ID   AL845503; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 148491 BP.
AC   AL845503;
DT   16-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-292G16 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-148491
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Pelan S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 18acb2550ed7714365990eea0dea9deb.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027519; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000054455; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000057047; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026959; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026960; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026961; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026926; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026927; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026928; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026897; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026898; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026899; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026935; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026936; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026937; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026677; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026678; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026679; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027382; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027383; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027384; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026136; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026137; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026138; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026654; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026655; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026656; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026792; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026793; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026794; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026758; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026759; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026760; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026893; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026894; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026895; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026777; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026778; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026779; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027439; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027440; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027441; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025872; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025873; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025874; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026208; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026209; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026210; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL845503.5:1-148491; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000067530; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000073081; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109110; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000142820; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059576; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059579; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059580; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059609; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059612; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059613; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059550; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059553; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059554; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059540; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059543; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059544; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059231; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059234; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059235; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060009; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060012; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060013; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059517; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059520; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059521; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059205; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059208; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059209; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059313; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059316; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059317; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059290; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059293; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059294; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059419; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059422; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059423; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059277; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059280; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059281; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060193; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060196; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060197; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059090; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059093; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059094; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058510; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058513; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058514; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q8BH80.
DR   InterPro; IPR000535; MSP_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001806; Small_GTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR005225; Small_GTP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008962; PapD-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR016763; VAP.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030226; VapB.
DR   MGI; MGI:105072; Rab22a.
DR   MGI; MGI:1922735; 1700010B08Rik.
DR   MGI; MGI:1928744; Vapb.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8BH80; Q8BH80_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-292G16 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..148491
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-292G16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    64736..64919
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_66152, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    113010..113010
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 1580bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    139077..139104
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-383L13
FT                   (AL844849) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_66157, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 148491 BP; 40388 A; 34870 C; 34533 G; 38700 T; 0 other;
     atacacaact tgggaaatga tgtcactgtc tctggagcta acaaaccttc caccagcacc        60
     gatgtgccca gcactgtcct ctgtcctgcc tggggtccct ccaggctgtg cacacgttgc       120
     ccgcaacaag gaagccagac atcggaagca ggtgctgcct agagatacca aactctgcgt       180
     atgtgtacct caccacacag gcacacagca gcacatgggc aaggaagcag gcctgtgcca       240
     tgcacaacac acagacgtcc tgccctcacc atgaatgtct gggtcatgca gcagatgttc       300
     ctgcaaattc tgaaggactt tctggatctt gctcctggcc acataactgt cacatgcagc       360
     ctcaggccca acgtggcttc cttctagtgg cccaggctcc ctaagcacct ccacatctta       420
     gctctataag gcagaggagt gagcccatac aatcaagtac tgagcacaca cgcccgccct       480
     ccctccctcc ctccctcggt agtgtctgct ctgtttcagg gtaactgttg ctgaggcagc       540
     ggctgatatg aggagctttg ggaaggacct gccgcctgaa gaacttccca tcacttcagc       600
     cctggcttag gaagggttcc ctggatggtt tcctgttgtg tctgtggaag agctgctgtg       660
     cagatggctg ctctcagctg aagctccttc cggaagtaca tgtggctctg tgtgcacagg       720
     tgctctgaag ccaggggaga gggaagaagc aagctctcac taccatggcg ctcgcaggaa       780
     gggacgtgag cagcacctgc acctcagccc cactctttcc cgaatgagca cctgcatcct       840
     gtcagaagac tgcaaaccca tagctttagc cggccccaat ctgccccctg gcagaaagcg       900
     gaccgcactg aaaaccaccc caggaagctc ggccagcctc cgctgcatat ttatgagtgt       960
     tccagcaggg ggcagacttt ggaacaaaag cttaagaatg gggaagagct gactgtgtgc      1020
     tggtccccag gactgtgtct gcacaagcac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta      1080
     gacaatctgg actccaaggt gtcaactgcc cacactgtcc gacctcaccc tcctatgcag      1140
     ccctgatggc aaagggatgt gtaagaccca cctcacattg gtcgtatgta cctgccatcc      1200
     tcagagggta ggcatgacaa acacaagatc aaccaccatg ctagaaagga actgagggtc      1260
     aagacagcac acagagacag gccttggtat aatcagaatg tcctgtgtca caaacgcaca      1320
     tctggaagac ttcacctttt ttcctgtgta aattctctga agaacttcat taatcaagga      1380
     gaaagagaca attttcttta caggttattt aatcaccacc ctgaatgaat attttatctg      1440
     aactgaggag acgtggtagc ttcattattt ataacccggc agtcatgttt ccaaatcgtt      1500
     attgcaatta ctttttgctt ctttacataa ttaaagctct aatcttccat cttgcccaga      1560
     aggtcactat tactaaagct ggagatgaga tcgttgctgg attctaggtg gatgcttgag      1620
     gtgacggggg ctggcggtgc caagcatcct ggctagagct cactcggcta aggcggcact      1680
     acagctgctg ggcctgggta agccagaggc aaagttagac tccacttctt ggctcagtgg      1740
     cctgatgctc ggggtgccat cctccagagt gtacagagca gcctggcttg ggcagaatga      1800
     ctggaaggcg gcctggcaca cctgggcaag ggcacacact gttgacctgc attagtgagc      1860
     aggcgtgacc ccacccaccc aaggcatcta ctcaggtttg ttacttccca gccatgcccc      1920
     aaagccaaat ggaccgttat caacagagaa gaggcacata gccctccact cgagtctcca      1980
     tgtttctaga atgtgaattc catgtgacac tagtcttcgt aaagtaccca ggagacctta      2040
     cagacagtac tcagcatgcc tatggcagga ccgggatagt aggcaggcac ttagagacct      2100
     gtttctcaat cctggcttct atgctgtgca ctttcctctt tcttagtatc tgccccaaag      2160
     cttctgagac ttcagttacc ctggttctga tctcacagtg tctagatctt actatgcaca      2220
     cagatgctgg aaagggaagg cagaaaagaa gccagaaacc aagatggaca ctggcgagct      2280
     ggagcacttg atcctgagag gccagtgcag ctgccagggg tgtgagcact cacctatcga      2340
     tggggatcac tgaggagttt gatgaacaca gttgagagct gggttctgca gaccacaggg      2400
     ggaagtgtgg gacacagctg tgaagcactc tgaacatgct ttcttcatgt tatctgagca      2460
     gagctcaaaa aatgttggta tctaccaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacga acaaatgaac      2520
     aaacaaacaa agtggagcta ctccattcag agcgccctgt ggatggccag tcccagtccc      2580
     aatagtgcag aaacagagag ccacagggac gtaacaacac agcagtaata aaataacagc      2640
     aacccacatt ctctaaagga gtcatatagg aaaagaaggc caagttccct caccacctaa      2700
     ccttaataag tgacttggtt aaagttaaga aggtaatgga gaaaacactc tagagaaagg      2760
     gccaaggttc cttcctcaaa agtcagactc tgacagcagc tcacctagct acaagcccgc      2820
     ctttgggcag ggcccaaggt cagttctgtg gtggtggaga gggagctaac aaggcagagt      2880
     agacatggca ctcacagctg gactcccagc actcagaagg ctgagagggc aggactacaa      2940
     gtctgagcta cacagaacgg cacatgggaa caagctctgt ctacagaccg cagaacagac      3000
     ccagaggaag gcacatctgg gtgtggtcct ctgtaagcca cttggggttc catgctcgca      3060
     ctgtgaatat gtgctatgga gctagctctc cactgagctt ggctgttaga tttttctggt      3120
     tccctttatt agcaaatgag ttaaatataa ttttgacatg tgatcaccta tatcttacat      3180
     gaagatggcg agtatatctt ttaaatttta tcctttaaag gacgttgatt ttttttaaat      3240
     atcctaatgt ataacactta gcttaaaatg ttttaccaac gggagtgtga tctgacagtg      3300
     ggaagagcaa tctacagaaa aatggctgtt ttggccactg acaccctcac tagagacaca      3360
     tgatgctaat gttctcagtg tcttcacagc agaagcccac gataaaccag tcttaggcta      3420
     caatggtgtt tgttgatgtg gcttacacct taaataaatt tctgaattga aatttaaaaa      3480
     ccagtttaga gatgatcctc tttaaggtaa aattccatcc ccacagctag agcagtctat      3540
     gaagagggag atgcagtctg tgagcccagt agttgcccag gcagagatga acacaatgtg      3600
     gtccctgaag aacccatcta tgaaaccttc cccaggtctt ttacacaaaa ggctacacgg      3660
     ggtgaacaaa gataaaagaa atattctatg gtgggtgggc aggtgagtct gggtcaggca      3720
     agaagaccag agcactccag ttgagctaca gaatgtgagg gtcccaccac gcaggtaggc      3780
     tagagttgag aggagagaaa gtcgtgtggg aggctgtgga tatggtacct gccctgccgc      3840
     atcggccatg ggaactctga aaacgatagg ccccaagctg agctgcctag ccagagccga      3900
     gcccactaga ccagcacagt ggagcagatg ttgggtaact gtaggcatgg caagaaaaac      3960
     attgtctgag gggggaccta aatggtgatg agactcaaga ttttaacccc taaaccaaga      4020
     agaatatgcc tagtgtatgc aggctttagg gccaggaaga gctccaggtg tggaggtggg      4080
     aggctgcaga gagtggcaga cagatgccta agcatatgac caggagcaag aacagtcaag      4140
     gctgcctgtg ccccccacct gccaggcagg catgcacgat acaccaggac atgtggtaac      4200
     aactatgact gggaaaattt catacaccaa aaacttctca gtggcttctt gtccaacaga      4260
     caggatgaca aatatcgcca aaatgcacag tgcacacctg tcagaggcag aggcacacca      4320
     tcatttcttt gtccttcttt ttatcctaac acattgtgtt aaacctaaca agcaggatcc      4380
     cggagagcaa ttatccctct agtcagacag ctaacaagcc tgtactaggc ccatcgccca      4440
     cacagcgcca tgctagctgc cctgctgcat tgaaagcagg ggatttacaa gtgggcaccc      4500
     acttctatgg tttcctggct cctaattgat cttgatacat aatgcatttg gttagtgata      4560
     aggcagagcc tgtttgcttc tctgcatagt aaatgagacc ccagtcctaa ccacatgttc      4620
     caaagcctga agagcacggg agaggctgag catcactgcc tcaatcacgg ctgcggcagc      4680
     cagctcctga ggaaccacag agaagccagg gtggaggcgc agggtggagg tgcacggtgg      4740
     aggaccagag gagagcagtg agtaagcgca cacactgctg cctaccacca gccacactcc      4800
     ctcccagagt aaacggaaac tctagaggga cagacttgga ggttttcagc ttaaaaggag      4860
     gttttagtgt cttatgctcg aaccttccaa acttggaaga gtttccaggc accacacagt      4920
     tcaaggcagc agcaggcgtt caactgtgca tggtcagcat ggccgccatt ctgcagatta      4980
     cctgtatgca acaagagaag catcttcatc acatgtagca aaaaggcagc cctcaaacct      5040
     gtacattcaa gctagtccac aaatactcag gaaaatgcag ggcacctttt aagctctgtc      5100
     aagttaaatg atcaacagag gccaaacatt accctaactt tacccagata tgagctcgcc      5160
     tgcagcccca tggcaactgc ccggccctta ctgtgtgcct accaacagct gctcatccct      5220
     ggcactgttt accgccatga gggtttttcg tttgctcgct tttcagatga ggtggccagt      5280
     accgaaacat gtgaaacacg tgtataaaca caaaccaact gtcctgaggt aagacacagc      5340
     cacaggccac actggcaacc ctgctccaca cagcgaccca ccgatgggcg gatctgctca      5400
     ggtgtgctaa gtccctgagc agagaagtca gaccccaagc caatgctaca ggctgactgt      5460
     tttgagaatt caaacttgag ccttcgagaa aagctgaaaa gagtagaatg cttagggagg      5520
     tggcaaggag ggagccaaag aaagggctcc atcttatctg cctcactgga aaatctctca      5580
     actgtacaca taccggggag atgggaggct cacagagaga ggcaaaacac ttatgacaga      5640
     gagaattata cacgcagctg ctgactctgc ctgggtagca caatctgaaa tgttcctcac      5700
     agccgagggc aacactcttc cactcctcag gaaaggaaga gactctaggt tctactttat      5760
     caagaagata caaaacttta tcaagaaaac aaaaccaaaa cttgcacagg catgaaccta      5820
     acaccattaa taagtaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca gaaaaacagt agaaacaaat      5880
     ccacacagac acacacacag acacacacac tcacactaga agttagaatt gacaaacttt      5940
     aaaaagagtt taaagcagct attataaata tccttgagga ctacaaagaa aagacagtga      6000
     caatgaatga gcagatcaag actctcctca aaggaacaga gactgttgaa cagaaccacc      6060
     tagtaacaga gcggctttgc aacagttgcc cttgaatgtt tctggactga ggaagtgcag      6120
     aatagcgaag gcttcacaac tctggacatg aggtatctcc agaaagcagc tcctggctgg      6180
     atagtgcttt aatcttctca tgggtgggaa gcaggggggc aggggggtgt gattatgggg      6240
     cagcctgggg ctggggctag ttccggtctc ctgtcctcct tgatgccagc cattctgcct      6300
     cagattccct atcatggcag atgacaacct ctggatctgc aaaaataaag aagccaatca      6360
     atgtttcctt ctgaggtgct cctcaggcgt tttgtcatgg cagagtcatg gagtcttcca      6420
     caagcttcgc tggaggaatc acctgcacaa gtttaacaaa ctttaaagcc agtcacttga      6480
     aagtaatgag gggcaaccaa aaggcaaaga ctggatgtct agctgcccta aagacgaagg      6540
     ccaggcagga gtgtggcact cctggccttt gcttctggta ctcaagaggc tgaagcaggg      6600
     gagttatgag gtacagagtg agttcatggc cagcgggacc tacagggtaa ggtcacctca      6660
     aacacgtgac aagggcaggt tctcaagtaa agcaggcatc tctaagctct gctcaaatcc      6720
     ttggcgagcc acaagttcca tgtgtgtggg gcagggctgc agaggagtca gcagagatga      6780
     gacagggagc agcagtctta actgtggctc acaaaggaaa ctcttctgtg ttagaggttg      6840
     gctcaaggga actaagtact gggacaaaat tatattaaag atgcaacctg gtgtagtttt      6900
     tccaataaat catgtaaaac cttcagtgtc ttatcaacac acagcacacg ggtaggtgtc      6960
     agaggggaaa gtgatccatg atgcaaggag taagctgaaa tgatcagcaa ggggaggggc      7020
     caactgatat aaggagcaag ctgaaatgat cagcaagggg ggccaactgc agcttccagg      7080
     gaaacaaacc tcacggagct gctgcagaca tgatcatgct cggatatgaa gacactctgt      7140
     gtcaccaagc ccccgaaact gtgcagacag ggggacagat caacactaaa atcttagagc      7200
     ttcaaagtat aaccagcaaa gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatct actgagaagc tggaagagca      7260
     gggaagacta caaccagagt caccagaggc aatgtctccc aacttaagac aagaacaata      7320
     gccaaatctg aacatcaaag ggacaaagac ctgtaggcta aaaccaagga ttaacgcata      7380
     ccttcaaagt cccagactcc tataaaaaaa agacaaagga aggtctgtgt gaggaacaaa      7440
     agccactaac tccaccaacc ctgtaaaatc taggttgttc aatgaataca gagtaggata      7500
     aacattgtta ggacccaaag agaacagaga agaaaaagaa gaaggagaag aggaagagaa      7560
     agaggagggg aagaggaaga aaggaggagg aaagcaggca ggaaagcctg gggctgggga      7620
     agatactttg tctataaaag cataagaatg aaagctgact tcagagagaa ataggagacc      7680
     tgatattaat aaaatggttt taacagttta cacgggaaaa gaaacaaacc tgtatcccca      7740
     caattctata cccagcaaaa ctagcataga attgaagcaa agtactcttt aagaccaaaa      7800
     ctgcatgaag ccttgaagga agtcctttac atggaaggaa aatgacagaa aggggagtca      7860
     tcagaaaagg taaattgaga atatgaaatg ctatatcttt ctcttagcaa tttttttcag      7920
     aatatagtat tttaaaagac tataaaacta cacttttttg gttcataata taacatatga      7980
     aaataacagc aaaaagggtg agagcaggtg acagagacta tgttgacaaa gatattaaaa      8040
     tgtctaaatc tgttcaggaa attttcccct gtgccgatgt gtttgaggct ctttcccact      8100
     ttctcttcta ttagattcag tgtatctggt tttatgtgga ggtccttgat ccacttggac      8160
     ttgagctttg tacaaggaga taagaatgga tcagtttgca ttcttctaca tgccgactga      8220
     catgagccag aaccatttgt tgaatatgct gtcttttttt ctactggatg gttttggcct      8280
     ctttgtcaag gtgggtgggt ttaattctgg gtcttcaatt ctatttcact gatcaaccta      8340
     tctgtctctg taccaatacc atgcagtttt tatcactatt gctctgtagt acagcttgag      8400
     gtcagggatg ttcccagaag ttctcttatt gttgagaaat gttttcacta tactggattt      8460
     ttttgttatt ctagatttat ttaagaattg ctctttctat ctctgtgaag aattaagttg      8520
     gaattttgac ggggattgca ctgaatctgc agatcacttt tagtaagacg gccattttta      8580
     ctctgttaag ccaataacat aagtccataa gcataggaga tctttctatc ttctgaggtc      8640
     ttttttgatt tcttttttca gaaacttgag gttttcatca tacagagctt tcacttgctt      8700
     ggttacaatc acaccaagat attttatatt atttgtgact attgtgaagg atgttgtttc      8760
     cctaatttct ttctcaaccc atttatcttt tgattagagg aaagctactg atttgtttga      8820
     gttaatttta tatccagtca ctttactgaa gttgtttaat cagctgtagg agttctctgg      8880
     tggaattttt gggttcactc atgtatacta tcattatcat ctgcaaatag tgatatcttg      8940
     acttcttcct ttccagtttg tatccctttg acctcctgtt gttgtctaat tgctctggct      9000
     agaactttga gtactagatt gaataggtag ggagagagtg ggcagccttg cctggtctct      9060
     gattttagtg ggattgcttc aagtttctct ccacttagct tgatattggc tattggtttg      9120
     ctgtacattg ttttttatta tgtttgggta tgggctttga attcctgatc tttccaagac      9180
     ttttaacatg aagggatgtt gcattttgtc aaatgctttt tcaacatcta atgagatgat      9240
     catgtggttt aaaaaaaaat ctaaatccta aaattaaaat tctaaaaagc attcagttac      9300
     tccactacac aaagaaagaa tttaacaaaa gaacaaaaac tggtaagaaa aatgaaaaac      9360
     agatagcaag agggtaggaa taaatccaaa gatgtcaaca actatattaa gcaaaccgga      9420
     ttaagtatgc caattaaaag acataaccca tgagtctaga cagaagagac tcaatcatag      9480
     actcataaaa ggagaaactt ttaaatgcaa agaattctcc ttgatgacaa aggtaaataa      9540
     attagaagga tataaacact gaacctgcta cattaaacac agcagaaaaa gacaatgtta      9600
     aagagcaatg tttccgtttt caccatgtta gagcaatcca agaaagctga gctctaggaa      9660
     gtagagcgga gggaaaggta ggaaggaagg ctgcacctct caggctgaac tgagaaccac      9720
     agcgagaagc agcgagcaga caccactgaa cctcacactg gagatgaagt cagccagctt      9780
     tcttacatac ccaacttacc caatgacaca gaagatcata caaaaatgaa gtccttatct      9840
     tcttaccaaa accatgccat gtcaaaggaa actccagagc cacagatctg actggagaag      9900
     taacaagaat gtaagagggc gaaggggcca cagacttaca caaaacctct ctgaagactg      9960
     cttctcgaat cccagtgagg tgggaaagag cagtgggcgc ggtggagaag caaggcactc     10020
     gcctgactct cactacacct aaaccaacat cacagggttt ggggcctgag cttcctgctg     10080
     tgacagagcc agagaatgtc atgtctacca cagtcctgtc aaagaaacag aggctaacat     10140
     gaggcctgaa ggaaacacta ggcagtgcca agatggaaga cattctacca aggaactggc     10200
     ctacactgtg tcaagacctc ccaggttaca agatctaaag attcagaaag tgtttaaggt     10260
     caggacactg gagacaggag gactcagggc caagagagac ttcaacgctc ttgtattgcg     10320
     taatgtcaaa tgatcttgtc tccaagtcag tctcaaatgg ctcatatgtg tgtgtataga     10380
     cacacacaca catatgtgca catgtacaca catgctttac acacatatgt atacatgcat     10440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaacag agaagaaagg atgacacaaa ccaaagtgac aggctcctag     10500
     agaaggggga gggagaacac agcttccatt cttctaactc tcctgtaagc tcaatcaaaa     10560
     gctacctcct gttgggcctg gtgaggtaca cctttaatcc catcagtttg aggggcagag     10620
     gcaggcagat ctctgtgagg tcaagatcag agtggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     10680
     cagcattctg ttatgcagag aaaccccgtc tcgaaaaagg aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa     10740
     agctatctcc aaatgtttag aaagaatatc tcaaaataag taaacaagaa aaagtagaag     10800
     gaaggaagaa agggaggggg agagagtggg agggagggag ggagggaggg aagcattttc     10860
     tctccaagct ccatctttct cagggacaca gcactgctag agtacagtaa agaattctgg     10920
     gtgggtaata tagccatctt ctgttgagaa tttgtacaca gacaagcaaa gcgggacaca     10980
     cacacacaga gagaaatcta attggggtga gggaagggta atccaagccc agaacacaaa     11040
     taaggaaaag gcctctctct gccttcaagc tctgaggaca cagacttctg atgtaacgct     11100
     gagcagagtt gttcagtgac agccacaata aatgaggatg tgagacctct gtatccaggg     11160
     taacgggcaa ctaaagagct ccctgtatct ctttccactc ctctcgacca ccacacccac     11220
     atgaccttat tactacacca tataagacaa atccagagtc attagaaggc agcacacagt     11280
     gacgagacat gacatcccag cagccctggg aaccacatgt gtggaatggc gatcttcact     11340
     gagttgcttg gagccaacta ttctttacag cccataacca cagcattctt cttaaataaa     11400
     tgcacaaata aaaatgagct caaaataggg atgacgacaa aaaatgagga agccttactg     11460
     tgaaaacgtg ttgagagaaa accaggcttc tgacaattag ttataatcgc agaatgctaa     11520
     tggcctccct gcaagcaaga ggaattataa ttggtctcca gtggcctgtt tatcctgtct     11580
     agatataatt acaagataca gctctcgccg tttttaccaa tccattcatc cgacaactaa     11640
     catttattca gcacgggctc tgggcttggc ctgtgctggg tgctgatggc acaaggccac     11700
     agtgacccca ggtcagagct tgccacttca agggacaggt aaatgggact ttataactca     11760
     actgctaagt gaaaggagat ggacatgcag cagcctgtga tgacagagag gagagtgtca     11820
     ctaacagtga tcgggtgtcg ggaaagatgt gaacaaagca ctgtgagtac acaggtgatc     11880
     taccaagaac tgagccctgg tctccacagg aaggctgcgt ggtctaactg gtactgcagg     11940
     cgaggtaacg gtccccgtca tacaggcacc taagctgctg gcatcacaat tgactgatta     12000
     cgattcccaa cgagaatgaa aactgaggag aagacagatg tgtgtgtttt ccatgtgaca     12060
     agtcctttcc cgcagagcag cctccttctg agttggcatg tgctgatgtg tatacagatg     12120
     tcccaatatc caaacacagg gcacacagaa cccagagagc cgcttccatc atctgtaagc     12180
     caagggcttc ctgagtattt accacagcgt tttggggtat tacccacaga accagacaac     12240
     attctgtttg gggagctcca caacacatac gtgggcctgt actcctcaaa taaaagcacc     12300
     tcatgctaca cacacctcca cttcccagct gagaagatgg cagcccccaa gctcttggtg     12360
     ttcaggaccc ccctaacttc caggctccag gaaaagaact gaaccaaagc acagctgggg     12420
     caaagagcac aatacctcct tctcctgtgg ggtccatgga aaggtaagca agccctccag     12480
     acacaagaga gcagagctaa gcggtgcata gtagggcttc agagtcacaa gccagaaagc     12540
     agtttcttct gcaaatgccc tcgctgtggg atcggactgt ctactccacg ggaggcttgc     12600
     tttatattcc aaatggctga gggctgggac agacattgct gataagaatg gagtatttgg     12660
     agacaaaata aagtgaatcc tgcagcaatg ctttcggctc tggtgccctc ggcactgcca     12720
     gtctttaggg ataaggtgtt tgagtgccag ctgtgacctt ggaaacccgt tggacagagt     12780
     tctaaatgaa aacggagatc tacttggcaa agttcactgc tcaactgcca aacaccccga     12840
     ctaaatgcta ttatccaggt tcattttgca aagtaaatta aatttctttt agagaaactt     12900
     gaaatttata aaagaaccct ggagaatttg aattttaata atcaattatt cctcagactg     12960
     attcatctta taaacatatg gaatatgcaa aaaattaaat tagtttaaaa atctagacct     13020
     ttaacgcata gttgaaaaaa cacttttata taaatgaaga ataattgcca aatgttctga     13080
     cactgcaata taatttttta gctacatggc gtataatgct tttgcacttt ggggaaggag     13140
     ataattcctt cctctcacgt cattcctctc tgaacaagag accagctctc tgctcaccct     13200
     gtgctcatca cccaggccta ggattttaaa accatttatg caaaattatt tcctaaaagg     13260
     ctggaccaat cctgcagctc tgagccataa ttcgaggaag gggtcaagca cacaagcctc     13320
     atctgtacag ggcagtgaag gggcagctgc caaaggaaat gagatggctc atgatggtcc     13380
     ctgaacacag agaacaagca aggccgggct ggggcactgg gtaagtacag cagaagccag     13440
     cacgctcacc acctaccaag gaagaaggag gaaggaggaa gccctggctg cctatacagt     13500
     cccttaatag tggtatgcag cctgctacca ctggatgcta catggaaaac caagctggca     13560
     gggcccctga gcacacacct ctgcccctcc aagtgtgctg ccaccccacc catcagggac     13620
     tgcttactgc tcacacccct cctggtctaa catgtttata taacacatta gatatagcaa     13680
     agggtttttt tttactaagt actgtgtaac acattacctc atacaccatc gtgggcccca     13740
     cgcctctaga ctgagcttta ctgtaagact gggcatcccg cccagcagca gtgtcaacag     13800
     tgtaagtggc tggtgactgg cactcacttg gctgagactc ctccagccct ggtactccaa     13860
     gaatgagcat gtctaaagac aggatcaagg ttacccatga aactttcctg aataaactct     13920
     gaccatctaa ctcagagaat ggtgcatgcc tgaagttcaa ctcctgtgag aattcaagtc     13980
     ctgaattagc caccagctgt gcaagccact cccaaggaag acttacgctc atggcctcct     14040
     tcctgcattc atcatcacgg ctgggagcag accgctccag cagagcagga catacttagc     14100
     cttcaatgtc acactgggaa atgagacctt gctccagaag ggccagtagc gcttcctggc     14160
     tgggttttct gacctggagg gaaaatggtg gaaggtgaaa caggagatgg ggtagatgcc     14220
     ttctcaggat ggaggcaggc ctcccaccgc actctccata ttcctctggg tctgcccttt     14280
     aaccaccccc ccctcttgcc tgagggagcc ccagcctctt ggtgcaacca ttcctcccgt     14340
     atgtacattt ttgtgtattt ttcataattg tcatgtgact tgcagagggt gacaatggag     14400
     ggttgtacca tgtctgaggt gcccgctgtc ctcagcgcac catcagcaca ggcagcgggt     14460
     gacaggacat ttattctctt ggggcttggt gaatggacac acgtctggcc cactgggcca     14520
     ggtgtcagag tgagagacag cttctgctgc tgtacaagcc tgggcctcac cacagcggcg     14580
     cgtactgcag acacgcgatg cttcgcaccc aaggccacta tggatcagca tcaggtgcaa     14640
     aggcaccagt ggcagctaga gacgaaagca cctaaaattc ccatttttat agagaacagt     14700
     tcactgtcag gagaggaagg caagaaaatt gtaacgggtc ccagaagtga acagaccttg     14760
     tcacggatgg tcactccata gcagggcaca agagggcaag gcccaaggct gtggccacaa     14820
     aggctactcg acactaggac tgcctggtct gccaacagcc aagccagagg agacaggaaa     14880
     gccatcggga agggtagcaa gcagggccag tctgcaggac tctgacctct cctgtcccct     14940
     tgtattctgc acccccagcc tgccccagtg gcagcccctg gaggtcgctg cttctcaact     15000
     atgttctccc tggggccatg tggcagatcc gggaacacag aagacagaac acacagcaaa     15060
     catgtgcaca aacactcagc tgtctgaggc ccaggggata gcaatggggg atgagagggc     15120
     acaggctgat ggtgacactg gaggtttcct gactccagct caagggtcta catctccagc     15180
     cccatggttc attgcctgag cttcagtctt gtcacctgtg agactggaca ctaatacaga     15240
     agtcccagat agtgttggga tggctctgga taaagccaca aggtggaagc aacaatggtc     15300
     aaaagtgtgt taaggtgggt gtgggaggtt ggggggcgtg gggcacgtcc attattccag     15360
     tacctcggat actgaaacaa cacggccact gtgagttcca ggccagccca ggctccagag     15420
     tgagtccctg tatcaactca agcaagcagc caacaatgca tttactacat ttagcctatt     15480
     tactaccaac agcctggaga cctcaaacgt gctgactgat tacgcttgta accacaggaa     15540
     gaggtcacct aacataaccc aatctaatag aaaagcactg cacactcagg gaattggttg     15600
     gctgcagtaa caagagtaac ctccaccatg gtcatctgca tccactttgg caccactcta     15660
     aagaagccat cagggaggac tggcaaaagc ataaaaggcc tctcaagatg cagagctgag     15720
     aaaagtagtc aggacacatg acgatcaaat ggatgttggc tcctgctgtc cccaaaatca     15780
     ccctggccac aggacaagaa gaggtatgta tagaattgca gcccgaggcc ctgagaggat     15840
     caagggacac atctggtcat ttttccttca catcatctga tggagcagca gtaaatgatg     15900
     acaggcaccc ggttccaatc tcaaaaaccc aaagcagcaa cagtggcact tggaacgcag     15960
     atcgggcaga gatctcaaag aggctgctag caggtggacc agctcaggtg ttatgagagg     16020
     cggaggctga caggagagga gagaagggca ctgggagaga caggctggct ccagtgaaca     16080
     ggcccctgat gaggttaaag gtgtggtggt ggtgagggtg gagaacgcag tccccgaatc     16140
     tactcagtgc agtcaacttt ctcatagctc tggtttcgaa ggaagaaagc caagaggaga     16200
     gggggtgtct ttggggctat gcattcatga tagagacaat ggagatgtgg cgtgagtctg     16260
     actgggtgtg gaggggaggg ggaatggttt ccagagttcc cgggctgtag ctcaggggaa     16320
     ttgaatatat cagacggtgt actgttcatt gcgataggag atgaagattg aaggcctcta     16380
     ttttcttcgt gatgtaaaag gcaaggtcac ttgcttggcg aaaggcaggg caaggtgaga     16440
     ggcctaatga gaatggcaaa ggtctcaagg aactgccaag gataatggga gaaacagctg     16500
     atgagggaca gggggaagga ttgccacgca gtgctgcacg tccaactgcg attggaggcc     16560
     ataaatttcc aatggcacca atcagtacgt gacaggcctc cctccctcag accaagctca     16620
     gcaggcaaga gctaaagaag cagagccagg gtggcagaag ccctaccaag ggacaggaag     16680
     gtgacgtgga tctgagaggg tggcggcgga aagcacagca gcaggtcaga ggtgcacaaa     16740
     ggcagacatg atgtggctgt ggattcaaga gccagagagt gggggaagcc agggctgtga     16800
     gggctgaagg tcagctgcag tgggccctca gggggacagc aggaggtaag gggacaccct     16860
     ggtgtgcaca gggaaacagc tgggactgtc aggagggaga acctcccagt cactgatacc     16920
     tttcctcagc agactcagca ggttcaatac cagaagcaaa gcacactcct gctttaccct     16980
     tttggaacaa aacatagggc aaagataggt gactgaggtc gagaggaggt caaatccctg     17040
     cacagcctcc ttttaaggac cacaccagga gagaacaaac agccaacagg ggtgcaagag     17100
     cgagtgttca tgctgctgac cgtgcacaca gacaccaggg agatgaaagc cagtggagat     17160
     gatgaagaaa caggaggatg ctgtgtccct ccaacgagtt tgctgagggc agaaatctgt     17220
     cctgctcatc tcttcctccc cgggcacaac acagcagact tggctcctaa tgggcactca     17280
     gaaactgtca gagcaaatga acgaatggaa ggagccaccc cacgttatga tcagagtcct     17340
     gtgagagaaa atgcaaagat aatcataata tccatggctc tctccttacc cgaaaactcc     17400
     actgcattct gtcacatttg ggtaacagtt aaaaatgact gctgtccttt ttaagaacag     17460
     cagatcaaga aaaaaacaca aactaaatgt ttagaatttc ttgaaaatcc aaacacagta     17520
     tgtcattaaa aattaaaaca ctcacatcct gtacagaaag tcatctctga aatatatcga     17580
     tacaaacaga aaggacagag gcttccttca ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     17640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcattc catggcatgt gtgtgaaggc tttcaggagt     17700
     tagttctctc tgccaacctt gtttctgcca ctgggctgca cacttagggt agctagctct     17760
     tgagtttctc ttgactcgct ggcatggcat tacagatgtg ctccgctgca tcgagccttc     17820
     gtgaatgggt tccaggcact gaacctgggt cttcaggttt gcaccatcag tgcattagcc     17880
     cctgaacagt cctaatccct tcagcaatgt ccaagattca aaggagcaga aggctctcca     17940
     gcgcccaaga gcacatggac tatccctatc cccagaggct gacactgtag gaaatgggag     18000
     caagacccat gtgagtcact atcccaagca taggacatat gacatgcagg aaagcaggca     18060
     gagcagcagg aggggaggca cagacacctg agaaagacaa gatgcacaca cacacagggt     18120
     actgtctgga aagcaacaag actggcaaag cttgaggaag cagtcttaga acagagggag     18180
     ccggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggaggaagtc aggcaggcag caagagaaat     18240
     caaacttctt caatacacta agttttagtt tgggaattag gtggacattt aaaatgagtt     18300
     ggagtcgaaa tgtaaaagtt agagctactc ttgaagataa gcctgtgctc agccatagca     18360
     gagcatagct actcagaatc ctgaggcaga aggatcgctg gagcccaaga gttcaaagcc     18420
     agcctgagca acatggtgag accttgtctc aaaaaaagca gaagaatatg gacccaagga     18480
     ttatatcggg aatagataga tagatggata tggagatacg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     18540
     tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg     18600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacatgtata tatacatata tatacacata cacacacata     18660
     tatatacata tatatataca catacacaca tgtatatata tatatatgca tatataaatg     18720
     atggaaataa atgccatgaa tttgaaggag agcgaggaaa ggtatgtggg aaggcttgga     18780
     gggatggaag ggaagggaga aatgttataa ttaaaacaca atctcaaagc agcaacaaca     18840
     aaggagagga gaaccagcca gccctggtgg tatgcgcctg ttttctcaac tacccaagag     18900
     gctgaagcaa gaaggtcaaa agtttaaggc caagctggac agcttagaaa gacccacagt     18960
     aaaacaaggc ctggggtgca gttcattcat tgcagagcgc ttgtctagca ggcagggatg     19020
     ggacccagca aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aactatatgt     19080
     agtgacgtgg ggttaaacat taacgtatgt gtcaattacc aaccacatga gactcacatt     19140
     gcgcaaggtg aaaacaatat acaataggaa acgcaagagt aagagccctc tcatccctga     19200
     gaagagtttt acttgtcacc ggatgcaata attgagttca cagccaggag cgccctggta     19260
     tccatgtttt ggtttctcat cgtttcccca gtaaaagaac atggattctt taaagaagca     19320
     gtcagctcta gctggaggta aactatcagt ctactagaaa tgtcaggaag attcgagaat     19380
     aatggctccc acaagccaga actgaaacaa ctcgatatca aaaatagcaa tgcctgtgct     19440
     gactgaagcc tcactgctct cagacgtcct gatagcaccc aatgagagag catcagtagg     19500
     catctgagat gacttcagat gccaaccaat tatcctagga accaggaaat agaggaagaa     19560
     gacaaagaac atatctcacc ttcctatatt agtcagaatt tgagagttct caaacagcta     19620
     ggagggaaag ctcttctctg aagacttccg agcattacat catggagcaa gacaagacag     19680
     aattcaagtg tcagaatcat atagccgaca aagaaacagt ggtctccatg aggactacca     19740
     tggctgctca aactgatgaa cagctgtcac atataaggtc agatgacatc accagcaccc     19800
     agaagccacg ctcagcatct gagagagaaa ctcctagagc tctatgcatc ccaacttgac     19860
     ccaggacaga gacaggtccc atctccactc agtgcctact ttatagaaaa tacctgggat     19920
     gaagggaatc ttaatgctag agatgcaact gcccacccgg gatgggaggt caacgggaca     19980
     aactttctgg gctttcagtc aatccacagc taggagggga gcagcggcac agttcttacc     20040
     agcgtcagag actaagaaac ttacataaac ccaatgtgcc aaccttgttt gtatttgcac     20100
     ccaaatggat catctggaaa agtcaacttt cttgccaact atgatggtga aggtccataa     20160
     tctagcatcc caaggcagga ggacacagag atcaacgtca gcaccctctg gcctgtctca     20220
     aaaacagaga cccaaacaaa atacacactg atgagctact ggacaggctg agcagagaga     20280
     gcagaggaga tgggttgggt gagcaggggc acgctttaca gcagtggtga atcacttttc     20340
     tctatttgcc atgcagagca ctgaagatgg ggcactgtgc acactgggca agtgctctgc     20400
     ctctcacctg cacccccagc tccgcatttc ttagagagcc atgctaatgc attgacagtt     20460
     gaggtaagag gtgtctggga aggtttcctc tgtgatggag tccgtctagg tgcgataaat     20520
     gccactgaca ggacaagtgt taatgaaggc ccatggacac agttgttata ctctgtctac     20580
     tggcgtgtct caatgcatcc ataatggaaa ggaggagaga actttcttca ttggaaggaa     20640
     tacggtctgc ttctcccact ggataagaag acctgcttca ggcagttaac tccaccaagg     20700
     caccaactct gctgttacgt taggtaaaag caggagggaa tctgctaatg agatcttaag     20760
     gcagcagtgc tcgcacctgg ttgtctggat cctcaaggta ccgagctcca ccaggcagga     20820
     tgtactggga ggagggatct gccccatcag ctcagtcggc acagtgggct ctacggcaat     20880
     aggacagaga gagttctagt aagaataagc caagcatctg acatggtata tactaatggt     20940
     ttctagcttt tcttactaaa atacttcatc aagaaaatta gacaaatgca gtttaaaaat     21000
     catttcccat ttagagtatt tatgctacag acaggcttaa aaagctagta agccacacag     21060
     caacataaaa cataaaagga agagaggatg acagctctat tataacaagc catatacaaa     21120
     tggagaaagg accaagaagt ctacacgctg ggccagcgtc caaaagccat tacagctaat     21180
     ggcttctctg ccagacctat gggttgtgct tatttaaatt ccagccggga tgtatacatt     21240
     ataaataatt ctttcacaaa tgcactcccc cacaatccac gcatcccaat tatttctaag     21300
     gcaaagcatt aaacaaaaga gcgttccagc tccagtacag cacattaaat ttaacacaaa     21360
     tatataattg ccgcagcact gtaaatggtg attcatttat gaagagaatc cattcaaagc     21420
     ctcaaaacat ccacttgggc ctttttaaaa gcaccgtgtc acatccatat gaatatttta     21480
     aactaatatg ggagctatat ggaaggcttc tttttctctc ttcagctaaa atgatcaaat     21540
     tctaaggcct cagatttctg gaactttctg aagcagctca tcagtcatcc tgtgtgcaga     21600
     gaatggggtg caggcagggc agctgtcagt catcctcctc atctttactg tgtggcaggc     21660
     agggggtggg gagacaggcg acgtcagaat gtctgctgcg ctgcagcctg cttccttcta     21720
     gaatagcaat catagagagg cagaaagagc aagaaaaatc aagatcagtc gacagagatc     21780
     acgggtgaga agaacgaatg actgggattg ttctgatcca aaggatatct tctgattggg     21840
     tacttcttaa caaccagcac tttagcaaaa ctcaagaaat acaaaaggcc taactgccag     21900
     ggcaaatagc ctctgtcaca ttagtcatcc tgatgttcca aaagggacat tagtcattct     21960
     gatgttccaa aaaggacaat ttgagtcatt ctgaagtaag acgtctgttc ttatgacaaa     22020
     aatccatcta cagtcacaca cagcccaaag ctcactgatt aatataaagt ctttaaattt     22080
     tagctaggac ttgtagtata tatttttaaa gaaatgtaca agttaaaaaa gaactgaaaa     22140
     gcctgcatcc tctgaaagtc ggacagctcc ctccaggact gctaggatgt cctcatcagt     22200
     gtggctcaag acatccagta gtcctctggc aacatctgac tctggagaca gaaagagccc     22260
     cacagttggt tacctgacag gtgctgacta caggatgcta tgttgtaggt actgtgctag     22320
     aagcaagagg gtcatggagc aaaggaaagc cagccatgtc catctaagag gacagagaca     22380
     accacgggcc atcagagatg gctgctctaa tgccaatcaa agccctctag gaattgggac     22440
     tttatctcac aacccagcat ccagagtaaa ctcgacacag gaaagccctt acccacctgt     22500
     gcttactggt tcttcaggcc cacacagact tcggagggaa ccctgagtgg gtgtaggatg     22560
     gggagaccca gagggtactt gctggtcctc tcaaggtttg gagaatgagg aactacattg     22620
     agggaattgc tttatatcag gcccattccc tgaatctcct atgattactc ttctaccttc     22680
     aatagaattg accttaaaca ggatggaccc acaaaacctg ttctgaggga gcacggacaa     22740
     ctacaggaag gcttggtcaa gacaacaatg gcgaagggca agccagtagc agcaattatc     22800
     taaggaaagg aacattgtcc ctgggcccta ggacaggcag gagagcaggg aggtctgcag     22860
     ctgagcgaca caccgaccca ggaggttttc cacagacagc aggcagcaca gtgccacatg     22920
     ccaaacacaa gaggctctca ccatgggctg taagatgaga ctgctactga aggcaaagga     22980
     catgtgccat cagcatctca gccaccagca aggaaccaag accccttttg accccagagc     23040
     agggaacccg agagcaggca ggcctttcag agagcaggac tacaagtcca ggaagctgat     23100
     gtaaactact caacacaagg agtcgcaaac aaatgcctta ctaaatattt tttaaaagat     23160
     ttggactata agaaattatt aaagaaaccc gccagccagg aagaaaatga caccaacaga     23220
     aatccaaatt tatataaatg aatgaaaatc agcagaaatg atgctcacat gtaaagatta     23280
     atctcattat ttaagcctct ttaagaaaca actattctat aaaactgata atgacttgtg     23340
     gctttctagc acataaatgt acacatgcgt atacatgtat atataaaaag gaagataaaa     23400
     cagcagagag accaggagac gataatgaag gcatactaat ataattatac tacactgtga     23460
     tgtgggaaaa tatcactaat aagtcaaacc ctgagacact gctaaaatag caaaacaaca     23520
     aattataact aataaactat taagacaaac tgaattcata aaaaattcca ttaaaccaag     23580
     aaaaggccga taaagaccca aagagaaaag agttctaaca aatgaactca agcagcagga     23640
     tgtcagcttt tgcaccagtg aacacacaca acacaaatgc tccaaacagt ccagctaaga     23700
     tgccaagacc caacaatata ctgctgacaa gaaacacact ctaatacaca cacatacatt     23760
     taaagtggaa aactaatagg agtcacagaa agctagggtg ggtagctcaa agtcagacag     23820
     agaacatcac cagggataaa gtcatttcac agtgataaag gggtgaactt ataaagaaga     23880
     tatagtaatc ctaaatgtct atgtactaaa taacacactt tcaagctaca gagtaaaaat     23940
     caataaaact acaaggagaa atagataaaa gtcatggtgg gagtctggaa ataggcctat     24000
     gcatacatca ccaatgagtt tttacaaagg tcaacagaga aaaaacagcc ttttcaaaag     24060
     tgatgctgga gtgaacagac cctgagaact catgacctaa cttccatctc gtaccatgca     24120
     cagagttaat acaaaacaga ttagaaggct aatgttgagc acatcaccag ttcttgaaaa     24180
     gaaaaggaat ccagatggaa aagccagtgt gagctttgct tagcaataat tttgaagcct     24240
     tgaagcctca aaatacaaaa tttgtattac tacccttttt aagaaaataa attttaaaat     24300
     gtcattaaag tgagaaactc tttccccaaa tgacagcacc aagtagggag ggggagacaa     24360
     gcctcaaatg ggagaaaaca cctcacaaag aggatgtaca cccatccatc aaactcctca     24420
     caaacagcat aagcgatgct attccaactg aagaaaatca gaaattaacc tgaaccatta     24480
     tcagttacca agtaggtgga caagatgaag acatgatgtg ttctacgact caggagagcc     24540
     ttggaaacag gctaagtaaa caccatgaac cactggatta cactgctatg cacagtgtag     24600
     agaggaaaac gggctcctgg ctacttaggg tagaggactg aggccacgtg agctgacgtg     24660
     cctcatggca atggaatttc tttaagaggt gggaagaaaa tttcaaaagt ccttgcagaa     24720
     tgttccacaa tgatgtgact atgctaaaat ctatccacca gaaatctgaa agttgtaaac     24780
     tgtatggtat gtgtaatgac actacaccag taagctctac aacatgtgta atagtgctat     24840
     actggtaaac tgtacattat gttatatgta atggacatta tactgaactg tatggtatat     24900
     atgctcttag tcattgttct attgctgtga agagacacca tgaccaagac aagcttttat     24960
     aaagcttatc aaagaagact ggcttatagt ttcggaggtt tagtccatta tcaccacggt     25020
     agggaatatg gcagtgtaca tggcacagga atgttggatg gctgagggct acatcctggt     25080
     ccatagttca ggaaagaggc tgagccttct gtgggttttc tgaaacctta aaagcccacc     25140
     cctggtgacc tctcttcaac aaggccacac ctcttccacc tcctaatcct tgtaatcctt     25200
     tgaaacagtt ccacttcctg atgaccaagc ataaaagtac ataagtatat gagagtacag     25260
     gggctggttt tactcaaacc gccacacata ggtaatagac attctagcgt aggtttgatg     25320
     aggctctcct ctgcttctct cctagcctgg ccactcccgt tgctcatgct gtgtactgca     25380
     agcacatgac tcagcggtgt ttgctgcctc tctatctgct ccttgctatt tgggtccatg     25440
     cttttgttta ctagcgcgta aatgaaaaga atcactgaga caaaagtcag gtaactgtag     25500
     gtcattgttg gcaccaccca gaacatgtaa actcaatccg aataagatca ttagacttta     25560
     gcattcacca tgatagcgta ttgcctattt attgattgat tcaatcacag gggaagtctc     25620
     catatcacaa gtcttagaaa cagagactat gagcaccctg acacacacca tctaaaccgt     25680
     atgagtgaag gcgcgctgac accgctgagt ctggactaca ctccccaaag ttccatgacc     25740
     acaactaatt atgaggaagc agcaggcaga gccacttggg gagacagact atgaaatacc     25800
     tcagcactct tcctcaaaaa tcatcagata tgtagaacaa ggctagacca agaagctatc     25860
     aaggatttaa ggagacaaaa gagactcaac agctaactgc tgacatggta acttgggtgg     25920
     gtggaagccc agctcaaagg aaagattcca gtggacagcc acggcgtgta tgctagtgaa     25980
     ccactgtgga gcactgctgg agttagtgcc tcagctttct gtgcttgcta cacacaagca     26040
     cacaatccat agctgacgta agcgtcagag cagaagtctt gtcctcagca cagttccacc     26100
     tggtcattct ttgccttggg gctgtcctgt acatcccagg gtacttagca gcagccctgg     26160
     ttcatatcca ctaggtgtca gtagtattcc ctgaccccca agatgtggca cccagaaatg     26220
     tctctgacct ggtctaggag cagaagtatc cctgggtgag ggccactgca ccaggaggag     26280
     ctgggcacaa actgtaagag aactctttat atacatcagt gacttttcca tcactgtaat     26340
     aaatatatga tggacacaac tgaagaaggc aagggttact gtgacccaca gtgtgagtct     26400
     tggtggctag atcataaggc agcaagtcac actgcatcca cagtcggtag aggagagcac     26460
     cgacacccag ctcagtgtct tgtgtatgct cagtgtggga ccacagccca tagaacagtg     26520
     ttgcatacac ttagaatggg tcttcctgcc tcaggaaatc aacctggtct aagaagtcct     26580
     tcacagatac gcccacaggt ttgtctccta aattctgtca agctgaccat caaaaataat     26640
     ccttacactc taatacatca gcaactcttc tataaaccta aaattatctc aaaatcaaaa     26700
     gctaaaaggc aaaacataat gatgaaaaaa aaattggcag ccacagcaga cagcactcag     26760
     accatggtga caatggcacg tgccagggag gacttgaaca caggaggcgc agacagcatc     26820
     caccggtgat tcggaaaaca gcctctcagg gagggaacta aaccctcacc attcgaccca     26880
     gcaatttcac ttttaggtgt tcagccaaat gagatgaaga cacagctaca cacagagact     26940
     ctaaagtgta taaacaagca tcatgcatga aaaagtctgg tccatttgct gatgaacaca     27000
     agttcagagc atacagtgtt cagaaagggt ctcaaagtac tgacagagag aaaaagattc     27060
     ctaatctgta cccctagttc cagggaaatg aactaagaaa acaccaggaa gcaggtcaga     27120
     ggctgcgggg acccaggagc agggcatggg gtgccaaacc atgacggtca aacatgggga     27180
     catggggact tgtcaggaaa cagagatgct caagctactg tagtgatggg tgcagaacag     27240
     gtcccacggg gaggctggtg acaagcaact tgcatgctgt gcacagatca acaggggaag     27300
     ctgttttaga cagaggccac cagacaaggc aggagcacac ccgacagatg ccctgtgcac     27360
     aaggagagcc aaccaaagta gatccacata ctccaatttt taagaaagta agactacaag     27420
     ttgaggattc aaagtgaagt cctctggccc agttcaacac aggaagaaat ctgttagtac     27480
     aagctgtccg aagaaacgga caccaccctg gggatgaaag gttgagatct ggcagccagg     27540
     aagcttgaga aacagacaga cactgccggg agagactgat tgctttccct ggacctcatt     27600
     catgcagcct ccccggggaa atcaggcaac taagatcccc aatctgctgc cccagccata     27660
     gaatgatggg caaatctgca tctcgcctca agtgggcaca agggacctgc cctcttaagg     27720
     aaagggaaga agagagaaga gagaccccgg agcagtccag cctacacaga atacagatgg     27780
     gaagggctat aggcagacaa ctggtcctgg gccaatgctt tcaagaatct ggcatgcgct     27840
     gggagaacat tgtggatgaa ccaagccaaa agtgcaggcc tctcagcagc tcctcagcta     27900
     gcaaggcgag caaacgagga ggaaggccat gccttctgga aagactgtaa ctgccaaacc     27960
     gtcaacccaa gtgctcagtg agatggagca gcaggtgcct agcacccaag ggcactagat     28020
     aagtagaaag caatcagcaa gatgattgat ttaacaagcc acaatgacag cagcattgat     28080
     gccactgatc taacaggggg tgtccagctt tctgatgccg gggtagaata ttgtcgatta     28140
     acatggaagg ccgcaattat agctattctg gggcacactg ggcctgagga ccactggctg     28200
     gacttgccta atcaaattaa gaagtagaga tgagtgaact gtatcaaaag gcaagatgta     28260
     tccatacacc ttccatagta aatatagctg gaattttgaa acatataggt tcaagtgtat     28320
     acatataaat gccatgcaaa attaaaagaa agctggattg catgaattaa taccagacaa     28380
     tgtgagtgag cttcagaaag caggatgaaa atgctagaca acaagtaaaa gaggcaactt     28440
     gtcaaaagaa gacacaatgc tagcagggta cacacctcca caaaagaacg tgagaataga     28500
     caacagcaac tgcagctgag gatgggagca ccgtcctctc agcagcagcc cacgggagca     28560
     caggaaagta agaggcaagg ctgtgggcag ctcggtggat gacgttaaaa gtaagagggc     28620
     tgtgggcggg tcagaaggca aaggtgcttg caaccaagcc tggtcactgg ggacccggga     28680
     gaaagaaaag agccattcct tcaagttgtc ctctgtgcac tgtggcattc aagcacccac     28740
     ccacaaatgc gcaccagcaa atcagcttaa tacactaagg aaataaatta acatggaaga     28800
     cctgcacaat gcttccaacc aaattaaccc aattgataca agtgtttaag atactctccc     28860
     ccaaatactg gcacacaaca ttcgttctag acagaacaca ctgaaacata aataagtaaa     28920
     tttttaaaaa taaataaaaa ataaagaact gtaaaatgtt ggttctttga ccacaaacaa     28980
     aataaatcaa agcaggaaca gtagagagat atttgaaaat tgtttatgta tttggcaatg     29040
     gcagcatgga tttgtgagta ctgactggtc agcaaagggt attaggagtg cctgctgctg     29100
     atgggggggg gggggggggg gctcactgcc tgctgctgtt gctgggcggg ctcactgcct     29160
     gctgctgttg cttggcaatg ggtgggctca ctgcttgttc agcacgctgc acagtaagtt     29220
     caaggctagc ctgggatacc tgatactaca tgtcaaaaca aaaattaaaa catactacaa     29280
     acatgcttca tgctcacttg tgggtaaacc acacaaagac tctattaaaa aaaaacaatc     29340
     taaagagaaa cttactcact actcaggagg cactagggtt tgtgtgtaaa ctatccccag     29400
     aagttgtgta tgtggtgtgt ggtcactaga ttgaggtact attcagagtg gaaccattag     29460
     gtggagaggc ctagtggaaa gaagtttaag gcttcgggaa caggccctgg aatgagttgg     29520
     tgagaaacca gtcccttcct gtctgtcttt cttgtctgac ccccataagg tatatggctt     29580
     tgcccctgtc tcctccatca tttatctgtc ttacaccagg ccccaaagca gtggatctgc     29640
     ctgagcatgg acagaaacct ctaataccac aagcacaaac acatcttatc tttccatgga     29700
     tacgtcctca gcatctgtca ccgaggaaag ctggctgact aaagaacaaa ctgtacaagg     29760
     taaaagtgta gatgtcacca aaggaaggaa aaatgataat cttctctatg gagaaagcac     29820
     acaggtttta ttgggacata aaacctaaat aaatagaaag gcaggccaca tttatagatt     29880
     ggattctcaa tattataaag atgacaaggt cctccaaatt gacaaactga tgctgtgttt     29940
     tgccttattt tgttaggact tgatgtgttg gatttaaaat ctatatggga gtctaaagga     30000
     cagaaatgag cagaggcacc agctgagcag ggctctaact gtcaggaaac aggaaatcat     30060
     ggtgcacagc cacagcagga ggctggctcc agtggaaaac gtgacaccac taactgcagt     30120
     gaagtgtatg gcacgtgcag gcgggctatg cagtgaggta agtactctgc aaagccagca     30180
     acgtccactc aaggaggagg cccacactca ttatccaccc ggtacacagt gtccacagga     30240
     gaactgtagc caactgtagc tcaactcctc aagcctccta cccagtcaac gggcaaaggc     30300
     cagtgccctc caagaacagc atcaaaagag gcacagccac acggagcacc agcccaaaag     30360
     ccactgtctc tatgtaactt catgaattta aacttagaaa aaaattaaaa ctgtaaggta     30420
     gatacttggg gctaaaactt ggcagaaggg taagaatgtg tttcacatga aaacccagct     30480
     cagcgatgag agcctggtgg ggcggaagcc gtggagagga atgaggagct ctgggagcac     30540
     gtgtgcagga catgaccacc aaggatgctg gcctcgtaaa actgcttcaa ctcggcgtct     30600
     atgcgtttcc ccaccttcta tgtatcgcat ctcacagtgc aagcaagctg tgagatttgt     30660
     ttctaatttt ctgtggataa atattgtgct tgcagatatg cacgtgcacc gtacatgact     30720
     ggtgcctgcc gaggcgtcgg atccggcagc gatgttctta actgatgagc cagatatcca     30780
     gccccacaac ctaagatggt ttaaagaagg gtttgctttt atttttgttt ttgatttttt     30840
     gggacagggt ttcttgacat agcctcggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccagactg     30900
     gcctcgaact cagatccacc tgcctctgct ttccaggtgc tgagattaaa tgtgtgcact     30960
     accacaccca cccttaaaga cggtttttaa agagatttta gtagaacata aaaacaaaaa     31020
     accacctagc aatctcaaaa aaagtcaaag aagcatgata caggctgatt ttacaaaaca     31080
     aatgacctac atacttcaac aatgtcaaaa ccaaccttgg atctgtaagg ttgagttgga     31140
     aggtttcaaa cgaagagaaa agaaagtaat cttcaggaga ggtggagaga gacctgggcc     31200
     caaatgggca ctacaggagt gcaaagctta agtggaggcc atgttgctgg gctacatcct     31260
     ggacaggaag acaaccccat ggcatcactg gggcaacctt tattaaatct ctatactagg     31320
     caacagtatc agctgggcaa gggggcaccg ctaagctcag cacttgggag gaaggatcag     31380
     atggcgctct gtgcattaga ggccagccta cactacagag tgagttccag gctagccagg     31440
     gttacacagt aaaaccctac ctcaaaaaac aaacctaaaa taaataaatg acggacaaga     31500
     ttgtagcagc tgaatttccc aggagtcact gtggcactgt gagtttaggg gtgtgacaat     31560
     gagaggcctc ttcgcaggaa aatgccgctg aagcaatcct gggcagagtg gtgtgaggtc     31620
     agaggtcaag gaaaactcac agacttaagg acacagagaa tgtgaagggg gcaaggcaaa     31680
     gtgcaggctg caggaggatt gaagcagagg gcatgaggat tcttactgct attctttaaa     31740
     taacctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     31800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgc gtgtgtgcat gagaaagagc ttaatttaaa aatcatctct     31860
     tggctggaga gatggctcag tggttaagag caccgactga tcttcctaag gtcctgagtt     31920
     caaatcccag caactacatg gtggctcaca accacacgta atgagatctg acacccactt     31980
     ctgatgtttg taaagacagc tatagtgtag ttatatataa tacataaata aatctttaat     32040
     aaataaataa attaaaaaga cggtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc     32100
     agaggcaggt gggtttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggata     32160
     gccagggcta tacaaaaaac cctgtctcga aaaaaaacaa aacaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa     32220
     caaaaacaaa aaaacatctc ttggcaaact atagaaacac gaatttccta cttaaaatgt     32280
     aaagtaaggg tacagcacac attaaatccc agccctgggg aaggagctgt gtagaggcaa     32340
     gagaatctct gagttgaagg ctagcctggt ctacagagtg agttctagga ctgccagggc     32400
     tgtacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaagaa aaacaaaaca acaaaaagta aggaatgaag     32460
     aaacaaaacc atatttttca caaatatcag tacagtacat agaaatccaa gagactccac     32520
     agaaatgcag tgaagctata atcaatgcag tatcaataaa aggaaacaag agcttaaagt     32580
     tgatctcatt ctcatttacc actgtcagcc agagtctaag aaatgaagtt gccatgaagg     32640
     cagacaccta ggagagaggc ctccagggct acagagcagg actgtgtcaa ggcctcccgg     32700
     gctacagagc aggactgtgt cgaggcctcc cgggctacag agcaggactg tctctcaata     32760
     aaagttaata aatggtagtg acaagatgga ctaaatagct ggaattaaac ctgacagtca     32820
     ggactctgta gcaggctgta gcttcatagc tgttttgttg tgtttgcata caagagttac     32880
     aagcacacac acacacatgc acacacgtga gtgcatatat agagaaagta aaggaaaact     32940
     tacaacacaa acagaagggt agaagaactg ctggtttacc tgttttctag gaactgctaa     33000
     gctcctgcaa agcgggtgtg agaacaaaac agtgaggaag ccaaggccac cctgatacgc     33060
     tgagtagcga gccttgcact gtgtgatgtc acatctttga tgatttagtt atggtactgc     33120
     agatcctcgt agtgacaggt acatcagagt ctatgaggac atgcgtctga acaaagtggc     33180
     agcacagggc agagaggaca atgctccatc tcacaggtgt ccagacagca gccatgactc     33240
     caggtagact ggagacccaa atgtgaaatg tgaaatttgg aaaaacagca gcagagaata     33300
     gcaaaggtct tgagcctatc acacatttct tttgttgctt cttgagacaa ggttctcaga     33360
     agcagcccag cctatcctta aacttggtat tgccctgcct caggtgcaga gagagggtgt     33420
     gaatgagcca tcttgaccag tgcaaacact gcttttacat gacctgatgc aagacaagca     33480
     ctagccggga aaggtgaagc aaacaagctg tgaaccatat gaaggtgaag agtgagggtc     33540
     accatttccc tgtttctgag acgggaggac actgggctct cccagtgcta tgacttacag     33600
     ggtaagggtt gggactgtgc ttgacacaga ccgtcattct gtgaagaaca agcaagtgga     33660
     cagtaaggac agactctggg gagcccgctg gctctctcaa gagtagggtg gccaaggaag     33720
     atggagagga taagaaatga gctaaggtct gttgctggtt gttgctactc tgagggttct     33780
     ttttcccact ctttattcct ccagtttcac cctgtcataa ggtaggaaag gaagatggat     33840
     acagggaaga gggagataga gatccctgaa tctaatatac catagcaaac cccctgaaag     33900
     gccaacctca cctcgcaagg ccctagcatt tatataacct ctgaaaagtt cccagaattc     33960
     caaatgtcat acaatcacag aaacaaaaaa caagtattct tataatattt ttgttttgtt     34020
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttaaa gaaaccaaaa ccacagaatt ctaactccta aggtttgtaa     34080
     gagaaggaaa ggaccagtgt gccagatgca gattcaggga caaaggcact cgtgagctag     34140
     tggggacaga ggatgggaag tgaaggggcc aggggcagtg gaaatgggca gacaggaggg     34200
     acagagatga gggtgtgcag gttcagggga gtctgggcag ccgcagttcc tcagtccttc     34260
     aagaaccaag tcaaggtcat tgttaaaaac aagatagact gtactgggtc agccctgcta     34320
     cagagccaca ggggactagg gcaggaccag ggtgacaatc aagcccgcag ctgaacctgg     34380
     aagtccacag tccagctgtg gtgtgctatg ccctatggta ttcatgggac aggaagccct     34440
     cggcaccatt tcttccttta ctctctataa caaaagcaat gaatgcacaa gcgggatgtg     34500
     gctctgagaa agagcatgcg aagcatacac aaggctttaa acttgattcc aagctccacc     34560
     agagtaacaa aaataagggg gaaagaaagc ctaggaagac aggactctgc cgacacaatc     34620
     agggtgtcct ggagacaact gcagcccacc ttacccatga gtcccctgga gcctgccata     34680
     gcaacaggag gcgagcagtg cgaggacgct gcttaccagc tgaagaagac gttctccatg     34740
     aacacatgct tttccaagtg agtgcgcagg gccaggttat cgtggccaga gatgttcaaa     34800
     ggagccatga ccttcccaca gtctgtacca caattttcaa atccatttag acaggaagag     34860
     gacacactct aaaactgtgc catcaatagt gatgggccac actgaggaag acatgccctg     34920
     tggctgggct gtccagtgca agttcctaga agccgttcac aagtgagcga gcagctatgg     34980
     aactacaaag aagggtgaca gggaccagta tcacaaagga aaaaggctcc catcaatatg     35040
     catggcaagc actcatctct ctggggagta tgtacctctc ccctaatatg ctggaaagtt     35100
     gggtaagaag cattctcact ctgccggcac atatccaaca tcttggacac cctaaatcct     35160
     gtttgtcttc ggtgctcaca ggacttcatg tactcctggt accaaatccc acccatccac     35220
     atcccggcct agcaacactc gagaaggttc ctcccacagg tcccttagtc catctaggat     35280
     gcactgaggt ggctgagctg gggcttgggc cctggagcca atgcacctgg agtagaagca     35340
     gtctcatgaa gacctcagat tagctgtgtg atcagagtgt cactctctgt acttcacacc     35400
     ctgatgtaaa cctaccttgt gccatcagag tggtgggaca catgagttct tcacatgtag     35460
     acctgtgaga cctgctctct aatcctgtga cctggcgaac cctgaccatt ggtttccact     35520
     gtttctgcac cccatccctt gatctgtgag ctttgatctg caccatggct agctctctca     35580
     tctccaagat gttctgcaga tgttcctctt ctcctctgtc ctgggctttt aggttgtggc     35640
     tagctggttg tggctagctg gcatctctgc ccagcatctc ccatgtcaaa ggctccagag     35700
     gcaccgatgt ggctgaccta cagttcagct ctctgcatag tgcagcaagg ccttcggcaa     35760
     tagatgctcc cttgggcagg cctctaagca ctcactactg acttctgtgt gcccagcaca     35820
     gtgcctggtg tgcaggagat ggtgcataat cacatgatga gcaaactcac tctataacca     35880
     tgcatctctc taaggaaact tttaaccacc aaattaacat aatctttcca taagatcttt     35940
     ctataaaaca tacactgaag acttatcact acaagactac tctctgggac tggtgaaagt     36000
     aagaaaagtt gctaggtagt cataacaatt aaagtaatag ggggtgagga aatggctcag     36060
     tcagtaaagt gcttgctgcc caagcagagg aacctgagtt taatccccag gacccataca     36120
     aaagccaggc atgatggaga ataaggcaat cccaaggcta cggagacaga aggcaaagcc     36180
     ctggggctcc agagctagcc agtctatgct gcttgtagag gactaagcca atgagggctc     36240
     atgtaccaaa aaaaggtgga catctactga ggaatgacat ccacagcaga cctttggcct     36300
     ccacaggcat gtgcacacag acttatgcac acagacatac atatgtattc atgtgctctc     36360
     gcacacacaa atcaaatgct gtcagttttt aagcgcctgt gatgggccag gggaatggca     36420
     gtacctagca ggtgtggccc tatttttcct tttgtctttt aagacaaggt ctgttacaga     36480
     attccatacc acaaatggcc ccggctgtga gctgtaagct ccagggagct gcctgcatct     36540
     cccacacatg agggctatag acacatatgg ccgttcctgt ggtcttcttg ggtactgagg     36600
     atccacactc aggctctcat gtttgtgtgg ctggcactac tgagccacct cctcagccct     36660
     tgttagtctt tgtaatgttt tctttattct tgagaatttc atatagctat acaaaaatat     36720
     gacatctatc catctttttc tcctttactc ccaacatgcc cgctgtctaa cttcatgtct     36780
     tctttactgt gataacccac cgagtccagc tagtccctcc ccatgtgaag ggctagccac     36840
     tggagcatgg gaaacttacc actgaccaca attcaaaaaa aattcttctc ccccagcaac     36900
     tgttcattgc caataactcc tcaaaggggg tgggccctgg gggtcttcta cctgtctaca     36960
     ccggggttct ggctggctgt gggccctggg ggtcttctac ctgtctacac cggggttctg     37020
     gctggctgtg ggccctgggg gtcttctacc tgtctacacc ggggttctgg ctggctgtgg     37080
     gccctgggga tcttctacct gtctacaccg ggattctggc tggcttgatc ttctgtggaa     37140
     gtgagcagag ctgctgttag cccacagtgc cacagccatg ctgtgcccag atgacagcac     37200
     ttgcagtgct ctgccctcct ccagctcaca catcctttct gtctcctcct cctcagcatt     37260
     ctctgagcct tggtggagga tgcatcattt agcagccctt cttgctattg tccaacagcc     37320
     atgcacctgg cttaccccag tcagaagtgg gagcacacac acttgttctc acagtcatct     37380
     ctgtgcactg tgctcccaag cctggcagtc agctgtcctc tttacttggg ttaaatagct     37440
     tagtggaata ctgtgcaaac tgacatgtga ctgttggaag aaagctataa acctgaacat     37500
     gcacgcttca gagggtcagg gaagactaga gttcagtggc caagttaggt gtggataaaa     37560
     caagtgaaaa tgaggattta cattcatggc ttggtatttt tataatagtt catttattat     37620
     tattatttat tattattatt agtgcagggg tcaggcatgc atacggaggt caaagggcaa     37680
     ccagtaaggg ttggttctct ccttctacct ttcaactcag atctttagac catgcaatac     37740
     ctgcttttgc tatggcgcca actctgcatc cctgcactcc tgtctttagg cacaaatctt     37800
     ggcccttagg agaactgagt ctgaaaaggt aagtgaggcc tcctgggtgg gtattgtcta     37860
     agaagtccca gtgcctagac caggccttgg tgcagactgt gacagcagcc tacaaacatg     37920
     catttaatgt acaacaccgc actgttaaaa ttttctgcta ggggctggag agatggctca     37980
     gtggttaagg gcattcgcta ctcttccaaa ggatccatgt tcaaatccca gcacccacat     38040
     ggcagttcac aggtgtatgt aatccagttc caggggatct gataccctca cacagacata     38100
     gtaggaggca gaacaccaat gcaaataaaa ctaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaac aacaacaaca     38160
     acaacaacaa caacaaacat ctgctagagg gctggaaaaa tggcgtagca ggttaaagga     38220
     agcactgctc ctgttgaggt gagagtctga gttccagcat ccacatcggg caggttacaa     38280
     ccacctgtta gcccagctcc aaagcaatca gatgcctctg gcctctgtag gcgtctgcat     38340
     tcacatgcat gcacacttgc cccaacacac tgcattcaca tgcatgcaca cttgccccaa     38400
     cacactgcat tcacacgcat acacacttgc cccaacacac tgcattcaca cgcatacaca     38460
     cttgccccca acacacacac atacacacac acacacaatt ttaacaagta aaacataaca     38520
     gcatttttta aatcctcact ctagctgact gcctatcatg cagccatctt gtctcactcc     38580
     tgctggagaa gagggagcta ctggaagggt aagatatgca ggaaggacct ggatttgaaa     38640
     cccaattatc aagaggactc tcactgtttc aaaaagagct ttgtgtacaa caaagaaaaa     38700
     gacacagcag agccctcctg gcccccagcc cctgctgaac ctttctattc tgaccaaaaa     38760
     gaataaagat gaagaaacaa gccggccgag gcctcccaga ggctagtttt ggcaagagac     38820
     ctgcctccct ggctagttct gggaaggtca agggcacctg atctggaggt gtcgatgggg     38880
     gcccccgctg cactctgcac tgaagctcag atgtctgtgc cagccacact gcaggtgtcg     38940
     atgcccccgc tgcactctgc actgaagctc agatgtctgt gccagccaca ctgcaggtgt     39000
     cgatgccccc gctgcactct gcactgaagc tcagatgtct gtgccagcca cactgcgggt     39060
     gtcgatgccc ccgctgcact ctgcactgaa gctcagatgt ctgtgccggc cacgctgcgg     39120
     gtgtcgatgc ccccgctgca ctctgcactg aagctcagat gtctgtgccg gccacgctgc     39180
     gggtgtcgat gcccccgctg cactctgcac tgaagctcag atgtctgtgc cagccacact     39240
     gcgggtgtcg atgcccccgc tgcactctgc actgaagctc agatgtctgt gccagccaca     39300
     ctgcaggtgt cgatgccccc gctgcactct gcactgaaac tcagatgtct gtgccagcca     39360
     cgctgcgggt gtcgatgccc ccgctgcact ctgcactgaa gctcagatgt ctgtgccagc     39420
     cacactgcgg gtgtcgatgc ccccgctgca ctctgcactg aaactcagat gtctgtgcca     39480
     gccacgctgc gggtgtcgat gcccccgctg cactctgcac tgaagctcag atgtctgtgc     39540
     cagccacact gcgggtgtga agaggcggaa gagtaccact tggcagagag ggagccatgg     39600
     ccaactgagt ggctgagtgt acaagagatg gctagccgtg gcccgcacgt tcacttttcc     39660
     ctcaagcact ggacacaatc tcctcaactc ttttagttag aaattagagc ttattaaaag     39720
     tttaagctgc ctgagggaat tttaataaag tatacatttg tgcgtgcaca catgcgtccg     39780
     tgtttggtgt cttcctcaac tgcttttcca ccttagtttt tagggcaggg tttcctgctg     39840
     aagctggagt tcactgatcc aacgagaaca gccggccggc gaggcccagg ggtcctcctg     39900
     tctctgcata cagggctccg gggttacggg caaggggagc cacaccttgc ttttaagtgg     39960
     gtgcagggga tccgattaaa gtcctcacgc tcactggaga cacactatgt aatttggttt     40020
     atcttctgag gtccaagtag tgtgcattag ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     40080
     gtgtgtgtgt atgtatgtgc gggtgtgggg tgggggatat taaaatgcca tttctctgca     40140
     ggatcactgg ctagccaagt agctccacat gatcaagtcc ctcccggggg tctagaaact     40200
     gcagccctca gcccacatga gtgggagcgg ccgtggatct gacaagtaca cagagctcac     40260
     acctgagccc tggggctctt tcagggcttt ggaacccaga gactgagctg caggcacaag     40320
     gagaacctta catgcatgag cccttgagac ccatctatgg ttcttgggca gagaacttgc     40380
     cattttcata ctccgcaaga aaaactttca tcagaaaact aaagaacttg acagtcagtc     40440
     ctcagaagag ctgtcactgc agaacactaa tgaccccact gcagagacat ataacaggga     40500
     ataaaagcta caggtcacac gatattgaat aattaaccca tattgagtac ctcctacgat     40560
     gcagcaacta accacacaca ctcgtctgtt gttcagttta aaatgttcta atgttcgtat     40620
     tatttttttg aaaacttcat acaatgtatt ttgatcctat ctctccccct cttccaggtg     40680
     atccctcttt cttattcact tcatgttgtc tctctgtcta tgagtctgtg ggtctgtctg     40740
     tctttaaact catcaagtgt ggtttgtgtt ggctgactgc tcctgggagt gaggtcacta     40800
     tacaagagtt acaaatacca ctgaaaaaaa tacttttcct ctccaacaaa caatgcctgt     40860
     caacagctcc tcagctaggg gtaggacttc gcattcccct aactccccca tgctggtgct     40920
     tcttcaggtc ctgctgcatt catagtgaaa cagccctgct gtgtgccatc cctgctgtcc     40980
     tccatctctg ccgacctcca tccctgctgt cctcaatctc tgcttgtcct ccatctctgt     41040
     cctccatctc tgctgacctc catctctgtc tccatctctg tcctccatct ctgttgtcct     41100
     ccatccctgc tgtcctccat ctctgtctcc atccctgttg tcctccatct ctgccgtcct     41160
     ccatctctgt ctgtctccat ccctgttgtc ctccatctct gccatcctcc atccctgccg     41220
     tcctccatct ctgccgtcct ccatctctgt tgtcctccat ctctgtcttc catctctgct     41280
     gtcctccatc cctgccgtcc tccatctctg ccgtcctcca tctctgttgt cctccatctc     41340
     tgtcttccat ctctgctgtc ctccatccct gctgtcctcc atctctgtct tccatctctg     41400
     tcttccatct ctgctgtcct ccatctctgt tgtcctccat ctctgtcctc catctctgct     41460
     gtcctctatc cctgctgtcc tccatctctg tcttccatct ctgctgtctt ccatctctgc     41520
     tgtcctccat ctctatcttc catctctgct gtcctccatc cctgctgtcc tccatctctg     41580
     tcttccatct ctgtcttcca tctctgctgt cctccatctc tgttgtcctc catctctgtc     41640
     ctccatctct gctgtcctcc atctctgttg tcctccatct ctgtcctcca tccctgctgt     41700
     cctccatctc tgtcttccat ctctgtcttc catctctgct gtcctccatc tctgttgtcc     41760
     tccatctctg tcctccatct ctgctgtcct ccatctctgt tgtcctccat ctctgctgtc     41820
     ctccatctct gttgtcctcc atctctgctg tcctccatcc ctgctgtcct ctatctctgt     41880
     cctccatctc tgctgtcctc catctctgtc ttccatctct gctgtcctcc atccctgctg     41940
     tcctccatct ctgtcttcca tctctgtctt ccatctctgc tgtcctccat ctctgttgtc     42000
     ctccatctct gtcctccatc tctgctgtcc tctatccctg ctgtcctcca tctctgtctt     42060
     ccatctctgc tgtcttccat ctctgctgtc ctccatctct atcttccatc tctgctgtcc     42120
     tccatccctg ctgtcctcca tctctgtctt ccatctctgt cttccatctc tgctgtcctc     42180
     catctctgtt gtcctccatc tctgtcctcc atccctgctg tcctccatct ctgtcttcca     42240
     tctctgtctt ccatctctgc tgtcctccat ctctgttgtc ctccatctct gtcctccatc     42300
     tctgctgtcc tccatctctg ttgtcctcca tctctgtcct ccatctctgc tgtcctccat     42360
     ctctgttgtc ctccatctct gctgtcctcc atctctgttg tcctccatct ctgtcctcca     42420
     tctctgctgt cctccatctc tgtcctccat ctctgctgtc ttccatctct gctgtcctcc     42480
     atctctgtct tccatctctg ctgtcctcca tccctgctgt cctccatctc tgtcttccat     42540
     ctctgtcttc catctctgct gtcctccatc tctgttgtcc tccatctctg tcttccatct     42600
     ctgtcctcca tctctgttgt cctccatctc tgtcctccat ctctgctgtc ttccatctct     42660
     gtcttccatc tctgttgtcc tccatctctg ccatcctcca tatctgctgc cctccatctc     42720
     tgccgtcctc catatctgtt gtcctccatc tctgctgtcc tccatctctg tcttccatct     42780
     ctgtcctcca tctctgctgt cctccatccc tgctgtcctc catctctgtc ttccatctct     42840
     gctgccctcc atctctgctc tccttcatct ctgactccta tactctttcc attccaagtt     42900
     ccatatagat cccagggcct tgaggggagg gtctgacaga gatgggcggg gcactctctt     42960
     atgccctgca cttgaccatt tgtgggtctt caggtaaatt actgcaagaa gcagcttctc     43020
     tgaggagggt tgagtaaggc gctgatctat gggtaccgca atatttcagc aacagccact     43080
     ttactgctat gttcctttaa gaaaatgatc acagtaggtt ttcctggagc ccatgacatt     43140
     tctagtctca ggttcttgac agtgtcgggt ataggttcca tctcatggag caggtcataa     43200
     atcccaccaa aacacggtcc aatcccccca accacttgca tcagcatgca tacctggcag     43260
     gcaggtcatt attgtatgtc ttgggactaa cagctgggtg agactggaga caaattttcc     43320
     tcctccaata ctgtacacag taccttccag tacgtaaaca ccagccagta gggaggaggc     43380
     ttccagatga gtagcagcta atgtctccac atcctgtgac tcaagtatct gctgtcttca     43440
     gcaccaggat ctgaagttga gtgctgaagc aggcagtcaa agcactggca acagcagtaa     43500
     tgtatgggaa ggggcttatg gaatcccatc accaacaact caaaaatagg gaactgcgtc     43560
     ctggtactga agctttcatt tcctgctcct cgttataaat taactccatt ttagctctat     43620
     tcatatatgt acatatttta ggaactttcc gaaatagtag gtttctatat ggctttttaa     43680
     aaaggtcttt agacaacaca aaatccttca atgtccagaa cgcaaaagaa tattatcaag     43740
     cttgaaaaga cgccaagctg ataataacca gaaaaaagaa taagcagaag ttgcccagag     43800
     gcgatggaat taatagaaaa ttctctttaa gcatcagtta aaagaatgtt taaaatatat     43860
     atattccata taacccatga aaagctgaaa tacaaataag atcccagtgc atatctaagt     43920
     gagaaatata caacagaaaa caaaagataa agggaaataa ggtaacagtc agaggactgg     43980
     gaaagtggag gacacaaaag atacagcaag aggctacaga gatggcccag gggttagagc     44040
     agggctgcag agccagctca ctggttagtg cactacctgt ccttcgggaa gactagagtt     44100
     ggagtcccag cacccacatg gaagctcaca actgcctgta actccagttc caaggaatcc     44160
     aaccctttct tctggcctca tagacaccag acacacagtt cacaggcaca tatgcaggca     44220
     aaacatccat atacataaaa taataaaatt taaaaattaa tgcaggaaac tgtccaaaat     44280
     aaagaagaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaaatgg tgagaaataa gatacatggc gatgcaatgc     44340
     gtgtgggagg ggagacgagg tggggcctat aggaaggcta ggaaaagaaa ggccacagtg     44400
     tggtctgagg agagctacaa gcctacagac tcagaaactc aaacagtcct gctctgtgca     44460
     aaatggcaca aaggtgtatg gcagcagggg catgccacat gccacgttca atggtcaaaa     44520
     cccagtgacc aaagtaccct tcttgaccgt gcttgaagtg ggatggggga gaggtgacat     44580
     caaagtatag aagtggatag aaaagcagac ctctcaccaa agaaaaagaa aaggaaattg     44640
     ggaagacatg gctacagagc tgagaaagag gctgtgcctg gagtcacagc tttcaaaagt     44700
     taaagtagcg ttggcatcta aagagtttta gactcttttg aatctgcgtg tgcctgttag     44760
     cagcacagtg tgggagctga gaactggtac caggtcctct ggaacagcag tgggtgctct     44820
     taaccagagg tgtgtcgcaa gcagcacact tcacagacct aagacaaaca actgcaaaca     44880
     ctacactacg ctgccatcag actgtagagc agatgcagcg gaagacttta ctcagaaaaa     44940
     ccgtgacact gatggagctt ggaaaccact ccagtaagaa tggaaacagg aaaacagaag     45000
     aagggggctg ctgtttctca ttcaacaaaa tggccctaaa atccagctag ctgcagggcc     45060
     tttgggaggg ctccaagggt gaaggcactt gccatgcaag cctgacaact tgagtgtccc     45120
     tggaacccac aatggaagaa gaggatggac tgcccaaaac tgtcctctga cccacataga     45180
     tagaccctga atggctgcac accccccaac tcccatacac acatgcacat aagcaactca     45240
     tacacagcag cagcaagatg aacaaaacct aactgtgtcc aatgcaaacc caccaatgac     45300
     acactgtggg gctcgcatat ctgtagaaat gacacatggt accaagacca ggaaaaaatg     45360
     gcaaaagcag acagactaga agggaaagag caagacctcc ccattcacaa acaaagcctg     45420
     gctttgccaa agatctcagt gacatcacag tatagtagct aaagcacacg agtattctaa     45480
     tagtgcggga cacaatgtga caggcacaga gcaatggtga agaccaggaa gatgacagcc     45540
     tagcaagggc tggccataca agccacagga cccgagttcc aattgccaac tcccaaatct     45600
     ttaaaatacc acttgggata gcatcaaaac tagaaaactc ccagggatca actgtgggaa     45660
     tcaacagagc aatgatggac gtgctagagg acaaggcgag ctctggtact ccagggactg     45720
     aaggcccagc accgttacat cacctcttcc aaatttaaca atcagcctag tgctatcaca     45780
     atcaaacact agcaatcggt tgtgtagaaa tcaatatact gctaagttta catagcaatt     45840
     caaagtgtct agaatagtca aagcaacttt aaagggaaaa gactgactct gagggtactg     45900
     caagactggc ttaagaataa gcacgccact tagcagacgg gcagacaaaa cagtgctctg     45960
     caaacctgga agtcagttca gttctcacaa aggtagctcg atggtaaaaa gcagtcttct     46020
     cagcaaacag aactagacaa gttaatgtgg agaagacaga tttggtcctc acacaccgtc     46080
     aaggtcatta actcacaaag ggccagacaa actcaaagta agaaacagaa aaagatttag     46140
     aacactagag aaaaagctca cggtgcaaca aaatgacaaa tttagtcctg tcacaacctt     46200
     ctctcagaaa agcagcagac aatggggcat cccatgcctg tgatcccagc actcaggagg     46260
     ttgtggcagg gggattgcct tgagtctgag aacaacctgg gctacaagtt ccagagtagc     46320
     ctgggctata caatgagacc ttatcctcct ctcagcatct cccaacccag aatgatgaaa     46380
     tgaaagcaga gcccagaata acagtctcac atcaacacac taaacagtgg ggaatgccac     46440
     ggagtgcaaa ctgtacatct gcaacagaag ggacttcaaa tcattaaaag gagcttttaa     46500
     tactagtact ttggaggcag aagcaggtgg atctcctcct atggagcaag gactatatag     46560
     tgagaccttg tctgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     46620
     agagagagag agagagctgc ttccaggcta agccccacag ggctacaagt tctacctgga     46680
     tgtgctgctg agttaccctg taggaaacaa ctttgttttc ttatgagaca ggtcttgcta     46740
     catatgaact ttgttttctt atgaggctct gtttttctat ataaaacttg aactcagtat     46800
     ggtatgtagg ctggccttaa acttgagatt gccctgcctc cctgccatgt gctaaaactg     46860
     gcaagatgcc actctgccta actaaaacaa ctcagcacaa gagactccct atgctctggt     46920
     ctgtgtttat gaagtgactt tgggacccca agcacccttt gaaacacagc tgggatccag     46980
     agaaagcaca gcagttagaa accacagggt ggatggccat caggagccct tcattccact     47040
     gtaaagatgt ggaagagtgc agatacagga agccaagccg ctacattgct ggccagaaag     47100
     ccctacttgc cccagtggta ctggaaaacc actgagtcca cacacacaga gatgaagtac     47160
     atggtcagta actgggaaat caagacacca atagaaaaca gctgtaggac aagaagcggc     47220
     cagcctgggg gccaggaaga ggagtcagtc cactcagtcc acttaccagg gccggaagtg     47280
     tgtgcgtaga tgcctgtgag cgcagctgcc acatctgagc ccctgggagg gtggctgtcc     47340
     tgatccctca gtagcccagg cactccaaca gaagcaaagg aagaactgtc ccaacaaaat     47400
     acatttaact caagatgtgg aaacatactg aagtacctca gagaaaacca agtcctacag     47460
     ctctccaagt acacacagct gccaaccact gtcaggaaga gatggtacag aagacgacaa     47520
     gcatcctcag ctcagcggca aaacattccc agacccaaga gaccgagtga ggccctactc     47580
     acaatgacca gcaccttcca gggtggcccc cgcggtgaag ttcgagcagg caaggggcag     47640
     gcaggaaaag aaccttaggt gtgaagaatg gggactgtaa ttaaaacttc agtaggcggc     47700
     ttaagtagca gtttagacac agctcgagag agagttagtg agctggaaga ttggtctgac     47760
     aaattaccca caacactgca tggagagatg aaggcaacgg caaaggacaa ttaggacgct     47820
     ggagatgggg agctgagggc tcagctaagt ccaatgggat cctaaaggag attccaggga     47880
     gagaagagat actggccgga gaaaagatgg atagtcaacc tgaggaagta cagctgaata     47940
     attaataaaa gtcatactcc gtggagcacc tcatgcaaag agaagaaggc gcagtgaggg     48000
     tccacggcag atcgccccac aaaaatggat cccagccaac caacaagagg ggtgtggcct     48060
     ctcacagcct cattagtacc ctttcctcag caggaaacag actgagcacc ccccccacac     48120
     acacacacag actgagcacc actcccacga ctactgcaga gaggactaaa tgaccaagac     48180
     agacactggt atacggggac atggagctga agacagcaag cagaagcctg accctgtgtg     48240
     tgagtgtgta cacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     48300
     cacacacacg cttgtgcatg gcactattct gtgcgctggg acttactgca tgacagaccc     48360
     agcaccccac tccccccatc cctaggagag ctacttcttt taaaagcatt caaagcactg     48420
     gcagcgtcca gacacatcaa cctgctttac aggttggcat tttcaaaaag gtcggcccta     48480
     tgtgccccat ttgtttcctg cagagcgtgg aagctgtact ctgcaagtgt ggatctgttt     48540
     ccaagtcctg agcaacttct cccaccagac tctgggaaga gagtttgtaa acagaaattc     48600
     actaggtcct gatgacatct tatttcagag tgcctcagta attgtgtggt ttcttctctc     48660
     tctctccctc tctctctctc tctctctccg cctcccccct ctctcctcct ctggtagtca     48720
     gtccttagct aggtgcttta tcagggtaga gttcccagca agcatttgct ttgtacagcc     48780
     atggaacaga gaccttatgg ttccccctgc tcccgtctct ggatctcact tttgagaact     48840
     gaagaccctc atcccaaacg gccaatccca gggaaagcaa atagtagttt attacttaac     48900
     aaggcagtga aaagaccact gatctaacca gataaaatca ccaaactact tgactgcagg     48960
     aaaagagccc cttccctcac aaggaatctc tttctctcag aatctgccat taagtaccgg     49020
     tggcagctat tttatttact aaacccttct ctgtctggtt agtaaatatt gttccttctg     49080
     ggccttcagt ttgttcttcc tgacacaaca atttccttga aaaatattag ctgctgttat     49140
     tattattaaa tcactggcta caatatactg ctagtgttgt ccatgcttct cctgcagagt     49200
     tcaaggctaa cgacagcatt agcagtgtgg ggaagggctg gagaggattt ccagcagaaa     49260
     ttcagagaga aggctcagta ttaagttctc ccaatgcctg ggcatggtgg ctgagtcatg     49320
     aatctgtgtg aaaacctcaa gcagcacagg aaggcttgaa gaccatgtag aaagacaaga     49380
     tggtcttcta gctctgccta gttgacggaa gtgtctgcta aatgagacaa acagaaacca     49440
     ctctggagtc cacaaggtct atgatacata gcacctcaat gtcgggagaa aatgggaaaa     49500
     cgtgagcaaa atcctaaaca gactaagagg acccacaagt tggaattaca aagagtttta     49560
     tggcaattct tacacttata aaagtatcga taatttgtga aaagaaacag aatctcaaca     49620
     aaaatatagt ccttaggaaa aaatggttcc acgggtaaga caggtatcca agcctggtga     49680
     cccatgtcac cacaaagtca tgtagctgga catgatggct tgtctgcaat cccttcactc     49740
     ctgtgacaag atgggaaaca aagtcaggag actgccccag aagcctgcag gcagctagcc     49800
     tggagcacac attgtaacct caaacagcaa gagagactct gcctcaaagg tagaggtagg     49860
     acgggacagt acctctaacc cctacatgtg ccacagtgtt cgcacacgct catgcacaaa     49920
     cacgcataca tacacaagat tttttttcaa tttaaaaggc actaaaaagt aattctagaa     49980
     ttgaaaacaa tatctgaaat tctaaaattc actgcagatt acaaaattct ccaaatctca     50040
     ttagagctgt aaaaaccctg agatctcagc gaacaccgtg aagacggagc atctccccac     50100
     ggtcaccaga gccaaagcca tcactgtgga gtggaggcag cagaggggaa gccgcacgca     50160
     cgtggaggga tggccgcctg ccctctcctc acacaacgtg aagacagcaa ggttgaagct     50220
     gcatcaccca aggcctggga ggaaaatctg ccaatgcagg gcttgacagc cagtggtact     50280
     gccctcagga tgagatgaaa taaaggcact gtcaggtttt aaaaaaaaag ccacaaacac     50340
     aaggacaaca acgagtgctg gaagaaagag caagctgcac caagtggccc tgtttagaaa     50400
     actctgtctt caaaaggaac caagcgcatg ctcagagaca gccactctcc tctctttgca     50460
     acctgcaagg gcatgtgcta gtctgaaagg agaggagcgc cccatctgtg tgggcagtgg     50520
     tcgctcccca cacacaggct caaaggggct tttctctcca ccgtgaactt agcacctcac     50580
     ccccaacaca gcagcaaccc tgccaaggct ctgcctccac aagtgaggca cttggcctat     50640
     catacagaac ctggaccagg gcaactcatt tctgtagaaa tcagtcccct gaggctttaa     50700
     ttggcaatat ccagacagtc gggcaacctc caagaagtca agaatctcac cttcagaaaa     50760
     ccaacttgag gtgtggcatg cagcctgtac cacccggagc tacgctggag aagggcggca     50820
     tacagcaagc accgactcta attaacacgc ttctgtttga cagacagaca gaaaacaggt     50880
     caaaactacc atagtgctgc tatataaaat attcagtatg tatggattaa cttgtcaagt     50940
     gtcagtcact ctaacaatgg gcatagtaga gtgaaaattt gataattcat attagatatg     51000
     taaagaaggg aaagacagga gccagtttta aaagttaacg aaattgacct gaaatagtag     51060
     taactctgaa ttatagggag ttttgtctat tttcaaaaca ggatttgtaa tctcagtctt     51120
     atactcagca gagtcaggct cacagccaca tccccaggtc ggctttgcac tgggcactgc     51180
     tgatggccaa acagaagcaa agagaagcag cgctgggcat gccaccgtca tgtgagctca     51240
     atactcacac tgcagtgcgg acagcatctc cccactcaca catgtgcaaa acactttcaa     51300
     tgttattaaa tcacacgaag ggaaagttat ttccatctta attttctaac aaaattaaag     51360
     aaagtgtcct tttggtgcta atgtgtctca aacattcccc taagactagt tatctgtctt     51420
     gtcttttctg ttgagacagg gtctcatgta cctgaggctg gccttgaact cctgagcctc     51480
     ctgagttctt cgattacagg tgagtgtgta ccaccactcc tgaaatgata atcttccttt     51540
     taatacgaag caagtctctg tgaagaattc cttgcaggca agacgggtgt agtggcttga     51600
     accccagtac ttgggaggca gaatagagca tatctcttac aagttcacgg ccaacctggc     51660
     ctatacagtg tttaaggtag ccagggctac agactaaacc ctgtctcaaa ggaaaggaaa     51720
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     51780
     agaaagaaag agaaaagaag agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaagagaaa agaaaagaaa     51840
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaagagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaccttg     51900
     caggcagcag tgtctagaat ttgattatgt tatttccttc atattgtata ttttaaaatg     51960
     gcttcaaaat ggctttaaat atatttgata taaagaaaaa tacacattat acactgataa     52020
     agtaaaaata acaaaatggc acatagtgac tgactgattt ctgaattgat gcaatccaag     52080
     gaaaataatt ttactaataa tgtcacattc atacctaaaa gaattgcacc tcttatttca     52140
     agtaccaaaa agtcattttc ttttataaag cattttgcct tgtgtggacg agttagttcc     52200
     tgggccctct gaggcttaga agactccccc agggctgagg taacccacca tccgtgtagt     52260
     tgctactggt cccttgacaa tggagcagca ccttgtttta attggaagca aatgagattg     52320
     aggctgccct tcctcctggg gagaaggcca gcagcttcat tgtggaaggc agcagtgtgc     52380
     tggccaggtg cggaggtgag tcacctcccc gtgacatttt gctgctgctg ttcattatgt     52440
     ctctgaagac aaactaaatc aatcgacaac cgatgagctc tgtagtaaca gagcaggctg     52500
     tctgaggtct gaccgctctc tgctgtggct cctaccgcat caatagcgcc ctgtgcctca     52560
     caccccacgt gccaggagca tccctttccc tttagggtgg aggagagcat gacaaagtcc     52620
     tccgtggttg agtcacaccc aagcagctag agctctcaac atgccgacct agaggctgat     52680
     cagagggaaa gtcctgactc ctaccttcgg tcaccaccaa agccaaccgt gtcccgtcac     52740
     cggggcgtgg ctctggctgt ttcctaagcc tagaacattc tttcctagat gtcctctcag     52800
     gtgactttct taaaacaaca agagcaaact gtctgcattc cactgcccca tctctttttc     52860
     tatttttcca gcaaactcct caccttcaga aggaaaatgg atgtttgctg ttcatcagct     52920
     gtgtcccttc cacctccctc acccccagag tccgaagctt tgatgagctc attgatatgc     52980
     ctggcacaca cggacactca ataaaaggtg cagaatgaat gagcgcatgg taaaaacctg     53040
     ccgagctggt tgcctgtgtc ccctggcgat ggaggcagca tgggaagtgg tgtcggctct     53100
     taaaaggatt ttctaggatc tacatttctg cccactgtcg acaggaaaaa ggggtaaggt     53160
     cccttttttg gtatcagggc agccaactct tctgggagcg accaagccca ggctgcacat     53220
     acacaccaag gatcttcaag tcaggcatga aataggaagt agtatatgaa taattccttg     53280
     tttgattgtt ttcattgtat gttttacatt tggggaataa gtgttaccag ctccattcat     53340
     gaaagctcaa tataatgcag aaaagccttc ctggagaaaa taatttctaa tagaaacttc     53400
     acagcaactg gcccaattaa aacagaaaat aaactaatac tgatcatgtt ttagttcatt     53460
     tgccatcaag aatgaactgt caaggccagg ttcatacggg gcagcattaa ctctgcaaca     53520
     aaaggcagat caccagaaca gggaagagca gttggcaaaa gctcagcagt gccagtgtgg     53580
     tctgcaggta ggttttcctt cccagaatcc catgtgcttg gcccccagtc tctgtccact     53640
     gcatggtact ggatacatgt gcacatcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaaa     53700
     gacacacata gacacacata cacacagact catgcataca cactcataca taaacaaaca     53760
     catatacatt tacacataca cacatataca aactcacaca tacacacaca tccatccata     53820
     catgtcctgt atctactgaa ctgtgcccaa ggttcctgtt gtcagcagct gtggctgtta     53880
     cttgccttac aggaaagaat tacaagctca gccctccaca tcagtggctc agacagacag     53940
     ctcacttcta ccattctgcc atgccaactt agttctgagc tgacacaacc aaaaccaaga     54000
     tcttatctgt gaggttgatt ccatcttgtt attctacaag atttattttc ctctgatcat     54060
     aaaaccaggc aattaggtgc tggagaggtg gctctgaggc taggagcact gactactctc     54120
     tcaaaggact caggttcaat tcctagcacc cacatggcag ctcacaagtg tctgtaatcc     54180
     aattccaggg gatctgacac cttcacacag acatacatgc aaaataccaa tgcacataaa     54240
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaaccag gcaattacaa     54300
     aacaaaacaa aaacaaaaac tatttgatga tttaaattaa aaaagaaaaa caaacaaacc     54360
     aagaacctat aaccaagaaa acgcgaatta tcctttacaa tgctaaacta gttgctcaac     54420
     atttgtctaa agaaaaccaa ataactattg tcaatgcctt caccattcaa caggtggatt     54480
     gtagaacaaa tgggatagga ggctccagtg agtccattcg tccaaccctg agggcctgtg     54540
     tagaagtcat ggccctaccc ctcgtgagac atcagcttct tatagcagca ggctatacag     54600
     agcaaaggcc taagcaccat gagaaatgtg cttcacaggg ctcaaggaca gcacatccaa     54660
     tctaaaagaa agaaaagaaa ctcatcagat tattttacag aagaaaagag tgaagagatt     54720
     agtatgaact caggtctgtg gacagcaaat gtactgtgaa aaccatctcc atctagtcac     54780
     cagaactcag cagagccctg gagtcccgag acgcagagac tcctggggac cgagcattca     54840
     gtccactagg ggaagggcca agggaaatga cacacacaac caagaggtga gataagaaca     54900
     ttgcagaaac agcaggaaca cagcagaggc aagacagcca tttctctggt ccaggggtgc     54960
     aggaagtctc acaggacgct accagcccct gactgagtag ccacagtata attggtttta     55020
     agtggaaagg tgaagaaaaa taaacacaat aaaacatagc caatgaggtt cctttattgg     55080
     ttcagacgtg agtagggctg aggctgcagg cagaatgtcc cagcacgtcc atcccagcaa     55140
     gcattttcat taagaatccg ttctcggagc agtcccaata tttacgactc tccattcaac     55200
     atgtcatcct gtcactataa ctctgtgtga gctatgacac cctgggccag accaattatc     55260
     cacaccatcc aatattctgc ctctgacacg gcactagggg acactggaca gagagtatga     55320
     tggacgtggt ccaccatgtc taggtctagc tcaaagtagt agtagattaa ttagtataga     55380
     caaacgccga ggtggctaac gttagtcaca aactttgcac ttagaaaaaa aaatttaaaa     55440
     aggagggtac aatgaatgaa gaccttaagg aaaccatcat tacacatgtg aggggtttac     55500
     aagtctctct acgaacaata actaagtttc taagagccct gtgggatctg ggggagactt     55560
     gcacagccac tccccatcct gctgttcaga ggggctctcg ctctaaaaag gtccaaggat     55620
     gaacacaaaa ccctaaatgg taactgtctc tactagctag accagacctg ccaaatctca     55680
     aaaagccctt ctgactcgtc actggcttgt ttgggcccct gttgatttaa ctgaacttca     55740
     aaggcaagtt gtgtgaacaa aatttgtctg gatcactgtc attctccaac aagaccctac     55800
     aggctggctt ataagctctc agagagcaga gcgactggac acacaatgct ttacacggca     55860
     aatctctgag ggccgctaat ggttatgcct agcaccatgc actgggctgg ctcaagatcc     55920
     cgacttaatt cacgagcaga cgtcctttct ctaccacgca tacatgggga ttctgcttcc     55980
     atttgtggct ttaatcacag cttccaaaac ctgtcctgat ttatgactgt gacttttaca     56040
     ctgacaggtc aatggagaac atttgctcag gttacctgat tggtgagacc actgcatcta     56100
     agcaattcct aagcctcact ttggtgtgac acatctcaac ttgtctgtag acccaccggc     56160
     taggggcaaa cctggagaag gtaattcatc attgacacag tactgataaa tagagcacag     56220
     ttatttaaag atgcaatgaa ttcactagtc agactggaga cacatttaaa aagatggaaa     56280
     gaacctaaag acggcaccag cctctggagc ggggaggttt ctatcttctc cctgttaaaa     56340
     ctattccaaa gtaccaagaa gttctgaccc aacaagagtt gcttctcttt ggacaatctg     56400
     ctagtgagtc acacttctcc cagacaggaa caaactcttc aatggacaga ctggagcctt     56460
     cagggctcat gatgcctgtg gtggtttgaa tgagaatggc tccatcggct catatatctg     56520
     aatacttggt ccccagttgg tagaaatgtt taggaagaat taggagatag ggccttgctg     56580
     aagaagttgt gtcactggac atgggcttag aggtttcaaa agccaaagcc attcccagtt     56640
     agctctgttt gtcccattcc ctgtatgatg gtgatggact ctaactctct gaaactgtaa     56700
     gctttaataa agtctttata agttgccttg gtcatgatgt cttctcacat ttttcagtag     56760
     aaaaataaga ccaagcccaa tcctgcccta gctcctcctg cttttctgtc tttccccttc     56820
     caattcctga cacccagaga tggtttggta tttttgagac tgctctactc atccaccagc     56880
     cacaaaaagc acacccataa gcttcagacg ccatataggt acacacacac atatacacat     56940
     cacaatcaca cccataaacc acacacacac acacacatat acacatcaca atccatataa     57000
     acacacccat aaaccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccatagac cgcaaacgtg     57060
     catacatatg tacatctacg tgggcctgga tgtgggctgg tgaagcttta gcaacacgag     57120
     gaaggactga acttggctca gggcaagtgt tttgttgatg tctccatgaa atgaaactgt     57180
     cagagttgga gctgtgcaat cgtggcttgt ggctaagctg gacccacctg ttggggtgtc     57240
     tttcctgctg gatttagtga gcagaatatt gtttgaggac cactgcttgg ctgaacaacc     57300
     cttgacaagt tactcacact tgacgtctgg tctcctgtgg ctgctgggga tgaagacatt     57360
     cactctttcc tctgagtgga tgagtaggag gcattgttta tggttttgaa attttcagat     57420
     tcacaaagga aagcccctct cattcagctt ctccttgaat tggtgtgttt tcttctgcta     57480
     ggctatgagt cctggaagca gtaaccagtc cccaacatac ccaatgccca gctactgcct     57540
     gataagcact cagtaggtgg ccactgacca gcgagcctca gctcacctac ttagctttcc     57600
     atgccacccc aactcactcc atgaccatgg caacccaaga ccaacacaac tcattctgat     57660
     gagcaaagga gccacctggc catgcccatt tcaaatgttg acagagggtg gtacagagct     57720
     ggagatcaag aagaatgggc atctagccct atctacatct atctctataa acagagatca     57780
     aacgggcttt cccatgggac ctacctgtgg ggtggctctt ttctgaccac tggcaatcac     57840
     tctgagcctc atcccctatg tcacacccat gtcctttcta gggagcctga gagcacatgg     57900
     tacctaccct ctctctggtt tccaggtcta ctcacactcc tgacagaact gttgagctct     57960
     actcaatacc ctagcctggt tcaagctctc cagtagctca gcacaacttc ctacatagaa     58020
     agcaaactcg tcccttttca gtgggctgga ggacatgtga tgtggctgta cccactcctc     58080
     tgacctagcc tatgttcatc actcactggg tgccagacat acattctgct ggcccttgat     58140
     ttgaggggcc acttgtaaac tatttcttgg gcttgtcaca tgaaaatgcc caccttcact     58200
     gcagtctgga ctcaagagcc agccacaaag ctccagagaa cttttctctg gccccttgac     58260
     acaaacaggc ccccaggctc cagccactgc ctggcactgg ctttctattt tacctgcttg     58320
     tttctccttt ttgagagtgt cactctgaag tctcaactgg actagaactt gggattctcc     58380
     tgcctcagcc tcacacgtgc agggagtata catacaagcc tccacacctg gctgtcctgg     58440
     ccctctggtc cacattctgt ctgacctcac agcatctccc acaacctcaa actacaacac     58500
     tagttcatac taacctgctg cacactggtc tctgtcactg gccccactca gtgctgggtc     58560
     taccacgcca actatagtac ctaagactta atgcacctgt agtaaaggtc tgacgaatgg     58620
     atgatgtctc caatggctag tggatggaac aaactgcact ggggctccct ggtaccattc     58680
     actagagtgt atgaactatt ttgaacaact tttttaacct ctcttcatcc cttgtcagct     58740
     atgctcagca acaacattgg gtaaaaaagt gctaacctct tacagaactt gtacatactt     58800
     ttatttaaca aaatttctgc cagtcctagt ggagttgtat cttatttatt gttgtttatt     58860
     gtatgtttgt aaaggctgca aaagcaccgt ggagcaagcg tggaggtcag aggacaattt     58920
     gtagatgttc tcttcttcgg ctctgtggaa gtcctagaca ccaaactgag gtcagcaggg     58980
     ttagcaacaa gggcctttat ccaagccatc ttaccagccc tgtaaataat taaactgcta     59040
     gaaacaatca caacagagct ccacatcatt agtcctaagg aaatggcagc ttggagctgg     59100
     acagcagagt tagcacttca gagcacatac tgtcccttca gaggaacaga gcttagctct     59160
     cagcaattac tccgggcagc tcacagctca agggaatgtg atgcctctgg cctccgtgag     59220
     cactgttctc acatgcacac acctacatac aagcacagac atacagctaa aaggaaacaa     59280
     acacataaaa ataaacagtg gctttacacc attgcctggg taagcagctc tcctaactga     59340
     gcctcccatg cagaagttca ggcaaagcct ccagagcctt ctactgacat ctccttagac     59400
     ccaaacctga ctggtcggga tgtagattct tctcctgcag cctccagccc tctttcccag     59460
     tgtcaccctg ccattcttct ccacacccca tttccagctc ttccacactg tcatcagatc     59520
     aagtacaaag gaggccttct ggaaactgtc ttaccacatg ctttccagat ggcctcttgc     59580
     ctccctcagc ctgactcaac tccagtgtca cctccctttc cctgcagcag aatgaaccac     59640
     agtagtcatg atgcccctcc cgtgctcttg gatcactctg tcacctgagc tgaaacccag     59700
     tgattctgca ctgtccccac tgtctgccac ttactgggct aaggacatct tggagcaagg     59760
     gtctcttctg cttccctccc cagaacctct gaaggtctag accaggcata ctggagaagc     59820
     cagtaaaaca tctgttacaa gcaagaatga ctatccagat gaggaggtca actgcatgcc     59880
     accttctata gcttccccat cagggttaag accaactggc atttttttaa agatgtattt     59940
     gtttatttat ttatttatat gaatacactg tacaggttgt gagccttcat gtggctgttg     60000
     gcaatttaat ttttagggcc tctgctcact ccggttggat actccagaag agggagtcag     60060
     atctcattat gggtggctgt gagccaccat gtgggtgctg ggatttgaac tcagaacctc     60120
     tggaagagca gttgatgctc ttacctgctg agccatctct ccagcccccc cccccccaac     60180
     tggcattttg aatggcaaaa ccactttgta agccaagcct ggtggtacag gcctagaacc     60240
     acagctactc caaaggcgga ggcaggaaga ttccaagttc aaagcccaga gagcacattt     60300
     aagactttct tgggtaactc agggaagccc agttgcaaaa ctcaaaagta aacaagatag     60360
     tggggtgtga ctcagtgaca gagcacacac aaagcatgca gagggacccc taggttccat     60420
     ccttagtatc aggagggaag caatattatt attgttatta ttattattat tactatttta     60480
     ttaagatttt attatttatt tgtatgagtg tattgtctgc atgtacatat atgtaccatg     60540
     tgtatgcctg gtacctgtgg actttaaaag aggatgttgg gtccccaggg gtgctagaat     60600
     tccagactgc tgtggaccac catgcagatg ctgagacttg aacctatgtc ctcagtaaaa     60660
     ataaatattc taactattga gccagcctac agacctcaac agctttcttt ttaattgatt     60720
     atattgcaaa aattctgttt aaaatttttt ttaaagtttc tctgtgaaat ggcttgactt     60780
     taatttcagg atgaagaaca cctctgatga cattttcttt ccaatctcca gggcctcctg     60840
     acattgtcta tctgcctcct aggagcccga gtggaaggag actgcatcag gctatacggg     60900
     agccactctg gacttgctgc cctactcatc cacccagagg aaagagtgaa tgtcttcatc     60960
     cccagcagcc acaggagacc agacgtcaag tgtgagtaac ttgtcaaggg ttgttcagcc     61020
     aagcagtggt cctcaaacaa tattctgctc actaaatcca gcaggaaaga caccccaaca     61080
     ggtgggtcca gcttagccac aagccacgat tgcacagctc caactctgac agtttcattt     61140
     catggagaca tcaacaaaac acttgccctg agccaagttc agtccttcct cgtgttgcta     61200
     aagtttcacc agcccacatc caggcccacg tagatgtgca tatgtatgca cgtttgcggt     61260
     ctatggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagttt atggttggtc tagtatacaa     61320
     cgttggagcc tacatctgtg tcacatacct tctatctgaa aagccaaaca tttttactat     61380
     ttggtccttc atgggtaaat aaatattggt caatttctaa tttaaaggct ggtcaaatgt     61440
     ctgagttcag ctcaagtatt agactcctca attagctctt caattatttc acttggcagg     61500
     gagagtttag taagaaacag gtgctaatat ttggatcaaa ttcacattgt acaaagaaaa     61560
     acctcagcgc ctacatctgt ggctcaagtt agcatgctgc ctgcaatggg gtccagcatg     61620
     gttgcagtct ctgcaaagaa cagccacagt gtgtaggtga gatatagtgt gctttgctct     61680
     ggaagaagtc tttcactcag gattgaacaa ccaccactcc ctccagcatt cagattcaaa     61740
     gactcttatc tatattccac gggctgagct aatcctattt tcaccaaaga tccagacctc     61800
     atttattggc accttgcttt cctcaaaaat agaaatatgc cctctcccaa cttccttcac     61860
     tgctacctct tgaaaactaa acatctgaaa agaaatgcag tctcctgagc actgatatat     61920
     tttacacaag ggtcttttga agctaaatgc agcttacaat acgcacagca tattcagaat     61980
     tgaaatccag ctttccaact cctcctgcaa atgtctgatc atttgtgaca ctctcatctc     62040
     atttttaaaa accttttact gtgggaaatt tcaagtatgg agaaatgaaa ggctagcccc     62100
     cagctattag cttctccaag cctcagcatc ccgccattgt actgctggat ccctcctccc     62160
     aacatcttgt ttactatttg ttatggagtt tgaaagctga tttcacacac caagtcattt     62220
     cactcatgaa tgcttattgc tgtcagggct cttcctttga agaaaaacat gataccatta     62280
     tcactgctga aaaaataaat agcaattctt aatattacct aatacccaat ctcacttcaa     62340
     tgctttttct tttcacagtg gttctgttca agcgaggatc caaatatgac cacatactgt     62400
     gtgttcttga ttggtctctt aggtcttttt atatgtgcca cagagccctc tcatttccca     62460
     ttcattcatc cctggtatac atttaaatac atttaaatgc taactggatg aacagatctt     62520
     atcaacagtc agcctctcca cactacaagc aaaccccaac attggaaacc ctcaggcaga     62580
     ctctgaagtg ccctgctccc ccactgcgca actccacttg aaaactagag aaagagatgt     62640
     cccctatgga cattctcaag agaattcaga tcacttcaac aagccagtcc cagaaaatgc     62700
     catcttttct gtgctgcttt ggcctggaga ccctgaatga tttggaagca aggcaccccc     62760
     ctcatcatgc cttcgtctcg agattagcca aacttaatca agaatcttga agtaaatcag     62820
     acaagcctca ggatccatta ctgttatcag taatgtaact ctaacaatat taatttttac     62880
     ctaggccatt caggacttgt cgttttaaaa aggataacct gcatcatgcc cacaggaacc     62940
     tgacctacac caagaagcag caagcccttt tcagcagctc tcagcgagtg gagtgggtca     63000
     taaccccttt gtgggtcaaa cgaccctttc ccaaggtcgc ttgtcagaaa acctccatac     63060
     cggatattca catgacgatt cacaacagta gcagaaacac agctatgaag tagcaacaaa     63120
     actcatttta tggatggagg ccttcacaac agggggaact gtactaaaga gtcacagcac     63180
     taggaaggtt gagaacccaa aggcttagac aaactgccca aggagaggat agataagata     63240
     ccacctcaag tgcaggcccg ccccagctac tgggcgaaga gcatttgtaa ggcagtgtgc     63300
     acagtaaaac agagaacaga gtcaaaagga accaacttgt tgtcttcttt aacatccatg     63360
     gcacaccaga tgagagacac tgaccgctcc aattctcagc cttctctaga agacaggcta     63420
     atcccacaca cttcccaggg tagcagccaa catttactga gtgtttacta tgcacaagga     63480
     ctcatgtcac cttctttgat ggtttaatct ttacaaaatc cctcattatg cagccctggc     63540
     ccagcctgga actcactctg cagaccaggc cggcctcgaa tccataagac ttaggaggta     63600
     ggatgctact ctggtggttt tgcagaggaa acgaccaatg aggctctaag cggtatggtg     63660
     acctgcccca gatcccactg caactggagt gatccaggac tgcacctgag ggctgactca     63720
     agggccaggc ctcttcacca ctcacttttc ttttctctcc aagtgtcatg ctacactaat     63780
     agagttgaca cacacacact cacacacaca cacactcagg gatcaaatgt gctcaacact     63840
     gcaatggtct accaaacatt ctcagtcaac atcaactcct gtcagggagt ttcaggtagg     63900
     gaagggaagg ggacagaagt aactcctagg gctgggactc aggaagcccc agttgactgt     63960
     ggtgatttgt gtcatctgag gtgatttgac ctcaaccacc agcaagcctc cctgggtttt     64020
     tttttttttt ttttcctgct cccctctggc ttgtgaggga gatctagttc atctttgtaa     64080
     attcataagc ccaacaaatg gcccgagcaa gtagaggtag gcgctgaaaa actatattgg     64140
     atagacaagc caaagcttcg tttgtccatt agccacaaat tggaacttgc acttcgaagg     64200
     tggcatctct ctcagctact gtctcttaaa ataattccag agaagaagtg gaggctgaga     64260
     agggtcaagt ggaagagacc cactcaaaac atggaaagca gtgggctcca tgaagacatg     64320
     gagctggcca ggcccacaag tagggcgtca ctcccaagcc ctaactagga acccaaggag     64380
     gttcctccca ggttgggatt ggctttccct ctcacagctc ctagcgcagc cagaggagaa     64440
     agtgacagga agacaaagtt tccaacagac ccaagtccta gcccaggagg gaagggcacc     64500
     tgagaagaag cgggctcgag ataggctcga cctgaggctc ctgtcccgtc taagtgcacc     64560
     ccacagtcct ctgggaggga cccaaggagg ggcggggcgc cccaactgtt acttacagtc     64620
     ctctaagtca tcctgcaagt ccacaaagta cagagggatc tctgaaaaaa aatcaaaaga     64680
     cacacaagga gctacacggg gctgcgcggg cggcgagtcc cgggctcgtg cggaggtggg     64740
     gtgagggggg ctctcgggga ggggaagggg agccgtcgga gacccctgag cctagacccc     64800
     actcacccgc catcttagga tgtgccagag ggcggggctg gaggcggggg cgagcccaga     64860
     ggccacgccc atccctcgcg ctccgcccac cagcctggcc tcactcaccc gccgccatct     64920
     tgggacgggt ggaaggtgga gctagaggcg tggtagcttc aagattacgc cccatcccgc     64980
     cccgcccact ccttagagaa gatggggctg aggcggagct ggagggtggg gcgacgctga     65040
     ggctccgccc attggtgctc cgcccacccg cctgtgagct gcgagccggc cgccccgccc     65100
     tcgcggagaa ggtggctgcc gaagtgggcg gggaggtcag gtgacccagc tggcgtccca     65160
     agatggcggc ggcggtagcg cccgggaggc caaggcggtg tcccggctgt tgaggtgact     65220
     ccgccggaca agtgacgggg tcggccggac cggagggcgg cggcggacgc acggccgccc     65280
     ggagtgctcg gccgggactt ggcggtgagg cggcggcgcc gggggatgct ggtgctgggc     65340
     cgggcctctc cctcctcaac ttagggcggc ggcgggcccg cacccctggt tcccgggcca     65400
     tggcgctgag ggaacttaaa gtgtgcctgc tcggggtaag ttgcagcggg cggggtccgg     65460
     agggtcgcgg aggccgggcg ggcgggcccc ggcactccag ggccccttgc acccctttac     65520
     gctcagcgcg ggacgcagcc ccccacagac cccttagggc ggcgggacca gcaggctgtg     65580
     ccccacccaa ggcccccagg tgtcagggtg gcccccggcg ccccggagcg acgccctctt     65640
     tccatcccac agtgaagtag cccacaggta gtttccttcc aactttgcga gggacacctt     65700
     taaagttaga caagtttctg aaagttaacc ctccccagca gggctttggg ttttatgcgc     65760
     acacttggcc tcctttcagc aatgtgggat ggttttgaac ttttgggacg tctttgacac     65820
     ttctgcaaga gttactttcc attaaagttc actcttcact agaacaggga ggagttacca     65880
     ggactttgaa ggttcagctt ccggtcctct cacagtagtt tggccttttc agagccttct     65940
     aatgatctcc ttcctgagtt tctgttttaa tgactgaaaa aaaaaaaatt ccaataacta     66000
     catggttttt gccccttagc agggtggggc tagggttcat cccgattact ccgcaacttg     66060
     ggagcgcata gttttactgg tatatgttaa aaggccagtg agtccagtca cctttcacac     66120
     aggacaggca ttgaagaggc ctttttactt tgggagggag caggagttca gtcttagaga     66180
     ctaaacctaa accttgtaca tcctaggcaa gtcccgccac tgagttgtgt gtccccagtt     66240
     tgcttgcttc tattttttta gcaggatctc cagaagttgc ccaggatagc cttgaaatct     66300
     cagcctcagc aggccttgaa cttggaaccc tcctgcctct gcctcccaga tttgctaaga     66360
     tcgcagtcct gtagcactag gccgtcgtag gtctttccgg aggtcctagt gtcacttaag     66420
     aactgcagaa tccttcccca gtactttcaa gatggtttct cactagttgg ccatgactgg     66480
     cactgtgctc agttcttagg ctaagaaatc tgcctgcttc tgtctcccag gtactggaat     66540
     gaaaagcatg cgctctggcc ccgtaatata gttacttcac tgacttatta cagaagcctg     66600
     ttgtgtctct ccatctgcag atggaaatgc tttttctgca gtcctccact ttaggctaca     66660
     aagtagtctt gggtgtctac aaataggtta gtttttcctc agtgccccat cttactctct     66720
     ttcaggatac gggtgtgggt aaatcgagca tcgtgtggcg gtttgtggaa gacagttttg     66780
     atccgaatat caatccaacc atagggtaag agaacaagtt tatttactgt atacgtctat     66840
     cccagagttc gtggaaagtc atcgcaagca ggaacgtgtg accgggtgta actcctgttg     66900
     tcctgaactt gatgaaattt tgaattgctg ggtcttgaca ttcccaaaat gatttgagag     66960
     aatacagtga ggtttactgt atcctaggag aatatcttca gactttggga ataagaactt     67020
     caacaatgaa aaagaatcag ttgacatagg agtttacaga cccagttaca ccttgaaaga     67080
     gagcagatga aaacacgttc cgatgcaggt ctttgggggg gcatacccag ttttggtcct     67140
     tgaaaagaag tagaattgaa ttcaaaccct tttgaactgg tgacagcttt aaattaatga     67200
     attaacttaa aaatggtctg gtttggggtt gtttggttga ttaggctttg tttggggggc     67260
     ttttttgttt tttgggtatc tggtgttttt ttgttttttg tttgtttggt tggtttggtt     67320
     ggttgggggt tttttggact gttgaagttg actagagagt tctcgaagac ttcattattt     67380
     ttgattaggt gcgcgtgtgt ctgagtggaa gtctgtgagt gtgaatgtga gtgcccaccc     67440
     ttgaaagcca gaagcgcggg gtccgctgga cgtggttatg aactgcctgc tgtgggtgct     67500
     aggaaccaga tggaccctcc agaagagcgc tgtggtttac ctgctaagcc atctccccag     67560
     cttcttacag actgaacaaa aatcttttta actacttaac tgtcacaggg agagcatggg     67620
     attagcccta atttttctct ttgagagcat gagctttgta ggatctacta ctatgttaag     67680
     tttgtacaac taggtaatga ctagacactt cctgacagtc aacgggtttt ctatctgtaa     67740
     agaaaagttg tatgtggttc atcatcagga tgagatatgg ctttgtgcca caaagggaaa     67800
     cactttacaa ctgtgggaga gacttcacaa gactgctgct tgagagtgtg ttaaaatctc     67860
     agggtctcgt atgcatgtgg aggcatggag atgagatcca ccactatgtc tgcagtgaag     67920
     acagtaccct tgcagaagaa ttgggtgtgt ccgtgtgctt ccaagtatca cctcctgctc     67980
     ctcagggctt gtcggcacct gcactgcact gcaaggtggc gagcagagcg gagaagcact     68040
     gatgagtcag tgaatgacac acttcacgca cagcctttca gaacctcaga acccacaagt     68100
     gctaagacac cgcctccttc actatcagac gaatagagag aaaaactaag agaaccttcc     68160
     ttgccttggt tcagtcaggc tctcactgtg tcagactcat attttatagg aaagactaca     68220
     aagtcccctc ctcctctatc tttgcttcct tgtttctgcc tctaaaggct tcctccctta     68280
     tgagtgacgg cccagtgacc ccgtcctctc tggaatgctg agttcccagc ttttcatcac     68340
     tttctctttc ccaccattcg gctgcccttc tgccctgctg tcatccagca gcatcacagc     68400
     ctagtcctgt gcttaagctg gaagagaaca caccactttc ttagcagtta ctctgtagcc     68460
     attgtcagca cagttctacc caccatgtca ctgaatccac cttctctggc cctgggaacc     68520
     actgcaaacc cagcaagccc agtgagtatt tttcaaaatg tttattcgtt tattgggtac     68580
     tgtcttagtt agggttttac tgctgtgaac agacaccatg accaaggcaa gtcttataca     68640
     aaacatttat ttggggctgg cttataggtt cagaggttca gtccagtatc atcaatgtgg     68700
     gagcatggca gcatccaggc aggcatggca caggcagagc tgagagttct atgtcttcat     68760
     acaaaggctg ctactggaag actgacttcc aggcaactgg ggtgagagtc ttaagcccac     68820
     acccacagtg acacacctat tccaaccaga tcacacctat tccagcaagg tcacacctcc     68880
     atatggtgcc actccctggt ccaagaatat acaaaccatc acaggtacca accatgtgtc     68940
     aggtattctg ggtgctggtg atttaaacct ggtgtcagca aactgtagct gtcttctgcc     69000
     ttctctcttg gtaaataaaa tgttactgaa gtactcaccc ctgcctcagc tgttctcagg     69060
     ctgtcctgac caaaggcagg agtcctgtgg cacacaaagc ctgacattct gtcgctttta     69120
     tttgtttgtt tttgcaatat ggtcttctct agcccaggca ggcctaaaac ttactatata     69180
     gccaaggcta cctaagtccc ctgtgtgcag ggagagcaga catgagccat tatatgtctg     69240
     cctggcactt ttcaatatac atttgcagaa tcctgatttg gacacacact gttcctgcca     69300
     taatgtagtt agatgtagct tccctgtagg ttaagagaga gatgtgttct ctatctgttg     69360
     tgcagaagat gactttttag catctctgtg atatcagcac acgtcaggcc ctgacctctc     69420
     tggccatgct tgagtccttc agggcccatg gaaaatgtaa aacacttaga aacactgaca     69480
     tttaactgtt gaaagatgag tggattgtac ttggcagaaa gaaagttaag gaattgtgta     69540
     tttgaagaga agtatgcctg ttgatagcag tgaggggtgg taaagagtac cctgaagaac     69600
     tagcctagca gactgaagga ccagacacac agaggagggg tcagggaggc tagcaaggac     69660
     agaggtcaga gtgagaccta taagaatggc cattgagact gtgagacagg aatcaggcat     69720
     ggatccttaa agatagggaa ggagctaaca tgagaggtac agaccaggca tgatggagta     69780
     aggtaccttt gtctttggtt cctttcccac acccatggct gcactcttca ctggtatctc     69840
     tcggcctctt ccactgctga agtaaacttt ggacttcttc caatcatgtc ctcctctttg     69900
     ttcccaaagc acctttcacc tgggtcatgt aacccaaagt cggcttctcc aggacttttc     69960
     cttggccact ggcccatgtc tccaactcat aacttgacta gctctctaga gaagtgggtg     70020
     tctatctctc ctctacccct atgtccctca ctcctaaatg tgtgttctct aatgacccaa     70080
     atgacttatt cagtagggag gagccttcgt tgcaaagaac attcctgtct gtggactgga     70140
     gtggggacct cagtgaacac tggctagact ttccaggtca gtgactaggg ctccattgga     70200
     tttgtctggt tcatgcctgc tttgtgaggt ttgatgtggc ataggaatgc tatgataaag     70260
     gtcggcagta gctggccaga caaaccacaa gctatgattc catcctcagg gaacatgtgt     70320
     ggaggacgag gccttcatta gaatcaccgc tgtgatgaac tatggtagtc cttaggaact     70380
     cattgtgtcc cttgggtgtg ttggaatagt gagagtgcag tcactgtgaa catgtgagta     70440
     aattccatac cgttaacact aaattctctc ctaagagcca gcctggaata gcttctcctc     70500
     accaggtagc ctgtgccctc aggtggccca cagatacctt gtgaccatgc ttgtgaacaa     70560
     cccttgaaag acttggacct ctgtccctct ttgcctgggt gtggagcagg actggcatgt     70620
     cttcagatac tgaagtcctg cctcctcctc tcagtcagta ccaaggcatc cgctctcatc     70680
     caaaacccta agctgtcacc tgacatggag gccttcaaag tgaaccacag acactggagt     70740
     acctctaaac tgcagctctg ccacctgcta gttaaatcca caatctgctt cttcagccaa     70800
     gtaaggccca cctccttgtt gtttggaggg ttcaagataa tgcagataaa gtggtgagca     70860
     gagggctgta gttgtcagct caatagataa tagcattgtt cttattcgct attttaattc     70920
     tttttctgta tgcttctaag agctttattt ccagtatgct tgggtatccc ctcctagaaa     70980
     agttgcaggc cagcctggac tacataacaa gatcctcttt taaagagaag ggggtttaca     71040
     ggaaagaatg gtgtcatagg gcttttaagt taatctaaca gcagtgtcta ctctgaccca     71100
     tttcttagag gcaacctctg ttgccatggc gtacagctat tttctgatct ttcctccaga     71160
     tctcctcaca accatacata cactgtgccc cctcctccca ctaccaccac caattttagg     71220
     cattatctac tgattgactc tttaaagtgt agggcctagc tgtcctccca cctctgtgca     71280
     tctctctttc ctccattttg ctattacagg actgtcattg aaccacaaca tggcaaatgt     71340
     ttaaatgcat gccctcatac taagctggct gcatatttcc tagctctcct tgtacttagt     71400
     tgctgtgggc ttggttaagt cacttaatct ctttatgcct acatttgcgt tttaggagtg     71460
     ctctgatttc ttatgcaggt ggttgtgaaa attgggttaa agcacataaa tgtagtgtaa     71520
     gtgtcaggtt ttgttccagt cttgggctgc ttgcccgccc ttactacctt gggtgtatca     71580
     cactgtcatc tgggtattag ccattacttg gctgtgtctt gcagttatgt ctcccactct     71640
     tgtgacaagc cattgtactc tgaatggtct tctatggaat gaagttctca ctttgaatct     71700
     gttggctccg cccttcccta ctccaggtgg ctagagaatc tttttccagt ctgtttttaa     71760
     ttttcagata tattcagtga tggttacatg cttctgatat gttttgtctt aaagctcttt     71820
     ctccctttct tcctctttcc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tctcctctct gaggtttact     71880
     catgttactg cgtgcattgc tcacatgtac ctttatatta ctgagtaata tattccattg     71940
     catgagatac caaaatgtat tcattgacta attggtaaac attagtttat aacatttttt     72000
     tgctgttatg aataaaggat atctatgtga acataaattt actctcaggt atatatctag     72060
     agttatctag aggtgccatt tttggattat gtactaaata tttatttaat tttcataagc     72120
     tgtcagtttt tcaaaatatt cataccagct aggtgtggtg atacatactt ttaatcctaa     72180
     cacttgggac gtcaaaggca ggaagatctg tgaattcaaa ccagccaggg ctaaatagca     72240
     agatcctgtc tacaaacaaa acagaagaat actcatagtg ttttatattg catgcaggac     72300
     agtgtgtaag ttagggtgat tccacaccct tcccaaacct gtcagtccac tttgaagcca     72360
     gccaccgtgc ctccccacta cctatggtgt tctctccttc cctacactta tccctgtcta     72420
     ttcaaatatt tgcctagttc caagtgtgct gttcattcag ccaacagctt tttaatctta     72480
     ccagtgtctt tttttttttt taatgtacgt acactgtagc tatcctcaga tactccagaa     72540
     gaggccatca gatttcatta tggatagttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct ggaatttgaa     72600
     ctcgggacct tcggaagaac agtcggcgct cttaaccact gagccatctc accagcccat     72660
     cagtgtcttt tgaagaacaa tttttccatt ctattcgtaa cattgacttg tgtgttcctt     72720
     gcgtcccaaa tgagaaggat tttctcctgt gttctagatt ctgtttttta gttttggttt     72780
     tgtttctatg ttttaagaca ttctcaatag gtaccctggc tggcctagaa ttcatagaga     72840
     tatgctgcct ctgcctccca agttctggga ttaaaatgtg ttgttcttgt tctagaagtc     72900
     ccatagcttc attctaagat tggcctgagg gctgtttctc ctagtgtgtc ttctgtgtaa     72960
     ggtgatgctt ttcctatggt cactcgaggc attggttagt gtggagttca gtggctgttc     73020
     tagtaaatgg cctttggacc tctatcagga gtgggctgct atgtagggaa gttctcactt     73080
     tgcaaatccg gcagtcatct agttgtaata cttttcaagt ttgttttgtg cttgtagact     73140
     ctgtatctgt gtctacattt ttagggacat agtgcccaat tcttcaaaca tctactaaaa     73200
     atctgccaat cttctgacta gtttggggaa aattgataac ctaacagtgc tctgatccat     73260
     gaacatgtta gactcctctg ttctttaggt ctcaaaagtg tgtgttcttt ctctctctct     73320
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtctct ctctgtctct ctctctgtct     73380
     ctctctctct ctgtctctct ctctctctgt ctctctctct ctccccccac acacacacct     73440
     taaattcacc atgtagtcaa agttgatctt gactttctag tcctgttgtc tctttcactt     73500
     gattctttct gacagtgctt ttagttgtca ctgttcaggc ctgtatatct taatctcaaa     73560
     atattacatt ttttttgttt gtttttgttt tgcttgcttt taggttcttt gttgtttggt     73620
     ggcttttctt cttggtagca ggctatttgg gaatagggtc tcgatgtgta gcccaggctg     73680
     tcctaaaatt caaaatcctc cagcttcagt ctggtactat aaatagcctt tcttagtttt     73740
     ggttgcatgc tagtaatatg tagacacgca tagctgtgat tttgctgagt ttgactgagc     73800
     taagacaaca cttaggaatt ccttgggctt ttcttgggtg cacagtcaat cactggtaag     73860
     acattttgat tcttcctttc tggtttatac acatttgatt tcttctgctg ctttatcaca     73920
     ccgagtagac acgtgtaata aggtgagggc gagggtccgc tgttgaggtg tgtatagcta     73980
     gcacctttgt gttcctgact tttttggcaa agggtctcat ctggcctttt tacacttaaa     74040
     ctaagtggtt gctcctgcag tctggctaag ggatgccctt tctaccctaa gttaatagaa     74100
     attgatttta attttattag gatatgcata tgtgtatctt ccttttggcc cagaacatgc     74160
     tcagtccttg aaggttgtgt gtttactaca ctgtgaggtg ttagatgtat gaatgctaac     74220
     aaaaccatgt acttaataga gtcatttgta tgaccctttt tttctattgc ccatactaaa     74280
     aggaatattt cagcaactct ttataggccc tgtctgttgc tctaaattgt taatctttat     74340
     ttttgcctag atagtgcatg tcagtgtatg tagcatgttt tcttggtgcc tccctccccc     74400
     attagaatac ttgttctttt tctggatctg ctttggtata atttagactc cctgtgttct     74460
     ctttgcatat cttaaactta acctgttgat agccatgcat ttcaagcagg tttcttacaa     74520
     atgtcatcca agtgttttgc ttttacatgc actctaacaa cgaacttggc cttcacagct     74580
     tcatggagag agcccccttt acttgagtgt ttagatctgt gctgcctaat agagttgcta     74640
     ctagccacat ataaaattag ggtcttcagt catgctggct acattgcagt ccttatcagg     74700
     aatgctctag tttagaccct ttctgtgtat agtagctatc aatgtggttt ggtgtaaatc     74760
     tgccatcttg ctgccttttc ccatgttcac aattccattt tatttccact gccatcttat     74820
     ctgactacct cctttatgat gatgaagatg aaaatggtcg ttgcctaggg ttacagtctc     74880
     tgattcacag tttgtgttca gacaatagga tggcttcatg tgctttgtgg atgcctataa     74940
     gcaccttcta tggctttgtg ctttgttttc atggatgctg ctgtgagttt gctgtgcagt     75000
     agtggtcttt tataggtgcc attagtcttt tctgttctcc atccttgtgc ccatattaaa     75060
     cccctcactt ttttttttta atctttgtaa taagttgcaa tgtccagctg agtgttctgt     75120
     aattcaagac tgtcttggct gctttatgtt acatttcctt ataaatgtta gcaatcatat     75180
     tgtctgcttt tgcacacacc aatatgctga ccctcactgt ggctctttga ctggccttcc     75240
     attgaattta cagagccatt tagagagtga cgtggtagtc ctgaatccta gcttgtgact     75300
     gtagattatc cttccatcca gagtgtctgt attctttgtt ttctcttctc tggtctattt     75360
     gcacatctgt ctcagagtta cttcaagggg cttgatgttt gtaatgcact agtttgcttt     75420
     gaaaatggta agtggttcaa agtttaccgt tgttgattgt ttgttgtcgt agggtttggt     75480
     gtggaacctt gaacttagaa acatcttacc ttagccttga gagtattgtg agaaaggtat     75540
     gtgacaccac atggagctag ctacagcttg gttttctgag cttttctcca atgaccttcc     75600
     tgagtttgct tatgaattca cttacctatg tgcagtgttc ctgtggtttt tctgtgcagt     75660
     tttctgtcat ctggaacggg ctttgttatg cctttgactt tgtatctcta tttttgttag     75720
     ctccgtagga tttccttaac agtgttgata aggaggagtg aggcctgggt gctctgacat     75780
     tgctgtagtc atgctttcac agttgcacct ggaggtgtgt tcactagagg attgtctgta     75840
     tgtacatatg catgcgtgta ttgcatgcag cccttaccaa attgttcaaa aaagatgtcc     75900
     ttttccttgt ctgatagtgt tgacttggtg agcatttttt tctgtctgta ctgggccatg     75960
     tgatatcatt gttggatttt tgtagcatcc atccacacag atcgtgacct gtgattgtta     76020
     tatgtcactg atggcttagt ttccttgttg ctgttctcaa cctgtgggtc acaatccttg     76080
     gcagacttct gtctccaaaa atacttacat tataactcat aacagtagca agattacagt     76140
     tatgaagtag cagtgaaatc atattatggt tggggtcacc acagcatgag gaactgtact     76200
     aatgggacac ggcattagga agggtgagag gcacggctac cagaattcct gataggaagc     76260
     agcttcagtg gaagaggtta ctttagctaa cagtttaagg tgacacaatc cgtgctgaca     76320
     gaggacatag cagcagaaga gaacatctgg ccacattgca cctgcagtca gggagtagag     76380
     agctagtggt caattgctct ttccccgtta tttagtctgg gcaccctttg tggtcttcca     76440
     tcctccatta acccagtaac ttctcataga catgcaggat tgtctcctag gtgttctaga     76500
     tcctgtcaaa atgagaacat taaccatcac aagtccaccc cttaacagcc tgttacccaa     76560
     gcattttgct tttatgttat aaccttctat ccttgtttcc ataaacttaa ccatcttaca     76620
     tgcaaaatgc atccagtcca acttctgaag ttctcgtaat caatagcacc aacactgttt     76680
     ttaaaagtct gagtcttttc ttaaattcaa ggcaatctct taattgtgaa ctcctaaaaa     76740
     ctaaaaccat gatacataat tgcagtatcc agtggcataa agtaaacagt tacaattcag     76800
     aactgcaggg aatgggaaca tagcaagcat gggctaggtc aaagcaagac caggttcagc     76860
     attacaacct ccagatcctg cagctcagtg tctgccttct gagacccatg atgagaatga     76920
     tctcggctcc aaaggacttg gttagcgcca ctcctcttga tcttctgcct gtagcacata     76980
     taacttctat ttggccagct ccacgctgta acctgcacct ttccttgtgg acagtccatg     77040
     gacctgtaat tactaatatc ttaggatcca ttgcagctta agcctcgcct tcacaacttc     77100
     atgaagtgtc cacttagtct tccttgtagg aactctgacc ctgccacaca gctggcctca     77160
     gtgacttccg gagcctcttg atacagggct ctgtgataac ccttagtctt tcatacctat     77220
     aaaacatgga catcactgcc agagtctgct gtgagcctca catcctgaat gttctcttgt     77280
     cttgaaatta ctccatttaa cctcagtaag gttctccgga ctcaggaaga aaatagccag     77340
     aatatcattt taatggctta tagcccagtt cctagtttcc ctctgcaact tcatgagcta     77400
     gtttttcatt cgcatgtctc tctctgcatt ctagtcttct agacacacag caggcagtgc     77460
     ttatggtctc tatagtgtac agctgcagac tcctccacat tcctcctgca gatttgcaga     77520
     gcttgcaaat cacctggtca actttatcat aacaacaaag ctaattctca atacctttat     77580
     ttatttattt atttatttgt ccctattacg aaatacctaa caggaaacaa cttaagggag     77640
     ggagcagccg gttgcatctg cagagcagca gtaatgtact tgtgtttgtc caggacccag     77700
     ccatgggcag tgccacccac aggcttgtct cctcagtgat tctagatccc ttcacagtga     77760
     tggcactaag cattacagtt ggctttagtt gaatgttact tgttaggatt tgtgtgtatg     77820
     taactgagac tgtgatgtca tttccttttt gaacatgtgt cagattttta tcaaagttgt     77880
     gcttcttcac taacactgct tgagtgaagc actccttttt attctttaaa tgattagtga     77940
     aatttgtcag tgtttccatc tgggcttcaa gcactccttg tgtattagag ttaattaagg     78000
     agtgaattcc actcatccgt tgtaagattg ttcatatgca aattgtctgt tacttctggc     78060
     tctggctttg atagattgca ttctttaaca gctttaactc ttctgtggac ttctcccatc     78120
     ttgctagttt atcagcataa ggctgccagg cttcctactg acaccagctt gcattttgga     78180
     tggttcttgc ctttggtcaa ctgtagcata tctgatgtct ttgcctttgt cttgatcagt     78240
     gtatgaaagc tcctactctt gatatcagtg ttttcatcac tgactttact cttttgttgc     78300
     acattgtgct cgctaatctt atgtcaccct tgacacaggc tagagtcatc tgagaggaga     78360
     gaaccccggt tgaaaatatg ccttcataag attgggctgt aggcaagcct gtagaatact     78420
     ttcttagtga ttgatgtggg aggacccttt gtatcatggg tggagtcatt cctgggttct     78480
     gtaaaaaagg tagtcagagg accctgcact tcccttgggc agcatggggg gggagacaac     78540
     acttgggcca gccttctccc ccccacaccc cctctccccc cggcccatga atccttccga     78600
     cggggtgtgt gtgtgatagg agcatcacgc cattcacctg ctaccgcact tgggagagtg     78660
     gtccctacag tgactgggca gcacagtaga gctgactctg gtgctgtgtc tgtgggtgac     78720
     caagggtatg agaacaagag agcagacctt gccccttgcc aactgcagca atggatgatc     78780
     tagccagggc attagaaagc tcaccctgtg gccaggccca gatccaaggc tttaaattgg     78840
     cccaccccaa aaacctacct catctataaa ctgctggagt gcatgaaagg gctggtccta     78900
     cagatccaaa gctacaggat ctccatgaca caggacaaca acatgagcct ggtaagtatc     78960
     tagcactgat aagagtagca gaagccaggg gcctggaacc agtccaatga ctcactgcaa     79020
     tgcacatctg taagtaaaga agtgtggaca aaaagactat actgtggaac agtgtgacac     79080
     actacagcct ccatgtcgag atgttttcta tgttttgttt tgtatagtct tgttcttttt     79140
     attttctttg agggtgggga gcttgcaagg gctgagggca tatatgaaag ggacagggag     79200
     atgagtagga ttggggtgca tgatgtgaaa cttaaagaga atcaataaaa agttacttta     79260
     aaagaacaaa gaaagcagtt tgagcaggcg agtaagcagc ctcttccatg acttgtgcat     79320
     tagctcccgg ctcctggatc ctgccctgtt ttagagtttc tgtcctgtct ctcttcagtg     79380
     atggactaag ccaggtaaac ctttgctctg caacctgctt ttgatcatgg tgtttcataa     79440
     caacagtaga aaccttaaga ttacacaagt ttaaaagtgt gtatctttaa gttaaacctt     79500
     aactaaaata aacatttatg tttattattt ttattcatgt ggatgtgtgg gtatatgtgt     79560
     gtgactgcag atgctccaga aactaggggt gtcaggcccc ctctatgact catggctgtg     79620
     agttgcatgt catgtacttg gaactgaact caggtccttc ttgtaaaatg aattgttctt     79680
     gtgatcattg agcttcattc tgtaggcccg ctaggctgat gcaggactat tgtgcacggg     79740
     tttcctcagt gactactgct acagtctgga ttacatcttc actcccttca gtcctcccag     79800
     gacatgtctc atttacaact tagctccgaa gctaggtatg gaaccctatt ctaggcaagt     79860
     gttacacact aggctgtatc ttctatcctc atagtttggc atgttttatt ttgagacaga     79920
     gtttcacaag ttgcccaagc tggccttcaa cttactctcg ctcgggttgg cttttaactt     79980
     gtgattttcc taactaaggt tatttgcagc cctgtgcaag ttgaatgtat tagttactgt     80040
     tctgttgcta tgaaaagaca ttatcagcct ctctgataaa agaaaacatt taattggggc     80100
     tcttctcaca gtttcagaga tttattctat tatcatggtg ggggatggac agatatggtt     80160
     cttgagcagt agctaagggc tttatatctt tatccagagg catcaggcag agagaaagac     80220
     acttggcctc atgtgggttt ttaaaaccct ccagcccacc ctagtgacac acttcctcaa     80280
     cccaggccat aatacccaac cctctccaca cagatctact aactgtggac caagcactca     80340
     aacacatgag cccatggggc ccatcctcat ccagactatc acacagccct agatgttttt     80400
     aaggcagttt ctcatactgt agccaaggcc agcctagaac tctgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg     80460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcc ttgcccatat tagtgtcaaa     80520
     ttcatggtaa gcctttgcag agcctcatac attcataaca ccttttggat tgtggttaca     80580
     gctcagtagt aaaatattta agaactccca agtcccgcac atgcgcacgc gcgcgcacac     80640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagtc tgagagttgt atttctttac atctgttccc     80700
     ttttttgatg atttcaatta aacttaaaat atatgatcta ttgaacaaaa actaaataat     80760
     aaatacatta acatttcctg tgtagcatgc aggaattctc tctaatctaa gttcacctcc     80820
     ctccaccact gattgtgaat acaactgtca aagagccttg agcatctttg gctttatttt     80880
     gagacagggt cttgcactct ggtttggggc ccactggtta ggcaaggcca acttgcatgc     80940
     atcccagagg atcccccttc tctacctccc cagccctggg gttgtaagca tattctacca     81000
     caccaggctt ttatgtgggc ctggggttta gcagggcaag tgtggtggtt agaatattct     81060
     tggcccagga agtggtactg tttggaggcg tggccttctt ggagtaggtg tgtcactgtg     81120
     agcatgggct tttaagactc tcgtcctgac tatctatctg gaagccagtt ttctcctaga     81180
     agccttcaga tgaagatgta gagctctcag ctcctccagt gccatgcctg cctagatgct     81240
     gccatgctcc caccttgata ataatggact taacctctga acctgtaagc cagccccagt     81300
     taaatgctgt ccttataaga gttgccttgg tcatagtgtc tgttctcagc agtaaaactc     81360
     taaggcagca agtttttgtg cttgtatagc aagaacttta ctgactgaat agctagctgt     81420
     cttaccatcc ccagtcctga cccatgttgt agctgttgtt aggatgtagc ttctgtggat     81480
     gtcagaagac cgctttgagg atctggttct ttctatacag ctttccctgc atcctgggga     81540
     ctggactcag attgcaggct cacctgccag tcacctttac tccctgagct gtcctcgtgg     81600
     ctgcactact aatctgacac tttgttgctt tcaaagttaa ctccctgttt gtgatgattc     81660
     tccctgttcc tgctacttta aacaatttga gcttcagctt cttcattgag caagttaaag     81720
     aaggtgtgct atttgttttt ctttctggag ggtttggctt ctcagaacac ccattttgtc     81780
     caccctgtga taccttttgc catctttcac ctacattctg ttctaggtac ttcagatttg     81840
     tgatttttgt tgttgtttga aggtattttt atgttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttga     81900
     gaatgagtcc tgccatgtag cacacactga tcggaaactg tttacatagt ccaggctggc     81960
     tttaaactta cattcctcct gctccagcct tttgagtgtt gcggtcacag acatccgcca     82020
     ttgtgcttct gagcttgtgt ttaaatggca gtgccttagc aagagaaaga gtgtggtgca     82080
     taaggatatt aaggagatat tcaatatgtt catggtcggg tcatgttgcc agctgcaatt     82140
     gtttcattta attgcactgt gttatttcat caagacatta atatgagtag gagggtgttg     82200
     atttaggaca agttttagat ccactaaaat taattgtagg tttgtccttg aagccccatg     82260
     ttttatttgg gcccattagt tcttcaagca cagtgtgtga tgctgtgtaa gtttaccagg     82320
     actcatgaac tccacattcc atctttaggc tctgcattcc cttcagtttg ccttggtact     82380
     atgatactca caccatctgc cttctaagca ctgttagttc ctgcagcctc tggcctcaca     82440
     gcctgcagag gttctctctc acttggaagg gtggatactc tggcttggac agttccttat     82500
     ttgcttcttc tagcacttta aaatgcactg ctcacttgga agggccctga tatctgtgtt     82560
     tctgctgaac agttcaccct gcctgtgtct tctgtatagg gaatgtctgt ctttagtctc     82620
     tgactgcttt gggagcccac tctttacctc ttgtttggcc agtttatctt gacacacaaa     82680
     atataaaata ccctctgggt tcatcaactt tcttggacct gaagtttgac ttttacaaaa     82740
     tgtggacatt acttacagtg attttagaag ttttgtttgt ttgttttgtt cctgccccat     82800
     tttttttgtc tcgtgtgtga tatgggagtt ctgtgtgtgc aacgtgctca gtaagccaag     82860
     gaggctccgg acgtctcctt ttctcatctc tttacttttc ctctaaggct tatacaattt     82920
     ccacttattt gtcttcaatg catttggtcc tttggtctgc tgtctccaag attccagtca     82980
     ccacatcata tctagtacct tttaattttt ttttaaatac ctttacttat ttttgtgtgg     83040
     ggagtgccta tgccacagca catatatgga ggtcagagga caatttaaag tttctgtgtg     83100
     ggtcctgcag agaaaaccaa atttttaggc ttgccggcca gcatctttac ccaggaagcc     83160
     ttttcactaa gccctcttct gttttgttgt tgcttggtta gtttggtttt ttgttttgtt     83220
     ttgttttgtt gtttttgttt tgtttttgaa gcagacttga ggtttattaa atattattaa     83280
     gtacattatt aaaacatagg tgtaaacaca gcattaagag tgaatattgg acatgtaaaa     83340
     ggaggatggt actgcacacc gcagaacagc caccagcctc tctgcagagc agcaactcca     83400
     tgtcttagtt gctctttatg tgaatttggt agcttttgaa gtcacatcta cttacactat     83460
     tcaaagatgt aaaagatggg gtagaaatgt tcacttattc ctgctattgg ctgcaagact     83520
     tgaaagtggt ttacagaatg tatggcacag gttcccaggc ctttagataa aaacatagtc     83580
     aaagggagct ttgttatgct taggtcacaa tccaaaacct attttgactg taaacacagt     83640
     ttataatctt gctaaagagc tcttccagca gcagatgtga ggggctcctc ttaacttctt     83700
     cccatctttc tgctcagact caatttttct ttttgagact tagatcatcc ctttgaaggt     83760
     ttgttcttat tttttagaca tggtcaaact ctataaccca ggttgactta ctactcacta     83820
     tgtagtccag gcttgcctca gacatgcagt gattccccct gccccagctt cccagctact     83880
     agaattatat gtgtgaacca ccacacccac tttgcagtcc cttaatccta cattttctga     83940
     atcttcctgt tgaataggga tgaagaccct gttctccaag tgtgaaaatc cagtctaaca     84000
     gctctaatgg ggacaaagtc caggcttgga gactgaaggg ttatcacatg attgaggtct     84060
     aaaaggagga tatcattact cagtatatag cacacataca agcattgcta agcctggtca     84120
     taagagtagc accagaaaca tgcatatgtg tgcttcagca tgtgaaaacc aggggtcaac     84180
     atccaagttt tcttcaatgt ctttccacct tatcttctga aacaaagtct cccttggacc     84240
     gtgaagctca gcagtcttgg tagactggct ggccagtgcg cttagtcctc tcctcagtgc     84300
     tgggttgctg ggttacagac atggcctacc acacagtttt ctacaaggtg ctatgtattc     84360
     acactcagtt cctcaggatc acactcactc catcatcagt ttagtggcaa aaatgaactg     84420
     gaaatgtaca tgaggaagat ttctaggact ggaaaatgtt gtgactatat tattttgggt     84480
     gatagttaca tgagactatg aagttttaaa attcattggc ctgaaaatat tatactacat     84540
     tttattgtac atcaactcca cctgttctca tttcatttac tgctgtgata aaccactctg     84600
     actgaaaaca acttggggaa gaaagagttt cagctacatc ggatgacagc tcatcactga     84660
     gggacaggag ccatggggga ggggagcgtt actgactgcc tcaccctctc tctgccttgt     84720
     tcacaggctc atgctcagag tttcagtttt gttttcattt tttttaagat tgtttatttt     84780
     tagtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtatcttt ctgtggggta tgcctatgga gaccagaaaa     84840
     aggtatccca gcccctggag ctaaagttac acttgttggg aatattagga actgagctag     84900
     ggtgctgtga aagaacaaga gatggaaaag gaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaat gtaaataaag     84960
     aaaaaaaaaa aagagagatg gttgtcaaca gctgagcatg ttttcagccc ctctgcagtg     85020
     ttctcacacc ccagctctaa ctgcctaagg atgatgggat ggcttatata tatataatat     85080
     atatatgtat attatatata tatatatatt cactcaagac ctcactctca cttagacttt     85140
     tctgtgctgt gtcaagttta tacccaaggc taaccaagac tatacctcaa tagattacag     85200
     tttttgtaaa gctccatctt tatagggaca gaaaatggca ttttttttct gtctctataa     85260
     caaaattgct gagataatta atttacaaaa ggcaagggtg gttcttttag cttatcgttt     85320
     tggaggctgc actggatgct cagttgaccc tcttgtgtgt tgcttctgtc ctgtgcagca     85380
     cagcatcctg agagagtgca gcagggtagg ctccgggacc tcatggctaa acagtaaatg     85440
     aaaagtgagg gaccctcaac ccctttttac ctgtcaaaag gttcagtgca catcccagtg     85500
     aggtcatact ggtgccaaag ctttaaatac atgaacctct gggaaacacc tgggaagtta     85560
     ttcctcactt tcacaagatg gttgaggtaa aggaaggtca gttgactcat ctcatggcac     85620
     atggcatcaa aattaatcag ccaagctggg aaactccctt gaaggtttgc ttctcaccct     85680
     gtgtgcagcg attgtctcct tcagtcttgc ccagcaactg tacttccagg gttctgtcct     85740
     acagagagct ccctagactg ttagcattct gtctaaactc cacccccata gttacctggc     85800
     aacagccagg taggcctgac ccacactata aaggggactg cttgctgtgt ctcttccccc     85860
     atctcttgtt cctttcttgc tcttttgggc tcttgctccc ttcctccccc cccccccctt     85920
     cccccttctc tctccacatg ctctctgcct ttctctgact ctactaccct cttaactccc     85980
     ctcccaatgc cctgaataaa ctcttattct atactatact ggcgtgtgac tggttcctca     86040
     gggggaatgg atgccttagc atgggcctgc tgaggcctcc ccttacccca cgtctgacta     86100
     cacccccaga gaatatatcc cctctctctt tatcttttta taaacacatc attaacactg     86160
     ttaattattg tataaagtgc agtgaaacag cttgaaaata cagatcgatg cccctcctta     86220
     gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagaaac aaagtttgga gctgagacga     86280
     aaggatggac catctagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcttccaaa     86340
     cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct     86400
     cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg     86460
     gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat     86520
     ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc     86580
     tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagat aggcccattg     86640
     gacacgcaaa ctgtatatgc cccagtaaag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa aaaatgggaa     86700
     tgagtgggta gggaagtggg ggggggggta tgggggactt ttgggatagc gttggaaatg     86760
     aaattgagga aaatatataa taaaaaatat taataaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaatttgag     86820
     aaagaatgat accatggaag agtacatgaa agttggggga aataatgtaa ctactttatt     86880
     ttataaataa aagcaaatat gtttttaaaa aaaaaaaaag tcattggcag tcagcacaat     86940
     tttgaagtgc aggaaactct gtttaacctc cctccctcta agccccacgg ccacttattc     87000
     ctctttgttc tccccttccc ttgcattcta agttccgagt tctttttccc aattcaccat     87060
     cagagataat aaaaattaat ttagagaatt aaaaagaaaa tacagatcgt actctttcag     87120
     gtgaggtagt gtggtgtgga gtgaaagcat cggtgtggag gatcacagaa gaggaaagca     87180
     ggttctgagc gtctgctatg ctcatataaa cttgtgatgc ttctgaagaa actgataaac     87240
     tgaagcatat cagttgttta ttacctgttc cgtagccaga ggactgcatt acaatttgga     87300
     aacagctgaa ataccatcat ggcatgtgtg cccaagcacc tgaaaagctg cctcagacaa     87360
     gctgagacca tgcccgccct ttgaccagtc acagccaact gcccctttct tccacctcca     87420
     cctatcaggc tttatccatc tttgtccagg atcctggatg tttgtgctta cctgaactta     87480
     ggtatttcac atggtggagt tcagccctgg aactagactt acaggtggtt gggagctgaa     87540
     cctgggtccg ctgtaagaga aaccagtact cctaactgct aagccatctc cccagcccat     87600
     ctttgctctc aaagtgctta atattcccca gttgctatcc ttgtgtctcc tgccctataa     87660
     tgcccgtcat atagatcctg ggccattaag ggccaagaaa tgagttgagt gagtgagtgt     87720
     gtgcatgagt gaatgagtga gtacgtgcat gagtgggtgc gtgcatgcgt gtgtgcccct     87780
     tgtaagcgca tcagccggca tcctgtcttc cttctgtcag agtggccact cccagctgtg     87840
     atctttttgt tttgttttgt gttttttggg tttttttatt tatttatttt tttctgagac     87900
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca tgctggtctc     87960
     gaactcagaa atccaccttc ctgtgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaagggc gtgcagctcc     88020
     tagctctgac ttttgaagca gtgcacatgg ttgagttccg atggaacacc agtaagtgaa     88080
     cttggtccat gaaacagaca agtgttttga ttttaccagc attgttgttt ggatcaggct     88140
     tggtctaaaa agcagggatg attttcgtta gggtgtttgt acagagagca gccagggcac     88200
     aaagatcacc tctgtggaga ggcgctagct cacagcatgc tctcatctcc agctgtctcc     88260
     tccctgctca aaccttctct ggcctcttaa caacactaca gctgctcctc ccctcggcgg     88320
     ctcgagccag ggccaggctg ctgcaggtgc catcgggcct ccatctctgc tctgcctcca     88380
     cgatgcgctt tatatgcttg ctcgtcactt ctgcccatgt gcagtctcct cctaacttct     88440
     acagatagct ccgtgttatc tcctcacatt acagcagcaa cttgctgagg aacacgggtg     88500
     tttccatctg tagttctgga gatcagaagt ctaaaaccag tttcatcaac ctaacaacct     88560
     tggtgttagc caagctggtt cctcctagca gttcccagct tctagtgcct gactgccttg     88620
     gctgtgatct cttctgccat cctcctgacc cgttgctgca ctctccactt ccaccttcag     88680
     attgccttct aaagccgcca cagcacggta acacacacct ttagttctgg ctcttgactt     88740
     caagtccagc ctggtctaca gagcaaattc caggacagct agggctacac tgagaaacta     88800
     atgctcgaaa caccaaagcc aaaccaacac aaaaaagaca atcactgcct ggctctggct     88860
     gctgatgacc ccttttgtga agagccttgt aaggatcttc taaagtgtct gtcccctgac     88920
     cagccctccc agttgagttt ctcagtggtg gtggagataa tctgatttct cttgcctacc     88980
     agtgtttgta caagactttt gaaggtcaac tgtttggagc aagaaggcca cacagtgctc     89040
     cagctggggt ccagccggct gtcctggctc tgaccctggc cagacatggg gaagattcag     89100
     tcctgaagct gacagtcgtg ctccaggttt acacacaagc aagcaagcag gaagagggca     89160
     tgacagcagc tgacacttag ctgaagcaac tagcgtgttg tcattgttga ctttattgtt     89220
     tatgagatga aagcatttta agttattcat agaaagtata tgaaaggaga ggctaaactc     89280
     tttagatatt ttcctgttta aataaatatc ttcctaggtt ttcaatattt tccaaaaaaa     89340
     aatttttgaa catgtgacca aagtggagaa tataaagagt ttgtagggga tgaacacaac     89400
     cctagagaag agtgtattat gctcctactg gtaggagtgg gtggcagctg caggtgacct     89460
     gcagccctta cacacagcta gactcagaga atgagtgtgg acaatggtaa gaaagccatc     89520
     gctatagggt gagtgctcag cacagcatgt gtgggtaccc taagacctct gctagaactg     89580
     catttagact cccaaatgtt gaaattataa acatcggcca ccacatacag gcagcgtgta     89640
     ggctttagag acgctgcccc agatagatgt tccctctgtt tagcaaatcc ctgagcccca     89700
     gacgctcctt acaccaccct ttaccttccc aagaccttca tctctcttgg aggagctgtg     89760
     agggtcattt gtgttcatct ctatgtccgt cttagtatgt gtctagcagt gtgttgtcag     89820
     cagatttatc cttgagatct agggtgttca tttgacagtg tgctgagttg ttcatcttca     89880
     gcatgcacct cagaggtaac ttcacgtcat gtgccagtca caagaaaggt ctcaaagtag     89940
     ggagtctgca gtgacgccat tgcaaatttg tatccaagcg aggtaagaag caagttgctg     90000
     aagttaaaat aaaatttttt tttttttttt tttggttttg tttttttgag acagggtttc     90060
     tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag     90120
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacgcccgc     90180
     ccggcgagaa aagaaggttt taaaacactt tattgcaagt attttcattg ggaacaggtg     90240
     ctctgaccaa agatgatgac tacttgatgt gtgtggaagt catattttta gaatgtcatg     90300
     aaaaaatgga gaagcatatg aaaggtgttg tagctttaag aaataatgtt gtagggcctt     90360
     tagattacag aggtaataag atcttccgag gagactgaaa agagacagtt tagtagtgaa     90420
     aaataagctt ctcaaacgag taaatggcag gctgggaaat agaaatgtat cctttgaatg     90480
     gcagggagcc agcgcctgtt cttcaaaatg caagacactg cagttatcct accctctgca     90540
     tcatttaact tcagcattag aagagtggcc ctagagtgga gtcagtgatg tctggaaatt     90600
     ggagtaaagt cacccaaaga ttagcgcttg atttaaggat ttattgcagg gcctgaggtt     90660
     tgagtgtaca ccaaatatga aacgaagacc cagacaactc ttatcacaaa atttgatgca     90720
     agttaataaa agacaggtca cagggtgtga aaggcaggct ttgagcctgt gactgacagc     90780
     ctgaaagtta ggaccagtgt ggtaaagtat ccccattgtc agttagataa gttatggcga     90840
     gtcttatcct caacacactg cactgtgtct ttggcaagaa attgttgttt gagtccagta     90900
     ggcaggctcc gtcctggtaa ctaacccaga acccagcagg ggccatcgag aagcagcagg     90960
     ccgcatcaat cccaagtctg atactagtct agatgttact actatagaga gacacccaat     91020
     ctatatgtca cagtgatcta tatatctata tacaaatcta tatataaaaa ctttcaaata     91080
     taaatatata aataatctct ctatataaag tgatttgaga taagtcagga tttcactctc     91140
     ttacaatcag cagggatgct tggtactata aagagacatc ttaagggctc agaggaggag     91200
     aggtgagaga gtggcagcct gggacttgga gggccaacac atgaatgagc accaaatcac     91260
     ccaattaagg tcctatgaca tctgcagtga agtgcaaagg ccctcaatgg gaggagcaca     91320
     gtgagtgtct gcagctatcc cagattttgc ttgaagcctg tggctagcac aagggttgag     91380
     gctgctaact aagcagaggc aagtagaacc ctcagcaggc agcgctgccc tcctgcacca     91440
     cttccttcca cattgtggcc aagctagagc agagccttcc ctgacctgcg ctctttccct     91500
     agtgcttgag tggcactttg ttctgtatgc tggggcgatg gcagttccag gtaccctgtg     91560
     ggcagccaca gtaaatgttg actaagttcc aggacagcaa aaagacagct gcagacagtg     91620
     ccctgctaca gaggaagaac ctgggaagag gtgcagtggg ggctgtgtgg gacgctgggg     91680
     ctcattcttc ttgaatgttg aagacctcag tgctgactca aggaggtctg tttgcgttaa     91740
     aggaactggt ggaaggcagg gaggacttgc aggagtgcag agggtgagga agcagctctt     91800
     gatccctgca tcttccttag ctttcagtct agcaggaatg cggcctggcc tggcctggcc     91860
     gtccagcagt caccatacgt gtctcccaca tgctggctct tggttcctgc tgtcacataa     91920
     caccacagtg tcgctgctta gagctgggtg gcaagcttct gggacttgtt gcaactgaac     91980
     gatttctgaa tattagcacc atgtagacag acgtgccttc tctcctcacc ctctccaaag     92040
     ccatgtggtc tttctaaagt caggagccct gttgctgttt agttgtggat ttattcagag     92100
     taactcacca aaagttccta atacttgagc tttatggaga acctctacca caaaactttg     92160
     actgggctcc atggggcaga cagcgcctac ccgtagtgta tagccaggat ttgcttctcc     92220
     acttactcgc cacccttagc tggggtttgg gaggctgcct gctgggtcat gaattctgat     92280
     actcgaggag ctcagtagtc ttccagcggt ccttctaatg tgctctcctg gagattgcct     92340
     gtaattaagg ctcaggatta atgcgggaga acagctagcc attgaattat tgtctaggtc     92400
     acatgattag ggtatagttc aagagtacaa ctcaagcttg gcgtgctgac tcagaggctg     92460
     aagcaggatc atgaattcaa gactagcctg ggctacaaag ggaaacccat ctttaagaaa     92520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ccttggctgt ttaccctaga aggccattta tttctaggtt     92580
     ctttgaacca gagtctgaaa acaaagaact ccacagagga tagctccagg cctccatctc     92640
     aagattgaga gtgtcaggct tgttctgtgg ccttggggtt ccttaagtag ttttactcaa     92700
     ggtcctgaaa aatgtatagg gcccgcccct aataacagac agcaagtgtg actgtgactg     92760
     tgagcgtggc tgggaagtgt cctgtggctg cctcagagga gaagcctgtg tgagcacagc     92820
     acggtggtca gcacagaggt caccgccccc tgctcagctg tcccagaagc ctcctgtcca     92880
     cttgggttag catcataatt ccgtgagctc aagttgccct ggttcttaca tagctatttg     92940
     tgtggcacat ggtttgagaa ctggggaact gggggagaaa cccaaggtgt ctggggtgtg     93000
     gtgatgtgtg tacagtgtct ttagatacct tctcatgggg ccagtgagca gtcagcaagg     93060
     aaaagtggtt gccttataag tgcacacgca cacaccccaa acagcctcac aaggattaaa     93120
     aaaaacaatc agtcctattt ctaagaaaga tttcttatga tgcccatctg tttgaatgac     93180
     agagccttgc acttgccttc aggactgacg ggtctcgcac ttcttaggct tcctcctctg     93240
     tcaggcagat gaggctaatg ctttatttca gcaaaggctg cagccagcat ctgactaccc     93300
     ctcagcactc cagagggacc tggtgaggat attgtgggga gctgggatcc tgagtgctaa     93360
     gtcttaagtg atgattccaa ctggggctgg acacgggtgt taaataactg tgttctgatc     93420
     atttaggtct ctctttatag ggcatctttt atgaccaaga ctgtccagta ccaaaatgag     93480
     ctacataaat tcctaatctg ggatacagct ggacaagaac gagtaagtca ctctttaatt     93540
     tactatgttt ttctgaggcc caaaccaaat tacagctcca actacactgt catcgtccct     93600
     gtcgtctgcc attcctcact tctttgcacc agagacacat ttacttcgat ttgcgtgggc     93660
     cagccttttt cttttcaatt agagccacaa agtccactga tggagaaagt gataatgggc     93720
     actgagggca tttttatact ttttagtgtc ttaaagtaaa tgctgactaa caggcctgat     93780
     caagttcctt gaacagagtg tgtgatttgg ggctctgtcc tctagtaaag atgtaagaga     93840
     attagtggta gaaagggaaa attaggcaca gctcatttat agccgccttt taaaagctaa     93900
     aagagggaac tttacagcat ataaactttg aggtttaagt ggacggatta gctaatgcaa     93960
     tgccttgcaa cgagcactta aacgcctgac agggagcctg tccatagctc tggctgtcct     94020
     cgccacaggg tagagccagt ggagagctac agctgtacag tgggatgaga tctgaggaag     94080
     tgggaacagg aatagacatg taatgggaac agagacagaa gaagacacgc gtgcacacac     94140
     acacacacac atacacactg cctcattcca tccctttccc tggtaagttc cctgcagtca     94200
     tcccatcatt cagccacgct ctagttttca ggtgattctg tccaaacaaa gcgcctggca     94260
     ggtgtgaggt actgtcctaa gctctaagta cacaagaaat tatcagaaaa atggtttgtc     94320
     gtcacactag tatctaagac aacatggata ctgtgtggca gagaaactga caaatggagg     94380
     acgccacact ggtgtctcag tgcacatttg agcagaactt gtgcctcagc cttgctgttg     94440
     gctgccttca gtttgaacct tgtgtatcac tttatcagag ctgccatctt ctgtgttggt     94500
     ggctgtgtgc atctagaatg gaggttagga cggcagtcag catctctctt ccatcctgca     94560
     aaggcattgc ttcccagagg cctactagat gtgtctacac gctgccctag gactgtgtca     94620
     ttagccagat acgtggactt tccctaggag tgatagatgt gcccttgtac tgagtcctag     94680
     gtttcagcta ccccctcatg tgtttgatgc tcccatgctg caccacacgt gctctattgt     94740
     cacgtatagt ggccacgtat agtggctttt tatatcatga aagtggaagg aatgcctagg     94800
     catgtccctc cacataactc aagtgctcac aggagcctga ggaccgtgac tgcctgcttt     94860
     ttgcccgcct cttacctgcc cacttccagt tggctcttta gtagatagtg ctgctcagtg     94920
     gtacaatctg gccttccttc cctgaagtac catcctgcaa cccaaggttg ggcaggagat     94980
     attgaaaggc cagatcaggg acagggggct tgaccaagac atcctggagc tggaagacaa     95040
     tcaggagagg aatggcatag ccatgtgtca ctgtgcagga caatgccttg gatttcaggg     95100
     ttagttcaag gattgccatt catccagggc taggtcttca aggctggact ccactctgcc     95160
     tcttcctgcc agtcagcttg tgtgcttctc cagtgtacat acagctctgt atcctgtcat     95220
     ctgttgtcct atccttcacc tggtaactgt ctagccttgg agcctccctc tgtcacacag     95280
     agaggagctg tcctaatacc catgttacca gaaagctatg cttcttgcat cagatctgga     95340
     ggttgtcttt cattcttccc agcagctgtt ggccatctgc ttcttcagct ctccactcac     95400
     tgccttcagc tgccttcact gtcactcaag tgttctgtag ccttttgact tctgtccctg     95460
     tttttctcca cccagtactg atccatgtca ctattcacaa gaacccagac attatgggga     95520
     acaatgatca gactctactg tcttcttgct gatccttacc tctagctgtg ttcaaaggga     95580
     cccatgaagc ccatgtgtcc tgctgcaccg ctctgtctgc ctgctgacct ccatgcaggt     95640
     ccttacacat acctgccatc aggccgtcac atatactggc ctttctcgct agcacatgcc     95700
     tcctctagca ctcacaggct tcttaccagc tattggtgtc agacagaatg gtacctcaga     95760
     acctcagggt tctctgtgcc tccctggacc tgagcagtgc ctcaggttca ttctctgtca     95820
     ttgcccttgt tcatgtctaa gacactcatt acaaattgta atgtctgctt ggttgtccac     95880
     ctttattaac agcttctctc actgagatag gaatattggg agctgtgcct gcagtgtttt     95940
     gcttactgct gtgtgtgtcc cagtacctga gggcaagcta atgcccagga gttagttggg     96000
     tagcagcaga ttacctctgt gtcctgcaca gtgtttgctt gccctcaacc atgagattgt     96060
     cacttttttt tcttctgtct tgtattagac tgtggtctct gagaggcagg gactgccttt     96120
     ttggtgctcg aagcccctgg tacctggctt caatgttact attcttgtca gctgcttggt     96180
     agtctacctt gtgacagatg agaacagact gtctctgcct cctgtgggtc gcacatggct     96240
     ccagtgatga gtctctgacg tgagcatgtt tactgctaag ctctgtggag ttgagattgt     96300
     tggtggggac cccaaatcat tgcagaatga aaaagctttt catgaactga acaggcgtcc     96360
     tctccatttg accctcacat ctgttgccac acgtagttct gaacgatgac ttttctgtca     96420
     agttcccacg aatcgcagag tgatttcact aagttgatga aagcaagtaa gaattgaatg     96480
     gtatgtgagt ccttgtttga gggagcttgc tacatgaaaa ggaaggaagt gccttccttt     96540
     tcatgtagct tgtatatcag aaggttaata agcacctagg aaaacagacc agagccctca     96600
     gatgtttttt caaagtgact gtttgtatga ggcctgggag agtccactgt gaaatgaaag     96660
     gtcccgtgtt atgcttgcaa attcctagcg gaagcagctc accaggctgt ccgtctcctc     96720
     accaactcta aaagtcagct cctcactgta acattaagcc cggggtttct caaacgccgg     96780
     ttaaatgaaa cttgttttca cagttgtatt tattttctta agactaagca tttatgagtg     96840
     ctttgtccat tgtttgcaat ttgagtgagc tcatcttgtt cctctacccc agcacacaca     96900
     cagatggcac tcatgaatgt atgtcatgaa gtccaccatg agtgcagggc aacatcccca     96960
     gtgtggcaca tctgttatgg ccacattcac aactcgtatt ccctctggct gactgttcca     97020
     cagaggtcag tatagcatga agaccgtccg ttttcacagt accacataag cagttgtaag     97080
     tgcatcaact agaacaagga cagcttggga gcatctagag ctggtattgg ctggccgagg     97140
     gccatgttga accaggtacc cactcttgta aatacagttt tttggagcac agccattttt     97200
     gtctgttcac tgtctgtgct tatactgtac agtaatcctg tgccagaagt gagaggccac     97260
     agagctgatg ctgtttcgtc agaacagcag gggggtctgt ctctcacagg ccttcctggc     97320
     ttataaataa atgctgggta atacttacaa agtcgctgtt tgaaacaacc agtgggcaag     97380
     gctgaagcag caaacacagg cccggatcag gcctcacagg gcacccagct caggactagg     97440
     gaacagggta gcaaagagtc aagcaggaag agtctcttgt ttgtttggtt tttgtttttc     97500
     aaaacaaagt tcctccttgt agccctggct gtcctagaac tcactctgta gaccaggcta     97560
     gccccaaact caatttgcct gcctctactt ctgtgctggg attaaaggag tgtgccacta     97620
     ccgcccaatc aggaaatgtc tttttaagat tgtgataatg gagccgggcg tggtggcgca     97680
     cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     97740
     ctggtctaca aagtgagtgc caggacagcc agggctacac agggaaaccc tgcctcgaaa     97800
     aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agattatgat aatgggagat gtccgagaat gctagagtaa     97860
     ctggacaaga gcagcaagcc ctgaaaaaat acgacccaga aaggaggacc ctcctcaagc     97920
     cttgtgaatg tgcagagggg acattgcaaa acaagactga gtagagactc actgctgcct     97980
     cttataacag agctgaagtt taaatccagt ccacacatta gagggcattg ataaagttct     98040
     taaccatctc attcagaaag agacagaggg tgtcctggcc ttcagatcca gtctagtata     98100
     gccatcctaa cagtgttcaa aatcagtctc aagatgatga gagttaccac tcttcaaaat     98160
     gacagtgtgg cagcaggcca gtatgctgtc atttgttaca tgtgtgggga atggagaaca     98220
     gaggctgacc ctgtgatgag aacctggacc agagttgaaa gcaggccttt taaatctgtc     98280
     caaaggttca cacaatggca gaccagctac aaatgggaag ctgtgcagaa aggaagttca     98340
     caaagaataa aatggaaatg ctaacattga aagccacggt gtcgagaagc aaagctggct     98400
     ggtgagcaat agaacagatc actggcaaga gcagggaagg agaggctagg aaagcctggg     98460
     cagtctcagc agcaccaagc ccagaaggga tgaagaagca atgggggtgc agaataaaga     98520
     cagggttcct gtggttgatg gctgaattct tccactttgg tgaaacatcg accctcaagt     98580
     ctaagggttt cagcaaacct ttaaagacaa gggccctagt caaacagaga tatattatat     98640
     accagagaac aatgtgagtg ggcttgcctt ctcagaaaca gtggaggcaa gccagtgggc     98700
     agagtttcta ccacactgta ggtgtgcaaa caagtccatc tgccaaaacc atctcccaga     98760
     tacaaaacct aagtcatctt gggatgtgaa agtgagcgct gggtagcagc tccagaaacg     98820
     gccatggaat cctgccaaca gatggtgagc actgctgctg aggccaggcc tctggacagc     98880
     tagctaggtc ttctattagt gtgatttgaa gcatttagca gcagcagcca gagtggtgac     98940
     atagactagg ttacaatcat gcaagattct aatagataag gttaggctca tgtaaggttc     99000
     ggctgtttta taggaagcat gcattcaaaa tagaaatgca ctagagaaag ttaaattgca     99060
     gttttgagaa cagccaccaa ataagtaatg caggaaagta tgcctaaaga actaagagaa     99120
     ggggtctagg gcgggacaca ctaagcctag agtttgatcc ctagcaccac agaagccggg     99180
     cgcagtggct tatgcccatt atcccttcat ttaggagatt gaggtgggtg tatcagcagt     99240
     ttagggtcat ccttggctac atcatgaatt caagaccagc tgggaatacc aaacttactg     99300
     tagaagggaa ggagaaagga acaggagcag tttttaaaaa ttgaacaaat ttgcaagaaa     99360
     cccctagacc tgtgtctaga catagcagat acattcttag atgaaaagaa ccaagcaccc     99420
     cactgagtgg gcagaggtgg caaaagtgcc atgtgacaga cctcacgtat cttccctcat     99480
     gggcgttgca gtgcagatgt cactacttta tcagaagggt ctcagagaca agagacagag     99540
     ggatgctgtg tgtgttttat atgtacaccc agtgctctct gaggagagtg cctactaccc     99600
     agtcaccaca aagggagcag gatgcagtac atggattact cttggggacc aagcttcaaa     99660
     gtcaggatgg aaaatgacag tgtgatcctt ggggtggggg tggggggacg acaccacact     99720
     gggtcatttt cccaagagcc agatttgagt gaggaaagag cttcacattt tccatcccac     99780
     tcgcgtccag ggaagtagcc attggatacc cttgcttatg cctctgtatc cttctagtga     99840
     tggagagtgg cggcagagac tgtgcttgca ttgtgacatt gtgagagaga tgagacctat     99900
     gcatggagat gtcagaaaag caacttgcaa actcattcaa gcagtgaatt taaatgtgca     99960
     ttcatgtcta ggacaatcaa tgtctagatt acagtgtgat ctctttgaca cccagtaatg    100020
     cagccacttc tcgggagaac catttacggc atgtttttat ctccttagtt tgggaagcca    100080
     aagtttaaag gactattgaa caaatgaatt tgggaattac tacattgagt tcaattaaaa    100140
     agctttttta gctgaaacat ttgtttattg ccccatattc aattcctatg aagctgtttt    100200
     ctagactgtc ttcagagaca ttcctgcact acagtctgtc tttgcctttg gtaattatgg    100260
     gttcttttgc tgtaaagcat tatggcatct tctgtggctt cagagaaaga ttaccttttg    100320
     tgcagggata atggacttca aagtctgcta aaaggacatc tttccctgac catccagttt    100380
     cattgcttct tttccctctg cagtttcgtg cattggcacc aatgtactat cgagggtcag    100440
     cagcagccat catcgtttac gacatcacaa aagaagtaag actttattct tttcttctta    100500
     gctgccatca tgtattgctc aggcctctag ctactctcct ttcacactgc aggagacgtt    100560
     ttcaactctg aagaactggg tgagagagct ccgccagcac ggccccccca gcattgtcgt    100620
     tgccatcgca gggaacaagt gcgatcttac tgatgtcagg tgagttctta gacgagattc    100680
     ccgggctgat tatgtgttcc ttttctaatg agccacatcc agggtaagag tctagctttt    100740
     attttatctc tgacattgaa aaatttcttg tgttacatgg ttggccctga agttccaagc    100800
     taaaatgaaa acttaaggca tttggagtta attatattac atgtagacag gtgcgtgatt    100860
     tactctaaca ttagtgttat cacacatgac gttatctgag atcattgctt ccccaggctg    100920
     ctgtgacaca gagcacctga atacaaaaag tccattttat cgacaatctc tctgtatcac    100980
     atctgattcc caaaggaagg gccttggctt tgttttcccg ggggacggga cgggggacgg    101040
     ggggaggggg gggtgagggg tgtttaatat agaggttata taaaacctta tcaggaagat    101100
     catgtaactg gaaagactgc ttacatgggg gctggggggg tcttaagggg cagaacctct    101160
     gactcgcagt tgttgccttc cagagaagtc atggagagag atgctaagga ctacgcagat    101220
     tccattcatg ccatctttgt agagaccagc gcaaaaaatg caataaacat aaatgaactc    101280
     tttatagaaa ttagtaagta tctctgcatc ttgtgggttt cctctgttcg gggcaaacac    101340
     aaacagaatt ctctttgtgg ttagaatctc agcttgtttg gtgtagtctc tgagactgtc    101400
     cacgaaagga aatttaagca gatgagaacg gccagtgtct gtcatgtggg gtttctgggt    101460
     gttgtgagat aatctttcca gaaagaaagc ctctcagtgc ctaagccatt ttgtgctctc    101520
     ctcgtctaca tatgtctcag tcactcactc atccagaacc atcagaaatg aacaaagtca    101580
     ggtctggaga gatggcgcag gggttaggat catatgcagc tctgccagag gacctgagtt    101640
     tggtcccagc acccacatca tgctcacagc cacctggaac tccagctcta ggggacctga    101700
     cccttctgac ctctgtgcag ctgtactttg gtgctcatac ctatatgcag acacacagaa    101760
     ttaaaagtac tcacagtttc taaaataaaa gcacagaata cctcaagaga aatgaaatgt    101820
     atgtaggatc tgtttgtaag aaaacctcca aaactagtcc tcagcaatgg aagggtcagt    101880
     cctctcccct tctcttccct cagagtgtta acaggctgac ggtaggtgag aagaggctgc    101940
     ctcaagcctt gggattttct gtagatcaca tctgtgttta ttcatttcat tccaattcat    102000
     caaaatgttt attgggaact gttccagact caagggatca gcctaaagaa gatagacaca    102060
     gcccttgctc tctgagagcg cgtgttctgt tgaaggagtc aggcagtgaa ctccagataa    102120
     atagggtcat ttcacataat aataagagat atgaagaaag caattgtagt agatgtaaga    102180
     atgtgtgcag acggtcccag aaagcccctc tgggggaaga actgggagct gagacctgat    102240
     gagggaaggc ggttggggag cgtctctgag gcagtggggt gggagctgaa cctgacagta    102300
     caggcctgca agagcgggat tgtttgcttt cactcagcat agccagctcc cggataggga    102360
     gtagtcacgc aagcatcgtg cctctgtacc cattaactgc ccttaggtcg ccatccaaag    102420
     tagctggaag ctagaaggac tcttggcctt ggtgagggtg agagtcatga atggcaggag    102480
     ccaccagaac catacagggc ctgcccaggg gagcagccct gtagcaccca tgcctgcgat    102540
     cgcagcaggt gggcccctct ggggtctgga gatcagagct gtttgatttt cattttgtgt    102600
     tgctcttttg agacagggtc tcaagagtct taactttgta gctcaggctt gaactcagag    102660
     aagtcccctg cctcagcctt ccaactaata gaatttatga gtgaacatac ctgtgatagt    102720
     ttagatggct cagagatgtg gatttgtatt tatgtgtttc attgtttcat tttggccatt    102780
     aatttaaacc tttctagagt cctttgcaga tatcagacag ccagtgtggc ctgccattgg    102840
     ctcactgaag catctgttta tttcagggtt agcctgggtc attcttgaaa ggcagtctaa    102900
     gttttgtcaa tagtcttcac acttttttga gtgtctccat atagcgtgtc atctgttgca    102960
     tccattcctg gttttgttgt gggttctttt tctagttttg aaaataaaca tgtattggac    103020
     tatatgagca acaaatcctt ataccaaaac ccagcaagca ggatacagcc ctgtggtagt    103080
     gactttgctg tcatgttcag gaccttggat tcagttgcct gcactgcaaa gagagagaga    103140
     gagagacaga cagacagaca gacagatagt acataccata actgagaaga actgaacatg    103200
     gccaggcagg tggaaactgg acagagctag aagtcatctt tattttttgc tcagtgagta    103260
     ttgtaaggta acatgtacct ggcatacagg ctttgggttg gagcataacg tacacacagg    103320
     aaagggcagt ttaggagcat acaggcaaca atgcattgtc tcagaacaca gccaaaggat    103380
     aacccatcct gctagttgct tttgtttccc atgttttatt tgggggtttt gtttgtttat    103440
     tttttgaggc agaatctcac tatgtagccc aggctagcct ggaactctct ctttaaatca    103500
     ggctggcctt gaatttaaag agatctacct gcttctgtct cccaagggct ggaattaaag    103560
     gctgtgccag cactttactg ctatatctcc tctgctgcct tcatcttctg tagcccaggc    103620
     tggcctcaca ctcattctat gactgagggg gaccttgata gcttcctttc tcttcctccc    103680
     aactcctaga atacacttgt accgtcatgc ctcatgctct ggaccatgct aggaaaataa    103740
     aacaaaaata aagatgaacc caggagttca tatgtgctag gcaggtgctc tttcaactga    103800
     gctacattac cagccctatg tacactctgt atctgacttc ttattttata ttccatgctt    103860
     agactgtctg tacatcccat gcagcgacaa atgcagatac agacgtgtgg ctggtatgtg    103920
     ttagtgtcag aactcacagt tgggagagga agaaatgggg actgtttccc ttctgctgtt    103980
     aaccagacac tgggcagttg tttccgattt agggtaattg ccggctgcac tgttgaacac    104040
     cctgtgtcct ctggggaaca tctggatgca tttgcttggc atctctgcac ccaagagaaa    104100
     gattgctggg tccttagatt tgcatgtctt cgttgtgact ttactgccaa acagtttgta    104160
     gagtcgtagt tgtgccagct gcttcccaca gaagtggtgt atgagatctc ttctgtcagt    104220
     ctgtaggaga gcaggacctg cattcccatg tctgccttga agctgagcac ctgaacgata    104280
     gctggcaccc ttctctccag cattcttacc ctcttgcctg ccttctaccg agtcagcacc    104340
     tgccttcctg atgactcatg ccttaactct ggatgtcagc cctggttgac tatgttggaa    104400
     atgccttcct tttggtttga ctttgatttc tgaatcagtc ctccaatgaa ctggctgctt    104460
     aacctaaact gaattcaatg tgtccttatt ttcctttatg gtcagcatag ctcctgcatc    104520
     agaaaccttt ggctgtgccc agaccataaa gatgtctctt gcgttcttcc aaaacacttg    104580
     tttaaaaatc ttttgtcaca tttcaattgc ttctgtggta ccagctgtat ttccgtttcc    104640
     atttgttgag aaaaccataa tgacaataac cttcaagaga ctgttaactg tatctgtaat    104700
     ttattcacag cagtgtttgc aacacatttg gaaaattgga gaacactttc tgcccatgta    104760
     gaagtgatac tgtgtcctgt ctacacaggt tacagctcac agggcttgct tggcagccat    104820
     acccacagag ttgtcaggga ttgtccctca gccttcctga agatgcccct gtctgttttc    104880
     ctggtttaga caaacagaaa gtctttcccc agtgctgtgc cactagacct gagaatgtca    104940
     cagtggaaac aagcaagact gagggctcag ggtccagttg gaggatgcca gtcacatgga    105000
     aaacaagacc agtatccctg atgtcctgct ggaatttgag gtctttggat agctcagaag    105060
     gggaagggca ggaaagcctt tgtacaagca gccttgagtc gtgtcatcca agtgggtgga    105120
     aagtgatgga aggaagggtt ttcttcaggt tgagttagcc tcacagagcc agaaagtgaa    105180
     gcctgccctc tcctgtgatg tcataaaaga gaaaatgcca cagctctgta gaaagcagct    105240
     tggcagcacc tgtcaatcaa acatgactag gtaatgtgta ctaggtagac agtgggaatt    105300
     actaggtgat gtgtactagg tagacagtgg gaatgactag gtgatgtgta ctaggtagtc    105360
     agtgggaatg actaggtgat gtgtactagg tagtcagtgg gaatgactag gtgatgtgta    105420
     ctagatagtc agtgggaatg actaggtgat gtgtactagg tagtcagtgg gaatgactgg    105480
     gtgatgtgta ctaggtagtc agtgggaatg actaggtgat gtgtactagg tagacagtgg    105540
     gaatgactag gtgatgtgta ctaggtagac agtgggaatt actaggtgat gtgtactagg    105600
     tagacagtgg gaatgactag gtgatgtgta ctaggtagtc agtgggaatg actaggtgat    105660
     gtgtactagg tagccagtgg gaatgactag gtgatgtgta ctaggtagtc agtgggaatt    105720
     actgggtgat gtgtactagg tagtcagtgg gaattactag gtgatgtgta ctaggtagtc    105780
     agtgggaatg tgctgcatat acaggtaaat gccctggggt agggttgggc cctggctcct    105840
     ctcttcctgt tctgtaatcc acacacacag ttgcttggga ctgacaccca tcagtagaga    105900
     aatggttagt ctaggagaca gtgagcatgc tcagcttctc agagcaatag tagcagtgtg    105960
     ctgtgtgctg tgagaccttg ggggaggggg gggtgtaaca gtctaatttt tatatttaaa    106020
     aagtttacta gctgctgttt ggcatccttg tttgtatcct agagtagaaa tataggatgc    106080
     tagtttaaga actggtaaca tctgaaagac ttgtggcttc tggtgctgtg gccgctgccc    106140
     catgggctca gcattaggtg actgtgggtc aggtgaagag ggatactctg ccctgtcact    106200
     ttgctcatct tcctggtctt acctggatga actgaccttg atgaaactgt tgtgtggtgt    106260
     tgccaaatcg tgtctgagaa ggcacgcgtt ccctctttct ctcactctgc tgcaggtcga    106320
     agaattccat ccactgatgc caacccagcg tctggcggca agggcttcaa actccgaaga    106380
     cagccatcgg agccaaagcg aagctgctgc tgacgaccca gggcctgacc ttgaggaaga    106440
     agcaggtggt cctggaggct gcaggagagc cgtgccctgc cactggacgc cacctcatgc    106500
     tctttatgca aaaaggactc agagaaccgg ctgttgggtt ctcttggaag actgcagcag    106560
     gtgtctgtgt ctgcacactt ctgtcagtgg actctggcgt gcaaagggac catgcatgcc    106620
     cttggctgtt tacccagctg aaaggagcgt ctgacgtatg gctatggatg gtaggattga    106680
     attgctggtg cctctgtggt caggatttca tgtgttattt gtaagggaaa tgagcacttt    106740
     catggatata agggaaaagc tgtggggatg gtcatctcct tggtcctcgt ctctagtgtc    106800
     agagtcgtat cagtaagatg tgggaaatga tcacaagtag agggatgggt gttcctagga    106860
     cagcttccgc catctctaaa gcactttgcc acacagtggc tgccggttca ccttgggttt    106920
     gcttctgacc ttgtatgtgt cagaacccac gcacattagt tatggtcacc tttctacaga    106980
     agctctcatg ctccaggcga tggggtacag aagctacctg gagccagttg agttgcatgt    107040
     gtctaaactg acgggcagtg gcttaggaga ggagaggaaa ggagaggaca aagcaaatga    107100
     atcttttggt gagattgttt tttgtttatg gtttgttttg gtttttttgt tttttgccca    107160
     gtttgttttg gtgggaaaaa caactgtgag ctgcctagca tatgtaaatt tgtagtctat    107220
     atttatgaga ccattgctta aaaattataa attatgtaaa tacattaata acttctgaat    107280
     tcctttcagt attcacttag tcctgtgccc agtctcctgt gtgcccaccc agttttcagc    107340
     ctgtccacag gaacctctga agcccattta tcttgtgcag gagcacggag cgcttagctc    107400
     acagcttcct tccttccttc tccctctccc ttctgcatcc catctggaaa tggtaataaa    107460
     gacatatgcc tccgtgacaa gcctgactag tccttcctgc ctggggcgag agggagccca    107520
     gcacccgtcc atccgtctgt ccttcgctga gcttctctcg gctcctccag agagctcgga    107580
     ccaactgatt ttcgagtgct tgtgtactaa cagcagctct cctctcctct ccctcctcta    107640
     ccttactaac agcggctctc ctctcctctc cctcctctat cttcccttgc tctgttagtg    107700
     cctcacacta ttctccctca ggagcctaat gaggttttta atataatcta aaaataaagc    107760
     gcccaagtga agctgctgga aatttgttcc tggcctaatt tggcgccctt ccagcccggg    107820
     tattgtaagg gaaggaaatt tacaagatta aataggaaat gaaacagctt gaatttcaaa    107880
     ccaaattgtg ttttcagagc tgtccttaac tgaacagtca aaacttttaa aaacaattgt    107940
     tactactcta tgcccctccg ctacatgctt aaggtggaga gggtttaatg gaatggcaac    108000
     ccaggcgaca ccaggcctga acgaggcctt gtaaaacagc tcaggttgtt tatccttcca    108060
     gaggtcagac tttgagcacc tctgtataag cagaaacagc actgcttggc tcatgtggac    108120
     acagctgccc atgtgagacc ctttctgtct cacttcactg aaagatggta tagattctga    108180
     agagttgagt caatcctgga tgtcgtggca catgagcagc aggaaaacac ctctgcccct    108240
     actgctccgt gccgtccaac gactgctctc ttctgcagct cccggcctct ccagctgcct    108300
     tcccccctgt gtcacgtggg gggaatgact gaccacagga tgaggacaga ctctgttcat    108360
     gtcttcctcg ccctctctgt caccagtctg tctgcttatg gacttgtgct gtactcagtg    108420
     actgcagcgc tccgtcaggc ccagccttcc tgggcggtga gcgtgggaga tctccactta    108480
     ccttcttttt aagaacgcat atgaaaaaac agtcatagca ctttttgatc acattttaga    108540
     tttaagcagg aatctaatat acattctttg ttttcctggc tgtttcttaa gagaaatagc    108600
     cagactccaa aggcattaag acacacagcc tctccataaa attctttggt tcccttatga    108660
     cgcagggcca tttttaaaac ctttgaagaa tgaacagaag gggagatctg taattacctg    108720
     ccggtgtgta ttgatcgttt tcagaggcac tggaataagc tccttgcagg tgtccgatcc    108780
     taggaaccac tgtctctcca tgtctccttc tgcataagtg tttttctgat tctgtgataa    108840
     ctaattaact atcatttggt gattaaagga acatagcgtg agagcttgat taagtgtcct    108900
     tcagtgtaaa ctctgagaag tgattgggga gaaatacctg ctgcaagccc ttctgcctcc    108960
     ctgtgaaacg ccgtcgtccg cttgtcagct gcctccaaga caagtgctgg acatggcaca    109020
     gcgccgggtc cttgtccccc atctatgatg gcgttggaag tgcctgcctc ctctcactgc    109080
     actcctttcc cttccatgcc tacccaggtc agaggcttga gattttctca ggagaggctt    109140
     ggctacttga agaggccagt gtccttgttg agatgagctg ccctgtggat tttttaatag    109200
     atgaaaggtg ggggggaggg gggcgaccca catttaattt taggacttct ctgtaagtct    109260
     taacatgtat tccttgtctc caggagaaaa ataggtttgg gggctttcta aagctctgag    109320
     agacacagga ctgaagatgg tttgtgatag gtagctgtct cctgctgccc taggctgcca    109380
     gactagaggg cctgctgctc tattccaaag gtagcacgtt tgaatgggtg ggtttggtgt    109440
     gggctacatt gcatgccagt acatgagccc cacatcctag gaggcagcgg ttccctgcct    109500
     tatgtctctc tgccacaaaa gacactgatg agggccagct cagctcttgt tcacacacat    109560
     tctttcagaa cccagagacc gtgacacatg ggtcttcaaa tagccactcg tctgcaagac    109620
     cctgaaggag tcactaaaga atcctcacct ggggacccct aagctaacct gtaatcctgc    109680
     ttcagagcat ggctgccgac caggctggct tttatcttta aacttagcag gctgtcatgt    109740
     catcctgtcc agtgaatgca gaatgaccat gggagctggc tcctagagtc ccctggaagt    109800
     cctcatttaa acttgttctg aagggagaag caacatactc tttgttattt gatttgattt    109860
     caagatatga tccaactaac agctcataag tttctaagga ataaatgggg tgtaccttca    109920
     agattcaaac tgtcaactat gtcttgcttg gtctccttca cttatcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    109980
     gttcaatgat gtataaggtg atactgaaga tagccatgaa tatgtttttg ttttgggggt    110040
     taacacttgc tatgaaggct ggtgacacaa attcgatccc cgagtcctat ataatggaag    110100
     gagaagaatt ctacaggttg ttttctgata cacgtacaca cacacacaca tcaataaatg    110160
     tcataattag aaaaaatatt ctgagcatca tattatgtag aggataagca gagcactgtg    110220
     cagctttaga aaaggagggt cagatagaat ttagcccgcg tctcagaggg atgacctcag    110280
     tgaatttccc gtggcagcag aaaagcttgt ctcgacttcc agtaatagaa aaccaggcaa    110340
     tttgattatc tgatttgcca gaaatgttaa tggaattcca gggcatttgt cctgttttat    110400
     gtgcaaatga aagtctgaaa aatattagaa ggatactaca cttctcaggg gcctcccttc    110460
     tgtatctcag aaggtgatga gcgaggacct gctgtgatga agttcattag atgtgctgcg    110520
     aagggcagat gaacagagct tggaatcgcc gtatttctca gcccgtcctt cagggcgctc    110580
     ttagcatgga ggagagtgat ttactctctg gagctaggac ttccaccagc atgcatcacg    110640
     tttaatttga tggtctgtac tatcagaaat aactaatatc tgtgttcttt cctctcagag    110700
     agcaatcaat tatagatgtg ctagaatatt ttggcttcaa aacaaaagga ttcagaagtt    110760
     taataataaa aaaaaaagtc tcaggccttc catcggtgcc tttttattat gttgaacatt    110820
     ttagatagca agattggaat atataaatag tagatggtga gattaaaatt ataatgtcta    110880
     acaaacttaa gaaaaaatgt tttaatttgc tgtgagttca ttttatggtg cccagtgcct    110940
     catcaaaatg ctacataatt acaacaagca aaaacccagc tagctctcca tagacaggcc    111000
     ttaagcgcca agctctatct gccgattaat ggggagtcct aagacagcaa tgattttttt    111060
     aaagagcctt ctttaattga cagttctcaa ccacgggtct taatgtcctt cttaagcgcg    111120
     acgtagaaac agcctgctgg cttccgagtg ccacttcttg attcaggaac tttccagtgt    111180
     ttcgaagcag gctgtttact gcaatccatt ggagggaatc atcttgaaaa tagcatgtta    111240
     cacacgggga actagcattg ccaaggagcc gccaagcatc agaaggcaag ctgtgtgctt    111300
     cagccaccgc tccatgaaac tgggcttgct tgagccagct gctcagtggc tgcagtctgt    111360
     cccatgctcc ctactccagt gcccacaaca ctgttggcct taaacactaa tcctcacatt    111420
     gtttggccat cgttaacact tggcatttat acttaagtaa tccattttcc ccctcggaaa    111480
     agcttggaag caaggccaga acttggttcc cacccatccc tgtttgaagt ttactgcaca    111540
     gtacatgaaa ctttcccaac ttgggtcatg cccgtgatat cagacagacc agtcagcttg    111600
     gtgggggagg atgattggca gccaggtagt cagagcagct gatcgaagct ctatttttaa    111660
     accatttgtt aggctgttgt agacagagct ttattgccct gggaaggatt ttttttttta    111720
     aactcgcccc actcagtctt tccatcattt tacatcgtga gtcactcaca cggtcatcag    111780
     tcaccaccct gacgttcaga aattacaacc tgccttccac aaggattggc gcagaattct    111840
     ccctcaggct ccctgcgtgc gagatgtact cttctctgta gggggaaaga accccccagg    111900
     ccttgtagga gggcagtggg cagcatgagc ctaagaggca aacacagcta cagtgacaga    111960
     atgcgatctg tcactggtga taagacgatg ggctgaagga tcagaactcc acggagttta    112020
     tgagagagca cttgtccagg agtttgaaag tccaaatcag acatctagag agaaaagaca    112080
     atctaagccc ttataccagc aatccttttt gtctcctaag agtgccatcc cttgtcaaga    112140
     tccagtacca ggagtaagcg acctgtgcct tttacaatag catctatttg aaaatgcagt    112200
     tgcccctggt ttcccaagcc tggtagcact ctgaatagct ggaacttcaa gccgaggtgg    112260
     cttcacacca aatgacatac tggctgctta cctgtgacat aatactagga tgaggatttg    112320
     ccgacgacta tttttgcagt ctaaccttgg gctggaccta agtctataaa ctgtatgatg    112380
     tctgttttgt ttgtaaatgc caattaaaga aagctcagcc gtttgctttt tgttgtaaga    112440
     tttctctttt gtgtacttct gtttgcaggc agtaggtctg gcacgatttg gaacagcctt    112500
     tcttcagctt ggcttcaatt gtatgctttt atagagtgtg gcatgctctg tcactaaaaa    112560
     ctttgtgtaa agaatgatgt aaatattttg ttaataaaat actatgttta cagaggcgtg    112620
     tttcagcctc cagtatttct ctgtggcatt cattacgtct ctttttgttt gattttgttt    112680
     gagatgggtt ctccttgggt cacctaatga atacagcacg attggaatct caggttatga    112740
     acaccatacc tatcaccctt tgcatcctct taaccacata ttccaaagac attttagaca    112800
     ggtttggggc atagagtaag gtagcagtgg tagtgtctgg tggagggttg gtgtatctgt    112860
     ggcattgggg gggagggttg gtgtatctgt ggcattgggg ggagggttgg tgtatctgtg    112920
     gcattggggg gagggttggt gtatctgtgg cattgggggg agggttggtg tatctgtggc    112980
     attgggggga gggttggtgt atctgtggca ttggggggag ggttggtgta tctgtggtat    113040
     gtggtggaag gttggtgtat ctgtggtatg tggtggaagg ttgatgtatc tgtggcattg    113100
     gggggagggt tggtgtatct gtggtattgg ggggagggtt ggtgtatctg tggtatgtgg    113160
     tggagggttg gtgtatctgt ggcactgggg ggagggttgg tgtatctgtg gcattgggta    113220
     aagggttggt gtatctgtgg tatgtggtgg aaggttggtg tatctgtagt atgtagtgga    113280
     aggttggtgt atctgttgtc tggtggaagg atggtttatt tgccaggaat aaacacacat    113340
     agaatatatc tatccttaca aggcattgtg ttgaaagacc catgtgactc aagggaagta    113400
     actttaatac aggttgggtg acttactttg tcatttgtaa aatatataaa cgtgtagaaa    113460
     acaccatgaa tctgtgtcca gccccaatgg tggtatgtac aacccagaaa catttctgcc    113520
     ctgttttatg tgtgtccgtg tccgtgtgtg tgcgtgcaca tgtgaagacc agaggtcagc    113580
     actgaatgtt ttcccacaat gttttccacc ttcatttttg agacaaggtc actcaccaaa    113640
     cctgagctca ctgactggtg accgtggcta gccagcagat tacacggatc ctcctgtttc    113700
     cacctcccca gcactgagat gacaagcgca ttctgccacc catagccttt acgtgggtgc    113760
     taggaatcaa actcatgcct gacaagcagg cacagcatgg ctgagcacat cttcagctct    113820
     ggttttctga catcagggtg ccttggtctc ctttcacata ttgcatgtgt gtgctttgag    113880
     acatctcatc taagtacccc agccgtgtgg gtgtgctgtt gggtctggcc tggagtcaga    113940
     atagcacgga gcacttattt tcactactgc ctacgtctct atagaacaga ctcctggacg    114000
     cgtccattct gtatccatag gcactgggtt gcttcaagat tttgctgtta gtagggatgc    114060
     cttgatgaac atccctggtt gcctggttgg tctactggtg cttgtttggg gtttaagata    114120
     ggatctcact caagctctgg gtatgctagg aattcatact gtagttctgg ctggcctgga    114180
     actacagaga gctacctacc tccgtgtact ggggtgacag gtatgagccc ccacccccgc    114240
     tgcgataagc atgctatggt gtacacataa catttctcgt gggtacatcc tggcagtagc    114300
     gctccggctc ctgggaggca catggtatct gtacagtttt tgctccttat tttgctcttt    114360
     attcggtgca cttttctaag gtggcccctc catagaaccc actagcagag actccctcct    114420
     gctccgtctc cctggttaca gtctggaagt ccataccccg ctaccagcaa tacttatttc    114480
     tgaaaagaga ggttgggtga caggcaccta gttagtagat aattctatcc ttgcacaagc    114540
     ttctactgtg tgcatgatct tccttatttt caaaacacaa ccactggaag gagagaactg    114600
     attcctgaaa gctgacctcc aacctcctct tgcatgctgt gatggagatg tgcctgaatt    114660
     cacatctcac agaacaatag atttttaaga agtcagagcc gttgtgtgtg tcacggccgg    114720
     gcctgctgct ctccgtccac tgtactgaat aaacttgttt tcttgctgct ctggtctaaa    114780
     gggcaaatgt tttcaccagc tgaccaaatc ctcaccgcac ctttcaggct tcaaagggct    114840
     tacacagccc ctaaaaccac agataaaact tttaaaacct ctcgcctgcc ttcagaactt    114900
     caatgaaaat caataaaaaa cacagaaagt gcagttgtct ggtttcccct agcgtgcatg    114960
     aagccctggg ctttatacac agcacagcac aaaataaaca tggtaaaaca cacctgaagt    115020
     ctcgggaggt agaagctgga agacatggaa gttgggatcc cccacggcca cttgtcatgg    115080
     tggcacactc ttttaatccc agcccctaga agacagaggc agcaggtatc taactttgag    115140
     gccaacttgg tctacataga gaaggacaac cagggctcca cagtaatact ctgcctcaaa    115200
     agacagacaa aaccatggag ctgggaagac agcttagtta agtacaaaga cctgagtttg    115260
     atccccagaa cccactataa aaagtcaggt gtggtttatg cttgttatcc cagtgctagg    115320
     gagacaggga caggcagatc cctgccagcc cggcctacaa cctaggccaa tgaaaagtca    115380
     tatctcaagc caaaggaact caaaggacag acaaccacag tcatccttgg acttgcacac    115440
     atacacacct ggatgcttgc agccgctcaa acgcactgaa gtgttttgag tcactatacc    115500
     gcttagagct gggttaggaa cagcgtgtaa aacttttaca gggcacattt gttttcattt    115560
     cctcctttgc cataggtctt tccaagctat cttaaatcct caaggaagca agcgggtagg    115620
     gaagtgtaaa cacatactaa gagaacaaat tagtgtctgg ctcatcaaag cagctctatg    115680
     caggagccag catcgtctgt agatgccaag agaaacagaa ggagcccaag caaaaaagga    115740
     agaaacagat taccaccaca ccaaacaagc cggatgtctt aaatgcacaa aacaatgact    115800
     tgggtcttca cagcgggctc cctgcctgga agcccacaac agctgggtca cctgtccagg    115860
     tttcttggca acctcagaag tgcttgcctt ctgagtcagg tctttttctt ttctttcttt    115920
     tcttctttcc ttcttccttt cttcttcttc ttctttttaa tacattggaa cttaaaatgt    115980
     atttcctttg agatgaccaa ttaccaaaca tggatctttc gagtttggaa agaggttgtt    116040
     cttttaataa tgatgttcaa agtcatgact ctccactgaa aacagccatg gtcagtcagc    116100
     tgggcgtctt cagacttcta gaatatactt tccaggagta ttaagttacc acgtttctgt    116160
     gtagtgctgg ttgagcctgt aagaagtgtg ggagggggac ggaggggggg ggggacgact    116220
     ttccagccaa caccttgtca ggatgaatca cttggttaat tatgattctc atcagacctc    116280
     cagtcacttt agatttatct tcagcgtttc cttggaaacg aggtaggaac tcggagacca    116340
     ccttttgcga aagtgtgtgc agaggtgcaa cagtctctga tgccaccgct aatggggtag    116400
     gaatgggggc agggggtcac ttttctctct attaacattt agtgtcgaac agagcctcgg    116460
     gcttctgtga aatcacatat atggaaaggg aaatggaaaa gctaccaggg ccccactcca    116520
     ttagaggagg gcattttttt ttaaggagaa aattgaggag ttgagaatgt taatttgggg    116580
     ttaatgcccc ttgccaggac agcgaggccc ggtggtatac tatcatccac actggaggcc    116640
     ccgcctagac atgggggaca ggccagggct tgtctcatat cagtgagaac acaccttacc    116700
     ttcagagttg tttagtttgt cattttgatt tgtcagaagc ctggtggtgg caaccgtcca    116760
     cttgtccgca ggctgggtgg ccgttggaag cagccctcag tgcccacact gcccaggcac    116820
     gaaacagccc atctagaatg tttcacctga gtgaattttc acacatcttc ttgctacgca    116880
     aatgaacccc aagttaggga gtcaggattc aagtgggctc ttccctgttc ttgaatccct    116940
     cctgaaagta acaggaagtg gaaatgtagg tggctgagag gcagagttta taaatgacca    117000
     gccataaact gggaggctga ggcaggagga ttaccatgag ttgaaggcca gccatctgag    117060
     ctccaaagta gattacaggc cttgcctcca taatgaaacc ctgtcttcaa aacccaagtg    117120
     tatccaagga ctcaacacaa taccaaatga tgccctttaa gtggctggct acaaggcctc    117180
     tgtggggaaa tgactcaagt cgttcctatc agagaccatc caaggacaaa tgcccttccc    117240
     attggattcc agactgggag tctcctcaga catgtccatc attttagggc agttaataca    117300
     cacaggtcct tcttctgttt ttcaagtaga gttcatgata gcctcaaagt cctgttgttt    117360
     ctgcctctgc ctcctaggag ttggaattag ggtatgcacg cccacagcct ttgttcctct    117420
     tctgtgacct ggtgtgtgga ttttctttgg gacatggctt cacaccatag ctcaggctat    117480
     tctgcaactc actgtgtcac ccaggctggc tttgaactta tgataatcgt cctgctatgt    117540
     cctcccaagc actaggggtt acagttatga gacacatcta attttggtgg atggatttat    117600
     ttgctaaatg agaaggatgt accaggtgtc tgtcaatcca tcagtcagca cacacacaca    117660
     cacaatatat acacttgcac acaaagacac atgggcatac acataaacat gcacacatgt    117720
     gcacacatac acaaaataca cacacattct gtcctcagga ctggcatgca attgcttgta    117780
     acggggccgc attcagcagg tacctgcctc tcccaccaca ggtccatggg gcacttcttt    117840
     attggttcta tatgagccta aacgatttga gagcttctcc tcatttttca taatgctctc    117900
     tctccctctc cctctccccc tctctctctc tctctcaaga tacacccacg taggcctgtg    117960
     tatacgcaca aacacaaaat gaagaaaaga caaatgttta cattgcagag aaaaatgaca    118020
     aaaagacaaa atatttcttg taacacagta acaggatcag gctgccatca ggagacccgg    118080
     gggcccctat cagggagcag aggagccagg aagggacaga acagctgaag aggcggggag    118140
     ccctgcaaat ggtgcagatg gcacagcagc cgactgccac tgggagccga aggtcgcctc    118200
     cctcccctcc ccggtaccat agctcctgtg ctgatccatc atcgtttatt atttggtttg    118260
     tcaaacgtta aaacatccct gccgctgcaa agtcctccat cctgggctca gagggataaa    118320
     taaatgagaa atcaggacag ggcttcatga gtccagacag acaccgtgca ttatcagagc    118380
     acaaacaaat cagggcctcc ggagggaatt aagcttctga gaaataaaga gaagggagat    118440
     tgttcttttg tgggccctct cccctagaaa aaaaataaca aggtgtttac tactctttgt    118500
     ggttcctgct gctacaaagt taagaatcat ctgcttcggt ttaacagcag tttaaggttg    118560
     gggggggggg gcagaagggg ggtgtcttca gggtgaggga gcatagtgat gaaccagttc    118620
     tcaaggcctt ggtgcctgga ttctcacagt gtatttggaa cccaggaagg ttaccagcag    118680
     aactggtgaa ctcatgtcct tcatagagtg acaaatgact gatacactca ccatgcaaca    118740
     actccagctc caccctagtt tactccttga agctctgcct ctcctgtccc tcatcctgac    118800
     aggagatgtg gttagctgag tgaaatcccc catagtgaga cttcctgcat gtaccatgcc    118860
     tgtgatatca gccagcatca cggcctctgt ttctcccgtg gccctgcctc tcacacacga    118920
     aggtcctgtg tttccctccc catgactggt gacactgagg accaaactat tcaaagacaa    118980
     acatcccccc tagtcaccac cgctgctgtg gtgttcactg acccacagaa tacacgtcac    119040
     agaagaccct ccagcgatca cccgtgagcc cagacaaagc ctggtctaaa tgccaaacag    119100
     ccacacagct cagtagtgat agccattccc tcacgcttgt tttatagaca gcggttctct    119160
     gtgtagccct ggctggcctt gaactctgta gaccaggctg tcctcgaact cccagacatc    119220
     catctgtctg tacctccaag tgctaggatt aaaactgagc gccagcatac agcaccagct    119280
     cactcctccc tgccttgtgt ggtccgtgca aaggtgcgga tctgcatcct cacagggtct    119340
     gcgcctgaac aaagctcaca gcccccggcc tctccacaac tacctccatc agcacacccc    119400
     gtttctagtg tcctctcatc accaacccac acacctacag gtatgtcagt gggctccctg    119460
     tctgcaaggc gttgcctata gcctaagcag cctgtcctgg ggtggggggg ggggtaacct    119520
     gtgttagtca gagggacaga caggggctga ggcagctagc acccatcttc caggatacat    119580
     gtgtcaggcc tcctgatgct gcaggctggc actggtatga cttcatcatc tctgggctcc    119640
     tggttttccc ctagatagaa aagcagagtg ctgtcagcca ctaaacagcg ggcctagcat    119700
     gagcaggaag actagaatgg agaaagcaga ctttaacgtg ccatgccctg tgtctgtcat    119760
     ggtcactgac tgaggatcta agagctctgc agctgctttc agggaccatg ggggtagcca    119820
     tccagtcaga acagagatga gagcagaaac attctgtagg tgagccatga tggcagctgt    119880
     cagtgcaacc aatgactctc actccccttg ggcagattcc tggaccttct tgcacctctg    119940
     tttcctgatc tgcgtgtgtg tgggacattg ggggtggggg ggctttgctc atggcctgtt    120000
     ctcacactgg atatgtaatc tttttttttt tttaaagcca ttctgcatta ctgccatgcc    120060
     cttagtatgc acacagacaa tagggatagg tctaggtcct gctcccagcc actgggaggg    120120
     accaggcagc ctatctcact gtctgcttgc cttttatctc cccatcctgc atgagcacac    120180
     agcccctcaa gcatcaacac tatgagtaag gtcactaggg ttttcccaca cacagacaca    120240
     cacgtgggcg catcctctgc tctccaacac aatagcaatc tgtggggccc tgagacctcg    120300
     ctccacagtg atgccacccg cccatgctct cttgtttgct caaagcggtt tttcaagctg    120360
     ctccgccatg ctgcccaggg gtgggggcgc ccacagaggt aaacacacct ccctcacccc    120420
     taaggagagg gaatctaatt atcatgtgga gattcttagg ggatctgctt aataaatcaa    120480
     taggaatgat ttgtaattag aatatcaatt atttgtatgc aaatgtggcc ttctgggtgc    120540
     ctggggacaa attctaagga ttgaaagact ccctccctcc acccccgccc tctctgattc    120600
     ttaattacat gatttcgttc attcatccaa catttattga acacctttca cgtgcaaagc    120660
     acagaaatcc atctctgctt tctctcagtc ggcagaagca cccaagaaag ctaggtccag    120720
     ggaagagctt tcttccagag acagtctcaa acttctggac agttgtccaa gccacttggg    120780
     ctatcaagac cctcagctga aaaggagtcc ttcccaggcc ctccttcccg ggcctgatgg    120840
     gcccttcttt tctgggcact cccttttaaa gagtctatga agcatattgg ctgtgatcac    120900
     cccaaaaccc atctaggctt gcccttgaat tgccaggtct ttgaggttct agcaaatact    120960
     ttgtcttgac acttcaaccc taggagtggt taaacctttg taagttttat ttatcactgt    121020
     gtatatgtgt tgttgaaggg gcatgggcac agtgactgta aatcttttgt ttgtttgttt    121080
     gtttttcatt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt tgtttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtat    121140
     ttctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc    121200
     tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accacgcccg gctttaactg    121260
     caaatcttta tctctcacta atttcttagt gtgtgtgtgt atgatgtgta tgtgtgcatg    121320
     tgtgtatagt atgagtgtgt gtatggtatg agtgtgtaag tgtgtgtgta tatgatatgt    121380
     acatgtacct gtgcatgtgt gtgtgcttat gtgtatagta cgtgcatggt atgtttatgt    121440
     atatgtgcat gtgtgtatgg tatgagtatg taagtatgtg tatatatgat atgtgtgtgt    121500
     gcatgagtgt gtgtttgtgt gtatagtatg tgtgtgtggt gtgtgcatgg tatgtttatg    121560
     tatatgtgca ggtatgtatg gtatgagcgt gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtgtgt gcgtatatgc    121620
     atatgtgcat atggtgtgta tgcactcaca catgtgtact tacagatgtc agaggacaat    121680
     gtcaggtctc ctactctgtc tcttagcacc tcctccttat ttccttgaga cagggtcttt    121740
     tactgaacct agagctatgt catcagccag caagccccag aggggtgaat ggttgtgctc    121800
     catagaccat gcccaacatc tcatgtaggc attgggatct gaactcaaat cctcaagtct    121860
     atggtccagg cattcctacc ggctaggcca tctccctagc cttgagtctt cattcctctg    121920
     tccactgagc atctggtagg tacaggtctc actctattct gcagatgggg ctgggggtaa    121980
     aataaaggag aggagggcca ggcatggaga tagacccctg tgatccaagc acccgggtga    122040
     gcagaagaga accaagggtt gaagtccagc cttggctaca taatgagttc aaggcagcct    122100
     gggcccataa aactaactga tgatagcctc tcgggagcct gtttcctggc agacatacag    122160
     atgatacctc ttgccctgca gcccatcaca gtcagtcccc agcctctgct ttcaggtgct    122220
     cactctcaca ggccaacata tggaactcct gtgcctcagc atcctgacct gtgctacaag    122280
     gaaaacactg gagtgactga ctgccgtgtc ctcctgagaa gtacacacag tggaccaaag    122340
     ctctcaggca gccagagccc ccgttggatg tggtgggtgc tgcggttgtt atggtgacct    122400
     tattcagcag gcagatccca gggcatcttc ccaagagaga catttgtgtg tgtgcttgga    122460
     tcctttaaga gagagcacag tcagcgggcc aagcacggtt atccacaatc tggagagtgg    122520
     ttgctggtac caggccaggt ctagctccct ggtagtacag atgcagcagg ctggtgtgag    122580
     aggatggcaa gaagagacac tgtggggaag agatgcccag acactgggtt ttctttgaaa    122640
     ttttttctga agatgtaaaa atactgcaga acaaaaactc attccaaatg atggacaggg    122700
     agggaaagag gaatggtttc cgacagggtc tttgggcttc tgggtcagca tggagatggt    122760
     ttacaagagg actgacacag tacatgtcaa gacgtgggtg ctgttcacga aggaacagtc    122820
     cacacgtact cccgggtgta ttcattctgt gtcttgtggc tgtggcataa agactgcaca    122880
     agcatccctg gaagggcggt gtctcttggc tcacagtttg gaggtgcagt ctgccacggc    122940
     acagcaatcc tggccttgtt gcaaccatgc cagaaacaga aggagctctg ctccccttct    123000
     tatttctact ccatgacccc agcccaggga actgtgctat tcacgttcag aacaggtctc    123060
     ccttgtcaac tcacccggtc agacacccca ccatggactc gttcacgggt ttctcatctc    123120
     ctaggtcatt atagatcctg ccatgctgat aatttaacca ttgcacaggg taaaaaccgg    123180
     aagcttctat agcacacgtt gcctagcctc tagggtcctc atgactgtaa atgtgcaagt    123240
     taacaactag attcttgcca agaaaaccca cgtgtccgtt aacatgtgga atgtgccagg    123300
     agcggagaag gctttctgaa tccagtagag gaaactgatc agaaagtgaa gggagccaaa    123360
     gagaaagaaa ggtgcctggg gtcaggcgaa gcttcgaccc tctacacaga aaaacaaatg    123420
     gagaagcggg aggagggagc ctgtgttgtg tattcaggac aaggtgtaga gaaattgaag    123480
     gcctaggaat gatgtgtggt tcaaccaccc tcaggtgctg tagccaccta tgccacacta    123540
     actgggttcc tgagtggaag gcaggagctg taatggaaga gaccgacgaa agaaataatg    123600
     gaggccaaga cacgtttctg ttcaaggccc ctgaagttta ctgagagtcc gtgcttataa    123660
     agaagatagg tccattccct gccagtccat tcttggtgcc tggagccagc ccgtaggtga    123720
     tctacagagt gtgtctctgg aacgtctcat ggacctttca gcaggaagca gagtcttgga    123780
     gaagagcaaa tagagccatc aaggtcagaa ggtagcaagg tcaaagtctg gatcagcctg    123840
     cttcagggct gagggaggct acaaggtgct cattctcaac tgaccccggg agctaagctc    123900
     agccggaaca ggttagaact ttgaagataa catctatgta cagatatgtg ggtatgcgtg    123960
     cacatgctat atacatggat gtaaataaag gccagagagc aaccttgaat attgtcactc    124020
     ctcaggcgct gtccaccttg agttttagac agagagagcc ttttactggc agctgggatt    124080
     cacctattag gctgctctgt ctagggatct gcttgtctct atccccccag cacgtaccat    124140
     cgtgccaggc ttctttacat gggctctggc gatcaaaccc agctcctcat gcttgcacag    124200
     tcaggacttt tcttactgaa ccatctcccc agccctctcc gatgggctgg ttagctatgt    124260
     ggacaagact gggacgcatg cagctcagtg gtagagctta cgtttagcat gcgtgcaaga    124320
     ggacttgagg tcgatcatct ccatcataca caacaataaa gaggggagag gaaaggacag    124380
     gaaagggaag gtcttgcgcg cacccgactg gccaggaaga aagacgctgc aacaggatcc    124440
     ttccgcacac gtttattggg agagcttgat tgcagaggcg aagagacccc aagcccagaa    124500
     ctggtgctgc ttatataggc ctaggagagg cgttctctct catctgattg gttaacttgt    124560
     ctctcatctg attggttaac ttgtctctca tctgattggt taacttgtct ctcatctgat    124620
     tggttaactt tggtcaattc tcaaaacctc atcttggcaa aagaaccttt actgcctatg    124680
     tatgtgtggt ggccagcagt agccaactgc cactctgcaa ctgccactct gcaacggctt    124740
     cccacaggaa ggggagcggg gtcagagaaa ggtcaaatca ttgagactac aaccagctgg    124800
     accttggaga ataacaggag cctttgttcc cacctgggct gtcctcagca tcctggcctc    124860
     ctcatctgtg acacagcaag ggtgcaattg gaacacaagg cttcctgcgt tgtctgaccc    124920
     agaggacact ccagacatac agcttagctt ccacgactca gttacagggg tgccttgtgg    124980
     ggatgtccaa gtctctccgt ttcacccact gtggttccta cctctgtaag atggaagcat    125040
     gtgtggtggc gatgcttgtg agagttccca gagctgatag ctgaggcagg cagtacaatc    125100
     gctcctcaga aaagtccact ctgaaccccg tacctgtgac tgcagcacct tgtgtgggag    125160
     acgtggccat tcaggatctt gaggtatagg aagatggccc agaatcatac aggtgagtcc    125220
     ttaaaaggag atggcagggt tgggagtcga ctcagtaaag tgtttgcctt gcaaatcgta    125280
     agagctgagt ttgtgtattg tggtggtttg agtgaaaacg tctctcatag gctcataggg    125340
     agtggcacta ttaggaagaa tggccttgtt ggagtgtggt cttattagag atgtgtcact    125400
     ggggtgggct ttgaggtttc agaagctcaa gccagactta gtgggtcact gcctcttcct    125460
     actgcctgcc tgtccagatg ttgaactctc agctccttct ccagaaccat gtctgcctgc    125520
     atgccatcat gtttcccgcc atgatgaaaa tggactgaac ctccaaactg taagccagcc    125580
     ccaattaaat gttttctttt ataagagtgg ccattaccct ggtatctctt cacagtaatg    125640
     gaaaccctaa gatggtttct aaaacacaca ttaaaggggg tgggatttgc aaaggacagt    125700
     gggagaataa aaacatgtat ctccctgggg ttcacagagc agccagcctt gtctacttca    125760
     gcaaggaagg tcttactgga aagcctacac acacatacac aaacatacat tctgtacttg    125820
     tgtgtgtgag cacacatgaa catgcatgta tgtgtcagag agagagagag agagagagag    125880
     agagagagat actgatagaa cagaaggagg cagcagagct gggcaggttc ctcctgcagg    125940
     aggcacactg gccctgaagg caatattggg atacatagta gccaaggtaa ggccacgtgc    126000
     atgcagcaga tgtctcgtag ctggctctgc aatgtatcct tcccattctg aactttatac    126060
     tcctgtagca cacgcctgcc atccagcact acagaggcaa agttaggggg tctttagcgc    126120
     ttgccggcca gcctatttct acctgagttg gtgagctcta ggttcagtga cagactctgt    126180
     ctcaaaaaaa aaatcaatgt ggagagtgat agaggaagac ctcctatatc gtcctctgac    126240
     ctccaaaaca cagtctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcaaacaca ctcacactta    126300
     tacacataca ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca    126360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca aagtgggaga tggacaaaga aaagccatgg caggaaggat    126420
     gcttagcagt tgagcagcac tctgctacag acaacagaag actcagaata accatgtgcg    126480
     tggcttttct catggaaaag tggttgtgaa ccaagggaca tggtaacatg tatcctcagg    126540
     gctcaaatgg gctccaggct gacagcacct tggttgcagt cccatccaac ccagtcttgg    126600
     acatcaggac ttcgcagtgt aaaatgagca gggatctcaa gccatgtgga tggtttgggg    126660
     tgttcagcca cctaaagtca gtgtagccac ctaaagtcag ggtacatgct agtataatga    126720
     ttgacagtag tagggctgac taaatgggat agctgctatt gcccattgcc attcctcaaa    126780
     caggtccccg gaagccccta aaccccaagg tctttgcaca ggtcattcct ctgcttgaag    126840
     gacccctcct tgttttttct gtccagtaag accttccttg taaaaatttt ttttctgaga    126900
     cagggtctaa ctatacaaac caggctagcc tagaactctc tgtgtagacc aggctggcct    126960
     tgaactcaca gagctccttc tggctctgtt cccaagtcct gagtttaaag gcatgtgtca    127020
     ccatgactgg cttatcaagt aatacttttt aaagttgtac ttacttgccc cacaatatag    127080
     aaataccgca ggagaaagag gaaaccatgg aaagagaacg ctgctcttcc cagactctca    127140
     atccgaaact cagctgctgt ctccacaggc ttctccaggc tgcttctgct ggatgctgta    127200
     agccctggtt tgatgaggtt accctttgtt tgctctctca atctggccac tccagttgtc    127260
     cacgatgtgt gttgttagct cctgatggga tggtgtttgc ggcctctcta tctgctcctt    127320
     gctatttgtt tatgcacttc tgtttgctgt gcacttaata aattcactca ttcaaaattg    127380
     aaacgcaggt accataggtc attctctgta ccacacagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    127440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cagcaagaac ccttccccac tgagctatct ttccagccat    127500
     ttcttgtgat tttttaaagc cccccttaaa atatcttctg agcatgtagt tctccaagac    127560
     tccaaggtga agtgtattta ttcttttcag tttccttttc gtcttttttg ccattcatca    127620
     cagattgtaa tcacgttggt gtttttcttc aagggagctc tcgggctggc agcccaaccc    127680
     aaacacatct actgttgctg ggggtgtaac tcagcggaag agcatttgtc tacaggcacc    127740
     agaccttaga ttcaattccc aggactgcaa aaaatagaat aaaataaaca caataaatgt    127800
     atgcactgca ggatgttcaa acagtacatt ctgaagcaat gcaaacaata aataacaagg    127860
     cagataagta agcttggctc cggagcagtg gtgagaacat tctatttaag ggctctgtgg    127920
     gcaaactgct tgcccggcat gcctggtgag tgcagtaccg gtcccacaac cccatgcaaa    127980
     gccaggtgca acaatgtatc gtgtacctcc cctgggagag cgaaggcgaa ccgctggaag    128040
     cttgtgaacc agacagcctg tcctgaggaa cagggaacta gagagagact cttgttcaca    128100
     aacaagatgg aggatgagga acaacaccca aggttatcct ctgacctaca tgcatgcaca    128160
     cggacgggcc gttgcgcgcg cacacacact cgagcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    128220
     cacacacacg cgcgtgcaca tcaaatacac acaacacgtg caactctatt taaaatcttg    128280
     cttaaaactt aaagaaaaac aaactagcaa aaggcagaag gtagaagggt taccccgact    128340
     atgaggcaag tctggtctgt agtgaggcct ggtctcaaag caaatgaaca aaggaaaacc    128400
     ttagaggctt aaatgaatgg ctgaaggggc gctgagtgaa tgaggctgtg aatgagggga    128460
     gggactgaag acaagggtga caactgaact gtcacctgtc tccttgacat ggctcagcct    128520
     tggccatttt ggggcatcag aggcttcagt cgacacaggg caatggtcac aagttggcct    128580
     gcagagttta ccacgtagaa gatagggaga tggctaagtc atgtttcacg agcatgagac    128640
     tcgaactgcc acatggtcca gcttgaccat ttctgggcgt ttacctaaag gattcatatc    128700
     ctacaaggga ggccctcgaa cagcacactc atgccactct agtcatgata gcaaggggct    128760
     ggaaccagtc tagacgtgac acacacacag tgggtcttaa ctcagtcatg agggaaaatt    128820
     aaattcacag gtaagtggat ggaactggaa aatattccga gtgaggtcac caggcccaga    128880
     aagacagaca ctccatgttc tctttccttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    128940
     ctttcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctctcttct tcttcttctt    129000
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct aaacatttat    129060
     ttgtttattt tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac accccagaag agggcatcag    129120
     atctcattac agatggttgt aagccactgt gtggttgctg ggaactgaac tcaggacctt    129180
     cagaagagca gtcagtgctc ttacccacta agccatctct ccagtccccg aatgttctct    129240
     tttatatgag gaccctagct ttgaattttc agatcttagc gtgactgtag aggaaggaag    129300
     ctaagaaggt acccttgtgg gggttaagca gagaggccat ggtctcccat acctgtgtgc    129360
     tgtaatgtga acttgccagg tagaatgtgc ccacgggagc aacagtgttg tgagtgtcta    129420
     tgggcaacta atcacttcct gattcgatgt gaggcctgct ccacctgagg aattcgtgcc    129480
     tggtactgca cagcccatgc aaagcccagg gctggacagg tcctagactt taaaggaatc    129540
     ccaccactgc tcctcagctg agtgggtatt gtgtcaacgg ccttctaagt attcgtgttt    129600
     atctccacgg attaatactg tttgtggcta gccagagaaa cttctcttta cagtgggcag    129660
     ccagccgtca atgcagagac tcaccactgg tcagagcact gagagttagt aatggttgaa    129720
     atggttgaaa gtggaaccac gaacgggata gctgtatgcc ccacccccac cccccacggc    129780
     tcagggaaca ctgtagaaaa ggagggagta agaatgaaga gctgagggag gggaggagtg    129840
     tggtattcta gatgtgctgt gacgcttata cccgtgaact cgcagccaca cggctactgg    129900
     cataagacca ggcccatcga caggccatcg tgggtggggg aggggctcat agagccctgc    129960
     ttctcctcga ggagcttctg atggttgctg tgagagggga gtcatatttc ttagtctcat    130020
     agccgtgggt aagtttccca agctcacggg agcagccaca acgagatgca gcgggccaca    130080
     aataagcaag gaagtgtatg taaataaata aataaataaa aagtaaataa gtaaaagacg    130140
     tgagagtagg aagaggactc agaaagagtt cagtggaagg gggctaagaa tttcatagag    130200
     gaaatatgat cagagtaagc agtgtgtgta tgtgtgacat atatatgata ttgtggaaaa    130260
     gtaagggttt ttgttgttgt tgttgttatt gttgttttta aaagctgagt gtcctagtga    130320
     gtgcttacaa ttccagctcc aaagggtcag agagaggccg attcctggag ttcactgacc    130380
     agagcctagt gtggtcttgg tgagtttcca taaattaaaa agaaatttga gggccttatg    130440
     tggtgctgct gcgatgcttt cacctcagga gctgaaggag gaggaggggg agggggagga    130500
     ggaggaggag ggggaggagg tggaggagga ggaggacgat gacaacgaag acgacgacta    130560
     cgatgcaggc ttcaggccag tctagctaca taataagatt ttgtctcaaa aggccttttt    130620
     ctccctcagg gttggggagt atggctgagc agtgggatcc tggcttggca tgtatctgtc    130680
     cctgaagtgt gaaaataaat gagaccttta taatttgaga gagtttggag ttacagaaaa    130740
     gttacagaca atagagaatg actgttaccc aacaccccat ttcccctatt gttggaacct    130800
     tccattagag tggctcattt atcacaatta atgaggcatt attaacacga gtaatatgtt    130860
     attgttcgct gaactccaca ttttacaccg atttcctcag ctgtccccgg atgtcctttt    130920
     ctcacacaat cataagttat catgtctcct tccgctcctc tgggctgtgt cagcctctcc    130980
     gacttctctt gggtgacctt gacggtctca ggagccctgc ctggcctcac tacatagctc    131040
     tggccgtcct ggaacttact atgtagacca gtctagcctc aaactcctag agatttttct    131100
     tatgctctga ttttaatatt tttcttttga ggcaaaggcc tcaccgagtt gccaagctgg    131160
     ccttgaactc ctagactcaa gtggtggtcc tccctcagtc cccaaagtag ctgggcgtgt    131220
     aggtgggtca ctccactctg gtcttgtgat gtcagagctg tgacttggga ggcgagatgc    131280
     cctcttggtc ccatcctgta ggcaagggca agctccacca acagggctgt ggatctggat    131340
     cttgaccttg gtcaaggcct ctctaaagct actttgtagc tggtttcagc ccttgcagac    131400
     tccacaggaa ggtcctgccc agctcctctg acacatttgg aattcgtctt ctatgcctct    131460
     gtcatgttct ctttttacaa acccttgtca cctaggaaat gttatgtgac tctggttgta    131520
     gaggcatgtg aaaaaggtat acaaaacaaa cttttactga aggtacgcca taaagagatg    131580
     tattttaaaa acctcttggt acacatacaa gtttttttcc atttagtaaa gttgaaagcg    131640
     aacttagatc ttgaggtaac agtgtccatt aatttttaca ttaagaatta aatttgaacc    131700
     tgaagatggt agtgtatgcc tttaatccca ggactccaga ggcagaggca ggaggatctc    131760
     tacaagttcg aggccagcct agtctacaga gcgagttcca ggacagccaa agctacacag    131820
     agaatcaact ccccatctgc cctctaaaaa gattgaaatt gtagagctgg aaagttaact    131880
     cagtttatgt aggtgctggc ctctaatcct gatgacctga gttccctccc cagaactcat    131940
     acaatggaag aagaaaacgc ctaaatgttg tcctctgact ttttaaagaa tggagtggct    132000
     gggcgtggtg gtgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct    132060
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctatatagtg agtgccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga    132120
     aaccctgtct caagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaatggagt ggacaagtat ttgcagattg    132180
     tttttctcag aatggattga tattttgatg tcataattgt caattctgag aacactgctt    132240
     cacataactg ctgagtatca gatggtagaa gattgtctaa ggtcatttct gaagccattg    132300
     gaaagtctgt cctaatctca agtcagaatt cacttagcaa tgtttgtggt tccatttgtt    132360
     tgaagacaag atctcactct ggagcccaga ctggtctggg gctctcgatt acagtcatga    132420
     caaacttcct gcttcatctt ccctcatgct ggcactagag acatgagcag ttacacctgg    132480
     cttacagagt ctcactctgg ccgtcctgga acttactctg tagaccaggc tggctttgaa    132540
     ctcacagaga tctgcttgcc tctgcctcct gagcactaag attaaagggg tgcatcacta    132600
     cacctaacaa attttaaatt tcttcattac atccatttgc tctgtgcaag catttgcgtg    132660
     aatgtgcaca tgtacgcaca tgtgtgcaca tgcttatgtg tgtgcacagt agcatgcaga    132720
     aatcagagga tggcatgtgt gagtcgtctc ttctatggcg tgggcaccgt ggaatgacct    132780
     caggtttggc tgcaaatgct tttgcctgct gacctatcgt gactgccaac aattcccata    132840
     acacacaagt cagcaaatca gacagcgtta gatttattta tttgttcatt ttgtagggcc    132900
     tggtggtcca tacccataat cccagcattt cagaggctga ggtgacattc tcagaaattc    132960
     aaggctagcc tcagccacac agttagtctg aagccagcct gagctatata agactgtctc    133020
     gcaaaaccag acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacttatat acatacatct    133080
     gcatgtgtgt gagagatagc aatttttaaa atcaaacatt ctagcacaat acaatccaag    133140
     catatattaa tttgacactt acaggctgag gagtgacatt agaatatatt aaatattgtt    133200
     tttcctaatc aagccattct ctttctacaa gagcagacaa ttttttttat gcatacagta    133260
     aaagcactga aacttgtaac atttcatagt ctcaaatctg aggcaccatc tcaggttatg    133320
     tgagcagcag tgaccagtgc cttagcttgt gaagagctaa actgtgggtg tcccgcgctc    133380
     agaaccaagg ctggagtaag gtcccatgac aaaacacttt gcattcattt tgcatctgat    133440
     tctgaactca ggaatcctta ctattgccaa cattttccta aggccacttt cagctacacg    133500
     gcccgaggtg tagaaaccag gctctgtctg gccatttatt tatttgtata gttacagata    133560
     caagtctatt ttctttttta cttttgtttt gtttttgaat cattatttgt tgatttattg    133620
     actgataggt gaggtggagg tggcagggta gaggttgaag acagcttact cgactcagtt    133680
     gtctccttcc atcatgtagg tcccaggata cagggtcaga ggtcaagggt cagactcagc    133740
     ccatcagact tggcattgac tgccatttcc atatacatat attcacatat atgtatatat    133800
     ttgcatatat ctaatttctg acacaaggtc tactatgtag cccaggctgg cttaatgccc    133860
     acaaaaggct atgtcttttt gcagctcctg ctaagctccg tagctatgtc atgtgatttt    133920
     gttactcaga ccctctaagc tttggccatt aggatctcct tcagctggcc tttgttccca    133980
     ctgtttcagc tttgtccttg ctccccagtc ctgtctgtta tctcaaggct tgtctcctat    134040
     attccttccc tggaccatga gtcattcttt ctctcccaag aacctccgtt gtcttaggga    134100
     tggaatggta taatgaacat gggactgaac ctcggaacaa gaacacacat ctgtgtgaac    134160
     aacgtctgag ttacttttct actgctgtga taaaacagca tggctggtgg gggggagcaa    134220
     cttatatgtt ctagtttggc ttaatttgtt taatgtttag ttcggcttac aggttcagag    134280
     ggttagagtc catgacagtg aagtaaagga acagttgaga gttcatatct tgatccacaa    134340
     ccatgaggga gagagggaag gagagagaga gagagagaga agggggaaga gaatgttctg    134400
     agtcttttga aacctcaaag cctgccccca gtgatgtacc acttctaata agaccacacc    134460
     ccctaaggtc atgcccccta atcctccccc aaacagttct accgactatg gaccaagtat    134520
     tcaaccctat gagcctatga ggggcatcgt cattcaaact atcacatccc attacctgga    134580
     caccataggc tcctagccat atcataacgc aaaatgtacc taggccaact tcaaaagtcc    134640
     tgatagtctt ccacagtctc aacacaattt acaaatccaa agtcttttct gaacttatct    134700
     ggggggaatc ttgagggctc tctctctctt ctctcaatct cagatcagcc ccctgcgtcc    134760
     ccccaatccc cttacgtgtt tcaacacaag ctctggcttt ggccttaaac ttccttctgc    134820
     tccctttttc ttctcaactg taccttttgt atttcctttc ctcccacttt ccttctcact    134880
     ggagacctgc ctaagacaga tgatgactaa taacaaagca cagagacttc ttaagcctgc    134940
     cactgtcttc agaaaagatg ccaggggctg ccaagatagt tcagccgtta agaacacatg    135000
     cttttcttgc cgagaaccca agttcaattc ccggcactca tgtcaagggg ctcacgacca    135060
     cctgagactc caacttcaaa gggatctgat acctctggca tctgaggatc cttgcactca    135120
     tgtgcataaa accacgctcg ctcgctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc    135180
     taaaaattac tttaaaaatc aacaataaca aaacaaccac caaacttgca gttgttgtcc    135240
     acagtgctta atattatcaa cttgacaggc tctggagtca cctaggaaac aaacctctga    135300
     gtactcatgt gaaggagctt ctaacgggcc aaatgaggta ggacccagtc ttagcatagg    135360
     tgaaccattc tgtggcctgg gtgcctggag tatatgaaag gagagagcaa gcatcatcac    135420
     aagagagagt aaggaatcta aaggaactgt catttcaaag ccatcatgag tggaggtggc    135480
     tcgggcacac agaggtagct taccccaaat tccacacccc agtgtgtaag cagcttcatg    135540
     aggtggtttt ttttgttgtt gttgttgttt ttgttttttt atatagtttt acagaacaaa    135600
     gaaaggcata gatcagagca aggctaaaat acattgctga gtccatcagg gaggcaggca    135660
     cagtgagatg agggaagatt tttctatagg ctcatggtgc catctgaaac acgcttagct    135720
     cttcgattga tggaaactag cagtcagcta ggttactaga ttctaaacag tctttaccta    135780
     tgagtcacag gatgttattt ctgacacaca cacagagaag gagtggctgt tccaaaggcc    135840
     tagaactagc ctgagataaa gcgggtagcc tttggacctg caacattcca atctcccctc    135900
     attgctgaga ttctaattag cccgtcagtc tctgcagaca cagcttctat tcaggagctt    135960
     tcgctcacac aagctgagaa ccagcaatca tccctggctc ctcaccatgg agacgatgag    136020
     accagcccct cacattcctg ctcagtgtga tggacggcag caacgagagc ccacaaatga    136080
     gagtcaccat caggcttttg ccagtgcaag agaaagaaga caaccggctg ttgctgaggc    136140
     tgtgagggag gttcgcggct gcttagctac agggcagtca gtaattgcaa tgtcagctcc    136200
     acccctataa ttccaggact caggaggctg aggcagagga atggagagca caaaccaagt    136260
     tatatagcaa gacacgctct cagatttttt taaaaaaatg tttatcatgt ttaaagaaag    136320
     gaaagtgggt gggagacagg gaactggtat ctctctgtgg gtttgcaact gccatttctt    136380
     gtcaggtaag gctcccgaca tgtcccacca ggacaggtac ttaagaaagc catcacagca    136440
     ggaatgagga atgagggcac cgggaagact tgctgctcgt gtctgtcact gtcaatttag    136500
     caatggccct ttatccagca gcatagcgtc acagtctcct gatgtttctt ataatcccag    136560
     aagtaaccta ttgtgtgggg ttccccctct acattgaagc agttccacct ggggggagaa    136620
     ggcagtctgg tggaattcag gaaacacaca aggttcagaa ggcccataaa ccttacaacc    136680
     cgcaggaagg tcagaaaggt gtaagattcg caaggcccta acgttacaga taccgaggac    136740
     ctgctgagcg agaggagctt tttcaatggg gctgcctaaa atctggaccg ctagctccag    136800
     ggatgcagcg tccctgggtt gttactcatg ctgtggtagt cttgagccat ccatgtaacc    136860
     cctcatctct gctcccgtgc gcaaaccctc taaactacgt gcgtgggtca ctggatgaac    136920
     ttgcaagaag agagtagtag agtcatttct ttagtatttc tttagccttt tgtatgctat    136980
     tggggatgaa tgggtgttgg ttctcatctt cctaggaaga gtggtgcatt atagcctcag    137040
     ggcattcctg tagcaagcaa caaggcccta gccagacttc tttcttgggg ctctgtccac    137100
     ctccttgagg ctcctctgag ctctctttta gggtctcaga ctcctgtctc tttcacagtc    137160
     tcccttggcc tagggatggc agtatctcct ggagctccac ctttgattcc tccagattcc    137220
     tgtgtggctt taggaacagg gcctggctga gctggacacc aacagggctc cacacagcta    137280
     atgagagcca accaaacaca tctaccgtct acttggcttg actgacattg actgatgatg    137340
     ctgcagagat cttaacacta caaatgggag ttattctggc tcctacgaag ccagtttcct    137400
     atgaaacacc gggtaccgat atcactgcca attgcatgcc atagtcatct gccacagatg    137460
     tggagagccc tgcaactgct gtgatgatgg agcaatgagg actggaggac ctggggaggg    137520
     acagctattc ggaggccatg gggcaactgt gggaagcaaa tggcaggcgc cagcttttgt    137580
     actcccagct taaatcacag ccagagaaac aggggttcca tagaaaggca accctttcaa    137640
     actcgatgaa aatcacaccc atgatctaat aggcttgtaa caggtcaact ggacattacc    137700
     atctatcaga atcacaagag tatatgtggc tgtctactcg tgtggctgag agatgatcag    137760
     gagcacaaag acacagtcag aagcacagat ttatggacag gagcagtgct aatcagggat    137820
     acagttgtat gggcaggaac acaggtgcat agtcaggaac acaggtgcac aaacaggaac    137880
     acaggtgcac aaacaggaac acaggtgcac gaacaggaac acaggtgcgt agacaggaac    137940
     acaggtgcat ggccaggggg tgcatggtca ggagcacagg tgcatagtta ggagcacaag    138000
     cgcactgaac agaaacctag gtgcattgtc aagaatacag gtgtgcagtg aagacgcaca    138060
     gtcaggagca caggtgaacg gatagcagga gcagaggcac acagctgtga gctcagctgc    138120
     tcggaacagg aatataggtg cacgagcaac aacacagtct catggccaga agcacagacc    138180
     atgggcagag agtagagatg tagaagtctg gtcaccaggt ctagggatgc ttctcaaggt    138240
     gggacattcc cctgagaagg tgtcatcaca gcagtggttc tggagtaatg aagcaggcac    138300
     ccagaggaca atatccttcc cttgtgcccc tgcctgctca gtgggtctgt ttacaaagcg    138360
     gcctttgtgg caggtagctc aggttccgta tgaccttcct ttctctcaga ctggtctggg    138420
     tactgttatt gctgagtacc tagaaagcca acaccaaagc tatgttatgc catgccttag    138480
     gggaggggga ggagagtatg aagtctgtta caaaccatgt ggccaagcag atagataaag    138540
     ggacacagca gagcttgtgg gcgtgcagta agtgacaaat gaaaaactat ctgagagggt    138600
     tacctgcagt cgaagggaca acaagccacc aacagaaagg tctagaattg tctgcaatct    138660
     ggtcagggtg gaatccagag gcctgggctg gatgctctag gatactacct agcattcaag    138720
     agcctcctgt aacaaacaaa cgaatgaatg aatgaaaggg aagggaaggg aagggaaggg    138780
     aagggaaggg aagggaaggg aagggaaggg aagggaaggg aagcgaagca aagcaaagca    138840
     aagcaaagca aagcaaagca aagcagacca agcaagcaag cgtatggacc tgagggtagt    138900
     ggtctaagac tatgatgtct gctctcatga ggctgaggca ggtggatcaa gaatttgatg    138960
     caaacctgga ttatgaagtg ggatctgggc caactgaggt acacagcaag accaagtcca    139020
     atcacagtga tgacagtgtg ctatcttcag agtcatgaag gctggcataa aaaactggga    139080
     cgttttacct cttccctctc ccccccgccc ccgtccctcc ctcacttatt tactctatca    139140
     aatgccaata ataaatgtct tatgctgata cttgtgacac tgtacctaga tatgagtaca    139200
     agaactttag catggccaca tagaagtttc ctgaacgaca gaaggcacct cagtacatcc    139260
     tagccttgct ttccagattc tgctaatgac gtctggactc attttataag ttgctatcgg    139320
     gaaaacaacc tacagtttca aaaacatcat aaataagaat gccaaccgga actccagatg    139380
     ttgagagtga ggcgctgagg ctgaggtggc atttgaaagc gatattgtca cacacgctgc    139440
     acaatggatg agccctgagg gacctcatgc tgtcagcagt ggtggcaggg agacacaggc    139500
     cagcactgct gccagcagcc tgaagagctt tctctccctc agagacctct gctcaggtaa    139560
     agccatatgc ttgacaatgg cactgaaaag aatctcaaga tgagccaagc taaaggcaaa    139620
     gtcaataagt ttattaagta tttagacaga atcataggaa aaaggcagtg tacactcgag    139680
     gcatgggtgt gcgcttctca agagagttct cttagaaggc ctgaaacttg ctctgtagac    139740
     caagaggacc ttgaatgcag gctggcatgc ccccccaccc ccacccacat gtctggcaac    139800
     acttaggtgg cttcacagtg gctgtgtatg tgatctggtg gttttaagtt gcattcttca    139860
     aaggaagcaa tttattacaa ggtttagaga ttaatagagc ttgaaactaa gtaaaaagcc    139920
     ttatttggat tgtgctttgc gtcagtgatg ccctaagggg ccatctgagg tgcactgttc    139980
     caattaaggg atgtgagagg ggtgccccta tggtaggact cactgttgct aggttttttt    140040
     tttttttttt taatccttgt ctgaggtgcg ttcagggaaa cacacattag ctctctggct    140100
     agcttggctc atcctgtgaa acagagtcct tgcatagaag ctgtttctcc caaaaatgat    140160
     tgactaggca gacatgcagt aatgaggaga ggtgggaagg ttgtagatcc agagccaatc    140220
     accgaaggcc atcttatgcc tcccgatagc catctattgt tctcttctgc acctgaccta    140280
     acatctctgt gaccactggt taagccttat gaacatatga acagacccct ggcttctacc    140340
     aatcaaaggg ctgagaatgc cgtcagacag tatctatggc cagtatagaa ttacccagtt    140400
     tgctgcaacc cacctgcctg atgtcctcac atatgtattt gaaaagtatt atttttaaaa    140460
     atccataggg ttgctacttc attggaatat ggaatttggg aagagctcca tctacattgc    140520
     cctgccatgg tcacttccgt taggttcaga ataattacct cctttagtcc tctctggaag    140580
     gggccattgc cttcactgac catcagttgt ttggaggtac tttgactttt agtcagcaaa    140640
     ttatgtccca gggtgggtgg gagggttcct ttccttcaca cattccctta gctgcccctc    140700
     caccccaccc catccctgtc cgatctcagt gctaagtgac ccgtcttctg tcaggtgcct    140760
     agagcactca aatccggaga cagaaaacag aatgatgaac gccaaggatg ggctctggag    140820
     agaaatgcaa attatcattt aagagatgtg gagtttgggc tttgcaaggt gaacctttgg    140880
     gatgggtgag tgagttggtt gcaggcaaca ggaaaatggt gttactgggc cacagtcttg    140940
     aaaatggcca ttgttaggtg taatttacaa caacaacaac agagtgactt gaggccaccc    141000
     tggtctctat atcgtgagtt ccagctagcc agtgctacat agtgagcccc tacttcaaag    141060
     acaaaataga attagagact aagttgacag ctcagctggt agtgcttggt tatcatgcag    141120
     ccttggacca acttcagccc tgcatgcact gggtatgaaa gctaacacct gaaattcctc    141180
     attggagagg tggaggcagg agaatgaagg ctatcctcgg ctacagagtg acctcaaggt    141240
     cagattggaa tataagagat cctgtctcaa aaacaaagca aacaagcaac aacggaaaga    141300
     ataaaagtaa gaaaaatatt gactgaaaag ctttgagctt gatgaaagat tctcaatcag    141360
     caaatttaga aagcccaaag agttcaaagt acaacaaacg cagagacagt gtggcaaaac    141420
     acagagcaga gtgggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat    141480
     ttctgagttc gaagccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagtca gggctacaca    141540
     gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa accaaaaaac caaaaccaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    141600
     aactagactg agggaaacct gagtttcctt taaaagcaca aggcgtataa tggagcagtg    141660
     ggtgactatg atgaactgaa gccctaaaat ctcaagaaag cagaacaaaa tgtcataaaa    141720
     gctagacttt catagattca gtacacatga agcagtagta gcagaacaca aggaaagaac    141780
     agatggagag gaaaacaatc ctgaagagca agaaatgaga ggccaaaaga aacagtacat    141840
     ctaatgggaa aaccaacgta aagcagcaga aataaaccca ggtacaccaa caaatacaat    141900
     aagtataaat ggattagatg cacaagctaa aagacaaaga ctaccccttg gaaactttta    141960
     ttatgaaaat aacttcaggt gtatagaaca tgggaagtac atgaacaaca tggatattcc    142020
     tgccatatag agtcatgtgt actcttcaca cgaatgtttg atgaggaggc tatgaaggtc    142080
     tattttacat agtatacgtt acacaatgaa atactagtca cgtgccaatg ggaacataca    142140
     gggcttattt tgggtatcag acagagctag gctctcagtt acttttagtc atgtgattta    142200
     tgtgtgtaac taatttattc tctcagtgag gtcctagcac ggtgtgaagc aggtcgtttt    142260
     ctggttattg tatttctaaa tatttcttgc ataaacaagt aatgctatca gcaaatggtt    142320
     cagtgcagcg ctttgcggtt tggtaaacac tgaatgcaga atagctttta tttatgacag    142380
     ttactgaaag cattcagcgg agtggcacga aataagcaaa caataattgc cagtttatta    142440
     tatttataat tgttatttat gaactgtcac aaggcctggc acatatcact aacccgtaaa    142500
     cattgtgttt gtaagaataa taagtacttt attatattca ggctcagtag agcctggcac    142560
     cacacgtgcg ggaagaaagt ggaagtttat tcttgttaat tattattatt aagtaaagca    142620
     cttaacaaca gttctccccg caggcgctta ctgaacagtc tcactggaga ccgcccctcc    142680
     tcccaagcct cgagaggcca cgccccctgt ctcggaagct ccgccctcta ccgcccggtc    142740
     tgtgcctgcg cagtggccct gaacaccctg cgcatgcgca gtctcccttt tgtcgctgga    142800
     gccgctggcc actgccggag cccggcatct gctacgtacg tgcgtacgtg cgtgcgtcgg    142860
     ggcgtgcgtg ggtacgtcgt gcgtgccgtg agctcgcccg gcaccgcggc ctcgccctcc    142920
     gcccctgcgc cccgccaccc aggccgccgc cccccgcccg cgccgtcgcc cccgacgggg    142980
     aggaccatgg cgaaggtgga acaggtcctg agcctcgagc cacaacacga gctcaagttc    143040
     cgaggtaagc ggccggccgg cccgggagct gtcactcagc ggccggtgcc ggaagggacg    143100
     cgccctgagg gcaggacact gtccgcttga ggcccgcatg caccaggcgt ctaatgcatg    143160
     catgtggagt cagtgcatgg aaacggtttg cctgagtacc cttccatcag ctcccccgag    143220
     gcagcgagct gccggggtta cagcccacga agcccgtgca cactttctgt gtagtacact    143280
     ttctgtatac atctgtgtgt aaaggtgcat gcccaggtga ttaaaaaggt gcacgtagac    143340
     aaatatatat gcatggtata cgcatgttat agatagtgtg tatacataca tgtgcgtaca    143400
     tatatgtaca tacacacaca caagtgtgtg tgtatgtaca catgaatgtt tccattcact    143460
     aattttaagg gccacgaggc aacagggtcc atgcccagcc tgttccttgc ttcgttgcat    143520
     gtttgagtca tgagattggg cacaggaggc ctataaagtt caacaaccag taagcaagat    143580
     ggcagaatac agtggtaagc actaggagga agaggaagaa actggactct atgaaggtgt    143640
     acttgaggtt ggctgatatg atcctctgtg tattgcccac gtgtagccca cagctggcac    143700
     acacgatttt gggtggccga gagtcacccg tttctccacc gctgggaagt aacgtaggat    143760
     cacagctctt atctagttgt cgcatttgag ttctgatttc agacgttcag atacttagcc    143820
     actgtaccca cagactcttg ggaaatgctt cagatctgtg gctgttcacc ttgccttcca    143880
     ggttcagagt gtgcagtgtg actcttacaa ggaagcagag gccgtccagt caacctgaaa    143940
     acaaaaacct taggcagcct aacacagggc tgtggagatg gttcaccgga taaagagctt    144000
     gctgtcaagg ctgaggactt tagttcaatc cctgagtccc acatggtcaa aggagagaac    144060
     cgacttgtgc acattgtccg ctgaccccaa caggtgcagc ctggcacact tgtgaacaaa    144120
     cacacagaca catacacaaa aaaatttcaa tagaagcatc gacttaaatg tggaccctcg    144180
     tcaccagagg ttcccccact tatcgggatc ccacttgtta gcgacaagga agtggtgtcc    144240
     gtttggtagt gactatttgg aatttcgaat gctgagtctt tttcaggtta cagtggtgcg    144300
     tgatcccgtg cctgactgca cagcagtgaa tcgccgcctg gttataactg tagctctgtg    144360
     tattttgtgt gtttgcaccc tgtcacgagt gcaaggcgtc catctctgtg gtggggtgct    144420
     catgtgcata aactctttgg ctggtgtctt tatttatttt gcgtttatgt gttgcgaatg    144480
     gcagtatgtg tgccacagtg agtgtgtggt acccagaaga caacttgtag gaatcatttc    144540
     tgtccttcca cccttggggg tggaactcag atctcccgtc ttgcgcaaca gtgcttttgt    144600
     ttcctgatct gtcacacgct ggtgttctct tttagagata tgtgggttct cgtgtgctga    144660
     ggtcagttca ggctgacctc agtcttgaga caaccctcct gattttgctt ccccagggct    144720
     ggtgttactg tctcagcaca tatttgaata ttgtattgtt atcaaatggg cactgtgcac    144780
     ctgtaggatg acgtgagtct ggggcatgtc agctgcgatg ttcagaaagg tcaagtagag    144840
     ccgggcggtg gtggtgcatg cctttaatcc cagcacatgg taggcagagg caggtggatt    144900
     tcagagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gttgagttcc aggatagcca gggctataca    144960
     gagaacccct gtctcaaaaa acaaacagca acatcaacaa caaaaaaaaa ggtcaagtag    145020
     gtcgaatgca cttttacata aacatatttc aacttaggaa ggggttgtca ggatctaact    145080
     ttattgaggg acatctttga ctttctgtga tgttctcagt ggcttctctg gagggggaga    145140
     ctgggaaagg aagaccatat ccaaagtgac tttactgggg tcgcctgaag ctcttacccg    145200
     tgacatggca catttatccc attgctctgc ctctgtgtgt cagaacccag gacaattcaa    145260
     atccagttgg ttggtctcgc ctcctcttct ccgacaccca cctctccttt gcatccaggg    145320
     aaaaaggggg cagatgaggt gacccagact agagtgtgtt aggaaacaac ttcccagggt    145380
     gtgggaggtc agatcgtgac agagtatcac tgaatctggt tacaaagttc cagtgacagc    145440
     aagggggaag cagataggag agtccggcat agacaatagt gtgcatagag gtccaaaagt    145500
     gggagtactt gcttcttgag agtgctgtgg gtagaaggtg tggggcggag tagagggcca    145560
     gactggccag tacatgagag tcagatctac acacccactt gactgacctt cctcaggttg    145620
     atgcctgaag cccccacaca ctgctgtctc tgaaggaggg gacaccagtg ttccagctct    145680
     tccagtttag catgtgtgac cttgcctgcc atttgctctc ttacctttgg gttggtggca    145740
     gtgctaagaa ggtgacactt ctccagccaa catcgctggt tggcaaggag atagtccaaa    145800
     ggtttggtgt ccaaacgtcc ttactctgga agagtcgtcc agggatgtgt ggagacttga    145860
     tgggggtctt gggagtgcca gccatacatt agcgtgtagc ccttgccttg cggatgaagt    145920
     ctcactaagc cttccaggct ggtatggggt gcgtggcttt cctgccatag cttcctggtg    145980
     ctgggattgg tgccaccaag cccaactggg gtgttgagtt tcttggtttg tttgcttgtt    146040
     ccttggtttg agtgccaaga catagaacga gagacccagc aagttggctc attatgttaa    146100
     gggaattcat ttcagggtga ggaccttcag acttaactgg tctccttcat gttatccaga    146160
     ataatgtctc tgatttctga ggttcctgta aatgaattac acgtacaagc taatcaaagt    146220
     acttgtcatc cagggaatca tgggtctttt gctacagttg aagatgatgc tatgggattt    146280
     agtatttgtc gttaatcttg ggaattttgc gtgatgtgtt aaatttaaat atgttatagt    146340
     ctgggcgtgg tggtgacaca tgcctgtaaa ctaagtactt tggaaactaa ggtaggaaga    146400
     ttgtgaattc aagatcagat tggactacat ctcaagataa cataaaataa aataaaacca    146460
     aacacaaaaa cagctgaagt gtgatatagt tcagtggtag tgggctcttg gttcaatccc    146520
     tagacacaca cacacacaca ctgcatgtgc acatacaagt acacacacat gtatatacac    146580
     acagctgcct atgcacccac aagtacacac atgcaataca caggcaatac acatacacac    146640
     atattcacac atgtatgcac acacgtacat gcacatgcac acacaattac agacgaaaac    146700
     agcctacagg ttcctgtgct ttttttattt ctggggacca tgccacattg cactgtagtg    146760
     aataccgagg agggctgcta atgggaagac acagagtctg atcttcatga gccatacttc    146820
     ctgagagagt taaaggcttc agaagcttgt ggtaggagcg ttcccttctg ttttctccat    146880
     ccaggccggg tagggtctga ctgcctctta catcctcctg ggagctctga cttatgtcta    146940
     cgtctagcct ctcaaaggtt tgtctttcct ttctctcctg ttggatctcc tctgtggtat    147000
     gtgatgcctt gtataattta ggtcattgtc caggagtcaa cactcccaca ccaagttcta    147060
     ttgaagtcat agccgggaat gatagctaaa caccttactg ggttgagaca ccaacctgtt    147120
     gtgggttcaa ggcctccttg ccttgttctg gcaaaagctg gttcaaagcc agtgacaatt    147180
     tggaagtcag acgcagctta cgtacctagg taggggcact cacttgagca ctccaagctt    147240
     gtgggtagac actgtctttt gtatggagag aagagtctta gacttgttag ttcaggtcat    147300
     ggagttggta taatacaaat gtggtgggaa gaaaccagaa gtggtctccc aaccagaggc    147360
     tatagtcctc accggcagga attacctttc cactgtttgc tcgctcgctc gttcgctcgc    147420
     tcagtgggtc agagctctgg tttccttaac atttcaggat cctgttggca gccagtgctt    147480
     tacagcacaa caaaatgtca gcagcgtgct taaggttctt tatggccgtg gtttaaatcc    147540
     atcctgaata gatcatcttc atgtatttaa ttattaacca gcttgctcat cacaaaagcg    147600
     agtggcatta agtttactgg gctcgcgtca aacttaaatc ttccctgaca gcactgttta    147660
     cttctgaagc cttctccctc ggagaagaat gaactagacg gtaactttct cttctcttct    147720
     tctttttctt aaaaacattt gtgcagccct cggccttgta cttggaaggc agcctggttc    147780
     tctgtgaggg ctcgtgtcgg gcagcctggc aattccctag taacttttca tcactgtgtt    147840
     gacttattga agtaattagt ctaaactgat gcttcttaaa gagcccaact cttacgcagc    147900
     attaatgcca ttttttatta ttaccctttc ctccacagag atttttgtgc ctgcagtctt    147960
     aggctaagta gttagaaatg aggggtggga caagggagta agttccagag aatgttagaa    148020
     ctagaaactt gagttttaag atgaagaact tcctcccaca ctgctccatc tatctctcta    148080
     tttggtaaaa ctttgccatc tgaaggctga cctggccttg aaggagcact gctgtctgcg    148140
     agatgacaga agatgaacac agacgagcct tccattagtc aggatgagct tgccgtggag    148200
     tctttcataa aataagagcc ttgaattgta ctaaaacaag ggtgcattat ggtgccggcg    148260
     tgtctcgttt tctgtcattt cagggccttc tcggcccacg cacggtcagc acatcacacc    148320
     cagagagctt tggccttgtt cactggttct ttgaagcctt taccagggga cctgggcagc    148380
     tctacctcag aaacaaaagt ggcttagaga gccttgctca ctgaactaga tggtcattcc    148440
     aggattatct taaaaagtaa tggcgtggta ataaaatacc tcctggaatt c             148491