ID   AL928738; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 188568 BP.
AC   AL928738;
DT   07-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-76M15 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-188568
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; e18800e0a81945934996eee4191551f0.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584272.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456102.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028292; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028293; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028294; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040044; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028127; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028128; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028129; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028130; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028131; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028085; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028086; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028087; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028088; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028089; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028048; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028049; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028050; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028051; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028052; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028096; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028097; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028098; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028099; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028100; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027825; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027826; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027827; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027828; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027829; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028538; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028539; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028540; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028541; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028542; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027280; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027281; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027282; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027283; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027284; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027797; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027798; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027799; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027800; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027801; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027941; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027942; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027943; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027944; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027945; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027907; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027908; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027909; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027910; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027911; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028049; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028050; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028051; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028052; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028053; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027940; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027941; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027942; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027943; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027944; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028597; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028598; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028599; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028600; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028601; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026999; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027000; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027001; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027002; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027003; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027356; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027357; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027358; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027359; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027360; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL928738.8:1-188568; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029970; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029971; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000048706; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108136; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108142; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000137514; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148519; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000162495; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0064980; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0064990; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0064997; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0065002; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0065008; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065011; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065021; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065028; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065033; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065039; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0064950; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0064960; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0064967; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0064972; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0064978; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0064930; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0064940; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0064947; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0064952; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0064958; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0064620; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0064630; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0064637; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0064642; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0064648; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0065420; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0065430; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0065437; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0065442; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0065448; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0064969; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0064979; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0064986; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0064991; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0064999; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0064569; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0064579; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0064586; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0064591; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0064597; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0064692; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0064702; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0064709; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0064714; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0064720; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0064640; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0064650; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0064657; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0064662; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0064668; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0064824; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0064834; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0064841; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0064846; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0064852; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0064643; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0064653; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0064660; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0064665; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0064671; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0065636; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0065646; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0065653; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0065658; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0065664; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0064485; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0064497; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0064506; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0064510; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0064517; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0063870; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0063880; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0063887; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0063892; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0063898; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2AT40.
DR   GOA; A2AT41.
DR   GOA; F6R7Y0.
DR   GOA; Q61420.
DR   InterPro; IPR007271; Nuc_sug_transpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR036695; Arg-tRNA-synth_N_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1345622; Slc35a1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1916579; Cfap206.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923596; Rars2.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   RFAM; RF00560; SNORA17.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q61420; S35A1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AT40; A2AT40_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AT41; A2AT41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6R7Y0; F6R7Y0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Z4YM47; Z4YM47_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-76M15 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..188568
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-76M15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    104178..104182
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    138873..138888
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads and dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    160746..160794
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    181838..181845
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig119493, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    181846..181846
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 200bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    181847..181948
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    182084..182158
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig79369, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 188568 BP; 55869 A; 39450 C; 39041 G; 54208 T; 0 other;
     aggcttgcta gatgccccag tataggggaa ttgagtgcag ggaagacaga gtgggtgggt        60
     gagtggagaa acaccctcat agaagcaggg agaagggagc tgggaaatgg ggtttctggg       120
     aagggggtaa ccaggaaagg ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tacccattaa       180
     aagggggggg ggggaataaa gctatagaga aacgtttaat attcatacac acacccccca       240
     gaagaaaagt tagttttctt cagtggcgtc tcattgggca tgttaaccac ccttgagggt       300
     aggccccaca gccagcagta gatggcctcc aaaaaatgaa ctcagtagga cttctgagac       360
     tttttgtctc atattgatgt gtttaggcat ttttttggtc ttaatggtct tttgagtata       420
     tattttgatc ttgtactttt gtgtctacat gttgtgcttt ttctttgtct tatttattct       480
     ggttttcttg gtaacctgaa aaaactactg ttaataaatc agatattttg tattatcctg       540
     aaatatgctt gctctaaatt agatattatt gatgaatatt ttaaaaaatt ataacataat       600
     ctggaagtaa tttatataca atttatacaa attcttctct atgcaattaa tgttaaaaga       660
     atctgaatta agatttcaag tgcaagaaat aagtattata aatttcattg aagatatgat       720
     tgttttaaga aagtagaaat aattaaatcc actaacacac tactgtttta ttattgaatt       780
     caaatgtcat taccctaaaa acacacagga agaagactaa aaaaacaatt gtagttttcc       840
     tcagttcttc tactagtaat gtagctaggt caatttcttt ttatctacag atacctgaat       900
     atataataaa catttacaaa gtatgtaagt caaatcacag ttgttttaat ttgtaggagt       960
     tttatcataa caagatattt tccactagta tcaatagcaa aaccagttta aaaaatatgc      1020
     acagatatgc atacatacca agaataagag cagctgttgg aatttctctg aatttcattt      1080
     gagagcccca gtctcttgaa tttttctgga attcaggatg ggacttctgc agaaagtcaa      1140
     ctaggttatc aaacagattt tcatttaatt cctcctgtaa ttgctgcaaa gaaaacaaaa      1200
     tttcatgagt tattagtagt tgtatttctt ttctttcctg gtgtagtttt taatttttct      1260
     tttccctttg aatgttcagt aattttagtt gatgagataa agcagcaata gagcaaccgg      1320
     gtaaaaaacc ccacagatgc caggcagtgg tggcgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg      1380
     aggcagagac aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcttg gtctacaaag tgagttccag      1440
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac tcaaaaactc aaaaactcaa      1500
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcccc acagatatca acacacaatg gccagcacaa actgtattga      1560
     aagggaagag aagaggggga aacctataga ctgtattaac acacaacaag cagaaacaat      1620
     gtattggaag gggacagaat gggacatgca cacatatctt gacacacagt gagcaagcac      1680
     acagtgtatt gagagggaat aaaagggcaa aatagctgaa agtgacaatc agaaaaaaac      1740
     tgtgggtaaa gttaatggga caggttgaag tttggggatt aaggcaggga gggataagga      1800
     caccaagcta caggactgtg agagtgaagg atacctagct accaaagatg gcctcattat      1860
     gcagacagtc tcccagataa ccaccattag aatgcatctg taacctaggt taagaagcct      1920
     agacaagagc ttgtgtacag tgtttcagca gagggctgga gctcagttcc ctccttgtta      1980
     actccaacca cagtgaattc aatgccctct tctgtggagt gtaaagtagt aaagacagat      2040
     gggaagcact aagagactgg acagcgggtg cactggaaaa atgcctcgtg ggtaagcgtg      2100
     cacgctgtgc aagcagaaag acctaagttg gaattcctag cacccacata aaaattgtgt      2160
     gcaactctca ttcaaaaaca agacactata gcatcgcgtc gcttaagccg aacgagcggc      2220
     tggcactgga gctgctgcca ttactatact gacgatattc acagccaata tgcagtaagc      2280
     tctaggccaa cctgagctta agactatgtc tcaagaagca aaccaaaaca cagcaaaaat      2340
     tggatgctag cacaaatttc gaaatggctt catttcagac ttgtgtaacc tcttaactga      2400
     atttaagagt tcaccacagt gatttttttt ttttcttaga aatgatcatg ttgcagcgac      2460
     gaaggccata cataacttta gaacatgaca catgttttac ttgtggtata taggctgtgt      2520
     ttgattgtac tttctcattt tctatatata ctcttataca tcattagata tgagaagtaa      2580
     atacaagact catactattt tattacagaa atgtaaaaag gaaattattc acctctgttt      2640
     cagatttcat ccgttgccat agcaagctat atgtttcaaa tcgaagttta ctgtcctcag      2700
     agtcaagttc ctcattatta aaataatcct ctaaaaaaaa aaaaacccag aaagtcaagt      2760
     ttttttaaca caataaaatt aagagactgt acatagagac aaacagcatg ggagagggga      2820
     ttaaaacatt ttcttttttt ttttcttttt ttggggtttt tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg      2880
     ttttggtttt ttcgagacaa ggtttcactg tatcgccctg gctgtccagg aactcactct      2940
     gtaaaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgctcaaaa cattttctat      3000
     gcctctatgc atccaaaaac tatgtatcta catatacatg tctcctttac atttggagaa      3060
     aaacaatata gtttatcatt tgtatttaat tttaaatctc aatttttacc ataatataaa      3120
     ggacatttaa aattttagag ttctatttct tactaagaat ctctaagcat tgacttgctg      3180
     actttcagtt caaggtaaac atcaatgttt tcatccatac catctttaac tttatcaaat      3240
     aatttttcat acttttttgt cctaatagtt tactccagcc tttgatttaa taagtattac      3300
     tttctttttt gtcttttctt ctctcttctc ctctcttccc ctccccaacc cttcccctcc      3360
     tgcccccctc tagcttttca agacagggtt tctctgtata ggtaatcctg actatcctgc      3420
     aactcactat gtagaggagg ctggcctcaa acttagagat ctgtctacct ctgcctccca      3480
     aatattggga ttaaaggtat gagccaccac catggccttt ttttccattt aattttttta      3540
     tgtatgagtg ctctgtctgc atgaacacct gcatgccaga agaggacatc agatcccttt      3600
     ataggtggac atgagccacc atgtggatgc tggtaagtga actcaggacc gtcagaagag      3660
     aagccagtgc tcttaactgc tacaccatct caccagaccc tttctttttt agaattcaat      3720
     cctattaaaa ggtgcatgca ctgccaagga aggcagaaga gagtgttgaa tccccttgac      3780
     tggacctaac aacagatagt tgtgagctgc ttgtggggcc tgggaatcaa ccccagttct      3840
     ctacaaaagc agccaatgct cctaacagtt gagaattatc tctgccctaa tatgtattac      3900
     tttatatagt tttaaaactg ttctctcctg tcagcctttc tgtcaaaata tccttattgc      3960
     aataattctg aaaaaaatgt gtatcaagga atatattatt ttgaaaattt aacgaatata      4020
     tttccagtag acataaaaac aaaagtccca gaaaacaact gttactctta tcctctaaca      4080
     gcaaatgtgt tctatttcac agtttactaa agtgactgca taacgtgcaa tgggttgggg      4140
     cctccaattt ggacacagca gaaatgtatt tatatgttga ctaccctacc tcctgttcat      4200
     ctcagatgtt ctcttagttg aacatcagtt tgggaacttt gttctattgt tcagttttat      4260
     ttccatacca attctcatcc tacagccacc aaggaatttt cctcttggat tcaaacagaa      4320
     tctagagtac agacgggcta gagaagcggt gcggcagcta acacacttgc ttctcttgca      4380
     gagggtctgg gcttgagttg gcccagcagg cacaccgtgc tcagccacct gcagctacac      4440
     ttccagggta gctgttacga tcctcaggcc tctgcagcag cgacccggaa tgcacacaat      4500
     ggacgtactc tcagaggcaa aatacacaca ttaaaaacaa aagatcccac aacaaccaaa      4560
     caaaaccctc atgctaggaa atgaatagtc atcttggcac ttctcaaaat aattaacact      4620
     ggcagagtaa ctgcattaag tcaaatgcat agactgagct ggtaaaaaga aaaaaaaatt      4680
     taatggttat aaaaattcat atgcaggcca aagacaaata taaaggcctg cattcagcaa      4740
     aagtactcaa agtttgaaga cagcacaggt cctacataac tagatgtatt tattttaaaa      4800
     gcatacttta aaacagtagt accttgttcc ttcactcaca tcttatgttc ctcaccattt      4860
     cctactttct gccaatcagt atttcactcc aatgtttgct tctttttata agacagaact      4920
     ttcactccgg catcctattg gaagtgctac gccttttgtt ggtaatctag aatacatgtt      4980
     cctccttata agagctgact tagttttcac aagtgtctta gttttgccat taaaatatca      5040
     agatggcaaa gttattatat taagatgcaa aaaaaaaaaa agagagattg taaaagataa      5100
     agcaaaagtt tgccttaaac agaaaaaagt cactgtattc tattggtggg taggatggtg      5160
     ataaaatgtt cagtagcaaa ctaaggcatg agttcacatg ttgagttgcc acagccaaag      5220
     tacacagtga agatgatcct cgaagctggg aaggcaccag caggacacca gcctatgggc      5280
     atcacttctc tcggtccttg aagtcaggtc acagtgagca acagcgagaa gagctgcaga      5340
     tggacactgc tatccaggct tccccctcag ctcagcttct atgtcagtgt gtatgttcag      5400
     ccctgccaca cagctgccag gctctcttct caatttttta ccaagttcta ccaactgtgt      5460
     tgttacgtgt gcagtcttcc ataatacact atcaggtggg agaatttacc agtgtttgct      5520
     tagggatata tctacatatc ttcaagtcag ggatatatgg tgggcaaaac ataaaccata      5580
     ccccttctcc aatcaaactg cttcaaatat taaaggtgaa ggtaactgct aaaaagtggg      5640
     atttatttcc ctcatgccat ttctttcaat cagtcaattc ctaaacactt ttgtctggaa      5700
     taaaacatta atcttaagcc agcacaatga aagaaaaatt aacagttcta aaacaatgtt      5760
     caaattatac tgtacacatg acatgttgat attacaaact gtaaataaac tttatgttat      5820
     cactgcaacc caatataaag ttctatgtaa acatttgcct cacattaaaa gagtgtatca      5880
     tacagcaacg gttagagcac gggtcaaagt cacagcggat gggttcaaat cctcactctg      5940
     atgtttacag cactgtaaga ctgagagaag tctttctatt gtcaggaatt ctcatatata      6000
     ttaatggaaa taatactaca ctccccacag ttagctgaga ttaaacaaac taaagtgctt      6060
     agaacagttc agcacataat aattgcttta atatactacc aaatttattt gttataatta      6120
     tattgctata ttgttatatt gtggtttcag atgtcattgt atggtatgtg tctttcatat      6180
     ataatgaagg aataaccttt tctttaaact actcctggta cactgaatca tctccaacat      6240
     taaagaaagt tacttattat cacttaagtt taagaagatg gggtgggggc tggagagatg      6300
     gctcagcagt taagagcact gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc tgagttcaaa ttccagcaac      6360
     cacatggctg ctcacaacca tccgtaatga gatctgacgc cctcttctga ggtgtctgaa      6420
     gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc ttaaaagaaa taaaaagatc      6480
     taggggaaga aaaataaaca aattggatgt taggatactt tacctattgg cacaaagacc      6540
     tttctttttt tgaagtctgg tttaaacaca aagcagccct gtttaaaaaa gaagggaggg      6600
     aaggaggaat aaagcataaa gtcaaattag gtacagagca ggcagattta attacccaca      6660
     tactctatca acaagcaagt tctttaaagg ggaactggag tgggagatat agctcttcca      6720
     aaggtcatga gttcaaatct caggctcaca accatccatg aaatctgatg ccctcttctg      6780
     gtgcgtctga agacagttac agtgtacgta tgtataataa taaatctttt taaaaaaaag      6840
     aaaagaaaga atagaaatac agaagtggaa tagtcttgaa aaattcatca atttcatcct      6900
     cctcaatcat aagttctcac actttttagg acccattcta agtaagagat agaccttttt      6960
     ttttttaaag ttcaagtttc ataaacatta atgatgtgca ttaaaatgga ttaagttaaa      7020
     aacactcatt ccaagaggat tttttgccta attaactcta agtatctaca accaggatgt      7080
     ttcatctgac accttttctc aattaataag ctcctttcca tttatccatt acagtttggc      7140
     tcaaaactca tcgctcacat ctgtaatcca ctcaagacaa gagaactgtt atgattgagg      7200
     ctagcctgct ttatacagtt agaaaaccta ggcatggttt agacacttgc aatcttagta      7260
     cctgtggaga cagaaaatcc cttacatgag tttgtgtcta gcctggctat acaaccaaac      7320
     caaatcaaaa taaaccaagc cctcgtcttc tcaggagacc ctcctggact ctcttgccag      7380
     aaatgcttct cctgagatct caggactcaa acatctttgc tttatcttcc tggtaatttg      7440
     tgagcacact tacagcacag atgtatttta tatataacca cctcctcaat gtttataatg      7500
     tactaataaa taaatatatt aggtgaccag tacacagaat gaataaatac ttgctaagta      7560
     attttcctgg taattttcca actacattaa gtttgctatt attatttgtg accactgaaa      7620
     cttagctcct aattttttag ctgcagtgta ttctgccaaa atgaaagtta catttcatgg      7680
     acagtctctt aagacctcta tttatataga aaatgaaaga ttgggctggc gagatggctc      7740
     aatggataag agcactgact gctcttccaa aggttctgag ttcaaatcac agcaaccaca      7800
     tggtagctca caaccacccg taatgagatc tgacggcctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca      7860
     gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttta aaaaaaagaa aatgaaatat      7920
     tacgagaagt aaaatatgac aaaaaaaaaa gatcatctca gactactgtt aaacagcttt      7980
     gcaaaatata aagtagccac gtgggttaca tgttccaaat taagctgtac ctcatggtct      8040
     tacatttgca actagtaaag gtctatgaat tacttgtacg tatttctaac aagtgcatgg      8100
     tagcatgaca agcttattac tgcattcttt ccatatacac gttacagcca gttatagaat      8160
     ggatagtagt ataacaaata ttagcacaag gatatgaata taagcaacaa acattaatga      8220
     acagtaatgt ggctaaccac cttaaccatc agccaaaaaa tatgacaaaa aaaaccccca      8280
     acaatacttg atatgtttaa ggaggaaaat aaattaaaac gttggcagtt ccatgaattc      8340
     tggaaattgt ccttaaaggt tcttatttat ataatatttc tttcatgatt atcaacacag      8400
     atatttctat tagggcaaaa agaaaagtgc ttttctgaaa aaactatcat ctccaagttt      8460
     tatagaaatg atggcttttt gaaaaaaaaa aaaaattctc cttctctgga agggctggag      8520
     aagcagctgt ggtaaagctt ttgtgtagtg tgcacaaagt ccacattgtt acattcacca      8580
     ccagaaaaga gaacgcaatg aagtcttaag caacaaacag gattaggagt tagggcactc      8640
     aaaacatctg gaactttgta gccaaggaaa aataaaaata ggaataaagc taaaaaaacc      8700
     acaaaagtct ttaactagga actgggtatg gtggtgcaca cccttaatcc tagcacttgg      8760
     caggctcagg aaggcaggag agttcaagtt cagcctgatc tacatataga gttgcaaacc      8820
     gataaaggca catcgagaga acatgcctcc aaaaaattaa ttaaaccaca gtgtttgttc      8880
     tctttgaaat gtagtctttg ggggtactgc ttgtcattga ccattttaat caaaattaaa      8940
     tgtctggtgc accgttacct ttcatcacta acacacttct caaatgtctt aaccctcagc      9000
     cagaaccgta ccatgtgtaa agtgtctcca tttctgttga actgtgacaa tttctttaag      9060
     cggcagttgc gtttcttgga ctaaaatgac ttgcctttat atccttgtct tccctgctcc      9120
     atctcccctc aggaatgccc agttagaaaa agtgtatatc tatcacctaa acttcacaaa      9180
     ctgaggagtc attcgctgct tacctccagc aacaacctag tgggctgtgc gccaaaacca      9240
     gagagcattt caatgtcctc cagcgggttc accccgtaaa aacactgaag gggtctcact      9300
     ctgccccgtg ggccagagtt cccttcactg gctctgctgt gttgctgcct gcctgcctgc      9360
     ttgcctgcct gcctgattct gatgttaaca tcacccctaa cagacctgtt ataaaagaag      9420
     acagcccact tcagtgttcc cctgtagccc caattacgaa acctttcaga agtctgttat      9480
     ttcagcttcc ttcaggagtg tccttctgtt cttagaacag gagtcaagtc ttactttaca      9540
     aggcatagca gcacagacca atagaccttt cttttccatc tgctgccctg tttgatattc      9600
     ttgaaatatg gttgctaatg gtaaacttaa ttttaagtta tcttaattcc agatgtagcc      9660
     acaggctcct agggggcaat acaagcctag gatttctcct cttacaaact acaatttgac      9720
     tagcactcct ttgccatcga gtagtccaca acccctcaaa acactcatct gaattacatt      9780
     tttattctgg tttttcctaa tgctcctctc tccactcacg ggttaaactg ctctttttac      9840
     ttaatacgct cttttatttc tacattctaa ggcaaagacc atcttattct gctctcccaa      9900
     actaatgctt tatattttgc caagattctt atttttcaga ccttagccaa actgtcactt      9960
     tctccaagaa tttcctcggt ctcccagaaa ccttggttcg tccctcctct cttagaactt     10020
     ttctccttgc taatgagcca attcaagatc agctgcttat gagtatttct gggaacagaa     10080
     atctattttt gcctccatct gcatctcggt aacttaaagc acagtgtgaa tttatggagg     10140
     gggaagagtg ggggaagcgg caggacgcag cacattctgg gggcagccgc tctcctagcc     10200
     ttggcgccat ggcctagttg cccagagcaa agcttgcctc gaacccggac ctgggcaaag     10260
     ccgcccgagt cctgttctcc gcggagccag agctgatgcc catcaaacct cgtcggactt     10320
     gccaaacagg caccgcgaat ctgaggcgag cgccaccccc acgtacctta gacacggagg     10380
     aggtggccat agtccgcggc cccgtgtgca tgcgcactcc acacttccgc gcgccctggc     10440
     ggaagcagag gcgacttccg gcgcggaggc ggggcgtgcg ggaaagggag gcatggcgtg     10500
     tggctttcgt aggtcgatcg cctgtcaggt acagtccaga gcggcgagcc agcgggagcc     10560
     agggccggag ggtgcagcct aggccgaccc tgcctcctcc ttgcgctgcg gagtgggaag     10620
     atcctcgaga gccctgagtg ctcactgtct tctcatttcc cgttcttaat gctttaacct     10680
     gggcggactg tccagaggcc atgattagac cctgtagaaa ttaatgttcc tccttcgttt     10740
     atgcccttta tttgctctca tgaataacct ggtaggatat atctcgaata agaaattttg     10800
     tagcttacta aacctgtagg cgatgctctc ccgaggaaaa gctctaaatc cggacttgga     10860
     gaccattgga taaaatagat gatttaaaag gcatgctaag ggctgcggag atggctccgc     10920
     gggtgaagtg cctgctatac aagcatctgt gcctgcgttt gaatttccag aacctaggtt     10980
     gaaaaacctg catagctaag gaagtctgaa accacacttc tgagaggtgg aaacagaaac     11040
     cggtggctcc agcctctggt tcggtgagag tctgcctcaa ataaggtgga gaaagacact     11100
     tgacctgtac tcctcgcgtg tttagcgcag cctatcctgc ctggagtttg ctagtgctag     11160
     cacagactta ggcccgctgt ggctgggttg ttttagacaa ttctgaaaga tggtgcatat     11220
     acttcttagg tagttctgtg ggaattaagc tccagcctac agagatgact ttaatgtgtt     11280
     atctgtgtgt ctgtgtttgt atgttccttc atgaggacag gccacaggtt gcctgtgttt     11340
     cctccagtca ctgtccacct ttcccccctc tcccctaagg cagattttct ccccgaacct     11400
     ggagtttacc cgtttagcta ggttggttag ccagggagct gcaggtgtaa tggcaattct     11460
     gctgttagct gagttcattg catggtacaa gcaaaaaaca actgactgtc tgggaaagac     11520
     aaaatgcaag agagaaagaa gacagaggca gagtgaaact gtttttatta aggcaggcct     11580
     atcctccgga atgagggacg ggaaatccag agttggggag cctgtggctg gatgagggtg     11640
     gggaagggtg ccggtgtctc aggttttctc cattggctgt gcacgcccca ttggctcacc     11700
     aaagagatga tcgcaggctt ttatgcacag cttgctcaat taaggaagcg gccatgcttt     11760
     aaagaccctt ctctatcttt actcgtcctt tctagctgtt aaccacgact ctctgctgac     11820
     ctttatccca agaaggcaag gtctgtcctt agaccttgca ggtgttaatg ctcttaagct     11880
     cttggcaggc tctgtaagcc attagttaag ttagcctctg ctttctttgt tcttgtgttt     11940
     atgtgaccag cttttagttt taccatggca ggaaattaac acctgtcata accactgtcc     12000
     acacggatct ccggctctcc actcagaggg aagaaaggat agcagatgct gcggccaact     12060
     ttgactgact ggaccagcaa catgggttca cgtttcccca atctccatag ttccagtatg     12120
     gatgcagttt cgtggagcag cagaacaaag agtgatatta gtaaagcaaa gcatttaaaa     12180
     aatagattga tggcaccatc agcgaggctg gttacagcaa gatgagggta actcttctgt     12240
     agaccccggc tgctctctga caacactctg acccctctgc ttggtggaaa actagggttt     12300
     ttttgttagt acatccccaa aaggttatct gtttgtcagg atgttaactc ttgcttgtag     12360
     tagcatgata ttaggtccaa aggtgggaga cactaatgaa attaattagg tcccagatct     12420
     gcactatcca taactctcca cagtcgtcga agttttagtc agtcagctac tacagacaca     12480
     gcttattttc aggaattctc actcacatta ccaatacatt tagctgcagt ttttcttggt     12540
     tacctatgcc agaactcctt gtctgtggga cagcctggag tggtttcctt cctaaaatag     12600
     gaacaaccct tctttattta cagtttagct cctataactg ggcaacattg tcttacatta     12660
     gttcctcaag gaagccaact ggcctgctgg aactggctca gccctgtcct ccttttttat     12720
     gttaaaaatc attcagtgta tttttctcgt atacccttcc cccctcccca ccctaccatt     12780
     ctccttatct ggtcctctca tacccagatt taggctcttt tatttatcat ccctacctaa     12840
     taccccagct ctctgcagca ccagcactgt aaagtcacaa acacgtgtcg ccacactcag     12900
     ctcttaaagt gtgctagggt tctgaaccca gtcctcctgg cattcacttg gtgagcactt     12960
     taccatagca agcagcaagc agagttccag ctctggtggt tcaatctcct tctctctcct     13020
     tctctctcag tgcatcccca cagtcccagg agtcatctct caagtatact gcttgcacca     13080
     aagttccaag gctgggcttc acaactctgc attccagcta gttgtggttt tctgtagtca     13140
     tctctggctg cttaacagag ttctctctct ttcgtgtgtc acgtgtccaa ggaataacta     13200
     aatcctataa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg     13260
     cctttcacca aaaattactg aaaacctgga aatgtctgta ccactaaatt caacacagtc     13320
     atgaaagaag cttcctgaaa atataaatgt acccatttct gcttacttat tatttatgtg     13380
     ctaaggacca agccttgctc ctcatatgta ccaaaccagg ccaagtggct ggtggtttat     13440
     cactgagtta tcctatggcc tttgctttgg tttttcctta attttgattt atttctttgc     13500
     tgcttctctg atgagtaaac ctttaataga gtttgggcct ggggattaga tattttttcc     13560
     ttaatattta cttgtttcta ttaaatgcca taatttttaa atctgttttg tttgttttta     13620
     tagccacgat gcttagaata ctaactggta cagactagct attcaataaa tattcttttg     13680
     atgaaaatca tcttttgatt ctcattgatt catatcttct tttttgaata tacgtgttta     13740
     aatttgacaa atataaaatc cattgaagga caagcagcct cctgcttgct gctttataat     13800
     caaaccattg catcatattc aagccctggc agccacagat cttacttcag tcagagagtt     13860
     ttgtgtttcc tagaatatca gatatgttga atcatactta ataccttctt ttatatgggt     13920
     tttacttatg atgtatttga ggttccttct tattaagtgt gttaatggca tttctttatt     13980
     gctagtaata ttccattcgc tctggaatag atggatcaac cattttatcc tgttttattc     14040
     tttttttcct tttagctttc cagagtattg gctcttccac cagaaagctt gatcaagtca     14100
     atatctgctg ttccagtttc aaaaaaagag ttaagtatgc ttgtagtgat ctcaaattgt     14160
     tgaatttgtt ggcaatccaa ttttattcaa ctcttaaatt tacagagtcg tccttaaagt     14220
     taggattcat tatattcaac ttattataat tagggtcata aaattccagt tctattttaa     14280
     gtattccgtg gtacatgtaa ctatcctttt gttaattgtt ttcatatttg tttatgctag     14340
     cagtaattat gtcagtctga tctgattgga acgttagaga ctgtgtaatc atctgatgct     14400
     tgagttctag tgtaccatac ttactctgcc tctttggttg tgttgtttgc ttgacttcat     14460
     ttgaagactc ccaagtgata gagaattatt gtttagggtt atataaaatc catattgttt     14520
     tcttaggtac agggaaaaaa taatcttttt ttatattagt ctcatcattt tatcattttg     14580
     gcaaaatatt ttagtgcttg gataaaatgt agcctaccca tggatgtatt atcttgggcc     14640
     acgggatcaa aatgttcaaa aaaagaaatc acatctgcat taaatctaaa caaggttatt     14700
     tttttatatt atctctgaaa caatacactg ataacaatat acttatgatg catttgcatt     14760
     gtagcaggag ttacagcaag ttaggggtgg tttacagtag ggggtgcacg gagggtgact     14820
     agacatatgc aagagtcctt gagctcctgc agagtagtaa gaaacttgac acatactaga     14880
     ttcttagctc taaggtttaa agatggaata taaaattctc agtattaatg tatcctttgt     14940
     tccctgaatt ttgttagaac tttcaggtga gagggagagg tgagtattcc tcttttcatg     15000
     ataaagaaga aataaataga aagaaaaggc acagactaga gactactgat aatcttacta     15060
     ttttcagttt tgaaaatagt gaaaatgggg ctgggtgtgg tgggggatgc ctttaatctc     15120
     agcacttaga agttagaggc agactgatct ctatgagttc aaagatcagc ctggcctata     15180
     taatgaattc caggacagtc agagctgtgt aaaggcctgt ctcaaaaaag gaaaaaaaaa     15240
     aaaaaaaaaa aggaagaaga agaagaaatt aagagaaaga aaaaagaaag aagaaggcct     15300
     gctttaaaga aatctgtatg tcaattactg agcgctacca ctgtgtgcat agggctagtc     15360
     ctcagcattg gattgtgttg taactactag atttcaaagt atagctatta catcttttaa     15420
     aagacttgtt tttcccacta atttactgtt taaaacaaaa gtgtaccagg cagtctagtt     15480
     agaaaattca ggacactttc cccttggttt tgaaatgatc cacacaaggt agttattgac     15540
     aaccatgctg attaacccaa ttggaagttc tttttattga tggccagacc aagaatggct     15600
     tgtgactctg aaaaaagctc ttgagcttaa ggtcaggggg gtatcatttt aaaaacaaag     15660
     ccatcattgc tcaaggagag agagagagag agggaggggg agagagagag agagagagag     15720
     agagagagag agagagagtg tctgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttttac     15780
     tagccacgtc tgacttcttt acaagaccca gcagtatctt cctggcaggt actacataat     15840
     ttgcttggac catagccaat gccatggaca gtctcagaaa cggtagcaag ataaatgtgg     15900
     ccgtagaagg ctgagaagtg atcaggcaga cacagaatac catggggacc ggatggcttc     15960
     accttaatca tttcaattga aaataaaaca gcacatgtct gtttatattc acttttgttg     16020
     ttgtttgaaa cagggtttct ctatagcctt cattgtccta gaactcagtc tgtagatcag     16080
     gatggtctca aacacagaga tccacctgcc tctgccttca tagcattggg attaaagaaa     16140
     tgtgccacca ctcccagctc tgttaataat tttttaaaag actttctttt tttttttttt     16200
     tagcagcata tgattcttac tttgagtctt tctggatgtt tgcgagccat gcttgtaaga     16260
     ttgaagtcct agttaatcat ttataaagaa cgctaggact atatcaagaa agtataattc     16320
     agtccttgat ctactcaatt ccctatcatc tcaataacaa tagagctcat tacttttact     16380
     ttttctttat tttctctgac ttttaaaaat ctctttttgt tgcttctgtg ccactttatg     16440
     ctttattcct gttttgctaa gtgcatttct ttagttgccc atagattggt tcaaatactt     16500
     gactaaatta tcaaagactt agatgaattg ctacaattaa attttgtttt ccaaaaatgg     16560
     agtgggtcat catataccca gcaaagaata atcttagaaa acacaagagc acacttgcca     16620
     accattttag tatagaaagg acaaagagaa aacttccccc aaggtgcaag tgttggtcat     16680
     gtttgatatt ctgtttagca tcagatcaat gactaacata atttataacc gagatgttgt     16740
     ttctcaataa ccttataaag tacataccat tgttatcatc attttactga ggtaccaaga     16800
     tattgagcaa tgtccagtat tgcagacata aattggtagg taaacttgaa tttgtggtta     16860
     cagctcaaac atcagtttgg attggtaaac agatgttgta ctaagttgct aggtgatgaa     16920
     ttaaaaccca gaaaatggcc aggcacggca gtgcacacct ttaatcccag cactccagag     16980
     acagagagag gtagatctct gagttcaagg tcagcctggt ctacagaatg agtactagag     17040
     tagccaaggc tatataaaaa aaaaactctt tctcaaaacc aaaaagaaaa aaattagacc     17100
     caggaaattt cattgggttt ttaattaatt ttttatacaa tgcaattttt attttttgga     17160
     ttataatttg attatatttc tcttcaagtc ctcccttact tccctccttg ctctccttct     17220
     gtctcatgcc ccttttgtta gttattgcat agcatgtaaa taaggatagg tacatacata     17280
     cctattccta aatataacct gctcggctgc atggtgctag taagtgtata tgtatacata     17340
     aatattttta aataaaatgt gttctgtggc attgtactct tccctaggga aggctacctt     17400
     tcccgttccc agctcttctt acttggctac agccctttgt atagagttaa gacctcatgg     17460
     gcttttctcc gttcagtttg tcatatctgt tgctgtcatc cttatttggc tcatgtttgg     17520
     tcagtcatgt cagtgaggct ttatgtgtgt agcttctgac attactagga gacaatctca     17580
     cagcgaactc tctgaccctc tggctcatac tctctttttg ccccttctgc aatgttccaa     17640
     ccctgcgcct ttcatgcaga agtgttttgt agatgtattg ggtggaactg catgtaatac     17700
     atttgatcac gttttttctt ctatccaatt ccccagatcc tttcccatgt cccatggtga     17760
     gcaggggctc ccccaacttt atgttctgtc cctgtctctc taaaaaacaa aaacaaaaca     17820
     aacaaaaacc aacaagacaa aaaataccaa aaggaaacaa gaatcacaga agaaaacctc     17880
     ggggtctgtt ttgtgttggc atgggcctac cctgtattgg ggctgctgta cccagtgaca     17940
     ctccattggg gtttccctct gcagaaggtt tcagttgata tagcttatta gtatttgtgc     18000
     ccacctccca agaaacttca taacggtcat ttgagcttaa gttctgtaat gtgatgtcga     18060
     caagaagccg tataggactt ttaggtgttc ctctgtgtca gcccgtgtgc cctccttgta     18120
     tattctttta tgagagtgac acatgggcta gacaagcaat ggcataactt gcttagctct     18180
     cttcactagc tctctgttga ataccagaag atgccagtat atgtggttgt gcagttatta     18240
     aataatctga attgtcacac ccacagaaaa ctctgtagag atatgatgag ccattcccag     18300
     gtacctgttt aaactgagaa gtctttcttt tttttttttt ccagatttaa gtcttttcct     18360
     tgtggtaagg ttaacctgat ttttgttttg tttttctcag tgaaactaca aattctgttt     18420
     caaagactgg gtacatttcc aggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcactctgg aggcagaggc     18480
     aggtgaatct ctagtctgtg tgagttccag gacagccaaa gcttacagag aaaccctgac     18540
     ttgaaaagcc aaaccaaacc aaacaaacaa acgaacaaat aaacaaaaag acacaaacag     18600
     acaaccccat tttgctcttg ttatttggaa ggttatatac aaacatttca aatggagaaa     18660
     cagcttcata gtagatgtcg aaagacttgg gcttttatga atctgcttac tagttgcact     18720
     tcacttgcca gatatctttg tctgtttcaa agataaactt aggtaagaat tttataaaat     18780
     aaccaaagac ttaaaagtta taagtaaata aaaagttttg tatttcttga cttttcattt     18840
     caaaggtatt cataaagaac acacaggcaa tgtttctata acaattcttt cccatttcat     18900
     gttaatcttt agagaggtgg cagattttca gctttcggtg gattccttac tagaagacaa     18960
     caatcacaag tcacaggtag acactcaaga ccaagccagg agattggcag agaaggtatt     19020
     gtatctctaa attataataa gcttagcatt taaagaagag ccgagctcta caggcagcct     19080
     cagctataat gaactaaata caatttcttt gttaagacat cttgaaaaat actatagttc     19140
     attgtatcct gtgaggctta atggttttca aagtagttgt aaagaattcc tttggttgta     19200
     gtctactttc tgttgctgtg gtaaatatga ccaaaaatga cttagagagg aagaggttta     19260
     tttgcctagg taacggcaca tcactgaggg aaaacaagac aggagcttaa gcagtaactg     19320
     aagcagatat cctgaaggaa tgcttgctgt ttgcctctcg ggcccctgct tagcttgcct     19380
     gtttatacaa ctcaggccca tttacctagg gatgccaact gcagtgggct ggaccctcct     19440
     acatcagtca aagtgtttca cacacatggt cgtgggacag tatgaacagt caggttcctt     19500
     tcctaagtga ctaggtttta gttggttttg ttttttatta gccacaggac tgaaatgtta     19560
     attatatttt atagattgaa attgtataat ttttctttgc ttggttggtt tggttttagt     19620
     tttccaagga aagatttctc tgtgtagccc tgactatcgc tctgcagacc aggttggcct     19680
     tgcactcaga gatccacctg cctttgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcttgac     19740
     catcacccgg caaaactgta taagctttta aagacagatt tgcttgctcc ccttgagttc     19800
     cagcttgagt tccagccagt tgtgagtgct agcaatagcg cccaggtcct ctgaaagacc     19860
     agccactgaa tgcttctaag atccaagcca tctccccagg cccctggata aaggcttgaa     19920
     tctaggaaaa caagcatgat atattagaac agtgggttgc aattttttaa agtaagtttt     19980
     tgagaagagc attaaaaata tgaggagaaa taatgtatat ggaaagatca cagagaagtt     20040
     gtagctagat gattttgtac acattctgta tttttaagtt ctttctcata ggttgagtcc     20100
     attgagtgaa tgaccaaatc taaactgttt gcttcagacc ctgacatgaa gcatgttgga     20160
     aaactttttg tttgtgttta attttatatt aataaggtta tatgttgctc aaagaactct     20220
     aaaagattga aacagtaaaa atcactattg ggaaaatatg tgtattaaaa attactgcta     20280
     aaggagcttt ggtaacagta atactaattt cagtataaaa tcacttgttt ggggtttttt     20340
     tggttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttaagtcag gatgtatacc aggagtaaaa ttaattataa     20400
     cacttaacca ctccatgtct tttaagttct cagaaataga gattggtgct ctttagtgac     20460
     agcaggcatt gtgagttaca tagactacca aagggtttga atgaacacac gcagggcaga     20520
     cagtctcttt aaggcttcag tctgtgtgtt ggtgcaagtg ctgtagcagt gggtcctgac     20580
     acgatgtcct acttgtggct ttcataaagg tgaaaaagat aaagtgttca ctgtatgaca     20640
     gatggggaaa tttaaagaga aggaacagga aaggggggag agagactgaa cagcattttt     20700
     gtgaggaaaa aagaaaagaa aacatgtttg tgtaagaatg gcgggacaga aaacactgtc     20760
     taagcccctg gccccaccgt aatgcctgag aactaattca cctgctgctg tcttgtgagc     20820
     cagtttcatg ctgctagaac cacgtgtctc atcaggtcgg ttctagaatg taacctgctt     20880
     tacacgattc attatttttc agcttaagtg tgatacagtg gtgacagcca tcagtgctgg     20940
     cccaaggact ctaaatttca aaataaacag agaattatta acaaaggtaa gcatggatta     21000
     tagtctagtc tttgtgcttt ctcgctgtgt tagccacact gatcttccag ctctggaact     21060
     tgtttagtct ggactacagc cttaagttaa tatgcttcaa gttttatatt attttcttgg     21120
     tggttttcct tttctctctc tttttttaac tgccactgtt cagctccaca gcctctgata     21180
     tgcttaagca agcgctgtag cactgggcta cttggctagc cctgacagtc agtcacctgc     21240
     tgaccttagg gcggttgcag ctctgctagg ctcttcctta cagcagtggc ctctgctatt     21300
     ttaggcttac ttgaccaatg ccacgtgtgc tttcaactct aactcacttc agggtttata     21360
     gcgtctgtct ttcccaccat tctgtctcca tgttttcaca taatggctaa tgcatcatag     21420
     ataccagatg aataactgtt tgatgaatga atgaatgtgc tctatgttaa gagaaatacg     21480
     ttggtttcta ctctctagta atctataatt tattggaagc ataggcatca gctggagaaa     21540
     tcgtgatgta gctttttctc ttactaaaac agtgagtatt aaagtaaaga ccttaagtca     21600
     agctcatttt gttcactgtt ttaacattat aatgcatact ttggcctatt tttggcatac     21660
     tcttggccat gtttttaaag aaatatagct cactgttagc ttgttgaggc atagtaaata     21720
     tggtagtctt gaattgcaaa atgattataa agccaaaagc tctctgtccc tgttctaagt     21780
     tacaattgga gaaagatgta ataggcttag caaaagcagc cgggggtctg ccggactgtg     21840
     ctcgactgac cacagagcag cttcccagaa gtccccacac caacatctct tatctgacct     21900
     acgagctgtc ttaagcagct accgaagcaa gcacaacctt tataagaatt ccaggtttgc     21960
     caggaacgtc ttatgactaa ggtcaggcaa aggctctgaa atgcccaagg aagaacttcc     22020
     cataaatctg acataacaat tactgcttat ttacaagaga tgacgttcaa ggctgagtgg     22080
     tcatccctcc agagtaaagg ccagctggct cttgtgaaat tctgctacgt ctctgactgt     22140
     ggactctctc aagggttttc tttttagatt tatgtatatg agtacactgt cactgtcttc     22200
     agacacactt gaagaaggca ttggatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgcggtt     22260
     gctgggaatt gagctcaggg cctctggaag agcagtcggt gctcctgagc catctctgca     22320
     gccctcaagg attactttta atctcacacc tttgctcctc agtccttaat gcttctgaat     22380
     agagttggtg cttttcagat cgttgggatt ctattttttc aggcatcttt ttttttttca     22440
     tgttccagcc ttttttttta attagatatt ttcttattta cattttaaat gttatcccct     22500
     ttcctagttt cccctccaaa aatcccctcc ccattcgtcc tgctccccaa cccacccact     22560
     cctgcttcct gggcctggca ttctcctata ctggagcatc gagccttcac aggaccaagg     22620
     acctctcctc ccattgatga ccgactaggc catcctctgc tacatatgca gctagagcca     22680
     tgagtcctac tatgtgtttt ctttgattgg aggtttagcc tcaggaagct ctgtgggtac     22740
     tggttagttc atattgttgt tcctcctagg gggatgcaaa ccccttcagc tccttgggtc     22800
     ctttctctag ctcctctatt ggaggccctg tgctctatcc agtggatggc tgtgagcatc     22860
     cacttctata ctagtcaggc actggcagag cctctcagga gacagctata tcaggcttct     22920
     gtccgcaggc tcttgctggc atatgcaata gtgtctgggt ttggtggttg tatatgggat     22980
     ggatccccag gtggggcagt ctctggatgg tctccttcct tcagtctgct ctgacctttc     23040
     tctctgtaac tccagacttt cagtcatcgt tcattctgaa gtaagtcaaa atccaaaatg     23100
     tcacagatga gacatttgtg ttaagccgta cctacagcct gctagtgtac ttgtctccca     23160
     gggtctacta cacttccctg cagggcccca acatacagcc aaagccagcc tcaagtacag     23220
     aattcttttg aaatcatccc acggcaattc actgacttta tcattcatca cttttaaatg     23280
     atgcttttgt agttattttc tgatttatgg aagtggaaat gaatcttgcc aaatatgctt     23340
     ttctatactt ttagcccttg atagcaatat tgtccttctt ttgtttttcc ttagtttgga     23400
     gggggagggt agaattttac ctttaaaggt actttagcta aaagagataa ggtgtatact     23460
     tccaggaaaa atgcatgttt gtgtaataat ttaaaatttc aatggccatg gacttttact     23520
     ttatttcagt taaaaaactg taggatttta tcagttgtat tagctactac aaatatttcc     23580
     atggctgggt gaggtagaaa atccatgatg gtgtaaagag ctcttatttg ggttccacac     23640
     ttaacgcttg ccaataactt gaagtccttt gtgggagaat ctgtaacatc tactggtgca     23700
     taattcagtt actagggaga aaagaaaaag atgatttaaa tcaagctata tatatgattt     23760
     atttatttta tgtatgaata cactgtagct gtcttcagat gcaccagaag agggcattgg     23820
     atcccattac aaatggttat gagtcaccat gtagttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc     23880
     tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccagccctct atttgcattt     23940
     ttaaaaatgc agataaaacc ttattttctt agatatatct aaaaaatcca tggtgaataa     24000
     aatcacattt tttttttagt ttacaaatcc aattttgcat gctctactaa caggagaaga     24060
     aactgctttg tgacgtcagt aaataagttt tgcctatagg tagtgaatac atcaagctgt     24120
     atttgtttta taaactcata gaaatagtga ttttactact aacgaactga ccaggcaagt     24180
     tggtagtggc aaattcctta gagtcctgtt gacaggcaaa agagaacagt caacccatag     24240
     agttagaaag gagaaaagac ataagtcttg cataggaagg acaatagcaa acagagtagc     24300
     agccagtagg tatatccctc gagttccttg agctccaata acagaaagct caaagacttc     24360
     atttctgatt aaaacctttt atgcatgagt atttacatga gtacagctta cactcaaaca     24420
     tgcatattgg taaatatatt agattctagt gctcttatct tttagaacac aatggaacaa     24480
     taacacctcc tagacagttt gaagttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttcatttgt aactgatagc     24540
     ttctagaaaa gagaaagtta gttttcttca aaggtgtggc ccctggtagg ttgaacatgc     24600
     tctgctggat gcccacacac cagagaatgt acaggtagca ttacttagac tcatgggtta     24660
     aaaaacaaga cagtgaatcg gggccttact gtgcagtgta gcctagccaa taactcaggt     24720
     tcacctgtcc tggccttcct tctgagttgc tgggtttaca agcatgcacc acctgcctta     24780
     cctcatttct tgactatttt aactaattct tgataataaa attcttgccc cagatgaagt     24840
     tggcaataca aatccaacaa gagtaaaaat aatactttat aacagtagtt tcaaataaaa     24900
     aattgggggg ctggagagat ggcaccaagg ttaagagtac ttgctctcgg aggatccaga     24960
     tccaattcct agcaccatct gtggcacaag ctcccaggga ccctgcctac tcttttggcc     25020
     tctgcaggca acaggcaccg tgtggttctc tagtatacat gtaaacactc atacaaataa     25080
     aaaaattaaa attacacata actaagagaa tcttttaaaa acaaatagaa acctgtatga     25140
     aaccatgcat tgtaacctgt acagaaatga actctgaact atgctgtagt tttgtgttac     25200
     taaataaacg ttagcttaga atatgttata gaagtttctg tcaggtttca tcttccatct     25260
     gtagagccag caggcatttt agtacatatt cttatgtaat tacatattcg ctagctctac     25320
     ttggtgtctt gagttagcac agaagcaaca atagcaggca cgtagtaact taacacattc     25380
     acttgactgg gagaagtttt gctatttgac ttctaatcgc ctatgtccca ggctggcttt     25440
     gaactagagg tgatgccagt gatgaccttg gatttctgga gtgctggagt tggaacacag     25500
     agatctgtac attcaaggaa agcactctta tcacctgagc tattatgacc ttagggaaat     25560
     taacctctgc tcttctttct agttaatata aaaaccctcc tcactgtctt tataacagtc     25620
     ttcactcagt aactgatttg accctgcttt tggctcaggt attactcttc ccatggaact     25680
     tttggcagtt agcctaacct cacaaagttt caagttccgg gtctttaagt gccatcaatg     25740
     gttactgtac tgttgagtgg gttaaatttt tagtcctgga gtagcccatc acactcacta     25800
     tctcacattg taagtgctct gagaggactt agtgatactg atactagagc tgctgctgac     25860
     agctctatac agttctaaga aggaactagt taacatttgg ttttcagtaa tacactggtt     25920
     gggaatattt atttatttat ttattatctg taagtcccac tcctgttttt tcaggcagta     25980
     ttgcaacaag ttactgaaga tggctgtaaa tatgggttaa aaagtgaact tttctcagat     26040
     cttcccaaga agaggattgt ggttgaattc aggtgagtga ctgttgctct tttgtgccga     26100
     ttggcccagc tgacaggacg gagactgtgg tgatagagtt ttcactgaat taggcatgga     26160
     aagttgaaaa tgagcgacat tatgttatct tgttaggatc tttgtggatc ggtcaccaaa     26220
     ccatgaataa aaatgacaaa aatcaatagt ttatgaatcc agtatgggtt tgccttttcc     26280
     tttctttgca caggatctcc agtgtcccag gctggccttg aactgagctt gtacctcctg     26340
     agtgctgggt ctgtaggcgt gcgccaccac accacgttta tgcagagtgg gttgcaactc     26400
     aaagacttgt tcctgcaaga gagttgcatg ctacagctgg agtgggagtc agttctcccc     26460
     tctgctttta tttgggtgct gagaattgac cacggattgc caggcttgct tcgcaaacca     26520
     ctttactgtc ttgccagccc aattactatg gtttgtttgt ttttgttttg ttttgttttt     26580
     ttaagaactc atctttcact ttagttaatt tataaagcag ttcactactg tattaagagt     26640
     tttaacatga ggcaggcaaa tttctgagtt caaagccagc ctggtctgca gagtgagttc     26700
     cacgacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtttctaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaccaaa     26760
     acaaaacaac aacaacaaaa aaagagttta acatagtttg gataactcaa gaacaaagcc     26820
     ttgcaattat aattagattt tttttaatta acagaaaaat aactttaagg attttttggt     26880
     tttaattttt agtttctatt gtatatgtga ggtaggtcag gttcataaat atggtgttgt     26940
     gcacgtggcg gtcacaggac acccatgggt gtatgcctag cctaccttgt ctgagaacag     27000
     ggtttcctgt ttgcctctgt gcttcactag ttggcctgtg tgctttcagg gattctccct     27060
     tatctacctc ctgtctgcca ttggagcact gggattacac ctgatagcac acccagtttt     27120
     tacccgtgct ctgagaatac aaatacagat tgctgtcatt ctgtgccaaa gatacactgt     27180
     ccaagtagcc cctgagggtt ttgtaggggt ttttttgttt tgttttgttt tgcctttctt     27240
     ttgtttttcg agacagggtt tctctttgta gctcaagctg tcctagaaat cactctgtag     27300
     accaggctgg tcttgaattt agaaatctgc ctgtctctgc ctcctgagtg ctggaattaa     27360
     aggtgtgtac caccatgccc ccaagttttt aatttgtttc tacatatctt cagataaatt     27420
     tctaatacat tataaataaa accatcgaat ccttaagctg tcatgaaata atcaaaactt     27480
     taaaggaaac attaataact aacatcgtca cagtatagct gactagttgg cagttaaagt     27540
     atttatcttc caaaagaaga atcttaatga actacgtccc catttagaaa gataaggctc     27600
     cctagagtcc cttttcttct tctgcattac ttctggggac agtatgagtg cacatgcatg     27660
     cacatacaca tgtcctatga aggccagatg tcagccttgg gtgtttcctc gggtggggtg     27720
     atcctccagt gcatccacct tggttttgag acgggttccc tcccttggcc tagaactcac     27780
     ccagtaggcc accgtggctg tcagttagct gtcaggagga cactgttctc ttcctcctca     27840
     gcactggtgt tatagcagca caccatcagc ctggcctctg tgcacgggtt ctgaagattg     27900
     gatccaggca gggccacatg ctgctcagtc aagcagcttt cctgactgag ctgtctcccc     27960
     tctgacattt taaaaagctg tgggaaatgt cttgtgttta ctacctcact tttgttcctc     28020
     aggtactttt taaaaactta ggtatgattt caaattggac agtcagagaa agggttttcc     28080
     aagttgcaca tgtactcggc acttagagtc taagggcaga cactggaaga cataaaaccg     28140
     tttataactg aggatgactg ctgagatgat tgccctgccc atagcgcagg cgcggatctt     28200
     ggtgcagtct gtgcaatgta atcatagcat ttaaaactga gtttagagat ttgtgtgtgt     28260
     gacaaagaga aagaggactt taaacaaccc ttcatactgg aggacaagac actaaggagc     28320
     agccctcgtc ctggtgggcg ggctgtgtgc tacagagctc acatgtgtgt tcaggaccaa     28380
     ggctgtggtg aagttttgca gggcagcaca ggcaagcctt gctggaaaca ctgcagagcc     28440
     atgatgtgtt tgatcctgaa cgggccttct gaaacttcta ctccaacctc tcttcccaag     28500
     aaatttaaat tttttaattt acatttattt gtttgtatat gtgtgagaga gcatttgtgt     28560
     gctgtgcatg cagagaggtc agagggcaaa tgtgggaatc acttctcctc tgaacatgtg     28620
     ggaactcagg tggtcaggct tgtcagcagg aatctttact gagccatctt actggccctg     28680
     cctaagaatt tttataaaac tttgagtgca taggtaaata aaatataaaa caggaatata     28740
     aattaatgtt tagtgatatt ataatttatt ttaaaacagt aatttacata aaacttaata     28800
     ctatgtgcta atttgcatac taatgtgaca aatacattta tttttataca aagaattaaa     28860
     ccttagctta atgtttagta ctatagaaca tagtctctcc agcactttta tctccttaat     28920
     cttaaaataa ttggtttcat aagtgtgcca tttctgaata tcaagactac attatggatc     28980
     acacagtcaa taattgttgg ttagaaataa ggtgattctt ttcaaattct aattcaccct     29040
     cactgttact gaattgtcag aagccctgct ccctatttat ggcattatct atgcattatc     29100
     tagttcattc tcaaagtttt tgttattgaa ataagaaaat attcttgcaa tttttgcagt     29160
     tcacctaata ttgccaaaaa atttcatgtt ggacatttgc gctccaccat cataggtaag     29220
     tgttccctca acaggaaata ctaaacaagc ctttggtgac gtggagaaga atgcggtgta     29280
     atggtcagag tttaaatcag aaggaaggaa aggaaggctc ccaaatgtaa atgtatatga     29340
     gcgtaatcct aagcaaatgt tgcactgaat tggaaaatgg gtttacagat taaaaaccac     29400
     aattgacttc aacaggaaaa gacatagaaa tcagttttca atagtatatg tgttgtgatt     29460
     tttgactgtt atccttatgg aaaactaaaa gaggtaaaaa ataaaaaatt gtcacaaatt     29520
     atttctgtgg gattggcaga aatatttcaa aattttttgt tcacatatgt tttgttttaa     29580
     ataaattcac tctcagcact tagtaatttt aaagactaaa aatttctata agaaatttta     29640
     ggaatactaa aactacttca taattgtaaa gcttcagtgt ataatatgct tttttaagtg     29700
     tgtgttgtgt gtgcgtgtgt tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgacag agagagagag ggagagagag     29760
     aaagagacca tgaactgccc acagaatcca gaagtggatt gaaccggaac cgcctggagt     29820
     ttgagttaca ggtggctacg agccacccag cgcgtgtggg aacggaattc tcatgctctc     29880
     aagagcacca agcatagcaa acacaaccac tgagccatct cttaggttct gccttctacc     29940
     tacttacatt gttttgcagt actgtaattc acaactcagc ttagaattat gcagtattag     30000
     aattggtgtt catttattaa gtatatagtg aggaagagaa caaatagcaa gacagagaga     30060
     gaaagagaca aaatggatgg tgagagagga aagcatgaaa cccaaacatg gtcaagtctg     30120
     atgctcaaaa cattcaaccg aaactcaact ggtaaattct ttgaagacag ccagctaata     30180
     gagctcccaa ctgagagtcc cctcagctga gacttgcaag tgtaaggaca agcagcagca     30240
     gccagaggga atgccaaatc agaccctcac cgcttcccgc tgaaccagcc tgggacgttg     30300
     agtggtcagc tcgagtttcc cgttgagcct gctgggtttt gtgtcacaac tccagcttct     30360
     ctttctttcc tatgagtgtt gtacatcaca ggatagactt ctgttggaga tgatctacct     30420
     tctagctctt tgcaaggcca gcgtttatac tcggggactg ctactcttcc ctccctgtca     30480
     cagagttagg gagccagccc attctcaagg agccagcgtg cttgggtctg cagtggaggc     30540
     agagacggtt tctcagtgag tgtgaacatt acatgacagt ttacaaatag gatgtacatt     30600
     ttcccccact taatgtagct ctgtttggca agaacaattc gctaagatgt gtgtagaaga     30660
     aactcttact ctgtaagaac tttcctaaga tcacatgaat aaagtatttg tggctgggat     30720
     ctaagagtcc aattaggagc catatacagg tacttaggtg tatttgtgat ataacagtat     30780
     tctaagaaaa gtagatatac aaagcagctg aaagagattc ttcctgctgg gactatgtaa     30840
     atttagaagc tgtagaccta gagatgctta caaagaagga agatgctgta attcacatta     30900
     ggctgtttat actttggatc ttgttgcctt gtgacagggt ctcgtttgta gcccaggttg     30960
     gcctagagcc actctgtagt ccagactgag catgaacttt tagcagtcct cttgcctcaa     31020
     actcccaagt gctgggatta tgactgtttg ccagcaagcc actatattta aatcagaaaa     31080
     tgatttatta tagaatctcg aatgacttgc aaagttattg ggaggactaa agagattttc     31140
     aattgtgctg gcatgagtga ctctgagaag tgtcccatag accaaggttg gtgaccacag     31200
     gagaacctgc ctcttctgcc attgcttcca tgccctagtg ccactgccat gatccagaaa     31260
     ctgccgctgt gcatgtcatg tcttctgcag tccattacag acaacagagg ccatgacata     31320
     gcctgtcttt cagtttgttt tagaggtctg gacacggtgc tagaacctgt attagcaggt     31380
     accactgaag aggcaggaga aaaacaaaac aaatgcccca gagtgtcata gctgcttgtg     31440
     tgtgtgtggg gaggggggga gggacaaaca aaaaaataga agtaactcct ttgccaactc     31500
     acatacaaag tgtaccctac tgtccaatct tagagggttt ctggaaccta attataagac     31560
     cctggtaact ggggaagaag atccttgagg ttcccagctt ttgcagtata tgaaggcagg     31620
     tagaaggctg agtagaacag acgctggaca tcagggctgt atcaacagga aatgcagata     31680
     aagggcatgg aacagcatgt gcccctaggg acaggcttgt ggaggatgct cttcagtgct     31740
     tgaaaagatt acgtcagcta cttggaaaaa caaccgtgta caggtcacgt tcttaggaca     31800
     cagacaaatt atatagtttt ctttaggatg gagcccgctc atgtggtatg tggtgcaggt     31860
     gcctacagag gctgagaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     31920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgagcacag gtatacacga ttgcaaagca tctgatccct tggagttaga     31980
     gttgcaggta gctgtgagct tcctgatctg ggagcttgga accaaacttg ggtcttctgg     32040
     aagagcagca agtaatctta cctgcgggcc atctctctcg ccccctgaat gccatattca     32100
     ttaattactg aggttctgtt ctcttaggcc cttgggatta gctaagaata gtgattaatt     32160
     tgtttctaag tgcccatagt gatactgatg aaaattctct tctcatgaca attatgggga     32220
     ccctttggaa taacatctct aagaaattcc ttacttcata tcttatgcaa gaaaacgcat     32280
     tatgaatgct ttaataggaa agactgagtt ttatttaata taaaaatttt atttagaaat     32340
     agaagtttta ttaaaagggt ttttctatct tataacttga taaaagagaa gtacaaagtt     32400
     ttaaagccaa aaatggataa actaatataa gactatattt tatctatgac taggaaattt     32460
     tatagcaaat ctaaaagaag ctttaggaca tcaagtaaca agaataaatt acattggaga     32520
     ttggggcatg cagtttggta agaatctttg acatgctttt cattttatca tatggcttaa     32580
     tctttcaagt actatgtcac tttgtcgtct gtatgaaatg tagacaatcc ctattggata     32640
     aaatatctgt gatgctagaa attgatcttg gggtctcatg tatacctaga acatgtacta     32700
     ccactaacct gaatctgcct atcaacttac atgttctata taaatctcac catataatta     32760
     attggcatat ttagagcagt acctaataaa ttagtatact taacacatac attaagcctt     32820
     taataaagaa cagtagcttg cttttattgg ttaaatgtag gaatgaatac acagagaaga     32880
     aataagtctc tagccatctt taaatctcat gagttccaac acctccccac ctcttcaccc     32940
     caccacgatc ctcccactcc cacccccagc ccgtcctagg agacttggga tctgttactg     33000
     tatgactgag tagcccagag aggaaacaaa gtgccatgcc ttagctttct cttgaactct     33060
     ccatcgaagt aggtggaggt ggaaaggaaa caggagggga agggtgggcc ccaaggagtt     33120
     acatgccata agtcatgttt attcagaaac actgtggttc atataacccg acatgaaggt     33180
     ttaaggggga caaggcaggt gaagttgttc atgttgggaa ggacggcttg cacactgagt     33240
     acaggcttta agatcgcgct atacagctat attctatgag agatatggcc tttgcatatc     33300
     accacattcc tagaaggcag ctcttctctg taaacgtggc gttttatcct tctgtcccca     33360
     agctcccaaa ataacgactc tgcgactcca attatattta cagatagctt ggctataagc     33420
     tttagttgtc ctccagctag ctcatttatt atcatcccct atgctattct aactgccatg     33480
     tggctggttc ctctgttcac ctcccaggct tctgtcctcc tccatgtgcc tgggcgaatc     33540
     cctgtgctgc tctctatcca ctgccagctg tcccacctcc tgtcttcttt ctcagctcat     33600
     tggccataag cttgttattg acaggtgatg cctataagag atactctcta cactcagcta     33660
     ggatttttgt tgtagcaccc tatgtgctct tttctccaca agacgctaat ttcctgaggg     33720
     aataggctat gccttaatta tttttgtatc cactcagtga tgaatggctc tgtttatagt     33780
     actaatagca aagctaagtg atgatgttgt aagccttctc caaaagcata aagtttccaa     33840
     agaagctttc tcataagagg ttcatcatag ccttctctta tgaatagtat ttcagttact     33900
     aaaaaatgtt tccagacctt aaaaatagaa gttaatcctg ttcacagtct gcacactatt     33960
     gaagacacag agagcatgcc ctctgtttca aaagtctgct gtcagttcac agcagctggt     34020
     agtcagaggt ttaaacttag ggtacaacaa tcaagacttc ctagctatcg tccactgctt     34080
     gttcttctga ctggtctaaa caagtcacag cagccgcagt gtgtgacaag tagtcatcag     34140
     attctggctg cagggtttac agtagtattt tcctagaaag gaattctgtg attaatgatc     34200
     tgccaacatc ccattccagc catcattgta gaattaatag tcttccagct ctcccatgtg     34260
     agagttggca catggtggct gtgcacagaa ctagcttttc aacaggtatc agactgaatg     34320
     ttaaatggag cagcctttac tttccccatc tttttagtcc acgcttcgca tctttccaca     34380
     ttctgcttcc attaccctga atcacaatca catttgtttt tcttttaaaa tacacacaac     34440
     tttacttacc tttctcactg ctctctagga tctagaatat tgcatactct catgtgcagt     34500
     ggcattttac tctgtgctga ctctcgttta gaaaaatgag cattggcttc ttatttcaga     34560
     aggcatacag ttcatggtgc tggggaggtg cgggacgggg agtagctggt catgctggtt     34620
     ttgcagtcag ggtgcagtgc aggtctgaga cgttcatctc cttatagaat tatacctgtt     34680
     tctcaccatg actcttctct actattttat tttgtaattt tttttattca ttcattatct     34740
     tgataggtct gctgggaact ggtttccagc tgtttggcta tgaagagaaa ctccagacca     34800
     atcctttaca gcatctcttt gatgtaagtt ggttagataa ccataataga gatttccccc     34860
     taaaggttga cttgaggaca cagttttccc tcactgtaca tgtaccctaa accagcctaa     34920
     ggtagataag cttttctata cttcatttct ggatatactt gaatagaaag tatctaagtt     34980
     ggattgttgt caagggcagg gaaacttaca ctgttgtttc aggagaggtg gatgtgcaaa     35040
     ccagttcaga ttgggggaag agaagattct aaggttccta ggtgcattgt tttgagagag     35100
     aagtgtgcat ataaaactat tatcctggat ttttgtcagc ttgtcacaag ctagagtcat     35160
     ctgaaaggag ggattctcag ctaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgc ctctatgaaa     35220
     ttgcctgtag gcaagcgtga ggggtattct cttgattaat ggtccatgtg ggtggcgcca     35280
     ccctgggcaa gtagttctga gatttataag aaagcaaagt gagcaggcca aaaaggagca     35340
     agccagtaag cactcctcct ccattgcttc tgctttagct cctgcctcta ggtttctgcc     35400
     ttgaagtcct tccctgactt cccctccgct gggctgtgat tggaatgagt aaaccaaata     35460
     aatcctttgt ttcccaagtt gccttgggtc agggtgtttt attacagcca tagaacctag     35520
     ctagggcaga aattgattcc aggaatatcc cctataggct cggccagcat tcctaactgc     35580
     agctgacgtt tcaagtccta gcagctcagc ttgatcctat ggtcctgtgg tgaaacagca     35640
     tacacagcag tcagggctgt tgaagagcct cctgttccat ccaggtccta cccaatgcta     35700
     gcagctttcc aagtcacatg gtatatgggc cagagtacca tacccaagtg aggaatatgt     35760
     tgcctccaaa ctctggttag gttgactaaa agtgttgtac ttccctcagt ggtgagaggg     35820
     accacatgga acaacttttc ctttgcttta gaaggaatac tcggcatttc catgccacct     35880
     agtaatgtat aaggcataat taaaggcatg tttgtgggct attgctgtgc cagacctgac     35940
     cgtgtgttct gaaggattat gggagtgttt gaaaatttga gctagaaaag ccgttgtcta     36000
     cttggagccc attaagctat tgtggaaact tagaagataa agctgagaaa ggtgttgtta     36060
     atggaggcct gcacttgaag cttcagaagg aagtttgaga attcctcaga gaatatcagg     36120
     agtactgttt attgtaatat tttgaattaa caatctgtgt ttctggtcag tgtggctttg     36180
     aggaatcagc tgtgattaag agacaagaat cattcagttg aagcattatt gttttactct     36240
     gccaatcaat tctggttacc tggttcatta ctgaggaagc caaggcagga actgatgcag     36300
     cggccatgga ggggtactgc ttactggctt gctccctatg gcttgcttgc tcagtctgct     36360
     ttcttatata cctaggactt cctgcccttg tcagtcatca gtcaagtcag tatcccacag     36420
     gtctgcctgt agctactccg atgagcacag tatctcaact gagattcccc acactcaggt     36480
     gagtgtagct cgtgttaagt ttacagagga ccagccagta cagtgtatca agttgtcagt     36540
     gggtcagttg tcctgatttg tttctattgc ctatcctcat caatatggca cctttaagaa     36600
     tacataattg tgtttaatca gtttttgctg gagatactaa gttgttttac tagaatgtat     36660
     gccatgtgta gcacatttga catgtggaga gtatcgaagt tacagaacaa cttttgggag     36720
     ttgactctcc tttcctcttt atttgggttc aggcaacttc attgcatact gcttattcaa     36780
     attcatggaa aaattcttgt agaatatagc agcaacctgt cataatatta ctagacttag     36840
     gagttataac ctgtgcccca acaagccagg tttggctacc catccttgat aagcccagtt     36900
     gaaagtcata ttaatagtga aaaataggaa tagatttatt tcatatggct acattggacc     36960
     tggaattaca gttgtgaact gctgtgtggg tgctgagaat tgaactcatg tcctatggga     37020
     gaacatcttc taactactga gccatctcca taacttcttt gttttaatta cttttagaag     37080
     ggctagaata agcatgccca tcccagtttg agatacaatc ttgcctcaaa cttattttgg     37140
     agtttctatt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgtttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtatag     37200
     ccctggctgc cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctagaactca gaaatccgcc     37260
     tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accacgccca gctgggagtt     37320
     tctattttag ttacttttct attgccataa aaagcacgac aaccaaagca atttataaaa     37380
     gaatttattt cagagcttgc ttacagtttc agagggtttg tccatgatca ttatcacagg     37440
     gagcatagca gcaggcaggc atggctgagc agtagctgag agtttaaatt ctgatccaag     37500
     gaggaggcag agaataaaag gttgcttgtg gtataggatt tgatttgatt tagttgcttt     37560
     ttcataacag ggtttttctg ggtagctctg gctacctgga attcattctg tagaccatgt     37620
     aaccttgaac tcacagagat ccaccagcct ctacctctgg ttcctgagtg ctgggattaa     37680
     agatgtgcac caccattgct tgattcatcc ttacaacttt caaatgacta atgtatctgt     37740
     attttttaca gatgagaaat gcagattttc acactagtaa gccatctcac atacttagcc     37800
     gtattgctga gctcaccagt tagaataggc tggctaacca gcaagagagc tgcctggctc     37860
     caatatccta aacatatgcc gtgacatctg tcttttgttg tttgtttttg tgtgtatgtc     37920
     ctctgcatct gtagtgtgat ggttagtgct gatcgtcaac ttgacaggat ttggaatcat     37980
     cctaggagag gagcctcctt gcacacctga gggagtagcc tctgactgtt cctatgagag     38040
     attatttaag catgtgaaca tccaccctat aacatccaca ttgctctgta ggattggctc     38100
     ctagactgca gaaaaaggag aactcttcct aaacacaagc tgtcatcttt ctgcttcatg     38160
     accgtggagg caatgtgacc agctcctgtt gccgtgaaca gtgaaccaca cgataagctc     38220
     ctctttccat aagatgcttg tatgcgggca ttttatcaca gccaacagga gtagcacatg     38280
     gcatcgactt ttccaactga ggtgtctccc tagcccctca gagcctgctt attcattacc     38340
     gcactgtgga gcatccgctg caaagttact ttacttatgg ctcctccgtg cctaggatgc     38400
     ttcccagtgt gctcaggttt agttcacagg gtttctgatg gctcgtctca gaagcatcag     38460
     ttagctgtga gtgtttcttg tcgtttcttt aaaagaacaa taataccctg aggcatgaca     38520
     cagcctcagt gtcaaacaaa cagtgagctt gtttgttcat attataactg tgagttccta     38580
     atgaggtaaa cattcaattg cattcaaaca cagaagacac aagtatatgc attaacgggt     38640
     ctaagatgcc aaccttatgc cacaatcatc tgtggcattt gtcaacttga caactcagca     38700
     ctgctaaaaa tgatcagaag gtggcattaa aaaccctgca ccaagaagtt aactgtgccc     38760
     aagtgactaa tggttccagt gacgtatttt aaaggattga gatacaaaag tgtttccact     38820
     tcccttactt tgtgctactt tataataaag caggccatcc caagagcggc aataatgagc     38880
     ttagtggaat ttcaaaacaa aagtcatatg gtgtttgcca attccaacat cagaactctt     38940
     gaaaggggaa ggttaatacc ctcttaagga agttggtaat gcttaagtaa tgcttagttt     39000
     gttctttatt agataaacaa ctgatttttt acattttgat gattgaagaa aagttgtgct     39060
     tttattctca aaaacactat actacagcac gctgtcttac tagcaaccac aatttaaatt     39120
     ttccttttta ttctctggaa tgtaaatgta cctaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct gtctctgaaa     39180
     ttcatacttt ctaaaataaa ggatttatat taattttaca tttaaatttc agaattacat     39240
     tacatgtgtg aatgaaagga aactaattct aaactgttga cttacagtta tttataggca     39300
     tactgtaaaa tggtaatatt tctatattat atactttaat aaaacatttg tgtgtatata     39360
     caaatagtaa tttggttatc accacttaac agatacttta aaatgtagga ggggtttttg     39420
     tttcattttg atttatattt tttaggaaaa tatttctaat atttttgaaa cattcacatc     39480
     aatagattga ctgtataata gattacttgt tttattttta ttaaaataaa attaccccct     39540
     ttcggctccg gtcttgcacg ctgcatgaga gaaagcatac tgtgatggtc cttttgtcct     39600
     ggcgctgctt gttctctcct ctcagtagat ccttttctgc tcatagataa tcatcatatt     39660
     taagcatata tgcctagtag atcaatcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     39720
     gtgtccccag tagaacatta ttcagtccta agcaatgagt tacatcattt tcagaaaata     39780
     gaatagaact ggagattgat ggttctatta agtcagacct gaaatgaata cagtttgaaa     39840
     atgagcatga ttctatgtat atttgtttgt acattatgtg tataatatgt ggtgtgtgtg     39900
     actcgaagtg accgtctgag accactcatg gatatatttg tctgttcctg tattagtgta     39960
     ttaatagcat ttgctcattc atgtctgctt gcttttgcct ttgggtgctg ggattagggg     40020
     ctccttgtca cacacccctt ttgtctttgg caacagtaaa atcggtttct gtgtaaatgt     40080
     tgttgctgtg gtgttctact actgtataaa ggtttagacg cctcattgtt ttgtagagtt     40140
     tttagcaatt tctgtgtctt tgtatagagt cactttagca gccttctgga ctcactcatg     40200
     tttcaaggtg ggagtgagtt aattacagct tctaagaaaa attccttgta gtctatatgt     40260
     ataactgcaa ccctaattga actatactgc tatatgtatt gttatgtatt aatagtatgt     40320
     tgtggatatt ggggaaaaaa tttaaactgc attagaagtg acccctcagt aaaccatcaa     40380
     cccctttcca gttggatata aaactaaacc aaggttggat tgtgttaaga accccctaac     40440
     tgctattcct tgtaatgctt aagagttgag attagagtgt acttaagctt tctaagaggt     40500
     atttctgttt gccatcatta cctgtttagc tggtcttttg tagattaaaa gaatagcttt     40560
     aaatcatttc attaaaagta gctcctgaac cacatatgca caggaatgga ctggggtgcc     40620
     cagggatggt agggtgggct cctgtattcc cccaacccac ccacccccat ggctcagctc     40680
     tttgctactg acaattcagg ggccagggag tcatcgccct caggtgtgta cctactcata     40740
     cactctgaac cagaacttag tagatgattc caggccagca gtcacacgga tgggtcacaa     40800
     acgtgaagca gaagtcctga atctgggaca tgtagagagg gatggaggtt ggtagtgggg     40860
     gagagacaga tgagggaggg gcagggaaag tgcaggcgga atatatataa aaacaaacaa     40920
     tgagaataat gtttaagtag ctgtgaaatc tcccattcat cttttattta ccgggttaag     40980
     ccatgctact ttgattagcc tttctcacga actttcaaaa agggtaagat gatttaaaca     41040
     aacaaaaaaa gatcccaaac tgtcagctta atgaaagagt tgaaaatgac gctttgtcat     41100
     gtggcctctt ggttaacttt ccatggggac tcaggattgt gtttggtttc ttttctgtgg     41160
     tgatacagca tataataatg tatttaatgt acttttaggt ttatgtacaa gttaataaag     41220
     aagcaacaga tgataaaaat gtaacaaaat tggcacacga gttcttccac cgactagaaa     41280
     tgggtgacac gcaggcactg tcactgtggc agagattccg ggacttgagc attgaagagt     41340
     acacccagat ttacaaggta ccctgcagtc tctgtgcccc ctttcctggg tcgcttggct     41400
     agtgctgctg cttacagcct gctgtgcaag ctcttactta agcatagatt ctagtttagt     41460
     tgaaaattca gtggaatgtc gttcttgggg tagagagcta aaataaaaaa caacccagag     41520
     cagtgccagg tcagcactac tcatagccct tactctctca aggaacttaa cttgtgagat     41580
     agtactggat gctgcaaagc aggctctgga gtacgtgggc acagtgagca gctgcatgga     41640
     agtggagcta gaggagcttg acagacaccc ttttcagggc tctactggat catacagact     41700
     tctggttctg taaccatcct cagtggcaca gggcccagca ggtgcccctg gctgcatgag     41760
     cacctttagt gtgactaagg aactaccaga gtaaatggtc aatgctgtcg acttctgttt     41820
     acaaagccat aaatacctgt gactactata ctgaacgaac gccagataca tggccagtat     41880
     gggtgtgtgt gtcattagaa agtctgactt ttatttttct gatctttgtg acagttggta     41940
     agacatcttt aattttgtct tagtgtaaaa caatataact aacatttttc ttgtatttct     42000
     aaatcttagc gtcttggaat atactttgat gaatattcag gagaatcatt ttatcgtgaa     42060
     aaatctcaag atgtcttaaa gttgcttgac agcaaaggac ttctgcagaa aacagcgtat     42120
     gatcgagtta ctattctttc ttcctttttc tttaagatta tgactcgctt tctgccctgg     42180
     aactcactgt agaccaagct ggcctcagac tcagagatct tcctgcttct gcctctcaag     42240
     tgctgggact aaaggcgtgc accacctctc ccagccccat gtgctgtgtg tgctggcatt     42300
     agtcaacgtc tgtgtgatag taatatagtc tctgggcttc tttgccatct gtcctctctt     42360
     gccaggggca gtcggtggtg cagatctttc ctctcagcac tggggaggca gaatcaggag     42420
     gctctctgag ttccatgaca gacagtcagg gccacatggt gagactccat agccgaaaag     42480
     gtccttttcc acgctgtgcg tggggaagca cgcctatagt ctgtaagcag gaggccgagg     42540
     tggaagagtc agcagtgcaa ggatggtctg aacagtctca aagaatgaga tgctttgtca     42600
     cgtgctgtat agcattttca ttgccaaaat tctcagctca caggggtaag ggaggcacct     42660
     gttaaagtat gaagtatgaa gaccatgtgg cctgcctcag cttacatcaa ttgatcccgt     42720
     gaagacagga agcagaacac ttttgtggct taatgttgcc ttcaaaagta tttaaggcac     42780
     cttatgaata ggtttgctgt aacaggcttt caatgagtga ggcagagaaa tcagggaata     42840
     gcaggaaaaa cagtgtgaag tcagataatg gtcgcacatc cttgttggca gtgttgcctg     42900
     gcatgtagta gaatcacttc ctttttgaga gacttgacaa acgacaattt tgtgttttca     42960
     tgttgttgtt tccatatgtg cattgtggac cagccaggtc aggtgcatcg gcacacatag     43020
     gtagctgtgg tgagaatgaa cgatgtacct agcacctcac attgtcagct gtgatgtgag     43080
     cgtcctaacg cacgtgagaa actgtcgttg gagttttcat tttcaccacc tccaggcagc     43140
     ttggtggttt tgactactgt tgcttctagc ttgaactgac actacttact gttctgtgag     43200
     caaaaaaata gactctgctt tgccaaaaat gctatagcta ctctaccccc aaagtagaat     43260
     tcatagtttg cctctttgat tttctaggga gggaaatgtt gtagtagatc tctctgggac     43320
     tggtgacctc tcttctgtct gcactgtgat gcgaagtgat gggacctctc tctatgccac     43380
     caggtttgta gcatcaggac gacgagcaca gccgcgtgcg acttcacgcc taagatccta     43440
     agatccgtgc aggttatcag cttatccgca caccactaca aaagccctag ttgcaaaata     43500
     gaaacctatc acttgaatat tttaagaata tttactgcgt ttctagttat tgacagttgc     43560
     aatcccagaa atatttaata tgggaagact gggacactat attcacattt tattcaatat     43620
     catgatctgt ttacagcaga aaaaatcatt ccatgttcct tcatagccat atgttgaggg     43680
     tttttgataa gtgcacattg tcaggaaata ttttctaaaa aaccaccgag ccagggttca     43740
     gtgatgagct catgcattaa agaccattct gcacgcgtgt aaacgccaaa cctcactgtg     43800
     ctgtggaaga acaggctcct ccacgcatcc ctgtgggagg gagggaacac tcactgttca     43860
     tatagaagaa gaactgcact ttctatgcac acgtggacgg tgaagcagcc atccagccag     43920
     tgcaggcaaa aggttccagt gtctccaggc ccgagtttca agtagctcac aaaccactat     43980
     atacatttct tttgtttgtt agcattgtgg tactaggaat aaacccaaga ttatgtgtat     44040
     gttaggcaag aatgtaccac tgacctatgc caacagcctt acagagtact tttataacgt     44100
     aatggtattt ttgctattga ataccatcat tattataagt aacttgaagc aaccaatgaa     44160
     ttttcctagt gacccttaaa gaattcatct gtttaaaaaa aatattcttt aatcttttaa     44220
     cagtccagtc gttatccccc tcctggtcta tccttggaca gttgcttatc ccactacttc     44280
     tctcccaact ccccgccccc tatctccaag aggatgtccc cacccccacc cccaccccct     44340
     agacctcccc actccctggg acctcaagtc tctggagggt tagatgattc ttctctcact     44400
     gagggcagac caggcagttt tctgctgtat atgtatcagg gccttcatat cagctggtgt     44460
     acactgcctg gttggtgact cagtgtttga gagatctcag gggtccaggt tagttgagac     44520
     tgctggtctt cctatggggt tgctctcttc ctcagcttct tccatccttt ccctaattca     44580
     accacagggg tccccaacta aagaattcat ctccttttag catttctcct catcaatttc     44640
     ctgcaatgaa aaaaaaaaaa ctggaatgtc taagagatac gtgtgtgtac acattacaca     44700
     tataagtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatgtg tatatatata tatatatata catacataca     44760
     tacatacata catacacaca cgcatacaat ttcattatgg aaactattgc taggcaaagt     44820
     aaagaatcca agccttgtac caatgtgcaa acatttccgt tcagaacagg agtccctgtc     44880
     aggaaggcat ggtggcaaat gcctttaatt tcagcacttt ggagtcagaa gcagccagtt     44940
     catgagttca aggacttcct gacctacaca gagctgcagt tcagtcagtg ctgcttagtg     45000
     agagcatgcc aaatacacac attagacaga cagacagaca gacaggcagg caggcaggca     45060
     ggcaggcagg cagacagaca gacagacaga taggtagata ggtaggtagg taggtaggta     45120
     ggtaggtaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     45180
     gatggatgtg ctgagagctg aacttggatc ctctacaaaa atggtatatg cagtcttaag     45240
     caatccatgg acttaaaagc tttttaaatg tagaaattac cacttctgag tgatctagga     45300
     ttttgaaagt ttttaataat acaaactaga aagcaggtac ttctttggct tttttgtcat     45360
     ttacattgtt actgtgttac ttgagaaagt atattgccga aaagtgacaa ttagctcttt     45420
     cttttcagga gaggcttggt taattatata acacctataa gataggattt aatgcttatt     45480
     tgttctcccc ctttgtttat ttttagttga tttttaaatt acatctccca aggccttgga     45540
     tttacttttc aagtctaatt ttgttattac ttactaccaa agcatactgg ctacaaggat     45600
     aatttacatg ctctaggctg cagaattata cagattttag ttactgttac caagtaagta     45660
     aaagtaatta taaccctccc tcttctcccc agggaccttg cagctgctat acatcgcatg     45720
     gacaagtaca attttgacac aatgatttat gtcgtaagta atcacaatgc aaaacctacc     45780
     tcatgaaact agagagagag agaaatagga aaccggagca ggggagatgg cgcagtgggt     45840
     caggtgcttg cttgctttgg atgcctgatg atgccagttc aattcctaaa acccaggtaa     45900
     tgacagagag agtgcactac acacttctcc atgtgagtcc tggcacaatg cccgctcaca     45960
     tatgtgccca cacacagaaa aaaagaaaaa tatgttgaaa aaaattacaa aaacaatttt     46020
     gtctaactac ataaaatacg aagttgatta agagagtgaa ttctttttta aacttattct     46080
     taaaaagact caaatcattt acattgcttc atagtgaaaa aatttaccaa aattaagaag     46140
     gtgattatat gaaattacta tatatgagtt attgtaagac agtggtgctt gttctgctga     46200
     tgcacttaga aaaatattat tgtaatttgg tttgtgtgga agaattagta acctggaaat     46260
     tttcctcttc tgtttaaaat tgcatcaagg gactagagaa accgctcagc ataatgttag     46320
     gccaggcact acacacctgt gctatacaga catatatgca ggcaaaacac tcagatacat     46380
     acatacatac atacatacat acatacataa ataaataaat aaataaatct ttttaaaact     46440
     ttaagtaaaa tttaaaaact gtatcaactc attatattat agtcttattt aatatgtaaa     46500
     cttcactggt atacataaaa taaagcatat gttagaatta tgtttttaaa aataaaaatt     46560
     acattaaaaa tcttgtaata ccttaaagat aagaaatttc aggctagcag tgtttctgtg     46620
     cacccttcta cacagacatg gtgtgccatg tcaaatcaga tgggcatttg tagaaacatg     46680
     caaatctcag gaggttttca tgcattgtct ataggctagt tttatggaac tgtatcacat     46740
     gtacagatct gtgtcttcat gaccacatta gaacatggaa ctgctctgta acagagcaga     46800
     ctcgctgatg atccaccagc taatcattgt cccctccagc cctcactttg atatttatta     46860
     taaaaactgt cactgaggat ggtgtgtaat ggagtcatgc agtatggaac tgtccgcccg     46920
     agatttttgt ttcacccagc atattgactg cccttgagaa ccaaccaagc ccttgtattg     46980
     cgagttggtt cttcttatgc taactggggt tctagtactt tctgcctttg catatgctgc     47040
     ctccctctag actaagaaat taccaccatc ttgttgcagc ttagctttgg tcttgtggaa     47100
     atagacctcc taacccctga gggagaagga aatgaaatag aacactctga gagtcagggt     47160
     ccatgtgccc tcctgtgtta aggtgttgag accttatttt cccattcaac cttgatgctc     47220
     ttatagtgtg cttattttaa agatttattt tagcttttat ttacatatat gagagagaga     47280
     atgaatgaaa gtttgtgttt gtgtgtgagt gtgcacatgt gcgtgtgtgc aagggtgtga     47340
     atggtggtgc atgtgtgtac ccccagggta gaaaagggca tcagatcctc tttagctgga     47400
     gttgtgagct gcccagtgtg gatgctggga accaaacttg ggtcctctgg aagagcagct     47460
     agcaagtacc cttaagcact aagccatttc tccagcatct actgtgttta tttaaaacat     47520
     attgacaatg actttagtct aataatgatg ttaattttat ttagaaccag cctactttta     47580
     tttactaatt tgtctttgtt ttgttttgtt taaattaaaa atttttttct aaggcagaca     47640
     aagggcaaag aaggcatttt cagcaagtgt tccaaatgct gaagatcatg ggctacgact     47700
     gggcggaaag gtaggatcct tgttcttctt gctgatcaag gccactaact cctatgtcac     47760
     caatcctcag agcataacta cagtaattta tgttcagttc tcttttcagg atgttggtat     47820
     agaaaggcag actgattttg tgttaattta caccttgata aatggattta atcattttat     47880
     atattgatgt ctgctgtcag tgttttggtt ttcagttatt aatatgcatt tcttcttcct     47940
     tataaaggct tctcataatt taatcacaaa ctattatctc agtaaaatga aactttggtg     48000
     gactagaaaa acctacatct tattttttaa atttacaatt cgttagttat acataatgat     48060
     atcttaatgc agtgtacata ttgtatgtta tcatattccc accaggcccc tcttctccca     48120
     ctccccctgg ccccttcccg tgagtcttcc tatttatttg ccagtggttt gttaggttgc     48180
     ttaaagctcc tgggttgcgt gttattgata gatgcatgga tgaccttttg ggggcaatag     48240
     tactgacaaa aatctctctc ccttcaacta ctcactgcct gtttgtcctc aggaaggtgt     48300
     agggccgcat aaacccctct ccaagaggga gtgttttaat gggggatgga ggggcagagc     48360
     agactggcag gttcacagtt attgtgagtt cattaatgta ttgtccctgc catacctaaa     48420
     agacatcatt ctacaacact ctcctccttc ctttgattca tattcttcct gcccacccac     48480
     accacccacc ctcgttccaa aatgttcact gaaccttgga ggggtgattt aggtgacaca     48540
     tttaggactc agcactcagc agccactctg tagttactct gaattcactg ttgcccactg     48600
     gatagagaag tctctctgac caaagctgac agcactttca tgagtagttc catttgtcaa     48660
     aacaacccta gtagattctt cattaaggct taaaccaccc atgctgttag ctctagctat     48720
     gtatacatta gtaagtatga attcccctct gtggactggg actcgagtca actcaggaag     48780
     cagttagtta ccccagttac agtcatgcca gtgtacacca atgggcacat cttgcctggc     48840
     aggccagcgg tctagcatgc aaggtccaga ggtgagtaag gtagtgagta catacgcctc     48900
     tctcccagcc tgttgcatcg tctggtgttc tgaaagctag ccagcaggga ggaaacttcc     48960
     agtccattcc agcatgactt cgcaatgtcc tgtaactgat gcatattata tcttacctaa     49020
     gactgccggg caaccaagga gctttcctga ataatacgtc ataaggcagc aggcatccat     49080
     cctggcactg agatttttta atgaacttat ggctctgaga acagttttat gcatccacat     49140
     agaatactgc aattcaaact tttaaaatga ttattttcta attagtttac aaagtaattg     49200
     gtttacatat agttttctca tacgtcctta ggtttggttg tccctctccc ctcaattctc     49260
     ccctacttaa attctctgcc cctactcttc ctcttttcac tttcatagca gatgtgtttt     49320
     cctgtccctg cccctacccc ttgccagtac tctcatgggt cccttcccag cctcaacaca     49380
     taactgactt ctagaaagtg cacacacgta aacattagaa gtcaggagag aacatagtag     49440
     tgtttgtttt ttctgagcct gtgttatctc acttattata aatattgtgg atatctacag     49500
     gtaggataat gaaagtagtc atgtctcaca cagtacacaa aaatcaattc taaatggatc     49560
     ctagaccttt aagtaagatt taaaattgtt agaagaaaaa gtagggaaac tatttaagat     49620
     ttatatttta aattagattt aaggcaaata taaggacttt ctaaatagca cttcagtcac     49680
     tcaggaagta agaataatat ttaacaaatg gaacctcata aaattaagca tgtgtacatt     49740
     aaaggaaaca gttaagtaaa gaaagtgtgc agagtgggag aaaattttgc cagccataca     49800
     tgatagagga gtaatatcta gaatgtataa gacctttaaa aaaaaatcaa gaaaacaacc     49860
     aaagcacaaa atgaactatg aaactgaaaa aagaggtctt taaaagttaa taaacggtgg     49920
     cacagcactc aggaggcaga gtcaggagga actgtgtgag tttgtgacca gcctggtcta     49980
     tatagtgagt tccagaatag ccagaatttg aatagtgaga caattatatt tttatgatat     50040
     atatatatat ttttttttaa acacctgtta aaatttttgt ttgaaacagg atcccccaca     50100
     gaggctagcc ttgaactcct aatcttcctg cttccgtctt ccaaatgctt gatttgtcac     50160
     catgtatgcc atgtatccta tttatttggt aattttttaa atctctacta caaaggttaa     50220
     aagtttgaat tattttctga aaaagtacta aggtatactc acgtcattag caattttttg     50280
     gctttggtta atgaatgcct gtccttttca ggtgccagca tgtccccttt gggatagtaa     50340
     aggggatgaa gactcgaaga ggaggggtca cttttctgga agatgtctta aatgaggttc     50400
     aatcaaggat gctacagaac atggcttcca ttaagagtaa atcctcctta ccaactgtat     50460
     gctttcatgg acgtccccga gcctgatcag aagtgccttt gatgactttg ctgtgtagtc     50520
     cagttgtttg ttactgtaac gttagtcttc cttccatgga cagctttgac actgtcatct     50580
     ggtgtcagag gcatcctgtg cactgtttgc atcacattta tacgtctgcg tgtgtgcagg     50640
     tgtccatgtg catacaacat tcatgctgag gcaagaggag ttctcggatg ctgtccactt     50700
     tttataaaac aggctcggct ggcaggccct tgagcctccc tagcacgggc tacacgcatg     50760
     tgccaccaca ctcagcttgt ttatacatag gttctggttc atactcaggt cctagtgctt     50820
     tcgagctgtc agagttttct attgctgtga taagtcacca tagccaaagc aacatataaa     50880
     agaaagcatt tagtctgggg ctcatggttc cagacggtta gagctatgac cgtcatgtgg     50940
     ggatatggca gcagacaggc aaatgtgaca ctggaacagt aactcgagat ccacaagcaa     51000
     aaggcagaga gaaactgaat gacttggaac ctcaaagccc gcccctcagt gactcagttc     51060
     cttcaaagat gaacgaatcc tctccaggca gtaccaccaa ctggggaccc acattccagt     51120
     gcgagcctgt ggggccatgc tcattcaaaa cactacattg ggcaagcact ttaccagcta     51180
     agctgtcttc tagcccaggt ccttgtgtcg caaatggatc catgtgacta aagttcatgt     51240
     aactgtttaa tctttatcgc tggaaaaata actgcggtgt atctaatgcc ttacgaggga     51300
     tagttcttaa aacaaactag ctcatgtgtc ttcacttgga tgtaaacagg agaactggct     51360
     caggtgaatt agcccaagtt agaaggcaaa gcaaccatta ccatcttagt tttgactgtg     51420
     tgtttcagat tttcctttct caggttgatt gattatttct gaccagtgtg gcgcagggtt     51480
     aaaacatcgg tccttatttg ttttcagcca cgaaacaatt ggagaaccct caggagacgg     51540
     cagagagagt ggggcttgcc gccgtcatca tccaggtgcg tcaggacgcc ttcctctgag     51600
     acctctgtgt gtcctgtgta gcaaacccag ggtaacagtg tattctcctt ctaggacttc     51660
     agaggcactc tcttatctga ctatcagttc agttgggatc gtgttttcca gagccgtggg     51720
     gacactggag tcttcctgca gtacacccat gcccgcctct gtaggtgaga cggggcggga     51780
     gggggcccgc tgtggttcta agaccagtgg ttagccctct tatcaacagt tcttactcag     51840
     atctgggcaa aacacagtgg ccctcttgtt gttaaacatt catttatagt gtaaaacacc     51900
     cattataaga aacactcgct gggcagtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcagga     51960
     ggcagaggca gacagatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg     52020
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa     52080
     agctttcaca tggccttact tcatcctcag taattctgcc aaagaatatc ctgtacctac     52140
     attctaagag actctgaaaa tatttgagaa aatgagggct tccccaaatt ttcctaaagc     52200
     tagaagttgt cacatgtgcc catggatagc tgactgatcc tttctcatct gtttaaactt     52260
     cggtgacagt ttggaagaga cttttggatg tgggtatctc aatgactcca atgttgcttg     52320
     tttacaagag ccgcagtctg tttcaattct ccagcatctt ctcaggtatg aaagcctatt     52380
     attaacaagt ctaatagtaa attgagtctt aactaaatta agagcgttgc tgatttctag     52440
     agtcctcggt tcacaggctg cctctaggta agcccgaaag gaatctgcct tctggggaca     52500
     gattgagggc acagatcaag ctcgtggtca aggctaatcc tagtcagaaa catattatca     52560
     caaagtgtat tgccacaata tgaaagaaaa atgcacattt tcttaacact caaggtaaga     52620
     ggttattgtc acataacaaa tgacagacct gtgcccttca tcttttaggt ttgatgaggt     52680
     actttacctg tcatctcagg acctacagcc gaagcacatc gttagctacc tcctaactct     52740
     aaggtcagct tctaatctcc ctgtttcctt tcaaaaatat ttttaagatt tatttttatt     52800
     cgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgtg cgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     52860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtgtac acacgcttgt gcacaggcat gcatgttagt     52920
     tcaccttgat tgataaactc agtcaccaat ctggataggt gctacattga ggaaagaaat     52980
     gaaagccctg ccccttggag ggtttgccca ggagtgagcc ggagcctttc tcaccttgtt     53040
     gcctccgccg ccgcagcatc tatctgtagc ttgtgagtta ctgtaaactc agccgaccca     53100
     taaactgttc tcctgcagga gtctgcaccg gggcctgtct gatgctgtcc tgtctgtccc     53160
     taacaaaggg ctttgctctc tactgaacag aagagaaagc atcacatggc aaagaaatat     53220
     aagatacctt aaggaagtct ttaaccgagt tttacatggg aggaaacgtc acctggctcc     53280
     agctggccag aggcactcag aatagcaagc agcactacaa acacagcatt atcgagcaat     53340
     atccatatgt tctttcagca tttattgtgg atgtttatta tataacgtct cttttgtcgt     53400
     atctgctgtt tccagcctgc attaccctct gggtcaggga catggaagca tgcatcattt     53460
     aagatgaatg cgtagcttaa catagcttag tctggtaaaa agcaattacc tgggaagtca     53520
     tagccaagtg aggttggttg tgaaattgtt ctcgtaaagg caggttaaat aaacagggta     53580
     atacacaact ggatatctgt ctagacttta agtgactttc agttgtttta acttggctat     53640
     aaggttcagc caaagtttca ggctctctga atataagagc tgttgtcata gaaacggtat     53700
     cacaacatgt gtgattcctc tggaggcccc caggtcctct gaagctggac ttacaggcag     53760
     ttgtgtgctg cctgacatgg gtgctgggaa ctgaactcgg gtcctggaaa actgctggaa     53820
     cctctatttc tttttttcat caaaaggttt cctataagca aatcccctgc cctagaaatt     53880
     gttttaagtt gtagaaactg ttacttctct gacgactaga tttcatttta tttattcagt     53940
     gatataaagt agtatcatag taatgggcag tggcatagga agttatagca aagggacacg     54000
     tgcgttgtca ggaaacagat acactttggg ggaatctcat cttctcggga ggcagcagca     54060
     gatgttaacc aggagaagca aatgcctggg aagtagggga atgtccaggg ttgagcagaa     54120
     actacaactc tagtgaggag agcaagcctt gggccttgga cagtttccag ggtgcttggt     54180
     cgatgttact ggtctaagag agacaatgaa atcacataaa gcttagggag tcaaagccac     54240
     tggttgaaat ttcatgctga tttgaatgct ttcacttgaa gcaagtctaa agaaaggaca     54300
     ttttgctttt tactcaccgt ttactaaaat gagagaatac ggcaactttg ttcttaatta     54360
     taacttttta ccttccctcc caggctttgt tgtttgagaa aggatctcac tgtgtagtgc     54420
     agactaacct gggattcact tatcttcctg cttctgttcc taagtactag agacctaccc     54480
     ctgattccct tagatttaaa gaggtttgat tgtgtttgtt ttgggttgat tttttttttg     54540
     aatttttgta cttacatata aaggcaaaac caaaaagtga aatgtcaata attaaatgac     54600
     aatcatgtgc atttcatggc tcattgctgc cttcacagaa gattgcttca aggagttccc     54660
     agtgtgtgca atgaatgaat aactggtttc tgccccacct cagttgacag gggaaagggc     54720
     acgccatgtc atacttgtaa ggaagtacta cttactagaa aagcatgcgt ctgtaaaaca     54780
     ctggaatcac aaccttaaaa gacttgcaat ttggtagatg gaaaattcaa atctgaagct     54840
     ctagtgtttt gctgtattac tggcaagcaa atgcatttga ttcaaacttc agatagctct     54900
     agtgactctg ggctttaaag tgttggatta ggattcctgg gacaggaagt tcctgttggt     54960
     cctcattgtg atttctctct tgcttatttc agtcaccttg cagctgtggc acataaaaca     55020
     ctccaggtga aagacagtcc tcctgatgtg gctggggtat gtgaaattga atgtcctcta     55080
     tgtaaccatg tggcagctgg aactagtatt ataaaatgtt agtactaagc cttaggaatt     55140
     tttctgacct atctcctgtt acttaactac aacagtatac tttctgacct agggaatggg     55200
     tagactgggg ctgtactgtc agggttatta tcagtgtttc ccaaacagta gactatcaaa     55260
     tgcatctccc accggctgct caagtgacaa actcagcctc tccgctgcac atcctctctc     55320
     cactgctctt tctgcaggag atgctagagt ctagtcccct tgcctagagt gtgcacagga     55380
     ctgtgaagca atactgcaac tttaaattag aattacttct aaagccattc tttcttgctt     55440
     attgctaaca tattattgag catttaatca ttctttattt tgtaggccag acttcacctt     55500
     ttcaaagctg tccgttctgt cttagccaat ggaatgaaac ttcttggaat tacacctgta     55560
     tgtagaatgt aatttctaga taaatatgtt ttttatgcaa atgagttcta gttgttatca     55620
     gataccttgc tgttcagaat agaatttaaa gtattattct gtcccagaat gtgtgtagta     55680
     gtgtgttttt ttgggggggg agagagttgt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     55740
     ggctgtcctg aagctcactc tgtagaccaa gctgaccctc acagagatcc acctgcctct     55800
     gcctcctgag tggtgagatt tttttacctt tttttgattc atgtacccca atctcactca     55860
     tctccccatc tcctccaaaa taaaaaacac acaaccacaa caaaaggcat agaaaacatc     55920
     tcatggaagc tatagtatgt caccatgtgt cccacaatat ttccttcagt ccacacagct     55980
     tcaccagcaa atgttcattg caatgagtta ttggtctggt ttgaggcctc tggcttctgt     56040
     gacaccatca atattgggtt ctcattgtgt cttctcctgt ggacagtggg tcaagccaga     56100
     aaacttggta ggattgagtg ggtatgagac ccagcatcaa tgatcacctg agatggtagc     56160
     tatctctgtg ctccctacta gattccgggc ctggaacaca tgaccacatt ccccgcatcc     56220
     catcggtcac gtagcccaga acagagttct ccatgctaat gaggtatcta gagaccccgg     56280
     ggtttagcca ataagcttcc cttactgagc actcctccct gcaaaaggta cttaatctct     56340
     ggtccaccct gagaaggtgg tatgtaccca tttttcacga agaacaatca ataaatagtt     56400
     tggaagcaag aactttctct tccatggaga accactgttg ggggtcatga agaaggtctt     56460
     tgcctacaga gccacaacct aagtctccca cagaagggcc cctctgtgct cccagacaac     56520
     cactgctaag ctaaagacaa ttgcaaatga actaagccag agttccccat tccccctggc     56580
     tctgggctca tcgttgtcct cagcccacgg gctacttccc tccacccagc agcaccttga     56640
     tgaccaggag tttgggaacc tcaggtcctg tgttcctgat cacaggcccc ggcacttcgg     56700
     aacctcactt ccaactccgc tgtgcaattt tccagtgaca actggattcc caggagtcag     56760
     ggaagcccag cttcagcctc ccacatcctg ggctacgttt tcccaccccc ttagtggttt     56820
     cttggtgctt cactcgagcc caacactgga caacggtaaa cacagactag cgctctatgt     56880
     tcagcctgcc caacagaggg acaaaacatg gacccacatt ctcctaatta tcctattgtt     56940
     gccctgtgtc atagagatcc tgcagctttg gatctgcaag gtctgccctt tcataggtcc     57000
     caactgtttg cagatgatac agattttgga gtgggccatc tcagctctgg atttgggcct     57060
     gggtggcagc acagctggtc agtgtgctgg ctgtccctta tccacaccac cagaacaggc     57120
     tctccagtac tgctctggct agaccatccc atgatctatc atcagcagct ctcttacttt     57180
     aatgccagct cacctatctc catgcctcca gaagccagct ctcccaagtg ctgccgcctg     57240
     taaggagctg ggctagctct cctgctctca caccctggag gctgactcac ccttacctct     57300
     gccatcagaa ccatttccac tgtgttgccc aggtgagatg cagggactgc tctccataat     57360
     gctatagcca gtgagggggc agggccagct ctatcaacca tcgcaggtgg caaagggaga     57420
     ggagggaagg gtggcatcac acccaatggg gtcagtgctc gaatccctct tgccctcagg     57480
     gcaggcccat cctaactctt gcaccagggc aggcacagct gtgcttccca tgtgctatag     57540
     ccagtgaggg agcagggcca gctctcccag ctgctgcaag tggcaaggga gcaggcatca     57600
     cccacgccag ctcacagcag acaagtgctg ggagagctcc tcctacattc tcaccttggg     57660
     gctgactcac ccgccagtgt cagctctgct gccctgtaca ggcgagctgg cctgctctct     57720
     caggtgctac ctggaaccat gttgtggttt gaatatgcct ggcccgtggg aagtagccga     57780
     gggaggtgtg gtcttgttgg agggtcactg tgtaggtagg ctttgaaggc ccctagagct     57840
     caggctccgc cagtgtggaa gagagcaatc actggtaggc attgtattca ggttttttgt     57900
     gaagtgtcgg ccagtattaa gccataattt gagatggagt gttggctccc atgcatctgc     57960
     atataaacaa ggcagtttgg ctgatttgag tcaacagtgt gagcttgatt aagcataatg     58020
     tgttaaggtt gatagccagc gtttctactt ggcctgctac atttaatcta aatgtcagta     58080
     atacagtaat tttttttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac     58140
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagagatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt     58200
     gctgggatta aaggcgtgta gtaatacagt tctaatgaag aggagttagc atgagccaaa     58260
     caaagcctct gcagttggag tagacactgt tttaaactga caggtgtggt ctacctctta     58320
     ctgtagaaag catttatcca catctgtaag tgacttgcta attttctgct tacatagagc     58380
     accattaagc ttccgataga aaccaaccgt ggaatggaca tagacattta ggacttgctt     58440
     tatgtccact cttcctcagt gtttctctgg agaaactttc tcctagatca atgagtattt     58500
     aagcttggag taaaatcata cagggactaa gccttgaaaa tatagctctc tgaaaagatt     58560
     tgttatcctg taactcttac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaatatt ttttttctca aggcttgtaa     58620
     aaaagagatt ctagtctact tgcaaacaaa gccctgatct gatataattt cgtacatagg     58680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacccatg ttaatactcc tgctttaccc taatgacatg accataaaac     58740
     aaagtaactg cacaaaagtg gtagaaataa gtttattgct ggatttcccc attaacatta     58800
     tagaaatatt ttaaaatcac tgaaagtcac aaattgagag cccaacaggt aaccatactt     58860
     tataaaaaag aaagtataaa agcagcttat aaaattttct gaaaagtata tcagctgaca     58920
     gcaaagaaat aggaaccaga cagtaaatgg cacaaatgca tcactagagt tctcagtctt     58980
     cacccagaag tcagtgtctg agctacgaag tagattcacc ctgaggtgtg ttcaactgtc     59040
     ttactccttc ctcactctga gaagagaagc tagatcctca ctgctatggg gacaaagtac     59100
     tatccatgga ctggagaaga aggctagcct tcctctccag gtacctgaac aagagaacag     59160
     tgtgtacaga aatggctttg gcactgtaac cctcagacac ggtcttaaac ctcgttgctt     59220
     gaatattata gtttcacctg atgctctctg gtcctgcatc attgcctccg tgctctgtgt     59280
     acatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaaata ccatggcacc tccatgctct     59340
     gtgtacaaga tctctctctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcatatatat     59400
     aaagtccttc attttgaaat aatataactt gacaccaaac acacccaaat taaatctgtt     59460
     ttagcatttc attcagagtt ttcttcttga ttcttatgtc atacaattat tttgttgaca     59520
     ttatttaacc taccatctgg ggttgactta aggctctaat ttattatcaa cagtttaagt     59580
     ccttatagga atctcttgag attcaaatca cacaccaatg attctctctt ttgaagttgc     59640
     ttcttgttga atggatgtag tatcttgtct gggtaaccca tagagatata tggaaacaca     59700
     cacaagaaga gctcccagtg caaatgaaag tgctgaaaag aaaagaagaa aaagactatg     59760
     aaaatgatga atttgtgtag ggctctcgcg catgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     59820
     cacaccctgg gtatcatcct taagaatgct acccatctct ttttaggcag ggtctctcag     59880
     gagcctggag cccacccatt aggttagact aggtagcata caaaccccag agagccgagt     59940
     ttcttctccc caataccagc actgcaagca tgaaccacca cactgggtac atgctgtatg     60000
     taagttctag aggtcctcag gtcctcatgc ctgccgtaca agcactttac tgatgagacc     60060
     tctccccagt cctaaaatct ctgtcactgt gggtttgcct accaagttgc atgagtgctg     60120
     ttttatgaaa ggttgtctat tttaaggaaa aagataaata tcaaaggaat ggtaacatac     60180
     ttttcaaaat ataattaagc ttgtcttgga ctgatacaac aaagggatat attagttccc     60240
     ctatataatt tataattaat gggaataggt aaatataagt atatatgaat agaaaaataa     60300
     aatgcaatat aatgtggttt agttatgatt cccagaaaac ttagtataaa agacagtcac     60360
     acaattcagc tttcaaaatc caatgactca aaccactgaa aatttctgga tcagtgataa     60420
     ggtgatcatt acatttccca ctacacttga ctcgtccatg ttactcctga aaattagaat     60480
     acacaaaatg tgcgtgaagg ctaaagtgcc tgctacacaa gcctgaggcc tcccctgcac     60540
     tcacataaag tgggcacagt gatgtacctc tgcagggcgc agggacagat agccaaacca     60600
     gtgtgggcct gcttaggaac gaagggagtg acgaccgggg cagccttcta tgaactaagc     60660
     atataagctg gtatgagtga gtcctaatgc cacagctcta catgtgactt agaaccaggc     60720
     tacggatgtg aactgtatta cagtggccca gcattcacag cgtagatagc aaggcatagt     60780
     actgcatgcc tgtaatccca aggcgggcgg ttcaggagtt caaggtaacc agccacacag     60840
     tgagtctcag atcagtgtga gctacacaag cgagccttca tcccctaaaa ggcatgtaaa     60900
     gaaatagcat caagctactg ttcagtccac ctactaaaaa agaccagctt tgaattcaaa     60960
     gtgtgaggta gtttacatct taatacctcc acagttccct gaaagactgc taagacagaa     61020
     acagtttata ttgttcccag gtttttctca ggagcaaaga cacaaggctg tgttaaacat     61080
     aaggatgagt tacaactaaa acttcactca actcaggtac aaagaacatc tgaaatgcta     61140
     agggcttgga cttgtacaac taaagactgc tctaagcaaa ccctacaaac ccaggagacc     61200
     tgtggcctta ctcacatatg acagagcaag tgtgagacac tggtatatga tttcccatgc     61260
     tgctgctaat attacaacag gcaagatttg gaccagacta taaagtggtt ttctactact     61320
     aatgctcttg tttatcagat aagtcaattc caaaatgaga agtgttttcc tgttacacaa     61380
     tataaacatt taacagattt tccttagtag tttacagtat aataattggt caatgaagaa     61440
     aataactact acgtagctta acaccaactt gaaatagtaa gacattgctc cttaagtaat     61500
     tgaaaagcta gatatatatg acatctaggg aaaaaacatt agagggatta gcatagcaat     61560
     ggtgacacca tatcactgta aactagtgca cacttaagtt cagaacagaa agacataagg     61620
     aaaatgtgtt gcaggatatc atactgtgaa ccccgaaaaa cctgtctagt tgtgatgaga     61680
     cttagcccta acacacacct ttaatccaag agctttctgt ttactgtgaa caagattaaa     61740
     cagtcaacca caggtcaaga gggaagaagc aaccagctga caaggagtga acacagaaga     61800
     aaacccacag agtgggaaga agtcaggagg atgggtattg agacgcacag caagtagaaa     61860
     ggagggacct tcagtctgga gggttgaaga cagggtgaag aacgggttct tttccttttg     61920
     tgtcactggc tgagaaggaa ggttggctgg gtgctttctc tgcccctctg agctaggttt     61980
     tcaccccagc atccggctcc caagtcttca caggtaaaac tgaacgattg ggattttgtt     62040
     aaaaaacaat tgtacccaat gtgattagag aagaaaaagc ccaccaacgt tacaggaagc     62100
     agagaaacac tgcagaggac aggaaacgtc tgacagaaag ccgcagaggg gacatctgcc     62160
     tgcgatcatc tccagaggaa gcatcagttc ttccactttg gctggacaca caagaagact     62220
     ccaaactgtg gggagcctga gacagtgagc cacagtaagc caccacaaga gacacgttta     62280
     attatataga cagaccccct cctgcattaa aaaataggaa actccatttc aggtcccttg     62340
     agatcaaggg taggacatga agggatagaa acactacttg aaaaagccat cgcagtactc     62400
     actgcaattg cgaccaccat aataaacgcc tccctacttt cggttgcatt cttgatatat     62460
     ttcttctcca aaaaaattga aaaaatagcc atgataatac aaaggcttaa gagacaagaa     62520
     aaaggaggag aataggaaat gcttaggttt gaacctatgg tactgaagac actaggtaaa     62580
     aagcctggtt ttcaggtttg gagctgggca tggaatttga atccctaaat gtctagttta     62640
     tatgtagact cataaagatc taactgtaca ctgataaaca ggggggatga gattagctga     62700
     aagacatcag attgtagaaa aaactgatga attagatcaa ctcgtatact ttaaagatgt     62760
     tttaacatca gcttggaagc caggaaatgt gtttaaaatc ccactacaca gaaagacagc     62820
     aatgaggcaa tgcagctcat cttccatgca caaggacagt taaataaact ggctgaaaaa     62880
     ggtcaagact ggcagactgg caaaccttaa tgctgaaatg gctgctgctg aaggagagat     62940
     gatcaggact gcagttagga aggctcttca catcaatgga ggatgctcat aaggacattc     63000
     gggttgctaa gactgtggga ttgataatgg tttctgttgt aatagttgtt acgttaggtt     63060
     taaaaccttc ccttcttatt tagacaaaaa gagggaaagg ttacaggaca tttgatcaca     63120
     ctgtgaaccc caagtttgta ttgtttactg gggaaacctg tttctagttg tgctgtggtt     63180
     tagcttcagt acataccttt agtcccaaac aatgaaggta aagttagttt gtagaaggaa     63240
     gcagccataa ttgaaagtga tgtctaactg agtggcaggc agagtggtga atcagaaaga     63300
     tttgataaaa cacaataggg cagaggaagg ggcagctgct taggtggcag cacagagaaa     63360
     gagggagcga ggggctgggg gcaggcagtt taccaggaga ggtttacaga tacaggttga     63420
     agaaagctag acaaagatga agagaggatg acaaggagcc agattagaac agattgccag     63480
     agctagtttg aggccaagca cagcaaaaag tcagaggctg agagagaatc cagagtgagt     63540
     cagtcagctc ggggaggagt ctgagccgcc cagctaacga gattcagaaa gagctagaag     63600
     gggtgagctt agtcagtctc aggctgacaa cactccaggc ctgataagat tgcacagcag     63660
     ctagaagctt cctggactag gcctaggtta gcagagagaa gttaagcctc agagacgaca     63720
     gttattaaca ccacgtgaat aaaagacact tttacaaaag caaaactgaa aggaagattc     63780
     aaaataggcc tacatatgta agctactact gaaaagaatt acttccctga gtacctagtc     63840
     acaccacagt gctccccaag gatccatagg gattggttct agtgctcccc tctgatacta     63900
     caatctccat gtctcataca tatataaaac agtgcagcat gacatataac ctacatatgc     63960
     atgcctttcc ctacaagtca tgcacaggtt gtgtaaaata tctactataa tgtttatact     64020
     gtagaattat ttatatacct gaggaattat gacaaatata ctcatattca gacatatagt     64080
     ttctacctaa tattttctaa tcgtaatcgt atgcacaatg cagaagccat atttacatgg     64140
     gaccaaatgc acagcctgac ccacccaggg catcctgtat cttaatactt aagggaagaa     64200
     ggtcctaact gttaaataac aacaaagtgg ccctctcagc atcgcctaga actggaacct     64260
     tcagacctaa gctctaggac acaggagtgc tgtttaatca ccttcccaca gctgcacact     64320
     atggaagaaa ctgtaacaaa attaagatta cttttaatga caattgaaag agaccatgaa     64380
     gtgagaggtt cttccatgct aacaacttaa tacaaacggt gacatactta tctgtaatcc     64440
     aaacagtagg actgaagcaa tggtagaaag aacaatggct gcggcagcag agaagccttt     64500
     catgatgttg tctgtatact tcaccaccac tgacgtgtag aggcctccca cactagcaag     64560
     gacttgggac acaaaaaaat aaagtcttaa caccaaaatc attaaagcat tctatagctg     64620
     agatggtttt cattcccaga gatggcgcac tcatttacct agggtaaggg gcggctcccc     64680
     tcagaagcag acatccggga agctgtactg aagctgagta tacaacattg ttttgcagat     64740
     gcttagaaga ctgtgtgcac caccactaaa ttacatacac ttattactaa tacattaact     64800
     aggttctttt cattgtgaag gtaaaatttc ttttggaaag catgtcatta aaaacaaagt     64860
     tacatattcc aaactggtat tcgggtatca gaggagtaat tctaaaatgc ttaggtcaga     64920
     tatctaattt aaaaattaaa ataaaaacta aaacaatcta ctgagacctt ttattcctgg     64980
     atacttacag ataacaaacc agacataata cgtgtagcca tagaagaatc ctttttcttg     65040
     aatttcagct ccatctgaca agtaggtacc agctaacgtc acaacgatcc ctgacagata     65100
     catctgaatg tttctcaccc aaagggaagt gtcggaactc tttaagactt tttcaaaata     65160
     aactcctaga agaaaagaaa tgaacatgga aatattaaat gaactaatag tcttctattt     65220
     agaacatgcc ccagagtatt atttggggaa tatttttaac attagttaaa tacagacttg     65280
     ttatatagtt tatgacatga tatattgaac attaacaatt tgtttttaga aaacatgtag     65340
     attaataatt aagaggaaac tttataagct acatttgaca gaaggttgtt aaacaatcaa     65400
     gaacagtttt ttcccttacc aaatcgctct attccttaat gccaagaaaa ggttggctgt     65460
     gaccatttgt aagctacact gttagagtgc attatcctat gcagaccccc ttaatatgtg     65520
     tagggatgaa cgtgccctgc tgtgcaaagt agctgtgtaa tcactcagat catgtctgtt     65580
     caatgacatc actagaggtt aatacaactt tctgagtata gctgttgttc gttgaagcat     65640
     gtctatagac aacatcacat ttgtgtgtat atggattttt cctgcagctg gggatagggg     65700
     tgggattcaa attgtttttc ttagagaaaa gggagtaaaa accttttttt aacccctaaa     65760
     aagtcacata ccactatttc aagttttaaa tttggatgaa ggcatgttaa acagggacat     65820
     tggagatttt gtttaaagac attttatcag ttagaggcat gggaactata atttaccaac     65880
     taaaaggtgt aattaaaaga aagatttcta tattactctt tattttgaga catgaatgat     65940
     ctcactatgt ggccctggct ggcctagaac tcactatatg tagacaaggc tggctttgaa     66000
     tctgcctgcc tgtatctctc aggccctgct accagacccc acaaaaatac gactgatatt     66060
     aatgagacta tgttggaaag agccagacaa gaggaacaaa cataaaatag atattataat     66120
     tccaacttcg actgtaagcc tgcagacagc atgtaactaa tctgtcatct gtcacaggag     66180
     aactagtaag ccaccttctg tctcctcagt tgctcaaaaa tatttctgaa agttgaatat     66240
     tttttcagta attaaaattt ttgtttctat atgttgattt ttaagaataa aagtttatcc     66300
     ttgtactatg gttaattgta tgtattttta aagtcagcct tttctcttct cctataaaac     66360
     atcttatttc aaaaagtatt ttatttctat agccttcctg ttttcctagt agaaaagaaa     66420
     aagccactct tgaaataggg agaaataaaa agatatacaa tatcactaat atattcttta     66480
     ctaagaagcg ctcttgagtt tcataccttt tggagccatt actgcaacac atctcattct     66540
     tacattacga ttcatatctt tctcatcttt tcttaattca ttagaggatt gattgtccct     66600
     aaatgactcc aaaccttcct gttgtcttga tttttggctg ttcttctttg atagtgtgct     66660
     ggctaaggca cacgtggccc tcctctctag tccatagctc ctgctctgct gaagcaaagg     66720
     gagaactgga ggttataggt aaaagactct gagctgcttg ctgtagcagt gacctacagt     66780
     gcagagacaa gccggaaata gtgaactgtg gcaactggga agtccttgtg gtgaccttcc     66840
     tgaaggtcaa tttccttcaa agtcagagtc cattaactct cagttcttgg ctaaaccaag     66900
     atggtcaaga atgacagaag tatatgctta actgcagttc tgaagtctga aataagttaa     66960
     gtcaagtcac atatttactg ggggagggag gaaatagctg gcaccaaaca aaataagaaa     67020
     gaagttaaaa ctttaatggg aataaaactg ttaagaaaag cagctgggtg gtagtggtgc     67080
     atacctttaa tctcagcact caggaggcag agatgaaagg atctctgtga gttcaagcca     67140
     gcctagtcta cagaatgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttgg     67200
     ggggtggggg ggaggactaa aaaacaaaag tataaaaatt gaaggaagtt atatgataga     67260
     acagtgcttt atacaactca cctgcaaatc cagagcacaa tacagcaata gctatagcac     67320
     caaagcctaa caatggattc tgcgctacct gcaattgtaa gttttcagaa gttactttta     67380
     gtaactgcaa actgaattaa tcccattatc ccaacagatg actacaaata tacatgttgc     67440
     caggcctaga gatacacact ttaatcccag cactcaggaa ggaggctagc cagggggagg     67500
     tatattaaga ccttgtctta acaacaacaa caaaaagccc acattatact tctactaaaa     67560
     gtacattcca tatcagatat agctattata taagaatgat gcaagagcaa acaaaatgaa     67620
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaagcatt taagatgaaa gcatttcttg aacacaaagt tttacatagt     67680
     tgacctaatt gttcgtttta atctctgctt ctccccggaa tcaaagcata agtctggact     67740
     gaagaggcca agagtccagt agacagcaag caggcaaagt caaagttgcc tttttccctt     67800
     ttccctgggt ggcaaccaga aggtagcaat tcatatttag gatgggtcgc ctcaatgatt     67860
     caatagttca aataatctga tttttaaaat cccatcctag ctaaacagac accacactga     67920
     gcctaaccat cagacaccat agaaacagat cctccagcat agtcaagcct tcagttgact     67980
     acagcattag ctagctcaaa ctagaaccat ctggttaaga tagcctcaag tacttgaccc     68040
     ataaaactta aaaccaaata ttttagtaag caagaaaaac ataaagctaa agtaaaagaa     68100
     gtctaaagat ggtatagccc acagattctc cacgccagaa aacctaacag tcaaaagaaa     68160
     gctagcaatg gacaggaacc ggaaaagaaa aaaaaaaatc aagggcataa taataaccat     68220
     ttcaaagttg ttttttaagc tcctatacca gtctgtttta ctctctcaca tttaaagaaa     68280
     tgtagtctga aaaaaaaatt acaacaaaac aaaactggat tccaaagccc ttttatttcc     68340
     tgcaacccca tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac tccactttta acacagggtg aatggtgggc     68400
     cagctttata aatacacaaa atgttagagg aagagacaga ggaaaagacc caaaaggagt     68460
     cttcttccat aatgaatagc agaatatctt ggcaaagcta acagcagaca aatcagttat     68520
     ttaattcaga tcattgttga aaattgggac catttccttc tctggactct caagggtttt     68580
     gataatgctc tgtggttcct gattcttgac tattgtcaag ttacagcctt caatctcagg     68640
     aacaaaagta ggaaagaaac agaaatttgg aaagccaggc ctaagagtct gagctccaac     68700
     tttctaagtt cttaaaatat tcttaatata attcttaacc caaaaggtag cccactgtta     68760
     caaggtggta aggagtgaat gtatgcaaaa attcctatcc acatggcagg taatccacaa     68820
     aagacaactt tctcatctga cgcgatgggt ttaaatgcaa atactggttt agtataaact     68880
     agctatacta caagttcaaa caaggtgcta tataatatca attgaatata accacaaatg     68940
     gatcgtatgc tgagttcaca gatctctaat attagaaaca aaggaatggt agcaagctat     69000
     gtccagtatg atccaggcag catctggaaa cagaatcaag ttttagggca tactatggaa     69060
     caacgacaga ataatacatc tggaagcaag atactgggca gtgctaagcc agggctcagg     69120
     acgtttctcc ctagaaacca gaccacagaa ataaacaagt ttaactgggg agagaggaca     69180
     cctgaagagt agggatgtga ccttaccctc gaacatttac aagtccatcc taagaaatta     69240
     gtgttttcat cgttatgaca taaagaacaa tgactatagc actcaaaaaa aaaaaatttc     69300
     agtaaagtac cttcccagtc agcgctgaaa cctttccata aagggctgcc ttctgttttc     69360
     ctatcctcat cagaacatgt ccgcttacat cactatcact gacagtgggc atactgccag     69420
     ggactgtagg ctgaaggaga gtgaacactg gacggagaaa ggcttaccca gcatttccaa     69480
     aagatgactt aaaacatcta gaaattcccc tgacagcacg agaagcctgc agttttagtc     69540
     acaggtttcc tattaactat ctttggacaa ggtacctcag ctgattggac ttaatttctg     69600
     tggtggttta aatgaacatc cttcataggc tcagatgttt gaatcgtagt cctctgttgg     69660
     tagcagtctt gggtagactt gggaaatgtg gctttgaagt aggcagtatg tcagttccag     69720
     ctgtaagctt caagttggag cgtctccagc cacattgcct acaactgtta cctacactcc     69780
     atcatcatgg actcgaagcc gctggacctg tgagtctgaa taaatgcttc catacattgc     69840
     cttagtcatg gtgttttatc acagcaatag aaaagctact catatgattg tgttgtccat     69900
     aaaagacaaa aacaaaacag gaggcatata ctgaagggta tcttctgtca ttaatatatt     69960
     ttagtacttt cctcatagaa acagaaagcc aacatactag ctactcttct atcccattgc     70020
     tgtgataaac catcatgacc aaggcgacta acaggagagt gggtttcctt tgggcttcag     70080
     cagtttcaaa aggataagag atcacaacca tcacagtggg gaaggcagca aggaggcatg     70140
     tcgagcagaa gcactaagca ctgcagagaa ctgaactggg gatggtgcct ggcttctaaa     70200
     gcctcgaagc ctgctcctaa tagcacactt cctccagcaa gggcgcatct cctaagcctt     70260
     cctcaacagc tgatcaagtg cgtggtctat gggaggcatc tcatttaaac caccatatta     70320
     tgatccccag taactatgtc attctaaagc gggagggaag cccaacgata aagcaaagca     70380
     cgttttaaat caaaagtaag attacacgtt acgttcatcc gagtgaccgg gggggggggg     70440
     ggacgggggg gacggggggg gacgggacac aggacaggtg ctgtgtgaga agtgtcctgt     70500
     ttttacctgt ggtatagatt ttgtctctta ccacgacttt tgtagcttgg gctggtttcc     70560
     actgtacgag tgtgacccca ccacacagca tgaagacgga aatccactgt aatttgctga     70620
     gtgttcgatt taacattaaa acagtacata aagcagtgca ggggatcttc agttgatagg     70680
     tcacctacag acaaagcaac aggcaatacg ttcacctaac gggagtcctt gaagaaatac     70740
     ctcatcattg acagaattaa gaatatttgt gtaaatgtag acggttaatt aaaaaaatct     70800
     ccatttaaac aaaattcagt gacctcaaat cccagatttt tagttcctgt atttttcttt     70860
     tgagacagga tctcgctatg tagccatggc tggcactgag ctcacagaga gatagaatgg     70920
     tggcatgcac taccatgtcc cacaagcggt tttgaaccat gaactcggct cacctggtac     70980
     actgctgcat ccagattact gagagccagg aaggccatgt tgttctgcac agcatacact     71040
     agtgatggca cactcaactt cgccagttcc ttggggctcc ccaagacatt ttcacttaat     71100
     gaggctttaa atctacccaa actgccagtt tcccttcaaa aacaaaagag gagacgaagg     71160
     aatggtaagg cagaaaacca agcagccttt cccagcctgg tgctaggtac tgaagccagc     71220
     cttgggcatg ctaagcaggt aaaccactga gctccatcct caaccttctg cttttgaggc     71280
     aggatcttcc tctaagatcc tcccagctcc acctcccatg tgctgggatc acaggcatgc     71340
     accaccatgt ctgtagtact ctgatcatga gaatccttca cacacagtta actttctgat     71400
     gtaactcaga gtgcaagctt aagaattatg cccgactagt tttagattta ttaatagaaa     71460
     cagacctgta gtttattccc actttaaaaa gcacatttct acttaggaaa aaaaaaagta     71520
     taacaattaa gtaggattat cgccaaaatc ttctggtgag agttccaaga aatgttaagt     71580
     ccattaagta aagaatatca ggagtcagaa ctgctgacaa actattacct aaccctctgc     71640
     cacttcaact ctgttgtgtc caatgtacct caataccttt gtcactgatc agggaacata     71700
     ccctacctat ctttaaattg tccttcaaat tatacattta gtgcaaaata gagaaggcta     71760
     tattggttct acaactcgga tctgaaagca agcgattctt atttacagat ttactcagtg     71820
     ctgattaaat gggtaataaa tctttatata aacactctca aaatatgtca aatctgtata     71880
     attctataat aaatttaaat aactgattaa cctcaataaa aagtaaacta tatctgtaat     71940
     gtacaaaaaa aaaagcctat tggttattgg ttatacatgg tcttaaaacc cattcatccc     72000
     accccatcac cacccaatga agactgctta atctggctta tgtatctacc aaaaaccacc     72060
     cattttcttc ctaaatataa aaataaaaat ttattttata gtaagtatca atattcctca     72120
     aacgtgcttt atcaaaatgg tcctaaatgc cattgagagt gccctgaaag gaccatattc     72180
     atgtttacag tgatcatggc gtgcctgtgg tgtttattaa tattagaatc aacatctgca     72240
     aatatgttta catttaaatg ctgcaggagc gattgtgtta agttctgggg atggcaacaa     72300
     aatttttgcc cattatatca agtatatagt atatatactg tttacttgac aaacatctta     72360
     accagagtac aaagaacaat atttcaatta ttttctcctc tgtaaaatta aacaaaaaac     72420
     aaaaaataaa aaaaacaagg gatcaagtca ggcatgatgg ttagttttaa gtgtcagttt     72480
     gatgaatcta gtatcacctg ggaagtgggt ctcgatggga gattgtctgg gtgaaactgt     72540
     ctgtgggctt ctctgtggga accctgattg tattaattaa ggtgagaaga cccagctact     72600
     gtaggtatgg tcattccttc agaagggact ctcacatgtg ctaagagtaa ggaagtaagc     72660
     tgggtaccag tgagcctgtg ttcaccgttc tcctctggtg tagacacaat gtggccagct     72720
     gcctctagct actgccacgg tgacttccct gccaggactg taacctaaat ggaagcttga     72780
     gaggacaatt gtctcagaca tttattttgt gtaccctata gagtttgtaa acaccactgt     72840
     atcctagcaa ctactactgt attgatcctg gctattgcca ctatagtctg tttctgataa     72900
     aggtataaaa gtctgattgc tctcgttaaa ctgccacagc ttaagctttg ctgtggcccc     72960
     ttccaccagc ttggtttcat tccccacagc catctcaggt gaccttgccc cagtaagtaa     73020
     gcactgtgtc ttctgttatg tagtaggaga aaactggaaa gaaaccaatg tctgtgagtg     73080
     atgcttggca tacattggag agagatttct gtgttctggt gtaaagaatt tatgtgtgaa     73140
     aaatgatcat gaaacaagta tagaaactaa agtggacaca atagctgatg tctagcgtag     73200
     tccccagtgt ctagcagctt cgtgcacata actgaaattc actaattaga ccacatgagc     73260
     gtggtcaaag aacccatcag tacactctcc ctcacatctc tctttttctt cttgaagttc     73320
     tgatttctgg ttgaaataaa tataattcta tattccaagc aaagtagaaa actatgatta     73380
     agggctggtg agatggctca gcgggtaaga gcacccaact gctcttccga aggtcaggag     73440
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taatgagatc tgactccctc     73500
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca ctccagaagt gtacttacat ataataaata aatacagtgt     73560
     acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttta agaaaactat gattaaaatc agtaagaatg     73620
     gaggaatcct aaattaagta agacagatat cattacttca aacgtataag aaacttatgt     73680
     ttcagaggaa tagaggaccc acaacacaca tcatccatta catgacgtaa cacttaaagc     73740
     aaaagagcca tatagagatt cctggacacc agtgagtttg gaattagaaa cttcttaagt     73800
     tttatcacat ttgtttactt gggtgtgtgt acatgcatgt ttctgcatgc cacaatgctc     73860
     aggtatgagt tagctcatcc ctccaccctg tgggcccaag ggtcaaatgt gggtcatcag     73920
     acttggcagc aagcaccttt gccatctgtg gaaacatcag gcagcccaga aatgttctcc     73980
     attaattagt gtaattcttt atttacatcc caagcgcagc ttcccctccc tcttctcctc     74040
     ccagcccccg cctcacctca cctcctccta accccactcc ctttccctca gagaagggga     74100
     agcctcccac ggacatcgac cctccgtggc ctatcaagct gcagtagaac taggctcatc     74160
     ttctactgag gcttacaaag gcagcccagt taggggaagg gaatctaagg caggcaacag     74220
     agccacaggc agcccctgct gttgctttag gagctccacg gaagacccag ctgcacatct     74280
     gtttcatatg tgcagagggc ctaggtccag cccatgtgtg ctctctgctt ggcaggtcag     74340
     tcgctgggaa ctcctatggc ccaggttagt tgattctgca tgttttcttg tggtgccctt     74400
     gacctctcgg gctccttcaa tccttcatcc ccctctccca caagattctt caaactccac     74460
     ctaatgtttc agctcagaaa atgttactct actgcctatt tcaaggctaa ccaaatgaga     74520
     gcagaagcta aaagctcatc aacactgcgg aaggaacaag tacgggtaag aggggatgtg     74580
     agaactggtg gggctgaaca taactcttct gacgacacta cggcaccatg cagagaaacg     74640
     ggcatacgtg agtgtgtgtc tgcacggggg tacactccct agctctgtct gcctagctca     74700
     gcgactgatt gtcaaccttt ctaatactgg gaccctttaa tatagtccct caagttgtga     74760
     tgacccggaa ccatgaaatt ttttcattgc ttcttcataa ctgtaatttt gctactgtta     74820
     tgaatcaaat gtaaatatct gatatttgat ccctgtgcaa gggtctttga cccccaaagg     74880
     ggtctcaatc cacaggctga gaaccactgg cctagaaagg ctagtatagc aggaacattg     74940
     taataatatc cacattcctg tatctaaata gagggcgagg gggagattta caaaggaaca     75000
     agggatcctt ttttaaaaaa caaacaaacg aaacggtaaa ttcaggtcag gacaagacca     75060
     gtatgaagta aagcacttgc aggctataat ctgtctagtc agtctgcctg cttagtgctg     75120
     cactgctcgc attctaacgc tgattgttgg tgatgctcct gttcaaaatg gccccgaatg     75180
     cagtgctaga gtaaaaagga cctactgttc taagtgtctg aaggctatat gcaatatgaa     75240
     gaaaatgcat acagtaaaca agcttcgttt acacaagggt cacagtaagc catgagttaa     75300
     tgtcgattaa tcagtaacat ttaatacatg cattagcggc tccttactgt gacaaaatca     75360
     cctctagaaa gtgaggcttt attttggatc aaagtttgga gatttcggtt agccccactg     75420
     ctcggggcta gacagctcat tacctgagga acacagtacc ccacacctgt tcaccttgcg     75480
     gccgagaagt aaacaagaga agagaccagg gtcccacagt tactagagcc aagctgggga     75540
     tgaggccttc gatagacccc agcacaggcc tttagtgggc actgaggatc ataactgtag     75600
     ccttagcttt taaactgaaa cacacataaa atgaggtgac atactgatcc attctgcggc     75660
     ataaagagca gacaaagggg aaaacccttt tctcactgaa acagtagttc caaacgtttt     75720
     cataattatc tccagagaga aaatactgtt gctactttga acaccaagaa aaataatttc     75780
     ttttttacat ctgaaaaatc attttaacct tatggcaacc aattttcaaa caaatataaa     75840
     ttcaaaatgt gaatcagttt tggctttttt gtttgagaca acatctcaga aagcttgcaa     75900
     ggaacaaatg ttttctgact tttacccatc acagtaaagc actgctgtcc aacctgggtg     75960
     tgtatcagtg tgttgccagg gtggtgcttg gtgcccacag agaccgtcag ctagagctgc     76020
     actgacagct ctaagttgcc atgtgggtgc taagaactga atcaaggtcc tctgcaagag     76080
     cagccgtcct ctagttcccg tcagactatc cttacttccg tctgtctgtg tgtgaatgcc     76140
     acctgtgtat gtgcccacgg atgccagaag agggcatcac atacacatca gcagctggag     76200
     tcagagaagg ctgtgagctg cccagcatgg gcactgagaa ctcaactgtg tcctcaggag     76260
     aagcaggaag tacatttaag ctctggcgcc cctccaggct tgctctccta tcctccaggg     76320
     ggtggctgga gctgggcttt tttttttttt ttttttttat gtgattttgg ttttgaactt     76380
     tgtgcttctt ttcttttctt tctttttttg ttgttgttgt tgttgtttgt ttgttttgag     76440
     gaaaagtctc attatgtagc cctacctagc ctggaactct agatataaac caggctagcc     76500
     tggaactcta gatatagacc aggctagcct ggaactctag atatagacca ggctagcctg     76560
     gaactctaga tatagaccag gctagcctag aacccacaga gacccacttg cttctgtctc     76620
     ccgagtgcta attattttac atttatttat atatcctctg tgtggtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     76680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtag gcacatcaag gggaccatca cttctcttca     76740
     tcccctatgg gtcccagagg tcaaactctg attgtaaggc ttagcagcaa gcatctttac     76800
     acaatggaca atctcactaa ccacttttta aacaattact ggttttcata tgcatacaaa     76860
     gaaacagcag cactgagagt atctggctat ttttaatatt ttttcagaac ttatactact     76920
     aaacctaaat attttttggt tttaaaatag ttacctaaca caaaatgaat tttatttatg     76980
     gggtgtatgt gggtaagttg cagaaaataa gacaaacttg ctaagttata acaaatgctt     77040
     actaatcttt aaatactggt ttctaaaata tataacactt acaaaactct aatttgcgtt     77100
     ctgagacatg gcagcagaca cctgctattt cagcattcag gagctgcagg caagagaact     77160
     gtgagctata taaagttcaa agccagccga gacaaaagtg gtaataaaca taaaacagta     77220
     tctggatgcc tgcgttagaa tgtttccgtc cctctacgtt ggcagaccct gtatttttcc     77280
     aaaaggaagc tcagttgtaa gactacataa agtgccgtat gtgcggagat tgttctggag     77340
     ttttaaacac tgacttttgt caatgaaaca ctgccttgta gaggtatagt aagaactccc     77400
     agctgggatc atccagatga agaatgacag aataaaagat aaatgtctgg aaaaaataac     77460
     tttattccat ggatggtgca ggattttact acacttgtac atgagtgcct ctgcccgtaa     77520
     gataaatttg aaattcaaat attttaaccc ttctaaccat ccacctcaag ttcctttttc     77580
     tgttcttttc tccctcccca gaccactgct agtgtatcct tcttcacatg aactttggaa     77640
     atcatttgtc ttattatttt attttgcttt gtttctctgt ctcacccact aaactgtttc     77700
     aagaagacag gggtctcatc gatttcatcc ctgtacatcc tccacctgga aactgttcat     77760
     caaagatgca tgagatgagt ttagaaatgt ttcagtgtaa tttacctgtt tctgcataaa     77820
     agccatcact tactgtttcc caccctcacc agtatgcatg ggacttacat gaaccctcac     77880
     ctatatgcat ggctcttaca tgaactctca cctgccgcaa tgctttaaat agttaaatcc     77940
     tcacctcata aatccccatg tcacttacaa acagggtttt atttaattcc tatttaattc     78000
     ttagcaccct gtattatctc ctccagtgga aaaaaaaatg aaaaaaacta agcttcaggg     78060
     aagacacgag cacataaagc caggagtaaa actggttctg tcctgtttgg aatcattgtt     78120
     gttaccctcc tgtttcctgc accttcagct aaactgatgg tgttgctgac tcaaagcaca     78180
     gcgctgtcac acatcagcag agtaaccttg aggcacttca tatgcggcac tgataaaaca     78240
     tactatgtcc gagtgtttaa aaattaaatg aaatgactac acagcacctg gcacttaaca     78300
     caggaaacac cataaaatgt ttatgaccgt cattatatcc ctctaaatct ttttcccccg     78360
     taagggtcaa ataacatgta ttttaggttt catgaacaat atagttagtt ccttttacag     78420
     aaaaccaaag agcacatggg acaaactgca tctggcctat atatcaccat tgccaagctc     78480
     tactttaaag ttggtattaa aagagagttc ttcaatttca acatcatcaa cactggggct     78540
     agacatgcct gtgttttaaa gggctgttgt aggcattgta tgacagctag aatccctggc     78600
     ctctatccac caaaggccag tacatgccta ttgtgacaac caaaactgta cttcctagga     78660
     gacaaaaact gtcccgagta gaaaagtact tctccagaat aatctaatat ggaaaaatgt     78720
     gacttgaatt ttcaatagta gctggaagac aaaaggcttt aacttcctgg aagtagcgtt     78780
     acttacttag ctaacaggcc aacacttatc agtaacttta tcacttctgt gatacacacg     78840
     gcagtggttg agaagtagag ttcttcagct gttgtccttg tgtatcttaa agctacggtg     78900
     taagcggcag ccaccagagt catcaccgtc aagcagtaca gcttgaagaa taaactgaca     78960
     ttttctgcaa aatatgtgca acaaaagtac tatttagtgt gtgtatatat atacatatat     79020
     catatataca tatgtatgta tgtgtgtaat gctaatcaac cagttagtcc ttaaggcttt     79080
     tcaacttcta gcaccatttt ttttttaaat atgacatata aaactcaatt tccaagtaat     79140
     actttccaac atgaacataa aatactgctg actttaaaac tccatacaaa ctaggcaaag     79200
     atactgttta gtgctcccaa ctaactatac aattacatgg catacaaatc ttagtttatt     79260
     ttaaatatat atgaacatat ataatgaata tatatgcatg cataactatg attacaaacc     79320
     tgtgaaaata aagtatcaaa gcaactgtaa tacagtctaa acctcaagac attagaaaag     79380
     ggacgtgagg cctgtctggc tacatctgtc atcccaatga ctgactaggt tgatttgtta     79440
     tctgtctggc taggctgttc ctgcctccct tcctcaccac ctcccctaca ctgctcctac     79500
     acgctagctc taccctcagt cagaaagggt atacaccctt tcctcattac ctgggtataa     79560
     ggcagatagc tgtgctcctc cgctagcctc taaatatgct cttgaagaca acagaacgta     79620
     aacaaaagga tacctgagtg acaaaaaagc aactgaagat aactgcagag gcaggccaat     79680
     gccatctcgg acagtaacca atgtccctag caaagtactg ctctgcaaca atctaatcca     79740
     tgacgatgcg actttataaa caggcgtggg tcagatccta agaccccgtc tcacacacac     79800
     acaaacacac acgcacacat gcacgacatt aacatagaat taaattaaaa taaagaacaa     79860
     agtgaattgg ttaacacaga gtacttagaa actcctctat aaaacttgaa atgcaggata     79920
     tagcagtcat cactcagggg ccaaagacag tcagtccaac acctttggta aatttacaag     79980
     cactggggag tccggtttcc cctttcttgc ttcctgctct gaaactgcca acacccaagg     80040
     ctcgaacttt ttctcttttc tttccatgac aaaatttaga gtattgtgtt agacttatat     80100
     gagaaaacca attcccacaa tttctttttt attaattata attgaatcta atccttgtca     80160
     ttgagatcta ctgagaatgg atttacattg gatctgctag gtgttcacag ttagtgtttt     80220
     gtcatcagat tagtaacaag tgtcccctgg gaacactggt cttagttcac gggttacaca     80280
     taatcctaag gatgccaaga gactcctccg ggatgctagt tattaactga cgtcttatgt     80340
     gctaaacgtg cttttgttca ctcctttgga agcctaatca taggtaatta tacctaatca     80400
     taggtaaata aaataggtgt ttcaaacaga tactttaaaa tatgattaca caagaagcta     80460
     gggaagcagt gtctccatat aagtgtttcc tccttggtga attaaagcag gatttgtaag     80520
     ttgtaagcaa gttcttaaac caaagaagta gtacaacaga gaagaagaaa tacgccatat     80580
     aactatttat ctttccttcc taaatggtcc aatctgccag accagcaatg cttatgtaaa     80640
     gggcactgag ggaagtacta taatacttcc attgttctaa aactttctta tgaaagagtt     80700
     tatgactcca gaaatatgga gcagtaacat ttaatccgtc agtacaagaa ctacaccatc     80760
     catagtttta tatgatggtt cagaataatg gaaaaatgtg taagtcctat ctcaagacac     80820
     atggaaataa tagtaagtta aaattttggc gtccataaag tgtaattagg agacagctat     80880
     gctcatctgc cttaattatc ttgcctatag ttgtagggtt cagcagctat ggcggagact     80940
     aacagctctc tacagaaaga ctgcctgcca tccatgacct gaaattatca atattctcat     81000
     aactaagaag tgaaaactca aatcactttt tttttggggg ggggggctgt gttaaaggtc     81060
     cctggttcaa aaaaagcaag ataatttaaa tactaaagat gtttaactcc agaaaacata     81120
     cttttttttt tttcctttcc ttgagacagg gtctctctat gtagctctgg ctggcctggt     81180
     acttgctatg tagagcaagc tgaccttgat acagttctgc atgcctctgc ctcctaagtg     81240
     ctgggattaa taggcataag ccatatcatg gtgttttgtt ttgttttgtt taagacaccc     81300
     ataatgaaaa ggtctgcaaa tgtaattctt gaaaataatt actaatcaaa gtagaaaagt     81360
     ctaagtttgg atactataaa acatagatga ctttggtctg taataccact ttagaagcac     81420
     atttcaactt ttaaaaccaa tccttgtaac catgatttcc acttacattt cagtttacca     81480
     taagatcaaa acatttcttc tacaattctt cattttccag gatgaaactt cattgattag     81540
     gaatgtcaac gttcccaggt aatataaata ttcatggtac gcagctactt taaactatcc     81600
     taagaattca aatcatatca cgccattaac tagaaacctg gcccactgat catccagcac     81660
     cccctttgtg gagaatctgt taccttccac ggcatttgtt tctgggtgga gaatatcccc     81720
     cagaagagtc agtctggagt tatccttttg ttttccagtt acattttagg gggactatta     81780
     ctgtcatacc tgaaagcttg gacatagcag gaagtagcag gtgagtaatc gttaagatga     81840
     ctctatgtaa ggaggtatag aaactgtatt tcattaggat aaaaaagtgc aacacaccca     81900
     aatgtaacaa cgtatgtgct ggcaagaagt ctaaatctgt aaacaaccct tgcgggtacc     81960
     gatctgcctg ctgcatcttt taagtgttca tttgtcaatc gccctacttt tcctattacc     82020
     ctcttcccgg atgctacagg acttatctga tatgggacaa tccaccacca cagaaaactt     82080
     acatggcgcc tgatgttaaa tgtcaaatcc cctcccccaa agataaataa tttcacatcc     82140
     acgcaaaagg atattcttta aatgcttgtc caacatttat ttagacttaa agccagtgct     82200
     cattggggaa atggtgaaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaacaaa attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     82260
     cgacgttgtc gccaggcatg agggcacaga ccactaatcc cagcgcttgt aaaactgagg     82320
     caggaaaatc tccccgagtt tgaagccaac gtgggctata gaatgagacc atgtagtgtt     82380
     ggttcctgct ttaaaaataa ataaatacaa aatcgtcacc gccttttggc ctgtcctagc     82440
     cacagtgcta tagaataaaa cctcagcctt ggggccagct tacgtaaaac ctgaaaggac     82500
     agccaccaca gccctggcca gacggctcgc catcgggagg agcagcgcgc gccctcaagc     82560
     ccagggctcc gaaccacagc ctcgctccag gcagggacct ggccggcgcc cgggcggctc     82620
     actgcaccgg tgtgcgggtg cagcccgctg ccgctccctg cagggagggc tcggccccca     82680
     gagccggccc ggccagcaca ccccgggccg ccgttcccta gcgaccgccc gcagcccggc     82740
     ctcacctctc gccggagcca tggtgccgag agagtctgcg gaactgacgc ccctgcggcc     82800
     atagagacgc accggcctag agagcccgcc gcaccacacg cgcgaggagg aagcgggggc     82860
     tacggcggaa gccgcgcggc gtgcggagcg acaagtctgg gagactcggt cctgcggggg     82920
     ctcggaaaac cgcagcttcc ggtcgaccga gggggggcgg agtcaaggtg gccgagcgtt     82980
     tccttctaga gaccagcccc tccgagagga tgggccccgc aagaaggatt ctgaaatgct     83040
     ctcgattatt cctttgtgtg aagaccgtta gagaggctcc gagaactcgg acttttataa     83100
     ctttcaactc catcacggcc ttccatggtt acctcttgga taaatttagt atatattaca     83160
     tactgctcgg aagtactgtg tctgtcttca tcatccttac tgtcactgtc tagcttaact     83220
     tggtaacttc aggcagcaaa aagacctcag aaaaattaga ttgtattaac aggcacttca     83280
     accgctctaa tggttactgt gactagagga tgttattaga aaataacccc gggtggaaca     83340
     acattatgaa ctaaccagta ccccggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga     83400
     tggcctaatc ggccatcact ggaaagagag gcccattgga cacgtaaact ttatatgccc     83460
     cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga gtgggggtgg     83520
     gtgggtatgg gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa     83580
     aaaatggaaa aggaaaaaaa aaaaactata cctctaaaaa gttggaattc tcaggacctg     83640
     aaaacccaac tgcttatgag ccaaataagg ccgcagagtg ggaagtggga agcgcttaag     83700
     ccacagcggg ctctgaggca gacaacagag cataaaagga tcaagctgga atgccagcca     83760
     gtcttatcag acattctgat ttttttcaat gagcccaaaa ttcaaatata aatatcaatt     83820
     ctctggcttt taaaaggcag catatgaatg taggcttcac ttgttccaga tagcaaggct     83880
     catgatatag aaatctgtta tcactaaata gcaatgaagc agagcgttgt gtttcagagt     83940
     gtcagggctt aacattttgt agggttttag aagcagcctc tattccagtg ataagcatac     84000
     tactatctag ctggcattgc aatgtcaatc ttaatgctgt aaactttgtc taaaatataa     84060
     aacaaatacg cggacagagt tttacttgtc aattttaata aaacgaaaaa tgtactacag     84120
     aaactgcttt tagatttgca taacagtcag gcaggatacg gtgccctagt gcacagtcac     84180
     acaaccagtg actgtgccag ccccgcaaat gagctttata cacgcacagc actttaaacc     84240
     ctccatccgt gccactaagg agcagcttcc tgtaaacgtc catctctagg tttcgtccac     84300
     cgctctggtt aagttcacct tcaccccata ggttgttttg ctttgtcccc cacgaaggcc     84360
     agctatgaaa atctggggcc tgggcactcg gctgctgcct tctctcttgg actgggtgct     84420
     agcctctttc aaagggtaca cctgtgaggt gttatctctt ctcatgtggc taaggtcagt     84480
     ctggacggag tgagtaattt tctggcgcaa attagcctag gtagaaagag aacataggga     84540
     ataatgtttc tctaaaaaaa tgtaaaaaat caggcattta gttaatgttt gcctattaac     84600
     tttccatttc acaaataaat aatgcatttt tctatgatgg tgaggatgga tgatgacagg     84660
     gaggctgagg gtggggagga gggtggggag gagggggagg aggaggatgt gtatggtatg     84720
     attgcaggca tgtgcatgcc gtggtgtgaa tgtggaagag agaggaaaac ccctggtatt     84780
     aattctctcc ttttatggca ggttctgggg agtgaactta tcagcttgca tggcaaaaat     84840
     taatcaagaa cagaataaac ttaagaatcc tttacaaagt gggaaaacct gtgacatgct     84900
     gagactgagc tgaagagaaa tgcacacgac tgggttgcga cggtccaata tgagaaagtg     84960
     acgatttata gtgggttttt agaatgagcg tcacactatg ctgacaatat gaaaatctgt     85020
     ttccagctta ctcgtttttc atcttgctta cttctgttca tggataactg gaaaacatga     85080
     gactagacag attgcacagg ctagtaacca tggaggatgg ggactagatg ccataactcc     85140
     gtggtctcaa ggcgactacc tcgtggaaag ccctaaattc atcctcagcc ccacaaagaa     85200
     agcagaggag ataagaaata ataacaattt ggaaagggta agaaaagcat aaagtgaagg     85260
     agagcagacc taagtaattc agaatttgaa ccatcataga tccaaatctc tacattcata     85320
     agactatgtc atttcattat ttttgataga ataattttat tattccaaga gacttgttac     85380
     gtaaacaaat atttttgtgc tgggattaga acttggggtc tcacacatgc tatatgtaag     85440
     tgctctgcca ctggctcgta gccctcaaca agacccaaca agttatcaga ttgtccccta     85500
     taagatgcaa tgaaggacgc gctcccttgg gaagcttcac tgcgcagtga gagcagtaag     85560
     attctgtgtg tccgagccgt tgccttcaca ccttgctgtc cccaccacgc ctggcgcttt     85620
     tctgcccagt cttatttaaa tacccatctt ctttctgttc aacccaccaa gattaaaaga     85680
     cctgctttaa cacacttcaa gttcttaaaa aaaattctaa atactattcc ccctctgagt     85740
     gaaagccaaa ggttggttga ggtggagttc tccatgtgta tctttgctac tgcataagcc     85800
     aggccacctt ccgggaagtc tcatggctcc acctcccatc tcctgtgggc acccggggat     85860
     ggcagcgttg tgtgccattg aggccagcct ttacgttttc acgtaggctt gtggatccca     85920
     aactctgatc tttgggcttt tggagcaaga gtcttcccta ctacgaaagc cttcccctaa     85980
     gtacatttta agtctgcaag ctttctgtct ttattgggcg atcttttact tcacatttta     86040
     cttcaccatt tcaggagaat ggtggataaa acacattacg gtttcaggca taagtgattt     86100
     tatcgcatag aaaccatatg ccctccctcc tttgagtttg ttgggtattc tgtgactgct     86160
     atgaaaagag taactcatta ggtaacttat ctatccccta ccttgtgatt cagcaagaaa     86220
     cccatggtac agtaaatgat actaatgcaa tacacatttg ttgtcttaaa taagatattt     86280
     ttaaaggagg caagtgggaa attcaaagct tcctacttta ggagtaggca ctgtttttga     86340
     ttaaattgac ccagaatcca taggatagga aagtactgtg tctaacagaa ttcgggtagg     86400
     catggggtat ataattgtaa caccaacact cgggggctga ggttaaggca gctgaattgc     86460
     aggccagcct gggctacata gtaaaaacct atcctaaagg gggctgggat actacaattt     86520
     ctgtgattta tttgagcagg ttaaaaatag tagagggagg aatagactgt gttgttgcta     86580
     ttgtttttgt tttgttttct ggtacattga tttaactcgg ggctgctagg gaagtgctct     86640
     atcactaagc tatgtttgta gcttttaata cacaacactc agacacacag tactcagaca     86700
     cacagcactc agacacacac actacacaca cccaaaacac attcacatac atatcacaca     86760
     cacacacaca catacaaaac acatacacac acaaatacac aacacatata tttacacact     86820
     accacaaatc acacatacac atacaacaca caccacatcc tcgcatacat acacacaaca     86880
     cacacatcac acacatacag cacacatgta caacacacac atatacacat gccatacacc     86940
     acacacacac acaacataca caaatacaca cacaacacat acacacacaa tacacacaca     87000
     acatatatac acacaacaca cacatacacc atacatgtac aacatatata agctacacat     87060
     ataacacaca tatacagaca ccacacacac aacacacaaa tacacacaac acacatacat     87120
     acatacataa cacatataca taaacaccat aatacacaca ccacacacat ataggcacac     87180
     aaacatccac atacacacat acacacacaa tacacacaca acacatatac acatacacac     87240
     atgcacacac acatgcacaa tatctttgat ataggttctt gtgggctgcc cataaacccg     87300
     ccctttaacc taggcaggtc tcagatttcc aagtagctga aagagcatgc ttgcaccacc     87360
     agagctggag aaaaggtgtt cttttatatt taagacttat tctggttttt acttatgtgt     87420
     gtgcatctgt gcacttgtgt ttgagggctt gcagagacca gatgacaatg tcagattccc     87480
     tggagctggc aacttgagct gcccaagtgt gtgcctggaa ctgaacctag gaaatctgca     87540
     aaagtggcaa tggccactta gccatctccc cagcctggag aatgctttta aaactatgaa     87600
     ggaaagagca agtgtccttg tttagtacct agagggtgtt agtcaagagt gggttcattc     87660
     ttccatatgt ctatacaggt ctaaaattag aagacaacct tactatacag gatgctggca     87720
     acttataaat catgctaatt acttctatgt ctgcagggaa ctgtgtagga cttctttcat     87780
     ataaacaatt taacttacca actctacggg taacaacatc aaataccacc ccaccgcccc     87840
     acccccctcg gccagcttac aaacaattta ggaagcactg ttacaaacca gttttatggc     87900
     ttttcttctt agttcccatt cgttccactc atatgttctc atggtcgtgg gtggcaatat     87960
     gtgtgtatct gtctgtgtgc cgttgtcaca ctttgtaatt ggctttatat aatgcttgtc     88020
     aacatctctc atctaaagaa acacaagttt gtaattagca gttatacaaa gtaaacgcca     88080
     tatacaggta actaaaatta ttcagccgag actgccaaga gactaaggaa accctttggg     88140
     aacatggaac atgcttgtga atgccagcaa ggaagagcat acagtcagca ggccggtgta     88200
     attgtgctcc tgcagagtcc cgctttgtgc gtgattcgtg agcttattgt gcgagggtat     88260
     tttagaggga aaaagcatcg tacattatca agctttcaaa cgtctcttcc tgctcttcac     88320
     agtgggtagt gtaagtggaa ataggaagca aaactagtta ttaaatatta ggcataaatc     88380
     acatgtattt gaccctcttt aggatgtgtt ttgaacttga acatccataa gaggtcaccc     88440
     aaaaattttt tgggttttgt cttgatctga atatattggt tttctccaag gacacctgat     88500
     attaattatt ggtaattcca gactaagaac atttgcttat gttgtgctca gtggcatcag     88560
     agatagagag gaacaggtcg tagtaaggag gaggaaagga cagtaacttc ccataacagc     88620
     taagatgatc agtaccactg actctagact gaaatccctc atgatatagt ggagtagata     88680
     agagcataat aaaaagataa ttaagataaa agataattct attgttagaa tagaagtaaa     88740
     tggtaattaa ataagacagt aaggactcta tgggagacag agggagaaat cccacttcca     88800
     tgggtatctg aaggtcactg aagaacagct gtagatttaa aaaacacaaa ggatctgggc     88860
     agtagtggca catgccttta gttccagaat ttaggaggca gaagcaggtg gatttctgag     88920
     tttgaggcca gcctggtcta cagggtgagt tccagaacag ccagggccac acaaagaaac     88980
     cctgtctcag ctcccccccc ccccaaaaaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaaccc acaaaggaga     89040
     aagacctggg tgcacagaag aaaatcatgt tttaatagaa agctgctgtg cattgtctcc     89100
     agagcataca cctgtggtta cctaagtcta actttccctt gtcctcagct gtcttccatc     89160
     tgggagttgc aactgatagt caacaaggtc agacaggttt tgtgtatcta catgtaaagt     89220
     ctgataacct gcttatcccc tgtatgtgaa aaccaataca ttggtcttta tttgcatgct     89280
     tacttagata tttttcagat acataaattt gtccattaag actcgtcctc tttttggtga     89340
     ggaggggttt gacacaaggt cacatcctgt aacccaggct ggctacaaat ttgctatcca     89400
     ccagttttgc ctcccccgcc cctttctgag ttttgggttt ctaggaatgc gccaccactc     89460
     tgatcttaga attgttttta gactggtggt aaatgttcat gactgactga agtcttgaat     89520
     agactcttta acatatactc atctttatat cttcatcaga gtcataattt tacccattga     89580
     aaatatcttt tagggccggg tggtggtggc acacgccttt gatcccagca cttgggaggc     89640
     agaggcagac ggatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca     89700
     gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaacc aaaaacaaac     89760
     aaacaaacaa aaaacccaaa acaaaaatat cttttaagaa aatatatctt ttaagaagat     89820
     atctgggcag gcaaaactag tgtgggatca ggatattaac tcattgttgt ctgacactga     89880
     gaaatcatgg ctgagaatta gcagtaaaag gataatacaa ataacaagac aactgtatat     89940
     ctatgaacgc taggtgaaga ttaaacacac caaagctttt aaaattcaaa gtaaaatggc     90000
     aaatgccatt tttctaattt atatgaaaat atttattaaa attttcctct catgtttttg     90060
     aataattgat tcctgacata tttttttcta aattagaatt ttgtataata catctcaatg     90120
     agcacaaata tatgtgtata tatatattaa acttaagata ataattttta taatagtcac     90180
     aacaaggacc cgatatatac agggaatcta caacttgaaa ctttaagatc cattgccttg     90240
     agaaaactaa cttgatggta aaagtcaaga gtgaacacat caatttgaga ctacaaatag     90300
     ttctgaggct ttttattata gtaatcatat tataattcca aaattaaatt aaagatagag     90360
     gagtaagtgc tcttaactgc tgagctccta tacaggtttt tgttttttgt tttttttttt     90420
     ataatctgag agactcatat acatatttgt aagaaagaaa agtacatttt aaaatctcac     90480
     atgaggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg actggtctac aaagtgagtt     90540
     ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     90600
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac caaaataaca aaaaacaaaa aacaaaacca     90660
     ccaccaacaa caacaacaaa aaaagcactg gctgctcttc cggaagttct gagttcaatt     90720
     cccagctacc acatagtggc tcacaaccat ccgtaatggg atctgactcc ctcttctggt     90780
     gtgactgaag acagctacat tgtattcaca aacataaaat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa     90840
     aatctctaca caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta     90900
     gccaaatgga tggacctgga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacattc acaaaggaac     90960
     tcacacaata tgtactcact gataagtgga tattagccca aaacctagga tacccaagat     91020
     ataagataca atttcctaaa cacatgaaac tcaaaaaaaa aaatgaagac tgaagtgtgg     91080
     acactatgcc cctccttaga agtgggaaca aaacacccat ggaaggagtt acagagacaa     91140
     agtttggagc tgagatgaaa ggatggacca tgtagagact gccatatcca gggatccacc     91200
     ccataatcag catccaaacg ctgacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt tatcgaaaag     91260
     acccagatgt agctgtctct tgtgagacta tgccggggcc tagcaaacac agaagtggat     91320
     gctcacagtc agctaatgga tggatcacag ggctcccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac     91380
     ccaaggagct aaagggatct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acattatgaa ctaaccagta     91440
     ccccggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc ggccatcact     91500
     ggaaagagag gcccattgga cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaacgccagg     91560
     gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga gtgggggtgg gtgggtatgg gggacttttg     91620
     gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa aaaaatggaa aaaaaatctc     91680
     acatgaaggc tcaaggaaaa aaacagatgc aaataataaa ttgcttggaa ttaagtaaaa     91740
     atcgtcacat gtgagcaagc taacaacttt acgctaaggg aatttgtaga aacggagaac     91800
     tgaactgtga ggagaatgtt taaaagcacg tggtcaatag ccaaataggt acagctatac     91860
     atttctaaag cacaaaaatg aatgagacag gctgttattg aagggaggtg gggaacgagt     91920
     gaatacaata aaggacgtcc gcgggcgggt ccgggactgt aaggaccgcg gggggggggg     91980
     ggggcgaggg ggtgatggtg gtggtaagga ccacagcaca gcggggtggg agggaatgga     92040
     cactgatgtg aggcaggact gacagatcca atcattggtg ctctaggaaa agacagaaat     92100
     gtctaacggg agtaaaagaa ataataacta tgataaaaca agacaggacc cggaggcaag     92160
     aagagtcaaa acagagagaa aaaggctaaa gtgagcacac aagggaattt aaagcagcgt     92220
     ggtcgaaagg gaatgcaaga ggattgtggg ttcaatgcaa acacaggctc cacagagcat     92280
     ggctcatttt taaaaaaaga acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg     92340
     catcagaaag ggcagaattg gaggcacaca cctttaatct cagcacttgg gagatagagg     92400
     caggttaagg ccgttctttg tgagttcaag gccagctgct atacatagca agttccaggc     92460
     aggccagggc tccggagtga gactctgtct caaaaaccaa aagtaataga agggggttgg     92520
     gagcaatagt tcatgtagag attaaaccag ttattaaaga ctatcataaa ttcttcatga     92580
     gaataatttg aaaatattcc tagaaaaagt cattaaattt gatataagaa taagagactg     92640
     ctgtacctga aaaacatctt atactattag attagttgta ggaatatata ttaaatataa     92700
     tagaactggg caaagttagc tcaatctgaa agtaaagttg ttttaatctc gtaagtaaat     92760
     taatatatag tgattgccaa cacgggcaga ccacagagca aatgctgaat cacctctcaa     92820
     tagatgcaaa aacaatttga tatcgtctca gcaaatggta taagggggac ttttagcctg     92880
     ctaaattcca taggggtggg ggtggggacc ctacaacaga ccacatcagg aatgcgaaag     92940
     tactctaaga cgacagtggc acccactcta gccacttctt ctcagtactg ctaaggttgc     93000
     ttgtcaatgg agtaagaaga aaaaaattat gtgagaggta aatacaggct cactggacaa     93060
     ggcccatagc agggcccagc gcctgctcta gcccttagct gggtaatgac tgaagtgtgt     93120
     ggcttgcctt ggttttcttt gtttacagtc cagtttttac ccccacttaa aaagcctgga     93180
     cgttttatta agtcttaatt taaaaactca gtgaagaaga tcggctgaac taactaacat     93240
     caggccagga caacgccctt gccaggtgat gtttgcagag ttttgccttc acacctcaac     93300
     aggaacctcc ttggccagac atcacgctcc tcacatttat cttctgggaa gaggtccaat     93360
     tagtaacgta aaaatattct ctttatccag tggaaacagc attaacagat tggcatcttg     93420
     ggctctgtgt atcttgtaat caaagctgta acactatatg gctaagcgta gagactctgc     93480
     actctgcttc ctgaagaagc tgagtccttt gctggtcttc attcccgtta tgcccttgat     93540
     ctcctcagcc ccagtctttc acagagggaa ggacaaatag gactaattaa cataaatgaa     93600
     aagagaatat acacaggcaa ttgtggtggt cagttctaat tgtgaacgta tacaatctag     93660
     aatcacctgg aaagggacct tcgatgaaga cttttctagt tcaggctggc ctgtaagtct     93720
     atggaagatt atcttgacta ggttaattga tgcaggaaga ctccccaccc cccagcccac     93780
     tttgggtggc accactccct atgaaagaga ccctcaactg tgtaagagta acgaaagtga     93840
     gctgagcatt agcatacacg aatggaagtt cctggaaaga aggtgtgctt gccactgagc     93900
     cttcctgtct gaataactga gtagtatctg aataattcta gaaaagctgg aatactacag     93960
     atcagagcca aattatcttg ggccatcttt attgcccttg tctatatgtg atataacatc     94020
     tttgtgacaa ttaattaggt aaagttgttg ggatataaaa acaaatacct ctcacccacc     94080
     aaaaaaggct ggatgtcatc agatgacagg cctagaggag agattctccc actttgcttt     94140
     gccccaccat tcagctccta gggatgggtt tgaaaagcac ttgtcttaag accttctatg     94200
     ttctgtaaaa ctataaaacc ttcctgaaac tgcttacact ttggaacatg gaatttgggg     94260
     taacccaaat ctgtctgtgc ccctagacca tagtccactc atattttgct tcataattta     94320
     cttcattttc tatggcgcca gaatttagca tcccaagaac aatctacttt tcacaggagg     94380
     agtcactcag ctaattgcaa tgtctggacc tctgtggcca aaccctctgg cactgtctcc     94440
     tcaggcagat tctggggagc tctttctgag ctctctcttg gcttgtttac tctgagctgg     94500
     atgtttaagg atcctatttg gtagataaat acgtctgcca tttctgattt gctttcagtg     94560
     tttggtttaa gaaatccatc tgtctgcctg ctgtgaaggt gtcttggttt ctgaggtggt     94620
     ttttgtcctt tcgggcctct gaaggcattt tggttgctta tgcttgctag cagctgttct     94680
     ctttcatatc tggtctaagg aagggaggaa agggattttt tgatgggagg gcaggcagat     94740
     acttggtcct ccattggttt tatgtttgat cagtatataa ctcagctttc aagtgtaagc     94800
     aaattttgaa catttaacta tagataagtc gactttatgt ttccctgtat ggggaatatc     94860
     tattctctaa agtgctttgt tttcttaact aaaagtccaa ggcaataaga taataaaaaa     94920
     aaaaatcaca actaggcggc ttatttgaat tggaatatag aattatctag agaaagaaac     94980
     gatgacattg ttaatttata aaaattaata agagcttcaa aaactgcacc tgagttcaga     95040
     agagacattg atttttcttt taatttaaaa gttttagagg taaaaccaga actagagaca     95100
     aatactgagg acaaccccct tcctcatccc tgtctctgat cttgtctttt ccttcttcat     95160
     ttcctaacag aacaaatcta tgccaaagga aaagattgcc atggcctatt ttaaggtagc     95220
     atgcagagag aaaagacatc ccctgctata ctaagaaccc tccttgtaaa gctactctcc     95280
     catgagaagt ccacacttag acctgaatac ctgtttttct ccttaagcat taacctccgt     95340
     gctgaagcct gtattaaagc gtctttatta caccaattag tccaaaaatc cttgttaagc     95400
     ccctgtcctg gcttttgtca atttgacata agctagagtc atctaggaag agggaacctc     95460
     actgaggaaa tgctactatc agattggcct atagaaaagt caacaggaca ttttattgta     95520
     atggttgatg ggggcagtgc cactcctggt catagattgt attaaaagca agctaagcaa     95580
     gccatggcta acagtaagca tcattcctcc attggctcta cttctgccct ccctcagctt     95640
     ctcggatgat gggaatacac caaataaacc ctttcctccc caagatggct ttggccagtg     95700
     ttttatcaca gcaatagaac acaacctaaa acagtgtcaa agccacagat cccgatttgg     95760
     cctgagttga ggaactctct aggtaactaa agacgactgt ttggagcggt gtttctgctc     95820
     ctacaccctt acagctctgc agactcatgc tgagggccat cgtgcaacac tgtaagtgag     95880
     tctccccttc tgtcacttgg cctgtgtaaa atgctgagca cagctcacat gttgttacct     95940
     tgggtctttt catttctgtt tctatagtca gagaattagt acttgatcaa ttctctagag     96000
     tcatctattc cccattccta agtaagataa agcagggcac agctcttctt gaggggggca     96060
     ccattataaa gggctgacaa cccaggcatt ctaagcactc ttgcctctga gagagcaccc     96120
     ccaaaacaca atgatggaac tatccaaagc agtacaccct ggatccaagg cagcatttga     96180
     agaatcatcg agtctatact ttctcttaac ctgaagtgtt aaatgtgctc tgtgcttctc     96240
     tgctttcttt ctgtaaagct aatagcacag ccgagggagc tcggtcagct tctacctctg     96300
     tgacgttctg aggaagggac tgggtagagg gagggaagaa gggagggaga gacagagaga     96360
     gacagaggca gaggcagaga cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga     96420
     ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg cagaggcaga     96480
     gacagactga gacagagaca tacagaaaga gacagagaca cagagagaga ctttctttct     96540
     tcctcatctc atttgttcaa gtttgtttgt gacaaggtcc tgctgtgtag accaggctgg     96600
     cctcacagag atctaccttc ctccgccttc caagtgctag gattaaaggt atgcaccacc     96660
     attcgtgtcc cccccccaca cacacacaca cactaaaaaa aaaccaagtt tttcatcaga     96720
     aatacatatc cactatgcta tttaacaaag gtaagtctac aggaaacact ttaccttttg     96780
     atccccaacg ctgctaaagc tttcttacgt cctaaaggag tatagatggg gcataaaaag     96840
     aatatgaatg ttcttttttg ctaggtgcac ctgatatcct gcagttgtgt catatgtacc     96900
     aggtaatgtt ttcatgcatt gtgtccacaa cgatgtataa caaactgttc tcacttgcta     96960
     ttttattatg tgctaaaact acttttattt ctggtattcc ctattaaaac gcacatatag     97020
     ggatttacaa gcatattttg gtaatatcat aaaaagcctg ttaaacatgc tgccttaaaa     97080
     aattagaaaa gccccccaga ggtcatgcat cagcacactc gtctcccatt gtccgtgctg     97140
     tttggggctg tgaaacctct aagagttgca gcctcactgg aagaagctca ccactagggg     97200
     gcaggctttg gggggttaga gctccaccct gtccagttca cattctctgc ttcctccgtg     97260
     ccaatacacc atcagccaga ctcctcctcc tacagctcgc cgccatgtct ctcctactct     97320
     agccccctgg aagcagaagc caaattagct ccttctttgt aagttgagtt tggttatagg     97380
     gttttattac tgatacatgt gggtatgctg aaatgctgta acacatatta cagctgttgt     97440
     ctttaggtca atttccttca taaaacctta aaatactatt tgtttatata aacagcattc     97500
     actggaataa gataaaggtt tcattaaaga tattaatatc atactttttt gatattttca     97560
     taaggatttc cttcccaaac aggttctaaa taaaaatata tattatataa atttttattt     97620
     cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct     97680
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tacgcctgcc     97740
     tttgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgccgggctt tatttcattt     97800
     ttaaaatagt caaaaaaaat cattatttca cttccagaaa tatcagtttt atgtgtctgt     97860
     gtgaatgtat gtcacacata tggaagtgcc tatgtaggcc agaagagggc atctagagtt     97920
     gcagacagtt gcgagccact gtgaaagtgc tgtgacccca cccaggtcct ctagcagagc     97980
     aacctgtgct ccgaacagct gagcctctct ctggccacac tcgtcatggt tttgttagga     98040
     ctgcttactc gaaagcctac ttcaccgaaa tctagttttc atgtttaaaa gagtctaatg     98100
     ctttcccagt ctttgtagat gaaataaatc tagttcttaa attgataaaa ttttatttta     98160
     aatctttcaa aagaagcacc atgtggggga tgcctatctt ttaagttcaa atgcctacat     98220
     atgaaatgaa taaactcttt cctgtgaaaa gaaagaataa tatattaact gggtctaacc     98280
     aattaggttg taagcttctg ttagtgcgac aaatgttgag atagttaaca aggaaacagt     98340
     gcaggccctg cgggtccttg gatggttagc aaatgcattg gctccttatt ccagctaaaa     98400
     tgtccaaaga tttggggtaa ttcttctcat ccaaattata taaaaatatc aatttctaat     98460
     gacaactttc acagtttcat actttacatg ctgatggttg ttcattagat ggatatttaa     98520
     agtatcttat aggacagtca gccagaattt caaattttaa atatctgtat tttgctaata     98580
     aaataatact aatgtgactc ctacttatat ttcttatttt aaaagagtac tactttattc     98640
     acatttttga cggttcttaa aaagtttatt ttatttttag ttatgtgtgt atctatgcac     98700
     atgtgtccct ccagtggcca gacgtgggag ttgacccccc ctggagctgg agtcatgaac     98760
     gggtggttgt aagctgcctg ctatgtgctc agaacctcag ttctctgtgc tcttaactgg     98820
     ttagccatcg ctccagccct cattttctca tttaaccatt aaaatacaaa gcaggatctg     98880
     gctatgctta taagacctac atgactctga cttctaacag atctgacctc catcactgtt     98940
     atatttgttg catgaaaaaa aagacaatct tgttaaaaga agtattatac tgttactgaa     99000
     tttcttctaa tcatctggcc ccacagttcc ctttcccagt taaatgcagt gtaataacaa     99060
     aatgctaaga ccactgactt agtatctaca ggtaagaggt atgataattt agactgaaag     99120
     accaatgttt cctaagaatt agagctagtc attccacggg aggttacaag tcaagccggg     99180
     ggtggggggt ggttaaaaga catcgtggac tacaaataac tgtaagtgca gcggtaaaca     99240
     tatagtcata gttttaaatt acttatttaa aatgtctgtt ttcttcatct gttatcttca     99300
     ttccactagg ccaggcagta ttattattta aatgttgagc acattattct taatatttag     99360
     tcaaatatag attgggggga ctggaattat aatgactaat agattgtaat gttatgcatg     99420
     gtcccatagt ttcttcccct aatggctcta ccagctcttc tacctattac tcagcctctc     99480
     taccagatcc taggactgag gtcctaggga catggtcact aagatgcagt gtatgtgtgc     99540
     acacacatgt acacgcacac atgcaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acaatgtgac     99600
     gctatatcaa caggaggaac ttacagagtg tgtctggcac ctccagctga accttctcct     99660
     gattaaagac cgtgcttgaa tgaccgggaa gagtttggga tgttacaagt ctagcaaact     99720
     ggcggtctct gtctctgcta gagacctcag cgctgtctga tgacactcag ccttctgggt     99780
     tgtggacagc tgctaggtgt ctgtgaattc cacaggcgtc acctagttaa tagtcacaaa     99840
     gatgttagct acaaataaga gggggcagga tattggtgct aagagggcta aagatggccc     99900
     acgatcattt ggctctggac ttgacttcct ttgtttcatt cctataacag cttcatgaaa     99960
     ctgcctccat gttgggacag ggcacttgtg ataaggtggc cactcacatc aactacctta    100020
     ccctttgagg tgggagctgt ggtttgcacc atcacacttc cttctcaggc ctttactctg    100080
     cgtatgaatg agactagagg cttaagttct gcaatgacag actgtaacca tggcactgtg    100140
     aggtaaagtg tggcctgctc tccttcctct acgctgatat gaaggcttta cagcaacagg    100200
     aacaaactag gagcctagtg ggtactttct atagatgcca agggccacgc cttccataac    100260
     caatactttg tagttataga aatccataaa tacatagtaa agtcccaagc accaaagagc    100320
     cgccatcttt catgagtgct ttcttgtgtt aagcattccc tgccaccctg ccacaaaact    100380
     ggaatacttg taggaaattc cctgtgtgag actttacaac gtatgtgaaa cctacgtact    100440
     atccaatttc ttctacaagt ttttgtttgt ttgtttattc tcattaggtg ctagcctcag    100500
     actatctact acattatata gttgccaaaa ttttacatcc agttaaatcc atttgggaaa    100560
     tgtattcttt attgatgtta ccaacaccaa tttctatttc atgcatattc ttttttgcaa    100620
     cagcaattag atttccccct ggaattgaat cttcttttta aaaaacagtt ccaatccctc    100680
     attttgtgca cggctatttt aaaattcctt ctccctggat ttatttatag tcgtctaatt    100740
     gattcctttc tacatcatga tgttccgtta tctactaaca tcccctgtaa attaagcagt    100800
     aatttatttt gtaaaaagct taaatagtag aaaaagaagc tagcactttt tgaagatata    100860
     attgtccaca gacagattca aatttaacaa gggagtttaa cgtggattct gaatatgaag    100920
     tcaatacata aaattaaact aatttgcata tgaaagaaaa aattctaaaa tatccacagt    100980
     atctaaaaat aacaacaaat cataaaatcc ctgcaaatga atttaacaaa gtggtttaca    101040
     agtcatttct aggaagttat aaaactacat acaagtttga ggtatagaga attaagatca    101100
     taaaactatt ctctcattta tttacacagg gcagtttcaa ccagaactcc ttcaaggttc    101160
     ttaacagaat ttgataatgt tcatcttaat tttacatgat attaaaaagt accaagtata    101220
     gtaaaggttt tttagggaaa aaaaagtgac aacatgttcc aatttaccaa gtcaaataga    101280
     aagttatcac tacgttatca gtataggaat tgtttttaaa tggagtgact aagcagaata    101340
     gagaacccct aagttagcct gccttttccg tgaatgaggg ctggagagag agatggctca    101400
     gtggttatgg gcacgtgttg ctcttgctga gggcccaggt tcagctccca gcagtcccgg    101460
     gtagctcaaa atctcctgca agtcctgttc tagagcacct gacacctttc ctagctgcag    101520
     ggagcaactg tgctcatgcg caggtaccca cacagaggca tgcacacaca taattaaaat    101580
     acttccaagt taagaagaag tgtaagcccc ctcacggtcc agtcttagta acccacttcc    101640
     tccagtgagc cgccacctct caagcttcta gaaccttcca aaacagtgcc actgtagcat    101700
     tcagatccat gagctgagag aggtcgtgtc atactcaaac cataaatcca acgtggagaa    101760
     agttggacaa aagttcgtta tgtctgagaa atatgccatg tattaataca tgcatggaca    101820
     ggaggagaag tcaaggagca aatattaacc aacaaataaa tgctgagaga ataataaagt    101880
     cagagacggg agaggcatac gcaggcagct gtgagctttg taaatggctg ttatcttact    101940
     gttgcggccg aggaacagct gcttacctgt tgcactgtaa tatggtaaag cattgtacgt    102000
     ccctttaaca gggattttcc aataagaaag ctggttatag gactgagagg catcacagtg    102060
     gctaagcgtg tgctactctt acaaaagact caagtttggt tcccaggtcc cgtgtcaggt    102120
     gtctcccaac cacacataat ttcaaatctg gaaacctagt gattctgggt tttatgggta    102180
     cctgcactca cgtgtgcatg aatgcacaca cacacacaca cacacactca cagttaaaaa    102240
     tgaagcctta aacagttagc tattaaaatg actttaaatg gttaacttca atgtatgttc    102300
     tttgctattt caaagttctt tgaaattaat ttttaattta aagtaagcaa gatgtattgg    102360
     tctttgtgta actttttctt tttagccttc tagcacatct gaagaaaact gatagttttt    102420
     aaacctatat ctactagagt tagcactctc tggtgagaac ctgtctcaac taaagtttta    102480
     gagaaaagaa taaactgtct ctaaaagtca caaagtttga gtaggggatg attaacagag    102540
     taactatagg ggaaatactt gattcaataa ataacttcca ggacagtcag ggctacagag    102600
     aaaccctgtc tcaacaaacc aaaataaata aaaataaaaa ataaaaaaat aacttcccct    102660
     aaaatatgtc tttagattca tgcaattcca atttaaaaat caaaaacctt ttggggctct    102720
     ttgacaaatg aataaactta tattgagtca tttgaaattt tatggcagat gacaaaacat    102780
     acatttctgt agaaatgtac ttgggggaaa tcacttatgt actgatgtgc ggccatttcc    102840
     tccaaactga gatgtttcct tttggagagt aactcattaa gactcaggta gctaataaca    102900
     cttccagggc ttgggaagcc catacaatta gaagacttac aggacccaac cccccagttc    102960
     agtaaataat tgctgcggga ggagaccaag cagccttctg gggtcatcac ccatgcagaa    103020
     atgggctttt gggcaataca actggttttg gagatagacg tggatttaat cattcactca    103080
     gtcctttgtt agagccctgg gtaggataaa cagacatctc cctaagaaat gtcacaagaa    103140
     acacaactga tgcctgaatc cagactgata gggagaggga cacgtaatga agggaagaaa    103200
     cccagagaca accccaatga ttacacttct ccaaaccgta ggagatagtg cgcctccttg    103260
     ctgctccttg catgctctct acaacataac ccgcaaacaa gctgagctct ctcagagtag    103320
     agtatcctta tagagaatcc tgaggtggcc atctttctct gcatggtaag gatggatcag    103380
     tatgcttcct tgatgaacag ctccacccca tgccagtatg aagatgcacc caaaatagcc    103440
     gatggcccag aaaatgaata tattataatc ccgggagtac atggttttta atgtgaatgt    103500
     taagacatgc aactaaaact tatttgtcta gttagacaag ctgtctagca tatgcagtgt    103560
     aagggaggat ctacagtggg aaaatgatat gtagaggtta tcctccacgt tagcctcttg    103620
     gtaggtcaag tgagaaaaag agtgaggaga tggggtgttg gctttcattc ttaatagctg    103680
     gcagcatgca aggtgaggac agacaagtta aatacgatac ggattcccac tatcccactg    103740
     caggctataa gagcagtcac tgacaggaga aaactctcca ctgcagctaa gctgtgcaga    103800
     gagctcaagg gatggtgcct ttatgagttg tcactcgtgg aggggtggac tattcagtgt    103860
     ctccactgcc tctgagataa cacattctca cccacacacc tgcaagcaat cccaatgagt    103920
     tcagtggctc cccatgctag atataagtag aatcactttt tttggatctg ttgctgacac    103980
     tctatctgaa gtaaaggggg ttttgctcac acatttcaaa ggaaacttgc atgagcgctg    104040
     agtagataca gatttttttg gccttatcat tactttctga gcaatacagg atagcacaat    104100
     ttacatagca gtcacattgc aataggtatt ttaaataatc tagggagatt atatgtgtgt    104160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    104220
     gagagagaga aagagagaga gaatgagaga atgggagaat gagagagaga atgagagaat    104280
     gaatatgtgc tttcagataa catctacaca gctcattgag catgggaagc tccacctggt    104340
     gcccacacgg aaccttcacc cctactgact agtatttgtg gtactggaaa gtactctgcc    104400
     tactacctaa gtagaaaagt ttacataaat tctgctaaaa atcttgcgat ctacaatggt    104460
     gacctgccgg caagatgtgc tagcacaaca gaggaacaag gcttgtgggg gcaaccaaac    104520
     aacatctgat tggattcaag gccccctcca tgagatggaa accaagccca acactgctca    104580
     ggtgggcggg aacctgatac tagataaacc aggaacctag gagaaagaag tcttactgtc    104640
     tgctagagca gtggctctca accttcctca tgctgtgaca ctttaaaaca gttctccatg    104700
     ttgcggtgac ctctaatcat aaaagtattt cattgctact tcataactgt gatgttgctc    104760
     ctgttacata ttgtgatgta aatatctggg atacacatgg catccgatgc atctctctca    104820
     aagggatcat ggcccacagg ttgagaacca cggtgctaaa ggaacctagc aataaaatga    104880
     ctcctagtga tcttgtgtcc cacacatatc tgtgtcttct tcagccctca tcagaaaatc    104940
     ttctgcctac agtaagtggg agcgagtaca gagaccacag cagtgcactg tgcaccgtgc    105000
     tcacccttgg aacactcagt cctaaactgt acgtctccat caaacccccc tccccagggc    105060
     tcaggaacac gatggaagag aagtcagggg gctggagaga tgactcagcg gttaagagca    105120
     ctgattgctc ttccagaggt catgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    105180
     catctgtaat gaaatctgat gccctcgact ggtgtgcctg aagacagcta cagtgtattt    105240
     atatataata aaataaaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag aagaagagaa gtcagaaagg    105300
     ctttaagagc cagaggggat ggaaaacacc aatgaaacaa ggcctctgaa cacaacaggt    105360
     cccttaggaa ggtggatcac cttaagatca tgcatcttcc cagaattcct gcccccagta    105420
     tagtccaaga gccagcagga ggttcagggg gcctgtctgc ctttcctcaa aaaagggtaa    105480
     tcttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctccctt ccttccttcg tttgtttgtt    105540
     ttgttttttt cctttctggt actggcctaa acctaagtgt agttttaaac accctaccta    105600
     acattttggg attccttgcc ccatttttta aaagacatac atatacatat gcatgcgctc    105660
     atgcgcacgc gcgcacacac agtttggtca tacaaggcag acttccaggt ctatcttttc    105720
     tattccttta ggcagctgtg agtttacagt ttgcctgccc tgattttttt cctttaaaac    105780
     acaaataaat ggccctgagt ttccatttga cttttctttc cctttagaag tgtatacacc    105840
     catttactgt gcgtgtgctc ccgtgtagat cccatggtac acacaaggag gtctaaggac    105900
     aacttgcagg agtcagttct cttcttcctc aggttttcag gcttgggggc agaagccttt    105960
     acctggtgag ccatctcacc agccaaaaga atgtgtttgt ttgggctgca tgtgtgtatg    106020
     tgcatgtaca cctggtgcca acagaagcca gaagagggca ctagattccc tggaactgga    106080
     gttttagatg gttgtgagct gtcatgtggg tgctgggaac caaacccaag tcctctgaaa    106140
     gagcagagag tgcacttacc cactgagcca tcgtctcagc tccttgcatc catttttaat    106200
     tcatatatgt atattctatg tgtttgtttg tttgcttgct tgcttgcttg ttgaagttgg    106260
     tgccatagct tgattactct aaaactcaat aggtagatca ggctggcttt gaactcacag    106320
     agatcttcct ggttctgcct cctgagtacc aggattaaag aaaggggtct gccaacatgt    106380
     tcagctttaa ttcttttatt agttaaacca aaagccccac aaaggaactt cgatttcctg    106440
     ggcatcatat gatgtctctg ctggggctcc ccaagatttc tgctaacact tttttcttac    106500
     ctttcagtcc ttggcagaga aaatgatctc tttcttgcac ccttcgacgt accaagtggg    106560
     tgaaagcatg tagacctgac ttcaaattcc cagcacctac acaagagcta ggcacggcca    106620
     cacatgccac aacgccagcg tgtgctgggg acagagaccg gcagatgctc agagcttagt    106680
     ggccagtaag cctcaaacta acagtgacct tttgactcaa agagccaact gtctcaaaag    106740
     taaggtcaaa agtgagagag gaagaccgga caccctgctc ctgctcctgc aaatgctaac    106800
     ttccctgtca ggaaaaaaat acacagtaaa caataccgag acgccacttt aatcaagtca    106860
     ggagttacaa acccaggtgt tttcaagaga atgccatgtt tacctgagaa tagggtatga    106920
     gagtttcaaa ctgctgatga agttctagta gctgaattaa ctctgcattc ttcttggctt    106980
     tctccttaat caaatggatg taatggtctg gattttctgc gaatgtgtat gcagcatctc    107040
     tggtactgaa agtataatat ttttctttgt atttcaaaat tccaatggct ggatttcctg    107100
     tgaaaattaa gaacaacaat ttaattaggc acgaaccaag caattttgtt tttgtggtaa    107160
     gccataggac caatgtcgct atggatacac acacacacac atacatatac acgcacatta    107220
     taacatatta gttttacttt tgttttgcta aaaacattat taaatgataa aaatgtgaaa    107280
     tttatattaa actatgtaag tgtaacttta aaatatattt tatgtggcta aagaaatggc    107340
     ttagcaataa aaattaaata gggctcttgc acaggaccca aagtcagttc ccagcacctg    107400
     tctctagtgg cccactaaat cttgagtttc gctgacagcc tacaagccct acctatctgt    107460
     ttctgtgctc cagccctatg caaaggctat aggactgtgc acagccaaac agctttttaa    107520
     tggagggatc tgaacttagg tccttcacgc ttgctcagct taccactgag ccaggaccac    107580
     agcccctaat gcttcttacc cattaagcca catccacagt tcctaatgga ttatttttaa    107640
     aatgactcta ttaagaacta gaaaaatatg acattgtttg tttcctcaat acagaattgc    107700
     atgtcttcca ctatgaaaag attctacaac gactctgggt tatttgctat ccatatgtct    107760
     tgtggaaatt atgtaggaaa tgttaatact gttctattta ttcctctaac aaataattgt    107820
     tggctttatt cttggtagag agggatacag gaggaataca agtgcccact cccaacaaat    107880
     cacaaatata aaaggtcaga atgaccagtg ttatgggaat aacaaactaa ctaaaaaaaa    107940
     aaaaaatcac ataagcaagc aagttaaatg catgataaaa caaaggagaa tgagattggt    108000
     attttaatat tttaatagaa attgaatagg aaaggtgcag taaaactaaa agcatgagtt    108060
     ggggtcaagt gatcaagact tttggtagat atgacatcat ctggaaagga cagatgtgac    108120
     cgtgtggcaa gccagcatcc ttgggagtag ggggtgtgag ccacatattc tgcactccca    108180
     atcaatgatg cgctgagtag aggtaataag gtaaacagag gcaaaccgac ctgccctgtg    108240
     ctaatttatt caggaacaca caggctggca accctgctac attcctgtgt tcttactaat    108300
     acagctggtg ggaactcggg gccgtgttgg tcactgccct attgtcatgt ctctagtgtg    108360
     cttgttcctc atgccaacat acaggattaa gccaagttgt tttctctacc atgcacacat    108420
     aggattctag caattttgtg acaaaaacaa caaacaacac aacaacaaaa agaaaaccca    108480
     ccaaccaacc aactataaaa cattgaaaaa caacaaagag atcaagaaaa agcctgaagg    108540
     gtaggttaat gttacaaagt aaatagtaag taggtttttt ttgtttttca attggctttt    108600
     gctgtagtct gtcctagttt gctttctgtt gctctaataa aacgcagcca aggaccaact    108660
     tgggggagga aagggtttct ttccttttcc aagctgacag tccatcactg aaggaagcca    108720
     aggcagggag ggactcaagg caggcacctg gaggcaggaa gtgatgtgag agaccatgga    108780
     ggggtgctgc tttgctggtg tgctctctat ggcttccctg ctacctttct cacacagccc    108840
     acgcctggtg atggcacggt ccagagttgc cttgacctct taacgttagt tattattcaa    108900
     tagaaggcct ccaagacatg ctcagaggcc aacctgacgg aagcaattct ttaattaagg    108960
     tttcctctgc ccatgtatgt cctgttgacg agggctagcc cccttcagct gcttgccagt    109020
     tccactgcac acagaacttt ttgaattata atgtatttat aatgtattgt ctcccgatat    109080
     ctaatttact ctttattttg taaaattata acgttacata tgatatagat ataattcaca    109140
     atagaaatgt gactgaataa aatatttcct tagaagaact taacagagaa atcctaacct    109200
     atattaataa caggtagctg cagagcgacc atggatattt ttaagtgaac acatcggttg    109260
     aatccgtacg tcttttccag taactcttta aagacgctat cttttcactg ctaaaccgtg    109320
     cttccgggct ccctcagtat aggagaatca accccttctc aaggcaccac agagtccgtg    109380
     tcatataatg atggctgagc atccctaata caaaatgtga aatgctccaa aatcggaaac    109440
     aatctgagtt ccttcacgac cccacgagca gaaatttcat gtgataagtc acagtaaagt    109500
     atgcggtgca ctacaagcag tgtactctta gtactctgta cataaaacat ctatggaaca    109560
     tcaacagatt tgtgtttaaa cttaggtgcc gtcccctaat agtctcagac tctcccacac    109620
     ccacaattag aaacatttcc ggcctgaagc atcttagatc agggagagtc aacctgttac    109680
     gtctctcagc cctcattcct tacagtctct tgttcaatct atcatgctgt cctggaagca    109740
     cctgcaggtg aggacggtgt caggtcctct tggcatctcc tccctagttc accatctgcg    109800
     tccatacaat gttaaaggac gcacagtaca gacaataagt gagcaatcgt atggaacagg    109860
     catggggagg gcagactctt atctctaact gtatacctgg gaggagaagg ccatcagtca    109920
     cagcaaatgt gtagccacaa aatccacgat actgaattaa cagtttgtta aagtttgctg    109980
     ttgtttctgg aaaaagccat tcctgtgttc tgaaatctgc caactccact ctttcttcta    110040
     caatgagaga gaacaggaaa tggttttcat tccttgagaa gacgcaattt ctgaaataca    110100
     tcagcagtct gtcattctaa acattagctt cttatcatct caaccttttt gaattgacaa    110160
     agttttccct ggtgcacaca aaaatcagac ttattggggg ttatgttcat gtaaagaaga    110220
     ggaaaggcct cagtgaccgt ccaggtcagt aacttgctag acaaaggtaa aagtagacct    110280
     ctgctccaga ctgaacactg aagagacatt tcagaaaaac ctgttctgca ggtaaggaaa    110340
     ggccgaccag agcactgtgg ccctgctgct acacagtaaa ttacccaagg agatgagcag    110400
     aaagaactgt taggtgacca agagtgttat gtgaccttca tttaagacgc cacaagtcag    110460
     gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga tagccagggc    110520
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca aacaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa    110580
     ccccaaacca aacaaacaaa aaagcacact gtagctgtct tcacataccc cagaagataa    110640
     catcagatct cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaacttag    110700
     gaccttcaga agagtagtca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag ccctagacat    110760
     actgctttaa tgaaggtacg taagtagtaa aaacttccac tgagaggagc tggggaatcc    110820
     tatttagctt ccattttttt tatatattct aataatttaa gaaaccaact cactgctaaa    110880
     tttttacttt ctagttttta ccaaaataga atctggaaaa aaaaattagt aaataatcta    110940
     acttcatttt tcaagaaaaa gctcttgagt ggttcatcct agctctactt tgatatttct    111000
     catgaatttt aggttgtctt taatatataa aaagtaaaag gctgataaaa tgattaaaag    111060
     ttgaccgatc atgtcaacct ttctgtaaga atcaacaaat cagcggggca gtggtggcac    111120
     actcccagca ctctcgggag gtagcagcag gcagatctat gagttcgagg ctagcccggt    111180
     ctacagagtg agtttcagga cagccaactc tacccagaga aactctgtct caaaaagaga    111240
     gggagggagg gaggatatca atatatcttt aaagggccta agagtcacta aatttgctca    111300
     caaatttcaa tgtgacacta agaagatgtg tagcaagcct cattctttaa aatggagctt    111360
     tacctgcaac aaaatcagca agggtttttc tcagtacatc aattacaaaa ccatcactcc    111420
     tgcaatataa acgcataaac acacaaaacc aggacatgaa ggattaaata acaattaatt    111480
     tctggaaagt aaaatactca gtttccatat ctatattttt catactcccc acacctttct    111540
     tgttttgttt gtttttttga gatagggtct cctgtagctc aggctggcct tgactcctgc    111600
     ctctaccacc tacacactga aaactaaaga tgtgtgttac aatgtctggg tctttttttt    111660
     ttcatgtttt ctataatgaa tttcagtctt tcatacttaa gatgtttagt attttagaaa    111720
     gctagagcat gaaaatttga agccaaccag agtgacttta agctaacggt caccttaaag    111780
     agaaggagag catgcctgtg ccttacccat gtgttcctct atcctcgtca aatcgctttt    111840
     cacgacgacg ccatcgagaa gccctagcat cactttctcg ggaaagagga gctcgtgggt    111900
     gcccaggaag agctccaggt tggtggtcaa gttactgaga acgctgatca gaaccgtctc    111960
     gtcctggaag ctcatccaca gactcgccag cgcaacgaag atgggctaac gggagaggac    112020
     accgataaag tgaccgtgtg aggacacgga taaagtgacc gtgtgacaga gcctccgctg    112080
     tgctcttaaa agcaagcagg agtcgcaaag aaactcattt gtctacaggt cctagtcttg    112140
     tcacaccaga gcagactcgt gagtcagaag aaggagaacc agtgttttct ttccaagtat    112200
     ttcatttggc ataactgtta ttaagttaat ttactcaaga aatagccgaa cacatttgat    112260
     ctcctaagaa atagtatcac tttacctcaa aaggccaaga agaagaatag acttggaaat    112320
     ttttgttcaa caactaaata actcactaag gtagatttat gtggctctat catgaatcaa    112380
     tagaacctag aaagcctaca cgtgcatctt ctggcatgtc aagggtgctg caagctaaat    112440
     ctttatgtca gtgaaataaa ataccttact cacagtagaa attaacgtta ataaaacaaa    112500
     cagaaatcaa ccaggcctca catacaagtt tctcacttta taaaaccaat gttgagaatg    112560
     cctacagaaa gctattgtgg tttcaaatgg tccacacaca tgtaaaaccc atgtacattt    112620
     tacaactacc ttgttcggat cagggttagc gcattttcct ataaaacggt actgttgatc    112680
     agaaagtcat tgcatggtaa aaaagggggg ggggagtttc ttcctttcag ataagacgta    112740
     agttgtacca catctgtgct agtctcaatt tctgacagag tactaggaac acattctcat    112800
     tctctccccc cttcatctgt ctccccccgc ccatgtgtgt gagagattgt agatgccaga    112860
     ggttgatgtt gggtatcttc ctcaatcgct ctttacccta gttcttaagt caggatctct    112920
     cactgaacct ggagctcact gattggccaa tataagatag gccagaaatc ctcctggctc    112980
     tgtctacaca gcactgcaga tggcttttca cacaggtgct agggatctaa actcgggtgc    113040
     ttgtgtgact gggtggcagg cccgttacca actgaactat cttctcagct ctgtaacaca    113100
     ctttcaacac tacaatggac tgcttctgtg gccacagatg ctacacggtc atcgttccta    113160
     gagatcatga tttcctttca gtagcgactg ccctcatcaa acagcgggct gttactaacc    113220
     ttggttcatg aagagcagga ccagctgcat acaactcatg ctacatgcta tataatatca    113280
     ttctagtggg atacaattaa aaggaattct gatccgactc ataggactca agaggaggtt    113340
     cagccttaag aaactgcccc tgacacagtg gcccatgcct gcattccagc acccaggata    113400
     tgggcacagg gggatccaca ttccaggaca ccttgggata cctacagagc tatagagtga    113460
     ggccctggtc caaaacacaa gaacaagaag aacaagaaca agaacaagaa caagaacaag    113520
     aacaagaaca agaacaagaa caagaacaag aacaagaaca agaacaagaa agaacaagaa    113580
     agaacaagaa agaacaagaa agaacaagaa agaacaagaa agaacaagaa agaacaagaa    113640
     agaacaagaa agaacaagaa agaacaagaa aacaagaaaa caagaaaaca agaaaacaag    113700
     aaaacaagaa caagaacaag aacaagaaca agaacaagaa caagaacaag aacaagaaca    113760
     agaacaagaa caagaaccaa ccatgtgcca gggagtttgc gcggcagtag agcattggcc    113820
     tagtttgtgc acagctgggt ttgatcatgg gcgaaaaaag gcttgtacta tcaaggtggg    113880
     taaaaacact cacaagcctg acagcccagg cttgattcca ggatcgccct aagaaagtaa    113940
     agaaccagtt cctgaatgtt gctctctggc ctctacatgt gctgtgtggc ctgccccttc    114000
     atatatatat aaaaccacca accaaagagt acacacagag ggacatcaat ggtaggagag    114060
     gcccttggtg ctgtgaaggc tccatgccct agtgtaggag aatgccaggt tgggaagctg    114120
     ggagtgggtg gggagtgagt gggttggtgg ggtgtgggtg ggtgggtgga tgggggaaac    114180
     gccctcatag aagcaggggg agggagaatg ggatagaggg ttttcgcaga ggaaaccagg    114240
     aaaggggata acatttgaag tgtaaataaa gaaaatatcc aataataaaa aaaaaaagac    114300
     aaagtcactg agtgtagtgg tacacacctc ctccctccct ccctccgtcc ctccctccct    114360
     ccctccatcc ctccctcact cccttcctcc atccctccct ccctcccagc actcaggtaa    114420
     ggaggcaagt gaatctttgt gatttgaagc caacctggtc tccagagcaa gctctaggcc    114480
     agttagggcg atatactgag agcctggtcc acagaagcga ggaggaaggg gatgccaagt    114540
     actcacgaag acttgggatg ttgggaccgc cgtcttagat tttactgcca ttttcagttg    114600
     ttccagttgg gctgctaatt gttttatcat catctctact tcctcagcac aagtaattat    114660
     atctgactgt ggaggcaacg tgacttggat tcatatttta taattttact attaatacca    114720
     tgtgttaagc cctgcccacc cccaaattcc aagtggcaac gaccctgtct gtgccggctc    114780
     cctgccaaca atgcaaaacg cacgctctca gttacaagtg ttacacatac acatatcaat    114840
     gctttccatg tgttaccaac cctactatcc ttgtgttacc aaccctacta tccactactg    114900
     aagagaacca acacagtccc actaagacca aacctaactt tgctgtttct gttttaagcc    114960
     ctggtcacac catggcaacg tgaacttcct gaggttgcca cctttgggag tcaccccgtt    115020
     ctcgggggag acttcgttag gcagaagatg ccagatcttg tgacattagc tcaccaaaac    115080
     agtctgcagg aagatctcat actgccgaac attgtacagt gcttccttta acatatacgg    115140
     ctggagttct ttggccatga gggggttgtt ggttactttc tcaaggatgg ccgtgtagcg    115200
     aaacgcctgg tcctgggcaa tctgaagctg ggagtctatg tgctgtgtgg tggttgggat    115260
     cgcttcgtgg agaatggccg gcactgtgtg tcagggtgag agagcacagg catggggggg    115320
     gggaggccca gaaaatagtt gtattttaaa cattaaattg agtcggcttt tttttctatc    115380
     agattaagaa taataaagga atgtcttttg tagccccacc ccatgcagaa aagaacttat    115440
     ccagaccaat aaaaaacaaa acaaacaaca acaaacaaaa aacactgtca taataatatg    115500
     aaaaggcaga atcagatcca cttttctcac taattatata aaaatgtagg cagactgtgg    115560
     tgccatgtcc tgtatttggc atgttccttt agaagaacca ctgagcatgc ctttcgtaaa    115620
     agcagattta aaacatatgt ataaacttta tctggactcg aaaaatagac agagcagtct    115680
     agcaagggaa ggccctctct gactggtggg aaattggttt ttgtaatttt tacattatat    115740
     atagacctgt gcagcatgtg tgtgcaatac ccatagaggc cagaagaggg tgctggatcc    115800
     catgttccag tgccatggcc tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg ggtgctggga acagaacctc    115860
     gaatcctctt taagagtagc aaatactgag ccagctttct aaccctggta cttgaatttt    115920
     tatgataact tttaaaaata aaaacaaaca aaaccctcat agggttggag gtgtaacttg    115980
     tggtttccca gcccccaaaa gttaggaagg caggagaaaa gacaggcagg gtggctgact    116040
     ggctgaccct gctgttggtg ttgatgtagt gatctagata aaggcagtaa tgccttctca    116100
     acgggtctgc attagtgtaa agttcacatg aaacgactta ccattaggtc ctttattaga    116160
     tactttctaa gtatttgcaa acttaaagga tgcactgtgg gtgtggtggt gagtgccttt    116220
     catcccagca tttgggaggc cgaggcgagg caggtggatc tctgtgaatc tgaggcaagc    116280
     ctggtttaca cagcaagttc cagactgttc aaggttacac agtgaggtcc tgcctaaaaa    116340
     ctaaaaataa acaaacaaca aagcattgtg taagggccag cacaggagtc gtttctgact    116400
     ctgcagatct tggcatgtct cctctttggc tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tttgtttttt    116460
     caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgttctggaa ctcattttgt agaccaggct    116520
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgt    116580
     gccaccacgc ccggccctct ttggcttttt catcgcatta aatacacagc accataggtg    116640
     atctttgctt ttaaactagt tttcctcccc ttggctggca cagcgttcca aatctggatt    116700
     ctgggctgag ccctcattcc agcgactgac tcagttcccc gacattagct ccatggtacc    116760
     aaaaatgtta agttttgcct caggaaagcg aggactacct cacgggatga agagcagttg    116820
     tacgtttagg cggcggggtg tggtgcccgc tacactgtga agtggcgcct taagcatgca    116880
     gaaccttgag tgaggagcag cctacagatg cacttacaat catcaatgcc ttctcctcct    116940
     tttccacagt ctctgttaaa taagcgaatt ccggtaacaa tcatggtgag ctctttcaac    117000
     tggcgctctt tgtccttctt actgagggtc agaaacgtgg cgagctcagc ctgagggaaa    117060
     acgctctgca gagcggctga agcagaacac aggagagaaa cacctcaatg gaccgcaacg    117120
     tgctggtggg acaaagctgg cagaactcag gtttaaagcc tcgctctctc tgtacaaagt    117180
     cgagggatgc gtctttctag tgttacctac acaatttata cttatgatgc cttctgtagc    117240
     atgcatagca aaggttacca aataccaggt ctgagctact gaaaataatg ttgttacccc    117300
     atgtttctgt ccttattaat tcatcaattg gcaaaaataa tctttctaat taaggctctg    117360
     agtagataaa tctattcttt aaaataataa tggaaaactg taataggaag gccgaatacc    117420
     ttgtttaata cccccccccc cccactacat attggtttta ttttgggagg gaaggagtcc    117480
     tgtggaatca ggctggcctc atactcagta catagctcgg ggtggctttg aacccctgat    117540
     ttacccgtgc ccttctactt cccagacctt catatgtact caaatagttc tagaaacctg    117600
     ggtgagtttg aactacttat ttgtgctgat tttccttcaa tctttaacaa ttttataaaa    117660
     tgcaatggcc aggactaagg agatggctcc gtgggtaagg ggcttgcttg ccacacaagt    117720
     gtgatgacca cagtctgtat ccccaggagc catggaaacc aatactgagc cagtgcagtg    117780
     ccttcctatg aaatttcagt gttatagagg gaagactgga gatcctgggg caagctgttg    117840
     agctagactg gccagaactg gaatggagag ttctgggttc agtgagggac cctggcttgg    117900
     taaataaagt agacatacgg aggaagattc tcagggtcaa cctctggcac acacacacac    117960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacttgcac acaagccccc atccacgcaa    118020
     aggtatggat acacatgcac aaactataca cgtgaataca gtgggcatat aggtctgctt    118080
     atggaatgga aatcatttct agtttttacc tgttgcctct ctgacaatct tgatgtctgt    118140
     gggggatcca agcccagagc gcaggagcac gtagctgacg atctttctgt agagattttc    118200
     cagctcttcc ctagcacttg ctctgttgtc tgtgatttct ctgctaacaa tgcctaacct    118260
     ggattctaag acccggtgat gttcttcaag aaagtcctct aaaatgagca aataacacta    118320
     ttttgcatct tcaatactta aaatccacct cagataaggg ctcaggaaaa acaggttcgt    118380
     gtatgtcaag ttcatgaaaa caaaactccc tgccaccttc ccttgagtgc agggattgag    118440
     ccccactgaa ctaaatcccc aaaccctgac tcttaaggca taatggtgaa tgaaaacaga    118500
     gggcagcaag aagtctaaat acagaaattc aatagaatat tctgtcaaag catatgtgta    118560
     aacgtgcata aatgtgtaaa gacatgtggc gcagtattac atatgaagtc tatatactct    118620
     tcttgagtta tacttgtctc agtcctagta aatgtcttct gagtaatatt actgataata    118680
     caatatcgca ttgtcttagt aagggtttct attgctctat aaacaccaat taccaaaagc    118740
     aacttggaag gaaagggttg attcagacat cacagttttc cccatcattg agggaagtca    118800
     gggcaggaag ctagccgcag gaatggggca gaggacatag tggaatgttg cttactggca    118860
     tgctcactgg ggttggctca gcccaacagt ggtgcaacct accacaatgg gctgggccct    118920
     cccacatcaa tcactcatca agaaaacgcc ccacggactt gcctacgggc aaacatgatg    118980
     gagccttttc ctcaaatgag gtttccctct taggtgaccc tagcttatgt taagctgacc    119040
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaccc ctaggcaaca aatatataat ttattattct tttatcttcc    119100
     tgtgtcatgc tgtgactgga gaccaccttg accaccagaa caattcttgt aacttagtga    119160
     aatctctcaa tcacaattca acaatgcagc attcatatct ataatttcac cacaaaagca    119220
     actgagaatg ttttactaat tgaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aatcaaattt ctttaatttt    119280
     atggtccccc cccccacaca cacacacctt tgggatctca ttgttattaa gcaaaaaagt    119340
     aagagatatt attttacata ttttacatat tttacatact gaatatctac tgcatagaaa    119400
     gaaaaaaata aaatcaccaa atggttaata tcgaattata gaaaatagtt cattttcctt    119460
     tcctcctcat ttgtaacatg ccatacacac acacacacat atatatatac acatatatta    119520
     aatataatat aaaatagtaa atatacttaa atatgttctg aacttaaatt cccacattcc    119580
     ttgagtagtt gcataattaa aatattatga gataatattc aaaaccaaga ataagaagat    119640
     ctaaaaatta agaattctaa cttcagtggt ttaatttcta gttgttacat attagtgcca    119700
     taaaggttaa aaatagaaga acttggaaac aagcatatag tttcaaatcg acttttagca    119760
     ctcgtaaagg caattggcat tttcttcatc tggattttca atgctatctg atatttaaac    119820
     atagtgaact gtttctcaaa ggtcatactc acttataggc ttggtatcca accagcccat    119880
     actattctat actatatact gtagagcgga aaccgaggag gtgggctcca ctggaagaaa    119940
     ggtgtttggg tcactgcagg taaccttttg aggagccccc tacctcgtct cctcatttgc    120000
     attccagtca tgacatgtgc cctgccaaga tgtgcctcca ggccagcgca gaagcaatgg    120060
     ggctgacaga gcaatgtgct aaaactctaa acctggaccc acacaggcct gtcctttgtg    120120
     taaactgatt acctcaggca ttctatgaat aacagcagaa ggctgcctaa ccaatcaaag    120180
     gcagaaaaat tcaaaagaca gacaaaaatt aatgtcatta aatgattaag cctgttatca    120240
     accaaattaa acctttctta cctaagctgc aatacctaaa acttttaaga tgtattaaaa    120300
     taggtatcta tgttacctcg acttgtatag ttcatatcaa agtagacctg catcttaatg    120360
     gtgtccaggg atggattttt attgtccagt agccgtgcca cacaaagctg gaagagaacg    120420
     ttgcatgaat gcttctactg tatttttctg aaacattcaa gtggttggtt tgtttgtttg    120480
     ggttttgaat tgtgacacaa ggtcttatgt agcccagact ggcctcatat agcccaggct    120540
     ctatcttcac aatgtacccg aggcgatctt taacttagga tcctcctgtc cccacctccc    120600
     cattgctcag attaccacac ctgactttat ccagggaatg cctgggtatc caacacaagg    120660
     cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt taatgcatgc ctggcaagca gtctaccaac    120720
     tgaggtatac ttgtcatttt caaaaagaaa agaaagcggg cagagcatga cagtatactc    120780
     ctgaaaaccc agcatctcaa cactcacaaa acagaggcag gaggacccac acaagtttta    120840
     ggccagccag aactacaaac aaaaggaaac cttcagtcag agagagagag agacaggggt    120900
     ggggacactg cggcagacaa cttagccctg actccgtgat tgaaagtgac agttgactaa    120960
     tatccactta ttagtgagtg cacaccatcc atgtcatttt gggtctgagt tacctcactc    121020
     aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg cctgcaaaac ttaggatgtc ctcattctta    121080
     atagctgagt agtattccat tgtgtaaatg agccacattt tatgtaacca ttcttctgtc    121140
     gtgggacatc taggttgttt ccagcttctg actatcacaa ataaggctgc tatgaataca    121200
     gtggaacttg tgcccctgtg gcatggtggg gcatcttttg ggtatattcc caagagtggt    121260
     atagctgggt cttcacgtag atctatttcc aattttctga ggaacctcca gactgatttc    121320
     cagagtaatt gtaccagttt gcaatcccac cagcaacaga ggagtgttcc tctttctcta    121380
     catcctcttc aacatgtgtt gtcacctgag gttttgatct tagtcattct gactggtgta    121440
     aggtggaatc tcagtgtcaa tttgatttgc atttctctga tcactaagaa ctttgaacat    121500
     ttttttaggt gtttctcagc cattcgagat tcctcagttg tgagttctcg atttagttct    121560
     ataccccatt ttttgactgg gttgtctatt tttttggtgg tacacttctt gagttcttta    121620
     tatattttgg atattagccc tctatcagat gtggggttag tgaagatttt tttttcccaa    121680
     tctgtaggtt gtcttattga ctatgtcctt gccttacaga agctttccag tttcacaagg    121740
     tccaatttat cagttcttga tcttagagca tgagccattg gagttctatt taggaaagct    121800
     ccccatgtgc caatgagttc aaggctcttt cccactctct cttctattag attcagtgta    121860
     tctggtttta tgttgaggtt cttgatccac ttggacttga gctttataca aggtgacaaa    121920
     tatgggtcaa ttttcattct tctacataca gacagccagt tagaccagca ccatttaagt    121980
     ggatattagc caaaaagaaa aaagaaaaga aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaactc acgcagaata    122040
     cacaagatac agtccacaga attcaaaagg ctcaacaagc tgaagtgccc aagtaagaat    122100
     gcctcagtcc cacttgggag agagaagaaa gcaatcacaa gttgggaggg ggagggagag    122160
     agggacttgg gagggaatgt ggacagggtc agggggcagt ggggggtaaa ggggaacctg    122220
     gtctgatact tggtgaggga aaaggactga agcccttagg atcagcagaa agaatgtaaa    122280
     caggcaacct caggaaatag gaggttgggg ggggaccccc caagaatgca ccagggacct    122340
     gggaggtgag agactcccag gactcatagg gagtgacctt tgaagaaatg ccagtaggga    122400
     gagggaactt atagagcccc cctccagcag gaagacagga catcaagtga gggatagggt    122460
     tgccatccca cagtcacatc tctgaaccat aattgtctct gtctgaaaga attacaggga    122520
     tagaaatgga gaggagcctg aggaaaagaa ggtccagcga caggcccaaa gtgggatcca    122580
     gctcaaggtg aggtcccaag gcctgacact attactgagg ctatggagtg ctcacaaaaa    122640
     gggatctatc atgactgccc tccaaaagac ccaacaagca gctgaaagag tcagatgcag    122700
     atatttgttc ccaaccaacc gtcagaagca tctgacccct gttgttgaat tagggaaggc    122760
     taaaagaagc tgaggagaat ggcgattctg taggaggacc agcagtctca attaatctgg    122820
     acccccgaga tctttcaaac actggaccac tgaaaagaca gcatacacca gctgatatga    122880
     ggccccaaca catatacagc agaggacttt caggtctgtg tccattcaga gatgaagcac    122940
     ctaaccctca agagactgga ggccccggga gtttagaggt caggtgggat gggaggtggg    123000
     ggatgtggag cagtcggagg gtggatgggg aggggtgggg aatggaatat ggagtataaa    123060
     aaaatgaatt acaaataaaa ttatatataa aaaaagaaaa gagaaagtga cagttgtcac    123120
     tttctaagag gatctgacta gaatgactat tctgcctttg tctttcccct tcttccatca    123180
     gggggtgtgg cacttactct gacatggagg aaagccaagg gagggagccc aggaggccag    123240
     caacaaccta agtacctcag tcactgatct attagaaaat aacccctcac ttattttcgc    123300
     caccctctgt gtctctttat aatcttgctg aagacaggct ggaaaacaca gtgtgctgtt    123360
     taaaatctga aaatagataa tcccacacac gaggcctgtc aatcacctta acaagtttct    123420
     gcacgtcagt cttgatgagg gtcctatcca tgttaaagcc attgctggga tctaggacga    123480
     cagctttcac ctacaaacag agcataccaa ctcatgttac tcatattatg aaattaattc    123540
     atttctgctt tttaaccagt ttccttgatg ttcagctagt tttcttacca ctctctctct    123600
     ttcatgcttt ccttacaggc tgaagacaga aaacaacatc aaacttgaat atgggttaga    123660
     aaaaaataca tggcaaagag gctgaaagca acagttgccg tttcagagca ggaaactgta    123720
     tctcgtgttc tctttatgtg ttgttaacca aggagtagca cagaaaccaa agcaaggagt    123780
     aacttttaca acgcgcattt gaacaaaagg acaggttaaa aacttcacag cagaatacta    123840
     ctgaggtttc taagggtcac gggatctcct aaatccgtca cgaaagacgc tttgcagact    123900
     ctgaaaagat gccttttact aagtcatctg acgacctcaa tgttttcaaa taaaaagcat    123960
     caggaaaacg cctaaggatt tttttttaag atttatttat tttacttata tgagtacact    124020
     gtagctgtct tcagacacag cagaagagag catcagatcc cattacagat ggctgtgagc    124080
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa cggaactcag gacctctaga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa    124140
     ccactgagcc atctctccag ccccgctccc aagaattttt aagaaaaaca aaacaaaaca    124200
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac aaaaactgga tatcacagtt taaaatttgt    124260
     ttacaacaca atgacttgca aaactaatcg accttaccat aaaagcaacc accgtctctg    124320
     aagcgatctc tccgtgggct gcacattctt gtcctatttc tcgtatgata ttctttatca    124380
     cactttctgc ttgagtggga ggcattgtgg ctaaatgaag caataatttt cttttagtaa    124440
     tttcatttat gcacttttcc tggttagatt ccattattag atctggaata tccacactgt    124500
     ctactgagtt attactattt aagtttttaa ttataatctt gtttcctcct ggattttttt    124560
     tttcacttta aatgacgcta atgacagaga gtaactggga ttttccctga atttaaatca    124620
     tgccaccctc aaaaatatat attgtgacat taaaaaaatt agttagggat gatggcacat    124680
     gtgttaaatc ccagtactta ggaggcagat gcaaatagat ttctatgagt ctagcctggt    124740
     ctacatagtg agtgagtgag ccagggctat gaagtgagac ccagtctcat aaaaaaatta    124800
     caaaaagata aataaataaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaagcaag cttaggagaa    124860
     tttgggtgaa aaaaagaaaa aagaaaagaa aaacaacaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaca    124920
     agcccctgcg taggcagcag gactacagct tgtaaaagaa agtgctaatc aatacatcca    124980
     ctaacggatc tttcagaact gtaatacaat ttcataactc taagaaattt tttttctcgg    125040
     attattccat ccttgggatt ccggactcta acaaaaacat aaaaagtaaa taatgaaaac    125100
     gtgagagcta tgaacctctg aaaaagaact cctagctgtt actctcatct attataaact    125160
     aaggaagagt ggtatttaag tcagggctcc cgattttcct gagtatcagc aacagcccag    125220
     gggagcgtgc aggtaaaagg aaacaaagcc aggagtgctc tgagagatgg gaaatgcaga    125280
     actggactat caaaggtcca accacatcgt caggagagac aagtacctcg cctccttgga    125340
     agccaatttc ctcatctgaa aaaggcgtgc tgttatcacc ttctcctgaa cttagagtct    125400
     actgtggtta gaaaagttcg cagcttggcc aagcaatgcc agccatcagc gagcatatct    125460
     gtggggacgt cagacctgcc ggccacacag ccaggttgac cccgctccat cctgcgcgct    125520
     tgcacagagc gagatgcctg cccacccacc ctgtaggtta cctactacca gcactagttc    125580
     tgtagccgtc cgacgtccgt cttctcgccg gtacacccgc gacttaacgg cctggagctc    125640
     cctgggcgct gggcttggcc ggaacgccaa ccggccgcgg ctctcccggc cagccccaga    125700
     tcctaagcgg cagtcgcgta accgtggaaa cggaacgcga cgccagaggc ttggggcggg    125760
     gtctggctat ggggtgtggc cagagggcgg ggcggacaga ggagggcggg aagggcggct    125820
     ggaatgggtc ctctgggacc ttgagaagag gggtgtaggg ttctccctca gcctcccaag    125880
     agacaagaac tcaagtccca ggcggcaaag gcactttcgc tacacctcag ttttaagaca    125940
     atgatacatg aattctaaaa caaaggtttg atgtgcagac gttgttcatg ttgatagtgt    126000
     gaaaacatgg aaaatatatc ttttgaagag aatgagaaag cctggggttc ttggaattca    126060
     aagtttatag ttttatcaaa agaatgcttt catgttctgt ttctgaaagg aagtctttat    126120
     cctgatgttc caaaaggcca tagtaaaact tttcatttag gaagtttttt cacaccaggt    126180
     atagtagtgt aggctcaaag tcccagccct tgggatgcag agataggaaa atgcagagtt    126240
     ttaagacacc ctacactgta tagtaagaaa ctatctaccc ccaccacctc taagatgcaa    126300
     gtaaggaaac ctgtgcgttt ggaattgggg ataataattt ttgtttgttt tcttgagaga    126360
     gggtaaaact atgtagtctt gaatggtctg gaattgaaca tgtagaccag gctgatcttg    126420
     aattcacaga gttctacctg cctcagcctt ccaaacactg gctgtgtgcc accatgctgg    126480
     gtcaatgatg gtgtttttgg tacctgtctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc    126540
     atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacacttc catactgctg    126600
     ttcatcacca aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc aggaagcagg agctgatgca    126660
     aatgccatgg agagatgttc cttactggct tgcttcccct ggcttgctca gcctgctttc    126720
     ttatagaacc caagattacc agcccagaga tggtcccacc cacaaggggc ctttccccct    126780
     tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat gcctttcagc tggatctcat ggaggcattt cctcaactga    126840
     agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagctgt gtcaagttga cacaaaacta gccagtacag    126900
     tacctaaaaa tgtttgttgc agggttggag atatggctca gaggttaagg gaactgactg    126960
     gtattccaga ggactgggtt tgaatcccaa cacccacatg gaggtttaca gctgtctgta    127020
     actccagttc ctgagagtca actccttctg gcctctgcat ataccaggca tgccagtggc    127080
     ctgtagacat acactcaggc aaaacaccca tacatgtaaa ataaaataat aatttttgaa    127140
     gctttcaata tttgttgggt aagtgtaatg tactttttta ttggatattt tctttattta    127200
     catttcaaat gctatcccct ttcctgcttt cccctctgaa aatcccctat ccctcccccc    127260
     acacccccca cccccccact caccaaactg cccactccca attcctggcc ccggaattcc    127320
     cctacattgg ggtatagagc cttcacagga ccaagggcct ctcctcccat tgataaccga    127380
     ctaaaccatc ctctgctaca tatgcagctg gagccatggg tccctccatg tgtactcttt    127440
     ggttggtggt ttagtcatac ttttaaaaaa ctttttatta tatttagtta tttatgggga    127500
     gcacacatga gaccacacac tcatggtgat cacaaacaac ccagtttctt ctcttctacc    127560
     acatttgttc ttggatcatt ttagccatgt gcctttcatg gctgcggcat cctaacaaac    127620
     tgttatagta actttctgtt actgtagtaa acacgatgac caacaacatc ttagggaaaa    127680
     aggagtttag ttggctttca tttccaggaa acacttttat caccgagtga ctaaagagca    127740
     gaaactcaca gcaggaccgt ggagcggaag ccgtggtgaa aggctgccac cgtggagaaa    127800
     tgccgccacc gtggagaaac gccgctttag tggtctgctc gctggctcat gcttagctag    127860
     ctttcttttt ttctgtcttt agttatttta atattttatc tatgtattta cttattcatt    127920
     tactgggtgt gtgtgcatgt gtctggtagg cgaggccaga agaggccatc ggaccctttg    127980
     gagatggaat tgcaggcact tatttgtaag ctatttgata tgaattcttg gatctgaata    128040
     attatcttca cggtaatgta caagggtctt aaggtctctg ctctgccgat ggctgtgttc    128100
     attcccttta taatatctat ttgttctgtt ccccaagggt acccgggaat ccttgttagt    128160
     ggttatgcgg gtactcactt taccgttgtt tattccacag tacgtgtgca ttacattttt    128220
     tgtatgacac attttataat aaaaagtaaa gatgaaatgt tatagaattc ttcatattta    128280
     ataatgcttt ttggctaaca actatttaaa tagttatatt ttaacagaag tttttaaaag    128340
     tttaagaatt aattgttttt ttttaaacga tttctccatt gttctccatt attagccatc    128400
     tgctgaagag caattagctg gattttttag cacaggcgtg atgattgagg taatgataaa    128460
     tgctgcacac cgagtcccaa agcctttcat ctcccctctc ctaggatgtt tccgggcagg    128520
     agaatctcag ggtcctttct ttcttccttt ctgtcttagt cagggtttct attcctgcac    128580
     aaacatgatg accaagaagc aagttgggga ggaaagggtt tactcggctt acacttccac    128640
     cctgctgttc atcaccaaag gaagtcagga ctggaactct agcaggtcag aaagcaggag    128700
     ctgatgcaga ggccatggag ggatgttctt tactggcttg ccttctctgg cttgctcagc    128760
     ctgctctctt atagaaccca agactaccag cccagagatg gtcccaccca caaggggcct    128820
     ttccccctag atcactaatt gagaaaatgc attacagttg gatcacatgg aggcatttcc    128880
     tcaactgaag gtcctttctc tgtgataact ccagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaactaac    128940
     cattacactt tctttctttc tttctttctt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacagggttt    129000
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc accctgtaga tcaggctggc ctcaaactca    129060
     gaaatctgcc tgtctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgctgc tgccaccacc    129120
     cggccataag agaaattaaa agaaaacaag gaaatgaaaa aagaagcaaa ctcatgaatt    129180
     atatattgtg atcacatgtc agattcataa accaagtaca gtttcaagcc tgtggccctg    129240
     gtcagggaaa tgtgtgctgc tatggtcagg gaaatgtgtg ctgctaggca tcagatgcag    129300
     tggttctcag ctgcagagtc ctggcatgct ctgtcagcaa catttggata cttgccgcac    129360
     tagacagttc tatgccaact tgacatgagc taaaattctc cgagaggagg gaacctcaat    129420
     gaaccaaaaa cctccataag atcaaggtgt aggcaagact ctagggagtt ttcttaatta    129480
     gtaattgatc agatggacaa agcctatggt gagtgttgcc atcgctgggc tggtggtcct    129540
     gggttctata agaaagcagg ctgagcaatc aatccacggg gagcaagcca gtaagcagca    129600
     ctcctccatg gcttactgca tcagctcctc catgtttctg cctgtttggg ttcctgtcct    129660
     gacttcagga tgaacaacga tgtggaagca taagccagat aaaccctttt ctcccaaggt    129720
     tgcttgggcc atggtgtttc atcacagcaa tggtaaccct aaaacacttg cctatgatgg    129780
     actgtattgg agtttctgca tagacactgc caaaggagcg ccctacagtg aactttgatt    129840
     tacctttcgt atttgtttat acatgtggaa catgttacta tgttcccacc ccacccctgc    129900
     ccttttgtgt tgtgtgtatt tggctcatgc atgtgagtgt gtggatgatt gtatccacgt    129960
     gtacacacca ggaggccaga gccagatggc agctgttcct cttctagtac tccccacccc    130020
     actcttactg tacagttctc tcctgctact ctaaaacctt tctctggata gctcatctcc    130080
     tgcagatcat aagcccagtc ttttatttta catatcagcc cagtcattta cttcagattt    130140
     ccttgtgagt atcctaagaa tcagcatcca gtgaccccag ccgcttaatt cttaagcgac    130200
     agcaagcata cattttattt taactttgca aaagaatcca gagatcatcc tgcctttgtt    130260
     aaatacagag gaaaaactag ctggatggaa cctcgccctg aaattaccat ttctactaca    130320
     ccctggctga ccttaaactc aagaatctgc ctgcctttgt atctttctga caagctgact    130380
     cattaatgca gctgcctttg ttcctttaga ttcgtgtgaa gcccctcaca taattcatat    130440
     tgcatctgta ttttttgcat agttgacaaa tcatatattt tcaaactcgt gtttttaaag    130500
     ttcttttcta catccttaaa aggctgtcct gaaggtccca gtgtgtacca ttttgctgag    130560
     acattagcca cacatttgcc tccctaactc atgctgtctc agattaccat gaaatcatta    130620
     acgttaacag gtaggacatt ctttggagga agaacgtaaa atatgtacat tattatacaa    130680
     taagccttat gcccatggca gccattgatt ctcatgtccc aggggtccat gttccaccaa    130740
     ggccatgcca gatttggcag aaagagggga atattactta ggtattaagt actgcataaa    130800
     tccatctttg ctaaaattct aagagtaaca ttccactttt aacttgaggt tggaaaaaca    130860
     tgccaaagat tacatccaat tggtaagttt ggtttgaatg tgaaagacca caataggctc    130920
     atatatttga attttttttt atgtagttgg tggaactgtt tggggaggat tgggaggtgc    130980
     ggcccttgcg tcaatgggag tgggctttga ggtatctaaa gctcatgaca ttcctggtta    131040
     gctctccctc tgcctgcaat ttgtggacta gatataacct cttggctact acttaagttc    131100
     catacctacc tgcctgctac catgattctc catcataatg gtcatggact caccctctga    131160
     aaactgtaag aaagccccca gttaaatgat ctcctttcta agttgtcttg ggcatgttgt    131220
     ctgtcacagc aacagaaagg taacaggaaa gactgcaagt aggaagacaa gagcaagtca    131280
     cctgaacaca cctggtttgg acttcagctc tgcatccatg atgccaatct tttcctccag    131340
     gatcaacacc tccatgtttt tattggaatg aaccaacatt gatttaacag taggcctgcc    131400
     ctgcttggtg tatgcctaca tccctggtct cttctccttc acactcctca ctctcatctg    131460
     tcactcagac tgttaaagtt tcttagcttg tgttctgaga cagatttttt tcctagggca    131520
     atgcaacact ttacactttt gttcactcca gaagaggagc ccacaaggag tcagatggag    131580
     agagccccag tgggtagatc aatggagaag tgaggcttta ggcattaagg ggctttcact    131640
     taaacattta acatgatcca tttcctgctt ctccaagaca aaggccccgt gggctcttta    131700
     cactaggagg aacggtttgg tggcactgta aaacctttca ccaagagggg ccagaactga    131760
     ccagtttccc tctttgtcag aattattcag tccctttcgg tagcccccaa atcactagtt    131820
     ctgagggaga aacacaatcc acgcccttcc ccaaacctga tgaagctcac caagctggct    131880
     agctggctgg ccagccaacc tcaggaatcc acccgtctcc ttctgagatt gcatgtgtgc    131940
     cccacaccct cagcttttgt aaaatgtgag ttctaggatc aaattcaggt ctttgtgctt    132000
     gtgaggtaag cagtttactg gctgagccat ctctacaact cctctttata tgtcattcat    132060
     aagcaaaatc ctgtaatgtc tatgattcca ttgacagaaa cttaatatcg tcttggactg    132120
     ggtcagcggt gtccacgctg attcgtgatt gcttctcctt catggtgctc caagcctatt    132180
     ttacatccag ccttaagact cagacatcct catgtcttat cagggaccct acttcttata    132240
     tatcatgaac tgaatatatg tatcataatt ggctgaagtg gtcctctgct actagttatt    132300
     tgacattttc tcaaactttg atattataaa caacccttgg atagatacat ttcaggataa    132360
     accatttgtt tcacatgtaa tatattcagg gatgatttcc agatatgaaa ttctaatttt    132420
     aaattctttt tttttttaca taatccttca tggcagagat atgctcagtt ttatgaaaag    132480
     aaagctgtcc aattgctttc tttttttttt ttttttcttt ttggagacag ggtttctctg    132540
     tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat    132600
     ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac caccggcccc    132660
     aattgctttt taaagtggct gtatcatttg cactctgatt agcaataaag ctgattcggg    132720
     agttctacca tccttcttga tttgggctga aagatcctgg cagaatgtaa aaggacacag    132780
     aagccctgaa attggcaaga tagacgtcag tgttagcaga actagcttca ctgatttaga    132840
     aaaatagagg tgcacaatgc tctggccact ccttgaacct gtgtgtctgc caatgttctg    132900
     accaggtgtg tgcccattgc tgcaccttca ttagactctt tccttgtacc cctcccatac    132960
     ccatttcttg agaatagaca ttgtttagat ctggaaatcc cctaatctcc cccttctcct    133020
     ttcccccctg agggcctata aaaactggga actctttccc ctcgaggacg actcctctac    133080
     ccctgcgtgg gatatgagtc gtccccagag ctctggcttt ccccgaataa agcctcatgt    133140
     ggtttgcaac aagctcggtc tgtcgtgagt tcttgggtgt ctgctattgt cctgaggcct    133200
     gagtgagggg ctcctctcgg agtctttcag ggccattaca atgtcctgtg taatgaccga    133260
     gactatttca cctgtctctg agccatctat ggaccatctt ccaggaaatg cccccttttt    133320
     cccttcccac tctttccaag ttttaagtag ctatttgctt ctggctggtg ggttttaaga    133380
     gatcttgtgt attaggtagt atgttttatc atatgtatgt tatgcagact ttttctccat    133440
     gcctgtgact tgccttttct gtcttgtttc ttctttcgtt caactgggca tctctgagag    133500
     caacatagtt aacacagttt agcccatcag ctttttctat catgcctctg gtgtttgatt    133560
     aaaatcactc ttcatgatgc ctgtggtaga gcatgtcttg ctctgtactc taaaggtgga    133620
     ggcaagagga ttgcaatttt aaagccatca ttgactatat agaaaacttg tcaaaactta    133680
     aaaaaaaaag taatcttgtg tcttttctgt gatatttcct ataactgttg tgatttacag    133740
     aaaagcttat ggtcagtctg acttaatttc tgtgatgtta tagtactatg tatctttctg    133800
     cttctaatta agtctaggtg ccctaccatg ggcgactcgt ttgttagaga cactacactc    133860
     cattcatgtg ctctattctg gaccttcttc tattcacttg atccatgtgc ctatctttag    133920
     ttaatatact gttatagcta ctgtagcttt gacgtaagtc ttcaggccag ggaatatcag    133980
     tcttttgttt tatttttagg ggatttcttt acattatttt gagaaccaag tacatgggca    134040
     ctgtagctac atcactccct ctgtcctacc ccaggctttt cccatcattg cttcctagtt    134100
     cgtggttctt taagtattac tgttgttaca cacacataca cacacacaca tatttaacag    134160
     cttactgagt ccatttagct ttgttccttt gtgcatgtgc ccggggctga ttcttgggat    134220
     cagatagccc atgtatgaga tcacccatga aggagattgg ttctcctctc agtggctatt    134280
     gacctcctgt ggctcttcac ctatgcacag ggatattgga atttcccctg tcttcactgg    134340
     cacaccaaga ggtgttttcg ttgcgctgga cttgttcatg gtttcaagca tactgctggc    134400
     attttgtggg tcaagcttcg ctggcatgtc tagaggacaa tacttagcag caggaccctg    134460
     ggcctctggc tcttaccatc attcttccca ttcttctgca ttttctctga gctttggtgt    134520
     aggggttgtg ttacaggtgt atcaggtgaa gctgcacact gcacagtagc agtgtttacc    134580
     ttcaagggtc tcagtagtat tccccgcccc cagggagcct ttatggaaga ctgacaagat    134640
     cagtgattgc cctcaaacac atcaggtgaa agccctatct gtaaaaggaa cttttgagat    134700
     cttatttaaa aacaacccag tagtcttggt aaaaccatct ctccttgaac atgcctttgt    134760
     ctatctcagt cctcccagga gactgtccat ctctccagga tgtgcaatct ctcctgctgg    134820
     acctctagct tgctctgccc ttgagccatc accttcttgg cactttctcc aatgttactg    134880
     cttcatgacg atgtgtaaga tagtctgatg gtttgtatat gcttgtccca gggaatggca    134940
     ctattaggag ggaatggcac cttgttggag taggtgtgtc actgtggatg tgggctttga    135000
     gtccctcatc ctagctgcct agaagccagt cttctgctag ctgcctttgg agcaagagga    135060
     ggaactctca gctcctccag ccccacatct gcctgcatgc taccatgctc ctgccttgat    135120
     gacagtggac tgaacctctg aacctgtaag ccagccccaa ttaaatgtta tccatataag    135180
     agttggcttg gtcatggttt ctgttcacag cagtaaaacc ctaagacaga tagcaggctc    135240
     tgccccacac atcagcactc taacaagtat ccaagcttga ttagctccgt tccctcttta    135300
     tcaaccttgt gaggtggctg ctcttttgca aaagaggaaa gtgaatctta gggaggaaac    135360
     atgaaatgcc ctgggtcact caggccacta aggtgaggtc tcccactcac gccctttgcc    135420
     acagaccctt acagcttgct gttcagcaaa gcctaagctg tacagctctg ttgtttccac    135480
     agtagcttgt ctagagtgag gaacttgagg actgatgctc atgtcttact acagctgact    135540
     aatatttcag gaagtcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caagaaagaa gtcatttccc ctattaatca    135600
     agctgattaa gacagataag catgtttgat tagatactat aatgaccata ggaaacctat    135660
     actgaatttg taaatcaata gttataagga gtcatttcag tcaggtgctg ttatgttcca    135720
     tagattaaac aaaaatgaag cagagagata aggtgatttt tgcctaaggt cacacagcct    135780
     atggtgcctg gactatatat tatcattcat atgcactggg gcagaatatt catttacaag    135840
     ggcatctagg aattatgagg ggtatattgt gtggaaaatg acttctccct gaaagccaag    135900
     actcttagtc ttataggatg tgtgccagag ggagatactc tacagtgtgt tccgtctgtt    135960
     gacaattccc tacagagcaa tctgatctag gcaatttctc agttaaggtg tctcatcttg    136020
     gatgactcta ggctgtgcaa agttgtcagt caaggctaac caggacagtc actgccttgg    136080
     gggagatgcc tctcctttct gatagttgct ttgggaatga ggactgctct caagtcttac    136140
     tcatagttgt ttcttctcca actccatata aatccatgtg gcaggatggt gttaagcaat    136200
     gagtcctctg agagatggtt atgtcatata ggatgagacc tcttaagtgg aattatcatt    136260
     cttatggaga aggccctaga gagctatgtt cccttctaca gatgttcaat atgctaatgc    136320
     tttgatcttg gatttctcta aactgggaga gataaatttc tgctgtttat aaactaccca    136380
     gttattgttt tgttaaatca gaccaggtag attaagatag atctgaacag gctagataat    136440
     aagtccaagg tccatatatg actatatctg taggtgctgg ccacaatcca actgcatttg    136500
     gttagaatat taagatgagg gccattgata gtacgaaatg cctgtgcata tttgtctgtg    136560
     aacacagact agggatatgg gggggatgca tgttttgttt ccagataatg taatttgggg    136620
     ttctaaatgg caggaagttc actgatgacc ctgcatgaag aaagaaagtg caaagccaca    136680
     tgtctatgat cactgtcaca gatcccgaac tttcttgtca ctgcagccag agccctggtt    136740
     agtgtatttc tttatatttt tttaagacaa actaattcgc tgggtggtgg tgttgcacgc    136800
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggggaattt ctgagttcga ggccagccta    136860
     gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccggg gctacacaga gaaaccttgt ctcagaaaaa    136920
     agaaagaaag agagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    136980
     agaaagaaga aagaaaaaga caaactaatt cttattttaa aaatttattt tatttatatg    137040
     agtacaatgt tgctgccttc tgacacatta gaagagggca ttagatacca ttacagatgg    137100
     ttgtaagcta gcatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaacacagga cctctggaag agcaaccagt    137160
     gctcttaact gctgagccat ctctccagcc cctgatgaac tatttcttac tctgttggca    137220
     cacttaaaaa gcacttcctg ggcttcgctt ctaggagacg tgtttgctct ctaccctcta    137280
     cagagccctg agctaatctc agctatgtag aagttctagt gttttctgcc aatttttgtg    137340
     attagttcat cagaagcata aggcctcggc gagtcagtga ttattagaat agatgaagca    137400
     actactccag ccaaacactt ttcctataag ttaacttgaa cagtctagtc atctctattt    137460
     caagggagaa ctagtttgtc agcaaatctt ccataaacac agacatgtgt gatattatta    137520
     tatagatcaa ggccctataa tctgcaagct aaatcccatc cttgccagtg tttgcacagc    137580
     ctaagtatta ggcagctttc tgctgctcgg gcacaatatg cccgagaaaa ccaagaaaag    137640
     aagggaagat ttattttggc tcatagtttc agaagttgtc agtcagtcat aacttggctc    137700
     cattgattct ggctgatgag gaccaggaca attgctgtgg gatgtttttt tctgggcagg    137760
     gcatgggtgt tactccatta aaccctcaac aatacggctg cctgcataag acctgccaag    137820
     accataccca ttgacatgcc aacatggata gaggccaaat tcataaggtt cccaccccta    137880
     ggggaagagc tacaggcagt caactggggc cagtagatga atgagtcctg ataggttatc    137940
     tgatccaaaa tggtcatccc taaacatatg tgcatataag caacactaga agaagtcatg    138000
     aacttgagag ggagtgggag gatacagaag gggctggagg gaagagagga aggggtagaa    138060
     atgccataat acagtattca tgtataaaat tctaaatata cttaaagaca taaattaaaa    138120
     aatgttagct tttagtaaat agagtcttag aaaagtgcta tagccttgga tattcttttg    138180
     ctttttagtg attattggaa gtcttggttc agggcttttg aatcacagga cacaagggtc    138240
     aggtatagaa ggctctcaaa ccctaacttc tatagacaag tttctttccc aacaagaaaa    138300
     tataagtgaa tcctctctga attatttata tgcaaggcaa agaacttaaa atttgcctta    138360
     atctatttga tgaaacttga tgtttttgtt aagcaaacac taatcaccct tctgcaggtt    138420
     atggctcatg acatgttctt tccttctttc caactgtaac aagagtgagc atgcttacag    138480
     gtctgatgca gaaacgagtc aggtagggta caggagtgtg cttccattgc cttgaaacag    138540
     catttttccc ttcccagtta gtttgtctcc actctgcagg tggaggtggt gctcagcctg    138600
     ccttggaata tgctttggaa tattttagtt ttccatgaaa acattcacag tatagaaaaa    138660
     cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaggagtaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga    138720
     gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gagcaaagga    138780
     catcaggaca tgagtatgcc tgaaaatgcc acacaagatt ttgttacttt gaaaaaggaa    138840
     ggaagcaatg aagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga    138900
     gggagggagg gaagaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaaaaagaag gaaggagcca ggtggtggtg    138960
     gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggaag gtggatttct gagtttgaga    139020
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagaa ctatacagag aaatcctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa    139080
     agaaaagaaa agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaag gaagaaggaa    139140
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggag agaaagaaga gaatgaaaga caggaaagaa gggaaaagaa    139200
     aaacacagat aactataact gtaatgataa ttttaaaagg cagttgaaaa ttcttacagc    139260
     ccaacatcac tctgaccaca tagcaacaac cggttttgag tacatttatt tcttctggga    139320
     acaccgtctt ttgtggtgac atttcagccg atgagctcta atcagtcctc ggctcatttt    139380
     ccttagcaag gatagaaggt gttttctttc tttcgggcag aatgaagtcg gcgtgtcctg    139440
     gggagagcct ggggaaggtg tagttgatat acttctgaaa cgcggccctg gtctcctgca    139500
     gttcctcctc caggaaatct ttccagtttg tcatgattcc cagttgcttg gccacagaga    139560
     gcagctcccc ctgggtattg acaagtttgc ccatcatatt gtcaagagtg gcctggtgtg    139620
     ttttttccgc ctcttgaagc acttcttgta cttcttcttg cttctgcctc tgagccatgc    139680
     cgtagtagat ggtcatctcg tgctcctttg ctttgatcag ctggcccagg cttgtcttct    139740
     tgtctttaat gacggttacg ccagtggtta caaattcctc caggaccttg ctacaagaga    139800
     tcatacacat ttaccagtta gagcgactgg ccactagaaa cacagtgact tgaccatgaa    139860
     tcacagaaga gttaccctgg tatgcctgag ctttcagact atattagcta tccataatcg    139920
     attaaaatat agttctcaga ggctggggca aaaccgctaa tgtaatatct aatggcgtca    139980
     ctgagattct gagttcactc tgtccattgt gcttaaaaaa tattttgttt ttaataggcg    140040
     ggttagagtc ctaaacccac agagtcattt cctcatatca attcagctga tttctatttc    140100
     tctgagacgg tatcgttaat gtttggtttc cgttactttg agcagacttg aaccaattgt    140160
     gtaactcaag ctgacctcca actccttttt acttttgaga ttataatata atgacatcac    140220
     ctctcccttc tctttccacc actccttgct ctctttcaag ttatgtcctt ttcattaatt    140280
     gttgttacat gcatatgtgt atttaaatat acatttatat gtgtccattc ctaagtagaa    140340
     cctgcttgat acgtagactg ttacttgtac gtgtgtttcg gctgaccact tggtactggg    140400
     taacctctcg ctgtactcct ccctggggag gactctctct cctgttctca cccttcctcg    140460
     gttgcctgta gttctcagag tggaggtggc acttcgtggg ttttctcctg tctactttga    140520
     actcctattg ttgcccttgt ttgactcatg ttgggcagct atgttggtaa ggctttctgg    140580
     atgtaggttc tgacattaga aacaaaatct cccaggaaac tctttgatcc taacctccaa    140640
     ctcttgatct ccctaagtgc tgggtgctga gattataggc caaagccacc aaaccctggt    140700
     tcttcatctt taggataaaa ggaagaaaac tttacactca caggctagct ttatgtttca    140760
     tcttgactta acatgagcta tatctaatta taaattatct ctaagtttct gattacagaa    140820
     ccaaaatccc tttttactta aaattaatga gaaatcaaaa gtcataattt atatataagt    140880
     tttatctatt gatgttaaca gaattagtaa ctaaaagaca gacaattaaa aaacacattt    140940
     atcagccaat acaaaataac aatacattaa ttatatctta acacaaatac ttttatgaaa    141000
     aatattttcc caaacaaaat atatttggtg aaaagactgg actaggttta cattcatttg    141060
     caaaattctt ttatgtatgg cgttaaacaa agctgttttt catgttattt cagcgtattg    141120
     tgacacccta catattaaaa gtcattaaaa ataacactca ttagagaaag agaataaaaa    141180
     gaaataacac catccccttg tcaaagaatg agtttatttc tggatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    141240
     tatatgtgtg tatgtgtatg tatgtgaaca tatcaaggat atagtccttg ttatatgaag    141300
     tgtgtttggg gtgacaaaga gcagtaatta agaacttgtg tgttttcttc tgtatatttc    141360
     ggtaaagtca atattttaat gtattcagct actagtttac aaaggaaaga tgaagaacac    141420
     acccgcaaca gtacatgagc caggctggaa acaatgatcc ctaagtgttt atggacaggt    141480
     gtttgttggt ccttctcagt cttttaatac tggaggtaca aaatgagaaa catagtattg    141540
     agaagactca ctgtttactg agaaggagga tggaatacga ctgagaataa gatacaggcc    141600
     tttccagaag tgttggcaac tctcaatccc ttaggctaac tgttagatac ttgagctacc    141660
     atttttctta aatcaacccc tctctccctc cttctccccg ccaccttcgt cccacttcct    141720
     ctctcctaca tttgtgaata tcggtgtttg atatatccca caatagaacc aagaaaatgc    141780
     tgggcactgt tcagttctat gccttagcct cctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    141840
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    141900
     tctaggtgga ttttagtggc gtcggacgct aacttgccga tgtgctctct ggagtacctt    141960
     ttctcttctt cgatagcttt ctgagcaatc cttctctctt cttccctggc tttcttcaca    142020
     gcctccatct tctcctggtg acactccatc ataatcctct ggatccgatg gaccatacgc    142080
     tgttctgcag ctgtgtgctc tctgttcagc tcttccttca tctgttgaat catattcacc    142140
     ttggttttgt cttctagagc cttaaagaaa gggaatggga agctgggctt agatcttaca    142200
     ggtttgatgt ctttaaatga agactgagaa gcaagaacca tcatttactt gatataacgg    142260
     gtacctgtta aataggtgat ttaaaagtag ttgtgaatca atcatacaga attttaaaat    142320
     ttaagtaaaa tattcaaact gtgtgtgtgt atgtctgcgt gcatgtgcac acacacacac    142380
     acacacacac acacacacat gaaagatcac attgataggg ggtgtgcaaa aagggaaata    142440
     ggttagaaag ggtggggtta cagttttctg actgttttta atttttctct tcttttcagt    142500
     gctagtgacc aaacctgggg tctcacagat gctaagttat caccaggcta tagttccaac    142560
     taatgctttt attgtcacag tgtcagtgta catggaaata tagatatgat attggaaagt    142620
     ggcagaagta aaagccctga agggaacctg aggctcaggc aagcaacaca catttactgg    142680
     agcctgtctt ctagtcccca ctgctgttcc acattccata tcattagggc agccaccctt    142740
     cctcattcat gagggagaca agaactccat tgttgttagg tagaaggacc tatggaatat    142800
     tttcaaccaa gagaaaggaa gcagcagcca aaccattatt tgtgaagtct cacaaaagta    142860
     cctaaaggaa aaacctgtca ctatttggac gtgcctacta actctacagg atgccagcgc    142920
     tctgctgggc aaagacacta caaacacaaa tactcttgga tctctactct cagaggactc    142980
     actgtacact ggacgacatc aagaattgca ttagcatcca agatttgata tttgttcctt    143040
     gtaattgcat aatgagtgct gtatcagaaa tatatttaag aagagcagtt gttgcgttct    143100
     gaactttcaa aacctttaat aagaggtaaa tctttgtctc ctccagtctt gtcagagaat    143160
     attaaggaac tgagttactt catatgtcct ttcatcattg cctaagatga tagagtcctt    143220
     caagaaaatg tcacaatttt gtaagaaaac ctatcagtct aaccttcttc cctctcctct    143280
     accttccctc ttccccctca ttcgttcctt tttagagcag tggagcctca ttttcaagtg    143340
     aaatcttact cagatataaa gcattaaaac caccaagggg tctcctggtt gaattttctc    143400
     aacctctttt tgtgcaaatt ctggaacttg agggagcagc ttcttgaatg tgtatccagg    143460
     gtgtcctcag ctgaggctac acagcaagag aactccaaat ggcaaggaaa catgcagtca    143520
     cttgcagctc cttaaaaaaa aactatctca atgataaaaa ttattgatta gaagaagtgt    143580
     gcatatgggt cagtgataga gcagttttac ccatagcata agagacacac tgagtctaat    143640
     ccccagcact gaaaaattgt tagaatccag ggtcctcaag ggaaaatgat ttttcttttt    143700
     tcaaagattt attcatatat tttatgtatc tgggtttttg tctgcatgaa tgtctgtgca    143760
     tcagaagagg gcatcagatc ccgtgggact acagttatag acagttgcaa gccacaatgc    143820
     ggatgcgagg aattgaactg agggctgcta gaagaacagc tagtactctt aacttctgag    143880
     ccatctctct agcccaggag aaaaagtttt caactcctca ttttggctac tttaagagta    143940
     gggggaaaat cgggtgtagt aacgcgtcct ggcacccagg aggcaagaag agcatcatga    144000
     gtttgaggcc ggtctatgta gtgagaccct tttccaaaac acagaatctg gggctgggga    144060
     ggtgactgag gagagtaaca gtgcttgctg aacaagcatg ggggcctgag tttgaacctc    144120
     cagcatccaa ggaaggagct ggagcatgac ggatcgatca ttcttgtaac cccagtattg    144180
     ggagacacag acaggtcaac cctggactgt cgctgagcca gtcaacctgc tcaaatcagc    144240
     tagtttccag ttcagggaga aaccttgtct aaaggcaata tgataataaa gaaagacaac    144300
     ccaggttcag gaagatgata gcttagctga caaaggagta agctaccaag cttgacagga    144360
     tgagttcaac ccctgggccc acatagtaga agggaaagaa atgactctag caaattgtcc    144420
     tctagtctct atgtctacat actaaacatg tgtgcacgtc tatcttcaca cacacaatgc    144480
     acaacacacg cacacacaca ccccaaaatc aaaagagaaa caaacaacag aaacagaaaa    144540
     gagaaagaaa cactagactc caactttaag aatctttaca gaatggtttc cagtggcaaa    144600
     ttttgaaaac agttatagaa aaaaaaaatg gttgtttaga aattttacct tggttttcac    144660
     tgcagaaggc tttgtcactt aagaatcaca ttttcaatag taaaacattt tgaaagctaa    144720
     tatttataaa tgtctttaat gcttagccta tttcagaaaa aaagagtaca ataaaatgtt    144780
     ctaatatttg tatcatgctc tcgagttctt ggcttgtttt ctctatgggc atgttgattt    144840
     ataatttcct gtttgtactg aagttgggca gtaagctcac agagccaact ctgaccagta    144900
     accatgccaa acacggctgg agtgggctgc taaggcgaag cagggattat cctgctccgt    144960
     gacaggaact gtgggggcag agctcccttt tcctgttggt cctaggacaa aggcagttca    145020
     tttaacctta tctgcacaca cttagtatat tcgaggtgct ccttgtggaa tcatgaatgt    145080
     ttcgtttgta ggcctgaagt ttcctaagct tcttatccat catgttattg ggatctctgc    145140
     cactttcctg ctctgcctat gtatctagtc ctcctgccta tcccttggag acagttccgt    145200
     acaaatgtga agacggttct ggactctggt cctctgaaca ggttttgtga cagagatatt    145260
     gaattcagca gtgaatccgt ctgtttgcaa tgttgaccag tttgtaagtt acaaagttcc    145320
     tcccagccag cctcagtgtc taaccacaga ggagcagata cgggaatgtg gtgtgtacac    145380
     acaatggatt ctgttgttgt tgtcagggaa actgacacaa ctagagataa ttatgaatta    145440
     acttggtctc agacaggaat atcatgcttc catcgtgtgt ggttcctgga tgctatgttg    145500
     ctacataaaa ttttgtatgt agatatgata ggaaagtaaa agaaaactgt ccagagaaac    145560
     aaagaaaact attgggaggc atgaaaatga gaagagaggg tgtggaggta atacttacag    145620
     atacagtgta tacgtgtgta tgctgaagtg tcagtatgta gcacattgtt gtgcacaatg    145680
     aatacataag agtgaaaatt taaaaaaaaa caaaaaacag ttcctcttat ctcctgacca    145740
     ctagtcctac tggaatactt cagagacagt taagatgtcc ctctttacat aggtagacag    145800
     gaaatacatg tagatgtatg cttgctcctg attggacctg gtggtaaata tgtatccttg    145860
     tgggctgcct ttcaaagcct ctgcaaaatg tgacttgtca gaatttccta agaacccagg    145920
     aatggacttg gccagagact atcatcctgg tcagtactta attaaagctt gcttcaaatt    145980
     tggctcaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaacaaattt aagaaaaatt atgaaaccaa    146040
     atgcccagaa ggaagaggac aggttgatct attgatttaa tcgtttaagt ccctgctatg    146100
     tttgtcaagg cacagtactg gacagggcta gcagagtgac aggacagact gcccctgtgg    146160
     aggttgtggt catgtcagtg aaccagacat taaacaacca atcatacacc cagttattta    146220
     gttccaacag tgacacgtgc tgtgaaaggg ctattacaga gctcatatct gaggttccct    146280
     ccaaactttt atgaaacact catctgaact ttattaatga ctattccacc cattcttccc    146340
     ttgtcaacta acagaagcac tttctcttta caactgcaat gctttttaaa aaagataatg    146400
     gacaagtcct tatagagaga acctttaagt ctttttgatg ttgttcttcc agaacccgaa    146460
     tttcaaattt gtgtctggct tctgcgtctt caactgcttg atccacggct tgtttttgga    146520
     gcagttcagc cttagaaaca aaaggttcat gtgtctatta atattttaag gtaagcagag    146580
     agggagaagc tgggtcacta ttgaaggagt tgctaagtta agtgctcttg cttaatggaa    146640
     gttaggaccc accacagagt ccctaatggc aatgtttcta ccccactttc catagtagct    146700
     gccttagtct gatgcatata ataccctgag acctggcctt cctttgctgc tttaggaatt    146760
     attaaaggca aggaaactat aatgtatatg catatgcata tacatgcagc tgagtaggtt    146820
     agtctagaaa ccatagagaa gggaacagac acataaagct gaaaggagct aagcagagag    146880
     catgaacact cctgagttct catcaggcat tgggaaaaga atttagagcc ggacagtggt    146940
     ggtgtatgtt tttgatctca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagtttgag    147000
     gccagcctca aaaacaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    147060
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaag gaaaaaaaga aagaaaagaa    147120
     tttagattag actatttaaa gaaaatacgc atgcccaggg tcagcttata ttcaaacagt    147180
     atacgattca taaaatatgt tgggatattt aagtaactga tggctttcac catcggattt    147240
     ttattacttc tagattctat aggaatcacc atggtgacta gaagccccaa ggactttaaa    147300
     gacagtaaat aagaagagtc agagaagata aggcatttgg ggaaatgggc atttagttca    147360
     gaagttttta ttacatagtg cacatattaa tagtcccgaa taaatgtaaa agcccataat    147420
     aaacaattta caacaaagat tccctcttta agtttcagtc gaatgagaac aaagtggcca    147480
     gagccatcca ggcagagaga aacttagaag gaagaaggtt cttgacggga ccctcttctt    147540
     cctacgcctc acctagtgtc aagtacgttc cccgattgaa ccctctcagc agtgctttga    147600
     gaagggagtt attactaccc ctcctacaga tgaagaagcc cagaatccag agggcaaaga    147660
     acatgcccaa gactccagtt tgtccggacg ctgtggtcta tctcttgcct gcccttctga    147720
     atttacaggt ttagataaag gcagcatggg aaaacatggc ttgggtttat ctctgagccc    147780
     ctttaccttt tcccacactt tggcttctgc ttttttgatt tgttccttga acacagtctc    147840
     tcgaaactct tcttctttgt tcagaatact tgccccaata tctgtgtatt tgaagagaaa    147900
     tgattacagg cccctgtaca ctgctctctg ccttgccttt ctatcactgg tgaaatcgtt    147960
     tatgccagct gtctacaaga cacatctttt taggtgatgt caatcattta gattattttt    148020
     ggcactaagc actggaccca gcatgctaac catgcacctt tcctctcagc tataccgtca    148080
     ccactcccac taccacccgg cctgcaatct tttctttaaa gatactcatc agaaatggaa    148140
     gccttccact agctgattaa gatggaactc accccatagg cctgaataga gtctgttagc    148200
     tttcattata cccagtccaa acagcaggcg atgaaaggtc agtgccctgc aaactgtggc    148260
     acactcaaag cagaacgcag attcacaaag ctttggagcc ttactcaccg cctctctccc    148320
     tgctctgtca gggtgctttc tttaatacat gatgtatatg cctttcatta gtatgatgat    148380
     ctttttgact ccgtcagctg tggagtgcac taaagtttct agtttattat ttctctgtca    148440
     gggatctaat ttgacttcca tattataaca ccccaaatta ccatcttcac tcaaagagtg    148500
     actctaggga aggtagggag acgcccaaaa tcagataggt ggggacaatt ctgaaccagg    148560
     agctaagaac tgaacctttc agcctggtct cagggttggc tcatgatctc acctgagata    148620
     gccttaaaat cgttatagga cctagtctga gaattcttac agtaaggtgc tgtagacatg    148680
     tgtgcttgct caacatatcc tgctgtggta acaggccttg cttctcttaa ctccctcact    148740
     tgactatcat gcatcatctt cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc    148800
     cctccctcct tccctccctt tctctctccc tccttccctc cctttctctc tccctccctc    148860
     aatttctctc tccctccctc ccttccttct ataaactagt ctggaaacgg acacatactc    148920
     aagctacact cttccctaat tttttgcaca gaggacataa agagaaacta gcttctttcc    148980
     ttctgggatt tataaatcgg ggttaagaga tgttaaaacc atttgtattc atatcttttc    149040
     taaatgctag aggaagcctg atggcagtaa cagcccagac aattgactga gtgtgcacat    149100
     ggtagactga aatcttgatg acagattcca ccttgagttc ttgttaagag gatcaagaaa    149160
     ttccatcaca actttatgtg ttttgttcta agttgcttcc atcatctaca gctgaaagat    149220
     atattttgtg gaattaaatg ctaccactag atcactaatg agtattttaa agtttattat    149280
     tattattatt gttaaaggat ttatttgtat tgttttaaat tgtgtgtagg tgtgtctgta    149340
     tgtataatca ggctccctca ggagcaagag attccctgga gctatagcaa cagttgatgt    149400
     gggtgctgga aactgaaggt gggtcttctg taagagcagc aagtgctctt aactactgga    149460
     atctctccag tgccccctgc cacattagtg agtctttaaa cataagcagt aaacactgtt    149520
     atagagatgg atgcagatta tgttataaaa tctcaaccct gtgtacatcc attacattca    149580
     taaaaatgca atgcaaagca gggtgctgtt atccttttaa atgtttaaat atcatcctat    149640
     ctgttgttct cagccttaac tgcagaagtt atctatagaa cacacacaca caaaaccatg    149700
     ctgaaaaagg agacactatt agtaaaacag ctgcgatgag tctaaaaacc actttgcaga    149760
     tgaatatgtg tcaaagacca catattatat gcctttgttc cataccattg gttccatggt    149820
     gataacatta tgaagaccgt gaaatcagtg aacggctgcc agaattttga aaagtaccgc    149880
     tgattattaa tggatagagt gaagaagttt ctttgtggtg attgttacat aaataatcat    149940
     gcagtacatt ttttaaaaac tgcacttcta aggggaaaga gattcgtaag ttatgtacca    150000
     gactggagag catcgttctt attatgcaaa ccccctggtt ttgacagtgt accaagatta    150060
     ttggtttgaa aagttgaggt tcatgggaac tctgtgatcc ctttttgaaa gctgtgaatc    150120
     aaactattcc aaaacaaaga gtgttttaaa ggtgtaagaa aaaaatgtac atgatagaac    150180
     ctgcccctga aggtttttaa cagcaactag agaatcctct tgtatagata tttcaatgag    150240
     ctcttattta taaagaagga gacttttcac tcttctgact tataataatt taatgacaaa    150300
     tacaggcaag caaatataaa atgctgactt ctacatacat ttatctgtcc atatgtgcta    150360
     taaagtgtaa gggatcatta aagtatacca aagaacatgg atagcattgt cttgggtcta    150420
     aaaattactt tagaaattac agttaataat ccatatcaag aatttgccga aagttcaagt    150480
     caattggaac tgatgtctta gagaatgatt ataattctat ttccattgtc ttttagttca    150540
     gatttgtaac ttctcattta gtaaattagg cgtgaaacca agtaaccatg agcttaccac    150600
     gtatatagga aagaaaacag gaaaaatatt taaagactcc ttttaaaatc tacataaaat    150660
     ctaggattag attgaaattt tctcggtata aatgagaaat agaaatatga attttaattc    150720
     atttgcttat atactatata tgtgtgtgta aatattcctg ttttatttgt atgtatctgc    150780
     ttttgtcact agctacaaag taacggctaa gtttctccca ctcacttatt ggggtattta    150840
     gatattttct cttatacata tgggacatcc ccaagaatag gcaaagttga aaagaacaca    150900
     catttactat gatgtcacag gtgttgaata ggtaagatat tacattaaag ctccaaaaca    150960
     gtttgaaaga tacatagtaa tgttcttatt tacaacaaga aacagtgaga ggttgaaaac    151020
     tctatcccat tcacaaaact gttaagttaa attccaactt gttaccattt catcatggaa    151080
     ttcctacaga gaccagcaac ttcaaacagg gcaaacctga gaagtgtggc acccaatgct    151140
     attctacctt agaacaaaga aaaagaataa gatcactgct gagcgtggtg gcacacacac    151200
     cttaacgcca gcactcaaga gacagaggcg ggcgaatctc tctgagctag atgctggcct    151260
     ggtccacaaa gtgtgttcca ggatagccag acctatgtag agaaaccctg tctcaaagaa    151320
     ttccattacc actgccacca ccctgccaaa gagtaaatca cttacccaag atatctttgt    151380
     gagtatagaa gcgtgtctta aatggcttgt agtcatagat ccgtttgaag gtttccccga    151440
     aaggggctgg tggaattatt ttattgcaaa cggcacagca aacaaaatct gtgtaatttg    151500
     gatttctgat catagttaaa tttctgattg cttttactac ttcaagttaa aacaatatca    151560
     gcatcagaaa aaaaaaatgg tggcttcaag agacgctaga aatctaagaa agctggaggg    151620
     cggtccaggg tttcaagact ctactagagc ctggcaaaga ctaaataagt catcatgatt    151680
     tggcagtggc tgtatgtcta aagaatggtg ctaccagcct ctgcctttca aggttgagca    151740
     ctgggttggg aagacataag tagtttctcc ctcccagtgt ctagcattaa gttgtcaact    151800
     tacttaacaa ctgttgctag gtaagacaag ctttgctcat aaaagcaacc tgaaataatg    151860
     tcaagtgaga gcagaaatag ctgctgttca tttccctgag tttcctcttt ctgctgtaag    151920
     tgaacacggt cttcatgact tatctacaac acaatctatc caattgaatt ttgggaagcc    151980
     agagtccaaa atgattttag ggctaaaatc aagctaccag gaggggctgt ttacttgtag    152040
     acctgcagca gttctcaacc tgttggttgt tgttgggcag tgggtgtagg ggaataaagg    152100
     gagtgggaga aaacccatgt cctaccagag ttccggtgct ctgggcagtt gcactcagga    152160
     ggactgctgc acacttctgc cgcatgcttt ctacacggcc ccaggtcggt gtctggctgt    152220
     gggaagccac ggacaccagc ccactggggg gtggacaaga ggcagtctga ggactatggg    152280
     cctcggggag gccagagaca acaggttctc aatctcgggc atcccagatg cagctggaca    152340
     ccgcagaaga gctgagaaca aagtgggggc cctgtgggtg gatcagccag cctcagggcc    152400
     aaagagagga gagggtaggg ggtgcttggt ggttcccacg tgggcgagag tccttggttc    152460
     agtccatggc tggagcgcag aaaggccttc tgacaggagg ttagactctg ttctttaggg    152520
     gaaagcctaa cctatcgttc aagcatggag ggccttgatg agcagagaca gtctatggtt    152580
     ttagatttat tgtagaaagg caaagagaaa gagagaagat aaaagagagg ggccagccac    152640
     agccagatgg agagaggcgg gagggagaga gagaaggagg gctagagatg agagtaagaa    152700
     aggtgagagc ttaagcgtgc aaggaggggt caagcagtta tagccccttt tatagtgagc    152760
     taggctatct tgtagttgca ggtaactgtg gggaggagca tacctggcta tagtcagaaa    152820
     actgggggtg gggtggggtg gggtgggggg agtctagcag gaatgccagg agcttggggc    152880
     tttgtctgtg tgactgatag tcatagaatt atggagttgg gggctctgtc atggcaggca    152940
     ccttgtctct gtgaacgtgg ctcactgttc cgtcccttgt agagttttct cctgggtctc    153000
     cggagcaagc ctcacacaac caaaacgagc tgcctttcac agtcccacag gttgtgaccc    153060
     ctttggcaaa cctctgtaac tatttacatt acaattcata acaggaacaa aattacggtt    153120
     ttgaattcgc agtgaaaata attttatggt tgggggtcaa cacaacatga ggaattgtat    153180
     taaagcgtca cagcactggg aaagttgaga agcagtgttg tagaggcttt tgggggagaa    153240
     tatttcttat cttttccagc ttcaaacagc catacgtctt cctaagattc atgtgcctgc    153300
     ttctgtggag gaatctctcc ctcggatcct ctgtgaacct ctgtgtctat accaggcatc    153360
     tccacatgag ccaggcttat cccgtcatct caaatcctac atgtgatcag agacaccagg    153420
     tctttctcat cgtatgttta caggggtcag ttgtcaggat ctggctgtcg atgggaagga    153480
     acattcagtt ggccacatct taagtgtgtg tactggctag ttttgtgtca acttgacaca    153540
     gctggggtta tcacagagaa aggagtttca gttgaggaaa tgcctccatg agatccaact    153600
     ctaaggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg ggtaaaggcc ccttgtgggt gggaccatct    153660
     ctgggctggt agtcttgggt tctataagag agcaggctga gcaagccagg ggaggcaagc    153720
     cagtaaagaa catctctcca tggcctctgc atcagctcct gctccctgac ctgcttgagt    153780
     tccagtcctg acttcctttg gtgatgaaca gcagcatgga agtgtaagcc gaataaaccc    153840
     tttcctcccc aacttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca ggaatagaaa ccctgactaa    153900
     gacagatgtt tgtgcaggaa tagaaaccct gactaagaca gtgtgctttt gttaaatagt    153960
     taaaatttta atccatggac agtggaggta gtctctgaat aattttcagg tgattatgca    154020
     tgtgctttgg tggcacagca gtaaaactgg gaaatgtagt ggtattctaa tggaaaaatt    154080
     acggccacta agtcagtatt cacaatcaca aagcaacttg gccacatttc tattgctgga    154140
     ataaaatgct atgaagaatg acaggacaca ttcaattggc ttacagtttc tgagggttaa    154200
     gagtctatga tggtggagta gaggcatggt ggcagagcag ctggagaact cacatcttaa    154260
     gctgcaagca gaggcagaga ttggacactt ttgaggattt tgtttgcttg tgacagagta    154320
     cctcaccata gcttacctag aaattgattt gtaggacaca cagatcttaa atttgcaaca    154380
     gtcctcttac cctgtaatta taggcacatg ctaccacacc agcgtatcat ggtatgatgg    154440
     tttgtatatc cttgtcccag ggtgcggcac cattaggagg tgtggctgtg ttgcagtagg    154500
     tgtgtcacta tgggcatgag ctttaagacc cttgtcctag ctaccttggg aaccagtctt    154560
     ctcctagagg cctttaaatc aagttgtaga agggtcagcc cctcttgcac catgcctggc    154620
     tagatgctgc catgttccca ccttgatgat aatggacata acctctgaac ctgtaagcca    154680
     gacccaaata atattgtctg tataaaagtt gccttggttg cttctagatt ccccactcaa    154740
     ccccactcca atatatctga tgttcccctt gggggaaaaa aaaaagagtt gccttggtca    154800
     tggtgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaacccaaa ctcagacaat gggttttaaa catcataagt    154860
     aatttgctcc tatcatttta gagagaaatt gctctagaaa ttctgcctgt tataaacatt    154920
     tgttctgctg attatatgaa gttattgaaa ttgttttcag ccgagcgtgg tggtgcatgc    154980
     ctttaatccc agcactcagg aggcagaggc aggaggattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg    155040
     gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg actacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa    155100
     agagagagag aaagaaagaa aagaaattat tttcatttgt ttgactgtgt cacatagtgt    155160
     ctctagtagg gttggtttta ttaaggaccc aaaacttcat tgagatgaat ttcaacaaga    155220
     aaactcctag aggtctctgt gtcttccaaa agttaaccta gaattcctta attaaccatg    155280
     ggttctattg actattatgg cctaatacct gtctgaagac tttaaataag tatatcaact    155340
     ggtgtcagaa aaaaaatggt gggaaaaaat gattaattag atttgggaga ctggttaaaa    155400
     aagaaatgaa ttctatccaa aagcagatca ggtagatatc tgctctatca acatggttaa    155460
     agatctagat acagaaagaa gtcagctccg tcaacatgac tgccctatgt actcctgaat    155520
     ccttttccag aagtgcgatt atgaaacttc tggtgtatct gaagacagtg acagtgacag    155580
     tgtactcata tacataaaat gaataaatct ttttttttaa tcttaaaaaa aggaaactgc    155640
     tctttgttat aaaacttttc aggttttctt tttcaactcc atatcacaaa aacttctttg    155700
     gtttccagca aacttcaaga attgatcaca atgaagataa tatataaagc taataaacaa    155760
     ttgtttcccc taccagagct ggtgaggtta tggatcttag aggtgactct actacagtca    155820
     ctttactaaa tcgatataat tactaacagc actgaaaata cttatccttc tactcacagg    155880
     taagtgtagc tgtcattcct catcaaagaa gcttgcagta gccagagacc attacagaaa    155940
     tctgtaaatt tagatttaca aatgtagaga agaatggatt atggcaggag cctaccccca    156000
     atggttacat ctacagcaca acccttgcac ctagaggaac acctgctgag ggaacatcaa    156060
     gaaagagggg gcagaaagat tataaaagcc acaggtccag gaaatgtgtg agattatgtc    156120
     tcctagaaac gacaggaaag cttcacccat gatattttaa caatatggct gcctgaacga    156180
     gacctgaaca gtggtaacat caataggcat ggtattgtgg aaggggtcaa agttcatgga    156240
     gccccaccct aggcacagac ctacaaccga gaatgggtaa aatcttaaat aaaactaaag    156300
     gggggaaaag aaatccactt agactagagt gtgacagatg cctttaacat cagctcatgg    156360
     gagacagagg gcagtcagtg aatctctgag aatttcagat caatcaggca accaaggcta    156420
     tacagtatga cctgtctttt taaaaatgga aataaattct ttccaaaaag tatatttcgt    156480
     ttattagggg tgtgtatatg tggcacagta tacatgtaga agttaaatga caacttgtag    156540
     gagtccattc tagtcagtca tgtgggtcct aggaattgaa ctcaggtagt cagatttgga    156600
     ggcaggcccc ctttagcaac tgatccattt tgctacccaa acttgaagca atcccaccaa    156660
     aattagggac aagacacagg tgcccattct ctctgtactt attcaatata gtattcaaag    156720
     ttctaaatag agcaattagg caacaaaagg aggtcaaaga gacacaaatc agaaagaagt    156780
     caagatatca ctatttacag atgatatgat agtatactta agtgacccca aaaattctac    156840
     cagagaacta ctaaaactga taaacaactt cagcaaagtg gctgaagttg atataaaatt    156900
     aacttaaatc agtaaccttt ctctacacaa aggataaatg ggctgctaaa gaaattaggg    156960
     aaacaacacc cttcacaatg gtcacaaatc atataaaata tcttggtgtg actctaacca    157020
     agcaagttaa agatccgtat gacaagaact tcaagactct gaagaaagaa atcaagggaa    157080
     acctcagaag attgaaagat cttccatgcc catggatcag tatggttaac atagtaataa    157140
     tggccatctt accaaaaaca atttacagat tcaatgccat ccccatcaaa attctaactc    157200
     aattcttcac agagatagag cagttatcaa cttcatctgg aataacaaaa aacccaggag    157260
     agcaaaaaca actcttaaca ataagagaag ttctggggga atcaccatcc ctgacctcaa    157320
     gctgtactat agagcaattg tgatgaaaat tgcatggtac tggtacatcg acagacaggt    157380
     agatcaatgg aatagaattg aagacccaga aataaaccca cactcctatg gtcacttgat    157440
     ctttgacaaa gaagccaaaa cccatacagt ggaaaaaaaa aaagcatttt caataaatgg    157500
     tgctggtcta actggaggtc agcatgcaga agaatgcaag ttgatccatt cttatcttct    157560
     tgtacaaagc tcaagtccaa gtgaatcaag gacctccaca taaaaccagg tacactgaat    157620
     ctaataaaag agaaagtggg gaaacacctt gaacatatca gcacagggta aagtttcctg    157680
     aacagaacac caatggctca ggctctaaga tcaacagttg acaaatggga cctcatgaaa    157740
     cagaaaagat tctgtaaggc aaaggacatt gttaatgtcc tacagactgg gaaaagattt    157800
     accaatctta catctgatag gggactaata tccaaatatc caaagaaccc aagaagttag    157860
     actccaaaaa accaaataac ccaattaaaa aatggagcta aacaaagaat tctcaactga    157920
     ggaatcttga atggctaaga agcatctaaa aaaatgctca acattcttag tcatcaggga    157980
     aatgtaaatc aaaatgaccc tgagattcta cctcatacca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa    158040
     aaactcaggt gacagcagat gctggtgagg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg    158100
     ctggtgggat tgcaagttgg cacaactact ctggaaatca gtctggtggt tcctcagaaa    158160
     aatggatata gtactacctg aggactcagc tataccaccc cgggcatata cccaaagatg    158220
     ctccaacatg taataaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatag    158280
     ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgtccct cgatggaaga atggatacag aacttgtggt    158340
     acatttacac aatggaatgc tactaagcta ttaaaaacta caacttcaca aattttgcaa    158400
     gcacatggat ggaactagaa aatatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacccagacc ccaaaggaca    158460
     tacatggtat gtagtcactg ataagtggat attaacccga aatctcagaa tacccaactc    158520
     acagaccata tgaagcttaa caagaaagaa ggccaaagtg tagatgcttc aatcccactt    158580
     agacaggaaa aacaaaataa tcacaggagt cagagggagg actgccttat ctggcatcag    158640
     tgggagggga ggcacttggt cctgtggagg tttgttccct agtgaagggg gatgctagag    158700
     gggtgaggtt ggagtaggtg ggtgggagag caccctctta gaggcaaagc ggagggtgat    158760
     tgatgtgcgg gtttgcagag ggaagactgg gaaaggggac aacattgaaa tgtaaataaa    158820
     ttaataaaga atggaaagtt ttattttgac tgtttgatca tgtaaccaat catagtgggg    158880
     acagcatgga gtgaaaaaac tgttcctgaa ttctatctaa aatcgaatga tgttgcaggt    158940
     atgctatttg tagatatgga atgccggctg taaatgatga aatgcagaaa aataagaaac    159000
     ataaatgaga cgagaactgc caaggaacag atttcctggc cataattgat aagtagacaa    159060
     caatataaat aaaagaaaaa atagaaattc tctaacattt caagcataat ataatctgta    159120
     agataaatat cgtaatatat aagcacacat tttcaccaaa aagtacagaa catactgtgt    159180
     caaacgtcca atgctatcat caggaccaga gaccataaca gtcaacagaa tcttttcagt    159240
     aggtcctaaa attatattac acaaagaaat tttgataaga catatatctg ggaagcacag    159300
     ttgtatatct agaatggaat ttcattctta gacatgactt ggtgtgtgtg tagacttcta    159360
     cttgatgcca catttgcctt atgtgtaatt gtttttattt ctcctgcttc taaaatgtag    159420
     aattgccttt gtaatcaatt gctcattatt ctgtttcatt cttgttaccg tcaataattc    159480
     tttatgctaa atgtttccta gctaatttct tatgtgggca gtctcttggt tgaacaatga    159540
     atgaccacta ataaatgtta caatgtgatt tgactgcatt ttctccaata ttcatgaaag    159600
     gaggtggtaa tggcttgatt aaagctctgt accaaacaaa agtagggaca tgatgcttag    159660
     tgatgaagtc agaaactctt gcactgatgg cattcttgag agaagcttgg agctagagtt    159720
     agttaccatt gtgaaaaggg aaaaaaaaaa cttgtgataa aaataaaatg tttaagagaa    159780
     aaggaaaatt cttggtcttg ggtgtataac atcattgcaa ctatttataa aaacaaacta    159840
     ggcagtaatt aactacagac aagtaaaccg ttttgtgtgt ggcatgcgat gcatgtgagg    159900
     acaagggtgt ggtgtatatg tgtatatgtg tggtgtatat gttttgtgtg tggcatgcga    159960
     tgtgtgtgag gacaagggtg gggtgtatat gtgtatatgt gtggtgtata tgttttgtgc    160020
     gtggcatgcg atgtgtgtga ggacaagagt ggggtgtata tgtgtatatg tgtggtgtat    160080
     atgttttgtg tgtggcatgc gatgtgtgtg aggacaagag tggggtgtat atgtggaggg    160140
     tggagaagga gatggccatc cttgtctcct ctgttgtttc tgttaggtat gccagcctag    160200
     ggggtccaag ggcttttggg gggttctgct gctcccacct cagagctcac tgtgggaacc    160260
     ccaggattat gcattcattc gactgtgcct agctttaaag ggattctggg attcaaactc    160320
     aggtcctctt gcttgggtgg caagaggctt taccgactga atcatttcct cagcaccatt    160380
     atatcacccg tggcaactgg aaatagattg tgttctcata caatatatct tgattacagt    160440
     tcccctccat caagtccttt cagttccacc tccccttctc ccctcccctc tggatccact    160500
     tcctttctgt ctctgactag aaaataatag gctaagccgg gcgtagtggt gcacaccttt    160560
     gatcccagca ctcgggaagc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct    160620
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtttcg aaaacaaaca    160680
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaac gaaagaaaag aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaga gagagaggga    160740
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    160800
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaagaa agaaagaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    160860
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaggaa agaaggaaag aaagaaaata ataggcttct    160920
     aagagataac aataaaacat gtcaaaataa aatataagat aaaaacacca cactgaagtt    160980
     cgacaaggca atccaataga atgaaaggag cctcaatatc aggcacaaaa atcagaaatc    161040
     ccttaaaaat attaaactga aagtatatat atatacaata tatatgcaat gcagacctat    161100
     gtcggccctg tgctgctgct tcacatataa actgtgtgct catatgaact ttgttcagtt    161160
     gatttagaag gccttgattc ctgatgccct tcattcctct ctgcctcttg gggttccctg    161220
     agttctgggg ggagggattt ggtggagaca tcccatttag acccatgtgt tccaaggtct    161280
     ctgtctttct cgtctgtctc agtctgtgtc tgtctctctc tgcctagtgt ctggctgtgg    161340
     gtctctgtat tggttcccat ctgctacagg aggaagcttc tctgatgatg actgagcaag    161400
     gcactgatct atgagtacaa cagaatgtta ttaggagtca ttttattgtt cctttttttt    161460
     tttttaagac ttttttgact ttaccctagg tttctgtgct atctcgtctc tggctcttgg    161520
     tcatctaagc agtgtcacgc atgggttcca tctcctgaaa tggactctaa gtcaaatcag    161580
     acaggttggt gtcttcacca ggttagggtt tcattgctgt gaagagacac catgaccatg    161640
     gcaactctta tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtcaagcca cttaattggg actggagggg    161700
     tttagtccat tatcatcatg gtgagaagca tggcagagtg caggcaggca tgatgctaaa    161760
     aaaggaactg agagttctac ctcttgatct gcaggcagca ggagactgtg tactacactg    161820
     tgaatagctt gagcatagga gaccccaaag ccaggcccca tagtgacaca cttcttccaa    161880
     caagaccaca tctattccag caaggccaca cttcctaata ttgccactcc ctatgggcca    161940
     agcattcaaa cacaggagtc tatggggggc cattcctatt caaagcacaa ctggttgctt    162000
     tcacaagctg agtcaccatt gccctaacat gctttgtagt cagtacagca aagggtttgt    162060
     ggctgggctg gtgtttaagt ttttttggta gcctgcagaa tactttccca ttccaaagac    162120
     actagaatat agggtgaagg ttctctgaag acacgagctc aacctctcca tgttcaatga    162180
     gctgtgtggg tgttgtcttc tgcaatgggg cctcttatca gtttgtagac agcaacctat    162240
     agtcttggca acagcctggg ttgtttggag actcccatgg caccctttgt ctaacaactc    162300
     aattggatgc accccactac tgaaagtatc atttgatggc aagagctggc cagttccatc    162360
     tcctccatta tttggagact ttattaaaat caccattata tattttagga agtttcctct    162420
     acactaggtt tccataccac ctctcaaatg cccctctatt ctagctgtct ctccccatac    162480
     accctccccc tgcccacctg atcctcccaa tcctgcccac ctcaccccta gcccacccat    162540
     aaaatctact taatctctcc ctcccaggga gatccacatg gcatcagcac cccagttcct    162600
     tcctctctac ctaacctctc tgggtctatg gattgtatct tggttatcat ttgcttagtg    162660
     gttaacatcc tcatgtaggc caatacatac catgtttgaa atacattcat gtttgtcttt    162720
     ctggggctga gtttccttac cagaaaagct ttattattaa tataccatca atagacataa    162780
     aaccccaaca gtccccggcc ccagtgaggg agttgaaaaa acattaacaa aaagagccta    162840
     cgctaaggag tcagaaattt tgtgatgtgc catctctgct ttggtgccca gaagcaagtg    162900
     taagactctt taaggcttcc aaagcttcgc aaagtccagg atcattttga gaggaatcct    162960
     cagggttctg cctggtggtc cctctcggtg ttgagtggta actcgtgtac ccaattctta    163020
     tacaagaggt tggttaaact aatacttcca ccccaatcct tggttccttg agttgtacac    163080
     agactacagc ttcgatcgct gagccttaga caaccacttg agcttcatct catgcctttc    163140
     ctcaaagaac caaatcctaa tgtctccttt tgtcagtttg agtgcgtcag ccaggcctcc    163200
     agagactcct ccttagggag gtagtctttc ttgaagcagt tttttagctc ctggaactgc    163260
     tcataggtga acccagattt tccatcccag caggacaaac tcagagttgt ctgcatctca    163320
     gttacttcta tcttggctgc agctcacttg acttcagttc ttcagtttca tgatgtcact    163380
     ttttaagctg agaaataaat actctattgt gtaaatgtac cacattttcc atatccatac    163440
     ttctatggag ggacatctag gcggtttcca gtttctggct actatgcata aagcagcagt    163500
     gaacatggtt gagcaagtgt ctctgtagaa ggatgtagag tcctttgggt atacactcaa    163560
     gagtggtata cctggatctt gaggcacgtg gattcctatc tttctgtgga actgccctat    163620
     ttatttctat agtggctata caaatttgca ctcaccctca gcaatagata agtgtttctc    163680
     ctattccata tccttagcag catgaactat caacctatgc tattgatctt agccacttga    163740
     gaggtgtaag atggaatctc aaagtagttt tgatttgcat ttccctggtg gctaaggatg    163800
     ttgaacattt ctttaaatgt ttctcagcct ctattgagaa ttctgtttag atttgtaccg    163860
     tttttaattg gatacagttt cttgatttct tttttatact ttggatatta gtcctctatt    163920
     ggatgtggag ttggtaaagt ctttccccac tccataggct actgctttgt ccaaatgaca    163980
     gtgccctttg cctcatggaa gtttttcagt ttcacgagct cccatttatt gacgatctta    164040
     gtgcttatac taacgctgtt ctgttcaaaa agtcctcttc tgtgccagtg cactcaggat    164100
     gtctcccact tgctcttcta ctgggctcag tataacaatt gttttaaaag aaaaactcaa    164160
     accactttgt tttattcttt catttaatta tgattttagt aactgaaggg gttgtcttct    164220
     ctcctaaaca gtaaagcatt gctgcaaagg cacaatccac tctaaaacgt tagaaactcc    164280
     atgcaaatgg aagagtactg ggtactttta ttatacagaa tttaatgcct tcagctgtaa    164340
     tgagactaaa ctcaccacag tggactgctt tcaattttat attctccctt gttaacatat    164400
     tatggaacaa gaaacaattc tgtgcactaa cagtctttct ttcaaaggtg tcggagccta    164460
     taataacact ccacctgaag gaagcagcag ttagtcccac ttagatgttt ttctcctcat    164520
     gtaccgatgc ccttcactgt caatggcttc atagaggtcc tttctgttct cttgagttgc    164580
     atgcagataa ccaatgtaag ccacacaaag tgaaagggtt accaatccaa aagccatcac    164640
     aggtttgttc tgccaaagaa agagaagtgt gaagtgtcag taagactaat gatttaagga    164700
     gagcacttcc ctcttggcat gacaagccat gattaccacc ccagcattct aacggcggca    164760
     ttttcaatca tttgatagtt acaatcattt atccaatcag cttaaagtta gaatcattta    164820
     tccaatcagc ttaactgctg agtaattaca ggagatataa gactcttgct tctcatctcc    164880
     agctttctct ctgtggcctg gacaacttag gcttctgctc caggaaggtg agaggtcact    164940
     gaggagggag gcatggggct attctggagc tgtcacctct ctgagctgca attgcaactt    165000
     agtttacttt attagaactt gaggaatgtg gtacacgtgc tatttctctt gcccagcaca    165060
     tggacaactg tcacagaaac ctttcataac ttatataatg cacagcaatg gaaacataag    165120
     accttctgct tagggaacct acactattca agaaatgtag caattgaaac agatactatg    165180
     ctgttttaag taccctgaag tattattgct gggagactca aaactcttaa aatcaaagtg    165240
     atatactgta gagagctctt ggtgccgctt caaggatact cgcaagaata tttacattgg    165300
     gctaggacaa ggaagtatgc tcaggcaaga atttgacact gggcctcaca cttgctaggg    165360
     tcatgttata atggtgtcta gctgcctttt tttttttcct ttaatcctta ctcccttcct    165420
     cagaccctgt tgactgacag agctagctta tttaatatag ctttgaatta aagagatgga    165480
     aagtttcaag agaagtgcct gtctattttt gcaatccttg taaatatata catcagacat    165540
     gcctaccttt gtacatgttt acactcatta cattggctct ttcttggatg atgcacatgc    165600
     atggtagcaa tacaattagt ataatagctt ccgcctccat gcctcctata ttaattaatc    165660
     ccccttgccc atggagggta catttcaaga acctcagtaa aaacctaaaa ccaaagatgg    165720
     taccagaccc ttatacagca tgaactgtag ttttcttgta acacttgtct atgataaagt    165780
     ttgatttata aactaaacac aacgcacaat taaaaacaat aataaaatag aacaattata    165840
     acaaagtaag caattttatg tttttttcct ctttggtcaa aacaaatatt aatatttagg    165900
     ggtcatggtt gagaaagagc ctggaaagaa aaacacaagg ggaaagtact gtataattat    165960
     tttctcaaag cttagtctca aaataagtgt cattttttct tcatctggat aaacatctag    166020
     gaaaggctac aagctcagag gagtttaaat ttgtcacgat gaaacatctt caacaactga    166080
     aattacatga aagctaaggg tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttcca    166140
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctat cctggaactc attttgtaga ccaagctggc    166200
     ctggaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctttggc tcccgaatgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcccc    166260
     accacgccca gctcagctaa gggtttttaa atactttaat gacttaatta agttgattag    166320
     ctttagaaca atttatagtc acaactatta ttaaaattca tatcaagtat gaaataattc    166380
     aataattatc atatttaaat ttttatttca tttataagta gaatttatat ttaaaaataa    166440
     aattcattaa atgaaataca ttcactagtt tgcaacacca acagagataa attacctacc    166500
     tctgtaacag tatataaata catgttttgg agttttccat gtgacagagc atttaaaatt    166560
     tccttttacc ttctaagaca ggttatagcc ccaggctggc ctcaaaccct gtttaatctc    166620
     ctccttttct cccaagggct aggattatag gtgcgtgcca ccaagaccag cttaggggtc    166680
     ttcttagtcg gcataaaatt tcctccctat aaaccaaagc tacaggaaag caaacaagtc    166740
     tcctggatgc ttttcttacg ggtttaatga agagctcggg attcacagct cgaaataagg    166800
     tggttgtgtg cgcccctcgg aggcctgggt tttcaaagtt tttctctttt aatggttctt    166860
     ttttaactgt tggaggatca ggtgctgaag acatcttggc tactgaagat tattacctaa    166920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggtgttta ttttttcctt tgtacttatt tttattatta tttttatttt    166980
     tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt    167040
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatac acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt    167100
     aaaggcgtgt gccgccacgc ccggcttctg tacttatttt tcaataaact tctcttttgt    167160
     ttatttgaga cagtcttgct atgcagcctt ggctggcctg gaactcccta ccagaccgcg    167220
     tcaaccttga actcacagag ccctgggggg tggggcggga cagccccagc tgttgttctt    167280
     gcttgttctt gggtcttctt gaggcagcag aagaagaaga gcatcagtgg gaattatgag    167340
     attttcgggt tgctgcataa taataaaata tttacctgcc ttaagtctaa gtgactttgc    167400
     tgaggcagct gaccagccag tctgagttcc tcagaggcca gaagctattt agcacctcat    167460
     cataaaacag caggggatga agtgaaagga tttactgctg ctgctccttt gtctggtgaa    167520
     ttagccagaa gcctctctgg ataagctggt taactctttg tgaaccggag aggaaggaaa    167580
     ggaaaagaat taagatgttg tatacaggaa aatatgcaca gacacatagg cattcaaaca    167640
     ctcatacatc cacactggcc agacacgact gtctgtcaca atcaactcca tagtattcac    167700
     acatgcttac acacataaat atatacccta catccaaaca tacacgtttg gatggatgga    167760
     tggatagggc aaagctcccc aaaccaaacc attcaaccaa tcaccaactt tatttctttt    167820
     ctctgggttt ttggtttttt ttttttttta atatcttcta agacaaaacg tcctttagaa    167880
     aataacctca tgagctcagt agttaagagc actgactgct cttccagagc tcctgagttc    167940
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcatga ccatctgtaa tggtatccaa tgtcatcttc    168000
     tgatatatct gaagacagct acagtgtact catttaaata aagacatctt taaaaagaaa    168060
     agaataaaaa gaaaaaagaa aataacctca gaggtaaaat gttacataaa atgggagtta    168120
     cagaacgatg ctgatattaa gttcaaagca gtgtttcatc atagtatact cattaaaagt    168180
     tcaaagcaac catttttata tggccttacc ttatcatagt gcacaccggt gactttatcc    168240
     ttgggtctaa gtgtttttcc ttggatacaa aattgtccta agtctatttc tcttattatt    168300
     cttattatta ttttcttata ttatttatga aagctaattg tatttcttat tatgcagcat    168360
     ttactattct gagaagtggg cacattctat tcttgattct aactttatta catctttcta    168420
     gcaactaaga ccatctctaa agactttctt cctaaaatta cttgaatcaa atcaggattc    168480
     ctatagaatt attatctatt tgtctgtata gtactacaag atagtacatc ttcattgttc    168540
     tgcagagatc ttctcaaaac tgtgggctag ttcctagtga tggttatata tttaataata    168600
     acaggaaaag cacattaata gcaggaatct ttcttaaaat gaatttcttg ggggccttgc    168660
     ctattagagc aaatctgtta tggattttta atccaaggca gattcgtctc aggaagatca    168720
     cctgctctct attagctcct cctatgatgg ctcctgacag agacctgctt ccctctgagt    168780
     cccaagtggt gggattaaat gtgtgctcca tcattctgga cccaaagctc ttaaaacata    168840
     caacaaacaa acaaacactc tttttaatcc tagatgtgct ccaagaatga tggccacttg    168900
     tttcctttta gttggtgctt taggtcttgc tgggtaaact gcctcttccc atctctgttt    168960
     ccattcttct ctccctcctt ccccctctcc tggcctctcc ttcctttctc gagtatgaca    169020
     atacgggtac aagttggaag tcacttggtc ctggttacac tgtaagcagc cagggctaag    169080
     gcagagatca gagtgtaacc aaccattcct tcctcatttc tgccatcttt acttcccccc    169140
     accacttgcc cttccatagc agcctgaggg aagacaacca ttcctttctt actatctcct    169200
     ccaaccactt agcccagctc atactcctct cagcctctct gttatccttc atgaccccca    169260
     aagtctgaag ccctcccctg tccaatggca gccatttcta cctgttctca gcccagtcgg    169320
     caccctccaa atgaggacag gacctgctac ctccttaatc taaacacttc tctatctagt    169380
     taaacccaaa tgtgtctttt gtcttctggt tcggttttgc ttccaggtat catttccacc    169440
     acataatgca gggaagtaga gaaagcaatg tccccagaga ctcaagttaa ccacacaggg    169500
     gaaagactgc agcttcatgc gcagtaaatg ttatgaagat ttaaacattc ctactcaggt    169560
     actggtgctt tgtacacgaa ttcttggcca ttaactcttc tgtttcacag gaatgaaaag    169620
     caatattttt gcaactttat ggttatggag aaaactaggc gctcagtatt taaaaatagc    169680
     tgcagctatc actattcact gccagcactt aactgggtta ataacgtgct aagaacatca    169740
     gtttacaagg aaagaatttc tcattttcta catctgtcaa ataaaggttg tttatttgtt    169800
     ggtttttcca catatgctat ggttattact gtcaagacct cttcgctcgt aattccagac    169860
     tttctgattc caccttagaa cagagtagga ttcactaact cttgagagtt aagttgttcc    169920
     ctatagccag tctcaacctg tggtcataat cccttggggt taaacaactc tttcacagag    169980
     gttgttgaga ccattagaaa gcactgatat ttatattatg attcacaaca gtagcaaagt    170040
     tacagttatg aagtagtaac aaaaataatt gtatggcgga gggtcaccac aacatgagga    170100
     actgcactag gacgggtgag agccaccact ttagatcctt aatttgggac accagtgatg    170160
     gtcagcaact gagggcagaa cctattcaaa tactcccact gagtgctgtc ttcctgtaga    170220
     tgaagcttga agctctcaca ggaaccatcc ctgctttcta ccatttccta tacagatgac    170280
     tttattgacc actggatctc agcaaccatg tgaatggttg tataagcgct catttttttt    170340
     cctcctctaa aatttgagtt ttcccctacc tggtttgaaa agtgaatttt tattgtgtga    170400
     attaaacttt gatttgaagc ttgctattaa aaacaaaaac aaaacaaaac aacaacaaca    170460
     acaaaagatc aaagaggaga gtttaagagc actgactgct cttccagagg tcttgaattc    170520
     aattcccagc aaccacatag ttgtaatgag atccgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag    170580
     acagcaacaa tgtataaaat aatatataaa ataaatacac acatacataa aataaatatt    170640
     taatatataa taaataatga aataaatctt agaaagaaag aacaaaagct tttcatataa    170700
     gagaaagtcc ttgtctgtct ctttgctcca cagaactttg catgtgtagg aagaatgtag    170760
     tcttggttct ttcttcacat ctaaattacc agtaagtact gtgtgagaaa acaaactgca    170820
     actgcaacga gtgaacttgt aatctagaag gagaagttca ctggctcttt tcaaggagtc    170880
     tagaactaaa cctaagttcc attctgaaaa gctgcagaac taaccacaag ttcaaggcac    170940
     agcaataact tatcctgaca ctaccacttg aatgaaatga taccttcagg tgagcttcca    171000
     tttgaacatc ctaaatattc ccttcgctct cttcagcttc tgcccttttg ttgttgccat    171060
     ctgtcactga ggtagcttgc tcttattcat ttgcatacag ttagccaacc tctagttgta    171120
     cctttcttgt gttaaaggct acacactaca gtggggatga tgggacactg tctttgcact    171180
     actcttaaat aatttggtga ttaacccatg tgcatctgtt tgcaaaatat ttttttaaga    171240
     tttatttatt ttatgtatat gagtacactg tagctgtaca gatggttgtg agccatcata    171300
     tggttgctga gaattgaact caggatccct gctggctcca accctgctcg ctctggcctc    171360
     aagatttatt ttattattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagacc agaagagggc    171420
     atcagacctc attccggatg gttgtgagcc accatctggt tgctggcatt tgaactcagg    171480
     acctctggaa gagcagtcag tactcttaac cgctgagcta tctctccctg tcagctgtac    171540
     gatctgtcca agcgcctgta tttctgtctt cctttcccat cacacttctt tcttatctac    171600
     taatgatcaa gaacatgagc gggcatgcca cgaacagaat ttctcatact tgtttaaaat    171660
     gataagctac acttatgtca tatgttgctc tataatagga tgttttttat tttgctctgc    171720
     ctttcttcct tgtgcgggga aagggtatac ctcaagacaa aagagcaggt ctatgaaatc    171780
     atgacacaat atagaagtcc aaacaaagtc agggctagcc atcttttaat gtgtgtatgt    171840
     gtttcctcct ctactgtacc aaaattaata tttagaggga tgatccacaa tatatttgag    171900
     aagcaacact tgaaaactta ctagttaggc taaagagaca gcctagcagt taaaaatact    171960
     tgtttccctt gtagaagact agggacagtt cccagagccc acatggtggc tacaactgcc    172020
     tgcaattcta gttccagggg tccaatgctc tctcctggcc tccatgggta ccagacacgc    172080
     acatggtgca tatatataca cacacagaca aatacttatt cacacaaaat aagcaccaga    172140
     ccccactcct ccctgaggaa ctattagcag ttaactagtg agaacgtgcc atctccctca    172200
     gtggtatacc cattgataaa ctgttcttgc tctggtagat aactttatgc acacagggag    172260
     gttagggggg agggaggaaa gaggggcctg ttgggaagaa gaggttggac tggtggactc    172320
     gtgggcaatg agggagaaaa cactgaagct cattatataa acacttgata actgtcagac    172380
     gatatattgt tactaattag cagtgctgag ggcctgcatc aatccccagc atcatataaa    172440
     acccaggctg tggtatgtcc ataaaactcc cagtgctggg gtgggggagg caggctcatc    172500
     tctggggctc tctgaccagt cagccctttg ggatcagtaa gtcccaggtc ccagtgagaa    172560
     actctgtctc agaaaacaag gtacgtggcc cttgaggaac atcatcaggc tgacctctgg    172620
     cttctacaca catactgcac atgtgtgcat gtgaacgaat gaactatccg tgtctgtaca    172680
     caccaaattc actagaacaa gattggcata gctacctata ttatattgta tggggaagta    172740
     tgaagatata aacaatgaga actggtttag gaaaagcact ctattttcaa atatatagag    172800
     aactgcctca aatggaccaa acattcaacg atagtataga tactcttgtt attatgtttc    172860
     acatactata ctcttttagt gcttaagaaa gtaaaagtcc ggagtaggac accttcaata    172920
     gtttagatta atatgagaaa ctttgagaaa gaatcagggc tttatagctt gagggaacta    172980
     agtaagctta atctcaactc tggtgcttct aaaggaattt tttttttttt ttttgagtaa    173040
     gtgacaactc tgattccacc ttaataaaag gaatgatatt atacactgca atattacaga    173100
     tgtgtattta acattgttaa cattcttaaa aggaaagatg ttaacaaaat agcggtcatc    173160
     ctacagatag tgtgcaacct tcctaccttc gatgcctttt cactactagg gtaggataat    173220
     ccaattcttc ccattgtagt ggactcctat tccatcagca tctttttcca aaactgattt    173280
     ttgaggaaag tgttttgcat ttataaagta ctaccagacg caggacccta agataagccc    173340
     agcactagag aggcagaggc aggcggatct ctctgagctc caggccagct ttgtctacag    173400
     aacgagttcc aagacagcca gccccctgtc tcacagtggg gaaatgagat cgcttagatt    173460
     ttaaaaaata aactctatcg tttttactgt aaaatataac tttaaagtga aaaaagaaaa    173520
     acaccacaca caaaacccac tttccacctc gtaatttacc ccactcatgg attggggaaa    173580
     gagtgtcact gtggcaagga cctgaaggct gtaaagcttt tcagaccgcg gtcagatacc    173640
     caggctccta cggagctcag tataaatctt cataaacaag tgtgaaaact tgtgtggtcg    173700
     gcgggcaggc ttcccggcaa cctaccctag catcttctgc aaaccacaac cctccccttc    173760
     gagggctggc ggagcctgac cttgggcaat tgggaagccg gggaagcttc agctcggacg    173820
     ccgccaggct cagagacttc cggcgtcccg tgcgaacgcc cgctgctgga ctttccttcc    173880
     ggttcgcccg gtgcgcgccc aaccagtgcg cgttcccgcc ggggctctaa gagccgcacc    173940
     acagcgccat ctatgctccg gaggccgtag agcaggggtc cgggccgagc cctggcattg    174000
     gaactgcagg agcccttggc tttggaaccc agatgagcag tctggtttga tttcttgggg    174060
     cctttgactt tcagcctctc acattcaaat aagctttcgt ttcgtgggtt tcatgtatat    174120
     ttatataaag agatatccag aattggaaat gggacctaat ggcacttaat ggaaatggaa    174180
     agattcaggc tagaatccag ctgcctccaa gagaaggaag tgcagtatcg ccaaaaagga    174240
     gtctggggct ttatagggtg cttttagttg agcagtggtg tggcagaaga gctttaagag    174300
     aaaagggact ggaattagaa gttttacatg tggtggtgaa gggttcgagt ctttagaacc    174360
     gggactgtgg tcagtctagc cgttctgaga cagggatcat ctaccatcac ttgtgtaaaa    174420
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacacat tcaaattgat cagagattac taatcagagt ttcccaaatt    174480
     agatctccag gggttaaaga gacttctcac gggatctctg atagcactga cgattttgtt    174540
     tttcacatag atattaatag ttcgcttata tttaatttca aaaatcatac attatcagta    174600
     ttttctcaaa cacgggtttt ttttttttaa gtaatataag tcctagcctt attttacgag    174660
     gacatcaagc caaagtatat gatataatta atggattatc agttgacaaa tgtgaacatt    174720
     gtttgtggta attttcaaaa ccaatcctac tctctctttt ctatggcctc ccatcctgac    174780
     tcctgagttg tcctgtgaag gctaaaggta tattttaagt ttaaattatt gtgtgcttta    174840
     ggcataaaac agaaatgtct ctaaactgta agcccctctt ggcaagaaca gatagcttct    174900
     tggaatgctg ggagctgttg ctcctgtaag acaacaagcc acttgttttc acttctgtaa    174960
     acaaggctgg ttgtctcagc tgcacaggat gtgcacacat aggtgggagg tgtaggcagg    175020
     aaatatgtca ggatgtatac ttgcccctga ttacataaaa gtgggatgta tatagccttg    175080
     tcagttttga ttgtatacgc ttctgactaa tgtaatttgt tactctggga ttcctggata    175140
     tggccttggg cagtgtccct tgtcctggcc agtatttaat aaagcctgct tagctcaaaa    175200
     attgtgatag tagtcttatt cttgccttgt gggattaaca gtccttgtga tttatttcgg    175260
     gtagtatcat atatatatat atatatatgt tgtttatata tgtctatgcg tgagttttct    175320
     atctgatgcc tttggaggca gaagagggca tggaattcct gaactagagt taaagacaat    175380
     tgtgaacctg cccagggcca gccctggaag atcttctttc atgttctggc tctccttgag    175440
     cattagcagt gataagattt ggtcttagaa ggcacttagg gttactatat aataataata    175500
     cgttttccta tctcaattat aagtcactgt gcttcagtag ctaacctgcc ttctgagatc    175560
     ttctgaggtg agcaactgtt ttgcacctca tcctaaaaca ggaggagatt aagtaaagtg    175620
     gcctttgttc tatctccagc aggaactgca cagctttaac tttcatcctg ctagttgaag    175680
     tcacaggaag aaaaaaggga cactttggaa agtgatttga gcatttattt ctaagttgta    175740
     aaaagtttcc gatgaaagct ttctgagaaa aagggggaaa caggcttgta aaaagggggg    175800
     taggtgggta agggatctag gaaaaaggca ggatgtaaaa aagtgggaca aagagaattg    175860
     ctaagagaag tgagacaagg agaactgctc ccttctcttt atcctcagca cttatttaca    175920
     tctttcagaa tacatgatcc catggtaaaa agttcagcac aagtttacac aaaattcaaa    175980
     ccataaatcg aataagttta caacagagaa tgtttacatg catatccatt agtagtaatt    176040
     atctggctaa acattcgtca cctgccacag ctacacaggt tcatggagag ttaaaaacca    176100
     taacttaagt tattagtgaa gctttgtata gataaactca gtcaatattt cattttctgt    176160
     tctagcactt ataacaaatt gtcaattctc tttatatgac ctttggttaa tggttttaca    176220
     gtcttttaaa aataactgag aattccaact ttttttttta ttttattttt tttttaaaga    176280
     tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacacc agaagagggc    176340
     gtcagatctc gttacggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactccag    176400
     acctttggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccgagaatt    176460
     ccaactttta acactataaa agctttcagt aaaacagatc aagcaacagt ttctcatggc    176520
     tggggttaaa taagaaagat ctaatcacaa atctttatga tgtgtgatca ttgaaagaaa    176580
     tacaaaatat gaactgtttt tatcaaatac tataaaactt gtgtttagga ctcaggacaa    176640
     agaagtaaaa tcttttatct cccccaacct tttaagactt ttatgcaaat gttttgagac    176700
     ttctttattt cccatgtgcc aattcttttc agactacaca gttgaaagag attatgaggt    176760
     tggaccccat tagttgggga aagactcacc tgggttctga taaaaagcaa gtgcacctct    176820
     cctctcaatg aagaataaag tttgcctggt ccaggcactt cagttgcagt ggtgatttct    176880
     ggaacctgaa acatacttct aacatcattg caaagacggt tgactgggca gttttattgt    176940
     aatgcgatgg catttgttct gagaaggtat ttcctgagac tcgaaaaaag aacaggagct    177000
     tttgggaaga ttagaatctc catttacttg ctttaaactc tatcatttta gggcgttaaa    177060
     caagaaactg agccgctgag ccacacaatg tttgatgaag tataacagca ttctgaaaag    177120
     tgttcaatga tgcctctaaa aaagaaacac ccacccacca ccagccacaa accctctgga    177180
     aagtctcaag ttcaaacaca tcaccttcgc ccttgatctt ctgcacccca tctcccccac    177240
     ctcttctcct cttcctcctt tcatttgaaa acttggacgc ttcccttaag taacatggat    177300
     gttggactaa gacagacagt gttaaaggca aggctattta tagagtaaat gtttttactc    177360
     acagccaagc tgtgaaagtg cggagttaaa taaaataacc tggtgataag caatgtgctt    177420
     ttcttgttag taacagcagt tgctaaaaat tcacagtgaa gagattacaa tcgagagagg    177480
     taatacctca caatcaaaca gaaccccaga gagctgtgcc ctctggaaga ggctcagttt    177540
     ggtttcattt tagactgaca aatcttttac cactacccct caagcaacaa ggaccgctct    177600
     gtacctcatc catggagatt gaattctcca cagtttcttc cagaaggaag tagaatattg    177660
     ataaactcac agataaaagt tacgttacta tcactactca aacatttgat gaaagggaca    177720
     caaaaatatt tgataaaatt taagttcata aagatgaaaa ggatagcgct gtgtggttct    177780
     gagtgagggt tttctttcaa cgttcttgac agtttcctta ctagtgtaca ttggttagac    177840
     aaacgaatag ttctcacttt tatgttttga tacatattga atttcttctc agtcacctat    177900
     tttaagatat aagctgtgct ataatttcag cctctatttt gctgtctaag ttacttgtct    177960
     cgattttctg tattaactga ttgtcttgtc tcttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    178020
     ttccttcctt cctttcttca ttttacatcc tgagcatggt ccctcctgcc ccccaccaca    178080
     gtctcatccc ttctcctctg agagagtgga agcccaaccc ccattcccta ttcctccacc    178140
     caagcacatc aagtctctgc agggctagat gcttcttctc acactgaggc cagagaagac    178200
     atctgagtta ggggacaggg tttcttcata gacaggcaac agcttttggg gtagcccctg    178260
     ctacagttgt tgttgttttt atgtgttctg atgcctatat tccttctttc ccctcttcta    178320
     caagattccc tgagctccac ctaatgtttg gctgtgggtc tctgcatctc tggtgggcta    178380
     ctgagcctct ggctcctggc tctccaggca gtgtcaggcg tgggctccct ctggtggcat    178440
     agatctcaag tcactggtta gacggtccct acacatttca tgccactgtc actccagcac    178500
     atcttgcagg caagactaat cgtaggtcga aggttttgtg gctggtaatc cctccattgt    178560
     gtcccaatcc tgccactgga tgccttacct ggttacagag gatgaccagt ttaggatcag    178620
     tgtcccccat tgctaggagt cttttctaga gtcaccctaa tagattccaa ggaattctca    178680
     ttgcactagg attctatctt gtcccccaaa tgacccctaa ttccagtcac ctctccaagt    178740
     actccaccca acctaatcta tcctgatact atcccctcct gcctccagtc tacctatgaa    178800
     atctattcaa tttcctctcc ccttctcagg gagatccatt tacacacaca cacacacaca    178860
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccct ttttaagcaa ctttctttgt tttctccact    178920
     gtcctagtta ctttcctatt gctgtgaagg gacaccatat caaagacaac atatagaaga    178980
     aagcatttaa tttggggctt gcttacagtt tcagagggga agtaagtcca tggccatcat    179040
     ggcagggatc ataacagcag ggcagtcatg atactggagt agtagctgaa agcttacatg    179100
     ttaagacagc agcagcagag agagagagag gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    179160
     gagagagaga gagccacaga tacaggtaca gatacagata gatacagata cagatacaga    179220
     tacagataca gatacagata cagatacaga tacagataca gatacagata gatgcaggac    179280
     taactgtgac acacccactc caacaaagcc acactttctc caacaagacc atacctccta    179340
     atccttccca aacagttcca caaactgcag acaaagcatt caaacatatt ggggccagag    179400
     tcactcaaac tacctcattg aggttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    179460
     tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtggt ttagtgagtc tagatactga ccttctgtca gatatttaat    179520
     gggtagagtt tttgactatt ccttaagctg cctcttcatt caaatgatag ggtccatgtt    179580
     ttacacacac tttttaaagg tttcatgaga ttctgtttat caatcactgg ttttaattcc    179640
     catgctattt gcattctgtt tggaaagacc tctttcctgt gccaatgaat tcaaatgtat    179700
     tctctgcttt ttcttctgtc acagttaggg tatcaggtct cgtgctgagg tccttgattc    179760
     atctggaatg agttctgtgt ggggtgaatg aatgaatcta gtttcattct tctataggca    179820
     cttatccagt ttgaccagca ccgtttgctg aagaaatctg tcttgtttcc agtgtaattt    179880
     tagcttcatt gtctgaaaat atcacgtatc cacaggtgta tgggcctatc tttgggtttt    179940
     caactctatt gcatgtcttt ttataacaat actatgctgt ttttattagt ctagctctgt    180000
     aatacaactt aacatcagga atagggatac ctccaggagt tgttttgttg ttcaggatta    180060
     cctatcttgt tggcgtgtgt gtttctgtac atattttaat attagttttt ctgtgaaaga    180120
     ctaattggat tttgacagtg tctggagatt aattttggta ggatggccat tttcacaata    180180
     ctgaccctac caatacacga gcatgggaaa gtttccaacc aataaataaa taaataaata    180240
     aataaataag ttatgataca tgtgtctcac ttccttagag ttattccaag acatttttga    180300
     gatgattatg agaggtgttg tttacctgat gtctttcttg gtgtattgtt gctagtagtt    180360
     tcctctgaga tgaaaacatt ccatcttgga gggaactcct tgagatggga tgtttacagg    180420
     ggtggaaaca acaggatgtt ctcgggggaa gtgaaatcct gcagggccgc tcattaagat    180480
     ggaaataacc tgcccttaga ggcattgcag gtgtggctgc tgtgtcccaa gtacgtcagt    180540
     aggtggcaga gaggagagag gctgtgtcta ggctcagcat tctgaccaca ggccatgaaa    180600
     aactcaggcc taaggagacc accagtatgg tgctacaggg cctgtacagg aagctagcct    180660
     gtgacgacca caaggccagc attgcacagg cctggacggg cttccagaac agagagtgag    180720
     ctggagacta atgaacccca cctgggacca tggaccctta gctggagtta gcccaagaca    180780
     gtctatctct gaatggggcc ataggcaggc ccaggagagg aactagccca acacaaccac    180840
     ccagacaggg agctagcctg agatgaccac cagtctggcg cttctcatgc ctgtggggca    180900
     cagaccatgc ccaggatgct gcctgcgtgg tgccaaaatg cacaggtggg acatagaatt    180960
     cctgagaaga aatgatgaca acgaggacca tggtagggtc ctggcctgtg ctgccactgg    181020
     gggccacatc tgggtccgtg accctgcagt agcaggagtc tgttaccatc aaaggctaca    181080
     cagatgtccc tggtcttggc tgcccttagg ggacctgttg atgtctgagg gttgtgcaga    181140
     actggcccca cccatctcct gggcatggag ggacagctgg ccctgggggc atgaggtcga    181200
     tcaggagagc cggcttcacc atcagtcagc tgcagttctt gagagactgg ccccacccat    181260
     tgcccaggaa gcacagtaga gcaggcctgc cacccatctc cctacagtga cataggcaag    181320
     ggattactcc ccactcatcc cttgccatct gtgcattaga gagacctggc catggggtca    181380
     tgtgagcatg agagctgtcc ctgtccttca ccagctctaa cactcaggag agcagtgggc    181440
     cctgcacctt gcctgagcag ctaggtagag ctgaccctga tggtgggggc cagagggcag    181500
     gaatagggga gagctggccc tagaagttgt ctgctgtgct gtggcattgg tgaggaagag    181560
     atgccgtccc ctaaccttgc caccgatggc agccaggagg gctagacctg aggtcatcag    181620
     aacaggagag tgggccctga ttgttggaat aacgtttttg tgtactgtgt aaagattatc    181680
     tctgtattct acaagtgcta attttttaaa ctggcagaga tttgattata ggcggggttt    181740
     tggtattgtt aagcaactcc tgttgtagta ttttgtaagc aaaggagaat aaggttggac    181800
     ttcctgagag ggggaggagg gagaggaggg agaggaggga gaggagagag agactctgtg    181860
     aaggaatcag gcagcagaga ttcagccagc cggacatgga ggaagaagca ggctgggttg    181920
     gaaggagagg taactaacca gccttgtggc agaactcagg tatgtgtaaa cagaatattc    181980
     aagtaatgag ttagtgggaa ataatgcctt gcaataaggc caaaaggtta taaataaatg    182040
     tagtctcctt gtcatttttt gaaaactggg gtggtcatat aaaggcccac agttacacct    182100
     tggcataggc tcacatgagc ctgtctgagc cagtccccaa gggcacgaaa gcaggagagc    182160
     tggctctgcc acttgctggt ggtatcatta gttgggccag ccagaacagg gccggagagc    182220
     tcaccacaag ggtatgggag agctggcagg ctgatcagct caggtgcctc ccaggcccag    182280
     atccagggct ttgaattcgc ccactccaac atttagacca tcaatgaact gctggagttc    182340
     atgaatgggc tggtcctaca gatgcaaacc tagatcacca taacacaggg caagaaggac    182400
     atacacgagg agacccagtg aagttccagt tttgatagtg tagaagaagc caagaaagcc    182460
     ttgttccaga ccagtgactt actgcacaaa catttgccag cgaagtgtgg acaaaagggt    182520
     gaactgtggg acacactgtg acatcctacc gcttccatga gattttgttt ttctcagttg    182580
     atgggagatt gcaggggtga agggtgacta tgagggagag agaggtgagt gggttggggt    182640
     gcattatgtg aaattcacaa agaaccagta aaaagttgga aaaaaaatag gatatgaaga    182700
     gctgaaaatg ccttcacaaa ggcacaaagg tgaggtatca gacacttcct cagagggtac    182760
     atgtgacttt tatttataag taaatatctg gagaagaata atacatttat aatttccatt    182820
     aatatttttt aattattttt tcagctatat ctcctgtgaa aaatacatgc aattggtgtg    182880
     aagctggagg caagtctaca gaataataaa ttagtgctat agactccaga ttcctacttt    182940
     ttaaggaaat attcgccatt aaatcttttg tcgcaggtaa cagctgcagg tgacaaacat    183000
     taagcgattc aagtgttgca tatttgctat aaacataatt actaaattga tggaacttga    183060
     tcctatttcc aaacaaatat taatcacgga gatggccaag agcttttatc catattaatc    183120
     ttaaaggcgt actgtaactt gagactggac ctttggcgga gatgagctag cctgatacat    183180
     taagcttcca gagcagactg ctcccagttc atttgacggt aatattaaag acttaccacc    183240
     tgtgctcaag attaaagact caccgttata tccctgtccc cacaagttag ggacctggtg    183300
     cttcaaagcc caatgtttct catagaaatg cttggcattc ttcttgcgtc ttccatttct    183360
     cttgtatgta ttcctgctca catgaaagaa tccccatttt actcagcatg acaatttgcc    183420
     ctggggaaaa ctgcatttcc aagggttttt gtttgaacgt agagctaata atagaacaac    183480
     tttatcaaaa ctgatttttc gggggtggtg gtggcagagt tgaggagatt ggtgctttga    183540
     ggagttgttt aaaatgtgat acttagcatg aaaatgtctt ttgctcgata ccttttccta    183600
     cctgagactt cctacctcgg tgaacatagc tcacagctgg aggcacagca aatgtgcttc    183660
     tatcatggcc tttctgaggg aagcaagatg atgaagggtc agacgataga ctcttggacc    183720
     actgaagaca ttcagttaac agcgtcagcg ctgacctgcc tgtctcctgt gtttctggca    183780
     gctgaaagag agacaactct catcttacag gccattttac cagttcatta cactgacatt    183840
     gtaatgtgtg tgagtggaaa tggagaaggc gtcttgttat ctgctgaaga cacgaggaac    183900
     ctctggcctg ttgcgtggca gaattgaaac gtgatttcga aacatttctg tagggtggga    183960
     acaaagtggt gggtttcagg ccagaacgca ctccactaca tggtattctt ggagttttaa    184020
     ctgtgcatta ccctaaccag agcaaaatgt agaatggaaa ttacatgcct cctacctgta    184080
     aatctaatct ggcttgcaga aggctaagta agaactgtca taagtttgag gagtgagttc    184140
     caggtcagtc tgagctacag aatgataaga aaaatatcag ataagaaagc aacaacactg    184200
     gggctggaga gatggctcag caggtaactg aaggtcccga gttcaaattt cggcaaccac    184260
     atggtggctc acaaccaccc ataatgagat ctgacgccct cttctgatgt gtctgaagat    184320
     agctacagtg tacttatgtt tacaaataaa taaatctttg ggccagagtg aacagggact    184380
     gagcagggcg gaccggagtg agcggggtga ccagatcaag cagaggtcct aaaattcaat    184440
     tcccaacaat cacatgaaga ctcacaacca accatatgta cagctacagt gtactcatat    184500
     acataaaata aataagtaaa tcttaaaaaa gaaagaaaga cagcaaatac cagaaagagg    184560
     atagcctggt gtgctgactc aggtctgtaa tttcaacact caggagacca aagcagaagg    184620
     atcatgaagt tgtgggcagc ctgagataca caggggtgcc ccgtctcata aaataagagt    184680
     tcagttaaac ttgtattaat agatgtttct atgggaggtt agtttgtaga ggctcaaagg    184740
     gcaactagtg tgtaatctga agttgcatta tacaatgggt gaagtacgca gatggagtgc    184800
     gttcaaaact tggcaacctt tcaccaattc acacttcacc tgataaaaca gtgtggtcta    184860
     gcactgaata tgatgttaag gaatatttct gaattgtatg ggagcttttt tttttttttt    184920
     tggtggtggt gtttttgttt tttgtttcat tttgttattg tttttttgtg ctatctggag    184980
     aatgatctac gaaagccaca ccttgggttt catacgagtt tattaggcat acagtgagca    185040
     gaagtaaata aatcagcaag caggagacgg gcagtgaaat atcagacaca tcatctagca    185100
     gaaaccattg gggttccccc atcccaaaag tcagcaggag gcctagggat caactaagag    185160
     aagcccaggc aggatgtgtc cagcttgggt aagatttcca cccagacatt cccagacagc    185220
     atgttcacat cccaggatca agagtagccc agtctttcgc tttgggagcg tgctttcctt    185280
     taccgtccgg cagtgttcac cggcacagga ttgtcaagtg gtttattcct atcctcaagg    185340
     ccatggcatt tccactcagg ctgtttactg ttgtcttccc ctcaccataa ggagacccaa    185400
     cccagtccag ccctgaacaa cacttttgag acaaacagtc gtgtatctga agttggctcc    185460
     acgtccctcc tcgactagct tctctgtcag cttcagcaac acatgagaac ttactaacac    185520
     aacgtatatt gtagaggcac agtctccaaa tgtccttcat ccatggttct agaacacagt    185580
     gtacacacac acacacacac acacacggca atactaaaat aaacctttta ctatataagc    185640
     ctaagcccac aacaaaatta tttaactggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac    185700
     ccaactactc ttccgaaggt ccgaagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    185760
     cacccgtaat gagatctgat gccctccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgc    185820
     acttagatat aataaataaa tctttaaaaa attatttaac taataaacta cctttaaaga    185880
     ccaattttta gttctagcac ttggggggca gaagcaattg cacatttgag gtcagcctgg    185940
     gctacacaaa gaccttgtac aacaaaacac cacagaggca cacatggaac agacgtggag    186000
     aacaaattat aatgggttat acacattctt tgaaatcatg gcaggtaagt caacattttc    186060
     tatgatttta ttctcctttc ttcacctgga gtactgtttc agggatagga acaaccattt    186120
     cctcgggaga gcaggatctg taagtgggga gaccccaaaa cacccatgtg ttaggcctgc    186180
     tgtgcagact gaatgagggc atccaggcaa aaccctggga gtttaagtac ctgccaaatg    186240
     ttgggtactt tctgacacca tatctcctgc caccacctgc ttatacactt ctgtctccct    186300
     ctaaattgtc agaactggaa tgtaggtcag aatgatgtct cgtatttact ttcagggatg    186360
     atgaacccac agtacttggt tggcaacaat gcacatattc ccaaacttta ttagatgaac    186420
     tgagaggatt aaaatgtcct gttactggat gaattttttt actttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    186480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgattg ttttgcctgc acatatgtat gtgcaccaca tgcatgctgg    186540
     aggctagaag agggcttcaa atatcctgaa actggagcca caatgggggt actgggaatc    186600
     taacctgggt cctctagaag agcagccagt gctcctaacc acggagccat ctccccagca    186660
     ccaagaaaat taaaaataca aatgagctct gctgttaaga gcatttgctt cagttgccag    186720
     agccacataa gacagctcgc actcctctag cctccgtagg aacctgcctt tgtgcacatg    186780
     cccacacaca gacaactaac taagaacgca gatgaatctt taaagactac agatgagaac    186840
     tgaagcccag ctcgacagcg acttgcctga tgttacacga aggtaagaat tctgtgacga    186900
     gaatggagtt ttctatattg aaatccagtg tttcggaggt ttctcaccca gagctgtctc    186960
     aagctttcta acagcagtgc cacgtagcga tccttactgc tgcttttatt tcatcaagta    187020
     actgaatata tggatccggt gcggaacagt ttattgattt ccgttatgaa gcgtggctta    187080
     cttaccccca aatggaccag taactagtag gtcatagtca tctctaaata tttttttcaa    187140
     aatttattta ttattctgcc tgcatatatg cctacacaca agagggcatt agatcccagt    187200
     atagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcagaacc tctgaaagat    187260
     gctctttacc tctgaaccat ctctccagcc ccatttttaa atttttgaaa atagtgaact    187320
     actcagttgt atcactagca ctcaaaatta tatggctgcc tcatatcagc ctgtgttcct    187380
     tattatagac aaataaaaaa tgcaaacaaa ggtaattctg gcttaaatcc cagatcttaa    187440
     gtctacattt cctgccatcc gtgggctcct actgattcaa cctgacactc agtcactatc    187500
     tacctgtaag gcccatgaat caggtgaact ataacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    187560
     cacacacctc agagagaggg ggcaggggaa agggtggaga gaggaaggta aagaaaaaac    187620
     caacagttac gtgcacatat atgtgtgttg atgcgtatgc aggtcagagg acaactctcc    187680
     tgccactata tgaggtctgg tgatggaact cagaccataa gactccacaa gttacccagt    187740
     aagccacccc ataacaccct cccccaaact gacttaagtt acctgtggtt tcagaactaa    187800
     acaaacttgg cagaagctta gatagatcta tgctagctgc tacatcagaa gccagtcaca    187860
     taaaaatata tggcagcaca tgactagacc agcactcagg gggtaaggta ggaatattgt    187920
     ggcttcaaga ccagcctggg atacatagcg agactctgtg tccaaataaa tacatacaag    187980
     aatcctctga gataaacact gaaaagcatc tgaatattta ttgaataaat tatgcacaca    188040
     cattagctga aaatgaatgt ccggtgaacg ctgtggcaga cacacctgta atcaggcact    188100
     tagaaggctg aagcagggac tcaggcggct tgggctactt aagaagacta tgtgaaagaa    188160
     acaaagcaaa catagtaaga atgtagtttt ttgattgggc taatatgaac atcacctgta    188220
     aaggtggaaa aacaaggtag aaacagtatt tgaatgtaga ttttgtcaag aggaagtttt    188280
     tctttccagt cggacgggga cacagatttc taatactaat actacacaaa tcgtcaacca    188340
     agtagtccag atctctttga aatgttgaat aaagtggtgt tccacaaata aaagcagtta    188400
     tctcctatgt ctgctattcc tggactttac aatgaaatga gttgatgtac aaaggtgaca    188460
     gaacagtccc tagaacatga gtattaacca ctcatgttct cactccctac agaggaaacc    188520
     cgaggcttgc actttccatg tctcttatga tctttgagtt gagaattc                 188568