ID   CT010488; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 219139 BP.
AC   CT010488;
DT   25-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-133A3 on chromosome 9
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-219139
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Auger K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 28ab29c1447dd35f8ded2e988115b3fa.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456148.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031918; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031922; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037808; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034344; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034345; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034346; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034322; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034323; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034324; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034250; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034251; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034252; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034316; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034317; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034318; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034027; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034028; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034029; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034838; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034839; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034840; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033354; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033355; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033356; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034000; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034001; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034002; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034157; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034158; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034159; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034102; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034103; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034104; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034243; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034244; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034245; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034146; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034147; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034148; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034857; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034858; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034859; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033060; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033061; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033062; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033470; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033471; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033472; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CT010488.9:1-219139; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000034396; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000034398; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124883; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134674; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134746; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000142494; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144484; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147115; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148086; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000150893; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152532; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000155679; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156680; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156801; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213416; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091168; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091177; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091188; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091243; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091252; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091263; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091185; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091194; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091205; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091173; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091182; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091193; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090744; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090753; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090764; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091695; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091704; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091715; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091316; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091326; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091338; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090674; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090682; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090693; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090888; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090897; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090908; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090721; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090730; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090741; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090907; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090916; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090927; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090742; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090751; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090762; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092008; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092017; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092028; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090762; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090772; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090784; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089778; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089787; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089799; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RH89.
DR   GOA; F6T2Q0.
DR   GOA; Q6P572.
DR   InterPro; IPR000387; TYR_PHOSPHATASE_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004182; GRAM.
DR   InterPro; IPR010597; Centrosomal_protein_57kDa.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016130; Tyr_Pase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR024957; Cep57_MT-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR025913; Cep57_CLD.
DR   InterPro; IPR029021; Prot-tyrosine_phosphatase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR029661; FAM76B.
DR   InterPro; IPR030564; Myotubularin_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR032017; FAM76.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915551; Cep57.
DR   MGI; MGI:1920076; Fam76b.
DR   MGI; MGI:1924366; Mtmr2.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RG49; D6RG49_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RH89; D6RH89_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6T2Q0; F6T2Q0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q6P572; Q6P572_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-133A3 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..219139
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-133A3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 219139 BP; 67963 A; 46634 C; 44088 G; 60454 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagg atgcttgaca aagtgtttgg tcccatatgt tcctgatgcc tgtcttcctc        60
     ctgttccaat gacattggaa tgcaaggaca caggacctca ggaccccaag cgtctctttc       120
     tacttcctaa tcctgaggag atgtgagggt gagctcagat attcagagcc tctgaggttc       180
     tgttggattc atgttcttct taacagtttt gtttaaaaag atacttgttt cctgccaact       240
     tctgatggct gccctccact acctgcacat tctcttccca gaagcccaca ggccatgagc       300
     ctaagtttgc atcactggca agggtcctac ctccgttggc cctaagctca gtgtggctga       360
     tggagtgttc cttggagcct gcccatccaa acacagaggc atccaaagct gcaggtgatg       420
     acaccccagc ctgctgtgga aggaacatga catgcctgga gtcgttacac aataattcag       480
     gaagagaagg tgcatgaaga tggaaacaca ggatctcaca ggtgtgctct ggggttgttt       540
     tcctttgatg atgtatgagg gaggctttat agattctgca gtcacaagcc agctaaggta       600
     gccaaaagcc catccagaaa aacctgtgcc cctttgaact atataaggca tcaactgaga       660
     atacccagca aggccatagg cgagttcaag attccaagta actagaaagc ttccaagctg       720
     agagagagga gccaagccca aagtaaagag aataaatact tttatctttt tggcatctca       780
     taaatgcccc taaagtaagg tgtgtaaagg aagtctctag ggtgttttat aattactatg       840
     tagcatgaac agtttcctta acacattagt aaacattagt gcacagactt ctcttataca       900
     gcagcccctc ccacctcagg catccttgcc tttccactgt ctcaggcttc aacccctacg       960
     ctgcccttcc ctatcttgca tcctaacaaa gaggcatctc atttccctga tgtgttaata      1020
     gatgcaaggg tttatattag caaatttatg caccaagctt tataacttaa ctttgagtca      1080
     gttgagacac attttccaaa cttatagtag ctaacaaatg cttaaaattc cgtgtactca      1140
     tggcaagtcc atgaaggaca gaaacaagac aggaaaaggc agtctttagg gactcccaca      1200
     tcaagtgcta agaagcactg cttgtatggg gctgttcata accgctagtt catgccacaa      1260
     gcttgggttc ataatcagaa ggaccggtca tggcagcatt cacacacatc tctcatctgg      1320
     atcctcatct ttcagatatc gatccatgtg tgtattaaac agtatggaag catcggtgct      1380
     cattttgcag tttcagattg tgttgatttt tcacggtgag cacaatgttc cccttttcca      1440
     aaacggttgt caatatctta atttctggaa cattcaaatg tgtgatgtta caaaactaat      1500
     agtaaagaag gaaaaacaaa cagagagaga aagatagaaa gttggaaaga aagaaagaaa      1560
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaagagag      1620
     agaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa agaaagaaag      1680
     gaaggaagaa gggatggagg gagggaggga gggaaggagg gaaggaggga ggaaggagga      1740
     aagaaagaaa gaggaggaag gttgattaat gagctgaatt taagaacagc aaatttcttc      1800
     tggattctct aggtaaagct aaagtcgact caggagtccc tataggaaga caagaagcag      1860
     aagctggcca gtgagatgca gttagacttc aggtcaacat ggttacatct gatgttgaag      1920
     aggttcatga gggaacctgg acaactcctg agacaaagaa aaagaagcag aattgcctca      1980
     aaatctccag tgagaaaaca gccctgtcaa aatcttgctt ctaggtcctg gacctagaag      2040
     ttcagaagga ggatgtcttt gtgttagatc atgtcactaa cttagtagta attgtgttac      2100
     aaccggcaca ggaacttgga tacttggtta atgtactaag aaaagccaca gggcatccat      2160
     gtacatgaca atgcagggta aaagaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      2220
     acacacacac gcacgcacac acgcacacat acacacacac actgctcata ctggcaattt      2280
     ttagtctttt acctcactgt tcataatgca tctcctctca aattctgcca gtgcaggaga      2340
     agctgcagta tatgacggga ccaggagata ctggagtgcc cacacaggtg ttgtctacat      2400
     tgcctaggga taaaattcta attgtgcaat ggagaatgaa aagctcatta gttctctggc      2460
     aaagaagata tctttagaag aaagttctcc ttttgttgac aaagttaata atttgcagat      2520
     ttgtaaactg agggcatagg ataaaacagg tgcaaacagg tggttctaga gaaaaagcag      2580
     aggaagagtt tgaagttgct gagagagggc ccattgattg catccatctc agggatccct      2640
     gcaaagagag ctgctctgag tgtcaactga aggtgacctg aagagttaga agtaccccta      2700
     acattcaaca gttccagaac tgaaccaatc tacaagatct aactaaagta tcagcttgac      2760
     tgtatcctga agctattgtc agggtgagct gttgcctatg aagaaactgt atccattgtc      2820
     aaagcagctt cagaagaggg ttccacccca tgcctgccaa ccacagcctc tacatccctc      2880
     ccatagagaa aaactaagaa atgccagtta gctcatcttt taattatata catatttcat      2940
     ttaaatgatc acagagtaaa ataaatgaag cagtatactg cagccggatg taagaaaagc      3000
     agccaagtca cggctgtgct taaaatcatg gcttctcact tccaatagac aaatgagaat      3060
     tatgtgactt cactcctgaa tattcagagt acctggattt tttattctta tgatttcctg      3120
     tttctgaaat atggtcttgc taagtaaccc aagatggcct tgaacttctt atcctctgtc      3180
     tctgtctgag tactgggatt tcagtagatg ccaccacagc acacttgata atctgtccct      3240
     tatcacagag tgtgttactg accctcaaaa tgatgcccag caccttcatt aatgtgttca      3300
     ttctatggag gaagaaacta aagcccagga gaacatgaat ggctctctca ggttgcttac      3360
     tttcctcaca gatttgaact cagatctcag gtactttcag atctcagcac catgtggcct      3420
     ctctgcattc atagagcaca ggggtctttg ttttctagga tgctctttgt taatgacttc      3480
     tgttgtgctt caagtgaatt aggaaacaaa catgtcgatt gtctgcttgt gaaaggcagc      3540
     cctgtgtgct gagctaggta actcaaccct cagctgcttg tcttacccat cctcgaagag      3600
     cacaggtccc aacaggctta gtttctcagc ttttatcaac tttcttagcc cacagattag      3660
     agaatacaat tgtacaaaaa gcacgcagaa ggacacaaag acaggagaca aatatgcaag      3720
     aatgtgtatt aatgacacat gttctgcaaa actatttttc aagtatgtgt tggtattgtg      3780
     agctttacag atgtcaagac taatattatt tctgcattta aattatcaac tgtgactaaa      3840
     aggtatcagg gattaaagaa taaaagtatg cctcttaagc agtgtccact gatttacctt      3900
     cagcttcttg gctctttttg ctcccctcta acaaaggact aagaatactt gaaagagata      3960
     gaaggaaggc tctgagaaac agaggctggt ggcaacagca aagaaacagc aggtgggatg      4020
     agaccttgaa gtgcctgctg aagagaggag tcacagaaga gagaaaaaga ggggcttctg      4080
     ccatcagcac tcctaaagga aggggctgta gaatggaacg ggtttgagtc catgtgaaga      4140
     ccaaggacaa ggaataaaag aaaatgaaag ggttaaagtg aaaacacgtg acaagttcac      4200
     ttgagccctc cataccctaa cactgtggtt tcttttcact aaagttttat tattaattag      4260
     gacgtgggct tcgtgcaaag ctaagcatga acttggagac tgataagctg gaaggctacc      4320
     atggccccca agagataagt gtaataaacg ccccattaaa aagataacct tgggacacca      4380
     tttcactggc tccgtgggac actgacagtt ttgtacacaa cttaatttca cttcagcatc      4440
     cctgaatcac acaggactta ctgacaggaa cccagtttat ttttattatt ttaaatcgct      4500
     gataaaatat aacagctcat aagaaaacct gtgcagaaat taactggcag gaaagtcact      4560
     ataaaggaag gagaacttgg actgtggggt atacttcttc caaactccag gccagcaggc      4620
     agatggcaac aaagtgtctc atagttattt aaaaatctgc atttttcttc cattaactac      4680
     acagacttcc ttcttccagt acctccggta ccattcttct tgctttcttc attgatagtc      4740
     taaacaagcc tttgacatgt atgtatctgt atatacattt acctgtttaa aatgagtttg      4800
     ggatggcaag atggctcagc tgataaagat gcttgcatgc aagcaggatg acctgagttc      4860
     aatccctgga acccacataa aggtaaaaga aaaaacccaa ctccacaaat ctgccctctg      4920
     acttccacaa gcatgccact atatgagctc taaacacaca cacaaacaca cactaataaa      4980
     ggtttaatta aagtaaaaat gtatttgaca atactaataa gtatttaaca atgtcttaac      5040
     actatgttaa gtattctgtg aacggaacat tatttttatc ctcacctcta attcagtttg      5100
     aataaactga ggccccgaat agctatgtaa tattttagaa ttatctacga aaaatgtaga      5160
     gcattgtgaa ctgaccacat tgtgccatgt gttttctgct aaggtataaa agcagtgcct      5220
     ccctgagggt cttaggaaat catggaagct aaggtagctg ctaaccacag gcagaatgtg      5280
     gagcactgtt agagaactga tctgtaatgt tcttgtaaaa aggcaagagt atgacattcc      5340
     ccatttaatg gaggagactg gactccagag agagcaggtc ctcccagcct gggcagagat      5400
     cataagaccc gtcagcagcc ccagtgcagt ggctttctga ggctccgtct ccttccaagc      5460
     agatggccag cctcgtttgt tacacttctt agctccaagc tatgcttcca gctgccactg      5520
     tttccccttc gtcctagatc tatttggctt tgagattttt atcttcatgc ttttgtctct      5580
     gacataatga caaggcaatg tttaagttgg gctctggttc tcatttattt ttctggcact      5640
     tgtcccagag atcaactaaa aagaacaatg catacactca taagatgtca atggctcgag      5700
     tcatgtcagg accacctgac actagacttc acgattccct tcctaaccac cagccacctt      5760
     ccccaacagt acagcatatg gaccctgcct ctgtggctat gccacagctt gcccctcata      5820
     tgagttttac acacagactg ctagtggcaa ctagtggatg gctctaaaca ggagccgtgt      5880
     gaagaacaga atcgtcctga cactttgaca ctggcagtcc tgtgtttgag acacgtagaa      5940
     gatgacagtg tgggacccaa gacctgcacc ttctttgtca gttgttgtca catgagtgcc      6000
     accttttaga cttcaacatg agtctgacat tgtacaactt cagtaaccct aacatattta      6060
     ggagtgtttg tccccaagat cttcactgct ttctctgggg ttctggataa cgaacttctc      6120
     tgaatgtcaa tctcttcacc acagtgaatg cttttgagtc agaaccctct gatcttacat      6180
     tatatctagg tttgtccatg gttttgctgt caacttagag aagggagctg ttttttccat      6240
     gtttcagatg tacttatcag tgttaacaat tcattcagga gaagatgact aaggaagtca      6300
     agagtggagc agcaagcaga tgagcagagg ccaggcagca cctaattcaa gcactgcatt      6360
     aagagcttta tctcctcacc tcatgcactt gtcacagcag ctccagagag aagccattgt      6420
     tgtctcctgt taacaacatc actgacacct tgagactcaa agcaaactac ttttccaggt      6480
     cactcagcta atatatgaag aggccactgt ttaaacccat gtttgtctgg tgtcaaaatc      6540
     ttgtgcactc tccctcacac acctctgtac cttcccttct cactgcggtc ccttgaagta      6600
     aatgatgaag aatatgtcct tgatgtataa tcagctggat aaattgaaaa gaaatttaag      6660
     tcagtgcttt tatgggttct ctactatgag tgacaccaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      6720
     gtgtgtatgt gtatgtatat atgtatatat atatatatat atatgcacgt gtatatatac      6780
     atatacatat gtataaatgt acacatgtgt gtatatgtat acatttgtgt atatatgact      6840
     aatgttccta cccatgtata taaccatgtt cttacactta agaggtcaag ctttgcaata      6900
     agtaatccaa gaaattaagt ttcatgagaa gaaaggaatt ctcagaacct agcaaaaggg      6960
     attaaaacta gttctgagac tcaagagcgc gtgccaagga ggcaatattt gaactaacaa      7020
     ataaagggta ggaagttaac aaataaatgt gaaaggcttc acttcattca ttggaaacag      7080
     catgtttaaa gagtggaggt aaaaagacag aatgttatgg taactcacac aagtttatat      7140
     gctgattgat tgatgcatac agcaaagaat gcattgaact tgaatttgaa gaagctgaat      7200
     gggtatgggt gctcactttc acacacacag tgttttgtct ttgtttgata tgttttgctt      7260
     tattggactt gggcttaaat ccagaatttc atgaatactg agctccacat catggctcta      7320
     atttaagttt agactagctt tatgttgggt agatagtgca tgcctatagt tcaacactgg      7380
     gaggctgagg taggaatatc atttgaattc agaattttga gccacataga gagactaaaa      7440
     atatagtggc catggatcaa agtgaattct tcacagtaca ttcataatgt ctggaattca      7500
     actgaaggtc atcagacata cagaaacatg taaaagtatg gcccatggtg gggaaaaaag      7560
     tcagccagaa tcaagtcaaa atgacccaga gaaggacatt taaactatct aggttgatgg      7620
     atatttaact tgaggcaaag ctattacaaa gctccaatgt aagaagaacg atgttctgag      7680
     atggaaacca cattggacca gaatgcaaga agaaatgtta cagaagtaga gaatggtcaa      7740
     cttcagtgca gaccattaaa actcacatga aatgatcatc agatagaaga tacaatgtgg      7800
     acccaagagc tgtgggtgag cttatgatgg cccaacttag gtaattctca cacccaaaag      7860
     agatacatag tcaaggaata ataacaagaa acactcaaaa tataatgaaa atataactcc      7920
     aaattcaata taattctaaa ttcaagaaac ccaataaatg ctttgcccaa gaaatctgaa      7980
     gaaaataaaa tctaggcata ttattggcaa acagctgaag gatacacaca aaactttaaa      8040
     aaatgccaaa caagggacat cctgtgtgct gtgcacagaa gaaaacacaa gagtgacagc      8100
     agactcattg cctgaggcaa tggaagtgaa aaaatggtgg aaggtattca cagttccaaa      8160
     agaaacaaac caacgagctt taacttatcc agtaaaaaca tcattcaaat aaacacgttt      8220
     ccagacaccc aaaggctgag ctcatcatac cacccaagat ttgccttata aatttgttaa      8280
     agaaaaaatc cttcaggcaa gaggtgatgc tagatagaaa cctgatctat ataaagaaat      8340
     gaagactgac aggagcctga tatagctctc tcctgagagg ctttgccagt gcctggcaaa      8400
     tatagaagtg gatgctcaca gccatccatt ggacagagca cagggtcccc aatgaaggag      8460
     ttagaaaaag gacccaagga gctgaagggg tttgcagctc catagaagaa aaaacaatat      8520
     gaactaacca gtatccccag agctccctgg cactaaacta ccaactaaag aaaacacatg      8580
     gtgggactca tggctccagc tgcatatgta gcagaggatg gcctagttgg tcatcaatgg      8640
     gaggagagac ccttgttcct atgacagttc tatgccccag tgtaggagaa tgccagggcc      8700
     aggaagcagg aatggtaggt tggtgagcag ggggaagggg gatgggatag gggaattttg      8760
     caggagaaac taggaaaggg gatagcgttt aaaatgtaaa taaagaaaat atctaataaa      8820
     aattttgaat taaaaaaaag aaatgaagag tggtagaaat gggcttcata tggataatat      8880
     gtgctatttg tctacgtaaa tcttcttaag agataactaa acacaatggc aagttatttg      8940
     aacatttata atatatcatc actacaagtt tatgctcctt aaaatccaca ctagtattgg      9000
     atactccagt gattttgtta ttcagaagtg gagcctcagg gcctgaggat agtgccctag      9060
     tgatagctca gtgcacttgt aagacctgac aaaagagaac tccattctta cctagaccct      9120
     gtcctttgga gatacaagag acataagtga tttaatgact acaaacaatt ctcacaaagc      9180
     aataagttct agcaagtgct gaacacagtc aatttaagtt gtgacttttc agtagtaata      9240
     gccatagagt ctagatggaa ttgactaaaa attgtcttca gaatcagggc attcttaaac      9300
     aagggtggaa ggcccaagat caaagtacag gttgagagtg aaggtcatga ataaaatgaa      9360
     gaaaaccctg tgaggataca accagaatgt tctcatccac caggcatagg gccttccatc      9420
     accttgacct tgaacatgta cagcccccag aaccactgag aataaatgtt agtcaatgca      9480
     acgtaaagtc tacgaaggca gagatgaaaa actactgtca gaatgttctt aaacatcgtg      9540
     aagtaaatgc agtgacagtg actagtggta tgtggtccat taaaatagat atcctgtaaa      9600
     atctaaagca atcactaaat cctaaagcaa tcattaaacc ctaaaacaat tactgatgct      9660
     taaagcaatc attgaacccc aaggcaatca gcaaacccta aagcaatcat tgaacctcaa      9720
     ggcaatcact gaaccctaaa gcaattgcta atcagaaaac aaaacagaca actggaatca      9780
     ctagaatcaa ggttaattaa ttcaaaataa ggccaaaaaa aaaagttaaa gaaaaaagga      9840
     aaccagaaat gaagagcagt tgtaacaata gtaaaatgac tcaaaccata actacattaa      9900
     atgtaaatgt tcttcatact ccaagtaaaa gtgaaattca gataggagtt taaaaatcca      9960
     acctatctaa tatactttat gtgaacataa ttgtgtaaat tagttaaaag taaaagatgg     10020
     gcaaaggcca ttctaaaaat aaaatttaaa tgtaacagga gtggcttggt ttgaaaaagt     10080
     aaacttcaaa gcaaagaata ttcgtaaggg ataacgaggc atgcctcaaa agaatgacga     10140
     ataatgcatt caaatgccat aattccaagc tgataaaggt gtcttaagac aggtgatcca     10200
     ggaatgatag acaaatctag aattatcagt aaatatttta aatatttctt gtgataacta     10260
     atggaactta ggcagaaact tgcagggaga tttatactag aacaggaaca acactaaact     10320
     tagtctcgtg gatatttgtg gagcatcaac cttaaagcat gaaaatgtgc aatgctgtca     10380
     ttctccaaga ttaaggccca agtacacctt ttccttcccc tctcccttct cactcctgat     10440
     ttcctatgga aaagatgtac aagatctaac attttggtag agtggagaga gacaatgagc     10500
     aaaaggttga tgtaactgtc ctgttgaaat ggcataaaga cgttcaaagc tggaaatgtt     10560
     cattttagga ctttatattc catcactaag atttccatcc ccagaaaact gataactcta     10620
     tactcaaata tcatttggct cagaaatctg gttaccatgg tataccctct tagtgatata     10680
     tgtgggataa gatggaggta cacaaaagct aggctgagca gcacttccca gaatgggatt     10740
     ggagggatct gggcactgcg cggtgtttag ggtagggatg gcaagagaga tgggacctcg     10800
     gaaagaagag catagcgact tccttacaga tgagcagact ccagaagcag tgcgacagct     10860
     aacaggctac ctgctggcta agctctcagc agaaacctca gggaaagatg gatgccaggc     10920
     ttcattctct ctcacaccag attaggagtc tactaagtct tcttagaaag aaatgtgatt     10980
     tcttatctaa atattaaaat atgtcttatt tcagaaagct aaaattagct tcaagcccgt     11040
     tgcttttcac ctagagaaat aataacttag tatataccca gacattgggc atctggacag     11100
     caagataggc agagaaaagg gattattttt ttaaggagct gggaaaccta ctcctgagtc     11160
     taagagctgc ctcaacatgg ccaggcaagt catgtggcat tatttaagag tgagtttttt     11220
     ttacatggct ttagtctttc tcctctcata gaaaacaaat caccagtggc accatgaaaa     11280
     ccctggaacc ggtgaagact cctccttcag tgggaatcct ctctccccac atctgttttg     11340
     tcaaaacatg tttttatctt acaggtcacc ttggatatag tcattcactc tcagatgaca     11400
     catctcacac tctcttctca cagacagaaa tggtttcctc acattcaaat catctccatg     11460
     gcatctttcc ttccttgtca gtcatcctcc atgttcttgc ccagggaacc tccaaaccca     11520
     tactgtgctg gaagctgctt ctattattat ttcttgacat tttgatgctt ttcacatttt     11580
     agggtatagc tatcacctgt ctttgtcagg atagctcact tatttctctc acagctttcc     11640
     taaatccttt atgtcagaaa ggttacacca aatttccatt tttttaacat caatctgtac     11700
     tcaatttttt ccctcctctt ttcaggttga acccagattc atattcagct ttcaggggtg     11760
     gtagaatcac aaatgtacac cgacatgcct ggctagcaca ggtgtgcgaa accacatagg     11820
     ctgagaggaa gaagccatgg aagaagccag tttttctagc ctgagcttac atctagacca     11880
     agagcccaag tcaggaatta ctggatggca ctaacaggga aggagagaat catgaaagta     11940
     gacagtaact ggaccaagat cagcagagtg tacaccaatt atatcggatc aaataaaatc     12000
     attgagagaa acctccatgt ggttgcttgt tttaaactat agttggtagt gtttgcatgt     12060
     tctgttttct gataagcata tgagatcatt ttctcttgat ctcattctga tgcttgccct     12120
     actgtactgt gtgaatgaga aggaatgtct tcttctcccc actgacccct tggaatagtg     12180
     aaagcgtctt gtgggaaatc ctggtgtgga ttataagcta atggatcact agggatctta     12240
     agggcactgt gcctgtgggt attaggagat cctgtcactt tagattccac ttagaaaagc     12300
     tatgactggt ccttaacaac aacaacaaca aaaacacttg agacttcagt tttataattt     12360
     ctaacttcac agatgttatc tccagaaaaa tctatagtaa ttctaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     12420
     aaaaagatac tgactgcatt gtaggtaaaa ctgcttataa caattaaata agcatatact     12480
     actgtaacta gtttaaccaa gtctcttagc atttaatagc aattatttta tgtgcttatg     12540
     caagtacata tatttgtgag taggggatgg gtcatcctat ggtatcatct gttagatgtc     12600
     attcaccatg ctttctgaga caacttctct caatggtctg gaactcactc tgtaggttag     12660
     actgactaac catcaagccc tagaaacttc attgctttca ctcccagctc acaccaccat     12720
     gttcaacatt ttccacatgg tttctgggga tcaaactcag gtcttcatgg tcacaaggca     12780
     aacactctga tagatgagct atctccactg aacccagtag cattatttac ccaggacttc     12840
     tagaaatcag cctttatgct agtatataaa tagattaatt tacaatacaa ctgaagctat     12900
     gctgatgatg gtgtcttgaa gaatacattc tattttatca ggaatatgac ggtgtccacc     12960
     attaatgagc agggttgtcc tttccttgtg aaatcaacac ctgcaaagcc atctcagaaa     13020
     cactatggct tgctgctagt gtatagaagg tcacttgttg gctggcaatg aaccccatta     13080
     tttgatgggc cccataaagc agaattcttt cacagttata tggactgcaa ctcaaactca     13140
     atttgagtgt tagttcctta gcctgaaaat agattggtcg atacaggcca ttgaagccac     13200
     agtttcagtc tgaatccaga ctcttggatt ctttttatga ccttcagtta gaaattaagt     13260
     aagccatttg aaaatggaga acaatctaaa cagaggattc tcagtagagg aatctcaaat     13320
     ggctgagaaa caaagaaatg ttcagcatcc ttagccatca gggaaatacg aatcaaaact     13380
     accttgagat tccatcttac acctgtcagg atggctagaa ttagttacat aaatgacagc     13440
     tcatgctggt aaggatgtgg agcaaggaga cactgctcca atgctgatgg gaatgcaaac     13500
     ctgcacagcc actatggaat atggcggtct tcggaaagtt gggacttcat ctaccactct     13560
     tgggcgtata cccaatggat gctctatcac accacaagga tccttgctca accgtgttca     13620
     ttgaggcttt attcataaca tccaaactgg aaacaagcta gatgtccctc aacagaagaa     13680
     ctgatgaaga aaatgtggta catttacaca atggagtatt attcagctgt taaatgattc     13740
     catgaaattt gcaggcaaat ggatggatct agaaaatatc atcttgaatg aggacaaatt     13800
     gggattgggt agcccagatc catgaagata aatatggtat gtactcactt ataaaatgat     13860
     attagctgtt aagtaaatga taacacaact acaatctgta gacccagaga ggttaggtaa     13920
     aggggggggg ggccaggggt catggggatg cagtgacctc aatgggagtg gtaaatagat     13980
     gttattggtg gacttcaggc aggttgggat gggagtggag aaatctggtg atgcagagat     14040
     aggatggagg aagagagtgt atatagagat ggaaattggg ggagtggaag cctaatgcag     14100
     tggaaacttc ctgaagtcta tgaagatgga tcccaatgag gactcctagt aatggggaat     14160
     atggagtctt caacttacca tatcttgtaa caaggtaaga cttccagtgg taggacgtta     14220
     tattccattg agtatttgtt caaggaattt ccatggaaat cccaaaacag cccagactgt     14280
     tgctaagaca aaaaagactg acctccacaa agtgacagta ttgctcattg ctgaggacaa     14340
     cacacacaac tcagtgaaca tggagaagca gagctggtgc ctacattgaa ccttcaccct     14400
     acattctaat ctctctgctg cagaaaggta ctttgcaaac aacagaaaga caagtgtgga     14460
     catgaaccca gccacaagag tgctgaccta caatgtgtcc tccctataaa atatgctggg     14520
     gtagctaacc aatgtctgat ttttatctat gacccactcc atgagaagaa actcacattc     14580
     agcactgctt gggtaaccaa gaaccagaga ctaggcagcc cagaaaccag atgatgtttt     14640
     cagttaaggt aaaaacaaac acatctgttc ttaaaaaaaa aatcaatgaa atgattccta     14700
     atgatatcct gttatcctta tagatgactg ccttatcctg tcatcatcag agcggcagaa     14760
     gagacagatg cagggatgca cagccagaca ttatgcagag tctaaatgga aggtctccat     14820
     caaatccctc ccctctaatg tcgaaatcct gcagaagaga ggatggaaag attggaagaa     14880
     ccagcgggaa tagagattgc caggaaatca aggtcttctc aatcagaagg gcatctgagc     14940
     tcacagagat gaggcagcag cacaggacct aaatggctct gcaccaggtc ctctgtttat     15000
     atattacagc tattattgca gtaatttttt atggactcct gactgtgaga agttggtctc     15060
     tgagtcttgt gcctgctctt aggactcttt tcctcctgtt gggttgccat gttcaacttt     15120
     gatatgacag tttttgcttc atcttcttat attttatttt gtcaggtttg gttgttatct     15180
     cttagaagcc tgttctttgt taatgaggac agagggagtg gatccggagg ggagagagca     15240
     ggggaggagc tgggaggagt agtgggagag gaaattataa tagggatata ttgtatgaga     15300
     aaaaatgttt tcaataaaag aaaaattata aagaacttga aaatgggaca aaaaatagct     15360
     atctaatatt ttaatgtcat agtaggatat tttctagaat gcacatcaga gagccacaag     15420
     tctctcagga aatataattt taacaaacaa ctggaactcc ccaagatatt tgcatgcaac     15480
     ttggttgtca tattcagcac tcttattgcc acaaaggaaa tcctatttct caaaccttca     15540
     ttgagctagc tacattgttc cagaagtcct gtagtcacgt aaatgaagcg ttgacacaga     15600
     tttcttttat taaattgtaa taacatttta tagcaaggtt tgtccactta gggatttaca     15660
     cccttacaat gagcagcatt gctagtagca ggcacagggc ccatctacct cttggataca     15720
     ctgatgtcac ataaccactc aaatgaccac tttaccttgt gcctctgtga ctctgtctac     15780
     ttgtgttact gccgagtagc atgttgtgtg gcctctgccg cttggtggct gtgtctaatc     15840
     tccccattgc ccatccacat gcagtttcct ttccttcaaa ggctgaaaat atttcactat     15900
     atgatcacta cacttcaagt gtagtattac tcagctgtag cagagtgtct gagacattag     15960
     gagacattaa ttactttact ctttgaaaca aggtcctgct gatctcaggt tgacctcaat     16020
     cctgttgcat gtgaacttac aggtaggcac tactgtgtcc atcttatgag gtgctgagga     16080
     tagaaagcca ggtttgctgt gtgctatgca agcatttctc tacctgatac acattcccat     16140
     cccacactca tgttttgaat gcttgtgatg ctatttgaag gctgtggggc ctatgggagg     16200
     tttctggctg gctggctggc agtaatcatt agtttcgggg ctctgaaaat tataactgct     16260
     cctgattctg gcctagtatt cctgttttcc tcttctctgc cttgttagga gcagtcagca     16320
     ctgtgaacaa taccaggccc ctcccaccat gattggatga aatgtctcag gaattgtgag     16380
     ccacagtaac ttttccttcc ttaagctgtt ttctcacagt ggcagaagca gctgatctga     16440
     cccaggagct ggagggtagc tccttctgtg gtcttgactc ccacttcact ggtcatgagc     16500
     agtgctgagc taaaaggagt cacgtgagag agtaagagct ggaaaataca aacgctaatc     16560
     tgaatcgtca atgctgagtg ctcgacagca gacgaaccag aacagaagaa tcattgaact     16620
     tcaaagacca gtcatctgaa aggactcggg cagagagaca aaaataaaaa atgaaaatgt     16680
     caagaaggca cagggacctc tgagacatca tctaatggtg actggtgttt tagcagtttt     16740
     cccaaacaag aaaaagtaaa caggaataac taggaaaaga acgcctcctt ttctggatgc     16800
     aagatgccca acaaactcca aacatgaagg ccaaaagttt acaccaaaac acagtacctc     16860
     agctgttaaa aatcaaatgt caagaaaacg ctgtggaaga atccagagga aagcagattt     16920
     ccccttccaa ggcaatgtct atggaactgt gaggagattt ctcagaaaaa gaaaaacctt     16980
     tgcaatccag aggactatgc tgtcatggtc acattgctga aagacaagaa agctaccaag     17040
     cagtaatgct ggactgaatc cagctgtcct tcagaaagaa atgggaaatg ctgactttcc     17100
     aaacaaacaa aagtaactag aattgcctca ctgagagcac taaagtgagt cttcaagttg     17160
     aaataaaggt ctaccaaaga tcaaaattca atcatatgaa aatataaagt aaatatacat     17220
     ataactacag attagtataa ttctgaaaaa tattctaaca tcaagattaa aatataaaaa     17280
     tattcaaaac aatcataatt acaaagatat ttccatggca cacaatacaa aatatgtaaa     17340
     ctttgagatc aataaaagaa agcacagtga gaaaaaactt caagttcacc agtataagca     17400
     attattgaaa ttactatcaa cataaggaaa atgctacaat tgaaccacag tttagataag     17460
     cccgacaaaa cccacacacc aaaaaattct actgcaaaaa aatttgtatt tactaatttg     17520
     aaaattgtga cttgctgtct tgaaattggg ctacaatttg ctacttgtgt ttatagctta     17580
     gccctgaaac catgcaagtt acttatttcc tgtcaatcat gtttggccat ctacacacca     17640
     agatgcctga gggcagcgac tcatacacgc tcttaaagca agcttcatgg aagccatctc     17700
     aaaccttcag tgagacttta gtcagaggga atgaagattt gctcagagta atttcatctg     17760
     aagatgaaaa ttcaccgcag aaccctctgg ggcagccagc agtaccgatg ccacactgtc     17820
     tggtcttttg ggctccctca gcactgcttg agcatagttc ttaccagaac cccgtggctt     17880
     gcccgtgagg cttgagccta aaatggtcag tgagcctgct gtgcactgag tgtgcacatc     17940
     tgcactctat cagtcatgta tcgcacacat tgctgtggag cagagcacat tttctgaaat     18000
     ataagaatct tggcaccatg atgcagggag cagtgtctgt cttgctattg aattcacaac     18060
     ggtaagtatt ttatatataa ggcaatccac aaatatttgc tgaacaattt ccccatgaag     18120
     aggatttctt ttctttatca gctgtctgaa gagcagaggc tgagatgggc cctttcaggc     18180
     acccgtctcc aatgcctgat tgctctgctg gagggggagg ggaggcagaa ctaaacagga     18240
     aatgtgttta tttagatctc ctctttggtg gaagaacttt ttcttgaaga agtttatggt     18300
     atagtagcca ccataattaa aatatagtgt gtgaatatat atgaaaggta gtgttatgat     18360
     ttctgcttat tgccaaaatt tttttaaaag ttgggaaaat taaaactatt caggtcttgt     18420
     ctcatcgaaa tctacccttt cacggcaaca gagtcagtgc tcacctcctt ccactcctga     18480
     gcaaagtgac acagaggtct gattggctgg ctggggctca tgaagccagt cagtttccag     18540
     ttttaattct ggggctttat tggatggggt cctcttatat tcttagtaag gttcctttta     18600
     tttttgagta tgcagaacat ttactcaagt aagctcagaa tagttcagac ttatgaagga     18660
     aataagagag accggagaca acaggtgagg ctctaaggat gtggcctcaa gcttcccctg     18720
     ttatccccag cacagccaat cttcagcctc acgtcctctc agtaagaaac gattacaatg     18780
     atgaggacat tacagcaatt cctttgcttt tatttgtctt ctgaccgagc tgcctagttg     18840
     ggagggttgc tatggagaca gtggtgccat gggcaacaca gtgcactaca ttgaagtctc     18900
     agagaatcaa tgttggggct tgttggagag tttcctgggc aagtttattg tactgaacga     18960
     gagaatggga atctgacctg agtgagtaaa agcagtccaa aacattgtgt ctgtggaggg     19020
     ccaattaggt tgctcactgg acactttgga gaggaaactg cccatactgt tcagacacac     19080
     caagtgagag aatgaagggt gctagtctga cgggctgctt cagagatcgt aatacttctt     19140
     tcaggaggct agcagagtct ttattggatt ttgcaggcat attgaaaatc cactgtgata     19200
     gcaaatgaaa taagaacctc ctagactaaa taaaccagaa tgaatgggct ttagctaagg     19260
     tcttgaagca cttgggacac ctgcactatg gtgctcatca ttgtccgacc ctggctttcc     19320
     aaacccaagg cttctttata caccagtttt cacccatggt attctgatgg ctcaccacag     19380
     gctctctttt tctctcctca ttccagcagt catatagtca tatagatcat agccttccac     19440
     agaaaaagta ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgtgtgtgt     19500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttaca tggaaaggaa actagagagg     19560
     aaacaaacaa aggaaactag agattgtaca tctgggtata acagagcaga gacactgggc     19620
     gattcactct gggaacaggt atgaacaatg caagttcatc gtgattgtct acatcaggga     19680
     cttgggctcc cagctatcac aaggttctct aaaagtcaca gggactatga tagtttagtt     19740
     tagtttagtt tagtttagtt tagtttagtt tagttttgtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct     19800
     gggtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcttcg aactcagaag     19860
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctgag attaaaggtg tatgccacca atgcctggcg     19920
     atattttagt gtaagatttt caatcataaa ttccatgtgg caagaatttt caagcggatg     19980
     gaattacatc acaaccacca cattgaaaca aagaccagag tgaatgaaca cctgtttacc     20040
     tcctgtcttt gttttaggtg aagtgtatga aatataaaca tcatctcatt aaaggaaggt     20100
     ttaatggcat ttagtacatc tacaatgctg tgtatcctta tctggctcca aattatccat     20160
     atcatttaca aactaaagtc tgatgtcagc catagtggag cacacgttta aggtcagtaa     20220
     ctgggataca aaagcaggca gatctgttcg gtgtccatgc catgcttgca acatacctgg     20280
     gatgttccag tttgctgcat gttctactgg agttaaagga tgttttctaa tgatgactgt     20340
     gaagcctatg gccattgata tttgttggca gtgacctgta gctaaaatca tggcccaggc     20400
     aataggaata tgatgtacaa gagagatact cttacccact caacctgctt tctgcctgtc     20460
     tgtcggtctt gtttgtctgt ctgctatctg ttgaggtagg ctcttatata acccagacta     20520
     gcctcaaact gactatgtag ctgagtatga tcttgagttc atgatcctct gcttctactc     20580
     cccaagtgtt ggagctacag gtatggacca ccaagctggg ctttcagaga ccaaactcag     20640
     gagtcagaga taaaaatgtt agtgactagc gtttgaactg gggcaagtca gtcaagtcct     20700
     ctaagcttca tttttcccct gtaaatggga aatggtgaca ggtagcatat aacacttttg     20760
     taaaaatacg gcggcacact gtattgaaaa tccctatgag acactaggtg ccggtgccaa     20820
     tagatggtaa ttttactttc gtttcctttt gttatcagcc caagcacaga ggacacctga     20880
     actttgaaga agtgcgtgga ctcattggac ctggtctgtg acagccacac ccctcagaag     20940
     ggaaacaagg cgtttttcac cctttagaag ctgcaggtca tcacagaagc cctttctgaa     21000
     ccagacccac cttcctgtgc ccaggctggc tttttacaga gtcccattgg acttctaaac     21060
     tgcctaactt catttaagta gaaaaaaaca tttgcttctt gctaggctca tgaaaacttt     21120
     ccaataacaa ggttggctga cttctaatag ctttgaacat tcagtatttg actgtaggtt     21180
     ccatactatt atgtctctgt aagattctaa tctctcctta atcagactgc acactgctca     21240
     gaaggaaaag gacatggtat attttttaaa aaatacattt taaaattcca ccaagagcca     21300
     atttggcaag agataaatta atagaaacta agagaattca tcaaccagca gccaaacatt     21360
     actgatgcct ctaataaagg caagcttggc ccaggctgct caggttggga tggtgtgact     21420
     gtcaactagc agatcccgga aacagcatca acaacttaac gtctgacaaa accctgatag     21480
     cctgcgtggg tcccctcccc aggacactgt cactctgtgc agagctgaga ctgctccaga     21540
     atttgagctg gaagctcagg ggacagaagt cctgccagag catgttctag tggccctgtt     21600
     cacaccctct gttcagcaca aagggacagc actgacagcc tgtctgtcct ttctctctta     21660
     tccttgcctt acagattcag tcctttagtt agttattatg gtggcttgca tgagaatggc     21720
     cctcatagac tcatatattt gaattcattt gtcaaggagt agcattagga agtgttgcct     21780
     tgttgaagca agtgtgtcat gggagggggg cgggggtgtc aaaagcccaa gcctgttcca     21840
     gtgccccttc ctctcctgct acctgaagat tcagttgtaa aactcccagc tccttctcta     21900
     gcaccatgtc tgccttcatg ctaccatgct tccagccatg ctgataatgg acctacactc     21960
     taaaactgta agcaagatcc agctactttc ctttgtaaga gatgccttgg ttatggtacc     22020
     tcttcacagc aatagagaac taagacagtt attttgacaa ttttatacgt gtgcaatgta     22080
     ttgtgatcat atttgttccc attatccttt cttactaccc ttccactcct tcttcttaac     22140
     aactctactt tcatatgtgt gcgtatgagt ccattcatgt gagtgtgtga gtgtgctcgc     22200
     gcgcgcacat gcacatgtgt ctatgtatag atgaagatag tctcacttct gtgtgttcat     22260
     gatttagtgg ccatgttgta ttcagaagac agcatttcac agtactattc cacacccact     22320
     ggctcacatg atctttctgg cccctttaat gcaacattct ctggaccttg agggggcaat     22380
     gcagatgacc tctatcacta gttacttgtt ctcagaactg tcacccattc agggtctctg     22440
     tgataagtgt tgcccactgt aaagacaaac ttctttcctc aggagttcag ctagagtcta     22500
     aatgtagaaa cgcaaatata tagaaagcaa tttggcttta aagctattta gcataacatc     22560
     agcagtaagc ttcttgcacc tagggtttgt gacctccctg tcattagctt tgaccagatt     22620
     atagcataag gtatgtgttg attctcacgg atcagtcttc caacccaatc agaaagtaac     22680
     tggtcaccct aaaacagcca cgccagtgct gcaccagagg acacatcttg ccagctagtc     22740
     agtattgtag tacatgggag acacagatgg gtaagactgc ggatgccttt tctcctccag     22800
     cagcctgagt agcactctct ggcactttga atgctaccca gcagggaaga agcctccagc     22860
     tcagttccag cttgacttgt ctatgtggtg gcttcattga tgaagccata ccatctgttt     22920
     ctgatgagtt accaaaatca gctcctccct cagcactggt gtggtaggtt ggctccttgg     22980
     atgcttttca tatgtgcctg tgtgccttta ctgccagcta tttgagaaca agagccatat     23040
     cctttggatc tttgcgctgt gcatgtcttc acggggggat cacattttaa ctactcaaac     23100
     ttgctatagt taaggttatt gttcaaactg aggtggcatg gaaatgctta ccagagcata     23160
     gaagggactc ttccttctaa agatttggac tattctaacc agatataatt tcttcatttc     23220
     aataaataca tcatatagca gtatgttcta aacacaagag ctcagggacc atgaagcaaa     23280
     tgactacatt cctgaccaag aagaaagcac agtgtcgtgt ggacacaggc tgacagtgcc     23340
     atggagcttg gagagaaaag tagagaatga gcaccatccg ggacactcca ttttcctgag     23400
     gctctgagca tggtcgctag aatgttctcg gagacagctg ggttggcaca tctgtcagtg     23460
     tcagcgaaaa atagaaagag acgccagagg tccccatagt gtccccagca ttcagcatgc     23520
     aacaggtcct caaataaata gtcatcggat tagtgatgag ttcctgttat ttaaaacagc     23580
     actcccggtt aatgtgaaat taaaactaaa ctgtaattga acataatttc tccacataag     23640
     tcaacccccc ttcctagaac cctgatggat ctctcagtaa agcaaacccc accactcctt     23700
     tctcacagaa cggaatggcg ctttctctgt tcctctactc ccgccagtct ggcacttctt     23760
     caagaagtgt tgactgagtg cagtgctctg tacacgctgg gtcagcaccc caccaattca     23820
     gccacactcc agacctcttt gtagtttcta agaaacaatc tgctccatac accccacagg     23880
     tttacacccg caccacctcg aatgccttcc acggaacaca cagagtgtgg tactggcttt     23940
     tgttttccaa atggggcaat aaaaccacag tgtgctgcat catcaacttc atcctaaatt     24000
     cctagaaact gtcactcggc ctctctaaca gcaaaaacag aagacaaaga cacactgaga     24060
     gccacataaa ttcagatatg ggtaagaaat agctcttttg cagatgaata attcaaatta     24120
     taatttacat attcatctct gtgggctctg tggttttgat taagccctgg gagccgagag     24180
     ccaggcaagc aagaggtaat gagcatacag tgctctaggg atactgctct agggatacgt     24240
     agcagcctag gcctgcttgg accaggattc tgcctcactt tatacctgag catcagcctt     24300
     ctccaaccaa agccctgggg gttctgactt ttggactaaa ccctgtctat tgttaataag     24360
     caaataagag atatttccca gtacaactgc atcaaaaatt tggtaaagat acaatgaatc     24420
     tttgactcag ggtctgctca atgaacatcc aaaacacacc atctctattt ggaataaact     24480
     tctctagagt cctcacctcc acacccacct ggctcctgag gccaggccac cagggtcacg     24540
     gccctgctcc tatatacagg gaacaatatt ctatcttcac cctacagctt ctagcagcac     24600
     agagctttct tctgctcact cttgcactct aatctctctt ctaagtctgt cacactcacc     24660
     agaggggaca gtcctggggc cgttccctta gtggctagaa gtctctgttc cagttagaat     24720
     aaaggctgtg ctgcaatcat caagagataa aacgtggatc cagataagac cgtcccattt     24780
     ctaatatggg acagtccaga agagtgctgt tccaccaagc agaacacctc actggctgtg     24840
     ggaggctaca ccatcagaac gggggaacag aaaaggaaag cagtgtggat aatgactgcc     24900
     agtcactctc ctcaccagag ctgtgtcctt gattctgtca agagccctcc tcctacctac     24960
     cacagcccaa caatggcaag cccacgacag ctctccagtg gagaggctgt gttggtcacc     25020
     cacagcctgt catccatgga gccttcaagc tcagagatgc ctgcagggcc catctgcctt     25080
     gaagagctca gactaataac ttgcatgaga caggaatcct cagaacctcc tcaaaaataa     25140
     tgagaaggga tatataataa aacaagtggc agggaactaa tttgtttgat ttaatggtca     25200
     ttcatttgta attgtcatta cctgcaaata aataataggt gaactcagtg ctctgagctc     25260
     aacactggga acatttaggt gggtatggtg tttgctattg gttctgtcct ctcaccctct     25320
     ctctccctcc aggacatcac tggttatcct gggtcttagg ctaacaggcg aggttgaacc     25380
     ataatgaaga aaggtgagat ctttgcggcc ttggcttcct acatgtggag ttggcatggc     25440
     tggctgggtt cctgatgcag gaggatgcct gttgaggtgc cactccatct ctatttctct     25500
     ccctccccaa gcaggggtcc tcttttctcc tgcagactgg ggtagcaagg gctctgctct     25560
     cacaagctcc aggcaccata tcagcccttt ccatcctcag tgtcctcctc accactataa     25620
     ctgtccctgg tgttaagccc agctgggagt gctttgagca ggtgccatgt tttctggtct     25680
     gaaagaattt attctcagaa aagtacctgt ccagcaggag ggaaagacag cgaacaagta     25740
     catcactata gattgtgata agatccagga gtgagccatc atggtcagtg agagagacta     25800
     acaaccaagc ttagatcaga tgggaaaggg catttaactc tggtcccagg agtcaggcag     25860
     gagaggttcc aggatgtgtg tacaggggcg agaggcaaac atgagtgtgg ggagagcgag     25920
     gaaagacttt cattgtcagg aacacaaaat tcaggaattt ctcctctaag ttgtgtagag     25980
     aaactgtgga gccatgtgca gaggaatgaa atcagacctt tttctggcac cagatgcaca     26040
     actcaactcg agatggataa aggctgaaga gaaaagcctg acactacaaa atgatccaga     26100
     gaaaattcca gaaccttgtt ttaggcaaat ataaaaagca gcagcaacaa aacacaagag     26160
     agtcacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag atgaggtttc acagactgaa     26220
     atgcttctca cagtcaatgg tgaagagatg agcagatcac agtgggctgg gaagtcaaaa     26280
     taaatagact atgtcttgca actgaatagc aggaagacaa agatttttaa tgtacattag     26340
     acatttcaaa aagctagaca gaaaaatttt aaagtctttc ccatatagag aaaaatcctt     26400
     ctttcagctt gtgcccaatc caatcccctt cccatgccac tcctcctcaa tagatttcta     26460
     gcatcagttg tccattcaac tgccaccagc tccattctct gaagccctcc cccttctgaa     26520
     atcatcagag atctcagcct tcgagactgc tacgtaacag tcatgccatt cttggagtgt     26580
     catcaagaac tcctagaatt tagtattttt aaagaacaac aacaacaaca aaaatggtgg     26640
     cttaggttga gaacttcaaa gaattgacct cctctcttta gagagggctc cttgcttgga     26700
     ccccagtccc atcaccccac tctgttagat ggatggaact aaccaggact gtgactctac     26760
     atcaagatcc taactttact gtcttcaaag cccccttaat gtggaagata aggtggtcag     26820
     aggctcacag agtcaggacg tggtcattga cagggtccac taatccatct agttgtcatc     26880
     caagggctgg acactgtcat cctgaacccc agatgccttt atcacaaacc ccagccctct     26940
     tctctgaaat ttacatatgg aacacttgtg tgttctccat tcagttatca caaaccccag     27000
     ccctcttctc tgaaatttac atacgcaaca cttttgtgtg ttctccattc agtttatgtg     27060
     gctatcctgt taagaggaga acatcatcac caagaaatca ctagacaaaa accaacaggt     27120
     ctaggttcta agcccgggtt tctctattcc aaatgaggaa aacaacactc agaaagttag     27180
     actatcatgt ctcaggaagg ctagaattta cagcattctc tttccacttt aatacacggg     27240
     gcgtcaactt agactgtttt attctacccg gaaggcaggt caagatcctg accgagtcgc     27300
     ttatttcaat caaaagtgtt agtcaggtgc atcggatatg cctcactgct gactactgat     27360
     ggctttaatc gggagccatg aggaagccat gctgcgtttt cactgagtaa ttttccttcc     27420
     acttcgtttg attcccaact gtttatttcc catggaaagg ataatccata aacctttgga     27480
     ccttgcaggg ccaaatgcca gccacacttc cctgtattgt gttgccttgt gattcctgat     27540
     gttgacataa gtctcaactc agatgaagcc acattgtatc ctctctggaa atttcctatg     27600
     atgctcagct gcctggaact ggctccatca ggctacaaag agtaactcta gctgaggtca     27660
     tagtcacagt ttccacagtg tctcttctca tgggacatgc ttatactcac agcaaatctt     27720
     tggagattga ttcttccaga cagccactca tgctggaaat aaatggacaa aatttaaatc     27780
     gtatatttca gacaatttca ttttccgtca atacctttct ctgtctttga aagacacaaa     27840
     ataaactact tgtaaggata ctgacaatca cagtgctaca ccacacacac acacacacac     27900
     acacacacat acacacacag gcacatgcat gcacatgcac acaggccacc gaccacagga     27960
     ctgggcaagt gaccagggct tgaccatgac atatcaatgt gataggctaa tgatctcaac     28020
     tgaaccaatc agaatctctc atgagattta cagggactaa ggctgggaag ggtcagtggc     28080
     ctccgagatg gaaagattgc caaagagcca agggcctgga acagtgtgag cttccctgct     28140
     cacactgcat gctgaggaga gatcctcaga caaagaggag caaactggag agcaacagag     28200
     agaatcttgg catcctgctg acccatagac agcagccacg ctctcagttt ctttaatagt     28260
     ttgagccagt ggattctttt ccctatgaca gttttggttg ggtttctagt gccacattgg     28320
     aagaatttgc cgccactgac atcatctttc ttcctccttc atgttgccat ttatcaccct     28380
     atgatgcttc aggtaaattt tacttcttta cattttattt caaactctaa attattttaa     28440
     gattccccaa aatctgtaat ggttataact gcatctttct taaagcatta atggccaaaa     28500
     ggcatattgt ctctaatgac tgcactgggc cttcctggaa aacacagcct ctaactcaac     28560
     tctgttgaac acgcatgttg aatattaagc accattacaa taactgacat acaggaaaac     28620
     cttgtctgcc cttgtaggag cctgctggag ctgttaggaa tctggaacaa atccagattc     28680
     aaaattggct gaaaatcttt aaacaaaata gaataaaatc acatcagcag tagagaagct     28740
     gtttttgaga aatcaaacac caagagaagg agccaccaac actgagctcc aaacttcacc     28800
     catgtccgta aaaacagaag aaacacccgc actgagtcgg gaggtgactc agagggcaca     28860
     gtgcttgaca catatttgcc caacaagcca aatctggccc ttagaagcca cataaagata     28920
     gaagagaccc cagtccacaa agttgtcctt tgattgctac atatacacag gatgataata     28980
     atatataaaa atttaaattc tcattgcatg gcaggcagtc ccttacacat ctgaaaaaca     29040
     cagaggcaag aaatggaaaa gtctagaaag atttaaaaaa aaatagaagg aaatggaaag     29100
     ttgacaatgt ggttgtctgt ggaggcagtg ggttgagaat gtcagcagca aaagggctca     29160
     gcagagaccc cagccatgtg ttcgatgcac cgtggggaga gagtgaaaaa caacaatagt     29220
     gaagggaccc aaggaagaga ggtcaacact cacctgcatt cacaaggacc tgccacctgc     29280
     tatgcggtca tggggattct atctctgttc actgcattga aagtgaagtt aattatacaa     29340
     aggaacctta gtagtacttg gggatcaaat ccacagcttt gagcacacca gagaactccc     29400
     agaactttcc cctgtcctca cccctaggtt agcttggaac tcactctcta gccaagagag     29460
     tccttaaact tgcaatcctc ctgcctcagc ctttccaata gtccaataga ctctcttatt     29520
     ctcattgcta ctactatttt taaatgtaga tgtggtttca aaggctagag aatttgagag     29580
     tacaatgttc atattgaaat gtcagaagaa tattgaaaaa tgcaagtcga tccaaacaac     29640
     cctgtttctc tgctctctgt catattcctg cagagagcgg acagtgacta cggaagcctg     29700
     catggacact gagggtgtcc tccaaaactg gaataacctg aatgcccttc tctgtgatgt     29760
     tacgtatgtc agacaattat tttcctgttt ctccccaaat gctcaatgga aaacaaaaaa     29820
     acaaaaacaa aaaaccaacg tgtgaataat tgaagtgaaa aatcaggttc attactatat     29880
     ctcataaagg gttaattttg gtgtttcaaa ccaaggtata tatattttta aaaatgcact     29940
     tggggaggac aagaggaagt tatatcccat aagaagaatt aaaggtggga gtgggaggga     30000
     ggacagaaga ggagaatgga gtaaataaga cctcgatgca ttatgcatgt ataaaatgac     30060
     acggtgagcc ccctgttatg tataattaat atatgctaac cagaaacatc agagttacaa     30120
     gtgagggaag actacttggg agatgtaaga gcagaatagt gagaccatgt gttttctccc     30180
     tctgtacaca gtaaagcgtg attgctcttt aaaacaggac tattcccaag ttctaaagac     30240
     agtcccagga tgaaaacatt cctaacatga aaaggaatac aatttcaagg tcagactgct     30300
     gtttcaccct ttcttccaga agcctctcca gttagagcca gcagttccag gctccttcct     30360
     actcttggta ggaaatggag catctctcat agttccctgg ggagcactga agaaagctgt     30420
     cgtctgttga agcagcttta tctgaacagg atggcccttt ctcctgccct ggacatctca     30480
     gagctgggca ggatggcagc cctgggagcc agaggcagag ttgcaagtgt acttcttaaa     30540
     acccttctca atggagcgct tcatgagaga aattcagaaa acctgcttgt caggttcctt     30600
     cactgaagag aggctctgtg gagggccaga gacaacactg gaggaagaac ctctgatatg     30660
     tgaccattca ttgcagtggg gtatttcaat gtcttggaag tcacaaagta caccaagtta     30720
     caccaaagta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tattattatg ttcattgaga     30780
     caagctgttg tgcagcccac tctggccttg aacttgctat gtattgagga tgactttgga     30840
     tttctaatcc tcttgcctct acctttcaaa tgctgagact ggaatggaag cggggcctca     30900
     tgcgtgctag gcagaccctc tacccactgg gttccatcct gagtcctgac agaactcctg     30960
     tgcatgatga agaacaggtt gatgtcgggg tgttgtcagg aaagcagtgt caacgcttct     31020
     gacacccacc tgacctcatg tgacacaccc atcacatgtg acccatcaca tgtgacccat     31080
     cacagctacg ctacgacatc acagaaataa tctgctcatg atgctgacag caagcttagg     31140
     agaggatgtg tatttggcgt ccataaagag tgtgttccac tagtggcact tgtagtctcc     31200
     atcatcatgg aggttcctgt tggcataata gcattttgtc tgtctgttct atgtcctctg     31260
     tggcagggac tcctggactg ttcagtaggc tcacagtaca gcagcacagc atagtcaatg     31320
     cagctgcaga cttggacacg accaaggtct attctacact caagcttatg agattttggg     31380
     gggtgcttct tttaactagg aaaaaatact ttttcattaa aaataataca gcaataaaaa     31440
     tttaaccatt gcatgtcagg aagacagcca tctacaaata atgatcagca ttcatttgtt     31500
     gggtgccctg gactatgtgg cttagaccag tggttttcat ccttcctaat gctgcgaccc     31560
     tttttattgt gctgacccca atcatagaat tattttcatt gccacttcct aactgtaact     31620
     ttgctactgt tgtgaattat aatgtaagta tctgtgtctt ctggtggtct taggtgaccc     31680
     ccgtgaaagg cactgtgacc taccaattga gaaccactgg ctcagaggct catcgctggc     31740
     cgctctctct gcactgcgag gctctccgag gtctgagagc tgctctctct gcactgtgag     31800
     gctctccgag gcctgagagc tagagagctg gctgtgtcca tactgcgagg ctttccgagg     31860
     cctgagagct ggagagctgg ctgtgtctgc aggcctgaga gagggagagc tggctgtgtc     31920
     tgcactgcga ggctttccga ggcctgagag ctggagagct ggctgtgtct gcaggcctga     31980
     gagagggaga gctggctgtg tctgcactgc gaggctttcc gaggcctgag agagggagag     32040
     ctggctgtgt ttctgttgag gctttgtatc cgccttttta aacttcaggg tgttctgcga     32100
     aaccccttgt ttccagtgac tcatcttgaa atcactgatt tcatcttccc aattcttcac     32160
     aaagccagaa aggaagatca tcagtccgac attgtttgcc cctccgaaca cacctgccct     32220
     gcaacctgaa gactccagag cttgctgtaa tgggccaact aaacacgttg tgtttcctcc     32280
     ttcgcaggag cagaaatctg tctggaagac atggctccca cctgctgcat ccacctgcac     32340
     gttcccaaaa atgtctggga aggatttgcc taagttagtt gcacatagtt ctggaacatc     32400
     tacttttgtg tcagacggtg actgccttct gggcatgcgg ctggcagaca gatgggctcc     32460
     cttcgcctcc aagctctagg aggcgtaagg agatgaacac acggatgccg gacaggctta     32520
     gtccagatca ggaaggaccg agtgacaggt gtgaatgatg gctgtggcgg gtgtcagagg     32580
     gcaacccttc taaaggaatg tctgaccaga ttgccacaga gacaagatct gaaagattct     32640
     ggtagaaaga acagccttgg tgagagaagc ccgtagcaag ggaagggaga actgggtgag     32700
     gccagaggtc tcatcaggac ctagacccat ggtagagatt ttgaatctta ttccgagtgc     32760
     actgagaagg cattgaagga gcccgagtct aaattttgga ccattggtgt agaccagctg     32820
     ttatgaggca gaaagaccag ttactaatgt cttgggggtg tggcctctgt ttccatacct     32880
     gcacatatac aagcagcact aagggataat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     32940
     atgtatgtat gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tttttttttt tttttaagga     33000
     aagaaaaaga atgtttggag gaaaatgggt ttcagagccg acagggagct ggaaggaaag     33060
     aatgaatgta cataatcaag acacattgta tacatatata aagttttcaa ggaataaata     33120
     aaagtattgt ttaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa cgatcatgct tgggctgaaa agtccagaga     33180
     agatgggaga aggtgaatgt ctttccgggg agaaccacac aggccaaagc aaatgagcag     33240
     cacttcccct aaatgtttag tcatgactgg taaccatttc ctgaaccttg gcagtgtatc     33300
     agaggcagag ctctagggag agactggggg ctgatgcggt gctgaagaca tccatttgag     33360
     ttacatttta gtcatctaca tagaaatgtc aagcaggcag caggatatgc aacagaagag     33420
     ctggtggagg aggccattcc tggaactata tggaaggtgc tttaatgctc ctgagagagg     33480
     gggccttgca gagtgctggc tgagcattca cacctaacca tgtgcaatcc cctgcaagtt     33540
     gtatgtgtag ctgtcatctg gtttccctat cacccgggcc tttcgggcct ttcctttgtt     33600
     gtccagatct tcttaaaata accacccaag ccaaaagggc actgtcacaa acctaccctt     33660
     gtcagacaat aacctgcttt ctatgacaat acagagagtc tgagagtatt catagggaga     33720
     aggcttctgc ccagacactt agcccccagg ccatccctca ggccccactg tccctccagc     33780
     cctcctgtgc tctgcatttt ctttgtattg gtccctggtc acctctgcgc ccactttgga     33840
     gccttgattt tacttcctaa ccagtcaacg ttttgactcc taaaggtttt cttattccca     33900
     ggtacatttg ttttttcaca acaaggttgg aagatcaaag gttctccagt tcctacaaat     33960
     gattctcgat tgggggaatt tcatgtagaa ccttccagtc tcagcacacg gattgatttt     34020
     tttttttccc atggctacat tgtccatagt ttctcaccat ttccacctca aatccctttg     34080
     tggggaaact aggaagcatt ctgtaaggtg gataaaattg aggctcctat gtaaagggaa     34140
     gtaagctgct catggtgagc caactccatg ttcatgcttg agagaggcaa agagatgact     34200
     aaactcttag aaacagaatg aggtttctag gggatgaggg gagaggcaaa cagagagaca     34260
     tttagtaggt agagagtttc agttttgtaa gataaaaatc attctagaga tagactttag     34320
     aacaatgtga atttaaccta ccgaaccatg cccttaacac tactaagcta tgaacttaag     34380
     aacctctcgg aagataaact gcatgttatg ctaaaaccac agttaaaact taaaactagc     34440
     gaaacctaaa agaacaagcc ccagagatca gtacaaaaag atgcaaacca ttgtagctta     34500
     gaaaaccatt tctccaaaat gaagaataca aaacaattga tcgatgtacc aatatcctaa     34560
     gcccaataaa caagcaaata tagttctgcc aattacacag agctttgttg gccattctcc     34620
     ctccgggatt ctccccagag aaaattaaac ccaagtcatc atcttggttt tgcccatctc     34680
     aagcagaaag tccaattaaa tcaagtacta atattttaga tcactgaaga cgagctcctt     34740
     cccttccctc aagcccctcc ttgccatgac ccagcaggac atctcttctg tgaacagcca     34800
     tgctagccaa tagccaatgt tctcgccagc ttccccagga ctctgtgtgc tccagagttc     34860
     aaacatggga gttccaagtc ttgtgtggct ctaatgctcc tgactccttt attcttgctg     34920
     gattcatttt cattttgctg agaacctgca acgattgttc tcctctctct ctctcttgac     34980
     ctccagtctc tttggtaggc tctactgtgg ccagttccca tccatacatc ttctttttac     35040
     cctaggtttc cctatctgtt tctttcctca gagaactctg ttctaattta caactttcag     35100
     ccttccttat caatgctttg ttggcaaaca tggatttctt tgactgtacc ttgcaactgt     35160
     atatacaagg gtggtgactt tctgtatagg gttccagcct ggacctcata ctccgtacag     35220
     ttgaatcatt cctttattcc tgagttggga ccttttcttg cagttgctac tatgctctat     35280
     cattttccag actcacccaa agtagaagaa aagaagtgta tcctcacatc cctcttcgcc     35340
     atccctgccc cagagtcttc ctgatcctag ccagtcccgc ctctcagttc tctgtgaaca     35400
     tcctcacacc ttcctctatt ggctgcactg tctcactgcg ctctccccat ttcccactgc     35460
     actgcgtcca ctccttcctg atttcctatt ccctaagcat gcaccttgtc ccagttctat     35520
     gttccccact ttttctcatc ccagtggaca ggaactggac atggtatggc ctgcctggga     35580
     gactggaggt taggagggaa ccagagacca atgcttgcag agtccaaagg aggaactgaa     35640
     aacagcaagg gtaaaatagt caggagtgct ctttccaaaa tgccagccag acacaatcac     35700
     tttgctaagt gaaatttctt taactgcttt gttttttatc ataagaaagt tcacacttct     35760
     cacatggtaa gacacttagg taccttatgt ttaatagcag ctgcgtgctg caaactcagt     35820
     aatacttaga gagagacatc tttcgcatca tgtgtttctt ttggacaagt tgttcctttg     35880
     gtccttgact cattaggtgc ctctttgagt ctgaggtgac actttgtctt ctcacagcct     35940
     ggtgtaaacc cacggtggca ttcagggtgc tcctgtacac ggttatcctt ggacctggta     36000
     caaatcaaca gccacaaact tttcagtgct tcactgattt ttcccctgcc tgttcaccct     36060
     gtaccctcag tactaaacca gcaccaccat aacaattatt taaatcttaa agtaatgagt     36120
     ttaactacag cctgttcctg tatacagatc attacacttt gctctttaaa gaatgaatga     36180
     ttttattttt atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     36240
     atgtgtgtgt aggtagtagg gagagtgtgt atgtgcatat gaatgcagtg cttaaagagg     36300
     ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc ctcctggagc tggagttaca ggtggctggc ctaatgtggg     36360
     tgctgagaac ataactttag tcctctgcaa aatcagtaat gtacttgaaa ctttggggaa     36420
     tctccccagc ctctgcacat gcctttcgcc ccatccccca tggctctgtc cccctttgcc     36480
     aattgccatc ctttcctcaa atggccgctg cttctgcttt catgtctcct gtactctatc     36540
     cctgtctgtc cacttacgtg tcaccaatca ttgttgctgt aaaatgatta tacttgaagg     36600
     tgtgctgact gtaggagccg agcgtatttg gaaagtctgt tgccagtcta ttagtaagaa     36660
     taacaggaat atctactctt cactctactc tgggggccat ggcactttgc ctttgtgggt     36720
     ttattcttaa ttatgatatc ctacatttac agaggtatca atactataca tgcagatttt     36780
     agatgagtaa ttcgaagccc agggaaatca actattgccc caaatctaca gatataaagt     36840
     caagattcaa cactagttct ccctgtctcc gtttcattcg gctctcgacc acatgcagtg     36900
     agctgtctag ataaccaaga tttcagtgat tgcattaatc attttgccgc ccaaaagatg     36960
     taacttagaa aattcagtta gtgtgtctgt ctatagtgaa catataaaac ctaagacata     37020
     attcaaaaat caatgatttt cctttctttt ctccacaaca aaaactgatg tgtctatgtg     37080
     gtcaagacag tgagccacac ccccctgaga tgctctaata ggtgtgttgc tatgtgcagg     37140
     cataacactg gtatgtgttg ctatgtgcag gcataacact gtggagcatg gtccagatga     37200
     tttttttttt caatttagaa attgcttttg tttctctttt tattttattt tattttattt     37260
     ttattttttt agatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt tatccccttt cctaatttcc     37320
     cctccgaaaa tcccctatcc ccttccccct ccccctgctc tccaacccac ccactcccat     37380
     tcctggtcct ggcattcccc tatactgggg cacagagcct tcacaggacc tagggcctct     37440
     cctcccattg atgactgact aggccatcct ctgctacata tatagctaga gacacaagtt     37500
     ccaccatgtg ttttctttga ctggtggtat agttccaagg agctctgagg gtattggtta     37560
     gttcatattc atgttcctcc tatggggctt cagacttctt cagctccgtg ggtatttctc     37620
     tggctccttc attggggacc ttgatatttt gagaacagct ttttaagata cttttttaaa     37680
     aagtttgttt ggcagtctct agatggccca tcctttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt     37740
     gttttgttcc caattctaag aaggggcaaa gtgaccacac tttggtcttc gttcttcttg     37800
     agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ctgtatctta tatcttgggt attctaagtt tctgggttaa     37860
     tatccactta tcagtgagta catatcatgt gagttctttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc     37920
     agaatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg cctaggaatt tcataacttc attcttttta     37980
     atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg tacctagtcg gccatcactg ggaagagagg     38040
     cccattggtc ttgcaaactt tatatgtctc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaagaagtg     38100
     ggagtggatg ggtaaggggg tgaggggaga aggtatgggg acctttcggg atagcatttg     38160
     aaatttgaaa tgtatataaa gaaaatatct aatcaaaaaa gacataagaa aagtttgttt     38220
     ggttgtttgg ttgtcttaca ccagaatgta ataaaagtct gattttacat atatggtgca     38280
     acaaatgtac tgaatgcttc cctgaggggt gaggctgagg aagagcactc aggacctgag     38340
     actcaggact cactcaggac tggcatgcga tttccacttt tgtggcctcg ttttgatctc     38400
     tctcatttat cttacagaca gattttattc aggaaaaagt aagcattggt ttctgcaaag     38460
     caacactttg ctttttcttt aaagccatgc aaagcatgga aacagattgt ctatggcttt     38520
     gttcattagt ggattgttcc aggatttttt ttttctgatg aatttgcttg tgaacttctc     38580
     tgtgcatatc ccactccttg aggaaaacct tccttcattt gatcaacagg gttgctcaag     38640
     acttcatgcc tgagatgtac aacagacatg tccagcttga ttctaatgca ataggtagaa     38700
     tctagacacg cataccctgc taggatcatt tagaagcact gccagatgga ccccagccac     38760
     ctgctaatga gaccatgttc ctgccccagc tctgcttcct tctgatcggg tgacctctag     38820
     acaaagccct tgacctcttg gcatttcctc atttctaaga tgaggataat cacaggagcc     38880
     caggaacgct cggatgctgc atgagacgct cccagaccag cgctggtatg tcctgtgagt     38940
     tcaacagctg acagttccac gctgccatta tgctgccatg tgagcatcga gttttaagat     39000
     tcctggaatt atctatacag gttagcacta gccctctaca gctccacgag aataagaatt     39060
     ctgtgcgtgc gcgcgtgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat     39120
     acacacacac tgcttagcag ctgaatacaa cacagaacgt gtctattttt gaccgctata     39180
     aagactagcc agcaggcctg caaattcatg cctcagcaat cactgtcaag cccgttgctt     39240
     aggaacacag aggtttccaa aatggtcttg tccatctctc ctctgcgcat gcaccgatcc     39300
     ctaccaggaa gtgtctgtcg tgttatatca ggagcccaca atgagcagga cataccccca     39360
     taggtgatcc agtctagaag ggacaacagc aggggagatg gtgattatga tgcagcacag     39420
     gtgttagact actgctagat aacatctttg taatgcatta gtgaccttct cttgtcttct     39480
     actgaggaac tgtttgctct gggaagattt tgctgtaact caaaagcaaa gctttgcttt     39540
     tgcaagtgaa gattttgaag cccatggtaa attacagcca tgaatgtgtt tgctcacctt     39600
     ggaactgaag acagctttat cagaagctct agatacaaga aagtctagat gtttatgatc     39660
     tgtggggggt tgatatttat ctaaggatta agaagaaagt gaaaagaact tgtgacttga     39720
     ggcagcacag tcagacaaga agatctagag ataaagatga aggaagagac tgatcatggg     39780
     cctctgagta tgttctcagc acaggggtca ggcgcttgtg tggaggcagg cagatttcac     39840
     cataatcaat aatgaaataa aaatccacaa gcagctcttc tatcctctct tgcctgagct     39900
     gtccagttag cctttcaaca gcagagcagc acagtgtgga gaagtacctg cagagatgag     39960
     tgtgctgttg tgcacccaat gacctcttgg cacttatatg atatggaggg gatcttgaca     40020
     ctcctaggta tttcagaaaa tgcagatcac gaatgctgta tgatgaattt attccaccta     40080
     aatattagcc agacctcaga tggaggagtc tctgggagtc tgaggcaaca gaaagagaca     40140
     gcatggggtg cagcctgctg aacctgggca tgctctctga gagatgtcac catgcattat     40200
     actgtgggaa ggcacccttg ttccaaaagc cagatagatg ttcaattaca tgtaaacaga     40260
     gaccacttgg caagcagtag cagatgatgc aagcacagaa gatgtagcca gagcacgcaa     40320
     gcacacagag gacaacatgc aagccgttta cctcctcggc atggccagga cactcctgtg     40380
     tactcaagcg tttccgaagg cagatcctat cactcttgag atgagagggt atttagaatg     40440
     actagtgatt tatctaaagg acagttacat tgatgatacg tgtgtactgt tttctagaat     40500
     tggcagaaag tccaaagtgg gacaaaatta atgtttaaaa aatattgaaa agagcatgcg     40560
     tagtctttgt gcagagtggc taaccatagg tcctcaagtc aaggctgaga aattaaactg     40620
     tgcagtggta agagcacatc aaacatagag tattcccagc tgcggggtca aggacttccc     40680
     acagaattaa tattcatgaa ttttgaggag caaacaggaa tcatccagtc acaaggaagt     40740
     tagggtatat ttcagaaagt tttttaaaag ccacctgagt caaaggctat gggtaaaaga     40800
     aggtacagac tgctccggaa aagccatgag cacctccttc ccaccctata tgaacataaa     40860
     aggacctggc agtgcacacc tgagatccca gagctcgggc gatggagtca ggaggatccc     40920
     tggggcccac ggactagtca gtcagtttag cataatcagc ctaggttcag aagacaccct     40980
     gtcttaaaac tgtggtcgag ggtgattgag gagataccca caatgacctc tggcctccac     41040
     acctgcatgc acataagcat gcacccatgt ctgcatgtgc acatatgtga atacatgcat     41100
     gcacacacac caaaagaaaa aaaaatagag tttcagagtg gccattttga gcaggtcgac     41160
     tgcaatacgc taccttagct ctaagtggtt gggggcggga gacagccctt ccctgttctc     41220
     tacagcctct gcattctggc agtgcaagct actcgtgaag gcaccccaaa ggcatcctag     41280
     ctcggaggcc cctcctaaat ttcacacaaa aaacttcgtg taaatgaaca gagagctttt     41340
     gaatatggtc agctccacaa ggccatggga gttaaagact ttggacttga agaacagaag     41400
     ggagctagct actgaaggtc cctgagcagg ggttggcata gcaagagcag tcagtcctgc     41460
     agcagctgtg gaagggctgg agtggagtca agagactcca gaagttacca cggttgtcca     41520
     ggcatgaagc aaaaggggag attcgatggt atccatggca acggaaaaag gaagatatga     41580
     aaattattct gaaggcagaa acaacaggac ttgattagtg attggatatg ggtgtgtgga     41640
     ggaggcagga gcgaggaatg actcaggggt tttgtgcttt ggaagcttgt gggaataaat     41700
     ctgaaatagg aacactaatc agaagcgctg ctgtgatggg ggaaatggag agtacggctt     41760
     aaggcatgct ggatttcaca caatgatgga atacataagt agaaatgttc tctgcacatc     41820
     acaaaggatg cggttccctc ctctgcttct ctggcgttaa atgcataaga gaagcccttt     41880
     tggaaggagg ggacctgcag aataaatttc ctgcttctct tacttgtaat aagctgttgc     41940
     agaaggcctt cactgtcatc attggctttg tcttcaagca aacgcaaagg actattcagc     42000
     atctgtttat gcttgccagc tgaacaggca caattcacag taacagatcc tgaacctgag     42060
     agggctccag gctgagacag ctgacattta caaggccagt cctcagagaa gacagtaggg     42120
     cagtagttac tgaaccatat ctgtgtgagg ttaatggtca tgttcatacg ccatacggag     42180
     aaaccacgaa gagggaagga tgctgtccaa atcagagcag cggggaccag aggatactgg     42240
     gagtttgaga taaaaagaaa attacctaga attctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg     42300
     attagtgcta acttgagtca tcctttcctt gggaaagaag agtagactgg gatgtgactt     42360
     acaatctaca gttattaatt aatctgtgat ccaaccttat catattcaca gattctggaa     42420
     catccacagg atcatgcggc tgaccttcag gaatgctgga tctcacatct aaatccctga     42480
     gaaaagtcca cagtgttcta taatgaaatt tagctgctaa ttaaacatag cagagtacaa     42540
     accccccata aaaggacttg tggggcagtg tcttcagcaa acttcctttc ccatgtagga     42600
     caaagtccta ccgcatgaaa gattcaaagc aggtgtcccc accatccctg tgtgagcagt     42660
     acatgcctaa acacaaatac ttttattttc cccagtcgct gggttcctgg gtttcatgaa     42720
     ggactcgttc agctctgtca actgaatgga acgtcactgt acatcgggac agactgatca     42780
     agttcagggc atatcattca ctttcatcct tctgtctact gtgctgttag caagagttgg     42840
     tcaagccctg tgtggatgct gaggaaatta aaaagctcca tgaagaatag gctcgaagac     42900
     actacctcct gtgtctaccg ggatgagtga gggtcccctt ctcctgtgct ggtgcccgta     42960
     gagtttccaa cctcacctaa gaacaagcgg gattaagttt ctctgtaaaa tgtagacaga     43020
     atcttcacat tcaaccttta cataacatgt tttgtttcac tacattcgag ggactttcct     43080
     aaagcaagga tctttatctt tgcagctacc tctgtgtgtg caagcttggt ttcttttctc     43140
     tctggcagct tcctccagag ccttagcctt accagcatcc tgtgactcac actttcattt     43200
     cttgtaagtc gacacagaga gctgtccctg acgcgcttgg agtgatggat taaaaatatt     43260
     caagagaaaa aataacaaac gcagttacac ttaaaccatg tgggatgcct cctatctctc     43320
     cccctttcgt ttctttctcg ttggctttct actgtcaacc tgcttgtcac caacagtggg     43380
     tgtcaacctg tcagttaact gtctatcaca atacatcacc tttattagag gagttgcaga     43440
     gcaagcctgt ggtccctcat tgatttgcct gttgcacccc acatgctgcc tctccctgca     43500
     cctagtgatt ttctccttcc catagctggg gcagccaggc tcactgcctt ccctcgctct     43560
     caggccagtt atttcccttt cccggattac tctgttaact tcacaattgc aaagagcatg     43620
     gcattcgttc ctcaagggtc ctactgcatg aaaataaaga tgccatgcct aattccaagc     43680
     ctggggtgaa agcagaaatg ggaggtggtg agatatagta tgtggcagtt cagatggagg     43740
     agcctcaata ggcatagata ccacagacat ctatgagctc tctgttgagg acagttttcc     43800
     aaaagatgca ctaatcctaa ccctaacctc aatcctaacc ctaacccttg ttagtacaaa     43860
     cactgacctt tgttgagctg tctttccaaa gaaagggtac cctgaacctg taaaggaaag     43920
     aagtgctcac tacccatcac aatgggttaa ggttcataat gctcaagacc ccctcctgtt     43980
     aaataatcta ctccacgtgc agatgttgcc catacctctt cacagtctac actgctgcta     44040
     ttccagctta gtaaactctc tctctctctt tctctctctc tctcctctct ctctctctct     44100
     cccctctcca tcctctcctc cctctcccca ctcttccccc tttcctctcc ctctccctct     44160
     ctccctctcc ccctccccct ccctctccct cctctctctc tctccctccc tccctccctc     44220
     cctccccctc tctctccttc ttctcctccc ctccctccct ctctctcccc ctctctcttt     44280
     cctcatatta ttattctgat attccaccta tttcgagtac tctgagtaat aacatccttt     44340
     gttttacccc aaagagtttt gtatgttctg tgaaaagcat ctaagaaact acccagctaa     44400
     tatattcact tatatgtggg ggggggggga agctcaatcc ctcacagttt ttgagatttt     44460
     ttttagctgt caataagaac attaggcaga tgaaaactta gaggctaaac tttctagtct     44520
     atcacatctt gaaatggtta actcccctct cctcttgctc cactcccgcc tctctctagt     44580
     ctatgtacat tcctggcctc cataatgatg ggctgtaata gcccatttac tcagtagagt     44640
     ggatttctga aacccatttc cagattacag cctgtgtgcc agggctgcgt ttattttcat     44700
     tactagagaa aggggtgcag ccttgtaacg ctgacttttc aatagctcca tcagaaagtg     44760
     ctcggagcac cttctcagtg ctcaccaaat gctgcagaat cctccagaga catacccctt     44820
     ccttcacacc agtgaacaaa accttcacca cacaatgaac cccactgttc ccctccccag     44880
     tcagacagca gccactgggc gctttgtaga agttacttct tcccattccg gcttgtctcc     44940
     taacagaaag caatctcaga ctcaagacag tgtactctcc taattcctaa aacctctggc     45000
     ctgaagagga cccaaagttt gaaggaatca aatcgatcaa gccagcagca ttttaatatg     45060
     attgattcac agtgatagtc taataaaata gctatctgtc acttcaagtt aattcaatac     45120
     ataataataa gtatgtattg gatgacaaaa aagctgggag tcttggtgag tctttaagag     45180
     atggtgaagg agccctttca acacacagat acacatcaca tatatacata taccacacat     45240
     atacatacca cacacagcac acacacacac acagagagag agagaaagac agagagagac     45300
     agagacacaa agactgagag agacagagag agatagagac aaagagacag agacagaaag     45360
     agtatcacag aactttaagc tgtggctttt ccaaataata gtgctttgat gacaagtgca     45420
     tcttagagct cagcaaactc tcaccctact tctgtggtta gcccttccaa ggccatgtga     45480
     tccaggttca ttttgagctc taagccctga gcctacacag ttctgacaac ttctatttta     45540
     agcctagtct tcagagggag aggggaaagg gagaacttga ggaagctgat gcagcttggt     45600
     tactgggtgg ggaacagaag aagaaaactc actgacccat ccaccagtgt atccagaagc     45660
     cagctagcac agcagtgaaa gatcaatgat ggaaggaaag cgcaatgtgc ctcccaggca     45720
     tgtgtgtttg aatccttggt ccccagcagg tggcgctgtc ttggaaggtt gtggaaccgt     45780
     taggaggtgg agccagctgg aggagtgctt cactgggctt gctcctgagg cttcctagcc     45840
     aggctccgct tactgctctg cttctgcttc ctgactgcag gtgcaatgcg agcacccagc     45900
     tcataatccc tttcaccaca ccatcctggc tatgatggac ggtgtccctt tgaacacaaa     45960
     gcaaagcaat ctacccctta aagtagattc ctgttagtaa ttttcaagga gaagtataac     46020
     cagcacagtt accagggact aaaccaattt tctgggactt attctgcctt tcttgcttat     46080
     tgctttgagc aaaactgcct gcttcctttg tgttggtagc cctttaggaa catagtaaca     46140
     gctattcata tgagagatta tgttacatgc tggctgtgac accctcaccc catccccagg     46200
     gtaagacagg accttatctc tagatttaca taattatgtg aaaaatattc tccatgaaca     46260
     caaaaaaaga tagagaagca gccccaagtt gacagcagac tcacagtggg aagaccttca     46320
     aatgctcggt tagaagctgt gtatgctgcc ttcactgaga cagcagcact gttgtactcc     46380
     agtagcttac attctgctgg tctgagcagg tgaatgctag caacaggcat tcaagagtgt     46440
     taggacacag ggttttcctg tctggacata ccagtggtca caagcctgca gaagggtcct     46500
     aagaggttgc attgggatat acaacttcag agaaggcacg tgtgactcag tctcacagct     46560
     tctcctttgc tagcccccat gactggtgct tttggctcta ggcctctact ccacccccac     46620
     gaggccactg cttcagacaa gctagaaagg aattatgata agccatgtgt atctcataaa     46680
     tccaaaactg ggtggagtga ttggacatcc taaaatgtaa ttaggaactt cagggtttta     46740
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgatcata gcagtaccag atgaactggg atagtcagca     46800
     ctcatgaagc agggttgtgt tggtgaggag gtggagggac actttaatca aatagagtgg     46860
     agcagaatgc tgtccctcct gagaagagca gcataattca cacggtatga ggagagaaat     46920
     aaggtgtggt ggtttgaatg agaatgtaag gtcttctatt tgaatgctta gttcctagct     46980
     gttggactgt ttaggaagga ctgggaggca tggccttgtt gtagggaggc tttgaagttt     47040
     caaacccctc tctttctgcc aagtgcttat gagccaaatg taagctctca gctactgcac     47100
     cagtgctatg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg ccaccatgct     47160
     tcccaccgtg atgatcatag ggacctctga aaccatgagc aagctttcac gtcaatgctt     47220
     tcttatatac actgccttgg tcatggtgtc tctccacagc aaccatacct aagacaaggg     47280
     ggaatctgct ggctgtaaat gacatgttat cacagggcca catttttgcc agggtctcca     47340
     tagtaggcaa ggcgaggggg ggtcagggtt gtgaatagag aaatatcctc ctttctagag     47400
     catagcatag gaatggggtg aagccttcaa gtccacattg atcaatttcc caaccagagc     47460
     taagccctga gccaagcgct ggccctctac tgggccagga agcaggtgtg gagcgtgttg     47520
     ccatagtgac actaagcaaa cctgccccac ttacgttgag cattccaaag gttcctcaaa     47580
     tagaaataga cttttttttc acacttccta agaagatctg ttgttgttga ctatttgttt     47640
     atatatcacc ataaagttta gtgatcacac gacatgaagt gctgtggaag gatgaggagg     47700
     ctcccacacc agcacaacgt tttctctgaa agattaccac cgacctgaca tccaggcaga     47760
     atatcaatcc atctattaat tccagcagtt aaaatgagtt ttagtaacat ctttaggcag     47820
     ttcatttccc agcttccccc agctctgcag acctcaacac gtcatgaaga tgctaaatag     47880
     ctcagagaag taaaattagg acgggaatca agatctagcc attcctgtag atgggctgaa     47940
     aagcttctcc cttcaagctt ccagaacaaa ggtgcactct gacctgtcca atcccaccgg     48000
     gcattgctgg ctagagagcg ccacctactg ctcaccctcc gctactctca gtacaagagt     48060
     ccctttgtca gctccaagca tcctgaccgc cctacgccaa ctctaatatt tgtaattatt     48120
     gtgcgtctca gactgtgaga tcaaagaaga ggaagaaaag cagcctccaa acgtgagaag     48180
     ggagtaagac agaaggcttt aaatgtctct ttgctccaga cacctgctcc tgaggatgct     48240
     tggggactga attcaagggc agatgcagct ggcaagtttc attacccctg accgcataga     48300
     gaagcgataa agggcaatcg gaagaaaaaa agagaaagct tgggtgacag agcaaaagga     48360
     aagagactct ggacacagca gctaagaaag agataaactg agctctactt taccgtcacc     48420
     cctccctcct aattaacaag ttttagccac ctagatggga gtccacattt gagtctgtcc     48480
     gatattgtca gtgtacctct cctggggttt ttaggtttag cccgggacac tgtggttcgc     48540
     tgcagggccc acatctgcgg gctgttgcat gtggctgttt ctactgtgtt tctgtgtgtt     48600
     gctgttgggt ttgcttgcac tggctagggt tcctttcaga aaggtctggc acactttcct     48660
     gctctccaga cttgagccac atctttcaga gtcaacaaac atatcaggac ttagacaaga     48720
     ataagatcct tctcacctga aaacgaacga acagacaaat acacctagac agtgacatct     48780
     ggtccccaga agggatccat ggaaggacat gaaggtaaca cttattgaag atctagggaa     48840
     gggagccatc acaggcttag atcatcaata ttcctaataa agatggcgtt gggggaagct     48900
     gatgcattaa caagggcaaa taggaagtaa tgagcaggat gtgaagctgc gacccccaga     48960
     gctgtacatc tttccctgta ccagagctct ggggctctgc caagtcgcac ccttcatggc     49020
     aaatgtgccc acttgtagaa gctggaagaa ccaccaaggc agcacgaagg gatttgcttt     49080
     taataggttt atctccttga attccacaca ggaaatgtcc tcctgtacct actgtgaaca     49140
     ctatgaaagc cttatgagag accatttgga gaccactcca caaagcccat gagaccatct     49200
     ggaagcagat agtcatcata tcttttcgta cacaaagcat accaagacag cagaatcctg     49260
     aggagttcta aataaccagt tcttgcaggg ggaaagtcct ggcgtgtagt gtttgttttc     49320
     tgtggtgtaa gttctcccat tgtgccaact ttaagccatc acctgaacac ggaattggga     49380
     aatcctcgtg tccatcagtg cctctggact acatgaactc agcacagcac agcacggcac     49440
     ggtgccatct gtgtgagtac catgggactc agcccatgca catccaggag tagagcatga     49500
     agagcattgt gggactggtg gagtgagatt aagaatgtgg gccctgggtt gggttttatg     49560
     ttacagattt cagtcctgaa ttagatcatt ttcttaactt tccctgtagt aagagacact     49620
     tctctctgcc cgagagcggt cagctgtacc ttcttcttcc tgttgggctt gaaagaagta     49680
     ttaggtcttt ccaggtccac agaagcttcc agctgcagct ggagagtctg cctctcagct     49740
     ctgcacaggc ccctggctag ctcatctgtc ctcctgggac ccactgtgct gctccttttg     49800
     ggatttgaca tgcctttgta tttatatggg ctagatcttt cattaaaata ctgttctttc     49860
     attaaaatct gtctgtgcat ccatccccag tgtctattct gcttcccctt ctcagtgagt     49920
     gtcaagcatc cttgggtctt tcttgttact tggcttcctt gggtttgtgg attgtagtat     49980
     ggctatcttg tactttatgg ctaatgttca cttctgtggg agcacatacc atgcacatgt     50040
     gtttctgggt gtggcttatc ccactcagga ttagattttc tcgtttcatc catttgactg     50100
     caaatttcat gatatgctta tttttaatac ctgagtagta ttccattgtg taaatgtatt     50160
     gcatttttta acccattctt cagttgaggg acatctaggt tgtttccagt ttctggctat     50220
     tcataaataa accttctatg actatagttg agcaagtgtc cgtattgtgg tgttagagca     50280
     tctttggggt atatgcccaa gagtagtata gctgaatctt gaggtagaac tattcccaat     50340
     tttctgagaa attgccaaat tgatttccaa agtggttgta aagtttgcac tcccatcagt     50400
     aatgaagtct tcttcttgct ccacatcctc accagcatgt gctatccctt gagtttttta     50460
     tcttaaccat tctgactagt gtaagataaa atctaagagt cttttttttt tcatttccct     50520
     gatgactaag gatactggac atttgaaact aggtgagaga gggagtgcag aggggaacag     50580
     ggggaatcaa gtgtagggaa gatggaggca gatagaactg agagagagaa atgaaattgg     50640
     tgggggaggg tgcatctctg atacaatcag gacaagggaa actcccagga atctatgaga     50700
     gtgacctaaa actcctagca gtagaggaca tgaaacctga agtagtcacc tcctgtaaca     50760
     aggcaagaat tccaatggag agatgaatac accaacctat ccacaaaacc tttgactcgc     50820
     aatttgtcct gcccacaaga tgtcagggat aaggatggag cagaaattga gagaatggcc     50880
     aggcagttac aggtccaggt cactgggctg ggaaaatggt tcagtcagga aaatgcttgt     50940
     tttgcaagca caaggcccta agcccatccc agaacgtaca ttttataaaa cactcagact     51000
     ggcaccctgg agctaaggct gccacacagc cctctgcagg caagtctcca ccaggagaga     51060
     gggggctcac tcttaagctc agagttgaga tcaccacttt ctctccaata actgtctaaa     51120
     gcagggcctg ccaggagtgc cagggcacag gaacagcaga gcagctgagg acaggatcct     51180
     cctggtcacc atctgcatcc aggagctaag gttgctccac aaccctccac atacaaaccc     51240
     ctctcaagag agagctgatc tctgcaggag tgctgacata cctaaaatca cagacttaca     51300
     ggcccatagc acggaaaagc tccagtcaga gacagcaaga ccaactaaca ccagagataa     51360
     ccagatggcg agagggaagc acaagaacat taccaacaga aaccaaggct acttggcatc     51420
     atcagaaccc agttctctca ccagagcaag ccctggatac ctcaacacac cagaaaagca     51480
     agattcggat ttaaaatcac atctcatgat gatgatagaa gactttaata aggacataaa     51540
     taactccctt aaaaaaatac aagagaacac aggtaaacag cttgaagccc ttaaagagga     51600
     aatacaaaaa tcccttaaag aattgcagga aaatacaacc aaacaagtga agaaattgaa     51660
     caaaaccatc caggatctaa aaatggaaat agaaacaata aaggaattac aaagggagac     51720
     aactctggag atagaaaacc tagggaagaa atcaggggtc atagatacaa gcatcaccaa     51780
     cagaatacat gagatagaag agagaatctc agatgtagaa gatatcataa aaaacattga     51840
     cacaaccatc aaaaaaaagg caaaatgctc ctaactcaaa atatcctgga aatccaggac     51900
     acaataagaa gaccaaatct aaggatacta tgtattgaag agagtatagc caacttaaag     51960
     ggctagtaaa tatcttcaac aacattatag aagaaaactt ccctaatgag agagagagag     52020
     agagagagat agagagagag agagaggccc atgagcatac aagaagtctg cagaactcca     52080
     aatagactgg accagaaaag aaattccttc tgttacatac tattcaaaac accaaatgca     52140
     cagaacaaag aaagaatatt aaaagcagta aggggaaaga tcaacatata aaggcagacc     52200
     tctcagaatt acaccagact tctaaccaga gacttttaaa agatcctgga aagatgtcat     52260
     acaaacccta agagaacaca aatgccagtc caggctacta tacccagcaa aactctcaat     52320
     taccatagtt ggaaaaaaca agatattcca tgataaaaac aaatttacac actatctttc     52380
     aaaaagctag cactacaaag gataataaat tgaaaactcc aacacaagga gggaaactaa     52440
     actctagaaa aaacaagaaa ataatctcct tttaacaaat gcaaaagaag atagccacat     52500
     aaacataatt ccacctctaa caacaaaaat cacaggaaac aacaatcact tttccttaat     52560
     atctcttaac atcaatggac tcaattcccc aatataaaga catagactaa cagactggat     52620
     atataaacag gaccccacat tttgctgcat acaggaaaca cacctaagtg acaaagacca     52680
     atactacctc agagtaaagg tctggaaaac aattttccaa gcaaatgatc ccaagaaacc     52740
     agctgcagat attctaatat caaataaaat cgactttcaa ctaaaagtta tcagaaaaga     52800
     tagggaatga cacttcatac tcatcaaagg aaaaatctac caacatggac tcttaattct     52860
     gaatatctat actccaaatg caaggacaca cacattcata aaagaaattt tactaacact     52920
     caaagcacac attacaccac acacaataat agtgggagtc ttcaacatct cactgtcatc     52980
     aatggacaga tcctggaaac acaaactaaa cagaggcaca gtgaaactaa cagaagttat     53040
     gaaccacatg gatttaagag atatctaaaa caaaagaata taacttcttt gaagtacctc     53100
     atggtacctt ctccaaaatt gaccatataa ttgatcataa aacacgcctc atcaggtaca     53160
     agaatattaa aataatccaa tgcatctaat cagaatacca tggactaaag ctggtcttca     53220
     ataatgtcaa taataataga aagcccagat acacatgaaa tctgaacaat gctctaatac     53280
     caatactctt caaactattc cacataatag aaacagaaga aacactatcc aatttgtttt     53340
     atgaagccac agttacactt atacctaaac cacacaaaga cccaacacag aaagagaact     53400
     tcagaccaat ttcccttatg aatattgatg taaaaatact taataaaaag aacatatcaa     53460
     aatgatcatc tatcatgatc aagtaggatg caaggatggc tcaatatata aggaaatcca     53520
     tcaacataat ccactatata aacaaagaaa gaaaccacat gatcttttct ctagatgcga     53580
     agaaagcatt tgacaaaatc caagacccct tcatgataaa agtcttggaa agatcaggaa     53640
     ttcaatgccc atacttaaac atagtaaaag caatatacag caaaccagta gccaacatca     53700
     aacaaaatgg agaaaaactt gaagcaatcc cactaatatc agggactaga aaaggctgcc     53760
     cactttctcc ctacctattc aatacagtac tcgaagacct agacagagca attagacaac     53820
     aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattagaa aggaagaagt caaaatatca ctatttgcag     53880
     atgatatgat agtctactta agtgacccca aaaattccac cagagaactc ctaaacctga     53940
     taaattctca actgaagaat accaaatggc tgaggagcac ctaaagaaat gctcaacatc     54000
     cttagtcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca ggccagtgag     54060
     aatggataaa gtcaaaaact caggtgacag cttggaatac ccaagataca attcacagac     54120
     cacatgaagt tcaaaagaag gaagaccaaa gtgtgggtac tttggccctt cctaggaagg     54180
     ggaacaaaat acccacagga agagatactg agacaaagta tggagcagag actgaaggaa     54240
     aggccatcca gtgactctcc cacctgggga tccatcccat atacagttac caaacccaga     54300
     cactattgtg gatgccaaca agtgcttgct gacaggagtc tgatacagtt gtctcctgag     54360
     aggctctgcc agagcctgtc aaacacaaaa gtggatgctt acagccaacc attggactga     54420
     gcacagggtc cccaaggagg agttagagaa agggctgaag gagctaaagg agtttgcaga     54480
     cccatagcag gaacaacaat atcaaccaac cagaccccac ccccctccag agctcccagg     54540
     gactaaacca ccaaccaaag agtacatatg gagcaaccca tggctccagc cacatatata     54600
     gcagaagatg gccttgtcag acatcaatgt gaggggaggc ccttggacct gtaaaggctg     54660
     gatgccccgg tgtaggggaa tgccaagaca gggaagccag agtgggtggg tgtgttggtg     54720
     ggtgggggaa catcctcata taagcagagg gaaaggggtg aggggagggg ttttcggagg     54780
     ggaaaccaag aaaggggata acatttaaaa tgtaagaaag aaaatatcta ataaaaaaga     54840
     aatcaaaaat aaaaataaaa cagtcagaca tggtggtgta ttggtaatcc cagtgctgag     54900
     cggggagaga tagttgaatc cctggggctt gatagcccac ctaccctact tggtgaattc     54960
     tagaccaatg agagatcctg tctccaaaga aatgtctaag gaacagtaac caagattgat     55020
     atcttgccag tggcctatcc ctgggcttgg tcccctctga agcagcgaca gggaagagtt     55080
     tggttgggga caggagttgg tcttgcaaga aagtagtgtt ttctttaata actgtgccta     55140
     tcttgactct aagttactga ggccagaagc ttcaggcctg cggatctgtt gacacttgtt     55200
     gctaacagta ggtgattaga taaaggattt attgcttttg ctcccttctc tgtccaggca     55260
     gctagaagtc tttctggtta actctttgtg aaccagagag gaaggaaagg aaaagaatca     55320
     aaatgcttta tacaggcaaa tatgtacaga cacatataca ttcaaacatt catacaatag     55380
     aactctggct gggcctgcct gtctgtctca gtcagttcta caactattca tgtgtggtta     55440
     catacataca catttcccta cacatatatg cataaacaaa taggcatata catatagatg     55500
     gatgggtgag tgcatggatg aatgaatgaa tggatggggc agagccacct aaaccaaacc     55560
     aacctaccaa tttcttttct ctggtctttt tatacttttt tagacaaaaa gttctttaga     55620
     aaattacctc agagataaaa tgttacataa aattggagtt acagaaagat attggtatta     55680
     agttcaaagc aatgtttcat tctaatatac tcattagaag ttcaaagcaa cagttcttac     55740
     atggccttgt cttgtcacag tgcacacctg tggttttatc cttgaaccta aatgtttttc     55800
     cttgaacaca gatttgttcc aagtctatct ctctttttag tgtgattatg agagctcatt     55860
     gtaatctttt tatatagtct ttacttgcta tgagaagtag gtagattcta ttcttgattc     55920
     taacttcatt acatcttctt agtaaagcaa ctaagaccac ctcttaaaat tttcttccta     55980
     aaattatttg aatcaaatca ggaattctat agaatcatta attcatctaa acagcattag     56040
     ctcatcaaag ttcatcttta tgttgatctg caggaaatat ggtcaatagg gtgggctaat     56100
     gcccagggat tattacatta atttaataat gacaggaaag gcgtatcagc tgcaagaaac     56160
     cattctgaga tggagtctct ttgggtttcg ccatcaagct tacccattgc agaccatgaa     56220
     aaaaatggta ggccacctcc aagaaggcca tctgctagcc tttgtctatc ctagagggct     56280
     cctgatagta tctgacatcc acatgcacaa gaattcatgt gaacaaacac atatacatac     56340
     acacacacac aaacacacac atgtgtgcgt gtacgtgtgc atacactgaa taaatagcaa     56400
     atatgtctta tctattaggt atcctgtgtc tcatagtgta ggtcctacta aaagccatat     56460
     acccaatgtc tcttgcaagg tgcagtgaga gtaagaaaga ttatatagct ttaggttcga     56520
     gcaagtcaat tgttgtgatt gaattctgtc acctggagaa tacttggctg tttgtttgtt     56580
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttagaa gtgagctgcc ctgcagacaa tacctctatc     56640
     actttcccca ctgcacagac atggtgtctc tgtagccagg tttgttcata taggaggaca     56700
     gttccacctt ctacagaaag tagacttcat gatccactca ggacagggct tcatctggta     56760
     cagagaggaa atgaattact ttgctggttg cattccttca gttctgctct gttgttcttt     56820
     ctctgagatg gagtttcact atacagtcct gactggcctg gaactcaaag agattccccc     56880
     acccccactg tctcctgagt gctgggataa aaggtgtttg ccaccatgcc tggcatttcg     56940
     ggttttggag caaaggaaac tatgtcagtc tactcagaaa agtgtgtctt ctctaatttt     57000
     ggcagtgcta agacacagac caattcaaag agaaagaagg caatgaggca attagatata     57060
     tgacagaatt aatctttctc ttgcttccat ctctactctt tgaaattgca tgtgattatc     57120
     tttccagttc tgtctggctc ccaataaatt acttttaaga tgttattacc taatgcttag     57180
     aatagcatat cagctgtcaa aaatattgtc taaatttcag ttttgttcct cagttctttt     57240
     tattttttta aagttacatc tttatttatt ttagtgtggc tgtgtacatt tgtgagtgca     57300
     accatgcctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgca tatgcatacc tgtggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt     57360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt agatcagagg agtagtgaaa accagttctt     57420
     tctttctacc atgctggtct ccgggatcaa actcaggtca tcagtcttgg tagcaagtgc     57480
     ttttaacctc ataagctacc tcaccagccc ctgatcactg gttgtctgaa tcttctggtg     57540
     tggggctcca gggcaccatg cctagcatca tttgggatgc actgcacctc tgagaatcct     57600
     gtaggaaaca gttctgtgtg acccctgacc tcacagcact gtcactccat caaagcagag     57660
     aagtaataag catgtctaca agcaacagac atgaacattt tggactgctg acattctgac     57720
     acaggaaata aaatggattg tatgatatta cagaaaggag aggcaggctt ccgagctgaa     57780
     gtctgatcag tactctgaag agcagggaga agcatagatg agaactatgg gttgcatgag     57840
     cttagcagca gccagcaatg gcctcctgaa acacccaccc attcccaaaa ctacttcctt     57900
     taagctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc tctctctctc tctctcctct ctctctctct     57960
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcata     58020
     gtcactagct cttgttccgg ttccttgcat gacttttgaa ggcccattca ctctccacca     58080
     ggccacttcc cagcctcatc tgcccagact ggtccctcac ctccttcttc acaaattctt     58140
     gcattttgac tcactccatt ttactcactt cttattgcca cggcctcacc attctgccaa     58200
     cacccatgca ttattcaggt agcaatcatg aacgatttcc tctctgagca tattttcttt     58260
     acagacttta taattcctcc catggtcagt agtgattact gaccaaagtt ggcctgccta     58320
     ttgatgcctc caataagtaa cagcccatgt ctggttctct aatggccatg tgcttctatt     58380
     tctttagaga ttatgggatg gtttggatgt tttatctgat ctgatttaat tttggtattt     58440
     ggtatatatc tagaaatttg tccatttcat ccaggttttc cagttttgtt gagtatagcc     58500
     ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg ctgttttgga tttcttcagg atctgttgtt atgtctccct     58560
     tttcatttct gattttgtta attaggatgc tgtccctgtg ccctctagtg agtctggcta     58620
     agggtttatc tatcttgttg atttcctcaa agaaccagct cctggttttg ttgattcttt     58680
     gtatagttct ttttgtttct acttggttga tttcaggccc aagtttgatt atttcctgct     58740
     gtctactcct cttggaggac agcaccagga ccagacggtt ttagtgcaga attttctcag     58800
     accttcaaag acctactatg aatacttttc aaactattcc acaaaataga aacagaagta     58860
     acactaccca attcattcta tgcagccaca gttacactgt gtattctccc ttggagatgg     58920
     aatgattggt ggttttgtcc cagggaactc tggggttact ggtatttcat attgttgttc     58980
     ctcctagggg gctgcaaact cctccagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct ccttcattga     59040
     ggaccatatg ctccgtgtag tggatgactg tgagcatcca catctgattt agtcaggcac     59100
     tggcagagcc tatcaggaga ctgctatacc aggctcctgt cagcaagctc ttgttggcat     59160
     ctgcaatagt atctgagttt ggtggttgta tatgggatgg atttgcaggt ggggcagttt     59220
     ctggatggtc attccttcag tctctgctct gaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg     59280
     tattttgttc ccccttctaa gaaggattga agaaaccaca atttggtctt ccttcatctt     59340
     gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa attgtttctt gggtattctg agcttctagg ctaatatccg     59400
     cttatcagtg agtgcatatc atgtgtgttc ttttgtgatt gggttgcctc attcaggatg     59460
     gtattttcta gttccatcca tttgtctaag aatttcatga attcattgtt tttaaaagct     59520
     gtgtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtatcac attttctgta tccattcctc tgttaaggga     59580
     catctgggtt ctttccagtt tcttgctatt ataaataaag ctgctatgaa catagtggag     59640
     catgtgtcct tattaccaat tggaacatct tctgggtata tgcccagagt ggtattgctg     59700
     gatcttctag tagaactttg tccaattttc ttagaaacca ccaaactggt ttctagagtg     59760
     tttgtaccag cttgccatcc caccagcaat ggaggagtgt tcctcttaac gaacatattt     59820
     ttttaaagat gtttttatgt atgtgagtac actgttgctc tattcagaca cacacacaca     59880
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaagc attggatcct atgcaggtgg ctgtaagcca     59940
     ccatgtggtt gctggaaatt gaactcaggg cctctggaag agcagtcagt gttctgaact     60000
     gctgagccat ctcttcagct cacaaacaga aattttaaga acataaactt tatagagaag     60060
     gaaggaacat agctcttgtc tacatctcat gcaaccacaa cagtgtcccc cacactggga     60120
     agtcggttcc tcctgtacaa tgaagacaaa agcatttacc tgaacggctt tatgtgaaga     60180
     cacaggtaca aggatgtata aagatcttat ggagcaagta tcagtgagat agtggcttat     60240
     gttcacaagg cccaacaaag agctggagaa gagaatggat cagaaggctc tgtctcacct     60300
     ggcccctgta aacatatctg gcctgacccc gtctttggca ttaggaaaac atagatgcct     60360
     actcctaaga cctggctctc agcattcttc atttgctaaa agagttcact cagacacttc     60420
     ttcctgccca catcttctct ggctttggga attctgttct ccatttctat ctctgaaccc     60480
     ttttgctctc atgcccttga agggtactgc atactctgat ctgtttttgt gattcagatc     60540
     cataactatg tctgtgtcca caaacattcc aatgtgagta aagatttttc tctccttccc     60600
     atcccaccga gggaggatga gggtggtcca cagtgcgcaa gtggaatttg agcaaatgaa     60660
     aacgagagca tccattacct acataaaagt gatgcaggtg aagattgtgt tggttcttgt     60720
     acgagttact ggaaaacaga ttttccacat tttaacacca tgcatctact tacccactcg     60780
     tacaagctca tgtttaatgt tgctaattat ttaacacaac tcataacaca caacctataa     60840
     gtggcaaagc atcttgcaat gaataaccaa acacaaatgg aagacaaaac aaaaacaaaa     60900
     gcaagcaaac aaaactctga acttgtcaaa atttgtcctt attgtttctt tcagcaccag     60960
     cctgggctgg gagcggctgt cctcgccgct gcttacgttt cagctccttg ttcatgattt     61020
     cccctcgggt gtggactgac attgtctcga ggtatggtaa gtaaaaacaa acaaaacaaa     61080
     aaagcaaaaa aataaaaaga taaaaaaaat aaaaccactt tatgcttaaa atacagtgtt     61140
     ctcagtgata tgtatacctt tataagaaac ttgaaggaag agccaaagga atgactctct     61200
     tggggttaga tttcagatat aaaatctcaa aaattatctc tattcctgaa attatgtcag     61260
     ttgtggggtt ttgtccctct tccacaaatg ctaaaaccta gacagagcag acagagagca     61320
     acaggagtta ttatgtatga aatacatagt tttcttcttt catgtgacct ctaaggttag     61380
     aagctggcct ctcttcccag ctggcaagat ggattttaga acaatcaagc ctagctgtga     61440
     aaaatcctct ctgggttaag acaccaccag gcagcaatgt tcctgtgaaa agtcacagat     61500
     cccttccctc agaaaaagcc tgaaaggatt gtgctcgctg taaaacccaa gctgaccaac     61560
     gattctggga gaatatgttc taattctaaa actatcagca cagaaaaggc agacgtggcc     61620
     atgtgagccg cagcatggca caaagagtgc actggaggct ggttagctcc agccttctct     61680
     gcattgtttc cagagagcca acggagctca cactccagca ggtgcccaaa accacatgct     61740
     gcatcttcgc tatttttatt ttgatatcgc aagactcatc ttgttcatga aaagacaacc     61800
     tgtgaaggaa aaccagggtg accagagaaa gagtacagag catggagacg cttgtctgag     61860
     atttcaggga gtcaagagtg atggacgttg tggtagttgg tgagtgaggc ttcaatacta     61920
     gagacaactg cagacaaaga agcaggggac ccgtggaaag ggacagtgac agaggctgga     61980
     agcacatccc agagccactg aggcaggagc atcagaaggt gccagcaaaa tgctttctga     62040
     tctatttgtt attggcactg aagctcacag gctctcacaa ggtctgtcag aaacattgat     62100
     ataatgacaa ttaatatcaa tgctggaaac tgcagaaccc tcccacccca aagagccagg     62160
     catgaacaca aattctgcaa aatactgtag gtactgaggg ttctctgtct tccttctcct     62220
     aggatttgcc tactggtttg cttcagctct gtgctcccat aaactgctgc ctcatttaac     62280
     cacagtcaaa aatattggac agagtcaagg tgaacagcaa gcaaaaagct tgggaagctt     62340
     ccaggaagaa agctgaaggc attagtcacc aggacaggaa atgaaaggac tgttcaatgc     62400
     gaggctttgg cttcttcagc tccccatcac ctctgctgtt acttagtaac cagtgctcag     62460
     tgttccgtct tgagcctccc atgaaggaat gccaaaggaa cagaaaccaa acctatctgt     62520
     ctttttcatc ttgaatccac caagaaagta tgacacagct tctatcatct ccctttgaag     62580
     ggatttcaag atgcagctaa ctattacatt gagttcctta ctatgtacaa tcaacgtctg     62640
     ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag actgacagag cctggacagt gagagaccac     62700
     aaggtccaca ccgccccacc agcggagggg actacaattt ttagatccac aaactttatc     62760
     taaacaactt gcttttctgg aaggaagttc cttctctgac agaagaagac aaaaatattc     62820
     ctcataagta ctcaagggca aagggtcatt tctaaaccag ccatttcaca gaagagaaac     62880
     aaagattcag aaatcaggaa agattgatct gagcatgaag ctacttagta gcttccctac     62940
     tctggggttt tgtacttgtt gttagttaca tttacacaat gccacacacc atgtaagggc     63000
     tatgagcaat tgaacccaag taattcctgg ttcccactcc ccttgagcaa atatgaggtc     63060
     actgttcatc agctgtccac catgaggaca gccaggctgg caaacattac cttcccgtta     63120
     tgtatatccc tttcctcagt cttcaattga gtaaactagg acacaagaca gtcatgcaac     63180
     tgcctcaagt tatattctca ttggaaggag agactagact ggaactcagt tgtacctaaa     63240
     cctgacacct tggctcttac caagcctcca tccaaggctc tgtatgccat ctggaaactc     63300
     tcgactgacc tctaaaggca gtgggaggta ctttagttaa atgtaaaagg aatttctgaa     63360
     aagcagaatt tactgactct gaggtacttt tccaaagttg tccacaaaac tgcactgccc     63420
     taggaagctt tgaaatgaga ggatgtggat gaaggtgtcc tttgcagtag gtctacctaa     63480
     tgcacagtga gaggtgagag cagtgtatct tgggtttcat cccaaaacat gactttaggg     63540
     aacaagaaca gaaacaagac aaactttcac ctccattttc cttggcgttc aaacgagcag     63600
     aaatagaaag attgcaaatg aaagagacta tcgatgtcct aaaagaaaaa tgcatatgaa     63660
     ctttaaagag ttgaagagat ggcagtgact tttaggctgg tgttgaagtt taggcaaagg     63720
     tgtgtgtttg tgtacagcga ctaagcctgt gtgcgtggga agcagccact gcagatggct     63780
     gaaaatgtgg tcatgttgga aaacacatat aatgattggc accctaaagg agaaacagat     63840
     gtctcctcct aagaaagatt ttagaataac ttgcctgctg acctctttag accccttaaa     63900
     ctggatctcc gcatcagccc cacagggaca cttgttgaca ctttaacaca ctgcactgtg     63960
     tcccaggaag aaaacagagc accagtcaaa aggcagccag tgctcaagtg tatgtataca     64020
     atagataaag atacaaacat cctacaaaat tttatggttt tctgcagatt gtataacatg     64080
     gcaaaggttc tcgctaattt tatgtcaatc aaatgggatt atcaaaatgc cagaatttta     64140
     acccaagagc acaaaaaaat gagtcctggt ggacattggg ctatctggga accaggctgt     64200
     gctcattctc tttggacaat gttccccaat agctttagtg taaagtctta tttagtgtaa     64260
     agtcttcttg cttctagctt cctctctggg ttctgaatgc tgtgcactag gttgtgattg     64320
     gggcagaacc atctggagtt tgagaaggct catctaaaag gctgtccagt ccatgcttcc     64380
     ccaggggcat gtggaactgg atagcaacaa gttgacctca tacaaaatca taacctactt     64440
     ttaaaaatta tgagtttttt tttaagtaat tgttttgtaa ctcaactgca tggttcaagc     64500
     atgaatttta cagataagaa agttgcattg ctatgccatg caaaataaac acagctatga     64560
     tctcctatcc tgtgattaga cacccatgga tttaaggtgt gcccatgaca attatttgtc     64620
     cagtgtgtct cagagaagcc ataacattaa acattgtttc tagactctag atacgaaatg     64680
     acatatgaat gtttttattt catgaggaaa tggcataaat aatagaagtt attagctttc     64740
     atggtgttca ggtttcctaa tccactaact cacttcccaa ctaacaaatc tacggcatga     64800
     cttgcttggc aatgaatgcc agcccaagac actgaggaag tttgttgctt gtcaccctga     64860
     actgggaaag caatgagtga gtgtcagagc agaaaaaaat ggccatcgat cttctgttta     64920
     gtcagaaaag attttacaga aaagatggga aatggcctca actgaagcta tttaaagaca     64980
     tcatgacttt taaaattcct cactgccttt tcttaatgtc ttttatcagt ccttcaggtc     65040
     atagaagttc tccagatgag aacaaagcta tctaatggag acagtgcaag aaaacagcag     65100
     tcagccccag aggggtcagg atgtggtgat aagacttgcc tgtgctttgt ttgatccaac     65160
     tagaaccggc ctttgggact cacatgctga gtgctagaaa gccagagaaa actctggggc     65220
     acgtaagtga gagactggtg ggtgggctgg ggccaaggaa agacataaaa aatcaaattt     65280
     tagaaagaac tcaagctgga gccagtgcaa gggaaaactg gagatcagta ggagggccta     65340
     accatggtcc tctgctgtgc tttcctggac accagatcac atcctcccag ccacctgaaa     65400
     caacaaaccc ttcaaatcac tactaaatct tgtgtataca gtggaggctc attgtgcaca     65460
     aatgtaacat attctgactt tcgaaacgag ggttgacact aatgctttct aaaatattga     65520
     atcataaata attcattggc ttatgttaag gttccaatgg cttcataata aaagccagac     65580
     caggatatac cctacagcaa atgttggagt tcacacctat ttttctacta tacaatgatt     65640
     ccataattat ttcaagggta gaatgctttg aagtgtcata ttgccattct tcatatactc     65700
     catttattcc atctttggtc tagatcaatt gtgatccagt ctcaatgtgt ttaacaatta     65760
     ctgagtgaaa gaatcctcaa agacatctaa ctgtacttca tagctgagag agtgctttaa     65820
     agaagattta aaaaatataa atcatgtatt gtacacacgt gcatgtatgt atatgcacat     65880
     gtgtgtggga gccagaggtt gacaatgggt atcttcctca atcactctcc ttggtttttg     65940
     agacgagatc tctcactaaa catgaagcta gactggctgt gcatccagcc ctagggattc     66000
     ctgtatttcc acctcctcag cctgcggtta caggtgtaca ctaccatgcc caggttttct     66060
     gtatatgggt gttcatgatc aaactcaaca tttgagccat ctgcgcagac tcttggacaa     66120
     attcttcgtc ttaatggatt ttccatctat tttcaaattt tgaatgtgcc cagctgcaaa     66180
     agtcacctcc atgtaccacg ttttgtacat tttctgcata gacgattgtt gcttttgaac     66240
     tttctctaaa aagattggaa gtagagcaga actgtctaaa gagcaaaggg aagtgggggg     66300
     aggggagggg ttataactag taggggagga gaatgtagag gaaatagatt cagtgtaaaa     66360
     catgtatgaa atttgaaaat ataaatattt aatatttata taaataaaca ttaaaagaaa     66420
     gatgggtaag gagggagaga aagagggagg gagaaagaaa aaagcaagca agctacccat     66480
     aagagaagtt tgggatctag gatcaccctc agtccattct ggcaggaaga aacgacccat     66540
     gaagaactga aacacctatc ccggatcata gccagaggtc ccaactgtcc tcctgaccaa     66600
     ggtgagggat ctgcaggttt tgtgctttca ggtgctttca gggtgttttc aggtcacact     66660
     ctagcatagc tctctgaaga gcatcaaatc ctggactggg gcagagtcct gtctgtggtc     66720
     caccttcaag ggtaaagaga aggaagctat gaaaagccgc ttgtgcaaaa ttcacactca     66780
     aagtattgat cctgaacttg ggtaaatata aaaatatgga gaaactcaca ggcagcttaa     66840
     tggagaacct gggagaatgt gagccagagc tggtaagatg gctcagcagt tacaagcact     66900
     tgctgttcgt ctaaaggacc aagttccact tttagtacct tcagtaggtg gtccacaaat     66960
     gcctggaact ccagggagtc acataccata agcctcacca taagtatcct tttctaaata     67020
     aaccgtctct ttttctatga ctaaaactaa aagaaaacaa taagtttcat gatggtgttt     67080
     tcatacatgt tctatcatgt tctgctcatg tgctccactc attgctttgc ctgtccctgc     67140
     tcccactggt ccccctctgc ctttatgtca tatgtgtatt aaagtctgga ttccacatat     67200
     gagagaacac atggtttctg cctcctcttg cctcacctct cttgttcctc ccactcattg     67260
     gtctactcta ctttcctgaa gcccgccctc ctctaatctc atgtcataga taaatccaga     67320
     ttccccagtg agagacagca tatggtggat gtctttctca gtctggttag catgaagatc     67380
     tcattcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc     67440
     tttgcttatt catctcctgg tagacattta gactgacatt tagactggtt ctgcatcttg     67500
     catagtttca ccaactcttt agcaatgaca agattgcatg ttatccttat cttcattctc     67560
     ctaatcctag aaagtgactt agttcgacac tggaatgtct agatccctat ccataacatg     67620
     cctagaattc attttactaa acttgcggaa gagaggggac ttgtcactca ccatgaagaa     67680
     tacatggggc ttctgaccag agctcctgct gtagcagagg ttcagtactg ggacaggcaa     67740
     gaaggggttg agggaagagt cctgtgttgc agtgcctctt atttggcagc aactcttccc     67800
     ctaggcagca aaacctaaac agggaggtgt tagatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     67860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg cctgcatgtg tgtctgtacc tctgtgtatg tatatctgtc     67920
     tgtctgtgta tgtgtgaatg tgcctgtctg tgtgcctctg tgtatgtatg cctgtctctg     67980
     tgcatgagtg tatgaatctg tgcctatctg tgtgcatgtg taaatatgtc tgcttctttg     68040
     atctgtatat gtgtctgttt ctgtatgtgt gtacatgagc acatgcctat atctctgtgt     68100
     gtctatctcg atgtgtgttc tagtgaaata ctttgaagga caatctgaag tagtccataa     68160
     agacttaaag gaccagagta aaggaaatgt cttagtgttg tattgctgtg aaatacacca     68220
     tgctttcttt tataagagtt gtatgcttaa agtttcagag ctttagccca ttgtcatagt     68280
     agtaggaagc atggcagcaa gcatggcatt ggaacagtag ttggcagcta catccttatc     68340
     taggctgaga aaggggatgg ggattggcag tatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     68400
     cacacacaca tattccactt tattgatcag cattcgtaag agtggaatgt gaggggtgtg     68460
     gttgatccat cagatggaag cacaagggtc agagtggcac agaatcttgt gactgactcc     68520
     cttcacctgt gcggatatca acaggaccca cacagacagc ttagagggag gaggtctctg     68580
     aggctctcta ctccttgcca atgacgaagg gtttctccac tttgatcctg ccacagtctg     68640
     cagctatcac atccttcagg ggcttgtccc ggctgtctgt cttggtgctc tccagcttcc     68700
     ataccacatc catgctctct agaattggcc aaaaaccata tgcttgctat ctagccagga     68760
     ggtcttgact atagttatga agaattggga gccattggtg tctgcctgca ttggtcatgc     68820
     tcagccatcc aggccttcag ctttaaattc tcatctgtga agtgctcatc acagatgtac     68880
     tttcctcatg tgccatctcc cctggtgaag tctccaccct ggatcatgaa gtccttgatg     68940
     atatgatgga acttgctgtt tttgtaacta agtcctttct ctcctgtagc taaggctaca     69000
     aaattatcca ctgtttttgg aacagtcttt ccaaagagtc caaagactac tcatcctaca     69060
     ggttcatcta caatttggaa atcaaaaact accttacttg ggaaccggga gtattggttc     69120
     attcctgcca tcccagcact gggcagggtg aagtagaagg acctcttggg ctagaatgag     69180
     accttgtctt aaaacaagca cgactggtta tggtaggcat gtttctttag ccccagcaca     69240
     tgacttcagt atgtttctgt gtcctctctc tgaacccctt cctcatggct ccaattactc     69300
     catccttgtc tgacaagggc ttatgaaagc acactttctc caacaaagcc acacctcctt     69360
     attcttctca aatagtgcca caacccacag tcaagtgttc cactataaga gactatgggg     69420
     accattctta ttcacaccat cacactccat tctgagaccc tcatggccct gtagctacat     69480
     catagtacaa aatgcattta ttcttacttc aaaaggcccc atagtctatc atagtctcaa     69540
     cattgtacaa agttcatagt tccttcagag actcataacg atctcttaac tgtaaccttc     69600
     tataaaatca gaataaaaaa agcagctcac aagcttccaa cataccatgg catagaatat     69660
     atattaccat tccaaaagga tcataatgag gaaacactgg accaaaacaa gactgaaaac     69720
     cagctgggta aactccagac tctgcatctc catgtctatg tcaaagtgct ctttagatat     69780
     ccaactccta tctatcagcc ttgttgactg caacacactt ctctctcttg ggatatttcc     69840
     actccctatt ggcagctttc ctcaacaggt agcccataat tatgaaatct ctaacatctt     69900
     ggggactcta aggcaatcca ggcttcatgt tcacagcttc atgcaaatag cctctctgag     69960
     cctccctgca gggacgcctc tgctaggctt cagtagctct ccttaaccac ggatggagag     70020
     ccacaacctc tttcttgtat ccttggctca atctagaacc atgcagctga agctgttgag     70080
     ttctgctgct tggtgagctg gaactgtgcc ccttattcaa ttacacttac agtttctgtt     70140
     gctgatggtt gagtcttgcc ctgaggtcat accaccttta ttccttttag tatcaggctt     70200
     ttctttacac aggacttagc tctattacac ttcccgtggc tccttttctc ctcaaactat     70260
     ccagtctgta tttctctttg tccagatcac tccttctcat tatagattag cactggagtg     70320
     gttactgatc cttttcacat agtgccactc atgatgacta agtgttcaaa tacatgagct     70380
     ggtggggcca ttcctactca tgtcaccaca ggaagacaag ggaaggcaga acacacgtgt     70440
     cccactctgc ccctcatact ttgcgtggct tcggaaatag gtcatatatg cctctagaaa     70500
     tttggaagta gctctcatct ccacagctgt gaaagttctg agggatagct cgcacactcc     70560
     tggaaagtca tttggtatgc aagcctgtcc tggccttgtg ggaactcctg atacactgcg     70620
     gctcaatcag ccttggctgc ttgtgaagcc cggtgactca caccacagcc aggtgagccc     70680
     ttctactcat tcttattcct agtaacactc atgacataag ggcagctatc agcaggtgat     70740
     gtcaggaaca gagcagcaaa gagctcttgc aaactagaac acactcatga tgttcattta     70800
     caccacgtat acgctgaaca ctgtgttcct gagaaacaga tgcattttgg tgcattgtct     70860
     ataagagaca gatgctactt aaggattgat tgctttttaa actctacaac aaattcgttt     70920
     gcaaaggaaa tcatcactgc ttattaattg ttggtacatt tattctgcct cgatgggaga     70980
     tctgcagaag tgagaaaatc tagtgggttt caagtcaaat agaggagcaa tattgtcctc     71040
     aattaactga atagcgccct gggaagcatc ttgcagatga gctaaggcca tctccttgca     71100
     agtaaggtcg gagcatctgc tgcaggccac ggctttctgc atgaatcagt gtagaagagt     71160
     gagaagtcgc tgggaccagc aagatggatg agcagggaag gcgctttctg cctagtccga     71220
     accctgggac cctcagggtg caagatggga aggccagtcc tctgacctcc acacagtttt     71280
     tgctgtgtta acaagtgcat gctcctataa cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca     71340
     cacatacaca aatgtaatca gagatgtaaa gaatgcatgc gtatgatcaa gaatagtcct     71400
     gtaaactgtt tcaccatcca ggctagtttt ctgaagctga gcaaatgtag ctttctctct     71460
     catatgtgcc acccaagcct ctttgttttt cttggtttgg tttggtttag tttgtttttg     71520
     tttttgtttt ttgggtcttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ttgagacagg tttctctgta     71580
     gagccctggc tgtcttggaa ctcactttgt tccaagctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc     71640
     ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ttgggactaa aggtatgcac caccacatct ggctgcctct     71700
     ttgtttttaa aggaagtagc aattctatat tttacctgca aatttaagtg ttagaaccac     71760
     ggagcccagg gactgaggac agagctcagt tggtagagca ctggcctagc acgcgtgaag     71820
     acctgggttt ggtccccagc acttcataga accaggcaga gggtaaagat gggatgatgg     71880
     gaattttaag gtcatccatc ctctcccagg ctacacagca aggtcaagga cagcccacct     71940
     tttaaaaaat taaaataaaa ggttagagtt gatggatggc ttagcagagt tcagtagtgg     72000
     aaggaaggaa ctaacaccca agggttgttt tctgaactca gcaaggtgcc atagtatgga     72060
     cacatacaga cacacacaga gacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca gacacacaca     72120
     cacatacaca cacacacaca gacacacaca tagacacaca cacacagaca cacacataga     72180
     cacacacaca gacacacaca cacatacaca cagacacaca cacacacaga cacacacaca     72240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ctatgatgat aataaataaa taagtacaaa cactcaggaa     72300
     taaccctaca gaagccagta ttatagttta tactttaaac atggtttgat tttttattct     72360
     agcattaact attagctctg tttaaagttg acagcttccc tccagctcta aatgaaaacc     72420
     tcaccagggg ccagagagac ggctcagtgg ctaagcgcac tggccacgct tgcagacgac     72480
     ctgggtttgg ttgccagcat ctgtcaggtg atttccagtg cccgtaactc ttctggccta     72540
     tgtatacaca tggcctactc acacgcatac acatgaacaa acaagaatct ttaaaaagta     72600
     aagaaagaaa tcttagctag attggatgtg tttttctgtt ttcactggaa taatgtaccc     72660
     agttccaaaa tatcatactt ttaataattt tattatctaa gttttaaatg aagaagccag     72720
     agaaagtacc caaggagcta aaggggtctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa caatatgaac     72780
     taaccagtac cccctggagc ttgtgtctct agctgcatat atatcagaag atggcctagt     72840
     cggccatcat tggaaagaga ggcccattgg ccttgcaaac tttatatgcc ccagtacagg     72900
     ggaatgccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtacggg agtggggggg ggtatgggga     72960
     atttggggat aacatttgaa atataaaaga agaaaatacc taattaaaat aataataata     73020
     ataataaacc tttaaaaatg caatgaattg ccagactaga cttcaagtag cctttcttct     73080
     tcacaacaca cagatgctgt gaccagtagt cactgcttat ggttcaatat ttgtgttttt     73140
     gcattttatg aaaactgggc ttcagatctg ctcaaagcca attgcaacat ttatcccaag     73200
     aggaaactta gaataaaatt tgcatgataa aatcgccagt ttacatccca cagtcttagc     73260
     tgatttctac actaacgtgg aaaaattata ggaaactatc tctggaacat gttcatcatt     73320
     aagtctccca agggatagct gcttaacagg tcagaacagg agctggactc atggtcctca     73380
     ctgctgagaa ctcttggtgt caaacaaatt ctgtcagagt atttatctcc acacagaaca     73440
     ttagatctta tttttagatt ttcattaaat ttcataaagc aggtgtattt gtaagctgaa     73500
     tttcaccggt gtgcgtgatc tgcttgtaga cagatttgct ctgctccttc ttctggcatg     73560
     cttaccttta aagcggtatt ttaaaaactg ggtttttaaa aagttctttg atttcagtgc     73620
     agtccacatt gtcaaatcct gttcttccaa aggtgaactg aaaaggaagt caacactcct     73680
     tagacagact ttggcttact tccagctgat gtgtgtccta ccacctatgt catagaccct     73740
     caaatcagaa gcatttgaga actggaaatg actttgtgga ttatggagcc tccaatctac     73800
     ttactttaag aataataatt gggggctggt gagatggctc agcaggtaag agcactggct     73860
     gttcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatcag     73920
     caatgaggtc ccatgccctc ctctgttgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacctat     73980
     aacaataaat aaaatctttt ttaaaaaaag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag     74040
     gaggaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag     74100
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag     74160
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaat taaagcctgg agctgcccct tccatagata     74220
     ccaacacttc ataagtcagc acagcccttt cttcagcatc cactcctacc gtctggagtt     74280
     ctgacgattg gagttcagaa cctatcctgg gttctggaga ttgactctct tgggctctgc     74340
     ctagcacttc ccatgctgag gctgctgttt cctagcacag actcttttcc aggctaggga     74400
     gcaggctctc tcattggatt ggtttgctct gcaggtcctt tcacagcttg ggattggtaa     74460
     agcaggttgc tggctgggtg tagaggctca gcccttggga ggtgaaggta ggaggaccag     74520
     tagttcaaat ctccttagct ttataaagag tttgaggcca gcctgggcta tgaaaaacaa     74580
     acaaacaaag caagcaagca agcaagcaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaacc tgtatcaaaa     74640
     atctaaacaa atgaactata ggctgggcgg tggtggtgca cgcctttagt cccagcactt     74700
     gggaggcaca ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtaagttc     74760
     caggacagcc agggctacac agaggaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaacaaa     74820
     caaacaaaga gagctataga gatggcttag ggttgagagt attcattact cttgcagaga     74880
     gaactggggt gcagtcccct ttaagatgat ttttatctag tgttttggaa aacaaactaa     74940
     cataatggtt ataatagatt atgtagaata ttttgtatct ggactctaat aaatagttct     75000
     aaataccacg ctgtacgctg cctttctgtc tatctttgga caaacaaacc agcaactctg     75060
     agcctctggt catgtggaat aaatgaaggt atggtccaac tctagtgtaa cgaaatccag     75120
     ctctgtagcc atcactgagc atatgttggt tcctgtttgt ccttccgatt tcaagtaccc     75180
     aaggagaagc ttgattttca tccaaggaaa acacacaaaa cgcaaacatc atataggcag     75240
     aaacaacgtt aaaatagcca ctcaataatt aacccagtcc tcagaatcga aaacaatttc     75300
     ataatgacag aatggaaaag aacacttttc tatagcatct caatgggcag ctgaatgaag     75360
     cccgcctgac cttcttacgg tatccagagg cactgtttaa tttttacagc ctcacagact     75420
     ccagatgcat agggtcacct aggccaaaat ctgctcaaca atctaactaa ccattcccca     75480
     tgggacagtg agctgcacaa tcagaagagg atgtgacagc caccagtaca tttttgtcct     75540
     gactaacagg tgggaagatt acttttttca agtccaagtt tcttgcagtg gttctctttc     75600
     ctaaatttat tgtgattaat acataaaata caaaatcatg ctaacctata gggtgacatc     75660
     ttgaccaatg aaagaatggg cgtgttttag ctcagggctc aaggtacagt tatcatgtag     75720
     ggaagccgag gctgtagaaa ggagcttgaa acagctagtc acattgcatc agaagaagag     75780
     agcaatggat ggttgctcct gttcacttcc cattctctac ttgtacagcc cagaaaccta     75840
     gcaagggaca accacagtgg gcagatcttc ccacaatcag ggtaatgctt cagggacaca     75900
     cccggaagcc catctattgg gtgttactag attctgtcag gttgacaact aacattaacc     75960
     tttgtcagat gtagagtttg tcaatatgct ctcctgtgcc acgtgctgct ggatccagtt     76020
     tgatgctgtt ttgtggaggg tttttgtatc tatgttaatc aaggacattg gcctaaagtt     76080
     ttcttctgtt gtgttctcat ctggctttga tagctggaga ggaactggtg ctggttctta     76140
     tggaaatgtt tggtggaacc caagtagcaa atgtggtgca ggctcttctc aaatggcaac     76200
     tgactcaaaa gttggttgct gctattccat ccaggctgtc tgtctcttca caactcggtt     76260
     attagagtct atgttcaagt atctatcgat acctttaggt tatgacatct ctggaatcat     76320
     ccataataat ccctaatggc cattgaatgt atatgatatc acttataatg tgtctcctct     76380
     ctcatttctc ttagctagtc tcgcaaaagg tttattctgt ttgtctatca aagaagcaga     76440
     tttttgtcat taatcacttg aatttttgtc tctgtttttg ttgttgctgt tgttattact     76500
     gttttaattt ctgctctaga attttttata cctttccttc taccaattca ggattttaat     76560
     tgttacttat ttttctagtt ccttgagatg aaaggaacta agcgacttgt tcaaaacctt     76620
     tctattcttt tgatttgaac attgaggcct ttaacatttc ttgtctttgc tatgctttgt     76680
     ttccatttaa aaacaaattg ttgagatttt gtggcccatc atatggctta tcctggacaa     76740
     agctgagtgt tgatgatagg tgtacttagc agcgtctatc ctatggccct gtctgccttc     76800
     cagagtgggg cttaagaaca tccaagacca cggttctgcc agctccctta ccaccaccac     76860
     ccaaggagtc ctgtgggcat caaggacatt cagaaagcac caggactaaa ggccagtgta     76920
     agaacaaaat caacaagagc cagggcaatg tggcaccacc atagcccagt tagtctactg     76980
     caggaagccc tggatatcct aatccagccg aagcacaaga agatgatctt aaatccaatc     77040
     ttataaagat gatagaagcc tttaaaaggg aaatgaataa cccccttaaa gaaatatagg     77100
     aaaatataat caaacaggtg aagaaaatga ataaagttgt tcaagacctg aaaatggaaa     77160
     tagaagcaat aaagaaaaca caaagtgagg gaattctaga gatggaaaac ctagggatga     77220
     gaagaggaaa tacaggtgtg agaatcacca acagaataca aaaatctcag tggtaaaaga     77280
     tatgatgaag aaattgatac atgggttgaa taaaaggtta aatctaaaaa gttctgaaac     77340
     aaaacatcca aaaaatctgg gacactatga aaagaccaaa cctaagaata ataggaatag     77400
     aagattccca gctacaatgc ccagaaaata ttttcaacaa aatcatagaa taaaacttcc     77460
     ccaacttaaa gaaagatatg cctgtaaaca tacaagaagc ttataaacac caaatagatt     77520
     agatcaaaaa agaaaatctt cttgccacat gataatcaaa acactaaatg tacagaacaa     77580
     agaaagaata ttaaatgttg caagggaaaa gggccaaata acatataaag gcagacctat     77640
     cagaattaca cccagtttct caacagagac tctaaaagcc agaagcacct gaggagatat     77700
     cttgcagact ctatgagatc acatatgtca acccagacta ctatactcaa caaaggtttc     77760
     aatcattgta gatggagaaa acaagatatt ccatgacaaa aatcaaattt aaaaaatatc     77820
     catccacaaa tccagtcata cagaagatcc taaaaggaaa attcctaccc aaggaagcta     77880
     attacatcca caaaaacaca gaacataaat aaccccatac caacaaacca aaggaaggaa     77940
     agcacataca aacacacaca cacataccac caccaccacc accaccacca aaataacagt     78000
     aattaaaaat cattggttat taatatatct caatatcaat ggactcaatt ccccaataaa     78060
     aatggatagg tcattgagac agaaactaaa tggtgaaata atgaaactaa cagatgttat     78120
     gaaccaaatg gtcctaactg atatgtctgg aaatattcct tcttctcagc acctcacaga     78180
     actttctcca aaactgacca aacagtttgt cacaaagcaa gcctcaatag atacaagaaa     78240
     attaaaatac ttccttgtat cttaccagcc caccatgaat taaagctgga attcaacaac     78300
     aagaacaaca acagaaacaa cagaaaacct acaaactcat gaaaactgaa caactctcta     78360
     ctcaatgaaa ttttccaagt aaatgatccc aagaagcgag ctggagtagt cattctaata     78420
     tctaataaaa tagactttga atcaaaagta atcgaaagag atggggaaga ctgtagcctc     78480
     tcccagcctt gaacaggctg attcagacct atgctgccac tgtgaatgag accacctgga     78540
     gtgaaggctt ctgttctatt gctctgtcac ttgcgcactg ctaccactga gaggctgaac     78600
     ctgtcttcgt gagatattcc tgtgatagct gacaacctat ggagttggtg acctaatgct     78660
     aacagctctg gcagactaat gctaacaact tggcaacaaa gcatcaagaa gcctggcatg     78720
     gcaggggatg ggcctccccc tttataagca cagactctta gtaaacactg tgccttgatc     78780
     agaaatctgt cttggtctcc tttcttctct caccatttcc tccattacag ctccggcctc     78840
     ccactcagga actcggctcc tgtggccaca ggtggctaca aagaccactt catactcaac     78900
     aaagaaaaaa ttcaccaaga tgatgtctca ataatttact tggaaaactg ggagagagcc     78960
     agagggatca aagacaccac atgaagacct acagaatcaa ctaacctggg cccatggggg     79020
     ctcacagata ctgaactaaa gagcatgcat gggctggatc taggccccct atacatttat     79080
     agcataagtg caactttgtt ttcatatgag tctcctaaca attggagtgg tggttgtctc     79140
     agtctctgtt ccctcccatt agatcaccct tccccgagct ggactacctg gttgcgcctt     79200
     agtggaagag tgcttagtcc tgcagggact atatgtccta gggttgggtg gtactcatgg     79260
     cgcggggggg gggggggata cttccctgtc tctgagaagg agaaggggta acaggggaga     79320
     cttgtgtggg actgggagga gaggagagag tggggctgtg atctggatgt aatgtgaata     79380
     aatgaataaa tgaatgaatg aatgaataaa taaataaata aataaataga aaaataattg     79440
     tattgctttc tgtatagaag ctcaaagtac tgctaacgaa atctgtacca gaaatgcatt     79500
     tgagtttact aagaagcact ttctaaatgt atgcagcaag gcatttgtgt ctatgcgtgt     79560
     acacgtgatg tgtatgcatg tgcaggtatg tgtataggtg tgcatacatc cacacatgcc     79620
     tgtgtggaga ccaaagaaca atattttctg tctgcctcag taactctcga ctccactttc     79680
     tgaggcatgt tctctcactg aacctggaac tttgcttgct ggttggagag tctctgtctc     79740
     ccaatggaat tacccaatgg aatgcccatc tgcattctta gcaagcacat cacccatcat     79800
     tattcatcgt accaagcact gagccatctc cttagcattg atacaaaaat tctcatacct     79860
     gctgtcgaat tgtaaagtta gctaggagcc atgcactcct tgtacccaaa tgcaagggaa     79920
     aggctaaagt aaattaatgg acacgttagt tacctttcca tctctgtgat aatcaccaca     79980
     gcaaatagta acttacaaaa ggaagttttt acatggctaa ggtttcaaag gaagggtctg     80040
     taatgttagg aaggcacaac agcaagtggc gggagtggga aaatggctgg tcagagaaac     80100
     accaagaaac agagaacaaa caaagtgtgt gtgtttgact ggagcccact acttgcctct     80160
     gcacaagctg ggaaaactcc atctgccatc cttctacaat ctcatccaca ctggaaaact     80220
     ccatgccatt ctaacatggc caacctaccc aagtgcccac ccaggtgccc atgttctgac     80280
     aacactttcg tatagtccca gctcctggct gacatgtgat caccccttgc ctgaggtcta     80340
     taaaacctcc ctgccttatc ccgtgcacgc ttgccttctc cagcctgatc tttggggcta     80400
     tcagaagttg taccaattaa acctgtatgc attttctttg aatcttgtct gatctggcct     80460
     atattgtgtc agtggaaaac ctattagggt gatgttataa acactcaatg tctgccccca     80520
     gtgatgtact tcatccagca aggctgcacc tcttaaaagg tgtgtaacct cccttcacag     80580
     cactgtttaa atctgagtct acaccaagca gcagttatcc actgggtgat tcagtgctgt     80640
     acacacttgt tctcggctcc ttgcttcatc ccaaggagtc tccaccccaa ctctcaattc     80700
     ggttgctttt cagcatcagg ctgaggtaag accctaagca gacttcccat gcaactcttc     80760
     tacatgtctc cctcgcctct ggtttgttgt tctacaagat ttaagtatct gaacctcccc     80820
     aacccctgtc ccttctgttt ctccagacca gaccagctgg ctcccttcag accccctgag     80880
     tactgctgtg cataagtaca gtaagatgag gcactgggac acccacactg tttgttttct     80940
     tcctcccggg gaccacagac ctagactgct gcgcaaaatc tgaagagagc cattacacac     81000
     atatctgtcc aatttcttgt gctctgggct aaggaagcaa gaccagcctt agaactgagt     81060
     tacatctgga aatataatgc cagaactgtt ttaatcacta ctatacttta ggcgatgtag     81120
     ctttccaatt aaagtaagag tcacatgatt ccaccgaagc cgtaaccttt ctcttcaaag     81180
     gtcagggcag tcccttttaa tcactaagca gaagtctcaa ggtgctgagg tttgtagggc     81240
     gtctattaaa aagagaggag gttttgaacc ctttccactg agcaaccatt gctgccaagt     81300
     ggcccttgct caccagcatc cctggctctg aatcccccac tttcttctca aaagtctctt     81360
     aatagaatag tctgcctgat tatccacctg ttcagagtcc aagttcccca ctgagggagt     81420
     gtatgggtgg ctgcacacca ggggtgctgg ggagatttgc tcagggttag tgcttttttt     81480
     ttaaaccaag gtaagaacac ctgttctttt agggaaatac ttgctggaaa tagcagttct     81540
     acctttagtg tttaatgcag aagagaatgt ctacccaatc cacagaggaa caggggcctc     81600
     tcttcccatc atttagaggg aacactttaa ttaggtttgg acttaagttc atctccagaa     81660
     agatagctaa taatatcgga gagtttttaa taacaattaa ccagaacagg attctctcct     81720
     tccagtcagc acaagagcaa tgcaagagac cattcaaaac attgtctatc taattgacct     81780
     ctggagaatg acaaattaca cctggcaagt atttataggt ttttaatttg ggtttgtttt     81840
     tactctttta aaaaaattca ccaaggggta tgtatggaag ccttggttca ttaactcaag     81900
     aactgtttac ttttctcttg tgttgtgtcg tgcccagcgc tggatattcc ctggggataa     81960
     agtgagtgtg gcccagtggc caaggaacac atcgtctcca gaaggaacag gacaggcaac     82020
     tggattacaa catgtgattg acaatatgtg taatagaaat ggtgtggatg cttttattta     82080
     aaagagagag gctgacacag ctgcaggaac acaggcctga agattgattc ttcaggttat     82140
     ggaaaagatt tctggaggtg gtcccattcc cctagtagat gaaggacaac atccctgagc     82200
     caggtgtgaa ctgggagacc atggaagagt ttcagagagg gggcactaac tcaaacactg     82260
     tgctgtaggg gtaggaggca ctgtggctgt aaagatagga caggagaccc tttgctgtgc     82320
     tcaggctatt gccaagaggc acggccaaag caagtgagca ggtcggacag acgacaggct     82380
     gtttggcagc tgactagcag ggaaggatgg agaagttagc tgtcatggga agctcggtat     82440
     gcctaccgtg aggcctgaag atggacatca aatgaaaatg agcccctccc cactcacccc     82500
     aaacttgcct ttgcgtgtat atggtcatgt gtgcctctgg ggagtgagaa tttatgtagc     82560
     tttgaatgga gcaccagggt gtgaagacca ctgctgtgct gactctcacg acatgatgaa     82620
     gtggtaagga agccagaagg cacaaagact agattcatcc tcctcagtag tggtgaggcc     82680
     ttgcaattct ctataagatt tttttttttg atttggacaa atgcaaatat tttatgagtt     82740
     attctaaatt attcttttct ctgtgaagta cagcaaatcc tgtctggagg ttagctctta     82800
     cctgcatgta taagcatgca tgtatgggtt tgtgtttatg ctttaaaata attttctggt     82860
     gggaaagttt acaaacatat atagaaggag agaaaatcgt taaagaactc ccatatggct     82920
     attactggtt ttgataatta tcaacataca gccaatattg cttcttccat gcctcgatcc     82980
     ctctctccct tattatgaag caaatctaag aaatgacatt gtatttgtac atatcttagt     83040
     acgcttcttt gaaggactct tctttccctt ttctctcata tccaatgctg gtctcacact     83100
     cactgtgcag gtgataatga ccttgagctt ccgattcctc ggcttctgcc ttctcagggc     83160
     tggaattaca ggtgtgcagc atatgcctgg tttatggagc accagagagg gatcgaacct     83220
     agggattcat gaatactgaa ttttaccaac tgagctaatc tccagcccta gaactcatgt     83280
     taacagaatg aaactactat ttaaacataa aaataccatt attgtctccc aaatattaca     83340
     gccagtgctc tgcttcattg gtttaaacgt ccatgattgt tttgtttttc aagacagggc     83400
     ctcactgtgt atccccagtt aggctggaat tcaccatgta gactagcctg gtcttgaact     83460
     cacagggatc caaccgcctc tgcctctcaa gggctggggt tgctggcatc tccatgacat     83520
     ctggctaccg tgtctttgct gctgggttcc acaagttcac ttgatcttgg ccattcctac     83580
     catcaggggc cccaggtgtc cccctgggaa gtccccagat ctagccaggg cctgtatgta     83640
     gctgaagcct cagggaccgg caggttcaca cgaacttctt tttcctttcc ttcctctgga     83700
     gccctttaac tacagtgagc ctggctctgc ttttatcttc tgccttgatt tcctgtagga     83760
     agccctgact agttgaccct atctttaatg actgcctgtg gctataaatt atttgacatt     83820
     tgaccttaga taatttgttt atgtcactgt tgtgcctgca cgggttgcta tgaccaacac     83880
     aaaacaggaa aagtgacaga gtatgacaca cactggaagc caggaagctt ctacttttgt     83940
     tttctggaca agtcaaccat tacatgaaaa tcaaactaca tgaaaagacc tcacgtagga     84000
     attctaattg gcagtcccat cagaaccaag tcctaatgcc accccaatag cttctatgcc     84060
     tgtgtaaaga tgcttctagg tgattctgtc ttttgttatt gggtgtctta gtcagggttt     84120
     ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg aggaaagggt ttatttggct     84180
     tacacttcca cactgctgct catcaccaaa ggaagtcagg actggaactc aagcaggtca     84240
     ggaagcaaga gctgatgcag aggccatgga gggatgttct ttactggctt gcctcacctg     84300
     gcttgctcag cctgctctct tatagagccc aagattacca gcccagagat ggtcccaccc     84360
     acaaggggcc tttccccctt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg ccttacagtt ggatctcatg     84420
     gaggcatttc ctcaactgaa gctcctttct ctgtggtaac tccagctgtg tcaagttgac     84480
     acaaaacttg ccagtacact gggtttgctc cagatgcctc acagctcccc actgagcctg     84540
     tagctgttgt gaagcaagta gaagccatcc tagcttgggc tgtatggaag agcatgaagc     84600
     ccgaacacag gcctgggaaa ccatgagcac aataaagtgc tttgtcttgt gtgtcatatt     84660
     tacggcagct tgataatgca ttaacaacct ctctagttcc tgccttgcct gctgtgctta     84720
     caggattaaa atccctccac acttatgact caacacaaca cactgagtaa ctctagttta     84780
     gctgagagtt cagataagta aacttagaga tctcaccatc tctttgtaaa atgtaatggc     84840
     attcccatct ctcccatgtt gactcactct ggccttcagc catgtctgtc atcattaatt     84900
     gcagagtgtc ttgagttaat tattctagtg agcaagactc cagatagcta ccttgatagg     84960
     ttccaaatag tttaagactt catcagtctt tcatccagct catccttcca tctttcctgg     85020
     gtcctgcact ctacagtagc tgcatccctg ccgttcccct ctgcagcatc ttatctcagc     85080
     tctacctcca ctctctctct tctaaagtat ttattggcat ctcctatctg ccatcatgcc     85140
     tgggaaagtg gctgagggcc tgtgtttgtt ctgtgtggga cttccatgac gccccccgct     85200
     ccctggcggc ctctcacttc agccatactt aggcttttgg ggccttgctg taggctgtgg     85260
     aatgctcttc tcagcttcag tcctggtctt cattcccacc ctccgagggt ccttatgctg     85320
     aggtgctgag tcttgcaagg tgtctgtgga ggtgaactca tgctgatccc cacttgtaaa     85380
     actctttgag cctgctaatg acagctaaca tacttcacac actggtgaga atccagtttg     85440
     cattgtgctg acaacaaaag taccaaagta catctgagag ccagttgtgt cttttacaaa     85500
     ttcagaaagg ctagcttttt actaccagtc tgtaactcac tggtacaatg ctggactagt     85560
     gcatataaag ccctgggctc aatcccaggc acagcagaaa aagggcttga tttctggtcc     85620
     atgctgtcaa atgaaaatgc gagtagaaat gcatataaag aaggttaaga tcaacattca     85680
     aagccattag gaagtttcca gtggatgagt gaaaagaact ccagctctgg gtgtgcccct     85740
     ggaagccagg gacaggaaca ctcagcttaa acagcccatg gtcctcagtt ccactggtac     85800
     ttactaaata cggcaacaac gtgttctgcg tgtcttctta ggtactgagc tacttcattg     85860
     ttcagtgact ttctaagacc catcacatct gccgctcggc cctgaaggaa ctgtgggtgg     85920
     taatgctggg caggatatcc agtttcacag ccagagatag agaagctctg tgtgatgctc     85980
     ccacaaccta agctggcatt tgcaactact ctggcatggt gaggttgcta ctctttctga     86040
     aagggtttgt ttgtttgctt agtgttttat ctgtgtgtgt gtctgtctga acacacacac     86100
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atctccatgt ggagtcctgt     86160
     ggaggccaga agagggcatc agatttcctg cagctataga acaggggagt aagtgagctg     86220
     cccagagtgc attctgggag ccatactctg gtcctttggg ggagctgcaa ggactctgag     86280
     catttcacca gcactaattt aaaaatttta atattgtttt gcatatagat ttcaaacatt     86340
     aaagttcact ttagtttttg atactgtcta cactataagc tgcacagcat tcataaacta     86400
     ttctttaaaa ttgtgcatac tcttccataa aaagtcagat agcaccacag atcaacaaat     86460
     gccaagccta ctgaacagtc agatcacacc atgttcccat ttctgtttcc taaaatggtc     86520
     tatttttctt gaaaatgtca agtgcttaat aatagacaca tcaggataat gacttacatt     86580
     tcacagagta tgacattgtt gtgtgacaag acattttctg gagagacaca catctaatca     86640
     ccccagataa gaaacccatg acagaccaag gtggagttac aggaatatgg gtgagggcat     86700
     ggtggcatac acctgtaacc tcagtgtgta gaaggtagaa gccgcagaat cagtagttta     86760
     atgtcattct tgcctacagt gagttcaagg ccaataacct gaactgcctc aaaacaaagt     86820
     aaaacttaat aatactgctc taagtctcct tgctttggta caagccaagc caaaatagta     86880
     aaatgaagag agatggcaga tgctctagct ggagaagggc tgtggctatt ggcaggatgc     86940
     tagttggtag gctaagaaac ctttggaaac atttgaagag atgtgtgaac taacattgta     87000
     ggaatatgtg tatacatatc acttataaaa atatataaga ctgaaagtca cgaggtacca     87060
     agacacacta gacattagac agcaaagggc cttagctcca tcttcacatc tggcccaccc     87120
     cttatttcga gtttaactca ctatcttcca gaaatctaag ttatccattg aacaagctgt     87180
     aacatgccag gagcattgtt cagagcgcta acacactaga acatttgcta cagtatgcct     87240
     atacactgga catttactca aaaaaggtta agatttcatc tgagaaaact gacatgctta     87300
     tcctggccca tagttgatag gttttcacat agcaaaggag gcacagtcat ttgggctgca     87360
     ttaaaaatca acaacacaag aagaatttgc aacagaagcc cagtctgtaa gattcctggt     87420
     ttctaaggct gtcttattag caatgcctaa gggaagcttt accatataga gaaaagcaaa     87480
     aacaagaaac aagcataaga caatgaccct ttaagaacca tctacggcag tggccctcgc     87540
     cttcctattg ctgtgttcat ttaatacagt tcctcatgct gtggtgatct cccaaccaat     87600
     agaattatct cacggctact tcataactgt cttttttgcc gttgtgaaat tgtaatgtaa     87660
     atatttaata tgcaggacgg tcttaggtga ccgctgtgcc cagggtcatc caaccctcaa     87720
     aggttgaatg actccctccc tataggttga gaatcgttca tctaactcaa gcaacagctt     87780
     gattcaaagc atgccacttc tcatgcagag ggcactggga gcatgggagc atcttcttgg     87840
     ctgcccaagc tgtgtgttgg atggcactag gctgcatcca cagaaaagca cagtgatgca     87900
     cactatccat gccacacttc cacagagcat actgcctttg ctggagatgg caacttctaa     87960
     ttcaggtctg ctaggtcctg ggtttccctc cagcacaata agaacaggga tatttgggtg     88020
     tacataaagg acaaaaatac acactgtact ctaagcatta gtgggaccac tggaagtgaa     88080
     ataaatgttc aaatattgtg tgatttttaa aaaaatttac ttattaatta tatgtaatta     88140
     cactgtagct atcttcagac actccagaag agggcatcag atgtcgtgac agatggttgt     88200
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtcggtgctc     88260
     ttacctgctg agccatctca ccagccccag tgtgatgttc ttaaagaaat tttaaaaata     88320
     ctaactctga attcaaaagc acttcaacca aagagaaaat gatactttca aagtcacttt     88380
     tattgagcta atcagttgac ttgattggga gttgggggat atgatggaat tatccaaatt     88440
     taaccatttc tggaaacaca ctctcatgta taagaaaaca ttcaactata aattcactag     88500
     gctggcgatg actcagcttt taaaggctag gctcacaacc aaaaactagg cttgctctta     88560
     ctgaagcagg tcctagggct ggtctggctg agaaggaaac cactgcatag atagcatggt     88620
     ttggtagcag agccctccct ctggtggaca ttggtaggaa ttttcagaaa gcttaaaatg     88680
     gctccaggat tcattgcgtg acctgtaatt ttatacaagt tgttttaaag tcaaggtgtt     88740
     tgggctattg ggcagctgaa atgtaaaccc attctggggg tttccagtta gaggtgtttg     88800
     tatttatctc tttgaaatcc ttctgctgga tttccaaggg atgactgcag aaagggggag     88860
     ggggcgttcg cggggtgggg gtgggggtgt agttagacca tgcctgagat atgagaagac     88920
     aactaactcc cttgacttgc cactatctga agatgtgatg agaaaccact acctgagaat     88980
     gggcgctctc tccacaagtg gaatcagcca gcgccttcat catgtacatg gcctgtaaaa     89040
     ccatgagaat cagtgttgtt aacaggccac caatttaagg tacactaatt taaggttgag     89100
     atcagatctc aacctgagct tgcagctacc tttcctaaca gcccttcgtt atgcaggcgt     89160
     gcagctaccg ttactaacag ctcttggttg tggaggcttt gtttgctgga atgtgggaag     89220
     gagaccaatc tttattccct tgatccccag agcaggccct ctccaaccct agctgtcctg     89280
     attgtccaaa aacactggag acattactct cagaaatgat gacagtgaag tgtcaccaga     89340
     ggaaatggaa ggggatgggg agagtagtta aattctggtt atgttatgaa gttagggctg     89400
     gaagaaattt tgaaagaacg gtcagagtgt gagaaagagt ccgggacagt actgaagatt     89460
     tgagccccaa caaattgaat tgtttccatc tagggtgaga acatcaagag gggcttccac     89520
     ttggactgtt tgggtacttc taagcactag gacacaactt tggacattaa atttaagagg     89580
     cttaggctgg caagatagtt caataggaaa aggtgcttgc caccaaacct gacaacctga     89640
     gttcaaatcc tagggctcac attggagagg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     89700
     cacacaggtt aaaatagtaa aatatgttta agaggcttag acaactaaat ggagctgcca     89760
     gccaagttgc actgaataca gtatgaatag gaaggtagat ctgatctatt gtacgtttat     89820
     gcagcactag acttacagat aacacttaat gaactagaaa atgagtattg tttttaaaat     89880
     ttaaaaggaa acaggatgga agctcgaaca aagggataaa agggggaaca agtacagaaa     89940
     caaggcagga gtcacagcaa gtgtggaaag ctgaactttt gcagtttaca gaacacagtt     90000
     gcatcatatt tcctttggta attccatctt ttgcagactc tgcactccct gcaacaatct     90060
     gatgcttgca gatctttgca cacttttgac tcctcacagt gacctggcac atggcacatg     90120
     aaagtgattg cctgtgctct accgcagatc tcaagtccag ccctatactt ttttatagca     90180
     gtgattccct ctactatgat cgagaaacag gaaccaaatt acactgcagc atgatgatgg     90240
     ccactactca gacatgaatg gaagatgaac agaatcaagc cgtggatgtc tttttacttt     90300
     cttacttgaa tactggttgt gcgtgttttc ttcagtgaac acatatgtat tgagtataat     90360
     ttcatggggg ctgttggtgt cagtgctttg tctttttagt caggatctca ttacatagcc     90420
     caggctggcc tcaaacttgt gattttcctg cctcagtttc tcaagtatca ggactccagg     90480
     cataaacaat gctatttgtg tagctttatt aagctctatc acaaaaatgg ggcatgccag     90540
     gcatggtggt gcacaccttt aatccatcca tcttttttca tgagctgaat caaaaccaag     90600
     tatttaatag gagtcacaaa gacttgtaaa gaataattgt atcattacca atactggaag     90660
     ataataaaat aaccaatatt caaaatctat tgtgtaagtt ttatggttgt gtttgtctgc     90720
     attgtaacta catacataaa ttcactgact gtttcattcc attggtttat cttctgtaac     90780
     cgttcatagt gacatgctca gatcagctta tccatctcac tcaggcagac tgaaccagct     90840
     agggcgtcct tgtaatgttc agtcccagtc atttccctca tagctaggac ttcactggga     90900
     ggaggggaaa ccatgatcct tgcagtatgc tcagtgcctc accccaaaat gtccataatg     90960
     ggattcctaa ctaaacctgg acacacggca ctcagacgaa cctctggggc tttgcagatg     91020
     tagctaagag tgtgaagtgg ggagattatg cagacaacag aatgacacaa tatacactgc     91080
     aaagagcgga gatttcaaga agttcattgg gctatgaagg aagatgatca cctagtgaac     91140
     agaatggaac tgagtgggag gaggcagggg catgacaagc tcctcctatt catgactatc     91200
     ctgccaacat ggcgatttca gactgaggcc aagttttgtg gtccccagga cttagtattt     91260
     gtgcgtgtgt gcacgcaagc gtgcacacat gtgttttttg ccatccaaat cacagtcatt     91320
     cattacagca gaatcaacac aaagctttcg gcatatttta ttgtgaaata ttggcttaga     91380
     aaaaagtaca aaatgccaac agtcagatgt atacaggtac agtattttgt taatctatac     91440
     atgtgaccag cttaacaggc tcatcggaaa atgcatattt agaccaatat actctaaaaa     91500
     tgactgtaat attcacaggc tattaataca tgataaactg gagtctatat gaccctcact     91560
     gggatatgct aactgcagca aacaggctaa aagcacaata cagcacacca tagtacctct     91620
     ggacaggtcc acgtttaaag agtatcaatt cattagatca atacactaca gatctgggac     91680
     tgagactcaa tcactaattt atacaattgc aaaaaaaatt taagttataa aataaagtta     91740
     tggaataaag agtatgtctg attagggctg aatactgtaa agtcctaaat tttagtttta     91800
     gccttgcact ttacaaagct tcactatttt aaactgattt ccaatttcca tgttagctaa     91860
     aaaggggagg agggattctg tttctatctt ctccagcaag gtatcagaac tactgtagtt     91920
     catttagaat tatgactact gtggattgaa aactggccaa gaaactgtaa tcaaacaaaa     91980
     cgtaaagcaa tgtaataagg actttatgaa tgcagcagat cctgcagaca ggaatcccca     92040
     cagtaaggca ttgtctacca aagtggaaaa cagtgagcga gcgagtgtgc ttctgaggcc     92100
     ccaggacagc acacagctga ctcttaccaa agctgactaa ttcaatctta ctgtcacttg     92160
     aaaatgaggt ctttctgaac ttgtagattt cctttcactt gtagcaaact actgtgggaa     92220
     gtttactaaa acctgagtaa tttaaaatga attgttatat gtattcttaa cactaatctt     92280
     tgatatgaag accatataaa caattctcta aaaataaacc tttcaggact gatgaaaaca     92340
     agtgtaactg cacattccta agagaaagaa gtcatatggt gtggccagca gtgcctgaag     92400
     gtttagaatt caccttgaag ccagaactaa catcagaagc tgatctgtaa tttctcagaa     92460
     tctatcccac actatgttaa ccttttatag acaattttat tcttttgagg caaattactt     92520
     ataaatagtg tctgaatctt acagatttca attattcaga cataagcacg gatttgatta     92580
     taaaagttat ttaattttcc agatttgtat taaatttaca aagtaagtat ggtgtacata     92640
     aatattaact tagaacacat tataaaaaag cagatatatg ggctgttata gaaacgttat     92700
     aaattttaaa gaaattttat ataaaaataa agcaaaacat gtaactcaca aaatataaac     92760
     acgaagccac acaacataaa aataaaatca ctctatcaaa atggagttaa aattaaatct     92820
     ttaggaaagt attccaacat aattaaatga actcaatgac caacagcttc ccttatgata     92880
     cagcagcaaa ccacaaaatc acctaaagtc tatatgcatt tatcagttaa ttcttaatat     92940
     gcaatcttgc atgttactaa taactttgat ttctttttga aatccggtta tatacatatg     93000
     cacttatata caaacttatt aacatgattt taaaacaaac catatgtaca aaagatcagc     93060
     attcctataa ataaaaacat taggtggcaa aaaggcactt gtaagtaaaa atctacagtt     93120
     tttacaaaac aaaaccacgt tttacctcgg atgctgtaca gtgcacatca atcctagagc     93180
     agtagtgaaa tgttaggtta cctaactgat atcagcgacg tgacttttaa aaacgtattt     93240
     acatatactc tgaagctctt ttaataaaag caccatgatt ctctaaattc atgttgatgt     93300
     gaagtaaaaa tacaattccc aaaaaaacag tgttcaccat cattttcctt gtttaaaagt     93360
     tttgcatttc taaatggaaa actatttatt tgaaaacagc atagtgttaa acaaacgcaa     93420
     agccccaccc ctgctgctgc tctgccagcc actccattat tgcatgttgc attttacaca     93480
     gtgcacctgt gcactccaca ccatcaatac tattgctaga aaaaagttcc ggtatcaaag     93540
     aattaagaag tcactccaag ccagctgaag ttttatctgc atgtttacaa cttaaaaaat     93600
     gctgtgtgta agttacaaaa gtgaatagga gacataccaa ttaatttggc atgtaaaaat     93660
     atctttccac tgcacagaat ctaagggtgt cacaggacac ctcaagtaca cactgttggg     93720
     cagaaatgct aaacaagtga ctttttcagg gagatgttag cacgcttcca ctcttgtcaa     93780
     actttttacc cttagacaag gctgcaacct gtttgagtag ttctctgttt ttggcctgtg     93840
     agagacaaaa attcaagatt taaaaaattt gaactagtaa gtcatgctga aaactactac     93900
     ttaataattt catttatata aaaatgatat acatgagttg gtctatttaa tctctttcag     93960
     gttagatagg cagaactttg attggtgtat cagctcttga taaacgtcag tgtttgtcca     94020
     ctcctacagt cttagacaaa tggcaagtgg ccagctccct agaagtttca aatctaaaac     94080
     aagaaaaaac ttttggttct ttaaaacatg aaaactatct aaatgcacgt ttttcaacaa     94140
     aacaaaggaa gaatcaaata tttattttgg agaattttct agcaagctaa atgaggtctt     94200
     ccatttgctg cttactgtta tacagaaaaa gtatgagatt gtgtttgtaa aaatcattgt     94260
     gtcactttgc caaaggccct tattaaacat tttctttctt tttttgtgtt ttttgttttt     94320
     ctttcttttc tttttttctt tttttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     94380
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaaccctcc tgcctctgcc     94440
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accaatgccc ggccttaaac attttcttat     94500
     ctacttgtgt gcacacgtgt gggccaccac atgcatgtga aggtcaaagg acaacttgag     94560
     ggagttcatt acctcttctg gacatgggtc tgggaaatca aactctggtt ctaagacctg     94620
     gaggtcagat gcaactcttc acattttcac aagcccaggt ggtccttcca cgtgatactg     94680
     actttagtgt cacctaagcc attttcctcc attgctattg gtctaatttc atagcccacc     94740
     caccccaccc caccccacct cctgccaaag attcagaatg tcactgtagc aatgctctga     94800
     catttcagct agttctacaa tgcctgctca tcagaaagaa cattgcctgc agggtgtcgt     94860
     ctggtagagc tgttgttcct gggggatcta caagtgggaa cttcatcgag tcttttctca     94920
     ttcttctgtc tctgctactc tatgcagctt ctgggaagtt aggtaatgaa agttcctcat     94980
     gaaaactaca aatcatcaaa gctgctctga gtttctgagc caacagaaac agtatgacgt     95040
     ttgagcacta ctaaactata acacaatttt aaaatcctca ggggaagcct ccactactca     95100
     taagcatgaa ctattactct gacaaatcct agtaacagtg taactatatt atttaacatt     95160
     aattacaata gactcacttg caagaaataa attgtggagt gcagagcagg gaaggacaca     95220
     gaaaggccct agccagggct gcagaggcag gcagttagga gcaaccattt accctggctt     95280
     accaaataat taaaactctg ctttcaatca aggaaaaaaa aaatgaactt atatgtttct     95340
     ttcctagaat aaaatgcaag aactagaaga atagatatgt agctagtctc ccagtgacag     95400
     cagtattttg ttgataaatt atatacgaca aaggctttaa gaagaatagt gcattggttg     95460
     ttattgagtc cttgcaatat aagctttaca ttgcagataa gctgtatatt gcagagatta     95520
     agtgtataca ttgaaatttt attctaatac ttattttgca ccctacaaaa gtcaatgcaa     95580
     ttattgcaat acttaagtta gaaacattta aaaatgtcag cctaaataaa ggaaggaact     95640
     acacagaccc tgcctatcat ctccaggctc tacttaccta tgacttaact ggaagataag     95700
     tcatatccct aacaagagac tctgggagtt gaaaaaaaca tggtactgtg acctgcacac     95760
     aacaacactc acacataatt tcccttccct ttagcttgtc ttacgaaaga acagaatttt     95820
     tacttggcat tattggtact ttggatttaa taccatttgg ggggatgaat ttcagtttgt     95880
     attcttaggt ttgatagttt aaaaatattt aaaagatcta ttggagcaag ataattttgt     95940
     taaccattaa attctctgta tcataaaaga ctaaggaaac aggtaggaag gagtaagggg     96000
     tacaaaccaa gcacttggag gctaaaggag gatgatgagt ttgaggccaa actgggatac     96060
     atagtgaagc tccaactcaa aaaaaaagca aacaaatgaa agagataagg agagatttaa     96120
     ctaggtatac tcaccacagc aactgctact aaggtcagta gctacactta gccgtagcgg     96180
     gtctctagca gaactcaaag tgtataggga agcagctgat taggaggaca ttcggatacc     96240
     caagtaacct gaggtgtgag ctgatgcaag acattcctca gaatgaacaa gtaagcctga     96300
     ggcacacaat gtagtgtcta tgtctcgcct actacttatg tgactggttt cacctgtaat     96360
     ttggggcaac tcatcactca gctattataa gaagcaaata tgaacatgac atacaaaaca     96420
     attaactgta ccttcccttc tgtatgagta gctgctatgg tagcatagaa aaactcagtt     96480
     aagaggaagt gggctgaaga caccaaccag gctaaaataa aatggttctc ttgcaattca     96540
     ctttaacaaa aggaactgtt ctctggcgca ttggaagaac ataccaggtt aagtcagacc     96600
     taggaagtgc ttaccattat tatagttact ctgtaactta gagtttttat ttcagcgctt     96660
     ctgttacata aggttgatta tatctcaggg gatcattcaa cataacttaa gaatataata     96720
     aaacaaagta attgctgatg ggtaaaaata gtaagtaatg cacaagaggc ccagctcaag     96780
     atgggcaatc ttcaaggagg gagggcaaat gcattgccac aaatctccac acatgcagca     96840
     attacttgga tacactatgc cctggttcta caatggttcc tttacaaatt cctgtcacta     96900
     gtaaaaatgg gaagcaagga atatacatgt ggatcccaag aagcatgtaa agtctattca     96960
     attacgacac acaccaaacc acacaagcaa cagaaaatat accttgcttt aataggggaa     97020
     acattcagaa aacaaaacat acaaatgaag gaaaattcat gcactccctt caaagctgca     97080
     ctctcccctc aagcctgaac tctgaatatg acatcatctc tatgtttaag agattaactc     97140
     tataaatgtc acaatgtaca aactacagaa cacgaatcaa tgtgttatgg ttttatgcct     97200
     caatttatag aatagttaaa aacaagttgt agggccgggc gtggtggtgc acgcctttaa     97260
     tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgagtccag cctggtctac     97320
     aaagtgagtt ccacgacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaga aaaccaaaac     97380
     caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caagttgtaa tgagggagta gcccctttct atgttgatgt     97440
     tcactatcta ccctctttgt tagtgactct cagctcccac tgttcagttg ttccgtatat     97500
     ttaagaccta tttatctaca ttaaatacac tagtatttat taaatatact caatacctga     97560
     tacactttca atacaatcaa gtactgtctt ggtctggaga acacatacac agcatgaaag     97620
     cccttcaacc atggtctgga gacctggctt ttgggggcag ttgtgcaggg gaggttttga     97680
     cataaggctt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     97740
     ctcgaattca cagagatccg tgtgtttctg cctcccaacc ccctaacaag gttggccttc     97800
     tctccctccc gtctgggtac ccagaaagag atgggaagaa cgattaaagc gtatagagtc     97860
     accttagcgt cataaaggac ggtagtcaaa tgaagagtct tcagtatttt ctgcaagccc     97920
     cacttagtgt gtgcatgttt tcatggtcag cactgaatca gctttcaagt gatttccaac     97980
     aaaagctttt aatgggatca agatctaaac tttataaagt caaaattaaa actggaaaaa     98040
     atagccacct actcaagtca agaaacacta caatatagat ttaaatctgc gactagcacc     98100
     gcacataaat aaccccattt acctggagtt gttccacagt ttctttgtgc gctttttcca     98160
     tactgttcat cttagtcctc aaatttgact cttggtattg aaagtctgcc ttcagttcag     98220
     ttaactgaaa ttaaaaaaaa agaaaagcat tcatgtacac acttatctgt ccacatactg     98280
     acacattaaa tattctttcc aacaggcatt acttgttatg aaagtagagg tagttggtag     98340
     caactgcatc ttctgtagac caattgtctg acccacccac tgccactaag cttttaatgt     98400
     caaggttgat ctttgagact tgctttgggc ttaactggtc acaccttcat aactagaatg     98460
     ccaaagtaaa gcttaatggc tcctgaactg cttcaactaa atacacatca cagtcaatca     98520
     acagacgtgt agttaaaatc atctccaata atgaaggaaa aaggctccat aataggcact     98580
     ttacccaatg gttatcaacc aagggcaatg gtgtttgtaa ttggtaattt gtgtccatta     98640
     tgtacaaaaa gccattatac tacatttacc taccaggaca aaaatatagt caatgtgagg     98700
     aagcagagac tacaagacaa tgctttcatt aacataaaca aaagtacatt ataggatttc     98760
     aaatgtacag cctaagttgc tactaacaga accacacaaa accagcttct gccattacgt     98820
     aagctttcag agtttgtttt ccccataatt actaagtacc tagtaaataa aaaggcacaa     98880
     aagtcaagag aaatgtgaag ggttttatgc tcattcttcc aaagaaaagg ctttatttag     98940
     tccctctcct gggtctgtat tgcatattat aaagagagtt ctgttctgaa atgccaattc     99000
     tgacaccatc aactttaata attattttag tagatatact gcctccagac tgtgagcttc     99060
     tggaagggaa agatagtgtc tgcttgtttg cctgtgattc tttctaactt agtacagtaa     99120
     atgtctggct ttggaagcca ctcaatagaa caacagacag gaacctaact tgatcctttt     99180
     agactaaaaa gaaaacctgc aagtgtatca ttaactttag atacacttat aaacttgctg     99240
     gtgctttctg tccttaaagg aaacactaaa gcaagaaatt gcaacaagca gttaaacaca     99300
     acagcgatgc tgggtgtaca gggttcaagg gtctacaaca gcagttttca acctgtgggt     99360
     tatggcccct attgagaggt gttgatagac atttttgcag gggccaccta aaaccattaa     99420
     aaacacagat gtttacatta tgactcataa cagtagcaaa attagttttg aagtagcaac     99480
     aaaaataatc ttatggttgg catggtgggg tgagggtcac acaacactag gaaggttgag     99540
     aaccacaggt ctacaatttg ttaatatctg gttcataatt actgctattt tgcattaaat     99600
     ctgtcatttt attcaacttt tgttcaaggt taatatagac acatttggct ttgtgtaaaa     99660
     agtaaaagtt ttgtgtacac attttcataa aagcaaattc atttaaaatt attactcata     99720
     aagaacccta aaacagacaa ctacaactat ccaatgttta acttgcatac cagtgccaat     99780
     tttcacaaac taaatttact catactgtgg tacataggaa actaatctca gcactcggga     99840
     gaaggcaggc aggtccggag ttccaggccc gccagaggcc cacagaaacc ctcgctcaga     99900
     acacagaaaa tgaagtagtg tagtcaatga aggccatcaa ccaccagagt gagtgtggga     99960
     gcgtgggagc cgaagcacag aagctgctga acggaggccc gcggactaac tgtccccact    100020
     ggacccgtct acacttccat ctctttttgc tgatgacaag ccactttaaa gattctaggt    100080
     ttttaaaatg ttcacgtctg ctaaaaaata caattaatgt tttttaggag tcattaaaaa    100140
     ttgtttttaa cgttttcact attttcccag tgaatgcttg tctgtatcct aagtgtgcag    100200
     taaggtctct cccatggcca taaacagcag catcaacaca gcatttacac gtgccaagag    100260
     ctgcaggaaa tccttctcgc acacatgatc atcacagcca gccatcaagt agcatgaagt    100320
     gcaaatctat aaagtgagaa accaaggcct caactaagga acatgttcta cttaaggcca    100380
     cacagaaatg gccaggatcg ggatttcatc ctgaatgtgg ctaaataact acaaagcgag    100440
     taagcacacc cacctcttcc agattatact gattactatc actaccacag gacattagag    100500
     tattactact tctcatcggc ttgacacaga gacatggtca atacacatca aagactgttt    100560
     tcaattacct taaaaccaca atgatttaaa tattccattt atatctcatt ttaagattaa    100620
     gatattagat ctactttaaa tgtgcatgct acctgaaaac taatgctcaa aatattacta    100680
     ctataattag ttctcttaga actatgaaca ttctaaaaca ccatttttac ttattttcat    100740
     tagatggctt agacttcaat ttgggcttct atagtttgtc ttgtaaaagt catgcattgc    100800
     aaacatcacc aaataactaa agaaaatttg caaaggttaa ataaaagtca agatgcaaat    100860
     cttatcaagc ttcagtgaac tgtactctca cctttttatc tttttccaaa atagtctggt    100920
     ctctttgctg taagagacgt ttaagtgaca tcacttcttc tttcagttga ctgataagga    100980
     caaaattgtc tgttccccca ctatctgctg actgatttat agagctacta aaaagaaaaa    101040
     agtaaaacgg aattacataa agtagaagga aaatctgcag atgctcaaat tgcataaatt    101100
     agacaattcc acaaacatcc ttaaggctaa tgcaaaaaaa tatgtacctg acagaaatgg    101160
     atgcaactgg caaattacct tactaatggc acacattaca tacacctgca gaaatataat    101220
     tcagtattag cttttagggg gtcaatactt ctagtgtaaa gcaataggca gccaatttgt    101280
     acagtaacat cagcaaacgt tggctaatga actaaaaaca aagtcacact catattttta    101340
     atcaaaacat ttgctaagca ggtcaactga aaactaccac agtcagattt gtgttttcct    101400
     tgaagaacaa ctacagtaat gttctctatt cagatttgtt ctttcctcag aacccaaatt    101460
     tattccccag ttataataac atagttcagt gccactttat tgccaaaatt aaagttttct    101520
     taactgattt gtatgtttta ctctccaagg tgacttaaaa aagtcagtgt gtgagaccca    101580
     tgtttctatt ctcatataaa atatgtaata ataattgata attaaccaga actactcaat    101640
     taagttcagt tttcacagca ctaaagacat tcatttttac ctatctccat tagatggctt    101700
     agattccaac ttgggctttt tctttggagt ttcattctga attgctgcag aggatttatg    101760
     gctgaaagca aaaattagca aaaatgatta aaatgaaaca gaggtatcaa cgtataagct    101820
     actcatcctc tgaaaaacca ctcatcatca cagttccttt ccaatctaaa cagcacgtta    101880
     gagaggctgg tttacgcaag tgcacctcac accacacaca ccggcactca cctctgtttc    101940
     cacagtccct gctcctgctc aggacttaga ctgctgactc tgaaaaataa cacgagtaac    102000
     atctggtcat atttatttaa gatattcttt cccaaaagaa tcaaactatt gcaaatctac    102060
     tgctcacagt agctatataa gctgatatat ggaacacatc acatttaaat aggataaact    102120
     ctaatcaaat tattactagc cagcttaaat tttttacaca catggacaat ggtagattgt    102180
     ctcttctctt taagatttcc aataactcaa tttaaagttg tactcagttt tggagtacat    102240
     gagcacaagg ccacagcagg accatgtaag aatcgaggaa tgattatgtc aactgccctg    102300
     gctatactat acagaagtct gcattggcat ggttatccta aacgcagata aacttgatat    102360
     gactcaagct gctaagaatc ctgtgccatg tcggactagg aagtagcttc tttcacttcc    102420
     tcttagtctc cctaagcagc ctcccccaag tctatagata tctctttgtc agtgcacaaa    102480
     agtcacactc atcatattgg aagatttcag aaagacaaat ggtttcactc ataatactat    102540
     gacttccttt ccatttttct gtagtattaa taactactac ataacctgtg agttagaaat    102600
     acatatttat tcaacttaag aaattactga agtagcaaca gcacagtaat gatttatcag    102660
     gaactcctgg atccaaactg aattcagtgc taagccctgc tctgatggcc tttcatcatc    102720
     aacctttatc tatcatacgc ggttctttct gatttactca acttaagaca ggacccaaca    102780
     aactggcctg tctattcata atatggtctt tagttatcag ataaaaaact gtaccaccag    102840
     ccccatgtat tgacagttct gtatctgaga agccaattaa ctgcagagaa tatgtaggtc    102900
     agcctacagt ggttgctgca gtgaacaaca ctgaacttgt tgtcttttct gcataaacaa    102960
     catagtcaac aatgagttct aattgtatcc attgtgttag gtattgtaag taatctacag    103020
     atcacttacg gtacaggtca tggaaaaact agaccatatc ataaaggata ctggggcact    103080
     ttggagtttc ctatccaaag gacttggaac ctttctcttg tgaataacag gggaacaatg    103140
     taactgtatt tcttaagtac ccctccaaaa gagaaaaaaa aacagtaagt cagcattgtg    103200
     tttttcccct tttgttagaa aactgttatc cttttaaaag attacacgtt gcacctacat    103260
     ctacatcttg ttttttccca ttatgctagg aaaaatcctt ctgaaagcca gcccgggaag    103320
     aagacgttct agaatctggg gaacagagct tacgagagtt tttaaacatt cttcttaaag    103380
     caagaaacag aacggaggct tgtgctcctc actccttggc tattccaatc taaaacccca    103440
     ccttttcttt ctccttgtca gtgcatgcag tctgtgactg caaccctagg aaacagtaca    103500
     acacagcagc aaaccccacg gggtcaatga atcctcatca tctaggaagt atttgctggc    103560
     agataagcta aaacttttgt gttgcaaaat gtagaagcca tttgattcct gcacataaaa    103620
     tcgtatttta aataactatc tgaaattcta aagatgcgta gtaaaattta gagaaaaaaa    103680
     acaaattctt ctgaaaaatg agtatacatc ataccatttg caattctcat ttacaaataa    103740
     atttgtttta gttttttttc ttcaaacact aaaattacat cttaaaaact tcttaatcat    103800
     acacacagtt aagacattac tactgcacaa tttctccgta catcacttta aaaactaagt    103860
     aagatgttat atttgaagta ttacaatacc acctatgctt taaaaaaaaa acaaaaaacc    103920
     aacaagcaac aaaagtataa aacaaagtac ccatagttaa aaaatactgt ctcttacact    103980
     ttggaacctc caagattaat aatgtttcta taggggctgg gcctatagct taacagtaga    104040
     gcctgtgctt agcacaaagg aggagacctg ggttcaatcc ttacaacaaa agtttctact    104100
     tgtcacaaat gatgttaaag tctgttctct gaaaggattc tctacactgc tttaaatatg    104160
     tttttactga gataaacaaa tggcaagtaa aataaacttc aaatacttgg acagaaaaca    104220
     agggtttccc atgaggcctt caacctgagc gtcatctctg gaagtcacat gaggtagaag    104280
     gaccaaactg cttttacaaa gtcattatct atcttccaag tttgagctgt catgcacata    104340
     cccagaagat taaaaaataa attaagttta tataaataaa acctaaagtt atctttaaat    104400
     ggaagctttt gttaatttgc ataagtgaaa tggcaacgct gatatatttt gatttccaca    104460
     caggatggtt ttataaatga attctgtacg actttaatta ccactgaata tattgtgtgg    104520
     aaatctttca gagtatataa ttggggcaca gccagataag aaaagcaaga catcaagtgc    104580
     aacagaaact ggcctagcat cttaccagca catggagcta agatcataaa taccagtgaa    104640
     aaaaccacag caatggccgg aacgctgtga caaaggattt caaagtgctt acttgtggtg    104700
     gccactgctg tggcggtgat ggtgatggtg gtggtggtgg tggtgtttag aatggtgctg    104760
     gtctttctca gtaagagatg aagatgagga gttagaatgt gaagacccca aactcttcct    104820
     ctgttctttt gtcttctgta aaactctctt gtatgacaag gtgcagagcc agcacagcaa    104880
     cttcccatca acctttgagg aaaacagctg cgtaagtgca cttgcaaact ggctccagcg    104940
     agtccagcaa acaactcaac ggcaatcata ctccactccg tgtgtgcagc actccgcctt    105000
     tcatgaaatt ccagaataaa tgtacatatg cagatctttt taattaacac atttgatgtt    105060
     ttgaataata ttgtaagagg attataaaat tagctacgag aactgattta cagacctcca    105120
     gtactgttta aattattttt aattttgaga gacactgctt ttatttagtc tagaaggtaa    105180
     gtacaacagg ggctggagag acggctcagg agttaagtgt attttttttg ctcttacaga    105240
     gaacccaggt tcagttcttg gcacccacat ggtggctcac aaccacctat aactccagtt    105300
     ccagggcatc cagcaccctc tcctgacttc tccggatatt aggtaggcac atggtacata    105360
     ttcatatatg caggcaaaac atttatagac agaaatcagt ttcagtgtaa ttaccaaaat    105420
     gatagttact tcccacaaca gtaaaatatt gtgacaaaca aaaacagaag tcttaacaac    105480
     aatcaattct cattatactc agagtctata aatctgtaga tttgcctatt gatctctaag    105540
     aatcctattt atggtggttc acatagatgt agagcagtgc caaactcctg tcagaggcgt    105600
     cacagcttca gctatagcaa aacaagccgg atactcttcc atgcttcagc tctcgcaccg    105660
     taaaccactg ctctttccag gagtcattca atattgtcat ttttagtttt aaaaaaaggc    105720
     tgtgatgaac ttttaaaaaa aagctagtta taattttatt cggctattat tactgctcct    105780
     ggctatgagt tcaattaaat tcacagataa gttatcttca acagacacta aaatcacaaa    105840
     cgtatcggtg aactgtcacg catcttagga ttataggcag gaacttattc ctgaatttct    105900
     cctaaaagcc atggctcact attcactggc gcttctggca actttacaga cagtaactac    105960
     tgcaaataat gagaatcaat catgtgagtc cagcggagag aaagtgactt ctttccaaaa    106020
     ttcagtctag attctgcctt tcctcatttc atacaggaaa tgctggaggg acatgtctta    106080
     caactaaggt acatacagtg ctgtgggggg atctgggtaa gcccctcaaa gtgagagtca    106140
     tcctccaaag aactgaaact gacaaacagg aggcttgtgg gaatgctcat cagcagagga    106200
     atggcacatg tacacctaat agttaagtca ctgtaggcag agagaaacaa acagtagttt    106260
     caaacaggag ccgaacaaaa ggcagaacac taactttgaa ttttaagtgc taatatgcca    106320
     tctggtattt ttttcacagc aacaatttca agtaaccagc aagagtattc gtaaaaggac    106380
     ttactacaaa gctgaactgg gatgaacagt gtagaattgc catcataaag gaattataaa    106440
     cattcttact caggactgtc ttactgcact gtctaggctg gccttggact cctgggttcc    106500
     aatgaccctc ctgcttcagc ctcctaagga gctgcgacta gaggcgcagc catagtcagg    106560
     tatagtcacc ctaactgacc aacatggacc catacacaat gcagagaaag atatgctact    106620
     cttccattct gctttcaggc agcagaaaca agtatcttag agatagactg actataacaa    106680
     ttgccaactt gttttctttc tagaagacat cataaataaa acatactttc cttcttcctt    106740
     cctccttgcg atcaaaagca cactgctgtt tgcactgctc acaggtctga ggtgctccat    106800
     atttcttttc tgaatttgta caacgctgac acttggtacc aataaatgct gcaattatgt    106860
     tacagtactg acaaggctta ggctgaaaaa taaacacatt ttgtttaacc gagatataca    106920
     aaactctgtt gtatcagaca catccagtgc tagtaaaata tttagggggt taataaagaa    106980
     aagtgttaag ttagaaacat ttgtttctgc caagtatgta ttcaaagtga actatcatgg    107040
     gtctactcgt tcaactaacc ctcactgctg cagtcctgag gcccaccact ctgcccagaa    107100
     acctgaccac ggtgagaaac acactcggga cttctacggc atttttatac aatataaaat    107160
     tggcttatga ggttaaacaa ttattcacag gaaagtctca taaacctgta atttgaggct    107220
     aagaacttgc agtgatatac agcaggctta acccttacat catttattca attaaaataa    107280
     tttaaccatg tataggttgt tgccacagta aacacaaata tcttttcaat attaaaaaaa    107340
     ttgtataagc atattcaact taagtaacaa taagcatcct tgatttcttg gatattcagg    107400
     acagtatgaa gtcttaaggt cagtactttg accaatcata aatagcactg atatgttact    107460
     atcaccaaca tatatatata tgcatatata taaatataaa agatatgtgt gtgtgtatca    107520
     gccaatttgt accaatagtc attagttttg aacacttgaa tagtactacc atataaaaag    107580
     ttccacaaat caggagaaag cttgattatg ttaacattgt aaataattat gttcacatta    107640
     aggaatttcc ttcatttgta cttttaaaag atagcttcac aaacttcata ctgaaattca    107700
     ctctaaagca tgcagttgtt tttaaatgat ttcatttaca catcaagact acagaaaatt    107760
     gggctggaga tatggctcag cagataagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt    107820
     caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccata atgagatctg atgccctctt    107880
     ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaatt aattaattaa    107940
     aaaaaaagac tacaggaaat ttcttccatg agctattttg atatgtacag attcacaagt    108000
     attgagactg gactgtttta tgagaaaagt catgaagaac attaactagt cagtaataat    108060
     gacttgaaat gaaaacatac ttactgttcc aaattgcttg acattttgag cacacttctt    108120
     acaaattgtg ttagttttac tgaaaaggaa attattcaga tgattacact catgtagctt    108180
     tccagggtaa gctaacatat tctgacctaa agtaaatggt cgagtcaaag attgcacatt    108240
     gcttattcta attaacaatg agtgtcttct caaaaacagt actaatttta gaatagtttt    108300
     ctgtaaattt agttttatta aagacaaatt ttccatatat aatttatgta ttacacagtg    108360
     cctacaggtc tcaggacata tgcccaggtt agtctctaag tagtaattct cctgcctcca    108420
     cctccaaaca ctatgcttat aggcacccag ctcagtgcat attttctata aagaagataa    108480
     agcggaagct ctaatgcctt ccctctggct ctaatgctcc ctcaccacca tgactgcaca    108540
     tcctcagcat cagggcccac cgcactcccc agtccacagt ctccactgtc atgtccacat    108600
     actcagtaat aaaaggactt gttctcttga gcttactctg tgtcctctaa aagagggatt    108660
     tcctgttaaa aacatctgtg ctaatcacac tgcttaaggc agtgacttca gtcttccaag    108720
     gcagttagta acactgtagc tctttcctca ggttaattag cagtttccca tttaaaaaaa    108780
     aaaagtttaa aagtaattgc ttatattttg actgttggca gaagtgtaca ttttccatct    108840
     atcaatttta tcccttattt tcacatgtaa aaccagaatt tctttagtta aatgtcttct    108900
     ctcatactgt acatagtagc tctaaatttt aaatttcaaa aacaaatcag tttttcaaag    108960
     cactttaaca caaatattac aacccctaat tattccttat acgaatttgt aacaatgaaa    109020
     gactgctcag tatacaaacc tctcctgctg aaattctgat ctgcagtaag tacattttac    109080
     aataggatgt gcaatccgac attcctgtaa taagataata cataagtcag tatttatttc    109140
     agagacccaa tctcactctt tggtagaaat taatcgactt agtcaagtgc ctgaaatgtc    109200
     aataaaacct ggctggcaac gtaaacaact gggtgactta tcacatcagc cgtcaggcag    109260
     agtataattc catggggata tttttgtcct tagtggaggg ggggggtgcg gagggggtat    109320
     atggaacaga gagaaactaa ggaagctgtc aggactgact tccaggggtg gtttacatgt    109380
     gaaactacta gttattttgt acaattgctc acagacagca tcccggcttt tatgggatgg    109440
     gaggagctcc aaatcagaga gcactctgtt cctaaaccag tcgcttcgct ttccgggaca    109500
     gggaagcaga atgccatcag ctctgcagct tcgggttgct agcaagaaag tgcaaacacg    109560
     ggccctgcct cccagtggaa ggagagggca gtccctgcca aagctgggat gagagagtct    109620
     gcacccaatc tctgcgacac ggaggactgg tggccgcttg gctcagcccc acccgagacc    109680
     gccagaagcg gccgagctag cccaacctgc gagcaggcgg gacgcggtcg acacggggct    109740
     cgcccatata atgcccgggc cctggcgggg agcggtgcgc tgaacgaccg gcgcccaccg    109800
     accttgcaga gctgttggcc ctgcgagagc tcctcgaagg ggtagcgctg cgtgcacttg    109860
     gtgcaggcgt acaaggccga cgccgccatc ctgctttccg gctcctccgc gcgcgctcag    109920
     gcggggcctc cgggaactcg gctgccccgc ccgcgggctc ttctgctgct gtggcccagt    109980
     cccggtaact gccgggtccc ctgcgtctcc ctccgcctcc gccgccgtcc cgggacacct    110040
     actgccgccc gccccgccgc tcccgtttag gcccggaccg cggcggaggg agacgaagcg    110100
     ggagctaggc ggtggattcc gcttcctcct cggtctcgcg tccctctcta cgattggcta    110160
     cagagagcct tacgtcacta gaaagctccg cccagtccct ggcctaggtt cggcagggag    110220
     cgcccacaaa gagagaaagt accaaccaat aggaagccgc cgctctcaga gcgcgaaatc    110280
     cgctttgaaa agatcccgcc cacaagccac ggccagtcgt cgtttggctg gtgcgcttga    110340
     gcccattggc cagggggtcc acgaaacgcc gctttttttc agtccttggc ttccattgga    110400
     ccatatcctt aagcccctcc tacttctgtt tgtcattggc cgaaaggtca gtacatcaaa    110460
     tggagaagca acgctctctg gagtttattc ctgggatgct gatggagtat gtcaactttc    110520
     cattctcctt tattcagctt ccgtcatccg cctcagcagg cgctgaaggt tccagaagcc    110580
     ctagcctttg cttcctcatc cagaaaatcc atcccttttc agacgctccc agagccgtct    110640
     gtcaactcag acgttgccgt tcccgcaggc tccgcgatgc gctaccttgt gacgtcaccg    110700
     agagaggagg cgggctcttc cctgccacca gaagttgtcc tcttttctga ttggtcactg    110760
     gaaggcgtct atcaagacgc gttgcctttc ccgtgcgcgc tgagtgtggc gtccttgtgg    110820
     tttgcgagac cgaggctcct atagggttcg cagctcgccc gccccttcca tcggggactt    110880
     ggattccgct tgccccaggc gggcggctgt cgaatccgga ggaggagctc aaggacggcg    110940
     tctggggttg cgcaggtggg aagatggcgg cagcctcggt ctcggcggct tctgattctc    111000
     agttttcggt aaggggcggc aatcgcgtgg gttccaggtg ggcctgtacg gctctccggg    111060
     ttgcctcact tttcaggggg cccgcgatct ggcgtcagcc ctcgtcccgc aggatggcgg    111120
     gctgcccgag gccgcgtgcc actcccggag gctgcaactg tgttttctgg agcacctcct    111180
     tttccaccct gcgttccctt gtcctctcag ccggtgcttt ggagcgttgt cccgagcctg    111240
     gctggtgcac tctcaggccc gctaacacaa agctctgtcg gtcacgtgag cgtaacggcc    111300
     cgtctcggaa actcactaac aggtaggtgt gcaggtttgt agagtggcag ccgctgaggc    111360
     gtccgtggtc cccagagtgc gttttcgccc ttgctgccgt gcctctctgt ttgttgcgcg    111420
     acccttgcag gcggagcccg ggcattccca cttcccatta ctagactctg tatggaaaag    111480
     ttgctctgga gaagcgatcg ggaaaattaa gcctgcgggt ttagttagtc actgatgttt    111540
     taagagtgga ttgtggcgct cagtcttttg gaaaacgctc caataggaag aaataagaat    111600
     taaatgtgag aaaactggag ttctttttag aaatgttcct gtacttagcc gaccgttggt    111660
     cctaaagtta caggaaggaa ttgaatagaa atcccactct gaagaaggag caaagcactg    111720
     tactaattag ataattactg cgctgcaggt tttgatacca gaggcgtctg ggggagattg    111780
     attagcagta ttagggaaga taggatcttg aaaggaagat aagctagctg cgtgttgaag    111840
     gaatttaaga gaagaaagca ctgcaagttt tttaaggtat gtgacaagac aataggtaat    111900
     ttccggacac cagagggtaa tttcgaatgt gcagagatta tataaaggta gagttgataa    111960
     agaagaacta gaaaaacagg tgaaaattga ataatgaggg atgtcaggaa attttctggg    112020
     taattttaac agctgatgag gaagagggca tagagattac caacaccttc agaaagtctc    112080
     acttaggaat ctcagcagtt tggactttct gtggctacta gaatttgtga taaggtcaga    112140
     atatttcaag tttttcaaat agtggggtat acctttgcca aagaactaga ggagattaag    112200
     gagaagagtt ggagcaagca tttgggagtt agttccttgc cagataaatg aaagataaag    112260
     gaaaaactat cagaactaag tgtcagcgaa cacgtgaatt atataagaga tacagttgat    112320
     taaactggag aaaggagagc tctctgctct caaaacttag aaattggaaa cttagttgaa    112380
     ctgcactgca gggctactac caaggcagtg ccaccgggat gtagttaatc cctagtcctt    112440
     atggtagccc caacagaaat ctaaagcctg tttaatggaa aaatggatct tgtgactctg    112500
     tgtctggaat tggaaacaga agagaaactc ttctttactc caccgtagtc catgtatata    112560
     agagtaggct tggagctgca ttgataaaaa ggtgtccaga gaatgcctta gtgttaggct    112620
     tgtgagcagg caactgaagg gaagaaggga gctttgcagg cagaataatt gcagcaaatg    112680
     aaaataagag tgtattgtgg gtgtttgaaa tcaaaaaagt ccagattgct gaaagactgg    112740
     tagggagaca gtgtcaaaac acagtgtcag gaaatgaaac aagggtcagc ccggcactac    112800
     attacatggg aggtttatac attatgggaa ggatcattgt cattagcaag ctgtttggaa    112860
     gagcatactt aagaaatgtg caaaatagta tttcacataa ttcaaactaa aaacataact    112920
     agcaaaatgg cagtataaaa gattctaaat atgttatgga aaaagaaccc tgaatgattt    112980
     gcagagggta gataagaggt gaatgaaaat tacctcttat tagggtttat atagagcaat    113040
     ttagtaaata gcagtgccac ttgttttggt atggtgggag aggagcagat ttggaaacta    113100
     accaagaatt gggttatagc cattttatat tttaggtgcc tattgagaca tccaagtagg    113160
     caatgaataa tgtgagttta gagttttaga ttcagatctc aattctgtat tttaaacttg    113220
     aaagctactg aaaaaaataa agagctgaga gtagatgaga ctttccaaaa gaatccttgt    113280
     agacaaaaag gaactttgag gaccaagcct tgaggaactc tggcatttaa taaaagtggt    113340
     tagaaatcca gggggttttc aaggagaggc ctgtgggatt aagggacagt ccttgttgct    113400
     tcctccactg agggtttagg tgaatgacag caaagtgagc catgcttcgg agagattgtt    113460
     gaagttagca atggagagta atgggtgtgt ttgatgagct gtttgcgtct ttgatagttt    113520
     ttattaattg tgtgcatgat gatgccccta cctcttcctt cccccccccg ccacaggaca    113580
     caggacagct ttggaggtgt tgtctccttc taccattaag tgggttctgg gaagtaaagt    113640
     cagttttaaa aacctcaaaa tcagtctagg gttgaggagt cttgtaggtt aggaaaaggt    113700
     tttctctttc ccctttcctg gccctgggac agatgtagag gagaaaggga acaagaggca    113760
     ccaggagggg tttaatcgtt ggaggcaaga ctttaaaaag ctaagtagag acagaccggt    113820
     tacatgcttg ctgcttgttt ggaagaggga agagctagtt gggttttcta tttagaacta    113880
     gttttttggt tcaagtgatt gcatacattt ttctgcttct tttgtgaatt gtaagctaag    113940
     tgattttgtt ataatcactt agtgttatca cttagcttag tttgatgtta aatgatgggg    114000
     ttctagctga ttctagctat ttctagctaa ccaataaaaa cacaatgttc tcaaggtacc    114060
     agacaattca taataacatt gaccatattt taatatttta agaagtgaaa acttaactgt    114120
     ttttgaggtt accttcaaca caattttttt aaggtttatt tattattaca actaagtaca    114180
     ctgtagctgt cttcagacac cccagaagag ggcgtcagat ctcattacag atggttgtga    114240
     gccaccatgg ggtcgctggg atttgaactc aggacctctg gaagaacagt cagtactctt    114300
     aaccactgag ccatctctcc agtcctcaaa acaaactttt attctcacac aggtatttgg    114360
     atagttctgc ttattccagg acttggttta ttgttatgaa tactcttctt tcttttgtac    114420
     ctacacagac tacactaata caagattgaa aatcctaatt tggtatgaca ttctggaaag    114480
     agcaaatgag tatgtgagaa ttttgaacag ctggcagtct agaatctcca ttacttcctt    114540
     ctttcctaaa tgtctaaaca ctataaactc aacaactact actaaaattc cagttaacat    114600
     tcagaggtat actatgataa atttatatca tgtagagcat agtgtcaaat ttgacaaatt    114660
     catgacagat ggtgtatgtg aagaaatagt tttatatgag aatatctcat aagcctgaat    114720
     gttttacaat tgtttccccc tttgaggaac taaatataaa ttctttaaga aaagaacatg    114780
     ctggtgtctg tgggctaagc tgccacaaga ggaccatgcc tgggttcagg atgggggggg    114840
     ggggctgaac ctagtgtcat gcagatgtta caatcaaggg ccatttagat gtcagtgttc    114900
     tatgctgctg cccagagccc atactgccaa ccggggccat attgatgtga gtgacctgtg    114960
     aagccacctg aggctctgtc tagggcacta gtcccactga agctggaggg ctttgttgat    115020
     gtccatggac tgtgctacca ctgaaggctg tacagtctca tctgtgctgc tgcctaaagc    115080
     catgcagatg gtgtgtgggg gctgagctgt gccatggact gtatggacct ctgtggacca    115140
     tgttgaccca ctgggtcatg tgttgtcctt ggtttgctgc agctgagggt tatgatggtg    115200
     cctgtggctt gtgctttgac aggtggccat gatttctttg tactgtcatt ggagaccatg    115260
     ctaaggttct tggagtgtgc agatgctgga atccttgatg atattcatgg ttcatgctct    115320
     tgccagaagc catgtagaag tccatgatcc gtgctcatgc tgacactaca gggaagggaa    115380
     gttccttttg tagtggcatt gaggactaca gatacacagt tcagaaaggg ggacatagaa    115440
     ggcttccaga aaactcaccc cctactccca aagtaacaac ctaaacaaga agtaattgaa    115500
     aagaatgctt aaaaattgag ccaggcagtg gtggcacaca cctttaatca cagcacttgg    115560
     gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca    115620
     gaacagccag gactacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaaac aaaacaaaca aaaagaacaa    115680
     caaaaaaaaa cctcaaaaat tgtgattaaa gactctgaag tatagccctt cacaattgat    115740
     ggcttctggc aagggtgcag gtggagaaag actcagtttt ctttaagagt ctggtcactg    115800
     ggaatttgac catactccag tgaataggtt tttaggcagt tcacaaggag ggttgggggg    115860
     gggggggttg gcatcatagg acttggaagt gagtgacgaa gtgagtgacg ggagtgcacg    115920
     ctgtgaaatt cccaagtaat agataaaaac attgtgttct ttaccgatga ttgagtgatt    115980
     cagcaatttg tatctgtttc tgatctaaac aaagatttaa cttgcctaaa tatttgtatt    116040
     taggttgtat gatcatgtat aaataggtaa acatttaatt ctaaaaatta tatatcttga    116100
     caataaatag tggttgggtt ctcagtcatg agtatttggt ttaaatgttt gaaagataat    116160
     tacagtattt tgtttttcag agcgtcctag ctgaaccatc aaggtctaat ggaaatatgg    116220
     ttcgtcattc ttcgtctcca tatgtattgt atccacctga taagcctttc cttaacagtg    116280
     atctgagacg ctccccaaat aagcccacat ttgcctatcc ggaaagcaac agcagaggta    116340
     atcaactgta acaaagtaaa tgctatttgt tcacccatta gttgaaactt cttacctatg    116400
     acatgttatt tttatattag aacagtataa gtttcccctt tacttttgag tgcttttcat    116460
     gtagactgct gaacattatt caccaaatca tggaacctaa agtactttga gacacttatc    116520
     actagtctgt catcttcaga atcagtcaga aaccaaagtc tcaggtaggg gccagagaga    116580
     tggctcagga gttaagagca ttagctgctc ttcaagaaga cctgagttca attcccagca    116640
     ctcatggcaa ttcacaactg tttgttgctc tagtcctaag gaatctgaca ctagttttat    116700
     gcacagggta cacagaaaaa tatatacagg caaaacatcc atacccatta agtgaataaa    116760
     tacctttgta aaaagtaagg gtcatcttgt agaaagcact acttggactc tgcgttctat    116820
     ttctctaaag aggacagaca ttgagtggat gtatgtgttc ctggagagtg tgagaggaag    116880
     tggtaaatag gacctaaaaa aggtgtcaaa gaataaacga aaccaatact ttatttattt    116940
     ttaacctagg acctttatgg ttagggttag agtttctgtt cccatgcttt gtggcagagg    117000
     cagatagcta gatctctgga gctcactgtt cagccaacat agctttaatc agtgagcctc    117060
     agttgtgaaa gacgttggct gaacaaacat gtgttacctg aagtcggtaa ccaagtgcat    117120
     atttgacccc catgcgcata cttatatact tgtgtgttca tataacaaaa agactgtgat    117180
     atctattgtg tccttgttgc tggggataca tgaacaaata aatgtctgct tgcctcagag    117240
     acggatcaac aacagaccaa agagatagtc ttagttaggg tttccattgc tggaaagaga    117300
     caccatgacc aaggcaactc ttgtccaaag gacagcattt aattgggact agctttcttt    117360
     tttgtggttc agtccactat catgtcagga aacatggcag tgtctaggca ggtgtggcac    117420
     tagaggagct gtttatatgc ttggccaagg gaatggcaat attagaagtt gtggctttgt    117480
     tcgagtaggt gtgtcactgt gggtgtgggc tttgagaccc tcattggagc tgcctagaag    117540
     ccggtattct gctagcaacc ttcagatgaa gatgtagaac tctcagctcc tcctgcacca    117600
     tgcctgcctg gatgctacca tgctcctgcc ttgatgataa tggactgaac ctctgaacct    117660
     gtaagccagc cccaattaaa tgttgtcatt tataagactt gtgttggtca tggtgcttgt    117720
     tcacagcact aagaccctaa gataagctga gagttgtaca tcttgttcca aaggtaaaca    117780
     ggagactgac ttccaggtga agacttgctt ccaggccgct aggaggaggg tctcaagcct    117840
     acccccaaag tagcactctt ccttcaataa ggccacacct actccagtca gaccacaact    117900
     ctaatagtgc tcctccttgg gacaagcata ttcaaaccac cacaagatga ttctattaaa    117960
     gatgagtttg atgaagtaaa agtttattga gcttcttcac atgaacatgg gcaatttaca    118020
     ggtgactaat gaagagtctc ccctgaactg acagtaatta tcaacctctg aggaatctct    118080
     aggaagaggg ccttctatat tgcctcctga gctgtttggt aagctctatg agcctcacct    118140
     tccaggagac aatgttagga cacttttttt agggtcttat gtggacagcc atagtggctc    118200
     tgaattcagt gcatcatcta gaggccaagg ggttgacaac attgatgttc tttgggactg    118260
     ttctataaga gttgccttgg ttatagtgtc tgtgcacagc agtagaaccc gtagcgggaa    118320
     gagagagaga ctgggcctag tttaggcttc tgaaacctca gagcccaccc ctagtgacat    118380
     ttcttccaac aagtaggacc actccctgtt gaccagaata gaagcctatg ggggcttttt    118440
     ttttactcaa agtaccttag aacagctgtt aatttatgta taattagcca aggtttttgg    118500
     ttttaacaca gtgatggttc ttgtttaatt tttacttgag taactagtag aactttaaag    118560
     aattcagatg atgccttgaa atgactttag caggaaatgc tttgtgaata aagtgctctg    118620
     ctgcttggct tacatcagct ttcttttcag agctgggctc tggctcatac ctctagccca    118680
     gcgtttcgaa ggctcaggca gggttactgt gatttttgag gtcatcctgg ggtacagaat    118740
     ctgccaacac aaaatttcct ttcttggtta acttctctgt gtgcatagct aacttaaggt    118800
     gcggtatgct ttttatattt gtcagccata ttttctgctc ttaagaatct tcaagataag    118860
     attcgacgcc tggaactgga aaggattcag gcagaagaaa gtgtgaaaac cttgtctagg    118920
     gaaaccattg agtacaagaa agtattggat gaacagatcc aagagaggga gaactcaaag    118980
     aatgaagaat caaagcacaa tcaaggtgtg tttaattata aaggaaacta aaatctatcc    119040
     aaatactgta agttagttca caattccaca ttggtatttt gtagtggtca ctggtaagga    119100
     attacatcat aatcatgtgt attgtgagga gcaagtgacg tcgtgcatag tgcttactgg    119160
     cagtgtgtgg catatttgac gcaagtaaga aagatcctaa agtcgtccgg aaaggttttg    119220
     aggagtactg aaagggaaga ggctgaaggc cgggagggct gctgttttct tttgtggtac    119280
     tctggcatac cgagcaggca ctctaccgtg aaccttacct atgccccatg aatttactgc    119340
     aagttcactt cctgcttaca agctgttggg acaagactgt cttaactaat tactactttt    119400
     ttgtatgtat tcattttaga actggcatcc cagttggtag ctgcagaaaa taaatgtaat    119460
     cttctagaaa aacaattgga atacatgcga aatatgataa agcatgcaga aatggagagg    119520
     acatctgtgt tagaaaagca ggtacggcac ctctcagatg aaatcaagaa tggtgacaga    119580
     ggcctgatgg cactgttatt atactgtaag ttcttggcct cagtggagta gatcgtggct    119640
     tgattggctc tattgattat gactcttgta cttggtagac ttgtgcttgt ttgaaagata    119700
     atcatgttaa tgtcttggag tctgcattat taataagcaa ataaccatat gtaccactga    119760
     gatccactgt tttttgtaga attctttgca attaaaaaaa ataccttata agtaatttgg    119820
     ttattgaagg aggatctcat atgcctaggc tggctcattt ctgctgtgca gggatcacct    119880
     ggagcgcatt atacatggtg ttatacatta tactctgcgc taggtaagca ctctaccaaa    119940
     tgagctattg cccaattgta cattttaaca aaatacttct cttttgttac atcaaagtct    120000
     ttgtctttaa gtaacttgct acatttgtag aggacaatta caacatcagt gtccattata    120060
     ttttttaaac atccttttca tatgaaaaat ttaactttac tatgcaaagt ttgattagaa    120120
     atttctcttg tgtaattccc cattgtcatg gacatgtgca gaaatggcag actcagattc    120180
     ttaatgttgg gtttttacaa atataaccat ttagtgtatt tgcccttttt tttttctttt    120240
     tttggagatt cattccttaa gtatatggac agtctttcca aatcagaccc tacatttgga    120300
     ggaaaaaaga atatatctgt attcaaagta aataaatgca tacacgttct catatctgtt    120360
     aagaggttgc ttagtaggac ccaactgact agaagtactt gtgtatttgc atagtttgta    120420
     tgtctaataa attctcctta gtctagagta taaggatatt ttccttatat taaagcatat    120480
     actaggtaaa atactgtatg ttgagaatta tattccaagg ctgatgagat agtttagtgg    120540
     gtgaaggtat ttgcagtgag gcctgaagaa caaatttgat ccctctgacc cacatggcaa    120600
     aaagagggaa ccagcttgaa tatgatgtcc tccgaccttc aaaggcatgc cgtgcgtggc    120660
     acacaaacaa aatgagacac ggagatcatt gatacccttg aggtcttaat gttctattcc    120720
     tagaacttct ttccgtatca gcaagtctga aaggacaggc aaattacata tagtatgatg    120780
     tggctgtgtg cagagcctac agtttacagt tatcatatta tagtgtaaag ttagcaactt    120840
     accttgatgc tgttcctcag gtttctctag aaagagaacg gcagcatgat caaacccatg    120900
     ttcagagcca gctggaaaaa ctggatcttc ttgaacagga atacaacaaa ctcaccgcca    120960
     tgcaggccct tgcagaagta agtcagtaac atgactttta cctactgatg tagaatgctg    121020
     tggctgtcac tgtttgcata aacatgggta tttataacgt aaaggtcttt ctcacacata    121080
     gattctttga aaagaaaaag atcagttgaa aagtaatgct gagattcctc agtcttggtg    121140
     gctgaggata ggtagttctt tttttttttt gaaaactgaa aggtaaagtg ttttttgata    121200
     cttaaatctg gcatcatgta atttttttct gaactaattt tatttctgtg ttttaccctg    121260
     gagataatta atactactga gtgaagatct tgatttgtct ttatgtagtc tttacctttg    121320
     tacaacctgt gtatttcagt tgtagatttt ctttcagagt ttggccactt aactcacacc    121380
     tacctcacta attactgtta gttgatctaa tagaacacta ttaggcaagt ggtagggata    121440
     ttatcaaggc ctgaaccact agtggcatga actgacatga tttttgttgt tgttgttggt    121500
     ttggtttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact    121560
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg    121620
     gattaaagga gtgtgccacc acacctggat taacatgctt attttaactg tccttaaaat    121680
     tctacaaaaa gatactttta accgttcctg ttttgatatt gttattgcta gaaaaagatg    121740
     caggagttgg agtccaaact ccgtgaagaa gagcaggaaa ggaagcggat gcaggcccgg    121800
     gcagcagagg tgagtgcaag gagggaccag tgctttaatg gaggacagtc ccacacaagc    121860
     acagcacatt catgtggaga ctcagatagt ttaggaatgg aaatcaggaa tgtaatctac    121920
     aaagtaaaat ttgagcagtt ctttcgatgt ttcaaattgc agagtctgaa ttagtatttt    121980
     aaaaaccttt gaggttggag ccggagggat tgcagaggat tagaacattt tgttgtcttc    122040
     acaacccaca tgtggctcac actcatcttc agctccagtt ccatagtgtc tgactcttct    122100
     aacccctggc caccaggcac atgtacatac ataaacgcag gcaaaacatc catacatgta    122160
     aattagaatg tacgtgcgag gtaaaaacag gtcagacaga gtagtagtca cgtaaagcta    122220
     aggtctgatg agctactact agctcgttca gtacccagta taaagtatgc cttgggttgg    122280
     aggtaaagtt gaatggtaga acgcttgcct ggcattcatt cagaagacac ttggttcagt    122340
     cctcagcact gcagcaacaa aactgttaac ataccaggac agacttgtta agctagcagc    122400
     ctgccctagc aaaagaacgg actctactct ctcctacttt tgaaatctgt ggccagccac    122460
     tggaggtaga attgtgtaga ttgaaagcat cagtttatgt attccaacca gaactgcatt    122520
     atcaaagata ctgcaagaat aataaagtac tgcttagact ctacaagata aaattgtttt    122580
     atgatttggc tagagacttt tctctgatta cttgttcaga tatcttccag ataatctctc    122640
     ttttccaacc ctttaagatt attacaatgt atgtaacttt catcatagta acccatagaa    122700
     gcaggttctg atatctgaag ttactggtag agccttgata gttgagtctg tggcactgtg    122760
     tctagatgcg gttgtaggaa tagaaacatt gcagtttttt ttctggagct tctttgagtc    122820
     attgattctt ttatattaaa attgataaga ttggtaaatt tactctctgt gtacttgttg    122880
     ggttaatggc catttaaaca gttttgattt ttagagaatt tcttccaact ttagagataa    122940
     ctattttact gtgtttctgt tccttaaatg taaccatgca tatgcatggg taatttttta    123000
     ttcagtttta gtgtatagcc cttatatgcc aaatagaaat tttcacagac tcattgattg    123060
     atgaattgtt caagtttgag ttgtgatggt gaatgccatg gtagtggaag gcagatgcgt    123120
     ttctgtatct tgttggttcc ggtttgtata atccaaaaca gattatttag ccatctagag    123180
     cctgggtttt atagtgctag tgaactcaaa cgagaaatga taataaaagt actttaaaat    123240
     tcaggcatac ataaaagaaa tcagcaagga aaactagata gataagatag aatcgaaaag    123300
     tgacttttaa ggggtttctg ttagagctga cactttttga cactgtaagg atgatttcct    123360
     gtggagttag gtctcgtata aactattaat aaagtatgag caaggctgcc atgctcccga    123420
     gggtggagag ctggcatgcc attgccggga gaccctgtcc taagcatgca tgagacggga    123480
     gggggtgctc ggtgttcttt gtttttcatt cattacttct gctgttccct aaagttcagt    123540
     cataacttct ggggagcttt gcctcgtgta gaaattgtaa acactttaga gaaaaaaatc    123600
     tgctggttgg aatttttacc aaactccagg cttttgttat atagggagac aaaatggcca    123660
     ttgacagaga gtttgaagga atttgcgtct ccctccaccc cccccaagat ttgctttaag    123720
     tatttgggag ttttgcctgc atgttttgta tatgtgccac atgtgtacaa tgcttgcaga    123780
     ggccagaggt actggaccct cttgatcatt taacctggga gtaaatggtt aaaagctacc    123840
     atgtgggggt tgctgggaac attttctctg atgggagcag cagaaagtgc tcctaagccc    123900
     atcagtctct ccagcccaga ggagtgtaga aattctacta aaaagataac gattgctgaa    123960
     ataattattg ctacttttga gcattaaaca ggaaggaatc tattttgctc ttgagttgct    124020
     ttgggtctac ttttacggta atcatgcttt taaaagtgaa catagcatgc tgtcattcat    124080
     tcattaaatg gagctgtgta cattccattt aatttctgaa ctagaatttg catactacct    124140
     accagtagtg aaacagtgct tccaggcagt acatagccaa ctgtggctta gcagttcaca    124200
     taaatgagag gctaaagaca tacagtacat ccatgctgtc tcattgaaat gattactact    124260
     gtattgtaca gacttaaatg gtgcctcgta tgtgagttgt agcttttatt ttacatcatt    124320
     aactctatgc tatttttttc tagttacaga gtggtctaga agcaaataga cttatttttg    124380
     aagataagac tacttcatgt gtttcaacca gcactagaaa aataaaaaaa aagaagtcaa    124440
     aaccaccaga aaaggtatga aaacaatcag tcagagtacc aattttgtgt aaaaatttgt    124500
     gtaaaaagta ctcaaagctg tgtggtatta gaaccttagg aggtaactct cattcttagt    124560
     ttccatgttc aaaggtgaag ataagtaaga tttactcatg aattcttacc ttggttctga    124620
     ggacctatat gaaaattggg aaccatagaa gatcataaaa atactaaaaa tattcagcct    124680
     gtattcatta cctttctctt aaaatgcttt gttcctctac ttaattcttg catctgtttt    124740
     gttagtattc cccacaacct ccttagcctt caagtaaaac gaggttgttc agccagcact    124800
     atacgatccc aatataaaca agtgtggttt gaatataaaa cgtcccctat taaatcactg    124860
     gaaagtaggc cttgaggttc ttagcctgac ccttttcctg tcctctatct ttacttcttg    124920
     actgatggta cagtgtgatg aatacacacc cattcccaga cctatggttg ccatgctttt    124980
     tccataatga gttttatctt attaaactct gggccaagta acttcttgaa gcctggtttc    125040
     tgcaggaaaa aaaagagtgg tacaccaagg tacccagtag ttccacagtg agctggagtc    125100
     ttggattagc tcaccaaaat aaaataaaat gattttcttt tttctccatc cagaaaggtt    125160
     ctaggaccta ttttggtgca cagccacatt acagattgtg cttaggtgat atgccttttg    125220
     ttgctggaac ggtgagttgt agctattgtt tttatgttta aaatattttc agtatcttta    125280
     gcttttttta tttcctgtta aacatggata tgggtgtttt gcctgtctgt gtgtcctgtc    125340
     tgttttagta ctcacggggg ccagaagagg gtgttgggtc ccccgggact agagttatag    125400
     cttagagtaa cctgccatgt gggtgctggg aattgaacgt ggaattccat tgaaagagca    125460
     gtcagtgttc ttaactgttg agacattttt tcagacctta tttcagtctt cagaaaacac    125520
     attttagggg acattaaaag aaaaatcctg catcggcttt gggagtgcta gaattataga    125580
     tgtgagccac catatgtagt tctagtaaaa ccttgtagaa ggcacagcct aaggtttttt    125640
     tcttgagtct ttgtataagc ctttataagt acagttgtga agttattttt tacacaaact    125700
     tactttttga tttctgtgat tattacaaac tttgttttca atgtgaagaa atggggagtt    125760
     ggggcacttt gaccctgtac atgtgaagat caggatacaa cctgatggga tttctctcta    125820
     ccatgggttc tgtagataga acttaaatcg taacacttgt acagcaacca tcatggtgtc    125880
     cctatatggt atgcttaaat ctgtaattat acatttacct attccatttg acaattggtt    125940
     catctttgta ttgtccagtc ttgtctagag tcctttccac ccattttgtt gtcttggcaa    126000
     attgtcattg aagcctttaa tcacaaaggg caagacaagg ctctttaatg tgaagttgtt    126060
     ttatatattc tttagaagtg ttattccaaa agtttaagaa aacacaattg tttacttgag    126120
     cttctaacag taacaaaact ttttaaaatc tgttcattgc atattaaagt atacacattg    126180
     gccattagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    126240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttttac tggcaagtaa tgagtattca ctctttctga tggtcatggg    126300
     ccaccttttc attcctagga tcacctcatt tgagtttggc gtgtatgatt cttccccacc    126360
     acaattagcc aagacaaatt aacaaataat acagaaacat ttttaaacaa caagcacatt    126420
     aggtcttaag ttattcccct aaatctgcat tttaaacaag ttaagtctgc tggtgactta    126480
     tggagcttaa acaagcccag ccaactattg gaattgttat ttcctattgg aaacaagttc    126540
     aagaaagcta tgaagtttta ttgtattttt atgttgtggc agataaacgt tagcgcttcc    126600
     tacaagaggc aagaaggtca gttgggttgt ttgattttag atgtggtctt gaactccact    126660
     atagcacagg ataaataatt tctggtcctc ctgccttctt aagtgctgga attacaggtg    126720
     tgcaacaatt tatatgatgc tggggaccaa agaagggcct cttactctta catgctcctt    126780
     aagtacctgc caactcagcc acatccccag cagggtgttc attactaact gaagacgtta    126840
     gtacatcagc caagtgtttg atacaggtgg atggctagtt gccaatttgc cacagtatag    126900
     tacatttatg ccttaggatt tagagatgaa ctcttactcg ggttacaaac tagaacctgg    126960
     caatcaagga cattatttgc ttgatttact tttctcttta gtccaccagt cccagccatg    127020
     ccgtggtagc caatgttcag catgtcttgc atctgatgaa acaccacagt aaagccctgt    127080
     gcaatgatcg agttgttaac agtgttccct tggcaaagca agcttgctca cgagttagta    127140
     agagtaagaa gtcagtggtg cctccttcca gcagtgttaa tgaagaactt tcggatgtct    127200
     tgcagacttt acaggatgaa tttgggcaaa tgagcttgtg agttttgact ttttgaattt    127260
     aaaattacat ttagttctaa aatctcattt ttttctagca gcttggattt ttaatcctaa    127320
     ttttattcac tgatgttgaa catagccatt acaccagccc actggctggg agttaaacaa    127380
     gcctcccttt ctattttgtt agatgtcaaa tgccaaggct taggtaaaag ctcagtagta    127440
     ttgagggtta tccaaatata actaatgagt taggacagcg tttgaaagcc agtgtcccag    127500
     aggatttact ttataagtga tgctgatggg agaagcagat aaaagtttat attagcctgc    127560
     aaccctggat ggacccaaat ttgtctggga ttaagaatac ttgcatgtat cttcattttt    127620
     gtaaaccttt gtttttattt atgtatatat cacatgtgtg caggtcccca aggaggccag    127680
     gagagggcat cagagcccct ggagctgaag tcacaggtgg ttatgagcca cccatgtata    127740
     gagcagcagt ttgttaaaag gagttatttt ttaagagtgg tgaatcccat agtgaaatat    127800
     aaaggacata acttaaaaat gaggaactga aggtagtctc ccttgtggtt tgtatgcagt    127860
     gatcatcagc agcttactaa actcatacag gaatcaccaa ctgtggaact aaaagacaac    127920
     ctggagtgtg aattggaggc attagtggga agaatggaag cgaaggccaa tcagataact    127980
     aaagttcgaa aataccaagc ccaggtgact cctgcccttc tgtcgttttt tcccccttca    128040
     tgtatattaa ttgatgatgc ttaagctgtt tctggagatt ttcctaacag tctgtgttaa    128100
     gaagtgttag ttcttatatt tcatataaga tgtgtcttta ctgactatat ttaatatcct    128160
     tggctttatg aacaaaacta agtggtttag tttgactaaa ttgtctaaaa atacagctag    128220
     aatttttaat tttcaaagtc agattaaata tgtaaaaaaa agtagtatgt ttgctcatac    128280
     taaataatga ctaaaaggaa aagggttact cacatttaat aagcctactt ggtgttctca    128340
     tctagagaaa cagactgtat ttgagattgc tgtgaaatag gggtagaaca ggggtagagt    128400
     ccagctcctg ggttgacagc aattggagtc tgggtagaag tggacaactc tgaagtaggt    128460
     tttagaagta aaaaatccct ctcaagcttc caaatgctgt gtgatgtgga agaactattt    128520
     cactggcaca gaatcaagta tattgagaat gccatctcac ttcatttcct taaaacccat    128580
     tttataggtg aagtaactgt gactatctca gtaaatgaaa taacctgccc aaggagatcc    128640
     tgtgtggttg ttggtgctgg actgacaact aactagtagc tgttagagtt tacagtctgg    128700
     tcaagcaggg agaattcgaa gcctgtccct ctctccttaa ggagactttt acagtattta    128760
     tatagcactt atttacctgg ctgtgtattt tacatatgtg atttataact tctgcagatc    128820
     tatgtgcttt taaaaaaacc cacctagaat ctatcacttg agtgttagag gaagattatt    128880
     taagtcaatg gtgtacttaa gaagttgagg cagaagaatc aagagtttaa gactgaacat    128940
     agcaagacct cgtatcaaaa acaaagctaa aagaaaatgt ttttattgaa ttcatttttt    129000
     ccctgttttg attatttggt cagctggaga aacaaaacat agataagcag aagaaggaat    129060
     taaaagctaa caaaaagact cttgatgaag aagggaacag cagcggtcgt tcatctggag    129120
     tcccaaggac cgcaagtaag aaggatctgg ccaaacagag acctggagaa aaaagcagga    129180
     aaaatcttca gttactgaag gacatgcaga ccatacagaa ttcactgcag agcagtaatc    129240
     tgtgttggga ttactgacac caggtcataa atgatgtacc tcactggtca taaacgatgt    129300
     acgtactgga catgagcaga ctttccaggt ctcatgcttg ctaagctgcc attactggca    129360
     ggtgttaggg gccaagcttc attacagtct attgtgctat gtagcacaac tgatggagat    129420
     ggagttctgc ggcagagaag cctcactgtc tttgaatttg ctgtactcat tcactgcact    129480
     ttgtaaacaa atgaccagtt ttttactcat gggtgtgttt tttaaactag gtatatatgt    129540
     aaattgggtt tgaaaattca gaatatgaga tagtccccat agtcagtgct tgaagtcttg    129600
     ttttttaaat cttcccacag catgaagtga ccactactct cccttctcca gatgaccatt    129660
     aaatgtactg ttttcaagaa gactttgttt tgctttggta ttttagacat tgatcaatca    129720
     taaattcact taagtcagtt atccatgaaa tatgtcacaa tgtcttcaga aaaactatat    129780
     aaacagttgt tactgaagta aatgaaattt tggaataaag aatgagaacg tgggtattgt    129840
     aaaatgtaca cgtttacagt ttttagacag tatctatttg taatcatgtt aagcactgtt    129900
     taatcttgac ttaagagaag ctcatgcttt tagcatacag tatgtgaatt gaatacacac    129960
     atctatcatg ccaatgtaaa ttatttaact ttgagtagat cgacatgtta taatctttat    130020
     aaatttggta cttcaaatca ataaagcagt ttttaaactt tgcttaacag ccagctaaca    130080
     aaggctttat ttgtcataca aactcaaaaa gtgcatgtta gtatcgtgat tgaggaacga    130140
     gaatatctga ggcatgcttg tcatccttgt gcttacagag accaagctca gtgttcctga    130200
     atggttcaga caggctgggg aacatactag ccatctacta agttgaatag catgaattgt    130260
     ttgttacttg ggcaccagaa ggccctatca cttggtgaat tttctagtta gaaacataga    130320
     tttttaagct tcatgagtca cctgaaattg tatataaatt tgtgtgtgca gttttctgat    130380
     gaggtttgca ggaacaatga cctgacaacc gtgagtccat agtccccagg aaggtaagaa    130440
     actgctctgg tgacatggct caaccaccac ttccaactgt tccacttgtg ttaattcctt    130500
     ggatttcagg acagtaaact gtataactgt catctgaatg atgatggctc caactcctag    130560
     ttagaatagt aattggagga tagtaactcc tacctgtctc cagctggatt ccaactgtag    130620
     gctttgggtt ttgattctgc ttcagtttct tgttcacttg cagcagagct cccttgtatc    130680
     ctgtacaaga cgccagcgcg gatcccacgc ttcgtaagaa aggagtgctt tccttgatgt    130740
     catactgggg tgtgtgtgaa caccaggaat gcagttgaac tccacataag cacttttagt    130800
     gtgcacattc cacactcaag attccttgga ggtcacagaa aacattgcaa ggttttggag    130860
     tgacatattt ctctgccgtt tgggtgaccg tatgatcagc atccctctga tgtcatacca    130920
     agatggtcaa aggtttcagg gaagaaagca gactagtgag gaaagtgaac tgttacagaa    130980
     atcttacttg aatgctggga acataaatac ctcctcaaaa aaatttttat agctaagttt    131040
     acaccaacca aattatttgg taccaattct tgtaaatact gggtatgctg gggtatattc    131100
     aatagtatag catttgcctg gcaagtgtga ggctctgggc tcaatatcca ggtaaaatat    131160
     ataagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtaggaaag aggagatctg tgatgtacta attccaaaat    131220
     caacaccagg actacagttc aaacaatgag ttacggaaca atgcttttta cagtttgatt    131280
     ttaggtgtca aagacaggtg ggcttaaatt ggattggata attccaggtt aacattttgg    131340
     gggtggggtg gggagggtac tttagacaac tgtggacaag gacaaagttt gaagtcattt    131400
     aattaaaaga ccaagtggta agaagctcgt ttgttacagt acattacata tggctcttgt    131460
     acagagtaaa acagacccca ggagtcaact gtccccacca gcaccggact cgggtgagca    131520
     gagaagcaag gctttacttg ctggcactga gactaactca tgcagagtgc tctttggtaa    131580
     agtgtccatg tgagatttac acagcacata aagtcagact tctaagtttt taaaatactg    131640
     tcttaaaact tgccaaatag catttagata aagtagagta acagtaaggt tttaagatgt    131700
     cttctgtgat gtttgtgatc aatacacaaa tggagtagat gacagctact actttgtccc    131760
     ttcaaccccc caaagcacat atataaggca ttgtttccta attgctgttg agaatatgct    131820
     aattacaatg tcagcagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cctactatgc cataataatc    131880
     tcaagacaat gctttttact atattaaata tcacaaaact tggggaaact gagaaaggaa    131940
     tatttggatc tgacacaagc ctcaatgcgt gtgctctcag gtgcaacagc aggtggcctt    132000
     gcttttctcc cctcctggag atctgaccag gtgctcaggg ttttaagaca tttttaaatg    132060
     aaaaacttgc tcccagtgtg aatacaggac tgcagtactt tagtattctt tgggtgactt    132120
     aagattagtg tcatacttta attatgaatg agatcatctt cattgtcact tgcactgcta    132180
     tgtttctaaa ctcatctaag agagatttga aataaataca gcatccgaag gattctccag    132240
     tagatgggtt ttaaacacgg aaggttttct acccataagg tgctggaatg tcaggttcct    132300
     ggcaatgagg ccctgggcct agtcctttca tacaacagtt tggacaggag tcacacactg    132360
     tgcaggagag ctggctctct ctgaagagga ggttgagcgg ttggaaattt ctctctgaag    132420
     ttcctctact tttctttgaa gctctgctct tttggcaaga agttctttgt atctgctgtg    132480
     gataggttcc tgcaagagca aacaaaatca ctgcaacagg aatccagaca aacttgaggt    132540
     cttaaccatt cattgagctt tgtggcatta gctgtttaag cagttggaca gccccacctt    132600
     tagctcctta gtggaattaa attcatgttt tgttgtcacc tctgatcatt cagttgcttc    132660
     agatgttcct ggaagatgct actttataaa tatcatttac ttaaaacttc aggactatgg    132720
     acctgcagtt tttagatttt tatagaatta ttttcttctg tatacctaaa gaccacacag    132780
     aaatgtgtac agttgggaaa gtttcgtaac taaaggacag agtgggaagt tttggttgtg    132840
     acaaaactag tggggtcata ctgtatatta cagatatgta cctgaggttt catccggggg    132900
     ttccacctta tataatatcc cacccagagc tctaggtggc gcatgctggc tactgggtaa    132960
     aggacatgat tggagtagct tccataaaga ggattagtaa agtcttccag ctggctgttt    133020
     atataggacc acagtgacac tgtcttctta ggaagattct gcaagaggga aaaattggta    133080
     aagatctcct atcatatcag ctgcttgaac ctcaggtgaa acttgtgtag ggttgtgtga    133140
     tcattaaaat taggatgctg tagataggat cagtgttcat tcacatgagt agatccaaaa    133200
     acactggctc caaggcaccc tcttctagtc ttctcaaaca cgtgtatcac acacttgtcc    133260
     atagacaaaa aataaaactg ctccatatga ttaaatcaat actattcaga acagccaaaa    133320
     taaagaacaa cccaaaagac caccaactga tgggatatac acaatggaag gttatttgac    133380
     catgaagagg aagtgtgtgg tatgacataa acgttgcaaa tatagtaatg aaagggggca    133440
     gacacaaagg tcacatggtg aatgatccca tttatatgaa gtgttcacaa gtagccatcc    133500
     atagagaaac ctagtcagta tctgcccaaa cctgggagaa catggattag caggtgtgtg    133560
     atgaaaactg ctctaaatta aatggtgatg gcccacaatc ctgtggttat accattagat    133620
     tatcacttta aaagagaatt ttgtatttaa atgttaggat ttaagactta agagtagttt    133680
     ctcaaaagac tggcagtaat tagaatactg ctgtggtatt tgtgactatc taataactca    133740
     caatatactg aaagcctacc atgcatggaa atatatccag tataaagtat aacacctgca    133800
     aggtacagtc taggaagaac ttaattttca caatagtaaa caccatcacc ctgtttttct    133860
     gaaacagaaa tgaacttagg tgttagtgag tctaatacct gaacctggta gcagggcttt    133920
     tcagtgttaa gtcctgtccc ataataacct actttctgac aaagctttca gaatgaaagt    133980
     tgatgtgcat gagggctctc taccaataca ctaaaagtga tacctctaca gagagtggtt    134040
     cttttgtttt gctgtagcag gatcgaaccc agcactttga agagctaggc aagcactcca    134100
     gcactgaccc tctattgctc cagcaccttc acatttattt tgaaagggta tgtgtttaaa    134160
     gggctggctt cagacttgtg gtcctttaac cttagcctct gggatatctg ggattgtaag    134220
     tgtgagccct tatccccagt ttatgggttg aaggaatcct aatctgtctg gtgagatact    134280
     atataaccaa atgcatgcca agtgagagta gagatcatac tttacctctt tccccctctg    134340
     ctgttcgctg ttacaaagga atgttccaaa taaacagctg tacaagtggt ccaggatggt    134400
     aatgagaaaa tactcattga attcaaatgc ggtagggaac tgcaaattga gcaccacaaa    134460
     cttgagacat ttttcatgca tctgtcatga gtagatcttt cataatagta cttagatttt    134520
     aaactaccta agccatcaga gcattatttg ttttcctttc caaggtagag tctttcccat    134580
     gcagcaagta ctgaatggtt ttgtgtttgc tctgctttga ccttatagtt gccagtcact    134640
     gatttctgac atggaacagt tctgatattc ttttctttta gttttcaata tgtctaagaa    134700
     ttaaaagtaa caaatgtgcc cagaaaatat cataggtata tacacagaag tatcagctat    134760
     acagctgtgc agctatgcag ataacttgta agtcaaccta cttgtcttgt ggaagaacag    134820
     gttcttctaa ttcacaactg gaagcattag tccaactcag aattcaccct cagtgggtat    134880
     cttaatttta tacaagccat ttttggaggg ctatcaaagg aattaaagac agcccagaag    134940
     gtagtaaaag gtttaattga acccaatcct attaatatca caaaatcatt cagaaactta    135000
     tttgtacata agcttgtaaa acattccaca atgacctggg aaatactgcc ttggtatttt    135060
     agaaaaagtc tgtcaacctc actaaaatct atggggacat gtagtttatt gctactcctt    135120
     cttgacatag gtaattaaca tactgatgag ctttcaacat ttctaaaaat catgtcccca    135180
     tcctacccaa acagcaccct aaccagttcc aactctcagg tgacctagtt aggggttaaa    135240
     gtctaccaat ccagacagct gggccgtatc ttctcttatt tgtcttactg gcatacatat    135300
     ctctccagtg acaaaaactc tactcctgct aagacattct caaaccctgc aattgtgtgt    135360
     cctatcatga acctttctag acttgagtca tttatacaac tatctcaaac aaacctgctg    135420
     cctacaaggc tgttataggg tttttaatag ctccatgatt gacaggggcc aagtcatccc    135480
     tgctttacat gttctacccc aacacttctt cctttaaaac ataaaatggc tcaaaataat    135540
     gtttattttt ggctggaatt tgatgtagtt tgtttcttat ctttcttagc aaagaaattc    135600
     agaactctca atgagcaaag gactttattt caaaggagga atctttttca tttgtatcaa    135660
     cgccctgggc caagatgcta ctagaatcca agtgtttatg aattaatgtt tgttactatt    135720
     accctaaaag acaagtttta gtaccgaata ataacaacag ctattatctc caggattcta    135780
     tccaagaatc ataagtcaac caggaccact ctaagcttgt gatgtgtggt cagggtgtta    135840
     gcagatgacg tcttacctgt cttgtcattt gccagacaca gtcaataaac tgaaggaaaa    135900
     caggtgacct gtctgcgtca gcatggttct tatctccatg gccaactctc tgaagcaaag    135960
     acagtgaaat gtcacacaga cgatattgca cttagtagat ttcctatttt ctgaaagtat    136020
     aatttggtca gtatttttaa tttcttcaaa acatcttttg aaagtgttgc aaagtagaaa    136080
     ataactctac caagcagaaa tatattaaca ttttcacaca tgaaaacttc aagaggatta    136140
     ctttaataaa tgaaacccag actctaaaac aaagtagaga aaatccttaa gagtccagat    136200
     ttctgactta aagatttaac gtctctgtgg taagacgttt cttatggaca gtcccctggg    136260
     gaggtgacct ttttatagaa ctatacagca caaatctcta gaactttcag aagtacgtgg    136320
     atctactctt cacacaaaca gattcccacc atgcaattga aaatcccaaa gcaggaattc    136380
     attcaaaaag ttggggtata caacttctgg ggcaggcttc aatataaaaa gatactgtca    136440
     taatcctatg atgttactct ggttcacatt tcccagtatg cattattggt attcctggtg    136500
     caagtgagta ctgctgttgt gtccagcggg gcagtgggga tggccacagc agactcttct    136560
     atcctgctag atgctcacta ctgaaggaag aatgttcagt tttcttacac aagtatcatt    136620
     aacaaagcag gaaaaattaa tgttactaag taaacatttt aatgtgacaa aacagagaag    136680
     atactcattt catttgctat tatcctgtgc atcaggaaga aacaaaataa tattttaatc    136740
     taaagtatgg atcataagac ttgaagattt gatgatgttt ttcaaaaatg taccattttt    136800
     ccttaaagtg aaatactatg ggcagtattt gttactactc aaatgaagat cagagtttta    136860
     gtggccttat ccacttgcct atgcccctga tacaatgtga caaagcaaca catcaggagg    136920
     ctctgtttaa ctgggagcta gtattttttg tagaacaaag gacaaaaaca gatttttttt    136980
     tttcctggat tccacaacct ctaagaaacc attatctgga agttttgaca gatctcaaag    137040
     catccttaat tctccaaaaa ggctactaaa aatactgtct acctacattg caaaggaaaa    137100
     tttttctgac cccagatttt tttacatgat tattttagtt ccaaattact tcagaccttg    137160
     atctatattg ttaatactac tttatataac tgaattagta tctaaaccac tcatttttca    137220
     tacaagccca aagggaaagc tagcttcatt tagagggaca gctgaatttc taggcagcga    137280
     ttacagaaaa gacaagatca gacacctaac aaatgcgcta ctctgggttc agactgcatt    137340
     aagaatatac taacacttta ccaaatatag tacttctatg acctcacttg cttaggaaat    137400
     ggccaaattt ataccttgca taagatgcat gtggaacatt aaaaatgaag gctcaggatg    137460
     gctcagtgag aagagtattt gccacaagaa cgtcagacct gagtttggtc tgaacaccta    137520
     agttacagtt aggcataata tgcatgccta taatgccaac atgcagagac tgaaatggca    137580
     gatctcttag ttttgctggc tagccagcct accccaaatc tgtgtgacct ccagggttag    137640
     tgagggacca tgtctctaca taagagtaaa gtagaaggta actgaggaag caaactgacc    137700
     acccctgagc tgcacacgaa tgtgcatggc catgtgagca cacaacgacc aaccccagta    137760
     aaatgaaggt tctttactca ctagttggaa tctatgtcca aagctcagcc attctttctc    137820
     cacaaggact tcaaatcctc gtatggttcg gtagtatcca tccaacatga gcatggccag    137880
     ggaagtgagc tgagctgtgc gatcccatcc atcactgcag tgtaccacca cagacgtctt    137940
     cccagactcg accttgtcag caatcctaag agcccctgca agaatgagct gaaaacaagt    138000
     tttaaaatga aagttttttt ttaaagttaa acacttctta aaagaagaaa ctaatgcagt    138060
     ttggttagat atgtgacctg tagagaccga gaactctgtc agtcacatgg aaagaaacat    138120
     caaccagcag taaaaaggag gcaggggctg aggctcatgc ctataatccc aagagtcagg    138180
     ttgaggactg cctggaactt gcctcaaaaa caggaaaata aatgaaaagc atcatattaa    138240
     atggggttgg ggttgaggac ataggagact ggaattggag acaacatgga aagatggtca    138300
     gaagtgaaag gcactatcat ctggagggtg ggtagagtgc agatggatgg gaaagaggaa    138360
     gacaagcagc agaaacgcac acatagcata agatgcggct actttagacc tgagtgtgca    138420
     cactgtcatt ggctccacta ctcagtaggg ccttcctact aagttcagtt tcaagagcca    138480
     aggtagacaa agggatggag actttgagaa agagtagtaa atacacacct taatgtgttc    138540
     cagccagtgt gtagattcta agttagacaa ccagtgagtt tcttcaatgg tggggtacac    138600
     aatctcctta agcttccgta atgattctct cataacatgg atattatgaa tatccagaaa    138660
     aacgagttct gcattttgat aggcatcttc actttcataa cctcccccct ttgcctgcaa    138720
     aagagggcac atacaaaatc ataaatgagt gcatagccat ctttacatat ccattacaaa    138780
     gttccataaa atacctaaag tgtacaaaat aagaccactg ctgtacagca agaaaccctg    138840
     tgggaagcgt gggtagctcg ggccacctgg aataaacaca cgagccttac actatttctg    138900
     aaacagcctg tgctagtaca ttagttatgt gtcatcccta agtataatca gcattttaaa    138960
     gaaaacgtcc tctgagcata tcaatcttat ccatagctta acaaaaaatt tccttcaaat    139020
     ttactgaaat aatcaattat aaattctata taaaataatc ccatattggt ctacccaagc    139080
     tatttctttt catatcattt cacatataat taaaccaaca aaacttactg tagccatact    139140
     gatttcccag ttagtcttct attgctgtga aggacaaagg actgaaggac atctctgagg    139200
     agggtttact ttccttctag cttcagtttc actggcaggc cccacatttc tggagtgtgg    139260
     tgctcaccat gggaaagagc atggcagagg aaaaccattc tcccatgtca gccaggagaa    139320
     ggagaagggg ggggggggca gaggccaccc ctcaaagggg catcccaagc agcctgagcc    139380
     ccagccaagc tccaccttct gtactctaca actttccaaa atctaaagtt tgactcaaaa    139440
     aatgcattaa ctcattggtc aagtcagagc ttttatttct caaaatgtcc tcatgaatac    139500
     agtagctctt tccatccaag ttgacaagat tagcagcaat catagtttgc ttacactata    139560
     cgcagctaat tcattttaaa cttaaaaagg tatagcagaa tcccactgat actactatcc    139620
     tcaaatctat taaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaat aaatgctttt caaatcaagc    139680
     tatagcaggg aaagagaact aatttcccca agtttaatat tacattttat gttaaaaatt    139740
     ccgtctttcc taactgatat ataatcaatc acacttcatg gagccttaac aaaaacaagt    139800
     aaggacacta gagcaactac actaatgtga tcatgactga tacctgagtt caactccaaa    139860
     ctaattttaa aaattggtca gatttctagt ctacagagta atatatattc aagactgtca    139920
     caaaacttaa tgtcaaatgt caatagtact tattaacgat gacaaattct gaagagtgtg    139980
     aatggacgag atggtttaac atggtatgtc acccacaggc tgtgtgttgt atacttgctc    140040
     cctagctgct agtattattt aaaagattgc tggaggatgt ttacaatgtg aggcctcact    140100
     agaggaagta ggtctcccag catgcctcag ggagtaagtg gcatgtgctc agagcaccag    140160
     ctactgctgc aggatataaa aagtcactaa caaagtaact ctaaaactca ggatagagaa    140220
     acttgcaaag caattttgtt gcaacaaatt tcagaaaatg tagtagctac tatacagtcc    140280
     catcacagaa ccaggaagaa atacttcaga atacatatgg cagtagctac tttataaact    140340
     acagaaacag gatggaaaga aatactccag aacccacagc caggatgggc tgtgaataca    140400
     ctaaatgctc acattctcca ttaagttttt tttaaggcat ctagatgaga aaccagaaag    140460
     catgaaaatc atttaaaact gaactctgat tagctacttt actaagtctt agaataccac    140520
     atatgggcag tgcaggaaag actgccaaaa gccccaaggc tgactgccat cagtgaatgg    140580
     gaagcaacat tgtgcaatgg atatgatgat cttaacccaa gccaacctaa gtcacttgga    140640
     tccaagggtc agcagtggcc cacagaatga atggaaccta aatctgagta aacttcaggt    140700
     tcatctcaga ttcagggaca aaatcaaagc aatccactat gatgtcgtca gtagcatgga    140760
     gggaaggctg aataggcaag aggagcccac acacaagact cccaggacac tctgagcatg    140820
     ctagtctggg atatgagtgg aaactgtgga gtgaagagct gcacacctgt gtaacagcat    140880
     aaacattgtg tgaggaatgc agggcaagaa gagtggccac tccaggacag atgggggctc    140940
     catggggtct ggagcagtta caacgatcta ggtgtgaaaa cttctcctcc tacacttgct    141000
     gcaacagagt acatacgtgg tgctaaagat tttcccagac tgaggggtgc gcaggcaaac    141060
     acgagatcac caacactgcc taccacagcc gctgccttct agtccttttt cctcagagag    141120
     ctaagtctga cgcctgcttt tattcagtgc gcagaattta gagaggaaaa tcagcacttg    141180
     ctggagaact cattcgactt cttggctatc aggttcattt atgcatcatt ttctataaaa    141240
     catcaagaag gatggcgtaa agagagaaga ctgttggtga ggaggagcag tgtgttcaac    141300
     ggtacgaaga aaagatcatg ataaaacctg tctgtggggg atatttgctt gatggttgga    141360
     gtacagatgt aattcaaatg atgcataaag ttttatgagt ctgcttttga aaattgtaat    141420
     tttttggcat tcaaattatt aaatactcac tgaatgaaag aactctgcat tacaaaatct    141480
     tttaggatga acttggagtt ttagcctgaa tgcagtctat cagtttagct cacaagaagg    141540
     gaataataaa tgcagtcttg gaaaggctag aaatgaactt aattaagctt gcataatcaa    141600
     ctcagcacaa tatgatctct gtcattacct ctgttggtct gaccactatt ttacagacaa    141660
     actcagctga cttgagtaac accatactag tgacaactaa ttaaaagaac accttacctt    141720
     attggcaacc gcattgacac ttggccgagc atcaaagata aatattttgt gagactgggc    141780
     attggagtcc atgatggcct gaaggtactt ctcatcttct ttgctgcgct tcccactcac    141840
     tccaaccatg ggctggctgc agcgagtgac tgtggcttga ctttcaggat gaatccagga    141900
     taaaaccttc atgaaaggac atggtgacat acacctactg tgtccctgct gccaagcctc    141960
     ctagagagca gtctctatac agatgcctgg caggacaagc tcaggaccct tcagggtacc    142020
     aggaaaacat gccaccctca tttctagcca agtctgcttt agagagaatt acctaattcc    142080
     taatcagaca ttgttatcaa actcactgat tattgagaag tcttgtctta agaagtacat    142140
     taaaacagag ctcaataaac cctgcttgat ttttttatta ctatatcaat aaaactgtaa    142200
     agtcctcaga atctatgcat ttgcaactaa aatcatttca tctgctcttt tgagatagtt    142260
     atatatgata aaatgtagtt tcctactttc ttggactcac cataactaaa gaatatatta    142320
     agatatagaa tgataaccaa tacacagagc aaatgtctaa gttaggagcc agcaatactg    142380
     ttttaacgtc aaagtttaac ttggtatgta atatccacat ataaatgctg tggcttatca    142440
     ccttggacct gtggatatac ctactcagcc tacttactgg gatccggccc cgtgacctaa    142500
     aggatgccac tctctttagc tcctcatcag gaatgtttgc tggcacaacc aagagggcag    142560
     gatatgtgtc acagagttca tagcgttcat ttatctttgt tattctccag ctttcatttg    142620
     gaattcccta cacatgacat aaaacacaag acaacctgtg agttaaaaat ataacagaca    142680
     ctaggacagt agccacctaa gccagtttca cctatctcta ctacccacat cttaaaactg    142740
     ttcaaatagt gatggccagg attttacgaa gacacatttt aatgtgggga tctgcagtta    142800
     catggcacca gatgtagtat tagtaagcct gttagttcac tagatactaa cagagtgtgc    142860
     atgtgagcct gtgctaggca catctcgggg aggaagggaa cagacagata gcagtatctg    142920
     ctctcccagg tctcacagga gccctcaggc cattattaga ctgattttgc tgctatatag    142980
     agataggtat gcatgcttta aaactttctc tggtttctag cactgtcagg aaatgttttt    143040
     atttcacttc cacttttgca ggatataatt gctggtaaat agttaccaag tagaatagtt    143100
     aattacaacc aggtcacaca atcctctagc ttctgctttt gaaaaacaac ctgccagcca    143160
     aacttttgct ttaaaagata ataataaaaa gaaatctact gctactacta ttattacaac    143220
     taccaccacc accactacta ctactattat tattattatt attatcatta ttattattat    143280
     tgtgggaggt gggcaggaag agtaaaggca ggtaccatag cccacctaga ggccaaaaga    143340
     gttatgtgca gctggttttc agcctccatc tcgatgtgca tttgggagat taactctggt    143400
     ctccaggctt gtgtgccatc tcaccagccc aagataatct acttcttcta gctaccttta    143460
     aaattttgtg ggttactcta tgtctatgtg tgaacttctt tatagtaatc tgatattaac    143520
     tcatgttatt cactgtacaa actggttagc tttcattgct cagactacca ctaacttacc    143580
     tattgaaaca cagttttgct tgcactgtgt gacttcaaat cctaccttcc acagtaataa    143640
     ctatggtatc gtggacagat agcttaacct tcgcatgctt cagtttaccc atgctatgca    143700
     gatatttcgt atctttacac catgcttacc acatggttta gtaaacaaaa ccagtatgca    143760
     aaatgttagt aacacacaga gcacacgcta agcaaattct tctcttagcc tcccttcact    143820
     cactcattca acagacacag tctgtgacat agcaggcact gctaatcctg atgacatcat    143880
     cagtgagaaa ctagtcagta ccttccctac tgcagcacag gcagtaacaa taccaaagaa    143940
     ataacagatg attccttcaa aaagacagac gaaagagcct caacaaagaa aaccacatgt    144000
     gccattaata aatactcatc aaatgtaaat gcatccaaat ggagtgggac ctatctgaga    144060
     agccatcaac agtaattaaa ctttgatcta tatgtggcag ggagacagag ctcagtagga    144120
     gagtttgccc agcacaggtg aaaccatgaa ctcaatcctt acaagcaccc acacagacac    144180
     caagttaaga agtaaagtaa gggtactaac taaggtaggt cacatgctgc ccttagcata    144240
     agggaatgca tctctctatc ctctgtgaag aatagaactc aaattagaag cagtacagtt    144300
     actgttttat ttcataaatt atagaatgcc taaaatgaaa aaaatgaaat gaatgatatt    144360
     acgacaagtt tacacatact gatcccactt tcaactttat agtgaacaaa cattttttta    144420
     aacaaagtga tacttatgag ctagataaag actcataaag gatcactagt gtattctaaa    144480
     aagcaactca aaggaaatga aaagaaaccc accaaaccag attagcttcc agttaaaaca    144540
     aaacgaagag acactgaaaa gaactcctta ctttgatcaa ctgtcatgaa aataacatag    144600
     aacacaaaag cttgaagaga aaagcacgta cctgccttct gtactctaga agggggtcat    144660
     acagtttcca cccattttcg gggaatactt ctttatactc aaaagcaaaa agaggctaca    144720
     aaataaacag cagttaaaaa ggacattaaa gaaagtattg aatcagaaat atgtccctgc    144780
     aatacttctg ttttgattta cttatttgca agaatatttt ctattgtccc ttttaaatag    144840
     ttttatgact gaaattacta ttttatttac aacactaaat atctttatat gctttaaaaa    144900
     gtacaagaaa acacaagacc cacttataaa atttaccaaa tgctaaccta tttcttttaa    144960
     atattctggt acgttttgta ggtttcactc taagtaatga atggcatctc caagaaggtg    145020
     ctttccaaca gaaataactg gtccaacact agaaagcagc agtagtggct ctaaagtcca    145080
     tactatatgc tctaatacac tgaacaagct ttttatacat tggcatataa gctttttaaa    145140
     catgtaacta gaaaaaaaac tatggtgttt aaaaaaataa ttgcaactca agtgaggaat    145200
     ccagtgttaa ttccagtgct gggtcaattc cctgccatct ccattctggc tctaacatgg    145260
     taatgaatat ggctgccatg gaggtgaaat gctatcatgc agttgagaga atctagcaca    145320
     gctaaaatac tcactagtaa ctgtcccaaa ctcctagtcc taatgccagc tcccacccag    145380
     ggagacttca aactctaatg aaaactacat aaagctttta tcatagaaac atccaataaa    145440
     aaatattaca taagccaaga tggtgataca ggctgaaatc cagacctcat ggagctgtgg    145500
     caggagaagc agccttgtct caaataaaga cacataaaga aaaccactct ggtacagcac    145560
     ttgcctagca tgtgtgaagc cctgggttca atctctagtt cactctttcc acctcccaag    145620
     aaatcaacat gtacttatag aatgtcatta ctgaaatgga ccttggacac aagataacct    145680
     ctatctaagt gccaaatcag gaacagaaaa gggagaatct ggacaactta gctgagtctg    145740
     tccacactaa taattacaat acagattata gagaaacatt taccaagcca ttagacacag    145800
     gaaatgcata tttcattaga ttctcaaata tggatcttct tgttcgcccc tccggtttat    145860
     gagcaaatcg caagttcctg atatcctaga aaagatatag tatctaatta aatcactttg    145920
     ttccttttta atgaataaat gaggtaacat ggaaatgttg ggtaaaggga agatctgcat    145980
     ttacaataca aaaacagctc ctgtaagcaa aaaaataacg atggttcact gggagcgaag    146040
     aaacccagaa cactctacta cacggcagaa aatcctcccg tgctccctcg ctcagcaggg    146100
     ccaacggaga aggaaatgac agaagtactg gcacacgccc actatcaaca tttgtttttt    146160
     ctgggcagga gagatggctc agtaggtaaa gtgcttgcct caaaagcata ggaccataca    146220
     attcccagaa cctaattttt aaaaataaaa accacaatca gctgttatta tatttccatc    146280
     atgtagagca atcatttctt attcactctt gcttcctaag gctcacttcg tgtctcttct    146340
     gctagacagg actaactgcc tttcccttcc tgcacttcag tgacatgcct gctagctgcc    146400
     tatcaccgcc caactcagcc tacgctggat ctcagggact cccacttgtg tactcagtcg    146460
     tttctcaggc tcaggcagtg acgtcagtag ccacagcatc ataaaataga agtctccatt    146520
     tttatttaag tattttaacc taggcaaaag ttgagtttag gggctggtga gatggctcag    146580
     tgggtaaggg cacccgactg ctcttccgaa ggtctgaagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat    146640
     ggtggctcac aaccacccgt aatgagatct ggtgccctct tctggtgtat ctgaagacaa    146700
     ctacagtgta cttacatata gtaaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    146760
     aaaagttgag tttactttgt tacaatctca ttattgttga gattaggccg tgtcctactg    146820
     ttactcagta ctgtaaaata tgaaatatat acttataaac agttttgctt gtttttaata    146880
     atgacactcc attttacaag caattttaga cttcattcca ggaatgaaag atgactgcag    146940
     ccgggcggtg gtggtacacg cctttaatcc gagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt    147000
     tctgagttcc aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccga ggctacacag    147060
     aaatcctgtc ttgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagat gactgcatcg    147120
     aggaggagag cacccagaaa tgatactatg tgtcatacac cacccatcca tccagtagag    147180
     aaggatcaat ggtttacttc tgagagtaga aagacactac tctatagttc actgtgttga    147240
     attgatactg caagggcaca tggtggattg aaatcttaca ccaaggccaa gaacttaaca    147300
     gacacaccag actatggaaa atacaactcc ctcatctgga ccccatagct cccttatcat    147360
     ctgaaacctg gtgtgtcaac agctaagaac tccccgactg ctcttgaagc tctggttgag    147420
     ctagccttct caattcctga ctgcctgtgt gttctcccat ctgaatctaa ctggtcatcc    147480
     cttgcttcag actcacttcc tgtgctggct ggcctcacac ctagtggtag ctagctccct    147540
     ccagcactgg tctgatttac tacctataga cacagactct cttcacagac ttatgaagct    147600
     cctgaaatcc actgcagcct ctataactgg tgtccattct gcgatccatc tatatgccaa    147660
     gcaatatata gaaacattta ctatgtgacc tgagagttca tattagcaat taagactagg    147720
     ctaaaagaac cttcagccag gctacaaggt tggtgtggct gtatgacaca gtgctgtcaa    147780
     tgaaaccaca aaacgtgaat gtagtgctat tcaatagttc tcatgtcaga aatatacaaa    147840
     cgtgttcttc tgatttaggg catagaacac ccttgataat tttgaaaaac cacacacaga    147900
     ggcaatacat agtgtacttt caataacaat aaaatagctt attgcaaatc tgagccaaat    147960
     gagtatcaac tgtatcactc tgtgaaaata cacatatgta tactgtggcc tcctgtaagc    148020
     atctttatga ctagtaaaga cattcccatc acctctttgg ttaacctctc tccagcaaag    148080
     acccaactct aatggtacag gtccacacaa aacatatcta caactattcc aaaagtcagc    148140
     ctgcccaaaa ctttatgtac tatttcttgc gaaagagaaa tgaccaagaa gcaaggtaca    148200
     cttctatata catagataac agccactaca ctcaggacct tcttgacata aagaaactag    148260
     cagttcttaa gtcagtaatt ttcacatgag acccaacaaa cttttaagat taacacatgc    148320
     aaacattttg gatgctacac aaactgtctc ttgtacttag gtcactgaga gaatgagaca    148380
     gaagtcatgt ggtctagaac tgagatgtgt acaagccagg cggtagcagc acacatccca    148440
     gaaggcagag gtggacagtc tatgagttgg aggccaggct gctcagagca agttccagga    148500
     cagagacttt gtcttagaac aaacaaagaa gagatgtgca aaaaggttgg ttaggtattg    148560
     gtatgaaatg ccatgtgact taacagcaaa taatattcac cactataaga atacatttct    148620
     actatataat ccacttgtac ccgtttccaa gaaaaggttc tagttaacag ctttctcgag    148680
     caaatataac cacaccaata ttgtaaaatt taccttgcac acagtttcca ggccatagga    148740
     gttttcacct cggctagatg caccaccaat tttttctact ctacttatca ctccaagaga    148800
     agcatctaga acaaatgggg ggtcctgcaa gatgaaaaga aaacacacaa cttataatta    148860
     aaaaacctgt gaagtgcttg agtaacatga acaggatcat ggattcgatc tccaacacct    148920
     gtttccccaa aatgttaaaa aatcttcacc aggaatctcc agtcaatgct ttccggcagt    148980
     gaactggaag tgggggagca cacctttagc cttagaggct gaggcaggag gacttctgag    149040
     tttgagtcta gcttggtccc atagcaagtt ataggacagc tatggctata taatgattat    149100
     gtctcaataa taaataagtc aattaaccag aagtaagcaa atatcccaaa cacaaataca    149160
     gacagaagca gatcccaaga agcctcaccc gctccatgct cttgaaatat aacctgtaac    149220
     ttgtgacagt cagcgttcct cgcacagcac cagtgaatgg acatatgtaa gtcacatctt    149280
     tggctgaaac gacaaaatgg ccatagttta cttgatacta tgtgctgttg aaaacagatt    149340
     acacatttta taaaattaat ttgcttggct aattgtaaca aatcacagaa taaatgaggt    149400
     taaaaaaaat ccctcagagg cttaatccaa acttccaact ttatcttaat ctaagaacta    149460
     tagtggccct ggctgtcctg ggactcactt tgcagaccag gctggccttg aactaacgac    149520
     atcagcctgc atctgcctcc cgattgttgg gattaaaggc ttgcaccacc accacctagc    149580
     taacgcaggg tttttaaatc ttaaaatagt atcaattccc tccatgtcat tattagggca    149640
     aaatatcaga tttccccaaa gtaatgcagg tcaattctga agagccacaa gatgctacaa    149700
     acttccaagg ggagtctggg gaggtaaaaa cctacacaat ctctaagaca ctaaaacttc    149760
     ctgactttgg tttcatatta atcaatctga agggctgacg atgtcatatg ggatttgaaa    149820
     tgagaccaat cttttaacag ctgctctaaa ctccacatcc cctaggaagt gtgaggtaca    149880
     ttttcttaaa tcgatttcca atgcatgttt gtttcattta gaaatttctg aaattaaata    149940
     agcccatcac tatataaaga cggattttgt ttctgttatg ctcttgtagc ttaatttata    150000
     aagttttatc agtgtcactg aaatggttct ggatgatgtc agaccccatt ttcttctgca    150060
     ggaaaagcag ctggtactct tctcctacag ccaccatggg atgtccttct tgtactcact    150120
     cactcccaga aaaggagaga agaggcaagc aatcaccact accaacacct gtctctgctt    150180
     tgttctatac cctccgtcac tgcagacaga gagagagact tttacctggc tcacaccagg    150240
     gagaaaaaga gactgactag cagcactctg agcagagtaa agggcagaac cagcccacac    150300
     tggccaccta gtacttactt tatgaagtac tttttacctg tgtatgttta acttagcctc    150360
     agtcagatgt gtgtgtgtgt atctcagata tattatgtat gtatatatgt atatgtatgt    150420
     atatatatga atatatttgt taataactta gatgagaata tcaatgtgca gaaaagtaaa    150480
     atgaactgtt cagcattcca gaaccaataa ttattataag acaaacccag ttctcctggc    150540
     taaaaacatg aatattaggc tatctcttag caaagctaac ccactaacag agcatagtct    150600
     gcttaatatc tgactccttc attaaagttg agtaactgaa gtatgggaaa accaggccat    150660
     aattcccaca gcattcactg aatgcttcta ccaccattgg gcttcttatt acatttattt    150720
     gtatgtgtat atgggcatgt atatgctatg gccataacac tcatgaggtt tatcattatt    150780
     aactgtgtcc acttcaagtc cttcctagta tcttttcatt aatatactca aatacctcca    150840
     agtgttataa gcaagagaac agttaaaaaa aagagcagaa gcagaggtag cgaacccctg    150900
     aaggtgaaaa tgcaagataa agagtgaatc tgaggctaag aacatttgga ataggatgca    150960
     tgggatagtt aggcctggtt caaagacaga gttagttgtt tgcaagcagg aaggtggagg    151020
     ctcaggttga aacacacatt tgtactcatg aacccatatg tgggtaaaca gactaatgag    151080
     gtataagcaa ttgaaagaat aagcaataaa gaaacctagt cccagagcac gggttgtggg    151140
     tgaagtccca gagtatgctg atagtgaagg aaagtggcca atggaagatt tttgtaagtc    151200
     tacacactat aatggaagtg ggaagggcac tgatcttaga atagcagaaa gaaaccatta    151260
     taggctgagc tgtggtttta ttagctaaaa agctcccaat gctatagttt cttcatccac    151320
     caaagcaagc gagtgtcttt cctacagtat catcctaagc atcatcacgg taactattcc    151380
     catcacagca tccatggtga taatgtatgg aagatgctta ctttatttag ctaagaaacc    151440
     actttcttca ccctcccaat gttttactcc ttaatctacc aatatttgtt ttgtgaacaa    151500
     gcataataaa acaaaaacac caagtacagc tttcctgatt actgactgca ctaggccgct    151560
     aaccttgttt acacacactg gtacttcttc tgcagtgaac atcaaagact tcatccaaaa    151620
     tataacctga acttattcaa ggaagaaagt tacaaaaagt agaaaataag acgctgcctc    151680
     ccaagtgctg tactttaata aaaatcactt gtttaatgtt tttagctagc caacacagtg    151740
     gctaaatgat gtaattcaaa taataaaact gctcttcacg gatttcagca acaatttaaa    151800
     gagaataaca ttgaatttgt acatttccca acatccagac aggaacactc ccaacagctc    151860
     tgggtctcgg cttgcagaac acaggctgga cactacagga gaatgaacag ctgtgcagac    151920
     aaaaaacatt acagacccat atctttaatg ttctctcctg gaagcagggc tggttcctcc    151980
     atttctgcta acttgtttgc ctccctcagg acctgcatgg ggatatgcaa gaaacaaaca    152040
     ctttttattc aaaggctatt tttgtttcat tcagatttca ttttagactg tttactttta    152100
     tctgaaatta taatcttacc acactaactt taaatcaaat tatagaaact tcagtattgc    152160
     cacatacaac ttgaaactgc catttttcta aagtatttcc tgaatgccta agaattataa    152220
     aatcttgcat tcactaaaaa actgcatatc ttcccactgg gagcttctac agtgagagca    152280
     cgagtcaccc taaagtgtac actaatactc ataggcccac tatgacgtaa atagtaaagt    152340
     aactgactgt acaagggaag gcagggaaga tcatctcaca ttaataacac caaagaatgt    152400
     gcgcagatgt tctgccccag gtcagctctc tctcaaggat gggctgccag gaacaacttc    152460
     ttctcaagat tgaatataac aagacagaat attctacctt aaataaactg agcacctcaa    152520
     ccagtaagta gtcaaggtga actctatggt gaagagccat ggtgagagaa cataaccttg    152580
     acaaggctga ggatacagca cttcatctct gaggcccttc ctcaacccag tttgacaatg    152640
     agcaaaatgg tatatatcct acagagtatc aggtcagttt cttcaaactg agagtcactg    152700
     ggaacaagag tcttcgaact gtgacagtac tgggaatgca ttattgacac tgctgtcaag    152760
     tgctctgggt aagatcctgt agcacagagg acactgagct aaactatgca gatatgagtc    152820
     aaggcagact ttagcaatgg gagtaagtac tagttcacta catgtctctc tctctctctc    152880
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acaaactaga gtagactaat    152940
     agcataagac actatatatg acctatatgg gaactcttta ctaacaatta agcagttttt    153000
     ctttaacttg aaactgatct aaaattaagc tgacctaata agaatgataa ataataacat    153060
     ttgatgttat tgatgaacac tctggcctca ttatgagcaa ttgtgagccc gtcacttatt    153120
     atttgtgaca tatatggtat acaatgagag aagggtttat gccagtggtc ctcaaccttc    153180
     ctaatgttgc cctttaatac acttctccat agtgtggcga cctcaacgat aaagttactt    153240
     ttgctgctac ttcatgactg tacttctgct actgttatga cccatgatgt aaacgcaaag    153300
     gttgagaact gctatgcgat ggtgacagta gagataaatt ttgtttttaa ctacaaaaac    153360
     ctacattttg aaccaactct gtttttaagt agtaagatct gactacaagc agaccaaaac    153420
     agtttaaaat taagcttatg tcctacttta gtttaaccca agaatagaca aaaatagata    153480
     taagccacat atttgctagc attaataagg agagcagcaa gacttacacc cactgttact    153540
     agcaccaagt tacacctgaa tgcacgtgtg cttccaatgc taaccatgaa gacactgtga    153600
     atagggcagt gcactcacac agattatgaa gataagccct ggagctggag ataggtcttt    153660
     aacccaatat tacacaaaag ataacaacaa gtatttaaaa accttcatag attcctaaac    153720
     tgtcttcatg tatttattaa aatgaaaaaa aaatagtctc aataattctc aaaaattctc    153780
     aacaacaaat cacttcatta ctgaagatat ttatattctc ctatacatat aaatgtctaa    153840
     atgaaaccag aaagaatatg ctgcaaacat ttgaacctaa acttcctgtc tttcagaacc    153900
     ttgaaaatga atgtctacta tttaaaaaga aactctgaag aaagggtaga attaatatca    153960
     tacaataatg cattttccat cattcatggg taagtgaaga aaagcagatg aatccacaaa    154020
     tatactaagt gctacagtgc ttcactcatg tggttaactt tgtagaagag agacaaattc    154080
     aaaaaagtgg aatactttta aagatactga gatgtgtagg gatgatccat cacctaacac    154140
     ttatgtgact tacctataga attggattca acaggataga acactggtgt gatggctaat    154200
     cttggctgtc aacttgacta tgtctggcat caactaaaac ccaagcagct gggcactcct    154260
     gtgagggatt ttcttgatta gatcattgaa agtgggaaga cctacccttt atctgagcca    154320
     caccttctgc tggcagccta cataaaagga cagggaagaa ggaagctttt gctttttgct    154380
     tgcttgttct cactcttgct ggcaagttta tctattctga tgatgagaca gtctttcact    154440
     gttgttaaaa tctacttttt ccagattcta acacagactg aagacagcag ttctctacaa    154500
     atcctctgga atcccagtac cagatgggga ctgttgaaga cattcagtct tacagattgc    154560
     acagctacca gattccttgc ctttccatca ggaggtagcc gcattggact actagtatca    154620
     tcgcccgtaa gacactctca taaatccctt tatacataca tttttcatcc tatcaactct    154680
     gttcctttag agaactctga ctaatacagc aatacagtaa agtacagtgc agtacaatat    154740
     tagctacgag actatgggca tattaatctg agacattatg tggaactgac taagctagaa    154800
     gtcttctaag agatcattta agtgcagcac ttggagtaat ggttggctat agtgcatttt    154860
     caatgaatgt tagctattat tccctgttac tacagaatta atcagaaaaa ccatatcata    154920
     aaggaaatat tatctttaga caaaatattt aaaagtacta acttaaggaa tgaaatcatt    154980
     caccttttaa aatagtaaat aaacattcaa atttactggc cttatctaga attgtcttag    155040
     ttagagttgt actgctgtga acagacacca tgaccaaggc aactgctata aggataattg    155100
     gggctggctt acaggttcag aggtgcagtc cattatcatc aaggtggatg catggcagca    155160
     cccaagcaag catggtgcag gcagagctga gagttctaca tcttcatctg aaggctgcta    155220
     gtggaagact actggcttcc aggtatttta ggatgagggt cttaaagccc acgcccacag    155280
     tgacacacct ataccaatag agccacacct tctaatactg ctattccctg ggacaagcat    155340
     atataaacca tcacaagaaa tgagtgtgag ctttgaggat tttctgttat cacctacttc    155400
     attattacag gttctacaga tagggctggg aagatactga acagtacaga tatcctaagt    155460
     atgttcaagc aatatacata ccctcaagtc aggagaaaag ttgtctgcag aggttgaaat    155520
     ggaatctgat gatatagcag aagctgattt ggtatgcacc gagttctctg aatgagaagt    155580
     agaagcacta caaaagacaa aagcacagta tgtttggaaa atgaagcttt gcagaacaat    155640
     tttaaatgtt tgatttataa ctccaatagt ttttacaact tgcattgtca gcagattctg    155700
     ggttgcctct tcaatgactt ctagaaagac agaaaaaaat gaagattctg ttttttcaga    155760
     gtcaaaaaca taatttggat gagcttcttc cttttatcca tgtatttatt tatttattca    155820
     tctaaaggac atccatggag aggggctggt gagatggctc agcaaatagg tcaaataaaa    155880
     aaattaaggt catttgtggg tgatgcagcc atgaatttat ggggaagaga tctgttacag    155940
     caatggatta gcattcctcc aacttgagag acaaaccata aaataaagga tgttcctgat    156000
     gaatgtatta taaaatgtta tcaagaacag tctgagactg tccaaatagt ccataaacca    156060
     gacacagcag aggcaacctc tccaacttta tttgggggag ccactgccga aaatccacca    156120
     acaaccttac cactaagatg gctgattgac caaccagttt gggtagagca aaggcctatg    156180
     acaaatgaaa aattccaggc attggaacag acagtccaag agcaactgaa aggtcaacac    156240
     atagcagaga ccaccagccg ttggaacatt cctgtatttg tcattaaaaa caaatctatc    156300
     aaatggagaa tgttgatgaa tctaaaagta atcagcaaaa tcattccagc ttggaatctc    156360
     atagccttca ttgttaccca aggaattgcc tatcatagag attgatttaa aagactgcct    156420
     cttcacaatt tcttcacaag aacaagatag agaaagatat gctttcatag tgcccacatt    156480
     taaccactct atgccaacca aaaggtacca ttggagagcc aatatttcac aagaaatatt    156540
     gaatacctta tgacaatatt tggtacaata gccattagaa ataatttgta agtagtttcc    156600
     tcaatccata atttaccata tgcatgatat cttactcgct gattcatata taaatacctt    156660
     tgaaaaatgt ttaatgaaat aaagagaatt ttgacttgct agggattaca aattactcct    156720
     aaaaagaata caaagaggag agtctactaa ttacctaaga tgtaaaataa gtctataaaa    156780
     gatctgacca tagaagatac aagttggaag agtccaatta agaactctta atgattttca    156840
     aaagttgttg gcagacatta attggctaag gtccacaaat ggattaacta ctcaagagct    156900
     aacaacctta caaggtgata aaacctaaat agtcaagaaa attatcagct gaagctaaaa    156960
     aagaattgac tctgataaga aattacaaga tgaacatata gatcatctta atccaaagat    157020
     gtcctgtatc ttggtaattt tgctttctac tcattctccc acaggaatct ttacacagag    157080
     agattatatt ttaatatttt tagtaccaaa cagaataaaa atttaaaaac ctatatagaa    157140
     aaggtttctg gattgattct gaaaggaaaa atgaaatttg gacaattata attgtggtat    157200
     cttttactaa tgctgagata acttcattat gggcagaaaa tgaatgctgg caaagagtct    157260
     gaagtaatct tcaggagaga aattaacaac aaatacccaa aatgcaagca acttcaattt    157320
     atataaagaa ctaattggcc cctgatataa taaagggatt ccaatttctg cattttatac    157380
     tgatgcaaat caatcaggaa aagcaggcta taggtcagag caaaagcaag taaaatggct    157440
     cagaaacttt acgattcagt tcaaaaatca aagtcatatg agttcttacg gaattattag    157500
     attgtgcaga atatttttta aaaatattta tttattattt atatgtaagt acactgtagc    157560
     tgtcttcaga cacaccagta aagggtgtca gatgtcatta cagatggttg tgagccatca    157620
     tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttggaagaac agttagtgct cttaaccgtt    157680
     gagccatctc tccagccccc gattgtgcag aatattaact gactcacaat atgcagaaag    157740
     agttgttttg catacagaaa ctgctgaact tattcaggat gattccgaat taacttcact    157800
     acttagtcaa ctataagtta caagaaacag aaactatccg ttgtatataa cacagatcag    157860
     aacccatatg ggtataccag gccctctagc acaaaacaat aataaaattg atcaactatt    157920
     agtagttgct agaagcttca ggatttcatg aggaatacca tgttaacagc aaaggtttaa    157980
     aaaggatttt tctatcactt gacaacaagc caaggaaata ataagaaaat gtcctgcttg    158040
     tttatataac aaaactctat tacctgacag agtaacccaa aaagtaccca agggttttgg    158100
     caaatagatg tgtttcattt tgtatagttt ggaaaattaa aatatgtaca ccatgccaaa    158160
     gatacatatt caggacttca atgggcaact gctttaaatt ctgaaaaacc tgattcagta    158220
     attacacact tattagaagt tgtggcaatt atgggaatgc ctatacaaat taagactgat    158280
     aatgctccag catatgtctc cagtaaaatg aaacaatttt ttacatatta taatataaag    158340
     catatcacag ataccacaca atctgactgg acaagcagct atggagagat ccaattatac    158400
     tttgtttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt    158460
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt    158520
     aaaggcgtgt caactataaa ttacaagaaa cagaaactat ccgttgtata taacacagat    158580
     cagatcccat atgtgtatac caggccctct agcgcaaaac aataatgaaa ttgattacca    158640
     caaaacaata atgaagttga cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg    158700
     gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggccac    158760
     caccgcccag ctctaattat actttaaaag agatgcctaa caaacaaaaa tgagtaacaa    158820
     aatcccacag agatagatta catagtgctt tatagactta aaggttttta atgtgagtga    158880
     acataaaata acagctgcta agtcactgaa ttatgtaaaa acctgatgaa gtaaatcttc    158940
     ctgtttagat taaaggatgt cctagcctca gaatggaagg caggaaatgt attgtactgg    159000
     ggaaggggtt ttatgtttat ttctacaggg aaaaaaaaaa aagctacaga ttcctttcaa    159060
     agtgataaaa atcagatttg acagggggag acttctgaag atcttggcta cagacaggaa    159120
     aaaagaagtc agaaagacca acaaagcaag taacttgtat tactgatccc tctgcatggg    159180
     aacagttctg agactggctg aaacatgaaa atgtctccag aaaggacttc agctatgcct    159240
     agcaataaat cttgttggct atagagtcct catgacttat tattacatgc catcctaggt    159300
     tatagagttc aaactaactt agaaacacag atgccttacc tgctcaaaca gaaagcaaag    159360
     aatcatcttt ggctgaacgg tacacactgc acatcccata catatgttaa tgcagaaatg    159420
     tacattacct gtcaaagttt gtgttcacag agataaataa ccaaaatagc agccctgaag    159480
     agattcacct tgaggatgtt aggatactga gacacatatt ccagcatcct gcttcatcct    159540
     atctcagact gcttcaagaa tatttcctca aaaatctgca tccagaacaa cttctgtatg    159600
     gcttgttaga tcatccaaca ttacagactg ttccagtcaa gacttcagtt aaaccctgaa    159660
     ctttctcaat acgcaagggc tggacaacaa atgttacaaa ctatagcttg ttattaggaa    159720
     aaaagtattt tattagacta aaaggggaaa atgttgtcat gatgtcatag tgcactgtga    159780
     aaagattatt cttttattat tcaaatgctg atttctatgg ctctatatct ggttgcaatc    159840
     cagaaatggc attgtaatgc ttattcgaag aatctcttgt ttcagtgtta tgcaagcatt    159900
     gcttcccaat tacctctgat tggtgagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag    159960
     agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaaa agttgatcag ccaatgcctg    160020
     agcagaggag ttaatagggc tagacttctg atcccagcca tgggaagggt agagggggag    160080
     agaagattca ccacagtttg gtctcagatt tagaagtctg agcatttgag caagaatgtg    160140
     ctgcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttca aggccagtct ggtctacaaa    160200
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccttg tctcgaaaaa aacaaaacaa    160260
     aacaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaagaatgt gctggtgagc ctttaagttc tcttttaaga    160320
     caaatgatga aaccagaggg caccagggtg tgcatgtgtt acagcactgt cactgtgatt    160380
     atgtcagaga cacacacact ggcaggactg ctgaaagcca ctgtccatat caaatgctgc    160440
     cttttgtgag cttctcagac taaggggcca cacaacagaa gcacagctct ttttctcttc    160500
     tcacataact gtgtatgatg gatgttctgg ccgccatggc tgctattaca acacatctaa    160560
     tttctaccgt ctcctccttc catttctcca ttacttatct tcatgtcaag atctgttttg    160620
     ccaattgttc cacaagccca aacctcatgc catcccacac aggctattta ctcaggctat    160680
     tttagctcag tccgtttact aactttccta tcagcctcag tgaaagcctt ccagctagaa    160740
     ctgaagtctc catctatgtt tccacagtct gtaactgcac gtaatcactt tcctcacaat    160800
     actgcagagt ttgagctgcc tgtccccctc ccctttaaat cttaagcgcc agacagtaag    160860
     aaccttgtaa ctggcaaggc actagatctc agcaaattat gcagcctgat aacatcaacc    160920
     aacaccactc tgggccgcag gtctcctagg cacacacact tcgctagcca acatccgttc    160980
     ctcctgctat ccttgccccc ttctacttgt catcaactca agttactcag cttctcccac    161040
     ccacttcccc tgctcagagc atccatcaac aactcccctc aaacattttt gctgtgattt    161100
     ttattccaca gagaatactg tcctggcatc ttcagcagaa ttctccaaac tcccacttgc    161160
     ctcagctgac acctcccaag aatctacttt cttgaacccc tttgaattag ggcggctttt    161220
     tcatttttcc acaactaata aatacaacca gcatttttct agctcagttc ttatgtttct    161280
     attgtagtat acttttctgt cttcacatat agaaaacttc tgatataagt ggccttttat    161340
     acaactggct ataatccttc cttgttaatt aactaaccat acctttctca aaaagggctt    161400
     ttcctggtca cctggcctat tcctatttct ttctattcca atagtgctgt ctaaaattgt    161460
     ggcaatttta ctgtccacca ggatacattc cttatccaca tttctgcttt atcaacatga    161520
     acattatcag ttctggagca acactgcttc tgtaagcttt aacctgaagg attcaatttc    161580
     tcagcacaga tgttcttcat tccaataacc ttgctttctt acttgccttt tggctagtct    161640
     tcagcctaat acaccagtcc tccaacgtgt ccattccccc ttatccactg ctcttctctt    161700
     cctgctcact tcccctttcc tatccaactt gtccctaaaa tctcacatgc agctggcata    161760
     gataagatac ttgcaaaatc cttgttggat aaatccataa gtgaaagaat aaggatcaaa    161820
     gaactggaag actgaaatca acccccttag aggctgttgg aaaacctcac ccccaagccc    161880
     accttcagta acctagcaac agcaggccac atcatcatca gctgccaaga tacaacacaa    161940
     ttccactgct gtcattaggt gcatattatc cctatgcgca tgtgctatac cccttattaa    162000
     aagccagtac cttctcctcc tgctctctct ccccttccac cctggctcag aggcagtctc    162060
     tgcattttgc cccactcccc caataaatct cttgcatgtg atctgttgta tggtgtgata    162120
     tttgcagcat gccttagcct atacccaaat tacttggcca ctaaatcgta acactggtgt    162180
     catgactcgg taggatatcc tggtgtctgt acacttccca atcatggagt cacaccagga    162240
     ccctatccct tgtccccaat cctcctccaa gagactccat ttctgtttca cctaatgcta    162300
     ggcacccaat ccaacactgg caaatagcaa gttttccctc caatccgtgt gagcgcttct    162360
     ctggatccga gggagtaact gctgagtttc tggcacctcc ctggtattct tggaggcaga    162420
     ggtaccccca gccatggtct ttaagaatac tattgaagct cttcacagat actcacctct    162480
     gaccatttca cgcttgagca agctagctag tagctagttt gcctctctct ctctctttct    162540
     ttcttccttc cttcctccct ttctttctgg cttcatttga aagtcctggt acctgctact    162600
     tgtgtcttcc agcttttagc cctggccctt gaactgtgag gtgacaatcg catgccttct    162660
     ggagaactac tgactgcttc acctagcacc caacttaaag gcctctaaac ttactgcctt    162720
     tgcagtggaa tatatctcaa taccccttag ataaacaatc aaaatggctg cccaacagca    162780
     acctaggtcc ggacattaat aggaacctct atagatactt ccagcaacct gggaaataga    162840
     gggagagtct atgtctaagc tttctcttat ctctgctcca agccctccct ctgttattcc    162900
     tgttcctgtt tccctactca gcttcttcta gctaagaagt ctgaataaga ggaacttcca    162960
     ttattcttga ctctgctaag agccccctga ctccctgcta gtctcaaccc acaactgctt    163020
     cttttctggc tctctcagca acagactact ccaagcaccc actctgatgc ccacttttac    163080
     cccaccatct gctatacccc cagccccact actcactcct gctcttcaat gggacacctt    163140
     ctgtcccttc cgatcccctt aactccacct caattctcac tttgcaagag gttgcaagag    163200
     gatggtctgg tcaaggtaca tgtctactgt tcattaagtg aactctctta aatagaaaaa    163260
     aaataaaata aaaacaacaa aaacaaaaag taaaaactaa aacaaacaaa aacaaaacaa    163320
     aacctgggtt ttatacctct aactcatcta ctttcattaa agaattccaa tttatcacca    163380
     aaccctacag tctcactttc tatgactaac aatcaacttc tcaatgaggc agtctgtcag    163440
     ggacccccag tgggactgca ataccccagt gggggcattc tagctagaga tcagcttaca    163500
     acttgcctcc tggccagtct ccaatagatc atctagaaca aacatcaatc catctcaatt    163560
     tctagaatgc ctcacaaagg cctgcttaca ttacagtaca ccaatctaga tcctgaaaac    163620
     ccagaggaca aacaactcct catgacctat ttctgttctc agagttgccc caatattagg    163680
     gccaagctta agtgcttaga gacaggaccc ataagggcca taaacaaaat taacaaatgc    163740
     tgaccaaggc cattcaacca gcttcagcta cttctcaggc tcccttgcct cctaagacca    163800
     ccaggtctcc gtttcaaatg tattcaggag ggtcacaggg cctgggcctg ccctaacctc    163860
     tgcagactac cctggccatg tccaagtgcc ttcaagagtc aacaatgggc tgttgacttg    163920
     ccccccgagt ccctcataga acagggacat cagactcata tcaccttcca acccaccttt    163980
     tagacctaat catggacaac tgaaggggtc tgggctcaca tggcctgact actgtcatct    164040
     ctaacaggga gctctgtgta ggcattatgg taagccatct ccttcctcca gaacaccact    164100
     tactctgcct gacaggagtt ttggggaccc acctcttctc ctcatttccc tattgtcagg    164160
     gcaggggagc aacctttcca acctcactag accctacctc tcaactgcat tttcagaggt    164220
     gttcctctca ccccattctt tactggtggt gccaacctgt tccattccct tattgggaag    164280
     ggatcttcta gccaaagtgg gagcctctat ttcctttgaa tcctcccacc ccttgcctga    164340
     ccccaagcca gacagaagcc cttttcctcc tagccaccca acctactggt tccaacacat    164400
     ttccttggga agaggagggg agggagaggg agagaaagca gaggaggaga agacaatgag    164460
     aacaggaggc ctccactaga agtgatggaa cagtagcaca tggctgagta aaacgcatcc    164520
     ctagggcatc agacggctgg agcagaaata acccagaaag attcacatag caagtattta    164580
     gggtccatag ccagtccagc cactagaaaa gcttactagg ggctatcccc cagtatttgc    164640
     caaaaccaaa taagcatcaa tcaattaatt tgcaattaat tgattaattt aattacaatt    164700
     aattttatat tacaatttaa tacaattaat taatttaaat taatcaatta atttacaaac    164760
     tcaccccttt agcacctcca tacttgcagc taaaaatccc aatggggcct acagcctgat    164820
     tcaagatatc cagttcatcc attctgcagt ggctcactct gccctgtcat agctaaccct    164880
     tacacaacac actcctgtcc actatcccct caggaacctc ccatttctca gtcctgaacc    164940
     tcaagagtgc tttctttttt ttctttttat tccctttgac actcagtcac aatacatcct    165000
     tgttgtcacc tggactcacc ttaacactcc cctctctact taaggcacct ggactgccct    165060
     actccagggg ttccaggata gcccacaccc atttgaccag gctatggccg gggatctcct    165120
     ttctccttcc tctctctctc tctaaatcta aatctaaaat tatatagtat gtaaatgacc    165180
     ttctcctctg caatctctcc ctacaaatta gctaaactga cacctctgct cttctaaaag    165240
     acttcttgtc cagttggggc taatggagtc tctctaaggt tcaactgtcc actcttcagg    165300
     tcacctactt gggactaacc attatcttgg atagaagaca cctaaagcag ctccatgcag    165360
     tcccctctac caaaaagggg atgttatcat tcctaggaac ccccagcttc ctatactcct    165420
     gaacaccctc cctccctccc cctcagcccc ctcacatgaa tccctcacat gaaccctttc    165480
     tcacccatta ccaagcccat cagaagctcc acaggccttc atctaggtcc cagctctata    165540
     actctcggac ctaacccatc ccttctccct ctatgtaaca aaaacatgag ggatatgcac    165600
     ctgggatcct aggccaccaa ctgagacctt ccttggcacc catggtatat ctgtcaaaaa    165660
     aaaattagac cttatcactc agagatgggc agccttcata gttgctttag aagctgctga    165720
     gctccacatt cattaatcaa agaaagtaac ttttagtcac ttcactatca tttcctctca    165780
     caacctgtcc cacctcttga catacaaaac ttacaaactc tacctcctat ctggattctt    165840
     tctctccagg cgctagtaga agatactaca cttaattttt caatcatgcc cacccctcga    165900
     catctcaaat cttcttcccc aaccaaacac agaccactcc catctcatgc ttgcattgaa    165960
     aacctagagg aactactgcc tcatccctcc cacatacaag agggcacatt tgcttcaggc    166020
     catctatacc tggtacacat acataagggg gcccaaaatg caggctatgt cataatgtcc    166080
     gttcgataca ggtggttgag gcacagaccc tccctgccca caccactaat caacaggctg    166140
     aactaatagc tttcaccagt gcactccgat ttgcataagg acaatcccta accatctata    166200
     cagaccccaa gtaagccatt cacatcctcc tatcacttgc tgccatctgg aaagagtttg    166260
     gactacttac aacaaaagaa ggatccataa ccaactaaca ccaaattata gcactgctaa    166320
     aagtccgcca tctcccaaca gctataggaa ctgactgcca gtcccatcat gacaattcga    166380
     tcatctctat gagaaataaa caagccaatg acgacaaggt ggctagagct gcagcccttg    166440
     gaggcctgga cccatctcac ccacaatagg acatccccac catcacctcc tgccactgga    166500
     caaattctgt cctatctaca ccagcttttt catcgtagta gccaaacttg tttctctttg    166560
     ttcaggccca cctgcagccc acccctgagg atttgcactt cttacaggct actactactg    166620
     cctttaatta aaaaaaaaaa aatctgtcaa atagcagatt ccaactcctg ttactgcagc    166680
     cccccttttc catttcacca ggccagaggc tctctccctg gaaccaactg gcagcttgac    166740
     tttacccaca tgctcacagt caaaagtgtt aggtaccttc tggttttggt ggacaccttc    166800
     acaggctggg gagaggcaat ccccaacaac aacaaaaggg accagacaga ctccaacctc    166860
     ctcctctggg agaacggctc gtgctttgga atccctacct ccttcagggt taaatagccc    166920
     tgaattcact gcccagattt ctcaaaccct atccaagccc tcaatatccc ttggcatttc    166980
     catatccaat gccacccaca gtcctgaagg cccactgctc taagtggcag ctgaatgctg    167040
     tcctataatg acagctgaag acctaccacc actgccccag tcatggagac tacaggagct    167100
     agggcaacta tctaggtaat ggggaaattt ctgtcatttt aattgataca taggctattt    167160
     agattatact cctcactata atttatcctt ctcagatctc taatgatact aagggctaac    167220
     tgtagcttta aaagcttcaa acataccaca gcttctttcc caaggctaca ggccttctat    167280
     tcatatgtaa aaatcaggtc tcaggactta ccttgctacc agactgtaaa aagataaact    167340
     cacaagacag atttcaatgt aactttttac tatcttttat ttaaagaaac ttgttttgca    167400
     atgactattc tcaataaata accaaccact gtgtctcatg gtaaatggtt ggatggggga    167460
     aaaatgttta aaatttatac aagttataaa ggtctaagag ttttaaggta tgtaaataca    167520
     agatctcttt cctcctctat gcggttgtta cattaagact gcaaaagttc agaactttaa    167580
     cactgattag tggagttcta acaagctatt aatctagctc tggtaagcac tatcatcatc    167640
     atagtcacaa gttcaagatt ttacatttct tttggttggt tgtcttctaa ggacagattt    167700
     aaaagtgctt ctctatacag agaaaccctg tctcggagaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    167760
     acaaaacaaa acccacacaa aaaaagtgct tctcattcat gctaaaagca tctctgttca    167820
     atctatataa ccaatactct gggctgccct cccccagctg accttcccta tataatccag    167880
     ccattttggt tacatggccc ttttttgttc tatcctttat tctcttggct agtctcttga    167940
     tccaggctgt tcctgtctcc aggttcctgc cctgtttgag ttcctgtcct gactcccttc    168000
     aataatgacc agtgatatgg aagtgtacat caaataaaat aaatccttcc cgccccatgt    168060
     taaattggtc attgtgaaaa cactaagaca agaacctcct aaggacaggg gtagagacca    168120
     aactagcaat aaaatgtaaa taaggcacac agggaccaga atcaacagaa cttagcactg    168180
     acttggtaag acatcaaggg caagggaaga gtcaaaatat gatcccaatt cttctaatca    168240
     agaaggcatt ctgccaacta cataggaaag aagaaaactg agtcatatgt gaaactgatg    168300
     gagttattag tcttggaact tttcagacag agctggcatg ggagctgcca ttaatgaagt    168360
     aggaggctga agggtttgga gcccccacac catgcctttg tgcatgtgtt tcttagcctc    168420
     tactcagtgt tgacttagtc atgactttat gctaggtgag tacactgtaa agaggcacag    168480
     agttcaatat tagctatgct accaaggaac aggcaccaga gaggaaggtg cttattaaac    168540
     tatgcacctt attgaaatca atgctctaag attaactttt aaaaagaaat actacaggta    168600
     cacagagaag gatggattaa ctgaccaaga aaggtgcagg ctggtcaaat tctggatgaa    168660
     tttggtttat caggcagtca catcacttaa tagacaacca agaaagcatg gtaagacaaa    168720
     tgagatacac agaagaaaca agtgactaaa cagatgggaa acacagaaag aatataaaat    168780
     gttgattcca ctgaaggcga gggtctcaca aaactactca agttgatatg ttcactaaac    168840
     agtggagcgg ttaaagctgg gtagtagctg tatcaaatcc agaacactat actgatccaa    168900
     ggagtagagt aagcagttag tatttactgg gttaaacaat acatttcctg ctatacagaa    168960
     tacaagtaac acgggattcc cagagtccaa aacatgcatt cccaaaggga gaatatgggc    169020
     cccataggtg tgaataaaat ggccctttga gaaagagcca aagacaacaa acattttaaa    169080
     tgttattttc tttactgaca taaagtctca tacagctcag gctagccttg aatccctggt    169140
     ccttctagct ccactactcc agtgctggca ttacaagcat gtaccaacac aagcagaaaa    169200
     aaacaaacaa ctactgcttt aagcaaaaaa tatagtaggt aaaatcatat actttatgtg    169260
     aacatggggg gacaggacag agagaaatgt gtctaaagat actccttata agggtaataa    169320
     ttttcttagg agataataaa cactggctta gctctatgat aacagctagc atacagtact    169380
     cttaggttta attttattta aatttattag ataaattact taggacctac tgagtactaa    169440
     acgcatgcta ggagctattt gtatacttat aatgatgaaa taaagtaata catgtaacaa    169500
     tttagcatat tatctcacaa ataataccag gccaactctt attttagcta acggaagcta    169560
     gaaaaggaac cctagtttac aacaacagag ttaaatacaa aagtgcaaag ttaaattagg    169620
     tgaaatgctt aataatttgc tctttagcct taacaaagtt aaggctagaa agatggctca    169680
     gccattaaaa cctaggctca caaccaaaac atcaagaagc agagttagca ggaagtggac    169740
     agacaggcct gtcatcctag aacttgggaa gcagaggcag caagttgtag cccacctata    169800
     ggtaaatgat gatatcctgt ctcaaaatga atttgaaaat taagagagaa aacagattag    169860
     catggtcaga tagtgcggcc aaaggaagac tgtgctggga gcacaggctt acaggactga    169920
     tgagcgtcaa gaaccagtta taaatactga aatcattttg ctaaactagg tttcatggtt    169980
     tccataattc ttctgctcct gagagtgaaa acagtcccca actctcccgc tcccagtgca    170040
     tgcacatcta tacaaattta aacactggaa aaatgtgagt cttgtccctc gaaccactgt    170100
     ttagtcatac tgtatcctgt ccatacaaat gctctctctg acctgtagca ccatttgctt    170160
     ttcattccca attgctgtgg gcctttttgt ccaagccagt aagtagaggc aagaactaaa    170220
     attaaattaa aatcacaata ttcttctatc actctacagc tttcaatgga aacacacaca    170280
     cataaacaca cacacataca cgtataaata tacacacata cacacaaata catacataga    170340
     aacacaacac aaaacacaca tccatgaaca cacaattatt aaacacatgc tgacaaagct    170400
     caaggccata actagcagct tccaatgcac tgaatgcatg caggtattgg tgagattcaa    170460
     acgacataaa ccaagtgtgt tctgcaacag aacacactca caatactcca tgccccagag    170520
     cattcatgtc tctcttcaaa gagtcaagca tggtatgcca aggcaggagg cataaacaga    170580
     acaaatctta gaaattaatg aagcattaca gcaaagctgg tcagaatata gccagtactc    170640
     tggataactg tccgggatat caattacact ttacattatt catgcagaca atttttccta    170700
     tgagaaatac ccctcataac agcactacaa ttatactcta atgcattaaa ttctgactat    170760
     catcccttaa gaaggccatt aacaactcac aaacatctgg gatgtaactt aatggttgtg    170820
     tgctggcctt gtagaagtca agacccctgt gttcaatgat catcacaaat gcatttgtct    170880
     aaactttcag catcattttt aaaagtggaa taaacccggt attatttaaa tgctaatttc    170940
     tggtctcaga aaagaatgca tccccgtgtc cacacatacc tctgaaagaa cacaacttaa    171000
     atctacactg aaggcaggca gggacagaac ggagggcgtg ctcactctcc atccccagtc    171060
     atcccccact ctgtcagtgg cactgctcca tccaccacga gaaccacaca gaaaccatca    171120
     tctgactcta cgtcatgccc acacatctgc tcatctctgg tgttgggcca caatgtcctt    171180
     tttttccatt gttgccctat tccaaactct acgactgcaa agtgcagtac tgatgtgagc    171240
     cttaatacaa gccaggtatc ctcagacaga caggaactac tctgccttct cccaacagtg    171300
     tcagaaggta agttaaagaa ccttctgctt tcctggagtt tctttacttg ggaacccgac    171360
     ctccaggtac atgtattcca gagaaatgtt taggatacaa acttacaaat taagaaaatc    171420
     cctcctaaac aaatgaatgt cggtacctat tttgaggatt cacacctggg actaccaagt    171480
     ctaccaccat cagtactttc taaggaaaat aacaggaaag tattattgtc tacttccttg    171540
     tcacattgtc acttggcagc aatcaacagt aataaccaga atataaaatc caagcactaa    171600
     cagattccaa tacccatgct cctgattcct cctaaaccac taaaacactc cttgtcaagt    171660
     gaaaattaga cacaaacaca acgagaacca cacacgctta actcaaaaga gcccagaaag    171720
     ttagacatgt gtcacctact tttcacactc ctaataaaca agtctcaaga gggtgcagga    171780
     ccagccatct tccttctatc ccaggctcag ctgagcagtt gttacagtga gatctaaacc    171840
     acctgctttg tataagcagc tttcctcact gtcaaatcca tttctgttga atatcccatg    171900
     aaacgaagag gtactttcag agtgttttct ggttataatg tcatctgacc atgaatatta    171960
     aagaacgcct tctgaattct gtttggagga aagcttttct aggaatgcaa attttgctct    172020
     caacactcac acaatggact gcagtgttct tcctaagcac tgtatgtgct tgtgcttgtt    172080
     agtcattctg ttgaaaaatt tacttaaaaa aataataaaa ggcctgcagt gtgtttcata    172140
     aaacaaaagc cttactgtca gaatatctgt ctccatctcc aaaagagaaa acaacttcac    172200
     cagaacacag taagtgcact ttaatcactt ttttaaatgc tgtgccagct ctagtgttta    172260
     atcttaacta atctaaagga taagagaggc atcagaaacg atgttttatc aagggaactg    172320
     acagagatga gagtcttcac tccaagaaca agacggatct gagctctgcg cgtcttggca    172380
     ctgtaagaac aggtcatcca ggacacacag ttaaattgta agtaccattt tatttccaga    172440
     gcaattcagt gcatgtgatc tgttaattcc aacataaatc tgaaccaatt tatactgata    172500
     acagcttaca agactttccc ccacagaatg gttttggaac gatcatattt agaagtgtaa    172560
     taaactggtg aacaccaatc actgtaatca aaatgaatgt caacatgagg tgggatgagg    172620
     ccaggcgcag ggctccagag ctccagcatg agcccagcag ccacagccat cctaaaataa    172680
     ctcctcaaaa tcgattttat tcaccaatct gtattcagca agcagtttaa attagtactt    172740
     aagtagactc ataaatgtgg cctacaagga aaacttcctt atgtatcagt taactgagaa    172800
     aaatattcta aagtgaaatt tgtcagatta tatctagcag gatagtcagc ttagtcagta    172860
     aaactttgac ctgggcacct atctgtttca gcaagcacca aaaacacatg agcaccaaga    172920
     ctcttgcggg gggcggggag tgttttgctt gcatgattat atgtgcacca catgcatgcc    172980
     taatgcctgc agaggtcaaa gagggtgttg gacatcctga aactggagtt atggatgctt    173040
     gtggactgct atgtaggagc tgagaactga gtgtcctgcg agagtaacaa gtgctcttga    173100
     cctctgagtc atctcttcag actctcttta catcttaata aatgattaag atgtagccat    173160
     ctgttggaga ctagttctaa tgctttgatt caatcgagaa catgcgtgtc caaacactga    173220
     aggtccttgt cagtagcagg caatacttaa aaaggcacca tcccacgtta acgctgccta    173280
     cactttggcc ctggcggtct taccacctcc ctgactagcc ccttgcagtg acctcccatc    173340
     cagagatcct cttgctgtgg attctgctca cattcccagc tatctgtccc ctgtggttag    173400
     ctgtcacaaa tcacacaacc agggaaaaat caaaactcta aaggcttgta atttatcagt    173460
     cccatttata tcagtaaatt ctctctccat aaaacgttca cataatgaac tcagaaccaa    173520
     ttgatactga tatacactgc ccacctagat gggacaaact gtcctgtcct tagaagatgt    173580
     tcctagctac ctgtggctat ttaaagccac gcagaatctg gatcgtcttt ctcttcctcc    173640
     atcttccttc cttctctccc atctctccta tctctctcct ctctaaaact cccagcccac    173700
     cttctttatc cactgcccac tgactggccc cttgaaatct ttattaatga ggggacggtt    173760
     ctgccacatc tcaccttttc tgtccaataa caaaaaccaa accaaaacaa accaaaacaa    173820
     acaaaaaaaa accttttctc tcaaatataa actaagtata actattacca ttctgtaatt    173880
     tataaagtac aaaatacacc taacacccag tccatcattt ttgtcaatta aatacaacac    173940
     tctgttatct atactaactt taaaaaggct gataaatctt atgttgtgtc ctggttagtt    174000
     tgtatactat gtgaaaacta tcttctcaaa tatattctct caatgctaaa taacctgggt    174060
     tggctatgag actataacta gtctttcaac cccgtcagaa atccaagaac gaccaatatt    174120
     atctgaaaat ataggaagcc taatacagtt tccagaactg agacaaatta tagagacagc    174180
     tgtctatcta tagagcccct gtacatcagg aagttggagt attagttttc tgcctattgg    174240
     accaggatca tctgacagac cttgtaaaca ggaattatta aggactagcc tattctgtct    174300
     cagcagaact aagctgtcct aacctgtaac ttgtgtcctc tgaaggatgg tacaggtctg    174360
     caggagagag gggcaatttc tgcccagtgg ctacctagcc ccaatataca gcctcacctg    174420
     gaagtagagt tactcagctg cttctttgct aatcatttcc ttccatgaat atgtgctgaa    174480
     ggaagtcttc taatacagta tccttgagta tttcacatac taaaggtgat aatctggatt    174540
     gatcactaag gctctgctct agtttgtttt cctcttgctg tgataaaata cttggctaga    174600
     gcaacttaag gaagaagtag tttatttcaa cttacaactc aaaggtgaag tccatcatgg    174660
     tgggaaagtc acagcagcag gagtatgaga cagttggcta ctcacatcct cagggaaagt    174720
     cacagcagca ggggcctaag acagttggtt actcacatcc acagtccaga agcagagacg    174780
     aatgcactag tgctcagctc gcttcctctg ttctgtgtac tcaatattcc cttgcccagg    174840
     gaatgatccc aaccactatt aagacaggtt ttcttcccac atggaataat ataatcaaga    174900
     taattcccca caggcatatc cagaggccca tatcccaggt gattctatat cctcaagtac    174960
     atggcactaa ccatcacaga ctctgacaca atttaagaga catttaggct acttctgtaa    175020
     cagtaacata tgcttaacaa cggaataaaa tctgagcaca agaaataaca agtcaggcga    175080
     tcagaattta tattcttcat tctgatttta agctaaaatt aatggtaagc atatacagtt    175140
     aactaataag gcaactttgt aggtaacaat tacatcacac ctgtgacatt ctagttttaa    175200
     aacatttcac atcatcatac aaatatagtg ttattctgac ccatctttca gcatgtatga    175260
     aacttcttaa gtaaattcct ttggtgggga attaacacca cataataaag ttctcttttt    175320
     ctttcttttc cctgttataa tgctggaagt tgaataccaa acacgggctc tacaactgag    175380
     ctactacatt ctcagactaa gtcccgtttt ggagacgatc tatttgcaac tttgaccatg    175440
     tggttacaaa accaatgaca atggagctgg tatctgtaaa gccacggaca gtaactgtgc    175500
     acagctgaat gactacttac aagcagcact ctgtgcactg tgcagcccca gttggtctcc    175560
     cacatcataa agcaaagcat cctttaacta agacacacct gaaagcactc agagattggg    175620
     ttgtaatggt ttataaccca ctttctaata atcccaatcc tattatctta tgatgataag    175680
     atattttcta aaaagtgggc taacttcatt tactaataca agatataatt cagaaactat    175740
     gagacaatta aaatatgtgc agtaacatgg ctaattcaaa gcatatggtt taaaacatta    175800
     agacttttta atgaatacta atgtattaca aatacaagtt catttcaatg gcaaggccta    175860
     tggtctggtg tgtgaagcat caggttccat acatagtaaa cacaatcaca cctaacacta    175920
     tgcttcacag agctggacag agctgctcct gacacagcta gccagcacct cccactcaga    175980
     cactaaaagc acaacttcag aatcatagaa aactcaatcc acacaggaat agggatgtcc    176040
     tagatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagggggctt ttccttacac aatgatttca aatcagtatc    176100
     ggccatactt caggctaaag actgggaacc ggcataccac cttcaggtaa atgatacatc    176160
     tgtggctttt aggtttttcc aggtgcaatg gtggaatggt tatgatatta aaatgtggga    176220
     aagaggaggg gcttacaaac aggaagcaca gtgaggctat ctagcaaaca gaaattgcag    176280
     catggcctgt gaaatctcca actcaggact ggtgcttagt acaaaaacac taacctttcc    176340
     cagcctccca aattcaactg tatttacaga gaaacaactg aacttcgcaa agtctcttct    176400
     cttatccaca aaatcttgga gttggatgaa gactccaaaa agcatctgaa ccaatgatgg    176460
     atttcaaact tcccagtaca aattctcgga cccgttcctg atggttcaga ataagctgga    176520
     aactacaaac taaatgctca cttagcagca cctgtgacta gacatgcagg tctccagagt    176580
     gtctgaaaag cactgagtga tcctgatgtg cctaacacta atatagcagc cacagcacca    176640
     agctctcaag aattcaggaa cttactgaca gagatttgcc tagcaattaa aaaaagccct    176700
     gagtttgatc tgcagaatca taacacaagt gcagtgaggc acttctgtaa tcctggcatg    176760
     agggaggtag aatagaggat cagaagttca tgatcacact cagctacaga gtatgaggcc    176820
     agggtggact atattggtca ccgtctcagg aaaaactaat taatgaatga attaattaaa    176880
     atgctgattc cagtgcatag agtacaagac atagtgaata cttggcagct tggaaggaaa    176940
     cagagaggca aaagaagcag gtagaaaaga gaaggagaag gcttgcatct ctctgtcctc    177000
     ttcatgactg ctaccagaaa acagtctcca cacaaataaa atttgtaccc tgtatttgta    177060
     cccatacgta aaatttgtac gtcctgttct catatcaaac ttccaaatcc taagggagaa    177120
     aagggaggaa gtacacagaa gcaccccatg cctcaaagtc aaatggaaaa ttactgggtg    177180
     actaaaacgt aatgactgct tccccaggta gaagaaatca caggatgttc ttgactggaa    177240
     cttggaatta agattaaagt ctgaagccac tggttacttg tgcacaaagt ttatttggga    177300
     taatatctga tcccaaggat attactggca atgttaattt ctatccattt tttttgcagt    177360
     ttcccattca cttacattat aatttttgag atgttttatc ttcacttctg atgatcttca    177420
     aatgtcaatg gttcttaaca cattaactgt aaacaaacac aaaggaactt agggggttca    177480
     gatactgaat gaatgagacc tggaattaag aattctaaat gactgggcaa agtctgaggg    177540
     tcagagaagg aggggaaaat cttcacttgc atgattcgtg tgatcttcaa aacataaaac    177600
     tgttcttgca aatgaaaact atatatcacc agtcatcttt ctttctgtat gaaaaacaaa    177660
     ttgctcagag ctaaagaaaa ttctccactc actaatgtgc ctttacactt ctctacaagg    177720
     cacatgtcaa gaacacccgc tggagccagc atcaatctgt gcaggagctg ttctctaact    177780
     gcaaagctgc ctggaaccca ggcgcctcca tcatttccgt gtcacacaca gagcctgaag    177840
     tcaaagagac ttggactcca acgtcagtcc agccaaatct tcaatcttat ccataaaaat    177900
     gaaaaactta atactgtcta gctcatacag acttatgtga gaaaagcaca taagtaactt    177960
     agtgtcacac tcagcgcaca gtaagcccac aacaaacatt caagactatc atttacatta    178020
     tactgtactg tatttattat cctactaact ttgctgtaac aactatcaca tggcaagcaa    178080
     aacttaccct gggtgtttct atttttgttt aatataatag aatagtgctt tttaatatta    178140
     ggaaaaggag agtaattaat tttacttttg acctttacag acaggcatct ttgcttagtt    178200
     caaggaaatt atggctcact gtaactggcc tatcacaagt caatttctat cctttttaca    178260
     gaagcacaaa ctcgaaggga gacacctaac tgcttgagca agcattcatt ttctgtcatg    178320
     agaaaaagga atcctacaga gagggagact gacagatttg ttatttgcgc ctgtggaatc    178380
     ctacagcctg atggaacaga ggtcctatca atccacagaa tacttaccta ctcattctca    178440
     aatattcaac tccttatgtt tgagatcata ctcttaaaat atttaagtta ggaatgggaa    178500
     gatggttcag tgggttaagc atctgcttca agtgtgggca cgagatttca tatccccaga    178560
     cctcacacaa agtcagggtc atctgtaatt cctgtcttcc tagagctaga tgggtggtga    178620
     caggggagag tctaggaaag ctcagggttt agccaaatct ggcacatgcg gcagcaaaca    178680
     aaagagacct tgcctcagac aaggtagaag gcaatggcca acacccaagg ctgtcctgac    178740
     ttaaacacac atgtacacat tagagcatac atgtgtctac atacacatcc acacacattt    178800
     acaacatacg tacacacata ccatacagaa gacgttttcc cccaagttta agaaatagtt    178860
     aagttaggta acttaactca tacaacattg ttttctctag atttttagtg ttttagggca    178920
     gaatgaaaga caaacaacgt tggcagaagt actgataaac taacacagct taagatggcc    178980
     aggtttattt ctcatctaga gataaaaata tatggacaga tggtttggaa ctagagagaa    179040
     ggaagcagta gctggcaaga ccaccactcc cactaccttg ccctaggatc ccttgagctc    179100
     tctgaagtaa agtgcagcat agctgcctat tctttgatcc ctgcttgccc aactcttcct    179160
     ggcccaacaa gtactaagta ccagtttcat tttagtctct aagattatca ctataaaaac    179220
     aaaaagcgcc aaaataatac acaaagcaca gagtttaact tggagttgaa acttgctgac    179280
     acgtttcttg gtttgctaca atatgccagc gctcattttc tattgttact actgcaaggc    179340
     aaccagaggc atctccacct tacatgagca acacaggaac atgtttcttg cttttaaatg    179400
     gttaatttgt gtcaggaaga gtccactgcc tgcatcctat actatctgtg tctctttttc    179460
     tctgtggaga gccgttacgt gctgcgagca attgcatgcg tgctgccagt aatctctgag    179520
     gagagccgtg tgtgccgcga gcaatcgcca ttataagatg gcgcgggcct ctgctgtgcc    179580
     taactagtaa acaagccttg tacgcaggtg caagagtgaa ttcactccta gtcactccca    179640
     ttctcggggt gtaatagtgg ggtgataggc aagcaacgaa ccaggagctg tcacgccata    179700
     tcaggtgctg aaacgtcatg ctgcgggtta taaaagcagc gccattttcc cggttcggga    179760
     tcttcctgag aagcaagcaa taaagctttt gccgcggaag attctggttt gttgcgtctt    179820
     tcttgccggt cgagcgggac gcaataagtg gcgccgaaga acccgggaac tgtcatcaca    179880
     ccggcgcaag gaagatccct cgttcgcggg gcagaatcag aaccgtggga caaaaggctc    179940
     tacaaggtac gtacaatctt gaaatttctc cagagttaga agcccttttg attgtttgca    180000
     cggcgattat gaggattgtc agcaaatagt agaagcaggg cagaaagttc tggacgaaat    180060
     tcaagaaagt ctatcagagg tagagcgggg agagagagta aaagtagaga ggaaacaaag    180120
     tgcactgaag aatttaggcc tttccatggg ccttgagccc gaggaaaaga gatataaagg    180180
     aaagaatgcc ttgggagaga ttagaaaaag ggatggaaag ggagagaaga agggagatcg    180240
     agctggagag gcacataagg aaaggagcct ctacccgcca ctggatgaat ttaagcagct    180300
     aactcttagt agttcagaac cagatgaagg agttagcgcc tctgaagaaa cagactcgga    180360
     ggaggaagca gttcgttata agggagaaag gtaccagcaa gataaaatgt aagctactca    180420
     gtccagaaaa aggcaaaaag ccgttggcga aagccagctt gctgctcggc ctctggactg    180480
     tcggcttcag ggtcctagtg cacctccgct ttatgtgcag aggtactggt caatttttac    180540
     ctactcctca tgtacgggta aacccttgtg gcgtcaggcc attacaggtc tggcaaatgg    180600
     atgtcactca tatttcctcc tttgggagaa atcaatattt acatgtttct attgacacct    180660
     gctctggtgt aatgtttgcc acacctttaa caggtgaaaa agcctttcat gttatacagc    180720
     actgcctaga agtgtggagt gcttggggca agcccacaat tcttaaaacg gataatgggc    180780
     cagcatatac ttctattaaa tttcaacaat tttgtcatca aatggatgtc actcacttga    180840
     ctggccttcc ttataatcct caaggacaag gcattgtgga acgtgcccac tgcacactca    180900
     aatcttatct tataaaacaa aaaggagagt tgatgagact ctgccctcag tgccaagagt    180960
     agcggtatct atggcactct ttacacttaa ttttttgaat ctcgacgagc agggacgctc    181020
     tgcagctgag cgacatagct cagaccctga tagaccaaaa gaaatggtca aatggaagga    181080
     tgttttaact ggtcagtgga aaggcccgga tcctatctta atcagatccc ggggagctgt    181140
     ttgtgttttt ccacagagtg aagacaaccc attttggctg ccagaacaac tcacccgcag    181200
     gatattcatc aaggatggtg cagaagatgc tgacctcccg aggactgttc ctgatcctga    181260
     caatgctgaa cttgtctcag gttcctagta taatgggcga gcagagatgg gctattctct    181320
     cgactttccc taaaccaatg ccagttcgcc atgatgctat agtttttcca aaattcttta    181380
     ctactgataa aacagtggat ttgccatatt taccctatga tcccacccga gcaccattag    181440
     gagaaaatcg ctctttacta gaacagggtt ctttatgttt tcaaattaat ggaccaggaa    181500
     attgtatcaa cctcacagcc cgagatttgg ggaagtttaa tgagcatcga ggaggttggg    181560
     tgagcacaac ccaagatact tccaatgtag atataacctt tacaaatcgg accttttggc    181620
     aggaggtaaa ttgggttaat ggtacatttc taccacctaa cttttcagac aaagaacgtc    181680
     cacaccaacc aaaaatagcc cctcattgta gtttggaaga tgaagggctg atcctgcctt    181740
     ggtctgattg tcagtcctcc atcactcatt gggcagatca gagtaaaacc ttttcctttt    181800
     ctcccaacat gatagatgac ccagagaagg aatttgttat gaaaaaggga cttttcatac    181860
     aggactttag aatgcatccc tttcacaagt gggtgctttg tggagtcaat ggcagttgta    181920
     cagaactcaa tcctttgatc tttatccagg gaggagcagt tggaaaggct tcttttactg    181980
     gcatctcaag atttgctcag tattggggag tacatgatgc ctcccaggac tcttatggat    182040
     atactaatac cagtgtagag atcactgggt tcaataaaac tttggtaaac cagattaatt    182100
     atccatctac cccagtctgt gtttaccccc ctttcttgtt tattctttca aatgattcat    182160
     ttgaagtctg ttccaatgat tcttattgga tttctcaatg ttgggatgta acaaagaaca    182220
     cccgtgccat ggtggcacgg atcccacgtt ggatccctgt tccggtggaa acaccctcca    182280
     ccttatctat gtttcgacaa aagagagatt ttggcattac tgctgccgtg atcatagcaa    182340
     tttcagccag tgcagctgct gctacagctg cagggtacgc tatggttagt gcagttcaat    182400
     caggcacaaa gttaaatcag ctttcagcag atctggctga tgccatcact gtccaaactt    182460
     ctgctactac caagttaaag ggagggctga tgattttgaa tcagcgcctt gacctggcgg    182520
     aggaacagat aggtgttcta taccagatgg cccagttggg ttgtgaaaga aaactggaag    182580
     ctctgtgcat taccagtgtc caatatgaaa attttactta tgcagctaat ctgtctagac    182640
     agctttcttt atatcttgca ggaaactggt ctgaaagatt cgatgagacc cttgaggccc    182700
     tgagagcggc cgttctaaag atcaactcga cacgagtgga cctgtcattg acagagggcc    182760
     tctcctcctg gatttcatct gccttttctt attttaagga atgggtgggg gtaggtttat    182820
     ttggcgttgc cacctgctgt ggacttgtgg tcatgctctg gttggtttgc aagctcagaa    182880
     cccaacaaac acgtgacaag gttgtgataa ctcaagcact tgctgccatt gagcaagggg    182940
     cctcccctga aatctggcta tctatgctca aaaattaatt gacattggtg gctggcctct    183000
     tttatagagt tcgccctagg tcatttagta gttaatgtca tatagcactg cggtatccag    183060
     ggacgggcaa ctttcctcat gcacagatca acctaagaca cggggcccgg tggcgatagg    183120
     gttaccctat gacaggaaag gctgtgacat tggaggaacg acctaagaca ggagccacag    183180
     cggatgggca taattacaca ggcctagacc agcctcaaat tttaataaaa taaaaagggg    183240
     gatatgtgga gagccgttac gtgctgcgag caattgcatg cgtgctgcca gtaatctctg    183300
     aggagagccg tgtgtgccgc gagcaatcgc cattataaga tggcgcgggc ctctgctgtg    183360
     cctaactagt aaacaagcct tgtacgcagg tgcaagagtg aattcactcc tagtcactcc    183420
     cattctcggg gtgtaatagt ggggtgatag gcaagcaacg aaccaggagc tgtcacgcca    183480
     tatcaggtgc tgaaacgtca cgctgcgggt tataaaagca gcgccatttt cccggttcgg    183540
     gatcttcctg agaagcaagc aataaagctc ttgccgcgga agattctggt ttgttgcgtc    183600
     tttcttgccg gtcgagcggg acgcaatatt tctcctattc ttttagtcaa aacctccaag    183660
     ctttgcctta gcaggaagtc ttagagccta cagagcttac tagcctaggc tgccttacag    183720
     ctagccatgg ccacagttcc atgcaggagg caactgcaca gcagctttac aacctatcat    183780
     ctccaaagca tgacttttaa agacctgaaa cttcaatgtc aagctctagc tgcaattttg    183840
     ttcatgcggt aactttggaa tccaaacaca tgaagaatct gcattcttgg tactcagaca    183900
     cacttactac atcacatctg cactacctct gtggactttt atacgagaaa agaaaaaaaa    183960
     ctgtgtttct agtccagatg ttctgttgta ctctaagtct aattccaact ttaggtggaa    184020
     ctcaatgtag gaccactact tgcctagcac tcaggaagcc caggattcca ccacgagaat    184080
     tgcaaaacct aactaaaatc taactaaaat agcaataaaa ataaaacacc tgggacctag    184140
     gcaacaattc agtacataaa ggcacaaaca tagctatgta cctacacaca cacacacaca    184200
     cacccctaca cacacacata cacatgtaca ctgtgggggg gcggggcggt tgggaggcac    184260
     agctgcacat acataaaaca tatcatatct taaaaaaaat aagaatttct cacaaaccag    184320
     tttttagatg ggtggtgtgg taatattaaa gcatattttt aaagttcatt tttttatatt    184380
     taaagtccag tacctgtcat aactgaatct agactaaaaa gtattcaaag agctaaaggt    184440
     tattcacagt agcaatagtc tgtgaaagaa agtggcttcc accctgggtg cttagcgctc    184500
     accaaggaca gcttgctttt ttcagtggtg ccccatcaca gtgggagaaa tgaaggccag    184560
     ctagctgtgt ggatagggga ctgaagctat gatccattgg gagggcatct tccaatctct    184620
     tatactctga gtatcaggaa ccttctgaca tcatcacttt atttatttat ttattttatg    184680
     cacatgagca cactgtaatt atctttagac acactggaag agggcatcgg atcccatcac    184740
     agatgattgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg gtaactgaac tcaggacatc tggaagaaca    184800
     gccagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccagccccaa cattcatcac tttttagagc    184860
     tccattttta acctgcttcc tgtagaatca gtcttataaa ttcattccag gtccttaatt    184920
     agcattcagt catttatttc acctaattac aaggcataac gatagcaagt acttcacata    184980
     ttcaaagcca ttttccctta aaaatgaaga acattctaca ttagaatctg gaaaatttcc    185040
     actattcaaa accctaaatc acatgcaatc ttagaccctg gttgttttta atacaatagc    185100
     attaatttgg cagcttccca aaataaactt cctgccttct ggacatcagt gcccggcctg    185160
     ttcatttcct tcccttgggt acaattcagg ttactttcgt ttggtttatt tacgctctca    185220
     tataattttt ccattattat gctttttata agtatatctt acagtgatat atcttattag    185280
     gaaaagtctt agagtctata cttttgagta tgttacccat agctgcaaat aataaatact    185340
     cagaaaattt cctttaaagc tgagatttaa gaaagaaaaa gtacactaag cccaaactca    185400
     gctttaatct cagcattatc tttcatacat gaacacaatc atgatagtaa ggctgctgct    185460
     ggtggtggct tgattccagc caccactctt aattccagct ctttcgaagc agaggcaggt    185520
     agatcttttg atcttaggcc agcctgatct acagagcaag ttccaggaca gccaggggta    185580
     cacagaaaaa ccctgtttca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaagtc ttgataaacg tcctggtgag    185640
     tggtgagttc ataataatat tgggtcttaa ataaagagaa tgttaaagtt cttttaggat    185700
     ctagaaatag tgaaattcaa aataattttt agattaccaa tacaatcagt gcaagactct    185760
     acgccaataa gaacaatgtc aagagagaca atcagccata cagtcacctc acctcatcct    185820
     gaatctataa cttctgacac tagtcctggc cagctgcctc agaaacacac cacgagtcac    185880
     aatgggaata cctaagaatg tggtattata taactatcac tacttgaaga aacacagaaa    185940
     cctatttccg gccaacatat cactttaaag tgactttgaa gctaaaacta cagaggagat    186000
     tttgcaacaa aatatgcttc aggcatctgg gaactcttta cttctaaaga ccatgattaa    186060
     aactcacaga aacagtaacc caggattcat tattttcaaa tgacgttaac ttacaattta    186120
     aaagtgtaat taagttgagg ggtaggaagg atggtgtcca cctataatta tggcactcag    186180
     gagactaggc gtaagaaagc aattgtgaat ggccttcagt atatgaatat cctcttgctt    186240
     tgttggtgaa agttaggcat aaatatggga catggaccaa gcaatcaaat aaatttatca    186300
     actagaaagc aacttataaa tatcaaaata accaaagaca aataaaatat tgcccagaat    186360
     agctacagct tgaggatata tgatgaagaa aagacacatt aaaatgactg acagggaaaa    186420
     ttagaaaata ggagtcaaag taatcaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag gccttaacaa    186480
     gctcaataaa gacagggcta tgcccaaaac aggaaagaaa acaaaatgct atcaataaag    186540
     agcacacagg gtgccaggtg ggttcacatc caaggaagct gaggatgagc ttggggttgc    186600
     tggaagctta atgggagcct ggaagatgga aactagatgt aggtagtaat atcgccacca    186660
     ctgaagggca ggtctagccg agccctcaca actggcctac agtaagtact tatttatatt    186720
     tatattccag agtccaactt aaacaaagag tcagagacag accaacaaaa tacaatagaa    186780
     acagcaggat gaccaggatg ttacctagca aaggggagcc atatgtgtac cgagtaccca    186840
     ggaactgcct caacagggca atgccaagca agagtcaccc atcagtgtgc accacagttg    186900
     attagaaatt tctgaacgtt gtatacagaa aaaataaatg gtcttttcaa gccaaaaaat    186960
     cagatctata tgacacagaa ggcaaagtta aaccaacatc tctaaaatga ctctcatgta    187020
     atccatcaaa ccacactttt agtagaagct atacttccca agccattcct ccaactctaa    187080
     cactgtgtat aaccttaaaa agggaccctg aaatgagtta tgtttacttt catatttatg    187140
     ttactcccag aaaataatta ttcaaacaca gtatttcaac taaattcatc tcataataga    187200
     agcatttgag accattaggg ctttatcaac ttcagttata aacttggagt ttttcctaaa    187260
     ctgagataat ctccactctc caacaagtag aaataattct catagctaaa ctcaacagta    187320
     atttaagtga gagctgaaga gatggctcag cagttgagag cacttgctac tttgacagag    187380
     gaccagggtt cagttcccag catccacagg agggtcacac cgacctgtcc tccagtttaa    187440
     gggaatctca cctcctggac tcctccatgc ctgtggtaca catgaactca tgcaagtaca    187500
     cacacacaaa gacactttta aatagtaata cgtttatcaa tctactgggt gaaagaaatt    187560
     gtgtgataca ttgagaaata ttaaagatga ttttgtagaa tgtatgaaag caaataagat    187620
     aatttatttg agcatctgta aacaaacaaa caactttgga gtgaccgggc agaaaaaagc    187680
     tgagctatca taatcaaaca ttaatacttg cttgtagtac tttgtagaca aacaaaacaa    187740
     aacttgaaat aatttagata aacacttaac acagtaagtg gaaataacag tctaccttgc    187800
     ctgtacattc gattcatctg tggctgtctg cctacattaa gcttaaaatt taaactgaca    187860
     agttctataa taaagctgtt atctacagtt aattgaagaa tgctccaaac agacaccaca    187920
     tataatgtat attgtgatgg taatgtcact gatgtttaag ctgagaagct gactctgaag    187980
     gcttcgtccc ctctccattt caaatctaag cacgcttgtc tcagtgtcct ctaaagcctc    188040
     ttgtctggta atgggctggt ccccaaactg tgattagagc acaagaatga aaatgtcacg    188100
     cccttgacaa ctgaactcct gataaagtaa aaaacgctgc gtccttaaac acaactggag    188160
     caaaatctag gaccggaaaa tgagcgggaa ttagaggggc agtggccata aagaaactgt    188220
     attttcactt ctcgcaccaa aggcccagag gaggaagcaa gcactgctct gctgggctct    188280
     ccatacccac gggatgcccg cggcttttgc cctcttcggg gtccagcctc tctaggccca    188340
     ggtctctcct ccgcatgccc cggcctccct cccgcaggag cagcctcagt ctctcttccc    188400
     gcacgccctg gcgtctccat ctacacttgc tcccggcctc cgtccccata cgcccggcct    188460
     cacctggaca gtgagtcctc gctgggcagc cttgccgccg ggagctgcgc gccgagactc    188520
     tcgcagctgg agctcttctc catggcgcga gaaactggag gccgctgcgc cctccgcggc    188580
     cgccggcgcg agatgcagag ggaggagcgc acggggccgc agccgcggtc agccccgcgc    188640
     caggcaggct ccgagaccgg aagcggccat gttcccccag cctgcactgc gcgcgggggc    188700
     tgtcgggagt cgggccccgt ggcgctacaa agcggagcga tgcgcatgcg cctggccgcc    188760
     cagtgagagt cagctaacag gaaaatctcc agaaggaaga ggacactagt atgtcagaga    188820
     aaacacaaga tgtgacggct tgggagaggt ggactcgagg aaaatgagag gaatgtgggc    188880
     ggcctgtggg atgagggggt gaggtattta agggtgaggt tagaagtagt gatgtgagat    188940
     catacgtgat gtgagaaccc attttgtaac ggtaacagtg aagctaagca gactgatccc    189000
     acggcctcca gttaccttgc atttacatct gcttccttct gtgtaagtat attaacctca    189060
     cagaataact attgataaat ataaaacgcc taaagcaatg cctgcttaag cactcagaca    189120
     gtagtcaata tataaacaac ctaacaaact taataaatgg taactgttaa tgaaagaaaa    189180
     ctaaaggatg acagaccact aacaagtggt ttgtaggaga aagatagtaa cagctaccct    189240
     gaatggggag gggaagggaa atttccatct ctgaacagcg ttatacaaag gaaagtgaga    189300
     atggagttga attttcaggc ctccagtgac aaaagtatgg gttaaagtgg cttgaaagtg    189360
     tgtctgtagc tgataagcac attgacacca acctataagg catagtaagt attgaagtga    189420
     gaatgaggga gaagctgcta aaatcacaaa aagaattaga caaaaacact actgaatgtc    189480
     atgatgtaac atggagaaca gacttacctc cggtgtgctg cttcatattc ccttacaaag    189540
     caggaaggga gtgtggagat ggaatgtgat aaaggaacag aaactgggta aagagggaat    189600
     gttaataccc gtgactttct gttactcagg acacaggaag gaaagtactg gaggaatttc    189660
     tctaattgtg actctgcctt aaacacctca cacgtctgga aagcaaaaac acaaagatta    189720
     tttctgtaaa taaaagaaac ttttaaaaaa atcctgctag gataaatata attgtgttct    189780
     tacaaactag atttaattta aaacttggtt ttaaaacaca atcataattt atagaaccaa    189840
     ggaaataatt tgtgtactag ctttccttta cagtattccc aatgaaagat ttattttggc    189900
     tgatggtttc aaagattcca gtccatggtc acttggctcc attgtttttt gagcctgtga    189960
     taaaacagaa aagcagagct gggaacacgt gatagaaaaa tctgttcatc tccaggtgac    190020
     caggataaat gataagcaat tattttcatc tctgaaattt ttcaagagat tttaattgca    190080
     cctctctgat agcccaggaa aataaatagt gaaatgaaac actttgacaa acacaaatat    190140
     ctgtaagatt cacgatagaa tgcatctatt gcttctcttt ctctatcaga ctttttaaat    190200
     gctaatgatc gcctaacact tcaacttgtg tcttcccaac tatgaatgtt gaagaagaat    190260
     gaacccttaa atgaaagacc catttctagc actgtattgg ttattacaaa cctggcttcc    190320
     tggtaatata acttgtgcat gaccctctct agttattatg gaacagtatc aaatggagag    190380
     gggttgcaac cagaaaagtc tgcattgcaa tcctgattct gtcactaaac ttactttgaa    190440
     tgtttgttgt tcatctctga caactgaaca ggttgttttt cttaacagtc agttgcacag    190500
     gaagttctta gtaaatagat ctgttgttat tgttggtttt cttccccaag cactctagct    190560
     ctacatctaa ccggaatgaa gaagaataaa aaagcaaaga ataatttcag atgaagttta    190620
     aatcactgca ttatttatct cacgcattgc ttgttatgtc ataaagccag gaaatatgaa    190680
     cctaagactt ttttacaccc cagatgcctc atttttttaa gaatacttca gcatcaggta    190740
     atggctcagt aaaaggcttg ctgtccaact atgaagatgt gaactccatc ccctaaggac    190800
     ctacatggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg    190860
     gagggagaga gagaatggga gggagagctt catggctcga ttgtaatctc actgccaaga    190920
     ggacagagat gggtgcattc ctgcttattc acctggccgg ccagtctagt caaattgagt    190980
     tcaggcaaaa gtgaaggagt ctgcctcaca aaacaagaag tatggtgagc tagtcagttt    191040
     ctgtcaactt gacccaaact agagtcagct gggaagaagg aacctcaatt aaggaatccc    191100
     ccattggatt ggcctgtggg catgactgtg gagcattttc ttgattaatg atgagtgtgg    191160
     gcaggcccat cccactatga gcagcaccat ccccaggagg gtggttctag acaacacaat    191220
     aaagcaagca agcttaaggc tggagagatg gctcagcaat taagagcact gactgctctt    191280
     ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cagatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg    191340
     gatctgatgc gccctctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag tggtctcaca taaataaaaa    191400
     tctttttaaa aaaaagaaaa agaaagttga accagccagg cccaccccta aaatctacat    191460
     catctgtgaa ctgttagaat tcttgaaagg gctggtcttg ctgcaggatc ttcatggcaa    191520
     aggaccatag caggataacc aggaggagtc ctggtgaaga tccagtagtg atgctgttga    191580
     aaggccaaat cttttaagtt cagactccat tttagagaac ctgacctaag tttgaactca    191640
     gataaactaa caggctggta cctagcatta gtttccaagt tattccccca acaaaacctg    191700
     cacctccagg ttacaaggcc cccccttgcc taatgccacc catgtagaag ggagcagaaa    191760
     tttaagttta tatgactccc agcaccagcc aattatgtta aaggccacag tagctttcca    191820
     attagatgtt tgcacactta ccaccaccac cacctcctgt ttgctgttta ctataaagcc    191880
     ttgatagata ttccgccaca cacacacccc aaaaaaacca tcctgtgtga tggtggtgcc    191940
     ctggggacac ctgagctacc tcgaatagaa taaagaccct gctgtgagtt gcatcagatt    192000
     ggccctgtct gtgtctttgg ggatcactaa catttgtgac agaaaccaga gaccttgaac    192060
     cagaccaatg agtattgaaa tgaacatttt caagagaaag atatgtggac agaagggtat    192120
     gttgtgggac acactgtgag acattgtagc ttccacaaag agatattttg tatgtgttgt    192180
     tttgtttgtg tattttttta ttttctttgg ggaaggggct tgcaaatgtg gaaggggatg    192240
     gagagatgag tgggaatgga atacatgatg taaaactcac aaagactcaa aagttgaaag    192300
     gaaggaagag aaagaaagaa gggagggagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggcaga caaacaagct    192360
     agctgatcag gttgggtaaa gcaagacagt aaatagcttt ctttcatggt tcttgacttc    192420
     cttcaatgat gaagtgtgat ggggattcat aagccaatta agccctttcc tccacaagac    192480
     acttttggtc atggagttta ttatagcagc aaagaaccga actaggtcag gcacccaaag    192540
     cagaggaggc ttccatacat atgtgcatgt gcccctatgc aagtacacag atttccatat    192600
     atacaatata ctcacaaata tacatatcca catttaaaag agaagaatta gagaggtatt    192660
     ctaatgggta aagtaccaga catatacacc aggtatatgt tccaggtaaa tgctgatgga    192720
     tatggccatc ctgcctacac ttactgtaca caggatgtgg agacagattt cctggcacaa    192780
     ggtagcgggc tagactagct gaattatcca gcagtaagtt caagagagac tctccatcca    192840
     tatataagat aaagggagat tgtagaagac accagatgtc aggttctggc ttccaaatgt    192900
     gtacatgtgt atgcccaccc acacacatgt gaacatgcat atatacactg tacacacaga    192960
     cttgtgcaaa aaaacctcag cctatcccac atcaaatgag atgtcaaaat aatttatagt    193020
     ctagggacat atgtaaaaat ttaaagttct tctccgtagt taatttctag tgtttaactt    193080
     gcactagtat ttctcaaact gcctgtggag aagaccattc attagggttt taatttcaat    193140
     tattagtact tttaaaaata gaagaaaaat taattgctaa aaaccaaaat ttaaaacagt    193200
     aaaggtatgc aaaaatttaa ggtgagagtt ctttctaaat gtatctagca tactactgca    193260
     tgaaaaattc acaaacataa atattctttc attatatact agacaacatt ttcatactat    193320
     agacagtttt gtaaaaaatc attgtttaga tctgcaattg tgttatccac caccttgtca    193380
     aaggctgtat attagattac cagaatctaa ataaggaaac agtgatgtga tgaacgatga    193440
     atggaaaagc acagggatag taacgtgtac ttctctcaaa acacataaac acaaccctta    193500
     gaaacgtcat gcatgcatga acctttaagt tatctatact tcttacacgc gttcacgcga    193560
     ccggccagga agaacgcaac aaaccggaat cttctgcggc aaaagcttta ttgcttacat    193620
     ctttaggagc aagagtgcaa gagagcaaga gctctattgc ttacatcttt aggagccaga    193680
     gcgcaagaga gagaatggcg aaaccccatc cctttttaag gagaattatc ctccgcctag    193740
     gacgtgtcac tccctgattg gctgcagccc attggccgag ttgtcatcac gggaaaggca    193800
     gagcacatgg agtggagaac tacccttggc acatgcgcag attatttgtt taccacttag    193860
     aacacaggat gtcagcgcca tcttgtaacg gcgaatgtga gggcggctcc caacatatac    193920
     tagctacccc caggcttggg tcacatatat catagtttca gtcaactata ctcagcaatg    193980
     ctgaagatac tacctggaaa attccagaaa cgatacattt taaagtacat gttatcctga    194040
     cttgctgatg gaatcccatg ctaccttctt cctacaagaa gaaacatatc accttgtagc    194100
     tatctccatt ttcaaaaagt tataatatca ctacttcagt ctaagtcttc aagcagtact    194160
     cagatagtgg accagtgcta caccacaatg tctgtcactc atgtccattt catcatagaa    194220
     atgttatcat gtatcatcac aagaagaaag gttgtagact acaagagtat gagaaagatt    194280
     tgtatttatt gtaaattgtt ctagttatta gctatcatta cactcttaat gtgccttatt    194340
     cagcttgatt gcagcatatt agttactttt gctgggatca aatatctgac aaagcaattt    194400
     aaggtagggg agatttacct ggctcatgat ttgagagcat acagtccgtt gtggtgggaa    194460
     ggtatagtga caagaaagtg ttagtgaacc cccaaaagac cagacaggag ccaatccaat    194520
     gcaatcacac caggaccttt attcgagcta gctctggctc aacccaccac agacacacag    194580
     gacagttttg gtggagagaa gccctgaaca tctattgggg caaggtttca tagaaaacag    194640
     caagtgtgtg tgttggtgtg ggggggagtg tttctaggct ggcaaacatc taattggtgt    194700
     gctactatgg cctttagcat aattggctgg tgccggtagt caaaccataa ccttaacttc    194760
     tgcttccctc tgcattggtg gttattaggc agggggtggg cttttggggg attaacctgg    194820
     aaaggctaga tttgttgggg gagattaacc tagagtcttg ttggagtcat gttgggttta    194880
     gcctagaaac tggagctatg ttcaggtttt gttggggggg ggggttgtaa cttggaaacc    194940
     aatgctagat actggcctgt tagtttactt gagttcaaac ttaggtcagg ttctctaaga    195000
     tggagtttaa acccaaaaat ttggcctatc aaaggaatgg caacaggaac agcttgtgaa    195060
     tgggactcct caccttctta catctgagag aaaccagaag caaagatgga acagggaaca    195120
     gaccagggct ataaaactca agacccaatc ctagggatcc acttccccta gagagactcc    195180
     acctcctaaa agtgcatgag gaactaagga agcactgtca aaggcagctg gaaagtgaga    195240
     gcattttcag gaaaagatag cactgtactg tggaccaagc tcctgcaatt tttagctaag    195300
     ccctacttta gtttgcacaa tatgaaggca gagtacaagt gacttgggag aacatgaagt    195360
     gaaaattgtt ccagtcactt cctgctggaa gagctgaaca agatttaact tgttacctaa    195420
     ataagacagt tcttgcctaa tcgccctaat ctactaaaca aaggcattaa cactttccag    195480
     aagattagaa taaaacctaa agactctaaa aataatgtcg aggacataat ccaaaattgc    195540
     tccaaacata ctctcaggag aaaaaataat caaaagaaga taaactcaaa agtctaacat    195600
     gttagaagtg ttaggtaatg gtttcaaagc agcgaatatt actaggtcca atgaagtaaa    195660
     ggaaacacag tggtcctcag cagaaaaaaa tatgtttaaa atatatatgt gtatactaca    195720
     tacataatat atagtatagt atataaaaat attgtcatgg aatattataa tatttggtga    195780
     ttgggcctgt attggtgtga cataatgcct tgacgtaaac agaataaagg taatattaca    195840
     tcacagtttt gaaggtttga ttccatcaag aacaactctg ttgtttctgg accaatggta    195900
     gcatgatgga caaagcgcaa tgacaattaa gttgcatcac cacagacagg aagcaaaata    195960
     aagctgttca tatctcagaa gatagaaggc agagaaaagt ggactgcaga aaggtgccag    196020
     ggcaaggcag agcccctccc acctctctgt ggtatagttt cccaactggg ccttcatctc    196080
     ctactctttt tttccatcct ctactcttga ccatctccta cttgacacta cctctcgaca    196140
     atatcatgtt aagaatccat gaaagaacta aaccacatta tgtcagagct ttcataatcc    196200
     aataattcct aaaaataaac atacagacgc agccaaggat atgcttttta tcacagatat    196260
     atcataatca agatgagagg attattcatc acagggccaa gtatagattt tctagcatgc    196320
     agaagagcct gggttcaact ccctgtactg aataaaaccc ctttactgaa taaattttac    196380
     tgaataaatt cccttataag ggaatactta taacctctgg aggtgaaggc aggaagatca    196440
     gagttcaagg tcattctcaa ctacacagaa atttacagac cattctagga tatagactct    196500
     gcatctacta cctacccact gatctacctg cctgcctgcc tacctaccta cctacctacc    196560
     tacccaccta cccatcaatc catccatcta ctcaaccacc catctatcta ttcatctgtc    196620
     tatccataca cagagataga caagcataca aagagataca gagataagtg aatgatccta    196680
     ggaatgtgag aaaggaattg acacatcagt cagcttttac tacatgcttg cactgtgata    196740
     acaatgtctg attctcagaa tgagtccact gagaaagttt tgcttctctc tataactatt    196800
     tggcagttgc acatgtgctg tgattctgct ctatacatct ttatgagaca ctaaatacag    196860
     gagtatccct acccaagaca tgactagttc acttttccca tggcagaatg aagaggttct    196920
     taaagtttct tggataggaa attcatcatt tcattcatat tttggcataa gaagtatatt    196980
     ccaccctgga agaggaagac ctaatataac catgctctat agactggagc agtaaacatt    197040
     ttgaataagt agtccactgt tacacagtat ttttcataag gtaggttttt accaccagaa    197100
     gaaaggaggg aaaatgtaaa tatttgaatc agcagaggac aacatgaccc agacaaggaa    197160
     agaaatcaaa gaaaaacatt atacaaacaa catgattaaa tgggcaaagt ggggacttgg    197220
     gatgctgcca tgagaactga tgcagttcta taacaatgtg gggattgaga aacagaccac    197280
     caaggttaaa gccaagtggc atggaggtgc cctgcctcac ttccatttct actcatgcag    197340
     gagtctaacc gatgcaactg aagctgtatc tagattcata cattcaaaga agtctggaaa    197400
     atgtgtttct gctttcatcc tctgcaggtt cagagagagt ataaaaaaac atcggatgcc    197460
     atgcactata tccactctga gtcattcctt ctgctactct actttcatga gcaccatcct    197520
     actgatactt cttattccaa ataacagctt caacagtaca agatatgttg ccagccataa    197580
     ttaatttacc ctagacacag ataaaaacat acttcttaaa gagggcatgc taagtcctag    197640
     gatctgtatc tctgagtagt gtttatttct tttctccata aataagagtg acaacatgat    197700
     gccctaatac gatgggactg gccaatgata ttattgagtg atgaaagtaa gcagccatac    197760
     tatataacac agtaaggaaa agaaggatgc atgaagctag atactgagca aggaagaaaa    197820
     tatggagtgt gtgtgtgtac actccatgga gatcaacttg agttccagtc ccctcttcca    197880
     tcctctttga cctagggtct cttgatggtc accattgagc ttttgtctgg cgaatatact    197940
     ggtctatctc ccatctcctg gtggggttga tgggtcacaa atgcatacat taccatatcc    198000
     tacttttata tgggttctga tgatctcaaa gtgcttccag aacaacactt tgcccactga    198060
     gtcctttccc cagcttttat ggtgagcagt ttgtgtctaa gactttggtg gatagttata    198120
     attgcttaag atctctttcc acgttccttc tgtcttcctt ccgcaccttt gcttttttgg    198180
     gtaaatgaaa catattgctt cttactgcag caactgcttt ctatacacat cactgctttc    198240
     tatacacata actgctttct atgcacataa acacaagcat gcacatgttc aaatatgagc    198300
     atgaagtaaa ctgacacatg taaagccact gaatgtctgg caagacacat tcataactct    198360
     aatttgctaa cgttcttggc tgtattaaga tagacataaa gtgtggggca gactgaaagg    198420
     ggacagcaga ttaagcattg ctatactttc ggaactacat gaagattccc catggctatt    198480
     tttttaagag aacccagggg catgttaata ttcaaagaca atcacttgac acacacacgc    198540
     acatacacac acacacacta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    198600
     tatatatata tatacacata tatattaaat gttttaaatc agataccatt atggcaaaga    198660
     gtgtttctgt aactctcctt ccccagcatc ctcccaccct ttgttaaccc tatttccacc    198720
     ttataacctc cccccatatt ctttcttcca ccttataacc catccccacg ctcttttctt    198780
     ctattttatg atgtacaggt aatttagaga aaaactgttt ctgggtttaa atccattcat    198840
     tttatcttcc caggtaatgt gatctctatc gctgtaattt aattgagcaa tggccatttc    198900
     ttgcattgag aaagtgattt atctcggatt gatccaagtt agtaaactcc acagctttgc    198960
     aaaggctgcc atcttccttt gattcattaa aatgactttc acattcactg cctcctcatg    199020
     acttcttgat atattgttcc aagcactgag aagtagataa aagattgctt gcatattggg    199080
     aaggattaat ttgtccagaa agatattaca ttttgatatg ttgtcattga atctcttgga    199140
     gagtgtcaca tgaactgcca agctttggaa tcttttgtaa gtgtccaaca ttcactgcct    199200
     aatgtgcatc acatttatgt ggtgtgagaa gccttgcaag tctgttacaa acaacaatga    199260
     agagtacacc agcagttacc tctctctgac cttaagtgaa gtttgtattt tgagctgaaa    199320
     actaatcaaa acatatatat cttcacaaaa ggctgaaatc agtttgaaac attcagaaat    199380
     gaagataaaa ttgagtcaaa ataatctaaa gcttattttt gcttcagttt ctcttgacat    199440
     aaccaaagaa tgtgcaatac ttttgctaac tgattccatc cttaatgctc aagtctaacc    199500
     agatatcccc ttccttctgc ctgcctcaaa tatcctgttt aaaatcttta cattcactct    199560
     gcgttcatgc ttaatttact tttgtttttg ttataccttc tataacctat ttataataga    199620
     atattattgt ctattgttta ttatatatta atatgatccc tagttgcata ttgcagagcc    199680
     tatcaacttt gcccaccagt gtttcctaag catgtacaag aggccatgac atgagatagg    199740
     agttcaagaa ggtattggga tgaatgcatg gacggatgtc actcacagtt gaaaatattg    199800
     gtaggatttg gtaatcttca tgaaagtatc acctaagcac aaagagagca tgtttagttt    199860
     aagttcctga agagtgcgtt tcttgttaga ctgtgttcgt ggattcttcc tttccctggg    199920
     agtctgccca tgaccaggtc tagttctaaa attcacgctc atttcttact agtgctttca    199980
     tgtcgttcat ggtgatttta atgagttcaa aatataacat ctgtgtgcta ggataaagac    200040
     aaaaacctag ccaatctttg tattatattg taaagacctt tgaactttgt ttaaatctca    200100
     aagttcagat tatagaatca caacactgta ctattaaatg ctttttttta atatccataa    200160
     catttcaagg caaattaata ctgattttag taagtgcatg tgtacttgtg tgtggtgtct    200220
     atgaatgtgt gtttgcatat atgtaggcac atgtgtctga gtgggtgtgg aggctcacga    200280
     ctgaccttct atgtttttct ctatacagct ccagttgttt ttactgctac agccaaacct    200340
     gaagctcact gagatagtct agctggaaac tttgcccaaa ggattcctcc accactgcct    200400
     cctatgtgct gggcttggtt tataagctgg cctccatttt ccctctaccc cctaacattc    200460
     tcactactgc acagccagcc cctgttctca aaagttcaat tctatctcaa gtaaaaactg    200520
     actcagtcat agaaaacctc tcagccccag attctgggtt caatctcaac cactggaact    200580
     acaacgaagt tctatcttct tggagtacca tttgtattac aaatgtcttg ataaaccaat    200640
     agaatggctg tgaatccagt tagaatttag aaatttgggt tcatggatat atcagggcta    200700
     gcaattatat atttagaaaa atcttaatac aatctttagc cacaataaat gaaatacttg    200760
     accacatgaa ggagaaacaa agagacttta aaagtctagt tcataatatg ttgcaccttt    200820
     gcaacctaag ctgcattgtt aagatcacag ggtagttgac ttaagcctga gtccacattt    200880
     gtacagtacc cagaaaatgg tctaacctct ttctgcatca aaagtaggaa tatttgtctt    200940
     ataaagtctc tggacatgtc atatgcttcc aatagtgttt gtcacatgga aggtagcatt    201000
     tgttgtggtg gtggctagta tctggacaag ccctctgaat atagaccctc tcatgtgtcc    201060
     caagactatt acatgattga tgcttagtta tgtgtctgct taacataaaa caccttttat    201120
     attgctcaga tggattttta tattgaggtg tataggctca aaaatgtcaa tgttggacag    201180
     aatgaatact agagtcttct aaggggagac agagggatga actagatgag aaaaaatcca    201240
     tgtagcttca gctcctagga tgagcactgt cttagctttg gttcatactg ctgcccttca    201300
     cctaacaagt ttccagagca gaaagaaaca ataagtgata tacttatgaa ttaaaagatt    201360
     atacaagtga aatgattctt aagattctgg ttaaaccata gaaaagaaaa aatacaagat    201420
     attatgaagg ctctatgata agttatgact taggaaataa aatggaaaat tattaagaaa    201480
     tattgatata taaaaaatat tacaactatg taaataggag gtgcaagtta aaaataatag    201540
     aatagggggc tggagaaatg gctcagtggt taagagcact ggctgctctt ccaggggacc    201600
     tgggtttgat atccagtact cacatggtgg atcgtcactg taactccagt cccaagaggt    201660
     attttgcttt cttctggatg ctgtgggcac caggcacaca tttggtgccc atacatatat    201720
     acaggaaaac acacacacac acacactcta tgcatatatt ttttaattga aatataaaac    201780
     catacgtggt aggtaaaata acctccatgt tatccttgga gaacaacata ggggcaatta    201840
     cagagagaat tgcaaataga tacctctgaa acatccttca accttctctg agttccctga    201900
     tgaatgaaaa tgatgttctt gtagtgtgaa tgacatcctt agaaataaaa ctatgctggc    201960
     agaagagaag gccttgtcct atgacatctg gacatggtca ttgtggagaa taccaggtag    202020
     acattacttt ataagcctgt gtatttagct tgagtaacct acgattactc tatttagaag    202080
     gaatgaaatt ccctttccag agagtatcca ctaccattga aatgctaagg atcatgcttt    202140
     gaaatgagtt ttggtggaag cctttcataa ctcatcagca tgacaattta taattcaaat    202200
     ccatccactc atttttggtc cttgcacaac agctctgtgt cttctaagct ctaaatccca    202260
     atactcgaaa ctgcattgtg acatagctac agtgatgctc tctttatata gctccgagtt    202320
     agaaataaga tatggaatag ttttccataa taaagtggac tgtcaaaact taatcctcgc    202380
     aaacatcact ggtgtttgga tttatgaagt gaacaaagac agtgatttag cattctccag    202440
     tcaggattat gagcaatctc caaaacacca accatcccaa agactgagga aaatgctctg    202500
     ctaactttaa ccaaagacca gatggagaat atcttcccca gaaatgacaa aaggcagaac    202560
     tgtacaagag gagagaggca tgcattacac agaatggagt gatctcgttc tctgctgtac    202620
     gcactgtttc tagagtgctt tggggcgaca tgtacctttt aagtttgcta ttgaataagc    202680
     aaacacataa agatagttta atgttagata cactggtgtg gtgttccata taactttttc    202740
     ttaatactta atagagaaca tctacttttc taaacattca gcctccacgc cattctaacc    202800
     tcacctccca ctacttccat gactttatga caacttcatt tgatgtttac aggtatttca    202860
     aagctatatg caaactcagt ctgcttggta tttataaaac agattcccct tttatctttt    202920
     acatgatatg aacagaagta gcacctcgtt aatttaaaat acaaaagtaa aattggatga    202980
     ggaatagagt tacatgcata gtacaataag taacataaat gtttcattgt aaaacttttt    203040
     ggcaaaactt ataaaagcta ttattcattg ttgtgattat gtgaggctgg gtcctttctt    203100
     tcagctatgg ctttactctc agattcttgt gcaggtcact gtataatgca ttttctatta    203160
     tttcaaaaca caggctgtat taaaatgaat gaacacccaa gacactttaa aacaatctga    203220
     aacattaaag caaatcttta gtgattgaaa tactgttctg agccacgtgt ggtggtgcat    203280
     gtctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    203340
     tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca ggcgataaag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa    203400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaatactg ttctggagct tgggcacaaa    203460
     ctcagtggat gaaccccaga ggactctcca tgctgcaggc acccttgcac acccaggatc    203520
     ttgggatcac tggtgagtgg aatgtagcat ctgttccaaa acaaatggga ttggcctgtg    203580
     caagcaggaa caggacacag aaaacctggt ctggggttct tcccggttgg catcagcccc    203640
     gggtcatttt gggcatgagc ttggtggaca gtctcatggt ccccagagga ctctccacac    203700
     agcaggtgcc ctagcacacc caggatctta ggatcacgga ggagagtagg ccttgagaga    203760
     gggctctgat cccgggactc aggtgagagc gccatcttgt atcctggatc tctcagagac    203820
     cagtctgagc agaagagcat atgggccaca gaagcaacag agcttcttga acaaggtccc    203880
     ttcgggcctt cattttcaga caggaggcag atctgagatc cagacctctg ggcaccttcc    203940
     ctgcaacagg agaacttgcc tccagaaagt gctctgacca ctgggaatca ggagagagtt    204000
     ggactcccag gagaactgac agaggttaac agaatcacag gaggaacaag ctccaaccag    204060
     agacagaaca tctaacacca gagattatga gatggtgaaa ggcaatcgta agaatcttac    204120
     taacagaaac caagaacact cagcatcatc agagcccagt atgctcacca cagtgagtcc    204180
     tggataaccc aacacacctg gaaagcaaga ttcagattta aaatcatatc tcatgatggt    204240
     ggtagaggat tttaagaagg gcattaataa ctcacttaaa gaaatacagg agaacactgc    204300
     taaacaggta gaagacctta aagaggaacc acaaaaatcc ctcaaagaat tatagaaaaa    204360
     cactgctaaa caggtagaag tccttaaaga ggaaacacaa aaatccctta aagaattaca    204420
     ggaaaataca accaaacagg ttatgtaatt gaacaaaacc atccaagacc taaaaatgga    204480
     ggtaggaaca ataaagaaaa cccaaaggga gataactgtg gagacagaaa tcctaggaag    204540
     aaatcaggaa ccatcaccaa cagaatacaa gagatagaag agagaatctc gggtacagaa    204600
     gattccctag aaaacatgga cataacaatc aaagaaaatg caaaaatgcc aaagaatcat    204660
     aactcaaaat atccaggaaa cccaggacac aatgagaaga caaaacctaa ggattatagg    204720
     tatagatgac aaagattttc aacttaaagg gccagtaaat atcttcaaca aaattataga    204780
     agaaaaaact tccttaacct aaagaaagag atgcccatga atatatgaga agcctacaga    204840
     actccaaata gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcctaac acatattaat cagaacaaca    204900
     agtgcactaa ataaagataa gatattaaaa tcagtaaggg aaaaaggtca agtaacatat    204960
     aaaggcagac ctattagaat taaaccagac ttctcaccag aaactatgaa agccagaaga    205020
     tcctggacag atgttataca gacactaaga gaacacaaat gtcagcctag gctactatac    205080
     ccagcaaaac tctcaattac cacagatgga gaaaccaaag tattccatga caaaactaaa    205140
     ttcacacagt atctttccac gaatcctgcc cttcaaagga taataaaggg aaaactccaa    205200
     cacaaggagg gaaattatgc cccagaaaaa gcaagaaagt aatccttcaa caaacctaaa    205260
     agaagacagc ttcaagaaca gaatcccaac tctaacaaca aaaataacag gaagtaacaa    205320
     ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactaaat tcctcagtaa aaaaccatag    205380
     actaacagac tagttacata aacaggaccc aacattttgc tgcatacagg aaacccacct    205440
     cagggacaaa gacagacact acctcagaat aaaagtctgg aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa    205500
     tggtccaaag aaacaagatg gagtagccat tctaatattg aataaaattg acttccaaac    205560
     caaagttatc aaaaaagaca aggaggggca cttcatactc gtcaacggta aaatcttcca    205620
     agatgaactc tcaattctga atatctatgc tccaaataca agggcagcca cattcattaa    205680
     ggaaactcta gtaaagctca aaccacacat tgcacctcac acaataatac tgggagactt    205740
     caacacccaa ctctcatcaa tggacagatc ctggaaacag aaactaaaca gagacacatt    205800
     aaaacaaaca agttattaaa caaatggatt taacagataa ttacagaaca ttttatctta    205860
     aaacaaaagg atgtaccttc ttctcagcac ctcatggtac ctcctccaaa actgaccata    205920
     taattggtca caaaacaggc ctcaacagat acaaaaatat tgaaattatc ccatacatct    205980
     atcagatcac cacgaattaa ggctgagctt cagtaacagc ataaataata gaaagccaac    206040
     attcacgtgg aaactgtaca acactttact taatgataac ttggtcaagg gagaaataaa    206100
     gagattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaatcca gaacataccc aaacttatgg    206160
     gacacaatga aagcagtcct aagaggaaaa ctcatagctc tgagttctgc caaaaagaaa    206220
     ctagagagag catacactag cagcttgaca gcacacctaa atgccctaga acaaagggaa    206280
     tcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagccagcag gaaataatta aacgtacggc tgaaagaaat    206340
     caaccaagta gaaacaaaaa gaactataca aagaatcaac caaaccagga tctggttctt    206400
     tgagaaaatc agcaagatag ataaaccctt agccagacta actagaaggt acagggacag    206460
     tatcctaatt aacaaagtca gaaatgaaaa aggagacata gcaacagaac ctgaggaaat    206520
     ccaaagcatc atcagatcct actacagaag gctatactca acaaaactgg aaaacctaga    206580
     tgaaatggac aactttctag acagatacca ggtaccaaag ttaaatcagg atcagattaa    206640
     cgatcttaac aatcccattt cccctaaaga aatagaagca gtcattaata gtctcccaac    206700
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga tgggtttagt gcagagttct atcagacttt    206760
     caaagaagac ctaattccaa ctctccttaa actattccac aaaatagaaa tagaaggttc    206820
     tctacccaat tcatgctatg aagccacaat tactctgata cctaaaccac acaaagatcc    206880
     aacaaagaaa acttcagacc aatttccctt atgaatatca atgcaaaaat acttaatacc    206940
     ttgcaaaccg aatccaagaa cacatcaaaa cgatcatcca tcatgaccaa gtaggcttca    207000
     tctcagggat gcagggatga cttaatatat ggaaatccat caacgtaatc cactatataa    207060
     acaaactcaa agacaaaaac cacatgatca tctcgttaga tgctgagaaa gcatttgaca    207120
     aaatccaaca ccccttcatg ataaaagtct tagatcagga agtcaaggcc caaacctaaa    207180
     cataataaaa gcaatataga gcaaaccagt agccaacatc aatctaaatg gagagaaact    207240
     tgaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag acaaggctac ctactttctc cctacctatt    207300
     caatatagta cttgaagtcc tagcctgagg aattagaaaa caaaaggaga tcaaggggat    207360
     acaaattgga aagaaagaag tcaaaatatc actatttgca gatgatatga tggtatatat    207420
     aagtgaccct aaaaattcca ccagagaact cctaaacctg ataaatagct tcagtgcagt    207480
     agctggatat aaaattaact caaacaaatc agtggccttt ctctacacaa aggatgaaca    207540
     ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaaaaacacc cttcacaata gtcacaaata atataaaata    207600
     ccttagtgtg actctaccta aataagtgaa agatctgtat gataagaatt tcaagtctct    207660
     gaagaaagaa attaaagatc tcagaagatt taaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag    207720
     gattaatata gccaaaatgg ctatcttacc taaagcaatc tacagattcc atgcaatacc    207780
     catcaaaatt ccaactcaat ttttcaccaa gttgaaaagg gcaatttgca aattcatctg    207840
     gactaacaaa aaacctagga taacaaaaac tattctcaac aatataagat cctctggtac    207900
     aatcaccatg cctgacctca agctgtacta cagagcaact gtgatagaaa ctgcatggta    207960
     ctgttacagt gacagacagg tagatcaatg gagtagaatt gaagacccag aaatgaccca    208020
     cacacctatg gtcacttggt ctttgacaag ggagctaaaa ccatccagtg gaaaagagac    208080
     agcattttca caaatggtgc tgtctcaact ggcggttaga gtgtagaaga atgcaaatcg    208140
     acccattctt atcaacttgt acaaagctca agtctaagtg gatcaaggaa ctccatgtaa    208200
     aaccagagaa actgacactt atagaggaga aagtgaggga aagccttgaa gatatgggca    208260
     cagggtaaga attcctgaac agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagattg agaatcaaca    208320
     aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gtaaggcaaa agacactatc aacaagacaa    208380
     aaagtccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttaccaatcc taaatctgag aggggactaa    208440
     tatccaatat ataaaaagaa ctcaagaagc tggactccag aaaatcaaat aaccccatta    208500
     aaaatgcgat atagagttaa acaaagaatt ctcacctgag gaatactgaa tggctgataa    208560
     gcacctaaag aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgaaaataa aaacaaccct    208620
     gagattccac ttcacaccag tcagaatagc taagatcaaa aactcacgtg acagcagatg    208680
     ctggcgtgga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgc tggtgggatt gaaagctggt    208740
     acaaccattc tggaaatcag tctggaggtt ccttagaaaa ttggacttag tactaccgga    208800
     ggatccagca atacctctcc tgagcatata tccagaagat gttccaaatt gtaataagga    208860
     catatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc    208920
     cagatgtctg tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caatggagta    208980
     ctactcaact atgaaaaaca ataaatttat aaaattctta ggcacatgga tggatctgga    209040
     ggatatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaac tcatatgata tgcactcaag    209100
     aacaagtgga tattagccca gaaacttaga atacccaaga tacaatttgc aagacatatg    209160
     aaactcaaaa agaaggaaga ccaaagtgtg gatacttcat ttctccttag aatggggaac    209220
     aaaataccca tggaaggagt gacagaggca aagtttaaag ctgagaagga aggaatgacc    209280
     atccacagac tccccacccg gggatccatc ccataaacag ccaccaaacc cagacactat    209340
     tgcatatgcc agcaagattt tgctgacagg accctgatat agcctctcct gtgaggctat    209400
     gccagtgcct ggcaaataca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca tctattggat ggaccacagg    209460
     gcccccaatg gaggagctag ggaaagtatc caagaagctg aaggagtctg aaaccctata    209520
     ggtagaacaa caatatgaag tagccagtac ccccagagct ggtgcctcta gctgcatatg    209580
     tagcagaaga tggcctagtt ggccatcatt gggaggagag gaccttggtc ttgcgcggat    209640
     tatatgcccc agtacagggg aatgccaggg cccggaagca ggagtgggtg ggttggagag    209700
     cagggctggg ggagtgttta gggaactttt gggatagcat ttgaaatgta aatgaagaaa    209760
     atatctaata aagaaacaga aatgaacaaa taaaattttt gccaaaaaat aacagaaaaa    209820
     ccaataaacc aacatccact tataaataaa aaaaaaaagc aatactgttc tgttgctatc    209880
     tctcacccta attttcacat atataatctg atagcattta taaattattt attttgaaat    209940
     acataaaaca tgtacaatat atatctatgt atatattatg catatatacc atatagatat    210000
     agatatggat gcaatctaag gaatagtata gtatagtgga gtatactgtg ttagttgttg    210060
     tgaccaatta cctgataaga agcaatggtt gtctttgctt gtggtccatc atggcagagg    210120
     aggcacagca gtacacttgc tcttgtctgt ggcacttgga atctgctttc ccacatcacc    210180
     atgttcagga aatagagatg ggaatgtcag tgctcagaga tctctctctg ttctcctctt    210240
     ctatccagtc tgagttccat gcaagtcttt tctcctcctt cacagaccat gtccagaggt    210300
     gtccttcact tatgccctag gcatttctta gtgtaaccaa gtggtcaatt gaaacaggcc    210360
     attacattta caaccaggtt aagaaatgga atggtctgtg agcaaaacct ccactgtgat    210420
     tctccttaag aaacctaaga gggagactac ctcagaggca ctgcagaaga gggaagagga    210480
     ggaattcaac acaggtcctt ctcagtactc acacaacctg ccaagagcaa tgcacaggtg    210540
     ctcattaatt gtcaaaagaa acaagaggtg cctgggctgg gtgaaagtcc tggataggca    210600
     ctgcaacata gtgctggaaa aggtaaagga gatgtggact gaggtcccaa agagtgtcaa    210660
     gggtaagaag aagtccaatc ctgtcaacaa ggactgctct atctccaaga tgttcctgct    210720
     gtgggaactc agtcattatg gtgctgtgga attactcatc actggcaagt aaagtagaag    210780
     ccaagtccct ctatgagagc ctgctccctg ccctgcagaa tgaaaaatta aacatcttaa    210840
     aggggttgtt gcctccagcc acctcgggtt attgggttcc tgaaaggaaa gctagggatg    210900
     gatgggaagg atggcgagag aaataacgag ccaagacaaa gttctctgat caaggctcaa    210960
     ctttttaatg tatggcactg aaaatatatg ggaaaaccca acgacccatc ccttcgtttc    211020
     agctgggttc tgttgcttct ttgagctgga ttgagctgca aagtaagctc ttctgcagtt    211080
     cagtgggcag gcagttctca gttctctggc aggaagatgt aaatgtagca aggccagact    211140
     cctggctcca gtgtctgggg aggtttgttg agctaactca aggctggggg aagggcacaa    211200
     gggatatctt atactatttc aatacatgta tataatttta tcttaaaatg agttgtgtta    211260
     gtatatatgt gtgtatatgg tttattcatg tgtgatggag caactgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    211320
     catacacatg gagatcagag gaagatattg actgtgtcct gctctattat tttccttctt    211380
     atgcttttga gatagggtct ctcattgaac ccagccagtg gcatggattc cttccagttt    211440
     gaacttggac caggggcaga ccttggatgc tggctctgca ctgagtccca cgacatccag    211500
     aggaagcttg actcccagat gctctaacat gcccaggatc ataggagagt ccccaacatt    211560
     ggccccaaca cctagagtaa gtcagtcccc cagaatccag tgacgcacga acccctgccc    211620
     agccagtggc acgaattcct tctggtctga acctgtacct ggaacagatc tgggggtgca    211680
     ggctcttcac ccactcttct tttttctttc cattttttat taggtattta gctcatttac    211740
     atttccaatg ctataccaaa agacccccat acccacccac ctccactccc ctacctgccc    211800
     actccccctt tttggccctg gcgttcccct gttctggagc atataaagtt tgcgtgtcca    211860
     atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggtcgact aggccatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga    211920
     gtcaagagct ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgat ccacctatag ggttgcagat    211980
     ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca    212040
     ttagctgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagt ctcacaagag    212100
     acagctacat ctgggtcctt tcgataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcatt    212160
     tggatgctga ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggcagtc tctacatggt ccatcctttc    212220
     atctcagctc caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccaagg gtgttttgtt cccacttcta    212280
     aggaggggca tagtgtccac acttcagtct tcattcttct tgagtttcat gtgtttagga    212340
     aattgtatct tatatcttgg gtatcctagg ttttgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt    212400
     acatattgtg tgagttcctt tgtgaatgtg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt    212460
     ccatccattt ggctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca    212520
     ttgtgtagat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt    212580
     tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct    212640
     taccagttgg ggcatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgcggga tcctccggta    212700
     gtactatgtc catttttctg aggaaccgcc agacggattt ccagagtggt tgtacaagcc    212760
     tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctctttctcc acatcctcgc cagcatctgc    212820
     tgtcacctga atttttgatc ttagatattc tgactggtgt gaggtggaat ctcagggttg    212880
     ttttgatttg catttccctg atgattaagg atgttgaaca ttttttcagg tgcttctctg    212940
     ccattcggta ttcctcaggt gagaattctt tgttcagttc tgagccccat tttttaatgg    213000
     ggttatttga ttttctgaag tccaccttct tgagttcttt atatatgttg gatattagtc    213060
     ccctatctga tttaggatag gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggt ctctttgtct    213120
     tattgacggt gtcttttgcc ttgcagaaac tttggagttt cattaggtcc catttgtcaa    213180
     ttctcgatct tacagcacaa gccattgctg ttctgttcag gaaattttcc cctgtgccca    213240
     tatcttcaag gcttttcccc actttctcct ctataagttt cagtgtctct ggttttatgt    213300
     gaagttcttt gatccattta gatttcttca cccactctta aaatacccag agggatcctg    213360
     actccaaggt gctgtgaaat gcccaggacc acaggatcac aggatcacag aggaaatttg    213420
     acttgtagga gatcagataa gcccaggagc actggaactc tgacatactc aagatcacag    213480
     ccgaggccac aacatctttc ctaataccca gtgtaactgg gatggccaaa ggaacaaggg    213540
     aaacacaaac cccagcccaa ccagaggcat gggttccttc cagcttgcac ctgtacctgg    213600
     aggaaaccca gggctctggc ttcccacaca ctcctgcacc caaaggaaac ttgactccca    213660
     ggacctctga tacaacagga tctcaggagc ttggtcacat caggatttca ggatcccaga    213720
     agcagcttga ttcccaggag ctctgacaaa cccagaggat cacaggattc tagaatcaca    213780
     ggattataga gacagctgga ctctgaggaa ttctaacaaa accaggatca caggaggaac    213840
     aggctcaagt cagaaacagc aagggaaggt agcatcagag ataaccagat ggtgagaggt    213900
     aagcacaaga acataagcaa cagaaaccaa ggctatttgg catcatcaaa acccagttct    213960
     cccaccacag caagtcctgg ttaccccatc acactggaaa agcaagattc caatttaaaa    214020
     tcacttttta tagtgatgat agaggacttt aagaagaaca taagtaactt ccttaaagaa    214080
     atacaggaca acacaagtaa acagatagaa gtccttaaag acgaaacaca aaaattcctt    214140
     aaatttcggg gaaacacaat caaagagggg gaggaattga acaaaaccat ccagaatcta    214200
     aaactggaaa tagaaacaat aaagaaacca caaagggaaa caaccctgga gatagaaaaa    214260
     cctaggaaag agatcaggaa ctatacatgc aagtatcacc aatagaatac aggagataca    214320
     agagagaaca tcaggtgcag aagatatcat agaaaacatt gacacaacag ttaaagaaaa    214380
     tgcaaaatgc aaaaaaactc ctaacataaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa    214440
     gaccaaacct aaggattata gatatagaac agagtgaaga ttcccaactt gtagggccag    214500
     taaatatctt caataaaatt tccctaacct aaagaaagag atgaccatga gcataggaga    214560
     agcctacaga actgcaaata cactggacca gaaaagaaat ttctcccacc acataataat    214620
     caaaacacca aatgcacaag acaaagagaa tataaaaatc agtaagggaa aaaaggtcaa    214680
     gtaacatata aggcagacct atcaaaatta tcagacttct taccaaagaa tataaaagcc    214740
     agaagatctt gggcagatgt catacagatc ctaagagaac actaatgcca gcccaggcta    214800
     ctacactcag caaaactctc aattaacata gatagagaaa ccaagatatt ccatgacaaa    214860
     accaagtcta tacactatct ttctacaaat tcagccctac aaaggataat agatggaaat    214920
     ctccaacaca agaagggaaa ccacacccta gaaaaaggaa gaaagtaata ttctttcaac    214980
     aaacccaaaa gaagatagcc acacaaacat aattccacct ctaacaacca aaataacagg    215040
     aagtaacaat cacttttcct taataactct taacatctat ggactcaatt ccccaaaaaa    215100
     ggaacataga ctaaaaaact ggatgtgtaa ataggacctg acattttgct gcatatagaa    215160
     aactcacctc attgacaaag acagacacta cctcagaata aatggctgga aaaaaaaatt    215220
     tccaagcaag tagtcccaag aaacaagctg gattagccat tctaatatcg aataaaatca    215280
     actttcaacc aaaagttatt taaaaagata aggaaagaca cttcatactc atccaaggaa    215340
     aaaatctacc aacataaact tgcaattcgg aacatctatg ctacaaatgc aagggcaccc    215400
     acattcattt actaaagctc gaagcacaca tttcacctca cacaatacct caacacctca    215460
     tttcaacacc tcattcaaca cctcattctc atcaatggac agatcatgga aatagaacct    215520
     aaacggagac acagtgaaac taacagaagt tatgaaccgt ataaagtttg cacgaccaat    215580
     gggcctctct ttccactgat ggccgactag gccatcttct gatacatatg cagctagaga    215640
     cacaagctcc gaagggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt ctacctatag ggttgcagat    215700
     ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca    215760
     atagctgact atgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggaatagt ctcacaagag    215820
     acagctatat cagagtcctt tcagcaaaat cttgctagtg tatgtaatgg tgtcagcgtt    215880
     tggaggctga ctatgggatg gatccccagg tatggcagtc tctagatggt ccatcctttc    215940
     atctcagctc caaactttgt ctctataact ccttccatgg gtgttttgtt cccaattcta    216000
     agaaggggca aagtgtccac actttggtct ttcttcttca tgagtttcat gtgtttcgca    216060
     aattgtatct tatatcttgg gtatgctaag tttctgcctc agtacagggg aatgccaggg    216120
     ccaagaagtg gaagtgggtg ggtaggggag ttgggggggg cgtgtgggga acttttggga    216180
     tagcaccgga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatac ctaataaaga aaataaaaat taaaaatgaa    216240
     taaaaaaaaa gaagttatga accaaaagga tttaacagat atatctttag aacatttcat    216300
     cttaaaacaa aagaatatac cttctcagca actcatggta ccttctccca aacggaccag    216360
     ataattggtc acagaacagg cctcaacaga tacaagaaga ttgaaataat ctcatgcatc    216420
     ctatcatatc accacagact aaggctgatc ttcaataata acaaaaataa tggaaagccc    216480
     acatatacat ggacgctgaa cagcactgta ctcaatcata acttggtcaa ggaataaaga    216540
     aagaaagaaa tgaaagactt cttagaattt aatgacaata aaggcacaac atacccaaac    216600
     ttatgcaaca aaatgaaagc agtgctaaca ggaagtctca tagctctaag tgcctccaaa    216660
     aagaaacagg agagagcata cactagcagc ttgacagcac acttgaaagc tctagaataa    216720
     aatacaccca agatgagtag atagcaggaa acaatcaaac tcagggctga aatcaaccaa    216780
     gtagaaacaa aaagaactat acaaagaatc aacaaagcca ggagctggtt ttatgagaaa    216840
     atcaacaaga tagataaacc tttagccaga ctaactatag ggcacagaga cagtatccaa    216900
     attaataaaa ccagaaaaga aaaggtagac ataacaagag aaactatgga aatcaaaaaa    216960
     aaattatcag atcctaccac aaaagcttat actcagccgg gcatggtggt gcatgccttt    217020
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc gaatttctga gttcgaggct agcctggtct    217080
     acagagtgag ttctagttca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccttgtctca aaaaacaaaa    217140
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaagttta tactcaataa aactggaaaa    217200
     tctggacgaa atggacaatt ttctagacag ataccaggta ctatagttaa atcaggatca    217260
     gataaaccat ctatacagtc ccatgacccc taaagaaata gcagcagtca ttaaaagtct    217320
     ctcaacccat aaaagcccag gacctgatgg gtttagtaca gaattctatc agaatgtcat    217380
     agaagaccaa tactcttcaa actattccac aaaatagaaa caaaaggaaa attacccaat    217440
     tcgttctatg aacccacaat tatgcttata cataaaccac acaaagtctc aacaaagaaa    217500
     gagaacttca gaccaatttc ccttatgaat attgatgcaa aaatagtaaa attctcgcac    217560
     atcaaatcca agaacacatc aaaacaatta tccaccatga tcaagtaggt ttcatcccag    217620
     tgatgcaggg atggttcaat atatggaaat ccatcaacat aatcatctat ataaacaaat    217680
     tccaagggaa aaaaaccaca tgatcatttc attagatgct aagaatgcat ttgacaaaat    217740
     tttatctttc atggtaaaag tcttggaaag atcaggaatt caaggcctgt acttaaacat    217800
     agaaaaagca atacacaaca aaccagtagc caaaatcaaa ctaaatggag agaaacttga    217860
     agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactagata aggctgtgta ctctctccct acctattcaa    217920
     tatagtactc aaaatcctaa ccagagcaat tagacaacaa aaggaggtca aagggatacg    217980
     aattggaaag gaagaagtca aactatcact atttgcagat aatatgatag tatccttaag    218040
     tgacccccaa aatttcacca gagaactcct aaaccttgta aacaacttca gcaaattggc    218100
     tggatataaa attaactcaa atcagtagcc ttcttatatt caaatgataa accagctgag    218160
     aaagaaatta gagaaatgac agtcttcaca atagtcacaa ataacataaa atacctccgt    218220
     gtgactctat ccaagtaagt gaaagatctg tatgacaaga acttcaagtc tttgaagaaa    218280
     gaaattgaag aagatctcag aagatggaaa gatctcccat gctcatggat tggcaggatt    218340
     aatttagtaa aaatggccat cttgacaaaa gcaatgtaca gattcaatgc aatccccatc    218400
     aaaattccaa ctcaattctt catagcatta gaaagagtaa tttgaaaatt catttagaat    218460
     aacaaaaaaa cctaagatag caaaaactat tctcaacaat aaaagaactt ctggggtaat    218520
     caccgtccct gacctcaagc tgtactacag agcaatcctg ataaaatttg catggtattg    218580
     gtgcagtgac aggcatgtag atcgatagaa tttaagactc agaaatgcac ctacacgcct    218640
     atggtcactt gatctttgac aaaggagcta acactaccca gtgaaaaaga cagcattttc    218700
     aacaaatggt gctgattcaa ctggtggtca gaacgtagaa gagtgcacat cgatccattc    218760
     ttatttactt gaacaaagct caagttcaag tggatcaagg acctccacat aaaaccatat    218820
     acactgaaac taatagaaga gaaagtgggg aaaagccttg aacacatggt cacaaggaaa    218880
     aaaatcctcg acagaatgcc aatggattat gctctaagat caataataga caaataggat    218940
     cttataaaat tacaaagctt ctgtaaggca aaggacactg ttagataaaa tggcaagcaa    219000
     cagattggga aagagtcatt accaattcta aatctgagag agaggtaata tccaacatag    219060
     acaaagaact caagaagtta gacttcagag aaccaaataa ccctagtaat aatgaggtac    219120
     agaactaaac aaagaattc                                                 219139