ID   CT009762; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 229171 BP.
AC   CT009762;
DT   14-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-211O9 on chromosome 13
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-229171
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; b0cc17bdd3338b6195080b185ea430aa.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456166.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021490; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021492; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021493; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021494; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034675; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000052087; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000074886; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020593; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020594; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020596; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020597; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020598; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020599; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020600; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020547; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020548; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020550; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020551; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020552; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020553; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020554; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020525; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020526; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020528; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020529; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020530; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020531; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020532; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020543; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020544; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020546; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020547; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020548; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020549; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020550; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020343; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020345; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020346; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020347; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020348; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020349; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020977; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020978; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020980; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020981; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020982; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020984; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019856; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019857; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019859; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019860; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019861; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019862; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019863; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020302; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020303; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020305; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020306; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020307; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020308; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020309; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020426; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020428; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020429; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020430; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020431; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020432; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020404; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020405; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020407; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020408; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020409; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020410; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020411; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020501; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020502; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020504; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020505; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020506; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020507; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020508; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020433; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020434; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020436; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020437; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020438; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020439; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020440; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021020; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021021; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021023; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021024; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021025; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021026; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021027; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019613; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019615; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019616; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019617; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019618; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019619; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019918; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019919; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019922; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019923; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019924; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019925; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CT009762.8:1-229171; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000021950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057167; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000063771; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000069968; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000099482; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109921; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109923; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131306; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139275; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144288; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149858; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000153426; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170921; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000224653; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000224765; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000224925; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000224995; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000225259; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000225925; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037180; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037183; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037185; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037187; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037190; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037191; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0037200; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037116; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037119; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037121; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037123; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037126; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037127; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0037136; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037085; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037088; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037090; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037092; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037094; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037095; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0037104; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037134; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037137; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037139; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037141; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037144; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037145; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0037154; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036893; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036895; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036897; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036900; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036901; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036910; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037588; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037591; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037593; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037595; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037598; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037608; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036832; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036835; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036837; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036839; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036842; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036843; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036852; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036797; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036800; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036802; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036804; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036807; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036808; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036816; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036945; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036947; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036949; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036952; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036953; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036962; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036904; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036907; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036909; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036911; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036914; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036915; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036924; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037068; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037071; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037073; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037075; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037078; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037079; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0037088; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036901; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036904; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036906; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036908; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036911; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036912; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036921; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037643; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037646; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037648; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037650; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037653; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037654; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037663; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036472; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036474; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036476; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036479; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036480; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0036489; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036299; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036302; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036307; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036309; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036310; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0036319; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J1E3; A0A0R4J1E3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A286YCG7; A0A286YCG7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A286YDA5; A0A286YDA5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A286YDZ5; A0A286YDZ5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A286YE10; A0A286YE10_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q698; E9Q698_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D2V6; Q9D2V6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9EP84; Q9EP84_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-211O9 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..229171
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-211O9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    42532..42561
FT                   /note="Single clone region."
SQ   Sequence 229171 BP; 56709 A; 57408 C; 58550 G; 56504 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactt tgtagactag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc        60
     gagtgctgga attaaaggcg tgtaccacca tgcccgacat agctcagtgg ttcttaacct       120
     tcctaatgat gagaccacaa cagctccttg cgaggcggtg accccaaccg taaagttaat       180
     ttatagcacc acttcataac tgtaatgttg ttactattat gaattgtaaa catctgatat       240
     gaaggctctc tgatatggga ccccccaaag gggttgagac cctcaggttg agaaccactg       300
     cctttctcag ggccaacggc agactctgct cttcagtgcc accatgccga agaagattca       360
     aaactttgcc aagagtgcct tggtaaagcc tgtcaccatc aatgtgggtc gtgctggagc       420
     agccagcctt gatgtcatcc aggtaggcac acactcctaa tagacagagt cttactagta       480
     taggctaaag ctgccttgct cccttgaagt taaccaaaga gtccacctgt ggcctttagc       540
     caaggccatc cttaggctgt ctagtcctca cagcaagggg cttctggtca cctagtgcag       600
     actgcgagcc cagctccagt gtcggccatg actggtgagc tgaaccttgg ggtcccctga       660
     cctggccctt ctggtggcag gaggtggagt atgtgaagga ggaagccaag atggtgtact       720
     tgcttgagtg cctgcagaag acacccccac ctgtgagtat agctgggccc agagttccca       780
     tgataaaatg ggatgggagg gatgtatgcc aggtgggagt cagtgtgata ctttctaact       840
     ggagcggcct tttcggggca ggtgctcatc tttgcagaga agaaagcaga tgtggatgcc       900
     attcacgaat acctcctgct caagggtgtt gaggctgtag ccattcatgg gggcaaaggt       960
     caggatggtc aacacattgg catagccctg ctgccatgac agcttcctgc cttcctctct      1020
     atccccttcc ccttccctgc ctggctagcc tgtgctactt ccaacactcc tactttagtt      1080
     ctgacaccta cctgacccac cccagaccag gaagagcgga ccaaggccat tgaggcattc      1140
     cgggaaggca agaaggacgt cttagtggcc acagatgtgg cctctaaagg cctggacttt      1200
     cctgccatcc agcatgtcat caactatgac atgcctgaag agatagaaaa ctatggtaag      1260
     gcgcatgggt attggtgggc tggacaagag gagggccagg cctccgggaa gtcgaccaga      1320
     gcctgttcct ttccttgcag tgcacagaat tggccgcact gggcgttcag gaaacacagg      1380
     catcgctacc accttcatca acaaggcctg cggtgaggcc ctccacatag ctgcctggct      1440
     ctaccttggg ttctgaagcc aggatagacc ctaatggtgc tcattgtctc tccctcagat      1500
     gagtcagtgc tcatggacct caaagccttg ttgctggagg ccaagcagaa ggtaccacct      1560
     gttctgcaag tgctgcactg tggggacgag tccatgctgg acattggagg tgagtgttga      1620
     ctgtggtcca tggtggacat tggaggtgag tgttgactgt ggtccatgct ggacattgga      1680
     ggtgagtgtt gactgtggtc catggtggac attggaggtg agtgttgact gtggtccgtg      1740
     ctggacattg gaggtgagtg ttgactgtgg tccgtgctgg acattggagg tgagtgttga      1800
     ctgtggtccg tgctggacat tggaggtgag tgttgactgt ggtccgtgct ggacattgga      1860
     ggtgagtgtt gactgtggtc catagtggac attggaggtg agtgttgagc aggggctcta      1920
     gtcttcagtc tacagctggg ttccttgggg ctagtaaggc aaaaagattg aaataccagg      1980
     aatccagtct tggctggtca agacccagga cctgaaactt ggtcctgtga ccttgctgac      2040
     ccttctcttc acccacagga gaacggggct gtgccttctg tggaggcctt ggccatcgga      2100
     tcactgactg ccccaaactt gaagctatgc agaccaagca ggtcagcaac attggccgca      2160
     aggactacct ggcccacagc tccatggact tctgagccgt ctgacttctc tcttctcccc      2220
     aagagtccaa tgctaggaca ctggccatgt gcacaccagc actcaagaca agaagccagc      2280
     ctcccggccc agctggcctg ggcagcccca gtgccctcag aattactatt tttgttctcc      2340
     tccccagcat taaagcacaa tcccttttct tggaccagtt cttcctctct cacccacctg      2400
     ccccttgggt cctgcacaag cctctgcctc cagtaccacc ctgaggcaag acatctggag      2460
     cttccagagt tgccagcctc ctatagaaca gatttgctgg ctggtgtccc catctgggct      2520
     cagggtatct ggtcaggaat gccttgtaac ttgggagtca ctgttagggg gtcacaggga      2580
     aatgtttgtg tccctggttt ccctcctgtc tgacactgcc atcagcttta gtcttcctgt      2640
     aatggctgcc ctccctgcct gtgcaagttc ccagccagaa gtcctctgct ctgtctgctg      2700
     aggaagtggc agatgccaca gaactgtcat tctggccaca ggcaccctct aactctgtcc      2760
     tgccccattc ttccctgggc tataaagaca aaccagccag gctgatgctg ccacagctgg      2820
     ggagccacag gtaagatgtg tacatgcaga tgttgcaaga ctggctggcc caccaaccag      2880
     gacgtcatct tgcagtaaga aggccaaagg aaaggtacag caggttgcag gtgtctcctc      2940
     gtagcccttc tgcacgggga ctctgcaagg cttgtgctga ctcagcaaag gcagcagttg      3000
     ctcaggctgg ctgtcactcg gtgtgtggcc tcaggcaagt tactcaagtt atcagccttg      3060
     atttcctcat cgctgaactg tcaatgagaa aagagggcag aatcaggctg tatgagctta      3120
     gagctgcctg ggccacaacc acggtgggca tggagccagg tgccaaaggt ctcgtggatg      3180
     tatttccatg tgtactgtgt gacaccccca cccccaaaca gcattcctca gctgggttac      3240
     agcattctta cccaaggtga cattacacag gtgacaagat acttccataa tttgtattca      3300
     tgcaaagccc caatactggc ctccaacaag gcaggtcagg tggggtaggg caaagccact      3360
     gggcaggaag caacccttta aagcatgtga cctccctggg gagcatactg ggggcctgcc      3420
     gcctacactc atgacaaaca gtgagactgg atatggagcc cttgtggcct gctgcctaaa      3480
     atgtctgttg tgtggggctt cactctccag ccttggagag cagtcaggga aggcctccag      3540
     gaggaagcag ctacctgtgg cagggcagag cagtggtaag gggtgcccag aagggcctca      3600
     tctgaagaac tgcacttcag ggattaaagg caagcaagaa caaatggtgt ggagttgccc      3660
     agactagact caagggaaca acagaattgg tggacacagc cagggagggt ccaggcggtg      3720
     tgaagatcga gagaagaaag tgagctttag aaatatttct gagtgataac agcagttgcc      3780
     ttagcacacg caaggccctg ggttgatccc agttttacaa gagaggcaaa tgtgccactc      3840
     agaatggcag ccagttgagc aatgtggaaa gagaaggggc caaggctgtg cactcccctc      3900
     ctcacggtac acagctggct gggaatgggg gagagttcgg agctcatgac tcagggtgtc      3960
     caccctgtgg tcagacactc agatccggct gatccaggtg catgtgcaag aggaggtcct      4020
     tgccctgcac cccatccccg accccactgg cctcaagctc cccataggca ggtatggtct      4080
     ccttggagca gcaagaaccc taagggagag attggttctg agcactgtcc cttaagtgaa      4140
     gcccgggctc ccctccccct ggccctgcag ctgtctctgg acagagggag ggggaagtgg      4200
     ccaaaaaacg agaagtaaga gaagttcctg tccagcctgt accagtctcc ccggaacttc      4260
     agaactgcgg tggccatgga gtctgtggag cccccggtca aagacggcat cctctaccag      4320
     cagcacgtaa agtttggcaa ggtgggaacc ccaggctgcc agccgtgggc agaggaggga      4380
     aacccctgct tagccacagc ttaactagac ctgagggaac tggggacggg gtctgggtga      4440
     ggtgaaaccc ggcaatttga gagtggaggc tcttggccca agaaggttag ggatgaagca      4500
     tcctttgtaa gactgcttca tatagtggta gagatgccca gaccacgaga ggactataag      4560
     aatcaaaacc tatgtatata atggctccaa ggctcctgga gaaggccagg gcctgtatgg      4620
     caggagccct ccgaggatgg agcagacaaa ggctggttct ccaggtactg gggaggagat      4680
     ggggtgagga ttcgtttttt tatttttttc tccttgagca tcagactgta cacccacagt      4740
     tgagctacag ctgcgcctgg gcagataaac cgtctgtttc cttcgctaga tgtcatttgc      4800
     atgtttcctt ccttaccagc atgaagcaga ggccggcttc ccaccccacc cagcccatgg      4860
     cccaagtgcc cttttgggtt gtgtaacaac agtgtcagtt gctctgctcc aaccactaga      4920
     tactattaac tgtgcaggtc atccagatga aggcaaggtg tgatttgaac tcagggctga      4980
     ccaaccccaa gtatggactt ctccttgcct accccagccc cagcaaggcc tcctccttcc      5040
     tctgtagccc aaagtcttag gaaggcagaa gtcagccagc cagttgctaa gcagcttgca      5100
     cagagccaaa gggcaggggt ggctttcttc ccaagggtct cctttcttac agaaatgctg      5160
     gcgcaaagtg tgggctctgc tgtatgcggg aggcccatca ggggtagctc ggctagaaag      5220
     ctgggacgtg cgtgatggtg gcctgggacc agcaggcgac aggtccacag ggcccagccg      5280
     tcgaggggaa cgccgggtca tacgcttggc tgactgtgta tctgtcctgc ctgcggatgg      5340
     cgagagctgt cccagggaca ctggtgcctt cctgattacc accactgagc gaagccacct      5400
     gttggctgca cagcaccgcc agtcctgggt ggaccccatc tgtcagctgg ccttcccggt      5460
     gagtatgaca tgaactagcc tgctgggacc acctcacccc gctcacccat gtccttgctt      5520
     agtcagatcc tgccacatgg taaacattgc caaaccctgt gaatatgagc aacagcttag      5580
     aaacccatag aaggatccta tattctatgc atgttataga gaaaatgaaa ccgtaggtca      5640
     ggaggatgtg tgggcctgag ccctgaatga caagagcaag cccccaaggc agtggtctga      5700
     gacaggtgtc tgagccaaat ggacaggtac tggaatacaa tggtatcatg agcaaaggcc      5760
     ctggggcagg aaaacatggt gtgtgtaaag gagcagaagt aggccaacca gcggcttagg      5820
     cacacaagtg tgaagacatt ggaatgttca gtgagagcct attgaatcca ctttgggcca      5880
     cgtgtgggtg agaggttttc tgatggacca aaggggatgg ctttgggtat taaagccaga      5940
     gactaatggt ggtaaagtct ctgggttcat gacagaagag acaaacacgc ctgacttcct      6000
     cagcaagttg atcttgggag gcagagcagc tggagagatg gctcagtagt taagagcact      6060
     ggctgctctg tggagggcct gggttcaatt cccagcactc acatggcagc tcacaactat      6120
     aagtcccagg ggttcagaca cccctttctg acctccatgg gcactgtacg tatgtggcac      6180
     acagacacag catccttaca tataacaata ggtagtaacc actttaaaaa aaaatccatc      6240
     agccaggcgt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg gaggcagagg caggtggatt      6300
     tctgagttca aggccagcct gttctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag      6360
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tccatcatga      6420
     cgtcattata cggctgccgt tctcccactt gacatatagc ccagagaatg aaaggtgtgg      6480
     gcagaacgtg ggccagtgct cacggcagca ctgtgtaatc ctccacactg agacatcacg      6540
     tgaccatccc ccaaggaaga gaaaaacagg accttgggct gggccaggtg ccacagtcta      6600
     tgacctcagc acttggaagg cagagggaga aggatcagtt ctgtggccag ccccaggcca      6660
     gcctgggcta cttgagaccc tgtctcaaaa ccaagataaa gaacagctaa tgctgaaata      6720
     tgacataaga caccaaaggg caacatgtgc gatttcctaa tgtttaaact tcacaggact      6780
     ctcagaataa ggctatctgc atagccaggc ggcaggtgca tgtggtgcac agggagaggg      6840
     ttccgacagc tgcctcatgg ggacacgctt ccgttggaca caatgacagg ttctggatta      6900
     ggtgctgctg acaactgtac aaacttgtga atgtaccaaa atccaccaaa ctgggcgcct      6960
     taaaatagca atgttgaggg ctgggggaat gagtctgtag ttaagagcac tgactgctct      7020
     cccagagtag ctgagttcag ttcccagcac ccacatggca gctcacagct gtctgtaact      7080
     ccagttccag aggacctgac accctcacac caatactcat aaaatgaaat tggaaaaata      7140
     aaaaagaata gtagtattga tttgtattgt tggtttgttt tgagacaaag gtttctccgt      7200
     gtagccctgg ctcttctaga acttactctg tagaccaggc tagctctgat ccacctgctt      7260
     acctcccaaa tgttgagatt aaaggcatgc accgcttgca cagctactac cataccactg      7320
     cccagtttat cacttttgtt tttttaatta agacatgcac agagccaggc agtggtggca      7380
     cactccttta atccctgtgt ttgggaggca gagtctggtc agtctctgag ttcaaggcca      7440
     gcctggtgta caaggaaata agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct      7500
     gtcttgaaaa ataagaataa aaaaggaaag aaagaaaagc acagctggtc agtggtggca      7560
     cacaccttta atcctagcac ttgggagcca gaggcaggca gatttctgag tttgaggcca      7620
     gcctgctcta cagagtaagt tccaggacag ccaaggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa      7680
     aaaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa gaagaaagag agagagagta aaatagaaaa aagaaaagca      7740
     caggacgaag taaaggaaga ggaggcgggg tttggctttg gcagtgctca tgggtcaagg      7800
     tgatcatggt ggccatttcc tgacagatag gactggatgt aggatggagg tcaggggagg      7860
     tcaagggaga cctgtaagtg actatagaag aagccgggac atttgcttgg tgctacccct      7920
     gcctctatac tgctgcatgc cacccagagc tatatgcaag ccagcacatg tgcttgcagt      7980
     tgcttagtgc cttatggcac caggaatagc cttactccaa gaccagcact gccagtggag      8040
     cccagtgggg agtgctgccc catagtacag ataggaaatg actcaggaga gcccggcagt      8100
     gtgggtcaga gtgggacctg gcggtggaag ttttgtctgc tgagcccatg gaagggaacg      8160
     gggaaaaaac agggtgggct ctaacggacg acttaaatct attcctcagg gtaccggaga      8220
     atgttcgtca ggatcaggac aggctgagag tccaaaaagg ggctttgttc ccatggagga      8280
     aaactctatc tactcctcct ggcaggaagg tgaatcgggg gagaccctgg ggcagcctcg      8340
     cccctacccc agtagtggtg tctgggaact gatgaaatgc ccttcttcct gagtacagtg      8400
     accgagtttc cggtgatcgt gcagaggaca gaggccacct cccgctgcca gctgaaagga      8460
     ccctacctcc tggtgctggg ccaagatgac atccaactga gggagacatc caagccccag      8520
     gcctgtttta gctggcccta ccgtttcctg cgcaagtacg gctctgacaa ggtgaggtgc      8580
     cgggcaccct gaccggggtc tgtctggaaa ggtggtaagt ggtcagtgcc ctggctgctt      8640
     ggtggccact gatccctgcc cgtgtcactt gtgtgcaggg tgtgttctcg tttgaggctg      8700
     gccgccgctg tgactcaggt gagggccttt ttgccttcag tagcccgcgt gccccagaca      8760
     tatgtggggt tgtggctgcc gccattgccc gccagcggga gcgtcttcca gagctggcca      8820
     tgtccccacc ctgccccctg cctcgggccc tctccctgcc ctccctagag ccccctggag      8880
     agcttcggga ggtggcccca ggatttgagc tgcccactcc cagaaagctg cctctaactg      8940
     atcccgggcc tcaaagccta ccactgctgc tcagccccac acaagaagga ccggcatccg      9000
     gtctctatgc gtccgtgtgc aagcagacca gcaagcacac aggcacggcg gagcatctct      9060
     atgagaacgt gtgcatgctg gaggccagcc ctgggctgac caatgggggt cctgaagccc      9120
     aagagggccc ccctggtggc cgcagccccc tgggcagccc tatctaccat aacactgagg      9180
     atctgagttg gccgggctcg gcccaggaca gcaatctgga agcccagtac cggaggctgc      9240
     tggaactgga gctggatgag gccggaagcg ccggccgctc tggagcgcag gcaggcatca      9300
     aggccaagct ggtgaccctg ctgacccgtg aacggaagaa gggccccgcc ccctgtgacc      9360
     ggccctgaag gcctgagcgg ccagccactg caggacagag gtgatcaccc aagaccagga      9420
     acaacttcga acataacccg tctactctga cctgcaggga caagccaggt ggcccgggga      9480
     ggagccacac tctgccctac ctcctccctc agactgtaca gattgaacag taataaagct      9540
     tgcctatcaa cttcccctcc gttctgcctc tggcccacaa ttcacactgc ctcactttct      9600
     ccgggatccc cactggcaca cggtaccctt gcgttcaatg tagcaaacac caggcttgat      9660
     gctgggcccc aggcgcctag tgtcctgagc ctgacttgag ccaccactgg gctaaaagct      9720
     acttgagcag atgaacacga ggcacgtggg ttgggctctg tgtggctctg tgcagcaggc      9780
     acgacagcca aacagaagga gatgtgaggc ctgttgagag aagtgctcca ggcctgagtc      9840
     agaagggtga gcatggccca accaggcgga ctgtgaacct ggcctttcca ggctcaggag      9900
     agtcattcac agaccagtca gggccttttg tcctgcagta aactggctct cctccttgga      9960
     aaagctacca gttagacttg gccaagaaca ataggaaggc tggatctgag gaaacaggat     10020
     agccgagcag ccaagctctg gcgaaggtgc cgagcactag ggggaacggg gagaggggca     10080
     gacagaaggg ctaccgcttg ttcacatcca aaacactcat ggctgatggg acttaggcag     10140
     tcagcagaca catctgggga acctctggct gttttaccaa ctagaaagaa actaaaacta     10200
     agggctggca agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcactgactg ttcttccaaa ggtcctcagt     10260
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat tgtggttcac aaccatctga aatgagatct gacgccctct     10320
     tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta ctcatatata ataagtagat aaataaataa     10380
     ataaatctta aaaaaaaaaa agaaactaaa actaagataa agacatatgg gaagggagtc     10440
     agaactcagt ggtataggac ctacctggta tgaggtagac cctgggttca gtgttcagtg     10500
     ccatacacac atggagaaga aagcacaggc tgccttactc agaaggcaga agcagatgga     10560
     actctgtgtt tgagggcagc ctggtcttca tagcaagttc taagtcagct gagcatacaa     10620
     aatgagagca tacctcaaaa caaattttaa aaacccttcc ccagaacatc cacaacacca     10680
     aaaagactag attatgtatt agacctaatt ctctactaag atttttcacc tgaggtgagg     10740
     tagggggtta gagagatggc gcagcactta agagcactga ctgcttgttc tgccagagga     10800
     tccgagttca aaaccaaatg ccctcttttg gcttccatgg gtacatgcat gcagtacaca     10860
     gacaagtgtg cccttaaaac atctgtacac agccgggcag tggtggtgca tgcctttaat     10920
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca     10980
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcagaa aaaaaaaatt     11040
     tgtacacata aagaacaaag gaaacaacta ttctctttat aagttctgct gagattgtgg     11100
     gtgggatgat agcttgccaa ataaagaatg tgtgaaccca caaaacagct atggtgagat     11160
     gctacctgta tcctcagctc ctggcaggca gagacaagat ccccatggca aactggctag     11220
     gtggactagc tagaatcagt gagccacagc ttcagagact cagagcaaag tagaaggcgg     11280
     tgaagaaaga tgctcattgt taacgtttga cttaaacaca gcacacacac acacacacac     11340
     acacatgtat atgaaactca cactcatgca cacatgccat acacatgcac atgcagagag     11400
     ttttaccagt tgcctacgct gttccaggga tgagaggaac agcccgtgtt ctccaggtgc     11460
     cagccttcca gagcgagata atttaccagt gcctgttttc tgctccctgc tgcttctgga     11520
     ctctgctcca cttgtgcgta agaagctgct ccggctacca agtacctggc ttctcaatcc     11580
     ttggacttcc tgcttcagct gcacctcctt tagagacaga atctctggca cttccacttg     11640
     ccttaacctc atgccctggc ctctcaacaa tgagcttaga gacacccagg ttcatcttgc     11700
     ccacatgttg acactcccaa gccctgtgct caagacagtg acaatcagcc ttgctcctag     11760
     catcttccgg ctgcctctta ccttccactc tacttccccc acacctcgca cttggagttg     11820
     ctcctcccct cctacttcat gtgactggtc aagccctcag cctctggcga atccactgac     11880
     atctgctcac atctggagaa atccacttac aaagacttga ctgttgtctc acataggcag     11940
     gtcctgcagg cttcctgcgc tgctactgtc ccagaggagc catgctgtgc aggtttgaat     12000
     gcgaatgaca cccatagacc cataagttcg aatgcttggt ccccagttag tggaactgtt     12060
     tgggaaggat tgggaggtgt ggccttgata agggggtgtg tcactggggt taagctctaa     12120
     ggtttcaaaa agccatgcta ggaagagtct ctctctttct gtctcccgct tgtggatcag     12180
     atgtgagctc tcagctactg ctccagtgcc atgcctgact ttcatactgc cacgcacccc     12240
     accaggatga acacgcagta attctctgaa actgtcaaca agtcaccagg taaatgcttt     12300
     cttgtgtaaa gtgccttagt caggacatcc tatcacagca gcagagcagt aactaagaca     12360
     tcttcaagcc ttccacttcc acctaccccc acctcctaga cgctgtcagg actcagcagt     12420
     gagcagacgt gaacttctgc cctcctctgc tgtactaaca aagggtccag catcttcatg     12480
     catcttttcc ttcctggccc tacagaagga gtgtttgtct ctagattgtg ctcccatggg     12540
     aagtgtccag ttagtttctt tgtgggactt ttcctcattc attcattcat tcattcattc     12600
     actgacatta gcatcttgcc attttcttcc ttcctttctt tctttatttt tttaaagatt     12660
     tacttattta ttttatgtat atgagtacat tgttgctatc ttcaggcaca ccagaagagg     12720
     gcataagatc caattataga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg cttgctggga attgaactca     12780
     ggacctctgg aagaacagtc agtgctcttc accactgagc catctctcca gcccaccatc     12840
     accatttcca ataccagaga aatgacagat gctctctgat ttcaagtacg aagaacaacc     12900
     ttccatggcc ctcacgttcc ctgtctgcct cctcctccca cttctcggtt ctgctcacac     12960
     tgaagctcct tgaaaccatt gaattactct catttccagt ttcttgcccc ctctctccct     13020
     aacttcagtt tcctcttttt ctacttttcc attacataat gtttcaaagt cacggactcc     13080
     ctgccagacc aagctacaca ttgagaccct gggacccctc tgctccttgg caggactcct     13140
     tgtccttcct gaaagcatca gtggtctttt ctgcacaatt acagcgtctc ctccagattg     13200
     gctcacgttt ttccagtgct cagggatgga agccaaagct attgtccagc tagccaaatg     13260
     ttcctccaga agcagcccca gctcttctgc tatcttctct gttactgatc ctctcagagt     13320
     tcttgcagat cagcctgtca agtcgtctgg aagcctctga agagtgccca tggctaggct     13380
     cacacgtaca gctctggttt ttttgttttt tgttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt     13440
     taaatcagtt ggggacaagg gactttggca ttggtgtttg ggttttcaaa ttctgggatt     13500
     attctgacat gtgtcctgag ctgagcacca ctggtgtagg taagctaatc actgccttca     13560
     ttttcttaag atttgcttat ttgggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcactga     13620
     ctgctcttcc gaaggtccgc agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc     13680
     cgtaatgaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat     13740
     ataataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaagt ggataactca ccaggcatct tggctcatgc     13800
     ctttggtccc agtgcctggg aaccagaggc aggtagatct ctgtgagttg gaggctagct     13860
     tggtctatgg agtgagttct ataccagcca gggtatacaa tgaatacttg tttcaaaaac     13920
     aaaaacaaaa acaaaacaaa acacaaaaaa caaccatgga taatgcagta catttaaaaa     13980
     aaaaagaaaa aaaaagattt gcttgtttgt ttgtttatta tttttctgag acagggtttc     14040
     tctgtatatc tctggctatc ctggaactct atagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagagat     14100
     ccatctgcct ctgcctccta tgttctggga tcaaaggtgt gtgccaccac caccacagtg     14160
     atttatttat atttatgtgt gtgtcacttg tgtgtctgtg tgcatgaagt gtatggcatg     14220
     cccatggcag ccagaagagg tcagagtgct tagataccct ctggagtttt agacccatta     14280
     ttagtcacaa tgtgggtact aggaaccaaa cttgggtact ctacaagagc aaaattgttc     14340
     ttaactgcaa aatctctcca gcctttacac atcactacat tttaaaggcc atttaaatac     14400
     tggtagtttt caaaggcatg tcttccttca acatagactt tctggggatg gagaagtggc     14460
     ttagtggtta agtgcttact gttctaccag aggaggagtt tgtttctcag cacccacatg     14520
     aagtggctca caaatgcctg caatacctag gaataataca actctcccct gttcgctata     14580
     aatctttgaa catgcacaca catacacact tacacacaga tatacacact cacacatgca     14640
     tgaacacaca tgcaatacac actcacatgc atgcatgtgc acatacacac aaacgtatgc     14700
     atgtaggcac acttgtacat gcacacacac acacatactt catgctcact acagatctaa     14760
     gaatcccact gcacactgga catctggata tctaaaagac aatcctgggt ctagggctgt     14820
     agctaaaggg tgataacact tatctaatag atgtgaaacc cttgcccacc aatactgctg     14880
     aaagaaaaat atctccaact ttaatgtggg acgagaagtt agaagttggg actcagtgca     14940
     ttactctccc aaggcgtgtt tgagaacaaa aagaaaagtc tagaaggatg ttagatgctg     15000
     agagtcaggt tagcacaaac agtcctggca aaacagcatc gcccacaacc aatcaagcaa     15060
     tcgtagagcc acaaggccag gaaacctcac ctgagcagct gcggcatgga ggccttctcc     15120
     ctcagtgggt agtcacagcc cttgctactt caccaaaaac aaggacacac cggagtcctg     15180
     gtcataacca aaactggaat ccagaactct ggaggctttg gtctgttaac ctcttcttca     15240
     ttaaaaatcc cagtttcagg gctggggata tgactcagtg gtagagagtt ttccagaatg     15300
     tacaaggtta agcacactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaaatg ccagcaacca     15360
     catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaaggaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga     15420
     cagctacagt gtacttccat ataataaata aatacatatt ttaaaaaaag actctgtctc     15480
     aaaaaaaaaa agcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa aacaaaaaac agtcaaagtc tcagttgcat     15540
     ggggatttcc atcttcttcc aactagttta gaagaccttc agaactaaga gacctggcca     15600
     tggagctgca gggatcctgg ccaccagagg gcgctgtatc cttcctagtc cctgcctgtt     15660
     ccaaacctgg aggctgtgtg ttcttgagaa gatccaaaaa gatgcaccca ggcccatgcc     15720
     tttctgtgga gcaagaaagg tccttggaag cctttcctgt cggccggcag atggccagga     15780
     gccgtcgaag tgccattctc tttccttcat tgcacctttg caagccttcc ttcatctgat     15840
     catatcaact ccgtgcaggt tctgagggca ggcacaatag gggcacagta tatcacaggg     15900
     tggaaagtgc tatggggaaa acaaagtagg ttaaaggact agggtatgat acaggtatgg     15960
     tatcatggaa ctgctgtttt aaatatttaa aatgtctttg tttattctat ttgtctgtct     16020
     gcatgtataa tctacgcacc atgtacatgc ctggtacaca gggaagccag cagagggtgt     16080
     ctgaaacccc ctggaattag aattacaaat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg gttctgagaa     16140
     tcaaacctgg gtcctttgaa agatccgctg gtgctcttaa ctgctgtgcc atctctccag     16200
     tggggactgc tgttccagat ggggtgctcg gagaagaccc caggaggagg cagtattcaa     16260
     acagagaaaa aaaaaataag gcttttagat ccctacagaa aaaaaaatag ttgggctgga     16320
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact gcagcggggt gtggtggcac atgcctgtaa     16380
     tcccagcact cgggaggcag gggcaggtgg atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac     16440
     agagtgagtt tcaggacagc cagggataca cagagaaacc gtgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     16500
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaaagaa agaaaagaaa aagaaaaaga     16560
     agaaaaagaa aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     16620
     gaagaagaag aaaaagaaga agaagagcac tgactgctct tctgaaggtc ctgagttcaa     16680
     ctcccagcaa ccccatgatg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg gaatctgatg ccctcctctg     16740
     gtgtgtctga agagagtgac agtgtactca tatatagaaa ataaacaagt aaatgttttt     16800
     taaaaaagaa aaaaaaagtg tttgaagata aagaaattgt gaaatgcaaa ggggccctaa     16860
     ggcgagaata tacttggggg tgtagaacca gggccagagt gggctaagtg gagtgggcga     16920
     gtgtgaaaga gctctgccag ttttatttct ttttcatgtc ttagagagtc agacttaaca     16980
     tcttccccaa gaagctaagc ataacctcct cctttccctt atttttattg tatttctttt     17040
     cttttctttc ttttttctcc ttttacttat tttgaagcag ggtctcatta aatggcctag     17100
     gctggccttg aacatgtaac cccccttttc cccagtagct ggaattacac aggccctgtg     17160
     ctgccaggcc caacacttga cccagtttct tagtcttggg taggtcttaa ggattttagt     17220
     tttattttaa atcgagtgtg agcccactgg aatgctaaaa agatgaagtg tgatctctgt     17280
     tttaagaata tcacatccgc aacggcaaga agactggggg gtggggtggg gggaggcaag     17340
     ggtgatagcg gggcggtcag caaggaggct cgtaggtgtt gaagcattcg atggaggtga     17400
     aacagcagca agagttagct gctgctgttc aagccagtct acacaaggag accttatttt     17460
     atgtgtatgg gtgaaacagc agcaagggtt agctgtgaga acatcgggag atgatgtaga     17520
     tgagaagaga catataattt cataggttct gcggaaccaa ccaggtgaat gatgtcattg     17580
     gctgagacca ggaaggagtg agaagaaagc acaaacttgg attgtttgag aaaccttcct     17640
     ggcagacacg tagacaaggt atacattatt ggtgtctgca gttcttgagg aaagagctcg     17700
     ggctgaccat tttcagtgtt attgaaagcc aaaggagagt aagggctctt aaggtgtgag     17760
     tttcatgacc aaatggccaa agactggagg ccgatgaagt gttatagagg gaaggaagcc     17820
     ttgaagctag aaagattggg attttagatg aggaagctgc tgggcttggt atgatctcag     17880
     ccctccggag ggaagagctg gaagatctgg gaacccatgc aagttcaagc cagtctaccc     17940
     aaggagacct tattttatgc gtatgggcgt tttccctgca tgcatatgtg cgctatgtgt     18000
     gcaccagatg cctagagagg tcagaagaag gcgctgtatc tgggggggtg ggggtgggaa     18060
     gaagaagata gaaatgaagg aatggaaaaa gaaaaaaccc ctgatcaacc tggtgtagac     18120
     cagcattcct gtcagaacag gatgaaacct gaaggctgca gctgacttaa ttgaggtcat     18180
     agaagacctg gagaaagagt caatagtata ggggacgagg gacaaagagg gaaacgtgat     18240
     ggagacagaa gcatagcaga tagctaaaga gggtggtttt gtttttttgg tttttttttt     18300
     tcttcagttt ttcgagacac ggtttctctg tgtagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcactac     18360
     atagatcagt cagtctggcc ttgaactcag agacccacct gaagaggatt tcttcaagga     18420
     tgacaactcc cataagaatt tatgtacttg ggacaatgat ggggaagagg gggtgtgatg     18480
     atgggggggc tgggcaaggg gaggctgtgc acctctctac tgactcaaac attcaggaga     18540
     gctcagcttt tccttctgcc cacccttggc taagaccgag gctaaagcag gggctctgag     18600
     aacactccgt ggcagcccct tccatcccaa ccgcattgga agaactgtgt actctggact     18660
     ggggttaaat gggaaacaat ccattccaat agtggttctg ggggctctgg gtggaagtcc     18720
     catggctgtg gactctactt acaccgtcag acaacaagtg gcgctaagcc cgcccccgtt     18780
     ggctcttact atgtatgtat ttacttgttt gttatatcct gcaagccttt ggttgggttt     18840
     ggtgttgagg actgaaacaa gggcctccag agagcttagc tactgagctc caccactaag     18900
     ctacatcccg aacaccagga agcctaactt gaaactaccc tatctcgctt ctccagttcc     18960
     tagagaatct gaaatctgat gatgctgaca atattgacct ctaacagtat ccctaacaga     19020
     aaagtgttac catgccattt tcctctacaa gagaatacgg tgagagatca atcaactctg     19080
     gggtttcaaa cggatgcttt cctccactcc gccagtggga ggcgcaaggg gcttgggcga     19140
     gagcctgaag cggggcacag gctgggcagc gacccgactg gcgagggtaa gtgcccgatc     19200
     tcaccttccc tctcctggag actcagggtt ttttgactgg gtggggcctc ccaccgaccc     19260
     cgggatgtcc actcgtttgg cctggggagg gcgtggccta gggctccgcc cccttccgcg     19320
     ggctcaaaag gcgcggcgtc cgcggaggcg gggtcagagc gcagcggcgg atcccatcgc     19380
     tgctcccgga ggctgccagg cagcggccca ggcgggcact caggtaccgg cgtccgcgag     19440
     ggggttcctg gcctgcaccc tacggggtcc tatggcccgc tgaggcgctg gggagggcgt     19500
     gggtggtcgt gaagagtgcc agattccctc ggctggcttc ggccgcagcc tccgcccccg     19560
     ccttcctgcg gcgaagtggg gctgattggc gcctgcgcca ctgtgtgcgg tggggacgcg     19620
     gccaagcgcg gggctggggc gggagacgaa gggaaacaga gtcatgttgg caagggagca     19680
     tcgtgcgtgg gtggcaccac tttctctggc ttccagaaag gatcccctct ctggccgtgc     19740
     gtaagggaca cggcccccgt cgctctctac aggaccagta ccccgttttt cttttcccct     19800
     ttcagagacc aggggtcccg ccctgaccac cagcagcctc gacctgtccc aaaatggcta     19860
     ggacccgctc cagcgtcctc cttctccacc cctccccctc atatcccgag cccctaacgt     19920
     gctccctcct cgggctctct acagtgtcag cttacacgcc ttatatagtc cgagcaggct     19980
     ccggcggcgg cctgcctgcc gggacccggg gaaggagggg gagctggccc ctgactcacc     20040
     ccgccaccct cctgagattc caggttagct tgggcaaagc agtgccaatt agccccacag     20100
     ccaacccctg gaagagaaaa gcacctgagc tcggagaggc ctctccaggc cctcccggtg     20160
     gcagggggca gggtggggaa ccaccttgtc tgttgtctgt gagaggtcgg cctgccagga     20220
     gcccagccaa gccagctgag atacctgcct cccagtgcct gtgtgtgttg agcgtccgcc     20280
     cgtgccttct tggtgcctgg ccaacgctag tgcccagatc tggacctgcc tgccaatttg     20340
     cattgcagac actttctctt cttcctcaca ggagcaggca cgatggattc cttcaaggtg     20400
     gtgctggaag ggccagcccc ttggggcttc cgtctgcaag ggggcaagga cttcaatgtg     20460
     cccctctcta tctctcgggt gagcctaggt gggggaacaa actccccaag ggttcttggg     20520
     tgctcaggtt tccagaggat catgggagga aacagcagga gcaagccagg accaataagg     20580
     caggagtatc caggtccaaa tggacactta actaccagga ctcccaacta ggtggagagt     20640
     agagaggcac tcccaacttc cctactttga catggtattt gatgctctcc caccaagcca     20700
     tctgtgagtg acaaggggga gcctgttcct tcggtattgg aggctgatgt ctccaagaag     20760
     tatcttactt agctaggaga gcagcctgtg gagccaggtc cccagcagga tgtaacttta     20820
     attccagtta ttcaaggaat agcagttgtc atcctgtttc cccaagtgac agagcttggt     20880
     gggctggagg agcccattca gtaagtccac tgcagagcaa gggtttgaac tgaggcacaa     20940
     aaacggcttg tactctctgt acggtcaagg ccaacgggga actcttcccg ccctgtgtga     21000
     ggactgagtc ccagtcagct ggctctagtc aggctgtgtg gcctttgacc ccaagcctag     21060
     gtgtagtgag gctggcctgt agaattcctg ttcccattcc tcagtccacc ctggtgagga     21120
     gggtggagct gggaactgac tcctccctga ggcaggggga ttaccttata agcccaagaa     21180
     tgcgggcccc agttgggatg gccagcagtg gctagtcaac agagcccaag agggctggcc     21240
     taagtctagg ccccttacct ggccctcagt cattggtgtc agtaggactc aaagcaaact     21300
     ttgtgcccag ccttccagct tggtatctct gactggccta gggggtcaaa aagggggcag     21360
     ggacttcctt ccctgatatc cgcctgccta gagaggccca cccagccact gtgtaggcag     21420
     gcagctgctg gcaggaagcc cagggcaagc ccagcccaaa ggggcctgag aatttccagg     21480
     cactgcccag cctgagtagg gtatcaaggc tggttctctc tgtgggagcc agacatggtg     21540
     gacagggcag gcaggcatgc atgctgtgtt cttcccagaa tccttctctg gaattgcttt     21600
     ggaatctgct ccaaccagca ggatgactaa gggctatcta gacccttccc ccacgcgtac     21660
     atcctacggg tttcttcctc ccctctggga aagtgctggc cagtgtagtg taggtcttaa     21720
     gttttcttca ttggtaagga aggccctgca gatgttgcct tttgggggca ctctgctggc     21780
     ccctgctggc ccctggcctc ctttgtcagc agctttaacc tgtgggtggg gccacccgct     21840
     gagtcctgcc ctggagtgag ttaggccctg atgggtgggg tggtcttttc taaattgggc     21900
     cagcccgcta tccctcccct gaccccagag tggagggagg aaggaggggc tagggctggc     21960
     tgtgggccca ggcctggaag atgaggtaat gtctgggatt tgggggttgg gctgctcagt     22020
     ggagctccca ggctgactca cccacaccca taacactgtc cagtcccctg gcttttcccc     22080
     tccttaatct cactagcctc tctttccctg tggtgctctg accaccagct tagccctcac     22140
     attttgagta ccccacgaga gaagtggtcc ctcatgtctc cacccctttt cagggagcca     22200
     gtggctcctc ctcccaggac cccccacctt ggtcttgccc cacacctctc aggaagcagc     22260
     ctgtatagga aggagtggct aacccaggtc tccatgtgct gactcaccat gcctgtgact     22320
     aggtcatttc ccttttacag tgtcacttcc ccgtccccat tattaggggc tctttggagt     22380
     gaaacaaagg tgagagggga catacagacc ccaaacagcc acggaatgag ggggcatctt     22440
     gccttgagct gccagtcctt ctgcctagcc tgcctgagtg ttagcatcac acgtatacca     22500
     tgcctggcac cccagagtct tgttttgctt cccctgattt tatctaatta attaatttta     22560
     ctagtttttt gaggcagggt ctctctgtgt agtcttgacc actctggaat tcactacgca     22620
     gaccaggctg ggtttgaact cacaaaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccca gtgctgggtg     22680
     taggccatac atctggctat cccagcgtct ttactgggtg tgttggtctc tcgtttgtgc     22740
     cctattgtag tggagccttc cagtcaggcc caaatcctgg ctgcacccct tgctagctgg     22800
     agaccgagtt caggtgatct gtaattcagt ttttttctga gtgtgaacag ggtgtatccc     22860
     cagactcctg caagggtgtt ggaagatttg gtgtcgagcc taggtgttct gtgagattct     22920
     attcttaccg tatgttatca ggtaaagaag gctgtgactc accagctctc tcctctgcta     22980
     acttcccttt caggcacaaa ataaagctgt caggtccagc tccccattct gtaccagagt     23040
     tgacagtgtc tgcatgaggt ccctctgtcc ctgacatctc tagaagccct catcttctct     23100
     gtctgcttca gtacacattg cattagctca cctgaggagc cttctgggac cttgggcatc     23160
     ctgctccccg cttttcctac tacctgtcaa gtgtaaatgc tttgtgtggt atcagatggt     23220
     cgagtggccc tgtggtttca gacctgtggt gaaccaccat gcccccaatc cctttggctt     23280
     tgagttggga atttctggtt tgtgtggcaa atggtggaat gatagccagc ggcactggct     23340
     gattcctggt aagccgtaag ccttggtcac caaagctaaa aaaataaaag tgagagtaca     23400
     ttcgtgaaga cattcagtgc ccgggagagg agccaggact tggccttgat gggggtgggg     23460
     ggcagtagcg gttctcagat aggagacatt taacaggata taggtgaccc cgatcaattc     23520
     gtagcccagt ttcagcaaca cgggtaggtg gctgtcttgg gagggcaggc tggtgggtaa     23580
     aacagcctat tgaggcctca gaaaacatag ctgtcaaagg ctatggtcct agcctgcgag     23640
     tgtgggctct aacctgaagg tggctgttta ccaacagcat ctggactgtg agggagtgtg     23700
     cagcttggtt atgcacccat ggacctctga ccattcttct ctacagctca cgcccggagg     23760
     caaagctgca caggccggtg tggctgtggg agactgggta ctgaatattg acggtgagaa     23820
     cgcgggcagc ctcacgcaca tcgaagccca gaacaagatc cgcgcctgtg gggagcgcct     23880
     cagcctgggt cttagcaggt acaggtgctg acaggcagaa ggggtgtgga tagcctctgg     23940
     tctcttacct gctgtgactg cgtctctctt cttctccaga gcccagcctg ttcagagcaa     24000
     accacagaag gtaggttata caggagatgt cctggctgag agagggaggg gcttagcctg     24060
     ggctaaccta ccacccctgg cccagccttg ggaccctctc tctggctaag ggcagacgcc     24120
     agaacaggca gggtctgggg aacatgagag tggagctagg agctgccgca cggtccgggc     24180
     gccacacgtg cctgcctgcc tatctgtctg cctgcttctt cccacaagcc tgtgctgtgt     24240
     gtgcctaccc acccttggtc acccttggtc cagagcgggt tgaattcatc acttcccaat     24300
     gggccccttg aagtcgtagt tactacccct tcatcctagc ctctggccag atgtgtaaga     24360
     gtgggccgga cctgtcactg ttcttggtgg tggtgactcc gctcccacct cagcctcaac     24420
     tcccacccac ccacccaccc tgcccggctc tgtctctgcc caggccctga cccctcccgc     24480
     cgaccccccg aggtacactt ttgcaccaag cgcctccctc aacaagacgg cccggccctt     24540
     cggggcaccc ccacctactg acagcaccct gcggcagaat gggtatgtca gcccctgccc     24600
     atccactcca acctctgcac actgtctggt cctttcacaa gcacacacac aagctgcctg     24660
     ctaccgctca gtctgtgccg gaccccagcc ccttaaccgt gtggcagcaa cccctggcgg     24720
     ccgggtgggg ctactgctct tccacaggct ctgccctgct gagcagcctg gggttagcct     24780
     gtgctgtggg ccagctgagt ctcacaaact cgttgctacc tcgcctccct ctccaccact     24840
     ctgattcccc ctgtcattct tctcctgtgt ctgtcccttt atctgtctat ctgtctgttt     24900
     ccttcacagg tgcagacctc tgacaagtta gtgagccctc tcttcctgtc actttcctcc     24960
     cttttggcac tctgggtggt ggcccctccc tgtcctgcct gtcctgacct cctctgattt     25020
     acccacctac ccagccaaac cctttgcctc accctcctac cccccaaccc cctgctgtca     25080
     ccagaacccg tgcacatcac gtcctgggag gggcagcccc tggtgcccac agaaccagag     25140
     gttctgagct ctgcccttcc catagacagt tgctcagaca gccggtcccc gatgccagca     25200
     agcagcggct gatggaggat accgaagact ggcggccgcg gccggggaca ggccagtccc     25260
     gctccttccg catccttgcc cacctcacgg gcacagagtt cagtaagtgc tggcccagga     25320
     cagggcagac tctcctgacc tcagcctggg cctgactttg ccaggactca tggctggggt     25380
     ggcccttgtt tctcttggtc aatgcctgcc tctgtcctct cagtgcaaga cccggatgag     25440
     gaattcatga agaagtcaag gtaaaagctt gggcgctaac ccctctccct aacctcccac     25500
     ttcttccttt ccagccacca gccctcggct gctcctggcc atcccctgcc agagctctct     25560
     tctgtccctt cctcctttcc ttccctccat cctccctgcc tcccttccat ctctccttcc     25620
     ttccacttcc tcctcctcct cctctctctc tttctctgcc cctcagggaa aagtatgtcc     25680
     tggagctaca gagcccacgc tatacacgtc tccgggactg gcaccaccag cgctctgccc     25740
     acgtgctcaa cgtgcagtca tagcctggcc ttcccagcct gctgccctct gcttcctttc     25800
     tctgttactc actccagggc accccacggg tgcctccagc tcttgcctac cactttcatg     25860
     tccctggcct gaacctccta ccggcccggt cctggcagcc ctcctggcac agggcctggc     25920
     ttcatctgac actgccttcc ttcttggccc tgtggtacta ctgtctgcca ggtctgcact     25980
     gcctttgagc atggaaataa acattctcgg ccctgcttcc tttgcctctg tctcccatct     26040
     tttgggtctg gttatgtttt gggtttggga tgctaaatgg tttagacatg gtataggtcc     26100
     cgcagcttgt ttctcagtgg gagggagaag ctaaccaaga tggctctgcc ttacccatgg     26160
     ttctcttgga taagaggaga cccaaagtct gccctaggag ccggagcaca ctctgctact     26220
     acactctaca gcagcccaga tagctgtacc ctacttaggg gaagcacccc ttcctacccc     26280
     taccccagag ggacctggaa tccatcccag cagctcccag tgcactcacg catcacccat     26340
     ggggacagta cagctgaagt tacggggtgg gaccatgccc aaagcctcag ccaggcaggg     26400
     ccttgaatgg cagatcttac agccaggtgc ccaggacaga agccccagcc ccagcctcaa     26460
     ctatacccca ggaatcctgg cctggtaaga tttggggctg aagaagggtg ggtagcctcc     26520
     atggtcatag ggtggtgggc ttttaaggct accctgggtt ctaccctcta ccctttgggc     26580
     tccctgagta cccctctgga tctactttct ttggctgtca ggccccacca ctcccagccc     26640
     caccagccgc ccaccctggg ctgtggatcc tgcatttgct gagcgctatg ccccagacaa     26700
     aaccagcaca gtgctgaccc ggcacagcca gccagccaca cccacgcctc tgcagaaccg     26760
     cacctccata gtgcaggccg cagctggagg gggcacagga gggggcagca acaacggcaa     26820
     gactcctgta tgccaccagt gccacaagat catccggtaa gtgttccctt ctagtgctga     26880
     tctttcctgc cttgcagcct ggccctggcc tgtcttacat acttatccta cctccgctgc     26940
     tttctgagag ttaaggattt gattgaagca gggagggata tagcctggat ccttagatct     27000
     ttttaaattt atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat acaaatacat atacatatat     27060
     atatagtaca tgggtgtttc ttctggatgt gtatctgcac cacttgcacg cctggtgccc     27120
     acagacacca agacagggtg ttggattccc ctggagttgg atggcattta gatggctgcg     27180
     agccttcatg tgggtgctag gaatcaaacc tgggtcctgt agaagagcag ccagtgttcc     27240
     tcagctgctc agccatctct gcagccccca tcctcaggct cttaatcctg cactgcctac     27300
     catactcaca cccatgtata gcagggaaag cgggaaggtg ccagcagcac cctgacgccg     27360
     cgtctgtcgc tttgccactc tgagtaaagg agggcctccc tctctgctgc ttcctcctca     27420
     tgcctagtct ctgctgagcc tctgctctcg gagccgatag gccacaggta cctccctctg     27480
     tgcactgctt cctggaaccc agacaagtca catagcccct cagagtcaga ttctagaacc     27540
     ttcctagttg ttggccctgg ccctggccct ggcctgcttt gggctccagt cagctctcag     27600
     gcagagagga tttgtagaac atgcccttct gacacccctg tttaatctag gacctacaga     27660
     ctcctgctca ggccgaatgg aacaggcaag caggacagag ttcaccaggg tctcttcagc     27720
     tgttttattt tcacattggg cagtagtccc ccaggggtgt cttggtagac tcaagctatc     27780
     aacttccacc caaaccaggg tgcctccatc atcaagaaca tattggtcca tcttgctata     27840
     tgaaaagcaa gtcttataag aacaaatgtc ttctcccgaa ggcaggagat gccacttctg     27900
     tcttcctcct ggatcccctg cctcatttgc atatattccc tctctttgca gcggccgcta     27960
     cctggtagca ctgggccacg cataccatcc cgaggagttt gtgtgcagcc agtgtggaaa     28020
     ggtcctggaa gagggtggct tcttcgagga gaagggagct atcttttgcc cctcctgcta     28080
     tgatgtgcgc tatgcaccca actgtgccaa atgcaagaag aagatcactg gagtgagtgg     28140
     ggctggcagg tgggcaggag ggctggaggg acaggtgggc caccaggtgg gcaggagggc     28200
     aggtggacca gataggcagg tggaccaggt gggcaggaga ggcaggtcgg ccaggtgggc     28260
     aagagagcca gattggccag agggggagga gagggccata ggagaaagtg aaacgtcagt     28320
     agtgttcagc agttgagcag ctgtcagatg tgaagctctc agcaggaatc tccaggaccc     28380
     taagcagcct aactgcggag actctagctc agtggcagag cactggtgta acatgcacaa     28440
     ggccctggtc tgtttctgaa cagcctcatc agccatggtg gctttgactt ctaatctcag     28500
     cactcagaga gcaggaggat tgtgagtgac aggccagcga aaacattcta taatgacttc     28560
     actttgtatc aggcagtcag gcaggatact cttttttttt tttttgcttc ttctagatgg     28620
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctatcctgg aacttgctct gtagaccagg ctggacttga     28680
     actcacagag atcctccttc ctctgccttt taagtactgg gattaaaggc atgcaccacc     28740
     actgccccac tggccagtat actcttaaaa gataccccca ccccccactc tctctccctt     28800
     cctttctctc tttgggtgta tttagtttat gtgtatcgag tgtcttgcct gcacatatgt     28860
     atgtgcaccc cactcataac tggtactctg aggtcagaag acagtgtccc ctggaattgg     28920
     aatcacagac agttgtgact taccatgtga gtctcaggcc ttcttaacca ctgagccatc     28980
     tctcctgccc gagaccaaac tcttattaaa aaaaaagctt aggtagagga attgagctgg     29040
     ctccagtgac aggaggtgct gactccaggt gccactgagc ctggcaccat gatctcctgg     29100
     gtttgcctgt cttcaccttt gtctacttcc ttcattccca gcatgctttt ctctggaaaa     29160
     tggcaagaat attaccactg tgcctccaag gttccgtttt accgggttag ctccctagga     29220
     gcgaaaacac ctcagtccac tccatacctg gtgatcccag cactgacgct tactggctta     29280
     gcttgagtca cataatcatc tctgagaagt accatgtggc tgattggatg gggctggggt     29340
     atgccctccc ctgtagctgt caggaaggtg actctccgtc ctgtcaaaca ttgacaggta     29400
     gcttcgagct ccagctgaac cagtgaccat ggacaaatgg tgacctcaaa taaaagcagg     29460
     atggcagtac cctcaagaag ggaagtggtc atggagggct gtgcccactg ggactgcatt     29520
     tggctgccat aacagtggag acatggccaa tagaaacggg cttatttatt tcaggccaaa     29580
     gaattcctga gctagaatgg tattccaggg tgcccgatag caagtaatgc ctgtcagatg     29640
     gccactgagg cccagcaggg gagggaagag ataaacagcg tagaggcgta atgtgtgcta     29700
     gggacccagt gcagggcctt acattgtaag gtttttcatt tgaacccaaa agatataaac     29760
     tggcttccat tattgtctca aactgcaata catttaccac gggctatatg ggaagcagga     29820
     aaacccagtg ttcttatcac tctagctggc cgggggtggg gtggggtgtc ggttccagag     29880
     ccccatggat actggtgctc gagttctgta tctagagtgg cattatagtc acatgtaacc     29940
     ggtgcatatc ctctgtgctt cagtctgtct ctagatcatt cagaatcccc aatcagatat     30000
     agatagttgg tgccctggat tgtgtaggga ataatgacaa gagctggaag tctacgtctg     30060
     tttggtgcag gcacaaatac ttgttgattc atggtggatc aaagccgcag atgccaggcc     30120
     cgagggttct gagggcctct tgtgctccac agttgagctt gcagctgccc atggaaatag     30180
     aaagctgtct gaaaagccac aagcagccgg cccggtgtct actgcttcca ctgtacaaag     30240
     ccgagactgc agatcacttg acaggactca tgggtggcaa aggcagaaat ccaaactaaa     30300
     acaccgatgc aaactgctct tccctcagag gctaaacaca gcccagcacc ggattttctc     30360
     tgcacagctg gccttgaggc tgcatctggg taggcagcag gaagttcaaa cctggtagcc     30420
     aggtctagcc tgtgacctga gaggaccctg ctcccaagta ctctccctgt aggaaagaga     30480
     ctttgcaggt gtcaaaggct tggagggacg gggacactga acagtttgac aacctgagtg     30540
     ggctgctatt ctatacagta gacactcagg cccaggaagg ggaagaaact ttctaatatg     30600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgctaa gaatataaag ctgagctggg cagtggtggc gcacgccttt     30660
     aatcctagca cttgggaggc aaagacaggt ggatttctga tttcgaggcc agcctggtct     30720
     acagagtaag ttctaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaaaaa     30780
     caaaaacaaa acaccaagag tatacagccg agcccaggcc cgctgtctgt tcctaacgtg     30840
     agctctctgg ctaccgaggc aaggctgtta ggtgtagcca gagtccgcag tgtgactccc     30900
     ggattagtaa gaaggagaga gagctctttc tacagctcca tagagaagtg gacggcctgg     30960
     gactggatag tagactgagg ctccttcatc tgttgtccag acattttcaa tatgtgttcg     31020
     tagtccaggg ttgcctctgc caagatgtcg acagtccagc tagccctaag tcataagggg     31080
     aagaggggac aggtggcacc cgtctttcaa gggtgatgtc acttagccct tctgcttcca     31140
     tcctgctggt cagaacccac tctttagcca cacctcgctg caagggaggc tgggacgtat     31200
     cccctttatt ctgggtggtc gcagagatgg ggttcatctg aaaggaaaaa aacacacacc     31260
     ccagggataa aagtctgctc tcaccagtct ttcaggagtt ctcatacggg gcctttctgc     31320
     ccagaagtcc cttgaaaata cgccctgctt ctggctccat tttgtcagta agctctggtc     31380
     cctttaccac agcactttgt gtactcctag cattgcttcc accaccctgc ctccactgag     31440
     actcaactgt cacttcctca aggacctcct cagaacctct tcatcccccc cttttttttt     31500
     tcttttttta taattgtgca cacttgaatg aatgcaagca tccgtggaag ccagataatg     31560
     tgtcaggtac cccggagctg gagttacagg ttgcctaaaa tggatgctag atactgaact     31620
     tcaagctcct tcaaaaaaat acatccatct ttccagtccc aggaattccc ttctatttca     31680
     ttcattcatt cattcattca ataccttttt attgtattct attctattca ttcattcaat     31740
     cactcacttt tgttgagaca ggatttctct gtgtagccct ggctctcctg gaactcactc     31800
     tgtagactag gctggcctcg aactcagaga tccctctctg cctctcggtg ccctaccacc     31860
     accaccccac accttctcag tccctaccct tcccatcagg cctcactgca gttcactcac     31920
     cgtatcttca tcccctggcc tgccttgctt ccctgggcat ggatgccatg agccaagggc     31980
     aggtctgttt gacttaagcg ctgtgtccat cagcgtcgag agtggtcagt aaacacttga     32040
     acagaagtgt ggaagtggcc ttgagaggaa ggcaaacgca cgtgggaatt ccctcagaga     32100
     aggataaacg ccaaagaaga gtggtttgca tcccaggtag cacttgaggg aggtgtgagg     32160
     taagacggag gagttaggag ctgaaggcag gtcagatgac cttcagaaag ctgctgttgg     32220
     ggctgtgggg gaggggaact atagccagga tcatccctag agctaagatg tcccctggaa     32280
     ttatatttgg catagccacg cttgtatttc tgagtcggtt agcatccttt acaaacctga     32340
     cctaggtgtg ggtgggtggt acagtgcttg cctagcatct atgaggtcct aggtttttgt     32400
     ctctggcacc aagaaaaaca aaaaacctgt cagaacaagt aatcgccaag tgagacaggc     32460
     tccacttggg cctactgaat agcccacctg gcacttaaaa gaacctgggt ccctaactgc     32520
     aaacctgaac tattgggttc agatacttaa ttcctattat cggtagccag gctctacaag     32580
     aggataaagc tgttgccaca tgcctcatac agtctctggc cctggtgaac ttggttgttc     32640
     caggaatggc cagttttccc ccagggagag ttcatctcct gggcctctgc ttcctccagt     32700
     ggagccaagt ccactgggga cccactattg gaacagattc atctatagag cacttgatgt     32760
     ctcttctata tctaggaagg atcgcggggg tagggagaca gggatctggg agggcagtgg     32820
     cttaaagtgt tcactgctgt cagagtgggc cctgtggaga aagtggcagc tacacagaaa     32880
     cttaagtcac agctgggaag acagggagga gaggagctgt ctgggctgac agagagccgg     32940
     gctgtagctc caacacgggt gtgtttggtg tgacagagtc aacatgtgag tgtccagggg     33000
     agggggggac aggacaggtc tgctgactgc tgggtcctgc atgggctagt ttataagtcc     33060
     gcctcttcat aagttacata ggccaagttt gaactctgta cccagcaggc ctgtaagctc     33120
     tcacccggct ggatgtgtct tgaaggagga cccttcagta cttactgatg aagggtgtgg     33180
     gagaaagggg agtttggagt catggtagca catacctaaa aacacagcaa atggagacag     33240
     gagcatcagc ttcaggggtt caaagccagc cagagctaca agaagctacc tataaaaaaa     33300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag gaggcggtag gttttggtct gagcatacaa     33360
     aggacttgac gtttgagatg ggggggcggg gtcttggaaa cattcaagtc tgagacctga     33420
     tgctagggat ggaccttggg agttccaggt gaggctctgg gagctgtcct atgaagatgt     33480
     aatattttac agcagtggga ggggccacgt cagccttcct gtgttttggg ggatgggctg     33540
     agcctgatgt gactctggcc cattccagga gatcatgcat gctctgaaga tgacctggca     33600
     cgtccattgc ttcacctgtg ctgcctgcaa aacgccaatt cgcaacagag ccttttacat     33660
     ggaagaaggg gccccctact gcgagcgagg tgtgcggttg cccagagaag gcaaggaggg     33720
     gctgggggtg gggggaggtc acgtgaggat acagaccctc tcttctgtcc ccattaccag     33780
     actatgagaa gatgtttggc acaaaatgtc gaggctgtga cttcaagatt gatgctggag     33840
     accgcttcct ggaagcgctg ggcttcagct ggcatgacac atgctttgtt tgcgcagtaa     33900
     gcacctccct cccctctccc ctcctccccc agtgccctct gttccttact accccactcc     33960
     cagctcctgc cgcctgtggg atgcgggaga gcttgggaaa gggtctctcc cattctgccc     34020
     ggcctgtgtg actggacctt cattgttgcc ctcagatatg tcagatcaac ttggaaggaa     34080
     agaccttcta ctccaagaag gacaagcccc tctgcaagag ccacgccttc tctcacgtat     34140
     gagtacctca cgagattgcc accctactcc gccgaaaggg tggaaaacta gagagatcac     34200
     cctcgacctg cctgggtagg gctggcagta gctgtcccag cctcagctcc tggcccggtc     34260
     ctggggttcc ctcttcacag tccccgttcc cacacttcct ccaccatcac tcactcactg     34320
     gtgctggcct agccccagtt cactctggtg ccacaataaa cctgtatcta gctgtgtgct     34380
     ctgtgcctcc ccgctttgca tccggaatgg tgggacttga gacaggagga ggatgagggt     34440
     taagatggtg cttggggccg agccttttca tcctcctggg gatgtggaag ctgcaggatc     34500
     cctgagatga agtgcagtgt ggagcctgtg tcctgggctt actgctgccc acagatgtga     34560
     aggcagccac tggtgggagt taggggtgga ggtgggatgt ggctgccagg tgagacacgg     34620
     catcatctgt gcggcatctg ccttccacca tccacaccta gagaactaga acggagggaa     34680
     gatcaagctg ggagggaggg agcctggagt gctaggctca agccctagat ggggatctgc     34740
     aatgtccctg ggacagtgtg gacacagaga ggtgcccagg aaaggcagtg ttggagagag     34800
     gacccaggga cgagccccag catcctttga caatgttgct aggtatctta ttacaaacca     34860
     gaggctgcct actcgtccta ctcatgccat gttcccatcc acctcgccag gtggctgcga     34920
     gtcttttttt ttttttttta agaggtattt ttatgtatga gtgttttgcc catatgcatg     34980
     tatgtatgta caccatttgc atacttggtg cccatggagg gtaggagacc atcgtcgtcg     35040
     tcattagagt ctctggagct ctagattgtt gtgagccacc gtggtggagt ccagacctca     35100
     gacctctgca agggcaaggg caagggctct tgagctctga gccttcttgc cagctgtttg     35160
     ttgtttgttt ttgagacagg gtgtctctct gtagtcctgg ctgtcctagg gctcagtctg     35220
     tagactaaga tggcctccag ctccctgaga cccccctgcc tctccctttg gagtactgag     35280
     attaaaggcc tgcagcacac cgagcctagt cttgtttgtg tttttgaaac aggttgttat     35340
     tttgtatccc aggctggcct ggaactcagt cagtcacctg tctagcttca aatttaaggg     35400
     ctttctcctg tcttgtctgc ccagggctga ggttgggggt tgacctcaca acccttcttg     35460
     cttacctttg gctgtttggt ggtttaggga aagtttgggt ttggtttggt ttgggtttgg     35520
     tttggtttgg tttggttgga ttgggttttt gttttttttt tttttggggg gggggtagtt     35580
     cgagataggg tttctctgta tagccccagc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct     35640
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgttttgttt ttttgaaaca     35700
     aagttttatg tatcctaggc tggccttaac tcactgtgta gcccaaggaa aatcttgaat     35760
     ttcaaatttt tgtctctctc ttgggtgctg ggactcaaac ccagggcttt ctacttccta     35820
     ggccaagact ctgtctaccg caccctatct ccagccgtgc ttgcttgttt tctagatgag     35880
     taacctcaga aaagtcaaga cgtgtagcca aggtcataca gcctgagcca ggcacgaagc     35940
     caggtgtatt gccctaagac tgcctggtac tgagttatgt ttgtaagccg gtaaccctcc     36000
     aggaagcctg cttctaccaa gggccgttta tggtgtttat gtgtatgggt gttttgccta     36060
     ccatagatgt atgcacacca ctttcatacc tggtgcctgt ggaggccaaa agattattgg     36120
     atccctggac ctgaagttac agatggctgc aaacaccctg tgggggctgg aagtcaaacc     36180
     ctggtcctct ggaggagcag ccttctgctg tatttggtgg gttggtgagt taaggagagg     36240
     cacatcattc ctccaggggt gtctattccc cactggtgcc ctctaccacc ctagaggctc     36300
     tgccaactgt ctcaagcctg aacagctgag gggctgaaga gagaaccccg ggtcagaaca     36360
     acctagtatg ttcctggcca tatgttcttc gggaatcctg tcttaagtac ctccagggtg     36420
     atcccttttg tgacaaaagg tctcagaggg ccagtcttta tcctgcagca cctagaacat     36480
     ctgctgtata gaaagagtaa atgtttgttt agtgaatgag tggattgctc atggtgttta     36540
     gaagacagtt tcaggaagca gcagaagatt caagtctaga ttcaccttcg cttcagttca     36600
     ggagtgaact tggggcaggg gcagaacact caatataaat gctggtaatt aacgcctggg     36660
     gagagctgag gcgcaggccc cagcaggtaa aactgggagt aaaagcaggt aggatgtggt     36720
     tgtctttcaa catagaactg ctgagcgtat taaacacaat gtcttttagt tcacagggaa     36780
     acgtacttac tctctcctgc ttctgttgaa ctgtgaagcc ctctcagtcc atcctcggtt     36840
     tccatggaga ccaaagagca agaacagaag ggtgggtggg aattgctgcc aggtgccctt     36900
     ctgggggtag ccaccccttg tcctgaacta agaggctgcc atgtccccca ggcagtgcag     36960
     ccagatttgc cagattagca acagtgtgta caggttcatg tgtttcgtgt gacagctgtt     37020
     ttttgggggt ttgtttttgt ttttttgttt tttttttgtt ttttttattg gcagctgcaa     37080
     ttcttttttt tttttttttt taaatcccac tttaaaaaca ataaatgcag gccaaatcca     37140
     gtgtgaggat agctagggac tcagcacaga aagctgacgg gacccgaaac agtaccgtag     37200
     agctgggcac agaaagcaga gggagccgcc agggacggca tgacagacag cctgcagggt     37260
     gctccggcag ggctctccac acaggccaag agcatttcca gaagttgcca acactgtcaa     37320
     ccaggcagat aaggccaagg agtccccatg gtatttcaaa acaaggtgac atttgccaga     37380
     tcagtttagc agagagctgg gccactgcca ggattaaaga gtgaacaggt gcatgtgtga     37440
     agagcgtgca gacagccctt gagaggcatg ctgggggcgg ggcggggggg ggcacagtca     37500
     gctaagcaca gatatggcta gggagcgggg agggggcatg ccggagcgcg gcttgaaaat     37560
     gggaagttcg agggtccaag ataggggcaa ggaaaatcac tgagggctgt gggaggagag     37620
     agataccaca cgcctgtctg gatcccaggg cggctagaga gcaagtgctc ggagctagct     37680
     atcctaccac ctgttaggag ggatggttca agccaggcat ggtggctgat gcctctaatc     37740
     ccaacactct gggaggctga ggcaggagga aggtgggagt ttcatggcag actgctataa     37800
     gcgctaggca agccagagct gcacattaag acctgcttta aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa     37860
     aaaagaaaaa aagaaaaaag aaagaaagaa acaggaacct tagactcaga gaagcaaagg     37920
     tgacctgtcc agagccaccc agctggaatg accagaaacc gctaagtatg gacgaaagga     37980
     tcaggcactt ccaacagagc tgtgcccctc cccatccttc cacagcctaa tccctcccaa     38040
     ccccctaggg ctgctaagat caccctgttc cggagctgga gtgtgaggct ctatggctgg     38100
     aacccacact tggaaatgaa tgtctttatg ccaggcaggg gaggccatta gcacccttag     38160
     agagattgca gggcccccag ccaacatggc agagtcccta gtaggggtct gtgtgggcag     38220
     caggtgaggg aggggcttgt tcctgctttg agcagcttgg acttctttgt agtcagcagg     38280
     gagaggtgga gggtagggga ccacttctcc agaactgagg cttctgtgct gcctcctctg     38340
     gtctcctcag acctctccac gtggcctggg tacacacaga aggcacaccc gcctctccaa     38400
     gccttgctac aggaaaggag tgtggaggca gcaggctaaa ggccctggtg gctgcccacc     38460
     agggagcagc aggtagctga gacccagagc catccttgag aatgttggaa gggacccctt     38520
     cccaatgtga ggaaagaggc ttaagctaga ttccagggtc attggccatt gtagtgggaa     38580
     gagatgctta ttggatcaga gccaggggag accttgggag acctccttta agtgagaaat     38640
     ggggataatt ttccagaagt actaggtggc ttcagccatg gaacactgga tagaggtgat     38700
     agaggtatcc tctttccctt agccttgcct cctcatgggg atccatccca ggagcacacc     38760
     ctgttatggc caaaagacgc tccattggac tgacttgggt cacacacagg tccatccgtg     38820
     atgtcacagg tttgacccac aaggcctgga ttacagggta caggaagaat cagaagatac     38880
     aaacaggaag gctgaggata atcgagcaca aatgtccagt gtggttcagc cctccacggt     38940
     ggggcctctg ctcctggact ccatgcccag acctctcagc ctagcttcca gaaagggtga     39000
     ccaaagttta ggctgttgag tccataatcg aagaaattcc tgtgctgctg gtgtgtgtgt     39060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaagagaga ggagagatag agaggtagag aaagataaga     39120
     gaaagaggct acttagctat gtataactta gggagttgtt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga     39180
     gagagtgtgt atgtgtgtgt aagagagaga gagacagaga tagagagaga taagagagag     39240
     aggctactta gctatgtata acttggggag ttgttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag     39300
     agagagaatg aatgtgtgtg taagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     39360
     agagagagag agagagagag agaacgggac tttaccactc agctgtgtat ctaggtgagt     39420
     tcttgtctgg cccctaaccc atccagtgta ctacttgtgt gttttgctac tttaaacaat     39480
     tcctagatac tttggggggg ggatcatcaa attaaccaca cctgatgtcc cagagtgact     39540
     gaggcaggag gatcacaaat tcaaagtttg cctgggctac acagtgagtt tcgggccact     39600
     ttgggcaact tagtgagacc ttgtcttgaa ataaaaaggg tgctaaagat atagctcaga     39660
     tctaccagat cacttgtaga caaaaaacgt gtggagcgtt ttcttgatta ataattgatg     39720
     tgggaggacc caactcactg aaggcggtga caccccttgg tagatgatcc tggggtgaat     39780
     aacaaatcag gctgagcaag tcggagcaag ccagcgagca gcactcctct gtggtctctg     39840
     cctcagttcc agcctacagg tttctgccct gacttccctc cagaatggac tataaactgg     39900
     taggctaaaa taaacccttc cttcccaaga tgctttgggt catggtgttt tagcacagca     39960
     acagaaagcc cactaagaca aatcatcaaa ccgaagccag gcacacaggt aatctctgct     40020
     gagatgggca tttgagatac agatcctgcc tcactccccg cccccatcta aagtcacacc     40080
     aatgacaagg cacagttgtg tgaggataga tacatttgtt gcaagaagca gagctaatgt     40140
     acttggcccc cagtgccaag gtccatgcct ggggactgct gagcttggta ttggtgagga     40200
     ggtacttttg aaggtgtact aggtaggatc ttaagggtca ggatgaggcc agggaaggct     40260
     ctgccagctg atactgaaat aatcccgcag ccccacatac tcccctcagt cttgaaacct     40320
     atgaaaggtg tggtggaaca cagagctgga agcttgggga ggacagggct gccaggagga     40380
     aagggtggag gtgggggtgg ggagctccag tgttctaagt taccatccag gcccatttta     40440
     tactcccaac aacagggtct caaaaggaaa ctcagaaggg ggagcgcttt agccgaagac     40500
     acacagtaag gcgctagttt ctgaatctat tctcttctgt tacattctag ggacccaaaa     40560
     gccatggggc cagcctctca atgtgtgggg ggagctctga gggtgggaga gactggcatg     40620
     tcagtgattt gcagggtgat caatgccagg gggtggcaga cacgaagcct ggtgggagga     40680
     cctccaagga gacacctacg tgccagccac ccaccacagc cgggtgtggt ttttaggggc     40740
     tgcaaggagg cagggtctct gaggagtgag cagtggccat cttccttgac gacaagtaca     40800
     gccaaggaaa gagctaaaat agagcaactg agcctggcca tttaaagatg atgacgttgg     40860
     ccaaaaaggg gccaagaagc acggaaataa gaaaagccca gggcttgtat aagcctcaga     40920
     gcccgccatc ccttaaaagt aaaacaggat gtgaggctgt gggatctgag catcccttac     40980
     gaatgttgtt gttgttgttg ttcttgtttt tcttcccttt ggtgctaagg gtttgacatt     41040
     ggctagagag gagctcttaa gctcacccag acgctcgcag ccccagttct aaaatggttt     41100
     catctctggg tttcttgttt gttttgtttt tgagacaggg cccctctgtg tagctctggc     41160
     tatcctggag cttcataagt agaccaggct ggcctcaaat gcacaaagat ctgcttgcct     41220
     ctgcctccag aaggatcctg tcctggtcct ggcccttcac cacctctaca cctggttgtt     41280
     tggcttggtt ttttggaaca gcagctcttg gaacccttgg agatggagaa tgctttctgc     41340
     ctcatctctg aatgctcgga gcccagccat catcatgctc gccaagctga aaccattcta     41400
     acccagccac cacatcgggt ggcttatgcc tgtaatgccc gaattccgac ccgacccgga     41460
     gtttgagggc agcttgaact acagtgtgag ctctgtctca aataacaaca gaaactaaac     41520
     aagggccagt ggggtggctc agtggatata gccagatggt ccatcgctgg tgggaggaga     41580
     gaccagactc ttggaagatg tcttctgact tgcataggaa ggaaggctga ccccatggga     41640
     tgcttgtacc cacacacatg cacaatgata attaaaaaaa aatggggggg ggagggaagc     41700
     ccagcagaag agggagcatg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgagag agtgtgtgtg tgtctctgtg     41760
     tgtggcagga gaggggagag gaggaataat acaaaaccaa tgtcccatga tgtggtgaag     41820
     cccggtaccc tgtatgctaa tctaaaaatt aaaaaggaga aagaacttgg atttttattt     41880
     cctttgagac aaagtctcac aatataagct tggctgagct ggagctcaca gagaaagctg     41940
     cttgcctctt tttccccagg gctgggttgg cacatgccat gacacccaga caaggtttat     42000
     ctatttatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctagatat ttattttatt tgtttttttt     42060
     taaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa     42120
     gagggcgtca aatcttgtta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa     42180
     cttcagacct ttggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcccc     42240
     tttatttatt ttaagattta cttatttaag ccgggcatgg tggcgcatgc ctctaatccc     42300
     agcactcagg aggcaaaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcca ggccagcctg gtctacaaaa     42360
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     42420
     aaaaaaaaaa tttttactta tttaatgtat atgagtacac tgttgctgtc ttcagacaca     42480
     ctagaagagg gcgtcagatt ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga     42540
     attgaactca ggacctttgg aagagcagcc agtgctcttt accgctgagc gaaatagaat     42600
     gtcgttttta aaaataacga aaacagcact ggagagatgg cttagcggtt aagagcacta     42660
     attgctcttc tagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc ataaggtggc tcacaagcat     42720
     ctgtaatggg atccagtgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagcaacag tatactcata     42780
     tacataaatt aaaaagacaa aaacaaaaat aaaatgaaaa cagaacaaaa aaataatgca     42840
     gatgggaggt gaactgggcg tggctagaga caggtgctag gcaattggtg ggcagacagg     42900
     aatccatgga gacacttcca aggtgcactt aggtctgctt tttgcctatg aaatcgacta     42960
     agtaggaggt taggagacat caagggtggg gaagtagcag gaaggagaga tgctgaagcc     43020
     tagtcctgac cccaaccgcc aactcccctc tgcccagggc gagcactcta gataccgaga     43080
     actgcagctc tgttcttgga tttttttggg gcggggggtt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt     43140
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tagcctcgaa ctcagaaatc     43200
     tgcctgtctc tgcctcctga gtgctgggat caaaggcgtg cgccaccact gcctggcttg     43260
     cagctctgtt ctcaccttgg cttcctgctc ctttccttcc ccatctgatg tcatctctat     43320
     tcccctctgc cctaaccatt gagttccagc tgcatctggg atcagggccc aggactgacc     43380
     actcaccagg actcaccata ggttggtgga gaaactccca aggatggggt gcatgggttc     43440
     aatgggtacc catagctcct gaagcagggt tcttgtgaag tacagaggtt taaggccacc     43500
     ctctcccgtg tcccattcca aggcattgca gtgaatgtaa gtattggttt cttgttggag     43560
     atgattgacc aagtcagagc aggaattcga cgaaaacagc cacctcctgt tcacagatca     43620
     gccccagggg aaacttgctg aggcactgtt gcctgcctgt ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc     43680
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgggaaatg ggttgggatg tccagtgggt atggaaaggt     43740
     taaccagagc tgtggagggc ttcagtgttc tccattccac aggaaacagt gcctggaagc     43800
     tctgtgcagc catgtcccca tagagaagtc tctgaggccc agtcccttct gcactcagag     43860
     ctttgggaaa taaaaagtgc cagaaagttc tccctggaat ggctttggag gagccctgcc     43920
     ttggggaccc tacttgggct tccttaggag ggatggtact tggaaaagaa ggcatcattt     43980
     tttttttttt ttttttttga tacccatctg ggaggaagaa aatgactgaa agtaaaggat     44040
     gagggaggtg gggtgtaaac ggcttgagac aaggtatggc taagaagagg ggtctgagtg     44100
     gaattcagac aggctggcat agcaagaggg tatggtgact aggtgggatg tgtgcagagg     44160
     taagcatggg cctgtagctg agatggaagt agtggtggta gactagggag ggtcctttca     44220
     gaggaaatgg actacacgta acccaggcct ggtctgatga ggaactgaat ccgggcaggg     44280
     acagagtaag gaccataagg ggtttaaggt agggtgtaac ggacccagga atgatgtgag     44340
     tctgggctgg agttaaatgg atcaagggtg ttgggctggg tcaattactc tggggagatg     44400
     gagagggatg aatctgggcc tggaatcttg gtgggtttat ggctagggaa gaggggtgtg     44460
     ctgccaggtt ggggacgagg acaagacagg tgcatgggac tggccctggg agcagagcgg     44520
     aagctcagtg tccggtgctg gccagcaggg tgaggggcgt gtgtgggacg ccccggggca     44580
     aactgggaag ggggggcggg cctccccctg ggccgggccg gggcggcgct aggaccgagc     44640
     gagccgaggg agtgagccgg gcggagccag cgccccccgc cccccgccgg ccggctcccc     44700
     tcccccggcc gctggctcgc tcgctctcag cgctgcagag gctctgaggc ggcggcggcg     44760
     actccctcat cccctccctc cggtgtcggt cggtccgcct gtgcgtgcgt ctgtccgttc     44820
     ggcctcggtc cggcccgcag catggccggc gtcagcttca gcggccaccg cctggagctg     44880
     ctggcggcgt acgaggaggt gatccgggag gagagcgcag ccgactggtg agccccccgc     44940
     ccccgccccc gcccccggcc cctttgtccc caggccgccg cgcgcctttg tttccccgag     45000
     gctctgccac cgggaaggga gggggagacc ccgaaatggt gcaacggctc gggagagccg     45060
     gggaggggct gcctttgtgc gagccggggg aggggccgct cgggccaggc tgggcgcgcg     45120
     ggccggggcg ccctgaggcc gccctaaggc tcactggggg cgcgggagcc ggacgccagc     45180
     cacgcgggtg tggagcccag acgtggggcc tggggtccta cggtcctgtc ggagcccatc     45240
     ccccttctca ccctgcctcc ctccacgggc ccgggggaca ggtgtgcacg ggccagccaa     45300
     gggcaccttc gccaccttcg agcgggcgag gaccgggtgg ggacggggcg gggacccagc     45360
     tagcggagct agagcagcct gcccggccac agcacaaagg aaagctaggg cgggggagga     45420
     gcgccgaggg ctgggggcca gcgtgccccg cccaccgggg gcttctcggg gttgtctccc     45480
     cccacatcta ggttagggtg tgatacaagg aggttgattg ccacatggca accacgaagt     45540
     gacttcttta tccctcacgg atcgcagagg aagaggcagg gctgagccct tctctcccct     45600
     gctgaaggag cagatcgcta ggacgaggca gataggcagg aagagactca ggagatggac     45660
     ggagcagctt ggctaggggg gcagctggga gcgtggaggg agcctccaca gagggatgcc     45720
     agatgagtag atctctggga ccctagcccc tccactcagc agcagggggc tatcaacctc     45780
     cgactggggc agagtgagtg agtggcttat ctccccctcc ccagctgtta ccctccctga     45840
     gctggaggag ggtgtgagcc acctgccttg gtctgaagtc tcagggtgtc aggaaaacca     45900
     agggggctcc gatgccccat tcagggcaca gcccccaagt gttcttctca aaaaaaaaaa     45960
     ttgtatttga atcttttcct ctccttaggc tggaagtagg ctatcgttga gaaaaccgag     46020
     gccgagttgg ggctgatctg agggagcctc cagttgggct ggcctcactc tcaccctggg     46080
     agggcaaccg ggtagggggg ctggaagatg gaacaaaata accaggcgtc caggccatgg     46140
     tactgcagca ctggccggta gccaggccca gagggatgga ctcaggagac aagttctcgt     46200
     gtcttgcagg tcagttatag gagaggccag cacagggcaa gcagggcagt ttccatctta     46260
     ttgtcccagc cctgcccctg gggggctgag atcatgagag gcaatctgga caagtggcct     46320
     ggtggaggag cctgtttggg gatgtggccc tgcctgagga gaaacactgg ccagtctatg     46380
     gggtgtagac aacaccttct atctcttaac ccctcgaaag ctggacactg gcaacccagt     46440
     gctggggcta ctaatgactt ctgccccgca tcctgctcag aacaggcccg ggcctccatc     46500
     accagcagca tccatgtagc caaagggaag gagttattca tccttggtct gtgcgccagc     46560
     cccatctggg ttgtgtgtgg gacatgtgca gatgcacaga tgcaccctcg cttatatgtg     46620
     tgcttacttc caagggcctt aacggcatgt tgtaaaaggg tggtgagggt cccatcctga     46680
     agaagatggc gtggtgcttc tcagctctta tcctacaacc agcagctggc tgagatctca     46740
     aggctcagga cagacccaca tttaggagtc cagcaggagg ggtgtctggg ttcaaacgtt     46800
     gggtcatgag tattggatgt cttccctgta ccttgactct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     46860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatag tggagcttgg ggctgctggc ccctaggagg cagagggtct     46920
     cttaaatgca ctctgtcctt gtgctataag caggtcacag gggaagtcag attgtgtggt     46980
     gggaaaggcc agcaccaccc tggttatgat gtgattcatt gtgtgagaag ttcctgctct     47040
     tctcaagtgc tctgaggaag agggggatgg gcagagtcca tctggggtct cctgggcctt     47100
     tccagttcca gctccctgag agcatgccgg tcttgaacct tccactgcta gtatctctgc     47160
     tgaagccaga ctctcgcctt gccctagtca ggtatctctg ccttaggtgg tagataagtg     47220
     tttttgtcaa cattacaaat ccctgtggtg ctattttgta tagaggcagc agtgtgtgtt     47280
     agcacagtca gagtccctgc cttcccaaga ctgacaggac agcctgtggc agtggctatc     47340
     tccagggctt gctgcaggtg aggtgtgcac atctagagtt ctcttctact ttgccctgag     47400
     tgtttccgag ctcctacctg ccagtctcag agtacctgtg ttatgttaga gaaacactgt     47460
     ccagtagggt ctggggctag tgcagataga tgtctttccc ggttcctgct gagtgctata     47520
     gcactctggg gcgtgaagct cagcctgagg ctggcccctg gagttggtag cggtatcccg     47580
     agtggtcttc atgtacagga aaatgcaatg caactcttgg gtacaaagtg ttcttcaaaa     47640
     ctgaatctgg gagccagcgt ggcccaagtg tgggtgtgaa tacacagtca ttttggagag     47700
     gtgggctagg cagagctgag agggtttgaa tgagacacag tctctgctga ggaaggattg     47760
     tggccctagc agggaagagg gacggtttgg aggtgggtgg gcatggagaa atgataaaag     47820
     gggcttcaga gtcttgagat gagcagcttg ccccagagag atgtcatggc cagagcagtg     47880
     tcttggaagg agccaggatt cttggtgctg gctcagtgtt tcatccgtga ctacagaggg     47940
     agacacccta tttctttgag ggctctttgt tcctggccat ggggttaggg cagcctgaca     48000
     ggtggtgggg cagctgtgcg gggaaagcag ctgtcggatt ggctggggca gcagttgcac     48060
     caagggctcg gagacatgca gcccacctgt gtctctttgt ggagcaaagc agggagggat     48120
     gcaggaaggg gaggggctgc agggacttat ttggtcgcct taacaggggt caataacccc     48180
     tggggcatgg ggttagccct ccctcgttcc ttcctctcct ccttctcctc ctcctccttc     48240
     tccttttttg ctccttttct tttcttccct cctcctccat tttttatttt ttccacttcc     48300
     ctcctgtctc ttgtctgttc tcttccccct cttcttttct tcctcctccc tgctcccccc     48360
     tttcctccat ctctgctttt tcatcttctc gcacacccca gcctcctgac ttagatggga     48420
     aatgggagat gagcaaggtt ctgagccctt ctgaatctca gggaccaaga gtctcttctt     48480
     catgtgtgtc cagcgtggtg cctgcatcag gatgggttga ggggtggctc aagggaagaa     48540
     taactacatt accttccatg aaatggatgc gttagtatgc ctgccaagaa taaatacaga     48600
     gcagaaaagg ctagggagga aggaagtcat tagtttagct ttctggtcgg cttcagtcta     48660
     tatggtagtc ctaggaggct tcagggaggg cagaggctgc ctcagggcta gaagaccaga     48720
     tcttagggtc agagtcgggg agtggtcaca gcaacctcat ccccatctca gagagggaga     48780
     gattgagtct gaggatgtcc ccagggtcct ttgtgttcga ggagaatgca gctctggtgg     48840
     gctgatttct gtgccaattg ctgggttgcc atggttacca ggggatgccc agcattgagc     48900
     accagattct tctccctccc aaaaggggga ggggcagcgg gtaccaaggc acgcaccagg     48960
     tagattcctg gctctggcca atgagggatg agaatcatgg tcgccaggga acggtaacca     49020
     aggaaccgtt gccttggagt ctccatcgca cacccgctcc actgagttgt gggctgccag     49080
     ggctagggcc ggacgctgag ctgactaggc agcgatttct cccccaccgt tccctgattg     49140
     ccatctgacc caggactccc ggctcagcgg aacgatgcca tgcctagctt tattgtcatg     49200
     accaaccgac aaccacagct ttccccctcc tcgtcctgtt ctgccctgcc tgtcccctct     49260
     ggtttcactc tccctcccta gtgccttccc cacccaaaat tggctgccta ggccctgaca     49320
     gttctgagcc atcctccctc tcctcagggc tctgtacaca tacgaggatg gctcagatga     49380
     cctcaagctt gcagcgtcag gaggtaagaa ttccagccgt tccctctcct tcccaccacc     49440
     cactctgctt gttttgttcc cctctcgctt tcctgcctcc atccagcaga cccacgcttg     49500
     tccacggttg tccttcctct tggtcattcc cgcattcctc agagtgtagg ggggcggggg     49560
     gggactcctg cttcctgttt gacttctggg aaggcacagt gaggaaaagc aacttgcccg     49620
     gcatcataca gctagggaag gggcctagta gggtggtcca gctcagtgct attcttggag     49680
     ctgtgagatt tccttaagca aagcttcctg taccttgctg ggcactagca cctggaaaga     49740
     cacgagaggt gtgatccccg agaaatggag atgtgttaac agacctcttt tgtcccatct     49800
     caagtcaggc ccaggaggat tcagaggcaa agatacaatc ctaccaaccc cttcgcctca     49860
     ttacacagag gtctgggcct ctagctctga ggaatagaaa tcccctggca gggaggggtt     49920
     ctaggccctt gcagggtgac gggtgtagga gatggggagt cccaacatct ccctggtttc     49980
     tccagaaggg ggcttgcagg agctttccgg ccacttcgag aaccagaaag tgatgtatgg     50040
     tttctgcagc gtcaaggact cccaagctgc cctgccaaaa tatgtgctca tcaactgggt     50100
     atgtggctgt gggatggggc tgggagctga aggccccgga gcggccacat tccacccata     50160
     gccactgctg gaggaaaaag cctacactag ttcttgggaa gatagcctgg gcccataggc     50220
     tgctttgcct tcaggctgtt gggccagtgg gctgttgccc actcctcccg tcctgagccc     50280
     ctcttcactg ggcacattgc aggttggtga ggatgtgcct gatgcccgaa aatgtgcttg     50340
     cgccagtcat gtggccaagg tggctgaatt cttccaggta tgttgggacc aggtctgaag     50400
     tgggtacggt tggtcaccta gggccaggtt tgtatgctgg ggttggtgat gggaattcgg     50460
     ataccaccta aacactgctt tttgtatgga agggtgttga tgtcattgtg aatgccagca     50520
     gtgtggaaga catcgatgct ggtgccattg ggcagcggct ctccaatgga ctggcacggc     50580
     tctccagccc agtattgcac cgcctgcgcc ttcgggagga tgaaaatgct gaaccggtgg     50640
     tcagtgtatt cccgggacag gctggtctcg tgtcacctgt gtgacctggt ccccagtcgg     50700
     gcctccccag gccctcttag ccctcattct gcacatgtga gtactggact gtgccttggg     50760
     tctgctcttg cgctcatgcc caggcacttg actctgcagg gtaccaccta ccagaagacg     50820
     gatgcagcag tggagatgaa gcggattaac cgtgagcagt tttgggagca ggccaaggtg     50880
     ggcaatgctg tagccttcag gcccaggtgt ccctacctga gcctgcgggg tagctctgac     50940
     ctctctcggc tgaaagagca aacccttttg gtctcctgca cacagggctc atccccctaa     51000
     ttcccagaag gccacctccc cagcctgggt gggagtagaa ttggaagggc cgaggctggc     51060
     ctgggctcag ggcttgtcct tcctgggtgt ggggtgcaga aggaggaaga gctgcggaag     51120
     gaggaggagc ggaagaaggc tctggacgcc aggctcaggt ttgaacagga acggatggag     51180
     caggagcggc aggagcagga agaacgtgag cggcgctacc gggagcggga gcagcagatt     51240
     gaggagcaca ggtaagctca ggccccaggc gaagggccac cccgccccgc cccgccccgc     51300
     ccaccgcccc cgcccaccgc cccagcctac tgcccccagt ccaccctgaa ggggcttccc     51360
     tgcacttctc cttccaggag gaaacagcag agtctggaag ctgaagaagc caagaggagg     51420
     ttaaaggagc agtctatctt tgtaagttct tttccagggc tcttgtgcct ggccaggaac     51480
     gtgaggctgg tctgtgtgtt ctgccctctg agggcatgcg tgggcatccc tatcatgagt     51540
     gtgtcaggtc caacacctat cttgtgggtt cctggtgttt gtgtgaaaaa caaacagaca     51600
     aataacagca gcagcaacaa caaaacattt tttttcgacg tttttctcca aattggaaaa     51660
     gaaaatccac cttgactcag accctcgctg acctggctcc tccactgctt ccgccttgag     51720
     acctggggtc cttggggtgt attagtcttg ggctctgcat ttggggctgg ggggcttgag     51780
     aattaggtag gcttcataat gaaaggactc agagctcctg cctgaatgta ggccagtgtt     51840
     gttagggact gaacacatag acaggctctg gggcagcctc ctcctccact gttgctgtcc     51900
     caatctatat tgtgcacagc cattcacagc aagatctttt gaaaaagcca cgttttgtag     51960
     gaatttccaa ggtgtgcgtg cacacagaga agtagattag tgtagtgact tctgaatttg     52020
     cccttcatct ttgtcagtca ccagcatctt aagcaatggc tgcagaggtt ttgctcttct     52080
     tcaagagtta atccactgct tcaaagtatc tcataggaaa gtaacgatgt agcaacattg     52140
     tagccagctg tgctccaaga aaggtcccac cgggagctga aatttagcac tctaaaatga     52200
     tcccccacca ccacccaaaa atgggtttct ctgtagccct ggaacttgct ctatagacca     52260
     ggctgtcctt gaactcataa ggatcaacct gacactgcat cccaagtgct gggtgccacc     52320
     actatctagc taaaatgatt taaattagga atgcgtaggc gctgtatgct ctctctcctg     52380
     tcagtgagtt tacttgttta ctcaggtata tgagtgttct gcctgcctgt atgcttgtgc     52440
     actgtgtgtc tgcagcgcct gcagaattca gaagatagtg gctctcctag aactggagtt     52500
     acagatggtt gtgagccagc atgtgggtgc tgggaaccaa acctgggtcc tctacaagag     52560
     cagcaaggac tcctaaccac agagccatct ctccagcccc tgagttccct tctggccttg     52620
     ggttctcatg tgtcagaaca cttaggcaca gcaatgcttt gacccctgag tcttcctctc     52680
     cctcctacct acagctctaa cttgtttcag tgatgttgac attattcaca gttaacacct     52740
     ctctgataag cataatctct tccttttatg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatttgt ggtatggata gtgcatttac ccatcatgca cttgtaaaga     52860
     ccagaggtcc gcttctggtg tctccctctg tagctacgca ctgtattttt ttgagacagg     52920
     ctctctcttt gaacctgctt actgttcagc tagtgagccc cagggctctc tgcctctgct     52980
     caaatgttgg tgatatagat ctatgttctc tgcccagctc agtatgtgtc ttgctgagga     53040
     tccaaacttg agaagtacat gctttaccca cggagacaac tctccagcct atatctgccc     53100
     ctttctttga tggcagaaaa ataaggtcta ggttatatgc tcaaaggtca aactctgagc     53160
     caggagtggt ggcacaagcc tgtaatccca acaccaggaa agcagaggca gacagatcac     53220
     tgtgacttcg aggccagcct ggtctaggct gtgagctcca gaccacccag ctatataaag     53280
     taagaaatat aagaaaaagg ttctgttctt cacctagctc ttgccccttc tgcccagttt     53340
     gccccatgaa tgacagaaga tgccaactaa gagacttttg atatagagag ttccattgaa     53400
     caaacacata ccagccccat gctggccgtt cacatagact tggggcttca tccggtgttg     53460
     ctcactgagg gtgagggaag tgaccccaga aacaggaaac acaatgctgt gcagtctgtg     53520
     gtatctgctg ggagctccct gaggggaccc agaaaaggaa atgacctaaa tgaaccaggg     53580
     acttcttgct ctggagttag tgaccaagca gaggccttaa aactggagag actggaagag     53640
     gtgtgacgtg agctggcctc cgatgccaaa ggatggggtt gggaaacggg atgacgactc     53700
     taggctgtga ctggagcatg tagaggacat tatgtccaca tctagcagag gatgtgggcg     53760
     agttggagcc aggatagatg gtggggttgg agacgtgaag aagactagat cagactgagg     53820
     aaggggaacg gagccaagca aggggcctgc ccacctacag tcctgggctt cagtcttaaa     53880
     acataagcca agaaatggcc aaatgggaat tagggagtgg gggactgcag tgaactgggc     53940
     tgtcaccact gtgtagggaa actaggggct tgagtgtgca gctcagaggc agagcgctgt     54000
     ccagcaagcc tccaccccaa ctcccagggt gggacagagt cacacagcca gagagagaga     54060
     gagagagaga gaggagagac agagagagaa tacaaactag atactctgag gggctgtgag     54120
     agattctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaac aaaagccagg     54180
     ggaggtggta aaaccaaaag ttcaaggcca gtctaacagt ttaatgagac tctgtctcaa     54240
     aataaaacca taaaaggtgt agtcactgct aaagcattcg cttggcttct ttgaggacct     54300
     gggtacgatg cctcggatga caaaataaga aaccagattc tattttcagt tcatcatgaa     54360
     actgaacttc ttagtgatag cagcttaatt tatgtgggtt taaaaccttg ctatttgggg     54420
     cctgaagaga gggctcagca gcagtgaaga gcaccggttt ctcttccaga agatctgggt     54480
     tcaatcccca gcgcccacat gtccggagcc atctgtgtct ccaattctag ggatacaacg     54540
     ccctcttttg gcctctgagg gcactgcatg cacctggtga gcagacatcc aggcaggcag     54600
     aacatccaca cacataaaaa taatgtgttt tgtttttgtt ttcttttttt taatggcttt     54660
     aaaatatggc attggaacaa tacctagtcc atgggccata ttcagtccgt gcttggtgtg     54720
     acttaagcta gctaagggac caggaatatt ctgagtgatc ccagatacct ggttagatgg     54780
     gacgtagatg aatcagcggc tcaaggcctg gctggccggt ctggggatga ggtggctgca     54840
     gacattgaaa gaggaggctg tggacctgaa ttctgagagg aacaaagcgc cacctttgag     54900
     attctgcggg gttggaaaga accactcagg acattgtccc tttggttttc cagggtgacc     54960
     agcgggatga agaggaagag tcccagatga agaagtcgga gtcagaggtg gaggtgagag     55020
     cggggggagt ggcaagtgag acggatgggc ggggctggct cagactgcta gccccgccca     55080
     gctctctaac tcttcccttg tgccctcagg aggcggctgc catcattgcc cagcggcctg     55140
     ataacccacg ggagttcttc agacagcagg aacgagtggc atcggcctct ggtggcagct     55200
     gtgacgcgcc tgcgcctgca cccttcaacc accgaccagg tagtccttgg ccccctcctt     55260
     gcccaatcag tactcctcag actatggccc taattccctc tgggacttct tcttggaaaa     55320
     gaagccttgc ccaaggaagg actccttgga gaaggcaaga cccccttcag tgtgcttcca     55380
     cccccagctt tccaggtggt ggcacccccg gaggggctgg gttggggggc actgtcaatg     55440
     tccggcattg gctgagtatg gctggtactc aaggccagtt gggaagattt ggtgaagctt     55500
     cagacacact gctggtgttg ggagtttccc tgcagggttg gactaggtct ggcccgaagg     55560
     ctttggatgc atggagggtg ggatcttgct ctgtcctgca gtgtgagcat cctggagcag     55620
     tggttctctc ggctcgcttg tttggcttct ccttgtgtag cttctgcctc cccttggaag     55680
     caccctttca tttcttgtct gccggtgtga gcatttgcat cttctgtgtg cttggtcatg     55740
     ttgccggggt tccaggagca tggcagacta gactcattcg tgctgctaca cagaggctgg     55800
     ctgttgtgtg cccatgtgtg tatctggtgc tggttggtgg gaggcatcag atggcttgag     55860
     gctgtggccc agcttggctg aatgtgcacc ctggctgaag gtggcttgga catctagggc     55920
     tggccctggg ggtgggtgag gccttggggc aggggtgggg gagactgacc ctctcttgtc     55980
     ctctgtctct ttctctgtct gtctctctct cggcaggtcg tccgtactgc cctttcataa     56040
     aggcatcgga cagtgggcct tcctcctcct cctcttcctc ctcttcccct ccacggactc     56100
     cctttcccta tatcacctgc caccgcaccc caaacctctc ttcctccctc ccatgtaggt     56160
     agcagcccca ggcctcggca gggtggggta aggagggccc cgcttcccag cagccccctc     56220
     gccctttctc ccccagcctg actgccgact gctggtgttt gtccccagag caggtactac     56280
     ctgcctcttg tccctggccc tgtagggcac tggcccccag cggcctggtt cacagggtct     56340
     ggagcagcaa tctggcccct ggggggcctg gggagctcac agcccccacc cacacttgag     56400
     acacaaggtg gatagtcctg attccacctg gctcccactt cctcactcac tagcctgggc     56460
     atttgctccg caggcagcca cctggacagc caccggagga tggcacccac tcctattccc     56520
     acccggagcc catctgattc cagcacagcc tctaccccca tcgctgagca gatcgagagg     56580
     gccctggatg aggtcacatc ctcgcagcct ccacctccac ctccaccacc tccaccaact     56640
     caaggtaaga gaagggcccc accggtacct atccttccat cagtctctgg gtagggaacc     56700
     ctaggttgcc acagtaacat agttcaaaga acttggacca atcctcacca acactacact     56760
     gctaaggaag tggctatagc agaggagcgc cctggtgttg ctcttagaca atgccttctc     56820
     taaccctcag tggctcatca ctgaggaatg tggccttcct cctggtggtt taaaaaaagt     56880
     tggtgagggc tggagagatg gctccgaggt taagagcact ggttgctctc cctgaggtcc     56940
     tgagttcaat tcccagcatc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cctataatga gatctggcac     57000
     cctcttctga cctggaggcg tacacgtagg caggatgctg tatacataat aaaaatgaat     57060
     ctttcaaaac ataaaaatga aaagagtggg tgaaaggata gggaggtaca gctgtagtag     57120
     aaggtatctc aaatttaccc agaagtctca aactcgtcac tcttcagtgg gtggacatgg     57180
     tacactggcc cagggcatct atccttcccc aagggggctg actgtattgt gtccttcatg     57240
     tgcactgcca cagaggccca ggagactacc ccaagcctgg atgaagagct cagcaaggag     57300
     gccaaagtaa cagcagctcc tgaggtctgg gctggctgtg cggcagagcc ccctcaggca     57360
     caggaacctc ccctgttgca aagcagcccc ctggaggact cgatgtgcac agaatctcca     57420
     gagcaggctg ccctggctgc ccctgcggag cctgctgcct ctgtcacctc agtagctgat     57480
     gtccatgcag ctgacaccat tgagaccacc actgccacta ctgacaccac tattgccaac     57540
     aacgtcaccc ctgccgctgc cagcctcatt gatctatggc ctggcaacgg ggaagaggcc     57600
     tcaacacttc aggctgaacc cagggtgccc acaccaccct caggtgctga ggcctccctg     57660
     gcagaggtgc ccctgctgaa tgaggccgct caggagccgc tgccgccggt aggcgaaggc     57720
     tgtgctaacc ttcttaattt tgatgagctg ccagaacctc cagccacctt ctgtgaccca     57780
     gaggaggaag taggagaaac gctggctgcc tcccaggtcc taactatgcc ctcagctcta     57840
     gaggaggtag atcaggtgct ggagcaggag ctggagccag aacctcacct gctgaccaat     57900
     ggagagacca ctcaaaagga ggggacccag gtgggacagg gggagcctgg tgggagggac     57960
     agtattcagt gcggaggggg agggcggatt gcttgtagat ccatattgag aagcagctct     58020
     atgccacgcc cctttccatc tctgccattc gttccctggc aggcatctgt gtttccccag     58080
     caaccaagga ttccaagagt ggttgctggg gaaacaggct caggcctgat agatcagctg     58140
     ttgtcctgac agttgggtcc tggtgaccta agcttttatt aaactaacta aataaacaaa     58200
     caaaacaaaa ccaaataaca aaccccagca ggccagcgaa ggatacttca gtcagtcaca     58260
     ggaggaagag ttcgcccaat cagaagagcc atgtgcaaag gttccgcctc ctgtatttta     58320
     caacaagcct ccaggtagta tccccgggtg aatgatggga attctggaat tctgggatgg     58380
     gactggaggg ctaggggtgt cactagagtc ggttggcaca gctcttagag gttggggggc     58440
     gggtggcacc actgatggat ctacccagcc ttctctcttc tctcaatata tcctagaaat     58500
     cgacatcacc tgctgggatg cagacccagt tcctgaagag gaagagggct tcgagggtgg     58560
     tgattagtag cggcgactgc cccctggctg ccctcgccaa ggctgcctac ctgcagtggc     58620
     ctctggccag ccggcttgca gtgccagcat tagcagcagc cccgcctggc tcccactctg     58680
     gattccggca ctggccgggg acctgtctgc ttccttaccc acagggcctg acttttacag     58740
     cttttctctt ttttttaaaa gttgatagac ttgtacaatt gactggtttt cctcccgttg     58800
     gtagttgaaa caatgttgca gattccaccc ccttcctgcc cagaccagat tgtagcttag     58860
     ttctttctgc tcagctgacc agggtggagg cctcaccttg tttgggacct ggtgggggtc     58920
     gggggttctg gtgggaaaat gttcccccca tcacttttcc tagttttatg tttcttggaa     58980
     aaaaaatcac tttgtattct ctatccaggg cttcagatat tttgcacgaa atttaaaaca     59040
     tggcaataaa tggctcgtgg gctctggctc cctgggaccc ttccccttct ctttaccctc     59100
     gctgcttggt cagaaggaat tatcagaccc acctggggcc ccttggcttc ccgccctctc     59160
     ctgccgggca ggtcccaggc tggaggtcct aggcatgact caagtcaggg cttattgatg     59220
     ggacccagtg gtttgggtgg cccctcccca attctttcct ctctgcttgg gttctttttc     59280
     acattaactt tttttttttt tctaagcaca aacttatgta atgggtcgtg ctcatgtctg     59340
     ttaataaaga aatccagatc ccttcgggcc tgctgctctg ggcctccagg ggttgatctg     59400
     gcgtgggcgc cggccctcac gaccagcttc ccaactcctg tcacctccga ggctacaggg     59460
     ggcgcacaaa aacaggttag gaggagacgg aacattaagc ccttgagaaa caacctttgg     59520
     tttccgaaca ccagccctct gctctcaagg ccagtactcg ggcactttcc ctaaagtcca     59580
     catgcccggt cactagcacc ttgtgcttaa agcagctggt atccccctcc gcttgtacca     59640
     aagcagatca cacaccttta ttatcctcaa aatgtaacaa acagggtaag aaatccctcc     59700
     ctccccccca cccctccctg cagtccaagg gaagcattta aaaagcctcg cagtcaggct     59760
     aggagttcgc ccgtggggct cgggacgccg ggcgcccctc tatacggctg tagtcctccc     59820
     gaacaagggg atggagaccg gcagacgcca agctccgtgc tccaggggct ctcggctgct     59880
     gagctctgag tcggtccagc tggggaaaac ccggcggctg cgttccgcct gcagacagag     59940
     ggcagggcag ggtgcggcgg gccgcggggc gctgggaaga tgcagcgccg aagtatagcc     60000
     ccggtccagg aagagaggct tgtaactcgg aggcggctgc tcctgcttct ccgcgctgtc     60060
     gcggcggctc agaaagggcg tgacgatctt gcggtagagg ccgcgagtgt ccgtgagcac     60120
     ctcgctgtag ggaggcggcg gctcggccat cagcaccgcc tcctcgtagc acggcggctt     60180
     agacatgtcc gattccgctg cggaacggga agcgggctgg tgaggatgaa gccgccggcc     60240
     cggggcagaa gcctcgccca gccaccacca ccccagcccg cttctcccgg tgctaagggt     60300
     ggggcgcctc cggcatgggc agggagcgct cgcctgccga aacgcagcct taccttggcg     60360
     cggatagctc cagggccggg gcggcacggc gaggtgcggc ggcggtgggt gcggcagtgc     60420
     gtgatggtgt gggtgcgggt gcgcgtgcgg cggcgccggc ccgtggtgca gcagcgggtg     60480
     cacgtgcacg tgcgagtgcg cgtgcacagg cgcctccaga cggctgcggt gcggtggcgg     60540
     cggcggcgcc aggccgggag gacttccagc caggctgccc tcaagctcga ggggctccag     60600
     ctccagggca cgcaagttct gctcccttag tcgctcctcc tggcgccgtt tgaggcggcg     60660
     gcgcaggaag ctgcagaagc agcagagcag gacgatgaga ccccagatga gccagaagcc     60720
     ggcgaagcaa gtgaggaacg tgtaggtgcc ctgggacatc accatggctg cggcacaagc     60780
     ggcaggtcct cggcggctct actggacgct gggctcctcg gcgtggcccc ggggccgcgc     60840
     cacgctccca ggtgccgcca gtgtcactcg gggacctgcg gccgggggct gcctgcggcg     60900
     gggctcaata ggcgcacatg ccggcgaggg gcaactgtgg ttcccgctcc ttcccatggc     60960
     gccggccggc gcgggcctgc ttcacccggg gccgcgagcg acctgcgggg cagacacagg     61020
     gctcagcgag gctcgccagg gtccttggtg actcccggcc tgcatccgcg tcccgcgcag     61080
     ggccggggat gcctcctcgg tgggaacccc cgcactcccc gggggccggg tgacgtcacc     61140
     cagggatgac gtcacgcccc gaggtttccc cgatagggtt tcccccgaat cgggacccgg     61200
     cgaccgcgtg ctgacgcgac ccaagagagg ccagtagggg gcgcgcggag tccgcccgcg     61260
     accccagggt ccagcttcga ggtggtttcg gaagctgtga ctgccaggac gctggagtag     61320
     tcttggcgcg gtgttttggg ggcgagggaa agggcagtgc acctccagga ggcccaccag     61380
     cagtccgctt ggagcccagt ttctgccctg cactgcttcc aactattagc cacgcctgaa     61440
     agagattggc gagtggctgc cactgcatgc caccagcccg gtctttgtct gttcccaaca     61500
     ccgtgtgctg ggcgtgggcc aggccggctt tccttcctct aggcgcctct gccagccgga     61560
     ttctagcccc aactcgactt cccacaccac ctactcatgc gcaaacccca cttggctgca     61620
     cctctcttac ttccaaccca acccccttcc ttccactaat ccctttccct ctttgtaaag     61680
     tggggtagaa aattagattt gtctttcaga cccacctagc cctacagtca ggacaaaccc     61740
     tggtctctgg gtccacctcc tatcacagca gggggcgaca tctctgcatg ggtggggggc     61800
     tacaggggtt ggtgggagag aagtctggag ccctgactgc ttaattaagg ccaagcaaca     61860
     gacgggtcac catccccaca gaacagagat gggcctttct cgaatacctt ctaccagcaa     61920
     cttacacaac cctgtgggta acagtgtctt tctaactcac agctgggagc tggaagagca     61980
     gttaactgca cagaccgcag ctctaatttg aacctaggtc tagtcaccaa gcgctggccc     62040
     actgaacttg tgagaaggaa ggttttccag gagcttcaag gaaatgcctg gccttggcgc     62100
     acccacactc actcagcttt ggtgcccgaa atcagcttaa gactcgggct gaaagggtgc     62160
     caggccttgg ccaccccatc tccccagatg gctcctgtct gactctctgg ctgccttcag     62220
     ccatgtgtca cttggtgccc gtgccagtcc tatcctcctg ggcctgcgtt ccagagcaga     62280
     caagggtagg aacaatagct ctgcccgccc ccttgacaac cccaccacga ggctgccatg     62340
     gtgatgcagc ccagataaaa acacgatgct gccagtcact gggagttaat taaatctgtt     62400
     gttctctttc cttgagccct caggaacagg aatgttctga agaaataggc acaagctaga     62460
     ggtttcaagc aaaagggcag aaacagttcc gggttaaaga aggaatttct gtggctggag     62520
     ttaatgatgc ttgctaagtt agaagtatct gccaagaatc aggggtgaca tgggtctgca     62580
     atgatgaaga tggctcgagc ccagaagatg ggctatcatg gacagcatga tgtcacggtc     62640
     ccttctaaga gtatataagg ggaagcttta gaataatgtc agggtcatca gaaactgtcc     62700
     tttctttcca ggtaattgtc atttttgaga caggatgtca ctatatagtc ccagctaact     62760
     taagagcaat ccacaggcct ctgccttccc attactggat gaaaggcatg aaccaccacc     62820
     accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccaca actggcttca tgcagaatct taagggcatt     62880
     cacattaccc tgtcacttct ggttgcactg ttctctgaga gatgaggtga cacgctcaga     62940
     agcaagagca agcctcgtct catgtggcac agctaaaaga aggcgctaag gtttagcctg     63000
     tatctcagtc agtcactgcc cacttcccac gtggcaggct gtggatgaaa ctctgttggt     63060
     cagcactggg caccagagac cctgagaacc cctggtcgtt aggttaacta gtcgccagac     63120
     ttcctgtcca ggctctggcc cacctgttgt ggtgtagctc agggagtggg gaagaagtac     63180
     aagatggaga gagagtggca gcttcaggct caacacagaa tgaagtacag aagctatacc     63240
     ctaagggtac ctagctaaag tgggcgttag gccagactcc aaagaatgag ccccaaatct     63300
     ctgtgcgtct gtcgctgagg caaggattaa gaaccatcat tcactgtgcc atgcaatctg     63360
     agggtcagag aaatctcctt gggaacacac cactgagctg gcctcggaca acagccaggc     63420
     tgtactgtcc aactaatagt aagcattctc ctgcaggggg ccacagaggg ccggccgaca     63480
     tctggcctac agtctcctct atattcttta gtccacaaga gttgctcagt ccataaacat     63540
     caagtgggcc atgcatatct tttgagatgc tctatcgtgc aagccacact ttttaaagcc     63600
     ccctgcccca cggcatttcc ctgcctctgt gcatgctttg gccctagctg ggggaatatg     63660
     cggacctgga atcttgctct cagccacttg ctgtctctat gtggaagatg ttgatagcaa     63720
     acacccgccc cttgcccgcc tcccctgctg ggggctacgt cctccagatg gaccgctcct     63780
     tccatcagcc aagtttctca ttcactgtat tccctctttc tcttttttct cattgcctta     63840
     tattcttgca gattcttaaa catttcttag gatttcatcc tgatttgtat agcatttagg     63900
     gcatatggtt ttgctggggt ttcttagacc atcctgggat tacagcaagg gatgaaagca     63960
     agactccagg tgttttctaa ccactgtgct cagtttcctc aggaatccct acgataaaag     64020
     ttgtgctcat ttctgcaaag gtcactgagt tgtctgcttc tgggctgggg ggtggctggt     64080
     gggttttgga atggtacctc tgaaacctgt acaagtgtat caacatcttt gacatagaga     64140
     cagcaagtgg ctgagagcaa gatcccaggt ctgcatattc ccccagctag ggccaaagca     64200
     tgcacagagg cagggaaatg ccgtggggca gggggcttta aaaagcgtgg cctgcacgat     64260
     agagcatctc aaaacctgta caagtgtctg aaatacaagg aaggggagct tgtccagatc     64320
     tagagatcta gcaccaccca ccaccacacg attcaagagg tctgggggtt cacatttctc     64380
     gtcctgaact cactaggtca cccacactgg ccttggacgc catcacagcc ctcttgcttc     64440
     ctcttcctca aaactgagtt cacaggcaaa agccaccaca cctggcttca gagttcaaat     64500
     ttctaacaat ttcccagcat atgagatgcc agagaacccc gggacctcgg tcatggtctc     64560
     cagaatgcgt tcctgccagg gcctcttggc ctcctctacc gttccctgaa tgtgtttgcc     64620
     ctgagctacg tcacagccct agccagggtg aggataataa agcctagtca tcttggaatg     64680
     cactagggaa ttaaccaagg cctgatcaac tgacacacag tagctaaaag ccacttgtgg     64740
     gagtgatttg agtggtgttt tagctgtagg ggaggagaat acttcaggag ctggatcagg     64800
     gtatagttca tcttgggaaa catcactgaa aaaagccatg acccagctct tagccctcta     64860
     ggggtgggtt tgttttgttt tgaagacaca gtctcattat gtagctctgg ctgtcatggc     64920
     actatataga ccaggttggc ctgaaactca gagatctacc tgcctttgcc tcccaactac     64980
     tgggattaaa ggtatgcacc attaaaactg gtatgcacca taaaaactgg tagtcaggct     65040
     gggttataac caaagcaaaa acccagtcat ctatgaatac gaggaaaaat atattgagga     65100
     gacagagtgg ttgaacacat ggctagggtg gaggagggaa gtcgctgtca cctgtccttg     65160
     caggtgtcac tagcctctac agttgtggtc tcagcaacac tcaggaggtc aagtcatggg     65220
     ctcacttggt tggaaagccc tgaagactgc cgagtccagt catggcaggc aaggcttacc     65280
     agggagacaa aggtgacatt tctacacctc tctctcacac caacacagat gcactgaggc     65340
     cagagagagc tgaacttgtc tcccagagtc agtcttgcat gggtttgcca taacctcact     65400
     cccaataatc tcagtaggat gtgtgacctg acctcagcac aaagaaattg ccacaggaca     65460
     ccagagacga gttccagtcg atttttggac acagaggatt tccttaggcc cacatttctc     65520
     agctctgacc ctgtcggagg cagtggagga atggaggcag ggaaagccca agcccatatt     65580
     aaaacctcat ttctgtgctt ccctgtgtcc ccacccctca ctcaacatgg acaggatttg     65640
     ttcttgcaag ggaggaggcc acctggtagg aaagataatg ttcatgtgtc agaaggagca     65700
     gcccgtttta acaagtcaag cgcagagaag aacctgtttc tgtcctaatt aaccccgtga     65760
     tcccatccta gtcacacagc taaggtagaa catggatgct aagacctggc tgaggggctg     65820
     gagagatggt gcagtagtta agagcacttg ttcttcttgc agaggaccca ggttcaattc     65880
     ccagcacaaa catagtgtga ttaactacaa cctgaaactc cagttccagg catctgatgc     65940
     cctcttctga cctccatagg caccaagcac acacatggta cacagataga gttgtaggta     66000
     aaacacccaa acacaatgtg aataaaccaa aaatagacag acaaaaaaga cccaaacctg     66060
     tcccaaaccc gtccagtaat gcccaagtca gttttggggc gggaagagac acaacagatg     66120
     tgaaatcact gtaagtctca tgtacacaac tacgtgtggc cagctgcagg ccagcacccg     66180
     gcactatggt ggtggtccaa cagaaatccc cccacattac tatgggctgc atgcagggtc     66240
     aagagttaag accttcaact ttaacacagt ccgtggatgt gtcttgttgg ccagtgagta     66300
     acaatttttt caacattcat tttcccaaca tttgcacaaa ggtcagtttt aagcatgatt     66360
     tcaaaaactg gatgatctag acacatgaag tccacatatt gcatggtgac attaactgct     66420
     gagcaggccc ctggctacat ccctcatccc actgccccta ggacacatga aggctcccag     66480
     tctctgagct ggtctggcca atcacagggc tccagcacta tcttaatctg gatttgccag     66540
     attgtctcat cattagaaat acaagccgta agaggccagt aagcctatat accagagaca     66600
     ggggctgggg gctttcccag gggactaagg cagccagcct gaggcttgga gtcagctaga     66660
     gagaaaatgg aggcaggaga caagaaggca gcctatcaat agcacaccct gtgctgcatg     66720
     tgagggagaa agaagccagc tgattcagcg agaaggagga aaggtgcacc aaggctcgaa     66780
     atggggaact tcctcactgg aggaacacga aggcaggcta agaatgttcc tctggcaagc     66840
     tccatctaga gcctttcctg cctggatcgc atggctcagg ggggcctatg tcagcagtgg     66900
     gacctgcact ggaaacccag gatagtgctt actggtgttt gaccttgggc aagtcccctt     66960
     acttcctgag ccccaagact ctccatctct acaacaggca tagcaaactt accttgcaca     67020
     actgctctaa ggatagagac tgaggatgta gagcactcag attgcacaca gagcaggcag     67080
     agaatgaaag gaacctgtga ctaattctcc aggtctccct gcctgccttc ccaggtagca     67140
     tccatttaag ggcatcctat gccaaggcct caaatgcccc agatcctggg cacagatact     67200
     tcactggata gaaagagaaa gctagggatg gttggttgtg gctttgggga tgctgggtct     67260
     gaagcctgtg gtcagggccg gcatctgctg agtcaggtcc tgctggcagg ggggccattt     67320
     ctctctccag cacactgtct gatgagggga ggttgggagg ggagccagag gtcatttctt     67380
     ctgactcagc agccgtccga ggagctccct tgggcagggc acctccatgt ggcactggcc     67440
     tctttgcagg ccatcctcca tgccacccca cacagtcaag gcattgtgca gacaagaaag     67500
     gggcactgtg gtccagacaa tgagctgggt tgctcccagc tggcctggga ttcagctctc     67560
     ctgggtcagc agtgtccttt gctctgtctc tactcctccc tggagaatgg tggctaggac     67620
     atcaaacaga ggcccaccgc aaacccatga tttggcacat gcactggcca tgagaagaga     67680
     cgctgctagc ttctttcctc ttctctagtt taaaaaacca aataaaccac ctccggagaa     67740
     tacgattttc tgttaggcca tgtttcaagg gaacgggaga ccaccctagt ggtgatacta     67800
     gcaatggtag ttaccaggca gagaccccag acccaacctc caggcctttt tcccgtggca     67860
     ggcccagggt ctgggccgcc tccacgtttg cagccaccct gggagtcctg ttgcgacgac     67920
     tgcagccacg tgggagccgg ctcatgccca cggagccgct ctccctcacc cccaccctcg     67980
     acgtgctgag gcaggcacac ccagactggc cagaagagcg atgctctctc cacagtgcac     68040
     ccccttcccc cctcccgcgc ccccggccgt ggtgggggag ggggcgtcgc caccccgcag     68100
     tcgcgttgcc ggggagcgca accccgttgc tgtggcaacg gtttccaagc gaactggtgg     68160
     ccgctcgcgc ccggctccgg ctccctcgct cactttcccc tccttccttc cctccggtgt     68220
     gggctggggg aggggctgcc cgctgtcccg gtcggggtcc gagtggcgat accaggctag     68280
     ggttctgagc cacccgcagg gagggtcatc agcccgaaga ccatcttccg cccgcgctct     68340
     gttcccgccc ggcccgcagc cgtcgcggta ctcacgggcc caggcatcct cttcgaactc     68400
     gtcttcctgc ctcggggcaa gcggcccaac ggacagaacc caagcttgga gccggcagcg     68460
     gctccgggga gcagacagtg gcaacgaaag ccgctcggag cgttgggctg gaggcgcggg     68520
     gcgcgcgcac gggcgcgtgc tgagcctggc gtgcgcgcgc gcgcagccaa cagagccccc     68580
     cccccctcac gccgccaagg ctgctgcgag ggaaggggtg ggtgggactc cggacccacc     68640
     tgccgcacgc agacgcggca gaggatgtgg gctcgcaata ccaagggcat cccagcgcaa     68700
     aaaaataaaa agtacactcc gtacagctcc caggcaacag gctatctaaa ggggctgggg     68760
     gtgaaggcca cactggcagc tttgcggcca tagacgccgg atgcttagcg gagcagctga     68820
     ggtaacaaac ccggagactc acacagctca acctgggcat attcaaacac aggtaatggg     68880
     ggcagggact cgatggaatc agcaccccgg tgtggcttcc tcccaactca cgaccccaac     68940
     cactgttcca gaaggtatgc attccaacat tgcaactgag aagcatcaca gacccacctg     69000
     agcactaaac tgctatggtt ccacgggcat gctcatagct ggctccatct tcatttgaca     69060
     ctggttgtgc ttgcctttct accgtttcta tttcaacttc tctgtggcat taagggtgaa     69120
     ctccccgaag cacctcccac catgtcaact ggaacagtaa tggctctgag agccaggatc     69180
     ttaaactgga ggccaagggg aaagggcaca taaagccagt gaacccagaa ctcatgtcac     69240
     agttggttcc aggcgtttca aacgttggca ttaggcacgc tgcccccaaa tggaggtatg     69300
     ggtggtctcc aacagctgga tttaagctct gccagccatt cccagtgaga aaactgtctt     69360
     tcccagtagc tctagtaaag acaaatgcac aggtgacatc taggacgcct gtccaatgaa     69420
     ctaactcatg ctttgggggt agagaaggat acatactcca cacaaccgcc taggggttag     69480
     tgccttcctt gagtgtgaac aaccggttct cagggagata acagttgtct ctaccaaccc     69540
     atgggtgcca tcaaaggtag gactctaaca aaagttgttc cacaacacac tggtctgatt     69600
     tctaatttgg ccaccaggat tccagagact caagagttaa gactcaataa tggcaagcca     69660
     caatcagctg gggccccttg cttctttctg gtagtcacat cctcctgtgt aatgttagca     69720
     actaacagga gcctgccccc cccccccttt ttgagttgac ttggttttcc cttatcatac     69780
     aggggatcaa ccccaggatt ctctcaaatg ctagaaaagc ccctgtcccg ctgagctatg     69840
     cccacatggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa gcctaccacc acctaatcca catggatggg     69900
     aatagtagag aatggtttac ccacgttata ttagggtgct ttttgtgtaa ggtgggacag     69960
     gcccttaacc cttcagggac cctcccaacc tccagtagag cacacaaagc agagctttta     70020
     acattggctg catgtttgca actgcaacaa tcaactctgc accttgcaac aagtcctctc     70080
     ccaacagacg ttcatctggc ctgtccatcc tgtcgattcg gctctgcctg ggcacagatg     70140
     gccagtccca cagaggatca agcccaacac ttttgaagcc aagggactgc tgcttagtgt     70200
     tctaccttca gtctcagccc tgtccacaat gctgaacaga ctgagtgctc ctgtccccga     70260
     acctctctgc ctaccagatg agctccaagc tggcagggac ctcatctcca tctgggtccc     70320
     tggctctcac catagggctg ggtagggaat ggagttttga caatcttttt gggaaacaac     70380
     aggaaggctt taaggtaaac ctacccttag acaatgagtt ccctggatgc ctcctagccc     70440
     aaaggaggtt aaagggtctg gtccaagcag ctggtggagc atttcaggga gcaccacttg     70500
     acacctactc actcttgcct gccttgtctt catctggctt cttttctacc caatgaaaat     70560
     acctggagca ccttatttct tttgaatgga tagaagcatt agcaaacgtt ctatgtgcaa     70620
     ggaggcctgg ttgaagacac ctgttggcaa ttactaagat gggtgctgct tatgcctggt     70680
     gttggagctt gcacgtaatc ctagcactgc acaggaaagg caggagaatc aggtttgagg     70740
     ctagtttggc ctacctacat agtgggttcc aggccagccc aggaagcacg gaccaacaga     70800
     ctccctgccc atttcatatt ctcacagctg agatgcaagg gatctgtatc ctcagacaag     70860
     aaagggcccc tgcagagtca ggttcaaaag tcaccagatt gggacatgta cccagggctg     70920
     tcgtgttcac agtccttggt gccaagctca caagcaaggt agtttcagga ctcttgggaa     70980
     gctaaagctc ctgggaggag tctgtagaac ctggtagaga caaacatgtg gctgggagga     71040
     gtttgtagag cctagtagaa acgtgtagct aaatggctct tggcccccca aaaattcgca     71100
     cacatggcct tcccatccct gcccaccccc ccccccctaa aaatgctctt gccaattcct     71160
     gtcttccaag tgactgcttc aggacctggc cattgctaac ttcaggaact ctgactcagg     71220
     tggctggccc ctccaaccca tcacacaagt ctttctcaat ctcctctact ctttttccca     71280
     tgcacatgtt tccccgcccc cccacccccc cagacacggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     71340
     gtcctggaac tcactttata gaccaggctg gcctcgaatt cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     71400
     cctcccaagt gctcggatta aaggcgtgtg ctaccaccac ccagccccac ccacatgttt     71460
     aagagaatag agtcctggaa cttatgcatg tgtgccagat cagaatggac acacacagga     71520
     gggcagtgtt cactaactag gggcaggtat ttctaacaac agctcccacc tgcttctcca     71580
     ggccactccc tagtttacaa ggcctctttg acctcagaga gcttaaagac tgttgagata     71640
     tatctgtctc tgtagcagtc atgtatacac ccaagccagt atctaaggct gtgtcccacc     71700
     tagcaatgaa aaacaggttt ggttgcctgc aaagtcctgc ggactcctgg gcttctgaag     71760
     ggcaaccccc agtcccatta cagatccacc ttcaatgctt tccagctggg ccaagaaatc     71820
     aggaagaatc attgaaacac cagaaataaa aggaggcagg cagtggtggc tggccagccg     71880
     tgtgctcaga atgtattcgc acagacacgt ggcagctcac attggtcaca tagagacaca     71940
     tggcagctta cattggcttt aaatatggaa aagccagggc cttatggtcc catgctgtcc     72000
     taactagcat caggacagcc atcacagtct gggacaggcc agggctaggg tccgggggct     72060
     taggcacagc cttaccctac tcttttcaca caatgatata cactcacccc cacccccacc     72120
     aggcacacac agggaagggt ggattattgc tgggcatgtg tctactttta tgagggattc     72180
     tggaatgttg gagggctaat tctaactcct cctatggcct ggactggggc atttctgaaa     72240
     aaggtgtctt caggatatga cccagaataa ggactactgt gctctgggag ctggaaggca     72300
     gaaagcgacc catctcgggc agtggtttga tgggtcccac tcagctaagt ctggggttaa     72360
     actatgtccc agtcctagag gatacaaaga ccccagctcc aaccctgaca aatgctgaga     72420
     aagagggaaa gcattaggca accagaaggt ggtggcctca gtccacaaca ggcaggcaca     72480
     agtctcactt ggaggttggt ggtggccagt gcagtgctgt gggcagaggt ctgacctggc     72540
     ccactctctg cttgctcatc tccactgggc cctagaagcc tggagtttgg cactggctcc     72600
     tcttgccagc tcctggcttt cctggccagg gctaattgcc ctggggtgtc caggtccagg     72660
     gtggaattaa gaacgctcta gtagctatat acattcatac aaatacataa atacataaag     72720
     ccccgagctc cacagagagc tgaagggacg cacctttgtc ccaagatggc ccaggccttg     72780
     tcaaactcag ctaggccagt ggctgaggaa cggaggacac tggggacagt tccggctgtg     72840
     ttccacaatc cacggcttgc gtggaaaatg gggaacacca ctgtgcaaaa ctgtaaacgt     72900
     cactgagagt agctgctacc gccaaccgcc ggtgggggcc tcggcctggg ggctagaggc     72960
     gggtggggag ctcttcctca ctgtcgctgc agttcccaca gcaatcctgg agggacaggg     73020
     aagacatgaa gggagagaga gaggcacagc gttgctgtta gtcaccacta aggcagacca     73080
     aggccagtgt tctgcccaga gagggttgtg ggcttcccac gagaggctta gagcagcagc     73140
     tcggccaaat acgggtggtg tcagggtacg gctttctggc gacagactga agtaagacta     73200
     ggaagctccc aagatctgtc agagcaaggc ctctgtccat ccccctggac agactctggc     73260
     acaaggagac agttgctaag caaggttagc agcttgaagg ggtcagggtg cagggaggca     73320
     agcggcaggg aaggagcggg taaggtggac accagacttc tttctcctac atctcgcctc     73380
     tgcctcggat gggctgcctg gggctcccca cagtcaggca gcaaggccaa cccatgggga     73440
     gcccacactg ctcacctctg gaaagagaaa agaggccatg agaccagcca ggcgtggggg     73500
     tcagggggga caggcaggaa tgaggcacct tgggcaccac aggaagatgc ccactcccgg     73560
     ggcaggcatg caccagctct gcctcccacc cactctccca gtggagcagg tgggacccag     73620
     ggcagacact gctaggactt acttggcgac tgaagagtct ctgtagcaat cccttcttgg     73680
     ggggtgcagt gggctggccc ttccagtcca ggtctggggg aacagaccca tccagcccaa     73740
     agacattgag ttcctggaag cactcggtct ccaccatcta cccaggaaca ggaagcggtg     73800
     agagttggcc ctgggggtgc cctacctgga cctcatccca gtcacaggat aatccctacc     73860
     tcattctgcc aggggatgga cacactgcct gtggcaaact tctggtagaa gtcttggtct     73920
     gtgggctcca gatccacacc tttaactgta gagaactgtt caatgtccag gacatccttg     73980
     caataaatag cctggggcta aggtggaaga ggcaggagtc aggagggctt gagtctgcca     74040
     cccttggcag catcctgatt tggagagatc agcatggtgc cccacacact cctcagctca     74100
     gcactctact gtctctgagg cagttttcgc ctccatagac gaggatcgtg accctcgctg     74160
     tgcggagcct ggacaggctg tgtgcagacc tggtgttagg ctgaccttgt acttgcacag     74220
     gactgcctgg gtatgtgttg gggttggggt gggaagggga gtcctggctc cctccatagg     74280
     gactgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtctcaac tctgggatgt ccggtactgg attggtctta     74340
     ccagccgccc tcccagttcc tgctgggaac tggcttctgt atttgaagct ttcttatttt     74400
     caatctgtgc tgctttcaaa atcttaccac aaaggacgtc aattaacata ttaccatcat     74460
     gaagtcagag gtgtagttca gtgatagaac agtggttcag tatgctttag gccctgggtt     74520
     caatacacac acacacacac acacacactc acacacacac actcacacac atagaccaca     74580
     cactcacaca catagaccac acacacacac acacacactc tctcacacac acacacatac     74640
     ctaccaacct gcctgataca tacatgatca tcaccatcat gtaaaatggt gtacctaacc     74700
     tggaaaggtc taaagctccc tacaagatac agtatttttg acttcataat gttccgtcaa     74760
     tgtatatact gaggtcagga agaatgcccg agtctgccat ttcaaaactg gacaagacaa     74820
     tgcaatggca cctcatctca aaaaagccga caggattatt cctgatagac ccacccctca     74880
     aaaagataaa caccctcatg tcaaccagga acgaataagg tttattttat atccacgtaa     74940
     cagaatatta accagctttt aagaagaatg ctccgacata gatgaacttt aaaagcatgc     75000
     ttagcgaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttggaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag     75060
     ttccaggacg gccagaacta tacagagaaa acctgtcttg ataaacttaa aaacaaaaca     75120
     aaacaaaaca aaaccatgct tagcaaaaga agccagtcac agaggaccgt gttcagcatg     75180
     cccacatctg accacacaac tgaagcatct aaactagttg aagacagaca gctgtggttt     75240
     cttggggtag gaggaaagga tttggaaccc taatggacat aaggttttgc ttatgttctg     75300
     aaagggctgg caaaaacatt ctgaactttt gtggtgacag tcacgtgact ctttcagttg     75360
     acatgaatac tttatatgga ttgactgtga gtttcatctc aacagagttg ttcaaaatgt     75420
     gttgttgggc tggagaggtg gttcagtagt taagagcact gactgctttt ctggagatcc     75480
     ggagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctataatga gatctgatgc     75540
     actcttccag tgtgtctgaa gacagtgaca atgtactcat atacataaaa taaatctttt     75600
     ttaaaaatgt atgtcggctg ggcatggtag tgcacacctt tggtcccagc actcagaagg     75660
     cagaggcagg tggatctatg agtcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag tcccagagca     75720
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa cccgccctcc cgcccccaat attgtcaagt gcaggtctag     75780
     aggttaaaaa cttgcactgt tcttccaggg gcccctaaat tcacatgcac acactcacac     75840
     acagatacat aggtagacat gtaatttttt tttttaaatt aaaaccataa aagcattgtt     75900
     aaatttgttt tttcatctgc tacttctaag tcccaagaca ctgtccttat ttctgacttt     75960
     gaacagatga cccacgggcc gtgcaattac ttagatgatg tacagagaga ggagtcaacc     76020
     tgtgcagtag ctccagcctg gagcagcagg atgaagtgag acctgtccgg ttcaagtgcc     76080
     aactcattga cagtgctcac ctgcagcatg ggagccatca ctcagaacgc ctcccccact     76140
     gtgtgagtcc tcactcagag gcactaccct cacttgtgtg acccatcact cagaggcccc     76200
     ctcgctgact tttccccagc tcactcattc tctatgaccc atttccacac ctcacattag     76260
     agctgcagcc cgaaggtctc ctgtcatcat tagaacatcg cgacattcac tgttgctgct     76320
     ctgcactgac ttgctccgga cacgatggcc tcatggtggt ggttccatgt ccctaggctg     76380
     accctgccac tggccctcag tgcctgcctg tcccttctgc ctctaatgcc tgtggcctct     76440
     catcttgcga gactctctcc ttcagttctg cgtaaacatc actctctcag agacgaccac     76500
     acccacatca ctgccttctt tgcctgctct ttttcctgtc agacttggga ctatctgaaa     76560
     acactctttg cttgttagtt tattttcatt atttctctcc actatagtat gagaataggc     76620
     ctggctctat gaacctcatt atctcaaaga cctgactcat acagattttc aggtatttgt     76680
     cagacgcata aacatatgtg gctgacagcc atcaacctgg tgcccccatc tcctcaagac     76740
     tttcccaagt ggcaaactgt caaatcacag gacccccgtg tccacaaact taagggaggg     76800
     aggcaaggac atgaccccat cctggccaac cagaaccctt cctctgacat tacagagaaa     76860
     cctgaattca ggttctgtac agacaagttg aagagccaag agacagtctt agcaacccag     76920
     cacaaagccc cagtgatggc ccagagagac ttggggacaa atgaaccaac agacttgacg     76980
     tgagtctgag cagggtttct gctattaggc tctaatatct agagtacaat tgtctgcacg     77040
     gtgtacaatc cacaagatgc ttagctcaga ggtaaaactc tcaagaggga gattctggga     77100
     ctagaaagac gggctcagca gttagaagta tgcactgctg ctgtggggga tctaagttga     77160
     ttcctcaaac taatgtcatg cagacactca caaccaccca tgactccatt cccaggagga     77220
     tctaaagctt cgggcctccg tggcaactgc acacctatcc acgtccccac gcagacgcac     77280
     acatacagac atacacatgc tccacaggca cacacataca tagacatatt cacattccta     77340
     gacatacaca catacataga catatacata cccacacaga gacagacaca caaacacaaa     77400
     attaagaata agataaatat tttaaagtta aactttgaag ggggtaattg cctgcctgca     77460
     gaggggcagt tagcccaaca gcccctgctg gcaccaccgt ctcagttcct tttggaaatg     77520
     ggttattccc attgggccag gaaggggtga tctgggtgtc cagtggggcc cttcagcaaa     77580
     cagagcattt aatttcaaat tcgtgaacaa accttgctct gtgcccactg ggtggctatc     77640
     taagaagaca tgagcctgag ccactaggtc accattgcca ctccctggga aaagatgcct     77700
     gccatcgaag gctaaccaat cacagtacag agaggacatg agttcttgca atgctcccag     77760
     agcatctcca tgtctgccca gcattctaac ctggtacact aaaacccaca gtatgttggg     77820
     cattccattt tcacaagcct acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     77880
     acacacacac aaactggggg tgaggggcag cccaagccat tagatggggt ttttccaaca     77940
     tctgcactga aagtgacttg gcccttgctc ccagtcaccc accccagccc tgccccgccc     78000
     caccccctgg ctcggctggc cactagcaag ggagggcagg acttacatca ggcttaaaag     78060
     gtggctctag catgccagct cccagccgct tgaaattcag tttcttgaaa agggggtgct     78120
     cctttacctc acgggcgcca cctccacgac accccaggcg ctcagcaggg tccttgctaa     78180
     gaagctatag aagggcagtg gtggtgaggg tacctgagtg ggtgaggtac cccagctgcc     78240
     cccagctaag actctggctt gtacctgaga acagagtgag cgcgcctgtg aggaaaagcg     78300
     gtctgtgtac tcctcggcca cttccttgac cagccgctcc acctcttcgc gctttatctt     78360
     cttcttcctc tgctggaagg gcgactgacc tgcgatcatc tcgtacagga ggcagcctag     78420
     cgcccaccag tcaggactga acgtgtagcg ctcattcctc accacctctg gagctggaca     78480
     gggaccagga gtcaggaccg ggcaggtcgt gaggagcagg gagccctcgg gccccagaaa     78540
     caaaaaccag agtttgatca aacatcctct ggataggcag gtatgccact ggcctgctgt     78600
     ggactgagcc agtatgagaa gccacatctc atcaatggtg gctggtgtgg ccctgagggg     78660
     agggtcacac caaggaactc cgtgtctgat tgcttgtttt cctgggggca ggagtgggat     78720
     tcctagtgct ggagtttgtt gaacccaggg ccacacaact atcaggcacg tactctgagt     78780
     tacatcatac acacccaacc aagaccccat acaccttttt tttttttttt ttttaataca     78840
     ttaagttgtt tgccttaaat gctggcaatc aattcaaatt attctaaaaa caattcaact     78900
     tcaaatttaa tgtatgccag atcaggacca cgtagctact gatttgtaac ttttggcttt     78960
     cacaagcgat tttaaacgcc cactggctgc tacctcccac catccctggc aggccccatg     79020
     cacagttctc catttagcat ctcctttcac ctcaaagccc cccaggaggc agctctgatg     79080
     aggttttaca gtaggagaaa gaaggcagga agtggaatgc ctagcccaag atggactctg     79140
     gagagcctag actgtactgt gtcacactgt ccacaagcta ggtctccact gcctgtgtcc     79200
     cctgtgaatg gcatgctatc caagcatggg gcatggatgt gtactctgtt tctgtttccc     79260
     ttcaccctca caggcccacc cagtcctagg tgttcaataa gcatccggca aatgaatagc     79320
     agggttcaca atggtgggat ctggctaagt cttggtttcc caacatcaca cacacacaca     79380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc tacacctact ctctgaagtt agcaccctcc     79440
     ctcccctagt acaacagtga gtaagtaggc caggcctggg acagcaaggg ggctgaggag     79500
     actggcgtac taggtcaaca ggacttaccc atgtagccca cagtgcccac acggcctttg     79560
     atggtctggc cctcaggcac atgcacggcc agtcccaggt ccgagatccg aatgtggcct     79620
     gggtaggggt atggaagcag gtgggttcac tgataggcct agcttccaac ctcaccccat     79680
     ctcccacttg ggccttctca cccaccatgg tcatccagaa ggatattctc tggctttaga     79740
     tccctatggg gagagaaaca cagggtcaga ggcctgtttt ccaggaagcc agacagagcc     79800
     tgcccctggc agttcaagtg cctactgggt tcaggcatgg agcaaggtga acgagccctg     79860
     ctctccccgg gcagcaacca ggacctcagg aactttctag agtagtaaga actgaggact     79920
     gcaacccagt gggggagcac ctggggagag gggtccctgg aagtcatcct tggacttgtt     79980
     cacctgtgct cccttccccc aggggccaac tctaccttct ctgtcacatg aggctagcct     80040
     tccatcccct cagagggcca ctgggaggct ctaatagacg ctccatccat aatcataagt     80100
     agggctcgct actactgagc ccgcctgcaa ggcaggaagt ggagtctccc agaaacagaa     80160
     cttgttttgg aagcagggag cggactagct taaggtcaca cagagaggcg tgtcaaaatc     80220
     agaattcaca cattggccag caggctggat tcccaaacct aggtctgaag cgctcaaatc     80280
     tatcgaacac gagggggttt gtgtggagcc ggtgttggct tgtggttaga gaaacctcca     80340
     gcacacaata cttccactgc ccagcctgac aggcagccag agctgccact ctcaaaccta     80400
     actgctgtcg ctgtccagga aggaccaaga cctggaacag ccagccgccc gagccccgcc     80460
     ctacctgtac acaatgcgtt cccggtgcag gtcttccagg ccacagcaga tctcagcagc     80520
     atagaagaca gcacgtgctt caggaaagcc agcctggccc atgtggtaga tgtggaactt     80580
     taggtcacct ccattcatca atgtcagcac caggcacagt gcatccttgg tctcataggc     80640
     gtaggctaag ctcacctgtg ctcgggagac ccacaccctc agccaggaac ctgttcgcac     80700
     gcatgctcac tctcctaaat gctaatggca gccaccatct tctgtgtgcc actccttagg     80760
     acccagcagg cttcctgagc ctggaatagc actcctaccc cacccttctt gggtactgtc     80820
     cagggcagga agggaggggg cagagggcag tccctttggc aatagggagg gaatttagcc     80880
     tggtgggtgg ggaatgtagc aggtggtgtg gcccagggga agggagaggg ctccttgtgt     80940
     acttactaca aacctactgt tcactttctc caagatctgt ttctcgttga gagccatggc     81000
     ctcccccttt cgcttcttta tccgcttctt ttccagtttc ttgcatgcgt acatcttgcc     81060
     tgttgcccgc acctggcagg cacatacctg taaccaggca gacagggatg gatgggggcc     81120
     agccatgctc ttgctgaagg tgggagggcc cgggcctaca agtacccaat ctactatact     81180
     ctgcaaagac ctgggtggcc acttacctcc ccaaagccac ctttgcccag gactcggtac     81240
     tgcctgaagg tgtttttggt cactggttgc ctataggcga gagtaaaaaa acaaacattt     81300
     acacaggcag ggcttgccat gagagcccac aatctgacct accacaggcc agcttgggag     81360
     gcgttcacct ttccagccac ttccactgca gaaaacggtt gaagtagatg ctgtcgaggt     81420
     agtcggcaaa aggggccgtg ctcaggtact cgtgggtcag cctgttgaga gaggatcagt     81480
     ctgtaggcga gcctctaaca aggccaattc tcagcctgaa ggcacaggcc tcccactaca     81540
     tgccggtcag acacaaagca acatcctttt ccttcggcaa gcttctcact gaggccctga     81600
     gcaggagggt gcatgcactc tacactgaag cagggatggg aggcaactgc taaactccaa     81660
     caacgcggac aggaagagga gctgagcttg tcacagactt cagagcccac agaagccccc     81720
     ttccctggaa caattccaga ccaggaggta tggagcctta ccgggtcagc tcctggaaga     81780
     ggtctttgca gggtccctgc tctagccgct gggcacagtt actcaccagc tgccgtggaa     81840
     cttcagggat gaggtcagga ccctagggac atgccacaga cacctaatgc aagagggctc     81900
     ccttggacaa ctgcctactc ccggggcagc acaggcagat gtctgtgggt gccgagagcg     81960
     gctatgggta gcaagtgcac actagctgcc agtttgttca actccctttc tgccggccct     82020
     taaggcaggg tgagccagcc cctggcaggc tgcctgaccc aagctcagcc caacccttgg     82080
     gctccatgcc cttggggctg cctggaacag ctcccgggca ctcagtgccc aggctgtggt     82140
     cactcctgtg ctgttgtcac tgggccctgc ctgctgctgt catctccctg tcaccgctca     82200
     ctcaccgtgt ggctcagaaa gttctgcatt agtcggcgcc cacatgcttt ccgcttctca     82260
     tcaggggtca cctcatattc agactgcagg gtgagaggca aagaacctga cagatgtggg     82320
     gacggagtag gggcgggggg ggggggggag gaaaatggcc aggacctctg cctgccctca     82380
     gtgctgggct gggccctggg tgggatactc accaccccat ccaggaaggc agtacaccgg     82440
     gtcagctcag gtctcgtagc acagaactca cgaaataaca ggcgcccaat gggctggcgc     82500
     tcacataggc tgtggtagtc acgctctgca ggccaagagg ggaactgcga ggtcacagac     82560
     ctagaactca ctggcagggc actctgttct atatccccac atctggaatc caataacttc     82620
     tagccccaaa aagtggcagt cattatctct tcagaaccct ccctgcaatc ttcaggtggg     82680
     cgccactgca agtccaatgt aacctggggg ctatggggcc cagaggggtt gattaattca     82740
     actcagtgcc acacagccag gagtctgggc tctagacacc aggtctcctt tccctgttgt     82800
     ttcctggact tgcttgtcac agttctggag ttgggtgtgg tctgtgtggt tgccgcccag     82860
     cccagcccaa gtctacacct gttgcctgcc tggcgaaagt gcgagaggaa gctgtggctt     82920
     ccgctgctct cagctgggcc tccgtcccaa gcgcatgcaa gccatcagca gaggacgggg     82980
     ccacctgagg tacatacagt tcagaccctc atccacgatg ctggaactgg gatgagccct     83040
     tctagaagta accaccatac tgccctagct ttgatgggta ccctcaggtg caaagctcat     83100
     gagcgcagga ctggtgttcc aaacctgact tccctcctaa gtttctctca cctccctcca     83160
     tcctggccct ctgccttcgc ccatgcccac tctgctgaca ccagtctccg ttctctgccc     83220
     tctgccattt caggcccagg aactgaaact ggactatggc gtctcggtct tcctggacat     83280
     tccccccccc aggcccccat ggccaaggat atgtctgggg atgactcctc atggctaccc     83340
     cccccagctc ccctcccccc agtctgctct gggagccagg cctcaccaag gctgagtcga     83400
     agctcctcac actggctgat atgggggaac tgcagcatct ggcgccattt cttgctcttg     83460
     cctttgcgat tcccgccacc acctgcaaga gcaatcagga actgggtccc attgagtcct     83520
     gagccgcctg cctcggaacc ttcccctaaa catgttgtac agagaggcct tcagggccct     83580
     gttaagtaag gccaaacctg ctgcgggagg aaccttgagg cttcttccaa acattccagc     83640
     atgcccttaa caagttccag gacacacatg gcccttgtgg gcacccatgg taagagttcc     83700
     ctggatgaga accaaaatga ccaatgagga catctcatca agaagttccg cctcattcac     83760
     tcctaacaca gtgggaagtc tacaggttag gagaatagga gctgggcagt ggtggggcac     83820
     acctttaatc ccagcacgtg ggaggcagac acaggtaaat ctgagttcaa ggtcagcctg     83880
     gttggcagag caacttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga ggaattatgt tttggaaaaa     83940
     aaaaaaaaaa gaagaaaaac aaaaagaagt agacaagaca agaagctggg catggtagca     84000
     cttgccattc aaaacacagg tggatctctg agtttggggc cagcctggtc tacaagtcag     84060
     ttctagaaca gccaaggcta catagtgaga ccatggtctt taaacaatca atcaagaaag     84120
     tagacaaagg taccacagtg gagggtatca cataacaagc caaggcacgc cagccagaga     84180
     tcctgtgtca tatgggacac atgtgagatg ccagaggcaa tctgaacaac ccctcacccc     84240
     tgtaacacca atcaccgcac cagaactatc ccctgccctc agcaaggggg tggcaggagg     84300
     atgctccatc atccccccac ccccacccca ctgatgcctt ccttatttta tttggctgag     84360
     ctggctggga tgccttcaga gtctgacagg taggctaaat gtgtgcttca ggagttccca     84420
     cccccacctg cggaagtagt gagagacagg caaactagac tagaaatttg aaaactaggc     84480
     acagtctcaa agaaccaagt gaacaaaaaa acccacattg cagacaaaca gagcacgtca     84540
     gaatgggacc cacaagtgtc tttgggacag cacatgggga catcagaatg acgggaggaa     84600
     cctgggccgt gcagcctcct ggacctgaat ctccagggta cacttccggt catcactgca     84660
     cagtaggatg agtgggagca actgtgtcca gctcccatta ggactatata gagaagtaag     84720
     acctagctcc aatttactga caacctaggg caaccaagtt ccgtagccag gcctcagttt     84780
     ccccagcact gcctctatct gatccagtgc aagtgatgga gggggaggag ctgccttctg     84840
     ggaagaggtc acagctgggt ccctaattgg gctccacgag gaaagaggaa gtgctacagc     84900
     gtccccttga gaaaccctct ctggtggccc agctacagcc tgtaccccat gtgccccaca     84960
     gccattgcct cactgcaagt gagcaagaaa cctccaactc cttaaccatg ggcaagcctc     85020
     cccagaggga gctccctccc actctccctc caccccaggt tccccaccca gccctacatt     85080
     ttcttgcctc accccccccc ccacttcctc ctccccatcc tcccagctgt atcaagacaa     85140
     gagcaaaaag tcacatgcaa atatcctgtc ctagaaccag ctgccgatct gtggggctcc     85200
     tctccaccct actctgccct cctcctgtag gcctctggca ctggggaaag gaagaaatcc     85260
     aagtgagggt acgcacccca aagatcatcc cacctagtgc cagatgacat acaagttagg     85320
     ctctgggcag tggattctga ggctgagggt aacagtagaa gagaattcaa gcccagctct     85380
     caaatccaag ttccttacaa gactagcgtc tattaaaagc caactgagct gtatcccagc     85440
     acctgggagg caaaggtaga tctctgagtt caaggccagc ctgatctaca tagcaaggtc     85500
     taagtaagcc aaaactatac atatagtgag accatctcaa aaacagaacc tacaaaataa     85560
     agccaactgt atgcatatac cacaggtttc ccaactgctg tgagggtctc tggtcacttg     85620
     gaaagctggc ctcaagctgc tagctgtttt gtgcactgat tctcacacaa gcagtcccta     85680
     ggtatagaag atttcggggc aatgaggctt tccttaaaat ttacatgtaa aataaggaaa     85740
     cgataatgtt gagggacaga aagcaggtta aaggccatgc aggtgtgtac agtgctgtca     85800
     cagcaagtcc aggacacagg acctctagag gaggcactag tcctcatttt ggccatgata     85860
     tcctgggcca agatccagta atgccggctc acctatgcaa aggtgcccac aggatctcgc     85920
     ccaacaaggc aataccctca gcagagctga gccccaaatt ggctagccct aggaagtgaa     85980
     gcctggcctt ggctctcctt atccctcctc cctggctggc tgcatgacga ggcagaacag     86040
     aatcagcaga tgcccccaga ggctgagagg aaggcccagc ccctgagctt gataagggac     86100
     aggagataag attgcctccc ttgggcacta gggatccaac ctgcccatcc catttccagg     86160
     taacacctct ctgggtgtga catgcaccaa gtaggcagag gacatcaggg actgcggcac     86220
     actggggact tgtctgagct acctatagac tctactgggt atctgcctga ccctaggtca     86280
     attacaatct ctgatctgag cttcagtttc acacctgtaa actgatatag aacagcgaag     86340
     ctgaaggttc cttcatcatg gaaacccagc agaaagtgga aagctgtcac tgtgtccctc     86400
     cctggagttc caaaaagaaa aatcttgttg gtgtttgccc accagcaccc tggacagagt     86460
     agggcactac aggtatctaa tgattatgtc actctatgtc gtttgtctgg ctctagtcat     86520
     ctaggaccca tagagccaaa taacatctgg agtgaaacca aggaagagca actccgcacc     86580
     atatccatgt gcgcgcacac actaagtcga ccagactggc ttttagccct acagtcctta     86640
     tagcccgtta tgctcgtctc tcatttattt ccccggtgca tctgccctag taggtcaaag     86700
     gcttgctaaa tgccaaaaac gttacccatg cacccgtttt tagtgcccag aagctccagg     86760
     tgagtggtgg ttctgcatgt aatgtgtgtg tccagaagtt tccccctgtc ggttgggttg     86820
     tctatacaaa ggctcggctc attcattctc taatctttac cgattaccaa ctttgtgccg     86880
     ttcagggcat ctgggcctgg ggcacgtggg gcaccttcct gcctctcacg tagaagaggc     86940
     ctcacacgca ttcctctggg gctcatgttc caccttttcc cttccttccc tttcttcttc     87000
     atcaccccca aacccgactt gaggcccatg gcgcgacccc cgcccctcct gggccccggg     87060
     ttccgggggc agaagcggag ggccggaagg gctcatgtct gcgcttaaga gtccgggtgc     87120
     agactccagg gcacgaggat aactggggcc cggacgcctc atggagctcg gaggtcgcgc     87180
     gcccgcgatc cccgcgccca ggcctggccg cccgcctgcc tggcctcacc ttcccgggcc     87240
     ttgagtagca ccgtgttcgc tacgatgttc tcgagctcca tgggctgcag cgccgcccgg     87300
     cccgccaggc cgcgccgccg gccgggaccg cccacgagag ccggagccga tggcgatcgg     87360
     cgcggctcgg ctcggctcgg ctcggctcgg ctcgactgac cgcgccgcgg cctccgggcc     87420
     ccaccggcct ccgggccgcc gccgcccgcc gcgtactctg cgcccctccc ggtccaccgg     87480
     cgcccgcccc gccccgccct ctgtttactt ggctcagtca atgggcgagc ggacgctccc     87540
     cgcgccggac tactattggt cagcctcttt ctcttgcccc gcccacggag ccgggaactc     87600
     gctccctgcg gagaggggga gggccccgtt gcgtcgccga tttctggttg gactgcggac     87660
     gggattcggc ccctaggttc gaatttctag gccttcgtag gatgccgagc tgccaattag     87720
     ggccgagcct ctgccgagaa atcggaggtg gggcctctcg ggaaccacgc ccagaagacc     87780
     caacatctga ttggattaaa gacgtgtcga ccatccagct ttgcgatctg attgggtgaa     87840
     aggatggggg cgtggctgtg tgtctggtgc gccgacggga tttctagggt tttgttgggg     87900
     acacgctgtg tctcctgccg gctatcaggt agcttggtta gaatgggtgt cctgccgtcg     87960
     tcccttaggt cagctgcttc agaagggcgc gcttccaaag ctagcagagg accgaaggaa     88020
     gctattgcct tcccagcagc gcttgcctcc aattcagccg caccccgcac ccccgtaccc     88080
     cgcccccgca gccggatgtt gtgatttctc ccctcccacc cgtccggcgc cttcggcctc     88140
     tgctgcctta taaggcagcg caaccacccc aagtcgttga ggatgagttc acacccattg     88200
     tacaggtggg gacctgaggc gctggatgtt gagtggctgg ctgcacgcgg agaccgggag     88260
     tggggggaca ggtccgaatt ttgcatctca tcaacacagt gtagttcaat cccccacttc     88320
     ctcatcacca ccccttttcg cacagcagga aacggaggct tgcccaaact cgggaattaa     88380
     ggaacaaccg gattcaacta catgtttttg atccatattc attcattttt gaaaaaaaat     88440
     atatatatac tgccactgct tttttttccc aggcacccag ccaggtgccg gatatagtgg     88500
     taacagcaag aaaaccaaac tctcagtgct tacgtgctag gcgggaagaa aggtggtagc     88560
     tgtcctgtaa gtgagcacat taatgggtgg ttttagaatg aatgctacta aaacaaagaa     88620
     ctagagagga cgctttgtgg tgcctcgcat gccccccccc cccccgcccc atgtcattaa     88680
     aggaccagag tggtcacagg ctatgacttt tgagcaaatc aagaagcggc accacgccta     88740
     aagttaagtt tggcgaggac taaagcataa atgtttccag agtcctgtgt tctgaggtga     88800
     gccaaaagca aaccatggtg acaaaagggt gtcagctaga ccatggaagg tgttgtggtt     88860
     tacagagaag ggtttgtttt gtgaaatgtg aaactcctgg aagggtgaca tatttaccaa     88920
     tgatagttca gactagtgga tgattaagca ccaagtgaag accgttgtgt ccaggtgaga     88980
     cctgagggct agtgagaatg tgcacctgtg aaggcttgac ctcatggagg atggaaagaa     89040
     cctggataaa gaacactttc agcatcctcg aggatcctgt agctggcaag aaggctcagg     89100
     tggtaaaggc gccagggggc aagcctgacc aaatatgaag acctgcgttc gatcctggga     89160
     ttcatctggt agaagaagac agtcaactgt atttgttctc tagctacaaa cagattaata     89220
     agttatataa gtaaacaagt ctatctaaac aagtgcagaa tgaacaaggg tcaggagaag     89280
     aggggagggt gctcaatata tataacacct aagggcagag cgtctgtaga atttgcagtg     89340
     ggcattgggg tgggctcggg aaccatgaag tgaggagagt gtcttgatgg agcctggatc     89400
     caggatgtcc ttggacttca ttttgagggt aatggggagt catggaggca gatttttaag     89460
     gagatgagta aatttgcttt cctagagggc tctgggctat gaatggcagg caatcggttt     89520
     tggtgtctag tatctgaaca ctcttccatc tgggaggagt cctaggagaa gcagaggcag     89580
     gtcctgactc taagaaaatc tgaaggcacc taagaaaggg cagtggtggc gcacgccttt     89640
     aatcccagcg cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct     89700
     acagtgagtt ccaagacagc caaagctaca gagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa     89760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaga aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaag aaaattggaa     89820
     aagacagtga gtattggtcc tgggtagcag acagtattac agtgtttccg accgggcctt     89880
     ttccaaagaa aggaccaaca caagacagct gggggtcact tgaaattcat tgtgggaggg     89940
     gtagtggtga tgctggggtt ggaggctggg gggctagagg tcagcgatgt taagccagca     90000
     tggggaattc aaacaagctc cctcccaaga gctgtccagt ctcttcctgg tcttaaatta     90060
     cccagaatct ggtttggctg cttgcaacca attatttggc taagacagga agtggacctt     90120
     tggggatgaa ccattagcag aatagtggta ccctgtactg gggtgacagc caggccatgt     90180
     aaacaatgga gttgaggcca ttgttgaact gggattaaca tagggtgaag agaagatacc     90240
     agtcacagct cccaggcttt ggagacgttt tttaaaaagg aaaacttagc acagtccaac     90300
     ccagttctag cttcctgaac caataagctt ctttggggta cgtactttat agttgattca     90360
     aaggcagctg agtcacccag cagaggtgag gacttaggaa agctacgtag gctttcctaa     90420
     gttctatgtg ggctagctcc ctgcccaatg tgcatacaac tcagccaagg actccctttt     90480
     ctctgagaag ttgtttcctg ctcatgtaac atgtgtatct tgaagctgtt tgagcttcct     90540
     aagcctgata actctattag tttctctggt ctttgagaca tctcccccac ttcccatctc     90600
     caggagggaa catttcaatt tggatgaaat aaccacacaa taatgtcaga ggtacatttc     90660
     ctggaatctg gcctgtagaa gtcattgcac tcagtccaaa gaaataaaca tcaaggttag     90720
     tgattgcagc attgttcaaa acggtgcact aattgagaaa gtaaagtttg gtcctttcct     90780
     gtagagtgat gggcttctcc ctcctccttc cctccccctt ttccttcctc tcttgctttc     90840
     aacaagctct tcatatttgt cactcagcct agctggtctt gaacttgggt tgtaagcaat     90900
     cctgttttgg cttccctagt aaagactaca agtctttgcc atgtcaccca accaggttgc     90960
     ttattcttaa aaactaccag ctgtgccagg tgtgtggtgc atacctttaa tccaagcact     91020
     tgggaggcca aggcaggcat atctatgtgg attcaaagcc agtctggtct acaaagtaag     91080
     atctaggaca gccagggtaa tatagagaga ctctgtctca aaaaaccaaa acaaccaaca     91140
     gacctgaccc agtcactctc tctctcgttg agaaccttct gtggaaaccc atgctgaaca     91200
     acttctaaag tgtccctggc cttaatacct gaaaggcatt cataccctaa cgtccccacc     91260
     ccttgaatgt ggcagcattg cctgaatgag ttcagaccaa aagaatgcag ccaacatgac     91320
     atgtcattgc aaagtctaag tcgctaagtg acaaggcttc cagtttcatt tcctgcgccc     91380
     aaaataataa taataaaaaa aaacaaagtg aataaaaaga gactccagtc tcttccagat     91440
     ggccttcaaa tgtgctgctt catctgggcc ctgtttatcc ctccactgtc tacaacccct     91500
     tgctccgtgc aagctagcag ccagccatac acatggcctc tcttaccccg aaccacattt     91560
     ctcagtattg tagccaccag ccacatgtgg ttatcaatat taaaataaaa acctctaagg     91620
     gtccacgatt agccaaagaa tgatagcctg gactcaaaca gtatgtaaat acagagtgtt     91680
     cattctgcag aagtccacca tgctggggtc tcccattacc agaatagaga gacacccaag     91740
     tgagcttgca ggcctgatta aggaattcca gggtaggtga cctctatgtt aatctgttag     91800
     gtccatctct acagatattc cattacccgg gtgtgggggg ctggaaactg ctgctgaccc     91860
     attgtccttg cctcaggcta gattactgcc aatttgaagc ctgtcatgga atcagcctag     91920
     ccttctcaaa ccagaatcca gttcctcagt cccctgaagc catagtttgt gtgcttgtag     91980
     tcatgtaaaa ggtccattgg gttgagctgt tagcgggaag gggagctgcc tcttggcagc     92040
     cttccctatg tcaagcgggg tgactgggtg agtaagggta ccaagatgtt gaagacgatg     92100
     gactgggtac tgtctggtcc ccccaattcc ttttgaacaa gtatgtctgc aacctcttga     92160
     aagccatgcc ccaagtctct gctaaaaaga aatggagctg agtatgggac aggcctataa     92220
     tcttgcttag agagcctggc aggaggggtg agggttcaaa gccagcctga gttactctgt     92280
     ctctgcattc tcatgagtat cagacatcaa agaataagac tttggtgttt cccattctgt     92340
     aagcccccag cccagctttg ctgggagaga agccaagaca gagagagggt atctgtctgc     92400
     cctggtccac agcgggggat ggaagaaaac caagagttca gagggaacag gagacaaatg     92460
     tagcaattgc tcagagtgtg gccttgtgat aaagcttttc cattctccag ggttgaacgg     92520
     tgaccaaact ctgcctccct ggtgtgtttc catcccaacc aacatcccac cagcggcagt     92580
     gcccactctg ttttaaggat ccctgaaagt caagggtcag agaggctgac ccttgaccca     92640
     gaagcatgca gtgggcattg gccctaacag tatcccaagc tacctccctc tactcctgtg     92700
     attctcaccc tctctcccca agggcatcat ttcttattct caagctactt actcagtgga     92760
     tctcgacctc ttgcatgagt taagacttct gattttaagt aagattggca tagtcagaaa     92820
     aggcatctac cttccagagt acttgcaaga cacagatggt cctgaatgca agtgtctctg     92880
     gaagtgtgct ttcaaaggct gtgtccctca aaagctctat cccctatcta actccacttg     92940
     taagcatgtt gtttggttct tgccattctg ggcaaaagtc cagggcctca aacctactaa     93000
     gtaggtgctt tgccgctgag ctacgcccca caacccccat ctttgtttta atctgttgtg     93060
     tttattctct ctcagagatg ttttagatgc caacatttct gggctcacaa atgcatgtac     93120
     aatactccat ggacagacag atgtacaatc ttccacagat agacctctag cttgatagca     93180
     ccagcccctg gacccctcta atttcctgga agtcaaaggg agggctgtag aaatgaagat     93240
     ggagaagttt gagagtacag ctgtaggctg gtgagctggc tctgcgagta acacgcttgt     93300
     tgctcaagcc taaggacctg agctcacatc tccatcactc actcaaaaag ccaggtgtgg     93360
     cagcagctgg aattccagca ctaaggaggc acagagagga tgggatggct cctgggactc     93420
     attgactgtc cagtctagct gacccactga gctccagatt cactgagaga ctttgtcccc     93480
     aaaaggtgac acatggtgac tagggagacc tctcctcagt taggaacgaa gtttttgcca     93540
     agttcagttc tcaacaccca tgccaggcag ctcacaacca cctgtgactg ccacagagga     93600
     tctgacaccc tcttctggcc tctgcagaca cctgcacata catgtatata aacacacata     93660
     ctttaaaaca aaacaaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa acaacacaag gcagcctgaa     93720
     gagatggcta ggcgggtaag aggtccagag ttcaattccc agcaactgcc tggtggttca     93780
     aagctatctg tcaggatctg attccttctt ctggtgtaca tgaataaata aatctctttc     93840
     cttttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttt cttcttcttt     93900
     ttttttaaag gtggcaagtg ggtagtagta atgcacgcat ttgatcccag tattcaggag     93960
     gcagaaggag gaagatctct gtgagtttta ggccagcatg cagcatggtt tgcataatga     94020
     gttccaagtc agccaaggct ttatatatag agaaatccat ctcataaaat aatgatgatg     94080
     ataattaaaa ggaaagggct ggaaagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcacta actgctcctc     94140
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt tccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaactac ctgtaatggg     94200
     atctaatgcc ctcttctggt gttctgcctg aagagagtga cagtgggctc atatacttaa     94260
     aaataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaagagg caaaaaattt aaagaataaa ataaaaagga     94320
     gagtgattga ggaagaaaca tgacatcaac ccctggcctc tcacagagga acatggactc     94380
     cacagacaca tacatacctc ccctctacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     94440
     acacaaggtg ggagtgaggg gggggcacag tgatgtactg tgggaagcgg tttctgctgt     94500
     gcctgcgtgg cctaattggt aaacaagcaa tgtgtgcatg tgcaagagtg ttttcgtgcc     94560
     aagtcactgc tcatcctggg gcgtggtgat gaggctctgg gagagcagcc aatcaggcgt     94620
     ggacatgcca cactgaggtg tatataagca gtgccttttt ggtgcttggg gtcttcctct     94680
     tcatgttgaa actggtgtaa taaagttgtt gcagaaggat ctagtttctc acgagtgtgt     94740
     tcttgctggc gagataatag cgtgtgagag aattggtgcc gaaacccggg aactgcctta     94800
     ccatcgccgg caccaaggag accctccgtt cgcagagcgg attcagtact gcagtcaggt     94860
     tggttttttt aaggttctga gaggcatgtt tggttctggt ctttctctac aattagaagg     94920
     ggcaatggaa gcctttgtaa ttgtttttgc agcacttatc cttttcctta taatgaaagc     94980
     aggacaggga gtgctggagg aggttcaaga cagcatgtca gaaacagagc ggggtaaaag     95040
     attgggagct caaagaaaaa aaggtatacc taagaaacaa ggccctttca aggattctga     95100
     atccgaggaa gagagagaaa agggaaagga cgccctggga gagaaaaagg agaagggaga     95160
     gagaaagagg aggaaagata aaggggagaa gagaaaaaag aaggggaagg agtccctcaa     95220
     gaggaagaac ctttatttgt taaaagaacc tgagggttta ggacttgata gctcaagctc     95280
     aagcgaagaa cttagtccct cggaggaaga agacttagag gaagaagcag cccgctatgg     95340
     ggaagaaaga taccaccctg atgagggtag aaatagcgag ccaaggagga agttaaaagg     95400
     aaatggtggt ttaagtcagg gcatggttcg gtctccaggc cctagcgccc ctccacctta     95460
     tgcagaaaat ttctgctcag attcttttat ccctcgagac gagcggcaaa aattacaaca     95520
     gatgtttcct atctttgagg cagcggatgg aggacacgtt cacgcgtctg tggagcacat     95580
     acagatcaaa gaacttgctg agtcggtcca taattatgga gttagtgcca attttacttt     95640
     atctcaagtc gaaagacttg ctactttggc catgactccg ggagactggc aaatggtggc     95700
     aaaggctgtg ctcaccaata tggggcagta tttagaatgg aaagtcttat ggtatgacat     95760
     ctctcaaatg caagcaaggg ctaatgccgc agctgaaggt gatcagagaa attggacgtt     95820
     tgatctgctg acaggtcagg gaccatatgc agttaatcag acaaattata attggggagc     95880
     atacactcag gtttcagctg ctgccattaa ggcatggaaa gcactttcaa ggaaaggaga     95940
     ggcaggagga catctgacaa agattataca aggacctctt aatattgtgt ctgattctgc     96000
     ttatgtggtg aatgcagtta atattcttga ggcagcagga ttaataaaat cctctagtag     96060
     agttgctaac attttccaac aaatacagtc tgccttaatt aatagaagac atcctgtcta     96120
     cataacccat attagggcac attcgggcct cccaggtcca atgtcctatg gaaatgattt     96180
     ggctgataaa gcaacaaagc ttatagtcgc agcattgtct tcacagttag aaacagcacc     96240
     agaatttcat aaacgctttc atgtgatggc tgaaacttta tgccgctgat ttaatttgac     96300
     tagaaaggaa gctagggaaa ttgtcattca atgccaaaat tgctgtggat ttttgcctac     96360
     tcctcatgtg ggaataaacc cacgtggtat aagaccatta caggtctggc aaatggatgt     96420
     cacacatgtt ccttcttttg gaagatgtca atacttacat gtgtcaattg acacttgttc     96480
     tggcatcatg tttgccatac ctttaacagg tgaaaaagcc tcacatgtaa tacagcactg     96540
     cctagaggca tggagtgctt ggggtaaacc taaaattcta aaaactgaca atgggccagc     96600
     atatgtttct aataagtttc aacaattttg ccatcaaatg aatgtttcac atctgactgg     96660
     ccttccttac aatctacaag gacaaggcat tgtggaacat gctcatcgca ctataaaagc     96720
     ttatttaata aaacaaagaa ggggaactgt ggaagacacg atatccccag taccaagagt     96780
     agctgtttgc atggcactct ttactattaa tttttaaaat cttgatgagc atggtcactc     96840
     tgcagctgat cgtcatagtt cggagcccaa tagggcaaag gaaatggtca aatggaaaaa     96900
     tgtccttgat aataaatggt atggcccgga tcctatttta atcagatcct ggggagctat     96960
     ttgtgttttt ccacagggtg aagaaaatcc actttgggtc ctgacaccac tgacaaggac     97020
     cgtgaaagag caagatgaac cccaagatga tcctcttgct cctgatgatt gagaccagga     97080
     taagtatacc tctgtgggcc atagtaagat catggccagt acctttaccg gtacattcca     97140
     attcttttac cttgcctttg ttttttgcaa aggaatattt ttttggatgt gccttatgca     97200
     tgacaaactc ctcaagagcc acgggtgtat aagagtagat tatctttaat tgggcagcat     97260
     tactcccgtt aggtatatta atgattcttt tattaagagt acaggccaat cgaatcacct     97320
     gaaggggaac tggtcgtagg agctggaaag gttgcagaca cggctgcaga tacagatcct     97380
     gaacctcaat gggaccagag tggaaccagt gacccttgga gattttacct cttggcttgt     97440
     ctctgtattt tattatttta aggagtgggt gggggctata ttgtttggcg cagccttatg     97500
     ttgtgggata gtgtttatgc tatggttggt ttgcaaactt agatctcaac agaaatgtga     97560
     caaggtcgtt atcactcaag cacttgtggc cattgaacaa ggggcctccc ctgaaatttg     97620
     gttcggcatc tgagttctct gctcttgcac cccatggatc tgcagatcca ttgcactggg     97680
     atgagagaga ctcaatgatc attgatcagc ccttgcacat tgctgaggtt tcctcattgc     97740
     acatgatagg gtgatcatga tttctccact aaaatttttc tttaaaaccg gactggcctt     97800
     gctcgtagag ttcaccctag gccatctagc agttattgtc acacagcact gtggtatcca     97860
     gagacgggca actttcctcg tgcacagacc aacctataat gctgcgttat gccatgggct     97920
     gcgaggctaa gcactgcaca gaggatagct tgctgttggc atcctgtgga aggcacatct     97980
     gattgcatga aggtttagtg tcctagtttc cttcccccag gagaaacgac acgggagctg     98040
     gccaagactt ctctgggtga tgagcccaag ggatggtttt gtgtagggcc cctatgcttg     98100
     cacactgggg atcagacctc taccttcacc catgaggctt gtttgcagca atcaaaatct     98160
     ggccatagat taatcaacat cctggccttt tgatgcacct gccgcatgca gacaggagag     98220
     ctgtgcaggt gtataggtaa ggctgtgaca ttagaggaac gacctaaaac aggggccaca     98280
     gcagatgggt gtaactgcag aagcctagac cagccttgtt ttaataaaac aaaaaggggg     98340
     agatgtggga agcggtttct actgtgcctg cgtggcctaa ttggtaaaca agcaatgtgc     98400
     gcatgtgtga gagtgttttc gtgccaagtc acggcccatc ccggggcgtg gtgatgaggc     98460
     tctgggagag cagccaatca ggtgtggaca cgccacacta aggtctatat aaacagtgcc     98520
     tttttggtgc ttgggatctt cctcttcatg ttgaaattgg tgtaataaag ttgctgcaga     98580
     aggatctggt ttctcacgcg tgtgttcttg ctggcgagac agtagggcgt gagagaatgt     98640
     actgcataac agcactttgg ttgaggaccc cttcacagtc tgtgacttag tggctgtctt     98700
     aggttgcaca ggtacattct gaggcatcca cgtattgact gtcagctagc taccaatgcc     98760
     tgactctggg gatgtgtccc taccaagtga cacatgactg tgtccaggca gtggggtaaa     98820
     cagaacttgg tgctggtcag gtgtgacacc tacagaagtg caggagtccc actctgcaaa     98880
     caagtaatgg ctctataaac agaagggaat tcactggaaa gccctgcagt gagttccacg     98940
     gagccaaccg cagggaatac atgtggaaac cggtatggat agggtccacg gaagaacagg     99000
     aagcagaaag cacggggatt ggaggagcaa gtgcctgtgg ctgtcatgcc gtctcaggcc     99060
     tctctgtccc tgtcttcagt ggctactaaa attcggagtt ctctgatcta gcgccaagat     99120
     taattgctct aagccagcta tgggaattcc tctaggcttt gctagagatg gtttaccggt     99180
     gtcatgtgac caggtgtggc caatgagttg tgaggagagg tttgcttgcc attctttctc     99240
     cctttctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcaggcagt agccatgaag agaacaactt     99300
     gtgagggtcc attctgttct ctctgtccac catgtaggag ctcaagttca ggccattagg     99360
     cctggtggca agtggccttc cctctgagct gcctgcctag tgatgtcctt gcttcaacat     99420
     tctgagaggt cgtgagcctc ccacctctgc ttcctgcatg atccaccagg tccagcttag     99480
     cagttttgtg gagcctccct ctcttctcag cagcagctgg tggcatggcc agtgctttcc     99540
     cacctaagca gcagggagtg agcttagatg tgattcttag aactgcgaca gctatcatgt     99600
     gaccataaag gaagctggcc tgaagatttt cacactgaga gccatgataa accagggatg     99660
     aaccaatcca aagtggatca aagactctaa taggagacct taaactttga ttttgttaga     99720
     ggaaaatata ggttaaacta agatatgtgc actggctagg actttctgaa aacaactagt     99780
     acaagatacc ctaaggattg acaacgtgaa attaaagtaa gtgaaattaa aaggtttatg     99840
     gaagcagggt ggccatggta caccctgtaa tcccagcact tggaaggcag aggcagcaga     99900
     tctctctgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta cacagagagg tccaggacag ccatggctac     99960
     acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaca aataaataaa ataaatttga aaatgtttct    100020
     gcatagcaaa gggaataatc agcagaccac acaccagtga aacaaaccat caagtcagtg    100080
     ggttaatgaa ctgaacagac cgctctcagg agaaaaagta tacctggcca gtaactacat    100140
     gggaaaaata cacaccgcct ttaagcatcc tgaaatacaa tgacggctgc tttgaggttc    100200
     tatgtcaccc cagtcacaaa ggctgtcacc aagaaaacaa accacaacag acactgctgt    100260
     gcaagccgag aaacaggaag ctctgctcgc tgctggtaaa aatgtaaatt tgttcagcca    100320
     ctatggaaat cggtatgggg gtttctcaaa caactggaaa tagatttacc atacgaccct    100380
     gatacaccac ttggggttcc tggaggactc tacgtcaaca tactctatgt ccgagatact    100440
     tagcatccac gtttataact gcagtaatca caacagccaa gaaaggaagt caagagatga    100500
     atggatgaag agaatgtggt ctgtatatac aacccagcta tgaagagcaa caaaaccatg    100560
     acatttgcag gaaacatggt gataactaaa aatcattatg ttagaccaga ctcaaaaaga    100620
     taagcatcta gatatcttgc ttttgcttct atacagaatc tgcatattaa aagtgtgtgt    100680
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcc tgtgtgttaa agctagaaag agaatcttga    100740
     gaggaaaaaa agatcttaag ggagagaaaa tagaggcgat aacatgataa taaaagagtc    100800
     aaaagggcca ggcatagtag ctagtgcctt taattttagc acacaggagg cagaggcagg    100860
     tggatgcctg taaatctgaa gccagtctag tctacacagt gtgttccagg acagtcagtg    100920
     ccaaacagtg agaacctgtt gaagaaagag gaggaggagg aggaggaaga ggaagaggaa    100980
     gagggagcca gccaggagga aagagagagt gtggaggagg gaagtagtgg ggtggggtgc    101040
     taactacaat ggcatgtgta tatatgaaga ctacatgatg aacctcttac tctatatatt    101100
     aacctaaaat ctcagtgtac aactaaaata gagagggaag gatcctggat ccttgaagac    101160
     attttcaaac tactaaaaga atgtccctgc atcctctcag gctaatcttc cctctttatt    101220
     atttatttac ttatttgttt atatgtatgg cctagaaact cactgcatag ctgttgtatg    101280
     atttaacatg gcgacacatg aacaaatgtc tatcaccaca gtcagggcat gttggctcta    101340
     tgattttgct ctactttatt gggttcttat aagtccctcc ttccctcact ctcaagcttt    101400
     attccaccct ggtccctccc aaccccctaa cactaggtag gagagaaagg aggttagtgg    101460
     agaaggggac gtagacctat ttcagccaac aaaaatagac cagttcctgc tgattgagga    101520
     tgttgggatc ttggggcaag tctagccttc ttcaccttcg ggatagctcc aacttcttct    101580
     cttcaaacca caacaacaac aagcaagagg agcagtagcg ttccccaggc cctcttgggg    101640
     ctctcccatt tatagtgtct ctagagtccc cagaatgaaa cactctgcag ctggcaaaac    101700
     tttcaccccg gctagtgcac gaggcaaatc acaatcacct gctgtgaagc agcctcttat    101760
     cccatgcctg ggattcaaat aaaaacatat tcacataact gggtttttta agaaaccaaa    101820
     attctgacta caagggtacc aatgacaggc taaagaaatg attgaaccaa gtctagttta    101880
     ctgaacctgt aagtttattg aagttgctta tagacacatg tgtaaggggt cacttacagg    101940
     aacacaaatg actcaaaagc agctacattt ccataaaggc tgctccagca cggggatgga    102000
     atgactcacg gaagctgcat gcttagagct tccctgcata gctggcaagc agcttggctg    102060
     cttggagagt ggcctctcca gcaactgttt actgctttta taaccttgga agtgaaactt    102120
     tataaatctt gtaacttagg gctggagaga tggctcagaa gttaagagca ctgactgctc    102180
     ttccagaggt cctgagtaca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat    102240
     ggggtctgat gcactcttct agtgtgtgtc tgaagatagc tgcagtgtac tcatataaat    102300
     aaaaataaat cgttaaaaaa ataataaatc ttgtaacttt caggatcttc ctgggcttct    102360
     taagtttact ttctgagtct taggaatagt tcattgtaga ggaattgcta cacaatagta    102420
     gacccacact gaacttagag gaatcctaca tctgccttct gaacactgag tttaagggat    102480
     gagccactgt gcttagctca tgctaggcct cttttttttt tttttttttt tcttctgaga    102540
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tagaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct    102600
     caaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgcaccat    102660
     cactgcccag ctatgctagg cctcttgtat tgactgatga ctggtttgta cttttccagg    102720
     ggctggagag ttgacaatga cagactgtaa gcccccaaat ggccaggagc atccatgata    102780
     tgttatagct ctcaggggaa aggtatcctg gattcagtaa ccaaggaaca tcacaatgtc    102840
     acattgcaca acaaacctca cacaagagat ttattgggag agatacaaga aggtggctgc    102900
     ctttccttgg tggagaaaca gcaggaaacg gagtgggagg caagctttct tggtggtgga    102960
     gttttccagg gtggaaattt ctagggaggg gattggtaag gtttggtgag ttttcaaacc    103020
     ctgaggtgtg tgcttggacc ttacacccta cacatgcacc tcatgataca acgcccactt    103080
     cccatacgga gccctgtgct caccacagtc cttcttggac tggctgaatt taggctcctg    103140
     cataaccttg tagcccttcc ctcctttcct actgcaaaac cctcttagct tgctgtggta    103200
     aatacacttc tgtaattccc gtaattagga ggtggaggca gggaaatagc aaagttaggt    103260
     cactctagat caagtccctc ttgcaaaaac aaagaaaaaa accacgccct ctatggtaca    103320
     aaccagttcc tcttccctag agttctggcc cctccccggg aggatgtggt catagggtca    103380
     ggtcctgggg ccaaggtctg tcctggtaca accccggact gaccggtttc tttcactttg    103440
     gtcggctctg ctatgtggct cggccttgct tttgtgatgg ctaacgttat gatggcagtt    103500
     aattttatgt ttaaaagttt aaaatgtctg tgcttaagaa aactataaag cgttaagagt    103560
     ggttaaggct tagaatttgt ttttacaact attttggttt ctataaatga gcttgttttg    103620
     ctccagagga ccctctgctt ggcccagaac aaattgtaac tttgtattcc ttgcctttat    103680
     aaacccttga ctgaggtagc tgggtgctgc attagggaat cccaacttgc aaatacggac    103740
     ctggatggag ccagtatctg aataaaagcc tcttctttgt tagaatgtat taatggtcag    103800
     actggcgagt ctctgaatga ccccagaccc ataacactgt cttcacgtcc tagtggcaat    103860
     caccaaaagt cccttttgaa accaaaagtt gaataagtgt cccgttgttc ctccggtctt    103920
     gcaaggcctt gcaaagctga tcacagcctt cctctcttcc tggagcacca ggaacctgtt    103980
     atagtctgcc tttattgtct ataaaatgaa atcacctatg aagattcccc accctctctt    104040
     ccctggttgc ttggcttttt cttctcagac tgtcccagac cagtgataga tgcccaccaa    104100
     cccggatcag tggtagatgc ccactaacaa tcccagaccc tagtaaggga gggtaagggg    104160
     gtgggggtgg gggttggggc tggtggcact tgcctttaat ccctgcattc aggaggcaga    104220
     cgaaagctta tttctcagtt gtagtctaga gatgccatgc tctggctctt gaactaagaa    104280
     ggtaccactg gcaactctgg aagcccagga gggagggagg gagggaggga ggaagggagg    104340
     gagggaggga ggaagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg    104400
     gttggttcct actgagcaaa ataaatgctg ggtagaaaaa gccacagtgt cctgctcccc    104460
     accttctgcc cagcacttca gctgtaagac aaggcaatgc cctttgattt agcacttcac    104520
     tctggaaaga gtacaattct gagatgacag cgagatcatc atccctgtgt atttctgcct    104580
     gctcccagtg acccaagttg accgtgattg aggttatttt gtaaaatatt tccttgaggc    104640
     accgggaatc aaggccatgc atcctaggcg agcattctgc cactgagtct catgcttcca    104700
     ccgaggagcc acatccccag tccttttgta agagaatttg ccgatgtagg tggccatggt    104760
     ggcacaggaa attagggagg ctgaagcagg caggagaatc acaattaagt caacctgaga    104820
     aacatagtgt ctccagagga aaagaatttg caactgtgat taagggccca tattgagtct    104880
     ggctacacag ccctgactaa ccagaactca ctgtgtagac agctggctgg cctcgaactc    104940
     atacagacct acctgccttt gcatcatggc agtaaaatca tgtaccgcca tggactctca    105000
     ctctgtggga gtatccttga tgggcctgac ccaatcggat gagccctgaa aagggaccag    105060
     aagtttcctg gcaaagcaga cacagtgtga agcaattcaa tgcagggaca ttctctgctc    105120
     caccctctgt tttattgctt ttaattctta aaattaattt atttattcta tgtacaatgt    105180
     tttccctcat gcatgcccat gcaccatgtg catgcctgat acctgcagag tccagaagag    105240
     gcaatcagaa cccctggaat tggagttata gacagctctg agccctcctg taggtagatg    105300
     ggaatagagc ctggatcctt tggatctaaa gtccatacct gctgagcgac acctccagcc    105360
     ctgacactgg ctttaaagtt agaggaagta ggtggccaga aatgtagaaa tcacacgtag    105420
     ccgtggtcga cagctgagaa gaagctggga catctgtcct gcagccacat ggaagtgagt    105480
     tctgaccagg acctgggggg ggatctcact ttagaggctc cagagacttc agcttgaacc    105540
     tcagcgttct gatgatctgg gcagaaactc taactatgca gcaccaagtg tttacccatg    105600
     ggtctgtgca tccgtaaaag tagttttggg gggcattgtt ttagggtgct cagagtgtgg    105660
     taattggtca cacagcagaa ggaagctgca tgaaggaagg tcacataagc attctgtaag    105720
     attctgaaag caggttttgt cccatcattc ttaccttacc ctcaacagga cctggaacac    105780
     catcctagta aagtcaggaa aatggagggc aggaacctaa ctcttcagtc cgctactccc    105840
     accagtgact ccctgctcaa aacacttcta cagcgctgtt ctgctgggtc tcccatgaag    105900
     cccttgctcc tcagacccag gagcaagctt gaccaatctc tacctctgaa gcttctgaga    105960
     cctttgcccg catctattga tcctcactcc tgggcaggca gcggggccat cggcagacgc    106020
     catgacggct ctgttgttcc tggggtctct gctgatgagt ctggatctga cactttcggt    106080
     gaggacggtg gacactggga ttgagccaga gtggcagtga ggggtccctg ttccggattt    106140
     agcctctgcc tgtcacctgc tagttcaggt gactgagaga cttgtggtgg gggtgggggt    106200
     tgggggaagg cacagctagc ccagaagatc caaacaaagg aggtagcagc ccatgctggt    106260
     ggatgtgagg acacaggcta cttttgtggg ggagtcaatg agaagagaaa ggaaggctac    106320
     actttgtgag gaaatcctgt actttggcga ggtggcagga ggttgaggcc tataggatca    106380
     agggaagtct aacattgtgg gcaatgttcc tgccttctct ctcctatagg ctccaccatg    106440
     gaaagactcc aagaaattta aggacgcacc tgatgggccc acagtgggta agtgatctgg    106500
     cctcttttcc taatctactc tgtggggatg gctgtgcttt agcctgcgtg gtctcaggcc    106560
     tctggagcaa ggagggatcc tgagccaagc tgttccgttg acatttaaac ctgggtgcct    106620
     acagattcag atgtgtgccc ggagtgccag gcttgggctg tcctggatgc ctgtgttaga    106680
     gcctggcagg tactctgtag tgttggagat gatgtcatct gatgatgtca tcacacctgc    106740
     acaccaacaa gtgctcgcca gtttccccat cttcctccct ttcctttcaa cactcctgga    106800
     gaatgtcaga cataaccggt agagttcaga gcttcagtgg gcgatgggag ccagaacaga    106860
     gctttagact cacccaagat cacagacacc ccaagttgtc tccaaaccct aactttctca    106920
     cttgtgagtt tactctctgc ttcatttttc cctgtctgaa aagttagacg ggttgctgag    106980
     gagaaagggt tcctcattgt tgtagatgct gctgccagga aaatgcccta acatgttagc    107040
     tcttaggcta gggcatagct cactggcaga gcacttgccc aacatgcacg cacacacacc    107100
     tgggtttggt ctgcagcact gtgaggggaa aaaattcctt ttttttttaa ttttaaagaa    107160
     aaaattcttt cttaagctgg agagataact cagaggttaa gagcactggc tgctcttcca    107220
     gaggtcctga gttcaattcc caacaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct atctgtactg    107280
     ggatctgatg cctttttctg gtctgtctga agacagcaac acatatagta aataattaat    107340
     taattaaaga aagaacaatt cttttttaaa gatttattta tttattttat gtatgagtgt    107400
     tctatctgca tgtacacctg tatgccagaa gagggtatca gatctcatta cagatagctg    107460
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggagttgaa ctcaggacct ctacaagaac agacagtaga    107520
     tctcaaatgc tgagccattt ttccagccca agaaaaaaaa tcttaacttt tagtaaattt    107580
     gacttaggtg aagggttcca cccccatcct gccccaaacc ctgctatagg acttgtgagt    107640
     acagaactct accacagtga gccttgtctg tggggtcaag ctgaggcttg tagtgtgatg    107700
     tctctcactg aagcccaact cagtgtgacc ctccaggctt ctgtcctaac cactctaagc    107760
     caatcagctg ctgtcccttt caacctgacc caccatggcc ccctgtctcc aagttctagg    107820
     acccttccct ctctctatca ccctgttgct aaattgccac taaaaggaga aaagaagaag    107880
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagag gaagaaacaa    107940
     aacacatttg ttgagcacct actgagtcct ggactcaatg tcccaagcat tgccactaag    108000
     cctcacggtg ttcccctgaa gtagacagtg atttcttttt cattttctct ttgagattat    108060
     aatataatta catcactggg cagtggtggc acatgccttt aatcctagca cttgggaggc    108120
     agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctgctct acacagtgag ttccaggaca    108180
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaacaaaaa caatatatat atatatatat    108240
     atatatatat atatatacac atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatacgt atatatatat    108300
     atacacatat atatatacac atatatatat acatatatat aatcatatca tccccctccc    108360
     tttcttccct ccaaaccctc ccatagcccc aataattatt tctttttttt tttaagattt    108420
     atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcctcag atactccaga agagggcatc    108480
     agattttgtt acggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcgggacc    108540
     ttcggaagag cagtcggcgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct cgccagcccc aataattatt    108600
     tcttatgatt aactatactt ttctcagcta ccatgaacat caagttcaca aattcagtga    108660
     ttccgttcac aaattaggtt ccgtgagcct ctggctatga cattttcacc aatcattagc    108720
     atgtaatctt gttacatctg gattctgttt aaagacatta ttcagtgtgc atgttgttga    108780
     tcccttaaac actaatctaa tggccgatgc cactattact gcctgcctga caaggtgtcc    108840
     ctgacacgtt ttcttcataa ggcgcataca acttcttgtg ttcttgcaag taggagcctc    108900
     aggtaacact tgggcataca catagaacca ctctgtctcc ctgaagtact gaggatcgaa    108960
     cctagagcct tgtgtatgcc aggcaaatgc ttggccactg agttaaaact ctggccctct    109020
     ttaaaaagaa gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gcaagtgcat gtgtgtatgt gtatgtacat    109080
     atgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtatatgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgcaagtac    109140
     atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gttcgagcat ctttcactga cccattcaat tccataaaga    109200
     tcatgaaggc actgtgaacg ttggcagttt ctttggcttt ctttggcctt gtgctgactt    109260
     gtgagcaagc actacacgac tgacctatat cctcagcctg agtcacaagt attgggttgg    109320
     agggggctta caaataaatg tttacaaagc aggcaggggc agtggtgggg gggtgccttt    109380
     aatcccagca cttggcaggc agaggcaggt gaatttctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct    109440
     acacagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacaaagaaa ccctgtcttg ggggtggggg    109500
     tgggggaaca aaacaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaagcaggc aggttcacaa atataaagtc    109560
     agtgaggatt ggcagttgca ttactgttgc cagtttacta agccaaaaat ggccaaggga    109620
     cctaagtgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttgtagacag    109680
     gctatctctg tgtaatagac ctggctgtcc tggaactcat tctgtagacc aggctggcct    109740
     tgaactcaca gagatccgcc tgcctcagcc tcccaaattc tgggatgaaa ggcgtgtgac    109800
     ctaaatcttt aatgagctca actttgtgac atgcacctgt gtttcagact tgctcagggt    109860
     cagatatcta ttccagctgt ctgactctag aagcctactt tctaagcagg atgcagtctt    109920
     gaatgcatag ctgacctttt tccaaatcag gccctgtgag gcagagggtg ggcagctggg    109980
     tctcagggca gggctctgag gtgtggtgtt cctacagttc tcactgtgga tgggaggctc    110040
     tgccattttc cctttcagta ccaccgtcag ctacaccaca aatgcatcca caaaaggcgg    110100
     ccaggctccc gcccctggta agacattttc taataggggt tgggggaggg ggctggatga    110160
     aatggactct gtctagctat ctaagcatcg tgtttggtca aaaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    110220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgaagca aggctagcct agccagcctc    110280
     aggcactgca gggaaacctc atctatcccc caggtgtgct accaccccca actttgatga    110340
     agatcagcaa tggggatact gcttggagcc caagaaagtg aaaggtatgt atggcatgca    110400
     ggccccgggt ggctcaaggc tgtgtgtgtc ttgctgctca ctccgttccc acacacctac    110460
     tcacctacta agcatcatca gatgccaaac acttgggatt ctgggccccg cccttttcct    110520
     tctcttacag cattctttca aaagtcagag gaagaattct ggggaaagag gccaccattg    110580
     tccagatgag cttgagggtc tagaagcttg gggttctatg gtttgatgac aagcaggtgc    110640
     aggcagggta ttggtcccta catatgtcct tccgactccg gaagtgcttc gctcttgtta    110700
     tctacctctc agaccattgc agcaaacaca acccgtgcca caaaggaggg acatgtatca    110760
     acacccccaa tgggccacac tgtctctgcc ctgaacacct cactgggaaa cattgccaga    110820
     aaggtaagag gaactgcctc ccagcaagat gtccctggag acccggtgct ttgccatggt    110880
     cccattgact tccttgtgtc cccagagaaa tgctttgagc ctcagcttct caagttcttc    110940
     cacgagaatg agctatggtt tagaacgggg ccaggaggtg tggccaggtg cgagtgcaaa    111000
     ggttctgagg ctcactgcaa gccggtggcc agccagggta agtgggtgtg cagggactgt    111060
     ggggaggagg gcagagagtc aggaacccct ggtagaaggc tgggtgcaat gatgtacaca    111120
     ggtaaggctc agtttgcacc tctccccacc ccacccccag cctgcagcat caatccgtgc    111180
     cttaatgggg gcagctgcct cctcgtggag gaccacccac tgtgccgttg ccctacaggc    111240
     tacactggat atttttgcga cttgggtgag taagaccccg tgtggaaagg cttgcggagg    111300
     tggatagaga gaatggaagt gaaccagagg gctccaacag actcatccgc cgactgcagg    111360
     gagccatctc tctttctcta gacctttggg cgacctgcta tgaaggcagg gggctcagct    111420
     accggggcca ggctggaact acgcaatcgg gtgcgccatg tcagcggtgg accgtggagg    111480
     ccacctaccg gaacatgact gagaagcaag cgctaagctg gggcctgggc caccacgcat    111540
     tttgccggtt cgcgagaagg gaccgggcag gggaacttgc tttctcttag ggtcctcgag    111600
     ggcctcccca cgttctaaca gtgctccctc ttgagattgc aggaacccag ataatgacac    111660
     acgtccatgg tgcttcgtct ggagtggcga caggctgagc tgggactatt gcggcctgga    111720
     gcagtgccag acgccaacgt ttgcacctct agttgtccct gagagtcagg aggagtcccc    111780
     gtcccaggca ccatctctgt cccatgcacc aaatggttag gcagaggagg gggtcccggc    111840
     gcagaggaca tgggtctctc ttattcctgg cagcccgtgc caggtatcca tggcctcagc    111900
     cagtctctcc ttccacagac tcgaccgatc atcagacttc tctgtccaag accaacacga    111960
     tgggctgcgg acagaggttc cgcaagggac tgtcctcgtt catgcgcgtg gtgggcggac    112020
     tagtggctct gcctgggtcg cacccctaca tcgctgcact gtactggggt aacaacttct    112080
     gcgcgggcag tctcatcgcc ccctgttggg tgctgaccgc ggctcactgc ctgcagaatc    112140
     ggcaagtgcc accctcggtg accccctaga ccgctcctac cgtacccgca ccctactctt    112200
     tccctgcccg ccattcttga gctccctcga ggggttggaa actaaggcac ccccagagca    112260
     tttgtagccg gtctgagcct gctgcctgtc ccccacccga ctgcaggcca gcgcccgagg    112320
     aactgacagt ggtacttggt caagatcgcc acaaccagag ctgcgagtgg tgccagactc    112380
     tggctgtgcg ctcctaccgc cttcacgagg gcttctcctc catcacctac cagcacgact    112440
     tgggtggggt ggccctacag ggatagggag aaaggatggc ggagggctgg ggccctatgt    112500
     cgccatctaa cctttgcctc tcggggtagc tctgctgcgc ctgcaggaaa gcaaaaccaa    112560
     cagttgcgcg atcctgtcac ctcacgttca gcctgtgtgt ctacccagcg gcgcggcccc    112620
     accctctgag acagtgctct gcgaggtggc cggctggggt caccagttcg agggtaggca    112680
     caactgttgg gcgctggttg gagacttttg gttatctagg agcgcagttg gtacgccccg    112740
     atgaatctgg gggacaagtt tcactgacat gacagttgta aaaaacgcac agagcccttg    112800
     tctctgtagc gtgactttcc cagattctag aattctctgt cgagattcca gagccccttg    112860
     aggtttgttc tagttttttg ccttctattg tggcgttaaa caccatgacc aaatccagct    112920
     taggcaggaa aggttttatt tggcttccga ggttgcaggg tttcttgctg tccaccattg    112980
     aggaagccac aacagggagt ggaggcagga actgaggcag gaaacggaaa gggacactcc    113040
     ttgctgcctt tctcttcatg gcttgttcag ctttcttttt aaaaaattca cttattttta    113100
     ttttatgtgc atgtgagtct gcctacaagc atatgtgtgc accatatgta catctggtac    113160
     aggggaagcc agatctgtaa tacaggttaa aaaccacggt gtgggggctg ggaacggaac    113220
     caaggccctc tgcaagaaca gcaagagctc ttaacctctg agctagcccc caacaccttg    113280
     cggcttgctt actttgcttt gcttttctct tttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctcttcct    113340
     cctcctcctc tttctccccc tcttcctctt gttttgtttt tgttttttgt tttgaaggca    113400
     gggtttctct gtgtagtccc agctgtccgg gagctgtcca ggagctgtcc agctctgtag    113460
     accaggctgc cttcaacctt aagcactcca tctgcctttg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    113520
     aaggcttgca cctttctggc tcagtttctt tcttacacaa tccaggccca cctgttcagg    113580
     gcggcatcac tcacagtggg cggggccctt tcacatcaac cattaatcaa gaaaatgccc    113640
     ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag    113700
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taacgagatc tggcgccttc    113760
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aattaataaa taaatcttta    113820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaat gccctacaga tattgcccta ggccaatctt ctggaggcat    113880
     ctcttcgggt gaggttcctt ccccccctag atgactcttg agtgcgtcaa attgacagac    113940
     agtaacccag cacaaggatt acagggagac ttgaactgtc ttgtgcttct tttgggctcc    114000
     aaattataaa ggcttaacca ggactttgtc cccatgctgg agcaatggag acaatggaga    114060
     gaactattct gggagccagg ttctgagcca ctgtgtggaa gaggatagga agtgcttcct    114120
     gtgttttaag ccctgctctt ctctgggctt cagtgtcctt gccatgaaat acttattggc    114180
     aggtccctat cactcaggct tgctgtgagg gagcaaagcg gagtaggtgg ggaattgtct    114240
     ggtagcctgg cccacgcagc aagctcaggt cctcccctct gatttgcagg ggctgaagaa    114300
     tactccacct tcctgcagga ggcacaggtt ccctttatcg ccctggatcg ctgctccaac    114360
     tctaacgtgc acggagacgc cattctccct gggatgcttt gcgctggctt cttggaggga    114420
     ggcaccgatg cctgccaggt cagccctggg gtcctggtag gtaccttggt ccctgcctgt    114480
     caagcataag gcaagaacca cgtgctgcct gttccccacc cagggtgact ccgggggccc    114540
     tctggtgtgt gaggaaggaa ctgcagaaca tcagctcacc ctgcgcggag tcatcagctg    114600
     gggctccggc tgtggtgacc gcaacaagcc cggagtctac acagacgtgg ccaactacct    114660
     ggcttggatc cagaagcata ttgcttcata actaaccagg ctttatcctt ccctccttgt    114720
     gtgctccttg ggatgggacg atgaatgtgg catgctgggt cacagtgaag ctagtgcccc    114780
     gacactgggg gcacagaaac tcaataaagt gctttgaaaa cgttcctcag aattctgtct    114840
     tgaaacgtca agtgggagca caggtaagcc aactccctcg ttgcctggac aaggcaacta    114900
     gccagatgtc agcataagag gcgtagactc ttgtccggac caccatattt tctcatcctt    114960
     actttgggtg agcttttgcc gcccatgttc aagtccacct gaggtcaatt aactggactc    115020
     tagggagaag gcagtcttgg catattttta aaacgctacg ggtgattcct tatgcaatag    115080
     aggttgggaa ctgtagttaa gagtgttcca gacgggaatc gtggtgcgga tagtagctgc    115140
     tgagcatgtg tgagaggccc tgggttagat cccagcacca ccattaaaag aagggggagg    115200
     ggttgtgttg ggttgtgtgg gttttgtttg tttgttttga actttaagcc tggcatggtg    115260
     gtgcaagttg gtgtcaagga aaatctgagg ctgcatctga tgcctctaag tacaagctgg    115320
     gttaggagcc agccagccag agccttcggg gatgcggtga ctccaaagcg aggtttgtag    115380
     ttcccttgca ggagaggagc ctagttgtcc agatgagtac atttcttgct tttaaaaatg    115440
     tccttctgtt tattgattta ttgagatatc tgtcgtccta atgccgaaat tataggccta    115500
     tacaatcacc cagtttatgt ggtgcagggg gatcaatccc aaaactttgt tcttggtcta    115560
     gccaggccct ctgtcaactg cactgtactg actgcgctac actccccgtc cttacaccca    115620
     tctttgcaca gcatcttact gcatagcttt tgtctggcct gtgacttgct aggtagcctt    115680
     gaacttgtac agatcccctt gcttcatgag tgacaggttt aagtacaagc caccatgtct    115740
     ggcttttttt ttttttttta attaagaaaa aaaaatgggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg    115800
     gtaagagcac ccaactgctc ttctgaaggt ctggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt    115860
     ggctcacaac catccgtaat gagatctgat gccctcttct ggagcgtctg aagacagcta    115920
     cagtgtactt acatgtaata aataaataaa taaataaata aatcttaaaa aaaaaaagaa    115980
     aaaaatgtgg tttgtgttat gagtgtgtca cagtgtggtg tgaaggtcag agcacaactc    116040
     tgtggagcca gttctctcct tctgcctttg tgggggctct ggtgataaaa ctcaggccac    116100
     caggcttata agacaatgca cccttactgt ctgagccttt tttttttttt tttatggttt    116160
     ttcgagacag gctttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg    116220
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcccgcct ctgcctcctg aatgctggga ttaaaggcgt    116280
     gcaccaccat gcctggcact tttttaataa ttaaaaacct gagaatttgg gctggagaga    116340
     gaatgactca gtggttaaga gcacggactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca    116400
     gcaatcacat gatggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatcc aatgccctct tctggtatgt    116460
     ctgaagacag cgacattgta ctcatataca taaaataaat acatttcttt tattatatct    116520
     aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagatgcacc ggaagagagc gtcagagctc attaaggatg    116580
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcagaa gagcagtcag    116640
     tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctctccagt cctaaatgtg tctttaaaaa aaaaaaagtt    116700
     aaaatttcaa gacttttgag ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc    116760
     ttccgaaggt ccgaagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac cacccgtaat    116820
     gagatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata    116880
     aataaatctt aaaaaaattt tttcaagact tttaaattgc tgggcagtgg tggcgcatgc    116940
     ctttaatccc agcactcgga ggaagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg    117000
     tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaca    117060
     aaaacaaaaa aaatcaagac ttttatgtgt ttctgtggac atgagtgcag gtgcccaagc    117120
     aagccagatg cactgcttta cctgggtgct gggaattgaa ctctggtcct ctgaaaatgg    117180
     cactcagttg cgggaccttt ttttatttat ttttttattt tattttattt taaatcatgt    117240
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgagctt gcctcaggag ttgtcagatc tctcgagtgg gagttacagg    117300
     ctttgtaggc caaaagaggt gatgctggga acggaactca ggctctgtgt aatgaatgct    117360
     ctttcttaac gctgagccac ctttccagcc tctcatccat cttcttccat ttcctcctac    117420
     atgctacttt tagaaccgcc cccgaacccc caccaactct accgccctct ccttctcctc    117480
     ctagttagat gttctgtgac gtttgcctta cgtcacagcc ccgccctgcg aacttcgggc    117540
     atgctgccag tgttcttagc tctgaatgca gccggccacc ccccctaatg caagcacaag    117600
     ttgctgggac tgactgagcg gagatgagtg actggaaggg ctacatcagt gcagtgctgc    117660
     gggatcagcg gatcgatgac gtggctatcg tgggccactc ggacaatcgc tgtgtgtggg    117720
     catcacggcc tgggggtctg ctggctgcca tctccccgca ggaggtgggt gtgctcaccg    117780
     ggccagaccg gcacaccttt ctgcagacgg gtctgagcgt ggcaggccgc cgctgctgcg    117840
     ttatccgtga ctacctgctg gccgagggtg acggcgtact ggatgcgcgc accaaggggc    117900
     tagacgggcg tgcaatctgt gtgggccaca cgccacgggc gctcctggtg ctcatgggca    117960
     gacgaggcgt gcatggaggc atcctcaata agacagtgca cgatctgatt ggtgggctgc    118020
     gtgagcagtg ctcttagtag gacagctaga ccgcccgtgg ttggtaggga gaccagaata    118080
     aaccgtgaac tgggtgctct gagaggtatc ctctgtgtat ttgtgaggag ttgcaaacaa    118140
     gaaaactagc ttatggggag attcttgcag aacaaaataa tcctggtggt cctccaggcc    118200
     tcctgggccc tgttccctac tcctgtggta gatgccatat agaggccttt ggtcctggca    118260
     ccttcccagg gttccagaga ccccacacct gattaggaat attggggtgg caaattctca    118320
     aactctacct caggcttcag caatctttct cacagaactt tccacacaag taggcttcac    118380
     agtgaacaac ggagtgtctc tcagcatctc cctccccagc acacaccagc caaggtctgt    118440
     gggattcaga ctaaaggcga gtgtccctct gtatgcttgg agatttggct ccatgatacc    118500
     tcagaatact taaatcctca ggtgctcaag tctcttttat aaagcgacag tgtttgcaaa    118560
     gaatcaacct gcatcccctg gtgtgtgacc tccaggtgat ttagataccc aatataaaag    118620
     ccatgtaaag aattattgtg ccgtaggggt aaggaatatg atttctttaa aaaagcccat    118680
     atatgatcag gacagatgca actttcaact ttttttttct atgcacagtt agcagaattg    118740
     gcagaagtaa ggcccatgta tacagaaggc cagctgttct tctgtccctc ctgttggtac    118800
     aagagttgtg agaagatgag agggtatagc tgactctttc cagaaaagtt tggagactcc    118860
     ctaggcatct gcacccccct gtacccacac agtgtactca cattacaccc gcactaatgg    118920
     tcacacaggc tcagtaccta gcatgtattt gtgcacacta cctcttaatt acaaaagccc    118980
     atgccactgt ggcccttaat atgcacaggt acccaagggt ggcacaaaag catgtacctc    119040
     aagtgacacg catctacaca tgtgtgcaca cacacacaca tgctctgtct ttctactgtg    119100
     ggcattgtaa aaataccact cctcgttcca ggcagtagtc ggggcctgta gcctagagac    119160
     gggtggcatt gtggtgagca ggcagtgcca ggcgggggga gggcgtggct gggggaagct    119220
     cctccaggaa gactctaggg ggaagttggg gtgaacgggg ctcgggcctg gcataacaca    119280
     aggtggctct tgtgataagg ccatccaggg gctgcaaaga gtgcatccag cgaggtagga    119340
     agtcccatgt ctgcagccac ttggggaggt gcccgggact tcggctctgc aggacattaa    119400
     caagcaccac aaaggccagt agagccccaa agggcgtgcc cactccgacc atagcctgcc    119460
     agcctgccat ggaaatgcca aacaccagcg agggcaagag caggaagcac acgagcaggt    119520
     agaggacagc aaaccagcgg tacttggcgg tgcgtttgcc cagggccttg gccatgcgta    119580
     tgggcaggcg tgtgcagggc agcgggtacc acagtaggat gcccgagatg ttgaagaaga    119640
     agtggcagag ggcaatctgc aggagagaag ccagaagtga tcaggcactg ccatgtgagc    119700
     ccagcagggg gtagatatca gaggcctcac gtgctctggg tagcaggaga gaacctctct    119760
     aggctgatgt ggctccagat gacaccagac tggttattaa aatattgtgt tgctgaactg    119820
     cttggccaat gacaactgcc ctggactttt ccgcgtgtct tattagctgc tcccattaac    119880
     tcctcagcga cacccagcag ctaaaatgtc tttctgacac aggatcttct tactatgtag    119940
     acaaggctgg ccttgcaggc tgaccttgga cttttggcca ttttcctacc aagtgctggg    120000
     ataacaggca tgtactacca tgcttggctt tagcagccac taaagattaa atattttttt    120060
     cttttctttt cttttttttt tctcttcttt tttggttgcc caccctggcc ctttaattgg    120120
     tcagcatctt gctagctgtt ttgctcctaa atcatttccc actttgccat ctgcttacca    120180
     tccctccctt ctatgcaacc ttgacaagtc cccctaagtc taggcctctg acagcacact    120240
     gcctgacttg ctgctgttat ctgatacaat gtagcagtga ttcactatta gacaccaaga    120300
     tctactttgt tcatcctggt tcccagtgag ttgatgctgg ttataaacat tgttacatcc    120360
     tctgcgctct ccatcttagc cctctactac cacagacggc cggatctctc catgtacctg    120420
     aaatgagctg gatagcttct ccctggggct ggcaagcgct gccaggatgg ctgtagtggt    120480
     agtgccaatg ttggagccca gggtgagagg gtaggcccgc tcaatgctga tcacacccag    120540
     gcctggtagg taggagagaa cgctgttctt tttggtcgac ttccttgagc acccacccac    120600
     cccaccccac tgatgcgcat ggctggtcat ggacactcac caatgagtgg ggtgatggct    120660
     gaggtgaaca cggagctgct ctggacaaca aaggtcatgc tggcacccac caccatggca    120720
     aagtagcccg tgacccaggt gaagggggca ggaaagtctg aaaggaagcc aaatccccag    120780
     taagctggct cagcgagaac ccttgggaga gcaggcactg gctttaggga ggaggtactg    120840
     aggtagtagc ttcctcctaa gaatctaact ggtcccgccc ctatagcggc tttcatttgc    120900
     tctgcttgct ctagtgacca gagaactttc ctcctgggac tattacactc tcctgtagta    120960
     tataatggct gatagtgcac atctttaatt cgagaactca aaaggcagag gcaggtggat    121020
     ttctatgatt tgagggcagc ttggtctaca tagttctaac cagccatggt tgattgaaag    121080
     aacctgtcta aaaacaacca accccccccc caaaaaaagc caccaaaacc aaacaagcaa    121140
     acaaaagcat tgcaaggtgt aaatatttgt tattctgtaa tgtttaagaa aaaagttaca    121200
     aaattctgtc atcattcttc tgaaacattt ttgattcatg gctgactgac tctgcagatc    121260
     agggtcctac agagacagaa tgtcaactct gttcacccca gggctcacct ccttgctgga    121320
     aagcccatcc tggcctccta ggcacccctt actcccacat tagtcacgtg tgactcccca    121380
     gtgtcagtgc aataactcaa aagcccaaac tgtagcttaa aatgagaatt ggttaatgtc    121440
     acccccaact cctgccccaa tcctgcaaat acaccatcac cctcagtaaa gcatggactc    121500
     tgggtaaagt ctcttggccc ctaaatctgg ttctatctat ctatgttggg tctagtcgta    121560
     gcctgtctct cccaagttgc tgccagccac tctgtcccaa acctgctgca attgctactg    121620
     tctccattct gtagtccagg ttgacctcaa actcttctta attctcctgc ctcagccttc    121680
     caagtgcaga gatcacagct gtgagtcatc acgtctgact ttcatcctct tgtgttttat    121740
     ttctctctgt gtgtaagcca gagggaaacc ttgtatcttt acctctctgt gttttctttt    121800
     ggtggtggtg gtgggggggg ggagtaagac agggttttct gtgtgtagcc ttggctgtcc    121860
     tggaacttag tagaccaggc tcacttcaca ctcataaaga ttcacctgcc tctgcctccc    121920
     aagtgctagg gtcaagggtg tgagctatca ccacctgact gtcttatttt ttgagacaag    121980
     gtaacacatg gaccctagat ctcattaagt gcctcaactg gctggccagc cggattcggg    122040
     atgcccgtct ctgcctcata gcactggtcg tacaggcatg cacccaagcc ctgcttttta    122100
     tgtgggttgt ggaaagccaa cccaggctct aaggcttgca cagcatgcac agaatcctgg    122160
     ccctgctcta attttatttt ggcagagctc ggtggtgtat ggctttaatc ccagcaccct    122220
     ggaggcagag tttctgagct caagcaaatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacata    122280
     tcaagttcta gactagttaa gaatatatag tcacccccgc cccccaaaaa aagccaaggg    122340
     tagtggtggt gcatacattt aatcccagtg cttgggaggc atagacaggt gatctctgtg    122400
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagctc caggtccgcc agagctacac agagaaactg    122460
     tcttgaaaca agcaagaaat caagcaagca aacaaacaaa caaataaaaa gcttattctg    122520
     tttgtcgtga caaggcctga gctagcctca aaatcctcct gcccacgcgc cttgagtgct    122580
     gggattacaa gcatgtgtcc tcatatccag ccccctcatc cacaccagac tccttatgca    122640
     ggtcttggct tactcagaca gacctctgat caccttggga acaacctctt tggcactgtg    122700
     ttgtgttgcc atttgtcctt ctgtcccctt gccagtcatg catgctttac catcactgac    122760
     ccctccccac tcttcccttc ctcctagcct gagagtaaag gaaggccagg taggaaatag    122820
     tccggttggt gaccaaaatg atgggcccac ccaggtggca tgaggaaatg gtggaccttt    122880
     agggacaata ttaaccagct ctgtgccact gccaccattt gggacacagc ccagcatgac    122940
     ctagttgcct ggttttatga gaaaaatcac aattctgaga tcctgggatc caggatccat    123000
     ttccttttgc ctcactcctg tgtcctgtag cacacagtag gggcttaatg tccatttgcc    123060
     tattaaacag aggtttctag gtagacatgg tcgtgtatag ctgtaatcct aagacttggg    123120
     aagtcaaagc aagaacaacc gaagttcttg gccagtctcg gctgcagagc aaggtctagg    123180
     gcattgtgga ctacatgaaa ccatgtcttg aaaaatccag aacaagtgaa aacaaaacca    123240
     gggcacagtg atgcatacat gtagttccag ccccctggat agaggcagga agaactctgt    123300
     gagttcaaaa ccagcagggt ctacaaagtg aattccagga cagccagcgc tacacagaga    123360
     aaccgagtct cgaaaaacca aagtaaagca aagcaaagca aagcaaaaca atggcttcta    123420
     aggatgcccg tctgctagag aatgcaaaag tcagagacag cctcagtttt ctggccgtcg    123480
     gcatctaagg agcctccagg atgacctggt cccacctctt cttgattctt aggggaacct    123540
     gaggtttaca gatgatagtg gtgaatttaa cgacacccag aagaactcat ctgggccctg    123600
     cctaggcctg cagtcttctt ccagctcacc tgtgttgatg accttctgga tgacattggc    123660
     cacttggccc ttgagcaggg agttgagcat cttcacaagg aggataagac aagtgcagag    123720
     aaccaccagg gagcccgcca gcagaatgag ccccacggcc aggtcgggca gccccgtatc    123780
     cacgaagata tggttgcctg aaagggcagt atcaggagtc tttatcccta catccggctt    123840
     cccgccttta ccaaccaacg agctgtgagc ctaagacccc cacatctagg tccttcagcc    123900
     tctgcaccag ggactccgta agcccagatg ttagctgctt ttcccggggc tggacagaac    123960
     atgagcagcg gccagccagg gcacggcggt gcagggctat cacgtgggac gcctcccatg    124020
     ttagaggtac ttacatttct ccatggtggt gtttgcaagg ctgccgatgg cctctaccct    124080
     ggacatagaa gtggaagcct aaattcagag gaaggtgact tagagaagct agaaaaagca    124140
     cagccggggt gggatggggt gggggggcgg agctaaaaga ggttctggcg aaatgggagt    124200
     accagaacac atttctggct ctgtgatcat ggacctgttg cttggcctct ctgcgcctac    124260
     cttctcagta gaagagatga agttgaaata ccactcagaa atatgacctc gtacatattc    124320
     taccctgtca ctggcctgat ctgcctaccc ctgggatcag tggggacctc caatcaccac    124380
     attagtagcg tcttgtcttg tcttggtccc cctctctctc agtggcttct gcagcccctt    124440
     ttctgaaagc ctccatccct acctgttctt accagttctt atcctcatga cgccttcttc    124500
     ctcagttcct gccccatgat ccctctaagg ctcacttagc ccaagcttca ttctgcccaa    124560
     actcagtgcc ttgccctttg tggaacccaa atggaaggaa gatgggtgag ggcagagggt    124620
     ctagccctga tcctttcttc tggacccact gagtgaagtg aagaagagtc cctagataca    124680
     ggggaccaaa gtcaggcagg tgacctaaat tatggtagaa tttagctgcc tgtgaagatg    124740
     gcgggtctgt agagacagca gcgatttagc tccagaccac tgttaccatg cagagataca    124800
     ccccagtgtg gcccagctcc tggttctata agagaaaaca caattatgta gctttaggct    124860
     caattcctat gcatgttgta tctactctga tgcctctttt ccttcaatac tctggattga    124920
     gcttagacgc tcacaaatat tcagcgaaca tcccaactac tgagctacac cccaagacct    124980
     catttcattt tttattttga gatgggggtc tcactaaatt atccaggtag gcgctggact    125040
     tgccatcctc ctgcctcagc ccccaagtat ttagcagtca cacgcctatg tcagtaggcc    125100
     tatggagata cactttaaag ttccaggaag cagagttctc aggccagcag aagtgtcctt    125160
     tcgggtggta gagtaccagt ctgtcgtttc actggattat ggacttgttg aaaatgaagc    125220
     caggattctg tactttgccc actggtgccc aggaatcatg gagctgtgtc aggaggaaac    125280
     gcaatggcca tggagaagct aagggtgggg ctcaggaggg agctgacact gggaggctta    125340
     tggcttcttt aggttctttt ccaagccatg tgtcatttaa agactgtatg atcaggttgg    125400
     ggcttgggcc aacccttgtc tatatggaca agatcctggt ttcattccca atatcacaaa    125460
     agtaaaacaa aacaatacaa aaagcctcca gtgtaatgtc gacaggctca acagcctgca    125520
     gctggtttgt gcgatgctct cccttgagca agacatcgtg ctcagctgtt attcccagtt    125580
     cactatagcc ttggggcacc accaagtcca aaggcctgaa ctctaggcaa gaaactagga    125640
     taaaaatcat cttctaggac agaaatccag atgggtactt ggagagctga ggcaggagga    125700
     ttgtcatgag tttaaagcca gcctggatta gtgtgagatc ttatctcaag aagaaaacaa    125760
     aacaacaatg ttaataaggt gagagattct gctgacctgc tcaggagaaa ctgggggatt    125820
     agtcaggaag agtcaggctg gggtttagtc atggggagag ccaagtgttt gctgagttca    125880
     aatctccttt taaaatcaac tttctgggac aggccacacc acctctctga gcctgtttaa    125940
     atctggataa ttggggctca aaagcacagg gcactcttcc agaagcctca ggttcaatcc    126000
     ccacatccac gtggcatctc acaagtgcct gtaactccag tgttagggga tctggcacat    126060
     agacatgcat gcaggcaaaa taccagggca cataaaacaa atacatcttt gggaaaaata    126120
     aattggaata gtaaagatat aaaggttaca gaagaaaaga tcctgaccct tttgggaagg    126180
     gacttggaag accttcctga aggtctccag cccaaagccc taggaagcag atgacttctt    126240
     gagatacgtg cacaccttac tggctttctc tgagctgctt cctggggtct tctggggagg    126300
     ggatttttgt gggtcttata gaggctggag gcaggtgaat gtcccactgt ggggttgact    126360
     gagtcggggc aaggctaggc tgaggactga ggtatctgga gtgttgttgt ttatttgtag    126420
     ttttggtgct ccagacctca ctcaacgatg attgtgttct cctccctcct atggggttct    126480
     ggaaacttga cttttcttcc tgggattgtg tgaccttaac tgaacccaga aagggagtca    126540
     gagaccctaa agtggaagat gggaacggag agacaaggga gtgacaaggg aggatccact    126600
     gtaatgccag gctagggcag aatggaaggg agagagaatc ctttaaggag agcatacagg    126660
     gcagagaagg taggaactct ggcctagctc atagagctgg gaaggccaga tctggtcccg    126720
     ttcccaagat gtgtcccccc tgtctgtggt agagaagtgg cgaagaaagg gagccgggtg    126780
     gaagtggaaa gcagaacaaa agagtgtgcc acagtcctgc gctcacactg cggctgagct    126840
     attctcagct gtgtgaaatg gagccggcgg tacacgtaac ctctctggct tccgttgtct    126900
     ccatgacaga gtccctgaag ctgtcttctt ttccccgcgg ggctacttgg aagcatcttg    126960
     gaagagagag catcttggta tttaagagcc tacagggaca tcctagattg agacacttct    127020
     gggaactgaa ggaggtgatt aagttcacaa aggacttcca tacttcaaga gtccttcctc    127080
     aggagagaac cacagaggat gtgggcttgc acaatagctt cccctttgag ggtatagtag    127140
     ctgaggggcc ctttgttctt ctggaagccg cggagcactt taggccaata gcgccatctg    127200
     gtggctgcaa agagaacttc tcagagcgtc tccactccac cagccttgag agggtggcgt    127260
     ggtctggggt gtgctgcagg caggaagaga aatggacaca gattcgggta ccttagagtg    127320
     gcatctggga gaatcagctg cacgaggagt gaattttcca ttaggatcga gacttgccct    127380
     ccattacagg aagcaataat acaggaagtc acttgtaccc ctctgagaga ggctgcttcc    127440
     catctgcaga gtggagatta atagcagctg cccctagtta ccagtccttc aaagatgccg    127500
     cttaagtcag gcaggtacag ttgtcagttc acactgagac tctcagaagg gattccaagg    127560
     acaatgccag gtcacccatc atcccacaag tctcagacgc tcaaaagact tgattccccc    127620
     tttctattga gaccagtttg gctaacgttg ggtccagtgt ggtgaaggct ggaggccatg    127680
     aagagttgaa aagaaaaatg agggtagtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    127740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggcacatc ccaggaccat gtgatgctgc tgtgtaagtc acatccctgc    127800
     aggggacagg tccagaggag gcagagagca gggtcctcag atccagcctt atactccaag    127860
     ccaagaaatg caacctgctg ttagagaaaa aggtttcctg ctagttcagg gacctgaacc    127920
     agtgctctgg caagtgacag ctggaacagc aaacagcctg aaggctggcc cagctgagtt    127980
     tccgtttgtg taaaatggct ggcacacttg gctggtctca tttcatgact acagtgggtg    128040
     aagaggttca gggcacaggt agagacttgc ccaagacaga catcaggacg gaaatatctc    128100
     caaggctttt ttagatcagt acgtgatttc tcctcctctc tccagactgt gctttctgag    128160
     gctgcagtga ctcacagagc ttgcctgaga gtgccagaga gctcatgaga aggtggctga    128220
     cgtgttagga agatcacaga ggcagcctta aagctgtcca cgtaggcttt ttgttgtcaa    128280
     gctgccttga actctcggaa gagcagaact ctcagaaggg tggcattgat gccgtgagcc    128340
     acttgggatg ccaaggaaca ccgcagggcc ggctgacgga acatgtttcc tgagtgctgg    128400
     tagaaaggac cgggaacatc cacagcaaga ggacagaagg tggaggatgg gcctgtgcct    128460
     ctgccgtgcg ctctgggttt ccctgtagct tttctaaatg gagctatttc ttgtatgcaa    128520
     taattaagga gaagcaaatt gggaaggctg tggtttggtg aagcagtttt tcccttttat    128580
     ggctgagtaa gaaagtgtgc taattgccta cttccttgtg cctaatcgcc ttgctattat    128640
     gcctactacc acaggcataa cggctgatcc atgagtgccc aaccaatccc agcagttcct    128700
     cattctgagc agaaacaatg aacttgtggc tcccaatgaa agtgcccctg ccagcaccag    128760
     ggactgctat gtctctcagg ggagccaccc ctgagagtta gtgagcatca cacctagtct    128820
     tgctccttag ctggaatcct agggtccaaa cttctcgata tccttctgga ctctcttcct    128880
     ggtcctctcc accttactta cacctcaagc tccaagcatg gcagagccca gtgactagcc    128940
     ccaagtgtcc ctgcagcagg gtagtcctgg gcctgcgtct ctgtctgtga aaccaaaggg    129000
     ttgagcttga tccatggttt ccagactcaa tcacagagca gttagagggc aagtcggaga    129060
     catggcaacc gggctcattc ccaacatttt tttccagatt caattggtct aggaaggatg    129120
     tgtacatact acgcggtggg ttttcttcta ctctgtatct agtttacatc tctaataggt    129180
     tcccaggtgg tatggatgct gttagtctgg ggaacaacag ctttttgaaa gccactgggc    129240
     cagatcaatt acacgcaaca ctaaatacac agatgatgct tgcctacagc agcgtgtgca    129300
     gctaggaggg attaccaatg tctgtcctgg ctgtactgat gcagaacaat tgcacatctg    129360
     ctctttccta gccaagtgat ttccaaagtc tctgagacaa acaggccagt gtctaaagag    129420
     ggtgtcgtct tacctgactc tggaactcac ctctgttgtg tctgggtgac accaaatccg    129480
     aatgagactg tgattcctca gggactcatc ccccacggca atgctggtga tcacagactt    129540
     gtccagctgt gagcaagatg atgatgacga tgacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    129600
     gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gggggggggt gaaggtaggg ccactcgata tcccacatct    129660
     gtccatcctg tggcaagtcc caccctcacc tggatgatga gtcttgtgaa gggctctgtg    129720
     atgactttga gaaggtcggg ggcatcacgg ccacctcgga tgttgaagga agcaaccaca    129780
     agcccggtga catggtgtag gtagcccgtg gcagcctcca ggggcagtag gaccagaaca    129840
     gacagccagt taaaacagtc atgcacggtc gcccctgcaa aagccctgag cagggacgtc    129900
     acattgtggg acacctagac ccaaggtgtg cccaagctga ggggccccag cactcagttc    129960
     tgccctctcc cccaacaagt gtgaggcccg aacctccttc cccagctcac cgcctgaagt    130020
     cagtcctgtc ccctgcctgc atcagggcca caatggtgtt ggtgacagag gttccgatgt    130080
     tggagcccat gatgatcgga atggcggagc tcacctccaa cactggtgaa agaggaacct    130140
     ctcaaacgcc tgggctgcag ctgcagcctc tgtcctacca taatatttcc tacgaggcct    130200
     gtgacttgtg ttccagcctc agacgtcttt tccagtgtcc tcttgacttc ctaggctgag    130260
     cctcacaggt ccatgtgtac acacacagtg tatttacttg tgtgtgagca tatccacatg    130320
     tggcaagatt cgcacactgt acagggtgtg tccatgtgct cctgagcgtg gacatgtgca    130380
     tgtgactgtg tcatgggaac tcacaccttg tgcagtccac acgttgtgtg tgtgtgcagg    130440
     tatgccttac cacaagtggg attgctggtt ttatgtgttg acttggctag ctgatagcac    130500
     ccagttgatt ttaagagtat ttttgtgtgt ctacgtgtgt gagcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    130560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tatgcaaagg tggaaacccg aagaattcac    130620
     acgttcagct ctagtactct ctaatttttt accatgaggc agcatctctt gcataacctg    130680
     gagctaggtg gtagccatgg cactccagca attccaccga tgctcctggc actggtgtgt    130740
     gtgcagctgt gcccaggctc ttatgtgagt actggaaatt caaacagggg acttcacatc    130800
     atatagcaag cactctgacc cactgagact ccctagcccc aggtaaagaa gatgattcgt    130860
     gatcttcctg gagggagaga tttcacctgt agctcacagg gttggcttcc acctacacac    130920
     cctgcccctc tgaataggtc acactgtaaa tgtcagactt gggcacccag ccacacaatc    130980
     tcaaaagtca attctttttt ttttttaatg atgtatctat ttttatttca tgtgcactgg    131040
     tgttttgcct gcatgtatgt ttgagtgaag gtgttggaga tcctgaaact caaggtgaaa    131100
     ctgaagttac aggcagttgt gagctgccat gagagtactg ggaattgaag ctgggtcctc    131160
     tggaagagca gcctgtgttc ttgaccacta agagcatccc tgcagccctg taagtcaatt    131220
     ctttgcaata gattgcatgc gtggggtggt ttttactggc tggctttctc tggctttcct    131280
     gagcaatggt gtggctgaag ggaggtggcc ttccaggagc tgtggttccc cctctgccac    131340
     actccccagc tcccggagct cctttctgac tcagctcttg gccttgtttc aggggacagt    131400
     gcaagagatg ctgaagtccc acccttcccc tcagcctcct cagcaattcc acatgcctgc    131460
     cccgatcgtg aaggaccagg cccttgggct ctatccccgg ccatgctggg ccgactcaca    131520
     gccggaggag accatgctga caatgatgga tgtagaggta ctggaactct gcaccagaac    131580
     tgtcaccagg atccccacca ccagccctgc cactgggttg gataggatgg cattgtcctt    131640
     gaagatgtcc ccagccacct tccctgcaga acagaagcca gtgtcaactg agacccttct    131700
     gaaccctttc cctgcccttc tccacctggg ccctacctcc agccaactgg aaggcggagc    131760
     tgagcacatc cagggagcag acaaagaggt aaaggaaagc cagcatcaga ggcaccttca    131820
     ggagcttcgt gccaacctgg gcaagcttct gggacagcct gggctctgga ggtggggcaa    131880
     acatgaagac agtggacaga acactagagc aagtgaccgc ccataatccc actgctcccc    131940
     aacttggcct acctggcttt tgctcctctt cctgagccag cttggtaggt agtgggtcat    132000
     gacattccag gacttcccca cagggacagc tgtgctctgt gagggtgacc gggctcagac    132060
     tggagatggc ataggtggat gttccaggaa tcctgtgcag gactgaggag ggagactgat    132120
     taggacttcc cagaggcctc agcaacccag aagaaacagg tagagggaca gcaggtagcc    132180
     aactgtgggc aagcaggtct cagggtatag gagtaatatt taccttgtgg gctgggcaca    132240
     taagcaaagg ttgccccatg caccatgtgt ctcccacgga ctggaagtgg ggagacagcc    132300
     ggtcccccca atctctcgct gtaggacatc atgttgggca cccacaatga gtcctgcata    132360
     tcaaaaggtt gggacaaatc tgacagttgc tgtgtctggg acattcatac actcataccc    132420
     acatagatga tatccaactt agggtctgtg attcttttca tcctcagaca catctagaga    132480
     tggacaccca ggtgcttgtc acagacctaa gcagccattc atccacccag tagggttttg    132540
     tagctgattt gttttgctgg aaatggaact tagggcctca tcataggagg caggcactcc    132600
     agtgttgagg cccatcccca gtcccaggaa gtatttcctg aatgcgtagt gtttgctgag    132660
     ttctgagtta gacactcaag tacagtagca attaaagaca catacagcca ctgctctcaa    132720
     agtctagtgg ggagacagct gcaaatgtat aatgtctcag tgaatagaga tagcaaccag    132780
     gtattgtgac gaattcaggt accactatgc ctagagtgtt cacagcaggg cagggcaggg    132840
     cagggtaggg cagggcaggg cagggcagga cagggcagga caggacagga caggtgctct    132900
     cgagagaagg aagagcaggg attattttag ctcaggggga gcaaagcagg ctgggctggt    132960
     gttgggatgt catgtgtagc aggaagagga aacccagaaa gagctagggt gaagggatag    133020
     gggtagggtt gggacacagg ggccctgggc tcaccttgac tgtggctcag ctccagcccg    133080
     gctgcttggg gaagtctaaa gaggaactaa gaccctcttc tttataccct cgggtcaagg    133140
     gcaaagtcct taatgaacta gaagaacttt agctgccttc cctcttttcc ccattaaatt    133200
     aactttaccc ccaagattcc ttccagttaa ttgctaatct tcacctctgc agggggagcc    133260
     tatggtcaga ctgtcctctc tcactacacc agcacaaatc acaacccaca gggtacaggc    133320
     tcatcctggt catggacaga gactccgaca cccctctggt accttgttct tagggactca    133380
     aaagcaattt tgtgtctcct gtccattctt ggcttatgaa tggacaggac tccccagaga    133440
     gtgacccaga catctggtga ccttgccatg catctggatg tctgtgaggc tgtgtatgtc    133500
     ttaaggggta cacttcaaca gaagggggag cccaggggag aatcccagtg aggctgcatc    133560
     tttgaaccgt ggagggtctg cagggctgaa caatggatca cgatgtgaga ttaagagatc    133620
     acagagtcac tgcccagacc aagaagagat ggctctgtgg tttagcatcc ttcttaaagt    133680
     gttgctatgg gatctgtcag aaggagtgtc tggaagcagg ggcagcagct gagatgcgga    133740
     ggagagaccc ggggaagagg tggcctggct gaactaaggt gggctcagga gaaacagggg    133800
     acaggaagct tcccagaggc attgggaagg aggaagagga acagttggga tctggaagtg    133860
     catgatatgc agtaagtcct gtgggaaaga gttcacggga gccacatccc caaacccaac    133920
     aagtgattca tgagtgcata gtagatccta agttctgagt tagatgctgg ggtacagtcc    133980
     taagtaaaac cacacacagc cactgcccct caggatgttc aaagtctggc caggagacgg    134040
     ctgcaaatga tgtcatctct aagcgagtag aaatggcaac caagtgtcat gacaaatgca    134100
     ggtaccctag agcaatggtt ccaagccttc ctaacgctgc aagcctttaa tatatttcct    134160
     cccatcgtcg tgactccaac cataaaatta ttttcatggc tccttcataa ctataatttt    134220
     actatggttg tgaatcctaa tgggagtgcc tgtgttttct gatgggccta ggtgacccct    134280
     gtgaaatggg aaccctcaga caacccatag gttgagaacc accacactag agtgttctac    134340
     agcagggcag ggtgtctcaa gagaaggaag aggatgaatt cctttaactc agggggagca    134400
     aagcaggctg ggctgaggtt gggatgtctg aggaagcaga agaggaaacc acaacaagag    134460
     caggggtgat gggccaggga tagggttgag agaccaggct ctggggtcac cttgaggttc    134520
     tctgccaaca gagcttcaag actcctcagc tgtcctctga tgactcaggg tccctggaac    134580
     tgcagatcca ctcagtgtct tcagggtaac atttatctaa ctgttctcta ccacagaaga    134640
     caggcccctc tgcacattcc tgcttcaagt taagcaaggt taactgatca gtccttcacg    134700
     gtctgggcat agtgactctc cgagggctct ctgtgcagtg gcgaggagtg cagaacagac    134760
     ccagcttggt cagattccag ctctacctaa agcaataatt taggccaaag aatgctcaaa    134820
     aggaagggga aaggatggga agtaaaaccg gaattggctt tttgatgctg aagatggaac    134880
     ccaaggcact gcacagtgct acgaaagcga tttgaccctg tgctgcaccc tcacatttta    134940
     ggaagagtga ccataaattt gcttgaccaa atctccccca ccccccaccc cacctgagac    135000
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct gaaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc    135060
     gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcaccacc    135120
     actcctggct tgcttttttt ttttttaaga cagtgtctca ctatgtagtt ctggctgtcc    135180
     tgagactcac tacatacagc agactggcct caaaccctgc ttcccaagtg ttgggattaa    135240
     aggtgtgggc cactaagatc agtttcaaat tggtttataa ctgccagtcc agatacccat    135300
     ttccctctga caattaccct gctctggaga gcagttccag cagtcatgag gatcggaagc    135360
     aaaggattag caattatgga atagtaagta gaatggattt agagactgaa gagatggctc    135420
     agggactaag agcactaggc tgctttccca gaggacctgg gttcagttca caaccttctg    135480
     taactccagt tccaagggat ctaatgccct cttctggcct ccccagacat ctcacacaca    135540
     cttgatagat aggcaaatta cttatacata taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaatgagaa    135600
     aattttgtac tagatagctt catgtcagct ttacatataa gactgggttg tatgcaagtc    135660
     tgaagggcat tttctgaact ggtaaaattg atggtaaagg gccccaccta ttgtgggtgg    135720
     aaccatccct gagctggtag gtagtcttgg gtcctataag aaagcaagct gagcaagtca    135780
     tgagaacaag ccagtaagca gcatcccttc atggcctctg catcagctcc tgcctccagg    135840
     tttcttcagc agtggactac agtgtggaag tgtaagccca acaaaccatt ttctccccaa    135900
     gttgctttgg tcatggtatt tcatcacaaa taatagcaac cttaactaaa tcattatcag    135960
     gatagtgggg gtattgctgt gagtgacctg accatatgtt tatgtgagga ccatggaagg    136020
     acttcgaaac tttgtgcaag aaaagccatt gagtgcccaa tgcttggtga gctattatat    136080
     aggagcttga aagaccagat tgttgagggc tatgcagaag atggaagctt ggcttgtgaa    136140
     gtttcagagg gaagcttaaa gactatttga gccatttgtt gttttgaatt aggattctgt    136200
     ggttctggtc ggctgaggct ggagctcacc tgtgattaac aagatatctg aactactaag    136260
     gtgagatctt tgctttgctg gtcaactgga gctgagaaac gggggggggg ggggggatta    136320
     agagggaacc aactttgttg aggtgaaatg ttctgggaag tgttttctaa gagcacagag    136380
     aagctgcgtt ccagaggcag acaaggttgt atctcatggt ggtggctgga cttggcagtg    136440
     taagagcgac ccaggtggta ctggtcttga aggcatgaag tggtcatgaa gagcagttaa    136500
     gacttgggac tgtgagtggc caggagaggc cattggtgaa ggtgcagcct cagggatagg    136560
     ggaagtccca ggattgaagg ggacatgcag agaaatttaa gtttggcacc atgagagctc    136620
     aggagaagct actggtgaaa acgcaccagt tgcaacagag ggcaccagac attttggaga    136680
     tgccagtacc gtgggatgac catcaatgac agcaacagtg gagtggagcc ccttggagcc    136740
     tagaagacaa gctgtgtgtg ctgcagaggg tggagcctga gcagtgaccc taagcccctt    136800
     ggcggagccc agaagacgtg agtggagccc aggtgcacac tgtattgttt acacagttgg    136860
     agtctggttt tgctttgctt tgactatggc tgtgccctgg ttcttacctc ctgaagtaag    136920
     gatgtgttta atttatattt gatttgacag gagctcacaa gtgtaagtct gaatttttaa    136980
     agagatttta ggttaaaaat aaaacaaaac tttgaattag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    137040
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aggaagaaag aaaggaagga agaaagaaga    137100
     aaaagacaag gtgattcttt tttgcttggg ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgttttgt    137160
     tttggagaca gggtttctct gtgtagacct ggatgtcctg gaactcgctt tgtaaatcaa    137220
     ggcagcttcc aacttacaaa gatttcccca cctctgcctc caagtgctgg gactaaaggt    137280
     gtgcgccacc actgcctggc aataaggttt ttaaagggct ggaggatggc tcagcggtta    137340
     agagcaccac caactgctct tctagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg    137400
     gctcacaacc gtctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtatcaaa gctgcagtgt    137460
     acttacaaat aaataaacct ttgggctgga gcaagcgaga aagggagaaa atgtttttaa    137520
     aaatcaggaa tgatggcata tcctttaaag tcagcatttg ggaggcagag gcagaggcag    137580
     ggggatttct gtgagtcgca ggacagccaa ggccatagag agaccctgtt tttttgtttg    137640
     cttgtttgct tgtttgtttg tttgatattt aaactctatc ttccttcctg ggggaagatt    137700
     gacaactaga ataaacagct aattatttag caaatgcacc taacagatat gattctaaaa    137760
     caccgtggct tcacacccaa gcacttctaa ccgcacgcag tctcccagca ttccctcttc    137820
     ttgtctcatt cacccgagtc tgtccacctc ctccctcatt ggtgacctgg gctgcatgca    137880
     tgtccaccat ggtgcttcgt atcctctctg cacacgcagg ctctggtgag agcctcccct    137940
     agaccttcct aaggttagtt agcacctggg cagttagggg gattttgtag tggggagaaa    138000
     tcccccccac cccccaccct gaggataagc cctctgcggg agagaggcac agtctgtcag    138060
     atgggtctct gacaggatca tgtgcctgtg ccagttgagc acactgagtt cctcacaccg    138120
     tgcgcagctc cttcatgtct acagactttg cagacagcgc ccagggcccg gatcccagcc    138180
     ggatactatg gaggcatctc tgactctctc ctttctcctc cgacccttct tctaactctt    138240
     ctatcagtaa cccctccccc accaggcttt tgtaatcttc caggaacgat ttgtctagca    138300
     tctctggggc tgcaccccag gtggagctac cgtcctcctc cattctctaa aggaagtagc    138360
     cagtggtctt ttgttacatt tttattttag tttggtgctt cattatgtgg cggtgtatgt    138420
     gtggagttca gaggacaact tgagggagac ggttctttct gccatgtggg tcctgaagaa    138480
     ggaactcagg tccttaaact tggtagcaga ggccttgact tgctgatcca cctaagggtc    138540
     ctcagccagt gattgtctga aaacccaagc tggtggccac ggtggttccc acctagacac    138600
     ttacctctga gaaggttgaa gcaggagaag taccagtttg gcctagggtg aagacaaggc    138660
     catccagaga cacaaaatga gacaggagac aagctaattg tggatgtatg tctcgaccac    138720
     tttaaaaccc tgcctctgtt accggcttag cctattgacc aacccccgcc acagtgtgaa    138780
     ggggcagggg tgtggcaggg ctttgggctc acctgctgac cttagagaaa gtgtgattca    138840
     taaagagaac agggtccagg aggggataag agttgtaccc acagacggcc ttgtcaggca    138900
     tcaatgggag gagaggtcct tggtcctatg aaggctccat agatgcctca gtgtagggga    138960
     attgagggca gggaggtgag ggtaggtggg tgggtggagg aacaccctca tagaagcagg    139020
     gggagggaag atgggatggg ggtgttccgg gagggagaga acccggtaag gggaataaca    139080
     cttgcaatgt aaataaattt taaaaataaa taaactaacc cccccaaaac caaaaataaa    139140
     caaataataa ataaataaca agaaaaaaaa gagttgtacc cacagttaga gagggcagag    139200
     aaagagagac cagtgaggta gatgaagagg cacaccagat catgaggaag aacaaaagat    139260
     caactgtccc agataccagg gtagaccaag ttttgagaga cacactggtt ggctgggcca    139320
     aatgctgctg agatgtaact caaaaacaaa gcagctttat caaccaggag cccggttgac    139380
     cttggagagc caggtcgagg gaggagccag ctgggtaaat ggcgacagca tggctagggt    139440
     caacaggaga ggctatcata tattgagttt cagcacacca gcaaaattcc ccccagtgca    139500
     gcacaacagc tgaacatcag ggaaaatgtc tccaggacta gatagaacag gctgtggaat    139560
     gaagcaacta gccaaggtct caatgtaatt aaattgtttg tttatttact tatttgagtg    139620
     ttttgcctgc atgtgtgcag tgcccaaggc gaccagaaga gggcttcaga tcccctggaa    139680
     ctggagttat aagcagttgt gagctgccat gtgggtgcgg cgaattgaac cttttcctct    139740
     agaagagcag cccctgctct taactactga gctgtctctc tccagccctt agtccttagt    139800
     tcttaagatc aatttgggtt gttgtcgttg ttttgcttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg    139860
     agacagggtc tcctgtgtag ccagttgccc tgtaaatcag agtgactttg aacttacaga    139920
     attcccattt gtggcacatg tgactaaagg catgtgccac cacacctgga ccattcgctg    139980
     tttaaataga tagtttacct gaagcttttc agtaggccct aaagccggag gataatccag    140040
     gggagacaaa acagcattca gaaccactct ttctccagga actggattcg ggttttgtca    140100
     gagaagatct gcctggatgt cccaggctag cctcgaactc acggttcttc taccacagcc    140160
     tcctgagtgc cagggttacg aagctggagc cactcaatct ggattgacta gccctgtgac    140220
     cacacagaga tgtcagtcag tattgtcaga gctcctggct tctctcacaa gcgtgttaac    140280
     ttaaattcat aagcctcact gtgggtcagc acagtgctgg acatgggaga cagtggcaac    140340
     cgatccttcc cagcatcaga ccgctgtgag ggatgtggtc tcagcagcaa gctggcagat    140400
     acaatgggcc acattctgcc accacccttt atgggcacaa agtggtccct ctcctggtct    140460
     cctgacatag tctatctttg aagagcctgg atctatctat ctatctatca tctatcatct    140520
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctga gacagagtct    140580
     cactacatag cctttggcct agaactcact ctgcagacca gactaacctg aaactcacag    140640
     agaccagcct gtctctgcct cctgggggct gggattaaag acatgggaca cctctcccag    140700
     tttggagagc ctggatttca tcctgagctg cccagctcca gcctagagca gatgggaaag    140760
     acaaaccttt ctgtgacctg atgatgcccc aacccaatat agagaataag cactctgtat    140820
     aattattaat cttgtgagcc caggcactgg tcactcattt atgggcaagg ccaaagtctg    140880
     gtcaaaatag ctgaggctgc cttgagggta ttggggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    140940
     tggtttgttg ttttcttcag aaactacctc ttccttgcac ttccctcctc ttgtggctcc    141000
     acccctgacc atcgctggtc tcagggttct ggccaaaggg taaggctatg agccctttgc    141060
     tgcctgaggc aatcccaggt tctcaaatcc acattctaac ctggactctg gcctgcaagt    141120
     ctgccccact gagtggtagt tctgatagtc tggccttgtt ctgatagttt caggctttat    141180
     atgctagatt tcagattctg attctaggtg cttggatcca tgtcctgggt tctggtcact    141240
     cagttctggt tctgttctac aggctacagg cttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttctttt    141300
     ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccat ggctgtcctg aaactcactc tgtagaccag    141360
     gctggcctca aactcagaaa cccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg    141420
     tgcgccacca cacccggctg gctacaggct tttttagact gagttctagt tccttcagga    141480
     atagagaagt gttgtggctc ctgacggata aagttatccc tgcccacaca tctttgctgg    141540
     acggctctga gcaagaacca gcaccatagt aggttctatg ccattcttcc tctctccctc    141600
     tggctcttct cttccctgct agccagtttc ttgagacatg ctacaatggc cacagagcag    141660
     cccctgtcca gaccctacca ttctcacaag tctgatccac tggaatattc atgttccaaa    141720
     ctctcctgca gagttggaca gttgatacat ggtttgcatc tgcttcggtg gcaccaacta    141780
     catgcattcc cctcttcagg cccttcatct ccctgtaaaa atgacctcca gcttctgcac    141840
     cttcagaagc cagagtcact tgaccagcag cccccccccc acacacacac agggtgcacc    141900
     ttgtgctcat tgctgggggg gaagggtgga tgttccaggg agcagagtcc actgctgtgt    141960
     ctgcatatct tcagcaagag ctccaggtga gcagcctgtg cctccaccag ccctggcacg    142020
     ggtctagaac taaggtcacc gagtggtggc acaccttccc ccagcagtag actgttgcag    142080
     atggagaaag aataagaaac agcaaaattg ttctggcaga ggcttggagc acaggctcag    142140
     ggtccccagg catctttaga aaagctggga gggtattgtc aggatgcaaa actggtttaa    142200
     agaaataggg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgattgct cttccgaagg    142260
     tccagagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa caagatctga    142320
     ctccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aataaataaa    142380
     taaatcttgg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc tcttccgaag    142440
     gtcaggagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgta acgagatctg    142500
     gcgccctctt ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc ttcagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaatc    142560
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaat agtatatatt ctcttccttc    142620
     atactgtata cccgtcatgg cttcccttct gttgggggca ggtggacagc tctgtcccat    142680
     cttccctgcc cacctttgaa tcagtgtgtg tcagtggctg tgaaataaag cccatggatt    142740
     aatgagctgg taggggagga agctgtaggt gtggcgtcct cttcctgaag atgaggccgg    142800
     gttaggctgg tgaaggccca agaccttgag ggattcttgg agtgaagcag ctgggagaaa    142860
     ggagaaagga gcacctcaca ccagtgggag tacctcacac cagttcttat ggcactgggc    142920
     cctgcaggat gccgtgcatc tccaaaccag aacaactgag gctgcccaca caagacagct    142980
     gatatggcag cccacaagga gctccccaga gagcccgaga ggaaccctga ggcccctcct    143040
     cttgtcagag tatttaaata ttttataatg gttggcggga atgctctgtt taagctacac    143100
     atgtgctcct gtaaaaacat taaattcact ggtcaggaag ttagacttga gtgaaatcat    143160
     tttattggtc tgttgttggt accccatctg ggatgaatag ggacttgctc atttctctcc    143220
     aaagagaagt caccaagtct ttttatataa atataaatat atatacatat atataatttg    143280
     aattttttgg aaactctagc tgtgctgtca actttggaaa aatgtatccc agtttactgt    143340
     gttgagttgg cattgtacag aaattaacag ccatattggt ctagaaatgt tgaacttaat    143400
     ttttttttcc atttgtacag gggtaacgca ctgtattaaa tatgtaaggt cttatctaca    143460
     tgggtttgat tacaaaaact aataaagtat tctctaaata atgaaaaaaa aaagaaaagt    143520
     caccaaggtt atctgataag gaaagagcag aggggatgac ggtagaaggg catacgagcc    143580
     aaccaaatgg gccaagagtg aggacgcttt caagtctcca aataagtatt aaattctacc    143640
     aagaatggct gtccagcaga aataaagagg gattcttggg gagttcttta tagcaattaa    143700
     attatttaaa attgtatctg taagaaaatt aaagctaagc tagacctttg actactcttc    143760
     ctaatcctgg gataatgctg gtacctttct cgatcttctt tatcagtttt atacttctcg    143820
     aacattctct cctttctgta catttgctag tgtcttgtgt gtttttatat acagatacca    143880
     gtatgatggc ttgggaatgt ttttcctaaa catttatatt gggaatttgt gaatgccctc    143940
     tgtgaactct ctcaccttat gctgtagccc aggcttgcct ggaaattgtt atatagtcca    144000
     ggctgcctga actcactgtc tcacccacct cagcctcgca gtgctggaat tgcaggtaag    144060
     agccacatct gagaggcagg atatggggag aattgattgg attccgaagg acccggtgtc    144120
     atgaatggat tggtcaatgt gtggattgat gggtgattgg ggagtgactt tgtttccaag    144180
     catcgctttg ctagcttgct gtcttgtctc actgtgcatg tcccctacca cgttacagtt    144240
     tggtaagaag gggctctcca ggtgccagca ccacgctctg ggatgttgtc ttagttaggg    144300
     ttttactgct gtgaacagat accatgacca aggcaacgct tataaggaca gcatttaatc    144360
     agggctggct tacaggttca gaggttcagt tcattatcaa cacaggaaca tggcagtgtt    144420
     caggcaggca tggtgcagga agagctgaga gttctacatc ttcatctgaa ggctgctagg    144480
     agaagactga cttccaggca gctaggatgt gggtcataaa gcccacaccc acagtgatag    144540
     acctacacca atagggccac actttctaat aatgccactc cctgggccaa gcatattcaa    144600
     accaccacag aggtcccaca ttcctgtccc acattcctga actgtgagat aaatgaactt    144660
     ctatttttat tttattttat tttattttat ttctggtgac agagacctca aggacgctaa    144720
     gcatatgttt aaccactgag ctacaccctt tgccggtaaa cctttattcc ttataaattg    144780
     tccagtgtgt gttattcagt tatagcaaca gaaagtagac gaagacaggt atcatgtcag    144840
     acactatgtg acacagtgga gcatggacat gtcacagtgg gtttttctat cccaacaccc    144900
     tagccacctt tgattgtttg ccaggttttg tatcataaat ggtgctatag agatggccag    144960
     ccttctgaac agactgagtg agtctttagt ggtactgctt ttttattttt attttatttt    145020
     ttaaagatgt atttattgac agctgggcat taattgcaca cgcctttaat ccctgtactt    145080
     gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc    145140
     ctgtctccgg gggcaggggg gagggaatgt ttgtgtgtgt gtctgtatgt gtctgtgtgt    145200
     gttctctgtg tgtatctctg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtttctc tgtgtgtgta    145260
     tctgtccctg tgtgtctctc tctctgtgtc tctgtctctg tgcatgtgca cctgtgcaca    145320
     catatagaga ccacaacagg gcattgtggg tccttatcca tcatcttctg cctattcctt    145380
     gaaggcatgg tctctctcag aacttgggac tcacatttat tctgaaagcc ccggtggtcc    145440
     tcttgtctct acctcagtcg gcactggcct cacaggcgtg cacaggatgc ccaggttggt    145500
     acatggatgc tgagattaga actctggttt tcagaactgc actgtgaagg ctcttaattg    145560
     ctgagacatc tttccggccc tacttctggt ttttaacaga aactcctgac ttgcctccag    145620
     aactggacag tcatgtcaat atgccctccc ctaagacagc catggctcct cagtaagcat    145680
     tgataccaca cagtcctcct gggaccacgc ctctgcatcc agcatcctga gcattagtga    145740
     agtctcagtg gcagtctgcc ctcaacaacc cacgcagtct agcttttatc ccccatcagg    145800
     gatctcaaca agtttaagct tcccccagca ggagaagagc tgttctcctg gctccttcag    145860
     cttttacccg gcccaaagtg tacaatgtat cattgcgaag gcgcagggtt tcttggcagg    145920
     gaaacttggc ctgtagggtc cgccagcttt ggggagactg cccatctcac cctgctctct    145980
     ctctggagca aatgtcagag tctcttcctg tatgtccaag gaaattagag caaagttctg    146040
     tgactgatag ggaaaagata aagattgttg tatgaggatt gtcatacaag actgtcctgt    146100
     gagccaaaca gccggtgtct tcaggagttc tgctaagcct gctgggaaaa cgtcatggct    146160
     gggcctactg gctgtttact ttcctcacag gaaggccatg ggaggtcatg gggactctca    146220
     actgagtttc tggtcacccc tccaactaga tgtaaggaat tctttcctga ctgtgtggct    146280
     ctaggggaga agctagaaga caaagctaat aggatgagag ggttgagtct ccaactacag    146340
     agccatggag aagccatctg tggtggtttg aatatgcttg gcccagggag tggcactatt    146400
     aggaggtgtg gccttgatgg aggaagtgtg tcactgtggg catggcctgc ctggaagcca    146460
     gtcttctctg gtctgccttt ggatgaagat tagaattctc ggctcctcca gccccatgtc    146520
     tgcctggatg ctgccatgca tatatagatg catctataga tgataatgga ctgaacttct    146580
     gaacctgtaa gccagcccca gttaaatgtt gtccttataa gacttgctgt ggtcatggtg    146640
     tctgatcaaa acaataaaac cctaaccaag ataccatcgt tccttcaggg tgctaacttc    146700
     cctgtgtgga tgattaaatg acccacgttt ctggaggaat tttggggaat tgttctttgt    146760
     tcttgttggg actttaggag gatggtggat gctgtttaca tctttcccag ggaagctatt    146820
     ttagcaacag caatttctct ccctcctcca ctcctaacac cacacacata ccctagcact    146880
     acacagtccc tcaatgcctc ttgctccccc attcttcctt gagcctattc ctgcctgcca    146940
     agctggtcag ggaagcaggg ttcttgtagt tgtgggtctt agaaacccac ctcgctgtaa    147000
     caagctcaca ctcccaggaa gaacttactg gcttgcctaa ggtaaaagtc aggaagtggc    147060
     cattacaggc atgggtgaag tgacaggatg gccaccacct caatcctgct ttcctgagtt    147120
     gccttctgtg caaaggcctt tgtgcagatg ctcagaaggt ggtagaagat aagccaatag    147180
     aattgggatt aagataaaat gattcacctc ttttttattt tatgtgtctg ggtgttttgc    147240
     ctgcatgtat gtctgggcac tatgtatgta tttatgaagt atttatgaag gccagaagag    147300
     gatgttggtt gttagctgcc aagtgggtgc tgagaatcaa cctcaggctc ctctgtgaga    147360
     ggggtcagtg ctcttaacca ctgagccacc tctcaagtcc cgggggatta ggattcttat    147420
     cagagtagct ttagacaaca acctctgagc caaactctgc ccacggggaa tggaatatgt    147480
     ggctggccag tcctacgtca tcagctcacc ctagaagcct aggagcccat ttcagtcaaa    147540
     taaagccacg tagcttcctt cacacttacc gccctaggtg ggaacaggtt gggcttctct    147600
     cctggaggct gagactttct gaaaagtcct ccttccttct ctccctgcct tccctggctg    147660
     cctagagatg ggctacctac cagccaaagc ggaagaggaa aagaatacac agcccagcct    147720
     agttccaccg aggagctttc aatgcctcct aaggagccct cggtagtgta catggagata    147780
     cattgtatcc ctgatagaaa cagaacagca acaaaaagga tacattcatg tcccgtgttt    147840
     actgtggagc agctgggtga tggcaaagga gcagaggtgg tggcgagagg ctcgtatcct    147900
     ctcctctcca ttccattctg cccgcccccc tacccactcc tccctgtctt ctctagccta    147960
     tgccttgagg agagagattc tgaaaacagg aagtcagtag gtatacatta aggctcccca    148020
     aaacttcctg gcctggaaca gaggcagtgg ggtagtgaga ccacagaggg cagagtgtca    148080
     tacaagaaac acacctcatg gctgaataat aatgataatt attattatta tataacagta    148140
     ccatatatcc aggacaaacc cagctgcccc aagccaacca taaaatccat atgtacagta    148200
     gagtctgtgg atggagggag gggttgctca ccagtacacc caggtcttac ttatatcaac    148260
     tctttaagga ggggccagcc cctccttcct gccccctgct aaagcctaga acaagttgag    148320
     gaggctggca ctgccaaagt cacccgtttg tgttcactat gcttatgcca aggaactagg    148380
     cccacctcct cttgatggcc tactgggagg aatgggtagg caaacctatg agagaacagt    148440
     tagccacccc ctcctggccc tttctggggg cctgcccata gcagaaagga gccaaagaca    148500
     ctcatggtac agatagggca tgcagcacag acccgtggca tgcttggttt gcccaggcac    148560
     catgcagata gcctggattg ttacacagat gccagaggac cgggtgggtg gtggagtctg    148620
     aagggccctc cctgggctga atagttgatt cagtctatgg tggagcctcc cgagagcctg    148680
     gtctttggga aggaagctgc agaaattctg gaaggaccag gtcctctttg cgaagaagtc    148740
     ctctctgatc gtgggccccg ctgctctgca cccgattcag cagctccacc aggcctggag    148800
     ggagccacag agtcaggggc cgatatggcc aaagcaccta caccaatgct tgaccattct    148860
     gctgcctgct atgacgagag cctcctgact ccagactatc agtatattcc agggctcatg    148920
     gtctttagcc ccagccttag ctcaggcctc tctgatgcca ccctccatga ttctcaaccc    148980
     acttctctca tcccataact cccattgtcc tcacagggca ccttcaatgt cacaggtctg    149040
     ccggttccca gtagaactac tggcatcttc taccagcaaa ctggaggacg atgggggaag    149100
     gtgactgtcc ttggtctggg ttcttgggag gcatccctgc aagaaagtgg gggtcagggg    149160
     cacaactagg aggggagaag cagagagtag gaaaggagac cccgaggctc tcagttacct    149220
     gactgcggca gggggatatg cttctggctt cactcatctt tgcatctata acggacagca    149280
     ccactgttga gtttgacctt cctctcagaa gcccctcctc ctgtgccaga ggcacactgg    149340
     ggaaccaagt cccagggtat aaacatcact tacccggagg agtgtccaaa accagtgtct    149400
     gtgaggccac tgagctcact ggattctcca aatccatggg ctgcttctct cctggctaca    149460
     gaaagatgtt atcagcttga gggcttgacc accaaacctt ccctgctgct ctggctcttt    149520
     cttgatctcc agctccatca cttaccctgt gcagtaccac ctggtccagg ctcaggccat    149580
     gcttagccag gatgggctgc agcgcctctt gcagacgctt ggtgggctta gctgagatcc    149640
     ggaccactcg ctccaggccg accaactcca gcctgcacgg gaccctagag ctgcagactg    149700
     acagagaccc aggccccttt cccccaaata aatccaaagg ggacaaagct aaatgggaga    149760
     gtgcaaccgt ttaggggtgg ggctttagcc taggggcaga gctccttgcc cagaatgaga    149820
     tctgagattt ggggaccagt agactgagat ttagggtagg gcactcactg gaaggtgatc    149880
     ctgttttcca gtcgcacttc ctggtctgcc agcacggtgc aatcctgatc caggaccagg    149940
     gccttctgca gatgccaggc agggtctaag aatcccctcc ctccagccca aaccatcccc    150000
     tgaggaaact tggaaaccac cttcatttcc tcctatggcc acaagtaccc taaagatcag    150060
     aaggaccagc ccatgaataa cagaaggtgg aagaggcaga tggggtaagg accagtaggg    150120
     tttaagccta atcagaccaa agctaaggga ccctaagagt ggaagatgct ctgggcatgg    150180
     tggcatgggc atatacgcct ttatcaccag cacttaggag gaagaggctg atggagttta    150240
     aagccaacct gggctacata gcaagtttca ggacagccag ggttacatgg taagaccctg    150300
     ttgaaaaaaa tgaagaagaa agaaacgagt ggaagatgtt tgggaatgct agatgaagtt    150360
     gggaaaaata tggtttaggg aaatacaggg atgtgggcat gcaagttact ggggattctt    150420
     aaaaaggatg aagcatgggc cctggttcac agagtgtgtg cccttccttc aggtatggga    150480
     aactcaagca gaccgtctgc atacacttcc cctcagcact ggcctttgtt agccacttga    150540
     ccttgtctct tgcctccttc atgcctaggt cagccccacc cccaacgcgc acatcagacc    150600
     agaaagatgt aaagcatttg gtatagtccc gacacatagt aggtatacag acaagcctac    150660
     tacggtctgt accagcatag aaagtgtgtg tgttgggggg ggcgggctta aaagggagtg    150720
     tggagactct cccagacagt aggctgtgct gaggcacagg cacaggtggg aggtgggtgg    150780
     tggaattata tttagcaggc acagaagccc atctgggctg ttggcagctg ttctggtggt    150840
     ctgagaaagt gggcagagcg cctcccattg ctgccctaac acccccacac cccagctccc    150900
     taagcctgtc ctgcagacac ctcctccccc caccctctac ctggaatgtc ctctccttac    150960
     agttcccctt agctgctctc caagccttct ggccagactc accacctccc ctggaaggga    151020
     ctctccagag ctttcactag taatcgcctc ctgcttggct tacctgctgc ctggacttag    151080
     caaaacccag cctcccagcc agttctcctc atagaccttg gctgcctctt ggggcttgaa    151140
     tgacttcctg tcacttcccc tggagtagca ttgctcccct gggggcccct tacatggtag    151200
     caccccctgg gggccccctt acatggtggc acccccttgc atgagtttcc ctggacctta    151260
     caagctccat gctcattcac actcggggat taggttcagt ggatacttct gatggcagag    151320
     gtgagggaat cacccaatgg caacctcagg ggtggggcct gtggggatgg cagtgtgaag    151380
     tgtgggggca gctttacctc ctggaagcca tcagagtagg ataatgggga aagctgggaa    151440
     ccaggatggc ggggtgggtt tgtgtgtgtg taggattctt atgggatatg gatgagtgtc    151500
     tgagaatgaa tgaggggttg gtactggaac ccccgcagac ttggacacag aaggaatagg    151560
     tatataaaca aggtaggaag gggtaggtga tagagaatgg acttagaaat aggggtgcag    151620
     aggattaaga aaagaaccag gtcatgatca gaaaggagac aagagctggg gagtccgtgc    151680
     tcgcacctgt tcattgccca ccaggtagac cttaatgtca ggcagagaga ggcctctctt    151740
     ctcacagatg cctgccagca tgtctcggat ggtgaggcca ggtcgagcca gggccaagga    151800
     agccgtgccg tcaggtagat acacgcagca atacttcccc ggccgactct cgctctcact    151860
     ctctccactt ccaaggctct tccggtgact ctggttgtag gcaaaaatgg gcagaggctg    151920
     tacgtataca ggtgagggca tgctgggaca caagcatgtc cacttggaag caggtaaaga    151980
     catgtcttgc tctgcaaaca cacgtccact caaatgtgca gacactcagc caggcttggt    152040
     ggtacatgcc tttgatccta gtccttggaa gcagaagtag acagatctct gagttcaaag    152100
     catgcctgga ctacagagtg agttccaaaa cagacagggc tacacagaga aaccctagct    152160
     caaaaaacta aaaaccaggg gtgggatagg gggttccctg gggatagagg tactgggaaa    152220
     ggggataaca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa aatatccaat aaaaaaaaac ctgtctcaaa    152280
     aaaacaaaat aaaaaaccaa ctaaacaaac aaatcaacgc accctgccac ctcccaaaac    152340
     ccaaccaaat caacaaacaa acaaaaaaca ttggacactc aaagatagct cccctaacta    152400
     gccacacaca tacaggatac cccgagaccc ccacacacac gcacaaacat acacagtcac    152460
     acacacatac acgcgcacac atacttctcc cagatgagca tgtgcatcca tggtatgtac    152520
     agagaccact ctatctggca cggagagaaa ggggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatcagggga    152580
     tggctttgtg gagcaagcta tgagtggaag tgtagctgtc cactgtgaat gctggaaccc    152640
     atgaagacag cgtctctcaa aggccggctc acctcagatt tgctgctcac aaaggcaagg    152700
     aaacccaggt ccagactggc agaagaattc agggaccctt gagactctcg tcgcagggcc    152760
     gaattcatgg ctccacctgt catctctaag ggaaagtcag caatgtagag actttctttc    152820
     tctcaccatc ccgctgacta ggccctccct ttggatgggc cttgtttgga gtcatccttc    152880
     gaggacttaa agtgtgtggg tccctaggtg tgtctctgtg tagccaactt catggaagca    152940
     cctagtttcc ttgagaaact agatggtctc aagagcctac gttttgggat ttgggttttg    153000
     ccttattgca gactgggtca gataggaaga aaagggcggt cccaaaatta gcccagattt    153060
     cctggcggca tcattctagg gccagcgcct ggtctcacct ctacgaaagg acttgcggag    153120
     agggcggcca caagggccct cagcgagtgg cagctgcccc aactcttcca cgcccagcgg    153180
     cagtgacttc ccaggcttca gctttggctt ctggggacac agggacgact ctagtgcgga    153240
     gcagcgcccc agcccccaac acggatctag gtctgaggaa gacccttcct gagactgtcc    153300
     gcagcctttg ccccatcccg tcccctgcca cccctgtccg caccttcctc gctgtgtccg    153360
     ggctcccgag gtgtgaggag ccaggttccc gcagggggcg tccctcggcc tccgccagca    153420
     ggcactcttg gtacagcggg gatttgacga agcgcgcata gctgtcgaac ttcatcaaat    153480
     tgaagatctg cttggccagc gagtgtgagt ggtgattggt accaggagag gacagtggag    153540
     ggctggatgt tgggttctgc ctgcatctct ccagtcccag gtcccgccct agccagttca    153600
     agcagggaaa ccccaagccc tgcctccccc aaaccagtca tttacctggc gtctgagacc    153660
     cgcccctact cttgaccccg cccttcaagg caattgcccc ttcccttccg acttggactc    153720
     cgcccctgtg tctgggcctg ttgagtgttc gttccctctg gttccctcac ctgaagctgc    153780
     tgtgctcgga acatatctgg ccggggctgg gccagcacct cctcactaag ccaggcctgt    153840
     cggtcgatgt tcactgggct cagcgcctgg ctggatagga actcgtggta gatgttgtgg    153900
     gcctcctgag ctagctaggg atgagggacc agaaaaggtc agggggtatg ccccaggccc    153960
     tagtccccac ccatctgtcc catctttctc tgcacctgct tggtgtcgct ggctgggatc    154020
     tgctggaaac gttcgcaggc tttccagaaa gttacgttct ctgcgctgaa ttccttcttc    154080
     aggaactcct ggcatgagga aaaggggaag aaaggccttc agacacagac tggttgaggg    154140
     acgcgttcaa agactgggac agacacggag gccaagagac cagacaagac agacagatgg    154200
     tgccagctct ggggtaccgg aagaaaataa gaaacagaga tgaggacaag aaaggagagt    154260
     tcccagcttg gtgatgaagg aaaggatgcc aaagacaggg accacagaga gaagcagcac    154320
     tctggccaac ctgaaccccc tttctgcagt ggcacctgcc ctcccccatt ccaccctacc    154380
     ccagggctta cagtgaagta agccagaccc cgtgggtctt gcagcagccg ctcaaaggac    154440
     tgggcccagc tggccacagg ctgctcctcg gtggagaagg ggctgctggg gccactaggg    154500
     aggctgtgga tgctgagaga gctgcctctg ccctcaccct gggcctggga acctgcagtg    154560
     ctggtcagtt ctgcagagag atggataagt tagggtgagc cttttgcttc ctcagcctgg    154620
     ggcccaatcc cccttgcagg caggcatctg ctctgcaggt atgattacct gagagatcaa    154680
     caagtggatg ggagtgtcca cacagttcca cctccctgtg gctccctccc ttgctccctc    154740
     atccacaaat ctgtcactca cctccatctg agacagccag aacctaggag agacccaagg    154800
     tagaaaatca gagtagagcc ctataagccc tataacgagt tgttttgttg ttggtggtgg    154860
     ttttttttta tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tctgaggcag ggtttctctg    154920
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagatcagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat    154980
     ccgcccgcct ctgcctcctg agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gggccaccac gcccggctcc    155040
     tataatgagt ttgaaggagc cacactgggc agatctccag tgagctggga ctgtattttc    155100
     tccctagaga gtatggctaa ctggctccag atagtcatta ttgcctaggg ttttgttcag    155160
     gctgccctag tccctttcca tcatgcggca atcactgtgt gctgggactt actcggggtt    155220
     ctttctagtg gcccctggtt cccttctttc tctttcagcc cctgcaagtt aagtccaggt    155280
     atgcttggac ttcagtcctg cgtcttccag tggataccat ctgtaaggat ttggacacag    155340
     cagctcactt gctatgccaa tcttgtgttt gagggaggag agatgtttct gtagctagtg    155400
     accttattga actgtttctc catgggatgc tcatcccacc ctaccgtggg cacagcatgg    155460
     gatgctggtt tttgtggcac agagcagagc ccatcagact ttgatagagt gaccaggagg    155520
     atgctcctga tgtccaggtt cagtagatcc aggatgggac tcgaggctct ctctctcttt    155580
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctctctct ctctttcttt ttcttttttc    155640
     tttttttaat aaggcaatag cattttgttt attgaaaata tttataaagg aaaacttgag    155700
     attaatttgt aagactgctc agtgatagtc tttgtaatta atataaccaa tgatggagtt    155760
     tttaatatgc tggaattttt ttcacagaat aaactacttt ttgtaaacta ttatcataca    155820
     ttactgtgtg tgtcttaaat gacaattcta agacagattt ctgaatttct taagtacata    155880
     gacacacctg agatatcaca tttctaaagt ttaggcacac aaacagattt catgcctcca    155940
     cacctggact ttcactcttt aattgaaatt gcttatatat taacaaagac agccagcgtc    156000
     cctttcctta gccagcatcc ctttccttaa aaacaaagag acaggggttg agtgtaacca    156060
     tccaccagct ggtttcctgg actatttaca gggagagcca gaggccagca catgttgact    156120
     ttggctgcta tgcaaatatc taaaagcagt tttcaaactt caaaggcttt ccaggaaata    156180
     cacattcaca ggcaacttga ggggaaaaaa ctcccagccc ctcaacgttc atataccctg    156240
     tcacctgact ccattatacc tgttatacac ctgtacagtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg    156300
     tgtccacagg tactcaatag ctaccatcaa aatcccacgg tgaggtatag actctacttg    156360
     gccagtgctc atttttagtt tgtaaagtat ttaataattt tacaaaaaga gagagaaaga    156420
     gaggaaggag aaggagaagg agaaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaagg agaagaagaa    156480
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    156540
     gaagaagaag aagaaatttg atttgaaaac cttttggaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaccttttg    156600
     gatattaatt ttaaaatgag ggatgatttc aggatgtgtg gacatacacc caggctcaat    156660
     gcactcagag aagccccagc agctgctaca gggcagctga ggatggctgt gaaccaagtc    156720
     gatgtgttgc aggagttggc acaggacaca gccctcaacc aggcaggcgg aggctctcca    156780
     tttctaacag gcttctgggt aactctgttg ctggtccagg ggcctcagtg tgagtatcac    156840
     tgtcattcac accaagtcca ttcattctct gctacaatgt atactatact aaccctgcct    156900
     tctctaagaa cccgagtcat tggtgaaaca gaactcccca ccatcacctt gaaggggttc    156960
     ttgcaatagt ttctcgtggt tcctttcctg cctccctaga agctttccag ttccgctgtg    157020
     gaccccgccc acgcagggtg ggctgtcccc tttcctggtt ctttctattc tgggtccttt    157080
     gtgccccaac caaactcagc tggcttctgg ccaatacctg tctccggata ccccataggc    157140
     cattcaaact tagccagtct caaatagaca ctcctctgtc cccactgtaa aagtcctgaa    157200
     actgcttccc tgtatcctgt cttccttcct tccatcattt agatacctgc acctccactc    157260
     tccgtacctc ctacattttg ctaggccctg tcatagaaac taccatcatg tcccttcttt    157320
     ccatcccact ggaagcaagt gtaagaaagt ctccccttcc ctgctctcca ctttccactc    157380
     ctaacctcgg agcacctggg tcatgtggga gtcagggctg gcctgcagga tactgtagga    157440
     tattatttgg cctccagggg ggaaaataag tttaaagggg tcttgtatgt ttaaaaatga    157500
     agagattccc acaggttcca tttctctctc tcctctttaa gagtgatgtg aagagtgttg    157560
     tgagcatctt ctcagagtcg aatccttggc tggccctgag cagccagtgg ccgcccctac    157620
     ggggtcttct cattcccctc aagggattct ggggccagtc agatacatct atgtttgttt    157680
     ggttggttgg tttttggatt ttggttattt tggaggcaat gggaagcaat caatgcctag    157740
     attgtgtgac tttaaatttt gggctctgtg accctgggaa ggatactcag gcatgctttt    157800
     taccttagtc tgtcctctct aaaagttggg caaacctgaa aaggactgct tcactccagt    157860
     gagttaaaca cacagaggac gttcagaaac actttgtggt atctagtaaa tgttctagaa    157920
     cattccagat gctgttgctg catcaatacc catggccaat gccactaggt gtttgggttt    157980
     attaccgtgg cagaggacaa agggcacaat tgtctgaact ctcaagataa agattcagat    158040
     cctagctctg cctttttctt gttttacaac cttgcacggg ggttgagaaa gagagaaagt    158100
     ttgcaattgc ctgagctggg tgtaggacta gctcccagca catcatgctc tgggtgcccg    158160
     cccccctccc cacactgagt ctcgcactcc tccagatgct cctcatcatt atagcctctc    158220
     ccctccaagg tcttcacctc tctcagccta gggaagcaag tcctgattcc tagggtagga    158280
     ggtcttcaca atgcctgagg tccctagaca gcctgctatt tccttcccca acacctgcct    158340
     gcaccccact gctgccttcc cccagcccca gctgctcctg agctgcagct gtgctcctag    158400
     cttcagagcc tgagctgtgg tgccccaagc tttctggtgc agttccccat ctcagtgcag    158460
     gactctcttc aaggatcctt aggctttata aagctggtct cccatcccaa gtcagcctgg    158520
     cctttgtagg tagctcgctc tgggcaggag tccttgacag ccaaaggcac tggaattgaa    158580
     gccagccgca ctaggatttt gtttggcttt caagagtttt atttctatat tatctttaat    158640
     taactatgct cttcagtagg gctggcttca ggttttctct gggcccttcc ctccccactg    158700
     ttccaccctg gattcaattc cttgcctgcc tcagtaggat tgctgttgcc aagttacagc    158760
     tacaccccta cctgtacctg actaatgcgc ccctccatca tcatttgcct cctcctcgac    158820
     tccaccctac actttatcaa acttctattt ttccccaccc ccctgcttcc tgttttgctg    158880
     tttcctccac ctgggtacct gcttctgtag cctcctggca ctgctcctgg attcctatcc    158940
     atcatcaatt gtccccaaat gctagtcttc accattccct ttatacctac tcacccctgg    159000
     gcccctcttc cccgaagtct ggtaggtagc tcctggaggg gaggtcttgt tgggaaggga    159060
     gtctatctga aatccctgct ccaggggcgc cctctatgac cctatgctta agcagtcttg    159120
     actaagatgc tggcccaggc accaggttct ttgttccagc ttcttttatt gaaaatggaa    159180
     ctgggacaga actggaagag ggacaggaat ctcaagctgg ggtaaaagga gcccaattcc    159240
     tgctcagtca tttgggaatc tgaaatagct ggttttactt gagcccattt cccccagggg    159300
     agtgctaggc tccgattccc agcctctggg ggctgctggg aggctaaaga gggcaaagtg    159360
     gggtctagag ccacagctat gacttacaca ggctacaaga caaggagaag taaggttcag    159420
     tggtgaccct gattctcacc tctgctcgag gagccctgct gagtgaatga aggaaaaggg    159480
     gaagaaagga tgaggaaggg tgtggtggcc ggtgacagtc ctaacccata gtggtctctg    159540
     gctttagttt gtcacgcttc attcttagga agtggctcca aggggacttc tggtacctga    159600
     ggacactggg gaggccacct cgagtttcct gatccagctg tgttacaggc cacatgtatt    159660
     ctaccttttt actccacctt caacatctct gtctcctgca gcagatatta atgaccctgc    159720
     tttacaggca aggaacctga agcccagaca agttatagag ttgaattggg gcagagataa    159780
     tattagatgc caagcttgcc tgtcagtgat gaaatctgaa gacttcacca cgtttctcta    159840
     tgctgcttcc atacacgtat ttgatacagg gtctccctct gtatccttgg ctggcctggc    159900
     accccctctg tagccctggc tggcctctaa tctccagtgg atccacctgc ctctgccttc    159960
     agagcatcgg tattacgggc acatgtcacc acacccagcc ttgtcacttc ccttatagac    160020
     aggagagctt ggaggtccag ggcttgtagc ccttgggcac aaatgggtga agtcaatgga    160080
     ggtgaggccc aggaatgccc tagaggattc agatctcaag gagagagcaa tcagctatca    160140
     ggctatctct ctcccttatc tcgactcttc ctcaaaccaa aactttattc cagatttttc    160200
     acccacttcc tgggtgcctt cccagaggtg agcatgtgac ctgtggtctt gtttcactct    160260
     gtggatgtct ataactatac aaccctaggt accggatcac ttcagcctga gccagctctg    160320
     tagagctttc tccaccacat gcccttctac aatgtacccc ccgcactgcc atccctgacc    160380
     ctgagttgga caccaggagc gtacaggcac atggatctac tcaggtctct ttgccagagt    160440
     gtgtcagagg accaactctg agtgtccaga aagagaacta tgactaaccc aaagttaaac    160500
     tcacagactc ccttggggca tagccctcca ccacctctgt acgttttcct atgtgcaagt    160560
     atccccccag accactgccc ctgtagcttg tatgtgtttt aaagaccatc ttctacagtg    160620
     ttagatgtta atggagaaga tggttttcct tatgaggctc ttctcagcct ttccccactc    160680
     ctgacctaca gctcttccaa accagaagtg tgtttcagta ctcttcactc atgtctgtca    160740
     tgcctcgctg actagtgcta actggggact gggacctggg tcttaagggc tcagggtggg    160800
     acgacccaga ggagcccctg agtgaatgca caagccaagt gacagctggt accaagagac    160860
     gatttctctg ggaggggtta ggagcctctc taagtgacag ctgactgcca gaaggatgag    160920
     gctcatgatt gacagcgcct cagcaaggaa tggtggggga tggaaaggaa ccaaagcagg    160980
     acagtgctgg gggggggggg actcagcggg tgtgtgcaaa tggtgaccct tctgctctac    161040
     agcatattgg ttttgctcct ccaagcctcc cccgtgagat aacagccgga caccttgccc    161100
     acaggcccct cttcgttcac atctacacca tcgttgccaa tgcctgtctt cccatctctg    161160
     ccccagccaa gtatggcctc acaaagctgc ccattgtcca gcaagtggac atctgtgaac    161220
     catgaggttt caggggtcat acagaggatt caaaacggat ccaaacagga cagaaataaa    161280
     catatgggac aattgccgag aggatctagg gcagctgtgg gcttggcagg actcagcttg    161340
     tactgtcctc tttattctga atgacttgga tagagaagcc accagctgac acaggaagga    161400
     caagctgggt ctatctccag ccctctcagc tggtgtgtgg ttctgggttc tgtcccagaa    161460
     gcatcaatcc agctattctt tgcggggagg gcctgggcta tttctccttg gccctgtggc    161520
     caagtcacct agagaggagc aagccaagtg ccatgcccac ccagcgtggg tgcaggggga    161580
     tgggctctcc acagactttc taagttgggt tggtggtaga ggaagtaggg tgggggctga    161640
     gccaactttt ggaattggtc tcccttccac ccaaacagca tggggcgtca gcaaagggct    161700
     tcccgacaaa acatgagaac taaccttggg aactggaagg cagaggtggg aactgtttaa    161760
     tgagatagaa gattcttaaa gaggggatga aagtacaggg gttatcagga taacccttcc    161820
     gtagccttta caatgctcaa gtgtctcata ttcattatgg cactcagcaa acaggacatt    161880
     gatcagtttc tatttcattt tactgatgac gaaacaggac aggatctttc ttgggaaaag    161940
     acagcagagc tagaactgga tcccaggtct ctctctctgg atcccaggtt attctggacc    162000
     cactggcttt atcccatggt tctaggctgg ggccttaaga tagaggttac caggacactg    162060
     tttggtcccc ctggagtgat cctgctaggt gagccaggtc cctaaggaga aaagggaggc    162120
     tcaacacagc ctgtcctatt tggtgaatga aagaagagcc agaaacttgg agacaactct    162180
     agtcaggagt taaacagcct ggagaaggtc taatgggtta gggctgcaac cagggcatcc    162240
     tatactaagt tgcacgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaca    162300
     cccttcctgg aagctaggaa tagaccagac agagctgatc ttcctgtcct gcccttactg    162360
     acccgtcctg ggctgcccaa agaacactag ttctggcagg ctgcctctgg agcaggttga    162420
     tgcagtgatc cagcaagggc tgctcttaaa accttatctt gggcacttag agcgtgagat    162480
     gaagagagga gggctgaggg cctgagacat agggcttgag aagttttaga agtgaccact    162540
     ggatctccag gctactctgt aatcaacttc agtaatccca gtagcggatg agggagcagc    162600
     gagtccaacc tgcatgtgga accagagacc taagtctgct gtgttctgga ctaatccctg    162660
     gggttgcacc agactcctag cagggcatct ggaagggtcc tagggtgaca gcaccaggtc    162720
     ccaatgccag cagctgtctg tacccaactt ctccagcctg ctcctctgca accctgctgg    162780
     gtgtgcctcc tggactccac cctgggtgtg cccacccccc tccctgtggc tctggctcag    162840
     agcccacact caccatgcgc ccgttgggga cacccaagtg cttgggcttc cctggcatac    162900
     cgccgttgat cacaggtccc ctccacgggg ggccacccac cacaaggatc gcggaagcac    162960
     tctcttgggg tggcaagcag gcagtggaga gagagagctc tgctcctccg ggcccttaca    163020
     tcctgaaaca ccagctcact acctcttttc tctgccacag gaagtgtctc tatagaaacc    163080
     aaaccacaga aagaagcaag gtctaagaga gcgaatgtct cttcctactc tcatacacac    163140
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgttcat gcacacacac atgccgccaa    163200
     cgcaccctcg gttgcacacc atgcaagcac caacagccag caggagcctc cttttgccca    163260
     gcgaggtacc tggagtgttc aatctgaagg ctccaaggat gtgtcagcat gctgaagtgc    163320
     atgctcatac aactagacac ttgtggagca gacagtctgg gggggggttc catggacatg    163380
     gggcatgtgt tccgagtcct aggcatccac aaaagtgcat tgttcactac tcatttacct    163440
     tctatgtccc aggcttatgc atgcttagca accctagctc aggcagtttg catgcggaga    163500
     ctgctgcccc taggctgtca tctgatagcc aggtgagcaa agaggtaatc acatcacctg    163560
     tgtgaccatg catgtgggca tgctgtgtca cgagggcacc tgaatcttca ggcatacaca    163620
     ctcgaatctg ggcagggtag cacatgtatg taatgccagc ccttgtgagg cagaggcagg    163680
     aataacagtt tgaggtcaga cttagttaca ggaaactcaa tctggatcta tactatgtct    163740
     gtatctatat ctaaatgtaa acaaaataag atagatagtg tatagtgcct tggatgggtg    163800
     catatgatag gcatgcctat gtatagtcag acaccccagg ggctgggtat gcacacatgc    163860
     actgaagggt aggagaatgg attgggtata tccataccaa agaggtaaag taagccatac    163920
     tcagtagaaa gcccacctct gtgcagaact gtcttagctc agactccaaa aagcaggtgg    163980
     agctctttga gtgcaaggcc agcctcattt acatatcagc caggactaca taacgatacc    164040
     tggtcaacaa acaaacaaac aaaggaaaac aaaccgggct gtagagatgg ctcagtggtt    164100
     aagagcactg gctactcttc cagagttcca ttcctggtca ccacatggta gttcacaact    164160
     gctcctgact tcagttccag aggaccagat gccctcttct ggcctctgag ggtaccaggt    164220
     atgcagatgg tatacagaca cccaggcagg caaaacggtc atacacataa aaatagtttt    164280
     taaattatta agaaaaaaaa atgccatgtg ctgggtggcc gggacaacag acgctcagtt    164340
     ctcaccattc cggaggtggc acgtccaggc tcaagccctg acacacttgt gctctgacga    164400
     gtcatggctt gcagacggcc atctttttgc tgtgcccacg tgtcagaaag cagagagata    164460
     gggagcatac tgtctcctgt cctgttttat aaaggacact tgtctcatca tatccggtcc    164520
     ctctcctgcg tgatatactt tccgaccaaa ggctccacct ccaacatttc tgaatattaa    164580
     taaaatgagt ggttagcctt tcaatatgtg taaagggaag cattctttga aaaagtttgt    164640
     tcctgggctg gagagatggc taagtggtta agagcactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg    164700
     agttcaattt ctagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc agtaatggtg tctgatgccc    164760
     tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga caacaatggt gatgcactca tatgcataaa ataagtaaat    164820
     ctgaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    164880
     gagggggggg agaaggaaag agcgaacgaa caaaagaaag agtttgttcc ctaattagct    164940
     tactgtatgt aggcacatga tcatgctgtg gcccagaggc cagaggataa cttttaggac    165000
     ttggttctct cctctcacta cctgggtccc agggataaaa tgcagagacc atcaggctta    165060
     atagcctaag gacgggtgcc ctggctggat atagaagatg gtaagaccct agaggatctt    165120
     ggagccacaa gaggagagaa gcagggtcta tgctctggtg catgggggtg cgacatccat    165180
     caatctggat caccggcttt ggatgattca aagagccctc agaggtgacc gtggtaccag    165240
     tgtccatacc agagtccatc tgttatatag cagcgaccac aactgtagtt tatttatctc    165300
     tttctggata ctttgttcct gccccccccc acacacacac acatagggag gaatttgaat    165360
     tgtgtaaggt tggggttgct ttaggggctg aagagtagca aagatgatct tattaaggct    165420
     catatggact ggggatgtag ttcatttggt agagtgcttg cctaacatgt atgaagccct    165480
     aggttcggtt ccccagcact gcagaaaact aaagtatgat gatgcatgac tgtaatcaca    165540
     acaatagagg gtatttgtta catagccaac ttaggctagt taggctacaa gtgaccttgt    165600
     ctcaaacaag caagcaagca aacaaacaac tgctcatcta cagcagttca ttcctacaat    165660
     cccagcactc aggaggctga ggcagtagga ttgtcaagat tgccagtctg ggctactaaa    165720
     gtgctcatga agctagagag gaggcttggg cttcgggaga gatgtgtaaa acactgggtt    165780
     tgatgcctgt gatggtttgt atatgcttgg ctcagggtgt ggccttgctg gagtaggtgt    165840
     gtcactgtag tttatttatc tctttctgga tactttactg tcagtttttg aatttcaatg    165900
     gattaggata tgttggtaat attaattttc atattaagag atattaagga aagtgattgt    165960
     tacttcctat taattttcaa aaatatgagg aattagaaat ttgtgggcta tcaaccagtg    166020
     ttctctctaa tttggtaact ggagaaatag gtccaatatt gtacaatcca tatacacttt    166080
     ctgcttgatt gtatgtgaca gtgtcttgct gtgtaccgca tgatggtctt gaaatcatgc    166140
     ttcccccatc tcagtctctc tattagtagg attgtttatt tgatgttttc acactatact    166200
     atggttttca gaacagtttc catatttcaa aattatttat acagccaaaa gaagcgtgaa    166260
     aaattaattt ggaaggtggc ttgtaagaga acaacaaaga gtgagactga atattttgtt    166320
     tgatatttat aattattgta tcaattttga agaagaggac cttataagtt actcttttcc    166380
     tgagatgaat gcttttcaaa atcatcacag ccaatgaacc agaatcttac cctcacctaa    166440
     tgtccgtgcc accctccaag tagaaccatt gttcattgaa acagttgatg agtgacttca    166500
     tgaatagacc atcttaatac acacaccatt tcttgtttgt ttgttttttt ccggtttttt    166560
     gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctgtct atcctggaac tcactctgta gagcaggccg    166620
     gcctcaaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctggaatta aaggcatgca    166680
     ccaccactgc tcggcccaca caccatttct taaatgactg taacctgttt cctgcacgct    166740
     gagaatgatg acaatcactc aagtcaaata gctttgactg tagcaggaaa tctgtatcca    166800
     aataattgtg cctacaattc attccctagc gccaccatga ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt    166860
     gctaggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt actcttaacc gctgagccat    166920
     ctctccagcc cccatcattt ttatgattgg tataaaatat atattgtgtt gaatataata    166980
     aaaaattagt tcaatttaaa aaaaagttgc cttggtcatg gtgtcttttc gcagtagtaa    167040
     aaccccaact aagacactgc ccagccctag aataaatgag tgaatagcat gcctgcgaga    167100
     gtgcttatgt gacctgcccc cagtctgctt atctgctgtg ccatggaccc aggctgcatt    167160
     cagatttcat ggggtgcatt acggtataca aggtcctctc ctaacaagat ttgctttggt    167220
     cctcatgact attatatgaa tgctgctcat ggctcccgtt tgatggatca gaggacagcg    167280
     cactgtctgt ccatcttctt atgtggcacc ctgctcacct gtcttctgtg gacaggaagc    167340
     agacagacat gagtgctgtt tgcatagctt gctttgtcct ttttcttcag tccaggactc    167400
     cagcacttgg aataagcctt ccatattcac tgacacctca cagacatgcc cagcgatctg    167460
     tctcaaaggt cactgtaaac ccagtcaagt tggctgtgaa gagcaaccat tataccacct    167520
     atccaccacg cttcccaatt ccacagtgtt gcttgtttga ttgagacgga gtctcccaca    167580
     gccctcgggt agtctcaaga tccttatgta cccgaggatg actgcattcc tgaccctcct    167640
     gcttctgctt cccaaggatt gcaggaatac gctacgatgc tcagatacca caaactcctc    167700
     gtctgttcca ttgtgcttct ttttcagttc acaccctagc tctgctgcct ctgcagacaa    167760
     accctggatg aactcctcct tcttctccac cacccaatga caggttctag aacaaatata    167820
     ctttcaccag ctaattagtt cccaggtgtg cttctctaca ttgttgggac tcagctggga    167880
     ctgtacctga caagctcagc cctcaagtga agtttagtgc aatgcgtgta cgggtgcagg    167940
     gaaatctctg aagagggtgc tcgttaggag acaagaagca gggaggcctt tgttgtacag    168000
     gtatgttctc tttctatata tttatgtgca cacacatgca cacaatatat atctataaac    168060
     ataaccctca tatcaacagg atctagatct gtggtttcaa ctaatcatag atgagagata    168120
     ttcagaaaaa aatgtttctt gtcttttttt ttttttaatt atatgtgagt acattgtagc    168180
     tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggtgtca gatcttgtta cggatggttg tgagccacca    168240
     tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcagaacct tcagaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccacc    168300
     gagccatctc accagccctg tttcttgtct taaatagggt tactattgct gtaaccaaaa    168360
     acaactttga gaggattggg tttatttggg ttacagttct acatcactgg ctgttcatca    168420
     ctaaagaaag tcaggacagg aactcaaaca ggacaggaac ttggaggagg caggagctga    168480
     tacagagact gttgaagggt gctgtttact ggtttgctca gcttgttttt taatagaacc    168540
     caggactacc agcccagaga ttgcacaacc caccatggag tggaccttac tgcagcatca    168600
     atcactaatt aaggaaatgt cctatagcca gatctttttt taaagattta tttatttaat    168660
     ttatatgagg acactaacac tgtctttaga cacaccagaa gagggcatca gatctcatta    168720
     cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggatct ctggaagagc    168780
     agttagtgcg cttaaccatt gagccatctc tccagcccta tagccagatc ttatggaggc    168840
     attttctcaa ctcaaatgtt ccttcctttc tagcttgtga aacgttgaca taaaactagc    168900
     cagcacactt ctgctgggcg gtgatagtgc acacctttaa tcccaacact tgggaggcag    168960
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctgt cgagtgagtt ccaggataga    169020
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaat caaaaccaaa acaaaactag    169080
     ccagcacact ttttactgaa cacaaacttt tttggggttt cctatcaaca tcactattac    169140
     atacaatttg ttaagtgtta catgtaatct agagatgatt taaagtatat tggaaggcat    169200
     gcataaatag cacatgtctt taattccagt gcttagaaag gagaggcgag tagatctttg    169260
     tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tgcagtaagt acgcctaatc cttgggccat ctctgcagcc    169320
     cctgaaatca ggatttctaa ggtaaattta agctcctttt ttttttttaa aaaaaaataa    169380
     aaatagtact ggcaactaaa ctttttccta agtagattaa taggtacaat agaatggtat    169440
     ctgggctaga gaccacagtg ttcaactatc cggagccagt tgtcctgggt ccttccacac    169500
     acacttggtg tgtcaacaag aactgatact ttttggagtc agatgtcttc cggcgttccc    169560
     tgaggttcca ggtcagaatc tgatctgctc ctcctgcttc tatctgactg ctggagtcat    169620
     tgcggggtag aggaggtcct caaataactg gcctctttta agtctccaga ggcgtggtac    169680
     tagcttgagg tggcctaaag gatttgcccc acccaccgag tcactccagt gaggctttcc    169740
     cactgtactg gaaaggtcac ttcaaagtca ccatcttttc agaagcttag gactgagcag    169800
     ggtgctcggc ttgcacaagc agaccgcgaa actacaagtt ccagcatgct ccgcttcgac    169860
     gacgctgctc gctttccccc gtcccaggag agacctctgc atttcgttgg cctgcaagcc    169920
     taacgtgctg ctccatgatt ggttggatcc ccttgtcgct catgagaacc ctcggccgtg    169980
     gccggctgtc aggcgaccag gaacctccaa agttatggag ccgcgctcta ctgggatagg    170040
     aggctggcca gccaataagg ctgccatccc gctggcggcg aggctttcct tcttaactct    170100
     cctgtgatcc tagtttggag ggcttccggc cggagaccat tagaaaagac acccggaagg    170160
     cggaagtctt agggcggaag tggccgagag aacaaggaga atggcggccg aggcctggct    170220
     ttggcgctgg ggctggggct ggggtcagcg gtgcccaggg aggcctgggc ttcctggccc    170280
     cggcccgagc cccacgacat ttctacattt gcttctgttg ctggggccgg tggctgcgga    170340
     tatcaccgac ggcaacagcg aacacctcaa gcgggagcac tcgctcatca agccctacca    170400
     aggtgaggga ggcctgtagc tgagggtgag gacgcgggcc gaagtgggat ggaggagggc    170460
     atggcccgtt ctgtcgagca gagcagcgca gcgcagtaga tttctggcgc ggccctctga    170520
     gcacctgtcc acgtccgtct ctgcccacag gggtcggttc cagttccatg ccgctctggg    170580
     acttccaagg cagcacgatg ctgacgagcc agtacgtgcg cctgaccccg gacgagcgca    170640
     gcaaagaggg ctcgatctgg aaccaccagg tgaggctctc ccaagaggct gaacatgacc    170700
     gttcactgac acagtagtcc ctgcctcgtc agcaaccaag cttagtagat acacgtgctc    170760
     cttttttttc ttgtcctgcc gatttttctg tcctggtcgc acagatcgtt cagagcgact    170820
     tgtatagtta ctgtatgtca gaaagtgtgc gtgactctta aaacactttc acctctttct    170880
     tcagaaatca cacaaggtaa gtaatgatgt ctgctttttt gatggcttac gaagcaagaa    170940
     gccaaggtgc agagttgaac atccctgaag tcatagaaca agaaatgagt ggagttgtca    171000
     gactaaatcg aacccactta atcgagggaa gggcgaaact ttatccttac ggcctatttt    171060
     actgtgtgta gggtactgac cttgccaaac cttaccagat ttagttctca aacaaggtgt    171120
     ttggaatgaa tagatttcgt gactttatgc tgaggtagta tatagccacc gaatagaata    171180
     aacagtattt caactgatct ttctgatctc cactcttatc aattcccttg atacacccga    171240
     tgcctcctgg ttagcaatgg gagaaccccc cttcaagata tttaacagtc ctagttacct    171300
     ttctctgtgc taggttgaga gtcttgttag ctatatctac actgaactta ctggctgtgg    171360
     cctttgcctt tagagagcag ggagccagag atgttattgc cttggtgtgg taacagtgtt    171420
     gtgcaatgtc tacaccaagg agtgtaggtt gtccaagggg agaaaagaag tgatttaggg    171480
     ataggccatg gcttgaaaag aaacctgctt ctctctagcc tgcttggtct aaccctccct    171540
     tctccctcta ctgtcagcag tggcctagtt ttctccatca ctgtattctc ttggcccttc    171600
     tggttgattt tgccattagt tctgggagac tacactgtcc ttgtgttgcc tcacttggct    171660
     cgtccccgca gcacctcctc tctccctgcc tcctgcctcc acagtgctgc taggggcgtc    171720
     tgtggttacc ctcttccttc agctttggct ctgtccctta gagcctgagc tctctcatga    171780
     atggaaaact acattctctc agcacagcgt gtccctccat gactgacatc tccagtcatt    171840
     ctgtcagttt gttccagcct gtctgcctgg ttgccttctt ccctcagggg ctttggtctt    171900
     gctcactctg tctgggacag tgcctcctgg ttcttcgtga ctgctccttg gttacttctc    171960
     atctgttacg tctgcgttca aatgccacgc acaccaagtg ctcgattaaa cctcatgtcc    172020
     ccaagtcgca gtctgtcaca tcattctggc taggcttttc agatactttt tttgttcttc    172080
     cctttttatt ttattctgtg gtgcaataga ttgaacccag gacctatgca tgacaggcaa    172140
     ggcaagcgtt tcactcctga actgcacgga taactggagt gctacttttt taggtggtga    172200
     tgtagccttg tgtttttcac ataaatgagt taatagcatt acattttgtt ttgtaaaaag    172260
     caagataaaa atattggccg ggtgatggtg gagtgtgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag    172320
     gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttccagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccaggg    172380
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aactctgtct cgaacacccc ccccccaccc aaaaatatga    172440
     tagaactttt aggaattggg tttatccaca tgtaacagac acatccaagg taggaatcta    172500
     acttaggttt gtaagtagtg ggaggttagc atggtgactt ggtgatgtca tggaccaagg    172560
     gcattctgcg cttgctttgg ctgcgttaca cccatccttt cttcagctcc tggacttttg    172620
     ctgctggacc ctaatggttt gtaaataatg gatgtaaatg tttgggtgga agccgggcgt    172680
     ggtggcgcat gcctttaatc ccagcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca agaccagcct    172740
     ggtctacaaa gtgagttcta ggacagcctg ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa    172800
     ccaaaaaaca aaaccaaaac aaaatgtttg gatggagagc atttatagtt cttgagagaa    172860
     attgcttgga actcttagac gtttctattt aatgttttca aagaaataca tcctcctgac    172920
     agaacagcca aggtgatttc tccagttttg ttttgtttgt ttgagtctcc ctcatttgta    172980
     ttccatctgg gagaggcact ggctgagcaa acatttcatg agtacccctg ccttctgagc    173040
     ttccaagtgc ctgacgtctg gaacacaggg catggagggc tgaagaggcc tctgcttgtg    173100
     tcggggtgtg ttttgtgtcg gggtgggttt tgtgtcgggt gtgtttgtgc gaaaggcagc    173160
     agcgggggtc ttaagcttct gaatttgtta ctgtgccggc tcaaaattgt gtaccccctc    173220
     cctcttttta aaagttgatg cagaggctgg ggaggcagcc cagactgggg aggcagctga    173280
     gtgggtatat agtgttggca gcacaagtgt ggggacctga gctcaggtcc cttgaactta    173340
     ggtgaagagc ctggtgcctg gctggctgta atcccagccc tgaagagaca gagaccagag    173400
     gctcctggag cttgctggcc agcctgttaa ggagctcaag gtttagagag agggggaaac    173460
     tttctttaaa ataaggtggg gtgctggaga gatggcttag cagtgtaaga gcatttgctg    173520
     ctcttgcaga gatagttttt ctgtgtgcct gagtgtgtgt tcctagcacc cacattgagg    173580
     gcctcataac tgcctaaatc actaactcta gggtattcaa catcctctga cattttctgg    173640
     catctgcaca tacatataaa taaaaattta aaaaaaaaaa gcactccttc ccctgaagaa    173700
     attgtcttgg gcttaaatat ccgcagaggg ctgagaggga tagttaggtg cttgtctcgg    173760
     ccctgggttc agctcccagc attaaagaaa ggcttaaagg atgttgtctc ctgcacgcca    173820
     gatagtgctg ttttatagca agactgctta gatggcactt gtctctactg tcagcactca    173880
     ggagactggg aaaaactgct gagaatctga taaggacagc cagagctatc tctgacaggg    173940
     ggtggagggg tggggagggg gagaaaagaa gaagaggagg gaaggaggaa aaaatgaacc    174000
     aagcaaataa aaaatatgaa taacctaaac tgaacatcgg gctctgtttt gttttgagat    174060
     ggtctcgtgg ctctggttgg cctcacactt cctacacagc ccgggatggt tcctgattct    174120
     tgatcttctg ctcagttctc acttgccgac agtacaggct gtaccaccat gcaccagtgc    174180
     acattggggg gtggggggtg ttgttgcagc tgtgtgtata tgcattcgga ggccagaggt    174240
     cagcctcaga tggtgttctt caggggccgg cgaccttggt tcttgagtct tactgtcctg    174300
     gaacctgctc tctggccgat gagtgccggc atgcccctgt ctcccccccc cccccccccc    174360
     ccccagcact gggagcacac ctgtgtggcg ccgggacagg ctctctttac tgcggggtct    174420
     gcagccaagc aggtcctcat ggtttgcagg gcaggcactg tactcagctg gctatctccc    174480
     tagcccacac tatgtgtttt gattttattt tagaaatata gctagctcta gctggcctgg    174540
     tacaatagca aggtagacca ggctagcctg gaactcagat ctgccttctt ctgactctgg    174600
     agagctggaa ttaaaggtat gtgctgccgt gccctgccta ccaccttatt ttttgagaca    174660
     gggtctctaa ttgaacctgg aacttgccat ttcatctaga ctgtctagcc agcaagacct    174720
     caggatctgc cagctcggtg cctgcagctt tgggcgccct gtgtctgctt gtacgtgggt    174780
     gctgggatcc aagtgtggga gcttgtgtct gtgcagcagg cactgtatgc ccgagccaca    174840
     tcttacctca gcaccacaca ctgtgaacag ctgctgtgag atacacatcc ctgtgtgcag    174900
     cctctgagag agaaagtgtt aacttaatac acagaaggac ttgtagtaga gcagagtagc    174960
     ctgccatacc tggcttttgt ctgttatttt gtgagataaa gtcctgattg gccttgaact    175020
     gtgatcccaa gtgatcctcc tgtgccagcc ttctgagtgg ctgagactac agatgctatc    175080
     cctgtaccga cctcttctga ttgacttccg agaggcaggg ggtagcaagt ttaaggccaa    175140
     tcagagcaac ttagtaaacc cttatttcta agattaaaaa ataagaactg gcagccaggc    175200
     agtggtggtg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggagaca tgcaggcaga tttctgagtt    175260
     caaggccagc caggtctata gagtgagttc caggatatcc aggactacat agagaaaccc    175320
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaccc atacatacat    175380
     taaaaaagaa aaaaaaggac tgtggagatg gtttgtaagg taggagtacc tgctgctcag    175440
     gcctggcaac ttgccttgga tccacagagg aaggagcaca ctgactccca gttttctcta    175500
     ctacagtcaa gtgtttccca caaataatga tagatagagg ttagaggcta gaaagtgagt    175560
     tccagcaagt gttgtgctcc tccttaggga agaaacgggc tgtctgacac tgcattcatc    175620
     ccagctcagc agcagtgaat gaatggataa atgaatccag agcctagatt tggatttcat    175680
     ctcactctga catatcaggg tcagccttct ctcttactgg tttctctccc ccccctcccc    175740
     ccttggtctg gacatttctt actcattttc cctctttaaa atttcctttt gataattccc    175800
     ttttagtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    175860
     tgcattagtg tatttcttgc atgtatgtct gtgtgagggc gttgggtccc ctggaacttg    175920
     attggaggca gttatgagct gccatgtggg tgctgggaat tgaaccaggg tcctctggaa    175980
     gagcagccag tgcccttacc tcagagccaa ccctccagtg ctcactttgc ctcttattag    176040
     tctggaagtt gtttgcttgt ttctcggggc tttattgttg ttgttattta tgtttgtgct    176100
     tctgtgtgtg tgcaaacgtg tacaggtgcc ccatcggatc ccctggaact agatagagtt    176160
     aggggcagtt aagggtgctg ggtgctggga actgaactca ggtcctctgg aagagccact    176220
     gctctttacc tgctcagtca tccatccagc ctcttgtttt tcagtttgtt acagttatct    176280
     tgggcagtag gtgcccagaa ggcaggtgct ataggtgtca agcgcttagg aggcagaagc    176340
     aggaagtctg cttgctcaag cctgtcctga gctacatgcc aagacccaag aacctgttgt    176400
     aaagtgacaa ggctgggggt gcccaaaacc tgccttggac ctacatacga cactgcaaaa    176460
     ataaccctct ccaaacacag cacgaacacg cacacgcaca ctctgccaga gtctaaggat    176520
     aatgtgtgcc tttgctttct cccgggacag tgctgggcct tagatctctt ggttcatcct    176580
     gtggccgacc tttacttgag tcttcttctg tgagtggtgc agaactgtgc tgccagctat    176640
     aggtgcgagt tctgaactga tggttggctc ttccttcttc ctgagcctct gactttccgc    176700
     gtggatcgga tcactttcct tctccaggaa gatggagaga cactgagagg gctgctggcc    176760
     gtttgtgctt ctccgtgttt tgctttcctt gtctgaaatt gtctgctgcc gactcttagc    176820
     tccttgaagg ggatctggta ctggtttaac ttctggttgc atccttctgt aatctggttg    176880
     catccttcac ctcaagacga caggacatta tgaagttggg tatgctggct taggacttgg    176940
     gagttagagg tagggagatc aggagttcaa ggccagccct tgttatagat agtgaggtct    177000
     agagcagctc ggactctctg agactttgtg ttgtctcagg accaacaaaa acaggctgga    177060
     gagatggctc agtggttaag ggcatgcttt gctcctgcaa aaggcctgag cttgcttccc    177120
     agcaacatta gacaggacac aacagccagt gtaatccaag ccgctgactg ccatgacaat    177180
     aaagtacatc ttttaaaaaa acacaaatag catcacattg gaaatacgtg aaaaggagaa    177240
     agcacagaga gactaggagt gaccagtacc cacccctggg tgtcctcgga gaggtcatct    177300
     ttttgagcag gttcatagtg tccggatgga acctaggcaa gcgctacaac cacagttctc    177360
     agtatgccac tgttaggatg gggcgtacgc tcagttcgca tccagaatgt agcatgtcgt    177420
     tattctcctc tggctgtaga actgttgggg tttaacagat ctctgctgct ttggtccagt    177480
     ctcctgtgtc tcaatttgga attgaattgt ttgtgccttt tactctggga tcttactgtc    177540
     aattttgaat cttttctccg ccccctgcac cattcttgat atttgtctga gtaaccttgg    177600
     atatattatc tcttcatctg ttgctaagtt tctcccttat attatcatat attgtcctga    177660
     atgttgtttc ttagtgagtt taagaatacc actaacctgc tgaatactca taattgtcct    177720
     tggactcctt ggctgtggtt actgggagct cagtctctga agcccctgtg ctttcatggg    177780
     tttcagcccc accttgtccc tttggtgtct ggttacttgt catctctgct gaaattggca    177840
     gagtcactta accctaattc ctggaagagg acccaacatg gagctgagtc cctccctggg    177900
     tggacccctc tagtatcctt tcttttagat tttagactca gacaaggcct ccgtctccct    177960
     cggcagacct tgggtcagac tctttgtcct gtctttgtgg ctacttgtca tcatctctta    178020
     gctgcctctt cccagtccat ggctgtgccc agaccagtga aattccagaa ctggggaagt    178080
     tgtcacacag gtacttactg attcctgttc tgtggccagg gtggttcccc agtgtctgcc    178140
     aggtcacaag ctgatgaatc ggtcagtgca ccagccacac tgcctgtggt gggacagagt    178200
     atattttaat ttcttcattg aaatgctcct ggttacaaga gaaatgtttc attgtgctgt    178260
     caagttcctg tttgtcttct cttcccaagc cagggactgt ttccctttgg gaactgtaca    178320
     gacagtgaca ggaccacctc taattgaaca cctggggaga gtgttgttca tggctaagaa    178380
     cacaagaggg agagacactg gaaaattggc atctcaacct tgaggatcag gagttggagg    178440
     gtgggcttga aagtgcagaa atgctttgtg gggagtggat attttcctgg gtgttgggca    178500
     cacagccttt ttcactcctt ctgtggtgcc tcggatgttg ccatggctgc tgtcagccat    178560
     gcaggccccc aggttgccgc ctgtgaggaa gggcttctga tgatgttagg ttgcttgtgt    178620
     ttgttgctgt gggctagctc gttctagcca gcccatctgc agtgggctta cagcatcctc    178680
     atagatagac aggctcgggg tgagggagag ggagagctag gtttctgtct tagtcagggt    178740
     tactattgca gtgataaacg ccatgaccaa aagctgcctg gggaggaaag ggtctggttt    178800
     tctttacagc ttataagtcc ggggtaccac aggtcattct gaaggggtca ccctcagccc    178860
     tcagtctaca ctgctctcct cctttgccct gcctgcttgt ctttctccca gcaccctggg    178920
     ttttgcatgg ctaccatctc atcctttatt cttctcccag gctctgtggg tccaagtcca    178980
     ggtgctcttg agattggcat tgttaaatag ctgcatcaga ccgagtgggg tgtggcagct    179040
     caggcctgta atcccagcac tcaggaggct gaggctagct atgggtacat ccctgtcttc    179100
     atcactcaca cacacttaaa gaggaaggaa gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg    179160
     gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaagga agaaaaggtg gaggggaaaa atgggctagg    179220
     caaagtggtg catgccttga atcccagcat ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg attctctatg    179280
     agttgagggg cagcctggtc tacaacatga attccagtta aacagagaaa ccctgtctca    179340
     aaaacaacaa gaacaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaaggaa gggagggaag aaagaaaaag    179400
     gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa    179460
     agggaagggg aaggggaagg ggaaggggaa ggggaagggg aaggggaaag gaaaaaggaa    179520
     aggaaaggta aggtaaggta ggggctggag agatggctta gctgttaaga gcactgattg    179580
     ctctcccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcatccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt    179640
     aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagtcag ttacagtgaa cttacataca    179700
     taacttaaaa ggggctggtg aacctctcta atgttctagg acaggcactc agctgaggat    179760
     gataaagttg ggtggaggtt atatgctgag gaaaaaggcc tgggttggca gaggctgaga    179820
     gcctcagaga gcctagagac agcatctggg gccggtatca cttaaggtcc cgttgcctga    179880
     cccctgaacc ttgaagtgat tgcctggttt aggtggggtg gggagtaagg tgtggaactg    179940
     aacaggccag gccctgctcc agcttgcttg aaagccttgg tattctgagg gcctctctgc    180000
     tcccttttca gccatgcttc cttaaggact gggaaatgca cgtccacttc aaagtccatg    180060
     gcacagggaa gaagaacctc cacggagatg gcattgcctt gtggtacacc cgagaccgcc    180120
     tcgtaccagg tgaggagggg cacgggtgtg gctgctggcc caccacagcg gtgagtggcc    180180
     ccggcaagtg cctgctatgg ttactgtgcg cctctgctgg gagactgctg ctgaccagag    180240
     tcttgctctg gagggggtgg gagagccttt ggggctgtct agccccaccc actcactacc    180300
     acacggtttt aaccagtcag cctgtttact atttttaggt ttttagagac ttggactata    180360
     tatcccaggc tgggtttaaa ttcattagcc caggctacct aaaacaggaa aatattcctt    180420
     ctgcctgaaa cttataccac cacacctggc cattttccta tagattttta gaaatatttg    180480
     tgtgtgtgca catgtgccca tgcatatcat agcacctgtg gagagcaaag ggtagcttgg    180540
     tgtagtcggt tctgtccttc taccttcatg tattttctgg ggatggaact cagtcatcag    180600
     gcctggtggc aagggccttt acctgctggc cgttcatggg tccattctgc cttatttttt    180660
     tccttaaaga tttatttatt atatgtaagt acattgtagc tgacttcaga cacaccagaa    180720
     gagggagtca gatctcatta caggtggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa    180780
     ctcaggacct ttggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaactgtt gagccatctc gccagctccc    180840
     attctgccat ttttaaagag caaacacaaa gactgtgcaa ccagcaaagt gtaaggcgcc    180900
     gcctctgggg cccttgcaga aaatttaccg cttgtagttt caggtggctc catacacgtg    180960
     tcctagattg ggcactgcca gtacctaatg cttgccttcg tgactaccct catagttaag    181020
     gcctcagtct tcattgctgt tcagtgggac tttgctatgg ccctggctga cctggtacca    181080
     tgaagctgaa gctgtccttg aattcatggc actcgtactg agcctcagct tcgagttctc    181140
     tgtcctgaga ggcctgggtc cctccccacc tgctttgtcc ttcaagggtc cttccttcct    181200
     gggtgatgtg ccaatggttg gactttcttt cttctgccta ggtcatctct attgatccta    181260
     ttctgaaata tctcctaatt ccagggcctg tgtttggaag caaagacaac ttccatggtt    181320
     tggccatctt cctggacacg tatcccaatg atgaaaccac tgaggtagga ccccactctt    181380
     cctctgcagg gcaggcaggc gagcaagggc tgggctgctg gcttgagaat ggggactaga    181440
     acttggctgt ggttagccta aagcgtcctc caggggcagg gtggtggtgc ccacgggctg    181500
     gcaggcacga agtaaccagt gtgtcggttc cagcgtgtgt tcccgtacat ctcggtgatg    181560
     gtgaacaatg gctctctgtc gtacgatcat agcaaagatg gacgatggag tgagttggca    181620
     ggctgcacgg ctgacttccg caaccgggac catgacacct tcctagctgt acgctattcc    181680
     cggggccgcc tcacggtgag caggcctaag ggggaggcca ctgagcctat gctggctcca    181740
     cagaggctcc aggaggtggt gggctggggc ctgggtgtga gcttgacctg cccactgact    181800
     gcaggtgatg actgacctgg aagacaagaa cgagtggaag aactgcattg acatcacagg    181860
     ggtgcgcctg cccactggct actactttgg agcctctgct ggcaccggcg acctgtctgg    181920
     tgagtgtgtg aaaggatgct ctcagcagtt aacggcctcc cttctctgca ggccttcctc    181980
     atttcccatc agctgtaact attggtgtgc ccgagggcag gcccaagcag tcagctggcc    182040
     tctttatcct gtatctttag gtgagaggag actttgggtc taggtattgt agcttgatgg    182100
     gttcctagtg ccaggtctat aggaacacag gtgtttagtc tcccctcagc cacccctttg    182160
     aacatcgccc ttgcccatca aggtgaaggg gtgtccctac ctttctagtt gcctgggata    182220
     acacaccttg gtgtcaccct ggaccttgtc tcatgccact acttattctt tgacaagtcc    182280
     cagtgtctgt ctttctccct gctgcattca cactgccacc tctcactggc acccacatgt    182340
     tgtccctccc tccttccata ctagcaccct gacgttctgt ccctggtgcc tggagagtca    182400
     tctctgtgct cagaactgta atggccgcca tcccagttgt tatgccaggc ccctccccat    182460
     gcctcctccc tgccttggct tctccctgtg ctgaaggtga ctcagctgcc ctgtcctttc    182520
     tgcgtgggac ctggtcatgt ctttagtgac ttccttaagt gtgaagttgc ctgcttccct    182580
     cctttaaaat cgttcacttc tacagtccat gatgtcttcc cccatccctt ccccagcttt    182640
     ggtttctatg tagcttgtct tagctatgtc atttcctatg cttcctggtt gtggtcctgt    182700
     ccctccactc cccacattac aagtggctgt gacccagcct actagtgatg tttagaaagg    182760
     ccgcagccct ggacccagct ccagctgacc agaactaggc tgtgatgtgc atgagctcgc    182820
     agggcttatt tatccccagg ataaactctt agggactgaa ctgtcccctc tatccagagg    182880
     ccatgtagtc ccagaatgtc tgttgttgtg gtgtctcttt aaagttccta taccccaggg    182940
     ggctggggag atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct cttccgaagg tcctgagttc    183000
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa caaaatctga tgccctcttc    183060
     tggagtatct aaggacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa ataaatcttt    183120
     tttttttttt ttaaagttcc tataccccac ttcactagtc agcagacttg tgtcagtaat    183180
     ggacccagca tgcccttgct ctttcctgtc ccctggctta cctgggattt catctgacag    183240
     tgctcccgta tgtcttcagg ggtttttgat agaacagatg gctgtctgtg gcaggtagtt    183300
     attccatagt gctatttgga gtggccattt gaagagacag gcgggcacca gggtttttat    183360
     tgggggaaag ggagggcagg gtctctatgt aacttcagct gacagtctct gtgtagacca    183420
     ggctagcctc agttttttga ggtccacttg cctctgcctc ctaagtactg gggtcagagg    183480
     catacaccac cacaccagcc actaatttct tttttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt    183540
     tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggagtcaga    183600
     tctcgttaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact ccggaccttt    183660
     ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccccca gccactaatt    183720
     tcttaggtgt tgatttcttt caattttcac ataactgaaa tcaagggaaa tttccccaag    183780
     ataagcagaa aacggcagag cctgggtgac aaccagagtc tgactcggaa gttgggtctc    183840
     aaggctcgac cctcttcttc aagggtctgt cagttttaga cgccaggggc ctgcccaccc    183900
     tggccaccag ctgcttgtgt atggctcctt cctcctcact gcagctcctg tctccccacc    183960
     ccagagagcc ttgcttcaca tacacattag tgggtgtgcg agtgtacatg tggagttgct    184020
     tggccgggag ccacatcctg gactcagtgc gtcacctctg ggatatttgg agtatctttt    184080
     atgtctatgg tggtggtgaa catgtccttt ccaggcgtag ttgctgacgg ctcctttgtt    184140
     atctgcagcc tgtgtatggc ctgacaagac catagcgctg ctccttctct tggacgtatt    184200
     gggattgtga ggcagcccta gaatggttac agtggccctc acatcctctg cttagcaacg    184260
     tgtcccgcac tgcatggcat ttgtgtgccc tggccattgt ggtggctcaa tgtggacact    184320
     gcttcgattt tacaaagaaa ctaagccttg aagcctctag atcatctcca acatcatagt    184380
     taatgcttgc ctctctgttc tgtcctctct ctctctctcg agcactgcca acttctccac    184440
     acctaggctt gagccccggc tttcacacat actaacttag cattgagctg cactccagcc    184500
     cgggatgctg cctgcccagg agaggagact gctgggcaga aacccgctct ccctgggctg    184560
     gcccttgtga ggctgaggaa gcagctttcc ctggggaggg cagtggccat gtcatgaggt    184620
     gggaccctct ctgcctctag acaaccacga catcatctcc atcaagctgt tccagctcac    184680
     ggtggagcgg acgcctgagg aggagagcat cgactggacc aagattgagc ctggcgtcaa    184740
     tttcctcaag tcccccaaag gtgggtgggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt    184800
     gtgtgagtgt gcgtgcagcc cctctgctcc tgtcttagct gggctctggc ctctgagctc    184860
     tgtggctgga ggccaggagc ttgggccagg ttggctttgg tgagtgtttg agtaaagaat    184920
     gagttgctgt cttactgtgt ggatcctgct gaggctctga caccttgttg tcatgtgcgt    184980
     gagcgtctca tgtccacttc ctgtgctaaa gcgtcaggtc cacgtgaaca taacgtgccg    185040
     agtctcccta ccacgccagc ttctgtgaac acttaggagc tgactgaggt ttgctcggcc    185100
     agaaagaaag gtggcagttg gcctataacc cagccttggt tccctccact agcacagttc    185160
     tgcctcacat ttgaccagcg ttctaggtag aagaaatagg cacctggatt tctttccatc    185220
     cctcagagcc acagcctgcc aaccatggat cccctgaaag tataggcccc tatcctgtct    185280
     ttccagctct ctaggaaaaa ccagagcaca ctgttctttg taattttatc tgtgtagcct    185340
     gggctggcct tgaactcgct gtgtaactga ctgtgatgtt ggccttttga gtctcctgtc    185400
     tctaccctgg gtgtaggaat tacaggtgta gctaccaggc ctggtgtttg atatctcacg    185460
     gtttttaaac tttactgtta ctctgtttaa ttctgtgcag tcagccttgt gtgtgtgcct    185520
     gtagtggctg gaggccttgg gtgccctgga gtcgcagtta tgggcagttg tgagcctcct    185580
     aacctgtgtg ttgggaagcg aacttaaatc agtatggact ctgaactcct gagctattct    185640
     ccagccgtag attttagagc taagttaatg ctgccatata gcaccgttta tcactctggc    185700
     tgttgctccc agaaagccga tggcttcgcc ccacctgcat ccctgggggc caatcgagat    185760
     ggctcatttg tccactcagt gggtggctgc tgtctccaaa gggattgagc agtgacaggc    185820
     catagggacc catggaagct acaaggctaa gctgcttgta ggggaatcat gcggcctctg    185880
     aagtactagc tcggagctgg gtagatttca tctgacccct gccctttgcc tgtgctgtgc    185940
     tgggtgtaag ctggagtgcc tgtctgtcca gttctacaga gctactgtga ggtagcccct    186000
     tcatgctttg tatggtaatc tttgtctttt tccatagaca atgtggacga ccccactgga    186060
     aacttccgca atgggcccct gacaggatgg agggtgttcc tgctgctgct gtgcgcactc    186120
     ctgggcgttg tcgtctgtgc tgtggtgggc gctgtggtgt ttcagaagcg ccaggaacgg    186180
     aacaaacgtt tctactgagg ccggtctggc tgggaagggc ctgaccttgg gccagggctc    186240
     ttatgtgaac ttttttctac tgggattgta aaaaccaacg aaccttattt cttaactgtt    186300
     tcaaagaaat aattaaagta ttttcataca ttttgcttct tgcccagctg agacagcggg    186360
     cagggctggg gtcagggttt agcatcccca cagctggagg tttttgctcc atcccaaggc    186420
     tagctctcag gagcaagcaa gtctgtattt ggggcccagg tgaggccctg tgtatgggat    186480
     ggctacttag ggttccaggc agtggttttg ttctgaggcc tgcggcagca aatgggattt    186540
     gtggttctgg acctcccagt agctttttac aaagacagac ctcagccaag gctggaggac    186600
     cgttcagtag ggccaaggtg tgacagttta ctaaaagtag cccgtctcag cctcatgcct    186660
     gtcctaaggg cttttttcca catctggtga ttcccggtcc cttctctgac ctagagcaga    186720
     gagatggtgg ctgtcacatt gccatttggg gaagcatgac tctcaggtca agcaggactc    186780
     accccattct gcctggtatg caatgttttg ggaatagggt attgtacaca ggatgtgacc    186840
     tcagcccagg gcacaggcac tggggacaga ggggcaatga cagaaatctt gagattgagg    186900
     tgatctggaa ggagctgctg agccaggaat ggaagacagc tggatggcag tgctgctccc    186960
     tttgggcggc ttgaggggac aaggctgggg ggccgagtgg aaagcaggca ataccacagc    187020
     cagcttccgg tctctggcac cctccccagt ccagctctag ggactcacca agtctgcctc    187080
     cttcctcgcc atcccctccc cacagtcaat gcttggtctc ttacctcaca agcaaaggct    187140
     gccatccatg cagtgcggcg tcctcagttc gctttgttgc tgcaggaaag gagtggtgga    187200
     agcccatgga gtgaacacgg ctgttttgtt agtaccaccg tctttacctt ctctcagcag    187260
     agctgttcgc tgagctgcta ggagccatct gtccttgtcg gaaactgttc atggtcatgt    187320
     gtccagaggt agtcacagca gctgccagct gcagcttgct cccaggctta tgagcctgtc    187380
     atggagcctc aggaaccccg tctttttgac acattgctct ctaagcatgc attgcctatt    187440
     tgctgtgaca ccatgtgggc cgtgtccaag cagttacgtt ctgcgtgaca gcaggcctgg    187500
     gacctgaagc atcaggcttc tgccgtcggg aaggacctca gttcctattc taacttggcc    187560
     ttcctgatgt ccagagttat tagctacatt ataatcaaga tttacctttg tgtattagag    187620
     cctccttagc agctgctgta gcattgggag ataactcaat aaaacacttg tctgacagta    187680
     ctggcggctg atggtctctg gggctcacta gtctagttgg ggacttccat gccaaaggag    187740
     gcacatggca ttcccaaaga tcacacccaa agctgtcctc tggtctccac acacatggca    187800
     taaaacaaaa caaaacaaac ccctgctttc tccatatttg gcctagtaaa tcttgtggtg    187860
     taggaccagg cagggtctgc aatgaacctt agatgccagc acttagtgag tttgtttaac    187920
     cttccaggtg ggctctccat ccctcatcac atagcctcac tgtacttgtg aagaactgtt    187980
     tctaagttca ccccagagtt gtctgtctgc acacaggaat gattccacaa ttagtttttt    188040
     tgtcatatgt tcctaaaaat ggccttccta atcaacactg aagcacaaat gtgtacccct    188100
     ccttgtatct tctctgcagt gttggagatg caaacctgcc gactcacgtg gcctcctttg    188160
     tcccctcccc acagagatga tggttgttaa agtgttcctt aaattgtgta ttttaaaact    188220
     ttgttttgct ttaaaaagct tttaaatggt gtttggatgt attcctcagc tcttcgagca    188280
     gcatggccgt gtcctggaca tgtaacccaa gatgtcgctc aagatgtctt ctgtgcacac    188340
     tggtgaccgc tcttagcacc gtaccagact gtcagatggc ctctggcggt gcttatacct    188400
     ggtgcagcct ccaatgttct tgaattgtgt tctcacacgt catgagaagt ttgggtctgc    188460
     agcttgtatc cagttccagt tttgctagcc agagctacga tgcattctga agagaatttt    188520
     tctccccttc ccacccccac tccctcagca gctctgctgt gtgcttttct gcaccaggct    188580
     ggcagtctct gctcaccggt cacgtgcgtc ctctgacgct ttagttccaa ctcctgttac    188640
     tgatgttgtg gaattgttat tttcagcctc ctggttataa gctttgcaga ggttccttcc    188700
     cacatgctta gcttcctgat ttgctaatga cgtcatttga tgtgccatct gcatttaaat    188760
     ggcacttatt aatcttttcc aaagatgatt ttcctgaagg tttctaactt tggcctttaa    188820
     aaatttgcac tttgttgagg tgggtcttat ggagtgctga tgtcatcgcc cctgctgtct    188880
     ccacccagtt gtggccaagt tttcctgact ctgtcatctt ccagcaccca ctcctgacct    188940
     tgtccctttc tcttctcatc agctgggatg cttctcctcc cagctgcttc catgtggacc    189000
     tgtggctcag gagacccaga ggacatgagg tgcggaaggt cttcccttcc tgcctggaat    189060
     atggtaggac cctgggggta cagaagcaag cgcctgtgac agggctggag agagcacata    189120
     cctgttagat agggggcctc caggtcagca ctgaagccct gcctcaagcc ttagattgtc    189180
     aactgctggg gttttgtgtg tgtgagtgtg tgaaagaaat aaatccctat ttgttcagac    189240
     tagtgtgagt tgtgtgctct gttacttaat ctgaaaacag cctaacctct ccccagtcca    189300
     ccctggcctc tagctgatat gtgcacacaa gcagctcttt taaagtcact tcctaagcaa    189360
     gcctcatgac ccaagttgaa tccatttgta atgagtgtca tctagtctgg gacacacaaa    189420
     cccgaaagat gaagggaatc agaagatgag gctgtggagg aagcgcagac agctttattc    189480
     ctttaggatg gatggctctg gctttggtat tgcatagggc tcctggctct tcccttcccc    189540
     cagtggtcca gtttagatac ctatcccagt gtctccctgg ccatttctcc tcacaggctt    189600
     accgtgaggt ctttctgggt ggcttgcagt gggcctgtct ctcggggcaa tggccactct    189660
     agctaattgc tgctgagaag gggtggagtc tggggtgatg actcctgcgg ttggtgcatg    189720
     ctactgtggt caagttgtga caggcatcaa gcttccaggt aaaaacccac tgtaatttta    189780
     tggttaactg tcttttctcc ttctctagaa gccacccaga aagacctcac ggtaagcctg    189840
     tgaggagaaa tggccaggga gacactggga taggtatcta aactggacca ctgggggaag    189900
     ggaagaccca tgcaatacca aagccaatac catgcagcac atagagaacg ccacactgtg    189960
     aaataaatat tttcctttac tccttggctg cttggttttc tgttctgtca agagtcgggg    190020
     accaggctgg atcggggaag gggctttgga aggcattttg ggaccaacat gcttagatct    190080
     gaagcaggag agccaaaccc catcgtcaaa gccagctgct ctgtgactca aacagcacaa    190140
     aacaatttag tgtctacaca gcaggtattt gttcctctgc agaactgacc ctggtggttt    190200
     accctgggcg ggagactgac tgtgtcagtg gctgggccag agctcctttt aaccaggaca    190260
     gatctgtcca ggtgaggttc atcatgcagt aggaacaggg aaaagctctc ctctgagtct    190320
     ctaagcctcc tgtccagagt gactggcagt gagcagctgt ggtcagtgag ggccgtgctg    190380
     gcaggagggc ctgcctttac ttgtccatcg ctagagaccc tccctgccta gactcgtgcc    190440
     gcaggccctt ttgggtccct ttgtgtggca cgggtctcta gtcgcaggtg ggcaaaggtc    190500
     ggcggttgac agacagacca acacgagaga ttgtgtagaa tctgaatgta ttgtcacaaa    190560
     gtgtacccca gtcttatata gtacagaaaa ttcaagcagt cggaagtcat agcaggcaag    190620
     gtacattgaa gttaccaggt acaaaacaaa ggaatgacta caaaaggatt tacaggaacc    190680
     aggtaaatgt ttacagtaaa gataaagcag tcctgcctag ggtcagctca gtgacaggta    190740
     aggatttcac actctagtgc tatacctttg aaccttgtga aggccagcac cagggggttc    190800
     tgctcttggc aggcctcatg aataatgcaa tatcacaacc cccctaattc ctaggccttg    190860
     ctaaattctt atatgagtgt aacttttaag tatctggaga atctccattt gtcaggagaa    190920
     ttcaccaact tgcttctaat atgcaatgta gcctgtactg aagatttcta tctcagtggg    190980
     attccctggc tctattttgg tattcccttg attgggtatg atttgctact gtccttagta    191040
     gaccagctct gagctactgg ctccgtcttt tgtaatgctt agttactgaa taggttagct    191100
     tccttactgc attcttacag gattctaagc tcacaggctt ctgggacctt ggaacaatag    191160
     ggagacttaa ctataacaga atataatctt aaaaggcatt tataatagaa tattaaaaga    191220
     gagctcgggc tggcgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc aactgctctt ccgaaggtcc    191280
     agagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctacaaccat ccgtatctga ctccctcttc    191340
     tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat caataaagat ttattaaaaa    191400
     aaaaaagaga gagctcatag atccatacac cagactaacg tgggaataga gtatgagtat    191460
     atgggtaaat gagaatgcca aaactccagg aggtgagctt ccttgaaact cttgagtgct    191520
     tacagacttt ttcagcctgt caagctgact cgaccggagg gcgtggcaga cttggggtga    191580
     ctatttggaa gcatgtaccc ccaaatcaag ttagtgtctg tctgcaaaca gaagcagaca    191640
     atttaaaagc ttgatgcccc ggttttcttt ggagtcctgt aatgagaagg ctgtgagttc    191700
     ccccattctc tccttcgagg gagacatgcc tgggggtgct gggtccctgt ctccagagaa    191760
     aaggaaatcg gtgctttctg tttgtttgtt taagagtggt ggaacacgcc tttaatccca    191820
     acacttgaga ggcagaggca ggtggaattc tgagttcgag accagccaga ggactgggga    191880
     caggataggc agtaaaacta gatgccaccc cgactctgtg gggagtgagg atgcaggcaa    191940
     caacctagct tctcagagca tctgatgcta gagccctggc ctgccgtgga ccaccccaac    192000
     cggggatggg ggtcccttgg atattatttg gctgtgacaa acagaaacaa acacagaggc    192060
     agcttgaatc tgagggtatt ttgcagctct tgagcaaggg ttttatgcat agagaaacag    192120
     atgttacaac tctgaaaagc tgtgttcagt gaagctgtat aatagaaggg acattgcaat    192180
     aatcatttga tacagcaaaa tacaaaatca tccaaatatt acaacctcaa aaagggtgtt    192240
     ttcaataaaa cagccaagta gaacagacat tattatgatc atttggtgca tcaaaatata    192300
     aaaatcatct aaggctagtg gcaaatttcc aagaataaac taatgaattt ttatgatcag    192360
     ttattgtcta acatctactt cctgtttttc tgtatattat caaagcataa atttaaactt    192420
     tttattatta tttttttttt ttcgagacag agtttctctg tgtagcccgg ctgtcctgga    192480
     actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa    192540
     aagctgggat taaaagcgtg tgccactact gcctggctct ttttttattt ttgttttttt    192600
     ttctaattat tttaatttaa ggctttctta acaatatacc aaagcctatt tccaatgaca    192660
     cgtgtaggca tataaaatat tattgttgga aaaattttta tctatcaata ctatcttata    192720
     catgatttta tagccataat acttgtttaa gatcatagcc taggggctgg tgagatggct    192780
     caatgggtaa gagcactgac tactcttctg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc tagctaccac    192840
     atggtggctc acaactaccc ataatgagat cttacactct ctcctggcac gtctgaagac    192900
     agctacagtg tacttatgta taataataaa tctttgggcc tgagagagta gagttgaatg    192960
     gattgagcgg ggcagaccag agtgagcaga ggtcctaaaa attcaattcc caacaaccac    193020
     atgaaagctc acaaccatct gttcagctac agtgtactca catacataaa ataaaataaa    193080
     tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaatct tagcctaagc tatcagaaac atctcgtata taggaaaagg    193140
     aacagaaaac ataaaagaga taatttgccg ggtgtgttgg ctcatgcctt taatcccagc    193200
     acttgggaga cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    193260
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaacca aaaccaaaac    193320
     caaaaccaaa acagataagt tgccaagaga actacagctt aataattttt cttctgcaaa    193380
     gagttccaca actggttcta gcaggtctcc ccctattgag gtctatggcc tcagtctgtg    193440
     gaacttgtca cacagatcct actggagttg gtgtggcact gacccttaac cctttgttct    193500
     cctgccctta tagtagtgtg gtagtttgaa tgtgtttggc tcagggagtg gcactgttag    193560
     gaggtgtggc cttgttggaa gaagtgtgtc actgtgggtg tgggctttga gacctgtaac    193620
     ctcccccagc ctgaaacctg cttgctcagg ggtggagctt gctgctcaat ctttctgcct    193680
     tgcccactgc tggagcttgc tgctttgtag ttctgaagcc atcacgtggt taccctgcta    193740
     ctggatccca agattatttg gcaggaatca ggcccccttc ccctgcttca tcactgcgtg    193800
     tggaatagta aaattgagct ttgatcagaa tgattgtctt agctgcatct ttttcttgcc    193860
     cgcctagcct ttcttctctt ccaggtttcc aaaatgcctt tccagcctag aacccaaaca    193920
     tgtagtcggc tggccggaca caacagagac cctcctccta gctgcctaga agccagtctt    193980
     ctcctgtctg cctttggaac aagtagaact ctcagctcct ccagtgctgt gcctgcctgg    194040
     atgctgccat gcttcccacc acgatgataa ttgactgaat cccagaagct gtaaaccagc    194100
     cccaataaat gtcttttata agagctacct tggttggggc ttgagagatg gctcaacagt    194160
     taagagcact gactgctctt agttctgagc tctattccta gcaaccacat ggtggctcac    194220
     aaccatctgt tgccctcttc tggtgtgctg gaagtcacct acaatgtact tgtatacata    194280
     aaagaaataa ttctttaaaa aaaaaaagtt accttggtcg tgatgtttct tcacagcagt    194340
     aaaaccctaa gacaagtagt gagtggcttc tcccacatcc aatgcagccc tccttcccct    194400
     gcttctgggg ctgctctgaa agtgcacctt ttactgacaa cacttggcag aaactgtgac    194460
     atgctcagga agcacgggac cctatgacag cctgccaagc ttcacgcagc aggaaaccct    194520
     tccacagaag gatctgctgg agtgtggaga tggtctgccc tgtctgttag ctccttaagg    194580
     agttacaaag tctgatatct cccactaaag gccaccccca caccccccac accctcccac    194640
     acccccgttt atatttaggc ccggcccatg tgcagaagat gacccaagat atctcaaggg    194700
     ttaaacacaa tccagggagc ctttgcattt gtaacacaaa agaagacaaa aaggagccgg    194760
     gcgcggtggt ccacgccttc tgatttcaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg    194820
     acagccacgg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaataa    194880
     taaaaaaaga gagagaaagg gggaggagcc aagaggaggc tcagaaggct cagcagtaat    194940
     gactgcatgc ttccaagaca cctgggtttg gttcctatca cccatatggt agctcactac    195000
     acctgtaact ccagttgcaa gggacccaac accctccctg gcctctctgg acaccaggtg    195060
     catgacgccc agacgtacat gcaggcaaaa caccatacac ataaaatgat aaaactctga    195120
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa acaagatata gtgatgtcgt catccagatc ttgggagccc    195180
     gtgtgctctc cttcctcctt ggtgaccgtg aaagaggaca ggcctgctta ggatatttgc    195240
     tccacctgcc tctttaatac cacgcggcct taatgaattc tgaatcctct agggtccaag    195300
     gttcgaaagc tttggagtga agcttctgtc cctttgaccc tttcccctca agtctgtaag    195360
     caagggcaat ggatagttca cagggtgggt aatttaccac agggaccctt aatccagagt    195420
     gagggacact tttcctcagc ttgttttatg tgtcagagaa actacagagt gaaacatgag    195480
     gagacatctg cagtggggca gaactacaga gtggaacaaa agaagggaca tctgtggcgg    195540
     ggcagaagat gagatgcctg gggaggggtg gggcaggaga ggggatgcct ggagccgggt    195600
     ggggcagaag gaaaagcagc cggccaggag tgaagaaaag agaaaaccag ggctggagat    195660
     actagagagc aggcattaag acagtggggt ctccaattat aaagttctgc cccagcgagt    195720
     ccccaattcc accctcccac ccagcaggct ggtcctcctt tgcctgtggc tgttattggc    195780
     agaagcccat ccacacctgg ccctgggctt ctgcatctaa catgaagttc tagccccagc    195840
     ttcatgctac agcatcagct ctcaccctgt gggtcgtgac cccttgtggg ttcaatgacc    195900
     ctttcacagg ggtcacctaa aaccaacaca tatttacatt attattcata acagtagcaa    195960
     ggttacagtt atgaagtagc aatgaaaata actttatggt tggggtcgcc acagcaggaa    196020
     gaactgtact aaagggtcgc agcattagaa ggttggaacc accactctat aggcacaaga    196080
     ctgggaaaac taaagtttcc tttagaatcc agtaagtaga ctaggtgtgg tagtccctgt    196140
     agagacaggg caggcaggca ggcaggcacg caggcctctc taagttccag gccagccagg    196200
     gttacaaagt aagattctgt ctcaaaaaca agcaaacaaa aatacctagt aaatatatga    196260
     aactctgaca catagggtcc tcattttgtc gagaactatt gcagtgccct gagcttaagc    196320
     aagcctcctg ccctgggtcc acagcaaatg ctcttggtgt tttctcctcc tctcccctca    196380
     ttggcttggg gacttccaga gcccagtgtc ccttgaaagg ccagcagaga tatttgcaca    196440
     tacaacaggg acggagcgga gaggggtgga gaacctgtgt tggaaaagga ctggtctgtg    196500
     gagggggcat ccaccagaca gtccagttaa ggaagaccct gtctgccact tctcacaccc    196560
     cctctaacac acagtgacaa tgtcttgagg cagggcatcc acagatcctc ttgagagtgc    196620
     caaggaagag caaggacaaa cctccagcag ccaggtgggt tccagacaag cagccaaagc    196680
     ctgtcagggg tgccacaacc aaggaagcct tcctacagag aaggatcttt ccccggggaa    196740
     tcactgggag ctgcctgtct tagttacctt gctactgtga taagaccatg accaaggcaa    196800
     cttatagaag aaagtgtatt gcttgacgtg gtagtacaca cctttaatca gactgggtag    196860
     gcagaggcag gaggatctct gaaggttcga ggccaactta gtctacatag ggaatcccaa    196920
     ggcagccaag acaatatagt gagatcctgt ctcccaaata aaaaggattt tggggggggg    196980
     gggcttacag ttttggaggg ctggagtcca tgaccatcac agcagggagc acggcagcag    197040
     gcagccagga tgctagagca gttgctgaga gcttacatct tcatccacaa gcactaggca    197100
     gagcaagtca gatggggagg cctgggattt tgaaacctca aagcccaccc ccaggtgaca    197160
     cacctcctcc aaagccacac ctcctaatct ttcctaaaca gctttccacc agctttggac    197220
     caagctttga aacacatgag cctccggggg cattctcaca cagcccatcc caatgtcttc    197280
     acttgaacgt caggcaggct ctgcctcaaa gcaaactagg agtcaccttt accggaaaac    197340
     ccccagactt gaggctttgc attctagaac agctcaagga aaacagttat gagagctgag    197400
     cgagtctccc cttcctacac aacccaacct tcaggcgccc acacttggct acacacagat    197460
     caagggtcca agaactggcc gcagggtgag gaccacagct agtgtttcct actttgtggg    197520
     tttttctttc ttccaccctt tcaaccccct aacactagac aggaaagaga gaaatatagg    197580
     gggaaagggg cgatgttatt gttagaatac atcctgctga ttaggagaat cagggcattc    197640
     ttgcaagttt gagctttgcc ttcaggagag ctagtttctt ctttgttcac aactacttaa    197700
     ccgacagtga ccaatagcaa ccagtgacca accaccagcc ccctcccagg aaccctagca    197760
     tgtatctacc ctctgaaaac tccccaggat tccaaacatc acacaatcac agaaactatc    197820
     tgcagctggt aaaatcacag ccctgctaga gcacgaggca aatcatagtc agctgctgtg    197880
     gacagtctga agcagcccca tatcccacac ctgggattaa aatgaaaaca taatcttata    197940
     ctatttctct gggttttaaa aaaattatat tttttaaaga tttatttatt taacatatat    198000
     gagtgctctg tctgcgtgta cacctgcatg ccagaagagg acaccagatc acattctaga    198060
     tggttgggag ccaccatggg gtgagcagct agtgctctta acagctaagc catctctcca    198120
     gcccattctg tagtttttgg gtttgttttc cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc    198180
     tgtcctggat ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct    198240
     gcctcctgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccacac ccagctctat tctgtgtttt    198300
     taaaagaaac taaaattgtc tcttaacaat tttggaagcc ctagagcaga atgatcttcc    198360
     cttcccacct ttccgggtat ctgcagtgtc tgcctctgcc actcttcctc cccaggaaga    198420
     tgaatggtcc tgtggggtcc agtttgcttg tctctagctt ggactgcctg gtaacttcag    198480
     cacagccaga agacatcaaa gctctggttc tccaagagcc cagctcccta ttcttcttac    198540
     tcagtggcga caggggctga cttggggtgg gggtgggggt tgtggtgggc actgttgagc    198600
     aagagggacc tccagtgtgt agggtgggtc agggccactt ctgcatgatt tttagccaga    198660
     gatatgacct tgagtggagt tctaaatgag aggccgaaaa aaatgtaact gtgctggtca    198720
     gcggggggca ggtgtgtgtg cgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg ctcacgcgtg tgcgtctgtg    198780
     tgtgtgtgtc actgaaccct tccctggcca gcaggcacag acaactgaag aatgagcctg    198840
     gaagcacctt taccctttgg aatggaagga accaggcagt ctgcaaggca gacgggtgtt    198900
     tgagagcccc tgggttctct cctttctgtt ggtcctgttt attcacctct gtgccttctt    198960
     agtgttgatc ctcaaaatgt tttcctggca caagaaggca atgtctcagg aggcccattt    199020
     tccttctgta cctgtgcccc tctctttcac acagtgccca tgtggggagg agggatggca    199080
     tcctaaaagt tgtcctttga catccagagg tggctgtggc atctatatgc ctgggtgtac    199140
     acacaccttt tattgttgtt ttttgaggca gggtttctca gtatagccct ggatgttctg    199200
     gaactcacag agaccgtcct ctgagcgctg gaatcgaagg ctttgccacc accaccttgc    199260
     cttttttaca aaaataactt aattattttt attttatgtg cattggtgtt tttgcctgca    199320
     tacatgtctg tttgagggta tcgggtcccc ctatgtcaca cagtatagca ttggcctagt    199380
     ttgctttccc gttgccatgg taaaacattc tgacaaaagg caacttgggg aatgtgaagc    199440
     gatttatttc accttacagt gaccgtcctt cactgagaga agacagggca ggaccatgga    199500
     ggaacattgc ttactggctt gctgtccatg gtttgctcag ctaacttctt acacagccca    199560
     ggccaatctg atggaggcat taaaggagag catccaaggc tgaggggccg tggtgtcaga    199620
     caggaaggga tgtcagacag cagggaaatg tggatgaaat aggtaagtct tggctgttgt    199680
     tttgcaaatg gaactcctgg ctccacacat cctagactct atcatgaagt tccaccccca    199740
     gcttcaggaa acatttcttc tccgtatgta aagctattgg tgtaactccg tgggtcagct    199800
     cacttctaag aacatgtgag atcccaggtt caattcccag cacatgtaca cgtgcgcaca    199860
     cacacacaaa gtctaaaata atgtgagtta ggaagtgaaa cgtgtagaaa gaaagtgtaa    199920
     caccacgggg aagaaaggct atcatggagt aaatggaagc attatctacc aatcacacac    199980
     acactgtggc ttatccaagg tagatggtga taatccaaag atgtgtattt cctgaggtca    200040
     tcatttaaaa gatggttttc caggctggag agatggctca gcggttaaga gcactgactg    200100
     ctcttccaga ggtcctgaat tcaagtccca gaaaccacat ggtggctctc aaccatctgt    200160
     aacaagatca gacaccctct tcttgtgtgt tgaaagacag ctacaatgta ctcatataaa    200220
     ttaaaaaaac aaaatcgggc tggagagatg gctcagcggt taagagcacc actgctcttc    200280
     catagatcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaacaag    200340
     atctgatgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctaaag atagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat    200400
     aaatctttta aaaaaacaag atcactgcag caggctaggg aaatggagca gcagttaaga    200460
     gctagatgct ctttcagaat ctaatctagg ttagagtccc agcatccgca gtgacccaca    200520
     gccacatgta tctccagttc caggaattct gactcactct tctggcctcc agggcatccg    200580
     gtacacacat ggtacacaga catacatgga ggcaaaatac tcaaaaataa caatcaaagt    200640
     ctacttgaaa gagacacagt taaaagctgc aggaggtgcc actgtcctgt gctatcctga    200700
     caggctgggg tgacattccc aggtagcctc gagctgggtg cttctgtccc cccagcacgg    200760
     atggatgctt ttctcagtcc tgtgtgcctc tgctactggg ccacaatccg gtagaagagg    200820
     tgacctcaag agacacagga ccattggtgt ttttagaagg tgcaaaggag gagagagtcc    200880
     tggggctttg ctggaggatg tggcatttga gtgcatctgg tataggcagg gagtgggcga    200940
     gggcaggatc agtgtgctac gaggcagagg aggggcactg cccagcccct tgaacccaag    201000
     ggctgttgga gccatcgcag gttgtaccag gcatcagttc tactgcagca agggggaact    201060
     cactgaagga gtccagcgtc tttttttttt ttaatattca ttatgtatac agtattctgc    201120
     atgcatacca gaagagagca tcagattcca gtatagatag ttgtgagcca ccatgtgatt    201180
     gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggagg aacagccagc gctcttaacc tctgagccat    201240
     ctcaccagcc ccggagttca gcttcttaat caggtcccca catctgcaaa ggttctgggg    201300
     acagggagac atcaggacta taccctgagc aatctgtagc aggagatgga aggccttggt    201360
     gatctaaggc acaaatccat ttggacatta gttatctgac aaactgcgac aaggtaagac    201420
     agcccactcc agcctggcag tggtggtgca tgcctttaag cctagcactt gggaggcaga    201480
     ggcaggcatc cgcctctgag ttcgagacca gcctggctaa agagtgagtt cctggacagc    201540
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcctgaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaccaacc aaacaaccaa    201600
     ataaaacccc caaaacagcc ccccacccca acccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaacaaa    201660
     aagacagtcc actccagtta ctgtggctga aggggaagtg gatccccaga catcacagga    201720
     cccaggtgat ctagggacag aggctctttt aggtcactgg agtatctgtt ggacctgata    201780
     cttgccagag cttcatcgcc acaccttgcc tttcccccta ggaagggtta ctcctgcctg    201840
     ctctggccct atctacatat tcatgggagg tctgaggcca ggttgacttc taacaacacc    201900
     cttcagccag gctgttacct atacctccta ggatgattct gagatgatgt ggcctcctcc    201960
     ctctgctgga actttccttg gagaaccttt tgtctccgtc ctgttctgag gtcagtctcc    202020
     tgggtagcag atgtatgatg tctgtgcctg cacggtgctt gcgtgaaacc ccgacatttg    202080
     ggaactggaa ggagtatcag gaggtcgcca tcttgggtta catagcaagt ttgaagctag    202140
     attgttgcac atgagatcct gtgtcaattc gctcctcctt ctcttccaag gggaacgcac    202200
     aagagcctga ctgctgaccg gagctgggca gaccttccgg tgtctctctc catagccacc    202260
     aggcctttca gtctacaaac tgttacacag tagccgcaac tcttggattt aaaaaaaaaa    202320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaggcgatt tcccttggga agacagcctc ttccgaaggg gcctgattgg    202380
     cacgtgactg tgttttccta aggccatctg ttcatagtgc cccctctctg gtccacttga    202440
     ctctcagaat gccccatcat tcctgactca taggtatggc tacccctagt ggctatccag    202500
     gagcctccac cggatggcta gcagagcctt gttctagatg ccaccccgcc ccccaggggc    202560
     tgtctggttg caatggccct aatgagagac gtatgtttgc ttgctggcat tagttgtaac    202620
     caccgcaacg ctgtctcaca gtacgcgagt tgtcgtcaca cctagcagtg gccgctgagg    202680
     agctccagaa ctcagggtga gacagtgtgt ttcatgccct ggcttgggaa gctatcaaca    202740
     gccgacgttt tcacgacgcc attaacctcc ctgcgaagga cgggagagct aggagggatt    202800
     cccattcgaa gaccaatgaa gggcagatac ggggcggccc gtaccgtgtc ctgcgtccgc    202860
     gcccccaaca caggcgcgtg cgcatcgccg tctctcgtag ctcgcccccg ccctcctcgt    202920
     ccgggttttc aaatttgaaa ccggcagctt ttcccgcccg agtcggggcc cccgcggcgg    202980
     gagaaggcgg ggccgcgcat caaccaaccc agtctccgag gctcgcggcc cgcccggagg    203040
     atgtggccgc gtcccgcgcg cacgtgtagc ccaggccggc gcctgctagg accggcgcga    203100
     ttgcctgtcg caggagtggg gcagcttgca gcgcccggtg tccgggctgc ctgacccggc    203160
     ggagggttct tccctaaagc gcagagcagc agcccagttc agcctgggcg ggaagaggcg    203220
     ggctgggctg ggcagggcgg ggcggacggg gttcccatgg gcggggcggg gaggggccag    203280
     ggcggggcga ccgggggcgg ggcgggccct gtgcttgtgg caccgtgtca gttacattga    203340
     aacaaaagtg gtaaggcggc tgacagggct agcatcccta gcccgctggt cgtcggctgt    203400
     cgccgacatg gaacccgtgg ctagcaacat ccaggtcctg ctgcaggcag cggagttcct    203460
     ggagaggcgc gagagaggtg aggacagacc ccgcgcgcgg gctgaatttg gctcccaacc    203520
     tggagggagc aaggctggag ggctgctggc gcgctgccgc ccgcacatct attggagttc    203580
     gcaggcagcc gggcagggag tgactgggga aagggtcctg gcgccaaaag cctttccttg    203640
     acttcgccgt gccaggggct ccagctgacg ggctgtgttg ctgtgttctc tctctggcag    203700
     aggcagagca cggttatgcg tccctgtgtc cacaccacag ccccgggacc gtctgcagga    203760
     ggaggaagcc acccctgcaa gctcctggcg cgctgaacag tgggcggtga gcagggatgg    203820
     ggcagtgtag ggagggatgc tggtccttag ctgtcccatc taactctctt ctcacttcct    203880
     tgtttgttct tctggcccag gtaccctgct ccatccgcct tttctacaca cacacacaca    203940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg gcccaggtac cctgctccat ccgccttttc    204000
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tcacatcaca tcacacaggt cattcacact    204060
     cctgaattgt ctctactaca ggcttctgct tttctgttct tttgcatatt ctgtttcttt    204120
     aaaatagttt cccctctact gatttctctg acaggcttat tttttgatca agtgtcacat    204180
     ctgtccaggg agcctgtctt gcctggctgt caggggcgag accccgcaag tacctgggca    204240
     agtgtcctgt attttttggt gtgtgtgtct gattccttta gtcactacct ggggtgtggt    204300
     gtcctaaagg aacccaggcc ctcacgaaag gcttccttgg cgcagctatc tgtagtgagg    204360
     tctgagctgc acaacagcct ggggttgagg atttgcacag taccctcact tgatcccctt    204420
     ggcattcaca ggtctgtgca caacgagctg gagaagcgca ggtgagtccc aacctggctc    204480
     tcaacagttc ccggtctcaa ggaccatctt tctcagacct ttcctccctt gccatccctc    204540
     tggctaggga ggtggggctg gtactgccct ccagactcct tcccttgcag gagagcccag    204600
     ctgaagcggt gcttagagca actgaggcag cagatgcccc tgggagttga ctgtacccga    204660
     tacactacac taagcctcct gcgccgggcc agggtgcata tccaggtgag gagctgtctc    204720
     ttgtctctct gcttgggaga cagtgtggtc ttgtggtgtg gatggcctgg ctgcagggct    204780
     gcctccattc tgtgggactt gagacaatcc cgttttgttc ccgaatccat ctaatggaag    204840
     agaagcagac agcagggctg ttctgaggcc ttgtaaatgt tccttttgtt gtgggtagta    204900
     ttacttaagt cctagctgtg agaccttgga tgagtctgtt tcctgttggg ttcagcaggg    204960
     agtatacggc tggtgaaaat actgtgctaa gccctgcgat tcggcagacc gcagagggct    205020
     ggtacctagc ctctcctcct gacttactcc tcagggcttt ctggtttggg ttctgctggt    205080
     ggtgttgagt caggggaggt ctggaggcaa aggacagtga attaactagc tggttggact    205140
     tggccttgct gctgctcggg tggaattgca ggccccctgg tggacaggag tggatatgca    205200
     gacaacaagg cctaggctgt gccaaccatg tgggcgtgtt agaagctgcc ttggcaacag    205260
     aagaggatgt ttcctgcttt ctgggcccat gtgatggaag gaaacaatga gagtcagaca    205320
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagtgcgc acgcatgtgc gcgcacatgc gcgcacacac    205380
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacctctga gagcagatga    205440
     ggggcagaat caatcaatgc ctgacctgtt tatcagcgtt tatcatacac ggctctgtta    205500
     ggttctattc aagggccagg gcagtcagtg ccattgctat tcagcacata tttgcactgt    205560
     cacatacatg cctgccttca cctccaagtg acctggttct cacgtaggct tacatttctc    205620
     ccatgagctt gtctgacctc attttcaagt agatgagcgt gctacccaga ggggctggca    205680
     cctgggcatt agccctttcc ttgggcagca tctcctgagt ggtccttcca ccaggctgcc    205740
     tgctattctg catgtgctga ggccagctct agctgggatc cctgaaggga cacagcctca    205800
     cttcctgctt cctgtgaaac tcaagcatcc ctaatgcggc cttgctttcc tgggctccaa    205860
     gtggtcccgt gacagcttgt aaaagcttct ctcttggcct accagagaca aagagcttcc    205920
     cggggtccct ctgccttgat ggtacccagc cccgtagttt agtctaggtg aggacatgca    205980
     cctttctgta ccttgtgctg agtgttctgg cttattcccc ccttgcttta aatcatttgt    206040
     acgggttaaa gatcaaacct aaggccttgc acgtgctagg cacaccttac ccctgagctg    206100
     catctccagc tgctgtctct ctctctctct cttttttttt ttttgttttg gttttttttg    206160
     agataggatt tctctgtata gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accagaactc    206220
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgcgc caccaccccc    206280
     ggcttgctgt gtctttctta ttatctgcat gcaggcttca gcccagtgag tctatagtcc    206340
     aacaatcaag tgtaaagaaa tggaaagagg tcaggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc    206400
     cagcatttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa    206460
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa    206520
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaatggaaa gagaccacca gatagtgtgc tgggtctgac cacaggtagc    206580
     agtggatgga aacctaagtg tggccacatc cttcagtttt acttgtcagg atgctacagt    206640
     ccccaagttt gtactgacat tatattctcc attggattat gtgactaggc tctaaagaca    206700
     cttgagatgg gggtacccta tggtccgtac tcatctagac agttctttgt atattgaagg    206760
     gcaggaggtg gtggcctctg aaggtcatga agccaccctg gatggggttc gttccatggc    206820
     tgcctctctg tagaccctgg gcagctgacc ctattccctg cccccgtggg ttctacagaa    206880
     gctggaggag caggagcagc aagcccggcg gctcaaggaa aagcttcgca gcaaacagca    206940
     gagcctgcag cagcagctgg agcagctcca ggggctgcca ggagctaggg agcgagagcg    207000
     gctgagggca gacagcttgg actcttcagg cctgtcctct gagcgctcag actcagacca    207060
     aggtgggtgc acaccctggg aggggcgagg ctggggcggg gggcggggcc agtggggagc    207120
     gtggctggct ggggcgagtg gaccgctggg gcgagcagac tggcttctcc ttgcagagga    207180
     tctggaggtg gatgtggaga gcctggtgtt tgggactgaa acagagctcc tacagagctt    207240
     cagcgctggg cgggagcaca gctactcaca cagcacctgc gcctggctat gatgcccact    207300
     gcggcctgta ctctccttgg actgagcctg ccagtcagtg gcccccacac aagttggctt    207360
     agagccacat gttgaagaga ctaaagccaa ggtgtgggag cagactccag actctgctgc    207420
     acagcttgag cttgggccac cctccccatc ccccagggaa tttcatgtag cacttggccc    207480
     tgctttgctg ctccccacag ggacaggaag cctcaaaact tcttgttcct gggcaaagcc    207540
     ccaggcctct gcccgtatat actgcacagt attttcatta aaatcctctt ttgtaagttc    207600
     ctgtccatgg ttttgccccg atgagatgaa gtccctgcca caactggaag agaggaaata    207660
     aggtcagtag ctggcaaaaa gggtcttgtg aaggcagtgc acatctgaca gcgtggagga    207720
     tgctctgtgg tcctgatgct gaggcagagt gtgtgacgtg cctgagctcc tgattcaaac    207780
     caaagctatc tgactccaga actggggcta atcaaatcat gtgtttattg agtgcctgtt    207840
     atgtgctaaa tattgttcag ggtacttggg acacagcaga gaataaaaca aggagccctg    207900
     ccctcttgga gcgtacagtc tatcacctgc gcactgctgt gaccttgggc aagtcactgc    207960
     acccctctgc ccggcagaca gagctgggtg tggtgcagat gctgaccagg acagggccct    208020
     gacccaccac cccagacagc agagagggct gcaggttgct ctttaataat cacgtacact    208080
     ggggagaggg agaggaagcg agttatacga gctgccgctg ctgctgcttg gtggcggcct    208140
     tgttggccag gtccttggcc ttctctgtag ctgccagtgc ggtctccttt gctttctctt    208200
     tggcctcttt ggctgtctca acaagggttt tggaaggggc ctcacctgtg gcaaacgaca    208260
     gggtctagct tcagacaatg cctggaagac ccacccaagc cctggtcaat cacagcagcc    208320
     attgttgatg ggttcttagg aatgaagttg gtgtcctgtt tcttgaccct cccacccatc    208380
     cttcataggc acacttagga gtctcattgg tcaaggctac tgggagtgag ggtttctcca    208440
     actcctgaca cagtgtccag ggccctcacc ttgtagcttg gccaggatgt attcaaagcc    208500
     cttcattgtc ttggtcacat tgcttttgaa ccgggcaaga ccaaattcct ggcaggagag    208560
     ggagaaggat gggagagtta ctcaatgacc cagagccgag ccccgccctg cccgccctgc    208620
     agcctcttac ctggacagct ctggagacgc caaataagct agaggagacc caggcttccc    208680
     gacggatttc ggtccagccg ctattgtcag agttcacaca gtaaacacat cgttcctcca    208740
     ccaccttcaa gggaagttgg gctgagcacc tcaaagaagc accctatgct ctgctcactt    208800
     gcacgctcac accctgtctc taccatgcta ctgtccctgt ctccttcaca aggggaagca    208860
     atgacaaagt tcttcccgtt atgtatcctg ggcccagagg gaggctgctc tgcctccatt    208920
     acctctctgt tgacccttcc aagtagaaca gtttcttggg atcagttgct attccaaccc    208980
     gatcttgggg cctctggatc tagatgtgag cagtgtttct cgtctgcctt ctaccctctc    209040
     ctctttgaac ttcctggtat tgtgtgtgtg cgcaagcacg cgcacacact ccaaaaatga    209100
     cagctttcat taacaaaggg agcggcagcc tcctgaagaa tgtgaagtag tcacaaactt    209160
     gtcaatgtga tatctaccaa gcagagctct cagctgaggt gacttcagac agtgctgggc    209220
     aggaaaaggt gccttactca cggattgtga gtggcacatc tttatataaa gtttttcttt    209280
     tttgaaacgc acaatttcca cctctcaggc ttacagaagc cgagaaagaa tcatctagaa    209340
     gctcgaaggt tattcacact gtgtgaacat tcccaaacat gggttttcaa gccttccaaa    209400
     gcatacaaga tccatataat gcacttcctc aaatctcatg cacaaaccga ggcacacccc    209460
     agttatctcc acttgatgtg actccaacag ggaagccaca gcctcccttt ctcgatcagc    209520
     atcattcctg aaagccaccc ccccccccat atgtatgcat gcatgcatgt caccaactga    209580
     ctgctctgcg cacagtactt gtaacaagct ttgaaaaggg gtgtcagccg ggcagtggtt    209640
     ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ctagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtagat ttctaagctc    209700
     gaggacagcc tggtctacaa aatgagttcc aggagagcca gagtttcaca gagaaaccct    209760
     gtctcgggga aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga acaggggtgt ctttccccac catctgagag    209820
     ccaagggaca gtcccagaga atctgaccaa tcgaaagggt agaccaatct aagggcagaa    209880
     ctctagagat gcagctcatt ggtattttag gcctgcctct ggccacagaa gttcccacaa    209940
     ctctcttgcc tgaaatctga agggcaacta ttttgaggga gcaaaggaag tctcaccatc    210000
     agccgggcat ggttgatgtt ccaggtgaag gtggtcatgg tctgattctg ggggtccaca    210060
     atagagtcct ccaggatgta cacggagtga gcaacgttgg caggaaacag tcgctctgcc    210120
     caacgtggca tcctgttggt cttggtcagg agtctccggg acagtagctt ctggtcgggg    210180
     gtcacctccc ggtgcactat gtcttcggtt aagacatgtt tgctgcaaga gttaaagatg    210240
     attctcagga gcctgctctt gacagcatgt ctactggttc ctatttagcg cctccaggtc    210300
     atggctgcct gcaatctgtg atctgtgccc gggttcagaa ttagagtaca ctgaacctat    210360
     ccccgggcaa attccaactc cctcctccac ccgacatgga ttctgtggct ctccaaagcg    210420
     agcaaaatct caagaattat accactagag agcgccagca gcaggtaagc aaaccatcct    210480
     caggatttct ggccccgaaa taccgctcaa ctcccgtgct gccgcctctt cctgtccaac    210540
     cacctttgga ctgcaaaata gaaatctaga gcccaatata aatcacaaac tagacaatct    210600
     tcttcgagga ctttggaggc ttggactgat tctaatccta taaggatttt gtgctataac    210660
     tgtggccaca gttccgcaga tagcccacat cggactctgt ccagtctttc aaactccact    210720
     attgaaggac agcctacggt gcgatctcca gaagaagaga ggaaggcgac tcgctctacc    210780
     caacgccacg tacctatagg gattcgggta ccgttgccag aaggcggcga acacttggtc    210840
     ccaggaactt cggagcacgc tctggcccag gaaatacttc accatcgtcc cgacccggac    210900
     gggctcagca cccgtgcagc atcagggtga agagcccggg ggtggggggg acgtggctag    210960
     gcgcacgccc gccaggctcg cagctcaatc tccgcaggac cgcgcccagg tccctaccgc    211020
     cgccatcagg ggttatagga ctgcacgacg cttccggcgc cggatgcata ggatcggcca    211080
     cttccggcgc ccgcgtcacg tgaccgggcg tcccgcctct tggcttccag tcccagaggt    211140
     gctgtttgga gttagctacg aggaccccag attcagtcgg taaccccggc gcagcggagc    211200
     ttcgggcgca gcggcggtcg cgcgggtgag caccgcaggg ctctgcggcg cggtggaggg    211260
     cgctgtccgc gtccccgcgc cgcggctctg caaaggacgg agcgccccgg gccgaggcgc    211320
     caggggcctg cgaggtgcga ggcccttggg gttggggtct gaggcttggg ctctgcctgg    211380
     gccgcgcgga ccctgaagtg ggtgaggcgg cccagggagc atgagcgggc agcgcgtgga    211440
     cgttaaggtg gttatgctgg gcaaggaata cgtgggcaag acgagcctgg tggaacgata    211500
     cgtgcacgac cgcttcttgg tggggcccta tcagaacgtg agtgcacccc tgcggagcag    211560
     gcatgggagg aaggggtccg gccagtattc cacacttatc tcttccctgg ttgtagacca    211620
     tcggggctgc tttcgtggcc aaggtgatgt gcgttggaga ccggacggtg actctgggca    211680
     tttgggtaag tcccttgaga acagagtctt gtgcaaacct gtctcccgaa tttaatgtct    211740
     tgcctcttaa accagccaac tggagcctca tagaggtcgt ttttccttcc tcacacccat    211800
     ttactcgtct aaaaaaagga gggggggttg tctggaagat ggggcctatt ttgtagtctt    211860
     gtgaaggagc ttattaactc ctttcacccc tcaggacaca gcaggttccg agcgctacga    211920
     agccatgagc agaatctatt accggggtgc taaagctgca attgtctgtt atggtaaggg    211980
     gttgaattct ggcgtgttca agtagtaagg gttaggttac aggccagcat cagagggaag    212040
     ccgctgatct ttatgtgtct cttgccttac ccttaccaag acctcactga cagcagcagc    212100
     tttgagagag ccaagttctg ggttaaggag ctgcgcagtt tagaagaggt aggtggccag    212160
     atatcacaag agtagggaca gagactgtat tggtctgtgg agataatctc agccttgtct    212220
     tctgctacag ggctgtcaaa tctacctgtg tggcactaag agtgacctgc tggaggaaga    212280
     caggcggcgc cgtcgtgtag acttccatga tgttcaggac tatgccgata gtagctgttt    212340
     ttaagtctct gaggatgggg gcttgggggc gggtactatc tgcctgagtg tatttcaaag    212400
     atgggaatga cagtcttggt tgctttctgg ccttcttgaa cctgtgtggt tcaggagact    212460
     gaactgttag ctacatttag gtgtgctccc caagtgtgaa gacagtcact tctctttgca    212520
     gatatcaaag cccaactctt tgaaacatcc agcaagacag gccaaagtgt gggtgagtgt    212580
     tgtcttgggt cctgtcagca ggaacaggca ggacagtaga gcagaaaggt tcagagggct    212640
     gggccactgg gatacccagg gctgctggtc tcaggccctc actgattctt tgcttgccag    212700
     atgaactctt ccagaaagtg gctgaggatt acgtcagtgt ggctgctttc caggtgatga    212760
     caggtgtgta cttcctcatg gtccccagcc ttcttggtga cctacttgat gccccgacat    212820
     aatagtagtg ctgagcagtc acctctcctc tctttgacag aggacaaagg tgtggatttg    212880
     agccagaagg caaaccctta cttctacagc tgttgtcatc actgagtcac cactcatctg    212940
     gcccagtgga attagatgaa ttcccagagg ggctggacct gactcttgtc tgggctggaa    213000
     tggtcaagcg tctgagctat tccaggtgcc tctcacagca gaggtggcac ctgcctgtgc    213060
     tggcccatgg aacggaggaa gtattgggct gactgtgggc atgaggagga gtaagggctg    213120
     acttgaatcc caggcttctg tccagactat ttaagtagct tctgaactgt aaataaaatt    213180
     gatgcatttc cttgctgtgt gcactgggtg tcaaaacacc tagttgttcc tggggccacg    213240
     tgggcctcac ttatatgaag acttccatct ggaaccaagt aacagtttcc taagactatc    213300
     actgaaacca tggataaaca atgggctctt tttcttatgg cctttttatt agtgcttaca    213360
     tgtctgagtg tagagcaaat accagggctt ctaacatact aggcaagaac tatatcactt    213420
     tttttctttt gtgggggtga agataggttg aggctgggat ggaaaagtac aaagttcagg    213480
     agaagacgaa ggaaagcacc tcagctgtgc ccagagacaa aaggcttggg tacatcaacc    213540
     tcaagacgag ttggttaggc cagctctacc tgttgtgtta tgtctgaacc tgtgctcagg    213600
     ggtgtgactc agtcctaagc ttcccagtga aaccctataa tgtacgcaac aagaggcaac    213660
     tccatctttc tataactcaa aaaggtctta tgcatccaat ttagttgcta acttagaaaa    213720
     aggccttgaa gcttccaaac ctttactcac tgcactctag aggcagaggc agcagatctc    213780
     caagtttaag accagcatgg tctacagact gattcccagt tcagccagga ctacaccgtg    213840
     aaaactattg tgaaaaataa aaaagggctt taagatggaa tggtggctgg gcagtggtgg    213900
     cgcacacctt taatcccact aagcacttgg gaggcaggga caggtggatt tcggagttca    213960
     aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccaa ggctatacag agaaaccaaa    214020
     aaataaaaag atggaatggt ggcctgtgcc tttaattcta gcaccctgga tgcaaaggca    214080
     ggtaggcttt tgagttgcag gccaccacag ctgcatagta acagcccacc cctcaaaaaa    214140
     actcattaaa gaataagaaa aataaggcaa ctgctaactt attcaggatc agaaacactg    214200
     aaaagctatg tgctcatgta aaaagggcta atacttcccg tttaagcaag aggaagtgta    214260
     ttacaaccct ttccagttat tggtgaggat gtgggctcaa ctagggttct acctttgcct    214320
     ctgctttccc tcttaagcct gagtcttcaa acttgccttt gaagatttca gaatccccaa    214380
     cctggtccca ttcatgccat ccaagcaact gggaagctgc tgcaggagga agacttgttt    214440
     gaagttagcc tgaactgtac agtgaaactt taattcaaaa atagaactca aagtgctggt    214500
     ttcatttctc taaaataatt cctcaaaata ccgagtggta gaggattgct gtgaagccac    214560
     tgaaactaac accaaccacg ctcagtagag agggaaagga tggatactta agcacaaccc    214620
     gtgcacctgg gaggaatccc agtgcttgga ggacccaggc tgtctcctgc ccttatccta    214680
     aaccagtcag ccccctgtct tgttaagcta tgtttcccca gagacaataa aaacacaggg    214740
     caagggccat aagagtaaag ttaaacttta ctttacagta atttttttct atatacaaag    214800
     aattacagta catgtttatg gggactccta gcacagggct cccctctttt tcactaggtt    214860
     cacttccagc tggcaacggg ttgggggcga gagaacacag tgacggacct tcgttgaacc    214920
     cttttcccca tttaaaaaat atagctttct agtcagtttt ctttgctaga cctagaaagc    214980
     tgctttccca cgagctccta gatgctgtac tcacccagcc tccacactct cctacataca    215040
     cacacggcgg caccaccaca acctggagac cacctgctct gcccaaccta gaaacaatgc    215100
     caacacctca gtttctgctc tgctccctgt ctgcttctgc caaggtgcac taagctccca    215160
     ggagcaactc ctagggcctc tcgtagactt atgttcttaa agtcacagga aggctgttat    215220
     aggggaagaa ccacaaaaga gtttaatgca ttttgcttat aatggtcagg aaacatctct    215280
     tttgaggttg tttgttgtct aacaaagctc ttccaaaatt cttaaacatt gcccttattc    215340
     ttcataagca attgagatgc tgccatgaga ggggaggagg tagagaagca gaaggtaatg    215400
     gctactccac gcccacagtt ctcttctgac ctttcctggg caggatagac agataaaagc    215460
     tatggtcaag gcgatactag ccataagaaa ttcagtgcca tcatctggac acagggtctc    215520
     ttcctcctct ggactggact gaatcactcc agggttgggt tggcaggcat tactgactgc    215580
     ctgattccct cctcttagag cagaaaggaa cctatataaa ctatcttccc aacaggaacc    215640
     tgggtttctc ctgtcaccac tccctcaacc cttggcagtg cttatttata ccatgagatt    215700
     agcaccatca ttacattgta ttgtgtacaa agcaattatt ttgtttcaat ttatactata    215760
     gcaactcctg tactgaccta ggaagctcaa ctgagagtga actggtcaca gccaatcaaa    215820
     ggtcctgcag tggctaccta ggtctaaatg acttgggata atgaacatga atagctccat    215880
     tttaacagca gtaaatccct gcggccactc ctgcccggtg gtcgaggagg tgtgagaaca    215940
     atgggcctct tctcatccaa tgacaaactc caaggggatg acagtacctc agcttggagg    216000
     gcgtgtgtgt atatcaaatt gaatgctctc ctgagtgccc tgaatggaca acgtagacat    216060
     ccttcccgtc agttctagaa caacactggg acacgaccag tgtccagcgt tcgtgaactc    216120
     agtgcagggc cacaaaggct caccactgta cttcaagccc agactgtagt gtggggtaga    216180
     gaataagtac caaagatgca ttactggtaa aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaagcctg    216240
     acatagtgac ttaaataatc tcaaactcag taattttagg gaagcagaca tttaacaata    216300
     ctttgagggt gtggtggtgg taaatgatgg cttaccatct attaaaatgg gttggctcca    216360
     gcaggaagaa aaattaagtc ttgaatgcaa attgcaacaa tttccttata ttccctcccc    216420
     tacaactaaa cgagagaagt attagttatg acctgtgaac atttctgcct ttggcttgtc    216480
     cctggaaact acttcctggg agctgtctca tgtgcagact ctctggtcat ccaaaattta    216540
     agcacttagc caaagccaaa attaccacct atttctctgc tggcaattca cacccttgaa    216600
     gaaaaggtta ttacaggatc caaaagcagt ccagaaggaa ctgcaaggtt ctccacccca    216660
     atacttgtgt tactaaggta tagtaaccag tgcccagttc taacactatc cttatgatgc    216720
     tgtcaatgag gttccaccga gtctctcagt ggtaacaaag gacagaagga ctgatcttcc    216780
     cctgcatccc ccaatccctc ccctccagac caagtacagg gcgcagatga cgttctccca    216840
     gcaggtctgg aaggaaggct ccaaaagaat gtcggtgaat ggaagtatca aaacaaaaga    216900
     caagtggcca attgtgcccc caactcactc cctcctgtcc tgtgagacac ttctagacaa    216960
     tggtcaaagc caattaccta ctcaacctat tgtagagaag ctaggtcaag gccaaacttc    217020
     ttcacttaaa atttttacat agtctgcacc ccccaccccc cacttcacag tttatttcat    217080
     gaaacagcta cggtaatcga acacacaaca tagtgaaagg agactctgac agtgcagtgc    217140
     aggtatcttt ctgatcacaa ctacagatga caggagagca aagggcacag gactggcacc    217200
     aagcaaacct attcacacag cctaagaaat gagggaagga aaggagggag ggaggaaaga    217260
     aaggagggag gcgtctacta gctgcaggta tatacttaca ttctcacaca tgataaatag    217320
     gtaatatagt gaactttaat gtcctgggtg aatttcttta aaaatatttt cttcatggtt    217380
     taaaattttt taaaaagaaa ataagacgct ttttctcttc ctttaaaaca aagagctttt    217440
     tttcactctg acgatgtggg aagagaggat gaaaggggag agaactaggc aggtgtattc    217500
     agaggggaga ttctgaggtt tcagggaagt gcagggatta ggcccccaaa cttggggcag    217560
     ccctgcccca gcctcatccc tctgcctgag ttcaagggtc tcaattccac agacaggctt    217620
     tgggaaataa aagcagatcc tactttcaat ttttatataa agcgcaaatg ctaatataac    217680
     cactgttctt tcctcaagaa gagatggaag ctaacctcaa caggaactta gggagaagga    217740
     aactggggaa tatacagact cctgttgagg gtgtaaaagc tgtaactgag tcagaaaggc    217800
     caaaagatgc tgtctgtttg ctaaagatgc tgagttggca aagctgacag gtaaacaaac    217860
     acatgatctg agaacaaagg gcaggtgagt gtggtacaac tagccaaaca gcacttcctg    217920
     ttggcagttt gtgagctggg gaaatggtag ggcaaggtag caccaacaga ttcccagccc    217980
     ttgggcccca gctcaggcag cagtaacaga taatcagcag ttatgaggag tcattgctta    218040
     gattggacat tgctccaaac atcacgtctc tccagtcttg gggaagggtt ttggcttgcc    218100
     actgagctaa gttaccaggc atgtggtctc tattacagag agcagtcatt tgcagggaag    218160
     tggagagggc cctctctttt caggtaggaa ttctctcctc ccctcaggta ggagggcaca    218220
     agaccaggaa agaatttcct tggaatctga cactcacctt gaaggtggta tgtcttgctc    218280
     agagcttgcc ataaattccc tatgtccact gcccgagact gaaatctgaa agcacctgag    218340
     tgtttgagga aatgaggatg ggggttcttg tgagaggatt attggtagaa aagaaaggta    218400
     agcttgccaa tcgcccttgt tcacttctgg gacactacat tctcagagaa catctccctc    218460
     taaccagatg ctcctccaag gacaaatctt caaacaagaa cacagagact gcagcagttg    218520
     ccccagccaa aagctcacct tggccttgat gtagtaccct tccatttaca gaagagcttt    218580
     gtgggcacac acatgcacat acatgcatgc atgttccaac caggagatgt atgttctata    218640
     taaccacact ctgggccaca aaacaaaaac aaaagacacc ctccccccaa acaaaaacaa    218700
     aaaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa aaacccaaaa cattaacaaa ccacttgaaa acagaactgg    218760
     aaacccatgg cctataagta ctttctgttg ttccctggtc aaaggtcctt gaaatctggg    218820
     gacccaagca ggcaagttag gctctttggg atcgagcctt atgtaattct gtctcacaat    218880
     aatgactggc cccctgccct tgcacatatc aatattcagg aaactgccag tgatgtgaat    218940
     gaacaccagg ttctccaaaa gggtttacag ggttctcaat gggacacggt tcggctaggg    219000
     aaatagcctt gagagcccct acactttcca agttgaccag tggaatcgaa ttccattctt    219060
     gattccagag tggacttttt attttaagtt gaccatatgt aaaagttagg gcaaagagac    219120
     tcaagtctgt ctccttgact ggggcccagc gacttcccat acacggttca caaccacaag    219180
     tccccatggg ctaatgtcaa aagagttctg agtgttgaga tataaggaaa gaagaacagt    219240
     ggaagtgtga atatgtttgt ttttcaagaa ggaaaaagaa atgaagattt ccctcctcaa    219300
     atggtaccct ggggacagct tgtctagtta tgtgacattt actgtattat ttcttttctg    219360
     aatctgcaca tttgcgacta gaaggagcct ggttaagagc ttgaattgca ttttctggtt    219420
     tggggtcttg ccctcttcca agagaccagc aagtttgtgc caaagtttgt gtgcccccag    219480
     cagaccagca agcctgggct agtgtttgtc cagcaactat aggccaaagc cctgcccctg    219540
     gtgaggcttt tcccaggccc cagggactct gttctgtggt tgtcaacttc ttttcttcat    219600
     tggggaggga agctgagatc ttcccaagag acctgaagga ctgcccactc ttggcagtga    219660
     gtcctctaga tagctgtttc acctgtttaa ccaggcctgg tgctgggcta ggaggtcctg    219720
     gggtctgctc agctcccaca ggggttcttc ctgaggcttg agttgctgat tcatataaaa    219780
     aagccttggc cgaaggcgga gaaagaaatc tggcatgggt gagcgattta acagcttgcc    219840
     aagggtgttc tgaaggagct gctacttttc ccgagggctg gagggactct gacacgctga    219900
     tcttctccgt agctcgtggg atatgcccca gacctttgct ggacggccat gagcttgact    219960
     ccagcattgc tgtcttctca tcagcctgtg gggtgacttc ctgaggagaa gcagcccgct    220020
     ccttctggcg aggcgttagg tctatgagat ccatcaccac agcaggtctg tgctttgatt    220080
     gggtgttctg gtccacaggc ctcagggctt tctctttagc taccagagac tggaccacag    220140
     ctgatagcac tttctcagga ggtggaagtc tctgggtcaa agaggcatgg gacttctctg    220200
     ggggcctgtc agaaatctgg ggtttgggac tgttagtggt tagcagcctg tctggtgatg    220260
     aaagtctcag gccagtggag gctggagttt tctccactgc ctgggacttt gggctggcag    220320
     cacctatgga tttatccagc ctggagtcag tcattcttag aggtctttcc agtggcaggg    220380
     agctgactga aggtgatgag cttggcctgg tcattggaga ggctctgtca ggtggctgag    220440
     gtcttggtcc ttctttagca ggtggcctgt cctgtggtct ctggctggat accaaggact    220500
     gggatttggt ccctgaccca gcaaggtctc tgatcctatc taaaaggtgg gaactagagt    220560
     cagttctctc aggaggcctt tcagggagca gtggcctctg acaagaccct gttagggctt    220620
     ttttggagag tggcagcaac tgggtggcat cagtaggtgg ctgatcagac ttcttgggcc    220680
     cctgagtagc catctctgat gactgctctt ttggctgagt gccggggctt ggaggactcg    220740
     tcgctgtggg aggcacatac tcacggatct ccccaggttc cagagggttg ggcccacagg    220800
     gatcatgttc agtacaagac agacgcccat cgagcttgga aatgaaaagc atcccttctc    220860
     gatgttgctt gcaaaaggag ctggggcaca tctcacagaa ggaggctgct tccttcccac    220920
     acacgtcaca ctggtgccaa ggacattccc acttccctga aaacaagagt gaagaaaagc    220980
     ttagggaaaa tagatgcatg gaagatgagc catggctctg agattggtgc acagcagtgg    221040
     ctgcaaagcc tccttcacac tgccacgttc ttcagagttg gtgccactca cctgccgtta    221100
     ctccttcccc agaatttcag cttcctcttc tgcacaaaac aatatataaa ataacagcaa    221160
     agaatcaagg ttgagtaact aagtatcaac taaacacaag caagagacta tttctagcaa    221220
     gaagggctgt acagtagaaa accaaccaaa caaaccccaa agttcctcta aagatgaaac    221280
     aattatcaat atttccacat ttgtttgcaa attctgtttg tcctagaaga gctttaaaaa    221340
     atttagtttg tttgtgttat ttgagacagg gtctcaccat ggagccaggg ttgtctgcac    221400
     ctacatttct cagtgtatga ccataccgag ctcgacagct tttaaatagt taactcaaag    221460
     aggaacattc cagcctttta acatacttgc ttattttgtc ttaaactgaa atagtataca    221520
     gatgcaaaaa taataaggga agccgactca cctttgctga attttaagtc ttgaaaccag    221580
     cacagaactt tatctgcatt gtccatgtag aatgagaggg aaaacctaga actaacgtaa    221640
     ccttgcatct agtccccatg aacaacagca tgtaaatgtt cccatctcca aatgaataca    221700
     ctagacttca ctgatggaac tcatcagaac tatgccagtc acatcctgtg ccaggagaca    221760
     ctctaagtga atccctattt ctccttcctg gttctgacat ttcagtgtaa tggccttgcc    221820
     cacatcttac tttgctttct gttatatcac gacgtcagat tatacaaacc gaaagaaaac    221880
     caactcataa acacactccc ctgacttcta cactaaagct cgctgtacat tttagaagca    221940
     ggcattagta taatgtataa taacctccct ctaaaagagc cacacacaca tctgttcttg    222000
     gtctttcaca acagctagca tgtccaaaca gctaaaatcc taagatccaa gtcactgccc    222060
     agaagacaca aagtcctgga tatctcatct gcctgagcag ctttgtctgg tgttaaactg    222120
     acacaattac ttcattcaca aagaaaaagt ctacagtgaa ggaaggagac tcttgcaacc    222180
     tgaattctct aagatgcctc attgtttttc agggtagctc tttgaactat tctcaacaag    222240
     tcatttattt acccaagctt cacttgaact gccccatgaa cagatataca tagaacagaa    222300
     tctttatggg ttgctggaaa ggtaaaataa ggtaaatgga aataagtttc tgtttctata    222360
     taagctgaga ttttaggcct ttattttcac tcaaataaga atatggagca gagctctcaa    222420
     tgtgggcacg tgcttacaca cagcatgtgc tttctgagtg acacaagtgg caggcatcag    222480
     attctgaaaa ccctgataga ggaggagtgc tctgaatgga ctgaagcacc aacctgctgg    222540
     tcgctttgtc agattcagac agtctgcatg gtagacttta gggcagcctg gcttcttgca    222600
     ggagacgagc tgaccagcat ccccacagct gaaacattca tcctctcttt ccttggtgac    222660
     ttcgccctgg ctcctgcgct tcccatgtgg cttccttttg aatttccttg acttttcttc    222720
     tgtgacaatg ggttgattct ggaggtcaga tattgattag tcaacaccct gagctcaggt    222780
     atgtaacttt aaatagatta accatcttat caacctgagt ctggaataag acaatactca    222840
     agagactgct ataaagataa aaaggcagga agacacaatg acacatcgga tgctcaattc    222900
     atgtcagcat taatagggct gaagagatca ttcagcagct aaaagcacct gctgctcttt    222960
     cagaggaccc agctgtgatg tggaaaaccc atacagcagc tcagaaatgt ctgtaactcc    223020
     aattacaaga gattagatac cctctgctag cctctgtttc accgacattc ataaacacgt    223080
     gatgttgcag cctctgttgc agcaagtttt gcacaaacac acacatacat ataatagaat    223140
     aaaaatttta aatatatata ctatattcac tttcttgtac tgttcaaact gtcagctttg    223200
     gaaggctcta ttgtttcttt gatcaaaaaa aattcctttt gttttttgag acagggtctc    223260
     ttttatgtag ccctggctcc ccaggtattt gctatgctga ccaggttgtc cttgaactca    223320
     aagagaacca cctgcctctc actcaccagt gctagctagg attaaaggta tgcctgacaa    223380
     tgcccagctt ttatcttaaa aaaaaatccc atctacatat tgtgtacaag tgtctgtata    223440
     tgaacacaaa tgtaccatgg tgtgtgaagg tcagaggata ccttgaaaga ctctgttccc    223500
     tattttcatc tttaggtctt tggagacaaa atgcaggtcc gtcaggtttg gcagcgattc    223560
     cctttcctaa caagccacat tgctggcttt tattattttg ctattttttg agataaggtc    223620
     ttgtatacaa tccagactgg ccttgaaatt gcacttcagc ctgcctcaat ctctctagtg    223680
     ctagggttgt atgaatacca catccactta cttaacactt ttgtataata gtctttaaac    223740
     tggaatgaaa caatagaaaa acacttcatt agtattaaat aacctctggt gtgtatataa    223800
     ctacagattt ctgtgtggac atgcatggtt atcagtttat tcaacaaacc ttcactaaac    223860
     acttcattag gaaagcacag attatttcac acttttgatt ttcaacaaga caagtggggt    223920
     caaattagat taatggctgc aacttcccat aaggcctttg tctagccagc aacaaggttc    223980
     attaaaaaac ccctactact ctgatgggat acaatgattt caaccttttt ttttttaaag    224040
     atttatttat tattatacac aagtacactg tagctgtctt catttgcacc agaagggggc    224100
     atcaaatctc attacaggtg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg    224160
     accttcggaa gaacagtcaa tgctcttacc ctctgagcca tctcaccagc cccctgattt    224220
     caacttctaa actatgttct ggtacttcat cctcacagtt tcatatatta aatgtcatct    224280
     tacaaggact tgaccctatt aactgtgaga taaattccat tattattata acatgggaaa    224340
     tacagtacca actaggaatc aattaagaaa cttaatttaa cgtagaagat tttcctaatt    224400
     taacaaggta aaatattaat ggatattatt cattttcata gattttgctc aaaacaatga    224460
     gatctctatt tgttcctatg tatttttcac tctttaatat tgaacttcac agacatgata    224520
     ggaaacacct agttggagtc actgtatcac ttctttgtac caactttaag tttcagaacc    224580
     actgttagaa tgagagccca tggtagaatg ccagaccatg gcaggtacac ttaaacaatc    224640
     attaaaaact gatggttggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc    224700
     ttccgaaggt ctggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaac    224760
     aagatctgat gccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata    224820
     aataaataaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaaactga tggttaaggc gagcatggta gtttactctt    224880
     ttaaatttca gaaccaagaa gcaagacaga cagatgttgg taagtaagag gctagctagc    224940
     cttgtctaca gagaagtaca ggctatcttg gttacaaagt gagaccctgt ctcaaaagaa    225000
     aaggaaaaag aaagcaaagc aggataaaac tacctaacag taagaaaaac gtgaaatggt    225060
     attcaagaaa agcaggataa gataagctag acatggtggg atactccttt aatcccagaa    225120
     ttggggatgc agaggcatac ggatatttgg aagtttgagg acaggttagt ccacagtacc    225180
     aggataccaa gagctataca gtgataccag gtctcgaatg aatgaagaaa aggaaacaat    225240
     aaggagggtg aagaatgact cagcaagtaa aggctcttgt ctatcattct gatgttcaca    225300
     tgagtaccgt atgagtcttt accctataca agcactcaaa catgtgttgt atgcacacaa    225360
     atgaatctgg tggaggagaa taaaccttca gtgagaaaca tctgtcgcca ggagatggtg    225420
     ggggtgatga tacatgcact accagcactt tggaggcaga cacaggtgga tcaaccttgt    225480
     ttacaaagtg agtgttatga gagccaagtc tacacagaga aactctcaca gagaaactct    225540
     gtttcaaaaa agccccaaac caaccaacca aagaaacaaa acaaagaaaa ctcaggcagg    225600
     tatgggaatg catacctgta attccagcat gtaaagggac aaggaaaaga ggacaggcac    225660
     atgttcaaga aaagaaaaag aaaaaaagga cacacacaca cagttcgggg atataaatag    225720
     cttaccagaa ggtatgaatg ggtgagctga gaccaggaat taacctgctt tgtaggtttt    225780
     ttattttata gtctgacctc cctcattcca ggatgcttta agagtcctat tgagtcaaac    225840
     tgcatacaca ctgcagcaac accaactaga tcatgagcat actcattaaa ctgtcagtgg    225900
     cactgctgat aaccagttac attattgcaa agaaatagct tcttacagtg aagtcatccc    225960
     tagtactgta cctaccattg tacagggaag acataccatt gctcctaata taaaagttta    226020
     gaaaagtggt acctttggcc tcacacccaa gaagccactg cagttgggtg ctccacattt    226080
     acagacggtt tttccattcc caagacactc taggttgtaa ttgaaggtaa gttcagtgcc    226140
     tgcataagag accacagaaa tattaacata tatggttata ctatttctta attatttata    226200
     tgtgacatta gctactaata gaataatttt atttgctttt ttgcttttgt ttgaaaaagg    226260
     gtctctctat atagtcctgg ctatcctgaa actcactctg gatagaaggc tgaccttgaa    226320
     ctcagagatc ttcctgcttc ttcctctgga gcacgttggg attaaaggtg tacaacatca    226380
     tagccggtta aaagtatttt taagagaaca aaaatttaag tctgttatta gttagctaac    226440
     ttaacagaaa tttcagcagc ttaatattta aaataaccct tgccattaaa gtatgacttc    226500
     tttcaatttt caaatattta aattcaaaat acgctaactc actaacaaaa acaaagtcac    226560
     aacttgatgg taggatgctg gtgcacacct gtgatcccag cactcaacag agcgagacta    226620
     tatcttaaga caacaaaaca aaggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct    226680
     tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaacg    226740
     agatctggca ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac agcatactta catatactaa    226800
     ataaataaat cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacaacaaac aaaacatgtc tgaagagctg    226860
     cctcttaaag caggtgccgt ttaggcccaa ggccctgtgt ctgaatccta aaaatccact    226920
     atgaaaactg aggagtggag actaagaatc cttgggcagg aagcttagtg tcaacagaaa    226980
     agtgaacaaa gaaatcctat ctcagaacaa ggtaaggcac cagctgatgt cctctgatct    227040
     ccacatgctc agtgtggcaa gggtacaccc cactgccctc tatcagaggg cacacaagta    227100
     aatttaaaga acacctgcca gttatgtgtg cctgggaatg taccttatct ggaagcatcc    227160
     aaggaaagag gcattttact acaaagtagt actatcaaga gagtaagaat acatattggt    227220
     gacacctgcc cattatgaca taatctgatt aggtgatctg aacttgtggt ggcttcatgc    227280
     attcacagtg tcatgtgtag atcaggtatg cctcaaacca gctgaggaac tgtctgaggc    227340
     caaatattcc actttataaa tggagaaata atataaattg actgaaagaa tacaacacaa    227400
     tacccacaga agtaagtaaa atttaaagat cactacagaa gacttgccta atatgggaga    227460
     aaccctgggt ttatccctag cctctccaaa actaggaaaa aaaaatgcag accgacactc    227520
     ttattttttt atttaaaaat ttaaaacatt gtgtgtccac atcttgaatc ccagcacagg    227580
     aagccaggca ttgcagacct gtgagttcaa aggtagctgg tctatatagt aagtttcagc    227640
     ccagccagtg ctacacagcg agatcttgtc ttaatcaaaa caccaccaac cacccaaaga    227700
     ataatagaga gctggagaga acgtggttaa gagtatttgc tgctctttaa gaggacctga    227760
     gttcagatcc cagcaccaat atctagcaga tcacatacct ttaactagga gttctagctc    227820
     tggtatcccc ttctgcactc catcggcaac cacgcacact taacacactt atacacacat    227880
     aggcatagat taaaaaaaaa aaaatcttaa aaacaacaat acaacaacaa actgccaaat    227940
     ctagtctgca atcatggccc ttgcaaaatt ctctttgaaa aatcatgtac tttctgtaca    228000
     tttaaaaact atgacaggag tgaccacaga gtgactgttc aaactttagg cccaattaaa    228060
     tatccacttc cacatacctt ggttttaggt tgttgtcata caataaaaat gtgacggata    228120
     gagtagtatc aaactactac tcactcatgt caagtttact cccaatttgg aatctcacac    228180
     ttgctggctt aaatcatttg attcctacat tcttatagaa aatgaccatg ataaaaccta    228240
     gtagtgtcaa aaccatcagt tcttagtggc tttataagat aaccgtggag gctgctgatg    228300
     agttcagtgg taccatgctt ttctagtata cacaaaggcc tcaggctgac tccagaaccc    228360
     aagacttgaa tctactactc tcttaagata tggagatggg gtgctggaga tagcagttaa    228420
     gagcacaggc ttttcttcca tagtctttga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggcagctc    228480
     acaactgtct acaattccag ttccagggaa tctgacaaca atgcatataa aataaaatta    228540
     tttaaggaca aaagagcaga ggggggcggt cttcttaaga aaaagaaaag gtgatatagc    228600
     tgtctcttgt gagactaggc cggggcatag caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc    228660
     tattgaatgg atcacagggc ccccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtatcca aggaactaaa    228720
     aagatctgca accctgcagg tgcaacaaca ttatgaacta accagtacct ggagctcttg    228780
     actctagctg cacatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtaaaga gagggccatt ggacacacaa    228840
     actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaatgcc aggtccaaaa aatgggaatg ggtgggtagg    228900
     gaagtgaggg ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggatagcat tctaaatgta attgaggaaa    228960
     atacataata ataaaaaata ttaaaaaaaa agaaaaggta tgtggatggg taatagaaga    229020
     tgctttggtt tacacggcat gtttatggca aatgtggaag gtaaaataaa agaggagact    229080
     ggaggagcta caagtttcta aggtaggcca attttggggt acttaatatt aatgctaatc    229140
     tcagcactca gaaagcagaa gctatgaatt c                                   229171