ID   AL929234; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 168500 BP.
AC   AL929234;
DT   26-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP24-225K18 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-168500
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 60ca2187a7fbcd3e9ef2c37ec466296e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456159.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025371; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025372; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025583; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019487; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019454; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019429; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019430; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019235; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019236; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019878; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018789; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018790; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019206; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019207; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019318; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019319; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019310; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019311; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019390; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019391; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019343; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019344; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019917; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019918; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018555; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018556; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018841; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018842; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL929234.9:1-168500; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106233; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124199; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131217; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132197; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033909; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033689; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034408; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034412; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033571; mus_musculus_casteij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033882; mus_musculus_lpj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0033749; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034460; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0033264; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0033159; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0033163; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; B1AZ41.
DR   GOA; B1AZ42.
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DR   InterPro; IPR015943; WD40/YVTN_repeat-like_dom_sf.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7CN67; F7CN67_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP24-225K18 is from a Male (C57BL/6J) mouse BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..168500
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-225K18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    3301..3302
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-209A19
FT                   (BX248132) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62785, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    36598..36676
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    79782..79807
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62787, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    91574..91697
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62788, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    97291..97301
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62788, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    106980..107189
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_211935, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    131638..131802
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_211935, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    139744..140227
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_211935, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    148267..148374
FT                   /note="Sequence generated from a transposon library derived
FT                   from a single pUC clone. Sequence from uni-directional dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only. Restriction digest data
FT                   confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    148267..148377
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    157618..157718
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62789, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    159201..159274
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62789, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    163921..164072
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-390H16
FT                   (AL953913) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_62789, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 168500 BP; 40151 A; 42335 C; 43338 G; 42676 T; 0 other;
     gatcctccca ctgtctcctc agtgctgaga ttaagggtgc atgcaaagat gggagcagag        60
     cctgggctac agctcatgct acgtaagcat tctagccagg accctagtgc actgctaaac       120
     agtgccattc tatagacatc ctgtgtagct cctgctggga gtcttcttgc tgggccatgc       180
     ctcctgtctt ggcttatctg gggctgaact tgactcttgc tgacctagtg ctctgttcct       240
     ggccaagtga tgaatgttgc tcctgtgtgt tcagtcacta ccagatatta catagttcaa       300
     ccatttattt gccattctat ctgttgaggt aatgttgcca cagcagtgga tttaggctta       360
     aaggactgag gtgaaccctg cctcacatct gtccagcgcc ctccctcgcc ctcagggctc       420
     tcactggcct ctctgcattc tggcaacaat gtctgggctt tccacctcca gcagcaaaat       480
     tttaaacacc aggaccatga cctggaaagc tcttttgtgc atttcaattt aatagagccc       540
     ctcagagaca ccttacctgt gtcattgaaa tatgttcttg ataaactaga agcctgcttt       600
     tgtggctcac aaggcccata ctttttgatc atttctatgt tacccttatt cagatacaca       660
     gaaaggccaa cttacattaa caacaggctt ttccaaggag ttcatttttg aatggctttt       720
     cttctacccc attatcttca tcttctatat cagcttcttc agaattggca gcattgcttg       780
     atatctggcc acgaagccac atggaaaggg tcctgggagt ctgccaaaga gcaaagccaa       840
     ggcaaaggag caaaggcaga agtggtcaca gagcacgggt ctgtgagtgt gggcaacaag       900
     cttcaggtct gtggttcaga ctcttgagtg gggcgtggaa ccactgtgtc tgctggtgct       960
     gcgtgaacac acgtgagcga tttagtcatc atgatttggg aatttagttt tttgtttgtt      1020
     cagtaggttt ggtttcagta tttttgtgcc taaagatagg tatgtatacc tgtatttgaa      1080
     atcttaggaa gagctggata tggaagcagg aggcatttcc taatagtgct tcaccatgat      1140
     tatgatcact gaagtgacta aagctggcca ctaagttcca ctatggtact ttgactcctc      1200
     tacattcctg tttatctcct gggcgcactg gcttcctgtg cccacggctc cacgcagctc      1260
     agctgtgagc acagacccta cagtgctctg agcacacagc cctgctgaag tctgtgtgtg      1320
     tgataccagt gttcagctgg aaaatccctt gcctgcaatg ttctcgtaac tgcctgcagg      1380
     cactagggac cattgtctga gttaatttcc taaccagttt gttgcagctg tttatttaac      1440
     agcagtcatc ttgctgaggg ccactctgga atatttctgg ttgagcctcg tttcctcatc      1500
     tttccttctt ttaatgactt cagacataat tctcagagga aaaaaaattc catgtaggta      1560
     taagcggcct cccctcccct cctcacatct ggccttgaca tctagctgct tcactgttcg      1620
     ggtggcatat gtgacctacc aagctcacaa tgcccagctg attccaagtc tgccactgtg      1680
     agggttcgta gtacttagta ctctacagat gaagtgattt acggtctgtt ggtacataaa      1740
     gtctacagat gagatgtcct gtggtctaga caaacctgag gtacagtata ccgtgcttgt      1800
     tatacagcgg ccacccggtt ttctggcatg ctctggaagt ctgagaagaa tggtacctac      1860
     tcaggcgaaa ttctgccaaa agctcatcag gacccatctc tcccaggtat ctgaggaaca      1920
     ctactgtgtg ccgctctcat agggtctcct atagagccag ccagccttta aagtgggttt      1980
     agacctgaag agatggctgc tcttccaaag aacccaagtt tttagttccc agctcccaca      2040
     tcaaataatt cacaaccacc tataactaca gcttcaaggg atcagccacc cacttctggc      2100
     ctccaacatt catatgccaa ccatgtgcgt gcacataata aaaatcttaa aaaagaagta      2160
     tgggcaggcc gggtgtggtg gcgcacacct ttaatcttag cacttggtag gcagaggcag      2220
     gtagatttct aagtttgatg ccagcctgat ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc      2280
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa caaaacaaaa aaaagtatgg      2340
     gcaaaagaga agaaaaatat cccggaaaga acaatataaa gaatgatgtt ccctttgact      2400
     gaggggcttt gcatattaca gggataccgg cctgagacag ctgcctcaag acagggacag      2460
     cgagcctcct cagagtccac ttgttccaag tcccagagtc accccctatg cctcgatatt      2520
     gtacctttaa cactgttgtt aaatggccag gcatatgaca aaccaggaaa taagtctata      2580
     atgagaagaa attgatccat ggaaaactgt tcaaagctgt tgcagatgcc aggtttggca      2640
     gacaaggaaa ggaccctcta ccatcagaaa agtcatcaga caggcgtcta gaaataaaaa      2700
     caacagtgtg tgacctgaga aacaagttgg ggtactcagc agtgagttct gatcacagga      2760
     gaaagtagtg atgggattgc atgaggaggg aaagttctgg aaatccaagg agtatcatgg      2820
     agccatacag cagctgcaaa gggtcccacg tgttgtattt ggctccttga gggacataga      2880
     aatatttaaa gaagcaatgg ttaaaagttc ttccagtttc attgaaaaca gatctagaaa      2940
     gctcagaaca ttccagccac atgaactgta aggaagaccc actaacacct catggcccaa      3000
     tggctatcac agtacagtca gtaagaaaaa gcaaagttta ggaccttagg agactcatag      3060
     ccaagtcata agaatgcaaa agctgaccac agagcaacat ctaagctctg aagaaaagtc      3120
     tgtcaatttg gtgtctcaaa gatcgaagca aaccagagat atcaagacat accttgaaga      3180
     tccccaagca tcagactgaa gccaccacgt gacagtggga agcactcggg gtgagtgctg      3240
     tgtgaatggc ttggaatttt ttcttctcct taagggtgaa agctcacttt gaatgtttat      3300
     taaagtgtat cctggaaatg tcagcatatg aagggagaac tcatggtaac tgtacattgt      3360
     tggggagaga gaccaaagca atccttcctt ggctctttta ctttgaactg gtctgtggac      3420
     tgctaatggt gttgaacagg acttgtccag ggaacaaggc cctgggttct gtttctagca      3480
     ccccataaag aagaaataga tagcattctt taaataatcc tgaagacaga acaggagtta      3540
     aagacagctg ttttggttaa gatgactgta ggtgatgaaa caccatcacc aaaagcacaa      3600
     tgaggcaagg ggctggattt cattgtctga acttctacat cttagtgcat cactgaagga      3660
     aggcacggca ggaccacaac ctggacgcag gagctgatgc agacgccatg aagggatgct      3720
     gcttactggc ttgttcacat agcttgctca gcttgctttc ttatagaacc caggaccacc      3780
     agcctaggga tagcaccacc cacaatgggc tgtgccctcc ccattaatca ctaagaaaat      3840
     gctctacagg ctcacctgaa gatcttatgc aagcattttt tttaaactga ggctccctcc      3900
     tgtcacataa ctttagcttg tgtcaagttg acataaaact agccagcaca aagataatat      3960
     gaacacacat attcgtagta cagtggaagg aagggaagag agtggacagg aatccagggt      4020
     taggtgaggt agctgtgagc tgtgctacat cagtaactga gaagtgcaca gctatgtcgc      4080
     ttatcagttt aagtgaatta agtgttatct agagtcagag gtggtgacag ttgttaatcc      4140
     agcaccggga aggcagaggc aagtggatct ctgtctgcat atctagttcc aggacagcca      4200
     aggcagtagt gaggcacacc cttgactata ccttcaaaaa tatttctaga aaagattaac      4260
     tggggatgaa gggctgccct caatgtagac tacagtgtgc ttggtgagga gtcccagatc      4320
     aaaggaaagg gggaggagaa agccagctgg gctgtctttc ctttgctcca gacagcacag      4380
     ccttccaccg agatggaatg cccagccagc caggtaccct tcctccctta ggctgcttca      4440
     tatcaaagca atagggaaag tgactaatgc aggagggtag ttagagtagg taaagagtga      4500
     ctaatgcagg agggtagtta gattagagta ggtgaaagta actgatgcag gggaatagtt      4560
     agattaggtg acattaacta atgcaggggc gtagttaggg tatgagagga gtaaggagac      4620
     actgtatggt gcctacaaaa agtatttttt tttcgataaa aagacacaag caggttgaaa      4680
     gtaagagcta tgaaaggcgg taccatgctg ccatagagcc agagaaggtg ctgggcagag      4740
     gcatagtcgg tgttgtatgg taaagaaagt cctctaatgc catgtgaggg cccatgggga      4800
     gaacagatgg gttaggagtg tagctccctg acacagccag gctgcagtag agacttgagt      4860
     gttgccttga taaggaacag aatgtgtcag taagtgaaga aaagatgtag cgctgtctac      4920
     tgtggatgct ccaccaggga gggcattctt cccatgtaat aggccacctc ccaggctgag      4980
     catgcactat agccagtcag aggcattgac tcacagtgtg ccctacagct gcagtggggt      5040
     ggcactctaa accaacgtgc atgtgtgtgt tcatgcatat gtgtatgtgt gtacatacat      5100
     acatgcagag gccagatgtc aacatggtgt ggggttttat tttggttttt tttttttttt      5160
     ttcaatcact gtcatttctc actaaacctg aaactcaccg attagctgta ctggctggcc      5220
     agcaaggcct caggatcacc cagtctctgt ccctccctcc tcacatacct cgctatatgc      5280
     tgggacactt gtgtgagggc ttgagatccg aactcaagtc ctcatgcttg tgtagtagca      5340
     agcacttgac taagcaggcc agctctccat tccctaagaa aaccttaaag tagaaaacat      5400
     gtaagacaag cgtgtaatat acaatactat aatcataaat aacacattca ctaaagtatt      5460
     aaaaatacgt ataatttaat agaatgcaca taaatataac tattaacctt tatagaagct      5520
     tttcaaacag gaagtttggt ttgggttttt tgttttgttt gttttatggt gggtctcact      5580
     acagtagccc tagttggcca tggactgact cactgcatgg acaggcaggc ctcaaaaaga      5640
     agaaatgttt cttttctatc aaataaaaac tgaatagtgt ttggaacaca gctaggcagt      5700
     gcagagggcc cctgcctgtg tgtgttagga tcctggcctc agcttctccc tgagacgtta      5760
     gtgaaagaac acaggagatg aggagactga agatgggaga gacagaacag ggagaaaatg      5820
     gccagcccat ggcggctgag ccccggctgg ttaaacacac tggtaagtga ggaaccatca      5880
     cccagactgg gaaagaaaca tggagagggt tctggaacct ggaccagcag gtgataccac      5940
     tgatggtttt aaaaggatgg gaggtaaata ttgtgaatga cctcgacaga tgttcctcac      6000
     tgacagggga gacttgctga agagaaaaca gatgagctca gtagctctgt atcaaagaac      6060
     acaagtccgg atggtttcca tggaaaattc ttctgaacat taaggcggag gcacatgggt      6120
     agcagtacac cctctctcta ttgcttcatg agataagtaa cactctggta ccaaaacaag      6180
     aaccagacaa acacaacata aggaaccctc atgaatacac acgcaaccgc gaggctgggg      6240
     atagagctca gttactcagg tgcttaccgt gagagcatga ctacatgaat ttgaccccca      6300
     gcatccacat aaaagccgag agcacccttg gtttcagcac tgatggcctc aggcaggtag      6360
     gtccctgtcc ctggggctcc agccagtttg ggctctccag gatcagtgag aaaccaaatt      6420
     caaaagcagt aaggtggagt gaccaaaaga cacctgatgt cagcctttat aaccataaca      6480
     gttataaagt tgtgaagtat cgttgaaaac agtcgtatgg ttggggtcac cacaacatga      6540
     ggaactgtat aaaaagggcc acagcttcag gaaggctgag aaccgctgct ctagaatcaa      6600
     aagggagagc ggctcagtgg gggcccccgc attcagcagc tatggaagat ctaggcattg      6660
     tcttgaggac attagtcgtt gggaacagca ccactcctgc agtgtccttc tcgggcctgg      6720
     ggcctgtgtg tataagagtg tgctgtgagc tgagtaatga gcgtgcacat gcattctctc      6780
     tccgctcctg gtggtgatgt gattggctgc ttcagtgcct gcttgacctc ccacaataat      6840
     agattgcacc ctgagattgt aagccaaaca aatcctttcc catacattgc tttgtcagag      6900
     tgtttagtca cagcatcaga aaggaaacta agacaacgat taaaagttct attaacaaaa      6960
     gaagaaaaag tcatataatc tcaatattat gcaaaaccac aaagtaactt aatgaatggt      7020
     ctttatcaag atgaaaatat cttctctctg cagacaacat taacatggac agacaggcca      7080
     taggtgagaa aaatagtttc aagtcatgtg tccacatagt acagaaccct ttcaaaattt      7140
     caactatttc tttaaggtaa gaagacagcc tgcagcatca attctctatt atgtccccta      7200
     accctaaagc cagggctcca actccagcta tcaggcttga cccaaatacc ctcgtccagc      7260
     agctctgttc tgagttctca cttgtcacac agacttgtat catgacatct agagtgactc      7320
     tcttggaagc tgggagctgg cattgagact gttacagtct tcagtctctc agggactggg      7380
     tcacaggagc aggtcaccac accaagctct gttctaatag tttgaagctg gaagtagtcc      7440
     aaatggacac taagaggcaa atatgtcagc ttttccatac atgctaatca gcagcttaaa      7500
     aacaaacaaa aacagtgcca cttgaaaaat gccagtaatg gagctgtgta ctgtgtgact      7560
     ctgtgtgttt aaaactgcag aaggtgtgag cttgtctgta gtcagggcag gcagatcaac      7620
     tattggggca ggcaaggaag gggcaggatt tacaaaggac acgaacatgc aggagctaga      7680
     ttcaccctcg atggtggtag cctcacaaca cgcatgtgcc tgggttttgg ggtctgagct      7740
     gtaagtctgt gccatgtctt ggcatcttat agacaatggt gtggatattg acagtgacct      7800
     gttctgtttc caccttgatt ttcaatcaga aagtgggctt gctattcttc attaagactg      7860
     atgctgcgag gtgacctaac actgccctgg aactgaacct agaccaaagc cagaggctgt      7920
     gacatgtagt tgaatctgag catagtactg tccctgagaa ttcccagaga atggatttgt      7980
     ggttatggaa gaaaatgtcc tttttgttaa caatatttcg gggcagggtg cacatgtata      8040
     cagaggccag aagccaatgt tagatcaagg taagagtagg ttagtattct gtgctattat      8100
     ataatatgtg gtctttatcc ctttgcccca ctaagggctt gttcactccc ccatcttgtg      8160
     ggttctttct agtttcctga cactccaaat taaacacaca accccagaaa cttgaagcta      8220
     agatccaagt gtgagaaagg acatgcttgc ttggttttaa taagtttccc aagttgttgt      8280
     tatcatctgt ctctctgcta attaacaaga ataagggagg gaggcagtta attaaggact      8340
     ggtgtaagct gggttccagc taattgaggg tttttttcat agacagaatt aatgtgcaat      8400
     tcaggcagac cttccaaatt acagttaata aagttttatt tatagcacca ctggggaaca      8460
     tcaagggcac aatgtcaagg aatgtgggaa aacactctga attggtattg atgggataat      8520
     ccaaagtcag gcatacaaac aggcatacca caggaagagc ttccatggac aaagacaaca      8580
     gggaaggagg tgggattttt ttcttcggcc cctacaacct gtgtatcctt tgcagcttcc      8640
     cagtgtctgg ttcctccgca aacagattct tctctgaata aatttgatca ggtactcagc      8700
     ctaacctctc ttgctccgca ttttgcctct tcacgtacac aaagctcagt tggaagagag      8760
     ttcaatgtcg gcctcttctc tatgggtcag gcattgttga gcatcctccc tgttctgctg      8820
     gcccaccgtg gggctgctct aggaggaatg cagactgcct ctatctagat acccgtgctt      8880
     cctgcctgct aagctttgct ttgggggata gctctaggtt tacagaaatc tgaggtgaca      8940
     gtggagcccg ccccagtttc ctgtgtctga ggcacctcag tggacacagt gagacctgtg      9000
     ttcctgtgcc ggttggtgcc ttaccttaac cagctgcacc attctggtgc accacagggt      9060
     ttctctgtcc actctccctg ggaggggctt cagctcctcc aaatcaaccc tccccctttc      9120
     tccctcaacc ctctgtacct ctgatgtcca tggcagcatg aggaggcccc ttggctctgc      9180
     acacctgcac ttgggttgcg gtagtgagag gcttggggtg gaagacagat gagccccctt      9240
     ctcacacgtg ctttgccgtt tgtgttagcg tgcttcttcc ttcaaagtca tgactcccag      9300
     ccccagcgat tactgcaaac actgctttgt tccttcacct gttctgttcc ggacccagat      9360
     gtgggtatgg gggttgtttg ttttctttgt gtacttagac tttgtatccg ttgctttgtt      9420
     ttcattatgt acttagacgt tgtattcgtt actcttctgt tgccgtggtt acatactggg      9480
     accagcagtg acaaagttta ttttggctca cagttccaga gtaagacaac agaggagtgg      9540
     gaggcagagg aggcaaagga ggcagagcag aggctcagat cacagctgcc ataaacacag      9600
     atcactgaca gcaaaccaga aatgggcaag gctataatat caaaacccac cccaacaaca      9660
     tacttctccc gcttcaaggc tctactttct gaagctttat gacctcccct aagagcacca      9720
     tgagccaggg accacgtgtt caaatgcatg aacctctgaa ggacattttc cattcaaact      9780
     atcaggctgt tctaagtctc tgtgtttggg atgaatttag ttttatactt ctaagttttt      9840
     ctagtctccc ttctctgtga ggaagccatg ttcctagaaa cagtctttca gatggggggg      9900
     ggggggtctc ctagctctga ctgggcagag tcttcctccc ggtcactgag agccacatct      9960
     gatgagcagg agtcaggaac atgctcacag gaaaaactta taaatgtttt ctcttcctct     10020
     ctccctgcca cctcattcat ataatttgat gctttgaggg tctcttatga ctcaagtata     10080
     ggttatagtc tgcagaaaac cagtgaaggg aagggacatg ttagggatat gtgtttgcag     10140
     aaacctttgt tttgtgtaag ccagtcagca aagctatgta ctgtgtaaat gggttctggg     10200
     tactgtctca ctgtctggta agatagaata ccatgtgaag gtgttttcag cagtggctac     10260
     aagtgtatct acatggcgac atttctcccc agtgcagata cacatcatga gcagcataca     10320
     tcactgtcac tatgtggtca tgtatgctac ctcagagatc ataaccactt gtgacatgga     10380
     gggtttgtcc tgtgagtgta gccaagaggg aaagaaatac aaatggccaa tccccgtctg     10440
     tcagtctata cagaaagaag agcttttctg accggcctga ctgtaaggca gagcctggga     10500
     gactcgggtg ctcctctcca tggaagaggc tgagtagcag caaacaaagc cactggggtc     10560
     cagaggtggc atgtggactg gggacagcaa gctggactgt caaaccggtg aaggaagaga     10620
     aggacatttt gaatgtcctt ctcaaaagga tgcagtcgtc acctctgaac accagctggg     10680
     aataattttg aaggctggtg agatggctca gtgggcaaag gtgcttcttg gacaagcctg     10740
     cagcttgagt ttaatccctg agacccacgt aaatgtgcag tgagagaacc aactctactg     10800
     agttgacctc tgacctccac aggcatgcca tgcatgtgag ctcatacata catcatatgt     10860
     ggcacacaat aacaacaacc taggcctatc tttaatccca gcactcaaga tagaaggcaa     10920
     attctgagtt tgaggccagc ctgctgtact tagtgagttc cagaccaacc agggctgcat     10980
     agcaagattc tgtcttagaa gaaatgggat tgtgatctca gtgccaccga cacagctctg     11040
     tggggcactc agagacaggg taaggcctac ataacagaag tcattcaagg agttgaactg     11100
     agttctagga aacaagtgac ttccagcccc aattctgtgt gtgtgggtag ggtaagttta     11160
     tgtctaaaaa acccaaaggc tctattaata ccaataaaag aacttagtga gatagaagcc     11220
     ttaatacaga agctgaagtg acagcagcta gaagattaga caggaagagc agcctgtgtg     11280
     cggtaaggtc ataaatccag ggataatcta ctgtgagatg gggaaagccg ccacaaacaa     11340
     taccttaaac cattcctgag agacacacag tcaccttcag cagataagaa cacaccctgc     11400
     tctcttgcag taggattctg tgtcataaac atgtcagtgt tctctcggtt aatttataac     11460
     tttaatataa tcctagtaaa attaccaaca ggcttttttt tctggaacta gacacaatct     11520
     cagcttgata tggagaaata aaaagaagag gcagggagcc ctggctagga aggagagtgg     11580
     tagagaccct gtcctcctag accacaacta accatggatc ttcagtgatg taccgggcct     11640
     cagacagact cgtggactgg tgagcactgc agaagcagcc ccccagtgca gtctgtgaat     11700
     gttagtggca gcacctcagc tttgcagttc ttcagctgtg atggtagaaa agctagaggc     11760
     tgctgctgtt tggatctcaa gtgactggga aagacttgga ctggaggaaa gtagtctgca     11820
     actatagggg tggagtggag tgggtggggc tcttaggtct ttgaaggtgt aatagccacg     11880
     tcacccccct gttttctctg attccttgct gccgtgaggt gagtgactgc ttccaccttc     11940
     cccaccctga tctagaacct caccatgtgc tcaaaagcag caggcaggca ggcaggcagc     12000
     cagagaccca aaacaacatt tagaataaac attttagttt ttgtcttgtc ttgtcttgtc     12060
     ttgtcttgtc ttgtcttgtc ttgtcttgtc tctctctgta aagccctggc tgtcctggaa     12120
     ctccctattt aaactaagct ggccttgaac tcacagatcc tcctgtcacc ttatccagcc     12180
     caccattctg tcttttacat tcagtgtata aagtatttaa tttatcacac agacagaaaa     12240
     ctgcatgata gagattaatt gtacactttg gacaatagaa tttaagttaa agagatagct     12300
     tctttaaaca taaaaggcaa aatcataaga tccttagaag agggactaga gagagggctg     12360
     agtggttaag agcactggct gctcttgcag agaatttggt ttcaattccc agcacccaca     12420
     tggcagtcca taccagccta aaactgcagt tccaggggat ccgacaccct cacacataca     12480
     tacatacagg caaaacacta attcacatca agtaaaaata aatgattttt ttaaaaaaat     12540
     agatgagaaa ccagatagat tctattttaa cctgggggct attgagcttt ttaacctaca     12600
     attccaaatt tagatgcctt tgcaaagaaa cttacttgaa tataaataaa ttttatatag     12660
     agaaatattc aaaaatacat cacaactaaa aaaataatat aatgtgttcc ctcatgcata     12720
     aagagctcct agaaatcaaa ataaacaaca gttcagtagg caagcagtca aactgaaggc     12780
     agcagttccc tgagaagctg atccaggctc accagtatgg gcaccttggc tgttgtccca     12840
     gagcatctga gttcagttcc tagaactctg atgacagtgc tcagggtacc tgcagggaga     12900
     gtctcgggaa ctgtaagaag agcaaggaac cctccatgag aaaaatcagg gtgtggggtc     12960
     agctcagtac agtataccct agagatacac ttgaaacagc acaagacagg ccagctctgc     13020
     tgctagcagc ctgagaagga ctcctgtcag tgaccgccac tcaggtaaag ccagtccttg     13080
     acttagacac gaaaaagaga ttgtgggtga gccagtgtga aacagagctg ggccttacgc     13140
     agaacacatt tttaacatgt gtttaaacac tagtttaatg ggaagaaagg ggctcaggga     13200
     attaataaga cctgtgtgtc tcagcagtgg ccaagccaca gctcaaaggg tcactaagaa     13260
     accttctttg tgtcattttg ataagcaaga tgatgcatga tccagatcct ggacaggatt     13320
     gtaatctaac aagataaagc cattcagatc ccagggttgc acaagacggg tatgatggag     13380
     ctttggttgt aagtgggttc tcatgaggct catagaccac tttgagaaat ccatctagtg     13440
     cttagcctca ggcaggatct gctgccattt gaatatccac actgatgtct gttacagaag     13500
     tatgctccta tgttggcaac ctgaatagca aatgctgcga gccatgcaga gttcttgatg     13560
     cccaactggc aaaggcttca gccagcaccc atttcccttc tcacagctcc ataatttttt     13620
     tttcttttta ttgtgcatct tgtaacaaga aaaattttag agaaaaaaca aaaagcaaga     13680
     ctccagtgtc ctgtcgtggt aggccctttg gtttaggaaa gttggtgaga gtgtaaattc     13740
     acttttattt atgaatctat aacaaaagcc catgtgagaa acagaaaacc gagcacacgg     13800
     tggcagggag ctctagttgg ttttaatctc tccatagaat tttggttttt cgaccttaat     13860
     ggtaccttgg attttatggt atgtggggga ggaaaaaggc aagtctaaac gttggaggaa     13920
     ggaacacacg tgcctttcac agccacacca ggcacagcat ggtgactctg ctcttgaggg     13980
     tcatctttca cacagggcat tgagtagtat agctcacagg attttcaata tttaaagtaa     14040
     agagccccat ttggaaagtg acagtaccca tcactggggc tactgggaaa gcagccgtgt     14100
     caggtgtcag ctgtggggac tgcgcaattc agggctcttt ctgctgcttc ctgaagaaca     14160
     gtgaaatccc tgccgtgctc ctccaccgcc agggtctggt ggtgttatgg ccaggagtgt     14220
     gggttttctc atctgaaaac atcttcccta tcaaacatca tgcctgagcc acctccagca     14280
     tccttgaagt actctgtgct cacactggaa ggtacaggca gggcattcat agatagaatc     14340
     tcatgggtca ccctgtgatg cccaacagct cccctgtcag gcatgagaaa ctgttcatgt     14400
     aagttcacat cttataggag agcagagtca ggccaggacg ccctcctctg gaataatgtg     14460
     gacctgctcc ctggtggtgc tgtttgcagc tgcagctata gctgtgcaat cggacttgca     14520
     gctgcttcac ctctgcccgc tcgtgccttc ctttcctcta tctgatgtcc tgagactcag     14580
     acttacggca gttggagagg gtgtcattgt gacagagaca gaccaccaag aaaacctcgt     14640
     ttttctgcct ctccttcccc ctccttctta ctctagcctt agtatgtcat tagtgtgtct     14700
     tagtgtgtct agccttagtg tgtcattatt gttcctgatc tggggaaggc actgcttagc     14760
     aagatcttgg ctttcccagt gtggccatgt ttggtgcccc cacctcctcc tctgagcctg     14820
     tatttccaca gtgacctgtc actggctttc ctgctctgct gggctttgct ttctttgcaa     14880
     ctcagtgagg ctgctggcct agaactcaga gaaagcaggt caagggaatt gtacctcctt     14940
     cttggcaagt atagctactg gggagagcca ctctccatgc agcggaaacc agtacacact     15000
     ggcacctgtg ggcgctggca atgaaagcag acatgtgagg agcagccatg actgttgcct     15060
     gcagtagcct gacaggctta tcaaaacaga aatcttttaa tatatgcctc ataatcgcca     15120
     ggctccgctt ttgaaggctt attaaagtga tcatttcaga tcttgtgact tgggaggctc     15180
     acactcagaa ttagaaggat atgaattaat gacagtttac tactctcaga tgagctgcac     15240
     ttaaggagtt tcctgtaaac gtgtgggctt tgatttgact tgtcggagct ctgatttgaa     15300
     aacaaagaat cttttctcct gagctacacc ggtgccttct gctgctgcag gcatgggcag     15360
     tctgcagccc tgggggccag gcatggatga tgggttgaga cttccagctc gtttgttagc     15420
     tgcctcaact aaagcaggga aattggtaaa gtgtgtatgg cttgatgagc agaagctggg     15480
     gtcaaaagcc tgcagtctga gccagccttc tccttcttgt ctaattatac cttacagagc     15540
     caggccagtg tccaactgat gaactagctc atcaccatgc tgccatgagg aattcttctg     15600
     gacccctgac aaaaggaggg tcatgcagag tgtttgcact gagcacccaa cagaggccat     15660
     gtgaaagcca cctgcctctg agaggggctc aggacctgca ctgctctgga aagtcaggaa     15720
     gtcctaaagc aggatttaac attcatcttt cttaccctcg gttttttaag ttccagtctg     15780
     ggttccttga gagtctctga gcctagagca gagctcttgg gagccggtga gagggtggca     15840
     ggcacatcac cctgggtgct agtcccagac agccttagca tctgtctcca ccgtaccttc     15900
     attcatgggt cacatgactc tactgcttca tctttgtgtc attcaaacag agcagaggcc     15960
     atgcccctca cagttcccac agtggccaca cctcatgatg tgaacagcct ctctctcttt     16020
     gcagctgggc caaggcctca gtctcagcct ccttactcac cctagagctt tcgcaccacc     16080
     agtcccagtg tgacgtcagc tcttgtctgg ctcaggtgtc ttgtgttcac cttcttccca     16140
     agtgcactgc ccatctgtgc accccacctc tttagggagt gacgtaggta agcagccctg     16200
     gcctcccgtc ccttcctctg ctttcctcgt gtcctgacct ctgctcctcg ccgtaacacc     16260
     acctgtactt gttgctttct ttactgctga gatgaagcac ctgacaaaga caacttacag     16320
     gaggaggacg ggtctgtctg cacccaagtt caaaggcaca gttgatggtg gcgtgtcagc     16380
     cggatcccga ggctgagacg gaagcagagg aagatgagag ctactgctca gctcctgtcc     16440
     cttttgtgtg atctaagacc ccagttcacg aaatgatgcc acacgttagg gaagggtttt     16500
     cctaccccaa ctagcccgac tgttaactcc cctgaagatc tgccagaggt tagtctccta     16560
     taattccagc tcctgtcaaa ttagcaatca gtactaaaag tgttgttgac agctgacctt     16620
     agacctggcg tccggctgta ccgtccctta ctctcagctt ctgctggctc ttcagttcct     16680
     cctagcaccc agtcacctgg ctcttcccat cacacattcc agtactggcc tgtttccctc     16740
     tgttccatct ttcccttctc cgtttctcct cctccagtct gctgtactgt tctccagaaa     16800
     gcatgtgctg tgcccaccct gcagctctcc atgcttagct tctcagctgt tgccagcaca     16860
     actatcaacc cagttgtccc tcacagttaa aacacggctt gactggctga accagtgttc     16920
     tgcataggca gggtccccag tgtgtggcac atggtgtggg tggccacaca ggtggaactg     16980
     tattcccagg aaggggtcaa ctgagttaga agagctgcat ctctggtggc ttctttagca     17040
     cttatattac accttgaatc ctagagctct ttctttgctt agtattgaat gcccctatta     17100
     tgatattcat catatggcat gaatccagac aaaatcccct agagcttcat caggtaccca     17160
     cactgcagaa gcaggagtgc tgtcaggtat cctcatgtgg aaggcgacag gaggggagcc     17220
     tgagaagcag caggaaacat aagaagggag gagtctgaga tgaggagtaa gaaacctggg     17280
     aagaagcggg cagccaggaa ggaagaagac agggtgagca agtgaggggc tgaccaggaa     17340
     ggggaacctg aggggggaaa ggggtctgag ggagggatcc taagaggaag agaatctgag     17400
     gtgggggaag gggcctgaga agaaatgggg agtctgagga taaaagggtg gggtctcagc     17460
     agggctagag agatggctta gcagttaaaa gcactgactg ttctttcaaa ggtcctgagt     17520
     tcaatttccg ggaaccacat gatggcttac aaccatttgt aatgagatct gatgccctct     17580
     tctggtgtgt gtgaagacag ctacagtgta ttcaaataaa tataataaat ctttaaaaaa     17640
     aaatagtcag caaaaaaatg gagaccctaa aagataccaa gagcatgaga gaaagggagc     17700
     ttaagaaaca gttggggaat gagaagggag aggtctgaaa gtggggtcac agcctgtgtc     17760
     ctgcgtcagg cccagccacc catcttcagg aaccagaagt gagattaaaa ttaacagaag     17820
     gcaaaggatg tgcacatcta agcagccggg ttaggtgtgg tcccacccac tgttggccca     17880
     tcctcatctg gcttagcctg taaggtggtc tgtgtgactc ctctggctgg tgccttttcc     17940
     atcttgtagc atgagattcc caggaaaata ttttgaggat tccattgttt caactgtgag     18000
     attgagagac acaagtttct ctttagaata tcttcatttc tggatctaga gagctggctc     18060
     agttaagaac atttgctctg tcagagagtc caggttcaat tcccagcacc cacacagtgg     18120
     ctgtaactcc aatcccaggg catccaatgc cctcttctga ctacctcagg cactaagcac     18180
     atatgtcata catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacaaaca     18240
     gaacactcat attcataaaa attaataaaa tatcagaata tcttcctttc tgccaggctg     18300
     agagcgcaga acgggcagag agcacagtcc taacccagcc gccagccctg ggacccagag     18360
     tgtgctcttc tcttgagagt ggcagggctc cagccttttc ccaagtgaaa tctggccttg     18420
     caaggaaaga tgcacagtag tgacattccc agagtgttgg catgggaagc catgacacag     18480
     ccccctggtt cctgcactaa tggcctctct tttgtctcct ttccctccag tcgtgccaag     18540
     ctgacctcgt gaaggacaac ggtcacaagt acttcctatc cgtcttggca gacccataca     18600
     tgccagtaag gactgagcca cacttctctc ttgcccagca tgacattgtc tccagtgcac     18660
     actagggctt gcctttcctc gctgagggcc aggtagagag gtgctctaca gagctatacg     18720
     tgggtagaca cttactgccc acaccacaca ctgctctgtt tcttcctgcc ctgggtgaga     18780
     atctggtctt cctatgccag ctggtgagct gctattgcac atctctgcct agccgtggcg     18840
     tctccattac ctagagccag caccctgggc agaatccttg tgtgtctaca gtgtggtgcc     18900
     tcaggggacc tgaaggcccc ttaacagaca agacgctgac agattttact gaaggaagga     18960
     ggagattatt tgaaagtttg aatttcatac atgctaaatt gtttttaaaa attagcatga     19020
     atatagagta tatggtagtt ttctcataat gtcatgtcat cagattcttc agttcctctc     19080
     tccttctttc cctccatcca gctctgcgaa gagtaatgta tacagagcag ccacccacag     19140
     acgcacgcgc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttatctc     19200
     tctctctcat agcttaagtt gccagtatgt tcaagtacag ccgcatactg tgctctgaag     19260
     gtggcgtcta taagagtaac tttcatatgt aaattcttcg tctggccgtt tatttgtttg     19320
     ttttaagtga aatgatacga tgtttaaaga gaaaggtggg aacaaagctg ccagcaaagt     19380
     tctaactggg actggcattg tgctgggtaa ccggtactta tgtactttac ctaagtggtg     19440
     tatcactgtc atgggcagcg taggtttata gtttatccac agtttggaaa taagccctgc     19500
     cttcccttca gaggaaggaa gaatacaact aaaggaattg aaagctctaa gctggctagc     19560
     ctggcctggc agccacaccc tctatgctca gatctgagag aaggagaaac ccccatgcca     19620
     gagaagggga agactcccat ggttctggtg ggcagtgggc cttgccacta cagtgacctc     19680
     agaacagcat gccttacaca gaccctacgt gggatataag gccatgaaca ggtagcactg     19740
     ccaagtgaca ataccagggc ctgcagggtg tgcctgttct tcattaatga gaactagcaa     19800
     gcttgtcttg cttctgaaaa gctgaccatc tgtgagctct gcagagaaag cagcaattac     19860
     taaaggagca gaggcctcag ccagcagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat gagggggggg     19920
     aaaaaaaccc ttctgtgcaa accacatcta gatctcaagt ttgtggtcct gaaggcacaa     19980
     atacaaagcc ttcctataga gttcctaccc tagagccagg gagcacagcc tgcctcaaac     20040
     acagttgcat gcttccaaag ggaaggaggc cactgcatca atacacaaga gaactagcat     20100
     ctccagaaaa gagccaaagg gactccagga gcagcctctg agaaacacat tgtggatggc     20160
     tggataaagg cagtatggtt taatcatgcc tgccagccac tatgtttgct tcagaagcag     20220
     tttcctgcct gctgtaagaa aataaaatct gctttttaac ctatccttaa aaataattgt     20280
     tttaaataga cagatcttgg gggaagaggg agtacaagct agagtggaag aaatgcccct     20340
     cccacattta caactcagga ggtgatccct cacaggggcc acacagccag gaagagaatc     20400
     tgtgaaggct ccacatgagc atggatgagg tcagccgctg tcactgacat cctcccagca     20460
     ctgcaagaga ggcagcagag agacacagtg agccctggaa caattaaaac ttaatccata     20520
     gacatagcat aatcaaagta acaagtatca aaagcataaa ggaaagcccc aaaggcccca     20580
     gaagacagga agagcagaca gcagctgcag tgatggtcca tcacagtgag ggaaacagga     20640
     cggtaggtgg cccttcagtg acttccggac agagtccctg ctaagttatg ctgctactca     20700
     gtagggtgaa gtgcagatat tttgggacaa aaaatgatgg cttggcattt ctgctatgca     20760
     gaagatggtg gcctgtactc tattgtagtc aactcaggag atgtcacgag tccccgggga     20820
     taacttggta agactgtcga tgtgcatgtg agactccatg aagtcataat gggctgtcag     20880
     attcccacgc aaagtgaaga gtgcaacgtt cattttacta gcagtgtgct tggctcgagg     20940
     gcacaggctt cctgagctct acacataggg aaagcatggt tcctgggcct ggcaaaccaa     21000
     ttaaaaccac caaccacttt atctgccatg acaggacagg gagcagccag tcagcatgca     21060
     gacccttaga aatgcctcag caggaaggct ggtacatgct gctttcctta catgggaggc     21120
     cagtgctgaa gacagaaggc acagggtgct ctagagaggt gagtctgctg tgagggtgca     21180
     cagccatgat gcattttgtt ttccaggctg aacataggac catgacagcc ttcattcttg     21240
     ctgtaatcgt caacagctac acaacagggc aagtgagtat cacagcagct ccagccacct     21300
     cgtccctcca ggaatggcac aaaggtgcct tgtttcacac gggtcctagg gcagggatgc     21360
     cgcccaggcc acctttttca cagctatgct attcaggtag cctgtagagc cttcagatca     21420
     cagcagcagg cggggttcct cgtactctcc acagagggcc agtccttcga ttagctcacc     21480
     attgaagggc aaaacagaat aggcaggatt tacagtaaga aaatgcagtg tcttgtgttt     21540
     gagcaaggct gctgccaccc ttgtcaggac cctgccccac ttacctatgt cctgtgtcta     21600
     ggaggcctgc ctccagggaa acctgattgc catctgtctg gagcagctca gcgacccaca     21660
     ccccttgcta cgccagtggg tggccatttg cctgggaagg atctggcaga acttcgactc     21720
     tgcaagatgg tgtggggtga gagacagtgc ccacgaaaag ctctatagcc tcctctctga     21780
     ccccatccct gaggtgagtt gtccttgcag atgtaagctt ctgtgctagg tcagagcggt     21840
     ggtgggtttt atctgtaaag agattgtggg gccatgtgca gaagcctgcc cacatttaca     21900
     catgactgct ccagagccct tagggccatg tgcagacccc aagataggct accgaatctc     21960
     atttgacttt caatcatgct atgccaactc tgtatgcact ggggtaggta gctacaggct     22020
     ggcacagcct ctaagaagca agtttgaacc attctgttta gcacttcctg tggggcagga     22080
     ccaggtcatc acttatgggc aggggagcgc tgagggaggg aaattgcctg tggtatgttg     22140
     tctgccatat cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     22200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgatctga gagcacgagt gggtgtggtg ggatatgggt     22260
     atgggtgtgt ctgtgttacc accatgattg tctgttgcag gtccaggtgc tgcattctgg     22320
     gagatgagat agtggagggg cttagatgat tatgaatcat tggaacactt agcacacaag     22380
     tgacagaatc atcttttgaa gcaggagacc cagttctaga ttgttttgct ctcagtggga     22440
     atcagagagc ctgctatcat cttcagaaat gattactgtg tttctgttag taagccaaga     22500
     gtttgagcag ctgtaggtag aaagtgcagc ctggctgtag tttgtttgca gggctgttct     22560
     gaattgcccg gtgtgcatat cagatcagat tttggctagc tacttgagaa atcagtgcca     22620
     tctgtccccc aaacatgcca aggacaaatc tatgctcatc cgtctttgtt tcaggccccc     22680
     ttatggcctt ggaaagccct gacagagtta ggtctcaacc tctatagtta ctataaaagg     22740
     cagattattt cttacagaaa agcctaaaat gaacgtgcca agaaatcttt taaaagtaaa     22800
     ctcatacagt agcaggaagt cctatcctgt ctccttgaga ggtgtcagcc acaaatgctt     22860
     gtctcatcta cctactagag acagccactt gccctgccaa gggaactcca catctggatg     22920
     tcccaccaaa aggatgggcc ttgttggaga catccctgga atgcatccct ggaattgctg     22980
     ctgacaggca accatgtgaa atctttgaac agacccgtgt caccaggccc caagccttgg     23040
     gatataaacc agttctcaat gtctgaattg aaataatcta tcaaggtttg tttagggtgt     23100
     gtgcgtgtgc gtgtgcatgt gttcacttta cgttccactc actgtccccc tctcaggtcc     23160
     ccctccctct tctcctcccc ttttcctcct agacagtgtc ccaccccagg tgtcttcccc     23220
     accctgtcac atcaagtctc tgcaaagcta ggtgcatcct ctcccactga ggctagacaa     23280
     ggcagcctag ctagaacaac atattccgtg tacagaaaac agcttttgag atagcccctg     23340
     ctccagttgt tcgggaccca catgaaaacc aagctgcaca cctgctacct ctgtgcaggg     23400
     aggcctaggt cctgcccttg tgtgctcttt ggttggtggt ggttcagact ctgagagccc     23460
     aaagggtcct ggttagttga gtctgttggt cttcctgtgg agttcctatc ccctttggag     23520
     cccacaatcc tcctctctat tcttccataa gaatccccaa gctccatcca ctgtttgcct     23580
     gtgcgtgtct gtatctgtct gagtcagctg ctgggtggag cctccaagag aacagccatg     23640
     ctaggctcct ctctgcaagc acaacagtat cattaatagt gacaggggtt ggtgcttgcc     23700
     cgtgggatga gtctcaagtg gggcagttat aggttggcca ttccctcagt ctctgctcca     23760
     tcccccatcc ttacatttct tatagacagg aaaaatttgg ggtttgtggg tgggttggtt     23820
     ccctatcgct ccactagggt tcctgcctgg ctacaggagg tggcttcttc aggttccatg     23880
     tctccaatgc taaggtcatc ctcattgatt cttgggcacc tcccttctcc caggtctctg     23940
     tctcatcctg gagatgcccc tcccaccttc ccaccccctt cagttgcaga tttccattca     24000
     ttttcatgac catctggctg tctctcctgt ccctccccat acctgatcct gacccacccc     24060
     accccccatc ccctctccct cccagttccc ttcctccttc tgcctcttat gactatttta     24120
     ttccctcttc taagtaagta agactcaagc ctccttgcct gggatctctc tctctctctc     24180
     tctctctctc tctctaagtt ttatttattt attatttata tgagtatact gtagctgtct     24240
     tcaaacacac cagaagaggg catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg     24300
     ttactgggat ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtca ctgctgttaa tcactgagcc     24360
     atctctccag gccccccggg acttctttct tgtttagctt ctttgggtct atagagtgta     24420
     gcatggtatc tgtattttat ggccaatatc cacttataag ggagtgtata ccatgcatgt     24480
     gcttttggga ctaggttacc tcactcagga taatattctc aaattccttc cattttcctg     24540
     caaaattcat gatgtctttg gtttttaata gctgagtaat cttgcattgt gtaaatgaac     24600
     cacattttct ttatccattg ttcagttaat gggcatctag gttgcttcca gtttctgact     24660
     attatgaata catctgctat gaatatagct cagcaagtgt ctttgtggga tattgaagtg     24720
     tcttctggat atatatatct gatcatgaat gctatagatg agtcttgaga ctattcccag     24780
     ttttctgaga aactgccagg ttgatttcca gagtagctgt acaagtgtac agtcccaccg     24840
     gcaatggagg agtgttccct cactccacat cctcacctgc atgtgctgtt gcctgaggtt     24900
     ttgatcctaa tgtaaggtgg aatctcagtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gataactaag     24960
     gatgatgaac attggtttaa gcgcttcttg gctattcaag attcctctgt tgagaagtct     25020
     ctgtttagtt ctgtatccta atctttaatt gggttatttg gattgttggt gtctaattta     25080
     taaattttgg atgttacccc tctgtctatt aagtgttttg ttttgttttt catgacgctg     25140
     gtccttttgc ttatctggag gatagtggct tgctttcctc catcctccag gcctggctcc     25200
     tcttaagact cacccacctg agcctggcgt ggtggctcac tcctttaatc ccagcactcg     25260
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ctctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag cctggactac     25320
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaaac ctgtctcgtt tttaaaaaaa     25380
     aaaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa ctcacccacc tgtgtgagcc aaatgcagac caaaaggaag     25440
     tttagggagc acagacgtag agcagctgtg cccagctccg cagcatagcc catctctaga     25500
     ttggaaagga tctggagccc cgtgtatata acttgctaag tggcagtggc tcatagccag     25560
     ggtagttcag gattgtttgc acattgttgc cctggtcttc ctctagccct gtgcaggata     25620
     cttcatgttg ctcataagag gaagacacta gttctccgag gtcatatcac cttgcgagct     25680
     aagctgagct aggtccccag gcaccatgcc cagcccagtg ttgtttcact gcctccggac     25740
     cctggggact ctaccctttc tgacctctat ttcgcttctc tgtctcagaa tggacccatt     25800
     ccttctctgt ttgccacaac ctaccctcta tggtcctctc caaacaccat tgtccccttc     25860
     acttccatat ctagaagttg actgtgcaag ccaggttaaa ctctgtttcc ccctccacag     25920
     cctggtcatc cctgagctgg tgctggcctg cctctccagt cagctcctga gccacccact     25980
     caccctttct gctcgtcaat aacagtgtag ctctaggcct ggagcaccat gcaatagtgt     26040
     ttgtgaaatt gaattgagtt gaacttatgt gaactgaatt gaattaactt tcagacagcc     26100
     tcagcaggca gaaatgcaga tggcagacac atcagccgtg ggtgtgactc tgatgttctg     26160
     tctcctgcct tgcaggtccg atgtgcagct gtatttgccc tgggcacctt tgtgggaaat     26220
     tctgctgaga ggacagacca ctctaccacc attgaccaca atgtggccat gatgctggct     26280
     cagctgatca atgatggaag ccccatggtc cggaaggtat gtgggtgcca gctcagtagc     26340
     tgaagtcctg aagtcggggc ccaggctgtg tgcctggagc tgagccaaca caaagggcct     26400
     catgtccctc atatgtgcat catttgatct taaatgtctg cccaactctt ttcacagtgt     26460
     cttcattgct catctctgtt cacttgaggg tactgagcta actggctctg ctacagcttt     26520
     tacacaacag ccatctcctg acacaggcac atggcactgg ctctctaaag ggcagtatcc     26580
     ccctatgtca ccttccactt gccaacagca gagtcttatt tctctgctcc ctaagggtca     26640
     cacctccatg aaaagatggt ttcacatgac cttgattccc gacccctggg cccaagccaa     26700
     caaggccttg agggaaaggc tctgacttcc tggccgttca tggtggagca gaggctgtgt     26760
     gtgagatggg cagtccaaac tattcacagg tgactcccca tgcgtgtgct gccacagaga     26820
     gccactgggc ttccttttca gcattgcttg tcttttaaat atttctttct attttatgtg     26880
     tattggtatg cacattgcct tcatatatgt ctgtgtgagg gtattggatc ccttggaact     26940
     ggagttatag acagttgtaa gctaccatat ggatgctaga aactgagccc tggtcctcta     27000
     gaagagcagt cagtgctctc aagcattgag ccatctcccc agccccctcc tcagcatttc     27060
     tgagtggcag tgttggctcc ctttgatggt ggaccttggg aggttgggtg tggctttgga     27120
     ttatcctgaa gaacagctct gtggctaatg tgagaatgat aggcttcacc agtctcaaaa     27180
     tgtcggggta tattcatctc ctgcctttct gaaacttacc cgagtacccc catgcctcac     27240
     cttcttaaaa gatttttaaa atgtgtagtg agaagccaga catgataatc ctatgagtag     27300
     ctgagtctcc tattaatata tagattcccc atggggaagt cacctgtggg ctcaaagtag     27360
     aacccacact tgtggaaccc caagatgaac tgtcactgca ggtctgcagg aactaaagcc     27420
     ctttcagaga aggtatgctc acacacacag gaaccgagtg tcaaacacac tagggaccaa     27480
     ctgtccccac tcccagcctc atcctcttgc tgcccgcccc actctgccag actgctgggc     27540
     tgtgggctgt gcatggcatg atcccagtgg cccccggaac tttgaacaag ctcctccctg     27600
     tactttgctg gttacttgct atgcactttt gactgcctgg gtacaaggtg ccccttggta     27660
     acttagtccc caccacaaat cagggagtac agtaggccaa gttagatgag ttgatatgct     27720
     gaaatgtgag ggaagggata gagaagagtc ctaagtcagg aaagcttggg tgaggggata     27780
     tcaccagcag tttgaagatg ccagcatcaa gaaccacatg tcagggctaa gaagacagct     27840
     cggtgggtaa acactcttga tgccctgctt gaagacctga gttcaaatcc ccaaccagag     27900
     tttctctgtg gcacacatgt aagttctgct tggctgtgct ggcctacttt ctacacggaa     27960
     gaagaaagac tcccaggaac aagctagtca aactggctct gcctgaatat ataaggcaga     28020
     gtggtcaaga aagaccactt gacgtcaggc tccagttgta cgtacaacac atgcactgga     28080
     aaggtggctg tctgagtcct gtggaagtct ttcatcccag cacttggaag gcagaggcca     28140
     gcaaggcagg gctggctgct ggctggagtg acagctcaga gggcggggct ggctagaatg     28200
     atggctcagg ttaagagcac tttccttaaa cagcaatgct atttttaatg tcttttttgt     28260
     tttgttatat ttatttatgt atatgagtgc tctgtctttc tatgtctgca tgacagaaga     28320
     aggcatcaga tcccattata gctaccctgg aggtgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg     28380
     gaagaacaac tagtgctctt aaccacttag ccatctctcc agccctgact tgctgctctt     28440
     gcagaggaca tgaatttggt tccaagcacc cacatcaggt ggctcacaca ggtagtagct     28500
     cacaatctct tgtaactcca gctttgggga tccaacatct cagcccccct cacacccaca     28560
     gtaatgtgca tataactcag caaactcata aataaaaatt aaaactaaag taatatttta     28620
     gaaggtggac atacggggct agaaagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcaccg actgctcttc     28680
     cgaaggtccc gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc ccacaaccat ccgtaatgag     28740
     atctgacgtc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacat tgtacttaga tataatataa     28800
     atgaatcttt tttaaaaaaa gaagaagaag gtagacgtac acttgttgag gtgagggcag     28860
     tagcaggtaa gttgtagttt ggtgagtctt taaggttgta atctttattt ttgtagagta     28920
     agacagaccc agccgcccac cttcctcagc catgtgtctg ggtcaaactc aaactgatgt     28980
     aaattgtcag agctcctgcc aaaggaacgg agaccagggg ctactaggaa gcaccgtgga     29040
     ggccaggccc agtgctgctg gggatgtgca gatctgcact ggttagaaaa tctcagcagt     29100
     gtagagcaca gagcccatcc cacaaccatg tagcagtccg agttgttcac cagtgggtgt     29160
     gtgaggcaag ggcccgtgtg cgcagcctgg cacccctctg agcattgagt aaaggcatcg     29220
     cccattctct aactgaggtc tcttgggcag accttctgtg tgttcagagt aaaatagaaa     29280
     atatttagta catgccttct gtcatcaaag agttgctcta tgcagatgca gagagccttt     29340
     gtcctcctgg gcatagtaag gacactcccg accttttcct taagtcacaa cctcacccct     29400
     ggtggccttt tatgaaccaa agtggtgatg ctagattgac catcagggcg gcagcagctt     29460
     cttccgcttt atactggcat gaagggagaa tgggaggttt ctagacagat ggctcttctt     29520
     ccccagaggg gcctggtggg tatcgacttg tggggtctgt ctcagaatcc ttatccctga     29580
     cacagataga attagctctg tggtgatggg tcaggcagcc tcaggttgac agtgtttggg     29640
     aagactcagt gggccctcac ctttgctcta gtctacctca gcatctgagg atgttgaagg     29700
     gaaggtagag accaatgcaa gcctctggcc caggcgactt gagctgtggg tccctgggca     29760
     taattgggaa gttgcagtgg gtctgagtgc atagcagttt cccatcatat ccatggtaag     29820
     cttgaggctt tgggacacaa acaaagctac tgtaaagtca gcctggagct aagagaggtg     29880
     ggagaagcaa aaacgtgtgt gtttgaggtg agagaggacc tcagctcaag gaggcctggc     29940
     tgcagcacct cagcagacct cgggcctggc tgtgtgagca gacaagggtc tctccagcag     30000
     accttagttt tctgcagaca gctttctctt tacagagacc actgctcatg ttgacaagct     30060
     tacagtcctt ttggcttcct tttgcctttc tgtctataaa catttaagtt gtggtgctaa     30120
     actatcataa attgtgtaaa tcctgtcttc tcagactcag gcactgagat ctagttgtca     30180
     ttttaattca gggacttttc tcattcatag ttactggaac ccactctagc taagttagct     30240
     tcttgctcgc tgtaaaaatg cttcaccctc atagattttt atgccctggg tttcctgttt     30300
     acccccagag atgtggcact gccgctacca ccatctcctg attctcatca tgtctcccag     30360
     tagtctcttc ctctgtctta cccttacctg atttaaccag ggagcctgcg tgggactgac     30420
     caagccctgc acatatatat tgtagttatg taggtagctt ggtcttcatg tgggactcct     30480
     gatagcagga tcagaggctg tctctggccc tgttgcctgc ctgtgggcca cttcctctag     30540
     ccccagtagg aaggggtacc tatgctgcag cttaatgcca gggctggcta atgtccatgg     30600
     gaggtctctc cttttctgaa gagaaatggg ggaggaatag atgaggggag gtacagggta     30660
     aggactggga ggacagggag gagaggaaac tgtggtagga taattaatta attaatcaat     30720
     taaaaagaat gcttcaggtt atcaactgta cccacctatc cattggtggg atcacaagag     30780
     gcagtttgag gctcggacag ggccagaagc ctaatcgtaa atatttcagg gaatgtaatt     30840
     cacattcaga aagccttgga ctgataattg gtgcctagca atgagcgagt agactaaggc     30900
     aggtgtgcct gctttgggag acccctctcg acagcccctg gcctgctgcc tccacagccc     30960
     ccacctcctc tgcacttgtg ctcccagctg tgcagccctg ttctaaccgg ctgcctcctg     31020
     gagccgactt aggcattagt gtgcggatct gctgcccagt caatttcctg cctctgtaga     31080
     cgtaactgtc aactgtcgct tctccctctc tacaggagct ggtggtggct ctgagtcacc     31140
     ttgtagtcca atatgaaagc aatttctgca ctgtggccct gcagttcatg gaggaagaaa     31200
     agaactaccc tttgccttct ccagcagcca caggtacagg ggttgctggg agcctgggac     31260
     ctccttcttg gccttcacca ggacaatcag tggcctgggt tcagccaggc caggtctgag     31320
     catggctctc tgatgcggtg tctcaggcct ttagaagggt acacgtaggg gagggtgtgg     31380
     gggacttttg ggataacatt ggaaatgtaa ttgaggaaaa tacttaataa aaaaaaaaag     31440
     ggtacacgta taggaaaagg gccgtgctga ccctcttact gctccccctc cttcttaccc     31500
     ttcttggaat tcaaatttgg ggacatcttg aaagatggcc cacctctgca gtggagcgtg     31560
     ctgaaaagaa cattagctgt cttcctgtga tgagtaattg aatcacattg ttgtcggcct     31620
     catgttgccg tgagtcaggg taggaagcat ctcttctcac atttgtcctt ttcgctggag     31680
     agtacagtca tcttctgtgt tcctatttca ttgcccctcc ctccctccga ccacaggaaa     31740
     gagactcgtg actgataaca aagcatgcct cctttccgtc tcttgggaag gaagtgaagc     31800
     cgtggctggc tggaaacagc agtaaggtgg aggggcagcc accagaaggc tggggtcctg     31860
     ccaggtgcag ggtgctgaac acccctctgt cactgcctgt gctacctaac accaagcgcc     31920
     tcagagctac tcttccttcg gtccatgctc tcctgggatt tagtactcaa tgtctacaaa     31980
     cagtaccttt gaccaactaa ggcccacact cacaccaggg agtgacaggg aggcccttcc     32040
     acagtccttc ttgtctcagg aacaccaata tccctgttgc catggctgca gactccagca     32100
     ttcaccctgc tcccatcctg aaccccactg ctaactcttt tccttacccc ctctttccta     32160
     gagggaggga gcttgacccc agttcgagac agcccatgca cccccagact ccgttcagtg     32220
     agctcctatg ggaacatccg agccgtcacg acagctagga acctgaacaa atctttgcag     32280
     aatctgagct tgacggaaga atgtaagatt ccagaaacta gtatttgggg tgggaaggtt     32340
     tggtgcgctc ttcacagaca tttatcaaaa atgctactgt gccccttgac cctgccctcc     32400
     agaatatggg cctgatgtct tgtgtgccag agtgacaagt gaccagctgt tcttgagcca     32460
     gaatcttcct tccagatgtg cacttggcaa agacctggtt taacatccag atcagtcagg     32520
     ccagagtgcg tgcgactgac agagaggccc accagtttat gcacacacat gtctattagt     32580
     ttgcttgtgt gtgttgtaca tgtgcccact gtgaagaaag ctcacgtctc agacaggcca     32640
     ttaactgtaa gaccctgacc tccttcctgt cacattctgg ccagcgggca gctcagtggc     32700
     cttctctccc gggaacctca gcaccagcag cagtgccagc agcaccttgg ggagccctga     32760
     gaacgaggag tacatcctgt ccttcgagac catcgacaag atgcggcgtg tgagctccta     32820
     ctcagcgctc aactccctca taggtgagtc ctcgccgcat gtgatgcctt ttctgatgcc     32880
     tgcatgtctt cccttgccaa gggtttgctc tatgcagaac agcacacgcc ttagtttggt     32940
     cagaatatga gccaaaactc tctctactgg atgcaaaaga ataggaatta actggagctt     33000
     gaagaagtga ggagagcatt ttgcaatggg actgtatttt acaggctggt ccagggctat     33060
     gtgagcttgc tggctctgcc aggcaggaag gctgccagac gagtccatct gtctttctct     33120
     gtattcctcc tgtgtgctag accctggcag tgatgagcgg tggctctcag ctaagacatc     33180
     ctgcttatct cagccaggat gaagtgggtg ctctggtctc tggtagggag aagccaagga     33240
     tgatgttcac tgtcccagtg cccaggagag ccctacagta agcagtgaga ggtcaagagc     33300
     ctgatgcata aggcagaggg tgtcaagagt cctgacgggc tctccgtgct cacctgctaa     33360
     acctctaccc agactagcag cttgaccctt cactgcctgg aaactggggt ttagtggcca     33420
     gtgttctctg attcggccat gagtggtatc cctggacttt gctaggagat gagaatcagc     33480
     tgagttttct tgctgtgtac ctgtactcat cctcagactg tggagttgaa atgtaagccc     33540
     cctaggtccg ccacacttct catgtggttc atcttggtaa gaccctgtgt gacatgcaca     33600
     gtgtagcctg gggccctgga agcttcctca ggctcaaggg ctgggagcca gggcctatta     33660
     caggcaagct caaccttctt gtctggcaag ttaatactag tgttgtcctc agttttgatc     33720
     ttggagatgg cagggttaaa gacacacacc agcttacaaa tcagtgtgag aaggtgacac     33780
     cacatagatc ccagtgtttg agagggtagt agaggaagat gaagcaaaca catctgggct     33840
     cctatagaag ctgctgagcc ccatttgctg tggccctcaa ctaaactctg tatctcagtg     33900
     tgtgactgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtgtatc tcagtatgtg     33960
     tatgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtatctc attgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtc tctgtgtgtg     34020
     tgtatatgtg tatgtgtctg tctctgtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtatc tcagtatgtg     34080
     tatgtgtgta tatctcagtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtc     34140
     tgtgtgtatc tcagtgtgtg tctatgtctg tgtgtctctg tgtgtgtgta tctcagtgtg     34200
     tgtctatgtc tgtgtgtctc tgtgtgtgtg tatctcagtg tgtgtctatg tctgtgtgtc     34260
     tctgtgtgtg tgtatctcag tgtgtgtcta tgtctgtgtg tctctgtgtg tgtgtatctc     34320
     tgtgtgtcta tgtctgtgtg tctctgtgtg tgtgtatctc agtgtgtgtc tatgtctgtg     34380
     tgtctctgtg tgtgtgtatc tcactgtgtg tctatgtctg tgtgtctctg tgtgtgtgta     34440
     tctcagtgtg tgtctatgtc tgtgtgttcc tgtgtgtgtg tatctcactg tgtgtgtgtg     34500
     tatctcagtg tgtgtctatg tctgtgtgtc tctgtgtgtg tgtatctcag tatgtgtgtg     34560
     tgtgtgtctc agtgtgtgtc tcagtgtgtg tctatgtctg tgtgtatctc agtgtgtgac     34620
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatttg tatcattcac atcttgggaa     34680
     tttggatggg attgcagcta gagatggctc agtgattcag agcactggct acacttgcag     34740
     aggactcgga tttgattgcc attacccata tgggagctct taaatgtctg taactccagt     34800
     tacgggggat cttataccct cttctggcta tgtaggtacc agatacatat atggtacaca     34860
     gatacatgca ggcatggcac ttatatacac agaagaaaaa acaaaatttg aaggaggaag     34920
     tttccaagtg agtagatttt gagaaagaga agaaaacatc aaccttcctc ctggccagct     34980
     ttctccctgt tcagtgtggg ggtgcccacg cccacatggg gacctcagag cttatgtagg     35040
     gctaagacac ataacttgca gaatccattc ctggcaacac gtgcctgttt aaagccaatt     35100
     tctcctttca tttcaaccaa agaatagcat tttctttagc ccctttctct gcatgttgca     35160
     gaagaggttt taaaaccatg gcaacgtgga ggacatactt acacgtgttc acacaagagc     35220
     agctcccttt cagatgccct gtcctgtgcc cctcccaggt ctgctttacc agagtgctcc     35280
     ctgaggtgac ctgctctctg gctctatggt catctggcat acagggtctg gcccagtggg     35340
     tgcacagatc tgcactctgt gaatatgtag atcttccaca tcaccacttt tcttgttttc     35400
     agtcagttgt gcccaatgac cacctagatc tcctaatcgc ccctccctcc ctcccccccc     35460
     ttttccgggc ctctttccct atggcacaca tgtgcctttg atctaattgc accatgttcc     35520
     tgtctgtgga ccctgggagg ttttggcatg ccaggtgagg ctggactcgg ctcatgcctt     35580
     ccttcaataa ggatctcagc tggacagctc tacagtgtgc ttcttgggct agcctctagc     35640
     ccctgggaga cttgatgtaa cctctagggc tcagagcaag gtagtcttgc gagggcaggg     35700
     tccttgacag agcatctcgg ttgttttcat gctcttcttg acctagctgt accaagactc     35760
     atggctgtca tttttattat ctaatttctc aagagtggtc ttgattgtta ttattggatg     35820
     tgtgtgtgag ctgtgggtat cttcattgct ccagcacacg tgtggaggta agaggacagc     35880
     tctgcagagt cagttctttc cttctacatt tcatgggttc tggggttgag ctcagctcat     35940
     cagggttata ctggaagtac attctactga ctgagcggtc tcgccatccc taaggttgtt     36000
     tcctgctgct gtaatacagt gagcagcctt gcctgtcctg gcctgccacc tcgctccctg     36060
     tgttcctgag gctcgcccat gagcataggc ttgcccagag tggaaagaat ctgaagaggg     36120
     tgtggcagat ccgtgggtcc ctctacagca ccctccttac cccttgtcag tagtgcccac     36180
     tgtgcacgaa gcccatgccc acacaaatct gaaccctggc cacagatgcc ctgccaaagc     36240
     tccagcccca gcagggaaag tagtgccatt gtgtacactc tgtcttcctg cctgtcaact     36300
     ctaccttcat cagagactcg taccaagaga gagaaggata tggtctcact tcaaagccac     36360
     tgggagcctc agaggacagg gacagggttt ttacaactct gtgagcagtg acattttgta     36420
     acgtgttgaa aatgcatcac catggtaaca aatccaaggt agagctaata ctgaaggagt     36480
     gagaaaagga agagtcagaa gcacagagct accctcaccc tcaccctcac cctcaccctc     36540
     accctcaccc tcaccctcac cctcaccctc acccccaccc ccacccccac ccccaccccc     36600
     acccccaccc tcaccctcac cctcaccctc accctcaccc ccacccccac ccccaccccc     36660
     acccccaccc ccacccccac ccccaccctc accctctgtg ccagcccaga gccctgatcc     36720
     tgtgttcgtt cctgcgggag ccagcaaccc cagagcctaa gcctgggaga ctggagtggg     36780
     tcagggctga aaccccaagc tcctgcctca ctcagacagg ggcaggatga ctccagggag     36840
     aagacattgg ccaagagccc ctgtgaggac tgctcagtca gcattaaggt gacagacagc     36900
     cattagccac ctctgttctt ccctattttc ctcttgttga ggagtcagga agcacggcga     36960
     gccttttcat cccggcatag tagtgacctg gtgaggccct gagtgtgcac caaggggcag     37020
     aggctacaca tgtgtctgcc ctaactgaga gaaatccagc agggacttgc tggagagagt     37080
     taatgctagg aatgtagctc agtgggggag tgctcaccta tcacacacag tccctgctgt     37140
     ggtgaccaaa gcttagtggg tcatacgagg atgctgaggg tcaactacaa agaccatgca     37200
     gatgttccag ggtcactgga gataggaggc cagagcagtg ggtcagtata acacccccca     37260
     aaggttctat acattaggcc gacagcttag actcagaagg gaaggtataa ctagatttac     37320
     tctgaagcac catgacaggc gcacaaggaa gaacaaatac aatggccaca tacacacgca     37380
     gccaccacca cccaccaccg ccagccactg ccaccactcc cccagccctg ggacctgtgt     37440
     ttctaaagac tggcagaagt cttggccatt tccagatcat cagaggacct gacctcactc     37500
     tgccagctct tcaagcccta gatgaggact cgcagcctcg tgtctataca gtcctttccc     37560
     aataaggctc tgaggttcag aaacagctgc agagctctga gagactgcac ttcaccacat     37620
     gctattcaga aagctgtggc cactgctctg aaaatcaatc ctagaacatc acggtctttt     37680
     attacttcta gtctagacat gaaaatagat ccttagccct tctagagctt agcaagtagc     37740
     aagttgccgg ccaggcccag ttcctgcctc tgctttgagg cagaacccag tgtccttacc     37800
     tcagtcccat gggccctgat ccgtgtgtga gggtggcagg ttgtattttg gagatgttaa     37860
     gacagggcag ttgatttggc aaggagccag ggagaatcac tcctggcaaa tcagggctga     37920
     tgtgaaatca agaggtaatt tgtaaccaca gcttcccttt ccactaaaac aactgtgcct     37980
     cccatcccag tcagagggtg gtaaagctta gagttgtgtt ctctgctacg gtgtcacaca     38040
     gagctcaaca tccacagtca gcccagtcat tgaaataggc tttaaactac acagtaatat     38100
     ttacaagtgt ctccctttct ccatgtcctg cacattgtta gacttttctg gcagtgttct     38160
     gtggggttcc tgattctaaa ggactcccca gagttcttta ttctgtatct gccaccccag     38220
     cccatgaggc cacaggggct ttaggactcc acctgtgact acctactctg ttcagtgtct     38280
     gctgagtttg gtcagtaagc tgagggaggg agggagggcc tgagccctca ttagtcacgc     38340
     accagcccct ccccagtctg tgacgtcagt ccgtccgaca tctgagtaac acggttcacc     38400
     agaagcttcg agatagatcc cttacagctt ggtgccacgt ggcaactgag ctttgcagga     38460
     agcagcgtgt cactccccag gaggatgcct gagagtacca gaggtagctg tgtgagcact     38520
     tgctgtcgct tagagaggcg ctgccaactc catctgagtg gccagttccc tgtctctcag     38580
     gggaaactga aagcagaaca tgtggccctg tctctagagt acactggaag ccacctcctt     38640
     ctcctctcct cagctgctgc ttagcaactc catacctcag agctggaaat cggatctgag     38700
     gacatttcac ccagagagat tctaagctga ttgtactagt tttcttagac tttacttgta     38760
     aatctagccc agtgtttgga actgtagagt tttaagttga aatgtcagtc ctctacttct     38820
     gagttgtagc cacatgagag agcacggagt gagaaggctg ctttctttgg attttcctgc     38880
     cactgtgcaa cccaagctac attcctccac cacatccagg cttatcacag gcctaggtct     38940
     cctggcacat gtgccttcct acttactgct tcctgggctc actggaggct tagaactact     39000
     gacatcgagt ctttgcagtc ctgtgttgtc gccttataga gatgcctgtc tcagctggac     39060
     acatggcgta atggttagga gctctcagtg ctcttgcggg agatgtgggt tccgttctca     39120
     gcacctctga tgcataactc caggtccagg gatcctcctt tgacttcact cggttcttac     39180
     atgcacatgg tgctcataca gaccttcaca cacacacacc acacatacca cacacacacc     39240
     atacatacca cacacacaca ccacatacac acacaccatt tttttaaatt aaataattat     39300
     tttttaaatt cctgtcttaa gacttagccc ctcagtgaca ggcagaaatg ccttactcag     39360
     ctcaaaagag aagctctgta ttcaggagct gaggtgcagc ccacttgacc tcggcaccct     39420
     cttagtgagt gggtatacat agctgccatg gctcaggctt tgccctacac agcccaggat     39480
     taatggaagg gaagttggat tcacttccca tctatagatg agcacgcaag tcagcagtca     39540
     ttagagagtg gacaagcaga gctcaacaag taacaaagta catgtagaga gggcagtggc     39600
     cacagctgtg catcccacat aaactgtaca tctggccatg ctgtcatcta ggaacctaga     39660
     acgagggagg agatatgcgt gggaaactag gtggtattct ctaaacaaca aagttatccg     39720
     agtgcagacc attttttagc cattttcctt tagaaagccc tgtcatcaaa agatgagacc     39780
     tgcctgccag gcatggtggt gtacccagca catggaagac agaggcaggt ggatttctgt     39840
     aattcaaagg tagcctaatg tatatagtga gtcccagcta gccttgatat acaatgaggt     39900
     ctgtttcaaa aaagggatgg ggggaatgag acctgtatga taaagcttgt ttactaagag     39960
     aattcttttt aactttgtgt gtgtctgtgt atatgtgtca gtgtgtgtta gtgtgtatgt     40020
     gtgtgtttgt gtacatgtgt tagtatgcgt cagtgagtga gagagagaga gagagagaga     40080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga atgcaggtgt     40140
     gctatgcatg tggtagtaag agggaatcag tcctcccttt catggtgtgg gttctgggat     40200
     ttgagttcag tcgtcaggct caatggcaag agacttcact tgctgagcac tgggaagctg     40260
     cctgcagccc cagctctaaa gtcctccttc ctgtcagcat ggggtgctca gaaaataaac     40320
     tacctcaaaa gccaccatca catgcacagg gatggagcta cttgctacta aaagatctcc     40380
     tgtttgtttc tctcttgtag gagtttcttt taatagtgtt tacactcaaa tttggagagt     40440
     cttactgcat ctggctgctg atccctatcc agatgtttct gatttagcca tgaaagtcct     40500
     caacagcatt gcttacaagg tatgtatatg agagatcgtc actgaagtgc tcacagtttt     40560
     gcttctgtgt gaatattcaa ataaggagct ccagggatat ccaggcctac acaacaacag     40620
     cttaaaaaat aaacaacttt aagcaagcgt tttgaactca aagcttcgta agtacatccg     40680
     aacttcactt gcattgcagc ttcagtcgta aaggtgtgat ctgtagtgat ttcccctcct     40740
     ccactctggg ctttgtgctt gtcgatttct ctgttatttt cgctcccagt tgacttgttc     40800
     tttcacttgt ttctgtcctg agctttttta ttcttctaat tctcatttct ttcttttttt     40860
     ttttttttta agccacactg cctctttttt tttttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattac     40920
     ttattatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagatacac cagaagaggg catcagatct     40980
     cattacgggt ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaacttca gaccttcgga     41040
     agagcagtcg ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gccctctttc tttttttttt     41100
     ttaagattta tttattactt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacttca     41160
     gaagagggag tcagatctcg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca tctcaccagc ccctaattct     41220
     catttcttaa agcatactct tctttgggga ttagcacctc ctcccattcc tttttatgag     41280
     aatttagcct aatcccaaga ctgaagagtg tcaggcagaa gttcaagaga ctcccctgta     41340
     ctctactctg aaaatcctat cccctctctg cccccacctt ttcccagggt cttgatggtt     41400
     ctctcacccc taaagcattg agctcctgct gggttctcct tctgggctct gtgggtggat     41460
     actgctggaa gtcacttacc cccataagct gggataattg tttttgtttc ccatctataa     41520
     aggatctagc agccactgta catgtggttt ctgaaaacat ttgtttggtg tttttctatt     41580
     tgtttactaa gttagacagt tcagctttca taagtggcac aaactagaat tcatatgaat     41640
     aaaacttttt ataacttttt cataaaattt tgagtttgca aggaaagggc ccgtgcctgg     41700
     tgttcagagg gtcacttagg tggaaagggc aggatctgtg gctttcccaa tctaatcctt     41760
     gtttattcct gggaggtatg gagccctgcc ctggtgctgt ctgactgagc agcggtgctt     41820
     gcagcagcca cagctgcagc tgatggcctg tttgctgctg ccagctcttc cctgcagatg     41880
     tgttctgggc gcctagttct ggctcctcct tggctgattg aaatgtctca ctgactgcag     41940
     ttgctacttg ctcagccctg gtagtgtcac acgtggtagt aacagcctcc ctgcactttt     42000
     agattccggg ctttagatgc aagatgaaac tacacttgtg agcatcctac gtacagactt     42060
     gttggaacag tggagagttt gctgttttac tgcccagtaa tcttccagct gaatgcccga     42120
     gtgttgcctg ggatagtcca gccttactct gtccaacccc tgtggtacca ggcagtgacc     42180
     cagtgaaatc taaaggtttt attgtttaat taaaaaaatt aaacagttat tacagtttgt     42240
     atttgttgca cattatggta tgaggccaaa ggaaggcagg caaaaggaaa acaggaaaca     42300
     aggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtccccatgc cacagcactt gtggagatca     42360
     gtggacaggg ggaactaaat tgcttctcca tttctattat gtgggtccct caagcttggg     42420
     tctttaaaaa attatttcta gtgtaatcat cctaaaagtt tatgtggaca tgaagtctct     42480
     gatgtttaat gtatgtaggc agttctgtcc cttcatcaca gttcctgaca caaagcactc     42540
     tgatggctta gtctttgccc ttggaggcac aaggcagcct cctgacggcc atgcttaacc     42600
     caggctgcat agcttaggac ttgcactgag ggagttctca cctggttggc tcagcatcta     42660
     gagtatattg gtcatggcaa gtcaggatac agctctctgt atttatcttt cagtacattg     42720
     atgtatttgc ccttacagat actgtgcctg aattatttaa cactgtaatc ctggtgcctg     42780
     atattgaatt catgactata agttcagtgc tgcagccttg ggtgttaaac agtatctttt     42840
     taagagcttc aagtgcacag agcagtaggg gtacagcttt gacctagacc tgggctttga     42900
     ggttgtattt catgaatgca gctctgagct gggagggtgt gtactctcca ctgtaaagta     42960
     atgtgcctcc tgactactac ctgccatggt agcaagctat agccacctga gaagcagccg     43020
     agcactctca gggcagcact ccataaggac ccctgagccc cagcaaagct gaacccagca     43080
     aggagtattt gcctgctgtg tctgctctgc tacagtggca aatcccagtg tgcacatgcc     43140
     aacagctgga agcacaccac aaatcccagt gtgcacatgc caacagctgg aagcacacca     43200
     cagccagggt ttcagagacc agcatgggct gcccttggga aggattcgtg tgtgtgtgtg     43260
     tgtgtgtgtt tagaataagc actgctgacg agttcaggaa cataaacatt atggaaattt     43320
     ttttgtgagt cataatttta atagatgcct tattttctcc tctaggaact aaagagatta     43380
     tatttcactt tataaagaaa tgaacctatt ttgcattatt taactctgag gccaagtttt     43440
     tgttcatcag agtcaaaacg accttattac tgtgaaatgc cccctagaat tctgcatcca     43500
     aatatggaag ttgctactag ctatgtctga aagaagccac actgcctgac agtggcagcc     43560
     tgatcgcaca tttgtacttt tccttctgaa agtgcagaga acagctcagc ttcatggagc     43620
     cttctgtggt gccatcagct gttttctgcc ctctcttgga ctgagggtgg aggaggcaga     43680
     gctgagatcc agccacagtg tgagggagac gcacatgcag tacatgcagc ctctggatct     43740
     caccttccca acaggcctcg gagaccaggc accctgcagg tcagacagtc acccttaacc     43800
     agggggaagg ctcacacagc ctaaggaaag gaagactcgg gttgtcagtc acataatcaa     43860
     atgctccact gaagaaaagg tcactggctg gggatgtggc tgttggtaga gtgcttacct     43920
     agcgttctca aaaccacagg cccatcccca gaatcacaga aaactaggag tggttgtgca     43980
     aacctataat cccaacactc aggaaatgga agatggaggg tcagaagttc agggtcatcc     44040
     tcagctagcg catgagttca aggccagcct aagattaaat aaagaaatgg ctcaaatgaa     44100
     actccacaca ttgttctatt aagcatgtta cggcttagcc tctcaaggag gtgtaagcag     44160
     gagaacgtga gtgtgaggct ctccctccct gtcccccgct tcccactgtc agtcagtact     44220
     tgagcaccac ttccaaaatg ccctactctc accaggtagt gccgatccca gaccatcgag     44280
     actgggtggg gacattcagt gctaggtttc tgaggtcccc tcctgtgttt gactttgact     44340
     cgtacagaag tctgaatgtt cttgttggaa acttgtgaga gcactgagca ccgagcaaga     44400
     atgccttcca gtgtgccacc agaagtcacc agcccctctt acagggctct gaacatgaca     44460
     aatgattctt gttgcggaag ctatgggcag agaacacttg cattgtctgg caggccactg     44520
     ccaagctgga aaccatggat cctatgtcca tttctattcc ctgaagcacc cgtccctgtg     44580
     tcctgggcag agagagcccc tgagttcctc agaaacctac cccctaaagc ttctgtctcc     44640
     catcacctcc tgctgatgct ctagaactcc tgagaaggca aagtctacag ctaaactctt     44700
     ctcccttgta gacttgagga ctcatatagc tgtcaggcta gggacagggg ggatgcccgt     44760
     agagcagcct gggaacttta aatgccaagc aaacatttgg gcagcatgcg cactactctc     44820
     acagttaaaa tgcagtgcat cgcttaagga ctggttccag cttcatctgc tacttgtatt     44880
     aaaataaagc cgagggttgt ctgggaaaag gaagctgtat gcataaatga tttgtgtctg     44940
     attgtgacat tgtaggggtg gtgttccagg tagtgactga gtgatttaga aatgtaagag     45000
     gtctgaacag tgacctccca gagcagagct ctttcaactg aaggttccat ggggctcacc     45060
     ttctcccctg agctcctaga tgacacaacc tgctggtcct gtgctaatat aggggccact     45120
     acatcactcg gcctttgtga agctgctcca gctctttgaa gagcagagca ggttcctgca     45180
     agcacacagt ctgctagttt tgagagagag gtcagtagcc accttggcac aggagtattg     45240
     ttgacaaaca cgcactcagc agtcctgccc atactaacca aagcactggc cgcagtgctg     45300
     tacctcggac taatgggaag ctcctacaca ggagctcatg ggagctaatg ggactaatgg     45360
     ggagctccta cacaggagct cagaccctgc agatgtttgt gaacggtgtg cacagaacgt     45420
     gctgtgatct tacttcccac ggggctgtgt ttaaagaact gattgaacct gcctctgaaa     45480
     cgtggaaatt aaaaacaggc caggtcatgt cttcccctag attctaagtc cagagtggcc     45540
     acctaggact ctggtgaagc tggctgccca gtcagcaggc cagacctggc ctccaacctg     45600
     cctcacccta ctttaccagt ttgccctttt ccctagtcat cttcttccct ggaaatgaat     45660
     atgtgcatcc ttatagtgtg tgagcatgaa ggaaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     45720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgacaaga gtgatgctct ttatctggtt ctggggttct     45780
     ggtggagccc aggatctgtc agatactaat tctgtactca gtcatcaagc cacacccaac     45840
     ccagtgagtt aatctgtgtc gggggtggtt tgttctgggg taagtgaggt tcccatgcgc     45900
     tacctctcct gcctctttgg ttttcatgaa cccctttgag gaatacagga cgtttgtgac     45960
     tgaccagcag ccacagttct gggctgtctg gtgatgtaac actccagaca gacaacagcg     46020
     tttcctgacc cctcagtaca cctgcctgag ctgcagctgc ctcccccgag acagagccag     46080
     tctgggcccc tgaaagggcc acctcatggc tctcagatga gaggaagaca gtactgagga     46140
     ctagccccag gtggccttga agcaggggag gagccttgaa cacatcatgt ttccgctgct     46200
     agagcttctg ccaagataac tccccagcct gagcctcaca ggctgtggtg aatgaaagag     46260
     cagtccctgg tcctctgtca cccctgggtg tgtcgcactg agggcttttg acctctcttg     46320
     tcattcttcc tttgctctct taggccacag tgaacgcccg gccccaacga atccttgaca     46380
     catcctctct cacacagtcg gccccagcca gcccaaccaa caagggcatg cacatgcacc     46440
     aggtggggta agtggcctgc caagcccctc cgcccctgtg ctgggtctcc gatgccaccg     46500
     ccctgccaag ccttgctttc ctctccttcc cttctaacat ttccccttct ccatctcttt     46560
     ccctttgtcc tttctctcta gacacacaag tacatgcgga tgtgtgtgag ctccgggccc     46620
     ctttctagac atctttccta tcccaggaat acttcatttg catatcatga atcaggaaaa     46680
     gttgaatgaa gccatatttc tatgaccttt gggatttttt tttcccagag gccataggtt     46740
     ctctatgtag gtgtgcaaca ggatgtgcta cacagttgct gctcaggaag cagtatgact     46800
     agcccaactg tgactgcaca caccagctct atgtgactag tctgaggcga ctggtcacac     46860
     cagctctaga ttgtgttatc ttgtcctcat aaacatttgc cagggcacat ccagcaagga     46920
     cagtcctcac tcagctttgg caagtggcag gccaggcagt tgaacattcc ccgaggtgac     46980
     attatcaagg gagagagcct ggatcctcat cactacagag taatctacag taaaacatgc     47040
     tttctgctct tctctcaact gcagaggctc cccgccagca tctagcacca gcagctgcag     47100
     cctgaccaat gatgtggcca agcagactgt cagccgtgac ctgccttcca gccgcccggg     47160
     tactgccggc cccacagggg cacagtacac ccctcactcc caccagttcc ctcgaacacg     47220
     aaagatgttt gacaaaggcc ctgatcaggt acaaaggcct gagctctgtt gcagcccttg     47280
     cgccctgtaa gcgctcagtg tcagaacagc gtgctgggga ctttgctttc ctgacatcca     47340
     gcatggtacc ttagtttagg gtcattccac tccccacaac cctgtgccag ccattgcctt     47400
     caagaccctt ggagacacag tggcacccag gtccagcacc cctctgtctg caggtctagt     47460
     ctccatgcag cacctcctcc ctaggttggc ttatcttggc ccctctttga gtcccagtta     47520
     gcacgtggag ttaactcact tcttcccctt cttaggtaaa tagcatctgt ctccacttga     47580
     tgtagctgct gctcatcagg gttcattgtg aatggcttgt ttggttttcc tataaacatt     47640
     tgattattct gtacaagcag gcacactccc tgctcttaac taagctgtca gaacagttta     47700
     ggagagagga atgtgctctg agaggcacag agatggcaca tctgtcagcc agtgcacagt     47760
     ggagaggggt gctcaggatg tcccagcagt agagactagc atgactcact gtgtcatcta     47820
     aaaggtaaag gaggaaccac agcttagagc agtagcacac acctggaatc ccagtactca     47880
     aaatgcaggc cggaagacca ctggtgttct ttctgtatga caagtgagac tgaatccaaa     47940
     gaaatgtagg cacagctccc ttgtaggtta actgtagagc agaatcacaa tgttagtggc     48000
     tagcaggcca tgtggcagcc attgatatcc ccacccccac cccttaccag tcccttaccc     48060
     ctgccctgga cagctccaat gactcttaag caccttgaca gccagtaagt tccgagtaca     48120
     gtcagcatcc tggttgaccc ctgacatagc tgggagcagg tggagaggac tgtggtctag     48180
     gggagccatg caccaagtag agggtctatg caaccttccc cacatcagaa ttctcaaatg     48240
     gagccaaagc tactgcttcc aggaggccag tgagcccatc tcccactatg acccctgaga     48300
     gtgggaggcc ctcaactgcc aacatgcagt ctgggccatt tctttagccc tggactaagc     48360
     acagggcact ggcagagggc atggaaggag aagacggctg accctggtgg ccaggacctc     48420
     cctgctcccg tagtggagaa gagtaaagta cagtcatttg agcctcattt gagctctgac     48480
     tcacctgcgc ttggctgtgc ctttgtcatt gttttctatg gctgatgaag gacaacctat     48540
     gctggttagc agggacctgg cacagacaca tgagctgagc acacaggccc gcctgcccat     48600
     gtggctcagg taataggagt cagcgagact gggctggcca tggggaacag caaggcagat     48660
     ccaaggtcct caggagtact aggcaagcac tcatccactg agccacaccc agccttgacc     48720
     ctgcttctca gtcagcaccc agccctgccc aggaacttca gactgcagtg agaagtgctc     48780
     acctggcacg gggttgttca ctgtcacttt ctcaagtaaa acaagtagag gatgccaggc     48840
     tcacagtcat gagcgtacaa tctcagcact caggagcctg aggagcaaga ccaggactcc     48900
     aagccagcct aggctacgta gtgagactgt ttctcaaaaa ctaaagtcag tacaggaaca     48960
     atgagcctaa agtgttttct cctgattctg ctctctctca agaccacaga tgatgcagat     49020
     gatgctgccg gacacaagag cttcatttgt gcctctatgc agacagggtt ctgtgactgg     49080
     agtgcccgct actttgccca gccagtcatg aaggtgagtg cttagtcctg cacagcctcg     49140
     gtgcccccgg aagctggcgt cctcttgctg ctttctcact gccacgtgcc cttgctgctg     49200
     gttcttgttc cttgttcctc ggacccatcc tgtccctgtc tttggcttgc tgagccctgt     49260
     tagcccagct gacctgagca gatggcctgg gatttatgag cggagttggg gctgtgctcg     49320
     ttatagtcag cctcaccttg ggttctgtgg ctcctgtcat actttgctta ctgttggggg     49380
     gtgacagcaa actgctgtca tggtgcaggt gtcaacacct aagacaaaag agccaaagtc     49440
     ctcctgattt ctcaaagaaa gcacaggcaa agccctacca tctagaacct gccagcactc     49500
     catgtcaccg tgttctcact ggcagggtct aactctgtgt tggagttaga gtgagaacat     49560
     gagtgtgagg ctctccctcc ctgtccttga gctgtgcttg gtgactgagt actctgggac     49620
     aatggggatc tgcaaagctg tcttctggtt cttgctctgc cgtagctctc ttgataccaa     49680
     gcatgaaagg tagtattgta aagaaatcag cctgcaaatc ttccaggtgt gggagtcaag     49740
     ctgtaggaac aagacaaggc ccatagctgc ccactgacct tacttcccag taccatgttg     49800
     tcctcacaga ggggaacaac gtgcccttct gattctggga cagcagttaa gacaggaagt     49860
     acatggtctg gacttgtgca gtgagcaaga gctgcccaga actcagggtg ggggcactca     49920
     gacactgggt agagccatgt gggccagcag tttaccagca gtgtggcttc ccaggacagt     49980
     ttgtgctatg gcaggggaag ttaatatgta gaatatagaa acaggccacc tgcttccctc     50040
     tcactgtggt ggcagtgact gtcagtattg gtgactccct gggacactaa tgagaagctt     50100
     tctttgaaga cattgacaat tacttgatct ctgccatcct tgtgtggtga ctcggggaag     50160
     ggcacggggg tctcagaatg catggccctt agacttaaaa ctgaagccag tgtgttccca     50220
     aagcactgtc ctagcgtgag cacaccatgg ctgagtacag ggcactgggt gagcatcctc     50280
     agatctcaga cgctggcgac aatggctagg cctgatcctt aggaaggatc tactgtgcgg     50340
     tgtgtactgt gctggctcct cagctcggca taggccaatg cctccgtact ctcctgcagt     50400
     acatacggca tgtaagagtt cccaccacag gagtcaggga cacaaacact gcagagacaa     50460
     tggccaagaa gaacccctag gacagtggtt ttcaacccat gtgaccccct gggggctgat     50520
     atatcagata ttctgcatat cagatattta tattataact cataacagca gcaagattaa     50580
     agctaggaag tagcaacaaa agtaaatttg tggctgggag tcacctcaat atgaggaact     50640
     gtattaaaag gtcatagcat tggaaggttg aaaaccactg ccctgggcct attgccccat     50700
     acagaagtga caaggaacat ttagcaaata agcaaacgtt gttttcctgc cgtgctgacg     50760
     agcctgtcgt cgtctcagcg ctgtttggtt gcagcctgca gtgacagagg ggaagcaggg     50820
     cgtgctttat cttatttgaa aggcgcttta accctcatgc catgttgctg taatggtgca     50880
     tcaggacctt ctgctgctgg cctgcatacg ggagaagtca aagttgtaag gctgtggctg     50940
     cctctcaagg agtaaagagt gtcagaggtg tgtaaggaac aaaaacagct tcagagagga     51000
     aacgtgtcgg tggtgtagca ggtattgcct cacggtgcca cagaatgcct aatgaggggc     51060
     acagtcagaa agcagagact gctggagctc acctcacttt cccctttgcc ttagtccagg     51120
     gtcccaggct tgaaatccct acatctaagg cgggtcttcc cacctcagct aacctagtcc     51180
     agataatcca ttctagtcat gccacagctt tgtttccatg gagatcttga attccatcag     51240
     gttgacagga ttagccatca ctgacagcag tgagcaccta atggttagga ctgagtgtac     51300
     agagctcatg gccagattgc atacaggtcg ataggaccca tggaagccct cttcctgtgc     51360
     aggactccac agctcagtat ctgctgtgtg atccacaaaa caatgttagt gacagcctgt     51420
     cctgtacatt gaatttagtt ttgaatagga atgtttttct tctctgagtt ggcaaatttc     51480
     aaacactgat tctgtccaga acttgcctcc taaaggagag aagaatgcaa acatctaaag     51540
     atgctgttat agtagggaat tgccacgatg ccagacaacg ctgtcagact gtgtctatcc     51600
     ccaagaccgg tggcctttct gaggagggca ttccactaaa tgtgtgcgtg ttgctcgtcc     51660
     aaaggtgtgt catgtaacac tgtttataat actcaagaat tgcaaaccaa aacagaacat     51720
     taattaagaa cattcattta acatgccaca tccatagact gggtggcacc atatagacat     51780
     taaagagtct gttttctctc tgggcaccat gaacagaaag tgccagcgtg tcggagcaca     51840
     gccctgcacc tcaacccaag gcttaaggca cttgtgctgt gcagctcctg ctcttggata     51900
     attatgcaca tccatgaatc tggctccgag cacattatta agaagtcaga aaatgggaat     51960
     tgtgaggcta aatgaagtca ccgtaataca cacagcttca gcttgatttt actacatttg     52020
     ctcaaggtgc tgcaaggcca ctctttcacc tcacgcgtga gttctgagtc tgtgtagaag     52080
     caggaagccc taggctgatt ctgttgtcct gctgtggtaa agctggaaag gcgtcactgc     52140
     accccagaag tgagtgtggc gtagggtgga gtcctgactg ctcttgactc tgcagcacga     52200
     gggctgaaag gacaggaagg cacctttgtc agacagggtt ggacgcatca gggagaactc     52260
     ctttatgtaa ccatgggtct ccagagactg agtggagagg acccaccctc agggcctctt     52320
     tgtacagctg ctctgcactg cctgtgtgtg tgtatgtgac atggcctgta agacatagta     52380
     ggaagaccaa tatcagagat aggagcctgg cagagaggag cagcatctgt gacagagaca     52440
     ccaacacaca cactctttct caaggacaca cctcacaggc ccaccatgga aagggagcag     52500
     gtgctgctat ctccagacac tggaaactca agagtaaaag aaaagtcact gatccagact     52560
     cataaaggag agggaacagt caccacacag tccaccctta gagcctgagg cacaggccct     52620
     gcttacagct ctgcaacaga gatcctcctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt     52680
     ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tgactgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca     52740
     ggcttggcct cgaactcaga tctgcctggg attaaaggca tgcgccacca cgcctgcagc     52800
     agagatcttc ctgatcacca acaggtcagc tggccccagc aggaggctca gcagctgacc     52860
     tctgaccaga ggaggaagaa cacagaagcc ctgaggtacc cacgggaggg cataaagcga     52920
     gcccagctca gctccacaca tcagccataa gagaccaagc tgtttacctt gctctctgcc     52980
     attctgcaca ttaagtgtgg gattcattta aaaactataa aaagtccaaa attgtcaggt     53040
     aggcactgtc aagagacaga gccagtcata atgggactca agtctgaggc agcccagatg     53100
     ttggagctaa cagagatgga gtatgaataa ctgaatagac aaaaaccaca caacaggaca     53160
     cgtggctcat actgtagatc ccagcaattg ggaggcagac agagagtatt gtcatgagtt     53220
     tgaggccaac cttagccatg tggtgaatcc caagatgccc tggctacaga gtaagacctt     53280
     atgaaaaatg aattaaaata ctgaggctaa tggaaaaaag tggagagtgt gcataaagag     53340
     gaatttcaac caaattggaa agtaaggaag ggcccagtga ggtggctcag tgtataagag     53400
     tgctcaccac taacctgaca gcctgacttt gagccccaaa acctcatgat agaaagagaa     53460
     ccgaatatat atatggctgg agagatggct cagcagttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca     53520
     gaggtcctga gctcaattcc cagtaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgagac     53580
     ccgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg tgctcatata atacacatac     53640
     acacaattta aatagaaggt tgctaggctg tggtggaaca cacctttaat ctcacacagg     53700
     gaggcagaga caggtagatc tctgtgagtt caaggccagc ccgatctact tagtgagacc     53760
     ctgctcaaaa gacaacaaga tcacatgtcg gtggatcaga agacctgttg ttaaggtggt     53820
     gatggtgttc ctgaaaaaga tctgtagatt tccagctctt tctctttgaa aactggcatg     53880
     tttgatgctg ggtccctatg gaaatgtaaa gaacagaaga caagacataa aagaataaaa     53940
     aagcaagaag gcttacactt ctgatttcaa acttccatgt tggtgctaat taagtctgtg     54000
     tgatctggac atgaggggag atgggtagca aagcatgcct accatcccca ctgcgaccat     54060
     aaacacaact cagagacggg gccctttaac ccatgagcta ccacagttca cctgactcca     54120
     gtcctcttgg ctgtttaaag aaagaccctt catctcctcc aatcactcac aaaactttgt     54180
     ggtttaaaat attacattat caaacataac tgctagtttc actagttgtt accatttgat     54240
     tgtgctagca ttgtatcgtc tccaaaggct catgcccttg ggagccttgg tttccagcta     54300
     gtggcactaa tttgggagtt ggtaaaacct tgtgagttct ggaggcacac tctaggaaga     54360
     tgcaccatct ccagcctctt cttccacctc gatgtgagaa gcactgttct acgacatgct     54420
     acctgccatg atgccctgcc tcgacacagc tcaggaacaa tggatgaagc cggatgacca     54480
     tgggccaaaa cctctgacaa tgtgagccaa aataaaccat tcatgtgtag tcccggctgg     54540
     cctggaactc aatatgtagc tccagctgcc ctcaaatttg tagcattcac ctgccttagc     54600
     ctcccaagtg caagaagaca gccgtgagca gtatccctgg gctcagctct tctgtcgtgc     54660
     tgtgcatgtc agggtttggt ctcagcagct ggagtctgac tgacacaatt ggcatttctg     54720
     gcaaagcttt aaagaagaag gattgagtgt ggtacagaaa tagaggtgta gactcttcag     54780
     tatgctgtgt aaaggcagca ccactttgat accaaaacca tgtgtcataa gagaacagac     54840
     tgctatccag tggaccccaa gtccttcaca cagtattaag gaggcaaagc acatggacca     54900
     ccccatccat cagtcactca gcattaaagt cagcctccta agtgagaaca ggaggatgaa     54960
     gaagacagat gtctgacagc cccacagtca ttcatgacaa actcagcaaa ctagagatag     55020
     aaatgagcct catttccctt gtgaaggaca cccgctgcta aagcaagttg agtaggcttg     55080
     atggacacag gtgtgctaca gagccacctg catccctgta aagagcagct agaaattgaa     55140
     gtgtggcatt tgcaatgaca ctacaaaaca gaaatgcttt ggtataaaaa aaaaatcctg     55200
     aaaattctgt tactgtaaaa taaatgggag aggccatgtt cacaggtggg aatgctcagt     55260
     ggcagcagga gctgggcctc cctaggggac acctccctag gggacacctc cctaggggac     55320
     acctccctag gggacgctta aaccagttca gccccatcca agtcccagga acactgtttg     55380
     gcacaacaaa ctgaccagca tgaaatgggg agaaaagcaa tggagttgca acaacagctc     55440
     cagggctcac accatcctat ttcaggatgg ccaagtcagt aatcaggatc cgagtggagc     55500
     tggagcacgg acagacacac agatcaatag ggtgaaacag aggacccaga gatggagcta     55560
     cacaggcagg ttccattgat ttttcagaaa aggtgtgaaa acagcccaat cagcagggac     55620
     atttcaaaga catagccttg ttccccgctc acaccttatc aacaagcagc agagtgattt     55680
     gtagccctac ctgtaaaacc ccaaatatac cgttttgagt gagatagagc ctttaataag     55740
     gtacaaacgc ataagccatg caagaaaaca gagctcacgt gaccatcctc agctacacag     55800
     tatgtttgaa cccaggctgg gatacacaaa ccctgtgtct tagtttaggt ttttattact     55860
     gctatgaaac agcaccaatg caacttggag aggaaagggt ttattcaact tacacttaca     55920
     catcccagtt caccatcaaa ggaagccaga acaggaactc gcacagggca ggaacctgga     55980
     ggcaggagct gctgcagagg ccatggaggg ggaggtgtgc tgcttgctgg tttgctcctc     56040
     atgccttgct cactcggcct gccttcttat agaacacaag accaccatcc tggggatggc     56100
     accacacaca gtgggctggg ccttcccatc aaccactaat taagaaaatg acctacagac     56160
     ttgcctacag cccaatctgg tttggtttgg ttttggggtt ttttttgttt ttttgtttta     56220
     gttatttttc tcaattgagg tgtctcctct cagatgattc tagcttctat caagttgaca     56280
     taaaactagc taaccgtggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccaggctt     56340
     acacagagaa accctatctt ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc agaaaaaaaa atgttttttg     56400
     agccggccct ggtggcacac acctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat     56460
     ttctttgttc aaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagtca gggctacaca     56520
     gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaaccagcc agcacaccct     56580
     tgttctgagt aaaggctacc aaaccagatg acctgagttc agtcctatgt ggtgagaaga     56640
     gagaaccaac tctttcaagg tgtcctctga cttccacatg tgcaccatgg cacatgtacc     56700
     cacatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca cacacataca     56760
     tacactcata cactaaaata aatgtttaaa aaaaatgggg gtggggtagg gagtggaggc     56820
     tggagagatg actcagcagt taagagcact gactgttctt ccaaagatcc tgagttcaat     56880
     tcccagcaac tacatgttgg cttacaacca tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc cctcttctgg     56940
     tgtgtttgag gacagctata gtgtacttat atacataaaa taaatcttgg aggaggaaga     57000
     ggagttgctt ttcattaaga aaatgaagtt aatcaggtgt gctggtgcac tcccttgatc     57060
     ccagcaccat gagagcagag gcagtcagat ctccatgagt ttcatgccag cctgaactac     57120
     agagcgagtt ccaggccagc cagagttaca tggtgagacc ctgtctaacg aaatgaaaat     57180
     atgcagacct ggtggtacat gactataatc tgaggtagga agaatgcagg gttcagggca     57240
     gcctggacta cacagtgaga ccttgtctta aataaacaga ggacttgcac acatgcttcg     57300
     taagaaaaat gtagctggca ggtgagtgca cagacgttca gcagcatccg tcaggtccgt     57360
     gagaggtcac cacccctgct tcaaatgatg gatctgaaac ttgtcagtcg ccagtgctgg     57420
     cgaagaagag gagcctctga acagccaagc tgtgctctgt aagggtagag gagatacaac     57480
     atctactcgg agagcctgca catggaagtc tgctttcaca gagcgagaaa ggccatcatc     57540
     acagtgtgct gagtggaagg ttctttatag ctcctcagaa caggcaaaag cccggggtca     57600
     gaaagcaggc tggtgcttgc cagacttgac acggagaggg gacgacaccc agactgctca     57660
     atccaaattg ctaacagtta tgactaaaca tctgcctaat cccaaaacca tccctaaaga     57720
     gggtgaactg gctgtatgtc agtcaaatca acgtgactgt agacagagac cactttctcc     57780
     gttagtgctc aagtcatatc taatgatcat ggaaagggca cagatgtaca cactgtaggc     57840
     ttgaactctc agaccattgc ccacccggct gccacctgga gaaaggatgg gggtaatgac     57900
     agactgtgag aagagcagat cacctgtcct ttagccggaa tggccagtgt tggcccctcc     57960
     cttgaggtcc tccccaattt tttcttttcc caagcctttt ttcaatcttg atagtcacat     58020
     tccttgcctt ccctaggcac caaaagtaag acatagcccc aaggtctaga ctccacacaa     58080
     gacctgcata tactgtctta ctttcctttg ttccagagcc tcaaggtctt tgtcaccaga     58140
     aaagggctgg gcctcagttt tcagctccct ctcagctgcc tgtgcctcca ctggaggctt     58200
     cagctgtaat tggtctttct aaaaagcaag aggtacagga ttgtcctgtg atatcctaat     58260
     cgtgtgacgt ggtaaaacag cccacatctc tctaggagct cagaagccag gcctggatgc     58320
     ttacttacta aaaggcacta tttctcagac cagatagaaa tgggaaagag aaaatggggc     58380
     tggggggtct gagctgttgt acagactcat ctagcccctc catcccgaga gctggtcacc     58440
     cccagtgatg ccatgcctgc gccttctcac agtgcaccaa tagtgcacta tccctgcctc     58500
     ccttagtggg tcttcctctg tactttctgc tgcctgttca tctgtgtgcc tggttccagt     58560
     gctgtctatc acaagtatag cagctctgca agagaatact cacctctaca tgctgggtaa     58620
     agacacagcc gcaccctcac ccctcactct gtgagacaga gtccagtgac agctcaagtg     58680
     ccagactgtc tgacactctc caggtttcta tatgcctgtg cctcccccac tgtctcttca     58740
     ggccttgatt gtctctgttt tgttgtcttt ggagcctggg ctggagtctc ccacatgtgc     58800
     agcagtggct cagtgcagag cttcagagag cagcaccagg gtcgtctgcc tgctgtaagc     58860
     accttttaga cctctgcttc tgatgtgctc cagaaaagct gggtctcaca aaagcatctc     58920
     tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     58980
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccacgct cgggtctgtc     59040
     agaagctgct tctcgctgtt gctcacctca ctggtcattg tcattccttt tcaataagct     59100
     ctgcgttatc atgagataaa acttgtgctt ctgagcccac atttgctgct gtgggacgtt     59160
     ttctaaactg atagccaccc acagggaagc agggccatct cccccatgtc caaactggac     59220
     atgctcctct ggcccctagt tttgtggttt gggtgtggtt ctgtgccatt tttgacacaa     59280
     aaaagaaggg tgcctggcaa taaaaccctg agaaagaaat acagtcccgt ctggggtcct     59340
     cggactggtg ctgtgtccct taggaagcct ctgtaaaaca ctgaaggaaa tacaccaata     59400
     cacctatgtt cacgagcaag ctcggttctc aaagccagca ccactgtctc tgcatggcca     59460
     gaagcatttc ccttgtttgg gaatctcagg accccaccct gacaggccca ccttatcctg     59520
     ttagctggct tcagccaggg aaccgactag aggacccaaa ccacccacac tcagagagta     59580
     atggcgtgtg attgttggct tgtgtttctg agacacagtt ctctatgtag cccaggctgg     59640
     cctagaacct acctcagatc cccgagtgct gggttcatgt ggacatgccg ccatcactgt     59700
     gcccagctta cacgtaagtg actgtctcgt cgctgccgag cctgatcctg cctgtgtttt     59760
     ctgtccttca agatccccga ggagcatgac ctagagagtc agatccgcaa ggagcgtgag     59820
     tggcggttcc tgaggaacac tcgagtcagg aagcaggctc agcaggtcat ccagaagggt     59880
     aagtgcacct cgcctcccag gggagcagcc tctgccacac acactcagga ctggagtccc     59940
     ctgcagcccc caagcactgt gtgtgctgct ctgactggta gaggcagctg gaaccagaag     60000
     ggatggtgtt ggggaagagg gaactgcctc agggggaggg ctcctcctca aggagctgtg     60060
     accttctgag aagcatcact cctgtttgtt ggaatttcca gaagagaagt gcaagccctt     60120
     tccagaccct gggaacccgc atctcagtag ccacctggga cgtcctttcc ctgtaacaga     60180
     agcagggccc tagctttgtc cagcctgtct ccaccctgcc cttgcaatga ccactggttc     60240
     cattcttcca aactgtgaca gccataccct caccaagccc ttcccagatc tgaaagcatg     60300
     ccacatttgc ttccttgcct gtttttgctt ctagtctcat ggggacatgt tagtgatcag     60360
     ccaaggacag tatgtgtact gctgtgaggg ctcaagagca agcttctgcc agcagcttgc     60420
     attgtgtgtg tcccccaggc ctgaaggaca tgcagggaac agggccatgt caagcgtagc     60480
     aggaatgagg gccagactac cttaccttaa gcccagggtc tttatcgcct ctcttgagga     60540
     gtacagagtg aggctccccc accacccatg gtgcagtctc acagctgtga ctgcatgcga     60600
     gtgacaggcg gaggccactt cacatctcca gccagtagcc aagtagtttt tcctcacaga     60660
     ggtggctgtg gctgagggtc agcgtagtaa gcctttggcc ttctccctag tagcacaagt     60720
     cagagttctg accatacctc cctgtcctct gaaatttaga aaataacgac caattacttg     60780
     ttagattaag gctgaagcct cagaagacag actgtctatc ccactgagag agggccatgc     60840
     cagcagcgtc agcccaggcc tgcctcgttg agtgcctgca tttgctgcac aaccccatct     60900
     atgtctctca ggtccctgac agtcattact ctgcaggaaa ctgcttgctg ttgactctgt     60960
     cgtcatgcct cctgtcccca gcacccgtgt cgctccccta tgtagcacag accctctcag     61020
     agcaccctgt tcactgcact ctccagacag tgtttcctta ggctcccggg actgcaggcc     61080
     agggcagcca gggtaggtta gtttcctgac acgagtttgg aaaatggatc tagcccacat     61140
     agtaacatgg ctaggagtct tgggcagctg cagagacaac actgactctt ctgttcaaac     61200
     tgaggcacac agtactcaga gtacagagtc aggggccaga agatggctca gtaagtaaag     61260
     gtatctgggg ccacggtaga ggtgctgtca ttcctccctg gtgctttggc ttttaagctg     61320
     tgtgttctga gtggacttca ctgcccacca caccatgtct acagctgcct ggactctgca     61380
     tccttagctg catcctttct ggctcttacc acactcttgc aaagccaaga gaatgtgaat     61440
     cagctaatgt gtgagcctag tgaaaaaacc ttgtcccttg ccgtgacctt cacccctgtg     61500
     atttttgtct agctgcttcc cagactgaaa aacctggaat tccacctggg tcttgagtgg     61560
     tggtagccac accctccttc atcctgaagt tcttagcact ctctttagac tcaataaaat     61620
     tcctctactc tgaatagtgc tacttacagt atactaagta ttgatcaaag acatgtcagt     61680
     gtctagttct gccaggagtt gtaagacgga gccaaacaaa ggcatagacc ctagagctgt     61740
     ggatgcaccg ggctaaagct accccttcct gtcagtgtgt gctttcagcc ttctcttgga     61800
     tcccagctgt cccctccttc agctctccta aagacagtat cagtgttgct gcagatgaaa     61860
     gcctggtccc aattttctct tacaggcatc accagactgg acgatcagat ctttctgaac     61920
     aggaaccccg gcgttccttc tgtggtcaaa ttccatccct ttacaccatg catagctgtc     61980
     gccgacaagg acagcatctg gtaggcatgg ctctggctca cctgctgtct tctctcccca     62040
     ttgcacttga ggtccacctc attctggact caccgggtct tccttagtaa agagtaggct     62100
     gagttgggcg tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga     62160
     tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggggcagc cagggctata     62220
     cagagaaacc ctatctctaa aaaccaaaaa aagaaagaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga     62280
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaaaag aaaaaagaaa aggaaaggaa     62340
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaac agaaaagaac agaacagaga     62400
     aaagaacaga ctgggaaccc agtttgctcc ttgcctgttc tgcagaagca agtggatgac     62460
     agagaatccc taagagagaa tggaggtttt gtttggtttg gttttgcgtt tttgctcttt     62520
     tactttatgt gcattggtgt tttgcatgtg tctgtgtgaa gatgtcagaa ctcctagagt     62580
     cagagtttca gactccgact ataattgcca tgtaacttga accaccaagt ggttgcaggg     62640
     aatagaatcc aggtcctcta aaagagcatc cattgctctt aagcactgtg ctatctggag     62700
     agaatagagt ataatttgta ctgggtgctg acctggtcca ctgaggaatc tgcccatttc     62760
     ttgtattcat gatttacaca ctgccttgtt aagtcataaa ctgcgtgtaa caggaaactg     62820
     gccatcttaa ccatgtgctg tcagtgcata tggatcctat gaagaccaac ccacacccac     62880
     ctctagggtg ttctcctctc cctaccaaag ctgcccagtg gacactagcc ccttcccttg     62940
     ggtgccatca gccccatcct ttttgtttct gaacacgatg cctcaaggga cctcctgagt     63000
     ggaaccttgt ggtatttgtc ctttggtgac tggcttcttt cacttttcct tcatagtttg     63060
     ctcatactgt agcatcttca gcgtttcctc cttctcaggg cctggtaatg ttctgttgta     63120
     aggctctccc acactgttga gctgtcaggg tacttgggta tagggctcga tgtcatctca     63180
     ggtaccagag gtggactgct gcatcatagt cttcctcagc gaccatactg tgtccccccc     63240
     acctgcacta cacaaggctc ctcactcaca ctggccagtt tctgctctgc tctgatggca     63300
     gccacctacg gcatgcagct gtgccccgtt ggggtctggg tcatgtttcc ctagtgactg     63360
     tctttctgtg ttcactctta ttccttcaag tttttgggac tgggagaaag gagagaagct     63420
     ggactatttc cacaatggca accctcggta caccagggtc accgccatgg agtacctgaa     63480
     tggtcaggac tgttccttgc tgctgacagc cacaggtgag tagcactgtt gtagcccagg     63540
     cctggacgtg tgtaagggaa aaggcaggaa cacgttggtc aggactctgg gaccattttc     63600
     tcatcaagcg tccctggccc ttccatgact ggaaatacta tgtcagcctc tgctccacta     63660
     accttcatga ggacccatgg gagttccaga cccacatgaa agcaagggag gaggacgtta     63720
     taggtcataa tgtcctccag ggcccatgct gccccaacct ctggtgtcat cagctcccct     63780
     cctccatggc tcccacacca ggtccagcca tcttttgcag gccagcttcc ttcttctgaa     63840
     ggtgggtgag aaacgtttct gaggtaggaa tggctctcac tcagagttct tgttttgatt     63900
     tttcacctga aatgtcttaa tatcatgctt gttttgaaca agatgttttc cctaggttgc     63960
     agttggttta ttttttgttg ttgttttgtg ttgtatgcct ttgtttaaga caaagtctct     64020
     gtagcccagc ccagcttcaa gcttactgta tagctaaaga tgaccttgaa ctcctggtca     64080
     tctttgtctc tgtcttccag aatctagaat tacagttata tgttacttta cctccacgct     64140
     atacagtgct atgaactgaa cccaggtctt cacgcttgca cagtgagctc tcttccaact     64200
     gagctgcatc gccggctact gttgtctagc aatctaagac atgattcctg ggtcgggatg     64260
     gtttagtgat agtctgcttg cctggcatca cagagcccca tgctgtgtcc ctagcaccac     64320
     aaaaactaca aaaataagat cacaccagca ctgatgacct cccattgatg ccaggtagaa     64380
     agatgaccat gatgctgatg gaggtatcct gagcccaccg tcctcatcct gggcctggac     64440
     ttggcatcta agccactgag actattggtg tcttgagcat gatttatgaa tacatggctt     64500
     atcgttcaca cttaaaaggg gaaacaactt gcaatgaatt aatccaacaa cctgacagtc     64560
     cagccctaag tgatatagta gctagaggtg gcccaagtgg ctctcaagtc caacagccca     64620
     gtacacagca agctgccaca cccacatcca ctagtgaggg aaggacagtg agtgatgctg     64680
     gctctcctgc agatgctctg agagtgatgc tctttgggag tgatggaggc tggcttaaca     64740
     accttagttg tgcttatcca ggtcaaccag tgtaccagac actcagcagt caccaaggtc     64800
     acagagccag gccagacaca gaagatcctg gtgggatatg tggtcactgg aagggtcact     64860
     tgttgctaga gtacactgct cacatgtgtt aggtgcattg gagaccagca tctgccaagc     64920
     tgcctggaat ctggatcttt atggcttttc agaggctcca cttgtccttg tagactacct     64980
     agtgtctgct tctgattgtt gggagctgcc tgctccccag ggcgttgatg gttacaccca     65040
     cgtgctcagt tcaatgtctg catattctgg tgacacttga tgggcgtgcc cctccatctt     65100
     gcctccttgt ttgttttagt gtttgtcaca tttccttttt ttttttttaa gatttattta     65160
     gctcatgtga gtacattgta gttgttttca gacacaccat aagaggacat ctgatcccac     65220
     tatagatggt tgtgagccac catatggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga     65280
     gcagtcagtg ctcttaacct ctgaggcatc tctccagacc ctcccatttc ctttttaagt     65340
     gaagacatat tgccataaaa gacactatct agcaatgcca cctcagaacc cacagcatca     65400
     gtgctatcca agaatgacct atgcacagtg cggttaggga ccctcaaggc accgctaaga     65460
     ctagaagaga gttcagggtc aaattgaaag tcccaagtgg agaggagagg aagaaagaga     65520
     aggaagggaa aggcatcaga gtggctaagg tcatcctctc aagggaaaag cgagggaagg     65580
     gcccctgaaa gcaaggcaga tggggtctcg tgtgttttgg tcaggagatc ccagcatctg     65640
     tcctctccag gcttaggtct agctgggtac acagaggacc agcggcaatg tgggtaagga     65700
     tgaaggctgc aaagctttct cctctggaaa acactgagag tctggaccct cgggaaggat     65760
     ggggaagggt ctccagctct caccctgctt ccctgccatc aagtccagtg tggggtctac     65820
     cgcggccctg tctcccttta cagctacctt ttactggttg ctcatgtcag aatagcagga     65880
     ctaggcattg agaacactgc ggctgtgctg tggagatagg gtggggcgca accatgggtt     65940
     gtattgcttt ctcctttcct agatgatggt gccatcaggg tctggaagaa ttttgctgat     66000
     ttggaaaaga atccagagat ggtgactgcg tggcaagggc tctcagacat gcttccaaca     66060
     acacgaggtg ggttgggctc tctacacgct gctgacagca tgaactgggt cttggctcct     66120
     cagaagaagg ctcccagaac tgtgtgaaga gtctgatgcc tccaggacac ctattcagtt     66180
     ctgaggtccc aaaatcgatt acccagggat ctccttagaa accacaagaa taggtaaccg     66240
     tcaaggatcc cagtgctctg ccttgctctc agtttggcca agtcacgagc agcactgcag     66300
     gtggttagat gtggcttgga aaagggcttc tgctggctag tgccagcagg ctggctctgc     66360
     tggctagtgc gagcaagatg gcatggcgtc tttcctcttt gccagctgtg ttctttccca     66420
     ggaccactgt gtagtgatct gctgtgggta gtggagtctt gccacactca cacctgtctg     66480
     ggctggaggg acctgtcacc accagagcta tgaggagaga aacctaagtg gcttgtggct     66540
     tccttgtgga agtcagggcg actgaggtga ggagtgagtg gagccccaag ggtctacaca     66600
     tagtgtcagc tttcccagga atgctcggga actggccccg tgcctgaccc tcagtcacac     66660
     tgggtacgtg cctcctgcat aactgagcac cagggatgag gagagcctgt gtgtgtacac     66720
     agaccagctc ctgccccatg gcttccgaat gtacccccat aggtaccaca gaggacaatg     66780
     gagcattagt gtcttgttgc cagccactgc aagtgtgcct tgtgtacaga gcttgcttta     66840
     cagacgcttg gctctgatgg aggtacatgc ccatgtgaac agaatggcct tttgagaatt     66900
     cctgagagct gagccaagtt gcccactggc catcttcctg ccccagtagc tgggatgata     66960
     gcacatgctg ttgcacctag ccaagagctt ggttctgttg tgcttgcctg ctcgtctcca     67020
     tctgggtact caggatgctc tctcttcagc atcttacact gtgttagagc atccaggtgg     67080
     gccatgacct gtacagaacc cccgctttgt ctaagagaac taggaccttg gtggtctgac     67140
     gtggccagag gccactaaaa tgtgacctgc tctttatgtc tcagagttac agaggatgta     67200
     tttggtggac agagattccg agaccctgtt gtctgtgatt cactgtcatg ggtgggtgga     67260
     gtgtataagg ttctgggaga gcacagagct catcggagcg ttgttgaagt aacccagccg     67320
     tacatgagtg aggggatgcc cagtacagcc ccatctcgcc tgagccattg tttgacatag     67380
     tgacaccact gtttccccag gagctgggat ggtggtagac tgggaacaag aaactggcct     67440
     tctcatgagc tcaggggacg tgcgcattgt caggatctgg gatactgacc gggagacgaa     67500
     ggtgcaggta accactccag gcccctacag agaccccacg cttcatcacg ccccaactgc     67560
     atgctcccaa ctcacctaat agaccccatc ctcatgagtc agcagctgcc atccaatatc     67620
     tgtgtgggag gcacatgggg gcatcttgct gccaggtgaa aagctaatta ttcctgggta     67680
     cacactgatt gtggcacttt gaccctgcat tacagcaata attaaggtta tgctaaccca     67740
     agttatttcc aaatattgtt ttctctatgc agattaggga atatcagata ccagtggggt     67800
     gaagtatctt acatgagaac tgttaactgt ttgacatctg cgtctctctt cttaccctgt     67860
     gatgctgcac atagaagaca gggccctgtg tatgctaagc acctccccac gctgcccctg     67920
     agctggaatt cagcccctaa cttaaaccat gttttatttt caagattgat tgtttttgag     67980
     acataatctt accttgtaga ccagtccagc tccaaatttt ccattttaat agattgtatt     68040
     ggttttgctt cagatacttg ggcttccttg tcagagtcca attgcaccta cctccttcag     68100
     gtccaaggca gaaatcacag atgctgtaag aatagcacac agatagctga gggatgtctg     68160
     tcttcctggt gcccaaagac acacagaaca tatactaggc ctccgcactc cccaacctgc     68220
     cctgcctgac aaatcatggc tatgtcacag aacagaggga tagaagggtt ggggcaggag     68280
     tgacgagagc tgtcaaggcc cccgctggaa gcttccatgt atcctcaagc cccacactac     68340
     caccaaacag ttaagccctg gctgtcaggg tccctgtccc tgtggggaga gagagcctga     68400
     ttgttcctac tcctaagggt gctgccaggg accctgtggg gctcctgcag gtacagggcc     68460
     tccttgggtg tcatcacgtc agctgcaaag gcaggagtgg ggctccgtca caacctcccc     68520
     gactcacagc cctccccagc ccgcgggttc ctctcaggct caccccatct gattagaagg     68580
     catttttccc tctgaggccc atttccagct cccattcctt cttgctgcca ttcatcaccc     68640
     cctgcccttc tgcagtattt atggccaccg tggggagcag agaagccttc cctcagctct     68700
     tccctggcta attaggggct tgaggagaga gctaacgagg ctccctccct gccaaaatgt     68760
     gcttcgcctt tcttttcagg aaagggagag attgctggga agattaattg gcactgagca     68820
     ccaggcatcc ccacagttgc cttccaggct gtgcccaggc ccaggctcac aggctctgct     68880
     ccacctgcct ggtaggccag gctcagggca gactctcacg cagatcgcag atcagggcat     68940
     gattgacgcc ctgtgaaccc tgcactaccc ttggcccagt tcctctggcc tgtgagagcc     69000
     ttgcaggtgg agaccagttt ctcagcctga gagagaagag gatatctcca cagaacaccc     69060
     tgcagccagc tcgaggctcc tcactgctct ctctttgggc ttaggacatc cccacgggtg     69120
     ctgacagctg tgtgacaagt ctgtcttgtg attcgcaccg ttcgctcatt gtggctggcc     69180
     tgggtgatgg ctcgatccgt gtctacgaca ggaggatggc actcagtgaa tggtaactgt     69240
     cacatctccc ctctccttag cactattcaa gctccttcca gatggcagag gccaccccac     69300
     tgccagtaat aagtccagat tgctcagtga gcatgaagtg tcttcggcag tgcacagtgg     69360
     acctctgata ccagacaaga agatggcacc cagggctaga gagaaggctc agtggggtca     69420
     accttcacct ttcactgtct ggctgcttca agttgacccc acagacagaa acagtgacct     69480
     cactaaactg ctgactaagg caggaccagg tcttcctcat ctcaaaatgg cacccaggct     69540
     tcaagaccct aactgggtaa acagaggaga gagaaatgag ggggtggcct aggacagcct     69600
     cgctagcccc tcctccttct gggtgtcctc ttgaggctcc gcccaagggc agggctgcca     69660
     gctccagttc agcccactcc tcctagccct acctgcagtt ccctcctgca gagcagttgg     69720
     ggagaggaac tgggctgggc cagtcctgac cacaccttcc tccttagccg ggtcatgact     69780
     taccgagagc acacagcgtg ggtggtaaag gcctacctgc agaagcaccc tgagggccac     69840
     atcgtgagtg tgaggtaagg agcaaaatat gcatgagaca tttgctgtga aaacattatt     69900
     ctccctccat ttaaatatgt tcttggtgtt taaatagcta gggactgttg gcatttcagg     69960
     gcagtaactg acagtaactc cgtgactggc ctgaaaggtc agagggcaga gcaagagtcg     70020
     gggtggaggt ggcaggtagg ctgggctgaa ggaggagatg cacagatagg cgtgtccctc     70080
     acaggagcag caaagcagaa tgcaccaggt gggtggcacc tccctagcaa gtcacctcag     70140
     tgccagccag cctgtgcacg taaactcggg cccactgctc agtaaatact gtgctgagag     70200
     cagtggatct ttatctgctg ttaaagagac agcaaagcat aattcactgt cacaaagcca     70260
     ccacttcttc agagagattt ccttcccccc ttgtctgtgg cataaagcaa agcataattc     70320
     ttggagtgga cattgaagca gaaggctata agcacaggcg agggatccct cagccatctt     70380
     ctgcctctga caactctgtt cctggccttt cttgtaatct cttctctgac cctgctgtgt     70440
     ccccctttgt gtgagcatgc tatctccctt tagtcaatcc tagccttttc tggcttgaga     70500
     ggggcagctt gatgggaacc ctggctgcca agaccagtgg ggtggttcga cgtggggatc     70560
     tgtgctccac ctgacttgga ggggtcctgg gagtctacat ggctttggcc ttaccagcat     70620
     gtgcaagtgg gcattgaaac ttctcatggc cagttatgcc atccttcaga gccaggttcc     70680
     tccccctcag ggctccagat agtatcccta aggttgccac cagcaagcat caccctggtc     70740
     ctttctcaca gtgtcaatgg agatgtgcgc ttcttcgacc ctcggatgcc cgagtctgtg     70800
     aatgtaatgc agattgtgaa ggggctgaca gccctggaca tccaccccca ggcaaacctg     70860
     atcgcctggt aggtaccctg cctgcctccc tccatgcagc cccctgtttc taagcagaag     70920
     gccctttcag agtgtacagc ctttgtctct gtcctccaca ggacctttga aagaacagtt     70980
     tagagggtgt aactgtacta ccatgaaata aaaacaaaag atgtctcccc tgccttatcc     71040
     agctttgaga acaaagacct gccccctggc atctctgggg acaggcctgg ttcttcctga     71100
     cagtaacaga tgcgcagcca cttcctgcct cagggtgaca cagagatgga cctcctagcc     71160
     tgtgtcccca cttgctataa ctctcagcct gctccttgga ctgtctttct cttgcaccac     71220
     agggagacag aaactaatat cctgaccatc tttccctccc tgccacagtg gctccatgaa     71280
     ccagttcaca gccatctaca acggaaatgg agagctgatc aacaacatca aatactatga     71340
     tggcttcatg ggccagcgag tcggggccat cagctgcctg gctttccacc cacactgggt     71400
     ctgtaccttc actcctgggt ttctgggaag ggcagagggg ttggtggggg cagcaaggag     71460
     agaagtaacc cggcaagcct gatctcctcc ctgactctaa ggatataaag aactaagatc     71520
     tgttaggcct ggggtgtcca ggaaagcact gccctgcccc ctagaaacca gcccagttct     71580
     ttttttttgt tgtttttttt ttgtttgttt gtttttgttg tttttttttt ttttcttcga     71640
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag tcctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     71700
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc taggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc     71760
     accacgcccg gctccaagcc cagttcttaa tgctcaggta aaatagataa cacaacagct     71820
     agtgtcctct ggtttgggga gcaatagaaa tgtgtcatga gcacgtgtgt ctataactgt     71880
     agtcactcta cagagtgttg tgtcggttag ggttttgcag agtgggctcc agaggcgcct     71940
     gtgtgtatca ctgttgaagt gcacagcatc agattcccag aaccatccca ggggagcaat     72000
     cctaaaacga agctgcaggg aattgtgggt agtatgcaaa tcacctgtaa tggaatttga     72060
     atgatacatt attcctgcta gactctggca gttaacgacc ctcattgctg tgcctgtgca     72120
     gtcagaggtg ttactgtggt atgtcctcac ccccactaga gctcagcaca gagtacaagc     72180
     agcctgcacc cttcctctac cccagcggtg ccgcctgccg catcacaggc cctgctcacg     72240
     tgctctctgt ctctccacac agcctcatct ggccgtagga agcaatgact actacatttc     72300
     cgtgtattcg gtggagaagc gtgtcagata gcggcaccta ggaccactgc caggccgcag     72360
     ccacctctgc tgtacatagt gagccagcct gcactgctcg gatgcagtgc ccacctaccc     72420
     acccacctgc aaaccccggc tcctgacttg gccgtggcca gctgaggagg ggcttgcaca     72480
     tccttccttc tgtcttcact ataacagcgt acaggtccag agcaggggag gggttggcct     72540
     ggcttcccat caagaaccag cacccaggca ccaaggacct cctcagtgca gcatggtcct     72600
     ttcctgccct gttttcttct gaggttttac aaagggacac atttgatttt tccatgtgat     72660
     caaagcatta gttacagagc agacagcgcc ctgtagaata gccgtgctgg ggctcctaag     72720
     ggccatggcc cagccccact gtcctctcag agtgtgctgc cagtcctggg aaatggataa     72780
     gagcaattgg gggaagagag agggtagaag agagggaagg cctctcctgc tacaaggtat     72840
     ggaagtctga gcctggccct cctggagcac cgaggcagtc cagcacattg tgtatgtcat     72900
     ggtgctatga ggaaagctag acctctgagg tccagcctgg cgggcgccct caagtgagct     72960
     agctgcagga gagggtctgg ttcagggcag atgaggcaga tctgtagtta gcggctgcct     73020
     ccatctatca ggcatattct gaagtgcttc tctcccatag ggcagtaaca gtggccacag     73080
     gcctgtctcc tgcttgtgcc acacacaggt acacacgcat gcaggcacgc agcctcccca     73140
     tccataatta catggatgcc ctggtcttcc tgcccatgta cacttaggtg tgcattcatg     73200
     caggcccata gtttcccctc ctgcacatat atgggcactg tggccggcca catgcacgca     73260
     catgctggcc tcaccatgca tagggctcag acacttcact gaactcagag gctggagggc     73320
     agcatcagct ctgttgatgg tggaactgag gttacatgat gcagtatgtg ctgagcacga     73380
     gttccacagt gtcctggtgt gcctgacacg tgtctgcgtg cacaggcaag agaggaccat     73440
     ggacactgta gccctagatg tcagcactgt ccccgtgtgt ccgacatgtg tctgtgtgca     73500
     caggcaagtg aggaccttag gcactgcagc cctggatgga cccagcattg cagagcagtt     73560
     gcacacaaac aggacacaac acaatgatgt tttgaaaagc attttccgtt ttccctggga     73620
     atcaggatct ttcagaggac aagtgccaac aggagcccag ggacacgggt tgggacatct     73680
     gtggcagagg ctgggtccct gtgctgtgtt cagtggacct gttttagcca agagcatctt     73740
     ccctgtgaga ggatcctaca ggctgagctg tcctgggcaa gcagaacagg agaccctggc     73800
     acggcccctg gaaatgcatt ctcccaaccg ggtggggctc aaggaagcca gccccttggt     73860
     tgggccatag agcagtgtgg cgacaggaag gccctagagc cacctgactt acccctgctc     73920
     agttctgcag agagcttcag gggctgagtg tgcgtcagct cagtccttgt ccaactggtg     73980
     actcagtttt ggccgcacag ggccgcctga tgggctgggc tgcttccctg ccctggtgga     74040
     accagtgttt gcatcttgcc cacaggctgg gcctcacaag tctgatgcgg aaattcaatc     74100
     atgaagctaa gcaaagctcg agagagcgct gacctagagc gcatttctct atttatttta     74160
     ccaaaatgag agttgaaagg actgacagga cacggaactg cagtggcgtc cagagcagtg     74220
     acagcaacag agtgttaata aagaataaag ccgtgagatg tcgctgccct tgccagatga     74280
     gaatggtggg gtggggtggc ccaaagggct gtgcccttgt ggcttctgca gtccccgggt     74340
     ccctggggtg agacagtctt ggccagagac aaggctactc tatctacccc tccaggcctg     74400
     ggtggaagtg aagacatgct ggttgccatg gagatcttga ggcatcgtga ctgggattcc     74460
     tgtgctgacc ctgggcttgt cattagtaag gtttccccac atctacacag accagcttca     74520
     cgcggctgtc cgtttccctg ttagtattgt tgcttctcag caaaaccaag tgctcctgca     74580
     agggatgggc ggaggtgtgc agccagtcct ggagagacag gtcccagctt tgtggtcctg     74640
     tgaggggcag acagcaaact atctctgggt gtgtgtcagg gctccctcag ccagtctcat     74700
     actggtcact gtaccaggct gggcctccac tacccactgc gaatgtctcc atccccatcc     74760
     cgggtctcct cagcagacct tacttggcca gaggaattgg gcctcttggg ttgtcctgat     74820
     ctggtcagta gtctgattag aacgcacatg ttcccattaa gtggaaggat acctcaggtg     74880
     tcagggtcaa gagtgtgggc aaggaggtga cttcaagagg ccaagagcac ataaggaaag     74940
     gaggagggtc tgaagggctg agctgtctct ccaacccata cactggaact ctgacctctc     75000
     ccttcccccc agtacctcag cataactgta gtggaaacag atctttacac agggcaaagt     75060
     gaggttatag acgacagtag tccagtggaa gacaatagga caaagaccac gggcatggca     75120
     gtacacaggc acagggagac ttcaggaaga agcagtctag acacaccagg ttctgacact     75180
     cctaagactg cctacccagt cagtgttagt cagtggtcac tggcctaacc ctggtgtact     75240
     aatgtttcta gcactgccct tgaagccctc ccagccctgc tgctgtccct gtctcataga     75300
     ggtgggatac taactacagg tgcttgagct tcagacgtct ctgcagaact taataacagc     75360
     caacagcatc ctgtgggcca cagctccaac tggagccagg tctgtgcttc cttggctagg     75420
     agaaagacga cttccataag tcacccatgt cctggcatga caccacaggc cctacacaca     75480
     gtacccaccc tctcccatga gcctgaaatc tctcctgacc agttgtccat gttaccccaa     75540
     ccatgaagat aggccattca agggtgacag gaaagagtct gctctctacc caagcccact     75600
     cctcccaccc atcacatggc agggctgtac agcacattgg gaatagacca aggctccacg     75660
     aacctatcct ccaggggtct ctgaagccac catggcagcc ctttggtact gccatgtcat     75720
     atgcacctgc taggcccaag agatcagtat cacctggggg tcagcatcac tggtggtcaa     75780
     gtacccctca gatgtagcta gggagactat ccatacccca taagcagaca gaactggcga     75840
     gtcttcagga ggcaacagag catctcctga ctttacagtc cttctccagt ggtgttggac     75900
     atccccagct gagaggcagt tatgaagacg cctttaccca atgatctcaa cctcaggagg     75960
     caggctcagg gtttctggca tggaagcaag gtcttcagcc tctgacctaa ggacctagga     76020
     ctccctgcat agcattgagg actttaactc cttgttgggg gcaggggcat ggagacgtgt     76080
     ggcccagaga gccaccatgt ccctgccttt ctccaagggt tagagtttcc cctgcaggct     76140
     gtgctccacc cctttgcaaa tggggagcac ataaagggag caccagctgc agtcaggacc     76200
     tcatccaggt gggggcgact gctcagccta ggaaagtggc tgctccgggc cacctgtatc     76260
     acagtgggga tgagacaaac acagatgact tgaagccaac ccagccactc ctctccagag     76320
     cccactttgt ggtgtgggtg ttgtgtaagt ggagcaaagg ccatgtgagt acaggctgtg     76380
     ggttagcagc cccatccttc cgggagagaa ggtgtcccag agagcttaca tgcactgcca     76440
     ggggaagggt ctaaaaggct ggatacaggt caggaagacc cagagcttat actatacggt     76500
     ggtgtgacct gccaagggag aaggtgtcta gaggttagga cagcctccta cccccagctt     76560
     tgggctctga gctcagcttc cctctggcca aagggcccaa tgatgctttt tctatgaaac     76620
     ccagccgtct tcaggaacca ccccatggcc tgtcaaaggg ataatgatat ctcctctcca     76680
     ggccggttct acagagacag taaccatcca gtggccagga cacacatagg gacttatttt     76740
     tatttgtttt gctattttaa caaagtagat ttgggggagg atgacacacc aacaaagagc     76800
     aacttgaaaa ggagactaag atgccagttt cccttaaagc agcagcaaaa gaataatgtc     76860
     tagaaataaa aaaggagatt ggagacgtac aaaactacaa cacattcaag aaacctgagg     76920
     agccgggcat ggcgtcacat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat     76980
     ttctgagttc caggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggttacaca     77040
     gagaaaccct gggggggggg ggggggaggg agcggaaaca cctgaggacc cgaggagatg     77100
     gagaggtctc ccatgttcat ggatcacaag atctaatgtt ggctagggag atggctcagt     77160
     gggtaagagc aaaagttgga cacagttgca catattggta atcccagaat tcctatgatg     77220
     agatggaagg cagagacagg aaaaccccag aaattcaccg gccagtgagt tggaaacact     77280
     gtttcaaggg ggatgctgaa gactacactc agagttgccc tctgacttcc actgtctaac     77340
     acccataccc acatccactg gcacatgcac acattcaaat ggtggaaatt acagtagaaa     77400
     ccccaaccct cagggctgga gagggtgcag cattagaaac actctgccct tgatcttcaa     77460
     tcccagtgac catgtcagtc aactagtgac tgcctgtagc tccacttccc ttcatgtgca     77520
     tatactgaca caagtagtca aaaacgacta ttttaaaaag ttttaaaaat agaaaaccaa     77580
     ccctcatgtt gcagaactgc caaaggtccc aaaacagcca gaacagaaag gagggattag     77640
     aagattctaa tttctttctt tttttttttt tttaaagact tgcttattac atttatatga     77700
     gtacactgta gctgttttct gacacaccag aagagggcat cagattctat tacagatggt     77760
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggattga actcatgacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc     77820
     tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccagcccc agaagattct aatttcttaa ttcagaactt     77880
     aaccgcattt ggttagagta gccactggaa taagggtcag agttacaggt cagtggacta     77940
     gaataggaaa tgcacagtaa gaggccgctt acagatttgt aacaagacta ctcagtgggt     78000
     gaagaagact ctccaagctg atgtggtggc tcatggccac agagtagaga atgaggtctg     78060
     ctattatctg caggccagca tggcctataa tatgaaacgc tgtctaaaca acggtgtaaa     78120
     aaagtgaaaa gaacccacac agtatataaa tgcctctaat tccaggcttc aggtagccaa     78180
     tgcaggacga ctgtggacac aagactagct tggtctgtat atctgaaggt cagcctgggg     78240
     caccataaag acctaataaa ccaagatctt taaaagagat cagtcaagga cttgattaga     78300
     catctctcca aagaaaacag caaatgagta ggcagcacat ggaagacatc actagataat     78360
     acaaccaagt ttctgggagg taccatctca tacctgccaa ctcggcttta atctgaaggt     78420
     ggaaagtagc acgtgtccac caggacatga agggattgta gcacttgtgc actatgtagg     78480
     gggcttgaga aggagtgggc gatactgaaa gtggcttggt atctcttcaa gaagatcagc     78540
     acggggggct agagagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcaccg actgttcttc cagaggtcct     78600
     gagttcagtt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccataatgag atttgatacc     78660
     ttcttctggt gcatctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaga tataataata aataaatctt     78720
     aaaaaaaaaa gattagcacg gagttatggt acaaccctgc aatttcaggg ctaaatataa     78780
     gtcccagaga aacaaaagca tgtgaccaca tggaaacctt ggaggatgtt tataggatgt     78840
     tgttcataag gcagaaacta cctacatgac catgtgtgaa tgaatgaata aacaaaactt     78900
     ggggtgagag gaacaatgtg gttagccccc ttcactacct ctttccacca cataaggaca     78960
     aagtgtgcaa ggcattgtct taagaggcag agcctaggct ggcatcgagc actggacctg     79020
     ctaaagcctg gaccttggac ttcctaatat ccagaattgt cagaaacatg cttattcttt     79080
     attttttatt aatgttattt gtttagagcg tatgcatgcc tgcacatgtg tgggcatgca     79140
     catgccatgg aggccagagg accttgtggg atccagggtt tgaactcagg tcatgaggct     79200
     tggcagcaaa tgtccttaaa caccggagcc acgtcacccc actggccctc tactctttat     79260
     cagtctcaga ggagctggat tgagcttggt tgagtctttg ctttggcttt agttttggta     79320
     tttgagacag ggtagccctg tctaacctca aactcttaat cctcttgcct tatctttttg     79380
     agttctgggt ttacaggtgt gactctatat catacattgt ccttatgaga tgcagttagt     79440
     atgagctgga ctacagaccc tgtgttatca gccaagattt tctcctaaac agcatctggt     79500
     ttaccaaagg ctgtgtgacc ccctcatagc taccaaagcc ctcgtcaggt ctgacctcct     79560
     cctctgtcca cccctaagcc tgtcacctgt cttactggtc catgatagcc tgtcccctgc     79620
     cccactccac actgtcctgc tctgtcgtat ctgatgatca ggcttctagg gtcagatgtc     79680
     acccccttcc ctaacaacta tccccagaat ccccctacct tactgctcat caccttgccc     79740
     gtgcccccca tcaccacccc acaagccaga gcaggaccat ggatggtagg tactaaatga     79800
     accagtgagt gagctaccag tggataatgc ctgagtgggg agagaatgag ctaataaaca     79860
     agccagccat ctgctgagca taagagtgag gggcgaatga ataaactgcc catatctagg     79920
     cacatctgtg acaggagcct cagcatggag gttacacagc agttcatcag ctgcctgtcc     79980
     tacagcacca ctgtgtggtt gcagtaggga ttgccactac ccacattaac ataacatccc     80040
     agaagaaagg ggctcctgtt ctcaatcctt caaagatgtg agagggaggg agagagaggg     80100
     agacaagtac tttcttctgc cccgccccac ccctgagctc cctcagagca gccttcctcc     80160
     cctcagaatt tcctctagaa ggtctagcaa catacgtgca aggtatccct cgttgctggc     80220
     gatccaggcc tgcttgaaag caagcaggtg tctgcagccc tgactggtca gcaccaaccc     80280
     ctgagctcag gccctatctc tgggatttgc tgtcttctta ctgactccac agtattcctt     80340
     cttgggcttg tctcatattt tctgctacct gtgtctgagc tctgagggcc ccaggaccac     80400
     tggatccatt gcacagccct cctgcacctc cccctataac tcacctacag cctgcctaca     80460
     ttctgccagt agctcaccac atagtatgtg tgtaacgcac agccgcggct cccactttat     80520
     gctccctggc atcagcttac acatgtgaga gtcacacacc cagatgacat acttgtttaa     80580
     gacaagagcc caatctctcc cagcttcacc agcgtagcca taagcttctg gcctttggac     80640
     cctgaaattg gcttgggtag acctcccatg acaaggctgt cattcctgac ttgggtagat     80700
     tgttggcctc agctgggcca tccagagccc tgttctggtt gtgccaacga ggcctgcaaa     80760
     ggtgagctgc ctttcgtctc tttcctgctt tccaacccta gatggaagct ggcccagaga     80820
     agctggcaca gtcacaagag tgacatgaag gaggaaagtg actcctgtgt ctgccagttc     80880
     ttgctccctg gtaaaggttg ggaacatctc agtgccagca acacacaggg atcacactta     80940
     cactccagct atcccaacac cacctccctg atcgatcact cactctcttg tatcccccac     81000
     tgcagactgc ctgtgagtgg ctcggcactg tgtcagcccc gctgctacct ggtgttgcaa     81060
     agctgaaagc cacggaagag atccaagtta gattccctat aagaaacttt ctggaaatgg     81120
     gaaaggaata gttcttgtca ctgttttagg ctggccttct ttcactcagt agaaggctgg     81180
     ctcaagggga gacagtgcac aggccttctc acaccccacc tgcggaccca taggcagtct     81240
     tcatcctttt gcacatccac ctattaccca cctgcaacct gccttgtggg cagcttgcac     81300
     ctcacccctc agtgcacatt gattgacagc tgtgcccctt cttgataact aggtcagcag     81360
     gcctgcatct atggcctctg tgtgttctca gggctgctgc agaagatgct gtgcagagac     81420
     ccagggatgg gactccccag cctccgttcc tccaaccctt cggtgatttt gagacatgtg     81480
     gttctcagca ctaaatatcc tttaggtgaa atatccaagc cagtaaggat gcctcggttg     81540
     gctcagtcta gttccagaaa cagcctcaca cagaacccag cactggttac ccaacgcacc     81600
     aaaggctctg tgcagtgtgg attgagttgt ttcccccaga actcacgctg atgaccggag     81660
     aggtggttta cacctggctc ctctaacaga gagaggtgta cccagtggtg gctcatgacc     81720
     atctttaact ccagttccag aaaccaatac cctatcctgg ttttgtggac accaggcacg     81780
     tgtgtgtgtc acccccaaca aaaagcctca tgttgctgtt ttggcctcag aatgtgtcct     81840
     tctttggaac agggccgttg taggtacagt tgggttgagg caagccttaa tccaaagtga     81900
     tgattcttta taaagaggat ttggacacag acagtgggag atgcagtgtg aaggtggaag     81960
     cagagatcgg gtgatgttct gccagccaag cagccgaggg aggatcacaa catgtcgcct     82020
     tcagaagcca gggaaagcct ggtgtggcct cccacagagc ttgtagagaa atctgccctc     82080
     tttattcctc tgactctttc aacgattttg gtgcttctga ccccagggct ctgtgacagg     82140
     acagatgctt ccaaccctgc ctggttaaac cctggtcact gcccggaata gtctttctgg     82200
     aaagcagagt caggcaacca aggaacaggc tcagagctgc accaggggag agcttggggc     82260
     tgtggggtag gatgctggtg tctgccagca ccaggaagat tgcattttta gaatggcata     82320
     caagggattt taaattctca gttcaaggca gagtgagaaa accaggaaac acatggggct     82380
     gctagaagag gtaaccaagt ttcctgtggc cgggctgctg tgcctgcaga tcacaagcaa     82440
     gctgtaccct gcagggtgca ggattacagg gcaaactgaa ttctcagcct ctgcaggtca     82500
     tctgtgcagg agctggagca gaaaaccaac gggaaagcat cagggcaaag agactgaggg     82560
     gctgagcctg gccccatcac tcctgaaccc ccaaacccct cggcacagac accgtgcttg     82620
     caggccatac ctgtgacggc atcaccctca gacctgacag aaatgagaac cagctaagtc     82680
     ctgtcacaaa catcagacac acactcgagg ttttgctttc tggctggata tcaaggagat     82740
     ggactcaggc cacagaagca tagccctggc tctctgcatt tgtgcagctg gcacacaccc     82800
     cgagccctga gctccagcac tggcttgcct atatgtgaaa agtccgggca gtttgcttgt     82860
     cgaggtctgt gctacagtgt ttccactgag atgtgttagt tccttagcat aacacaaagg     82920
     aaaaaacaaa caggttggaa ggggagttct ctggaagaga ggtgcactaa agtcaagccc     82980
     caggaggaag ccgctccgta ccttgcttct ctccccaggg agcaactata tttgtgcctt     83040
     ttgcatcttt aaaacaaaac ctatcaggac caacgtaaag caggagaggc tggcgtaggc     83100
     taactgtttc gggaggctct ggccacagca gcaggagtgg gaggcagagg gatggaccat     83160
     agagatatca gaaccattaa cccccaaagg tcggtcacta gtgacctact ttttgccacc     83220
     aagaagggaa tgcgtgttca aacagttgag cctcctgggg ccatgcgtat gacatcatgg     83280
     cagctcacct ttcccaaagg acgccagaag cttgtctgtg aggaaccttg tagaccagag     83340
     acgaaggtgg gagatgttgt catccaagtg ggttcctgat tcctcaggga cctggggtag     83400
     gcagggtggg ttcagttgca ggaaagatgt taagctttga gcagcaggca ggacaaacgg     83460
     gactgggcgg gctctgctca ctgtgaatga ttaagtgcag agggtgatct tttttttttt     83520
     ttaaaagcca gctggggcca acgggccaga cacaaagtat ctcaagggca ggcttgggag     83580
     atgacccaga ggtgaagcac atgtcctgca agcctgacca cctgaatcca gatcccctaa     83640
     acccatgtaa aagccagcac aggaggcatc gctaatccca gcaccccaaa gagagatggg     83700
     cggaaccaac aggaagactt ctagaagccc aggagcagct agcctggtgg gcgtaacaag     83760
     cagaagatgc tgcctcaaac aaggtgaagg aaagacgacc caaggttgtc ctctgacctc     83820
     tacatgtaca tagtggcact tgatgaaaac acacacacac actcacctca cagttgggtt     83880
     gtgtggtact tgtcaggagg ctcactcctg ccctgctgac ctcagctgtg gtggcacacc     83940
     tggtcagagc tggcacacac caccataagt tccagattcc ttgcttgtct tgtgacggag     84000
     ataaaatggc tgtcagaggc aatctaaaga aggatttcct gtggtgaggc agagcagcct     84060
     catggcagca ggagctgaag aaggggagcc tgctcacaca atagtggata gtaagccaag     84120
     atggaggact agaccaggtg taaccttcaa aggcagtcac cagcaccctt cctccaacct     84180
     agctccactt tctaaagttc ccacaccctc cccaaattgc acagctaggg agtattgtgg     84240
     gggacacttc acatgcaaac cataactagt cctgactggc ttcttttcca ggctatgtgg     84300
     ccccttttgg cctgatgact gagtttcaag aacaagcata cagaggtccc agaaaggaac     84360
     ttgtcagcgt ctgtaacctg gacacatggt ggtcctaata attcacttac tccctcctga     84420
     gtcagctttg tatagctggg ctctggaaaa acttcgggtg agtgcaaggt tgagctccgt     84480
     cagcagaggg cgctggaact gcaggaagcc ctggaggcag aagggggctt cctctatgtc     84540
     tctttccgcc tgagggaggg gggtcagaat ttcactccct agccccagac ctccttttgg     84600
     ggcccagcac cctcttttct ctagcactgc agttcccagt ggactctttt tacagatcct     84660
     cagccttttt tgcagagtgt tgtttctgag tcttgtgtcc ggccagcacc tctccccggg     84720
     tagtcctgca gctatccttc agccacacgc ttggctcccc gtgggggcac agcgttctcc     84780
     caggcactca gcagcttccc aaggtctctt tcttggcact tgctgcttat gtgttccttg     84840
     agttcctgca cgcacacgct ttggtggttg caggtctctg gccctagtgt cacagttttc     84900
     tgcacaggtg accagtacag cttctggctc tttctgagac ggtgcatgag tgtcagcaca     84960
     gaagcagttc tacgagactg cagtacagtc cgaccttggc ggtgggcttg attatgctac     85020
     tgggcttctt gctgcgggat gctgatgaca tgtgggcgtt gcctaaggaa gctgcttccc     85080
     actggctggt gatgataaag ggccacttaa catggagtcc aaatagctgc agcagggtga     85140
     ccatagcaga ggacccatca ctgcactggg gcattcacag cagtcaccag gtcctcagct     85200
     gtaagaagga cagtactcct tgacctctct gaggggtcac tcctgtctca cagctatagg     85260
     accaacacca cagcggtcag agcctttgct ctgatgcata caaggtgact gatgactcaa     85320
     cttgtacctg gccacagaat tccttcccat aggttaggat cctggtttgg ggtgtaacac     85380
     agtggtagag cacttgccta acacagagac cctgggtcct gtccctagca ccggaggacg     85440
     ttgatggaaa gacaggaacc ctgaactctg gagaggactg gacttatgac attggacctc     85500
     ccaaatcaca tgacccctct ccaaccagag gggcttggcc aagagagctg gagacccatg     85560
     ttagggatct ttttatgacc ctgcatgtgg caggttcaga ggagtccgcc ttgaggacct     85620
     ccatggccac cttttgttga catgaggcct atagttaaat cctaggggtc aggcacatgt     85680
     gacatggcag atggctcgga atgggtattg ggacagttcc tctaaaggac taaagcaaga     85740
     tggctgtcat ggcaccggca cgcagaatct cagcaatcag aagcctgcag gtagagggtc     85800
     gagagtttaa ggcctgcctg aaataaaaag gaacaaacac aaaagatttc atgctctaag     85860
     aacacacaag gtttctgtcc tctccccctt tcctgtccca gtcctctacc agtgtgtgct     85920
     gggtcaccat tgctgtgatg aaacaccatg accaaaagca agctgggaag gaaagggttt     85980
     attgtatttg gcttacactt ccacatggtc tgtcatcaaa ggaaatcagg acagggactt     86040
     agacaggagg caggagctga tgcagaggcc atggaggggt gctgcttact agcttgctcc     86100
     tcatggcttg ctcagccttc tctcttataa agctcaggac caccagccca gggatggcac     86160
     cagccacaat gggctgggcc ctcccaagtc agtcactaaa taagaaaaat accttacagc     86220
     tggatctttt ttgtttgttt gtttttgttt ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc     86280
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa atctgcctgc     86340
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgagccacc atgcccggct ctacagctgg     86400
     atcttatgga agcattttct caactgagat tccctccttt caggtgactc tggcttatat     86460
     caagttgacg taaaattagc cataacagcc gagcatggtg gcaggcagat ttctgagttc     86520
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct     86580
     gcctcaaaaa accaaaataa ataaataaat aaataagcca taacagacac acacacacac     86640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag acagagagac     86700
     agagaaagag acacagagac agacagagag agagagaaag agagagaatc cttttaaaat     86760
     acagaaaact tactgggcat gatggctcac atctttaatc ccagcaaagg gaggcaaagg     86820
     gaagcagatc tctgggagtt caaggccagc ttggtctaca gagtgagttc taggacagcc     86880
     agggctacag agagaggaaa atatctttaa aataagtaag taaattttaa aaccatattt     86940
     attcttagct tgtaggctgt ataaaaagga gaggggagat caaaccggtt tgactcacgg     87000
     gccatagttg ccaaatcctg gcttacagac ggaaagaatt cagacatttc cagctctgta     87060
     ttggcagaga actaggaaga atgtgtggaa gcgcttccag agtgttatgg tagaaacaga     87120
     accctccctg ggcaataaat actcctagct aaatggttgc agccagcaag gcactgggta     87180
     ctgtgggctg ttgcttgaca gactgggcct cagttagtga ctctgggatg tcagggcatc     87240
     ctagcacgga gtagacaaga gtggacagag aaagtgggtg atttcaaggc catcttggtc     87300
     tgcatagcaa gtcccaaacc agccagagat accctggacc tgcacaagac ctctgtccca     87360
     cacccctgaa catgcccttg gttagggcat gagaaccaca caggtcggaa gctccagcct     87420
     tctagtaagt tctgccccag tactgccctt tatagtcatg ttgaccacag ggacagggta     87480
     ccattactgc gattttatgg ggccagttgg cccacagagc attggagact aagatatgac     87540
     agctaaccat caaagtcagt ggctgagccc gattagggca gctgactgta cagagaaccc     87600
     tgggataaag ggttcctggc tagttagaag gccccttgga atcaaatcaa aacaaaaaaa     87660
     ccaacctcta gaaactgctt ctaagtgaca gaaggagcta gaaccctagg tctggtagcc     87720
     agagcctgcc ccaagtcctt accatggact ttactctcag cctctcgtgc tgttcttaaa     87780
     accaagtcaa gactgggagc ctcttatgcc taaggagtca caagagccac tgctgcgaca     87840
     ccggaaagcc ccctccatgc cttctgccct tgtttactga aggagttggg ggtgggggaa     87900
     gggaaaatgc aggcagttca ggaatcagaa gaagctgcct gccgagggat agccactggc     87960
     tttactggat tcataatgtg ttgagcctga ggctaagact gagcccttcg ttcagaaagg     88020
     tgtaaatgaa caagaatgct tagtaattgg cccagctgct tgtactgtct gcctcccgaa     88080
     gggatattac ccggatgatt gccgtgggga aggagaactc ccctcctagc aaaggcattg     88140
     aattcaggac agtggcgccc tttttggggc tgttagggtg tagagcccca ctcatgagtg     88200
     tcttgtcccc gccccctgac tcaccaaggg cctacagagg gcaggtgtga tcagagaatc     88260
     cctggggtta gtgtgtcagt cccagcaacc gggctgactc aacggtagcc taaggactgt     88320
     ccacagtgag gaaactaggg gacgaaggtg acagcgccga atggcaggtg aacgctggtg     88380
     cacacttctc agcaagcact tgtaggtcca aaacactggg tgtgtgtatg ttctgcgcca     88440
     gcggggaggg gggcgtcggc tgggcggttt tgaaagtcag gaagcctgat ttaggctcac     88500
     tcctgtgagg tgctctgaat taatcacagt cccatctgat tagctgaaag gccgagggag     88560
     ggcgttcgca tcgcctagta agtccagcgg tgcgctgcgc tagggacgaa gctgcttcgc     88620
     gttctgaggc gcgtggctcc gcgcggccgc cgtaggtcgg gcggagtacg gtggccgcag     88680
     agcggcggct gcgacgggtt cggccggccg gcgcggggcc gccatgggca acctgttcgg     88740
     ccgcaagaag cagagccgag tcaccgaaca ggacagggcc atcctggtga ggggcctacg     88800
     gcgggcaggg ggccgggccc cgtgggggaa actgaggcgg gaagcggagc gggccgcgct     88860
     tccggtgcca tggcgcgccc agctgcagac tcctggacca gccccggctc ggcccggaaa     88920
     gaccgggatt gtgtctcggg gctgagcgcc gatccgtgag agaaggtgcc aggaaggaag     88980
     cctgtggcct tggccttgga atcccaagcc ataagttatt gaaagttcct agaaaaagcc     89040
     cccagataaa gatcccgtgg gcgtggcttt cactaaaagt ctcagcgtga ttcttactgg     89100
     gaaagggtgc tcgtccccca tctctgcagc ctctgtgtga gctggaagcc cccgagacac     89160
     tcgtgtctca ggacaccgcc ctccatctct aagtaaaact gtcacagagg tgggtcctgc     89220
     ggacaggaca caccttgtct gctcctctgt ggaattcgga ggctcaggac accactgtca     89280
     agcacacatc tgaacagtcc cagagcgcca ggcaccagga aggaaagtgc ctagctccag     89340
     gtgctgctgc tgccactgcc tgacctgctc agattgcttg gtctccagag gcacagtctg     89400
     gccatcctgc agctccattt ggtgcccctg tctccccagg caagatgcct gatgctttgt     89460
     aaacagctgg cagaaataac cacccgagaa gagcatgggt agcctaactc aaggtctcca     89520
     aacctaaagg gtggaaatag tgagcactct ctgtcatgca gttgatgccc accgtggggc     89580
     agaccctgta gaggacactg ggtgaaggtg ggagacccag aaccacaccc aggcccatgc     89640
     tcaaacacac acacacacac aaaacacgct agcagagctc cccagctagc ctgttctcct     89700
     aggtaaccta cagtctatgg tgaatggttt ctcactaact aaaccttaaa ggtgcccatg     89760
     gccttcactt gaaatagtct gcctcagggt ttcattctgt gtgtgacatg tgcccagggc     89820
     ctgtacctgt tcatcatggc tccgcctgaa gggtcggcat ttggacacag aacagaaatg     89880
     ggctgaacag gaggactgag cgcacttggc tagtggctgg ggagggggag gcagaagatg     89940
     tcaacttcag accctttgtt acatttgagc ctcccagggc ctggtggcca cagcagtgac     90000
     ccacagagtt caggctgatc acagcctcat cctcctgtga ctgaagagga tgaaagtctc     90060
     ctcctcggca cagtgggcct tggcttgggg caggccagtt gcaactgcat tgtaaggctg     90120
     gggatgtttc tggatgttgc tccatatctt tgggtggcag aggccactgc tgggcagggt     90180
     tacctggccc ttcctgacca tgctggtgag cgcctggcag aaggacccgc tgaccagcct     90240
     gcactcttgc tctctcccca gcaactgaag cagcagaggg acaaactgag gcagtaccag     90300
     aagagggtca cgcagcagct ggagagggag cgggccctgg ccaggcagct gctgcgggat     90360
     ggcaggaaag agtaaggggc acttccttcc ccgggctagc atggtgtgtg tgtgtgtggg     90420
     gggggtgctt ccctggggct gagccagggc caactctgac accgtggctt tcccctgcag     90480
     acgagccaag ctgctgctca agaagaagag gtaccgggag caactgctcg ataggacaga     90540
     aaaccagatc agcagcctgg aagccatggt aggcagtggc caggagcctt tgctgggaac     90600
     ccgagtgctt gggggatggg cctccccagg gtgggaggtg gggaacaggt caggctggtg     90660
     actcccagag ctggggtaag agcttcctgg tttgtccctg ctggctggag ccactgaaag     90720
     gcagtcagca cccttggaat gtcctccagg acattctcag tagatctcag ccgccacagc     90780
     agagaccagg aagggtagga ccaatgacag aagcccgtca ctcggctggt ccagagccaa     90840
     acagggcttc tgacccctgg ctgctgcttt caggttcaga gcatcgagtt cacgcagatc     90900
     gagatgaagg tgatggaggg gctacaggtg gggaacgaat gtctgaataa gatgcaccag     90960
     gtaggtcttc gtggggcctg gtgggcgggt gggtgcagct gcagggccca ggaaatggga     91020
     gcgagtttgc gccagatcag ggccgagtct agctggatct ggatcggggg atgttccagt     91080
     acctggctgt gaccagtggg atgggaggaa ggtgtggcac agcgtgacct ttgagcaggg     91140
     ttcactggtg ccgagtgcca gggagtgcct gcctgcccac agagctcagg aagcagcact     91200
     gggtggtgag tgggccggcc tttagctgcc ttctgggtat ctgagtaggg tctggggtgc     91260
     attgtatcag gccggcatct gtattgtact gactatagac agaggaagtc tagacaccac     91320
     gcaggaagga tttccagttt tgacctggtt tactctcaat tgtcggggtt gttcagggcc     91380
     tgggaaggtc tgggcagtgg aagactggtc tggctcaacg ccaagggcag gcccacttcc     91440
     ctggctttgc tgaaggagag acaggatgag ggtgtggcct tgctgtgggc tgtcctctcc     91500
     cttgctgagc agctctgaac cttcatcagg tgatgtccat agaggaggtg gagaggatcc     91560
     tggacgagac ccaggaggca gtggagtacc agcgggtatg tgttgctggg cacaggctca     91620
     cccatttgtg atcaccaagt tggcatttgt gtggcgatcc actgcttccc gggggaaccc     91680
     agaggcccag ttggaaatac ccttcacagt ccattcatgt tcccgggggc acccagagcc     91740
     cccccagaca cgcccctcga tacctctcct tccacagcaa attgatgagc tgctggccgg     91800
     aaacttcacc caggaggatg aggacgccat cctggaagag ctgaatgcaa tcactcaggt     91860
     acagtcccca gggctgtctt gtcccctggg ggatgggacc ctatgggcct ctgcttggtg     91920
     gtgtgtccca ctgttgtgtc tgagcccaga gtcctggttt cccgattccc ttcctacggt     91980
     gattcctttg tacggaagcc aagcagcttc cacactccgt gcggcgctga gggatctgtg     92040
     caggagtggt ttggagtctg acccggcagt ttgctgctgg ccggcactcg tgacccatgt     92100
     gtggactgag aggaaatgct gagcctggcc tgcccagtca gcatgcgctt tcctcccccg     92160
     tgactcagtg gagtctgttc acctctgcac tccaggccct cggggtcctg ctgctgcggc     92220
     agctgtgtct gccccgtatc caggctgcga gctctgtagc taccatacgg gcatggcctc     92280
     tgcttcccaa ggttcccctg tgtccccaga gccacctcct gtcctcagcc caggaagact     92340
     gtctgggaag ttgcccactg gggcctgtga ctgcccacct gttagagcca ggagccctat     92400
     gaggtgctgg gaggacaggc cgcctgcggg cgctcacagg gccgctctcc accgcagccc     92460
     tctaggattg ctccctcagt gctcctcagc agaagcctcc tcgcccagga ctcagcatag     92520
     cctgaaagcc tgctttcccc gtgggcctct gcaggccctg ccttgtgagc tgacattcct     92580
     gagaatagct ccaggtctcc ggggactctg aggactcttg gtgtagctca gcccctggag     92640
     tggcctgtca cctctagtgg tcatctgtaa ggacgctgta gctcggggga gtgcagggcc     92700
     agtcatctga gcaggagtct ggcggctgct ttgtccctct gagagcagct agtgagcaga     92760
     tccagccctt gagagccagg gcagcctgtg acagcacaca cccagctcat gcctcacctg     92820
     tgcttcttgc aggaacaaat ggagttacca gaggttccgt cagagccgct ccctgaccga     92880
     aacccaggta tcggtatcat tgcgttctgt gtgtgaccgt gttggtctaa ggaacatacc     92940
     caaggctcaa tacgctgctc atcataccat gcccactggc atctcccaca gcgcagtggg     93000
     aaagtgcttg agcctgtgcc tgggtcagca gagagtaagt gtccagcctc tggttggact     93060
     tggctttctc aagggccaga ccagcacaca gagtcacgct gacacatcag ccatgggaga     93120
     aggcttgtcc gtcattaagg ccctgaaggg cttagatccc ctggaactca cagccttgga     93180
     gagcgctgcc cctacaccat cacagtcatg gctcagaagc ctccacacac cctagtcagt     93240
     ggattaagtg gacactcaaa ctcagggtag ctccacagtt ccctctgttc cttggtggct     93300
     tctgggagct ccaggctgtg cccctggcct gtaggtccat ctcacttcct gcctctatat     93360
     aactcacatt ccctgctgtg catgccctac cccagcccct ggcctcgtcc tctgaaagct     93420
     ctgtgctcac catgacccat tgtttttttc cgcagaagcc cctgccaagg ccagatccag     93480
     gcaggcagag ctggtggcgg cttcataacc tggtctctcc aggcactcat agggattctc     93540
     tgaggactgg cccacagagc ctttggctgc gagtcaaccc tgagggctcc cgggaggcct     93600
     ggagggctgg actggccagt gcaggtgctg atggctggag cagcagctta catggaagct     93660
     gacatcaggg cgccttgaag tttagtctgg atgcaccttt gtctctttct ccttctggac     93720
     taagtggatc cccggccagc caggcccagc tttaggcagc tgtggacccc atgctggccg     93780
     cagcccacta ctcctggtgc tgttctcatg ctgccccagc ccatgtgagc tgcgctcaga     93840
     cctcggggtc cctgtgctcc cctctcgtgt ctctgctgct cacatgagct ggtgggggct     93900
     tcagctgagc agttctcgcc ttgcctggca tcctgacacc cctcagttac cctgcaggct     93960
     agtggcagaa accctagtgt tctccaaatc tgttggagca tctttgcacc tcagatcacc     94020
     ttgagcctct tctgttgggg gaggtgggcc aggggccatc ccacagaatg gacaaatcta     94080
     ggagcccggc ttggggtctg ttcgcagaag aaaaacatgt tgaaggtggt aacaagaccc     94140
     tgttttaatg ggcatgtacc ccatggagtc ctggacacac taagccacca acgcccagga     94200
     ggcacggaac tctgaactga cctccagagc cctatgcttg tttcatcacg gacaatctct     94260
     ggtcctcggg tctttgagga acaaagggtc ttatgtaccc ttagggccta ccaggaaagg     94320
     agggcatttc ttccttaccc aaaacaggtc aacctcagta ttaaagttga cccctgcatg     94380
     gtctttggcc tcttggactt gagtttagtg tcttggttcc ctgttaggag cagttacaca     94440
     ggtggattgg agtgtggctt atgatccgac acaaacctcc ctaaccacca tgctaggcag     94500
     agccagggcc tgggagccac gtgcttggca gagagggcag ctttgggcac ctacctcagg     94560
     ttggggaaag tctgggacct ccagagttcc ggctgtcttt aaaggtagaa gagggcatgg     94620
     ctctggccac tccaaatgtg cacactgcat attcaacgca catgggcctg gtagtcaggg     94680
     ctgccagatc ccagacctaa agccatttcg aacgagagac tgactggttc agggttgcag     94740
     tgcacacggg aaacatcata tctggtagtc tgcaggcaaa tccccttcat ggagcagcct     94800
     tcatacacag gcttggcact gctaggttga attcaggcaa cctcaggagg cagtgcagcc     94860
     aagacccaca gaataagtgt ggatgtggct tctgcagtac ctgtgtccac caggaggggc     94920
     gctacccact tctgctgctg gggtgcttgt ctgtcatgaa gactgttacc aacgaagcct     94980
     gctccaagcc catggccatg tcctgcagta gtaaatccag gccctgggta cacgcacacc     95040
     ctggagcccc tcgctaccga gcgtgacagt gctgcaggaa ttgcatcaca ggcccaggaa     95100
     gcccagattc cattctgttc tccacggcat ctcacctgag ccaggtggag actggcagtt     95160
     caccgcggag ctgccctcat cctgagacag ccaagagtaa ttaattactc ctttcagggc     95220
     taggtcttgc tatgtagcct atgctgccct atgctgtctg ctggcccctc agctctctga     95280
     acaataggat gacagatgtt ccactgtacc tggcttgggg gtggtagcct ttcagttcta     95340
     cccctgactg tgatccctcg ccaccttcgg gcctcctgtt tcaccatgct cccatcagcc     95400
     agtgtggttg gtacaggacc tacgacaatt acaagctaag tacaaagccc gtggcagatc     95460
     tgggggccct gccggagaca gcctctggag gtgagcagtg gtatgaatgg ggccacgtag     95520
     tcaggttggg acctgtaggt caagcactag catggggctc cctgagaaga cagctcaggc     95580
     tgtggcctag aggtccacac agggcagaaa agaccagatc ttaaggggac cttatgggag     95640
     ctgctgggac aaaggcacct gcagtaggaa gagggttcac agaggacatg tgtgtgtgtg     95700
     tctgtctgtc tgtgtatatg tgtgtgtaca cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacgcg tgtgtttggt     95760
     ttccagctgg ctcttgtgca gagcactggc tcagtgaagg tagatttgga tctaaactca     95820
     gagcatcggc tgctgaggcc ttggtacctt gcctgggctc tcgcatatga gatcttcaca     95880
     gcaggatcct cagatgttcc agtccttaca ggaaatcctg taccctggtc accaaatgca     95940
     agttccgtgc atccaggtcc agtatggtga ctcatactta taatcccaac accagggagg     96000
     tggagacagg agagacacaa tttccaggcc agcttgggtt gtgttgtgag accgtctgga     96060
     gagtactcat ggggaaagcg ctttcctagt aaaccctgac ttctgggacc actgagctat     96120
     taccttattc tcattgcgtt tgtgtgtggt gcctggaaca tatatggagg ccaaggggtg     96180
     ttcaggattg gttctctcca ccatgtgggt cctgggattg aattcaggtc ttcaccgact     96240
     gctatgagct caacttcaat gtcaaagact gtcttttttt ttttttttcc ttgagacagg     96300
     gtttctctgt gtatccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa     96360
     ctcagaaatc tgtctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg cgccaccact     96420
     gcctggctca aagcctgtct taatttgtac tgctgtgaca ggtgactaag cctgcataac     96480
     tcataatgaa tattttcctt agtgtttgtt tctcatggtt ctggagtttg gacatcacaa     96540
     gtgccagcct cctgctatgg ccttctagct gctgcaccac ctggctggac acctacccct     96600
     cttgatggcc tagtcacctt tgccctatgt cccccctcac acccctaccc ccagctttca     96660
     gcttttcatt ctttctgccc agccttcctg gacctctcta agccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     96720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gttggggagg tgttagagat gagctctcaa cagtcgctcc     96780
     agctctctga ccagttgctg tccccgctgc agagagaagc ttctctggtc agggttggag     96840
     ggtcagtttt gagggctaca ccccagagct cagctggtca tcacttggct ggtgtttgct     96900
     ttagctgctg acaacggcaa tgtgttcttt ctcatcccct agagtcacct ctgggaggaa     96960
     gggcatgttc ctcctgccag ggagacccgg gcagtggggg tgttacatga cagtgttgca     97020
     ggctcgtggg ggagctgctc ttgggcccct ttcttcccag gagtggagct gcagaccagg     97080
     gtcaggatca gggacacctg ggtccccggg gtcagggaca ccgccactct gccatgctcc     97140
     tcatcaacat ttcccaaacg tggcaagccc agcagcccgg aggagaaagg gctgctatct     97200
     cagcacattc ctgtcctcta gacatccctg cgccatccat ggtacccagt ctccatggag     97260
     gatgtgactc tcctgccatg tcttagtgag ggtttccatt gctgtgaaga cacaccatac     97320
     caagacaact cctataaggg acaacattta attgggactg gcttacagtt tcagaggttc     97380
     aatcaattat catcatggct ggaagcatgg cagcatccag gcagacatac tggagaagct     97440
     gagagttcta catcttgatc agaaagcagc cagaagacta gcttttggca gccaggcaga     97500
     gggtctcaaa gcccacccct gcagtgacac acttcctcca acaaggccac acctactcta     97560
     ataaggccac acctcccaat agtgccactc cctgggccaa gcatcttcaa accaccacat     97620
     ggcaggtacc tgaaggtcac ccactgttct gtcaccccag atttctcaag gatgtttctt     97680
     cctcatagtg agccggggct cactgggctc ctggtagtag agttcactga agacattcaa     97740
     ggtctgagag tagcagacca ggctgtccac caggtgctcc tgggcactcc ctgcttgggg     97800
     tggcacctta gctctttgtc ctgtcctcaa gccactgtga ggctgtggtg gctctgggtg     97860
     agttcagaca ccttctaagc ctcaaaagaa acccaagccc cttaggtgtc actcagttcc     97920
     ctgacctggc ccctcccatc ccaaagcaac cactaacctg ctgccatagg tttcacttcc     97980
     agtttggata taaactatcc cccacaggac caaggagatg gcttggggtt taaaggcccg     98040
     tgctgacaag gtcactcaga tgacctgagt ttaatccctt gaaactgcct cttacaaatt     98100
     gtcccttaac cacacgtgta caggtgaagc gtgcacgtat gcatataaat ataaatacat     98160
     aaatataaag tgttctctgc aggctcgagt gcttgaacat ttgggcctca gctgtagccc     98220
     tgtcctgcac acctgtgggg cctcaaggga tgaacttgct ccctgcatct gtgggtctga     98280
     caggctttag tccatcacca tgatggacgg cactttcaca gaccacgagc cctccctcct     98340
     catgctactg cctggttttg gtcacagcag tcaagaaaaa tagccaatgc agcccgtctg     98400
     tgctcttcca agaccgactc cctgctgtgt gttccgagtt atctgtggta ggaaacggcc     98460
     cttccaatgg ccaggcgaca ttccttttgt agacattcct catgttgggt tgtctatcag     98520
     cacgactggc atttagtttg tttccacact tgggttttta tgagtaagtt tggggtgagc     98580
     gtctgccatt gtttttcctg gtaaatggta aacctgtgtg tatttctttt ttctttttct     98640
     tttttagatt tatttattta ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgccttca tacacctcag     98700
     aagagagcat cagatctcat tatggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg     98760
     aactcaggac cttcagaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg ctgagccacc tctccagccc     98820
     accaaggtgg cttcttactg tccgttcact acctgtcgtg gtaggcatga aatgggtgca     98880
     tgaggctgtg tggtcctggt ttagttttcc ccttaagaat ttcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     98940
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc tgtgtgtagt     99000
     gctcatggag gtcagagaag gcatgagatc ccctggagct ggagttacaa gtgattgtga     99060
     gctgcctagc atgggtgctg gaaactgagc catgctctta ccatggagcc ctctctcagc     99120
     cttgcataca tgttctgttt aatatgtgag tttttctcat ctcttttgta ggaggaggag     99180
     ctctcagaca ccctgttggg agtgtgacct ggtgcagcct cttgagaaag ttgtgagtcc     99240
     tcaagggaat acacacaagt ttaccattta ccattgagat gagatggcca gtggtcatct     99300
     gtaatcttca gagacatgcc ctgttctggt tgtgttataa gaattcttta ttctgagtgg     99360
     gggtgggggg tagtggcctg tgtctttaat cccagcactc aggttgaggc agggttgtga     99420
     gttctagact agtctgggta acacagtgag actctgtccc agaaaaccaa cacataaaaa     99480
     taatgaaata aaataagcac atagtgaact ctctgagatg gctgctgtag tgcagagcat     99540
     tcaaggatgt ggccaatggc tttgaggtac acaggtgtca cccccgaggg agatggatct     99600
     gtcaaggtag gatttgaagc tgggagagat gacaaccgag tgaatgacaa acagtgctca     99660
     aaatggggcc acagctccag ccagcccaac tggctgttac cagagcaggg agagcccggg     99720
     ttcagcaggt agaggtgcag gaaacctggg gacctagttt tgatccacag gacccactta     99780
     aaggggggaa attatcccac aaagttgtct gaagacctcc gcatgtactg tgcatggtac     99840
     acatgcatgc ccacacaaac aataaggaac atgcatgtgg ggttggacat gtgactttcc     99900
     agggtgctgt gaacaggtca ttttcctctc aggcagggaa agataaatga tttcaccagg     99960
     tctcagatga tgaggcaggg ctttattggg attacataca gattcttggt ggggaccctt    100020
     ccaagagcaa ggggactctc cagcagccac atcactgaaa aacccactgc ctagtccaac    100080
     tcaggcgaca aggctctggc cagtctcctg aagctagcag ctgcttgctt tgacccagcc    100140
     ctgctaaggt tcctgattct taggagcctc ccccttctgc ctgggaggga atggcttgat    100200
     gttaccagtc agaggaaata gctcaccaac ccacaaacac cagtgcagcc cagcaggcct    100260
     agttgcttgt ggaagcttga ggccagtgac cacaggctcg gcagcacgag gagacacttc    100320
     ccctggctac gaggggcagg gcctgctaag gctgctttgt caagcttcag tggtgagtct    100380
     aggaagggca gagttggtct catttttttt tttggtggtt cgagacaggg attctctgta    100440
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    100500
     acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcttgt gccaccacac ccagctggtc    100560
     tcacttttta ccttggcgcc cagctgtaca gggacccaca tacaggggct cccaaagctg    100620
     gggtgaaggg tgatatagca gtgttcccag tgtgtgtgat tgaacaggaa acaccagcta    100680
     tctagagaag gaattatctg agtatctgtc attccttggt gactatattg atcaccccag    100740
     agtattttca atctgtgttt cagaaccatt tgggtttggg ctggtgtggt ggcacatact    100800
     tctaatgcca gcattgaggt ggcagaggca ggcggatctc tatgagttcc agcccagcct    100860
     ggtctacaga gtaagttcca gggctacatg gtgagacgat gcctcaaaaa atattaaaaa    100920
     aataaaaaac aaacaaaata aaacaaaaca ctttgttctc tagcactgac cacattgtcc    100980
     ccttgtgcct tgcttaggca actttttttt tttaaagcat ttaacttaca tttagctgta    101040
     aggtgattgg cggagggagg ttaaatattt atttttatat ttttgtacac acacacacac    101100
     atgcccacat acccccgtgt gtgtgcaggc atctgtggaa gtgagaagaa ggcaacaggt    101160
     cccagcgtct agagccctgg aaagatgtga gctccccacc gtgagggctg aggactgacc    101220
     tcagtgctct ggaagaacag ccgctctcct aagctccgag tcagctctca gctctcctaa    101280
     gctctgagtt agctctcagc actggggagc tgctttggag atgcagtctg gatccagact    101340
     agcctcacgg gtacggcaat cctctaccca cctcagcctt ctgttaggat gacaggtggg    101400
     agccccccgt ggcttagctg aaagtttgat gttgtccata agaacacatc catttgtctg    101460
     catagaagtc ttctgaactc caagtgcgat gatatgccag aggtagttcc ctgctctccc    101520
     agacagcctc agagaaagcc atcaggctcg ctggggagtc ctggtcccag ccattcctgg    101580
     ttttccttgg ttgtgtgaga ggcagacagg cacactttca ttccagtttc gacacaggcc    101640
     gacacagacc acagtgcatc atgcataaga tctggacact ccacagagaa gtgtcagttc    101700
     tgggatggag agactaagag agcttgccgc tcgactgagg accagagttc agatcacaga    101760
     taaagagcca ggtggcccac agtgcccgct gctccagttc caagggatca gacaccctct    101820
     tctggcttct aacaggatga gcacaggcat gcacatacaa aataaatcaa gaaagacaga    101880
     tgggctggct tcaaatctga ggtggaatgc atcctctctg ggctattttt ctcctgtctg    101940
     aatgtgtcca gtatggaatg tatgccttac aggagctctc tggtctcatc tcctcccaca    102000
     gctctgaccc caggtagaac ttgggttcaa aactgcacag caaaaaagga ccgtttaccc    102060
     tgaggcgggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgggaggga tgagctgtaa agggggctgt atgtgtccca    102120
     ggaaagaatg agcctggaga ggaccctaca agtcctaggc ctcccctaag tcacacaagt    102180
     gtggatagac cctgagagtc aagctagtta gggacccacg agccatggaa ggcagcaaaa    102240
     cctgagatct gaactagcta gtgagagggt ctgtaaaaac agaaaagacc gctgggaggt    102300
     ggtggtgcac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttt    102360
     gaggctagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct    102420
     gtctcgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaagaca gaaaaaccca    102480
     acattcccag gcagctaata ggattgtaac agaccaagtg tgccactcaa actgtcccat    102540
     ttacaactct ttttttgttt ttgtttttgt tttgtttctc tgagtagctc tggctgtcct    102600
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggccta gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc    102660
     gaagtgctgg gattaaaggg gtgcaccacc acgccctgcc tcatttacaa ctctttaagt    102720
     aacttgtcat actaaggaca gagagcatgc atgtgattcc aaaggaaaag acagtccagg    102780
     ctgcagagat ggcccaggag acaggagcag ctgctgctct tccagacaac ctgagttcag    102840
     attccagcgc gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaacacaca cacacataca    102900
     cacacacaca acacacacac acacacaaca cacacataca cacacacaca acacacacac    102960
     acacacaaca cacacaacac acacacaaag ttcctgcata aagatgctgt taaagaaaaa    103020
     aaaatactgt agcagaaaaa caaaatatga agaaaaagac tcaaaattag cgaaaggcat    103080
     cagtttacaa atttaaaaaa tccaacaaat acaatttaca aattgtaaaa attcaaggaa    103140
     aactgtgagt catcacagtc actgtgacag gaactgaagc aaaccaccac acggcagcca    103200
     tgcacaggaa agatgcccgc gtgcgcgtga gagaggctgg gcaacctcag ggttttcatc    103260
     agaaagaaga ctcagcaaaa ccgaaagaga agccgcttcc actccagagc gcagagacca    103320
     gaaaaagacc tccaagccag gcgaaggaaa gggaggagcc accgtgcaac cccgcccgaa    103380
     acatgcgggg aacaggcagt gcagatctgc aagttcagga aactacagaa gaggtagctg    103440
     ggagaggaga cactgtagcc agaccgtctt agagaagcag aatgaaaaca gcgatggtta    103500
     atgtggtggg gagatagagg ggaaatcctc ttctgtttaa acactgacat ataaatgtgt    103560
     atgagaaaga aagctgcggt aagctgcggt gagagtctca aggtgcgacc tccacgactc    103620
     tacagttcct gtgtgtaggt tgcaatcttc agtacgacaa ttaaaatacc aaagcccctg    103680
     cagatgctga ggcaggagga tctcactttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttcgagacag    103740
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgc aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga    103800
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctcccg aggcgtgcgc caccgcgccc ggggatctca    103860
     catttcagat ctgcttggtt atattgaatt cgaggccagt ctgagcaatc tagtgagacc    103920
     ttgcttcaaa agaaaggatg gagagtctaa tggaagaata cttgtgggct gtactcttct    103980
     gaaggtccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaacatccat aatgagatct gatgccctct    104040
     tccggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttccatata ataataaacc tttttttttt    104100
     ttttttttaa agaagaatac ttgtgagaaa tcctggggtt ggtttctagc aacaaagtaa    104160
     cggcctataa ttgacaaaga gggatgcagc cagaaaacca atacattaat taaaatggag    104220
     tattcgaaga cttgaaatac aagggagcag agagacagat tgggggctgg ggagcactga    104280
     gatctatgaa ttagtagacc ccaatccagg ttaatagttt ttcaaagatt taactttact    104340
     ggtgtgagtg tacgccacat gtgtgtgaga ggggagactg tcatggcctg aagaggacat    104400
     aggaccctgt agatctaccg tcacaggagg ttgtgctcct gatgtgggtg ctgggaactg    104460
     aactccgaca tctggatcac agcaagtgct tgtgagtcct ctctccaacc ccaataactt    104520
     aaaaaaaaaa agttaatctg tgaaaaccac gcatgtgcac acagcatgtg agtgtgtgtg    104580
     tgtgtgtgtg cctgtggaaa aacttacttt ttttttccgt ttgaagaaga ctttggacta    104640
     gaagagaagt tgaacttgaa agcagtgctt aacaggctga actggtaaga tcctgaaaga    104700
     tggtgctgag tcgggttgtg gtttagctca agggcttaga ggggaaggat tgttttgttt    104760
     tgtttgagac aggatctctc tgtgtaacct tggctgtctt gggacttgcc atgtagatct    104820
     ggctggcttc taactcacag aaacccacct gtctctgcct ccagaatgtg tgtgccactc    104880
     actacaccca gctggaagca aagattttaa cagcaactgg gctagaagcc agttttgtgc    104940
     tgttttggca aagaatgtgg ccgctttctg tccttgtctt aagaattttc cagaggctag    105000
     atttaaagtg atggactaat ttctttggtg aggagatttc aaaacagcct catgccagct    105060
     ctgtcccatg gttgttagta atcaacatac gctggtcatc aatgaaaatg agcaaggggg    105120
     gggggcaaaa atcaacttga gatgcagtct aaggaggaaa ggagcagcag gaaatgtaat    105180
     ggtggaggca aggcttggac tgacagcaag cacgaggtta aggaggaggc agaaccccgg    105240
     gcaggccccc acccagctga attccagctt gtgaaagcaa agggacttag gaagagacaa    105300
     aagctgctct gtgtgattcc tagggcccgt cccaagcagg cagcccacta gcagtgttgt    105360
     ccctgtagtc ctggcatcat gaaggatgta tatgtgaagg ggttgtggaa ttctctaagg    105420
     agagctactg aggccgggca acatgtggca gggcagttcc cacaggaagg ccctgagagg    105480
     ccattgcacg aagcagaagt aaagcctggg ctgtcagaga tcccaggtgg taggggtgtg    105540
     agagtagagg tgcctgctgg gaactgctgg caggaagtgg aatcagctta aaagatgtat    105600
     ctggccaggc atggtggtgc gcacctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcag    105660
     atttctgagt ttgaggccag tctagtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggaaacc ctgtctcgaa    105720
     aacaaacaaa aaaagatgta tctggaagtc agcaaagctg gactggtggg gccgcccaag    105780
     tcttccgaca ccagacatgg tgttgttacc ctgctgagtt tcagtcttgc tctgggtatt    105840
     tcaccagagt ccctttccct cccttttgga acagtaatgt gtagtagtct gtgccattat    105900
     gtgttggaag aatgggattt gccttttgag ttcacagtta ctgttaaggg attggcttga    105960
     gtctcagaag tctttggacc tttaaacagt gttgaaactg ggagagtgtg gggactttct    106020
     aagtgagact aaatgcagtg atatggcccc atgcctggag ggaggccagg gggtagaatg    106080
     tggtggtctg aatgagactg gccctcatgg ggtcaaatgt ttgaattctt ggatcccagt    106140
     tggtggaact gtttgggaag gattgggagg tgtggccttg tttgaggggg tgtgtcactg    106200
     ggagtgggct ttgaagttcc cagtgtgttc tctctacctt ctacttgtgg tacaagacgt    106260
     gaattctctc agatgttcct gccacgaggt cttcatttca ttgcattgtc atggccttct    106320
     aaaaccataa gttcaataat aaccacccat tatataataa attatatgta atatataatt    106380
     aaattatatg aaatagatgg tgatttagac agggtctcac tatgaagccc tgactgttct    106440
     gttaactcta cactatatag actcagaagg acggacttgc ctctgcttcc caagtgctgg    106500
     gattaaagat gtgtgccgct acaactggca caaaagcttt tctttcctta atgctgcctc    106560
     ggggtaatgg cattttatca aagggataga aaagtaacca agacaccctg gctttaaaaa    106620
     aaaaaaaaaa agaacaagaa caagaaaaaa gttaagcaca ggaaactgac ttcacttcca    106680
     catcagatgg agtcacttaa ggaaaatcaa tgctctgaga acgatcaaag cacacaaagg    106740
     tgtaagcatc gtctctacaa aagcagcaga gagcagcgga agcaacagcg atggccggca    106800
     gggttaggat tccagagggg cggacagcag agagcagggc tgaccatctg cagctggcac    106860
     ttgccaagtt ttgtcacact gggtttaatg acaagcctaa ggtttgagag gcatttgaca    106920
     agagtgggga ctaggctgaa catggtgaca cacaccttta atccgagcgc tgtggggtgg    106980
     ggagggtggg caaaggcgac cggatccctg tggttttgag gacagcctgg actataaatc    107040
     agatcctgtc tcaaaaccga agaagacaca caagagtggc aaccggagga ccagcctgtg    107100
     cttcaaggtt gccgagcttc ccttcccagt ggtgggaggt ggtaaagagc tggcagcaac    107160
     tgtggagaac agagcagagc agagggccgg gggtttccag agcaggagac acaggcaggg    107220
     gttctcagtg tgtccacagc tggaagcctg gaggatgggt cctagaaaca gaagccaacc    107280
     aggggcagct gaagcaaatc ccgccacccc tccagtcagt tcagtgcctc aggcttggtg    107340
     tgaggtggcc agcggcttcc tgcgggggtg ggggggtggg ggaagctaga gcatcaatgt    107400
     ccctattgaa aagaatgctc tgggagttgt ggcctgcgtg tctgaactct gcagtgacag    107460
     gaagaagtgt gcacaggcat ggccggactc taagtcaatt tcacttacag ggcccgggga    107520
     gctggctcag cgtgcaaagt gagccctatt cccagcccca agtgtgatcc cagcattcaa    107580
     gaggcagagg taggaggacc agatcaaggt catccttgac tctgtagtga ttatgaggcc    107640
     agcctgggct gtctcaaaaa caaacaggga ctggagagat ggctcagcag ttaagagcac    107700
     atgttgctct tgcagaggac ccaggttcag ttcccaggac cccgtgtgtc tagagaatct    107760
     aatgcccttt tctgacctct gagggcacca ggcactcttg tggtgcacac acatacatgc    107820
     aagggaaata ctcctataca taaattgaac attttaaaga cagtaaaaaa ccaaaacttt    107880
     atttgcaaag ccctgcagtg gccaacaagt gatagtgtgt ggggggcctc tgacctggca    107940
     ccaccagaat ctaacccatg acatcagccc tggaagtgtg tgcgggtgac agcaggcaca    108000
     gacctggaac ccatttgcat cacatttctg cttaaagaaa ggaaacagca gagaaaaatg    108060
     gccgaagtgg tgatggagac tcagctgagg ccaaactgtg gcaaacttaa ggctgcaagc    108120
     ccagctggtg aggagccaga gcccacagat ggtgactcag accgtcgcct aggaatgaag    108180
     ctgctgttgt ggcccaatgt ggccagaggc cctgggatct cactgctgct ggaactggga    108240
     gggatggtgg aaactccctt ggcccagcct gagctagcca caggcatttc ctcccctcta    108300
     agtgcctgcc aggggctcaa agcctagagc caatgagttc ttgggaatga ctacctgagc    108360
     cacaaccctg caggaaaggc acttctcgag gatgctggcc ctgcaccctg ctgccagccc    108420
     cacgccctgt tactcagcct ctgactgcca ccacccttgc ttttgtgaca agtgcttaga    108480
     attagtttat actgtcctca tttcagctcg agatctcagg gacatttgac aagatgagag    108540
     cggagactct actgggcatg gtggtgctca tttttcattc cagcactgga gacagggatg    108600
     ggtggatctc tgaattcgaa gccagcctgg tctacatagc aagttccagg atagccaggg    108660
     ctacacagag accaggtctc aaacacacac acaactttct gctgggccag tggtgggagg    108720
     ccttgagtct gactgggact ccaatggtag gagggaatga acttgggcaa gctgccctct    108780
     gacctcacta gtgtgggagt cccccaaggc aggacagcct aagatccctt gcttacaggg    108840
     acaatgacgt gtgggaggct ctgtgcagga tgtggtgaga gcagcaaccc caggttagca    108900
     agggctacgg agggagggtg gtagtggggt atgaaggtgc tggtcctcag agcagagcag    108960
     cgcagagcag agcagggtta gcttctgtgg ctcttcaaca agcccgttct tgccaggtac    109020
     agcaggcata gttgctacct atgggaagga ggtgtgtact accccatcat caggcctgta    109080
     actggggaca cccaccctgc ccagggtcac tgttcccctt ccagcaccct gtgagtgagg    109140
     ctcagctact ccacccctca gtcctggggt gctgtcagct gcagggaatg gccctgtccg    109200
     tgcctgggct ctcacaggtg tctgtaagga gcaggtgggg actttccctc acctcactca    109260
     tgtgtctgtg tcagtgggca tctgtcatgc ttcatcaaga gtgaagattg cgagctgtgg    109320
     ccaggtgcaa gccggttgtc tccgggcacc cacaatctcc ttcccacata gctctctggg    109380
     gtagaggctg tggctctttt ttaaaaagag aagactcttg gccagttcca agaggtcagc    109440
     agggacgtat atatgtataa tcaaagcaga atggacctag tgggttatta tgtgtgtgca    109500
     tatgtttatg tacacattaa atatgtaaca atggtgatta aaggtcatga atgtgggggg    109560
     aggagttgag ttggaaggag caagaattag gggtcatgta tgttcagtgt tcatgtatgt    109620
     atgtgttagg agtcatgtat gtttagtgtt cacgtgtgaa gttctcaatg gaataaaatc    109680
     agtcgtcatc atcatcatca tcgtcatgga caacagagac ccaggaagga aggggctgac    109740
     agactcctca tcagccacca gggaaaccag aactaaactc agcagctgtc acatgctcac    109800
     caggctggct atggttgaaa ttaacagggg gaaaggcgtg ttgaggagga gctagggaag    109860
     ctggcagcct cctggatccc taaagagagt gtaagatggc agccagctcc ttgcaagttc    109920
     agttctgggc tgagcatgtg gctcagcgag acagtgtttg tctccgcctc acagcaaact    109980
     ttcaagccca gaactcccgc tcctagcaac gggaggatga agaagttcaa ccacaccgta    110040
     agtttgaggc cagtttgggc tacatgagag cctcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaagag    110100
     gaacaaacca atccaacaaa atccaaaaca gcaacaacaa aacacccagg ggaaaaagaa    110160
     aaaaaaagac tttgaagttg gtaggcagat gtcgctgggt gctatgaaga catcatgaag    110220
     cagtatttcc caggagcacg ggccttatag atgcacgagc tgcccctatg tcccctctcc    110280
     aggcagctac cggcttcctc tgtctcctct acctgaaggg aggagttttc cctttcctcg    110340
     ggagacaggg catgctattg ctgcatttct cccttcctag gtacagcctg gtctcacaaa    110400
     ccacacaacc ctgcactccc ctgctggccc ttcgcctcct gctgtgcgca cctctacttc    110460
     tgccagccac cctcacctgt ccagtggcag ggcttctttc ttggatgtgc caccaggggg    110520
     cagtgaaggg aaccctcaga aagatgaagc cagactcagg caagggtccc agaagtggca    110580
     gtctattgta agagccaagg cctgaggggg gcctaggaaa aggcagccaa gctggacccc    110640
     caggagccag gcgctggacc tcccgggtta acagcagcag tggatgcagt gccccgacct    110700
     gtctgaggaa actgccgggt accaccgctt aatcccagtg tcctggaact gtcctgccta    110760
     agtgtctgag catggggttt tctccttagg atgtcttgga gcccaggaag gcaggaaaaa    110820
     caccagagtc ccacaccagc agctccaagg ctcagaaagc caactcctca ggctgtgcac    110880
     aaagaatttc gttagctcct gcagaaaaac aaaaaagaca aaaaacaaaa caaacaaaac    110940
     ccccctgcag cttggggtga gagtcgacag cagaaccgag gtgcttggca tctccggggt    111000
     tctgccagca gtggttggag tgacatttgg aaaggttgta cagccgacct ttggttggat    111060
     agggggtgaa atgtctcgca tattctttta gagtcatggt ttccaggcag ggacgggggc    111120
     tagggtgggg gacagatagt ttcctacact actctacaaa catctctgtc tctcaacctt    111180
     gagagaagtg agcctgctgg agaaatgaca ttcccaactt agcactccac cagttttcct    111240
     cacagtcatc ttcctgtctg accagacgtg ccaggctcac tgtcccggct cttcttcacg    111300
     ctctccatgt tagaaaggcc ctgcctggca ggccttgcag gtggctctgg gtggaagcgg    111360
     cacccttcct tttctctgcc tggtggggaa gaggcagagg ctggtgtggg aatctggcca    111420
     gtgccttagg cagtcctgct gcttccttcc aggtgcaggc attcctcctg gaactggctc    111480
     tacctcagct cttgaccagt tccctcaaaa tcattcctca ccaaagccct tccccacact    111540
     ccaggggagc tgtggaaggg cagaagggca gatggtagtt gtgcaatggg gtgcagccct    111600
     ggtgcctctg gagcactcac catgccaggg agtcttctgg gtcccaccgt gaggggacag    111660
     agtcccactg tgtgtgccct gacacaggca ctgtctgcct gagggcagcc cagtgttgtg    111720
     tcaacacacc agcaagccct agccaggaag tcccttctag gtggacttga ttccccagag    111780
     agcaggaaga cactgtatgt ggcttttatg ggttaagagg agctctgaaa acccaagagc    111840
     cagttggggg attggcactg gggtcctaga tacctgggcc acactaggtc ccgttgtagg    111900
     actgtggacg cgatgagcca gtcctgtccc ggtctgcccc ttctgcagca ccaggaagct    111960
     ccacacagct tcccctgttt acatggaaac accaggcatg tcccggggac ctcctgtgct    112020
     ctgggctgac acaacaggac tgctgtaagg agaccctagc cagtcgttca agcttcccta    112080
     aactttgcgc catgcttggg ggaagggaat gcgggaggag ggggtaagat tcgcagcaag    112140
     acgatttcag atttcagagt tgaagacaag atttcaaaat ctggctttaa ataaacacgg    112200
     aattaaaaag agagagagcg cacacggagc ctccagcagc ctaaattagc agcagtcagc    112260
     cccgagcagg gaagccatct gtgagcatgt ggagcagtat gtacatgtct gggcttctca    112320
     ctctggcagg accagctgga gatgggggtg tggtggggaa ggacccggtg gaacacacca    112380
     gggctcaggg ctgggtgtct tttgactcca gagtctggaa aactatttcc tctgccgcaa    112440
     cctgaaaacg cctttagaca cctttaaggc aacttaattg aagaggcaga gcaataagag    112500
     aggaaaggga caggaaagca cccgcagtga gcaggaagct gagtgaccac tttggcctat    112560
     ggagggcact ctgcggagcg aatgggcaca ggcgggactg cctgtgccta ggctgctgct    112620
     gccatcagag ctgtcaccac agaccgtcgg tcatgctctg atgacagata cctctgttca    112680
     gttctcttat tcacttaagg cacaacccta cgagctgggt gtgtacagag gcatgggtgt    112740
     gcctgccatg gggtgggctt tccttgttgc caagggcacc ggatctcaga acttaagttt    112800
     ggtgttgtgc aggccgcacc ccgcccctcc ctgcccattg tcctgcctca gtccacccat    112860
     tgtcctctga attcacttgg cccactgcag aaggattcgg tgcaaagggc ccccccccac    112920
     tgcagcctgt cacctgccca agttatttaa gtctgcattg tcagttaata tattctaata    112980
     ggcaagtggg tgaccgagct ggcagacgca ggatgacgct gaaatgtaac aagaggagag    113040
     gcacccaagg aaacttggag gcttgtttgc gcccctgagc tcacccccgc gctacctccc    113100
     acaggcacct ggagtcacgc ctgtgtgatg tgcagattac ataaggggga tggctgctgg    113160
     ggaggctaac cccctacagc ggggcggcag ggcagcgtgg ggaggtcaca tctcccacac    113220
     ctcagcagaa tggctctgac ttcctgggcc tgcctagagg gagggaagcc acagctggga    113280
     atgggacgtt gtaggccctg tggctgagaa gacagaggcg gggccaggaa acactctgga    113340
     aagccacaag actgtgttca cacttcatcc tccagccaag cgagcgcacc aggaagggta    113400
     ccccaccaag agagtgtcca cctttccttt ctgccacact gtaggtttga gagggaacag    113460
     aagacgccag aaccagaaat ggtcaggtga gcagggctga tctgttcccc cacagcagca    113520
     agtaggaccc acgtggtggc ggctatggag aagctagctc cgaaccatgt caggttaagg    113580
     gtaaacctga ggtgcagtct gggaggagga gcggaaggaa gcacccacat ctgggacagc    113640
     aggagagagg aacagctcgc tagacctcag ctctagcagg cagcagcaca gcagcagcac    113700
     tggcccagct atgcagctat gcagggccag ctcccagcac cctctgacct gcagcccggg    113760
     gcccgcaagc tcctctgctc cacatttcct catcagagca aagatcctcc acgtcctttt    113820
     ctttctcctc tttgaagtgg tcccaggaat caaagcccag ggtcttgggt accctaagtc    113880
     ttcccctgag cccacccagc cccagctgtt agcctgttgt cttagtgatg catttaccac    113940
     agttcgggag ccagtgctga cagatcatta actaaagtcc acagttcact cagggttctc    114000
     cagattttac ctagtgtcct ctttctgtgc aggatccaga gggactccag gggaccttca    114060
     gtcttcctgt ctccaggctc ctctgtgctg ctgcctctgc cttcagccat gatggggaca    114120
     tggcagcatg cggagcactc tggtggggga ggaggggtct actgtactgt ccctgctggg    114180
     cttgggaggg aggactggag agatgagagg gcaagcactc tgctcaggta gtaccagctg    114240
     ctagagcatg gtgagtcctc catatgactc ctcctcccct gactcctccc aacacctcac    114300
     agaaccctgg tctcggcttt gggggctcta ggcgactagg gacctgccca ggagccacag    114360
     ccgcgtctgc cccacccctt cgagctgact ggtgacagaa tggactcctt aagcctgggc    114420
     cctctcccca cattgcaccc cgagccagtc acagtcaggt ctcaacctgt cccttccatg    114480
     gtggcaggct atgccctgag ggccagacaa gaccaggtgg ctgttggcag ctgaaatagg    114540
     cttcctgctg gtaggagtaa gacttccatc taaagttcta gccacctcga tggccagcca    114600
     ctaagactgt cctgaaacca gagcaatgcc ccccacatac aagaacactt ctgccctcag    114660
     gcctggccga ggtgcaggtc ctgcagcatg agcaacaagg gtgtggaggg ggaaaaggct    114720
     tttcccgaag ccccagagga gtccgagctc ctgctttcct gcctctccta ctctagaact    114780
     ttctggttac ctattacaga agcttcaagc caggaatgaa aacaggagag ttctggttgg    114840
     gagattcttc cctaggaggg aaaaaaagct gccaggtggg ggtggggtgg ggtgggctgg    114900
     ggatgaagag agttccctta acaggctccc accacctctg gagaccttag acaaatggct    114960
     atccacctta ggcaagctca gcgaagtggc tgaggatgga ggtgaagctg gggtgacagt    115020
     cttctgggga ggggggtcac ttctcgaagg gcagcctctg ccgagcacag gctcccaatc    115080
     cgtgagcctg ccttgccagg agaacagctt gcttgaaatg cacggctgtc atcctgtaat    115140
     taaatctgag acccctcctc cttcctacat gacgccgaga tgaagccact tatataacgc    115200
     aactaaaaat aagcttgtgg agacatacac actgctgctc cccaccccag cccgtctcca    115260
     gagctgccca ccctgaacca tgacctacag ggcaggatct gaggcggtgc ctgccctggg    115320
     cctgcgctca gcagcgtgcc tgtggagaaa gtgaggctgg gctcagggaa gtggacacat    115380
     gggtttatgg ctggggtggc tgcagatcgc cactcaggga gcactgagtg ggaaggccag    115440
     aagcatatgg acaatggtct gtctctgctt ccagtgactt ctcccagagc tgctcattca    115500
     ctgaggcctg ctcccctcca ccccagaacc agaaccagtg agccccactc ccaccttggc    115560
     acagtataag aagagccggg gtatatcaga aggtctggga ggtgtgttga ctgtcagcca    115620
     tcaccctggg tgacacttat catcattcct tctgggaaga ttcaggagga gccaatgaca    115680
     atggttccac cttgacaata gcttcctcca ctccgatgga cagaagcggg tgcaagctca    115740
     cacacgggcc actatttcct agctaccagc ctactgaact tttaggaaag taagcagatt    115800
     cctcagacac cagtgtaaca ggaagaggaa tatgatgaag tttgtaacgg gctttggaag    115860
     aaaaggagtc agggaaagag tggcccccta atccacttgg agccagagtc ttgctgatct    115920
     gtgagcatgc tgcttatggt gtgcccaccc actcagcaac ctgacctctg accattggtg    115980
     ccccctacta ttaaaggagc tgcttccagg gtcagaaagg cttccgtgct gaagtctgaa    116040
     ctcgggctat ggtcagcccc aataaagagc tggagggaac acaactcctc tctcctgtcc    116100
     ccttccaacc ccagcaagtc ctgtcaggac ggccattgtc acagagctct gagctgcagg    116160
     caggtttgag acactgtcct gacaccctct tcccactgtg ggtttctgct gcagctggcc    116220
     agcctcctgc ctgggacatg gacagacctg agtctgccac ccatgtagca cagaaatggg    116280
     gtgactatgg gtaggcaggc ccaggaaaga gtcttgggat gttgtggaag ggggagtggt    116340
     ccaagccatg ggaacttttc ttgggggagc ttctctgccc tttttcagac agaccccaag    116400
     tgtttgctgc cagcctccac ctctagttct cctccatggc cttggcctgg ggcaagcatg    116460
     gaggagttgc ttctacccca gtgcacagct ccttgttggc tttctgatca gtgaggggat    116520
     cagtgtgtgc ttgagtaggc accataccat gctggtctaa atggactaga aagtgagatg    116580
     aaggggcagc tgtaaccaac cagtcgcagt gaacagtaat tgacaagtcc ttatttgaca    116640
     gccagttagt ttaagctggc tttctgtcac aagaagaacc caagaaaaga cagatacaca    116700
     gagatgtaca cagagatgta catagacgac aaggaaacag aggacagtgg gctgaattcc    116760
     ttctccttac acatgtagca aagtgaatag gggccgtctg agtcccctgc tgaggcttga    116820
     cagccgcgcc ttggatttgt gtcctctggg ttgttggagt ggtgtaacca gctgtccagg    116880
     aaatggatgc tggagtgtta tgtttaatta aaaggaaaca ttcagctctg gtgttttaca    116940
     atgtaaagca aataattcct ctctgttcgt ctaattgatg taaatatttc ttcaaaggga    117000
     accgcgttgg aaccccgtgt gccaacctgg tcagttttct cagccaagcc ttacccttcc    117060
     ttaaaccatc agctactggg caattccaag ctgtgctgag aggctcctcc cccggagcta    117120
     tccacccaac tcccgccccc gccccaattc ccttccgaac caccccatgg aactcgctcc    117180
     acgtctccct cgctcctctc ttgggtcctc ttcccggaat tctagaccca actgtcggcc    117240
     gccaccctcc gttcagcacc agtccaccac aagcacccgc cccagggccc accctgtccc    117300
     gatcctgcct ccagggctca gggttctccc gctagagttc agcaccttcc tccgtctcca    117360
     cctactccgg ctccgggttt cctcccttcc ggaagaccgt ccagggtcga cgcacgcctc    117420
     gccgactcac ctgcaatagc gcgggagcca ccggcccctg tcgcgcactc ctgagggacc    117480
     cttgagggcc tgcagctcgg atcgctgcct cccgagtgcc gcctccacgc gcgctcgcgc    117540
     cggtgccacc cgcaccgccc acaccccgcg ctagctcttc ctgcgccacc ccgcccccgc    117600
     tttccgcccc cagcccggct gtcgctccga ccccctcagg cagctccagg gcctcagcgc    117660
     gccgcgcctc cgcctcccag cggccgacca attgccgctc ggagccggcc tccgagtccc    117720
     tcctctagct ccgcccttcg cccccgcctc cgaaatctac caatagaaaa gacggcgcag    117780
     gagcgggcct ggcggttgcc tagcagcggc taggctgggc gggggcggac agccgggggc    117840
     ggtgatccgg gcgcggcggg ggcggggccc ggaggcgggg tttttgtggg gtggggcctt    117900
     cagcggctat aaaagcagcg gccgccgggc gccgcgctct gtggtcctgg tctgcgcgcc    117960
     ttttcctgtt gctgcagttg tcgctttcct caccgccacc cgtgcccctg ctctggtctg    118020
     tggtgtagcc gggacccagg accatgtcgc tttcacgctc ggaggagatg caccggctca    118080
     cggaaaatgt ctacaaggtg agtttccagc gcggctccga gtcgccccta ggtcttcagg    118140
     cccgagcagg gcaccggctc ccggactgcg ggtgtggtgg accgatcttc cgttggtcac    118200
     aggtggccgc gcccgcccag ggtccttacg cccgccgcgg cccgcgccgt ccccgagcac    118260
     gagtggacgc ccccaccccg acggcgccgc tcagcccccg cgcgctccct cagtacgcct    118320
     gtctgtcctg gcgtccggag ggaccgagat gttcagggcc tgggctgctc tgcgatctgg    118380
     cctggtccgc tgcatcccag agtgagggga acaaggagcg ggggcggcgt ggaggttgca    118440
     ggctgctgcg ggcggtcgcc ctgcgcttgc ttggcgcggt ggcaccgtgg ggctcttcta    118500
     ggtgctgtta tgccagcctc tgggcacttt ctcttcaaca ggctttccct ttccacaact    118560
     cctttacgag tgttaatgga cgtggcccaa agtgggaggt cgagctcgga caggttggat    118620
     gggtggacag ataatccatc atcttatgta accgcagagg gagaagacta attgtgtagg    118680
     aggctgacgc gcctgctttt gcttctgata tgtgttaaga gtctcgcatt cacatactaa    118740
     tctgtgaaat gacagtttct catggaagaa ctgcagagcc ttgtgcaagc cccctggtgt    118800
     catgttatgt ccatgctttg ggtacagatg gacgggccat ttcctatttc ttcaccatgg    118860
     gttctcacag ccctggcccc ttaccctcaa cagcacagcc tggggctccc tgatggcatc    118920
     aggtccgctg cagttctcag tgacattttt tttttcaaga gagaaattcc tgccctgccc    118980
     tgtgcatggc agtcctcttt acaaagctgt gctttatttc aaaactgtct taagggtgag    119040
     tgaaaggctt tccaccagcc actaggtttt cacatggagt tgctggttca tggctaaatg    119100
     ggattgtgct ctgctcgaga gcaacagttt ctgattgtat gaaccaacca tggttgtgcc    119160
     tttctaggca atggcctgtg aaaccctcat agctgtgctt gctctgttgc ctacagcaga    119220
     tggaagcctc cagggtggct gcttaggttt cagctggagt cccgggggca gattatactt    119280
     taattcatca tttaataaag gctttagagt tgtagttaca tgggtctgga ggaaccttga    119340
     aggtgggtgt aggggctgaa ggagctctaa aaccatgttc aagctgccgg caaacaagat    119400
     tgagaacagc cttttgttct ttatgtttag tatctgtaga ctccatggta tatgttcccc    119460
     tcttgttggt ctgcggaagc acatgctgtc gggagaggga ggtttattaa attattagtc    119520
     attagttcca ttacagtttg ctttgtactg caggggaatg ggaaaagaaa tactggtcac    119580
     agtctggttt tcttgcttct ttactgaaat cgttaaagag gaacttccat ggtgagaatc    119640
     acgcagggta tgaggagtag ctttgctttg gagagtccca tggttctcct tagtaaaact    119700
     catgcccggg cagtcagcct gcacgtaacg gcttcaggct tcactcacat gctgctgtaa    119760
     ttcatctgga tgtccagtca gagctgttgc agtggcagag aatctggatc cagaagatct    119820
     ggatcatggc actgattgag ggctagcagg ctgggagctt agaatggaat tactgtgggt    119880
     ttggtggggc agtggttggt gaaccttcca tgtgaacatg aggtgatgag atcttttgag    119940
     tttttgaggt gttggacaca ggtcgggtgt agatgtctga agggctttct tgcagtgtag    120000
     gcaggtggct cttgtatcca ctgaggccta gtcattgact cctgtgctct gttctcgttt    120060
     tgtattttgt cactgatgtg tatgatgtat ggtggtgcta gtacaggttg ggcagctttg    120120
     gcatgtgggc tagggagata tccagcccac acagaggcac agtcagagaa gagccaaagt    120180
     cacacgtgtg cagtttcagg ccggtccagc cagtctgcca tgctgtcttc tctgggacat    120240
     ggagtaactg actctctact aggggctcct cctatgctgg ttggtgcttg cagatatgct    120300
     ggcagtacct cctgagaagg ccgggacgtg gctctgctca gtgtcacccg ccatgcaggc    120360
     tccgctgttt gctttggccc ttgcatcact tcagctgcag ttctgagtgg tgtttgcctt    120420
     ggcaaagaag gatgcttgtc cttggccctc ctgattaaga attcaagaat acaatgtaca    120480
     gttttgattt tcctcctgga agaatgcaga ctttgacctc tttcctggtg gctcggttcc    120540
     cttgggagct gtgtcctcgg ggaatttcat ggaagatgaa gggaaggaaa acagggcagc    120600
     ctcgtgacgt tcaccaggag ctcatccata ggcctttggg cccttcagag aaggggagct    120660
     tcaggcaagg aagacccctt cctcgtgcac agacaacaga gagtagaggc cggctagtgt    120720
     tcaccctagg tagcacctgg gttgggcata gattactgga ggcagggtct actgccacag    120780
     gtgaaagagc gtggtcttta gaatgaagtc agcccaaagc ctcagagccc tcttggatcc    120840
     ctctgagtaa acatgctcta tgagatccta gtgggatgag aacaggtcaa gttagcaaat    120900
     ttgttgctgt tttgaagata ggatctcatt acttatccct gacagtcctg gaactcatga    120960
     tatagactag gctggcctca aactcacaga gatctgcctg cctctgcctc cctagtgcta    121020
     agagtaaatg attggccttt ttttttcttc tcaaaagttt gtgtgcttgt gtgtgtgtgt    121080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgctt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    121140
     gtgtgtgtgt gcttgggggg ggcgcatgcc acagctccca cagagtggtt agaggacaac    121200
     catgagtgtg tgtgctcctc tgcatgggtt ataggttgaa ctctggctgt cagcttagtg    121260
     gcaagcaccc ttacctggta agccatctca ccagcccaag taagattgtt gttgtcagtt    121320
     ttctgagaca gggtttcagg tagactagac cttcctcaac ctcactgtgt agctgaaaat    121380
     gaccttgaac tcttgattct cctgcctcca ccttccaagt gctagaatga ataggcatgc    121440
     atctttatgc ctgactgagc ttcgtggttt ctcaaggatt atagttcaca aggagttctg    121500
     acttctgggt aaccctataa cccattgagg gtggcaatca cttcttcaag aatagtagta    121560
     ctagcattcc tcctgagagg aaagctggta gaagacgttt gtggttccag ggcctggggg    121620
     cagagtggtt gagattgtta ccagcagctg cctggtcatg ttcctcacac tatggctgtt    121680
     ggcagaaagc tgtagccatc taatgaaggt gcaggtacca aaagggtcct ggagctgttg    121740
     tgctaaacac aagtctggag ggaggagtct accaccactc ctacatccct ctcacttcct    121800
     tagaaggatg attttgggga actttggaag catgggacta taacctctct gctcagaccg    121860
     aagtggtact tgtctcttat tttaagaagg gtatctacag tgaagtgggg tttctcacag    121920
     acaccaattg gcagggcatg cctgctgaga ggagagaggc tacagtgctg tgtagccacc    121980
     ttttgtgtgt gtgtcctgca tgtgtgtgtg tcctcctttt gtattatagg tacttccagg    122040
     gcaggcctat cagtagaggc tgagtgtgct ctcactgagc ggactgcccg tacctgtcat    122100
     ttttgtttgt tttattttgt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct    122160
     gaaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcccc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc    122220
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gttcaccacc actgccctgc ccatgcctgt cttttgagca    122280
     cgcacttcat aggttacctg cccttgtcta ccaccagcat cttaaggatt gcagttcaga    122340
     tcttgtctct ttgtagaaca gccagggcaa caaaaggcag cttgtttctc atgctgacct    122400
     ctgagttgac cagctctaca gcccatgtcc ccaggccatg tcctctaggt catcaagtct    122460
     gttgacttat gaagtgcctg gtgcccagtg cactgttgca tgaggtagtg tttgttagtt    122520
     gttgatgacc ttgatgttcc aggagcacct ggggctgtag ggcatgtcat cattgtgtcc    122580
     aggctggttt gaaagagtgc ttgcctttgc ctgctgggta gtgggacttt cttggagtgt    122640
     aaatctttat tggagagatt ggcttactgc acacactgac tagccagccc tgaggtcaca    122700
     gtgaaggctg gtgctactcc ctatttttgt cagcaggagg gtggtggatg gatgctgctg    122760
     ggagctatag tcttgctgct gttatgttct tgggttgcaa cttctgaagg gccagcccct    122820
     gaggtctgca ctctgccctt tgacataggc aagaggatct tgcacgggac agtttagctt    122880
     cttcatagga gctgggagag gcaagccaca gggagcctaa ggtgtggtcc atcttctcat    122940
     ggatgagcga ctgtgaggcc tactcaggac agctaggtgt cactgcagga gcagagggag    123000
     tgtctttgct tagcccctca tagttccctc tttgctaaat attctggact agtgttgcct    123060
     gtgtctgtta tcatgtggac acttggacag ttgattgctg ctgactaggg caggtgcctt    123120
     gtgctttgtc tcagttcctg gtgatcctct ccaggacctc ccatggtgcc ttcctgtcct    123180
     ggcttagagc tctcctgagg cctcaaggta gagaagctgc actccctgaa aggcctgtgc    123240
     tcagggcaac tgtcagctta cctaatttag ctgttccact gtgctgtgtt gtgatccctg    123300
     cctgtgcctg gaataattac tgacaggcgt ggaccacatt gccaccttct tccaaccccc    123360
     tgccaccccc ttctctgagt catccctagc ctcattgtgc aagtacagct gcgtgatgac    123420
     ttgaggagcc tcagcctggg gcggcaggga ggtcgagggg cacagctgca cccctgaact    123480
     gtatcctagg aaacttcaga ctacaggtcc agagggagac taccccagac agtatgaact    123540
     gctcatcaga tccttcccac acctaccatg cactcccaag gtccaggctc aataacttag    123600
     gacccatttg accccgtgac cagggtgact tatctctctg atgtattctc agggcctgga    123660
     acagtggcca gactctgata ggaacccagc agtagttgga actggttgag tttcatttct    123720
     tggttctgaa gaggtgacat tggaattgcc atctgcccac actcaggggc tgctgttcag    123780
     ctcttggcct gaggagcctt ggcccagcat gttctgtttc cctggaggtg ctgacccagt    123840
     tgtgtggctg gcaatcaggt caaaatgtta gccgcaagag ctttgtcctg ctgggtcctg    123900
     gagtctctga gcctggtccc ttgccagaga gattagaaag cagggagtga gaagggagaa    123960
     gagtggccag ggtggcatgg ggagagtgaa aggtgggaca ttagctgttg gtttccaagg    124020
     agtcaccttg agaaccttgg gcaggcccga gcttcgtgtc tgtgcaggcc tcttgcagct    124080
     gagctgctgc caacattgac aggaacccct ttctgactgc tgtagtgcag tggggggggg    124140
     gggggctgac acccagctcc ctcaactgtt ccctacttta cagccctcac caggaccttt    124200
     tctgcctact ccagagtggg ctgccataaa gaaatgtctg gtccttggac gcaggcacca    124260
     gttgaaagct ggccctttcc ccacttaccc tgagctgtgt aacctgggct gtggcatgaa    124320
     cactgcaata ccccagggcc tggtgaagac agttttgatg tgctagctca agatcctgtt    124380
     ccctctgggg gaagaagttc tgcacagaat acctcaggcc cagatgcaag agaccaagag    124440
     acccaagtgg aagtgagaaa gttttccttc tgacttggga ttgtgatttc atacttgttg    124500
     taggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg catctgtttt gagacagggt ctcactataa    124560
     atagttctgg ttggcctgga actctctgtg tagacaaaac tcacttggag gtcttagaga    124620
     cccaccgcct ctgaggcatg ggccaccact gcagctgttc ttgaatgtag aacttggtga    124680
     tagagcattt tcctagcgtt ctcaagactc cagtgttcta tgcagtgctg gggaatgggg    124740
     taggagagct ggacacggtg gttcacgcct ataatcccgg cttttggggc cgaggcagaa    124800
     ttcctttgag gccagtcctt agaaggccag tccaggatac atagttgagt tccaagtcag    124860
     gcaggttaca gagtgagatc ctgtctcaaa aagccagatg gggtataaat atcagatttt    124920
     aaaaaaagaa ttatttatta ttatagataa gtacactgtt gctgtcttca gatgcaccag    124980
     aagagggcat cagatctcat tacaggtggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg    125040
     aactccggac ctctgggaga gcagtcaatg ctcttacccg ctgaaccatc tcgccagccc    125100
     cagatttctt tttaaatgtt aggatttcca cagacgttac ctacatttgg aaatcacttc    125160
     cttctgagct gcattttagc tcagggatgt cagcctctga gggtccccaa cacttgcccc    125220
     tgaacattag gggtattgat aaaacacttt gaggggatct ctgggattgt ctttcaagct    125280
     tccatagtgc ctgcactact atttttgttg cggccacttt ctggttttta gtcagcagcc    125340
     agccctcctc atcctcttca tgatccaata gtttgtagac tgaagtatac agtcatggca    125400
     ggggaaagtc accaaagagg attgtgtctg atgatccaca catgccccag ccactgctgg    125460
     tgatggcaca aagaagtgtg gacattggaa agcatggcag caagtctgca gtggaagaag    125520
     cgtgcccttg acgatgggat gagacgggat ggtaggatcc acaggagcct tggtcttatt    125580
     ggacccttgc caggccaggg cagagcctga tcctaacaga gccagtgcat tgctgcatac    125640
     ctactgggct tttacactgc agggagaagg gagctggagg cagaggtgcc tgaaatggac    125700
     caaacctggg tccctctgca cactgcaccc ctctttgtct tttatagagg cttacagagc    125760
     ctgtctctac tctgacagtg accatctcag gttggtgagg cgtgctgtcc atcttcatcc    125820
     atggtagacc catcctgccc tgggactggg aatcttggac ttggatgaca agttgggtag    125880
     ggttgagagg tgttgagagc cttgggctgt ggtcagacca gtagcctgca tcccagccct    125940
     gtttcaggag aggcccaggt gcttaaggct ggactactat gtgttgtgag gagcaggtgt    126000
     tggccatgag agcctcaact tggctgtctg tggacttgga tggcttcttg ctgctcacct    126060
     aggcacagct gagggtcccg agtgcatgac tgctttatga aggcgcgtcg gtggtgtgaa    126120
     tgaagtacca catcgaccgg catttgctga caggaaactg agctgggctt cagactagac    126180
     ttggactctg gtgtttcttc acttggccat ccttctgtgt atctgtgttg tggtctcttt    126240
     ctataaagag acgagccaga ctgactagag ccctccctca ctagtgacct tgtttaacct    126300
     tattgacctc tgtaaagact attcaaattt agaccatggt gactagaggc tcagcgcatg    126360
     tggccatgac atcatctgcc ccacagttgg caggagtgac gttctgaggg ctgtctgtct    126420
     ctatcatggt gacctgtctt tctaggctaa ttgtatttct tgttctttct aatttaagca    126480
     aattgcggtt ttcagcttat gtcattgggt ccccatcgtg tcatgctgtg atatcatacc    126540
     gcacccaatc aagaatttgg atccaggaat caggcatggt ggtgcacacc ttgggagaca    126600
     gtggcaggag gatctctgtg agttcaaggc cagcctagtc tatataacaa ggtcaaggac    126660
     aaccagggct acatagaaag accatgtctt ttaaaaaaat ggagtttgtt gagtaacagt    126720
     ttggatgtgc ctctccctgc actaaccacc caactaccca aaaagaaaat ctgtgaccca    126780
     aaccatggta accagctgtg gcgcctgtct gttgggaagc tgtgcttttg tggaggttgg    126840
     gatgagcggg acattcctgt cacaggcagg aaagacatag ttaaactggt ttcatgtcca    126900
     gacttctgga ataatgggtg ttgaccagtt cctgtggtgg tggctgccac acagggcaga    126960
     tggttcggac ctggtttctg gatttcctgg agaccactgg actagccttt acagcacatg    127020
     ctgaccaagg atttcttggt gtagggacta ggctgggtgt aagaccctgg tgtggctttt    127080
     gcctttgggg accttgtgca ggaggtcaga tttagagtgc cggaaacctt tagagactcc    127140
     ggaaacagtc tgggaagagg ggttccaatg tcaggtaact taggggcagt tgtgctcgcc    127200
     tctgtaccct gtgagcttag cttctatgaa gactcaccaa tccttcacag gggtgtaagg    127260
     ccagcaaaag caagctcagt gttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttgtgcc tgtcactgtc    127320
     actgtgttat ttgctgcagt ctcagatggt catttctggt gcttctaatg ctggctgtgg    127380
     ggtgggggac agctggggtt ataggaagga ggccctttct tctggctctt cctgatggga    127440
     ggccaccatg actatcatat ccaggcaccc tgccaaagac acagagtctc tttcttaatt    127500
     ttggcagctt ctccagggga gctatcagag ctgagaaact agaactacca cgttgggggt    127560
     tggggtgagg ccagtgctca gattctgctg gagcccattg tgtggcatct gggttcccct    127620
     tccagctcct ggaaggtact ggagtctgtc catctcttct attacctgcc tacatcccta    127680
     gtggactgaa gctggcctgt gggtctggta ggacctacca ctccctcaga agctaggagt    127740
     ctagtgctct gttctggaac agtcctgttt ctcttcctgc ttcacagaga gacataggtt    127800
     ttctgatgct gcacatgctt cagagccttc cacgggctgc taaggagccc tgggctaagg    127860
     cctatgtgcc aggagtattc tcactcagtc tgtttctttc tcttctgccc agaacagaga    127920
     ggggttggcc acagccttgg gcaggggcac actgcagaaa tgaggcatgg agggtggttg    127980
     ccgaggctac cctggctctg tgtccgagac ccctgtcgcc ttcactcttc cctttttacc    128040
     ccaaagccca tttccttcca gaaacccatg cctcttttta tctaaaagaa tgcacacaca    128100
     ttcctacctt tttgactcta accaagcaag gcacagctca ggctccacct ccttcaggca    128160
     ggcttctatg ctcacataat acctggaatt gatctttttc ccttcgtaca tgacatccta    128220
     ggcaagtctt gctggatatc ctgcaaagca gcctgcactg gagctacacg atgctgtggg    128280
     gctccctctt acctaggtac tgcttgggct gcaaagctga tgcctgcttt gcttctctag    128340
     tgagtcctgg ctgcaggggt gaagccacag aattgggcct gagctcaggg tagagggaca    128400
     cacctttaat ctagcactca agaggcagaa gcaggtggaa ctctgtgagt tccaggacaa    128460
     cctggtctgt atagaaagtt ccaggccagc tagggctaaa tagtgaggtc ttgtctttaa    128520
     aagagggcag gggtgagctg caggacaccc tgcttgtgac ctcctggcag aaatgccaca    128580
     ttaaacttgg cttgagctct gctgatctct cggtgagttt cccaaagccc cagtcctttt    128640
     gggacgtgtt ccatagaata gtctcctgtg agtttgcagg caccccttag tggcatgtgg    128700
     aaggtatctt taataagtac tgaatgagca ggtggataag taaaagaatt ctggttctaa    128760
     atatagttcc tggtccagaa aagccaccca aaagccaccc cacagtcaca gtgcatttgg    128820
     gacaggcagg tcacaggcct gggttttgaa ggaagtgtga ggcttgctca ctgagtagga    128880
     ttctgtccaa gcagtagaga tggcctcagt tgcccctagg cttgagagtg ccctctgagg    128940
     accatgaagc tctcagcatg gagagctggc tttaggtttc agggatgggg aggctccttc    129000
     agctcctcct ctgaatcttg agtttgtctt gtcttgactt ttctcttttg ttctgttctt    129060
     tatcttttgt ttttaaggtt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgtttgtt tttgtttttt    129120
     gtttttgttt ttgtttttga gatagggttt ctttgtgtag ccctgggtgc cctgaaactt    129180
     tggccttgaa cttagagctg acctgctctg cctcgagagc gcccttagca cccagcttgt    129240
     ttattttttg caaggtcaaa agtgcagctt ctgcttttct ccttggtgct ccttggtgtt    129300
     gataaggaag gcatcccttc cttggtcagc aaacccttcc agctgactgc ttctgcttag    129360
     caccttcctc acaccgctcc aggcacgagc ttgttctctt atgaggagcc agtctagagc    129420
     tggtgggcag ggagtgtact cacccaggag gggctgggtg aagtggggca ggaagagcca    129480
     ccagggcagt atggcttact atgtcagaat ggcttctaaa tgaaccctag aataatgagt    129540
     tggactgagc tcagagatcc cgacataagc agatgtgggg gtacacctgt atgtgcacac    129600
     accccaaatg gattcccact ttgtgagcca ctgggtttcc ttataaggta gctggaagcc    129660
     aagtgactca aagaaaagtc aggacactgg ccaggagcct ggaaataagc ctgctccttc    129720
     agagcaggcc cacttttcca gccagggcag gtgtctcttt gcagacctgg aaagaaactg    129780
     gtcctctatg gccaggagag gcctccctca gagtgtcagc ccaatggcat tcatgctgcc    129840
     gccactgcct tcaggccaag acagcagaca cagtacatcc caggctaact ggctgctctt    129900
     gagcaggtgg aggctgtggc catgcctagg tgtcctggct ggcacttcaa cacccacatt    129960
     gcccagataa ctccctcttg cattcctcct gtatgagctc aactgcattg aggaagtgaa    130020
     accttacagt tgccctctgc atcacaggag gcatggcagg tgcctcagcg gtctgtctca    130080
     cttggccttg agtggtttct ggtatattct cctgtcattc aggatgttaa tgaagctcag    130140
     aggactgatc taagctaagc ctccttttcc tcccaggatc ctcaggggca ttcctagagc    130200
     caaactcgtg ggtctactcc tagactcagt ttcttcagca ttttgccatg taacacccct    130260
     gtctgcttcc caggtactct ttggattgca cagttcagat agattcccta acacaatata    130320
     catccacctc aatttcctgt cccctgtgtc tgcctctcct gtctctccag tcaggtccca    130380
     actgtcctca gacactgcct ggtatacaaa ggaattgggt cctgacggga acctccttcc    130440
     ttcccttcat aatcagcagg gaggttcctc ttaacttcct gtttgaccct tgactagagt    130500
     ctctacagcc tggggccttt ttaatgcttc cagcttggct ctactcagac gctccctccc    130560
     agtttcctat cctgtctgag ggacattact acactcactc acttcctctc ctgtttgctc    130620
     ctggagcccc ttcagggctg cttgcttggc cgggggcatt tacactgctc tggcctacct    130680
     gcctcctttt ttagtcacaa ctggtccttc ctgccctcct gtctccagct ttgttggagc    130740
     ccttctgcct cccctcccta gttgctggtt gtgggatggg acctggagat tggttggttg    130800
     ctgagtgtcc cttccatgtg tggtctctgg gctagcatga agagataacc aggaagacag    130860
     tgcccccggc cctgtagatt tggctgagaa gtgttgctgc gtgaggttcc tgtgttctgg    130920
     gagccttcgt ggagtgacgg gtcagcaagc caggcccaca tgtgaaaggg atgagtgaat    130980
     ggtagcttag agctggagtc ttcattccca ggaatgaggg agggtcttca tgtctcatgc    131040
     tgatggtatc ctgccatact taagggcagg ccaatataga atgtatccac ccgtgggttt    131100
     tccagagcca ggccccattg tggacactgg ccctggtgcc tttaaatgtc cctcttatct    131160
     gttgtgttgg ctcttcaatg aggccaccag ttggacagag ttggtataga gcctggtggc    131220
     ttccgtttcc atcatcctca aagagttggg ctccttgtac ggcactgtcc cccatggctt    131280
     aggatgtggt ctggtcaggt tttctttcaa agttcctcct ggggtcttcc ctgactggcg    131340
     taggctgttg acagtgtggg tattctgcta gtaggattct catttggctg ctgtttgtgt    131400
     gtgcctgttt ttatgccatg taattaaaac atttatttgg ccttcgcagt gaaaatctaa    131460
     tttcttgagt ctaagaactg ccgatattgg cacagggact gcagtccgtc gtgtaaacag    131520
     atccggagcc tgttggattg ttcatagcat ggtatttgta aatcaggctg tgcactgctg    131580
     taatcagagc tgatgttggt aattggtgtg ttgagttagg gtggtggtgt ggggggcgtc    131640
     gctgagcatt tgtgtgtggc cgacgggtgg cctcccacgg ctgactcagc cccgccagcc    131700
     tggtgcctca gaagccatgg ctgtgagtgc tgcctgtgcc atgcggccct gcgaggaccc    131760
     ttgttgctgt gcagacagcc ctctacagaa ggctcctgtc cacacctggg tgcagtgctc    131820
     acagcaggca gagctggggc ttcaacttgg ggaggttggc agtgttcctg accccatcca    131880
     ggctgagccc tggatcccag ctatgggtgg atggtggtga ggtgacgctg ctttctctgt    131940
     tcttttccag accatcatgg agcagttcaa ccccagcctc cgcaacttca tcgccatggg    132000
     caagaactat gagaaagcac tggcaggtat agctggcccc tggctagcag atgagctttc    132060
     ttccagcctc ttactgcctg gggagaagct actaggcctc atctggatga gaggagtaga    132120
     gtgtgtgtgc acccccatgc tcagagtgtg accctgcact tactgtgacc acaggccctt    132180
     accatacagg ctggtctcag tgcaggctgc ttagagacaa gggtgttgat atgtctattc    132240
     tttggaattt catgttaagt aaaggattgg ggttggtgct agtggggact ttaccacagc    132300
     actaccaagt ggcctccagc accacagtcc tctcaggtac cgtaatctat tctgttgatg    132360
     gctgctccaa gcacacctga ccctgtagta ggaccatggc aacaatctcc tgaataatcc    132420
     cagaggtcac tgaggtgaga tgtgggagga gaatacccca tgggcctggt ctattggaac    132480
     tcacagcact gagccaaagc cctgagggct ggcctcctga ttatgtgaga cataaggagg    132540
     atgttggagg gctccccttg gctctcccag ggccactgcc ctacccttct ctgcagcact    132600
     gggctcagta gcatagcccc tagagacctg tgggatccca aagatcatga gttcagattc    132660
     tgtcccctag gaattaccat ctcctttgtg gaagaagcca acttagaggg tcttcatgcc    132720
     atccgacgat cccaggctgt gagttctcag gttgcttaaa gaagtggccg caagggctgg    132780
     ggaagtagct cagtctactg gtaaggtgct taccacggga gcacaatttc ctagctttca    132840
     agcaagtccc agatgcagcc acatatactt gtaactgtag caaggtgtgc atagcaaagg    132900
     agggacttgc cagccagcca gccagcctgg ctgaaaaact agcaagctcc aggttccgtg    132960
     tgagcccttg tctcaaggga ctgagacaaa tagtggcaga acaggacacc tgacattttc    133020
     ccctctcttc cccatgtaca cagcaatgca cactcctcca tatccacaaa agaagtggcc    133080
     atgtgtggct gaggagatgg ctcagtcaca tgcttgccac tcaagcatga ggacctgggt    133140
     tctaatcccc agcacccgtg tggaagctga gtgcagccat gagcagctgt agccccactg    133200
     gtgctggaag gggctccgcc gggggaggag gtatctgctc ccctcctgct ttgtcattta    133260
     ttttgcttgt ggggtgtttt tgaggtaatc ttactgttta gctcatattg gcttcatact    133320
     ctctgctatc ctcctgcctc agcctctcaa gattactaac atttgcaacc acaacgagcc    133380
     cttggtcccc tgctctgata cctggcttgc cctcagcttt tctgtctggt tgtaacctcc    133440
     tggaagaagt cccaggaagc agaagtgtag tgtggagacc aataatgagt ctctgtcctg    133500
     tcccctaagc caccctgcta tccccgcccc ctcaatgatg ctccagttct cccagtaaag    133560
     agctttctgg gtcctgaatg aaaccagctg tctctggtct gattctcagg actggtgaaa    133620
     ttggaaggct tgtatggcta tgaaaagtag gaaagaggct gacacactcc acaccagtga    133680
     tgtccccttc caaaaccatt ctgtgtgggt gcttggtgac ctaaccatga ggagcctcca    133740
     ccctggtgtg gctctcttcc ctcagtagac ttctgtgtcc tggtggcctg aatctgaggt    133800
     gtggtctcac cttctctgtg ggtatgatgg aggcgactcg cagtctgctc ctctttgatg    133860
     ttccctgcca gttccttgat gctcaggcac ggatttcctt ccagaccctt ccggctctcc    133920
     cttgtgttct cacatggctg tccaggctgt gtggacaggc tggatggttg tttcctcttc    133980
     ctgttttctc tgattgtctg ggctacctta gcctcgcagg ctccccgcac tacctcagcc    134040
     ttcagcctcc aagtgcccaa cttgggttcc tgtggttttt tactttcgtg tgttttaaga    134100
     agcccaccct cctacgcagc agaaactcct cagtccccca ggacatggtc ttgtaccata    134160
     gaacaaattg tgtgcactta attgaaaacc atataaattt tgatagagtg cctgcttaca    134220
     agtctctgac ggagttctgt agaaaacaaa ttagagcgtg tagtggcacc actggtggct    134280
     gcttcccatg gccctgttct ccagatcagg ctgcctcttc tgtcctcttt gtttggcagt    134340
     ctgaaggata ggtaggtggg gccttcctct gatgaaggag tgtgccaggt actccaagaa    134400
     cctggtggct gtatgctcat tctgtcagca gcagccaccg ggctggtggg aggaagaggc    134460
     aggtgctgag ccttccacac ccaggtcacc tgtgcctctg atacccaaaa gcccctctgg    134520
     ctactgcaat ggggatataa tgcctttagc ctgctttgga cagtggcacc tgctattctg    134580
     agactgaaga catagactca tttggcttgg aatctttgga taaagcagtg gcctcctgcc    134640
     tttcagatct gccttgatcc tgctcagggt ctgtaggcgc tttgtttggt gtagtacact    134700
     taaagctgca ctccctcccc ctcgttgaac agcacatgac agggcgccat gctctgcagt    134760
     ttgacttgaa tagctctgga cctgcacagt acactgtgtt ctcacaagta aaaggaaccc    134820
     tcgtgatagc agtggaataa gattatcaac aagaaacagt gatgtccaca gaggtgatga    134880
     agctggagca ctccttgagc ttgtccaggc ctaggtgggg ggtgggctcc actgccatcc    134940
     ttgtgggcag tagagtgttc ctgggtttct gtgcagaaag taactactct ctcctctccc    135000
     ctcaggtgtc accttcgctg ccaaaggcta tttcgatgct ctggtaaaga tgggggagct    135060
     ggccagcgag agccagggct ctaaggaact tggtaagacc cttgcctggg aagaggacct    135120
     agagaccccc cagaattgtt ggatataccc aggctggtct ggagtgctgg gtgttggaat    135180
     gaagaccaag ctttatctgt taaataagaa aagtagtttt aaaatggtag agctgattag    135240
     gggcactctg tattgaaagt ggaatgtacc atgcaacctt gggctattgc ttggagctca    135300
     ccctagtggg ctgtctccct tgaagagcat ggctgggcac aaacagacac aggcaaagct    135360
     acatttaagg acattgggac ctacacttaa gtggcagata taaagggcct atgtggaagt    135420
     tggactaaag tgatcactaa catactgagt cattcctggc atgaaaacaa gtacactctg    135480
     gagggtgcac acacacacac acacacatac acacacacac acacacacac tccataatac    135540
     aggacactta ggagacgctg gaacgtagac ttcccaagtg gtctttattc ttatgccgcc    135600
     tatgttttac atgggctcct ctgagctgat gttgcaagct gggctttaga ggaacctagc    135660
     ttttcttggt tttcctgagc caagatgtgg gtgctatgtg gttgaggtct cctgtccctc    135720
     acagggatgt tgggctatga ggtaggctgt ggcgtgcagc cctttgttta tctgcagctc    135780
     tcgggctggt ttcactagcc atgagcactg aggacagact tctgcatctg gccttagcca    135840
     tagatgcctc cctttgggga ccattccagg atgtggtccc cgggtagatg tgctcagaag    135900
     gaagcagaaa gatgttctga gaaacccagg cagtggggtt tgggaaccag tagctcccct    135960
     aaactaacaa gaagtcaggg tttctctgtc tagtcctggc tattttgtaa ctagctctgt    136020
     agaccaggct ggtctggaac acacagagat acacttgcca gtgtctccct agtgctggga    136080
     ttaaagacca gtgtcaccac ccctggttag aactgaattt ctttatgcat atgctaattc    136140
     tggttctcag acttgtctcc tttgtaccat ggcttgcagg caaagacgca ggtctttttc    136200
     tctcaccagt aggcttgttg gtgtgcgttt caccactgaa agtgaaggat tcactgggct    136260
     tgctttgtct attgtgagtt tcttcccatt ctctttatct agctccaact tttctcttta    136320
     gtgttgcaat tacagccaag tgtcaccaca cctggccagt tcatctgcca gtggacattg    136380
     gagtggcttc tgctctgatt gctgtgaata ctgctgcctt gagcaggagt gtgaagtact    136440
     ggtgtgggct tacatttcat ttctcttggg caaatacctg ggagtggagt tgttagagca    136500
     aacggttgga gtctgtatta aagcagcact gctttgcttt aaaaataagt cagccctgtt    136560
     acccaccccc tccctgccca cggctcccgc tcagtcagct gctcccttcc atgtgctgtt    136620
     ggcttccaag agtctggaag gcaggttcat gctgtctctt ctttttaact ttatgctaag    136680
     gaattcttag gatggagtct gctttctgat gccatcctct taccttactc aatacaacta    136740
     ttaaaatctt tgttaaaatc aatacacagt tttgaaggtt ttgttttatg agagtagtaa    136800
     atgtcctctt cccagctgag atccataatc ctttgagatg gcttgatttc acggccttat    136860
     tggggaatga agcatcagct gcagatatta gagtataatg tgtgaggagt ttcctgtgtg    136920
     tacgatggtg agcctgtcca ttccttccat agtcaggcct ccccctatcc ttgtcccacc    136980
     ctcaggtaac cactcatcag ctctctgtgc catcaatcga aggtctatgt aaatgtggtg    137040
     ctaccagggg ctccgtaggc tccatcgcct ggcccctctt ttaggccatg tcgtactgtc    137100
     tgtcgggtgg cacagctcag tataccctca cctgtgagct gctcctggtt ggggttattt    137160
     ccaaattcac atttatttaa ttaatgatgt tcaacatctt ttcacgtgct tagttgtcac    137220
     ttacctttag taaaatgtaa accaggcatg gtagcttagt tgtcacttac ctttagtaaa    137280
     atgtaaacca ggcatggtgg cacgcacctt taatcccagc agttgggaga cagaagcagg    137340
     caggtttcag agagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gcatttcagt acagccaggg    137400
     ctacacagag taaatcctgt cttgaagaaa aacaaaaata aatatttttt aaaagattat    137460
     tatacttcca tatttgggtt gagcaagtgt gattgtccga gaactatttc taggaggcaa    137520
     tgtctcctac cacatgtgtc actgggaaca agctaacagt ttgctaagct tagtgacatg    137580
     gggcttgctg agttatctgg ccggcctggc ctttcatttt gtgatttttt ttttccctga    137640
     tgctacggat gaaactcgag tctcatgcat cttctctttt ttgtccatgt gtatggatgt    137700
     actatgtata tgtgccttac tatgtatgga acgtgccttg aactacctgc acctctcaag    137760
     agctggcatt acagggatgc actaacaggc ttggcctagt ggtgttttta ggaggaagaa    137820
     cagtttaatt ttaattttga atttaattgt tgactttagt ttggaagctt attgattttt    137880
     attatgactc tggtcatgat tcttattata acagcttttc tctggaatac attatagccc    137940
     ttctaattct cgtttgatgt taattgattt gttcccaaac cactgactgc tcttggaatc    138000
     atttttgttc attccctggg ttctctgccc atttgtttct tcttcctccc tcttagaacc    138060
     cattgtccct ccagtctcct cctggtcacc tggcttcttc cttctcaggt ggagcccctg    138120
     gtctcttgga agcctgtctg ttttgttcct gggttactct cttggggaaa tcttgtttct    138180
     cctgtaaggt tccaagcaga gaaatgggaa gtgaatttga tattttcctg tctcgggcta    138240
     gcttggctgg tgaattcagg aaggatcttt gttagtgttt gaaagcatca tctgtcactt    138300
     ttaacaccga gtagtattgc tgaatttagt accatattca ttttattctg tgttcttggt    138360
     cttccctcct tgtaagctat taaaaccatt ctggatgctc tgaagttacc tggctgcatc    138420
     tagggtgagg ctggggttgg tggcagcctc tgtggtgggg tggtctgtga tctgcatggt    138480
     caggcatcct aggtgaagag gtgaagggag atactgggta gggtggagga gaggagcagg    138540
     aatgttcata atccagagca gggtggcgag ccgaagagag aagcggagct gtggataacc    138600
     agggccttgg aataaccctt atgccacaag tgtcagctac cggaagattg atatgtgtga    138660
     cctgctgttc ttctgccctg gacccatctg tactgtcgcc agcagtgggt gcattcattt    138720
     tcactgctgt agaatattcc ataaacacgt aattaaccat ctgttctctg gttttctctt    138780
     ggttatactt gagttattcc cagtgggctt tgctgttgtg agcaagctgg tttgtaggag    138840
     atgtgagact gagcccttta gaagataaat gctccaagac tccatggcct ttgacagcag    138900
     ccactgtgga acagggcttg cttgcttcct agtacccaga gtggcagctc ttcctgactg    138960
     tgtctcttac atatttatag actgtgctat caagtgcata tatgttgtgc ttttgcatgt    139020
     tgtgtctggt aagtcagacc aaatcatcag gagatgacct tatttgtagt ctattttaaa    139080
     aactatttgg ttttctcctc ctcctgtctg taacttcgct catttctgat cacttggtca    139140
     gcatgtccaa gataagctgg tctagatttg taaggttctc actgaggaac cttagagccc    139200
     tgagggcatg taacccctcc caaggtaaag aagtctctgg cctgccccac agtggagacg    139260
     ctatccagat cagcctatca gcctctattg cttcctaatc agctgttttc agggactgct    139320
     ctttcttatt tgaggcatgg ttatgctgta atgtctagtc tggtcttggg ctagctctgg    139380
     gtcccaagag ctccatcctc ccttttcaac cggggaaata gctaggccac aggcatgcag    139440
     catcatacct gacttacatg gtcagatctt gacacccagc tgagtagggc ctataagctc    139500
     tcccttttac tatgggcctt tttcctggcc tttctagttt agggccctgg ctgcacagag    139560
     caggtgttgg ctgtcaagca tacaggttag tagacctaac ctggctaatt ccctccttcc    139620
     tcccttcttt ttctgcctta cctctccccc cacccccacc cccaccccca cccccagtgc    139680
     tttcccacat aggatgatgg catgcaaagc tgcccttggc tcccgctctg cccactggag    139740
     agacagcatt gttaaggttg cgtaggaccc tgtacttcct cctcatcctt gtgaagatga    139800
     caggcagcag ccaccagcac ccattcgggt ctctgcagag agtacctccc tgctgctgga    139860
     cagtgaatgc ccagggagtc accttgcttc aaatgatccc ctagagactc gtctttgttc    139920
     cttttctttc ttttggagta agtgaatggc cccggcagtg ccagcctttg atcttcagtc    139980
     tttctgtact gcagactctg gcctcacagc cagggaaggg cctgagcctg caggctcacg    140040
     cagggaccat cctctcatct cccaaccgtg agaaagtctg cagcctgtct gtcagagctt    140100
     tactttgata cagccggctg gttagtcagg gacagagggc agctttgagc tctgcatcgt    140160
     cacacagccc gtctgatgcc cctgccggta gccacccact tgttagtctg tggttgcctc    140220
     ctacctctgg atcccctgct tctgtctgtg tcagagtatt ccctagtgcc agaaacaact    140280
     ggcagtcgtt gtcactgggc agggaagccc tgtgcacaga gatcactttg tgatctgtgc    140340
     atttgggcac tgcttctgct ttcctgggtt atttgttact ggggctgact agaatgatgt    140400
     gggtatccag ccagacatga gctccaggct gttcatggat ttgtggaggc tctgtgcact    140460
     gttcccgtgc tcaaggagcc ctggatggtg acctgatgct gagcaggtgg agctcagaga    140520
     ctggagctct gctgtgtgca ctcactggtc cccacagagg ctcttacctt tccgactttg    140580
     cctgagcatc tctctctgtt ccataactgg cagctggcag ctctggggct ggcatggagg    140640
     acacagagca gggcaaagcc acagcatacc ttgttgctgg gccttagggt gcccaccatg    140700
     gatatagctc tcacacttgt cagaggaaag cacctgtcca gcctgtctca acagaagctg    140760
     ggctgtccct tgtgcacttc ctcagtgggc tgtacaccag cctgttggac aaccacctgc    140820
     agctctgcag tccaagatgg ctgggtgtat agaactgggc taaatctgag acagggagga    140880
     agggaacaga gtttggatgt ccatggtggg gtgtgcacac atgagcaggt ggcaggtgct    140940
     caggtgttct cttctggact caacaagggt cacttagctg cccgtggcct gtccttggtc    141000
     atcctgtgga cttgggaagg tgtgaggtct gaagctaaac agccactgca gtgagcaagg    141060
     tcaccttgac tgagaaggac tctcattccc ttcatgtggt caggatccac cgatgcagtc    141120
     catgtcccaa gtcctcagca gggatgtgtt tcgtgtttgc acaaggctgt ggtcagggct    141180
     gcccatggaa ccgactgttc ttttcaaccc ttgcctgtct ctggaggctt cttcagtact    141240
     ctttccttta aagggctgct ttgtacctgc caggacctgc agcacacttg tttgtgatca    141300
     cagggacttg tgtgtacttg ctgagagccc caggcctcag ctggggctct gctgtctgct    141360
     aagcctcaca aggctccaag ggaatgagca ggtgctctgt gctgttccca gtctgcgagt    141420
     agggatgctc atacacaggc gactgcagcc ctgcctcaca gtcagtcagt cagcctggct    141480
     tcaggcatgg agtctccaag cgaggtgtga ccggccatgt cctgcctgaa ctgaggagtt    141540
     tctccagtgg tccaggctgg cctggagctg cagcatcagt tgctctcctg ccagtatcag    141600
     gctcaccgag ccagtcacac tgggtggccc caggcaccca ggtctctggg acataggggg    141660
     ctgtagactt tcaaccctga gaggccttca agctgcccct agtggcacct attggcctag    141720
     gtagttttga aggtgccagg tcgttgggca ccggtatttc ttgtgaggct gtaagatggt    141780
     ctagccatgt ccttctcctc ttaggtcagg cagagcccat tctcacttgg tcagggcgtt    141840
     tttgtgtgtg tccaccttcc atctcagaga agaggctatg accccaacct ctcttttggg    141900
     aacatgacag caactgttca gatgtgtctc cagttgtcag accctaacag tgcaggctcc    141960
     atcttagaga ctgctaaatg ctgataggca ctgtttgaag gtcttaatga aaccccctca    142020
     cagggagcta tgtccactga acattataga ggagcctgac tgggctagct gcttgctcag    142080
     gatagagaca ataaaggaat agagggcctg acaatgccag gcatgggtgg tgtccccctt    142140
     cctagctaaa ggcaccaagc tcccctagtt ctcccttcta tctccacagt aaaaagtgag    142200
     gctcgcaggg gtcccttaga ctccaaccag ggtcccatgc tttactctaa aattacgctg    142260
     tagaagtcgc tgggcagttg ccaggctaga ctcagctgag gctctagagc tgccaactgg    142320
     gtgggctcag gtggccaggt ctcctgtgtg gcaggcctgg ccacctgctg agagctctgt    142380
     ggggcctcac tgaggctctg tctggagaga ttaatagcag tctgaattgg atttgctgaa    142440
     acctgggcag cagccgagtg acagccagag aagacacagc gggtgtctgt gttcttcagc    142500
     tccaggtctg ctctgtggtg ggaatatcag taagcgtaac agagacaggg ctggtggccg    142560
     taggggtctc ctttcaacag gtggttccca gcgatttctt ggcagtgagg gagcagcaca    142620
     gctactgtag gcttagagtt caacctgcgg cctgtgagga cagtggctca ccgctgctgg    142680
     ctctgcctga gtcccagggt ggcaacagac aggggtgttc attggctctt tcaaaccatg    142740
     ctccctttga gtgtcccaaa gggataccag tgagcataaa gaccaagtca taagaactag    142800
     accctggagc caggatagct ccaggagccc caggagcctc ataggtaggt ctgtaggtcg    142860
     gtcatgtgct cccggtcaaa gcctatttac cacatcctcc attcctttgt tgcatcacca    142920
     gatgctcaca tttcagtcaa agttgacatg gggtcactcc aggtgtggcc aacagcttct    142980
     gtgggcaggc ctctccttcc ctgggcttcc ctaaggcaat agtcatcagg aatgtgggca    143040
     cacacatcag gcacctgcat acagaccaca gcagctgaga gaatggggac ctatgcttcc    143100
     caacagacct ttgcaatgag gagagatggg ctactggatg ctgtcagaaa catgggaagg    143160
     tacagagagg gccgagggtc ttccagtagc cctaggtggc aaacagtaca ggatttttgt    143220
     ccagtagcaa gactagtcaa gagccaagtc tgagattaaa ggcatctatg tagctggtcc    143280
     cctaaagagc agttgccaca ggggttagat catgtgcatt ttggcatgta tacaggaggg    143340
     aagttgaggt ggcctcaaac cagggacccc tgaaatcact tggctttgag acttagtttc    143400
     aagtactccc aaaaacaaaa tcaaagaaat gaaccacaaa acggtcctaa aggaggaagc    143460
     agcaggtttg gctcaaacct gtgatcccag cactggggga gcccagacag tatgattata    143520
     tagcccaagg ctacatgaga ttctgtgtga aaaaactaaa aaatgggctg gagtgatggc    143580
     taagcagtta acctgggatc agcttctaga atccatatta gctcacaacc agctgtgggc    143640
     ctgactggta cacatatcca catgcagaca aaacacttgt gtatatataa aataaatcta    143700
     aaaacgagtt ttaactaaca gtaacaggtc ctatcttttt aataactgaa atcttttaac    143760
     aactctgggc ttgtgttaca tcatccttgg tataagtttt atattggaaa cacttgattc    143820
     ctgacctgga gtctcatgaa agtagtgtat cactgaagaa tgggctcaga catgtcctgg    143880
     atagcctgcg agctgaagtg agtatggcat agacagtccc acatccacac aatgtctagg    143940
     aatgctagac gcgtctctga agtgtcagag gacagtgaat gctgaagaga tgaaaggcag    144000
     actggagccc agtcatcaga caggcgctgg tctgtgggac agcagccctc aggaaggttc    144060
     tgagctgccc atccaccttt caccccccgt ctgtctgtct gctggaactt ttgtcaaatc    144120
     cccagggtag ctggatccca gaatggactt cggctcgagt tgctggtgtc ttccacatca    144180
     gtagtacttc tttctgctta gacactagag ttctgaggtc ttggtgctgc tgagcatgtg    144240
     aaagtgctga tggcctgggc gcctgtccct gtcgggcttc ctaccctgtg acgcttgctc    144300
     aggactcaga gttgatgctg taccaggctg acaaagcaac attgctaacc agcctttgag    144360
     gtatgcttgt tccctcggat cggctgattt taaggggtaa atttacccag aaagaagata    144420
     gtggactcta tgtgtccact gtgggcagga gcttggcttc tcacacaaag ggtcaagttt    144480
     gctttaccaa aggagcttag gcgccatgga tgggagtggg gacatggtca cttccttctc    144540
     cagtcagacc tgagtctcct tacagacacc aggtagaaga agagtcagac aggactgagg    144600
     accagcaggt ctcactgaga tgatctctag tggacaaggg cagggagtgg ccccgagagc    144660
     ctgttccctc ggaagattct gactgctcac ctatatgggg aggacattag gtcttgtccc    144720
     aacatctttg tctctttgcc acagtgggac ctgtgcagca gctgcctctg tacaatgact    144780
     cgaagacatg tggtccacaa ctgactaagg tgcctgaaaa tcctcagata ggagcagtcc    144840
     cctggatgac actggtccag gaacctgagc aggcaagatg gaaatagtgg tcagtgactc    144900
     aggacagtgg tgacattgga tgccagcctg aacttggccc tgcctctccc tactttcctc    144960
     agagtcccta gtatccatgg tacaactgtt gtcacaacat ggacattgag gtggcttttg    145020
     gacttgttct gtttcagaac aacatgacta taagctctgc tgtctaccgc tatcaccatg    145080
     gcaacacagc cattgatttt tctcttggtc accccttggc cgcattccac tctggctttc    145140
     ccatagatgg gcgaagagcg tctgaggaac cagtgtgtgg agagtagctg agagaaggca    145200
     ggattggtaa ctgtccagtg gggagggggg gaggttaggg agggtttgac tgtctcacct    145260
     cctgtccgcc cctcttgcct cccggtggtt ttaacagcac ggtgccctgg cagccccctc    145320
     agctgtctgt cttcacctaa tgagagctct atattcgggc cttgttcagg cgtatgctaa    145380
     ttagctctca gaggtgcctt tccgctctag aagccaccag aataattgag cattatggat    145440
     atttgcttca gaaggctctg gaaggtaatg tgtgcttcca gccaggtttg agcagctgac    145500
     cccttggcat agagcccctc tgctactgcg gagaggatgg cagttctgcc tcctctcaga    145560
     atgactgggg tgctcagcag tcgagcaccc actgttgaca agccagtagc acagggctcc    145620
     tactgttagg ctcctactgt gctctggggg caaactgacc tctaggaagc tatagcatct    145680
     ccaatcacac aggggatgca ggtgcctcct ctccagaccc tgcaactcca cctgggctgc    145740
     tgactacaga gaagcagtcc ctgtctgcca ccctctaaga ctttgcatat ggagcatttc    145800
     agccactccc atggtctgag ggaagcctgt ctctcttcca gcagagaaca cagtggccac    145860
     gttacagctg tgcttattaa tgtgtccttc tgggatggtc ttcagatgct gcttaaaatt    145920
     ggggctcaca tggggtcctg tggccgctgg atccagtttc ctgaacctgc aagggtttga    145980
     ctgactggca cctctggtgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    146040
     tgttttcctt tcttactttg gagggtccag gagcagagtc cctgatggta tgtaaagcaa    146100
     acttagttct cctggaccct tattcctgcc agctggcttc tccacaaaat gcccagggaa    146160
     cccactgaga tctaggacac aggactatgc actgatcttt ggctgcatga gcatgacttg    146220
     gggtctggct gggacccctg caggtttgcc accacaccca tcctggcacc tggtggaaga    146280
     atctcagagg gcagtgcgcc ctctgtctct gtgaggagac caccagggac ctactactca    146340
     gagaccctgg gggctctttt ctcttattta tttttttcat gcttcgctca cccttgctgc    146400
     tcagaagatg gggctgtctg agcaacggct ctcagcaggg gatgctgtgc ctatagtaat    146460
     ggggacaagc agcatttagc ccttgctcag ctgggccttc ccagcgttgg gagacctagt    146520
     cctagtaact ctggcaacca ggcattgctt ggacacctgc tgtcaggggc tgtagccctt    146580
     tcctatgaac cctgtagttg aggtctatta tgcaggccac ccgtttccgc aatggagctc    146640
     tatatgggct ctgggggtta aacttaggtc actgtgctga gtagcaagtg cttttaccca    146700
     tagagccatc taactggcca gatgttcccc ctttcaagct cagatctatg aaaatgtcat    146760
     cctctccatg ttggatcagg ggcccttcac ctggggttca cctggggcct gaagggcctt    146820
     gggtggagtc tggtcttttc ctgcctcagc atatctgcag gaggctgctc agtgcactga    146880
     gcccaggcaa ggtctacact ccagttttct gccaccttca gtctctcagg ttctctcttc    146940
     ccttcagcat cttgtcatct gcacattata agaacactct agtttctggg ggagggagga    147000
     gtaagactgg atgttttaat tattttatta tatttttaat tatatttgtg cttatggtgg    147060
     tgatggagtt gtgtcagagg acaacttgcc agagttgtat ctccttgtac cgtatggtac    147120
     agaatcaaac tcagtttgtc aggcttgacg gcagccagca tctttacctg ccgaactgtt    147180
     taactggccc gagactgagt gttttaaggt gccgctgctg tgaaaaatac aatttagggg    147240
     ccactcctcg actacagaga ggtcaggccc tgatgtgctg gaagttggac tgttccccac    147300
     agccccacat gcttgcttgg cacagaggtc aagtaaaccg agtgctgttt cccaaggaag    147360
     aaaactgaag gtgtgcccaa caagagcaga gtgagcctca gtgaggccct gggctacaaa    147420
     atggccattt ctgtgctctg ttggtgtaaa gcggactggt ggcaacctta ctgagcatca    147480
     ggtagagttg tcacaatgtg gcattcctgc tcctagacac aaagggacat gctgggctgg    147540
     aagcagagtc atagtgtctg tcagcaattg gctcagaaaa cagatgtgca cacacactta    147600
     acatattaga agaagcgagc tgagcacgtt ggccagcgtg agcactcaga actatgtgaa    147660
     ggcgagcagt gtcactgtgc ctgataggtt atctccaccc acaacgagcc aatgcaagcc    147720
     aaattaaagt ataaaggcag attgttttgt ttgctttggt ttgattttgt ttttgtgttt    147780
     gttttcaaga gttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacacc    147840
     agaagagagc atcagatctc attacatctc attacagatg gtcgtgtact accatgtggt    147900
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca    147960
     tctctccggc cccctgtttt tgtttctggt tttttttttt tttgtttgtt tttggttttt    148020
     ttgtttttgt tttccgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggttggcct ggaactcact    148080
     atgtagacca ggctggcctt gaattcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg    148140
     gattacaggt gtaagccacc actgcccggt taaaggcaga tttattgaga gcagctctct    148200
     gtcaagttca ccaaccacac atgaggaggt cagtgaagtc atcatagagg gggggagggg    148260
     aggggggagg gagggaaggg gggggagaga gagagggaga gaggggggag aaagagagag    148320
     ggagggagag agagggaagg agagagagag ggagggaggg ggagagagag ggaaaggggg    148380
     ggcgggggtg gggagagaga gattgattac atagtgaagg gccaggaggt gagaggaagc    148440
     ccagccgtgg tttgaaagtt cagcatagag ggtgggatat gctttgttac aggtaggggc    148500
     tgaggatgct gggagaacct agagaccagg tccactttgg tatatatatt aaatatgtac    148560
     ctcagctgct tgtctgggtc tggaacccaa ccgcatttgc aactttccca tagactagag    148620
     agggtggggt gggaagagtg tatgccctgt cttccctcag acacaaaaaa gaagcaacaa    148680
     agccatggca tcccactttt gatctccagg caacctccca ccatgttgac ccaacagttt    148740
     ctggcagccc ctgggagtgg ctgtagaacc agcctgccca ggattcaccc acagttgtag    148800
     ccaatggcat ggttgagtcc ccactgccag cactctgtgt cccaggagac ttcctggtgc    148860
     ttgccaagtt caagtggaag gcgaggtctg cactgaggct gggtttaaaa ctgggagaag    148920
     cagcaaggcg ggtcccactg ctgctgctgg aggcctctgc cttggaggcc acaggcgtcc    148980
     ccagaaccca tgccctgccc cttctccatg gctgcacttc cctcgtatgc cccctgtttt    149040
     catgttccca gcctccatgg ctttttttga acatccacac aggccctctc atgtgtcatt    149100
     gggatggttg tgagtacatg gatttagatg gagacccctg agatctgtct ctgcgtggct    149160
     gctccctcag ctctcttctt cccagagctt tttaaaacag taacagttat gtgcattcac    149220
     catgtcatta ctgggtcact tgccacgtgg gactatcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    149280
     ggtttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggcgct cactttgtag    149340
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa    149400
     aggcgtgcgc caccgcgccc agcttcacgt gggactatct tggaggtttg gaacactggc    149460
     tgctcttcca agggaccttg tttggttctc agcacccaca accactcaca accatccacg    149520
     actccagctc tagtagattc aacagccagt tctggcctcc actgcaccag cacacatgtg    149580
     atgcacagat atagatacat tcagccaaca cacatacaca gaatgttaaa aagagtgtac    149640
     accaggaagg ctggtcgtgt tcaggttgtg cttaaggctg tcacgaaccc acaaacagtt    149700
     gtgctgcaca agttatagtc atctgagagg agagtacttg attgagaaat gttctgggga    149760
     gcagtttgtt tagattaggg attgataagg gagggcctaa cccgttgtgg gtggtgatgg    149820
     tcaaggttct ataagaaatc agactggcca agctatgaag agcaagtcaa aaagtaacac    149880
     tcctccacgg cctctgcatc aagtcctgcc tccaggttcc tgcttgcttt agtttctgtc    149940
     ctgacttgat aatgaactca gggttagact tccttcgatg atgtagaagt gtaagccaga    150000
     gtaacccaga actgcatttg ggcatgatgc ctcatcacag caatagtgac actacagagg    150060
     acagaagttg gtaccaggag ttggggctta gagtaacaga aagtatagaa tgaactatat    150120
     atacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat    150180
     gtatgtgtat atatatatag gaggtcctga atccaacagt tgatcagtct acaaagctgg    150240
     atatactgga tatatcagct ctcagatata catatctgag agatggtctg cagtatgcac    150300
     cagaataacc gaagatgtca gtgaaggaaa tgacttgcca tcgagagaaa gcaggcaaac    150360
     agcctaggta catggtctct ccacccatgg agtattgtgt gtggaaaggg agtctgctgg    150420
     gtgtggtagt gcacacctgt ggtcccagta ctcaggaggc agaagcagga ggctcaggag    150480
     ttcaaggctc tctaaagcta tgtaatgagt ttgaccctta ggctagcctg aaatactcga    150540
     gatcctatct cagaaaaaca aacaaaacaa aaacaaaaag gagggggggg ggggctctag    150600
     cctctgctgc agcacagatg gacatcgtaa atgtacctca gtccctgtgc ttccccccaa    150660
     gaagggttac atttccacgt ggaccgaatt gcacactaac cctccaaatg tgaagccaag    150720
     ttactaatag caccagaaat ctttaaaact gagacgttag ggtgaaatgc agtgtgactc    150780
     actggtggct gacctttcag cgacttgact cactgtaagt tggtagaagt tgaggagggc    150840
     gtggtctcct ggtatgtttc tctgtgtttt tatacttttg tcccaaatgt cacatattgt    150900
     ctctgggacc cacgtgtact ttgtggggga gggtctcttc ctattagttc ccaaatattc    150960
     tggggcctgg aactctcctg gtcccagccc catcctcacc ctcctgagtt aaggcttttt    151020
     tcactctgat gggctaaggc tgactcactg ccttggtgtg cctagggctt ctgcccctcc    151080
     ctccaggatc tctcatgtca gctccctggg atgggccacc tactgccagt cacccctgtt    151140
     gatactccac tccctggaga ggctcatcag gtggcagctg tctgcaaaga tttaccctcc    151200
     ctcattcact gtttgctctg gcacactggg ccttctttcc caatctgatc cggtttttca    151260
     agtttagggt ccacctgggc tgtggcctaa gagctctagg tccccagggt atgggtggat    151320
     ttggccctgg cagaggctgg ttaaaagcct cttcctgggg ctagagagac agctcagtgg    151380
     ttaagagtgc atgctgttgt tacagaagac ccaagtttgg ttgggtggca cccatgtcag    151440
     cagcaaacag ctgcctataa ctctccttaa ggggatctga cgacctcttc tggcctccaa    151500
     gagtacctac actcatgtgc acaaacacca taaataaaaa taaaaaccgt aaggtggtga    151560
     tggcacacac ctttaatccc tgaacttggg aagcctaggc aggcggatct ccaagttcga    151620
     agccagcctc tataaagcga gctccaggac aggctgggct tttacacaaa gaaacactgt    151680
     ctcaaaaaaa acaaaaataa ataagttaat taattaatat ctttttttaa ataaaatgaa    151740
     gtaaggcttt tctgtcagca cagtacacct gggaggatct tccaagagaa ggagaaggtg    151800
     ggaggccatg gagcccgcca cgagggccca acctctcctc ggcacctgct ggccagtgaa    151860
     caagtcagtg cccctggcca gaggtcccct catctgcaga gggggtgctc agggtgggta    151920
     ggtgtaccag tcttctcctg catgctgtgg ccatggcccc ccaggggttt agtacttgcg    151980
     gctgtgcacg cccaagctcc gctgcacatg tcttcctgca gctgcttgta aaatgcagtt    152040
     taaaacttca tcatgtgggc tgatcctgcg cagcaccagc ttgcagccag cccagaactc    152100
     cacgtgcgtg cactcacaca cagacacata cacaccctgt tctgtgcctt tgtctcagtg    152160
     tgctcccctc cccccatctc cccgtatata cccataaggt ctggggacag gctacgcagc    152220
     gggggctctg agttgagcca cacactgtgc tctgtgtctg agggttgaca cagcccatgt    152280
     ggaatggtaa ctgttgtcct gtggggtctg acacccatca cctgaacaaa aatctgtgag    152340
     aaacttggta cacccttggg catcactgcc tgattatacc agtttctact cttcttgagt    152400
     tggcatgtgc tgcttttgtg ggtaggggaa tgttttctgt tcagtcttga cattgactta    152460
     taattctggg cctaaagaat gtggtcagag agcaccaacc tatagagaga cttctagcta    152520
     agtgcatagt ttgtctggtc gctgctgccc catccctcct cttgtagacc ctgtagcctt    152580
     ctgagagttg gttgtatggc attgtcctca gaaaggaaga gtggatgtac tacaaagctg    152640
     agagagtagt gcagtgctgc caaggactcc agtgggttcc cctgcccagg ccagagtttg    152700
     agcccactgt ggtcacctgc tttccacttg ggtaaaatta tagtccgttc ccaggtgtct    152760
     atggggcatt gagagccaga aggtggatcc aagaccctct gagtcatggg agtgtggtca    152820
     aacaaagccc agcgagcttc cttgggtacc tccttgtcac ggagcagcgg gtttccatcc    152880
     tataggattt acagatgcag aaagccaaga gagtttcccc aggtacattc atccttgtca    152940
     taagggctgt gggtttccat cctacaggac ttacagttgc agaaaagcac agaggatcct    153000
     gggatctgcc actcactcac atggctgtcc tgacttgcgt gctagtggct tctggcctga    153060
     gtgtagaaaa ctctcatctg tgactttggg tttcctttga gccctgttct gagcatgagc    153120
     gacactgtcc taatagcttg ctgaaagtca gcatggctgt gcgtgtgtgt cagtggtaac    153180
     caaggccttt gctcatgggg actgtgcctg tgcctgtgcc tgtggccttc ctctttacac    153240
     tggcctcacc ctcttgtctc tgcctctcaa ccagcaataa gagaccaggc tccttcacat    153300
     taattgctgc ctcagtccct tcaagcacat tagagtccag atctagagtg tgctacaaat    153360
     gggacttcca tccttttcag agggacctgg caaaccttag aggctacttg ccctgtctct    153420
     ctgtgtgtag gttgtcactg actttgtgat cacagcttcc tgttggccat atgacagccc    153480
     tgtcatctct aggagttcag tctctggggg gactattgta cccctgtgtt ataggagtgt    153540
     ggtgttaggc ctgtggtcat agattcttgg gacagggtgg taggcagata gctgtgctga    153600
     ggtttttagc cctggcagcc acaggtacat gtatccaggt aaattagatg gtctatacaa    153660
     agttccaggc agctgttgag tttgcccttt gcccacagag gatgaactgc agggaggtgg    153720
     tgggcaagca gagtggggct ggtagggtaa gtctgaccat gggccactga ccaccctgct    153780
     gacttagaga gttcttttct gctgactggg gccagttggc tggcatagcc ttgcaagccg    153840
     tgttcgccgc tgtaggcaac ctgtactgtg ctcagggtcc ctgtgatcat tgatattaaa    153900
     acaacttttg ggactaagag agttcccaag aatctgacct ccatgcgtcc tagatgaact    153960
     cccagaggga agctgaggtc ctagaggaaa gttgtcagag gattcctttt ggtttctagc    154020
     tggtgatagt gggtgccaga aggagggctc cttgggagaa aaggcctgca tctgaaaggg    154080
     ttccagcttc agacacaggc ataggctctc ctcgtttatg tccacagcac tagccagtat    154140
     ctgggactcc tcaaagggag ttaacagata gttgccaacc aagtaagtag agcgagactg    154200
     ctgggtttct ccacatacga gaaaatgagg gcgtttattt tacagatgag gcgggcctgt    154260
     ggcagagagg gcgggcgggc gggcttactg tcttaggtgc ctttgtacct gacccattac    154320
     atgcccccct gtgacaacta agcatgagac cctgagcgtg actcgaggtc tcagggccct    154380
     ggaaaaagaa gaggaactag ggtctcaggc tcagttgaca acaggagggc acactgtggg    154440
     tcaagaacac agcaaagtag ctaaccaaga cccttcggcc tcatctctag gcatggagtg    154500
     ggaggtaggt gctgggatct actgatgagt cactgttgga ctgaaaaaaa gtgtgcctgg    154560
     cccttggtcc tcggggctgt ttcttttgcc tctctctctc tctgttgtat acttgtcaga    154620
     agctggggat gggtgtgtgt cagcttagtg atgactttgc agacggctgg aggctcagct    154680
     cagcccaaca ttagaaaaaa accggacatt agtctagcct ggagtgtgtg ccagaggcaa    154740
     gtgggaatga gctaggtgat acccaggctg aaaaagccaa gatggcgttg actgctgagc    154800
     tgctgagcct ctgttgtctt agcttctctt cataggtagg ccgggcacag cagggcccct    154860
     gaagtgctca tgtgctgaaa agtgtttatg gggccagatc cacgcccaca ccacgcccat    154920
     gagcagtgct ctgtggccac tgaagctggt ccaaagcatc agtccccctt cctgccagcc    154980
     attctgggcc caccagcccc gctgatccca gagtcactgg agcaccactg gtacaaaggg    155040
     cacactctgc caaagcgagt ggctctgaga ctagctcctc ctccagaggc tggagccaga    155100
     tgaggagcca agcccagagt gccatttagc tcttatttct tttcttatga actctggcag    155160
     agaggccttg ggtcagagac agtagttaat tccctgtgtc ctatactagg aggtgtttct    155220
     gctctggtgt ggggctcagg aaggacatca ttggctagct ggtgtctgag tgagtgtgag    155280
     gtctgtgtag gtgtagctgg tgtctgagtg agtgtgaggt ctgtgtaggt gctcatttgt    155340
     tctcagagct gtgccaaggg aagagcccat ctgcacaggt tcttctatca catgtctatc    155400
     acatgtctgt cctgagcaat gtctgtccgg agcatgtgct tcatgctgga cattagtgct    155460
     cccacgggac accaggcact ctaactcagt cacaaatcga tcatcatttt agacttttct    155520
     gttcctcctt cccttcccat ctagagtcta gagtcacaga atgtctgtgg tgtccagtgt    155580
     ctagccctgg tgtaggcaca gtgattggaa atctctaacc cactttcttt cctccagggg    155640
     acgtcctctt ccagatggct gaggtgcacc ggcagatcca gaaccagttg gaagagacgg    155700
     tgagtttggc tgtgggacct cttccatggg ttcaaggagc agacatagtg agcagggcat    155760
     caggtgtcag tgaagaagac tggctgtttg ctacagctgt gtgtccattt gggacttcca    155820
     tagccacagt gatctcccag gaagatgact tatggtctcg ggccctgtaa aaagaaaggg    155880
     agccaggatc taatgctcag ctgacacagg gacctgtgat gggtcagtgg gaggtggctc    155940
     catggaagaa tcccctgtgc cttggtgata gccctagcca ggtcccaatc ctgatgggtg    156000
     gtaaagtcag atactcacct ggattctgcc ccagctcctt tagcccttgc ctgaatgacc    156060
     cagcaaaggg aggatggagg gaggtaggat gtcaagacct tgacagactt gattatttaa    156120
     cacttttgtc cagtcctcac ccttaggagc ctcctggtac caatgtccag gttggctctg    156180
     ctcccatctc gtgcaccatg ccttagagct gcctaactgt ctgtttcctc cctgtgtcca    156240
     gctgaagtct tttcacaatg agctgctcac gcagctggag cagaaagtag aactggactc    156300
     caggtatcta agtgtaagta cagcctatgc catacctgct gggccaccgt tgccaagcct    156360
     gcccctgcct ctgcctggag atctgtctcg taggcctgaa ggattatttt cccctctggg    156420
     cttccatgct agtggcctag agaagaaccc attgcatctg atgttccatg tgcctctcag    156480
     ccacttgcca tatagctgat gacttggctt tttctgtaaa acccacatga gtcccctgtt    156540
     catgccttac tatccttgcc tgttagccaa agctactgta gtattcacca catgagttta    156600
     tagctttgtg cctactgtta ggggcaagga atgaagccag gctgcttccc aagtctaatt    156660
     ttgttcttag agattggggt tctgtcagag gaagacaatg aggtctgcag ctgtgacctc    156720
     ctgcctcagt ctggccatct ggagcctgct gtgctggaga gtggggagga ctggggaggg    156780
     agcatcaagc ttcctgtgag gctcatgggc ccctgtggtt gtatcctggg tctccaggct    156840
     gcactgaaga aataccaaac ggaacagagg agcaaagggg acgccctgga caagtgtcag    156900
     gctgagctga agaagctccg caagaagagc caagggagta agaaccctca gaagtactca    156960
     gacaaggagc tgcaggtagg tctgctcctg actgcacaca ggagcttaaa gtccaactgt    157020
     gacctcatgc cctctcttag taaggaaaag cctccccatc tacctgtgtg cttaccatgt    157080
     gtctgtcaaa ggagggggag agcttccagg tgtggcgtgg cagggcagga ctggatttcg    157140
     gaatgagtcc ccatgtcctt gagtagaggg ctgcttagct cactcagcaa agatgctgga    157200
     atggtgtttg gctactgaca agaggctcag actaagtctt ccctctggat tcctgcccag    157260
     agccagaccc cagactgcta ttctaatcag cctgtgatta cctaccccag gctggccagt    157320
     cacagtcacc tacagcagat ggctcaggag gcttctgagc actacagcgc tgcatgctga    157380
     tcaagttagg gtattgtggc cagactgaca cttatatcag aaccatgggc agtgtcctta    157440
     tgctgagtag gcctagaaac ccctcaccta ctcttgcagc cctagggaca cagataaaaa    157500
     gggatcttac aggatgccca gtgttgtaga ggagacacca ggaaattcag ccacagggcc    157560
     tggagaggac aaagtgtggc tccagggtct gtatccccac tcctccctgt aatgtcaggt    157620
     agcacccacc acccaggtaa gttcttgccc aagccacgtg actatgatgt tcctcttgtg    157680
     cctgtggtgc cctagcttcc cacttggact caggagagtg ggaagggctg aggaggagga    157740
     cgccaaactg tactcctttg atcgtaacta agccagttag cagcttcatg atggcctaca    157800
     agagtccttt ctaagcacat gcaggcctga taggggatgt cataggccta cagggaattc    157860
     tgccatgaac ccagttgccc tgtaggagag aaccggcctg gacagcattt ttcatgttaa    157920
     gttgttgcaa tagcaggaaa ccctaccacc ctggccactg ctgtcttata cgtacaactt    157980
     ctgctaaggg gcaatagtgt gtcttcccca cctcaaacat atttttctga gtctagggtc    158040
     tttgttttga tcatatctat gcatgtttgt gtatgtggag gtacatatat gtgcaggcac    158100
     acacacaaga gtatgtaggt gtcatttctc cttaggcttt tttcaccttc tttctgagag    158160
     tctggctggc tgacttggag ctttgccaag taggttaggc tgactggcca gtgagcctca    158220
     ggaagcctgt ctttcccttg ccaggagctg ggattaccag tgcagaccac cacacccagg    158280
     ggttttgtgt tgttattgtt ttattttgtt tttaaagatg tatttatttt atatatatgc    158340
     ttacattgtc tctgtcttca gacacatccg aagagggcat ccgattccat tacagatggt    158400
     tttgagccac catgtggttg ctgggtatta aactcaggat ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg    158460
     ctgttagccg ctgagccatc tcttcagccc cttgtttttg tgttttaaat atgggttctg    158520
     gggcagggac tcaggtcttc acacttgtaa ggcaacccct tcaacaagta agctatctcc    158580
     cagcctcctc taatcctttg taacagccaa ctgtatggct gcctgcaagg acagacacgc    158640
     acaggcccag tctgtcacag aaggctgctc taagccatct tgagctgttc ttgaataggt    158700
     tcctcaggtg agctgcagga ttgaggcaca gatgcatacc agacagtgtc cagctgttgc    158760
     tgcctttggt ggttctgctc tcaggagacc tgggcaacag acatgggcca tgcaggaggg    158820
     atttccatgt gcaagtacac aacctagagg aaaccctctg ggccccagtt tgatgcccag    158880
     tggtagaagc cggctcatct ggtttcctcc taggaagcgc cttagttgct catcacacta    158940
     cagaacacac tgaaactcag tgggcttccg catagctgta gagctgtaca gccatcacac    159000
     aagcagtctg caacagatta cagacctaag aagaacctcg tatgcagccg tgttcacccc    159060
     cacctgctcc gactccccac ccctgtcacc tactctcctt tcccaggaac acctacctgc    159120
     tttttgtctc tatagctctt catgttctag acatcagctg tggctgagtc acaccgtggg    159180
     tttgagtgtg gcttcttgca ctgggcatgc tctcagtctg tccatgtcaa gtgtgagttt    159240
     gtcactctgt tccacacctg tggaaggtgg ctcctgttgc ctgtgaggat attgtaggca    159300
     ctgagcacag aatgtttggc agtagaactg aagctgccat gacaggtcat tagggaagcg    159360
     cccccccccc ccccacctcc catccttcct ttattcttct ggtcttgaac accgtgaggc    159420
     aggttcctta gtgggtagcc tgaacctact cagttgtgtc agtttggatt tatataattg    159480
     ttgctgttgt tgacaggctg tgttgtgtgt agtggggagt attagagatt gacctagggt    159540
     cttttgtatg ttaaataagt gccctacctc tgagcatatc tatctgtcca tacatctata    159600
     ttgatagata ttttgttgtt gttattgttg ctgctgctgc tgttgttgtt taaataggac    159660
     ttgcctaagt tgcataggct gaccttaaat cactctgcaa cccaggcaag tcttgaactt    159720
     gggttcttcc tccaaacagc tgtgtgtagg ccagtaatac taccagccca gactgtttct    159780
     tgagagtagc aagagagcac cagagatggt atttctgatg cccacaggca gtgatattct    159840
     tggagggtta gagagtgttt gatgtctgac tgtcttggtt cctctcagct aagttaaggt    159900
     atgctggcca ccatattaga gtagcctgtc agccttgctg ggatgcctta ccaaccaggc    159960
     tacgcaagaa ctcttttccc tgacatgggg cgggtcctac aggcttccag tgcctttaca    160020
     aacacgtcta ggaattccat ctagtttatg catagagtgt ggctgctggc agctgagcag    160080
     ggacctgagg cctttcagca tggcagcatc ttccccttta aggggagctg aactgaaccc    160140
     actcctccct ctgcagggcc tggaccttcc acagtggctc aacccctgat caggccccac    160200
     cactccaggc tggcctcaac atggttgggt ctaaagactt tggcaaggtg ttgcttacta    160260
     agaaagagcc tttgcttcta tggttcccca tttcttaact cctcccaggc tagcctgcag    160320
     gggtgacttt agtagccgag aagatagtag ggctcaggta gggacatgga ggtttttgct    160380
     ggctcttgaa atgttctgtc cactggaccg ctggataact ggcagcatta acacagatgc    160440
     ccacagtctg ttatttgggt gagggtggga ttctgttctt ttagagctcc tggaactgct    160500
     acttgagtta accaggaagg tgggaactgt tagaaatggg aaatgactcc atgccctgga    160560
     tatcaagagt gtgtttgctt agtttttgtt tgtttggttg gtttagtttg gcttttggtt    160620
     ttttgtctgt ttgtttttta gacagggctt ctctgtatag ccctgactgt cctggatctc    160680
     actctgtaaa ctaggcttgc cctctgtctc acagagactc acctgccttt gcctcccaag    160740
     tgctgggttc aaatgtgtgg ggcaccatca ttggtcaacc tgtgtgtgga gagttctttc    160800
     ctgcttcctt gagattccct cctgtgcatc tgaggtttct ccactctgtg ccccctctgg    160860
     cttggccgga acctagcagg atcagaccat ggtgaaccta gggttcagat agtcagatgt    160920
     aggctaggat ggacatctgt gtggaggaca tgctgtgaca ggcacagagg tcccgcttgg    160980
     gatctatgag cctttccaga gcctggagcc taacaacagc tgccactgga ggaagaggtg    161040
     agtgtatttg gctagctcaa tcccagcagc cctggtatgc acattgttgc ccttaggttg    161100
     tgctcactaa acatggttcc cttcttcaca tgaccctgag aagtgaacag tgtgtctcaa    161160
     gacctagtcc cactgatctg ttgggaatag ggccactgaa tggttggtgc tcagacactt    161220
     cctcaacagc atggggatgc gttctcaaag ttcttaggaa ggaattgaca gggagagccc    161280
     gcggatgctg aatgtcaggg ggatgggcct ctggaactca cggtgacaag ccttcagggg    161340
     tgctgacctc ccccactgtc ttcctgcttc tgggctctgc cgaggctgaa ccacttagga    161400
     cagtggccag acctttgccc caagctggac tgaggacagt cagcctgttt actggaaggg    161460
     tggtcatgga agaccaaggt tgtaggagat ggagcagctt ggggctaggg agatgtgagg    161520
     ttgtcagatg aaccagagtg gggaggagac aggcaccagc agcagcactg tccaggtttg    161580
     caggtggtgg ctacctgggc tcagggatgg actcagccaa tcacggttaa gaactgctca    161640
     gaactaagct tccatgttga gagttccaca gaaaactaat tttaattata ggtcagagaa    161700
     tgggagctta gaagtacttg gggcactaac tggggcgggt ggttttatgt gaaaagggaa    161760
     gttctgagat ccatcactca ccgcccatgg gtactgccct gacatggcct cccctccaac    161820
     acattctgtc accacagggt tgcctggctg gcgtcgggaa gcacctgcac acatgagtcg    161880
     ggaaaggtgc tctcctgggg agcagtggac atgcgatggc tgcagtgtgg cctctgtccc    161940
     aagctcagaa actgagggat gtggtcatcc ctttagaatc ctcttggaaa atgaaaagta    162000
     aaagccacac tgaggcttca gggcaaacca gactctcact ttcctcttaa tggcgggggg    162060
     ggggggcacc catgactcag ccaccctgtg gtaagttggg gagagcagcc ccagagtatg    162120
     agaggtgcct agatatcttc tgtcagcctt tgtcctcctc cctcccccag ggatgaggtg    162180
     gacctgagtg gtcatgctgg cctccggtaa tggtagcagc tagctgccca gccagctggt    162240
     attctgggga cacctaagca gagactaggt ggctatgctg atgccgccct cccgcccttc    162300
     caccacgtcg atcctgagca gcccataccc agcaccctgg gtagagctgg gtgtgccatt    162360
     gtgctccagt ctgatttttt ttttctggtt ttgtcctatt tgactcctcc cccaacctag    162420
     ctcttattag aacaagacag gcaggcacag gtaggaggct gtctgcaaat gacagtcttc    162480
     tgagagtgtc acactgcctt tgcttttcct gctgtgtggc ttgccatctc cccacttaac    162540
     tggccctcac cctccagagt agagtgtgag gaagcggggc attaggagac atagaaaggg    162600
     gggcctgcca atgcgatgac cttaggtgtg tctgggcttg gagagcagct tgcctctccc    162660
     tacccttgca ctcattccgg gtgctaacgg agaggcagct gaggcacagc ttcatgctgg    162720
     agcccccaaa aggtaagagc ccagagaaaa tcagctgaaa gttggtaggc aggcctcact    162780
     ccagtcaaga tcactctgaa atcaatgtga ccctgtggaa ggctctagtg gctctgcctg    162840
     acccactgtc cgtacacgga cctactgttg gcagaaaaca tgccaggttc tctgcaggaa    162900
     agctgtcctc ggtcctctct gagaggacat gaaaggggaa gggctggctg ttttacaaga    162960
     ggaagtagtc catgttctgg acaggtgcct gccttagagg gtgctgatgc cgtgttcact    163020
     gtacccccac gaggattccc aagactaggt aactgggtgt ctattcacca tgacacaggg    163080
     gccgctccgg tggctttggc acctctggag tcttcatttg tgtacctttg tgggatttgc    163140
     ctgttctaag ggcctgagag agggagcaat tcatttctat ttaaagggct gtgtaattaa    163200
     caaagcaaac acaaaataac cagagctgag atcttcacag catataatag cagaggctgg    163260
     tccgcccagg gtgtgatgtg gtgcaggcga tgtgccctca ccccagcaca cagggcagaa    163320
     ggtcttgtta gctctggatc tcagagtcag ccaagtacag gcctggcctc cagtgaggtc    163380
     tcacatggtc agcatcacat ggtcagatga ggaagactgc caggtcctgt ccttaagaag    163440
     ctactcatgc tgtcctgggg acacccctaa ccacacctag ctccggggac ctcccggggg    163500
     cagccctcgc ttgagtctac ctggttctgt cggcaggtgg ttttgaagat tgagtttctg    163560
     acacattaac tttcggggac attttagtct gtagcagtgc tccttgtact tgaatagcca    163620
     gtcttgccat ctgccagcct ttgagcacag aaacaccagc caaccctgtc cacccatgag    163680
     caacatctgc tgtctcctac atttccctgg gtgccaggcc cttcagacta gagaaggtct    163740
     ttccatggct tcaggtcccc agtgacttca gacaacatgg aactcgaggt gcttgctgtt    163800
     ccccaccccc acccctccca gcatagcgta gcttctgagt tgtctccctc cttgggaagg    163860
     agtcattacc caagtgctaa cagtgggacc aagcctcatg aactcattca taagctggag    163920
     gggaccttgg gcagcccagg ggtttgacag ttatgggggc gcctcagtgg tcagtggatt    163980
     tttctggaac atcctttcct gctctgagtc accggctggc tctggagcag aggagacaca    164040
     ctttccaatc acttctgtct tctcagatta cagggctgtt gtgctgggtg actaagtggg    164100
     agcgttgttt ctgtgggtct taaatgcttt cagttgggcg tttctatagt gctgtttcca    164160
     tagcacccag ctaagcaagg agctgtgagg caatgtgggg tgggtgggga cagcaggaac    164220
     ctggccactg ggggacaggc tttatgccat tttaaatggc ccgatgccaa ggtactggca    164280
     gtgcaggccc gggtcgtgtt ttctactctg ctctccggaa agtgtagccg tcgcatcaca    164340
     ctggagtgct cggctcactc cagtgatgag gagactagac ccctgcaggc tcacaccacc    164400
     catcccctgt cctctgctgt ctcccttgca tgttgacact tcacttggtc cagatttcca    164460
     ggatcttcct ggcaaaattg tgggctgtct gagaggagcc ggtggcctgg aaaaggaggt    164520
     cagggaagtc ggttgttatt cctagacaga agtggcagcc acatgtcaat ggcaggcttc    164580
     gctgtgctgc tgcctgctgc cttaggacct tctcccaggt caggctgaag ctggtgatgc    164640
     catcccaggc tggtatgtgg tccagggctc tagctgcacc cccctcaagc tggggatttt    164700
     aaagtccttc taagtgcact gctctgatgc tctgtcccct ccccttttca tggaccaccc    164760
     ctaggtgcag aagtgtgacc tgtgaggtta cacttattcc tgggggtgca taagtaaatg    164820
     gaaatcttaa aaataagacg ccatgctctc ctaactcagg ctgtcagacc ctgctaatga    164880
     ggccgggccc cacaccggtg ccctgtaccc cagggagctg aaagcctctg taaaggtagt    164940
     gcgcagccta caaacccaga aactgctgct ggtgggctgg cttcaggcct cagtttggaa    165000
     ggtgctgttc tcagggcaag gagacccagg gggccttgtg gcctggttta tgctgatgtc    165060
     ctaggtgacc gttccaagtg gtgcctcttt tctgaagtcc caagataacg aaatgatgca    165120
     gattatcact ggcaccttct ctctcctgtc acagcacctc ggctctgctt gtaagactct    165180
     gctgctgagc ccttttgcct gttgttgtcc ttgagaagtc tctggaaagg gcagtggcgc    165240
     aagggtccac cctagccttc agaaccttga ctgttcctta gctggccacc aagctgagac    165300
     gtacgtgtgt gtgtgtacgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtccgt gtgtccatcc    165360
     ctgtgccaga ggaacaggag tcataggagg aactctactc acagcctagt tcagccctga    165420
     agaccagaga gccccagcac cagacagttg atgcctggga tggaatgagt gggatccaag    165480
     aggccagtgc taagccctat atggtgactg gcaggtgtgc tcctctcctg gagaatagcc    165540
     cactccttcc tgacccagag tatgtctggt ctcatcccac cactcttctc taaagcttgg    165600
     gaaggagctc acacccaggc tgagcctcct ccaagactcc ctggagtcct cccagcacag    165660
     ctcctgtggg ggcaacaaga ctcgtgcccc accccctact tcccagagga ccctggagtg    165720
     caggggaggt tcagggagca ggaagccctg gtaggcgcat gttgcataac cgaaggaaaa    165780
     gtacttgacg ctgtggagga gagagaagag agaagaggat cagagaggga ggagggaacg    165840
     cgcccccccc gccccccccc atcacagcag cagaacccac tgtcaggctg gaacaccact    165900
     ctcacctgct attttgactt ctcttgttac aataactgtc ttgagtccca cctggcagac    165960
     cttatggctg ggccctgctg ccgcttgaga ggaccaagac ctattctcag gccttctcag    166020
     actggtcctg tcagtgggga gggcaggagt ttagtgtggg gctgcagggc agaagcagca    166080
     atctgtgtag gtttggtggc aagggtgtga gtatggcagg ccttgacctt ggagagattg    166140
     gtgctggctg gtaggcagag ttggcaccga tagcctcggt ggagaccagc ccccacccag    166200
     ctgggcttcc ccctcttctg tccctccagc tgagccttgt gtggggagat gctaagggaa    166260
     cagcctgctc caaccccctc tgccgcccac agctcagccg cccacccacg ctgagtcaga    166320
     gctccgccga ggtggctgtg agtcagctgt gagcaccctg gcagctcagg cctgccccct    166380
     gctggaagac agtcgcctta ggaagcgctt ctgcaacagc tgctccaggc tggtgggagt    166440
     tcagcctaag aggggtgggc gcaagagatg cactagagag gcgtctgcgt atacctgggt    166500
     gtaaatagac ccttccttga cacttgggca gtttgattat catagtaagg tttagctatg    166560
     aaaccaagtt ccacacacat tcttatagca tagctctgtc cagtggtttc tgttggtgtg    166620
     gatggcttct atctattgat tgaggctttc tttcaaattg taaactacat ataactgata    166680
     caagtcactg ccacggacca ccccagccaa gtatgggggt ccctaggatg tgggttctct    166740
     aggcaggtgg ataaggattc agcagtgaca aacagaaaca aacacagagg caggagcatt    166800
     ctcttaggtt ggttggtttt aaaatggcaa gatctcaggg attctaggtg agcctcattc    166860
     tctatatcgc tgaggagacc ctcaggagtg ctgggaatgc tggtgtgcag cacacacctc    166920
     tgtgccaggc tgaggtggag cccagggcat ctcctgtgct atgcaggcgc ctaccactga    166980
     gctatacact tccagttgga acgtctgtct tcatggtatg tgtcagcaca tccacccatc    167040
     cccaaaatcc ctttatcttt acagtttgtg actatcccca ctaaatgtca actgccaaat    167100
     gtcacctgat accaccttct ccctggtccc tgtgaagttg acatccctgg actctctgaa    167160
     ttcccctacc cctctgtctt ggcacattca gaatagatag tcaggtctgg aggttgcact    167220
     ggtcctgggc tttttgacaa gaaccttcct gggtaggtta tgtttccccc aggaagctca    167280
     agagtagttg ggacaagacc gctgttggtg gccagagaag tacctgtgac ctcaggggct    167340
     tcaaagggat tgcgtcttta gatggggctt ggggaaagca gtgctctcag aatcctatgg    167400
     aatcatttga ccacatatct ctcttgagcc cagagtatct tgaggattga gggggctccc    167460
     aaggccaccc agattggatg cccaggtgaa acccagataa cccagatgaa aaggcgaggg    167520
     ataggtcatt tttcagttca tgctctatgg tgaagacccc tcaccaggca catgctatcc    167580
     cagggatagt gatccatatg tctttgatga aggcctctct tcacctgcat atgatattca    167640
     tgaaacaatc taaggcttgc tcacctgttc cgctctccac atcctcagtg gtgggtgccc    167700
     atgctctctc tccagcagca ggcttccctg ggtctcctca gtcagtatct cttgagacca    167760
     ttctatagct gctggagcta cgactctgag gcaaaagaaa ctgtaggtga caggagcctc    167820
     agtagagcca gggcatggga gcgtactgca ggagcccccc cccctcttac gctgacattt    167880
     ctatgcttca tggagctgaa gcctggaagg gatggcctgc cactggtacc tttccttccc    167940
     cttctcagga agaagtccaa ggaatgctgg gattgatggc acacgcttgt aatgccagca    168000
     taacaggcag agacaggaag attacctcat gctcagggca taactaagac ttatagttca    168060
     aagctagcct gcctacatgg aggctcaaag atagatttgt atggggactg ggggatggct    168120
     cagtggataa agcacttgcc atagaagtgt aaggaccata gttctgatcc ctagcaccca    168180
     caaaaatgcc agataaagca tggcagcagg tacctgttgt cccggcactt gggaggtgga    168240
     gacgtctccc cagggcaagc taagctctag gttccatgag ctccaggttc tgtggcagac    168300
     cctgcttcag tagaaagtga ccaaggaaag caccagtgtt ggtttttggc tccatgtgca    168360
     cgcttcccgt ctgttcacag tgcatgtttg taagcctgga gatccttcca cctggagatg    168420
     tctccacggg acaacctcct gggcagcatg ggcaggcctg cagggatggc tggataattt    168480
     gcccaaaccc aagcaggatc                                                168500