ID   AL845323; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 228137 BP.
AC   AL845323;
DT   09-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-304D11 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-228137
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0abab4c0d0ff4a2d48666b5c0fba5490.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456091.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026798; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039826; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039844; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000075425; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000079497; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025540; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025542; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025543; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025517; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025519; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025521; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025487; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025489; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025490; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025513; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025515; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025516; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025274; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025276; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025278; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025957; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025959; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025961; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024737; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024739; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024741; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025252; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025254; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025255; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025385; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025387; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025388; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025347; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025349; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025351; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025471; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025473; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025474; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025378; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025380; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025381; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026016; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026018; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026020; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024484; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024486; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024487; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024806; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024808; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024809; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL845323.18:1-228137; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028137; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091146; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095087; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102872; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113807; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113809; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113810; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129574; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143616; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147755; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148791; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156846; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176312; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176348; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177133; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177467; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0053638; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0053646; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0053658; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0053652; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0053659; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0053672; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0053608; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0053615; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0053626; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0053598; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0053604; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0053615; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053329; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053337; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053350; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054087; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054094; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054107; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053496; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053504; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053516; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053276; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053283; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053295; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053386; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053393; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053404; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053345; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053353; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053366; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053492; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053500; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053512; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053333; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053340; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053351; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0054223; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0054230; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0054243; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0053097; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0053106; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0053118; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0052607; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0052615; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0052627; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A140LJJ2.
DR   GOA; F6VA34.
DR   GOA; Q91ZZ2.
DR   InterPro; IPR000651; Ras-like_Gua-exchang_fac_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR001895; RASGEF_cat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002501; PsdUridine_synth_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR007593; CD225/Dispanin_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR007715; Coq4.
DR   InterPro; IPR019804; Ras_G-nucl-exch_fac_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR020103; PsdUridine_synth_cat_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR023578; Ras_GEF_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR027540; Coq4_euk.
DR   InterPro; IPR036964; RASGEF_cat_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:104580; Rapgef1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1098826; Coq4.
DR   MGI; MGI:2442186; Trub2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3649917; Gm13420.
DR   MGI; MGI:3650473; Gm13547.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BGB8; COQ4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LJJ2; A0A140LJJ2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6VA34; F6VA34_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q91ZZ2; Q91ZZ2_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-304D11 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..228137
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-304D11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    9248..9343
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_136523, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    32968..33025
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_217867, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    162822..162978
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    176220..176246
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-457B12
FT                   (BX294378) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_148790, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 228137 BP; 56361 A; 55988 C; 56267 G; 59521 T; 0 other;
     gagagttctg atccctgcct cagtttccca aagggaattt tagggtaagg atgctatcta        60
     tttgatgtta ccataatgac acacaaaaca ttccacacca tgaacaatgc cctaatatca       120
     cctctatacc ttgggtgata gtgatgtgtc ctgtgagttc acactgtacc aggtcccact       180
     ctagcaatgg agcctgggga tgtgaaagac acatgggaat tctctaagcc ttcctttcca       240
     ttcctcatgg gcaaggggaa gatgccctct gaccttgccc cttgacttct gtggcaggca       300
     gaagagctgg ccctggggtc atgagagagg gaggccctgc ccctcaccag ctgcaatact       360
     tgggggagca ggccctgcac tttcccgggc agcacaggag agccggccct ggtggtgtgg       420
     gtgagctggt cccaaggata ggagagcaga agggctagct ctgacccttt ctgtctgcag       480
     cactgggtga gctagcctgg gcaatttgcc ctggcagtgc cgatgcagga taactggcag       540
     gctgaccaac ccagatacca cccaggtcca gatccagggc tctgagttag cccaccccaa       600
     catctatcct atgtctgaac tgctggagtg tgtgaagggg ccggtcctat agatccaaag       660
     ctgcaggatc tccatgacac agaacaacaa cagaatatca agaggagtcc tgtgagaatc       720
     cagtatggat tgtttagcag aagccagagc cttgtatcag aacactgagt aatggaatca       780
     caagtaaaga tgtgtagaca aaagatgtgt ggcacaccac gctctcacga caagatgctt       840
     tgcttcttaa tctgggggag ggtttgcaag ggtataggga agatacagag agatggggag       900
     atgggtggga ttgaggtgca tgatgggaaa ttcacaaaga atcaataaac aggtttttta       960
     aaaatccgtt taaaagtttc tactttttaa ctgagtgtaa tggctctaac tgtaaccacc      1020
     acagaccaga ggctgatagg caggacagtc acaagttcaa ggctaccctc aatgatgtat      1080
     agtgagttcc aggctagcct gggctaaaaa gtaaaatctt ggttttttgt tagtttgttt      1140
     atttaaatgg acacactgac ggttttgtgc tcaaagcaaa gaatgtctca tcaagtattg      1200
     ttttcctggc atacacaagt ccccaagtcc atccctaaca ccacatagaa actagatatc      1260
     attctaaaat aagtcagatg aatcataggc caggcaccct ggcttcctcc catcatccca      1320
     gcagtctgga agttgcagta ggatcgctct ggttcagtgc cagcccaggc tacacaatgg      1380
     ccccagatag gcatgcctgt gttgcacggg aagaacagaa ttcatttatt aaatggtgag      1440
     ggctgccgtg gaagggcttc ctggtggtat ttgggaaagg tggaaggatg tggagtgtct      1500
     atggtcagca cagctgacag aaggcaatgg ggtagggggt ggacagcaaa gctgggggag      1560
     gggtgcaaga ccagagactg cagggcgtct gggtgggata cagaagccag tctggtatgt      1620
     tcaagcttaa agcagccatc aaaagctcct gagaggaaca gagtcttcga gaagtgggaa      1680
     ccgcagctcc attgccttgt ttcaggggag aatcatagca gtgggcacag aatctaagaa      1740
     tccccaacaa gaatgcattg atggggcagg gggggcgggc gcaggttacc taagggaaag      1800
     gagagggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaggaa gacaacccag ggcctgccca ccatggtcct      1860
     ggatggtggg caccaccatg atgaacagct atgtgatggg gaggtaggga agatataaag      1920
     aaagggagca gccaggcagt ggtggcgcac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag      1980
     gcaggtggat ttctgaattc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttct gggacagcca      2040
     gggctacaca gagaagcctt gtcttgaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa      2100
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaga aaaagacaga aaggaagaaa      2160
     gaaaagaaaa taaagaggga gggaggaaga gatggaggaa gggagagaaa gaaagaaaga      2220
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagaaagaaa      2280
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gagggaagga gggagggagg gaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg      2340
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagcagcagg ggaggtggaa ctgcagacat gatggtggta      2400
     acaggtgaga gagagggcca agctccgcat gctgtcatgc ccagtagggt tgggggatcg      2460
     tgcatgcgtg cgcagcagcc tgggagctta tgcagatgca cattcagctc caaacgcgct      2520
     gcctggctgt gggatcccct gaggaaggtt cactttctag attggacctc ttcaatagaa      2580
     ggaccacctt ggtcgacgat gccccctaga ggccttgtta gtgtctgtgg tccttgctgc      2640
     tgccccaggc cgtgatagag cctgacctcc atgtaaacat atgtgttctg tgtcaccacc      2700
     tggtgccctg gtgatatcct tgggcttggc tgcctcgggg gcaatattga tgtgggtcac      2760
     atgtgatctg aaaccatgtt gaagccatgt ctgtgcagct gctgagggtc aggaatgggt      2820
     cagtggtcct gatgtggcca gaactgtgtg actagtggta ctccttgctc tttctgcctt      2880
     caaagccagc agggtacctt ccatttctcc ctgactctgg ccttggtttc tattgtctca      2940
     tctcccctca ttcatggatg tttgtcttgc tatgaaaccc aggctggcct ggaacttgtg      3000
     agtctcctgc ctcagcttcc aatgtgttag gattataagt atatgttact ttcccagttt      3060
     cttttttaat gtgacccttt ttttaatgtg gcctccttcc ctcattttgt cagagtctct      3120
     gtagtctggc ctagaaattg ccatgtagct ggggctggcc ttgaactcct gatcctcctg      3180
     cctctgcttc ccgagtgcta gaattagaca gttgccacca tgcccagctt tgccactgtc      3240
     ctgtagggat ctttgcattc tactgggctc cactcagagt cccggaaagt ctcccgaatt      3300
     agttgacttt ctcattgctg cggcatgcca gagagaagca acttgaggtg gggaaagatt      3360
     tcctttggct cagggtttca ggaaaaggca tacaacagag gtggctccat ccttgtcacc      3420
     agcagctggt cacatcatgg taggtcacca agagtgaaaa cccaccttca aaacccaccc      3480
     caggctgcct gtgtttacta gcttgctcca agccccaaag tttcataacc ttccatctgg      3540
     agaccgaaga ttcaaacaca tgaacacact caccttcaaa ccacacactg caacttgact      3600
     tccttgcttt aatcctgtct acaaaatgcc ttctgtttca ttaggcagca cactccactc      3660
     aggagactag aacacgtgtg tcccatgaat agcagcatgt tctctctcct gcaaagacca      3720
     tgcttgccat ctctgaacac agggaatggt gagaagatga aagaccgaag actcccagaa      3780
     gcccaggcaa gtagcaaggc ctcctgggtg ttgtctcaac acctcctggc tggcgtccta      3840
     aatcaggctg gcttcatggt cctggagggc tgagctccat gggggagggg tggaaaagtc      3900
     cgtcagcagg gcccacatcc tttttccatc catgccttcc ttctggatgc attgagcaca      3960
     tctctcccct ggacccagcc tcagcccagg cattcagcag cagctggaag gtgggcagat      4020
     ggggcctgtg cccttggaga accttcatct tggcacaaga ggcaggaatt gaatatgtag      4080
     tcatttaatc atatggagag ggttttgagg atgtggcatg ttgaagaatg agaggcctcc      4140
     tagagtgctt ttattaagaa ccaaagatac attcttgaag gcataaaatg aagacattgg      4200
     aagaagagaa tgggcagaaa aggaagagga gatggcagag atgggagatg cagcaggatc      4260
     aggaacagag ccagggaatg gaggaggaag agggagagga atctccctga agtgcactac      4320
     tgactgtttc ttctaaagag tcacagctct gtagtccaac cttaacctcc cgttcatgcc      4380
     tgctgagctg aggactggcc cattctctct gagttctcca tttctttgac ccctgtcttt      4440
     tccttcaatc tgtcatgagc accacttctc cagggaggaa gacctggtct tggcatatca      4500
     cctccattat tctactgatg ctcaccccat cactgatccc aaaagtccag tgggaccttt      4560
     agctgcagac aaaggggtct gggtgctttc caacgtgcaa gacaccatga tgtgtttcta      4620
     ggcaggtctc atccatctcc aagcccagcc tcctggacct ggacatgacc agtctccaaa      4680
     tcccaggcac tctgccttgt taacatcttt gcactcggaa gaggctcctg tgtgtctcaa      4740
     gcccttttcc tggactgaac tgtgggcatt ttagggacag ggtcatcacc aagagcaggt      4800
     ctggcaccaa gttgctatcc cacaagaata gtggtatgcg tgcctgtgga tgtgctgtag      4860
     ggagccaggg ccctgctgat gctttcaaac gatgcctgtg gtagggctgg cactgacccc      4920
     atggctgagg cccaaggctg caggcacctc acaggggtgt gccatcctgt cactccatgg      4980
     gggactgcag gctttctgtc cttgtccatg gcagggaggg agctgaggct gccttaggac      5040
     ttctaagtct ggcaccatcc cttcccaaat gctctcgagc cagatgccca tcctcttgag      5100
     agagaccgag cgctgggggg atcctgacag tctggcatgc acggcaagtt ccctctcgat      5160
     cgtgctagcc agtgaccttg ggcaagtagg taagctacct ctgagggcct ctacctcccc      5220
     atctccacag agagggtacc cacttcgcag agccattatg agagtaagtt attcaaatca      5280
     tatgtgcatc tactggtttc aagcctgcca ccaactcact cgtgaccttg agaagtccct      5340
     cccactgaga gtccaggaag cagctaactc tggtgctccc ctcattgctc ccctcatact      5400
     ttgtgattga cacaggttgt caccttccca tctctccttc tagcactaga gggactgtgg      5460
     cactcgagga actggactgt agccttctga aggctcgggc caggttgacc ctgtgaggaa      5520
     tgaacagcag aactgggcag agctctttct cccaagcagt accccctgtg cagtgctgga      5580
     gccacacaca ggagagaatt aggcagtagt ggagtgacct aaagaacaga ggtcactatc      5640
     tccctccccc tcaggtcaga ggtcatccca cctcaaagtc agggtcggat ggagctctgc      5700
     tttttattct ccaggaaagc tcctggattt aagagcttat gcagagttta attaaagaac      5760
     cctgttattt ttgaaaagtt tccttctccc tatattgatc ctgctttgaa aggtgttggc      5820
     tctggcaagg catcagggga gggtcatgaa aggggaagag aaacaagacg gagaaagatc      5880
     cagctgcaag attcagatac ggaacagtca caagcatgcc accacatgac acaatacgta      5940
     ggcctgactc cttgcacccg tggttggggt gatccagctc tgccactggg gatcgttggc      6000
     ctcctaaaag atgactacac ccacacacgg ctagagagtg ccccgggaca ggcctggtta      6060
     actgcccaac atgtcctggc taccattctg tcagtgttct ctccccagga gaagcagctg      6120
     tgttgggagt gacagcacag gctgggcccc aggcaaggag cttccagggt agacagctct      6180
     atccctcggg aaatctcctg agatttcaca aatggcccca gcattctgag ctcggccgct      6240
     ggaatgctgc ctcagcaaag ttgtgattgc tcctgagttt tgcagatggg gcgtagacac      6300
     tcgctctcag ctatccctgg ctgttccctt ggcactttgt cctccatacc actcagctgg      6360
     cctgaggctc ccaaacttga gcagctgccc accaatccca agcaggaata tcacggcttc      6420
     cttctgctgc catcgagtac caggatgaga gaatcggata ggcaggacat gtggccatct      6480
     tgtccagtca actctgacca cagcaagaac tcctagggct gagactgagg ccagaggact      6540
     ccaagactcc tcatcctgag cctagaagtc acttcccctg ggctcccaac acacaggcct      6600
     gtggccatga ccgagctgag gagaccagcc ccattgagca ccttggacag agcactcacc      6660
     cttggggatg atgactgccc tattgtccag tcttcctcac aatgagttgt gagagtcacc      6720
     agagccagaa gtggggttca catctcagat gcccagccct tgccatgggc ttacctaacc      6780
     cctgccctcc catgataaat gtggaccctt ctcctagcct gtctgtccag gtagggaatg      6840
     acccagtcgt tgatgattta aatgtaggct gtgttatata ggctgggatg agggcagttc      6900
     atcaagatca gtgtggggaa atggctttgt tgccctgcac gtgaggcaca acggcagagc      6960
     ttgcctagca tccacaaggc cctgggttcc atcctcatca ctaaaaagag aagggaggga      7020
     ggagggaggg aggaatagga gaggggagac agagagagag acagacagac agacagtcag      7080
     acagacagac acagagagag acagacagac agacacacag agagagagac agacagacag      7140
     acagtcagac agacagacac agagagagag agacagtcag acagtcagac agtcagacag      7200
     acagacagac acacagagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacca gctttcctcc      7260
     cattctacct gggaagcaga ggaggggaag caggctgagt tcactcagat gacttcagtg      7320
     tgtcttccct cacgggaatg atggttatga gatggagcca aacattgaaa acaagacaga      7380
     caaggctgta ttgagacttc atccagagag caaaggagcc agggctgacc aaagaggtca      7440
     ccaggctgcc ctatgagcaa gcttttattg atatgctggg gtaggcgatc tagtcacttt      7500
     cgctggttat aggcacagac ttaaaagata ttttcctttc tgtgcataaa catcttggcc      7560
     ttgggggtgg caggctaatg ggcagtggct taacccaaga gctaccaagt ctctcctgtc      7620
     actgccatcg tctgcttggc taaatgtgtt gtaggccttg tcagttttat gggcctcgtg      7680
     acaaagctgg aggtactgag ctcctgagaa gcaggggttt tgctcagaag aaacgcatca      7740
     gctgcagtgg gcaagaggtc caatccatcc tgcattacag ttttggacta agtatttcat      7800
     ttcttacttt ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7860
     tgtgtgcgtg tgtggtttac atacataaga aggtgcatga gtgcactcag aggccagaga      7920
     atttcagatg tccatcactc tccaccttct tcccttgatg cagggtttct caatgctgga      7980
     gccgggctag cagcctgcaa gccccagtaa tcctctgtct ctacctggaa tggtgctgag      8040
     actacagatg tgcacagctg tggcttgttc ttttacataa gtgttgtgga tttgaaccca      8100
     ggtcctcaca tttacatagc aagtgctctt tattgcctac tgagcctctc tccaacaccc      8160
     aaacatttta ggctattatt ctatttatat gtgtacctgt gtgagtttac atgcaccatg      8220
     tatgttcagg ggccttcaga aaccatgaag gcatcagatc ccctggaact ggagttacga      8280
     gcaggtatta accaccatgt aggtacagga aaccaaactc agagcctttg caagagcagt      8340
     aaggatcctt aactgttgag ccatcatccc ccagcccttc cccaaaccaa cacgtatatg      8400
     cagagctgga ccagttctga cctaagggat aagaccgaaa agcagacaga cacagcctgg      8460
     aagcagaggt gccaaggtca tttccagcac cgtctgctcc acggaaagag ttggttttga      8520
     gctaaaacag gctttgtatt ccttcaaagt agcttaggca gctatcacaa cagcccacgc      8580
     attggacagt actctagtag gaactaagga catgtggccc agctgtgtga ggcccaaatt      8640
     agtgatttta catcgagtaa gagcgagtga ggtgggtttt ctctggcatg cccagcatct      8700
     gagttggtcc tggggacttc atgaggatat tttgttcatc ttttgtcccc ttgttacaac      8760
     ctgaactgcc tctcttggct gtctgggacc tggccctgga atgatagagg ccagtcagtg      8820
     gtagctgagg gtatgagaca gaagcctggg tgaggacata actcagttgg caacacactt      8880
     gccacacttg tgtgaagacc tgggttcaac cccccgagcc cgtaaatgga atgatggcac      8940
     acacatgcag tccccgagtg gggagacagg acacaggaag atccccaggc tcagtggcca      9000
     ggctgtctag ctccattttt gagtctcagc ccagtgagag actatctcaa aaagacaagg      9060
     tgagctgggt ggtggtggcg gcggcggcgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc actggggagg      9120
     cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtccaaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac      9180
     agccaagggc tatacagaaa aataagaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaagg gaagggaagg      9240
     gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagagaaga gaagagaaga      9300
     gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga      9360
     gaagagaaga gaaaagaaaa gatccagggg aagtggagct gtttagaaag gttctttaga      9420
     gcaactctct tctgtgttgt ctggaaatcg gtggtcagta gtggcagctc acaaacacct      9480
     cacggacaca ccagcagttc agtgctgtag agtcaggtta gcaacagcgg tgacaggacc      9540
     tagcagagac agccaggctt cagcctctgc tcgagtcaac aggaggaacc tggagagaca      9600
     ccagaagttc tcagctgtgc ctctctcagg gaagcaaaga tcagcaaaga ctcaagaccc      9660
     acaagcgttg cacagctggc tgtacatcaa gccaagttct tctccatcat tccatagagt      9720
     cctatttcta ccctccaaac atcatgtgtc ctccccgtgc cttgcctcag catgtgcatt      9780
     ccatcagccc gagtgctcag aagcagtaag aaactgcagc acaccaccag aaattttttt      9840
     ggtgcatttc tctatggagt cccagcaaat gcagcacaac tattcaaggg tttctctatg      9900
     tagccctgac tgtcctggaa ctcactttat agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatct      9960
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcatgt gccaccacag cctgctacaa     10020
     ccatacaatg taaagtggac caacatatgt gtgttgttag caaagaatcc tccatcacgt     10080
     gtcctttcac ttgcttgctt tagcagaaca tcctctctcc tgtgtctgct tcaacaaaac     10140
     attccttcac aagtctgcct tagcttttca cacctgtgtt gtgggaaacc acatgtgccg     10200
     ttgcagagtg gcactgacta ctgctggcca ccatgcataa gtttggacaa acaaccaatg     10260
     tgtacatatg cagtaaagtt ttgcaaagac actgcctggc ccgggcatga taatgaggct     10320
     ttgagagtat aaccaatcag atgtgagaca tgcaaatgag gtatgataat gaggctctgt     10380
     gaggtacaga gagagagagt agccaatcag atgaggaaca tgcaaatgag gcttagtgca     10440
     taaccaatcc gggtgtgaga cacgcttctc ctaagcctat ataagcagca ccagttctgg     10500
     gctcagggtc tcttcgcctc tgcaatcaag ctctcccaat aaacgtgtgc agaaggatcc     10560
     tgttgcagcg tcgttactgc tggccagtcc tgcgcgcgca agactgtgtc tatttcaacg     10620
     aaacgttcct tcatgtgttt gccccagcaa aacaccatcc aaccaacttt ccaaagaacc     10680
     cttaagtttc catgtcagtt tctgttaagg taagagctcc agctgttggg tgtggttgag     10740
     tactgagcac tgggcttctg gcttgctagg caagcactcc aatactgagc cgcatcccca     10800
     cctctttgtt ttaagcagct tagctcttgc attctttttt ttttaaagat ttatttattt     10860
     attatatgta agtatactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca gaagagggcg ccagatcttg     10920
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactctgga cctttggaag     10980
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccctagctct tgcattctgc     11040
     acactagcaa gactccactt ccccctgctt ctggaagccc tcacgcaccc ttgagcttac     11100
     aggctgtata tacggtctgg catatcctcc ttcacccctc tacagagaga atatctcgta     11160
     tatagtacag atgtatcacc tgtcaattaa aaagcgtatg gcttaggcag gaaatgggag     11220
     gtgaaacaac cagggagaga gagaattctg ggatacagcc aggtggggga ttcatccggg     11280
     gatgtgacaa gatgggcaca tggtacctga gcactggtaa ccagtcacgt ggcagaatgt     11340
     agactagaat aaatggacta tcttaggtta tatctagtca gagaagagcc tagctataag     11400
     cccaaggtat ttgtaaatat attttgagtc tgagtcttat tcctggaagc atggggctga     11460
     aagaaccata gaagtgattt ctatactcta ctctttgcct agctaaatct tacccagcct     11520
     ctaggcctag atctcaaggt cacctctgtc aggaagccct ggaccaggct gtgcagggtg     11580
     tgctttgtgg ccctggcctc cttcactgaa ctccagtgct cctttctcca atgtaacatg     11640
     gccttcccag cagggaacct acctccagca tctgtacctg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg     11700
     aatgaatgaa gtagcactgc acttgacaca ctggagtgct ccatcccaga cattaggaca     11760
     gtgcttaggg tttccaggga agaaatggtg ctccctggga aatgtggtct tttaaaagag     11820
     gattcaaacc ccaattcagc cacttcttcc tccctgaccg actcgcctat gataaaaaat     11880
     acatatatca caggacttag ggggaaatta accatgatac tccaatccca agcaaggcca     11940
     gttgatcaat tttttaagag caacaaatgt taatttttaa aaagctattc taaatctaaa     12000
     acatgtttta catctctctg actttttttg taagcaatcc tctgtctgcc ggagttcata     12060
     attccttctc catgacattc ccttcaaaat aacatttcca atttataatt tattgggttt     12120
     tcccccttga gttagacatc tcccagtctt gatctcaaga atgcaatcaa cagaattaat     12180
     atttaagtct agaatgatct caatgtgaag tctaatctcc aggaattgcc ttctcaggac     12240
     gatgttgagg cctccaacac tccagatggg gcagctttgt aactcactcc agggctggag     12300
     gagcagaagg actcccatat cacccctgcc ctccacagct gaaacccagg aggaaaactg     12360
     tcactagcca cctcttgggt gacctcacag accatgacag cacccccttg taatgtccac     12420
     catcgccaaa gaaccccagt ctccttcgcc aaacccaccc ctctacccac agccctccac     12480
     gcagagggct caacccttcc acaggtatgg tcggtggctt ggtccactgt gctcccagcc     12540
     cagaacggta ggcactcagt taatgcctgt ttaataaatg gactgactct gtgtacggac     12600
     ataagaagct atgccgaatc tgccccaaac tagagagtct cgctctaata aacattctgc     12660
     tctttgagtt tctgtataca gcctttcact atagtgtgca aatgtgtgtt taagaaagtc     12720
     cctgggggct ggagagatgg cccaggggtt aagagcactg gctgttcttc cagaggtcat     12780
     gagttcagtt cccagcaagc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg atccaatgcc     12840
     ctcttctggt gtgtcagcaa cagtgtactc atatacatta aatagaaaaa ataagtagcc     12900
     gggcatggtg gtgcacacct ttaatccccg cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct     12960
     gagttcgagg ctagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga     13020
     aaccctgtgt cgaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaagtaagta     13080
     agcaagtaag taagtaagta agtaagtaag taagtaagta agtatttgca ctcttgttct     13140
     ttagagcaga gctacaggaa cccgcaatga tctggtttta tctgaacagc tcacttaaat     13200
     cctagagcat ccacctctat ccagtcttct tcatcataaa ggcctcacct tccttagttt     13260
     ttagactttg tgattatgat gtgtgtggag gggcagacgt ctaagtgcca ccgagctcac     13320
     ttgcaggcag aagacaacct ccgggagtca gtcctagctt ccaccatgtt tgaagcagtg     13380
     tttcctaaag tctgctgttg catacaccca tgctggacag agacgtcctg aaggttcttc     13440
     tgtctctgcc cctcatctcc atgtggaagg acttagatta cagatgtgtg ctgctgtgcc     13500
     cagcactgtg gattcttggg tcctggactt cttactttag tcaccacgct atcttcccca     13560
     gctcactaag ggtttcttat ttgtgagggt ttacttaccc atttattttg tctgtttgct     13620
     ttggcttggg gttttgtttt agacagggtc tcatgtagcc taggctggac ttgaacttgc     13680
     catgcagtca aggatggctt gagctcctga ttctcctgcc tgcatctgag gcaggtgtgt     13740
     gcatcgatga ctgaaggtgt gcaccactca gagcctcata gagggggtct catcaaaata     13800
     taagactgtc gtgtatcctg gcagtagatc acttgattag catgtaccag gcctggagtt     13860
     cctaaagtct gctgttgcat acacccgtgc tggacagaga ccttctgaag gtttttctgt     13920
     ctctgcccag taacatctgc agtaacatat acacacacca ccaccaccac catcactacc     13980
     accatcacca aaaccaacaa caacgtaggc aagtcaaatc caaccaggga cacctgagaa     14040
     ctcctaggtt tgtcatcaca gggtactggt catgggagaa ggactggatg gtgatggtgg     14100
     tttcttgggg gaaatgtgaa gagtgaactc cagacaaaga cagggttagg gaggaactga     14160
     gagcttgtgg tagaaagggt ttgtgtactg ggctgggaag gatccagcat caggatggtg     14220
     agcacaggaa gagaaccaag ggggacaaga gagagtacac cttgggggcc aggatcacca     14280
     tatagatttc attctaaact cttttctcag ctaggcatga tggtgcacac ctttaatccc     14340
     agcactcaga aggcagaggc tggcagagct ctgtgagttc gaggcaaaca tagtgagatc     14400
     cagaacatct ggggtttcta aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa ctcttttctc     14460
     attgttcatg ctgggattct tggagcaacc aaaagccaaa gctatcagag tttgtcttta     14520
     atgtgagtct atgtgctagt gtgtagtatg taagtgcctt ttgtggtcgg tgtgtgttca     14580
     tgtacatgca agagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg     14640
     cacatgcaca tggtgagccc agagacggac ttcctgcatc ttcctcaatc accctccgct     14700
     ttatttgcct agataggtct cggtgactct acagtccacc acctcagctg accagacagt     14760
     gagctccaag aacctgcctg tctctgctgt cctagtactg agatctcata cagtcattac     14820
     cacttctggc gttttatgta ggtatgctag atatccagac ttaggtcttt gtgcctatgc     14880
     agcagaaacg ttaccaactg agccacctcc ctagttcctt gtttgtggtc tcatgtagtc     14940
     caggctagcc tcaaacctgg tgtgtaactg aggctggctt tgaacttctg actctcttgc     15000
     ctacacttgc caaatgctgt tacaggtgtg tgccttcatc acaacagggt tataattggg     15060
     atttctttca cacgagtttg tggggtgata cttggtgggg gtgatacctt tacaaacatg     15120
     cccatgatct taacacttag agagaaaggg tgttcctgga ttggtttatt gatcgactaa     15180
     tggttagctg gtcatctgat gctaatagat taacctgatc tcatgcagag aaatgagttc     15240
     cttctttctg gtgggcatag agtcagcaga ggaaggggga caggttggag caggtgtctg     15300
     tagaaagcag tgagctctcc ttcagagtct cactgcaggc cgaatggaag gggatgggat     15360
     gtatttacca ggaaagtaat gtgtctcctc atgaaacttt aaccccagca gaatggatgc     15420
     tgcttactat ggttgctgat acactggggt caaaattcac ccttcctaac acaccacaga     15480
     aactgctcaa aatgtggaat ttattaaaat aaaatgaatt tatctttaca ctcagaagga     15540
     gacactgggc aaggagaccc acatcagatg aaaaggtatg cagtctcgca gcctgcactt     15600
     tcttttcttg cctcgggatc agttctgttc tcttacttgt taataacaaa ctcgcttccc     15660
     tcgggctcca gtgacctgtc tctgggatgc ccgtgatctt ctcagtgttg attcctttga     15720
     gaaacatcac agattgggtg cagacaaggc ctggggagac ggtggtggcc gtgcagagaa     15780
     accccaaaga gaaggttccg tgctgattag gagaggaacc tgagggacag ttggagctgc     15840
     tgaagttgtc atcaaagccc taagcagggc aaaattaaga tttaatggac aatctgaagg     15900
     aaggaaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaccccc aaaataacag ataatatggg     15960
     gagcacttga agctggagaa aaatcattta aaggttgaaa aaaaagtctt tgcccaaaag     16020
     gggaaagaca cattgaatgc actatctaaa aatataaatg gttccagaat ggttttcata     16080
     aaatatttag gacaaggagg ggccttagga attatctagt ctggtggttt agaatttttt     16140
     tttgttgtcg tgttaatttt agcatcagaa cctttttttt ccccctttaa gaataaaatt     16200
     gcagagtcta ggaaggctgc tcagcaggag tagggagggg cactgggcac ccacagatcc     16260
     atcttcctct cccatccttt ccactccagc ccactgaggc ctcttcgaag aagctgctat     16320
     tgaacgccct gtcttcctca ctgtgcacca cagagctgaa gggagcctcc gagataaagc     16380
     caactaggag atcactagtc ctgagaacca tagccaagcc acatgtgtgc aagcctcaac     16440
     tttcctgatg gctgaccagt gctgtccagt gccccttccc gggagcttga ggccctactg     16500
     tgtgggatgc attggaggtc ctcgtcatga cccctgcagg tcggctggcc tcactgcctc     16560
     tatcccttgc tgtctggcca gcttgagcct ctgcctagca cgaatagtca agaagtcctc     16620
     acgactggaa gtaaaatatg ctaagagcga agtgcacaga gcaaggagca gggcatctgt     16680
     taggcaccga ccctgcttcc atccacacct taggttcctc agaacgaaag ggttgaaggt     16740
     gctggaagcc actaatgtcc atcctggaat aagtgctcac tgggcatgtt aactaactta     16800
     actaacacag ttactagaac aggaggaggg tggcgttatt gctagtttac agctcttttt     16860
     ttttctgttt atttttattt atgtgcgttg ttattttgcc tacatgtatg cctgtgtgag     16920
     ggtatcagat cccttggaac tggaattaca ggtgtgtgct gctacgtggg tgctggtaat     16980
     tgaatccaag acctctggaa gagcagtgtt cttaactact gaactgtctc tccagccacc     17040
     cataattgct attttaaaag tgcagaacca tccacagaga gtttgagtgg tttttccagt     17100
     atcaagccac taactgaccc tgactggttc tctggatccc accctggcac caggtggggt     17160
     ctgggtgcac tccaggccac tcagcaagaa acatgaaagg cacattctcc tgggtcctct     17220
     cccaggggcc ctggcaccga gcccagtggg acattgcttc tgtggactct gctgccctct     17280
     agtggttcca cccacttcac tcggccagct gccagcccca tctggacggg gactgaccat     17340
     catcatccaa tttgatctta ggatcatcca gaatgtggac cacacaagga cctttagccc     17400
     agaacagatg tcagccacaa agtggagcag ccaatagggt actcccagca ctagaaatga     17460
     ggcttgggtg gcagcaagtc agggaatatc ctagaatctt tattcagatg acttgactgc     17520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgcc cacggatgct gttgtgtgtc aggaccacgt     17580
     agaaaaagca gaagatggtg tccttgaatg cattgtgcac cttttttttt tttttagaag     17640
     agcaaaagca accctgaggc ggggttagaa aaatgcacaa ttctttccag atctgcttta     17700
     caatcccata cagcatcttt gcacactgaa gcccagggac aggcaggcgt gtacctgaca     17760
     cggctactca gaaaacacgg ggttgcacct ggaagagtga atcctttccc ttctacctgt     17820
     ctgggtatga gcaggctctc tcatgacagt acagtgacag aggtccattc tctgcctcct     17880
     ctcagttctc agttctctgg acagtcatcc aggacatcta ctgtaaaaaa atcctctccg     17940
     gagccaccca cccactgtgc aacagctgga ggcagcctgc cagaactctc ctgaaccctc     18000
     cccctgtgtc cgtgtcgagt ggactattct ggggtgtagt gacactcctg gaacccctgc     18060
     tccaccagct agtattactg gcctcaggag ccttgcatgg gtaaaaccta gacccagtta     18120
     aggctctggc tagctgccca caatgccaac tgcaacagca cctgggctcg ggggtgcctg     18180
     agcttagaga acccccttat atgacccaaa gatacaaagt ggacatctct ggagtgacca     18240
     ggcagccctg aaggctgtgc ccatagagat catggagtga gcacagacgg acaaagagat     18300
     gcccatgggc cccaggagaa atggtctcag cagaaggctg cacaaggcag acacagtggg     18360
     tcagacacac tgaggaactg ggaggaggtg gagaaggggt agctgccagg ggagttagca     18420
     aagcctatac ttagtggggt ttgttgttat ttttgttttc tcaagacagg gtttctctgt     18480
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagatcaggc tggcctctgt agatccacct     18540
     gtctctgcct cccaaatgct aggatgaagg gcatgtgcca ccactgcctg gcccaaagtt     18600
     ttatttgaat gaatggcaag agatgtaaat tagccggtag agggcttgcc taaggtgcat     18660
     gaatttctag agtcaatccc cagcattgca caaaccaggt ggcatgcacg tggatgatgt     18720
     cagcactcgg aagcagaggc agaagatgag aaccccatgg ctgtcctggg ttgtttagtg     18780
     cattcagaga tagcctgaga tatacagtct gaaagaggat atatgaacac atacattaaa     18840
     ctcatgcaag agggcttgtg actgcttcag cagcaacagc cttgccaccc accagctctg     18900
     cggctggtgc taccggctca gccttcagtt cttttgtcca atttaagatt ggctagaatg     18960
     aggccttact ggaaaaagag aaggggacat ggagagaggg aggtaagtgt ccctggtcta     19020
     gctcttcaag gaacagaaga ggaatactta cgtggttctg agacagctag accggggcct     19080
     tccacacagg tggacttggt agaaagcccc ttcacacgct ttgagcaagt aggtgtgata     19140
     tctaggaagg agcagcctgt tttgggaagg cagaaatcgc agctgggaag gcaggctgct     19200
     cttattctgt ctcagtctaa acctgaaaac aagctaaatg gccatcaagg gaagaaaggc     19260
     agaacagatt gtgacaatca tgtatatttc acgtgacgga gtattacaaa ggcgagaaac     19320
     agttacaacg taaccgttac aaagtaacaa cgtaataaca gacactgtcc agcccaaagt     19380
     gtcagacccg agctttccac tgcatggtgt ttaaaaccaa gcaaaccagc ccatgtctgg     19440
     agatgagaac agaagctgcc gccagctgag gcatggctct ttctgactgg gagggatctg     19500
     cagaaatctt gacgtgggtt tggagccctg gtgctgttct ggattttgtt cttacaggtg     19560
     gctatttagt tgtgaaaaat gaacaaggtg taaacttgaa atgatgcagc ttttacgtgt     19620
     gctaaacaaa caaaatctaa aactaagatg gaaggcaaaa gaccagggag gaagggagag     19680
     gtgatgacgg cccgatgctg ctggctgtgc cagggtagaa caggaaggtg ataaggacat     19740
     gaacttgaac cactgaaggg ccttgggagg taacacacgt ggagtctgag cccacagaaa     19800
     agaaacgcta gtacactggc ttccgtcact gcttcccaga cccagaagtg gcctctcagg     19860
     ctcctccctg ctgtgaccca caattcctgg ttcaccattg cagagaaagg tgattgtgtt     19920
     ctcccaattt tcttcccttt ggtaatgagg gaagcagcaa aagctatgtt aatttaaggg     19980
     gagaacttat gggtgcaggt tctggtgtga actttacagg caaaaagtag atctggtagc     20040
     aaaggcagac cccaagagca ttaaggctat ttgagttggg taagggctgg gatttgtaag     20100
     actctgggcc aaagttgcct gtgcctgcct ggcctgtcta ggaggcagtg ggctttttca     20160
     taaccccaaa acaaaagcct ggcacagctt cctgaatcat catgtggtgg tggtatttct     20220
     tctctcatct agctgaaacc ttcccagatc ttccctccca ccccacagct ttcctctgtt     20280
     agaaagcaag caggggctct ggtcagtctc acttagagag tcaggctact gcttgaaagg     20340
     gtgtggggga gggggcttca ggcactgtgg ctagttcagt ggcttgggtg acagtaactt     20400
     cgatggccac aggcaggagt tgggagctct gccttcctat gccttttcta gtctagatga     20460
     tgttcatctg tggtccaatc cctcacatac atacataagt gtgaaataaa aataacaaat     20520
     ttaagagtca aaattagaaa aataatatat ggggctggag agatggctca gcaggtaaga     20580
     gcactgactg ctcttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca ggaaccacat ggtggctcac     20640
     aatcatccat aacaagatct gacgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtata     20700
     cttacatata ataaaataaa taagtctgaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaagg     20760
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaagaaag aaaggaagaa aggaagaaag     20820
     agggagggat agagggagag acccagcacc catagggtga ctcacaacca actgtaactc     20880
     tagtctcagg agatctaaca tcctcttctg gcctccaaaa gtactgcatg cacatgacat     20940
     acattcaggc aaaacaaaca taagcatatg aagcaacgaa ggagggacag acagacatgc     21000
     cagaggctag cctcatgaat tctcctttta gttaggttaa tgaagaaggg acatctgtgt     21060
     tccttgtcta cactaactct ttcgtaaatg gtataaaatt tgtgcaagac tcttcctggg     21120
     aaccacctga gaacccagaa ctgcaccccc tcacacccgg cagggcttcg tgcctttcct     21180
     aatgtagagt gtggagtagt ggacgacaaa gccaagagca tcaggaagga ccattctaaa     21240
     gacaagatgg taactcctaa ctcccgttca agctgtcact ttttcactcc aagagcttct     21300
     cttcgttgag gctagcctgt ggtctcagca ggggagtcgg ggtagagcag aagcaagctt     21360
     gcaagcccca ggccaatcag gagtgtctca aaacacaagc aaaaaccaca gctgggaaca     21420
     gtcaaagatg cagaagttag taacagtagc ttctcctaag agtgggaaat gtactttcta     21480
     tggtcttttg tgatttcatc ccagtgtttt agacagggta tcactgtgta agccacgata     21540
     gcctacaatt cacagtgttc ctgccttggc agtcattaga agtccaatgc ttttatttta     21600
     aggtattaga gactggagtg tagctgtata ataatgataa caccaccaga agcaccacag     21660
     agacatgcct ggtgccaagg gtaacaactg tgcagagcca gtgtgtagct cacatctgtc     21720
     tgctttctag tagggatcct ggagctgcct tgggcaacta taagagccgg ttaccactga     21780
     gtttcactgc cacctgaact gcatcgctca gccaggtctc catgccatcg tagatgagat     21840
     gtaccatgtg gagtggactc cacattctat gacactgcct ttcctgttgg cttcttattg     21900
     ccctgcccac ttcctcctct caccctgttt ttaaactgct ggccgtgaat ctttttcttt     21960
     tctttttttt tttatgtttt ttgatccatt ttgaattatt attttttctt ggatattttc     22020
     attatttaca tttcaaatgt tttccctttt ccaggtctcc ccttcagaaa ctccctatcc     22080
     catcccccct ccccctgcct ctatgagggt gatcctccaa ccacccattc tcatcctccc     22140
     gctctgttat tcccctacac tggggcattg aacaccttca ggcccaagga tctctcctca     22200
     cactgatgtc caacaaggcc atcctctgcc acatatatgg ccagcatcat ggtctctcca     22260
     tgtgtattct gtggttggtg gtccagtcct cgagagctct ggagggtctg gcctgttgac     22320
     actgttgctc cctccatggg gctgcaaacc ccctcagctc ctccttcagt cccttctcca     22380
     gctcctccat cgtggaccac cgagttcagt ccaatggttg gctgcaagct tcctcctctg     22440
     tatttgtcag gctctggcag agcctctcag gagacagcca tatcaggctt ctatcagcaa     22500
     gcacttccca gcatccacaa taatgttcgg atttggtgac tgtataaggg atggatctcc     22560
     aggtgggaca gtttctgaac agcctttcct tcagtctctg ctccacactt tgtctacata     22620
     ttttattcac ccttctaaaa agcactgaag catccacatt tttgtcttcc ttcttcttag     22680
     gcttcatatt gtctgtgaat tgaatcttgg gtattcctaa cttttgggct aatatccgct     22740
     tatcagtgag tacataccgt gtttgttcct ttgtgactga gtcacctcac tcaggatgat     22800
     attctcaagt tccatccatt tgcctgttaa tttcatgaat tcattgtttt taatggttga     22860
     gttgtactcc actgtgtaaa tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgagggaca     22920
     tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat aaataaggct tctatgaaca tagtggagca     22980
     tgtgtcctta ttacatgttg aagcatcttc tgggtatatg tccaggagag gtattgctgg     23040
     gtcctcaggt aatattatgt ccaattttct gagaaactgc cagactgatt ttcagagtgg     23100
     ttgtaccagc ttgcaatcct accagcaatg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc tacatcctca     23160
     ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg agtttttcgt cttagccatt ctaactggtg tgaggtggaa     23220
     tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttcctt gatgactaag gatgttgaac atttctttag     23280
     gtgtttctga gtccttcaag tttcctcaat tgagaattct ctgtttagtt ctgtttccca     23340
     ttttttaata gggttatttg gttctctgga gtctaacttg ttgagttctt tatatatatt     23400
     ggatattagc cctctgtaga atgtaggatt ggtaacgatc ttttcccaat ctgttggttg     23460
     ccgttttgtc ctattgacag tgccctttgc ctttcagaag ctttgcaatt ttatgaggtc     23520
     ccatttgtca attcttgatc ttagagcata agtcattggt gttctgttca ggaacttttc     23580
     ccctgtgccc atgtgttcga gacttttccc cactttccct tctattagaa tcaatgtatc     23640
     tggttttatg tggaggtcct tgatccactt ggacttgagc tttatacaag gagataagaa     23700
     tggatcaatt tgcattcttc tacatgttga ccaacagttg actgacagtt gaaccagcac     23760
     catttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttttacca ctgtatggtt ttagctcctt tgtcaaagat     23820
     ctagtgaccg taagtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttct attctacttc cattgatcta     23880
     cttgcctgtc actgtacaaa taccagcctt tttttttttt ttaatcacta ttgctctgta     23940
     gtacattttg aggtccagga tgctgagtcc cccagaagtt cttttattat tgagaatagt     24000
     ttttactatc ctgggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg agaattgctc tttctaactc     24060
     tataaacaat tgaattggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtata ttgctttcgg     24120
     caagatggac atttttacta tattaatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca     24180
     tcttctgagg tcttcttcga tttctttctt cagagacttg aagttcttat cctacagatc     24240
     tttcacttct ttggttcgag tcacaccaag gtactttata ttgtttgtga ctattgtgaa     24300
     gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttttcagc ctgtttatcc tttgagtata ggaaagctac     24360
     tggtttgttt gagttaattt tatatctggc cactttgctg aagttgtttg tcagccttag     24420
     gagttctctg gtgaaatttt tggggtcact catatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaatag     24480
     tgatattttg acttcttcct ttccagtttg tatccctttg acctcctttt gttgtctaat     24540
     tactctatat agaacttcaa ttactatatt aaatatatag ggagagagag gacagccttg     24600
     tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc aagtttctct ccatttaatt tgctgttggc     24660
     aactggtttg ctgtatattg cttttactat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa tttctgatct     24720
     ttccaagact tttaacatgg agggatgtta aattttgtca aatgcttttt cagcatctaa     24780
     tgaaatgatc atgagggttc tttctttgag tttgtttata tagtggatta cactgatgga     24840
     tttctgtaca ctgaaccatc cctgtatccc tgtgatgaag cctacttgat catagtgaat     24900
     gatttttaag actttaaatc tatttatttt tgtttcagtt ttatgatggt tttacctgcc     24960
     tgtgtatatg taaatcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttattg gcaggcgtca aatgaaagca     25020
     tcatatatgt tagagctaga gttctagatg actgggagtg gatgtaggaa tgaaacctgg     25080
     gtcctccata cgagcaacaa ctgctcttac tactgaacac ttgaacttaa aaaaaaaagt     25140
     catatattta tgtgtgcatg ggggaaattt tcacatgagt gtgggtgcct tcagaggcca     25200
     cacaaggaca tcagatccac tggagttgga gttgatgata aacccctggc aagtgcttat     25260
     aacagctgat ccatctctcc tatctctata acctttgtta tctttctccc tccctccctc     25320
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttcata     25380
     gtttttcaag tcagggtccc tctagctctg gctgtccttg aactcactct gtagaccagg     25440
     ctggcctcca actcagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggttc     25500
     taatttcttt cttttctttt tcttttttaa gttttttaga caaagtctca tatcttgtgt     25560
     agcccaggat ggcctagaac tcctcatcct cttcctgcct ttacctcctt agtgcctgga     25620
     ttatagacgt gaacagttta taattttatc ttttcatgaa ctgtatttgt gccagacatt     25680
     gtgacacaca cttgtaatcc tagcactttg gagtctgtgg catgaggatt tcccatgagt     25740
     ttaagggcag cctgggctac atagtgagtt ccaggccatc ctggggtata gagcaaggag     25800
     aaggcggagg gggtcaaagc agaaagagga ggatacaaaa gaagagaaat catgaggttt     25860
     gttttgtttt gtttttctga gttctgaccc tgcagaagct tcctccttgc tctcagcccc     25920
     catgcttggc attggctatt tctgatccca ttctgagcat ttcaggtatc tcttgagagc     25980
     aggaggactt gtcagtttgt gaccagcatt tcctttgttt aacatccagg aggcttatcc     26040
     aagtcacaat gtatcagagt ttcctaaggc tggatgtttt cttgaataca tgtgtgttct     26100
     actggccact ggtctgctct ggcctactgg ccagccctgg cctcccagtc cttgtgagca     26160
     gcgcgcactt tctaaacact ttcgcagcac tctgttttta atgttttgga ttaaatatgt     26220
     agagggagac cgccgggtca tttggtagtt ctgtttaact tatttatatt tcattgaaat     26280
     tgcattattc ttattgtgtg cctatagaag tcatagtaca actttcaaaa gtcagtctct     26340
     gttttcatcg tgggatctga gcctcaaact tgggtcgttg ttttgtttgg gctaggtctt     26400
     gctaatagag ccttgcctgg cctgaaactc atcatgtgga ctgagctggt attgaacttg     26460
     cagcaatcct ccttcctctc ctgggtggtg ggattatagg gatgcagcac cgcccctggc     26520
     tacttccaag ttttttaagg acacatcata ctgtttccca tagcaactgg attccgttta     26580
     cttcgcattc ttgttaatac ttgttatttt ctggggagtt tgctagtagc cacatcctaa     26640
     tgaagatgaa ctggaatgtg cctgtgcttt gactcattgt tccctaatga ttcatgatat     26700
     tgtccaactc actatgggcc cttttggtca tttatagact ttttttttag agatgtttat     26760
     ctaacctttg cccattaaag ctatctattt atatatctaa tttatttttg gtggattgaa     26820
     cccaaagctt tgcctaaaca tatagcttac cactgagata tatctccagg tccctttgtc     26880
     tgttttggtg tggagggata gttgtagtag agtttcagga taattccttg atggataaaa     26940
     catttgacat ctctgaagtg gaaacctctg gtttctttgg aaagtcagtt atgccaaatg     27000
     atgttttgct ggggcacaca ggtgaaagga tgttttgcta aagcagacat gtgaaaggat     27060
     gtgtgatgtc tagaaaggat gtaaaaaaag accccataga ccaggggtgg ggagggctgg     27120
     agcattggtt tactcttttt gctgatgaca cgcatgtatt ggttctcctg acattgcatt     27180
     gctgaacttc acttgtggtg gcgtcataga gagaaatgaa ctcctggtga gattcctatg     27240
     gcttcttacc acttgctctg actcaggctg gtggctgagc ctagcagttt cttctggatt     27300
     gaactgtttt tgctgattcg tgtgtagtat ctgccaagta gaccagactg cagctgctaa     27360
     ttcgtgtttg gtgtttgcta gtggactgaa ctgagaacaa tgaagactgg aatcacccca     27420
     aagaaccatt tctaaacagg ctcactttcc ctgtttccta ttaactgttc ttttccacta     27480
     cctctgataa gtggtgggct agaggggagg ttgaatctta ttaaagtagg ttgtgaaaaa     27540
     tatatgccta tacataccac ttccatctgc gcttgctaaa agtatttatt ctgctaatgg     27600
     taagtgtgtg gagagatatg tgtgtgcatg tgcgtgtatg caggcacacg tatggaggtc     27660
     agagctgttg aaagctatct tctcaattgc cttccacctt atttttaaat gttcatttat     27720
     ttattttatt ttgcttgtat tgtgtgccag agtgtatgta ggtgtactat gcgcatgcag     27780
     gaacctttgg aggtcagaag agagtattgg atcccctgga attggaattg caaacagttg     27840
     tgagccataa tgtaggtgct gggaaccaaa cccaggtcca cagcaagaga aggataggaa     27900
     tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccagcccc atccacctta atttttgaga cagggtctct     27960
     cactgaacct ggagctcatg gactcagcta gtctgatggc agcaagctct agggatcccc     28020
     cagtctctgc ctccccagta tggggtatac agccattctt gtgctcagct tttgatggag     28080
     ttaccagaga tccgagtttt gacccccaca cttgcacatc aggcgcttta ccaactgagc     28140
     catttctcta gactctatgc tgtgctggtt agtttgtcag ctagagacac aggggaagag     28200
     agaacgtcta ctgagagctg gcctctctca agactggcct tgggcaggtc tgtggagcat     28260
     ttccaggtct ggtgactgat gtgggagggc ccagcccact gtgatagtgc caccttgagg     28320
     aaggtggtcc tgggtcatat aagtcaggct gaggagctgg cgagatggta aaacactgac     28380
     tgctcttctg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc caacaaccat atggtggctc acaaccaccc     28440
     ataatgcgat ctgactccct cttctggtgc atctgaagac agctacagtg tatttatgta     28500
     taacaaataa atctctctca gaaaaaaaaa gtcaggctga gcagactgtg ggaaagagcc     28560
     tgtaagcagc attccccatc ggtctcttcc tcagcctcca ggttccagcc tggcttcttc     28620
     aatgatggac tatggctgga aatattagtc aatgaaccaa attacttttg gtcatgatct     28680
     ttagcacagc aacagaaagg aacctaaaat acccccccaa gagtgtcttt ctatacccaa     28740
     agcttcagat gtttctcatg atgaacactt tgtctgttat tacctgtgtc ttttggtatc     28800
     atgtcaaaga aacaattgcc tgatctgaca ctatacaata tatgtctgtg tttgcttctg     28860
     agagttctat gccttgcatc taagccatgg acctgttgtg aactagaatt tgtatatggt     28920
     gccaggttag ggtccagctt cacacttctg tatgtggatg tccaatttct acaatactac     28980
     atggtttaca aaaagttgtt atgagttgaa ttgccttggg ctttcaattt aatattttaa     29040
     atattaattt aatatctttc aatttaatat tttaaattgt gagagttttt ttgctatgcc     29100
     ttccatccca gttcatcaat ctacatgcct tgattgcttt gttctcctct tcttcctcct     29160
     cctcctcttc ttcctcctcc tcttccttat cctcttcttc ctcttcctcc tcttgtcctt     29220
     catttgtgct gggaattaaa ctcagggcct cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt     29280
     ttggagctga gacgaaagga tggaccatct agagactgcc acacccgggg atccatccca     29340
     taatcagcct ccaaacgctg acaccattgc atacgccagc aagattttgc tgaaaggacc     29400
     ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt gagactatgc tggggcctag caaacacata agtggatgct     29460
     cacagtcagc tattggatgg aacacagagc ccccagtgga ggagctagag aaagtaccca     29520
     aggagctgaa ggggtctgca accctatagg tgggacaaca acatgaacta accagtaccc     29580
     ccggagctca tgtctctagc tgcatatgta gctgaagatg gcctagttgg ccatcattgg     29640
     gaagagaggc cccttggtct tgcaaacttt atatgcctca gtacagggga acgccagggc     29700
     caagaagtgg gagtgggtgg gtagggaagt gagtggggga gggtatgggg gacttttggg     29760
     atagcatttg aaatgtaaat gaagaaaaca cctaattaaa aaaaatcaaa gtaaaaaaaa     29820
     aaataacttg acagtgcttg gcttgtagag ctagctgtgc aacttctcct ggcatccctc     29880
     ctggtccctc ctgctgactc cagctgaggc tgaggcatgg ctgtctctgc taggtagtgc     29940
     tactgctgcc gattcgtgct tgttatccca actctactga actgagtgga tggagcagcc     30000
     actgcctgct gacctgtgaa ctgaactgcc gatttccaga caacacagat gggatttgtt     30060
     ccaaagaacc tttctataca ggtccacttc cctgcatcct ttcttttcca ctacctctgg     30120
     tgggtggtgg gctagaaggg aggttaaagc gtttaagagc catcattaaa aataaggatt     30180
     gaaaacatta aagttacact tctgagacag ggtctcttat tgaaactgga tctcatttct     30240
     tggctagcct ggttggtcag tgactctcca ggaccctctt ccaaacctct ccagaactag     30300
     gattacagga gtgtactgct gtgcccagct tttggcgggt gccagagatt tgaactcagg     30360
     tgttcatgct tgcatgacaa acactttagc aactgagccc tcagcccctc atgtcagatt     30420
     ggtttttttg tttgatggtt ggttggttgg ggtttttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttt     30480
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgcttttaa aaaagtatct taaaattttg tttattgagt     30540
     gcacacctgt gtgtgcatta gaaagctcgg agcctcagga gctggtgtga tagacagttg     30600
     tgagccctag acatggaccc tgggaactga caacacattg attgcttttg acagtgtgta     30660
     gagaggtggc ctgagcccag agcatgtggc catcacttgt atcttggtta tctgcagttg     30720
     gatctgactg ggtcctgagt ttctttcttt ctttttttct ctttctctct ttctttcttt     30780
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttctctg     30840
     gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccaga ctggtcttga actcagaaat cagcctgcct     30900
     ctgcctccca tgtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gcgcacccag ctcctgtctg agtttctgac     30960
     cacgaaagcc agcacctggt tgataaccag gaggaagctg gtactgtggg gcctcaggga     31020
     agggttctaa gggtgaataa caaagaaacc cgaaagatgg tggcgtgtcc gtggagagga     31080
     ggggcaagaa cattctagca gctggagtgg cctaggagga caagctaagt taaggcaagg     31140
     aaaagggagg ctttcaccct cgattagctg gctcttaatc ccgagtgtgt gctactatgg     31200
     ctatgagcac cttggaacct taggaagcaa gttctacgag tctgcttggc atcgatactt     31260
     tttgcaaatt cctcgctatc tgatatgcag caatttatca catggatttg atcttgttct     31320
     taggaacctc aaacctgact gcgcctacat ttattgttcc attcctcact tcagaatttg     31380
     gggcatgaaa tattgacgct ctgagctcag aagtctggaa ggctaagcac ccagggagag     31440
     ctggagggcg ggccttgagc gattcgccaa ttttgccttg ctgatgcagc ttccaccaga     31500
     gcagagcaga gccattctgg ccctgagcag ccatttgtca acttgaaaag ggaaatgaat     31560
     ttgtcaatct ttggcttggc ctttgacccc tagagggttc ggacccatgg ctctggaaat     31620
     ttggctgccg attgtaggca gccctcagtc acagaatcag gggactgtag agtataggga     31680
     gatggaaata gaaatctttg gtggcatccg tcaccctgaa cttctccctg cacatctctc     31740
     aaggtttgcc ctaccactag cttacatatc tagaggcaaa gcagacttct aagtgttctt     31800
     aagttacata gtgtgtctct gtgtgtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtgcaagtca gagaacactc     31860
     tgcagaaatt ggttctccct cagccgtgta ggtctagtca agttcggcag cagttgcatt     31920
     tacttgctga gctatcttgg atggtcccta gcctagcact cactttctct ctctctctct     31980
     ctctctctct ctgtgcgcgc acacatgtgc ttgcacactc gctgctgatg tgaattccat     32040
     cttagctaaa aacagtgagc agggagcgcc cttccctgta tctcttgtct tgctaaaacg     32100
     tattgctcac taatacttaa tgatatgatt tgactctcca acctattcat gagcttgttt     32160
     gaagggaaga atccactggg ttagtcatgg taggatatga catcatacat agcaaaggtt     32220
     ctttgaatgc ctaaaatgaa ctgtaaacga actcatttgc atactagaaa agactgctct     32280
     ttaagctgga tgttcccatt ggagggtttc gtgagcaaag caaaccagat cttctgtgtc     32340
     actccaggtc tgggcctcag ccttggcttg gaggatcggg gcccacatct ggctaaaggt     32400
     tctgcctttc actggccctt gagactcaca tagtgtgtat gggggatgac ggggtgaagg     32460
     tgggtggcag tcccaaacgt tgttgagcag gcttcttgtg ttttcagtgt tgttgagtct     32520
     agtttaggat caattagagg agctttgggc ctgaggagga tgctgaactt gggtaacaga     32580
     cacggaaagc tagcccacaa cttgagatgg aaaactctgg gttaccggag gctctgatct     32640
     ttgatgggag ggcatgcgga agtcctgaat tggagctgtc agtcataggt ttgatctctt     32700
     tctctgtgtc tgaggaaagg ggtggggtct ataccgagct gtggcgcgga ggactccaag     32760
     ccggtagagg gcgctgcgcc tcgcgccagg cttagttcgg ctccgggcca tcagggggcg     32820
     ctgtggcgcg agcggcgcgg tgggcttccg gcaggtggcg ccgtggccgc ggggcccagg     32880
     ccggcgggcg ggcggcggcg cggcgctgcg gccggcggct cgcggccccg gagcggcggc     32940
     tgcgcgggag gtggagcggc ggagtggcag gcccggtgcg ggctggagcg cgggcggcga     33000
     gcgcacgagc cgcggccgcg cggagcccgc catgacggcg cgagtgtgag gcgcggcgag     33060
     caccggtcca gtagagcggc gggcgcgccg gcctcttatc ccgcagcggc cgggccgggc     33120
     cctgatgagc agcggcctcg gcctccggcg cagcccggaa atgtccggca agatcgagaa     33180
     agcaggtgag gcgggcgggc gggcgggcgg cgcgcctcct ggcctcgtgc gctagacccc     33240
     cagtccgggc cccagcctgg cagcgacgcc gcgagggcca tctttgaacc gggcctgccc     33300
     ggcggcgggg ggcctgtgat gctagcagga ttctggggga gcgagtggag gtccctgtag     33360
     ccttgttccc tggaacatcc cacaatggct ggagcccggg acccttagga ggcctggccc     33420
     cgaccgcatg cagaagagca ggcgcgctcc agaggtgatc ggcagcccag ttataaaatg     33480
     tgtcactcct aatgagcctc gagtttaacc acaagtgtcc acttcggtgg cttcaaagga     33540
     cagcaggcta gggtgtgttg gagcgatgtt tcagggagca gccaagttgt cctctaatat     33600
     ttctgccttg ctctgcaagc agggcaagtg gagagtcatt ggggatgggg gaataaggtg     33660
     gatgcgatct tggtgcaaac ctcatctctt tgtgtgttcc tggaaatctt ggggagtcgc     33720
     ctcccagttt ttcccccgcc ccccggcttg catattctgg gagttagata ctcccgagag     33780
     tcaattactg ttgtgcatat ggggcccaga gcttaattag ccgtcaagca gggactcctt     33840
     ttacgggagg gcgggttctt ggctggtagg taaggtaggc agtgagtggt ccagggcctg     33900
     ggttgggggt tgtcacagtg gggataccca gttatcctgg aaacttagta gagaaggcag     33960
     acttgtaaga acctgaaaag gtgttcggcc gcactaattt ttggaagctg ccatttcata     34020
     ggtggacttg aggatatttg gatgtatatt agcaggggac caaccagcaa tgaatgtaac     34080
     ttttgcagcc ctggtttaaa cacagggaca aacgttttgg tattctcttt tgagctatgt     34140
     gtcttcattc tgtgtttggt ctctgggttg tgttgtttat taaacgtact tgaagattgc     34200
     ctgccaaagt atggtctctg ttttcaggac ccagagaggt tcagtgaatg tttgtagccc     34260
     acccagcaag gggcataggt agggtattga catctgtctt ctgacaagaa gtaggatagc     34320
     attcccgtgg ctggactgtt ccttttcaga tgctgtttct ggggtgtttg tctccttgtc     34380
     ctcttgcccc ggggccttgt ctagtgacta tgagtcgctt tcctgaatac gtgctgctct     34440
     ggaaatatcc ctgacccatc tgtgcagccc tgcttaggaa ctcctgatag tgtctcatcc     34500
     gaatggcact gttgggaaac ttggatgatt tatttaaaaa tagcattgat gcgctggaga     34560
     gacggctcac cagtcaggag cacttgttgc tcctgagcag cctggtttgg tttctggcaa     34620
     ccgcgtgccg gctcacaacc atctttaact ccagtttcag ggggtctgat gtcctcttct     34680
     gacctccatg ggcaccagac tcacatgtgg tggtgcacag acacatagac aggcaaagat     34740
     ttattggttg taaaatgaaa taaatacatc taaaatacat tttaaatagt gttagctgag     34800
     ttttctttat cagaacagca tgtgtcatta tgaagaattt ggaagtcctg gaagtagagg     34860
     ggctggcatg tgctgtgtgt catctcacgg gcttctttcc acagctcaga atgacagagc     34920
     tgtctactca gtctcaaccc caggcctttt cagtagaggt catgcctgtg ccttcccagg     34980
     ccactatcct ctgctaggga ctgtcgcagt gccctcttta gaagagcttg tctgggggct     35040
     ggtagtggta tctatactgc caggccccac gaatattcta aacccagctg tggaaggtcc     35100
     tgcagtgcac tgttcactag gccaggaaaa gaaaggcttt ctcttttttt ttaaattaat     35160
     tttttttaca tccccccccc caggtcaccc cttcacacaa tccctttccc atcccttctc     35220
     tgagcaggta accccacctc ccagggtatc accccaccct ggcacttcaa gtctctgcaa     35280
     ggctttctta tgaaggagaa ttggcaggag acggctgcag aaaggctggg aggaaggtgt     35340
     gtttggggag aagcagctag tagtgagaga gttctctggc agccatagct ggggatcaca     35400
     gatgagatgg cggaagatta gggtatgctt gccgtgaggg cttaccttct tgaagcttct     35460
     gtgcatcatc ctaggtgaac ttgatgtgca gtccgccaca tgttctgttt ggttgtgaag     35520
     tggacctgct gtcacgcatg agcgatggtg tgcctggagg gacacctttc tttattcagc     35580
     caggtgacaa gtctctaggt attacagagg agcccacacc caataacagt tgctgctgtt     35640
     tcctgtgctt caaagcaaca gaagtgtttc caaaatgtgc ctgtgttctc tcaccctcag     35700
     aaaacagact actgagtttt cttctcgggg tttgggggtg gggtgggagt ctaaggattt     35760
     tgagtgagca gaaatcttac acccctatcc tggtccttct agtcagtttg ccttccctga     35820
     tcactttcac ttacacctct gaggaggagc ctctggacct gtcactcagt catcctgcag     35880
     ccctgcctgt ggcagtcatc agaagtcagc cttcgtggag gtgaggaagg cagcattagt     35940
     gctcttcctc tccaagtgcc caggaggacc aggacagtgg ctgggctggc agttagatca     36000
     ggaggaaagt tgggatgagg gcatactgtg gtcaggggct gaaggagttc tctaggagac     36060
     cactgggaga tgtggcgagg tgaggcaccc tggggcctat gctgctgtgc ttctgcttgc     36120
     cctcgtctct tccagcaaag acacgagtga cgagagtagg tgcccccaca tttctggacc     36180
     ttaatgccag actggcacta atcagctgac tctagcccac tgggccatgt gcgttcccaa     36240
     gaaagagaag agctgtcggt cagtacttaa aaaccaggag atagctcaaa accacacatt     36300
     tccggttctc ccaagactga gactcttgta acccagacct cactcctgtg tgtaccttca     36360
     tgtggagctg ggtgggagct gcctgccctg ggtccctgcc cttttccctg ctggacacat     36420
     caccgagtcc ccttgtccac atggaccgtt gacatttttc agcttgactc acagagatga     36480
     ttctcagctg tttgctgtga cctgtacttt gactcttgcc ccattccttc attgattggt     36540
     tcctcaattc cttcatctgg cacggatgga gcacctgctc tgccatgtgc tgtgtgtagc     36600
     tctggggatt gggacctgcc atgaaggctg cactgtcccg tgtcccgtgt gtcaggctga     36660
     ggagactaga ggattggagt cagggtgtta gtggtgactg taaactccta ctgcaacaaa     36720
     tggagatttc aaggatcgtg ctgaggggca gggagtttcc ttgggggagt ggctttcagg     36780
     gtctctgcgc tggtggaggg aatccctgta gctccactca gccctacccc tgcctgcccc     36840
     actccactct gcttcattcc ttcagtcacc aaccaccttg ttcctgggac agtggggcct     36900
     ccaggaattg aaaggtcctg tggtgttcta atccctttcc tccctctctg acccagctta     36960
     taaacttcat cacgtaccaa actatctggc cagtgctgtc acccaggggc tgcagggagg     37020
     tttgctggga ctagtgggat ggccactagc tccctcaaca cacccactga cagaataaac     37080
     atgggtctca aagtccatgt gctgtgcttt tcaaatgctc acaggtaggc ttgttacaga     37140
     cagaaaggga atttacagtg gaacttgtta ctatgtatct tctcagagca gatactgaaa     37200
     gtcgggcctg tgcactttct taatgggcag tcactgggta ctgacctttc ttaaccaatc     37260
     agcttctact tccctttccc ataagttagg agtctctgtg gtttcagtgc tttggggtta     37320
     ttgacacaaa ttctgaagct ccatgcttct tcactggcct gcctagtcaa cgtttcctgt     37380
     gtacctcact ggcagacacc ctgtcatgtc ccatgttcta ggagccctct ggaacatggg     37440
     cttcccaagg cagtaggcca gcagtaacag caaaacaggg ctgtctgtag acacccctct     37500
     ttcacttcag ctttgtcaca gctggaggtg agggtagcga tcgatccatg ttgcacctgt     37560
     ggctagcaga ggcctggggt ttggttactg ctcaagatca cagtcttagg gaagtaaaat     37620
     ggggaactga cccctttcta tctgtaagtg acactgtagt atttcagtgt caggagggac     37680
     atggcagtgt ctgccccaac gttagtttat gtttctacat ttcttttctc atcttaggga     37740
     aaagaaatgg cctcaaacca acacattagt taatgtagac tcaaccagac tctggggctg     37800
     cttatgattt ttgtaatatt gaccacattt acagcactat agggaggtaa gagagaatat     37860
     gtgttaaaat cagccacagc agacccccgt gtctcctgac ctcctgtgca gctgttggca     37920
     ggcagtttga atgggattcc ttgtagccag gagacgatag cttggaaaga tgactcacgt     37980
     atgagcttgc agaaaagtca tttcccaaat tagcccagat tgcagcttgc tcttagtgca     38040
     ggctgggtct tacctcagtc cagccaatgt gttgcctgtt gccatagtaa gatgacacag     38100
     tggaaagagg agaggcctgg ccacagtgcg tgccacaccc acgtgacccc cacccctgcc     38160
     ttgttgctgg gacaggtgtt ccactgacag tcagtcaccc actacacccc aagggctgta     38220
     ttatgggtaa acacacccca gcctgtgaat tggaaaagag ctgtcatcta ctgggcctgt     38280
     catttgcttg gtcatttgag atcatctgaa actgtgtcct tgggtgattc tttccttctc     38340
     agggctctca tccattagct cctagaaggg ctgggactct gaaatgagtg tttcctgact     38400
     gctgtctaag acagcaggtc ctcttcatcc ctaagagaac agttgcaggt gactgggaat     38460
     gtagctcaca tctgtgtagc ctgcacaagg ttttgatctc agcactggag taacactagt     38520
     tggggaggct gccttgaatt caactcctct tgtccttgag gctcctcaga ggtccgtcta     38580
     ccaacagtgc ccaccacttc ccagacggcc tcacaagctt cctccaccaa agttggcctc     38640
     atgatgccta gtgctctccc ttcccgagca gatagtaaat tcctgggaaa gacatcacac     38700
     aatatttgag tgagcagtgg tacttactgt ttaactcttt cagaatccag agcccaggtt     38760
     cctggcaagt tagcaatcaa caaagtctta actagatcct tagctcctgg gagggatatg     38820
     catgtccacc actggctggc tactagccag cttagcgcac agtaggtact cagtccagcc     38880
     agcttagcgc acagtaggta cccagtccat acttactcta aggaagagtg atgacctggg     38940
     catggcaagg cagtgcaagc acctgcacaa ggccatgagt tcatccccgc actgctgatc     39000
     caagggaaag gcaaaaagaa aaagaggtaa acttagtgtc atcaccagag ccttctacat     39060
     gccaggcaaa tgccaaacca ctgagccaca ccccagccct gactgacttt acatgtagcg     39120
     tcccctgggt ttagatggct acctaggttg cttcttggca agttggtagg acgtctctga     39180
     agaggggtgt ccagtggatg gagctccgcg ctaactgtgt atgttgggca gggtttgtgc     39240
     atttggaagt tgatgatagc gctgcagtca gattcccaag ctgctgggga ggcagaggat     39300
     agagggacta ccaagggaca tcctgcctca aagagcccta aaagcaaaga caaaacaccc     39360
     cacaaattcc ggagtctcat gtggtggtgt gcctttatcc tggttttggg gagtcttggg     39420
     taggaggatc tgttgtgcct aggagtttga gactgatctg ggcagtgcag tgagacttca     39480
     tctcagaaga agccaaggga aacaaagaag cgtgtcatac acagactcta ggcttggggc     39540
     tgcggagggg gctccatagt caagagctct agttgctttt gcagaggtcc caggttcagt     39600
     tcctagcact cacatgatgg cttatatctg gaactccagt tgcagaggat ctgacaccct     39660
     tctggtcttg ggcacaatat gcacatgatg cacagacaaa acacccatat ccatagataa     39720
     aaaataagta agtcttttaa aaaacaaaaa taagccgggt agtggtggcg cacaccttta     39780
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggaca gcctggtcta     39840
     caaagtgagt ttcaggacag ccagaggtac acagagaaac cctgtatcga aaaaccaaac     39900
     caaaccaaac caaaccaaac aaaacaaaga acaaaaataa gaccctaagt tcaagcctcc     39960
     cattgcagga gaaagaacat gttgtcagag tgttaggcca gggtaaggca gggacccatg     40020
     tagcctggca gcatgcactc cgagcccctg ttttagttac tgcttgctct gcacaggagc     40080
     gaagaattcc gggtagtgat cacccctcat agagcaatga ctgtgctggc ctttaccagc     40140
     agtggggcca ccaacctgtg caggttgcta cccataacaa gtccctagta ggtgccctgc     40200
     tggctgcttg ctaagccttt tcagttgtcc ttagaacatt ctttgggagc ctttctcagc     40260
     tgtatttatg ggtggctgga ggtacctgct gtcctgaggg gccggagaag gtggactcta     40320
     tctccctttt gtttctgaca tggggcctga gtgtcttaca cgagacgtag tgggaggctg     40380
     gcctggtggc ctagacatcc tgggtctgtg gtggtaattc ctccttcagc cttttcccta     40440
     ttgtccgata cacaatgcag agtcctctat gctccctacc gaacacattt ctgcccctct     40500
     agctagccca ctgcatccat tggccctaaa tgactctctg ctcgcccctg cctgctggaa     40560
     ccacagtcat ttcactacca attaagtttt gggtcagagc tccaccctac tttgaaagca     40620
     tggaaatgga gtctgctggc tcagaacaag agtccatttc agtacttaac tttgtagttt     40680
     caaaaatatt ttgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtac ctgaactcac gtatgtgcac tgcatgtatg     40740
     catgagccca tagaagttag aagagggtgt cagataccct ggaactggtt gtgagctgcc     40800
     atgtgggtgc tgggaactga aaccaggttc tctgtaagag cagtaagtgc tcttaaccac     40860
     tgaaccatct ctccagcccc cactttataa cttttagaaa tgcttgccat tgttgtagtc     40920
     tggcaggtat ggcttccagg cacacagcaa gatggctcag caggtaaaag gtccttgtct     40980
     ccaagtctga catcatgagt tcagtccctc ccagtggtgg aaggagagac tcgctcctac     41040
     aagttgtaca cctccacatg tgtgccatgt gtcctctgaa acacaaataa atgtaataag     41100
     gattaaagtg aggcagagca ggagggcgat gttcagggtt ctgggaggtg cgtgtggagg     41160
     gaaaaggcag aacagctgag gtaccgtgca cttcactgac ctgaaacaaa caaaggagat     41220
     tcctgattag aatcaatggc agtatttatt tgctagttat agatagtccc atgtggctgt     41280
     cctccgtcaa gtggctggct atgaacagat aaatggatga ttgtgtgggg ccttggaatt     41340
     gatgtctctc agcccttcct ttcagtaagt aaaaataata gtagcagcta acagtcatta     41400
     ggcattcacc acgtgccagt accaggctct gccgaaagca ttccacacat gtgacttcat     41460
     ccccagagtg gaggaaaggt actgtactgt tctgtggagt actccaagct acaggctgtt     41520
     cttggagatc tggagcagtt aaaatgcaca ctcatacaga gagtggggca gaggtaaaag     41580
     cccacaggcg tgcacactac ttccccaggt ctcactggtt ctgagggtac ccgtctctta     41640
     gctctgtgat gtgggcaaag cttgacttat atgtttccag gcacccctct gcccgagagg     41700
     tggctgctcc aggattgtgg atgaagggca acagacagct tgagaagaaa ctgtcctgta     41760
     cagggagggc ctggagcctg ggagaagtta ctccccaccc ccacccccag ctgcaccccc     41820
     tctctttctc ccttcctgtt tcctttttga gataggggtt tgctgtgtat cctacactgg     41880
     ccttgaaccc actgtgtaac acaggctgac ctcaaactta cagcagtcct cctgcctcag     41940
     gctttataga gtactggagt cactggtgct tactcctgtg ccctgttgag atggggacca     42000
     cgtagcctac gctagtcttg aattcactat acaactgaga ctaaccaaaa acacacctgg     42060
     ccattctgcc ttctgttccc agttattggg cgtgctgatg gtgttgcagt gaggctgaca     42120
     gccagcaagc cccagggatc ttccctctct actccctcaa ccccacgggg tcctaggttt     42180
     gcacctgggc cacatctggc cttctctatg ggtgccagag acccaagctc aggtcctcat     42240
     gcttgagcag cagatgttct tactcaactc ctcagcccac agatgtatgc ggaggcctct     42300
     gtagcttccc aagtgttgca cagatacaag cctcttttgt tactttaggt tttgttgact     42360
     ctgtcttacc taaggtgttg gggctacaca acattgttcc aggtaaggga ggtggtgact     42420
     agtgttcact ttctcatttg tgccagacac tgtactgcag acagacaggc gcttgcttga     42480
     ttctcttctt actaaagagt aagcaggctt tgggaccagt tgacagctgt ggaaaaggag     42540
     gtagtgttag gggaggtacc tgacctgtag gcacacactg cagggaacct gcttttccct     42600
     tccctgcccc cttgtatcta gaccctgggt tcaggactgg tctgctgagt cacaggggtg     42660
     gctcagaggc accactatga ccttggcttg gaaactgctc agcttgggac tcccctgggg     42720
     ctttcctgca tctccacagg actaacacca cacatctgcc tacagacttg caaatcagcc     42780
     tctgggtcct cagctcggaa gggctgggaa ccctgcagaa aagcagcttg ggagtggagt     42840
     ggccctgggg gtgtcaccga gtacctagca gcctgccctc cagaagtcca gggatccatt     42900
     agccagtgcc tgtgtgcagg aagctgagcc gttcctatat atccctctct ggtagaggtg     42960
     gagagagcct gagcaggggc tacaagaaga tccattctcc ttgggacccc aggactgcct     43020
     cagtgcagtg aagtcagtgc tctgtgagct gtgagatttc ttcatttccg tgggtctgcc     43080
     atatagtgtg aaggaaatcg tctataagct ttctgatact tcagggttct tgctaagtct     43140
     gaacacttga gaagtgcaga gtggacatga ggctcattct tatttaaggc ccttctgccc     43200
     taagatatca tgtatttaaa aatgttgata tttcgtactt caatcctcag aggaaaggga     43260
     ggtccctggc tcttgtgatg ctttggagtc tctgtgctgg agatgaagcc ctggacctca     43320
     cagaagttga acactctacc actgggccac acccagcccc tcttcccctg cttcttttgg     43380
     gagaccgact cccaaggtta aaaattggtt agggatggtt atagttaggc cgcaggccaa     43440
     gaggagcggg ctctcgttgt gttcagtcac acatctggcc atgctgttga tcattcagat     43500
     ctctgtaaca ggtaatttac aaatgactct agtgccctgt caggggaatc cgtgccctgt     43560
     attttcctcc caaggttacc tgtcccagct acacagactc aggaatcccg tgtcctgctc     43620
     tgttctacgt cttcctgggc cagcacatgc ctcaggcaca aagcactgaa ctgtctccag     43680
     gagatgaagc tgttcagccc tgacgctcat cattgggtct tggagctgca ggacctttct     43740
     cctcattagc attccctcag ttgtctgagc ttctgcctgg acttgtccag aagcttaaac     43800
     acactagttc tctgaggtca tcccagaacc aaaggccggg atcaaaagca tgctgttctg     43860
     catggtctgg ccttgtctct cttcgttacc ctaaacaggc ttgtaggagc tgttgtgttt     43920
     gaagcatagg agctggggta ggaacctgca ctgtacagta gccaaagtcc tcaggtccca     43980
     gcttaatggg atgacagaga ggtcatcaca gaatgtgaag gttattatca ccactaggct     44040
     gggaacggat gtttccagac agtgcaaaga atgggcctag tgctgtagat cctctacatt     44100
     gtctatgtct cctctgtgaa aggaggctgt gggtctgtgt agggtctgct ctgctggagc     44160
     aagtgtggat ggtcattccc caaggaaact tgatactcac atgctatctc ttgctgtgaa     44220
     tcccccctcc taagtgatgg agcatttgtg aacactttgg ctctttagga cttcatgtct     44280
     cctagttcag ccagacttgg ttcaagtagc agtcctcatg aagccctgag tgttgttagc     44340
     atcccaggag tggtgcttca acatagccag gtctgtgtgg gcaaagagag ctttcttctg     44400
     agtgagaatg ctctaaacct cacactgtaa aactgtgttt aacataagca gatcttattt     44460
     aaccctacca cagtcagggt gcccagccat tccactaccc aaggagaaac tccctgtgaa     44520
     gtctttgggt caaacttttc cagccttggt gaccaccaag ctccctgtgg aactgtgacc     44580
     tggtgaccag gtctgtgaac atggggctct tcactctgta ctctcagctt gctgtattta     44640
     ttgtgctttt ttattgcttt gttgtattcc acttgtagta ttggcttgtt tatctgttga     44700
     gaacttgacc ttggttagcc atctctgtgt ttctcggagg aacagataaa ggatggcctg     44760
     ggacctacaa aagcagctca atctttaaaa atggacaaaa cacttacatt gacatcttct     44820
     caaagaaagg tgaaaacagc cagtgagctc atgaatatgc acagaactgt taatcaccag     44880
     ggaaacctat tcaaaagcgc agtgagaaca cgccccaacc agggatggct cacttctttc     44940
     tttcgttctt tctttcgttc tttcgttctc tctttctctc tttctttttc tttttctgtt     45000
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgg ttggtttttt tgtttttttt ttgttttttt     45060
     gttttgtttt gttttttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat aactctggct gtcctggaac     45120
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctggaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctgagtgct     45180
     gggattaaag gcgtgagccc ccacgcccgg ctggagaaca tcttgcaaaa agtaaaacct     45240
     taaattggca ggacgtgaag tctaagacca caagactcac cacacaatac aggaagcagg     45300
     gtcttgaaga gaaccctccc agtccctacc cactcccttc ctcaccccct cccttctctc     45360
     catctctcct cctccctccc ctctatagca gcactactca ttatcaccta gaggtagagg     45420
     cacctcagat gctgtacagg ggtgaataga taaacaagct gtttctctcc attgtggagt     45480
     attagtcagc ctttaaaaaa gagaagtgtt gtctgaagtg ctactctgta gataaaacct     45540
     gagggcattg tgccaagtgc agtaagaagt cagcgaagca agcaccatgt gacttcactt     45600
     tcatgggatc ttaacttggt aaaaatgaga atgatgaagc cgagtggtag gggctagctg     45660
     aggggagagg tggagttggt ggttaccaga cagtccactt tgcatggtga agatcttgtg     45720
     tagctggtga tgatgcagca tggggtttgt ggtggatcta agcatcgcat ggctcaggta     45780
     gtcactttaa acacatttta ccacacttgt tttaatggca ttctgcccag agccctatcc     45840
     tcacactcat aggtttcaaa ctttgctatg gatacaaaag tgttagcatt tatttaccta     45900
     aacatattta ttcttagatg tagctttaca caataaatta tgtcaaaaca gttttaaaac     45960
     agaagtgtgt agtggcttca ttagtgacca tgtgtactgc ttgatgggct gagagggact     46020
     aggtaaaggg ccgtctgggt acagtggctc ctctgttggg tctagccctt gaggaacctg     46080
     tgtgttcagg aacccttgaa gccagggcag atactagacc actggataag gttcttgcta     46140
     ccatgtatct gggctttcca actctggtag gccccctccc agccccctcc tcagggtcag     46200
     gctctgagtc aagctatgct cctggttaat ggaagtttca gggttcgagt gtgtagctgg     46260
     gcttcacctg aggcttgccg tagtctggca cagagtgctg ggtgctgtca gcagttactg     46320
     aagcccagac ttctcagggt gcacactggg caactgttct ggttgacggt gcaggcggca     46380
     ggcactgtga acctctggct gggttccaag ctcttggcca cattcctaag aaaatatgac     46440
     tggctcatgg gaggggcaga gggaggggaa tctagacgga agcaaggcca aggcttcctc     46500
     agaaattcca gcccttctgg gcctgttaga tggacagtac ctctgcagag ctcaaaatta     46560
     agattactaa cttagtctct ggccaatggg tatcattaca ggttcccgca gtcctggtcc     46620
     ctggtgataa gcaggcaaat gtaagattgt ttcataacac ttctcaggaa acagatactt     46680
     tagcagagtg gattgtaaaa cagcacactt ggaatccaaa gttaagcttc aagaaagtat     46740
     atatccaggg acacactgga gcgtgatgac atcttctgct gagttcccaa gtgcctgttt     46800
     tgtaggaact atgtcaggag gggcttggat acctactcag atctgagctc cttgctactg     46860
     gagcccaggc tggtgctgga atcacaagtg ggtgccaccg tgccttattg agacacagcg     46920
     gtccaagaat tgggttctga tctttgctta taaatgttgc cctgctatgg cttcacagta     46980
     agaaaatcag tgaaggccct tgttcatgca gaccttcaca ggtgaagtgt tttctgctcc     47040
     tcttggcctg ctcccgattt cctcagggtt ctgttccaga accccaccct ctcagcatcc     47100
     tggggcagat aggaaatact gtcacaaaca tagacacaca gcttgtattg cagagggacc     47160
     aggttcctct gagagaacca gctcagaaat ataggcttag ttctagaggg ttctcatgag     47220
     agtctgaaat ctccactctg ttcttcccac aaacatttgt tatttccaca ttccttttac     47280
     tccaagctgg taagcatcgc aatctggaag agttggattt gaaaacattg aatgtgtgca     47340
     gacaactaga gttcatcctc ctaggaggat taggcaatct taacttccta ttcttggagt     47400
     agatggagac aagaatagga tttgtgtcaa attaagtctc tttttaaaaa tgtttgtaat     47460
     gctcttaaaa acatatagta gtactttgag tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg     47520
     cgtgcgcaag tgtgcataca cctatgcatg tggaggtcag agaacaacgt gaaggggtca     47580
     gttctctcct tccatcctgt gggtcctgaa gattgaaatc aggctgcttg gatcatcagg     47640
     gcttcagttt gatacctaat agcaatactg ctgtccctcc tggcaacaac ggtattggga     47700
     gggcacaagt gtgcgactat tgtcattctg ctgttctaag ggcagcttcc tactgctgag     47760
     atcagacccc tgtgcctttc ccgtacctct ccacaggaac agtggctaga gggtgccctt     47820
     ccccagcagc atcgctcagg aactcattag aaatgggtga cagaatgcag ccctgatggt     47880
     tcagatatct catcctgctg gcacatggga gagcgaaaca gaagccctgc ctatcactaa     47940
     aacacaccct ggtaatgtgg aaagtggctt gaaacattct cccaaagcaa ttgtagccta     48000
     aagatgatta tgagagtgag cagggtgagc aaggcttgct ttccttagta gactacaggg     48060
     agaactcggc agctgtccaa ttagctctga caagaaggtg gccaggagtt tagccactgt     48120
     gaacaaactg atggatctcc cacttaatgc atagtgtgcc ttgggatagt agttaattaa     48180
     ttaggatgat gtattagtca tgttggtaaa caagacattt taaaactaag cgtgtagttt     48240
     gaactcagag tttaaattgc attggaagcc acacagcaca tcagccctct cacagtgtgg     48300
     tggtaaatgc tgacaggtcc tgtccagatg ctcccagaac ctcacttcct cccagcccac     48360
     agttgcaggc tcttcaccct cttgatctcc agtttggaat gtcctgggca gtctagtccc     48420
     tctagggcat tggttctcaa cctgtgggtc acaaccccct ccacaaactt ctatctctaa     48480
     aaaaatttac attatgatcc atagcagtag caaagataca gctatgaagt gacagcaaaa     48540
     aaatcatttt atgccgggcg tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccaagcact cgggagccag     48600
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac aaagttcatt tcaggatgct     48660
     agggctacac agggaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaacc aaataaaaac aaaaacaaaa     48720
     acaaaaaatc attttatggt tgggggtcac cacagcgtga ggaactgtgt tgaaggccac     48780
     agcagcagga aggctgagaa cattgagcta agcagtgcct ttccccagat gtctatttcc     48840
     tgaccctctt tttccctggt ccacagccag gcatcagctg ctgttgaacg tttctccatg     48900
     agtgtggtct taacctgttt ggctgctatg atgaaataac ttaaactaga tgtgtcttat     48960
     agacatctct ctctctcaca ggctcagagc tggggaggga gttcaaaact caagccttct     49020
     ttgaggtgct ttcttggcta tgtccttaca tgaaggggcc gtgttgggag caaggaggta     49080
     gatacacatt gttggtctaa caaaagttgt attttattac gctgatggtc atcacacaag     49140
     attcacattc caaattccta actatagtct taagcctttg ttcccaaagc tgatgatcac     49200
     cagtgtgaca tagctgaagg tcaggcccag tttctaacag aagtctctga gtcaagggtc     49260
     agaatcctgg gggagactgt ccaaccgcag ggcagatcaa ggtgtcgtct ctccagatgt     49320
     gcagagcaga gcacagttgg catcatgggg ctctaggact gtggctggtt atcctgagtg     49380
     agtgatgtca ctgggtcctg gttctcaggt taccagcagc agtcttggat gtagtggaga     49440
     tcctgactaa gctgttttta catgtctaaa gggcattttt ttactatgcc catcacatgc     49500
     cctgagtctc tctatgacca tacatgtggg ctctgtcctc agcaactggc catttcctcg     49560
     tgaaccactt gaatctcgtg tgagtttgag gtgcatacca tacatcctta agagcatagc     49620
     aaatgtgccc agagttggtg tgccttctct caagcttccc atcatagtct gggctggtcc     49680
     taaacttggg attctcctgc tttagcttgc tgagttctgg gactacaata ctgccagtcc     49740
     tgggctcatt acatcttgga tttcatggct caggatcaaa aggctcagtc atctttgctt     49800
     cctctgacta tcctgggtaa ttcatgaggc tgcacagtct ctgtgcagct cccttgtaac     49860
     tggtgacttg gtttccattc ttgtctcaga aatgtctgtt tatcattcag ctgttagagg     49920
     gcagattgga ccctccttgt gtgtctgcag tcacctaacc ctgttttctg cccttagctt     49980
     gtgccagcat caatggctta ctctttcctg ctactcaacc tctgcccatg ctcccctgac     50040
     tctggaagtt aagagaggct caggggaaga accagaggct aagcttcata ggtgatagaa     50100
     aaggtatcaa gtgttgggca gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag     50160
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc     50220
     caaggctaca gagagaaaga aaccctgtct cagaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga     50280
     agaagaagag gaggaggaga agaagaagaa gaagaaggag aaaaggtatc aagctccctg     50340
     gagcaacact gcccttcagt gggcagatta tgggactcct taggcatgcc attgagtcag     50400
     ctgcctaggg gagaagagag acttcactgg caaatggtgt tgggtatgag gggaaggtgg     50460
     cagaggaagg aagaaggtag gaggtggtgt gggagccaag cttcaaaggc ttctaaatat     50520
     cagcattaaa gactttgtcc caggtgcccc agaaagcagt aagggtgtga gaaggactct     50580
     gtgtgcgctt agtcccttac ttccccctgt tcacttttta aaacttcatc ccaaagctag     50640
     gtgtggagtg tatctgtaac cctgaaacct ggggggtggg gccagattgg gctgcatgag     50700
     atcctgttta aaaacaaata aatagccttc cttccagttc tgagcagaac tgaggaatcc     50760
     aggcaggcat tactctcttt cctggcctca catctagact caggtcttgc aactgaactc     50820
     tagagaggac agagagcagc ttcagagagg caggatgtct gtggcagcca cagtagtttc     50880
     cacatgctcc ctattagtag tacattgtca agaggtccct gaagaccagc cacctaatca     50940
     aggggtctgg gagctgaggg actgatcttt gaggcctgtg cagcaagtaa gctaccactt     51000
     acaggttgtg atggtgtgtg gctcccttct gggtctacca gggagaagca caattgcctc     51060
     attgggagac ctcctgctct ctggactgag ctcacagtgg cggacacatg ctctgcagaa     51120
     acaaagcctg ggccagctgc gggtcacact ccccagagac tcggctacag gttctctgcc     51180
     atcctgggaa ctgtttgaga aggacatgtg tcactgaagt gggtgggggc agtcttgagg     51240
     tttcaaagtc taccccattc ccagttagtg atctccctca ctccctccat gttcccccac     51300
     ccccacctgt gggtcagaac ttcagcattt aattgctcca gtgccatgcc agcctgcttg     51360
     ctgccctgct ccccaccacg atggctgtgg ctttctgaaa ctgtgagcct gagttaaatg     51420
     ctttcttttg taagtcatgt ggtcatggtg ttttgttaca gcaatagaaa cataagtaag     51480
     acactaagtt tccccatttc atggtaatga tttgggcaaa cttggtgatt cttgccttta     51540
     tagaaccccc tgaggtggcg aaaaccatga acttctctta ccagaaaaat gcatgcatat     51600
     ggcttaacac tttagaaaag aaccttcctt tacatatcca gtactctagt ctgtccagtg     51660
     ttctggcctg tccagtgctc tagtctgtcc agtgctctag tctgtccagt gcaatagtct     51720
     gtccagtgct ctagcctgtc cagtgctcta gtctgtccag tgctctagcc tgtccagtac     51780
     tctagtctgt ccagtactct agtctgtcca gtgctctagc ctgtccagtg ctctagtctg     51840
     tccagtgctc tagtctgtcc agtgctctag cctgtccagt gctctagcct gtccagtgct     51900
     ctagcctgtc cagtgctcta gcctgtccag tactctagcc tgtccagtac tctagtctgt     51960
     ccagtgctct agcctgtcca gtgctctagc ctgtccagtg ctctagcctg tccagtgctc     52020
     tagcctgtcc agtgctctag cctgtccagt actctagtct gtccagtgct ctagcctgtc     52080
     cagtgctcta gtctgtccag tgctctagcc tgtccagtgc tctagcctgt ccagtgctct     52140
     agtctgtcca gtgctctagt ctatccagtg ttctggcctg tccagtgctc tagtgtatcc     52200
     catgctctag gctatccagt gctctagcct gtccagtgct ttagcctgtc cagtgctcta     52260
     gactatctgt tgttctaggc tatccagtgc actagcctgt ccagtgctct agcctatcca     52320
     gtgctctagg ctgtccattg cttaccaccc cctcctgtac tttgagtgac accactatcc     52380
     ctactgtcca tccttcagtt cttatccttc ttccttccag ttggatcagt tgatatgctt     52440
     ccccagcatg cctcagcatg ggaacagagt gactgttgtg catgtcatct ggtgcttaag     52500
     cctcattctg aaggtggcca gtgtgcatgc agtgtctcag aagagaatct tggtgttcct     52560
     gggacacact ccactgtagt gcctttgtgc cctgagatgc tctccagctg tgctagggtg     52620
     tcagcagatg acccagagtt ttggctcatg agctctgtct catgtccttg agcatatgca     52680
     ggaccagcct ccccccacca ccccacccca cccccatgga acattcccac caggctccat     52740
     gcttccttgt attgttgtag ctctctccag gagggaaatg accaacatca gactttcctc     52800
     ccccccagat gtacacgcac agagctgggt gtcagctcct gggcaacacc caagagccct     52860
     gagttgtttc tttggccctt tgagggtacc cacactggta tctcctcagg accaaccttt     52920
     ccttcttgag ccatttccat cttagcatcc ttgcagtgag cagtgccctg cacaacccag     52980
     acttagattt attctgcatc cagcagtgtc tgagggcagc agaggggagg gaatctccct     53040
     aaaacatttt aaactgtagg ccacaatgtt atatttctga tttatgttgc ctccccaatc     53100
     aaaccatcat tccaatgtgc agatatttgc aagtgaagta ttagtttagt tgtgtgatgg     53160
     aagtgattta tttagcagtg cagcagtaga tccgtgctcc aagggctggc ccttgagaag     53220
     gtaaatcatt ttcttccagt tgtagccaag gcttgtagtt tgtagataat cccagtgata     53280
     cctacaacag tagctgttct ttattgagag cctactgtgc accaacactt tgtaacttct     53340
     tttttttttt ttttaaagat ttatttatta ttatatgtaa gtacattgta gctgtcttca     53400
     gacacaccag aagagggagt cagatcttgt tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg     53460
     ctgggatttg aactctggac cttcggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc actgagccat     53520
     ctcaccagcc cactttgtaa cttcttactt agcctttaca gcagcctttc ctagggtggc     53580
     tggctggctt gattatatat gcacttgaga agataaggtt tagaaaggtt ccctttctca     53640
     cagttcacta gccagaaaca cactcagacc tttaggccag gccagctgcc ctcacagcca     53700
     gtttctgccg ctgtccttcc tctgtggtga agaggaaatg agccttttta cgaggcaaag     53760
     gtgaagattg atcaggatat ggataaggcc ttctcaggag ctgtgtagct gccatccctg     53820
     ccctgccttc atgcagtgtg aaagaagctg attggagtct gcctggcctc tgctctttag     53880
     tgtagtttgc ggtttgtagc accaccatca ttcaagaagt aactggtgac ccaaggccaa     53940
     gaagtctggt tgggctcagc atgaactccc agggccttct ggtgttcgtg gggcatgagg     54000
     aagtatggcc ttgctggctg tgaatagagc cttccactct gctgcactga ctttagtttg     54060
     ctttggtatt cgagacaggg tttctcttgt tccagccata gctggcctgg gacttacggg     54120
     atcaccctcc tttagtctgt caagtgctga aatcataggc tggcgccatc atgtccaggt     54180
     gtcatttgga ttttgattcg tcctgtgagc atctcctgtg agcttcctgc atgggaagtg     54240
     gcagccagtc ttgactgaca agcatattta ccttttgtga tgttcctggg tacactctct     54300
     cagactcagc aattcaggag ggacccttaa acacagactc ttcagcttgt ctccctgccc     54360
     cactggagag agagcacagg cttgagtcac ttgaaaccag ggcttgaaga agccaccaag     54420
     tcctcaaata acatgctctc gagaaagtct gtttgctgtg ccatcagtgg gtgtgttatt     54480
     tggaacttgg gttcatttgc tcatgaaaat tctgccacca aagtgacagc tcagaaacag     54540
     caagtcagaa cctaaggcca gctctgtata cattttgctg ttgttgcagt tgtcatcgtc     54600
     gttgtcattg agtatctgtg tgggatcatg ggcctgcata tgctgtgacg gaagagagca     54660
     caccatgggg catgtgtggc aaccagaggg caactttgag gagttctctc cttccaccat     54720
     gggtttctgg ggtcagacgc aggtggtcag gctttgtgtc aagcacctca ccagatcttg     54780
     agcccagtac tataactgac atgttctgtg ggtccaggta tcctgtggac ctttcacatc     54840
     aggtgtctgc atcagtgact ttctagacca ggaggagcag tagtgatgcg ttactaccag     54900
     gacagaggag ggctcagggt agcttctgtg tggctaactg ttctaatgtg ggagcaggca     54960
     ggactcctca ctggcttatt cctccaccga tttgtctgca tctgtgcatc agggttgcca     55020
     agcccacttt attgacagat ccttcttgct gggcagctgc ataagctact tgccaaatgg     55080
     taataaaaaa gactttctct aagtaaaaga tgttaaagtg taggtgttaa accagagcct     55140
     cttagatggg agagttttga acatacacta ttaaacttca catagcctgg aagaagcgag     55200
     gtcaagtagt gtatttgtag ctgaaattcc ttgagaaaag gtgttcaggt gtttaatgag     55260
     aaagagacgg atgaagttac tccggctcat tgaaaggtca gatgggttag caggtaacca     55320
     ccacttgctg agctgcacac tgtgtgcttc tacccttggc ctgtccattg tgtgggtgca     55380
     ctgtgactta ggtgggggct ctgtacatga gggaaacagg atcctcttgt ttcttctcat     55440
     tcctacagca acctgggaaa gatgaactgg atatagttag ttttgccaga ctgatttttc     55500
     tgaaatgctt tctatattga tggaggaaaa cccaacaacc gaagatctca gagcgattca     55560
     atgaggccct tccccatcct gcttcattta gccaggccat tctcccaggc tagctggagc     55620
     agctccggag ttgtaaagaa ctctaagcct ttctgtggtt ataagggcct gcttttgcag     55680
     tgttgtctta aggcttcttc agtttgcttc catgccatgt cacccagctt ctcagactat     55740
     gtctgctgtg taccgttggc taacctggag ctggggcttt tccatctgac ctgctatagc     55800
     tttagagtct gaggctagga gacagtcatg aagaacatgt actaagcctt cttcctaagt     55860
     gggtctggtc cagatagaga gcaggggagg tggagtagtg gtgtgtccac ttagcagaca     55920
     gggaaatgaa ggctgctgag ttgggcaaca gcaatggcag agctggtgtt gatgctctgg     55980
     ctgggcctag gtctggcagt ttttccctgt gcctcttagc agcatttcta actcctgctg     56040
     cgggggttgg aataaattag acctaatacc cgccttggtt tttccttctt ttttcccccc     56100
     aggctttatg cccttgtttt ctagcaaacc aggtaccacc ttctccagca gaattgttat     56160
     ccaaacggag tggataacct tccaggctga attggcattt tgtctcctat cacttgcctc     56220
     tgagtggttt tccccacttg gagccacggt attaatgaga ctaagtctgt ttcctctggc     56280
     catgttatga ggctgaaaat gagactttaa atagaagatg tgacatatgg gactattcag     56340
     gtttccttac tgcacaccgc aaccatcttg actttttttt ttttcttttt ttttgagaca     56400
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtccta gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggccttg     56460
     aattcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctacctccc gagtgctggg ataaaagtgt gtgccaccac     56520
     gcccggcacc catcttgact ttcagctcct ggatcgcccg ctgcctgctt cttccctcag     56580
     gaaagcagca ggacaggagc acagcccatt ctccagtcct tgctgaccta gtgaatagtg     56640
     atgtcagagg aggctgagcc aagggctgct taatagggtg gattacagca acccaccaga     56700
     aagggcggtg gggctggacc ggaacagccc tttcttctag tttcctccca gtacctccaa     56760
     ggaatttgaa aggcaggagg ctgagaagtt ttagagtgac tgagttcctg ctttcctgag     56820
     ggtgtgtcag ccctcctgga gctctgcctg aggctgctgg gtcattgggt tgtcctggag     56880
     atgaatcccc tttcagccag agtcttggtt cttagtgtca tttagtgaag atgcctgggc     56940
     cgggaaaggg gctgtgatct gctggcctta ggatgggcaa tgccgttgag aaacagaagc     57000
     ccctgagaca aagccatctg tgcccctgga aacaaggtaa gaaagctctg ctcccattat     57060
     ataagcagct agagctggcc ttgtctgggg ggaccctggc ccagccaagt cagctgagct     57120
     gctaccttcc agataagagc tcagtactcc acctttctaa agactgaagc atacattacc     57180
     tcattgtgat acctgtttgg ctctcaggag cttctgcttc tatgttgaca ccattctttt     57240
     gtttgtttgt ttttatttgg ttgtggtggg agggtttgag acagggtttc tttgtgtagc     57300
     cctgattgtc ctggaatttg aattcatgga gatccacctg cctctgcctt ttaggagcca     57360
     cctggcaaca ttgttcaatt cttaaaacct aatccaagtc agagtttaga tataaaggaa     57420
     ttggagtatt ttgttatatt tttggtgtaa agagtgttat taaaagcttt ttaaacatgt     57480
     atcatctccc aaaggggtgt gtgtatatcc cgattaccta ctttctttct ttcttttttg     57540
     tttttttttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctc tgtagccctg     57600
     gctgtcctag aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggtctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct     57660
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga tcaaaggcgt gcgccaccac gcccgactga atacctactt     57720
     tcaacaccat gatgggggca gaaacctctc tcaacaccta ccctaactct cagctcagag     57780
     gggaggagtc tggggtccct taccctgcct tagcgacaca ggacagctct gtctcagaca     57840
     cctgtgttag tattgctgac ccattagcct gaaagctggc aggtgtgcca gacgtggcac     57900
     ctgcaggact tggggacagg atctcactgt tcaacctgtc tgtattggtc ctgagttttc     57960
     tgtctcatca ggttttcggc ctccccagtg ctgggattgc agatgtgcat cacacccatc     58020
     catctgtcca ggtcttgtct aaccctgcag tcggacttga agtgtggttg gcaatccact     58080
     gtaacgtatg tctaagtgtg tgcttgtgaa tggagaagca acgggaaaga aatggctggg     58140
     atcttaacag caactgttgg agctagagca tagaaagttt ttcagcttaa aagggaaacc     58200
     aggtaggatg ttagtgtgtt agttagttca gcctttcgga atctccctta tctgtctagc     58260
     atctgctgct tctgtgaaga actgctcctg agtgctgctc cagtggactc cagcttaaca     58320
     aaatggaata ggaaatgggg aggggctcgt tctggaactc atctttcttt ggtgctggat     58380
     attgaatcca gctcttgggt caagctaatc aactccctgc ttctgagctg caccctcagt     58440
     ccttgtccct acttctcttg gcactgggca atgtgggaaa acagtcttgg ttttgcatag     58500
     tcaaactgga gtgtttgaag agctgtgctg actataatta ccctgacacg tttcagcaga     58560
     atgatgcaat tgaaagtgag gtggtggggg ggggggggat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac     58620
     tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcctagcaa ccacatggtg gcttacaacc     58680
     atcttaatga aatccgatgc cctcttctgg tatgaagaca gtgtactcac atgcataaag     58740
     taaataagtc ttaaaaaaga aaaaataggg gaaatctcaa cacagcaggg tcaggtgttg     58800
     gatccgaggt acacttgtta tgcttaacag tgctgacaac acatggccca tactaggcaa     58860
     gcgctttacc actgagctgc acctcagccc tcctcagtgt gtttttgcat gtttaaaata     58920
     aaagcaagca acagctaggt ttgcataact agttaagttt tcgttggaaa taattacaga     58980
     aagttttgag agttggttgg ttgtgcttat tcactgaaat ggaagcagct gtagggccat     59040
     agctgacaga atgttcaagt gggtggggat ataagcagag ccactgtgac ctgtgctttc     59100
     caactcttct ttccccagag gcagggttgg tttatcaggg tacacctgga accaagtttg     59160
     tcctctcagt ctaaagcctt tctggacctg acctcagggc catttccagt cccctttcag     59220
     tgaggtgatg acatccttcc tggtgaatgc atggtggctt caggccagcc acacgattgg     59280
     ggtctctctg acacactagg gaatgggtga atggatggaa atccagtgtc cacattggct     59340
     gcagttggga tagcccaagg agtttctgac acttagtatc ctgtgatggc tgatactctg     59400
     agcagaccct ttgcctagag ccaaggatga tgtctgaggg tcaagccttg ctgcattctg     59460
     aagtctgaaa agaaatccta tctgcccttc tgatcagttt gtgggctggg aagttggaaa     59520
     actgaagtgg tgtaatggta tttgagtgcc ctgactctct gctgcccttc agactcttcc     59580
     tgtctcatat tggctctggg aattgtcatg tggacagata cagcagcaat tgcaagttga     59640
     gttgttattg caagtcacca tgtgggtgct gggaattaaa ccaggtcctc tggaaaaaca     59700
     gccagtactc ttaactactg aatgatctct ccaccccacc ttcttcctaa aatcccagca     59760
     gccagtgcca ccagcctgat gaatggagat gctagtgatg tacatgtttg cacacagtgt     59820
     gggtggcagc ctctgaggaa gggctggctg tgaaaagctt cagctcatag gttagttacg     59880
     tggggctgct gtgctgggaa agaactgggc agccagaagg tagactctgg tgattggcta     59940
     gtggggagac tgactgtcat cacagcaggg ctggactgag aggtttggat tgcagccagc     60000
     agaggtgtta gacctgcaca cacagtggag aggcagctgg tgaagctgga tatccatgcc     60060
     ccaagtcata aatgtccatc cagaacatag caaggctcag agccttactc tgaccactga     60120
     tcgagcttta cgttcgcagg cctgcttcct ggtctaaggg aaatgagcaa tgagggaggc     60180
     ccttatagtg tgcaatagct ttaataaatg catactgctt gtcagaaatg cttgtaatta     60240
     ttgctcactg gaaagagccc tgcgtttact gggtccatgg gcatagaact taggttgact     60300
     ctcttgcaga gccatcgtct cacagagcta tgtgaatttg aataattctc taccagtgtc     60360
     ctctcaaagg gaagatatga tgacattctt aaaggaccct ttgggttagt cctattgtcc     60420
     ctgtgccctt ctcatcattg tttatggtgc agtctcacag tatgctgtca tactacccaa     60480
     gagactcaat tttcccttag cagctactgt tttcgttttt gtttttccag ttacacagtg     60540
     gttaagagca taactttgaa ctagaatgtc agggttgaat tctcattgcg ggtcaaatac     60600
     agagagtgtg ccttttactt tagatgaaat aatcttacat tatttgttat cctgcacatc     60660
     tcctggtgct ggtgggaacc ccggaccatc acccttgata ctacattatt aaggaaaaca     60720
     gtgggaacca tggtaaaata cagaaaaaac actactgagt tcctacagga cctaaaacct     60780
     tataagagga cagaagcctt agttgctgct gttgttttcc agagccttgc acatgcacac     60840
     acccacggtt ttccataggc acaagcatgt gtgtgtaatt tccccctcag atgtcaggct     60900
     tctgtgtgac cccatagcta tgtagtggtg gtggcatgct atcatgttaa tgttgcacac     60960
     tgttttaaat tagccatctg ctgttgagta cagaagctgc cgttttggca gctgcagatg     61020
     gggcagcatt gaggagctcc aggaccagag ctgggtgatg ctgctggatg gtttccttag     61080
     gataagctcc caccatcaca ttcccaagcc aggaacatag gaatagcttt gaggatctcg     61140
     ccgtgctgtt tctcaaagga gaggcatctg ttcgtgttct cccacgtgag acataaattc     61200
     cccagttggt cagcagctca tcagcaccca tgtcccatct gtttggagat ttctcgaaaa     61260
     tgtcagctgt acttgtagtg ccacagtgac gggtcatctg aggagagacc atccagggct     61320
     ggcagcagca gtgagatgaa gctgcggctt acagtgttct gctttgcttt ggacttttct     61380
     tggttgcttt ggtttgttta aggatgcaca tttattgcca ttacctttta ttttctatct     61440
     tccaaagagt attgatgatt aaaatttttt ctcctgttga agatgtagaa tgagtcaaag     61500
     agtccctaca ttgttaatgc tgggccaact gctgggtctg gagatgtgga ggggcaaaca     61560
     acccaaatgg tccttttcct aactgcttct aagtgatgag acaccagctc tgcaccgcag     61620
     ataaacagag caaggtgtgg ttatatgtat aataaccata cagtaatcca tacagaatgc     61680
     tgaggcagga gggtcttgag aaggccaacc tgggcaacat aatgagacct ggcctataaa     61740
     taaatgcatc ataataaatg gtcaaggtgc tcttaattag ccaactcatg tagtacctca     61800
     gaatgtgact aaatgtgatg gatgaggaag ggtcagagcg agggtgaaag ccatgtgtgg     61860
     taatatcaca agaaggttca ggatgagagg aaacctttta aaacagaagg ttacatagga     61920
     tactttagaa atcacatgcc ttagaccagg agggtaaaat aatctaaaat aattatctaa     61980
     ttttaacaat ggaagaacca ggtgggatgt gaagtcttat agcttgtatc ttttgttact     62040
     aatgttataa cagggttggg acaatgtatg cagtactaat aggaaacagt acattgtata     62100
     tcatatgctt catatttaac atgatatatg tgtaaatgtt ctataacata taaaacagtt     62160
     tacatggaga gtgtgaatgt ctataaaata caatgtatag catatgtcac atgtaccata     62220
     tgtaacacag cactgtagca tgtgtagcag tgaccagtaa cagctgggat atggtattag     62280
     gcaatgccag tggcttcctg tgtgccaggt gtggtaccaa aggattgaca ttcgagatgg     62340
     gttctttttg tacacagttg gcgtgtaact ccagccttct ataagttgga tcttttattc     62400
     agcagggatc agttataggg gatggaaact gtaagtgtga aggggttttt ctcatgagaa     62460
     gtgtgggtgt tactttgggt gtgggtaaga aaagggaagg aaacttggct ctgtcatcag     62520
     atagctccaa atttagaaca atgtctgtcc tgagccactg gctgtagagt gtgtttcacc     62580
     ctgggaacgt gcgtaaaata catttccgga tttcaagatt ccttttccag ctgtgtagag     62640
     gctgttgccc taatctgctg tgattgcagt ggccatcagc cacccaagat cgacagttac     62700
     tttccaggga ttgcttgtaa gacttttagg aaccctgaag accatagaca aaagctgaga     62760
     ggtttgtcct atagttcatc tgtgttaggg atctgaaaac ataaaggacc aggtaggtag     62820
     gattttagaa taagaaacaa aattcagacc attatgtagg tgtttacata aacatttaga     62880
     aatatgaaaa cccttccctg tttgcaggct gctgttggaa ttctggatga cagaccgttt     62940
     actaacccct aacctctaga gtctctcggg ttggatgttt tctgtggtca ttgctcctct     63000
     gggagtcagc agcatgcccc accctcactc acacaggaaa cagaagaatc ttgtcatttc     63060
     caggccacag gggaaaccca cgcagggccc acctacagtg cctaccactg tgattagaat     63120
     ggggccacct gagcccacgt gccaagcttt cattgtcagg gaggagagat agaggaggga     63180
     aggctctgga atcttatcca gactacaggc tttggtgttt tctttgccat tgaacaggct     63240
     gaggcactaa gtttaatgga accatgctcc ctgcaaatgt tctagccaaa gtaaagtgtt     63300
     ttcagtggga gaaaagtctg tttcatcatt cccgttacaa actgatgttt agccgtcgaa     63360
     tgtgtgacac aggcactgtt ctaggctcag ggcatgaatt gtgaaaacac aaatcactgc     63420
     tgccccctgg agtctacaag tttgtacaca aactagtgct aggttgtctc ttgggaggta     63480
     ggtcctgtac tggcattgaa gcgcggagga cggccagtgc ttagggattc ctagtttttt     63540
     gttttttttt ttaaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag     63600
     tcactccaaa agagggcacc agatctcgtt aggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct     63660
     gggatttgaa ctctggacct tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct     63720
     caccagcccc aattcctagt tttatatagg aggaagacga ttgtttttta aaagttttct     63780
     ccttccagcc cctgctcccg taatgatgac tctgagacta attatttatt aataaatgcc     63840
     taggccataa gctttggctt cttccctgac cagcttgtaa gttatttaac ccattcaaac     63900
     tagtctgaat cttccacatt ggctggcact tctcctcagc ttcatgctac tgacctctgt     63960
     gctccccaga cgagtcttct cttcagtctg ccctcattct gctacctgct ggcttaccac     64020
     catgtcctcc ggctcctcgg ggtcccctct gctctccctt ggatttctta ttctctttcc     64080
     cagaatcctc tcatcttcct gccagtgtcc cacctatttc ctgcctcagc tcattggtca     64140
     tctgcctttt tattgacagg ggatgctttt taagagagtc tctgtacaga aggtagatac     64200
     ccagcactaa cggagcccaa gtgttgtaga cattcatgct agaatgctct aaaaggaaca     64260
     acctgaggac cttgaaatgg gagcccagga gcatcctggg acaagctaga ctggagagtg     64320
     acagcatgtg aggccatgga gacagctgca gaaatgttga cagggagagc tttgggatag     64380
     ggagaatttg ggcggcgggc gacctggaaa aagacctgga gaaaggcgca aggatagctc     64440
     agagtttata tagtcagtgc atctgcaggg atgctgctac aagaggaaca gatggggggg     64500
     cctgacagaa gttgagctga gtttgagatg tttgtgagaa atctaagagg tagccattag     64560
     gctgttgagt ataaaaatgg gggttcacgc ctaaaaggac taagtgacta ggaatgcttg     64620
     ctatgtaaat gtaaggaccc gagagttcaa atcccaagca cccatataaa aaaaaagcca     64680
     ggtggggctg tgctcacact ggttacccta gcattttagg ggtaaatggc agggtgattg     64740
     ctggggcttg ccagctgcca tagtagctcc aggttcagtg agagccctgt ctcatggata     64800
     aagcagagag tagtagaaca agacacatgg cctctgcaag cattcccata tgtgtatata     64860
     tgctacatac accacagaga gagagggagg ggttggggaa ggagagggga agggagagat     64920
     agcaaactaa agaatgtggg attcaggaaa gagttggctt tttgaaagtt gtcactgtaa     64980
     aggtctgcaa gctcacctga gaattaagct ggaaaaggtg gggctgagac gagagctcca     65040
     gagcctccag cattaaaagg gcaggagaga ccaggtaacg cgtagaaagg cttccatggg     65100
     aactgagagg taaagtggaa ggcataaggg gcagatgggg tgccttggaa gcctgccatg     65160
     gaaagtgtgg ctgtggaggg agggcgctgg ggtgccaggt gatgccgacc tgtgtcctag     65220
     tgcctaagga ctgagacttg actataagtc ctggggcctt gtcatgtggc tccagaagtc     65280
     tgaagatagg agagtgaagg gagtcacagc aaggagtggc tactagacaa atacagtttt     65340
     tccaggagct ttgctacaca gagcaaagct ggcagttgtt gaggggaggg gagtccatgg     65400
     aaaagtcttg tacagagtga ggtgatggtg agtgagcgct acagtagaaa aggaaaggta     65460
     gatggtaaga ggatctctgc tggctctagg agcttctaac tgtcacatcg acaccctgac     65520
     tgccccctaa ggcaactcct gtggcagtgc ctttcacatg ctgagctcct acaactctac     65580
     agctgctagt ttaggctgca ctgcaggctc ctgtccctca ggtacctgca gacagctgcc     65640
     aggactcccc tctgtgtctc cagcctatca cctaggtggc agacttgggg ggggggggca     65700
     gagagggttt ctagctcccc agagaagatt gtaaaattgc cttactgaca catgtgggta     65760
     caggatagga atgcttaggg acacttctgt acacagtacg ccactgtccc ctgggaacta     65820
     ctgctgcatt tgagcctgac tggaactctc aggtcacaaa tactaacatg gtctccaagc     65880
     tcaagatcac aggctagagg gatggcagtc aagacgccat atgtggtctc tagcatctgg     65940
     gttctttttt ctcctctctc ttgctttccc tggtgcctgt ctttcccttt ctgagcacat     66000
     gaatgtttgg taactgtctc atcacaggca ttgatctgga gcagggatta gcttgctttg     66060
     gcctgccttt tagactgcat ctgattgggc agctgcactt gttggaatcc catcatggta     66120
     ctgtgtggct tttattatct agggctttta ttcccatttc cactctcagc tatcccttca     66180
     cttttcctgt cagctgactc tcctaggtag ccacacaggc ctcctccagc ttccttgcct     66240
     acaggcctcc tgacttcccc tatcctgcct tatccttgca tcctttctct ctacttctgg     66300
     cactgggccg ccttgtgtgt agtctgggat taaccttctc tgctcaggcc ttcctcattc     66360
     taaagcttgt ttaattgacc cccctctgct cagcacactg cacttcaggc ttccccaggg     66420
     ccgaatacaa aaggtgggga tgtgtgcagt ggggcgtagg aactttggct gcatccctac     66480
     aagtatatcc ttgggcaagt cctttcccct ctgcttcctg aatgcaagaa gaatgtgctg     66540
     atggagttgg gtcataggcc actgactcag agtgtgaggg ctacagtgtg cacacctcag     66600
     cctagggctg ttctcttgca gtggctacta cactatacct gcatcctgac ctcttcgtct     66660
     catcccttcg gtcctctgtg cccagctggg tgccctgtca tttagagcag caactcatcc     66720
     catttggaaa gcagctgggg agatggctct gtagtctctg aagagatgac atttgattgg     66780
     atagtagaaa tcttggtgca aacatgttga atgctctctt tgggcagagg gagagatgat     66840
     cagtaagttt ggtcaggatg caggaccctt tactctagcc tgtatgggag ctaaaagctt     66900
     tgccctcctt ggagataggt tgagccttcc ctggaggaga gtccggggct ttaacctgcc     66960
     ctgctctgag ccagccgatg ctgaactgag agatgatctt tcttccttat gtcaccttca     67020
     gtcacagtag gtagtctcct gctacttact aatgtcatgg aaccttgggg agcccactca     67080
     ctgggtcagc ccactttgtg catgtgtcag ctgaggagtg tgaggcaaag catacgaacc     67140
     actgcttcag tgctcatccc gggacagctg tggtcccagt tatgtatagc ttctttcttt     67200
     ctttttcttt ctttcttttt tttaaagcag aagcatacat tctttttttt ttttttttaa     67260
     gatttattta tttattgtat gtgagtactc tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg     67320
     gcatccgatc ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca     67380
     ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcctaggttt     67440
     catattttaa acatttttat tatatacact tcattttttt attttgaggc tggagatgtc     67500
     ttgtcccagc acatgtggac atgaaggtca gaggccagat caccagtctg ttctcttaca     67560
     ttgtttggtt ctcaggaatc agtttcaggt cttacagttt ccaagctaca gtttgtattt     67620
     tgctgagttg cttgcttagg atccagttcc ctgttggaaa aagggggtag catcatggag     67680
     tcatagtccc cttggaaagt gtctagagcc accttaacat agagttcaca tcagaatcat     67740
     gagccatggg gtctctgtca aatacttttt tattgttttt cttctatccc ttgaaatgta     67800
     aatacttaag tagctgtgct gatgtacctg gcagcagagg cagtaggggt gtgagttgga     67860
     agctgctcta actatgtaaa aaccttttta ttagacctga attctgaaag gaaggaagga     67920
     aggaaggaag gaaagaagga aggaaggaag aggaaaagga aaaggaagaa agaaagaacg     67980
     agcattggtc ttcatgagct gactggcatc atgctggccc tgtcccaggt cctcatgtcc     68040
     agcttgccct tccctcgaga tgaggcttgg tccctataac cagtagaacc ttgacagtgt     68100
     gtctgacctc tgtcttcctt cccttctcac tactgtgttc tggggagaga ttcaccatgc     68160
     tgcaggcatc tgaggcttcc cgtccaacac atacaagtga actctgcgtc cagtcagtta     68220
     tagagcatcc ttatctcctg aaagccttca gaaagtccat ccagtggtgg gagcagggag     68280
     ttctagacag aggtggctgt ctgggagtgg aaagaagttt tgccatattg ttttagtgtg     68340
     agatgtctgt tcaagtctgt cagagtgggt gtcatgggga ggatgggcat ccctgtactt     68400
     catctcctca gaagatgccg tcaaggtcag atctggggtc caaggcctag tttggtggaa     68460
     cttgctccct accctttctc agctgtgata cagaaggaat ggtagtatcc tctgtgagtc     68520
     atggagactc taccagactg agtgctgatc agctccaggt gacttgcttt ctctagtttt     68580
     gcccgcagta ccctcctcca ttgctggtca tccctaagct gctagccagt gacctatgta     68640
     gtggcctgtg tgttttagat ggtcccaaac atgggcaaat tggagaaggc ttcataatga     68700
     ggtgcacgca gtgacaggaa gcaagacacc gagtgggtag ttcattagtt aatttaattc     68760
     cttgtttcat tttcactcag caaatatttt agcacctact aaggggtagt catactattt     68820
     ggtagaaatc agagctcttt gcctgaacca caggacacag aatcaactgt gttcctattg     68880
     catcaaatct tctgggcatg gcacatgatt ggtgtcctga cgcatagaaa aatcgctatg     68940
     attcacaatt tcagtggatg ctgtagggca gcagcctgtg ggtcctgcct gacccctttg     69000
     aggatcaaat accctttcac agaagctgcc taaaaccatc ggaaagcaca gatatttaca     69060
     ttacaattcg taatggtagt aaaattgcag ctgtgaagta gcaacaaaaa tcattttatg     69120
     gtttgaggtc cccataacat ggtgaactgt attaaagggt aacagcatta gaaggttgag     69180
     aaccggtgct ctagggtctg agggagccca ggttgagaag tgaaaatagt tgggtagaga     69240
     cataattaca gaccagacaa caccatgaaa gctcagagct gagctcagag ggctaagtca     69300
     gggttaacta ggtgatggtc agggagcctc tggggaggaa ggaaaccatg ggcataggcc     69360
     ctgtgaggta gaggtgcggt ggctaagtgg tggcttgtca tcctgttggc cttgagctta     69420
     agggcagtat caagctgagt agtcttgaag tgtttgaagt ggcatgtgtg cccaagagat     69480
     ttattgagag atcagattgg tgatttgaca gagggccctg gcataggaga cagcactgga     69540
     gagactcaaa aactcacagg ttgagttctg ttgcaaacag tttgtgatgg gtagtgggac     69600
     agagttcctg ggtgtttaga tggtaaaata gaagccaggc aaaggtaggt agagctggtg     69660
     cttgaacagg gctttgtggg tgggtgtagg gttgaattgg cccaagattt ttggccttct     69720
     agacagtggt caccagtcag tgagatgtgg aatcctagaa acctgttgct gtctggttta     69780
     tctataagca ctaaacagtg gttctttttt tttttttttt taagatttat ttatttttat     69840
     tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acgctccaga agagggagtc agatctcatt     69900
     acggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actttggacc tatggaagag     69960
     cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc taaacagtgg ttcttgaagg     70020
     actttgtcgg tttttattac tatagccatt caactgttgt ttgtaggtat tcatatgtgt     70080
     gaagtaacag ttctttctca gagttcttac tttgtggggc ttgggttttt agtaggagta     70140
     gcttgaccaa atagtgtcca cctagaaagc tgtccctctt gctggcactg tgtctctgca     70200
     cattctctct aggcagctgt gccccacagg agaactacat agaccaacta aggaggaggg     70260
     cttcctcatg gctcattttt ctttcttttc atgggcaatt gggctcctaa tgagaatgtt     70320
     ctcattagga ggtcccagga agcctccatc catgagtgac ttgtgtgatt taccaaactg     70380
     ctctgccagg tgtcctcatt tggtttaact aacacttgct ccaagcagcc catagggtgc     70440
     tgtcatcaag ctcttgggac aaatatatta tgtactatcg aggctaagaa gttaattttc     70500
     tacttatgtg aaaattagtt gccagatgtg gtggtggagc atcctggggt gtgtgtgtgt     70560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct atctgtctgt ctgtgtctgt gtgtgtctgt gtgactgtgt     70620
     gtgtgtctgt ctctgtctct gtgtctctat gtctgtgtgt ctgacctggc agtgtttgta     70680
     agtgatgcgt gaactagtca gctatgaaag aacctacgct gggtctatgc taagtaatgg     70740
     tccctggggt agctgtggca gtgcctactt gcttcttcca gttaagagaa actgaggtgc     70800
     cttgcttttt tgagacatgg ttggttttga acagctgtgt gcagaggaag ggtaaaagac     70860
     attcatgcat ggtaccctgt tggcctctca gagcaatgaa tgacaggtca tcagacctct     70920
     catccaggtc tgccttctca aatttcccag tgctgctgag aagtcagagg ccagcagtga     70980
     tttaaattaa tatatttaat taataaaatg tgtaagattg gttgttttat agtaattttg     71040
     agtctcagca gctgaattgt tgagcttatt gtagaccctc attgttacag ggctcccttt     71100
     ataaagcacc taaataatta cagtgtgact atggtgtggc attggagtaa ggctgcttgt     71160
     aagtgacctg gcatccagca gtctgatgag aactgccgag tctccagctc tcagctgagc     71220
     actggagcag cactcacagc cctgccatat aggggatgag aggcaggaac ttaactaccg     71280
     catggagttt aaacgtgagt ttagcagaga gttcctgcct cattacctgg tgtgctagct     71340
     agtcttaagt caacttgaca taagctagag tcactggaaa ctgagagaga ccctcaactg     71400
     agaaaatgcc tctattaaga ttgggctgtt aggcaagcct gtgtgcattt tcttaattag     71460
     tgattcatgg ggagggtcca gccagttgtg agtgatgcca tccctagact agtgatcctg     71520
     gcttctgtaa gaaacaggct gagcaagcca catggaacaa gctagtaagc agcacccctc     71580
     catggcctct gcatcagctc ctgccaccag gttcttgctc tgcatgagtt ccagtcttga     71640
     cttcctccag tgatgaacag tgatgtggaa atataaacta aataaaccct ttactgcagt     71700
     ttgcttttgg tcatggtgtt tcatcacagc agtgatgacc ctaactaaga cacttggtcc     71760
     tggagaccca gaaggtctag agaagaaatg aatgatttca gctagtcata gtaagatggg     71820
     ctagatatca agttgacaat ggttgcaagg tggatttagc agctcttaat acagccaggc     71880
     atgtagtaaa gggtattcta cctaggtggg agtgcggcca aataaaggtg ccgaataact     71940
     gatgtgtggt cagagtcacc ctccagaccc agttcaacag taaagctggt ctgtttcttc     72000
     aaatcaggga ttgcaaacgg caggccaaaa cctaattggc tgtctgtttt tgtgaataaa     72060
     actttattga aacccagcct catgtatgta gtcgagctca caaagccagg agtaactgtt     72120
     gtcctctact tttagggaaa catgtagaac aagtgaaagt attgtcttat atttgggtac     72180
     caggagatag gaaaatggtc tgtaactggg tgagaggtgt ttgcagcata ggaggtataa     72240
     ggacaaggga tgaatctacc tctcctttct gactctcagc tggagtctct aagcattgtc     72300
     cctcttcccc agccttttct ctctctttgg tccaagtcca caccactgac attgactttt     72360
     agtgaggacc acaatgtgtt ctctgtactt cttcagtgag gggctgcaga acagagcaga     72420
     gtccaggtac aaggcagaca aatggtagtt tcgaatactg agatcactgt atggcccaat     72480
     agtttcagga gacagtgggg aagaaaaaga gttgtcattt tgaccatcaa ccatatcaaa     72540
     cccaaagtaa caactccctt tggctcccat ggcatgaccc acatgctctg cctgaaagtg     72600
     aagtctaggg cacagggaac acagtgtcca taaaacgaaa ctgttcgtct gcactagggc     72660
     aggctttatt tgcattaatt atagatttga tttgatgttg ataaaggggc taaaagaatg     72720
     tagccctgtg gcgcacactc gccagttatt agagatgact gcctcacaca gacttgctcc     72780
     tggctttgaa gaaggggaaa ctagggcagc ctctagtcta taccccataa aactgatgcc     72840
     cttaatccca tagatgaatc ggggagactg tcttccctat acatttcaag gcttcttaac     72900
     tgggctaaaa ttcagattga catatacagg ttaacaggac agacctgtgt ttaattgtgt     72960
     tgtcaccagc gcccctagaa taggaggctc ccagagggga ttcgtgctta taaagcacct     73020
     gagctggatg ggaagacagc aggcctcacc tgcttaaagg agaaggggaa ggaggaggaa     73080
     gaaaggattg tgggacgaag tgatgggggg gaggtcagtg agcgggatgt aaagggaata     73140
     aataaaatat atttttttaa atcacaaaag aatgcaccta ttaaataaca tcacaaccat     73200
     gtcaacagga aacaacaatt tcatcaaagc cacataagtt aagttgttca tatgacttaa     73260
     taaaaagata ttggtccata cagttaccat actggccaca gaagaaagga aatatatcat     73320
     ttctatatat gtaaaacaca aaatgtgaag atactatagc tcaaagtatt ttttatcaag     73380
     aaaattgatt tccttagaaa taagtaattc actctaaata aataaataaa taagagtgct     73440
     tgagctcaga aaggacctgg agcttgaatc agctcctcta tgaaggatgg tgggtgtcag     73500
     cggacacaag gatccaaagg ggggagccat gttgtgagag aaagttgtct tattagtcag     73560
     attaaagtct gtcacatctt gaaagtttcc cagcagcctc attccagtga gcccagggta     73620
     gcttctcttc caggatgtag atatgtctca ccagaacaac tttctacaaa ccttcatggt     73680
     gttgagtgac agcaagccat agaatgctgg tggtggtggg acccttgagc ctttcctcag     73740
     tgacgtctcc cgatgagcaa caagccccta gcccctgaca cagcctgtga agctcctgtg     73800
     aggctcctgc tagcctgtgc tcccaggcct gtgaggctcc tgctggcccg tgctcccagg     73860
     cctgtgaggc tcctgctggc ccgtgctccc aggcctggcc ctctggaacc cagcagagct     73920
     aatgtgtgtg cctttgagct gtgggagctc taggacactg ctctgcagca gtgggaacca     73980
     agtgagtaag aggtgatgac accaactgtt atagaacatt ctcaacatga aagtctaaga     74040
     caggaatcag cactaggtcc tcccttaaaa gtggagctta atagtgacct gtgtcacttc     74100
     caccaaagac aaatggggta agacagttct cattaaattg atttttggtt tggtttggtt     74160
     tggttttgag acaggcctac atctgtagcc caaatcctct ggaactcact gtgtagtcca     74220
     ggctagtttc aaactctgtt attccttctg cagcctttca aatgctggga ctacaagtgt     74280
     gaacccccac cccctccagg ctgtccagta agttcactct gacttatttc tgggttaatt     74340
     acagctcctt gaaaaagcat agatttctta agaaatgtct gatgtatgac attgtcagac     74400
     tccataaagt gtaaggttta agtggtcatt tgaagacctt tattagctca tagaaaccca     74460
     aattaaagac caagttcata gcttctttac atcttccttg caattccttc tacagtgttg     74520
     tactaggaag tcacctcttc tgagttcaga gctttagtgg acagaattaa cccatcttgt     74580
     tcactttttt atcttggcca acaggaaact cagagccaaa cacccacagc tggtgcagta     74640
     catctttctt tatgtttctg ctattgcatg cttttaaact gttgtaaggg tcttgtgtta     74700
     cctaaacaaa caccaccatt aggggaagaa ctgttcttaa ctgcatgtta gctctgcagt     74760
     tgagttttac ccagcttctg agcagaagca gccatgtgtg tgcggtacac taattattag     74820
     gtgagttgct taatgagagc ttgctggctg gctagtgaac tctgacttct gcgtctcccc     74880
     agggacgaaa ccctattgct gttttcatct aggagagttt acttctgacc cagagggaaa     74940
     gtgggattgg tgcagtccaa gactccccaa gaagctgtat atcagttgag tcagcttccc     75000
     cctccctggg ggagtcagtg ccttctgcct ctgctcaggc gcagagaaga gaggaagtga     75060
     ccttctgatt gtggctttgg tagctggctc catctctcct ctcggggtag agcgtttgag     75120
     ggtttgcttt tgcttttgca tttcctgtgt ataactccga aagcaaagta ggttgctgaa     75180
     aatgtcacct ggtgtttgtt attttgcacc tagaataaca tttgagaccc gtgaaacagt     75240
     gagtcattag ggtagtttga gacagagcaa gtgtcatctg tgctactgct gtccatattt     75300
     ttctaggatg ttagcagccc gttttccatg cttcttcaga catgcatact gctggggttg     75360
     cttcgcggca gagcccttgt ctgacacatg ctccgttctt gtctgtgttt cacccccagc     75420
     atacgaagca agcaatcaaa caaaccccgg tcacatctac acaatctact cctttttgta     75480
     gcagtgcaga gacacagtca ctgtgtgggt tcaccttcac tccagcatgt acacagacct     75540
     tgcttaagct atagtgtgtt taggaagacc atgggtcagg gaaagtggct ggaaaggcaa     75600
     ttgggctaca taccaggaac caaccagtga gcaggccatg tgcccatcta tcagtgggag     75660
     cttgaacatg gccacctagc ttccagtaga cactttgtgt ctgttgggtg ataatgaagt     75720
     cagtaacaac acagattaga aaaggggcag gagaggaagg ctttgtaaaa cagtaggaag     75780
     agagttcata ggcagtgcct tctaacttag tggctctgac tctactgaga gactgttaag     75840
     agattgcagg aggggctgga gggatgtctc agcctaagag cactgactgc tcttacagag     75900
     gccccaggtt caattcccag cacccacttg gtggctcaca cccatctgta actccagttc     75960
     catgcacaca gacatatagg caggcaaagc accaatgtat ataaagtaaa aaataataga     76020
     ttattagaga gagagagatg gagattgcag gagccatcct gtttatgatc agtgtatgac     76080
     ttgtaagaag tcccttgggg atgcagccac acttagagaa cccctggtgt aggctgatgt     76140
     tcttgcttcc cacatgagaa gaggcaaggg taaactgtgt ctgcctactg acaaaatgag     76200
     cgagggactg aagcggcacg cagagaagga gaaatcatcc cagcgtccat gactagcagg     76260
     ctcctgtgct gctgagtgcc cggttgttat cctggggttc acttccaact gtctggcaac     76320
     cttggggaca cacaagccca agagtgccat tttaaacatc agttgcttgc acacggccct     76380
     taactccttt atggggagtg ggttctgtct aagcctaaga gccaggtcac atgagtgagt     76440
     ggcagatctc ttcctcagag gacagatgtg cttctagcac actctgatct agtgtttaga     76500
     ctctgaatta gctctctgat gacaacgaag aaagcccatc ctacagccca cgttaaacga     76560
     ctcccagctg ctctctgccc ctccccttga cagcatgctt gtccccaaca catgcttcac     76620
     tagctctcca ccccagcata gtgcagctct gagccactgc agtcttctgt gtggaagctg     76680
     gtggacagta cctctctcag ttctccttcc ctccctttgc tcctcgtttc cctcccagga     76740
     aagccttcac aggagcctgc tgtctagagc aggtctaagt gtccctttct ggaaggccct     76800
     ggggaggaag acccacagtg gtggtctctc ccacactgca gcctttcatc tcagtggcct     76860
     ctggtgctct gaggaactga cccaaggcta atttatggca tggatctgag ctcatttcaa     76920
     gttgatcttt gggtgagagg tgtttagaga ccaaagccag acagagctct gttgcagtgt     76980
     ttccagccca ccttccatga ctgctttaaa ggtaaagaga caggcagcct ttacccaaaa     77040
     cactgctctt aaccccttgc taaacaggat ataaaaacat tactgtaaag aaactagata     77100
     tttcagtccc tgctctgtgg tagtgcttta gtttgtaaag gatgttggaa ctaaacatta     77160
     ttcatcaggc agcctcaaaa aatcatgcat agcttactga ctgataattc tcttgtgggc     77220
     cataaaccca tttacagatt cagaccaaga attttgggtg acttctcaaa catgcacagt     77280
     agcactttga ttaaagtatc cttggatcca ggatcacagt gccttacagt agtgaatcac     77340
     agcagactca ggcttcctgg aaaaagagga agtgctatgt ttccttccat ggtcacttca     77400
     tgactcctgg aaatttccat taaacgcagt ggattcaccc tgttgtccct gccttcctcc     77460
     cctgaggaag gtctgctagg gtctcacatg ctaggacagg gctttgcatc gtaggagccc     77520
     tgcttcctta agatctggag ggactgtgcc ttgggctgtt gagcccttag cagagccttt     77580
     ccttcccagt tgattttgtt tccctgttaa gaaatcccaa ggttttccat gccatgtgta     77640
     aaatcaggtt cctcctagat tgtgttagtg gggcttgaga ttactttctt ttccaccaag     77700
     gattcaacta gcccacaggt caggccagcc gagggtacag ggcagagtct ccagccaatg     77760
     gcctgctcct aggcttttct cctggccaat tttggacagg ttaacatccc cctcccctca     77820
     gttctgtgtt gactatctct gggacttcca agaggaaaca gtttgcctat gcagatgctt     77880
     aggtttgggg tacactcttg cataccagga accctgccat tctgacccac ctcatctgtc     77940
     tggagaatta ctgccctaga ataggatcca aggacaatat gcatgctttc ccagcccaaa     78000
     gcagtactaa gcaaaaacgg aggctaaaca aacaagtctt taggcaagag ggagttccat     78060
     gacctctttg ctccaaaaca tgttggtcat cacccactgt cgcagaagca gacctgcagg     78120
     aaatgctgtg agctgttttg atgctctgac ttgtgatagg agagtccttg gttggccttc     78180
     cttccttgct ggggtgactg ttggtaggta gaattcgatg gctgggactg taggatggac     78240
     acatacacag tgctaatgtt ctctggatgc agctttgttc cctgaggtga gaacttcttc     78300
     gctgtcagac actagctgtc tctttgcaca tggatcctgc tcagagccct tcctcctctc     78360
     cctgcaacct tgcctctttc ccttagatct gagtcttcaa aaaaagtgct tatggaactc     78420
     cagggtcact agtgagagct ggtgacactg cctatcccaa gaagcctagc cccttcccag     78480
     cttggttgag agaacatgga ggtaatttat cagagttggt gaataatgag aatcaggcct     78540
     tcccaggtgt ctcacagtca ttgcgcactt ggctatggcc tgaacagtaa tcattgctca     78600
     ctatagtcca aagcctctgt ctccggtctt ccctcaggaa tggttcgccc ttccctgaca     78660
     cctgcatgct cattatggct ctcaggttct gggacctgag caggaagcac agcttgtgtc     78720
     ctgacagtta aagtcccagc tcttccaaca gcaggaggcg ctgtctcaag taggtctcta     78780
     ctgaaaagtt tcatcactca gcagcactcc tgtagccttc tcctctgctt catagctcgg     78840
     cctatgcagt tgactctggg gcttgcttgt gacctgtgac ctgtaaggaa cattggctgt     78900
     gggaataggt agaccacaca tgcaggtggg caggtgtgtg tgtctctcag ggtgcatctt     78960
     ctcacccaat cagatcctgc cctcccagat ccactgtgtg ctggactcac gagttccttc     79020
     cgtgaaccgt ttctggatct ctctaaagta agccctttac cctgtcagca tttagctcat     79080
     tctgaacagg gggcatttcc caagctggca gagcgtgtgg acaggtttcc attcccgctc     79140
     gctccatccg gtgccttctg tagcctgaaa tgaccagtgt ggaattggtt ggagtctctc     79200
     agccaagata gactcagtgg aatgggccaa cccagaatct gtaacactgt ttatgaacaa     79260
     gagggatcag agacaaactc tcaagtggac gagacaggtt tctgctgtct ttcccctggc     79320
     cttgtgactg tcaagatgtg aaccttaaga ctagtgaggc catctgcttc aggagacagc     79380
     ctgcttcaag acaggcctaa agtgtgccat caccaaaggt gataagtcct ctccaaaaga     79440
     cacagtgcac cctgtcctga gacccttcag tgaagtcttc acaggctttt cagtagctgt     79500
     tgttttcaga cagggtcggc cttgaccctc cttcagccat tctctgcctc agcctcttcc     79560
     cctcccgctc cccagtcact cccagcaggt gtgggaatgt ggatagcccg tagcctttac     79620
     tgaagccttc tcccaggtga gaggtgggtt gggaagagct gaagaagtgg ggaggtagca     79680
     ggagaagaga tggccaggcc caaggcttta tcagtgctca cagaccacac ttataattgg     79740
     gaacctggcc aacgtcagaa aacccctccc ctctctccag ccagatgctg gcaattctag     79800
     gcatctctga actgtgtgtt ctccccactg aggtttaaaa ataaagtcca tcccctatcc     79860
     attaccctct cctggtctaa gagcagggtg tggcctcagc tcctcctccc aagcactctg     79920
     cctttgatgt gcgccgcggt gagcactgat tggccgcctt tctaggagct gatttacttt     79980
     cactagcgct gctggccaga aagtctctcc tctcaactag tggagacttg gttccctgct     80040
     cagggctatg ggcacatgtc gcagacagct tccatgctgg gcatatggtt cagagaggac     80100
     aatgaggagc ctgacaacag agttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgctctgca     80160
     cttgttggaa ggaaactttt gagttgaccc agaggaaata agattcctcc aggaacaaaa     80220
     gcagacccca gtccctccca ccactggact tggatctact ttgagccatc tgcagggtgc     80280
     gtaccacttt tctgctgcca aaccagacac tgctggttgg caaatgcacc aagactaccc     80340
     tgtctatcct tggttaatca aggtttctgc ttgcagtgag aacacaacca ccctaaatgg     80400
     aggcttcggg gctgagtgag gtcaggctgc agcaagcctc tgatgggaaa cggtccaggc     80460
     cattgcacca cctggactcc acgggcctgt gcataactcc acaccttata cagtgctgtg     80520
     tgtttagtgg tgttgggggt ggtgaaaggt cacacttgac tgagaatgaa gtgaccttaa     80580
     atcaatgaag tctggttttg cctaaatcag tgtgacttgt atctataatt caaaagcatg     80640
     agcccctggg ccagttgtgc tggctagcac gctgaacacg tggcactgat gaagatgcct     80700
     catgaaagga gaggtagctg tgatgctctc ggtgataact gcggaaggaa ttgtgctggc     80760
     tttggccagg aggccgagtc tggagcttta tcttggctcc aggtgtgagt gagtgagtgt     80820
     gagtgagtga gtgagtgagt aagtgagtgt gagtgactga ctgactaagt gagtgagtgt     80880
     ataagtgaat gagtgagcaa gcgatgtagc aaatgagtgt gtgaattgtg agtgtgtaag     80940
     tgagtgaatg tgtgagtctc taagtgagtg tgtaagtgtg agtgcgtgag tatgttagtg     81000
     agtgtgtgta tgagtgacta tgtaagtgag tgtgtgtgag tgagtgagtg tgtaaatgag     81060
     tgtataagtg agtgagcgag cgagtgagca tctggccatg ctactgagtg cctgctctgt     81120
     ggcctgatat agtctgtttc tagagggaga agagggggtg tcaggatcca tgagagaaca     81180
     gatgtcacat ctctcacctg agttctctca gcgtccgtag cagtctgccc gcagtctgcc     81240
     cagccagtgc tgcttgcttt caggccctgc cacacctagc ataaacatgg atggagaggg     81300
     cttcctagcc cggagtccag ctaaagggtc cgcttgcatt ccacagctgt tgctgctagt     81360
     gggtgtgacc tagaagcagt tacagccagc ctagtcctag gaacttcctt ggtatggaag     81420
     gggaggtctc agagttgtcc tgtctaattc agccatccta aaaatggctg aacatatcct     81480
     aaaagtgtgc atagaacatg ctggaagtgt aacttccaca ccatagtaga atgtacaaaa     81540
     aaacaaggaa gtaactcagg agcagttgta tgaaattgtc tgctgggtgc tgatatttta     81600
     ggttaaatgg ggtgaaagta gtattaaatg taactcccac tgggcctctg cccagtaagg     81660
     gcctaaaaca cccaccattc cctagagacc tagaggagat atgagggata gcctttgtcc     81720
     tctgttgcgt agatagcttg aacacatagc tgctgctagg cacctctatg gtagtacctc     81780
     agtgaatgca gaaatagttc gggctacaga attcattcac agattctctg tgcttattga     81840
     tgagcatgcg tttatttatc tgttcttgca tctactactg agctaagtgc cagaatccaa     81900
     ggtgaataag actttgacct tttggagtct caagggtcaa gtaagtagaa gctcctttcc     81960
     ctgaccccga acatgggaag gaaggcagta agagatggag agcagaatgt ggccttagcc     82020
     gccttgaaga tcagcgcagt gtggggaggc aggcgagctt cctgatgtgg acctcaggtc     82080
     agaagctttg tccctgctag tgtggaaaac cacactgaag acagacgtgt aaggaacatg     82140
     tagactgaga actgtgtccc cagaagtgtg agccctcccg tgttgctgcc agatagcaac     82200
     cttgccttaa gcataaccac tctcttgatt ccccaataat agctgctcct tgcctgatga     82260
     tgtagttgtg tggatgctca tttggtttgt ggttttcttt gtatgtagcc tctttgtgtg     82320
     agtcatctgt gctgggtagg taggaatagg tggttccttc acatgtgcgg tgggattccg     82380
     ttttctgggt gtgcttgtat ttacccctct gctgcctcag gcaccctgaa agactactct     82440
     tcacactctg gatgttttgt ggtgaactga ggcatagctc ccatataccc agctccctcc     82500
     ctccttccct tccttttcat ttgtcttgtt ttgatttgca acaagatctt gtactataac     82560
     ccaagttggt ctcaaacttg tagtcctttt gcctcagtct tccttgttgg ggaattacag     82620
     acatgtgcca tcatacctag gcaccatcca cataggcatg gatgtagtga tgtgtcttta     82680
     tggctgttgt ttcctgatta caaatgcagt tgagcactgt accatctgcc cattggtcat     82740
     tcagatacca catcttagga gatctctacc tcatctaaat ctcagtgtaa gtttaaccct     82800
     tgttgttatg taattgagat ggaaatagag gagcttaggt gactgggtgg gagggtgaac     82860
     tgcaggtcca gcctcttccc ttcatgtctc atggccactc agagccttgc tggggcagct     82920
     tttggctgca gcctgcctgg catgaaggca gttttccaga ttccccattc ttctctataa     82980
     actagcaatt ctatttctca gagcttcatt atgcaagcac acagagatgt aggaatgagc     83040
     tgtgtgttca tatgggagtc cagccaggat actcactgcc ttccagcaga atattattca     83100
     actgtcaaac aattgtgctc ataggaaact gtccataatg cattgctatg tttaagaaaa     83160
     caaaacaaaa caaaacaaag caaggattgg ctgggtgtag ggttgcatgc ttttaatccc     83220
     agcacatggg agcaaaagca agggatctct gggagtttga agccagcctg gtcctccata     83280
     gattgagttc tatgacagcc agggctacac agaaaagccc tgtctcaaaa agaagaagaa     83340
     gaaaagaaac agggaaaaga ctaaagacat acacactaag ctggagagtt ggttaaggac     83400
     atttgctgag cttccagagc agtcagtcag ttgacttaca ccacctctaa tatctagggc     83460
     atctgacgcc ctcttctggt ttctaaaggc acctgcgcac acacacagca cccccacctc     83520
     accccacaca caaataaaag caagtcattc aagaggagca cttggagaac tggcttgtca     83580
     gttcagagca cttgctgctc tttcacagcg tggagttggt tccctcccag cacccacatt     83640
     gcacagctca gtcaactgta ccaccagctg caggtaggtc atccagtgct gccttctgtg     83700
     tacagcaaca cacacatggc atacaggctc acataagtta aaaacaggac agccaggact     83760
     gcacagagaa agcctgcctc aaaaaacaaa acaaacagac aaaacccaca cgagtgcagt     83820
     aattcctact tggcgataag aagccaggag gggttccgac tgtttcatct tcctttcagt     83880
     gcttggattt gaataatgag tgtttccatg ctctgcatcc ccgggtgtgg ttatgggatg     83940
     tttgccaaca ccgccttccc tctgtcctca cacagatgtc tctgtgctga gtaagacagg     84000
     ggtcttttaa tgtggaaagt gaaagtattg ctttcagttc tctcagctgg ggctgttcct     84060
     agcctttgat tattgagtgt tggcagagat ctagcgatgt taccagatga caatgatggc     84120
     tgcagattag taaatacttg ctctaggtca ggtggttctg tagttagtcc ttttctttag     84180
     gctcaaagag gtaggagaaa gaagtgaaag aggctcagag aggtatccac actagtggtc     84240
     aagcttgggt taaaccacac ccaactccac acagtgtgtc ctgaagtgtc catgatgccc     84300
     tctgcccatt cagcttcatc ccctacagta cagtgcaaga tccttgcaca cttgaaaatg     84360
     aagtccttca agaaagttct tcccagtatc ctctggacac ttctccccct agttgtcctt     84420
     agtcccctgg caggggtaat ggtgttggat gaagtaaatc atctctaagt cctgctgggg     84480
     atgctgagcc tgatggaaga caggtagcaa gaaccaaagg tcagctctct aggttgactg     84540
     caggcactgt ggagctgcta catgagtcct atccacagtg accttgactt tgtgatccct     84600
     ggtgtgcatg ctgcttagag gcttccatct ccgtacagaa ttaagccctg acagaaactg     84660
     ctgctaagtt gggatcccag ctgccgcagc aaatgacatt tgaaaggcca gttgatcgca     84720
     catttgtcag gagcagacaa acatcattgc taagcccacg gaggggcaag ctgaagatct     84780
     aagaatgaaa tcctggcagt gggcagggca ctttggaaga aattggccag ctttgtgggg     84840
     gtcagtcagt ttgagtgtct gctgaagttg atcctgtgag taggctgtgt gttttccacc     84900
     cctcttctcc ctaggtaggg aacagcagcc catggattgt tgttagtggc actgctgtac     84960
     ttacccatag attaaagagc tgctcttcca gggagagcaa gactagcatt agtccttgga     85020
     aacctctgtc cattggtgca aatgccgcac aacaagggac tcagccttag cttctgttag     85080
     tggcctttca agcctttgca agtgtagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     85140
     gtgtgtgtgt tggcctccag ccctgccacc tgccagtttt actcatagga ctttctcatg     85200
     catggccaga agacacgctg gatgtgtctg tagcagcatt gtttaggaaa gccaaagcca     85260
     atagcaaccc agtgaccatg gtaggcgagc agacagaaca atatcacaga gaaaagcaag     85320
     gatgtatgtc atctgagtgg ttactgtcag gcctatagag agactatata gaacactacc     85380
     ttgtgtgatg atcacaaact ctaaagttaa actacacatg tggacgcaaa ttataaaaag     85440
     aggaatcaca atccagacaa ccatagggtg actacctata tgacaggaga gtggctctgg     85500
     caaaccccac tgtgtagctg ttcatcctcc tgtggctgta taaagtacag ggaagcaaca     85560
     atacatttct cactcttagg tatttttcag ttgctgatag gacagcatga ccaaggcaac     85620
     ttacagagaa agcgtttatt gggcctgaat agcacagtta gggatcccga cggccacttg     85680
     aaacctgatt gttcacccat ctttccagag aaagctgagc acagtctaat tctgatttcc     85740
     agaattgtaa tgttggttgt cattacatag caactctgtt caccatgtga cttgctggtg     85800
     gttttgtgcc cactaactgg cctgagaaga gggaggtatt aataggtgcc tcaaactgtc     85860
     accacagctt cccaattatg tacctactca aactgtattc aggaccaggc aggcaaaggt     85920
     agagtgagtt ctgtcaccca cttcctggct ttgatggcag ctatcaggag taggtatctc     85980
     tggttcgtgg tcagggccag ccttgctctc atgttcctca ggggattttt gtaccgtcta     86040
     tatttctttc cacgttggtt ccaccttggt tatgagagtt ggctgcgagt ctggccagct     86100
     ccttaaccct gcatctcctt acagacccag ggcagcagat cccagagaag aggaagttgg     86160
     ctcacccagc tgagcctctg aggaacttga tcaccacagt aaacccagac ttccccttca     86220
     agcctgcttg tctctcttct ctcagcctgt ctgggagctg tgtgctctct ttggagtctg     86280
     ttacaaagcc agccagcatc agaaggaatg ggatggatgg actagcagtg actgatacag     86340
     ggcaggtgtg cctcttcctg taagtgaaga gaagaaagta ttggtgagcc atctaattgg     86400
     gagagtgagc ctcgtgtcag tgctggagga taacctgttg aaagcctgtg ggctgtatgg     86460
     aaataagatg tattcagagt atgactaacc ctgcacccac taaactcatg ccttgcttcc     86520
     gtgctcagca gctaccctgt gctggccagt tgataaatga agttatacca cagtggaccc     86580
     acttctagtt aaaaatacaa atcggaagtg aattttcagg acagctgaca gaagtgttct     86640
     gagcatgtct gtcatgagct atgatggtct gtgaactagg tgcataaaac acactttcaa     86700
     aaaagactat ttgcctatgg aattggagac atggctcagt ggttaagagc actttttttt     86760
     gctcttatag aatatttggg atcgattccc aacactcatg tggtaattta cagtaactcc     86820
     aattccgagg gatctggtgc cctcttctga ctcccaccgt tgtgtgtgta gtgcatatac     86880
     ttaaacacag ttgaggcaaa tcactcacat acaaaagatt aaataacctt tcaaacttaa     86940
     ttgatgtgtc tgtgtgttta tgtatctgtg gagagatggc ctagtagttg aaagtgcttg     87000
     ctgagcaatc ccactaactc caacttcaaa ggatccagtg ctgtcttcta gtccttgagc     87060
     atcacacatg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     87120
     gagagagaga gagagagaat taatcttttt aaactgtgtt tcatcctcca gctcacagaa     87180
     tatcatgtag ccgaccaccc tctctcatgc atgctcactt atatcagcct acaggcagag     87240
     tcctccaaca caagcccatt tgctaataag gcaccttgtc tgccgagcgt ctcctaggac     87300
     ttccagcctc gcaggtcact gtagagcatc agttgctgcc ttccctaccc agtctgcaag     87360
     actgcactga cccacatttg cctcagcacc gactgtgctc agcatgagaa gcgcagtgtt     87420
     tcctgcatgc gatgtcagtc tccatgcgaa gggggtactg tttcagcctc cgttagagag     87480
     ttagagaggc atgtggtaat gtgctgccca agccctctgc ctccatccag tccgagctct     87540
     gaaccagctc tattaggact tgctcgcaac cttcacgtat cacaagggaa gtataaatgt     87600
     gaatgaacct gccctgtgct gctggggact agggagaaat ggaggccaga aaatctcacc     87660
     atgccacttc atctgctctg acttacaagg gccaggtgga cttccttcca gctagtgtta     87720
     cctctgccct ggacagcaag ggcttcctgt tgctctgtgg tacctagcct gaggcagggt     87780
     ttggtttgcc tgcgtgagtg gaggccagag gctcttctga gtgctatagg gctccctggt     87840
     gatcttcaga ggccagagat tatctgatcc tgcctgagtg agcacttgga atgtttttga     87900
     ctaagaaatt gaactttgat cttaagttgt gtgcagcagt gtgacagtga cagtcctgaa     87960
     atgaagctac tataccgttt gtttggagac agctcttaat ttagcaaaaa ttgctggaaa     88020
     tgagggagta tgttttattt ttctaaacta tagataactt acttccccat ggtatacaga     88080
     attgtgttct ttagttttca gtattaagta ttacaaatag ttgtgagtat tcttcctgtg     88140
     actctctgct attgctgaaa gctgcagtac tgtggtgtgt tcctgagggg gtgggatatc     88200
     cagtgactga tatgttcgtt tgttgaagaa ctgtttgccg agcatcttct ataggccaga     88260
     tgctgtcagc tgcctaagca cacaggtatg gccctcaggg aactcctatc cctgtcagga     88320
     aacagcctca taaagatggt ttagtttggt ttagattagt ttagttttga gacagggttt     88380
     ctctttgtag ccctggatat cctggaactc tgtagaccag gctggacttg aacctaggga     88440
     tcagcctgcc tccgcctccg cttctgactt tgactccgac ttccaagtgc tgggatcaaa     88500
     ggtgttaccc ccaccacctg cgctaatgag aacaataaga aaggtggctg cagactatga     88560
     agttgtccag tgaattggtt gtttttgtcg ctctgttgag atgtcatctg tgtgtgttaa     88620
     tcatttgttc acttacagtg tacagtggaa tgttctttag tgactttctg gcttacgcca     88680
     ccatcatcag attctgatat tatctttgtt cttccaaaaa gaccccatgt gtcttaatgg     88740
     tcattctcca tccttctctg ttacctctgc agtcttaggc agccactgat ctagattctg     88800
     tctctttgaa cttaactatt ctggacatct caaacaaata gacacaagtg gtcttttctg     88860
     tctggcgtca tcacttagca tactgttttc aagattatcc ctattgttgc aaggtcaggg     88920
     cttaatttct tttttattac caaatactgt tccactgggg tagatctacc acacttttta     88980
     tttctattta ctcattcacg ggcatttggg catttgagtt attttcagcc cttggccatg     89040
     aagcagctag tgctctaaac tttcccgtgc aggccttatg aatatttctc ttcacttctc     89100
     ttggacatat gcctaccaat agaatggctg gaacggtgtg tttggtatta agaggacctg     89160
     ccaggagttt gccaggacag ctgttatatc tccaaggtca gcctaaaagg ctttccgctc     89220
     tcacctagtc ctcaccaaca cttggcaata cctgttgttc ttagcattcc tggtggcaag     89280
     tgggtttatt tatatttgcc tagtcatgtt gattatcttg tgtttggctt tttgttgctt     89340
     ttttggtttt ttaggtgcta gggatcaaac ccagggcctc ctatctgagc tcaaatgttg     89400
     atcatctttt tatgtactta ttaccaatat gtctttggag aaatgtcttt tcaaattcta     89460
     ttttgatttt attgatttat ttattttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgacat     89520
     gtctgcacgt gtgtggtctg agaacacctt tcagaagctg gctttccttt ccccgtggct     89580
     tctggggatc gcttcattca gacttgtgtg acagccactc ttcctcactg tccccatgca     89640
     ggctctttac tcattaaagt catttgggtg ttttggttgt ttgatttggg tctttctgcc     89700
     tttctacgca ctttaaggtt tggctgctgc tgccaccgtg ggaacgtttt cctgttccgg     89760
     ctgctgttgt ttgcagtgct gcagagtgga gggccaggac tgagttaggg gagctcctgc     89820
     ccagctgcag ccaatgactt cctagtttgt ttgattgttt gcctttcttt tgagacaggg     89880
     tctggctgta tggcttaggc tggcctctaa cttataatct ggcctccaga gtactggaat     89940
     ccgaggcgta cactggctcc ccagggtgcc cttccttctt ttctgtatgc agtccctcct     90000
     tggatataga atctgtaaat gttttctcca tccaacagtc tgtctttcca ctcccttgat     90060
     acaatcatta caacacaggt tttaatgttg aaggagttgt aatttatcta tttttattta     90120
     ttttactcat gtctttggtg ttacatcaaa gagtggactc aaattcaagg ccacaatacc     90180
     tgtactttct gttacgtgtt ttaactcttt agctttggct ttaactatta tatttcgatc     90240
     ttttacttat ttaaagctca ttttagcatg tagtgtaagg ttgggacctt cattcattcc     90300
     tttacaagca agtgcctact ttccctaata ctgctactgg ggaatgactc tgacttcccc     90360
     attcagtgtc tgcatatcct cgctgaaaat cagttagctt agacatgtgg gtttatttct     90420
     ggagtctcat tctgttcttg gattagtgtg tctctattta tgctagtact ggagtgtctt     90480
     gattaatggg tttgattttt atattgagac gtattgatgt cccccagctt tgctctgtgt     90540
     attgactgtt ctagatcact cctgtttcct tactagtttt aggattagag tgtcagctct     90600
     taccaaaaga gttaagctag caggattctc tggaaaaacg agttgttatt ggtaaatact     90660
     acttttgtaa caatattaag cctttttgat ccaagaacat gggatgcttt ccacatagtt     90720
     tggttgtctc tgagttcagc actattttat agtttataga ttatatgtgg gaaatttctc     90780
     ttgtcaaatt tatgtccaag tgtgtcatgt ctgatatgat tacgaggttt tttaaatttt     90840
     cattttgtgt attcattgct actaatataa aaaattagtt tttatatgtt gatgttgtat     90900
     cctgtagcct tactgaattg gttagtactg atagtttctg gtttggtttg ttttgagcca     90960
     tgatctcatt atgtagcctt gactggccta gaaccctcct atatagacca gagtggccta     91020
     gatctcacag agttctgtct gcctctgcct gtaaaaatgc gccactgcac aaagctgtca     91080
     tgttttgttt acttagtcgt actatgcttc tgggggcaaa gcccgggccg tgcacacata     91140
     aaccactgag ctgtctgcct gcccggtgct agcaaagttc ttcagtagat tgcttaagag     91200
     tttccacaca caaaacaatc tctgcaaata gagagctggg tgtgctactg cataccagtg     91260
     acccagaact ccaaaggcca aggcaggctc actgtgaggc catgttgagc catagtgaga     91320
     ccctgtttaa agtagacaca aacacagaga agtatctcac cttccttctg agcagagtgc     91380
     ctttttctca ttactaatta ccctgtaaga agtttgcagt ggaggctgga gagatggctc     91440
     agcagttaag agcactgact gctcttcaag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca     91500
     tggtggctca cgaccatctg taatggggtc tgatgccctg ccctcctctg gtgtctgaag     91560
     tcagcaacag tgtactcata tacataaaat aaataaatct tttttttaat ctttaaaaaa     91620
     aacaaaacaa cacagaagct tccagtgtgg ctcccccagg atcagtgagc acaggcaccc     91680
     ttgacttgtc ttgctctaag gacatcagtc aaagtctttt ctcttagacc agaacagttt     91740
     gaacaccttg cttccatttc tgtctttgct gccacctcta ggacctggcc tgtgtcactt     91800
     gtactttcct ccaccaaagg ctgaggagac tggttccagg ggacttccct gccagttttt     91860
     cacagccacg cctctcatgg gtattcttcc tgtttctcct gagcattgat tagatgctca     91920
     tacggaacta acaaggacac tcagatggtt taagttactc accattctaa gcacccaaaa     91980
     ccagggagaa actacaacag tgcttacatg taagcagagt gatagaatgg gttccacgcc     92040
     cttcagaggc aggctgattt ctgagttcca ggccagcctg gggggattcc aagacagcca     92100
     gggctacaca aagaaacaat gtctcgaaaa gaaaaaagaa caggtccata tgtcccttcc     92160
     tttaactctt tcaaggagga agttttagct tgcagactca tcagctacag cttctcctgc     92220
     ccctcctcta acagccaggc ctctgtgctt tcagactctc agcgttctca tctctcctcc     92280
     ttcaccatga agctgatgga caaattccac tctcccaaaa tcaagagaac accatccaag     92340
     aagggaaagc cagccgaggt gtcgaagatt cctgagaagc ctgtgagcaa agtaagctgc     92400
     gcctctaagt gttcctcctg gtcccagcct gcggccagcg ttgtgagctg cactggctct     92460
     aagtgcactc actggggcca tctgtgtccc tgggacctgg gacctctagg actgctaatc     92520
     agtccggcca gtggcttgga cagtttcgtg tcatcctctg ggcatttaaa gtaactcaga     92580
     gcactgtgct cacacctggt gctgcctccc acccagaagc cctcgggtac tctcacacag     92640
     ggctctgatg gcctggacca agcgttcagc ctcagggcct gggctctgaa actcacaagc     92700
     ccctgaatcc catctaaaag catcctccag cattagtaac ctcagcaggg ccagctgagc     92760
     cagatgtgtg gaacagctgt tgattctcac caacccctcc ctccagtcta caatgtccat     92820
     ttcaagctct gtaggaatcc aggtttcctc tcttccagga ggcaagagac agatttctac     92880
     cagagggcta ccctatcccc ttggatctgg agcagcaggc agtagaattt atgtccacca     92940
     gtgctgtggc ttccaggtct cagaggcaga aggtcagtgt gacattaaga acaattgggg     93000
     ttgccttgcc ttccactgca gaactctggt ccgtggtctg gggatggaaa aacacctgtg     93060
     gtgatgttag cgtgtcttca ctgggtggca actatgggct caagtatttg tgtactgctt     93120
     gaataaaagc atctgagtgg tcttgatggg gagggagctg agactatgca gccaaagttt     93180
     gggtcctttc aagagagggg tctagtgggt tcataggcag atggggaagc gtcacctttc     93240
     cagagtggtt gctgtctccc tgagttgctg agatgatgtg catttactga gaaggtttct     93300
     aaagccttgg gaggctgtct cagccagctc aaggtcctta gcaagggtgc ctgctggcag     93360
     cagcactggc actgacccgg cctcttccct gtctcctgct gagtgctggg gagtgggggc     93420
     ctctccgaat tgccctggca gtgaaacctg ccctgcctaa aaagaaagtc tctaaagatg     93480
     ggggaattta gccaaagcca caaagcgttg gttaagtcag gatttaaatg cagagcctga     93540
     ctggggcttt tttgtggtgt gctaaggatc tgatggggcc ttgtgtatac taggcaaaag     93600
     ctttgccctg tgctacagca gtcctggagt ttgtttagtt ttgtttaaga cagggcatgg     93660
     ctctctagcc caagctggtc ttaaagtgca attcttatgc ctctgcctcc tgaatgctag     93720
     gatcccaggt gtgtgccacc atggccagcc accataggtc ttcattaaga agtcgagctc     93780
     aagccgggac tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga     93840
     tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc aggactacac     93900
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagtcaagct     93960
     caaatgtgtt tgttaatatc ttacaaatct gaatgctcat ctgaacatta aaatacactt     94020
     agcaatgtaa agtgagaacg agtttgcaga tgagctggac cccaagggtg attggacgca     94080
     gacctgctgt cataactgtc agcttaatgt ggctcacaga cactgccctg tctgtgtgga     94140
     caagcagtgt atcttaaaag tctagttaac gggctgaaga gatggctcag cagttaagag     94200
     catcaactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca     94260
     accatctgta atgagatctg atgccttctt ctgatgtgtc tgaagacagc aacagtgtac     94320
     tcatatgtat aaaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaag tctaaaggta gaaaaagtaa     94380
     ggtttgaaag cccagaaact tgtattgaat gagttgctgc ctgtgagcaa ggcactgctt     94440
     ggcattatca gatacactac tgctatatag aagattcttg agcagagaga ggtcttagca     94500
     tacacaacgc tctcttggag ctcgcacctt taggccatgt ttcctaactg gcttattgac     94560
     aaacagcttt gctctgcaag agaatgctga tagggaaata gtcagcaatt tgggcagagt     94620
     ctgtcccttc tttatgcatt gtccaaagaa aagtcataga agaaaatttg atgtaatcat     94680
     acttgcgagg tatctgaaag cccagcagta cctgagacat ttttagttgt cagttaggag     94740
     agtgaagcag ggactgctgg gtatccagca agtgggcatg ctggtgacca tcctgtagca     94800
     gcagggtgtc ttccccaagg ccctggatgt tcctagtgct gaagtgagac tgccctatag     94860
     caggagctgc agccacagcc tgggagttaa aactcaaccc tgcaagtccc aaggctcttg     94920
     agtgtggact gctgtttagt gcaggcccca ggatggaccc cgccatagca cagaaatgag     94980
     aggacagtgt ccaaaaacca tgtggtgtag acaagttgct gctgcccgtc atcatttgtc     95040
     atttactgtc tctgtcacct cttacatttg catgtgtttc atgttatccc acttgtgact     95100
     ttccctgtta aatatgtggg gatttgaagc acaggatttc agtgcagacc tagacccctg     95160
     ctgcttcctg gtcttctctt tgtccagccc ccgcgccttt ggcttcacac ctgttgtctt     95220
     atttgttctc tagccctgtg gagaaacttt gtcacttcta ttacacagta ttgactgtga     95280
     cccacttggt ctaattaagt ctgttttatc cactctattc cacctgtctt tccagtctgg     95340
     ctttatctag acacagtagt cttctcatag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatc agctctttta     95400
     caacctttta gcaagcctag cagtgagctg tggattgtta aaggtagcag agagagttta     95460
     gtcctgtcct gaaagtccaa agctaaccgt cattatatga acagttaaca gcatccagaa     95520
     gggctcagat tgggtgagtt ccccagcctt tgggcaccta gatattggct ggatcctggg     95580
     gctccactgt agactcctgg agggcttccc tgttagctct ctagacctta tgtaaagcag     95640
     acagagagat gcccctgctg caaagcctgg cacagctgag ctctgttaga catgccttct     95700
     tgcagaacca ctcggtacag agaaggaaag atgttgagtt gtctttacac aatcttggtt     95760
     ccagtttttt gtgtttggct gtgttgtgtt gtattgtatt gtattgtgtt gtgctgttgt     95820
     aactttggct gtctgaaact tgctgtgtga gcagactagt ctggaactca cagagacatt     95880
     aaaggcgtgt agtcaacact acctggttcc agcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta     95940
     aagatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg     96000
     tcttcagacg caccagaaga gggcatcaga tctcattacg ggtggttgtg agccaccatg     96060
     tggttgctgg gatttgaact tcggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttaccaactg     96120
     agccatctct ccagccctgg ttccagcttt ttatgtgctg attctaattg ctccaggccc     96180
     atgacttggc ccatgaccac ctgattcact gtcctgcagt gctagaaata caatttagtt     96240
     tccatgaagc aaaaaggcca gggctgccca tagagtaggg attctaaagg tcacactgga     96300
     tagctgatgc tgctctgaag tgaggcagta gctgaagaca gaggccatgt tgtgttcctt     96360
     ccttttcctc tatacctgtc ccattgctta gagtcccagg acagaggagc acaggttagc     96420
     ttcccctcac ctgtatcccc tttactcatt tattaattaa gagctttgaa cacagggccc     96480
     tctaggacac atgtgtgcct gtgtgtacac gtgcatgctt acgtgtggtg tgggtatcgt     96540
     ttgctgtgtt atctaggcag tcccaaagct cttgttatct cctgtgttgc tggaagcagt     96600
     tgtgtgagag caggtctgac catgttgctt aggctgatct cagacttgta cactgcaatt     96660
     atgagcatgc cccaccacac cagcttcccc cgcactttgg atctgccttg tctgtactgt     96720
     ccaggctgtg gaatgaagcc taccaggttt gtgttctaat tttgttacat aggcaggcta     96780
     tctattctac ccactcccca tgcagcctca atttctccac ttatgaatta atagcatctg     96840
     ttctgtgggg aggttacaac ctgaatggaa acaagtgcag agctctgggt agcttgaagc     96900
     actcagagcg gcagctatga cttggccctt tcctctgcac gcagactttt gcagcctctg     96960
     tcatcctcct ctgagttctc actctgaccc cgatgtagtg tctcttcagt tattagtggc     97020
     tccctgcctt gcccagtcag tcttctcctc tgttgttgtt tctatgtttc ttccactgtt     97080
     tttttggttt tggttggtgg ggtttgtttt gctgctgggg atggaacctg tgtctgtcct     97140
     agggtagaca agtgcttggt gagctccagc ttcagccacc cacttcgact tccttaataa     97200
     catagggcag atacagtcat ctgtcccaca gacaaggaat ggcatctact gtttccaagt     97260
     ccagcttggc cttggatctt gacccttccc aggattgaca acctcataga gtccccaagc     97320
     ttatgaggac acgtggtagc agctgttccc ctagagaagg agaggtctgt aggttgacag     97380
     tcattctggg gtgactttat aggccagcca agcaggtgct gtgcatgtta tgtgtataac     97440
     tgattctgac tgctaactac agtctacagc ccgaagggct cagggagtgc agacctttaa     97500
     taaagagacc gtcattaagg cgtgggactt gggagacagt acagatgcta cctgactttg     97560
     cctacttagt tagcccctca ctgagtcctg ctggcttggc tcttatgtgc ctgatttgat     97620
     ctcttcttgt ggcaggaaaa gcccttctac tcccaagtgc ctgcacttta aactgttccc     97680
     agctcctgtt cactcttgcc tatgtgtctg atgtgttttc ttaaaatact tcctgttcct     97740
     cagcaagatc atcattcttg ccttcctgca ggtggtgttg tgtcaagaca gccccttctg     97800
     tttcccccct cctctcctct ttttctttct cccctcctcc tctcctcctc ctcctcctcc     97860
     tgtagcctga ctgctcttca tgctgtcact agcgccaccc ctgtggcctg attattcagg     97920
     ctagccccgc tgtgggtatg ttaaaactga gcactcttat ccaggcagta gagaaaccag     97980
     tgctcagcct cttagagaca gacaagaatt gagtgtttca aatggagatg ggaaaacagc     98040
     gcaaggaagg ctgagtagtc ctggtggtct gcagaacact ccaggaagcc ataccaggcc     98100
     tttggcaggt ctctggctga agttctgttt acttgattcc atccacatat atagaggttt     98160
     tggggttgtt ttgttttgtt ttggtgttcc tatgaaaaac ctcccatatt ggattttaaa     98220
     tttttaaaat tatactccct gacattatct gggggtgggg aagatttagt attcaaaaga     98280
     atagttactt tttataatat ttctgccatt catgtattta tagattattg cttaagtctc     98340
     ttgacctcag ttgatgttag tgacactctc tggaccttag gaagcccaca ggtagtggcc     98400
     tcgcctatcc acatatctct tcactccctc tgtgggctat ttgtgggact atccactcga     98460
     gatgactgtc agtgtctggg atctgggcca ctggagaagg gagatgggga aaggagacta     98520
     gagcagcatg ccctgctccc tgctaggtgt gaatctaggc tacccacagt caaggaggaa     98580
     agagtggggt taggaggagt tctggaaagt tgggtgctgg ctttttcctt caggtgtctt     98640
     tccttggcat cgagcgaccg agtgccgtta gtagccgtag taccggtagt cagagttact     98700
     agcgtcggct tggtttcctg agctcctcct tccagcactg gcattggagg ccttggaagc     98760
     cgtgtctcta atggacaggg acctacaagt ttgaataggt ctatgtgagg atctaggtgg     98820
     cggatggact gtgatgctgc cagttcctca aatcctctga gaatgtatgt gccctggggc     98880
     ctgactattg ctcccctgtg tcctcaccga gacctcactg tacggtggga gatgggaagt     98940
     gctatctcag gcagccaatc agaacagagg agaaggtttt aaggatctcc gagtgtggga     99000
     agggaatccc ctagtctcca aatgaccctt ctagtcctaa gcctgtcttt cttcctatta     99060
     atctttgtct cctgatcaca atccttagag aaaccatctg gcttggtccc tgctgccaaa     99120
     gcgttttcca tttgcaggag tatcgagcta gtttatagat ttcactgttt tcagaatagc     99180
     tccctttaat cttctctcat tccttaaaca tggcattccc tttcagaacc tgtgctggct     99240
     ggaggagaaa gagaaggagg ttgtcagtgc cttgcgctac tttaagacca ttgtggacaa     99300
     aatggccatt gataagaagg ttctggagat gctcccgggg tcagccagca aggtgctgga     99360
     ggccatctta cccctggtgc agactgaccc tcggatccag cacaggtgag tcccccagaa     99420
     ggtccttagc tgtggcagag caggaggctt agaggcgcct tggtttgggg catttgaaac     99480
     agtggggaga aaggagtcct ccacttgccc ccacttccca gctttgaggc agttgctcct     99540
     ccagaggcct gtgtgctggc caactcctag cagatgccac caccctccga gctgtggctt     99600
     tatcctgtga tcagctcact ggcactgagg acattgggtt ggacatattc tcagagcctc     99660
     catcatcatt taccatgacc tgcagtccgt tgtcattcaa gcccacggct gctgggatta     99720
     ccatctgata aaacggtgga gtgacatcct tgcctgggcc aggcccatac ctcccaggca     99780
     gcctttgatt gctagagtgt gtattttcct acaggttagc ttgccccact tttattatta     99840
     agtatcacaa ggaaagccat gctcgatgca atccccaagc ttgcaggaac tttactgaaa     99900
     agactggcag gtctggggtt ttgtctgtga tacccattca taatcgatgc atctctgtgt     99960
     ggatttctca aggcagctta gtgtccattt aaccccatga gactgagctt ttaagaatgg    100020
     ctttcagaac ttggcagtga agttcacaat tttcttctga gagatctaac aaactgtctt    100080
     tattcccaag aaatgttctg cctgggacgt ccaccccagc ttctgctggc tctggctggg    100140
     gattgtggcc tttggctcac tgtgctgctg tctgtactgt ggctcgccct tcgttcaccc    100200
     caaagcaggc tcaggtctcc tttgagaaaa agaacccaac attaggccat cagatgttta    100260
     ggtggttaac tctaaatgct atcattcctg tgtcttcatg agatggctcc caccagggaa    100320
     gagttaaaat caaattaaag ttaaaaagct ccctaacaca tgatgatgtg gtggttgtgt    100380
     ggtacacgtt gaagaaggca gcaagagaac tgcagtgtcc tgtcctgctt cccagaggat    100440
     gctgggggaa gcagctagat tgacagggga atagaacaaa aaactaagag aacctaaggg    100500
     tagtatcagg cattccccca gaggcaccta tctgccagac aggctgaagg actgggcagg    100560
     ccccctccgg aggggaagcc ccacccccca ttcctaactg tctttttttt tttttttttt    100620
     tccgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg    100680
     ctggcctcaa actcagagat ctacctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat    100740
     gagccaccac gcccggctcc caccccccat tcctatgagg ccttgacacc atccccaagc    100800
     ttcttggcca gctccgttta ttctcaggga caggaggggt ttgctttcct tcttaatgac    100860
     tgctctgttg gtggtgcaga gtgcagctgt gactggcaga aaacttagct ccttccccgt    100920
     gctgttgctc ttgataagtg tcattggtaa aacatctaaa gacctttgct gttagaaccc    100980
     acttcagtca aaaattacaa tattgggctg gagagatggc ttagcggtta ggagcaccga    101040
     ctgctcttcc aaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    101100
     ctaacaagat ctgacatcat cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tagttacata    101160
     taataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaag aatcacaata ttgtgttatt ctctctaaat    101220
     tgtgcccttg ttttctaagt atctaatagt gatggagtga ttgtttttgc tctcctgtta    101280
     cagtgtacaa aatttgatgt gagaacagta actctttcta gattccttaa gaaaactcat    101340
     gtttagggtc tgggcatggt ggcacatatg accccagctc tcaggaggca gaggcaatca    101400
     gatttctata aggccaatct ggtctacaga gtcatttcca ggctagccag ggccacatag    101460
     tgaaacccta tctttaaaaa ccttaattag tttaaaaata aaaaagttta tggactctat    101520
     aagaattgta ggtttggact gctattgtac tgtactaagg ctctcccaaa taccaaggac    101580
     ttatattttg tgtgttgtcc tcacggtgtg aatggaggca gctgctgtgt gtgcacattc    101640
     gtgagcattc accacatgac aaggcctctc gcctcttgtg agtctttgaa atcctctcta    101700
     cctagccacg gctgcctcga tgaggatgat gaagctgagc aaggataaga aaggtctatt    101760
     aaaccacaga cagctctcac aagtgcctgg ctttcctggc ctgacaccca aaacccctca    101820
     aacctgttga tgctggtcca tcaaaatgac tgtcaaactc attcaaaaca ggaaatacat    101880
     aaagctctcc cctgtcaaat ggtttgcaac tgaaatgagg aaagatgttc ccaggatgtg    101940
     tagagggatg tgacagttga agaaactact gggatagaat ttttatgata tatttgggga    102000
     gggggagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt atagtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta    102060
     ctgggaactg gtaagatgcc tccatggata atagcaccca ctaggcaatt atgaggatct    102120
     gagttcaaat cccagcatct acacaaaatc cagtgttctg ggagcagtga tgggagggtc    102180
     atgattcagg ttgctcatta atgttctttt aaaactttcc ttccatagct cagccctctc    102240
     ctcctgttat agccgagtat accagagcct cgccaacctt atccgatggt ctgaccaggt    102300
     gatgctagag ggcgtgaact cagaagataa ggagatggtg acaactgtga agggcgttat    102360
     caaagctgtc ctggacggag tgaaggtaag aagtgcaggt cccaggcagc ccagatcagg    102420
     cagccagccg acagaagctt aaaacttgat tttagaccat acacagggtg actgtcttcc    102480
     aaaagctgtg atatgggcca gctctagttc tgtccagtca ctacttcact ctagagacca    102540
     ccagcccttc atgcatctgg cattaagtcc tctatgggcc atatgtccca ggtatggcag    102600
     agaacatgtg ccagcttaat gcaatggaga tggtttagca agagccccag tctatcaccc    102660
     atctcctttg catggtctgc aaacatgtag gactcctggt agaaagcacg gtggagttgc    102720
     tgaagctaag tgtgcttgat ctctgtgatg tggtcaatgt gtttactatc caggccattg    102780
     cagaaagcct cagagaagat aaggagccac agttggaggg ggaagcaaag actacaaagg    102840
     gcctggagtg gggcccagaa gcaggctaac taagagtgtc agttccagta ggggagaagc    102900
     aaagctgagt gggggcccga gagatgacaa gggccttgca gtggcagcag caggaggcac    102960
     tgttctaaga gcccttatta ggctggtgga atgctttaaa tcccaattca tcactaagta    103020
     gtctgtgggc tcagacagtt actaccttgg ttcatcttga tgatgcccat gcacatgctc    103080
     agaagcacgg gtaacagcag ggccctgcat ggcagcattg cagacttagt gcaggatgct    103140
     ttagagcaat gctgaataca cgtagcccaa aggcattcat ggctgttcag tattatgtgg    103200
     tgctaaatgc atgcttgata gatgcggctt ggaaaagctg tgtccctttt atttaccctc    103260
     aatccaaaat tataaccaca cttgtcagcc taggtcagaa aaacttccat tctcagccaa    103320
     tctatgaagt tcctgaaaca tgcctcttgg tgtagtgttt tttagaagct cttaaaaaca    103380
     gagcttttag ggttttaatt acagagagaa ggccaaggag gcattgcttg gtgagagaaa    103440
     tcactcccaa atgggctgtt agcgaaagcc ccagcacctt taaagtagag gctgtgtgct    103500
     gctgtgtctc cagagagctt tgggttcact gtgaggagga gatgtggcaa cactgctccc    103560
     atgctgtctt ctcacagagc catcagactt tataccatca gtgttaagag gctgcaatct    103620
     ctgtagaatt tggggtgcag tttatcccct cagttcttcc tgcagcttct ctagctgggc    103680
     aatgtgagac aggaccttcc caggttttct ggccaagttc tgactctccc actcttgctg    103740
     ctcttgtacc gacttctgga aatcaaaatt attttccaga ccagattgtt agtgtttctt    103800
     ctatcaaatt gatcttgatg aaatattata agttaaaaca gctgaaacaa gaggtcaggt    103860
     ttccacagaa gcctcaggac tccagagccc ccatgttcct tatggactcc tgaaggcagg    103920
     gctgcactgg ttggcagaag gaaggcttga atgaaaaatt gatgatttct caatgtgacc    103980
     ctgggatggg agcacacacg tacagcctgt agaagttgaa catgccagca cctgagagca    104040
     aataacttct tcacaggtgt tttttttaaa aatagtttag gcagaacagg gtaaggagaa    104100
     ggctcagcaa tgtggaaggc agagccagga gagtcctgag gagaaataac agagactgtg    104160
     ccttggagaa aacacactct gaaaagttgt cccctgccct acacacacat gaccatgcag    104220
     gtgagcagac acatgcacaa gcacactagc acacatacgg atgcttccgt gggtaaggag    104280
     ctctgtattc tgggggtgct atgacaggag tactcacaga ggtgaagaca ggggcacagg    104340
     tctggccttg gggagcttca ggttacataa aaggatgcca cgtgccaatg cagggacagg    104400
     aagtcagctg gcatgtgtta ctagaggctt cttctagagg gtgtcagtca aggagtgaga    104460
     ttggtcagcg tgggcatttg tgattagtat cttagagcaa taatagcaaa caattcacgg    104520
     gtgcttttct acactgccca actttacttg taacagccct aactgaggca gacaccttct    104580
     ctgatgggcc aaccgaggtt cagtggcaag ctcatgattc tcacacatgc ctgctaggcc    104640
     tacgcactta gtcaccctct gctgccccat cctaggagac ccaaaggatc cttctcattc    104700
     acacttccta acaaggacac ctcagaagcc tgtgtcctgg tgtgtgctcc agccgccctc    104760
     agctgggaga gccagagtgt gcaagcacag tgctttagct gttgtcttct tcccacttgg    104820
     aggtacattc cttcagagtg actcaccgcc cctcagggag ctcattcagt tgttaaatgg    104880
     aattgtttgg ggtggggttg ggggtaagac tgaaaacttg tctgaaaggc agatgatttt    104940
     ggtattgttc ctacatggaa actgtcatct gccgtgtaaa tcttcacgta aatgccactt    105000
     gtgagctgta taaacgtgga caagtgactc ctctgagatt cttgtaagtt cttaaatacc    105060
     cagagtgtgt taggagaggt aagattgtgt ctttggagta ctggcaaggg ttgggtggct    105120
     aacaggcagg atgagcactg gtcaccttgg caactttcac cagagtagct tacatttacg    105180
     tctcagggga gaattgtatt tccctctagg gcaactcaca agttttgggt cttctgtact    105240
     gtgccagtta aatgcccact tctcctctga cctcagacat gtcaggagca ggcctccagc    105300
     cactcagaca gactaaagtg ttatcattta aaataataat atgggctaga ggctaagaaa    105360
     atactccctg ctctcctgga ggatccatgt tctgttctct agcatctgta ttaggtggca    105420
     cacagagaac tccatttctt gacctccatg ggcatctgga cactcacaca gacacacaga    105480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa aaaacttgta atgctttctt ccactgaaag ccttggggaa    105540
     tcccacagct ttgtcacttg accgtcacct ccagagctgt gcttgcatag caggctcaga    105600
     ggttttctaa gtatagcagc caggccagaa aacagaagct tttttttgtt tgtttttttg    105660
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct cagtgtagcc ttggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc    105720
     agactagcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg    105780
     tgtgcgccat catgcccgcc cggctaagca gaagctttta acgatacaac ttttgcagct    105840
     ggtaaaatgg ctgagcatcg aagagtgctt gcctccaaac ctaacctgat ctgactgacc    105900
     ctcagaaccc agcgccccta gacgcagact gtcctgtgac ctccacgagg gactgtggca    105960
     cacacaatca acccatcaat tattgcaaac atttttagac ataaaacttt tggaggttaa    106020
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgatt tcgaggccag cctggtctac    106080
     acagtgagtt ccaggacaac cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaacaaaa    106140
     acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaat cttttggagg gattgggaga tggcacaatc gtaaagtgct    106200
     tgccgcataa acatgtagac ctgagcttag atcccaagca cccatgataa aaaacataaa    106260
     tagatttata aattactagc catagccaca ttagccagga cccagtggcc tccatatgtg    106320
     acacaaaaat aaagtattct ttcccacatg taaagaaagt tcagtgatag acaaaggcga    106380
     gtgtgaggtt tccttgagga cacttctaac tccctcttct actgtctgta acacagattc    106440
     tatgcagtga tgcacagtag ctgcttcctc tccagttacc atggctacat tcagacaagg    106500
     aagaagaggt gcaaagttac cttctccttt gaaggaggct tcttagagcc cgacacagaa    106560
     tttctcttgc attttattgg ccagagttgc atcagggctc accagttcac cccacgtcca    106620
     cgcatggcca gtgcaatatc ctctcctcgt tcactggctc cccagattgc agggtgcaaa    106680
     ccctaagtga cacctccttc ctgaaacctc cacatgtcac gcttgtcctg gaagggcagg    106740
     gacaagtgtt ccaagccttg tcaggcacac atcctttggc acattccttg tttggtgctc    106800
     ttattatttg agccagccct accttgagac tgttctagaa acaagtccct ggctggtttt    106860
     ggccttcaga atgtggttta ctatgttttt aaaatattta tatatgtatg tattttatat    106920
     ttataggagt acactgtagc tgtcttcacg cacaccagaa gagggcatca gatcccatta    106980
     cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcagggcct cttaaccact    107040
     aagccatctt tccagcctat ggtttactat ttttaaaagg tttactttta aaaatccagg    107100
     gcccagatag agccagtggg tagcatcgtc tctgtgggca gcagctggtg ggtgcctcct    107160
     cagcctcctc ctcctcctcc ttgaaacttt agggctttgg ttatttaaag ttgtattcgt    107220
     atttatgtgg gcagtaccca cagaagccag aatagttatc agatcccctg gtgtcagagt    107280
     taacaggcaa gttgtaagct gccctgcgtg ggtgctggga accaaaccta catcctctac    107340
     aagaccaacc ggtgctctta actactgagt atctcagttt gttcatttga agcttttaaa    107400
     atttatttta gagttattac tcctgaaagt tggcagtgta gaattagtca aaggcaccct    107460
     catgatgcta cttagtgtgt ccctctgccc cttggattcc tgtgaagctg gaggccagag    107520
     ccctctcagt ttgttggtgg agaaaagaag cttctagatt gcactgtgct tccaagaaag    107580
     gtgccctctt gatgtgggca ctattgttgg tcatgactgc tgtgccccag agttttcaga    107640
     ctatgacatg taagaagatt tcttctgcca gttttccatc aatagccaga gtgaatctga    107700
     aagagaaact tcctcttgta gctgttatac aaagcttgtc actttcttat gtatactttt    107760
     caaaattagg agtgcttcct agcatcctct gccctgtgtt tctagtttta aattgttatg    107820
     tagctcaggc caggcagtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc    107880
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacacag tgagttccag gacagccagg    107940
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac aagttatgca gtttcctagc ttgctctgct    108000
     tcccagccat tgtggctaca gtatagcacc tgaagtcctg tgtcttagga ctgtgtgagg    108060
     aatgccaatt gttacctgtc tccatctgtg ggtcaagtcc agtgctgctc ggctgtatgt    108120
     gccactgaga gcatccctcc acttgccact tctcactgcc actttagatg tgggcagaga    108180
     aagtcccttg ttgtctccat tagaagtcac tgtggtggca gaggcaggag gatctgagtt    108240
     ggagggcagc ctggtggaca tagaaaggtc taggatagcc agaactacat agagagacct    108300
     tgtctcaaaa aacacaaagc aaaacaacaa agtctctctg gggctggaca ctcctgtgac    108360
     catgtcctat agctcctgtc acgggaatcc accctagtct ccaagggcca ttgtgttcct    108420
     cacttgtcag actagacctg accctcttcc taaatgtgtg aagaactaaa gggtggcact    108480
     gagccgtgat gtgtaactgc aaacttcctg tgccctggca ctgcacccag agaatagggt    108540
     aaggaggtga tagccagggt ctgggctgca gctaggatac tcccagtgga gtgaccccac    108600
     tgtgtgaact cagggaacac tattcaccat gctgtccttg gggttctttt ttttttttaa    108660
     gatttattta ttttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtgtcttt agacactcca gaagaggggg    108720
     tcagatctca ttacagatgg tagtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcaggg    108780
     ccttctgaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc tctgagcagt ctgtccagcc catccttggg    108840
     gttctttgtg ccaggactgt cacagcagtg cggggcccct ctgccaggca ggtctttgta    108900
     tcattccagg agaaagtaga aaggaagccg ggaccaagac attcaaattc ggagccgtgt    108960
     gttgacagag gttcccattc tcgggaaagt ctcctccaga tgtgctctgt ggcttaatta    109020
     actgtatgtt ggtcttctgt atagttgttg gcagaagagt ccagaactct tttctaactg    109080
     ccttgtaacg tgagactaac aattaactta aaagactgtc tttgagaaac cctgcctttc    109140
     agagatttgg cttttcacaa ggtactgggc cctggcttac tcacaggtgg tgagcactca    109200
     gtgagaccag gctattggaa gtacctagct agaagaggtt tctggagcct tgtgtgtgat    109260
     cgttaagaca agttgagacc aaagcccttc tgtttgggca ggaaggttgg cagagaaaga    109320
     aaagctgcca tcccctctcc cagctccact gtcatgatgt ggtcctggaa tgtcagggca    109380
     caattgcaag tgtgtgcttg tcatcccagg atcctatagc tgtccattgt tcattagctg    109440
     aggtcacagc tgccattcca ggacagcatc cctgcctgct cccacgtcag gaggaactgg    109500
     aatttgtgct gtgtcagcag atacaaatgt gcagacttct ctgcattccc ttatcctgct    109560
     tgctggagta cgattggctt aacgtggagg cactcatgat gctgaggcag aaagattgag    109620
     aattgaaggc ttctgagtca cttgggtctg acactttgat cccagccaag gctttcaagg    109680
     gacctgcctt tgccactcct gtgcactcct ccaggtagcg agtgtgggag cggctgcctc    109740
     cagctgcttc ccttgcctcc ctctgacact tgtgctctgg actgtgaagc aagtcgaagg    109800
     ccccttcctg gggctagcct cagcctcccc aggatcttac ttccacatga ctccaagagc    109860
     agaacggggt gagcctggat ctggttccat ggacatccct ctcatgactt gggggtggca    109920
     gttttcttag aattaatttg tgtccatttt caaaaatgta gaagatacaa ttaaatacat    109980
     aaattacatt aaaaacacac acacacacac aaaaggggtt ttgatcttgt ttccaaaatt    110040
     tacagtgtac cccatcaaag caggtagggc ttttctgcac ctagtatgcc tggtattcca    110100
     ccatctttcc atgatgttac tatggcctgt gttcctgctg tgactttatt cttactgact    110160
     tcagagtggc cctttgatgg atctgtcaca tctgcatact tggtactcaa agtgtttaat    110220
     ggtgctatga acagtctcat tttacctgtg gtgacatcct cacaactgag cttttacata    110280
     tatccatggc attttcctca gacagaatcc tcctaacaga tacttaaggc ttttgatgca    110340
     tgcctgctgc ccagagtgac actcattctt actgatcctg tcctgcccca ccctaccgcg    110400
     tgtctgcaag ttttattttg ttgccatcaa acttgagaag ctctcatgat cataacaccc    110460
     tttgcatctg caaaactcct cgttaatatt tctttgtgta tgtttatctt ttttcgtagt    110520
     ttttatgttg tcaaaagaag ctgctttggg aaatgctagt tctttgcccc tggtcaggga    110580
     gatgtggtta ggttacccag ctctgcattc tcagaggtac tgtgtgctct tccctcgtgc    110640
     acacagacca tcaccagcag cagagagcag tgaggagatt gtgtgcagca atataccaga    110700
     acactggtca gcagtgaaaa agagcctacc tggactccct gaggcaggtg gggatggcca    110760
     gaaagagagt ggtctttgcc atgggcagcc agagagtcgg gggactgtgc aggttcagaa    110820
     tttctgtcct aaagttggtt gtgttaagga ccgcacatgt gctcactcac acttagagta    110880
     gctgaatttc atggtatgtg aattctacct ctacaatttt gaaaggtgaa gctggagtga    110940
     tggctcattc tgtaaagcac atctcacata atcatgacca gagttcgatt cctacaatgc    111000
     acagagaaag ccaggtatcg tggccataat tgtaatccca gcactaggga atcaagagac    111060
     agatggatag atccctagag cactctggcc agttagcctc actcagtgta ctcagtgatc    111120
     tccaggtgct agtaagagac tctgtcccaa aaaagaaagt gagggctccc aaggccaacc    111180
     tctgatctcc acctgtcatg tgagcataca gctataagtg tcgcacacac aggaggtcca    111240
     tttctatggc atccatggga cagccaccat aatgcacagc ccttcaagtg tacacactgc    111300
     aaggcccatg tatggccatc ctgggggccc acagcaatct aggcagaaag tacagagtgc    111360
     tgggatagca gaagggaaga acaggtgagg gtgggcttcc caccccaagt ggtgttcaca    111420
     ctgtggagca tagcgttcac ctgggaaaaa tcattaaagt ggtctggagt ggtagtgcat    111480
     gcctttaacc tcagcacttc tacacagaga gaccctgttg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    111540
     aaaaagtcat ggaacaggat aaaatgtgtc ccagctgaaa caccacaccc cttatcttcc    111600
     ctcttctcta ctattttcag agtaccattt tttattttct ttcaaagcca tttctctgct    111660
     tttagaaggt cacataacct tcactctaag tccattgaca aggctcccag ccagccagtc    111720
     cactggggct ccagttcctg cattgactaa gccagtgcac tttgggaaaa cactaaaagc    111780
     cagaagccaa gtggctaagt gcaccattgt gcataacatg acagctttaa ggagccaaaa    111840
     ccgcctgcca ccctccccag actgcacagg aatacaagtc tgtaatggtc tgttcatcta    111900
     aacacccgga cttgccattt cccctttcaa aaggaagtac atgatgcagt tgaaactttg    111960
     cagtatgctg ctatggtatt tttagagtga aagaggcatg ttaggggttg tgcagattac    112020
     cccgcgtagg aaatgtgtgg acacaaatgt gggtcttaga agccctgcct cttgctaaag    112080
     gtacagtggt gtcatcccct cccccttctc cctcacagga gctagtgagg ctaaccattg    112140
     agaagcaggg gcggccatcg ccaacaagcc cagtgaagcc cagttcccca gccagcaagc    112200
     ctgatgggta agtctaagca gactctggtt ccagtggcac tgagcccaca cttgacaaga    112260
     gggagccagg caaacagtga gagcatgaga ggctgtgggc agccctggcc ccctttgcag    112320
     tggtaagttc tggtgagtgt atttcactaa gcttcagagt gctgtcttgc acttgacaag    112380
     ctcatctgga caagagtgta tggaaggagg tgggtctcag accccactcc caccccagtt    112440
     aggttctgcc ccaggcaaca tcactgcacc ataaactccc aagggcttgg ctgagaggtt    112500
     gggggagact tggatttttc agtagttcag ctaacaggag gccagcccag tgttcctcag    112560
     taaactgagg gatggccttg tggacagcct tactattttg cattaatttc aaggactggc    112620
     ccgtgttaaa tatgtatcac attttagagc atcctggtag ctggtcagtg atgaaacgcc    112680
     atgggaaccc caagactgtg catggggctc ctcctcagcc ccatcattcc cttagcccca    112740
     cccccatccc ccaggagcca catccactct gactacgcgt gatccctagt tctttccatt    112800
     tctctagcca gcctgagctc cctctgacag accgagaaat ggagattctg aacaagacga    112860
     caagtgtgtc accatctgct gaactgctcc cagactccac cagtgaagag gtcgcacccc    112920
     ccaagccccc tttacctggc atccgggtgg ttgataacag gtaattctaa actcttttga    112980
     ccctatttat gacctaatgt ggggagtggg tggtagaatg agctgaagga taactgtgcc    113040
     tgggcttggc actgttaaaa agaatgtctc tgagagtggc caggctctgg ccctgggccc    113100
     tctatccagt gaaaccaatc atgatttcac tatggaagga aaagaatctg ttttggttct    113160
     ggtctttggg cattgataga gtgattggca agaggagaac aggaggcagt taaagtatga    113220
     aaattaagtg tggaaaaaga acttcattca tgtctaaagc acgcttgttt gtgatgtaaa    113280
     tttgcctgga ttttctgtct cttctagtcc accagcatta ccacccaaga aaaggcagtc    113340
     tgctccatcc cccactcggg tggctgtggt agccccaatg agtcgggcta ccagtggctc    113400
     cagtttgcct gttggaatca ataggcaggt aatgaagtcc tggttctgtt gggcgactag    113460
     aaatggagtt ttttgaggct tgtgtccgag tgctggaagt cgcctgtagt ctttacaccc    113520
     actattactc acatctagag acttgtggga gagcaaacca tagccatccc tcttccctcc    113580
     atgacatggg catctcccaa gggcatccct gttgaaacac tcacactcct cccggttcct    113640
     ttcctgtcgg atccgatcct acactggcat cagaaacggc ctcggagcta ggcaggcttt    113700
     cctctgagct agtgagcatg tcagttgctt gtccctggtc tctgctgtct ttccaaggat    113760
     gactgaagtt cctttccatt ccttccaagg actttgatgt tgaatgttac acccagaggc    113820
     gcctgtcagg aggcagccgc tcctgcggtg gtgagtctcc tcgcctgtcc ccctgcagca    113880
     gcacaggcaa gctcagccgc tcagacgagc agctgtcctc cctggacagg gatagtgggc    113940
     agtgctcacg gaacacaagc tgtgaaacac taggtaagcc atcacaaccc tcctcgtccc    114000
     tgggtggggt cctttgattc tgggaccaag tcagctgata cccaggcatt agttggatgt    114060
     ccttagtcaa attctttaaa atccagcctc agtctgctca tctacaaaat gaagatggtg    114120
     tctgctgtct gctgaggaag agtctggatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    114180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtaacagtg taaagttaca cagcagatgc tcaggcagtt atctccttac    114240
     aggcagcctg gcagtgttca gctaactcat ccagtgcaca tatggctttc tctgaaggag    114300
     ggagctcctg aaggtattga cagaggttga aagcattgag cagcctccta tccttatcag    114360
     gcaccattga ccaaggtcag caggaccatt tgccaggagc ttgctggtac caaccagttt    114420
     gtgtcctaga aattagatcc ttttcccttc tgagaaggtg tcctaagcac aaaggaaaga    114480
     ttgtcagcag gctcctgtcc aaggaggcta acctacaaag aattaagtgg tgataagatg    114540
     gagacactgc taggagccac tagtggcaac cagatgaccg actgaggaga cattgctctg    114600
     atggggtagc ctagagctag tgaaaatcac ttccgtatgc tggtgcatgg accacaggtg    114660
     gtcatgctgc tttctcagca tggtcaaaac ggatgggaaa ggtagcacct gcttgtaagc    114720
     cctgcccttg ggaggcggag gcagggctcg tgtgctccag gccagcctgc tctacagaga    114780
     atttcaagcc agccaggact acatagtgag gccatatttc aaaaacaaac aaaaaatcgg    114840
     gaataagatt ctagagaaaa aagaactttt caagaaaatg catcaaaatg taaactgtga    114900
     tggtcatatc ttgagtttta attttcatga tcatttgcca tcttttgtct tgtacctttt    114960
     atttttttaa gtaaccaggt tgtaaaatgt aggaaaatgc taaggctata gcttggtggt    115020
     agaatgcatg tacaaagcct tgggttctat cttagaacta ccaccaaaaa agagagagag    115080
     agtcagagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg aatcaaagta caagggcaga    115140
     ggccagtata gccatctcgc cacctccaga taaagactag ttaatagtta aggagaagcc    115200
     cattggagag accaagcata aagcatgtct tgtgtgaggg agatggagcg gagcctctgg    115260
     gtgacgcgtt agctggatga tgcggctcat gggtgtgtcc tgtgtgcttt gcagatcact    115320
     acgaccccga ctatgaattc ctccagcaag atctctccaa tgcagaccag atccctccac    115380
     aggcagcctg taacctcagc cctctgccgg agtccctggg ggaatctggg cctccatttc    115440
     ttggccaccc tttccagctg cctttgggca gctgtctgca gcaggaggga cagcagacag    115500
     acactccacc tgcccttccg gagaagaagc gtaggagcgc agtctcccag accacggaca    115560
     gctctggctg cagggtgtcc tatgagcgac acccctcaca gtatgacaac atctcagagg    115620
     gtgacctgca gaacccagtc ccagtccagc ctgtgcccta cccacccttt gctgctgtcc    115680
     tgccctttca gcagggagct tcctctgcct ctgctgagtt tgtgggtgat ttcagtgttc    115740
     ctgagttggc gggtgacaca gagaagccac ctcctctacc agagaagaag aacaagcaca    115800
     gtaagttctc tgcgctctct gtgagcacac tgtgaccctc aacagtgctg tactctgctt    115860
     agcccacata tgacaccaaa atcaatccca tgacctttct ttgatataga gcaggctcct    115920
     aggtgcacat gtagtcgtgt ccaggggccc aatactatta ttactcatgg tcctcgaaag    115980
     tctaattata atagttcacc tctcctctga agtcattaaa atcgcaggtc tgatgctcct    116040
     ctctaaatgt aacccatttc ctgaacacaa agtagcaaag gcaactgact gtcacggcat    116100
     acagacccaa acggtggcaa aggcaccaag tgtcacggcg cacagagcag cgctgccata    116160
     gcatgcacat gaaatagaac tttgtgtatg accagagcct gtctagctgt cagagggatg    116220
     tccgagtgag gacagggtgc tcacagtgac ctagatcaga gcttgcgggc tggagggctg    116280
     aggtcaactc ttggactaga tgttttaata gatagatgtt attaggctgg gtggatctgg    116340
     aaggtggaat gtttgtattt tggacaattt ccctgtaagt ttgccagagc attactaagt    116400
     aacattctgg acattccatc tttgtcttcc ctccccaact gctccacatg ggaacttgca    116460
     gaccacactg ccccaccctc tccctcacct cactaacact gttctcagat ttcccctggc    116520
     aatccagatg tcaccatttt gatatgtgtg gccacatcag ccacacagcc caactgtccc    116580
     cttaccttgg tacaaatcca gcaaggatac ctaaaactaa atattgcact tcaataccct    116640
     aataaggact tcttaaagaa gacttccaaa agaaggcctg cctcattaca cacagcagag    116700
     ctatcccagg accagagcag cctagtttgt aaccacaccc ccgactccca agatgtctct    116760
     tgctttgtga tggccttgct ggggtgtccc cacctagagg gggctggtct acaaactaat    116820
     gatgtcatcc catgtgtcct gtaagatggc acattacaga tcaagttctg cggaaagaac    116880
     actcagcagt tgggaacagg tctttctggg cttctccaca ccccgtagcc cccaataccg    116940
     aacactatta atgtcgggga ccacctgctt tcttatcaag agtcccatgg actagggtgt    117000
     agaacaggat tctgtctatc aaactctacc agatgagtgg taacgcctcc tgcttgctcc    117060
     ttagaacaag tgtggcccag agccctcaag cagagtctgc agagaaggta atggcagaca    117120
     gggagagcaa ggccattgct tctgttgctc tcgagtctcg agtggctgaa gtgggttttg    117180
     tggcaggaga agcaactgaa gctctgtcct gctgtggcta gaggaccgcc ccttgcagat    117240
     tccttaggcc agccaagggt ccaaggtgat ggctctgagc agaagcttat atagttagtt    117300
     ttccaggcca ggcctcagca gcaggtgagg ggcagtatgg gtttgtatag gtttaagcct    117360
     ggccagctct gagtacgccc aagcccagaa ggaagctttg ccttctgtcc ttaagaccta    117420
     ctatgttttc aacaaagatc ttccttccct cccccacccc caatgaaggg gtcatttctc    117480
     tatgttcagt gaaagagccc caaacctgaa gcaccccgag ctcagtcctg gtccagagtc    117540
     tgccctgcac tccctgaggg gaccacggga gagccggcgg gaagctacac ggaagtgctt    117600
     tggaagaaag gaggagtgaa tgtcagccct tgtacttggc acctctaaag caagttcata    117660
     cgtggcagtt ctgatgtcat agtatgtcct cactaagggg tgccccagca tgacttcttg    117720
     ttaagagtag cccatgggag tacctgaaca ctctagggta cttatagtcc cagagcccat    117780
     gtctgaagaa gtgtatgcag ccaagcatcc caggttcgct ggctgctctg agtgactctg    117840
     agcatctgag tcactgccca atgtggaaaa gtcctgggag ggtgaagctc actgctgtgc    117900
     ttctgtgtgt agctggcagg tctctaccag gtttagaggt tctaaaggcc tggggcgacc    117960
     agcttgaggg gacagcaggt agagaaggtt gcttgaccct tctagaaagc cagtgctggg    118020
     gctaggtcac ccctagactg tgactgagca gggatacagc agtattactg aggggcgttg    118080
     agagtacttc tcttccatgg tcagctgtgg gagcacagcc atgttctgtc agtgcccagc    118140
     agagccagca agttctgtat tctgtgaagt aaacatggcc tccttccttt cagcaaaacc    118200
     accaggagga ccttccaaaa gagagtacct ttgccaacac tctaggcctc acatggggcc    118260
     ccagggagaa gggcactctc tgcctcaggc tggcttcctc tgccttctaa ctataggctc    118320
     ctggcacttg gggtatataa cctaaggaga cagtttctgc ctggaagatg ctgaaggttg    118380
     ctcttcctgt gtctgtcaca cactgacata gatcctttag tcctaagccc aggctccttc    118440
     acggctgtca tttttgctct ttctatgagt gaattgatat tcagtcctaa ctaagtgtgc    118500
     aagggccaac gctgtgctct ctaccagcca gcccttcctt ccatgtatgt agggaggttc    118560
     cagtgcctag ggtagggata gatggaaggc cagccttgat ttccctctgc tctcaggacg    118620
     gcagtcacac ccctaggcat agtactccag aaccctctag ctctgtggac agtgaggccc    118680
     agggaacact acactgacca ccacaggagg gaggctgctg gccctgcacc tgctgtggga    118740
     aaagtgcctg cagggatgag gccatgacat gtggcagctg agctttgatc ctcaggcttc    118800
     tcaactaccc aggcacagga ggaccttgct gtcattggct gccaccctgc tgaggcaagg    118860
     aggctgacct gccaggcaga caggttgtga caggcagctt ggctgggaga tagcagctta    118920
     gcctccacat ggaagggaat ggagcaaggg tggagcagat gtatcagttg gcatttgtta    118980
     ctttctccct tccgctctgt tcctcgtgct ggcctggcct gtgctcacag atagagacag    119040
     tgagctaaca ggtccctgga ggtccttgct gggaatgggt ttgttccgca gatgtttgtg    119100
     gaatcagaca taggtcctgc tctgctagcg cttcagccct taccacgaaa gcagtagtga    119160
     ctcctgctcc atctgttttt aaggccctgt tccacatcac tgtctcccac tacaactccc    119220
     ttagattcct gccatcactg aacagactta gagtcatttc aagctaatgt gcgatgtggg    119280
     tcaggcccac agaactccca agtagagccc tgctatgggt agttcccggt gctcagaaca    119340
     gagcctgctg caggcagcct ctctggaacg cagagaatca gccttcctcc ctgattctgt    119400
     gcatgctgtg ctcttcccac cctttctact ttcccatctt gggcctttgt gtcacccgtg    119460
     ggctagggta aaggtcctgg cccatcctcg tgtcatcctt tcatagtcta aagcagcacc    119520
     acagccacca cacttgtgct ttctctgtgg cgctacacca ccatgtgtgg gggtatgtgt    119580
     gtattctgtt gacccaatga gagcatgaac cctgtaaggc agaggatcca cctcgctggt    119640
     cctgtgcact tccagcatct gtgcccctgc ctacatgtac agtaccacct cctcagcaaa    119700
     caatgaggag aggccacaga ctgctagata caaactgtag gaagagacaa ggaatcgtgt    119760
     gagaaggctg tggatgggga gccccaggca tagtagatca aaggacttgg gaaaatcagg    119820
     agccctatgt ttgttcatta tttggtccaa gataatacag acaaggctaa gcccaagggc    119880
     agcccgaagc tgagcagtcc tgcagagcct ccggtgttgc tgagtgggga aatccccaac    119940
     acctgtgcag gaagggtgca aagtgcccct gtactttctt taacagaacc ttatatttgt    120000
     agagccgttt taggctcaca acaacattga atggaaagta cagaaatttc ccatactccg    120060
     aacttccccc aatgtcaata gccctggcag agagggatag cagttacagt ggaagagcgt    120120
     gacagtcatc acgtccagag cccaccatgc actggagggt tctgtaagtg tcaccagctg    120180
     ggtgatggca tgtgtccacc tttgtagtag cacccagagt aacattcctg ctcctcgggg    120240
     gccccaagaa cacgagagct ggtggggaca gctctgtggg ccccacactg gtgagatcag    120300
     cagccccctc tgtccacagt gctggcctac atgcaactgc tggaggacta ctcagagcca    120360
     cagccctcca tgttctacca gacaccgcag agtgagcaca tctaccagca gaagaacaag    120420
     atgctcatgg aggtgtacgg cttcagcgag tccttctgcg gtagtgattc cacgcaggag    120480
     ctggcccctc cacccgctct gccccccaag caacggcagc tggtaagcag ttccccatct    120540
     gtgtccttgg cactgctgca ggtgaccaga gcttccagtc ctaacaggct tccaagaatt    120600
     tgcgtggtcc ttgcggggcc aggttgaacc tgcttttatc cgtggtggaa ccctagactt    120660
     aggtgtgttc aagtcattgt gtcctatgta gtacctctac ttcctttcca gatactcacc    120720
     atcagcttgt ccctcacact gccatcttcc caccctgggg acaaagggcc tcctgcagta    120780
     actgtcctgt gtaactggga cagacttgcg ctcagaatgt ttgatttccc tgctgacaat    120840
     ctcgtatgcc ttccctttct tccttggctc taacataggc ctcatagaca ggagggactc    120900
     aatcaaagca cagagcgctg tctgtgtgca gccatctgtg aacttgactt ccataatggg    120960
     cctaactgta tggagtgact tctatcccat ccctggccag cgatggcccc atgggaacaa    121020
     attccactga agcaggatag gtttagacag agccactttg tgctgtaaac ccagcagtgg    121080
     ccattgtgtg cctctgccat agatcctgca cagttgttcc gctcaccagg gggcggcaga    121140
     gcactgagcc tgccagtgct cccaacctgc agaatatgtt gggtgggttc aagttcagag    121200
     tctctgggcc agccaaactc tgcagagggg agatcttaac ctttgcagag ctgtgtgggc    121260
     tgctttgcta cctggcaaga aaagagacgt gtgtgttgac ctaagccttt ttctgtgaat    121320
     tgtgaagtga gccctactta ccttgtagta cctggggctt agtacctcag gcttctgagc    121380
     cgttcagcct tgtaggccat agccagctag ctaagtagac atttacttct gccaagaagc    121440
     tctcaactga ctgagacagc ctctcctaga gatgaaaatc tggggaatct gggtcccagc    121500
     cctgtccatg gtgctacatg ggaactaaac cacctaggtt gtttcccaaa aggtcatctg    121560
     catgggaata gaaatgctga tttaagctgg gcgtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca    121620
     ctcaggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag    121680
     ttctatgaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aagaaaaaaa agaagaagaa    121740
     atgctgactt aagggaccac tgctggccat gccttcctga ggttgttcct ccatgacctg    121800
     tgggtttccc taggcatctc tatagtgaga agtccgtaga ttatgagcag ctggagacag    121860
     attcctcaca caaatgtgga acagaatcac tccaagcatg taacatgaga cagcctatcc    121920
     caccatgcag cagggtaggg agagaacagc cagttcggga cctccccaga cagattcagg    121980
     tacacactgt cctccccacg gttcctgata ttccccactg ttcttttttt tttttttttt    122040
     tttttttaag atttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact gtagttgtct tcagatacac    122100
     cagaagaggg caccagatct cattacgggt ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat    122160
     ttgaacttca gaccttcgga agagcagtcg ggtgccctta cccactgagc catctcacca    122220
     gccccccact gttcttaaag agagactagg aactagaaga acttatcact agcccacagc    122280
     tatccaaaga cctagaaatc aagcccagct ccagatgagc cctgaccaac cacagaacaa    122340
     gctatgctaa ttgctagttg aatcttgtct ccagttcaca catgtaggag ctgtgcacac    122400
     cttacacaca agggtgataa tagcaattac acttcttcac atacagtaat tatgcatggc    122460
     acttgattta atcctctccc aatacacaca cagtgctaga gttctccaca gtttccagga    122520
     tcccgaccac caagctctct aagaaatgct cagggccagt aggtgttctc taatggtgcc    122580
     taaattcaac cacaagggtc ttgagcctgg ggtctgagct ctgaatccag agagaccaca    122640
     taggtctacc cagctctgaa gtgctcaggg tgggctagag agatggctca gtgtttaaga    122700
     gtactgactg cttttccaaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac    122760
     aaccatccat aatggtggcc ctcttctaat atatctgaag acagctacag tatacttaca    122820
     tataataata aataaatctt tagccgggcg gtggtggcac atgcctttaa tcctagcact    122880
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcaaggctag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    122940
     tcaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaataaaaa caaaaacaaa    123000
     acaaaaacaa gtctttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagctc agggtcaggt cagtctgtgt    123060
     gacttgagcc cacttgtcct ctgaaggttg gcattgcaat ctgcagtaag acggaatagc    123120
     agggcctctc atttagtcag cctttggtgg agccaggcag ccatctctcg ggggacaccc    123180
     ctccgcagta ttagttagtc cacatctata ctgcctgtgc tgaccattct ctgctttctc    123240
     ctcctccctg ccttctattt tgccctccgc ccagcaggcc tcctatgctg cttcttcctt    123300
     ctctgtctcc tactgtgtcc agcaaactaa agtggccttc acccccgagg acggcagtgc    123360
     cgctcagggc ctcagtgtat ccgtgtctaa ctcctttctc aaccggcacg gcagcttgcc    123420
     tgtgccctcg gtgagtctcc cctgctcttc ctcacttgga aactcgtgaa gttagtgctt    123480
     gaagcctgtg ttcctggatg ctgctgctgc tgcctgtcac cagtgctgtc cttccacaga    123540
     ccctgtgtgc ctgctgcgga agggatcaga gtacttgctt ccctgggcct tgggggctgt    123600
     ggttaggggt ccgggagtga ggtgtgggct gctctgtctg gagcatgaca ctggcacgga    123660
     gcacagccac ttctgctgtt gtgttctgct ctcccagggg cctgtgtctg cacttaaaag    123720
     gggacaaccc tttcagcaaa atcttgctag tatatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggaagct    123780
     gatcatggga tggatctctg gatatggcaa tcactagatg gtccatcctt tcgtcacact    123840
     tccaaatttt gtcactgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg tttcctattc taagaaggag    123900
     caaagtgtcc acactgtggt cttcgttctc ttgagtttaa tgtgtttagc aaattgtatc    123960
     ttatatcttg ggtatcctaa gtttctgggc taatatccac ccattatggg tgggtgggta    124020
     tgggggactt ttgctatagc attggaaatg taaatgagct aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg    124080
     aaaaaaaaag ggggggggga caacccttat ctaggaagca ggacagagag gagcaggtaa    124140
     cccgatgggg ctgggtggtg gttgggtgct tttgcttacc ccacagcccc gaggccctgt    124200
     ggcttaaagc agtagccctt tgtttgtgct cgggactcaa gttaggagga tggtatatga    124260
     atctgcccag gcaagcatct ttgggagcta ggacagttgg gctattttgt caccagtgtc    124320
     aggctggtct aggtttgttg ttgtagcagc tggcaggcaa caaatggaaa agtgtcaggt    124380
     gtcctgactc agggtcaacg tgacagccac tcagtgggac cacaaggatc actgtttggg    124440
     ggggggggga accctgctcc tgaggggagg actgcctgcc actgacacag gacaatggag    124500
     agggctacat cagtctgtag acagctcagt agtgacacaa aaggaggcct ggctttctgg    124560
     actctgcatt tgccccagag ccaaagcagc cacctttatt cctgtgatcc caactgaggc    124620
     ccagagggaa aagaatggag ccaagttcac tccctggaag cagctcgggc tcaggtactg    124680
     acttctccct gggcctcgga gtcttcttga ggtcacagtg tgattgaggg aattgaatca    124740
     agccatggga aggaagcacc atatgcgtgg gaagcagaga agctggcact gcactgctgc    124800
     ttctcctgtg ctcgggagcg tggcactgac ttcagccacc cgggaaaggc ttgggtaggg    124860
     gaccagcttg gcacttgtct gatgtccacc tttgtctagg gtttgcagtt cagtgcccag    124920
     gaccttcagg agaaccttgt aagggtggag cctcccttct cgtggctctc cgcagtgctg    124980
     ggtatatggg acagtctgag tcacctctgc cctaccacac agatcacctc ttccccagaa    125040
     ggcacctcta gcaagctccc tccacggacc ttgcaaagct tggtttcagg cagtcctggt    125100
     ccttgactgt taatacacac aaacacacac acccctagga atttctcctc attccttctg    125160
     agctgttagc agaggactgt ggatgaactg ggctgtatgc tatagaattg cagacaaggg    125220
     cgtttcctta ggtttgggtc tgagtgtgtc acttctgtgg aatgttgagg catcttacgt    125280
     ttgtgactct gtattcttag ctccagctcc aggaaagaat ccctgctaaa aggataggat    125340
     atttcagtga aaggaaagag tctccggaac cgtgcttgca gtgtgtgtca gctgataggt    125400
     cgaaccccat gccgtgattt agtgtcttgc cagctctaca cagtctctgg gtaattctaa    125460
     gaggagctta gacatgggat tccacagtgc gatcagaata ggagtgggtt agctgtaagg    125520
     atgaaaaggg aggatcacat acaatcagta gggacagtca gataagctga gggactggct    125580
     aaagcaaggt gtgagtgaca ccccgagcta ctcgagcctt cggatgctgt accaggcact    125640
     tcttcctgtt ctttccaggt tctgccgccc tgtgggctgc ttggggtgtc ttcattatcg    125700
     cccagttctg gaactgcacc tctttcctcc cagctcccca cacctgtgtc ccagctgtcc    125760
     tgaacaatat gagttgggtc gatatgtaca ctgcccttga gcagtagtga cagcatccag    125820
     actcttgatg gtcacaaggg tggtcactcc ctgtgtatac tgtggagtgg gcggtagaga    125880
     accgcctctc ccatccccta gagtgtcctg ggcagccttt ctttactagc acccattcca    125940
     cccattccaa atgctgccac caagagacct gttgggatgc tggataagca aaatagctag    126000
     ctgattccac ttttagaggg tatgtttaag tgcctgtaac gatgcttatg acttaaaaca    126060
     aaaatctttg aaatatgaaa gctaaatgta gcctggttgt ggtaatgttc gcctttaatc    126120
     ctagtattcc agaggaaaag gcaggtagct ctctatgagc tcaagccagc atggtctgca    126180
     gagcaagttc taggacaccc ggggctggct acacagagaa accctgtctt gaatccctca    126240
     cccacccacc cctaccaaaa aaagaaagct aagtgtccat cgccatggac cccagtgttt    126300
     gaaaagggct gtacagcagc tgctatctcg ttctgggccc agacaatcct ttctttctct    126360
     gagctgctag atccaggctt tgaggcatca cacatgtgcc cttcagaaga cctaggtctc    126420
     atataaacat ttggcttctg tgctgtggcc agaaatgcag ccggagcctc ctcctgagat    126480
     ttaggactgg cccttaattc caccagtgtg cccatgtctc tcctggccat gagctatctc    126540
     tgaaaattca ctcaaaagct accacagata ccatgggcat accacctcta aaaaccaagc    126600
     ctgaaccaaa ggcgagagag agtagggtag tagggtgggc aggaggatga agacaggctc    126660
     aggcagcttg gctttgctcc agtcaccttc actcagtcca tgccatcttg gcctaagcaa    126720
     agccagatca cacacaggag aggaagggat gtggggtgtg gtgggggggt aaagccctgt    126780
     aggccagggc cagagaggtg ttgctcaggg ccacttcctt gtttcctggg cttgcctgaa    126840
     ttcctgggtt tccatgaaag attccctgca ttgttagcat caggagggtt tcccttatgg    126900
     gggaggaagt acctgttctg tgaaaagcca ctttatagac cgctgtctcc tgcctggact    126960
     ttgccagcac atgtcccagg tccctagcta cttttttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc    127020
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctgact gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg    127080
     gcctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta aagtcgtgca    127140
     ccaccagcgc ctggcttcct agctactttt atgcagaccc tgagttctaa gccagtgtgt    127200
     agcaggtggt gagtgaatgt cctctcctga ctggccttac tgtttgttct cttctggtct    127260
     gtgtgtggct ccacaaacat cctgtgtacc ccacgttcat catctacaca gcccccgagt    127320
     ccttgcactg cagcaaagtc tttcacctgg agctgggaca gttctccctc tgctgcctct    127380
     gtcatgctct gctttgctcc accaatgccc tacttctgtg gtgaaatgtt ccatccctgc    127440
     agcaccagga caacacccac atggtcttct gccgctccag acagcccttg aaataaacca    127500
     tgataactca ccgtatgctt atggaaagcc caggctgctg caggcctgct cagcttgagc    127560
     gcacagacag actggaccct gtacagcagc acctcccatg cttctccccc tgcagagagc    127620
     cccagtatat acatttccag ctgagggaag gcaggggcag gacaaggctg cttcaccatg    127680
     ctggagacga caaggggcca gaagtcagtg ttccttgcct ttgggccttc acaaactctg    127740
     cttcagaaat agccacacac acagcccact agaattctag gcttgctgtt gtcctctgcc    127800
     catcagggct ctgggaccag cccaagacac aagaatattg ctctagcacc ctgctccatc    127860
     tgacaccaga gtccagcttc caggaaggcc atgtggtgac ataaccccca agggcactgc    127920
     tccacaggtg gctcttgcct ttctgccctt gtcatagtgc ctgacacttg tccaggacct    127980
     ttcttacaag tctgtgattg agtatttttc ccacccagga tatggagaca ccaaggcaaa    128040
     aaagcgaagt catctgctcc tagtgtcaag cttgagccgg ggataggccc agatccatca    128100
     tgaagagtac gttaggctta tgagctatta tgtggccaga caaatactga gatgcagtgt    128160
     agctgatcag aactgcctct aggctggcct tgcagaagtg actctccaac aggaacaaag    128220
     gcctgtgaca caggcatctg cctctgagtc taccacttgg ctttgaaacc ctgcatttgt    128280
     catttgcaaa atgtagttct tgtgattagc agaagagcct caagcaagag agctgcccct    128340
     agataagaca gcccaaaagt aggcattggc aaatgggatg aggggagcag gggaaagaca    128400
     agagacaaag ggggagtgag agcagtgtta cccaggaccc tccctgccct accccctggg    128460
     catggtcaca tcccacccca aaggaccata gctgtctccc caggcaacca ttgggagctt    128520
     taaagcttga ctacatacct agcctgctgc tgccagccac catgataaag gctggtactc    128580
     tggtgccagg gccagtactg agcacagcac ctagggagag tccaagtcat gaaagtaact    128640
     tcctgtgact gtgtttagtg gccttttgaa aaagcaatgt ggtggcttat ccatatttcc    128700
     ttttttgttt tgttttgttt tgtttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgccaa    128760
     gcaactcatt ctgtagacca gactggcctc aaactcaaaa gatccgcttg tctctgcctc    128820
     tcaagtgctg ggaataaagg tgtgtgccac caccatcacc actacccagc tcatatccat    128880
     attcctaaga atatccaaaa cttagccatc ctgaggctgt tccatgcagg gatggcctgt    128940
     ctctagaggc ttccctcaca gtcaacacac accgtcctct tgctgtcatc cacctgggag    129000
     ctgcaggctg ggtcagattc tcagtactga tgtgcaggcc acccctccca ccctagcagc    129060
     ctggccacca gaggaatgaa acagagtagc tgagaaataa gctgccaaga cagcacaggc    129120
     cccatcccct ggcaactcta tgccagcgtt aacagagaaa gtcagtctca ctgaagcttg    129180
     gccaacatca ggcggctctg cctttaatga attagcttca agcaaacaga ggttgcctgt    129240
     cagtcttcac tatctttttt actccaaaaa tgggttgttc gtccaggcat atcttttcag    129300
     aagagccaac tctgtttcca tctttcctgc ctaacagtta gggctctgct ctctgtatcc    129360
     atccctcgct tgctcgacca gcatcagaat agtgctctgc tgaggacacc cctcccccga    129420
     gtcagatcag gacagacagg ggagggcgtt tctcagatcc aagtgtgata caggccaccc    129480
     catcacaggg tgttaaggag gtgggcctct gttccttcag tcagaaagat tgcagcagca    129540
     cttcctgtcc gtgtaatgag atgacccacc acagcactct gagcatcact gccccggcca    129600
     gcctcagtgt ccctggcaga tcccctgcct gacactggaa ccagtgcctc tctcctggta    129660
     cttactctgc caccactacc atctttcccc agagtcccca acccaaacag catctctcag    129720
     gctataaata caaatttttg ctgcacaggg atctcaaaac caaaccaaac actccccaga    129780
     tccaaaaata gactggaggc tgctttgggg ctgtgaggtg accatctgtg cccttctccc    129840
     aaccccgggg atgagcgtga ccctggaggg tctgacagcc agggcctgtg gaaacagcca    129900
     cccagagcag cccagagcag cggtgcttta tggtgattgg agaaccttcc ccggctcctc    129960
     ccacccttgc aaaggtactt ttcaagtttg gctcttgtcc cagcacgact gcatagctgg    130020
     aatgcctgag gaatctagga gcaggggctg gaagggaggg gaacccaggc ccctgtccca    130080
     gacacactgc tccagcctct tcctgtccat tgagtcatcc cactcacagc tgagctgctg    130140
     tggtacaggc ctggcagtgg tctgcacacc ttaattaata ataacatcag acaatgtgtg    130200
     acacccgtca gcccagcctg agcaacttat catcaaagga tcctctcaag aaataaaaca    130260
     gcagctggag aggtggctca gcagttagaa tacttgttgc ttttgcaaaa tacctgggtt    130320
     ggaatcccaa tatccacatg gtggctcacc actgtccata gctccaggga atccaacgcc    130380
     ctctcctggc cctgcaggca aacactcata catataaaat aaatcaaaaa taaaccaaaa    130440
     aaaaaaaaga aactgtttaa gataaatatt taagtgagta cataaaacca atatccaggt    130500
     gtagtggtac acagctgcac tcatgagact gagacaagat tacaggtttg aggccagact    130560
     ggcctacata gccagaccct gtttcaaaag gaaaattaca ccactggtgg ctgacaagat    130620
     agctcagtag tagccaggca tggtggctca cacctttatt ctagcacttg ggaggcagag    130680
     gcaggcagat ctctgtgagt tccagacagg cctagtgtgc atagtgagtt ccaggccatt    130740
     gaagactgta tagtgagctc cccatccctc cacctcagaa aacaagatgg ctcagcagat    130800
     aaaggtgcaa ggctgacaac ctgatttgca tccccagggc ccatgtgaga aggagaaacc    130860
     agttccgacc tccaaacacg cacagtggca gcacactcat acacacagag aagtaaatgc    130920
     atgcagtttt aagttctttt ttaaattatg gtaaattatt ttctaaacat ctcttgatcc    130980
     agccagttgt gttgcctcct gtgcagaacc cccccccccc cgctgttacg gggtagagaa    131040
     ggacagctag tgtgggatat gggccccttg cagtagccat gctgagcact agcaggacac    131100
     tgttacactg acggctacaa ctattcaatg agaaaatgat tgtccttttc accccatggg    131160
     cgtgggctga cttttgagac aaggtttcct gtatacccct ggttggcctg aaactcactc    131220
     tgtagaccag ctgatcctga aacacagaga tccacctgcc tctgcctcct gagtactggg    131280
     attaaagatg tatgccacca tgcccggcac aataaatgta taacccaggc tagcctcaaa    131340
     ctagtgattt tcctatctca acctccttta gtaaatctta ctgccatgtg ctaccacaac    131400
     tagctcactc cattttaaag atgaagacac tcatccacaa gaacttattt gtccaaagtc    131460
     acacagatgg aacagtaaca aggtatagat gccttggatg gggaaaggga agttgggggg    131520
     atctgcagcc tgtgttgagg atcacagctg acccagattc agagagaatg agacagctct    131580
     gccggctagg caccacggca ccctacaaca gagccagaag ctggacggca tggggtcagt    131640
     acagcctgtg ctgggtgggc atttctgagt caaaccctaa catctccaat tagtttaaaa    131700
     cttcatttct ccttcctttt tcttatttcc gtgggttctg aaactcctgt accacagaaa    131760
     agtccagagc acttgagtga gccgtgtgta tgtttcagtt ggcacctgtg atgggtacat    131820
     gaagacgaca ggaagaccaa gtgtgcctcc tcactgtcct tccaggccct gtggtggtta    131880
     gcagtttgct ggcaagcctc cagcaggcat gatagcatca aacacctctc agcttgggaa    131940
     cttggagcgt tctccttggg cctcagaagc tatgaagact taggggcacc tcttagtctg    132000
     ccatctgacg tttctatcaa atgagaagta gaggagtcaa gcctatggct ctggggtgac    132060
     atcagaaggg gaagggagat gctgaaactc cccaagtcat tgttgggctc ctgccctttt    132120
     ctaaaaggcc tgaggtgcat ctgatatcta aagggcggtc tgtctgtctg ttaaggggta    132180
     agctaaagtt gtccagaaga tccagatgaa taaaggtgcc ttggagttca gttctgaggc    132240
     tcctaagaca tggggtagta gaggttcgtt tgcacatgtg gtgatcagca cagagagtgg    132300
     gaggaagtat agcctccttt cagatagtgc catcagcctg caggtccctt tctgaaagca    132360
     gtatagtcat gaaagtctgt aaggggttgt ctggcattct ggcatgacca acagccccca    132420
     ctaggaaaga caggacaacc aggccatggt ggtgcacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga    132480
     ggtagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcaag gacagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg    132540
     acagccaagg ctacacagag aaccctatct caaaaaacaa aaccaaaaaa agaaaaaaag    132600
     gaaagatagg acacaccagc catgctgagc ctcagttaac ctaaccacct tttctcttgt    132660
     ctgttttctc cttcccacat tcttgtttgt gtgttttctg cctgggttct gtagtacaaa    132720
     tctgtgttta ggtcttactc ccaggacttc atgcctcacc accaagcctc cgtccaacct    132780
     ttccttccgc ctacctcctc ttcctctcca catttcccac ctgtccacac gtcccagagc    132840
     tcggacttag cggtgcccac cgtaagcagt ccgcctccca gcaccgtgga cgggcctctc    132900
     tcgtcttctc aggacagcag ctttcatggg aaccctgtcc gccttccttc cgaaacctct    132960
     ttcactgact cggtgagaat tcagcacaca catctgtgca cgctggcctg cagggtttta    133020
     gaaaacgatg ctactgccca cagagggcct tgtcctccct ccctcggccc aggctgctgc    133080
     tgggttaagg ctactcaagc atgagtaggt tggcacctag gggactgcag ttctgattga    133140
     tccacctgtt ttcagaacag aaaccaaatc ttttgtatag gatttctatc acactgggaa    133200
     ttgggctagt gaccatttag aacagtaaat tgtcacaaag atgagataga gaacactgtg    133260
     agctttctgt tgtatgtctg tgaagaggtg cagactcctg tggagtggaa gaaacagagg    133320
     taaggtttct tgtaggccca tgcagaggcc ctgtgcttca tcagaacaca gggaggaact    133380
     acactgcaga gcagagggga cagatagagg gacaaagagg gtccgtctga cagttggaga    133440
     catttcccac accttgttgt caagtatgtt atttcttgtt ccctgccctg gggacccctg    133500
     cctcactaca ggttggggac ctctgacctc tgcagaccct tttacaaact ggggaccccc    133560
     tacaggccct gctacgagtg gagcagcttt ctgggagttt ctagaatgtc tctaaacact    133620
     tggaagaaga tccagcagga gacttgggct gggctagccc aggagcaaga ggtgtgaggg    133680
     cagctttgcc ctccgcactg gggaaagcac ttcccaggga gtgggcctgg cccattgtct    133740
     ctcctctcac cctgtctccc ccagagtgaa aaggccagca gtgaggaagc tggtggggat    133800
     gagtatgtca gtctgtactc ctctggccag accagcgagg agctggctcc ctgtcgagga    133860
     gtaagtaacc tcagtgggtg gccttgtgca tgggccggcc actgccccct caaggtcact    133920
     tcccttgcag ctgcttctat tggctgagcc cctagaggcc tgctggaagc caacccatcc    133980
     tatgggaaag gacatggctt ccaggtagag gtctgccctg cttttgcttc agtgagtgtg    134040
     gcatttttca gaacctggct gaatgagtgt cctagaaacc actggaccct ggcccagcct    134100
     agctgctccc tggaatttct tcccattctt ccctcaatgc tgatctcttc ttccaagaga    134160
     tgcttttact cctgcccttc agttcttccc agcatgccct gctgccctca gctaatccca    134220
     aggaagtagg gcaagtgatg tgcgccctgc tggatatcca cacttgtccc tcctgtgagc    134280
     agactccttg ctggattatg gaggtccaga ctgtggcctc acagtgcaaa ccttctattg    134340
     agcatgcagc ttttccaaat ttggcttcag gaaaacaggg gaaaattgtg agacttcaaa    134400
     ggtcactgtc ccatgagact gaatgagaag ctctaggaat gaggtcgggt catcaaggac    134460
     aaggagccag tgccctggaa agcccagcct gatcatggtc atcccatgag taatcacacc    134520
     ataattccct agggctttca gatatctatg tccaggcaac caccctcctt agacatcagt    134580
     acaacatcag cttccctcca gtgggatttt ggtcctgttt gtgagagcta agccagtatc    134640
     cccagccact ggtgacctgt gtcaccagca gcctcgaatt cagggactca atgcccaggc    134700
     cccacagccc tctctgccct gcagtgccag ctccactgtg ctgtccttag tgacagtccc    134760
     tggattcaca aggacttttt cttcaccacc accttctgga cagcccaaaa acattgtaga    134820
     gttgtgttgt cagtggatat agaggcagca agtctgtcca agacggctca catttttgag    134880
     tttgggcagc tggacttcta aactagactg tcactgataa agggttgtaa tcctgaagac    134940
     tgtaagaagt cagggaagtt tgtatgtggt ggttaaagat ataagctttg gaagcagata    135000
     gcctcctcct atgagttcaa gtctactctc tgccactggg catcctagca gtcagtttct    135060
     gtagggaatg gaggcgtggt ggtggtagct tattgaagag agtgaaggag aggcatgcag    135120
     agtactcagt gctgaacccc acactccttc agagagggta cagtgtctgt ccccaggctg    135180
     acacctcccc tctctccaaa ggcaagtgtc agtctccagg gagcttgtgt ttctagtaat    135240
     taaccccatt tgtcattagc ttgttcccac tgtcagctgc tccatagtgc taagaaggcc    135300
     agcataagcc gtctgtccaa atgccaccgt gctttccctt tgcaggaacc accatctggg    135360
     aaggacggac atcccagaga tccttcggtc agcagtgcat ctgggaagga cagcagagaa    135420
     aatggggaaa ggtaagaagc aagcaggaag tgtccaggtc ccaagagcag tggcaactca    135480
     gtgagactgc cagtgttgag gccctttcat ctttctgatc ctcaaaactg tctgcgttca    135540
     gggtggaaac tacaaggaca ctgaaccatc actaataatc caccctcgaa ggtctttgct    135600
     gacacctgtg ccatctactg tcccatacat aggaagtgta aaagaccttc ccacccacaa    135660
     acctgtcact gtgggcattt ctagtcataa atacatatgt tgtattgctg agccattttg    135720
     aaaggagctt acaggtgttg tgacactcag tcccaatata atcatcatac cctcctgaaa    135780
     cagtggtcac aacatcattg tcacactgag atagaaatct cagtctctcc caccctcccc    135840
     ctccccctct tcctccaggg actagcctaa gccctcaccc atgctggaca agtactctag    135900
     cactgagctt cagcccagcc ctgcctagag gaacttacat aacattaggg ttttatgacc    135960
     cacagatctt cagtgccttt agacaccttt tcccttccct tgttctcagt gtatttaggc    136020
     ttgcagaagg gtagccaatt tcctggacca cttagtgcag gctgaaggag ctgccagtga    136080
     gcatccctgc tgcttaatgt tggtgccacc ttcctgtgag atgcgccagc tactcaggct    136140
     tttctttctt ttaagttgat aactggtcac ctgaggcctc accagtctta acacagcaag    136200
     tacttctgct tatcagtggc aggcctgggg caagcactaa gagggttttg tttttcactt    136260
     tgttttgttt aaaagataag agaagcagag accagcaagc catttggaca ggcttgcatc    136320
     ttgtccactt ttagattctc acagtcatga gtctgcttgt tggctcctcc aggctgggtt    136380
     gtcctcaagt gttaatataa cacttggcca caaaggcttg tgtgtgcagg gccaaagcag    136440
     cctgtggatt ctgtcacctg cgtcactgga atcaggtgtc acattcagag tttagatgtt    136500
     caggttaccc acctcctgag ggagggctct cccaagagct acttgtgggg cccagcagac    136560
     ttctgatggt gaaatggtca gaaaggtaag caccctggtt gtcaaaaagc tcctgggtct    136620
     atgtctgcct ttcgtaacgg ccacaccact ggctggcctc ctaagatggc agcaaagcac    136680
     ggctcctccc aagcctgggg gtgttggtgc taacctgtgg tgttcttact gagggtccag    136740
     gctccaccag ctcagctaca gagaaagtgt gccctgaggg ccagaaagag gcacagtgta    136800
     caaaggcact actgccaagg tgggtcccaa ggacccagta ctggagggag aaaaactaac    136860
     tctggcacat tttcttctgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttagtgccca    136920
     ccgtgtagtg ccaaaagctg gctagtgact cctggatgta gcctgagaat cctttccctt    136980
     cggccagatg atgttcagtg ctttaagtct gtctgtccag agcaagggcc ctccctcttt    137040
     ctctagtgcg atggctgcct atgttaaacg ccatctccta ggagactgag cacttgatga    137100
     catggaacca tatttgctgg gtcgcagctt tttttttttt ttttttttta ctgctaagca    137160
     cagacttggg gtagcatgga ggaacatgta gcctctcttc ttctccctct tacttcgctt    137220
     cccttcaagt gctgcacttg tgtgtctgtg taggggctgg gcaaggaata gctgaaacca    137280
     ttacagagct caggggacca ttttcactca acagcctagt cctttagccc ccaggtccag    137340
     agacctaaag tgtcctcagg cagagtcaag agtctaattg tcacttggcc ctgcctgcaa    137400
     ctccagcttc atattatagt tgccattcag ggcttgtcat tgagcagctc ttatatatac    137460
     cctggtttat acttaggcag gtgtcttagt gacttttcct gttgcaatgt taacagtaat    137520
     ccagggggaa gggtctattt tggctcacag ttcagtgtca cagtctgtgg tgatgggaag    137580
     gtcacagcag caggagcttg atcactgcat ccagtcaaga aacagagagc ggtgactgct    137640
     ggggctcagc tcactcttgt ctttttagac agtctaggac cccagcccag ggaatggtgc    137700
     tgcccacagt gagcaggtct ttccacctct cctagcctat cagacatgca cagaggcctg    137760
     actcctctca gttctcatta agttgacaat taagattaac catcacctgt gttgcctcaa    137820
     cctaaaggcc tccagggact agggaacctg gggcatgtct gacactttca gcaccaacca    137880
     tttcttcctc ccaggtcccc aaagtcactg gatggtctgg agtcagcgca gtcagaagag    137940
     gaagtggatg aactgtccct cattgaccac aatgaaatta tggccaggct gacactcaag    138000
     caagaggtga ggactcccca gacctgggtc ttataaccac caaccaagag ggaaagggaa    138060
     gtggaaaatg tgtccctggg tgtcctgtgg ggagacctga ggcaggcagc acctcagctc    138120
     ttgggctctt aggtaaaagg gtcccaggag aaagctcact gtccctttct tgccagaagt    138180
     gaacttggcc cttgcaaagc ctccctgagc ctcgtgcagg tacttctgag ggcagtgcaa    138240
     aggaaacgcc cagcagtcct cagtgtaacc tgcacaggaa gccctcagca gtgtgaggcg    138300
     tgtatgtgtt gttggtatca cagcccctcc ccttcctggt ctctgcctgt taagaaaacg    138360
     ggggcctaga tgctgagctg tggcttgttt gaggagccct attgataaga acaacaccaa    138420
     gacatgtcat gagagaagag ccttttctct tctctgtgca gttctaggaa cttagggttt    138480
     gatgggccat cttggccctg agtagctctg catctgggaa ctgttttgat ggttgtaaca    138540
     tacagacata gaaagggtac tgccctatcc atgttcctgg gccatcctag caacccagga    138600
     agacgttagc actttaggcc atcaggctac tggtagggtt agcagaatct aggcagagcc    138660
     tctgcagaaa gaaaagctaa attccttctg gaaaatcagg tcatgaacat agccaacctt    138720
     gttccacata gaaaacccat aacgctcaga actctggagt ccaggtggaa atgacaatcc    138780
     gtgggatggg cagataggat attggctctg tctccctcag agtcccagcc ccacctacag    138840
     ctctgtcact agactagaaa acagcctgtg ggttatgtcc ccacagatga atcctgcttc    138900
     tactttggaa aaggactgag cccaaaggta gcttactaca ggcgtggaga gaaacatgcc    138960
     tgacatcatc ctcctgtctc ctaggcttag gggctgcctt tctcctctgg aatctcacct    139020
     ttaatatgaa ccaggaggtg gaggtagtgt ggaggttgag accctagtgc cctgacccca    139080
     tgtagcctct ggaaggtgat gtaccctggt gctcagagca tctggacagc ttcctcaatg    139140
     cccagttttc tgtaagagtt ctgaccagtc cccatctaca caatccatgg gagcaggtgg    139200
     gctgcagaca ctgcctggtg tacacagtgc tgcctgcgac tgctgagctg agatcagaag    139260
     gatctcgggg accctgaagc atggtgactt tatcacctca gccttgtctc atgctctttt    139320
     actccagggt gatgatgggc cagatgttcg tggtggttca ggagacatct tactggtcca    139380
     tgctactgag acagacagaa aaggtaaggc agctcccact gtgctggatt gtgtcccacc    139440
     aaaggcatca catgactgca ctgtactgtc atctctcctg ggttcaactt tggatctgat    139500
     ggtaccagga aagggtaggg agaggccggc tccagagacc ctgatgctgt caaagttgct    139560
     cctgggcatg tcccctcttg atgcaagatg atgatgcatc ctgagtgtaa gaacagtcat    139620
     tggcacctac tgtgtgctcc aagggcagcc cactggataa tgacatgttc aaccgtggca    139680
     ttaaaggtaa agcagccaca gtagtccata cctaggatcc tggcactcag gaggctgata    139740
     gaggtgaatc tggattcaga ccaaaaaaaa tcttctacag tagcacatgg ccctctgcct    139800
     ttccttatat ttaggtcatt cttttcttca aagtctttag ttcacatagt taactaacaa    139860
     gttcctagga acaaaatttg ttgtccaaaa cctgccccaa ccttgccatc ctctctgcat    139920
     cctgatcatc tgagcaggag gagaagcaga ggctgtacct agacttgtta agtaggctgt    139980
     gcccgcagaa gaaccatcca tccacgaagt cctgtaaggg agattgggct cccctgagct    140040
     gctcaggcaa ggcctgctgc tgctccgccc caggaggcta atgagcccac ctcacgccac    140100
     agccagtttc ttgttagtat tccttttctt tcttgtctgt tttgagacag agtatgtgtt    140160
     ccatgagccc tcttcctaca catttttaaa ggatttaaaa gaagcagagc atcctcacac    140220
     gtgcctttaa tctcagaatt tatgaggttc cagggctgta tggagagaca atgttataaa    140280
     acaacaacag aaagcagagc taggcttatg gctcaatgag aaaacacttg cctagccatg    140340
     aatgaggccg tggaatcaat ccccagcact tgggaggcag agccctccct gtgagttcaa    140400
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag ggagttctag ggcagccaag gatacacaga gacaccctgt    140460
     cttcaaaaaa aaactaaaag aaaaagaaaa gaaattctga aaagttgatt aaactgtaga    140520
     taaaatcact ccagacttaa agccctaacc caatcagctt tctgtttgtt tgtttgtttg    140580
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgaaat gtctaggacc caagggtcta tgaaactcta aattaagaga    140640
     atagtacaaa aactgtttgc ctgacagaaa cggaaacagg tttaccttca tctgagccct    140700
     cagcgattct tcacccattt cctccagcca tgacaagaag ggagtctcag acactcaatt    140760
     tgaagcctac cttagccttg cagctacggg accgcctttc ccctagggcc ttggttccag    140820
     gggtacagac agtgcccagt gttcagtggc acctcaggac atcctggcaa agtagccatt    140880
     ttcacctcat ttttatctaa aagtgaaagt ctaggatgtg agctggcttc tggcctggtc    140940
     atgtaaggat ttgccctgcc agctgctgcc agctgctgcc aggccaaaga gctctctgac    141000
     agggagccta aaggccttct ggtctaccca ttgggtatgc tgaagagaga cttttgaact    141060
     gaagtttcaa taggatttga ggtccctgca gaaccagagt tggctttacc tgggagtctt    141120
     acctgaaaca gaggccgtga gccacatcag agtggacatg gtgcccatag aagatggcaa    141180
     agtttgtcag gcagggggct tcctgcacca gtggtatatg tgtgactcaa aggtcctggg    141240
     aggcttcatg gctcatatgt ctaggactca gctgtgtcag acagggccaa gccaattaga    141300
     caagtaaaca agaagggcac acttgtcgta atagcctttc tctcaggtgg ctctgtgaga    141360
     agtgtcagag ggccaggtcg gggataatgt taggcccaag ctcagatcct gtcccttcct    141420
     tgggacctgt gtcctagacc tgttacttgg cccccaagct tccattcttc tgaaggccac    141480
     tggggacaaa gggacctgaa ctaaaacagc cctgtgaatt tgacagacag ccctgtagct    141540
     tttggctcag gctcccaccc aaatgccagg cgataccaga gcccacagat aggttatgca    141600
     aagagctcta gtaccagcag gcctgtgctg tgtctggcat ggcacagcac agccatcctt    141660
     gagtctggtg tactctcctc cttctcccaa cacgcgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca    141720
     cacacaggct ttctctgtag ccctaactgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctgac    141780
     ctcaaactca gaggtcttcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa agtgtgttcc    141840
     actgctacct ggaatgtctg gcctaccctt tgtctcacac ataagtttct ttaccttcca    141900
     gcctgtgaag tacggctata gtgctcacca gcacactaga acacaccctt caagaggtca    141960
     caggctcctg cagtgctcct ctgcgtttgt accccttgta tgcccaacct ctgctctttc    142020
     tagaaagttc caacgtaaca gggagttggt tagaatacaa ctttgaggct gagcacaact    142080
     cagggaccag gccccccaca cctcaaaggt gatggcacac agtgtgatgg tatgacgtgc    142140
     cacacagagc cttgagcccc ctctattttg ggaaatatta aaaagatcat cagcaagttc    142200
     ccaagttaca cccagctact ctcagcccca gcagtctctc tagccagttc ttatctcatg    142260
     gagactttct gactcagagc tccaaaatct ctctacccaa ctcgctaagt tctcactggc    142320
     gagtcactac catgccagcc ccacacttca aaactcccat ggcctttgtg gtgcacatct    142380
     ggcaaaccca cactctgcca ccataccttt ctccctttct ctcttgaacc cagtcaaacc    142440
     actgggtgaa ggaaaacacc acataaactt agttcagaaa cagtggtaac tcaatcactg    142500
     ggcacaataa ctagaatcct aatcttgtaa gccatgttaa atctaaatcc tctggtggca    142560
     gatcctggtg gatgcaccat ggaaaccagg agacactcga agctctatct tgccctctca    142620
     ctatccagtc caaaaggacc ccacacacac accctttcct ctcttcccct atctaaccca    142680
     gaagtccctc ctactcaccc agtgattggc tcatttattc attaggggat ggtttacaag    142740
     aagtcacctg agttcctgac ttactccttg tttgaaaccc ctcccagggg agcagaatta    142800
     acatcaaaat acaaacagca tcaggcccat ccacaacacc cctccatccc agcacttggg    142860
     gaggtgtgag aaagggcaag ggggctgctc tccacctcca cgtggtgacc tcctttctag    142920
     gtccagtgtg gtgcagtaca gcccttcctg agttagccca ccttgtctct catgacatcc    142980
     tatgcttaat atctaaagca ttcgggaaat aagtcacaac agccaacagg gctctagaga    143040
     ggcgggactc attaactggc atactctttc cctttggaag gaagaggtgg gtgctaccag    143100
     tctgaggcct ccagctatgg gggttctgtg tgtcaccact gcccttgccc tgtgtgggca    143160
     gcaaaccact gctaagcttt gcagtacacc accacttcag cctccccttg aggcttagaa    143220
     tggaatttcc caaaaatatt taatgactgg accctgttat ctaaaaatac tgcctctggt    143280
     ttaactgcaa gagcctgttg gcaagtttgg acaactatct ctgcccaaag cagtgaggag    143340
     ccattgagcc actgggcctt agggcagcat ctgtgctaat ctgtgggtgg tgcagtccag    143400
     agccagtatg cccaggcctt gacctcttac cagcacaggg gtcactgaag aaatgaagtt    143460
     tgtttcctac actgggcctc aggccctccc acagctaggt tctccatcag aagtagccag    143520
     tgcccataag atgaaagacc taggacctac ctggctttta gagaggactc agcatggtgc    143580
     ctatgctgtg agccacagcc acacctacac cctgaaccct accaccctga ctgctttgca    143640
     cccctgcaga cctggtgctg tactgtgaag ccttcctgac cacctacagg accttcatca    143700
     gcccggagga gctcatcaag aagctgcagt accgatatcc ttccccgccg atgtggccct    143760
     cttccttcct ttatactgtt tctgaagctg tcactcagga cactgaggct gagcgtgttg    143820
     aagtaactga ctcgcatagt gccagcagcc ctcgggcctc gggcctcagc ctgttcatgg    143880
     aggtgggccc taaagaccca ggatagcact tttacttctg cagtggggcc ccagttccca    143940
     ccccatatcc cacgcagcca tatcctagca ctgactcaca gaatgactga ggaaaatgtg    144000
     aaatgacacg gagggcctgg aacagagctc tgttgcactg tcaaggatgg atgggaccac    144060
     tgagtaattc tggaaagacc aagaaaaact gagcaaagga aggaagtggg tggccctgcc    144120
     aggggcttcc tgcagattct cacactgagc cctgagtgtc cgtctggtgg ggaccagtgg    144180
     gcttaagagt ggaatagtct tagcctggca atggtggtgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact    144240
     cgggaggcag agacaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt    144300
     ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    144360
     agagtggaac agtcttaaga gatgaaaact cagccaggca atgtggcaca catttgattc    144420
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagt ttggtggatc tcttgagttc aaggccagtc tcgtctacag    144480
     agtgagttcc aggacagtca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgcaaa accaagagga    144540
     ggaaggaggg gaggtggggg ggggggggga agaaaagaag aagagaggaa aaacctaaga    144600
     gactggcaag gcagacccag cccccactgc tgccctggtc agataataga cagcacctcc    144660
     accacagctg agctttgccc cacttcagaa ttcacccttg gggactgtca ctccctgggt    144720
     tagtggacaa gactctgtgg tcttagaaga atccactttt gctgcctgtt cctctttctc    144780
     tgtccttggc ctacctggga accagctact aggctacctc ccagccacat agcctgtgac    144840
     tgccatctgc tgggcagctg ctcgcactgg gcagctctcc acattcctgt gtgccctaac    144900
     cctaagggca cacctcctcc acacctccgc tcagtctgac cctgactaac cgtggtctgt    144960
     cagcacagtt gtggtcactc cctgtttgtg gactctgagc acctgctagg gcctggccta    145020
     actgaaagat tgtcagttaa tccaccagga acatgtcaaa cctaacatgc atttacatgt    145080
     gggatcccac ttgactgtgg gaccattttt atttctgtta tataatggca cccttgaaat    145140
     ggagactggg caactgacct gcatgctccc acttccactt ctgctgccag gtcagtttct    145200
     cagcccttgc ccattagcct cagccagcaa gctcatggag gcatttcctc ctcgagtcat    145260
     ggggcaggct ttgctggggc ccaagcagac catccatttg gtgtagctcc ccttgagtgc    145320
     caagacccag gtcagggatc aggggggaat gaggcagatg tggagatctg gtggagacaa    145380
     aacagcaaac agcaggaagc tgtaatctcc aaagtagacc ccagcttcag ctgttaggag    145440
     tcagctgtga gggctgccat gggctagagg aacacttgca ggtctccttc ccccaggaag    145500
     atggaccagc ctggctttcc aaggcacaag ttcccaggaa tacccaccat tgtggccata    145560
     tggctggaga aatgatctgc aggtggaagc ccatagaata tagaggaagg cctgttcact    145620
     ctctgggccc acagagacct gctccctcta cctgagtcca cacaccatga ccctcagtat    145680
     aacagcactc aggtccaaca cacacagcat ggatggtgcc aaagttggtc ctgcagacca    145740
     gaaggcaacg ttcaggaaca gcttctgaag ccagtaaccc aggctggatt gtggctttgc    145800
     acattcctac tgcacacagg acaggccttt acttccgtaa gccaagcctt cactcacagg    145860
     cttcccagcg tcacgtgtgg ctgatggggg tggggtagaa ttagcattcc ctgcagatcc    145920
     tgcctgtgaa ccttaaccca cacttcacgt acgagaagtt ctctcccttt gctgacacgt    145980
     tcaagaagcg agtgagcaag aacacattct ttgtgctggt tcgagtggtg gatgagctct    146040
     ggtgagtgcc gtgcccaggg tccaaggaat ggctgcagat ggtcaagccc gtgtgcattg    146100
     cagcaggctg ctagcaagcc agagggctgc agacttcctc acctggatca gacaaccatt    146160
     acgttccaca gacggctgct cgctgattcc attgcttcat cccagctctg ggagtatcag    146220
     accctacaga ccaaggtggg gtgggggtta ggtctggagt tccttgtaga gtgagtccct    146280
     gtcctatctg ggactcttct tactgtaaga catgctcata gcagcatagg ggccaagtag    146340
     aagaggctgc acctccaaaa ctcctgccat ttccatactt aaattaagcc tgttctgggt    146400
     gtgccgcctc tgaatccttg ccctccagtg gcatcttgct cttgtgtggt ggctatataa    146460
     tgttaaggta aggaatggag gagctcagtg gagataacag ccttctacag acacctgcct    146520
     gacatctcat cactgtgtta gaccaggagc ttctccaagg cacagagagc agcaagtgtg    146580
     ttgagtgagt tggcagggac ctgttgcaga aaggccaccc ccagcactgt ggaggctgtg    146640
     agtggcgtcc tcaactgggg ccctggcctg ccttttacca agtgcccttg gcccttagcc    146700
     tggtggagct gacagaggag atcctgaagc tgctgatgga gctggtcttc cgcctagtgt    146760
     gcagcggaga gctcagcctg gccagagtcc tccggaagaa cattctggac aaggtggacc    146820
     agaagaagct gctcaggtgt gcccattccg accagcctct ggcagccagg ggtgttgcag    146880
     ccaggtgagg agccagcatc tcagccagcc ccacactgga ggtcagagct aagcccagag    146940
     ctgcctttcc cacagccctg tgattaggtg cctcagggaa agaccctgag tacccattgc    147000
     tgggcctctc cccatggtcc atgtggagca aggaatcccg tgttggcaga aaaacagatg    147060
     gagctgcata aacaggagct aactgcgctg ggctttggtg ggctttggac tccacacgct    147120
     gatattacct cttgtaccat cctggctccc tataagcccg ggaagcctct ctcctgctct    147180
     ttgccaagcc ggtgtcaggt gggaggtggg aggagcagag gaaggaggcc agtcagccag    147240
     agtgcagccc tgtggcccag aagggcccat tggagctaaa gcctgcagct ttgtcccaac    147300
     catgcttatg ctgtattcca ggccaggaac cttgcatgat ttccacagcc acgagatagc    147360
     tgagcagctg acactgctgg atgccgagct tttctacaag atagaggtat gactgagtgg    147420
     tcctgcaagg gaggcagcta acactctgcc tggaagctgc tgctgctggc tgtgcctatg    147480
     gagagcccca cacccagacc ctggagcacc agagactgca gtgctgcatg ttctgtttct    147540
     acacagattc ctgaagtttt gctttgggcc aaagagcaga atgaggagaa gagtcccaat    147600
     ctgacccagt tcacagagca cttcaacaac atgtcctact ggtgagatgg ggccgcagca    147660
     cttggctcgg tggtgtgcgt gggacagttg agacttcctt ggcagagagg tcaagtggtc    147720
     agtccttgga tatttccaga gtctgtgggc actagccttg aactgtgggc agcagagaga    147780
     aggaggcaga cagagctggc tgaggtggca ccataggctc tgccgtgcag ggaaaaaaag    147840
     tgccaggatt gattagtaat gtctgcccag gctggaggag gtacccttct atcgttgttg    147900
     ctcattgcct ctgcagttcc tgtaagacat tagctcacct gattgcttga tagagaccaa    147960
     ctgcttagca aaggagtgga ttgttaaggc tttgatttgt acctgaattc tttttttttt    148020
     tcttttgcgg gggggtgggg gatggggggc gggggggtgc tgtctctaca tagccctagc    148080
     tgtccttgaa ctcagagatg gcctgcctct gccccacaaa tgctaggatt aaaggtgtgc    148140
     actactacct agcttgtgtc tgaattctta aagcagaatg gaggtcagca gtgtgtctat    148200
     cacctggtcg ctttgccatt tcaagattag accaggtacc tccacctcct actgcactga    148260
     ccctgcccca catgcctgcc atggccctag ggaaaggtct cattgcttct ctgtgctctt    148320
     ggcgggaagc accggcccct cagcaataac caccactcag tctgagtgtt ctggcttcta    148380
     gggccaatag gcagtactta ccttttggag ccatggtctc tgacatgtcc ctgacacagg    148440
     tgctctttac gggataggag aggtgattag agtatcgcac ctcaccccaa gtaacactac    148500
     agtggccctt gtaaaccaca gaagactgaa gccaccctga ggtcaacaga agaacatgag    148560
     gcttgcctgg gcttcagcct ccattactgc taaggtcctg agtctccatc tcccattgac    148620
     tggcagagtg gtctcctact cctctgtcag ctgggatctg agccagcaac aaggcctcat    148680
     aatgcctctc tctgctgaaa gatgctccag tccccaagcc ccctctgcag aagaactgtc    148740
     tggaccctag aatatagtac acaccctgag atcagggcca gggtcatgct tgggctttgg    148800
     gctcctggtg ggtaagaact tgtgacaact ggcacgggag tcactcacat ttcgtctgcc    148860
     agggccactg agccagtgga ggatggtgag ctcagctgtt gcttacctgg tcctttcctg    148920
     cagggtgcgg tccatcatca tgctgcagga gaaggcccag gaccgggaga ggctgctcct    148980
     caagttcatc aagatcatga aggtaactgg ctccgtgccc agagctctcc tgctctaccc    149040
     ggggaggcta gagccccacc ctgtgccgtc cctaccccag ccctcaccac cgcctctcca    149100
     cacagcacct gcgcaagctc aacaacttca actcctacct ggccatcctc tcagcactag    149160
     actcggcccc catccgcaga ctggagtggc agcggcagac ctcagaggta ggtggtggga    149220
     agtctgggca gactggaatg gacctgagca agaccaggca aggatcccca tctggctcct    149280
     cacctctgtg tgaccaagac ctctgcctct cccacttcag attccagtac ctggagaagt    149340
     cggcaggtcc aagggctttc atggttggtt gtgggcttgt tacctatccc tgtgcctggg    149400
     tctcagcttc acctggagag tccattcttt agccattcat ccaaagtggc tgctctgggc    149460
     ttggcactgc attgggcctg ctaggtgggt ttcatctagc acagtgaggg ctagatgaaa    149520
     ggacagatga gctcctgaga agggcctctc tgaggacatg tgctcatacc acccacagga    149580
     ttgtacacag gcctgagact ctgccccaga ggttagctga cactattagc aggcgtccac    149640
     agggctttcg ttggtatcag gacatatcac ataaactcac ccttctcttg cagggcctgg    149700
     ctgagtactg cacattgatt gacagctcat cctccttccg agcctaccgg gctgctctct    149760
     cagaggtgga gcccccatgt atcccatacc tgtgagtcgt ctccctccct catcttttca    149820
     gtcactatgc ctgacagtgc agacagctcg ggtccctctg tcagttttac tgggatttat    149880
     tgttttcaaa ttttaatata tacttaagag agcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtacc    149940
     gtgtatgtac agtagctcac agatgtcaca agagagaatg ggatttcttg aactggagtt    150000
     agcagtagtt atgagtggca atgtgggtgt tggaaaccaa cccaagtgtt ctgcaaaggc    150060
     agtaagcaca ctcagccact gagccaaccc cagccccagc tttgacgtta gtctatttga    150120
     ttgctcagtt aacagtttgg cattagcaac cacatccctg cctgaccctg cagccaggtc    150180
     agcctcacag tcctccatag ccagcattta caagcactcc aggtttgtca gtactgagct    150240
     cattcttaag agatccacag ggactctgac ccaggaaagt ttcgtgtggg ttggaagaat    150300
     gcctaaatgt gtgccctggc ttgctctggg gttcagcaga tacttgtcat ggaccacagt    150360
     tgtcatcagg tcctggtggc aaagccagca catagctacc ttctactctg tccccaatac    150420
     atgatgcctt ctgcctttgt cccctcagag gtctgattct gcaagacctg accttcgttc    150480
     acctgggaaa cccagattat attgacggga aagtaaactt ctccaagcgg tggcaacagt    150540
     tcaacatatt ggacagcatg cggtgcttcc agcaggcgtg agtgctgcct gcttcccgcc    150600
     tgactctact ccagggaggg gcgcagccca gagagtcggg agcctgcacc tgtgggatgg    150660
     agtttagtcc ctgctcccta gggttttacc aggacaacat ggggaaatcc acataaaggg    150720
     ctcaattcct ggtctgctcc ccaggccaca aggaggctgt caatccagcc tctctggctc    150780
     aagggcagaa ggggcaggct ttgctatcac cccactcagg gagccactga gaagccaggc    150840
     ttcccatgag gcactgctgg agctgtactg gctggagccc ggcgcgcaga gagggctgtc    150900
     cacactcttc tggtactgag cgctttgggc taggtagcag tgaccctacc aggcagatgg    150960
     ctgtgaggag ccaccctgtg agaggttctg gcctggctac tcagctagtc ctgggctctc    151020
     tgactgcccc tctcccacca ggcactatga aatccggaga aacgacgaca tcataaattt    151080
     cttcaatgac ttcagtgacc acctggccga ggaagccctg tgggaactct ctctgaagat    151140
     caagcctagg aacataacaa ggcggaaaac agaccgcgaa gagaagacct aggagcaggc    151200
     tggctgtgag aacgctcaag cagccaggag aggacctgga ccatcccagc ctcagcctgt    151260
     ccatgcctgg ctgtgtggca gcacctgagt ctcctggccg gtctcctgcc tccttcccta    151320
     tggctaaagt cccagggttc acaatgagct ggctggcagg cctcagggct ggcttgtgta    151380
     ctggtggccc ctggtctggt tttgttttct gttttctgtc agtgctccct cctgttccct    151440
     cctctcccct gcagctggag agcagcagac acctgagcag cagaccaggg gaatggcggg    151500
     cttcactgtc cccaggccac cctagcctcc ttaagtggca gataagtagg ggccccagga    151560
     cccttgggta gactgccctc cgggaccctg gagccagggg agctatggct gggagacaga    151620
     agaaggtaga aagggaccac gcaggcatct tgtgctgccc acttcctgct ttttaaacat    151680
     ggagggagag gcatgtcaac ctggcccaga aagtatggtg ggtggtaggc aagagccaca    151740
     gagctgacac ttctcacagc agtggcccca gctctgtcct gccatgcacg gccactaacc    151800
     aaggcacctg ctgggctgac agcagcagca ccagtagcac ctgtcgccca ccactggtcc    151860
     agccccagcc ccagccccag ccccagccca catcaccggt actctgggga tcgggaagag    151920
     gaggcagaag ggacagttca tgctgagctg gggccaagac tgtgcttcag agagtgaata    151980
     aggatcttca gtgacctagg gagaggcaag cagcccctcc gtgcttgctg tgtgccttaa    152040
     atgccatctc ctgttccttc caggcctgtg ggcttccctc ctattttgcc ccaccccccg    152100
     cagccagcag gttcctagtc cccgtttgct ctctgggagt gtctgttccc aagaagtcta    152160
     agcaggccta ggacgtgagg gcctccagag gtttcctgat tccagacagg tggcagagcc    152220
     accccctgct gctgaggttg acaatctgtt cagggctcag ggctaggatc tccctgggca    152280
     tggccctgtg gccaccactg tgggctaaat ggcagggtgc agttcagaat ccagaggtgc    152340
     tgctggccct gcaccatacc tccaattagc tttgcatgga caagctccct tttcttctgg    152400
     tcgtggggct tggtcaaacg aataccagga tctctgcttc ctcaaccagt ccgcagagca    152460
     gaagaaaaga cagcagcagc tgctggccgg gtactcgttt gaaacaactg tcactctgaa    152520
     ccctcctggg tttcggggtt tgttttttta gcagctttta tcaaataaga actgtgggcc    152580
     cctcttctgt ttatttgtgc tgtaaataga gaggggacat ctgtaaacag ccccttggtc    152640
     agctccctct ggtggcagcc ggaattggat tgtttaagga gtgtgtgtgt ggagtccggc    152700
     ttgtgagcag tcatgtgggt ctttggtttg ttcctctttt acaggtcctt tcatttcagt    152760
     ctttgcccct gcttcctgtc cttcaccagc tctaagtgct gctgtgtgca agtggggaac    152820
     actgcacatg aggtccttcc tcccagcgct gtagaggccc ctgcagcctc cctgtgtagc    152880
     acaggcctac ctgaggccta gcctactggt gctgcagcca acagagtggg tctatggtct    152940
     atgtctactg gttcccaagc atgagctggg cagaaaggag ggcttacctt ctagacccag    153000
     aatcaccagg ccctcctatg atcctgggag ccttaggcag actaagtcaa gagccaggac    153060
     agctctggag tttccgtgtg gggatatcga ggtgcgatgt gtgggtttaa cttattagcc    153120
     agcaggcttc cccagtcacc tgcctctggc tgcgactgag cccagtgttc aggcagcctg    153180
     gcttccacat gtctgtttct tagtggtggg gtctgggaga gctgtgaaga ttcgtctttg    153240
     tatacatact aagcaacatg gacagttggg ttcccagcag aggccagcca ttacctgtgg    153300
     gtaaggcaag caaacaccgg atctggctgg cccttaagcc gagacacctg ttccatgcct    153360
     cccagtgtgg cactgtaata taaacccccc actaacctgt ctgacagtgc atcttcctac    153420
     agacagaaca agcgcgcaac ttttatatga aagaaaaata aacagacaaa agcccatctg    153480
     atgccatgtc tgtgtccagg ccttctgtat ctgcatcggg ccagtccctg ctgtttgtga    153540
     cctaggtgga ggggaggggt acggtggggc ctgagggctc tggtaggcat tgggaaccca    153600
     tgtgcaggag agagctgact cctgcaaatg gtatgctgat ggccacacac agattcacac    153660
     aggaaggata gaaataaatg cacaagcacc atccacaccc aggagtcatg ccaccccacc    153720
     ctgtgagagt ggctttaaaa ctctgccttc actgtgctcc tgagggtcat tcattcctct    153780
     gtctttccga atacaagtgc tgaggaagac caagtgattt tcagacccat ggatgtcctc    153840
     agaccctggg aatgaagtac cacacccagg aggtcacagc cagcacctga ctctacagag    153900
     ctggagtcag gctggaggga tggctcagcg gttaagaaca ctggctgctc ttgcagaaga    153960
     cctgggttca attctcagca cctacaattt ctaactccag ttacaaatct gatgccctct    154020
     tctgctgggg acatatacct tccttgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata    154080
     aaataatgta ttaaagtcaa tatagttacc atagcaatag aattcatttt acaacttatg    154140
     agttgataca cgaaaaccac ttcaaaatct gacatctgtg ttattttttg gagtgcttaa    154200
     gaaactagga ctacagcact tgattaattt ttttacagaa gtgaagaatt gaaaggcagt    154260
     tcagcatcca cacttccatc attctgggat caaaaggcaa tgtgtgcagt tctagccagt    154320
     gcaacaaaac acgaaaaaca caattaaaca ctaaaaagga aaacagcaaa atatagggat    154380
     ttacagcatc atgcaagcag gaacttcagc agatgtgtca aactacatgg gcttaaaatg    154440
     gagagaaaac agggctttag ttctaatagc atcgaagaaa cacggaagct gatgagtctg    154500
     ctagatccac acaggaaacc atcaagcact cagatgctgt aaaagaccca gatggaaggg    154560
     ctgagcgtgt agctcagtgg caaggtgctt acctagcatg tgtgtggtcg taggttcgat    154620
     ccccagtgag tgctacagca cttgcaaaca atcatattca taaagtgtct cattttatga    154680
     cctagtatta taaagatgtc agttgtcaga tgtacactga gcctcagcta cacactgaga    154740
     ctcccagagt agtcatctga actcagctaa tcactggtgt aaggcattta ctgttaaaat    154800
     tgcagtagag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg cacgcgcgcg catgggtctg    154860
     agtgcaagca catgttattt gtgggtgcat gcacataggt ctgtgtgtgt gcatgtggac    154920
     gccagatgct aacatcagat gtcatcgtca gttctccact tttggcttat ttaagattta    154980
     tttttgccca tgcttctaat ctcagcactt gggtagctga ggcaggcaga tctctgagtt    155040
     taagtcaacc ctggtctacc taatgagttt gaggacagct ggagctatgc tcagaaaccc    155100
     tgtctcaaaa aaactaaaca aacaaaaaga taagatagat agatctatag ctatctgtat    155160
     ctttatagat attcttgtgt gtgggcattg tacttgcctg tatttctgtg tacatgtatt    155220
     gcaggtgtcc ttaaccacta agccatctct atagccagac agatcttttt tttttacatt    155280
     tcaaatgtcc cccttcccag cttcccctcc gcaaaccccc tatcccatcc ctcattcccc    155340
     cttcctctat gggtgctccc ctacccaccc actcctgcct cactgaccta gcatccccct    155400
     actctggagc attgatcctc cacaggacca agggcctccc ttcccattga taccaagtaa    155460
     ggcagtcctc tactacatat gcatctggag ccatgggtcc caccatgtat actctttggt    155520
     taatggttta gtccctggga gctcttgagg gtctgtttag ttgatattgt tgttcttcct    155580
     atggggttac aatccccttc agatccttca gtcctttctc taactcttct attggggtcc    155640
     ctgagctcag tccaatggct ggcttcgagc atccacatct gtattggtca agctctggca    155700
     gagcctctca ggggacagct atacaggggt cctgtcagca agcacttctt ggcatcaaca    155760
     atagtgtctg ggtttagtgt ctgcaaatag gatggtccct aggtggggca gtctctggat    155820
     ggcctttctt cagtctctgc tccactcttt gttcctgcat tcctgtgaga ctggtcacgg    155880
     cagaactcct gagggtcaag ctgtctctgg gtgtgattgg ggtgtggagg gatgtactac    155940
     agggtctact ctggggcaca aatgcaacat taatctttcc taacatgtct caaagattgc    156000
     ctgagttccc ctcatggaac cctgcagcag tgcttagagc atatcccatt ggaccatgca    156060
     agcttgctca gctccttaga gcacatccca ttggaccatg caagcctgtt cagctcgatg    156120
     atcagtagtt ttcattttca acttaaaaaa gtggttacag ataatttttg tacatgtatt    156180
     ttgcatccag ttactttact aagttgccct ctgatttttg tatttatcca ttcatttgtt    156240
     tgtgtttgtt tgatggtatc ctagctgcag aatcatctct tctggttttc ttttccttta    156300
     acatttttta aaatttattt tgcatgtgtg tatatggatg gacaggcatg cacacacctt    156360
     ggtgtccctg tggtgctcag gggacaactc tgaggagttg gttttctcct tccaccatgc    156420
     aggttctgga gggtcatcag acttggtggc aaatgccttt acctaatgaa ccatcgccct    156480
     tttatctgat gaatattcgt acacagtgca gagccggtcc ccactttagc tggtgactat    156540
     tctttgcata cagcactgcc ttccatctct gcttcccaca ctccagaccc tacttcttgt    156600
     tttcatatca gctgcaactt cacaacagca tcaagtggca gccactgcag ctttcatggt    156660
     gagatcctgg cagtgttggt gatcaccaag caaggtatcc tgaagcccaa aggtagcaag    156720
     aagcccatta atcatgcaga gcttcaggct gccattgccg gccccacagc agttccatgc    156780
     aattccccag gtgactcaca cacctccaaa ggggtgactt gtttgtttgc ttgcttgctt    156840
     gtgacagggt ttctctgagt agccctggct gtcctagaac tagcccttta gaccaggctg    156900
     ggctcgaact cacagaggtc tgcttgcctc tgcctccccg agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt    156960
     gcgccatcac tgccctgctc acagtgattt atgtagaaga tgtgtgagaa cagtgtagtt    157020
     gcctgatgag aggcatctcc caggccccca aatctcctcc tctttatggc tgtcatgcat    157080
     tttaaaggtc aagtcccaga gcagccctgt gtcctgctga ctctcttatt ccatctctgt    157140
     ccctaaacga ggctctagag atatctctag ggccccaggg actgtggctg caggctgcag    157200
     gacctgaagg caaggccagg ctgcatggga gacagctgct tatattataa tcctcccagg    157260
     tgtccttctc acagatggga cccctgtgac agcagtctgt ctcacagcca gatggacttg    157320
     accccagcac atatgagaag ggctgtgatt tgttctgtag gtgtctcata cagtctgggg    157380
     tggcctggcc tgagagcact cactccccag taacagcagt cttttctaac tggggaccca    157440
     gctaatcttc ttgtttattt ttgagacagt ctcatatagc ccagacttgc cttcagcttc    157500
     agtgtagcca agggtgacct tgaacttctg ttccttcggc tcaaggtttg ggaatacagg    157560
     tatgcaccgc cacaccccgt ctgcgtaatg ccgggaatgg ggcacaggcc attgagcagg    157620
     cactcagtca acacaactgc aacttcttgg ctcacctgtt tgcagccgtg actataaaga    157680
     cagaatgagc aggaagctag ggagagacag aagccaaaag tctcagacag gtgtccaata    157740
     gagcagtaaa gagaagagag agatgtttgt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgga    157800
     tcttgggaaa tgaggcatcc tatgtaccaa agcccaagtg ctcaggcatc agactgctca    157860
     gaggagggca ggcgagagac ctgggactca actgcacaca gatggaagac agaaggtagt    157920
     ggcaggcagc tctgccactt tttgttgact gacagtccta gcctctccca gcatgggcaa    157980
     gggtgtaaga ccaagcagga attcccaggg agagtgaaca ctgactgtag ccagatcctg    158040
     agcagggctg gaggtagcca tgtccttcca cagactctga agacagtgag gtcttcagtt    158100
     ttctgcgttc tccaagagta acggtgaagg ctgacatccc aggaagactt ccaggctgcg    158160
     tgggcctgtg tccctcagga tcctacccaa ggcctcatgg acagggcttt tgaacccacc    158220
     tcccctttgc cctgtgtgag caacagctgg ctactccaat ggggaccagg gtccacagaa    158280
     agggcacagc ctagcctgca agttctggga ttcagggaag gtagagggcc accaccacat    158340
     agatgaccca gctggtagac acgaagaccc cgaagagtag gctgaagagc acaagtgagc    158400
     gggccttcct tgaggcttcc tctgcctggg ccaggtcacc ccggcccagg gctgctcgag    158460
     tctgtaatga gacaggccaa ggtgggatgt gccaaaaatg atccccctct acccgccccc    158520
     aagccccacc agcacaccca aaaggttagg cccaggccac aggccagaaa ctgacattct    158580
     gagaatgttg ggaaccaaag cttgtagagg cgcaggagtc atggaagagg tgcctcacgc    158640
     atgagcaatg cacccaagct tggctcacac cacccagcag cagccctcag atctcattcc    158700
     cccccacccc actgtgctgg ggctgaaagc ccagcagact taaatgacct ccctgggcca    158760
     cagctgatgg taaagccaca agccactgtc ttacctctga gctgtttgct cccctcaggt    158820
     ctgactagtg atgacctggg cctgagacct cccgctactt cccagcaagg ccaggctgtt    158880
     acttgtaagc atatacatgc gtgcgcacac acacacacac acacaggctt gccttctgtc    158940
     agaatgttaa gtcaccttta tcagtgagtc cagtgctggg catatgaaca gtaaggaggg    159000
     gatggggagg aggggagcta gtgaggtaga ggtggaggga gctatgcaaa tgagtgaatg    159060
     aacatggaga gggcaggtaa gtagagactg gaaggtgagt aagcaaagag gcagatgaat    159120
     taatagatga tggatgggtg aagagtgggt agctgaatga tggagtgatg tgtcttagtg    159180
     ggtgggaggg tggagcgatg gattaacaga tgaatacatg cacgatagca agatagagta    159240
     gtgggcaggc agatggttgc cagacagcag ggcagctgag gcagccagaa ttatatgcaa    159300
     actaaaggat gctgaaatac aacaccttgg gcctcatcca tcacttatac atttttttgt    159360
     ttcagaaatt gccatcacag atcccgggta gtgaggtcac aggtaaaaaa gggggagggg    159420
     aggggggaca gaggagaagg gccaggctcc atccaacaag gctcacccct gggtccggct    159480
     cggttgccag ctgctggctg ctgagtggga cccctacgag tccccacagg ggaggttgtg    159540
     tcttatgagt gtgtccctcc aggtcaccta cctcatggga gtagacaatg gcaatcatcc    159600
     ccgtgagcag gcaacagaac agggtcacca gcaccgactc catcatgaag tccttgggca    159660
     gaggcctgtg ctccacttgc acgggagcag gcccgccagc cacggggctg ccatactgtg    159720
     gggtagaagc agggaaagtc acgctgaccc acttcccctc cgcacaccca cccatgctga    159780
     aggaatcctc tcatcctgcc ctacacacaa tgtagcccag aactggctac cagatgtctt    159840
     atctgccggg gattgtgaag gctcagagtc tccactggca aacctatggc tgcctgcttt    159900
     catttcatca atagggtgga tttggctgga ctgaaactct gaaggttcac cagcctgaga    159960
     tgagaggctt ctgctagagt taaaggcttg agtcacctgg ttctagcact taagagtcag    160020
     aggcaacagg atcagttgtt ctcaactaca tagtgagttc caggccagcc agaactacat    160080
     gagaccttgt ctttaatttt ttaagttatt attattattg ttgttgttat tgttattatt    160140
     atcattatta ttttcgacca ggctattgcc tcatgtccac ccccttgggg ccttcaccac    160200
     tggtatcaca gaacacttct cagaacactg gccaccccgc agcctgtgcc atgcccagta    160260
     tcctcccttc ctggtccttg ggaactctgt tccttatctc ctcctcctgc catggagcct    160320
     tgtgctcacc gtggggaacg ggaaggaggc tccaccaggg ggtgggaaga gcgggccggt    160380
     gggtggcggg tagagggcag cgggccccgg cgccggctgg aacagcaccg gcacctgcgg    160440
     aaagggcggg tagagtagcg ccactgcctt ggggtccggc ggcgcgtagg gtggaggctc    160500
     gcccacgaag ccgatgggcg gcccagtact gccagtggcc ttaggcccgg gacccgcctc    160560
     gccggacaca gacgcgggtt ctgggtcccc cagggccggc tcgctgcctt ctgcggcctc    160620
     ggtccgatcc tcctctggcc ccgcgtcttc ttccagcagc tgcgggcggc gtgggagctg    160680
     cgggagcgat ggctgcgcgg tgctgcgctg gtcctcggca gcttggggat cctcccggcc    160740
     tgcggagctg tcgcccccct tagcgtcggg acctagggag aaaggcagag ctgggagtca    160800
     gggtcggaga gatggattcg ttggtgctgt gccttctgtg caaccatgaa aacctgagtt    160860
     caatcccaga acctgcataa aaatcaaggc agaagtttgc catcccaggg gtggagacag    160920
     gtgggtcccg gggttcactg gccagctacc ttaacctaat gagagactca aaaaacactg    160980
     taggcagctc cagaagagtc atttctgagg ctgacctatg gcctcccctc tcgggaagaa    161040
     aattaaggac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtt cacaatggaa agggtaaaag gttatgtgta    161100
     tactttacac tttttaaaaa agtatgcatt ttatgtgcat gagtttatca tgcacataaa    161160
     atacatgcag tgcctatggg ggccagaaga gggcaacaga ttttgtgatg gttgtgagct    161220
     gccatgtgct tgttgagaat tgaacccagg tcctctgcaa gagcagccag tgcacttaac    161280
     ccttgagcca tctctccagc cctggccacc ctttttgaaa agcttgccgc cgggcggtgg    161340
     tggcgcacac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag acaggcggat ttctgagttc    161400
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gaggaaaccc    161460
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    161520
     ataaataaat agcttgcctc tccagctgat tatacaaaag tcccctgagc cactgaaagt    161580
     gagaacaggg ggtagattaa cctcccagtc ctgagcccca gactcggcca caggagagat    161640
     gtggggcaga actgggatag tccagtctgt cctgctgagc ccaggataaa ggaatggtct    161700
     tgcagtaaga gggaagattc tgaactccat gagcactgca tgtgagctgg gccatcacct    161760
     gattcctttg cccttgactg tctctggtcc tagaggagcc tatgtcctga acaatcagga    161820
     atgctttgaa gctctagaat caacacccca cccaccccac ccaccccacc gagtactgga    161880
     tgcagccctg agcaccaggc tcagggagca gacccacaca aacacaggag gctgagaaag    161940
     gagccaacca tgggaagcca tatagaggta aaccagctgc gattgagggc cagaaccgac    162000
     caggctgatt aaggatggaa catcacccca gccaaggaat tacaatgggg ccaagaaaca    162060
     acattaacag cctggcatcc aagacacaac acaaccctga ataataatct gcaatgtgaa    162120
     gaattaggac tgtgagagca ttcttaaaga gaaaagagca aaaaaccctg caattccagc    162180
     actggggaaa ctgaggcaga aggattgctg taagttcaag accagtccag gctacagctt    162240
     gagaccttat ctcaaaagca agaagaaagg ccagctggag ggcttggcac agtaaaggtg    162300
     ctgctgggtc tgctgacctg agttcaattc ccaggaccca cacagtagaa agagagaaaa    162360
     gaccctgcaa gttgtcatct gacctccact gcgcgccacg gcattccagt gtttgcacaa    162420
     gaacacctgg atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag    162480
     gaggaggaga aagaccaaca aaaataaagc caggtggtga cagcggtggt acatgccttt    162540
     aatcccagta ctaggaggca gaagcaggca gatctctgtg aattcaaggt cagcctgatc    162600
     tacagagcaa gctcaggaca gccaggcagg gatgcataga gaaactctta tctcaaaaaa    162660
     caaaaacaaa acaaacaaaa ctaacacctg ccagctctga tactcagaca ctagaattat    162720
     aagaaaagca tccactataa ctacgttcca caagataaaa agaagcacac ttgaaataaa    162780
     ttcagcagaa aaaaagaaaa taaccgagtc tcagtttaaa actaaaattt tcttgattta    162840
     tcgagacaag tgtttactat gtagcaccag ctgacgtgga actcactagg taaaccaggc    162900
     tagcctcaaa ctgggggggg gggggtcctg tgatgggggg ggtgtcctgt gatgagggcc    162960
     tgaggagcgt ctgatattta aaacaagatc acaacacatt ttaactatgt ttcctttgat    163020
     gtgtttgaac aataactcag agttaaaaca ctaaagagaa ctgttaaagg ctgggatata    163080
     gtttagtggt agagagcttg cctggcattc atgggatcct gggttcaatc ctcaatatag    163140
     aacagggtgg ggggagggga gggatggaag agggagaagg gaaggttttt aaaaatcaca    163200
     tccacagacg ggcagtggtg gcgcacacct ttagtcccag aacttgggag gcagaggcag    163260
     gtggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagctagggc    163320
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaactt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat cacctccaca    163380
     gggctgccag gcctcagaat gactgtgcgt aagagtattt gctaaacaca catgaggttc    163440
     agatccacag ctgtgaacca gacacctcaa tgccattggg catggagaca ggagggtggt    163500
     ttcaaatttt ttgatccctg ggctgagtga gaaacccctc acaagggaat aaggtagaaa    163560
     atgctaaaca cgcctggagt tcccctctgg ccttctctgc cgactgagga gccacattta    163620
     catatacaga gacagacaca catacacatc actggctcgt tggagcgcct ctcctctctt    163680
     gtggagaaat ccttccacca ccactgccta tagatacagg cagaccactg tatagataat    163740
     agcaatcgca gtgctagggg gccaaacaag tgcccagtcc tggactcagg gcttactcct    163800
     tacttagacc aaagaaccag ggtcgacgac ttagagccac caggaaaaga gcccgtcctt    163860
     ccagaacgct gtcacattaa tgccaggccc ctgccccagt tatcataaca aaaaccgcag    163920
     tttccctgga tcctgcctgc tcaaataccg aacctgatgg caccgagata ggggccgggg    163980
     agtaaataaa tactctggct acgctgggct tctcgagttc tggacacctg agcctgaggc    164040
     gatagtccag ctgagacagg gcgggggagg gggctgttcc aaggcctggg gtgttctagc    164100
     aggggatggg acagagggga attctactag tcaccccagc atcctctgcg gcggatgcag    164160
     ggagtgtgag gggcacccag ggttactctg cactctgcac aggtcatggc cccctgagcc    164220
     tgggagtctc tagagacaac gttttttgcc ccatccccac cggcggggtc cgctggtcgg    164280
     atgtgtggct ttagtggggc cctaccatgg agcatccgcg ccaacccacc cagcccgcag    164340
     tttctgatcc aggctgagac gtctcttcca acctctgcct ccttgttggg tcgccctgct    164400
     tgggggacct cagcctggtc gggaaggggt tggcaggggg gatggttaac aaagccaaca    164460
     gacactggac gcagcaagga gattccagga gggaaatgca gagccacctg cagctgccag    164520
     gacacctgct gtccacctgg ggcctgtcct tccccagctg tcccgcagcg atgcaagaaa    164580
     gggcgggagc ttctgagtta tcccccgcag cctcttggcg ccccctggac tgtgggtgcg    164640
     agtgtcccac ggccccagta ttgcctcgct cttgtccgca ccctcagtct ctgctctgtg    164700
     ttccctgtac ctcgcgcccc tcacctgcct ccatggccgg atcaacgtgg gtgctcacag    164760
     gctgtgctgc tcaggacctg gagcctgggt ccgccccaag ccggtggacg gcaccggctc    164820
     gggtttcctg gtgcccgccg ggcggcaggt taataattgg ccgccttgtt tgtccacggc    164880
     tgagtcaaca cctcgttccc tcgcgccctg gcgctcgcac ccaccctaag tcctcttggc    164940
     ttggaatagc tagagctgca gcggaccccg aagacagggt cccctctgtg cagccttgat    165000
     cgatcccttt gcggattcgc ccggcctggg tgttgaggag gagagccatc aagagaatgg    165060
     aataggcagg aagcacgggc aattcccacg gggatgggta gagccaggag agagaccaca    165120
     gggagaggtg gcctacctgg gaagagaagc agaatgtaac tgtgacccaa aggcgggaga    165180
     gtgtagctag gttttttcca tcagcttctc accccctgcc ccagagaaac caggagtgta    165240
     aaactgagac ttaaaacacc tgccccccac cctcccagcc tagccccatc gctgagatcc    165300
     accaagccaa agaatctacc taaaatacca cactcacaag gcagatgtgc ttggccaccc    165360
     tttgtatatt cccagctgaa ttcccagaca agaaggaaga tgcctaggaa atgaactgag    165420
     tttcaaattg gctttcacca ggccttgaag cttggggccc tcgaggcaga gacgagggat    165480
     gaggagagat ggcttacagc gtttacaaag aacgtcactg gagagcctct ggatagggaa    165540
     atgaactctt cccaccagcg gagtacatgg ttcaagagta gctcattcat gccacccaga    165600
     agcccctaaa ctaaaggaag ggaagcccct tagaagcccc taagttaaag ggaggggctg    165660
     gagagatggc tcagaagtta agagcgcttg ctgcccttac agaggacctt gagtttggtt    165720
     cccagcactc acaatggact gtaagttcag atccagggct ctgacgccct cttttgtcct    165780
     ctaaagccac tgcactcacg ggcccataca caactacaaa gtcttacttt tctattgcta    165840
     tgaagagaca ccgtgacaga agcaacttat agaagaatct attggtctga tgttggctgt    165900
     ctctgagggg aggaacagca gccccgacaa aagggaggct aggtttttat aggatgctta    165960
     acttgaccta aagatcatta cagggaaagg agattgctga aaacaaagaa accatcataa    166020
     acattagatt ttatcaggga acctctagtc attaagatag cagaacgtgt tctaggcagt    166080
     ggtggcccgt gcctctaacc ccaacacatc aaaggcacag gcaagtggat ctctgtacct    166140
     cctggccggt gatgaattct cacctcagac gctgaaagcc actgattaag caacctcaca    166200
     ggagactgca gtgcagccag ccaccaccca gaaccacagg ctattgcact acaccttgaa    166260
     gttttggagt gacgtgtttc taatagtagg cagctagatc ccacatctgg agttctgcag    166320
     ctgagtgaaa gcatacaaaa ggcactggaa gagaaggttg caggttaagg caaagggacg    166380
     gctcaggagg agctgtcaca gttaggagcg tgtactccca tgggtctggt gttcggctcc    166440
     cagcacccac accaggccat tcactaaagg cacgcgccac cacctcccag ctcacctgct    166500
     gcagtaaatc tcccaaatat gcccgggcaa tgaagacaca gtacagttaa tatgattaca    166560
     ttctgtgcgc ctagattggg cagatctacc actacactgc catcttccac ccttagaact    166620
     tgcgatttct ccaggccatg tgcttctgct ctgcttttct ttttcctcct cctcccctgc    166680
     cacctctccc tcttccaatt ttctcttctc ttctccccgc cccccttcta gctccacctt    166740
     cccttttatc tgcccagtcc taacctagat tttttgtttt tttaaagatt tatttattta    166800
     tgttatgtat gagtaccctg tagctgtctt cagacgcacc agaagagggc atcggattcc    166860
     attatagata actatgagca ccagatactt gctgggaact gaactcaaga cttctagaag    166920
     aacgaacagt cagtgctctt aaccactgag cccagctctc cagccctaac cttgctcttt    166980
     ttaattgtca tggttttttt aagttttttt taatttatat gtatgaatgt tagtcctctg    167040
     ggagagcagc caatggccat aagccatctc tctccaactc acatctctaa aaaaaaaaaa    167100
     atgtaaaaat atttaaatgg gtgaaattct gagggtgatg tcatggcctc tgtctactat    167160
     gagcgtggtg gatcctcata tgtaattgtt ttgaagggca acataaaaaa aggaaagcta    167220
     ctcctgtctc cactgcctgt cagcatggct gcctgctgcc tctcatccgt agtacactag    167280
     gacttaaagt agacaggcct gcaggcagtg gtacacacct ttagtcttag cacttgggag    167340
     gcagagacag gtggatctct agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagaggga gttccaggac    167400
     agccagggct acacagagaa acaatgtctc aaaaaatgga ggtggggctg ctgccaccct    167460
     cagagctttg cttcatctga ccagtttgaa atggaggcct acttcttaaa gaaaaatgtc    167520
     atgtggttgt ttaaaaatgt agtgcggcac tggagagatg gctcagtagt taagagcact    167580
     gactgctttt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca    167640
     tctgtaatgg gatccaatgc tctcttctgg tctgaagaga gcaatgatgt actcatatac    167700
     ctaagataaa taaatacatc tttaaaaata aataaataaa aataaaaatg tagccgggga    167760
     gtggtggcac atgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag agtcaggcag atgtctgagt    167820
     tccaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc    167880
     ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa    167940
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac caaaaaacaa aaaacaaaac ccaaaaatgt agtgcatcaa    168000
     aattcaaaag taaggctgaa catggtggcc catgccttta ctcctggcat tccagaggca    168060
     gaggcaggta tctcctcagt gagttcaagg taagccaggt ctacagagtg agttccagga    168120
     cagccagagt tatgtagata gactctgtca aaatatatat aaataaataa aaataaaata    168180
     aatcttaaaa taaattcaaa agtaaaaact cctgacaacc tattgttgtt gtaaatgcta    168240
     ttacttacct ctatcagttt ttttgtttgt ttgttttttt ggtttttttt tttttttttt    168300
     ttttggtttt ctgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg    168360
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgta ctcagaaatc cgcctgtctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat    168420
     taaaggcgtg cgccaccacg cccagcactc tatcagttct taatgtgacc cagccagtcc    168480
     cccaataatt gaaactcagt cctatcaaat tttttttatt ttttgttttt tgtttatttt    168540
     ttgagacaca gtcctatcaa tttatttaat cagcttagca caattactgg gcgattatcc    168600
     tcaatctatt tttctgtatg ctagactagc taatacccat ctgtgcttcc caagttactt    168660
     atgtttgcgt ctcacctggg ctgcctctct gctccatccg tctgtcctca ggatgcactc    168720
     cagttcaccc cctctcacag cgccttggcc ttcccctcac ttctttttct ctctctcata    168780
     gttcctccct ttgagaccca gcacagtaac caaaactggc ctcctctagt gtcctcaaaa    168840
     attgcctgta gccactttca gttaaccact cagagaagat tggcaagcaa agtttataca    168900
     tcatctggca tacatgagaa tgtgctgtgg gactgcaacc agaccttggg gggcagtgtt    168960
     tagcatctga atacatagca gcagacaggt ggggtgacac atctgccacc ccagcacaca    169020
     cctgtcaatc acctcagcac atgtctgtca cttgagcaca cacctgtcac cccagcactc    169080
     tataggtgga agtgcaagta tcagcaaatt ccaggtcatt cttggctaca tagcaagttt    169140
     atcagcttgg gctacatgag accctgttgg aaaaggagga ggaaagagag gaggaagaga    169200
     ataccagaaa cagatatgga cctttaaccc cagcacttgg gaagtagagg ctggtagatc    169260
     tatgtgattc tatgtcagcc tggtctacag agaaagttcc aggacagtca gagctacaag    169320
     acctacatag tgagaccctg tctaaaaaat ttttttcaca cacacacgca tatacataca    169380
     tatatatgta tatacacata tatatatatt tagtggcgca cacctttaat cccagcactt    169440
     gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc    169500
     caggacagcc agggctaccc agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac    169560
     aaaaaacaaa aaaaactgca ggcttttcca cccatgcccc agttcatgaa taataattag    169620
     gaggtttata atttatcaat aaatgcctag gctttaaact aggtttgttt cccaactagc    169680
     tagtgactca gttaccccat tcctctctct atgtctgcca cgtggctgat tacctctcct    169740
     cttgtttcat acatctgact tcctccaaat aaggatggtg aatcttccca tgtctgactg    169800
     tctcccagag tccctctccc tctctctgct ggatatccca ccttctaatt ctgcctcagc    169860
     ttactggcca tcgatcagaa gatgccatag actgtggggc agtggactat gcacagacag    169920
     cctggtctcc agtcgagtcg agttgaggtc tgaaccccag tagaacctta tgggtgataa    169980
     ttttcaccta catggcgttc cttcatgtct cctggacccc tggctcctgt agaagttacc    170040
     gcccccacag cccccacaag agtagcatgt ggctagtagt cacatacaca atgtcccaag    170100
     cttctgacct tcaggctaga ctcctcccag ttacctagca acagaaagtt aacaagccca    170160
     ctataagagg ggctgcttgg ccccacctcg atctctaaag cttttacttt tcttactctc    170220
     tctcttactc tccctcttac tctctccctc tttctcttta agctttctta ttttctagcc    170280
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tctccccctc cctccccccc cctctctctc    170340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttccttttc ccccttatct    170400
     cctcttggcc atggccagtc tctctttcta ccttttctct ttccccctgc ctttctacag    170460
     taaagctcta aaaccataga ctgtctctgt ttatcaaggc ccactgtgct tggatgatga    170520
     gataggcttt cttctaatga gccacttcta acctcctgat ggaaggcctt tctgtgctcc    170580
     agccacggac cagacttagg aatctcacct gcatggaaac ctctccccct gccccctctt    170640
     cccgtaactc tggggcctgg agttgcaccg gggcccctat tctgttctca gctcctccac    170700
     cctatccagc atgggatgct ggaggctgag aacctggtac ctggggctgc cccttgtcca    170760
     ccacccgctg tgtggggtca gtggcttcac acagccagat gcccacccgg ggccaagtgg    170820
     aaagcatccg gcagtcctcc cgcttctgcc tgcccagagc acaggaactc tggccggact    170880
     ccggcactct ctccctcccc ctctccccgt acacccacag ccccacaata agctggcaag    170940
     gaagaacaga gacaccacta ctactactac tacttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    171000
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcctct tcctcttcct cttcctcttc    171060
     ctcttcttcc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    171120
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttctcttc ttcttctctt cttcttctct tcttcttctc    171180
     ttcttcttct cttcttcctc ttcttcctct tcttcctctt cttcttcctt cttcttcttc    171240
     cttcttcttc cttcttcttc cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    171300
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttccttctt cttcttcttc ttccttcttc ttcttcttct    171360
     tcctcttctc ttcttcttcc tcttcttcct cttcttcttc ttccttcttc ttcttccttc    171420
     ttcttcttcc ttcttcttct tccttcttct tcttccttct tcttcttcct tcttcttctt    171480
     ccttcttctt cttccttctt cttcttcctt cttcttcttc cttcttcttc cttcttcttc    171540
     cttcttcttc ctcctccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    171600
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    171660
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    171720
     ctctgttttt caagacaggg tttctttgtg tagacctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactcaga    171780
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cttgcaccac catgcccggc    171840
     tccttttttt ttaattagat attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgctatc cagaaagttt    171900
     cctatacccc ccagacacat cttcacacag tacatataaa cactatctct acatatatat    171960
     gtgtatatgt atatatctat aaatgtatat gatatatata tttatatgca taaatacaca    172020
     ccacatgaaa aacaagtaca aacccttgct gacccaaata ttatgatctt ataaccagca    172080
     acaggctttc ttgaaggtta gcaagatggc tctgcaggtg aggggacttg gagacttgct    172140
     ggcaagcctg acaacatgag tttcatctcc agaacccaca agctggcagg ggagaaaaga    172200
     ttcctgcagg ctgtcctgga actagtgtct atgcactcac tctctctctc tctctctctc    172260
     cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac    172320
     acacacacac acacacacac gcatatatac ctctgcgtgt gctgtactgg ctggttttgt    172380
     gtgtcaacaa taactggagt tatcatagag aaaggagcct ctgtcaagga ggcatttcca    172440
     gctgtaaggc attttctcca ttagtgatca agggtaggag ggcccagccc attgtgggtg    172500
     gcggtccctg ggctggtggt cctagattct ataagaaagc aagccagtaa gtaacaccct    172560
     tccatggcct ctgcatcagc tccaagttcc tgccctgtgt gagttcctgt cctgacgtcc    172620
     tcttgtgaag agcagcaatg tggaagtgta agctgtataa accctttcct ccccaacttg    172680
     tttcttctcc ttcttcttaa aaaaaaataa taataaaaag gaaagggctg gtgagatggc    172740
     tcagtgggta agagtacccg actgctcttc caaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc    172800
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccataatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag    172860
     acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataaataa atcattaaaa aaaagactta    172920
     tttagggggg ctagagagat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcat tcactgctct tctgaagatc    172980
     ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacacca tctgtagtga gatctggtgc    173040
     cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa aacagctaca gtgtacttat gtataattaa taaatacatc    173100
     ttaaaaaaaa acaagtctga agggctggat taaaaatttt taaagactta tttatttatt    173160
     atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggcgtca gatctcatta    173220
     tggaatttga actcaggacc ttcggaagag ccgtcactgt tcttaaccgc tgagccatct    173280
     ctttagccct ccagtttgct tcttggtcat gatgttttgt gcagaaatac aaaccctgac    173340
     taagacaaat tggtaccaag agtgaggtat tctgaaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag    173400
     ttcgaggaca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac    173460
     cgtgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaaaaaccaa accaaaccaa aacaacaaca    173520
     acaacaaaag agtgaggtat tcatgaccat gttttgggga ggactgtgga aggactttga    173580
     aactttgctc tagaagagcc attgggtgtt aagagctctg tgggatgctc tgtaggagct    173640
     tggaagataa tgttgagaac agtgcaatca atggaggcct ggtttgtgaa atttcagaag    173700
     gaaggttata gactcttatc agggccattg ctatcttgat tgtaaagatt ctgtggtttt    173760
     ggttagctga ggctggctgt gattaacaag ataccagaac cactaaagtg aaacctttgc    173820
     attacaggga cgattgatgc tggttcgctg aagctaagaa attagcagtg aattttttgg    173880
     ggggttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gaccaggctg    173940
     gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctatctctg cctccagagt gctgggatta agggcgtgca    174000
     ccaccatgcc cgacttagca gttgagatgg ctggcgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac    174060
     tggctgctct tctgaaggtc ttgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc    174120
     atccataatg agatctgatg ccgtcttctg gtgagtctga agacagctac agtgtactta    174180
     cagataaata aataaataaa taaatctttg agagagagag agcagcctgg tctatagagt    174240
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctatc tcaaaaaaac taaaaaaaaa    174300
     agttaaaaat aaaaaaaatt taaaagaaga agaagagacc agcatcagta cactaaggtg    174360
     aaatcttctg ggaagtattt cctgagcaca gagaagctct ccaagaaggc atatgcccat    174420
     gtttttttaa aaaatgccca cagaggaagg ccgtgctccc tccaggttgc ctaatgtggc    174480
     ggcatcccac atgctgcagt gggtaagttg gtttccagtg gacttgaaga tgccagaatg    174540
     ggtgtttgtg gcttccttta acgtgatagg caggtcttgt tcaatcctgg gaagctgggg    174600
     agcacggagc tgtgagctca cggcagcatt gtgagctcac gactgagctc acagacttca    174660
     gacagtgact cccgctagga cagagatggc ttcctctggc catgatgtta gtacttcttt    174720
     cgtgattctc attccccgag agacatctgc cagacgaagg aaacaggcct cagccctgct    174780
     gaaggaggag acccgagtga gggccacatc ctgctggagt tgggtatggg gagaggaacg    174840
     gagagaggca aatgaagaca atcagttaga gccgaatggc tttgcagtca tcaaagctga    174900
     ccctggccag gtgttctggt ctgctcaggt gctggggctt aacctgtcag ctcagaggtg    174960
     gcacgtgagg tgggggcaga gggatggggc ggatgggaaa tgactagagg aactaccagc    175020
     catttatgag acttttgcta tcctaaaggc ctgaagagca tccattcctc gctgggaaaa    175080
     gtctgatctg ttccagtttc ctcagagacc attcagacca atcccttgct ctgtggctaa    175140
     gaactttgtg gttttaaacc atctctgagg ttaatggatg gctttctggg ccagcaggac    175200
     tgctcagtgg aaagacactt gctgcaaacc ctgcaaatct aatgtccatt cccgagacag    175260
     aactgacacc cgtgcctggc cggctactgt caccctgctc ttctctatta gattcaacct    175320
     cccggatgct gcaagccaaa gggcagccat tgttctctgc tttatccagt tgtttctgaa    175380
     ttgacaaaca cagccagtgc gtgggtctgg gaggagggaa ggcaggaaag caagagaggg    175440
     gagaatggtt atgttgacca tgacgatgag tctgtcccag gagcaaggcc tatagtcggg    175500
     gcagttagct ctctgcctcc tggacttggc acgtgtacct gctgtggctg ccacaggtca    175560
     gagctccaga gggaactagg tccttgggtg ttcaggaagg agaccctgca gctcctgctt    175620
     tgagctctgg cccttcagaa tgctaccagg tggcctgaag cctgggcagg catgtctgta    175680
     ccccagtagc tcccagcatg tgcgactgtc ctgtgcctgc tgctctgcta ccccgcttgc    175740
     cccgtcccct catgtccatg gggcacatgg gctgcgctgc cagacaggct aaagaacagg    175800
     tgtggtgggt gtgctcacac cctggaaatc tcagagatct aagatggtag gagaggatct    175860
     gtcccctcac agcctctcat gcctgctctg aaacatgtaa ctacaccact gagaggacca    175920
     cgggcagtca gccatagaat gcagcatatg gagtccttcc cccatgcaaa tggtagagca    175980
     tcaccaacat cccaaacttg gccaatacga aacctttacc tgccccaccc catcccatcc    176040
     caccccactc cccaaggttc ttgtagtccc tgtccacatg gaataaagca cacaagttac    176100
     ttcaccaagg atcgtttgaa agtggctgtc tttactgagc tgtaacgctg gagaagaatt    176160
     ctctctctct cacagagcct ttatcattgg atcttggacc cgcctggctg gccaggttcc    176220
     cactgcctgc agaggctcac atcagagtgg cagcagctca caccaccagt gcaagccacc    176280
     caaactcctt ttttccctct tttaagagct gggaaactcc cagcattccc agctgaacca    176340
     gagtccagtg gatgttcatg ccaaactgcg ctttgccatc ctcggtctgg tgtgcagata    176400
     tgtctgatac cctagaggga agtgggcaga ctgtggacca cgaatgtcca tggcagtgag    176460
     gagcctctct cccacgtggt cttctaatcc ttcacccctg ctctgttctg tgacaggtgc    176520
     ccacggatgg cactgctcct gcaccgccaa ccactgatga cactatgttt cttggtgtcg    176580
     ttccctgccc agatgctgat ctcattagtc gggtatcact tcaggtttgt gcttctcccc    176640
     tttgcctgcc accctcctgt ctgcttccca aaggactccc agagttctat agactctcta    176700
     ctctgtttag atagcttggt tcaggtgctg ctcctggagc ctggcatggg gaggccaaga    176760
     tggagaacat ttgggatgat gggtgttgag atgaatttgg cctactgtgt ccctgtgtga    176820
     cagtaagcag aagctaaata atgctagctt atttctttct acccatacag agccatgatg    176880
     ctggcaattg ctctaacctc atggaggaga ccaagtaagt gttccctact gagggagtcg    176940
     gggcaagcct ctgcccatga gccctgttcc catcaaacta cctgcacccc tgatctcatg    177000
     tctcctccct taggactttc tcatcgactg agagtctgca acaactttct caacagctca    177060
     atggccttgt gtctgagata ccacaggact gggacccaga aagaaggtag agaggaaagg    177120
     aaagtatgtt agaaaatgag gtgggattct caagagacta attcatgaga ggctcttgtc    177180
     atactggaga agacttggat ttggaccaca atgggcaacg tgatttttat cctggtgtgg    177240
     tttgaggtga cagctgttga acggtgaggt tgatccatgg cgggaaaaga gccataagga    177300
     gtggcacaaa gggggtgtga gtgagcagaa aaggagattc tgctaattga gggggaagta    177360
     ggaggctgca gggattagac attgagggtc acagagcacc tccatgtgag gtattgtctc    177420
     tcctagtcta catcctacat caacggggag ggcctcacat cttccaacat gaatgcctgg    177480
     accatggatt aggaccctgt ctcaaaactg tcatggggga agggggcttg gaatgtagct    177540
     cagtgactac attcttatct actgagcaca aggctctggg ctcaattccc agaaacaaaa    177600
     tagaaaatga gacgccaccg ggcatggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg    177660
     cagaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggtcagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc    177720
     caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtcttcaaa agagagagag agagagaggc    177780
     catgggatca caagagcatg tttgagcaat acttaaccaa tctgagaccc ttgggaacaa    177840
     acactgacat ctgtacaaca gaaagacaga cagacagcag tgctgtggac agtcccaact    177900
     ggagacagta tgtacagaag ccagagacag gaataacgtt tagttgagaa gcgaacagga    177960
     atagaggcag gcaggctggt ccactcagat ccttggagtg atacaagaac ctggcccaac    178020
     tgcatcttaa ccaagctctg cctttgcaca tatcaccagt accaagggca ctggggaaga    178080
     aaacatccca gatccaggtc tgtgtgagaa cagctttctc atgtgccata gcaagcacta    178140
     gcctccaggg ggcagtgtcc acctagtgat gtgcccatca gctgggtagc ctctcttctg    178200
     tgggcttctc caatccagtc tgtgccatcc aatggccaca agctggatct ttcagctttc    178260
     tttccaggag tctcaaggga gcaggaaggg gtcacctggt tggaaaatcg aggctgacag    178320
     agaaggcatg tatattatac actgcctcac tatacccact gtaaacccta cttgaaaaca    178380
     tttgagagtc aggtatgatg gctcacacct gtgatttcaa ctccagagac tgagaaaaga    178440
     aagaagcaga gttcagggcc agtcctgccc tccctacatg gccaggccct gtccaaaaat    178500
     aaaaataaat taccccagtg agtgccaaag aagctgatgt gagcagatcg cttccataga    178560
     ttgagacccg cctgggtaag caagtggaga gcctatctcc agatttaata gctgggctgg    178620
     agttcagccc aaagcctgta ttcccagcat ccctctacag aactggaaag aggacttgga    178680
     gcttgggaag agggggttca gctccagagc cactacccac caactggtag caggtaactc    178740
     cagctctggc aacttctctc cctcttctgc cccctgtggg cactcgagtt tacatatcca    178800
     aatttttaaa aataaaattt tctttaaaaa ctataatttt attgctgata ggaccttgat    178860
     atagctatct cttgtgaggc gatgccagtg cctgtacaga agtggatgct cacagtcatc    178920
     tattggatgg aacacagggc ccttaatgaa ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctgaa    178980
     ggagtctgca accctatagg aggaacaaca acatgaacta accagtaccc cctccccccc    179040
     agagctgtgt ctctaggtgc atatgtagca gaggatggcc tagtcggcca tcaatgggag    179100
     gagaggccct tagtcttgcg aagatcatat gccccagtac aggccaggaa tcgggaatgg    179160
     gtgggttggg gagcagggca gggggaaggt ataggggact ttcaggatag catttgaaat    179220
     gtaaatgaag aaaatatcta ataaaaaaac ctaaaatttt atgtctcatc ccgaacctgt    179280
     ggcactcagg acaaaagtgc attataatct ccactcatcc cagacagcca gaaggttcga    179340
     gacctctgag tgccatgtgg tgggaccatc aaactgcacc ctctctagcc tttctcaaga    179400
     gacaagtaca cttcagtgac agcgtgacag gagccagaca aagcacccag cttcatggtg    179460
     aggaggagtt ggagcctccc agcctggtcc tgaggcactg taaggaaagg tcctccagga    179520
     aggcagaagc agaggtgagt ggcagtcaca cacccaaacc agtcgccttc aggactgcaa    179580
     taaccaacgt ttacacaagt ctgtggctca gccaggcctg tgcacctcac ctgaggcacc    179640
     tcattgaccc caacaatgga gcaaggtctt gtggagcagt ccagccccag actgagccag    179700
     ctgagtacag agagcgaggc tcgttacatc tgatacatag tgtctgactc gagctgcctc    179760
     cccagcagag gctagccttt caaatggtgt ggtgtgctac acacttaatt ccagcacttg    179820
     ggaggtggag atgggggggg gtggaatctt tgtgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacata    179880
     gcatattcca tgagtgccag ggctaggtaa caagaccctt tatttagaat gaggagagat    179940
     cttgtgacaa ggttctcatg tagcccagga tggtttgaac acatccctcc ttcctccatc    180000
     tcccaagtgc tgaaacagcg ctcagatgcc tagttcctgt ccaaggggag ggacgcatgg    180060
     agggtggaag gatccacaat ttctctaagc ccttagacat gaggtcttag tcgcaaacct    180120
     ctgccatgct ttgtagaagt tgtctggggg ttggaggatg gctcagcagt tagaaacact    180180
     ggtggctctg gctactcata cagggactga gttcaatccc cagcacacac acaagacagc    180240
     tcacaagtgc ctataacccc agtcctaggt tgttaacttg taatgtttgt aaatgctccc    180300
     atacaggcaa acctacacac accccacaat tttttgaaga tttattttga tgagtgtgtg    180360
     agtggaggtg tgtgtatgaa tgtatgccat gtggatgcag gggtatgtgg aggccagagg    180420
     tgacatcaat gtcttcataa tggtttctcc atcttacatt ttgagtcaca gtctaagatg    180480
     ctggtcaatg atcgctagtg aaccagccac ctgtcaccac ccttcagcac ctggcattgc    180540
     aggtgcatgc tgccacacag cgctggggac tgaactcagg ccctcaagct tatatagcaa    180600
     gaactttacc taccgggcca cctccccagc tccagggctt tgcatgtggt aagcaaacgt    180660
     ttatctgcta aggcacattc ccaggtttct tcttttcaat tttcactttg agatagtatc    180720
     ttgccaagtt gccaagcctg gctttgaatt caccctgtag cccaggctgg ccttgaatgt    180780
     gtgatcctcc tgcctcagcc tcccctaggg cctattcacc aggctagctt ctgtgggtat    180840
     tcatctgtgg tgtcaagtta tgcctgctag gcaaatgctc tactaccaga ctaagctccc    180900
     aacccttcct catgtttcat ttggagactg ggcaaaccct gagtcactct gccatcaaga    180960
     tggtcttgaa tttatgatcc tcttgtctca gcctcctgag tacctgagat tacagacctg    181020
     tgccaccagg cagtttccta agtgtgaatg gcatcttctg cctctgctgt gtgttctctg    181080
     gtacctggtg agatggctgc caagcaccag taataaagtg cagcagacac accaacctcc    181140
     caccctgaga gccagcacca tctcagctct ctgccacgaa ggagagacct gatctcgttg    181200
     ctcccacgcc atctcacagg ccctggttgt tccttggctg ctgtccttaa cctggagctg    181260
     acttgcccca cctccaccct gctctggaac tagtgaacct gcccagctgg tttgccgggg    181320
     aggaacgggg cctgtgctgt catctcgggg caattctgac tactgattga ccagaacttg    181380
     agaaagcaca tgcaggggcc agaagtggga ccatgaaggg aaaaaatgac tagaacctgc    181440
     tctgcagacc ccacagggct gggatcagca gctccagatc agtacccctg gcgtgactaa    181500
     ccacaccgtg accacccacc tgagacactt gtcccttagc ctccacctcc ccacagcagc    181560
     ctcagccacc atctctgcca gaccagacct tagccattac taatgtcttc cctcctgtca    181620
     cctagcccaa gcaagaaggc ctgaacttcc agctgagccg aacgaagggg tggggctagg    181680
     ggctgtcagt caggtggagc agaggctgcg ggaaaagtga gatgctgaca tggtgggtat    181740
     ggatttgttt gcttttctgt cttttgaaaa ggtctccata agtagcccag acttggactc    181800
     aaacctacaa gactcagact cctgagtgct ggaattacag ctatgggccg taatctcagt    181860
     aaaacctggc tagatttagg atcatcatgg aaacaggcct gtggccaagg gagaaatgga    181920
     agacctacca taaatgtggg tagtaccatt ccatttgctg gggttggggg tggagatcca    181980
     gggtaggaaa aagatgaaca caagcattca tccctctact agggcttagt gtgaccagct    182040
     acctcacagg cctcctatgc catggtggcc tgcaccctcc agttgtgaac agaaataaag    182100
     cttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg agacaaggtc tcactgtgga tggcctcaaa cccacagagc    182160
     tcagcttacc tcggctccag aatgctgggt ggggccgaag gtgtttgcca tcgtggctgc    182220
     ctctgggtgg ggctgacagt gtacaccgcg gtggctgcct cttaagctgc ttttctctca    182280
     ggcattttgg cgagatgaga aaagaaacta acagcttttc gcttgcctgc ctgtggctga    182340
     agacccggct cacagctcag cgtggtacag agacagtgct gaaagctgct tctcaccagg    182400
     cctggtttct tcatctataa aagatgcccg tggtggccac gtcaggctgc cttaatgact    182460
     gcacagacat tagtaaatgt cagctcagtg ttaagatggc cacactgcgt gttctgagca    182520
     catttcaggc cccggggcca cagctgtggg atgctaatga gctgactgcc caaaggtaca    182580
     gagaagggag accgagtggg ttgaggagac atgaggctac aggtgtacag tggccaattc    182640
     gatccattta ttccttcgta tattcatttg tccattcatt caccaaggtt tttaattttt    182700
     ttaatttttt taaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga    182760
     cactccagaa tagggcatca gatctcatta cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct    182820
     gggatttgaa ctcaagacct ttggaatagc agtcagtgct cttaactgct gagccatctc    182880
     tccagcccgg ttttaaaatt tttaaacttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcccg tgcgtgtgtg    182940
     tgtgtggcat gcacgtgggt cctgataccc acagagacca gaggtatcag ttcccccctg    183000
     gagctggtgt tatagctcag ggctgtctta cgtgggtgct gagaacttgg gtcttccaca    183060
     agagcatgag ggccttaacc tctgagccat ctctccctca ccaaattctg gtccacggag    183120
     gggcagcttg caggggaaag gtacctgggc ttgcacagtt aagttctagg taatggaaat    183180
     ggacattaaa ccaggctgat gcacacactg ctccagcact tgggccagaa gaccaagagt    183240
     tcaaggctag cctgagccac atgagaccct gtcttgaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    183300
     aatcaaagaa tatatacatt aaagcccatg ttgggactga agtccatgtt ggggggaggt    183360
     gctcacacta gaggtagaaa tgacttaatt ccagggctaa acctctctcc tctgcatgtg    183420
     tctggcaaac tgtttgtgtg tgtgcacaca tatgtgcagt gccctcagag tccagaagag    183480
     ggcatttgat ctctgggagc aggagttgca ggtggttgtg aaccattcaa tgtcacaaag    183540
     cccaacttgg gtcctctggg agagcaacca gagctcttaa ccaccaagcc atcttcatcc    183600
     cacctgtttg tattcttttt tcttgtttgt ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc    183660
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct gaaactcaga aatccgcctg    183720
     cctctgcctc cggagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cactgcctgg cctgtttgtg    183780
     ttcttgaggg cagactttgt aacagaaaga actgaagttt acctttttat ggttattgtg    183840
     tgagtgagca agccaccaca ggggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata    183900
     agtgaactgc tgccctgtct ccctcctact gtgggttcca agatttgaac tcaagtcatt    183960
     gagttttcat agcagaggga ctcaacttgc agagccacct cactggccct gggctgtgac    184020
     agtgctcacc tttcatccca gcacttgaga gaggctgtga gcaggcagat ctctggtgag    184080
     cttggggcct gcctcagtct gtatggaaag ctccaggtca gttacaatta cttagtgaga    184140
     ccctgtctaa cagtctaggg actgagaaac agcccagtca ttaaagagct tgtttgcttg    184200
     tttgtttgtt tgtagttttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg    184260
     aactcactct gtagaccaga ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg    184320
     agtgctgggg ttaaaggcgt gcgcctctat gcccggctta aagagcttgt ttttaaaggt    184380
     gcaaatgtta aggactagag tttgcatccc cagaacctag caatgggtat ggccgcctcg    184440
     gattccagtg ctcacaagga gacagaaaaa tctctggagg caggcagctg gctagactga    184500
     ctggctgttg gtgagctctg ggttcagtag agaagtcctg cctctatggg gaaagggaag    184560
     acaggagttt gaggttaacc tgggctacat gatgaggcta aaacaaaccc tgctcagtgt    184620
     accttgtcta cagggtcaca gtgcaggtgg ctatcactgt gtgcagcttc cctgcctcca    184680
     tagcaaactg gcttggccag gatccagggg gctctgagct gaagctgtgt cctgctttgg    184740
     ggcacacatg taggaggtat gcaggttaaa ctgaggttaa tcacatcttc tgtcctggat    184800
     gatggggtga ataatcaata tgagccacaa gaagcaccca ccccaccccc aagccctcag    184860
     ttaatgacag ctagtgttac taataacagt ctcctcgccc gagtgtctcc aagccaaccc    184920
     aacttgctga taacaagatc aaggtccaat gcgtcagacc ctctgaagga gcagaccaca    184980
     gtcaggttag ctctgagtct gggctgacat ctaatcaaat gcacagaacc caaagcaggt    185040
     catcttggct tctgagtcaa accaagagct ggcctggcca ccctttatga gaacagccaa    185100
     cacttgccca tcaggtttta aaggccttgg tgagactggc ttcctagcaa cggggccact    185160
     cagcagtgag ctctgcatta ccctgatgaa tcaccttctg tatttcttgg ctctgttcat    185220
     cattgtcttc tggcctttac tcaaaggatc agtttttgtg actaaagaac actgctacct    185280
     tctctgcact gaattttggc tgtcctgggc acctatgaat tacctgagcc cacaacagta    185340
     agcccagact aaaattgtcc agcagtattg cataaactga ctggagagca tgcctcagag    185400
     agcgactcat cctccggcaa tagttgctta ataggaagga agttgcccaa gtaaagcaga    185460
     ggtcagagct acgtagatgg gccctttctc aaaatggccc aattctctga tcaccctgaa    185520
     ggactctgtg taaacgaatg tccagacatg atggaacatt accatgcatt attgctaaat    185580
     caaagaagca agctgcaatg tattgcatac acaaattata gattccattt tggtaaaaaa    185640
     aaatcaaaac aacaacaaaa aaacccagct ggtcacttgc tgacgcatga cttaaaggtg    185700
     aggagccccg agtctgaggc cagctggatc tagtctacaa agcaggttcc aggacaacca    185760
     gggctaaggg gtggagggga cttgagacag gttctcacta agtagcctag gtctggaact    185820
     ctctatgtaa actaggctgg cctcaaactc tgagatcttc ctgcctctgc ttcctggatg    185880
     ctatgtgcca tcatcctgga ctttccaatc tttggaaaga tttgtgtgtg agtttcttgc    185940
     ttgaatgtat atatgtacac atttgtgtga ctggtgtcca gggaggcaag aagagggcac    186000
     tggaccccct ggaactggaa ttatagatga ttgtaagcca ccatgtgggt gcttggaact    186060
     aaacccaaga tttctgaaag agcagcacat gcgttaacca ctgagacatc cctccaagaa    186120
     caaaaagatt atgttcatgt gtggtatgtt cacctgtggt gtgtttatgc cacatgtgta    186180
     ggtacccgga ggccagaagg catctggtct cctggagctg aagttacagg cagtcatgag    186240
     ctacccaaca tgggtgctgg gaactgaacc ctggtcctca gaagagcaga cagcggccct    186300
     aagtgctaag tcagactttg agactcggac aacaggctgg tcttgaattc atgatccttc    186360
     tgactcagtt atggtgccca cagctaattc cttatgttct tttcagatac cgttgacaga    186420
     atagagttct cgtgcctagg gtcgcagttt cttgtgatgt ggacttacat ctgtgactaa    186480
     aggtgtatct gtatctgcag agcacactga ggatcaaagt tcacaaagat agtgtctcac    186540
     tatctgtgtt ctgctcttaa gcctcaccca ggaaatattg cgctaagcca tcttgtctct    186600
     gggatcctct tggctggaac agttgcttag tctgtgcctg aattagacat cagtcagata    186660
     acttgcttgc caccccccag tggagcctcc cctttatctg ataagacaaa gctcacgggt    186720
     cattggaagg attgcagaag ggcccggggt tgccacacgc tatcagcctg acttacacca    186780
     tgggcctgtc tggctgacta cctggcagat tgttaacacc acagaaacaa aaggtggagg    186840
     gaagcccaga ctctgtatct ttccagtcat tgttctggct ctgaagtcag cacttagacg    186900
     acagtatata taactcacat ctgctggacc acagcacctg acacctgatc ttgtctgccc    186960
     acactaacct cacaagatac tcaaagtcat tattcccatt ccatggatgg aggagtgctt    187020
     gaagtctcct agcaggagcc tgctgaggac tgactgcttg gagccgtaag ctgccctggg    187080
     ggccactgtg gaagggtgga atgtgatgct agtcaggcca gtttccacag atggcacacg    187140
     gccacatgga gagcatggag aaggggcatc ctggtgctta tctctgaggg caagaggaat    187200
     gtggggatgg gatggcctcc tttcagacct aggggcacag agctgagcta acggaagtga    187260
     gctgctgcag tagctcacac atatgtagct cacacctatg aacccagcag gcagcatgca    187320
     ggagtcagag gccagcccaa gctacaatgt aacactctgc ctcaaaaaac agagggagac    187380
     acagttggtg aaagttgcat gatgacctag ctcagatgcc cagtaccatg tttacgaagc    187440
     aggaaagctg tacttgtaat tccagctcaa gagaggtgag gatttctggg gcttcttggc    187500
     ccacccagtt gggctgaact gctaattcta ggtttagtga caaaacagtt cctgtctcaa    187560
     aaggcaaagt ggggagcatt tgagggagag actatgtgac ctctggcccc taaaaacatg    187620
     tacatttccc cctcaaataa agagtagttt tgctgtgggc tggtttcaaa cttactgtac    187680
     gactgaagac aaccttgaat cctgatcctc ctgctgctgg ctctaagtgc acaaacaggt    187740
     ttgcatgaac aagacaggct ttctccaaat acaagacatt tttccaaaat aaaacaccag    187800
     tcagagaaag tgaaaaggta tctatctaca catgggggca aagtacctac tacagagaga    187860
     aataaaatca gggagaaaaa cagctttaca aaacccctag gtggcaggga gaggggtcac    187920
     taacattaag gatatttgaa aagccacata gaaactagtt ttctaagttt actaaaaaat    187980
     ataattaagc tgatatagtg gcacacactt taatcctaac actcaggagg caaaggtgct    188040
     cagagctcaa ggtcagcata atctacaaag tgagttccaa gattacacag caaaactgtc    188100
     ctgaaaacaa atatttaaac atttatattc acatgtatgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    188160
     gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagaggc ttgaatggag gtacactaca    188220
     cagggactaa agctctgtcc caaaagtcat aggtttttaa aatgctcctg tccactgtgg    188280
     gatacgtccc tttgtcaggt cacccagatc cttcaaacaa tccaagctaa tgctattgct    188340
     cttggttacc cagcagaaca tgacagacca tgctgctgag gacaccacac ttggtgacag    188400
     catatgaaga acagacctgg aaacctctcc taacactgga aggtgctgcg caggttacac    188460
     agggagagga gcaagtctca gaagccaggg acaggggaca gtactggaaa actgacttct    188520
     gggcatgata gtctcaaagc acctctggtt atctgtacac aaccagccag tcaacctccc    188580
     ggcagggatg gaaggggtgt tgaggtttgg tctgttatgt gtcgtaatgc taaatactgg    188640
     cccccaaggt ctggttgcct caggaagaga agatcttcaa tgtgcaccaa gtctatggaa    188700
     ccttgtcccc aagttatctc tgactggtta ataaaaatgc ctacagtcta taggaggtag    188760
     ggcttggggt ctgagggata gactcatgga gagatcagag aagagaggaa gacaccatgg    188820
     ggtaaggggt agtaaaaact ggccaaaggg tgtccagggg agtaagagtg gctggcccag    188880
     gcagaacatg gcaggtggcg tctctgggtt cttggcaagg aagtagatga aataaaccca    188940
     gaggcttctt gcatgtgcaa aggcagtgcc ctttatctgg gaactaagta atctaaggca    189000
     tgctggaaac ccccaattaa tattatttac cacacaaagg ggctcatgga ccccaccacc    189060
     ttgaggctgg cggagggggt aggctgtaaa tggccccata cccatgcact tgccctacac    189120
     taactggtct cagggactta caaagatagc ggacttgagg ctaagagggg gacatgatgg    189180
     caatggggtc aagggagagt tggagggtaa ttaaaacatc acatgccttt ctcaaagagg    189240
     aaaaccactg tattttataa acccgatgtc ttctctgcac cacgccttcc accggcacca    189300
     ctgagtgaac accatccctt gctgtcctgt tagtgttcac actgcagaca ccaacaatca    189360
     tcagcctgtt agtgttcaca ctgcagacac caacaatcat cagcctgtta gtgttcacac    189420
     tgcagacacc aacaatcatc agcctgtaag tgttcacact gcagacacca acaatcatca    189480
     gcctgttagt gttcacactg cagacaccaa caatcatcag cctgttagtg ttcacactgc    189540
     agacaccaac aatcatcagc ctgtaagtgt tcacactgca gacaccaaca atcatcagcc    189600
     tgtaagtgtt cacactgcag acaccaacaa tcatcagcct gtaagtgttc acactgcaga    189660
     caccaacaat catcagcctg ttagtgttcg ttcacactgc agacaccaac aatcatcagc    189720
     ctgttagtgt ttacactgca gacaccaaca atcatcagcc tgttagtgtt cacactgcag    189780
     acaccaacaa tcatcagcct gtgtttacag ccggggcacg ggatagttac agcattgtat    189840
     cacagggcag gcaattaaat taaattctga agaaatggac cagtggttaa gctgtcttcc    189900
     agaggactag tggtccattg tcagcatctt cttggtggct cacaactgcc tttaagccca    189960
     gccacagggc tcttacatcc tttcctagcc tccatgatgc accaggtgtg gacatacatg    190020
     catgtaaata ctcacatgca taagaaagaa aaccttttaa aaaataattc tgggcttttt    190080
     atattgtctt agagataacg tttcatgtag cctggaactt atgtagccaa agatgacctt    190140
     gaactccaga tcttccagtc tccaccaccc aggtgctaat tacaggtttg caggattgac    190200
     tggcaggatt aaatactgac acataccaca aagtactcca ggagacttgt tcagactggc    190260
     cttaaactca gagccatcct cctggctcag ctgagtagta ctgagatctc agctgtgaga    190320
     caccttgaaa cagcaaaaaa gactttccct ctgtgaaaag atcatcgctc acggccaagg    190380
     agtgctgagg cagcggcatt tcccatcagt tgaaaagctg aacactgcaa gtagcccagg    190440
     ctggccttga actcacgatt ttcctttcta cctctggagg gctaagatta caggcctgag    190500
     acatcatgcc tgactctgag tcaaggtttt actaagaaac cctaggctgg ccttgaactg    190560
     ttaagattct aacctgggcc tcccaattag ctgggacgat aggcccccat ggccacacct    190620
     gcttgcctct gcagttagtc tgtgtctcaa ggataatggc tcaggggccc ctgatctcat    190680
     tactcctgcg gagtgaccag ttctgacctg tgaagagcct gtttgctctc catctggttg    190740
     ctacctggcc ctttactgcc ctgaacagct ttccaactcc aaagtggagc ttgggtcctt    190800
     gagaccccaa ggttgcccag tgctggggag ctgatggtgg cccagcttta ggctcaagtt    190860
     cttttgcagt tccgctgcca cccggggagc tgccgcctgg atagcatcct ggatgttgtg    190920
     taggtcccac tgggttctca ggagggcatc atccaggccg aagaagccat cccgagtccg    190980
     ccgcacttgc gtgcagacag cgctggtctt cagctccagg ccgatttcat gcaccagctt    191040
     cctcagctgc tgctgcgtct cgtgcataca ctgcacctct gtgggtcaca gacacacaga    191100
     cgtgaccgtc aggaacagct gcagggacca agctgacgtg gactcatgtc ccttcatgag    191160
     atgcctttga gctttgctgt agggctgaga gcacggcagt ggtgctgact gcaggcctcc    191220
     tgcacctgcg ggggcagacc ccagctctgg accccccgct tgagctgtaa aaaggctggg    191280
     cttctggcag catcactcac acacttggtc tactcagcag caggactgag gtcagagaca    191340
     gcactgtcat gtggggctct ccaccagggt ctttggtcag agcccaggga agaacccacg    191400
     gaaacaggga agaggctggg gcagagctgg gtgagactca ggaagtgaca gtcatgcctg    191460
     aggggcctag aacaaggtgg aactgctaag gaactgagct gccagagacc cagcctctgt    191520
     ttcttttttt cctttttttc ttttctttct tttttttggt ttttcaagac agggtttctc    191580
     tgtgcatccc tgcctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctg ggaaatctgc    191640
     cttcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcta caccaccgcc tggcccccag    191700
     cctctgtttc ttaagggctg gtttcacatg ctttgggaat agacaggaga cagagcagag    191760
     cctttgtgct actcctggtg gaaagaagcc actcggggct gggcatgccg cacatgactc    191820
     catcacatca ctccagcttc ctgggtgact tacccaaaag aaactcggga ggtgcaaagt    191880
     gcaggcagcg gatgccagag atgagcatgg gggacttgtt catgggcctg atcacacctt    191940
     gcacagccat ctcataggcc tcctgggatt tcaggtccag gttggagtac ctgggatttg    192000
     ggagggccag aatgggaggc tggtgtgggg cacctgctcc accataaaag ggggtatctt    192060
     aattgttctc cattcctggc ccccacccct tcagagcagc ctccctctca gccaccaaag    192120
     gcatcctaga tcaatccctg gctccatctg tcacaggctg agcaatcctg accacgccct    192180
     gtgcactgtg ctgcaccctc agacacctaa cctaagagat gcaactgatt ccagggccac    192240
     ccacacagat gccccagctc ccttctttcc tgtgctccct ccctcctcta gggtcttcct    192300
     ctactctgct gctgctcccc cccccccccc aacggtccgt tgctttcccg ctgtctgcag    192360
     gcttggaaca ccaggcactg tcctcacagc tggtctcctt ccctgcctgg ctttcctcac    192420
     agggtcccca gtgagaccac agtgctgctt cagagctatc ctcagtgccc actgccctgg    192480
     ccagccttac ctgcttccct ttgctcctgc cccgcccttc ctacctcagc cctgatcctt    192540
     ggcttctaag cacaactggc catttcagtc ctggcacgcc cactgtgggt gcacggcaca    192600
     gggcctgtct cctgctaatc ctttgagctc tgtcaactga gccacttcct acaatcccag    192660
     ctgctcagcc cctgctctgt ccctgtctct gcctagaaca ctgtgctcag gtagttacat    192720
     ctgtaagtct gtcccattta cagatggcta ggtagttttc tgggagccac agagctgatg    192780
     cctgggagtc aggagtcctg agcatcctgg tagaggcctc tcaggcaagc tctcagatcc    192840
     taggggattc catcacccac acccacccct aatcctatac cttgggggta tggacctccc    192900
     ctctaaagcc ccagcagggc agaggagccc ttggatctac ttacatcacc agagcttttt    192960
     ggtgggagcc ttggatcaca gccaggatcc ggtccagccg ctctctggtc acgtggtctg    193020
     gaaaaggcat gaggtaagga gagtgtaagt ctacaggtgg tcaggggcag atcacagtaa    193080
     ccagccaagc accttttacc caaaacaagc ccatcttgga aatggccaga gcatccagtg    193140
     tggggttttt ataggaggct gagtttacac acagtccttt agaaacggct gatgttggat    193200
     aattagtgca tgcctggagc cccagcacct aagagctgag ggtggcagga gaatgaattg    193260
     gaggacagcc tgggctacat tccaaaattt aacaataaaa ataagtaatc aacataataa    193320
     tacatatttt attaataaat aaatattatt aacaaataca taaaaggttg tcaattgtag    193380
     tgtgtacgcc tttaacccta gcactcagga gcacagcaga tctctgtgag tcagaggcca    193440
     gcctgggcta cagagtttta ggtcagccag agctacaaag ttaagactgt ctcaaaaggt    193500
     aaaaagaaaa aagaaaactt gatgaaggag ctgaagagac cccagtggct gagaccactg    193560
     gctgctctta cagaggatct ggattgtccc cagagcccac atgatggctc acaaccatca    193620
     gcacctccag ttccagggga tccaacgctt ctaaccagtc tcctgcgcaa acacggtaca    193680
     cacacaccca ggaatacaca aacacaggtt atttttaagt tgatgaaaac tggactcttc    193740
     cattggctag atttacacta tctgaagagc tccctccacc tcgctagtga ctgtaggagg    193800
     cagcacctgg ccaaatgcag aagcaggcac ccatgggaga agcaactctg ccgccaggcc    193860
     ccattgaggg actgagcacc taagcctgga ctttcacaaa ctaccaggaa gctgaggcct    193920
     tgaggcatgg gggcacacac actagcttgt aagcagtgct aggatttggg aacagcatag    193980
     ggctgaggcc tagttggttg ctgtctccag ccttctgatt gcactgaacc caccatgcta    194040
     cctggaatcc acctgccact gcctctctga caggaaagcc ctcccagctt catcctcttc    194100
     ccaggaagct cccccaatcc caattctcct agcttcttct cttggtcact ttgcatctgg    194160
     gtgtttccca ccatctggta tactttgact tttactctac tctttagtta tgtaacagat    194220
     atatgaaggg ttggaacatt tttaatggta gcgcaagcac aaggacctga gtttagttct    194280
     cagtacatac taaacaacaa caacaaaaaa gctcacattc tcctttaaga agttgtgatg    194340
     ggttggcaag atagctcagt ggttaagagc tccgactgct cttctgaagg tccagagttc    194400
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccctaa cgaaatctga tgccctcttc    194460
     tggagtgtct gaggacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa atctaaaaaa    194520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagtt gttataccca gctgtgatgg cgcaagcctt    194580
     taagctcagg aggcagaggc aggttgatct ctagtttgag gccaacctgg tcttcaagag    194640
     tgagttccag aatagtcaga gctagacaga gaaactttat cttgaaaaac caagaaatgt    194700
     tgttatttat tattattaat ttattatgat tttatttttt tgagacaaag tctcactatg    194760
     taatcctggc tgtccaataa ctcgatatat agaccagact tgcctggaac tcagagatcg    194820
     tcttgcctct accttctgag tgctgagatt aaaggcatgt gccatcataa ccagcttaca    194880
     cctacactga taagcctgga tagatccttg gccacaagct gaacctcccg gtccatctct    194940
     cctaagataa tgaaaagaca gatcttaagt aagtatgcat agctggtttc cattctgact    195000
     gcagctaacg taagactgag gtgtggcaag caccccaggg tggggacatt tgaactggaa    195060
     aggaagcagg gccagggtat tctgggagac aggtggtgag ggcaaagctc caacctgagc    195120
     ttagtgtgct gaaacccaac aggcaccact gtgatctgga aaggtcagga agagaatcac    195180
     agagacagga aataaaggga ggctgaggca gctacctctc ccgccccacc ctggttctca    195240
     ccatacgttg tcttctctat cagccgtcca tcttcacaga agttgtctgt agctttgccc    195300
     aggaggccac gcactgtgta atcctgtggg gacaaggcag gggggtcccc attctaagct    195360
     ctgatgctga ggaagtggtc tggtgctggg tggggcctcc tagagctcca tacagcatgc    195420
     ctgctgctcc cctgccctga gggaggatgt gcactccact ctggagctca gggcagccct    195480
     gtgctcttcc ctgtgaccca agcatggcac cagcaccagt ctccacccac ttggccaaac    195540
     caaacagtgt caccccacac atgtcctggg gctgtttcag tggccaaatt aagggcattt    195600
     ctggatgccc tcatgagccc ctcttcctcc aactctgtac agacaaccag cccttccctg    195660
     gggtgataat agcaaggagg agagagatag cagtggccgt gacgttgatt tggcctggac    195720
     tgtgtaccag gagctgagcc aaggcttcac atgaagtcac tttgacctat ttcttcattc    195780
     ccatcgaaga ctagaggaaa ctgaggcaca aagataagat gttcatggac ttgtcaagga    195840
     catgggagct gtggctggca gactggtata atgggcaagt gtctcaccac agccctgact    195900
     aggattgcaa actggaacct tttggtcctg aattctgtgc tgttcagcac tgaagacacg    195960
     gctacctaaa gtgtcccctc agcagacttc acaagaccac agtctaaggc cccacctggc    196020
     cctggaggag tcctggagac tggacagtga cacacacatc tgtcttgcca tgagaacaaa    196080
     acactgctcg gcttggactg tggtgtggga cagatccaag ctcaaatttc agctcctaag    196140
     gctttaaaga aagcgtgacc ctggctaggc atgttctttc ttcctaagcc tcaccgtact    196200
     caactgtaaa atgggagcgt ggctaagtgg gacagggctt tcctaagggg acccacacac    196260
     agctcttcgt gatggtcaga agagaagagt gtgaggggta atgctgtatc tctagtcttt    196320
     cctagctaca gcaagccaaa aatgcttgct agtggcctcg gccttcccta tccgtgactt    196380
     ctgggaagaa gcactgggta agtaggctgc accatatctt tagcccacga taccttggtg    196440
     agatgagcat catacatgtc agtgaggagg ctgcgtccat gtcccacggc gagcactgaa    196500
     aggcaaccag accctctctc acctagtccc tttccctggg aacaaccctt gccattccct    196560
     gccaccaaac actccctctc cttgcagcca gcatccgggg agggagctgc tgtcaacact    196620
     ggtctccagg gctggtctaa gggtggcatc tggctcacga tgggaaatga gcctaagtac    196680
     ctgaggaagc tcccagagga tactgaaaca cccccaaagc aagagagcat tgtcccagct    196740
     ccaccaaatt gcaactacat ttaaggctgg gagggagtca cacaccgata atcccagcac    196800
     ttgggaggct gaagttggag aactctgagt tccaggccaa ccttgaaagt agtcagagtt    196860
     tgtctcatat aaacacataa atttaaaaaa taaaataaag tcgggcagtg gtggcacaca    196920
     tctttaatcc cagtacttgg aagtcagagg caggtgggtc tctgagttgg aggccagcct    196980
     ggtctatgga tcgaattcca ggacagccag aactacacaa agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa    197040
     caaaaacggg ggtgggggtg gggggtgtgg tatgggggac ttttgggata gcattggaaa    197100
     tgtaaatgag gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa aaaacagcat taaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaca    197160
     aaaacaagac aaaacaaaca attcaagtca aggtgctaca tgcttacagt ccccagcact    197220
     caggtagagg agggccaaga tctcaaggtc atttagaccc aactggagcc agcctcggca    197280
     aactgagaca aaaaaaaaat cgtctcagaa acaaaaacaa gaacctaggt tttctgactc    197340
     ttaattttaa acatttttgg ccctcaaact ctcaatgagt tatacagaga aagatgctca    197400
     ggcctgtgca tatcacagac tgggggaggc aacaaacaga aagctaatgg tacaaaggaa    197460
     ggagccataa cagggccttt ggggccactt cctgcctatt ccctgatctg tttatccctc    197520
     tgtctaaaga aatgaatggc ttcccattca ctgttagaga gggaaacagg gagggggcat    197580
     gagatcacgt ctgactgccc ttacctcagg aagaaagaga gggaaccaag actgtggagg    197640
     ctggacaatg ggctaccatg tgacccggag gccacagaag gcttgtgact tggagctttg    197700
     tatccaactc tggcaatatg caaaccgcag ccagaggaga tagagccatg tgcctgctgc    197760
     accctaactc gatgggagct cctctgggga ccatgggtat ttagtggcca ggcctcagct    197820
     ccagtcttac tctcttcact ggtaacatta cacagcatct gtcatgggta tggtgaacaa    197880
     atgtccataa aggccttgaa ccacgtgtca tgcaggaagg aatcccttga cagaggtggg    197940
     acctgcccag ctgaagagac aagagactca gtggagagaa aagtaagaga gtgaggtcag    198000
     ataagctgtg ggctgggccc tggatcacct tctgatcctt ctccaagctc acagcaccac    198060
     atccccagac ttaccaagca caccagaagc ctggacatcc aagcgatgtc ccacaccgat    198120
     cttcaggttt gtgaatgctg gaccacgtac tggaaagaaa aagccagttc atttcttcaa    198180
     ctaatgagcc ttgagggtaa ctttggcaag aggccctcat tccaagaaca gaagggcctc    198240
     atggggatca aattatgcta ggctgtattt ccaggcttct cttcctcgga agctggaacc    198300
     actatttccc tagttccctg ggcccagaga aagggcaacg caagactctt cttcctctgc    198360
     ctatcactat tcgccccatt tgaggctttg agatcaggca tcacactggg gatcaagatt    198420
     ctgggcttct ctgcacatcg tgtgctgata gaaaacctgg ccattctcct cctgaatcag    198480
     tgagctccct aaggtgggac ctaggtctgt ctgtctacaa tactgaccta tggccccaga    198540
     ctcagtgtct tgaccactaa aagactgact acagcttaat gtgccccagc acttgggagg    198600
     cagaagcaaa aggatcagaa tccagacttc aaggtcatat ttaactatac agtgagttca    198660
     agaccagcct ggactacagg aggctgtgtc tcaaaacaca aaaacaagag ctggcgaggt    198720
     ggctcagtgg gtaaaggctg ccacgcctga tgacttcagt ttgatcctgg gacccatggt    198780
     ggcctgagag aagtgattcc caaaagatgc cctccgactt tcacacccag gccttggtgt    198840
     gcacacatac atacaaataa tacgtttttg tttttgtttt tttttaataa gggacctacc    198900
     tcacagaact ggggtgagga caaagataac atgatgtcta atacagagca ggtattaata    198960
     acacaggtct accagaagtt ctcagcttcc ctagagagtc ctagaatagc taagagtcag    199020
     caaagtgtag ttcacaagtc aaatcatcaa gtctactttg ttttgagact gggtctcact    199080
     gtgttgccca ggttggccag ggactcctaa atttaaatga tcctttcagt ctcccataga    199140
     agacaaaggc tgctggacac cggtgtttat aactgctctc aaaatagctg ttttgtactc    199200
     cagccttttt tttttttttt tccttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc    199260
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc agactggcct caaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc    199320
     ccaagagctg ggattaaagg cgtgcaccac aaccatgtgg ctgcactcca gtcttgacta    199380
     aaatacaaga aggttctctc ctttcctaca gtctagagat gctttgcatt acaatagcaa    199440
     agaggagcag agccaaggaa aacacaaggc tgtaggcaga agctgtttaa aatcttccct    199500
     ctctagggaa gtttgccaaa ccctgggcta gaaatctaac tcaggccagg gatttcctct    199560
     aacatcacgg ccagggtcct gtctgactct gccttaccaa gtctgtgggt ggtgagggag    199620
     ggtacattgg tggctctgag agtcaacttc ttctcttcac tgccttccac agggcctagc    199680
     aagaagcgaa cacgctgatc aggagcagga ggctgctggg cattgagacc taagcacaaa    199740
     agaacacagt cagtactttt ccaacccgca agagaagggg tagagagatg gtagcataga    199800
     agatggattt gtgtatcgta gaaaacgtac tatgactcct tcagaagcca ggtatcatta    199860
     attccagcac tggggaggca agaggcgggc ctatctctga attcaaggcc tgactgatct    199920
     acagagttat ttccagggca gccaggggta tacagagaaa ccattctcta aaaagtgaag    199980
     aacaaacaaa caaaacaaaa atcctaggtt ggaagtgtag ctcaattcat ggagtgtttg    200040
     cacaatacgc aagacgcccc gggttccatc cccagcaccc taatgggagg tggtactaca    200100
     cagatgtagt ctaagacctt gggtagtgaa ggcaggacag tcaaaagttc aaggttatct    200160
     tcatcttaca tagcaaattt gaggctacat gacagttttt aagaaaataa aagaaaggaa    200220
     aaaaaggcaa agaaaaaaat tggtgtttga gggtcggggt ggtggtcacg cttgtgatcc    200280
     cagcatctgg caggtggagt caggagagtc agaattctca gtgcctcact gatttcaagg    200340
     tcggattaat tagaaaagac cctgtctcaa aaggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    200400
     gttcaaattc taactctgta acagaaaccg cgaaaaaaaa cccaacacta tagaatgaat    200460
     ttctctaaag gaaaatagcg gagagtgggt agtaacgaaa tgtgtacaag agaaaaaaaa    200520
     caaacaaaca agaaacagct acaacccggc aaacgaacca cgtgacctca ctccacatca    200580
     gaaagaacta aagcaaaacc gtgggtccgc gtcggagttc tcacctttaa gcagttgcaa    200640
     ctccacggtc tcacgcaagt gcagccactt cagccccgga ggtttataga cagcgaagag    200700
     cccctgcagc cgagctaggc cagaagaacc catggctgga actcagcggt tcaacatcat    200760
     ccagaagcgg ggatgcgggc ggaagtgctg cgtggtcctt tcccaaatgt ggtccctact    200820
     gtaggtagcc gccttgtttc cttggcagga agaggttctt ttcttattgc cctccggggg    200880
     ggaaataaga gatggagaag aaaatagggc cggatatcga gcaaccgaat tctcggttat    200940
     gttatttttg aattcttttc aggagttttt tgtttgtttg tttctcatat atcccaggct    201000
     gccctcaaac ttgctaagtt gccgagaatt cattactttt ctgtctccac ttttccaaga    201060
     tctggagtga cgagtaattc acatcaggct tggtttttga gacaaggtct ctagtactgc    201120
     cttcgtactt aagaaatagc caagaaggat ctcgaactga tcctacggcc tccaggtttc    201180
     aaatgctggg ttgacaggcc tacgttataa ataacgcctg gctcacagca gttgttttac    201240
     ttcagtggca aacagatctt gtggctttcc ttctcatgct cctgtccata ttacaacatc    201300
     tccgatcaaa aagccacagt gagtgcagtg tcccaggagt cttttgactt ctcgggcctc    201360
     cgtagtacct gcggagcccc gcctaaccac gcggacgtcc gctgccatgg cgaccctgct    201420
     gctgcttcgc tccctgcgcc tccaccgcag tcttcggccc cgtacgcggc cagctgtagg    201480
     tgagcagctc tgattccagt gtccgcggcg accagaggga ccggactcct ctcaccttta    201540
     cctcttttct gctcgcagat gtacccctca gggccgggag ccatggcgcc cgcctgctgt    201600
     acccggacca catcccaacc accccgctgc aaaagatgct gctggctgcg ggcgcggcgg    201660
     gaatggctct ctacaacccc tatcgccacg gtaagacggt ttactcttcg gtctcgaaag    201720
     ctgggaccgg tgaagacttg gtttgtgggc atccaaacct ggctgcgcct atcatatttc    201780
     ccaggatcgt ttatgataat caggtgcctg attctagcta gaactgtttt gggtcttctg    201840
     ggcacaggga ggagaggaag aaagaaacgt gaagtctaca agtctgcctt tttgtaattc    201900
     ttggaagagt gtcaccctag catattaatc tctgggctga atgaccaggt acacaccaaa    201960
     ttacagcatt ctcactgggt agtaagtaaa cttggtaagg gccatgatct tcaggatttt    202020
     ctttgctgaa acagttcaag atcagcttct ttttgtttgt ttggctttgg ttttttcaag    202080
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ttctgtaaac caggctgacc    202140
     tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcatgcgcca    202200
     ccactgcctg gcaagatcag cttctttttc catacatacc cagtctttgc tcaaagaaag    202260
     aaaagatggg aggaagtaaa agaagagaca tgtggcatgg tttatatagg atctggtgac    202320
     tgtacctgca ctcaactcta gcgccatttt ttaaaaattg ttttgttgag gcaaggtctc    202380
     ttatagactg ggctgtcccc taactccata gatagccaag gatgactttg aattcctgat    202440
     caccctgcct ccctacctcc tgaatgctgg gactacaggt gtgtgctacc ctcataccca    202500
     gtttatatga tgctgggaac caaactcagg gctttgggtg tgctaagcaa gcactgtgtc    202560
     agcctagtta ctgccattca tcaccattta atctcaaggc cggtggaaac aagacactct    202620
     gtcttgataa tggtctatga aagtggttcc tgctgttgat gaaagcctcc atattcctat    202680
     aggtttgtaa tgttaaggat agtagctagc cgggtgtggt ggcatacgcc tttaatccca    202740
     gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagatcgag gacagcctgg tctacaaagt    202800
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaacctaact gtcctagtgg tacacgcctt    202860
     taatatagca cttggaaagc agaggcagaa agatctctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct    202920
     gcataatgag ttccaggcca gcctgtacta caaaaagaaa ctgtctcaaa aacaaacaaa    202980
     caaaagaatc cattctctgt cttttcccat ctctgtcctt tcagacatgg ttgcagttct    203040
     aggggagacc acaggatgcc acaccctgaa attcctcagg gaccagatga agaaggatcc    203100
     agagggtgcc cagattctac agtaggtccc aactttgctt ttggcagggg tgtgtctgtc    203160
     ctcatcctgt taggagccct tcagaggacc atgggtggat atattgcctg ggacactgct    203220
     caaagccagg agcacgcata tatgtatgtg ggattataca atatgtcatc ttagtcctgt    203280
     gtaaaccaca agactctgct tgcattaagc tggctgtact tctccagctg tgctgtatct    203340
     atcccttccc tggcatctgt ggcccttctc tctgactaga ttgtgtcttt gaaggcacca    203400
     gctcagccct gggttgggat cgtctccata gtccctaata ctgcagtgtt ctcttagggc    203460
     ttgtggctac atagatgtcc tgtggctacc taggcccact tcagcttcct ttatgtgacc    203520
     ctttcacttg ccttggctga cacacaccca ggcttacctt ctatattctg tctttcagag    203580
     agcgtcccag gatctccctg tctaccctcg acctgagcaa gcttcagagc ctgcctgaag    203640
     gctcactggg ccgtgagtat cttcgcttcc tggatgtgaa tgtgagtttc cgggctctgt    203700
     gtatccagca gttaccagta agggtggagg gttgcatggg aagagatagc ctagagcggg    203760
     aggatgccta agatgccaac taaggcagga gtgcttctca gtctgtgaca tttttctatg    203820
     tgatgggtaa atggtctggt aatgccatcc caaatactgg aggttactag cctcctgttg    203880
     catgccagct cacaggctgg tacatgacct ggctagatcc tgccagtgac ctttcttgta    203940
     agttctgttg ttatcttctt acaagacatg aggactcagg cacagagcaa gcagtgaaac    204000
     aacataactt cacagctagt ccagccctgg gcagagggaa ccagcatcct gggatccact    204060
     gtgctctggc cagagtagga ctctccagca ccaggcaaga cagatggtgg gaggtgggga    204120
     ttcccaaaac tcaacatcac tccgtgtgct acagtgtagc aagtcaggtc cctgccccga    204180
     cccccctcca gcttgtgctc ttattagaga ggcagttaat aaagtagttt aaaaaattga    204240
     aatgagaatg tagtggtctg aggagatagc tcagttggtc aagttcatgt agaaaggcct    204300
     gggttcagtc ctcagcgtga acctgctgta gaatagagga aggggaatca gaagcccagg    204360
     gccagcctaa cccacacagt gaggttttgg ccagcctggg ttacacaaga ccctgtccct    204420
     cctgcttttt gaggtaaaat atttcttgag tacttagaac gcacaaagca tcatgctcag    204480
     ccgtgggaca cagtgaactg aaggagccag acatctgtta cttgggagcc cacagcctag    204540
     caggcggcca tgctgaaggg aacaagacaa tgggacagag gatgtctctg gatggagtag    204600
     ggatagctac tgctggttca gtggtcagga gagacctttc caagaagact tggaagatgg    204660
     gatgttgtca gctttgtaga gctccgggga ggagcactat gagcagaatc aaccagctca    204720
     aagaagcagg atggcgcagg gctgggagga cagctccaca gggttagtgc ttgctgctta    204780
     aacatggggg cctgagtttg taaaagcaga cctggcagtt cacacctgca accctagcaa    204840
     tgtggaggga ggggcggctg attccaggag gtcactgtcc agccacctga cctgtatcag    204900
     tgagcccatg gtgcagttag agatgtgtct cagaaactaa gaagacactc aacaccaacc    204960
     tctggccacc gcacacgtca tacatgtgca tacgagagta tatgccacac gtgtatcaag    205020
     agagaaaaag aaagccaatt cagttgctac gatccagttg ctcctaccag cctggctgca    205080
     gcaggaaggc tgcctctgag ctcaagatcg tccctgggta tggagggagc gaccacacct    205140
     actatattta cgaggcaaga ccctatcttt aaaaaagcag acgcacaggc tggagcggca    205200
     gctcagtggt taagagtgcc ttctgccctt ccagaggacc tggttcaatc cccagcaccc    205260
     acatggcagc tctcagcttc tataactcca gttccagggg acctgacctg ctcttctggc    205320
     cgctgtaggc agccagcaca cacttggtgt atagacatat atatatatgt aagaaacagc    205380
     catgtgtata ttaaaagaag aataacaaaa caaaacattg gagggcctgg gggcagagct    205440
     cagtggtaac aagcacacct aaggccctgg gctctgtccc aagcataagt gcatagacaa    205500
     acaaaacaca ctgcagaggc ctgagcagag gaaagggaaa gcgtaagctg atccaacaat    205560
     gccggggcct gggaaaagaa gctgcatttt gtagcaggaa ccattaaaaa tggttggaaa    205620
     gtttaaaaat agtaatccca gctctcggga ggcaggggtg ggtggatctt taatctccac    205680
     agttctagga cagccaggac tagacacaga gaccctctct caaaatgaaa tgaagaaaag    205740
     atcagtataa tacagttttc cttctccacc tcccctccct ctcatgcaca catctccttg    205800
     aagcttaatg gctctccagc cagatgaagc caggctgaag gaggaggagg gtggccaagg    205860
     gtcactctag aacaagttct tagagttata ctactgctgc tgtgagctgg gtaactcttg    205920
     gttgggcagc tgtcctgtgc ctcgtaggct cttttgcagc atccctgacc tctctctacc    205980
     agatgccagt caactccctc atccacccat tggtctggac actgtaaaga tcccctgatg    206040
     aacagttgag aaccattaca caatgcagac attgccccca gacagcaagc tgcctctcac    206100
     cctctcctag caccattgcc ttagcagggc agtcacctgc cctagtttca ccagggtgca    206160
     ggttacttca tcagtgagga acctgcccca agtgccacca tgggagggac aacttctgca    206220
     ttttccactg cctttagtcc tgttgctggg gtggagagga ggtctattag ggccatcctg    206280
     ggtgccttac ctagcatatt ccctcctatg gtgtcagtct ggaaatgtgg gacttctact    206340
     acaaggaaat caaccacaaa atggcaaggt gcaccttgag ccctacagag aattaggtga    206400
     aagttgaagg taaagtcaca ggagctaagg ctggctgctg aaaggtgtgg tcaccctttg    206460
     gtgagttgaa ggaacatggg taatgcccca cagccctgca caaatcctcc cccagaaaga    206520
     ggatagatct ttgatctcca gggcattaat atgtctgatt gataatgggt atcgggctgg    206580
     agagatggct cagtggttga gagcactgac tgctcttcca gagatcctga gttcaattcc    206640
     cacatggtag ctcataacca tccataatgg aatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa    206700
     aacagctaca gtgtgctcat atacataaaa tgaataaatg attctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa    206760
     aaagagccgg gcgtggtggc gcacgctttt aatcccagca ctcaggaggc agaggcaggc    206820
     agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta    206880
     tacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagataatgg gtgtcaaggc    206940
     tgctgtcttt ggagaccaac aggttgtccc atctatttca gctgtagtat ctttaccttc    207000
     ctagccacat ttttctcatc tatttgtaaa gttagcaata gtgtctactt cctagattac    207060
     tgtaagaaca aaatatgaca gtctgtgtat agagttggca catagtaggt ccttggtgaa    207120
     agcagtcact gttgctgcag ttgcttcctc ttagcacagc aagaagaaat gaggtcttgg    207180
     ggcccagcaa ggcggaggtt aacactgagt atatcactgt accaactctg tacccgaggc    207240
     aacagagacc tcagatccgt cagcttccgt gtaagctgaa gccatgttag accaggccag    207300
     ctaagctgac cccaggctgt tgaggcacgg atgcagactc agagaaagtg ggatggagtg    207360
     agtgaggatg atcagcctgt gtggtgaagg cacacacctg taaccccagc cttaaggagg    207420
     ctgaggtaga agacctgcta tgagctcaag gtcagccagg gctgtgtggc aagagactaa    207480
     aaaatgacag aaaggcgttg ttcatctggt ccttgacacc agcgtcatga cagtgagtga    207540
     aatggccagc ctgtcccaag gcatacaaaa caactggcca catggggact ttaaagcttc    207600
     ctattggccc cttagaagca aaaggaagca gatagaaata atttaataac tttttggatt    207660
     tacttattta ttttgatttt tggaaaggct catagcccag ggcagcctca aattctctat    207720
     gtagctaaag atgaccttga actcctgatt cttctgtctc tactttctaa cttccggatt    207780
     atagccactg tgcctggttt aatgcagtcc taagggtgtg ctagacctgc actccaactg    207840
     agctccaccc cagcccggca caactgttgt taagtttata gttcagcaac agtgtgttta    207900
     ttttacagtg tgtatgtgtg ggcatgtgcg tatgcatatg tgtgaagtca gtctcattga    207960
     atttagggct catcagtctg gctaaagtgt ccggcctgca ggccccgggg cacctctttg    208020
     cctcttactg ccttccatgt gccgggatta caggcacagg agcagccacc tattgattga    208080
     ttgattgatt gattgattgc atgggtgttg gggatgggct cagctcttca cgcttgtaca    208140
     gtgagtactt tcctgaccaa gtcatctcct tagcccctag tatgtgcaat ttttttttta    208200
     tgtaactaat ctcagaactt tctgtcttac aaaatagaaa gtccatcccc cctcccccgc    208260
     ctttctttcc tcactaaagc tgtagatttc accaggctgc agcattgtgc gaggtgtgag    208320
     caggagtggg ggttggggtg atagctacct gaggctccca gttagcaggt gtggagacaa    208380
     tggcaggatt ctcagttagg gtatgtgcgc agtgggaaca tagctcaacg tcaactagcg    208440
     gtgggccagc aaggccctgg gggctgatgg gaaggagtcc aaggagggat tatgttctcc    208500
     agaaggtctc tccagacaca cgagcaccta cacgctttgt ggacgatgaa gagctagcct    208560
     atgtgatcca gaggtaccgt gaagtgcacg acatgctcca caccctgctg ggcatgccca    208620
     ccaacatgct cggtgagtgc cggcggccgg acaggagccg gcagggcacc cccaacccca    208680
     ccccaccccc aggtctgtct gagaaggcag aatcccagtt cgtgcttctc tttatcagct    208740
     agctccatcc tgccttctgc atggtatgta tgccctagca gcatccctgc cagccaccct    208800
     catccttccc tgccgcccgg cccttgtctc agcatctagt caccaagcat ccctgcttct    208860
     gaaacccata gcacctccct gaggcctgta cagaccattg tcagcctggc cttcgagagg    208920
     ttcagcatgt tgtccctgca tgttatccca ggatgagaga gactggaccc caccaaacct    208980
     tacagtgctt ctcgggggcc atttcaacat cactggtccc cctcacctgc ccacctccta    209040
     tccttcctta tcgctaggag aggttgtggt aaagtggttt gaggctgtgc agaccggcct    209100
     accaatgtgc atcctgggag cactcttcgg acccatccgc ctccgtactc agtaagtttc    209160
     ctggggtgag aggagacctc agaagggctg gggctccagg aaagaaggat ggcatcatac    209220
     aggtgcttca tgcctctcta aaaaacaagg atggggagaa tgaggcagaa agagaaactg    209280
     agtcagtgag ccccagggtc tctccagcca ggcctcaggg actggatcag catgaatagg    209340
     gtctcatgga gctgcagctt ctggaattgg acagccctgt atttaaatct gagcttcgtt    209400
     gtccagggtg tgtgctatga ggagtgggaa cttccctcac tgagatctgc ataggtctga    209460
     gggagggttg acagaaaaca gggtctgttt ggggacctta tggcttttct tctctctgct    209520
     gccctccagg agcctccaag tgctgttctc ggagctgatc ccttgggcga ttcagaacgg    209580
     gcgcagggcc ccatgtgtcc tcaacatcta ctatgagcag cgttgggagc agcccctgac    209640
     agccctgcgg gaggagctgg gcatcagtcc tcccccaaaa catatccagg gcctggccta    209700
     gcttgagctg ccacacaggg agaattaagc ctttctctcc acacactgcc ttcctcggga    209760
     caaaagagcc tctcagctgc ttttgtttct tctctttgaa ccttgaactc agagtgtcac    209820
     ttgctgcctt gtaccttcag ggccagccca ggagagagag gcagagcaat ggagccccag    209880
     gctgctgtga gccatccgga gagagcagta tgtatgcctc gaacagccat attggatcat    209940
     actgatcatt gcagtctgag gctcctcttc tggacagtga ctctgacagg gcgttttgtc    210000
     aagctgtctt cgaaagcttg actactacat catgttacca agccctgagc agactggtgg    210060
     ggaggagaag gcgtctctgg tgtctgaata aagctcccat caggcctaga gtctgctggt    210120
     tgtcctagac ttagctccct ttgcctgagg tattggtgag gggaattccg tcccagttgg    210180
     actccagttg atgttgctgt cattgggtct taaggcaagc agtctaggaa tcaagtcccc    210240
     aaccatcaga aaactaacaa gtcccttgta tttgtaagcc agacttttga catcagctga    210300
     ggaacagcag caatccctat gggtcagtgg taaaggcacc tccatcaagt ctgcagacat    210360
     gattccaatc ccagcaccca cagactagaa agataacggt ttctcacaag ttgtctgcac    210420
     gtgtccacac acataaacac acaaaatgaa acttcagagc tggaacaaaa caaataaaac    210480
     agggcttatt ggatgactta caaatgtgaa agcacatgtc accaaacctg aagacctgac    210540
     ttccgtcccc aagacccaca aagtggaagg tgaaaaacaa catctgcaag ttgtcatgac    210600
     cagcacaaac atgccatggt gtgcatgcac tcacacctgt gcaaaataaa gtgtgaaaac    210660
     taaagtgatg gtttggggag atgtctcagc agctaagcac tggaaaacag gacccggttt    210720
     aattcccagc acccatgtgg tgattcataa ctacccttaa ctccagttct aggacctaat    210780
     gctgtcttct gatttcagga tcccaggcac tctggtggtg catataaata catgcccaca    210840
     aaatgttcat ctacataaat cttttaaaaa ctaaaatgaa gccgggcgtg gtggcgcacg    210900
     cctttaatcc caacactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct    210960
     ggtctacaaa gtgagctcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa    211020
     ccaaaaaaaa aattaaaaaa taaaaactaa aatgaacaat gaaatgttgg ggtgactgga    211080
     gacaaagctc cagttcctta gtttccgtta gggaaacctc tcccttcctc ctgccctctc    211140
     cctccctacc tccttccctt cctccctatt tctccgtccc gttccccccc ccccaatttg    211200
     tctctttctc tccccctcct tcaccccccc cccataagag gctcggtaag cctcttacta    211260
     cagggaggct cacgaccatc tataatggga tctgatatcc tcttctggtt tgcctgaaga    211320
     cagggatggt gtgttcatat acataaataa attctttttt ttttttaaac agacagggat    211380
     agaggaaggg gaggggaggg gaggaaactg gggcttagtg cttaagagta cttgttgctc    211440
     ttgcaaaggt ctctggttcc cagcattcac ctggtggctc acagccattc atagctccag    211500
     ttccaggaaa tccaatgtcc tcttacaacc tggtgctctc tcctgacctc cacaggcacc    211560
     tacatgcaag caaaacattc atccatataa agtgaaatac atctaattgc atctgaaact    211620
     tttgactatt atcaatccag tctagtatct gttcttgtca gtttaatatc caatatgtcc    211680
     tctatcctag gatcatatag tacgtgggtt ttggagctag aagttagaat gggagcttgt    211740
     cacatccact ccactcagga cttctaggac tggtgcacca tacacacaca catacttaca    211800
     catataaaca atttttcatt tttgtttttt gagataaggt ttctctgtag tcctggctgt    211860
     cctgaaattc gatctgtaga ccaagctggc attgaacttg gaggtccacc tgcttctgcc    211920
     tccaaagtgg gaagccaggt attccccaca cctggttccc ggatgctttc gtgagttcct    211980
     gctgctttta cccccagcta cgatggtctg aaactgagtg gtaaaagcaa cggtttctcc    212040
     cttacactac ttctgctcag ctttcaactt tttgtttgtt tgtttcaaca aaaatttaaa    212100
     aagcagctgg tcatacgtac cattaggaaa cagggacaaa gaatgcctgc gagtgctcag    212160
     ctagatctat ttattgttgc tgttattttt aaatgagaca gggtgtcact atgtagcctt    212220
     ggctagccta agattcacta tgtagatcat tgaaatcata gaaatctttc tgcctctgcc    212280
     tcctgagtgc tggggttaaa gacatgcacc atcacgcctg gatagttttc ttcattttat    212340
     ccagcctaga accccctgcc cagggaatat cccaacccac agttaagatg gatcccctca    212400
     atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggacta    212460
     caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaaa    212520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat ggatcccctg acattattta tgtaagatga ttcccccccc    212580
     ccccacaggc atgaactaag gccaacctcc caagtgaccc tagactgtca aattgtcaac    212640
     accatcacaa gcaataacgg aaacagtgcc atttctggcc ttagagttga ggccagctga    212700
     gggtcctctg tggatcagct ctgcgtgtgt caccttgaat tcttgccagc tctgggaggg    212760
     atttctattt aacaggtgcg gatagactct gggctctggg aaagtgagtt ctcaaagcct    212820
     agccactgag gtcagggact ccttcctagc tgcggctgac cagcagggaa agaccacagc    212880
     ccaaggagag cattaggcag atgaagggcc agaatgtgag gaggaacagc ctagtccagt    212940
     ctttacccac cctctcctct ccgtgtccca gcagcttgaa ggcagggtgt cttgcttgtc    213000
     tgtgtttggt ttctagacct caggcccagt ccagcattct gtgggacgct gagccccagc    213060
     gttctgtggg atgctgcctt catttgacca ctgtgacaag tttattaaga gaacagcagt    213120
     cacttctccc aaacacactt gctctcctgc agtgacctca accatctagg gcgagtgttc    213180
     acactcaccg gtcaccatac tctccctctc tttctctttc attcaacaag cagttgcttt    213240
     actactctct aatcccagtg cacgcgcatg tctgtgctca caagatcttt ctacccagag    213300
     tttttatctg atacaaagtc ttgtcatgtc atatgaccta gactggcctg ctccttcttt    213360
     ccttatttga atattttttt tctatttata tatgtatgca tgttttgcag aggctaaaag    213420
     agggcttcag attccctgga gtttgggtta caggggattg cgggctactg gatgagggtg    213480
     ctaggaagga aacttaggga agcaacagat gttccctact gctgagtcca ctcttcaggt    213540
     tgtctttgaa acaaggtttc gctgtaaccg tggctcacct ggaactcatc atatagaaca    213600
     tactgatgtc caactcacag agacctgctt gcctctggct cttgtgtgtg gagactaaaa    213660
     gtatgtgtgt gccaaggggg cacatgcatg agtgggcagg gaaggtgtgc gtcacattgc    213720
     cctgcttggc tttttcgatc gattgattgg gtgttttggt tctgggatca aacaagggcc    213780
     ttgggcaagc taggtagggc tcttctacta agctgtgtgt ctatccctat tctgacacac    213840
     tgtgaactca gaataacatc aaacaaaggg agccataatg tctcctagag cttgatttat    213900
     gtgctctcta tagccagcct ataaactata ataataaaca tgtcagcact atttcaaatg    213960
     tgtccatgaa tttgcacacc agtgctgtga ggtgagtcct ccgtgaatca tagccacgag    214020
     atattgcttg tttacttgtt tgtgacaaaa ttctccctgt atagccttgg ccaggcataa    214080
     actcacagag atcctttgcc tctcaagtgc tgaaattaaa gttatgtacc actgggcagt    214140
     ggtggcacat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg gggggcagaa gcaggcagat ttctgagttc    214200
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct    214260
     gtctcaaaaa accaaataaa taaataataa agttatgtac caccatgctt acctgacccc    214320
     caaacccact tttgtggggt gttgttttgt tagtttgttt ttgagacagg gtctcactat    214380
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactatg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagagatt    214440
     catttgcctt tgcctcccga gtgctggggt taaaggtgtg tgccaccacc accgctgtgc    214500
     ttgatcccct aaagcccacc tttaatccat aagaaggcac agatttggaa ctctctgctg    214560
     agaacatgat tctcttgttg gtctgtgatg cacatgtcta tgaacatggg gcacctgcta    214620
     ttatagccct agagacatcc tttagcttac tatccagcct ctccaatgga tgcaatcctg    214680
     agcaggtcca gaccatcttc ataccaaaat gtcatctgta atccctataa acagaccttg    214740
     aaggttgccc cttcccccct taagaacttg actaggttga gtcattgaag gggctattta    214800
     agaacagagg cagtaatagg cacgttgcat agtcacccca gaacttttca gaggctctca    214860
     atccaacggc tgtgagtcta gacccttgcc cacagcctga caaagctcac agtttacaaa    214920
     ggaaccagtg ttcgggagtg ttatcagtca gggttaaagt tagttacaca ggctttaaat    214980
     cctgaccttt gaggagatcc cctgaagcta ctcctcctgg ctcttcagtt ctttttgaac    215040
     cttgcaaagg tactgaaaac tgtaaaagtc ctgagggaac aatcatactc agctgtggtg    215100
     aatgaccatt ccagaatggt ctagaagccc aatgccctgt gtattctgcc agaatccagc    215160
     tttttttttt tttcagcaag tggtattgaa catttgctaa attctatttc aagacaaatg    215220
     tagtagttaa tgtctgtaat gccagcgctc tgggctgaag tagattaact acagcaagat    215280
     ccagggcaaa gttactaccc tgtttcaaaa aacaaacagg actgacaagg tggatcagga    215340
     aaaggtgcct gttcccaaga ctgagggcca agcctagtaa ccttagtatg atccctggag    215400
     cccatggtgt aagaacagaa ccaactccca cgagttgtcc tctgaccaca cagggtcttt    215460
     ggcatatgta tctacacata cacaaataag caaacaaatg taaataataa taataagtta    215520
     aacaaattct acttgggcct tagcttctgg ctatgtattc tcaaatggtc tgtgggcggg    215580
     tttatgctac ctggatcccc tggtccagga aatggcagag aggaacgacc caaggagcac    215640
     tgcctgacca gggcaacttc agcagcctga acaagctaga ctactaggac tacaactccc    215700
     agcatgccgt gcggctcagc ctaccactcc cagcgggccg ggcggctgcg gaggcagtgg    215760
     tgcgcgcagg gctggagggg ctgggcggtg tcgggcgcgc tggggctggg ttgcgctgag    215820
     gtgcacggac tcagaagctc gccctctgcg gggacggcac agaaggcggt gctgccggct    215880
     ggcacagccg gtgcgggtgc gggaggcggg tgggggtgga gcggggcaga ggtacagacc    215940
     ctacaaggac gaggagtggg ccagacgcac cgaggctcgg ctgtgtgtgc cccggggcgg    216000
     ccgatgcccc cagcgcaccg cactccgctg ccgcaaccgg gccgcatcct gacggggcgc    216060
     cgcgccgcgc agccgcagcc gggtgagcta aggcggggac ggcggctttc tgagcgggga    216120
     aaatgtgcca ggccgagcag ggggagacgg cggtgccggc tcggactgag gggcgcgccc    216180
     tccttctccc aaccccgaga acgctctgat gtcctggcta tctagaggca atcggtccgt    216240
     ggcgcccctc ctgtcctgtc tcctctctca gcggtcttgg accggctcct agcttgcttt    216300
     ttgactgcct ctgtcagaga gctaaggatc ttagcgatcc tgcggtagtc ctcccaccca    216360
     ttgctttatg cttttctcca gaaggcagtc tcataaggga ttccctgtgt tccaggccgt    216420
     ggtcctccgc ctagcttgga gatattcagg ctacttcata tctttgacct tcctctcttc    216480
     ccaagaaaag caatccatta gcagtcctct tgactaaatc cataaagaag agggaataga    216540
     gcgtgggcct taatctctgc cctgggcttc aacacagcct ttccccttct cagccctagt    216600
     cctcaaagat ccatctgaat gtgtgggtac ttccaaatcc ttttcctgtc caacaatcac    216660
     ctctttccac cctacccctg ggctgtcacc tctcaggccc ctcctgcctc taagccattt    216720
     gctggctcgc cctctatgga ccggtagagg cacaacgcta ccttgagtct gtgggccaga    216780
     gactgtgcag ggctcccttc ccaggaagct gccctttttg gtgttgtcat ttccagaacc    216840
     tcctggagtc cctaggagag acacttctat cagcacctgt ctcccggcca tctggttagg    216900
     ttgcttgaat atcggtgaat ggactgtcct gtttgggtta gaaaggttct aagaacaagt    216960
     cttactagcc caatgcatag agcaaggtgc tatggcctga agtaggaaag gggctagcac    217020
     aaggtcactt gacaaggtgg tcaaagatag aaccagaagc tagatcatcc tcttgtttct    217080
     taaccccaga gctgtagatt tcaaggcccc tccaacttgg catggaacca aagccttgaa    217140
     ccttttttaa gccacccctt ttaaggtgac taggcaatcc ccataggctg accctttggg    217200
     ctcatactga agtggctgct ggtgcagaag tagcggcccc taaagaagga attgtgtctc    217260
     ctaaccacct tgtacctgca ggtcacaatg ctacttggag catctctggt gggggcgcta    217320
     ctgttctcca agctagtgct gaagctgccc tggacccagg tgggattctc cctgttgctc    217380
     ctgtacttgg ggtctggtgg ctggcgtttc atccgggtct tcatcaagac ggtcaggaga    217440
     gatatcttgt gagtaccata tctagcctcc cttggggtct caactgtgct gggctttacc    217500
     agccattatc cctgccagca caagacatct gggttattaa aggaacagtg tcttctcttt    217560
     gcccttctcc tggcatacct agaactttca tctccaaggt caaggtctca aggaatctcc    217620
     taaccccgag actccttgac ctggggcaca aatcaaagca gatctgttga aagatgtgtc    217680
     tgagaagggt cacgaggaca ctgttcatgg caaggtgaag aagaccccag aggaaaagga    217740
     cctttcctta ggttggcaca gcctgaaaga gcccaggggg acactggatg ctagcacaaa    217800
     tcctgagtta gacagctggg agaaattgct cctagctgct ctatgctagg ctggttctga    217860
     gggtcagaga ggaagaagct cagactttta ggaggtaaga aagggacgaa gtaactccct    217920
     aaactgtctg tgctattgct gcagagaccc tggtggtctt gctcactcct gtgttctagt    217980
     acccggaaaa gggagccttg cctagaatgg acagctcagt gtttgtcagt ctgggctgac    218040
     tataagaggt gtctagtggc cccacaggag ctgtgggagc atgggataaa gagagcaagc    218100
     cccaggtgag gaacttgggc gggaaaccca agaggtctcc tgaagggaaa ggactctctg    218160
     tttgaaaggt gctgtgcagg tgggggaggg ggacagagca cagccagagg acccagcact    218220
     gacaaagaag tagcagttgg cagtgtggga tatgggggta gggtgggggt tccacaagct    218280
     ctggacattt tccctgtgcc cagcatggag aaggcctagg agacaaggta gtaaaggtga    218340
     caggtacctg cttccacctg cagggagaaa gctcacccct gagcttctat ggcagtgagg    218400
     gctacgggga gctcccgatc tccagatcag gaatggagac tatgggcttg gggccccacc    218460
     ccagagggct tctagcagaa cagcagactt agaagaataa gagtagaact ctgagccggg    218520
     cgtggtggca cacgccttca gtcccagcac ttgggaggca gaagcaggca ggtctcttga    218580
     gtttgaagac aactggggct acacagaaat cctgtctcag agaaccaaaa gactaaaagc    218640
     tagctagctg gttcctgagc ctcaggctgt ttggacagca gcctgggcag tgtcaggagc    218700
     ctggcttagc actgatagct tctttcctcc cacacagtgg tggcatggtg ctcctgaagg    218760
     tgaagaccaa ggtgcgacgg taccttcagg agcggaagac ggtgcccctg ctgtttgctt    218820
     caatggtaca gcgccacccg gacaagacag ccctgatttt cgagggcaca gacactcact    218880
     ggaccttccg ccagctggat gagtactcca gtagtgtggc caacttcctg caggcccggg    218940
     gcctggcctc aggcaatgta gttgccctct ttatggaaaa ccgcaatgag tttgtgggtc    219000
     tgtggctagg catggccaag ctgggcgtgg aggcggctct catcaacacc aaccttaggc    219060
     gggatgccct gcgccactgt cttgacacct caaaggcacg agctctcatc tttggcagtg    219120
     agatggcctc aggtgagctg catgtgggag acccgtggga ccttgcacag atgacagctc    219180
     tgttctattc ccgagggagg ctgtatgagt ctcggcacca gagcttctgg acctgccagg    219240
     gatgctgcag agcctttatg aaccacaggt ctcctgagcc ttggtttccc tagccgcagc    219300
     accacagatc tcaagaaggt cttgctctta agcacccaca gagtggccag tgctgtctgg    219360
     tccttgggta gattggcctc gtctgcttta tctgtacaag gggagcagaa cttaggtccc    219420
     ttccttcctc tcagacctgg cttttatttc ttgctgagtc agggatgaaa agtgctgagc    219480
     atggagcttt ccgaagctct gatcttcact aagactgaag agactgcagt tgtcatcttg    219540
     gtttttggac tgtgagtcag gttcagaggg aagtgaggtg ttcacctagc atcacacaga    219600
     cacagcaggc ttacgagttg atctcaggct ggaccacaga cttcctggtc tttctcccta    219660
     tactgctgtg gtcatgaggt agtgggagag gtgttaagat gctccaagtg gagaagaaag    219720
     aatacagcag tgagagaagc cctttcggtg agtcagaggg aagccaggaa gactgaagac    219780
     atagctcttt cattcatagt actgaagaag gaatttaaag ctaggcaaag cagaaccagc    219840
     aggccaggat cgtctcatgc ccagagtgaa tagagtctct gccgctccaa gaggcctgag    219900
     aaaaggtttt ctgcgaatgg gagcctctgt cctcctcttg tcctctaatt gtctctgaca    219960
     gaaagccata ctagagcaga ctaaaaagaa aagctcaatg tgagattgca gcatctcttc    220020
     catctttagc attactttca ccatctgtaa aatgggctga tggtagctag catgatggta    220080
     tataccaaaa atcctagcac taggggccag gaggattggg ttacattgca ttacatcgca    220140
     ttatcaggcc atatacatag ctactttccc tccttctcct cctctccctc ttcttcttcc    220200
     tcctcttctt tccgttcttt ttttcagcag ggtcagaggt cagggaggtg gagaattggt    220260
     ttttggtagc tacctcccaa ctctgagcag gagcctatga gtaaggcatc gtgattcctg    220320
     aaagttcctg agaaatgcat ctcctgacaa tagtaaatgt gtctcaccca tttccccaca    220380
     ccattcagtc ttccctgact gtcagccatg catgacaaag gtccagggaa cacgggcttg    220440
     ctagactgcc tgctgacctg aagtgtctcg tcttcagcta tctgtgagat ccatgctagc    220500
     ctggagccca cactcagcct cttctgctct ggatcctggg agcccagcac agtgcccgtc    220560
     agcacagagc atctggaccc tcttctggaa gatgccccga agcacctgcc cagtcaccca    220620
     gacaagggtt ttacaggtgg gccttacagt acatggagag ttccaaaatg ttctagaaga    220680
     cagtgctggc ctcagggctg cagacttgtc agtcatgtgc cttgaacagg ttgaggcacc    220740
     tccccttttc catctggaaa atggggcggg attactagta aggtgaaatt gtcgatttgt    220800
     gaagcaaccc atggtcacac cttgtatgta ggattgtgtg taccctgcag cttgccaggt    220860
     ggagaggagg gtaagtgtga gaccctcagt gtagccttcc agcttgttga gtgtgggccc    220920
     tgccaggccc cagcctttgc cctctcctcc aggaagcctc cctggagtgt cttctctaca    220980
     ctggagcccg acagcccttc agctgctgct ctttctactc ttccctgaag tcttaccacc    221040
     tgctttgttg cctgctgcct gctgagcccc ccccccccaa tctgagttct gttctggctc    221100
     tgctacttcc ctgcctctga cctgccctct gacctgccct ctgagcctca ggtcctgctg    221160
     caataaagtt ggggatagta gcaatctact ttatgggctt attgtaaagg tcaacccgga    221220
     ggctagggta tcagcaggaa gggctgggac ttgtcattgc cagaattgag actctccttt    221280
     ccctcatttc ttagatgctt ccagaagctg cttgacggca gggaccgtga ctggttcccc    221340
     gtcttactct caactaccca ggactggcac acagcaggtg ccacagtgcc tgaggtggct    221400
     gctggcagtg ccgtccggcg gggttcttga cctcctgaga aacacacccc tgtgtcaggg    221460
     tgtgacaggg tacttggtga cagtacccat ttgagtgggc agatggacat cagtggtgtg    221520
     gagtggccat agtgcctgct tcttttattc ttttttcctg ctttttgaga cagggtttct    221580
     ttacatagcc ttggctgtcc tgaaactcac ttatgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag    221640
     atccatgcct ctgctgggat tctcctgagt gctgcagttt aaggccagca tgcttaacct    221700
     ttgtttttgt tttttttttg ttggtttttg ggttttttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg    221760
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctatcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    221820
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgcta ggattaaagg    221880
     cgtgcaccac caccgcccgg cttttttttt tttttttttt atcttttgag attgtgtctt    221940
     ttttttgttt ttgtttttgt tttttgtttt ttgtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta    222000
     gctctggcta tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc    222060
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctaggattaa aggcgtgcac caccaccgcc cggctttttt    222120
     tttttttttt ttttaaagat tcatttattt tatttatatg agtaaactgt agctgtcttt    222180
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggaaat tgaactcagg acctttggaa gagccatcag    222240
     tgctcttaaa cgctgagcca tctctccagg cctgagatgg tgtctttcta cgtagttctc    222300
     actgtccttt tagctcagtg tgtctcaatc tcacagagat cttcctgtct ctgcctccta    222360
     agcactagat taaagttata caccacctca ttacccttgt aactaagcct tgaagcaggt    222420
     atccgcttct ataaaccctc ctgataccac ctttgcacct gtcagctgag ccagctggtg    222480
     cttagctgtc accagtccta tgtccccacg acgaggcttg gtgttgaagt gttttgtctt    222540
     cgtctgattg tctcactcag ctgggacttc agagaggacc agctctgtat tcatctcagc    222600
     cactgctctt tcactcaacc tgtccctggg tgagcctggg agggaggtgc tgttgaggtc    222660
     gtcagtaggt ctgtctcctg gaagagatgt agaaatgggc tgaagggcat gcgccttctg    222720
     tctccccaca cggtcctgcg gccgctctcc tagtaacctg cattgcatat ctgttttctt    222780
     cagataagct cttctacatc tacacatcgg gcaccacggg gctacccaaa gctgccattg    222840
     tggtgcacag caggtaatgg acaagggccc agggctggat gtggcctgta tgggactggg    222900
     aagcgtcctc ttgccatccc cgggtcccac tgacctcttt gccctgtccc cttgaaggta    222960
     ttatcgtatg gcttccctgg tgtactatgg attccgcatg cggcctgatg acattgtcta    223020
     tgactgcctc cccctctacc actcagcagg taaccctggg cctgccctta gctgccagca    223080
     ccctgtgcct ttagaaggcc cactttccta gccacttata atagaagcat ggggcggggc    223140
     catctactcc accacagtct acttgttcac tgatgatgac atgaggttcc tgtgtctcag    223200
     ggggcatcgt gcctgctgtg cagtgaggtt ggtttctaca gatgtgcagc atctcactgc    223260
     tccgttacag agcataaggg aggaaagctt gagtatcagc ctgacctctg gggcagggtt    223320
     atggccgctc cacaccacag agctggtcca tgttgggaac ctgcctgaca ctcaggaaga    223380
     gaaggtagga agggacacag tgaggaagca caagtgtcac cctcaagaag acctgtggtg    223440
     ggggctgaga cctcctagag gaaacatacc agttaggaga gcagtcctga gtggcgactg    223500
     tgtagacaag aagcgtgtgc ttagtcgggt gtggtggctc acgcctttaa tcccagcact    223560
     tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgaatt    223620
     ccaggacagt cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt    223680
     gtgtgcttga tcccacaggt actggaaaca tggtagatag ggaagaggtg tggccagtta    223740
     gcaggacaga acaggaggag gagaccaagg gaaggcctgt gaagagacag ggctggaagc    223800
     tggttgtggt agtgaaccct tataatatag cacttggaaa gtggaggcct atcttctact    223860
     acacagcaag tttgaggcta gcctggacta tttgagaccc tgtctcagaa gaggcaggtc    223920
     tgaatgagat taggctctgg ggtggggtca ctgtcctgac ctccaggccc ctctgacttc    223980
     aggaaacatc gtggggattg gccagtgctt actccacggc atgactgtgg tgatccggaa    224040
     gaagttctca gcctcccggt tctgggatga ttgtatcaag tacaactgca cagtgagtga    224100
     gaagggacag gcatgagcag ccccatcccc atgtcccccc ccccttgcca cccatacact    224160
     ggggcatctg agcagctgag acttcagaat gctcccttgg gcagcgtctt cattgctcgg    224220
     atgagaggga agggactgtc gggccactgt ggggaggtga cgaagtgggc acccctagag    224280
     tctggactga caccacaccc accccagatt gtacagtaca ttggcgagct ctgccgctac    224340
     ctcctgaacc agccaccccg tgaggctgag tctcggcaca aggtgcgcat ggcactgggc    224400
     aacggtctcc ggcagtccat ctggaccgac ttctccagcc gtttccacat cccccaggtg    224460
     gctgagttct atggggccac tgaatgcaac tgtagcctgg gcaactttga cagccgggta    224520
     aggtccagat tggggctagt agggctgctg tggggggtgg atcacaatag gccctaggct    224580
     tgcagagggg gaagcagaat accagcatgg gagtggatac cagagtctct ccagcccctc    224640
     tgtctgtttg ggagtccatg gagccctggc ctaaatctcg gcctttgcag gtgggggcct    224700
     gtggcttcaa tagccgcatc ctgtcctttg tgtaccctat ccgtttggta cgtgtcaatg    224760
     aggataccat ggaactgatc cggggacccg atggagtctg cattccctgt caaccaggtc    224820
     tgcccaggag ggaatggaca tttgtggggg aaggtgttgt cttggaggat agtcagtgtg    224880
     gataaaccat tctgagtgtg ggttctgctt tacccactgc tcaccccact gtcgtcacca    224940
     acccttgctc actcgctcgc tcgcccgccg tgccatctgc acacctccct gagaaggctc    225000
     catcctggcc tcatacacga gcccctcatc ttcatgcaga gctgatggca gtgcctggtt    225060
     cggggtgtgt gtggtaaagt gtgaggcact cactgaggag agcctggaca ggtgtagggc    225120
     tcagtggtac caggttgctc ggctgtctag tcgggcctgt gtatgctcgc tggtcttttc    225180
     tggattgatt cattgggtcc tcactgttgg tggcccattc cgtgctccaa aactgctcag    225240
     atgtgctccc tgatctcagc caccttctgt ccaggagaca aatggggcat ttctgtaata    225300
     gcattaagtc agcataagat gcagggtgcc tttgtggatg gagacaggta gacgaggcca    225360
     cacctgactg gcttcctcgt ccctaggtca gccaggccag ctggtgggtc gcatcatcca    225420
     gcaggaccct ctgcgccgtt tcgacgggta cctcaaccag ggtgccaaca acaagaagat    225480
     tgctaatgat gtcttcaaga agggggacca agcctacctc actggtgagt cccctgctgt    225540
     ttgtccttcc agaggggaca gggagaaatg agagcttcca gtctcagaga acacatcccc    225600
     tgtgatgact tcctgactca acctgtgtca ggaactaggc tggcccagtc atgactaact    225660
     gtcccctccc taggtgacgt cctggtgatg gatgagctgg gttacctgta cttccgagat    225720
     cgcactgggg acacgttccg ctggaaaggg gagaatgtat ctaccactga ggtggagggc    225780
     acactcagcc gcctgcttca tatggcagat gtggcagttt atggtgttga ggtgccaggt    225840
     atgtgagggg aggatggtga gcatgtccga acattgcctg ccactgactg tgtaccctcc    225900
     tgcttccagg aactgaaggc cgagcaggaa tggctgccgt tgcaagtccc atcagcaact    225960
     gtgacctgga gagctttgca cagaccttga aaaaggagct gcctctgtat gcccgcccca    226020
     tcttcctgcg cttcttgcct gagctgcaca agacaggtct gtccctggtt ccagctcctg    226080
     gctttcaggg ctgggtcttt ctgtagtata aactccctgg ctaatctctt accttgacaa    226140
     acagccttgc ccgtaggctg agatactgct ctcctgggtg gaaatgtgca aacccagctt    226200
     cagagaaggc tcaccatctc ttagaatggg gactattcta tggctgccat actatggttt    226260
     agacccagag tagaaaaatt ccagaggtat ggaatgggct gggtgtggta acacccctgt    226320
     aatcctgatg cttcagaatg gaggaaagag gccagccttg gcgttacaac acacaagacc    226380
     ctgtctcagc aacaacaaag cagcaagaaa gaaaatggac ttcagatcat ggcacaatag    226440
     actaggacag aactcagtgg acgagcttgt ctaatgtaca tgaatcctta ggttcattcc    226500
     cagtagcaca gaaaaatagt aataagtggg tgagtgagta agtaaataat aaggcatata    226560
     ggcaaatagt attagaccaa taaattaaaa ggaaaaaaga cccccgaacc tggatgcttc    226620
     aacagtagtg tgctgtgggc catcagcaga ggccatcagg acccttatag gcctatagga    226680
     tcttatagac cagggtggaa gtgggatggc ctagaaatag taggaagtta tctaaatgta    226740
     agattggtcc cacagagatc tccagcttca gggtagagag tggcagagaa ctatagatgt    226800
     ctcacaagga gttagtatcc aagagtgagc tgtgggtggg tctatgatca catagagtct    226860
     tagtcagggt ttctgtttct gcacaaacat catgaccaag aagcaagttg gggaggaaag    226920
     ggtttattca gcttacactt ccacatttgc tgttcatcaa caacagaagt caggactgga    226980
     actcaggcaa gtcagggagc aggagctgat gcagaggcca tggagggatg ttctttactg    227040
     gcttgtttcc ctggcttgct caccctgctc tcttatagaa cccaagacta ccagcccaga    227100
     gatggcacca cccacaaggg gcccttccca ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac    227160
     agctggatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctccttttct gtgataactc cagctgtgtc    227220
     aagttgacac agaaccagcc agtacacata gtagcacagt gacatccttc tgtagtggtc    227280
     tactgatggc tttcaggagt tccctgagtc aggaagggga tgtggaatct cctgttaggc    227340
     ccaccatact gtccttaggg tccttcctgc ctctctccat tgctcaggct catccctagc    227400
     tgcttaccca ggggtccatg tgcctgaccc cctcccatgc attgtcagtt ccaagccttc    227460
     tctggctgct gaggtctgtc agcttgtgga catctgtacc ccatgcaaca tatgagacgg    227520
     tgggaggggc ctaggctgca gtgtgacata gggagggaca cagggcagtc tcataactga    227580
     ggagactgaa cttcctgagg attggaagtg tgaccctgtc caggacaagc aagacagctt    227640
     ttctgcagag tgaactacat gcaaggatgt ctgaggatca cagttctgta ggttagtgat    227700
     gtggggttta aattcaactg taaggtgtta gtggggctgc agaggccata gttgctctct    227760
     tctgcagccc catccaacaa aactttgtgt gctggtagga gtgtttggca tctctactgc    227820
     ctactatggt ggcagctagt accatggagg gattgggcat ttaagatgga gttggtgtgc    227880
     ctgaggaact ggcacatggg cagtgctggt ctagggggct ggtctgggtt ggtttgtttc    227940
     tttcatctgc ttctcaatct tccaaggctg ggctgtcctc agggatttct ccccgccagc    228000
     cccaaggctg ggctggcctc agggttctct ccctgccacc cccaaggctg ggctggtctc    228060
     agggttctct ccccactgcc cccaagagcg tgggttggaa tggcagggtc cttggaagcc    228120
     tagactcact ggaattc                                                   228137