ID   CT010502; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 246295 BP.
AC   CT010502;
DT   25-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-27H19 on chromosome 17
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-246295
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Whitehead S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; f8552de1bf1915a74a3b8e4b4389025d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000016946; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024121; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024122; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036473; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036820; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000045027; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095266; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000107169; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023284; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023285; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023287; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023288; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023290; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023292; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023244; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023245; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023247; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023248; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023250; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023252; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023211; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023212; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023214; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023215; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023217; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023219; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023249; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023250; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023252; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023253; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023255; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023257; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023009; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023010; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023012; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023013; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023015; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023017; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023692; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023693; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023695; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023696; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023698; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0023700; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022511; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022512; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022514; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022515; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022517; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0022519; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022985; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022986; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022988; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022989; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022991; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022993; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023114; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023115; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023117; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023118; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023120; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023121; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023122; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023084; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023085; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023087; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023088; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023090; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023092; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023191; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023192; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023194; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023195; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023197; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023199; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023103; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023104; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023106; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023107; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023109; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023111; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023730; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023731; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023733; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023734; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023736; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023738; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022260; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022261; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022263; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022264; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022266; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022267; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022268; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022574; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022575; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022577; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022578; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022580; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022582; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CT010502.14:1-246295; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000017090; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000041649; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000052462; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115407; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115409; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115411; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000128997; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129523; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144533; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148541; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000150647; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154982; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000178572; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000201359; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000201583; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000202853; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045876; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045877; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045879; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045881; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045896; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0045903; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045854; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045855; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045857; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045859; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045874; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0045881; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045807; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045808; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045810; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045812; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045827; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0045834; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045819; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045820; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045822; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045824; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045839; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0045846; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045551; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045552; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045554; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045556; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045571; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0045577; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046304; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046305; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046307; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046309; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046324; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0046327; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045657; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045658; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045660; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045662; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045677; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0045681; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045482; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045483; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045485; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045487; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045502; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0045509; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045604; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045605; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045607; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045609; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045624; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045625; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0045629; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045572; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045573; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045575; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045577; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045592; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0045599; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045706; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045707; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045711; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045726; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0045733; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045546; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045547; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045549; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045551; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045566; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0045573; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046387; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046388; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046390; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046392; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046407; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0046414; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045242; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045243; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045245; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045247; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045262; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045263; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045265; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044927; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044928; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044930; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044932; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044947; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0044951; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J000.
DR   GOA; D3Z3B2.
DR   GOA; E9Q9C5.
DR   GOA; F2Z3V6.
DR   GOA; F2Z3X6.
DR   GOA; F2Z3X9.
DR   GOA; F2Z3Z9.
DR   GOA; F2Z400.
DR   GOA; F2Z4A5.
DR   InterPro; IPR000195; Rab-GTPase-TBC_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000210; BTB/POZ_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000245; ATPase_proteolipid_csu.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000866; AhpC/TSA.
DR   InterPro; IPR001254; Trypsin_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001314; Peptidase_S1A.
DR   InterPro; IPR002379; ATPase_proteolipid_c-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003131; T1-type_BTB.
DR   InterPro; IPR006571; TLDc_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006680; Amidohydro-rel.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR009003; Peptidase_S1_PA.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011059; Metal-dep_hydrolase_composite.
DR   InterPro; IPR011333; SKP1/BTB/POZ_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011555; ATPase_proteolipid_su_C_euk.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR018114; TRYPSIN_HIS.
DR   InterPro; IPR032466; Metal_Hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR033116; TRYPSIN_SER.
DR   InterPro; IPR033931; PDK1-typ_PH.
DR   InterPro; IPR035921; F1F0_ATP_C_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035969; Rab-GTPase_TBC_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036249; Thioredoxin-like_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1338068; Pdpk1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1916509; Kctd5.
DR   MGI; MGI:1918085; Prss22.
DR   MGI; MGI:2443456; Tbc1d24.
DR   MGI; MGI:2443978; Amdhd2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3779476; Gm5225.
DR   MGI; MGI:5663933; Gm43796.
DR   MGI; MGI:88116; Atp6v0c.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00560; SNORA17.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0J9YV32; A0A0J9YV32_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J000; A0A0R4J000_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z3B2; D3Z3B2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q9C5; E9Q9C5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z3V6; F2Z3V6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z3X6; F2Z3X6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z3X9; F2Z3X9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z3Z9; F2Z3Z9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z400; F2Z400_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z4A5; F2Z4A5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6UP77; F6UP77_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-27H19 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..246295
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-27H19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 246295 BP; 61357 A; 57324 C; 59359 G; 68255 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactt tgtagcccag gctgtcctag aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctcct        60
     gagtgctggg attaaagacg tgcgccacca ccgcctggcc ctgcatacct tttttaagat       120
     ttatttttat aataattttc ttattttttg aaattataat gtagtttcat cattttcttc       180
     ctccaagcct tccccacttt ctctctcaac ttcatgatct cattttcttt aattgttgtc       240
     aacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacttaaata       300
     tgtagatatg acctctctgt ccatacggtg tcacttgtat gaatatgatt tcaggactga       360
     ttacttggta ttggataacc aactggagag ctctttcctg gggacaacta tttctccacc       420
     tctcagccgt ccttggttgc ctgtgcttct ctgtctaaga ctaagcttga ttttttgttt       480
     agacagggac taactataga gccctacctg gctaagaact cactgtaata aaccaggatg       540
     ggccttaaac tcacaaaggc atgcaacacc atgccctgca aggttttcat caccccccct       600
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtgt ctaatttgat       660
     ttttgagaca gggttcctct gtaaaacaga actgtcagtc ctgaaactca ctttgtagac       720
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag agatcggcct gtctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag       780
     gtgtgtacca ctatgcctgg ctgtttttgt ttttgttttt aatgtatttt attttatatg       840
     taagggtatt tggcctgcat gtacatttgt gtaccatgtg tttgcctggt gcccacagag       900
     gtcagaagag gacatcagat cccctgcatc tgaagctaca ggctgttgtg agaatcctga       960
     catgtgggct tggaactgaa ctcagatcct ccataaaaac accccatgcg ccgggcgtgg      1020
     tggcgctcgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ttgagttcga      1080
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg actacacaga gaaaccctgt      1140
     ctcgaaaaaa caaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccacccc atgctcttaa ctgctgggcc      1200
     ttctcgacaa agcctattta tctgtcactg aggtctcact atgtaactta gtcttggatt      1260
     tcctgtgtag cccaggcagg ggttgaactc atgatctttg tgattcccct tctccagagt      1320
     tctggtgttt caagcatggt gtgctatatc ctgctcaccc acgccatatg tgtgtctgga      1380
     tcacagtggc tgccgggtag tgagatgcta tcatctcccc taagactcct agctgtagtt      1440
     taattggaac taagtgtctg gttttgaaat ttcagcacct tccacttgtc cctcaacacg      1500
     gttactacag aattccaccc caggctctgt cttactctac cagtggcttc cgctggaatt      1560
     acctgtcggg agcttagcct ttaggctgcc ggtcggatga agatgaagct gatttagaac      1620
     ttcttcctcg ggactggggc gtggcccggt ggtacagtgt tccatccagc ataggtttct      1680
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga      1740
     aaatccgtct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcctgcgcca ccatgcccgg      1800
     cgggcttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc      1860
     ttcagacact ccagaagagg gcatcagatt tcgttacgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg      1920
     gttgctggca tttgaactcg ggaccttccg aagagcagtt ggccctctta accactgagc      1980
     catctcgcca gccccggatt tttttctttg tttttttctg aggcagggtt ttcctgtgta      2040
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatccac      2100
     ctgtctctcc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgcac caccacctcc tggctctttt      2160
     aagtattttt aaagataatt gcatttatat tttttaaaga tagaggttgg gactggaaag      2220
     ggctcagagc ttaagagcac tggctgcttt tccagaggac ttgggttcga ttctcagaac      2280
     catatggtgg ttcacaactg tctgtaactc cagtcccagt agatctgaca ccctcctttg      2340
     gcttctttgg gtaccatgca tgcaatggtg cacagataca tctgtaggca aaacacccat      2400
     acaggtaaat aaaattaatt ttaaatgttt tttaaaaaga tttttcgggc tggtgagatg      2460
     gctcagtggg taagagcacc caactgctct tccgaaggtc tggagttcaa atcccagcaa      2520
     ccacatagtg acttacaacc atccgtaaca agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga      2580
     agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat cttaaaaaaa aaaagattta      2640
     tcatcgggca tggtggtaaa tgtctttgat cccagcactc aggagacaaa ggcaggcgga      2700
     tctctataag ttccaggcta gcctcgttta caaaaagagt tccaggacag cccatgctac      2760
     acaaagagat cctgtcttga aaaattaaaa aagaaaaaga aaagacttat ctcatgattt      2820
     tttgtatctt gttgttttat gtatgagttt gtctgaattg cttatgtgca gtgcacataa      2880
     aggatggtgg atcccttgga actggagtta agttttaaac ttcctgaaca ggttactggg      2940
     aattggcctc aggtcctctg gaagagcagt aagcactctt aaccatccag ccatctctct      3000
     ggcccatgat agagtcaggc tttccgagca ttgctgggag cctgtcctca gcttctcatt      3060
     gcttggaaca tatgacctat ctgagagcag atgaactctg tgaagagaag ttgttctcca      3120
     aagtcagtga tgacttctca gagccattat ttatctttct aggccttttt ggaaaaatga      3180
     aaaaaacaaa acaaaaccca agtcctttga aatgtgtact ttcaatgcat tcactaaaat      3240
     ggttttcaat cctacagggt gtgtgggatg acagactggt taacagaaaa cccccgaagc      3300
     tggggctgca ggatttagct gctttttgtt cccttcctgg cagcctagga cctgccttgt      3360
     gggcacactg ggcaccatgg accccccagg gtacaattgc tttgtggata aggacaagat      3420
     ggatgcatcc atccaggacc tggggccaaa ggagctgaac tgcacggagc tacaggagct      3480
     gaagcaactg gcacggcagg gttactgggc tcagagccac accctgcgcg ggaaagtgta      3540
     ccagcgcctg atccgggaca tcccctgccg cacagtcaca cctgatgcca gcgtgtacag      3600
     tgacattgtg gggaagattg tgggcaagca cagcagcagt agtctgccct tgcctgagtt      3660
     tgtagacaac actcaggtgc ccacctactg cctgaacaca cggggtgaag gggctgtgcg      3720
     caagatcctc ctgtgtattg ccaaccagtt ccctgacatc tccttctgcc ctgccctgcc      3780
     tgctgtggtg gccttgctac tgcactacag catcgatgaa gctgagtgtt tcgaaaaagc      3840
     ctgccgcatc ttatcctgca atgaccccac caagaagctc attgaccaga gcttcctggc      3900
     ctttgagtct tcctgtatga catttgggga cctggtgaac aagtactgcc aggcagccca      3960
     taaactgatg gtggccgtgt cagaggacgt cctgcaggtc tactctgact ggcagcgatg      4020
     gctctttggg gagctgcccc tcaattactt tgcccgtgtt tttgatgtct tccttgtaga      4080
     aggctacaaa gtattgtacc gagttgctct ggccatcctc aagttcttcc acaaggtgag      4140
     agcaggacag ccccttgagt cagacaatgt aaagcaagac atccgaatgt ttgtcaagga      4200
     cattgccaag acagtgtccc ctgagaaact actagagaag gcctttgcca tccgcctatt      4260
     ttcccgaaag gagatccagc tcttgcaaat ggccaatgag aaagcactga ggcagaaggg      4320
     tataactgtc aaacagaaga ggtaggtggg ccccagggtc atgtgcatgt gtgcccgtgc      4380
     ttctctgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtatgctt gtatacatgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacctgtac      4440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgct tgtatgcatg      4500
     tgtgtgtatg ctcctgtgtg tgcacctgta ctgtgtatat gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt      4560
     gtgtatgctt gtatgcatgc atgtgtgtgt gctcctatac tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      4620
     tgtgtgtacc tgtactgtga gcatattgca tctgtggagt gggaagcttt agtggtacgc      4680
     atccttgagg tctgagcatg agtctgcttc ttgccttctg tctgtccacc tgtccacatg      4740
     tgaatacaaa gacattagaa agcaggaagg gctttgcagt tatggcctta acaagacaag      4800
     gaagctgggt attaccaggg ggtcagaagg tccagcagtt tccaggctgc cctcctagag      4860
     gtcacatcag aactgcccct gctctgccct tctagctcca agcttcatgg ctggcattct      4920
     tctgaatgct gactgtggcc tcccgtccct ggaagcaggg ttgggaagag tcatggtatt      4980
     tgacatgata ctaggttact gacacatggc tggctgctgg tatggaggtc actttctcct      5040
     ggacccgaag gaaggcatat ctggggaccg gtacccacca ctaacctcac cttgtctgtt      5100
     ttatttttct tcctctccgt gtccgttgct tcctcctgtt tctcagtgtc tcactttcta      5160
     aaaggtaggt ctgaacctga accctgatgc ttgccttctc tgccctgcct ttcttccagc      5220
     cacctctgcc tctactgctt ggtgtctccc aaggcctgcg tggctctcat gggctggctt      5280
     ctgcttgctg ctttagcttg ttgatgcagg cactgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgc      5340
     ctgtctgcca atctttctgc ctcagttata tgatctgctg gtgcttggct ggctctgcag      5400
     tcttgtcttg ctggaggctt acttcatttg tcctggtttc ttaaagaaaa tggcttttgt      5460
     cctctgtgcc tccaggctgg gcactctccc atgtatcagg agggaggggg gacttctagg      5520
     aataatttca ccccatttcc aactggcacc cagaaccagg ctgcaaacct ggctgggtag      5580
     gtgagacgca ctttctaggc tgtgtactaa aatgaagccg tggggccaca gagtaggggt      5640
     agagtcagga ctatgctcac tgtgggctct gatccctcct cgcttttccc aggcagtttg      5700
     tgcacttagc tgtccatgca gagaacttcc actcagagat tgtcagcgtg aaggagatga      5760
     gagacatttg gtcctggatc cctgagcgct ttgccctctg ccaacccctc ctgctcttct      5820
     catcactgca gcatgggtac agcctaagca ggtgaggggc ccccaacacc ttgagagtca      5880
     catcctgtac tccacttcca ggaaatcata gggtagctgg aaataagcct ttgaacctgg      5940
     gaccctcgta agtcatgcct cgtcctccaa ggcttgagaa tcaggagcct ctcgtcctgg      6000
     ttttctgtca tttctaggac aggtagacac ggaggtcctt gctgtgtgta ccacagctga      6060
     gggccctgtg taagcaccat gaagaaacaa atgtcaatgt tcctgtctca agagctcaga      6120
     cttgttaggg gaagttactc aaagagttcg ccctgacctc cctgctatcc ccaccactac      6180
     gtccatcaca ggcctgaacc aggtgcccct cccctttgtg gggctctgac tgtgtaagcc      6240
     tctggcattc taacaggggc actctaccct ccaagctagc ttgctcaggt acaggtagta      6300
     ttcaagtctc aaatgacaat tcacaaactc ttgaccaccc taccccaacc tgaaggccct      6360
     gcctccaacc acacaagcat tctggtttgg ttgagttcct tcttccagcc cctgggagtg      6420
     cctgagcgcc acagtggcac tcaccttctt cacgtccagg gctcagctcc cctgggtctc      6480
     tgctttctgc ttccagcact cagcgttgcc tgaggggact acaccgtgaa tccgctcctt      6540
     tgtcacacca gggcagcccg gtctgggtgc agagttcttg gccactgtgg acagaggtgg      6600
     ctggatagga acacagtccc taggccttgg gactgaggtt gggagggtca gggaggggat      6660
     gcagggtagg tagcacattt gctctctgcc cccaggttct atttccagtg tgaaggacat      6720
     gagcccaccc tcctgctcat caagaccact caaaaggagg tgaggagcct ggctcactaa      6780
     gctggtacca agtcctgagt gtgccacagg ggacgacaga agtgacccag agggttcact      6840
     tccccgaact cagccctctc ccataccgtt tttgccttca gtggtagcaa agaatgcagg      6900
     ctacaccagt cctaagctga gacttggtca ctcagcacac cggaacagga gggtgctcct      6960
     gagggcagaa ggcacagtct cacgcagttc cctcctcagg tctgtggggc ttacctgtca      7020
     acagactgga gcgagaggac taaattcgga ggcaagctgg gcttctttgg gactggagaa      7080
     tgctttgttt ttagggtgag ttggactgaa tgtggggtcc ctctggccac gccctcctgc      7140
     cccagctgtt cccattttct cagatgttct aagcacttca atctttcctc caaaactaaa      7200
     tgcaggcccg gtctgcagtg ggccagggtt tccctgaccc caggctgtcc cagaggctgg      7260
     tagaagtcac caggccatgg acctgggcag ccctgcacag gagcccagct ttatttccac      7320
     cgttcactgt ggccaagatc taaagcattc tgttgtttgc tctggatttg ctggttaggc      7380
     tgtgagaacc ccaagagcta gcagggcctc atctgtaatg tggcatgtca ttgccacaat      7440
     ctctactcag ggactcataa gagtcatggg atggaggtgg gctgtacctt tggagcatgt      7500
     gaggtggccc aatgaggtgt cacgtggcag taactgtgac tgtcactcat tcatccccag      7560
     ctgcagccgg aagtgcagcg ctatgagtgg gtggtcatca aacacccaga gctgaccaag      7620
     gcaacatccc tcaagtcttc agaggctgca ggcagttctt ccctcatcag ccactgctct      7680
     tcagaccccg ctgatcggct ctcccctttc ctggctgccc ggcacttcaa cctgccctcc      7740
     aagactgagt ccatgttcat ggctggaggc aatgactgcc tcatcattgg tgggcacctg      7800
     ttcccttcac cccagactgg gtcctgcctg tactcggagg ggacttgtgg gtagctgaag      7860
     cctctgtgcc cagtccttgt tgactaccag tagtagacat ctcagttaag caaaggaaaa      7920
     ggacctgggt tgtttggggt agagatagaa actaagggct agcaagcaag cgttaggtag      7980
     ggagtcagac ctagataaat gtgtgcttct agaggaacct ctgtagttcg agggatctct      8040
     ctcctgcgat tactatttag cagacccttc aaggacaaaa acgatggggt atctagggaa      8100
     gggtggttgt tggagcagaa agacatctgt tcccctgcac atcccacagg gggaggaggt      8160
     ggtcaagcac tctacgttga tggggacctg aatcgagggc gcactggaca ctgtgacaca      8220
     ttcaacaacc agcccctctg ctctgagaac ttcctcatcg cagctgtgga ggcttggggc      8280
     ttccaagacc ctgacaccga atgacgggcc cgcactgatg gtgacagcca cattgtgggg      8340
     tgatgggaca gaggcccggc tgcctcttca gggagcaggg agtgagtgag acgtcacccc      8400
     cagaaagtgg aaaggtttgc tgtgcagtgg ggctgttagt ctctcacgcc aggcctggcc      8460
     ctggcttgga cttaggttag gattcctgag ccctcctgct tctgagctct tgaaccctca      8520
     gccctgtcta gcatctctgt aagagacacc ctctgccctc acccagggcc ctggctctgc      8580
     caggtgtcct gtacccacaa ttgccaaggc tacatttcca tgcccctgag cctcagcccc      8640
     ttataagaaa agggcaaatg aatcttcttg ccaaatgtgg gcccatggtg cccccctgct      8700
     ggtgctttga ccctgcagct cctctgaggt tcccctcaga ggggtacatt tgctgctgta      8760
     gtgtagggta ggattgggaa gggcagggtc tgtgagttct gcagctcccc ctagtctaga      8820
     gatggaatga gggctggaga actgtctttt gtctttgtgt ttctgcagag cctgaagctc      8880
     ttgctgcgcc tcgctgcgag tccacacctg aaggtggcct ccggagagac tttctttgac      8940
     caccttggcc agtcagctcc atttccagag ttcttctcag agctgactag actctgaggc      9000
     ctttgcctct catccctgtg gcctccttga agttctgtag tcttggtgac tcttgtactt      9060
     ggttcctctg tcacagtgac tgaggcccac caagcatggc atgcttgtcc ccatccagct      9120
     ttttgccttc tccccaggcc ctgtgctccc ctggacccgt tcacacagca tctgattcac      9180
     ctgtgtgacc tgatccctca gctggcactg tggccgacca cgtactgtat cttctgtgtg      9240
     ctacccctgc ccctattaag gccttcaggt ctctggatgt ctgtgcttcc tgagccctgt      9300
     gccagcctgt gcacatagga tgccagcctg tgcacatagg atgccagcct gtgcacatag      9360
     gatgccagcc tgtacacata ggatgccagc ctgtgcacat aggatgccag cctgtgcaca      9420
     taggatgcca gcctgtgcac ataggatgcc agcctgtgca cataggatgc cagcctgtgc      9480
     acataggatg ccaagggagg tgctgcttct gaggactctc gcaagctcct cttccccgtg      9540
     acctccctca gctggtcctg agggtctagg cgccacagag gaagagagaa gaagcagtgg      9600
     cccaaatggc tctgctgggg ccatggaagt cgggatcata aggacaggcg cctagcttcc      9660
     acatgactgt ctggcgtgct tgagagtcag catgtgtcag gccagtgctt gtctccacgc      9720
     tgagattcac tttcgctggg gaaggtccat ccttccctgt tccaccaatt cacaccagct      9780
     ctctgcacgg ccacagtggc agaagaggca gggcagaaag gagcctcatg catctagaac      9840
     tctggattct gcacagtgga caagttcccc caccatgctg gcttccagga tgggttcgcg      9900
     tgactctata gagtgaagag gaaccactgt tgctcacctc tacagaaggt tataagcctc      9960
     aatgcccact tcccctgagc ccactgccga ggcctagacc tccaactctg gtgttcattt     10020
     aacaccatct tgatttttgt ttctggcaag atcttactag ttaacctaac tggcctggaa     10080
     ctccctatgt agcccaggct agcctggaaa ttgctatgta gcctaggtta gactcaaaaa     10140
     tcatgatctc cctcagcctc ctcattgctg ggcttctagg tgttaggccc agctgagcgc     10200
     tttgagtttg actgcctccg ttctgagtcg ggctcctgcc agaaggcccc caggacgttc     10260
     ccaggctgag ctcttgccgc tcacccatgc attaccactg agactcagaa gccttcagaa     10320
     gcaatgacgt taattgggag tatgtgcggg gctctgcagg gttccagact ggtggtggac     10380
     cttgtgttct gtgtggcccc cactggcagt cccaggggtc tagcccaagg agactgatgg     10440
     atgctgagtc atgatcacat cacaagcaaa gttcttagct tttctcccac aacataccca     10500
     gctctttaaa tttaatgtcc tttttttttc tgacttttct accaaaaggt gtgtattgtt     10560
     ttctttatat ttttattctt atcactgttc ttatctgata ctactaagtg ttctcactta     10620
     gtatttattt tattaatgtt ttctattatt tattagcttt tgatgttaaa aaaaaaccaa     10680
     gccaaaatgt gatggcattg tataagaagt tatattttag cagcattcaa acatttgttt     10740
     ttaaaacaaa tacttaatcc aatttaagcc cattcgttaa actaaccaag tttgttaata     10800
     tatagcatat gccgtcggag cctcagaagc tcagtttatg atttgctttg gtttagtttg     10860
     tgacaagagt gtcagtttca tgcagctcag gctagccttg aactaactgt gtagctgaag     10920
     ctgcccttgg attcatcttc ctgctttcat cctctacata tttgcattac aggtgtgtgt     10980
     gtgtgccacc atgcctggtg ataatcagct catttttaaa gtaatttatg atacaacact     11040
     aggtgttggc attttaagaa tatatatata tgtatgcata tatgtataca tatgatatgt     11100
     atatatatat gtatgcatat atgtatacat atgatatata tacatatata catatacata     11160
     tatatatata ttggtttttg gttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctatcc     11220
     tggaacagaa tctatagact aggctggcct ctgactcaca gatgcatctg cctcctgagt     11280
     gctgggatta aaggtatgtg ccaccaccgt ccatcctaat ttctctatta ttaaactaaa     11340
     attactattt aatttttcct attttttata agctgtctgc ttttattttc cagtttttca     11400
     gtgcagtttg ttttagagca ttctggattt cagatcttta aatgtccttt acccattttc     11460
     tgagttcgta gaggttttct gatctcttta aatattttat atttgacaat ttaggttttg     11520
     tgccccctcc ctttgagatg ctgaggattg aacctaagac cttatacatt ctaggcaagt     11580
     tctctaccac tgagccatgc cctcagccct acatttatat attgaactga ttttcagttt     11640
     acatcagaat tgctgagatg gaatttatag actctcatcc acttgtctac tataaacatc     11700
     aaaaaacaat tggcctagtg gcagactctt aatcccatta ttcagaaggt agaggtaggg     11760
     ggatctcaga gagtttgagg ccatcctgtt ctatgtaaca ggttccagac cagccagggc     11820
     tacataataa gaccttgtct taaaaatata tatgtatatg tgtatataca catacataca     11880
     tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacataca tgggctgggg ataaagagaa     11940
     ggctcagtaa ttagagcact gggccttcca gggtacccaa gttcagtttt cagtatctat     12000
     atgatggctt acaactatct ataactcagt tcctagggat ctaagccctt tcttggcttc     12060
     tgtaggcact gtgccaatgt agaacacaga cacagtcaaa acactcataa acataaaata     12120
     aaaatgaagg gaaagataaa acagacatta ttgtggtgca gtgcccctga ctgtacagga     12180
     atacatgcag ttttacagag acctgctctc tcatatcttc actaaatcta gaaagttaca     12240
     gattgtacta gttgttttgt ttttaagtca ctattgaggt tgaagttctg tagcaactac     12300
     ctcagagagg gctagctcct ccatagctct attcaggtct gtgtgacaaa gttgttatgt     12360
     caagcatgag tgccaaacag gctttacact tctttcccca cagtatttcc atcaggctgg     12420
     aaagcatatg aagtgtaaag gataattttg gtattaagat tcgtatctgg gcctggtgtg     12480
     tgtctataat cccagcacat ggacggtaga ggcagaaatg tcaaatcatc tttagcaaca     12540
     gaacaagttc aagctagcta tggctacaag agacctgtct caataaacaa acaaacagac     12600
     aaataaatgg agtcttttat gacttccctt gttacatcaa tctttgattg tgctgtaggt     12660
     gttagatgca gtgtctcatg gctacgttgt tacagacaaa tgatacttgt ttgaaggctt     12720
     ggtcatttat tgatctgcat ggaaattgtg aatactgtat gtaggactaa ggaagcagcc     12780
     agtggacaca tggataggct aatctgtgac atgtcaggaa ccaaccacaa caaaaggaag     12840
     gcatccattg gtgtgctgct tgtctgctct gcagttgctg cctagcctat tttcctatgt     12900
     gaagagacca gagcacctct gctgtgcatt ataccaccac attggagatg cgctcaggag     12960
     cttatatgct gaactcgatg gctcataaga gcactggctg agtggtgcct tagttccagt     13020
     actcaagagc caaaggctgg tgggtctctg agttcaaggt cagcctggtc tacagagtga     13080
     gttccaggat agctagggct aaacagagaa accttgtctc tgggagtagg gtgggggagc     13140
     attgtctgct tgtctggata atcccggttt gatttccaac acctaaattg tggttcacaa     13200
     ccatctgtta ctccagttcc aggggatctg acaccctgtt ctgggctatt tgaacactgc     13260
     atgcaagtgg tgtacagacg tacatgcagg caaaacacaa taaacataaa attgaaatat     13320
     aggtttaagc cgggcatggt ggcacacgcc tttagtccca gcactcggga ggcagaggcg     13380
     gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca     13440
     gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaac aacaacaaca acaaacaaag aagaaagatt     13500
     taaaaaaagt ttgtaagctg aaggcctaag gagaagttcc aaagcataat tttgcctttt     13560
     aaaccttgta gttatggatt ttgacaaatg gccaccaatt agaggagtca cactgcactg     13620
     tcatctcagc gctcaggaga ctgaggcagg aagattgcaa gcatggggct ggtctgacct     13680
     aacagggagt tttaggctgg cctagcttac ataaagacct tatcttttaa aaaagaaata     13740
     gggggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact cctcttccag aggtcctgag     13800
     ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagacc tgacgccctc     13860
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gtacagtgta ctacactgta tactaaataa ataaatcttt     13920
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaacagaa aacaatgtgg tccccagctg accatcggag tgtctggatg     13980
     agtagccagc atactcgtgc ttacaaagca aaagtgtgga cttgcagcaa tatacaactt     14040
     tgtgatgtga aaataagtga tttggttagt gttagtatgt ttcctaaata aagttagtat     14100
     ctgttgaaga ggtatctttg tacatctgtg tcatgagagt acagggtggg aggctcgtca     14160
     cacctttctc gcaggatata ctgtttacct cttgagaagg aatagaccaa ggatcgatca     14220
     agtagagcta aagcgacgag gctgcacaga ggcaagtata gcctctgctg gatttgcact     14280
     gccagccaca gcttcctgac cttgcttttc tgccttttgg tcctcacaac tcgtcatttg     14340
     gagtaaatgg agaaggacca ctgtcaggaa tcgtcatcac atatctccag tcatcttggt     14400
     tcctgtgaaa caaaactcag tatcaaaagg caaactccca tctctcatgc aaaaggagac     14460
     tgttttactc ggacatttgt ataagttaat agtgacatct ttcctaatgc cttgtatacc     14520
     tctttaaata ctgttttact ttcttgcttg aaacagagtg tcctagagta cccaggctgt     14580
     cctttaactc actctgtagc ccagacagac cttgaaccaa tagcccatcc aagtagggga     14640
     gattataggc ctatacaacc aggcctagca gaacattttc ctttgaactc tacacaaatg     14700
     ccaactaccc tgcctggttc ctccctgtaa gacttgtggg ctctgtacct gcaactcctc     14760
     tgggacccca cttgcttctc catgaaacag cggcagccaa cttctctagt tctcatcccc     14820
     agattggcca caagggtaaa tatggcctgt ggtctgctcc tttgctgtct cctagtacaa     14880
     gggctttgct gtgttgcagg ttacttcaga ggatgctggg aggcctaacc cagtttgtga     14940
     agtgcttgtc tactaggcca gcagagactt gaccctagga ctacactagc attgctccag     15000
     tgagcactgg ttttctgcag ttcttcacag gaatccagaa ccgctgtttg taggctgttt     15060
     actactgctc aaacaccttc tggtggaaga ctgggctctg gtgtagctcc taaaacactg     15120
     ctgctttcct gccctccacc ctccggggca cgagtgctgg acattgcaga ataaacagct     15180
     gctgcactgc tggtttggta cagggcatct ccaaggtttg tcctgcactg ccagcattcc     15240
     ctaaacttgc tctttcctct tactgtcagt gctcaggacc atcctgtgac tggcactgag     15300
     tcatggacaa acacaaggag cacacctgtg agctcaggac ttgggagtta agaggccaga     15360
     ggatcaggag ttcaaggcca gcctaggcta cattaagcct cccacacatg tacacaaaga     15420
     agaaaactgg gttgcatctt tttcctgttt taaacatttt catctttttt tcttttcttt     15480
     tttgtttttc aagacagggt ttctttgtat agccctggct gtcctgaact cactctgttg     15540
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc agggatccat ctgtctttac taccatgcat ggaattaaag     15600
     gcatgcgcca ccacaccctg caaccttttc atcttttaag acttaattta gggatcagct     15660
     ttttctgggt cctcatgacg gagccccaga tcctccttct gggcacacat ccctttatct     15720
     agcaaaccca tttctggctt cctttgggag atttgtccag ggtcgcgtgt gctcccacaa     15780
     caggctccca gctcagcatt gctttcctga tagtgtgttc ccactaccaa gtggagaaac     15840
     atagggtcaa agacagattg gggtttattc aacacctgac aaccagcttc cagagccaag     15900
     gttacagtaa actaatctcc tatgccccct agtggcagag ctgcctcact gcctgcctgt     15960
     ttatcttcag cgttaagaac caatcactct tgcactcttg aagtttggaa tttttgctag     16020
     aaggaagggt ttctctgtct ctagaaccat tgccttgtaa atatgtatct agtgtctctc     16080
     ttgtggtctg atacatagaa acagtgtaga tttgcaaacc atgtgatatt caaacttatc     16140
     gaggagccca agcagagcaa gacagattct gtgtttattg gactttatta gtttttattt     16200
     tattttagac aaggtctcca tatgtagctt tggctctcct ggaacttgca atgtagacca     16260
     ggctgacctt gaactcctag agatcctttt acttctgagt cctgagtgct aaggctaaag     16320
     agtgtgccac cacgagcagc aggggttttt atttctgtgg gtgatcacct gcacatatgc     16380
     ccgtgtgcca tgggaccaga ggatggcgtt agactcccta taacaagtta caagacagcc     16440
     atgagctgtc atatggatac tgggactaaa acccaggtct tcttcaaggg cagcaagtgc     16500
     tcttaaccgt tgagccttct ctccagccct ccctgttgtt atttctttga tccgtagtct     16560
     ataggtattt atttctggtg ctaagaatta aatccaggac cctatgcacg ctgctaaaca     16620
     cacactctac agtgccaccc ttatgtctgt atagcccagg ctagcctcaa gatttcccat     16680
     cctgttcagc ctcttaaaca ctgggattac agatgtccac tgccatacat ggctcaacta     16740
     gtttttagtt taattttttt tttttttaaa gaacaagctg ccgccgggca gtggtggtgc     16800
     atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag     16860
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa     16920
     aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaga acaagctgcc tttgatcatg ttccattttt cagaatagta     16980
     ccgttaccta tgctatttaa tgtttccacc agccatgtct gggccacacg tggttctatc     17040
     tcacccaggt tcctctctct ccacccccat gcctttgtgg tgggttggaa ggaggctgct     17100
     gcagggcttt tcctgggtca cacggttctt gatgttcctg taaaggctac tgcttctccc     17160
     tccctgtcta cttcccttcc ccctcccctt gttcctccca ttttttctct tttcttttgt     17220
     ctcaccccct ttttttttgt tgttgttgtt tggagacagt acaatgtagc ccaggttggc     17280
     ctcgaactta acagtctttc tgcctcagag cccatggtgc tgaggtgaca gctgtgtact     17340
     ctcaagcctg gtctttcctt cttgggaata gcttccctgg tctttccagt ttacggctgt     17400
     ttgggatgtt aagaagtgtc tgaacttctc tgcctcctct ctaggacctt tggaaagtgc     17460
     catcggctgt ttaaggagcc cagcttccat ctctgtccct ttccttatgg gtctctgatg     17520
     tgcatttcca agcccctccc tctctgtgtc tggaaatccc cactgacagt gacaggccag     17580
     aactcatgac ctatgatttc atgccaaggg ggaagtaaca gtaaaggaga aggcagggat     17640
     gcactcttgt ggtttctttc ctagagtcca ctcagagtag aggccctgca cagtgcctgg     17700
     aagatctggg tgggaggttt gaaatggaac gaagtgagag atggtggctc acctggtagt     17760
     tcagccacta gcgcgggccc tagaccagaa ttgtaattcc ttcatttgtt agctggtgac     17820
     tggaggaagg ctcttagtct tcctaggttt gtctcactaa ccagtgacta agagtaggca     17880
     tgacaataac ctcaaatgcc tcagcatagg ccctgacata tagttaggtg cttagctctg     17940
     ttactagggt ggccagatct gggcacccta ctggatgtct gaaaaaaaaa aaaagtcaca     18000
     acaaccttcg atgcaagggc cagaggggga cacttagggg agggagagga gaaacatggg     18060
     ggatgtcagg aggacttcct gtgggaaaat gggttctgag tagtaagtaa ggagacctgg     18120
     gaactggtgc tggaggatag cagacagcaa agggaagcgc accaagaagg acctacctag     18180
     cacatgatta agcagcaaag aattgtggga tattaagtgc tgaatagaaa acaaaccaag     18240
     ggccgggcat ggtaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttccag     18300
     gcgagcctgg tctacacaca gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaccaa aaccaccacc     18360
     accaccacca acaacaacaa caaaaaaccc atggggacta aagcaaggtt ctgtggttaa     18420
     gaacactcac tgctcttgta gaggacttct gtccaattcc cagcacctac ctggcatctc     18480
     acaggcatta ctaactctag ctctagggga tctgacgagc tcttctgact tcttcaggct     18540
     ctaggcacac aggagaaaga gagggggaga gggaggaagc actggagata gcagtaccga     18600
     ggccctgtgt gctggcttag aaaggaagtg tgaccttggc aagggcaagg agttggagag     18660
     agacagggtg aaggcgtggg ggcaagagtg aagattcctc ttttcaaaag tcagaatgga     18720
     gcaagagagg gtggaggaag ggctaaagct gctctcagta acgtcctctc tgaaacaaga     18780
     caaaggctct tctacgggcc agtttaaagg gtggtagact ggattcagcc aaggtgggaa     18840
     ggggacacag ggagttttct gctgtgaaat gtaggactga gaaggtagca ggatgggaag     18900
     gtgtctctat tgcctgcatg gagaagttga ggtattagca ttgagaccac ttggagaacc     18960
     cactggtctt agaatgtgac cttgagtttc aagggaggtc taggctaggt cgtggctgct     19020
     caggagggaa gggtaaagga aactaggcag cctgagttga taggtagaag gaaggcaggc     19080
     agctggggtg cgtaagctgc tacaagggta tctggagggc agaggtagcc ttagccactc     19140
     cattgctggg gaaaccagtc ctccatcagt ggtctagaaa ggaggcctgg cacaggtagg     19200
     ccttgcatgg gtgctagaag ggcaatcagg tctttctgag actttcagaa atctgggtta     19260
     cctttcacag gtgtcaatgc tgaaagccca tcaagcaggg tgcttttaac cccctgcact     19320
     caagaggcag acaagacgga actggtctac atggcaaatt ccagcttaac cagaacttca     19380
     cagtgaaacc ccgtttcaaa aataaagtag aaaaataaat agaaaaacag ccatgcctac     19440
     gtctttgtgg gcagacagct atacaagagg gggtcaggtg agggacccac aaccaccacc     19500
     ggaattaaag ggaatacggt gggcctgaat ctgcaggagc ctaggtatgg aagaaggtga     19560
     ctacagaaca cctagggctg ttgcacttta aagcccggag aggtggggcg tggtattcct     19620
     gggggttggc ggagacagcg aagcccaaca cgagggattt cttctgttat aagttctgta     19680
     gtgctgctag atgtcactac tttaacctga gtcttatgca gcaggagtgc ctgaggtccg     19740
     tgagcagtga acacagggaa aacgaacacg ggtactcgaa caccggtgag ttctgcgcag     19800
     ccgcagtgaa ggtgggctag cgttcgctcc accctgtatg ctaatatgag cgctacggct     19860
     ccgccccggg ggaccgatga tcccaaaacc cgtagggttc gagaagacga ctgcgtggag     19920
     ccgcgggcca gcgaagaccc aggcaaggct gagcgttggg ccccgggccc cgaggactgg     19980
     tgccagggcc cataaattgt ccaagggctg ccggcgagcc tggagcctcg ctcccccacc     20040
     ggcgcaaagt ggtacagccc gtgggggcgg ggacagatca tgtgacgcga gcgcggccgc     20100
     catcttgctt tgcggtgctg gtatttagag cgcagcgcct gactggcggg gtcgccttcc     20160
     catccgctgc ctcgacgatc ttcgcttgcc tcctcgctcg ctgtcccgtt gtcctagctc     20220
     gccgccgccc gctgagcttg tcttttccct gcttgcagac atggctgaca tcaagaacaa     20280
     ccccgaatat tcttcgtttt tcggtgtcat gggcgcctcg tccgccatgg tcttcagcgg     20340
     tgagcatcgc tgcaggagga gcaggggatg ccgaagcgat gcgggactct agaccgctgc     20400
     tcactggggg ttgggcgtga cgtcactctg acgtcattcc cagctatgtg ggtgtcgggc     20460
     cttacgggcg caggtttggg ggggtggtgg ggactgatgg atttgtggag cacggggctt     20520
     gatccggctg cgggtcttat cagcccgcct cctgtgcctc gcttctgtgg gggtggggcg     20580
     gcagtgtggc tgccatctta gtcctgggaa gtaggaatga gggtggggtg gggggcgcgg     20640
     ggggcggcgc gcgatgctgt gccccctcgc attctgcagg caggtgtgac atcacatctt     20700
     gaaaggcgcc agtccgtagg cgggggcagg cccaggacgg gagtccctgg cctcttggct     20760
     ggagggagcc tgggtccccg ctaaggttca caagccctgc ttttatggcg gcccagctgc     20820
     ccggggtcag gtgggtctct accctgggtg aggcaggtgt ttccggttga ggcttgtctc     20880
     ggtttcccaa tagttcagtc atcggtgtgg gttggttagg aaaactggac tgaggggttg     20940
     gtcctgggaa cctgcaagga ctccggttag agcttatgga agtgggtttg gcctaggtag     21000
     gagcacttta gtggatggct gctggggatc tgggctttga ggtgggtggg agggcggcat     21060
     tagagtgcct gcatttacac gattacatct ttgatcttca gccctggacc taatgaatgg     21120
     atgagtgaat gaatgacctt cctcttctag gggggtgagg ggctggaact gggcgacgct     21180
     tccgtgccca gaaaaggaaa agcctagcaa ggttcttgat ggcatcttgc ttttgaagtt     21240
     gggccttgac aattcttcag tgtcaaattt tagtgaaaat tggccttcct gggagaaaag     21300
     ctttgggcca gacccaagaa tgtgggattg agggaggtaa gtcacagccc ctggccgggg     21360
     actggtctgg cctgggcctc ccctggaagg tctggtcttt ggcttaactg acctcgccct     21420
     gccccaccct acctggcaaa tggagaggct ggttctctgt gcaggtactt ggtgagtttg     21480
     gactccaaac agtgtctgtt gactgtaaac acctgtaggg tgcagattgg ggtagagggt     21540
     tgtctgtcag tggtgacctc ccctgcctgg acctgtcagg tgctgctgag agagccctgc     21600
     tgtacccaca gcattagagt aagtggtcat ttgtggtggg agatgtggcc tggacttctc     21660
     cttccctcct ctcccaccac gactcttctc cccacacttc aggtctcctt agagaaagct     21720
     gccaagcatg tttttctgct ctttgcaccc agaataatgt gtccataggt tcccctgttt     21780
     tagccaccta tgattaattt ttgtcactca ttcataaatt aatccagcaa atctttcttg     21840
     agtccatact gtttcccaga tagtggagga gtctcaggga acacagcaat atatccctga     21900
     ccatgtgggt gtcatgctct ggttgtcacg atggctcctg caactccaaa tttctccaca     21960
     gttctttttc tgcacccagc ttctaggatc tcttgtatga agaccttgca tgtgctaaag     22020
     ctggccaaca ggtgtgtctg cactattgca agctgacctc ggctttcctt gtctgatcct     22080
     tcacaccagc gtctcacagt cctgtggggg ttagcctctt acttgtccag ctgaatcacc     22140
     ttctgacttc ttttttttcc ttttaggcat gctattctgt acaatgtctt gtcctcccat     22200
     tacgtaaaga aatccttcca gcctctgatg ttgctgctgg gagaattcca agcttcgtct     22260
     cagtgactga cccttggtct cccttggact taactaacca agttttcaga ccattgttct     22320
     ttaacgcatc cttgaggcct ccgtttcatg ctaacaatct aacttccctt tttttccctt     22380
     atgacaaata tcctgttctt tcctcatcat gttctccatg aaactgccag ttacttcttt     22440
     tctgtatttt ctgtgacttc ctccctgtat ttgttgattt cctggaagtg cctccagacc     22500
     atgctgtatt aaattagcat tctcagcagg tctcccttct gcagcctatc atgcttgctc     22560
     ttctgggtag ctgctactgt ctgggcctgg gctaaatttt tttcctcctt ttgccctgat     22620
     ctccgacagt gtccctgttt tccatcctct atcttcttgt cacccatcct cagctccatg     22680
     atctatactt tggggaagga cctgactcac tcacctttct tggagtatca ccttttgggg     22740
     tacagagttg tgttgagatc tcacctttaa agtactgcac ggcaacctgt attcttggtg     22800
     ttttcaagca tgcctcagaa gtgtgagccc ttggaacaca cactttctgt actacgtgat     22860
     acagctcagc atggacttgg ctttcagtag ggcccaagaa atgcactgtg accagaatgg     22920
     ctccaggaac tatctcttga agtggactca gggattgaag atgcagatct ttgttggaca     22980
     gtgtctgggc ctctaagaat ctgtagaaaa gacaagctgt ctgttctgcc tccagttgat     23040
     ctcccctagt cctccagttg atctccccga gtcctccagt tgatctcccc gagtcctcca     23100
     gttgatctcc cctagtcctc cagttgatct cccctagtcc tccagttgat ctccccgagt     23160
     cctccagttg atctccccga gtcctccagc tgatctcccc tagtcctcca gttgatctcc     23220
     cctagtcctc cagttgatct ccccgagtcc tccagttgat ctcccctagt cctccagttg     23280
     atctccccga gtcctccagt tgatctcccc gagtcctcca gttgatctcc ccgagtcctc     23340
     cagttgatct ccccgagtcc tccagttgat ctccccgagt cctccagttg atctccccga     23400
     gtcctccagt tgatctcccc tagtcctcca gttgatctcc cctagtcctc cagttgatct     23460
     cccctagtcc tccagttgat ctcccctagt cctccagttg atctccccta gtcctccagc     23520
     tgatctcccc tagtcctcca gttgatctcc ccgagtcctc cagttgatct cccctagtcc     23580
     tccagttgat ctcccctagt cctgtcgtgc atgggtctga atgtgctgtc aggaaccttg     23640
     ccctttggtt tgcctctgct gctcacttta ccaccttccc gtatacttgg ttggtttctg     23700
     tgatctgttt ttagaccctc ctcccctcac catagctccc ctaggccttt tctctttcct     23760
     tgctgaatat gttgttgtgt tgggtcactg tcttcttgct gttcctgagc tctgagaagg     23820
     cagaggtctc tgactctttc cctactcagt gatgggcaca cagtagacat cttgtggttc     23880
     cgtgagatcc ataagtcata tagaggaggg gctggagctg ttcatgtctc ttttacctct     23940
     ggcccatgtt gttttctgtg tattgggtta tgcacaactt cccccacaat ggccatgggt     24000
     gccctgggca aagattttgg aggctccagt gtcagccata ttagtagctc aatatttctt     24060
     atagggtctg aggacaagtg gcagaaatga gaagaattgg agttcaagac ctgaagatag     24120
     gagagggaaa caaagtccgg aagggtagca gtctctcttg gagaggttga agtggggggg     24180
     cagtaccaga agaaacagat ataactctgt tgtcctgtct gggaaggctt gaaggcccca     24240
     ctgtaggcag actctaggca ggaactgatt gacactggag tggcctctgg gcagctgaca     24300
     tgtagctctt atgctggaag tgcctggagc ttagggtgtg ggacagggat tgccagagtc     24360
     tcgagcaagg ctctccttgg cccagccgcc tcttccacgt gactatgttg ccagagatca     24420
     caagctaggg aaggggagtg ctagggaaca aagtctggtt tcacagcaaa cgagccccca     24480
     tgaccacagg aagaactgca ggcggaagta gagcaggagg ttggaggtat ggctctgcta     24540
     gtgggaagag aagtggctgc tgctcttgct tggctgcccg cctcagttct tgtaatgggt     24600
     gggaacctgg ggagcagaat ggaaaaagct gctctgggct cacttactct ctcctcccac     24660
     agccatggga gccgcctatg gcacagccaa gagtggcact ggcatcgcag ccatgtcagt     24720
     catgaggcca gagctgatca tgaagtccat catcccagtg gttatggctg ggatcatcgc     24780
     catctacggc ctggtggtgg cagtacttat cgctaactcc ctgactgatg gcatcaccct     24840
     ctacaggtga gtgctgggcc tttcctccca ggtgaagtgc ttcattgtcc tgtggacagg     24900
     cagattgctg acaacctgtg tctcttctct ccccaggagt tttcttcaac tgggtgctgg     24960
     cctgagtgtg gggctgagtg gcctggctgc tggctttgcc attggcatcg tcggagatgc     25020
     tggtgttcgg ggcactgccc agcagcctcg actgttcgtg ggcatgatcc tgatcctcat     25080
     ctttgcggag gtgcttggcc tctacggtct catcgtggcc ctaatcctct ccacaaagta     25140
     gtccttttcc accatcagtc acaggatagg atgtaaagat cacccctcct cattccagaa     25200
     cgaacagcct gacacatgca cgggcagctg cccctcagta gttggtcttg taaatgtgca     25260
     gtgtcctagt gcccattgtc tgtcgccccc gccttgcccc tactgcaccg tgctgtggac     25320
     atacgggccc actcatctcc cacccaggcc cctgaccagt gacgaagtca gcctctggtt     25380
     accccaccca tcgccctaga gtgctcctgt gtataagaat gaactagagt tgtcattttt     25440
     ctcttcactg gatgtttatt tataaaagat ttgacctatt catgcgtctg tggagcagct     25500
     cctgtctccc aactatatag taatcattag tagactgttg ccttgtgggg ttcctgttgc     25560
     tgagactcct tggatggagc cacccttccc cctgccctga acagccaggg tggaggatag     25620
     agtgctactg ctcctcagag ctggctccca gctgtgtcca ataaaagttc tcggatgtga     25680
     ctggcttgtg ttctggcgct tctgtgggcg ggcctggcag ggtttgtcat catgtggtcg     25740
     ccaccacgtg agcaccgcgg ccacgtgaca gccccttcag ctgagagtca cgtgatgcga     25800
     cctggccccg cttccgatta cggctgctcc gggctctgcc ggcttgcgcc caaagcttgc     25860
     tgggttcggc gcgactcacg atgcgtagcg ggcagtgcgc agcgggggcc ccggtgctcc     25920
     agttcaccaa ctgccgcatc ctgcgtggcg gcacgctcct caggtctggg ctgcatggtg     25980
     caggcttagg ctgggtatag agctgatgat acgccagtgc ggggtgcaga gatggggata     26040
     gtgtagggca taagccctga aaggggcagg aatgtggagg gcgggactat cgtgggtgtg     26100
     tggccgggac caagaagaat agtgggtgca gggacaagct gggtgcgaga tagaactagg     26160
     gtttggttcc agggcctggt ggtgatccaa gtgcctacta ctctgccctc agggaggatc     26220
     tgtgggtgcg cgggggccga atcctggacc cagaaaagct gttttttgag gagaggcgtg     26280
     tggctgatga gcagcgggac tgcggaggcc gcatcctggc gcctggcttt atcgatgtgc     26340
     agatcaacgg tgcggcctgg ctcgggccag ggaacccagg gcaggagctc cgagcactgt     26400
     gctacccccc ttgttttctg tggccacagg tggatttggt gttgacttct ccaaggctac     26460
     ggaggacgtg ggttcggggg tcgccctagt ggcccggagg ctcctgtccc acggtgtcac     26520
     ctccttctgt cccaccctgg tcacctcccc accagaggtt tatcacaagg tgagatgagg     26580
     ccgttctacc cctgagcaaa ggggccctca ggaaaggacc acttccttca cccgaatctg     26640
     ggcttcctgg acttgggtcc gagggggatc cgcctcactt tcagttgggt tctgcctggt     26700
     ctctgcaact gccagtgcgg ttgtcctcac gtttcctgcc ccggttctca tctgccacgc     26760
     cctcccaacg ccctgtaggc agcctctggg tctcctgaac taaggtcgcc tggaattctg     26820
     ccacagccat tgtctcttgt ctagctcttc ctccctaacc tgcttatgct gtgtgactca     26880
     catgaaaaag cctttcagaa agagctgctg ttgctgtgga ctggcttctg tcctcaccct     26940
     tccaccttct atcttagcag gaggtctgtt gtcttgttcc aaatttcatg taaggttctc     27000
     ccacagtttt cccggttttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat     27060
     agaccttgct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatctg     27120
     cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccacgcc aggctagttt     27180
     tcccagtttt aaggaagctt gtttaggttg ctgtcttcat gtgttctctg cgggtttatc     27240
     ccttagacct gaactcttgc tttaaaaacg tggtattctc ttatgcaaca cagttgacga     27300
     atttagtaaa tgaatgctgt tatccatact cgaatggatt ttctctgttc ctgttgtcaa     27360
     tcgccgcagc cagtttttct tccaggacag gatcagggag tgtgtggttg cccgtggctt     27420
     cctttctggt tgtgtagaca cagaagcaga ggagggaact gtgggtattg agtgtgggct     27480
     gtgccctggg ctgcataggc gtcactctgg ccccttgact tgccaccctt ggaagactca     27540
     agacaacctt acttctgagt ctcagtttca ttaaatggag agtgagaaca gtcagtgggt     27600
     ggttgacaat gtcaagcatt ccttgaatgt caacaaggga tgtctttctg gaactctccc     27660
     acagtgctcc acggttacaa gggcaaccta tggtcctact gcagaaaggt acttggttct     27720
     cccagctgat ctctggcaaa acccagagtc gtctatcaag gtgacaggtg tcaggatgtg     27780
     ccccctacta ccattccctt gctaagctaa gctgcttctc tttcccctca ggcacattcc     27840
     agcagctata agtgtgccag gtcctcctgg gcgcttcccg gaaggccttg ctcctgtgag     27900
     ccctgccccc acgccccttc tccaccgctg tgttttcctc atgcagcagg ctcaactggc     27960
     aaggtgcaag gctggggttc tcccttagta ggaatagtcc taaggttttt caccctggtg     28020
     ccccactgta gtccagctac ctcacagact ctcagaaaac acttttagac taaaggcctt     28080
     gggaagcagg taggaggtga tggctgagac tgggcagcct tgagtttaaa aacgaaatac     28140
     cccgttgcat tagacatcag gagacctacc ctcaaacacc ctccctacta tgtctcctaa     28200
     ttcctccagg gcccttctca ctgaggggct tgctcacttg cccagctact acttgggtat     28260
     cttcatcaag atccggttca ttgaaaccac ctgctctttc tctaagattt actcttctag     28320
     cctatgcttc agacatagac agatctgatg gcttcagatg attttctgct tcagatctgt     28380
     tagctgatga aggtcaggca cctcagacag gatgtctgcc accctgccca cccctgattc     28440
     atcattacct tcctctccag cctcatttat ctcgtttctg ctgcatgctc tcactttgcc     28500
     tttcaaagtg ctcttctaga aaattgtgtg tatgtgagtg tgtgagtgag tgtgtgtgtg     28560
     agcacgaaaa cctatgtggg cctgcatgca tgcagtgcat ggtatgcaag cagatgtcaa     28620
     gacaacttgt gggcatcata gctctccttc catcctttgg atcctgagaa ttaaactcag     28680
     gtcatgagat agcttgttgg caagtgcgtt ttacccactc agccattttg cctggtgttt     28740
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tttaatttgc tttgagtcaa ggtctcaaag agtccagatt     28800
     gtttttgtaa ttgaggctgg ccctttgtct cagcctctca cataatatca tgcctggctc     28860
     tttgcttggt ttttaagata ctaagtcatc tggtggtggc ggctgctgct gcttctttga     28920
     agattaatca tttttaattc tatgtaggtt tgtatgtctg catgtgaata tgtgagtact     28980
     gagaactgaa tccagtcctc tgcgtcagag tagtacatgc tcttaagcac tcagccatcc     29040
     ttttagcctt gtctttattc tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtttgtt tgtttttgag     29100
     atagggtctc tttgggtagc cctggctatc ctggaactca ctgtacagac caggctgccc     29160
     tagaaccaca gaggccagct tgtctctacc ttctgagtgc tgagattaag ggcctgtgcc     29220
     accactccta gctatacctt tgttttcctg atccacggtt tggattagag gtgaaggtaa     29280
     gaaaatgtgt gtttggggct ggcaaacagc taagaacact tgctcttgca aaggactcag     29340
     ctttggttcc caacacccat atcatgtggc tcataactgc ctgtaactcc agtttcaggg     29400
     aatttgccac tccctctggt tctacaggaa ccaggcaagc acgtggcttt acaaacatat     29460
     gcaagcactc gtaaactaaa ctttcgccgg gcgtggtggt gcacaccttt aatccagcac     29520
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaagtcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     29580
     ttcaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaca     29640
     aaaaaaaaac accctaaact ttcgtctatg gtgctgaggg attgcactca gggccttgta     29700
     catgctaaat aggtgctcta ccagtgcagt aagtctccaa gccccaaact actaggatcc     29760
     agtgacctgc acccttttta ttttgggaga gcgtcttgct ttactgtaga ctgatctcta     29820
     actcctgggt tcagacgatc tcctgtatgg ggacaacaga tgcactccac tacacaaagc     29880
     ttctctagag ttaaaagcag tgctgtgcct cctatctttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat     29940
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg     30000
     cctgcctctg ctgggattaa aggagtgcac caccacgccc ggctcagctt gctttcttat     30060
     agaacccaag acaagcagcc cagagatggt cccacacaca aggggccctt cccccttgat     30120
     cattaattga gaaaaatgcc ttacagctgg atctcaggag gcatttcctc aactgaagct     30180
     ccttttcttg tgataaatcc agcttgtatc aagttgacac acaaaaccaa ccagtacaga     30240
     gggtgtcgcc tgagggtctg aaaggagggt tatgattata ctgggccatc tccaagggcc     30300
     aagtaggtgc tgctaactct ttcctaaggc tgtggccatc ctgatcagag tgggctgggc     30360
     tgcggtgcta agccctatcc catctgcact gagttccttc cagccctctg cttctgccct     30420
     gtcttcctcc tgctccccaa cccgcccatc ctgccctgtc ttcctcatac ccccccccca     30480
     tcccccgatc ctggcttcct tattctgcag cttagggagg ctgtagtaat ttttttttca     30540
     agagtttggc atctatattc tagctgtttg gccaaagcca ctttgaaggc tagaacagtt     30600
     tagagcagtc cttctgcttc tgtggcctgg gaatgctttt accttccggc ccttgtggta     30660
     ggtcatcaag tagtcctggt tgtcaggtct tcctgcacct gagcactggg ggaggagggc     30720
     cttcatcttc agctcctgtg gggaaggcca gtcgggctgg gctgggtcag atgaggatct     30780
     gaccttgttg ggctgtggct tctgggtgct gggctgtggg gacagggctt taacagctgg     30840
     ttccccccag gtccttcctc agatccctgt gaagagtgga ggtccccatg gggcaggggt     30900
     cctcggtgag tggttaactc ctttcaaaat gcccagttgg gaagggaggg caggtttgag     30960
     ggactggggt ggggctgcta ggtgggagtg cctgctagaa ctacctctgt cccttccctc     31020
     aggggtgcac ttggagggcc cattcatcag ccgggaaaag cggggtgcac accccgaggc     31080
     ctacctccgc tcctttgaag ccaatgcttt tcatgatgtg ttggccacat atgggcccct     31140
     ggacaacgtc tgcattgtga cacttgcccc tgaactagac cggagccatg aagtgatcca     31200
     ggcactgaca gcccaaggca tccgtgtgtc tctaggtaag aggcctctct ttggggttgt     31260
     ctgctcacgg tgttcctgct gctgcagaaa ctgatctcag gtccccacgc agggcactca     31320
     gtggccgacc tgcgggctgc agaagtggca gtgcagagtg gggccacctt catcactcac     31380
     ctcttcaatg ccatgttgcc tgtgagtgtc acacctactc ctgggaggaa ggggactcag     31440
     tggccactgt tgtcactcag ttattccctc tgccctgctc agttccacca ccgtgaccca     31500
     ggcatagtag ggcttctgac cagtgaccag ctgcccccag gccactgcat cttctatggg     31560
     atgattgctg atggcataca caccaaccct gcagctctgc gcattgctca ccgggcccat     31620
     ccccagggtg agtagctggg cagggtaggg caggtaggat aacagctggc caggtcctga     31680
     gccaccttct cccccagggc tggtgctggt cactgatgct gtccctgccc tgggcttggg     31740
     caatggccgc catacactgg gacagcagga ggtggaggta gatgggctaa tagcgtacat     31800
     tgcaggtgag tgactcctgt atccatatat gtatagtcac ttggctcctc cctggagtgg     31860
     gagcagaact tgggtatgcc ctgtttgtcc actggggtgc cagtcccaca gcaactctct     31920
     cttccaattc tggctctctg cttccaaggc accaagacac tgggtggcag catagccccc     31980
     atggatgtgt gcgtccggca tttcctgcag gctacaggtc agttggctgg tgttcctggg     32040
     tgtctgaggg tagaggctgt atctggagga agctagaagg gaggcaggga aattggagcc     32100
     ctgtgctgac atcttctaac tacctggaac ctgggagatg gggaggtgtg acttctcgaa     32160
     gattgaaatg accgtgctca ttcccaagta gagctcaggc tacggaggaa tggcgagcag     32220
     ccagtcattg gagccagggt ggtgaacagc gtgaagctgt gccctcgtgc agcagcagga     32280
     tcacattgct catggaaagg ccaaggacta gacctgtggg ataatggcaa tctgcagggg     32340
     cagtatggac agggtggaat gaaactggct tcctgggact ttgagcaggt tctgcaggga     32400
     cttcccagat acctggcagc atctcaaggt tgagtgtcac tctgaatgtg ggcaacgtca     32460
     gggtcgcatt tagagaaaat aggctgggga tggcctggca agaagtgata caggaagggg     32520
     aatgtggtca ctgggcttcg gggtaggcct tgctaagaat acagggtccc atttggcctt     32580
     ggttggccca ggtatggctt ttttattaga agtaggcgag agggtctatg atcatacaat     32640
     actgaataca ccctaactga tgccccatgt ctagtctgtt gaaagtatag gttcccttca     32700
     gggctggaga agggagggat gagcaatgtc tcctccggct aaggggcgtt agggaccatc     32760
     ctaagctgct gcataatcct gggccattcc caagcctagt ccctaaaagc tgaaacttgg     32820
     acttgctcgt gggaagggtt gtggatgctc accatggtgt gttcctgagc aggctgtagt     32880
     gtggagtcgg ccctggaagc tgcctccctc caccctgccc agatgctggg gctggagaag     32940
     accaagggga gcctggactt tggtgctgat gcaggtgagt tcccatgcag gggctgagtc     33000
     tggggctgct cccagcacag acaacttata gttggttctc tcctaccatg tgagtcccag     33060
     ggttcaaact aagtcaggct tggaggcaaa ccatacctcc ccatctcctt taccgactca     33120
     gtcatctgct gactggccct tactgttttg tttgttttgt ttttgagatg gggtcttatt     33180
     atatagccct gacgagcctg cagtcctgcc ttgtaggatc acaagcatgt gctacgacac     33240
     ttgcttttgg cctggctttc tggcatataa catcaggcca tgtgagggtt acagggaccc     33300
     tcactgtgcc aagttgatac tcttgcttcc agctccccca ccagtccaga ttacattcct     33360
     agacggcctc agttttcttc ctgggctgag ttatgaatga ccccgcagta gggtatggac     33420
     cattccaccg tctcctctca tcctctggtt ctgccgcaga ctttgtggtg ctcgacgaca     33480
     ctctccatgt ccaggccact tacatctctg gtgaattggt gtggcaggca gaggaagctg     33540
     ggccgtgact gagggtcttg gctggaaagg acacttggag aggccaggca gtccacggag     33600
     ctggtctcca gggagcaagc tgagagccct gccctatgtc taaaacagaa cctcagtcat     33660
     cactcctgga ggggaggcag tggcttggat aaatacagac agtgggactt gccttgtctg     33720
     cgtcatgctt tgagctatgc ttgtgttcag cgggctgctg gtgtttctgc tgttgccctg     33780
     agagctggga tggggtttaa cttgggaccc ggaagagttg ggtgctgtac aggagcttct     33840
     ctgtaggtca gatctgttta gaggcctgta gacccccagg aaggtgttag ggttggaagt     33900
     gggtgggaga gtttgagggg aagtccctgg atgaagctgg agacagtgat gggtggctga     33960
     ccctgagcta gatggcagat ggagaccata gctccaagct ctccactgca aagttcaaat     34020
     gtaaccatgc tggcttgggg cctggggtaa tttagtagtg aatgctggaa tgggtgccct     34080
     aagggcctcc aatttgggcc caggactcca cccactgctc cctgacctgc cagacctgcc     34140
     tagcaccatc ttagggaatc aaaagttcca ttccctgtgg cggtgttttt caaagacccc     34200
     aaatggcttt gacaagcctt gcttcatcac catgtttggt ggctctggca ttccctagct     34260
     agtgcttgtg ggcagctctg ggccttgttg ctctgtttgt cctgttaggc ccacctgggc     34320
     aagagcaccc tagcctgccg tcctccctcc cggggaatgt ggtttatcag gcttcctgga     34380
     aacttcactg tacaagcttt ggggattctt tggactctaa gaatggctgc aatgtgtgag     34440
     tatgtgccag aggtcagagg tcaggtctgg gaaattttgc atttgggtcc tgaggtagtt     34500
     aggtgagtct ttccccctgt catgtacatt atatcttgga ataggaggtt gcaaacagat     34560
     gtcctaggtc acttgtatat aggtcccatt gaaggaactg atttcaggcc aaagcttgaa     34620
     ataatatttt aaaaagggaa gaaagaaaat gaaaatatgc agacaaaata agatgctctt     34680
     gggcctccca ctgtctgaga gcaacagcct ggggagagta acttggtagg caggggcaca     34740
     tgaggaccag ccaccaccca ctagtcacta ggtatgctct caacccaaga aagccagcat     34800
     gctggcaacc tcgatgagga gagaggtaag taagagaacc tgggtctgtg ccatagccac     34860
     acccctccat gactgaccaa ctcttggagt gtgacaagca caaaagacag ggggagcatg     34920
     tgtcacgtga ggccagtcta gcaggactca gcagcctgta gaaacctccc actggtggaa     34980
     ggtctcactc tcaaactctt tatgaatgtt gaccaggagg gtcaaggtgc agttctgtag     35040
     tggagagctt gtctgacatg cacgtagtcc tgagttctat ttctagtaca aagctggccc     35100
     tgctctgccc aggtccactt tcagtggatt catgcagctg cactggatag gcagtcagga     35160
     ggggctcaga tgagtgagct atgtgttgtg gggttgccca gaaatgatgg agctagcact     35220
     gggaaggttg tgaggctgga gagacggcct cagcagagga cagagtcaag caggtctgcc     35280
     tgttggcaga acagctggga gaaggctcag gggttcggga attgcaatta ggaatttgga     35340
     ttattatttt ttttaaagtg ggcagtggtg gtacatatat ttaaacccaa cacttgagag     35400
     gcagaggcag gcagatttct gaatttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg aattccagga     35460
     catctagggc tacacagaga aaccttgttt caaaataaga caaacaacaa caaacaaaca     35520
     aaaagatggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg tttaagagca cttattgttt gtccagagaa     35580
     cctgtgttca agcccctgca cctatgtcag tagcttgctt aggactcggg gtttgggtgc     35640
     tctgactttt ctggcccgtg agggcacctg tacatcccta cacacagaca tgctcacata     35700
     cgtataatta gaaataataa gaacaaatct ttaaagagta taaagttgct cagcatagtt     35760
     gtacatgctg gtaattccct tggaaggcag aggcaggagg accaggagtt caaggctcac     35820
     cttagctgtg tatcaagttg gaggtcagcc taggtagcac agtctcagca aactgagatg     35880
     tcttgtgcag ccagggcttg cctgcttccc ctttctccgc cttcaggtgt gtaccacaca     35940
     gccattgtat ttggtgctga aggttgagtt cagtgtctca tgataagcaa gcagtctcaa     36000
     ctgagctaca tccccacacc caaaatttac cactttatcc acttaaaaaa tgattttaat     36060
     atgcctttaa tcttagcact caggaggcag agacagaatc tctgtgtttg agggtagcct     36120
     gatctactga gtgagtttta gggctatgta gagagacctt atctcaaaaa aagttttaaa     36180
     aattaaaaaa aaaaatgtat gttcatttat gtgcatccgg gtgccaagga ggccaggaga     36240
     aaatgtcagg tctccaggtg cccaaggagg ccaggacaga atgtcaggtc tcctggagcg     36300
     agtgttacag aggatcgatg ctgggagctg aattcaggtc ctgttgacca cagaactatc     36360
     cgtttcatct ggtctcttag ccagttaaaa gctttaccta tgtccacatg tatatgtgta     36420
     taggcatctg tcactggagg agactggaaa catgggttat cctgggagct gctgataata     36480
     gatgtgagga ctgaattcgg gtcctttatt aagagcagtg cttttagcct ctgaaccagc     36540
     ccttcaaccc ctgtcaccac cactctcttt ttattttatt ttgagtgtgg atactcagcc     36600
     tgcactcatg tctgagcacc acatgggtac tgtgagaagg cactgcatcc cccgggggac     36660
     tgaagttaga tggctattag ctgccatgtg ggtgttggga attgaaccag ggtcctctgg     36720
     aagagtagac aacaagtact cttaaccact gcgccatctc cagccccact ttaaccactc     36780
     ttaattgtaa cgttctgtag ctatatgcat tcaccacacc attatctcca gaacttttac     36840
     tttccaaaca tactctgtca ctggcattag tcccctactg caatcacaag cttgcccttg     36900
     ttgatggctc agagctggag ggctattcac agaaagttgt gccaattact tcagcctggg     36960
     gtttctgggg cacagttgcc gccccagcct taggtgattt tggtacggca tcagacgtgc     37020
     ctgtggtatg ggtgtggatt gggggacagc cactccctga ggttagctga gtcactgtag     37080
     tggtagtgtg cagaacaagt tggggagcag tacaagtgct cccaagacac ctggtggagg     37140
     cggacagtta tacccagtgt gtccgggagg aaaaggcttg ggtactgcag aaagtatggg     37200
     tgccatctgg cggcgggcgc tgtgtagcag cctgcgaggt tcagttgaac tcaggtttga     37260
     gacccgcgcg ccaaaggacc caaccgtgtc cttttacctc cagtgtcatg gcaacatggt     37320
     gttcctaaga cccgctgatg attcctgagc aggggtccag gtcatccgtg gcagaaatta     37380
     ctcctagttt ggagtcgggt gtggccagcg acattaacca cccaggcagg ctccagcagg     37440
     atggaggagt ggctcacccc agcgggtggg tacagcaggg ttccacggtg gtcacgccca     37500
     ccgccggagg ctcccccact ccccctccca aggtccaatc acaacaaccg cggtccaagg     37560
     cggtcccaca gagctgtggg accggtgaaa cccttggact tagctaaagg aacaaacata     37620
     ggcagagtcc atttgtaagc ttgagtcagc acgcctgtag catcaagcag gacctgcggt     37680
     acccctgaat ccttccttca tttcagggtc ccttggccgg ccagctggag tgcccgggtg     37740
     gcatttgtaa ggaaagggta ccatgagttc caagacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc     37800
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa gtgtaccacg aggggctcca     37860
     cagggacctg tcttttcccc atgataatag ccagggtgtc gtgcttgttt taatgaccca     37920
     gattgcaact tacttttaat ggtttttgta aaaaagaaca cactttaagt ggagagtttt     37980
     ccaggtgggg ccgcttgtct ggggagatgc agcagacctg gcaggcagac atctccgtgg     38040
     gaggagctga ggtctacagc ccatctctgt agcaacaaac ttttagacct ctcaacgact     38100
     gggacgtttg cttttttttt tttttgattg ggggatgggg gacagagcct tatttagcac     38160
     agcacagact taagcttgct gtgtatctga gactatcctt gaactgggat ccttctgcct     38220
     ctggatttga agacacaggc tactacactc atttgtcgct gcaccttgac acagccggca     38280
     gaaacctgag cctaactgta ggtctgggcc acttttgtgc tcctaactcc aaaacatctt     38340
     gaggtaatgt tttgggggta atttgttaca tagcagaaag tatttaacag tccagatgtg     38400
     ccacatcggt agaagtttct aatctctgaa ccccagtttc ctcactccta catgaggatt     38460
     agttaggaca gagaaacagg gtgaaccatg tgcagctagt gttgtgtgca caccagacat     38520
     cttccagccc cttctaagat ggttcccatc atcctcttgc cctcccatga cctcacaatg     38580
     ttcccctcaa gctacttcat acttagcttc aagatactct gtagacccaa gggattctgg     38640
     gaagggaaag acagtccccc tccctcaact tgggtaccag tgagctgaac caggccaggt     38700
     aagaccgtct cccctcctgt tcgttgccct gaggtgggca gccagactct tcccacacag     38760
     gtgctctgtc tttacagagg taagaggagt tacctggtta aggctagctc aggtctttcc     38820
     ctgcatgaag atcctggaga cagaatcgcc ctccagcctt ctgcttcctt cctctgctct     38880
     agtcacctgc acggttacct ttaaaacatt tgtgtgtggg ggtggcagga gaggtatgtc     38940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgggggggta gtacacgtgt ttgtggagta tgtgcacatg agtacaggta     39000
     taggccagag gtgttggatc tccctagagg tagagctaca gacagttgtg agctgtctga     39060
     ttgggtgctg ggaactgaac ttgggtcctc cacaagatgg actcgggaat taacttaggt     39120
     tctcgtgttt gcaaaggaag cattttttcc aactaaacca tttcctggtg cctcaggctt     39180
     tcattttgat tttaacttta tatcaattta ctgggaactg aacttgtaga ggtagatcga     39240
     gtgcctaact ctgttcaagt tcctaagttt gattcccaac atcacactgt gcataaaaac     39300
     tttatataaa ctaaaaccaa aaaaaccaca acttttgaaa aacaggcttt gggctggaga     39360
     gatggctcag cggttaagag catcgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag     39420
     caaccacatg gtgactcaca accacctgta atggaatctg atgccttctt ctggcatgtc     39480
     tgaagacagt gacactgtac tcacataaca ttaaaaaaga tctttaaata catacataca     39540
     tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacatata tacataccag gtcttacagg     39600
     cctttaatcc tagtattcag gaagatctct atgagtttaa gcctagcctg gcatacataa     39660
     tgagttctag gctgatcaag gctggatatt aaatttctac cttaaaaaga gaagtgcctt     39720
     ggtgtgagaa gtagccgtag gttcccttgt gaggtgtctg ggtgacataa ctcaaggtca     39780
     acatgatcag caggtgcctt cacactactt cagccatctt gcctgtcctt cacgcctgta     39840
     ttggaggaaa aatctccact gtattttttc tcccctttgg cagggtttca ctctgtgacc     39900
     aaggttggcc ttgaacttga gatcctccta ccttactcat cagtgtgtta aagctagagg     39960
     cgtgccaccg aatctcactt ttgccatgct agagaatgaa ccttgggcct cattcaactc     40020
     ggccaagcac tctgtctccg agcagttttt cccagcaaca cgcctcactt tctgtggatc     40080
     tttaaaaagt attttacatg tagttatgta tgtatgtgtg gcacgtgtgc cgcagcctgt     40140
     atgtggtggt tagaggacaa ttaggtccca ggcactgaac tcaggcaggt caccaagctt     40200
     ggcagcaagt acatttacct gcagagccat ttgctagcca ttgttggatt taaatttatt     40260
     aacttgcttc ttttttatta ttttgaaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacctggg tttgactttt     40320
     tgaaacaggg tttcactgtg tgaccctgac tggtcacggt gactggtcac tcacttcata     40380
     gaccaggctg gcctgagttt gacagatctg cctgcctcca cttcccaggt gttggtttaa     40440
     atgcatgtgc ctcctccaca cctggcatgg cgggcttctc cgactttact ctttctctgt     40500
     tagaactttg atctgtttct tgtaagtgca tataaatgtc caggatcaac aggaggttgt     40560
     ttatatgtgt gtatgtatgc atttacatgt gtatgtacat acatgtggag acctaaagtt     40620
     gacactgggt atcttctttg agttcctgat tctatttagg caggctcttt aaaatgaatt     40680
     tagagattat taaataggct agtatagcta gctagctcca agaatcttct gtctttacct     40740
     cttgagtgtt gactgagtac ctacctagct tctaagtggg ttcatgccta tgaggtaatg     40800
     ttcctatccc tgagtcattt cctcttcctt gttttatctt tttagtttag tagtacaatg     40860
     attttttaaa aagatttatt tattttatgt atatgagtac actgtagcgg tacagatggt     40920
     tgtgagcctt cgtatggttg ttgggaattg aatttttgga acctctgctc gctctggtca     40980
     gccctgatcg ctcagtccct gctcgctctg gctcaaagat ttatttatta ttttacataa     41040
     gtacactgta gctatcttca gatgcaccca gaagggggca tcagatctca ttatgggtgt     41100
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gttgggattt gaactcagga ctttgggaag agcagtcagt     41160
     gctcttagct tctgagccat ctcgccagcc cggtaccaag gattaacctt agtacacata     41220
     ctagagaagc actctactgc tgaactgtat cctcagccct catttatttt acaatcaaga     41280
     cattgattct tcattctttt ttttatatta tcttgtttct cctcttcctc ttcctccttc     41340
     ttccttcttc tttttccaag acaggatttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ccagaactca     41400
     tgctgtagac taggctggcc ttcaactcag gcatctgcct gcctctgact cctgagtgta     41460
     ccacttggcg agatatatct cgccaggtgg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta     41520
     cacacacaca catacacaca cacatatata tgtatgtata tatatgatct taacatagaa     41580
     catagatgca tcatctccct cttccttctc taagccctcc atgtacccct tgtacccctt     41640
     gttctttgag ttcacggtct ttttctctcc tctgtgctgc caggactaag gatgttgctc     41700
     agtgatagat catttacctg gaagaagtga gaatgtgggc ataatcctta gcaacacagg     41760
     ccaacagtaa acgatggggt cacaaatatt cttcccagtt ttatatatat gagagagagt     41820
     tctgaagtgt ggctgatgat ttcctgcctc agtgtcttga ataccggatt tacagaagtt     41880
     agttggccat gcccagctcc attttatcaa ttttgagttg catcagtaat tagaagtgga     41940
     aatcgtgggc ctggagaggt ggctcagcat taagagcact gtgctcttct cgaggaccag     42000
     gttcaattcc cagcacccac agggcagctt acagccatca ttaacctccc tgggcactgc     42060
     acacatataa cactcataca taccactcat acatacattc aggcaaaaca cctagacaca     42120
     taaagttaag aaacaaaaca aaaacaaata gttctaaaaa gattgcaata ggccaggcat     42180
     ggttgtgcac acctttaatc ctagcactca ggagaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     42240
     aaaaaaagat tacacatcca tattttgagc ctctttttca gtgcctctcc tgctgtgaga     42300
     ggtatttaca gacatgatca ggtactgact caaccctgaa tcatcaggtt ctcttgacat     42360
     gaggctggaa ctgtggcagg atattcagca gaaaagcaat atttaaccac aaatgatgac     42420
     tctcgatata aagataccac ctaggaaggt ggacatgaaa agcaagaaga cagggaggat     42480
     actgatttta ttacagtctt ttttttttct tttttttttc ttttggtttt tcgagacagg     42540
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcttgga actcactcta tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa     42600
     gtcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccact     42660
     gtccttctat gtgtaatctt tctagtagag ggtttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgcttt     42720
     gtttcatttt actggtgttt tctttatatc agcttctcag ctcaactctc tataggaaat     42780
     atgagaatca tctaaggatt tttctggagt actctggaag cctgcttgct tagggtctgg     42840
     gtgcttcctg cctacagctc tgatcttggc acttgtccct ttagacctct tcctcacagg     42900
     acttaccacc ttctaatatg ctgtatcatt tgcttattcg gctaactctc tcccccagtc     42960
     ctgattagtc tcaattccac aggagagctt tctgtgcttt ttcactggtg aattaccaag     43020
     cacagtgctt gcaacagggg aggctcagtg actgctgaat ggacacgcag gaccagggac     43080
     ctgggacctc cctacactcc gttcctgtgc attctgtttc ctcttgtttc ctctagttct     43140
     catgtcttct ttcttggttt gcccctttat ttgtttattt ttggtggaac acatccttca     43200
     gtaactttct gagaaagggt ctctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctctgtct ctctctgtct     43260
     ctctgtctgt ctgtctctct ctctctctgt ttctctctca caaccagagt atctgtattt     43320
     agctatcagt actcagtggt taccatagac tctggcaaat tattttatgt gtaaaatggc     43380
     aatgaaaatc tcagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ctctgagttc aaggccagtc     43440
     tggcctatag aagtctacag agggagtttc aggacttcca gggctacaca gataaaccct     43500
     gtctcagaga aaaaaagtga taatgaatat aaaccatgca tcccaggagg ctgtatgggg     43560
     aactaaagaa gattaatcat ataaaatggt tagtgttgcc ctgcgtggtg gcgcacacct     43620
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcaaatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt     43680
     ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagctagtgc tatacagaga aaccctgtct ggaaaaacaa     43740
     aacaaaaaaa ccaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa ggttagtgtt ttctcaagat aagcaagacc     43800
     caaataaaat tgaaaggatt gggaagcagt tgagcagagt tggttactag ttgggcactt     43860
     atgtactgtg acttatctaa ctctgagagt gtgattgctc actgcagcct tagtctcctt     43920
     acatgggtgg tcttctcctg gggccatcaa gtggtgaaag ctaacattgt tttcactgca     43980
     tggcaggtaa accattcagg ataacgatga caaagtcttc aaaggtgtgt gctggcaaga     44040
     gtgccatcaa catccagctt gcccttgtgt gttctaagga cgagacatgg gatgctcttt     44100
     gttgaacagg gcacgcaatt tagcagcaat gaactgcact ttgacccatt aatttcatat     44160
     gctacaaatt tatccaagaa agcaagttag gtgtgtctgg attttggtgc agacctggtt     44220
     cataagaaca acaacaaaaa taaactggga accattttaa tgttttgcat gttagagatc     44280
     tgtcactatg tggatctata aacaacccac ctcaaatgga aggtttcttc aacagagtct     44340
     gaggcaggta ggtcatcagg agagccatgt ggggcacaga atgatacagt gttcagagca     44400
     atggaaggat ggatcaaacc agcatgggta gcacgagact tctggatatt aggggttatg     44460
     gtcacttgtt gttttaaatc aataccccct cccccatggg agtgtgcatt catgtgagat     44520
     gaagtgtgtg catgtttgtg tgtgtgagcg aaggcacaga tatgcaggtc aaagagcagc     44580
     ctctccaatg ttggtcctta tcgtccacct tgtttgacac aggtttgttt gtttctttct     44640
     ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctttcttt ctctttttct ctctctttct cactctctct     44700
     ctctctctct attgttctga gttttgagat agggtcctta tcgtccacct tgtttgacac     44760
     aggttggttt ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcttgttct gagtttttag     44820
     atagggtttt actgtataac cttggctggc cttgaactca tagaaactta taagcctgaa     44880
     gaaatggctc ataggttaag agcacttgtt gctcttcttg caggacatcc acacgttgat     44940
     tcaccacctt ctccagtccc agagggtttg atgccctctt ctggcctctg tgggcaccaa     45000
     gtacacatgc ggtgcacaga taaacatgca agaaaaatac atacaaaact aaatttaata     45060
     aaaatattag gaaacttata ttgtgtgtac cttggcacat gtatggaggt caaacaactt     45120
     tcaggagtta gctctcaccc ttgtttactt aggttgggtg aaactcaggt ttttaggctt     45180
     acagcaagta ttttgcttgc tgagccgtgc atgtcacatc tgttgctcag gatctgggat     45240
     aactggcttg tcataggaat actggttaca gatgagctta attgtgcttg gctttacact     45300
     cgttatgagg atccagactc agggtttcat gcctttgtag cacttcacac actgagccat     45360
     ctcccgggct gaattattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     45420
     tttatttatt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctttcctg gaactcattc     45480
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     45540
     atcaaacgtg tgtgccacca ccacccggca tttttttttt ttaagattta tttattttat     45600
     gtatgtgagt acactctcac tgtcttcagg aacaccagaa gagggtatca gatcccatta     45660
     cagatggtcg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc     45720
     agccaatgct cttaaaccgc tgagccatcc ctccagcccc cgtttctaag gtctataaat     45780
     gtatggcaga ctaggagaat ggatagctat gggctgtatc cttaggggtt gacagacagg     45840
     ttctagaatg tggaccaagg ctggtcccgg tcgtagcact acaaactcta gaactgccat     45900
     tgctatgcct taatttcctc atctgaaaac tggggcaaca aagtcagagg tgctttagaa     45960
     caaatgcaat gtaggatgga attgctaact ttgcgacaag atgaggtcaa tatgaagttg     46020
     ttagtggccg ttactgctgg tttagcagtt cattctgcct acatgggatt atgaatttac     46080
     tccctgagtg ttggctgctc catattatct acatttcttt tgagaaatct tgctatattg     46140
     cacaggttgg ccttgaactc aagttattct cctttccact ttatatgact ccataggttc     46200
     actccacttc atctggattt aaactctttg gagtgaggca ggtagtttct tttagcaacc     46260
     tcctgagtct ggttagtgct gtctgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt tgttgtcctc ttgagcatgg     46320
     tcaaccttct agtggctaca cctcaaggaa gaatggcttt tccctaatgg ccatcagctg     46380
     ccagtaacca tggagacagg tgcaagcctg gtgaggcccc ctcctgtcgg tgctggaact     46440
     ttgactggct tgatcctatg caggtgagca cagcagtggt gagaccctcg gtgccaggcc     46500
     acatcagggt cagagtcagc atttctcagc attgctcctc ttacattccc aaggttccct     46560
     aagccttatt tggaggggga ctcatataga tgctcccttt tatttatctt gtgtttgttt     46620
     gttttgcaag acagagtttc tctgtgtagc cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgagatca     46680
     aaggaataag ccactatgac ctggttctag atgccccatt taaggctgaa tactcacagt     46740
     aattttcagc actttaaatt attttacaca aatgacaaat atctggaaag ggtggtgaat     46800
     acctataccc aagcactagg aaatctaagg cagaaagatc atgaattcaa gacaagccca     46860
     gtctacatag tgatgtccag gctagccagg gttacatact gagacactgt ctcaaaaaca     46920
     ccacaaaaaa caaagggcgc aagggctatg ggtgtaattt agaaacattt aattttgaga     46980
     tgatctagca tgtgtgaggt cttgagttaa ttcccaacac tgaaaaaaaa atggggaagg     47040
     tctgtagaga tggctcagta tgatgcctgc tatgcaggca agtcctcagc actcctgtaa     47100
     aagaaagctg gagatggtgg gggtgtgtct gtaccttcac ccctgggaaa acagagacag     47160
     ggggaccact gcatctcact ggccagccag ccagccaaga gggatcagca agttccaggt     47220
     agcgactggt ataggaagac atctgacaaa cccacaaagt ggacacacac atacactgta     47280
     cacacagcgc aaaaagttta caaaaattgt atgcgtttca ccataattta aaaaaacatc     47340
     tacagcggtt gtcataatga caactaaagg aggatgtggc atacctgtca tttcagcagc     47400
     tgggaggctg agacaggatt gccgcaagta ggaggccagt ctgttctcga tagtgagatc     47460
     ctgctgggaa aggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aagctcacaa agacgtccat caaaatattg     47520
     gcaaaaacag gttcatcagg agtgacagga cggcttgttt tctgcttcaa atcatagccc     47580
     aatttctctc ccagattact cgtgacctgt gaatcagatt caagttgtcc tggcagtagg     47640
     ttcgagctca gccttgctgc tgccccaggc gtgaccttgg cccgctggct acggagcctc     47700
     agtttacctg acagggaacg cggatgacag ctcggcgctc cggccccggc ccctccccgt     47760
     cacttctgat tggctcgctc agcctccctc gacaagcgcg ccgggcccca acccggaaat     47820
     acggctcttg gtcgggggcg gggccctcac ggcccgccgc caatgacagc tatactgacc     47880
     aatgggcgag aggagcggcg gctacgtcgc ggaagtcctg cttagcgtcg cgcgggggcg     47940
     gggtggcgct gggggcggca ggcggcgggg cgggcgcagg atgagggcgg ccattgctgg     48000
     ggctccgccg cggggaggag gacgctgagg aggcgccgag cagcgcaacg ctgcggggga     48060
     ggcgcccgcg ccgacttggg gctcatggcc aggaccacca gccagctggt gagcgcgcgg     48120
     ctgctgtagg gcgcaccggt ccgttacccg ggagcgtggc ggtcgcctgg gttctgctgg     48180
     gcgaggcggg gcggcccggt gtcgcgggcc gggcggcgcc tcacctgcgg ctgggtggcg     48240
     ggcaagactg ttggcaccgg ccgagggttc ctctcggctg cggcagggaa tgcgggcccc     48300
     ggctcgggct gtcggcggca gccgggggcg ctgacagggc acggagggcg ggggaggccg     48360
     ggaggtgtca cccggtcggg cggggtggaa gtgcctggaa agtttgtttt cggctctgtg     48420
     cagcctggag ccgagcctct gggcttacct tgaggtcctg cccgaggagg agcattctcc     48480
     atcctttacc tggaggaggt tcctgggaag caggagatgt gagttcctgc ttgtagcacc     48540
     tgatgctgga ggctcctttc cagattcttg gtcagcgggg catttcggtc ctcctcttgc     48600
     ctgcagttct acgctcagtg aggtgggaag ccctgggagg ccgggcttag aggccccagc     48660
     gagggcagcc taagtttgac agggaggagg ggttgggggg ggcgggcgga aggacgagga     48720
     cgacaaaacc aaccacttgt tgggtgaaat gtttgttttc tctgtgttgt taaataagta     48780
     tccatagttg tattttctgg taagttttag agttcttaga tcagcgtgtc tgccttgtat     48840
     gagatatgaa gtggctgatg agaagatgtc agacgccgag caagatttgg ttcaaaaggc     48900
     aaacctcctt gggctagggc tgtggttcag tggtaatctg cttgcttcac atgttcaggg     48960
     ctcttgggtt cgatcctcac tccagctttc agggagtggg gcgggatggg aagagggttg     49020
     ttggtctctt tattcgaggg gactgaagaa actcacttgg ttcagtatgg tctaggatgt     49080
     gtctgtggta gtggtttttg gagggtcatg agccccttta agaatcaaag tatgggctcc     49140
     ttttgagaag catacacagt tgcacggaat tttgttgcta ccagaggctc aagagccttc     49200
     tgcatctcat ccatggactt gaagttataa ccctctactg tgagatggat ggtaattaat     49260
     ccaaattcta aaaggaggag gacctatcca gctgagaaaa atggtgaaag gcaaaaaagg     49320
     gtgttgcaac acttgtgtct ttaccccggg gtgcttgggc tagcacgcaa aaacatgaat     49380
     cgtggaagtc agagtgacag tactttggat atttatgaag tgaactttga cacagagatg     49440
     cttttgcaat gtgtaaggtg tgtatctgat ggtgtctatg ggaagaggaa aagtgtgttt     49500
     tctcactttg tcttgacact tccgtggtag gcatttgata tctacaattt tcttctcatc     49560
     agacagcttt ttcagtgtta agagcactgg agcctagtga gcagaagaaa ttacagaata     49620
     aacacaatag acttctctgt aagaaaatga gaagaagtag gccgtgcatc ttgtcatata     49680
     tgcacatgtg agaatatgct ttgcttcctt cctgttagga aaggcagaga tggttccatt     49740
     gatggatttt tttttttggt ctgagaaccg gagatttgca tagttaaagt gtatttgcat     49800
     ttgaacttta acctggcttg ctacactgtc tcaattaatt ttcctcaaag cctttcccct     49860
     tttcccttgt aatgccaata gtatggcctg aggctgtgga aataggccta gctcagtctg     49920
     cagtttaggt gggccagagc ttttaagtac catttattga gctcttcaag gcaggtattt     49980
     agatgtgtac ttcattcgta ttgtgttgtg aggtggatat tgttcccatt taacaggtga     50040
     ggaaactaaa gtaagagagg tcaaggacat gactcataaa taacagactg ggttttggcg     50100
     gagaacctag tgtcactctg tcacgtgagg atctatctcc caagagagaa tctgtgggca     50160
     gcttagccaa gcacctggtg tgaggaagtc ctcagtgcca ctacccagga tgtcttctgg     50220
     agtttgagct tcctaagcat gttaactgtg ccttgttgga ggaggaggga cagtatattt     50280
     ctgtgggcag atgaccacat tctttgaccc cggggcccat tttcagtgtc tcctttcaga     50340
     aaacacctgc ttggaagaag ctgtgtgtag ttttccctca ctgagggctg gtgctctgct     50400
     gggatgaggc ttggacccct gctcctttgg aaaagagatg tggtttagtc agagggagaa     50460
     atgggaaatt gaggaaaact taaggtgctt tagatttttc aagggtcctc catctgtcag     50520
     ggaaagttga aaagcatgca aaaattcaaa ttatcaagat ttttttaaag ataaggatct     50580
     catatagcct ctgaataact tgaaacttgc tttgtggacc aagttggcct tgaactcaca     50640
     gagatctacc tgcctgttta cctaactgcc atcttctagc ctccaaagac actgcacaca     50700
     agacaaagta agaaaacaca cttttcctct tcccatagac accatcaaat acacacctta     50760
     cacattgcaa aagcatctct ggaagagcag tcagtgctcc taaccacccc caacagtacc     50820
     tttgtaagac ttacttttga gctgggacat ggtagtacat tccttttatt ccctctgcca     50880
     agaggcagag gtaggcaggt ctctgagttc gaggctagcc tgatctacag agtgagtgca     50940
     agaatagcca gggcaacaca gatacacaga gaaactgtgt tttaaaaaat tatatgtgtg     51000
     tgtgtgtgtg catcttatgt gtgcagtgtc tttggaggct agaagatggc attaggtcct     51060
     ctggaactgt agttatagat ggcagttagc tactctgtga gttctgggaa cctgtcccct     51120
     gcagagctgt ctcttcagcc tgccatgcta catttcttga gttagctctt atgtctgtca     51180
     tagaatagta tgtatttcca tctccagtaa ggcaagggag gaccccataa gagatggaag     51240
     tgagggattg ctttatgctt ctttttgaaa aaaaaattat atatttactt gtatgtgtat     51300
     atttttctgt gagtaagtcc catgtgtgca taggtacctc aaagaccagg agagggtctc     51360
     tgatcccttg gagtttgagg tacaggtggt tatcaagcca cctgatatat aggttccagg     51420
     aaccaaattt gagtttcaag caaaagcagg aagtgctctt aatatctgag tactttttat     51480
     tttatttttt aaaaaagatt tgtttctttt tatgttcatt gatgttttgc ctgcatgtat     51540
     gtctgtgtga gggcaccaga acctctggat ctagaattac agttgtgtgc tgccatgtga     51600
     gtgctgggaa ttgaacctgg gtcctctgga agagcagcca ctgctcttaa ccactgagcc     51660
     atttttccag ccaatgtctg agtacttttg aaagaatatt tttgatatga atcttatgaa     51720
     aaggaaagtg tcttagctag cagctgtctg cagtgatata gggctgaagg caggctagtc     51780
     ttagcctcta ggctgctttc agtacagatt tggggaagaa gaacaggtgg ctcctgggga     51840
     catgtgtttc cattttcagc ctgttctcat cttctgagcc acttgagctg gagttaaggt     51900
     gctcccaggc aactgattga tgctgggagg agctggagat gaggctctct gaggtgatgt     51960
     ttggagagtg gccctcagcg tgtgctttcc tcttcccaag tactgtcttc tgtggagtgc     52020
     acagggagtc ccatgtgagt tttcagttct ttgaggagag caagtcattg cagaggaaca     52080
     cagtggtgca gaaatgactc cctcagcagg tgcaaatgtg ttgtaggcct gtctgtggga     52140
     tgacaggtgg caatggggta tgcagtgcag ttgttttgaa ggcaggttca aagggcaata     52200
     caatggggga gaaagtgttg tgtggaaact gtaagtttgg gacacataag ggtcagattt     52260
     tctcagtcat gcattcttct gtgactggat cacatcgttc acttgtttgg tatgatgcca     52320
     gacctttttg gagttacttg aatgttgtga gcaggttgta tgttcagtct ctagctatta     52380
     gatcaaaggc agtgaatttt tttttttttt ttttagtgta gggatgtgtt ttctctgtga     52440
     tgtaaaagtg ctgtttggaa ttgtgatggg tggtaggtcc tgctttggta cactggttgc     52500
     tcttcagagg acctgtgtta gatttccagg acctacatgg caacttacaa ccgcctgggg     52560
     gtccaaagcc ctgttttggc ctccttgggc accaagtaca tagacagact tacatgttgg     52620
     caaaacaccc atacacataa aaaacatttt ttaatcccaa gaaagaaaaa gaaaagtatt     52680
     taagtcaggt tggaaggcta aggcaggaga atcactgaac tcacacattt gaggaaagcc     52740
     tggacaagat aatcagagag cctgtctttt aagaaacaaa aaagaacaat tcattataaa     52800
     ggactgggtt ataaaatagt atctattgag aaagggtctc actgtgtagc cctggctgtt     52860
     ctggaactca ctgtataaat caggctggcc tagaactcac agaaatctgc ctgtctttgc     52920
     ttcctgagtg ttgaaattta aaggtgtaca gcaccactgg gaaggattga ttgcttatca     52980
     acccttatca atccttattg attgcttatt gattgtctga ttcaggattg tgattttagg     53040
     tggctggatt atatagagag tacaaaagct agaacagcaa gtactaaagg ttcattgctt     53100
     actgctgaac atgaatgcat gatttctgcc tgtagtttgt cagggggcca gatgatggta     53160
     ggcacattgt tcttgggtgg tctggtgagt tcccgaattt cactgacaga tcagtcctcc     53220
     tgcctttgca ctagtctgtc ttatcctgag gggagttgta tgtacagacc ttgctggaag     53280
     gtctatttag aggctaagga tgttcctttt gaggtgtgtg tcttgtgtat gcttggggga     53340
     atcacagctg gtttttccac tcaggggcct catggtctca tcagactttg gtcgaaatga     53400
     cttccaccag agacatagct tttatagtga gattgtggtt aaagctccat tctttagcta     53460
     tttttttctc tctctctctc tctctttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tggtttttcg     53520
     agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccttggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg     53580
     cctcgaactc agaactccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc     53640
     caccatgccc agcttatttt tcttttttaa aacttgagtt gtagctttaa gtggctgtat     53700
     atgctatcag agaaggttgg taagattttc agaaaatttc ctcagagtct taaccaagag     53760
     ctttgacctg aggtagaaat gtgagaaggg gcttgggcta atttttcagt ttttccttag     53820
     tgtttttggg gagacctaaa ctgggcatga gggacagacc taccgtggct atttatcttc     53880
     tggacctagc tatggagctt tagtcctagg aattgcactt gtgtactttt ctctgcactg     53940
     gagggagact gtttcaatca gggttgttgt tctttttggt tttttgagac agggtttctc     54000
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggtctc aaactcagaa     54060
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccatt atgccccgct     54120
     tggtggtggt tgttgtttgc ttgttaccat tacatgtgac tgcccactag ctgccttctt     54180
     cgttttcttt ctgtcctttc cttctggctt ctcccttgcc tcactccaag gacctgctgg     54240
     ttgtatctcc aagtaccaac cgcttgtgcc ccctcctctt ccctcctgct tttttttact     54300
     ttgtttctcc caacacagac actgacagac agacaggcag gcagacacag acagacggat     54360
     gcatgcacag atgcacgaat gcacgcctat gtccaggcaa atgtccatga tgtttggggc     54420
     tgccaggttc tcagtggcct cttgtctttc ccatgttctt tctctttgcc tgaagaaatt     54480
     ctcctctgtg gaaggcccct cacacacatt tcccatggct gtaaagcctt gtctggttag     54540
     tatgtttcat ggtggctgcc ctttccccag gccttggttc tataccattt gttctgtgtt     54600
     ccatgtctgt gtctttaagg taaactctct tgtagccttg atttttagag ccaacagcct     54660
     ctaggtgacc cctgtaactc ttttctcact ctgccctctt ggttcttata cctaggcggg     54720
     tgttctttgg tatcgataga cacagttctg ctcctcagtc cccatctatt atttgtttgt     54780
     ttgtatttat ttatttttag gcagggttct ctgtgtaggc ctggctatcc tggaactagc     54840
     tgtgtagacc aggctagcct catactcaga gatctgactg ctctgcctcc agagttctgg     54900
     gactaaacac ctgtatcact gctgcccagc ttcccatccc tttcaagaca ggatcttgat     54960
     atgtctctta ggctaaccta gagctttaga tcctcatcct cctgccttag ctttcccagt     55020
     gcttgtattc tggtctgtac caccacctct tgtttactgt ctctttctgt ctctgttggt     55080
     gtttgtgtgc cagaattaaa ctcctagtat tttttttccc ctagggtcac ccacccttgt     55140
     gctttgagac tcacagggac aagggctctc atcaattagg ctagactggc tggcagctag     55200
     cccctggatc tacttgtctc tacttcctga gtgctgagat aactacagat tcaccaccac     55260
     acccaacttt ttatgtgggt tctgggaatt gaatttaggt cctttgcatg acaagcactt     55320
     tagtgattga ttcatccatg cagccagtct ccttttctcc tttccatcct cctccctttt     55380
     cttctctttt cccctcccct cactcttcca ttttttgtat ctctgtctct ctttgtctgt     55440
     gtgtgtgtgt atttacattt gtatgtgcat atgtgcctgt acattatctt cttctatttt     55500
     attttgtgtg tgtggtatat gcttgagagt gcatgagtgt atgtgtagga cagagatcaa     55560
     tttaggatgt cttcctccat tgctctccac ccagtttttt gaggtcaggt ctcccagtga     55620
     acctagagct cactgttttg gctagactga ctggcaagtg ctgagattat aggtatgcac     55680
     tgcaatgcct ggctttttac ttggttgcca ggtatctgaa cttaggccct tatgcttggt     55740
     tagcagcatc ctatccactg agctatctct tgggagctct accttatttt tgagacaggg     55800
     tcttttcact gaacctgaag ctatccagtt ttcagcaaga ctggctgaca tactgtcaca     55860
     cctcacattt tacataggtt ctgggaatct gaactcagta ctttaccaat ttaggcaata     55920
     tgctcaacac atcccctctg tgttattcct ttcttttctt ttcctccctt tctgtctgtc     55980
     tgtctgcctg cctgtctgtc tgcctatctg tctttggaca caccatagca agtttgaaga     56040
     cagacaggta ctatctgatg ccaactattg gtatatatgt ccttatggtc agaatggaat     56100
     tataggtctt agggagaaga ataatggggg gggggtcagt atcattttca tcatgttaca     56160
     tcaagggtgc atgctatcaa agtgtattgc tgcccaaaga tagtggcacc tttaatccca     56220
     gcactcagga ggcagaggca ggtggatctc aatgagttca aggccagccc ggtctacaga     56280
     gcaagttcca gaacagccag gactacacag aaaagccttc tcagaaagca aaataagggg     56340
     ctggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccgaaggtc ctgagttcaa     56400
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccgtaatg agatctggcg ccctcttctg     56460
     gttcatctga agacagctgc agtctactta gatataataa tgaataaacc tttagaaaaa     56520
     aaaaagcaaa ataaatgaag tgatgcattg ctgtagattt tgaccatgat caatctggct     56580
     aagagtcagt ctttaccctt accttatgta tagcacacag ctagtgaata tggtattata     56640
     ttctcttgga ttgctacttt tatactctga taatgtttgc taatcataac ttaatttcag     56700
     cacaaagcta tggatatgat aggatatgcc gctaatccca gcattcagga ggctgaggta     56760
     aaagaaccat tttgtcttct aggactttta gacaacagca gcagcaacaa aaatcaactt     56820
     caaagtagtg ttggaatagg ttgtttatag atttagggca cttaaaaatt tttttatggg     56880
     ctggcaagat ggctcagtgg gtaaaggtac tgactgctct tccgaaggtc ctgagctcaa     56940
     ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccgtaatg agatctgacg ccctcttctg     57000
     gtgtgtcaga agacagctac agtgaataat aataaataaa taatttttta tgtactttgt     57060
     atggtgtgtg tgtgtaattt tttttttgtt tttgtttttc gagacagggt ttctcagtgt     57120
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg     57180
     cctgtctctg cctcccaagt gctaggacta aaggcgtgta ccgccacgcc cggctatgtg     57240
     tgtgtgtgtt tgcatgtgtg tgagtacatg tgcctgtgtg cagaggctca aaatttttag     57300
     atgtcttcct cagttttgta ttgagacagg gcgtcttgct aaacctggac tttgcttaat     57360
     tccagctact ctggttaggc agcttgctct ggagatgccc tgtttctgcc tcctgagtgc     57420
     tgaaattaca tgtttctacc acccctgctt agctttttat gtgggtgctg gggatccaaa     57480
     ctctggtttg caagtgtttt ttctattgag ccatcccctc aataaatgaa gaaaaatggt     57540
     atttttagcc ttttttttca agttttacct ttgaaaagag ggatgactag gtatttgcat     57600
     aactgacaga acttttggtt gtattgaaat ttaaaagtaa cttgatgtca aggtgattga     57660
     tgcattgcac ttgtctgcac agagggttta ggtcttgact tcttaactgt gggaggaggt     57720
     acagaggttg gtgctactag gtcagctgca tccaagcaga actttgaagt tatattaggg     57780
     tgcgcgccct ggtggacagt gcttgacagt ccaactcttg ggctgagagc gctgtatatt     57840
     ttgcctaaaa tgtcagtcca aactttgtcc ccatagagct tgaatgatgg gcatgctcac     57900
     accagtctct gttgtttccc tcctcaaaga gtggcctgga tctgtagagc cacagccaag     57960
     aaagctagat ctggtaacta aattctgagc cactagataa catgatagtt ttagtacctt     58020
     tgtgtcatct tgattgttgt ggttggtttg tttttggctt tgttttcctt catgcctcag     58080
     gaactaccta acccttgaaa caatttcaaa cctattcttt actttgtaca ctaaagtcct     58140
     ccctatgaag ttctgaccag caaatattag ataaaaggtt agttgaattt agtgctgagc     58200
     accagtattg tgagctgaag ctgttgcctt agtagttgag ctgtagctga atcattgtcc     58260
     tcacacatct gcatccccag ttcctgtaga agagcctcag agataccagt ctaatttctg     58320
     tattcccata gaaaggctac ttcccttaag atccttagga ttggcttact gtgtctcccc     58380
     tgaagtttaa taagatacta ctaccttcct tagtactata gggcttactt tggtctctgc     58440
     tactctgggc aaggttcaaa aaaatctctt cactgggctt ggcttggcta taatttccag     58500
     gatgagttct ttggtgctca gaggagtagt ttgctctatg gattggggca gtcactaaca     58560
     gaaccacagt tatattccca gtccttctat tgttgttggt cctagtggtg gttgtgttcc     58620
     tagcacttat ttcagagtat cccactttag ttggtgccta tcctgtgtgc ccatgcatga     58680
     tatgcagtga gttgatgttg aaagccccca tcatcctagg cagaagacag gctatgtcag     58740
     atgtcagagc tagcatgtca acactggttg ttgtgcagta ccatcacatg gacttttcct     58800
     ttggatactg atgggagtgg gaccaccttg ggagaattgc ctgttcagcc ttttctaagg     58860
     aaggcttgct ctgcagaacc actacagatt ctagggaagt tggaatctta gaaacatgat     58920
     acctgttcat acctgacctg actactgttt tctgattccc acaatggagt gtgggtactt     58980
     aggcactcca aatggactgt gacttatttt ggacccagat agaaaaaaat ttattgcttc     59040
     ttctgtgcac agttgcagaa attcacagca tttactgcat gttttttcta ttatcaacta     59100
     atttttttct tggtacagtc tgacattttt taatgtgttt ttcattggtc catattacag     59160
     tctttactga ttatatgtac atagctgatt attatcagat acacaatttt aaaaatgtgt     59220
     atctaattat agattttatt tatatggatt ccttttattt ttagttcaga aagaaagaaa     59280
     gctagcctgc ttgcctcatg atctaagtgg tgctgtttgt tttgtttgaa ggcatagcct     59340
     atcctgtgca gctgctattg gcactgagta ctatgttggg atcagagggg taggggaggt     59400
     gcctggtgga tagttttaaa gaagtgatca taaacaaaat ggaatccatg ctcctggcct     59460
     gaaaaaactc ttgggtgaga aacatttctg tttaggagac agcttgcatg gtttgtttcc     59520
     catgaggcca gctaaccact gactgcctca tggcctgaag gaaaaggtca acagtctggc     59580
     atttcaggtg gtttattact ggcaagaatg gtgctctgtc agaaagattc agccttcttg     59640
     gagctactct agaaggtctg ctgaaaagac ctagtcctca aggtcgccca gtgggtaggc     59700
     agggacagtt caaggaagag aggggaggac aatctggttt gtataagctg gggcatggcc     59760
     aagagtgtag gaagtttcta attggaaggc taagaaggcc aggtggtcct tacttgttac     59820
     ttagcttgtt tgcatagaga cttggtttat ttgagattca agcccaagaa attggtaatg     59880
     ttaagaaatt cagccgggtg tggtggcgca cgccttttat cccagcactt gggaggcaga     59940
     ggcaagtgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca acaagtgagt tccaggacag     60000
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     60060
     aaaaattcat gccaagcatg gtgatatacg cacaccttta agttccagca ctcaggaggc     60120
     agaggcagaa atcttgtgaa ttcaaggcca gtctggtggt ctgtctacaa agtgagttcc     60180
     aggacaggaa ctgttacaca gagaaaccct gtcaaaaaat gaatgaacaa acaaacaaaa     60240
     accaacaaaa cacaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa agaaattcat actggaacag gagagatggt     60300
     ttagcagttt agtacttttc tgaaggaccc aagttcagtt tttggcatag gcatacatgc     60360
     aagccaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaata     60420
     aataaaaata aagtgagaaa aaaattcata ccaagccttt aatcccacat ctctggaggt     60480
     aggaggatca tgagttggag tctagcctgg gctatataga ttccctaccc tcccaccaaa     60540
     taaaactaaa ccaaacttac actaaaccct ttctttctat ttcagattat tttctttcag     60600
     taatcctata ttcaaatatt tattgaatat tgacccaaag tgtttacaag ttctataagt     60660
     ttatgcaaaa ctagcatgat agttacctca caaaaatcat tagtattatt tgaattttaa     60720
     attacattta tttattttgt acatgtgtgt ttgatttctc aaacatgtta atgtggaaag     60780
     agaggacaga ttctaccaag ttgtcctttg atcctatata aatagaaatt atatgtagag     60840
     ctgagcactg gtgttcatgt ctttaatcca agcagggaga caggtacata gatttctgta     60900
     ggttcaagga cagctgatct atacatacct atttccagga cattcagggt tacagagaga     60960
     ccctgtctca aaaactaaat gaataaactt tattttgaaa tacttagtta caataaacac     61020
     ttgactcagc ttgcctggtt gtggatacct ttcaaaacca ggttgttagc ataggacagc     61080
     actactggag gaacttaaga catatttggg acttctgtac ttctccctag aatgctatgt     61140
     tgcgtttagc tgtcaatgcc tcttgcatcc ctctgatcct gtgacttttc ttatttttca     61200
     tgatttttta ttttttgtgg gagagaatac tggttaaata ttttatagaa tgccccatga     61260
     tttagatttg tctgatgttt tttttttaag gtttatttgt ttgtttatat gagtgctttg     61320
     tctacatgta tgcctgcaga catatatctt ctgatgtcag aaaagggcat cagaatccac     61380
     tgtagatggt cataattcac catgagtcac catgtggttg tttggaactg aactcaggac     61440
     tccagaagag cagaacaacc aatgctgtta aacactgagc cagctttcca gtccagtctg     61500
     atgtcttctt ttttcttttc ttttttcttt ttttaaaaaa ttatttattt aatatatatg     61560
     agtgttctat cttcatgtac acctgcatgc tagaagaggg catctgatta catttataga     61620
     tagatgtaag ccactatgtg tttgctggga attgaactca gatcctctgg aagagcagcc     61680
     actgctctta acctctgagt catctccagc ccccatctga tgttttcagt gtgatggtta     61740
     taaggaaccc tatcgaatca agatgcctcc tgcatcctgt tgtagttcat gatacctgca     61800
     tgactcatca ttcatgatgt tagatgaagt tcattgtact ttactaaaat taagcctgtg     61860
     gtccatgatg ctttcaatgt gtgtcatgta atgtagtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg     61920
     ttttggaagg gactttcctg cttatccagt caaatccttc tagatgaaag atactggaga     61980
     tttgtagagt tcctgactgg tagaggttgg agctggccta taatacagac tctccagaca     62040
     gtcactatct acaggcttaa acacctctag gatccatcca aatagtggac tccttcttga     62100
     caggacttgt ttctcttaaa aaaatttttt ttttttttaa agttgggcat ggtagcatac     62160
     acttttagtc cccagcactc tggaggcaga ggcaggcctt gagtttgagg ccagcttagt     62220
     ctaaatagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatgaagaga ggtcttgttt tgttttttgt     62280
     tttgttttgt ttttaaatca aacaataaca aactaaggtt taagttactt gtatgtattt     62340
     attttactta tgtgggtatg ggcgtgtgca cagtacatgt gaaggtcaga ggacaacttc     62400
     cgggagtcat ttctttcctt ctaccagatg tgtcccagga actgaagtca attgaaagga     62460
     aaagttaaag tgcctttgcc tgctgaccca ccttactagt ctgagactgt ttttgtttaa     62520
     atcagggcta gacccctgtt tcctactgca tttggagatg gtgctttgta tcatccttct     62580
     gcacacggca agcaacactt gctgctttct cagcagggag tctgtcttgg tttttgtgat     62640
     ctttgtggtt agctttgaaa cctcaaattt gttttcaggt aaaactactg taccatttat     62700
     tgtatgacct ttgccttgag tcacatacaa atgtgagggc tgtttgaggc ttttaattaa     62760
     aaatatgtat ttctaaagac aattttgcta agtagagcag gttaacttag actcactatt     62820
     gtagtccaag ctggttgtga gcttaagatc cttcttccgt ttctgagttc atgtgacacc     62880
     atgtccaact taaatgtttg ttttcagact tgatcttttt attttgtcca tgttttcctt     62940
     aaactcacag ttgtgctgcc tcagctttcc agtagctgta attacaacac atgccactat     63000
     gtcagcctct ttgtagtttt tttttagatt gaaccaagac tggaatttct tcaggtacaa     63060
     aacttggaag acagcaggca tatcagacaa gtcagggctt tggcttgttt gtctcagtct     63120
     acagcaatgg ctcacaacct tcctaatgct gtgactctag tctgttcctc atgttgtggt     63180
     gaccccaacc ataaaattat ttccattgct actttacaac tgtaattttg ctactgttgt     63240
     gacttgtttt ataaatattt gatatgcaag atatctgata tgtgaaccct gtaaaagggt     63300
     catttgaccc ccaaaaggct tatgacccac agattgaagt gattagtaga tagtagaaag     63360
     gtagaaatga agggttgggg tgatggctca gtcaggaaag tacctgtcac tttagcataa     63420
     ggacttgagt tctgaaccct tgcatccatg taaatgccag gtaagcacct gtgaccccag     63480
     tgctgggtag ctggagacag gccaatacct gtagctcatt gtcagcccgc ccactcagtt     63540
     gttgacctcc aggtttagtg gaaaaactgt ctcaaaaaat gctgttgaga agtgattgag     63600
     gaagacaccg gatgacaacc tctgacttcg tgtatcccca catgcatcca tatttacaca     63660
     caacacacat aaaggtaggg tggataagaa gataagatag accagcactg catataatgg     63720
     ggaggtactt tgaggaaagg gtgacattat tttctggatg ctgataactg ggatcttcac     63780
     caacagtggc tgataggcag agagggtcag aggacctctg gtttgttgaa acctgtggtt     63840
     aggtacttag aattagctgc aagaatgtgg aatcccaggc tgtcctttta ttcctttttc     63900
     tggtgacagc aattctaaat tggtagaggt gtgtgtgtca tacttgtata gaaagatcta     63960
     caaatgtttc tgtgcatgtt gagaatgttt tgaaattctc ctctggactt agccatgcat     64020
     agtgacactg ttttgcttgg ttattgattt cagtgagaac ctctttatcc agaaggtgga     64080
     gcccagcagg aagatggtta gggataaaaa ctgagctctt gattgattct gctagagggg     64140
     attcctgtcc aatggccttc acccacttgg ttgaatagta ttttggggac tggttttgtt     64200
     attctcctat tttttaaaag atttatttat tatttatatg taagtacact gtatctgtct     64260
     tcagacacac cagtagaggg catcagatgt cattatagat ggttgtaagc caccatgtgg     64320
     ttgctggaat ttgaactcag gaccttcata agaacagtca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc     64380
     atctctccag ccccattatt ctcctatttt aagcacagaa tagcttctaa gtaaaaataa     64440
     aagtttgact caatccagca ttttcctttt agggtctttc aaatgtaata gtcatagtag     64500
     tatggttgta catgtataca tgggaaatgc tgggtaaaca cagtgtcttc agggctctgg     64560
     aactttatga tagaccttgt ttaggtccca aagaatcttg caccttgctt ggagagatgc     64620
     tgttgatggt aatggataat ccataccttc tgggatagaa ttgaagaaca ctaggagggg     64680
     agggtatagt gagtcaatgt gagtggatag aagcagtcta actgcagcag tgatatggct     64740
     ggaggagctg agagacctta gctcgtcaga tcatagacta ccttgttgaa taaggctggg     64800
     acactagggg aatgcctgcc tgcgcgcgca tgagcgagag agagagagag agagagagag     64860
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcactct cacacatccc     64920
     gacacacaca cactttgaag ccttgcagga aggttctttc tgcataacaa atattcatat     64980
     gttcatctta gcatttgact tggagtcctg caggccaagg ttcttgaaag gaactagggc     65040
     taaagctgga ggctgattac aaagtgccag gggcagatct cttgtctgga agggaagtac     65100
     actgtgcctt gcaggccctg aaacaacatt ctgattctcc aactagattg tggtgagaga     65160
     catttgttga atgaatttaa ttcccaagga aagattcatg tttaagtggc ggataatatg     65220
     atttcagatt agaaacacag ttattcttag ttgtcaactt caatgagagt taattaattt     65280
     tagcaaagga aaagcaagaa cctgttgcta ttattgtttt ctggttaaga ataggttgca     65340
     cttagtaaag cttctaaata gatgttctaa attttaccca agatattttg acggtgaaat     65400
     gggatttttg taaaagttta ttttatttat tttatgtgta tgactgttct catgtgtgta     65460
     tgtgtaccac atgtatgcct gttgcctaca gaggccagat gagggttttg gattccctgg     65520
     aactgatgtt acaaatgatt atgaggcacc atgtccatgt taggaactga atgtggattt     65580
     tgtgtaagag caaatgctct tactcactga tttctccagg cctggaaatg gaattttaag     65640
     tccacaggtt ggattatcat gctatttcta aaacagttct cataattact gatttcttcc     65700
     tgttctgtac acaaatctgc attctgaagg tactagttca tttatctgtt ctttagcaaa     65760
     tatcacttag tgtttaatca ctcattacaa aagaaattaa tgaacaaatg actgaatgaa     65820
     tgaacctgga agtccaaaag gcttttgaga cctcatgttt tctcattgat aaggttcttc     65880
     agaaactcat gtctgttccc accaagacca cctgcccaca tcttctcctc tctagagcct     65940
     gttctggtgg ttgttcctgc tgctccagag cattctttat cctttgtagc agttaaggtt     66000
     aaaagttgtt caggttaaga gttagtctgt cctttcctca gaaatcatca ctgttaactc     66060
     attggtaggt tgttgtgtac tggatgttgt tttgtcttgt ttccccccaa agttgcacat     66120
     ggataaaaaa aaattctcct tagagtggct gtataattga tgaaccctcc ttccttcttt     66180
     tgaaaaaggg ccttactata aactgttggc ttgactggaa ctctgtattt agaccaggct     66240
     ggtcttgaat tcagagatct acctgcctct gcctcctgag ttttgggatt tgttgggggt     66300
     ctggagttgt ctcacaaacc acatgaacac caatctcagt cagacaggga tggtttattg     66360
     aacacatacc taaagattga tcaacaaggg caacagctaa aagctttgag ctgaatattt     66420
     ctcagggcca gcttatagag gccaaaacca caaaactaca atgagctcat acacaggtgc     66480
     tagaagtgct acctggtggt cagccctgac tcaagccatt ttagaaataa cagttggagc     66540
     tggagagatg gctcagtggt taaaagcact gctgctctac cagaggtcct gagttcaatt     66600
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggga tccggtgcac tcttctactg     66660
     tgtgtctgaa gacagctgca gtgtactcat ataaataaaa aataaataaa tcttttttta     66720
     aaaaaagaag taacagttca gattgaccgt tgatgggtcc tatgtgaagc cgatagttgt     66780
     gaaatttctt aagattaaca aacctcagaa cacaacaggg tatgtatgtg gtcaacctga     66840
     ccctgttctg tgtcagtgac tggcaggcat attaccgtaa caatatgaaa tagctgacag     66900
     gcatggaaca aaatgactat agctatgcta gggaagtagc cttcaatagg attaaaggca     66960
     tgggctgtca tgactgacct gatttttttt tttttccttt taaatacctg agaaccatct     67020
     tgttcaggaa catcactacc caagcctctc tcgttgggca gaccaggctg cccatgcatg     67080
     gttaacttgc tacctaccag gtatttaggg actgaggtgc tttaccaatg tatggttcta     67140
     cagttagcaa aaataagcct ttatgtacct agaaattagt ctctaccaga gggttagtga     67200
     agctactgtc tgaagctcca gaaaacttct gatatgtgac ttgagataag gcagagaaga     67260
     aacccgccaa ttatttgttt tcttttgcct tcatatttgt ttgtatcagt gtgtttgctg     67320
     atcaaatgtt tgttacgttt agcaattttg agctgcttca tagattgata atttcttaaa     67380
     acactcagca gagcaatgtg ttgcattctt ctattgagtc tggttttggt ggacacagga     67440
     gtagtttgcc aacatgtatg tctatgtatt acatgcatgt ttggtaccct cagaggccag     67500
     aagagggcaa cagatcccct agacctggag ttaggtggtt gtgagccagc atatgggtgc     67560
     tgggaaccaa gcctgtatcc taaaaatgca tccagttctc ttaagtggtg agccatcttt     67620
     tcattcccat gaccctctgt attttcatct aagaatgaat atgtcaccag gcatggtagt     67680
     gcatgccttt aatcttagca cttgggagac agaggcaggt agatctctgt gtgttctagg     67740
     acagccaggc ttacaaagag aaaaaccctg cttcaaaaaa ccaaatcaaa ccaaaaccaa     67800
     accaaaccaa agaaacaaaa aaaagtatct cattaatttt ccatgaattt ctatttaaat     67860
     tttttttact acttttgtgt atgtgaacaa acatgtgcca tagcatatgg tgtatttcct     67920
     gttctgctca ggtacatgaa tctgggagag cagagcctaa aaatgaagtg gactaaagtc     67980
     tcatgcaatt gccaacttta ttcagagtta agaggagtca cctgagcaaa gtgtacaatc     68040
     acaagtacaa aaaccgcaca tggcaaaacc aggtttttct gtatggacat aatgaataac     68100
     aacagctgga gtcaactcac ttgtatccgg aggagacaaa cacattccaa gaataattcc     68160
     aggctattga agaaactgta gtcagaagac tcttgccatg gtttcttttc tcacaagcac     68220
     tcagaattct tggcttgtgc ttagatgggt aaaactcaga ggacagcttg taggagtcga     68280
     ttctctcttt cctatgtggg ttctggggac atcaaagtaa ggtcatcagg tttgatatgg     68340
     caagcacctt tacccactga gctatctcac tggctcagag tttctgcttc ctgagagtga     68400
     gatggttgaa ctcagtactt ggggtggggg gtgtctgacc agttgcaagt cctcagagaa     68460
     cgtcaagtgt attctaccag ttcacttaga accaggatac caaggcatag taggtaggag     68520
     actccaggag gggaggtgcc acactgactt gtccatatct ggtatgaaat tgccagtgag     68580
     gcaggctgaa cctgctgctg ctcctgctgc tgctcctgtt cctcctcttt ctcttcctct     68640
     tcctcttcct ccctctcctc ctccttttgg tggtgatggg agtggtggtt gtggtagggt     68700
     ttatctctgt agccctgatt atcttggaat gtatcctgag acctgactgg cctagagacc     68760
     tcagagatct acctgtctct gcttcccaag ttatgggaat taaggcatgt gccaacatgt     68820
     ctagctgaag cttccattct taattgcaaa agtgagtgac taggaattag ggtttttatt     68880
     ttgtttcttt tgtttttcga gatagggttt ctctgtagct ctgactgtct tggaacccac     68940
     tctctagacc tggctgacct caaactcaca gaaattcact tgcctctgcc tccttagtac     69000
     tgggattaaa ggtatgtaca accaccacct ggctgagaat gtggttctgg aaacaacaag     69060
     gtgtctgtag gacaggcata ggtttgtttg cttgtttatt tatttattta agacagggtt     69120
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     69180
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctccagagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcac caccactgcc     69240
     tggctggttt atttattttt atgtgtataa atattttccc tgtgtgcata tatgtgcacc     69300
     atatgtacat ctgttggatt tcctagaact cgggtcagag atctttgtga gccacaatat     69360
     ggatgcaggg aatcaaactg ggatcctctg gaagagcaag cagccagtga tcttaactgc     69420
     tgagtcatct ctccagcctt gaggtgtttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgct tgcttgcttg     69480
     cttgttttgt ttgcttttga tgagatcttg tcgtatagcc ttggctgtcc tggaactctc     69540
     tatgtagacc aggcttggtc ctggtccatc tgcctctgcc tctggaatgc tgaaattaga     69600
     gattttttat tattgtttgt ctttgaaatg tagttttacc cagactgatt tgctcaaact     69660
     gctggtgata ctgttaagtg ctaggggcac atatgtacac ccagctgtgg tgaatgaggt     69720
     gctctgactt ccagagagaa gagggatagt agacttgctt tttgttgctt taaatttcaa     69780
     aatttgttga gtaaccagaa acgttagctt accatgattt tgggttatca tattggcagc     69840
     aaagttgatg gggctatacc tcaagggggt gactcaccgc ctgacccaaa tcagctaggt     69900
     tttctgaaga cagcagggcc cccttggcat gtggccctct gggcagtgcg tgtcttaaca     69960
     gactgtggta acagtctgaa agagctatgt atgatgctta atcacccacc taaaaatgat     70020
     acaagatatg ctgtttctaa taacagctgt agtacaataa gcatgtagac tctacacttg     70080
     aaggcttttt tcttcaggca ttccatttcg tagctgatgc tttaaaatgt gatattgcaa     70140
     ctatcattac cttttactac agaagtaaag tcagtcatta aaaccatagt gatggttgca     70200
     tgttaggaca gcattgaggg aggtgcaacc atattggcct tgtaaaaatc acccagctaa     70260
     agatcctaac tcttgagttt tctggggctg tggagttgat gacatactgt gagctgtgta     70320
     aataatgcag tgcctgctaa gagaggtgta cccaagggtg aaggaagcag aatcctgggg     70380
     ctctttggtt ggaagtagat ggtggtattt actaaaagtg ctgctctgtg gtgtgttttc     70440
     aagtagagtg ccatccccca gttcttctag ggccacccat tgtaattctg catttcatta     70500
     atatgtaccc tgcttctgac tgctggagcc tcctatttct tgcctataaa actgatgcca     70560
     gattggctta gctcaggctt cagagcattt ttttactttc ccacaacatg ctgatggctt     70620
     cagacatgtg tcagcagcag agacatatag ttttgtgttg atttatattg aagtgctaag     70680
     taccttcaaa gaaaagttta ttttgggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg     70740
     actgctcttc cgaaggtccg gagttcaaat cccaacaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat     70800
     ctgtaacaag atctgattcc ctcttctggc gtgtctgcag acaactacag tgtacttaca     70860
     tataataaat aaataaataa aaaaaagaaa agtttatttt tacttttgac cattctatct     70920
     atttatctat ctatttattt atttttaaat ttatttttga gacatcattt tatgttttac     70980
     tatgtatccc tgactggctt agaaattgct gtgtagatca ggctggcctt gacctccgac     71040
     agaaatatgc cttccctgac tcttttctcc caaatggctt taaacttaaa tatataaata     71100
     aataaaataa ataagtttaa aaatcagcag ctggagagat gactcagtga ttaagaagct     71160
     cgttggctgc tcttccagag gacctaggtt tggttccgag agcccacatc tttgctaaca     71220
     gcagtttgta actccagtac cagggcatct gacacccttt tctgatctcc acaggcactg     71280
     catgcttgtg gtacacagac atacatacaa gcaacccata cgcataaaaa caagttttta     71340
     aattaaaagt ttaccatgtt atatatatat ggatattttt cctgtatatg tctatatacc     71400
     atgtggagtt gccagaagag ggtgtcagat cccctggaac tgaaggcata aactgttgta     71460
     aactatcatg tggatactgc agattgaact gatatctgct ggataaggct gtcaggtgta     71520
     ggaccaaatc taaacgccaa tccttcaaga ggagcacatg gtactaacag cacaagttcc     71580
     atctgagaaa ctggcaaata ttctttccca gaggctctca actagggtca aacctgttaa     71640
     ggactagatt tggtattctc acacgtgggg aaaaaatatt aatggcaatc agcaaacaga     71700
     ggcagtgacc ccattaaaca tcctagaaag aagaggatac ccttacaaca aagataaatt     71760
     aggcccaaaa gtgaacagat cttgttaaga acctactttg gtctcagagg caaggatacc     71820
     caggtctcca gaggcttgtg gctggctcct tgggagcttg gtactctata gccacccctc     71880
     agagcagaaa aaggtacaag tctcagggtt aggggtgcca gatgcagaga ggaaaagtat     71940
     gggtacacta actcaggctg aggtggtacc acttggcaaa gatgccaaaa aacccaattg     72000
     tctggacagg accagacagc agctgtcttg ccatctcctt cttacctgtt aatctccagc     72060
     aactaattca gcaaggtacc caggcttgtg cccgaggaag tgccacctag gtaccattcc     72120
     tcactttctg gtccagtttc tcttggactc ttggcacaaa tttggcagga actctgcatc     72180
     tatatctata tctctatata tatcaactgt cttcagctat cccagaagag ggcatcagat     72240
     cccatcacag atgattgtga gccaccatgt ggttgttggt atttgaactc aggacctctg     72300
     gaagagcagt cagtgttctt aactgctgag ccatctctcc agcccccact ccccaagaag     72360
     gatttaacct ggggctggag atattttaag aaagaaaaaa ggaaaaaaag gaaaaagaat     72420
     ttagcccaag tgtttcctag tttccttgct gtgaacacaa gacaccaatg ctgatgcctt     72480
     tgctttactt cacgcaagcc tgaaataaac tccattgaga agtccaaagc gggactggag     72540
     ctgtgtggct tagcagttaa gaacagccat tcttcactgc agaggacaga atctggccag     72600
     ccaattgttt gtggactgga catgggcact tttcttggga aggtagcttt ggtggcacat     72660
     ctgaactgac catgtgtttt gggggctctt gatgtctttt gcattggtcc aaatcaagga     72720
     tacatcagat gctatattct gcagtgaaaa tgtggctttc tcaatctgtt ttaagtttca     72780
     ctcttggcat tcccccaaat aaacactacc agtagtaaca aatacaaatt tcctgttctc     72840
     cagatctcag ctctcatgca ccgcctaacc tctcatttac ttgcttaggt aaactggata     72900
     ttttctgtga cacttgctgt ttcatgtgta gatgggggtt ataaaggaag ttggcagggt     72960
     ttgtgcccag taatactctg cctttttctg agtccattct gcctggtgtt tttggagtct     73020
     gctggggtag gttgtgctct gtaaagtgag cctcactctg gccagaagct gccacagggg     73080
     tcaagagcca ttggtcacac tgctccgggt aggtgctcgg acaacaggtc agtagaactc     73140
     agttcaggta cagactcatc tcgggactta gtgctcttct ctgagcttct gttctggagg     73200
     cttttattgt aaccatggaa actactcaga tgataaagaa acgaaggttc ttgaggcaca     73260
     tgcttaaaaa acacaggccc atgttagctt ctagttgttt gccttccagt gaactctcca     73320
     agggccagaa ctgtaaaatt agcagtcagg aagcatgagc tgaagatagg ctttccctga     73380
     aggcagtata agtatttatt gtttgtatct ctcaaatggt gttgatatca agatcttctg     73440
     tcccaaaaca accagtttga tgggggactg tcagacccat ttcttctgtg acctcttgcc     73500
     ctctttccag aagaatgcct gcagtttgtg gtactgtatg tgcagccatt gtggcaggct     73560
     ctttgaaact tagttgttct cgaatgtcac tcagcacctt gcagggaatg ggtcttgact     73620
     actatgaaga aacaatgttg tcccctactg gggcttccat gtggacttca gtgttacttg     73680
     gtggtagggt gcatgcttag catgtgggag gccctgggtt tggtctcaag aagctcagtt     73740
     ggctcctttc ctggattcgt tggttcaaga aatatgttgg tgcctagtta ggtcttccag     73800
     atcctaagtc agcttgccac aatctattta aggttttata tttttgctgg gtggtggtgg     73860
     cgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagt cagaggcagg tagatttctg agttcaaggc     73920
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctt     73980
     gaaaatattt tttttttaat atttttgagt taggtgtgat ggtgcacagc tttaatctca     74040
     acatttagga agcagaggca ggttgattta tgagttcgag gccagcttta gtctatagag     74100
     agttctaggg cagctagggc tatacacact ttgttttccc aagagggagg gaaggggaag     74160
     tagaaggaag aggggaagga aggagggaag aaagagaaga gagaattatg tcttgtggtg     74220
     gttcattatc tataatccac agtggattca ggagttcaag gccatcctgg cctacataaa     74280
     atcctatctc aaaacaacac caaaagttta tatctgaaaa tttccacagc atactgactt     74340
     tgctttttgg ctctttggct acacagaaaa actatggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag     74400
     actaggctgg tctcacagag atctgcctgc ctttgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc     74460
     aggtgccacc actgcctggc acacactgac ctttcttatt atgtagccct ggctgggttg     74520
     gaatttgcta tgtagactag gctgatctca gactcacaga agcctgtctc tgtttctcag     74580
     gcttctggga ttaaaggtgt gcatcaccat acctggctaa gtctagcttc ttgagcatgt     74640
     aagatttcat cacagaaaat cacttgcttc ctttttcacc agcacaaagc ttgaaaccat     74700
     taggcttacg tcaaatttat ttaatttggt ttttgttgtt agcaatatct gtaatcccaa     74760
     tgcccagttc tgtcaccctc accctcatca ctttcttcta tagagtctac tagttttatt     74820
     caaccttaga catatatttc atcacacccg ccccatacac accattgttg gggatccatg     74880
     tgctagacaa gcattctacc attgagctac tattctcctg gcctttattt catttagcta     74940
     gaagttattt catatttgtc ttctaaaaat tccagaaagg cataggtggt tctaatacag     75000
     ccttcaccag ctcctccagt tgaataacca tgcttctaca gctttatatc taagggcttc     75060
     attatgttcc ctaagtttgc ataccctggt ttacctatca cttttctctt gagcatctga     75120
     gcagttctta gattttgctg taatatctag agcaacatta gactttccgt tgctttcctt     75180
     agtggggctg agcatggagc cagggccttg gacattctag gtgagtgctt tcctgtagag     75240
     ccgtgcccgt ggccctatac ttttcttttc ttatactttt aaatctgctc ttaaaatgct     75300
     gttaactcat tttcttaggt tgaatttcta agaaacaaag taatcttgtt caatttttta     75360
     aagtttattt ttatttattt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtga gtgttcatgt gtgagggtgt     75420
     atatgtgcca tctgtggtat taaggtacta agaggacagc tcaagtgtca gtagtcattt     75480
     cctaccttgt tagatgcgga gtgtaagtgt ttgttactgt gctacttact taaggctagc     75540
     cgctctaagg gattctggag aattctgtct ctacgtccca tctttccata gaaatgctga     75600
     gattacaggc atagtagtat acttctggtt tttacctgag ttctaagaat gtaaactcag     75660
     ataatcaggc ttgaacagca caagctttta cccattaagc catgtccctt gtttaacagg     75720
     ttttgtgtgt gtggaaaata cttggctagt attgttgtgt tcctttttat tcaacttatt     75780
     aaattctaca tttgctgaag atttcactga gactttgaac actgttcagc acacaagaaa     75840
     gtgaaaactt aattttctgc tgcgattctt agatccttat tctagtcagg tggtcatatt     75900
     ttattagtaa tgtgtctggt tagcaccttc attttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     75960
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat     76020
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatctg     76080
     cctatctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggagtgca ccaccatgcc cggcagcacc     76140
     ttcatatttt tatgctttgc ctagcatgat gatagatcca acaaacccac ctgaaagaaa     76200
     agccctttcc ttctgccaca gagcaggtac agggttactg atagtggttg cttatctaga     76260
     agtgtgctgc tgctcctctg gccttccagg gagtctgctc tcaggagccc aggttcacat     76320
     actgcactgt ggggtaggca agacaccctc ccgtgttacc atctgctctc ccttctccac     76380
     tgtctccgta ctcattatgt ttgggtcaca agatgttctg tctagatttt ttaagcattt     76440
     tgcaatctta agatgagcaa ctcctttagc tcttcttggt ggctaagctt tcctttgctc     76500
     acgcttggct actgtgtgca cacctgtcct actgtgtttc cagagccctg gcttctttat     76560
     ggttctgtgt ttctgtctct gtttatcaag aaagcagtca tccttgtctg tcttagttaa     76620
     atcatacaca aacatactgc catgtttaca taaattaacc agtctactta gcccatagag     76680
     tttattgtta ggctaaagaa aaggaggagg agaaaaagga ggaaagagga agaaagaagg     76740
     aagaaagaag caacccacct tattttgtaa catgtggact catggccttt tcttagattt     76800
     agcttatttt ttctgagcag tctgctgtag tttttgaatg ggtcaccttt tggtcagtgg     76860
     caaccttaat gtactatttt acagaacagg tgggtggttt aagagatact gtgatttcag     76920
     gaccatcaag ttgtgtactt ttaaattttc ttttgggtat gctgggaatt gaacccaggt     76980
     tctcatgtat tctaggcaag cattctagaa ctgagctata gaagttttct ggagttcttg     77040
     agtgaggagg actgttagag actagcacct aagtaacttg ggtatgctga attcacttga     77100
     ttttaattaa ttcacttatt tattttgttt tgttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct     77160
     agctgttctg gaacttgttc tgtagatcag gctggcctca aactcagaga tttgcctgcc     77220
     tctactcctg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gggccactac ttcctagctt gagttcattt     77280
     tatgatagta tgtgtgtgga tgtgtggtaa atgtgtttga atagtgcagt ctaccctttt     77340
     ttttttaata tagtttttgt ctgcctgcct gcctgcctat ctttctatca atcaatcaac     77400
     caaccaatca atcaatcaat catataacaa ggtcttcctg gcctgagttt tgacaattag     77460
     acttaagttg gtaggccagt tagcacccta ggaattgctt atactttgcc agtgcttgga     77520
     ctaccaggct tggatttttc ttattgtttt tattgatttg gggagagagt taggtactac     77580
     ttactgaacc cagggcctca tgcatgctag gcacctgctt tacaactaac tgagctttag     77640
     ccccagccca cgggtttttg ttttaattct acagattgaa tttaggttcc atacttacaa     77700
     atcaagtagt ttactgactg agctatagtc ttatagttag gatagtgtca ctactatgag     77760
     gatatgccaa aggcagaact gaagagaagg catagatgtg ggtacaatgt ttacatactg     77820
     ccagtgtcgc tctgaatact tattttcttt ctcagtgact ctttcccact tccttttttg     77880
     gtgtaggatc ttgctatgta gcctaggctg gctcagaagc catgactttt tgcatgctag     77940
     ggtttcaggt gtgcactatc acacttggct tatgctttca actttaactg tgtgcttcct     78000
     ctcatctctc atatttctgt ctcattgact gttgacagtt gccaaattgc tttcccaaag     78060
     cattttaaca gtaacaccca ttttgggtgc tagccataat tgtgcgagta ttcttgcttt     78120
     agcttaagtc ttgccagcat tgggtgtctc tgtataaagt aaacatactc cagaattaca     78180
     aatgtacata caatgttatg tctgctttcc ttagcctggc cttgcagagt ggttggagta     78240
     gtgctaagag agatgtgaga atatacctga agatgagtgg ggggtggggg gggactttgg     78300
     ctccagtgaa cacccagatc agatgtactg tcctgctttc agcagtatca taaagtgctt     78360
     atacttggtt catctgctca ggacaatgga accatttgac tcttacctct ttcctctgtg     78420
     tctgcagtat gacgctgtgc ccattcagtc cagtgtggtg ctatgttcct gcccatcccc     78480
     atcaatggtg aggtcccaga ctgagcccgg ttcgtcccct ggcattccta gtggtgttag     78540
     caggcaggga tccaccatgg atggcaccac agctgaagcc cgaccaagca ccaacccctt     78600
     gcagcagcac cctgcccagc tgccaccaca gcctcgcaag aaacgccctg aagacttcaa     78660
     gtttgggaaa attcttggcg agggctcttt ttcaacagtg agtatgtgcc tctgctgctg     78720
     ttgcttgttg agcacagggt tctcttggga tcatagacta ctgagaacac ctgactaggc     78780
     aatggtttcc ctgtgcccct gtggttgtct gctgctgtgc atgccactag agtcttggag     78840
     agagtgtact tagcctagcc accacctgaa gaaagcagtg gttaaactgg attttgtctg     78900
     ttttggtcca tacctttatt tcttatactc aggaggcgga gacagagagg agtttgaacc     78960
     tggacgtttc aaggcctact tggcaacata ttaaatgcct gtctcaaaaa taaataagta     79020
     gacaaaagca tttgttgatt tatgctgtgt gttttcctgt cttaatggac aggccataga     79080
     aagctaaaag ttcctaagat tgaaagtatc agagttagta tctctctgga gacttttgta     79140
     gtattcagtg acaccccttc ccttggcctg gttttgtttg cttgtttgtt tgctcgcttt     79200
     agcacctaaa actatgaagg taagtatctg ttggagagtg gccttcagat tttttgttct     79260
     aactcccagg ccaagtaggt attgctgcag agtggtccag gcataggtca ctcacaattc     79320
     aaagcaccct ccaatgaaac agatttctgt gttccaactc cagtctgaaa taggcactcc     79380
     agggtagttc cagaggctca tcttaaacaa ccagtcttcc ttagacccaa ctttttgaag     79440
     attccatatg agaaattgtg ttctcttctt gcctttttta tttattttaa gatttattta     79500
     ttttatgtat atgagtatac tgtcttcaga cacaccacaa gagggaatca gatcccatta     79560
     cagagcgttg tgagccacca tgtggttact gggagttgaa ctcaggacct ctggcaaagc     79620
     aatcagtgct cttaacccct gagccatttc tctagctctt tagaattttt tttaaagatt     79680
     tatttagttg ttggggtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgtttttg tttaaaaaaa     79740
     aaaaggtgtc actacctagc cctcactagc ccaaagcttt tatgtagctt aagttggccc     79800
     tgattcacag agatctacct gcctctgcct tttcagtaca cccattaaag atgagcatca     79860
     ccatgactgg ctgaaaattt tttcttactc ttttttatat tcatgaaaga ttctaaaaaa     79920
     caaaagataa actctagctt acttatattt ctaacagctc atcctaaata gactttgttg     79980
     gcttttgcac tgtaagaatt acgtcttaat tagcaactct ggtaaagtaa cataggattg     80040
     tggccttaga aaaaatcctc caaccatgaa gatgactccc tgtgtctttg gtcctcgaca     80100
     caccttgcag ctagagaacc gcttgagctc tgtgggtgtt gcacttagct agagatgata     80160
     gtctgctgaa gtccttcttt tcctcagttt attctttata tttatcttca cagggctgta     80220
     ggcaccattc ttcctggtgg cacagtcatc cttattcagt gccattttga actcatgctg     80280
     tgaggcacct gggaaagaaa gcactacaag ctggaggctc cttcctggct ctgtgccatc     80340
     tgtagctctg gatctcaaat taggtgtcag actgattcat ctctctattc ttgaaatagt     80400
     gaacacttaa attggatttc caggggagga gtaaaggaca tagagttacc agattgagca     80460
     ggatattcac ttggcagagc ctgaaactag tgctagagag cagacaggct cccaagtact     80520
     ctgtcacatc caagatagta atgacatcac ccctggtgac atggaacaac acatcccatg     80580
     cacgtcttta gaagcctctg ttctgtagga aacctgctta tgaaactaag tttagaaatc     80640
     tgatcacaag ctgggcatga tggcacatgc ctttaatcct gtcacttagg aggctaaaac     80700
     aggtggatct ctgagttcaa ggccagtcta gtctacaaag tgagagctcc agcccaggcc     80760
     agccaaggtt acatctcgaa aaacaacacc cctcacctcc ctcacgcccc cagtaaacca     80820
     tggtgctttc tgactgttcc tttccttttc atacatagga gaacatctat atatgtccat     80880
     gaaggaatct gaatatatat atatatatat atatataaaa tcaatctcca tcccaggggg     80940
     aataaactac tccaggctgc tcccttcacc ctcatgcctg ggagtcagta tatacagcgt     81000
     gcttcttcag aaagtttttt gggttctttc tacttaaata cattcagtcc ttccttgttc     81060
     ctggtggcat gggcatctca gagtgctttt ccaggattgt ttctagggag ccctgtcaca     81120
     ggatgtgact tacaaccaga aggcaggtga ccctggcctg tggccgccct tttccccaag     81180
     tccggtgatt ccttagggac atgtttcatt tgcactttgg ttatcagttc atcattgcaa     81240
     gagtctttaa aaaaacacac ccatttatat ttattgacca tgttggagaa aaactgtttt     81300
     tgacaaagct gccccttgca ggctttggtt aaatcttggg cctaccagct ctttttagtc     81360
     tggtacttca ggtgtgccca gggtttgcta gttctctgtc cctgaagtgg gtggagtctg     81420
     agcacaggca gagatgtgct ctgtgtggag aacattctgg aaagatggtt tgttctatgc     81480
     tgtgttactt cttggtgcac agtagagtca tatgttcatg ctatcaaatg acatacatga     81540
     cagcaaatgt atgagaagcc taagtcaagg gcaccttttt attaggatct atattaaaaa     81600
     gacatattct ttttcttttt tcttttcttt ctttgttttg tttttttaaa gaaaggtttc     81660
     tctgtgtagc cctggctatt ctggaactta ctctgtagac caggctgtcc tcacactcag     81720
     agatcctttt gtctctgcct cctgagtggt gagagtaaag gcatgcacta ccactgcctg     81780
     gctaaaaaca cacattcttg aagtttttcc aaaggagttt ctagtagcca cttgtggtag     81840
     tattaggaca cgtcagtcaa cctaattttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttggga tagagggtgg     81900
     tgatgcaggg ttgcctctgg cttccaagtg ttaaagatac atagatgtgc actaccatgc     81960
     ctattggttc ttgaatttat actttgtact atgagaactt ttgatagctg gatgattatg     82020
     aacttttgaa aacaatggca tgatcactgt tgaccatttc atgtttgcta tcatgctctt     82080
     gttaactgtt agaacatacg aacacaagca gtggcttcct gatgtgtgtt agtacagaat     82140
     ccagtgtcac tttacatgta atttcaaatt gtgtgtgcag gctgggcagc ctatgcaagg     82200
     agacagtgac ttatcagact gatctcattg ttacattatg gttttttttt ttttttcttt     82260
     ctccctaaac taggttgttc tggcccgaga actggccact tccagagaat atgctagtaa     82320
     gtactaactc cagtgagctg tatgtctggg attcaggggt ggtgccactt ttatatataa     82380
     ggcaatctgg gtagtcgcag ggcctgtgct gattttagaa tctatgacaa agttagtctt     82440
     caaaccttct aaccgtgggt gggtggtttt gggacaactt cagtttatac cagttacctt     82500
     taaaatgtta ctgggttgtg ttgttttttg tctgtgtaca ttttctaatg ttagtaaact     82560
     cacttctttc ttaccttaag ttaaaattct ggagaaacgt catattataa aagaaaacaa     82620
     agttccgtat gtaactagag agagagatgt gatgtcacgc ctggatcacc ccttctttgt     82680
     gaaactttat tttacatttc aggacgacga aaagctgtgt atcctttgca tggtcaatgc     82740
     aaaccatggt ctgaaaacta ccttgtgttt tagattagtg gctccattgt ttgttccttg     82800
     aaatgaaagg gcacagcaca gatctctgtg tactgatctc cttggaggca atagacagca     82860
     ccagcacatg gttgaggctc accatcgtgc ccacacgttt ttttgataaa tgttatactt     82920
     aatggactgt tgttttagtt gtgcttggtg gatattgatg aagaagtgtt tcttcatccc     82980
     tctagcaaat gttctgtctg gaatgtctgt taggtattat tgacttctgc ttttaaaaag     83040
     ttgagggctt gagaggaaaa aatgatcatg ggcctcttta ggcttttgga gtcggcatta     83100
     acttctctat acccttttat atcccaagtt actgagttgt gttggaagga caacttgact     83160
     ggttattgaa gaagttcagg agtgacttac aggagcccag agtgctatct tcctgaagct     83220
     ttatgtctgc tgggctgctc agcctctcca gctcctcaga gctgttcagc ctgcctctcc     83280
     agcagagtca ccttgcgtgt atgttcattg ctgtttgtcc acattcctcc tctcctcctt     83340
     tttatttact tatttattgt cgcccccccc cccccaaggt ttcagtacat agccctggtt     83400
     gttttggaac tcactgtgta gaccatattg gcctctcacc cccaagtgct gagattgaag     83460
     gcgtgcacca acattcccac catctgcttt cacttttaat gacaactccg gcttctgcta     83520
     gatgtacctg cttgtgaatg gagaatccct tcattctccc atttcgaagt actcatttac     83580
     aggggaatac gcaaaatgct gataagggaa ggcccttttt tctttgtagg attaatatat     83640
     tttgggagag cttgtgcaca gactattaaa aactatgtca caaatgtcca ggtggcagga     83700
     tgagttggaa ggacaggtgt gagtgtctgg agtgtaagtc cttgagtcct gtagatatag     83760
     gagggcggaa gcacgtgtag cccacagtga gccagctccc cgagctgtga agtactgcta     83820
     ccagttctgg ttttcctagt acggaggagt atggggtttg ctctgactct ggttgctgtg     83880
     gtctagactt ggggaaagca aggttaggtg tctggtggtg tttgccttca gagcctggtc     83940
     tacactgtca tctgttattg agcccagaga gactgaccag tggctagatg ggagtaggtt     84000
     gtcatttgat gcatgtggtt cttgtttgag gtggacccat tctgaggagg tgatatgcag     84060
     ataagagtag ttagcacttg tccagctacc cagaagaagc ctctgggagc atggagattc     84120
     agaggccaca gatcacatag gttctgatga aggcctgccc agttgccagc ctggcagtct     84180
     agtatgtggc ctgtgcctgg ttagaggatt aacccacgag caagttattg aaagttggac     84240
     aggcagtttc ttgggggcaa agttcatgac aaaggcgaga cagcagaggc agaccaaatg     84300
     ggctctttcc agagggccta cttagagagc attggtgcaa gatccaattt atattccaat     84360
     aggagaacag gaacatcagg agaacagatg agctgatgat aatggtcttt agagcaaata     84420
     gggcttatta tattatccca gtatccctgg tcctccactt ctgctgtcaa tcacacagca     84480
     gctgtcagta gtctctttat atttcattac ttgtctctct gaacctgtgt tgcttaccct     84540
     tttatgtctc ctgtgcatga aagtacccct tttggagtcc atgaaatttg tagttaccag     84600
     atggaggtct aggctcaggc ctaaacattt ttattttatt tatttatatt ccagatgttg     84660
     ctcgctttct tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct     84720
     gtcctggaac ttactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg     84780
     tctcctttct ggtcccccct ccttgccccc attcctcctt ctcccttgct tcaaaatttt     84840
     tgacccagaa ttgttcctgt gtaaaggcct acatttttct gccagtgttc agaacaatgt     84900
     tttttattga tcttgaagct ctgttactag tcagctttgt gtcattgtta caaaatgcct     84960
     gcggcatcta ggtctttgaa aggaagagat ttgtttagtt tacagtttgg aggctgagtg     85020
     tccagatggg atgcatggtg tatggtgtag ccctgtatac agtgagtagt agtgagtagt     85080
     ggactgtgtg tgaaaaaagg atcacatctc aagccaggaa gtacagttga gtagtgtgct     85140
     tgggtttgct tctttcatgg caatcttctt tggggacttt gcaatgacca gtgagtctca     85200
     ggagctcagt gacccacaga catgtcagta aaccctgctt cttcaaagat cttaccactt     85260
     cacatttcta ctccctgaaa ccaagtcttc tcgtcctacc catccttgag acacccagat     85320
     ttcctcaaga ctggataacc aagacagagt cagtcacaaa tgcttgactt catctcctga     85380
     cacagtggta ggatggaaaa gaactttagg tctttgtcta atggcacaca ctgttcttgg     85440
     tctaagaccc aaagggtcat aatggctcct gcttgccatg agaatgaggt ccagtgactt     85500
     ctgcctcact gagaatcttt actatacatt gtattacaaa agaaaaatga aactttttgc     85560
     atgaagaaat gccagatatg agataacact gcccttcatt tagtcataat ttcaagtgga     85620
     ggagagggac tagtccttgt atattctcct tttactacct tcaagagact cgggttgaac     85680
     ccagacccat tcagaacaag ttgagatgag gcagagcctg gggacacctt agccatagat     85740
     tgaaaacaga cagatggatc agacagggtc tactgagggt tcttcatcag atatactatt     85800
     gggctctggg aaagtgagtc cagaggctag gtcaagcaca aggtttctct atcatggcat     85860
     agtcctggct tgatcagagc ctaaacagta gggaaccttc tattttactt ccagctgctt     85920
     cccaccctac tatctttgag ttcccaccag accagtctac acctgcttgt ccttgtgatg     85980
     cctcatttgt tgcatggagt caggaccatt gctttttacc agaagactag gttctggtcc     86040
     tgtccattgt tttctttgtg aacttgagtc aattgcttaa tctctcaacc agaacattct     86100
     ggaatgggga aggttataac tacagagaac catcagcctg ataaataatc ctaggcacct     86160
     actatattta agagctacaa cttgcctctg cttcccttct gagctgagac ccataggtgt     86220
     ttctctcatg ggaatcagga accagtgaag ggtcagataa agggcaaaac ctcgaagctg     86280
     gaaagagtga gaggttaccc cctgttctct tgaccccatg accaaaagtg tggccttata     86340
     tattatacct gggctcctaa ctagtgaggc tctgctgtca gcctatgtta cgccagaact     86400
     ggtggctcca tggcatgtct tagtgtttct gctgccgtaa taaaacatca tgaccatgaa     86460
     cagcttggga ggaaagggtt atttcagctt agagttccac accacagtcc ttcactgagg     86520
     aatgccaaga cagtaaatca gggcagaaac ctcaagacag gagctgttgc agaagccatg     86580
     gaggagtgct gcttactatc ttgctcccca tgacttgctc agcttgtata cccagggatg     86640
     gtactagcca caatgggcta ggccttccta caccaatcac tgattcagaa aatgcactag     86700
     agacttgcct acaggccaat cttaggaagg tagtttttca attgagagtc tctcttccca     86760
     gatgacttgt gtcaagctga cacaaaacta gccaggacaa ggcatcagcc tcccttttgg     86820
     gggatcagac aggatgcagc tgggaccaag acccatagtc atagtacata gtacatagta     86880
     ctattctatt ctccatagta catgtttcag gtctctgtca gattttgtct gagttgagag     86940
     gcataggttg tcagaattgg tcctgccagg ggcatcttta ctagctttgc ttgtagtcct     87000
     gtctcttctg ggttatttcc ttactcagag tttcaggctt cttccttggt tgtttatagc     87060
     agtgccttgg cagacaaaag ccagaaaaga gcaagaagtc caccttggct tcttgtatga     87120
     atttcaagtt tgacctcatc attgctacgt agtttagtca gcatttgggc ccttgtgacc     87180
     caggctgcca gagaagtcag tactttagtc cctgtcaaag aaggaaagca tgagtagaac     87240
     acagcacagc gcagcatgga gggaccagga gtggttattt ctcatcgccc cagcagatgt     87300
     ttcccaaata gatcaagtga cttggaaaac taaagttgtt atgaagcact gatactttta     87360
     tgcctagaag gactgttagc ccagcccatg aaatacagca agttcaggca aggctcacaa     87420
     tgtggcagtc tttcagggtt ctgttaggac ttcagaactg tgtattttaa agccattcac     87480
     atgttggtgc cttagcccta gtctattgat ctaatagcca tctagagact tcctttcata     87540
     ggccacagca tctctgggga ccatttgtct ggaagggcac ctgggtttta aaggtgctgt     87600
     ccatgttttt tagggactgt gtcttaggaa ttctgtgctg gcacctggtc ttggatctga     87660
     ccatttttgg ggcaacttat cttggagcac aggtaccttc agtttgcatt tgataaaaag     87720
     aaggttctta caggactttt aaggttgatt ttcagaaaaa tatatttttc cattcttcct     87780
     taaccacaaa acattcagat tttggcctta gttatgccaa aaatggagag ctacttaaat     87840
     acatccgcaa aattggctca tttgatgaga cctgtacccg gttttacacg gctgagattg     87900
     tgtctgcttt agagtacttg catggcaagg gcatcattca caggtaatgg acactgcccc     87960
     ggatggtgtg cacagttcct gtgatgctta gggccagtgg ctctgatgtg tacaagtgat     88020
     tgacaccagt cctctggggt tggcattggc tggccttata caaattctga tataggtatt     88080
     ttcagatggt ggctcactga gaaagctgta aacaggctgg aagtaaaagg accttgcact     88140
     ttgaaagttc atgtctaagt catcagttca acttgggtga ggtggcttcc tgtgatacta     88200
     gcagctcaga tgcttggtgc tttttatttt gtcagttgca acttttgcac ctatttaata     88260
     attctggtca cattttttat tcattttgat ataaggcaaa ttagaactgt gctttatgaa     88320
     ctaagaaaat aagttcaata gtctgttact aaaagtggta gatgaagtaa gcaaggttgg     88380
     ccattggaag ccagagttgt taagtttgta ataattcacc tgctttataa aggtaaagtg     88440
     atacagctat aaaatgattt tgacgtgcct atatcctatg ctgttgatac ttgtttgatg     88500
     tgaactttgg gcttgtgtta attgttttta gtcttgtaaa gattcatcac tttattttgt     88560
     ttccaacaaa atgttgagta tgtgataatg ctgctgcttt taacaatttc atctcaaagg     88620
     taaaattctt ttacagagac cttaaaccag aaaacatttt gttaaatgaa gacatgcaca     88680
     tccagatcac agattttgga acagcaaaag tgttatcccc agagagcaaa caaggtatgt     88740
     ttgtttgatt attatttttt ttttaacaga gccctgttct gagtgtaagg ctaagggcag     88800
     ctttgagcca catgttgcat cgtatagtta ctatcactaa tacagaggtt ccttttggct     88860
     ccttttgttc agtttgtgaa ctgtagtagt agggaaagga ccaaagaaag ctctgctagt     88920
     tcttgcttgt tccttagagc atcatgtcag gtcacttgtg aacttagggg tagcgttgat     88980
     ggcacctata tatacttcag gtggtgtctt gtggagcaca tcctggattc cattgccttc     89040
     ctctcaccta tccttctgtc tgcccatcta atttgcagag ctgcctgtga cagcccaggc     89100
     agcctaagga aggttctagg aaaattttac ctgtttataa tcaccaaatt tccaagtcct     89160
     gttcagagtt agcatatagc attggatcat tttctaatgc ttttactatc aggggaatct     89220
     ttttagtcca gaaaagtagg atggctttca ctaacatcct caggagatag aaaaactgcc     89280
     catctggagg tatagaaaag agaacagtta gaggactgag gactgtgcca tagcattgag     89340
     taaagacagt gactcaccaa tgatgcttgg gggtgggggt ggggggaaag aaagctggaa     89400
     agttaataat gaccttgtaa aggatctttg attctaagat acatgcgatt cttcagagct     89460
     gcctgacctt cttgcctata gttggggtct caatgtaaga gaaaaagact attaaggaag     89520
     gtactgtggg atatggttgg ccacaggctt ggagcagttg tgttaatgga aggaagagtt     89580
     gataagaact ttgtaatatg tgcttttatg gctatgacta ctttttggaa gagaacatac     89640
     aagagcatag tgcagtagac ttttgtcctg tctccacaaa tagcaagcca atacgtggga     89700
     gccagagatg attgcagcag gggctaaaat agagtccagg taatgaaaca ggttttgttc     89760
     acatggtgct gtaggagatg gcctgctggc ttcccttcat ggaactttgc tgttcccatg     89820
     catgctcttg gtcaaattgt atatgttctt tacttctgta ccctcctcct gtactggtaa     89880
     catatttata ccaccctttg gagatagcag gccttgtctt tgaggaaaga gactcgcata     89940
     ggaatagcac tgtgcccttg ctgcaccttc ttccctgctg atatgccctg atacctgtgt     90000
     ctgattgact cattcctatt aagtagtagt catctgtctg gccagcaaag ctgactttat     90060
     aggctcggga taaccttgta gtcctgaacg ttatccattg aaaagttcaa ccaaagctgg     90120
     gtgtggtggc gctcgccttt aatcccagca ctcgtgaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga     90180
     gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa     90240
     ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttcaaccaa atagccatct     90300
     ttttagctct tctttgtcgg gagagtctgt ctgttttcta atcgtgccta tgctgacttt     90360
     tcctgcctga aacctggaac taggctgtat ctgtgatcct gaatgcactg tttagatgag     90420
     ctgtgctttg ggcatttctt tctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt taaagattta     90480
     tttattatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggagtcag     90540
     atcttgttac ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tctggacctt     90600
     cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc accagccctg ggcatttctt     90660
     tctttgtgta gattttcttc agaatttgat aattcagcat aacactaatc ttattactct     90720
     gtaatcactt taaaaagtat aaaaatgtag ccctgctcta tctgccacat ggaagctgag     90780
     ttctcacgct cctcaggagc ctggagtaaa tgggagatgg acctctgaga tgggttcaga     90840
     gcagatgata ttcaccctta gcttgaagat ggctgtctca ttggccaaga ttataggcag     90900
     tggaatgtag agggtcctct ggtctagaag cctaagtctc attgctgtac tattcttgag     90960
     tactgaaact agcggtgact aaaaagagga tggtttctga tctgtagctg tttggttttg     91020
     cctcttgtgt gttctgtgta tatttaggtg ccacaggtcc aacgaagtgt accacagaca     91080
     ggacccttgt ccttacgttg ctttgcttta gtgacaaggt gatggatgaa tatgatgaat     91140
     acctcctgca gttgggtgtt aggtaggagg tgttccgtgg ataggatcca gtatctttag     91200
     ggagggtcct ttgatggcgc agtctattcc aggtgaccag ttaagctgat gaccagcttc     91260
     catctgtata gttagatgtg gataccttga aaaataaaca agaagggcag tgtggtgggg     91320
     ggccagggat tgcattttca agtgtgacat ttcttcttcc ctccccactt tctagccagg     91380
     gccaactcat ttgtaggaac agcacagtat gtttctccag agctgctcac agagaagtcg     91440
     gcgtgtaaaa ggtaacttgt tttaatacaa ctgcccttct cttctctctg tgatatctac     91500
     tagatttagt cataaggaat tactatttga aagagagact ttagtaggtc ttaactagtg     91560
     aagtatgagc ctggtacagt gataaatccc ttatactccc cgtatctcag aggatgagtt     91620
     aaggaggatc atgagtacaa atccagactg ggatacatgg taaaaccttg tggctgaaca     91680
     aacaaaaatg gttgggctta atggtgcatg cctttaattc caatactctg agttagaggc     91740
     aggtatatct ctgaattcaa agccatttta gtctatatag caagttccag accagccaga     91800
     gatacatagt gagatccaaa gacatcagac ttcttttttt tattgacatt tgctttttat     91860
     ttgatatgta tgcattcgct tttataattt ataattcctt gctgattatt gctttttggg     91920
     tagaaagcca tccagtggac aaatgtggct gccataccac aggattatag tagacatgta     91980
     gtgttgtggg ttctttagag atggatagaa gccctggagg gacaaaagga agaaatttct     92040
     agcccagagc atataagtcc tagagtaggc ttggcagtga tcatagcatt gaggtttttt     92100
     gagagatgca gctggacctt ggtggtggtc tcattcatga ataggagaag cattaaatgt     92160
     gtagagtgat gcagagaccg gcactggaat aggtgcctgt ttttgttttg ctttttatgt     92220
     gagggtgttt tgcctacaag tatgtctgtg taccaagtgc atgtgtgagg cccatggaga     92280
     ctacaagata acatcagata tgttggaact ggagttagga tggttgcaaa acaccaggta     92340
     agttctggga atggaaccta ggtccacgga atagcaatca gcactcttaa ccacggagtc     92400
     atctctccag tctccaagag atagggattc ggtccatcca cccatccacc cacccatcca     92460
     tccatccatc catccaccca tccatccatc acatctatcc atccatccat ccatccatca     92520
     catccatcca tcacatccat cacatccatc acatccatca catccatcca tcacatccat     92580
     ccatcacatc catcacatcc atcacatcca tcacatctat ccatcacatc catcacatcc     92640
     atcacatcca tcacatccat cacatccatc acatccatca catccatcca tcacatccat     92700
     ccatcacatc catcacatcc atcacatcca tcacatctat ccatcacatc catcacatcc     92760
     atcacatcca tcacatccat ccatcacatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca     92820
     tccatccatc catcacatcc atccatcaca tccatcacat ccatccatcc atccatccat     92880
     cacatccatc catccatcac atccatccat cacatccatc acatccatca catccatcac     92940
     atccatcaca tccatccatc catcacatcc atcacatcca tcacatccat cacatccatc     93000
     catcacatcc atccatcaca tccatccatc acatccatcc atcacatcca tcacatccat     93060
     cacatccatc acatccatca catccatcac atccatcaca tccatcacat ccatccatcc     93120
     atccatccat cacatccatc catccatcac atccatccat ccatccatca catccatcac     93180
     atccatccat ccatcacatc catcacatcc atccatccat ccatcacatc catcacatcc     93240
     atcacatcca tcacatccat cacatccatc catcacatcc atcacatcca tcacatccat     93300
     ccatcacatc catccatcac atccatcaca tccatcacat ccatccatcc atcacatcca     93360
     tcacatccat cacatccatc acatccatca catccatcca tcacatccat cacatccatc     93420
     acatccatca catccatcac atccatccat cacatccatc catcacatcc atcacatcca     93480
     tcacatccat ccatcacatc catccatcca tccatccatc catcacatcc atccatccat     93540
     ccatcacatc catcacatcc atccatccat ccatccatca catccatcac atccatccat     93600
     cacatccatc catcacatcc atccatcaca tccatcacat ccatccatcc atccatcaca     93660
     tccatccatc catccatcac atccatcaca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccacc     93720
     catccatcca tccatccatc cacttgttta tttgtttgtt tgtttgttta gagaacagag     93780
     attagagagt aaagaaggga cgttctagcg ggagacaatg acctaaggtc atgctagtca     93840
     aaagcactgt cttaagagac taaggagcaa tcttagggta tagattcatg acttgaagag     93900
     caggtacagg agatagattc tgttccttga agatatggct aggtgcttct tgtattgagc     93960
     taaactggtt tgtatctggt ttagccccag ctgcgtggct ttttgtgagg atcctgtcct     94020
     agcagtttgc acagctttcc ttcctgtcat ttcttcctag tatggtgagt gtgtcagctc     94080
     caggctccag ggagtcaggc acatgagcca tcagtatgca gggaggtttg ctgtatggag     94140
     ttcatgttct ctatgatata taaaacatgg atagaggaaa ttgtgcagat ggaacagtgt     94200
     tttgagagag ccatcactgt gtctctagct tttgaatttt ttttgaaaaa tttttttaaa     94260
     gatgtattta tttattatat gtaagtatac tgtagctgtc ctcagatacc ccagaagagg     94320
     gcatcagatt tcgttatgaa tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactcg     94380
     ggaagagcat ttggcactct taaccactga gccatctcgc cagcccctag cttttgaatt     94440
     ttaagtcttg tgaagctcac taaaatattg agtctttttt tcctaacaat ttataggaat     94500
     gcctataaat tactataaac tatagaaaat tagtctctgt atgtattttc gcagataatt     94560
     ggtacttttc ttatcatttt tttgtgtgca ttttttgaat gttttaagtt ttcaaacaca     94620
     tgcagtccat atagtatacc cagtatgagt tctcttggtt tcatgatgat gcatctcctg     94680
     attcattaag agtatctgta tacatcttta ttccagctgt gcattttttc tcttgcatta     94740
     gagtatcata atgtattgag ctgtcctgtg ggtagtgctg atatgcctgt atgtaccttg     94800
     gggatgacac aggcacttgg cctcagggtt accctctctt ctgatgaaac agagctggag     94860
     ctctggagtt cctacttcaa ggttattcca cagaggagat gctccctaaa cccttactgt     94920
     tgaagttccc agattggggg gcggggtgca ggggacggga ctttgaaagg ccctgggtgg     94980
     tttctgcttt ggtgtagcta ctttgctact tttttttttc tttcaagaca gggtttctct     95040
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctct gccacctgag     95100
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccacgc ccggcagcta cttggctact tgattttctt     95160
     gtttcactcc ctgtttcacc tagacaaaga ctagagaaaa tcaggcatac aaaatagtaa     95220
     gatagggctg gagagatggc tcagtgctta agagcactac tggttgttgt tccagaagac     95280
     ctaggttcaa ttcttagcac ccacatggtg gttcacaaac atttctaact ctagtcacag     95340
     aaggtctgaa accactcttc tggcctacaa aggcatatat aatacatgtg gtgcagatac     95400
     atacatacag tcaaaatata cacagaaaat agaacacaca cacaaatagt gaggtgggca     95460
     tggtagtgca tactttagag gtaatcatag catatcaccc tgcggtgaca aagctgtctc     95520
     ttccagcccc attgcctagt cacgggagct tctccctggt tagcattttc ttcagctccc     95580
     atcttacctg atttgtagca gcctggcgtg gcagcatgtt ggcagtgaat tatgctcttc     95640
     tttcagaatg agaaagggac acatgggaaa gttgttaccc tgcagtagaa gtgacatctg     95700
     caggggagat ggtacctgtt tctgtcaagt atagtaccat ctgactccgg tcacagggag     95760
     attagatgcc caggaaacaa acgaaaactt cagcatcact ggtcttaagc atccctggtc     95820
     ttaaggaata ggagtaaagt ggaggctgga gctggggtgg tatagacaga gactataaaa     95880
     tttgtcattt aaattatacc aatgccattt ttctttgtgt tttccctacc ttaaagttca     95940
     gacctttggg cccttggatg tataatctat cagctcgtgg caggactccc accattcaga     96000
     gccgggtaag aggggtcctg tacatttcag aggtctgagc ttaccaccac acaccactgc     96060
     caacagctac tggttgtacc cagttggggc agaagttcta ccacagctca tgaatgagtg     96120
     gtgcttggga cctttagtaa gatctggcct gggaggtgag ggtgactttg ggttgttcta     96180
     taaaagtaca agtagtacta gagatttgaa aaacccttgc ccaaataaca gctgttcttt     96240
     ttttttttaa ttcacaggaa tgaatatctt atatttcaga agatcattaa gctggaatat     96300
     catttcccag aaaaattctt ccctaaggct agagatcttg tggaaaaact cttggtaagt     96360
     attttgaatt ttcctgggca ttcttttgaa agatgtgttt acagtggtta tatagtcatc     96420
     atttttacct tacctcatta tattcccttt cacttttcca gcccctaatt cttgacttta     96480
     gtaagacagg aaatttaagt gattgccact gagtgggttt atcccagtga cagatggctg     96540
     taaatcttac ttcagtgaca tctgccaatg ccaactttag agtttaagct acatgaagat     96600
     tttaaagatc aaggtaacaa ggcagaaaca gatttactct agaaagatgt gccattttta     96660
     tgttcagaag ctgtggattg cagccctgtt tgcttccttc ctaaaccttt aggagtcagg     96720
     gccagtcctt tattcctggg tagacccagg ttgcttcttc ttaaccatcc ttctgaattc     96780
     ttccttcact tccctcagta gagaatgggt ttaaatcagc cttgcaggct taggagtgac     96840
     tctgccatag cctttgagag gtatatttca cccagtaaaa gcctgattgt ttattttctt     96900
     tgatcttaga gtcagttaat tttttttgtt gtgttagaat ttttatttta ttttaagttt     96960
     taagagagag acttgctgtg taggacaaaa gttgtcctaa atgcttgaca gtgctcccgc     97020
     ctctgcctga gtgctatgat tatagttata caccaccatg tctgggtttt ttggaactta     97080
     ctttttaaat caggctggcc ttgaactcaa agacatcatc tacctctact tcacctcacc     97140
     tacccagcag catttttgtt ttgttttgtt tccaatagtg tttcttcccc cccttttgtt     97200
     tgtttgtttg ttttccgaga cagggtttct ctgtattgtc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac     97260
     tttgtagacc gatggccttg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg     97320
     attaaaggca tgtgccacca ccacccggct ctttccctct tttttaaaat atttttattc     97380
     tttaagaatt tcagacatat tttcaacata tacactcccc aactccatta ttaccctccc     97440
     aatcccttcc cagttttgaa attcctctgt cccttcccct tccccttccc cttccccttc     97500
     cccttcccct tccccttccc cttcctttcc cttccccttc ctctttctct cttcctctct     97560
     ttctctcctt tacccccatc aagtccagtt taggttgccc agctagtctt gggagtgggg     97620
     cctgctctgt gtgtaggcaa cctaccaggg ggtcacatca ttttataaca ttttgagctg     97680
     cgggctttaa aaagatactt gttgtcctct gtattttgag gttgagattt gcttttacct     97740
     gtggaaagaa aggggcagtg ccttggtctg aggcaagagt cctagttaat cttgactttt     97800
     ttctgccatg gcatgaacag gcctggggat ggaccacagt gtcccaagcc tttccagtag     97860
     gtttcagggc ttgaaaacac ttccacaaaa taaacaaaca agtaattaca tttcaaccct     97920
     tgccttgaca tgtcttggct atcatttaag gttttagatg ccacaaagcg tttaggctgt     97980
     gaagagatgg aagggtacgg gcctctcaaa gctcatccat tctttgagac catcacttgg     98040
     gagaatttgc accagcagac acctccgaag ctcacagctt acctaccagc catgtcagag     98100
     gatgatgaag actgctatgg caacgtaagc tggcagacat ggggtgtagc ccaggcaaaa     98160
     gaaattctgc ttgccatgct atgtgaatat gactccttgg gaccctaatt tgtgttatta     98220
     ctggttgaaa tgtgtgagtg attgttgtgg acctggtgat ggttgactgc tttgctgtaa     98280
     taagtaaatg cccagcatac cttgtgtagg ctgattcctg ttcttattcc tcagcggatg     98340
     agcttttacc tgtttggggg atagatggga ggcaggatgt ggtctggacc tgtagatgag     98400
     aaagtagtgc cctgctataa ccctcactgc ctgacactgg gtcttctgga aagctcagcg     98460
     ttgctagttt gtggctcgga gattttctga ttatttttta aaaatgctct ggaatgcttt     98520
     ttcattttac caagagatcc cagaatgcta ttgatttagt ttccaggaat gtgatgtggg     98580
     aagatccctg tagcttgatg cttagcagta ggtgcctact ctgtttccag gggtaccacc     98640
     tgggtttgtg ggcagttgct gtcactggct tcaaagcagc ttgtcttgaa aacagacaca     98700
     agatcttaaa tatactttgt ttttaaaact tcctctcttg ataactggga aataccagca     98760
     aaaaaaaaca gataaaagaa accacagcgt gcttccatgg tttcagtttt acttgcccag     98820
     actcttcttt cattatgacc tttatatatt tttttaatag tttattgatt caaatcagtt     98880
     ttcctcattt gatttctgtt ttcttggctt gttttaacca gttgccatgc atagaattct     98940
     gttcaactga ctgagcaatt ctaacattta cctaaaagcc ttccaaagca gccagggttg     99000
     agggaaaggg ggtgtgatcc cagcattcag aaggctaagg catgaagatt gaaagctgga     99060
     gctggagaga tgactcagtg gtgaagagaa ctttctctcc ttccaaccac tgtgagtttg     99120
     attcctagca accacaagtt ggcctacagc tgtctgtaat tttagttcca gaagatccaa     99180
     catcttttct gccttctggg agcactaggc acacacctgg tgcatctgtc tgtctatcta     99240
     cctgtttgtc tatctagatc tatttctaga tggatggatg gacagatgga cagatggaca     99300
     gacagacaga tgtacaagcc aaagtcctgt atacataaaa tagtaaatat aaagattgaa     99360
     agttcatggt cagtctggct acaaaggtag gcactgtctc agaacaaaac aaacagaaaa     99420
     cccaaacaaa ggtcttctaa aactacatta aagccattgc tatttggcat atctccattt     99480
     ttttcctaaa atgttctttg tgcccagact tttagggaat gaaactcaag tgcatctata     99540
     ctgacattgg ctagtttctg tgtagtgtgc tatctgcaga gaacgtaggc cctgagccag     99600
     gagttcctgc ccctatcccc aaagcctctt aaatgctcct gagtggtggt gtccttctgg     99660
     gtcatgtcat ggagtgctgg tggaatcctc cctactagga ctgtcatcct tttggaagtt     99720
     aaccaggaat gggaggcagt cctacagctt atggtctctg tgccttcttc cctctactca     99780
     aaagggcagc tattttttaa ggaacgcata agctccatta tcttcaatct cagcagccag     99840
     gagtgtttct tcatgtgtgt ttgtacatgt ctatgcatct gaacgtctct acaggcctgc     99900
     tctgcactgc tgaggacatg gcgttttttt attgaaagct ttgacttcta cctttataac     99960
     ctggttctga gtggcagcaa tttggtggtg ttgggtggct gctcagctct ttcagtgtgg    100020
     tttaaggact gtgtaagcat ctaggcagat agtttcctgt accagagttc acctttagat    100080
     ggtgaaattg gtcctgggga gtgctggaac cgacggcgtc tactctgaag gtgctccttc    100140
     tacaaggtta gggccgctca gtgatgtgga gaggcagctt tgtgctggtt ttaagttcag    100200
     tgttggctac aggaaagtga ctctgagctt caatttctgt gtcagagatt gaagccacat    100260
     actggttctg aaagtttttg tggggatacc tctccctcca gtagaagtat ggtagtcatt    100320
     tctgtaaatt gaagcagaga catcattcct ctcactgggg aaccttcatg aaggaagtgg    100380
     agacagtgct agcgtgtgaa tctgaagtca gcagatggag cagtgactgc cgtgggactg    100440
     agggccactg ggcaacagca aggaggtgga cacggggctt gtagaatctg cagagggtaa    100500
     gggctgatct ctgtagatct gtagccaggg ctctctttct ggaaactcag ggtatggaat    100560
     gcagggctca agagtgtgag acctgtacct agcatagcta tctgctcagg gtggccatac    100620
     ctaactttag catgttcaaa aatctttgcc ctgtcattgc ctggaagtgt gctagatagg    100680
     ctgtgggccc acgtggcatg ttgtgaatag ttctgctttc tgtgtcaaca ttggcttgta    100740
     tttttttgtt tgttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactct    100800
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    100860
     ctaaaggtgt gcgccaccac gcccgtctgg cttgtttttt caaaaacaaa tgtaagctat    100920
     gcagtgactc taaaacctaa gatccctgga ctaaaaggaa agtgtacttg attactgaac    100980
     tccctgccag gagcatggct tggggtgctg tgctgtgtga gggtcccagg ttccttttcc    101040
     ctggagatga aggatttggt tggtatagcc cctctttgac ctctgtttct atcagaagag    101100
     gaacctgtag cagaaagtcc agccttgctt tggttcagtc gcccaatagc tgttggaaga    101160
     gaatctgtct atttacatca aaagggaccg gtagtccatc tgcctttggc gtgtatttaa    101220
     gcttgccagg ttatgagtgg ctgtgggggc caggcaatgt gggagggttc tttggcctta    101280
     aagacaaatt aaggtagctt tctcttctcc ttcttccctg cagtacgaca atctcctgag    101340
     ccagtttggc ttcatgcagg tgtcatcctc ctcctcttcc cactccctgt ctacggtgga    101400
     aaccagcctg ccccagaggt cgggcagcaa catagagcag tacatccatg atttggacac    101460
     taactctttt gaactagact tacagttttc agaagatgaa aaaaggttgt tattggaaaa    101520
     gcaagccggt ggaaaccctt ggtaagaact ataggcatta gcagccctgt ctagaataca    101580
     ggatgcccgg ggagcagaca tgggctgggt tagttgtcct tgactcacct ctccagtgct    101640
     tttcaaagaa acaaagttcc caggttatta ggagacttca ggaacggggc ttgaattaca    101700
     ttgtttcttt gacaattttt tttacatgtt tttacatctt taaaaaaata aaaattaaaa    101760
     aataaattaa aaaaaaatct gggtggtggt ggtgcacgcc tttagtccca gcacttggga    101820
     ggcagaggca ggtgaatttc tgagttccag gccagcctgg tctatagagt gagttctggg    101880
     gcagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaatta aaattaaaat    101940
     tgtaagacat atatatacat acatacatac acacatacat acatacacat atatgtatat    102000
     atatgaaatc cattctctat cctgccaaca ttttctttac aatgtccatc caactggttc    102060
     cacttttaaa tctgagtctg ctgaaagggc ttcagtattt ttacctggca ccccaccact    102120
     cttttttttt tttctttttt tttggacaaa gtcaaaaggc ttttttgaca aggccactat    102180
     gtagaccaca ctggcctcaa aatgatacaa atctgcttgc ctctgcctcc caaatgctag    102240
     gattaaagat gtgtgccacg atgcctgact ttttttcttc tagtattctt atgctattta    102300
     aactaatgct aatttaaact ttaaattttt aagtttattc tttgataatt ttatacatgt    102360
     atataatata ttttgagtat atctatcccc attacacttc aacatttttt gtggcaatga    102420
     gctctctcag gaatatgtat ttgggtgtaa tgggacgagg aaaactgagg gcttgttaag    102480
     gcaggaggga agaatgtaca agactcagga gacttgtgag gaggaagaga acccttagta    102540
     gcttttcctg agggatgcag gtggctagga ctagaatgtt ttaccaccaa aacgtatttt    102600
     ctctagaaaa attaaatgag gatattggct cctagagata atctacaatt ccaaggagtt    102660
     tgtctagtaa ctcctttcct aaggtgctag tactattaag gagaggaaag gatttttgat    102720
     tttgctcttt ttatttatca ctttaaaaaa gatttttaaa aagttaagtg tgtgtgtgtg    102780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttttctcagg tatatgaggt    102840
     atgtgagtgc aggtatgtga ggaggccaga agtgctgggt cccgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg    102900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttttca ggtatgtgag gtatgtgagt    102960
     gcaggtatgt gaggaggcca gaagtgctgg gtcccctggg gctggagtaa caggtgctgt    103020
     gagccacatg atgtgggtgc tgggactgaa cttcgggccc ttaggagagc tataaatgct    103080
     cttaaaggcc gatccatgac tcagctcctt atttgttcat cttttaatta acgaggtttc    103140
     attatggtat tcccacatgt gttttgtttt tattgattct ccctcccatt cctttgccac    103200
     tcccagattt gtactcctcc tacctccagc agtgtccgtt ccactttcag atgacatgta    103260
     ttctcttttt gattgttttg ttttgttgag acaggctttc tctgtgtgac ccaggctgtc    103320
     ctggaactct tgtctctgcc tcccgagtgt tgttgggctt aaaggcgtgt gctaccactg    103380
     tctggctcag attatattta ttctcttacc cctaacccta acccttttga aacttccctt    103440
     acccttcctt agcctccctt aagactttcc tttacccctt atggttctct ttctagtttc    103500
     acaacctaca cttgtcctca aaagtcccca ccccatacat gtgcacacac acacacacac    103560
     acacacacac acacacacac tagaattagg atctgcacgt gagagaacat gatttcttgc    103620
     aactcttttc ttcttgtatt ttgagataca gtcttaccgt ggcagaatga agtgtttatc    103680
     ccaaggtagc cttaaacttg tgacaatact actactttag ccatataagt gttatagtta    103740
     caggtataag ccaccgagga ccactttttc acatccattc atcctttgat gcagacgagg    103800
     cttgttccat tttcttgctg atgtgaataa tgaaatagta agcatggacg tgcatctgtc    103860
     tctgtgatgg acactctcgg aatatcctag gagtgacaga aggggatcat atggcagttc    103920
     aagttttagt tctgtcttta agattttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttcatgt gcttgtatct    103980
     gccacatgtt tgtgggtacc tgaagtgttc aagagagtgt caggtctcct ggagctggag    104040
     ttataggtgg atttgagcca tctgatatgg gttgtgggaa caatgcttgc tgtcctttgg    104100
     aaagaacaga gtatgttttt aatcattggc catctcttca gcccctataa ttttattctt    104160
     ttgagagacc tctatactaa tttctactct gtacacagta agtaagagtt cttctttcct    104220
     ctgtgaagcc ctggctgtcc tggaacacac tatgtagacc agactgtcct cacacttgga    104280
     gacctacctc tagcgtctct gcctccagag tgctggtgtt agaggtgtcg tcaccaccac    104340
     ccagcatcat cctttgtttt cttggtagct gttctaactg ggatgagata agatctcaaa    104400
     atagtttgaa tttacatttc cctagtggat gttgaatact tttttaaaac ttgtattacc    104460
     catttatctt tcttcttttg agaactctct agttccctaa acttacttat tgatctgaag    104520
     tttggatttt ctaagtgttt aattttatag ttctttacat attctagaca ttaacccctg    104580
     tgtgaagtgt ggctagtaaa gattttctcc cattatgaaa tctaaggaag attttgatca    104640
     aaataatttt agctgttagg tacagtgctg agtcagggct tcctgggctt ctgaaccctg    104700
     aatccccagc tgccctgctt tctatagcct cgtgtaggag cccttcctct tagaggctgc    104760
     tcagaagcac tgtctccatg ggtgtgtgtt tcagctcttc tggggttttc ccctctgcct    104820
     agggctgtga gtgccagaca gagcaggaag cctgtggtct cttggctgct gtctttagtt    104880
     tggggattct ctatcctttc cagtcttaag ccaagtggtg gtagtcccag cattcaggag    104940
     gcaggggcag gctgatctct tgagttttgg ggctaacctg atttacaaag tgagttccag    105000
     gacaaccagg gctatgtaga gaaaccctgt cttaaaaaaa caaaaacgat ttcagttcta    105060
     tgtggaaagt gatgcctctg cagagcttca gggatttcct atccttcttg tgacaaaatt    105120
     aatatgttaa atgctaagat aatatttatc tttttctcac tgttatttgc tgctaatatt    105180
     atgcagtgga gtttttcagt gatcacatac tgggtggaca ttatcttgac agtacattga    105240
     atgcatgtac atgttatttt cttggaattt tctgtagtag aattatggct taaagatgtg    105300
     tatttttgag attactatat cctaacagtt tcactatact ctaacctagc aatcttcagt    105360
     tatacctact atagttaatt tgtaatttta atcatctagt aagtcattac tttaaaattc    105420
     tgaccattca tgtgcctata cagaaataca agtaaagttt gttgctctgt tttgtaataa    105480
     tattaaaaaa atatattaaa gtactattaa acatatgtaa gttttatcta aaccagtaac    105540
     atttgataca tttataatgt caccatttaa gtctttaaaa gatgtaagtg acaatggaga    105600
     tggatcagtc agtaaaattc ttgcagtaca accctgagga cctaagttca agttctgaca    105660
     accacataaa gaattaggtg tgggggaggc agagagagta tgctgtctgg ggcttccagc    105720
     cagccagtct agccaaattg gtgaactcta ggtttggagg agagagcttg gaaaaatggc    105780
     tcaatggcta agaacagttg ttgctcttgc agagaactca gattcaattc ccagtaccca    105840
     tatgatggct tgcaaccatc aataactcta gttcttttcc tgactgtcac aggtaccagg    105900
     catatacatg atataggctc atgtacataa ataaatctta aaaaagataa ggtggtatcc    105960
     tagtcattgt tctattgctc tgaagagcta ctatgaccaa gacaactttt atgagagcat    106020
     taattaaggg ctagtatcat tatcatggtt gggagcatgg ccccatgtgg gcaggttgga    106080
     gttggagcaa tagctggaag ctttacattc tgatcttcag acacagagag agatactggg    106140
     ccagctgtgg gcttttgaaa cctcaaagtc tgcctctaat gacacacttc ctccaaaaag    106200
     gccacacctc tgttctttca aatagttcca ctccctgatg actaagcatt caaatagttg    106260
     agcttttggg ggccattctc attcgagcta ccataggtaa agatacacat aaaacaaaca    106320
     aacaaacaaa caaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa ggagatctga tgcgggagat acctgatatt    106380
     gaactctgac ctgccacaca cagatttgag ttttctgaag aaaacatggt tgtaagaact    106440
     gcagagccca aactgtccac catcacagag gaacaaatgg taaggaggct gtagcatagc    106500
     cataccttct aaagatatca gaacaccata gaaccagggt ggcaatccac tgaactagaa    106560
     ttagcctacc tagtctagca tagaatcact gtagagagcg tgctctctat gatatgcaaa    106620
     ggaggcatct cacagtgaag agagcatttc tgaaaatcac tgcaagaaag tacactgggg    106680
     aaaagtaggc atataagaga tggggaagat ccacaaatga agcactggcc atcacattcc    106740
     tttcaagaac attgaggacg tgcctttcat catcaggaac aagaccagtg acactgttgc    106800
     agatggctat ttcagcaaat tactggttta aaaaacaaga aggatgtact taagatatgg    106860
     cccagtatag agtaaatcat ttgtaggcat gtatatgagt gcatgctaat aaataaattt    106920
     tttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cataccacag agcatgcatg gaagttaggc ttattggcaa    106980
     gggccattaa ttactgagtc attttgcttt tgtgtttttt tgtttgcttg cttgattgct    107040
     tgtttttcct gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gttttagaac tcactttgta    107100
     gaccaagctg gccttgaact cagaagtctg cctgtttctg cctccccaag tgctgggatt    107160
     aaagtgcact attaaagatg tgcaccacca ccgcctggca tgtttattat ttttagttaa    107220
     ataattaaag ctgggatggt gatatatact tataatccca gcacataaag gcagaggcaa    107280
     gaggattgag gccagccaac tctgtgaagg ttctaggcaa aacaaaacaa taaaacaaag    107340
     gtgagtaagt acttaaaagc acgtgttaaa gttttctgga ctatgtattg gtagttacag    107400
     tccagggaaa ataatgataa taatgctaac atcccttcaa tgttagagga gagtgtaatt    107460
     catgaggcct gtgctggaga gagggttcaa tggctaagag cactggctgt tcttgcagag    107520
     ggcacaggtt cattttccag caaatagtgg ctcacagcca tccattaact cttttttttt    107580
     ttttaagatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta    107640
     tttattgtat atgggtacac tgtaactgaa catatggttg tgagccttca tgtggttgtt    107700
     ggggattgaa tttttaggac ctctgcttgt tctggttggc cctacttgct ccagacgcac    107760
     cagaagaggg catcagatct cattatgggt ggttgtgaac caccatgtgg tttctgggat    107820
     ttgaactcag gaccttcaga agagcagtca gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcactag    107880
     cccccatcca ttaactctta attccaggca atctgatgcc tctctgacct ccattggcac    107940
     caggcacata catcgcgtac atacatatat acagacaaaa cgctcatgca aagaataaag    108000
     aataaaactt aaaaaagtaa aataaaataa cgtgatgagg cctggaggct agattgctga    108060
     tatttaaaac agatcagtgc ctgctgtaca gcatcacagt ctccttacct acaacagcca    108120
     actcaataag gacatttgga atgtcatggg ccactcattc tacactccag ctgcactgcg    108180
     ctctccagga tactagattg aaacagtcag gctgtgcttg ggccttatac tcaggtcctt    108240
     agagagtctt cttggggtct gtgtgggtgg atatcagagg agaggaccag gctttgcagt    108300
     tttccattac attaccatta tgtagttgac catgggtgaa gcatggaatc tgtgtcttca    108360
     tctctttggc attgatgaca gagcttgcct attttaggag agccatattg ctatgtatgc    108420
     attcaaagtt gcatatcaag ctgcagctag actaggcaca ttgaagctat cttttaagga    108480
     tttgtgattc tatataactc tggattctag gtactcttag gtatcctggc ttgaaaagta    108540
     attttcagat tctaatactg atttatggtg gcatctaaac ctctgaagtt ttttttaacc    108600
     tagcatgttt tgttttggct ctttttgttt tctgaggcaa tgttccaggc tggcctagaa    108660
     cttgatatgt aggcgggatg accttaaact cctgatcttc ctgcctcagt gtcccaagtt    108720
     ctgggattaa tgttattgtc agtatgggta gccttactgc agcttttttg acatggtgat    108780
     ggtgatgatg atgatatgac atgatataat atgatggtga gatggtggtg gtgatgtgta    108840
     ttagcttgct tctgtggcac tatcttccag ccttcttata ctatgcagat acctccagct    108900
     agaagatgat ctcaggaaca gataaaaatc tgtacccatt gcatcactac atctggggta    108960
     tctcctggac ctgaagagag gctgtgtctt tggggtgggg tggaggacag gatttgatgg    109020
     atataaagtc tacagaggcc ctgtggggaa tgtccaaagt gtagagtttg gagaactgct    109080
     gggtcattct tctttcttta tttttttagg caccagtttg tagaaaataa tctaatatta    109140
     aaaatgggtc cagtggataa gcgaaaggtg agttggttcc ctgatcctct tcatcctatg    109200
     acttcctact gtttctatcc caggtcagtt cttcaccctg gggtcctgcc atgaattgtt    109260
     ggatatggca ttcttcatct tggcatgatc tttggagatc atctctagat tttataaagc    109320
     cgggaacact cagactctca gggaagcagt caagtcttgt ggtaaatcag ccatatgcgc    109380
     tggccacagg gcatggttgc acaaggccca gctcactgtg ctaaggtttc tgtcacattg    109440
     aggggaacag atcatttctc agagctcagc aagtagtctt tcattagaag ctttgaaaat    109500
     acaggggttg ttgtttatca ttttctgggc aacaagtagt gcagaatata tcagactctg    109560
     ccaacaggag cctcctgaac acacttcctg gctgtgtaca ctctggaagc gagaatctcc    109620
     atgaaggtgg gctgaggcct ggcctgccaa gggcaggact ctgagcctta gaaaagctga    109680
     ggggtcaggg caccacaagc tagctattga aaggcacatt gtgagctaaa cagcagagac    109740
     ctgtgcttat gtaatcttat gtaatatata ggttccaggt tgaggagaaa gtgtctcagg    109800
     tgaatgggga ggtggcagtc agtcactatg tcctgagcta cttaccagtt aatcccatct    109860
     gtgtcttgat caaacagttt gtttatttta tttggaccag ggtttatttg caagacgacg    109920
     acagttatta ctcacagaag ggccacattt atattatgtt gatcctgtca acaaggtctt    109980
     gaaaggtgaa atcccatggt cacaagaact ccgaccagaa gccaagaatt ttaaaacttt    110040
     ctttgtccac acggtgagtc tatccctata aggcatctta ctgtagcctc atcataggct    110100
     tctgcatctc tgttgtaagt ggcccttgct ttggccaagg aagcatctag ggtcaggtca    110160
     gcttcctgag tcctagagac agacctatat gaacaactta ggcctgaatt gggccagaga    110220
     tagatttctg cttgatgttg gtttctggta ggtcacctgc ccacatattt tagttctgca    110280
     cttgtagaat gaagaagccc actgtgccca caggcttcaa aaaggtgctg gcagcattga    110340
     cagcaagata ggctgggtgg ggactggact ccctgaggga catcagatgc tctgttttgc    110400
     agcctaacag gacgtactac ctgatggatc caagcgggaa tgctcacaag tggtgcagaa    110460
     agatccagga ggtttggagg cagcagtacc agagcaatcc agatgctgct gtgcagtgac    110520
     gtggcctgcg gccgggctgc ctattgctgc caggatacct gccccagcgc ggctcggccg    110580
     ccacccagga cgcttccaga ccacctgcca gccatctcgt ggagaacata gatggcagaa    110640
     atcttgcagc ttttttattt aaaagaaaag aaaaaaaaga acccaaccac acaaagaaca    110700
     aaacaaatag ccaacaaaca ggaattcagg gtcgctttgc ttgctctctg tgctctgtgg    110760
     tggcttccat gcactgctgt ggccatggag acccagctcc ttgcacggta gcccagcttt    110820
     tgcccagacc agtggccaga tttggcatca cccgcccctc ttagcatcca caggaactgc    110880
     atgcctgcct ctacctttcc ccacctgata cacacagctc ctgctgtgac tgagggacgg    110940
     ggtgtatctg gcctacccta gttgttgcag aatccttccc caggagcccc ttcactcctg    111000
     ctggggtagt caccagctta ctgtgggtac agggctctta gcttgtatgt gttctccctt    111060
     ccttgaatct cttgtatggc cctagaactt tggtcaggtg tgtttatggt gacatgattt    111120
     ctgtggttcc tgccttacag caggcaggtt gtatggtgag aagaatgaag gctgttgtag    111180
     ttacaggtgc tcttactggg ctctgctcta gtgttccact tcctagaagt ttatccagtg    111240
     aactagacac taagccaagc acatgtccag gagggttgct gtcgcactag cacctaggta    111300
     acaccaacta gattattatc aggtacagaa tcctgtcctg aacctgggca aggctggagg    111360
     tactgtagag aatccagctt gggccactgc ttccatgtag agaagtggga cagcaggccc    111420
     tccttggagt ttctgcacag gtttaggtga gtagaccaca tgccctatga ggcaagcacc    111480
     gagcaaaccc tagggtgtgc ctcacctgcg atgctgtggg caaacacttc tcagctggtc    111540
     catttttaca acgattgaaa atctagaagc cttctcatgt tgcctggtca cctactccat    111600
     aaagtgtggg ccttgcctgg aaaggatgtt atcactgtcc tgctcacagg aacagccctc    111660
     ttaatctgag cctgcctatg ctggcattct ttgccagtaa tgggacactt cttttggcat    111720
     ttcttgcaga gtgcttttga gggacttggc tgtacctctc tttgactagg atatccctga    111780
     aagttggccc ttggtgtcta gtggagaaaa gtaggcatct cccatctgct cacagtagca    111840
     cctcagactc ctatgtccca atggcagcaa caattttgcc atttctattg actttcacat    111900
     aggcgccccc aaacacacac aacaacagag gttaccctgt tctgtctact ctacagtgac    111960
     tacctgtggg ccaggccatc taaactgaga gggggaaaga ttctacttca aatctttaac    112020
     aacaagagtg attctgttca gctggggtag agtgaggatg aaaagtcagc caccactctg    112080
     tggcagggtt gctgggtggg aacagggatt ttatttagac tcagctagat cgtgtgagaa    112140
     gagcttcagg tgagcaagga gcaggacctc acttgccagt agaacccaca gaacaggtat    112200
     ggcctaggat gctgtcagcc tgagagtgaa agtgggcact catttctcct ggtttttgaa    112260
     gagcctgtta agtacacttg gctatttcct ccttggagtc ctgttcttgc tcacgccttg    112320
     tggctatttt gccctcagag tgccctgtat cctacatttg tacatgtaag taagagtggc    112380
     ttcctgtctc tcaggtgcat gcagacacag ggaaagcatc tttgagggca tttaactaca    112440
     ggggagcagt ggactgaggc ttggcttgaa ttagaccaca aagctggctg tatatgggag    112500
     agtcctttgt tgcttccttc cctggagagc aacactacct cctgggcttt accaagcacc    112560
     accctaacct ctaaaatcag agttcagctg agctattagt agtgggtggt caccatgact    112620
     gcccaagcta caacagctga tctcttccca ggtcaccttt gtccttactg cccccttttc    112680
     cttgattttt ttttccttta atgaaccatg tacattcatt tcttaacctg gcttaaatca    112740
     ccttcatttt tccagtcatc cttagagccg tcaccctgtg tgaaggtgcc ttactttgta    112800
     ggacaggatg tggatgtcag tttgtacaac tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    112860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga aacagtaaat ttgggatgta tgtaaggaga    112920
     gagagaaata ccctgttagt acctctagaa atcatgtgtc ctaggaatgg caaggatgga    112980
     aagaaagttg aagactgttc tctggcttct cctacctagg tacagcagac tgtagtacct    113040
     cacagcccac ttgagccctg gcttctctca gcatcacaga tgaaacttag cttgaatggg    113100
     tcaattccac ctgtttttct gtgctccagc tgggcagtgg gctccccatg tagagctgag    113160
     cctctccact tcagggtgtg gcatcatggc tcagatgtca ttttgagcta aaacccagtt    113220
     agatgcagta aaaaaccact ttgagagatg gcttgtgtta ggctgaaact gatagaaacg    113280
     ttaactgctg cagctctctt tgggccaccc tagtgtttgt gattcatgct tgaagtaacc    113340
     ttgccgacag ttgtgtggca cagactccca gtaccagcaa gggggccgta ggtaattgtg    113400
     tgctttctta aagaagtgta tgttttctga aagcaaaaga ataaaggaag gcccgtcatt    113460
     cagagaccac tgtgaacatt tggatgtaga tgctgttctc cctaactctt tgttccagtg    113520
     ctgggaattg aatagtgagg ttcaggattg ctaagcgagt gctctaccac tgatgtgcat    113580
     ccttagtcct tgtttgcttt ctaaaccaaa ctgggaacac atacaacatt catcatttta    113640
     catccagctt tttcacttga cttgttttct cttaagcatt tctccatgcc gtggccgtga    113700
     gtagttcttc aaaagcatgt ttttgataat tgtggagtca agtggttgta aatttataag    113760
     ttatgcagtt gtttccctgt tgtaaaacat tcagatggtt tttggtttcc tttgtgtttt    113820
     gtttttgttt ttgctattta aataatgctg tggtgaatat acttctaagt ctttgatttt    113880
     ttattctgat tttgcccctt cctcacacac ctgaagtggt attttgggta ttttttcctc    113940
     ctcctcggtc tgatgtttag accctctgag ttccagttac aaacctacct tccttgtgtc    114000
     ctacggactt tgaacacatc agttcttgct aagttgtgtg ttctcaagaa agtttgacta    114060
     tggctgcttt tgtttttaat gctaaaaatg tcattactgc agattccttt gtgacagatt    114120
     ttttttccaa aagccagtct tttcatttgc attgcaagaa tctgctcctg catgttactt    114180
     cttttccatc tttgctctaa ggcttccaag tgcttggtga tgttttcaga atcttgtact    114240
     ttgtgtccac gatggtactg aatctgcttc tacacagtca gcagagataa agtgttgaac    114300
     tgaccttgct acatgcctaa tggataattc ataattaagt ttatagactc agaaatgcat    114360
     ttgggccatt tgggaatcag tagcaaagca gaatagcaaa gctcttcttg gaaaagaaac    114420
     cacacagatg attgagtttt actaaaagta cagctgtgag tgttcttgct ccacacctca    114480
     ggtcttggtt caggacagca cagtggctag gctttgtcat tgccaaggat gggtatcccc    114540
     actgatgctt atgtaaacct tcttgtgcgc tgcagtgctg cacggaactg tagtgcccac    114600
     ccaaatcaga tagtagcttt atctgtgttg ggtggggcct gctggttcaa tttggaaaca    114660
     tgcagcagag attttctgtg ttacttgact gtcagagctt agggctggag atgtgtagaa    114720
     atcagtttcc tgccctcctc tgcctcaagg cttctcccca ttgttctata gacctggggt    114780
     gttcatctga gacttgggag gccacagcaa ctctgaatat ggtgaagata ctcctataca    114840
     cgtttctatt tgttttaatg caaaacccaa cataaactgg tgctgatgcc agtgggtgta    114900
     gcacctcgtg ggtagaaggt aagacaaggg ccctgacatt gaacagggct ggaaccactc    114960
     tcagaacctc tgaagatacc tagcttctgg cctaacactt cagggttata agtcagaatg    115020
     tggaaaaatg gcctgcaatg tgagggaagc tgtttctgtc aaaagcactt ttgcagcagt    115080
     aagcaaatga attaaccaat atgaatacct gaaaattccc tgtaactcat ttcttccata    115140
     tgaagaatcc aaactgaaca aaagttttta caaatagcaa aattttccct ccccatgtag    115200
     tccaccctag tttaatcatc tgggttaatg actacaagta ggtcattgtg caggttaaag    115260
     ccacgaccat agtgtgattg gacatgtgca aattaaaaac tgttacagta tttagagctg    115320
     ctgcggctgg tccattagcc acgtacagta ggatgaattg ctgtcattca ggttggtggc    115380
     agtcagttag aacatgtgta atattctcta cctgttctgt agctgtaact gtgatgtaca    115440
     ggcaaaggaa aaattaaaaa tacttatgaa aacagataat gcaatgatac tgggatatac    115500
     acttttgtat ttttattctt atataaggtt atttgctggc tattgtcggc ctctagttca    115560
     gtctgtgtta tttaaattct aatatatgaa ttatttggat tgaattcatg tttggggcca    115620
     cgttgttgta tgtattgatg tacagccttg agtgtgaata attattgtaa actatatttt    115680
     acaacttttt tcctggcttt attatataaa ttttctattt ggtcatggtt taatcatata    115740
     atttaatgaa acaacttttc ttttttttgt ttttttcaaa tatctgtgct ttagatgtaa    115800
     ttaccggatg atggatttcc ctcgtatgct cggtagtctt gtaataaaag catgtagagt    115860
     gtacactttg tttgccatgg agcctctttg agtaggggcg gagcttgagc cgaggatgct    115920
     cgtgagaacc cgagacttgc tccggccgga agtggtaatc tccggcctgc ttttcgagcc    115980
     ggaacttccg ccttgcacat gagccctggg cgggcacttt attggggcgt acctatgggc    116040
     gggacaactc aggggggctg tattaaagaa cggacgcttc cggcgaaggg ccgctgtggc    116100
     ggggcttgtt aggatcatgg cggagaatca ctgcgagctg ctgccgccgg ctccgagcgg    116160
     cctcggggcg gggctggggg gcggcctgtg ccgccgctgc agcgctggga tgggcgccct    116220
     ggctcagcgc cccggtggcg tgtccaagtg ggtccggctc aacgtcggcg gcacctactt    116280
     cctcaccacc cggcagacgc tgtgccggga cccgaagtct ttcctgtacc gcttgtgcca    116340
     ggcggacccc gacctagatt cggacaaggt gagggcctcg cgggtcagca ggggtctggc    116400
     cgccctagtc gccactcgcg acacacacct cttcacaatg agggcgcccg gcggagcggg    116460
     ccggagggag gatggcactc tggtacccac ctgcctcggc cctttggttt aacagtgcct    116520
     ctttcttctt tcatgctctt cggtcgagaa ggacccaagc tttgctgtgg ccctactttc    116580
     ttctccccag attcttttgc ccagggtgtg tgaccaccac cgcccaacta tttgctggct    116640
     ttggaacctg agaacccttt gcattcatct ggtcttttca cattccagac gtctaaatta    116700
     acgtaggcca tgggggttga cacagtgact accctttttc cagtgatttg cagagtttgt    116760
     gctttatcct tctcattcat aaggacaggc acggcatctc ttagaaggta ccacctgagt    116820
     agaaatgttc aaaggtgtca gtttaattct aataaatgaa ttatttgtat tgaattcatg    116880
     ttcggggcca ggtgtcaaaa aatcttaggg ttgtgaaaga gaccaggtag agaatctttt    116940
     tccatctcct tttcagactt catttcccca ccgcctttga aaagggtagg gatttccagc    117000
     ttagtttgtg gtttgtctat ctttaattta attaaacgct aatactgtta atacctgtgg    117060
     taatagaaag tatttcaatt attatcatta caaaagttgt gtgtcgtact gcatactgaa    117120
     aaattagtat tgtgcaggat tgaaacttag gaacaaatcg ttcactcccc tttcccccta    117180
     ggcagtttat tagccttgta ctaactgagt tttctggttc agcctacatg atggtgcttg    117240
     attttgtgcc ttgccagcct gaaagtgact actcaggagg ttttccagaa agatcgagcc    117300
     cattgcactt taaacggcct aacagagcac cttctcagtg agggaggcct ggcattatga    117360
     ccaggaaatg aactcttgag ttactgcaaa ataatcaaga agttagagtt tgagatacta    117420
     ctatggtagt tcttcatatc cttcctccca gctgttacca ttactgagtt gaccaaatct    117480
     cttcactctt agaggattgc cttctagaaa atggcagaag tctgacagat agaaataggc    117540
     ttttgtcagt gctgtttcct ttttatagtg agggtgtgta ctttacgatt ggtttttcaa    117600
     acagtaggca tttatagtca ttcttgtttt tctacccaag catccctgtc ttgtgtatta    117660
     agtcagattt taagtcagcc ttggcccttg gcttctggtg tctttttgct tacttagcac    117720
     tggaacaagg tatatagggc tgtttgactt cagcatagtt aaagtcaaat atatctcttc    117780
     attttactat cttttaagat tactttataa attatcttta ttgtgctgat gagatggcac    117840
     ctgctgccaa ccaaacctga aaacttgagt ctctaggatc cacaaggtgg aaggaaaaaa    117900
     ctgactctta aaagttaaac tctgagttca agcactttgg gaggcagagg catgacgata    117960
     tataagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gcgagtttca agacagccag gtttacacag    118020
     agaaacgctg actcaaaaca caaacaaaca aacaaaacaa aacagctgga gagcagctca    118080
     gtggatgaaa gtaccggctg ctcttccaga gacccagggt tcaatattca acacccacat    118140
     gaagcagctc accactctct gtaactccag tttcaaggga tctagcaccc atatagacat    118200
     aggcaagcaa aacactaatg cacataaaat aaaatgagtc attaaaattt catatacaaa    118260
     aaagcctggt gtggtggtgc acgtctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcaa agacagatgg    118320
     atctctgtga gttccaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttcccacaca cagagaaacc    118380
     ctgtctcaaa aacaaaacaa acaaaaaatt aaaaataaag ttgtacactg acttctcagt    118440
     actattatgg tacttgtgtg cccacacacg taaataaatg tgtgtgtttg cctgtgtgtg    118500
     tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtatg tgtgcgtttc ctttattgca gtggaagatt atcagaatat    118560
     attttagttg ttttttcttt ttaaagttta ttatttagga agtagagagt tggcccagtg    118620
     gttaagaaca cttgccgctc ttacagagga cccgggttgg attcccagac attctctaag    118680
     tgacttataa ccatctgtaa ctccagttct agggagtctg acactctcct ttgacccctt    118740
     tgcaccaggc atgcgcatct gaaacactca tacacataat gtaaaataaa tctaaatttt    118800
     atttaagtaa catttgattt ctgagttata aagccacaat tcagatcata aaaataaaat    118860
     aaccctcagg cataatggaa agcacctgcg agcccagcat tttgggaggg agaagcagaa    118920
     ggattgggag tttgaggcta gtctaggctg catgtctcca gaaaaataca gtaagtacag    118980
     tcttggtccc agggttgaga gtgttttagt tgcaggttgc tagagtagtt ctaattcata    119040
     ttagctgtgt tactggtgtt actatagtgt tcaaatatga aaatctataa atgttctgtg    119100
     tttgcattgt gcccacgccc ccaaccaggt tctgatgaaa gagtgtccca agcgattcca    119160
     ccttgataat taaatcctaa agaggttaga agggaagggg tggtaacagg gaaggggcca    119220
     ttaattacat gatggaagat aaacaggatg ttgattcacg tggaaagctc tcaaagctct    119280
     gacctcatag ttaaggtcaa ggaaaggata cctgacaaac actccttaga gttgaacttt    119340
     aacagggacc tggtgggaga gtctttctgg catttgattg atgtttattg agtgcttacc    119400
     tttgtagaat gtgatgccaa gatgggtgag atttaaggga agaagttccc aaaggaactt    119460
     tgtgggtttc atgaggatgg aagagcacca gaggcagact gttgtctggg ttaggccaag    119520
     agttactgtg gggaaaccag tgtctggaag acactttcca aagatgtgga cagattgcta    119580
     ggggatagag aatgcaaacg cattcagggc ctatcgactc ctctcagctt tctatccagt    119640
     cctctgggct gtacctgtgg cccgtgtcct caaagcccag agtgaggact tactgcacat    119700
     accatgcctt gtatccctag acctttgcct tatttcaggg gctagctttg agctcactgc    119760
     tctgttcttt ttctagacag cctgagtgaa ttctcacttc ctcttgggac accctccagc    119820
     gggactatgg ctgggttgtg catttgagca tctgctgttc tgtgtcattt tctctccagt    119880
     gttgtccttg gggacaggcc aggtgtgaca cttctaatct gttcatggga agtgctttgc    119940
     aaaggcttgg tttttgatcc attttggtta tatttcagca tcccatggtg tgttgaaaac    120000
     agacttgctg tttgtagctc aactggcctg tgatttagtg tgacagtgct tcagggggaa    120060
     gggaaacagc aaatactgtg tggttggaag ctgtcctgaa ctacagagtt ctgtctcgga    120120
     ctaagggatg tctagagaaa atgccacctg catatgaact tctgcccttg gaatagggcc    120180
     accgtcccag ctttaagctt gtagacatag ttacaccagg tgggtctttg gaaagtgttt    120240
     tactatagcc aggtccctac agtccttcta tgtatccact ttgggtgcag ttggtgctgg    120300
     tgagttttag ggttagaaag atatgaaagg aatattatag actaagggat gggatgtagg    120360
     tggggaaact gtctttgaat cagtggcttg gcaagagaag tggggattac ttagagtata    120420
     aatggcaact gttgtaacta catcagagaa actagccagc aacatcccta tgagcatcct    120480
     gggcactggg cagaattgca tcggccacag gctgtgagtg gccatcttag gcgcacatgg    120540
     gcttctttgg tgcataagga cgtggctgtg agtattcttg gccctgatag tgtatcctga    120600
     tattgtgccc tcaccctctt tgcagttggt gcctgttctc actgtgtctg gtcgcctctg    120660
     tcagtgtttg ttcctcattc agaagtcctg agcaggccag ggggacttgt cacctcatga    120720
     ggagttggag ctttttgagg atctcagggt atcctctgag gtgacagggg gtgattggca    120780
     ggtgccaacc catttttctt tctgtccact actagtgtag gtcagttgtg cttgtccagc    120840
     atggcagtgt ccagctttga ttttacacag ggaccagaaa ctctggctac cagccggctt    120900
     tcccacatca agtgttctta gagcctggag ctattcatcc cctacaagtg ggggatggat    120960
     gctttggctc tggacattca ggactgaaga aaacaataag gccaagatgt ttgccaacca    121020
     ggcccttctc ggagtctgct cctggcccta ggggcagagg cttgggagag gacggcatgc    121080
     actcttccca ggcctcagtg cagcctcagt ggctcctttg cagagctgtc tacactttgc    121140
     tttttccgtg attctctcct ctgcatacct gggctactag ccaatggggc agactgtgtg    121200
     actaaatcta gtggactgct cctgtttagg cgcaagctgg ctctcattag gccttgctta    121260
     ggggcagctt gctatgagaa ggagcagagc actgtgtttt cttataagat gcttgatgtc    121320
     ttgaggctta ggaaatacag ctatggagct ttggtgcaac acttggtgcc catggagatg    121380
     gctttgaggt agctcacaag acatctcaga gtggctgtgc ccccagcatt accactgccc    121440
     ttgttctggt gggttcttgc ttagcagctg accttcacac tttttggcct aattttgcaa    121500
     atgagtccta gacggtcagc tgctcactgt gggctgatgt tgattattca agcagatgag    121560
     gaaaggtaag tgctcccggg tgctagacag cctttaagga agggaaagaa gagaaggaga    121620
     aactgaaggc ctgctctttg atcctagcaa gaaggtaaga gttcattgct cagcttggcg    121680
     tggtggtgca cgtctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggagaa tctcttgagt    121740
     tctaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccgggacagc caaggccaca cagataaacc    121800
     ctgtctcgaa acaaacaaac aaacaagcaa gagagagaga gagagagaga cagagttagt    121860
     tcagtgctca ctttacccat gtggctgcgt atgaggagga tagaagccac cttgagcttg    121920
     atggggtcat aaccttggag gtagctgagg ggacctcaca ggtgagctgt gagcctctgc    121980
     ttggctgtcc tggccagaat gcctgaactg ctgacctgtt agccagaatg gagaggctag    122040
     tgctcagggt ttgaagactg tggagccaca gaaggctttc ccttgggcac acctggtcca    122100
     gatcctggtc atatttcctg tttctcttct ctactgtctg gctgatgata gctataacct    122160
     gttaaatgca caatctcact ggcagaaagg aggcagtgtg tggggagatt tgtgtgtctt    122220
     ctgtacccgg tatacttagg aaggaaacca cccaaggaac ctggaaggca gagaaccctt    122280
     gtgtgacgat gcagatgttc acggcagttt atttacacag atggtgggct cttgtgcagt    122340
     tgggaagtct ctccccatga aggctcctgt ctagtaaatt cttaggacac tacagcagac    122400
     tcagctcaag gagcctgccc tgggtgaatt ctaagcattc tggttccata aaaagcttca    122460
     gaagtctcat ttgtggggtc cagttcacaa atctcacatc ttgcaggctt taccagtgtc    122520
     cccaattcta tttcccaact agggacagga gtaattaatg tgcaatccag ggcagggaca    122580
     cattcctcaa gtcacgactc ttgaaatctt actgtgatct ccccaggcca cagtaagagt    122640
     cacagtgagc cgtagccctg acgcatccct taccgcaatc tcactcaggt ctgccttctg    122700
     tgctgtaccc caccacccca tcccaacccc attcccccca ttctggggtg ggtttggtgg    122760
     tctggtgaac tcagggcagc atgggtttca tgaggagagt gagatgagaa ctcagccctc    122820
     cttgccgcag tgcacttgga aaagctgggg ggtggggggc agcctggaag caggagtccg    122880
     cacttcccac ctcactacaa atctgagcct cagtttcccc attgcaattg gtgatgtcta    122940
     agacctcttc tggatcaaag gtatgacaaa tataaataga tataaagcaa attaagaaag    123000
     tagaaataaa ggtttatatg tgcatatatc attggaaagg ggtaatttcg gagtaaaatc    123060
     taagcattca tcagtaggtt gattatgtgt gttggcacat aaaaaattca atgcatttga    123120
     cttagtggga cagttgatgg agtatttctc cagatttagt tcacaacact ctactcttaa    123180
     ttttaattct tctctagtgg ctgcaccttg aaccttccat tgggatgggt gcaggtgcac    123240
     tggagccttg agagtgagtc agggaaccac tgcagacctt ccatgacatt ccacctgcat    123300
     cttcaactta gaggcttgcc tgaggcatag tgacttccac ctttgtctgc atgctattcc    123360
     agaatcaaga tgctgcgtta ggatcgtgcc ctaaaggact acagctggga ctgagttctg    123420
     actggatgac taatgaccat cctcttacta ggcctttccc catcagagag acaggtttgt    123480
     ttctggaggt tatctctaac tcctttagca attaatttgt ggcgttagtc ctccacatgt    123540
     gggagcatgt ttgatgtggg cctaacctgg cctttgccca tttgctcctt tggagaagat    123600
     gctcataggc agctactctg gcacggccag ggggaccacc tctgaggcct gaaaactgcc    123660
     ctgcctggct cagcggccag tagcttaggc ttggggttca gcctccacat tatgctcact    123720
     cggtgtcgac ttgggcatca gcaacctgtc tcgcatatgt ggactggtgg gtatgtgtgg    123780
     gagagtcggc tctcatgtaa tgttcaagct aagtccttga tccctttttt atgccatatt    123840
     tctagccagt gctgccataa gtaggtcaga cacagatcca ctgagaagtg ccggaggggt    123900
     tggtagaggc aaatgattgt ggagaaagca gtcttaattc tggtgctttt gtggaaaaac    123960
     aaaaccttcc caccatacta atacagactg gctttttccc taaatcatgt taggactgaa    124020
     gagaagaagg gaaacaaaga ctccagtgac atatcttggc tgtttcctag ctactctgag    124080
     tctgctgggt ttcagaagtg gtttccttcc aagtcttgtg tgctcttagc atagctgatg    124140
     atggggtccc tgcctcattt gacccaaatt actgtagtca tcatcttgat agtttcttgg    124200
     gggcctgata tggaggagca cacttttaat tctagcactc aagagacaga gacaggtgaa    124260
     tctcagtgag caaggtcagc taaggctata taatggggag ataccacctc aaacaataat    124320
     aataataata ataataataa taataatgca cacagacagt catcttcctg aagccttgta    124380
     tttgaatttg cgtttcctgg tcttctgtgt cagactggag gccctaagct atgttaccaa    124440
     cactgggaca gcagtgctgg ggccgcagtg ccggagactt acttgtcagt ctcccaacag    124500
     ccttgcagac atgaatacag cctgcaatgc catgtgtatc atggtggaaa gctggggttt    124560
     gaccttggac ttcggccctt actgtggagt tgagctctcc cacagacagc tcctagggaa    124620
     tttggtgtga gtggtgctca tactcctctg tctctcttca gactctggcc tccgttggtc    124680
     ggtggctgtc taggcctgct taaaggaagt ggccaccaga agaaactggc cagagagctc    124740
     tgagatgagg tgtggaggaa atgatcctcc aatttccctt gatccctctg agtgtctaag    124800
     tgtgagccta gactggagtt ttagagagac tatgaatatt ttaaagagat aagactttta    124860
     aagtttgaat atttaaagac taggtcttta aaagtttgca atatgtctta tattgtgatt    124920
     ttggtattaa tgacatcttg gggacagtaa gaaaggaaag gttgaacagt gatgcgtttg    124980
     tgtgtcaagt tgacagctga tcaattgtat tggttaatct tattttttga tttaactttg    125040
     ttttttcagt acatggtttc tctgcgtagc tcagactgtc cctggaactc gatagactag    125100
     cctggccttg aattcagaga gatctgccgg cctctgcctc ttgagtgctg cgattaatag    125160
     catatgccac cactgcctgg ctaaaatgac ttatgtattt tattatttta tgaatgtttt    125220
     gtctacatta tgtatatgcc ccgtgtgtat gcttggtgcc cagaaaggcc agagggggca    125280
     ttagatccct tgggactggg gttgcatgtg gttgtgagcc actgtgtgtg ctgggaacca    125340
     agcatgggtc ctccacaaga gcagcgaatg ctcttaacct ctgagccatc tctccagccc    125400
     cactgattaa ttttgtatca gcttgtaaca gtctaaagtc atttgggaag agggaacctc    125460
     acttgagaaa aataccccca ccagattggt ctgtgggcca gcctgtggtt gggttttttt    125520
     atttttgttc ccccccttaa ccaatgaatg ttgtgggaga gcccagttca ctgggtagta    125580
     cctccccggg actggtggtt catggtgcta tcaaaggagg tgagcaagca gtgaagcagc    125640
     actcttctac cgtctctgta tcggctcttg cttccaggtt tctgtccagc ttaaggctct    125700
     tctctgactt ccttcagtga tgagctgtgg tgtggggttg taagctgaag gaacccccct    125760
     tctcctcggg ctgcttctgg ttatggagat taacacctct gacatagcac agtataggcc    125820
     acactgcctc accttgtgcc acagctttac tttccagccg gtgacaacta ctgtctctag    125880
     gactctgcct gacacctccc tgtttccatt tcctgccatt ctcagcacat gctcgcttgc    125940
     ctgggtgacc aggaggcttg gtgctggggc tgtcacaaat cacacaggac tgtggatatg    126000
     ttcaggttcc tgttgttctt gcccaccagc ctggctcagc aaaatttttg aattcctttg    126060
     atcttgtttt tctggaagtc tccacatcta aagtgctttt ttactggatg caaatagaga    126120
     ttcccataaa gtacatggct tgcccttctt ttgtggctgg gtttaaggca aacagggcac    126180
     tggactccaa gcacaggata ctggctacaa gagtctgagg ctgtaaaaag tttccttagg    126240
     ctgctgtccc catgttgaca cttctggaac ttgtagttaa gacgttagtt gatggcggtg    126300
     agccctcagc tctaagacag aaccactgga cagagtacag cgctctgctg ttagacagtc    126360
     acactgtggc caggacctca ggtcaggtac tctgagaggt gtcatcctaa ttgatcattt    126420
     gcctgaaaga ggcccctggt cagatgtgcc cttctctagg ccagaagggc tttgggttag    126480
     agggaagatc tttcaaagca tttgtcaaaa ggctgcctcc tatagggcat gttcagtgag    126540
     agccagccac acccagcaca tgagctggcc aagctctgca agtgaacatg gctgggctga    126600
     ggctcagtac cacttcatgg tttttaggcc gagtgccaat gccagcaaat ccaatgctaa    126660
     tggttcctct gattaatgcc ctgtacctca tcttttaggg ctggggaggc ctgggtcact    126720
     ttcatatagt cttgtgccac ttattctgga agcctccagg aggctgctga gcgaggctgc    126780
     ttaatagaca gctttctcct gcttctccct ctccttcctt cccccctcac taccttagta    126840
     ttcatgaaga cctaaggctt cttgttgcca ggggagactg gactctgaag ccatggccag    126900
     catgacaaga gaggccccaa gagtatcctg ttcaggatga gccctacccc acgaccttgt    126960
     ttttttgacc taccagtggt ctgtcaaggg ggcattgtgc tgtgagtatt cctgagcgtg    127020
     gtgatgtggg aatgtcacac tacaggaggc acttccccat gaacagaatg gagagctcat    127080
     tctttttcct gtaatgtggg aatgactgcc acaaccctgc tgaatcctgg ccgccttcat    127140
     ttggctgtgc ttgggtgata ggtgcagaag actgagaggc tggaaggcac cctaccccca    127200
     cctcacccca tggctgtaag gataaaggac aggggcagaa tggagagccc tgtggcagta    127260
     tgacctgttg tccttagatg aggggatgag gataaagttg ggagggctag ggagtaagga    127320
     caatcacatt aggtggaaca gggaatcagg aagaggactt agcgtaagcc actggctctc    127380
     atcatccctg tctcccaggc ctcggtgatt tgatgtcagc cacagctcag gtttctttct    127440
     ccctttgatc tgagaaaacc aagtttttat cattctgtgc ctgtggatgt tgggaagaac    127500
     ccttgaaaac accagttgtt attgccccca aatatagaaa tggatgtctg cgaagacagc    127560
     ctctgaaggc ttattgcttt gtggctgaga cctctgtgag ctctgctacc catgagcatc    127620
     caaggggttc gggaacccca cacatgtgcc tagactggct ggctgcttcc acggggcagt    127680
     gagtacaact ctttcccgtg gtctgtatct acaggagccc tgacagtgtt ctggccaggg    127740
     aagccactgt gttgtactga tttatggagt cgtttccttt tcctggaact tggcatgcat    127800
     ggccttgctg atgggaaaat gggtggtggc catgccttag agaccttgga gccactgcat    127860
     cctttggact cctgtctctg cctgtctgag aagcagctat gaggctgcat tggtggtaga    127920
     agcctcaccc tttaacagct tgtgggggtc tgcactacat ccctgttgga cctagcagcc    127980
     cccacataaa tacagccact ctatggcagg tctggaattg ggtgtgacag aaactcactg    128040
     gcccacaccc tgggtgtgga tgtgtccttg tagcttctgt gcatcaccct ctttggtagt    128100
     ccccagtgct acacctcctc tgaccccagg caggactgtg gctctcatac tggatgtgtt    128160
     tccagcaggt ctgcaagata ggaaagataa cctgaggctg aatgtgccct gtactgcagg    128220
     agatgtcctt catatggagg tagctgtggt gaacaagtga ggatgttagt ccgcaagtgg    128280
     agctcccgct ctgtcgtcag ggtcagcagg caggtgcatg tggtgttcta catatggctc    128340
     agagtcacag accgctgacc acagaggaag gatttcttta gagattgtac tcacttggga    128400
     aagcctggag accatggttc agcaagaaat gaaggtgcct gtgtggtcac ttacacatgc    128460
     cactgcccca ggctttactt gttgctatag gaggctttgg ggctcagcat tagaagtcct    128520
     ttctccagtg gactgctgca tggattccca ctcttttttt ttttttaaga attatttatt    128580
     tgggctggag agatggctca gcggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttcctaa ggtcctgagt    128640
     tcaaatccca gcatccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt actgagatct gatgccctct    128700
     tctggagtgt ctaaagacag ctacagtgta cttacaataa ataaataaat aaataaatct    128760
     taaaaaaaaa aagaattatt tattttacgt atgtgagtac actgtcactg tcttcagaca    128820
     caacaaaaga gggaatcaga ttctgttaca gatgattgtg agctaccatg tggttgctga    128880
     gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcaa tcagggctct taaccgctga gccagctctc    128940
     cagccctgga ctcccactct tagatctccg ctccaagatg ctctggaaca aggagagtag    129000
     gttgcccaga cctgagtctc cagagtctga gaagttgagc aagatgtggt agtacaaacc    129060
     tgtaatccag gaggctgaaa caggaggatc acaagtccga agccagccta ggttacatgg    129120
     cagtgccaaa agccatcctg gcctagacag catagtgtct acacaagaac tgacagcatt    129180
     ttgttctttg caggatgaaa cgggtgccta tttaatcgac agagatccca cctactttgg    129240
     acctgtactg aactacttga gacatggaaa gctggttatt aacaaagacc tcgcagagga    129300
     aggtaagctg cccattttcc acaggcccag gcgctctgca ctagtagacg tgctggttgg    129360
     ttactcgaag gtgcctgcgt tgccgaagga gccaagaaac tcctaccatg tctcttcgtt    129420
     ctttagggtc tcattaggta ctgtgtggat tgttacatgg agacattgct ctgctctggg    129480
     gttgtacaag ccatgcttgt tgcctggcag cttttcatcc gtcattgcct gactctgccc    129540
     tccccaccgc tcccatgtta ccctgccatg ggttactctg agctgacttg gtccagggca    129600
     gcttctcttt aggagtggga aagctaaaga aatgcagacg gctgtacaga tgaggaaacc    129660
     ctaaagcagg gctctcacaa tctactttta attttctggg aagtttgggt cctacgtgtg    129720
     gaacattaga tagcaggttg tggggaagcc ctggagccag gagtgactct gggcagggag    129780
     atgcagtgtc tgtggctgag acacttgctg gagagtatgg cttccacact gtgctggcat    129840
     cttccagttc tcaacagaaa gagccagtag cacaaacagg caccttccaa gctgcagaaa    129900
     aaaatgtgtc agttatctcc cagtatctgt gggctgagac ccggtatcct tcctccgtgt    129960
     gtcacctgta gtgaccgtcc gtaagtatgt ctagtgaact gcctggcatt ttcagtccta    130020
     tgctgagtgc tgagaactga aaggtctgtg aggatgttag gttaagcctg acacaagaac    130080
     ctcaggttag aggcagggtg tggggactag gggcgtacct gctttggtct gatctagaag    130140
     aagctcaggt tagagacagg gtgtggggat cagggacgta tctgctttgg tctgatctag    130200
     aagaagtcac tttttttaac ctctatttca ggagtgttgg aagaagcaga attttacaat    130260
     atcacctcac taataaaact tgtaaaggac aaaattagag aacgagacag caaaatatcc    130320
     caggtgagat gggtgactaa tctgcctgta gcttctgggc ttgctgtata agcaggtgtg    130380
     gcttctctgt gtgtgacctt ggaccagaac tgtcctatcc ccatcctgga gccccaggcc    130440
     ttgctccctt cctcatctgc catgtctgcc atgaagggcc atcagtggag ataggcagtt    130500
     ctgtggaagt tgtgtgatga gtgcacagag gagaaggagg cctgctgggg agagtgaaga    130560
     tgctggagag cagaggctct gatgggagaa tatcaagacc tgatctgcca gtgcaaaggc    130620
     ccatggccag cacagcagag aggagagcat cgaggagctg ggaagtaggt ggcacagata    130680
     ctgggcatct gtgcagtcac tgggaggagg tgggcttccc gggacctctg ctgcccagca    130740
     tgtgtgtgtg ttgtgagtgc tgtgtgaggt aggcagtgcc tcccctctga ggaaggtctc    130800
     agcattggtc ttatcatcaa gctagctctg cacttgagag tggttatgcc ctctcaccca    130860
     gctcacaaag tgaatgctgg caacacccgg gcttggtcca cttaaagccc tcccattgtc    130920
     tccccaggca ctttcccact gcacaccttt agaccgggtc tctctggctc actgatggct    130980
     gggagtggag catatgcatg tctgaccaag ctttgcctta gtagcaaagg ctcctcatta    131040
     tcagggcctt agaaaggttc taagattccc aatccccctc aactggcctc ttctttcccc    131100
     tttatcccag tcccactcag aaccgtgtga tctggactac ttcagtctct atcgacattg    131160
     tggaggtaaa agagcctcct ggcagggctg ggcctcacag gtgacagcca ttgtcactcg    131220
     atgcacttgg gtgacagcaa aaccagtgtt tgccactagc atgaagcccc acctgagcag    131280
     cagctcctgg gacccttact tgtactgtac atattggtag ccctggaaga gcagacttgt    131340
     ctcttggctg actctcatcc cacattcaag accaaagtct atccggaatt gcccaggaaa    131400
     tccctgttgg gcagggaaga ttaagcaaag attgtgtcgc cctgcatgga acatacaaat    131460
     gttttctgta tattcatatc tagccacagg cgctctgagg atttcaggaa catgactcat    131520
     tttattttgg aatttagaag tagaaatatt tttgaagggg aatgagaaag ctacagtagc    131580
     agctgttgag gctgtaggtt ggctgtgtgg atgtgtaagg ttgcctgaac actgccctgt    131640
     gatggtataa agctaagagt gcttggggca tggtggagcc tgatctcatg gtgcatttgt    131700
     ccttatagat gccagtgaag catgtgtacc gtgtgctgca gtgccaggag gaggagctca    131760
     cacagatggt atccacaatg tcagacggct ggaagtttga gcaggtgata gtgggggctc    131820
     atgggaatct tcaggtccca gggaccatta cctagtccct tcctttccaa ctctgtggtg    131880
     gttttctaat gccaactctt ccactgagga tgctgtgtgt catgtccagc actgtgtgtg    131940
     gagcttccag tctacacaca catcaggtgc tgccatgtct ctgtcctcct gggggcctgg    132000
     gcgggtctta tgggctgagt atgcatgtgt cttgtgccca gaccctatca gaatcacatt    132060
     agagacttgg gcaggagcct acccatcatg tccctggcat gtggtccaag aaaggctgtg    132120
     ctccggaaag cagctgtcac ccttctagat ctgtgaactg ggtcgcctca tttggagcca    132180
     agtaccattt gctctgttgt cttgtgactt ctggctggaa gagagtctcc tcccataacc    132240
     aacttcaaga ctttgtcctt agaagatcct agacccagag cacaagcgct gctctttccc    132300
     ctcgattgtg acctttgtgc agtcaccatg gttggacctc tgcgctatct ttctgagtca    132360
     cgctgctagt aatctagcta cactctactt cctcacgtgg ggctagcgct gagttgacga    132420
     actttcaggg gtccaggatg aaactcagtc catctgagat ggccagtcca accatggatc    132480
     acctagaggt cagtgattag gtcaaactag agctgcccgg tggggataca gagtctatgg    132540
     gggacctcac accactacct gatccaggtc agcctcacct ggtggggtcc accccttcca    132600
     accactttgt ccccattgct gtccccagcc ctggggctat tagttaccca tgtggtagat    132660
     ttcgctcctg tcctctgttt ctgatgtata gacacatgag cagagactgc agtggcgagt    132720
     gacctttgag ccactcctgc ttcctcactg tgctgttggt atccttgcta tggcctcggt    132780
     ggtttccctt gagttatttt gtgtttaaaa gaacaaaagt gcttgatgtc tgtgttgacc    132840
     tttttcttgg actcatgact ggagtgatga acatggtcct ggcccaggta acatacatgg    132900
     tgacctagag gcttatgagg cgtgttagaa catgcgcggc cgtatagaag tgcaagatca    132960
     ggcactcagt gctccaggct tttaatgctg ttggcctgtg ttcccagcac agccctgggg    133020
     gtgtagtgcc caggtgggca ctagacttag cttgcagagg tcctacttac ccaaggaggg    133080
     ctgctggctg ctatcagata cagggacagc cagcaatagg ttctcaagtg gtgtttgtac    133140
     atgaactctg gcctcagctc tccctcccct accttaacct gtgtactgct cccctcctgc    133200
     ccgcccaggg taatctgtca tcatccctag ggcccagcca ggagcatcga gagatgctca    133260
     gtatctgcag agagcctgtc ccagcatgtt gtgcaattac gttggggtgc aggtgtgggc    133320
     tcctacagta cagtgcactg ggggtttgct tcctgctagt tctatggaaa aaccttctgg    133380
     ctaaagctag ctctcatttc cctgagcttc cacaatttgt gccatgttct tactcctgag    133440
     agccaggtac acctgagcca ctgcacattg tcacaggctg tatcttcctt ccagctggtc    133500
     agcattggct cctcttacaa ctatggaaat gaagaccagg ctgagttcct ctgtgtggtt    133560
     tccaaggagc tgcacaacac tccatacggc acaaccagtg agccaagcga gaaagccaag    133620
     gtgagtgagc tccataggac tgggcctact ggtccttggg gcaggcactg gggctagctt    133680
     ttctcttcat tttgcttcac tgatttttgt tgttcccttt aaactcttag ttgtgaggtc    133740
     tttccatagc taaacatctt cacatgaagc cacctgttgt gtcaggacag aggcaccttt    133800
     ctagcatgcg tttccatagc cacaggacag aatcactcct ggaagtgtct gagcatccat    133860
     accaggtctg tcactgtggc tgctttctct ggaaacagcc ttagatgtca agggaagtct    133920
     tgggacaaaa gttgagggca gctcctcagc acagcaactg cctcggctgc acaccagtgt    133980
     tccttcacac ttgctttagt gtgtgaaagg gattgtcctt cagtcccacc ctcctgaaga    134040
     gagcagtgtt agccaagggg acaatgcaac ctgcctcatc tacttttaga ttactctcaa    134100
     gtaaccagtt ttggtgacct ttcccctgaa tgccttctag cttggccccc aacagctgca    134160
     cgtgtcccac agtgtacatt gttgggctgg actggatgat tcctgggcct tggggtcatt    134220
     tggtggcagc ttgtagagcc ttgtagagct cagggggtcc tgggggtcta agggccttga    134280
     gtaggctgaa tccaaggtcg cagtgaccat ggtaaggccc ggggcttgcc agtgggcttt    134340
     gtgagtttga gaaagaatag gccagacatg gtgagcttta cccagagaca tgatggcaac    134400
     ttgaccctta gttagtggcc ccatagatgg cttctgtctc tctagagctt tccatttagc    134460
     ccttcctgag ctttagggtg aggacttaag aaacgggggt gcaggggtgg ggggcacaga    134520
     gttccccaga ggatctccag gaaaccatac tagttggatc tcagcagtgt tcccacatta    134580
     gcccacattg taatgtgaca ggtatctttg ccactggctg atacagtaca cctttagaac    134640
     ctcctgagtt cctgtcctta gcctctgtgt gaccatgaga ggtgaaaagg gttgaagagg    134700
     gacagccgct cctccactgc tgccccagca cagcatgtca tgacatgtgc aagtttcagg    134760
     ctcagcagca ggtttggggg gcagagcatc agtacccggc ctaggacaaa tttcccgtgt    134820
     cttagatcaa gcaggcatgc ctaccttcta gagcctctga actaattata gaaggacatt    134880
     cctgtctgtg agcagtgcca ggactctttc atatatatat atatatatat tttttttttt    134940
     aagattttta aaaagatttt atttatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtcgct    135000
     gtcttcagac actccagaag agggagtcag atttcattat ggatggttgt gagccaccat    135060
     gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tctggacctt tggaagagct gtcgggtgct cttacccact    135120
     gagccatctt accagcccca tatatttatt tttaaagctt tttttttccc taaatttaca    135180
     gctttcataa tgaaactcag cagagcccac ctttctctgt cagacctcat cccccatggc    135240
     tttacagctg ccaagaggac aagctctgga ctgtgagaag gctttgggca tggccccaag    135300
     tctctttccc tatttttcac ttcaaaagta tgtggctctg aaatagagca ataatagagt    135360
     ttccaaatgt gcttgacagc agtagattcc ggggcccaaa agctgtggga cccctagagc    135420
     cagatggaga ggaaaggagc ttgggagcac gcgcacactg ggccatcctt ctgagaacac    135480
     tggattcctt tgagatatag gtcctctatg gtcagcagct accatgttca tactgaaccc    135540
     agtccataga tgtcccctga gcatgtactg ccacagtctt ttctgtttca agtgagaatg    135600
     gtaggaataa gggctgttag ggctgtgggg ctgtagcttg tgtgaggagt caagaagatt    135660
     gtgagtatga gggccagggc ccaggcaagc gagtaccttg cctctagtgt cagctgtaag    135720
     tgggaagcct tccttagcct ctcggacctg cgatctaccc cccatccccg ccccacccct    135780
     gactcagaat gcaacaagag cccttaggtc tccgagaagt acagagggag gcctctgtgt    135840
     aatcaagtat aatccttctc ctgtgtcaca cagagtacct ccatgtaagg gaacctctca    135900
     ggatccttgg gcccagtgtg actctggagc ccctccttca ggcatgattt atcgatgggc    135960
     tgattgacat ctgcccgcat ggctggtcca tgtcagcccc tttgaccaag gtcccacccc    136020
     tgtcgtgcag gggcttttga tggagccaga tccacaacaa aggccccctc aggcaggtct    136080
     cagctcagtt cagccaaacc caggattcct caaggtttcc cctgggtgat atactggtta    136140
     gtcctcctgc aggcctgcac tgcttaggct gggctgacag ctgtcttctt ccttacttcc    136200
     tgccttcaca ccagagtgac caagaggagc tgaggcacca aggcagtgac tcagattaag    136260
     cataaatgtc acggtgagct ctgcagccct ttaagtaggc ctagcaccat agtctccttc    136320
     ccatatgacc ctggtgactt ttgcctgcgt ccctcctctg tgcttctata tgtcctgtag    136380
     ttggcagaaa ctgatagctg tacctatgga tctgcaatag atcccgtggg agggacgagg    136440
     gtggagagtg ttgctgaatg ctggtgctgc tgggtgcata gtgtccctcc atggatgcca    136500
     tgggcaagat ggcggctttg ggtcatgtga ggctgagggt gtgggcacag gagagtcctg    136560
     gggctgagca gtgagttgag tgatcactca gttcttcctg cagcctctgg gtggcctttt    136620
     tgttagtcac gagatcatag gctcacataa tttgctgagc cttggcacac acaacaaaca    136680
     tcaaaaccca tggggttttg ttctcatctc agggactcag gtttgcaccc atctccacta    136740
     ggattagaca gggtctcacc cccctcccct cccccaatcc cacatcctcc tccacaaagg    136800
     ccctctcagc ctgttcttac aatctacttc ttaggccggg catgttggca cacaccttta    136860
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta    136920
     tagagtgagt tccaggacag ccaggactat acagagaaac cctttctcaa aaaaaccaaa    136980
     aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa ccccaatcta cttcttgaag tccagatcta tgctagaact    137040
     tggagtggct acctgttggt tcctgtgcag gggccctggc cagtgggtcg gtgggggtaa    137100
     gacgatcctg aggagcatga gcattgcctg agaggaacat tgacaatgga acacttgctg    137160
     ctgccctcaa catctcagtg cacagggagt gtggggagac acctggccat ccagactctg    137220
     ggctggcatc ttagaagcaa ggagtatcca gggaggaact aagtatggag actaagtatg    137280
     tctttttcca tttgagacat tgtttcacta tgtgtagctc tagctggcct ggaacttgct    137340
     atggagacaa ggctggtctt gaccaagatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctaa gttctgggat    137400
     aaaaggcatg gaccatcata cctgccttct agagttctac tttttttttt ttttttattt    137460
     attatatgta agtacactgt agttgtcttc agatacacca gaagagggca tcagatctca    137520
     ttacaggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaacttcgga ccttcggaag    137580
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccctagagtt ctacttttaa    137640
     gtcgttgtgt aagtttatat atagcagctt cagccattgt ctcttgacac tcaacgtatt    137700
     taaaatctag ccctttaaca gttcaccatg aagcagtcat agggatatac acctgtaatc    137760
     ccaatactga aaggctaaga caagaagact ctgagtacaa gaccagccta agctacgtag    137820
     tgaaatcctt tccaaaaaca aaaaccaaaa caggaccagt agaatggcta gtgggtagtc    137880
     ttgcagtcct gatgacccaa ctgggacttc ccagaaccca tgtaagtgtg gaaccagttc    137940
     ctgaaggttg ttatctgacc tccacacact gtgacatgtg tacataggtt acattaataa    138000
     ttatagcaat aataacaaca acaataatat agttaagaga gcaaggtatg agacacactt    138060
     ttaatcctag tacttggagg cagaggcaag tagatctatg taagttgcag gcgagccagg    138120
     gcttcacagt gagaccctgt ctataaataa atacatttaa aaggtagaag gagacatgaa    138180
     gtttaagaga tagggtctgg ctttattgcc tacgctgatt ggtcccaaac ccctaaagcc    138240
     actaatcttc ctgtggtagc ctcctcagta gctggctcta ggtgtgtctc atcacacctg    138300
     gctgacagga tatataatgt aagccatact gagagacatt tcctgtcccc ttcacttttc    138360
     cgtgtctgaa gtcaggggca tggtttatgc gtcagcccct cagttctaac attcctctgg    138420
     aggggcctgc agccgcctgg ggaggagact ctcgactgcc acctgccttg ggtgtgagct    138480
     gtgacaggca cccaacctaa agcatggtgg gactgactga cgctcaaggg agccataact    138540
     gccatcaggt tggctggaga agaaggtcac caggaggtgc catgcttgag actcgttcag    138600
     agtcccctgg agagagggca ggcgtcttct cgagccccag acttcctaag agtcttcaca    138660
     gaatgtgctc tgctcactct agctctgaag ttctgggctt gtgggaagga catggtggta    138720
     cccacgaggc agacctggag caggccccag ctcccagaga tcatggatga agctgtctgc    138780
     ctccatgtgg agacagaaag gcaggaggta gtcctgcact gtccatggca gacggtgctg    138840
     cagaccacca gcatgtgggt cggtggtctg ctgtcacagg caggattcgt acttctgttt    138900
     ccgttaccac ttctgccaat gtacaccctc acccgcgttt attctccttg gctcagggtt    138960
     agtggtagcc aaggtcttgg ctgttcagta agagggtgac acctagagtt actacctccg    139020
     tgtgtcctgg agaattgaga aattacccat cgtgtggagc ttgccatttt ctgacgaggg    139080
     aacaacactc tttcacagac ctgagaagtt ccttgaggtg ctagagtggc ggtttccgcc    139140
     tccctcccac aactcttagt ggagctgtcc tgggggcaga catggttttt agggtgttgg    139200
     ggggtatgca ggggcagctt gagagaacat gctcttctct tgagttctgg cacatagcct    139260
     gccagagcca gatctcccta ctgcccagaa aagtaaggtt gctcacagtt ctgacagctg    139320
     ctatggcgtg gctacctgtg gggttccctc agctctgaag cgtcctgcct ggagtcctat    139380
     cctatcccag ccctagaggc ttctcgatgc tcattttata ggttttgact tagtagcata    139440
     tccccagccc cagcccccag cccccagccc ccagccccca gccccagcct ggtttaaaga    139500
     ggccgccagg aacttcatcc agcctggtag attacagctg accacagtat agtagttaag    139560
     gaggccagga cagttttcca gccagagtgg gagcaaaggg tgaggaggca gcagtgccac    139620
     aggttagcag actgaataca gaaggcatcc acagcatggc attgcttggg aaggctttct    139680
     gagctcagca gaagtgcaga cctatttctc attaacagat gggttgttag tgttgatctg    139740
     gtgggaccta aaggctcatg tcagcttgct gaggtcctgg cctacagata aggactccct    139800
     ctgaactctg tgccaaacaa gtctgggctc tccttccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    139860
     gtttttgttt gtttttttgg ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg    139920
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctt    139980
     tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg cccagctggg ctctgctttc    140040
     taaacagggc acttggtcaa agcctacatg ctcactcact ctacatttga tatttttcag    140100
     attttgcaag aacggggctc aaggatgtga ggaatgctga gagttgaaga aatgattttc    140160
     ttttccccaa gataaagtga accgccatgt gcaaaaagca tggctgtgag aagaaacctg    140220
     cttttgatca tttctctaga ggtctgggtg tggatccttt tttgcctcag atgtgggtgg    140280
     cgagagacag cccagctgtc aggccagtcg tccccacccg gagcagctag ggctgggttg    140340
     gcagtctctg gtctcactat tctttctgag tgctacgtgg gactgaggca ggatgctgct    140400
     aaccagcccg tgcattcctg aagatgattt gaaggacagg gtccttggtg ctacacacag    140460
     tctgcaacaa gcagcctgga ccttgccagg agggaggggc agccgccgca actcctgtcc    140520
     agtgcactgt ggctttgggg gtgggtgcct gctcatcact gactgagcac caggcgcaca    140580
     tccttgagtc agggaggctg ctctgcctcc aggcatgatt ggttgatttc tctcgacctc    140640
     agctgaggct cctgacaaag gtggcctcca cgttatcact acttctgggc accacccctg    140700
     gacattactc cttcagagcc aggctcttgt tctggcctgt cagcttggcc caggatcatc    140760
     aaggcttctt aatttgtatt ttccaggcaa gaggactttg tatccctttt ttaaagtgtg    140820
     gatagaccac ccggtgttta tactctttag aaatgcctaa aagtgttgct acattttgga    140880
     ttgatctgtt aaatcattta tgctcccata aatagaggtt ttgcctcata tgtctcgcct    140940
     gtgggctcat gggggagctg gcgcctacca gtgcctttgt tgtgcctggg atagaggctg    141000
     gggtgggagg cctgtccacc tggcttctgg aactgacact ccaggtcatg ttaagcattc    141060
     aggatgttta cagtgcaaac atgtctcctt ctcactggct ctcatttcct tgtataacta    141120
     tgcagttctt ctctcgtatt tctggagtgt ttgggacttt gcacaatttg catgggctct    141180
     gttcatctga tacgacattg gagctgctaa ggttcctgca gaggctgcgc ctgctggctt    141240
     gaaacagacc ttctcagctg gttaggggat tgtagcaggc cacaaacttg gctcaagcaa    141300
     gcaagctctg tgcttcttga ccttcccaag ggagctgtgc aaactgacca ctatggctgc    141360
     ccatgtgcag gccagggcct ctgacactgc ttgtttcaaa tgcttccgga aacttcttgc    141420
     ctagaccctc ttccttctcc tctgccagta actgattagt caagttctcc agcatctagg    141480
     accgacctcc tcctttccta aggtctgttg tatgttgtta aggtgtggct taatcactct    141540
     ggggcagtag ctctgctgtt ggccatgggg atgctctggg gagtggctgg acactcagca    141600
     ttgcttcatt tatgactttg acaatagata ggcttctggg ggtttttgtt tctgtttttt    141660
     taatttaatg atattaaaac ttaattcact aaaatcctaa ggggatattt atacttttat    141720
     acttttttag gtatccatat tttatcagct taccgtttaa tgcctaagtt tcccctggaa    141780
     atagtaaata aaattgtgta tttatgactg tgttcagcaa ctgtgaatat cttgaagtgt    141840
     gtggagaagt gttgtcaatc cggaagtgtg tcctggtaga ccaggatggt gtgctcctgc    141900
     ttctagagca aagcctcttc caggttccca acagggatgt ctctgctgtg cagcccctga    141960
     cccttgtata tcctgtgtcc tgttgtgcag tcaacccagc cagattgctg gcccaaggct    142020
     gtcctgatgc ccaagctgag ataagcatgg ggctcctgta cagtgctcag ttatctgggc    142080
     cgtgaggtac cctgtgaatg cctgagaaca agtagggtta agggtctgga tcccgctctg    142140
     agaggtctct aatgctgacc tgcctcatgg cctagaatat ggcatgtctg tgcagaaggc    142200
     tagcagtctg ttgtcaccct cagacagcct cccagccacg agggtgtctg gagagggaca    142260
     aggcaccggc tcggactgtt ctgatgattc tgggaagcca gcagtgggga caggagaggc    142320
     agtgtatgcg gcatccccaa gtaggtatga acctactgga ctctgtgcag agcctgtgcc    142380
     tgggcttcta ccaaggtgct tcttgtggac aggaccacac ctctgcttga atggtaccca    142440
     tgggcccaaa ggaacaaaga accagggccc acatgcagct ttccgaatcc atgtggaaag    142500
     gcaacaccca gaaccttggg acagagccaa ggcaaaatca caattgatgc tgagatcagt    142560
     ctcaaagcct ttgtgcctca taccaatgct tagcgattat gatggcctag agcttacatt    142620
     cctacaacct gccctgcatc cttgtatgga ctccagtgta cctctataga gtagaaggct    142680
     agccaaccaa tctggcctag agaaggcact caacagccta tcctcggagg tcactgagca    142740
     gccagtggga agaggagctc tgggaggttc ctcatgcatg tttggcatac agtaagggct    142800
     aagtggtcca ttctggttgt tttgttttgt ttccctgaga cagggtctca ctctgtagcc    142860
     tggaacaggc tgatctgaca ctcacaatat taattaggct ggcctcaagc tcatagagat    142920
     ctgcctgcct ctgcttcctg gatgctgaga ctaaaggtgt gggctaccac acctgacagt    142980
     tacctatgca gtaaataaca gggtgagtgt gcatatgaac atgcacatgc agctgggtgt    143040
     gagagcagtg tgggttttga gtgtctagtc ctttccactc ccctactatg ttactagaaa    143100
     gtgagaagtg tgaggttaat gaatggacca gtagaaaagg agcctcaggg atcagaaaag    143160
     aacatcaagt gtgtgttgcc cctgaagggg actcctgaag tgttataagg atgcacgggt    143220
     cctttgtggg atgatgttag agaggttggg tgggactagg gactgtgccc cagcatgtgc    143280
     ctccgcctat cttccacgtg gttcctactg aagcccttgt gacctgcctc cgaccctatc    143340
     tgtcactgtc cacagtgctg aagtgggaca cccatcagtg agacagacag ctgtggggtg    143400
     acaacggggc aactggctca ggagcattct agcttgggtg tgcctgcaag ggtcccatct    143460
     tactaggagt catgccctct aaatcttcca gcacatagct tgtggccttt aaggccctgc    143520
     caagatcccc acgcagtcca cgattctttc tttttttctt ttcttttttc ttttttttct    143580
     tttttttttt tttttggtgg tgaacatata taaaagcagc tggcatggca gacgggaaca    143640
     cagtatttac aaatgtacag tgggtggggc tccacctgtg gggctgggca gccctagacg    143700
     atcctgagca gcagtgctcc cagggccagc accattgcat gggcagccag gcaaggggcg    143760
     gagttccccg ccaggcgctg ctgaccttgg gagtcttttt gttgctgctg ggtgcctgct    143820
     ctcccctgaa actgcagttc tgggatgatt tggtggatcc atttgtgatg agaagtcaca    143880
     cggatgtaga cacctgggcg attccgacgg gcacaaccct ctccccagct gatcacccca    143940
     gcctgcaccc acgactggtc cacaaggcac accagtgggc ctccagagtc accctgtggg    144000
     gaagcagagt gccatcagaa cctaccctgg cctcacaaag atcctggggt gctctgctca    144060
     ccacaaagct ccttccaagg aacctaccca ctggcccttg ctgctctggc cctgtgcatg    144120
     gacaagcctg cacattgctg ctgtcccagc ttgcctgcca gtggcatatg cccagtgtgg    144180
     ggtttgttgg aaatgcggct tctgggccct catttcagat ccaagacttg cttatcatgc    144240
     cagctaacgg aaccacagtc taccctcgac ctggactgag ctccctctag aacaacggtt    144300
     ctcaaccctt ctagggtaca gttcctcctg atgtggagac cccctagcca taaaattatt    144360
     ttcattgcta cgaattttgc cgctcatgaa ttgtaaacat ctgatatgta aggtatctca    144420
     tatgtgactc ctgtgaacga gtcgtttgac ctccaaagtt gtgaggaccc acaggttgag    144480
     agctgctggt ctgatgcctt tgccataacc ccctacctta caggcgtcct tcttgccctc    144540
     tgcgaagcct gcacacagca tgtcatcctt gatggttttg agctggaagt cagactcaac    144600
     atctttgttg tacagcaggt tgcacttggg cgtgtcaatg atgggcacag caagtttctg    144660
     caggacccgt gggttgggta gtcggtctgg ggagggaaag acagcctgca gctcagtgga    144720
     cagtcataat caggatcctg aggctctggg ttctcaagaa ccacagctca ctctgcccct    144780
     tcccgggctt cctcagaact taatgggact gtgttttccc tcattagtcc caggcctgct    144840
     tgtctccccc tcctggttcc catatgcaca gcagttccga ctacagcacc tgctccattc    144900
     ttacctgccc cacccatgtg aatagagatg gtatatacca gtatcaacag gaaagctgtc    144960
     ctggcccttc ttaagccata tttcccttcc tcccctagct cagtccccct caccttgttc    145020
     actggggctg ccccagccag tgacccagca gttcatgccc gactcaaaga tgaccgaggg    145080
     atcaggaagg cacacaggaa ggatgtaatt ggtgaaggtc accggcccct gcagctccac    145140
     cagagccacg tcggcactgg aggccatgcc ttggtactga ggattgcttt tcacctgctt    145200
     cacggggaca tacaaggcgt gtggtcctgg ctgctgcagc ttcagtgccc ccagcaggac    145260
     ctggtatatg gatatgtccg aagtgctaat gggaagagca gagctgctgt gggtaccctc    145320
     ctccatgagg ggagggaccc acaatgggta ggtggttctg gtccactgca gtatctgaca    145380
     catctctttg cactcgtgat aaaggctgta aaaactgaaa atcacccatc tttccctggc    145440
     taccaggtga ccgtgggtaa gtgacccaac aaattccttg tgattcagtt tcctcatttg    145500
     taagatgggg acacttaagt cctacctgaa aagcctgctg taacacacat aaacctatga    145560
     ggtacaatga gcccaaggcc tgcctctgag ccccaggtag accacctttg agctttttga    145620
     aataattgca agggctggca agatggctca gcaggtacag gtgctttctg tgcaagcaca    145680
     aatgcctaag ttttatcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    145740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caccctgaaa aaacatgaca ggagaaaacg actctgaaat    145800
     gttgtcttct gccctctaca agcacaccag acacgtgccc ctccccccaa acacacaata    145860
     atggataaaa caaagggaaa agaagaattg cagatccgtg aggaaagagg tatgtttgga    145920
     gaccctgaaa atctgagacc aggtgtctca cgtggacgtg tgggatggga aactgtcttc    145980
     tgaggtaagg aagaggggca ttctgctcca aatcttaggc ttatctgata cccccaaacc    146040
     agagagagag agagagctct ggattggtgt gtgtatgtgg ggggtggggt cggggggcct    146100
     gttagaacag gaccccacgt atcactgaca agcagctggt ggggcaggaa ttgaggcagt    146160
     agttgcagct tctaggcgta gggttggacc caaagggaaa tttctaatta ttttatgtat    146220
     atgtatgaat gtcttgtctg cacgtgtgtc tatgcattgt gtgcatgcct ggagcctgct    146280
     taagccagaa gagggtgttg atctcctgga acttgaggta tagaaggttg tgagccacca    146340
     tgtagatgtg gagagttgaa cattggtcct ctacaagaac agtcagtgca ctgggctatc    146400
     tgtcccgatc cctaaaggaa aactttggaa gacagtgggt gttactggac aaggcatggg    146460
     gtgggggtgg gggggtgggg tgcgctgatg gtggtgctgt tcatggtgct gaacagttgt    146520
     gcacaggctc agtcttgtcc caagccgtgg tgagaagctg gaagggccaa ggccacttac    146580
     ttggagaagc agtgtgcagc agtgaggacc catgttggtg cgatgagact gcccccacag    146640
     aagtggattc cgttgcgctg gatgctgacc tgccagggcc actcaccttc taaggcgttc    146700
     tccccgccca ccatccggtt gaacatcttt ggatgcccac aggctggaag aacatggaat    146760
     cactctctga gggagggggc tgattctacg gctccagctc caaccaaaaa tccacctgcc    146820
     agctctccct ttctgtcagt tttctgccct ttctggcccc tgagccgctc aggatattgg    146880
     cagatcagaa gcccaagtgt cagaggcttt tgatacaggc aaaccctttc tagttctgcc    146940
     ttcccatgaa cctcagacct ctcacttata acaaggtgac aagactcaac ccaggatcag    147000
     gaagattgat gtgatgggaa attcacaccc agagcttgac acaggtcctt gaagaatggc    147060
     tacatgtcat gtcttccatg gggttgatga gccaaaggat agtcatggca cagcaccgaa    147120
     ggtgtcacct atcctggacc ttgttccact gccttctggt tctagttctg cttggccact    147180
     ctggctggct ttcctgctac cccatgcatc tctcctgttt ttgttctctc tctctctctc    147240
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctccc    147300
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    147360
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    147420
     tgtaagtatc cagccacacc tgtgcctcag ttcatcccac ttacctctca gagtcctggc    147480
     cccttcagtc cctgcaagta agcaaagggg gtcatcagcc atctttacca agccaaggtc    147540
     tgttactccc tgctcctacc tcatcagagg gtccctgtcc attgatgaca aggaagggca    147600
     accagggaag ctagttctat ggccatgtgg cttgatctgc ttggagcagg ttgacacttt    147660
     ttttgtccac acagggatct cttcttccac cttgcacccc tgtttttgtc ttgaagtatg    147720
     aaggtgcaga tagtgcatgg gcctcaactt ctagagatgt ggagtctgtc tccctctctt    147780
     cactctctga aggctcagct ctgaatgaca gaggaaaccc cggaggctgc ttccacagct    147840
     tgtccatcag ggatcctctc cgatttgtct cctctcggtc tttcagaatg atcttcttca    147900
     acttctctcc aagtctgact gaggtccagc cacccatggt cactctctgc tctcaaggga    147960
     gtagagttgg cttaacaacc actaaaggtc aacctcacag gactgtagag gactgtactt    148020
     cctgaggcct gagccctctt gccaactgtg gctacatgga ctgtctccac tggactacca    148080
     tcaaggtgag gacatatgta gagaagagga tagggcagct ctaagggcac ctggcatggg    148140
     gtccatttcc tagtgttcat cactcttcac ctgacctcca taaactccat tccagactta    148200
     gattgaagcc caggcacccc cagaccttta gctgtaccct cccagttact gatcccttgg    148260
     gcaggtctgt gggaactgga tggggtttca gcatggtcag gtctctcctc ctgcttggcc    148320
     agattttctc taagccccac tacttgagcc cagagggagg ggtaaagaga aaatcgttct    148380
     gggatactga gggtcaaagg gacagtaaat ggccatgctg agccatacat ggcctgtggt    148440
     gcccagagcc cttaaggatg tcacaggatt cctcctcctg tggagctagc tcccagtcat    148500
     gccatttgca atgctacagg gagccaaaat ccagactgtg ggcttaatga tggggtagag    148560
     ttcagttgtg gacaggctgt ggtggtcacc atgctgtaag ctagagtcac ctaggaacag    148620
     tctcaataga ggatcatcta cattgggtcg gcttgtgggt acacctatgg ggtggtggac    148680
     ggttatctta agtaaattga tgtaggaaga cccaacccac tgtggatggc accattccct    148740
     agtcataggg ggtgggttgg ttctgaacgg agctaaacat aagcaagtga atatacatat    148800
     attcatttcc tcttgactct ggatgtgacc agctgtttca ggttcctgtt gccctgaaat    148860
     gatggattgc cacctggaat agcgagctaa aacaaagccc tttatccccc aggttacttt    148920
     tttgtcatga tattttatca cagtgccaga aacccaagga aaccagaaca tagaggaaca    148980
     agaggtagct actgctgagg gcaggagcag atgtttctca aagcaggtta tcaagcagat    149040
     agggtcacat gtgatgctct tgggaagtag ggattgtgct ctggactcct ggcttgtgtg    149100
     gtttgtgagc acatgttcat aaggtgccct ttacaatgca aagcatagta tatagtgggt    149160
     catagctgtt acccagtgct ctccactcaa gaagctgagg cagggggatt gcctagagtt    149220
     taaggccaga ctgagctaca caatgagtgc ttggccagtc gaagcaatgt tgtaagaccc    149280
     tgtctcagga taaatgaagt gacttaatgg ttgagagccc tggcagggga cctgagttca    149340
     ggtcctagca cccatgttgt gactcacggt catctgtaac tccagttccc gcagatctga    149400
     tgccctctaa tggcctccat aggcactgca tgtacatagc atgcatgcat acgtgcagat    149460
     aaagcattca tacaagtaaa aaataaacat aaataaataa agcgcgggag agatggcttg    149520
     ttggttaaga gagattccta gttcagttcc cagcacccag gggtccagca accccttctg    149580
     gtctcacagg taaactacct tcacttaaac acacaagcac ataggcacag acacacacac    149640
     acacacaaga gagagagaga gagagagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga    149700
     cagagagaca aagaaataca gaaacagaga gataaattaa ataaaaataa aatcttaaaa    149760
     taatataaag taaaaataaa atctcaaaat aatataaagt aaaatgaaaa tatgaccaaa    149820
     gacagtcccc atcttgttag aactcaactg gaactgatct ccaggcccca agaaccagct    149880
     tgcaacattg ccaagggcac agatcctcct tctgcaagcc acctcctcct cctccttctc    149940
     ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctt ctcccccctc ctccccctcc tccctcctgg    150000
     aacttgcaag atccttctgt gcattctccc tccatccagt cttctgtcac tcattgtctc    150060
     tgctgcagct tggtccttca gtctctccat gtcctaaggg cagtctatgt ccatcctgga    150120
     tccctggtgg gaatagctaa ggtctgagaa aaggtgagac cagccagagg actcctgggg    150180
     tgctggtcac cctgggctga agtgagcatg tcaccagggg tccagcctca ggttccagca    150240
     gtttgtgagc caagggcaga ctgccgtttc tgctttggta gtgacctcga ttgatccacc    150300
     cacaggagcc agcagtgtca cacccaaagg aaatgggctt tcttgctgct aaaggtcatg    150360
     gacaagaaca ttccttgact ttgggggagg tggggggcat ccccacagag atacccactg    150420
     atgtcttcct aaccccagcc ctgactgaga cacggcctgg ggtaacttgg cctggcccag    150480
     ggaggtgagg tgaggacacg gaagcatgct ggctgctgag ctagcccatc tggcccagga    150540
     atgtgggaga gtttccctgg tagagaggag cccatcccac aggaaacatg gtaggcagag    150600
     cacctggcta gaacttgctg acccctgtgc aaaatggaca ggggctgctt ctccctctga    150660
     aggcaggagc tgggaccctc tgcagcctgc agctcttgtc cccagctttc tgctgagcct    150720
     caggcagatt ctgaaagttc ttaggctcag agagcaaaca caattcacat aagcccaggg    150780
     acttggaggt ctgcaggcct gggttctaat cttacaggtg tagaggctct atcatctgtg    150840
     gaatgggaag agaggcctct agctcagagc atgacacaca gtgagagcct gatgggggtg    150900
     tggctttagc caagctcctg ccttggggtc ctctcaaggc cttgaccaca tattctgcca    150960
     gaccttccca cagcacccct cccccagtca ggtctctgag gtggaatatc tgggaactga    151020
     gtatattctc tgggaacccc atcactgaga agagaagatt ccttttaggc tcaggcaggc    151080
     ccagggactg gggggggggg ctccggtgga agtcagagca gaacagaggg gcccttacag    151140
     agagagatgg cagcaggacg cccccgcccc cactgcaact caccagatct gagcagcagc    151200
     ggcagcagca gcagggcagc gatgtggggc tgcctcatgt tctctggctt ggtggacgtt    151260
     tgagtcctgg tcagaggtgg cagaagctct ccttagtact acagaggttc aggctccatg    151320
     aagtgaggtt ttatgctgga gatgagtgtc agctcggcta tgccgcccaa cctgtcaacc    151380
     ctgcctgccc agctcctctt tggcaggaag gaggtaccca gaacaccaac tctatgaccc    151440
     ggccctgaac tccaggggcc agaccccttc ctttgtaact tcaggattca gctgaccaca    151500
     gaggactcac taccttcctc aattgaccat aggtcctaca taacttggca gagtctactc    151560
     catccaagag accttctatg tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat    151620
     ttgttcattc attcgttcat tcatttattc attcattcag tcagtcatca aatacttgtt    151680
     gagcacctac tttttatctg acacctgcaa ttcaaggttg atttataccc tgatgggagc    151740
     gtagactttg aagaactaag gtcaaggtgc ttgtgcaacc aagaaagagg gactttggca    151800
     ggctcctgcg gcccctgatg atgctcttgg accatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    151860
     cacctgcaga ttggctcagg gaataggaac ctttgccccg cccctgccag tctggaactg    151920
     caccttctag gcgcggcaag agctgttctg ggaaggcgcc ttagtagtga ccggtaaggt    151980
     ccggttcctg ccctgggtgt gcccgcctgt caggctccca gacttgaagc cacagcggaa    152040
     gtgtccctgg gaggaagttg tttggggcac ggagactgac atcagacaga gctggacaga    152100
     agttctgaag accactccct actagtcgag gagtcaggat gcaggaccat atcctgaacg    152160
     tctcacatcc gatcctacca agccagggag cagtgctgga cagtgggcct ggccctgcct    152220
     cagttttccc gcaggagcag agggtgcagc gtctcactct gttggtgtga gccaggggag    152280
     gtcaattgcc caacagggta gctcagggtc acacgaagtg caagggacct tggtctccct    152340
     gggttgctgt gcagagtgta actccctggt gaccgtcgcc actcctgtgt ggtccctgtc    152400
     tgctttgcag aagacacaga agcaagggct ccccctgcag tgtgggcatg gcagggagac    152460
     acttctattt gaggaaaaaa gtcttctttt tataaaaact agtgtttcaa agcaatcgga    152520
     tggccacaca tcagacagac atccagtgat ccattagccc tacctttgag gcactttctg    152580
     acccttagaa gctaagggct tccttgtgga gcctttccta tcttttcctc tcactcctct    152640
     ctcttctaac agcaagtact ttttgcatac aactctgcct tgacattagg tgagcagcag    152700
     aagtgagtat gtgggtccag aggaagctgg gctcttgaga aaccatgtgg gtccctccca    152760
     ctagcagtaa gccggacccc tccccaaccc tacacccccc ccccaacccg gagtacactg    152820
     ccagtgaggt gagcaacagc agaagggtag atgcttctac acagggccac agaggggctg    152880
     agggagtctg atgacaggag ctttctggag aattttgtct ttttttaaaa atgttattat    152940
     gttaattaat tcatgagatg atgtgtgtgc atgtgagggg gagggtggtt agccaaaggg    153000
     acaacttgca gtgatcaact tcctccttcc accaggtggg ttccagggat ggaattcagg    153060
     tcggcaagct tggtggagag ctccttttcc tgctgagctg tctcgctagt ctcctagagc    153120
     attgtcaagg ttggaagtca cagtagctct cacagaagaa aagagctatg gccacaagtt    153180
     aaaagcacaa acatgggtta caaatagaaa ggtaaacaat agggaaaaaa aatcaatgta    153240
     ggaaatatgg ctgggtggca aaaccattgt ttctcagggt gctcaaagaa actagaaaac    153300
     aaaacaaaac acaacaaaga aaacccaaca aaacctcctg aatcctaaag gtgaaatggg    153360
     tgaagaacag agacaagcaa caaagaggaa gctaatttgg ctaacatacc tgctgggaaa    153420
     tgttcacctt agtaattaaa tgaatgcaaa tcaaagcaga gagagctcag ttgccactca    153480
     cgggttagca aagtctggag gaatgctctt aggcaaggct gcagagaagt aggtcagagg    153540
     gtgagcatga aactggcctt tgggaattgt ttttttatct tcagaaatgg tcatgtaccc    153600
     caagctagcc ctgaactcac tatgtagccc aagctatgaa aaaaaatttg actaaagatg    153660
     ttaatcagta caactaaact tacctgtagt tctataattc tagcagtcag gaggctggga    153720
     cagaataata aaaacaaagc aaaacaacca agcaaggtta gcctgggcta catagtgaaa    153780
     ccttccccat ttgcaacaaa acaaattttt tttttttaaa tttgttgagg cagaggcaga    153840
     ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga    153900
     ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gggggatccc tgtgagttca    153960
     aggtgtgggc cctgggtcct gagaagatga cataaactcc attttaggac taggcctgac    154020
     ttaaaaaaaa aaagtcatct gttttaggaa ctgaccataa ccccaccacc accaccacca    154080
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc accaattcat cagtctcagg agttaggcca taagtcacca    154140
     ggaagaaggg catgaaaccc ccatccgaga aacagcccag agataccccc aaggatgggg    154200
     aaatatcgtg tctcaggatg ggccatctgt gctgggcagc cttatatggt ctgagtatct    154260
     cagcctgtgg ttagacgttc atgacatagg aatgcaatcc actgataccc ggacacaagc    154320
     cagtcagaaa cggacccacg taacatcccc agcacatacc aatgatgttt tagattacct    154380
     agccctagct aaaattcccc tagttcttat aaagaggcct acgtgccttt gcctggtgtt    154440
     gtcaccattt ttgtaagtgg ccaaccccta tgtgcagtct tcttgctttt gggaaataag    154500
     aacactcctg cctattgcgt atgtgctggt ggtgtctgtg tggccctttc agacttaact    154560
     ggatccaaac ttgggtcctc tgagaaagca acacgcactc ttaactgcag agccacttct    154620
     tagcccctat caaaatcgtg ttaaattagc caagtggtgg cacacaccgc cgttaataca    154680
     cggcacacac cgccgttaat acacagcaca caccgccgtt aatacacagg caacgacacc    154740
     gggatgctct cagggatgct ctcagggacc tggcagctgc ttagttcatc atctgtctcc    154800
     cgccaggtgt gtcaggtttc tgctttggat aagagggttc cagccacccc agatctctct    154860
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgccttg    154920
     ccccatgcct ctctgctctc tggcacctct ctttgtcttc ctgtctgtct gtctgtatcc    154980
     cccaggtctc cactcttccc tcctccccaa ataaacatta cacctgattt gttatgtggc    155040
     gtaatttctc agaggtatat tttgccaccc atcccctgtc accctgactc ttgcccacat    155100
     atttttttta ataatttcat ggtcctttaa tcccagcact cggaaggcag agctttgagt    155160
     ttgaaggtag cctggcctac aaagtgtcca ggacatccag ggctacacag agaaaacctg    155220
     tctcaaaata caaaacaaca acaacaacag taacaacaca gaaaacaaaa aaaaagagaa    155280
     aagagtgtta aattgccttc cttctgtgag agccaaagtt atgttttaag tcttaattac    155340
     tttgcctaag agatccatga accaaaaatg cctgtgacct gtaagctcct gcccaaggac    155400
     agatacttcc tgaaatgttt attgtttgtg ggaggtgaca agctgtgtgt gtgttttcat    155460
     gtccctaaac aagtttgttt gacttccaac cactccagat gggcttgatc acatgtgggc    155520
     agggaggtcc gtaggcagca aacatgggag aatgtatgct tgcccctgag tggatctgat    155580
     gtgaaatgtg gagaattgtg gagtttgctt tttaaacccc tgcaaaatgt caccagggcc    155640
     attttcctgg gactctgggt ctggacctgg ccagtaattt attaaaactt ctttcaaatg    155700
     tgactttaag ttgtttagtg atcttattcc caaccagtgg gatcaacaaa cacttccttt    155760
     cttcttccct gtcacctgat ggatgaaaaa aaattaataa aaaggaaagg atgggggctg    155820
     gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat    155880
     cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccgcaacaat atctgactcc ctcttctgga    155940
     gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca tatattaata aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa    156000
     aaaaaaggaa aggatgagac tgctcctagg tgtggtggag aaagtttatt agagacctgt    156060
     gagagagcat aggcaggcgc agggacatgg acatctgaga gaatccagag tggacctgac    156120
     catactgagc tgggccaagg ttgggggtcg ggtggggaag caggtgccgg gtaaccaaaa    156180
     tgtctggatt agataaggaa gagcccctac gggaagggca tcccagcccc tgaaagagcc    156240
     cctacgggaa gggcatccca gcccctggaa gagcccctac gggaagggca tcccagcccc    156300
     tggaagagcc cctacgggaa gggcatccca gcccctggaa gagcccctac gggaagggca    156360
     tcccagcccc tggaagagcc cctacgggaa gggcatccca gcccctggaa gagcccctac    156420
     gggaagggca tcccagcccc tgggctagag agttcagggt aggaagccac acgctgtaac    156480
     aggtttgctg agagaacttg gaggccaggt ctgttttgat atcttaaata ggcacctcag    156540
     cgcatggtcc tgggtttgaa actgaacgat ctccctgttt tctacttcct cctcctcccc    156600
     ctccttcttt tcttccccca cctcttcctc cttcttttcc ctcgagacag ggtttttcta    156660
     tgtagccctg gatgttgaag aactcactct gtagaccagg atagactaat agagattggc    156720
     ctgccttacc tactgagtgc taggactgta ggcatgggcc accacggctt ggctagcaat    156780
     ggcttaacat gtagtcctaa tttgatactc attatgtatc ctagaatggt ctcaaatttg    156840
     tgtcaacccc ctgcctcagc ttcccgacta ctgggattgc aattgtttat caccatacct    156900
     gaccaaataa ttttagtgtc agaacagtgg cagcaatagc acccaagaag aaaggcttac    156960
     tgtgtctggc catacctaga ggttctggag tcatgtgact ccttttcaag agcacatgac    157020
     aagaattcaa cctagacttg gggtttatgg tgggaggtca tgatgtgacc tcctggggct    157080
     tcttcctgtg atactctaac tgaaggagag ctggagagtt caggggcggg gcggggcggg    157140
     gcggggtatg cctcacctat cccctccccc agggtcactg cctatctctg gggtgcccac    157200
     aagcacagca ctcgaggtga ctccctgagg taggtacctg ttgctggtcg gactgtcctc    157260
     agggaatccc agcccagagg accaaagctc ttccacctat tgtggataag cccaaggcag    157320
     ggcattccgg gctctgcttc cggcattgtg actggcccac acagccacag cgcaggggtt    157380
     ttaatggaag aggagggtgc tggggactga gaagcagtgg catcagtgca tcaggcatga    157440
     gggaggctgc ttcacgcatg gaaatcacca aagctttacc ccacaacttc tacacacgat    157500
     tcttggaagc cattgaggaa aggtgggctc cgactgaagg aatgaaccaa ggaagcgaaa    157560
     gagggaggct ataaaacagg agcagcggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca    157620
     gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag    157680
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaacaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa    157740
     acccaaccaa ccaaacaaac agaaaacaaa aaaaacccaa accaaacaaa acaacaacaa    157800
     caacaacaaa accaggagca gcagggttct cgccatgacg acaaagggag acctccgaag    157860
     agcaaggtga ggtgctggag ggcaatctgc cgtggctgca atccgctgtg gctgcaacct    157920
     gccatggctg caatcctttg tggatgcaat ccgccatgac tgcgatcctc tgtggctgca    157980
     atccgccatg gctgcgatcc gcatggctgc aattcttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt    158040
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gagcaggctg gccttgaact    158100
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaaga gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccacgcc    158160
     cagcaacatg gctgcaattc gttgtggctg caatccgccg tggctgtgat cctccgtggc    158220
     tgcaatctgc catggtctca atccactttg gttgggacac tgatttagga gttcccggcc    158280
     tgcgaagact ggcatcactg tgtactctgc cactgcgctg actttttaac ctgatgagac    158340
     tactaaagga tgcgcttcca gcacaagact tcagctgagg aagacccgag attcaaggaa    158400
     agaaatccaa accaagggga gaggaaatgg ggttccaaca gggacagagg agacagcagc    158460
     aaccagagag ccgtggggga gctcgaagag gaagtcagta aaagacaaag gagttctccg    158520
     agctgcaaga aatgctgcta ggagaggctt gcttcagatg agtactgcct ggaaaatatt    158580
     ttttccttct ctttgcttac attcttcctt ctactaaaag tgtgaaggtg tgtgtgtgtg    158640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgcgcgcg cgcgcgcgcg    158700
     cgcgcgcgcg cgtgagtgca cgtgtgttca ggtgcttatg tgcctgtgga ggccaggggg    158760
     ttggtactga tttccttcct tgctctcttt ctcagaaaag gtctcacgat gtgttgagcc    158820
     ctgccccgcc tcctcacccc tccccgcagc cattttgttc catgcccacc agctatttca    158880
     tattgttgct gtaatctgcc tgccagtcat tgacatagaa aaagaacttg actcagagca    158940
     aggtcatgcc aaccacgtac cctgtaaggt tctgtatgtt ctgaggtttg ttaatccgaa    159000
     gaaatttgac aaccgtaaat gccacttagg gccaatcaga ataaaggtca attagagctg    159060
     ctctatcaaa tcaaaagtca aaatagcttg agtcagagct gaccactggg cttcacttcc    159120
     tgtacctgca catgaactca ttgtgagaag atggaggtca tagcctcagc agggaactct    159180
     gagctacagc ccctgattga tcagtcttaa gagtgttagc tcaataagcc ttccctgtct    159240
     gacggagatc aatgtttgtg tcgtttgtgg ggctactctt agactcctac accatgtagc    159300
     tctaggtggt ctggaactct ctctatagac caggctggcc tagaactcac agagatcccc    159360
     tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaaa tatgtatgtc accaccctcg gctctttgcc    159420
     ttatttttgg agacagtctc ttactggact tgtagctggt tgactgggct gggttgagtg    159480
     gccagtgact tctaggggtc cctgcctcta ccccaatccc agcactaaaa ttacacatgt    159540
     agcacccagg tttacatgag accttggtgc cagggattta aattcacacc ctcacatcat    159600
     gtctgtaagc agtctcctca gccctgttaa aaacatacac cgcactttac atgtagcctc    159660
     atcctgagga actgctcaaa gtccaagccc agcaaggatg cagcctagag gtgaaggtgg    159720
     gcacactgcc tgcaggtcgc ccacgatgcc atgtctggag gcagagatca catgtggttc    159780
     tggttccctt ccccaaccgc agaattgtgc taaatgtttc cttgacaatc ctcctggcta    159840
     ccatgattgg tgccagaagt ctgggtggca gctcccccat ctccccgaag tcatgtcaca    159900
     caaatcccta cacagaactc ctattccaga ttactttcct gtttaaaccc cgacagatgt    159960
     cagagatgtc ttctggtgat ctaattttaa atcggagaag ggtttctcat ctatcatgac    160020
     agactctccc tctgtagtct ggactgtctt taaacgctgg ctcctcctgc cccagtctct    160080
     ctagtgctgg aattgtaggt gtgtgccacc atacctggtt aaagtttgtg tctgtctgtc    160140
     tgtctgtctg tttactgtgt gagtcaatgt aggtcagaca ccttcagcca tcctggagac    160200
     tcaggctgtt tttctggcca gaacacagaa ggaaggcagg aagaacagaa cagagtttag    160260
     gagcttgaag gagcaccctg cttccctaag gaccagccct gcagctggtc attcttgttc    160320
     acctcagtgt ttcccaggga aacctccctt cagcttccca gggagtttct gattcagggt    160380
     tccacagacc caggtcttca cctttatagc tgcaggctgc agccccgtct ttctacttga    160440
     ttctttcctt ctcttccctc tactcctcct ctttcttctc cctttgctcc tcttcctccc    160500
     tctgctcctc ctccctctgc tcctctacat tattcctatt cttctgtgat gctggggaac    160560
     ccagagtcct gaacacggta gctatgtgtt ctatcactga gatagatctg taccctgggc    160620
     cttctcctat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tatttctttt    160680
     acatcctact gctgtttccc ctccctcctc tcttccaatc ccaatccttt ccagcctccc    160740
     ctctacatcc actcctcctc cttttctctt cagaaaagga caggcctcca ggatatcaac    160800
     caaacatggc aaatcaagtg gtagtaagac tagacacctc ccctcgtggt taaggttgaa    160860
     caaggcaacc cagtatgagg aaagggcccc aaaagcagat aaaaaagtca gagacagccc    160920
     ctgctctcac aagaagatca aactacatga ctatatatgc agaggtttct ttatttttta    160980
     aaaaataata attcttagtg tttttgatgg cctccacttt tttaactgat aaacttatca    161040
     aatgcatagt aattgtttac catctcctgt tagcacttcc agggccttga gctatgggtc    161100
     accctcatct ctgtggcccc ttcctaccct cccttggtct ccctagtctg tcacccacag    161160
     cctccctgtc cacctgctgt gacacttgct ctgagcatgt tcctctctgg tcaggcatcc    161220
     tctgccagtt agagtctcag cctctatcct gcttggtttt aggttggttt gtcacaagct    161280
     agagccactt gagaacagga attctcaatt tttaaaaaag ccttcataag attcttctat    161340
     aagcaagtct atagtgcatg ttcttaacta ccaatggatg ctggagggcc cagcccattg    161400
     tgggtgatgc cattcctggg caggtggtcc tgggtgctgt aagaaagcag attgagcaag    161460
     caagggatgg ggtcagccag gaggcaacac ccctccttgg cctctgcatc agcttctgcc    161520
     tccaggttcc tgccctgctt gagctctgaa aagagctctg ctgactattt tgtgggaact    161580
     ttggaagaca agagtattga gagaaatgca gatgatggag gcctgacttt tgacatttta    161640
     gagagaaatt tgagagttcc ttaaaaatta ccggaactat ttgatattat aaattaagaa    161700
     tctgtggctc tggctagcta gactgaagaa atcagccaca attaataaga gaccagaacc    161760
     actaaagtga aacctttgct ttgctaggac aatggatgtc agtcagctga gtttgaagac    161820
     tcacatgtga ttaagaagag actagcatct agccctgggg tcatgagagc tggccttgcc    161880
     tctcacctgc agtaccattt ggggaagctg gtcctgcacc ttggcagagc tggccctggt    161940
     ggccggggtg taggtaactg cccaaggtct tgtgcagagg agtgctggcc ccacctctcc    162000
     tcagctgagg ggtgggactg gcaggaaggt gatggcttct cctcctgtag gagtcaggag    162060
     agctggctcc gggattgggg tggtgagact gggagagctg cctctcctcc tcgctggctg    162120
     tagcacatgg taacctgtat cccactcagc tgggtggcac agtggaactg gctctggagg    162180
     catgggtacg ggtgagtcag cccccagggc atgagagcag gaggggctgc ccctgcctcc    162240
     tgctgctgtc cacattggat gggctagcct gagcaatgtt ggagagttta ccctggtggt    162300
     attggttcag ggagccagcg ggctctccag gtcaactaca acccaggtcc agatccaggg    162360
     ctttaagtag gcccacctca gaacctacat catctgtgga ccgttggagc acgtgaaagg    162420
     gccagtcctg ctgttccaaa gctgcaggat ctccatgaca cagggcaaca acagggtaac    162480
     taggaggagt cccagtgagg acccaatatt gatggtgtca cagaacccag agggctccaa    162540
     tcagaccaat gactcattgc aatgaatttt tgcatgtgag gatgtgtgga cagagggatg    162600
     tactatgtga tgcactgtga tacactgcag cttccacaac gagatggttt ttatgctttg    162660
     gtttttgttt gcttatttgt tttattttct tttgcccgtg tgtgtgggag gttgcaaggg    162720
     cagagagcag atatgagggg acaagatatg aggggacagg gagatgagtg gacctagggt    162780
     ggtgcatgat gggaaactca tgatgaagca ataaaaagtt ggagagagag agagagagag    162840
     agagagggaa ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggacaaagag aaagggaaga    162900
     ggagagagaa gtgagagatg agagggcaaa ggagtgagag taagagtaag agagtgaggt    162960
     gggggctgag cacccctttt tatggtcttc actgttgcta ggtaactggg gaggagttta    163020
     gcctgaaggt cagaagcttg ggtcattgct tatgtgacta ctgaccatgc ttctcttgta    163080
     gaggctgtgg gaggtgatac cttaggcagg agcccgagtt ccaggagcat aagggaacgc    163140
     ctaccgtgtc atgtaagtga attatgacca ctggggttcg actggagacc agcctgcaat    163200
     tccccacagc acagagcagg caatctctgt aggggtactg agcatggctc tatgttatgt    163260
     gtctaatcaa tttactcagc catggtcttt ccctgcttct gctaggcagt tttttttttt    163320
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa    163380
     cgcaaacgag agcgtagcat ccttgaggtg aagtctggga agtgtttcct cagggttagc    163440
     acacacatga ttgaaactgt ggtctaaaga tagcaaaggc tgcatctcac actggcagtc    163500
     agaacttggt gaggtgggag tgtatcccat gtgctacggg ttttgaaggc atgaagggac    163560
     tccaggggtc atggagagca actgaggctt ggcactgtgt ggcagtgctg gagtccctga    163620
     acagaggcca gaaggagcca ttgatgaagg tacaacatct gttttggggt atccatcaga    163680
     gagataggtt taagccaata gaaggtcttt attagctggc caggaattac agtgggtacc    163740
     acagactcca gtgcagccct gagcctttct caggatgagc ttatataagc acaaaaacca    163800
     tgtcctgggt tgacacacct cacttaacaa gaacagttag ccacaagcag aactacagaa    163860
     gccaaaaacc aaggttagtt catttagaga ctcccggaac tgtggacttt gatggattag    163920
     gtctttgttt gacttttggc aggtgctgct gtctatgtgc tgagttttac agcctgaatg    163980
     atacttccat catggagtca gttgtgctaa ggtctcgggg cttacaaagg tctggggccc    164040
     tgttatacct cagttgaagc agatcccagc attttggaga agccagtgcc accaaggaca    164100
     gcagtagctg tggagttgag ttcacctgag cctaaagatg agctgtgtgt gctgcagagg    164160
     gtagagctgg agacgtgacc aagccagctt ggaggagagt agatcaggac taaatcccag    164220
     acaatgggta ctgagttatt tacactgttg cactttgaat tcgccttgtt ctcattgtag    164280
     caatgccctg gttcttccct tttgaagtaa gaaactggtg gcgcaagcct ttaatcccag    164340
     ctcttgggaa gcagaggcag gtgaatttct gagttcgagg ctagcctggt ctacagagtg    164400
     agttccagga cagccaatgc tatacagaga aaccctgtct ccaaaaaaac ccaaaaaaac    164460
     aaaacaaaaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaaa aattttacag gagcccacag ttgaggaact    164520
     gtgacctttt aaagaaattt tgaattttca gagagacttt gggttcagtt tagtttagtt    164580
     ttttgagaca gagagactca ctatgtagct tgagctgttc tgaaattcta tgtggaccag    164640
     gcaaggctca aacacagaaa tatgcctgcc tctaccttcc agatgctggg attaaaaatg    164700
     tgtgtcacca tgcccttcaa gactttggat tttgccaggc agtcgtggca catgccttta    164760
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag tttgaggcca gcatggtcta    164820
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaacaaca    164880
     acaacaacaa aaaaccaacc aaacaaaaaa agactttgga ttttaaaaga aaccatggat    164940
     attttaaaga gacaattttt gaagtattgt aaatgtaaag actgtgaaac ttttaaagta    165000
     ctatgtctat attgtgatat tattattatt tttatactgt ccataatact ttgttggttt    165060
     cctattgacc tggacccagc tgggtgtgct cagggcaaga tcactgttca ccatattcca    165120
     ggtgggtaat gagaaagcct caacctagac tccagcccct tcagagtgtg gaggaagagc    165180
     ctgcgttttc tgggccagca caggacatcc aggtaggggc acaggtgaga tccaagattc    165240
     aggctcaccg atgtttacct gtctcagttg tgtttggaga agtgttcctt gctgtcatcc    165300
     acaatgggct tgatggtgcc actgccaggc ttctagccag caggacagac ttccccatgc    165360
     ttgtctgtat acggaaaggc ctggactagg cagagagcct tatctacaga gcgtcccaca    165420
     ggtaggtcat tgactgtcat tggcgaagga cacccttgca tcgctgataa agaagcaatg    165480
     ccttcatcat ttttcaacat gctgtaattc tgggacaagc ttttagtcac atcagcaggc    165540
     agagggatat tcagggggcc caagcctcct tccttccatg gagtcagaca ctcccagcct    165600
     agctttcgga agtcctcagc atggttgtta aaagcgataa tctctgtggg gcaaacaaaa    165660
     gtgatgtcca gtgggtagaa aaagaggacc aggtacttcc ccctgtagtc caaaacttaa    165720
     agctgtgaag tcaggagctg gctttctgat gtgtgccttg ttagaggcca tgattgcatg    165780
     ggcaagagcg ggacatgtgg gcaaccagac ttcagcagag gcaggagaga gatctcagaa    165840
     ctatattgtg acattaatct gagatcttgg aaataaaggg aaggctattg ttttttattg    165900
     ttgttgtttg gtttttggtt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctagccc tggctgtcct    165960
     gaaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgccttc    166020
     cgggtgctgg aattacaggc gtgtgccacc acgcctggct gggaaggcta ttgttaaata    166080
     gtgttgtatt agtgtatcaa aatgacaagg ggtcaattgt actggttagg tttatgtcca    166140
     cttgacacaa gctagagcca tttgagaaga aggactctga gttgaaaaag tgcttccatc    166200
     agatttccca gtaggctctg ccctagaggc attgcaggtg tggctgctgt gtcacctgtg    166260
     catcagtagg tgaccgagga gacaggctat gtctgtgctc agtgctctga cctgtggaca    166320
     tctgaataat tggtaaccta acagtccctg taaataagca ggcccgggga gcgaaccatg    166380
     cctgagagga accctgccca gtgccataac agcacccctg agaccactcc caagatgacc    166440
     caggacacca gagaccctgg gtgccactat gaggagcaag taagtggcag agaaatggaa    166500
     gagaaacaga ggaggtgtgt tgtgggtagc cctagggcta attatatttg atgttaaatc    166560
     tgttctgtga gtgtgaacaa ggaatgaatc agcactcagg tgatttcctg taaacctgct    166620
     tccctcctta atttgtaaaa taaaggcgag ctgattgggc agataaaagg gaaggtggag    166680
     cggaagggga gagggagaag aagaagaaaa tagaagaggg agagcaggca gaggaggagg    166740
     aagaagaaaa acagcacata acctgagaaa ccgcaagttc taaggggtct catagatgtg    166800
     gaagatggta gtgtagcggt agacctgccc aatctaggcg cacagcatgt attcatatta    166860
     attgtgttgt gttttcattg ccagggcata attgggttgg agagatttac tgcaacagag    166920
     gtgggcacaa tgaagagagg cagaactgga gacacaagga tagtgagggt caacctgatg    166980
     tgagtagcca gtaatgccat ctggggccac gtctgtggcc acgaacttgc aggagcagag    167040
     gtctgttacc gccaaaggcc aggcaaacgc ccctggtctg ggctgccatg gcacatgctg    167100
     atttctgagg gctgtgcaga actggccccg acctcttctc ccagcattat gagagagcta    167160
     ccctagggtt gtgtgagcag gagagctgcc cctgccccta gccagctgca gtagtctgga    167220
     gagtgggctc ccgaagtaca atagagttgg ccctggttgc aggagttgtg ggcgagctgg    167280
     ccccgaggtt ctaagtatgg gggagccagt cctgctgctg gtctcccatg cgctagcatg    167340
     aatcagggag agataccccc accccctccc ctcttcacct gtggcaggtg ggaaagctgc    167400
     cgtagggtca tgagagcagg agtagtggct ctgccttcca cctgggcaac acaatagagc    167460
     tgaccctggt gggggcaagc tggcctggag ggtgtaaaca tgggagatct ggccctacct    167520
     cttgtcagct gggtggtggc aaggacaaga gagagatccc ctcccctccc tttgcccttg    167580
     ccatctggtt tgtgggagag ctggccctgc tagggtcctt ccccatctgc agcactcagg    167640
     agcgcagcct ctgcacttcc cctaggcagc atggtagagt cagccccgag gggatgagag    167700
     cagaggctct ggctctaccc cttgctggct gcagcattgg gtgggtcagc aggagcaggg    167760
     caggagagct cactctggtg gtgtgggtgt gggagagttg gcaggctgcc cagtttagat    167820
     atctcccagg cccagatcct aggctttgaa ttggtccacc ccaacatcta cccatcgatg    167880
     atatgctgga gttcttgaag gggtcagtcc aacagttcca aatttatagg atttccataa    167940
     cacagggcag cgcaggatat ctgagagggg ttccagtgag gttccagaat tgatgatgta    168000
     gcagaagcca gaggcctgga gccagaccaa tgactcattg caatgaacat ttgctagcaa    168060
     agaaatgtgg acaaaagggt gtactgtggg gcacactgta gcatctgcat tggttcctgc    168120
     cctggctttc tttgaagata cactatgatg tagaactcta aggtaaaata aaccctttcc    168180
     tccgagttgc tttggtcatg gtggtttctt gcagcaatag taacactaac tcagatctcc    168240
     ttcttttcag ggttaactca tacttgtctt ctagacttag ccggcatctc cctgtccaga    168300
     gagcctctgt cgtttgcaag ctgatgcggt gtcttcctgt ggggtccctg ggagctcact    168360
     cacccttgcc tgtctcccgt agcttacaga tgctttatgc agccgctgtg tttccacctt    168420
     tccctgttgt tggacagaga gtcttgaggg cagaccctgc atgtccaagc actttaatcc    168480
     ttcactaaca tttcccacgt cagcccttgg gaagcattgg tcggactgga tctgaatcag    168540
     cacttgtcca tttgccaaat ggagttcttg tatacactgc tctgaaatga gcagagttta    168600
     aaaataaagt aaaataaaac cagatgcccc agcaagtttg agtcgcagac aacgtgtctg    168660
     agacactgtc cacctgtggc gtatttatac ttaatgagtc cttgtttacg tagaactcca    168720
     tgcttaccca ggctctctgt gtttgtatct gctagctcag caagcctatc cttaccctca    168780
     tgatggaaag cctgacttgg ataatgaact ttctgcagaa gcctcattcc ctgaagttct    168840
     cagggagagc tgaggctctg cttttgttcc atctcatcaa tttcccccac tcccacccca    168900
     gggtatagca cgtggactct ccaaacttcc ttaagtggct tccaaacact cacagacgag    168960
     ccaggaaaca ggaataggaa agatgtgcag aaggggtaac caaagaggcg atggcagaag    169020
     gaggcataca taggtcttag tccttcttct gtaccccctg gtctgcacat gatggacagt    169080
     gcagccacag aatggtgatc attaattggc acctggtagc tggtgcaggc cctagtgttc    169140
     atggctcaca gagggtcagc gtgggttcac tgtaagtccc tagattctct gaggtaagag    169200
     gaggaggagc atgcctgcag ccaaagtctg caacccacgg tgaggagggc ctgatcctga    169260
     caccaacccc tggcttctgc tctagagatg gcttgtcaca gatctggatg tgggattggt    169320
     ctcctcaccc ttgcctgtac ctcaagcaca gcccctgcct tgacttcccc ttcccacttt    169380
     tccagacatt gccccccccc tttccaagca cacatcaaaa caaccatcca tcatgatcaa    169440
     gtaggcttca ctccagggat gcagggatgg ttcaatatac agaaatccat caacgtaatc    169500
     cactatataa acaaactcaa agacaaaacc acatgatcat ctcattagat gctgagaaag    169560
     catttgataa aatccaacac ccattcatga taaaagtctt ggaaagatca ggaattcaag    169620
     gcccatacct aaacatgata aaagcaatct acagaaaacc agcaaccaac atcaaactaa    169680
     atggtgagaa gctggaatca atctcactaa aatcagggac tagacaaggc tgcccacttt    169740
     ctccctacct attcaataaa atacttgaag tcctagccag agcaattaga caacaaaaga    169800
     agatcaaagg gatacaaatt ggaaaggaag aagtcaaaat atcactattt gcagatgata    169860
     taatactata cttaagtgac cccaaaaatt ccactagaga actaaacctg ataaacaact    169920
     tcagtgaagt agctggatac agaattgact caaacaaatc agtggccttt cgctacacaa    169980
     aggataaaca ggctgagaaa aaaattaggg aaacaaaacc cttcaaaaag gtcactaata    170040
     atataaaata ccttggtgtg actttaagga agtgaaagat ctgtatgata agaacttcaa    170100
     gtttctgaag aaagaaatcg aagaactcag aagatggaaa gatctcccat gctcatggat    170160
     tggcaggatt aatataataa aaatggctat cttgcctaaa gcaatctaca gattcaatgc    170220
     aatccccatc aaaattccaa ctcaattctt cacagagtta gaaagggcaa tttgcaaatt    170280
     catctggaat aataaaaaac ctaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaacaata aaagaacctc    170340
     tggtggaatc accatgcctg acctcaagct gtactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc    170400
     atggtactgg tacagtgaca ggcaggtaga tcaatggaat agaattgaag acccagaaat    170460
     gaacccacac acctacggtc acttgatctt tgacaaagga gctaaaacca tccagtagaa    170520
     agaagacagc attttcaata aatggtgctg gttcaactgg cagttagcat gtagaagaat    170580
     gagaattgat ccattcttat ctccttatac aaagctcaag tctaagtgga tcaaggaact    170640
     ccacataaaa ccagagacac tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtgggggaag aaccttgaag    170700
     atatgggcac agggaaaaat tcttgaacag aacagcaatg ttttatgctg taagatcaag    170760
     aattgacaaa taggacctca taaaattaca aagtttctgt aaggcaaaag acactgtcaa    170820
     taagataaaa tggcaaccaa cagattgtga aaagatcttt agcaatcttc aatccgatag    170880
     ggagctaata tccaatatat ataaagaact caagaagcta gactccagaa aaccaaataa    170940
     ccctattaaa aatggggtat agccgggtag tggtggcaca tgcctttaat cccagcactt    171000
     gagaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagt ctggtctaca tagtgagttc    171060
     caggacagcc agagctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggggggg    171120
     gggggtacag agctaaacaa agaattctca actgaggaac actgaatggc tgagaagcac    171180
     ctaaaaaaaa tttcaacatc cttaatcagt aggaaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga    171240
     ttccacctca taccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaaac tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg    171300
     gtgaggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccattgctgg tgggactgca agcttgtaca    171360
     atcagtctgg aaatcagttt gacggttcct cagaaaattg gacatagttc taccagaaga    171420
     tgcagcaata ccactcctgg gcatataccc agaagatatt ccaatttata ataaggacac    171480
     atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag    171540
     atgtccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta    171600
     ctcagctatt aaaaacaatg aatttatgaa attcttagac aaatggatgg atctggagga    171660
     tatcatccta agtgagataa ctcaatcata aaagaacaca catgatatgc actcactgat    171720
     aagtggatat tagcccagaa gctcagaata cccaatatac aatttgcaaa acacatgaaa    171780
     ctcaagaaga aggaagacca aagtgtagac actttgatcc ttcttagaag ggagaacaaa    171840
     atacccaggg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagcag agactgaagg aaggaccatc    171900
     cagaaactgc cctacctggg gatctatgcc ataaacaacc accaaaccca gacactattg    171960
     aaaatggcca acaagagctt gctgacagga gcctgatata gttgtctcct gagaggctct    172020
     gccagtgcct ggcaaataca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca tccattagac ggaacacagg    172080
     gtccccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagctg aaggggtttg cagcccccta    172140
     ggagaaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtaa ccctagagct ccctaggact aaattaccaa    172200
     tcaaagaaaa ctcacggaga gactcatggc tctagctgaa tatgtagctg aggatgacct    172260
     agtcggtcat caatgggagg agaggccctt ggtcctgtga aggttctatg tcccagtata    172320
     ggggaatgcc aggaccagta agagggagta ggtgagttgg ggagcaggag tagggggaag    172380
     gggatagggg attttcggag gggaaactag aaaaggggat agatagcatt tgaaatgtaa    172440
     ataaagaaaa tagctaataa aagaagaaag aagaaaacag ttgtgttccc ccgaactcac    172500
     tacatatttt attgttgttg tttggctttt ttgagacagg gtgtctgagt taggtgtctg    172560
     ctgtgaagag gcactataac caaggtagct cttataaagg caaacattta gttgggactg    172620
     gcttagtttc agaggttcag tccattatca tcatggtgag aagcatggca gtgtgcaggc    172680
     agacatggtg caggagaagg agccaagagt tctacatcac gatccaaagg cagccaggag    172740
     gagactcttc tgcactgggc agagtttgag catttggaga cctcaaggcc tgccagtaca    172800
     gtaactacag taacacactt cctccaccaa ggccacacct attccaacaa agtcacgcct    172860
     cttaatagtg ccgcttccca cggggcaagc atattcaaac caccacccag ggtaatttgt    172920
     cttgggtgtc ctagaacttg ctctgttgtt tatgtttcag atttacagag atccacttgc    172980
     ctctgccttc caagtgctga cattagagtc atgtgacacc acctggctcc tcttttattt    173040
     tatttattta ttaatttttt tgagaagggt cctactctgg tgcatagttg gcttagaaca    173100
     ctgtccttaa actcacagca atcagcctgt ctcagcctcc caagagatca ggggcatgaa    173160
     gccccatgcc tggcttctaa ttgaatgtaa attttgaggt atttatttat ttgtataagt    173220
     gttttgcctg gtatatatgt ctatgcacca cttgtgtgcc gggtgcacaa gaaggctaga    173280
     aaagggcatc agctctcctg gggcttacag acagcccgga gctgccctgt gggttgtggg    173340
     gattaaaccc aggttctctg ggagagcaat cagtgctcct aaccactgaa tctttgctcc    173400
     agcatcctaa ttcccgaatg tgtgagtgtg ctaagtgctg gtgattaaac ccagagcttt    173460
     gagaatgcta ggctaatgcg ctcaaaatgt ttttactctc cattgtgcaa aattcacgat    173520
     aatttagcca tcagctctag aggttcagtt atgcgtatgg attcagcaga cggagcagtg    173580
     aggcctgaga ctctgcaccc agccgctagg tggcaacctc agtcggttgc tggctgtttc    173640
     caatcctgtt ctgctcccca aagcgatggt gatgcctttc tgggtcgcgc acaggagtgg    173700
     tagggatcgg ggacattcgc agtctgctca tcaggctctc tacgaccatt ttgctaggta    173760
     cccctggcat tcgagtaacc ccaacagcca cccggtaact atcacttccc agctgcctct    173820
     gtgaagtcgg cctatcgacc ttccaggcac cagcgagtga ctcctcagtg accatacttc    173880
     ctcttgtctg ggcatccgca gaagtccaga cactaattgg ccggagttaa ttaaccgccg    173940
     gtctcttagt ttatattttt tcccagcagg actcctaagg aggccctggg aggagcactt    174000
     cctctgagtc acccgaacag acaccacctg ggcaacacag ggcagactca gcggaggcag    174060
     gtggcaggaa ggctgggttt tccaggagct cccaccattg catgcttggg cagagcattt    174120
     aactcactgt gtcaaggttt catccgcaga catgcctgct tccatgtcta gatcctatca    174180
     cataactagc ccctagaaaa cactactgac acccggctgg tccaacagta gagtttgctg    174240
     tgcattgggt gcaaggagct ctgccttgta agctctgcct agaatgaaga tggagaggac    174300
     aaaaatgagg gaccatggtt ttggggtctg caagacgggg gtggggtgag gtggggtggg    174360
     gtggggaggt gtggcctggc taggatcttg tttctacagg attaaacaac tgaagtagtt    174420
     taaaactgcc tcatggtgag agagcctcca agtcttggga acatcttgtg attgaggact    174480
     ttcctgaact tattagtaag gtcgtttaca aaatttgcct tcctggacaa gtgtttcctg    174540
     gatgtgtccg taatatattg cttcacttag tagttgaaat cctttggttc atttttattc    174600
     ttttaacagt ctcatggagc ccatgctggc ctcaaactgg ttctgcagtc cagtgcggtg    174660
     gtttgaatga gaatggcttc cctgggctta cagatctgaa cacttgctct ctagctggtg    174720
     gaactgtttt gggggaagga ttaggaggtg tggccttgct ggagtaggtg tgtcactggg    174780
     gctggtttga ggtttcagaa gccaatgcca ttctcagtta ggtctctcag cccagtgtct    174840
     acttctcaag gtgtgagagc ccagccaatg ctaaagcacc cttcctgcag gtctgcctgc    174900
     ctgccaccat gctccgtgcc gtgagatcat ggactctaac cgtctgaaag tgtaagccct    174960
     gaataaatgc tttcttttaa aagttgcttt ggtcatggta tcttatcata gcaataaaaa    175020
     agtgacgaaa ccccaggtta acctttaact ggctctcttt tcttcacctc cctggggcat    175080
     gagccttcac actggctatt ttatgtatct gttgccatta tgaggagtaa tatggatttt    175140
     gctatttgta acagagacat cctgttacag ttaccccatt taatgtgagg gcatggtgcc    175200
     agggaggagg aggaggggta tacatggagt gggctaaggg aggtttcagc catctttttg    175260
     gttataagga caaagaaggg ctgatgtaaa ggtataagac tggaaaactt gcttctctgt    175320
     taaagtaatg aacacaatgt gttcacttgt gaactgcaat gcaaggtata tagtcccgag    175380
     ctcattgttt tcttttgtaa gggatatgtg ggaagctact ggagggtatt tccaaactgc    175440
     aattccacaa gcttgtcaag atcttaaaat ggccctgtaa cattcgattc ccagccttcc    175500
     tacaaagaag ccatgtgatc caggtccagc tcttctcctg agctcacatc tttgtgtata    175560
     cagtagggaa ggtgatacct tagacagagt agtcaagtgg gggagcgggg gaaccatgtc    175620
     cagcagagct gccacggttg ttttgaacag aattccagat gatctcaggg tccccagtcc    175680
     tgcaaactgt gaatctggaa ccacaaacct tgtgagaaat cacaggtctg taggaggcaa    175740
     cttcggaaag acttggagtt cagagaggaa gcagaagaaa tttaaaaaac taaccattat    175800
     cccaggccag gacgtctgcc actcctttgg gtcgcttctt gcaccactca gtgtttaatg    175860
     agcagtttta tacaggtcag gaactctcag aaacaggttt gcaggagaca ccggaagtcc    175920
     ctgtttgagc aggcatctac tatttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgttta ctttttggat    175980
     agtttgagac agggtctgac tctgaaaccc tggctggcat ggaactcaca gaactctatc    176040
     tgctgtttct gcgtcccgag tgctggggtt taaggcctgt gccaccgtca cccagccgca    176100
     gtcactcttg tggcaaatct gagcaaagcc tagaacagaa actaaagaac ctgtgcacag    176160
     agggcattgg gaggcttagg aaaatgcctc attaaaaaaa aaaagtcttt aagatttact    176220
     tatttcattt tttgtgtgca aggattttgc ctgcatgtgt gtatgcaaac cacatgcgtg    176280
     ctcagtgccc aggagagtcc taaggaggca ttgcatccct tggaactgga gtgacagatg    176340
     attgtgaacc accctgtaga tgctgagcac tgaacttggg tcctctgcaa aagcagcaag    176400
     ggctcagcac ttataggctg agtgccagcc cctgggcgtg gctcctgagc aattcacagt    176460
     tggcatccag tttagttcct tcagaacaat ggctgaacat ggctgaacat ggctgtgctt    176520
     aggagatgtg gggctgcagg agtgggtcaa gttcaggttg ttggtgcagc ctgtgcagag    176580
     cagaaatgag ggactgactc ttgatcagag gagatcagcc ctaggacctg gtacccgagg    176640
     gctgggatct gtcactggaa catcttctcc agagattcct gtgtcccttt tggggagcca    176700
     gaccctccat tttggagttg aggaaattct gccccttctg ttcctagcga gacacttttc    176760
     tgttcactct gccctcaaac tcgctcttct taccacaagc ctcgtggcca aatcactagc    176820
     caccaaaaaa tgacttctgg tctcaagggc aagaaagaca aaattttcaa acctcaccag    176880
     gatatgaggg acatatttgt tttctttctt ttttcttttc ttttcctttt tcttttttct    176940
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttc    177000
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    177060
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    177120
     tttctttctt tctttctttc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctttttc tttttctttt    177180
     tctttttctc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    177240
     tctttctttc tttttttgtg ataaatataa ggaagaggtg gggtgacaca cagttgtaat    177300
     tctagaactt gtgaggtgga aggagggtcc tgagctcagg gccagcctgg gacacatagt    177360
     gatatcttgt caaaagagga aaagtgtgta gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtagtg tgtgtgtgtg    177420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagga    177480
     attgctatca ctttctgggc atgatctgat aaaatacatt attgacagct gcaaataaat    177540
     ttattaccgc tagtctagct atttctcaac ttgaggaagt aattagagac gctttcaagg    177600
     atttttgagc aggttttatt gagacattat gtgcaacagt tcaaaggaat gggtgtccag    177660
     tctgagaaga tacatactta agtaaatgct gttgcacttt ataatggcat attatacagg    177720
     cattaatagc cttgtcatga atggctttgt ggcatgggaa agtgccagac tatattataa    177780
     tttgaatcca atcggtgtag tagtatgcat ctaataataa aaaatagaaa tatatagtct    177840
     atagcttgtt gaactgagga aaaattttga gactttcttt taattacttg attggtgatt    177900
     tttatttatt tttaagattt ttttttatgt gcatgagtgc tttgtctgtc ttagttactg    177960
     ttctgttgct gtggagagac tccatgacca aagcaactta tagcagaaag cattattgag    178020
     atcttgctta cagtgtcaga gggtaagtct atgaccatca tggctgggag gatggcagca    178080
     ggcaggcagg catggtgctg gagcagtagc tgagggcaca cagcagatcc acaagatggg    178140
     ggggaggtgg ctgggcctgg ggtgggcttg attaaggatg tttactgatc ttctggagga    178200
     ctcaagttct gttctcagca tccatatggg caacttgcag tcatctttaa ctccagcacc    178260
     agggactcca acattcttta tacctcctta ggtgctcaca cacataatgg atatgtgcac    178320
     acatacacat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaaaac aaagataagc agggtatagt    178380
     gactccttta atcccagcac tcaggagaca gaggcaggta gatctctctg agttcaaggc    178440
     caacctggtc tacagagcaa gttccaagac agccaaggct acacagagaa accctgcctc    178500
     aaaataaaag taagtaaata gataaataga aataaataaa ataaaataaa tcttaaaggt    178560
     ggttcttatc ttacagagca atcaaataca gcatttgaaa taatttttaa aatgcacgtg    178620
     tatatgccac agtgcacacg tgaggtctga ggacaactta gcagagttgt ctctttctat    178680
     gtgttctagg gtcaaattca gctagcaagg tttgtgtgtc aaacacctgt gcctgctgag    178740
     ccatcctgct gccccctgaa ataattttta ttgtcaaaca aaggggacag atagctgagc    178800
     agaagacaaa ggcacacaca accctacaga tcgaattact gcaaagggtc tgctggatga    178860
     tacaccgaat tcctgtgtcc gtttgaaagt ctttcaaagt cagttcttgt gctcatgaca    178920
     ttgagatcat aattagagta aatttgttaa caacgagcgt attactgtgg gcctgttaat    178980
     ttatacctgt agcttcagca ctcaggaggc tgaggcaagt tcaaggctag ctttgggcta    179040
     catggtaaga gataggcaag cctttactac aatgtaagat cttgtctcaa aaacaaataa    179100
     aaacctacag taaacacttt taagaatacc ttagtgatct gtgggaggtg gtacacacct    179160
     ttgatttctg tgctcaagag gcagaagcag gtgggtctct gtgagttgga agccagcctg    179220
     gtctacagag tgagttctag aatagccaag gctacgtagt gagaccctgt cataaataaa    179280
     ctaataaaca aagctttagt gagatgaata aatggtttgc aaaaggtccc aacaggcaca    179340
     atgatggctc ctttaaaact atctcggagt tgctgcttaa cagtcagcga aggaaacttt    179400
     tatgacatgc agcctgctgt ggagggaggg atggctcacc agttaagagc acttacagag    179460
     gacccaggct tggcttccag tacctagacg gtggctcaca gctatctgta actctagttc    179520
     caaggaattg tatgccctgt cctgactgtc ccaggcacac acatggtata catgcattta    179580
     tgtacacaaa atagtcctac acatggaaat aattaaaggg ttttttttaa aggtatattt    179640
     atgacatgct caaaagagga ctcaaatcac tctgtgttta gagtcaaagg agggacatga    179700
     gcctatgtag ttggcgccac ctgctgtgtc ccagtactca ggactttagt ggcagctgcg    179760
     tgccaagcaa ctcttctttt gtgcctcctt tgcctccagt tagacacttg taagcagagc    179820
     gaggtaaagc agatgctgta acgcatcctt ggtagctccc acccagcgct ttcaccttcc    179880
     acctcaagcc tcccttatgt ttctgagcag agatgagtga tagagaggat ggcacttgct    179940
     ctaagcctga agagaagacg ccaactctgg acatggctgg ggctcttagg cgcacagtgc    180000
     agcgtgcgca aaggcactgt gccgaaaggg cagagcagaa atagcaggcc agtgtggcta    180060
     cccaggaaag agcacagagc agtaagggag aaggcagagt ggtcagccag ccaaaagctt    180120
     agactccctc caaaagcagc ggtcacagga ggctttgact agaaaactag atctaatgtg    180180
     gctttgttta agtttgttta tttgaggcag cgcctccagt agcccacaat ggcctgggtc    180240
     ttgccatgta gctgaggatg accttaaaat gttgctagta tttcatttat atgtgtgttc    180300
     atgcatgtgt gtgcacacta acactggcac actacaacat atttgtagaa gacagaggac    180360
     aggttacggg atttggttcg ctccttccac catgtgagtt ctggtataat tcaggttgtc    180420
     agacctggca gcaagcgcca ttcttgacct gaagaaccat cacactggcc ctaatgcatc    180480
     tcttttcgtg tctttttgtt tcttcttctc tcatacaatg catccagatg gaagcctctc    180540
     tttccttcac tcctccaagt cgccgccacc tcctctctcc tccagatcca ctgagctcct    180600
     tttcccgttg gaaagagcag cccccagtga catcacccga atattacaca gtaagatgca    180660
     ataagactag gcacaaaccc tcatatcaag gctggaagag ataacccagt aggaggaaaa    180720
     gggttccaag agcaggcaga agagtcagag acaactccat tcccactgtt aggagtccta    180780
     caaaaacccc aagttaaaca agcacaccat atgcagagga cctagagcag acccatgcag    180840
     gctctgcgat tgctgcttca gtccctgtga gcccctgtga gccctgcttg gttgattctg    180900
     tgggctctgt tctccaggta tcctcgactt ccctggctcc tacaatcctt cctccctctc    180960
     ttctgcaggg ttccccgagt tccacctcct gtttggatgt gggtgggtct ctgcctatgc    181020
     tctgtcttgg gaaacttctc taatgatcag aacagcctgg actaaggccg ttgcagtgtc    181080
     tgggtttacc tgtggggtct gtggccatgg agaaaagtcc tcggatccac tgggatcttc    181140
     caggccttca caatgttcat gcaatgtgga agacaggtgt aggtgggaag gaaggaatga    181200
     atcaaggatg attccccaac ccaagtcttg agcaactggg gatcatggtg ccaatttctg    181260
     agcatctgat tagaaggact ctctttgaga cacctgctca aagttcaggt cccccagaac    181320
     gaaggtggct tgaagagaca ggtatggaag caggagccgg ggtcagggac cacccagcaa    181380
     gcacagtggc cactccctga tgctgctgct ctttcacaca cctgcagctc cccaccctgt    181440
     cagcctcctg gctgcagaaa ccctgactgg ccctatgtag ctcattagca gcaattagca    181500
     gaatcactca ttaccctgga gggaagaggg ggaggaggaa caggctggga agtggctccc    181560
     accctgtgga ggtggctcaa gctggtttct ccatgtttcc tctgtggcag gcatgacgtg    181620
     gctgcccagg tcatgcctgg ggtgggggac agctaggcta tggtttagag gtgtcccccc    181680
     gccccccaag acagagacct gaaatttaca gctcacctgg gaacggaagc agggcctttg    181740
     ctttgcacct cccctcaagc taggctaaac ccccatgtgg ccaagttaga tactgtcctg    181800
     tgagtctcac accagccagg agatagcctc agccatgacc tctgtctcag aacccagagg    181860
     ccctacctct tgcccaataa gtcaggatga gtcaccagga gtgtgaggag cagttcagct    181920
     tggccaaggg cacccctgtg tatctgtagc ccattttctc tgggccattt ccccatttgg    181980
     actctgtgcc tggctctgcc tggaccgtct ggctctgttc aggggttgtc ctgttttgtg    182040
     gcatttgctg ttctgcctta tcaagatgct aatgtgatgc caaccacttg aagtttgcaa    182100
     agtatttgga aatttagctg tcagtccctg ccaataggta gacccatcac catgttactg    182160
     agtcaggatt ctgccttgac ttgcctggtt ctttctctat agcccagagt gcctaacacc    182220
     tgctgccatc ctcttgcctt ggtctcctgg atgtggcggt tacccccaca tctgtctgtc    182280
     tattttaaaa tctgtcatgg tgctgagtat gggatctggg gcttttcatg gccagcaagt    182340
     catctaccac cgagctctgc catcaggggg tgtgttcctt aattagcctg tgattttaag    182400
     gacaaacaat gaaaggggaa ctctaagctt ccctgagatc acatgagtta cccacaaaga    182460
     agtggtggca agaagttact ctctccagca gaagaagcag gctggggttt ggggggagag    182520
     tgagggttct ggagcccaga gtggacagcc cataatattc ttgtgggagg ctggtcactc    182580
     tctcctccag agccccttcc aggctcttgg acattgccca tgagaaccac aagtcaatgt    182640
     agaaaagatg gttaatgtct cagaattcca acagctactt ttattttatt ttataaagct    182700
     tttattttaa tgtcaaatgt ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    182760
     ctctctctcc ctctctctct ctctctctcg cttctttccc aacgctccaa gatacatatt    182820
     acaaaggctg gaaacacatc tttgtggcag tttctggaag acaagagctc acagagaagc    182880
     tgcttatgag agacggagaa aatagggact caaggggccc cagggatgaa caaatgtgag    182940
     atgcaagaac aaaccatgct atacagtcca gacccaacca tgctatacag tccagaacca    183000
     gccgtgctat acactccaga aagacattgc cagcctgact catgattatc atggagcttc    183060
     tagaaaccca gcatccacag agtcggctaa agctctgtgt cgagaaggtg tgggctggtg    183120
     gatgatgggg tttaagggcc cccaccagga gggatccctg agagcacgga aaggaaggct    183180
     gcgcagggag agagatgctt aatctccacc tgtaggagtt gctgagatgg tcatgtgata    183240
     agacaggaaa gctttattct cagaagtcag gagtgggacg ttttcagacc acacagccca    183300
     gcactggaaa gtaggagagg gaagaaggga ttccatgggt atgtattgtt cagcccccat    183360
     cctggcattc ccccatcctt caggagagct gtaggacagc gtagaaacag gtgcggtgac    183420
     ttaaataaag atgtctcccg taagtctcca gcatttgagt ggttggttct cagttagtag    183480
     ttgtttgaag aggatcagaa ggtacaccct tgctggttac cgggggcggg cattgaggtt    183540
     tcaacaagac tcctatagtt tcaagtgagc tctctctcct tctgtttgtg gctggaggtg    183600
     tgtgtgggtt ctgatcccac caccttttgc ttgctgcctc tgctctgcca tcatggactc    183660
     taaccctctt ggactgtcag ccctaaacaa actcttttat gagttgtctt cgttgtgctg    183720
     tcttaccaga gcagcagaaa ggtagctaat acagttggct tcttgtggaa ggagaggagg    183780
     ggcagagctt tgggggtcta gaggaccctg agtgaaagca aagaaaacct gaggtcaagg    183840
     ccatgggaac gttggagggc tctgagaggg gccacctcag agtcctgatg gagccaagtt    183900
     tcagagaggt agagaagccc aagtgccatg gaggctctca aggaaacagg ttaccagacc    183960
     atctgggagc atgatcaaat gggtgacagg acttcctcat ggatgatgag agcacctcag    184020
     tggtagacca gtatccttag ggcccaccag accaggcccc tcaagcccat tcatgctcca    184080
     gtggatcagt gaacgcatag tctaaccaca ggaacaaact atccaacagg agcgatttaa    184140
     gaaaggcttg cggtttgagg aaacacagtc cctcacagca tgaaggtgta gagcccagag    184200
     tggctcacac ccatggccat gtgaggaggt tggttggatc aagttgtcag tcaggaggca    184260
     gagagaagag aattacagtc attcagtctg tgcccccagg tcataggatg gtattgccca    184320
     tgttcaggct ctgacttcca ccttcagtta aacctctctg gaaataccct tggcaggcaa    184380
     aacggcatgt ctcttaggta attccaaatc tgatctagtt gacaatgaag atcagttcac    184440
     aatcacaagc ccattcttcc tcaatccaat agccaaacca attattttta cctgtaacac    184500
     ttcagccttt tccctcaaaa gctcacatct gttcattgta tgaattcccc ctgccccacc    184560
     caaaatattt ttttgttatt gttgttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagacagggt    184620
     ttctttgtag ccctggtata ctggaactct ctctgtagat caggctgccc ttgaactcgg    184680
     agatccatct gcctctacct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca tcaagcttgg    184740
     ctgagtcccc aaaatcttaa tagttccaat actgctgaaa atctgggatt tcacctgaga    184800
     ctcatagtta tctctttgag cccctgtaaa ataaagatat atacaagata tgtatttcca    184860
     atatgaaatg gcatagacta ctttctccct cggtgcagcc tgccaggtgg ctgccacctc    184920
     ctgtgcagca tcatggctgc cctccaacct ctggtgaagc ccaagatctc cagaaagagg    184980
     tccaagaaat gcacctggca ccggtcaaat ggatgtgtca gaatgaagcc tgcctggcag    185040
     gaacccagaa gtatcagcac ctgggtgtgg ggaggactca agggcaaggt tctgatgctc    185100
     agaattggat atgggaacaa gatgaccaaa ctcatgctgc ctatcatcag cttcaggtct    185160
     ctggttctca gcagcagttg gaagtgctcc cgatgtgcta cggatagctt actgagctga    185220
     gtcattctca gcctttcctc caagaacctt gaagccatcg tggaaagggc agcatggctg    185280
     gccatcagag tcactgatgc caacgccagg ctgcacggtg acgacaacgg acagataggc    185340
     gcacgtgcat gttctatctg tgctcacgta gatctgcaaa agtgaatggc gcagaacaaa    185400
     cagccccgtt ctgtcaggga agaacatgga ggtagcaggg aaaaggttgg accagagtaa    185460
     tgtgaagact tttgagggaa aatcctccaa ttccttgtct ggcgtccgga gcttgtggca    185520
     gcagtgtctg ggttccaata ggcttgggta gtccactcct ggagttctgc agcatgcagt    185580
     ccatgtagcc tttctcaggt cagctcagtt ctgggcctgt agttctcctt ggtggagccc    185640
     tggtatagtc aacaagttag agcaatggtt ctcaaccttc ctttttgtaa aaaaaatttt    185700
     tttttattta ttattataaa taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagatgcac cagaagaggg    185760
     catcagacct cattacaggt ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgtgggatt tgaactcagg    185820
     accttcagaa gagcagttgg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctctccatt cctaatgctg    185880
     agacccttta atacagttcc tcattctgtg gtgaccccca accataaact ttttcttgtt    185940
     gctaattcat aactgtagtt ttgccactgt tatgaattgt aacacaaatc tatggtatgc    186000
     aaaatgtctg gtatgtgacc cctgtgaaag aattgtggga cccctgagtg ggtcacaacc    186060
     cacagattga ggaccagtat cctaggggct ccagtacaat ttagggttca ctttcaaagc    186120
     tttgcacact agactccgta cagggaaacc aaccttgcca cacattacct ggcctcagtg    186180
     gtttttctgg aaccttggtg caagcttcca tgatctggac attgaatgga tgcattgaga    186240
     agtagtctgg tctctgtgag ccatgtcagc tgaacttgcc tatccagttg tccagcaggg    186300
     agcccctcag tggtgttctc cttccagact tgagtctgcg ttgggaattt tcacctttat    186360
     gcttggcagc cttgtcttca aagcggctcc gtgttttatt gtctcagggc agagttcagg    186420
     gtttctttat aatggcgcta atctcttcac attttcagct tcttccggca tctatcttct    186480
     ctacatcttt aaactcatac cctttttttc cttatcactc tgctcatttt cctcatctct    186540
     agaactctct catggcagaa ctgactaaaa gcagtgagca gtcaccctgc agcttgagtg    186600
     ccctgtcttg acattctact aaacatcttg gtccattgct tttagctcaa gccatgggca    186660
     gaatggcagc cactctcagc cagacgatag tacaaatggc caagtgcccc gttctgaaat    186720
     ctcacgagcc tgggctttgc tacaaacact tttctcagca gtctggtctt cctgtctctg    186780
     atcagagtgg cccatcaaac tgatcacaga actctaaggc ttaccaaagg cttctccatt    186840
     cttctcacac accagtgtga aggcctgcag accccatggt cacattcttc acagtgacaa    186900
     ccctcttttt ggtagcaatt ttctatctta gttacttttc tcattccttg gcaagatagc    186960
     tgtgcttcca aatatgacag tgccatcttt atcagcatgg ctatgactat tttgcaggaa    187020
     accctaagat cagccttgat ggctgttgac attccattat agaaggaggg gtgggacagg    187080
     gtcactagac cctctcctga gagtcaagct gctccctcct gcactgcctg gtcatttgta    187140
     tgtaattctg ctctaattgc atgtggcctt tggtgctaga gtgcacaggc tgggaaggtt    187200
     agctggattg tagctttctt tggtttgtca ctggaagcct gtaaggaggg gatagacata    187260
     tgtttacctc tccagaaggg agttcttgca acaacccaac agatggacat agggaagggg    187320
     ttgatcctgg cccaccgtgt gagggaaatc agtccgtatg accaggaagg tatggcaggg    187380
     agcgtgaggc agctgagtat gatgcttcag gaagcaggaa gagatgacta ctgttgctca    187440
     gccggccttt tcctttccct ctttaaatcc tgtgctgtca gtctgacagg atagaatcac    187500
     ttgggagatg ggcctctgag caagcttttg ggggaattac ctcagttgta ctaattgatg    187560
     tgggaagatc catcttggtc atgagcaggg tcattcattg gtcaggtgac cctgggctgt    187620
     acagagtgga gatgaacacc agtatgcatc cgatccccgt gtttccagac tacggctgtc    187680
     acgtgacctc cttccactcc tgttgcctgg atgggttata ccttgaattc tgaaggaaaa    187740
     taaccctttc tccttcaagt ttgctcatgt caaagtgatc ttatcatgac catgaagatg    187800
     taacagggga gtctaggacc ccagcccatg ggatggcacc atccacattt aggatgattc    187860
     ttccctcagt gaaactttct ggaaacatct cacagactta cccagaggtg tgtctcctgg    187920
     gtgactccaa gttcagccaa tgaagactaa ggccagcagc cctttctagc cctacagtct    187980
     tttcttgtga ggccatgagg ctgctgactg gttcttttca cgggtccccg tctcttttca    188040
     ctgagaccct gattgggggt acaatgaacc ttaaatcaac tggggggggg tgcccgacat    188100
     ccaccaaagc agtgactttg ctttgttgtg tgttcttggt tttttttgtt ttgtttttgt    188160
     ttttgttttt aatcagggtc acatgtagcc caggatggac cttgaattca ccatgtagcc    188220
     aaggattact ctgggtctct gatcctcctg ccttcccctc ccaagtgctg gaattacagg    188280
     cctgtgactt catgcccagt tttatgtggt gctagggaac tgaacagggc tttgtgcagt    188340
     ctaagcattc tactaactga actacatctc caccaaccct cccccctttg gggggggttt    188400
     gctcatgttg tagctcaggc ttgtctagaa gtcactatgt agcttaggct ggactcaaat    188460
     ttgcagagat gctctggctt tagcctcctg ggtgctgaga ttgcagtcac gggagaccac    188520
     cttggccaat tcatttatct tccagtttca tttcagccac cagagcaggt attggtttgg    188580
     tttgtgccct ttcctcaaac tccccaacct cccagactcc tcccattcct gcaactctcc    188640
     tgaccctccc cctcctgacc cccccctccc tcctgatccc ccctcctgcg cagcaatgcc    188700
     tgatggctga cctaactggt tgtgtcttat ttcttcgtgg gtgactccag gactttgtac    188760
     aaggtccaga ggagtaggcg gtgccctcta gcctttggtt ggataagaat ggataacctt    188820
     gttcaacgta tgtcccctga ctccctgggc ccacatctga accgccaccg agggtgagtc    188880
     acagaatttt ttggctccag cattgctggc tccagctgcc cctagcatgc tgatgttgcc    188940
     gcagccctat cagccatcaa cacctcagtg tgaattggct ggtctcccca gcaggctggc    189000
     agggacccat ggtgtgggtg gcagggctgg gcacctcatc tatctcttgc atagcatgaa    189060
     gatgcccagc tgggatgctg ggtgtgagtc tggcacatgg caggcactca gtaaatattt    189120
     tgctgaatgt tgaatcatga ctttgagaac tgactcttca catcctagca actgggcagt    189180
     atccagtggt cccggggagg ggaatatttc catctagctt tcgggatgtc ctctgactcc    189240
     cacagagccc ttctgctggg ggcttcttct tggtcaccca tctcaaagaa ggcatcatac    189300
     tggggatgtg cctgcctctt aggtccccag gacaatgagt caggaaaccg ggaagggcag    189360
     aggaaatgta gagacaagat gctgcagcta ctggtctcca acctcgtatc ttccacaatc    189420
     gtgtattcat tcgacaaaca tcaactgaaa ttgttgcatc cagtatgcag taggcaacag    189480
     gcttggatct gagggtggct ggggagatgc ccctcccctc cagcagtcac agcacacttg    189540
     taggcccatg cttctgccca cctctgaagt atgtcaatgt tatcactcag ctgccgcccc    189600
     tgggagacgt gagcttccta tgtggtgtga aggacccgag cctcattcct cactgggtga    189660
     ccctagctca gggcttgcca aatagcaggg gcccaagaaa tgtttgtgga atgagttggg    189720
     gtgaccaagg ccctccgtgt cacagggagt aggttaaaat ggtgtgggag cagctgaggg    189780
     tgcagaagtg gccctgaggg ggcatgtgat tagatgagtg agtgctcccc ccacatttgc    189840
     tctatagcct ctggggtgtc taggaagctg tcctcatctt ggctgttcct gtagtgacac    189900
     ccacaatcat aggaggtgaa gaatgcacca ctggggttcc tgaggccaca cattttgcat    189960
     gtttggggtg gggtggggca ggggttctct gtctcatctt gcctgcaggt taaccctggc    190020
     ctgcctgcct ccttccccat agaacacacc ttagtctatt tgcagttcac agtacccagg    190080
     caaggttatg tgagtgtcac cttgccagag agagggatac atgtgctaac tgggcctaat    190140
     accaccttaa tctcaaacag ttgaggtggg caacacaggg acctgcaggg ccagctctgg    190200
     gcaacttgga ggcccaggtc agggaactcc caagagagct gcagctggcc cagaggtggg    190260
     aagagatcaa cctctctttc tttccctggg ttcagtgtta ctgtagctgt tcccacactt    190320
     attcatggtc ttttcttcag agtaagtttt gtgggctatc ccaaggagag tcaggcacct    190380
     ccgatcctgc tggggggggc cactaagttc ccacgtcaat ccagtgagca gccaggctac    190440
     gatatccccg aaccagccca ggtttcttgg gtgatgaggg agcttgggga cggcacaaag    190500
     tggggtgcag agcctcagac tgcagtacta ttttcactga acccatttcc tccacagcca    190560
     ggtctgatcc caggatctaa ccctggggag aggaatacat ttgtttggga tgatgtcgct    190620
     ggttcctgct tgacgtgagg gtgtcatgag tataggacac ttagtcagga caatccacac    190680
     cagcctacag cacctaagct tcccaaagcc cagctccctg gtcctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg    190740
     tgtaggtccc atggtgtgaa cgtgaccaca gggttagttc ttcccaagtg tgtgtggggc    190800
     gcataggctg tggctcttgc tttgggcttg gcctgctccc tggagttcag gtgagaaatg    190860
     agtcaccgga gggtcaccta cagtgacaac tgagaggaag tgccagggac agcttggcca    190920
     aatggccaag aggccattat gcccgtccct ttggggcctg agtcacagct ttcggggaag    190980
     tgggctaacg ggattccagg gccccaagtg tctgtcttga gtcatggaag caaccagggc    191040
     cctggacatg ggccgttaag gaacaaggtc cccctggcaa ccccagccat ttcagactga    191100
     gtcacttcct accccaaaca gtctgcaaac tacagggctc tttctctgtt tacctgggag    191160
     tcagtgttaa aaccatgccc taggcagtca gcaagtctct actttccccc ctcacccccc    191220
     aaccccccat gcagggtgac cccgggcata caactgatct ggagaccccc atccagtctc    191280
     ctggtagcat ccctagaacc cagtaactgg ttgcttcctt ctggcaaccc cacctcctcc    191340
     ttgacccaca gtctgggtgg cccagtctca ggcacctggg ggactggtcc aacagcattc    191400
     ttcctcacag gataaaacct ggggcaacct gtagggaacc ctacacacta cagccacccg    191460
     tcctgccagt ctcaagcaac acagccctta ggtcctttga gccggccagc agccttgctg    191520
     ggtctccacc cataccagca atgatgatct ccagacctcc cccagcactg ggtggggacc    191580
     agttcagcat cttaatcctt ctggtgctgc tgacttccac aggtgagccc caagggcctg    191640
     ctgctcctcc tccccacatc ctctcttccc tcctcctcct tcccacagtc acctcctctt    191700
     cgccagctca gctcagctcc ttcccttgag ttccgtctct cttctttcct ctgttgcctt    191760
     tcatcatcgg ctccccatgc ctgtctccgt tctccttcct ctggcatgtg gtctgcctca    191820
     gtttccctag cagctatgag gattgaatgc atgtgagtgc tctggtctca gtgcctgctc    191880
     aggagcgcct ctcaccgctt ccctgtgccc tccatctcct gtttcctctt cctcctctat    191940
     ttccatcttg ggtctccttc tgttctggaa taggaaggca gctgcctggg ctttcatggg    192000
     agctggggga gaaaacctgg gtgacagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt    192060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacagg tggtggagca gcgaacagtg ctggagggcc    192120
     caggctgagt ctgtttggga aggtggggga gtccccaggc atggggcaca gggctcctca    192180
     ccactttctt tattctcttg ctctcagctc ccatcagtgc tgccaccatc cgaggtgagt    192240
     gtgatcaggt tgcctggctg ggtgggggtg gggcagtggt gtggacagtc tttgtatctg    192300
     actctatagg gtaggtcagt gtggggaccc cagtcacagg ggagcatgag attgaagagg    192360
     atgggatgga tacaggcaag aggagttgtg tgggtgggtg gggcttagga aggtgatgaa    192420
     tctagagaag ggaggacaga agggtgaggg accaacagaa ccaaaaaaat aaaggttaag    192480
     gggagtggga gggaaggcca gataaaggag agaagaaggc aagggccagt ccctgataac    192540
     taaaggggac agggacaggg caggcaggca ctctccctgc agcagcaggc tgtgctggac    192600
     acatgctgtg ctgggcacag gtttgaggcc ttgcaggggg gttgacaggc aagtcagaag    192660
     acaattgtgt ctactgagat gacagaagat gccatccctt gtgccagtgt ccccagactg    192720
     tgggaagcct cagcagctga accggattgt gggaggtgag gacagcatgg atgcccagtg    192780
     gccctggatt gttagcatcc tcaagaatgg ctcccaccac tgtgcaggct ccctgctcac    192840
     caaccgctgg gtggtcacag ccgcgcactg ctttaagagg tatgtggact caggcttgct    192900
     tttgactctc ccaggcccag gctttctgcc tcagtctctg ggctgtccag gcctctattc    192960
     agggatctgg acaccattgt actagacact ttccatctct gacatcttgt tctctctcct    193020
     tccagcaata tggacaaacc atctctgttc tcagtattgt tgggggcctg gaagctgggg    193080
     agcccaggcc caaggtccca gaaagtaggc attgcttggg tgctgcctca ccccaggtat    193140
     tcttggaagg agggaaccca tgcagacatt gccctggtgc gcctggaaca ctccatccag    193200
     ttctctgagc ggatcctgcc catctgccta cctgactcct ctgtccgtct ccctcccaag    193260
     accgactgct ggattgccgg ctggggaagc atccaggatg gaggtgcggt tcccctctaa    193320
     ctccagagag gtccaggata gctagggaca gagggtagat gccactcaga cacagattcc    193380
     agggatagga gaaggtggag agcatgtgta cactatagag gcaagaaaag atgatttggg    193440
     gactggaata agtgaactca caagaagtca actgccaatt tttaggtcat gtctagttga    193500
     gtctttgaca atattttaaa gcaacaatag aggcttgtag taaggaaggg gataaggagc    193560
     aggaggaggg gaggagggag ggaggaagga aagagggagg gagggagcga aagagggagg    193620
     gaggaaaagc tgggcgtggt ggcatacatc tttagtctca gcattcaggg ggcagaggca    193680
     ggcagaactc tgtgagttag aggctagcct ggcctacaga gagagagaga gggagagagg    193740
     agagaggaga gacaaggaaa gacagaggga gagatagaga cacagagaga ggcagagaga    193800
     cactcagaga gagacagagg gacagacaga gaagtatttg caaggctatt aagacaagaa    193860
     tgagtagaag tgatggcagg ctggcaagat ggaaatgtag ccagcacacg tgagaatagt    193920
     cacccctgct ggcagcatct tgaatagtaa gcaaaattcc caggaggaaa ggcagtctac    193980
     ttcaaaccaa gtctggaggt ttggaaaatg tcatctacaa tcaaaccaga tgaaatacag    194040
     agttagaaga gaagcaagaa gaaggtaggt ggtagctaga tagacagaca gagcctggga    194100
     cagacagaaa ctggggcaga cagagcctgg gatagacaga cagacagagc cagggataga    194160
     cagacagaca gagccaggga tagacagaca gagtctggag tagacagaca gagcctggga    194220
     cagacagaca gagcttggga tagacagagc ctgagataga caggcagagc ctaggataga    194280
     cagacagagc ttgggataag cccagacaaa cattagtcat ctgtggaaga caacacagcc    194340
     gagacctaga agacagggtt tgcaggagaa actgagcact gacaacaggg aaggaacaga    194400
     gcctggacct gggtcgagaa gaattgctca ggcatgggca ggcgctggaa ttcttcagtt    194460
     gctgcctttc cttgggtcct cagagtaacc ccagggaggg tgtggggcag atcaattcag    194520
     aacctagggg gtaccaacac actgcccttg caggaagtac agaaacgcca ctgtgttgtg    194580
     tagccctccg tgggcatcag ggagctgact gaagacagaa tctccggcta tgcattcatg    194640
     tttgaattca agaggtggag agcctgggat tagagtttct taaagcagat ccacccacct    194700
     ttgagaaatg ctgctgagca aatagaggag actagatgct cacacagggc ctgctcacac    194760
     agggcctgac tctctcctct gttcccagtg cccctgcccc accctcagac ccttcagaag    194820
     ctgaaggtgc ccatcatcga ctccgaactc tgcaaaagct tgtactggcg gggagccggt    194880
     caggaagcca tcaccgaggg catgctgtgt gctggttacc tggaagggga gcgggatgct    194940
     tgtctggtga gtgcccgtcc tttgtctgcc ccatctggga agccatcatc tctctctaag    195000
     agtctccccg gggacatcct ctctcacctc tggctaggtc ccctttagcc tgtctgggct    195060
     ttttcttgtt tatacatggg gttcttgttt atacatgggg ttcttgttta tacatgggct    195120
     ctgtacagag catttcagca gtaaaacaca ggttgacagc tgtcattctg aggagggccc    195180
     agtgatttag aaccctgacc tccagggcca gtcccatgac tgaatgaaga tggtaggatg    195240
     gtggagcagt tagccctgag gtggccagca taccgcctgg ctgtagggcc catgttgcca    195300
     atggactttc taaacctgca aaacagaagc ggtgtcatct cctgctcctt gtggttgtgg    195360
     ggagggctcg ccaccagaag tggttctatt tggaaagcct gtccttctag ggcctcacag    195420
     aatggttgtc tcagtactgc tgcatccaag gacacattgc ctgtaggtgt ggctttcctg    195480
     actaaccttc ttctctgcag ggcgactctg ggggtcccct gatgtgccag gtggatgacc    195540
     actggctact gactggcata atcagctggg gagagggctg cgcggagcgc aaccggcccg    195600
     gtgtgtacac cagcctccta gctcaccgct cctgggtgca aaggatcgtt caaggggtgc    195660
     agctgcgcgg gtacttggcg gacagtgggg acacaggaag ctcctaatct aggatctgaa    195720
     gatgagcagc ctcctgcaat tctctctgct gtaaatatgt cttctacctc cggggggcgc    195780
     ccgcggcctg agcgagagaa caaggaagtt ctggaaccgc ccacatagag gatccgcccc    195840
     tcaatcgagg actctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcctctgtg    195900
     tgcgtgtgta tgcgcgcgca cgtgcgcgcg agagcaatga tttttttttt tacagttata    195960
     cgtaaccatg cccacatatt tattccagtt tcaataaatt atttattctt agttcctgtt    196020
     ttttctttac acccatgtat gggaaaaact cagttggaac acaaatgctg ggatcatgtt    196080
     ggtgtgaggc tgcacctggg cctgagcaca gcccctgctc ggtcccctgg acaggccacc    196140
     cttgcttttg ctagcctttt ttctgaggcg gcagtaggaa ggagacagga gactttggcc    196200
     tgagcacatg gctgtgctat actgaggagg gcagggttgg ggtacccatc aaagaaggac    196260
     tggctaccag gggtgggggt gggggaaggg tgttggctcc tcttgaggcc agatctggac    196320
     ctctccccca ctgcaggact caaagcaagc tgctcttgaa gcaaattgtc caggccaacc    196380
     tctgccagac cttgtctccc ggttagggtg agcggctaca ccttgctggt tgctgagtcc    196440
     ataaattcct ctccaccaag gaggtgaaaa cattgaggcg gcaggcctga gtcacctttc    196500
     ctctccccct tggagcacag tgatcgaggc tatgagaggg tctgtgactt ccagaatgtc    196560
     tgggaccaaa gtctgacgcg ctcagccctg catcctgccc ccctccccag gctggggctg    196620
     tggactttcc ccatctgctc cgtgaggttg ctaagccact aaaactggtt gaatgtgcac    196680
     tttatagtgg ttgatacctg gagattcaac caaaacaaag gccagaaaac agccagctcc    196740
     aagctccaaa agttgactaa gacaatcttc acgaaacaat gtcaccagga ataacagagg    196800
     tgacaatgag aacactgtcc agggttgtga gtgtttcatg ctttgaggag agtccaatcc    196860
     tgaaacgttt gttcccactg ttccaaccca cgcacattag aggaggaagt cagggccttt    196920
     tccacatgag gcactgagcc gcacctgcct gtgctgtttt gatttctttt attttgttgt    196980
     tagaaagcaa tggatgttgt ttaaaaacaa acagctcaaa ctggctacct gcttataagg    197040
     gatacagcct gggagtgctt ggagactcag ctgtcccagg tcccagcacc tgcctctctg    197100
     cttgtgacct agtgctctct gtctgcaatt gtcccttgtc ccccgactcc ccaccttgaa    197160
     gtacccacct tgaagtatct cccagctgtc ccttgctggc cccctcttct tcccccaggg    197220
     ccctctccct ctcctgctgg ttcctgctca ttctgagctc aggctcttac cttgccctat    197280
     cttggctctg gccctctttt taatttttag ttttatttta cagtatgtgg gtattttgcc    197340
     tgcatgtatg tgtatacacc atgggcatgg ctggtaccta aagagaccat gagaggccat    197400
     aggctgtctt aggactgtag ttgcaggcag ttgtgcatct ctatgtgggt gctgggaatt    197460
     gaacccaggt cctctagaag aacagccagt gctcttaacc acagagccgt ctctccaggc    197520
     tccccacctc ccatccccca cgcacctcta tatatctcct tctcttctag tttccccctt    197580
     tctgtccttc tcacatgttc atgtccttct ccatcctgtt cctctctccc ccaactgctg    197640
     tgtgtctgtc tctcacatct ttcttccaat atcatcctta ctgaaggaag taccttcaac    197700
     agctacctgc agtccccacc tggtagcttg ataggctggt gatatttgtc tacgggaaat    197760
     ctcttttggt aactgagatt atagggggct ctgcaatgcc tcaaatggaa ctgtaatcta    197820
     ataaagaaaa gcaagcccta ggggcttagg acatggcctt cactgaatgg ggtttatgaa    197880
     gaaattccta gaacattgaa ggtttacgac tggcacgtga gaaaggactc agacttgctt    197940
     cttagttact ctgggtttta tatcctggct ggcaagaggt cttacctagg ttccagtgaa    198000
     ggattccctg cccatctcat ctaccccaga attcctaagc tttcagtcct gcccatcact    198060
     ggctcagcac cagtctttca ggcaagatac cccaagagat gaccaactgt cagaactgta    198120
     aactgtcgtt tccggagaca tgcccctttt ggtctggcac caggctttag gcttttgctt    198180
     ctcccaacct cagtcccagg aaatcctcac tttgaggtcc attgcctcag tggtctgata    198240
     gtcaaaggga ggataacaac tttctcttca gagtattgac acttctgcca agatggtgat    198300
     ggcataaggg gtcctgcgag tccagggctc agggaagcgt aggacataca aaggggagtt    198360
     ggtgcactgg gattttcttg acctgtcccc acatagggac tctctagcaa gtctcaggtc    198420
     ctacacagtc caccagttcc tgtggttcct gcccagctca gagtgctaga tcatgtctcc    198480
     aggactcact ggacacgtgt gcctctggcc taaaaaggga gtggtctgag catgtcctgc    198540
     tctggataag gggacataaa acttgctgag ggctggggat gaagaccttg gccctgaggt    198600
     ctgggtgctc ccctcccact ctgctcctgg ctctttcctt gacttttgaa ctcttgaatg    198660
     tggggcaagt gggactgtgc caccagacag aagaagctta gctgcttgca ttctaatgct    198720
     aatagggtcc ccaaaactgt ttgcatggga gagcctgctg cactgctagc ctctgggaac    198780
     ctagcccaag ttaattctga ttggtaaata aagatgccag cagccaataa ctggggagga    198840
     gggacagagg cagagtgtgg ggtccccagg cttgggagga ggaagaagag gaggaggagg    198900
     aaggagggag acatgaaggc ctccactgaa gaagaagact gtgcgggagg gagaagcagg    198960
     gcctccatgt aaaagggcca agagaacgtg gcccaaaggg ctgctcagtt gggtcaagag    199020
     cagccaagat ggaacacaga aactaaaaag tagtaactcg gagttctggg tgggcggtga    199080
     tttcggcagc atggaggtta ggcctgctat tgtgctgctt gaggcagatt aagacctaag    199140
     gctgtgtgtg tggctttcat tccggaacaa aaaccattga tgtgggcagt aaccccacac    199200
     ctggatttat tagaaatatt attaaggtta attaggctca taccccaggg aatctcagaa    199260
     ttgagaatgg cagatgtgga gctagctccc tgtcagccat gaagagacaa cacctgaagt    199320
     cattccccat gcaaagagag catccctaat acctcagcct gagccaacag gaagcatcta    199380
     ctcctggtcc caccctactc acaaaatgtt tataaagtcc ctctcctcat ggaataaagt    199440
     acaggagtta cttcacccag gatcgtctaa gagtggctgt tttgctgagc tgtagcactc    199500
     tggggaagag ttttctcttt caagcactct catggcagcc agccacccct gctgctgctg    199560
     gcactggtgc tgctaaggag agggagagat ctcggctacc tgctgtagga cttcccttca    199620
     gagagctggc tgttcaggcc agaccagagc ctcagggaac cttttgtcct gacaggacca    199680
     gaggtcctca gaatttatcc attctggttc cttggagaac aacacctgga gacccctatc    199740
     acagactgtg ttctgcctcc cctgaatggc cataacacac ccagaattga ggcagacagg    199800
     ttaaaggaac cttttctcca acttagtgca aaattttggt ttcagggttg aaggcagatg    199860
     catcctggat gattctccac ggtttacctc agaatgcctc agtacctcag tctctgaatc    199920
     tcagcctctt gtacctcagc ctctgtacct cagtctcttg tacttcagcc tctgtacctc    199980
     agcctcttgt acctcagcct ctgtacctca gcctcttgta cctcagcctc tgtacctcag    200040
     cctcttgtac ctcagcctct gtacctcagc ctcttgtacc tcagcctctg tacctcagcc    200100
     tctatacctc agccttttgt acctcagcct ctgtacctca gtctcttgta cttcagcctc    200160
     tgtacctcag cctctgtacc tcagcctctg tacctcagcc tcttgtacct cagcctctgt    200220
     acctcagcct cttgtacctc agcctctgta cctcagcctc ttgtacctca gcctctgtac    200280
     ctcagcctct gtacctcagc ctcttgtacc tcagtctctg tacctcatcc tcttgtacct    200340
     cagcctctgg acctcagcct ctgtacctca gcctcttgta cctcagtctc tgtacctcag    200400
     tctctgtacc tcagcctctt gtacctcagc ctctgcacct cagccttttg gacctcagcc    200460
     tcagtatctc agcctctgta cttcaacctc ttgtacccag tgaagaaatg gttcagtcaa    200520
     aggattaaaa gacatacaca cacccacaca caaaatctga agcacaacag gtagcagaga    200580
     aatcttgggt atagcaaaca ggagcagaca gaatcagtga ctgaagattc tgggcgtaaa    200640
     acacaggcat gtcacagaca cacacagaga aaaagaccct cagcaaaagc agagcaggga    200700
     actcaaaagt caaaaacatc cagctcttct cgtggcctgg ggttttaaca tctccttccc    200760
     ctagtttaag tttgttcagt ttgaggaaag acaggaggct gacttacaac tgtgtgcaag    200820
     cttgttctga cctagccctt gaacagggtc ggtcagtcca tcagcagtgg gcttgctggt    200880
     gagagccaaa agcctacaag gcttttgttc aagctgccag gcctttgtct cagcttggga    200940
     gggtgatgaa gaagctggcc accctgaagc tcacaatctt tattgcctac ccatggcccc    201000
     tctctctgtc tgtctaccag ggtctctgtc tgtctcctag tctgtcctcc actcatacac    201060
     agaacaagga ttttaaaaca cacacttagc cacagggctt ctccactggt taccaacacc    201120
     tctccccatc cttctccctt gcttcttcca ccgcagacac tacaattcct caagtttctc    201180
     tcctggtcac taagtctcat tttctatggg actgttgaac aatgagatga gtggtttctt    201240
     agtaagccac tgcctctgat agaagatgct cagctgggga catcccttcc catcagcttg    201300
     cctttagtcg tggatccaga tgcaatgcca ccatgtgagc agtcacctga tgatcatgag    201360
     gctacaggtt gacatctggg atagttaatc tcagctgaga gttagatgag atccacctgg    201420
     gagacggacc tctgagcatg tctctggggg attatcttgg attaattgag gtggaagtcc    201480
     tgttgtgggt ggcaccattc cctcggttgt gctcccggaa ggtataaata gagcaaatga    201540
     gctgagtact taccatattt tgctttgtgc ttctttacaa catgagcagc tgcttcaagc    201600
     acccaccacc caccaactcc accaagatgg attataacct caaaccagga gggaaaatac    201660
     gccctttctc ccttgaattt cttaggtcag ctaatttgcc acgaagagga aagttactaa    201720
     aataacagtc caatggctac aaaggaagat tccaaagccg tgggtgagaa ggagcaagtg    201780
     acacctgagg gaggcccctt ttgtctagct tccttttctc acgctattcc cagtggttgg    201840
     tgtatagact gctggcaaag ccactccatc ctccattggg aaggggagag agatcagcct    201900
     gagggtggag ggtctacagc agagcaagaa agcagtaaat gaaacatggc cagcagaatg    201960
     gacctgggca ggagagaaac aggagcagag taaagagata gagggaagag gaagagagaa    202020
     ctggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    202080
     agagagagag agagagaaga gaagagagag agagagaaag agagagagag agagcatgct    202140
     tgctcattgc taacatagca gggttatgag gaggatgagt agctgggggg aggggagccc    202200
     agaagagagg ggattaagta agggagggga ggaggtgaga gaagggctgg gatgctagcc    202260
     tggactctaa accttgtgac aagcacttgt gacactgagg gagcctggag gccagcgtgc    202320
     tgtggcgtgc taataggcac cacagagagc catttgttcc ctctgccact ggtatgggaa    202380
     atggctcctt ttggtagaga ggaaccagct tcacagattc ttgaagattg ctggcttttg    202440
     cctaacaccc agatttgggg agacatcctt tgaacctgac agctggttgt cttatccttc    202500
     tctatataat cagtgtgttc ctagtgacat atttgcttca aacattccat ctcataataa    202560
     ttttgaattt gcagctccat aaaagctggc ctaaaaacct cacagaggtc tacagctata    202620
     gaaaaacctc acagaggtct acagttatag aaaaacctca cagaggtcta cagttataga    202680
     aaaacctcac agaggtctac agttatagaa aaacctcaca gaggtctaca gctatagaaa    202740
     aacctcacag aggtctgcta gatatgggag aggcacagtg agatgtgatc ctcatatcaa    202800
     gtcgcaataa attacccaga tggtaaggat ttggggttca gcttgctcat taaaattgta    202860
     gactctcaaa ttgtcctgtt gtattcaggt gtccttggtt ttcatctcat cctaattcaa    202920
     gagaccgcct ttgacttttc tctcttcctg tagacatccc agtccacagg acaccatggg    202980
     aaagagtctc ccggctgtcc ttggggagtc ttgtgttgtc aagctccctg aactgccact    203040
     tacagatttg gctgggctgt gtgggctgca gagggtggca gaagaatggc ttgttcttcc    203100
     tgagtcactc ttttgaccct tgtgttcatg ggtcatctat ccaggggacc aaggactggt    203160
     tcctgtgagc ctctgcaaat agccatacat aacacaaggt aggcacgagc atacagaaca    203220
     caatcgcctc cacttaggtg gaagagctac actggctgtt gtgttttata aaatcaaaac    203280
     aaaagccagg gatatgtttg gaggaggtgc cgtatggtgg aggagaaggc ggtgcctctg    203340
     caggcccatg ctgaggcatc cctttcccct gaggtaccag ccataccatc tatagtatag    203400
     aatagagttt atttagggca tggggagggg agttgaggag gtagtagaga cagagaaaga    203460
     tggagggaga gagagagagg gagggtgcgg ggagagagag aaaggaagaa aagaagaaga    203520
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    203580
     agaagaagaa gaagaaagaa gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag    203640
     gagaggagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    203700
     gagaagagaa gaagaggaga ggagaggaat agaggccagc catgaacaca tggagggtgg    203760
     gggagagaag ggacagagag ggaagagggg aaaagaggaa gaagagcaag agagagagga    203820
     gggggtgaac agcctctttt atactgagac aggcatacct ggcttttgcc aggtaactgt    203880
     gggagggcct agaagaaaca ccaacactgg ccttcaaagg acaaaatcta ccctactggt    203940
     cattcctctt catcctggtc tctagtgaca gagtctcact cagcccttgg ggcttttgtc    204000
     ctgcctcact gatttatatt cagtccttgg gtggagatgt cacagcatca tatactgtcc    204060
     atggacaggt ggctccaaaa tgaatgctct cccatgtgtg tgtcagccac ttaacccctc    204120
     catgcagatg acaaagaacc tcaaccttag cccaatctga ccaaacccta ccactccctc    204180
     ctaaggcatc cccaccacag ctcatttcac atcttaacaa aagtaagagt ccacctctgc    204240
     aactgctcct ctttggctgt gtagtgactg ggactctcac actgctgatg gatggctgat    204300
     cttccctatt tgcttggcca gagtttgagt caccgaggag actggtaaag catgcccttg    204360
     ggtgagatca catccagaga ggattaagta agagggggag acagctccag ggtgtgaagc    204420
     atcaccatgg gctggggagc cctgtgggaa taaccaggga aaaggaggaa gggccagcaa    204480
     ttcttcctgg ctcatgatca gcaatgaagt gacctgctct accctgtcac acacttccac    204540
     agccattgtg acattgaaag gaactccatt ttaggctggg catctatctt ggtacccact    204600
     agactgcagt ccatggaaga caatttcttg aaccccctct tgttatgatg tgacttttgg    204660
     cttctgtaac ctgcttgcgc atgcattcaa ggactatttt gtggttgcct tgactaccta    204720
     gtctaggcag aatagaatga ctcttggctc gattgtacag acactcaagg tctccttgtg    204780
     gtttttgcct ttaaaaatcc ttccctagac ccatccaggg aaagctggcc tcatcccttc    204840
     ccagtcactg caggcttccc tcaggtgatg gcttctgctg ttgatgcagg cagagagaga    204900
     ctcattttcc ctacggggtg agagtgtgct gcctagacac taggaatttg accatgctcc    204960
     attgagtcta tggacaacac aaggtgagct tgatttttcc tgttcttttg agggggtgga    205020
     tgggtcacaa agaagggggg cagacatgga agacttgatc agggtgcatg gtgtgagatt    205080
     cccaaataat caattttgaa aaaaatcttt ccctcacccc acttggtgag acagcttcaa    205140
     gcttggccca gagattcttg ttatgttggc atctaattaa taaacctttt taaaaaatga    205200
     attatttact tattttatgt atatgaatac actgtagctg tcttcaagca caccagaaaa    205260
     gggcatcaga tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact    205320
     cagaaactct ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccgctga gccatccctc cagcccattt    205380
     taacttgggc ttttaattat aattagattg agcctatggt ttttttccca ggggtcagga    205440
     actccatagt gccatgatgc taggcccaca tataaggtcg aatgactgtg gttcaaactc    205500
     tctgaaacca agaaaccaaa ataaattcgt cctcttataa cttgtcaaca ggtatttttg    205560
     tcccagtggc acaaaggtaa cacacagtga aagccaagag cccctcaggc ttcttcaggt    205620
     cctgtaaggt tacacctgct gcaactcggc tcagagttag ccatgaggaa agaaaggaga    205680
     ttcaaacaaa tcgctgtagg caaatattta tggcaacttt atttataatc aacaaaaacc    205740
     tcgaacatcc caaatgtcta ttaactattg agtgaacaaa tgatcaccta gagttctact    205800
     caaaaaagaa aaaaagaagg ggtggggtgg gtgaggggag tggcgtgtta gtctgaggtg    205860
     aactgaccag agactgcagg aggaagccgg gagctgaggg aagtgtgacc tgtatcgaag    205920
     atggtgctct ccagcttcct caagcagagg aggccacact ctgtcaggag acatgcacgc    205980
     tacaacctcc tgattcattt gaattgctta ccctttgtcc tttggtgggc agaagagtcc    206040
     aggacaacca cttgtgaaag taaagctggg agcatttact ggctgcagca aaagcaattc    206100
     tgaagaggag cagaggttag gaatccacag gtgattaaga attatatgat gagttaactt    206160
     aagtcctatc agatcataaa aacactgtat gcatcagttt atattgtgga ttagtaaaat    206220
     attgactatt aaaaaaaagg aaggaagaaa gaaaaaggaa cgcgcagcat taaggtaaat    206280
     gacatcactc tcctactgaa accctgtggt ggcttctcgt ccaactcaga ggcaatgaca    206340
     tactgtgagc cttcttcctg acacctcact atggccccgg gctccctacc tcacacaaca    206400
     gccaggcctt tgcctctgac ctttgccctt gtagctcctt cctccctctg ggacctgtgg    206460
     tacacttcct ctgacctctg accacaggtc actgtctgtt tatagctggg gctccccagc    206520
     cctccatctc acttcttcag tcctttctgt ttctctcaga aaatttatta ctatttaaca    206580
     tggtctggac tccttgtttg ttgttgttac tgttggtggg agtggtttat ttgtttgttc    206640
     ggttttaagg aagggtttta ctatgtagcc ttggctgtct gggaactcag aactgcctgc    206700
     ttctgccttc ccagtattgg gattaaaggc atgtgccacc atgtctgggc tcttttaatt    206760
     tcacaatcat ttatttattt tgtgtgtcag ggtagtggta catgagccgt ggcggatatg    206820
     tgaagtcaga gaagtattag aaggaatcca ttctttgctg tgggtcctgg tgctctgatt    206880
     gagttttcta gcttggcagc aggcaccctt ccctgctgct gagcctgacc agccctgatt    206940
     atctttctta agaaattctc tcttctcctt gccttcgaca tcatgagcct acacctgatt    207000
     tggcttcccg ccatgtcttc tcataagact ttcagaatca attcctgacc acaagcaaaa    207060
     tcacaacgga ctcggatgaa agctggtaac aagatcaggt ccaactccaa gcgaagacac    207120
     tgtgggaggt gatgctgggt ctgtaaggag tcacacagct gcaaggctga ggatatatac    207180
     tgcatcacag tcacccatca gtcctaccaa acggagttca acattttgaa cttggagact    207240
     tgctcatgtc taaattgggg atgtggtttg tccagtaata aaatgtagaa cctctttttt    207300
     aaaaaacgaa ggaaaaataa tcctagttta ttggggctca atctttatct tttcttttgg    207360
     tccagttgct atcccagaat atgtccttgt cggtcacaaa cgtcagtaag aggctgctgg    207420
     ccaatggcag ttgctacaac atgtttgatt gtttggtgaa ccgtgcagat ctctctattg    207480
     tcttttcaca ttctctcatt agcagaagtc tattttctat tgagaccttg ccttgtccag    207540
     ggattaacca agccctagcg gttgaccagg tccagagacc cagagaaaac tggattcccc    207600
     acgagaactg ggttccccgt gggaactggg aaaaccatct gcatccatta cttttcttat    207660
     cagcatgacg aaacctgaca gaaacacctt agaggaggac gaaggattca ttttggttca    207720
     cagtttttaa gtttcatggt ggcaggagct tgtgaccggt gcccctcatg gaagctgagc    207780
     caaggatagt gcacccacaa aggacccacc ttgtgacctg cttcccccag ctaagtctcg    207840
     cctcttaaag attctaaaac caggctgcag acatgtctca tctattgtca agcatgaaga    207900
     cccaagttaa acccagaaga gacagaagtg acacacggtg ttctctgtcc tctgcatgta    207960
     cactgtggca tatgtgtgtt caggaacaca cacatgtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    208020
     cacacaaata gctaatgaaa cacaagcgtg tgagtgtatt tcatgctcag ttcacaaagc    208080
     tgtcctttca gtagttcagg tccattagtt tggtcaacat ttggtctcag tacgttggca    208140
     acaaaaacaa aagagaacaa aacaaaacac ctcattctgg taaaaggagc cccagaaaca    208200
     catcaactca ggtgttagtt cccaagggaa aattaactag aaaatccatt agcatcgctt    208260
     gcccttcact gacctagggg ggaaaatcct tcctatttgt cttagtcagg gtctctattc    208320
     ctgcataaac atcatgacca agaagcaagt tgggaggaaa gggtttattc agtttacatt    208380
     tccacactgc tgttcatcac taaaggaagt caggactgga actcaagcag gtcaggaagc    208440
     aggagctgat gcagaggcca tggagggatg ttccttacta gcttgcttcc actggcttgc    208500
     tcagcttgct ttcttataga accaagacta ccagcccaga gatggtccca cccacaaggg    208560
     gtctttccct cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccccaca gttggatctc atggaggcac    208620
     ttccccagct aaagctcctt tctcagtgat aattccagcc tgtgtcaagt tgacacataa    208680
     aaccagccag tacactattc taagccagat tctgcagagc aggcccttaa ccccccgaac    208740
     tcaggcagaa tgtggaggct agcctttgct acacaagttt gaggctacct tgggttactt    208800
     gagtccccat ttcaaacctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaagtgact gattttgaaa    208860
     gttacacagc tgggaaacat cactaacttc ccactcggtt tgcggtggat ggactgtggt    208920
     gacagttgcc ttggttacct ctcgtggagc tgaaggcact gccttcactt tggtttccag    208980
     aggcctgatg ggtgacatct ttgcctccat accgtgtctt tccccttccc agccgaacct    209040
     ttggaactgt atgtagatgt gtggatggat caccggagga atgttttgtc ccacgctgtg    209100
     acacacggtg agtttggcct gctgcatgtt ggagctagtg agtttcttct gccccgccct    209160
     gtgcacagtc cttcagctgt cctcacctga caacagcctc agagcaaacc acagggccag    209220
     gatgtttgta cagaacaatg gcatcagcag taaggggagt tcggcagttt ctagggtgac    209280
     catccgtcca attgaccagt gtctcacaca agaaggaaaa catcttttga cactctgtct    209340
     tggctagcag aaaaatacta taagctaccc tctcctcaaa aatcaataaa agcctacccc    209400
     tctctctgct caaagcagca ccccagccgg cctggatgtt aatgtcttct gactagatgc    209460
     gattccagcc ttcccttgtt caactcactc atggctaaac tgcctcagag tctctcctat    209520
     gggattgact ttatttataa ttttattatt aagtattatt ttgttgcctt atatgttatt    209580
     attaatttat tattagtaac tctttctcct cctctccttc ctccttctcc ttaactggtt    209640
     taaactcaga aactgttgaa gcaaagagaa cctaacttgg agtctgaaga gctgtgcctg    209700
     ggagctgtgg gtggggcagt gtgatctatc ctggggaagc agggaagctg tgagctcact    209760
     caggctgttg actgcaggga aggaagtctc catttgcaaa cttagtggga gctggcttcg    209820
     tcataaagct ggtcacccta tcttcctcca gttgcgaaag gaacacctgg cttctcctgt    209880
     catctccctt taactgggtg actcagagcc tggctatctc cactctgaag tctattgttt    209940
     tggtttaagt catactttat ttattatttg gatgggactc agattctctg tgtagccaat    210000
     ggcattaaac tcctgaccct cctggcactt ctactcagag gccgaggtta caggcttgcc    210060
     caccacaacc aatttgtgtg gcacagtaat caaatccagg tcctctgtgt gctagacagt    210120
     ttacgaactg agctacatcc cgagcccttc cttactctgg attttagaga gtttgttttt    210180
     catttttatc tgtaaaacgg atgagcagaa tgaagagatc catagttttt gttgttgttg    210240
     ttttgttttc taaaagaggg agaaggcaca catgggcaca ggtgaaacag ggtctctcac    210300
     taaacctaga gctaggctgg cagcaagccc taaagacctt ttccctccat tctccacatg    210360
     acagctttgc aggccatgcc tggcttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    210420
     gtgtgtgtgt atggggagag agagggggag ggagagggag agggagctga aaatgtatgt    210480
     gttgtgtatg tgaggggcac gtgtgtgctg ttatggcact ctggttgagg tcggtggtca    210540
     acctttgtgg ataggttctt gccagccctt gtttgatctg agatgatctc ttcccactgg    210600
     gttagccagg cctttatgct tcctgtctcc atctcccttc tcccagcagg ggcacactgg    210660
     attatagaca tttgcatgag actccagcta agcttctcct gtttgcattg caaacactct    210720
     tggcaccccc agcagcctgt ttcagccaca catccttcta ccaggatgct ctatctgcat    210780
     aggctgattg caataatgcc agctccatga agccccgaat ttagaacttg agtgtgtgtg    210840
     ggtctctgaa acctttagag gcctgcagag agatgatcca cagagggaag aagtcagctg    210900
     gttcaatgca cctcagtagc tgaggttcaa actttgggag tctgaccctg ggcggtttat    210960
     tttaggtata tttaagcaca gcacaatttg gtgaaaactt ttctggtgat aattaattca    211020
     atcccatgtg tacaacaaaa gtatatataa atctcctcca agaatgaagt aagctaaata    211080
     tagacccaac atggttacag tgagggctaa ggttgtgttt taggcttaac ttactgtgca    211140
     ggtggtggtg gtgaacacct ttaatcccag cactctggaa gcataggcaa gtggattgat    211200
     gtgagttcca ggaagggctg gtctacagag tgagttccag aacatccaat gccacacaga    211260
     gaaaccctga accctgtcag agagagagag aaagagagag agaaagaaag agagagagag    211320
     agagagagag agaaagaaag agagagagag agagaagaga gaatgcctct ttaactgtct    211380
     agccccactt gcccagagac agataagttc caggaatgtt gggaactgtt gatgtaagat    211440
     agcaagccat gtgtttaggt caatttcccc atttgcatag gatctacttg atcacatata    211500
     ggctgggggt ttgtaggcaa gaagtccacc aggatgtatg cttgacccca actgaacgaa    211560
     ggcaagaaat atgtagcctt gtgggttttg acttaaagtc aaaacctgac taacaatttg    211620
     gcaccattct ctgagaattc tgggtatgga ctagactagt gtctgttgtt ctggccagta    211680
     tttaataagg cttgcttcaa atttggctca aaacttgtgg tagtggtctt attctagtct    211740
     attgggatta atactacact gaaactcttt gtaagctagg catggtggca tacatcttta    211800
     atcccagcac tcaggagaca gaggcaggca gatttctgtg agtttgaagc cagcctggtc    211860
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agctagagct atgtagtgag atctgttgag gatttggtct    211920
     accgcttgta tcatgttatt tggattccca aaactgcacc agaatctgca tgcaaagcgc    211980
     tcactgaggg tccttgcccc cagttggctt tgattggtaa ataaagttgc cggtggccaa    212040
     ggctaggcag gaagacagag gtgggacttt agggcaaagg gaccgagaga ggaaggaggg    212100
     agaaccacta caatgggaaa gaagattcag gctggagagg tgcagaagat cagagtacac    212160
     agatcatgta agagtctggg aagggcggcc ccagggggaa gagcggcccc aggggctctg    212220
     tttgggtcta gggcagcaaa gacagaatat aggagtatca aaggggaggt gctagccaca    212280
     tggacattct gaagtggtct aaccattgag ctgtttaagg catattaaaa tctaaggccg    212340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctttcattc gggaactcag    212400
     acctttgggg cagggagtga ggaacttgct gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct    212460
     gctactgttg gtttacttga gaggttaatt ggcaactgta acaagtccct gtttcaaaaa    212520
     acaaaacaaa aacaaaagaa acaaaagcaa caagcaaata aagcaagcca tctctgtgta    212580
     aaatccataa agacaggttg aaaagcacac ttaccataag ggcctagggg atgatccagg    212640
     gccagaatct tgccacacag acagagcaaa ggtcaccagc ctggatagca tgtccgctca    212700
     cagctttctg ggtgggtaac aggttttaca ttccttccct ggaaagacca acccttgaac    212760
     ttaatgcacc aggctgccct agtgctgatc tgtgagcata aaccttcatc ttccccgctt    212820
     tagttgactg agaaactcat tagattgcaa catgttcctg cgcctccttc actgcgggga    212880
     attctacacg gagacagctt tctttactat ttggctgtcc tcaacataat aagtgatttc    212940
     cctaataaga ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac aaatcaggtc tttttttttt tttagtagca    213000
     tcattaggaa ctcattgttc catatttatt tgctatattt aatcacttaa tgatgttgcc    213060
     tatactgagg ctcaaaatga ggctcgtgtc atcgaattcc gagaggggac tattcatgtc    213120
     acagattagt gagtgcctgg tgcttagagg tgaggactta ataacacatg tagcagagta    213180
     aactcagcac catacttcaa cccaggcgtg tccagcaagg ggccaggagg tcacagaaac    213240
     cctgttacat ggaaaatgaa aaattttgca aattatcagc ttggtctaaa gttaaacaga    213300
     tacctgaaaa agcaaaaaga tttttaaatg tttaagaagt taactacagc tataagaata    213360
     gtgagagcca ggaactgtta acatttagag atgcagaagg gcctgtggag ccagtcctgt    213420
     ggtctgaaaa gcagtgagct tggagaggaa gccatgagcc ggaagcacta ggctgcttat    213480
     tcctgtatcc gagatgaggc agggccaggt ctgccctaga aattctgaga aaacagcaaa    213540
     caggaggcca ggaacctctg aggccactag aagtcagagg ccaggaacct ctgtggccac    213600
     tagaagtcag aggccaggaa cctctgtggc cactagaagt cagaggccag cactggacaa    213660
     gggcagtgca gctggcagag ggaagacaca cctcaaacac ccagattcaa gaacccactg    213720
     aggggttcgt tggagtcgtg gtttgagacc ttgagaagca gcaagggcgg gcacagcaag    213780
     gctggaggct gaccctagtc tgtcttttgt cccttgcgtg gtagtgggga atttgaagtc    213840
     gtcatagtgg cagaaggaaa tatcttccta aaaaaccatt gagtatttct gagttgatac    213900
     ttcctggact ggagggcaaa ccctggctac atttgtttcc acagtgacca acaggactcc    213960
     catgggctcc tagttcttaa ataaggttgg ccaagtgagg gccttgagcc acagtgttga    214020
     gaagggagcc tgggcattgg tgttcctctc tcatcttggc atttggtgtg gggccaggta    214080
     gggcaggagt cttctggctt cctgggtgag actttcctgt accaacctca caggtggact    214140
     gacaggcagg cggctcctat cgcctctggc tcctgatggc ccctgagttt cctggccttc    214200
     actaaaccac atccctggaa ctgcatgcag aataggagtc tgattgggcg ggtcctgtca    214260
     ggcaattaag ttccagtttg attgcctcta aacactgaaa tgcaaccctc ccctagatat    214320
     ttcaaggact ctaaccccac tgcgttgtgg accggagagg agccatggag tcccgggcaa    214380
     ggtgcatctt tcttcttttg ctgcagatcc tgacaagtaa ggagtgttga ttccttccaa    214440
     ctccttcctc ccatgatggc ttccacaccc ttcctccatc ttcctgcttc cttatcatcc    214500
     ttagccgctc tccctagaca acctggaggg ggctgagagt aggaggccaa acctcatgtg    214560
     tccactgatc ctccaagaaa gacaggggaa ggggaaaaga gaagatggct gttgtcttat    214620
     catgagtcag gtctcatgat aagaacttca tgaatgagat gttcagccag gctccttctc    214680
     ttgttttgaa tttgttgttg ttttttaaat tctatttgga gaattttctg tgtatacaat    214740
     ctattttgat tatatccaca gcctgccccc cccccacctc ccctgagacc tagcacttcc    214800
     aacatcgtct tcatctctcc tttctccccc tcttcttctt ttgctgcaac tctgagtcca    214860
     gccactgccg tccacacgcc catgggggtg gaccacccag tggagcatgg gcaacccacc    214920
     ggtggtcaca tccccaaaaa gttactctca gtcacaactg caatggctcc tcagtgaggg    214980
     gtgggccttg ggatccactc cccatccaca gtggattgtt gacggcctga ccttgcgcag    215040
     gtcttatgca ggcttcttct ataacggctg tgagtagcta catggatgca cccaccacgc    215100
     cgtgtccaga aggcagcatt tccttctgca tgcattctct ctgcctcctc ttccgtgatg    215160
     tcctggagct tgggagggtg ttgatgtggc tgtggattgt cccatttaag gctgagcccg    215220
     tggttgctta ttcttagtgg tttggtcact tgtaagtatc tgtcagagcc cattgagaaa    215280
     ccttctcttg ttttttaggg gcacgtggag atatattgcc ctcaggtaat gaacggccca    215340
     gagtttccca gggaaaagtc cagggcaggg gatgaaagga gttgttggag atggtgggac    215400
     ccaagaggga ctggctttct gagaaggtcc ctctgcagta tgtggccact cccgagatgc    215460
     tggaaagatc gtgggtggtc aagatgcttt ggaaggacaa tggccttggc aagtcagcct    215520
     gtggataacc gaggatggcc acatatgcgg gggctccctc atccacgagg tgtgggtgct    215580
     cacggctgcc cactgcttcc gcaggttagt gaggtagggt ggagagtggc agctgttctc    215640
     ctaactctgc cgctcttcag cagatgcctc aaccggctgg gcctgtctct tcctaggtct    215700
     ctgaacccta gcttctacca tgtgaaggtt ggagggctga cactttccct tctggaaccc    215760
     cactcaactt tagtggccgt gaggaacatc ttcgtgcatc ccacctacct ctgggcagat    215820
     gcgtctagcg gagacattgc cctggtgcag ctggatactc ctctgcggcc ctctcagttc    215880
     actcctgtct gcctcccagc agcccagact cctctcaccc ctgggactgt ctgctgggtg    215940
     acaggctggg gagccaccca ggaaagaggt aagagaatat gtctataacc agcccccact    216000
     cctgcccagg ggatgacctg gctagggcat gtgctgccaa attatgggtt tcatcttggc    216060
     caaggtgccc actcatgatg gatttggaga agcccaccca gtgtccaggt ttctgcccat    216120
     tgcagaaaca ggtaagctga ggctcagcaa ccatgagatt atagaagctg gcacagctca    216180
     caggggcaga caggacgtga accctgtccc ctgactctgt tttctggttt aaggacatgg    216240
     gtgggactag agaacagaga gatggaagga ggtccaagct gtctgcatga tgggcagggc    216300
     tccagtgggt caggctgtgc tcaggccaga cctttctctg gtccagacat ggcaagtgtc    216360
     ctccaggagt tagctgtgcc tctcttggac tcagaggact gtgaaaagat gtaccacacc    216420
     caggggagca gcctgtcagg ggagcgaatc atccagtcgg acatgctctg tgcaggctac    216480
     gtagaaggcc agaaggactc ctgccaggta acaacaagcc ctctggctct ccctggcact    216540
     cctgtcatat agtccatatt caagccccat gtcccagaga ctctaggagg actggaacac    216600
     tctcccaggc tctgtggcct tggcagaggt gttttaaaaa gatttttcgt gactgggccc    216660
     tcttccttct ccctcagggt gactctggag gaccgctcgt ttgttccatc aacagttctt    216720
     ggacccaggt cgggatcacc agctggggta ttggctgcgc tcggccatac aggcctggtg    216780
     tctacactcg ggtgcccacc tatgtggact ggattcaaag gatcctggca gagaaccact    216840
     ctgatgccta tgggtaccac tccagtgcct ctgcagcata ccaaatgctg ctgccagtgt    216900
     tgctggccgt tgccttgcca gggtccctat gaactgtgag ctctagagtt ctagatcctc    216960
     ttctgctggg ctcggagact cagaagctca acatagacac ggagaaaatg aatctccaat    217020
     ggtggttttg tgtgggaccg tgaaaggtag cttggtcccc agctgagcta aggcttgaag    217080
     ccctagtact tctgaaggaa cagtaggtgc ttcacctgta ctggggtacc aggccccggt    217140
     cactagctgc agacccccat agatttgtag ccatcagtca cataaggaca acgtcccaag    217200
     cccctccaca tgtagaggat atgacccgtg gtcatgtagg ctcaagacag atctccattt    217260
     taatgaggta cctaaaggac tggagggctt agccaataag ctttccttcc cagacactcc    217320
     ttccagaaaa aaatatttaa cctcaggcct gccctgagaa agtggggtac agttttactc    217380
     atccactttc tgccatgaca ataaattcct taaaaccatg gactgcctct ttttactgag    217440
     ccactgtagg gagccatgga ggcctttgcc tatagagctg ccatctagtc tcctgtagaa    217500
     ggcctctctg ctcccagcca cggctgccac caactccaag ttcaagccca ccaccccgtc    217560
     aagccaagaa ctatcacagt gggaccagac agagccccct tttctccccg ggccccaggc    217620
     tagatccagc ctttgagccc cccacaccat tctcagcatt tccgcagctt ccagcagtgc    217680
     gtgggtgtcc gagatcctga gacccagatg gcccggcctc cttgcaggcc tggggacccc    217740
     tgagccagct ccggctgtcc catgcctcag actgcgcttc accacccctg gaacggtgtc    217800
     ccagggcttc actaaggccc aacaccggcc ccgcaacagt gtggggtcaa cttccagcgg    217860
     cccctgcctc ccaaagcggc caagccctgt ggagaagcag gcaggcgacc cataatccta    217920
     cagttttgca gcctgggagg tttgaaggct gcagtgactc gaagagctta aggacatagt    217980
     aatttgcaac acagggacac atcctgtcac actcaggcag ccacctacat gtcacttacc    218040
     acaggcctgg tcccggttca gctgtgcttg ggccaactct ttcgtcacac cacagcgctg    218100
     cagtgggcaa gtagagatgc tcagagaggg cgtgtgagct tcctaaggtc acacagctag    218160
     ctgctagggt agaaataatt aaacagggat gtttcagaac ctgtgctctg gcctaggtac    218220
     actgcccaag ctggcctcct ccatgcatgc attagaagca tgccttacca tacttggctt    218280
     ttattcttca ttcacaatgc attgttgctc tgggagaaaa aatcctttgg tatggatcta    218340
     gaaaggtgac ctagcaatta agagacttcc agagcaccag agcttgagtc ttggtaccca    218400
     cctcacacag cttacagagg gtcctgcttt tggcctctga ggtcataccc atgtgactca    218460
     caaacacaca cacaattaaa gataaaataa cttttataaa gatttgttta tttgctgggc    218520
     tgtggtggcg cacgccttta atcctagcag tcgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag    218580
     tttgaggcca gcctggtcta cagcgtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac    218640
     cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaac aacaacaaca aaaaaaaacc aacaacaaca aaatttgttt    218700
     attttaggca gataggtttg tctgtgcagt gctcattcat atctcttgaa actagagcta    218760
     tagactagcg ttacagatgg ttgtgagcgg ccgtgtaggt gggtgctggg aattgagcct    218820
     gagtcttgtg aaagagcagc cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agtcccccca    218880
     taagatacaa attgaaagaa gccctttgac acctgttcag tctgaccatg tgacctcctt    218940
     tctttcacat ttttttttta agcaattcag ttgaatcgta ttttccagaa gtatctgacc    219000
     gtgtataatg tacatcaaat tggaaaattg ttgtgtgcta tttgagctct ctgagtagtt    219060
     ggctctggga acaggattga ccccatccac ttaagaccca agcatgtctg tctccaaggt    219120
     cctgttactc tgtgacaggg aggataacac agcagacagt gcaggagtaa caatcttgtg    219180
     ttgttcagaa ctggtagaaa gagcagcatt gtcaacagag gcttctcttg ctaaccccat    219240
     gccacagaag cacctgccgt gggagagaga ggtgcgagtt tgaccacaga cgtacagttc    219300
     agttgggaat ccagctgtgg tcttaacttc cccagttcct gttggatgtc atgaagagct    219360
     atatttggtg ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct gactgtcctg gaactcactt    219420
     tgtagaccag gctggactca aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtcccggg    219480
     attaaaggca cgcgccacca ctgcccagca tgaagagcta ctttgtgatg tcatctctat    219540
     ttgttctttt acttggagga aatgctctgc tgtgccagga ctcactctat caggaactct    219600
     agccccttga ccagactccc caagtcaaga gaaggggtgc actggggcca cagccggtcc    219660
     tgcttttgct tcatcacttg ctgtttagtc tttgactttg atttgcttta cttaataatc    219720
     tcacgcacgt aaaactacaa gcatggctgc cataacttat tctccaagtt gtaaagaaca    219780
     ctatggtaga tttaaaatta gcccttcctg ggctggagag atggctcagt gggtaagagc    219840
     actgaatgct cttccgaagg ttctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa    219900
     ccatccataa agaaatcact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta    219960
     catataataa ataaataaat aaaatagccc ttcctggggc tggagagctg gctcagtggt    220020
     taagagactg gctgctcttc cagagggcca ggttcaatcc ccagtaccca gctacatcca    220080
     cattgtggct tacaatggcc tgtggttgtg ctttcagaga gtctggctcc ctcttctggc    220140
     cttcgtgggc actgcatgta tgtagtgcat gtacatacat gctggcaaaa caccatattc    220200
     ataaaataaa aataaataaa aatcttggaa aatcaagaga gagaaagaga gagagagaga    220260
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagg aaggaaggaa    220320
     ggaagaaaaa aagtctttca cctcagcctg agtagtttgc ctgcatttct cctgtgcttt    220380
     cacagtaaga atggccacct tccttcttct gtgtggttat tagcaaaact ctcattcttt    220440
     cttgaaagtg tctcagtcaa accatgagcc aggaaccctt tgatgtgaca gtctcagtga    220500
     cctatggaac atctacctca tactcctaac ctagactgta ggtgcagtct ataacagctg    220560
     tgggtgccat cacctccttt ggctggtgag cgccctctac ctgggtttca gcagatgcac    220620
     agagggtgcc tgacaaagac aaaagagacc tttgcacatt gcagcaagtt tcataagctc    220680
     ccactgtctc tgtggctgca agggccacgg aagggatggc caccctcctt gagagaacca    220740
     tccaaacctc tcagagtcag caccttactt cctgaaactc tgttcactcc gggtggctgg    220800
     ctggagtact ccccagagag cactgtgaag ccagcccaga gaagactgtc aaagccaagg    220860
     gagagactgg aaatggcttg gttggtaaag tgtttgtttt acaaacatgg gggcccgagc    220920
     ttgaatccca gcacccacgt gaagatgtca ggtgcagcag gaggagatga agacctctgg    220980
     ggtttcctga cccaagtcga gctccaagcc agagagagac tctgcatcaa aatataagac    221040
     tgctaacacc tggagcaaaa cactcaaggt tggcttccgg cctacacaca cacacacaca    221100
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagtcatt tacacacaca ctcacaaaca    221160
     tgcacacaca cacacacaca ctcacacaca cacacatgta cacatgtaca cacagacaca    221220
     cacacatgca cccatgcatg cacacacatc acacccaaag ctattgttga ctgcccaggg    221280
     cagaggtaga gaacatgtaa gagatctgtc agccctagac cttctgcctt ttcagaggag    221340
     aggcaccctt gacagcctct tagttatgcc tgggaagaaa tgtctaccat tctgttgccc    221400
     ctgagtctat ttccatgcga cctccctcct tacagaattc tctgtgctcc cccttcctgc    221460
     accctgctct cccatttgtc ctttggtctt tcggagccca ccttgtctct caatttctct    221520
     cgatgtcaag ggtcaagtag tttgctaata cattgtcccc tcgtgcctca ggatatctgc    221580
     atcccgagtc agcaaaggac agcggagtgg aacaaacgaa aaagccccag ttctgccctc    221640
     caattttgtt tcacaattta ttttcctaag caggatctca tgttgcccag cctggacctg    221700
     gcttactatg tagcttccag tgactttgac tccagagcac ccaactttta cctctggagt    221760
     gctggcatta gacggacgag ccactaagcc cggtttcacc ctgcatccct gcttaaccca    221820
     tgacaatcgg caaacctacc ctgcaggagt gaagccctag gaggtgtcca aacaagagcc    221880
     ctctttagac agcagccctt atcccttcat caggtgacct cacagcccag ttctgagagc    221940
     cccttctttt cccaggacga tagtgccaag atggacattt ctacttatag cgccctctca    222000
     cctggcttcc agcttaggta gcaggcaagg aggtgctggg gttgggttgg gggtagctgg    222060
     gaatggagag agcaaaggtt gtggcaccct gttgactgca catccttgtc tgcacagggg    222120
     tttgtctcag gcacctcctc tggctgcact gtccatatga tctgggtggc atccctcaga    222180
     cacagatcta gtgacaagtt cattcttgga cagtctgtaa cagaacttgg agttccgtgt    222240
     tgctcaagag gaggtagttc atggccaaca cagacagcac acagacactc cctgcaggat    222300
     caagccagaa caaggataag gaagtagtta caatttactc aaatgttccg gaagacccac    222360
     aagctcattt ctgtccaaag gtcaaattgg ggaatgagtg gctgagagga ggaactaagc    222420
     caagtgtagg acagaggggt ttccccagca gtagcccagg gctgcgggta ccatggcttc    222480
     tgctctgcac ttgagtaagt tggtgagcgg tgattctcag ggacacgtgg gctgtgcctg    222540
     tggcaccata ggtggctagc tccaggcttc caaagcaaag accctccatg atgtggatgc    222600
     gtgcgggatg cttcagacag ggcccttccc ttcatgatga tgggctgggc acaagagggg    222660
     ataggaggtg tgggatttgg atttcagtaa catgcctcgc cacaaaaatt acttctgctt    222720
     tcttggcctt cgtttcctct gcagtaaaaa aaatcagaat caacgtcccc cctaaagtat    222780
     ttaaaatgat taaatgagta acagttgtgt aagtattacc agggcttcaa atctgataca    222840
     tggtgaatgc tggtctgttc ttccatcccc cccttcattc agacatctct ctgctcactg    222900
     gcatgtccac cctcctagct atttgtacat ccattgacaa attcatccac acattcatcc    222960
     aaatatcacc taccaaccta taagtctatg caactatcta ctcacccatt tattcatctc    223020
     cccattaatt tgtttgtcca tcgatctatc ttccagtcca tccatcttct cacatacaca    223080
     tacacttatc cacccaccca ttgatcccct cattcaacag caacaacagc aacaacaaca    223140
     acccccatcc agaccatagc atccctcctc aaaactattc ccaggcccct cagcaggacc    223200
     cagcctccct gtgcagcacc aggaaagcaa ttctgtcacc acagatttcc tacccattgt    223260
     ttcgacctcc ttcctccctc ttactgtcac tggctcagcg gggggcagga ggtgttcttt    223320
     cactcaaaca cagatacacg tcacaaaaaa agaccaagga cagcattgga agaaggcctt    223380
     tattcagggc ttgtgctcaa gcgtaagatg gtcatgggat acactctagg tctgctctcc    223440
     cagcaagctg tgaatgcctg gcaagtggct tgtgctattg tttgtggcat agcttggaac    223500
     ttggcattag aacaatgcaa ggaggcagcc tgctcctgct cacagtctgt gctcctgctc    223560
     atggtctgtg ctcctgctca cagtctgcct gtgttcctcc tgcccacagt ctatgttcct    223620
     gctcacagtc tgtctgcttg agcgcctgct cagtgtgcct gtgccgaggc tgacctaaca    223680
     tcctcactat tggcatttga cagctgacca ggaaggccag gtggcagtca tctccacaca    223740
     gactgatctc aaggctgtag gaaggcccct ctgcaggctt gcttatgata cagagattac    223800
     tttctcatta aggatgggca gcatgcttgg ggagcccggg cttcttgtcc ccatcccagc    223860
     cacagggaca caggttctgg cttctcgtgt ctttcaagtt ttaccagcat gatagcttat    223920
     acccataatc ccagcagtcg ggagagtgag gcaggaggat tgtcttgtgt acaaggccag    223980
     cctgggctaa taaggaagag tttgactgaa aacaaaaatg gctactaggg tgacaggtcg    224040
     gggaagaagt gcttgccttg catgcacaag gacctgaggt ccggtcccag aacacaggtt    224100
     tcaaaaaaca acaaaactaa caagtgaaac acagatgtgg tggcttagac ttgaactccc    224160
     agctctgaaa aggcagaggc agcaggatcc tagctgaact ggcaagctcg gagataataa    224220
     gtttcaaaga gcaagataga tagctcctaa caatgtcctc tggcttttac atgcctgcct    224280
     gcacacccac atgaacacac acaccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    224340
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca gagacacccc agtgactatg tggctaatgg    224400
     aactgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga tttttgagac aatgtcacac tctttagcct    224460
     tgtctggcct tgaacttgtg gcaatcctcc tgttgtagtc tgcaggatat tgccattgca    224520
     ggtatgaacc atcacttcct gttgaatttg tatttattta tgcatgtatg tatttattta    224580
     tctatctatc aatctattta tttttgatga gatagggtct catctatctc aggctggcct    224640
     tgaacttgtt atgtagcaaa ggttgattct cctgccttgt tccttccaaa tgctgggaca    224700
     gcaggtgttt ataaccatga gtttagtgac acaattagtt agcacatggt agttatataa    224760
     acttggccta ggtggtgcca ctattaggag gtgtggcctt gttagagtag gtgtgtcact    224820
     gtgggggtgg gctttgagac ccttcttcta gctgcctggg agacagtctt ctgttgcctt    224880
     caaatgaaga tgtagaactc tcagctcctc ctgcatcatg cctgcctgga tgctgccatg    224940
     aacctcagaa cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtc ctttttaaga gttgccttgg    225000
     tcatggtatc tcttcacagc aataaaaccc aagctgagac tgtatttttg tgtgtgtaca    225060
     catgtgtgca tgtgtgtaga ggtgtgggga ggtgtatgtc tcagtcactg ttcacattct    225120
     ttttttgaga gagcttgctg atttggctag attggctaac tggttggcaa gctctggggg    225180
     tctctgcttg tgtctgccat ctgctctggg attacaggtg caccctgaca tgcctggctt    225240
     ttagaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacacaaac aaaaaccatg tctgcatgct    225300
     ttacggtatt aagttcaagg gatagttttt attttgaatt ttaaaaagtg agactcttag    225360
     agtaaggcag gcctatcacc acaccagcct actacatatg tctgaccccc ctgtgagagc    225420
     aatggccaga gcaagcagaa cctggaaggg agagatcttc tttttgttct tcactccctt    225480
     tttcagtatt tttaaattat ttatttatct gtcatgtgtg tgcatgcgtg gttgtgctca    225540
     cgagtgcacc agcgtgcttc tgtgaaaatc agaggaaaag ctttgggagt ggatttgttt    225600
     cttctgatat gtaggtccag gggttctatc aggttatcag gcttgggggc aaatgctttt    225660
     acctccgggg accccttgct tgttcacgtt gcacacggcc cttagacttc tcatcatatt    225720
     ctccaagaca ggggtttcgt attaaaacta acaaaagcac cagacagctg ggcagagact    225780
     tgggaaagaa gccatgctag tagacaacac atgcaccaga aagtgactcc tattgtcatt    225840
     agtgatctcc atctgaaggg tccggagggc gcttgcgcag aacactcagc atgggagctt    225900
     gttggaggac gttggccacc gtctgccttc tacttctctc tgtgctgact gacactgtcc    225960
     agaacaaccc aagggagaga aggctttttg acttcttgcc tcagttaatg tttgaagggg    226020
     tgtgtctctc aggtgattct agattgtgtc aagttgacaa ttaaaaacgt cacagtcact    226080
     gctgtgatgc tcggctcaag cctgcgggat taagcaaccg agaactgtga gctcccagac    226140
     tgtgagccga caaagccgtc cctgaagacg ttctctcatg agcttgcttg cttggttgct    226200
     tgtttgtttc tttgttttgt gcattgagag atccacctgc atctgcctcc taagtctacc    226260
     accacctggc ctctcatatg attttttttc cattaaataa ttaatttatt tactttatat    226320
     cccaattgct actccacctc tcatgtgatc ttaaagattt acttaaaagt acttttttat    226380
     tttaaattat gtgtatgagc atgtggtggg tgggggggag gttgtaggtg ggtgcggaag    226440
     caagaagagg ctgttggatt aatgtatgtc tatgaacatc tctgagagtt agtgtgtctg    226500
     ggtcataccc acgactgtaa ggcagagtga gagttagcgt tctctttcca tgtggtccca    226560
     gggatcgttc aggcttggta gcaaacacct ttatctgctg agtcgccttg ctggtcctac    226620
     tctcagatca caactatggg aaagggacta atgaagacac agtgagaaac actaatgaca    226680
     ccaactttag ccaggatggc gagtggctgc gaagagcttc cattctgtgt gaagcgccag    226740
     aagccctgct gctttgagag ctggttggca gtttctttcc cccctttgtt ttgtggctag    226800
     ggtgggagtt gagtctaggt cttatgtggt caggctggcc ttgaaattgt catgtagctg    226860
     aggttgacct atagcctcta gctccagagc gctgggatta caggtgtgtg tcatcatacc    226920
     cagctggttt taaacatttt cactttcagt aggaagcatt aattccactt caagaagagt    226980
     aaaaacctct ctccctccaa gacttaccag tccccaacaa atagtgcaca tggtcaccac    227040
     ctaataaatg aatttttaaa aatgggtgat aaattaagaa aaaaaaagac aaaagattac    227100
     ctatgacagt taatctcaat caacaacttg ttgagatcta aaatcacagg gagattggag    227160
     acaagctcca gagatgatct tcatcatgct aactgatact ggaaatcttg cccactgtgg    227220
     gcagtgccat tctctgtgca gggggtttcc agactgtata aaatagaggc agggcactga    227280
     gaagcggctt atactcatag ctctctgcaa ccttgttatg gatggaatat gactagcagc    227340
     tttaaacctt gacctcccca gaaccttagt ttgtgaatta aagtaagcca tttcctcctc    227400
     aggttgcttc tgtggagtat tttgtcacag cagcaggaga gttagttagg acacaagaga    227460
     actacaaaac agaagattct cagacacaca gtatcagatg aaggactctg aatacaagag    227520
     gtggcagaaa acagattgtt ggctgcctgg aactctgatg ggggcacact gaatgtcagg    227580
     gagacttttg gaggtaactt ttccactttt aatggcagca gaagatatgg gagtgtggac    227640
     atttactaaa agtcttctga ctgcagtcat catagctgcg tttgttgttt attgttttgt    227700
     ttctttttga cagggtttca ctctgtagcc caggctagtc ttgaactcag ctcctccccc    227760
     tttgacccac tgaatgctgg gaaaacatct gtactcgcta cacctgactc atacacactt    227820
     tttactgctg gtgagccata accacaataa agttgcttaa gcctgaacgg gaaaatacaa    227880
     ctgagtaacg aagtcaaaag aaggaaggga gactaagccc cagaaagcta gacaaagcta    227940
     taaagcaaac tgcacaaatg gctgtgtgca tgcaatgagg cggaagatat ccctgtgtaa    228000
     aggtcagcca gataagagag caaacacaca taaaattaaa aaatacctca ttaaaagaac    228060
     ggagatgaaa tactgaggct gtttattgtg ttccatgtgg gataacaaaa agttccagaa    228120
     tctattgaaa acaatggcta cacaggactg aatgtacact ttaacatggt ttaaatgatc    228180
     cgggcatgac atttcactcc tatgatccca gtacttggga acctgaggca gaaggattgc    228240
     catgagtttc atgctaccct gggctacata gtgacactat ttcaaaagag aataagcaaa    228300
     taaaatgaat taaagggggt ctggagctat ggctcagtga ccgagagcgt ttattgctct    228360
     tgcagaagac tgggttgagt tctcagcacc caaccatttg taactccagt ttcagtggga    228420
     tcagatgccc tgttctgaca tctgagagca cagggatgag agcacaaaat gtatgtaaaa    228480
     cattcctaca cataagaata aaacatgaaa aattatttta aaattaatca tatataaaat    228540
     aaaataggtt aaatagtaat ttttcttaaa taatgaattt actgttatgt ttgctataat    228600
     aataaactca tatttgctaa actcccacaa tatataaatg gatttggatg accccagagc    228660
     gatttggggc cagggttata gagtctatag ggagtacaga ctcttggctc ctaggtttgg    228720
     agccctagca aacagaccct gctctgacac ccactagatc atctgggaat ccagtgagca    228780
     gaatgggaga ggagttgggc agggtgagga accccagcta tactcctcag agccatattt    228840
     taactaaact caatcttgcc atggctctgt ccctgcctct gctctagctt ggtcctccag    228900
     gccaagaatt ctagtcctta atgaagttca aagaaggaag tcagggccag cactgcctag    228960
     tgtgtacccg catctctgcc tttctccact agagggcagt aacactccac agcatcatgg    229020
     caccaactag ctcccagaac aaaggcccat gctctgggta atacctagtt ccctggacaa    229080
     gttcaagttc agatttcctc cctgacaaga agccacctag ggatcactga tctctcacag    229140
     gctcctccct tccaggagct ggaccttctt tagagcaggg cagaaagtgt tcttagctaa    229200
     tctgcagttc ttgggaacct tcaggaccat tgtccgcagc cctttcttgg agagcagtcc    229260
     ttggaaacac agcagagccc tttgatggga aagtggccca tctagccagt ggagaccagg    229320
     tgactgctgg gttctgaccc cgttatttgg aagggaaagg ccatgttgga agaagatgtt    229380
     tgttcagcct ggtttccagg tctccatgga ggacctgagc cacatcttcc ctctgagctt    229440
     gctcatgtgt tcagtgaaat aaaagtctat cctttgttct cagctccaag atggacaaat    229500
     aatgctgtct ccctgcttga tctacataaa tccctagaca agctttctgc agccccgacc    229560
     cttcctcctc ttcccaggaa gctgccttag acaaacagaa ggaagggctt acagcagcag    229620
     taaacctgaa ggtgaggctt cctgacccag cccaagtcag ccctctgtgc tttttcttgg    229680
     cttcctttcc tgggctccca gactgcattt ccatggagct cctatgcatc acactatccc    229740
     atgaagagtc tcaaggctga ccaaactgag ccactgtgac tgctatcagg gcctaaagca    229800
     cttggtgtct cagctgtaaa taggtatcat ggcaaggcca gtctcagagc tccctggagg    229860
     actaaggctg tgctgggaac cctggccaat cagtgggaga tggaaggact ggttctggga    229920
     agtgggggat ggggtgcagc agactgcagc ccagcagagg acataggggg ctgtgtcctt    229980
     cggggatagt ctccaaaggc agctatctac tgggattctc aacaacagat cactttaaca    230040
     gatggcacaa ataagaggct cctttattca gggactgtgg gtgggacaga agtgcaatgt    230100
     cctcaatgtc ctggatacac ctcacattct tcccaaggtt gaaccaaagt cccacatgat    230160
     gcatggctgg gtgtcaccag gttgtaaagg gacaagtcat ggggctcagc ccaggtaagg    230220
     caggagctga gtgagacctg gcctggtgca gcaggagacg ccagaggaag aaagggggaa    230280
     tgggtggagc cagctagaga ctgaactgtg ccggatggat ggagggcttt gaaatgtggg    230340
     gtttctccag gtgtactgtg acaatatggt tggctttctc agagcttagt cagagtgtta    230400
     gcacagtgac actggggtca cagtgtgggc atgggatgaa gccatccctg ggctctcatg    230460
     aagcctttga gacgatggga aacagggttc cccggtgttc tcttgtctca gtctgaggcc    230520
     tggagacctc tgacacccca tgtcttcctc agagcttcat gaagtcttgg cacctccctc    230580
     tgggtcctga accctcggga gccatgctgc tgttgctgac cttggctctc cttgctggtc    230640
     tcatctgcag agcccagagt gaattcccac acttggtgta taatctccca agtcctgatc    230700
     caggcaagag gatcactgga gatgaaggag cgactgtgag cactcaccta ctgtgagcac    230760
     tcacctactg tgagcactca cctactgcga gcactctcct actgctctcc cttctgactc    230820
     cctttgttca gggatgcagg gtaatcagat ctgaagagca gggaagtcca ggatacccct    230880
     gtctttctgg gttatgagaa caccgttgga gtgagcaggg ctatgatttt tgggcttccc    230940
     tgtagcatgc cttggttgtg ccaatctctt gtggcttatc tactggggtc tttagaacat    231000
     tcacgggtct cacgcttaca actttactca gtgttctctt tgcctttgct tctccagcgt    231060
     ggcctgcact ggtccactca ggctggcatg cccaggaaag ggtgaagctc ctctccaggt    231120
     aggcagtggg aggagagtat cacagaggct tagggccttc ttccagatag ttccggtggc    231180
     tttagggcct cttggtagtg acagaaacta cggcatgagt ggagagatgc atacacccag    231240
     ggcacacaga ccccatcttc agtttcctct gccactcggg accttaactc tgctcaagaa    231300
     aggtcagcca gtctctcagg acaggccagg tctcaactgt cctcaccagt gcttgctcct    231360
     aggctctgtc attctcctac agcaccctaa tgttgggtta ctattgtcaa gtttcacaaa    231420
     cacaaacaca gtcatcctgc ccccccccca acttaattaa actgcagata aacaatgaag    231480
     actctttaaa ggtgtcagcc tgtacaacat ttaatgtgtc cttatccttt agaaacttca    231540
     tattagggca ccaaggagac agttctctga gtaaaaatgc ttgctgtgta agtgtgagcc    231600
     ctaggtttag gttccaaccg cctatataag agatgggtgc tgaggtccac tgaacccagg    231660
     accactgagg cagagacaga gaggtccaat ggatttgctc tccagatgac agcccaaata    231720
     gaaaactcta gattcagtga tcctacgccc caaaggtcag gtaggatagt gggccccatg    231780
     ggtaagaaca attgctccaa agcttgaaca cctgagttgg gatacccaga atccaggttt    231840
     acaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaccc tgaaaggctg tgagtgtagc cacaatatgt    231900
     ggcaaggcag aaaaaaggca ggcagagcca tggacgttct gggcagccag ccccagcatt    231960
     gagctggaat cccggtgaga gacacatctt caggcaataa ggtggataga gatgaagaag    232020
     acactcagtg tcctgctctg acatctgcat actcacaagc atgtgtttgt aacacacaca    232080
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcacaca ctcactcaca cagacacaca    232140
     cacatgcacg tgcacacaca tgtgcacatg cacacacaga catgcatgca tgcacaggca    232200
     cacttcagta atgacaacag aaagtctatt ttatttttgg gctgtgtcta gccatcagtt    232260
     ccttgagaca gggcctcaat gtgtaactca aactggcctt aagcctggaa ctgatccatc    232320
     tcatctgcac aggtgctgga gattcaggca ggcagtgcta cactcagcta ctttaaaata    232380
     taaaatgttt gaagcctggc ttgcaacccc agtcctgtcc tgtaatctca ggagcatggc    232440
     tcaagaggac cacaaattca agaccattct ggctacagag tcacttcaag gtcaacccgg    232500
     acaaaatggt gaaactctgt ctcaatacaa agtaaaaaga gggttggaga gtaacctggg    232560
     ggttcatgag cacactatca gctttcagga ggctgagtca gggggatttt cagcatcaaa    232620
     aaattcaagg acaacctggg ttacagagtg agatcctgtt taatagatag acaggtgata    232680
     gatagatgat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagac agacagatat    232740
     ctgatagact ggttgagact ctactcaggt ctcagaacta ctaataagca gatgaaggcc    232800
     tgcaacaact tagcaggtaa ggggcttgct gctaagcttg gtactctgag gttgatacct    232860
     gagcctatat gatgggtaga gagaactggc ttcagcaagt ttgtccgctg acctctgtaa    232920
     gcacaccatg tcacaaaggt gcctctctgt acaataaaca aatgccaaca aaataaataa    232980
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acttctgacc tatactttac acagaaaaag tatgcattat    233040
     ttaatctaaa atgcaaactg agttggatat ccttcctagg tttcatgtgg aggccgagtt    233100
     ggcatctttg tgagcagcaa ctgcaaagcc cgggcttggg aacagtctag aagacttgga    233160
     gaggggatgt cctctcattg cttggaagag cagcttggga acagtctaga agacttggag    233220
     aggggatgtc ctctcattgc ttggaagagc agttaccaga gtgctccaac ccccacctga    233280
     caacaccggg ttgagtggat gctttctcgt tggccccaga gaatcaccca ttttatttag    233340
     gctgcaatcc atctctggtc tgctggcctg agcaaaagat tcttagtgtg gctatggatt    233400
     tgtttgtcat agacaaggga tgccacagag cttagaaact gatctgggta gaccctgcat    233460
     agattcaagc tgagaagggg tgtcatggca gagttgttca ccctggagca actgcccaac    233520
     ctggggtcag actttgtggg gaccctaggg agcatgtgtg tgtcatagag aggtgggaac    233580
     aggaagaatc tgtgggtccc aagccaggct gacatgtcag ggctaaaccg cctggttctc    233640
     actgtctgac tgtgaaatgg acagcagaga gatgttggcc tcagagctgc ctggaggacc    233700
     gaggctgtgc tgagaactca ggctgctcat tggtagaagc tgctatgagc agtgtttgga    233760
     aggggcgttc acgaagcagg tattaggtga agactctgaa aagatcccag ataacaatcc    233820
     ataagagaga gggaggtggg agggagatgg gacttgtgcc atccttccca atgaagtcat    233880
     gggcagactc gtctgctcta cacacacaca tgctcatgac tgcacatttc ctttgctgaa    233940
     gacaagcttg tttcttggct ctggacacct gctttacctg aatttatgga aatcaccaag    234000
     tgtgaccaca agtctccctg tttccgcact aaaaccatcc tgtgccccac tgagattcaa    234060
     caggatagtc cctgcatttg cagaggatgg catggactgt ggggtttttt gttcaaaggc    234120
     actggagagg aaaacaaata gtgtcccagc gtgtcctgga tatatcccca cattgcagga    234180
     aagcctttca ggggcgggag tacagagctc ccacgatggc tatgactggg tggcatcagg    234240
     gtataaaggg agaagcaaag ggactcagat cacacagccc aggtaagaat ggaggagaga    234300
     cctagcctgg tgcagccaga gaaggaaagg gggaatgggt ggagactgaa gcatggagga    234360
     cggatggaga gctttggaat acggggtttc tccaagtgca tacagaatta ggcatgggga    234420
     gcccggtgta ctgtgacaat atggttgtct ttctcagagc ttagtcaagg aagtcagcac    234480
     agtgacactg tggggtcaca gtttgggcat gggatgaagc catccctggg ctctcgtgaa    234540
     gcctttgaga cgatgggaaa cagggttccc cggtgttctc ttgtctcagt ctgaggcctg    234600
     gagacctctg acaccccatg tcttcctcag agcttcatga agtcttggca cctccctctg    234660
     ggtcctgaac cctcaggagc catgctgctg ttgctgactt tggctctcct ggccagtccc    234720
     acctgcagag cccagagtga gtacctgagc ctcctttgtg gctttcacct cccatatcct    234780
     gtcctaagca taatggcctc tgagagaggg agtggtcctg aacacactcc taatgcctca    234840
     cttttcagat gtcctgggga atgctgctgg caagtatttc tacgttcaag gtgaagatca    234900
     ggggcaactc aagggcatgc ggatcttctt aagtgttttc aagttcatca aggggtgagt    234960
     agggcttcct tgcaggaatg gcaggtggta ctcatctcac actggagcct tagaggactt    235020
     cctggattca caaccccaac cagtactacc cagtatcctc ttggtctctg cttctctagc    235080
     tccatctcag tcagtgtact cagggctggg atgcccaggc tggattaaga ctggacagtc    235140
     ctcaaggaga caggtggaga gggacctcca actttcttgt tcagaaagaa tcacagaggc    235200
     ttgaacagca aacggggtat agtgtactga aaatgactca tggttatctg aaattctaat    235260
     cttacatcct tcctgcatcc tctgtctgat ttgataagca acttaatatg caagaaagga    235320
     aagaagctgg cattaggaac aatccagaag atttggggtg gtcatatcac ttctttgctc    235380
     agtagaacag attccagggc tcccgtagtc tcccctgttc ctccctgact acacagagag    235440
     aagagccggt ctctctggtc tctgctcata aggtctgtct caggtatact gatcttagca    235500
     gtgtggctcc tgcctcattt ggggctgata aggtagaggg ctccagaggg gaagctatga    235560
     gttgggcaga acctgaaaac attccagctc agggtgggtg cagtagcact catagctgcc    235620
     ctggtacaga tgccagactc tctgaggtcc tatgaggagg gatgtttcta gaagaagaag    235680
     gactgcaggc tgccctgtga gagctggaca cttctggagc ctgaactgtg aactaggacc    235740
     agaataggat gcagatgtga gaaggagctg gcacccctga gtttgtgctg acttgatttc    235800
     tctccagctt ccagctgcag tttggcaata actggactga tgtctatgga tcccggtcag    235860
     ataactttat agacttcctt ctggaggacg gagagcacgt gataaaggta gagggcagtg    235920
     cagtgatctg cctgacttcc ctgaccttca ctacaaacaa ggggcgtgtg gccacctttg    235980
     gtgttagaag gggtcgctac ttcagtgaca ctggaggttc agacaagcat ctagtgactg    236040
     tcaatggaat gcatgcaccg ggcctctgcg tcacagggat gggcttcaaa tgggaagata    236100
     atgcaaagga cttggggtcc ccagagcctg tgaaagagcc aaaggacagc tctgacagtt    236160
     ccaacaagaa ggaagatgaa ggcagaggca aggatgatga tgacaatgat gaagatgagg    236220
     atgacaatga tgaagatgag aataattatg gcaacgatga tgatgacgat gataatgatg    236280
     accagaaaga tgaaagctga gtagcatgct cagagctcag tcctgcatct ccacatggca    236340
     gcgcctcctc tcagccaagc tctcccactg gaggaagtaa tataccagga gactccaggc    236400
     tggggggagc aaagcccaaa tgcctttatc tctgtctaat aaactatgtg catctatgtg    236460
     agcctgagtg gtcctcacac caaataggat tccccaagaa cttcctttaa ccccacccct    236520
     ttggatctaa acccacatac tgagttacag ttagcacaga gacccttggc caaaccagta    236580
     ggaccaagat ccccagaatg agggcagtac cagccactgc ctgtctcaaa gcagcccagg    236640
     gctgcaagga gagctcagtg tgtgctgacc aagctgtcag caactggctc tgcagtggtc    236700
     ctgtctaact gtgtttgagc aggtgtcata gactcctgct cctctgcaga gatatctgtt    236760
     ctccagcctc ctcctcctct ctctaacttc ctgctcaccc tcttccttta cacctctagg    236820
     atgcctggaa ggggttcctc acccaactag ggattaaacc cagggcctcc tgcatgctag    236880
     acaagtgctc taccactgag ccacattctt agctgacatc tatctagctg tctgtctgtc    236940
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctacc tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    237000
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tgaatgagac aggctctcac atagccctag    237060
     ctggtctaca aggaagaatg gcaagcctgc ttagcaagaa agcaagtttc aacaagtcag    237120
     gctcaggcaa tcatcaaagc cagtgctagg tgccctgcca aggtcagaag aggtctccag    237180
     ccaatcgcca tggcttcctt tctccctgca cagcagcagg tccacaggtt gaagaacgtt    237240
     agaaatgagt ctcacagata ctccaatttt gattatagta tctctgacag caagttgctg    237300
     gggccataga tttcaggtca gtgagtataa atctcaagtg cagctgtgac agatgtggca    237360
     cctttgtgag aggtgtgagg tgacattcat ggcaagggaa gtttgcagaa gagggtgagt    237420
     caaatgagag gaacttcctt ctccatttca gttaagtgta tcccctgact gctgtccaca    237480
     gactccaggc cacttcaaac cttcaattgg catttaaaat tcaatgacct gggcaaggca    237540
     gcacaggcct atataagtcc aggctacttg ggagactgag gcaggaggat tcagagcttg    237600
     ctaagcatct tagtgagtcc ttgcctcaaa catggttttt ttttaaaaaa cattataatt    237660
     tttggcagtt taaaactctt aacttttata ttgcacgcat gattgttgcc tgggttcatg    237720
     taaatatgcc agcttcaatt tttaaggttt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttgtt    237780
     gtttgtttgt ttgttttggt tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtttagct ctggctatcc    237840
     tggaaatcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc    237900
     ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtgccac cactgccctg ctcattttta agtttttgtt    237960
     taaagtgaca aagagagaga gggacagaca gacagaaaga cagatagaaa gagaagagct    238020
     ggatagatgg tggactcgct aggagagctc taactgctcc tgcagaagac ctggtgttgt    238080
     tgcagcgccc acacagggca gctcacagcc tctgtagctc cagccccagg gcacctgaca    238140
     ccctcgtctg gcactcggtg tgtatgtgct atatatacat agacacgtgc agacacatgc    238200
     tcatccacac gttataaaaa gaaaggaaag aggctgagac agctgggcat gctggcccat    238260
     gccttcaatg ctgggatttg gtagaggtag gaaggtcagg agttcaagtc tattgtaatg    238320
     ctcagggcac tctagagtag cagaacttac agaatgcatc tctctctcta tgtatacata    238380
     taaaatgggg atttcttaga acaagttaga ggctatggtg caactaatcc aacaatggcc    238440
     atgcaagaga aaatccaaga atccagaagc tgctcagccc acgaggttgg ctgtctcagt    238500
     aggtcttttg tagatcttgg aatcccaaag aagtaggcgc taatgccagt ggaggaaggg    238560
     acttggcagg cgagggaaag caggccatga gcagaggctt cctttcccca tgtccttaca    238620
     taggctccta ccagaaggtg tgcaacagaa caacgtgagt ctcctgcctt aagatctgga    238680
     tcaaaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt ctttctacct caaaaatctg gaccagaagt    238740
     ggattcatcc acttcaaact gagcaaaaga gtcctttccc aggagtaccc tccatttatg    238800
     gattgtaatt caatctaaaa ggattcaagt tatccatcac agttaccctc aacttgcaag    238860
     tttgaaggtc actctaggtt acatgagact gtgtctcaaa acaaaggcag gtgacataac    238920
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtaggcg tagtgtctag actgcacaac    238980
     atactgggtt cacttctcag tctgagaaag aattttttat aataattatt gaaatttgaa    239040
     gttatgtata attgtgtctg atcaggtcca ttcaagtcag tgcaggggtc cttggaggga    239100
     ggaacatatt agatcacctg gacctggtgg ttataagcaa atgtgagttc ttttagatcc    239160
     tttgaggtgg atgctattaa catctaagac atcttcttag ccccccccca aaatttaaat    239220
     atggaagtaa agaaaataat agaatgatgc ttatgtgatt ttttggtgcc tgaaaaaaca    239280
     aaacaaccta agtggtcaca agagactagc aaagcagatc tttatttgaa ttatgcagca    239340
     gaaactgccg gccaggaaca atagcacagg ctcaggacct gacagggtct ttgaatgttc    239400
     atcttaataa ctatttacat aaagaacaaa catgtatcct agtcagtcca ttactcattg    239460
     ttcagggcta cataaaagac ccaggtgctg aactgggacc ccaagctagg atgctacaga    239520
     aattttaagc ctgcaatcca caacagctgt gccaagttgt ccttccatta aggagtcagg    239580
     gagaggggat tcctcaagaa catggctttg tggtactttt atcctgttcc catgggtgag    239640
     tttttcaaag gtgatggggc aggcatcttg tctaaaattc acgtctcaac attctaagca    239700
     tgatgtcagt ttgactacat acatgtctct ctctttagca ggatgccagt tacccagaga    239760
     agtcttgtga acttgaactt aatttgatgc ttattaaaaa tggaagtttt agggctggag    239820
     agatggctca gcgggcaaga gtactgactg ctccaaaggt catgagttca aatcccagca    239880
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctttaat aagatctgac gccctcttct ggtgcagtgt    239940
     acttagatat aaaaaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaggaa gttttattta aaatgttttt    240000
     agtttgcttc cttctcacag aatctcctgc ttgcaggctg gtgggtaact gtgagaaagt    240060
     gtgatgtgga ggcccgtctc catggctgtc tgcctctgcc cttgctgtgt ctagcattgc    240120
     ttgggacact ctcctccctg acacagctga tcctctctcc tccttgaaga caagatcaga    240180
     tgtccagtct tccgggaagc cttactgata gtcccttccc ttcccctcag ctctaagtag    240240
     gtgtctgcac acacactttc catgttctcc accattggtt ggctctttaa ttggccatgg    240300
     ggacagatag ccaagccagc tgttggacct gacagtatag gctttgaccc taaaacctct    240360
     gataacaata ggaaagagtt ggaagacagg tcagattccc acgctccaca gctgtttctc    240420
     tattactgct tggctccatt tagtattgga agtaaaatta aggggttttg ttgttgtttt    240480
     gtgtaatagt atattattct ttcttttttc ttattgtttt tttttttttt tagacagggt    240540
     ttctctgtgt agccctggat attctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact    240600
     cagaaatcca tctgtctctg cctctcaagt gctgagatta aagacatttg ccaccactgc    240660
     ccagctgtaa tagtatttta ttgtgtagcc ttggtttggc ctagaactta ctttgtagac    240720
     tgggttgtct ctgttttcca agtgcttgaa ttaaaggcat gagccatcat acccagccat    240780
     atatatatat atatatacat atatatatat atatacacac atacacacat atatggttta    240840
     tatatataaa catatatatg tatatagaca tatataaaga cacacacatg tgtgtgtgtg    240900
     tgtatagttc ctccatggaa actccagttt tattactgca gcttggcctc aatgcagatc    240960
     aatagccaaa aacttgacac acttgatttc caaattctca aagattctgg caacttctgt    241020
     ctccacataa atgaatgatc ccaaagatgc ttatctctaa ggttctgctt ctcactcttg    241080
     aaaatatttt atctttatgc tttctctgtg tgcgtctctc aaaaataatc ccttaaacta    241140
     tgctataaat tctgtctcag gattcccaag ttcagttgtg tatggttcaa aatctataaa    241200
     atttttaaca aaattggttt taaacgtata acaaaagatt tataaataaa taaataaata    241260
     aatctatgat tcaactcttc tttagcatgt atgtgtgtgg gggtgtgtgt gtgacttgga    241320
     ttcaactctc attcgttaaa aaaattacag ctctcctagg aaaacagatg ttttgaatag    241380
     caaacccata gctctcctcc atcccgtctg atgacctcac aaggatgtaa gcagggccat    241440
     ggctggcagc cgtctttcct gatgttagaa agtactcgcc atgtgaggtt tggcatgagc    241500
     ctggcactgc ctagtgtgta gccacatctc tgactctttt gctcagtttg aagtaatgag    241560
     tccacttctg ttccagattt ttgaggtaga aagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    241620
     cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaca gacagacaga cacaaacaca    241680
     cagacagaca gacagacaca cacacacaca cacttttgat ccagatctta aggcaggaga    241740
     ctcacgttgt tctgttgcac accttctggt aggagcctat gtaaggacat ggggaaagga    241800
     agcctctgct cattgcctgc tttctctcgc ctgccaagtc ccttcctcca ctggcatttg    241860
     cgcctacttc tttgggattc caagatctac agaagaccca ctgagacagc caacctcgtg    241920
     ggctgagcag cttctggatt cttggatttt ctcttgcatg gccattgttg aattagttgc    241980
     accatagcct ctaacttgtt ctaagaaatc cccattttat atgtatacat agagagagag    242040
     atgcattctg taagttctgc tactctagag tgccctgagc attacaatag acttgaactc    242100
     ctgaccttcc tacctctacc aaatcccagc attgcaggct tgggccagca tgcccagctg    242160
     tctcaggctg tttcctttct ttttataaca tgtggatgag catgtgtctg cacgtgtcta    242220
     tgtatatata gcacatacac accgagtgcc agacgagggt gtcaggtgcc ctggggctgg    242280
     agctacagag gctgtgagct gccccgtgtg ggcgctgcaa caacaccagg tcttctgcag    242340
     gagcagttag agctctccta gcgagtccac catctatcca gctcttctct ttctatctgt    242400
     ctttctgtct gtctgtccct ctctctcttt gtcactttaa acaaaaactt aaaaatgagc    242460
     agggcagtgg tggcacatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt    242520
     ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgatttccag gatagccaga gctaaacaga    242580
     gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa ccaaaacaaa caaacaaaca acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca    242640
     aaacaaaaaa aaacttaaaa attgaagctg gcatatttac atgaacccag gcaacaatca    242700
     tgcgtgcaat ataaaagtta agagttttaa actgccaaaa attataatgt ttttttaaaa    242760
     aaaccatgtt tgaggcaagg actcactaag atgcttagca agctctgaat cctcctgcct    242820
     cagtctccca agtagcctgg acttatatag gcctgtgctg ccttgcccag gtcattgaat    242880
     tttaaatgcc aattgaaggt ttgaagtggc ctggagtctg tggacagcag tcagggaata    242940
     cacttaactg agatggagaa ggaagttcct ctcatttgac tcaccctctt ctgcaaactt    243000
     cccttgccat gaatgtcacc tcacacctct cacaaaggtg ccacatctgt cacagctgca    243060
     cttgagattt atactcactg acctgaaatc tatggcccca gcaacttgct gtcagagata    243120
     ctataatcaa aattggagta tctgtgagac tcatttctaa cgttcttcaa cctgtggacc    243180
     tgctgctgtg cagggagaaa ggaagccatg gcgattggct ggagacctct tctgaccttg    243240
     gcagggcacc tagcactggc tttgatgatt gcctgagcct gacttgttga aacttgcttt    243300
     cttgctaagc aggcttgcca ttcttccttg tagaccagct agggctatgt gagagcctgt    243360
     ctcattcata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    243420
     tagacagata gacagacaga tagacagaca gacagacaga cagacaaaca actagataga    243480
     tgtcagctaa gaatgtggct cagtggtaga gcacttgtct agcatgcagg aggccctggg    243540
     tttaatccct agttgggtga ggaacccctt ccaggcatcc tagaggtgta aaggaagagg    243600
     gtgagcagga agttagagag aggaggagga ggctggagaa cagatgtctc tgcagaggag    243660
     caggagtcta tgacacctgc tcaaacacag ttagacagga ccactgcaga gccagttgct    243720
     gacagcttgg tcagcacaca ctgagctctc cttgcagccc tgggctgctt tgagacaggc    243780
     agtggctggt actgccctca ttctggggat cttggtccta ctggtttggc caagggtctc    243840
     tgtgctaact gtaactcagt atgtgggttt agatccaaag ggggtggggt taaaggaagt    243900
     tcttggggaa tcctatttgg tgaggaccac tcaggctcac atagatgcac atagtttatt    243960
     agacagagag ataaaggcat ttgggctttg ctccccccag cctggagtct cctggtatat    244020
     tacttcctcc agtgggagag cttggctgag aggaggcgct gccatgtgga gatgcaggac    244080
     tgagctctga gcatgctact cagctttcat ctttctggtc atcatcatcg tttccatcat    244140
     catcctcatc tccatcatct ttgttgtcag catctttgtt gtcagcatct ttgttgtcag    244200
     ccttatcttc cttgttatta taatggtcat tgccattagc attgatattt ccccatttga    244260
     agccaatccc tctgacgcag aggcccggtg catgcattcc attgacagtc actagatgct    244320
     tgtctgaacc tccagtgtca ctgaagtatc gaccccttct aacaccaaag gtggccacac    244380
     gccccttgtt tgtagtgaag gtcagggaag tcaggcagat cactgcactg ccctctacct    244440
     ttatcacgtg ctctccgtcc tccagaagga agtctataaa gttatctgac cgggttccat    244500
     agacatcagt ccagttactg ccaaactgca gctggaagct ggagagaaat caagtcagca    244560
     caaactcagg ggtgccagct ccttctcaca tctgcatcct attctggtcc tagttcacag    244620
     ttcaggctcc agaagtgtcc agctctcaca gggcagcctg cagtccttct tcttctagaa    244680
     acatccctcc tcataggacc tcagagagtc tggcatctgt accagggcag ctatgtgtgc    244740
     tactgcaccc accctgagct ggaatgtttt caggttctgc tcaactcata gcttcccctc    244800
     tagagccctc taccttatca gccccaaatg aggcaggagc cacactgcta agatcagtat    244860
     acctgagaca gaccttatga gcagagacca gagagaccgg ctcttctctc tgtgtagtca    244920
     gggaggaaca ggggagacta cgggagccct ggaatctgtt ctactgagca aagaagtgat    244980
     atgaccaccc caaatcttct ggattgttcc taatgccagc ttctttcctt tcttgcatat    245040
     taagttgctt atcaaatcag acagaggatg caggaaggat gtaagattag aatttcagat    245100
     aaccatgagt cattttcagt acactatacc gtgtgttacc tgtttttttt aattcatttt    245160
     tgacattgat ttattattaa ttttgtgcaa tgtatgtata tgtagttgtg catgtttacc    245220
     catgtaggac cacatgtgcc aagttcttag tagaggtgga aagttggtcg gttcaacccc    245280
     cagtaagata aaataataag cagtgtgtct atgttgtcaa tatgaactgt gtgtgtaaat    245340
     gatgcatgca tgtgtgtgtg tgcttgccct tgtatgtatg tgtcttcctt gttcactgtc    245400
     cacctggtta tgtgcacgtg gggtacgtgc ttgtgtttgt ttgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    245460
     gtgtgtatct gcatgtgcct gtctgcctgt ctgtgatgca tgtgtgagca tgtgtgagca    245520
     tgtagaagct agagctgggc actgagtatc ttcctctgtg gctacctgcc ttattgcctg    245580
     gagacaagct ttctcactga atgaaggctc agtgttacag ctagactggc tgtccaggac    245640
     tcctgggacc tccctgtcgc tgacccccgt gcttacctga caaccacctc catccttcca    245700
     ggctctttct ccttttgtat ggcttctggg aatctgaacc caggcctcat gtttgcagag    245760
     caggtgttcc ttcttactgt ccctgccgtt tccccaggcc acgcccctca tgtgtttaga    245820
     cagagtctcc attggagcct ggaattgcct tttgggtaag actctggcca gcgggcggtg    245880
     caagatgccc ctgtctctgc ttccacagtt tgagggtaca gtcctgtgct gctgctctct    245940
     gctctcacat gggctctggg aatctaaact tagggcttca ttttcacaca gaaaagactt    246000
     tatccactga gccttctccc cactcaccca acatcaaatt tttttaagga ttaagataac    246060
     ctcaagccag tcgcggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggagtc agaggtaagt    246120
     ggaattctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    246180
     cacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaacaaa aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat    246240
     aacctcaatt gcacaggagg tgcactaaaa gaattttcat tgttccgtgg aattc         246295