ID   AL935150; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 163240 BP.
AC   AL935150;
DT   11-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP24-482A24 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-163240
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 4e22a501746785775a101eeed36ecd1c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027634; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000062175; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000074629; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026768; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026769; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026772; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026734; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026735; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026738; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026705; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026706; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026744; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026747; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026486; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026489; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027193; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027196; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025947; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025948; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025951; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026463; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026466; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026600; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026601; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026604; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026567; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026568; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026571; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026705; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026706; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026588; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026589; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026592; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027248; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027249; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025681; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025682; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025685; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026017; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026018; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026021; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL935150.10:1-163240; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000069600; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000073352; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000099141; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109558; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000150078; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058799; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058804; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058811; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058820; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058825; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058832; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058766; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058770; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058777; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058759; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058766; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058460; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058470; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059237; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059244; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058725; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058730; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058737; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058425; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058435; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058528; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058532; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058539; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058511; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058515; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058522; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058658; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058663; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058670; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058486; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058490; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058497; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059410; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059415; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058290; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058294; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058302; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057738; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057742; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057749; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q3V2W7.
DR   InterPro; IPR001356; Homeobox_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004142; NDRG.
DR   InterPro; IPR008422; Homeobox_KN_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR009057; Homeobox-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR029058; AB_hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030692; NDRG3.
DR   MGI; MGI:1352499; Ndrg3.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915299; Tgif2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1921954; 4930518I15Rik.
DR   RFAM; RF01073; GP_knot1.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V2W7; Q3V2W7_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP24-482A24 is from a Male (C57BL/6J) mouse BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..163240
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-482A24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    15001..15484
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_134984, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    65796..66027
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_36230, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    66376..66794
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_36230, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    67523..67558
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_36230, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    97318..97423
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_36229, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    117181..117333
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_36228, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 163240 BP; 43355 A; 38548 C; 39412 G; 41925 T; 0 other;
     gatctctccc aaatctgctc cgcctacgcc cacgctgccc aactaagaaa atggcagcac        60
     tctctccagc tgccccactg aaatcctgag ctggggcgtg agagaggctc cttggtaatg       120
     gcacttgctg ttcgtatgtg gccaggcagg cctgcaacag tccactgact tccacaccaa       180
     ctctcatcac gaataaatag aatttttaaa agaattgaat tcttggagcc aactttcttc       240
     tcattccagt ctggtccgtt ttcaagtcct attggctgaa gcactgaagt gtttccagaa       300
     cccctcccct tgtcgcccag tttcccactg ccccataagc ccaaccagca tctcccccac       360
     ttactgtctg ctctcctgtc cttgagcgtg ccatacgctc tctaaatctc ctgcactgac       420
     atccattact tttcctttgt gacttctgac ctctacgcta agctaaacta ctccccaaat       480
     tctagttccg gaagtgtttc aactgttacc tctaatgttg ccaggacaga taaaaactgt       540
     taccttctat ttatttagac aaccttgctc catagctcag actgacctgg aacctacact       600
     atactcgatg ttggcaatcc tgctgcctca gcttctcaaa tgccgagatt actggcatga       660
     accaccgcat ctggctccat ctcctctcaa tctggctcca tttcccagca tcacccttaa       720
     ctccttttca gccgagctca gaactgtccc gggatgtagg cggtttcagg ctcccagggc       780
     tccctaggca gatggatcag ttgcctgccc cattgcggag ccaggcagct atttacaaag       840
     taactgaatg ccagaaagcc ctagggaaag agtgatggcc gctgttgtga ggattgagtc       900
     tccctgaaaa aaaaggacca tacttggccg ggtgaaagcc agccttccac cagacacagc       960
     aggggcctct gggacaagag ggggtcggag agctgggaaa cgctgaaggc tccgcccttc      1020
     ttgccagtct tgacacctca atctgcttcc atgccccagc ctgggccgac ccagagaaag      1080
     gctgcgtcga ggggggctat tccaggggca ccccagcttc tcagcctgca agcagaggcc      1140
     taataaggcc gggctggctg cctcagcccc gcccccaccc cacccccgcg cattcttctg      1200
     ccttgtaagg ccgggcggcc tgcggaccct ccagccccgg ctccgccccc agagctccga      1260
     gcatcgagca tcggtcggag ctgctgccag ccaactctcg aagcaccgca acagcgccga      1320
     ggacttttct tctctgcagc aggtgggagc ccactcagca cccgggcagc tacagtaggt      1380
     ggtcaggctg aacctcaccc ggccttctga gggctgtggc atgcttagtg gtgtgggctg      1440
     gggctactgc cttgcttggg tcctaaaggg gaccctggcc tgggactgag caactggtgg      1500
     ttctgcgccc cggaaaactg gtctttgggc aaggaaacaa ggatccagag tgtccttttg      1560
     ctaaagagcc taacacacca agcctggaaa ctccaggcta cctgcctgta gagatgccag      1620
     tgagggggtt gagggcatcc ctgacccaag aaactgtgtg tggcagagga aattgagccc      1680
     tacggaagca cagcgctcac acccagtttt gcaaacccta ccccaggagg gatggtaacc      1740
     acctcatgcc ttccttatct ccagtgctgt gtgcactaga gaacggtggg atgagggggt      1800
     cttggcttct tcacaaccct ccagccgccc tggttgcttg atgagccggt tggaaagcag      1860
     ggtatctggc acagccagct atggagacta gtaatgagga gggagggatg gtctagccat      1920
     gaccgcgcca agttccagct gtctgatcct tggtgtctag gaccccagag aggggagcat      1980
     atggcttcag agttaaggac acagcttatt cctaatttaa gtcactcaac caagtctaga      2040
     aagtgcctgg cccttcaaga gccaaacctg ccacccactg gccccagcct agcgtggtgt      2100
     cctggctccc aaccctctca caggtattca cttccctttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggggggg      2160
     atgcctctca gggatgtaga gagggcaggg atacactagg ggagcctagc tgggcctgcc      2220
     ctagaggtct gcagacagga tgggctaaga aagctgatgg ccaaaccggg cagtgatggt      2280
     gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggct      2340
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca accagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgactca      2400
     aaaaaccaaa acagagccgg gtatggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcaggaggc      2460
     agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ctccaggaca      2520
     gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaacaag aaaaacaaaa caaaacagac      2580
     agacagacag acagacagga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaggaagg      2640
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagaaaga aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag      2700
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaggaaa aggaagaaag ctagctgatg      2760
     gccatctcag cctgggccac aggagatggg ggacagcttc cagggacaac atttctgccc      2820
     ccggttctta ccaattccca cccagcacta cacaaaggaa ccccaaagcc tggtgcatgc      2880
     tgtggggctc actgggtttt atacagctag agtctcaaga ctgcaggtag atgtggccct      2940
     gggacttgct ggagctgacc atgaccccag cccagagggt attagaggca gggatagagg      3000
     aggaaggaca taggccctgg gccaaggtct acagagcaca gggcagagaa gaagacgtgc      3060
     tggggcctgg actagctgag gggaagcaga cagaagtttt gagatgtatt tccccacaag      3120
     ttatgatggg atcaggttga attctttccc tggcctcagt tttcccatct gtacagtgga      3180
     gctcataaac ctttcactga agaatcctct actagcctgc tgctgtgggc tgccctagtg      3240
     gtgaaggatg agggagtccg caagtgtttg ttatcaagat aagggtggag aacagcaccc      3300
     ctgggactct agagctcagc ctgaggacag ctacagaagg ggggggctgg aaggaagtcc      3360
     tggaacagct gtggaatgct agaggtcaag gaggagacaa agtggatcag tcaggagctg      3420
     ggagagcaca ctgggtcctt tcatgccagg ctggggcatc gaggtttact ctcgggatgt      3480
     ggagaggggt tttaaggagg cgactgaagg tctgagtttg aatgggatgg gagagaccgg      3540
     ccgaagccaa aacaccaggt ctaaatggac tgtagtttca acttgaggga gcttcgatgt      3600
     acaggaagtg acagagggca caggatgaaa ccacaaggga ccagtcaggc tccctgagga      3660
     gagcagctgt gttccacaga ctgtgcagaa gatgggggag atagggggtg caggggcatg      3720
     gagtgagagg ggtggggagg gatgggggag gggtgaaggg gcatggagtg agagggatgg      3780
     ggagggatgg gggaggggtg aaggggcatg gagtgagagg gatggggagg gatgggggag      3840
     gggtgcaggg acatagagtg agagggatgg gggaggggtg caggggcata gagtgagagg      3900
     gatggggagg gatgggggag ggtattatca gagtacagag ctggggggtc cgacccctcc      3960
     taggagagcc ctatcttccc gccattgaga tgggcacatt gctatgaaga aataaagtag      4020
     acaaagcact ttaatggttg gcaccaagcc aatcctattt tacccactca aagcaaaatg      4080
     aattgtttct aggctcagca ccactccagg gcctctctag atactaaatt aactgattcc      4140
     tgtggcaggc tactctgttg ccccccttcc cagaggaaga cagatagatg aagcactcag      4200
     gatcacagcc cacaggctgt gctcagaaag aactgggtgg ctgggggccc aaacctgtgg      4260
     gatgccctga agagcaagct gagacctaac tttagacctc aggggaaggc agggatgatc      4320
     cctgtccatc atcatccccc gcccctccct gtagggaaac ccccaacacc caaaggcaag      4380
     atgtcgagca agagagccaa ggccaagacc accaagaaga ggccccagag ggctacgtcc      4440
     aatgtcttcg ccatgtttga ccagtcccag atccaggagt ttaaggaggc cttcaacatg      4500
     attgatcaga accgagatgg cttcattgat aaggaggacc tgcacgacat gctggcctct      4560
     ctgggtgagt gggacgggtg ctcagggagg gaagtgctca gcactgacag ggcacttcct      4620
     gtgaaatgag agtcttagtg ctccacggca ggttatactg ctccgggtct gcccacttaa      4680
     cagagaggaa gactgaggca aggagaagga ccagctcagg atttgaacct agacagcctg      4740
     acttcccggg gaaagtcaga tctgtgcatt ggattgtgtg gtaaatctta aagaaatgtg      4800
     ccagcatttt gagtttgtac ggatgggaaa actgaggctt agaagggagg ccagagcact      4860
     cactcctcta tacccccaat gacacctcca aggttagggt cttacggatc aagtccaagt      4920
     tgccaatgtt cagacgggta ctctgaggcc tccagagtgc acctctcccc atgtgccggc      4980
     cagagccagc caccctcagc agcagttcct ggcatagcct tccctgaggc cagaggatca      5040
     gggcgggatg acagataaga tcagtctagt actgctgcca caccattggg cttggccatc      5100
     cctgtcagtc cctggcatcg ttccatgcct actggactgc ctgtgaccac aggtctggtg      5160
     ggaggccagc agcacagatt agaaaagggg gtgctatccc tccagctact ggccaggctt      5220
     tcttggggcc tctctctccc cagaagaaag cccagcactc caatctggac cctctcagca      5280
     tcccggaaga gaaagactgt gtcaggggac aaagggctgg tcctcatggg ctaagaactc      5340
     ctctgggcat cttataaaaa caaagcaagg ggtctgaggc tcaaaagaca cacagtcata      5400
     agctcccccc cacccccccg ttggtcaggc cacaccttgt atttagactg gctgagtcta      5460
     actaggtagc cagaaaaaca cttgcctgtg tatggtgggt tcatagaggg gaggttggag      5520
     gagggaactg ggaggagtgg gggggagagg aaactgtggt catgatgtac tgcatgatag      5580
     aagaaataga tagatagtaa gataagataa gataagatag tagtaatctc tacagccatc      5640
     accctaattc tccatgcagc cccctcttgg gggtggcagg caaagactca gaaagaacaa      5700
     acaatctgcc cgaggaggca cagcagccct gagcatagat gggatctgaa cctagcagac      5760
     tgcagcatcc cagggctgtg ccaatgactg cagtgagacc attagaacag tggcttactg      5820
     tcacggtaac tgttcctcta aaaacatggg aagctgagcc acaggaccag gacttaaatc      5880
     caagcctcta tgtcaccaaa gctcactgat gtaggcactt ctgaaacgtt tctggaatct      5940
     ggtaccctaa gttagactac ctaagtttag ctactgaccc ctgctcctcc cttgctgtgt      6000
     gaccttggat aagctgccct acctctctgt gcggcagttc ctggcctgtg agaaaagaat      6060
     aaggctgctg ttggcacaag ggaggtaggg ggtacgccag gtgacccggc acatggggca      6120
     gctgatctta caccataatg gtggaggagc caggaacttg tggcatgccc tcatacctca      6180
     aaagcaggcg gggataggag ctggatgccc agaaagcagg aaattggctg cctggcacct      6240
     gcttcccagt ctacaaacgt cactgggaag gagtcaccca agttggggac agcaaccgca      6300
     atgtccaccc accacaggga agaaccccac agacgagtat ctggagggca tgatgaacga      6360
     ggcgccaggg cccatcaact tcaccatgtt cctcacaatg tttggggaga agctgaacgg      6420
     cacagacccc gaggatgtga tccgcaatgc ctttgcctgc tttgatgagg aggcctcagg      6480
     tcagtgtaca cgggagacct gggctaggta gggggaactg ggctataagg aaaggggctg      6540
     ggccagacat cactgtcccc aacttcccag tgcccaggac acactgctta aaccttccag      6600
     agatcaaacc acatcttgcc atttctaccc cagcttctgt cacagataat ttcccccctc      6660
     atagtgtcac agtctccaca gacgctctgt aaacttctgt aaactcttcc ctcgggagcc      6720
     ctgaggatct tctagccccg cccactgtga ggtttccaag ggctgggagg gtgggtgggc      6780
     gtggccagag cctgcagtca ttaacccagt cgtgccgtgc ctcaggcttc atccacgagg      6840
     accacctgag ggagctgctc accaccatgg gcgaccgatt cacggatgag gaggtggacg      6900
     agatgtaccg cgaggcaccc attgataaga agggcaactt caactacgtg gagttcactc      6960
     gcatcctcaa acacggcgcc aaggacaagg acgactaagc tgttcttagc tgccccagtg      7020
     cctagacccc atcccagtca cctacctccc caacacatac actctaccct ccccgtgacg      7080
     aattagggtc ccagctccca gggccggaac tgaaccgtaa gacccacagg gtgaggcagg      7140
     tgctctacaa tgggcccagg cactaactag aagggatctc tgaccctaca aggagggacc      7200
     acagtgggga ggtgagccga gggtggggcc agcaagcacc aaggtaaagc cactgaagat      7260
     agcactcagc catgccctcc cattcccggg ctggcctgag gaaggaagca cccgtgttct      7320
     ggtgtcggac actaattccc agcatcccca caaaggtaca cacccattca ccatgtccct      7380
     tcagaggatg acagtctgct cttaggcttg tggagttgtc tcagcacccc cagaatgcat      7440
     tgagggaagg gaagctgcct gagggacagt ctcttaatac aaggctgaac accatctctg      7500
     gtctatgtgt ctgtgatgag gggcagggag gggggcagac agtgtcccac cctgtcttac      7560
     tctcctcccg tcccagtgac tgccctgatg caccatgcca ttgtccaggg gaagcactgg      7620
     ggcgtctccc agatgtgcag tactgaagct tcagaggccc ccagtttggg tgctggcttt      7680
     gtgctctact gagaccagat cagcaaatgg aagggacaca ggcctctggg gaaagaggac      7740
     agaatcggaa gacccttggg ttcaccaaac cccatacaac aggctttaat ctgggggatg      7800
     gtggtgggtg tgtgtcagag gtcaaggtca caagcctcag gactaaagcc tgatttctag      7860
     gtcacttcac tagggggcgc ttaacattaa gggagactct aagaacaatg aagaagtagg      7920
     ggtccagtag ctcactgatc agcaatccag ctgttcccct tatccaatcc agctctgggc      7980
     agccagaaga ctgtaggcac aatctggttc accctccatc acaacacaca cacacacaca      8040
     cacacacaca ctctcacaca cgtgaatgtg tgaacataca cacagacact ctattccagt      8100
     aggcaggctg ggctaggcta accacatttg aataatgggg tcattgacaa tgtttcctac      8160
     aaaagggtgg ggactgcctg ggctctcctg atagtctatg ggtagagaaa ggggcctcac      8220
     atgtctcatc tgaccctggc agaggtcggg gacagattct ggatccaaag tgatccctga      8280
     gaggaaagcc atagcacata cagcattggg ggtgggtgta tcgtggggag ggggtaccaa      8340
     cccagcctgg aggctacact caactacatc ctatgtagca agcagccaga tacacacact      8400
     ctccgttcca aaatgagccc cacaagttct tggtgtctac tctggatggg accaggtcag      8460
     gtaaggtgca aaccagcccc aaatagtgtt ccagacccaa tcccagccct acctgcagag      8520
     ctgagtggcc cttggcctgt tctctggaca ccacatcctc ttgctaagcc atctaagcac      8580
     caaaggcctg ctttcagtgt catcagtgta atgacagcag ggagcaaggc atggtggctt      8640
     atacctacag tccctgcatg ccacaggccc aggcagaagg atcatcgcaa gttcgagatc      8700
     agcttagact gcaaagtaaa gccctttgcc tcccacgtgc tgggcgaatc agcatgggct      8760
     actgagtctg gtttacagaa tgctggggat ggaagccaag gcattgtgca tgccagacaa      8820
     gaactctacc aacgtgcagc cccagactca gccgatcttc ttttaagact tcgtgtgtgt      8880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt cacacactat ggcacacatg      8940
     tggaaggcag aagacagctt ttcagaatgg gtgctcacct tccatcttgt taaagcactg      9000
     gggcctctca gttctgtgct gcactgtgta gcccaggcta gctggcccca gtacagccca      9060
     ggctagctgg ccccagtgct tccagccacc tgtttgtctc ccttctcacc atgacaggag      9120
     tttaagaatt agacgcacac ccaatttctg ttgttgttgg gtttggggaa aagctgagaa      9180
     aactcacttc aaagacaaga acttaaaagt agaagcttta ttctctgagt gctcggggag      9240
     gaggctagct cgggatctga ggggggcagg taggctatag tattgtctat atcatatttt      9300
     tgatatgggg gttgagcaag ggagttttca ttgtggtttt gcccggactc tgggctggca      9360
     agtcatagga ggggagtaaa cactggtgat taggccttat ctgggccgcc tggcttcaag      9420
     gtccttgact aagagctttg ggagtcgggc ctcatcctgg acatgtggtc caaaactcaa      9480
     aaagataaga gaacaaagga atgggcaatc ggcccatagt cagttaggtc gggacaggca      9540
     actagtcaca tacacgtagg acgtgggtgc ctgactttag ataacaggca acttctttct      9600
     ttatgctctt ttataattta ctggttaaca gatgaacaaa gaaaaacagg ataagaattg      9660
     attcctgggc ctgggaatgg gagcttagtt tgaccctggg aagaagcaga ccctgagata      9720
     gctggactca gaactgtgtg cttacattct cccgtcttta tgtttctttg atgttacacc      9780
     tcctgtccat tccttgtatt atgccctcaa aactggaagt ttgatagcat tgattctgtc      9840
     ttgaacaaac atggagttga tcatgcaagg ggctcaaagt gtaaccagga gaaacagaac      9900
     tacagactcc atcaggccaa tgacgagagt gggcagccat gggaaccagt tgaaaagaaa      9960
     catacaccag ttttgatcag tcaccctatt ccatttcctc tgtaagagat tctcttcaac     10020
     tttggagaga gagtccctaa caacccctga gtataaaaac attcctcccc cagggctgtc     10080
     cagagccctc cttatcttaa aaacaataga ttcaagccac gttgattctg gagggccatt     10140
     tcagccaaca aatcagcttg gctttccaga aaggagacag gaggatgtaa accgaaaatg     10200
     tcctatctgc tactcactta gaagcctcag attttggcct cagaacaagg ccgtcgttgc     10260
     tgaagagccc ggaggacaga gtaactccaa acactggtcc accacccccc ttttactgca     10320
     tgccaacatt cttttcagtt acagcaaaaa cacctggcct gctgggacag acattactca     10380
     aggactgaac cccaattagc cgacttcttt accatcccct gaacatctgc ttagggtttt     10440
     atgctttaaa aggagcaagc ttcttcccct tggagctatg atcagctccc gagtctggcc     10500
     aggaccctac ctggctagaa gtgtttccct ctgtgaataa aggtgctttt agtttatttc     10560
     tgactccggt agtcctgtcc tcattatttg tgcaccctgt gactccaaca ttttggtcat     10620
     tggcattagc ctagaaacac gcaatttgaa gatgagaaac cccaagtctc tggcaacttt     10680
     tttttttttt tttggtcctg actaatcaat aagtttctct ttggtttcat tttatggtgt     10740
     cctgacaaac tagggcccaa tggagaataa ataggtggat gcactgttga tctcagagcc     10800
     agaagggtcc gagggatgct tcatcccttc ctgtggctgt caggttgctc ctttgaaacc     10860
     ctttgggatt ggtgcatgcc caccaactcc tagttaactg atgctcagtg ctctcccttc     10920
     tggggccact gattctcatt tgtggcggag tttgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtt tgtgtgtgtg     10980
     ttcttgttgc atccactgtc agtctctttg ttgtcataac tactgagcta gttctaaaga     11040
     tgtgtcaagc ttcttcatac cctcagaccc atctggaacc tgttcttctc atttctggga     11100
     ctttaaagat gctgcctcag ccacccatgt tgagtcagga cagctcaaaa ctttttgttc     11160
     actgaaaagg ccaaccttct ggttcagctg gcctcctgag tggtcctttg aacttagact     11220
     catcaagatt aaagatgctg ttttcaacca tcctggtcac ccagatcagg tcccctacat     11280
     ctgtggcttg gcattaacta actgacacct gcttccttgt taaaaatctc ttatcccccc     11340
     cttcaggaaa tgagactaca attctcattc agtcaaaaga atcaggaagg gaatctagct     11400
     gatttaccac ccctcctgtg tttaccccca ttgcagatcc tgaattggaa gaccacctca     11460
     ctccctacaa cccctgatct caaagatggg taagacttcc aactcccatt aattcacctg     11520
     aatcctccac ctctccctcc actcctacct ctcctcccca gccctccact ccatcacaga     11580
     gtaactcctc ctcttctttc tcttcatcct cttcctcttc ttcctcctcc tctcaccttc     11640
     tcacccttct ccttttgggc caagcctgcc tcatacctgt gatggtttat aaatgcttgg     11700
     ctcagggagt ggcactatta ggaggtgtgg ccttggaagt gtgttatttt tgggtgtgag     11760
     ctttaagatc ctcctcctag cagcagcctg agagccagtc ttctcctgtc tgactttgga     11820
     tgaagatgta gaactctcag ctcctcctac actgccacag actaacctct attgagtctc     11880
     ctatctgtgg ggaacaggtt tctggttgta ggtgaacaag ggtctgcgag aattgacaga     11940
     cagatgcaga ctcaaggggg agtgctgaat ctgaatgtat tttgtccaaa cgaacaccag     12000
     acttttaata cagaagaaaa acaagaaaac caggcgaaca catccgccaa gttacattga     12060
     cacaaaacaa aaaaggaata catacataaa aagatgtcgg gagccaggcc gtgtttacca     12120
     ctgagaatag gaacaaccct taatttaaaa gatcagctaa acacaggagc taggtgaatg     12180
     ttctgatgca atgctagtct attgctaaac ctaccaggag ttctttagta aatacctgat     12240
     tatgctattc ctctgggcct agtgaaaaaa cctgcaccag gggaattccc ttctactaac     12300
     actttcatac tacaacccac ctatttccta ggccattgtg tattcctgtg tttgggtgtg     12360
     actcactatt gtcctaagta attactatgc agactagccc tgagcttttc tagctctgtc     12420
     ctttgtaatg cctaattagt ttcactgtct ctactagaag caaatttgaa tgttactgag     12480
     taggtaactt tcttctgaat tccaagctca gggtcagctt caaggatttc ctaggaacca     12540
     ttggaacact ggtggaggct tagctatagg tcaaaatcaa tccttaaagg cacttataat     12600
     aaaacaatac tgaaagagag cacatggatc caaacaccag actaacatgg ggacaggttt     12660
     tgagtatgca ggctatggga atgccaaagt tccaggaggc aaagtttcct tgaaactccc     12720
     tgcctcagga ctgcttccag gctttcaggc ctgtaatgca tgtcactact ggagtggatg     12780
     tagcattgca ccatgtctgc ctggatgctg ccatgctcct gccatgatga taatggactg     12840
     aacttctgaa cttctgtgag ccagccccag ttatatgttg tccttataag tgttgccttg     12900
     gtcgtggtgt ctgttcacag cagtaaaacc ctaactaata caatccctca agctcttgtt     12960
     gctcttcttg ctgttttctt ctctcaccaa cccacttggg atgactgtca acagctcctt     13020
     caggatcttt tcagtactga ggagagggac aggatctggt ggggatgatg gaaaccggtc     13080
     cctggggtaa gacgatcacc ctatggataa tgaacactca tctatgaaat cttccccttc     13140
     tcctggccca gaaaaggatg ggactacaat gtggatgagg gtagggtgaa gctgtgaggc     13200
     tcccagctct tgtggatcat gtgagcagag atgttgaaga agacggtcag aagccctgtg     13260
     aatacaaaca gtgaatgacc acaccaggac tgcttgtcag gagggagatc aactttgctt     13320
     aggatgatta aaggcttcta aagttttggg ggactgaagg tagggacatc caggatgggc     13380
     aagtgacatt ggctggggcc ttagagaacc tggactgcct cattagcatg ggaaagcatt     13440
     tcagggatct caggtgctgt ctgggcaggt tttgtccagg gaaggcaatc gaccctgtta     13500
     attgaaacta catgacactc ctcaggtgtg ggggcttaga actccccaga caaggtcaga     13560
     gaaggcgaaa ctctgctgac aaagggggtc ttccattagc ctcaggaggt tatctggtca     13620
     atggtagact ttgtctttaa tgagcagttt tcccacaaga tgataaagat ctattgagcc     13680
     caattattat ttgggggggg gatggtatct cgagtggcca ctagatggcc cccaaatctg     13740
     tctaagtcag gcattgcagg aacagactga gtcaccaggc taaccctaac tcttgagcaa     13800
     ccactgtacc tacactctat tggaccccaa agcacccgag aatcagatgg cagtcaacat     13860
     ggcttccatc aaccagacag ccccagacac acacacaaaa aaaacaacaa taaaaattct     13920
     ccacagttcg actgatttga agattaaaaa cctatataag ttagtggcta tagccacaaa     13980
     catttataat aacagagaaa cacctaaaga taagcaaacc cagggtttaa ccaaggtgct     14040
     gctagccaca gaaagacata gtggtcctga gtccagaaac tgccaactaa cctgactggc     14100
     taatgaacgg ggaaataatg aatactcaga gcacacccct tcctgcctca aaaaggatca     14160
     atgtgcatac catagagaaa taggccactg gaaaggggaa tgtcctgaga acaaagagaa     14220
     tctaagaact gttgaagggt ccttgaacta gcaaatttgg ataactgaag ggaacggggc     14280
     tcagagcccc tacttgggta acccaacaag tggaggaata gtcagttgat ttcttggtgg     14340
     ataccaaggc ccaccatttc agggcctcta tcaggaaaag aaacctgggt ccaagggacc     14400
     accaaaatag ccttgtgtcc ttggacctcc aaacagactg tatagactta gggaccaagg     14460
     aagagtctca ttccttcgtg gtaatcctgg attgccctta cccccttttg gggagagact     14520
     tgttgagcaa aatgaaagct cagacccact tcaccgggaa ggggatgcca atctcccaag     14580
     gcccaaagtc tgtgacctga gcctagactt agagggaaaa tataggcttt ttgttctcta     14640
     aaacagccac agggtaattt cccctgttga cagaactaaa actattccaa gtgaatgggt     14700
     agagattaag ccatctgaac tggccaccta acagcctcca gttttggtct cccttagggc     14760
     cacagcctta tccaattagg tcaaacatca tccactgaca ccagaggcca aaaagggcat     14820
     cataaaacac ttaacccagt gaggggacat gggatcctgg tcccaggtca gttaccttgg     14880
     aatattcccc tgctgcccgt taagaagcca agaactaatg actattgtcc agcacaggac     14940
     ctcagagaag tccatccact gcccagggca ccaaaaggag aattcctatg aagcccaggg     15000
     caataaaaaa aacaaaaagc agaccaagtg gccaaggagg atccctagct gttaccaact     15060
     tactgataac aatgccagga cctacactgc ctgagatgcc agaatagtct ccccaagata     15120
     ataaggactt tgcctcttca ccaaatacac agattaaaag atggatggag gtacaactga     15180
     tctggccaag tctctgatct accaaatccg cacagcaaca caccttggct aaataagatt     15240
     acaggagctt ctgggacact cagagtttga gccattactc aaggacaaac cctcaattta     15300
     tgaattcctt cctaattatc ccctgaacat ctgcttgtag aaggccacag tttcagctgc     15360
     tgaggccggc tgcatcccta gccagctaga agagcttctt cctgaggtga gtaaagtagc     15420
     ttctcgttta cttcctactt tggtggtcct gtccccatta tttgcacaac tccaatcccc     15480
     aacactctaa aaaagagaca ttaaaaaccc agatttcaag gtcagagcaa cttctttttc     15540
     tttttttttt ctttttcaat atataagtct tttattctcc caaaagagtc caaattgttc     15600
     ttgtgatcag gatctcattt ctggagccag gaaaccgagg cctcctcact tgtcagcctg     15660
     ctgcacggtt cccttctcag acacatagat gccgtccaga aacttcctga tgtacttgtt     15720
     tttaactgtt gtggcttgct gaatcagggc agctgaattt gaaacaagtt caatgtcatt     15780
     tccttcaaga attaactcat ccttctgggc ttgagagaca gaacaagcaa cacctgtcct     15840
     catccgaacc ctacggatgg atttttcact caagaaattt cggatttcaa ccaaagagcc     15900
     attctcctga ataatgacat taatggggaa gtgagtgtac acagaccgca tcttgtattg     15960
     gaagcccagt gtggcaccct tgatcatgtt ctgaacatga ctgcagatgg tcctgacggt     16020
     ggccagttcc tttctgttac cccaccattt gtcaacccgg agccttttct ttttcttccc     16080
     aagaagactc agctccatgt tgatgtgatt gaagtccctc tgcagggtcc ccctggggcc     16140
     cttcacaatg actgtgcacc ccttcagagt gatttcgaca ttctcgggaa tgtccacagt     16200
     ctgattgtca acagtctgat tgctgagaat ggtcttcatc ctcgaagtag atggggcaaa     16260
     gagccagagc aacttctata actgaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaccaaac aaacaaaaaa     16320
     aaagaaggag ccacaaaatg aatactttgg caaacttcta tagatgatca gaggtcaaaa     16380
     ctaaaggtat ttataaataa tatataaatt gaaggaatgg tagatattgg agctgatgta     16440
     actatattca acaaaatatt ggcctccaga ttggtctctt caagcagtag atactcaatt     16500
     tagaggagtt ggaactttat cccagataaa acaaagtata tggtttgaat gcatagggct     16560
     agaaggtcaa ataggaaaat taaagcaata catgtctgat atagccataa acttataggg     16620
     aagagatctg ttatatcaat ggaaaacacc aatcagcatc cctccagtat cagaaacaag     16680
     ccataaaata ggtgataaaa gcctgattaa aaacatcttt aagctaggca tggtggcaca     16740
     ggcctttaat cccagcactt gggaagcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     16800
     ctggtctaaa aaatgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa     16860
     aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattttggg ggggctggcg agatggctca gtggttaaga     16920
     gcatcaactg ctcttccaaa ggtcttgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     16980
     aaccatctgt aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggagtgt ctgaagacag caatagtgta     17040
     cttagatata ataataaata aatctttaaa aaaaattttt tttaatgtta tcaaagacag     17100
     ttacagactg tccatacaca ggtacaatga agactggctc ttcaacttta cttgtaggag     17160
     ccactgctga caaaatacca acagccttac cactaaggtg attgactgtt tgcactgagc     17220
     aatgatctac aacaaaggaa aaattatagg tactagaata gctacccaag agcagctgaa     17280
     ggctcaacac acagaggagt ccaccagccc ttggaactct cctgtatttg tcatgaaaaa     17340
     gaaatccgac aaatggaaga tgttgacaga tctgagggca attaacaaaa tcacttagcc     17400
     aatgagctct ttacagccta gaaccccatt gcctttcttg ttacctaagg aatagcctag     17460
     catagtgatt gatttaaaag attgcctttt cacaattcct tttaaaaaac aagaaaagga     17520
     tttgctttca ctatgcccac atttaaccac tcaatgccaa ccaaaaggta ccaatgaaag     17580
     tcttgccaca gggaacaagg aacagtccta ccttatgcta atactttgta caacaaccat     17640
     tggtaataat tcataagcaa gtcccccaag tcataattta tgtctatatg gatgacattc     17700
     agctggctga ttacaatgaa gataccttag aaagagtgtt tcaggaagaa aaaaattatt     17760
     ttttgcctta ttgggaattt caagttgctc ctaaaaaaaa tacaaagagg atattctatt     17820
     aattacctaa gatataaggt aagtctgcag gaaatttgac cacaaaaggt ataaatcagg     17880
     agaaaccaat taagaactct aaataatttt caaaaattac tgagagatat taactgacta     17940
     tggcctacaa ttggtttgac tacttaggag ctaaataatt tacttcaaac cttcaaggtg     18000
     ataaacaacc ctaacaagag ccaccctcag gggatactga gatgcggggg catattgttc     18060
     cagtaccctg ccagatccca gcctcaaact acctcaatgc tgtttcctca aaaaacttgc     18120
     tcccgggaca acttcaaaac agctagctca cttggtccag cctttcaggc tgttataatc     18180
     aagaacaata ataaatgaca cacagtaaga acataccata gagactagga caacaaatgc     18240
     taacttaaga ctattttccc aatcttcttg cccctctcca aaataaatac ctcaccccaa     18300
     atcagcagaa agcaatttta agagagtgat gccccattcc cttaaggtgg ggtgggtagg     18360
     ttttagtcat gagtgatgga tgcttgttgt tataaagggg ttagatacaa gctattttta     18420
     aaaaaatatt tattttattt atactagtaa aatactagtg tagctgtctt cagacacacc     18480
     agaagagggc attagatccc attatggatg cttgtgagcc accagatggt tgctgggaat     18540
     tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcaatcag tgcctttaac cgctgagcca tctcaccatc     18600
     cctagataca agttattaaa tcatcttaac caggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaggtat     18660
     aggattagat ttggattttt cttctcttct tttatccttc tttctttctt atgtaggagg     18720
     acagggattg aaaaggggtt gaaaatataa atattatagg aatgatagga aaaagtagat     18780
     tattgaatct actcttaaac caaggaacat tttatagcca ataatcttat attgatacaa     18840
     atctttgcat gttgatgcat attaaggtta cataataatg ttacaatgat atagtccttt     18900
     gtctagggat acaaaaatta agtttatttt tgttataata ttatatattg catgctttca     18960
     actcttactt gatttattat gtctagatga ttcttaataa tgtaatataa aactctagtc     19020
     ccatgtaatg ctgctattca aacttcttag gataatttaa aaatgaaagt taatagtcag     19080
     acaaccaaac tcatggtcat tttagatact agaccagttt atcataaaat atgctttcta     19140
     ggttgaagag atagtaaatc gctaaaaaca aacaaaattt gtctactgag atatgctatg     19200
     gataaataga tggtcttcaa aaagctcaga aaattacaga atatggcatt taaagatgtt     19260
     ttatcaactt aagccttttt ttggacagag acaggtctgc tcctggcagc acccccattt     19320
     ctacttcaaa gaagaggatg agacattgaa gaagctcctt gtggagtttg cttcaaatgt     19380
     ggcaaccaac cacggggcaa aaactgccct agcttcaact acagacagaa tgctgtccaa     19440
     aaaggacaaa catgaaagca ggaaagtcaa ctgccaagct ttgcaaggac aaggtaggct     19500
     agcctttcat aattcctgct tcacaaaaaa aaaaagtgtc agatgtactg ggccaggtgg     19560
     atgcccaatc tgggggcgtc caggcaaaca gctcctctgt catttccata gttttagaag     19620
     ttgctcacct tcacttcctg catactcagt taatacttat tccttctcaa gtctctggtg     19680
     ggatttaaga ctagacagtt ataatctagc aattaagctt aatttattca ggatctgaga     19740
     agatgtttta ggtctaagca aatattttag gatggtaata caggttatga taaaaaatga     19800
     tttaggtaca gaactctttt gtttgttggt tggtttggtt tggtttggtt tggtttggtt     19860
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctatcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag     19920
     gctggccttg aaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc     19980
     gtgcaccacc actgcctggc agtacagaac tctgaactca ccaaaatagg acatgtggta     20040
     gagtacttta tccaaaatag ccaaaaataa acggactgga catcatgact ataactccta     20100
     cctaatagtt ttttaataac tgtttcatat ttgttcttat tgtatgtcat gattgtaaga     20160
     ggaaaaaaaa cttctctagg aaaaaaaaga agaagaaaat attggaggtt ggtctgtagt     20220
     tatgtattca aatgctaaat tctgaaccct aagatctggt tgccccctga caagcacatt     20280
     ctcacatacc aaatgaagct gtacaaagct tgtaccccaa tttaaaacta ttggttaaat     20340
     ataaatggct acaaccaatt acttgggaga ctagaggtag ttgggatttc agttaccagg     20400
     ctaggagtct taggaaggga ccatgaggag agagaagaga agggaggagg agaaggaaga     20460
     tggaaagaaa aggaggccgc catgagagga gagtgaccat gagcatgtgg ccaggtggcc     20520
     aggagaaatg cattctaagg acaggctgat ggagctaaaa agacagcctg agcaagactc     20580
     aaacaataag taactggaga tcccagctgg gaattagcta gtctacctta tagaaaaata     20640
     gattgaggtg aagagatggc tcagtggtta agagaacgga ctgttcttcc agaggtcctg     20700
     agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtgact cacaaccacc ctgtaatagg atttgatgcc     20760
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag catgctcata tacataaaat aaataaatct     20820
     taaagaaaaa aaagaaagaa aagaaaaata ggttaggaat agttagccaa taattgtgat     20880
     gattaaataa atccttagga ttctgtttta atcatggggg gctggctggg tcatagaaag     20940
     atctaataga cttaataaag agtgatcaca gcattggagg aattcctgca gtaggaaggc     21000
     caccctttat gatgagggag aagtttctag acagggaaat gtttctagag atgttcccaa     21060
     tagcctctga tgccctacaa gatgaaggag tacacatttt gcctcctgta cagatacaaa     21120
     ggctgcctaa caactttgaa caaaaatggc tttgcactat aagaggaatt aagctcacca     21180
     tggaagggtc tattgttctg cttttgggac tcaagcaaaa accagcagag catttcatgg     21240
     atttttgtct accaggtaca agaggtggaa aaccttgggg ttcagcacct gggagcaggt     21300
     gaggctctat tgagcccttc ccctagcctt gaatagtcta aacaaacccc aatggtttta     21360
     caacctggtg ggaatcagag cctggccttg ccatatttgc atttccccac cagagctttg     21420
     aggagttgac caccagctga gtttgcttta caactcaatc aggctaaaac aaaggatgag     21480
     tctgtagggt ttgcttatat aaacaaacaa ctaaaaatta aactttgagc cttgatcaaa     21540
     agtctttgtc ttgacttcat acttcttgcc tgcccatcct ttttcattcc cagcctccct     21600
     ttcaggtgaa ccaagttctc tatggctgct ggacaactgc aggtggtgcc caatttgggg     21660
     tctgaagaca gggcaggggg gaatcacctt aggaacgctg tctttggtag agctcaacag     21720
     acacacatta agtaacatac agcattgatt gatactatcg ctagccataa atttcatctt     21780
     ttggaggctg ttggtggagg tgcaaaaggg ttacaaacta gactgagtca gtgtggaccc     21840
     aatgctgaat tcacctaggg gtatgacagt gcactgggac aggggaatta catacaggca     21900
     tttgtctgca gccaagatct gcatcaggtg agaggagcag ggttttaaaa aatgagagag     21960
     agccaggcag tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga     22020
     tctctgagtt cgaggtcagc ctggtctaca gagagatatc aagaaagaaa aaaataccaa     22080
     ataacaacaa caaaaaaaaa aatgttagaa aaattcttag ctcaagtaag taacttagct     22140
     gtgcatagtt ctcagaagta ggaatggtaa atatacatat gagaagagaa agcaagagag     22200
     aataggtttc agaaaagcag ttgtcctgtc tgggacgagt tagcaaaaga aaaggaaaat     22260
     gcatttcaga gctctcctcg gaacaggagg aaatcagaca tcctgtttcc tctctggctc     22320
     ctactggaga caaccttcgc gatggttaca tcgttctctt ccctctctgt gtattggctg     22380
     tctttggtgc accaatccgt ccacgtgtca atttatgtct gcttttgttt cattgtttga     22440
     atgactgttg ttctattttc atgttcagaa tttttaaaaa aattgttaaa actttatctg     22500
     ttggctatcc atctcttaat ttagttaaaa aggcagtctc aatttgcaca gcagaagctg     22560
     ataagttagt taccctgcac tgtagctggg agtcaagcat agctggagaa aaactgctct     22620
     taaagtatcc agcagcttct caagttctat ggtaaatgag ctgatagttg tttcttttta     22680
     aaaattctct gtaattgtgc ttattgggtt cagcaagtaa caaggtgcct tatttattta     22740
     tttatttatt tattacagct agagagagca agaaaatttt gtttggtata aatatagaag     22800
     atatgtgtag ctacttcatt tctgtttctg actggtttta acggtataaa taatatgttc     22860
     tgcatgtctt ggttatagag tattggctta taagttattg ggtattatta aaaaattgta     22920
     acattggtaa cagaaaatta gcttaaaact ggtaactcag ggttggagtc attctagaaa     22980
     acatgtggca tgagccaacc caggaaaaca gttctccaaa gatacttcta aattgggatc     23040
     atattttatg tacttcttat cctagaaact agacttagaa gggataagat ttaaaacaat     23100
     atctctctga tgaggtatta aaagttagac tgtcagctgg agagatggct cagcggttaa     23160
     gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc     23220
     acaatcattt acagtgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctagagtg     23280
     tgctcatata aataaaataa caaaacaaaa cacatttaca aaaaaaaatg ttatactgtc     23340
     atacattgat atataagaac tggcagccaa aaactttgta acgtgaaagt taatgctttt     23400
     ggtattggtt ttcaaagaga atagattgtt tatactgtta aaaattgggt tttgctttcc     23460
     aaagttatgg ttatgctcta atattgcaaa agaaacttaa aaattatgga tacactgcca     23520
     gtgttccact gattgtgtaa gacccccgaa gctgggcctc cactcaagtc ccgggatgag     23580
     ctggccagca ccccaatgac tcaagagaaa accacacctg atgcaaactg caagaggttt     23640
     tattatcagc tagctgagga tgaactcctg caccacacag gacaggggag ttcgaccctg     23700
     agtggtgaca gtagggggct tttaacagct agctgaggaa ttgggaggag ggtgagagga     23760
     gttgggagga gctgggagga gttcttctct ttcgggtgtc cttggtgaag attggtgagt     23820
     tctttctgaa cttttatcac cgtgtcctcg gcaaaggaag ccaggcaact gcctggctga     23880
     gtcttttaca attatcgcat ctctggttgt aaagtataga gggaatcatg gagctccctt     23940
     ctccttcctc ctcctcccag tcccaagccc aggaatccta aatcccacct atgtcgctgc     24000
     ttctcccttg ctattggctg ctggcatctt tattcaccaa tcggaattaa ctggaggcag     24060
     ggtccctcag tgtcttaggt gcaggctatc tcatgcaaac aattttgggg acccaaatta     24120
     acattaaaat acaagcagcc ttaggctaaa cccactacac tcccccctct tttgtccaat     24180
     taaaaaggct cttttctctc agatattaat tgaacataat tataacaatt atgcaaatta     24240
     taaggtaaca cttataacat ccagttcatc atatgtatca atttagataa agtactctat     24300
     gatctagcct aacttaaaga gtttacaatt ctatacctca attatgtttg attttaactc     24360
     tttttttttt ttttttctgt ttccagaagc catcagcatt tggccttagg agagtagaag     24420
     gaagtcaaat ttccaggagc catcagctct ggcccccata atagtcagag agagttaatt     24480
     gccagaagct attagctttt ggcctcagaa ttgcaagaga gaactaggta gccagaagtc     24540
     atcagctttt ggctttcatc caacgctgca cccaccttgg atatcaagca tgaaccctga     24600
     cataaatcat ttacaaagat agcccagggt tcaattaaat ctttcactgc ttttttacaa     24660
     agattaactt cagctctaaa tagaacaata tcagatacag atgctaggga atttttaacc     24720
     aaatctttct ctttgggaat gctaatgctg aatgcaaaat ggctattaga ccttttagga     24780
     ccagatctgc acctactaac gaacagatta aagtactggg ggtactgagt ctaatgctta     24840
     cgattcggct gaagttggac aaaaaaatgt gaaatgattg gaaaactcaa aaaaaaaaat     24900
     attcattgct gtagcggtga aagatcagtc catttcctca aggactgcag atacacagtt     24960
     ctgaggataa attcttccct aatgataatc caggggagaa agttccctgt gacatataga     25020
     tgtggaagga gtggacccag ggcttatgaa cgtagatcat ccagagacat ttgaggcaat     25080
     cccttactgt tggacaactg actacagagc cttgcttagg gcctatcaga aaacagcacg     25140
     aatcatttgt ttcctgtcag acaaggaaaa acagctctgg aatgtgacta gaaaagttaa     25200
     agcccggcag gacaaacagc gctgctcaaa acttagatac agcatttacc agagaaaaag     25260
     tagtacttac taatagaata tgagattctg aatataacag atattctggc aagctgcctt     25320
     aaatgataag agatgaaagt tgaaatgaca gtcggatgga attgagattg aaggcttagt     25380
     ggatacaaga gcagatgtaa caacaatttc ataagattcc aggaatccag ccgggccact     25440
     tcaaaagtat ctacagacct tctagggatt ggaacattgt ctcaggtaaa acaaagtcca     25500
     aaatgtatga aatgcatata accactaggt cagacaggaa gattaaagcc atgtgtggca     25560
     gatacagtca tgagcatatg ggaatgagat ctactgcaac agtgggaagc acagatcagc     25620
     attcctccaa cttcacagaa aataggagat gctcccgaca aaggtactga gaaatgttat     25680
     gaaagatagc agcagactgc tcaagctgtc tgtaagcaga cacagcacag gttggcaatc     25740
     caaatctatg aggagggcca ctgctgatag tgtaccaact gccctacact aaaatggtta     25800
     acttaccagc ctatttaggt agagcaatgg cccttacatt ttaaaaagtt acagccactt     25860
     gatccaaggc acctagaggc tcaacataca gaagagtcta aaagatctca ccatacttga     25920
     aaggaaatgc tcataaaaca gaagaagggt atgagatttc ccagagatag attaaataat     25980
     gcctcactga ctttacattt tttaaatgcc aatgagacag gtagcacagc tgctgaaaaa     26040
     cattggattt tagaaaggac tgcagaatga aattagccca tatattataa ggatgtgtta     26100
     acttcagaat ggaagtcagg gaatgctctg gagagaggat ttgctcttgt ttcaacagga     26160
     agtggaaagt tatggattcc ttctaagtta agggaaggcc tcctgaaaac cttggctgta     26220
     aacatggaag gagagaccca gaggaacaac atagcagctg tcttagtcag ggtttctatt     26280
     cctgcacaaa acatcatgac caagaagcag ttggggagga aagggtttat tcagcttaca     26340
     cttccatact gctgttcatc actgaaggaa gtcaggactg gaactcaagc aggtcaggaa     26400
     acaggagctg atgcagaggc catggaggga tgttccttac tggcttgctt ccactggctt     26460
     gctcagcctt ttcttttata gaacccaaga ctaccagccc agagatggtc ccacccacaa     26520
     ggggccttcc ccccttgatc actaattgag aaaatgcctt acagctggaa cttgtggagg     26580
     catttcctca actgaagctc ctttctctgt gataactcca gctgtgtcaa gttgacccaa     26640
     aactagccaa tcagcagctg acacaaatgc cgataccctt acataggaac agctcagaga     26700
     caggaatgtc tacagaagcc gataaatctt gttggctccc tagtcctcag ggcttattat     26760
     tacacaccat cctttcacat gacatggatg aagatttaca ttacagtttg gttatgcagt     26820
     ccaaacggaa ttagaacgtt tgatgccttt cacctactca agcacagcag agactcatgt     26880
     ttacctgatt tgtgcacact acacattcaa aatttgtgtt aatgcataca tgtaatctac     26940
     ctttaaaagt ttgtgttttt agaggaaaaa gacgaggcac cagtgaggac aaagcaagtg     27000
     gtccgtggtg atccagcctc acagactgcc tcagtccgtt tcctcaaaaa tctgcatcta     27060
     ggacagtttc aaagcagcca gcacagatgg tccagcctca cagactgttc cagccaggac     27120
     tgcagttaag ccctgcactt tcctatccca cagagcctgg acaagtgaaa cagccggctc     27180
     tcccaggact tcaccaatgt cccaattttt ttaggatgct ccaatgatgc cattgcagga     27240
     agcaatattc tatatatata tttattgtat atgagtataa tgtagctgtc ttcagacata     27300
     ccagaagaag gcataagatc ctattacaga tggttgtgag ccatcatgtg gttgctggga     27360
     attgaactca ggacctctga aagagcaatc agtgttctta accactgagc catctctcca     27420
     gccctggaag caatcttaag aaaatgatgc cccatttctg agaggagggg tgagggattt     27480
     tggtcattgg ttgggttatg gatgttcgct gttgtttagg ggttggttac aagttactaa     27540
     tggtcgtggt cagggatgtt agactcaggg aatctctttc ttcccctatc tttctttctc     27600
     tcttatccag tgttaggggg aaggaggaga aagtgagaca aaaagaaatg aggggaatat     27660
     atggatatag ggaaaagaaa agtagactat tgaatctact tttaggctag aaagcaacat     27720
     gaagtatcaa atattttaca ttggtatgga tttttgtatg ttgacagaaa cgtaaggtta     27780
     tatttgccaa aacatagtgt atatatttct caactcttgt ttaaggtatt gttcatatgc     27840
     aattcatcta taaatttgat acaaacttct agtccctttg aatgctgcta ttataaactg     27900
     attaggataa ttaagaaata aaagttagta gttggttgtt gtgtctggcc agcagatcac     27960
     agcctgggtt ctagcctgga aaggcatttt ggaaacctgg aagagaagag gggctaggcg     28020
     acgagagaaa gaaatgcagc taagacaggc attctgatca aagctcaatt ttactgtttt     28080
     gcacgcaatt ataaagcagg ggaagggggc ccaattcccg ccaaataatc tcggagtcca     28140
     gtagcagggt gaccacgtgt atggctccaa acagcaaagc tgcacgttcc agcagtgggc     28200
     gtggcagaac gattgagtgg gaagctccac ccctgagcaa gcaggtttca ggctggggga     28260
     ggggagacta tagttggtca cctataaata atcttaattg tagtcatgtt aggcactagt     28320
     taagttaatt acagaaacaa gctttattta gtctctatat aaagtgaata gctagaaaca     28380
     agcaatgttt atctactgag atatacttta ggtaggcaga tggtcttcaa aacacttcag     28440
     agatctgcag aacatggcat ttaagatatt ttaataataa aggacttttc tgacagagac     28500
     atacaagttc ctggcagcac ccattctact ctaacgatta tgatgggctt tgaagaacct     28560
     gcacctggag tttgcctcca ctgtggcaaa gatgccattg ggaaagcaag caaacaaaca     28620
     aacaaatgaa caaatgcctc tcatctcagt tactgacagc atgctgtcca aaccgtggac     28680
     acacaggaca cagagaagtt gattgtccaa cttcggtgag acaaggtagg ctaatccttc     28740
     aaaagtcacg gatgaatcta tcagatctta ttggcttgat gtccgaagat ggatgcccca     28800
     acaatatgaa ggaaccttgg gtgactggac tgtccaggca gccagcagtc tgtcatgtct     28860
     acagctttgg gagctgcttg ctctgcactt cctgttcact caggtaacat ttgtccttct     28920
     tgggtctcag atgaggttga aggctagaga gttatagtct tatagttttc cttattagag     28980
     attaaaaatg caggctgtag gagtcagagg atgtgaaggc ttgaacggtg accgaaagtg     29040
     atttagtcag tgcaaagctt tggactcacc aagataggaa ggtaatgaag ggttttctcc     29100
     aagactggca catacaaacg gactgaacgc ggtgagtgtc gttcttaccc gatagtgttc     29160
     ataattgttc ttactgtata tagttgttga tgttaagaga aaaagccatt ttggggacta     29220
     aacgggggag agattggggt atactgtgcg aaggtatgtc tctgtccttc tcacctgcct     29280
     aaggcattct ctgataggct ttaataaata gcagacggcg aatagctaag cagcaagtgg     29340
     aaggtgggac ttctctggta aagagaaagg gatgttggga gaggaatcag aagtaaagga     29400
     ttcagccagc agacgcagag gtggacagat gtgaacatga gcagagagac agacctgacc     29460
     acatgacagg atggaggcag aattggtggg gttagaggag ctgaggggta gctcaagcta     29520
     aaggcctaag cttttaaaat atacaaatgt ttttctatct ttatttacat acccagtagg     29580
     tccatgagag tccagttata ccccttcttg ccagagtaag caacagaagc tgagagtccc     29640
     tttaagaaag ataagcaaca cagaaggatc ttagacacca agctgtcaag aagattctga     29700
     gaccagatac ctgaaacaaa gaggagccat gtgagctgct cagaagaggg ttagaccatc     29760
     tgagccacgt ggaagggaca ctctctgccc tgctgagctg cctgcaggct gtgcagtgtg     29820
     ctcccgggtc ccagctttca tgagctgtca cccatgctgg ggtaggcctt gatcctgcag     29880
     ctgtctttga gtcatttctg ctcctgtctt tcccctcaca catactcttg caagtaaccc     29940
     cagttaaact cacaggatca ctgtgttgga ctttggtgat atcatacttt ggtctgttgt     30000
     gggttcccca tctggggtga gtagatattt cgtgttgcca ggaaactttt tttctcatac     30060
     aacaaaagca agtctggact atgtaagacc ctttctttaa aaaatgtaga gagaagagga     30120
     agtcagacat ttcgaattgg gaggagatga gggaaaaggc caattgacaa tctagttgta     30180
     agttaaatct ttgtgttatt ttgtgatgga tcccaaactc aatatgctaa catatgttca     30240
     acctgactgg tatttgaggg ttggaagggt ggtaaaaagc cactatactg tcacattgcc     30300
     aaacttaaag caagagacag aactaaacac tgtcaaagac ggagaggaaa ggaatcatct     30360
     ttgctgagca atgggaagag agagagactg gacagtagcc aatgggaaga gagactggac     30420
     agtagccaat aggaagagag agagaggctg cacagtagcc aatgggaaga gagactggac     30480
     agtagccaat aggaagagag agagaggctg cacagtagcc aatgggaaga gaaactggac     30540
     agtagccaat ggggagagag agagagagag agagagagac tgcacagtag ccaatgggaa     30600
     gagagagaga ctggacagta gccaatggga agagagactg aacagtagct aggcacttaa     30660
     gtaacttagc agctttacac ccaactgcgg aaggaagcag aatcagcggc tggaatccac     30720
     gtaacgccta gggagacaga gacaggagga ctgctcacaa gttctgggcc agctagggac     30780
     tatgtagtga caccctatct caataaaata aaatcaaatt ttaaaaacca tcgaagaacc     30840
     atgctttccc aggtgtaccc tgtcgttttc tgagactctg ccaagcagat gatgcagctg     30900
     tcagcactca ggatgcgtcc tagctcccgc atgtcatgta aggatgccgt caaccccttt     30960
     gactctggtt tcatctcacc atcccacatt ctgtctaaaa cacatcagga acaccaagaa     31020
     tctaagtaaa cacaacaaaa aagttctctg gaaacctttg aaataatcaa actccgaaag     31080
     ccaccaaaat ggcatgtgtc attgctgaga caggtcagcc tggctcccgg gaagcccata     31140
     tgtacttgga tgtgagctga ccaagtcctg aggcccctca cttgctcaaa acccccttcc     31200
     tcagcacttc agagacggag acaggtcaag gtcattaggt acattggaaa ctgggaacca     31260
     acctgagctt catgagacca tttccaaaac cagcagcagc agcagcagca gcagcatcac     31320
     ccgctgggat ttacctatct ggactccaca ggctaacaca ggcaattgaa tatcctgctc     31380
     ccaacaatac tgataaaaag acaagaggcc tctgaactgg aaaagaacca cagagaaaga     31440
     ctccctgatt ataaaaccaa gaacataatg atggaccatg ggaggaagaa gaatcaggac     31500
     tccaaggtca tccttagctg tagcaagttc aaagctggcc tgcaacacat caggcaccgt     31560
     ctttatttta ttcttttttt aacctgagct ctttttcatg gtgctgagac gaagctaaat     31620
     atctccttcc cagccactgg ccatgggaaa cactgggcgt ggacgatgaa cacaaacttg     31680
     tactttctct tagatgcaca cagccacagc ctcagaagta gctggcagag ctctgggtga     31740
     agagtgtgaa gctgacgtgc tcccatttac acattaaaat aaagtgacag agacaagaaa     31800
     caaggatttc ccatgagcaa ggcatcttga cccacggtac aggatgcctg ctgttgggtt     31860
     aggggcattc ttgttatgga ccagagaaat tggagagagg aggtgcaagc ctattcatag     31920
     gtgcactgtg ggtgccagtc tgagcattct caacttagtt attgtgaaga aaggggagtg     31980
     ggacagtcct gggctggcat gctcccgtcc tccgtggctg gcgagtaaaa gagctaaagg     32040
     aatcagcaaa cgtctctatc tctctaaaag agataatgtc tgccaatgtt gtcatagagc     32100
     ctttaaggaa gatcagaagc aggactgaag cacacaagat tcactgtctt gttattccat     32160
     gcatcctgtg acacaaatgt gaatgcattg ctctgaagaa acgccacact aaaaaaatga     32220
     ggaagctgtt gaggatgcta aatttggcca agaaaatcaa ggatgtcaaa gaagaatgcc     32280
     agggcagtgg ggacatgccc aacactgagg aacggcagct gctcctgccg aggacccagg     32340
     tttaataccc agcacccaca tagtgggtca agaccattta tctgtaatac cagttcagag     32400
     atccagtgcc ctcttctgac ctccataggc accagacaga cacacacttg gtacacgcag     32460
     ccaaaacatt tacataaaag aaagtgaata aacctaatga aaatttttta agaaaagtgc     32520
     caggaacagg tgaccaagag atataggttg tctgagctga gagtttctac ttctaagtct     32580
     gaatccagtc aaaaatgaac aaataaataa tcagaccttg aagaaaaaga gagagaacta     32640
     aaaccaactt ggtcctgtct aaatccccta gggacagcct tgcacacagt aagtgcacaa     32700
     gaaaggacag gcacgtaggg agttctgaga ggacatcacc cagcacagag tacaactcag     32760
     caccagagag agcactcacc tctctgatcc cctgtcctga aacaagaagc aagaaaaaga     32820
     caaaaggaac ctagctcagt tccttcactc aggtccaccc tcgccgtctt acacaaacac     32880
     acgaggtgcc tcctgatgtc acatggaacc ctgaagccag aggaacacca ccattaacag     32940
     aacttaactg gccaatcaac accctggcct ggggcatgct gggcaagtgc tccaccacgg     33000
     agccactcca ctggtcttgg gcaagttagt tagcctttgt gaggctcagc tttcatctat     33060
     aaacccaaga tatcaccctg tacctcgaac agttgttatc aatactgaga ggagccggct     33120
     gtggtggtgc acattcaacc ccagcaccca ggaggcaaag gcaggtgggt ctctttgagt     33180
     tctaggccaa tcgttaagac tctgtctcgg ccggctggcg agatggcttg gtgggtaaga     33240
     gcactgactg ctttttccag aggacctgaa ttcaaatccc agcagccatg tggtggctcg     33300
     aaaccaccca taataagatc tgatgccctc ttctggtatc tctgaagaca gctacagcgt     33360
     acttatgtat aatagtaaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaggc tctgtctcaa aacacaacaa     33420
     aactaaatgg gtttataaag tgttgaccat aggtttataa gagaaattag tttgcttaat     33480
     tcaattcaga caattctttt tatttttttg aattatttat tttaggtata tgagtacact     33540
     gtagctgtcc tcagacacac cagaagaggg ctttggatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc     33600
     caccatgtag ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga ggagcagtca gtgttcttaa     33660
     cctctgagcc atctctccag cccccaattc agataattct aaaccaccga agctgcgaag     33720
     ctgcatccaa tctaggagat taagctgggc atggtcgggt acaacagtaa tcccagcaac     33780
     ggatgccagc ctgtgctaca caatgagatc cagtacacat ctcaaaataa gtctctctct     33840
     ctctctcttt ctctccatat atatgtatat atggagatat atatatatac gtgtgtgtgt     33900
     gtatatatgt atatgtgtat gtgtgtgtat aaatgtatat gtgtatatgt atgtgtgtgt     33960
     gtatacacac acatgtatac atggacatgc acatgcatac agttgaaagc aaatcctgat     34020
     aaacctcatg gagtaaaggc aaagtaccaa gatgtcctcg tgtgctttct ggagctggga     34080
     taaaacacta accaaagcaa acttgggaag aggagagtca tcatctgact tacaggttgc     34140
     agtcagtcac agaggcaagc tgaggtagga gcctggagca ggaacccaag cagaggccat     34200
     ggaggaacgc atgcttattc catgcttaca ctcacaccgg gctagaccct cctgcgtcag     34260
     tcaagcgtca agaaaatgcc atacaggtct gcccagaccc atatgattga gccatttcct     34320
     cagctgaggt gtattctttc cggttacatc aagttgatgg caggaacagc catcgcacgg     34380
     ggcctgcgcg gtgcacacct ttggtcccag cactcagtgg gtagaggcag gcagattggg     34440
     gctacaaagt gagaccctca cctccaaaaa taaacaaagc aagcaatcat gaaagaatat     34500
     ccatctaggg cttgcatcca cagtaaatgt atcagggctg gagagatggt tcagcggtca     34560
     gagcactggc tgtgcctccg ggagctgagc tcaatttgta gcactgatga ctgtctgcaa     34620
     ctccagttcc agggaaatct gatgccctct ttgtggcctc tgaggcagca ggcacacatg     34680
     tggggcatag atgtgcaagc agacaagcca tccataccca ttaaaataaa ataaataaaa     34740
     ggcaatgcat cagaaggctg gagagatggc tcaacagttg agagaacaca ctactattga     34800
     agaggaccag aatgaagaga ccagaatccg agtcccatct cccatacaca ttgagccact     34860
     cacaattcct ctaactccag ccccaggagc agctgcctcc tctaccctcc aaaggcactg     34920
     gcagcatgtg cacagaccca cacatgcgca cttaatttaa aataaagtaa ttaaaaaaaa     34980
     agtaaaggta tcgacaaaac ctgctgtgat ggtttgtatg tgcttagccc agggagtggc     35040
     actatttaga ggtgtggcct tgttggagta agtgtgtcac tgtgggcttg ggctttaaga     35100
     cccttgtcct agcttcctag aagtcaatct tccactagct gccttcagat gaagatgtag     35160
     aactctcagc tctgcctcca cctgtctgga tgctgccata ttcccaccat gatgatactg     35220
     gactgaacct ctgaacctat aaggcagtcc caattaaatg ttgtccttat aagagttgcc     35280
     ttggtcatgg tgtctgttca cagcagtaaa acctaattaa gacatctggt gcacaagtac     35340
     atactggatt tgctggcgaa tggagacgca ttcaattcag ctaagcagga cgtggaggaa     35400
     gacaccttta atcccagtac ctgagaggag caagaaagag ttcaaagaca gccagggcta     35460
     catgagaccc tgcctcaaaa acacaaagtg ttaccatatc ttgccactag gggccaccca     35520
     aggacactgc ataaactgga gacctaggtc ccagaattcc cagctgggat gttgcttcct     35580
     cttcagaact tgtggtctat ctaaaaagcc aggatgctat ctaaggcccc agtggccaca     35640
     ggccgaagga accctcaaga acccaataac cactgagggt tctgggagaa gatggcatct     35700
     gcagaggttg agggaggaag tcaggcttcc tcccaaggcc cttgtgcctg accaaacttc     35760
     cccactcagc ccagatgctt gagaatggcg tctgaggcct ccacttggcc ctccttctaa     35820
     ccaggacccc tacccagttc gtttagcaag ggctcctagc atcccatcag aaattctcct     35880
     ggcccagagt ctgacaggag gtgagagtct gccacatgcc cccccccccc cgcccccacc     35940
     ctcacgtacc agttcctttt ccccaaggcg ctggggaatc agagctgggg cctatgaatt     36000
     gagatctgcg gcatcctgta cataaacgcg tctttccctt cctgagctgt tcacgtcaag     36060
     tactttggca aagtgacacc aagtgtaact aacagaatga cagacgttaa gacgcagcaa     36120
     acacactact cgaagatctg atcacgtggg ccagaaacct tccgaacaga tttgaggtga     36180
     gaacgtgaga aagctgaagt ggagagccag ggaagccaga caatgctgca ggcgtccgac     36240
     atttgtcccc gcgctgagac tttgtaggag gctgagttcg aaggtaaggg gctgaatctg     36300
     atgaatattt caagtcaacc cagcattctg gctgtagcag cactgttagc tgttgtcacc     36360
     caggtctaca gtaagaataa ggaacaaagg agctagagag atggctcagc ggttaagagc     36420
     accgactgct cttccagagg tcctgacttc aattcccagc aacaacatgg tggctcacaa     36480
     ccatctgtaa tgggatctga tgccctctcc tggtgtgcct acagagagta atggtgtact     36540
     catatacata aaaaaaaaaa aggaacaaaa agagcagaac aggtgcgcgc gcgcgcgcgc     36600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgtca tttagtcaga aacacctgtg     36660
     taagttgggg caaggactga ctgatggtgg agtgttacaa ggaagccaag tttgaagaga     36720
     tggttccagc taagagcact ggctgctctc cagaggactc aagtccaatc cccagctcac     36780
     aaccacttca gtgacttcac ttcagtgaag agagactcca gtgctctctt ctggcctcca     36840
     caggcaccag gcagaactgt agtacacaga catacacaca agcaaaacac tcatactaat     36900
     aaagtaataa tacatatttt attgtaaaaa gagatcacgt atgttgggcc gtggtggcac     36960
     gcacctttaa tcctagcact cagtaggcag aaactggtgg atctctgagt ttgaggctag     37020
     catggtcttc agagtgagtt ccaagacagc cagggataca cagagaaacc ctgccattaa     37080
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtcaa gtgctttgca ccaaggcaat agaaaagatg ccttggggga     37140
     ccagaatatg ataataaggg atggaagatg accacagact attatacaca tgtataaaat     37200
     gtcataatga gacccattac tttgtacaat taataaatgc taataaaaat gagaaaagga     37260
     tgccttgagg gcatctcagg aactggcaaa agcccaatca aggcaggctc aaagccatgc     37320
     aaagaggaag cacatttgac tgtcccttga gaagaaagac ctctgcccag gggcacttac     37380
     acaggtggca ggagtcctgt ccccaagctt agtcagctac ctgggtacac agaggacagc     37440
     gaggctgtgc tccaagatgg cccaattact gccagcggcc acaaagagag caaagtatga     37500
     gtgcagctaa agatgcaacg ggagcccagg aaggcaatac tggccgggag tgagcagtgt     37560
     tgcaggacaa gctgcaagca gcaagcagtg ctgactcaaa aggaagtcgg atactggaca     37620
     tggaaaaccc tggggtatgc agtgtgaatt cctgaaccct ggaagccagg gctggaactg     37680
     caaggcttaa tgttttccct aaggagtttt cttacttctt tttttttttt ttttaatctt     37740
     tgttgttttt tattactgtg tgtgtgtagg tgctttgcct gtctctatga ctgtgtaccc     37800
     catgggtgca tggtaattga ggaggccaga tgggagcttc agaccccttg aaatagctat     37860
     aggttgtgag ccaccacgtg ggtgctgaga atataatctg ggtccctgga agagcagcca     37920
     aaccagcact ctcacctcct gagagatctc cccaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccacc     37980
     accaccgtgt tttgttttgt ttttgagtca atcttactgt gtagtcctga tgggcctgaa     38040
     cctgctatat ggaccaggca aggccagaac tctcagagtt gtcgtctctg cctcctgagt     38100
     gctgggatta aaggcagttc ccactttcca ccttgttgag gtgggatctc cttttttttt     38160
     tttttaactc ctcacttcac aaagtataca ggccagctat ctcataagcg tctgagcagt     38220
     tctgctgtct caccacagga gtagtaggat tccagatgtg tgcacatctg actctttagg     38280
     tgggctctgg tcttgaggtc tgaatgctgt cctggggctg gtacccaatt ggaaccagag     38340
     ctttcacccc taacatcctg ggctttatgt gaaccaccaa tatcagtctt cctttaaaat     38400
     ctgcagatag gggctggtaa gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacctgactg ctcttccaaa     38460
     ggtccagagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aacgagatct     38520
     gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aaatctttaa     38580
     aaaaaaaaaa atctgcagat agaaaaacta gggtatctga agcacacaag aggatgaaca     38640
     aagccccctg agcaggattc ctggtattcc ccagccaagc ctcacaccta ccacaagaaa     38700
     cgtcaggtaa ctggttgtca agttcctcca gccatgacac caccctgacc aagaccttcc     38760
     agcaggctct tgctctaagc acagactatg gaaacatagt aagtgttctt tacctttaag     38820
     gaggaaacac gctgagatta gacaatagac agacggctca gtgatcaaca gcactggcta     38880
     ctcttccaga ggacatgggt tcaattccca gctcctacat agcagtttac ttaagtaccc     38940
     tcacacacat gcccacatac atgccatgta ggcactcaca cattctctct ctctcgctct     39000
     ctctctctct ctctctttct ctctctctct ctctctctgc ctcccctccc tatctatctt     39060
     tggggggaaa aacaaaattc aaggtcaaaa ctggccttca gggatggaga gctggctcag     39120
     aagttaggag tgccggctgc tctctgctct cgcagaggaa ctgggtttta ttgccagtgt     39180
     ctgcatcaca aggctcctat gtgcctagaa ttccagctcc aaggaatcca atactctctt     39240
     gtggcccctt caggtaccaa cacacccatg tcatacaagc atacaagtac acataaatta     39300
     aaaacaaaac aaaaacaaaa caaaaaaaac ataacaacac aatgcagcgg ggagtgatgg     39360
     cacaggaggc ctttgatccc agttctctca gggcagagac aggcaattct gtgagggcaa     39420
     cagcagcctg gtctatatag tgagaccttg tctcaaacta agtaaatagt ctaatagact     39480
     aaactaagtc taggaatacc agagggggtg ttcaacagag ttaaagtcaa ctatgaggca     39540
     caaggtacct taaatgagat gcaaatctgt atgatgtctc cacctgggag aagaacacaa     39600
     actcattagc cggcaagcca agagtgtcct gtaactgtga caccccgagt tcccagtcac     39660
     tcacagctga cagacatctc tttgtcatca ctttgtcttt gtcctggaga agctgagtgg     39720
     ttttcttttg tttggaaatt tgtgaagagg accctaactg gctcctcctc cctccagcag     39780
     ctaaacttta ctggattact ggtgttttat actatgagta gaatagttct tcaaaactac     39840
     taacgcctac atctttagct cctgcttgtt tttctttggt tgcttgcttt ttgaggcaag     39900
     gtttcattat gtaaccaaca ttcctgcctc agtgtcctga gctggcagtg cctgtcctta     39960
     aacaacgaga tttcccacca gtattgcaca atgacaagtt ttttatgtcc tttttagtta     40020
     aactcttcaa cgcacacaac cactgatctg cattttcaga tttctttgct tttttttttt     40080
     tctggagttt tatttgggac ggtcatataa ttagtatttt gtcaccagct tctttcgtct     40140
     ggcctgtatt taatcaccca tgacactgca cacatttgca ggatattttc tctcctgtat     40200
     gcacagaaca caccgtctgc ccctcgaggg gagtaactac ttgggttgct tacaccctgg     40260
     ggtttcttct gaccagggct tctgggagca ctgacagaca aatgcttgtg tgggcttacg     40320
     ctttgccatt tactgaaaaa accgacacat ctgtctatgg ggcttcctgc cattccatac     40380
     aaaagaaccg gctctctgct gtcagagtga cttactgcag aagggcatgc ttccgtctga     40440
     ggcacgcaca cagtgctctg taaaacatga ctgcagtcac tgcaggaagc tgtaaaatgt     40500
     gaccagtgga gcttttccct gtaactttcc ctgactgtct gccaacgttc aatggggtat     40560
     gacctaagcc ttctttttat tttatccaaa tgatttttaa aaacaggtct catgtggctg     40620
     gggatgtcaa acatctcatc ttcctgcgcc cacctccaac attctaagat tccaagtatg     40680
     gaccactatg ccttgtttgt ttggggaacc cacttaggcc aggcaagcac tccaccaact     40740
     gggcttcatc ccgacccctg tattttcccc ctgagttcac aggagaagca aattatctgt     40800
     caggacagcc ttgggaggaa acagcattgt tattcccact tcctggctgg gaaactgagc     40860
     tgggtgggaa ggaaaggacc cgaggtttac atcctcaggg tccaccagag cccaggtaaa     40920
     gcctgggaca aagacttgag gaactggctc caccactaac cggctgaaac cttccccgag     40980
     cctgaaggaa ggctcactca gcattcagtc tgacttcaag gagtctactc cctcaaataa     41040
     tccagacgac caagaaatgc cattctgtca ccccaccaca gcagacaggc aaagccccct     41100
     gcatgggaac tgtgcaggaa gatggtgtga gcatactttc aaactgacct tttgaaaagc     41160
     aataaaaaca caaaacacga aaaccaaaag gaccccacgt gggatagcca gagggatctt     41220
     tcctacccac cccactgctg caaccaaccc atgtcttaag ttactcccct gagtgccccc     41280
     ttaaattact aagagcatag ccaaggaaga cactagagcc tgaaccttgg gggcccaaag     41340
     gaacaacatt gacaaaaacc ttaaatggtt attcaggggg cagagtgcaa tttgtgtctg     41400
     ttgtagggcg gcaggagcct gagcaaggag aggaggaggg gcctggacaa ggagagggag     41460
     gggcccaaat accttcagac taagactggc ttcccagagg taggacacca ggatggagaa     41520
     ggtagagaga ggagagaacg cgcagttcct gcagaacaaa tttctctcat tcttctgagg     41580
     ccagagttag caaaatgtgg taagaatggg acctgagagg acactaggag caagcagccc     41640
     caaagcccaa tgtgacaagg gaatggtctc ctgaaaagga gggggttagc ccacagtaca     41700
     gaagtaaatg tggagagcca ggacaggagg gcacccctta ggttggggga gggagcctag     41760
     tagggctgag agtgaaggca ttggagcaag acctcagtga acaccgcaga ggctgagcag     41820
     tcagggcaga caggagcttg ggcctgaaag ccagtctcca tttacatatt ttttaatgta     41880
     tttttattat gtgtgtgcat atgttgtatt agggtcatga ggcacctgca gaggtcagaa     41940
     aacaattctt ccttccacca tgtgggccct gagatcaaac tgtcaggcta ggcaggtagg     42000
     tgtctttacc cactgagagg tctcactgaa aattccattg ttcctcactt tgtagagaca     42060
     ttcatgatga aagggttaat gcacacctgc caggggtggc ggcacaggca cttaatacca     42120
     acacttagga ggtagagtta tgtgggcttc tgagttccag gacagccagg ctacacaatg     42180
     aaacctgttt caccaaacaa acactcacta atccaacagt cagaaagatc agcaagaaga     42240
     ctgcccaggc tacagaaaaa gggccaggcc agcctgaaca acttagaacc tgtctgaatg     42300
     gaaacttaag ggttctttgg aaagtcagtt gtgttgggtg gtgttttgct ggggcagaca     42360
     cacgaagggg tgttttcctc aagcagacac aggcgaaagg atgtttcact aatgtgagca     42420
     tgtgaaagga cccatgagga aggattcttc cctaatgaca cgcatgcacc agtctacctt     42480
     acgtacattg ctgagcaaca tttgtcggga ctccagagag agaaaacttc tggtggtgtg     42540
     tgcacttcca tggactcggg ctgatcagca gagtgatgtc agctgagaca gactcacgtg     42600
     ctgagggaag acccgtgggg gatacctgat gtttggtggg agtataaaca gtactaaatg     42660
     ggcagtgaca gaggtgaggc ctgacttgct tgcacagctc aaagcttctt agtctctcgt     42720
     ctttgctggt ctttgcttca acaagagagg cacagccaag aatgagaact tctcctagtt     42780
     caattctcag caaccacatg atggctcaca aacatctgca ttgagagccg atgccctctt     42840
     ctggtgtgtc tggagacaac tacagtgtac tcacattcat aaaataaata aatctttaga     42900
     aaaaaatctt cttttatagt cccttggtat ggtatactct tactctattc ctgaaactcc     42960
     accagaacag cttgtcacat agttaggaca gtcatttctg aactgtctat gaaagtaact     43020
     gcagattcca caatgatccc agctaaacac gtttctaact caacctttgg ctagatcagc     43080
     aaaaatgacc ggggctaaaa gcccccagac agaaaggaac acccagagag gaatcccagc     43140
     aggccaggat aatgatgtga catagttaca gtgaaaactt ccgagacaga aaatcatacc     43200
     actctcttct ttttccgtct ctttggcctc tccctcagaa gcaaagggaa cattatcctt     43260
     tgtaaggcat cacactaaga catacctcgg tgctatctct gtgtctctaa ggcctactac     43320
     cttcagaagt cgacctgtga tgaatgcaaa tgccctacca aggccaaaag aaagtataac     43380
     tggctaagag accaaacact actgggactg ggtggtcagg aacctagatt tgtctgtctc     43440
     agattcagac tcggattctg tgatggagca tcggccaaca gggcagccac ttgcaacatc     43500
     ccaattcatc ttgaggattt cagtcataaa ataatgttct ggtttaagaa agaaagaaag     43560
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     43620
     gaagaaagaa agaagaaaga aaggaaggaa gaaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaactacca     43680
     ccttctccca aggcctttac agacacttgg atcaccagtg tccttacaat tcaaaggtca     43740
     ctgggttcat gggagagagt ctgtcaccac cattgacaat cagtggcttt ccaccccctt     43800
     aacatctatg tacacacgct ttggatgagg acactccttg ggtcgtaaga ctcgaagagc     43860
     cgtacatcca ggatgtcctc ctcacagaaa cacagagacg gagatcgatg taacaagcaa     43920
     gaggtttatt gatccagcgc actggggtca tcctgcaatc agggcagagg tgactcccaa     43980
     acacgttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg tttttttcaa gacaggattt ctctgtgtag     44040
     tcctggctgt cctggaattc actctgtaga ccagtatggc cttgaactca gaaatccacc     44100
     tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgggatcaaa ggcatgcgcc accacacccg gctgactcca     44160
     aacattctaa gcacacatct tttatacagt ttggggggac atactttggt aacagcaaga     44220
     gttggtaaaa gctcactggt agtccacggt gacctttctc agcattggtc gtcttagatg     44280
     gggtgaggtc cacctcatct ctagaggaga aactgcattg tctgcacctg acataccctg     44340
     ctctgtgctt agggccttcc tgtttttctg gcacattcag gacattctgg gaagggggtg     44400
     tcataaccct tctttggaaa gtcgtcaagg tcttatttct ggtaagactt gtctagtggc     44460
     cattttatgt tttcttaggg tcttacatta cccccttttt cttgtgacta tttcaatctt     44520
     gaaatcatag ttcactctgg ttcaattctt gatcctgttg tctcagtatc ataatctgaa     44580
     ccgtgcttat gcattcccta gtaaaagcta gcaagcagtt tagaatacag ggaccaaaag     44640
     tcaaaagcaa catcaggatt agcaatcaat ggtcaattta gtcaaggtct cttttagagt     44700
     tctgttcatc ctctctacct gccctgagct ttgaggtctg taaatacagt gaagtttcca     44760
     atcgacctct aggtacctgg tcactccctg gcttaccttg gcaatgaagg cagggccatt     44820
     gtcagatccg attaccttgg gtactccaaa tcgggggaaa atttcttcta gaatcttctt     44880
     aatgaccact gtggcagtct cttgcttggt agggaaggct tctacccatc ctgagaaggt     44940
     gtctataaag actagaagat atttgtagcc atacttgcct ggttttacct tggtgaagcc     45000
     tccttcccag taggctgctg gcttatcgcc tcagagtctc ttactggggt cagccttatt     45060
     tctgcaagcg ttcaccttct gacagggcac acagctgtga atgatttgtt ccaccaggtg     45120
     tttcagccct ggaatgtaat acttaggtct caaggcagat tgagttagct tgcttacccc     45180
     cagatgagtc cattgatgca tttgtctcat cattgtccgt gcttgttctt gtggtagaat     45240
     cctttttcct gatggcacat accagagttc cctttcccga tcaaagtggt tgttgggatc     45300
     tttcgagatg atcaccagat cttcggcaga ataccggagc ttcggtcctg gtcgtcttgg     45360
     gtctcagacc accatcactg gggcacctct cgaggctact gccctggcct cttggtctgc     45420
     caggctattt cctctggcta cagaggagtc acccctctgg tggcctggac aatgtatgat     45480
     acttactttt gcttgctctt gcagggtttt tagcaagaat attagacttg tgattgaatt     45540
     cttttcctcc agaagttagc agccctcgct gctggcagat ggcaccatga acatgtgctg     45600
     tggcgaaggc atacctgctg tccatataga tgttgattga tcttcttgcc ttcccccagt     45660
     tcaagggcct tggtgagggc gatgagctca gccttttggg cagaggttcc ttcaggtaga     45720
     gcctgtgccc acacggtttg ttgcccgtct acaaaggcag cccccgctct ccgctttcct     45780
     cctttcaaga aactgctccc atcagtgaac caagtagcct ccacatctga caggggctga     45840
     tcagacaaat ctttgcgtca gccatgtgct tcagcatgca cttgctgaca gttatggata     45900
     ggtggctcaa ggtcaggatc tgggagcagg gtggccgggt tcaggcccat gggggtgtga     45960
     acgtgattct gtcagagtta agcagcagag tctggtagtg ggtcatatgt gcactggtga     46020
     gccactggtt gggtggcttg tgaaccacac tctctagagc gtgtggagca gaaaccaggt     46080
     cctgtcccat ggttaatttg tttacgtctt tgaccaacac agccacctca gccatgatat     46140
     gcaggcaggc gggccaccct gctgccactg ggtctaattt tttttgacag gtatggcact     46200
     ccactggcct tttccatggt ctcagcttct gggtcaaaac cccctttgct atgccacaaa     46260
     caagtagaag ggcttggtca catctggaag acccagggca ggggctgaca tgagggctgt     46320
     cttgatggca ttaaagaccc gttgttcttt ttctcctcag acaaagggct gtttattttt     46380
     ggtaagtgga tacaatcgag tcactatttc agcaaatcta ggtatccaca ggtggcagaa     46440
     acctgttgtg cccaagaact ctgacttgct tttgagaagt gggtggcggt atgtggaaca     46500
     gagtctcttt tctagcctcc gacagccacc tctttccctc tttaagcaca taccccaggt     46560
     aattaacctg ctgtctgcag attagggcct tcttggtcaa ggcatgtagt tcagttctcc     46620
     tagttcagtg agaaggcgtt ttgttacttc taagcacaat tctctgctag aaggggccga     46680
     aagtaggttg tctccatact gtaatagagt tacctggggg ttggctgccc gaaatgtggc     46740
     cagatctgga tggagagcct cgtcaaagat agtgagggag ttctttttgt tttgttttgt     46800
     ttgtttgttg ttgtttttga gacagggttg tggggtcaga tcccatctcg agcctcctta     46860
     caaatagaat actgcaggac tgttaatggg ttggattggg cttttaggtc tacatggaca     46920
     gggagccaat ttttggccct ccccatgctt gcagtttctg cccatgcctg tgggtaattc     46980
     tgcaaccacc agtccttatc ttttaacctc ttgactctcg tcttcaaata attgatattc     47040
     atcttctaat ttcatggtca acacctggat gggctctccc taccggccct tgacctgtgg     47100
     tctctcaggg agaaaatgga tccgtgcaag gagatctctc cccaacaggg gctaggggca     47160
     ttcaggaata acaataaatg agtggatctt aagcccacac ccacagtgat acacctaatc     47220
     caaccaggcc acacctctag atggtgccac tccctggtct gagaatatac aaaccatcac     47280
     attccactcc ctggacctca tagacttgtt caaaaaaatg agtctagggc tggtgagatg     47340
     gctcagtggg caagagtacc cgactgctct cccaaaggtc cagagttcaa atcccagcaa     47400
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaacg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga     47460
     agacagctac agagtacata catataacaa ataaataaat ctttttaaaa aaatgagtct     47520
     atgggggcca tacttaaaca tagcatagtg caaaatgtat ttagtccaac tttcaaagtc     47580
     ctcatagtct atagcagtct caacaatgtt aaaagtccaa agttcaaggt ctcttcggag     47640
     attcatccaa ctaattaact ataatcgcca aagcaaggca ggaaaccagt tgggcaaact     47700
     ccaaactctg catctccatg gatgatgtca aagcagtctt cagatctcca ctcctttttc     47760
     atttctgttg acctcaacaa actgatttct cctgggctgg ttccacaccc tattagcagc     47820
     tttcctcagc atgtacccca tagctctggc atctttaaca tctttgagtc tccaaggcaa     47880
     tttcaatgtt atagctgctt gtttcagtgt ctgggattcc acttgatctt ttggactcct     47940
     cctaagggct ggtatcactt ctccagctct gccctctgta gcactctaag ctcaggttga     48000
     tttactccac tatggctgct gttcttggtg atcatcccat ggtactgaca tctccaatac     48060
     actgtggtgt tccatgccta ctaggcttca ccaatagctt ctcataggct ctcttcatgg     48120
     tgccaagcct caaatctttt gcatgacccc ttcagtcctg gggcatcaac tacagctgag     48180
     gctacacctt caccaatggc cttccatgac ctctcacagt gccaagcctc agctgttctt     48240
     catgacacct tcatgccttc aaaaccacta ccacctgggt gattcttacc cattaccaag     48300
     tccagctaca gcacgaggtg caaccatggc tatctctgga acacagcttc tttgtgctcc     48360
     caaaaaacac ttcccagaag atttcacctc agtgatgctg gtctcttcat aatcactgct     48420
     aatttcttag ctccagctaa ccagcatcaa ttgtcccagt agttccttcc attcttaact     48480
     ctagaggcag agacacatgg ctgaagctgc caagttctgc tgcttgcagg aactagaaca     48540
     tgacccgctt gtactattac attgtcactg gctttctgtt ttccaaatcc ttcactgcct     48600
     aagcttggct atcctggatc ttgctctgta gattgacctt gaatgcagag atcagcatgc     48660
     ctgtctcctg agattaaagg tgtgtaccac catgcctggt tctaaattta gctgggtggg     48720
     gtcttgcccc aaggtcccac tcccttaacc tgttatttcc tagaacacag gattttgctc     48780
     catttcactt cctggtaccc ctttaatact cgaaccatat attttatata tttcctttct     48840
     aagcttgcta tgcttgttca aacttctctt cataagactt aaccagagaa caaagtctct     48900
     gctgagcttt tttgaaactt cctttgtcag tgcaattagt ctgagtctct tcaccttagc     48960
     ctctggcaga cttttcagac aagggcacca ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     49020
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaggc cagtctggtc tacagagtga     49080
     gttttaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aaaacaagaa     49140
     caaaaaacag agaagggcaa aaagtagcca cattcttcac caaaatacca caaaaacagt     49200
     ctttatgcca cattctgaaa ttctcctttg aaatctcttg ggccaggtca acacagttca     49260
     aattactccc agcaactaag tcttccatat tcctactagg atgacccatt aagccccatt     49320
     taaagcattc cacagctttc caaatccaaa gtcccaaaat ccacattctt tcaaataaaa     49380
     gcaaggtcag gcctatcaca gcaataccaa cctggtacca acttctgtat tagttagggt     49440
     tttactgctg tgaacagaca ccataaccac ggcaagtttt ataaaaaaca acatttaatt     49500
     gggctggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattaccatc aaggtgggag catggcagca     49560
     tccaggtagg catggtacag aaggagctga gagttctatg tcttcatcca aaggctacta     49620
     gtggaagact gacttccagg caactagggt gaaggtctta aacccacacc cacattgaca     49680
     cacctactcc taacaggtca cacctatttc aaccaggccg cacctccagg tgatgccact     49740
     ccctggtctg agaatataca aaccatcaca gtcctgaaaa ggaaacaaaa gggcaaaccc     49800
     acagagtggg atctgtgacc aagtcctccc acacgatgat ataagggaac tggtccgggt     49860
     ggctcttcaa gccaacacca aaaattcgcc tcttgatggc cagaattaga ggcagtgaaa     49920
     aagaaccctc aggcggccat ccagtctgga aggtgggcca ccctgacaag caaagagtaa     49980
     tccatttatt tttcttcaca tctactgaaa gattgtgagc tctagtctta acctctctcc     50040
     aatggtctag agtgaaactc agaggggtgg aaggtccatg tcctattctg tccaaaaaat     50100
     aacaacagtc ccagtccaca agtagacaga aaaacagaaa gtaaaataca aatatgcccc     50160
     tgccacgagt gccacaaaaa caaaaagtaa aatacaaata tgcccctgcc acgagtgcca     50220
     cagaagatac actgaataac ttggtagtgg tctctccacc actgacatca gatgaagtcg     50280
     aaaccctctc ggatctgact tcccacagag agtctggagc gtcctccagg actctcgaag     50340
     ccatggcatt atggcatgtc tacctgccat ttctgacaac ttccaataaa caactccttg     50400
     gttgagttgt aaaccaaaac caaactgact tgcagctgac tcaaaacaga gggaacagac     50460
     cgaatagatg gacacatatg gcagacaaaa agaaacacaa ccaaggtacc tgctccagtg     50520
     acccacccat aaccggccct gcaagcagga cgtttcccgg ctaatgcacc aaatgtaaga     50580
     cttgaaaagc cctacgtcca ggatgtccta ctcataaaaa cacagagacg gagatcaatg     50640
     caacaagcaa aaggtttatt gatccagcgt gctggggtcg cctctgcccc gattgcaatg     50700
     gtgtgagatg gggtgaggtc cacctcatct ctagaggaga aactgcattg tctgcacctg     50760
     acatactctg ctctgtgctt agggccttcc tgtttttctg gcagattctg gacattctgg     50820
     gaagggggtg tcataaccct tctttgaaag tcctcaaggt cttatttctg gtaagacttg     50880
     tctagcggcc attttttttt ttttagattt acttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact     50940
     gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg cgtcagatct cattatggat ggttgggagc     51000
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcgg gacctttaga agagcagtcg gtgctcttaa     51060
     ccgctgagcc atctttccag cccctctagc ggccatttta tattttctta ggatcttaca     51120
     tctgtatgtt tgtctgtgta ccatgtgcat gcagtgccca cagaggccag aggagggcat     51180
     cagacccccc ctagaactgc catatatgga cactaggagt cgaacctggg atccctgaaa     51240
     gagcagcatc ttgaccactg agccatcact ccagcccact ctaaatcctc tcaattatac     51300
     atttaacatt tacttgttta catattgagg aggcattcac cccactgtgg aaggttgggg     51360
     ggagcatgga ggacaccttg tggacatcag agccaaacac tgaccattat gctttgcagc     51420
     agcaggcgcc tttgctcttt gagccacctc cacagtccct aagtcctctt caatgctgag     51480
     gatagagccc agagccttcc agatgctagg taagcactct accacagagc tgcaccctga     51540
     gcagtaaaac tgtttattcc tgaattaaac gcacactatt ccactgcagt acttaatctg     51600
     tgcccgggag tcagacagca ccaaggaagg agcctcccgg ctctacaccc aagtctgacc     51660
     acacccctgc aacaattcct agttgactga agtaataagc gcacagacat gcctctgagg     51720
     caagctgcct gcagagagag aaaatcctac aaagcagaag cagaccaagg cagagctcac     51780
     tctgagaagt ctttccagat acaactgtta gtaatactcc tcgcctacca agcatgcagg     51840
     ttaaataaac cccaaatgtt gcctaaattg tgggtcatta gtcacatgta tgtgtataca     51900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccctcaca cagacacacc cttttaaaaa     51960
     tgcataagcc tggggctgga gagatggctc agcaattaaa agcactgact gttcttccag     52020
     aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccatc tgtaatgggt cccatgtgtg agtctgaaga     52080
     cagctacagt gtactcatat gtataaaata aataagtctt taaaaaaatg cgtaagcctt     52140
     agatggcaga atgccaagga tgtgaagtga ccttgagttc atcatgccca ggcccctttg     52200
     taaaattaca tttgtgtgtg tatatatgtg tgtgtatacg tgtgagtacg cacatgcgtg     52260
     gaagtcagat agtgcaagag ttagtcctct ccttgtacca caagtgtctc cagccttgga     52320
     agcgagtgcc tttataccca cggacatctc tcagcaacat aactgtcatc ttatttttgg     52380
     agacagggtc ttactgtgta gtctaggcag gccctgagct cacagagacc aacctgcctc     52440
     tgcctcccga gtactgggag cttttttaac aaacaacttg gaggttacag aatgatagtc     52500
     atcaccaaag gcaaagctga gactccaaga taattgaaag accccccgtt ttggggagac     52560
     cctcactcaa gtccctggat gagccgatgc ctcaataact cgagagaaac cattcttgat     52620
     gcaatatcgc atgaagttta ttcaggaatc agcatgctga ggccaagctc gtaacccgca     52680
     caggggcaga ggagattgac ccccagcagt tgcagttgag ggtttttaaa gaataaaccg     52740
     taaagtgagg ggaggataag aacacagaaa atggggaagc tgagtaaaca tcgtaaaaat     52800
     ggggatggtg aattatagct catctctcac agaaaggtta caggctatct tcggcaaaca     52860
     ttcttggtcc cttacactat gggtcaggag cctgggtggg tcacccagtg gtcatctttc     52920
     tctcaggctg aaggtgaaag aacaaagaat tccatgctgg gcttcgtttc tagggatcta     52980
     agaaacacat tgagttgggg tcttacattc cccactcctt ctagtaaata gttctaatcc     53040
     tagaactaga aaaataaaac ctctgactca gtacagcatg tatcagcctg ttctactttt     53100
     tgatattgtt ggcgcagcat aagaacctgt acagcactga cccactgtct gacgaaagcc     53160
     attatcttgt taattaggca ggggcctgta gtaaataaaa gaagcaaaac taatatgggg     53220
     cccatgagga cagatagtaa agtagtcatc catgggattt tgtgaaccaa ccttcaaacc     53280
     atgcttcatt agcttctcac tctcgttttc gtttttctaa cctttctttg agtttggcca     53340
     tagagtctct aattgctcct gaatggttaa tatagaagca gcattcttcc tttagggctg     53400
     cacatagtcc tccttctttg aggaataata gatctaagcc tcttctgtaa gactacttca     53460
     gagagttgag gtcaaagact cttctaactg actaactgac ttttctaaag ccttaatgtc     53520
     tactgtcatt gctgcctgca gtccttctag accttgtttc agttgttggg ctccagttac     53580
     caaggtagcg gtccccttac caattctagc tgttagtctc aaacccatga caattgtgag     53640
     ggtgagggag ataggctctc tcttctttct ggtatttttg aaatcgtaag cgtctaggac     53700
     cttgttgtca gggtggtagt atatcctagg gactaattgt gttaacacgc aaaaatcttt     53760
     tgactgatca aaaacagcag tagcaacaca gggagtcaat ctggagctgc aagcccacca     53820
     ataatggttg ccaggccaaa gatattggtt tttagaagaa gcaggaatag tccaggtatg     53880
     gttgcagagg tgtctatgag aaggaggtac aacccctgta catttccctg atcctgaaat     53940
     ttcggctaag gtgagacttt tcttagattg cccccagggg cagaggcttg catctgaagt     54000
     catagtaatt gatccatctg ctgcctctcc ttcataataa gggggcccag ctgccaaaca     54060
     gagccaacat gaagtcgcag ctttaggatt tgtaacattg agagccttaa aagccccttg     54120
     aatgagacca aagagtcttt caccagtagt aggaggcagg gtggaggttt ctgcactggg     54180
     aacgatcgtc ccctggggtt gggcctcagg aatcatggga ggagggggtg gtggtagtac     54240
     tcatcgggga ggagactcct gtactttgcc tggcccagta agaatagtgg gagggctctc     54300
     aatcctgaga ttaatgtgga aaatgaagcc attgtcccat ccttgcatgt aaaatctgag     54360
     cccccaggta cgtcccttag gccaatcagt aaactgcttc cctggatctg taaaggtgat     54420
     attgagagaa tctaagcctt tatttctcct ggagacagtg atcaagtctc atgaggatgt     54480
     gggattccaa ttggtatctc tggaagtctc acatccccat tgtttgcaat aaaaatattc     54540
     tagtcctcca cacctatgta tctccgacct agatctgcca tctctgggac aaacataaaa     54600
     ggaggtctgc cgtagttttt cctgtgtggg tctatcttta catcccaggc gatcggctat     54660
     gtgttggcct aactactcct tggtgaaggg accgcttttg taaatgcact tcttccgagg     54720
     gtatttcctc atgagttagt gcagtaatgt cccaaaagtc taatcctgct atcagggagc     54780
     aaatttcagg aaacaaaggg ggccaccaag ttcctagggg ggcaaccttg gtggtagacc     54840
     aaacagtgtc cccagtttgt gattgtcctg ccaggtaaga gtcataggct gatgggggtt     54900
     tttagctttc agtgaggcgc aagtgacgta agtgtagctt aagaggatca tcagtccagt     54960
     ccagcttcca ggagtcatct cgagctgcag gaggggccaa ttttatgtgg gatgcatgga     55020
     tccaagctgg gatgctgtca actttgatgg cagtggggct tgtcagtagc accaggtagg     55080
     gtcccttcca tctgggttca aggttgctgg atcagtggcg ctggaccagg acgggatccc     55140
     ctatttgaaa tttatgaggc accacagtgg cccctggctt gtatgtttcc ttcagctgtt     55200
     ctcagatcct ttctgaccag ttctagggcc ttcaaacaag ctagcagaag ttgagaaaaa     55260
     ggggcatcag ggtcaagtat tcctcctgct tcttttaagg ggggcagttc cctgtgaagg     55320
     agctcaaagg gtgtgggctt aaatttccct gggatgttcc gtactcggaa caaagcgaag     55380
     ggtagaaggg ctgtccagtc tttcctgctg gtctctaagg ccaatttagt caaggtctct     55440
     tttaatgttc tattcatcct ctctacctgt cctgaacttt ggggtctata agcacaatgt     55500
     aatttccaat caatccccag ttgagtggcc agtccctgac ttacctgggc aacgaaggca     55560
     gggccattgt ctggtcctta gggatgccga atcttgggaa gatttcctct aatatcctct     55620
     ttgccacaac attagcggtc acctcttagc cgttttctgg gggcgctctt gtggtgcctg     55680
     gcactggtga gagcacaggc cttgcattta tcaacaatat cctgggcaac attggacagt     55740
     tttataacat agtagtttga gctcttaaca atttccttga gcttcttagt tcccaggtgc     55800
     gtgagccggt gtaaattagc tacatattgt tgtccttcct tggtgggcaa gactgagcaa     55860
     ccatcttggg tccttgctac tccatgagga gaataccctg atatctcagg tagtttgttt     55920
     atcagttcct gatcctttgg agtgtagtta aagcctgcgt ttcggagttc ataatggtcc     55980
     ttaggttcct tgtttttctc tctagtcttg agaatcatag ctccctgggc tgcctgtttg     56040
     gcggctaggt cagccatctg atttcccttt gttatggcat cttggccttt ctggtgacca     56100
     gggcagtgta taatggccag gttttttttt ttcttttttt ttttgggggg ggcaaatgta     56160
     tggcttctag taagctcaag atttcttctc tatttttaat atcttttcca gcagatggga     56220
     gtagccccct ctgtttataa attgccccat ttacgtgagt ggtgacgaaa tcgtacctgc     56280
     tgtccgtgta gatattgata ctttccttct gccagtcaca aggattgggt gagtgcgatc     56340
     agctctgctt ttttgggctg acgtcccttc aggcaagctg ctggcccaga tggtttgttt     56400
     cccgtcgacc actgctgccc ccacttttcg cttactttca accatgaagc tgctactatc     56460
     cgtgtactga aagacccccg tggggagacc ccccatcaag tctcgggatg gtgcgcaccc     56520
     aaggaaacac gaaagaccat cttgatgcaa aaacacgagg gagtttaatg acggagctcc     56580
     aggccaacac atgtctcatg caggagacag aggaatcgac cctgaggctc aaaagttagg     56640
     agtttatata gaaaaaaagt caggggtagg ggaaattggc gcggttacac acaattggac     56700
     agtttaaaca tcagcaagcg ggtacttgcg ggtcgggaca acagcaactc tagagggagg     56760
     gtgcttatct atgtcagcag agcatctggt taaactcaaa ccgtatcaga aggagaccag     56820
     aacaggtggc ccaatctcaa ctgggcctgt ccagagattg ttcttgcatg cctcttatct     56880
     ttatggcaag tcagttcctg gaatgactta acagcctttg tgctggcctg tctggggcct     56940
     tgaatttggt tttctttctt tcattcccct cttcttctac taaataattc taatcttaga     57000
     attttaaagg tctgtatcct catgtggggg gtaggaatca tattcttctt ctatcttcac     57060
     tataggttaa tattggtgtt ggagaaccat aagctgcact acattcactc tactgttaac     57120
     gaaagcaatt ccctgattta ttaagcaggg gccgaagatc aatgccaaac atataataag     57180
     aagcggcccg gccaaagcag aaaataaagt ggtcatccac ggagatttaa agaaccacga     57240
     ctcaaaccat ccctgttgag cttcccgatc tcgttttctc ttttctagcc tttctctcaa     57300
     tttctgcata gaatctctga ctatccccat gtggtctgcg tagaagcagc attcttcttt     57360
     taaagctgca catagtccac cttcccttaa agacagtaaa tctaaatctc ttctgttttg     57420
     taatactact tctgacaggg aggtcaagga tttttctaat gtattgatag acttttctag     57480
     catgcttaaa tcttcattta tagaatctct caaggacttg attccttgtc taccctcaat     57540
     taaggctgat acccctgttc ctactctcac cgtgagacct accctcacca atgtagccag     57600
     ggtaagggta actggttctc ttttaattct cttattggta tattcgtctt ctaggctgga     57660
     ggcagtatga taatatatgc ggggtaaaag ttgaaccatg acacaaaaat ctttggagga     57720
     gtcaaacaca ttagttgata cacacggtgt gagtcccgtg ttacaggccc accagccgac     57780
     tggtgttggt acaaggtaat ggttggtact tgtcctagat acaggatggg ttcggttaca     57840
     taggtgttga tgggaagggg ggggtgtccc tatgcagaga ccagggctct ttcccgacac     57900
     ctcagtcagg gttaattttt tttctgttcc ccatgagcag gaagcatgac tggtggttgt     57960
     gttaaactct ccattaaggg cgatcccctc ataataggga gggacagagg acaggcatag     58020
     ccagcagtca gttgtagcat ctggatcagt gctgttaagg gcataaaagg cccctctaat     58080
     caggttgaac agtctctgtc ccgtcgaggg atctgaggag attgtggtcg gggaatcttg     58140
     ggaggtgccg accttgaggg ggttctcaat tattggagcc aggggtttgg gtttggcagg     58200
     gaggtcctgt tctgggaggg ccttgttagg tcctatgggc actggggatg gactctccac     58260
     agtcaatttg attttgaaaa ctaatccagg gtctttccct acttcgtcca atcgcaaacc     58320
     ccaattgttt cccttaagcc agctctggcg ttctcgtttc ccttggtcag taaattttat     58380
     acgtatgggg ttgcaatagt tatctttaca aggtccatta gggctgttga accaggaaca     58440
     cccgctctca aggtatttag aactatctct ctcaccttgg tttggctggt catagctact     58500
     gccccttttt accgtgatca ggtcccaggt agaggtagga ttccaataag ctccacctgt     58560
     ggtctcgcaa ccccatgcag cacagtaaaa gtccggtgcc cctccacact gatgccgaag     58620
     ctttcgtggt tggccagggc aaacataaaa ttctgcagac cgaagattgg ctcggtagaa     58680
     ctgtcctgag catccaaacg tgctccctat cccgctcggg acacactgtt tatcaggtgg     58740
     tggtttatga aggtcggtat ggtcggggag gtcccaggta agtgaccctg ctactaactt     58800
     acaaatatca ggtgtgaggt cgggccacca ggtccatggg ggttgtactg cggtggtcga     58860
     ccatacagtg tccccctcct cattaagcac ttcccatgat tgttggagta tgagggttga     58920
     tgtctctgtt ctgagtcgct cttgcgacgc aagcgcaact taagaggatt attagtcttt     58980
     tccagggtcc actcatcacg atcagtctca gggggagccc tcttaacatg tgaggcatga     59040
     acccaagagg ggattccttc tactttaagg gtggtggctg tagttaatag taccagggag     59100
     ggtcctttcc aacgcggctc gaggttcccc gctcggtgcc tcctcaccag ggctgtgtct     59160
     cccacttcaa actgatgtga aacctgtaag tcgctggcgg tgtaggtttc tttcaactgc     59220
     tcccagtttc tttcctcacg atttcgagag ccttcagccg ggctaggagg gaatggagga     59280
     aacatcagga caagttctat tttctacagt cacatagata ggcggggggt ttctacctgt     59340
     cctgaactct ggggtctgta agcacaatgt aacttccaat ttatccccag ctgtctggcc     59400
     aatccctggc ttacctggga gacgaagtca ggcccgttgt ctgaccctat taccttaggt     59460
     atcccgaaat ggggaaggat ttcttcgagt atcttcttgg ccaccacatt agccgtttcc     59520
     ctcttggtgg ggaatgcttc agcccaccct gaaaagatat ctacaaaaac taaaaggtac     59580
     ttattcccat atcgagctgg cttgacctca gtaaagtcaa cctcccagta agtcccaggc     59640
     ctatctcctc gtaagcgtct tccactgtgg cattggtgag ggcacatgct caacagttct     59700
     tcactaggtc ttctactgcc ttttgtagtc tagggatatg gtaaggggat ctattgacta     59760
     gttctgtcat ctttttgggt cccaggtgag tgaggtggtg tatattagtc aagtattcca     59820
     gcccctcttc ttctgtgagg atcttttttt ctgtgatctc ctcaaccagc tggggtgtgg     59880
     ttttaattac caaagtcatt ggcccctgtg ctgccccttt agccacctgg tctgccatct     59940
     gatttccttt ttctattggt ccagttccct tttgatgtcc tgggcaatgg atgatcgcca     60000
     cattacaggg caagtggaca gcttctaaca aactaagaat ctcttcttta tttttgatgt     60060
     cttttccagc agaagtcaat agtccacact gtctgtagat ctctccgtga acacgagccg     60120
     ttgcaaaggc atacaggctg tcaatgtaaa tattaatagt ctttccctct gctagcctta     60180
     aagcctgagt tagggcagta agttctgctc tttgggctga tgttccttca ggcaggctgc     60240
     tggcccatat aacagacttc ccgtccacta cagctgcctt ggctctgctc ttaccttcta     60300
     ccatgaagct gcttccatcg gtgaaccagg ccaccgctcc gcgccatgat cggtcagtta     60360
     aatctggccg agtcccagtt tcctctgcca gtatctcctc acagagatgt acgggggttt     60420
     cattagcttc aagcagtaaa gtggtggggg taagaatggt gggtggagcg aaggtcaccc     60480
     gcttggtcaa caacaagctc tggtggctgc cgaataatgc tctcaagggt gtgcagggcc     60540
     accactgtca cattttggcc catagtcaat ttatcagcat ctttcaccaa cacagctgtg     60600
     gctgctattg cctgtagaca ggagggccat ctgctagcca cggggtccag tttctttgac     60660
     agataggcta ctgggcgctt ccaagtctcg gtggagggcc tcatcaaaga gggtaagaga     60720
     gtttttgaat cctaggggca aacgtgtcca agttagctgt ccagcctgtc ccgaatctgg     60780
     gtctctccac ccgaaagcaa acatcacctg gcttatggga tgtagtttca ggcaaaagaa     60840
     tgcgtctttc aagtccagaa ccctgtaccg tcgtctgttg ggggaggggg ggagagaact     60900
     gagcaggttg taagggttag ggacagtagg atgaatgtct tgtactcttt tgttaacttc     60960
     tcttaggtct tgcattgatc aataatcatt agtgcctggc tttttaactg gcagcaacgg     61020
     agtgttccag ggagactggc aggggaccag aacacccagt cccaagagtc tttgaatgtg     61080
     aggcctgatg ccctctcggg ccttcttctt gctcatggga tattgtcata tcccgatagg     61140
     agtcgcacca gtttctagcg tcacgatgat gggaggcacc ctttttgcct ctcccatgtc     61200
     cccagtctct acccaagctt ggggatatct ctctaactag gtcccttcca gtatttttct     61260
     cgatgggtct ggaggctcgt gtaatctata ttcttcttct aattttagag ctaaaatgat     61320
     agaggtgggg gtttgccaag tgactgtggt tccttccgag gagaagttca tttgggcttt     61380
     taattttgat agtaagtctc ttcccagtaa tggcgtgggg cattgaggga tgacgaggga     61440
     ggaatgggtt acctggcttc ttcctagatc aaccctccta tcagtggtcc aagaatatgg     61500
     cttctgacca gtggccccaa tcactatggt tctcttgttt cttaattttc ccagtggctc     61560
     tttcaggact gaaaattctg ccccagtatc aacaaggaaa tccgtagggg tcccttccac     61620
     agttagggtt accctaggct cggggagggg gtccaagccc cgtctcccct aatcatcatt     61680
     ctctatggtg agaatcttgg gcggtctggt gtctctttct tggggcagtc tcttgcccag     61740
     tgtccctttt ctttacagta tgcacattga tccttatcta gaggtggtcg tgaaggtcct     61800
     tcaggattcc gaggtcttct cgaccctatg ttgcccaggt tccctgtcta tttcctcctc     61860
     cttctctata aacttcctta tcgcctacaa atgcagccaa aatcctagtt aaatatcttt     61920
     cctgccttct atctcctcta tcttctcttg cctcagcctc cttcttctct ctttctcttt     61980
     tttcttcctc agtctctctc ttatggtaca ctttccttaa ccaggtcttg caaagacaac     62040
     gtttgcagac cttctaggtg ttgtagcctt ctcataatgt cagaagcaga atgccccata     62100
     aaggccatgg caactgccgc ctgttggccc tctgatgtag gatgaaaggg ggtgtagcgc     62160
     ctatatgatg ggagaagact gctagcacgc aggagtgcct ggattctatc ccagcaccag     62220
     ggggaggagg ggtagggtac taggtaagca actaaactca actacaggaa agctaaaacc     62280
     acatgtgctt gaccaacagg gtatcacagc ttttaagaag cagttaaatg ggaatccaca     62340
     tgggatggag acaagaacct cacatgggcc acaatctcca tcctgaaggc tggcctgctg     62400
     tggctcctcc tccatccatt ccacctgatc tctaagctct tccttagtct ctagaagaga     62460
     ggtccgggca ggatcccaga tctcttcacg tgaggtaact gcctgtcaca gtcagtccct     62520
     ctgccactcc cataactagg gcagtggcca gtgattcttt tcttttccaa tcaaagcaga     62580
     ttcctgtgac atctactgca cctctgtgat cagcgggtac cctaggaact ggcagcttgg     62640
     agacagagcc tgcctaccat gagcttctct gacctgcagt tctttgcctt agagcagagt     62700
     atagaggaag atgaaccagg agccactctc ctgcctcact ctagaccctc ccctgaggtc     62760
     aggacccgga gctcattatc aggaaggctc tctccttcca gggatggatg cagtctctct     62820
     acttatttgt gtttggttgt attgagacag ggtctcctgc tctacagcag cggttctcag     62880
     tccctagggt cgtgacctct ttgggggcag tgtcacatgg tgtggatcag atatttacat     62940
     tatgagtcat aacagtagca aatttcgtta tgaagtagca acaaaaataa tattatggtt     63000
     gggggtcacc acaacatgag gaactgtatt aaagggtcac agcattagga aagttgagaa     63060
     ccacggctct agagctaagg ctgaccttga actcacaatt ctcctgcctt acctctggag     63120
     tgctgggttt actgacaagc tttgacacac aggcctgagg gagcttttga gaaaacctcc     63180
     aagtcactgg gttccttttt tccgttttat ggaagatctg agcattgaag ctttctcttt     63240
     tgagacaagg tctcacagtg tacctatagc tcgcagtgta cctatagctc gcagtgtacc     63300
     tatagctcgc agtgtaccta tagctggcct ggaactcact gtgtaaacca ggacggcctt     63360
     gagctcacaa agatcgactt gcctccatct ccaagtgctg agattaaaag cttgagccac     63420
     ctcgctcagc agtttcttac tgtatggggg aacgggggaa aggtttcttg ccacaacagt     63480
     agtgtgtatc catagtgctg gatttcaagt tcacgtttgc tagagaagat tgactctacc     63540
     aaaactagat gagagccagg tgtggcagga aaaacagcct caggaagctg aagtacaaga     63600
     aggattccag accccccaca tctcaataaa taaataaata taaataataa taacttacca     63660
     tcaggcatgg ggattcacgt gtgcagtgtg cagtgctatt tgggaacctg aagcaagaat     63720
     atccttgagc accggagtct gaggccagcc tgagaaacag agagacttgt tacaaaccaa     63780
     accaaacccc agttggaaaa agcttgtcag gattatcaat acgtctggcc aaagtccctt     63840
     ctaggccgaa tattatagct gaaaataaac tcatgtcaga cctctctgac ttggaacaca     63900
     gatttacggg atcgtatggt tccatgatta tcagttacca tccagatccc aggaagggca     63960
     cctagacgtt tggcttttcc agaacagcgg tatgaagaat actctcatgc aagctttaac     64020
     ttcatgcaca gctgctccag gatcatgaac ccaggagtgg gaatgcctgg ggtgaagatg     64080
     cacagagctt aaactacatt tacagagcag tcagacctgg caactgtcga gttcatggta     64140
     tatttaggct agggaagttg tttatgtgaa atcctgacac agagccagcc tgacacagag     64200
     cccccctcac cccaaccctg gatcctgcca agcgggtcag ggagactcca gacctgtcac     64260
     ccagcattca gtccgctctg ctgctggcca tggggaggaa cgcgtcactc atgtgagcag     64320
     gcctggggtc actggtggaa tccgtgggct tgtgactgcc caccagaggc tcctgtcaca     64380
     aagaaaagac acctgctgca cacgcctgga tcgtatgaga tccagggcac atctccagat     64440
     tcactgggct atccctctat tttccctcca tgtcacacct atatgacagt ccctgctttt     64500
     tgccaagacc taattggttt ttacttttct tacctaagat ttcccatctc cttcattctt     64560
     tcaaaggtct gtggctggaa tatgacttgg ctaagaaatt gcttgtgacc aactctctga     64620
     gacttggtgt caccatcagt aaaaaagagg gttctgggca atgtttttga ttttggatgg     64680
     ccatcttggt ttcaaggatt tccaggcaag tccggcttct atgaaaccca ccttaagatg     64740
     cttttaatcg gcatcctgac tggcttaggg ccttctggta ggaaaactta actttggttg     64800
     ccaaagtttt tgtgactaca gtacaacgaa aaacaaaagc ttgagtctgc tgcagcaatg     64860
     acagctgttg tctctgtcac ttagctgcag caggtgcgcc actcttaagt ctgacccaag     64920
     acccaaactc aacagtaaaa tgattagaag ataacagcat taaaaaaaat aacaatcagg     64980
     gaagactgtt cggatgctgt tggttctggc acgtgggtct caggtttctg ggcctatatg     65040
     atcacaaacc cagaaaaggc ctgttagctg gagttaggct atgccacact tatgcagata     65100
     gcaagagaca gacaaacagt cagggaactt ggacgcaagg aaaacttgag gtaaaatgac     65160
     cctagcctgg accgctggaa gcgcctagcc tcaccctctc caactggggt tagccaccaa     65220
     gggaaaggct cggctctatc atcagaccca cctggccaaa ggacactggc acacgtggta     65280
     aggcagggac cagcgagtaa atgcggccac ctccaaattg cgacacggtg cctgcctcac     65340
     tcacgctcct ggggtgcagc ctgtactcac ccctggccga ccatctgcgc taggcttggg     65400
     gttttatccc aagtggtctt cgccgcgccg tttgccttat gagcggacaa aacaactggt     65460
     cctttagcac ctgggagtta ctctgagccg actgagcctc agtttcccca tccccacaag     65520
     ggcaagctcc cagaggagga ggcgaactta caaaggtacg gggactggca ccctttgtgc     65580
     ctggtagtgc ccccaccccc atggaggagc acacagtagg cgctccggaa acactctctg     65640
     aaaggaggag cgggccactt cctgccctgg agctgactcc gggagccctg gtcccaccgc     65700
     tccgccccgg gccccggcca tgcggcattc ctaaggtggg tgggcgcagg aaggaggtgc     65760
     cgcgggcccg ccccctccga cgcgtgggcg gggcgaagcc ccctggctct gcgggcccgc     65820
     ccccgagggt gggcgtagct ggccacgctc tgcacaaagt ttgtttctgc ctcggggcgg     65880
     tgggggaggg tgcggcaggc gggatgggag gagaggggat ctgacgtcag gtcgcgaggt     65940
     gctttccagc cgcgagctgt caggcgggtg tcagacccgg caggtacgcg gcgcgttccc     66000
     ccggtgcccc ccgccccggc cgggtggtcc cacaccccac cgaggccgcg tgggccggaa     66060
     agccgccagg gaaggtgagt gcggggcgcc gaggggctgg agacgcggga ggaggcgcgc     66120
     ggacaacttg gaaagtttct tggggcgacg gggcggggga gggggcgtcg tcccggcgcg     66180
     tgcgacagtg ggtgtgtgag ccccgggggt gtgtgtgagt cgggaccgcg gaacgctggc     66240
     gcggaatgcc ggggttggcg gggggggcgc tgttcggggt ccttgaggga gggctcggct     66300
     cccaaagctc ccaaagctcc tctgggagag ggcagccggt gccctgcagc ggggtgagcg     66360
     cgcggggagc gggtttgttt ggtttcaaaa gtgcacgttg ctaaccgccg gcagcccccc     66420
     cccctcccgc acggcgacag agcgggaccg ggggccgccg agtgacagct ggaggtgggg     66480
     gccgcgggcg gggctccgac ggagagggct tgggagcccg cgcgagttcc cctttccttt     66540
     ggaacaaagg aaagtctgtc tccgaggcat ctgtcactcc caggcgggcc aaggctgtgg     66600
     ggcgcgtggg gctggcgacg cggagaaagt ttgtgcgcgc cgggaccccg ggaccaggcg     66660
     aagggcagcc gagcgtcttg cgggggctgt gcgcgtcccc gatgtagggg gggcggccaa     66720
     catggagtcc aggcgcagag ttgggggggg ggggcggcgc ggaggttgga gcccagcccc     66780
     ctcttttccc ctccccctcc gggccgagtt cggagcacaa agccgagcgc gcacgctccg     66840
     gcggccccgc gccccaagag tcaccctgcg cggagtacca gggaacgggc tgggaactaa     66900
     actttttcct gtcccaaaat ggacacgtga gttttttttt tttccttgca aagtcgtccc     66960
     ccccccccaa cccccaagcg ccgggtggcg gaccgacagg ggagctgttg ctcgcaccgt     67020
     gactctggtg ggggacagtt gagtgagggt gccttgagcg ccggcggatt cgtcggcgcc     67080
     ccatgagcca tgtgctccgt tgcgtctggg ccgcggggga ggctgcgcgc tttgtgtgaa     67140
     ctgctgggaa ctccagcctc agtgtgcggc ccgggggatt gtatctggag ctgggcgagt     67200
     tgtcagaaag ttcctgtggg agtggctgca gatggtgttg tgggagtgtg taggagattg     67260
     atggggtgca gtgtccaagg ggtgcctcca ataacccagt tgtataaaaa actgatggat     67320
     ggccggtgtg gtgacgtgcg tgctcctggg tcggagagat cgtgggtggg caggtcactt     67380
     ggagttcgtg ggtgggcggg tgcaggagtt gggctagttt cgatagtcta gtcgttggtc     67440
     ctaggtatag tgtgtaaatt tagctatgtg tgtttgtaaa actctgggaa cttgcgggat     67500
     gtgagcagtg ggtcgggtcg gttatttaaa cagcgctcaa cttgcaggag ggaaattgag     67560
     gtatcgctgg tgtgcgtgtg tgtctaacct gcagacaacc ctagggtgca ggacccagag     67620
     gtggggaaag ttcatgcgga ggggtgctct tctggaaggg aaactatgaa gactgggttc     67680
     tggcaggcag ccagagtgga ataagtgaag ataaccttga gtaaacttgt cacccgccgc     67740
     cagcgctgcc tccctgagct ggtctcgcag ctgtcctggt ggccgactac atgtctgccc     67800
     tcagaatgca tcctccttga gctcctctga gtaaacactg cctccgagca gtgcccggtt     67860
     cacctccagg tggcctggct gaaggtagac ccttccctcg aaagtctggc ttagccagcc     67920
     cagagatctg ggctcaggcc caagtcgagg aaacaaaacc tgggagatgg cagagttttt     67980
     tggctgggcc tgctgaggag ctgttaaaag gcagagaagg gaggagcatg cagatcctgg     68040
     accagccttg gcctagaact tgtgctatta aaatgtaaat ttcttttgct tttgtgaacg     68100
     ggaactttgt ctgctggagg ggcagctgat aggagttatc taggcagaaa ccttccttca     68160
     cggagcaggg gaggaggagg gcttcagact ctgaaaggac actttactgg gatcacacag     68220
     cccagtggaa gttaaagcag ggaccagagc cacacttcat tggtcaggat tctgagatta     68280
     agtctggacc aggtcagagg ccggaccaag gaagaaggtc taaaaaccaa cggaggaatg     68340
     actcactacg cacacggcct gcggcagggg cggcaagact tggtgaacag ttaccagacc     68400
     cgcctccggg ccttggaggg aaaattaccc gatttcaaat ccttctttat aatcagtctt     68460
     aaaagatggg acatttttta ttttattttt tatgtgtgtg gattttcatc tgcacctggg     68520
     atgttgagag agagcatcta ctcccctgga actggatttt gggtggttgt gttcctccat     68580
     gtgggtgtgg ggagtggaac ccaccgcttc tgtgagagcg cgttacagca aatgctcgta     68640
     attgctgggc tatctcttcc agccccagaa attcactttt aaaataagca ggcccgggga     68700
     cctgggggag ggggaggctg gagaaatggc tcagtgggtt aagagcactt gctgctcttc     68760
     ccgagagcct gggttcagat gccagcacag acaggctcac aacaatccag ctccggttac     68820
     ggaggacccg cctccttctg tcctcccagg actccgcata tgtggtgcag aatgtttata     68880
     tatataaaat aagtaaaatc ctgggaggga cggggagaga agggatttgg tgggaggagg     68940
     aaaataagag aaaagagcac tttggtcaaa ggatatttta tatatgtata tataataaaa     69000
     ttttaactaa aacattctaa aatccttctc ccctccccct ccctaactaa ctgctgaaca     69060
     gctagctctg tagagtgagc agcctgttga gcgcatccct tcgtacatgg gaccgtgtaa     69120
     cagtgggctt tcatggccgg cctcttctcc cggagcatgt gctcaaggtc catccatgtc     69180
     atagcacaca tcagaagtgt gctctctctt ttataatttg tttggtttta tgtgtatgaa     69240
     tgttttgcct acgtgcgagt gtgtctacac cacgtagatg tccatggagg tgacaagaag     69300
     gcactggatt ccctggaact gggagttatg gtggctgtga gctaccatgt gagtgctggg     69360
     agccgagcca ggtcccctgg aagtgcagca gccagtgctc ttaaccacct agccatctct     69420
     ccaggcccac ggtatttctt tttatgacca aatagctcgt ttgttcggcc atctgttgaa     69480
     gatctctctg gatcgtttcc accctttgaa cgttgggctt ctgcgagggg ccaggtgtgc     69540
     atttctcttg agtagctagg tagtagtgag agtgcaagtt tcccctttta gcagattgca     69600
     aaagagttaa gtgaggtaat agatgctaag tttccaggac agcctggcaa acagaatcca     69660
     agctgagaat tggcactgag gaggcagaag caggaagatt gcctgggcta tggagtgagt     69720
     gagatgctgt ctcagaacca caggatgaag ccgtagttct ttctagtcct cttctgtttt     69780
     taaaaggcgc cacctacgtc ccagtggtcc ctcttggttc catgaatcgt ggcatttagg     69840
     attcatccag cttgctcagg ctctggtgct actgtccagg gtttgagact atgacccctg     69900
     cttgtgaggg tgaactcact aggagactaa ggcaaggggg acaggcacta agtgataatg     69960
     ttctccccat cccctttgtc acttgtccca ggctccccag aggtccagct tagcccctaa     70020
     gcatcatgtc ggacagcgat ctaggcgagg atgaggggct cctgtcactg accggcaaga     70080
     ggaagcgcag agggaacctg cccaaggagt cagtaaagat cctccgggac tggctctatc     70140
     tgcaccgcta caacgcctac ccctcagagc aggagaagct aagtctctct ggacagacca     70200
     acctctcggt gctgcaggta agaggggatc aggcatcaag tctccagctc tgtccccatt     70260
     ccttgtggcc ttggcctatc ataacccctg ctgggataag atgagaagcc ctctcctggc     70320
     ccccagggaa agtgaggtcg ccgaggctgc actggaggct tgggccctta ggaagggatg     70380
     aggagtggtt ctagttgacc ttgaaggtga gaagacacag gagcagaggt tctggggggc     70440
     agcccagagc acttgcttaa aaatgaattg agtgaactga ggagatgacc caggggttga     70500
     gagcgcgtcc tgctcttcct gtgcatccga gttccggcct ctgcacacag cgggcagctc     70560
     agagccttct gtaaccccag ctccaagggc ttctcgcctc tacaagtgca catatgccca     70620
     tggaattttt tttttttttt taatttcttg atgtaaaaga gaaggtcttt tagccgtcga     70680
     gctggaggta ggtagacaag ccggcacacg cctgtgatcc cagccctgag aaggaagagg     70740
     aggaggctag ttacacattc ctctctgagc ctggtggaac tgttaggagg aacgcatttt     70800
     aactggatat aaaaggacct ttgtgaacca cattgagggg cacactcgag acgcttgtac     70860
     tagaagttgt gtctcttttc agttgtcctg ccgaccagca gatgggtttg ctctttgcat     70920
     aatgctgaca ccccaccccc accccacccc ccagcgctct gggtctgggt tggctctcag     70980
     cttccctagt ttatgcagta ggcccttggt ctaggccaga gacctgctcc tggctggctg     71040
     gcctcactgc tcctttcgtg agccagcagg cctcctcttg cttctctcct ctggcctgtc     71100
     taccatctct tcaacccaca agctggctcc ttcctcccgt tacctcacct gatcctgcga     71160
     cttccgcggc ttcccacttc tgttcctcct tcccggaaaa ggcacagcaa gtggtcagcc     71220
     tataaaaatt ctgtgacctc actctacacc ctagacggcc gtaaacccaa gtctgtcttg     71280
     agacggggtc tagactcaag ttataggacc tgattgtcag cccaactttt tcacaagagg     71340
     actctggatc ttagccagtc tgctactgtt gccctgagcc tcatttcctc atctgacaat     71400
     ggaaagaggc ttggagcatt ctcaacaatt taaacaccat ttggggtgct ctgcagcatg     71460
     gaacatttca catttaattc ctgggcccag ctcctcctac taggatactt tcaaggaaca     71520
     tctagccctg gggtgtgggg tacagatgga ttaatactaa gacaaaccaa gagggacaag     71580
     ggaacgcaga gcctggggcc tctttcagga ctccctggaa ggtgtctttg aacttacgtg     71640
     ctctagaggc acataggcag aaacaaaagg ctgagagttt gagaccagaa ctgcacagac     71700
     agcctttgct ggtccccctg cctccagcct tttatctttc agtcacggaa gtacagatca     71760
     gatcatgtga cacatcctcg gatggggttc agaattcaga gcaccctctg cagtacttcc     71820
     tggggctagc ccttggttat gactatccag ggtcaatcct ggccttggtt tgtttcactc     71880
     tcatcgagca cttgtctctt gcaaaccctg cttgctgttt ggggctattg cagtacatcc     71940
     ctatggctcc tcacacatgt cctgtcaagc tacttgtcat acagtattga aatttcttct     72000
     tgtcagggac actatttctc aaaactgaga aatggactga ccgttttttt aaaagttgga     72060
     gaatgggctg agtggtaagg ccctgactgg cctagcgcac cagggagcag ggttctccag     72120
     cactgcacaa aagagctgtt ctgtggccct gcctcccctc tccatgctaa ctttaatcat     72180
     aaatgtgcat tacaaacata aaactgagtt taaaacgttt atttttgctc ttatatatag     72240
     ctatcagacc agttttccaa agtaaataaa tttactgtag cgtattttgc cccctgctcc     72300
     agatgtgtag ttggacatga tgcatctact tgtacaggcc agagtgaaaa gagaaagtca     72360
     aaatgtcctt gcagagacca gtgaggttta caggaccata gcacttcagc atccaagtat     72420
     agggcaggga tcagccacta gcgtgtacag agaactggag acaagtgggg accatctggc     72480
     actccctaaa ggatccctca catcagcctc agcagcgcac ccacttttct tgaagactct     72540
     tcaggcacct caagtgcctg agtggaaatt gacagctcca gttggccctg ccctttctca     72600
     cactcctttg agatcttgag cccctgtaca catttcccct ccatgttatg gaatataagg     72660
     ttttggtttg tttgttgaga taaggccttg ctgtggagcc ctggatggca ttgtctcatt     72720
     aaaagttgta gctgcctgca cctttcagtg ctgggcctaa aggtaccaca gcaggggctt     72780
     gtctgtattg ttgttgttta agctttgttt gatgggtgtt ttttgttgtt gcttttgttt     72840
     gtttgtttgt ttgtggcagg tcatcctgac ctgatagtcc tggaactctc tatgaggatg     72900
     accagactgg cctcaggcct ctggcctgca attcacaaag atctacctgc ctctgcctcc     72960
     agggtgctgg gattagaggt gtgtgccacc atgccttgct ggaatgcagc ttcttgattc     73020
     catgcttttc ccgttaccaa catcacctgt cactccagga catcagttgc ctgtttacaa     73080
     gtctgtctca tctctgaccc tcatccctgc tgtgggctct tgataaccag atcccttact     73140
     ctgaccaggg aaccccaacc tctaaaggaa tctgctgctt ccacaggacc tgggcatctc     73200
     tactggaccc ggcagtagga cctttagctg gctgcattta ggtggcacag agttctgtgg     73260
     gtatgggaag cagagacctt agttttgttg taattgctcc actccaggtg ttttttaaaa     73320
     tcagtgtctg ccaggaaagg aagacactgg aaagtcattg caactgcaga aaatgaaatg     73380
     gtggtggaaa tgttcgatgc tttgtctgta tttagtttca aattttcctt tgctcttaag     73440
     gacatttcca agctctccca ccaagctaca ctgctgcccc aaaggaagaa cattaaatga     73500
     actagccact ggcccgacag gtatctgcat tatgccaagc tggtttcgtc tccctggggc     73560
     acctcttttg attgtgtctt tttacttgcc ctggagccat gtcattagca agtcagtgag     73620
     tcatgtgttt gctaggcttt gtccagggcc aggcaattgg gagaataagg cacctcctct     73680
     tcccccaaaa aacaacaaaa ttgtattgtg gaggattggc acggtccttg ggactgtcaa     73740
     agcctatgtt attgattgga ttcatctggt ttcctgttac aggactgccc ggagggttct     73800
     gagtccattt cttagcttcc gccccacctg ggctgcacta ggagggttct gcactgtggt     73860
     gaaggcagtc agaactgcgc ctcctaagtc cttttctgac attcctgagc ccaccagctg     73920
     catagctaat cccctggtta ggccctgggg aagaaaggaa cctggaaagg ctatgtagga     73980
     gtggcctgtc cccctatgca ggcagtcact gtatttacgg cctgtcctgt cctacctaag     74040
     ctgagtcttc cataggcaat aacatgtcac ctatcctgca aggctctcct gtgtattttc     74100
     tgagtgtctg tgtgacgctg ttgtcacaga cctgttggta ctcagcagaa caggctagat     74160
     aaacccctgt tctaaatctg aagagcagct ctctagcgac cttgtttaaa agcatgcatt     74220
     gccaggtgga ggtagcagct cacatctgtg actacaggag gatcaccacc agatcaggtc     74280
     aacctaagct acagagaccc agtcacaaaa gaaatccaaa gcttgccatg gtggcacata     74340
     cctttaaccc tagcactcag gaataattgg aggcaggtag atgttaagtt cccagccagg     74400
     gctacatagt gagatgtgag atcctaatct aaaaaaagga aaaatgagat gtgtcttcgc     74460
     aaccccagtt catcctacct gcctagaatc catagagcag attgaaaata gccactttaa     74520
     cagatttttt aaatccctcc caagaactag ggatgaaact gggtgatagg gcacttatct     74580
     agcacacaca aggccctggg tcagtcccta gtactgggac agggaaaagt gagacccatc     74640
     tgtgataaag ggctgagcat gaagttcagt tcgcagagta cttccctaat cgtcagagct     74700
     ctgcgggtcc ccagcactgc ataaatctag gggttgctct ctcaccccct cgggtgtgca     74760
     gttttatggg agaagacaga gcagtaggtc caccacagag tctgtgggac aggctgagtg     74820
     tggaggctgt cctgggctag ctgcccacac agctggcagc tgctttccag aaagccgcct     74880
     tgctttcttc caagctacat tcatctccaa ctttgctaga caagtcacta aaatggtacc     74940
     tgtttcctgt tcccacctca cagccagagg gaagagaaag aggcacatgg ctcctattcc     75000
     aggtgactga gggaggtagg aagcaggtga taggtggtgc ctgtggtggg gggaagggcc     75060
     taaagcctgc cccctcctgc tgtctgctca ggtgtagcct tcaaacctga actcctagtg     75120
     atggccacta cctcaacagt ggagagcgtc aacaaaaccg tgtcacgata aagattaaat     75180
     gagtagggtg gtcgggagct aaagttttgt gttttaagtg atgcttttaa gattatgaga     75240
     attacttaaa ctgtccttgt ggcaggaaag ggaagatgga gggagactct agccaagaga     75300
     tcagcttgtg aaaccagctg tgtaccccaa ggtagtgtga ctttaggcat gtctcttcat     75360
     ctctgtgttc cccctttgta aggttttggg gacactgcct atgtctccca gatttgtgta     75420
     cagatttaac agaattgtcg acaaaggggt tgcaagacac caatgtcact tctgcttcca     75480
     acccaggcag cagttcagct cccctcccca ctttgtaaag gacccagcta gaactccagc     75540
     cagtggctgc ttgtgtgtga aagtactgag gagaagagag agaaaagaat cccaggggca     75600
     gccctcttag agctggatcg gagacgggaa gaggagccac agctgcctct gtcaggttag     75660
     cttgacaggg ctcttctgta ggatttgtta taattgcagc tggctgctgc ttatcagtct     75720
     ctatcatgac aggtatcttg tctctttggt tagacatggc ggagatctca tgagaagact     75780
     atacccaaga gcttgctcaa gaaatgtacc aagaaagaag cctagtacta gtcagggctg     75840
     gaagatgggt acaagagcct gggtctctga tctgagcagg ctgtagagaa gtctgaggca     75900
     ttgattgctg catccttcta aggaagaagg cttctgagtg ttctttttcc tacagcagct     75960
     ggtacttagt ccaggcttgg aacacgtctg ctgatgaact aacaggacag aaggacggac     76020
     ctagggtgtg aaacttgtca aaccacatgg tcccagctga ggacttgtcc cccgccatga     76080
     cctcttccgt gttgaagttt ttgttcttgg acctggggtt tttactgggt tgctttctca     76140
     gcctaggctc ctgagtaaca aggaccacac agacagacaa cacacgttca caacctgtcc     76200
     gttcaggagt ccttgcgttt acctgtttga agcagggttt tactaagtag cccaagttgg     76260
     cctcactcac acttgaactg atcttcctac ctcagcagcc tcccagtgct ggaattacag     76320
     gtgtgtgcca tcatagctga cttcattaac tcagcgaccc gttagcattt gttttttatc     76380
     gctcatagtt gcagaggctt ggtctgggat tgcttgctca ttgtttctgg cctggttatg     76440
     aagcaatggc atagcagtgt gctggacagt ggggaagctg tttgtggcca acaggaagca     76500
     gatagagatg gatctcatag gtttatatac tgttccttcc tgtttctggg catgtcctgg     76560
     tggtcattca cctgtttgtt tactgccatt gcataaccag atgatgtcag cacctcaggg     76620
     cagggcatat gttaaaaggc ggccccagca agcaccagtg actggcctga agcataaaac     76680
     aacgatgaat aagaagccct gaaagaagag taggaaaatg tgggaggctc taactcaact     76740
     gtttcagaga cttcataagc tggcctcagg gtcctgagac agatagggtg agaagtgacc     76800
     atctgggtcc tgccaggtga gattctgcct tttgcaaggc tgagctctaa gtgtgttcac     76860
     caggaatgct ggagatggcc caatcatttt acagaataaa agtaggatgc actgtgctca     76920
     gtaagtagta gctgttagag agctcggcac tggaggtgca aagcctgtgt cttggtccat     76980
     cagtaggcaa gaagtgttcc aggaagaagg gagtgtgcta tgtagaaggt gtatgtatta     77040
     ggtgtagcgt tctttggagg ttaagtttgg tttggagtta ttttggaggt ggggggggtt     77100
     gggatgggtt tctctgtgta aacggccctg gctgttctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg     77160
     ctagcctcaa attcataaga gattcatctg attctgcctc ccaagtggtg ggattaaagg     77220
     catgtgccac cttcccccct cagggtttac atacccaaag cctttgcctc tagagtgctg     77280
     ggattaaaga ctgtcctgtg ttttgttact ttgttttgaa tgagcagggc ctaaaagcag     77340
     ttgcacagct gacagcaaaa gagcgggaag gaactgggtc gggctggaaa ggtaaactgg     77400
     gcaggaagga ggggcttagt gccctggctc cttatctgga ctcaagacta gtggtagtag     77460
     gaaacaatca gccacggcct agccgtacca cactgagaac agaagctgga aagaggaccg     77520
     aaagagagct gtgaagccag gagtgaactc ggtggtaatc gcttgcctaa catgagcagg     77580
     gctgtgggta aaccctcaac actgcaaaga cggtggacac gtgggcacag ggggttaggc     77640
     ctgttcccat cctacacgca ccgtgagctt tgaagcatac acagcataca gagagggctg     77700
     acagacccca tggccctagt gtagcttgga agcaatctct cctctccctg gtagcccctt     77760
     cggtatctct gtgtctctgg tctgtagctg ctctacaggc ctaagagtga gtgactagtt     77820
     ttcctaaaca gtcaaacatt ttcctccctg cacctcctta aatataatct gaactaccat     77880
     cgccatccca tcccccaatt ctccgcataa ttggtcactc ctttgcttag aactctccta     77940
     tgggactggt gagatgaact gaggatcaat gacgtgatcc agagggtgaa ggtgctacct     78000
     gccacagagg ctaaggaccc acaagatgag gagaggacca actcccacaa gccgttctct     78060
     aacctctttg agcacatgat gaacacctgc gtacacttgt gtgttcatgc ccacatggga     78120
     ggcagaggca ggcagatgaa ttccaggtca gcctgatcca cagagtgagt tccaaaacac     78180
     ctcagcgata cacagaatcc ctatctcgaa aaaccaaaat ataaagccaa gcacggtggc     78240
     ttttttattt tttaagtttt attttattta tatgagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac     78300
     cagaagaggg catcagatcc tttttataga tggttgtgag ccaccacgtg gttgctggga     78360
     tttgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcaatc agtgctctta catcagtgag ccatctctcc     78420
     agcccaagca tggtggcttt aatcctggga atcagggaga agaagcattt gaggccacct     78480
     tggtctacat agtgagttcc agaacagcca gagctttaca gtgaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa     78540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaataacata aaaatcagta acttgtatgg ctccctgtgt     78600
     tcatagtaaa actaaatcct catcctaaga ggtgacctct gataaccaca ctgcgccaag     78660
     ccacacatgt ctgccttcag ccttctcata gggactctcc agccactttg caagtgtgac     78720
     ctcactgtct agccttggct ttcacagaac tcctatttag accaggctgg ccttgaactc     78780
     atagaaatag gtacatctgc ctctgtctct taagatttca attgaaaact attccctcca     78840
     cccttccact ggccggcatc ttgtctgaga tgtttgcttc tgtcttggtg tctggaacac     78900
     tatgagcatt ttgtaggtct tttgaatgtc gttaactgat aaatatcttt aacactcttt     78960
     ctagatatgt aactggttca tcaatgcccg tcgtcgcctt ctccctgaca tgcttcggaa     79020
     ggatggcaaa gaccctaatc agttcaccat ctcccgtcgt gggggtaagg cctctgatgt     79080
     ggctctcccc aggggcagca gcccctctct gctggctgtg tctgttccag cccccactaa     79140
     catgctctcc ttgtctgtgt gctccatgcc actccactca ggccaaggtg aaaagccagc     79200
     agcacccttc ccacaagtgg agctggaatc ccccaaggcc ctggtgaccc ctgctagcac     79260
     actcaccctg ctgactaggg cagaggctgg aagccccacg ggtggactct tcaatacgcc     79320
     accacccaca cccccagagc aggacaagga tgacttcagc agcttccagt tgctggtgga     79380
     ggtggcgctg cagagggctg ccgagatgga gcttcagaag cagcaagagc cagcgccacc     79440
     tttgctacac actccgctgc ctttcgtctc agaaaacgcc aagtaggcac ctgctcccgg     79500
     gtggcttgag gttcctggct cactgccctt tcatgcagag ggttatccaa gtacggatca     79560
     ctgccaagca tcaggaccat tctgtccagt cctcagcgga tgtcgctgcg ctgcactgtt     79620
     acggggcctg tactctgctg agtgccattc cttcaagcgt cctctccgag gagaccaagg     79680
     caccagagcc aggcatggtg ttgctgctgc tcctccagag agccctggga cacctgcact     79740
     ccagcctgct ttcctaggca ggctcaggaa agctgccaag tccagacttg agctgggtcc     79800
     aagccgcccc taagctgtgc ctcttttggt cgagccaggt gtgcacattc caacctattc     79860
     aaaggacaaa ggaaatgccc agcagatgtc acagaaccga ctccagttga atgtttagat     79920
     ttttgctaaa ttgttttatt ttccttttgc tgtggtttgt gttaatgcag taggtagccc     79980
     agaagcacag gtgtggggag agagcacctt acacggtggg tggagctcgg taagtgggta     80040
     atctacttcc cacaggatgg ttgtataggg accagcagat tctctgcagt ggtgctgagt     80100
     tcagactaga gtggttgttt aattcttggt ttggtcttcc ctattataaa agacagaagg     80160
     aaaatatcca caggtggtgg gttatttgca ccagacggtc atttagacac agcagagaca     80220
     gatgacaaaa ccagaggcac acgtgtttct attgtcgtgg ttaagctaga gtgaaacagc     80280
     tctgtttttc tctctgttct gagtaactcc cctcacccca ccccagcgac ccccaccctg     80340
     caccaccttt gtagcttgtt tcggatttat tctggagctt ggcaagaatg tcgtgtgcca     80400
     gcatctactt gggaggagtg agccatctgc tggtcattag gcccttcgga aagctgcttg     80460
     ttcacagagg cagctggaac cttcctggag gagaggctgc tgaggctacc gactggccca     80520
     cctcccttca gggtgggatt gcaagggcct gcctaaattt cccggggaaa cagaccacac     80580
     ttggtcttaa tctctcccct tttcccgttt actttgctta gttttcagca acagtatacc     80640
     ccatctttat atcctaagaa acactaatcc tagatttgta ttaaccaaaa tacttgtgtt     80700
     ctgaataacc agaagatgtg aggagccctg actgtggtct gaggttcacc cgggtgtgag     80760
     cacagacggg gctcttggat gttgactggc ttggagtgcc tgttccgagg aaggcagaga     80820
     ccactctggc ctttccaggg agcccctgag gcttagcagg cttccatacc tctcctgagt     80880
     gacttcaccc atcccttgct gtgcaagtgg gcgcgagaat ggctatttgt aaggggctgc     80940
     ttccctgggc tctgcctcat gcctccctct ggcttcctgt cctgtaggag acccagcagg     81000
     ctcaactctc tgtcaccctg aggcactgct gggaagggaa catggcttca ttgactttgt     81060
     ggtttgccca ctgctacccc acctgtctgt gagaccccat gatggctgta ggatgctaag     81120
     gcgggggtga tactaggatg agggatttct tttcccccca cagtgcactg agcaagggag     81180
     gagggaggga gccatgctgc tgacatattc tggcattccc cctcctggga taaaacaggg     81240
     catcagaaag gtagagcggt ctctgcttag gttgcctgta agataaatgt ggagaagcac     81300
     ggttgtccca ttgaacaata tttgagcaaa aaactactgt aaataactgg tttttgtctt     81360
     ttgtcaaata aaattgtttt ggttttgttt atgttttaaa gtcaaactga attttttgtt     81420
     gtttcttttt caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt     81480
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgtctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt     81540
     aaaggcgtgt gccaccactg cccggccaaa ctgaattctt gattggacct aatgtgcttt     81600
     ggaaataagt gttttggttt tggtttggct cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     81660
     gacatggttt ctttgtaggc ctggctgtag accagactgg cctcaaattc tgagatcctc     81720
     ctggctctgc ccacaggtgc tgggatcaaa ggcgtgcacc cgtcactgag ttctaaccct     81780
     accttacctc tgctgctctc cctctagccc cctaggtgtt gtgcaagcct ttcctggtct     81840
     gcatctgtcc cgtcaagcac tgtctacagg gatgcattcc ctgtaagcct ggccagtcca     81900
     cggactacag gtagacttgg agaactgcca cttaggaggt gcagttttgt cccccaggtg     81960
     aggagaagca tcatatcagg cggatatgag agacacacct gctttagcca cagctcaagg     82020
     caagaagacc tctgcttctc tgcgttgtca gcctgtaaat tcccatttga ttccattcgc     82080
     tgtgggtgta ttttgccaca tcatgattat aattgtggca taaagtacaa acgacagcag     82140
     tagtgaccag ctctgctgtg tgcatgggca gtgctcatct gtgtcttaca cacttacaca     82200
     ggttacccac accctgagaa aggcaactga gtgaggattt aggtaactga actcagccag     82260
     tataggtatg gatttaggac ttttaagtgt cttgcttcaa ggtcactgag agacatccaa     82320
     aacccagtta aagtagtggt aagcggttta ccactaacag gcatccagtt atctttaaca     82380
     tcaatgtggg ctaagcactt ccacaatcaa atcagctggc tgcatttttt ttttaatttt     82440
     tttttttttt agatttattt catgtgtgta ttttacttgt atgccaccac aagttagaag     82500
     agggtgttag atgccctaga attgtagtta gagaaattac aagccaccat ctgggttctg     82560
     ggagccaaac tcacgtcctt ggcagaagga acaagtgttc caactgctgg gccacctccc     82620
     cagccttcgt ttgatttggt ttggtttggt ttggtttgtg ataagtgtct cctgtatgca     82680
     tctagtctag ccttgaactc ctgatcctcc tgtactcttt catccggggt ctgttagtgt     82740
     cccctacagc tcaacagtta ggcccaagac ttacaggaat aggtaaactc aaaagaggtt     82800
     tgcttttgct gggcatagta cacaggtcca gtgttcttgg agtagaggca ggatgatgag     82860
     agactccaag gctagcctag gctacacagc aggatgttat gccatctgaa aggtaatatt     82920
     ctgtgtgtgg tttggatgtg aaatgtctca tgaaggccct acagttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     82980
     aaactgttgc aaactgatgg gcttttggga ctttttttcc aggacataag ggctttagct     83040
     gactagtcat tggatgagtt tataattgag gggtgtggga aagtggagac taagggggca     83100
     ctaagcaggc cactggatgg gtgggtgtgc cctagcagaa cctgtgaaga tcgcattcct     83160
     gtttccctcc ccttccctgt tgctgctgta agcacccttt ctccacctta aacctctagg     83220
     caagccttga gctagcataa accttcgttc ctttacatta tttctcaagg gatatggtca     83280
     tggtgatgaa aatgtgactg atacaccctg aaaaagagaa gtgttgtgag ggttccactt     83340
     tgtaaagaga aatggcttct ctaaatgaaa ccctaacctt ttcagagaac taaaactgaa     83400
     actatctgcc gagagctaaa gccctagccc tgttgacaga gtgaatgcct ggcgttcaca     83460
     aagtcctggc tttgatccta gcaccactca ctcaaatgat aaccagacaa gcctgtatct     83520
     cagaactctt gaagagctca gtgtatgaat gcactgctgc agagcttgat ggcctgagtt     83580
     caattcccag gacccctgtg acaaaaaaga gaagtgacta ctacaaattg tccttttgtc     83640
     tcctcatatg tagaggggta cacacgtatc cccacatgca caaatgtaac ttaaaaaaac     83700
     tttttttttt ttttaagttc aagatggtct tcagctatat agccaagttg gaggctacct     83760
     gagatacata aggcctggtc tcaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa ccctcagaag     83820
     ccctaggttg ataattagct tgaatttaca tgcaagtgag actgatgctt cttgttttta     83880
     ggacagagtc tcaccacgtg gcctaggcta gcctcaaaat cagggcactt ccgcatcatc     83940
     tccaggtcac tccacctgtc tgtgtgtgtg ttgggaagaa gggttgggga tcaaaccaga     84000
     gacttgccac ctaccaggga cactacaagt cagctagccc ccagactccc aatcttaaca     84060
     gttacaagaa agaaaaaagg tctcgggttg ggaaagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcattg     84120
     gctcgtcttc cagaagatcc cagttcaatt ctcagcaccc acatggcagc ccacacctgc     84180
     ctgcaactcc agttccaggg gtccaccaca cagacatatg caggtaagac agcaatgcac     84240
     ataaaataag aaagaagaaa gttcttccct gaatcttgtg acttcttagc cctcctgagg     84300
     gtcaccttcc tgggactttc cactgtaatc cctacgctcc cattcctgga ctccacatca     84360
     cagactgaac caaatctgca tgtgctaccc aagtactctt ccctgtcttt attcaccgaa     84420
     taacatgggc ggtggcttcc ccaccgtacg tcaggttgct gcaatccatc agtgtgtatc     84480
     tgaggccagc tccaactcca ctgcaagcag ctgtcaggga cacgggcggt cggtctagtg     84540
     ggaaggaaat agtctaatgg ctgaggccat gtttgacttg ctaaaatcct aaaacctcac     84600
     aaagacaaat tgtgccctac ttccaaatct gactcctacc tccaaacctg acttcatcaa     84660
     gttcttagac tccatcttag accacccaag atgtttattt taaccagatg gatgccctgg     84720
     gattcagcca gattcttcac ttcctaagaa agcctttcga gaactcaaaa aggggacaag     84780
     tcagtctccc tctttctaag ctagggctta cccagctcag cttcagggga aaccagaagc     84840
     acagaccggg tttccagtgg atcttaacat ctaagttgtt gatcaccgtg agctacacgg     84900
     caggatccca gaccctccca accttcataa acttgcctga ctcctatgaa aaatcaaaat     84960
     ttgataaatt taagacttaa agttgagggg ctgaagagat ggctcagcaa ttaaagaaca     85020
     ctaactgctc ttccggaggt cttgagttga attcttagca accacgtggt tgctcacaac     85080
     catctgtaat gggatccgat gcactcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagctg tagtgtactc     85140
     acacacatac aatttaaaaa aaaaattaaa agttgaactt cacaatctat aacataaata     85200
     gttggtgggt gtttttctct cctgtaaaag ctacttgcag gagttctggg ctgggtgggc     85260
     tggtgcagtt ctgtaatact tgcactgggg gcttgcaggc aggaaaccct gggttcaagt     85320
     cctattacta cataaaacta accaggcatg atagtgagaa cctataatcc tggcacttgg     85380
     aatagagatg tgggaggaac caaaatacaa catcatcctt tggttggttg gttggttggt     85440
     tggttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag     85500
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctac ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggatcaa     85560
     aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc ggctatgaaa tcattttcaa aaaaaaaaaa aactacacag     85620
     ttatgccggg cagtggtggt acatgtcttc aggaggcagg cagatctgag ttcaaggcca     85680
     gcctggctac aaagtgagtt tcaggacatc cagggccaca cagagaaacc ccgtctcaaa     85740
     aatacaaaaa acctacaaag ttacagcggt ggcactggca tgaaaaaaga ctcctttatt     85800
     gactaataga cagagaaccc taaaataaat gaacccttac atgcatgaag atggtcagat     85860
     tattctcaag aagggcccga gggcaatgtg gaaaagactc tttgggaggg gactgggatc     85920
     ttgatagttg tttcaacaga tagagttgga aaactgaaaa tctacatgcc atgcaaaaga     85980
     atgaatcaga gctttcacaa atacacagaa atgaactcta aataaatgcg aaactgtggc     86040
     tcagtgttag agggcttgca tagcctgggc tacaccctga gtttcattaa caccaagaaa     86100
     agagcatgca aattttatcc ccaattcctg aactccggcg gctaagccgt agtggcgcac     86160
     gcctttaatc ccagcaatcg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccaggc     86220
     tggtctacag tgtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtcaccaaaa     86280
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaacaggg tctcttttct ttatatagcc ctggctgtct tgaacatatt     86340
     atgtagacta ggctggcctt gaactcacag agatccacct gcctctgtcg ctcaagtact     86400
     gggattaaag gcagttccac ctgaaaaaca actgaatgtc actctgcagc tcaggctagc     86460
     cttgaattct tgatcctcct gactccatct tccaaatgcc agattactca aaatatgatt     86520
     aatcagtcct aagtacgcca catgagcaca tctgcacatg tgggcacaca ctcagtcaaa     86580
     aatatacaca taaataaata aaataaactt gggcgatatg agacagggtc tcactatgta     86640
     gtcctggctg tctcggaact cgctgtgtag atcagcctga ccttaaactc acagagattc     86700
     acctgcttct tcagtctgat gctggaacca cacttggcaa gataactttt taagagcata     86760
     cacaggctgg catggtgagg cctgctttta atctcagtac cctgaggaag gagacacagc     86820
     tgaaactgtg taagtttcag atcaacctgg cctatatagc aaactccagg ccagccaagg     86880
     gctctatagt gagatcctat ttcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     86940
     cacacacaca caccacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     87000
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgactgg agagagatgg cacagtgctt     87060
     acgaattctg gcttaggaac acacacacac acacacacac acgactggag agagatggca     87120
     cagtgcttac gaattctggc ttaggaattc agttccgggc tggacagaat taagagcact     87180
     gattgctctt tcagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcacc cacatcatgg ctcataacca     87240
     tatgtaatgg gattcaatgc cctcttcctg tgtgtctgaa gacagcaaca gcatatatat     87300
     gtacatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatac acatatatat ttgtgtatac     87360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatat acacacacat ataaaataaa     87420
     cttttaaaaa agaaatcaat tccaagcacc tgaatgactg cgcccaacta tctgtaggag     87480
     atatgtcgcc ctcttaggca gcaggcacac aaagtggtgc acacacagac acacacacac     87540
     acacacacac actgcaggca aaacacccat actatggaat gaaataatta tttttaaaaa     87600
     gaaaagaact cggatttaga gtaaaataaa cccaactact aactcaatga ttccaggcaa     87660
     attactttgc ctttataaac tcactgcata aaagtgatgt tccgggctgg agagatggct     87720
     catagattaa gaacactagc tgctcctcca gaggttctaa gttcaattcc cagcaaccac     87780
     atggtagctc ataaccatct ataatgtgat ctggtaacct ctcttctggc ctgcaggcaa     87840
     acatgcagcc agaacgatgt atacataata aacaattctt ggggggtttt tcttttcttt     87900
     tgttttttag tgatatccct tagcatagca catcctgtgt ggcaccatct ggaggatggg     87960
     actgattttg ctcatttgtc tgtttgaggc agcatctctc actctgtatg ctagaccagc     88020
     ttcgctgtgt aacccaggtc agacggggca cgggatcttg gaatgtagcc aggccagcct     88080
     aacattcctc cccgggtttg gactgcagac gagtcacagt gtacaccaca acgtgtcttt     88140
     gtacaagttc gcagggggtg ctgctccttc tgtcctttca aaacacatcc tgggaagtgc     88200
     taacaacaca cagtgaggac ggggtagcta gcccgacacc tactactttt ctattccccc     88260
     tagtggggtt ctcccctggt ttcaacttgc ctcatcctta ggaaagaatt tctctcttgg     88320
     gatctcagct tcacattcgg atctcagaag agaacgctga gcaagaggag acgttagggt     88380
     tcacagaatt gttttttttc ccgttgagac aggttgtcgt gaccggggac ttaccatcct     88440
     ccagcaggta gacaggcttg caccatcgcc aggcgaggga actttggttt ggtttttgtt     88500
     tttgttttgt tttccatagt catgaacaaa gtcgtgaata acgtgtaggt ttaggagaga     88560
     acgcacagaa ggtaactcca gtggggcagc ccagggcttc cggggaccaa ggacccggct     88620
     cgggaggcgg agcaggatgc aaggccactt cttctttgtg tcgctccggg ggacgagccg     88680
     cggctcagcc ggcaaggaaa cgtacaatct cggctttcct cggaggggct gtgcctcagt     88740
     cttcacagcg cctcctcgcg cacagatcgc ctccgggccg cacttgtccc ttctcgctca     88800
     ccgtcccctg gcgtccgccg gaagcttctg tcacttccgc ccaccggagg ggacgctcgc     88860
     gtcgaggcgt cgccgagctt cggagccgac cgccgcgtgg ccgccgattg gctgcgtgcg     88920
     cacgtcatca gggccccgcc cctccctcgg cggcgcctgc tccgtggagc ttagcgagcc     88980
     ggccgctggg cagagcgagc agagcctcgg cgggccactg tccctcgctg cccggactac     89040
     cgctgccgcc ccgcgcgccg agtcccgcgg tcccagaccc cgactccctt cggcttggcc     89100
     cgcgcgcccc acgcccggct cgggcggcgc gacgggagga tgagcggcgg gcggcggaag     89160
     gaggagccgc ctcagccgca gctggccaac ggggccctca aggtgtccgt gtggagcaag     89220
     gtgctgcgga gcgacgcggc ctgggacgac aaggtgcaga aggcccggcg agggaggacg     89280
     ggcccgggtc tccctcgccc cggccaatcg gccgggcgcg gccatgggag cagggagcgg     89340
     ggtgccaagg gggccggcgc gtagtggagc gagcggagcc cctgctatcc cccgccgttt     89400
     gctccgcagg atccggagta gttagcgctt ctgaagactg cgcacgtgcc gggtgcggaa     89460
     tccctgaagt gcgtttactt tgcacattgc gaggggtggc tctgtccttg ctcgcttaga     89520
     tgagaaagaa gacatgccct gtgagcttta agattcgaga gccggttcta agaccacctt     89580
     aagagggtgt gagttagtaa gaaagtcgct agacatgggt tagaagaggt tggggactta     89640
     aagatgcact cgctggtcat ctccagagga tctgagcctg gacgcctcct atcattgctc     89700
     cattctgtga tcttcaagcc tgtcaccatt cagcccgatt ctagatggtt tgaaaagaat     89760
     gctatatttg gactccttcc gttgtttgga ctgttgaaat tgggcttccc tcccttcagt     89820
     tccgccatgg agggggggag tacttcctga aggtgccctt ggcctgcccc cagccctgcc     89880
     cagctcttgc aaaacctgtc gtctttgtga actgctgtgt catatttttt atcttccccg     89940
     gtccaaggac tggtgtctgg agtccagggc agttcacaaa cctgagtgct ctttgttggg     90000
     tgaaacttag atgagctggc acaggcctaa gcacacactt ctccaccacc acactttcct     90060
     aactctggct ttctcaaaag tcgctgtaca ggaagggtgg gaactgaagt taatagtttt     90120
     tcttcctgga gactctctag aacttagctg gccagccaag ggttatctgt ggccaggagc     90180
     acagtgccca ttgtcacttc aaaacaaact tctatttacg cagcttcttt taaagaagta     90240
     acgacttctc taaaatatgg tagagaacag gctctggaat tagtcactta atagtctaaa     90300
     tatattgttt cccatcacac tttagtagaa ggaatgacag aagaaccaca tatggagcaa     90360
     ggtggtggtg gtagtgcact gggaggcaga ggtcggggaa tccctgagtt gcaggccagc     90420
     ctggtctaca gagtgaattc caagacagcc agagctacac agagaaaccc tgcctcgaaa     90480
     acaacaacaa aaaagaacca catatgggga ctagagaggc ctcagcagtt tagagtgggc     90540
     tccaatccaa gcacccatat ggtgagtcac aacggtctgt aactccagtt ctgaggagtt     90600
     ccagtgttcc agcatccatg ggcagcaggc acatacatgg tgctcatgca tacattaaga     90660
     taaaacatac agggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacctgact gctcttccga     90720
     aggtccggag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taacaagatc     90780
     tgactccctc ttctgtagtg tctgaagaca cctacagtgt acttacatat aatcaataaa     90840
     tctttaaaaa aaaaagataa aacatacata taaaataagt ttagaaaaaa aagaaaagag     90900
     ccatgtgctt agctagacat tgtgaaccac acctttagtt cagtactctt gacccaaggc     90960
     ctagtttaca tagcagattc cagggctact taatgagttt gtaggaaata tttaataagc     91020
     ttttgcttct ccacctgtag ctgtcctgtg gcagccactc cagataacgc atacattgtg     91080
     tcttttctat aggatgaatt tttagatgtg atctactggt tccgacagat catcgctctg     91140
     gttttgggtg tcatttgggg cgttttgccc ttgcgaggct tcttgggaat agcagggtaa     91200
     gtcttgggta tcacagtctt gtggtttttg tctcactctg gagcttagaa cttacaggag     91260
     ctctcttata cgcgctagga ttgtgagcaa gacacagtgt tcaggatcct catttctatt     91320
     ttttatttaa aaaaaaattc ttttaaaggc acagggtctc gtgtagccca ggttgccccg     91380
     tgactcctgc tccttttgcc tccttttccc aagtgctgtt ggtgattaca ggcgtgcatc     91440
     aacatgcttg gttggctctg ttttcctttt atgactggca ctgtgtgcat ctgattacta     91500
     aagcaaagaa gtgagcatta gcactcctgg gctgcagtgt tcttagttcc tcggcctggg     91560
     agcatctcat gttggcgtac tgtcctaaga ctgggccagt ctgtttattc atggctctaa     91620
     catgccttct tttgagcggt tatgttattg gcaacaactg tggcctatgt ggaagtttgg     91680
     gaagtagagg agctttgtag ttgatgacct ttttgttgtt ttggtttggt tttgtttttg     91740
     ctttgcattt tgcttgataa acagcccttg gccttggcag gagttacttt ctaggtccct     91800
     acattttaaa agtggaggcc tgactttgca cattttactt tcctcctggc caacgacagc     91860
     agccatgaca cctgctcatg gttcgggcta agcagttagt gaaagcaagt ctgtgccggt     91920
     gaaactgcat ttaaaggcag ttaagttgga actgtgagta agctcttaca gaaggaagga     91980
     agaaggctgc tttttctctt tcccttaggg aatgtaagtg agcactctcc tgtctcacct     92040
     ctcccccatg gaaagccatg ctggttggtt gggggatgac agtgtctctt actagttctc     92100
     ctcctacttc ttctctttta aatgtgtatt ggtgttttgc ctgcatgtat gtctgtagga     92160
     cggggtcaaa tattggagtt acaggcagtt gtgagctgtc acgtaggtgc tgagaattga     92220
     acccaggtcc tctggaacca ctgagctatc tctccagcct cttactagtt ctttagagag     92280
     ggggaagtga gtatgtttca gaaatagagt tgtataattt cttggacagt agtaatccca     92340
     aagaaatata tagtagttcc tcttgctgac agatctattc caagaccctc agttgatact     92400
     caaaaccaat tacatatctc tgaaaaagtt taaattataa atgaagagct agacatgatg     92460
     gtatatgtct gtaatctctg tacttaggga agctgagaca ggaggctgtc catgagtttg     92520
     agaccagctg gactgcatag tgagtttctg gccagtcagc caaggatatg aagtaagact     92580
     ctgtctcaga aaaccttttt caaaagttac aaataaatcg ttgtgagaga ttaacagcag     92640
     taactaataa aaataacaac tctaccctgg caaggtggca cacacctttc atcccagcac     92700
     ttggaaggaa aaggtaagca gacctccgaa ttccaggcca gcctagtcta caaagcaaga     92760
     tccaggacgg caagggctgt tacacagaga aaccttgtcc cttgtctcta aaaaaccaaa     92820
     accaaacaaa caaaaaaccc aactataata atacaagcca tgtaataaaa ttacatggtt     92880
     cttttctctg tctcagaata tttagttgtc agccgggtgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc     92940
     ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcagacggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag     93000
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gaaaaaccct gtctcaggga ggggggcggg     93060
     ggatttagtt gttgtatact acttctgcta gtgatggtat tagatatttg cagaaagtac     93120
     ttaatggctt tttttagtgt atccagttaa ttttgaggct gttactaagt agagagccag     93180
     ggttgtttga ggacaagcac tgatactgtc acaggcctga aaaccaagcc accattgacg     93240
     aacaggcaag ataatctgca ttgtaagtgg aggaatgatg cggtgaagcg gggcagcaga     93300
     ttttactcac agcgtggagt ggctgcagtt gaagtgaata cagtttattt acatggcaca     93360
     tgtttgtgga atttcccatt tgtccatgat tgatggtaga taactgaaac cacacaaaaa     93420
     ctgaggaaga ggtacctact attctgtgcc tcctaaccaa aaaggtgtcc tacttttttt     93480
     ataccgagca aggcattata taaggaaacc attaagagtt gatgctgtgg gtgcttaagg     93540
     tgggttgggg ggtgacgaga cattggacct aggattctcc taggtggaga aggtgaaagg     93600
     tgctgatcac cacacttgag ctaaaaggaa aggcagagaa gagtgccaga ggatgagggg     93660
     gctgtccacc agtgtaaggg agaggatgag gaggctgtcc accagtgtaa gggagaggat     93720
     gagggggctg tccaccagtg taagggagag gatgaggggg ctgtccacca gtgtaaggga     93780
     gaggatgagg gggctgtcca ccagtgttcg ggtgagatac ttcgagttca gagctcctac     93840
     acctgtcaga tcttacaata ctattttttc tctttggtac acaagctgca atgtatgtgc     93900
     ataaagaggc caaaacagaa tgccaggtgt cttcctctat tgctctgtgc aatgttgcct     93960
     tcagacaggg tctctcacta aactagtagc ttgccacccc aagttaggct ggcttgccag     94020
     tgagttcttg gggtctgctt gtcccccaat actggaataa caaatatatg ttgccatgac     94080
     tgggctttta tatgggtggt ggggatttga actcaggccc tcgtgtttaa gatttattta     94140
     tttttattta tgtgagtaca ctgtagctgt ctttagacat atcagaagag ggcatcagat     94200
     ctcaccacag atggttatga accaccatgt agttgctggg aattgaactc atgacctctg     94260
     gaagagcagt atggtgctct taaccgttga gccatctctc cagccccaac cactgaggta     94320
     tctttacagc ccttaaaaca ttaaaaatat ttttattagt tttcatggca gtcagaacaa     94380
     cttaagatgt tggttctctc cttcaccacg tagaaaccta gcggttgagc ttgggtcagc     94440
     aggtttggct caaaagcctt tgctcactta agcccttttg taagattttg ttatgatttc     94500
     cttattttta aatggcgact taaactaact ctggctgcct ggaactcact ttgtagacct     94560
     actgatttca aagtcacaga gatccatctg cttctgcccc tatagtgctg ggattaaagg     94620
     catgggccac tatgcctgcc cttctgtagg atgctgaaag gatatctctg aagacatgca     94680
     gtctgggaat gatctgacaa ggaccggagt agttctttgc tcttcttctg tgtgcagaca     94740
     gccttttaaa acttcataga aaactccgcc ttcaaggtgt agatttgctc ctttgaagct     94800
     atatagtcta gggcttacct gaggtcagtt tcctcatcag taaaatgggg acaaggagtg     94860
     actgagtaac ttgctaagtg gagaccagtt tgtcaggcgt acatgagtcg tccactgctg     94920
     ttgtcacgtg agtaggttta caaacagtgg gaaaatgtgc ccgagagaac aagaaactga     94980
     atgcactttg tactgactcg gccagtgtgt ggggccagtg tgccagagtt gtccatttct     95040
     gggattcagt cccacactca ccacagccag tttctcaccg tgtacaaacc ctgacttcct     95100
     ctgggttgga actttcccta ctttggaaag gccaagaact ttgattttgt tatttctccg     95160
     tcccggcttc ctttgcttta ggactgacct cctggagctt gtctctagtg aattcccctc     95220
     ctctccagtt tagctgtcct ctgtccagct cctgtcttgc tttatttcat tctgtgtggc     95280
     agtcggttac agtaaaaccc gtgcttccat tttttgtaat ttgcctgaga actggcggac     95340
     agctcttctg tctactaagg tattgcgttg acgacccacc tctgggtctc agctcagcat     95400
     aggatcacta tgtgttcaga taatgtttgt taaactgttt cgtttatatg tgtatattac     95460
     gtggatttat ttcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagtg     95520
     agtgaagtgg acgcccattc atgtagaagt aagagaacat cttggagtca gtgttatcca     95580
     ccatgtggct tgatctcaga ttggcaggcg cagccttaac cgtgagacat ctcgctggtc     95640
     cttttgttgt tgtttactgc aggggatggg gactcactgt attatgcagg ctgaccttga     95700
     attaatcttc ttcctcatcc tccaaataca agaatgacct ggaactattt tttgtttcca     95760
     cctcatactg ggtttacctg ctgtatgact cttcctcatt tattcagtag tgatttgaat     95820
     acacaattag gatgaggtcc ttctagggct tcctcacccc tgcctctaac ctcacttacc     95880
     ataaagttaa gcctttcttt ctgtgatggc tgtctgcatt ggatattact cctgaaagga     95940
     aggaagtgcc tgtgtcagcc ttttccttgt caccccatca ctcactccac ggtcctccac     96000
     atcagctcat tatcactgtg ggctaatctg gtttggtttt tccaaataca cacacacacc     96060
     catgacaggg tttctctgtg tagccttcac tgccctagaa ctcactttgt agatcaggcc     96120
     agtctcgaac tcacaaagat cagaatgcct ctgggattaa aggcatgtag gaccactgcc     96180
     cagctttttt taaataattg ttttgtatgt acataacatc tatttgcaca cctgatgcca     96240
     tggaattaca gtaatatata gtggagagct atcgtgtggt tgtagggaat tgaactcagg     96300
     acctctgaaa gagcagccag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagc ccctttttgt     96360
     tcttaaagac agttcttatt ctagcccaga ctggccttga aattccagca gtccttcttg     96420
     cctcaacctc ccaagtattg gattgcaggc acgggttgac ccatctccag agctagctta     96480
     ttatctaagc tttcgagtat cagtctctag ctagaacgag taagtcagcc tgtccaaaat     96540
     aaaggtcctt tgggggatgg gaggtggcca gatgccaaga tttctggcag aagatgaggg     96600
     tgtggctaca gtataatcaa aagcctcgtt tctttgaaat ccaagaacag ttgcactcaa     96660
     caaaatgcct ttgtctcctc ttacctcttc agccacgtgc tcatctccaa gacacatttg     96720
     ctccccactc ctgttccttc cgttcatgag aaagccatta tattactgtc cacaagccaa     96780
     acggtgaagc ctgtacccca gtcctctcac ctgcaatagg atacagtgat cccaccgatc     96840
     acccgtgcac tgagtgcttc cttgcagcag tctgagctcc actccttgga aacaatctgc     96900
     atcatcccac acacacgtgc gcactcctcc catcctctct atccattgtg ttcagtttct     96960
     gatcagctca atacatcctg gggtcagacg gatgggcttc atcaatcatc agtttcgact     97020
     ccattcccat tgctgttatt agcccctaat agatgataaa ctggagccaa gggtatctgg     97080
     tttacctcgt cactgagtaa caagctattc ataaatggcc ttctcttggg aattaatgca     97140
     gagagcaaac aatgttttta cttgctttac taggccataa agcaattaaa tatgtctgtc     97200
     ccctgaccgt ccttcaacag gagctgtgtt gaggcttatg gctggtgtag gtcttattta     97260
     gggtggcacg acagccatgc tgatttcttc gaggaggctg agagaaattg tgtgctttac     97320
     attggagaat gagtgagtgt ggtggtggtg tgctccttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca     97380
     gaggcaggag acctcttgtg agcttaaggt tagctgatct acatagtgag accctatctc     97440
     caaaaaaaaa agtgtagatt ggagaattgg ggcagtgcta ggaatggaac tcaaagttga     97500
     gtgtgtctag agcactagac aagtgttctg ccattgcgtt gagacccctg cccggtgctt     97560
     taaatggttt ttgttgttgt tgttgctttg gtttggtttt ttttttgaga cagggtttct     97620
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga     97680
     aatccgtatg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggatcaaagg cgtgcgccac catgcccggc     97740
     tgctttaaat gttttatttc acgcttgtga ctaagagtag ttgttccttc cttaaatctc     97800
     cagcttagtt gggtaggcag ctccacttaa ggtctagaca tttgaattat ttccttcact     97860
     tctccaaacc taataactat cagaggcccc ctgttggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt     97920
     ctgtctgtct atgaggaagc tgaggcccct ctggatagac ttacccagac actcatgatg     97980
     aagtaaacag attgagcctg tcttcctaag attggaactt ttgtctggga gtcatcccct     98040
     gcctgggcag ggcagggcag ggtagggaga taccacccat agacgaagaa taaactggaa     98100
     catgggtgtg aggggagagc ctgcggcctc agagcttacg gtttgtgttt ggtgttgatt     98160
     cccctcactc cagattctgc ctgatcaatg caggagttct gtatctctac ttcagtaact     98220
     acctacaaat cgacgaggaa gaatatgggg gcacgtggga gctcaccaaa gaaggcttta     98280
     tgacatcatt tgccttgttc atggtatgtg tggctggtag ttctacaaca ccttctgttt     98340
     atttaatgag atgccaggtt gctcagagaa aacactcatt gacttattaa tttgagttca     98400
     gactgaggta catagaaaga ccttatcctc aaaagaaaga aaaaaaagcc aagaatttag     98460
     atatgtgtat atgaaatata tccaggggaa agcagcggct cccacggctg taatctgaag     98520
     tgtaaagtgt ctgctatgca tacagtgaaa tgatgattgt ctgctcctga gcataggtga     98580
     gccttgaaaa cattatgcca agtggaagac tctacggcta catggtcccc ttagtaaaat     98640
     acagaataca cagggccaga gacagaaagt aggttagtgg ttgccagtac ctgaagctcc     98700
     ggagagaggt ggcaagtgac cgtgggaaca gactttttct ttgatgtttt gagattaatg     98760
     ataattatcc tttatgaaca tcctaaagac ctcagattta tacattgctg ccttcatgtg     98820
     ggggaggagc ctgtgttgat ccaggtgacg atatgaatat tgcttgtgtc tcccgtaggt     98880
     catttggatc atcttttaca ctgccatcca ctatgactga tggcatttgc tcccgtgtct     98940
     tctgtccagt ccgaaggacc cttttactac agcacaggta catgccaatt ggggcactcc     99000
     tgccgcgtgg aaccgggaag acccacgtct cctgaactta gaatcaacgt gttggacatc     99060
     agtattttcc gcaagggttg tgaaactttt caaagaacca tccgcctttg gggaagcatt     99120
     tctgaatttg tccattgtca actgtttttc cttggatacc atcatgtaac agctgtttgc     99180
     cgagtggagc tgctgttgaa tttgatgcgc ctctggatcc ggatgaaaca ttgtcttcct     99240
     tggttctccg tcaggtgtac agtttttaaa ccatcactgc atctcaagtc ttctgaaaac     99300
     accatgtgtg tggtccatgg tacaatacaa gcagccatct aataagtctc cattgtagga     99360
     tgttttcaga aacttgaata aacaaatctt taactgaaag tgtgttggca tgcctggtaa     99420
     actaaagcct tgcttaccta ctgaccttac cctctgaacc taggagtagg gtttagcaga     99480
     gcccctgctc tcttccctcc tccctctcct cccacagcag cagtagcagc cagactcttt     99540
     ctcttttggc tggagttggt attggcattt cagagagggt ccaccacctg atgtcctgac     99600
     tcagtactga gataggtgac tgggctagat gtgagattta aacggtgtca ttttgtgttt     99660
     gaccaccagg tggcaaaacg ggggtatggg gaggacctgg ctgtttgaac actgaagttg     99720
     gctgaaagga cttgatggga gatcatggga agatctggat tgtcagtctt cctcgtgcgt     99780
     gggagttagg tggggtctac tgcggtaaag ccatccagtg ttcctcttgt caatgctttc     99840
     tgagccatcc taccatctga gatgtgtttg cattctggaa aagacttgtg agcgttccca     99900
     atattttttc tctccatggt agtgatgctc tctctgtctt ttagtagggc tgagtagctg     99960
     ctgtactgga catttctctc aggaagtgac ttatcagacc tcagaagtat tttattctct    100020
     gtagaggcca gccctgcttt gaactgcact gcacatggac tagaagtagt aggtaggggt    100080
     gaggccttag gagatacatg acttatcaga aagcccaggt gaggccccga gtgtctgtgc    100140
     cccaccccag ccgtctctgt tctcccagcc ttgcctcctg gagctttgtc agggtcagcg    100200
     gagttggagc tctcggtgcc acagtcttgg ttccctttct ctttgtgctc cagggctaag    100260
     catcatccaa ggggtcctca gccaggctga tgtaggaact gagggactct cggagcccct    100320
     cactgagcag agatgcctcc ccactcgcag gtgcttccag aaacaggagg ctgctgtgga    100380
     tgggggacag cgggtgaagg agtcacttcc cctgtgcttg ccacacagtt cattgcctca    100440
     gaatagcacc atgtcactga caaactcagg ctcctcattt cttactgatc ttactccatc    100500
     ttacctccct atgcaggact gtgatcaccc acccagccta acctacatcc tacctggctc    100560
     ccctgaggtc catgcctccc tttcccaact ctgccttgtc ctctacactg cttcagcctg    100620
     gctgcactct agaagtgtcc ctgaatgtga cagccccatt gtgggttgtg agtctatttc    100680
     ttattctgcc tttatgtttc aaatattctt accggtccag ctttttccaa tttagtgatg    100740
     atgttggcac agtcacaggt ggaggtgtat ctttgccagg tagtggccca agcttctgca    100800
     ggacacacgg ctccctgagg ggacagcaga tgccatctgc tagctctgtg gaagagatcc    100860
     aaacctgtga tatggtacct gccccaggag ttttctgtgc ttggcatatt gagggcatgg    100920
     ttgccaaaaa gtaataggaa gtgaagtctc aagtgatggg tctcataaag gcagacaggt    100980
     ggtaaaggtc aactggacaa agttatgggg tacttaattc tgtgtaaaac tgagaagcaa    101040
     gtagggagag gtcagcctgg gacccatcgt acctactgta tagaaccacc ttgtaggaaa    101100
     ccccaagtca actttctcaa gaggtgtccc cctacacaca cacacacaca cacacatact    101160
     ttttttcttt cctcaagaca ggttttctct ctagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg    101220
     taggccagac tagcctggaa ctcagatctg cctgcctcca cccgctgtgt gctgggatta    101280
     aaggtgtgca ccaccactgc caataaggtt ttcccctttg tctccttgac atcagaaatg    101340
     ctagctaagg attgcattgc acccaggaag agcacagtct ggttcctgtg ggaagaactc    101400
     agcttctgtg cacattaatt tagaatcacc gttgcctgtg agattctggc caggctcatg    101460
     gttggcctgt agttctttgt catcatggga tggaggcagc tcccactcac atcttagcac    101520
     aagggctgca taaggatcga tagcagaagt gcctcctctg tatagctcca gcaggtcaag    101580
     cctctaaggg cacaactgac tatctcctag gcccctcatc cagtctgcag tggaggcaaa    101640
     atgtaagcca tacataccag agtaatgctc caccaaggcg tggagtgagg ggaaggtgag    101700
     gcgaggtgag atgtacagcc agccattgtc aagacgctgt atcctgtagt gtctgatccg    101760
     gtcccaagat gcagggcggc tgagtcggac ggacagggaa tagcagccta aggaggaaag    101820
     ggtccagggt gggtccaggt agagactcag ccctgccgag gttggaagaa ggaacaaaca    101880
     atagccacag cccagtcttc agggggatgc tggggtcaaa ggcaggataa agactattag    101940
     ttgtaatagg attctgtggt cctcaggatg ggtgagcatt aaatatcggc tgtatggata    102000
     aagactcagg tggcacaggg ttggaatgag aaagtaagta gatgtcacca tggccagaga    102060
     gaaagtcact ctggaaagtt tggtgttaac ggtgctcttc ttcatagata ccatgctcac    102120
     aaacagcctg tttgggccac tagtacagta aagttcagag gttggtacct cagcggtaaa    102180
     gtgctggcct agtgtgcaca ctactatgtg ttaggaaatc cccacgacct cacacaaaga    102240
     ccagagcatc ccaatgactg atctgagaac cagcactcta tgtaacatca cacaggatac    102300
     tagaactcag tgtcagttta gggtttgggc ccttgaacca cagaacaaaa atgcagactg    102360
     tcacttagta tctgaaatag gtctgactct ccaggactcc cgactccagc acacactggg    102420
     gtttcttgct ctacttcact acaaacgtgc ccttgtccag tgaggagcct cactgtttca    102480
     gattccagat cccaagacac attcctggtc atttaaaccg gtgtgcaggc atccgtgtta    102540
     taagcttctc caaggcgatt ccaacgtaac agctaagaac tagttctcag cgtaagttcc    102600
     ccaggccagc agtgtgagcg aggagcatgc tcaaccccag cctaggaccc tgtcagcaag    102660
     ctgggtgtgc agtattcctg taggtaattc tgttgcatcc ctggatagaa accctcaggt    102720
     ctataagcaa tgaacgaaag tgatctcttt acccaggcta ggtacatgtg cccttcagct    102780
     taagctatgc tgtggaaagg gagccgggag gagagggcag gctcatgctt gggagacagc    102840
     catcctaaaa ggtcagcaag ggaagggttt ttatatgtgt aggctagcca gcccgaggga    102900
     tcctcctgtc ccatgtcctc aggactaaga ttacaagcat acatcaccat gccaggcctt    102960
     tcacatctgt gctgggggtt gaactcagga ccacatgctt gcaaagcagc tacttctcag    103020
     actgaggcat cctctggccc cctctgcctt taattatttt attttgtagg tgagggcctt    103080
     actctgaact tccggctaag cctagatctc actgtcagtc caagttggcc ttgaattcct    103140
     gggtgatcct cctgtctctc tgtctgagtg ctagagttag cgcaccatca ctgctagcct    103200
     tctgtcaaga cagcgtctca cacagaacac atatgccctg cagtctctat gtagctcaaa    103260
     gtgactttga attcttggtc ctctgggctc tgtctcccaa gtgctgggtt tctggcatgt    103320
     accaacttgc tctaactcgg ggtcttctgc ttctgatgta agtggccttc tgattgactg    103380
     agaagtagtt gctttgcaag catgtggtcc tgagttcaaa ccccagcaca gatgtatgtg    103440
     aaaggcctgg catggtgatg tatgcttgta atcttagtcc tgaggacaca ggacaggagg    103500
     atccctcggg ctggctagct ggcaataggg acgctggtcc caacttttct gtgtatcctt    103560
     ccaagtcctt gaagatcttt acggattcct cttggcccct cccttaccta actccatgaa    103620
     tttcccttgt acatgcccct tcttacgtca gagggcagaa tgaacagcac atagggtggt    103680
     cactatactc tggcaccagg cccgaggtag ggtggggtgg gtagccgagc actgagcact    103740
     tcctgtggct tttctagctc acagccggta ggtctgcagg gttccagtcc cagtcaccac    103800
     ggccaccacc gacgtttcct gtttgctgct gctgcactgg ggccagctgc gccatcatca    103860
     cccacagcca gccagtgtgt gtgaggtttg catgagggtg aggggttgag gtttcttgga    103920
     aattaggaga ggctggagga aggttcatcc aggaagcccc tgagggaagt gcatgccgcg    103980
     tagaagtgga gaacaaggag tctgacagcc cacctcaatt agggcagacc tgggaggtgt    104040
     acctgccctc cggagtgtct catcgcctct ataggctgtt actagcaaat ttcatattat    104100
     tgaccctgag gtctctgagg tgcctggctt gtgatgaaca ttttccaaaa gatcatatca    104160
     tgtgctgtgt tgtgaaaggg catcaccact gctggtctga gtaaaatccc gattgccaac    104220
     tatagactaa gcttggatcc ctgttggtga attcataccc accttgctct attgtcaaag    104280
     gatcctcaag gaaacaatgt agctcaactc caagcctagg tccccactcc aggaagtttc    104340
     cccttgattg ggctaggtaa actgtctttc ctttgtcctc ataggctggt ggctccacct    104400
     caggtccttt tacagtacag ggcctggctg gactcaagaa acccccactg actgtttgga    104460
     tagcgtcagc ctgtcttctg tgacctcctg tcctgagccc cactctagag aggtgggggt    104520
     gggaactgtg tttacccacc tctcctggtc tggctctccc ggatgaggaa ggcccctccg    104580
     gggttcccag gtaacaggag tagttcctcg gctttctccc ggctcaggcc ctcgtacagc    104640
     cacctggagg agtgaagaac aacagggtag gcttatgggt cttcagagaa cccttccaca    104700
     cctctgagta accttgacga gatctgccct cccttgccct ctggacctag acgttctctg    104760
     tagcgggaag agcaggtact cagtagctta gaggtcccct ctggctttgc tgctccagag    104820
     actttggaag cagccttgtg atggcagccc caggctttcc ttgcctggag actccattcc    104880
     caagtgtcct gggctgatgg agtgatgaca gcatcagctg cttccagcct ttgtcccatc    104940
     gctgccccgt cctccggccg ctactgttgg cctactctcc tttgtgagaa gtgtcccttt    105000
     gtcttcccac ttcagattgt ccttatagac tgtgtctgtc tcctacatgt ccccttcagt    105060
     gtcctctaca cttgatccca gccaccttcc aaagccctac actatgacac ctcctctctg    105120
     gggccttctc tgggctccta agtctcctag gccaagctga acaagacatg agagttgttc    105180
     tctgctcttt tggagggcag ggtctagggt cagcctgtga tcctgtataa agagaatgtg    105240
     ggaaggtccc caaggtgaag ctgtgccagg tactcacccg tgggcgactt tagccacata    105300
     cacactgggc atgtggtact ctctgcctga gacttccgac tggactgtcc accaatctcc    105360
     atccctgggg agagatcaca gagggagggc accaccttca ctgggagttt gcaagtacct    105420
     gtcctgctca tttcccagaa ttccctacac caggatcctc cttgggtgag ggcctggcag    105480
     ggtggccaat gatccaaggc ttcctgtccc aaggcctgac ctccactgcc tctctccctg    105540
     cagtgtgtca ggctgccaga aaccacccag aggcgtggcc acatgggagc cttccaagag    105600
     tagccctgtg cctcccttct ggttttggaa gttccttctc tcccacagtg caacctcagg    105660
     ggtccagtgt ggtagactta ctcagagatg atggtcagcg gctccccgag tctcagagat    105720
     agtctggcct gttcacctgc tgggaaactg cccagggcca cagctgtgac cttgtgtctt    105780
     tctagagaga ggaatagaca tgcttaccct cttagttttc tctcaaaata tgaggtgtaa    105840
     ttgatttttt gccttggctc ccctcaagcc ccccctccca caggccccct tcaggagaag    105900
     ggttagccct agagtctgaa gtgtttccag caggctccac agagcttggg agaccccaga    105960
     tagttttggg ggctcccatg aaggccttca gctcctgtgg gtagagaacc tagttcctgg    106020
     ccatgcctcc ctatatgtct ccctccagag agtttgaggg cagaggcagg ggatactgct    106080
     tagaagaaca gcacctgcct agaacattaa aggccctggg ttccatccct agcaccgtag    106140
     taaaccaaaa caaaaaaccc actgcaacta gaagcctcta tcacatgcat ctgaggtggg    106200
     cctctgaagg gtggtgggac cacacagcag ctctgcaggc ggggtggggg gaacgacacc    106260
     tcaggaaggc taacagcttg gcctggggcc ccaggaatga cagcatcgtg agctccagca    106320
     cagacacgcg ctggctgtca ggagacagaa agtggggtct gtgaacagag gacaagctcc    106380
     tcttccaggg tggggttctt ccccacacac ctggctctgg ttttcttgtt cctacgtcag    106440
     gcctcgggag agatgtccac gtgaacgggc tctgtaagtc tagagcactg tgcacaggca    106500
     cagagtggat tcccagtggc ctatacctgg gccaatgagt gaaggcccac gctgcccctg    106560
     agaagtgcca ccagaggcta ctattgcagg tctgaccagg acaagagccc caagggagca    106620
     tatgactaag gggacccaga ccctgcacat caggccccac tgggggcttt tcccatcatt    106680
     ttgcttctta ctgaaccctt actgcttccc tgatgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg    106740
     tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtgtg    106800
     tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtggtg tatgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    106860
     tggtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg    106920
     tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat    106980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    107040
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtatct ccaatgtgca ggaaggtctc    107100
     aaggccctga tacagcactc agcaagagaa gggcataatt ccaatctcct accaccctgc    107160
     tcatgggctc ggtctgggga agaggggagc gtgaggggct gtgtgacagc tgcacctctc    107220
     aggaagggcc ccagcttccc gggaggcgaa ggttccagtg gaggagtcac gggcctgggt    107280
     catggaagca gagtaaagct aaggctctca gtggccaaga gaacatagtg gacatgaagt    107340
     ccaacttgga ggttgggcat taggcagcaa gcagaagaca gcccacacag tctaaccatt    107400
     ccctccaacc ctgcagagcc tgcaagtgtc tgttgaaacc taattcacct gccttgtatc    107460
     tctttccttt ccccgtcctt tctcagtaag gatctccaaa aaagagactt gttagcacat    107520
     gggtacagga tgccaggaaa agcagtcaag gtcaacagga agggttcatt gactctaaga    107580
     agctcccaaa gtactaaggt cctacaggat tctgggatgc gctcaagagg gagctgagac    107640
     ccaggaggag gagagggaga acagacagtc agaacggtct ctgctccctt gttgtccctc    107700
     ttaaaaggtt agtaggaacc cccacagcaa gaacctcctt agaccccagg gtcttgcttg    107760
     cccaacactg gtgtccctgc ggccaagaat gcctgatgac ccctgaggag gtctctctca    107820
     cagaagagcg gaacaaagag gcctgggaag ggtccttgct ctcctgaaag ctgtgtcctt    107880
     gcatgcctgg agggtgagcc cagtggccca gctccatact ttcttcagaa aggctgctct    107940
     gacatgcccc tccgcacact ctcatccctg caacaccctg ccaccaaacc tgacacaacc    108000
     atcacttgca agggtttagt ttctggctca ggggcagaga ctgggaccat cttgtccgtt    108060
     gttgtctctt cagtttctgt cacagggctt ggcacctggc agagcctcag taagtttaag    108120
     attgaagcag gcccagggaa caaatgcctc ctagactggg ctagtcacaa ctcatattcc    108180
     tcttgggaca agacagctcc attgagagat ctcctccttt ccttggagac tagacggaag    108240
     ggaggagaga ttccctgagt gaggtacact tgctgggagg tcaccactca gaagcaccag    108300
     gctgactcag tagcctgagg ctgctgctag ctcagtggaa aagaaggcgg tgcctgtggt    108360
     tttcaggtct cttcctgaag gtatcccaca cggaggagag tgctccaggg ccccaaggca    108420
     ccggggctgt catggccctg tggggactgg tacttgagag ataagaggct taggtgggga    108480
     gcaggaagag aaacccacat cttaagggtc tgggggttaa aaactcagct tctgcgcaag    108540
     ctcagctgcc aaacacctgg gctctgcagc ctcggatagg tggagcctcg gggtaggtgg    108600
     ggtaggctac tccccaagcc cctcccaaca gtgctgctag agttggatga tcttgttatc    108660
     tgtcgtggtt agttctctga accgccatgg ctccacacag cgtttgataa tgtctgacca    108720
     aaccagtctg gctatttctg tgaagataat tttccaacaa gacaatccca ccccctgttt    108780
     tgaaacgaaa ggcagactct tccagtgtag cccaggctat acataaatcc acagttgtct    108840
     tcattttgcc atgtaaatga actataagct ggtattgctg cagctagctt gatgttcaac    108900
     ttgaaacaca cttttgtaca tgtactggga gtggaaccac aagctcccga tgggtttacc    108960
     atcaagtatt cttttttgtg tttttttgtt ttttgttttt tgggtttttt ttttagattt    109020
     atttatttat tttatgtata tgagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg    109080
     cgtcagatca cattgcagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtag tggctgggaa ttgaactcag    109140
     gaccttcgga agaacagtca gtgctcttaa ccgctgagcc atctcaccag cccccaccat    109200
     caagtattct taatgcccca agccctcacg ttcaatgttc ttgccactac tgcaggctca    109260
     acagaagccg gagcctgtct ggctcactgg gaagggtatc cataggcttt cactgaagct    109320
     tgtattgggg cggtggctga agacccactg aggtaccgag gtttaggttc ctatagcctc    109380
     atgatgcttg gaaagagcct gcaggcccca cagacattac ctacctggtt gcatggacac    109440
     gggttcctgg tctggaccag aggagctggg gctggggctg gaggttttcc ctctgctgga    109500
     caaacttccc atcactcagc agacgctcac aagcacactg aacctggaaa gggaactgct    109560
     atggagtcag agccctggat cccagtttgg accccgatgc ttgactgtca cagggggatg    109620
     acctgatctg ccagggccaa ggaaaaggca ccacaaacct gaagtaactc aacagccagc    109680
     ctcccaggac cttgccagtg atcactatgt tgaactgact aacacagact ccaagtggac    109740
     aagtgggagg tgattttctt tattcttttt taagatttat taattattat atgtaagtac    109800
     actgtagctg tactttagac acacaagaag agggcatcgg atcccattac agatggttgt    109860
     gagccaccat gttgttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggaccta cagaagagca gtcaatgctc    109920
     ttgaccgctt aaccatctct ccagccctgg agatgattct ctgtgtccca tcctttctag    109980
     gtagtggcct ttctccatcc aagtcttctg agccctttct tataatcccg tccatgggtt    110040
     agcccacctt ttcctttctc tttgggtctg tctggttccc accctttctc tgggagcttc    110100
     agcctttctt tttctttttc tttttttttt ttttttttcc gagacagggt ttctctgtat    110160
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccatgctg gcctcgaact cagaaatcca    110220
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta cagatgtgcg ccaccactgc ccagcttgct    110280
     tcagcttttc ttgatgatcc tcctctgaat tcctgtggac tggagaagca tccatttcta    110340
     gggacagtct aggtggtggc agggacagtc agaagacact gagctctctt caggcatgtc    110400
     aggcacactg gggttggagg tgggccaagg aggaacaaag cggtcttggg atgggagtca    110460
     caagcagagg cgacattggt gccaacggca ctgggttaga ctgctgggag tctgtcagtc    110520
     tttgtgacat agtggtggct tgcaaggctc tgagggactg actgactggt cacttccctt    110580
     cttggtgccc ctttcctcat ctgagaacca gggatagcca cacccaacat ttgggtctgg    110640
     gagatagggc cctgggaagc cagccttggg agcatacttc cttcctggct tgaatgttct    110700
     cggtggcaaa ctccccctgg aactcttcct tttcaccttt ccgttgtgtt cactcatggt    110760
     ttctttttgt ttgttttggt ttttatgaga ctatgaactg gggactatgt cccctaggtt    110820
     gtccccaaac tcttgggctc acgtgatcct ctcacttcct agtcctgtga ctgtcagcag    110880
     gctcagttag agtgtttgtg cagtctgcca ttaccctcta gtcccatgcc ccatcctcag    110940
     cattcaggta ggccaccgaa ggcctcagcc cacaccaaca gagtgaacca aactgagcag    111000
     cgcgctctgc agtgtctggt tctcaggcta agcagattct acttagaaaa agctgctttt    111060
     ccaacactgt ggaaaagttg agcggtctgg gttctcttat ccttttcaga tagtctcatt    111120
     actttcagca ggacaagatg taatttcacc tgcttggttc cattcagctg gccaggcact    111180
     gccaagggtt cacggttggc aggagcagct cacagactag catgaagaca cagtgggtgt    111240
     cttccttacc ctagggacac acgttgcctg gatgagggtg ttgctcatta atgccatggg    111300
     atgacatcca agtcctggaa ttgtccccac ggagtagaga cagggccttg tagggatgac    111360
     aattcgtctg tgctaacccc caacccaacc tgtcttgcag cgctgtgtca ccatctggag    111420
     aaacccaacc tgtcttacag cgctgtgtca ccatctggag aaacagcttt tgtctttgct    111480
     gcctctgtgc tgagctcagt atccacagca cagatcagga acaccaggca ggctggtgcc    111540
     ccaggactgg ctctggacag ccccttcctc tcagactttg gggacagggc agctttggtg    111600
     aggatggtgg ttctgctgcc tcctggaggc tggcatttgc tcacagccag ggcaactctt    111660
     ccatctgagc tgccccaagg atgaggttca ggctaagtgc atggctttat gcctgccatg    111720
     ggtagcatgg gggactaact cagagcagct gtgtgacctc agacacagca tgcagcttgg    111780
     ggtgtctcct gtgatgaggg ctcctaacgc tgactcgggc tcactctgca gggtcagagg    111840
     gaggattgga ggtgatcaac tttcttgctc tcctgcagca agaccacaac ctttaggacc    111900
     cttgaaccac aggggacctg atctttgctg gacccctccg ggactctgca acattctctt    111960
     cctggtctgg ccaaggcatg gtaactactg gggaagatgt ggcccaggca gtggccatta    112020
     ggccgaggac gaacatgtgc tggccacatt tgcacaagag atcagatcac ttggcctaca    112080
     tctgagcaac ttcctctgtg attaggcgct gtctgtggtg tcccggtgag aggatgggca    112140
     gagtgctggg gaaaggcagc agaaactgca cagcacccag gccgccctgc ttctctctaa    112200
     cccccttttc actgcaatga cctcgtgtgg aggatgagct gcctgctgct caggcagagg    112260
     tgagaaagtg tagggctggg agggccttct tgtctcctgt gattttgtgg gcttgatttt    112320
     gcatctggga actgagcgca gaggatcagt catctgtttc ctcagctttg cgccttttca    112380
     ggctgagacc tgcaccctgt gagagcaact gagatgctgc aggtgacagt aatctagagc    112440
     ccgttccttc cctgcaagat tcttggtcca ggagaggaaa gtaggcagcg ccgaagagac    112500
     ctcggaggcg tgagatctta ggaaaagttt cctggaggta gtcagactct ctggaggcga    112560
     gcctactgtg tctctgtgga tcctagagac ctccttgtgc agctagccac cagccgtcct    112620
     cctggagtgc gactacaaag ctcactccca ctctgagagg actactcttt tccacctgac    112680
     ccaagtccac cagaaaacaa aacaagcata cttacaggtt tgccatcaga cgtttgatga    112740
     gggtagtcag ccaatgtgca cactgacccg acaggtcagg cctttgcagg tcctaaggta    112800
     gtcggcatct caggccccag cagcctggag gatcggtcac cagaaaggag tcagagtagg    112860
     ctgaggtact gtgatcaagc ttctttgtca gcagacaatc tccacgaaac tagtacagca    112920
     gtcctttgct tctcagagaa accagattgg gccctcccac ccagcacagc agggacaaag    112980
     agcgtggcct agggacctga gcccgtgtag acagacccag gtgctactgc tcctcagagc    113040
     tctagctccc agctgcaggc tctgtggttc tcacagcccc acattctccc cgcctctatt    113100
     tcctctgacg catcacatcg tagcccatgg aggaaccacc ttgccccttt cctgtttcta    113160
     gggagcagct gctccctcca cccccacacc ccctccccat gcctcaggct ggaggtcctt    113220
     cttggctttt tggctccatc tggtccaaga aataaaggta tggggagaga tcagtgagac    113280
     ctggccacaa gaatcaccgg agcagccttt gcaactctga gttcaaatat tcagaaggca    113340
     ctacgcatag gaatcacttg ggatcttcaa ttatagactc tgaagtgggg ctcatttctg    113400
     gtccagtgtg atagctgggt ggataaagat gcttcccacc gagcctgatg acccagtgcg    113460
     atcctcggga cccagtggtg gaaggagaga actgacttct gaaagttgcc ttcgggcctc    113520
     tccttgagca tatcagtgaa tatcagagaa tgatgggagc ggggcggggg gggggggggg    113580
     gggattccta acaagcttat gggtaatgcc catgttgttg gtgtagaaac tgtatttcga    113640
     aaattcagat ttgggactga tatgtagttt agtagtaggt gtctgcttat tatgtcctag    113700
     accctgggtt caatcccaag cacctgaaag atcaatgaga ttggtcttca aaatatggta    113760
     accacagtat cagctaggag atacttaggt atgcaggctt gtctcagacc cagtgtgtca    113820
     aaacatgccc tggtcgtgcg ccaaggacca gctttggctt ggagagggat tcctgagaga    113880
     aggggtgtct gggggtagca aaaaggaaga ctcagggtca aatggtgagt tacaagctga    113940
     cggcctatgt tctgcttgag acagctttcc agataataag cgttctctct ctctctcgct    114000
     ctcgctctct ctctctctct ctcttctgcc caagacagct ttctcttgct attctaagaa    114060
     ctctctggat agttcatctc ttccagatca aaagtgcagt ctcttattta cacatcaatt    114120
     caatcaggtt cccatgaatc cgcatcccag gacccagccc cttgattgtt agaaagacag    114180
     caagcaggac tggagagatg gctcaggggg taagagcact cactgactgc tcttccagag    114240
     gtcctgagtt taatttccat agtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggagat ctaatgccct    114300
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagat agccacagtt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    114360
     ctcagcatag taatatttct atgtatattc ctgtgtatat gtccgtgggg gtatgcatac    114420
     aacatatgac aagtgagagc catactgtcg ccttttctgg aactgaggga atggagaacc    114480
     actctccatc agaccaggaa cacttcctgc agatgcgtgg gtgtctggta agtggaatca    114540
     gatgctacag tgacagcact ttctctctgc agggcatcag atctcattac agatagtgtg    114600
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggacccct ggaagagtag tcagtattcc    114660
     taaccactga gccatctctc cagccccctc ttagagttct tgagttccat ctgactgact    114720
     gctggtcaca ggctggctga aataaatttt tttcagttcc gatgttactg ggggccgagt    114780
     gggttcgtga tcaggtaggc caggttattt atgctggcag atggtactgt aacaaagacc    114840
     caagatgtca ggaggaggag cctggtggag ctcagatact cttcaaggtt cagcaaagat    114900
     gttccctttc ccagcccccc taagatggtg cccagggtga cataaggtcc ccccactctg    114960
     cactctctgc tgcagctgag tgactgtatg taaggctgcc ttgaccctct gcatctgtat    115020
     tctcctcaga gtctccttta gagtgggatg ggaaatcctg cagagtagag tctctcagct    115080
     gtgcccacgc cattcataca gtgattagga ggtggctttg ggaacagaca ctggtcacca    115140
     aaacctgcag tgcatgcaag actaaaccaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    115200
     aaagaaagaa agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agaaagaaag    115260
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag aaagtaaaga tggcagccgc tcgggctgca    115320
     gccctgggag tctgatggct gcaaaggaca accccacgtc gtggtgccac tggaggcacg    115380
     gagagcctcc cacatgacca aggacatgtt gctgaggtct aggaccccag aggaacgggc    115440
     cgaggccgcc aagatgtata atatgcgtgt ggaagactcc gagccatacc cagatgatgg    115500
     catggggtat ggtgaccacc cagtgctccc caacaatcac agcatgagag gggtccatgg    115560
     tatgaatggg accacttaga actggggtga accgatacac tgggacctag acaggtacat    115620
     caggaatcct gtggacacat ctcctacacc tgtgtcctgg gatgtcatgt gtaaacatct    115680
     cttcggcttc ctggctttca tagttttcat gttctggtaa gagacacgtt ccagttccct    115740
     tcctaccagc ctgtgggtct gaagcagtaa ccttacaata atctgtactt ggagcgaggc    115800
     ggtgatccta ccaaagagcc tgagcccctg gctcactgtg atatctgaga aggcttgatg    115860
     agcttttgtg ccctcgttcc tagaggttta accttaatga aatccctaat aaagctcagt    115920
     gctgtggtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca    115980
     gacagacaga cagacagacg taagtccaat acagggagat tgctctccat tcccaagggc    116040
     tgcccgacta aggcaggtgc tgatgagggt ctgctcagct catgtacatg cacaggtaaa    116100
     tgttccactc cctcttggtt ttcactctaa gtctgattag ttatttgatg ggttatagac    116160
     cgagaactgt gagctctcag gcgtcaaact taccccatca tgaaaaaaat ggagtccatt    116220
     ccctgcaaaa agtacttgaa ggcctcagtg agcttcccag gctgtgggga caaacaaaga    116280
     tggcattaat ttctgcgtag gtagagaggt agcaatgtgt gtctgtgtct gtgtctctgt    116340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaactat tatgaacact ttcttacctg    116400
     aactacttgg ggcagtcctc cacagtctgt catctagaag aggaagaacg ctgagcggag    116460
     tgccctcaat actcttcttt cataagggat atatatacat atatacatac acacatatac    116520
     agacacatat atatacatat atacatacat atatatggag agagagggag gatctcccgg    116580
     ctgtcctaga actctctatg tagaccaggc tggcttcaaa ctcacagaaa tcctcctgcc    116640
     tctgcctcct ggatgctggt attaaagata tgcaccactc tgcccagctt tgacttgtct    116700
     ctatttaaag ggatccgagt cccatggtct cattgctaga attaactttt tatttaaaag    116760
     ggagctatta ttgaagataa tgaatgccac aaagagccta agagttcgag gctggggctg    116820
     agcatggttg attcagtgcc tgctatgcaa acatgaggac cagggttcat atctccaaca    116880
     gcctcagtga tgcttgtcta tcatcttgtg cttggaaaca aagggcagag aggcatgtct    116940
     gcttgttggc ctagctgaat ctatgagtgt tggcattttg tctaggctct gccccacagt    117000
     tacctggcaa cagccaggtg tgcctgactc actataaaaa gggcttctgg ccctctcctc    117060
     tctgtcttgc tttcttgctc ctgctctgtc cccttgctcc tgctcccctt ctctcccccc    117120
     cccacctctc tctctcttca tggatggcct ctcttcctct ttctcttctc ttctcttctc    117180
     ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctctcctc tcctctcctc    117240
     tcctctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tctcctctcc tcccctcccc    117300
     tccccttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgactgca gtttccgggc    117360
     atctggtgcc tcttctgacc tccacaggtg tgtacatggt tcacataata aactctcaca    117420
     ggtacatacg tacatacaac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatatacac    117480
     ataaaataaa tattaaaaag agaaaggccc tatctcaaaa tataaggcgg agaggcacgc    117540
     atagtatccc acacttttaa tcccagcatt tggcagaggc aggctggtct ctgtgttcaa    117600
     gttcaagacc agcctggccc atgtagtaag attcatagct aaggttgcat aatgtgatcc    117660
     tgtctcaaaa caaaccaaag tagagaatga ccaaggaaaa tactcagtgt tggcctctag    117720
     ccccacacat ttgcatgtgc acttccaggc atgtttgtac acatagagca taacatatcc    117780
     ccccccccaa acacacatgt atgtgtgtac atatgaagta tgagattaac aagaaacctc    117840
     cttacagttc aaggagtaag atgagaaatc catattctca caaatatatg agagacttga    117900
     ctggcaaagg atttgtttta atgatggcca agcttctgtg gtaagagcct gtgcctgctg    117960
     agctgtctca ctggacaagg agacactatt catacactga cagccatcaa atccctcagc    118020
     atctgtctgt cttccacagg taccgtctgt cggctgcgct ctgtggctgt ggatgggaat    118080
     gagaacctag accacatcta tggctatcat aaagttctgt ttgtggtttg caatattgat    118140
     tcaagtctgc aatgaaaagc taatttgaag ccacagactt ttaatccata ctttagagaa    118200
     gcccatcaat cacctgcagt ccagagcacc aggcctatgt gtgtgctgag agctacgtgt    118260
     tgctatggca acagggcttc cctctgacac acactgggga gagagagaga gagagagaga    118320
     gagagagaga gagagaaagg gaagaaggcg ggaaccctga ggatgatgga gttggagcag    118380
     tgggccactt tcctaaacac ggaaccacat gagcagagat tccagtttgg acaaatgctc    118440
     agccagatct tctgttgggg acattgacag gggaattttt tgggaggggg gtggggcaag    118500
     atcttactat atagttctgg ctctggctgg tcttgagctc acagacactt tcctgcctgt    118560
     gccttcagaa tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgt gccaccatgc tcagccaatg gggagaacct    118620
     ttttttcttt ttttagatta agcgttgaat tttattactt aaaaaagctc catattcatt    118680
     tcactttctg actttgtgct gtgcctttaa tactttcacg attctctgct cctcaataag    118740
     gaagcactct tgatcctgtc tcggacacac tcagcatgca ttgactccct ccggctctgc    118800
     tgaccttgct ctgttctaga caatctcaca aggactttag gtctcccagc acgacaccct    118860
     ggaagtctgc ctgggcacac accacatgag gatttggtgt tttcccagcc ttcttggtat    118920
     aaaggtgaac agtcctgttg tcagggggtt gagaagccta ggagagccta caatgggatg    118980
     tcaaatgcta gaccattctg agcacctccg tgcaccgtcc tggaagaaag aaaaaaggat    119040
     aatgggggtt ggggggggat cttcacacca gctcccaaat ctaggtcaag aatgactatc    119100
     tgcaggccag ctgtgctggt gcgcaccctt aatcccagca actcccaggc atttggatct    119160
     ctgttagttc gaagccagcc tagtctacat agtgagtttt gggctggcca ggacaatgta    119220
     gagagactgt ctcaaaaaat aaaaaataaa ggagttgctg tctggactgg ggatgtagga    119280
     ttggtaggtg ggcccagcac tcacaaagcc tagggcttga tccccaaggt ccccagcact    119340
     gcaaaaatca caagcagtgt ccacacctgt gagccaagca tcggcagggg aagcagaagg    119400
     attggaagag aaactcaaga ccagcttcag taacaaggca actttgtggc ccttctggga    119460
     tacatgagac ctttcccttg aaaaagagtc cctgtctacc tgcttagagt gcacctatcc    119520
     taattatcag actatctctg gaattttctt actactatag caagattaag actgtaaaga    119580
     catttccatc ctattttaat tctctcaata acactgaatt gttaattttt taaaaatata    119640
     ttttctcttt taaaagaacc atggactgct cctcttcccc caccccccgc ctcctggaca    119700
     ggttctcact gtgtagcctt ggttgtcctg acactcactc tgtagaccag gttgggctcg    119760
     aacacagaga tccacttggg tctgcctcct gagtgctggg atcttaatga tataaagcag    119820
     tacaggacaa agataccaat acttttacca tacattatct tttatactca gattctgagt    119880
     gatttaattt ttttcttctg tttattctgt tttccagtat ctatgagggc tgtggtggtt    119940
     tgagatagac tggcttccat aggcttccat gtctgagtac ttgatcccca gttgatagaa    120000
     ctatttagga agtattaggg agtgtggcct tgtcagaaga gatatgttac tgggagtagg    120060
     ttcttgggtt tcagaaggct gtatgtacca ttcctagtat gttctctgcc tcctatttgt    120120
     ggatcagggt gtgtgggctc agctgttcct gctgccgtgc ctttgtgcct ctgcgactgt    120180
     aagcccaatt gaacacacag ggagaataaa ctgaggaagt tttgattctt tttgtttaaa    120240
     acagcaacgc actcctaagg agagcttccc tggaaacacc ctcataggaa tcaagctaac    120300
     tcactcacga gtggttggcg gcgacagagg acatattacc ttcagtaaag ttgtaattat    120360
     aggctcgagg ctggaattac attcaacctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacggag    120420
     aaaatgattt tattagctgt taggaagaga atctgcagcc tggcatggaa atgattctac    120480
     aagatcaaca gctcagcttg ctgctggcca acccactcag acagaggacg acgcccagac    120540
     tgcgagcctt caagtgactc ttatcacatc tgaaacatca gaacgcacct acagatctgc    120600
     gagggagctg gtaagttgcc tcagcagcaa aggtaattgc tgccaagcct ggtgacctac    120660
     ctgtgtctga tcttcagagc tcaaaggatg aagcagagaa gcaattctgg catgttggtc    120720
     tcggatctcc acatgtgcac gagcgtgcac acacacatac acacacagag taagtaaatg    120780
     aatataaata aatatctggc gagttcctct tcgcagtctg ttactcttta atgaacagca    120840
     cgatgactct aatgtcccta agacatgtgg gcaggcacct cccttctctg agaggtgaac    120900
     aggactgtgg ccccgccctg ctggatctcc tccatgcctt cccagcacag ctggattaag    120960
     ttgtgtccac tgggcctaaa cctgtgccca cttccctgct cagtccttcc tgcctggagg    121020
     ggacagagag acagatggct gccacgctcc agcctctgac tctttggact caaggtctct    121080
     ggctctccag ttcacactgg atgaacccct ctcttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    121140
     tttttccgag acagggtttc tctttatagc tctggctgtc ctggagctca ctttgtagat    121200
     caggttggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag    121260
     gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccag ccgaaccact ctcttttgtg cctcttcttt ttcatttccc    121320
     ctcccagaca cacacacaca actgaaagct tactggctga ggcttttggc ttcttaacac    121380
     atgcaccaaa actctgaagg gccacgtttc tttttgaagt tatctcagtg atattctagc    121440
     ctcaaacttg gcagtcttcc ttacaataaa ggatagaata acaacagtca aaccctcatc    121500
     ccctggtccc acggacccac tgttttatgt catgtacagt acatacccac cacctccatc    121560
     ttctgcagta cattgttacg actgctagga ccagagccct cagtgctgac agagcaaggg    121620
     ccaaggagtg gttttgtagg aaacgcttct actaggaaca ggagaccaga tgtagtggaa    121680
     aatattccaa agctggttag tggtggtgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga    121740
     ggcaggcaga tctctgagtt tgagtccagc ttggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc    121800
     agggctatac agagaaaccc tggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    121860
     gagaaagaga gagagagaga gagaaaagaa aggataaaaa atattccaaa cacaaactta    121920
     caactgagac cccccaagct gccatttggt atactttaca tgatatacct tacattgtag    121980
     gatataaaat ggatacacac acacacacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    122040
     acacacacac acacacacac acacaacaga agagggcacc agatctcatt acagatggtt    122100
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc taggaattga actcaggact cctggaagaa caatcagtgc    122160
     tcttaactgc tgagccatct ctccagccca aatctggtat atttagtata aacagggcta    122220
     tgataaagtt tcttttgagt aatgggaaca cgactgccca tccttctgct ttgtaacact    122280
     tccctcattt tctacagtgg gcactcgtca cttttttcta attcgagatg cacttcagaa    122340
     ggaagcaggg aaaggctatg ggcccttgac gggcttctag cctgctggat ctgtggtaac    122400
     ttcctccagg ggggaaggct ggctgagtgc cagcacactg acaagaaata cacggtgttt    122460
     tattgcatga attgccacag agtggacagt ggcacacaga gctatcaagg accacactga    122520
     tcaatctgag gagacctggt gacacttctg gggaactaat tttcaaagta tgccacagta    122580
     gaacctggtg gatgcgatta gacacggcat gacctagtgt gatcattgtc tacggtgtcg    122640
     gcagggtgcc tgccatacag gctggactac atcagcacca cttaccacag cttccacagc    122700
     aggtgaattg tcccccacca ccagtaaggt agaacaccta ggaccagggg gaagaagagc    122760
     actcggtcag caagggagca ccaacactgc tgaacacgga tcagtcgtgg caggcagaga    122820
     ctcagtgggg gagacaggca cttactttat cgttttcaat ctgttatcat tttggcccag    122880
     tataggcctt tcgatctcca ggtctctgcg cctagacaaa caaagcagac tcagcatcat    122940
     ttacaggaaa accagggcct tcgtgtgtct cctggacatg tccttcagag tgtgatgggc    123000
     taggaacact gactgtcctc acacccgagg acagaagggc cccgagcggt gccctgagca    123060
     gctgcttcca tggcacatgc gtgctacaga ataagaacag cagggcttgt gggatgctaa    123120
     gaagggggag agcttgaaaa ctcaagcatc tgcactgctg aaatcctcaa ggctgactga    123180
     atttccaagt ggaaattttt gtagaaatga gccccgtagg aggagggaaa ggcgtccttt    123240
     tttgtttgga attgaggagt gggaaggact ttctttgtga aggtctagca cagaatttta    123300
     ctttcagtga tgggatcaaa cacaggaccc tgtgcattcg agacaagcat tctattaaaa    123360
     gaatttcaac taaaaatagg gacaccttgg agagcaggtt caagcctggc tgggctccct    123420
     actggctgtg taactcctgg aaagttctgc tgaccccatt cctcagcctt ttccatcctc    123480
     ccagagaggg aagaggagcc accatttcac cctggagagg tcgtcgctcc ctgggtagga    123540
     accagcacac catcttcacg ctgatgatgg aggaagatgt atgtaacttc tgggcacaga    123600
     aggttctgtt ttatatttca gcacccgtag gctacgtctg tcttatgaga caattccagc    123660
     aaagagcaat taagataaag ctcaagtttt ttaccctttg tttttttcta tttgcatggt    123720
     caaatagcac atacaacatg gggcaagttc cctgcctcct ttctcttaca gacgtctatt    123780
     ctcttttgaa ctgggctacg ggaatgggta acggagcttt caaggaaagc tctaggtttc    123840
     cttggttgat atcttgggca atttgtagtc tgtaattttg aatcagctcc aggttggttc    123900
     tcaactcttc ctagaataag cagaacacat attctaagat atcaagatca gacagagagc    123960
     accacacatg cgcgcacccc acccctaacc cccaggaggc aagccttgta agaaatgtaa    124020
     tcttacatct tcctgggaat actaaatggg atttgcatcg gagggaaaag catcaggaat    124080
     agttaggaag atgataattt cagaacagta tgtaaatacc accacaaagc gtcatagaga    124140
     aacagagata aggaaaaagc ctgagtgcct tctacagcac gaggatgaag acagccagga    124200
     agataaaata gcttcctgaa attgaaagcc cggaaacaat tactcccagg aaacacagcg    124260
     gaggctctag cctcaacctg aagacattac aatgagaaaa ctgaatcgtg gagttgggag    124320
     ctcagtcagt gaggacctgc tgtgaaaaca tgaggacctg tgacggagca cccctgaaaa    124380
     ctcagacctg agaggcagag atagggagat ctctggggct ccctggccag ttagtcttgc    124440
     ctaagcagcc aggaacaggt cccagggaga ctctgactca acaacaggac atctcccaag    124500
     gacaaactgt cactaaagaa aaacaccatg cataccccct acacacacac tcacatacac    124560
     acacactcac acacacacac acatgcacac acacacactc acatacacac acacatgcat    124620
     gcacacacac acatgcacac acacacactc acatacacac acatgcatgc acacacacac    124680
     acccatgcac acacacacac ccatgcacac acacacacac ccatgcacac acacacacac    124740
     acacccatgc acacacacgc atgcacacac acacgcacac acatgaataa acaagaaatg    124800
     gataacatga tagagagcag tacataagat ggctatcagg ctgaaatgac tagccgtgga    124860
     gagaaacttg agcagcagaa tttgaggcaa aaggggaaga aatgatactt tgagacaggt    124920
     agagattgcc gtaaggggca gaagacaaat atctctaaat tcttcaccta caacccatta    124980
     aagcttccaa cagctttgtc actgagcacc agattctgac ccaggccagg gcatttgcag    125040
     ccctggaagc cctgtgctgg accaagctac aaaatcgctg ggggtctgag aagccacaca    125100
     aacatcaaag accagggaga agtgccacaa aaggacaacc aaagcaactg ctccccagct    125160
     cactggccct tagtcggctc aggcttagac agcactgatt ttggaagtgg cacagctagg    125220
     cagtgcatcc ttgctcccac taactctgct gtaggagacg cctctgatat gtgggttatg    125280
     ataacagttg cctaggcaac agcagaagtt tgaaggctgc ttttgtggga aacactgacc    125340
     cttcatctga gcctctaact atctgatggg cttggaattg ggtccgtctt ctttgctctt    125400
     ctaatatttg gactggatcc ccctcagctc tgcatgtcaa catgttggtc atcggggaaa    125460
     tgctttgcag aaatgttact ctgaagacta tttgcttctt ctgctctgga catgatctcc    125520
     ttcagcatct atcacagctc aagcccttta accctacaca aggcccaagc taactagaag    125580
     gcctggatgc ttgtgtgaga caaccatatc aacaacagca gttcctgagg gaagacattg    125640
     gctgaaaaca ttaagaatag gaggtttgcc gggcgtggtg gcacacgcct ttaatcccag    125700
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    125760
     agttccagga caggaaaacc tgtctcgaaa aaccaggaaa aaaaaatagg aggttctcag    125820
     aatggctaag atcaaaaact caggtgacag cagatgctgg caagcagatg ctggtaggat    125880
     tgcaagctgg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtttggcagt tcctcagaaa attggacata    125940
     gaactaccgg agaacccaac tataccactc ctgggcatat acccagaaga tgctccaaca    126000
     tgtaataagg acacatgttc cactatgttc atatcagcct tatttataat aaccaggagc    126060
     tggaaagaac ccagatgtcc ttcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg atacatttac    126120
     acaatggagt actactcagc tattaaaaat gatgaattca tcaaattctt aggcaaatgg    126180
     atgggactag aaaatatcat cctgaatgaa gtaactcaat cacaaaagaa cacacatagt    126240
     atgcactcac tgataagaag ctcggaatag ccgggcagtg gtggcacact cctttaatcc    126300
     tagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga    126360
     gtgagttcca ggatagccag ggctatacag agaaaacctg cctcgaaaaa accaaaacca    126420
     aaccaaacca aaacagaaac aataaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    126480
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    126540
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaag aagctcagaa tacccaaggt acaattcaca    126600
     gaccaaatga agctcaagaa gaaggaagac caaagtatgg atacttcagt ccttcttaaa    126660
     agggggaaca aaataccctt gagaggagat acagagacaa agtgtggagc agagacagaa    126720
     ggaaaggcca tccagagact gcctcatctg gggatccatc ccatatacag ttaccaaacc    126780
     cagacactat tgtggatgcc aacaagagct tgctgatagg agcctgatat agctgtctcc    126840
     tgagaggctc tgccagagcc tgacaaatac agaggtggat gctcccagcc aaccattgga    126900
     ctgagcacaa ggtccccaat ggaggagcta gagaaaggac tgaaggagct gaaggagttt    126960
     gccacccctt aggaggaaca tcaatatgaa ccaaccagaa cccccagaac tccctgggat    127020
     taaaccacca accaaagagc tcgcacaaag ggacccatgg ctccagctgc atatgtagca    127080
     aaggatggcc ttgttggaca tcaatgggaa gagaggccct tggttctgtg aagggggata    127140
     ggaggttttc ggaggggaaa ccataaaagg ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa    127200
     tatctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacccaaaga ctaggaggtt cataattaag aaagacatct    127260
     ttagaaatgg tgcctatcac aagcagaaaa cccccacaat tagcttaccc cagaagccca    127320
     agacttgctg ctgcctttgt tcagtgagta gcagcctgac ccccactgag gcccccactg    127380
     tctcctgtat gctcaagcca gggtcagcca tctgcagcgg aggctagtaa agccttgtct    127440
     gtcatggtcc taatatatgg ttttggtccc ctttctcctg ctccatgcta ccagagccta    127500
     cggtgtggca tttatggtat atgaagggca aacaagaacc tagtcactaa tgcaaatctt    127560
     taaggtaaaa gtgaattata tagtatttac ccttcctctg ccaatacaca tggattaaaa    127620
     aaaaataaac cttactctta tatatatatc ctgttaacat atatgtttcc actttcactt    127680
     aggcctggga gacagtgtaa ggacatggac agcaatctca tttatatatg tgtgtgtgtg    127740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaatttcc tacacccctg ctcatatgat cactttttgt    127800
     tatctgaggc agggtctcat atagccaagg ttgactttca actcaatagg taaccaagaa    127860
     tgaccttgaa ctccttcatc cttctgcctc cgccttggga gagctccaac tacagacgag    127920
     cattgccaga ctcggctaat gtagtgctga ggtcgagccc atggcttcat gcaagctaga    127980
     taaagattct cccttctgag ctgtagcccc agcccacggt taggttactg tttgtatctt    128040
     aagttttttt tagtgtatgt gtagggacat gtgccaccac attcgtgtgg aagtcaaagg    128100
     acaatgttgt ggagtaagct ttttccttct gtttttacaa aggtcccaga tttgaactct    128160
     gctcatcagg cttcagtggc aagcaccttt aactgctgag ccatccggct tgttcatcaa    128220
     cctttgtttg gttttgctga tgcggtagat aatcatgtgg gagggtgcca ttgattctag    128280
     tatgtgtgca tgtatgtcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt    128340
     gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc attcatgtgt    128400
     acgcttccca tggtgcttgt cagaggaaag ctttttggag tctcctcttt ctttcaccat    128460
     gttgatccct gggaccaaac ccaagtcccc aggtttggca gcaatcactt ttatccactg    128520
     aaccgttatg actgcccagc tgtgtttttc ttattagtga gaatgagtat catttatgct    128580
     tttttttaaa ggtttattta ttatttgtaa gtacactata gctgtcttca gacacttttt    128640
     cttctggctc aggccctgct tgctcactgt agctgtcttc agacacccca gaagagggca    128700
     tcagatctca ttacagatgg ctgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga    128760
     cctctggaag agcagtcggt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc ccatttatgc    128820
     tttttatata taagatcagg tgggtctagg ctgacatgga acctactatg tagctgaggc    128880
     tgctctcaaa ctcctgatac tcctgcctcc tcctcccaag attataggcc tgcaggaaca    128940
     gcctggctat aattcatgtt taaaaccaat tatctaagtc taggtaaact taaccaagga    129000
     catacttgtt tgccaaatct tgttggccac ttaaattggc caaaaagtgc tttaaaaata    129060
     ttggtttaat taatttatta tgtgacgggg gtttgcatgt gtgttagtgg cccatacacc    129120
     tgaggtgcac aaggaagctg gaaaggtgca ttagagcccc tggaactggg ggcatagctg    129180
     tgagctgcca cgtgggtgct gggagctgag cctgggcagc aagttatgtt gtcttcccta    129240
     cttaagtggg atgtgactga ctctgggcgt cctcctggct ctgagaagag gaagcacagg    129300
     agcttcactg atgacttcaa agaagatctt cattcaggag gggaaactgt aatctaaatg    129360
     ccccccgctg agcagtgaag agagggatcc agcactctta ggcacactcc ctatctgtcc    129420
     actaggtgag gcagtctctc ctagcttgat ttctacccca gttctgccag cttttcagtc    129480
     taaggtatct gcagctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    129540
     ctctctctct ctcctttatt attattttta agcttatctg cttcagatct atgtactaat    129600
     ctagtgattg atgaccactc caatggtagt gtcccagatc catccagaat ggagcatgaa    129660
     taagaaaaag tctggatggg accctaggac tcactcattc ctggaggaaa tgccacgctg    129720
     ggaatgaaac ctgctaggca ccaggagaag gctaccccca gtcccagtga caggcacatg    129780
     ggtgagtcca catttgcaca catgatgggt tctcttgctt ctctccaggt cctgatgcct    129840
     ctgtggcacc atggacacgg tctgaggatt tctctttccc ctgttttgat caaaactaaa    129900
     agacaaacta atttctccat atgaggaccc atatgccaca cacacacaaa gttgtttttt    129960
     ttggatgtgg gcaaatgttc aggtccagag ccaaacattt tggccaggag ccccggtgac    130020
     aagtaggtga tggagccccg gtgacaagta ggtgacgtct tcagctggaa accaacctgt    130080
     gggaaggagg cttagttaga aagacagaag gaagacccta atgttgacct ctagccttca    130140
     cacatatgtg cacacatgta cataggtacc acatgcatgc aaacacatac attcataaca    130200
     cacacacatg catacatgaa cagagagaga gagagaggga ggatatggtc tagggtttgg    130260
     agtttggagt tgagctgggc ttcaaatgtc aactccaggg agaaagaggg gtagaaatta    130320
     tatgaataca tgtgtgctca tgtatgaaag tctcaaagaa ctaaagctaa aatgaaaaaa    130380
     aaaacaattt tcaactcaat ttacaatatg gataacatta aatttggtcc tcggtttccc    130440
     tactgtattg ggctatcaaa cctgggaaaa ataactaagt ttggatatct gaagcaatag    130500
     tttttgtttg ttttgttctt ttgagacaaa aggtctcaaa gacagggtct ctatgtagcc    130560
     ctggctatcc tggaactcaa tttgtaggcc aggctctgca tcctggaact cacagatatc    130620
     cacctgcctc tgctttccaa gtgctaggat taaagttgta tgccaccaca cccagtaatt    130680
     cttttaattt tattgaaagt tcttatttgg ggggctggag agatggctca gcagttaaga    130740
     ccactggctg cttttccaca ggaccctggt ttgattccta gcatccacat ggcagcttac    130800
     aactgtctgt aactccagat gcaggtggtc tggcatgctt acacagacac acatgcgggc    130860
     aaactgtcaa tgcacgtaaa agtaaataca tctttaaaga cataagaaaa ttcttctttc    130920
     ctatgtgaat gtttctgccc acatgtctgt ctatgcacca gatgcctgca gtgcaagcag    130980
     aagccagaag ggggtgaaaa tcctctagga atggagatta caaacaggat atgggactag    131040
     gcattgaact gggacctcgg gaaggaacag tcagtgctct taactgttaa accatcactc    131100
     cagcagcgga aagcagcttt caaactactt agcacgcaca tcatcagtag gtggtgacag    131160
     cctgctccat ccgaccttcc attctccttt aggcatattt agaattaagg atgcagactg    131220
     tggagagctt ttggtaccac ttatagaaat ttggcaagta cttgtcactg ggctcaagga    131280
     agtaggctca gacaagcata ttcacatttg ggctactgca aggctcaagg ggaacacagc    131340
     caaggaaggt gtgacttccc ttttgtcttg gtaatcctga taagccccca gacccagaga    131400
     cttggggact ttgtttattg ctttgtttga ttgctaccag gtgtgatctc tttgttcctt    131460
     gccttgttta atcacattgt ctgggatcta agaactgacc ctgttctttg ctagaacctg    131520
     gagtggtata aatgctggct gggaaaaatg gaaggagctt cagcctcaga actggctgga    131580
     gttgggttgt aatgtttgac taatgtcttt ttcttttcaa tcctcactcc tgcccttgag    131640
     accctgtgga ctgactgagc tggcttggcc agcagactaa ctgagcagcc tccgcgcctc    131700
     cctgtaactg cccctcacag ctcagtgtct acatcactca ctttccctta gaaatcagga    131760
     ctggaggcaa atcccccacc aacagctgtc catcccagga cagcagccgt cctgctggac    131820
     accagtgtcc ctcagcccct ggctggatga ggtcatctct aagctccttt cccaatagca    131880
     gcacctcact gctcttggct tgtctcctct gaaatgttga ttcctgtgaa gcccttcctg    131940
     aacctcctgg tggctctaaa gctgtctgct gaggcactgg tgttgtcaaa catacccaga    132000
     tggcattctg ctcacggggg acaggtgggg agtggctgtt ttctgtctct ctctgagtgc    132060
     caagatcagt gaggctgaga gaagcccctc ccagaggact ggcctttgca ggcccacgtg    132120
     cccttctgac tgcaaggacc atgttctttc tctgcaggat ccgtgcattg caatgagcct    132180
     ctttctttcc tgaagcacag gaaggctttt tgtacaagaa caggagctta cctggccaaa    132240
     gtgatgagcc agaattatgt ccacaatgtt ggtggtaaaa cctgagagct gccgggcatg    132300
     gtggtgcatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg    132360
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg    132420
     tctcaaaaaa ccaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca    132480
     aaaaaacccc gagagctaaa agaaaaaacg gtgtaaatag agttaacatg tgagagcatt    132540
     tcacaggctg tccactaaag gaaggtgtac tatacacata gtatctttga aaaacataaa    132600
     aacacaaatc agtatcattt caaagaaatg tttatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    132660
     cacataaatg gaaatactga gtattccttc catggtatga gctgattttg ttttgaaaca    132720
     gggctggaag gaatagtggc cacactcctt tgaaatgtgc agtctgagac tgtggcctct    132780
     gctgcctcct ccctgtccct agctctgcat ttacactggg ttgatggtgg gtagagatca    132840
     acttaccacc ctgcccaaga catccaagac acaaaaaata aggttccttc cagttttagc    132900
     catctttatt tcagggagtg ggaggaaaag ctatatttac agaatgttct cacattttga    132960
     acatttctct cccaattctt cccatttcaa aacgatgcat ctcatagtct aataaacacg    133020
     gcaatctgtg taaatctgga gacagtctat tttcagaaac aaatttcagc tcaactcatc    133080
     ttgccagttc cccgttaggc ttctgcctgg gttctggatg gaattccctc tgaggacttg    133140
     gatgaggtgg agctgaggat gcagagaagg aggtgtggga gagccttggc catgggtgac    133200
     aggttaggga agaaagatgc ctgaggtcac ccatgggctg tcaggagcct caggctgcag    133260
     caagagagga gcatgagtaa tgacccagct cacttcacgg gctgcccgat ccataatgct    133320
     cagagaccca ccgtgctcta tgaatgtcac caggctgctc cctgtctaag cgtgggggtc    133380
     aggacatcca catactagac agacatttac ataagtcagg ctgggggagg attccacagc    133440
     cactggcaac agcgttgtta gtactctcca tccaaagcca ggggaggcaa tattccccaa    133500
     agggaaaccc atgtggggac agacagacag acagacagac tgttcagaat ctggtctgat    133560
     ggtaggcaga aaatatgtgc aagatttcat ttgcctggaa ttggaaaagt agactaggct    133620
     agctgaaagg aaataaaact gtgattcatg taatgtatgt caaatagccc aaggagttgt    133680
     ttgtgagctt tgaaacctgg ggctgagaac atagcagaac agaccaggac atgcccgggc    133740
     aggcccatcg cctccctatc tcccacccct ctgacctaag ttaaatgtta caggctgctg    133800
     atgtttaaat ggaccaatca tgtgaaaccg cgccaattcc tcccccagcc ccactccttt    133860
     tctataaaaa cccctaggtt ccaagcctcg tggtcgaatc cactgtctcc tgtgtgagat    133920
     acgtttcgac ccggagctcc gccattaaaa tacctcgtgt tgttacatca aggtgttgtg    133980
     ttctattcgt gattcttgtg tgcacgccga atcgggagct gagtgggggt tttcccaata    134040
     ggttctttca tagcctgtct ctgcctccag agcactggca ttaaacgcag atgccagcac    134100
     gcctagctct ggatagtttt ttttcatttc tttttttttt tttttttcct tgatttttca    134160
     agacaaggtt tctctgtgta gccttggctg tcctagaatt cactctgtag attaggctgg    134220
     cctggaactc acagagatct gccagcctct gtcaactgag tgctgagatt gatgccacca    134280
     ccaggtggca aatacatatt ttttatcata tgttttgcca ttgtttaaaa tttttgttac    134340
     actattattg gtactttata ttttccctcc atccattaga ttgacaacca atgctctgat    134400
     gactatattg ggtcttggac cttgtagctt agcttaggta catgacaaat ctccatagga    134460
     ttaacacatg ccacttctct gagctgtcct gagaacaaga agttaaatat atataaaccg    134520
     tgtcagaaca gtgtctggta ctcagtaaac actatcttgg tatcaaattt cctactaata    134580
     aaattattgg tgtcacttag gtaaatgcac ctgctgccaa catagtgggc agcataatca    134640
     aatccggagg gtagttttct gatagctata ggcctgatat ggcatgggtg catataccca    134700
     cagcacaatt cattcattca ttcattcgtt cattcgttct ctgtttactt ctggctatcc    134760
     tgattggtag cacatattgc aacagttaat ttcctttgcc agcctgacat ctgtactaag    134820
     ggatgcctag gaaggccagc atggtggaga tccctgtgat cctactgcag gcagacgtag    134880
     gaggactgtt gcaatttcaa ggccacactg ctttgcagaa cagttccagg caatgagacc    134940
     acggttcaaa acaaaatagt gagcacaaat acttagggtc agagaaacaa gagatggctc    135000
     aagcaagggc ccttgccgcc aagcctgagt cctgcgttca atccctggaa cccatgtggt    135060
     ggaaggagaa aggtaagttg tgtaaattgt tttatgacct ctacaggtgc atcatgacac    135120
     acatgtactc tctctctctc tctcacccca caacaataat aatacattca tttgcatagc    135180
     atttgtgtca gcagctggct cagcaggtca aagatttagc tgcttaagac cgatgacctg    135240
     agttaatccc caggaccagg gaacttcagt aaaaagacac acgtcctgga gtaagtaagc    135300
     cgcacagcag cagaaacaga ggtggaaggc aaaactgact ccccaaagtt gtcatctgac    135360
     ctacacacac acagacatag acacacacag acagacagac acacacagac acacatagat    135420
     acacacagac acatacacag acacacacac agacacagat agacacatca cacaaacaca    135480
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccagtt ttttttgggg ggggggggtt gtttgtttgt    135540
     ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    135600
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg    135660
     catgctccac cacgcccggc tcacatacca gttttttaag ggtgagggca ttgtagatct    135720
     gcagtgccag aatttggcag ctgaatgcag gagactcaga ggttgaaggg catcctctgc    135780
     ttcaacagga agtgcaggcc agcctgaatg ccttctctta aaacaaaaca aagcaaccag    135840
     gaactgggta tgaagactca cagaacccag cacttgggag gctgaggcag gaagagtgcc    135900
     acaaggttga tgttagtcta ggctacagag taggatcctg tctaaaacca ctaaaaccaa    135960
     ctagccaacc aaacaaacaa acaacgaccc tttcgaataa aaataaaaat atgacattat    136020
     aaacaggaga gagaggtgcc taggtagtca ctaagaaaca tcttagtggg tcttagtgtg    136080
     tgtctctgat gggctttccc aaacaggatc tgaaaggctc tgatctggag aatggattag    136140
     ctccctagac tcataatgcc ctggaattat tggaaggcaa tacaatgtag agagagaaac    136200
     tgggccgcag agttagggag ggtgtgtgtg gggtgtacct agggctgtgt cttgtccttt    136260
     ctgtactgcc tttccagtgt gtgcagatat caatggcctc cccatctctg ctacaaccaa    136320
     ctcaaatgtc tacattgtga gttgatataa tcgtgcctcc tattgttctc ttggataatt    136380
     tggtcccaag tacacaaata taagtaagtc atgcatctca caaaggactt ttatgcagaa    136440
     cattttcaaa aaataaatgc atggtgatgg gtaaaagaca tttaccacat gccttttatt    136500
     tatccatata caacatatac atacatgaga ggctgggggc tggaaagatg gctcaacaat    136560
     taagaggcta ttcttcagag gaactaggtt caggtccccg cacccacaga gtggctcaag    136620
     cctgtctggt acctccagtt ccaggggatg taacccatgc cactccactt ttggcctcca    136680
     tgggaactac atacacagga tgcacaaaca ttcacatagg caatacacct atataaaaaa    136740
     aatttttttt aattaaaaag acaatgtgat gggttgtata tgcttgacct gtaagactct    136800
     ggggagcctt agcttactgg ggaccccctg agtgaaccat gtggagccag gatcgatgca    136860
     aaaagcaaga ggaatttatt gttccagtgc cctggggttg acccagagcc gaaggagagg    136920
     taacaacccc cagcaccagt tcagcgagtt tttatatggt ttccaggggc agaacagagc    136980
     atcagcaact aggcacaata tgattggcgg aacagtgaac cctttaaact gattggtctt    137040
     taaggaatga ggtgacaagg acttcccttg tctgaaggta ggcaactgtc agtcctatgg    137100
     aatgtgttcc cacctgcagg tccgtttagc cctgtggtct gaaaaatgat aattagcctc    137160
     tcccttcccc gagtgtttct tgaccttccc aaagttccta tgctgacctt ttcagaccca    137220
     gggagtggca ctattaggag gtgtggtctt gttggagaag gggtatcact gtgggtgttg    137280
     gctgtaagac cctcatctta gctacctgga agtcagtctt ctagcagcct tcagatgaag    137340
     atgtagaact caggtttccc tgcaccatgc ctgcctggat ggtgccatgc tcctgccttg    137400
     attataatga accgaacctc tgaacctgtg agccagccca attaaatgct gtctttataa    137460
     gacttgcctt gatcctggtg tctgttcaca gcagtaaaac cctaactaag acagtcaacc    137520
     tatttttttt ttttaatgaa ggaacaagag aagtctagtt tatcgacatg ggcctgaaat    137580
     ccaagcttct taggaggctg aaaagtcaca tgatcatggc cagcctgtcc aatttaatga    137640
     gatcttatct gaagataaac agtaaaaaga gatatgggaa tataagttca gtgacaagat    137700
     gatagcctaa tgtgcataag atcatggcgt taatttctag actaccaaca ggtagtagtg    137760
     gaagaggaaa aggaagtgga agaagaaaag aaagaggaag atgaggaagt ggaaaaggaa    137820
     gaagaggaag gagaagagaa ggaggaggag gaggaggaag gagaagaaga agaagaagaa    137880
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaaaaagaa    137940
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    138000
     gaggaggagg aagaggagag aagaggtgga ccagagaatg agcagacaca cacaaccacc    138060
     cagtacttac tttggaagct gcccagtcaa tccagccctt agcacacggg tcaatgttaa    138120
     tgagcacaag accttccacc agctctggat gattcagctg agagagacaa agacaactgt    138180
     gtgagacgcc cactccccaa gcagtggaca aggtcagcag cttggtctat gcctcagtgc    138240
     ctcatgtctg aaaggaagac tgcagagagg tgctatggaa catttatctt gaaacctgac    138300
     tagcacctgg agaccagtct ctccaaatgg gatgcaatca tcttcccttg aatgggtgct    138360
     tggggaagat aggattttgg ttgcttcagc agaagggggc atgctgcagt tgttcaactc    138420
     ataggggact tgcttgtggg caagtgtggt aaaacccttg gcataaacac tacccgggta    138480
     tgtgtgggct gttttggtat aacttgggct cctggaaatt tttttctgaa gccatctgaa    138540
     taatagacaa tgctacccta gaaaatcctt tcctgccggg cggtggtggc gcacaccttt    138600
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct    138660
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa    138720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaatcctttc ctgtcaccca ggagaaattt    138780
     cacaacggaa gtccttctgc agggtttggt gcatttaggt ggcatttcaa gttctcttca    138840
     agttcacttt ttatggcttt agcaatcttc atagaagcca catctgggtc tctttataat    138900
     gttctgtcct catttgtgga tttcgggtcc tctacataca aagcaagtct tcacacacat    138960
     gtacctggag cagctagaac tcacagaacc aacacaagcc cagagcagca caggtcattt    139020
     aacacagtcc ccagctggga cccccacacc gtctcaggga cttcctgtac ctgtacttac    139080
     tgcgaacctg ctgaggatgc aggctcctgc tccaactcca ataccaatga tgctcttcac    139140
     attgaacaag gcagatggac aattgacaac atcttacttc tgtggcagca cggcacagtg    139200
     gagtgaatac aagctgggct cacagccaag ctctgacact taatagctac gagaacttgg    139260
     gcaagctccc tttactctca agccccagtg ccctccttac ttgacaaaac cactgccttc    139320
     tccaactccc tgccctccca ctcttttctt ttccattttt tctctcacaa acttgcctac    139380
     taagaattga atctaggact gcatggatac tggtcaagta cccgaccact gagctatata    139440
     taccccagca ggcatgatac acacttttat agttaaatga tatatgccta aaatctagac    139500
     ttcatctaca ttgtcccact acctcaaaat ccatcagcaa attctgtcaa gtctacctgt    139560
     gaatattgcc acccacttca gtccatccca tggtttcttt gaattgaaga tgctaagaat    139620
     caaaatcaga gtgtggtgct tgctagacac gtgctctatc cctgagctac accccagccc    139680
     actctgtcta ggacatttta ttgtgattgc ttatcaaggt cagtagacat agttatcgac    139740
     tcttctgttt tgctcattaa ttacactgac agggatatac acagaaggag agttagaaca    139800
     aaagaaccaa gccatggagc agtgcagtgg ggtgacacag tgggtcagtg cagtggggag    139860
     agtattgacc aggagtggaa gcctggcttt gattcctaac aatgggggca gggagccaaa    139920
     acagaatact atagacagaa ctcaccttaa gtatatgaga atacaaacca gcatctcagc    139980
     tagctcgtcc atggtggggt actgatacct gaaacccaga gccgctcctg aatcggaaaa    140040
     cacccacaat gcccagacac taggagacct tgactagacc aggagtctta gagaaacacg    140100
     ggtttacttt attttatttt atttttattt ttattttatt ttattttact aaaggctcaa    140160
     aggatgtaat gtggtgccta aaagcaactg tggcgtgctc catgatcctc cattactgtt    140220
     gtgtgaggaa gaaagaaaac atccacacta cgtgtaccag agcaggctat aggaaaagaa    140280
     ctggttaaat ggcttactat gtgctacttc cacaccctaa cattcacttc cagactcagg    140340
     aacgtccagt agtctgccag tcatatttag gcagttaact gcaacaggaa acaatgcttt    140400
     cctgggccta tgcatcactg taagactcag gatcctcaga gtaaatggcc atttatttca    140460
     cttaggccta atacgtttat tctatgaatt gcttatttat aatatgaact gattctaaaa    140520
     tggtcaggcg agtccagaac tgacccagag gtgggagagt aagaacaaag tcacagatga    140580
     cagatcagaa agagaggata ttttacaatg agactctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    140640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtt tctctgtgta gctttggctg    140700
     tcttggaact cactctgtaa accaggctgg ccaggaactc agaaatccac ccgcctctgc    140760
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccactgcc aggctattat gctctttaat    140820
     gcaaagctta tgcatgcttg aagggaagct gtttggggtt ggagagagtt cagtgcttag    140880
     gagcacttat ggctcttgca gagcatcaag gttcagttcc agcacccact taactgctca    140940
     caatcaccag tatctccagt tctggggagc agagggggtt caacatcctc ctctgacttc    141000
     catgggtatt acatgtatgt agtgcacata tatctatgca agcaaatact catacactca    141060
     aaattaaaat cttttccttt aaaaagggaa tgtgcataac cagatacata catttgagcc    141120
     tgatatcatg gtatgtcagg ataactggtc tatttctctt cagtgagttc cttatggtga    141180
     catggaccat accatggggt gtttctatgt catgttccta taagaagata gtggaaggtc    141240
     ttagaaaggc ttcatgaact gtaagcccac aagagagatg ctatcataga tagtattcct    141300
     actttctaaa tcttctatct agctagacaa caaataaaca cacaggaaaa agtatcactt    141360
     ttcatctgaa tagctcacta tgagctcaga aatacatgtt gaaaataaac ttgtaattgg    141420
     ttgtgggagg gagatcagcc agttggataa ggagccagga aaggcttggg agcatagcta    141480
     aggaaacaga aacacaaagt tctttctggg taaagagtca caggcttcga agctctgaac    141540
     gcatgtctag ctgcagattg ttgcagtggt gtgagaatac atcactaaaa tcaagcatcc    141600
     tctctcagat gctggcagga accacactct gacaccatct gtgagccctt aggtaacaga    141660
     caccccagtg tcaggatttc tctcctggga agcgagttaa cctcacaggg cattggcacc    141720
     acacagggcc tgctccccat cccctcccag gcttcctgac tgataaccag agaggctggc    141780
     tgaaggttct tgctatgact cttcccccca gcccaagaat ataagataag cctccctttt    141840
     tgccatatgg gctctgattt ctctctccag agaccccccc acccccatcc tactgttgcc    141900
     tgttggtcta tcaattattc ttctaataaa ttatatattt atcagtaaat tgtctcagac    141960
     tcctttttat tcttttagac accccctggt aggtctaaaa tcgactatgt agaccagggt    142020
     ggtttgaaac tcacagagat ctacctgcct ttgcctcctg agtggttgct ggaattaaag    142080
     gtctgaatca ctgtacctgg cctaaggatt tattttatgt gtatatgtga attcctgaat    142140
     gttgtgtgtg ctctatgtgt gtgcccaatg ccgctagagg ccggaaggtg gcactggata    142200
     cccaggaatt gaagttacag gaagttgtga gctgccaggt gggtgctggg aaccaaaccc    142260
     tgatcccctg caagagccgt aagccttctt aagcactgag gcatctctct agcccccagt    142320
     atcatcttga gccttatacc ccatccaaat cttacctagt agacactgaa aggtatattg    142380
     gcaggactgg agagatggct cagaggttaa gagcactgat tgctcttcca aaggttctga    142440
     gtttaattcc cactaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtcaggggat cagatctcct    142500
     cttctggtgt gtctgacagc cacagtgtac tcatatacat aaaataaata aatctttttt    142560
     taaaaaaatg ctgctaacac caaaagagaa agagaaggag agggaggaag ggaagaagga    142620
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaaagaa aaaagaaaaa aaaggtatat    142680
     tgacatagaa tctctctcct gtgtctcaca ccatctgtcc cttacaggag taatccttgg    142740
     ctgtcacagt catagaatac atttatagaa taaaaccttt gggccacgct tcctagaggc    142800
     aggaaggtat ctggtcatgt gacctcagca tccctctagg aattgtgttt gagactgaga    142860
     gatcacatct gtgccttggg gcttctcctg aaactggagt agccctggca gcttttaggt    142920
     ggcctgccac tactctaact cctggtcctc cgtgtgtgtg ctctcaagtc ctgagacatc    142980
     ctgggctgct cccggtttaa gggtgctggg cggtttgttc cacatagccc ttgagacatg    143040
     aactgaagca aggttaagtt gggaagcagt cagagtagag ctcagctctg ggagtggagt    143100
     aaagccagaa aggtttgcag ctggtggtgc tgggtatgcc tgcatcaggg agaatgatgg    143160
     gtgggaagag ggtcagaatg ctgagactca ttcatttcgt ctattccaat tttaacattt    143220
     ctaaaaaata aacagtctga ttaactaaag tatccctgat gattatattt gcatctgtca    143280
     gtctcacatt aggtagcaga gatttaaagt gcagaaacca ctgtgctgag tggcaaatga    143340
     cttccatgac agagctcagg agctggaggc aggaggatct gaagttcaaa gtcgtccttg    143400
     gccagaccag gagtttacct gcattagaga acctatctta aaaacaaacc agaagtctct    143460
     caaaggcctt ccaacgtaac tcgaactcaa cagtaaactg catctttgct gggggacaca    143520
     ggagaaagtg tcaggctgat tggacaaggg tatttctcca cagtatgagc ccgtgagatg    143580
     gctcagcact ggaggcattt tggccacgcc cgacaacttg attttgatcc tcagacttca    143640
     ctcacatggt gaaaggaaag aaccaaccaa ccaacccctt caagctatcc catggcttct    143700
     gcatgtgtgc tgtgtgcccc tcaagaaaat aggtacatct gtagcccggg atgcccttgt    143760
     gttcatggcg accctcctgg tccagcctcc ctcccatcca ggaggcttca cgctcacttg    143820
     ttcattgatg tttgatgaga tagtattgct gaacagttca ggcctccaac tcacgatcat    143880
     cctaccccag cctcccaagg gcaccacctc tgtgcatcac caaccctcag ccctaggctg    143940
     gagtagatag gtaaagccag gcatgctgct tcctgctgct gctgctttct tttgttgaag    144000
     gcattgatgg ttaaacacga tgggagagac atggggtaga atcagatgtg agctgacata    144060
     gaagaaagca cagggtttat gaaggagaaa ttaaaataaa ctcttgtggc tgcatgaatt    144120
     ttttttcata aaaatggaga acagaaaaga atttaaaaag gagaggatgg ggatatgttg    144180
     aggtacatgg gaggagcggg aggaaagagt tggagtagat atgttcaagg tatagtgctt    144240
     aaatagatga aattgccaga gagacagaga gaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    144300
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaagagaaa    144360
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaag agaaaagaaa agaaggaagg aaagagaaaa    144420
     taaaagaaat cccaattgag gagactgacc ggttgaaaag catagacaag cataaaggat    144480
     gcacaggaaa agggcagaca gatagagcaa gggctctgtc tcttgtggtt gcagtgtatg    144540
     gtgcagagag gaagcagaga ccacaaccag aaaggaagcc aaccattcct ggtgaagaga    144600
     ctggcagctt aaccacaggg caagcctgca gttccgtgtg tcttaaatcc cctggggtcg    144660
     gagtctacag agacagctca gtggttaaga gcatttgcag ctcttcaggt cccaccacca    144720
     gcctggaggt tcgtagctat ttgcagttca agttccagaa gatctgacaa gctgttctgc    144780
     acatcctgcc catcaggcat gcacactgta cacatacaca caggcaaagc cctctgcaaa    144840
     caaaataaaa ataaatttgt cttaaaatcc agtggagaat ctggtgttag agtgactact    144900
     actcctttgt gacaagtcag cactaaaaaa atccattttt actcacacac acacacacac    144960
     acacacacac acacacacac acaaagggat tgttgcttga gactgaacta ttctggggac    145020
     ctaaagacaa ggaccagtca caaatctggc ggcacctcgc catcattgtt tctgggtgtg    145080
     agacagccat gtgagatgag catgaagaga cagcagctca cacctggaca tatgataagg    145140
     tcggtagcat gaagcttgga cagttaaggc ctcagtagtc agtggctcgc cctctgtgga    145200
     gagatcagat ccttcactgt gataaccgat ccccaatacg actcagaagc ccttgacagt    145260
     ggtcagtatt cgataaaatc tgaaattcta tagctgggcg tggtggcgca tgcctttaat    145320
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca    145380
     gagtgagttc cagagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaga    145440
     caaaaaaaaa aaagtctgaa attctgtcat atagcttaat gcctgcatgc tgagtacttc    145500
     aaagctcaag tgtaggagag atttgacttg cacagctgtc cccctaacgg gggacacggt    145560
     gaccgatctt cagtgtagat gtttggttct ccaaacactc acgagagccc tctttgttta    145620
     gatataaacc agcccttggt attcaggttg gggggggggg gtctgtagtg aggatccact    145680
     tgcttcacag gttgaaatgc aaaatgtgac taccaggggc tcctggtaaa cacagaaaag    145740
     agctcttagg gtggaggcat ctgtcagaca tctggccctt gattggccca ggtttagcac    145800
     tactcagaag gtaagcaagc caagagacct aactcaacag atcgccccac ccccaacacg    145860
     ggctttgatg tttgtagata tagaaggagg agctccagcc tccccctgcc ctgcatgggg    145920
     cagagctcca gcctccccct gccccacatc tccttctcct ctgttttcac ttttagcata    145980
     acttttattt ctaaatagct ttttgttctt gttttcttct tatgattgtc tttggagttg    146040
     ttttagacaa gctctagctg ttagctcatg gctggcctag aggtgaacct gctgctactg    146100
     cctcccaggt actggggttt gtatgtatga gacaccacag tctgattttg acatatgttt    146160
     tcttacttaa agaattacat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    146220
     ttatttatta tagtgtgtgg gggaggcaat gtgtgccatg gtgtgtgtgt gtggcagcaa    146280
     gaggacaact tgcaggaatt gcttctctcc tcctgccacg tgggactcag gagttcaact    146340
     ctcaaagtct cttctggtga catacttcct ctagcaaggc tctatctctt aaaggtctcc    146400
     ccagacagta ccaccaactt agagccaagg gagcctatgg ggtggggggc cactactcaa    146460
     agcaccacag tcacttaaga ggctccatac tgccctgggg cccaggactg ggcagcatct    146520
     ctctgcaggt ctccatcctt ctcaccagtc cagctttgca gcttcccatc cacacaagcg    146580
     gattccttat agtcaatttt tatacatatg catgtgtgtg catagccaca tgcacacatg    146640
     attgttcctg ctactctaga gaaccctact attctagtca aactctaaat caagatgtga    146700
     tttgagaaga catttatata atactgaacc cagttgcagg aaaaactgca tgttatgtct    146760
     agatcctaga ctctactgta tacaagtgtt tggatataat ataacacata cacaggagac    146820
     tagggaaggg ctagagacag aagacagaca aggggaggaa ggacaagatg cagataatgg    146880
     atacaagtta tgaaaaaaag ttgctttttt tctagtttta actctatcat ggatttttcc    146940
     tcttgtgtat gtggcgatgc ataagatgtt attttgagtg aaagtgtaaa atccaaaggg    147000
     aagctctatg gcttctgaat ggctgttcta actgtaggag gtcactgaga tggacagact    147060
     ttgcgtctag gcaagggctt gtttgagtgg ttatattaat gcatgtgata tttttatttg    147120
     taaatcctcc aatacagtga tttttatttt aaaaagcaag catttatggg ctgttttggt    147180
     taataagaac tagatctata cctacagttt tgacataaaa atattaaaat tcctaggatc    147240
     atttgtttat gcagtcatct taaatgctgg gacttttgct cagggatagc ttagaaaatt    147300
     attcttttta ttaatattta tttagttgat gtatatgaat acactgtagc tgtcttcaga    147360
     cacaccagaa gagggaactg gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct    147420
     gggaattgac ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaatcact gagccatctc    147480
     tccagccccc tagaaaattg ttattctcct tcatatatac ctgaagacat taagtcaata    147540
     aactgtggta aacctgtata tctctatttg ttttatcact ttcatgatag tcaaacttta    147600
     gaatcaacct aggtgtccat gaacaactga atggaagaag aaaaagggtc atgtacgctc    147660
     aatggggttt catttgttta taatgaataa cttatcgttt tcaggaaaat gtatacagat    147720
     agaaatcact gtgcttcata aaataagtga gacattgagg ttgcattttt tctctcattg    147780
     gtggaacatg agttacacca atccatgagt gtgcacacat acacaaactc accgcacacg    147840
     tgcacgcgtg cgcgcgcgcg cgcacacaca cactttgata tgaaagtaga aaggaagagg    147900
     gaagattgga gaggtgaata gaagcaatgg agccaggtgg tggtggtgca catcttcaat    147960
     cccagcactt aagaggcaga ggcaagcaga tctctgtgag ttcaaggcca ctctggttta    148020
     cagagcaaat ttcaggacag ccagaactac agaaaccctg ccttgaaaaa ccaagaacga    148080
     gggggtgggg gtgggggtgg ggctaatgga gaatgaatat aatcaatgag ctactttttt    148140
     tttttttttt tttagccaag agaacctaga acctacaccc acacaagtgc tggagtctga    148200
     tgcagaagga atgtgagttc aaagcaagtt tcagaccagc ctagactaaa tagcaagagt    148260
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atccatgtaa gtatatatgt atgtatgcat gatgcatatg    148320
     aaacaaggga ctggagagat gtctccgagg ctaagtgctc tcattgctct tgtagagcac    148380
     caactgtggt tcctagcacc catgtcagat ggcttctaag tgcttataac tccagctaca    148440
     gggatccagt gtcctagcat ctattactat gtgtatttat gtgcatcccc ccataattaa    148500
     aataaacata catatacagt aggaaaacag attttgtgtc aagtatttca cagcacctct    148560
     taggtagaga acttcctgca acaaacaaca taaatatcct acttctatac tataaatgag    148620
     gtagccactc ggtccccgag gccactgaac gcttcactga tagacagtgt gaccgcagaa    148680
     ctattttacg tgtgcaggct ggagatgaaa tccatggctt cctgtgtgct ttcaggtgct    148740
     ccattggtga agtccttgcc cagccactca tatttactct cctttctgct tcttggatgt    148800
     tcttaccact actcaactga agccaggaga ctttgtctgg ctcacagggc agggtattta    148860
     ttcataggct gtcattgaaa cttggggctg tataggggtt gttggccaaa gtcccagagg    148920
     tagtaagatc taggtttata gtgactcatg atgccttgga agggcctgat gatcccatag    148980
     ctatgaccta cctgctgcag gtctctagcc tggaccagag gaactggagc ttgggccgaa    149040
     cagacatttc cctctgctgg acattcgtcc catcatccct cagcaggctc tcagaagcac    149100
     actgccaaga gaaaccagaa aagacagcga ctgaggggac acagcccata gatacagcta    149160
     ggatccggac acttgaccaa caccaggagt gacccctcct gttagagtca agcctcagcc    149220
     ctttcttcat aggcagacac tgccagcaag ctgtaggtgg tttgctttgc gttattcttt    149280
     cctaggctgt ggctttgctc cactctgaag aatactgctg gtctctgata cctctgtgta    149340
     ggagctttgt agttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtcccttc catgggttag    149400
     cctgcatttc cctttctctt tgggtctgga ctccaccctc tctcacgaag ctccccagga    149460
     atcctcagtc tttgctgctg ctgctgctga tcctccttta tattctggtg gcctggtgta    149520
     ctggctagtt ttgtgtcaac ttgacacagc tggggttatc acagagaaag gagcttcagt    149580
     tgaggaaatg cctccatgag atccaactct aaggcatttt ctcaattaat gatcaagggg    149640
     gaaaggcccc ttgtgggtgg gaccatctct gggctggtag tcttgggttc tataagagag    149700
     caggctgagc aaaccagggg aggcaagcca gtaaagaaca tccctccatg gcctctgcat    149760
     cagctcctgc tccctgacct gtttgagttc cagtcctgac ttcctttggt gatgaacagc    149820
     agcatggaag tgtaagccga ataaaccctt tcctccccaa cttgcttctt ggtcatgatg    149880
     tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactaaga cacctgggga accattcctt aggcctgggg    149940
     tcacattttg ctagttggtg gcagggatag tcagaagaca ctgaggtctc tgtgggcatg    150000
     ccagggtcca tggctggggt tagaggccaa gggagaacca agaggactta ggatgagaag    150060
     cacatacaga agggacactg aatacaatta agaatgccaa aagcacagag taagattgct    150120
     gagagtctgt cagtctatgt gacgtagtgg gactgacaga caaggctctg agggactgac    150180
     tggcccttct gggtgtccct ttcctcatct gagaagtggg gatagccaca cccaacattt    150240
     gggtttgaga gatagtgccc tggaaagcca gccctgggac cacacttcct tcctggtgtt    150300
     aaataccttt gtgataagtt ttttccagga actcttcctt cttcaactgc tttgttgggt    150360
     tccttccaag ttttaattat atactcactt tttagaagtt ttcaaatatt tctttttaaa    150420
     tgacactatg cactgaggat tatgtcccca ggctgtctcc aaacgtctgg gcttaagtga    150480
     tccttgtgaa acatctgaat gtttgtttcc tctttcattg gcccacaacc ccgtgttcct    150540
     gttctcaatt ttcagtgagg cccacaaaag gccctacaca tatatcaaca gtgtcttaga    150600
     tgattctgtt tttccaacac tatggtaagt gtttccagtg agggggctgg gttctctaag    150660
     ctttttcaga tagtctcatt attttcagca ggacaagatg taatttcacc tacttggttc    150720
     cattcagctg gccaggcact gccaagggtt cacggttggc aggagcagct cacagactag    150780
     catgaagaca cagtgggtgt cttccttacc ctagagacac acattgcctg gatgagggtg    150840
     ttgctcatta atgctatggg atgacatcca agtcctggaa ttgtccccac ggagtagaga    150900
     cagggccttg tagggatgac aactcgtctg tgttagcccc caacccaacc tgtcttgcag    150960
     cgctgtgtca ccatctggag aaacccaacc tgtcttgcag cgctgtgtca ccatctggag    151020
     aaacccaacc tgtcttgcag cgctgtgtca ccatctggag aaacagcatt tgtctttgct    151080
     gcctctgtgc tgagctcagt atccacagca cagagctcag gaactctgta ctggctggtt    151140
     ttatatgtca acttgacaca acttggagtt attaccaagg agcctccctt gaggaaatgc    151200
     ctccatgaga tccagctgta aggcattttc tcagttagtg atcaaggagc aaggccccag    151260
     cccattatgg gtggtgccat gcctgggctg gtggtcctgg gttctataag aaagcaggct    151320
     gagtaagcca tgggaagcaa tccagtaagc agcacccctc cagggcctct gcatcagctc    151380
     ctgcctccaa gttcctgcct tgtgtgagtt cctgtcctga cttcctttgg tgatgaacag    151440
     caatgtggaa gtataagctg aataaaccct ttcctcccca acttgcttcg tggtcatgct    151500
     gttttgtgca ggaatagaaa tcctgactaa gacaaacacc aagcaggctg gtgccccagg    151560
     attggctctg gacagcccct tcctctcaga ctttggggac ttggcagctt tggtgaggat    151620
     ggtggttctg ctgcctcctg gaggctggca tttgctcact gccagggcaa ctcttccatc    151680
     tgagctgccc caaggatgag gttcaggcta agtgcatggc tttatgcctg ccatggtagc    151740
     atgggggact aactcagagc agctgtgtga cctcacacac agcatgcagc ttggggtgtc    151800
     tcctgtgatg aaggctccta acgctgactc gggctcactc tgcagggtca gagggaggat    151860
     tggaggtgat caactttctt gctctactgc agcaagacca caacctttag gacccttggg    151920
     ccacagcgga cctgctcttt gctcgacatc tctccaggac tctgcaacat tctcttcctg    151980
     ttctggccaa ggcatggtaa ctactgggga agatgtggcc cagggagtgg cagtgaggct    152040
     gaagacaaac atgtgctggc cacatttgca caagagatca gatcacttgg cctacatctg    152100
     agcaacattc tctgtgctta gacgctgtct gtggtgtccc ggtgagagga tgggcagagt    152160
     gctggggaaa ggcagcagaa actgcacagc acccaggctg ccctgcttct ctctaacccc    152220
     cttttcactg caatgacctc gtgtggagga taagctgcag ctcaggcaga ggtgagacag    152280
     tgcagggctg ggagggctgt cttgtcttct gggattttgt cggctctttt gtcttgttct    152340
     agagcttgga cctgatccaa agggcccatt catatctgtt cctagcgcca ttccttttcc    152400
     cactaaggat ctcctgagag agcagctgta gatgcagcag ctggcagtgc cttgggaggg    152460
     cgatccagag ttctctcttc agtcaggtta gaagcctgtg gtcctgggcc atcagtctgt    152520
     atggcaagtg gggagtccag taggaccagc aggcgtatga gggcatgttg gatagaagaa    152580
     tgtaagtctc caggaggcaa tcagatgggg cgagcagact gtgtttctat ggaaccttag    152640
     aaacctgtca taaccaccag ctcccctcct gagataagca aagcccacct ccattctcag    152700
     agtggaccat tctttctacc ccatacgaga tgtgacttcc taaaactttt ccttagagga    152760
     cggggcatag cagctgctgg agaattatag cctgtatctt aacaggaacc caggaaagtg    152820
     tttataaatt atcacatggc agttggacca ggaattccag agatggtggg acataagaaa    152880
     tggattagct acctcgggtt ccggctcctt ctcttcacaa acagcactgc ccagcttctt    152940
     gggagttttg aagggagcag gacatgtcat gcagatggga gttcagcagg tctcccttca    153000
     ctggctctaa gatctcaaac acactattta ttctaaagtg cccattcctc cctcttctaa    153060
     gagccactga acaggataag taatcacagg taagaaaagg cacagcctag aaccagtgaa    153120
     agaaacccac ccacccaagc cttggagagt cgctttggag aaataacacc agcagccggg    153180
     taacaatgag acatatacag ctttatttaa tctgtaaaaa gtcacactct ggcagagtga    153240
     cgcctttctt atcttagcag aaagcaagga gtgtgtgaaa aaccttttct tcagatttgg    153300
     aaccatagga ccctggctgg gctcacatct ggatacttcc agagtccttg tgtgtggcag    153360
     cttcctccca gagggtctcc ctggctggta tgacccctca tcaacatcag acaggggggc    153420
     aaaaatattt ctacctggac agggctgccc tgagtttgtc cccttccctc tgataaaggg    153480
     acattacatg cttaagacct tcctagaaag tcaccttcaa ggtgtcttgg cttccatttt    153540
     gtcatctgac atcatgatgg tgtgctaatg gtccttcctc ttccccagta agatccccac    153600
     catcgatggc atttttaaat atcactccat tttttctgga actgagggat ggagaaccgc    153660
     tctgcatcag acatcctgca gatgcgtggg tgtctggtaa gtggaatcag acgctacagg    153720
     gacagagcac tttctctctg cagagtgaag cctggcgctc tgttttccag ctttcttggc    153780
     taatctagag cttaggccag ttctctggag aaaacactgt ggtgtaccag acatcattca    153840
     caggcttcag atctatccct ctgactcaca caatggcagg gatggatcca cgtggacagg    153900
     ggaggtgact gccaccctgc ctgcctatct gtgtaatagt tatcccttct actggtcaag    153960
     gcagtcaatg gcccacacag taactacagt tttgcatatt cctcagacct gctctctcct    154020
     gaaatcactc tgcaaatact gtttgttgtc caagtggaac caaaatccaa tcttgtggcc    154080
     caacccaccc agatatccac tctgcatatt tcccttaaaa aaatgccact gaggattcaa    154140
     aaaaagtccc tttgcagaag cactacaaga aagcatgtct aaagtcacag aagtatgcac    154200
     acacagacac agacacgcgt gctcgcacac acatggagtt gggaattaaa gaatctcatc    154260
     agatacatat ttgagggagc atagggaaag gctggcaaga gaagatatgg aggtcaggtc    154320
     agatggagat gttggaatgt tacagtaatg gcatgggtgt ggctctggta cacacagaaa    154380
     gggtggagag aatgacactc tcggctacta gagagagatg ctgtggccat gcgtgagtga    154440
     aaggaagtgg gggccagctg acggaatgaa atgttctatt acggagtggt catttcaagg    154500
     agagggactt gcatggtcca ggggaggaga tctgcttagc aagacacttc catggtctgg    154560
     tgtctgtcca ggacatcagg ggactcacag gattcttgag ttccatctga ctgattgctg    154620
     gtcacagacc tgctaaaggg actttctcca gagccaatgc tacttgaggt ggagtgggtt    154680
     cgtgatcggg cgagccgggt catgctggca gatggtactg taacaaagaa ccaagaggtc    154740
     aggaggagga gcctggtgga gctcagatac tctacaaggt tcagcaaaga tgttcccttt    154800
     cccagccccc ctaagatggt gcccagggtg acataaggtc cccccactct gcactctctg    154860
     ctgcagctga gtgactgtat gtaaggctgc cttgaccctc tgcatctgta ttctcctcag    154920
     agtctccttt agagtgggat gggaaaccct acagagtaga gcctcttagc tgtgcccacg    154980
     ccattcatac agtgattagg aggtggcttt gggaacagac actggtcacc aaaacctgca    155040
     gtgcatgcaa gactaaacca aagaaagaac aacaaaccac acaagtagga aggtatttca    155100
     caaacacagt gcaagcccga tacaacaaga ctaccatccg tgtccacagg ctactgttgc    155160
     cctctgggtg ggagacacgg atggggagag gggagagaag gtgttttgga gctgatctct    155220
     acacagggat gaggtagagg tggttgggtt cagggactga gaggggaggg actctaggga    155280
     tgtttaattt agactccttt tttgctactg ttactacttt gaccgtaaga tcctttcagt    155340
     attagcacgg cctgcacagg gccttactgg aaatgactca ctatctatta ttctagatca    155400
     tcagtcattt ccctgttgtc tgttcgttac tgggatcaaa ggataccatt atctgctcac    155460
     agatgctagt cttcctcgtc aaggattagc aaacaggtgg ttgtggtggc agtgagagag    155520
     gggccctccc tgctgagctt ttgctggggc tgtcaccctg gctgaggggg agaggctgcc    155580
     tgggcagttc tatggaatcc tcttttcttc cagggagtag gcctgctctg tcgggttaac    155640
     tcagaacaca ctgagccctg ttctatcggg ctctcactgt acagggaaac cgcggacatg    155700
     cggcaggcag ccaatgcagc aggaagagca gagttgggag gcgggcaggg ccagcacaag    155760
     aaggtacctg actcgctgct gaggtgactg agctgcacat acgggactgg aagcaggatg    155820
     gacacaggaa aaggcaggtt agtgacccac aaggactaag tgacaacctt ggctgcctag    155880
     atgatgctaa caggatattt ggccaggaat gaacgtttct gtcaaggtcc cagagaagag    155940
     tctgatgtaa gcactttaat gccacgactc tcaacagacc agggaaccta ttccaccctc    156000
     atcctataca gtcaccctac cctggactag gacccagctg catcgtcagt atttttggga    156060
     aaggatgaga acaggcaagg aggggactct tcctcctgat gagccagagg gctgtgtgtg    156120
     ggctcggttg gtagcagctc acagacgggg acaacatagc cactctagac aagacacaca    156180
     tgatcttcct gtcaactaca gttctgaacc cagggcccaa cttctgaggc agctctcaat    156240
     ggtcaccatc caatggacaa agatggaaat actgtctgct aggtagagtt ctgtactggg    156300
     gttaaaaccc ttgagaagta taaatttctg tgacaaatga gaaagctcag gggtctgaga    156360
     ggttagaacc caacacggca gcacatgaca tacacacatg tgtggacata cactgccagc    156420
     tcatctcttg gcagaacaga ttttactaat gacactcttc tttcttcttg gagtttctac    156480
     tttgtttctg tgggcacgaa gtacatctgc tgggttcaga tgtaccgcat gctctgactc    156540
     acggctaagg cagtcaaagc ctcagtggtt aagatgtgag cctggagtca agacgttgaa    156600
     gggtcagcca tggctatgct gtttactggc tgccctagga ggcatgctca acattcttga    156660
     gcctcagcgt gctcagtgcc acttcttaaa gacaagtatg gtagcacata cctttaatcc    156720
     cagcacttgg gaagcagagg cagctggatc actgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga    156780
     gtcagagttc caggtcagct agggctacac agatacccag tctcaaggaa caaaagaaaa    156840
     gaaaccaaca aaatcagttt tagtctgagg acatttagct gtcagcctaa cttaaacaca    156900
     tgcacagatg gacgaccgct ctgtattctg ttgttctcta cctgaaggct gacaagcaca    156960
     cggggcatgt cctcacaact gtggcctcct agatgtaaac ttaccctagt acctatacat    157020
     ttataataaa tagaaaacgt atactactca ctgtagccca ttccctgcaa aaagtacttg    157080
     aaggcctcgg tgagcttccc aggctacagg gacaaacaaa gacggcatta atttctgcat    157140
     aggtagcgag gtagcagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtctgt gtgtgtgtgt    157200
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt aactgtgtaa ctattatgaa cacttcctta    157260
     cttacctgaa ctacttgggg cagtcctcca cagtctgcca tctagaagag gaagaacacc    157320
     taagtcagtg gacctccgct gaggggagtg ccctcaccat cccaagccca aagggcaggg    157380
     cttaatggta ggctccttga tgcttaactg catcatcttt ggatcacttc agtgtgctct    157440
     atgccttgac attggcaata cctgagaggg acactcaggc tgcccatcca caggatgcta    157500
     aggcctggct ttcaggcctc tctttgggct gacagtgttg ccagctacac cattcaccct    157560
     ggccttgctt gtacccaaag aaactaatcg ctcagtcctt cactttagcc tgagtacctg    157620
     gacacaggtt tgtgtcacca tgtctgcttt ctagtcccct tcatctcttt attgtcctta    157680
     ctctatgaca aagggtatga tgtcatcagg agaggagaac tgtccggccc ctccccacct    157740
     tccccagctg gatcttcggt gctgctcttc acctttgaag ggttttcatc gggctagtgt    157800
     gtactggaat cgcctgttaa atcctgactc ttggattcta tctcgagggt tctgactgaa    157860
     taggtgtgca atgaggccag agaactagca tttctaactc ggtgacagag gtgtagcatc    157920
     tgccagtctg tacttagcac tgtttgcagt gcgttttggc cagacagaaa ccaacatcct    157980
     cttttcagat gatatgacct gacctcagag aggggctatt ccgctgactt gcctcaattt    158040
     aaaggaatat gaaaggactg gagagatggc tcagtaatta gagcatgttt tgttcttcta    158100
     gaagaccagg gtttgatccc cagcacccat atggcagttc taaaggattt gccacctttt    158160
     tttgaccttc ttggacacca ccagtccagt caagcacatg atgcacacac acacacacac    158220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactcaaac atacacttgc aggcaaaata    158280
     gtcatataga tatataatgt atatatatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatatatat    158340
     atatacacat acacacacac atacattata tagtatataa cacacacaca cacacatata    158400
     ttcattgatg gaattaaaac cctttaaatg ggagccatta tttaagacag aaggatgtca    158460
     caaaaggcat tagaatttga gaaaaacaag cctgagaaac aaccacgtaa tctgacaaat    158520
     ataaaatgga acaaactagt gtggctgggg acttttgcaa agtttagaag ctaaaaacta    158580
     gttagaagta agacactgct gcatggggcc ttaactgggg caagtccagg ttacatagtg    158640
     aattccaggc aagttgtgaa ccacataggg gagctactgt gtcttaaaaa gaagaagaaa    158700
     agaagacgta gaaaaggaag aggaagatga ggaggaagag aaggggccat aagactctgc    158760
     cctgcctagg gaagctaaag gcagtggagg gctggtgaga ggacgtcatc accttcagtg    158820
     gacagctcca caccatgccc atgggaatgg tctccttcaa gggtagtgtg cactcttaac    158880
     caatgagcct tttctccagc ccccattagt tcttattaca ttttaaagtt gcatttattt    158940
     aatttgtgtg tgtttatgca cgtcatgctt ggtggtgtgt gtgtgcctgc atgtgtatgt    159000
     gcgcgtgctt gtgtgtggac aaagatgata actggtggga gtcaattctc ttcgccgtca    159060
     actcaggctg tcagggctgt gaggtatggc agtgagcacc tttacttgct gagccatcta    159120
     ggtggtccag tgttttgtga aactgggtct tatgtagcct gaactttcca tccagctgag    159180
     aatggacttc gactcctgat tttttttttt ttacctccca agcagtttgt ttgtttgttt    159240
     gtttgtttgg tttttggtat tatcaaattt gtaaaaatca aatttgaagc cataaatttc    159300
     ttatccatat tttagagaag cccgtgggtc ccctgcagtc cagagcactg tgagttaggc    159360
     agcctcagag caccaggcct atgtgtattc tgagagctac ctgttgctca acagggcttc    159420
     cctttgacac acacttgaga gagagagaaa gggaagaagt tggaagtcct gtggatgatg    159480
     gagtccaagc agtggcagca ggccagcagg ccaggtccac aaacacatga ccagagctct    159540
     gtttggaaaa taaaacttct gtctggggga cacttataat attcttgata atctagaaat    159600
     gtatgacaaa tataagtggc ctaagagaaa aaaaaaacct gtatccttta tcactaagat    159660
     gtgcttagat gtttccttaa aaatacaaca ggggccaggc atggtagcac acacttttaa    159720
     tcccagcact ggagaaggag aggcaggcgg atctctctct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt    159780
     ctacaaagtg agttcgagta cagccaaggc tgttatgcag aaataacttg tcttgaaaaa    159840
     caaaacaaaa caaaggactc aggaaataaa gcattacttt atttcttgta attttgtaat    159900
     gtttacttaa ttttcagtag aataggaaaa tgtttatacc ataaatggag gaaacagata    159960
     catggttata gatatcttct aatctttatt tgtctgtttg ttttgtaggt caggatagcc    160020
     tggaactcac tatgtagcgc aggctggcat caaacttata gcaatcctca gcctcctatg    160080
     acttggaatt ttaagtatag gccattatct cagccgtttt tttttttttt ttccttcaga    160140
     cagcgtctct ttgtagctca ggctagtctc aatctcacta aaaatccact tgtgccttct    160200
     gagtgatggg attaaaggaa tgcaccacca tgcctagacc tccagctcct ctgatatgat    160260
     ctaaaaacat agaaaacaga cactaatatt tcactacata tttctttttt ttttaaacaa    160320
     atttttattc gatattttct tcagtgggca ggatataaat ttagaaagta atttagaaaa    160380
     tatattctct gggctggtga gatggctcgg agggtcccag tggttgcagc tgagcctgat    160440
     accctgagtg ccctccctaa ggcccatagg atagaaggag agaaggaagt tgttctaact    160500
     tccaagtgtg ccttggcatg tgttgttccc taccaataaa tacataaatg taattcatga    160560
     attttttttc ttattcttcc agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaagggg    160620
     ggtgggggta gagaaagaaa gacagaaaca gaaacagaga gaacaaacac aaatgcctat    160680
     aagtggggag aagagaatca cacagtgtag cttaaaacac agagctggaa tgtatctcag    160740
     ttatcacaat ggtcagctat gagagcaaat acactacctt tagcaaagtt gtatttatag    160800
     ggtcgaggcg agaattacat tcaacctgaa aaagaaaaca attctataaa ctgctagaat    160860
     caccatgcta gtgatcttac aatcagagag atcaggtcat atgtgatgct tgcttggcta    160920
     atggctcaga gtttatctaa aaaaaaaatg tcatttcctt gtctttaacg aacagcacaa    160980
     ggactctaaa gtccataaga catgtgggac agcacctccc ttctcagaga ggtgagcagg    161040
     actgtggccc cgccctactg gatctcctcc atgccttccc agcacagttg gactaagttg    161100
     tgtccgctgg gcctaagcct gtgtccacct ccctgctcag cccctcctgc ctggggggaa    161160
     tggacggatg gacagacggc tgccacgccc cagcctctga ctcttctgac tcaagatctc    161220
     tggctctcca gtgtgaagct gaattctttg tgactgttcc attgtgatgg tcatcaaaat    161280
     cggggatgat ggcctgcctc gtctctttgt ttgtgatctt ggctccatga aaacggtctg    161340
     ggaagattat ctctgagtat atgccctatc acttgagcca tatacctcca gctccagcag    161400
     gccaatattt taatcaaata atttttatca aacaacttta atcaaattta atcacttaat    161460
     caaacaactt ttccttatca cattttctaa gaatatacac acagaagctg cgataagagc    161520
     tggggatcta ggaacgtgtg tgattatacc aaaaaggaaa atgaagtcag ttcaaaacca    161580
     tcactgctgt gtgcaatgaa cacgtagaac accagtaggg tttttagaga cagacaagaa    161640
     gaggtgggtg cctggagacg tgcagaggtg gagaaaggag gactgtgcag ggcacgcaag    161700
     tcactgtggt ggcgagtgta cagtgccgac acacacaggc aaactccggg aggcatggag    161760
     ctgactgagc tgacagggtt tgagtgcttt agcagagcag tggcacaagt gtggtactga    161820
     ggaggcagtg agcggtcagg gagtggatcg agttacctat gccagaatca gcaatccagg    161880
     tgaacttggg atctcaggat tgctgaaggg caggcttaca caactcctct aaaaccagga    161940
     gatgatcgag aagccacatt cgggtcagag gctcagtctg ctctacgcaa gggacaatgc    162000
     aggcagggta aaaaaaacgt atcctttttg tacagaaaac acgattctac aggtagaatt    162060
     ttaaagtggc tatctagtca cagtgctcag agtatcgtag acaagccata aatattttct    162120
     aggagatcaa cttctgtctc tgcataataa accatgcttt ccattctcca ctacgttgta    162180
     attcatataa tgttctatgc ctccacggtt aactacccac agtcaccgag gctgtgtgtg    162240
     ttttcaggca gggttggaga caacgctaat gctctacacc tctgatcact ggtctctgac    162300
     acatctttgc atttcctaaa tcctggaacg gagatagctt ctgttactcc tcagcactga    162360
     ataggagatg ctccggatga tgctgaacta gtgagcacaa ccaggtgtca atagcacatg    162420
     ggggggctgg cgagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttccg aaggtcctga    162480
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat ctgacaccct    162540
     cttctggtgc atctgaagac agctacagtg tactaatgaa taataataaa taaatcttaa    162600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcacatg ggggctttct ccttgatatt gcggggatga ctcgtaagtt    162660
     cctaccatta gaggcatgag gggctctggc aagagaggtg ggtctgtgat tagagaagtg    162720
     ggctctctgt ctttcagatg aagccacacc tctctaaaaa caggagcgtg gaagtaaaat    162780
     aaaaaggcct tatttatttg gataagttat accttaaaaa tcatggaaca tgttatttaa    162840
     tccaacacaa gggaaaggct atggaaaggc tctctgcagc ttctgcacct actggatgtg    162900
     tggtggtaac tccccaagtg gaaggctgac tgtaaacatc tgacagttac tgccagagtg    162960
     gacagtggca cacagagcca tcaaggacca cactgatcaa tctgaggaga cctggtgaca    163020
     cttctgggga actaattttc aaagtatgtc acagtagaac ctggtggatg cgattagaca    163080
     cggcatgacc tagtgtgatc atgtgtcaac ggtgtcggca gggtgcctgc catacaggct    163140
     ggactacatc agcaccactt accacagcct ccacagcagg tgaattgtcc cccaccacca    163200
     gtaaggtaga acacctagga ccagggggaa gaagagcact                          163240