaa gacaatgacc atcaaactcc ctggtgtgcc ccttctgaga gtttctataa    125340
     cctgccaagc atcctgagaa cagggaagca gtgtgggaag cccaaggcat tgttagattt    125400
     tgctgagaac tggacaccca gcagagaagg aagagccctg ttattgcccc acagacctgg    125460
     gggcggggat taaacggctc tatcgtgtcc ccagagcctg gcacatgttt tcctgagcaa    125520
     gcgtgatgtt acatgcctcc aattccagca cttgggaagg agaaggggtg agctggagtt    125580
     ctagacctgc ccgactacat atccagaaac caaacaccac tcatctattg ggtaaatgga    125640
     aggaagtgat gaacagcacc ctggtggccc aggatcctct acgccactca acaaacactg    125700
     gctaccctat ttagcaagca gcccctcaga cacaagagaa agtccatatc cttgtgggta    125760
     taaaggtgag aatctccaca ctgctaaaag atctacctaa gccgcacaca gtcgatgagc    125820
     aatcgtcacc gtaagcaata ggtgcaggtg gccgcacagg tgatcgggga ctcagcctgg    125880
     tgactccttc aaggccagga gcctgtggca gtcagcccga cacccaagtc tgcgaagcgg    125940
     gcttaccttt accgtgggtt tgtcttcatc tgtcagtgag caggagcctc tgagtgagtc    126000
     ccatgcgcat acccacaccg ctgcacagca ctgtaaggtg gaaaggagcc agtgtcggta    126060
     actgagtggt gccagggtcc aaaaagagag cttagggtgt tctaactgaa cactaggact    126120
     caagaacatg tggtcccata tgacctcaca cacacataca cacacacacc atgggagact    126180
     gtcgatctca ccctgagtca gcaaatattt cccaatcctg gaaggagtct gcactgccaa    126240
     gcaagcagac actggctctt cggatcttac ctgggtgggg cggaaggccc tggcagggta    126300
     agaaagaggt ggtgcctagc accccactag ctcacagaag gagaggcccc tgagtcactt    126360
     cccagtcacc agccccaaat tatgagggcc atggaagaag acccacatgc ctgaaatcca    126420
     acattgaagg cccatatgcc tgccaggctc cagccaagta cccagctctc ctctgacacc    126480
     ctggaatcca gctgctaggg caagccactc ctcccctggc tccgatgaca cacaaacatg    126540
     ctcagcgaca tcaaaccatc tccaagaaac agccacaggg taatctggga cgacatggca    126600
     cagacaaggg cactgggcac aaagcttcgg acataacaca agccaggccc tggcaggaca    126660
     aacaagcttg tgtgattgct ggcaagagag gaatgctccc aatgtggaca gtgccatgtg    126720
     gcttgtcccg gcatcaccag gtccaccaga gccaccagac ggggtactag aatgcaccca    126780
     ctccactggt ccccaatatg cagagggtag cagcctgggg aggtgggcct caggactcag    126840
     cccagagaca agactcgttg taccaggcca tgccaagctc aaaccctggg gacagcttgc    126900
     acaacagctg ggcagctgca ctctgtccaa aatagaggcc taccagcttc tcaggctagt    126960
     ctctacacca ggcctttagg aagacagtaa gggaccacag gtggggctgg gaggacctag    127020
     gacaactact tttcctgggt gacttgaagc acacagcaca gaaaagttcc caaacagagc    127080
     aggggggtca gtccagtgaa ctttggaggt gacaggtaaa gccactggca agggcctgtc    127140
     ccctcacacc gtgaaaacag acgttgagcc acgatctgca ttaagcacag aatggaaagc    127200
     tgttccctag aagactgcag agtagacatg cctcaggagg ttatccagcc agcattgcta    127260
     gctaggactt acaaggctct accaggactg gccctgtgct gtactggagg cctcctatgc    127320
     accaactcag cacggagccc tgtggttcgt taagcaaagt caggacaata atagactgct    127380
     taagggttgt aggtaggggg ctgaagaggg ggctcagagg ttaggagctc ttggaactct    127440
     ttcagaggac ccgggtttga gtgccagcac ccacacgtag ttaccagctg gaactccagt    127500
     tccaggagat ccaacgcctt cttttgacct ccaagagcac caaacacaca cggtacacag    127560
     gtggtgtcgc acagatactt acacgggtaa aatactcacg cagaaaataa aatgaataaa    127620
     tctaattaaa aaaaaaaaga gactgtcagg cagaatctct ggggagccag agactggact    127680
     aatcattacc aagcattcga ctgcaccact caaaaatgac ccgggttggg tggtatatcc    127740
     cagcaacccc agcactcaga agacagagca ggaagactgc catcagtgag gaggctacta    127800
     gcacagtgcc ctcaaagcca gcctgggtta cagagtgata ctgaggaggg acaggatggc    127860
     tcagtgggta aaggcgcttg ccaaccagcc tgatgaccta agttcaatcc tggggacacc    127920
     aggaggagaa cactgactcc cacgctcgca caaataaata ataaatggga tgtttctcat    127980
     aggaagaaaa gattccttct aacctcctcc actctcctgt catccccaca tctagtgctc    128040
     catatagggg ccttagggat cagacgagag gaggctcact caaccccagg ccagccacag    128100
     tcctaatgct ttcgtggaaa acggtcagtg cacacaaaga tcacaaaact gtaagacctg    128160
     gtcaagctgg ttcagttggc tccctgctgt ggctccagaa ggtggcctgt tctatggcca    128220
     attctggctc aaagacagag agtgtgatcc tcaaaagagg agacctagaa acctggtgcc    128280
     aacggaaccc tgggctcccg cttctgaagt tagagtgggt cagacttcca gagccttcaa    128340
     agataaatat atgttctctc ctgaggatga ctccagggac ccaaggcaaa caaagaggct    128400
     caactctgca tacaactgag ctgtgcctgg aagcagacag cccaagttcc tttgcaaggc    128460
     ctcactggtg caatccctcg acctgcccag gcagatacca aggcaatacc ccagaccaca    128520
     cctgggcaaa gggaagaaac gtcagctgcc tctcccagcc tcagtaaata cagatgccca    128580
     ggaaacggaa ggaaaaaggg caccgaggaa ccatgcccag tgaccaacac aagaggcaca    128640
     ttccgtcagt gaaagacagg aggtaaactc agtcgctgga ccaagacccc aagattaagg    128700
     gaacagatgc ccaacagccc cagggctagc aggcccacaa tccattgaaa aactaaaacg    128760
     ggaatgtatt ctggggctgg tgaagtggct caggacgtaa aggtggttgt catcatacct    128820
     taatgacccg agtctatttc caggaaccac aatatcgaat gagagagcca cctcccaact    128880
     ccagtaagct gtgctctgac ctacacccca ccccacatcc acaccccaca gaaataaata    128940
     aatgtaactt gtaagcaaac attctagagc cagtacaggg aggaaaaacc aagtttaaaa    129000
     ccaagggcag ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagg tacccgactg ctcttccaaa    129060
     ggtccggagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aacgagatct    129120
     gacaccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat    129180
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaagg gcatagcttc tgctcttagc tgtatggaaa    129240
     agggcagtgc gtggaaggca ccgtatcatg gtttaaatac attccataat atcccaaatg    129300
     agtcctgttt cctgaaaggg tgaaaagagt tatatgaagc ctctggctac ccctggcaca    129360
     cacccaactc agagccgtct cccccaaggg ttcctggaag tcaacagact cataaagggg    129420
     aagtattata aagctgagat tacgagggcc taccaactgg ccatccctcc caatacaaca    129480
     cccagtgaaa cctgtgaccc gaacaaatct ggtcaagctg gcgctcaaca ccccactccc    129540
     agctcaactg aaggtgaaac ggaagcctat cgtgcacctc tgggttctcc tcaagcagag    129600
     gcataaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactagaa gcgaggcagt cgggtgacag gaggtgaaaa    129660
     ggacaggaga tgagagctga gcctaagtgg ggcctctgcc ggtagccagg atagaagggg    129720
     ctcggataaa ccggactggc tcacaacatc ctaaagaaga tggggaggga tagggcaacc    129780
     cgaaaacggg tcagagagga ggagagcact gaccgacagg gcaaggatgg aaggctatcg    129840
     agggaggcag gaaggatctc caaggagggc ctgggtagcg ggacagcaag ggaggcgctc    129900
     agaaaggggg tcagaaggga ggtgacatgg ggttctttgg aattgagagg agatgaagcc    129960
     acggggcttt agagggatca gggtgggtgg gaggagggag ggaggccggc tccgagcaac    130020
     cacaggggtc cctgcggtgg agaccccagc ggtggctcct cagcgcgcaa gccgagcata    130080
     gacgagccgc agaggcgcgg aaagcggctc tcggagcccc tgaccccacc atccacctca    130140
     gcccgggccg cgctggcctc tcccgatccg cacggacctg tcccggccgc ctctcgcgcc    130200
     gctgccgccg tcccgcaggc tccgcagaat cccccagctc ctgccaaaac ttttcccatt    130260
     aatccccagg tccgccgcgg cctgcggcgt cacacgctcc cagccccggc gccgccccca    130320
     gccccgtgat gtcaccgcgc cgctggctcc ctcccccaca actaagcact cgcccccgcc    130380
     cccttccgcc atagcagtag ccaatcgccg cgccgcctgg agccactcct ttgacagcca    130440
     tcgctccgcc cactgcacag ctgccctggc gcgtctgcag cgccctctgc agtcagacgt    130500
     gggagcagca gctgaggaaa gcgctgggga gaagttaggg ctggtcaaag caagcctcac    130560
     gaaacgatat ttaaagcttt aaagcgcgga aagaaggtgg aggtcatcta atacaacctc    130620
     ctcactcttc ctgagaagaa actaggcata gacttgtgtg gtttgaagca agaagcaaag    130680
     ctaagggcgg tgggggaagg aatagaggca aactgtaatt ttcagaggcg cttgggagag    130740
     gcatatggtg ggagacttgg gaatgaaaat acagacgcat acgttttaca aaatatctat    130800
     ttttatatgt cagagtgttt tgtctgcatg tctgtctctg caccatgtgc gttcagtgcc    130860
     tgcagagtct ggaagaaggc gttggatccc ctggaagtgg agttacaatg gagaacttcc    130920
     atgtagatgc tgggaagcga gcctcttcaa gagtagcaag cgcgatcttc accactgaag    130980
     catctcttca gcacccccaa ttttttaact ggtggctagt tcaatggctc aacgggtcat    131040
     cgctttgtct ccaagcctga agacttgagt tcagtccctg ggactgcctc ctgaaggtta    131100
     tcttccaatc tctacacacc gcatgtgcac tttcatatac acccacacaa gaaaaaagaa    131160
     agatctggaa ggcatgatgg cactctaact ccagcactca ggaggtagag gacccgtttg    131220
     aggtcatttt tagcaatgga gaaagttttg ggccagcctg tgcttatagg ccttgtgaag    131280
     ccaaatagaa aacaaatttt aaaagaactt ttctcccact tgagatttct gtcgctggat    131340
     gtcagggacc agacaagaca agaactctgt acctgggctt gcctgtcacc ccaactcatc    131400
     atataccaca gagagtatgt agccagaagg caatctgtca ctggctggtt tcatcatcct    131460
     agaatgaaca aaacttggct ggcaggaaag tcagcaggca cctccctcct ccacaccgcc    131520
     attaaaggtc acctctgccc ggtctggcac tccttacagt gcatccttag ctcgctggat    131580
     tggagaaccc cacaccactt tttttctgct ttgttttcga gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt    131640
     gtgtgtgcgc gtgcgcacgt gcgcgtgtgc acttggagga cagagaaggg tactgtgtgt    131700
     cttccaagga taggtttcca cggttttcct ttgaggcctg gtctcctgat gcatgcacga    131760
     gcggttctgg tttggtggga taggctgtca gccatcaagc ctgggctatc ctggttctgc    131820
     aattacagga attcacagga ccacaccctg cttttccctg tgtgtcggga tctgaacgct    131880
     ggctgctctg cgtgaacagc agaggcgctt aactttcctg ctctctccct agctcccttc    131940
     tattgctttt gaaatgaatt tgtattaagt ttttagatat cacttccctt gtcctccaag    132000
     actgtagtaa aaaatggcct ggggaagtca gagatttctg ccattttgtg tctggcagag    132060
     ctctggtgga gggtctcgag ctggtcttga actcctgacc ttcctgcctg cacttcccac    132120
     atgctggaat cctctagacc cagtttatgt ggctctgagt atggaacaag ggcttcatgc    132180
     taagcaagaa ctctactcct ctgctagatt cttaatgttg gttttgagaa tttcacactt    132240
     gcccattttg tattttgacc atagtcatgc tcactccttc ccctaactcc tcccaggtcc    132300
     aaatccagac ccaccacccc atcagctgcc atcatcagca ctgcagaaac acagcagacc    132360
     aggcaagcct gggcagcctc cactcctagt gtggggcggg acctgcttcc cttagttatc    132420
     ccatagcaca tggagttcgg acttcacctc ctacccctca gctctgtgcc ctcacgctag    132480
     cgctagcagg agtttcgtga cactttaaat gtcacaaact tccttgaaag tgcatcgggt    132540
     gcacttgcaa ggctgtgacc tttgcgatga gatagcaagc aaactccagg aaagcaggga    132600
     acccttccca gataatagct cacggcaaac ccctggcccg tggtaaggaa tcattgggtt    132660
     tgatgctgga cggacttgat ctccagtctc agcaatgtcc tcactttcta actgtgccac    132720
     acccagccac acatcccact cattcaagac atgtttggta cacagttttc ttaggagcaa    132780
     gctctgtgcc aggcattggg gacagcgttg aggaattcat gtccttgtct tcaaggacct    132840
     ccaacattta gaaatgagga gaaaggagcg catagtgaga cctagaagag caagaggaag    132900
     aagctgaggc tgtgcccctg cagcagaact gtagcaggtc ttcttggctt gatgactatg    132960
     gccttcgtgt cccacagggc acaggggcaa gtaagcgtga ctatcaaaag tcattctgca    133020
     ggtccagggt ggtggctcaa caggtaaagg caccagctgc caagtttgat gacctgggac    133080
     cacatggtag aaggagaact gtttcctgaa agttgtcctc tgacctctac acactcacca    133140
     tgatgtgagt gtgtgtgtgc gcacgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatacag acagacacac    133200
     agacagacgg atggacggac agacacacag agagaatata gagaatataa ttaaattaac    133260
     tcttggatgt agctaagcct gattgtgtct accagtatcc ccagaacttg aaagacttag    133320
     gcaggagcct cagttgggga ccatcggggc tataaagtga gagcctgtct taatccaaac    133380
     aaagtctttt ggacagcggc aagggctggg caggatttcc aaacacccat ccgggcagca    133440
     gaattagaag ggagtccggg aagctcttag ttaactagga gctgacaggt tagaaggcag    133500
     tggcctctgg tcatagcacc acaggggtag tgacttacta aacgtggggc cgagtggagg    133560
     agtcaattaa tggctcacac tctgcagcta tgaggatggg aaaggacctt gtattagtca    133620
     ttcagtgtca ctgtgacagt gtctgacaca aacaacccaa gggagggaag acttcttttg    133680
     gcttaggttt ctgagggctc gctctgtcat gatgcggtag gcacggtgat gtagctcagt    133740
     cagagatcgc ttacatccag gaaggacagc agtagagagc atagtgtgac cacttcccag    133800
     gaggctcaac agtctcccag acatagtgcc ctcgtggagg aactggcacc taacacactc    133860
     gcaaggggac aatccagacg taacccattc tagagagaag tacagggtat aatgaacggg    133920
     gaccccagtg gatgtcccag gcttgggatg aggggtatgg aaatggaatc tagaatctca    133980
     gaagtcttgt ctaggagaac aaggaccact agtcagagaa aatgggaaaa gtttggaagg    134040
     ctttggacaa gttacccaac ctgcctggac ctctgttact gtgataacag ccgtccagca    134100
     cttaggggtt ctttgcgaat gacgtaacat gggtggactc caggtagaca gtagatgctc    134160
     aataaacact ttcagatact agtaatgacg acgctccact caggcctgct acatcaggga    134220
     ttatgatcct ctctatagac caatgtgtgt atgggggggc gtgaagttca cccgtgagaa    134280
     aatggcagag cctagttcag cccacagtcc gtgttcctaa ccactttgcc acacctgctg    134340
     tccctgggac ctagaacttg aactcgaggg agggatgggg aggtggttgg agggagggat    134400
     ggataaagga agggagggag ggaagggcag gagcagtggg cagttgtgag cagttttatt    134460
     tggaagtatg tctccataac ttggtctgga gggaggggcg tatgatcttg tcttggtcat    134520
     tccttttctt tcccagttct ggtcccagat ccttgagact gaagcacaca accatattct    134580
     caagtattaa tatctcaaac agcctccacg gtctcggcct gctgagaatg gcaaccaagt    134640
     tcaatccttg atcggctttt ggtcggcagg tggtagcacc aggaatcacc cacaggcctg    134700
     ctgtggccaa gtccgtagac acagcatcgg aagaacaagg gggtggtcgg agctaattcc    134760
     ctggtgctgg atccagtttt tcttcctgag aggccaaagc taggatggga gtctcatctc    134820
     caccattgag ggacttctgt tcgctgctat tgactgagag ggttctgtta ccttgggaac    134880
     cccagcgggt caggcgcttt agagaggagt cccggcgggc aagcggaggg ggctggaagc    134940
     ccgtgaagga gctgctggtg gtgggtcgct tatctggcag agagaagaga gggagaaagg    135000
     gaaaatgtga gtcagaatgg gagaggtgag ggttgtgcct ctgctctggg agaagggaaa    135060
     cctttgacct tcagttccac ctccttcatg atccgggtga tctggcagcc tcccctcctt    135120
     cctcccaagc cagggaaggc tcacctcctg gctcgatcgg atgcatgagc ctgttcatct    135180
     ggacattcca gtgtttcacg ttggtgctgg cctggcgcaa cttcctctgg gcagcctatg    135240
     gggcaaggcg gtgggagtgg gtcagaactg ccatccgtgg tggtggaggc tgctggcctg    135300
     gtcatcttca gaggccctga gaatctgatc acagctaccc atcccccacc cctacccccc    135360
     aggaagtcct gtaaggctgg gcatggtggt gaggtgcatg ccatgcctgt aactctagta    135420
     cttgggatgt agaggagagg gaggtcaaag cctgggctac ataatgagtt aaaggccagc    135480
     gtgggttaca ggagatcctg cctgtagcct tgtagcctgt ggatgctggg aactgaactc    135540
     cagtcctctg gaagagcagc atgtactctt aaccactaag ctaccacttc agccccggtt    135600
     aaaaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aataggtagg gtatgtaact gtctgtccta aactcattct    135660
     aaagatcagg ctggcctaga actcaaccaa tgtatatgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatgaa    135720
     tgactgacat cattgggggg ttggagaggt ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgtctgctct    135780
     tcaagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa gcacattgga tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg    135840
     atctgatgcc ttcttctggc atgcaggtgg gcatgcagac agagcagtca tacataaaat    135900
     aaataaaaca tttttaaatt actttaagaa aaaacacatc attgggctgg agtaaaaagc    135960
     actgattgca accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagattaaag ccgggcgtgc    136020
     ctttaattcc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg    136080
     gtctacaaag tgagctccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac    136140
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta ctgattgctt ttaaaagacc agggttgaac tctatcagca    136200
     ccatatagta gcttacaact gtaactccag actcagggga tgcaataact aacacctgct    136260
     ggcctctgtg cacactgttc acacgtagta cacagacatt catgcagaca aagcacacat    136320
     acacatacat tttaataagt tttaaaagag attaaaaaag aaacaaatct aaaaccaaaa    136380
     caacaacaac aacaacctag aaccttttct acaggcattc aagctccggg gagtgttttg    136440
     gaggctagga ggtggggaat cctgcccagg ttaataatac tattggcaaa cacagccaca    136500
     ggtgtgttca gcatttacat actaaatacc atgcttaaac taagcttgtt ctgtagtggt    136560
     aacgtggtat ctgcttcctc tcacagataa gagacttcag acagagaggt taggcaatct    136620
     gtaggcgatg gcacagccag ctgatgataa tgcgagttgg cagacaggta gcttggctct    136680
     ggggtccggc tcagtgacac actggctccc ccagcttctc ccggttcccg gccttgtctc    136740
     acctccacgt cctcgtctgc cctctgccgg ttctgccgca cttcctccag ctgctgctgg    136800
     gcgtgctgca gggaacggct ctgcagcgcc atctcctgct ggagctcctg cttctcctgc    136860
     tgcgctcgct cgatgtagcg ctcttgctcc tccttcagat gcatcagctg cttcagcttc    136920
     tcctcctcct cctccagcag cctgccagag tgcacaggga catctcagag ccggggaggg    136980
     agggtccgcg cgggcgctgg caggaaaggt tccctggcca ccgtgcctac ctggtctggg    137040
     cgaggcgcac ggcctcctca tcccgcctag ctttcacctc tagttgcaga gcttcctgca    137100
     gccgctcctg catctcctcc agttcagcga tgcgctgccg ttgccgggcc gcctcttcct    137160
     tcttcagctc catctcagcc tgcatagagg cccgggcctg tggggagcaa agagcgaatc    137220
     agtgggacac cggaggagaa agacaggcta ctgccccctc cccagccaac tccccaaccc    137280
     cccaacccta actcttcctg gctctgtgta tggagggtct ttagttgggg tttcctgatc    137340
     tgacctgttt aagaccctga atcctcctat tgtttttgca ctgaccttag aaagaataat    137400
     tagacgcttg ctggggctgt agctcagcag cagagggctc acctgatgtg cccatggctg    137460
     tatgtttgct atccagcctc acacaaaaca acaccggtta taattacatg taattaaaca    137520
     tcataatacg ttatattaca ataaaccagc atattaaacg aaggtaatcc cttcctagct    137580
     cctaccctaa caattataat atcattatgg cgggtgccag gaactgcaat tattacaata    137640
     accacaagtt attgaacgct tttatttttc ttctgagacc aagtttctct gaggctgacc    137700
     tcgacctcac agagattctc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggaataa aagcgtgtgc    137760
     caccaccacc caggttgttg ttgttatagt tttattagtt catatgcatg ggtgttttgg    137820
     ctgcatatgt ctgtgcacca catgagaaca ctactcgcag aggcaagaag agggtgtgcg    137880
     atctgctggc tggctatgag ctcccatgtg ggtgcacaag ctcaagcttg gtcctctgaa    137940
     aaagcagcca gtggtcttaa ctgtgaggct atcattttag acctactttg ttctttgaga    138000
     caggatctca ggtagtgcag gttggcctca aactcactaa gtagcacctg cctggcttta    138060
     ttaaactcct tacatctatt ccttcacaga atcctcgtcc catttccata tacagagctc    138120
     tagttactga tacggagaga cttagtgcat gtctgagctc atacagctct taaggcggag    138180
     gtgtaatggg cacacatgcc acagcatgcc tgtggcggtc agaggacaac gttgtggagc    138240
     cggttccctc tgcccatctt tctggggttc caggaacgga attcaggacg ctaggtatgt    138300
     gtggcaagca cctttatcct ttgagccagc tctagaattg cgttttctca atttaaaatt    138360
     taaagtcaat tgcttctgtg catctactct gcccttcaca tgcatcccgt cttatggtcc    138420
     ccaaactggt tttgttaaaa tttagttcaa gtctagattg atttcattcc aaattatttg    138480
     caatcaagaa gccttaagca gcttcctcgg cccaagtcct gcctccagaa aagaattctg    138540
     aaccaggtct cattctacca ggggttttcc ctagccctaa ccttgttccg gccctaccct    138600
     aacattcgtt aggccatgcc caaagcatcc aggctctact ccaacctatt cccctaaggg    138660
     cccctcaggc cccgcccaca gcatctttca gtctctacct taggtccatc cttcagccaa    138720
     tgggctccac cctatctagg ccccgcccat agcatcctcc agaccatgga ctacgccctg    138780
     ctcttcttcc tgtcacgccc cggtcataac cccgccccaa cccttccccg gccccgccct    138840
     ctgggccagt ctcacctgct ccgcctcccg cagctggccc tccagagcct gctgcagctc    138900
     cttgtgctgg ctacggcggc gctcctcctc ttcctgcagc agccgctcgg cctgccgctg    138960
     agcctcctgc agcagctcca gttcttgcag cttcctctcc ttctcctcct gcagctgctg    139020
     cagtcgcagc agctcctcct ccttggctgc ccggcgtcgc tcgcgctgtt cccgctgctc    139080
     ccgccgcttc tgtttcaggt ccttgtgcag cgacgtcttc ccctccgcct gcagccggat    139140
     cgcagtctgg atggctaagg gcagagccgg acggagtcag ccctggtcta gtcaccaccg    139200
     caaaggggcc ccaaaggtca ctccggtgaa caggcccagt tagacccagg ccggcactca    139260
     ccggccgtcc actcctggcg ctggcgggtg tctgaggcgc tcatctcata ggtgcggctg    139320
     gcagtcttca cacaaaacat gcagcgcttt ccttcgcggt ccggaagcac ctacaggatg    139380
     gcccaggcca agtgacttcg ctgacatagg agccacatct gccccagtag taccccagct    139440
     ccagcttcct cctctttctc ttggctgacc atcttctctg ggaccgttcc taccctgcca    139500
     ggagtatgca tggtctgggg tggatcgtta gttacggggt gcgtgcgagc cactttattc    139560
     ttggtatctc tccacaaggt ttagtacata gtacatgctt gaacatgtgc ctggagcctc    139620
     actcagcacc tacaactgct gatttccacc tggtctctta aatggcactc gttcttcaag    139680
     ggtttggaga tactgataat gcagggtgtg tttgacatcc ttgctcttct gccctagtgt    139740
     tctcttgtgt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgaggcag    139800
     ggtttctttg tgtagctctg actgtcctag actagctcta tagaccaggc tggcttcaaa    139860
     ctctccctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt accacaacgt gcccagctct    139920
     gcactagtgt tttccataca acatttatct acagtcatat attcctgtcg gaccttactt    139980
     catagagaac gtaattggct ctgagatatc tggagcctta cccaacacct gtttctttgt    140040
     gcaacagaaa gggataatgc ctcggggaac tattttctct tgagacaagg ttttgttgtg    140100
     tagcccaggt tggcctccta cctcaaaagt ctcctctgcc ccagtctctg gagtatgagg    140160
     agcccttaat aatttttttt tcttttggtt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc    140220
     tggctgtcct ggaactaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc    140280
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccactgcc cggctcccca    140340
     gctccaattg gttcttgatc tgtcagtaaa gaagccatga gccaattgct gggcagaagg    140400
     gataggcggg acctccgggt ccctggaggc aagcagacag atccaaggaa ggagaggaga    140460
     gttcgtcatg cttcagatgg aaaaaagttg accagccatg tgagacctct aaacggagtg    140520
     gccacacagg ccactcctac atgcaggggg tcaggggtgt ttagcaggga ctagatgtac    140580
     tgagcaacta aagtttaggg caggtgggag gtgcagagct aagagtattg ataagggcat    140640
     gctagccata ggagtttaat aatgcccatg aatagtgcca agaaggcaag ttgaaaatga    140700
     acaacgtgtg tgtctgtgtc tttatccctg ggttcaaggg aagctgggtg ggggctggtt    140760
     gcttggccat tcccagagct taggcggggt agcaaaatct acacttcaca cctacacagg    140820
     tcataagccc cagaggagag cccaaaatga tcgtgctgct aaatgtatgt atgaaactga    140880
     ctcctaatgt ctcataggca ttccctaggc tgggaagctc ctgtcgtcag tagatggtgt    140940
     ttaacacact gatccacaat tggccagggt gcagaatgct cagcccgaaa cggaaaagat    141000
     aaactgcaaa ctccctccca aggttcaggg atcacttcag aagggagtag aaaaaccgta    141060
     agagcccgag gcagctggtg actgcaagga accattatct tctggacctg gcagggcaga    141120
     tgcacgaatg agcacacaca tatttgacag catacacaaa gcctgtgcaa gctcatgcca    141180
     gaccaaatcc cagaaaggac gggggggttg ggcagtggtg ctactggcaa attgttagtt    141240
     gctgggagag gaagagtgta gcacttggta agacacaaat tatcctgaaa gattcaaaaa    141300
     aaaaaaaaaa aagatacaaa gttgggtagg gaaaaaggag gggtgagccg aggaagagtt    141360
     agggaatggg aggtgagtat gatcaagaca agttgtatga aattctcagc tataaaagga    141420
     tcagtcccta gagtctgtgt ccaaagctgg gtgtgacgtc atcagagccg ggtgtgacgt    141480
     catcagagcc gggtgtgatg tcatcgaagc tgggtgtgat gtcatcagag ccgggtgtga    141540
     tgtcatcgaa gctgggtatg actgtacatg cttttgtact agcactgagg aagtggagac    141600
     aggcagatgc cagaacgtga tggccaccag cctaacttac acggcaagat ccgcaccagt    141660
     gagagactct gtctcaaaac caaagaaact gaggttgctg aggtgggtgg tagttcaatt    141720
     ggaaagtgct tgtggtataa gaatgcacac ctgagtccta gcccagcatc aaggaaacag    141780
     gcaggcatga tgaggcctgc tataatccca gtgttggcag gtagagagaa gagagtccca    141840
     gggtttcgct ggcctatcgg cctatctaaa tcggtgaacc ccgtgtccca gtgtgagaga    141900
     ttctatctca aaaaaataag gtaaatggct cctgaaggaa ttacatcagg ggatgacttc    141960
     tgacctccat atgcatatgt gtgtgggaca cagacacaca caggcacaca catgcatatg    142020
     cacacactca aagagaaaag gaacaaacca agcaggtatc tcttgaggaa tgacacccta    142080
     gtttaaagtt tggtttccat atatatgtgc atgtataccc acaggaacat gtatacacac    142140
     acacacactc gcgtgatccc agcatttaag cggtagaagc aaaggcattg ggaattgaag    142200
     gtcagtgttg actatgtaag ttgacaagaa accctgtgtt gctgggcagt ggtggcgcac    142260
     gcctttaatc ccaccacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    142320
     tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca ggactacaca gagaagtcct gtctcaaaac    142380
     aacaacaaca acaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaagaaa    142440
     agaaaaaaga aaccctgtgt caaagggaaa ggaaaaaggg actggaaaga tttgtcagga    142500
     agtgttaggt ctgagtcagg ccctctgaaa tctctaatga cgtctaataa tctaccagtg    142560
     gcttctgcat ctggtcggtg gttttagtct tttttaagtt gtgtcactgg gctggtatga    142620
     tggaacaact gccttgtcat gcaggaggtc ccccgcgttt gaccaggaaa aaataaaagt    142680
     gcctaccggg catgagcggc ctggaggtag ccaggtgggt ttgcgatgca ctaatttaac    142740
     taagcggaac catcatggcg gctttcccct ttccaccgtc cttgctccca accccctgtc    142800
     cgcactctgt gacctcacct ccacacagca gtgagcatcc aggggaatgg tgcctcgttt    142860
     ctccttgcat tcctcactcc caaagtagca gaggctgctg ggttgcagct ggaaccagcg    142920
     ctcggcccag ttcctccgca ggtgccctcg cttccacaga tagccctgtg gccggaggcg    142980
     aggtcagcaa gaggcctcct aggtctccat caccccaccg gctcccaagg gtcccctcca    143040
     gggctcccgg cttgcctgac ctgcttcagg acgtcttgga tgagctcctg gtagacttct    143100
     tggatggcca tgctgaggga gtcgcgcccc acaccccgaa ggcagcggcc tgagttgaag    143160
     agttccagaa actgccagac gctgagcccc acggcggtct gggctgactg ggcgtcctgg    143220
     gccagcagct cctccagctt gcccaggccc atctccaaac tcaggctgcc aaggagcttc    143280
     ttcagcagat actctacctg ggagcaagag ggaggccagg tgacctcaac agcgactcca    143340
     gggcaagggg gaggccatac acaggtggaa accaggagag aggtttttcc aggggtccca    143400
     cagcccagac ctcctccgcc ttccctgtct tttttttttt taaatattta tttatttatt    143460
     tatttattta tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtttt cagacactcc    143520
     agaagagggc gttagatctc attacagatg gttgtaagcc accatgtggt tgctgggact    143580
     tgaactcagg accttaggaa gagcagtcag cgctcttaac cgctgagcca tctcaccagc    143640
     ccccgccttc cctgtcttaa gaccactact ttttctgcta taaactaaaa gtggggtcat    143700
     gttgggcttg gtggctcatg cctttaatcc ctgcacttgc ttgggacaca gaggtgggca    143760
     gatctctctg agggtttttt gtggggtttt cttttgggtt ttcaacacaa ggtttctctg    143820
     cataattctg gctgtcctga agctcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagagat    143880
     ctacctacct ctgcctccca agtgtgtgcc ttcatgacct ggtctagatc tctgtaagtt    143940
     tgaggtattg cctggtatac atacatacat acataaaata aaataaagta ttgggtcaga    144000
     tgggacttga gaggccagtc agagtggcaa atcacagcat cagaaatggt ctaagaaccc    144060
     tcctacctgg ccagtgtggt ggtggtggta gtggtggtgg tagtggtggt ggtggcccat    144120
     acctttaatc ccagcaccca ggaggcagag gcaggaggat ctctgtgagt tcaatgccag    144180
     tctgttctac agaatgagtt ctaggatagc caggttacac agagaccaaa aagaatacag    144240
     cctcctaaag aaaacaccct cctaacctac ccactgccct cagctttgca tatgatgaaa    144300
     accaaggctc agtgtgggaa gtgacttcct taagtcccac agcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    144360
     gggggggggg gctagccagg actccatttg gatttctgac tccaaagcca atctgcagca    144420
     cttgagctcc ttctcttgtg ggagatcagt gggacaaaga ttgggggtaa gcagggccga    144480
     cacaggaaag ccatggtaga ggaacaggaa gtagtggttg gggtacatcc tgtgtcagtt    144540
     tgttctcaca gcggtatggg ctttcctact cgctgagggg ctgctctgtc ccaactgaca    144600
     agaacctgct gagagtgccc acactggctc cagcagtgtt gggaaacttt ctttacgggt    144660
     gacactctgg gggaccactg ggtctcccct ggggcgttag ttcagatctc agagttcccc    144720
     cagaactaag gaggcaggac ccaggttcct ggcctcccct cccccgactc ccatcatgcc    144780
     ctgcctgctt tttttttttt ttttgagtct atttggctct ccactttaaa aaaaaaaaaa    144840
     aaaggaaaga aactctctct ggggcaaagg ccagattcgg ttgcccacct tgagtaacca    144900
     gggagttact tcctgtctgc acaccgcttc cctttgcttg aacaaaggcc tttccttgag    144960
     taccaccgct gcgcctaacc ctgctgttcc gccgaatccc gacaggatct gaacggtctt    145020
     taaatgctca gcagggtgct tcgtctatgc agccacagac tataaacatc tgtggctcat    145080
     tttcttcctc tgagaacttg cagagtcccc cctccccgca cccctccccg gaaatggggt    145140
     gccccgtgaa gttaggggat ctgggaacgc ccaatgatac tctgtcttcc tttgaggctt    145200
     tgccaggggc ttggccctca gtgactccac cgtctggttc tgatgtcacc cttacctcat    145260
     cgggaaccat gatcagcggg tacttgtcct cagacaggaa gttgaagagg caccatagac    145320
     ggaaagcatc ctgattagag agtgggctgc tcccgatgcc atctgccctg tagttcttct    145380
     tggcagtcag ggtccagcac aactcatcga agtgctcctt aacgaaagct ccctcctcca    145440
     cctgcggtga ggcttgcatc agcccgctgc ttcatcctcc tcctaccgca gctccagcct    145500
     accttcgtgg gttcatctac agaccccacc tccccatccc gccaagccca agactgaact    145560
     caaagttggc tcagacactc caatgttact ttcacactct aatttccatg gcaagaatga    145620
     aactagtttc tcagcccaag ggagaaagga agggaagccc aggagacggc acagccgagg    145680
     agaaccctca aaaactgaga cagccgagaa gagtagggtg gaaattagtg tgggcttcgg    145740
     cagggagacg cgggagctaa gagagatgac agacaatagg gaacaagtgg ttggatggca    145800
     actgcagatt gaggagcagg gacagagagc atgggcagaa atgggagttt accaggggag    145860
     tggagtgttt ggggagaagg caaggtgtta gggtgctggg gggggtggga agcggtgctc    145920
     cccacgagct cctcaccttg tctaggatgt acttgttgag gtagggcatg taaccttgac    145980
     tggacaccgg gccatcatcg tcatcccgga agtgctcctc cagggccacg gggtcatggg    146040
     ggatgttcag gacagtgtac aggttgtggg acagcacctt ggacagagca acaggttgct    146100
     tttctgcatc cggatcagac cttggccaaa agactatgag tccatcttgt ttgctctttc    146160
     atccctgccc tgcctcgact gagttctctg tgggcaccgt cctatttgac acacaagagc    146220
     agactcttgg gtccctcatt cacatcactg tcatagcaac aacctctgtc cccaggtgac    146280
     agaggagaaa ccttgaggac ccactcagct ggcagagcag ggattcagac ccgggaggac    146340
     tcttcccggt tattttgtta caccttagga gcccgggagt ggtaagattt cagagcccta    146400
     tgagctctag gctatctgca gggaggcagt gggccattac agggcaagac cctcgacttc    146460
     atcactttta accaaagacg caggctgcca tgtgcgccca ggctaatgtg atgagaggag    146520
     aggcctctga atagggaagg gagcaaggga aggttcagag aatgcctgtg agaaatggcc    146580
     cctgagatgg agaaacagga gagatggtag ctgtgtggca gtgatggcgt gtgggggttg    146640
     gggtggggtg ggcactggct taggagatcc atggtgctaa gacaaagggc tggtttgaac    146700
     cagaaacttt ggtaaaaaga ggggagtggg aaggagcttt ggggaaattc tgttacaatg    146760
     agtaatcatc aacactgtgg ttaaaatact gttaaaaaat agtcacttat tgggtgggat    146820
     atggtagcat atgcctttaa tccctatact caggaggcag aggcaggagg gtctctgagt    146880
     tctaggccat cctggtctac atagagagtt caaggacagt tcaaggatac acagtgagac    146940
     cccgtctcaa agaaaaagta ttgcatccct gttgctcccc atgttacagc cactgtataa    147000
     agtgatttaa aatttcttat tgcatttatt ccttatgctt aagccgtgct gtagatatgg    147060
     agatcagagg acaacttgga ggacccagtc ttttccttcc gccatgtcag gcttgtcagg    147120
     aaacacgtta cacactgggt cacctttcca gtccaaattg ctgttttatt taaaggaaag    147180
     agaaggtaaa ggcgtcacga acgtggtgag cagacatgta gtcctggcgc tttgggagga    147240
     agaaggatca ggagttgagg ctagcctagg ctacatgaga cactccaaaa aaaaccaaat    147300
     aaataatttg tgtgtgggtg tgaacatgca aatgtgtatg tgtgaatgtg tgtgtatgat    147360
     tgtgtgcatg agtgtgtgca tgagtgtgta tatgtatgca tatgtgcaag tgtgtatgtg    147420
     tgtgtgcatg tgtatatgtg tacatgagta tgtatgtgag tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    147480
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtctat gctagtgatg gacccaggac cttgcaaata    147540
     ggtaagtgtt ctatcactaa gctgttctcc cagccctgtt cctggaattc tggctgagag    147600
     ctagtaaata tcccttccct taacccatct gagttatcct tgttacttag atccaggcaa    147660
     gttctagcta atgcatttgt ggttagttta aggggtgcca tcagctcaag gtctaacatt    147720
     taaaagtcca gcgactgcct ccagaaaaca gggcagggca cccacagtct tttttctttc    147780
     catgattatt attctttgtt ttgtttttga gacagggttt cctctgtgta gccttggctg    147840
     tcctggaact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcacaa agatccacct gcctctgcct    147900
     ccagagtact gggatcaaag ggcaccaccg ccaagtggcc cacagactat ttaaaatgac    147960
     agtaatcatc caagagtctt acttacggtg ctggagagac ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac    148020
     tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc    148080
     atttgtaatg agatctaatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtttact    148140
     tacgtataat aaataaatca ttaaaaaaaa aagttggggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg    148200
     taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaggtc cgaagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg    148260
     gctcacaacc atccgtaatg agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac    148320
     agtgtactta catgtaataa ataaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggtctta    148380
     ctctcatctg ctgtgtctct tctcaaagtg cctatttgag gatgcttcct gcaaagcccc    148440
     agccaaatgg ctaccctcta gtgaggacag ggaacatggg aaggcatgtg tgatcttgga    148500
     taaagccctt cacgctctga gccttggttt tgttttcaat aaaatgggct atagctgctg    148560
     tggatgataa ggcaggagat gacagagatg cagagccagg ctcagctctg cacgcaatga    148620
     atgtgagttc ctgcccagtg tggaaagtgg tttgcttttt taaaaaccta tttgtcaaaa    148680
     atgcaaaaga cggtatcagc aaatactgag gaaatgggag cttgaataac ctaccaccag    148740
     ggtgtgagtt atgtatatgt agccaaggct gaccttaaac tcacaattaa ccaaatataa    148800
     ccttgatctc aaggtcctcc tgtttacatc ccaatgctga gaatacagca gtgtgctacc    148860
     atcatcactg gctaaattag acatcttcat ggagttcagg aatctctcaa tttaaaagtg    148920
     ggtgtgggcg gcagaggtgg ctcagtggct aggagcactg gctgctcttc cacagaacct    148980
     aagctcagtt cccgacatct gtatcaggca gttcacaact gcctgtacct taggacatct    149040
     ggatcctcat ctggcctctg aaggtaccca cactcataaa tgcacacaca cacacacaca    149100
     cacacacaca cacacacatc accaccacca ccaccaacaa caacaacaac aaaaatataa    149160
     tcttttaaat cggatgtgac ctttgaccca gaattcaatt cttttttttt ccattctatg    149220
     aaggtttatt tgactttttg tgtgatgtct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgcacac atgcacgcgc    149280
     atgcacttat gtgtgggtat gttcggataa ccgtaggtac cctcagaggc cagagaagga    149340
     cagcagactt cctggagctg gaattatata cactgtgagc catctatctg atgtgggcgc    149400
     tggaagccaa cctcagtcag gtcttcttca agagaatatg agctcttaac tacttagtca    149460
     ttcctaggtc ttaaataaac ataatctaaa aaaaaacgat taaaattgta ttttaaatgt    149520
     atggttattt ttgcctgcat atatgcctgt gcatcatgtg catgcagtgc ctgcacgggc    149580
     cagaagaggg cgtcagatcg cctggaactg cagttacaga ctgttgtgag ccagaccttg    149640
     agtcctctgg agaagcagct agtgcttcta gagtcacctc taaggtgttt gttttaacat    149700
     ttacttattt gaggtggtgg ggttgggagg agtgggggat gggaggggca aacagctcac    149760
     agctcttatg agtcactaag agagtcaaca cagatccaga gaggacatca actgaactct    149820
     ggggaaaggg tttggctgac aagttctgaa tgggtgacac ccagaaattc acaaacaggg    149880
     cagcccaaga tcatttcaga gcacaactta ataaccaggc ggagtaatga tagctgttaa    149940
     gggtgcactt tgttttccaa atctattatt ttagcagctc ttgtgtggag ctcagaggac    150000
     aacttatggg gagtcagttc tcttgcaaca aggattgggg ggtgagggtg gtgcccagga    150060
     tgcgactcgg gccgtaaggc ttggcagcag atgtgttaac ctgctgagtg cctgccagcc    150120
     ggtctgttgt ttaaatctga cagaaagaaa atcgaggagg ggcatttgag acaggatgcc    150180
     actctgtagc ctaagctggc cttccagtct ttctacctca gtgttctagt gctgaggtta    150240
     aaggtcaata tcatcttact tgtttataga actggactta cgaggaagct gttcaacacc    150300
     aaaggacatc gggttcttta ctcttaacca ctgagccatc tctccagtcc attcctgttt    150360
     tgtttctcga ggcaagctct cagctagtct gggctcgcct cagactcctt ctgtatgacc    150420
     ttgaactcct gatcctcttg cctcttccat ccaatcatgt tctgtgccat gccccgttta    150480
     ggcagtgccg gattaaccca atcctgggat gggacacacg tggatgcact taggcaaggc    150540
     ctccatcagc tcagatgcat ccccaggtct gttccctccc ttgggtgttc actcgcatcc    150600
     tcctaacatt acaggttcct catccttttg tgactgactt tgccgagtcc aggaccgggg    150660
     ctgtcagttg tctggatgag gtgggacttg gggctctaga cacttggggc cctctgcaca    150720
     gagaggctga cctcagactg ctagactttc ctactcctga ggtggggtga ggggtgggac    150780
     cagacaggaa aggaaacggc aggggtgggg tagcagtggg caggagctca ctgcaagatc    150840
     tcaatcaacc ctgggccagg aggtagggag ctcattatct gagcttcaca ggtaaggaaa    150900
     tggaggcttt gggaggaagt gacatggcca gggtctagct ccgaggcccc ctctgggtct    150960
     tgactggagc aggtgaaact gaaagaccta cccctccctg actcacagtt tccgggggtg    151020
     gggtctaggt gtctgtattt ttcatacgct gtcatctgga gtccctcggt ccctgacttc    151080
     aaagtgggca gccctgggcg tagaaggttc tatgtgtttg ctccttcctg tgtgggtgtg    151140
     ggtgatgctc tcctggaggg acctgggaga aattagctgc catgtctaca ctgaccacaa    151200
     gattggaagt tgtggctctg cagtgcccag ttcagatcct ggacccctgt ctaacagggg    151260
     ctggggagat gaacacaaag tgggaacccc atggaagcag caggcagtga cctcacaaag    151320
     catgaataat ctctctccta aacagggttt gttctttttt ttgagatagg atcttacact    151380
     gtagctcagg ctggccccaa cttctcagca atcctcctga ctcagcaacg cacccccctg    151440
     gctcccccca agtgctggga tcataggtgt gacctctgca taggtttcga gtcattctct    151500
     taaaagatgc agccaggcat ggtggcacag gccgttagtc cctgcacttg gaagaggcag    151560
     gaatgtttaa ggctagcctg ggctacactg agttctggga tttaaggcaa gatactgtgg    151620
     caagacctcc cagtctgagt ctgcctgggc aggacagctc ttctcactgg tccattttca    151680
     ccattcatag caaactagac aaaagttgga ctttctaaag caatgaggga ggaaggctca    151740
     gcaggtgagg gtgcttgtcc cagcccagca actccagttc agtatctggg acccacctgg    151800
     tgggaggaga ggcctggctc cctaagctgt cctctgacct tcacatgtgc actgtagtca    151860
     ccacacatac acacacacac ccacacacca cacatacccc cccatacaca ctcacacata    151920
     catacacaca cacatacata cacactcaca catacacaca cacatacaca tacacacaca    151980
     tacacataca cacacataca cgcacatacc cccacacaca tacacactca cacatacata    152040
     cacacacata cacacataca tacacactca cacatacaca cacacataca catacacaca    152100
     tatacacaca catacacaca cacatacaca ctcacacata catacacaca cacacacatg    152160
     cacacataca tacacactca cacatacaca cacatacata catacacaca cccctcacat    152220
     acacactcac acatacatac acacacacac acaccacaca taccccccca catacacaca    152280
     cacacacaca cacataagca aatgcaataa tatggaaata aataaatagc ctttaatccc    152340
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc agatggatct ctgtgagatc aaggccagcc tggtctataa    152400
     agtgagtccc aggacagcca gggctgcaca gagaaatcct gtctcaaaca acaacaacaa    152460
     caacaaccac cacctaacta actaaacaaa aattttaaaa tcataacaaa acaaacgaaa    152520
     ccaaaaaagc aaataagaga cttcatagaa gaaatcttgt agccgggcgt ggtggcacac    152580
     gcctttaatc ctagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    152640
     tggtctacag aatgagttcc aggacagcca gggccacaca gagaaaccct gtctggaaaa    152700
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcttgttt ctcccgcacc cagccctgcc    152760
     ccccccccaa aaaacctccc tccctctctg tcctctacat tcgtttttct tcttcttctt    152820
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    152880
     cttcttcttc tccttctttc tccttctcct ccttctttct cctcctcctc ctccttcttc    152940
     ttctccttct tcttttttct tttcttttct tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacaa    153000
     tccctggagt gtcgtgcttc aacctcaagt cctgggatca caggtgtgcc accacatcca    153060
     ggtgtgtccc acctgggctt ttctcagccc agcccctccc cctccccctc tggccccccc    153120
     caggatgcac caggccaacc aaagcagccc tccataagca ttcggagggg agaagaggca    153180
     actcagactc agtgtgatct ggggttgggg gggttataca gtttcctgcc tgtccccatc    153240
     agaggccacc aaggctgtga accatattct taaaaccagc taagcccgag ccctcacccc    153300
     ctacatccac aggagactgg gtgtaccctg ctagcctatc tctgtcctct gcttcttcct    153360
     ccaccttctg accacttctc cattcctcct ctctgactct ccccacctcc agcaatgtca    153420
     ttacttccct cccggcccag catccaccac attggcccag gttggggggg ggggaccctt    153480
     ccctcacatg caagggtcct gacatttctg cctctcattc acatggcccc aaaactctca    153540
     gtgttagttt gagagtggac aggtttcctg tgaggcagat gtgagtgaca tttactgttt    153600
     ctggccagag atgtcactac aagagggctc gattcgagca gggaggagca cagtttaagg    153660
     gtatatgcgc tcagaggttc ttccccagaa attcccaacc tgtgggcatt ggggagtggg    153720
     agtggggcag gaaggggctg gtcagaagct aacggggggg ggggctctaa ttgggaggcc    153780
     tttctaactg atgacaccaa gggctgcaca ctatgcacac aaggcacaca gagagcctgg    153840
     agaggggtca gaagtcacag agatggaaca tagtatcttg ggagcaagaa gccatgtggt    153900
     ggagtactaa agagacaggg tttgggggaa ggtgtgtgtg tggggggggg gggcacagtt    153960
     tctacaggat tggtgtctgg atgacctgtt tttctttctg ggcagaactc aactcggtga    154020
     cgagagctgg gcagacatgg gaagggctaa ccttgcctct ctagggaacc agaggtggta    154080
     ctggactctc tttcctgggg cagtagaacc ttagtcatta gatgctcaga aagccagctc    154140
     agctgggtag atggagctgg ctagagcttc taagttcata ggacccagct tcagcaatgt    154200
     cggagttgag acagaggtgg gccatgcctg ttctgtgcca tctgcctccc agggttccta    154260
     tcatggttgt gaacagtgga aattgtaaat acccagatct tgaggggcga gtgggaggca    154320
     gacacagcct cctgtggtgc tccaggtaaa gtatttacag agagtgactg gatccctagc    154380
     agggttgagg ctactctgac acttggccca acactccctg gctccagcag cctagacttc    154440
     tgctggtttc tcctacattc tcccctggga agaagacacc tacccaggaa ggagagagct    154500
     ccttccgctc cttggaactg tccaggccta atggttttaa gatgatgggg gtgagtagag    154560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggtcacgga agaggttttc tcagacccgg    154620
     cttccccgac accctcagcc cgaggtctta taagataaat ctcccaacct gttctgttcc    154680
     tgcgctgata ggtggcccac attaccgctt gcttcaagtc gccagcttgc tttgcaaatg    154740
     gaggaggctc tcagagccaa gggcaagcac taactgtttt tcttcaaagc catgaggaag    154800
     ccacagggag gagcagggta cgtgcccaag catgacgctg gggaacccac aaggagcccg    154860
     ggaaggggcc tggctactca atctcggaac ctcgtgatgc cacctctact gtctgtccag    154920
     tcagggtact tggttctaga cagtggcttc tggtggcatg agccctctgg ggagcatcca    154980
     ctgagctacg ctgcctttgt ggccccgtca gcgctccacc cggggccagg gctgctggat    155040
     ggcaaggtgt ctgccagtag caaaggcttc cgtggctgac tctctggggt gggagctggc    155100
     acgttgagtc agcctcccct gagccccaag gatgccactc accttgagtt gggacttgga    155160
     gaccttgccg ctcttctcca cgtccagtgc agtgaaggcg taccagatag acttgagcag    155220
     ctccttgcgc agggccatgg ctgaggcgcc cgccccggcc caggggcggc tctgacacca    155280
     agatccggtt tcaggaaatg caaacggctg cagaccgcag agaggccctg gtgcagagcg    155340
     gagcgagagc tccacctgcc tgttccctct tgcttccagg gcctagccag ctgctctcgc    155400
     cacgctctgc ttccagggct gaccctccca gagctggagc cctcctttgg gccctggctc    155460
     cctcagcaca gatagtcact ttagaagcct gcttgcctca ggatcttccc aggctcccag    155520
     tggtagctct agagagagga agcaggccct tccagacttg gagggacaca ggatcaggag    155580
     tcaagcttac caagtggaag cgattggatg agttagcccc aacagtctac tcttagtacg    155640
     ttcctacctc acagagctgt gtgggtgcct gagactggac agaaagaaaa ctgtaggccc    155700
     tgtaggcccg ggacaggata tttctttaga gccacccagc agaagctcag tgcagagttc    155760
     tacccaagca aaagcaaccc agcggaggaa ggacagagcc agctgcttct ccgcttctcc    155820
     acgacagggt gccttggcag tttggtttgc tgtttccccc tccccgggcc ttggctctaa    155880
     aagaaacttc agaatactgc ccactttgta cttgatggct ttcaagacac cagagcctgt    155940
     atttaggcac acagggtgac cttgacagtg gggctcacgt cagaaatcca gtcaggggca    156000
     gggcaggcca tgggcagagc cctcttcagc agcctccact tcttcagatg caatgcccac    156060
     acagatcatg gtggccatta aatttcaatg aagtcagtgg aagctaattc tggagttgtg    156120
     ctccacccat ccacctactc actcacaggg gcatataccc agcccctcca cttgctcctc    156180
     acttggagtt ctaaaacctt gggatgagtt tgagaccacc taggctatga agaacagttc    156240
     tgtctcaaaa acaaactata aaaaagccca gaagggggga gggaggaagg gaggggagag    156300
     agagagagga agagagagag agagaggaag aaggaggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaagaa    156360
     gaagaggagg agagggggaa gaggaagaga ggaggaggaa gaggaggagg aagaagagga    156420
     ggaggagagg aagaggagga ggaggagaga aaagatccca gctgagcaac agcaaatgag    156480
     ggcttcctta ggtgtcccag gagaggataa tcttatgcac ttggtccctg atttcctggc    156540
     tctgtcagca ggaaggggct gggggctcat gagagcatca tacagagaga tgacgaggag    156600
     ggagggagag gctcccacag ttcccacagt gttcctacac agctgtgggt agcattatag    156660
     ctgctcttca tgaggtgcca gaacctgtcc agctgtggct gctctggcct tctgacgttc    156720
     tttttggggg ttctttagcg gggtccccct gtgtctttgg ggtctcacgg catgaactta    156780
     gacatcctgc cccctaactg ggttacagag ccgggatgtt agcactggga agaagtcact    156840
     ggaaccctgg tgaggttgta tgtagtgatg gtggcaggga aggaagggtc caggctctgt    156900
     tcaatgatgg caaggcagaa gacccagaat tctggcagcc cgggcattac cccagattca    156960
     gccacagccc aggaagaagc acagccactc gggtcctgtt tggcgtaggt gtgggcaaaa    157020
     gcctaccagc gggtcccaga gctcacctct cttagggcct cttcctgcct ggacccatgg    157080
     agagccacct gctgcatggg tgggcgctga ggccacgcag ggctaggaaa gcaggctgga    157140
     gcttggccag ccctgccacc agggaccagc actgaaatga tggaggagcc caggtggaaa    157200
     cttgcaactt ttattaaata ctcatccgcc cgtttgccac caccacccag agcaggaaaa    157260
     aaaattatca aaataggatt aaaaacccaa accacaaaac aaatgaaacc cagtccccag    157320
     cagtctgggt acaggccact cgcttgcctc tctgccacag acaagcgaag aggcaccttc    157380
     actccagcca caggcccctg aggaattaat tctgactgtg gtggtgggaa gtccctggtg    157440
     ccaagtggct aggcatcttg gccaccgtag ccccaggaga cggttattgc tgggaggcgc    157500
     tgggctgaaa gctgtcggcc tttcccctgg tggtactagc agccagggtg gaggccagtc    157560
     ctcgtccacc tagtcaccac ctccctgagg aagggagtgg acagagcagg aataatatcc    157620
     tgccaaggga gggacgcagg tgtctggcag cctggtgacc aagctcagtg tcgactgcct    157680
     gctgcctggc cctcatcttg ggtgtagccc acagaccttt ccactagagg ccattttcct    157740
     gttgcctcat cacccctgag gcctatgcgg ccatcttctt ggggtcagct gtggctgggg    157800
     gccccggagg cagggctgcc tgtgagcatg gagccttctc cagtgtggtg tgggagctgg    157860
     tcctcttggg ctcagcagcc gctctctgtg gtttccaggg tcacagcccc ttgctgcata    157920
     gcagcagtgg ctacgcttat ggcctcctcc agggtctgct ggtcctccag ctgtggagag    157980
     gtgcagcagg gggagaggtc agttcctccc ttccagaccc cacagacctg tgtgctccac    158040
     ccactccctt ggttggtttg gttttcgaga caggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct    158100
     gaaactcact ctgtagtgag tggcctcaaa ctcagagatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa    158160
     gtgctggggt taaaggctct ttcttattag ggctctacta gaggaaaact ccctggtaaa    158220
     gagccctgtt aggcacgtcc tgggcagacc acaggctact ctgtgttaga catcagctgg    158280
     ctcacagaac agcaactggc tggaaaacgc cttagagagg attcgctcca gcttctctgt    158340
     ctcccaggtg gagagactaa gcgtgaagca caggtgctgc ctcagccacc ccaaggtgaa    158400
     ggactcccca gtctccttgt ataggcagag ggggcctgag ctctccctca ctgcccacgc    158460
     cccccacccc cactcccttt caggctccct ctccctccag tcttcagccc acctgcactg    158520
     cgatgtgtgt tccgttggct gtggccaaca gcgccacctg ttggtgatga agagacgcca    158580
     cgcttgagtc ctcagtcacc aaggccccag aggtaatgat tgtgacctgg agacacagaa    158640
     gcagaagacc ttgcacctgc tccatggctg gggcagcaca gacgggacgg acaaggtcac    158700
     tgcgctgtgg aggtgattgt gattgcattt ttctctttag tttgcacgat tttcttgcag    158760
     gctgtcaggt tggtagagac agcactgggg actgaactta gggacttggt gttcagagcc    158820
     accaagctac acccagtcct tcccatgctt tgtgtttttg agtaagctgt ccaggctgac    158880
     ccggagctgt cttagttcca aatcgcaggg agtacaccta tggcagatac gctgcctgga    158940
     gctgcctgcc aaaggctttt aaggatgaag gttgctgagg ggactggttt tttatttttt    159000
     tgttttttaa aatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagaaacc    159060
     ccagaagagg gtatcagatc tcattacaga tggctgtgag gcaccatgtg gttgctggga    159120
     tttgaactca ggaccttcag aagagcagtc ggtgctctta accgctgagc catctctcca    159180
     gccctagggg actggatttg tttgttgttt gagacatggt ctctctttgt ggtcctagaa    159240
     attgttataa tatagatcag gctggccttg aactcacaga tgctttcctg cctctgcctc    159300
     cagagtgttg ggattaaagg tgtgtaccac cacacctggc ctttgagggg tgactttaaa    159360
     gtctgggagg ttggggtctg gtgagatggc tcagtggtta agagcaccaa ctgctcttcc    159420
     aaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tataatgcta    159480
     tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat ataatgaata aataaataaa    159540
     taaatagtct gggtggttga gtcttgggaa ctgaacctag gacttcacac atgccagatg    159600
     gcagctctat gactgagctg taccccatac tttgctttgc ccagactgac cttaaagttg    159660
     tggtcctcct gccttagcta caactacagg ctcataccac taggcctggc agggagactt    159720
     ttatggtgtc tttgtctcat gaaatcttgg atggtttggt ctgtgcatgt aatgccctct    159780
     gacccccatg acaaggttac acagagaaca aggaaagtgc ctggtcatac gggctgagtc    159840
     tgcgtgccat cagcgctgac catggtgacc gtgtgtgtgc cagatgtggc tagttcttca    159900
     tgatgaccgg ggatggtgag ggtggtgctg ccgtgctgtg tcaccacact gatggcactc    159960
     cccagggcct gcaggtcttc tggggacagg ctgacctgca gacaggaggg acatgagctg    160020
     gagtcagggg tgggagcact gggcttgggc actggcacag cgcagggcca cggctacaga    160080
     agcagcagca aggcctctct ctggcacttg cacctcccac tactttgcct ctgtaacccc    160140
     ctgcatgcag gtcagggcct ccacctagcg tgccttcctc ttcaccctag tagaaagagg    160200
     cacactagac aatgaggtat ggccaagggg caaggtactc tgtggccaca acactggcag    160260
     acttctgact tcaagatcct cgagacctga tgtgacccca cttaagcaca ggcatgtcat    160320
     tcagatgagg acactgggag gagcagggct gggtgacaca ctggtcccct cagatctagc    160380
     tctctaaagc ccataaaggc aaaacaggtg cttgggtgga ggtgaggccg aggacctcag    160440
     gggccattgg gagactgctc cacccatccc cagggcttct acctgctggg taccgtcctg    160500
     agtgatcaga gccacctgag ggggcccatc ctcctccgtc accatggcta cttgggttgg    160560
     gatggcactg ctctcttcct tcacttccga aaggtaagca atgtgggttg gtttgggtgg    160620
     ggggctttcc tcagcagcag aggcggctag gaaaagagag cctagactgt tactcgatgc    160680
     tagatgtccg gagaggctct gtggccctgc ctcccactct ctgctccctc accctccagc    160740
     tgctgctgct catacagggc ctgctcgctc tcctccgtgg cctccagctc cccgtgtgcg    160800
     ctgcgcttgt gcatggccag ggtggaggtt tgccggtagg tcttgccaca gctactgcac    160860
     gtgtagggct tgcaatgtgt gtgcaccacg tggtgtttgt acaggctcga gtactccgta    160920
     aagcgctttc cgcagcctgg caccgtgcaa acgtatggct tctcccctgg ggacactggg    160980
     ctgtgagggg ggtgggaact ggggctggca agggggaagc taaggggata gggttgggga    161040
     caggactggt gacaggaaag ccaggggaaa gggctgagaa ctgagacttg ggggcaggag    161100
     ttggggaaga tggcctgtgg aagacaggag ggcacgagat tgggacctcc gcacccagag    161160
     acaaggtgga aagagtaagg ggcacttaga gaaggggagt gagggcagac actgcaatgg    161220
     tggggtacgg ggctaagagt tgcaggcata agaggagaga cagtggggta aagaacacag    161280
     tgtcaggatg ggagaaatgg ctgagagatg gcgggaagct agacaggggc tggcactgga    161340
     gactggaccc cagagtcacg tgcagagtag atgcttgaag gagacacagg tgacatttcc    161400
     atccaagtgc ggctaggagc tgtcctactc tacagaggcg aacaggactg tcggactaga    161460
     cccagctacc aatggggcac tgctcatggt aggtgagaca gcatttgggg tacccacccc    161520
     tgcccagcct ggagtggctg gctggcagag aaggctggag ctgagaggtc cccgatcaga    161580
     agcccacaga agggggaggt ggggtctggg gaggggctcc tcacacacca gctggcccac    161640
     ctgtatggat gcgcacatga ttcttgtagt tggtggcgct ggtgaagcca cgaccacagt    161700
     ggggctcggg gcaggtgtag ggccgctcgc ctgtgtgggt gcgcacatgt accttgcgga    161760
     tatttgatgt ggtgaaggag cggccacagc cctcaaaagg gcaccggaat gggcgctcac    161820
     ctgtgcagac aggggattga gggacagctc aggagggcca gagcaagaaa ggacagctct    161880
     gggctctggg cctcaatctg aaaagcagag tgagcccctg gggatggggc agcagggccc    161940
     agcctacctg tgtgggtccg cacgtgtttc tgcaggtccc ctgaggtctt gaaggctttg    162000
     ctgcacagct cctctgggca cttgtatggt ttctcacccg tgtgagtacg aacatgactt    162060
     tttagcccat agcctgtcca tgtgtggtgt gatataagaa gagtggtcag cgaagcctca    162120
     tccctgcctg cctgccttag aggctctcta tcctaagtga tgttccagga tgctccacag    162180
     gcccaggaca gcccctgacc catcctgcca aggaaaagcc cacagtgccc tgggacgctt    162240
     tgtaaggcca gacggagaca ttccagagca tgaatctcag agggagccta gagaagctga    162300
     gcccgagggc ccttgtttcc cagagcaaac aaagccagag aagccacagg cttcagcagc    162360
     ctacagctgg tggctgccag agctgataca agagacaggc ctctctcctg tgccccagcc    162420
     tcttccaaag gtccttcaga gacacctcag tggtctctct gggacagcac agtctgtgct    162480
     tggccacctt tgtgaggtcc ccaagtagat ctagaaccct ttgctgtcaa ctggtttcag    162540
     accttgcctt catccagata tgttacctgt tgcaaaggcc tttccacagc tgggaaagtc    162600
     acacctgtat gggcggtccc ctgtgtgagc tcgttcgtgg acctgcgagg gaaagcaaac    162660
     ccgtagctca gggatgggac tggctgagtc cgctggttct cttccctccc acactctgtg    162720
     tcccagcttt ctatgtggac acttctgtgc atgtgcatct tccctcctgc aggtgacatg    162780
     gggaggggcc agggtggcgc cagagcagtc ttacagggaa gaggcggggc tcaaagccac    162840
     ctgccagcct tacctttaag tgatgggcag tggtgtagag acgaccacag cccttgtagc    162900
     cacagcggaa agctcggtct ccaacctgct gccctttgcc attgtgggaa gcagggctat    162960
     cgtgcagaac ctgagggaaa aaaaaaaaac aatgccggat gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa    163020
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac    163080
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggttaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa gaaccaaaaa    163140
     accaaaaacc aaaaaccaac catcttagtg ttgctgtatg tactcccgag gggatgagaa    163200
     gggaggacac aagacccagc tgagagccta agacccgaag aacagaatta accctgcacg    163260
     gggcaggaac agagaagcag agagctcagt ttcccagcac aagcaaaaac ccccggaaag    163320
     aaagaaagtg gcatgggagg ggctttaaat ctcaaaggcc acacccagtg gcacacctcc    163380
     cgctgcccct tttaaaagtt cccagtgtca ccaactggga actaagggtt caaacactca    163440
     tccaaacccc acagcatagc tcctgtggct aaaggctgga ctcaggtggt tctggaaggg    163500
     aggggacaaa actgaaactc cttttgataa attgattttt attagtgtgt gtatgtatac    163560
     acacatatgt atatacatag atatatacaa acatacatct atgatgtgtg tgagagagtg    163620
     cacctgaggc agagatacac atctagacag ggacagctag cagactccac gaggctgaca    163680
     tgaagtcctg atggtgcagc cctgatggag cagggaggct gggtattcgg ggtatctagc    163740
     agaatctcct gggtagcagg gttgccctga gctaggctga gttagaaccc ctgctgacca    163800
     tacacctagg atgctggggc tgatcagcat gtcttcttct cctcaaagga gaccttgctt    163860
     cggagcaagc accatgatca tgggctggag tcacaggtgg aagtgacttc tgaaatcacc    163920
     tggttccact gagctcttac ccacggctgg agtaggcggt ggcagagcca gccctgacct    163980
     cgaggctctt gcttttgata aagcctagtt ctctttctgt ttcacatctg gcctttaaca    164040
     taccctatgg caggggctgg tgagatggct cagtgggtaa gagcacccca cccgactgct    164100
     cttcccaagg tccagagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa    164160
     caagatctga cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct atggtgtact tacatataat    164220
     aaataaataa atctttaaaa aaaaaaaaac ataccctacg gcacaggggc tggaggtgta    164280
     gccagagggg cctgtagtaa attttgtgct tccttttgaa gagacataaa aatttcctct    164340
     tttagaggaa aactaagaaa cttagaaaac taaaccctcc cggcttgcag gttaattggt    164400
     gtttggttaa ctctgcccca tccatccaag gctctgtggt ctagccttga ctcacaggtc    164460
     tctgtcctca gcaggtaacc agggctcctc tcatcaggct ccctttccca gagccccagc    164520
     agctctggtg cacaggcctg ctcactgcct gctggcttta ttccccagtg tctaagtcag    164580
     tctcagagaa gcaataaata tagcggcatc ttactttact ggatgggaaa actaatgaaa    164640
     aggcacaggc agagctttcc caatgagcag aggattgtca ctgcagcttg aggtggctgg    164700
     tgctcacttc ctgccactca gaaaccactg tccctacagc agccttccct tctcagaggg    164760
     caaaacaagg gtcagtgcac agctgtctgt ctgtctggcc ccagtggggg gaaaggagag    164820
     aagagcagtg ggaggcgcgg gggcagatgg gctgaggaag agctggagca gatgggctga    164880
     ggccagggta gcccagaatg agcccaagca cagacccacc actgttttct agagagtgaa    164940
     attgttttgg tttgagatag gatcttgtgt ggttcaagat ggctttaagc tcctgtctcc    165000
     acatgccaag gactgggatt ctagcatgga ccactaccct tggccagaga agtagggttt    165060
     tggtagcgcc aagaggtggt gggcaagtgg cggagccagg ttctcacctt gctggcatac    165120
     tgctccaggg ccaccactgt gtccgtgccg aagccttcct cgtcttccgc tgccaggtcc    165180
     tccaagcccg cctccgtctg cacagccagg atggcgctgt ccgacggcac aggcacaggg    165240
     tgatggatgt aggcagtgga accgtcttcc agctggacag cttccagggc gctggggtca    165300
     cagccctcta cagggcacac gaggttaggc ctaatagcac gcggggacac tcagctgaga    165360
     ccctggcttt agatgatgat cagagagtac accagagggg agccgtgcga agtctcttca    165420
     gggggcctca ttgtggtgac ttcctctcat tggtccaact aggactgcct ctcacaagca    165480
     caaggcctcc cagggcacac taaccagatt ctcccaaggg cttcctgccc agacactggc    165540
     cagtcctcac cccacatcat ttagtcttag gatgaaaacc caaatctcta ttctgatggg    165600
     ctggactcac cctggccctg gctctcatct ccttgctggg tctcccagcc ctattgctcc    165660
     agtaaaggtt acctccccgc actggccggt cctaccctgc cactcctctt ccctaagctc    165720
     ccgatgctta gacagtggat aagtgacccc atgtggctct attcaatggg atgttggagc    165780
     tgtgaaaagc tgggcatccc tgaatgtctc tgaatgggca tcagctaaaa actgatgcaa    165840
     aacaaaatgt tcagtgaacc tggggtattt ctgaggggct gctagttttg tgtcatgtga    165900
     cctcacgtgt tcagcctcag ttctaaacat ggtacacaca ctttgcattc tgcatgctaa    165960
     caagccacac aacacaaacc aaccaccact gaaacacctc agatctgatt ctgtgttatt    166020
     tgcacgcact ttctactctt acagaatcat tattgtttaa tggaaaataa taatatagta    166080
     ttttcctaaa gtcattgctc aacaagaatc aaatcagtct acctttgggc tatattatgc    166140
     tataggtttg atttttagaa attgcagttt ttgtacgtgg tggcgcacac ctttaatccc    166200
     agcactcagg aggcagaggc agggggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag    166260
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaaa gaaaccctat cttgaaaaaa caaaacaaca    166320
     acaacaacaa aaattgcaat ttgggggctg gaaagatggc tcagcagtta agggcactga    166380
     ctgctctccc agaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    166440
     tgtaatgaga tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttgtat    166500
     ataataaata aataaattaa ttaattaaaa aaaaaacctg cagtttggat tgccagtttg    166560
     aattttataa aaactgttaa gtgaattctg gtctgggata ggatagtgag atggctctaa    166620
     acacgctgct gccatcagtc actgcgcaat gtgatggggc attgagcttc agtcaggtct    166680
     gcactgttga agatgctcta cagctcgcat ctgtcatcat cctggggccc atttagccga    166740
     gacctcagca tgtgaatctg tatttgtctt caatcacagt gaaggcggaa ctgtcaaaga    166800
     acttggcgtt ttaggattta aaaatgtatg catgcgtgtg taagagtgcc tgtgtgagtt    166860
     gatgtgcatc attgtgtaca ggaggctgag gaggccagag aacaccagat cctgtgaaac    166920
     tggagctgca ggccattgta tgccgcctgg ttgtgggtgc tgggaatcaa gcctgggtct    166980
     cctgtaagag cagtatgcgc tcctaactac tgagtcacct ctccaggcca agagttgtaa    167040
     atttctttat gattcttatt ggtatttgta tagcaatttt acataactat attatctagg    167100
     gatgcataaa atttcttgtg caaaaaggcg tggtcagaag ggggagcagc tcacacagcc    167160
     gcccctggtg agtctatcca cccttgctca gaggcgctca ctctggttct gctcagtgtg    167220
     ccattcaccc atcacagctg agctgcaggg ggcagggctg tctgactctg ttctgctgtg    167280
     tatgctccca cactgacaga gactgcggcc agacaatgat cactcctttc cctccctccc    167340
     ttcctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc ccccttcctc tcttccttgt ttgttggttg    167400
     tttgtttgtt tgtctgttat ttggttggtt ggtttttact ttttcgagac aggatttctc    167460
     cgtgtaacag agccctggct gtcctagact cgcttatata gactaggctg gcctcgaact    167520
     cacacagatc ctcctgccct gcttcctgag tgtgggatta aaggcgtgac cagcacaccc    167580
     agcctaagcg tttactcttt agtagttagg agctcccatg gtcactacac ctactgttaa    167640
     agatgagtga gtgtccttcc cctggtgtga caaggtacca gcgcctacag cacctacgct    167700
     gatgtcaaga ctccctgccc cacgcccgtg gtctgcccag ggaagctatg caaggctgtt    167760
     ctccaggtta gctgggtctt atctctggga agagggtgct tgtgctcacc ccaagcctct    167820
     tccctcccca ccagccacga tgcccacggg cccacctttg ggtgtgtggt gtatgtaggc    167880
     catgctgccg tcttccagct gcacgggctg accatcttca aaggagaaag actctgcaag    167940
     gagagcaatg ccagtcctcc tctggagctt gtggccatgg agggcacttg gggctgccag    168000
     acctccctcc acatgggtgt ctggggcgcc tcacctttct gtatcgtcac ctggtgaatg    168060
     tacgcagtgg tcccgtcctc cagctggatc acttgccctt caagcagctt ctcccctggg    168120
     gacgtagaag cagagaagtg gaccaggctg gcagaggccc accacgtgct tgcccgctgt    168180
     ggcagatgcc tatttgagtc tctgcatcct tgcctatggt ccaagcatgg gaacatccac    168240
     cacgttccct tcgccacctc ttaagcctca gtctggaggc cctgaggaga aacatcctgc    168300
     catgaagtaa ctttatctgc cactctgcaa gaagcaattt cctttcttac tacccaggcc    168360
     tgtgaagacg ggaacttctg atctaacggt gagctgccca gactgagcta aatggagaac    168420
     aaagaatatc ctgaaaccag ggaggattcc caaatgccaa gaaattcaga tacacagcca    168480
     actaacagtt aaaacagatt tcctcattcc ccctgtaaca gtgtgccaaa atctggggcc    168540
     tccactgtga catgctgtgg taggggtgat agccacaatg tactctgggg ccaggactga    168600
     cctcccgagt gtgtaagcct gcgcccatac tcagcttgag tctcggctgc atgctccttt    168660
     gaatagttgt ctcttcctaa tgcagtggct gtggacttga gtgagctcac agagagcagg    168720
     caggaacaca ctcagccctc cataggctgc agccttcacg ctggtgagcc ccacaggcag    168780
     agtaaaagca atgggagcca gattggtggt gttcatctac aatcccagca cttgggaagt    168840
     ggtggaggag gcacaggagg tcaaggccag cctctgctac agtttgaact tgaaactagc    168900
     ctgggctaca agagatcctt cttgaaaaac agcaacaaaa aacaaacgaa agaaatggaa    168960
     gtgaagggat agagaggtgt ggattcatgt gcctgtgcgt gtacatgtgt gtgtatatgt    169020
     gtgtggcgtt tgtgtgcaca ttgagtgtgc acgtgtgtgc acgtgtgtgc acatgagcat    169080
     gtgcataggc cagaggtcaa ccttgggtga tgttcctcaa taagccttcc cttgcctttg    169140
     agacagcatc tctcattggc tggccaggag ctcccaggtt ccataggctg gcgggccaga    169200
     gagtccccag ggatcctcct ggctggggga ttagaagcac gtgccacttc acccagcttt    169260
     tgatgtgggt gctgaaggtt gaactcgggc cctcacactt tcatgctcca tgagtgagct    169320
     atctgcctag gctgagtgtg gctactgtgg gggtggggtc tatgactcac cttactgtca    169380
     tgtgagcatg tttccttact tgatctatgc aacctcaagc cccactccca ccccacccac    169440
     caaagctttc cttgagacag gatcttgctc tgtagtccat gctggcctgg agtttgctaa    169500
     ccagacaaat gaagacttca aagtcattgt aagctcctgt ttctgccttc tacatgctga    169560
     ggttacagga gtgtgcatcc tgccaggctt tttcttcctt tccagggctg ggactgaacc    169620
     tttagccttt gcatgtcagg taagggcttc agccaggaac gtgtatccct aaaccttgat    169680
     tattttatgc agggtcttga tatgtggctc aggctggcct catattgcaa tcctcctgcc    169740
     tacgtctctt gtgctttggg gggaccacag gtataggcca ctgtgtcctg gactcttttc    169800
     tcttctctta gatgggggtc tcaagttgcc caggttggct ttatcctcac tatagagctg    169860
     aggatagccc tgaattcctc ctgtcttcct gccttcacac ctaagtgtga atgagccacc    169920
     acacctgagt gggctcttgg gatcagactc aagggctccc tgctcaggct gttctcttgg    169980
     gagagaatgg gagtgaggac agaaagaaag acagggagac tgacaagtca atgcaggaga    170040
     tgtgttcact ctttcttcag ctcaggaact gagccctgca ataaggagaa acgtcagctg    170100
     gcctcttctg actcaactat ctgctgacat tgtcccatca ggggaatccc caaactcacc    170160
     cctagaggga ttctccatgg gttctggtgc tctgcacagt tgtgactcct cagctccata    170220
     gttatgcata accttgaatg gcaaatgccc ttttgcttta gaaagttcta gaaactatag    170280
     gaggtgggtt tagctggaag aagttggtcc ttggaggtca tgtggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt    170340
     gtgtttcccc ttggcccgtt tctgcttcat ttcctccttc ctgtcagccg tgaggtgaac    170400
     agctctctcc tacagcccag aggctcccgt ctacagtgat gttctgctca agtacatggg    170460
     gccaaatgac taggactgaa caccttaaag acatgagcca aagtaaaccc tctctctttc    170520
     acatcggtca cgtaaggtat ttatgttgtc ccagcaaggc aaaggaactg gtgccagaga    170580
     agagggatgt ggctgtgacc tggcagtgtg gatcttaggt cttgggaact ttctgtggaa    170640
     ggactttgga aaagtatgga gcagcaagcc agagaaggct taagctgctg taagcggaac    170700
     ttaataagca gtttcctgtg tgagttcaaa agaccaggat gccaagtgca agtgggcagt    170760
     tgagattagg ctcctgcacc ttcagagggg acaggactcc agtggggaca gaccagagga    170820
     ccacgaatgg tacattctag caaagaatat catgcatgtc ctaagatttt gagtaaggct    170880
     gagtttaaaa gtaaaagtaa ttattctgat gtaagatttt taaaaaaaag atttacaact    170940
     acatttattt gagtgtgatt aagtgcacac acatggatac acatattgca acccagtggg    171000
     aggtaagaaa cagacctgag aagaatgatg ggagaaagag aaacaaaagg gctggagagg    171060
     cagctcagtg gttaagagca ctcactgttc ttccaaaggt cctgagttca attcccagca    171120
     cccacatggt acatggtggc tcacaaccat ttgtaatgaa atctgatgct ctcttcctgt    171180
     atgtctttag acagtgacag tgtattcata aaaaataaaa gaaatgtaat atatatatat    171240
     atatatacac acacattcat atatatatat acatacacat acacacatat acatatatac    171300
     ctatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtga atgtatatag tcacaaacag agaaacagag    171360
     aggtggaaga ggcaaagaca taactttaaa agaaaagatt taagaagagt ggtctggggc    171420
     tagacagctc gcctttttgc tattctgttc ttttgagaca gacctgcctt agtctcccga    171480
     aggcagagac tacaggttga gggttggctg ccaaccgctt taattcatta actagtaatt    171540
     ctctgtggaa agctgaagca agggaagtga gagggtctaa ggagaaagca cagccccacc    171600
     tagaaatccc aaattctctc ccagactgca ccatgacagg tgtagggaca ggacagacaa    171660
     tgcagggaca gagagctacg ggcttcagaa gtattctaga gaaaacacat tctcaggaga    171720
     acgatcctag acagactatg acaggccttc cgaagccacc tcaagagctt gttgacgaca    171780
     tcaagggcta tctcacttca ttgtcaagaa acaaattttt ggccaggcat ggaatcccag    171840
     ctctcgggag gcagaggcag gtagatctct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg    171900
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaataaaca tcaacaaaag    171960
     caaagaaaac aaagaaagcc cacataactt aaatgacaaa gcactaaacg aggcatccgc    172020
     acacctaggc ctggacattt tcttaggtgt gttgaactga aggaggcagc aatgtggtta    172080
     tgaggatagc gctgctccca ggatctggaa aaggaaggag gaggcagcgt ttctgtccac    172140
     ggaggccaag accacacggg gcacgtctga gagcggtggg caggagcact gcccagaggt    172200
     acccatgccc aacagcactt caggcttggg ctctccatgg ctgttaagtc tgcgtttccc    172260
     acaaatgaca aactctcagt gtgactatcc ctcatctgaa acctaagtct gcagtgcgtg    172320
     aactcccagc aggttaggga agtgcaggct cacatctatg cgaacattcc aaaccctagg    172380
     tctccaaaac ccaacacgtg tctactccta agtgtctgcg cagaggaggc cttgtctgtt    172440
     cataaacagc tttttaacat ttctactttt atttaggtct atatgctcat ggtgtgtgtg    172500
     tgtatgcatg ctatgtgtgt gtgagttacc tcagagatca gacgagggtg ttggattccc    172560
     tggagcagcc catcataggt gctgggaacc caactcaggt cctctgacag agcctccgtg    172620
     cccccagcgt gtacttacat gcctggagag ttgttttagt cttcaatgct atggttataa    172680
     actcatgccc cgtgcaggtc tgaggagagg cctacactcc tgaagaacca ttacttatct    172740
     gagattcaag tctctccgtg aacccagtgt gtttatttgg tgcccactgg tgtcagacac    172800
     tgaggcataa attgtatttg tggggcccct gctgtgccta gagtgtcttg tacagggcag    172860
     agactcagaa cggcaccccc agcacttaca tccacttcag tcaagacagt ggactgcctc    172920
     tgtccaggaa gcaccctaag ctggaacagg ggtgtctgaa agtaggcggc ctaggctcgc    172980
     acatgctggt ccctaattct aacgagtccc ctttctgtca ggtgcacaca gaagtccctc    173040
     gcaggcacag aaagctgcac caggtggggg ccagcaggca ggtgagcagg gaagacgggc    173100
     agggttccaa ggtccccaga acactcacct ttgacagcct gctggacgta ggctgttgtc    173160
     ccatcactga gcctcaccgt ttgcagcccc aggctttcca tgacaaactg ccacttgtgc    173220
     cttcagacat gaagttggct tctggtcacc actgaggtca cagatttcct tctgggtcac    173280
     caatctgaga aaatggacaa agtcacatca aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaacaaga    173340
     gcaagcctca cagctccctc ctgttgcaag tgatcaacaa ggcccgaggc cagccaggag    173400
     cacacagaca ctgcttcaga gaattaagct ggttcctatg gaaagtgtga ctctctctct    173460
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca gagttaattc    173520
     aaaatggtgg gcacagaagc atggtggtca agatgcttgt gaagtaaaaa tccgctgacc    173580
     gagccgttac tgactgactg agccatcact gactgaactc acttcccgtc aaaggcaggc    173640
     aggctctctg cctggttgtc tgtgcttact ccatggtcta tcctgtgctc agacccatcc    173700
     atccaccggc actattgacc atcctcaagg aacaaacagc aggtccctaa cagaattcac    173760
     aacatttcca tctcggggat ggcacctcca tccaccctga gtcctctgct cataaaaagg    173820
     caggctactt ctcactcaga gccacctaac cgtgtcctca gaccaagtct tccctgtttc    173880
     tgatttattt tctaacaagc tgtgaggatg acaccccccc ccaaaaaaaa accccagcac    173940
     aaatatgaag cttactccca gaagctgggg cccttcctct tcctggggct cacgtccttc    174000
     accatttatc agtgtaacct gggttctacg tggctcttct ggcttggggt ggctgcacca    174060
     gccctgtgtg ctgtaggctg tacacagaca tgacttgcta tgtcctagca gcacagaaca    174120
     tggtccattg tagaccctca tatgtgacct gtcaggagcc ctctgcccct gcttttggtc    174180
     tccttaagat tctctaaaga ggcgttttcc tttcttaacc ttattggcgg cttgcaggga    174240
     ttggttcctg cctttcactg tgtggatccc atgtatcagg ttgttagtct tggttacagg    174300
     tgtctttacc cacacagcca tcttgatcat taaaattaag actctcccag actgcctact    174360
     ttaaccttga aaccccagat gatgctctgc cttcacactg atatacctgg aggatgtttg    174420
     tgtgtcactg ggcacatgtt gcttgaggcc agaagtgaca agctggagct ttgtgcctcg    174480
     agggttgaga gatcagtgct gcagtgtaac tacagtccac ctgggacacg ttggctgtgt    174540
     cgctccaccc taagcttggc atcttcacta gaataactaa ctcactcact tagtctgtta    174600
     acatttaccc gaatgtgctc tgcttcaggg agcggcatca gcaatagcca gcaacacaca    174660
     cacacaatgg gaatgcaggg gtatggacct gctcacatct ctacacacac acaatgacaa    174720
     cacaggggtg tggacatgct cacatctcta cacacacaca atgggaacgc aggggtgtgg    174780
     atatgctcac atctctacgc tctggtactg ttatgttccc tggtttaaaa acattttctc    174840
     tgtgagtgaa tgtgcacgtg gaagtcagag cacaacctga gggagctggt tcaatccttc    174900
     tgtcatgttg gttctgggga ccaaactcag gtggtcaggg tcagcagcaa atgcctttat    174960
     ctatggcccg gccttgttgg tcctattttc tctatttcac agtttagtcc taggacatca    175020
     aataactttc tcaaggttgc agagctacta agtgtgagag gaggatttga acccacacca    175080
     tctgatcaag aatgagcact caatgccggg catggtggtg catgccttta atcctagcac    175140
     tcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcgaggcca ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca    175200
     ggatagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaacaaacaa    175260
     acaaacaaaa agaatgagca cccaaggtct ctacgatggt gccaagtgca gagggtctcc    175320
     taggggttta aaaaccctga gaccactaaa aagtactctt gtggaacaca ggcctgtcta    175380
     tatatatttt tttaattttt aatttttaaa gttttatcta tttattattt atatgagtac    175440
     actgttgctg tcttcagaca caccagatgg atgcatcaga tcccattaca gatgacgtgg    175500
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag tctctgctct    175560
     taaccaccga gccatctctc cagccccttg tctacatttt taaagacgtt gtctaaggct    175620
     atcagagagg tatagagaaa tcaatcaaac gggaacagct tctgggaact cagacctgaa    175680
     ccatctcgtc taggagcgac ccacttggct gggatctctg gtcctgactg gttctggact    175740
     gctctacaac tcttaactcc cattctctta atcagggaga gagttttttt ggttttgggt    175800
     ttttgttgtt gttgttttgt tttttggtaa cccgttttac tgtaaccaca acacgtgaga    175860
     aataaggaca catataagac ttggcctaaa tacaaaacag accacaggct ggagagacag    175920
     aatggcctct agcttccatg gctgggttgg tagctcccac agtgacaggt ggttgaattt    175980
     agagtgtctg ctctctacag ggctctgcag tcggatagca aacggatgag cctctcttga    176040
     gcctcagatg ctgcagctga gacagcagag acactgcttc ctaggttatt gtaagggcta    176100
     gatgaggtcg cacatgctgc cactcaggac aggacaggca catggagagg actccagcat    176160
     ggaggctctg gaaggggagt atggcaccat cttagttcag gtcctcatga aggaactgga    176220
     tggctctctg cagaagaggt ttctgcctcc ctgcctgctt ccttgcccgt tggccccgat    176280
     ggccttacag tccttcccac tgctcaagct aacacagcga tgacggacac acccttaaca    176340
     tgtgctggac actgctttat gaggaggcgc acacaacccc tcgcagatga ggctactgaa    176400
     gctaggaggg aaaatgatcg gcccaaggtc ccaaagctgc cagctgctgc tgaagtgggc    176460
     tggctggcct aggtgtgggc ctccacactt cctactggta aagtatagag cactgttagc    176520
     actcaaagct ctgtaacctc accccagcct tctagatctg ccacgacaag gggaattggg    176580
     gctggagaag ctgggagcca catttcccaa aatgtccctt cttagaccca aataaaacca    176640
     aacctatcct tcttttcttc cttcctccct tccttccttc ctcccttcct tccttcctcc    176700
     atctcttctt tctccttcct ccccccatcc cacttcctgt cctggcacac atgctcatca    176760
     agtgttctac cacgcgttgc ccagcccagc agcacacatc ttcactccgc tgcctggtcg    176820
     cacatccagg ctgaagcatc cctttccttc ttaaaccctg aggtgcacac cctggaagca    176880
     catgctgctg tccccccagg cacgagccat ggtcctcatt ctcccttcct ctttccttcc    176940
     tcccttttgc ttgagatatg gtctaactag gttgcttagc atggtcttga acttgtgatc    177000
     ctcctgcctt ctgaagctga gattgcaggt ttgtgcactg agtcttggtg catcaagtct    177060
     aaggggtgag agtcttgact ggcagccatc tgcctttagc ctataagctt ggcctccctt    177120
     ccccttcttt aaatgatggc ttactctgaa tcctcttatg ctagcactaa actcacgagc    177180
     gacgggcaga cctcagaggc tgtctgggca gttcctgccc acagtgggca tttcagcgtc    177240
     aagatggacg gaggaggtat gtggtttatc agctcctggg tacggtgagg ggcagttggg    177300
     aagagaggga gacaagagtg atgacaacca gacctcaagc aaccactcct gactttttag    177360
     agcagcccca gcagcttgct ccacttttta aaaccaactc aacctattga ctgaatgcag    177420
     aaaatcctct tgctgtggtg tgtagatgca tctcctattg ccaaggcacc aggggatgca    177480
     ggcttctgaa aggctttgcg gatgagcgga ttgtctctag gtccctccac acagcctgct    177540
     ctatgtaaac tatctgcaag aggcaggagt ctgaagggag catgcgcact tgtgttccac    177600
     acttagcaaa ggttcagctc tgatctggtc cacatccaag cctctcgtgg atggcaaaca    177660
     ttagtctggg agggacaaag gctgatgggg acaaggggca aacaaatcag atacagatct    177720
     gggagagctg tggtaacaaa ctgattctgt atctgctgtt acagaaaagg acttcggtgc    177780
     acatcaagac ccaagcctag ttctgtggtt ttctaaacca tgaagagaaa acaggaaatt    177840
     agtaacagaa aattgcgctg ctcagggcat cacacacaca tccctgccaa aggcaggctg    177900
     gctgtaaaag cccagctcat gcttgcatgg ttatatactg ctgtgagagt cacaacaagg    177960
     caagtggcca ggcagagtgg attacttcca gttccaaatc acaggggatg caggtctgtc    178020
     attatggaac ggaaactatt tcaactaaaa tggaatcttg agtacacatt gcatttaaca    178080
     cctccacttg tgaccatcca ggatggtggt cacaggtggc tctcatcctc actttcagtt    178140
     caggaatgtc cagaatcaag gcatgttgga agattatact aactttggac taataggcaa    178200
     attagcagag tgtaccttta tttttatttc attttttccc cactgaaata gagaaatggc    178260
     acaagtggcg tagccaccct ctgagcgtta cttttattct ggcactcaga gggcagatgc    178320
     aggtgtgtct ctgtgatcgc aaggcagcct ggactagacc acaaatgcca ggccagcaga    178380
     gagcgacaac aaaaccctgc cacaaaaacc caaaaccaaa caaacaaagg aaagaaagga    178440
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    178500
     aggaaggaag aaaggaagaa aatattagca gtgataaagg catccagctg tggtcaccac    178560
     ggcttgacaa gtaccgttct tgcgaaaaat gacatatccc atcagcatca ggagaggtgg    178620
     ggacacacca ttaacaccat ttagttaaga tatcaaagtg gaacaatatg caaaatctta    178680
     atgaggaaga gaaagtactt ttggctttca gaaggaaaaa aaaagccaat ggacaaaaga    178740
     gcttgtcagg aaaaccaata gatggagaat caaaaaacta tctacaaaat atactaaaac    178800
     cacagagaca aactgtgttg gagctcacaa tgtaaaccta caaggcagac agatacagga    178860
     ggatccacag aacttagggg ccagcatggt tacacataag ccaaggctac agagtgagaa    178920
     ctatctcagt aagacaataa agaaagcgaa ggtttaaaga gacaccgtaa tggagaagag    178980
     gtggctggaa acatgctagc cctgaaaggc tgtcagaaag gtgcctccag aacactggca    179040
     acatcctaca gggccagggt gaaggctgac atgaagtctt gtctcctgtc acggcagtgt    179100
     gagaggggac agtcactgtg gaaagcagcc tggcagccac ttacgttggt gctggcacaa    179160
     ccttctcatg tgatccagtg atcactcctt ttcatcgtga actgggaata cctccacaga    179220
     catattcatt caaagcccaa actcatggaa accaagatgt cctcaacagg caaactatgg    179280
     cacatccctt taatggaata gtttatgttt tagaacgtat gtttatgtga gtatgtgtgc    179340
     ttctgtgtgt gaatgtataa gtgtatgttt gtgcaagtgt gagcgtgtgt gtattgagtg    179400
     tgtatgtaca cagaggctgg aggctcacac gagattttcc tcggtcactc tgtaccttac    179460
     tttctgagac agtctctgaa actgactggt tggctggact agttagcagc aagctctgag    179520
     gaccggtgag gttccagctc cacggtgctg gagccctggt gcacaccagt gcatcatgtg    179580
     gaggcccttg tgcctggtag tatgaagccg actgccgtgc tcccggaggg caggctcagt    179640
     ctccctcagg ccacacgtgg ggggtgctcc tggttactac tgtacgaatg gaggaagaaa    179700
     ggaggaaatc tatcaccgac acactgcctg ggcagaatca cagcctcaga ggtgccttgc    179760
     tgccttcctc attctaaatt caccaatgct cacaagaggg gctgaggtga cagctccctt    179820
     ctagcctaag gtagccgttt agaagggaag ccaggagctg tgggatcaca cggctccctg    179880
     ctggcagagt ccaggcagac tcctaaccct ccagcttttc cttctacatg cagtctggca    179940
     ctgggagagc aggcagtacg agggccccac agatctatat atcgagctgc ttatcaatgg    180000
     ttctattttg ctgtctaaaa gggtctcaca agtgacaagc ttattctagg acagccagag    180060
     ctacacagag caaactctga ctccgaaaaa aaccccaaaa cccaaaccaa atcaaacata    180120
     aaaccaaaca aaaaagtgaa ttccaatatt aaaagaaaag aagtgaattc tggggctggg    180180
     gatatgggct tggtggcgca tgtctgtaat cccattcctc agcaggtaag attatagagt    180240
     caaaagctca ggtcacccct gctacacagt aagttagagc ccaacccggg ctgcaggaga    180300
     ctctgactct ggggggtagg gctggggtga agtcctagcc tctccttctc acaatctgac    180360
     tttccaaact ccctccttca gtaatgggaa ttgggagctg ttcccagtgt ctttacctga    180420
     cactttcaac ccatccacct ctaggtgcct ctttcaaagt acggccacgt tccaacagtt    180480
     tctctctcac tcctttactg tggatccaag ccatcaactt tccttttctg gaccactgca    180540
     agaggacccc caacagttcc tattaaatga gccttctgtc agttcccatt gcaggagcac    180600
     cccaacactt cccactgcag gagcacccca tcttttcact ctgccccaac gcaactgagt    180660
     cacaacacag cagtcagagg gactttcaga acaatagtca aatcctgcca cgtatctgcc    180720
     tggactcctc gagtggctgg tggcctgtaa gaagcaatct actccccacc tcagcggctc    180780
     ctgctctttc ccttgtcagg ctgccagcca tttgggtacc acagctgtac tgcctggctc    180840
     ctcatgattt tggcttattt ctgcctcagg ccctttgagc ttgcttgtct actgttacag    180900
     aaataacctt ccttagatac acacaccagc ttcatcttct ctgttcaaat gtcaccttgt    180960
     cagtaacaag ttccttgcca ctctgactaa aacaataatc ctggctgccc tctctactct    181020
     acttcactgt ttcaattgtc ttggggtttt ttgttttttg tttttttttt gacagttctc    181080
     tattcccaga acctaaaaga gtgctttgca tatagcagac atcaaccaag gacttattgg    181140
     atggatggat ggatggatgg aggactgaat gaacccccat gccttcagga tctcccaaca    181200
     ggtcaggaga aatccttgct gagcctagct tctctaacct gggggtgggg ggcggcggag    181260
     gggagtaccc tcccactgcc tcacctttct ccagatccag tcagctattt cccacaagaa    181320
     agcaccggag ctggggagcg gggtggtacc agggcaacag gttctagttg ctaggatagt    181380
     gcaagtccca aactcccggc agagacgtct gcagagtgcg gtttaagttt agccttctga    181440
     ggtctcacaa acagaagagg tcagataccg gtcagggcca agcagcctgc tcagcctagg    181500
     tcagctctga ttcaaataga agctcatttg actggaggtg ttttctgagg aacggggcta    181560
     aactttacgt aatcatctat ctggtcccca acccccaact cctgatgtgg accgctgaaa    181620
     cacagaaaag ctgacatagt agtattaaaa ctttcgcagg cccaacaatt tccaacagcc    181680
     agctagcgac tggtcctctg ctctcaccta agcagttcac atagccattt tttttttttt    181740
     tccaaaacaa gtctatagaa accagtccct ggctgtttcc actgggtcct aacaccctct    181800
     tcttagaact cttcattttt ctgtgtgtgc gcactcgcac ccacaggcat gccgtgccat    181860
     ccgtgtggcc atcagaggac accttggagt cagttctctc ctaccatacg ggccctggga    181920
     atcaaacttg ggtcatcagg ctccttacca gctgagccat ctggcctgaa gtctagtgtc    181980
     tcctcaactt actacccaaa agcaaacaac ccgagaagcc cagcgtaacc atccattgcc    182040
     tcaccagaaa gatgactaaa cagaggcagc caagttcctc gatgtctgac ctgctagcat    182100
     gcttagaggg ccctgtgcga ggaggaagtg gccacagaat gtgttctaat ccttgcagtg    182160
     acgcagaaat tcagtttcct cagtgcagga agcaatgact gactgactgc cttctaaaga    182220
     caaggaattc agggtccact cagtgtagcc agcaatggct gactactgtc caaagatggg    182280
     gggggggcat taagatgtca gatgataaag ggatttgccc tctgctctca aggaagtcac    182340
     agggaggaga gccataaggc agattatgtc ctaaggacat aaaagcaacc taagtgggca    182400
     cgatccttct gaaatccacc ccaggatcct gccatttcac cttcaacgat tatggctcta    182460
     cagccaacac tgggattcgg gtgacctaca gaacagactg tggggcacct tctctgctat    182520
     tcacattcca gcttccagtg ggaggggagc caagggctca gaaaacaata ggactaattc    182580
     agtgccagtg ggggtgtgac agcacactct agcctcagag gatctgcagt ggcctcagaa    182640
     agaggctggg aacaagagtg tgttcgggag acacagccac atcagtccta aaggccttcc    182700
     aagggctctc tccttgctac ctaaagacag agagactcct gggtctctag catctgaatc    182760
     catcagacgt tcctggagca cggttcttgg gacaaaccag aagtttgggg tgcctctcct    182820
     acacaactga aagtaggggt ctcagaatcc aaaagccatg gacatttcaa gagcagaact    182880
     ggaaaggaag cagaggcaca gtacagtcaa gtttgtcaag atccgtgagg taaggacact    182940
     tactgacagg aacagggagg aggaagcagg ggccctgtga ggaagagggg taaggaatac    183000
     ttgatgaaaa ggaagcaggg agtggggtgg gggagacgca ggatctgagc aggggcgtgg    183060
     gcacaaaggt gggatccctg aatgggctag tgtgcaggtg catgaagggt gggaccgtgc    183120
     tggggcagaa gcgactcatt tctcagaagc taggcaaatg gtaaggtcac tagcagcgct    183180
     aattagaggt ttcagagatc gggatgtggc tgaggatggc aaaagttagg ggaggagcaa    183240
     gactgctgct ggctgaaagc aggtttccca cagcacgggg acacatagat tccccaggca    183300
     tatgcaccag gaacggatta agggtgactg atgtcaggga catcactgag tgggagcctc    183360
     cgaggccaag ggcagacaca gggataccgt ttagtggtac agcgctggat tagcaggaca    183420
     gccgataggg ttaacttggt tcagaaacgc tggcaatctg aggacgtgag aagcaaggtc    183480
     tctcttatct tctcctctga agcaggtcct aagatcctct gtgccttccc gtacccaaca    183540
     taagagggaa aaaaagcacc cttttaagga tgtgggtcat gggcaagaac ctgaacattt    183600
     ggggcttgat atgttacacc ccctccccca tttactgcat tttcttggtc ttatattttc    183660
     catcttcacc gagcctagaa taaaaatgca tgggtctaat cttcaggtct tcacctcctt    183720
     aactgaaagc ttcgcatcga gtaagttaaa ctaaataaac tgcgatgctt ttcgcctgtt    183780
     aatctgccct ttgttacagg agcctcagat aggggtttta aagaagggtg tggtgtcctt    183840
     tccacataag gtgcaagggg tcttgggggg ataagaggtc aagggtcatg aagagggtga    183900
     gaaaagttac ttagtcatgg gacaaggaga agaagccctt gagggtgatt agatgggcga    183960
     aggttgaatt taagaattcc tggaaagcaa ggagcaaggg cctgaggaga atttggaaaa    184020
     ccaggaagtc aggatatgag agacaaccga gtgggtgggt tttctagcat ggtcagttca    184080
     aatgtatcaa ttccagattc ctttatttaa agcaactctc aggaaaaggc agggagggag    184140
     tggtgacaga aagagctaat aggtctggcc tgtgagaggt ctagttaatc tatataaata    184200
     aagtttgcca tacagtagtt tctggggcag ggggatcatt actaaggggc tgtgaaaaag    184260
     gtccaagtga gaggtaaggc actcatcaga gatggggaca gggattccaa gatggcagca    184320
     gtagtgactg gcgtgggcca tatgcttggt gtctgtggca tctccagcac ccagtagtta    184380
     gaccttcact aaaaacaact gttctaccat aaaggtaaag gtttcctgtg aggcagaagg    184440
     gtcctgaatg ttctgcacct gttacctcag gctttaaatg ctttgccaaa agttccccag    184500
     ctgaagggcc aagctcatga tgtcaactca gtgggaagct ctgtgctgca cggctttaca    184560
     aactgataga gtccaattga gggggcagag tgtagacaat cacaggaatg aagaaatact    184620
     gttcggtaaa gccagtagac ccaggttggg agtgggggtg ggagggtgag gttacaagga    184680
     ctacatttct gaggcagcgt agaaaaaagt tcgctatttt tgtcttgact aagaattgca    184740
     gaattttaat agaaagaaac attggggaat caccaaactc aatctcatca cagttctgat    184800
     cagaaactca agtccaccgt aaggaaagga cctccaccaa ggtttccaaa gctcaacatg    184860
     atagaatttg aacttgaacc acacactcaa tctagaatcc tttcctgcct caaatgatac    184920
     ttcatttcca tttactcttg atcaccacaa cggtggcatg gcagtgggca taagttatgt    184980
     atgtgctgat tgacactgga ggctgggggc gggggggggg gttaaagagg gatgtcagga    185040
     gggtgagatg atcatggtgt tacggggcga agatcacgag ttatgtggat gagtgggtgg    185100
     gaaacagccc gagtctggtt tgcagaagcc aggagaggac taaggggtgc ccacagaggg    185160
     tagtctaggg ggtcactagg gactacgggc ctcttggaag ccatgtaatg attgtatcag    185220
     cactgagact ggagggtcca gaagcagggc tggggttagc actcaatgaa ttgggggtcg    185280
     ccttgtgagg tctgggggtc aggagtgtgt gtatggggtc aaggaggagg aggagggcgg    185340
     ggtttgggag tcctggggga ggagtctcag ggcgggatgg aggggcaggg accctgggtg    185400
     ggggtggggc caggccgccg tccagggagg cccagccgcc aggccaggga ccgaggaggg    185460
     tgggcacgac gggctccgga ccttcccggg gccccgcgtt cgcccagcct cccgcctcgg    185520
     ggcacggtgg acccactctt cccgcggcca ccaacctgac agcccccgag ggcgactccg    185580
     ccgacagacc accatgcacc gggccctgcc accagcgccg gccccgcaac ccgcctgcgc    185640
     catagcccgc ccgcgcgcgg cttgcctcgc gcgatatcca ggttccaggg cggccgcact    185700
     tccctctcgc tcccggcgcg gcctccgccg ggccccggaa cccggatgac cagcgcgggg    185760
     ccacgctcca gcccgccccc ctccgccgcg gcggccggcc tgcttatccc ggttcccggg    185820
     ccccggagcc caggccgccg agtctcctca ggcgagcctc ggagctccgc ctcgctcttc    185880
     tctccgctgg ccgccgggtg acgcggcctc gccagcccgg gcgcccgggg agggcgtgat    185940
     gacgtcacga cgccgggtgg aagccgcggt cgccatagca acgggggaaa aaatcgagcg    186000
     gcggtgggct gctcgggagg aagccattgc aggtatctct aggtggttcc tgcagaggac    186060
     ggtgaccaga cgcctggagg ggatgggact ccgagggaca gtcctcccag cgccctgtgc    186120
     aacggcgccc caagggatgg cgtcccgaca gtcatctctg ctggatggtc ctccccctgg    186180
     gacttcaccc taagggacgc ttctctcccg ctctgtcaga aggtgaactg gggctcagca    186240
     ccctgaggga cttagggacg gtcctccctg tggacagtct ccgtgagaga tggtccttct    186300
     gcatggactg caccccgagg gacaatcctt cctgcacttt gtgggaagat gcccgagggg    186360
     tgggggtggg gggacagcat tatgaaggat ggagccctga cagtccttcc tgcgggacaa    186420
     ttctccctgc agtactggct tttcccatat gccctgggga acgtgagtgt ttatgaggga    186480
     tggtgcaccc atcctgtccc ctgaggaagg gccctgacgt tcccctctgc tcgactcatc    186540
     ttcctgaggg atgattctct ctgaaggaag gttccctgac aacacttgct tccttctact    186600
     gccttccctg agaaatgaca ctctgatggt cgacccctga gggacaacgc cccgagagtc    186660
     ttctcaggtt cttgggcgtt cattcattcc tccatcagct ccccaaaacc aacaggtccc    186720
     cttgataggg tagcagtgtg aggaacaaaa ccaagtgccc cctttcttct ctgtttttcc    186780
     atagttttgt cctttttttg gactcaaact gtggatccca aggtggcctt gaacttgtga    186840
     tcctcctgcc tcatctttac acctgacacc taactttaaa agttcttttt attatctctc    186900
     ttccaagcag ggaggaattg tggttcagga tattttcaga aattgagaga aaataagctt    186960
     ccaattaaaa ataagaagat gaagggggag gagccttggc acgggcatgt taaccccgag    187020
     gtcccagtgt ggtactggaa tttccacctg gtgccctagt atatacccag ttagagccag    187080
     ctctgccatc ctagcacgac acacatggga tctttccagg gttttatagc acggattatt    187140
     ggttagaaat acagcaagaa agccagacac ggtggtgtac aactgtaatc ccctgcactg    187200
     gggaggtgaa accaggaggg tcaagagttc accatcaggg ctggcaagag tttgatcctt    187260
     ggaacccata tggtgggaaa agagaacctg tttcccccag ttgtcctctg aactccaaag    187320
     acacatggta gcatgcttac acacacacac acacagacag tgcttgctta tatacactca    187380
     caaatgcaca cacatactca atgaaaaagt tcaggatcac ttttagtttt ctggtgagtt    187440
     gaaaatacta gaattccgag tgacctggat gtctgctcag cgccaccacc ctttaccata    187500
     tgggcagata gctcttcctt gcagatggta ttcggttcgt ttcctctcca ttacacagaa    187560
     accatttgtc tgaaggaaga gataaaagtt gtcatcccac cacgtggcct tggctggcct    187620
     gcatcttagt ctaggtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcac acatctgcct gcctctccct    187680
     ccccaagtgc taggatcaaa ggcgtgagtc actataccca gccaaagcaa cggttctaaa    187740
     acattccagg tccgaaagat tggtgaggaa gctgttgtgg agtagaattt tattctcttg    187800
     gtaccaggaa tgagatgcaa gggcccgggc atgctaggca tggcgctctg ctgctgagct    187860
     acgagtaaag atcagagggg gggatgtcgg atgacagctc tccattgctg gggtgcggtg    187920
     accttggtgc tggttctgcc tccctcgcag gtctggaaac tcctgcttct gcttctttaa    187980
     tactgggatt aaagacctaa gctgtcatgc tcagcgaggg gaagtctcca acgttgcttt    188040
     taaacgtaga cagagacatg aatttccaga tattaaaatc attaggaata agctgagctg    188100
     tgggaggggg gagccaggcc tgtccggcag tgagaagaag agacctttga gtgtttaaga    188160
     tccccccccc gggcccccag ctataggaca agcctttgag gtagaggaaa ggatgcttgc    188220
     tagacctcgg agtttcattt agtattttaa taatataaaa aagacaatac aaaatccaaa    188280
     cattcctttt tacaagtttt cagatacata tttttcccca agtgcaaaat actctgtgta    188340
     ccacattgct gctgcctatt gtcaactgag atgcttgctg tatgagaggc agtggaaggc    188400
     agatataaat atagtatttt aagatattct tctgcgttaa aaagaaaaaa aaagccgtcc    188460
     acatgataat tactctctga aagtccgact cacatagaac aagattttga gcttgtccaa    188520
     actactgctg ccattgttta gtcttggtaa gctgatcgca gaacggggcc tctggtcctt    188580
     cgggttctca gtccgaataa tagcggaaag acagagtgca ccagctttga gacagggccg    188640
     acagaaaggg ttccttcgtg gagtctgctt aggaaaggaa ccaggcgggg caccatgtcc    188700
     tgcttggggt cagttacatt tggcctctgc tcccctgctc tggagctcag cagcagatac    188760
     aggcccttca atgtgctgtc gctttctctt acacactgag ataggacttc ctaatccatt    188820
     taagtcacct caggcgcgct catggagaac acttcgcaga ttcacagaga ctcctaggag    188880
     ccagagccca gactgtacca tcttctccat cggcacctcc acatggaaat gaccgtagtg    188940
     aggccagtgg cagtcctcga aggatcactg aaggcacagg gtgggcagct aacgtccagg    189000
     ctctggtcgg ctttctccta attacctcag gcttggggac tggctgggtc aatgacacaa    189060
     atagaggcag aggctaaaga ggcaccgagg tgctgctgag gatatcaggg cctgcttgac    189120
     atttgtcact ccgtgcttgg agcacatgtg gaaatggctt cccacgctgg gactcagttc    189180
     acagcaggtc ttgcactggg atggatgagg cgccggggtt acatgacctc gtaagcacca    189240
     tagcccacag agaagcttct aggtcagctc acgaagggtt cctgttcaca ccatcttccc    189300
     atcccccctt ctcctggaaa cctcttttgt ctaacctgtg cagtcctaga aagtccctga    189360
     gttcttaact cctccttcag cccactcagc tcccagagtg aggcgctcag ggccaatatc    189420
     ccctgtaagt tcgtaacagc tctgcctgga ttccttgctg ccaacttggt tggcagtaga    189480
     aagcccttgc ttgatctcct ccatccatct tgatatcagc taagtctagt ggcctactct    189540
     ctccgtacga tagatctcat gtgctgcccc atcagccata gaacaaatga ttagaggaag    189600
     tgtccgtgta tgtatggtga gatgggggtt ggggggtggg gtgggggagt gcggagaagc    189660
     cacgccctaa aggcatacat tgggaggcac tctcactttg tggctttcca ggagctggca    189720
     aaatgttagg gagaaaggac tcgtgactca ggctgttcta tggcacttct ggggacccac    189780
     taaatgccca ttcgcccctc ttgcatgaaa ccattcaaca gctttgcaat agctctctga    189840
     ccccacccga ccctcacccc caccgtgttg gctaaggcat ccaggaagcg agcttcgcct    189900
     gctgctggct ggtgtgtgtg gggatcagac tatttgatag ttgaatctct tggcagttac    189960
     ctaaagttgg acctgaggag tcattggtgg atgtccagga ctaagcctcg gggaacaaga    190020
     aggaacaatt ggagacttta caggcagcat ctaggttaag ggtggagcat atgcagagcc    190080
     cgggctcagg cacagacacc attcttcttt tgaaagacag tagttgaatc aggcttgaag    190140
     tcagctccaa gaggcaggtg gcaggtctca ggcacacgtc tggttcctgt ccttcccccg    190200
     cttcatacac ggagaactgt ccaattccag gctgctccag ccctctctgg ctgtcttggg    190260
     agcctgcgct ggccatccat agagtttatc ccgatcccct cccatgccgt gtcaggggag    190320
     agcatgaaga tagggaaaga caggttgtcc ctactcgcac aagattctga ccaagtccat    190380
     ctgcttctgt taccatgaat ccacagagag acacaaggca ggcaggatca gctcagtcag    190440
     gaagcctcct cctcctgctt catcaagtta ccagagctag tctcctgtgc ttggggcacc    190500
     tctgagggat agccctagct ctgcgctgct gagggctctg aagttctgtg tggcctcagg    190560
     gaggactgag acatatgagc cgctccggca cttaaggctc ccgacagaca gactgctgtt    190620
     tctccagcct cagcacaccc ctctctccta ggcagctata aatagggtta ttctgagagg    190680
     aaaaagaaac aaacaaaaaa acaatccccc ctccctctag acgacataga aagactcaaa    190740
     atgattgcac ttctcagatg tggagagggt ggacaggcgg cttgccaagg gcactcacac    190800
     ttgttcctcc tgctgcccac agcccgaggc tagaggtagg tagctccagg ctggctgcag    190860
     agtggggtcc tctttggtgg aacccacaag ccacctgggg ctacaaggga aaacacccgt    190920
     ggagcaaggt ctaggcttgg aaagtcaaca gcccagcttc tttaaggaca gcgcttacca    190980
     gggggtgggt aggcctcccc cagggagccc ttaggtgggg tgagggcacg gccgggggcg    191040
     gggggtactg gcaagaaaag ggttagtgtt tgaggctggc ttccacttgt tctgtaggaa    191100
     gttcctttag gtgacacatt ttctttcttt ctgttttggg caatgtttta aaaacccgct    191160
     ttctgtcctg cagagctatc tgagagcttt atatgtccag ggcccctgcc tgctcctcgc    191220
     ccttacccgg caggggtttg ctatcccatt ggtatggatc acttgtaaac cctatggagt    191280
     cagccccggc cagatgagag caagctctac agatgagaac gccaactgtg tgggcacccc    191340
     gggcttaaac tctgtgcccc agcagcctga tgctggcaca aagctgctat gtccaaggct    191400
     tctttggcag gactctgggc tgtgaagacc cactctgggg agcacggggg ctgtggaggg    191460
     ggtgttttgg ctcctggcta gcaaggcacc atgctataac ggcagaggaa tagagggtgt    191520
     ctattccttc acctctgggg ggaacagaga cgcactgaat gacttccagg agagagacag    191580
     aacgaagaca aggtaactag aaaggccgaa agggagagcg cctggtgtgg tgatatctct    191640
     ccttcaagag agacagtttc ttgtctgagg ttggggtgcc aactctgagg gccagggagg    191700
     tgggagctct gaactgggtc tcgggcccac aggcactatt tgtaaggcct caggaagctg    191760
     gagactttgg agcgcagtag cttgatgaag gattttggca gcatctcctt gtgtttctct    191820
     gtgtacttga agtagttttg agggtgggcc aggacctcaa agaaggcctt gataagcttc    191880
     ttgtcctgca ggagatggca ggtggcagtt gtcagcttca gtggcatgtg ggggagagga    191940
     atactcagca gcccctcttc ctgtctaaca gcagctcaca ctgagcatgc tcagagggcc    192000
     tccccctgct cctttggaac cccaaagctc agttagccac aggtctaggc ctccgctgct    192060
     caggctgggc ctgtggggca tccttgactc cgtagtgtct cagctacagc cagctgttga    192120
     ctctgccttc agcgtatgcc cagcatctgt ctgagcagct tgccagccca cagctgccac    192180
     gcggagtgac accaccataa actctcacct gggctattcc aatggctggt ctattccttt    192240
     cctttgtgat actaggccct cagacacaat agcctagtat tcttcttttg ttttcctcct    192300
     agatttactt attttatgtg aatttcacct gtgtgtatgt gtgtgcacca catgcatgcc    192360
     tggtgcttga ggaggtcaga attgtgttag attccctgga actggagtta tggatggtta    192420
     tgagtcactg tgtgggcact gggaactgag cccagttcct ctgcaagaag taacagatgt    192480
     tcttaactac tgagccaact ctccagcacc taggccactc cagtgtcagc aattttatta    192540
     ttgctataat cgaattctat tataccctat tactctgcaa tagcaattct attattgagc    192600
     actcttgtta cttgagatag agtctctcta agttgctcaa actggctttg gacttgcttt    192660
     gtagctccaa ctgacccaca acacaccatc ctcctgcctc agccttttga ataactagtc    192720
     cgagaggtgt gagccactgg gcctgggatt gatctctgtg tttctatcct tggcccacca    192780
     tagcgttccc tcctcacggc agccacagtg gggcgctcag ttagtctgct tcatgtttgg    192840
     aacccatttt ctgctctctg gttttcattt cctgttatct tgggtgatcc ttgcatttga    192900
     gctgccccag tagctgggac cacaggcagg tgctataatg tctgatgaaa gtttattctt    192960
     ttataatgat gacagtgatt agctccagga gccacaccac ggctgtgtgc ctgacaaacc    193020
     tttctctgcc actgattaca tatcagcccg tttctgtcct cactcacagg aagagtcagg    193080
     tcccttgtgt gacatgctag ctgtacgtca cttgtgtcct gcttccctct cctcttcctc    193140
     ccctgtggaa tgacagtagt cttggcgtcc ttcaatacaa cacactagtg ctgcactcac    193200
     tggtctgcac tgttccttgg tcatcccaca gctcctttca aacctttcct cgtaggtctc    193260
     tccagctcac ctctccaccg cctccttaaa actcctctct aggggctact gaggtgattc    193320
     atgaggaaag gcccctacca ccaagcctaa caacctcagt ttaattccca agacccacac    193380
     acatgcacaa gccccgtgcc cacagagacc caacccaact accaatgaat ctcctggctt    193440
     ctaggttgca cacagagttc taagatagtt ggggctttca gcctcgtaac tccactctaa    193500
     ccaagacgat tgttctatac agtccttcct ttaggacaga gtctcactgt gtggctaggg    193560
     ctggcctgaa gctgacctag aactcccaga gatcctcctg cctctgcctc tgcctcccac    193620
     gtactgcagt caaaggtgcg ccaccccagc tccagcatgg ctgcactact ttgtgcatac    193680
     agttgcacgg tgcatttgat tcgctgtctg atggagtcca gcatgtcacc caggctgttt    193740
     tcttaactct tgggcttgaa tgatctttcc acttcagctc ctgaatagcc gggccatatg    193800
     tgcaccagca cacccagtta catttgattt caaacagtgg cgtggggctg gagagatggc    193860
     tcagaggtta agagcacaca tagttcttgc aaaggatgtg cgtttaggtt ccagcaccca    193920
     tattagatgg ctcacaactg cctgctaccc catccccagg aggatctgac acctctggcc    193980
     gccttgcaat cccatgcaca tatccacaca aatagccata actaaaagag tgaagttaaa    194040
     aaaaaaatat ttggaagggt ctcagtatgt ctccttggct accctagcac tgcacatata    194100
     gaccagactg gccttaaact cggagatcca cccgcctatg cctcctgagt gctgggatca    194160
     aaggggagca gcactacgcc aggcgggact caaatcggga tccacagacc cagggtggtg    194220
     ttcgttcctc tgggcctgtg atcccaccaa acacttagga gcgggaagca ggggaacccg    194280
     gagttcaaag ccaacctaga ctcttaagac tctgtctcaa aaaagtaaac aacgtatatc    194340
     gttgtgcagt ttaccctctc tgcctctgtg atggacaagg cagaggatgt ctcctgtcct    194400
     cccaggggtg acgcagtatg ctgacactgg ttttgtgagc tgggtccaga gcccaggcct    194460
     atcatgggaa agccctttac ctctctcatc tggaaagcgg cagtgaagaa agcgcatgcc    194520
     ccacagagcc aggagtagaa aggcaggctg tacttagcag tttgcttgca catcggtgca    194580
     tacccatttc catccgcacc acagcgaacg ctcacttgcc tttaggatct cctggtggtt    194640
     ttctgaggca tacagccggc catcacgcac tatgtcttcc accagctgct catagtcctc    194700
     tgtaaagtca acagggttgg gggctgagcg tgggaactct gctctcctgg tacgcttaca    194760
     agacccaccc accgccccat ctttcctgcc cttgctcacc atcgtaggtc acatagggaa    194820
     tctggaagcc tcgagcgctg ttggcctcac tggtcttgaa gttgatccag agtttcctgg    194880
     accgggcggt gaaggcaatg ggccgctcgt aggtctggca ggtctcgtaa gtggtgatag    194940
     aggatgggga ggctggcaag gcaagcgtca ggtcaggaga ttagtggggc tgtgaggtca    195000
     ttctgacaga ggctcccccc tccagccccc ataaacacac agctagccac acaccctctc    195060
     ttctgccagc cccaggttta ttctacaagg ccgactactg cacaatcagg tgcattaaaa    195120
     tcgaccttta tgggacgagg atggcagaaa ggctagggtt agaattagtc aggtggcagc    195180
     actggcatcc cagcctcagg actggctccc tcactgctgc ccacccaacc tgtcccacag    195240
     gtcctgtgct agcttctgtc ccccaaggct cctctcgtgt atctgctggt tccccactcc    195300
     accgtcccag gtctttctct tccccaacca gattccacgt gcccaccccc cagccggctc    195360
     tgcaggcacc cacagttctt tctcatgacc aggacgtccc cacactcatc ctcggagggc    195420
     aggaagatct cggggaccac gatgaggatc ttgcgcttgg gtggggggtt gatgttccag    195480
     acgcactcca caccggccgg gtagttgccc gggtagttgg gagactcgat gtagccagtg    195540
     aactcaccta gctccccgcc acactgccga tctgcagcca caccccggtg gagagagcaa    195600
     gggagagatg gacagtcagt ggggaaccgt ggtgggcagg ctgaggggct tgaaggggga    195660
     gaacaaacat aggtggtgaa ccatgctaga tcaccacctg ctcttccggg gtgctgggtc    195720
     caccctcctc ctgcccttcc agtatccaaa aggatgctac aggcatccct gacagctgcc    195780
     cacccaccca ctccggcccc cttccccgct gccttaccac ctcccacccc cttttcccgt    195840
     gcacatggct ccaagatctc tttccactcc ctacagcctg gccagccacg tactcttgca    195900
     ctgggccaca ctggtcgagc catcaaagtc agtgcttgta tttcctgggc agcgggtgca    195960
     gaagttctga cggaaatctg gctggtagga gcccacagca cagcggatac agcgatggat    196020
     gctagtgtta tagtagtggc ccggggagca ctggactgca ggcgagagaa gagggcagaa    196080
     gctaagatgg taggaaagtg ggcatctgga ccgtggatag acaggcacat ctgtcatgga    196140
     gaatccagac atcagagact cccaggtttc ttccagggtc cctacctttc ccagacatag    196200
     tctaaagcca gggaagagag accttccaaa gtggctggct acagcaccct cctcttcctg    196260
     caggccctcc ctgagcagtg tcagactgat acaggagctc acttaggggg atggagggaa    196320
     atggctacca atctgcaatg tactctggac agggaggaag ggtttagtca ctttctatcc    196380
     ccaggtctgg cccaaggggc agctctgaaa caagaacatg tacagttagg tacctgggtc    196440
     ttcacttttg agggaagatg gtcagataac actcaggtct gtggaggggc ttggagatgt    196500
     gtggggtggg tggcagctga ggataggaag ctccggggag taaataacct gctcaccttt    196560
     ggtgtcgcag tcctggaagg agactgcccc ctcatgcttg gtggtgaggc ctccgccaca    196620
     ggggaagcac agggttcgcc ctgcttcagg ctgataggtg ccccgggggc atggctggca    196680
     gggcttaaac ccatctcctg aatggtggcc aggtgggcac tgacctgcaa tgaagcaagg    196740
     gcccaactct gatggggttg gtcctgagcc actccctggg tcacccagtc ttagggaaca    196800
     gcggaggcat acaaacagga catcaactag gagactggcc tggagcctgg gcctgccctt    196860
     tgggaaaccc catgcccacg ggcatcccag tgcccaccct agcccactct gcgttgtttg    196920
     ttcccctggc acctgcacac gtggtgacgt tggtggctcc aagaggccca tgggcatcac    196980
     tcccagggca aaggtcgcag gagagctgcc cttccctctc ctggaaggtg cccgctgggc    197040
     atggcacaca ctgctccgtc tggccgtggt aatacgttcc ctgcgggcag ctgactgagg    197100
     gagagtcggc cgcgctagcc acccccccat ctcccaccac ccaggcctaa gactcccctt    197160
     cccgctcctc cagccatggg agatctatta gggaacgaac agaaccctgc ttggagagat    197220
     agggatgtca aatctgagtg caggagaact gccggccctg cctagtgtcc gaggttcagc    197280
     ctgggaccag agaaaggagg cccgtgggca ggaggggctt cgccacctca cgttttgaga    197340
     gcttcacctg agacaagggg tcctgttctg ctctgagcca gggccaagtt gggcctcccc    197400
     cactccccac acctttgctt cccggcaagc tcccttacca cacttggtgc ctgctcggtg    197460
     ctgcccaggt cggcagacct ccaccagctc tgctcggtcc ccagctccca ggcctggctt    197520
     gtgggctagc tcatagtcaa ggcctgccag acgcagcagg aaccggtctt ggttgatgga    197580
     ctttctgagc atcttcaggg accctttcag cctccgttcc atccgctgtc ggaggcaagg    197640
     cagcccacag ccagctggta atggatggtt gtgcgagtca gagaatgagg agagagaggt    197700
     cagagcagaa ggcagccgac aggggcagcc ctggagtttg ctgctcgcca ttacacaggc    197760
     ccagagttga ggtgccccct tcccttggct tgtccctttt ggatccaggc tatgtgccct    197820
     cctctttggc cctccaccca acaatgtccc taggcccacc tgtcgtttct tctgctctga    197880
     cctcagcttc caattccagg gtgagccggg taacctcctt gcctgggggg gtccgggccc    197940
     gcctgccctt gcccttccga gaagagtcac acttaaggtg gatgaaagtg accaggcagt    198000
     cagagcaggg gacactacct ggaaacagag gccgtgtcaa cctcgaactg tagcttccac    198060
     tgaagacaag ttctctcttc tgactctcct atttctccat ccgccccaga catccctacc    198120
     cccaaccctc ttctcggtag gagggaatga cggggacttc cagggcctta gcctacaaca    198180
     gcttccccat tctatccaca gcccagggtg caggtgaatc catgacagaa ctaggcagag    198240
     gggctgagag gtggggagag cctggtgggg ccagggaggg aggtccaaac ctggccccag    198300
     gatcctgctg gcctcctcgg ctttgccttt gtttcgcaga tgcaggcgac atttggcatc    198360
     cttgatcttg aaggaggctc tctgcttgac tggcagcact gcagcctcta gagggagaag    198420
     agaagctcag cacagctcca gggcctgggg accctgggga cggcctgctc tgggaggtgg    198480
     ctccgagctc agcagtaagg tttagctaga gagtgggatc aggaaagcca agggtaacag    198540
     ataggagggg taagatagga ggagcttggc agcaaagctg gagagttaga gagtaacaag    198600
     ggaggtagag ggtgagtcgg ccagggatga ggagaactgt gggggcagag aagaggagga    198660
     ctctgggcag gtgctcacca tggcaggagc tggagacggt gctgttccca gagtggatca    198720
     ctcgggctgg agcagcttta gggctcgggg taccacagct cacggtgaaa ccgttctctg    198780
     actctgaaag aaggggctta tcacagctct gacccacctc tcaaccccca atggttggag    198840
     gaaccccggg ggaacagagg cactgctgaa cagccagtct gccctccctt ctccccagaa    198900
     ccccgtctct ctcacatacc tggcaagaac cgggcccggg agggacaggt cagggcacaa    198960
     gtatccttct tgcccgagcg attgcagcta agcatggctt ttgaggctcc aagactgctc    199020
     tgacacttca ctggctctag gaagggaagc aaggtctgag aatatgaaca tgccttgtct    199080
     tcctgccctc agagagttaa tgcggaaagg gggactagtt acatgcccaa ggagacctgc    199140
     acattttaaa cccagcaggc tccccctcac accttcccct gaaacagcat tgttatgtct    199200
     ggccagcaga gggcgccaca cacctgtgca atccttcccg ttccagtgaa ggcggccctg    199260
     gcctgctggg caggtacact gatagctgcc tggggtgttg atgcagccaa agcggcagcc    199320
     tcccttattg atgctacatt cgtccacatc tgtgggagga gtcagagatc agattgccag    199380
     tacccttata gagattactg tgcatttaca aatcttgtca ggaaggtagg tctcacgtta    199440
     acattctcat aaacaaagta aaaggttctc tggcctgtga ggagctcaaa gttctctccc    199500
     ttctctacat ccccagtcat agttgccatt gagcaggggc caatccaacc agaccaaggt    199560
     ttcagaactt tcctctctta ctgtctcatt gggctagaga ctgagagggt gggtctctgg    199620
     gaacagcgat ggggaatgca aggtagaatt aggaggcaga gtctgtgcca cctgccatcg    199680
     caaccctcga gaagtgaagg ctggaggttt ggagttcgag gtcaccactg gctgtgtgtg    199740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca gctatcctgg gctacgtgaa    199800
     accctcaagc atcttgctgc caggatgctg ctctctggta tcctgtctcc cagctggtct    199860
     ttggaaggtg ccttctattt tatcttgttg gatgtagaca agaaccatcc aaggatttct    199920
     cattacaagc acagccattt ggagtgtgaa gagtcgaggg ctggggtgtc tgggaagcag    199980
     gcaggtgtag gtgtgatctt gctggcttac ccccgcagtg agtgacacca tatagaaggt    200040
     agccacgatg acagagacac tggaagctcc ccggggtgtt gacacacatg tggtcacagg    200100
     ttcggtcgaa ggagcactca tctatatctg gaacagcaag gattcgaacc actgagtctg    200160
     tctcggggca cctggtccat gctcaggtga tgggctctga tgctgaaaga ccttggccta    200220
     actccagatc tgagcacgca caactccctc tgtacccttt gtctggggtt tggggctttt    200280
     gttgtttttc tgagacaggg tctctctgta tagccctggc catcctggaa cgcaccaggc    200340
     tggcctcaga cccagagatc tgcctgtctc tgccttccaa gtgcagggat taaaagtgca    200400
     ccaccagaat tgccagggtc tggaacctgt gcatgtggaa cctagttgca gcaggccaca    200460
     cttgggaaaa cctggattgt ggtgaaagct tgctcacccc ttgccaagct gtgtatttca    200520
     gcatggagct ggcctgcaag aaggaaggac taccgttgtc tgtctgcggc atagccctgc    200580
     ctacagagac gcttggaata cagcatccct gacactcgcc cccttggccg gagccggctc    200640
     accctggcag ctcctttcgt tgatgagaag cttgtagccc ttcttgcagc tgcactcgaa    200700
     gctgcccact gtgttgcggc agatgtggtc acagcccccg ttgtttaagc ggcactcgtc    200760
     tatatctggg gacgaaggac agcattgaag gctaggggca aaggagccca gatctcttcc    200820
     tcacagagac aaggaaaatc aaggagggcc ctggcttggc ccttttaact tggctgtcac    200880
     cttctgtctc catgtcttcc ctgtttagga tatctggcca ttactaacac catctctcct    200940
     gaagccaagt ccaggaacca cctatgccag cagggagcaa cggtctagac ttatgggagc    201000
     aggtggccat gtgagatcca ggctggtcca tgtcccttac tctccagttg acagccatcc    201060
     ccaagactgt agggagggct gtcctttcct gtcacaaagg ctgggggcct ctggtcatgc    201120
     tgtaaaaggg cagccttcat agaggagggg ctggccaaag aggctgggta gagaggactt    201180
     ctaagataga gggagaagct gctagagatg aggggccagg agggggacgg gactggcatg    201240
     gtctgcagag gctcagagcc tggcagcttt gggtactaag aaaggagcag gtgggcagct    201300
     tccttcctga ggtcaagttc ccccgagctg gtggcagaca ggacccaggc tactcagcac    201360
     ttgtggaggg gagggggcag ggccttcact cttggcctac ctgtcaacag cccttcccag    201420
     caggaaacct ctctactgcg gctggctgac cggctgcccc cgccctcccc ttcctgcagc    201480
     tcttgggcca agagacacaa agaaggagcc cggcactacc cagtccccac tcctccctac    201540
     cagaggacac ggacggacct gctgagtcag cgtttgcaga atggctcccc tccccctttt    201600
     ccttctcatc tcccccaaat cccaggtaat ggcaggaggg gagatggggt gggtagtata    201660
     ggaatggaag tcataatgag agccaagcca aaaggtcccc acagggccaa ttcttctcac    201720
     tgatcaccgc tcatccatct ctgcgcacat ctatgagcca ggttcagtgg aggaagcctg    201780
     ggcaccacag catggcggac cgaaccaggc cctggtgtgg gcactcctac ctatgcttcc    201840
     agagatcatt ccagacccgc tgggaagtta aaccacccac atggctcagg cacaacaaca    201900
     cagagtcagg ctcaactgtc cctccagggt tgagaccctt ctccctaata cagggacagg    201960
     ggtgagagag ggaacaaggg agaccaggcc agggggcagc aaagtggtag ctggacttct    202020
     gtgcccactg aactgaggtg ggagaaactg acagccttaa agggcgttga agaggcgtgg    202080
     tcggtcacct aggaactctc tcccctccct ttggcagagg tctccgtgtc cccattcact    202140
     ctgagatctc acctttgcag gtctttctgt ctggctgcag catgaaaccc acaggacagc    202200
     tgcagtggac tccggtcgct gcatcatggc acttactgtc gcagcctccg ttgttgacag    202260
     cacaggtttc tgttgaggga agtgtaggtg gtaatagggt tactagccta gaagaatgtc    202320
     agactcaggt atggggcctg agggaagccc tcagccacct cacagggtgg aggggggggg    202380
     ggtcagcagg agcgttaagc gatgctccag cctctccttc ctcccacccc tcacaagtgc    202440
     aggaagcgct ctctctctcg cgctccgctc gctcagcatc cctgccccct acttgattga    202500
     aacaaggtgg gcagcagtga ggcaggtaca agccagagct gtcaggcagg aatgtgctgg    202560
     gggtgggggc aggggagcag gagaggaaag ctaaagaggg ctcgtcctag gcaccgagca    202620
     tcggagcatt agcatcctaa ggcctgaggg aaaagaaggg gtagaccagt ttcatcctcc    202680
     tatcttgagg atgagtgtgg gtgtttgtga tggacagtct cctaaaaggc ctcgaggaaa    202740
     gagtgtctca agatcctaag ggctccccat caattcaccc ccaagacccc ctattatccc    202800
     ctaccctcca ccccccctca acccctccca cccttctgac actgcagccc tgggtcaccc    202860
     tcctttcact cctccccaaa ccctcctgtc tacctggaaa cacggtggct ctctggttct    202920
     ttgcttttgc tgatgagata ttttgtgaag gggggggcgc ggcggggtgg ggggggggag    202980
     agcgcagaag aatccagaga aagaatgaga gatggtggaa gacacagaag agaaagctca    203040
     gagctttcag ctaggtctct cctgtcagct cagtctgtgg cagagaggcc agagcaggag    203100
     gagaccagat gttaaacagt tgctttggag agagagttct ggggaaagcc atcagcccca    203160
     ggacagcaag agcctggcat ggggacctgg gtgctgtggt ctgtcccagg caccaagtct    203220
     tctcccactg gcatcctaag gcctccatgg gacaagagag aagagttgtt ctaagaatga    203280
     ggatgttagg cccacccttg tccccaaagt gggcagtgtg ccagggctcc aaaagaagcc    203340
     cacctctgcc tgggagtcct tggcctgccc tggtctcact gtggtctccc cgaggtcccc    203400
     cagaccgcga ggagctcaag tccagactcc cccaaaagtg ctctaagtat ggaccgaggg    203460
     ctcccaaggc ctggagaagc acagtggggg acaagatgct gtctgtgtgt agatcctctg    203520
     aagcagccag gatgggtgct aacagaactg gcatggcata caccccaggc tggaccaaga    203580
     agctgggcag agatgctcag ctctgcggga caatggctga gcacagggag gagggcacag    203640
     ctcgacctgt cctttgtgcc aggcgtggac cacatgataa ttatcacacc caagagaagg    203700
     aagactgtca ctcccctcct ccagaggagt gggctgaggg ctcagagaag acggctggtg    203760
     agggacccag agtcaggcag aaatcaccag ctgaggctgt gtggtgtgct aaagaaagga    203820
     aggaacccaa gaagggtggc ccacagagaa gatgacattc agctctgaga tacttccctc    203880
     agccacagtg cgaacagtgg gcaagatggc actggctgca gggaccgagg ggtgcacatg    203940
     gctgggaggg accgaccagg gcaatgagag gtggaggagg cataagaagg agagccaggg    204000
     accaggaaga tgaccagcag gaagcttcct aggccaccag atgggtccag agcccgcact    204060
     gccaggggag ccctggaggg catgcaaggt tagtgggagc cccagcgggt tagcccttcc    204120
     ctagcaagca cagggagggc aggcatattt accattagaa acggcctgag tgggcccgag    204180
     ctgctctggc cgcctttccc ctgtttgaca ttgtaaaaaa gccgtttaga ttggggcaag    204240
     gcccaccccg caccctccac cctgacggtc caaaccacta gccccatgtg gtgattccag    204300
     ggatcccaaa ttagccttgc tcctcagcct tgtcctgcct ggtaccctca aagaaatcaa    204360
     gcccccatca agggaccata aagcagagat gctgggtctc ggagagagca gctgcgggtc    204420
     caacccccgc atagcacgca cagcatgcca ggcaaaactg gcacgggtgt caagtttcgc    204480
     atctcgccac ctctaaatcc cttaactata ctcctgtctc gccactcaag ctgcatgtcc    204540
     ccacaacccc agtgacattt ccccctgcca agaaaaatta agtccaaggc aagtaggctc    204600
     actccctggg ggcaaaggga gaaggatggg gagggaggag catcacttgc tctgcccaga    204660
     ggactcagtg ggtctcagtg gggttagaga gctcaagcct aattacaaag cagccgtctg    204720
     agaacaaggg aacagggtct cctgccccag gggcctctgt cctgcctcgt gcatcttctc    204780
     cccatgcagt tccttctgga agaatggggg gggggaggct ttgtggtgtg tccagggggt    204840
     ggtgggaggt ttgcaaagca gaagaactag ccctgtcagg agaataagaa gggagctgga    204900
     acagcagtca gaaaaagcag catgaagccc tgagcctgtc ttggggtctc agaagagtta    204960
     gagagcagag ttgggagagc ttcggctcca gcagcctttg aaagcatgtg tatcttgtga    205020
     gcctgtctga tccccgtcct gtggctgcag tgacacacac ctccataagc accactgtcc    205080
     acagcccaag cacaagtacc tctgactggc ccgagccctg cctcatgccc agccagagcc    205140
     ctgcctttca ctccccactt ctccaagaag acatcttgtc agccctctca ccgctcaaga    205200
     aatagcaacg gaaggaattc aaccttcact ttaaggactt agctcatcca ggaacctgga    205260
     gagtcaggtc aggcctagga attcaagaag ggtctcaggc ttagaggacg ggaaggctgc    205320
     agcaagtgag ggggggtggg cagccacagg cacactggaa agtcagtacc accagatgct    205380
     tgggtgtgag gtgggcctgg ggcatcaggt gaggggtagg aagggggttt gccagggtaa    205440
     agaggaagag aggggctgga gccaccctac tgattcattt cagcccaagg ctaactgctc    205500
     tggaagcaac tactgtgtcc tggcaccagt tcacagcagg gacactggct gtggtcattc    205560
     ccctaccaca ctagtcaacc agagactggg tcagccgctc agctgaccgc cccagaattc    205620
     ctcaagcctt ggttgcccag cacccctgct aacagttccg aacctggtaa tgtttcaaca    205680
     tgggaggaag aggagggtgg gactcctggg gagggcaggt agtcaagtgt gccctttagt    205740
     ctctcagagt ggtccttcca cctgtcctct cattggtctt cattcccaca tcagtaacta    205800
     tccagtacct agacatcact gtcccccagg gtctctcttc cccttccgtc ccagacccca    205860
     ccccaatcct gtcacaagtg gcttcaccca ccaatgcatg tcttcccgtc ggtgtggagc    205920
     acaaacttga cgtggcagcc gcaccgagga ccctgctccg tgtcatcgca ggtgtgctgg    205980
     cagccgccat taccatagtt gcaggtcact gcacagagag gagacatgtc agcctgcttg    206040
     tcccttgtgc tgcaggtctt caaggtgggg aaagctgccc cttttcctca ctgtgccccg    206100
     cccccaggcc tctttcatct catccctgcc ctctggctac tgaggcccca caccttcctg    206160
     tcccccccat tctcctgccc tcacaaatct cacatttaca gtcccgttgg ttcttggtga    206220
     gctcgaagcc agggcggcat tcacaggcaa tgcccccctt gggagtctcc cggcaaatgt    206280
     gggcacagcc gtggttcttg ttcatgcagt tcattccttc taaaaaggga gaaggagacg    206340
     ttggcgctct gtctgcactg ggagcctcaa tggggcagaa ccagctgtgg ctaaggacac    206400
     tctaagaatc agctgagcct gctactcaga ggctctccgg atctaggagg gacccagaga    206460
     aactaaaaca gggtatcttt cctcagagag cttacactga gactaggaac ctgaagaaga    206520
     gaaacagcca tcagactgag acagggtttc tcagtgtagt caggctgtcc tggaactcac    206580
     agataggcct gcctctgcct ccccccaccc aggctaggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccaca    206640
     cttggctaga ccacaaagat ttattaagct gccatcacag gcagggcagc acgctaagtg    206700
     acagggacac aaaggcaaat tggacttccc tgctgctctc agaccatcat ggcccagtga    206760
     ggaaatgagc catggatcca ggctgtggaa agggacgcac gcaggtgagg ctgtcccagg    206820
     gaaggaacag cttacagaca aatgctggcg agcaggaatt tgcagcaccg taccgccgga    206880
     ccagagaatg ccccaaaata gctttgtttc tactctgggc aggtcccggt tccattccct    206940
     agattagtct ggaatacagt gtctaagcac gctaggagtc tagagtgtgg gacagagagt    207000
     gctgaggggc agctgggaag agaagcctgg gggcctagat ggccgtgggc tgaccttctg    207060
     gccgctggat acaggtgtgc tggttgtcac tgaggaagaa gccatctctg caatggcact    207120
     cgtagctgcc catcatgttg acacagctct gctggcagcc accgttgccc tctgcacact    207180
     catccacatc tgtgaagaca ggggcttggt gggactgttg tagcagcagc atagactgag    207240
     ggcagactga agaatgcctg tgagcacacg tgtgcgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca    207300
     ccacaggccc acccttagca agcactcctt agcccttgtc agctaaaact tccctgagtg    207360
     tgaagaggca cctttgtcca gagctcaggt agggcaggca acatccaaac ctggccagcc    207420
     aaggtgaggc ccggactcct ctcccacgct gtaaaggctg cgtctgaacc ctcggacctg    207480
     cgtcctattc ccagggccca catggctgct aactgcctga cactccagtc ccaaggaacc    207540
     cggtatcatc gtctggcccc gcaggcatgt ggtgcacaga cacacatgca tgcaaactcc    207600
     catacaccga aaccctgggc cagagcgaga ggaacctcgg tgaagacaag gatgggtact    207660
     agtcccactg agcggccatg gcgcactagg gccatgtcga ggctggctct gatgagcagc    207720
     caggaatcag agaacctgga aaggctcttt cctcagatag ccgtatggct gaggtgccaa    207780
     cgatggtggg aatggcctct gagccacagg tcctcatggg gcaaggaccg tttctgtgga    207840
     ctggccacaa ctcgagccgt gctcccttcc cccaggcctg ggctcactgc cacagatttc    207900
     ctagcttttc tcctattttt ggtttaacaa aacaaagcct ggcaatgcgg cgtggaaggg    207960
     tggggaaggt ggccaggcca caccctggat ggtagagggg aacaataggg agcccggagt    208020
     caccaccact acagccaaat tcatcacttg gacatctgga ctccatctcc atcctggctg    208080
     catccctccc accctctact tctccctgga gaaactgaga cccatgcgtg ttcttggagt    208140
     tttctcaaag gttagaggga tggttgaggc tgtgaacact caccttcacc agacctttgt    208200
     aactcagacc ctcccagtac ctgttctttc ccttgtctct atggttggtt ggtgatagtt    208260
     ggggttagga cccaatggag accaaagaat caaagatggt attcacggtc atgtgggcac    208320
     ccctaccctg taccgagtac ttcagatctt gtccctaaat agtcctttgg tgacagggga    208380
     gagacagctc tttcatagta gcagaagggc gggggagggg agccccggag aagggcctgc    208440
     cagggacctg ggtagaagat gaccacatgg cagctatgca gtaagggggt tcctaggtca    208500
     cagagcatct gagctaccat gttccagcca ttgccattcc attgctgttc ttccctttgc    208560
     tgactcatcg aacagacgtt tgagagagga ccccagtctc aaatttcaaa tcctgttaga    208620
     agcttcagag ttcctacgta gaggaaactc tgacagggtc cgagtaactc caagatgact    208680
     ggctaaagct gaggtcagtg attctacccc agatagagtt ctggggacag gtgattcccc    208740
     gggccagacc aagaaggctc tgaactggag aggatgagtc ttaagacagg aagggaggcg    208800
     ggagacaagg ggcagaggca tccagggctc agagagcatc caactgcatt agcaacagtg    208860
     ctcctgcctc agcacctgcc ctgtgctaca gctgcacagt gctttctaca cacctgctcc    208920
     taaggagctc acacacttta agactttaga agaggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggtt    208980
     agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    209040
     tcacaaccat ccgtaacgag atctgactcc ctcttctggt gtatctgaag acagctacag    209100
     tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaaagacttt agaagaaggg    209160
     tcctaatgtc aacccacccc cattccgtgc gcgctcgtgc ctgcacacac acacacacac    209220
     acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc acgcacgcaa tacacattag cagtgcccta ccccatcctt    209280
     gcttttaaaa gcctggaact ctttttgacc actttcttcc tgcttggcca agacacactg    209340
     agagcagctc cttccccaac cagtcccggg ccaccagccc tggctctctc gctcacccag    209400
     acagttgtgt ccgtcatgtg ccaggtgaaa tccgtcgtag caggtacacc ggtaattacc    209460
     agggatgttg acacagtcgt gcacacagcc tgcgttgtcc tcccgttcac actcatccac    209520
     gtctgtgcag agagaaaaaa cacaccggaa gatgttgacg gtcacaggca aacagctatg    209580
     ccatttttaa tttcatgctt ttgattacat cattcatata aagttctcga acgttcttta    209640
     gttgtggtat tactgggaag gactgtcatc cttgaaccaa cacccccatt ccctgggtcc    209700
     caggaggcta ctgtagttct cagtgtatta tgtcaacaga aagtaacgtg tactttgtcc    209760
     ctgagaatgc tattcccagc cactctgcag tgtttttata gcaagtgatg tgcttgcttg    209820
     tgggtgaact cccactgggg ttcacaggtc tggtcctttg cgcatgctat gacaggcgcc    209880
     agtacaggct cctgtctcag ggatcttcgg gccttagttt tgtaactgag gtgtgccagc    209940
     cccagagagc tatgaaggct atgaagtgtg tccccaccag cacagcttgg ctgtgtgatg    210000
     ctttggtgtc caccccaacc ctgtgcgatc tctgggaaga tgcggcagtc ctcctcggcc    210060
     tgtggaggtt gtgggcccct ggaaaccatg gtgcaggccc cgaggctcct gcgagctcct    210120
     cctggggacc tcccagtctc acctttgcag tgcttcccat cctggggacc ctcccagtct    210180
     cacctttgct gtgaggacct cccagtctca tctttgcagt ggggaccctc ccaggctcac    210240
     ctttgcagtg gagacctccc aggctcacct tgcagtgggg accctcccag tctcaccttt    210300
     gcagtgcttc ccatcctggg gaccctccca gtctcacctt tgcagtgagg acctcccagt    210360
     ctcacctttg cagtggggac cctcccaggc tcacctttgc agtggagacc tcccaggctc    210420
     accttgcagt agggaccctc ccagtctcac ctttgcagtg cttcccatcc tggggaccct    210480
     cccagtctca cctttgcagt gcttcccatc ctggggaccc tcccaggctc acctttgcag    210540
     tggagacctc ccaggctcac ctttgcagtg cttcccgtcc cccgtgtagc cggacttgca    210600
     gatgcacttg taagaccgtg gggtattctg gcagatggca tcgatgtggc aattgtccgt    210660
     gccttccaca cactcatcta catctgccag gggccgagga ggacacgtaa gaacagaact    210720
     ggcatgtctt gggtgagttt tgaaggtgtg ttccccaggg gcagtgtctc tgtatgccca    210780
     tgcacacccg agggtgcaca cctgaggtcc ccttgcttcc tctgaacact tcaggaattc    210840
     agactgtctc agaaatactc aaaccactat ggtgacagcg gcaccactct ctgaaacacc    210900
     ctcttcagtt tgagtagcac acgtgatgtg tcagacagag cccagtgagg actagtttat    210960
     ctttcttagc agtgaacttg aagggaaaga gacaggcaca gagtcactgg tgatggtaca    211020
     gtgatcactg atagtgtttt tctagatcag aacacatata gtccaagttg gcctagaact    211080
     cattccacag ctgagggcgg tcctcaatgc ctgctccccc tgcctccatc ttccaaaggc    211140
     tgggattaca ggcatgccac accctgccca gctgctctct agtaattaag gaagaaaggg    211200
     aggtgggggc tgtctgggat cctcatctgc ctcctggtcc actgtagaac acactagtcc    211260
     tgcccagcac agcactgcac agctgtgatc ccagcactcg gttacggtgc acacaagaat    211320
     acataggtac agaactggtg tcaagtgagc tgtgaaggtg tgtttcccaa aggcgaagtc    211380
     cccatatgcc tgtgcacacc tgagcttccc ttgccttcct ctgaacgctt ccggaattca    211440
     aataaaccca gagaccgagg cagaaggatc aggagttcag accccgtctc aaaaacccag    211500
     aaaaagatga agtcagctcc cgactgttca cgcagccttg ttcaccatgg caccaagaag    211560
     cattagagga gcagagcttc tcttggccct gagctatcaa tggaaggacc gggagctggc    211620
     aggtgttggc ctggcaggca cagctctctg agccatctga ccaggcagag ccccttcccc    211680
     tctcctcctc tatgccctcg agttctggat acttctggac taacactcat tgctccctct    211740
     agtaagtgtg acagacagag cgacactaaa ggaagggact cctccagagc agggggtggg    211800
     gtaagggtag gggggtggtt aaggacctcc ggtggtctag gtgtggtgga gtatcacttg    211860
     ggaggcagag gcaggaggat ctctgacttg gaggccagcc tggactacag aggactatcc    211920
     aggactatac taagaaatct gcctcagaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaaaatg atcgtaagca    211980
     actggggatc acatcacggc acccataaaa aagtgacgtg aggacaaggc cctatgtggc    212040
     agtcattgca ttcagaacga gccaaccagg ataagtgaca gaagcattag ggatgagcct    212100
     caactcaggc tgcacagcag agccgactcc cctaaacatg cccaaggccc caaagaactg    212160
     gactcaacac atccgattcc agtgagcagc tgggcttgag accctctgtc acagtctgag    212220
     tagggagagc ccatgtctcc ctacaaactg gaaaaacaga gtgtatgggt tgaagtctgc    212280
     cagtaaaggg gcagaggccc tggagtgagg ctgctctgac gcctgagccg catacccgtg    212340
     agcaaagtgg ggtttgttac aatgcagatt ctcaggcctc atcgcccaat cctgtgaacc    212400
     cagctcctta aggcgtggca actaaacgga gacgtgcgcc gcacactgga agtctctgcc    212460
     atttgcagaa acaggagact gtctacactt actgcccacc tcagacaagc tcggcagtca    212520
     tgtgcctgcc aagcagtcac caaagagaga caatggagag aagagaggcc cagtagtcga    212580
     gttcctaagt caagtaagag agatcttgtg ggtggcacga ggctgttggg gaatgtttga    212640
     ccaactgatg gaatggaatc agaagcaaga aatgtccggt cacaataaag tcacccgtgg    212700
     agactgcccc aggttacgat ccagcacgac catttctctg gggaaggtgg ggttttgttt    212760
     gtttgtttgt tttttgtttt gttttctttt taagaaagct ttactatata gcacaggctg    212820
     accttgaact catgaccccc cctgctccag cctccctagt gttgggatgg caggtgcttg    212880
     ccctgccgcc acacctggct cctttctcac tttccatcct tagattttcc cccataccat    212940
     gtatcccatg gtggcgcctc cccagacgag gccattcact tgttaatctg tgtggactgc    213000
     ctgagcttga gagggtgagg ctgagggctg agcactgtgg gatccaagtc ccttctgtcc    213060
     actgcggtgg tagccatgag ccacatgtga cccttttcat ctcaaagaca gctcttcagt    213120
     cccactggcc ttaggccaga tattcatggt gggctgtgca ataggaaccg tcccaagggc    213180
     acagacttca cggagcagaa gagatagctc taggggctct gaataaggaa cgcttctggg    213240
     tctggcccag aattctagag actcctccag aagtccctct cccgccacca tctcagtggc    213300
     gcctgtctcc atgtgctggg gtttggctcc tgatgcatca ggctcttccc tttgtctccc    213360
     ctcaagtggc ccccaggacc agagcagcgg tgaagccgac cacagcccgc tggctgcccc    213420
     aggctcttcc tagcctcagc catctccctg ctcccaatgt tttatgcttt ggaagctctg    213480
     ggaggtgtct caccctgctc ctactccctt ggcaccagct actcccctgg caccagctac    213540
     tcccttggta ccagctccct cagcaccagc taaccagtcc actgcatccc accttcttcc    213600
     cgtttatatt gcaaccccac ccacttctgt tttccaagac tggctcagaa ttgtctgccc    213660
     tgtccccagt aagctcccag cctgaggggg actgagcgtg cccccctttg tggttcctgc    213720
     tgagccactt agctaacatt ctgaagctgt ctcatgtaac atgtagcctc tcccatggct    213780
     ggcgactgct gaagaaaggt acttccaacg gcatggctga agttttctgg cctgaggcac    213840
     agagcagcga gacaaggccc taaatcaaat cgtacccagc atttccacct ctgccaggtc    213900
     ttcaaagatc cttctcagca cacctgccag ccctaaataa gtcctcaaag ggaccttggt    213960
     ggcacacacg ggcaccctca acatatccat cctcttagaa gctgtttacc agctgcaagc    214020
     caagcgacac ttttaggcgt gagttggttt aggatggtgg tcctccactc aggctgtgca    214080
     ctggaatctg gggacctgtg aagactcatg gatgtctaaa cccaggaaat caggacctcc    214140
     agggcaagcc tgtctatctc tcttttccaa cttgtgtaaa taagctactt gcctgaactg    214200
     ggagacactc tggaggcagc aacgtgacag acacactacg agacgaggtt ctagacttga    214260
     gtgccactac accagtcctg gggcaggtgt ggacacaggg agtgcccaat gggagcttgc    214320
     tgctgtcact catcctcctc agcatcctct tggatgcttg cttcatgttc gctcggtgcc    214380
     atgaattcct cgaggccatg gcttctggat ctttgaaccc acaataactg ccagcagagc    214440
     cgtgcacact tgagcactta gcaaacagcc actagggacc tgcacaaggg caagcactgt    214500
     gccagggctg tgggctccct tgtgagtggg acagagtaac catgtaatga aggagctctg    214560
     agggcatctg ttaaacagat ggcagctacc tgcgggatac accagagaag aagcctgcct    214620
     ctttactctc ctttgaccat ttggcattct gggaacaggg gtgtcctagg gagtttattc    214680
     tgaggagcag aaagctcact gggtaaagca cctcatgtga ccgtgaaggc ccccagctgg    214740
     aattcccaga actcatgtaa ggctagattc agtctgagtg ctcctacagc aaaaacggga    214800
     ggcagagaca ggagagtccc cagattgcaa gccagctgac tccggaggct gtcttctgac    214860
     ctccacgtgt gtgctgcggc agtgtgtctg cacatacaca gattcaagag agcacaaaga    214920
     cagcgtcctg ggccctgatg aatcaatcca gggctagaag agactgcaaa tggtggatgg    214980
     gaggagcgcg ggctcctttg ttaccctctt ggggagcagc aggcatggtt tattaaatgg    215040
     atggggagca cctactgaag ttatcctggg aaagaaccaa tagccagtgt aaaggcggga    215100
     tccaaaccca cacagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    215160
     gagagagaga gagatctcgc ctccccatgc cctcagctca gtactttgtt gggcttgaag    215220
     caaccaaccg gcacagagcc caagatagac tacagctgaa tctggctggt ggttaaaagc    215280
     cagagtacag atgccgggac gggacgtata gagggaacca gggccagggt agacagggcg    215340
     cgggcagata cacaggcaag gaggagaagg tgggagggtg cagtggtggg caggtgttgt    215400
     agccagcctg gggattcact actctggggc caagcagctg gtcagaaaca aaaacaaaca    215460
     tcaggggata caggttcctg ctgttaacag cttcaaacca ccagaggaaa actccaaata    215520
     aatataatta gaaacttgta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accagtcctc tctgtaaacc    215580
     tgcccccgcc cccaggatct accctttggg catcccaccc ttccacagcc ctctccccac    215640
     cccagagccc acatagcctg acgctgtacc tcacccaggg gtcccctagg cctggttcct    215700
     tatcctgtat ctcctctgag ccagcagccc agtttgctca gtttgctctt cggtaaccac    215760
     aagcagacag ccccgggcac aaagctctga aacgcaaagc ctgcagctct ctggggcttt    215820
     tgttacaggg ggaagccatt ggcaaaccaa ggtcccaagc gccctgttca gggggtcatt    215880
     gacccacttc tgaaagccag ttgtggatcc agctccaaac tcctgagcaa gtccttgatc    215940
     tgaggaggga aggggctggg gggcagaggg ggaggtgaca gcgatcattt gtggccacca    216000
     cagggtggga cacagaggca ctcacatgca cttctagggt agctacctgc tcaccggaca    216060
     caggcctgtc agatgcttgg gaaaccgagg tggtgggagg aaggaaaagt accaagtgac    216120
     agacaggtct ccagcgggca gaggacaggg cctggcctgt aggtggaaag ccagccctca    216180
     gggctgaagc ttaccaatat gaatgagttc agtaaaactg gccaaagccc agagctgcca    216240
     ggcattaggt ttctcgacgt ttgtcaaaac tcacccctta tcttccgccc gcctcgtgcc    216300
     ccctgagtca ggccagaatg caggctggca gggaagagag gccagtctgc acacagaaag    216360
     gcaatgtccg tctttgccca ggtgagtaag taggccattc atgccctgca aacatcctca    216420
     gggctgtgtt tccacctctc cctgagctcc agcaatccca gactcctgtc tccccaggtc    216480
     tgggcctccc gtaagccctg ccagcctgcc ccagagcggc tccgcagttt ccagccctga    216540
     caggaactct ttcttactga gtggtcatgt gcccacaccc gcacgccgaa gcaggccggg    216600
     gcagcagaga ccagggtggg ttctggcagc aaaggtcctc cacctccatc ttctccagag    216660
     gatgtgaagc cgtgctctcc cctcccccac cctcagttcc aagctctgga tcaagccact    216720
     ctgccccttt cctccaacta aaacaaaacg cacacgttca cccactgcct ccccaccccc    216780
     agtcaccgga gtgccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgtgct    216840
     cacacagaga gtcacacaca tgcacgctca cacaccccag tagtgcacag ctcaccttcc    216900
     caaactcaca ctcgggcctg cctcccttca caacaggtcc tagctgctcg catctcaaac    216960
     cagttcttat gatctcagat tccagaaggt tccagaaggc aatctcatct gagagttcct    217020
     gatgactctc gccttgcttt acctgttgtg gatgtggctc ccaggtcttt tagtcccctc    217080
     tctccattcc accccacaga gactcagggg aatgagaggt gacaggaggg ggaggtgcag    217140
     gggaacacaa aatttatatt ctcccagctc tgggctttcc cccacaccta agacatgcca    217200
     gcaagccttg gagggaggtc aaaggggttt ctgaaaactt ccttaaaatt aggatgagct    217260
     taaggaaaca gataaaacag gctctaaaag tggggtctgt ctgtccgtcc tgctgctctc    217320
     tccagtaggg ccttggtggg gcacaagcag tagcggctgc ctgaggagcc acccgcaccc    217380
     gctgacacgg ttacggtttt catttcatat tttagaggga ggggctagga ggaacagtcc    217440
     cctcactgtg gacgccggcc acaggagccg agggaagcag ggaggagagg gagcagccac    217500
     attaaagagg aagagagggg tgggggaaag gagagagaca catgctccca gacagagacg    217560
     cagagacaga gagacactgt tcagcgagcc ggatgaacgc cctaagtctc ggggaaggcg    217620
     tgattgctaa atggttgact ttctcaaaaa ctctatccct aacaaggaaa gaaaactacc    217680
     aggtaaagtg gatggccaac ctggctgtcc cagagcccgc ctggggacag gaccagttcc    217740
     cctggaggcc ccaagacctt ttcattcagt tgcaacctga gccctaagtg aggattaggt    217800
     cttttttttt ttttaaaaaa aaaacgatag ctgtcctgcc atcactaccc cacccccacc    217860
     ccacccccaa aaaagcaaag caaattaatg cttttaagtt tacaattacc ttggttatcc    217920
     agtctgtcta ctctaagaca cacagacagg cacttgaaaa ctactcaaaa cccatgtata    217980
     cagcaagctc acccacccac cagctgaccc acccactcat cccctgggac aaaaccttcc    218040
     ttaggcattt ctgattaaag aaccaggtct tcgtagatgc agtgggtcag cggtgtgcca    218100
     gtgccggtgt ccctgtctcc tgtgtccccc ccccgacccc cccttccagc tccctcttat    218160
     atacttaagc tcataccctc cttcctcaac ccctgcatgg ccttgagcct cccagagaca    218220
     cagatgttcc aggtgtgtag aagctctctc ttcaggatgc ttgctgaggg agtctgtcac    218280
     atccagaccc tctagagtga cactgaaaag ctcctggcat ccaaggggaa gtccccagcc    218340
     ctggtgatgg atgggagata tcgaggggac aggagaagcc tcccgaagga agcccacagc    218400
     actgtgggta agccttcgag actcagacca aatagttctc atcttcccct gtaacatcta    218460
     cctgcaaatt tgagtccaaa ttttgagtcc agcaaacctg ttgttaggca acctttgacc    218520
     gacagggttg cacaggcttc ctgaacggcg ggggttaatg agaggctccc ttctaatccc    218580
     agctagactc agaaatccta aagggggtgg gggcacagct actgcaaccc catcagggca    218640
     ggtgtagccc acgactgagg tcagcagaga ccctgagggt accgcctcta ctgcagctga    218700
     gtgtccccca gtacctaatg gggtgtccaa taaaagaagg tgcccttgag tacccagctc    218760
     ctcctatccc cggcagatgg gcttgtctct aggcttgaga gttttggttc cccaacacct    218820
     gtgccattca ggggtctcca gctgcacctg gagccccttt aataggcggt ttctcctcct    218880
     gctccccccc ccacctccag cccctgcaga cactggctcc aacttgaaag aggcccttat    218940
     cttgtctcta gattactgca cgaaatctgt tccttcctca gactaaactc cctagctaat    219000
     tccatgttat gagtaagtca gcatgcacta caaaagccag ctttgtttac gaaaacacac    219060
     aagcaaatcc tctgtgggga gaggggctgt tccaggcggc ggcagcagcg ggctgtctgg    219120
     tacgaaggct gcagaagcgg cagtttgaag ctggaaggaa gtgagggtgg ggtctggtac    219180
     ttgacagctg aggggctctc gtgtttggtt atgttaatgg acaggtctga gggggcaagg    219240
     gaagaggcag tgttttggac gaggagggag gtgttagctt agcaccttct accaacagtg    219300
     aaaagctgct ggcatagccc agtttaagat tcagcacaca caccccgccc gccccccccc    219360
     cccccccgcc cccgacacac tgacccgact gactgactgc cagacaactc gacgacttcc    219420
     tcaactccca agttcaactt tcctcctgac tcagacacct cttcatccct ggctggcttc    219480
     aggaaccccc aggacaatag acagaatcta cctccccagg caaaatcttg ctaagaggaa    219540
     ttttcttttt gtccatataa atctcttttg ggtgaggaca gcgtgggggg aggggtacag    219600
     caggtcaatg gggggagggg aggctgtccc cagagaactg tgggacacca gcctggtttc    219660
     tgccagcgca gccttgggac tggctggccc aggagcgcgg ggtcagggac cggggcagga    219720
     gggcctccca gtctccctct aattcctaga gggatctgtc agagctccca gcctggaatt    219780
     ttactttgtt attttaatgc aattctaacc tggatttaaa tggaattgga aaccccaggc    219840
     cttaataaat aaatattatg ataagaaatg aaagccatgc gagacgaaag ggattccccc    219900
     cccccaaagg cagaaacgca acgttcgtgc cagaaggcag tcacagacat tttctcctac    219960
     tgctcctact attctgtgac aggcagtcgg tttcaccgcg aaagaggtgt ttttctttaa    220020
     catccttcga cttgataaga cggtaacttc gaaatttcgg cctgactctg cctcatgcgg    220080
     gcaggggagg aggttacgaa gcgtatagca gagttgaaaa cttccttccc tcagtctcaa    220140
     gctccaaagt ggagtccctg gcaatgtttg agagaagatt ctctctgacc tcggaggaag    220200
     atgctagatg gtggcaggga agccggcaga agtgcatgca tgctcctttc tgctggccgc    220260
     ccccctcccc aggcgctatt gcctgtcgcg cagcgccccg aggtctagcg tccctgtgcc    220320
     ccactggccg aagagtcggg gggcacaggg ccgggtcctg acagccacgc acttctagac    220380
     acctgccctg gtggctcggg ccccgccgtc ccgccgcccc tctgtcccgc cgccccgccg    220440
     ccccacaatc ccgcaccgcg cctcccttac cttgcgcagc tttgccatgc tgggcggcgc    220500
     gcgcgtggac cagcaggagg agcaggcaga gcccggggac gcgccccgag cccatggcct    220560
     ggagctccgc gcggcggggc cgcgggggtg tcgcagcccc ggggagggcg cgaggaggag    220620
     ggggagggga ctggaaggcg ccccgcggag gctccgggct gggcgtgggg agcgcgcggt    220680
     ggggaacgcg ggcaggcgcg gggcggcggc ccgaggggcg gcccgggcta tcgcacccga    220740
     cgcccagctt cgcccgcggg gagctgtagc ctgagagcga gcgcgcagag ccggagctgg    220800
     gacctgagaa aggggagggg agacgtagcg cctaaacacg ccctttctgc ctctttcttc    220860
     ctcccttgct ttctcgtctc ccgggctccg tctgtttttc ttcgcctttc tcctcctcct    220920
     cctcctcttt ctcctcctct ccttgctcct tttcgttttc ttcctcctcc ccttcccact    220980
     gcccctcctg cttctcctct ccgtcctcct cctcctccac ctcctttttc gtgccctttt    221040
     ttttttttct ttcaaagggg gcctcggcgt ggcggccgct ccccctgcgc gcccgggcgc    221100
     gcggccccct ccccaggctg ccgggccgct gcctgcagga atttacaatc cggcgctggg    221160
     ggagcgggcc cggtctccat ggagacggct tccccgggag cagggaggtc aggcgcagac    221220
     cgcgcacaat caatggatca atgcaagccc ccgctccgct ccagaccaaa cagcaccggg    221280
     gctccggctc gtccgctcgt tccctgtggg gagctagcgg gggagccgag ggtgcgcccc    221340
     ccgcgctcgc acgtcaggag ggccgaacgg cgaaggtctg cacgcgcacc tcggcgggga    221400
     gacaaagagg gcgcgaggtg tcgagaaagc ttggaagggc tgcacctcgg aacagagatg    221460
     ggctgggact ccggtccaag gaacgtcctc cgaaccttta gccctaaagt cactcccacc    221520
     ctctggacac aatcctcata ctcagatgag tcctggctaa aactgcccgg ctccaagggc    221580
     aggctctgtg ggcgttgaag gtagcccgct gagacgccct tctcggcgtg gctcccatat    221640
     gcactgtcta gtgctcagca caccggtaga agctacccca cgatcatctt tggcacacac    221700
     aaaggctctg tacaatctct ccaaaccggc ttccagtgct aacctcactg gcagcagaga    221760
     ttaggtttaa agtagagaca ctctgccgat ggagcaagtt cccctgggtc ctggacactg    221820
     tcccctttcc ccctatccct ttagtcgctc tgagccaatt gtaccaggcc tcagagtcct    221880
     gcctgcttca gagccaattt tgtgcaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcccaggg tacccaggaa    221940
     aactgggcaa tgaccaaggt ctccctaaag atgactcagt cctcaaaccc ttggcattgg    222000
     cagcgggctt cagctggggt gggggtgggc tctgtaagca gacgcctgcc taccctggag    222060
     aagagttgag ccctcccttt agcagggatt aaatgaaagg gtaagagaac gaacagagaa    222120
     agaggctttg acttcccagt tccagctcct gagaagcctc ttggcttccg gtcccatctc    222180
     gattgacctc agtttcccca gctagaaaag gaggatgggt ttattgggcc agaggatgct    222240
     gaggggacgc tgcccctgga aagccaggaa gaggaaccct cgaggcccct tgtacaatgc    222300
     gagagatggc gcgggcgagg tgaacacaca ggtcatggga atggagtgga ggccacagaa    222360
     aggttggtca gatgaccccc ctacacggtc cctcccagcc ctgtcactcc tgagattcct    222420
     tcctccccca ttcctctggt aaacccctcc ctctggagca gccttgcctg ctgccaccaa    222480
     ttatgtggaa gctggagaac aagttcaaac ttgtcattct ctttgcccca aacaagggtg    222540
     gggggggatg aattgagggt agccagacag tgcctgggga gaactggaga gagcagagaa    222600
     gccccaaggt ggggagggaa gattgtctcc cgccctgctt gccttcatct ctgccttctt    222660
     ggaatcctga gtgtgcaccc ttctccatcc tgaggcaggc ggggtttgct gccagcccac    222720
     tcctcccacc ccacagctaa ggtgggcatg gaggactctc caggagcttg agaagagttc    222780
     ctggaccccc tgaacatcgc tgtcctcctg gagttttggg tgggagtggc ggtgagtagc    222840
     caagcccttc caagctaccc tgtcctctgg aagccctgtt tgactacagt ccccttctct    222900
     tcccacttcc tagttgccct ctgaccatcc cctctgctct ctacaaccca gggggcttct    222960
     cccaagcatc tgctctatgc ccacccccac cgcactcctc agccctctag aatattctac    223020
     tcaggtagta gcagggggtc tagcctgggc actgtgagtt gggggtgagg ccacattgcc    223080
     ctctgctctg tcgattagca cagttttctg caaactcaca cttagagcac taggaaggag    223140
     cactgagctg tgtgtgaaca gcctacgacg gagcatccag ttttccccgg cccttcccac    223200
     tcactactca gctgtgtttt tatttttatt ttggtttttg gttttttgtt ttttcgagac    223260
     agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc    223320
     gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgtgccacc    223380
     actgcccggc ttcagctgta tttttaaaat ttacctttaa ttaattaatt ttgttcacta    223440
     tctcccacct ccaagggctg ccatggcagg tggccgtccc catacccagg aatgctgcca    223500
     tctgatttca aacctcatct tccttgcttt gtgagatgta tttctttcac aaacttctct    223560
     ggtaagagca acctctggga ggcacctagc tgatgtatcc agggttagat ccttttaggg    223620
     gcacccttat tcgaacaacc ataccacatg cagggaccaa ccctgctctg tcaccgtcac    223680
     ggttctcagc cttggctcca aggcgaaacc aacccatggc gctatcctga caggcggtag    223740
     tgtccccggc agaacaggta caagccagaa tgggctatcc catcaccaga gtcaagaggc    223800
     aagcttccat tttacagcca aggctgtcct aaaactcaga ccaggctggc cttgaattca    223860
     gagatcctcc tgcctctgcc tctgcaccct gctgcagccg gctctctatg ggttctgtag    223920
     aagaactggg tcctcacctg accattggcg gcggcgtctc ctcagccctc ggccccgtta    223980
     catacatgac ctctgccctg ctttattttc tcctctgacc agagacataa cagcctccca    224040
     gggttcacag cgggaaacac ctggcacact caggcatccg atagaggtca tggttaccac    224100
     ctccagcacc cgggcaggaa caaagggccc cagtgttgga tgggtgagca gtctagcagt    224160
     gcctgggtcg aatcggcccg gggtcaggct aggctttgat gtttggggta ctggcaaggt    224220
     cacttgggct agtgtctttc cacccctaac aggtccctgt ctgtcacaca ttcctaccga    224280
     gaaggttcca aaaattccat gcattccagt gcactgcctt aatctgtggc cttccatttt    224340
     acagagaacg cagaacagcg gaaggagctt acctgaccct cctgccctgc atccttgtgc    224400
     cccagacccc accttaggaa gatgcagata ccaggactca aattagagcc actactcact    224460
     gagggcagct tacatgccaa ccctctaccg cacactccac ccaaggcctt cgaggcaaga    224520
     atttcaatta aaacctcagc gctttatatg gggtgttgaa cttaggtctc cccaccccac    224580
     ccccatgcta ggcaagctct caatgatcac attttgttta gagcccacat aagttctcag    224640
     ggctggcctt gaactcacac tgcagcccac gatagcttta aacacgtgat ctccctgcct    224700
     cagcagagta gctggggttg caggcctgaa ctaccatgcc tgggtgcaag tcccattcat    224760
     gctgatagga aaactgaggc cctggcagac tgacttgcat aaaatgcctc agaaccagga    224820
     caaaagccag gagagggggt gaagacatca cctgctacct aggtcagctg acgtgagagg    224880
     tcatgtgata tgcccaaggt cacacgggcg tctgtaaagg cgcagccaga agcaggattc    224940
     atcttgcctt tgatcttaga tctgtaccct ttgctctcag ggtcagagtt gtctgtcaga    225000
     ggcctctcct gctttccctc ttcttatgct ttgacgacca ctgtccatgt caggatgccg    225060
     tgggatggtt gtctctgacc ccatggcact atcctatgct cgacagtgag agaactagga    225120
     actgtggtcc cgctctgagg ctcagtggtt agcgtctttg ctttgcattc accagggcct    225180
     ggggttcagt ccccagcacc acataaaaca gaagcaccaa ggctcacgcc tgttaccaca    225240
     gtacacagag gcaggcatgc aggcagcacg gagatagacc gatcgttgga tggttaaggg    225300
     tgcttgcagc ctttgcagag gatctgagtt cagttcccag catccacaca aggtgtctca    225360
     caacctcctg taactccagc tccaagggct ctaacacagt cttctgaggg cacacactaa    225420
     gatcacactc acatgcgcat aaagataagt taaaatcttt tcagaaagag agaagggagg    225480
     gagagaactg agccctggcg tgggtgaaga gcccaacgaa ccccagagtc tggggtctta    225540
     gcagctgagg acacagtgtc ccggtgacct tgaagggccc aggaggacaa taccagagtc    225600
     ataggagaca ggaacccaag agggtttcct ggacaaggtg tcagccctac cttgacgaat    225660
     tttaagagga cggacataaa tacgtaaata gaaatacgga cacaagtcaa tggagggcaa    225720
     atagaagttg tggccaaaaa ggaaaggagg agggggagga gggggaggaa gagggagagg    225780
     aggaggaggg agaagaagag gaggaggaag agggagagga ggaggaagag ggagaggagg    225840
     aggagaaaga agagggaaag gaggagaagg aggaggagga aggggtcatt attaggtggc    225900
     atccaggtgg ccctgatcag agatggctca ggatgggcag aaccagtgtg tcccagtcct    225960
     aggttccagg atccagtcgc cccagccctt agcccttaga gtggtcacaa atggctctgc    226020
     caggatgcag agaagaatca acctggtccc cacacctaca cctatcctaa cctttcttct    226080
     gcacatttag tactcagatc tcctcacccc agagtccaag ccccctgtac ctggattaag    226140
     gcttcctctc cccagatatt tgcatgaaga aacttttaac ctccaatggc caggcctatc    226200
     tctgaccacc ccagagacaa cgctggtccc ccaaggcaaa tttgtttcct ggtttctgct    226260
     tgccaccgct gctgtgtccc ctgtttctcc agtcagcacc cctccctctg cacggacctg    226320
     ctcaccccat agatcggctt ccagcgaaga tccctcccct cctaacacag ggtctcagca    226380
     gaacccacac cagcctcact ggctcccagg cctccagcag gagcctgcct atgctcattc    226440
     ctgaccgggt cacccctcgc tctagcggca gcatggttct gacacttccc cgggagccaa    226500
     ggtctccagt ggcttccaca tgcattttca catcctgggc tgcctgccag gccttatcaa    226560
     agctcaaccc aacttcatca tcccagggtc tctggtacaa ttttctctcc catcttggaa    226620
     gcccctctgg atcttctcct ggcaagtttc ctgttagagc agttggcatg tggagcttgg    226680
     atacctcctg cccccaccca cttccctgtt ttgtgatgga gagccagggt agcaaaagga    226740
     atacaagcag ggccatctgc tagtcagtcc tgagctgaaa tccctgcctg gccgttgggg    226800
     gaactgggag agacccctcc tttctaatct gtgcctcctt acctaggaac tagatc        226856