ID   AL845173; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 194770 BP.
AC   AL845173;
DT   30-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-322G1 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-194770
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Kay M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 6fe3a348749c5526647e5ec9d973d50d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456095.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002458; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000010505; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027584; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027589; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000045794; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027034; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027035; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027036; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027037; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027038; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027000; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027001; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027002; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027003; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027004; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026970; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026971; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026972; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026973; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026974; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027008; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027009; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027010; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027011; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027012; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026750; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026751; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026752; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026753; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026754; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027454; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027455; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027456; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027457; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027458; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026209; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026210; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026211; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026212; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026213; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026727; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026728; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026729; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026730; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026731; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026864; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026865; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026866; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026867; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026868; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026830; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026831; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026832; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026833; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026834; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026966; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026967; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026968; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026969; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026970; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026850; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026851; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026852; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026853; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026854; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027514; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027515; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027516; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027517; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027518; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025945; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025946; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025947; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025948; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025949; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026281; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026282; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026283; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026284; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026285; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL845173.4:1-194770; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000052416; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000081125; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108754; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108756; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108757; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108763; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108769; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108771; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108772; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108778; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108779; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000135744; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139434; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000183403; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000184795; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059947; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059955; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059957; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059968; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059977; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059981; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059989; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059991; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0060002; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0060011; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059917; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059925; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059927; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059938; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059948; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059908; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059916; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059918; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059929; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059938; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059597; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059605; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059607; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059618; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059627; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060373; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060381; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060383; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060394; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060403; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059890; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059897; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059899; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059910; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059920; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059569; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059577; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059579; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059590; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059599; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059676; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059684; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059686; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059697; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059706; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059657; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059665; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059667; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059678; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059687; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059787; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059795; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059797; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059808; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059817; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059641; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059649; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059651; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059662; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059671; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060564; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060572; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060574; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060585; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060594; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059458; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059465; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059467; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059478; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059488; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058869; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058877; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058879; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058890; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058899; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; B0R0B7.
DR   GOA; B0R0C0.
DR   GOA; B0R0C1.
DR   GOA; B0R0C6.
DR   GOA; B0R0C7.
DR   GOA; B0R0D0.
DR   GOA; V9GX47.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000682; PCMT.
DR   InterPro; IPR001418; Opioid_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001420; X_opioid_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR002515; Znf_C2HC.
DR   InterPro; IPR013681; Myelin_TF.
DR   InterPro; IPR016137; RGS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR024066; RGS_subdom1/3.
DR   InterPro; IPR029063; SAM-dependent_MTases.
DR   InterPro; IPR029152; LKAAEAR1.
DR   InterPro; IPR036305; RGS_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1100535; Myt1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915153; Rgs19.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923927; Pcmtd2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685538; Lkaaear1.
DR   MGI; MGI:97440; Oprl1.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BIG2; LKAM1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0B7; B0R0B7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0C0; B0R0C0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0C1; B0R0C1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0C6; B0R0C6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0C7; B0R0C7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B0R0D0; B0R0D0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6RL86; F6RL86_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6WK59; F6WK59_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; V9GX47; V9GX47_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-322G1 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..194770
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-322G1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    202..219
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-138J20
FT                   (AL844529) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_199487.2, version 2. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    2029..2081
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-138J20
FT                   (AL844529) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_199487.2, version 2. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    45405..45410
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-138J20
FT                   (AL844529) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_162990.2, version 2. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    102469..102558
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-409P4
FT                   (AL928734) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_80871, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 194770 BP; 51467 A; 40660 C; 43453 G; 59190 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactg ggccctctgt ctctgcccaa ctgcctgtgt ccccaaggtt atatcttgag        60
     ccccaggggt ccaggaaccc aagaaatggg tggtgcctac ctgtttctca gcctcatgtg       120
     gggtgggcat gggtgagtgg agggggttgc ccagattctg tggtgccagc tctggaccct       180
     cactgcagca taggatcctg gcagatctaa gaaggaggtt ggaattctga ctgagggcct       240
     gtgatgctgg cccaccttat aacctgtgca cccacctcag ggcgtggtca gagtcctgcc       300
     ccagccttct cccccaagcc tgattactta caccatgtgg agaatcccta gtcagagaca       360
     gggctactgc agccgggcct tccatagaag gttctaagac acccctatct gttcagtccc       420
     tgagaagccg gaaacttggg ttcctctttc ttgatttccg gctcctggcc cctcccaagg       480
     ggactggagc tacaagtggg tatggagggt atcagatatt ttgattactc ccttcctcta       540
     gggagctggg tagagatgct acccagatga ctgcagggtg ctaggcctga agcaccgaat       600
     ccctgaccag gactcagaac aagacccctg gaagtgtgag aaatggggtg tgcactgatg       660
     agaggtgtgt actcggggaa cagctgcctc agacacccca ctctcacccc gctttccatc       720
     catctcccta ggatacagaa gctggtgttg gcattgtagg aggatacact gcttagctgg       780
     agccttgggc tcttcagtgg aatttcctat ggtttatcat tcttgatgtt ggaccatacc       840
     ttcatagggg ttctaggaat ctcttaggct actgaaaact gattcaaatt ccagtttccc       900
     ccgacaacat ccaatcagca ccttggaggc agttttgaat gcttcctctc tcctcggcct       960
     gtgcccactt ctgtccaggt ggaagccatc cacgctttaa gcctctgctt tgtctacctt      1020
     cctctcatca gcctggggca cacattttct cagtgaaatt taccctcctg tagcccttca      1080
     ttcagaagag gccttttagt cctctttctg tctgatctct gtatactggg cagcttcacc      1140
     acctgaggct ttctgagatg gtgggttctc aagtctccaa gcaagcgaat caggacacac      1200
     aagtagcttg ggttgtactt tccagcagtt gagtttctag ggaaaagggg tggggtagcc      1260
     tgaggtctcc atgctgttca aaatcatccc tcacctgtca ccctgtagag accattcctc      1320
     atggggtcca tctccagtca gccgactgga catggggtct gtacgctggg tgccctgccc      1380
     ctttttctag ctccttgcac ccatcaaagg tcagttggga ccacccatgt cgtccagggt      1440
     gctcttcact actgcctcct ttctgggcaa ggagagccta gagtctgaat cagggttgtc      1500
     ctgctccaca tgcctattgg agggttcctt tcctccccaa gcctcccagg tattggcctc      1560
     ccaagtctat gctaagaggc cagattcagc aaatctggtc tctggggata gaagctctct      1620
     ggtgaatggc tgtcagtgtt gctctacaga agcaaaaaga atgcccaagc ccacccagac      1680
     caaaaaaatt ccaggaaaaa agtcataacc tttgggagga ggactgaccg gatccgttct      1740
     cacttccatc caacactgtc attgtcctac ctatacctcc atggcagggc cggcctctca      1800
     ccatggcgaa cccagctgcc caagcccacc tgtggaatgg taggccccca cccagttcct      1860
     gcttttttgc aggtggggtt gtctggaagg ctggtctccc cttcacggtc cctcttgctg      1920
     tctctggcgc ccccacccct ttcttaagga attcgccatg gcgcccaact caccagcgac      1980
     ctaaaggcag atgggggcgg gagggccagg ttcggactgg gccccaccct ggctgccgaa      2040
     ggggcgtgct ctaaagcagt agggatttaa gtcagacagc aagacgtact cccgggcacg      2100
     aggtagaaag gctcacggag tccccgctca gatggggccg aggatgcagc attcaccctt      2160
     atggctcacc gggccaactg ctagcggacc caactcgaag ggtgggtaag gtggcaggtc      2220
     gggagtctcg tctggcccct ccccaccaag ctagcgggca ggagacgcgg aaacctgggt      2280
     tcttccggcc cccacctttg agcaatcact tctcaacgct ctgagctgaa gaaaaagggg      2340
     aaccttgctg cggctctccc tcccccacgc gcaaggggtg ggtctggtcc tactgcgacc      2400
     tagatccacg tggaccggtc actgaagtcc gggaacagag ccggcatcta tatcgccagg      2460
     gcccgtccac ggtccggcgc agcactcacc gccgcgtccc cgagtcacgc cgcccgcgcg      2520
     ctccgaagtc ctgctggtcg ccggggaggg ggcgcagtgc gcaggcgcct ccgcggtact      2580
     tccccaaaga gaggggccgg gacttcctcg agccccagcg cttgctcgcc cgcagtgccc      2640
     cgccccgcgg cggctcctgt gccccacccg cggctggcgt gtcgtcccgc ggtagcgtgg      2700
     catggtgacc ctgaggggtg agtcgtacag agagtggatt gagccggcgc tccattcttg      2760
     ttagctgggt tttcccaacc tttatgttga acaccagagc tgagccctgt gtgctacttg      2820
     gctcgccagg attagaagag gcctgtggga aggactggcc tgtggtactg ccccgtctgg      2880
     tccgactctt cgcctttctg aggctagtct gtaacgtagc attaagagtc tgtcactctg      2940
     cattcgaact ttgcccgaaa gggaggttca gggactgcag cgtaaagcaa gttcttacat      3000
     caaatcaccc cgaatgtttc tggggcctgg ttgagtccct tctgaactct caaactgctc      3060
     caagatagcc tttaccacaa atggccttgc tctttggtca actcttcaga tcctttgtca      3120
     ttgggtataa aattgagtta gttcattatc ccagcatgct ttgggccagt gttcatagtg      3180
     gtccgttggg gctcgtggtt ccagcacagg acacacagtc acacaagttg ttaatgctca      3240
     catactacat catacatatt aagtcaggga tgcaaaggag atccttcaca tgagttcttc      3300
     aggcagtggg gcagaggcag actaactgaa ctgactgcag tggactagaa tgggagacag      3360
     gcaagaaagg gatggggtga aaggtgagga gacaggatgt tgccatgatg ctgaggggtc      3420
     caggatgaag agagaacaat gggtgagaga ctcccaggct ctgagggggg ctttatgagt      3480
     tgaccacaga accctttggc tgccacgctg gcggcttcct aagtaaggta gaggctaagc      3540
     acatctgaac aggaagttac tttagtttag ataatattcc taaggtagac acaggtcaga      3600
     acatggaggc ccagtagaca tggatgagta cctgatggag gccacaaacc aaacctgatt      3660
     ctgcagtgtt tggtgtgggc atgaccgtgg gtagaagtca gtatgctttc ctcttaattc      3720
     cttttacctg cctgtctacc tgttctctgc caccttacat ctgcttacca cacaattagc      3780
     atctttccct aagcacagag aatgcctcta aacccaggaa ggagagcagg agcactgaac      3840
     acgcgatgcc agcgggaatt gaactggagc ccaataaact ctgcttgaga gcagtgcccc      3900
     taggtcctca caagccccac ctgatggtgc gtggggcaca ggttttgtat tcctgcaaga      3960
     tttccttcag acagagggat cctatgccgg ctttcctagc tgcctctgta cacctagtcc      4020
     ctcactggta tacagatcca gaggtgctct taagttggtc tgacatttgg tgtggcgctc      4080
     ctgtgtcatt ggagtgcttt gtctttgttc tcagccctgt tctgaagtgc ttatgtgggt      4140
     tactcgctgt gtgggacact gactgcaatg accttaggca tattccagta accctcagga      4200
     agaaatgcac ggtcagaagg ggtgaaacag tggtatgact ttacaaagta gatgaaaatt      4260
     ttcacttagc aaatctctaa gagacaaaat tctggggttt agagcttggc cagaggagcc      4320
     cagcattggc tatcatgtgg tctaattgac ggtcattaga gatctacatc tgtgtgtgag      4380
     aggaaccatc tttgctggat gaagagactg tctccttttc cctgtccata cctgtgtaca      4440
     aacctaccat ttccctgctt ctgtggtctt tcccactgtc agaaatctcc tcccctcctc      4500
     ctgagagctc ctgttgattt gtgaatgctg cagtctgggc ttggatcaag gcctagagca      4560
     gcagcaggac agagagtgag aagggtcatg tgcagcggga gaagaccagc tgaggaaaca      4620
     gagccctggg aactggtcac cagcaagtaa gagccttctg gaccacagtt ttgatctctt      4680
     cctccctcct gttctctgtt tcatgcagag ctagtgggag cccccatgca ggagcagaca      4740
     attgtctatc tctctgcagc ttccacctct gtgcagcctg atggagaggg gctggaaagg      4800
     aggacaagta ctgggagcca agaggccaag aggccacagg ttctgcaaag aaccagtgct      4860
     gtggagagga ggaagatgag cagcccagaa atgaggggct ttttcagagt ccagtggtca      4920
     gaatgggatg ggtagcttcc ttcctgtgtc tggtggatga gtgggcacag gaggctgttt      4980
     ccggtgaaag ggagtgggag ggttttctgt cccaccatcc agggatcttg gagagagcac      5040
     cccattttca acctgttggt catctgggca caactggact ctctaaaggc cagttttggc      5100
     tttgcactca tttccccctc ccagaatgcc accccagtcc tcagatggaa tgaccctaac      5160
     tttggagaca gcccagattt ccgggggtgc tggtgtttag gcaggctcat ccctgtgctt      5220
     ttccacacta gtaacctccc acatctaatg gcactgaagg gcaccacttg caggctgttg      5280
     ggagaaagga gtgcccaccc accaacatct ccttgcttct gtggctgtgg ctgaaggaga      5340
     ggcagcatcc atgtttgtct tttcctgtgg gggcccaggg ggaaaagagg ggaaatacca      5400
     gagaaccctt ggaagagaac tttatatgag agggtgggga gctgctgtaa ccgtagggtc      5460
     tctgaacgcc aaggtctcag tcatcggggg aagatgttgc catctacctc ctcttccagg      5520
     attgtctcaa cacgcctccg ctgcagagag agaggctgga gccaatgtgt ggcgaggcac      5580
     ggaaccctcc cacccgtctc cggggttccc cacacctcgt gtcggtccag aggatcaggg      5640
     atctttgtgg gcttcagttg gggtggtagg aacagttcca gtcggatggc agcgcgcgcg      5700
     gagctctgct tctggatcag caaagagatt tcctctgcct gggaaccaag tttactgagc      5760
     aaccctgcga gcatgctaga ggagtaccct ccctccaccc gcagggtagg ccctctttag      5820
     aagatgcact gggtcctctc ccttcttcct acccgcattc gggtgtagcg caaccgcagg      5880
     gtatggactc ggccccgggc ttccgcggcc ttaataaggc ccagaaaccg attttgatgc      5940
     tcagatggta gatttaatgc ctgtgaccag gtgcgcgggt caggcatgtc gtagggtaac      6000
     tccaccgact cgcgtggaaa catggaggcc accttgccta tgtcgtcaag aaagtcgcca      6060
     aagagcaggt ggcgttggcg tagtgtaggg gacaaggcta ccagcctctg cttagtcaat      6120
     gcccagcctg tcttcggagg gtctgtagtc ctcgggccct tcctgtgctt ctctccagct      6180
     ccagctccag ctccagctcc agctccagct ccagatgcac tgtttttgtc ccgctcccgt      6240
     gcacccttta ctcccagggt cggcatgctc cggtctgtgg aagaaaaggg gatgtccagc      6300
     cacgtagggg aaaactatgg ctccagttct gtatctatgg gacttcctgt agccacctaa      6360
     ctcatattcc taaactggta gctgaccctg tgcatatctg cagtaggcca tgactttctg      6420
     atcctctcca cttttaggag tatacccaat ttaggactat aaaacccgac gacggattgt      6480
     actacctgct attgttgctc cacaatccac atcactatgg tcatgggtca ttcagcgttc      6540
     cctaactctg tagcatcaga gactggtctg atcctgttcc ctgatcccta gtctttggtt      6600
     ggggtagggc taagggcatg aaccttcatg ataccttggg cagaggacct catcttgtgt      6660
     ttgtatttac acatgtctgt cggagtgtgt atgtgaatgg tgtaggtata tttgaatttg      6720
     gatctgtgtg tacatatgta cacagggaag acaagcctct gttctcctgg cctatctcct      6780
     tatgggcaaa gatgtgggag gcagaaccca tggaagaaga gacaaaagaa gaatggctca      6840
     gagagggaaa ggaaaccaac cctagcaacc attctcaacc tagttgaagc tcctgacttc      6900
     ctgtgggtga gaagtagaga catggttgag tgctcttccc taaatttgtc taaccacttg      6960
     cccacctacc agctcaacat ctaggcctcc ccatcccagg ccctcacacc ctcatacttt      7020
     ctgccgtttc ggtgggaagt ctttggcctt agtgactatg ttgcctagca acctgaagcc      7080
     ccgccctcac cccaataagc cccaatgcaa gcattaaggt gcagggatta gggtcatgcg      7140
     tgtgttgtat cctgcctcag gtcttctccc atgtttcctt tgaggtgact ctgagtctca      7200
     gattcactgt cccgattttg ggggctgggt tttggctgta gatgctcttt ggagctagct      7260
     ttctgggcat agctcctaca aaataccttt gtggctaagg cccaccgtaa gcccttgtag      7320
     gaactcagaa ccccctttca tcaactctgg agtaagtttg ggatctcagg ggtctagagg      7380
     tttaccaaaa tgagacttaa atcttgctac ctaagttttg ctaaaccctg tctctaaact      7440
     tggatggcag gccttagagt tctataatct acagtgcact caatttagtg atttaaaaaa      7500
     aataactaca gtagtttaat atttatttat ttatttattt atttagaaac agggtttctc      7560
     tgtgtagctt tggctatcct ggaaatctat ctgtagacca agctggcctt gaactcagtg      7620
     atctacctgc ttctgcttcc agagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcattgtt ggagtctgcc      7680
     aaaagactct cactcacaaa gaccacagag actgacatct ctgtaaactg caagagggtt      7740
     tttttttttt aaagcttttt gtttattttt tttaaatgag ttttgtatcc tgcaacttta      7800
     ttgtaagtgt tcattacatc caatagtttt ccagcagact aagtaggatc ttttaagtaa      7860
     agaattgtgc catctggatg aacctaggcc tccccgcaca tatgtagcag atgtgcagct      7920
     tggtttttgt gtgagtccca aacaactgga gtggggctat cctaaaagct gttgcctata      7980
     tgtgggatat attcttctag ctaggctgcc ttatctggcc ttagtggaag aggaagaact      8040
     cagtcttgat gagactttaa gtgccaaggc gggggtgggg tggggtgggg gacccaggat      8100
     gtccccacca gctcagagaa ggagagggga gtggaggaag gattgtagga aggaatgacc      8160
     aggaaggggg cagtgagtgg gatgtaaagt gaataagcaa aacacaaatt attttttaaa      8220
     gtattttttt aaaaaaaatt gtgctccccc cccaaaaaaa agctgggtgt ggtggcacac      8280
     tcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc      8340
     tggtctacag agtgaacagc cacgctatag atagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaccaaaaaa      8400
     ataaaaaaat aaacaaaata aattaaaaaa cttaaaaaat tgttccatct ataaaaaaaa      8460
     aggatagttt gatttcttac ttccctactt tatccccttt atctttctct tgtatactct      8520
     tgtatacttt agctaagatt ttgagcacca tatcaaataa gagaagggga gtagggggct      8580
     ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt aagggcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc gaagttcaaa      8640
     tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cccgtaatga gatctggtgc cctcttccgg      8700
     tgtatctgaa gacaactaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc taaaaaaaaa      8760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaggggagt agttgggtag cagtggttca cacctttaat      8820
     cccagcactc aggagggaga ggcaggaaga ctccacatct atacacctca gtgaacttct      8880
     atacagttag aatagctatt tgaaatagaa actgtagctt cacattagat tttactcttt      8940
     tgatattgca tatattttta tgtatgtatc caccaccaaa cctgaaaaac aattagcttt      9000
     atatcctctt ttataacttg tgtcccttac ttgtatttag ttctttatct tctaatattt      9060
     agcctttctt gttttctttt ttacaacata ttgtactata gccataagta catctgttta      9120
     catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      9180
     ttggacaaat tctacacatg aataagtgtt ttcttaaaaa tcaggaaaga cacatggcta      9240
     cccattcatt ccatcttttt tttttttttt cttcttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta      9300
     gctatgactg ccctggaact tattttgcag accaggctgg cctggaactc acagagatct      9360
     tcctgcctct ccctcctgag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtga gccactgcta cccaactact      9420
     ccctttttct tatttgatat ggtgctcaaa atcttagcta aagtaagtat acaagagtat      9480
     acaagagaaa gataaagggg ataaaatagg gaagtaagaa atcaaactat cctttttttt      9540
     tatagatgcc acaatttttt aagtttttaa atttatttta tttattattt tttatttttt      9600
     tggtttttca agacagggtt tctatctata gcgtggctgt tcactctgta gaccaggctg      9660
     gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggattg aaggagtgtg      9720
     ccaccacgcc cagctttttt tggggggggg ggagcacaat ttttaaaaaa aaatacttta      9780
     aaaaataatt tgtgttttgc ttattcactt tacatcccac tcactgcccc cttcctggtc      9840
     attccttcct acaatccttc ctccactccc ctctccttct ctgagctggt ggggacatcc      9900
     tgggtccccc accccacccc acccccgcct tggcacttaa agtctcatca agactgagtt      9960
     cttcctcttc cactaaggcc agataaggca gcctagctag aagaatatat cccacatata     10020
     ggcaacagct tttaggatag ccccactcca gttgtttggg actcacacaa aaaccaagct     10080
     gcacatctgc tacatatgtg cggggaggcc taggttcatc cagatggcac aattctttac     10140
     ttaaaagatc ctacttagtc tgctggaaaa ctattggatg taatgaacac ttacaataaa     10200
     gttgcaggat acaaaactca taaaaaaata aacaaaaagc agtaggggct acagaaatgg     10260
     ctcagtagtt aagagcactg gctgcttttc caaaggaacc tgggacctgg gttcaattcc     10320
     cagcacccac atggcaattt ataaccatct ataactccag ctctagggga tctgacaccc     10380
     tctttgggct tccatgggca ccaggcatgc acacagtgca cagggataca tgcaggcaaa     10440
     gcacccacat acataacaaa ataataaaaa ataaaacaaa gcatttgtat caccagagtt     10500
     ttcttggaga aaaaatcagg agaaataatt cattcaaaat aactccaaac gttaagtatt     10560
     taggaatata tctagccaaa gcagtaaagc ccttgacaac aaatacgttc agatattgaa     10620
     atagcgagcc agagaaatga ctctgtgatt aaggacagtg tgatggtttg tatggcttgg     10680
     cctagggagt ggcactgtta gggggtgtgg ccttgttgga gtaggtgtgt caccatgggt     10740
     gtgggcttta agaccctaaa ctagtcttct cttagtggcc ttcagatgaa gatgtaaaac     10800
     tctcaggaca atgccatgct cccaccttga tggactaaac ctctgaacct gtaagccagc     10860
     cccaattaaa tgctgtcctt ataatacttg ccttggtcat ggcatctgtt tacagcagta     10920
     aaaccctgag atagacatgg actgctcctc tggaggacct tggttcaatc cctagcaacc     10980
     acatggaact cagttccaag gaatctgaca acttcttctg gcctcagcga gcaatacatg     11040
     catgtggtgt gcaaaggcat atatgcaagc aaaacaacca ttcacaaaaa taaataataa     11100
     aaaaaataac agaaaagaga aatcacaaaa gataatagat tacagaaaga catccacact     11160
     tctggattga tagaattaat attgtgagca tggctatact accaaaatta atttcagatt     11220
     taatgtgata cctattaaaa ttctgatata ttttacagat ttagaaaaaa gcaatacaag     11280
     aattcatgtg gaaccacaaa gaccacgaat aaacaaagca attctaaggc ataagaacac     11340
     tataggcagt attatagtac ctgacttcaa attgtagtga taaggatagt ctggtactgg     11400
     cacgaaaact atgcaggcaa atcaactgaa tggaataggg gacctgaaat acaatgatat     11460
     agctgtgctg acttaatttt tgacaaagga ggcaaaaaca tacactggag agaaagtaga     11520
     ctagcccaca aatggcgctg gcaaagctgg atttctacct gcagaagagt aaaaaggttc     11580
     ttcacctcat acaaaagatc ttaatctaaa acttgaaata ttggggtagc catgaacttt     11640
     ctaaatagaa taccaacaac atgagaacta actttaagaa tcaacagacg agactccatg     11700
     aaaatagaaa gttaccgtac agaaaaggga aaacaatcag cagagcagac agcgcacaga     11760
     atgggaggaa gtcaggcggc tgatactcag gatttataaa gaattactag gcagtggcgg     11820
     taccctcctc taatcacagc agaggcaggc agagctgtat gagttcaagg caggactggt     11880
     ctgcagagtg agtttcagga cagtggaaaa aaactaaaaa caaaaaacac attaaatgct     11940
     aaagaaaaaa ctatcagtca acaaatgggc aagtgatttg aatggacagt ttaaaaaata     12000
     aacacaaatg tttggtaact atttaaatac ttaaatattt aaatactatt ttagaaagta     12060
     tttaatattc ttagttatca ttgaaatgca tataaagcta ccttggggta cctcttcctg     12120
     ccagtcagaa tggctatctt caacttatct aacaacaatg gttggagggg atatggagag     12180
     aaaagaattg ttattgactt ttggtgtggg caaattaaca tagccattgt ggaaatcagt     12240
     ttccagattt cacaaataat taaaattata actatcatat gccttagcta ttttacccct     12300
     gggtagagaa ctccataccc taccatagac atatttgcat gtccttgtct atatattaaa     12360
     agtcactata ttaatgaatt ggaatcaaac tagttgtcca tcaatagatg aacacataat     12420
     gaaggattgg tgtacatata taaactaaag tactcttcca tatttaagaa atataatttc     12480
     cacatatgca ggcaaaacac ccatacacaa aatattcaca aaatttgtgg gaaagttgat     12540
     aaacttgaat gtaaaaaaaa aatccatgtt ttttcttccc atgctgaggt catgagcttc     12600
     ggctttttct ctaacttgct cttcatttat tctttactct aacctgggtt cagctatgtg     12660
     gctggcttcc tctccttgtt cctggggcga atctcccctt tattctatcc tgagtttagc     12720
     taacaagtgg cttacatctg tctcctcggc attccagctc aaatttcctg tgcctttcac     12780
     tatttcccag aattctctct atccctgctg gatgtttcac ctcctatttc ctgcctcagc     12840
     ttattggcca taaaattttt tattgacagg tgatgcttat aagaaattta gtctagggtt     12900
     ggcaagatgg ctcagtggat aagagcactg actgctcttc caaaggtcct gagttcaaat     12960
     cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccgtaatgag atatgatgcc ctcttctggt     13020
     gtgtctgaag acagccacag tatacttatg tataacaata aataaaattt ttgagctgga     13080
     gcaagcaggg actgagcaag tggaattgac cggagggagc agggccgacg ggagcaagta     13140
     gaggtcctaa attcaattcc caacaaccac acgaaggctc acaaccatct gtacagctac     13200
     agtgtactca tatacataaa ataaatgaat aaatcttttt ttaaaaaaga aattctaggg     13260
     ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactggtc ttccgaagtc aggagttcaa     13320
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaaca agatctgact ccctcttctg     13380
     gagtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataatca ataaataaat cttttttttt     13440
     tttttgtatt tatttattac atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcctcagaca ctccagaaca     13500
     tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccacg tggttgctgg gatttgaact caggaccttc     13560
     cgaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttaccccctg agccgtctct ccagcccata aataaatctt     13620
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaattctct ctatacttga atgtatgatt aaattatatg tagtgtgtaa     13680
     gtaaagtgag gtcaccaaat ctcagaaaga aaaattctct tgtaattcac tttttaattc     13740
     tataatttac tcatattaaa tcattaatca cttttcatat gattatccca cataaattag     13800
     gctaatgaag ttaatgtatt aagtccacaa tctgttaatg agtgtgataa tttcagtgcc     13860
     cgtgtttaag tctctccttc attcctacat ggaccggtga tggctactgg agtttggaac     13920
     ctgagcacct gtaggtggac catcttttca cttgtaggta gcacatctgg gctgacaggt     13980
     gggtctctgt tacttgcagg tgggcatgtt atggctgaaa gttggccctc agctaagctt     14040
     ttagactttc ttcaggaaga tattaactgt ttccactgtt tttggaagct tgctctggct     14100
     tttggttgaa ggtccattta tgactctaca acacccagtc cccaagtttg ccttctcaac     14160
     cccacagctg agtgggatga agattctctt ccaattccca aacatttgca ttccaaagca     14220
     cccccaagaa gccttttctg gttccttctt ccctgtgtag gtctttgggg gtgacagctg     14280
     gactcgggct gtttaggagg aaggtcctgg tctcggaaaa aacagaattg gggaggctca     14340
     ccagcaggcc acctcctcag agcagacttc ctggatatat aatactcaat tgggaatgcc     14400
     actgttccta tggcttcatt gtttaagaca gagtcctgga ccttctcacc ctcccagggc     14460
     ctatgctagg gagacatgtg tgtgaggggt tttccagttc ccatggaggg atgaaataag     14520
     gtcacacagg gagcaagaga aaattatgtt ttaggaaggg actataactt ttcctctgcc     14580
     tttgtggggt tggaaaactg taaggctctt gaagcacagc accttccagt gatccttctg     14640
     ctgattaatt gatgagagtg tcaacaaccg agaggttgtg ggttataggt acagaagagc     14700
     ataagttctc ttgggctaac ttgatagtca ttccttgtta cctctgtgtc tgaccgaaca     14760
     gctttgtgac taacaggtga aaccgtttgg aaaatattaa cagacaacta acttccaccc     14820
     accctaaagc taagactgcc attaagatag catctgaggt gtttccctgt tttgctgtaa     14880
     ctgcctgtgt gatattccta tcatttgaaa agtgcctgat ttatgacttt tttttttttt     14940
     ttttttggtt ttgttactat agaaatttca cgaaactgtt attggttggg acatggaatt     15000
     ttgggcaaca taaatctgta ctcctgagtc ctagtcgctc atacagtgta aactacatcc     15060
     cattccgttt gaggttagag ctgagctttt gcatgggcgg ttacagtacc acatgtggga     15120
     ccccaagatg ggaagagtca cctgccttag aactaggtac caatgtggaa acctttgtgt     15180
     gtccaaacca ttgacattat ttcttcaggt agattttggt gagttctttc tgaggctcag     15240
     agcttctttg gtttggccaa taattcattt attatttatt ctgaattggt tgtttaggat     15300
     cttacttgtt cgattttttc aaagcatttg gtttaagatt tccatatttt tatttttcga     15360
     gaatttaata cacatataat gaatttttat aagtctacct cctatttcct ctaactcctc     15420
     actctccttt taaaactcac caagtccact cagtgttgcc agtatgttca tgtgggtgta     15480
     ctgccatcta ctggctacca tttaggggtg gcaaccccaa agaaaacaac ttttttgggg     15540
     gggtttgttt tgttttgttt tttttttttt gttttgtttt ttgttttttc gagacagggt     15600
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccagactg gcctcgaact     15660
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccactgc     15720
     ccggcccaaa aacaactctt ttccttagtg acagctagtt aactcagaag ttctcaacat     15780
     ccaacgaccc ttatccacta tatcagatag ttatattaca attcataaca gcagcaaaat     15840
     gacagttatg aagtagcaat gacataatcg tatgggaggt gcctcggcat caggaaggca     15900
     gagaactgct gctccaggct acccattttg tttgcttgct ttgaaagcat tttggtttcc     15960
     aaccactttt ttgtttgttt tcagacctct ggtaatttgt tagcattcag tctgttttcc     16020
     cctgggcact ccttccatat cagtttaatg aagggaggaa gtgttgaaga aaaccagatt     16080
     ccaactggct ttatgctttg taaatatatt aattgaactt gcaagtgtta ataaaagggt     16140
     gtagggaaaa aagcaggcca gtgctggcac tttaacccca gcactcagca ggcagaggca     16200
     ctctgatctc tgtgggtttg aagccagcct ggtttttcat aggagttcta ggccagccaa     16260
     ggctatatag tgagactttg tcacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaatgc atcaccacca     16320
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc aggaaacccc aaaataaata agtagaaatt aattttaaaa     16380
     taattttgtt gtgtcaaaac taaagttaaa tttctagaac aactcctttc ttttatctac     16440
     ctttctctga cctttcctgt taaggaaaat attattatgg gtagagagaa aagagctccc     16500
     atgttatatt aaaaattccc atttctgcta ggtgtggtgg cagacacctt taactccagt     16560
     acttaggagg gagaggcggg tggatcctga gttccaggtc agccggggct acaaaataag     16620
     accctgtctt aaaaaaattc ctggagacta gagagatgac tgagagtttc agaacataaa     16680
     cttttcttta tgtgaggaac tgagtttggt tcccatcacc caggttgaat ggtttacaac     16740
     tgtctgtaac tccagtttta ggtaatctga agcctctgac tttgagagca cctgcactca     16800
     tgtatacata cctatacaca gacacaaaca tatcataatt aaaagtaaac cttaaaaaat     16860
     attccctttg tggagctgga gagatggttt agtggtcaag agcactggct gctcttccag     16920
     aacactcagg tttggctcct agcatctata tggtagctta caagtgtcta taacttcagt     16980
     gatagggaat ccaatgctct cttctggttt ctgtaggcac cagacacaca gggtacacag     17040
     acaaacccac aaaaaataaa gaagttacat ttgtaaaaac tattttcctt ctggaagccc     17100
     actcacacac ttaggtatac tttctttctc tgcccctctt cttaaatttt gaagtctatt     17160
     ctatttagtt ttttaaagta tgctttcctt tttctttctc ttccctgtgt ctctctgtat     17220
     ttctgtgcct gtatctctct gtctctgcct gtttcagtct cagcctcttt ctatctgttg     17280
     tctcctccca ccccatatgc cacacatatt tgcgggcctc tggaggccag aagagggtgt     17340
     tggaaaccct agagctggaa gtatagttag ttgtaagtgg cttgctacag gtgctaggaa     17400
     ccgaactcag gtcctgcaaa agtagcaact tttaagcccg gaaccacatc tgctgcccct     17460
     tcattttctc tcccggcagc tcttttttcc cgccccccct cttaatagtc ctttttgtgt     17520
     taaaatatct ttattatact gggtagtcct tttcagtgtt aaagtcaatg ctgctggttg     17580
     ggtcttagct gagatcccta gaagtctagg gaaactcctc aggttgctaa cactgactgt     17640
     atggagtcat gtttctgtct cttcatcact atcattttga gagttcatgc tgaagttcat     17700
     cttaaagtat tgttggtgag tgcattagac tatcagtgac tgatctgtcc cagatggttt     17760
     gtatgtcact ttgagtttct taatttctgt ttttctggcc agagatacac ttaatgtttg     17820
     ataagtgtca cagatagaca ttttctagac tttctataac ttatttttgg ttcaggtgga     17880
     acaattcatg gcttttccag agaacatcat cataaaggtt gatcctctag aggccctgag     17940
     gtgctctgag acacagtggg agaactactc cctcaaagca gtaagtttta agtccaacac     18000
     acattaggaa tggcattgct gcttctatac tgtctctcaa cttgaaatta tatatgtata     18060
     attttagtaa ttcatggtct tagctagggt tactataact atgaagagac accatgaatg     18120
     actgaggtgg cttatagaag aaagcattta attgggagtt taattataat ttctgagggt     18180
     tagttcatga tcatcatggc agagagcatg gtagcaggca ggaatgttgc tggactagtg     18240
     gctaagaata cacatctaat ctgcatgttg caggcagcaa gagtaagact gggtctggca     18300
     tggatatttg aaacttccac ccccagtatc attcctccta caactagact atatcttcca     18360
     atcctaaaca gaccatcaac tgggaaccag actagtaaat atataagctt atgggggtta     18420
     ttctcatcca aactaccaca ttcattagct gtttaatcac tcctctggca ttcccaaacc     18480
     tgactctact tcttcagcag gatagattag atcagtcctg ctttgccatc aatcttaatg     18540
     aagtgctgca tgcaaatctt tttaactttc tctcctgtca aggcacactt acatctacac     18600
     ttacagaagt gatcagagat agacattctc ttagcttgtg ggaaccagtg gacggataag     18660
     gaggaacatg ccagtttatt tattcagtag ctaatgtttt ggagctatgt ctcttgggac     18720
     catgagccat gctgcactgg gaacagaaag aaccctgaaa tgttaaaaat gctttttgct     18780
     ctttttcttc tttctgtctt ctttgccttt atcatatgat catgttatat catattatta     18840
     ttattactat tattatcatt attattatat tttgtttgag agagggactc tccattatgt     18900
     agttctggat gttctgggac agaacaggat atataaacca gactggcctc aagttcagag     18960
     atccgcctgc ttctgccttc tgagtgctgg gactaaaggc atgcggcact gccactcagc     19020
     taacttctac aacttttaag gtcaaaataa gtgaatttag acttaatgca ttttcatttc     19080
     atgagaggtt aaaaaacccc atctttaatc ccagtactca gaaggcctct gagtttgaga     19140
     ccaccctggt ctgcaaaatg agttccagga cagccagggt tacacagaaa ccttgtctca     19200
     aaatacaaaa caaaaaaccc caaaacaaac aaaaacccca actgctgtat gtgtctgtgc     19260
     ctttaaactt tacactggat aggattgaca ctgggcagat agatggtgtc tctctcaggt     19320
     atctagtctt ttagttcctt cctttttttt ttctctttct tttagattca caagcatgga     19380
     aaaatataat ttagcctcac tattaactaa aagaataaaa agctttggtc taagatcaca     19440
     ttgagaaaga catttccatc ttattgtcag taaaggcaac tccccactct gctatctagc     19500
     tcccatacag aaattaacca ttcttttttt ttaaaaatat tttttattat tatgtatttt     19560
     tctcaattac atttagaatg ctatctcaaa agtcccccat accctccccc ccacttccct     19620
     acccactcat tcccattttt tggccctggc attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg     19680
     cgtgtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg     19740
     cagctagagt caagagctct ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttgc acctacaggg     19800
     ttgcagatct ctttagctcc ttggatactt tctctagctc ctccattggg ggccctgtgc     19860
     tccatccaat agctgactgt gagcatctac ttatgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct     19920
     cacaagagac agctatatca gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctactgta tgcaatggtg     19980
     tcatcgtttg gaggctaatt atgggatgga tctctggata tggcagtctc tagatggtcc     20040
     atccttttgt ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gattgtttcc     20100
     aattcaaaga aagggcaaag tgtccacact ttggtctttt ttgttcttca gtttcatgtg     20160
     ttttgcaaat tgtatcttat atctcgggta tactaagttt ctgggctaat atccacttat     20220
     cagtgagtac atatcatttg agttcttttg tgattgtgtt acctgttttt cttctcagaa     20280
     agctgggaat tggaggtgat taatagcctg gtgatctgta ttatttgtta ggtaaggtca     20340
     tatcaagctc cctcaaccag gacagtaaat ggctagtagt ctaaatgagc cttatattat     20400
     ctgtatagct tgggtcgccc ccaagcttca tatccaggac tggaggtggc taataggcca     20460
     aatgatctct acactattgt atgacccact ccacaccaaa tccttcccta ggatcctaag     20520
     gcagtttatc tctagaactc atcttcctgg aagaaatcac atgtactttg aattgagatt     20580
     caatgtaata atgcctcctt gtgcagtagg gattgtgtta taccaggaga cttgtcccaa     20640
     aattgtactg caattgaata tgctggcagt aagttgcctg gcatcagact cctaaagttt     20700
     ggtccagttt gtctaagtca ggatgaactt ctggggcctg ccaggcctta ggggaacagg     20760
     tttaagtggg aagaccaaaa gtctgatgat ctccagcctt gtaggaaact taactcttac     20820
     tttataattc tctgtgcttg aataagtgct ggtctcttaa ctctaaaaat tctgtaccaa     20880
     aaagtcaaca ctttcttact gttttatgtt taaataagtg caaaaatctg gaaaattaac     20940
     atatactgtt tagcagcagg taattaagta aaggattaat tgctagagct cctttctctg     21000
     tcaagttagc cagaagccct tgatcgcaga ccatgcaaat agagtgggcc atcttcagaa     21060
     agattgattg catgccttta gtctatccta gatagttcct gataatgagc caagttttta     21120
     ttttcactgt ttggagatta tagaacccct aaccccaaca cacacagatt ttattgtaac     21180
     tgtgtgccaa attctttcct cttgaggcaa gaaagtatgt aactgaactg ggtttggtag     21240
     cacatgcctt taatcctagc acttgggagg cagaagcaag tggatctctg agtttgaggc     21300
     caggcagcct agttacagga cagttacata acaagttaca ggacagtcat acctacacag     21360
     tattgttttg gaccttgctt aggcacttct aatacctatg tgcagccatt ggtggcttca     21420
     acagtgaact gtctacatga gtcatgttgt tgtttgtgtt gcctgaatct tcagtattac     21480
     tctcatgttt cttgctgaca cttttgtgtc acttatgtta tgtattgtcc tgtttcatcc     21540
     cctctggaaa gtccacttat ccttgctgag tttctgtttg ggatcaagat gcttgagctg     21600
     tttcctctgg accaccagtg ccccattgtg gccgagtcac ctgtcagata accaaattat     21660
     tcttccatct gagacagcat ttgagcatgt ggactctgag ctacattcta ttggtacaca     21720
     attccagata tatgttgaga ccagagctca gtcttacttg gcagcattgt agctgattca     21780
     tagttgaggc cataatgcta agccaagaac tcctgggact gaggcagtgg cagggaaagc     21840
     ttcttaggct aggtcagagt agagctggtt tgggtatggg atccatgcag tggggcaagg     21900
     tgaagcacac aggacccaac tcaaggtcat gagacgaagg gacattctgt ggctctgttc     21960
     tgcctatatt taaacaatgc ttatggcacc ctctttctaa atctggaacc tgggctggaa     22020
     agcaggtaaa gactattagg aaaagaggct ctgtagaggc acagagacaa cttggttgat     22080
     aactctgagg ttgtgtgcca gctttgcctg gagtgggagg gaagagggag agagagagag     22140
     agagacagag acagagacag taacagagag tgcataccta tgtactatat atctaggggc     22200
     cttgctctgt gcctgcctgt ttccacacta gtttacatcc tgtttgtatc tttctctttg     22260
     tgcctgcatt cactttgtga gttttgtata tgtgattctt gtgtgcacct ctgagcacat     22320
     atcccttgtg tctctgtgtc tctatactgc gcctgtctgg gtatctctgt gtatgttctg     22380
     tttatttgca ggaatgtgtc ctcatgtgtc tccttgagtg tccatgtgtc cctgagaatg     22440
     gagagacaag tccttggaga cagcttggga tgctgagtcc tggggtgtct gtctgctctg     22500
     gccttttctg gttggacagg tatcctagca acacttctgt gagttgccta gcaaccaggt     22560
     ccccatcctt agagaaagag cagggtctgg ctgtatgtgg gagatctggc tctcattcag     22620
     tacagacagc aaaagcaagc ctatgatttg atgatggcta gagactcagc atagggtctc     22680
     tagcctacat gaccttaact tacggctttt ttttctcagt ggactgtgac cccttgtgct     22740
     ggcaaagaaa gaggagctta gtatctctgt gttttctaag atctaattct gggagttagc     22800
     tgtggtgtag ctccaagtga ccagcagacc tggctttcct ttaccatgac atattgacag     22860
     gcagcttcag acttcagaga catgatgctt tcatttgtga ggataatatg ggtggtaatg     22920
     gctacatgca gtgggggttc ctgggttcag ttttgtcttg ggcttagtgt acattaggta     22980
     taaatagcac ataatagatt cagggcagta tttggtcctt agtccagaca atctcttgct     23040
     tacttgcaag aaagcctttc cttggagaat tagttgggtt agggtattgc tgtctattac     23100
     tgtggtactc tgctttactg gacagttctg ggcaggaaag ctggcaaaat atggtctggg     23160
     ctaagctgga caaaacaaca tttaccagtg atggtggtgc acgccttaat cccagcactc     23220
     agaaagcaga ggcagacata tctttgagtt ccaggacagc caaggctaca cagagaaatc     23280
     ctgtctctaa cccatcaccc ctccaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     23340
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaga acaaaacatt ttcctcacat ctgcctctag gtgagcattt     23400
     ctctgtatac atcttaagtg tgttcttgtg tctaaggctg tgcatgtatg tgtgtctgag     23460
     ttcctgttca tgtctccatt tttgtgttta tagatgtctc cactgtgtgt cccagatcct     23520
     gagtgtgtct gtcttgtgtg tcttgtgtga gccgattttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg     23580
     cttccttctc caacctgcgc agcccctcct tctctcagcc gcagccttct gcccctcccc     23640
     cttctggctg ccgcactggc tgctgcgtct agtcaatatc ttatcttcgg agcaggagct     23700
     aggagccatt cccagccgga gcagacccca agctagagtg agaagcatta ctcagttcat     23760
     tgtgctcctg cctgcctttc tgctaagcat tagggtctgt tttggcccag cttctgaaga     23820
     ggttgtgtgt gctgttggag gtaagagggg ctctagtgag ggctcctgct gctgctgaca     23880
     gagctggggg tgggggagca ctgggaggta gggaagtgcc tgagccctag gcatttctgg     23940
     gtaaattcca tgtcttttgt gctccagtgt gccttaggat ggtttgggca tttttttgta     24000
     ttcggctgac tgtgagcccc tgagtcttgg tgggtggaca tgtatgcttg tgtagctacc     24060
     tccatgttgc ttctgtgcga gtctatcacc ctaatatgag gtaaaattgt gagtaaatgt     24120
     gcccccatgc ctctgtgtgt gtcatcatgt gcccatgtgt atgcctttgt ctgtgtccat     24180
     gtgtctgtgt gtggatgccc atcgaggtgt tcatgtgcct gttagtgtag ttgtgctgtt     24240
     ctaaggcctc agtggactgt gtccagcact gtggtcactt ctttctgtgt cctgttccag     24300
     gaactgtact gagtggcttt gcagggtgac agcatggagt ccctctttcc tgccccattc     24360
     tgggaggtct tgtatggcag ccactttcaa gggaacctgt ctctcctaaa tgagaccgta     24420
     ccccatcacc tgctcctcaa tgctagccac agtgccttcc tgccccttgg actcaaggtc     24480
     accatcgtgg ggctctactt ggctgtgtgc atcggggggc tcctggggaa ctgcctcgtc     24540
     atgtatgtca tcctcaggta ggcgggtccc atcaatctgt gaagggggaa cctgaggcag     24600
     gaggctgttc tggatgaatt cgaacaagca tggattttct gcttgctcca tcaaatttct     24660
     tccctctctg ttcaagggac atgatcaccc ttgaagttca actcctgttc tgctcccatc     24720
     tgtctcagac taggtgtcac cacctggagg cttggtactg cagataaatc catgccgtga     24780
     tgtctatgtg aataaccatg ggtacaaagg atcctaagat ttcccaaaga gaggaagagg     24840
     ggctggtgct gggcctgaag cccttgttca ttggccttta ggatctatgc tcatggtgga     24900
     tgtctttagc tgagcccatg ctctattggt gctcagaaat gggaaaattt ggaggactac     24960
     aaagaaagac agcagtactg gatgactgag gtagcgtcga cggtgagggg aagagggcag     25020
     tgtgaggtac agttctatgg acaagaaagc tgggcaagga gtatgcaatt ggtaaatgtg     25080
     tggtggcaat gatggtctct gtttttttcc agctgggagg gcattgaggg gaactggaga     25140
     cagcaggtga ggacttgaat gccagaatgg ggacgccaaa ttctttggac attgggaaga     25200
     catgggaggt ccttgagtgg tggataacta gagcaaggtt cttcactgat atttcctctt     25260
     tcaaaaagat gactctgaag agagcagtca tggttccctt gatggtatca tggtaggtgt     25320
     ggtattggta gaggaggaag gggcagtaca gtgtccatac cctgcctcat tatggtcctc     25380
     ttagtatttc tgagcaactg ttttctctgt ttgttagatg ggaaatgtgg attatatagt     25440
     catatatagg tgcatgtgca cagacgtgtg tatatatata tatgctatgt gattggaaaa     25500
     gcattccaag tattgacttt tggcagagga cccttgtggg aaactattct atgatccatg     25560
     tgtctcatgg ttaaaaggat atgtctttgg caagacgtgc agcaaccagg gacagtttgt     25620
     gagccttgcc tttccttgtc atcagcattt ctctcctata ttgtcctctg catttgggat     25680
     attaaaattc ttgagccatt tactgcagta gagtagagaa ggaacgccat cttttccacc     25740
     agcatcccca gagaactagt ctcagaaact gctgtggctg cactggctca ggagacaaca     25800
     cacggcatgt ttgagttgga tgtgtgccag gagtcagaaa aatatgctct gagccccatt     25860
     ttgcacctta gcagttctaa gccttatgaa agctacttag ttcctctgag tctcagcttc     25920
     cttctccaca gcgtagagat taaatggcat ttttgctttg gggtaaacct caaatgagat     25980
     aaaatctatg tgaagagctt ggctcagata tctaccatta tcattaacat tgttatttat     26040
     tgtaattaag gtctctggga ttaatgtcta agagacagaa cttaatctca gattccctgg     26100
     tagcaactaa acatcatgga ctactgttat ctctagtgct accaccacca tactgccata     26160
     accaccataa ccactataac caccaccatt accaccatca ctttcatcat catcactata     26220
     gtcacccttc cctaccactg tcataaacat taattcattc cactaatatt tataacttat     26280
     aatgttccta gcatggttcc cagtgcttgg atacaatcaa acctaactag cacatctcct     26340
     tttttcttta ttagaataaa aaatattgtg tttatttttg ggtatgagtg tttctgctgg     26400
     atgtataggt cagatgagaa agttggtttt ctccttttac tatgtaagtt tctccttcta     26460
     ccacatgtgt cctggaaatg gaactcaggt catcagaatt ggtaataagt gcccttacca     26520
     gctgagccat ttggctggac caccattttc tgttttcatt gctagacaac attgtgcact     26580
     tggaagatct ttgatgaact ttacaggcag tgccctgaaa accctctgag aggagtctta     26640
     agagagactg aggagagaag acagcatctc tctctcttga ttccttccac aaattcacat     26700
     tcaggttaga tatgtactca ggtactcttc catgccccca acttttccag gatagtcctg     26760
     tcatagaatt ggaacctttt tgtagatgtc ataatcacat gggggagctt gttaaagtcc     26820
     taggctcagt ggaccttggg tgtagtgcag gatctgccat ttaataagct tctttggaga     26880
     ctctggggtt gagagattca aagatgatga ccctcttggt ggtctttttg cggccaagtc     26940
     tagacaaaat ggccaaatgg agcgtttctt ctccttgtcc tctacaggca caccaagatg     27000
     aagactgcta ccaacattta catatttaat ctggcactgg ctgataccct ggtcttgctg     27060
     acactgccct tccagggcac agacatcctt ctgggcttct ggccatttgg gaatgcactg     27120
     tgcaagacgg tcattgctat cgactactac aacatgttta ccagcacttt cactttgact     27180
     gccatgagtg tagaccgtta tgtagctatc tgccacccta tccgtgccct tgatgttcgg     27240
     acatccagta aagcccaggc cgttaatgtg gccatatggg ccctggcttc ggtggttggt     27300
     gttcctgttg ccatcatggg ctcagcacaa gtggaggatg aaggtcagtg ggcagtcctc     27360
     ctccctgacc aatcagttcc ccatggttct tgccggcccc tctgacctca tttctctcct     27420
     gcagagatcg agtgcctggt ggagatcccc gcccctcagg actattgggg ccctgtattt     27480
     gccatctgca tcttcctttt ttccttcatc atcccggttc tgatcatctc tgtctgctac     27540
     agcctcatga ttcgacgact tcgtggtgtc cggctgcttt caggctcccg agagaaggac     27600
     cggaacctgc gacgcatcac acggctggta ctggtagttg tggctgtgtt tgtgggctgc     27660
     tggacacctg tgcaggtctt tgtcctggtt caaggactgg gtgttcagcc aggtagtgag     27720
     actgcagtag ccattctgcg cttctgcaca gccctgggct atgtcaacag ttgtctcaat     27780
     cccattctct atgctttctt ggatgagaac ttcaaggcct gctttagaaa gttctgctgt     27840
     gcttctgccc tgcaccggga gatgcaggtt tctgatcgtg tgcgcagcat tgccaaggat     27900
     gtaggccttg gttgcaagac ctctgagaca gtaccacggc cggcatgact aggcgtggac     27960
     ctgcccatgg tgcctgtcag tccacagagc ccatctacac ccaacacgga gctcacacag     28020
     gtcactgctc tctaggttga ccctgaactg agcgtctggg gccttgaatg gcttttcttt     28080
     tggttcagga tgctcagtcc tagaggaaga ccttttagca ccatgggaca ggtcaaagca     28140
     tcaaggtggc ctccatggcc tctgtcagat taagtttcct ccctggtata ggaccagaga     28200
     gaaccaaagg aactgcatgg aaacatccac aactcagtgg acatgcctgg tgaacccatg     28260
     taggtattca tggttcactt gactcttctc tggtttctcc ctgctgccct ggttctaggt     28320
     gggctcagcc tgaggtattg tagttgtcat gtagtcacta ttgtgactac ctgttgtgtg     28380
     ctattgccct cagcctttca gtgtttgcac agaactggtg atcataccca gtgttgcctg     28440
     gcccttaagc ttggagttgc cttggagcat ctagttctga ctccactgat gcattcagat     28500
     tacctgaggt gggtgagcat cagtgggttc ttggatgact gtttcctgac gattcttttc     28560
     atgctgtact atggagtata tgaaggggac ttcacacttc atctggtact gccactgcct     28620
     gctctaccaa cctggaccac cttctcagca agaggctagc agggggacaa gacacaaagc     28680
     ttccctaagg ctctttccct ccaaaaccac tgtgaactct tattctacag actgtttggc     28740
     aagccctgct tctaactgtg tgggaagtaa tcaggagaaa attctgtggc ctctgtaggc     28800
     tgctcacagc atggaggcac cacatgctgg tcttgggtat gtgtcttggc tgctcagtat     28860
     gggcagggca gggcacgaga ctatgctctc tccttattct ccacagcctc cctcagctct     28920
     ccagcagtcg ctcttttact tgacagtaga ggtcagcagt tgtactgcta gaaacacact     28980
     tgtagcccgg gaagactgga gtcaggatgt gttctattct atacccacag tgaccacctg     29040
     cttcatttat agggttagga catatccaag caaggcctgg gcttggcatc aaatgaagag     29100
     ctggtatgag agctgaagcc taaaatggct catttgagcc aatctgcaag gactattacg     29160
     gttttgggga cattggaaga agagtcgata ccttggagat atattgttgg ttcacagaag     29220
     aagaggcttt gtaaatgccc tttctatggg tcagataaaa aaataccagc aaccttggat     29280
     agaatctgat cttacacaga gaccttggtt aggtggtttc atgccatgca gaacccaggc     29340
     tggttcctgt ctcagagaga cctggcctta acaatctttc tggggagacc agggttcttt     29400
     caatgacact tgtgcaggag ccattagctc tagtgttttc ttgctaatgc tagaaacttt     29460
     gtgaatttgt atatctttat gtatttaagc atgcaacaaa tgtcattttc gtgcatgtag     29520
     ctagccctga acctgcctct ggggtaatga aggagttctc ataataaaca cttaccagtg     29580
     accagtactg cctgtagaat aagtctttct gattccagct acataagagt aacttcctgg     29640
     gtattgatat gcactggaat gaggcatagg actaggctaa tgggttttaa aacctgttct     29700
     gcccttggca gagggacttt aaggagcctc ttggtttatg ggagggaaac tatttcctgg     29760
     gttgcagagg ctgctgcctt tccttctccc aagacaatga ccatcttttc ttcccaccct     29820
     cagggacagt gggtaaatgc cttcacagct tttctttgta gactcttgcc ttttgagcaa     29880
     atctaaaagg ataaaaggat ggtgataaca gagcagagaa cccttctctg gtggcagagt     29940
     gaccctatac tatagagatc tacctcctgg ctcttgtctg tgtaggccca atctggctca     30000
     agttgactct caggcagatg gcccttgtca gggggccttt gaagagtgtc ttatgtgcca     30060
     aaccttgctt ccagtactgg gttagtgagc caatgcttgg ttttatacaa gttttaatga     30120
     cactgtccat ttgttttttt gttttgtttt agtctctcag tttataagca atagatatga     30180
     atttctcaca ggcttaaaag atgcaggtgt gatggattgg attctatgag attgtgtttt     30240
     tgttgcatcc ttactttata gaaagatgac ttcagagctg catatgtcat attaatagta     30300
     ataatgaggt tatagggttt caacctcaca acctattccc atagcaaagt cacctcataa     30360
     caccatcaca ttgggggata ggatttcaaa atgtgagtgt gaatgtgtgt gtttatacaa     30420
     gcacaccagt agttcttagc aaacacatta gtttcaaaca gaaattcagc atctgacttc     30480
     gaggctagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctatata gagaaaccct     30540
     gtctcgaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaatt cagcatcaag     30600
     ggaaaatttc cctcttgatg aaattatagt ccccaggaga ttgtatgatt ctgataggtg     30660
     gtgggattct gggttgctga ccctggccat tgtctttaag gaggctggcc attaggggag     30720
     ccttagagat gaatatacct ccctggctct ccaggactat ataccttccc cattctctct     30780
     ccattctgtg taacacagcc tcacccctaa gtgtttctgt ttactaccag gcttgatcaa     30840
     gtctcgtttc tctgaatctg attttccttc tctgtgcaaa gggaaccacg cagccttcct     30900
     cctggggtta tgtgaagggc aggatgtata ggatcaggta ggtccaaggg tctttttacc     30960
     tcagaaaagg caggcttcat cagctgcttt aggcacttcc caccagaggg cactgtggcc     31020
     ctaatgtagg cccagccaag gtccctgacc agctgtgaga aacagcagga tgatttgggt     31080
     acttaggtag gttaggatct ccttggcagc aggagccaga gtgtgagggt tttgtggatt     31140
     aagtcagact cccgagttca tggagaaaac cagagctagt tccaacagga tcctggtgag     31200
     aaacaccctt ggtctagttg gctagccttg aggaatgaca ggagagggag gccattccct     31260
     ttgctgggct gtgggtggga ataaaggtct gtataagtac tacttactaa atgattttgc     31320
     cactagagca ttgaagggga caagagtttg gaatcttcag agaaaatttg gctggtacct     31380
     cctctgttgt ggtcagctct agcaaacaat agccagcgga taggctatcc ccaagggtgc     31440
     ctatctcttt cacagcctgg ttcactcacc aatgtgttcc cctcatgatc ttcacaccca     31500
     ctcatcttcc actcactctg ttcctccttc acacattttt tgccaagcac acctgctttt     31560
     gccactctct gtggcctgaa cacggttctg gaaagcgagg tgttttgctg tattcattat     31620
     aaggggctct tgtcctgaag gggttctctt actcaggagc agtgtgtact aattaggcct     31680
     tgctgaagta tgactataca gtgaagcagg cacagcttga tctcagcaga gctgtgggtg     31740
     tgggttgtgg tttagaaagt acccattcta ggctgtcctc aaccattcct ctctaatatt     31800
     cagcctgtgt cagggctggg agtggatttg gagactagat cacacagctc tttgccaagt     31860
     tttcctcttg actttcagat cctctagttc ctgtgagagt actctagaag cttgtagaga     31920
     gcatccatgt cttgccagca gccgtgggag caggatttct tgaaagagaa cccagccatt     31980
     gtctagtttc caaaggacct agacctcacc agtgttctgc ctgaagtctc ctgggaagtt     32040
     gagctggagc acttgaataa gccactcccc agttttggat cctcagaagc taaacacttc     32100
     ttatctcttt gcttctaagt ttttgttgca taacaatagg caatagcttg ggggagatac     32160
     tggaagaatg acatttaagg gttgactaga gttatggaca gccaatatcg tctggcttag     32220
     atgaaggtcc aagtgctctg ccaagctcaa gtacttggtg ggcagaagga tggcatatgc     32280
     catgaaagtg tcagagttct gggtcatgac aatatttgtt tttactgctg aagtgcctgt     32340
     ccttttataa cctgtcagtt ctacaaaggt tcctgttcca ggacacataa agtattagcc     32400
     gggggtgggg gtggggtggg gctatctttg tgtccatcct ctgtgggtgg tcagacttag     32460
     ggtgcttgct accaggatca gattgcctgc tattgtttcc ttagggatgt gtaggaagca     32520
     gaggaacaga aagggaatgt catggtggtt tatatgtatc tgtatggaga acacagggat     32580
     aagtgtgaag agacagaatg ttctctggct tgctcaacca ctgctcttgg aggcggtaaa     32640
     tggcaagaat gctcaggcct cctgaagcag gattatggta cagaaattct tgtggaagtt     32700
     gtcattcagg aatgagttca tgaaaggatc gaagcatgag ttgacatagc tgaggctggt     32760
     gatggcatag gagataccaa taaccaggga tatgtagggc atgcctgtag tcagggctac     32820
     cacagaggcc atgtgaaagg gcatccagca aagagagcgc atggccaaca cagtggggac     32880
     caggacagtt atcttcctct tggccttgcc tagaacgttc atgccagagt ggagcttcat     32940
     ggtataaagt ctgcacagca ggtctacata tgacatgcag atgatgcaca atggcattgc     33000
     aaagccaaga accactgtat atgagtggct ggcctgaaac caggcccact ctggtctcag     33060
     gaaacttagc ccacaactgg gtgccacaac ttttgctccc tctaggtgtg cctaggcaac     33120
     tggcaagatt gcacagtggc cagtactgct aagtggcagt ccatacgcat cacaaccagg     33180
     aagtagatgc tggagaagat gtagtagtca gtggtcagca ccagtttgca gaatggctct     33240
     ccaaaaagtg ctgtagcagg tactcagtga tactggtggg aatgtcagca caaagagccc     33300
     atcagcaata gttaggctca ggacaaacac attagttact cttttcacct ttggtgccct     33360
     caggatcaca taaatgatag ccaatttaac aattaggccc atagcacaga tcacagagta     33420
     tctattggca ggatatgttg gcaggagttg gcaggaacat gtggagcaca gtggctccac     33480
     atagtggctc agagaaggtg gcgttgggct gggtattatt atccttggac aagtatgtgc     33540
     tcgtggtagt gaggaagttg ttagtaactt tagctgttgg aggactctgg gtactcagca     33600
     acctgcatca tggtagggct tagagactga tatctggcca ggggcctcct gggctggttt     33660
     ctgggaaaga aacagtcaga aatgctacaa cagtggccac ctcaacttct ctgaggccat     33720
     tctatttacc ctagcccttg ggtaggagag agcctggtgg ggcagagttc tccttcagat     33780
     tcctggatgt agccccattt ccaggttctg ctcatatgag agcagatgca cccctgggat     33840
     actaagtgac ccagagcaac cccacctacc acccccaatg tacaataagt ggaaggaagc     33900
     agtgctgttg cctatttgta gatgcaccct ttagatgctt tactggatac tttagatcta     33960
     aatgttcttc ccttcaggag tcaagttctc attctccata gtgctgtgta aacatctgct     34020
     ttcctaggta tttcactggc ctgtcctctg tccagtgcct tgtagctgga agatgatggc     34080
     cttggtgggc tctcagtgta taggtggctg tgagatgaag ggtgtgactc ctttctttca     34140
     gcagaggttt cagccagtct tggtcagcta ggagggtggt ttccaagacc cacttgcatt     34200
     cctgctacct cagtctgttg gcttcccagc ctaggcctgg tcataacaca aatgagcagg     34260
     gagaggagtg gagaaagctg ggtgctactg tttgactgaa ggtcctggaa gcaagcaccc     34320
     cccttcccca cccagtgctg aactacagtg cctgcagttg gtggtctggg attccatccc     34380
     catgctcttt gtacctgctc caccatcccc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt atgttagtat     34440
     tttgcttgtt attaatcact cagataagtc acaaatgggt agctgagaga tgtgtttttg     34500
     ttcatgtgtg tgtctatcta ttgagaaaaa acacacaggg gcttctgggc tctatagggt     34560
     atttgtgatt ttgtctgcag gtgctaggaa cctgtgtacc tttgtctttg tatatgcatc     34620
     ttgatagatc tcatgcctcc tcctccttct ttttttttcc cccctgcggg gggggggtga     34680
     tgggcagagt ttctctgtat ataaccttgg ctgtcctaaa acttgttctg tagaccaggt     34740
     ggcttcaaat agagagatat tcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaagacataa     34800
     gctaccactg cctacttata agcatacaca tggtatgtac attgcatgta tgtgtgggcc     34860
     tatgtctgct tgcgtggggt ttctgagggt agctctgtac tatatccaaa ggagtctgtg     34920
     tgtattcttg tataaatatt tgactggagg actgctggtc ttcatatgaa gccaaatgtt     34980
     aaccatagac aacctatttt gtttttgtct tttaccagcc atgagaggcc acggagaaag     35040
     gcacttgctc ctacactggc tcctggcccc ttctctgtgg cactcaggaa aactactgga     35100
     agccaagacc tctgctctac tccttgaatg ttttctccct aagtgggaac tgcttagtca     35160
     gtcctactca cgaacagcag ggccatctct ctggctgtgc ttttatagca gttattgtgt     35220
     tgaaggtgag ctgccagttt gagttgggat attttttctt tgtacatata catacggtgg     35280
     ttggttgggg aagatggggt agtttgtttt cagcctcagg tgatgtgact gtccattgag     35340
     gatttgccca gtgccttctg gggtacaaag ctatcacccc atatccacag gtcatcttct     35400
     tctgtgagtt actctcccaa gtctttttgt tccatgcttt ttttctgggc tgggtcagga     35460
     taggagtatg aaccatgacc ctgagtgcct tgaggttact gagcctgact atgttaagga     35520
     ataccaggtg ggagcagtca tggattcttc cttgtgtata ctgcactaaa aggtggatca     35580
     gcactggtta gtaggtattt ctggaggagc atttcactta gagagactga ggcctctgag     35640
     gtcaaccaac agacatggtt agcaactatg aggaaagtct ttattaagtt gaatttaatg     35700
     agttggggag tgcttgtggg ataaaacaga ggtattgggt ctgttcagag ttaggaaacc     35760
     agagatgtga cagtttcaga cctgtgtcgg gcttgactga tttcggattc ttcccctggc     35820
     aaaagggggt ggttagatct tctgtcatct agtttgtgtc ctgagtcttc ctccctgtga     35880
     atcttgtcag caaggaactg gccagtgctc cctgttgtca tcattactgg caaaggcaga     35940
     ggtcctttac atctcttctt gctcaacttt acacacacta aatacctcac tccccatcct     36000
     tttccagagc ttgttattct aggatatctt ccctctagtc caggagggga gtggactagt     36060
     attagaatgc attcttgaga gtatagaacc ctctctcatc ttccaccaga ctcctgactc     36120
     ccattagcca actctttcac ctcactagta gtcagcccag tataaaagtc ccctcccaga     36180
     cttctttctt cctgagcctg gcttagtgag tgtcctggct cctcaccaag cctgttctct     36240
     tggaagtggg gaaaaaagga ggaacaagta tggtcacggg ggccctgtgg tacgagaaga     36300
     agggctgggg ctgggaatga tgtggattgg gtactgaggg ttataaaatg taggatctaa     36360
     gctgtcacag cccgaggctg ctgtgggtgc cagtcatcct ggcacgggtc cacatgtgtg     36420
     gagaccccag atgccccttt cctctctagt cacacctcac ctgtggcctc tgcagcttgg     36480
     cagctgtctg tatagccttt acacttgggc taagagagct gctttgttcc gcttggcagg     36540
     gcattgtccc agaggaaagc tttgcttcat gaaaggattt tcactttcag aaatgaattg     36600
     gtctttgcag cctgttgggt gtgaggggaa aggccgtgga gggagccagg tgtcagctgt     36660
     acagggtggg ggtggggaaa tgcctttcag tgacgaccag actttctgga agtgctgggg     36720
     cagggttggg aggatggggt ggtcgggtat gtggtgggtt atgggtatgg atacggtagg     36780
     cttgcatctg ggtctcatgt gtgtatatgt ttgcctctgg gctcaggaga agtggtcttc     36840
     ccaggataag aggaagaaga gggtgtgcca catggctgtt tgtgtaagct aggaacatag     36900
     atagcagtta gcaacaggaa agctcaattt tagggctttg tccttattgt catttcatgt     36960
     agatgtggca gtcaacctcc atctactgtg accaggcccc tggaggtctc actacttcta     37020
     cagaagcaaa ccaaggcaga agttggtaga ggaatgattt tattttctga gtgtggggaa     37080
     atggagtaga gataatgcgt ctctccttta taaatttatt tttcttttct ctatagtttt     37140
     taatctgttc tgttatagta gttaaaaaat aaaaaactaa aaaggaaagg aaaggatatg     37200
     actgctatgg ggtatagtgg aggagaaagt ttattacagg taagtagtag agcagaacca     37260
     gaggcatgtg tcccagacac atttgggaga gtccagagtg gtcatgaccc taaagtcatg     37320
     cccatgaccc cgaggaaaga gagaagagga aggggaggag agagaggaat caggaacaat     37380
     agccaagaga gcaaaggtag aaaagaggtg ggtaaccaca atgtcttgat tatatagaga     37440
     agaacctctt gggggacagg cagctcagcc tgggctggaa agttcagtgg agagggaagc     37500
     atatgccaac catatcctgt aacaagtagg gactgaagga tgctaggaga acctgtcagg     37560
     tctgctttgc tatgttgaac aggcacctca gctgtttgtc tcaggtttga aagttaacaa     37620
     gtacaggtat acttgatcac gtacatatgt gcggcctgtt tctctaagta aataaaggct     37680
     tcaccctagg cagacacaag caactcagag tcagctttac tacaaaaata gagccgccat     37740
     tcacaccccc ctacccccgt ctgtctttct ctctttgttt tgtttgttat tttgtttttt     37800
     ttctagacaa ggtttctctg cattgccctg gctgtactgg aattcattct gtagactagg     37860
     ctggcttgga actcagagat ccacctgcct ctgtctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt     37920
     gagccaccac cactacctgc tgccattttc ttaaggaaac tgagaaaaac tatttgtaaa     37980
     gcaggggagc aggggagccc tttcttgtga ataggttctg ggctgtacac agtctctact     38040
     ctgccagaac tcagctgccc agcaagaggt tggatcccct tggtgtttga cgctttgtgc     38100
     caatggtcta agtcttgtga gctcagggct aggggggatg ggctatttgg gtagggattt     38160
     ctgctggtcc ttgggtgctg accagttcat caattcttag gaataaagct gtaaatagag     38220
     tggcagctga acgcccctga gtatggagac aggaacagaa ttatgtggca ctgtctgttg     38280
     agaaggagtt tctatgtatg tacacattaa gagcttttgg agaactgtgg gtggcggggc     38340
     ttcctgtcag ggcttcagac cagaagttct gtggggcaag agtaaggaac aggagtcttt     38400
     gcaggatcct ttcttaggga ttgaagagga cagggagacc agaggttggg gtgatgtttg     38460
     tcctgagtca tgaggctatg gacagcttca agttcaaaaa gcaggaggca aggtctggtt     38520
     tggtggactc tgaggcctct ctctggtttt cagttctcct ctatcaaagc tggagattaa     38580
     agctggtggt tgtctgcttc ctacccccat gtgtgcttgt ataggtggcc agtccctgct     38640
     ctgggaatct gcctgttaag cttccaggat gacttagtgc taactggaag gagcatatta     38700
     ctcccccggg cctcagcact tatactcagt gctaggattg tttaatgcaa ttaaggtaag     38760
     tgcttacagt cttcccctct cccctgcctg aagaacctcc atcagagaga aacggtggga     38820
     ggaaatgagc acagcaactc aggggcaatc ttccagtggt agcatttcct cccaccctgg     38880
     cccagagcca aggcagatgc caggaaatgg tccccacctt gggttagtgg caggtggctg     38940
     ctctcacctt tgcctaatgc ctgtttccca gggcttcacc tttttactgt ggagggtttc     39000
     accgaagact gcccactgta ctcagctgta gggaatgtcc ctggggatct ttatgcacac     39060
     taaagggtag tcagcatagc tggtgtagag tcagatgaag agttggagga ttgtatatat     39120
     acagttaggg gcagttgtgg tcattactgt ggacagtact ggcaaggtgg tcagggactg     39180
     gctaggtatc ttcaagggtc tggcttcact cagagtgtgc atgtggacat acaggtgatt     39240
     actgttagaa ataagttcag agccacaaag aaagaccact acttcaaagt atctggacaa     39300
     agcaacactt tattcttgat caaaatggtg tgcttgggag actgaacaca ccaagacagg     39360
     aagtgtgcac ccagttttca ttctaactca ggtggtgaca atgtttttcc cccattggct     39420
     ggtgtctgaa catacagtct taattgattg gctagtcttc aagaattggc acataggaag     39480
     ctaaggaaga gaaaaggggt ggaggactca ttgctccagg ccatctaagt cagcaagggg     39540
     attttgtgta aacaaaggtt tactctctgt gtgtgtttgg ggtgtgtgtg ttaaaacatt     39600
     ttcttaaaaa tagtcttaca aggtggagaa tacaaaaaaa ttgaatttgt cctaaacaca     39660
     agtttatagt gtttgataga aaaaaactca tgcctaatat ttcttacaaa tctctcctct     39720
     tatttctaaa cttttttttc cttcaaaatc attaagatgt tggctctctt tttttgttct     39780
     atcctgtgat aagaaactgc agtagtgagg gagtatctgt ttagtactag ttgatacagt     39840
     aagtcagagt taagcccaag tacaaataat taattattct atctaattca ttagcatggt     39900
     ctaaagtgaa ctcacctttc tagtgctggt ctcttggaca aaagattggc ctagctgcac     39960
     tggaatgcta ggtctgtact caggccataa attctattct cttgaccaag attttttctc     40020
     ttttcttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttataaag     40080
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatcttaca catgagtgct ctatctgcac     40140
     gtacacctgt gtgccagaag aggacatcag accccattat agatggttgt gagctaccat     40200
     gtagttttgg ggaattggaa gagcagctag tgctctaaac tgctgaacta tctcttcagc     40260
     cctagagttt tttcttaata ggccttcatt tctactttaa cagtctcccc aaagaggtaa     40320
     ccagggaaac aaggagaaaa aatcatcagt aaacaaggcc ctaatcttct cttcttgagt     40380
     caactcatca tagggaacgc tcccatgtgt gtgcctggcg gcagtcgaca tagcagaggc     40440
     atttgcacaa cttcttcact tcttcatgca actgacttgt atttgtagac ctgcatggac     40500
     acaagcacat agatgccagt ttcatttgat aatagattgc tgctgtgtac atcctacttc     40560
     atacataaga atttcactga ggtagaaggc ccttgaattg gatttatttc ctatcctctg     40620
     atgcacatat gtgttatcaa tgagtccaaa gtggttgcta ctcctgcgta attacttggt     40680
     ccattcagta taatgtcatc aatatagtgc accagtgtaa tattttgtgg aataaacatg     40740
     attaagatct cttctaagtt atgacacagg gctgaggagt taatatattc ttgaggtaaa     40800
     actttaaagg tatactgctg ggcttgccaa ctgaaagcaa attgcttctg ggggtcctta     40860
     tggatgggta ctaagataaa ggcatttcct agatcaatag ctgaaagctg tgcaccagga     40920
     gatgtgttaa tctgctggag taagaacacc acatctggta caatagctgc aattagagtc     40980
     actacctgat tgagtttttg atagtcaaca gccattctcc atgggccatc tcactggcca     41040
     gacaggagag ttgatggtag cactaatttc tgcaattcct ccagggatgt gatactgttt     41100
     ttgattcact gtttttcttg tcagagacaa ctctaaaggc atccatttag tgttttcaaa     41160
     cacaatagct tttagtccat aggtctggga accaatatca gaattcagct agctgggcca     41220
     gggtggtgca tgcctttaat cccagcattt aggaggcaga agcagacaga tctctaagag     41280
     tttgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt ttcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaacagaa     41340
     caatagaaaa gaaaaaataa ttctgccaat ttttaagaat atctatccca actatacatt     41400
     ctgggactga ggaaataact gctggatgag tttgggaccc acaaaaccta ctgtgagtta     41460
     gacttcagtc aaaactccat tatcacctga cataactgga ggtccacaat gtttcttggg     41520
     atctgctgga accagtgtca attcagaacc agtatccaat agaccctgaa aagtctgatt     41580
     gtttcttttt tttttggttt ttcgacacag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga     41640
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgtc tcccaagtgc tgggactaaa     41700
     ggtgtgcgtc accaccgccc ggctcctgat tgtttctttt ttttccagca cacagttaac     41760
     cttgtaagag tctgtaagtc cctctaggga aagactggag aaaggctaac agtaaaactt     41820
     ttaggtattt tattaagatc cttcctctgg tggcaggggt aacctggctg ccctttattc     41880
     aaaagtttct tggtctgcaa actggctcaa gactggaatt ggttcatgga ctgagattct     41940
     attctgccac aatccaataa agcctctctt ttttttttca tttgtttgag atattttttt     42000
     ttctgcttat acatatgtct tgtccttgta atgtttcgcc agcaaaacat actcggacaa     42060
     ccagatcctt ctacggcaaa gctttattgc ttacatctca ggaagacccc aaacacagga     42120
     aactcagtcc ttttaaaacc cacaagagtg gttggagatg tgactcaccc tgactggctg     42180
     ctcactatca gcccagatga cgcgccacgg gacaggcagg gcacaaggaa tggagaaata     42240
     ccccagcaca tacgcagact aattgtttat cagttagaac accggatatg attgcaaggg     42300
     cggctcctta cacatatgaa acaaaaatgc tttaggcttc ttatctgttt catgcctaga     42360
     aacaccatga ttgaattagc cagtaccaaa ggtccataca agtcagatca ccatatcatt     42420
     cactttgcct gtgctgacca ttatgggtca gaccattatg aacatggctt tgtatatggt     42480
     gcccattatg ataactatga ttaacttgcc tttggcaatt tagtgctgcc acctggccca     42540
     ctgcatttag cagcagtgac gccaatgttt aaggtctggc acaaagaaaa gggcaacaac     42600
     aaaagtcttc aaatgtgctg gtgccctcct catcattttt catcttatag ggttaatgaa     42660
     ggtcataact cctgggcctt tccattgtta agaattaggt tttacacagc actgcaattt     42720
     ccctgagcct taaaatcctt tcatcaacac taagcagagg aataccaggc atctccaact     42780
     ctttgtcagc aggccatctt ttgacaaatg tttcagctaa ccattcaaac ttttgactcc     42840
     aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaccccc caaaaaacaa acaaaacaaa     42900
     acaaaacaaa aaaaaacagg cgtggtggtg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca     42960
     gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgagacca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt ttcaggacag     43020
     ccagggctat acagagagaa aaaaaaacat aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa     43080
     aaacccagct gtgctacttt tcatataaaa cctagagtct tcattcaaag agcctatatc     43140
     aacagactca gcctgattca ggtttatggt tcttctatca ttatcccaca tctttaaaat     43200
     ccattcccac acatattttc tagacttctg attaaatgaa ttagcaaact cattaaactc     43260
     tttagtattg tagcccacct ccctgtggac cacactctct aataggttta gagactgcta     43320
     ttggtggctc tgagggacat cagtattgtc ttgcctgaca tttcctttag acaaagccac     43380
     tgctggttta gcatacaatg aacaattaat ttcctcagtc aaaggtggaa aagacaatct     43440
     ttccaggagt tgaggtctga gttcattttc gaagggcaga gactacttct tttggtgaga     43500
     taaacccttg agaatctgag agtttaaagt tcttggcttc agtaggttcc tcccatgcat     43560
     ccatatctca agttacagga tcccactctt taccaattaa tgcccttact ttaatcgctg     43620
     acaccctctg agactgagac ttgaattttt gccataattc agccaacctt ataatgagga     43680
     cttcgatttg attttctgca acttgggctc tgtggctgct ggagagaaga tcctcttcca     43740
     gggcacactt agaaaccttt agactgttta tgtgcacatg aagccagtca attttatcac     43800
     taagttcatt gttctccact gtatgctgag atgttagacg ttggttaata ttatcacaga     43860
     gctcattctt ttcctttgtc aatttatcca gagatgctag gaacaagcaa ccagcatctt     43920
     catttccctt atttttttcc ccccacaaat tgttgaaagt tttatataca gaatcattaa     43980
     atctattgcc actcataatt ggtgaatcag gaaaatccaa tgcatttgtc tccttaagtt     44040
     tgtaaaatag ttcacaccat ggactttcag tactctttga gctttcaaga ggggcttcag     44100
     taactgtagg tgttggtaaa tcggaatgcc tattccagat atttaaaaat attcactttt     44160
     atatttctgt tgctctagaa accacttctg gtaccaaaat ctatattagt cagagttttc     44220
     taaaggaaca aacatagaat aaatgaaaaa tatgatttat taaaatgcct tacaggctgt     44280
     ggtccagcta gttcaactat ggttgtctac caatggatga tccaagaatt cagtagtcat     44340
     ccagtctaca aagcttgtct cagctggtct tcagtagatg ctgaaatccc aaagtagatt     44400
     ctaaagccag ttaaggaatg gacttgctag tgagagcaaa ggcaagcagg caaagagaga     44460
     gcaagctttt atcttccatg tcttttatat aggctgtcat cacatcaaat gatgtggccc     44520
     agactaaagc tgtatcttct tacttcaaaa gatctggatt atagggaagt gatggcttgt     44580
     gcctttaatc ctatcactct gaggcagaga caagctctct gaatttgagg ccaacctggt     44640
     ctactacaga gtgagttcca gaacagtcag gactacacag agaaatcctg tttcaaaaaa     44700
     gaaaaggaaa aaaaaaagaa aaattcttag gcaaatggat gtatctgggg gatatcatcc     44760
     tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaact cacttgatat gcactcactg ataagtggat     44820
     attagcctag aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgca aaacacaagg aaatcaagaa     44880
     ggaagaccaa cgcatggcta cttcattcct ccttagaata gggaacaaaa tacccatgga     44940
     aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttggagctga gacaaaagga tggaccatcc cgagactgcc     45000
     ccacctgggg atccatccca taatcagcca ccaaatgcag acactattgc atatgctagc     45060
     aagattttgc tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt gaggctatgc agtgcctggc     45120
     aaatacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcatct attggatgga acacagggcc cccaatggag     45180
     gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctgaag gggtctgcaa cccgataggt ggaacaacaa     45240
     tatgaactaa ccagtacccc cagagctcgt gtctctggct gcatatgtag cagaagatgg     45300
     cctagttggc catcactggg aagagaagcc ttttggtatt gcaaacttta tatgccccaa     45360
     tacagggtaa caccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggaaca gggtgggggg     45420
     agggtatagg ggactttcgg gatagcattt gaaatgtaaa tgatgaaaat atctaataaa     45480
     aaatgtaaaa aaaaagaaaa aagaaaaaca atttccattt gcattttagt tacttctaga     45540
     tgtagtcaag ttcctgaaca agagtagcca tcatcccaag catctattca ttcacatatc     45600
     tatccatgca tccatccatg taaccttgca tccatatatc cacacagcca tgcatgcatc     45660
     atccatccat gcatacatgc atccatccat tcatccaacg aaacatctat ctatctatct     45720
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctattatc tatcaggcta     45780
     acatctatta tatccaccat tcacacatca cacctaccat ctatctatca tttaccaact     45840
     tcctctgatc aagattgaaa tattccatcc ttccagaagc tccttaaaca ggaaggtaaa     45900
     caactcaaaa cagcttcagg aagtctctga aatggaacag attccttagg cttcttccta     45960
     ccagagtaag caataaaagc tgagaccttt tcagaggaag gatagccaag ctgcaaagaa     46020
     cactaacaaa gctgagctgc aaactactag accagctgcc tggaagaagc aaataccagc     46080
     ccagatacct ggaagagact aagatcaact gaggcaccta gaaaggacac tctccaatgt     46140
     gttgaacggc ctgcaggctg tgcagtgtgc ctgttgaata taggaatacg atgtacaggg     46200
     ctagagagcc ctttggggtc agatgacctg atgtcatctc atgcttgcag ttaccacctg     46260
     gtttatctgg ataacaaacc ttcttttagg ttctcactct ggcaacatgg taggtgactg     46320
     tgctatgtgt ttctgttccc aatggggcct aaaagtccag cagttgccct ctgagtccag     46380
     gtcaaagtgc aaactacctt ccaagaccca aactcaggaa gctgagtgag gacagaacag     46440
     caaacagaag ctctggttcc cctttctagc ctggtcccaa atttcttcaa gtaaggccat     46500
     tttactcttc aacacaacag cattacattt tttatggttg gttttctcgg cttcagttga     46560
     aatctcagaa atagagaaag cacaattgtt ccattacctt tcttgatggg gtacctccaa     46620
     taaaatgtat taaagtctta atgaaatctc tgcttggagc agctcctgaa tgaacttaga     46680
     atcaaaattt aaattaaaat gttgctttgc agggtagaaa ctttacctag gaagaaatta     46740
     aagggtagtt tgcttctcat tactactgtt cttgggctct atgggcacca tgcctagaga     46800
     ccctccaacg tggtgcctga cttgaatcca tggctgggcc tagggtttgg ccagatgaga     46860
     aggtagtggc tgcctcctga ctcccaaaac tactgtcctt atccagggca ctacaaaaaa     46920
     tgctaggcag aggggagaga ggtggccctg tgcttagaaa gtatagcttt ttttttctta     46980
     atgtaaaaaa aaactttaaa aagtgcattt tcctacttac aaatgtaatc taggaaggaa     47040
     acgttcatat tgtccagaga tatttgtaaa ctttgattat ttgtttctct ctcaaagttt     47100
     tattttgaga tacctactta tgggagtcag aaaatactgc aagaggaaag aggaagacaa     47160
     gtgggggtgg ggtagggtga ggaggactat cagctggttg tggattgaga acaggtagag     47220
     aagagggagg ggtgtggctt ggcctgagaa gtgttgagct tcgacttatt tttaagtcag     47280
     ctgagcactg tccttgggtc ttcacatata acagatattt gtggttttta acagactgaa     47340
     gaagtggggc ttagggatgt atgtctgtgg ttctagttat ttgggaaaat tgaaagtaaa     47400
     aacctgcttg ggttatagag tgaatttaaa gccaacctga acaacttaat gagactcaga     47460
     ataagaagta aaaagagggt tgggtttgga actcagctgt agagcactta cctagcaccc     47520
     ataagacccc aggttaaaaa acaaacacat gaacaaatac acaaaaaaca aaagacccca     47580
     agttcaacag ctgaagggat gttggccagc tccggcatgg tgagcatggc tctggcaggc     47640
     cttgcccttc tctgggattc ctgctacctt gctaaaaacc attagattcc atttttaaag     47700
     ctagctatca aggtttattt tcttatttgt ccatttcctc ctgaggctga agacaaaggt     47760
     ccagccatca aagtattaaa gtccagcaat caaaagcccc ctttgactca cctaattaac     47820
     atctccaatc aatgggtgtc ttagttaagg atttccattg ctgagaagag acaccatgac     47880
     cacagcaact cttataaaga acaacattta attgggactg gcttacagct tcagaggttc     47940
     agtctattat catcctggta ggaagcatgg cagcattcag gcacagtgtt ggagaaggag     48000
     ccaagagttc tacatcttga tccgaaggta gtcaggagac tgtctctcag gcagctagga     48060
     ggaagctctc tttgcccacc cccacagtga cacacttctt ccaataagac cacacctcct     48120
     aatagtgcca cttcttgggc caagcatatt caagtcagca caatggagtt tccccttaca     48180
     cttttatgtg tctggttcct ctctatctag aggaagtcct ttgtccctag gagacaaata     48240
     ccccttctcc atcttccttg tccccttccc cctttccttg atcttctatc tcctgtcttt     48300
     gttttttatt ccttatcctc tgtgtctctg aggaaaataa atctcctttg tgctgagaac     48360
     ttggtcttgg gcgtcctgag ctgatacttt cccttttttt tttttttttt tccatttttt     48420
     attaggtatt taactcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtcccct atatccaccc     48480
     acccccactc ccctgcccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggtattccc ctgtactggg     48540
     gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc     48600
     ttttgatata tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagct cataatgttg     48660
     ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttggct acttcctcta gctcctccat     48720
     tgggagccct atgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttttgt gtttgctggg     48780
     ccccggcata gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgcgtcc tttcaataaa atcttgctag     48840
     tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg gctatggcag     48900
     tctctacatg gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaactcc gtctctgtaa ctccttccat     48960
     gggtgttttg ttcccaaatc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattctc     49020
     cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattatat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggtttggggc     49080
     taatatccac atatcagtga atacatattg tgtgagtttc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca     49140
     ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt     49200
     ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct     49260
     gttgaggggc atctaggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac     49320
     atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttacctgtt agggcatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga     49380
     ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccagttttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat     49440
     ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcactcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct     49500
     ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat tctgactggt     49560
     gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa     49620
     cattttttca agtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagt     49680
     tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga agtccacctt cttgagttct     49740
     ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaagat cctttcccaa     49800
     tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgacg gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa actttggagt     49860
     ttcattaggt cccatttgtc gattctcgat cttacagcac aagccattgc tgttctgttc     49920
     aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc ccactttctc ctctataagt     49980
     ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac cttagtacaa     50040
     ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacacgata acaaccagtt gtgccagcac     50100
     caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt tagctccctt gtcgaagatc     50160
     aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct ggatcttcaa ttctattcca ttggtctact     50220
     tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt     50280
     aggtctggca tggtgattcc gccagaagtt cttttatcct tgagaagact ttttgctatc     50340
     ctaggttttt tgttattcca gacaaatttg caaattgctc cttccaattc gttgaagaat     50400
     tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc     50460
     atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga     50520
     tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagatttg aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacctcc     50580
     ttagttagag tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtga ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt     50640
     tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtataga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt     50700
     gagtttattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg     50760
     gtagaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg     50820
     acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct     50880
     aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtccct     50940
     gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg     51000
     ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccaaaact     51060
     tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc     51120
     atgtggtttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta cattgatgga ttttcgtata     51180
     ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta     51240
     atgtgttctt ggattcggtt agcgagaatt ttattgagga tttttgcatc gatattcata     51300
     agagaaattg gtctgaagtt ctctatcttt gttggatctt tctgtggttt aggtatcaga     51360
     gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa tgagttgggt agagtacctt ctacttctat tttgtgaaat     51420
     agtttgtgca gaattggaat tagatcttct ttgaaggtct gatagaactc tgcactaaac     51480
     ccatctggtc ctgggctttt tttggttggg agactattaa taactgcttc tatttcttta     51540
     ggtgatatgg gactgtttag atggtcaact tgatcctgat tcaactttgg tacctggtat     51600
     ctgtccagaa atttgtccat ttcgtccagg ttttccagtt ttgttgagta tagccttttg     51660
     tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct tcaggatctg ttgttatgtc tcccttttca     51720
     tttctgattt tgttaattag gattttgtcc ctgtgccctt tagtgagtct agctaagggt     51780
     ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac caactcctcg tttggttaat tctttgaata     51840
     gttcttcttg tttccacttg gttgatttca cccctgagtt tgattatttc ctgccgtcta     51900
     ctcctcttgg gtgaatttgc ttcctttttt tctagggctt ttagatgtgt tgtcaagctg     51960
     ctagtatgtg ctgtctcccg tttcttcttg gaggcactca gcgctatgag tttccctctt     52020
     agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccataggttt gggtacgttg tggcttcatt ttcattaaac     52080
     tctaaaaagt ctttaatttc tttctttatt ccttccttga ccaaggtatc attgagaaga     52140
     gtgttattca gtttccacgt gaatgttggc tttccattat ttatgttgtt attgaagatc     52200
     agtcttaggc catggtggtc tgataggata catgggacaa tttcaatatt tttgtatcta     52260
     ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgg tcaattttgg agaaggtccc gtgaggtgct     52320
     gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc tgtagatatc tgtcaggtcc     52380
     atttgtttca taacttctgt tagtatcact gtgtccctgt ttagtttctg tttccacgat     52440
     ctgtcctttg aagaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg     52500
     tatgctttga gctttactaa agtgtctcta atgaatgtgg ctgcccttgc atttggtgcg     52560
     tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac ctttgatgag tatgaagtgt     52620
     ccctccttgt cttttttgat aactttgggt tggaagtcga ttttatccga tattaaaatg     52680
     gctactccag cttgtttctt cagtccattt gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gcctttcact     52740
     ctgaggtagt gtctgtcttt ttccctgaga tgggtttcct gtaagcagca gaatgttggg     52800
     tcctgtttgt gtagccagtc tgttagtcta tgtcttttta ttggggaatt gagtccattg     52860
     atattaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgctccctt ttatttttgt tgttagagtt     52920
     ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt tggtttgttg aatgattact ttcttggttg     52980
     ttctagggcg tgatttccgt ccttgtattg cttcttttct gttattatcc tttgaagggc     53040
     tggattcgtg gaaagatatt gtgtgaactt ggttttgtcg tggaatactt tggtttctcc     53100
     atctatggta attgagagtt tggccgggta tagtagcctg ggctggcatt tgtgttctct     53160
     tagtgtctgt ataacatctg tccaggctct tctggctttc atagtctctg gtgaaaagtc     53220
     tggtgtaatt ctgataggcc ttcctttata tgttacttga cctttctccc ttactgcttt     53280
     taatattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt tgttctgatt attatgtgtt gggaggaatt     53340
     tcttttctgg tccagtccat ttggagttct gtatgcttct tgtatgatca tgggcatctc     53400
     tttttttatg tttgggaagt tttcttctat tattttgttg aagatattag ctggcccttt     53460
     aagttgaaaa tcttcattct catcaattcc tattatccgt aggtttggtc ttctcattgt     53520
     gtcctggatt acctggatgt tttgagttag gatccttttg cattttgtat tttctttgac     53580
     tgttgtgtcg atgttctcta tggaatcttc tgcacctgag attctctctt ccatttcttg     53640
     tattctgttg ctgatgctcg catctatggt tccagatctc tttcctaggg tttctatctc     53700
     cagcgttgcc tcgctttggg ttttctttat tgtgtctact tcccctttta gttctagtat     53760
     ggttttgttc atttccatca cctgtttggc tgtgttttcc tgcttttctt taagagcctg     53820
     taactcttta gcagtgctct cctgtaaatc tttaagtgac ttatgaaagt ccttcttgat     53880
     gtcctctatc atcatcatga gaaatgtttt taaatctggg tctagatttt cggttgtgtt     53940
     ggggtgccca ggactaggtg gggtgggagt gctgcgttct gatgatggtg agtggtcttg     54000
     atttctgtta gtaggattct tacgtttgcc tttcgccatc tggtaatctc tgaagctagc     54060
     tgttttagtt gtcactgtta agagcttgtt cttcaggtga ctctgttagc ctctatgagc     54120
     agacctggag ggtagcactc tccttagttt cagtgggcag agtattctct gcaggcaagc     54180
     tctcttcttg caaggcaggt acccagatat ctggtgttcg aaccagactc ctggcagaag     54240
     ttgtgttcca ctcactagag gtcttaggat cacgtgtgga atcctgtgtg agcccttgcg     54300
     ggtgtcaggc gactcagctg gcaaggtagc cggggctcga gtggagtgga aggggtttgt     54360
     gccccagatc aagcccgggt agcctgcttc cctatgtacc gcagtctcaa gttccacgcg     54420
     attggattgc ggcaggcact gtgatccact caccagaggt cttagggtcc cgtggggagt     54480
     cccgtgtgga cccttgcggg tgttgggcaa gactctgctg gcaaggtagc ccggggctcg     54540
     agtcacgagt cgagcggaag ggacttgtgc cccagatcag gcccgggtag cctgcttccc     54600
     tatgtaccgc agtctcaagt tccgcgcgat tggattgggg caggcactgt gatccactca     54660
     ccagaggtct tagggtcccg tggggagtcc cgtgtggacc cttgcgggtg ttgggcaaga     54720
     ctctgctggc aaggtagccc ggggctcgag tctcgagtcg agcggaaggg cgatactttc     54780
     ccttttaacc cccaatttca caaaacaaaa caaaaaaatt aaaaggtctt tttcactttg     54840
     ccataactga gatctgatca aagagcccta tgtcttcttt cctttccatt ctctgtgcct     54900
     tgaatacttc tgcttggtgt gagagaaaac atatgtgggt aggtgcttca gcttccagag     54960
     agatatgtgg acagatatgt gaaatgccag gcctggggat tcttctgttt tctaagtttg     55020
     caacattgcc ttgtctcctt gatgatacaa acaaattctg aaaatattta aaacacttaa     55080
     aatgtaaagc aactgagtgt tttgaggatg tcacaagaag agtggtttcc caggaagact     55140
     caggagccac tagaagggca agtcagagaa gcagggctca gagattaagt gcaaaaggtt     55200
     acaatataag gaaagagaag tcacagctga atgtgttaac ataaaactag tttctgaata     55260
     agggagaaaa tgttctcaaa taaatgagaa aacccctaac agacagagat gagcaggaag     55320
     gttaagacaa gttttccata gagtgaagat ttagggagtc ctatgtgctg tgtgtatctc     55380
     tcctcaaaga ggtgaccctt ttggagccag gttacatgta gaagcagaca attccagtgt     55440
     ttatgattgt tcgggagttt tctctgaatg tcgaagaatg taaggcccac tgtcatgcag     55500
     aatattctag agccactagg gagtcagagc ccagaatgag catctcctgt tctctttgtc     55560
     cactcacctt ggaagttctt ggtggcactg tttgaggaga cttaggaggt gtggccttgc     55620
     tgggggaagt gtgtcattgg gggtggaact tgagagcata aagactgtgc cattttgagt     55680
     ttgtgctctc tgcttcctgt ttgtgatttg agatgtgagc cctcagctct cagcttttag     55740
     ctttagttgc catacttgtt tgttgtcatt cttcccttcc atgatggtga cagacttcta     55800
     tctctttgga accataagcc ccagtaaacc ctactttcta taagttggct tcatcttggt     55860
     gttttatcac accaattaaa aagtaaaaat aaatacaggc tatggatatt tgatgaccat     55920
     atcaagttct ggaagacttg gtttgagtat cttgtatcag gagacagaat atacttagga     55980
     tgacaaaaaa tgggggagtc tgaagtcagt cttttgctac tttgtgggtt cttctttctt     56040
     ccacctttct ccagcccttt tcttctaacc tttcaacccc ctaacactag ataggggagg     56100
     aaaaaaaagg atgaagagga aagaaaagag atccctgaat aaagtcaggg tttggaaaga     56160
     ggacaatgtt attgctagtc tacctcttgc taattagggc atcgagttcc ttcaggtaat     56220
     tttgattttc actagcagaa tatctaattt cttcttgttg tttcttcttt gcacacacgt     56280
     aacaaacctc caactaacac tgatcacact gaccaacacc aaccaacaac ccaacccacc     56340
     tctccgggcc ctatcattta tatacactct gaaaagtccg cagaatgcca aacatcacac     56400
     aattgcagaa actgtctgca gctggcaaaa tcacaccccc cactggagcg taaggcaaat     56460
     catagtcacc tgtggtaaat agtctgaagc agctccatat cccacacctg ggattaaaat     56520
     gaaaatatat tcttataata tttctgtttt taaaaagaaa ccaaaattta aaaactgtgc     56580
     tctttagact tgagcagttg aattacaaaa ttgaacccat gacagtgaga gtgtaggatc     56640
     actttagatt tgtgggtgtg tctagcttaa agcccacaga ctatatgcaa tagaagatgg     56700
     acagaaatgt ggcccaacat aaaagtttaa actcacttaa aacattttgt aattttttgg     56760
     tgattttctt ttataacttg tgtgctttta agggtgaact gtggaggtga caacattata     56820
     ttgcaatgca aaagtttaga tgtgtcttct agagtgacca tactgtcaca ggtggtttaa     56880
     tacaggtggc cagtgtcttg gttagggttt ctattgctgt gaagagacac catgaccatg     56940
     gcaactctta taaaaaaaaa aaacatttag tgggggctgg cttacagttt cagaggttta     57000
     gttcgttatc atcttggcag gaagcatggt ggcacacagg cagacatgat gctggagaag     57060
     gagctgagaa ttctatatct ggatcagcag gcagcaggaa gataaagtca cactaggtct     57120
     tgcttgagca ttttggacct caaagcctac gaccagggac acacttcctg taacaaggcc     57180
     actcctactc caacaaggtc acaccttcta acagggccac tcctatggtc tatgcggcca     57240
     ttttctttca aaccacctca tctgggaaga atgaaccatt gtttggaaga acagtgatta     57300
     aagagaagtg aatgaatgaa gggctggaga actggctcat cagttaggag catttgctgc     57360
     tttgcagagg acccaggttt gattcctagc acccacatgg tggccaataa ctgcctgtaa     57420
     ctctagagtc agagtatttg atgtccccca agggctgctg cttgccatgg tgcatgtgaa     57480
     ttcacaaaaa taatttttaa aaacttaaaa ataaatgaat aaattgacat atgcatatat     57540
     ttatgttcat caggaaatca gaagtgtgtg gtttagtcat gacatactag agctctatta     57600
     ggcttttgta ggagtgtgat tgtggctcct ggctcctgag tgaaacagtg tagtctgact     57660
     tgggtccaat tgggtccaga tgagtcaaag gtgaactgtg aatgctcagc ccacaagata     57720
     acaggcacct gagcaacaaa caccataggc acatatattt gggtaagtca tcagaggtca     57780
     tatgtaatcc aacagcattc agagcctcag cccaggcttc aaggctttgt tattgagcca     57840
     ggacagtgtc agtgatctta agacaacgga cacagcgaag atattgactc atgcatcaga     57900
     gacgattctt aagcaacatt agaagctgct cagtcataga gaaccatttc gtgtggctca     57960
     accagttcac aacaaacaca ggaaacttta tttatggaac agctgctaat tgcactgcaa     58020
     acatttttca tcaagcaatt gctgtttact agtttgccaa tcagctcatt atccatttac     58080
     ctctcccatt ttgctttcct gctgttttga ttctcctgca ggtgtcctcc aggcttagcc     58140
     caggatgccc tgctgggctc ttctgaattt ggctctctgg cccccaagtt ttacagccct     58200
     gggtatcctt gcctcacttt ccctgtacta cctgtactgt ccccattccc ccattgtttg     58260
     ttgtcttccc atccattact ctacaagaag ggaatttcat gagagaagcc tatgacattt     58320
     acatcttcat tctctctgca tttctctcta atgtccttgt agcagactgg cttcagggca     58380
     tgctgctgtt agccagggct acaccatttt gtgaagcttc ctcattttgg tttaacagtg     58440
     ataattattg aaactaaagt aatttggttt ccttaaataa aatagctcat tttaaaaaat     58500
     attctcgtct ttttgcccaa ctgactccca gtgacagttg accatgaaag acttttatca     58560
     cctgacattc ttttatccac tattcatctt atttccctaa ttacccctaa caatgacaaa     58620
     aaagaaaaaa aaaatcagtt cccttaccaa ttctgccttt ctggaatcta actacccagc     58680
     ctgtaaacag acattagatt ttctggttct tgcactagag acctctccct ccatagatct     58740
     tttccccagt gaagctcatg ttttcactga ttctcttgtt cttttgtctt accttttcat     58800
     ttgaccttat gtctgctctt gtgaaacaac aatctttagt ttgttaggca gtgtgtgaat     58860
     gtgcatgtgt gtgcatgcat gagtttaggt taatgtacat gagcatgcat gtgtattagc     58920
     agtgtatgta tgcaaataaa cggttcacaa agatatgaac aggcaataca tgttgtatgt     58980
     gttgctgtga acagacacca taccatgacc aaggcaactc ttataaggac aacatttaat     59040
     tggggctgac tgacaggttc agagtttcag ttcattatca tcaaggcagg aggatggcag     59100
     cttccaggca ggtgtggtgc aggaggagct gagagttcta gatcttcatc tgaatactgg     59160
     cttccaggca gctaggatga aggtcttaaa gcccatgctc acagtgacac acctatttca     59220
     acaaagccac actttctaat agtgctactc cctaggttgt acaaaccatc acaccatgtg     59280
     tatgtgcatt gaacaatgct gcattcatgt gtgtgtttta tgcactcatg tagatgtaaa     59340
     tgcatgtaca caggtgtact ataaatatat ttgtacatta attgtgtaca tgcatacatg     59400
     aatggtgtgt gttgttcact catgtgtatg tatgtgtgat atgcttgtat gtatatgtac     59460
     aaatgcaaat ttacacgcac atagacatga ttgtatgtgt gtggtatata tatatatata     59520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataccacat acatgcatat atgagagctg     59580
     agagttctat atcttcatct gaatactggc ttccaggcag ctaggatgaa ggtcttaaag     59640
     cccatgctca cagtgacaca cctatatatg cacatacatg catatataga gctgagagtt     59700
     ctatatcttc atctgaatac tggcttccag gcagctagga tgaaggtctt aaagcccacg     59760
     ctcacagtga cacacctatt tcaacaaagc cacactttct aatagtgcta ctccctaggc     59820
     tgtacaaacc atcacaccat gtgtatgtgc attgaacagt gttgcattca tgtgtgtgtt     59880
     ttatgcactc atgtagatgt aaatgtatgt acacaggtgt actataaata tatttgtaca     59940
     ttaattgtgt acgtgcatgc atgaatggtg tgtgttgttc actaatgtgt atgtatgtgt     60000
     gatatgcttg tatgtatatg tacaaatgca aatttacacg cacatagaca tgattgtatg     60060
     tgtgtggtat atatatatat atatacatat atatatatat ataccacata catgcatata     60120
     tgttgaggtg ctttgaatag gaatgtccct atagatttat gtgtttgaat gcttgaacat     60180
     agggagtggc actagtagga ggtgtggcct tattggagga agtgtgtcac tctgagggtg     60240
     ggctttgagg cctcctatgc tcaggctatg cccagtgtga cacagtctcc ttctgctgcc     60300
     ttcagatcaa gatgtagaac tatcagctcc ttctccagta ccatgcctgc cttcactcta     60360
     ccatgtttcc gaccatgaca ataatggact aaacctctga aactgtgagc cagcaccaat     60420
     tggtttgaca catggtagct tgaacacgag gagacttcaa agcccacagt gacacacttc     60480
     ctccaataag gccacatcta ttctaacaag accctaactc ctaatagtgc cacttcctat     60540
     ggagcaagca tatttaaacc atcacaccat ggtgccagct ttcccccttt tagccagtct     60600
     caaccctaat ctggcaggga gctgggctgg ttgtgggcta ggtcagaggt acttaaattg     60660
     aggtcccagg tggcagaggg gaatccctct gccttggctt ttgattgggt tgaggttggg     60720
     caactgaaat ccttcctccc tttcattcag ttcaatttgt atagttttaa agcaattaga     60780
     gaggagtggt gaacaagtag atgctactta cactcatgtc cccatctctc cacatctctc     60840
     tcctcagctg ggttcccctc catcctggaa ggggctgcca gggatatccc ccttatctat     60900
     cctatttcta ctcactttgt tctccacccc ccaggtactt ccaaggcctt atcttctcta     60960
     aggggttgtc ttagtttggg ttttattgct tatttattga agagacacta tggccaaggc     61020
     aactctttta aagaaaagca tttaattggg gctagcttac agtttcagag gcttagttca     61080
     ttatcaccat ggtaggaagc acggcagcat ccaggcagac atggttctag agaaggagct     61140
     gagagttctg tttcttgatc cacagggagc aaggagaaga ctgtttcacc atgagcattt     61200
     aagacctcaa agccccactt ccacaatgac atacttcctc taacaaggcc acacctgcta     61260
     atagtgccac tccctatgac taaccaatca aacacgtaaa tctatgggga catacctatt     61320
     caaaccacca cagggttcta tgaggcagtt caggaaggat gcccaaagac agagtcctga     61380
     gactaggaat gttgcaaggg accagggatg tatgccagct tccacctgag acttggactt     61440
     aggccagatc agaggaggag gcaagggtta gatgttggta gtaagtccta gtgagagtac     61500
     caggtacaag tttggagtgc tgaatagtgc acagcctaac ccttggtttt gtggcctcta     61560
     ggcaccttga ttaatcctag aacacatagc attgtgagga cctgtacttt tgaggatgcc     61620
     tgagaaagta tgatgaggcc cagtctctgc tgcccactct cagacctctg agacagctct     61680
     tgcactgtat catctccagc ctgagaatgg gagatcacac cctggcccct gggtccctcc     61740
     acgagtgccc cttaggttgt tctgtaggaa aggtttctgg tagtttctta cataggtgca     61800
     agggcaggta cactgctgat tctgcaaaga agctctttgt gagggacttt gtcttctgaa     61860
     tggcctctct tcacttccct agactttcaa agatctgttt cctgcgtctc tttggagaca     61920
     ctctcatcgc atggcgtctt cttcatttat gaagagttta gtgctttttt ttttaatcct     61980
     tcctttgatc ttatctaata ttgtctgaag ccatgagagg cactagagca gttttgattt     62040
     aaccactcat ttgttccaat gatggacaga tggtttctta ataggggtta cttttgcagt     62100
     gatgaaacac catgaccaaa agcaacttgg taacaaaagg gtttatttag cctacatatc     62160
     cagagttaca gttcactgag agaagccaag gcaggaactc caactgagca ggaacctgga     62220
     gaatggaact ggtgcagagt ccatggaata tttgctgctt actggcttgt tcttcatcaa     62280
     ccttaaacaa cctgctttct ttttttcttt tcttttttcc atttttcaaa aatttcctct     62340
     catcctgaac acagtttccc ctccccccac tccttctagt ttctcctcaa cttcttctct     62400
     ccaatatatc cactcctcca tttctccttc agaaaagatc aggcacctga ggatatcaac     62460
     tgaacacagc atagcaatag caagttacta tcagactaag cacaaaccct ctcataatac     62520
     ggctcgggga ggcaacccaa taggaggaaa agggttctaa aaacaggtga aagaacttcc     62580
     ccactcccac tgttaagagt cccacaaaat caccaagcta acgacaatag cagatatgca     62640
     gaggacctag cacaggctca tataagcttt atgattgttg cttcagtctc tgtgagcccc     62700
     tatgagctct gctcagttga ttctgtgaga tgtattctcc tggtatcctc aacccctctg     62760
     gctcctacaa ttcttcccgc atcccttcgg aggggctccc tgagctccga agggagggag     62820
     ctgttggaga tctccaattt tggctctctc ctcctaattt tggctgtgag tctctgcata     62880
     tactcccatc agctgccaga ggaagcctct ctgatgatga tttcagcttg ctttctctct     62940
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct tttagatcta tttatttatt ttatatgagt     63000
     acacttcaga cacaccagaa gagggcatca gatcccatta cagatggttg tgagccacca     63060
     tggtgttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccgct     63120
     gagccatctc tccaccccct cagcctgcat tcttatacat ccctgttcca ccagctcagg     63180
     ggtggtactg taagactctg atgagcctta gcaactggga gacacccaga gtggaccaca     63240
     aggagccaga gattgatgca aggcaagagg attttattgt tccagtgtgc tggagctctc     63300
     ctgcacccaa aggagaggcg accctgggcc gctcattcgg tgagttttta tacagtttcc     63360
     aggggcagaa tagaacaaca gcaactgggc acaatataat tggcagaaca gtgtgacctt     63420
     caaactgatt ggtacttagg gaatgaggta gtaagggctt cccatataag caggtggcca     63480
     atggtcatta ttccagaagc cccaagatcc ccaaaggaga acactgatga acaaaatgca     63540
     ggaggctggg gacacacacc attcctggtg gggtgatttt atattcttta tggaacccat     63600
     atgttccatg tcacactagt gataaagtgt cctccccaca ctgaatggga ggaatatgtg     63660
     tcagagacat ttagtgggaa agccatatat aaatgtctgg tgatgggaga gcaaaggttg     63720
     agtaccaaag ctgaaacttg accttgattg gtagaaaaga tcaaagaata aggtcatgat     63780
     ctggtgtaca cagaggaaag cagactggat gccaggctct ggagaatgtt aagtaaaggt     63840
     tctgtgggca ggatagagtg acctgagatt gagagttggt gttaggagac agtaggatac     63900
     tgcattcatc cagtagatat ttcaggagta gggccaacat tccaggaact cccagggacc     63960
     tgtgttagtt aagaaaacta aacatgaata tcaagaggta ctcctttgat ggtgttgtgt     64020
     actatgcaaa gagggcttgg gtctgatagc ccagaaacaa gtagaacttg gaacaggtca     64080
     gtgagagccc accttgtgta tggaagtgta aagtatctgg tcacatgtgg ctgatagcag     64140
     ctagcttggc agagagtatg atgtgttgtg aggtccttga agtcctggat ggttgttgag     64200
     gaggccacga gttcaaccca gaaaggtaga ggtcttcctc taccggagta aagtgcgggg     64260
     gttatgggtg gagaaaagag tcctatcctg cttttcatct gttcaacacc agcctgaggc     64320
     actgaaattt cagatcacag gtagcagagt gtggaagttt ggaaactatt ttttttttta     64380
     atttggagtc taaagcagtt acagcttgtg atttagaatt tctaggtcat gtagactgga     64440
     ggaagctcaa agcaagagca tggtcatagg agagtacagt agctcaggtc agatctgagc     64500
     tactgttgtt tgaccagggt gctgtatggc ttcaggcctg tatgtggaac tggtgtgcta     64560
     cacaattcca tgggtctgtg gatgggttct actggaggct tgggctatta tattcttggt     64620
     gtaaagtttc aggacatcta acatctttga ttctgcaagt gtgctttggt tgatatggat     64680
     cagagcctgg gattatatgc accagtgaga ggtctctact ggggtctgat tctggtgatg     64740
     actcagtcat attgccaggg gtctcagaaa agcccactaa cctgaccaca ttcaatagat     64800
     caagtcacca cattgaaaca tactgatgat ttgttgggat attgcctggt tgttgccttc     64860
     caggggctag gtaatagcca aagcacttca tgccactaca ctactatgca ttatactact     64920
     tcctgcaaac cagcaggtaa tgccttattt ctaaacagac attgcattta tgtagatgca     64980
     gataagaaac tccatggtgg ttcctgtaag cccacttcag gtccacattc aaagcattct     65040
     gtttcagaaa gcaaaagttc tttcttttta gcaagggatt ttgagacctc tagtgatatg     65100
     actgagtcac taccagaagg gcaagagtgg aaggaagttt gcctaacctt tctcccatag     65160
     tcctgtgtat tccctctgct gtattcttga agttattctt gtaccttttc tctagcaacc     65220
     tgctctgctc tgtttagctc tgcattagtg gggtttgcat atgggcgctg atggaacctg     65280
     ctgccaattc attcctgtga tgaccagcag ttagtccagg agtcactggt ggtaaaacaa     65340
     tggaaactcc aaatgtggac ttcattacgt gctgcttccc tgaggctttt gttttacttc     65400
     tgtaccaatg acaaaaggtc ggtggtaatg ttggagtctc tcttttgctg tgctattacc     65460
     ttgatcctca gtttagtcac tgtctgagcc ttcagaccct gaatatacca attgatggat     65520
     agggtaggaa acttatagga gtctgttggt gggggccacc cagtaggtct tcacatcagg     65580
     ggaggttagt acagtttatg gagaactcct aggtccagaa tatataaaag cctttcttga     65640
     agaactgtgg gttatctctg agtagggtgt gcagagacag gcaacatgtg aagttcagga     65700
     ggaaatcacc tgactatact aatattcatc aacatatcat ggtgtctact gtgttttttg     65760
     ttttgttttt gttttttatc aacatggaag ctgtctaatg agtattcaac tgtacaaagt     65820
     ttgaatgtca agtgatcttt gtgaagcagg tttaccacta ctgttctatg gatcagaaag     65880
     gacctatttt gaatgcttag atcctgggtg aaacttcctg gtgatccctc acagccagct     65940
     ctagaccttc ttttagcagc ctctcccata ccactctttt cttctgggct tggagtggtc     66000
     tgcttggtca actttccctc ttctttctag tctcagagag gtcctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     66060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagttg ggtgtagaca tcttcagggc     66120
     tctaggtata tgagcggtaa ggataggtag tgaaggtcat gcaggattct tggcttgagg     66180
     ctcctaaggc accacattcc aacatggctc cttcagttag cttccagcat atctaatgta     66240
     ctattctatt actatatgca gtcatcaggc ccagcctcct gcagaaaacc caggacttgt     66300
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtttcctct gggttaaaca tgagtattac catcttacac cagagcagtt     66360
     ttgaccacct acacgaatct cacaaaaatc ttcaatgatg tagctgtagg tgcctgggga     66420
     cttcttggtg atataactgc ttttgagtta cccatattac tgcaagtaaa cttcataaac     66480
     tcattggttt accaggatgg acttggatgg agtcatttct ttggtctgtt agtgacctct     66540
     ctattagggg tgaataaatg tttctttgtt tccccaagaa aaccaatgag catatgtgag     66600
     atatatatat atatatatat atataatctt taccatgtat atttatgtgt atttatactt     66660
     atgtggatgt ttctatgtat ataagtgcat atatttctat gtatgcatgc atgatggctt     66720
     gaataagaat gaccgtcatg tacaggggag attcactttg cccccttgct ccttgccatc     66780
     tgatgcagac aagagagctg ccccctcccc acaactcctg ggtcgtgaga gcagatgagt     66840
     tgacccagtc cttcatggct gaagcacttg ggagagcagg ctctgcacct tgcctggaca     66900
     acacagtaga gctggccctg atggaggagg caagggtgag ccagcccaag ggcatgagag     66960
     caggatagct cagggctttg agttggtcca cctccaaatc tacattatct gtgaactgtt     67020
     gggacatgtg aaagggctgg tcccgatgat ccaaagctgc aggatctcca tgacacaggg     67080
     caacaacaag acaactggga ggagacctgg tgaggatcca atattgatgg tgtctcagaa     67140
     gccagagact ggaaaccaga ctagtgactc attgtgatga gcatgcacaa gtgaagatgt     67200
     atgaacacac tgtgacacat tatagcttcc acaatgagat gctttctagg cttgttttgt     67260
     gtatcttttg tttatttgtg agttttttta ttttttggag aagagaaggt tgtaagggca     67320
     gagggtggat atgaagggat ggacagatga taggactggg gtgcatgatg taaaattcac     67380
     aaagaatcaa taaaaaattg ggggggggga gaatcactcc cataggcaca tatatttgaa     67440
     tgctaagtca tcaggagtgg cctcaaatgc actatgtagt tgagtatgaa cttgaacttc     67500
     tgattctttg gcttctacat ccctagttct ttgattacaa gtgtgtgcca ccacacccag     67560
     ttttatgaga tgttgggaat gaaatctaag tgtttgtggt tgtcagtcca gtactttacc     67620
     aactgagctc catttcagcc tgtctcctga catggagttg aatggtgttt ccctggtacc     67680
     ttagccctgc caaggtatca gacttcaggg gttgttcagg tacttccctg ctccatgcat     67740
     tcatttgtct tgacttctat tggattcgct ctttgctaac aagcagactt agccagccca     67800
     gcttgccatg gcaaccgccc acagcttgct ctctgtccgg ctgcctggct gctttatctc     67860
     tgaggccatc tgttctggca acacaattcc aaagccactt aaacagagcc tggagcaggg     67920
     catccctaag ctcacatgag tgtgcacgca caagcacatg cacatagaag cagcatgacc     67980
     cctgcagggt ggaaggtaat gtcagtgggg atcccagcag ctgctcactt ttcttgctgt     68040
     tcttgagaga tttctgacaa gtccttacga acggtgtacg tctacatatc agtctgcttc     68100
     aaagcttcac cccacttttc tctgtccatg agtctactga gttttgacct ttgtcctggg     68160
     tctttttcca cccttcctta cttggtccat gttatctgtt tatccatcac ccttgcagcc     68220
     gtggctatga atatggtctt tgtctctgtt cacctcccga ctttccagtg ttgtcagttg     68280
     ctctttgctt tttattctct ctatgtcctg gtaaagaagg ccttaaaggg cagcttctgg     68340
     aacaagggat caaggggctg tcccttatgt tccatagttt gattttgagc atatctgtct     68400
     catcctcccc agccccagta tggctagtaa ttggggactt aagggcactg tgtctggctt     68460
     ccttggatct gctcataccc tgggtggagt ctccttagct tatgcctaga ctttgctctg     68520
     agcccaagtg aactgtccac tgaatgtgtt tttttgttct gaacccaagt gaactgtcca     68580
     ctgaatgtgt tttcccttct agccacacag ccttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     68640
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttc ctctctctct ctctctcacc ccctgtgggt     68700
     ttagttaata ctcatccctt ctaggagatt ttggataagc acagtatcct aggccagcag     68760
     gctcctcatt cacttgggtg tttgaaataa attagctgaa ctgggcatct tgttgaactg     68820
     cctttccctg caagtcactc tgaggtcaat tacaccctat tctagcttgg tgcataggag     68880
     atagacagga aagtggtctc tctctggaga ttccaatcct acctgaggtc tgatttagat     68940
     agttcatgct acaaggaaat gcttcattcc tgatgtggcg tcaagggtag ctctctttcc     69000
     atcccttcca atagtgcttc cttaggccta ggctgctata aaatctgctg ttaggaccct     69060
     gagtttgggt ttcttgggag cttgaagact tctgactgga gtttctactg agtgacttct     69120
     gctctgcaga ccaatttgct tagaggcccg gctggcagct tgaccttcct tgcctctact     69180
     aatcctgtag ggtgggtagg ggtatgggga acagggaggg agtggggagc aaaggtaaaa     69240
     tggggggaca gtggggaaca gagcagttga tggttagagg aaactggagc agaagtgagt     69300
     gtaagagaag tggggaaagg cagctacagg taccgtggtg gacagtcagg tctccccttt     69360
     ctgtctgttc ctagccatgg ttgtaaatct ccttagatga agtgaccttg gacaggttat     69420
     caatgcagag gggactgcta ggttatggaa ccttgaagtg tgtgttgggt gggggggggg     69480
     tggagacagt ggctgttttc agtgaagcag tgcaaacatg ttctgggtgg gtaggtttcc     69540
     ccaggctcta ttctacccgt gtcagagcag caggctagct gacttgtgga tggagtcctg     69600
     gctctggatc ctgagatctt aggcagatca agccaagact taggcatggc agacatcttg     69660
     gctcctatgc tctggttctg tagaggatct gggagcccta aagttctgga ttatgtcaag     69720
     gggtcagggc agagagactc tgaaatgtgt gctaggggta cctttttaga gattcttaga     69780
     atacttttag aacttaggat aggctagcag agacattgtg tggtactgca tgctggtaat     69840
     gtcattacag gtaatgtcag agatctccct tttggccagt agcagttcca actatggttg     69900
     agaatccagg gaaggcagat gttgtagcta gccagagctc agaataaagc tgggttaaca     69960
     gctgctgtca acaaccagaa ctgtgcttta aacatagggc tgtgacctgg gtaaataaac     70020
     actcctaaac tctcttgggc acacacgctg tctggtgatc tctgacatgc tgttggcaag     70080
     tactgcttgc cttcagtacc tagctgctgg ggctcagggg cctcctaagt cagagttagg     70140
     gttgaactgt cttgataatt caaaacatgc ccaaatttaa gtctaggatc tatacaaagg     70200
     aagcagcact ccagaagtgt ctccttgatt tctactaatg tccttcaggg tgggtaggcg     70260
     ttccagtcag atggaacaaa tgagacttga taattcaggc atggggggtc atgatgcatg     70320
     gggggctgct aggttatgga atcttgaagt gggaaggggg gaagagacag tggctgtttt     70380
     caatgaagcg gtgctaacat gttctggccc tgtgtagtgt tcctggatct tcatttgact     70440
     tataaggaaa ctgagttaca tagacattga caacctgtcc aaggtcactt catctaagga     70500
     gatctacatg gctaggaaca gacagaaagg ggagacctga ctgtccacca cggcacctgt     70560
     agctgccttt ccccacttct cttacactca cttctgctcc agtttcctct aactatcaac     70620
     tgctcctgtt ccccactgtc cccccatttt acctttgctc cccactccct ccctgctcca     70680
     cttcccctcc ttttcccact tcttattgct acccatttta tctcagttct caattttctc     70740
     tcttctcgtt tgccctactc ccttgtatcc caatttctca catgcccacg tggctcccaa     70800
     cgcttatgtc tcctcttgcc tcacataccc attacctcag attccttcct tctccctcta     70860
     ctcaccatgt cccccatttc ttcccaggtt ctgattttct ccctgccctc tctttctatg     70920
     tgccttctat tctctcctga tcccacctct ctttttctcc ttcctgtcac ttcaaccagt     70980
     ttcagaactt gtcactcact ctgttctctg agtgacacaa cttgcctttg tttacagtcc     71040
     tacctctact ctagactcat atgtgtagcc tttgcctagg ttgccattat ctctctgtga     71100
     ctaataggca cccagacatt cataaaaagc catagatttc tgtcctgatc aactcatggc     71160
     accactcaga aaccctatga tcccaggtgg ctctctctta actttagtgc cctagatccc     71220
     ttgatagcct ggtccatccc ctagagcatc tgccaacttg agtggcatca ttgcctcctg     71280
     cctccctggg ccactcctga ttgtccactg cttgctcgtt tttcttcatt ttggatgtgg     71340
     gcattgctag aggtcccagg tatgaggaac atgctcgctc tgcatatgcc tcttacagag     71400
     ctctgaacag ttctcttgcc tcacccttat tatagacact acttctgaat ggaagtgacc     71460
     agattgggct tagtcataag ctgggagaga agagcttagg gctctcaccc tggtgtctac     71520
     ctggatagtt gctttctcag tactgggggg cctgttgtgt ccaagttcat tattcaaaag     71580
     ggcctcagtg ggctatcctg tacatagggt aatgtagagg actcatccct gaaaaagcct     71640
     gttctccttc ccacttgctg acttgttccc accagactgc aggcttgatc tagtgtgaca     71700
     gcccaattct agccacatct cctccttcac tgttcaacta tagtataggg aggggctact     71760
     cctactcccc tgctttggcc tgcaggcggg gcccattgtt tgggcctgag gcccattgtg     71820
     tggggaaggg agcctcattg gcaggcagcc ggcatcaatt tgtgattatg tgctctctgt     71880
     tttgattggc tggttgtggt ctgtgctccc agggtcctgg gacacagaag tttgtgcagc     71940
     aactttttcc agcatgaagt gacttgcatc caggctccag agaagaggtt catccatctt     72000
     gccaggatga cgctctgcgg gagcttcctg ggtgcgtacc atccccagcc ccttgcacct     72060
     ctccccaggc tgttcatagt tctgccggga tgccctgtca gtgctcagtg ttcttttctg     72120
     gggtgaaaaa gtgatagaca tatactcctc ttgaatgcca gccagagacc ctggggacat     72180
     cttgggtccc tttcggcaga ggtgctgaca gcccagaacc ctgtgaaagc ctcacagctt     72240
     acccatggtt ggaagttggg tggatggtgg gtagcgagcc tgcttgtatc tttgtttctg     72300
     tttaggactg ctggctggcc aactgaggga gagatactag caacccctga tccaggaggc     72360
     tgggaaagtg gaggtggact gtgacttctc atgtcttctt tgtgtgaatg ggaacatcta     72420
     tactggttgt cttgtgtctt cttctgctag gtacatccta atcacactca cagttgcagg     72480
     gcataagtgt gcatgtgtgt gagggagtct cataaactca ttgccaaatg tttgcgagtg     72540
     tgagacaagc acacaaagtc agcctggagt gtgggtaaag tggctcctgg ttttgtttgc     72600
     tccatctgcc agggcctgcc tggggcagcg ccccccagcc ctcagctgtt ctatacaata     72660
     ttaatgctga ccatctcggc tgcgcacaca acgccctaat tgtcgccggc agcattaagg     72720
     caggcgccca tctgcgggaa gctttcagaa ggaaacaaga aaacctcacc cccagctggt     72780
     cactggagaa ggtggtgcca attacagatg cagaaagttt agaacaaaat tacttgaaag     72840
     agtttttatg aagcaaatga actgacactt ggaatgtctg tgtgcggatt tgcacaagta     72900
     attacacctt atttgaaatg atcctaccag ttaagcaaca attaagtctg ctctcccagc     72960
     gcacacaaag cactttccga gtgagccgac agcagtcata gtttagcttt tcaaatctct     73020
     ccatttcctc ctctgaaaag tctgtggacc caccaaccca acagaaattg tttacctgta     73080
     gatcttccca aacttaaaaa ggcacgtgca acctgccttc atatttttat gaaataaagc     73140
     ttaaaggaac agtgtactat tgaaaaaaat gttttatgag tcttaaaaat tctgacaaaa     73200
     ttttatctta tataaggaaa aaaagtttta gattatacct tgctgttgtc acaagcagga     73260
     gctgtttgag ttggtagtac acttttggaa ttgctttgcc ttgctagacg aactggcaac     73320
     tgaggacctg gtgcatacga caggctttgg cgagtagaga acaaaggcca gctccgtggg     73380
     ggtgggggtg tgggggtgtg gagtgaaggg agcgctgtcc agagtgctga tcagtctgcg     73440
     gcacgcctcc gctctcagct cctttcaggg tcgaagggag gtgatcaaac cccagagttg     73500
     gctggaaatt ctccactctg cttcttttct ggcacccccc gctttgttct ccaacactgt     73560
     cagacaaaga tcttgaatct ttactcctca aaccagcttg aaaactctct acatctctaa     73620
     cttaccagat aggttgccag tcctgggctc tccctggcta ctgatttgag atttccttgc     73680
     atattcaaag tacagcccca ggcagaattt ggagcatatt ctagtccact gagctaaaac     73740
     tctcaaagaa gcttgtggct gcttgaaggg atagaaatgc tgacagactg aggtttgtgc     73800
     aaaaacactt tccattccct cagaaaataa tgatgcccca caaggatttt ttttgtagca     73860
     catattggct tctccctttt gtcttctctg tttgtgttat ttcttaagtt tgattatcat     73920
     gaatctgaat taaatggctt tcctggagtc ttcaatactg ctgggtaagg ttaattcaac     73980
     acaggctctc ccttctaccc caccttctcc ttataacaat ggcacacagt gccaccccga     74040
     gcctgcattc tgccgataag gctttaatag aatttctgaa tgctaaaggt ttgggatgta     74100
     aaatatccag ctctgacagc ttgttcagag gagatagagg tggattttca ggagtgctct     74160
     cagccgaatg tgtcctttta tgctaatgga taggagttca cgaaagaata ggaaaatggt     74220
     gggcaatcat tgtaggactc tcaaatgtcc tccctgggct aattaatatt tcatcttgtt     74280
     tgaccactgg caggcttgca tttgtttcat ttttgcttga gctaaataaa tgccccatat     74340
     gaattttgta ttttacttgt atgtgtaaga aatatcatac ataacttctg tttcagaaca     74400
     aagctccttg ttttatgtac agtatataga ggatgaagta tgtgttagaa aggattgttc     74460
     atgaaggaga ggcttctgct tacattccac aaggtcctta caacctgttc tccttgcaaa     74520
     aaccagcata cttgctctat cttatccaga cttctggtgg cccaagcctg tctatgaaaa     74580
     tcaagcagga catggtattt ctgcacaact tgccaggaaa cagtatttgt tttctattaa     74640
     aacctgaaat gacctctgtg ttgtgctgtg catgctttgt tttctagatg tggcagtagt     74700
     gtcttctcag gatcataatt tggctttcat ttttgtgttt tccagtgcaa tttccagttc     74760
     tgatttgtca gtgtgaggat gagtttgggg tgacaaacga acccggggtt ctcctgaggt     74820
     tgttcctgtg ttcagctctg taaactgaga gaaactgaga attggcaggt taggaggttg     74880
     acaggcaggc tgtatctcca gggcgtgtgt cccacagact ttccttcttg gtgttttggc     74940
     ggtcgctcct tgcagacagt gaatttatgt ttctagggtt aggatagcag tgcttagaga     75000
     tttttaaagt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttgggaga actttagtat caaaacatta     75060
     aaacaaaaag ggaaagtgtg tcattgaaaa acatcttttc tgctctgttc cttgtgaata     75120
     tactttactg tttcaatctt tgaccttagg tatcatttct gaaaaaaaaa tccaccctaa     75180
     ttcctggtac ttccatatga agatgaaccc atataacact tttagttcat ttgagaaata     75240
     aattctgcaa tccatttttt atgatgggag gttgtattcc taaccaccaa taaatattgt     75300
     aaagcacttt cgccagagcc atgctaaccc agggcatctg tcattccggt cgctgctatt     75360
     aggaattatt ggactgaacc acttgcagaa aaagaagagg ggagtgagca tggttggcat     75420
     aatgcttctt gctcttttgt gtgttttaca tttgataaaa cccaatcatg ctgtatattg     75480
     attatagata tatttaggca gatttgggca catttgttgg tgaggctcag aacagtaaac     75540
     aggaaagcta ttggtttgga gcacctctca ccttcaactt ggcagatcca tctttctgat     75600
     gttatactgt aaatttattt cacctcagag agtaaacaga tatattggag ccccaagggt     75660
     tcatgggtag cgtatttaca aaggagcctc ctccgccagc ccgtgccacc gctgctaatg     75720
     agagcggtca ttaagtaaat gagacatcgc ctttagctgg cttaggagtt cgcacactga     75780
     ggggagaaga tatttaattg aaacccacac acaggcttcc ccacacgtga ctgcggtgag     75840
     ggaggcagct gccttcccct cccccgtcct ccccccaccc ccccatgtaa atttcatgat     75900
     tgctttccgt gatgtcattt tgaaagagga cagacaatag ctgtggggaa aggtaagtca     75960
     atgttatgtt cttttgctga caaaggcaga tacccagggc ttagcttttc cccttggaca     76020
     gaggggaggg ctagagcaga gaggatttct aagaaagctc tctttgcaga aaaagcaggt     76080
     tgggggatgt ctttttaaat tgttctgaag gacaaggctt tcttctccct gtctgcctgg     76140
     gctgtgtgtt cctcctcttt ctctgccctt cctgcatttc tgagattctc atgggcatgt     76200
     tgtgtgtcta atagaaaagg cataagggga ggaggacact gtggatcaag acaagaaact     76260
     ttatctgtat ttctggaaaa ggagcacaga tgtgcctggc catgggacac agaagatctg     76320
     tgtccaggaa ggatgctgac cccatatgca ggtctatctg aagcagagac ttggagcttg     76380
     gctgtttctt gtgggacaca cactccaggt acccagaaga gatgatcctg ggagcatttt     76440
     gtcttcttgt cacatacttt caaacttcag gagcaacacc cagggagcat gtgtctgtgg     76500
     gatccagggg tagcatttgc tgttactgtt ctcagttcct cctgtgtgtg tttgtgtagt     76560
     tgggatgtgc agttgtttgt agtgccagtg taactgggtt ttcatgttta aaactaggaa     76620
     gtcagtttga gctttgaaca cagagatgcc attgcataca catgtgctct ggaggagttg     76680
     gctctgttca tgagatttat attctttatg agtcaggata ataatcaagt atagggaagt     76740
     ttgtgtatga gtgctgtagc tactcattgc ctgctccttt cagacatgga tgctttcttg     76800
     tttcaatata atctttgaat cagtggatat cattggctgg taaagttggt tgtttaattt     76860
     ctgaaataaa gcttctaaga aatggcttga agattacatg tgtctggtca gactgtgtta     76920
     gctgtaaaat agcaaacaac aacaacaata ataataaaca atgactgtga ctattaaatt     76980
     gttctttttt tttttttttt tttttgaggg ggagaggatg catttggttc cactggctta     77040
     aaaaagaatc ttagtcctga gggtatcttt gaggctagtg gccaagtgaa caaaaatagg     77100
     aatgtgttaa ggcaaactta ggaggggagc atctaattgg cactaaaggg ctgtgctagt     77160
     ttctctgggg tggcaacagt gtggggtgtt gggtccttac ctgtcaagct gtgtgtgtgt     77220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctccct tcagcctcag gctctttgcc actacagcct ctttccattg     77280
     gcccttggct gtaattttta cctcagtcca tatggctgtg ttaactaaca aataaaagag     77340
     tggaaaacaa agattatgta cccagtagta tgctgttgtc aactgaggca tggccctacc     77400
     cctcccaaat tgtgttcctt gtgcagaaga gggcatttga gtcagtttac tttcataaag     77460
     aaagaagcag ggctggagag atggctcagc tgttaaaggc taggctcaca accaaaaata     77520
     taagaaagaa gcagcttcat ggaatctttt tgtagaaagg ctatctgatt cccaggtact     77580
     ttggtggtgc tagacttcaa ggaatttgtt gatccacagt gctgagcaaa attagtgttc     77640
     aggagttcaa ggatctgtaa gtgttttcat cccaaatcaa cctgctctcc atgctcttta     77700
     gagtaagagt ccaggtgtag tcctgagaat tcttctagct tctgttcaaa cagcaactga     77760
     gggtattgcc tgcagacctc tgggtagccc ccagatgtgt agattctgta ttcttgtctt     77820
     aaactctcag gggctgtatg atgaaaggcc actctgagaa gaccttcctc acttttggaa     77880
     ttacaaagtg ttctgtacta atattgtggc agtttctgct tacattcttg tgagtgttca     77940
     gagatggcag ggtgtactgg aatgaaggtg caggcttgac tgcagtgggc taccatgttg     78000
     gtcatagggc tcacaaggtg ctgcctggac ctctcacttc ccttgattag tcctcctttg     78060
     gtcctggtta tcaaatgtgc agatgatgat aatgggtgat attgtatgcg agcatgtaac     78120
     atggaataaa ggccaaagcc aggcccatag aaagactggc tcagaaccca gaaggccacc     78180
     ttctggcata gccagactta gcagtggctg gactatttgg aatgctggtt tgcatgaccc     78240
     agccctggat gagtacaatc gaaaggagcc tacagactga caaagtgcca ggaacctatt     78300
     aggcctccaa tagctgctaa ctgaagcaag cagattgtta gggattgaat ccttcttaga     78360
     taaactaatg taaaaggcac ccctgctttg gaaaaatagg ttctttagga tagagcaatc     78420
     ctactacctg ggctggaggt aaaagtaggt tcaggagcag tcagaatacc ttcgttagca     78480
     ttggactcag agtggcatgg gagagggagt tgagaagtgg cagaggtggc tgcttctggt     78540
     ggccctggct cataggtact ctgaacactg gtaataactc caatattttg tgctccacta     78600
     tcctaaccct agaaaaccag ggcaaagtca ctgtttgttg gcttttctct gtggatccct     78660
     gagcaaatcc ttttttcttc ccttcttgtc ttaggactgc ctgtctgcgt ttcctgtgca     78720
     cttaaaattg agtaatcaaa agttcattgg ttacagatgt aattttaatt gaaattttgt     78780
     ggtctgagtt tatagggaag tttgaggggg cagcattaaa agggttttga ggggaaggct     78840
     gagctcagtg gaagagcaag tgcctagcaa acacaatgtc ctgggttagg tgcccagcta     78900
     ggagattgaa gggatagggg tgtggctcaa ttgtcaggat gcttgcctag catgtatgtg     78960
     tgaagggctg ggtttgatcc ttagtactgc acaaactgga gatgatacac ctgtaatccc     79020
     agcagttggg aaccagagac aggaaggtca gaagttcatg gccatccttg gctatgtagt     79080
     aaacttgagc atagaatata tgaaacactg cttcagaaga ggaaaaagaa aaaagaaaga     79140
     tgctgacttt atttgaaagg aatagagtag ctgctattgc tgtgccccat ggactttctg     79200
     ctttttgaag acactacaga ctgtccactg ctcagatgag agcaggttct agggttccaa     79260
     gtagaaggta ctgtcacttc aagttcttgc atattttatt ttctccacat atattaagat     79320
     ttcctaaatg ccacttaaaa acaaaaatga aaccatgtaa gaggtgtttt catttgaatt     79380
     aaattaaatt gtctgatctc aggcttctgc caagctagtg ttcttagaag ccacacaata     79440
     cagttttttt aattacatat tttcctcaat tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagtcccc     79500
     cataccctcc cccccacttc cctacccact cattcccatt tttttttttt tttttttttt     79560
     tttttttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat acagtttgcg tgtccaatgg     79620
     gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagtca     79680
     agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct     79740
     ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct ccattgggag ccctgtgatc catccaatag     79800
     ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggcaccgg catagtctca caagagacag     79860
     ctcacacaat acagttttaa ctcacttctc ctcttggcaa atgcctttag gagtgagtgt     79920
     gcttttcttg taagaccaac ttcatttatt gcttcatcct tttttttttc atttttaaaa     79980
     attcagtgct actttaaaaa gaaataatga ctataactca gaaaatgttt tattactttt     80040
     tctttcattc tttttttgtt tttgtttttg ttttttttgt ttttgttttt tgtttcttgt     80100
     ttttttcgag atagggtttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac     80160
     caggctggcc tccaactcag aaatctgcct gtctctgcct cccaagtgct gggtggcgcc     80220
     accaccgccc ggcttattat tttttaaatg ctgttttatg tatatggatt tttgcctact     80280
     tgtatgtttt tgtaccacat gaatgtctag cctgtagagg ccagaagagg catcagatcc     80340
     tttagttctg gagctacaga cagttgtgag ctgcatatgg gtcctgggaa tcgaaccctg     80400
     gtcctctgga agatcagcaa gtactcaact gcttggactt tctctccagc tccttatttt     80460
     tggctttgta agacatgatc tctctttgtg gccctagctg tcctgtaaat cgctatgtag     80520
     aataggctag tcttgaattc acagagatct gtctaccttt gcctcctgag tgctgggatt     80580
     aaaagcaagc accactatgc ctggctccaa aagacatttt agtctgttca acgagaatat     80640
     ctgcttggct ctagattagt cccactttta gaaagagaag agtttgtcag atatagagtt     80700
     gggctcttgt ggcatctctg atcttctgag agtctctgcc caatatcttg cttcatcttc     80760
     aggagtatgg ttttgtgtat aggcaatggt gatctgggtt tcagtttgta tagatatttc     80820
     caggtagaat ttttgagagc tgtgacttag tacaggggct atgattttag gacttgtaga     80880
     cacattgcta acccatcaca ctggatattc ttctcttttg tcagtcagtc actcaagaaa     80940
     caaagcttct ggacattagg acatatttgt attttctcca aaactttctg ttcacttttt     81000
     aaatgagcac tgtgtatcaa gtctggaaaa ttaatgccta cttttccaca gtgctaagcc     81060
     ttacaatctg cactgggctg ttgctgagta gaaaggtcac tttagagcat ggtggtgagt     81120
     ttgcaggcag ctgcctaggc ttgtgcttcc ttagccaaat ttaaatttga gcaagggtct     81180
     tagaattaca ggaactagta tggaaggagg aaaatggggc tattttaaaa actatctcct     81240
     cttggttctt caaggcaaga gagagaagag gtagagcctg ctcttttctg agctagattg     81300
     cttgactggg agtttctggt attggtggat aagagtacca gtcttgacac agctacctat     81360
     ttagtcttag tgctaggctg tcggaataat tcccagacta ccatgtgtag ttctgaactc     81420
     aacctgcctc ttctgttctg aagaaaacag ggcctgtgct tggtctcagg gttcacatag     81480
     caaatctttt ggtgcctggt ctcaaaagat gttttggtga tgactcagtg aagccagata     81540
     tcagccttgt tatcttgtca cctgctttcc taacctaacc acctcttcag ggaaagctgc     81600
     aaggggatgg taggcattat ttccctgggg ctgtccgtag cctgtggctt ggcctgatca     81660
     aagtgtcaat caggaatggg ttctacagtg cctctgaaca ggttgatgat gcttgtttct     81720
     tcctcttagc ttcttctttg gccctcccta agtggttttt gggagtcact tctttctgga     81780
     atctctacct tcactcttct gagtgggatt ttcatggtga ctgctgaggc tccaagagca     81840
     tcttgagttc tatccagccc agtgcaggcc agggatgagt gtagagctcc acttgtgact     81900
     gaatgggtca gagtggtcct actagtgtct aggcacttta ttggggctga gacctggcca     81960
     catggcagtg ccactatcac agccactgct gggtagaagc agtgtgacac tgactactgg     82020
     ggacactgct gcctgagttg gacatccttc tctgttggca gcctccaatg acaggccgcc     82080
     tgaagagcca gtcctgtgat ttggtttgaa aagtcattat tactgcggag cactttagct     82140
     gttgtttttg cagcattggt aaggttaaaa gaaataatga taataatata agaaagactc     82200
     agtcatagta actgcctgca acatgctatt tgcattttta aggaaacatt tctttgagac     82260
     agcctgggtg aaaggtcact atttgcatat aaatgaaaaa gaaagtgtgt gatgttggaa     82320
     gttacatctg tattattttc tcagcagtga gctgctgttg gagagattag gggacatggc     82380
     ttgcatttgg cttttattga atagagaaag tactagcaga ggctgattta gaagcaaaat     82440
     aatgagaaat gtgcaaagct atagaattcc cgactcccct acccccacct cccttctctt     82500
     ctctcatttt cacctaaact cagcaaaagc aggtccgtct gctccactca gcaagtattc     82560
     tactctttgg atttcagctt tattaaacca ggaaagaaga agaacaaaat ttgcccctgg     82620
     tctctcttgt agccctgttt gtttcctgat aaaagctatt ttgttcccgg acctgtccac     82680
     tcctatccac caagggtagg gacaaaaatg tctactgcaa ctgtactctt ccagggttgg     82740
     aagggttggg gaggaaggtg gtgcagtttt agagcttcaa ggactccaag caaggagagc     82800
     aaaaaaggca agggttcaaa ccaaagagtt ctgtgtgggt ggaggcagcc acgcaacttc     82860
     catgacagct tcagtttcta tcttcctctt atacttttag gcttccagac tttctggtct     82920
     agggatgatt tctggctttt tagtaggcca gaagcagagt tccaagcagc aattcaaaaa     82980
     gaccagagga gttgggcctg tgccgaagat tagtgatctg gaagccaatg tattgggggc     83040
     aaagaggggc cttaaaaggt tgtgcctgag actcccttcc tatcccactt taatcttgct     83100
     tcttcccaga gaactctact gataaattat ttttcttatc catgtaaatt acaattttgt     83160
     ttgtttttga aataatttca aacctgaaga agtatttcaa gtatagaaca aaaccacttc     83220
     tgaacctctt tagagtatgc tgctagtgat cttggcagac ataccttgca gtcaagagcc     83280
     ttctttcctt tgctagctta attttcagat cctcgagggg tgtgctggat cctggtgtct     83340
     aacgttggtc agtttgaaat aggaatgatt tccatgttac gtctgacttt cataatggag     83400
     agccatttga agagagagca ctggaagaat gccctccaat ttgtgtttgt ttgtggttga     83460
     acttgagttc ataggaacag ctctctcttt gcctgactcc agtgttcctt gtctaacatg     83520
     ccaactctac actcattcag atgggccatc ccagtgtgtc cctaatgtta ctcttttcct     83580
     tctgcaatta attagtactt agaagacact gtggaggcat cctttcccct tagactctca     83640
     gtttgttaat ttttgttgtt gtttttaaag atttatttat atattttatg catacgtgtt     83700
     ttatctgcat gtgtatctga tcagatcctc tgggactata gttatagaca tttgtgaacc     83760
     accatgtgag tgctggaaat tgaactcaag acctctggaa gagcagacag tgctcttaac     83820
     cactagttca cctcgtcagc cccctctcca gatcccatgt ttattcattt taaacgatat     83880
     ctgtaaagtc tcatgatgta gtattttgac taatgagtca ttagccttcc tctgatgttc     83940
     agagcattcc tgattggcca gagcatgatc cttatttccc caccatttct cctgttcttg     84000
     ctttttgctc tatgcccaga gaattgtgct ggagaataga ggccagcctg tggccccatt     84060
     actgagttca tcttagtaac ccatggtaaa atgttagagt aaggtcattg tccttaaggt     84120
     cttgtcctcc taggaccccc agtagtggtt ccccacagtc taaaatgagc cgtggctagc     84180
     tttgtggcct ttacactatt attttatttg atttttcctt cttgcctttc tcagctttgt     84240
     cttaaatctg aacagtagca aggaaagaag aagaaggatt gagataaaac ataggaagtg     84300
     tttatccttt agaatagatt aggatatttt tagactagac tagatataag cttataccta     84360
     actccagggc tcagctgcac atccatgttc tacagagaaa tttaagaatg gcttgggagg     84420
     ctaactctcc aggcagggga ctacataagc aggtgcaggg atgctgctgt gtggctggtt     84480
     gatcaccagg catgattgtc caaccttctg ctcagatgca gattaactac tgatgtgccc     84540
     tgacactgct ctggcagaag tagaagagca tctgtaacta tctaggtcat gggacttcct     84600
     ggctcgcaga agcagctgtc tcccttggct catgttgact gcatggagtt acaaaggtcc     84660
     ctgggcaagg aacaggatac acaggcttca cctgctctct gtggcctatc ccacagcact     84720
     tctatggaat catcttttct ttttaaccct agtccagcat ttcctgggtt attattgtct     84780
     aagttgaatc tggacccagt gttcccaacc tgggataaaa aaacaaaggt ggcatgttaa     84840
     gaatttggca ctgcacaacc tagaggtaac ccacaaattg ttggcatgcc ttcaagacct     84900
     ggaactcaaa cacctatggg aggaagttta tctcttctgg gcagtcccta ttgtcacaat     84960
     gttattttaa aaaatattta tttattttta ttttatgtgt atacttgtgt gcatgtgccc     85020
     catgcatatg cctggtgctt gtagaggcca gaggagggtt ttggatccac ctggaccaag     85080
     agttatggat gacataagct gccatgtggg cactgggaag taaacctagg tcctttgcaa     85140
     gagcagcaag tgatcttaac cattgaacta tctctctagc acccagaata ttattttttg     85200
     atgtaaatat ccacttaatt gttctcttga agtaaatcta gaatcttttc cctaagcaga     85260
     ctcatactga aaattgaatc cttaccttat ctttcagttc actgtgtgag atgctggcat     85320
     gggttccttt aaaatctttt attctcaagg ttctggagca cataagaccc tgcaaagtgt     85380
     gtcttcttct ctaaccaggt agaaagccag tatttatgtg cctgtctccg gttgatataa     85440
     gagatacagt gtctccttca acaagactaa aactcttaat cctaaccctt tcaaacagtg     85500
     ccataccttt gatactaagc attcaagtat gagcctatgg tagctattct tattcaaatc     85560
     accacgaata tctaggaatc aaattgttag gttagatggt aactatattt tacatcttga     85620
     gaattggggt tggagagatg gctcagtgat ggcactatga tttttgcaaa ggacttgggt     85680
     taggtttcca gaacccacat ggtacctcac aaccatccct aactcaggtt ctaggggatc     85740
     taatgttgta ctctgaaatc tgtgggcacc aggcatgcac attgtacaca gatacacaag     85800
     caggcaaagc actcatacac ataaaacaaa acctagatct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     85860
     acctgaaaac ttgagaattc caagaatagt tttctaagtg actgctattt tacatttcca     85920
     tcaacagtaa tgaagaagat tctagtttct acagattgga actcatactt gtctggtttt     85980
     gaatttgtta taaccatctt agtgagagtt taagtgatat ccttgcagtt gatttgcatt     86040
     taactcatga ctagatgttg aggtcttttc atatgtatat tatccattta tacattgtct     86100
     ttagagaaat atcttttcaa gttcattgat tttttaaaaa gtggttcatt atcttattaa     86160
     agagttatca gagtttttta ttctcagcac aaatccttta tcaaatatgt gatttgcaag     86220
     catgtaggag aattttattg atggtattat ttgaagacaa gtgttttcaa ctctgatgaa     86280
     agctgtctta gggtttttat tgtgataaaa caccatggcc aaaagcatct tgggaagaaa     86340
     agggtttgtt ttatctttca attctcaggt tcataccacc actgagagaa gtcagggcag     86400
     aaacacaaag taggaatctg gaggcaagaa atgaaacaga ggtcatgaaa gagtgctgct     86460
     tactggcttg ttccccatgg cttgcttagt ctgttttctt atatacccca ggaccacatg     86520
     accagagggt ggcgccatcc acaatgggtt tggccctctc atatcaatga ttaattaaga     86580
     aaatgctcca taagcttacc gtaagctttc tttctgtttg tttttgtgtt tttgtttgtt     86640
     tgtttgtttg tttggttggt tttctttttg ttttattttg ttttgttttg ttatgagaca     86700
     gagcttctct gggtagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcttga tgtagaccag gctggcttta     86760
     aactcagaga tccacctgcc tatgcctcct gggtgctagg atcaaaggtg tgcaccaaca     86820
     ctacctggca cttacaggcc aatctcagga aggcatcttc ttaatcgtgg ttccctcctc     86880
     tcagataact ctagcttatg tcaagttgac aaaaactaac caggaaaaag tccaatatat     86940
     atatatatat aaatttaaaa acattgattt aattttatat gtatggatgt tttatttgtg     87000
     tgtgtttgtc cagctgatgc atgtagtgct tgcagaaacc agaagaagac attggattct     87060
     caggaactga agttacagat gattgttagc tgccatgtgg atactgggag tggaagcctt     87120
     tgtaagaaca gcaagtgatc ttaaccaatg agtcctctct ccagacctat attattttgt     87180
     tattgttgtt ttgagacttg gtttttctat atagcccagg atggccttga acatgtaatc     87240
     ctcctgcctc agccttcata gtgttggaat aaacatgtgc caccatgcat agtttagttt     87300
     tatgtctagt acttttggtg ttctatacaa gaaataaacc attgcttgat ccaaagtcaa     87360
     gagggttttc ttttagggtt tctaaaaatt ttagttttat aggtacgtct gtgatgtatt     87420
     gtgagttgca ttttttttaa ctgtttgagg ccttcatagt gttggaataa acatgtgcca     87480
     ccatgcatag tttagtttta tgtctagtac ttttggtgtt ctatacaaga aataaaccat     87540
     tgcttgatcc aaagtcaaga gggttttctt ttagggtttc taaaaatttt agttttatag     87600
     gtacgtctgt gatgtattgt gagttgcatg tttttaaact gtttgaggtc tatcttcttt     87660
     ctattagatt ccagttgttt cagtacattt attaaaatga ttattcttcc cattaaatca     87720
     ttcgagcatc attgttgaat atctatctca tttatctaca tggtcatcct gtgaggacac     87780
     tatattatct tggtaactct agtgctatgg taagttttga aacagggaag catgagtcct     87840
     tcaactttgt ctttaaattt tttgttttaa gtaaaaaaaa attgtttttt ttcccccaca     87900
     gaatcttgta actgtggatc tgggatccct gtggaacaaa cacagagaag ggctctaggt     87960
     ctctaacaga gattacaatg aacactctat cctagctata ggtgctgttt ctacgcagca     88020
     tgttctccag tatggaggct gttcacatag agaaatagga ttcagatgaa cttatcagac     88080
     acttgagaat ccgcaaatag tcttgtttga ccaaaacctc tttgttagtc aatttctggt     88140
     ggtaaaggtg gtgacagtga caaaatcaac actgttttca agcatctcta agggctcttt     88200
     caaatgtttc ttaatctcca agtagttatt ctcactttgt gtacaaaggt gttaagaatt     88260
     atagggaaag gtgaccatag agtcaggtca tcatgaacta tggaccactt ggtgatacca     88320
     ctgtgaatct gtggaaagca tagcttctgg tctccacact cctgggtagg gctctcctca     88380
     gattagttag tactttatgc tgttggactt agtatgtgat cagaattatg gattttatag     88440
     agtctagata gtagactaaa ggtatagcat gcagagttca tagggcagga ccttgccata     88500
     tatatgtccc agtgtaaaat aaagggatca tatgagaacc ccacactgct gactcctttt     88560
     agtgattctt attgctgcaa gaaacttgca gacaaaggaa gaaaaattgt gtcatgctgc     88620
     tttcaggatc ttttatacaa agttttgaca tgggtgtcag cactttgctg agctctatga     88680
     tctgtgtcta cgggttatga ggaaaagcct gtgttttgct tttgttctga aatgcttcat     88740
     tggctttgtt actaatgtta gataagagcc acactttagg gagtagatga gtttaaggtc     88800
     ttggtacttt gctgtgcaga tgtggtatct caggttgact taaaacatta gttcttgggc     88860
     taaaggtggt ggagagtccc aaagggctga tttccaaaat cttagggatg gtgaggcagt     88920
     agaagtgcca tacattgctt atctctcatc ccacagaaca ctagaggttc cttttcagat     88980
     acatatgcat gacaagctaa ggagcagaag agacccacag gagatgcctt tagggcaggt     89040
     agcttctggg acacctttca taatttagac taagtactgt ccttcagttg tcattgagct     89100
     atgctccagt cacctcacat gtttgtatat gaccctataa caaataattc tgattgagcc     89160
     tcatgaacca gtcagtacac aggcttctat agcatgttct ctgggacata tattcagaat     89220
     cagaaccctg agcctttcag ggtccagttg tctcccagtt ccttaatggt acagtggaga     89280
     cacatgataa cccttatatg ccagttccca taaagagtac ctaatggctg gcacaattct     89340
     tgactgttca cttatgacac cttccaagta tgtattcttc ccaatggttt cttctgcatg     89400
     gatccctttc ttagatatct tatgttgttg gtggcagttg cctagtggtt cttttggtac     89460
     ataagcacta ggttacagtt cctgctataa gactcaagga tggatataga tagatagata     89520
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tgagagagag agagacagac agacatagag     89580
     atgatatata tattatatat agagagatgt agattatata gatatatctg tgggaaagca     89640
     tacctgatac ctgctcaata atgacgacca ttaacttccc tctatagatg agacccagag     89700
     accttgaatt gtgagaaaag tcctacacct catccctttt tggtcaaatg aagctgatcc     89760
     tcagtatttc catataggga actcacagtt caaagagaag caggcttctt cttttaggaa     89820
     tcttctgtgg tttaggatgt gccccagtct tacaggaccc ctgttccttt ggagactttg     89880
     tagctttggc agctacgtct aatttattct ttgtcttggc tcatgaaggg actctgagcc     89940
     ctttaagggg atggagatat tttcaaggaa caaggtcatg atatagggtg actggggcca     90000
     ggagtggtag aattctggat aaaaacagtt ttggtaatgc atcccactaa aaatataggg     90060
     tagtggtgga gaagataata tttatgataa tgtgtactca atctgccttc tcctaggaga     90120
     agaaagcaga atgtaggaat attcatttcc tgtttttatt gttggtaact aatgaccttc     90180
     ctttgaaact gcagcataga aagcaggttg tcatggagac agggaatgac gttcagggaa     90240
     taggtacaca atgaatttct ttgttgtgtc cagctgatat attcagcctc tgcttagatg     90300
     tgtgaattta tgtgaattat gagaattaaa tattaactgt aggcattgct ctggagagag     90360
     gtaaaaccag gaggagaaaa tatactgaaa acaagtaatg agtgctagtg gggtgcagag     90420
     ttccttgtga gaggccatgt tatcagaaat gatcaggccc accggatggg cttcactttc     90480
     ctcagtcagt gggtgcttga gaagttgaaa acataacata catttaacaa aagcaaatgg     90540
     acctgagctg cacattcttt tgggataata aaaaaatgta gttatgattg agttactcac     90600
     tcattggcca gttagttttc aaaatccctc aataccatct ttgcttccaa gtgggcctca     90660
     tatgatccat actagtgccc agaatggaac agggtgtcta cacccagtga cacatgtgca     90720
     aaatagccac cagaggtgag gccatggtat aggccctctg cttctaaaga gtaagggtct     90780
     ccacctcccc ctccccctct ccctcctcct ccccctcctc cccctcccct tccccctctt     90840
     cctccctcct cctcctcctt ctttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     90900
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     90960
     tctctctctc tctctctctc ctggaacacc catgagcagt gaatttgttt gtctttcaga     91020
     tagattccag agattgtgct gtgctacatt taaaagtgtc ctgcattttt ttttctttct     91080
     cttcatgtgt ctgcctagct gatatttgtc agaattccct tttctgaact tctattcttt     91140
     taaatcctca gaaaatgagt tccggggcaa acttctgacc cagaggtgga cacaggaaga     91200
     caagactagt agctgcagaa ctgagagaca tttcctgtgt agatacaaca aggtaagggc     91260
     ttggccatgg gtccttcaca gatgagatgg ggaccaagat cacctagtca tttttttagt     91320
     tagagaaaga aggatgaata gataaaactc caggcaatag aggtgacaca ggatccttac     91380
     ttcccaagga tactcttggg gatgatcttg gggatagtac ctatctatga ccctggtttt     91440
     ggtcactaac cctctaattc tacaacttcc tactgactta ctctgtctga gacccactct     91500
     ccagagcaga tgacatcaga gccgggagtc aaaatagaaa gaagcatggg gcatcatact     91560
     tggaggccag atgccaacct ctttaaaaat gttttagatt cacttatttt atgtctatga     91620
     atattttgcc tgtatgtatg cttgtgcgtg atgtaagggg tcagaagagg gcattaggtt     91680
     ccctggaact ggaattgcag atggttgtga gccactgagt gcgagaaact gaacctgggt     91740
     tctctgaaag agcaataagt tctgttaacc actgatccat ctctctggtg tccagatgtc     91800
     aacttattat ctgagatgct gaagctttgc attgagtgtc tcagtcaaca cctaggcatt     91860
     gcatccagga taagggacag cctaaatata gatagaaaag accatgagtt taaggcagaa     91920
     tgacatctca gggtacttgc attttactat tagaatatac tatttctcct tcatgtctgg     91980
     tgatagaaat gtataattaa caggtctatt atgatcactt tgctaagtac tcagactcat     92040
     tttgattctt tatcagtgtg ctgagtatga ttagcacagt gtcctatgat aaaatattat     92100
     ttatttctat tactgaattt ttgacctctc tcatttcact gtacccaagc ccagaggatt     92160
     ccccaagaga catgggtgtt agatcatatg accatgaaag tggctctaag cctaatagtt     92220
     tctgtagttg cttggtaccc tgtcaaagtg aagtaggaag actctggttt ctccacagac     92280
     caggcacaac atgctcagaa ggtttgagct tgccatgagc tacatgtgac tgttcagaat     92340
     gcaggtgctg gtaataagcc tgtggctgac acttgggccc tattagcagc actaaggctt     92400
     tatgactgtg tcatctgtaa gccaatctgt tttactttgg acgtatctct gtgagctcaa     92460
     ggccagccaa gtggaactac atagtgagtt ccaagacagc tattacatgg tggcatttaa     92520
     aaagaaagaa agaaacaaaa aactaagata aagaataggc cagcagagga gggaagatgt     92580
     gaatggactg atgggtcaga actgaggggt agcataggtg atttcctttg acagagacta     92640
     agagaaatag cataggttag tgacctaaga tggcatgtgg gtaagatgag gagccaacag     92700
     gaaggaccgt ggaagtggcc cacataataa gatcagtggt atgcttgcct tctgaactca     92760
     ctacagttca ggcagctgga tagcttagga ccatgtgggg ctgttagaga aggcctatgt     92820
     tggtacgtta ggggaaacca tgtgctagta tgttaggcac agatggtgaa ccttgaatgc     92880
     cttctgaacc ttaaagaata aaacctttgg tcccaaggca tacactactt agtggacaat     92940
     tagttatgaa acaaggatct ctggtaagga caattaaaca gaagtaactt cagggatgga     93000
     ggtaactctc ttttttagct gtctgacttg atgttgttgg atcaacaacc tggagagata     93060
     caaaccagtg accctggaga gatacaaatt ccatttataa ctaagtacac ttgtaatccc     93120
     agcacttgga aggataaagt aggagggaca atataagtcc ttgggctgta tagcaagact     93180
     atgtctcaaa gaagaaacaa agaaagaaat tccctttatg aactttgaaa cagatatgac     93240
     tgctttacca ggtagcctaa ttggttataa tttttattta ggggttggag tgagcccaga     93300
     tctgatgttt agaactgtca aagatacccc catcctgagg cattttctga ataatgtctc     93360
     atgggtagtg acatttctat atcacaggaa gtggcaggtc tacttacttg taagtagatt     93420
     gtataattgg tggaagaaca gtgagggtaa tgtcagacat gtattaggat ataccccaaa     93480
     ggggaacaga actaccattg caaagaccca ggaagtacta tgatgactcc tagcgggata     93540
     taggggcacg ggcacatggt ttataggaag tagaatgtac ttctagggga acttttgcat     93600
     ccttctgtgc ctatgagctt acatacaaaa ggaagggcaa gcattaatgg taatcagaaa     93660
     atgggataga gactctgata gtcctgattg tagtttttat ggaggagaaa gtaagtctgg     93720
     tgcttgaagg ttgctcatga atcctaagtg gagtgctctt ttccccaaca cagtggtaga     93780
     tttggacttg ggtctgcaca ggttactact actgtcagaa cacaagacag tttgtaaccc     93840
     ttttggctgc cacaaggaga gcccccccaa aagacaaacc attgtattta ttttttctct     93900
     caatggagtg aataagatac tgccaagtga accagggcaa gggatgacca atttttgcta     93960
     catttttacc ccatagctac ttcagctttt tcctctgtgc agggaagaca tcctccccca     94020
     ggtctccaga ggaagtgtgt acaaaaacct tagtcttctg ttagaacacg gtaatctaca     94080
     tgatcctatg gctttaaaaa ctgttctaaa tctattctaa tattttagct tttctggtta     94140
     ttagagcaca tttttccacc atgagatact gtctcactag gtagccttag ctggcctgga     94200
     acttgctatg tagactagac tagctttgaa ttcacaaaga tcagtctgct tctgcctgtt     94260
     tttaatcctg ctgagattaa aggtatgtgt catcactcct agctagagta cattttaagt     94320
     aaaataaaac accaaagtat ctccttccaa tccagggcta gaatgaatgg cccatggtat     94380
     caagaggccc agaatttcta atcaagactc tgcagctatc tgctcagctc tctctgattt     94440
     atccctcctc caccagcacc agcttctaag atagttttga ctgccccaca tactcactca     94500
     ttcttttctc catctgctgt gctttgcttg atgtgtcctg aatagctctc tgcaagaggc     94560
     agcagtgaat gacctcacat ttgtgaaggt gggagctctc ctcagcacaa gatggggacc     94620
     tttcaggaaa tgaactggtt aggaacaaat aaagagatgt ggtcagagga atggcagagg     94680
     tctgaccatt gagtttgatt tgtctatcca aaggtactct tggctcctgg ggataactta     94740
     cctcaatgct gaggtgtctc tcgtggatac tcttaggtat tcacttgtca gatcactgtt     94800
     cctatcccta gtcagggttt cagggtcgca gggatctgag gttatttatc tttgtgttca     94860
     ctcctgaaca gcttcattgc ctttctagaa tgatgtgaaa aactcccaag gccatgtcac     94920
     ctccatttgg ggtcaagttt cagcacagat tctgcccttg gataatcctt ggatatcagg     94980
     caagaagtgg gtaggaagcc catccatgct ggagggtgtg ggcaattgga ctcagatgtc     95040
     aaagtaaagg tcaacaagaa ccaactgact tagggaatcc ctgggcctct aagaaacaac     95100
     tcttgattat tatttcctct ccctgcccct tcttcttttt taagcctgtg tggcttagaa     95160
     attgctatat agaccaggct gaccttgaac tcacagaact ctgcttgcct ctcccttgcc     95220
     agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt atgccaccat gcctggcccc atcgtttctt tttaaagacc     95280
     agctatttat tgttttggct gtattgagtt tctgagttta tttctcagac aaccaaaata     95340
     gagccaaaag taatcttcag gttttgaggc ttcttgttgt atttgatatt ttggttcttg     95400
     actttgtaaa ggtttgacac agggagctca gtttggcaag tgagtatgaa aagggtctag     95460
     taattgtgtt taaaaagcct gaatgactgg tcttgctttt actaaagcaa tgcagaacag     95520
     ttcgaggcaa aaacaaaaca aaattaaatg aaaacaaaaa caaaaataaa caaacaccct     95580
     ccagtgagat tgcttttaag atagtaccaa ggaatcaagt ttagtgcctg gatagagaca     95640
     gagttctctc aggctaaagt aatagatatg gctgaataca gtgtttgtat ttggaaatta     95700
     ttttctccaa ttttcctata caaggtaaaa cttgataaaa tgtcagaact aaagttgtgc     95760
     tctatcagca gtgtaacatt gatgttagag aaacagcaga tgttcctggg aaagatcccc     95820
     gatctcacag tggagcaaga ttatttgtct gaacaaagag accctttcac cctcaaggca     95880
     agaggcgatt gagttaatgt gcaaaacagt tactgtttgt gcttggaaga aataaaaggg     95940
     ttgtttaaaa aaacaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa ttaagggaaa attgagaagc     96000
     acctcattgc ctttgcatca gtcagttgta ccataggcag ggaccattga tgtatggaac     96060
     aggcaggaag tcttaggatc tgatgccagg ccaattagtc agtgagtctg ggcagtgtta     96120
     agcacagtgc ttccctgagc atgatggcct aatagttata ctacttatag gtaagaggtc     96180
     tatagatgcc ttctgcagta ctttgtagaa gaaagcatgt gaatttctca cacatttttt     96240
     gccagatgcc tctacagcag ctaccactgt caatttcaaa agtgagagga gaatcaccct     96300
     ttggcattga cttcacaagt catccagatc ctatgagcgc attttcatca tactaaagag     96360
     cctggcttct ctcccacaag ttcaggagtt tccttcttaa atcaaagcta tgcaaactga     96420
     agagaacttc ttgtacattg aacacttgat gcaagtaaat cggaaagaga aggtgctcag     96480
     gacaatgaat gccacagctg ttagcttcat caatgggagc tcacagtttg caagcaatgc     96540
     ccattacaca tccctgtaac cctctctatt ctctgccctt tgaataattt atccacagga     96600
     aatccaaatt gccaaggcat actttaatct agcagaatgc ctgccaattt ccttgggaaa     96660
     actgacacaa aaagctatag attacatttc agctgaacac aggcatgggg caatcagatg     96720
     tattgtgtgc cctgcctcag aaggcgttgt gcactggctc agtgcaatcg acgtttgaag     96780
     gctcatagat gtaatgacgt ccctttgaca cctgctcctc tctttacttt aagtgtgagc     96840
     cattggtcca cggggagcct ctgccttaaa aatagaaatt atagtaattg tctctgttct     96900
     atgagaaggc tataataaac acatggctta tggcattatg ctccataccc tggagctgac     96960
     aggttgcata aattacccca ttttaatttt tcttctttaa caaattatat agatcactgt     97020
     atgctatact gcttcatgga acagttcact tgtgaatttc atctgccaac tgaggaatta     97080
     attttgtttt gttttcctac ttggtgaggt agagggttga atttgccagt ctcttccttc     97140
     tgcagcatat cccattctct tacttcctcc tttccaaacc actcacacag agctctgttg     97200
     tcctggtata atccatggtc tgggagagat gttggtttgc ctcctatctc ttctgactgt     97260
     ggaggcaggt agtaagtctt aactagccag tcttctgctt gggtgtacac ctgctcctct     97320
     cagtcctgtt atctgtgaga agattgtttc ccacatcaca gagtttgcca acatcttatc     97380
     tgttccttca gatttgccat ggtgacacaa gatgaggatt cacctgggga ccctcatcct     97440
     cagatgtgcc ctatctgtgg ctgtcacctt catagtagct cttctgtggt tttttcaaag     97500
     tacatgttgt gggcagcagc cctatggagg cttctctagg tgagtcaaga ttctaataca     97560
     cttgacaggt cagaggccag aggccagaga acacctcagt gttgctcaag caaccaattt     97620
     ttacccacat gacactagta tattaggaat attaaaactt gtgtagggta ggaagacaat     97680
     gtccatggga gataggccct ggactatatt aagtggaccc agtttcatct ccaccagttg     97740
     aatctatggt cagcaatatg ccctgtacct cagtacctgc ctgataaggt aagcagtggg     97800
     tgttactctt tgtgccagga gcccctttta ttatggaata cctatgcact cgaggctttg     97860
     tgggcagata ggaaactgga gcagtgtggg tggagtgctg tgagacacta ggaggtgtga     97920
     ataagatatc attaagcctg gtggtctctc cccagcagaa cccccacatt ctcccaactt     97980
     gcttcttttg gtcccattct tgttgttcac agataatctt cctgccatag caaaacttaa     98040
     gtcagaaaat gacccagtgc ttctgatggt ttacgacaca gcaggtgctt gccctgggtg     98100
     gttcttaaca ttgtgcttgt tttactttgc agatgagctc agaaagtgat gacaagcgag     98160
     cccgcacacg gtccaagacc ctccgaggtc agtgccaatg cagtctggcc tggtccccat     98220
     ccttggcagc tgccctctct aaactgttga tgtaattaaa tgctcagctt cctggtagct     98280
     tttggcctat actaggcatc tgggacttta gggctcctcg attgttcctt gatgcagtat     98340
     ttaagggttt cctgaagccc ttttcagctc atacagattt gcttcaggct gtatgagtgt     98400
     ggggacaagt acagttccac agagtgggag agcagagttc agtcaggaac ctgcttaatt     98460
     tagaaaggaa aggtccctgg ccttcggcca ccactagcct ttggccagtg gcccctttct     98520
     ttccagagat tattgttggt gctcttggac attttaaggc tgttaggtag acttgataat     98580
     gggtggaagg gagaggatcg gcccttttca ctttattaag actggggctt acctgcttgg     98640
     tcatcccctc accccacccc aactctctca cttggagctt ccagttgggc ttcacagagt     98700
     attcaaaagt tttgaatatg taagcgctgc ctattctggt tggactcctg catatcttgt     98760
     agttagtgcc catcattgtg accagccaca tctttgctgg ttctagtctt tgtgcaactt     98820
     aatctggtag gtaatatatc ctgccaaaag ctgacatcta tctgcaatta cagagagata     98880
     acaccctgag cctgagggta gagagattat caggtcttct ctgaaaatct ggggtgtgtg     98940
     tgtatgtctg gtgtagggat cccagaccaa gcaccttgtt aagggggcag cttactctac     99000
     tgacctcggg ggaagttctt ataggtcagc aaagggtggg catcttgtcc ttgtgaaagt     99060
     gttagttatt ttattaggtt tatactttta gggaaatatt cttctgaaag tctaagtcct     99120
     atgtatatgt atttttgttt ttccctatat cttacccagg acccccagag accacaggtg     99180
     cagacctcag gtaagaaagt attcctattt gcataagcac tgttctccac cttcttgccc     99240
     ataatgtaat ttttataaaa tttcccacaa actcttgtgt ctgaggaaac agcttttctc     99300
     tgtgacatat cttgctgtct atatccaact atgctctttc tcagctcaaa attggtcacc     99360
     ctcgaactgt tcttcactag catttgcact gtcaccatgg tcccccaaac cacaacaagt     99420
     tgcttttggt gatttttgca tacaatggtg tctacctgtt tgccgtccac cgtgccatgt     99480
     ggggatgatc tacagtatgc atggctcaca ttggctgact acacataagc tgtggtggga     99540
     gcatttttat tttttgagac agagtgtaga ccacaatgac ccaaaactcc cagcaatctt     99600
     cctttctctg cttcccaagt gctgtgacta aatgtgtgtg acaacatctc tctctctctc     99660
     tctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc     99720
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc caactcagaa atctgcctgc     99780
     cgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattata ggcgtgcacc accacgccag gctgacacca     99840
     tctcttgata tgggatcatt tatatgtcac cagcacaagt tctttacctc tccaagggtc     99900
     tgtttaccag gacagcataa ctctgatctg agaagcagac aagacctctt tttgggtggg     99960
     gctcacactg tggtgtgcca gaatagagac tgtgactttt tttttttttt tgtgataggg    100020
     tttctctgtg taaccctggc tatcctggga ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaat    100080
     tcagaaatcc gcctgactct gcctcccaag tgctgggatc aaaggtgtgt gccaccacgc    100140
     ccagcctaag actgtgactt acaaagggct tgctgttatg gtttgggaga agaatattat    100200
     atatgtgtaa atcatgatat tagataaact cgtttgaatg cagccctgtt tgtgggactc    100260
     ttcatggatg atgtattcag aattcctcac cttgcagtac ccttggccct gggctaccct    100320
     ataacttagg caaagctctt aaaatgacat ttgttatccg ggaggctgaa gaatggttgt    100380
     tacaagatta tctgaggagc ttgaattgga ataagcaaga ctcagtgagg cctcttggac    100440
     atcttaaaaa tttcctgtgt cctgaattta accctagctc ttaggagaaa tagatttaat    100500
     agttttcctt cagcatcctt gaaggaactg atatacacta cagtttgtat tttgatgaag    100560
     ttcagcatcc attacaggac cccagagagg ttttgctgag gcaggagttg gaggagggct    100620
     gggatcaata tcttagagac acatcagtgg gctggttagg gttgccctaa atgtatcctt    100680
     ttcttaaatg tatacctttc ttcatctggg gtccttctcg gtgagccata gccagctcct    100740
     gtcagaggac aggtgagtaa aagattccta tcacccacat tggggaaggg agtcagtccc    100800
     tttaaagggg gagtggttag gtcatgatgc tctagcctgg gatttggact cttcccaaaa    100860
     ttaggttctt agatgcctgt ggcttgtctt tggaccctca gagccgccaa agtacctatt    100920
     gagaggtacc catcagtcag tcctcagctc tttacctgtt ccatttgctt gggtctcaga    100980
     tcctggcttc agtaacatga gatccaagac cagatcaagg gattcaaaga ctttgctttt    101040
     gattgctgat aagcataccc aaacacctat gtctgcctat gaactcctat aattgcctaa    101100
     gagcatgcat gaacacctat gactttatga gcacatatgg gcaccaagtg ttagaggaag    101160
     ggtcactttg gctttgcttt tctcctattt ttagagaaga ctcaggaggc ttgaaagcct    101220
     tgccaatcac tcacttatgc ccaactgtag ggcattagca gatgatagtg cacatgaatt    101280
     ttcagtgtgc tctaagtact catatatgct catgagattc tcacttgttc tttttgtttt    101340
     tgttttgttt cttgaggcag ggtttctctt tgtagctctt actgtcctgg gactcactct    101400
     gtagaccagg ctggtttgga acttgtagag atccacctgc ctctgcttct cgagtgctga    101460
     gactacaggt atgcaccacc atgctctgct tctcatgtgt tcttataagt gggcattgat    101520
     gtcagttata ctcctagatg cttggtgtgc tcacagatta ccctggaggc tcaagactga    101580
     tgtctgatct cattacagta tctgaagctc tggctagatc tcatgtcact ctgatgtttc    101640
     cggtttctgt gtctaaggag tttcagtttc tgtccagacg gccttggcaa ctttatgtac    101700
     tcaggctcag agctgggtgg gaaggtacag gcccacctgg cgggggacct tttctgtact    101760
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttttt tttgtttttt gtttttgttt tttttttttg    101820
     agacagggtt tctctatgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cattttgtag accaggctgg    101880
     cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctac ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc    101940
     caccatgccc ggcttttctg tacttttctg agttgggtat cacacttact tggaacaaat    102000
     gacatgggga cagtgccagt gtcccacagg cctccacagc agctgttgcc taattgcctg    102060
     attaagtgat tagttgacta actgggacct cagcttcaaa tcccagtaac aacgaactgt    102120
     ttgtaaaaag tctcaaagct agttcttgag agagtgaaag caaatttgag tacagatttt    102180
     acaataggct gtccgtggtt agaaataatt ctccatctga aaaagaaatc tgataaaata    102240
     cctttctgct ttttcctcct ggaaactgtc aggggtatcc gaacaaaggt ggagtggccc    102300
     tttcttaggt cccaaagagc tgctccctac ctgcctccct ttgcagattt tgagaagctg    102360
     tgccaaattt taggagaaaa ataggaactc tggtccacat cagcaattct gttagaagtg    102420
     ggttctttgt ctccactttc agacaggttt ggttccccca caaggggctg aaatctaata    102480
     tgctctctca cgcagcctca cagatcatct tgcttgtcta cagtaccata aattagtagc    102540
     agcttcttgc atccatagaa ctctgaaccg tgatggaccc ttgactctca taccgcatag    102600
     gcgcccctat agctgttcta acctgagtaa tcctatgagc cttttggctg tgccgagtgg    102660
     tcagtgttag tgcgtctgtt tggaagtttt taccggtttg gtaatgtgga tggctgaagg    102720
     tgaggaactt cggagggtct cactttcatc ctcttgtact ttccatcttg gaatggggca    102780
     ggggttgacc ttctcagtgc atccaaccag ttttgtacca ggcaggatgg gaatctctca    102840
     gtgcattgcc tccgctggct ttcttttctc tgtggaagca gagaacaaca ccaggctctg    102900
     ggtactagaa cagggtctct cctacaagct gtggttttgg cttggtctgc acagactcct    102960
     tccatacttg gtagaaaggt aggacatact atagccctgg aggctgaagc atcacagtac    103020
     gagcgatgaa catgaagaaa ttcaaactct gtgctctgga cttgggtcag acaggccatg    103080
     agaccccctt agagatggta cttgcatctc aagcccccta aaatctggtg aaatgtctgc    103140
     tgtggaaaaa tgaacctacc cagtaaatgc cttaaccttg tacagatctc caattaaaca    103200
     cattcataaa gttgtaacta gctattcatt tgtttaaatg ggctggatta tttcatgact    103260
     ttttagcaaa ctgacagagt ccatcttaag atgagccatt ggagaccctc ttttgctctt    103320
     tagggtgtga cccaggttct gatgcctaag gtgctctctc ctgctttttc ctccagttgt    103380
     cctaccccag gatgtactgg ttcaggacat gtgcggggca agtactccag acatcgaagg    103440
     tatgaggcct gccaatactc ttaaagactc ccaggaagga ggtttggggt tctcttctca    103500
     gatatgtttt cttttgtgga ttaaaacctt tctgtttgac tatgactgct gaggccaagc    103560
     tggcctatcc cttctaaggc ctagtgtctt cccactggtc tgtgttcctg tggtgcctgg    103620
     tgccttcact aaggtgagcc tggccatgaa tgtgccacaa gaggtggtag attacatgtt    103680
     cttggcacct ttgcttttcc agaaggacta ttttgagtct taggtatatt tgtatggcat    103740
     agctttttaa aacaattttt aaatttaatt aattaattaa tttattttgg tatggtataa    103800
     ctttaagtag acctcgtaca tatgagagct acatgtaagc tacaactgtc agcatagtca    103860
     ttccctgtgg tcagttaggt tttctagggg actggagtgt caaattcttg ggtgggtata    103920
     ggtgtggaga tctgagggag gagaagaaaa gggccagtaa gggaggaagt aggctgagat    103980
     aagcttgggg tgatgtggga tggtggtttg gtctaaggat ccacttagag agtagcaatc    104040
     taggccagtg gggcctgaat cctcattcta tatgtagact tggctcactg taatgcaatt    104100
     taaaatacaa tcagaaactt ttagatgtat gtaattagat gttagcactt gaagcttcca    104160
     tctgagaatg gctacagaag gagagactct tagaatggcc tcctgggttt ctcagggaac    104220
     tggcctggct cttggcacca tccatcttcc ctttcagctt acagagttgc cctctggcca    104280
     agaagagaaa actggaggat gctgagactg agcacctggt atccaagagg aagtcacacc    104340
     ctctgaggct ggctctggat gagggttacc gcatggacag tgatggcagt gaggatgctg    104400
     aagtgaagga cgtctctgtt tcagatgaat cagaaggacc cctggaggag gctgaggctg    104460
     agatgtcagg acaggaggag attcatcacc cacagacagc tgaaggtact attttgctct    104520
     ttctcctttg aataaaggct gcttagtgta gccctggaga attgcagcct gtgaggggga    104580
     tgggggagct cggttcagtg cagaaagctg tcttgagaac aaggaatgtc ttgtcctgac    104640
     atgtgcagct tcctggaaaa ggggtctgcc caggattggg agggggtgct actatagagt    104700
     gtgtgaacac tgtgtgcagg gtagagatgg gaaaatggat ctggacttgc atcttgcaat    104760
     cactcccatg cactctcaaa agtttgattc tgaggcaagg ctccatgtgt gtgagaaata    104820
     aagacaaata atgcctgttg tgcctctgtc cgtgtgatgc tcttagacag agcccatcct    104880
     tcctggccca tgagagttga ctgggctgga tctactttgt tctcagacac caagagcagg    104940
     tactgatgaa atacctcact tcagggtgaa tcaggactct gaaggtgggc tgctcataga    105000
     agccaagaga ggaaagaagg catctgagag tctgctgact tcccaacttt ctgggatcag    105060
     ctgactttaa atggttgagg tagagtttta ccatattttt gaagcaatct atgttgagcc    105120
     ctcactgatt tccttcttgg gactaaaggg aatgcatggt ccatggaata aagcaagttt    105180
     gtgttccatg tagaaaaaaa tctatgactt acctgcctct tgggatatta tatcgtaggg    105240
     ctagctccta ctgttgctaa gaacactgat tcatgagttc tacaggatga gcatgtagta    105300
     agatctgtta ctatgtttag aagttttaaa ttcgtgttct gtcaaaatat aagtgatttt    105360
     caattataaa atgacttttc atttgatttt tttctttacg ttccactgta taaaatgcag    105420
     atctatctgc tttgagaaaa taaatgatgg atggaatagg aataagaact gaaaaatatc    105480
     aaagtaatct agctaaaatt gattccttct tggtttttga atccaggcag aaggctgaca    105540
     ggatggctta cagttcattt ccatattttc taagctacag tgctgagagt gggcaggtgg    105600
     ggataggtgg agagttggct actgttggga gcagagacct ggaaacattc ccccatgctc    105660
     tcttcaaggc cccgttgttt cttgttttat gcaggaaaaa gcctcatcaa gccccatttt    105720
     gactccaacc ccacaagcag cccttctggc ttctccaaga gcagctacag tagctaccag    105780
     gggatcattg caacttccct cctaaatctg ggccaaattg ctgaagaggc ccttgtgaag    105840
     gaggattccg tctcagtagc taagttgagc cccactgttg ttcatcagct tcaggatgag    105900
     gctgcaatgg gggtcaacag tgacgagggt gaaaaggacc tctttataca gccagaagat    105960
     gtggaggagg tcattgaagt cacaagtgaa cgttcccagg agccatgccc ccagtctctg    106020
     aaggatatgg ttagtgaaga gtcaagtaag cagaaaggag tcctaggtca tgaggaggag    106080
     ggagaggagg aggaagaaga tgaagaagaa gaggatgagg aggaggagga ggagggagag    106140
     gaaggagaag aagaagagga ggaggaggag gaagaagagg aggaggaaga tgaagaggaa    106200
     gaggaggagg aggaggaagc agctccaaat gttatctttg gggaagacac ctcccatacc    106260
     tctgtccaga aggcgtctcc tgagttccga ggcccagagc tatctagtcc taaacctgag    106320
     tactcagtca tcgtggaggt tcgctctgat gatgacaagg atgaggattc acgctcccag    106380
     aagtcagcag tcacagatga atcagaaatg tatgacatga tgacccgtgg gaatttaggc    106440
     cttctggaac aggccattgc cctgaaggct gagcaggtgc gagcggtctg tgagtctggc    106500
     tgtccacctg ctgagcaggg ccatctgggc ccaggagagc cagggaaaat ggcaaagccc    106560
     ctggacgtgg tgaggaagag ctgctacagc aaaggtaggc taaagtggcc tgctctgatc    106620
     acccatcact ctgatcaccc attaataggg acaacctcta ctgagagtgc agatagaggc    106680
     tggggagaaa catcgctcat agcttataac cccttataga ctggaatggg aggaaaactg    106740
     aaaagcactt gaggataata atctcagaac ttgggtcaaa aattgaggac atggactcat    106800
     actgttttat gtattgtgat ctgtagagag ctgagatatg tgagaggagg ctaggtaggg    106860
     gagaggaagg aaagcaggag ggcagataac ccagttacta tgtcacttgg tcataatcct    106920
     gtcaccctgg cctaaacctg tagcagagat tgtccagtga cagatcctga catttgatga    106980
     cttcaaccct tgaaaactgt ttttaaggcc atatttaatc atcctcagca ctttctccat    107040
     agagttgtga cctccaagct gatttgagtc atctctctct tgctcctctg gatttatggg    107100
     cagaatcagc tagcttcact gagtagctta tgtctagaag aggacaggaa gactgggcta    107160
     gtgtaaggga tctggtctgg attgatatag gagagaggct ggacactgaa gtcagatttt    107220
     tttttaatac tcaatgaaag ctttaatatg aacaaacaac taaaactcaa caaatgcctg    107280
     gagaaatcag ttaaggagga aacaaaagaa aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    107340
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggagagg gagagggaga gggagaggga gagggaggga    107400
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaaatca agaatatgga    107460
     ttatataagc agatgaaagc tttaaatata tagcctttag ttattctcag agcaaatgtg    107520
     atatgagaca caatgcaagt tacaaggtca aaattaaaaa ttcagttagt ttgaataaaa    107580
     ataaccccag agactcatag atttaaatgt ttggtgacca gggagtgtta ctattagcag    107640
     tgtgaacttt ttttattatt agatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgc tatcccaaaa    107700
     gttccctata cccttccccc accctgctcc cctacacacc cattcccact tcttagcctt    107760
     ggcattcccc tgaactgggg catataaagt ttgcaagacc aaggggcctc ttcccagtga    107820
     tggccaacta ggccaccttc tgctacattt gcagctagag acacgagctc tgggggtact    107880
     ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatcg ggttgcagac cccttcagct ccttgggtac    107940
     tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gttccatcca atagatgact gtgaacatcc    108000
     acttctgtac tgaaatcaga tctaaggatg gactttgaac aaatgttatg gccatagcta    108060
     tagcacggac accaaatttg tagagcaggc tggccatgtg acgcttgcaa tctgctcttt    108120
     tcaagtgtct ccttgcctca gagcaggtgc acagagcgtc ttcccaggag agtcatcacc    108180
     acaatgcaag aaggccagtc cttagatagg ccagctttga attgccctgg gtttccctag    108240
     gcctgatacc tctactctaa gatcagggag ctgtcctgac ttcagtcttc tctttccctg    108300
     tcccaggcaa aactttcttc tctgggtcaa actctgggcc ctttttcagc ctgtttccag    108360
     aaagggttgg atggtgctag ggaggaaaaa gtaaagatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    108420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    108480
     gagcttggac actgaagtca ggaactaaga aggtagggaa tatgtatgtg gggagtcctg    108540
     ggaggtacat gtgggtcatg ggaagacata agaaaattat aggagtaaga attcagcaga    108600
     agtttggtga gacatgagga cacacttttt gagaatactc atgactgtga agtaagatca    108660
     gaggacagat tgattgggaa catgttttct gggtgaagac ttggagggtg gctcttgaga    108720
     tgataccctt aaggttaagt cagactaggg taaccatttg acggtgtgta cattgaaggc    108780
     gagacagatt tagaataggt acaggagctt gagtttgtca gactttgggt ttgaagattt    108840
     tgatgggaca ctgaatgctt gatatcaaca agcctaggta tttgaagaac tttcaccttt    108900
     ggataaatgt taggggccag gtgcaattca ggtttagaag tacaggatac tagacagtat    108960
     ctttaggcta taagaacaca cattttgaca tgtggaggga cagacagcaa gactttgggg    109020
     gctcaggcag gtatttggta cagatatgag tcccttagca tatcaccact tgcttggatt    109080
     ggtagaaatc tgactcccta tacatttgaa cttggagaga ctgagcaggc cttcttccct    109140
     ctgctgaatt tctgagcttg gctctggcat ggcctatcaa aaagaagttt ctctgagaca    109200
     tcatgaggac ccccattttc ttctgattgc cacacttagt agtcaacatg tacttataga    109260
     ggtgaggttg gcaactgaaa tttggagttt aattttctgc tcaggtattt attaaggata    109320
     tagatttaga taagtcatat aatctgtgtc tccctcattt tatcaagtct caaggacacc    109380
     ttttctcaag ggtattgata gatactttac ctgcaaggct tacacagtgc ctacactcca    109440
     gctactgtcc atcctcctat atggggtgga aagaacattc cctgggcttt ggagcagctt    109500
     ttctggagtt gcttcacttt cagcttctgc ctttcttgga tcagtaaaag tggagacagg    109560
     aactgttcct acctctccct tcccagtctc ctagctttgc ataatatgtc ctatgtgttt    109620
     tatttagatc cttccagggt ggagaagcgt gaaatcaagt gtccgacacc tggctgtgat    109680
     ggcactggcc atgttactgg attgtaccct catcaccgca gcctgtctgg ctgtccccac    109740
     aaggatagaa tccctccaga gagtgagtag cttcatgtag ggttatccca aagattaaag    109800
     tttagagttt tgtggtataa ggtgaggggc agtctttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt    109860
     ttttggtttt tgggtttttt tgggttttgg tttttggttt ttggtttttg gtttttggtt    109920
     tttggttttt ggtttttggt ttttggtttt tggtttttgg tttttggttt ttggtttttc    109980
     gagatagggt ttctctgtat agccctagct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggcag    110040
     aggacagtct tttgaagtgt ccacctatag ataccagcct aagtcaaata caaactgtgg    110100
     gaatggaagt ctgtattcac tgaactggac aggtggaggc cgtgacagag ttgcctcttt    110160
     gtttgaaaag ctgaagattg gatgtctgtt atcattctta gactagaggc agaaattatg    110220
     aaaatgaagc tcagagacag tctagtttct tctgtgggag gcagggtcca agtggacatg    110280
     cttgactgag ttcattaggc tctgagtgcc atgcactctg cttacacagc tgcagccttt    110340
     gtacaggact cccaaccttc cttgggccat tctccattgt agccatgcct ggtctcatta    110400
     cttgttctct ctgcttctct tacagtcttg gccatgcatg aaaatgtact gaagtgccct    110460
     actcctggct gcacgggcca aggccatgtg aacagcaacc gcaatactca cagaaggtag    110520
     tgaattaagc tggggcatgg taggaaatta gggctgggcc tgtagtatat gtctctgcct    110580
     gggccttgag cctttatctg gaataggttc tggacagaca tatagctccc tgctttggca    110640
     ggtgtcagct gaagggctgg ccattctctg gtgtttctgc aagtaccctg tgaactaagg    110700
     tgatcatgtg agaaatctga tactgctgtg atgagagaaa gtagagagtt tgtgttttca    110760
     gaaaacctct gcatagtagc tcttgctcac gggtggaagg aaaaacctgg atgtggatag    110820
     gaatgtctag agttactctg agtgggtgat gagatcaaat ggacatgggg attccaggct    110880
     actggacaga tttatttgtt ggctcatctt atccaagaag ggaccatacc ccaccaagag    110940
     tgttataagc ttgacaggat ctgtctgggc cattgtagtt atgtgctttg gaaagaatac    111000
     ctaggcttta gaggtcagtt tgttagaaaa gaggctggat tccctattga tgtgctgtcc    111060
     caggagctgg tagctgagct catagtagat cctgaggagg gctagtgtac tccaaaggca    111120
     gtacccaagt tgtggtctga acatagcctt tggtttgcct gagttatcca gtccgggcat    111180
     ttgaaagggg agagatggga gaagagggag aagaaggctg aatctgacag ctatccatgt    111240
     agaagaatcc tttgttcaca gtttgtagag ctttagagta tatttcattt tctgtgaatt    111300
     atcccaaata gaattggcct gagaaatttg ttctctgtgg ttgaggacag agatggagga    111360
     acaatctgtc ttgtggggat gacaggtgtg ttactgaccc tgggctttct acacctagaa    111420
     ctcttgtatc tgaaatggtg ttgctcccag gaccacatat ttggcaagct gggacagaca    111480
     taccttggag aaaaggctca gatgtctctc cttttctttc ctctagttta tctggatgtc    111540
     ccattgctgc tgctgaaaaa ttagccaaat ctcatgagaa gcagcaattg cagacaggag    111600
     atcctcccaa aaataactcc aattcagatc ggatcctcag gtaggtgaga ttagaagtac    111660
     tttccaaata tcttcaggga cttcagtgtt atggctgtgt ggtatgaata tgcttcttgg    111720
     cacacaagac acttacactc aaagcgcctc atccaaggtg caaacagctg cctatcctta    111780
     gccacagtgt attctgccct tctttctcct aagacatctg atacagtcag gaaaattatt    111840
     cagtcttagt gtgtagagat agtagactac actagttgag gacctcacta tacagggagc    111900
     acctagttgt tcttatgtct cccacatcag gatggattct attctggggc agaggaaagg    111960
     aaggcagagg aaagaagggc agaggacttg ctcctctgag tgctgcctcc tgtgggtact    112020
     aagcattgga gacaacagca ggcataggta cctgtaggga tatgcatgtc tgcatgctct    112080
     gtatatatgt acacccatat gaataagttt acaaatgtgt tctaatgcat gtgcatgcat    112140
     ggtatcattg aggggccttc tgacagaaca accaggacaa atttgcctag tgcctctcca    112200
     tacaggtaac cttggaaagt gagtgttata aataaggcca gaagtttggg ctcatgttcc    112260
     tggatggcct gccttaaaag atttatttga ggtgaactat agtctccttc tggggttgga    112320
     ggttcattca agtcactgac tgagagtata atgtcacttt tgatcttcac tcagtataca    112380
     cagttcttca ttttcctgag aatatagaac tcacaactcc ttctccctgg ttcttagact    112440
     cctgttccat gtttctcttc tcacatgcag tgtgggagac aagaccatgt actcagtaaa    112500
     gccaaccact ggctgacatg gcactattgc ctctttatag gacccctgat caccaccttc    112560
     ctttttggct actttccttg gaagtgctat accctggtca tttcctggcc aactccaaag    112620
     ggactctaaa taggtgcgtt accacaaaac acagcttagg gatataggga cttattttcc    112680
     tgttctgtgg agtacttgtg ttccattcat ggacaccttt gactttgtgg gtcccaggta    112740
     gcatagttgt ccatcttatt tgttcttcct tccagcttct tgtcagttgt ttgttgatcc    112800
     tttcgccaat aaatgacacc aatgtagagg tcaagttaaa tgtctccttg agggtatcag    112860
     atagtcttgc tcttgcagct tccccaggag ttgctgagca tagtgcccag cctaggactt    112920
     cattccacca tagagccaat cttatcactg ctgttatgtg gtcttcacag gaccttaaga    112980
     atggtcttac agtaccagcc ttctggttct ctcctcagcc acattcaagt ttctcaggta    113040
     tcctcaccat catttccaag taccgctgat cactgaagcc attgctcatt acagaccaga    113100
     acaaggagag ctagggcatt tgctggagct ccttctttct tccatttccc ctccacctct    113160
     gagcttcctg ttcagaaact cactgttgtg tagctgagct cgtggaactt gctctcttac    113220
     attttggagg aagttcaagc ttgctacttt ggcataatac tagcataaga acacattatt    113280
     atttctttca ggttctattg tttcctcctt ataggcaact gataatgggc ctatcctagg    113340
     gtcccttaat tctgggaggc agaattttga ccaaacatta ggggcaggat tttggaagtg    113400
     tgtgtatctc cctgggtttt ccttatcacc ttgatgcatg aagacctggc ttgcgccatt    113460
     ggagggttgg gggagaggta gcatggggtc tttgagtccc aaccttacag actctgcatc    113520
     tctgtctcat accccaggcc catgtgtttt gtgaagcagc ttgaggttcc accttatggg    113580
     agctacagac ccaatgtggc tcccgccacg cccagggcca acttggccaa ggagctggag    113640
     aagttctcca aagtcacctt tgactacgca agttttgatg ctcaggtttt tggcaaacgt    113700
     atgcttgccc caaagattca gaccagcgaa acctcaccca aagccttcca atgtaagttg    113760
     gggagaattg tttaatgtct ctcctctcac attgctcctg agagggacag tgggggaggg    113820
     attttcttgg gagctaggag ggacaggatg ccagcctgaa tcctctctct ttcttcagct    113880
     gctccagtgg gctagttgtg gtatcattag ggcctgcatc ttacccatgt tcactttgag    113940
     cctttatgtg tttcttaaga aaatcatggg tctgttatgg gtgtgtatgt ccagaggctt    114000
     aagaatcgct tcactgatgt ggtctgcccc agggtgtcca cttccagcat cacctttaag    114060
     gagagtccaa caagataggg tggtaccatg gcaggaagct tcttggtttc ctggggacca    114120
     tcttactgga aatggtattt tctgtgacat taccagcaca ttttaagggc aattatactg    114180
     acaaaaataa ctcctggaaa tgttctagaa taatcatcca tgccttttct tgtcattcac    114240
     tgcacttctt tgtggttagc cttggaaatg aatgcaagat ggaaatgtac ccagtgcact    114300
     gggagaccca gagatctccc agctgatctt gtctgctcca cagatagcaa agacaagttt    114360
     ctaacttgtt aggattacag ttcttagggt tagtaacctc tgggatgagt tttttctgaa    114420
     cactagcaga ctctgctggc cattctcaag catctccaag cacatgcact tacttggaag    114480
     ctatgccggc attgctggga aggggctaaa aatcagtttt ccactcgtct gaatctttct    114540
     ggaaataacg gtggtttctt acttactcac aatatcactt ctgagggtga ttttaaaact    114600
     gcagcataat ttctagaaaa aaaatactat acacttacag taatattgct ttattaagga    114660
     agcagtaatt attggggaca taaagtcagt gaaagcataa taacatcttt tgagaggaca    114720
     aactttccag gtgcatttat cccaaatatg tatcttattt acagaattat agaatcaaaa    114780
     gtatttgttg gtgaacatgg gttttttccc tgttgtttgt ttgaagttat taagtctgtt    114840
     agagtatatt tctagagttt tcttatttct gcccaaattt ctgaccaaaa ggtcagaaat    114900
     gagatgcatt ttcagtgctg gagacaagag cagtagaagt gagcgataat gtgggagtgc    114960
     tatgccttga cccctagctc tctccctatt tgtctgctgc ttctatcttt gtctatgtta    115020
     gtctaggatg ttccctttta gcatccagcc tttaccaaag tcacttcctc caggtgcagt    115080
     ctaatcttcc agtggtttta taagaatact ttatcttctt ctgtaggctt cgattactct    115140
     catgatgctg aggctgcaca catggctgcc acagccatcc tgaacctctc cactcgatgt    115200
     tgggagatgc cagagaacct cagcacaaag ccacaggacc tccccagcaa ggtaaacata    115260
     caatcctgaa accctttggg gagagaagaa tgggtagagt ttatactgag aaaattacag    115320
     taaggctatg gctggtgcca agagcaactg gaagctagtt gatgtttatt taaaaatatt    115380
     tatgttttat ttatgtgcac acaactgtgc ctgcattgtc tatgtgcatc atatgtgtgc    115440
     aggtgtccag agccagaggg catcagatac cctggaactg gagttatagg ctatagtgag    115500
     atgcttgata taggtgctgg aaactgagct aagcatggtc ctcggaaaga ctaatacatg    115560
     cttttaacag ctgagacatc tctctagccc ttagctgata tatttttttt aattatattt    115620
     gaccatttgg taatggctca gataacccaa aagggtaggt gagcagccat gaaaagagtt    115680
     tttgtgctgt gaaactcaag gtcaggctca tattgtgttc ctatatgctt ttctggaagt    115740
     tagtagtgac tgacatgtct tagggtcaaa gacctgtttt cactaaagca tgcagtgatc    115800
     tcaagggtct ggcttcctaa tgtgtaggag aaaggggctg ggctgcaggg cttctttaca    115860
     tgaggttagg atatggcgct aattctttcc tctaagcagg cattgattgc ttctttctac    115920
     aagagtcagt attgtgacca gaaaacactt tcaggaagtg gctcagtttg ctaaccctat    115980
     tcttaacctt catatttgta ggctgtggac attgaggtag atgaaaatgg aactctggac    116040
     ttgagcatgc ataaacatcg caagcgggaa aacactttcc ccagcagtag cagctgcagt    116100
     agcagccctg gtgtcaagtc tcctgatgtc tctcaacgtc agagcagtac cagtgccccc    116160
     agcagctcta tgacctcacc ccagtccagc caggcctctc gccaggatga gtgggaccgt    116220
     cctctagact acaccaaacc tagtcggctt cgagaggaag agcctgagga ggtgggtgcc    116280
     aggggcccta tatgtgacct tagtgtgtag gctctcagct gctttcagga ctgctgtgaa    116340
     cactgcttgc ttcttagata tcttttcctt aagaggttta tgtctacata aaccttcaag    116400
     gtctatctct tttcatacag gattcttcat cttcaggcca ttcaaaactc aggtcacagc    116460
     ctgcagcaaa ggtttctcct gcgttgttac actcagtctt gttccataaa gagagtgggt    116520
     cttctcacct caacagaatt tagtgggtag caacgatgta gactttccaa agaggagagg    116580
     ggtgttttgt atctcctagg gatgatttgg gaaaagcttg ttttcttgag ccttttatca    116640
     gtagctccca ggcttccttg ctccacttcc ctaacgtagt ccatcaattg cagttgctgt    116700
     ccagacagtg gtttgatgcc tggttccttg aaccaagagc agtgaggaac ttctggcaca    116760
     ggggtcttgg catgggatcc ttgtggtggg caaagacctg agttcccaag atgactactg    116820
     aatggggaga gagcaataac ttggtatcag agtctgagct agagcattcc tttccctatt    116880
     gttctacaca cctgaatgta aaatgtgtga gtttctccac tctattaaga tgcttcctaa    116940
     gaagcagttt ggacagccac tgtgagacta gccgtcgcca ccttctggaa ggaatatctg    117000
     aagggagttg ggccatatat ctctaggagg tgggtgaggt aggccagacc cacctaaatc    117060
     tacttgtctg taagttagtc cctctttcaa acttttattc catccttggc taagactgag    117120
     gattacccaa tttttagagg gatagactgg gcttctgttc taggtaacac aacatagtta    117180
     acagcccttt gggttaactt gggttagaag agtacgggga taagccctca cagaaaggaa    117240
     gtgcacacag agccatatct atccgaatct gtagaagttg atttcttctt gcactaggca    117300
     ggagccctag cagatatttg ggtgccctct gtgtaatgtc ttcgctattt tctttcattc    117360
     ttgggttaag ttcttcactg gtctcctaac tgtggcttct caacttattt attgggcttg    117420
     ggttggtgga tgtcctggga cccttccttg cctttttatt atccttcgtt cagctctgat    117480
     ctgttttttt ttaaagattt atttatttta tttatatgag tacactgtaa ctgtcagaca    117540
     caccagaaga gggcatctga tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg    117600
     gaattgaatt cagtacctct ggaagagcag tcagtgctct tacctgctaa gccatctctc    117660
     cagcccagct ctggtctttt tattccattt cctcagcata tcctcttgca acttcattgt    117720
     ctccctagaa atgatgtacc atttgcagtg ggatctctct tagaggtcct gaggtcctcc    117780
     tgctgaggcc ttcccccacg ctctccctgc agacttcgcc aagttttccc aaaccttcct    117840
     tctcctcaca cttcctagtc atagtttact ccccagaaag ctctgagatc aggcctcttc    117900
     cattcctctc cctctgctct gtgtttctta ctcagcccct ctcatcagtt cttcccaatg    117960
     actcaccaat tttggcagca attgtcctga tattatgggt acactcagcc cttattatgg    118020
     cacctctact tcctagcttc actgacccta aagacttctc ctaaatgtgt ctttctgagg    118080
     acctttgtcc aaatgcttag gcaaacaaat cactatccta gagctttgtt taatgacaag    118140
     aatcataaca attactacag tctggctccc cagagctgct ctgggtgctg ctgcagcttc    118200
     atgggtttct cttatttaag ggttgcaact tttcagatgc agtgcctaca tagcctattg    118260
     aaacccacat agcaagttgg tacatttctg gaacctaaaa tcttgtgtat ctgttttgct    118320
     agaagctgtt attctaaggc tgtaggaccc ctggctttca aaggaagggc tgttgttcct    118380
     cactccaggt gccacacccc tgaggctatg ggtagttaga aaatactccc aggcctagag    118440
     gtcagttagt ggtgtttgtt aagtgtctga tctaatcaag gcatcctgtt gtgcaccagg    118500
     ggtctcaggc ttactatgat tatcattagg ctactagtat gttatccaac tcaacttaga    118560
     aatacctcag caaccttatt tagcacttcc tgatagttga gccctaaaga gtactgcacc    118620
     tgggtgtcca aattacctgt ggtaatttga tggaggtggg ccaaggctga gtgccctggc    118680
     tttcatagta tggtcttctg tcttggggtt gctaggtctt tctccctctt tcataaggta    118740
     aaatatcttg tgagtactac taaagggtcc ctctttgttt cccactaggt tggacatctg    118800
     acttctttgc cagttgttaa aacattccct gttttgtttt gttttctttc ttcagtcaga    118860
     gccagcagca cactcttttg cttcttctga agcagatgat caggaggtgt cagaagagaa    118920
     ctttgaggag cggaagtatc caggggaagt caccctaacc aactttaagc tgaagtttct    118980
     ttccaaggac ataaagaagg aacttctcac gtaagtgatg ccttgacaga cgggcttccc    119040
     agggaaagca gacctggtcc tagaacccaa caactaccta gatccaggta gctcacagtg    119100
     atgagttttc tttcagcttt gcactgagct ggatatgaac atgatccagc ccacaatcta    119160
     gaacagatca gggcaagatg gatattgtag tcgtgggcag agaggttcag acagcagctc    119220
     tcagctctgg gagctgctgg acctcagggt ggaacaggca agtgtctttc attaacctct    119280
     actgccacat gtcctctata agacttagaa gggctatgca tagcaccttt tccactgttg    119340
     atctaaactc tcacctgtac gcagagctaa ttttatggag gatagaggga tcctcctgtc    119400
     cttttactgt acaccgctat tttctttcta cctgggcacc aggccttccc aggctggctg    119460
     ggtctgcgtt ctcattctca gagaaaattg ggctgcttta ggaactggag aagggaggag    119520
     tacttcatct acacatccac gagcacaaat gtctacacat agcatgcata tgcacacaca    119580
     acactcatgc gtcagaggta tcctaacttc aaattctttt tccttcttga gttacgttgt    119640
     ataggagaga ttttcagtcc caaaggtgag agctgtgatc tgaggatggc cacctgcttt    119700
     taattgactt gttctggggg aaggcctaca ggtgtgcatg gttcgctgtt ctgacgctct    119760
     ttttcctttg tccagctgtc ccacccccgg ctgtgacggc agtggccata tcaccgggaa    119820
     ctatgcctcc catcgcaggt tcgtgccctg ctcctctggt ctggctccgg tgctttgtgt    119880
     atgtgtgtgt aggggggaag ggttcctcct catctcctct gctcccctct atggctcacc    119940
     ccatatccca tctcttctct ttcagcctct ctggttgccc tcttgctgac aagagcctca    120000
     gaaacctcat ggctgcccac tctgctgacc tcaagtatgt ttgcgctcac tgactgccta    120060
     tctcttgggc agctctagct ttgctctctc ctttgtgagg ctcctatcaa gccagccttc    120120
     tctaagatac catcccaggc tggctctgcc ttcctgggat ggggaagagg agcagggctt    120180
     gaaagggctg attctgcttg gctgggctgt cctcgcacct gtgactccag ctttgagcaa    120240
     tctgaacctc tgagcactgt ctgtctcact tgttggagca gagctcctgt actgctccag    120300
     ctctttcccc agctactccc aaggactctg acagggctgc cgggcctgct tttcctattt    120360
     ccactctaga tactaagaaa agctggaact tggctgtgac ttagtggcta taggctacgg    120420
     ggctcttgtc aaatgaactg tcactaacaa taccagagaa tgtctcttgc ttcccacccc    120480
     agccctgcct gccttggctg ttctgtttct cccttgtgcc ctcccagtcc tacgcagtgc    120540
     tttttgcctt ctctctgctg gatctctccc tgcttctgtg cctctctgcc ttaacacatg    120600
     tgcagaccag gttctacggg cacccacaac tgtcagtttg cctgacagtc ctcagaagag    120660
     agaaacaagc acccagaggt ttccaggcat ctgttctctt ggagctggaa ctagtgcctc    120720
     cattgtttct ggctttcatt ttctctgtcg atctgtgaca ctacagccgt catgatcccg    120780
     agctgtggtt accttattca ggtgaccaga gctgagtaga gacattggaa gaaggagata    120840
     ctatcctgtt gttcagtccc tcacaactgg gccggagccc tccctctcac agtcctttgt    120900
     tataggggct ctgaatccag gccaagactc cctggatctg atttaggacc agataggtgt    120960
     ggggtactag tgccttttgg acaaggagct agaatgctaa tagcagaagg gacttgagct    121020
     gatttacact aggacagaaa tccatggttt tccagtgtcc actctgttct tctctaatca    121080
     gctccattcc ttctgatagt gaatgtcagt tgcatagcct gtaggctcaa attactcatt    121140
     cactcactaa cactgtagtt tagtcatgaa actcaaagtt ggagaactca gtcctgtagc    121200
     ctcagggaac atcccccccc cccccacatg ccatccctcc acacttcatt gtctttgttg    121260
     tattctctcc taccctcata gccattttta tatctgcttc ctttttgaac tcaggcccta    121320
     gagaactccc tatctcagga tataactgta tactctgtgg ccctgaaact gacattcagg    121380
     gccaacaaga ggaagcttgg ctgatccatt ggaaggtaga ccctgggagg gtctgcaccc    121440
     caagtctatt taaaaagaaa ctttaacata aagcttctgt gggaacagtg gaggagcctc    121500
     cttctatgga tatatggata tatggatata tggtgtctgt actgactcct gagcacttct    121560
     tgttccagag ctttttctgg atccatcgcc ttgttgcttt agactccagt gtggtcttgg    121620
     gggaaggtga atctgacctc ttttctacat ttcctgatac cccagtgctc cttggattct    121680
     tgttttgtct gtgtagatat cagattctcc aaagtagtgt aagtgagctc tttttgtggt    121740
     ctccctaaaa atgctaaaat acagacatga tctggcatgt tctgttttta agcatgtttc    121800
     aggagtgttt actctcctcc tgtgtgtgat aaggggctgc ctagagctgc tcagttcacc    121860
     atggtgtaaa tgtacatact actccataca gttgaggcat gtcaggctgt caagagggtt    121920
     ggcagctttt ttgcagtaca ggaatgagag acacagagat ctgaggtatc accaaggcag    121980
     aatcgtcatt taggtataaa ttctttcttc tcttcaggca aggcacttag aagcagataa    122040
     tagtcaggat agaggcagct ctaaattttg tggctgcttc cataaggagt atatcaagga    122100
     aactcagtcc tcttactata tggacactat ccactttaag agtaacttgc aggaaagcca    122160
     tcaagtaatg gctttacaag gaacacagaa cattctcctg cattctaggc actggcttgt    122220
     tcttgggaag ccacagaccc tcccaagact cacaggtgct gttgagtata tctgcacctc    122280
     acccctggtg ccactcatgg ctcagaggcc taggttgttc tgtggctgct gagtgaccac    122340
     cactttctgt actaaacctc tgctggatgt ttccttgaca tgaagacaag gagtagaatt    122400
     cctgagtctc agactgagct tctttctact gaaagcatgg aggaattatt ctcagttccc    122460
     tgtacttgga cttctggaca gtagggctac catggtggta acgtagccct actactgtaa    122520
     tgtacatcca ctacatggtc tcatgaagac tagagaaaga tttggtgggt caatggcttg    122580
     agagccaaag aagtatccag tatcttacac tgtgagggac ctaaggagtc tgggaagata    122640
     ccctcaaagg ttggggggtg gggggtggga cacgcagaaa taaagtcaga agaaatgatg    122700
     ccagctatgc catcctctgg gatgccagac ttctagcttc tgtccttcat ataagaagta    122760
     ctatatttca aaggtcagat actgcttgta tagatgaagt cagaggcttc ctagggactg    122820
     ggtgccatgg agcagtactt tggataacca ataccaaatg ctcactgctt cccataggat    122880
     gacactgtaa ttactggcaa gatgcaaagc agcagatctg atgagatggg tctacctcca    122940
     agtcagcctc atcaatcaac acctgccatg attttccatt tgggagaaaa taactcaaga    123000
     aaagtccatg ttaataatat tatagtataa tttctaccac tgtgtgggat atattcatga    123060
     gacagttttg gatgcataaa ccttgatttt tttttcttta ttttgtgttt cttattttat    123120
     ctttgttggg tccatgtgcc cataaaagcc actggctaag ttctacactc accaaacagg    123180
     gatcaggctg caggggccac atagcaggta ctcatgggca tgtctctgag ttctcatgat    123240
     tgaacataag acttaaatat gttctagata atcatatatg actgcaactt aataaaaggc    123300
     taagccagaa acacacactc tcctttggat acagtgaaca cagcaggctg aatccagtgc    123360
     tctatttttt tttggtcccg tgtaaagcta ggctcattca cctactcttt ttattggttt    123420
     tctgggtttc cctgggaggg caggggttca gtcctgagtc cctgatataa tcctattaaa    123480
     tacctgttgc tggcaatgac agactaaagt agtgatgctc ctttgtaaag aggtgcttaa    123540
     agggggacgg gatgtttgag ggacctagag cttaagattt tgatggactc agttgagagc    123600
     tgagcccaaa ggggcatatg tctttatcag ctcttgtctc atcctatgtt cctctgcagg    123660
     tgccccacac ctggctgtga tggctctggc cacataacag ggaactatgc ttcacaccgg    123720
     aggtaagtgg ggataaggat agtggtgaaa ggtctgactt agacaaagtt ctaatgctct    123780
     gaataaggta ttaaagttac caacacctag agcccattta tatctctttt gaattgttgg    123840
     tgcttccagc attgctcagt tatccctttg cagtaaatca aaagacaaag tgtcagctta    123900
     gaggctcctg aagaggtttc ccacttttga ctgttctgtt gccctgcttg aaggctctgt    123960
     aagagtcaag tctattccac acaaaagcat acctaatgag tcagctgact gattgatcct    124020
     ttcttccctc cttcccaccc ccacaggggg ccacagaact tgagggagta gcgtgaggca    124080
     gacagtgagg gagctgctgt tctgggactg aggtggcatg ttttcctctt tcaaaaccag    124140
     tttgtcaggc tgcccacgtg ccaagaagag tggactcaag gtggcgccta ccaaggatga    124200
     caaggaggac cccgagttga tgaagtatgt tgggtcatga tgactccttc attattttga    124260
     aaagttgaga tttttttttt tttaatgttt taactaaaca acaaaaactg aaacaaatcc    124320
     ttttgagtac aagtctggaa tcccagaagt tgagaggttg gaagcaggag gatcattgag    124380
     tttaacctgc atgagctaca tattgagagc ctgtctcaaa accaaaatga aatgaaacag    124440
     cttactttag gcttttcctc acacctggcc actaaagtga ttgataacaa tcttcatttt    124500
     tacagaaatg ctggaacttg acacattgat tcctggatat tgatcccaga gtgtgttctc    124560
     tgggttcaag ttagaggtcc tttgggaagc taagtatcct actgccccaa agtggttctg    124620
     gggtcccctc aggtcttgta gtgtgtcttt tgtctgacaa gaaggttcag gtataaagtt    124680
     ttagagggca gttcattagg atgatattgt atctttgaat attacctctc tgaccatcag    124740
     cacatctgtc tagaactaat gaaggagggg agtctggaga ctaaaaagga tatccttggt    124800
     ctttattttc tctcttttat aagttttttt ctttttctaa ttaccagtta gatacagagt    124860
     aaaaattatc tagcttaaaa agggtctttc agtgaagtaa aaacacataa ctagcatttt    124920
     ggtcttactt gttcatgtac acaactgaat caattccaag gtatggccta ttagatgcta    124980
     gggtaatttt ttaaaaagta gtttttacaa cctggcatgg taggacatac ctttaatccc    125040
     agcactctag aagcagagac aggcaaatct ttgtgatttc aaggccagcc tggcctggtc    125100
     tccatagtag atttcaggag agcaagagct acatggagag acttatataa cttcatcttg    125160
     acactgaaat cagcatacat aaagggcaaa gtcaaggctt ttatatttac tcttcaccta    125220
     acttttaaaa cactacatag ttggctaatt ataaaaacag tagccagtag cttgccatgc    125280
     ttacatactt ctctattata atggcaccat cttccctaac ttagataaaa gcccaccaat    125340
     tttacctgat gcatttgatc aatttcttcc atttccttcc tctcaggaag ggatttttct    125400
     gcaaagagag tttaacaagg gagagaagga tattttctgg aacttgaaga ttagtcatcc    125460
     attttcttat ggttgacaat aaattggcat gtcttcatct ataatgtatt tgatatcact    125520
     acgcttggta atttgactgg gatgagaggt gataaataca atttggttgt taggagtaga    125580
     tattggcttt tggaaggcat acagtgtttc aagcagctgt atgttcatat acatgaaaaa    125640
     aatcatattg agtaaaaaca aagtggactt tctgacctaa gacgatgatg acacctttcg    125700
     cctgtgtcgt ggtttccttc acaatggaat gttattttct gaccatcttt cttgccttct    125760
     tcttatataa tctctaaaat agtttctcaa gccaccttct tctcattgtc ctagtctttt    125820
     tttttctcac cattgtataa atccaataaa gttactgaga gccgacaagt aacatttgtt    125880
     actctccttt ctctctgtat cttttccctt ctttcttaaa acacattgaa gatgtctatt    125940
     ttttctgcta agtgaatatt tgggtgttgt tggcccagtt tagtgaacta aaattaccat    126000
     ctgctttacc atctttgatt gcttcttcta ttcatttttt ttttttttaa atataagtct    126060
     cctagttagg aaccagagac agctttttaa gcttggagat tttgttactt ctcactgtta    126120
     ggtatcaggg tgctacttca aggctagttt cttctaatcc cttttcattt ttttcttggg    126180
     gaaattgggt ttgaccacca aaatatcata gtaagagttt tttttttttt ttaaatcatt    126240
     tgctattgcc agtgcatggg ctagaacttc gggaggtggg gggacagaaa agagctcaaa    126300
     gcaatgcatc attgtctcac cagaagttct agaaagttgc cacatctttt gtggatctta    126360
     agtgacacat gtccctgaag caaaaataca gttgactatt tccattctcc tggggcaaag    126420
     ttggggtagg gtgggtgata tttcctctgg gggcttatgg gaaactttga ccttatgtga    126480
     tgaagtcagt aggtacttgt actgctgtaa gatagggagc tagtttcctg cagcaactca    126540
     ctcttttgca ggtatgacct gtcacaggct caaataggaa ttacccactg accaattagt    126600
     aaaatggaca gaaggttccc caccaggcaa acagaacagg tgtctttgtt ttgggggtta    126660
     tcaggattta ggctgcttga tggggctggg cccagtgggc tttcaagaag caagccttcc    126720
     ttgactgtgt tgtttactgg gccaataaca cccagtcact cacttagaca aaaaacaact    126780
     tggcctggga ttacacttct cccagcttgt tccagctgta gtcaaaattg agttagccac    126840
     acaataaagg cccaaccagc ctcacatcat tcagaagggg ttgccaccac caaccattta    126900
     gtctaatggg tataacaagt cctatggaag ggtggggttt tgttagcatg tgtgagttgt    126960
     agttttgcaa ggattgtgct agaattctca ttcttaatat ttcataaaga attgtttgaa    127020
     actaagtcat gtcaacactt tgaggtcata gaagtcaaca gagcttccag tgtagaggtc    127080
     aggtattgat actttccctg ctctattgaa ctctcctgga ggtccatgtt gtccaagcca    127140
     ctctggatct gagagctact cctctgttct ctactgtcct ggacccatgt ctcatatcac    127200
     tgcatacatg gcttctatgc cccactgttc attctggaaa agataagctc atccaaggag    127260
     cgtggaagcc tgttggctca tgccatattc atgtctcaac ataatgtcaa gaatgatttt    127320
     gaagatttga caccattgtt aagagaaaaa aaatcactcc tgaatactgc ttatatatga    127380
     gattcctctt tgcaaggagg ttagataacc ctcttcatgt agttagaaga attcagctgt    127440
     ctgaagtgac taaagagcct gtattagctg atcttttgag tttgtgatac tggagactca    127500
     gtaggggtct catctcaaca ttcaggttag ctatctttgg ccatatctca cagatttgag    127560
     aagctagaca ttgaatgtga gttatccaaa gcctctgtga ggtgttcttg ttatgggctt    127620
     caggctcaga ttaccttgtg ttgaccttgt agacattcta tgttgtctga ggcctatgta    127680
     ggctggagga gcaagaaggg gaggagagga gaaaaatggg gttgttcaga tagaagaaga    127740
     atcagggcct tggcaaaggt ggttaggaga ctatctctaa gggtttcctg gagttgagat    127800
     ggggtactaa cttgctgctg ccaccttgct actctccagc tgggcattat gccctgtgcc    127860
     ctaggagcag tagacagcaa gagattacct ggcagtagga gactgattct gaccctctgt    127920
     ctgaagatgt cctgtctgac ttctttgaag ccacagagaa ttctgtaaaa tatggcagca    127980
     atatccttgg atcctatgta tttgcctggt tcttagcata tagtggacat atgacaaatg    128040
     gtagcttgat tgagttgcat ttgttggaaa gggctggaag tttttagatt gaagttttta    128100
     ggtagattct tggaggccct gctctcctta tctcattggt cctagccaat ccttcataca    128160
     ccatgcctag gacatttgtc atctgcatct atattatcac catagtattt ctatctctgt    128220
     attcaagtac ctggaacaaa ggaatggctt ctggacagtc tccagcaggg taattatggg    128280
     tagtcaaagt caagactttc ctgtctgagt actgtgttct ccaaataccc atgggtacca    128340
     tgccatggta ggtcacagct ctgaagctgt atgttaacaa gtttagggtg ccctcaccat    128400
     tctcctgatt tgcaggccct gctaggcaaa agccatgggc aaaaagggag agggacaaca    128460
     tccccatctg gaaagccagc gatgggattc agctggcttc gtgcctcact caaaagtata    128520
     aagtacatga tgctggatat ctagagcctg gttgtgcagg attcccagat cctcttaccg    128580
     agggcccctg tggtcacctc agtctttctg tgtctaggtg cccagttcca ggctgtgtgg    128640
     ggctcggcca catcagcggc aaatatgcct ctcacaggag tgcttctggc tgcccactgg    128700
     ctgctcggag gcagaaagag ggagctctca atggttcatc tttctcgtgg aagtcgctga    128760
     agaatgaggg ccctacttgc cccaccccag gttgcgacgg ctctggccat gccaacggca    128820
     gtttcctcac ccaccgaagg tacctgacac acgtcaacaa caatcagggg cctttggtct    128880
     ggaacgttac tcctgttggt gggagcatgc tggtacttag tgggaacagc agttctgcaa    128940
     gggaaagcaa gaccccagta ggtagctaaa taagagaaat tatggagact attggtacaa    129000
     gatagtgttt gctttgtttt cagcatgtgt ttgttcctgt aagtgtcctc tgtaccctgg    129060
     tgtttattgt ccccatgagc attgttaggt taaatacaga ggccgtgcat gaacagactc    129120
     tgtctttact catatttgat ttctcaggaa aagtttgttt cctatacctt ggttccctac    129180
     ctcttacatt gggcccgtgt tttgaaattt gggcaaaggc ccttgcttgc tttgcaaggg    129240
     acctggtaac tagacctctt cttgtctagg caatgctcat tctatcacct gcccacagtg    129300
     cctgccatgg ggctgagttg gctttgcttc accaggtccc tttccatttt gttctaagaa    129360
     gccattgatc ttgtctagta acttttgttt ggagtgaaaa tcaattccta gtcccttctt    129420
     tcttcctttc ctttcttctt tcttctcacc cttctttctt cttccaccta caaagttaat    129480
     gcatccattc aacaaaaata tttacagaga gtccactagc atccaggagt agagacagag    129540
     cagagaacaa aagaacaacc tgccattgcc attttgagtg tgtgttgagc agggtgggta    129600
     ggaacatata gtttaaataa gttaagaatt actgaatctg gtgaatagtg atcagggatt    129660
     ggggaaaaca acagagctgt gggcaaaatg tactttggag aaaaagccag aagcttgctc    129720
     agagatgtat ggaggacaag ttctcatata gctggagctg gggagggctt ggcataccta    129780
     ctaaatgggg taacaaagga aaggagacag aactttgtat ctagccagtt gcctcagaga    129840
     gtgaggggcc tagttaggag cacagaaaaa atggggtctc atttgggcag ctgggatcac    129900
     cgcaggatac agaccataaa ggaaatgcca agaagaccac agaagagacc gccagagctt    129960
     ggaccaagtg ggtggggcag ttgaacactg tgcttctgca gtacatttca ctcaccacct    130020
     tgagttatga tgtggatgaa atcacacaat catgaagtag tgtgtgataa tccacatgtt    130080
     tttatatgtt ttctttttct gcttgaatag ctatattaaa ggaatcacct gtgaatgctg    130140
     gtacatccat atcctgaagg atctctcagg tggggttagc tctgaggacc ccctcgcaga    130200
     gttcagtgct ccagaatgcc agcaggtggg gcatgcaagc ctcagcccct gcccagagga    130260
     atagcacctt gaggcatcaa tgctctggtt ctttaggacc cgtgggcagc catgactgcc    130320
     tagtagggaa ggctctgaga gggcacctgc ctgggcccct ttcatgtagt gcatccttgc    130380
     tcaccaggca ggaaagctga ggtgaagcaa tgtcaccata gggaagcatg cagggtcatc    130440
     tgggtgagat ggaatagaat ggtatagtcc tgatgtgaga tcctggacct gcctatgcat    130500
     tatgtcctga actggtcagt gatgtataac ttctgcttct agtttgtctg gctgtcccag    130560
     agcaaccttt gctggaaaga aaggaaaact ctcaggggat gagattctca gcccaaagtt    130620
     caagacaagt gatggtgagg atgcccttct tggatatccc ttcttattgt cctctctgta    130680
     ctatgggaag gggttggggg aagctgagct cccttgaaaa tgatccatgg tggttcttgc    130740
     cttgagctac tgtcctacta acattagccc cgaagttctc catgttctca atgggaccac    130800
     tggctctgac tttgtgtttg gtgactatgt agatcagagt ctgatgtgaa ggcaccaaaa    130860
     gccatgccca tgggtttgtg gacagtatga ccactcccat ctaggaaagg agattctctt    130920
     tgaacacatt tccctttggt tgtaacagtt aatgtctctg tagagaccta tacttcctgc    130980
     caaggtcaag gaaagaggaa gataatactg ttctcagttt ccaggatttc ccaatatcca    131040
     tgcccaagag aggagcttag gacttggcaa gaggttcacc tctaaacaaa aatctccctt    131100
     tctgtctcca aagcagtttg acagaaccac agttgcttgc ttgcttgctt gcttgcttcc    131160
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctcct    131220
     ttccttcctt tttttcttac tttcttcctt ttttattttc tggcagtgct ggagaatgat    131280
     gaggagatca agcagctaaa tcaggagata cgagacttaa atgagtccaa ttcggaaatg    131340
     gaggctgcca tggtgcagct gcagtctcag gtgggtgaca ctactctact tggctctttc    131400
     ctgccaccca gagccagcct gtggattgct gattccatca gtatcactgg tactgaatta    131460
     atggaagcaa agcacacagc acatagcacc cagtaccctg gttagctgct cactcactgc    131520
     attgcttggg agtcttctct gcccctggtc tagctagtgt tagtcattgt cttagatagc    131580
     tccattggta agatcagtct gctagtgttc tggttctgct agtactggtt gtccaattca    131640
     tgtttccagt ctcattagca atgaaagctc atctgctcta ttcctgcctg aaccagcaca    131700
     gctacacaca agtatcagga cttgcccatc ctcctctaaa gattttgctt atctcaatag    131760
     aatgtgggtt agaacagaac ttttccacta tcttgttcag gactttcttt tggaagaaaa    131820
     ccttccgtgt taaatgctgg taagtagggt tgttgcttgg caacagggct tctgccctac    131880
     cttctgattg ctcagtgtgt ctagaaaaga gctgatgtta tgtgagtgtc ccctaatggt    131940
     ttggacagat caaaaggata gaatcaatca agggtaaaga agtcaaatag gaaaacagcc    132000
     ccttcctgga ggcagcagtc acagcaggtt tcattccaca tgtcttgata atctatcttc    132060
     tttgtgggct aatgccattt caagaggctg tgtatatgta gtagcagtca tagagtcagg    132120
     aagagtttgt actatgagtt ctatacatgt tgatgtgttg ttgtcttcca ggaccactgg    132180
     aggtgacaac agaaggcaca gagtcattta gctgggatca tcactgttct ttacctgtgt    132240
     ctccaaataa gacactgaac agtataggtc ctctctcaga gtccccagag ccttcaacct    132300
     tgtggtagca cctcttattt ctctatttgc cagatgtcat atttttaaga cagttttttt    132360
     tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt ttttgagaca gggcttctct gtataggcct ggctgtcctg    132420
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaag tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc    132480
     aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcgccacca ccgcctgtct aagacagtta tttttgttag    132540
     agagttcatt tttgtttttt aattacatac atacatacat gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    132600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acatgtttgc attgctcatg aatgctagaa    132660
     gagagctttg aatcctttgg agctgatatt acaagagatt gtgaactgcc tgatatgggt    132720
     gctgggaact gaacctggat tctctctaag agcagtacat gctcttaact tctgagttct    132780
     ctctctccct ccctctccct ctctctctcc ctccttctcc ctctctctct ccctcccctc    132840
     cccctcccct tcccttcccc ctctgagtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    132900
     gtgtgtgtgc ctatggaggc tagagatgtc agatatcact ggagccagtt acaggcagta    132960
     gtgagtcccc aaatataggt tctgggactc agacttgggt ctcctgaaag agcaatagta    133020
     tttttttaac tacatagccg tccctctaac ttcaaaagtc agttttttgc aaagcttagt    133080
     atggtggtac tcagccactc aggaggctga ggcaggagga gtgtgtgagc tcataggttt    133140
     aagagtagtc tagtcagtac aaagagatga ctctatcttt aaaccacaaa acaaagacta    133200
     tctgtaaaaa cctgattgct ttcctttgcc agtcttagcc atcattctga gggcactcca    133260
     tgcctgctgt ggaaaggcca aagaagaagg aatgcaggtc tctagaacta ctttagtcac    133320
     cacagagcat tcagcctcac ctgggagctc actgtccttg tttcacatca cacattgtct    133380
     tctcatgcgt tcagtctttc actccttgga aacaaatagt taagctaggg actgaccttt    133440
     aatgccagaa atcccagaaa caacacaatc ctatgttggt tcattgtcag tgtagaaaat    133500
     ggagaaattt gtctgtattt ggtctggagg tgtgtctgga gtctaggcag tcagcttgct    133560
     ggtcttttat gggaaggaaa gactcaggaa ggggcaacct aatacccaca aattgcatga    133620
     gattcttccc attctacact attctacaaa aaggaacagg aggcctggca agatcagagc    133680
     acaactagag tgggcagaga ttgagcccag ggtgccttgg agtctgtaat ttctctctac    133740
     ccctaggagg gacaaggcag agaaagctac atgtaccctt aagtgcttgg cataccagct    133800
     cctacttcct ttgggcagag gctctccaat cagggaccag agctctacca tctctttcct    133860
     tggatgggat accccatggg ggagcagaac caagtctcct tcccactgat gagctttgtc    133920
     ttttcctaga acacagtgag gtatggccag tactttcata ctaagccagg gccaagggaa    133980
     ggcagcattt tctatgtctc tgccacagat ctcgtccatg gagaagaacc tgaagaacat    134040
     cgaggaggag aacaagctca ttgaggagca gaatgaggcc ctgtttctgg aattgtccgg    134100
     gcttagccaa gccctcatcc aaagtcttgc caatattcgc cttccacaca tggtaggcag    134160
     caaatcacct ctgggtatta ctgctgaact agcagctgct ctagggatgg ttccagggtt    134220
     ggaacagtgg gtgtaaccca ctgctttgtt aatgagtcct tagggaagga tcctgtgaga    134280
     atgattcagt gttctcagtg gtctgtgggc ctagctgttg gctattgatc tggtcctgag    134340
     tagctcatga attgtggcta atagggtttc agtgagtgtt gttgctatga cttttagttt    134400
     taccaggggt gactgctact gttgtcctgt tgcctggggt taaggctttc tcactagttt    134460
     ctactatatg gggtccactg tagtagggcc tgctaatctg gttctgttct ctaggaacca    134520
     atatgtgaac agaattttga cgcctatgtg aacaccctca ctgacatgta ctccaatcag    134580
     gactgctacc agaatccgga gaacaaaggc cttctggaaa cgatcaagca agctgtgagg    134640
     ggcattcagg tctaggctgc actgcacaca ggagtctgct ctgctcctca cagcaaggac    134700
     cctgacttct agctacttct aattggaagc ctgggtgcag ccttgtgcag cttacccaaa    134760
     ggggagcctg ggaatcagtg tctcctatga tgtcctcatt aggcccaggc atgaagacct    134820
     ctctgtgtga gtgcctgggg acactgaagt attgcaaagt gacttatttt tgtttttgtt    134880
     ctttgttttt tgttttttta aaagaagtct gaagagcagc tcaaagtctc cggtggaagc    134940
     tcatggacaa ggttctcact cagggaagtt ttggagtttg cagccacagt attccattgt    135000
     ttgtcaaggt tgggagggca gccatggccc tgctgggtgt tagtctcagc aggagggcat    135060
     gcctaggttt ctgactatgc tcactgaagc ccacatgaca agtatgtttt gtgttttcat    135120
     ttaattcaac tttgtgttaa aggtgcacaa tactctgctt cagaggtgaa tctaggaaca    135180
     ggcttcccag atggcagtct acacagttga tgagcatcat agaaagtcag ctggaggttt    135240
     ttttttgttt tcagttggag gccctgaaaa atcggccact tacttgggca gcagatgcct    135300
     ttaagctgtg cagatctgct ttctcctggc tccagttttt aacccctggc ttgggctcta    135360
     agtccaagac cactgggcca aacctctggt ttccgtacct ccatccaggt gctggaccca    135420
     tcattgtatc ttttcctgca taggtttgct ccttgtatcc aaggtgactg cagtggggca    135480
     ggagaccagt ggtaaattgt tacagggaga ccaccaagat ttcacttctt tataggttca    135540
     tttaagatgt gaaaaggata aattttaatt taatgtgtta aaaacacaat gttcttactg    135600
     tgtaaataga gtccaagtca attgtgactg caattccaaa ttagtattta aaagtagaga    135660
     aattgcactt cctggaagac actgaaagta gttagtttat tctgtaaatt atttaatttt    135720
     gtcataagta tttatattct taccctctta tgttaatgtt tgctatttat tatttttatt    135780
     tatttatttt atactatatc aactagatga cacactaggg caccataaga gttaaataag    135840
     ttaaattgaa acaaaaacat ttatttgact ataagatagg ccacaaagaa tcttgatata    135900
     acttctagtt ataattttga tgcaaccgag ttatttttta tatattttgt tatttattct    135960
     tttaataatg gaatttttta aaaaagtatt ttgtaactga agaattttga taatttgggt    136020
     ttttctcccc attggtccac cagagagaaa ggtgtttggt tttctttttc cctttgggtt    136080
     ccttttgtca ggccaataac agcaaatgga attctgtatt tattattatt taagtgtagt    136140
     gcagatgtgt gtgctctggt gtttcttgtg ttgcatttgt ggaggttctc atggatgatt    136200
     catgttgctg tgagggagtg ctggccatgg tcagttctag gcaatggact cgctggccaa    136260
     gctgcccagg atcttgatac cccaatactg tgaccctcct tcctcaggaa acacgttgga    136320
     ctcacagtac ctcgtggtgt gtttggaggg tgatttctaa taaaagtctc actgtgcata    136380
     ggtgctatgg tctgtgagga ggctgctact ctgatcctta tgtttctggg agtgctatga    136440
     gggtggtcat ggtaagaggg cctttctatt taagtctttc tctggtacca gtgtggctca    136500
     gccaccactt ctgttggacc tgccttccct caagtgtggt tctccaagat ctaattcact    136560
     gcaccccacc ttttcccatg agccagccgt atccacatca tgcccacccc cgcctccaag    136620
     ttttctctta gagtcaggaa gaaacagttg tccagcttgg gttgctagat tagaggtatg    136680
     cagtatacct gtgcttccat accatcgttt tttttttttt ttcataccat ctttcttatc    136740
     tataaataaa tgagaattca gatattctgg tacaaggcag aactgagcac tgagttaggg    136800
     gtgaggaaga gagagctctc tgatgacctc acagctatta gatctggcta tgtctgtagg    136860
     cagtctactc ttggacttcc catatgtaag gcaatggatt ccttttattt gtcttaaacg    136920
     ctcatgtact ttggcttttt ttttcctttc ctttcagagg tacctttcta ctgttacact    136980
     ttcatgacag gtggatttct tgttttccca agttcagatt ttcatcacat tcaacttgac    137040
     ttctctagga atgttgccgg gaagcagatg tggagttctt cttatatata gacagaagcc    137100
     attttacctg agaaattctt aagagactct ggactttgtt tccagtttct gttctacaca    137160
     gacaaaacca taaggactag ggtcatacat gagagagcca tgtagatttt gaggaagagt    137220
     accctggaga tttcctttaa caaggttaca ccatagatag tagttagtag tctggggtta    137280
     caactcttaa cattggcata gttgctatga caagagccag ggtatgggca agcagagggt    137340
     ctctgttaca aactgagctc atcctaggtc ctaagaaccg gatatgtgat ggtccttgat    137400
     ggagaaaaag aggagagggt gtttccaggg ccccaatata gctgcctaca gaggtaagtc    137460
     taggactgta gaagaatgag atgcaatggt ggagaggccc acatctgctc tcaggtgaga    137520
     gcagcagcct tatgtttggt tcattagccc tattctgtca ctgcccattg tcttcttcct    137580
     tttggtttcg aagggtctag cctgtcatat accctttaaa tactacatgt caggggaact    137640
     gcccattcca gtctccaacc tagggcctct tcataatcat acagagcatg aataaatggc    137700
     ccaggaaaca caaagagctt aatttatcag aggacttcca aaaagctaca atacaaaaaa    137760
     tcaccaaagt ttgtgaaagt gtttgtgaag agcaggaggt catctgtagt gaggtttgtt    137820
     tgctctgatg actcatctct ctgcttctgg tctctgcaga gctgtcaagt agtacacaga    137880
     actacgaaca ctatgtaggt aggagaaaag tgctagagct cactgtcata gatgtagtgg    137940
     gtatgtgggg tgggtcacag aggattttag aagtaggaaa tttataggca actgaggaaa    138000
     gaatggtacc tagtctcaga taggctctaa atggagtcct tatctgtctg aaacacattt    138060
     acagcagttg ccccagctca gggctggcca ggaactgagc agttggtggc catgacagta    138120
     tgatcaaatc ttcgtttggt cttccataag atgaatggtt gctaagactt ctaatggagg    138180
     ccatgtttga gatctagctg gtggtcatgt agggagttct tagaaaagga aatcctgggg    138240
     aagagaaaga acccccccct ttttttttct tttttaaaga ggttcaaatg tttggagatt    138300
     gttttgatcc tatatgacct tttggagttt tccatacctg cttttctagt tccagaatac    138360
     tgggggaaac ttggagcctc ccaattctta gtgtctttca gattaaagtg ctcagctttt    138420
     agataccaca atacccttgg ctcctgagta ttgattctac tggaataaac aggcctgggc    138480
     ctggacatgg ctctagagag caagcagctc ttccagcttt aggaaggtgg gaacatgact    138540
     atttctggtg tgttagaaag atgaacaacc ctactgttgg catgagaggt tcaaagctgt    138600
     gaagatgctg actcttgctt tgaggacaga ccactagtct gctgggtgct ggaaatgaag    138660
     gtgccttgaa gtctcagcag atgtattcta gaattaattt tggtgaattt attctttcca    138720
     tagtgaagca attcctcaca gtttgtaaat actctcttac tctttcaaga gaataaagtt    138780
     ctagtttctc tgtggaggag atcattctcc aatcatggct gggatctggg gtctgcagct    138840
     tctaaaagca tttgacatca tcatcttagt ttgaatactt gaacatctcc tgttcttggg    138900
     atgaggcggg gggggggggt gcggggagga ttttaaaggc tagactgttg ttggttctga    138960
     gcttcctatg ttctgactag aactcagcat ttttgtgttt cctgggccat ttgtctccca    139020
     cttaagaata tttaggaatt ttctggcctc tgaatacatt attgccttct cttcctcctc    139080
     cccaatgcct taaaagctgc catttagctg aattttgaga gtgaaaaaca ggtatacaca    139140
     aacatttgta cacccccagt ccctctcaac tggattctgt gcccagaagt agaccactcc    139200
     ccgtacagca tgggattagt ccctccatga tggagtgaag cctcagggtt aggagggacc    139260
     tacccattaa ctagttatag tggcttactg ggagctgata tagcacgcgc atgaaggggt    139320
     tcctaagtac tagctgattg tgggccttat aatgaaaatg aagtgtattt cccaggggct    139380
     acaatctcta tgctgttcca tttgctatgc ctaggactgt ggaccttgtc ctgtgtcttt    139440
     gacactaagg attagggggc tccaagttcc tcccaatatt ctggaactag aagagcagcg    139500
     tatggaaaac tccaaaaggt catataggat caaaacaata atcttcagaa taagctagtt    139560
     taaaatagta gaacccacag gaccccttat ccacaactgt aggtgtctca gccagtccta    139620
     ggctgctgac ttgatagagc agtgctccac gctgtccctc ctggatgctt ctgtagtccc    139680
     ttcttaagtt gtttttctct cagtatctgc aatatgcaga caagccagag tgctaattta    139740
     tctgaagcct gttacccccc ccccccacac acacacccta gttggccttt agtgatgttc    139800
     cttggggctt tttccacatt ggggtcttct ccttatccca gaggatgatg tctgcagtga    139860
     ggagagagac ccacacatcc cccaaggtac ttatctcagc tctgatacct tctggagctc    139920
     cacttgtata ttttacatcc ccagtgacta cagcagccca ttggctgctc caagtctgga    139980
     cctccctgga ctcagcaagt caccaatctc catcagcttc taccctaagt aagatctcac    140040
     agccacacca gagctgccaa agtggatcac cactgtgtct ccttgaaaca cctacccagt    140100
     aatattgcta cctggattcc aaccatccaa tgatgccaaa ctgagcaagt tcactgagga    140160
     gaggaagaat aaatgattat ttggggcctt tgaaaggcaa catgtgaata tggatactag    140220
     ggaatgtgca gcaccctccc cacatgtgaa cagtgtctcc tgaactccag agtaacccat    140280
     ccctataaca gatttgatag tcggtcaagg tgtttatttg tgctggtttg aacttctgga    140340
     ggctggctat accttgtagc ctcacaagcc aatgctgatc tcaaaggtca cacccagaac    140400
     ccacaaagtt ggagcaggtg gtagtttcac tccctatggg gtcactccag aacacccact    140460
     aacaccaaga tgagaggcct tgtagtggca gtggaatggg gcacaggcag ctttgctttc    140520
     ctacaggagt ccagagaaga aagagtgagc aggacagtga ctccacatcc ccagcatctg    140580
     caagtgactg tccctcactg gaccaaccca tctctgctcc aggagtacct tctgctaatc    140640
     actcacacta ttacttgttt ccttcatatc ctgtcaaata tgtttttctt atttttagct    140700
     ctgccatagc tctttataga agtttagaca gaaaaagata atatgagaat gtttaggaca    140760
     gaagattgtg aggagaaata aagaccaagc agaagtgctg gaaagttcca tgtgagacct    140820
     tcagccccac tctttggtat ccgtaatccc ctttaggcat caaacttctt cagtcctgag    140880
     taggaaggag taatatagaa agacagtctg aacagagccc ttttacctgc acaggctcct    140940
     gccacttctc aactacttgt gacatagaga gtgaggttgt cccatttaca gatggggaaa    141000
     ctgaggccca ggaaacttct ctgagctgta tagagactgg ttgtgttgac aagattgcct    141060
     acagtccttt cactgtaggc ctgctgcttt agataacaca tagtaataga ctctagagac    141120
     catttcttga agaagagggg gtgctaccaa atcaactgga tcttcacaga atagtcagac    141180
     atagtgggtg tccaagaagc aagaggtaaa ggggctacca tggttcccat gtcagttgag    141240
     ggagaaatag agattacagg tgcctttctc cagcttcagg aaagttgtgc accatctaga    141300
     tacccttccg gtactaaaga agcagacagg ctaatgccat tgtttcctgg gtccagatta    141360
     ccattgtagg caaatagcac acaatactaa gtgaacggag ggagggagag cttagggagc    141420
     tttagtacca gccttgagtc actggagata tctaggtggg tgctgggaca gtggaaatat    141480
     atacatggtg actcatcaca caaatgctag ccctggactg cctgtaggga gccaacttgg    141540
     agctggcctc aagacctggc agccggctat ctttttgctt ttcacagtca gtggcctcag    141600
     atcactcacc aagactgaca ctgaaagaac attcctagac ttgtttcact ttctcatcat    141660
     ttcccatcta tgctagctac catgaacaat tggaggctat ctgttgtttg tggccaccag    141720
     atatatgtga ccacagctgc cacaagctca tatgtgtggg cataaaacca ccacacaaga    141780
     ttctcctatt tatacataaa gacctggttg acatccatag tccactgtgt ggagtcatct    141840
     attgtggcca cctcctctta actaagctgg gactaatatc cactgcagtt ttctgaatag    141900
     cttttactta cagggtacca ccccttgagt ttccatctca tagttcataa gagacaagga    141960
     ggagtactgg cagggactgg ttcagataaa ggtggtcatg agcttctgac agtgagatct    142020
     tgggtcccat ctactaaaag tgtcccaacc taggcttctt tgtatatggc ctttataagg    142080
     ctttatgtca gcagcatttc agatatgaac acatatagtc cttatataga cccagccaaa    142140
     gtgacacaaa attgatactt gcaaacattt cccagggccc atgtaaaact aattcttttt    142200
     ttaaaaaata gtgttaagac tcttttccca actattccac acatgtagtt ctatatcttc    142260
     atattcttgt ggtagctatg tagtaaacag cagagagact ttggtacctg tctgaagact    142320
     actaattcta ttctaaaaag cctaaaatga ggaagaaaat tccttcctta ttcccttcaa    142380
     gatgacctat tctagtcagg tggttgtggt ggcggtggca catgccttta atcccagcat    142440
     ttgggaggca gaggtaggtg gttctctgag tttaaggcca gcctagtcta cagagtgagt    142500
     ttcaggacag ccaaggctac atagagaaat cctgtcttga aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    142560
     caaacaaaca aacagaaaga tgacttattt tggctgtttc tttcagctca gctgcacagt    142620
     ggtgatgtct tgtggcagat tttgtatctt gtcatttttc caatcacagc tgcccaacat    142680
     taacctttcc tagtaaggtt ctttcttagg attcttctac ccacctccag gttggcactg    142740
     ataaagtcaa ataacattca atgtatgcaa gcacccagag gccagaacac tgagcttaag    142800
     gcaaaagtac tcagaaaaga catcagaagg gtggagtaag gaagggactg aggacagggt    142860
     ggttgccaca tgggggaaac tttgcacagt ttgaggcatg tcacctattg agtttcctgt    142920
     agtcagcatt gaaacagctt ccctactacc aagttccaag cataaaaaga aacatgcagc    142980
     tattgtctga tgtacagaca cagagtacct caagagccag gtttttggct gtgaaacttc    143040
     aactggattt ttttaaacca atattgtaat tgctaaggca ctgcttgact attataaaca    143100
     acaaccacaa caaggataaa tgaggcaaga agtggtatct ttagtgatga gatcaagaaa    143160
     agagctgtct ttcacactta accttgagga tcttgtgcct gccattcttt tgtgtatatc    143220
     tatagttcca tctggaacac tgggtttcat gcctgacaaa aacaaaaacc caaaacccaa    143280
     actctgttgc ttcacagtgt ataggtcggc tcctgagttc ttttagtttt tagatgtctg    143340
     gaaattttcc aattaaaaat gcaatgtatt ttaaattggg gagttttatg tttatagata    143400
     atttcagcca caaatagttt catggattcc tcacttatgc acagattctt ttgttcttaa    143460
     tagcttacat taatatacat tgttaaaatg gatatcaata tatattacta tgaactaaag    143520
     tctatagttt tcattaaggt tcattcttga gatagaatat tatgtgtttt tgtggcactg    143580
     ggactttgct caagttaggt aagcacttgc tctaccattg agctacatcc ataacttcct    143640
     ggtttgggca aatgatgatc acatgtttct actattacag tatcatacgg catcattcac    143700
     tgtcttaata gtctttcatg atcgaccctt ctcttgccat caccgaggtt ttgagagttt    143760
     ctacgattgt ttacttttcc atagttcata tcattgggat cacacaatat gtcatagctt    143820
     ttccatatga gtgtctttca tttagcagca agcacttgga agctgaagag atagctcagc    143880
     tggtaaagtg tctgccacgt aagcatgagg acctcaggtt aaattcccta gtattcatat    143940
     agaaagttgt ttagtgagaa ctctccaatt ttggtttctt taagaaacac agaaatatta    144000
     ttagactgtg ttttcatctt aatcccaggt gtggggatgt ggggctgctt tggacggacc    144060
     acagcagctg actgtgattt gcctcaggct ctagcagagg ccttgtttga cagttccaga    144120
     ttgtctaggg ccctgagagg caaggtgggt ggagactggt catttggggg ctgtttgcag    144180
     tttgttagta gttgtgctca aaaaagaaac aagaagaaag aaatttgatt cacagatatc    144240
     tctctcttcc ttctgtcctt ctttctctcc tatctattga tacaggatga tgcagtgggg    144300
     aggggcagtg ggtaaagggt gagaaaaaga acccacaaag tagctaagtc cagctacaaa    144360
     gttgggcatg gttcagagct ggggaagcag agacaggagg atccctgggg ctttctgggt    144420
     taaactccag gtttagtgag agatagttgt ctcaaaaaat aaggtagaga gaaataaagg    144480
     aagcgactag acattgatct ctggcctcta catgtacata cacacatgtt catgtatact    144540
     tatttacata tgcatgcaaa caccacagac acaccaaatt taaaaaaagc aattaagtgt    144600
     gtaaggttgc tacatgtcct ttcatagctc agtagctcac ttttcaaaaa atccctgatt    144660
     aaaacagtta tgtggctata cctcccatct atttaatatt ttttgttgct tctaatgttt    144720
     gatgattaca aatgaagctg ttatactacc tacatgtgct ggttttgtgt atagtggtaa    144780
     atatctagga attcaaatgg tgatttttta aaaagtttta tgtatgttgg aatagttttg    144840
     tacagccctg gctagtcttg aacctattac actgccaaag tatgacctta atctcctggt    144900
     ccttcttcct ccaccactaa gtgctggcat tacacttgtt tgctgtcaca tcttctaaga    144960
     cgttgcttag ttcagtagca aactgacaaa ctattttcca gagtatcttt attattgctc    145020
     attcccacca gcaatgaaag tgatgtgctg ctgttgctct acatcctcac cagtatttgg    145080
     tgaattatag attttataaa ttttggctat tctaataggt gtgtattgat atctcattgt    145140
     tttataaatc tgcatcacct aatgacaaat tatgttgata tgttcatatg ctcatttgcc    145200
     atctgtatat ttcctttgct gagtcatatg ttcatagctt tttcccgttt ctatttgtgc    145260
     tgtttatttt cttattgttg agttttaagg atttttagaa atcctttatc agatatgtgt    145320
     tttgggaata ttgtttttca gtctatgtct taccttttta ttcttctgac agtatatttt    145380
     acagagaaat gatgccagtg ttaaaaagat atattttacc tttaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    145440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcacatgcc tgagtgcctg caaaggccaa gtgtcttggg    145500
     tactggaaat caaatttgga agagctatgt ctctattatt tttacacgtg gatgtctaat    145560
     tattccagca tcttttgttg aaaagaccag cactcctcca ttgaattgta tttgttctct    145620
     tatcaaaggt gagtttacta tatttgtata gctctaacct aagttttgta tttgatagca    145680
     tcaatttatt tcccccatat gactcttgat tactgtaatt ttaatagtaa gtcatgaaat    145740
     cagatgttgt taggcctata cttttgtttt gttttgtttt tgatcaatat tgtgttatct    145800
     agttcgggtc tttagccttc ccacgcaaac tttaaaaaat agtagaatca ttttctcctc    145860
     attcgtacca caatcaactg caggttgagt gactttctta cagctattga ctcaggcgtc    145920
     cagactcctt ccttcttgac actacttcct tcaacatgta ccctccaagc agtatagagg    145980
     agatgtgcaa tcccaatgaa atagaacaaa aactcagaac aatcttgaaa ggtagcccta    146040
     aagatcactt agactttggt ctattttgta ggtttcttag aagtggccag aactgctggt    146100
     tcaaggttca agtgtgcaga tggccatccc ctggaccagg tagcctggca gggtcagggc    146160
     cggcagtcat ttgtgttgta actcctgcag gagagtggac ccaatctatc actcttgttt    146220
     cttaactcct gccttttcta ctgtgggggc tttgtccttg agtggacata agcaggcaaa    146280
     atgcccttct cccgtcgaca cgccagcatc ttctcatatc attaggccgg gatatgctcg    146340
     gagaccacct agtgactgac caatcaggca gggacacact taactcaaac cagtgggtgg    146400
     aaagtggcag gctcgtgggc tgtgccgttg cccctttaag agtgtcctcc aaccgcacat    146460
     gctcagttca ggtagagccc gcgcacgcgc agaggtagca gcggatgttt acagcggctg    146520
     aggtccgtcc gaagcgacag aagcgtctga agaactgctc tccgagactc aatacggggg    146580
     ctgctgagcg ccgaggtaga gccgtctctg cccctcggcc cttccctcca tatcccttct    146640
     ccagctctgg ttacccgttc cccagcgtcc gtgtatctta ccatctccga gagtttcgaa    146700
     ccccagcgcc tgtcaccccc gcccccccat ctccctgccc agcacctccc tcccctccag    146760
     cgtgcccccc caccccccgc ctgttgctaa ttctgggatc tgattgctct agttctacaa    146820
     cctatttcta attaagtagg aaatgtttgc aattagctca agggcaagtc gggcattgac    146880
     catgattgaa acaaattata cctagggtgg atattgggaa gaaggcagag tatcctacag    146940
     aggagaaaaa aaagacccct ttggggaaag atctaaagta gctggagaga acccctgggg    147000
     cctggaccct ttgtttcttt attaggcctg tgcctctgcc atcaactccg tcatcttgag    147060
     tatctgccct ctgctctctt gggccctgca ctgttgttct ctgttcttat tgaagacatt    147120
     gctaaagtgg gctccattac gtctggtagg ttgtctctag aacgaggtat ttaagaggct    147180
     cagcactgat tatatataaa gggaattgaa gtgggccctc ttgaggtggt ggcatttggt    147240
     ctctcctttt gccctggctt ttctccatcc tcctctgaga ccttgctggg agacttggga    147300
     gaagggactc atttttcttt ttttcttttc ttttcttttt ttttttaatt tcggttagtc    147360
     ccaaagcttt tccacgcacg aaacagtagg aattgtccct agtcagtaca tactactggt    147420
     cagctttcat tcagatgcag accacaagtg atatgcattt gaggcacacc ctccaagagt    147480
     tctggttttc aagacaagaa gccttggcta ttttcctcgt tctgctggca ggatgatggt    147540
     ttagaataca tgttcctagc aaggtatccc ctaagaaagt gacatccact tgactgtggg    147600
     ccagctgtcg cagttttttc aaacgcagta tagatatgaa acagggttct ttagtccagc    147660
     ttcacttgtg ttgttgttgt ccacttgggg tcctgtgctg ctcagttttt ttcctatgcc    147720
     cttttcttct gttggcctgt gctaatcagt tctgaatggg aactgtaata agcattacag    147780
     caagtagcaa agtgtgtatc gtagggtagt aaaggaagga caatctccta aaaaatagtt    147840
     ctttgctttc agttggaatc tactgcactg cattcttgtg cagtgatact gtttggtttg    147900
     gagagagtat tttcaagtat gttttagggc tttctttctt tcttttgaca tggtgactga    147960
     tcacatctat ctcagcagca agtagtgatg cttctatgca aggcaatatt agattgtcag    148020
     acaaagctaa tactaagtac cacactctat cattattcac ccactctcca ccaaaagcaa    148080
     ttgatagggc taccttggtg ttctgtgtag tctagagaat gatctacaat agtcacactt    148140
     tctgttttaa atgagtgaat ttattaagta tatatagcaa gcaaaagtaa aagaactagt    148200
     tagtaacaga agtagttgat agaaaacatc aagttgagta ttcactttag tagggatgac    148260
     tgggatagca cagttgagag accaaacaaa aggtaacagc agaaatcatc tgcgaaaatt    148320
     ccatttgaag cagccatttg aaattcctga tagagaaccc aagtgaagct tccaagttaa    148380
     gaaaaataga tagatagata gtagatagat aacatcatca agttgggcac ttacagtcat    148440
     ctagtagaaa tcaactggag aagttgaggc tgtcggttgg agttaccaat tgaactttct    148500
     tttctctcca tgtttgagat tgccatggct gaacttctgg tttcttgttt ctaccaaggc    148560
     atttttatac catgcaataa acagtcttgt aaatggctag tcttttagct attctcaagg    148620
     acaaattgtt ttactcttgc gctgttttgt tcttcctttc acccatcata gaattaggta    148680
     cccaccaagc tccaggaaga ggtactttgg agaacatttg gagactacta gaaacaaaca    148740
     tactggcgtt ggtacaggag agtcctcact ctcatcatcc actttcaaca gacttaaaca    148800
     gcatatgaca gtttaccaac acaatgcaca ttatacttga ttatcaaagt attaacaaga    148860
     agttaacaaa gaatggtgtt cttttgtgag tctttaacac ctgtatccat attgtgtaca    148920
     aaacaaaagc ctttggctaa acagtgctgg ttttaccaca gctcctctgg cagtctgtga    148980
     ctgtgagcag tttagtaact cagaccagct tgccttacct tctgatgttc aatgtagtgc    149040
     tgtctggtag gtagtagcta taaaaacagg tggctgattt ttattattat tattattact    149100
     ggaattcttt taatgtggaa ttagctttta cttcagtaaa aaaattcagt aacataaatg    149160
     tctagtacaa atgaaatata tctaatgtgg tacctgctga agattaattt atagaactgg    149220
     gatagggtga agaggatggc tttcttgatt atgtaggaca tgtgttaaag gttttttcct    149280
     aaactgagct gtaagcatat aaatacatta ctctattttc aactggtgtc ccaaatttta    149340
     atatgactat tttagatcag tagtgtagca atagaactaa gtggcttatc taagattaag    149400
     cccaagctta ttagcactag ggactagtta caacttaggg caagggctct gaattcactt    149460
     gaaaagtaga ttaaatttta ataattgaac tgtgatttga aaatctaata tttttcttga    149520
     ctatgaagat ggattatttc atcataaaat ggaaaagaat ttatatcaag aaagtttttt    149580
     ttttttttaa gatgctagag tggtagttga ttttcatttc taggcttaat tctctagcac    149640
     tgctgttacc agttgtgcac atgggtgtgt ctagggatgg gtgtgtctag gccctgtctc    149700
     cagtattcca gagagaagac tgggaacagg gaccatagca taattgttgt tattgtttga    149760
     gacaggttct tatataatcc acgctggcct ggaactcacg gaagatcacc ttgaactcct    149820
     gagcaggagc tgttgagatt cagaaagtct actaatcttt tgtggtttgg tagtctttcc    149880
     ttcaaccgtt tatatcagca tcaccagctt ttaagaaata aagccattag tttggaaaag    149940
     tcacccgagg tcagtataaa actggggagg atatttttca ttttctagaa agaaaaagac    150000
     ctttccgggg taaaaaaata ttccctgttc actggatcat ggaatattgt tttagtagtt    150060
     gtacctaaag gggatgcttt cttcaccaac atgggataga agataagaaa tatacttctt    150120
     agatagcaag gaaaaggaag ctatatagta agtaggcctc tgagtgcccc ggcagtgacc    150180
     ctgtctactg ctaaacttta gccttgaaac tgattttatg tttgttacaa taaagtgtca    150240
     caatgtgttc tatttgggaa gaaagttttg tgaatgtttt tacctaaaac gtaaacacca    150300
     gagaaaccta atcagtaggt tggatgtatt acttcttgtg ggtgggtttg tgtatatgtt    150360
     gagatgtagt gatccagtta atgttaattc cattcaattc catttaaatt tgaatttctg    150420
     tatggctcag tggctgaaag tatctgccac ccagtctaaa aaatcttagt ttgatcccta    150480
     gggaccattc ctgcaaattg tggcacctat aggccagcaa atatactttc caaattaata    150540
     aatgtaaaaa tttttaaaaa ttgaatttca cttaaacacc atatagtttg ttatttatta    150600
     ttagcttaaa tctttagtgg agctagtgtt ttgttttgtt tttttttcta attatggtgt    150660
     gtgggctcat acatgccatt gtgtacatga ggagatcatg accctgtggc cctcgtttct    150720
     ctcctctcaa cattatgtag gttctgggga gtggacttgg gtcatgagct ttgtacgaca    150780
     agtgctttac cctttgggat atccctctga ccctagaatt tccactccca atactggcat    150840
     ctttggaggg tgaagtagtt attgacaaaa catactcccg tctttattac attcagaact    150900
     gagaatttgg aaatagcata tatttagaga tttgtttttt tgctcttgcc cttaatgtaa    150960
     atagttattg aaattttaat tgtagccttg cttggctgtg accttgaaca tgggcggtgc    151020
     tgtgagtgct ggggaggaca acgatgagct cattgataac ttgaaggaag cccagtacat    151080
     ccggacggac ttagtagagc aggctttccg cgctattgat cgagcagatt attatcttga    151140
     agaatttaaa gaaaatgcat acaaagactt ggcatggaaa catggaaata ttcatctctc    151200
     agccccgtgc atctactcgg aggtgatgga ggctctggat ctgcagcctg ggctttcatt    151260
     tctgaatttg ggcagtggta ctggctacct cagctccatg gtggggctca ttctaggtga    151320
     gtgtggatac agagctttag tcccctctgc cttaggacaa cttggttttc actttaggta    151380
     gaaggctttg tgggctggtt gcataccctg ttggagatca cggtcctcct attagttggc    151440
     tgaaaggagg tggtgggtga ctgatgatat atccacttgt gggctctgag ttgtggggct    151500
     ggggtgcctt ttctatgtct cctcctacct atactgctgc attctgctgt gaatgatgga    151560
     aaacagcaaa ggcctgtaaa ttttaacctt acatgatgat ttcttggttt attctagtca    151620
     ctcttttcct catctccttt gagtgtcatt aaaattcttt ggtagttgaa gttctttgta    151680
     acagtttctc ttttgttgtt tgctactaag agagtagttg tatttttaag gaattttcag    151740
     agatggaagg gatttattag gttatgatat ttggagccat ttaggctatt ttccttacag    151800
     atgtatgaat atagccgttt ctgatgatga tatcagaatt atcagctgaa gagctattga    151860
     atttttgcat tgtgtaaaac attgtagtga ggcaaagact tcagatgttg cttgcatttc    151920
     ttcttaattg atatgatttt taatcttaat ttgtttttga ttgactaagg cagtggtttt    151980
     gactggggga aaataaataa taaaactgcc tatattagaa atgctattga aaagagccta    152040
     agggtgaagc cttgtggtgg tagtggcaca tgcctttaat cccagcactc aaggcagagg    152100
     cagaggcaga ggcaggcgtt tgaggctggc ctgttctaca gagctagttc caggacagcc    152160
     agagaaatgc tgtcctggaa accaaaaaaa aaaccaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaca    152220
     aaaagaaccg ccacctaagg agctgaggag atggctcact gtaaatactc tttgtacatg    152280
     aagacctgag ttcaaatcat gtaaaggtga acacaagtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc    152340
     caggtgtagc agtgtgtgtc tgtattctca gagctggaaa acagatagga ttctaggggc    152400
     ttgtttggcc agccatttta tctcagttgt tgacccctgg gtttatttag tgctaccctg    152460
     tttccaaaag taacattgag taacctgatg ttgacttctg ccatgataca cacatataca    152520
     tgtgcacaca cacgtgcacg ccacacacac acccacccac ccacccacct taatacctag    152580
     taaaagagta agcctggaga cactgtggca cttgatactg ccggcaataa taatgaaagt    152640
     gctgtgaaat atagataaat cctaatacaa atttcatttg taaatacagg tttttaaaat    152700
     ttgttgtaaa agctactact cttgcctttt tttcagtttg caaatgatac ttttaatgtt    152760
     tgagagcttt ttgagaagcc aaggcatcaa aacaaatact atgttagtga atgtaaccta    152820
     tactacacat tgaaagactc ccttgggtgg tttagagcca cggatatgct aagacctcaa    152880
     acccttgtga gtttctgtaa ttatacacta cagaattatc tgtgttgtaa ttaagaaagt    152940
     acagaaaaca aatgagcaag ggttcttttc ctcgttctaa gagctttgtt ttctcaaacc    153000
     tctcaggtcc tttcggcgtg aaccacgggg tggagcttca ttcagatgtc actgagtacg    153060
     cgaagcagaa actggatgtc ttcatcagaa ccagcgacag ctttgacaag tacggccaga    153120
     cgctatttat tagttcaaac aaaggttgtt aattatatat agaaaaagcc agtttattag    153180
     tatccatatg ccagaaaaca tagttaaagt gtggttggat gatcctaggt tatatgtatg    153240
     tctacccttg ttactgtgtt aatattctct ggtattaatt gctttatagt ttttattttt    153300
     tctttctttt ttctttcctt ttcttttttc tggttttttt tggggtgagg gtgggggtgg    153360
     gggtgggggg agcaaggtct cttttaatag ccctggctgt cctgaaactc actatgtaga    153420
     cctggttggc ctcaaattta tagagctcca tctgtctctg tcctctgagt gatgggatta    153480
     aaggcacgtg tcaccatacc ttgccagctt tgtgttttat aacttatgat actaaacatc    153540
     aaattttcat tattatagta agagaaaaag acaaataatt tattttgctc agtttttatg    153600
     ttccagtgta gaaaatttat atcacctaat tgttttctga aagagtgggc attccaaaga    153660
     ataaaaagtg ttttttgcca gtagtggtgg gcagaggcag gcagatcttt gtgagtttga    153720
     gcagcttggt ctacatatca agttccaggc tagctaatga ggaaagcctg tctcaaaaaa    153780
     agaaagtgtt tttttaaaga aaaacctcct gttgggactg gtgagatggc tcaagaggta    153840
     aaggcacttg ttgcccagag tgatgacctg aatttgatcc ttgggaccca cctgatgaaa    153900
     ggagaactga cccccacaag ttgtcctctg aagtcttcac aaatactgtg gcacacccat    153960
     atgtatacac aggtgaattc acacagtgaa taaataaatc aaaatctagt aaaatcccca    154020
     gttgcttgtc aggcaactga atgtagtgct gagcattgtg aaaacagtga aaaatggtgg    154080
     ctggtgttgc tttatatctg gatcgttgga acattcacat ttttctattt tgtttgtaac    154140
     gtataaggtt ctatttctat agtatgattc tatttggaaa tgtagcttct aactcctggg    154200
     gctgcaaagt gttacattgt tctgtgattt tgtaagtaaa acataacctg tggtggttgg    154260
     gtttggggag gaagccaaga aaactcactt cagatacaga agctttaaaa ggaaaacttt    154320
     attttttgag cacccaggca agcagctagt tcaggatctg aaccatgtcc cggaagggag    154380
     acgacggtac aacattctta aaggatggga gcacaaagtg aggggggacc tgagggatgc    154440
     cgcagtgtta tccaactgaa tgttgacatt atgggttaga caagggagtg cccatggaga    154500
     ctgggcctca tccagggcag ctggcttcaa ggtctttgat tcattctgtt ggactttagg    154560
     tccagagctc agaatgataa ggggacaaag gagctggtca gctgcatgta gctaattagg    154620
     gcataacaga caattgatta tataatttta cagtttatgt accttggttt agataacagc    154680
     aatttctata tgctttgcct attaacaggc atttaagaaa acatttggag gagtgaggta    154740
     ggtgtttctt cccaggcctg ggaacattaa cttgtttgac cctgccagca agatgaagtg    154800
     tccttgagat agctggactc atacaactgt ccctaagatg tctagactca gacagctgtt    154860
     tacaatagaa gctgtccagc tatagggaag tcctcatatc ccatggggcc tgggaccctg    154920
     aatttagttt ctcccatatt gttaaatgga gtttgagagc aaaatcgtag tacttagaat    154980
     aagtttcttt tgcttgttcc caacatggca ggcataactt tgtttttatg tacttattac    155040
     aacaacatat gtagttacag aaaacttttt tctttcagat ttgacttctg tgaaccttcc    155100
     tttgtaactg gaaattgcct ggagattgct ccagattgtt gtcagtatga tcgtgtttat    155160
     tgtggggctg gtgtgcagaa agaacatgaa gagtacatga aaaatcttct caaagttgga    155220
     ggcatccttg tcatgccctt ggaagagaag gtcaggttct ctacagagct gacattgtgt    155280
     atactctcct tcacagtcag ttcatgtata caactcttgt ggtagcttct gccaagttat    155340
     taacagagta acacaaagct atatagaggt cttccataaa ctgcactatg ttgaatcttc    155400
     tacctcctgt ctctcttgtt tttctttcta ttttcttctt tcctcctctc tactttttct    155460
     tctttccctc ctcttcttcc ttctcttcac tctagctcct tttatttcgt gccagtgaca    155520
     agcccgacat tcaggataga ctgcagcaag cagccatggg tggcatagac aattgctggg    155580
     gcaagagtag cttacttttg ctaaattttc tcttttaatt ttaactcttt gctgttctgt    155640
     gaccaaaagc tgctgcttct ggcaataaac tcctgctgtt agcagcaggg gattaagaaa    155700
     agaagttagt tactccggtt ctttgactag aggccccttg ctgatcaggt gagaggctca    155760
     gagtttgtta actctttgtg agccagagag aggaaaaaaa aacacccact ctggatgaag    155820
     cagtgaaaag aagctccatt gatctttatt tctgttctta gcctattttc tctaaaaatt    155880
     tgcctcatat aactatcagg tagaactgtt tcaacaggtt aattacatga ttctctaaat    155940
     acttttacat gccagtaagt tgatagtaag tttaaggcaa taattcatgt catagattga    156000
     taaggtttaa ggagttacaa cagaattatt tacatgtcct ttcattaaga ctaatatttg    156060
     actaaacatt atctgttaca agcccccacc ataagttaat tataagttta aagcaataat    156120
     ttttatgtca caagttagca tggttttgtc aagagacaaa tcatctgctt tatgtcttat    156180
     tttgaagttt tgtatagata aaccagtcta taattctatt ttttatcctt gtacctacag    156240
     taaattgtcc attcccaagt gttcttaacc tagacggaat gttttccttg attgtacatt    156300
     tgttccaagc ctttcttttt ctagttcaat tgacctgtga cacatgaaag tttacagagc    156360
     tctatttgca gcttttattc tatagagggc ttgaaattac ttgtgtaaat ttaggaattc    156420
     tataaaatca ttatcaggaa ttatgaaatc atcaatttgt ctatacagac gtaatacatg    156480
     agagaacatc ttcatgttga tctgcagaaa atctgcccaa tagcatgggc tgatgcccag    156540
     gaatcattag gttgtgcaat agtgacagga aaggcatatc aacagtaaca gcaatcctgg    156600
     ggtgaagtct ttaaggacct tgcattctca gagctcaccc atcacagtct catggaatgg    156660
     tgaaccattg tcagaaaact catttgcttg ccttagcctt tgctaagaag ccatggcttc    156720
     tgtcaatttt gatcctacta gtgtgcttgc ttaatacatt gatagaaagt attttacaca    156780
     ttcccaccct tttcagaaat tttcttgtat agactagctt gtaacttgta gtgcttaaga    156840
     gagttcatga aagtaatttt aagtcattta attttaaatc tatatcattt tgatgtttac    156900
     aaggtacatt tagttgataa atctctttgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtatgtat gtatgttatg    156960
     atatgccacc acatgtaggt gggtaccagt ttgtttgtat gcatgtgcac atgcatgtgg    157020
     aggccagaga attgacatgt ggtgtcttct ttggatgttt tccaccttat gtattgagtc    157080
     agggtctctc acttgaaccc agagctcacc aattcagcta gtctagctag ctaccttcct    157140
     ctggggatcc cgtctccatc ttctgagtgt tggtacaggt ggaccacacc acctgcctag    157200
     tgtttgagtg ctgggaattg gaactctggt tctcgtgttt gcacagcaag tactttacca    157260
     tctgggccat catcctagtt cttatttttt aatctcttgg gttattttct tttcctcata    157320
     ttttctttgt aactgatttg ttcaggggac taggtttttg gtcttaaagt gtgtcctaca    157380
     ctttggaatt tccagcccat aatctctgtg gtggaggatt gcatattctt ctattctttg    157440
     tattttctac ctattggcaa tcagatctag aagcttggta tattttggca tattttgatg    157500
     gagaagaaca caagaatata agtcatgtat tatgatagac gtttatcttc agtatagaaa    157560
     gaattgattt taagaccact ttcctccact catgacaaaa tgtgcagttg cctcagatcc    157620
     tttatagaat tatgtagaat ggcagtggcg tacaacctac acatgccctc ctttgcactt    157680
     tataatgcct ctaaagtact tgtaatacct gatagagtgt cactgctata taaatagctg    157740
     tttactatgt tgcttaggga ataatgacaa acaaaatctg tacatgtcca gtgatacatg    157800
     atttactttc tgaatgtttt tagtatacag ttgtttggat gtaaaaacct tagatctaga    157860
     agacaagctc catttaagtt tatggcataa gcagcctttc tgtttacctt gtagaatgac    157920
     tggaatgact cagcctgatt cattgtttta ttaagaactg tagaataata catttaaact    157980
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttctct    158040
     tggtatttag gtgctggtta acgttgatac agagaaaact actattagtt atttggtccc    158100
     cctatacttc agggataaat tttggttatt attgtttgct tgttaatttt cttaatactg    158160
     actttttgac aaagggaggt aaccaataag gttttgttaa tttttttatt atcactgtaa    158220
     atttttgatt gagatcattt tagctctaga ttaacttgaa gaggataggc atcctcatac    158280
     tatttctatt tgttcatcta gattataaaa tacagattta tagttttaag gaatcatgta    158340
     taatttatgt attatagtta aatatttggt gatcattata actagaactc ttcttttttt    158400
     ttttttaaaa aaaagagttt ctgggctgga gaaatggctt agcggttaag agcactgact    158460
     gctcctccta aggtcctgag ttcaaatctc agcaaccaca tggtggctca cagccatccg    158520
     taatgagatc tgatgccctc ttatggagtc tctgaagaca gctacttata cttactttat    158580
     tatacttaca tataatatat aataatatat aaatataaaa tataaataat atataaatat    158640
     aatatacttt attatactta catataataa ataaatttta agaaaaagtt tctgaagggg    158700
     ctggagaaat gattcagtgg ttaattaagg tcttggattc aattcccagc accacacggt    158760
     ggctcacaac cctctgtaac ccagttctac agaatctgaa acccttttct ggccttgcca    158820
     ggtactaggt acataccagg tacacaggct aacacacaaa caaagcaccc atacatgcaa    158880
     gtaataataa aataggtttt acgtttctag gtgataaaga gatggctcag gagttaagtg    158940
     catacagatc ttacagagga tctgagttca gaaaactcat gaaggtctgt aaactacaga    159000
     tttagggaat ctgatgctct ctactgaact cttaagagta ctggctctca catgtgcata    159060
     taagttaaaa aataaatctt cagccatcag tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt    159120
     agggaggcag agacaggagg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaaaaagtga    159180
     gttccaggac agccaaggct acacacagaa accctgtctc gggaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    159240
     aacaaaacaa aaccaaaaaa cccaaaaata gaataaaaaa ataaatcttc aaaaatttct    159300
     gaaaagaata tgtttgctct caatataatt aatctttagt aattgtactg tttaatcctt    159360
     ttagagaatc ttatttttgg atgagtttct gggttagatg tttttagaaa agataatcat    159420
     ataatcttct cagtcttatg acctattaag ggcatatgta gactgtccta gtcacaatga    159480
     acacatagag gctgtgtagt ttaattggat tctttggtac taatcctata atataaagtg    159540
     ctttgatgac ccacactgta gtctatcagc tagcatattc caccgcaccc ctgaagtgct    159600
     gtcagtgaga gtaaggacag ttgccttagg tatctagtat gacacattga tgttgatgaa    159660
     aattacagca acaaggtttt agcgtctggc atttgggcct ctcttgtcct ctaggtattg    159720
     caggtgcaga tggcttaaag ctcagatgtt tttgtgcctt ggatgccatt gcagctctac    159780
     tcctgatagc agcacataga attcagggta aatggttgaa gtattgtagc cgttgtacat    159840
     ctttggttag ttttactgag gacaggccct ccccgactta ccttcagcca ctgttttgaa    159900
     gaatcctaaa aagttatttt tataaatctt atcttcatta cctttttatg ttttcttgta    159960
     gtcctttaac tgacttatca tttgtgtttc ttataaacag aagttaggtc aaggagtttg    160020
     agtatgttca tgcttagcat tttcataaga atatttatgt tgttagtcgt ctcacattag    160080
     gtgtatataa acaggctgtt tcatatttag atttgctata taaaaatgat tacacttaaa    160140
     tataagttgt ccagcgacca aatcctttgg atatttttgt tttgtctttg agatagttga    160200
     ccaagataac acgcacaggt ccttctgctt gggagacaaa aaagattctg gctgtttcct    160260
     ttgcccctct ggtccagcct tgccgttcgg aatcaggaca gtccagactt gtccagctac    160320
     gtgagtatga acatcctgtc ttttatcttt gattaaagtt agaatagaaa cagaatgtac    160380
     aaaaaaaatt ttgatattaa agagtgctaa tctcctctgt tgaattctca aattatacag    160440
     gatgttttag atatttttaa agtatctctt tttagttcat cttggtgatc ttaatcttct    160500
     tttaaatcta taaaatgttg ttgctagtca tgcttttgag agtagcagat tcacacacaa    160560
     aggagattat tttgggaatc ataggcagtt tgccttgctt gctgggaatt gttacccgaa    160620
     tatagccctc tttctcacag tacctgtctc atgccacttt aagaaaatat aggtgaggaa    160680
     cctgttctgc tgtgtgattg agaaattttg tgtagcctca catactttga accattgtgt    160740
     tgtttactct ctaagatgca ggctgtacat ggagctaatg taggctgacc ttcatcctga    160800
     tgtttgtttc atatttaaaa tatcttttta caaaaatagg atttcaaagt gatgaggatt    160860
     taggatttcc aaatgaaaac tatccatcat acttttctga tcacttaaaa catttggtaa    160920
     acctctgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa gagagagaga    160980
     gagactatga atgtgaatta taaatagttc taacacatac attttggtta atttcttcca    161040
     aaaatacttc aattagtgga gaattgttta ctaaattgtc ctactttgtg tgtcaggtaa    161100
     catagacaaa gccttgacat ttggtaacca gccacaatga aacatacaaa gagcttggaa    161160
     ggatgaggga agttatgtag aggatgatgt tatgttgtgc ttggttatgt tcagggtgaa    161220
     aggaaacttt cttaagagag gtatagagaa tctcttacta catatcacct gtcaatataa    161280
     aagcttatgg ccaataagct gaggcaggaa atacgaggtc agacatccag tagggaaaga    161340
     gagaattctg agaaataatg agaggcatgg aagatttaag ctgaaatgct gaggggtcag    161400
     acataaacta gcaaatagct gaactcagga tagaataaag ggaaaattcg ctctaggaac    161460
     tcttgagatg gatatacaaa gacaaggaga agaaaccagc catgcagctg aacccaggtt    161520
     aaaataacag ggataatgag ttaagaaaaa gtcagaaaac aagccaaaac ttacagccta    161580
     gtcatctatc aatgaataat tagtcttaga gaataattat tttttctggg agcagaggct    161640
     gagaggaaaa acttgattaa tttttatagc tgttgctcat cagcatttaa tctaatcctt    161700
     taattttcat attcagttat tattatggag aacttattaa aatggtggaa aaacctaaag    161760
     ttacagagag gagtagaaag ctagaaccgg gcaaactttg ggacacacat ttcatggtgt    161820
     agtcactgtg ggatatgttg gagaaactga ctggaatgta ggttgggttt taattcacta    161880
     tgtggctgtg gagagcttca gatattattc aagatgccgt acatttgtat aggtataatc    161940
     ctatcaatca tttgtagggt gaatttgtca gactggtttt ctgaaatttt gttatttaaa    162000
     caaatgtgcc cctactaaga aaatgcacca tcctttggca cagtttctgg gtttggaaga    162060
     caagaattca tgaaaacatt tgggagactt tgaaaatcta gttaaacatg agtgtttctg    162120
     tatgaggact tatcaagcct ggctaggaac cttaggcatg cattgcctcc tgaaatgcga    162180
     atgttgagta ataaacattt gtgtgatttg gttagaattt ctaaagtgat cagttgggta    162240
     gggtgtttgc agtttctatc ttttctagat cactgaagtt gatgagacca agggaataag    162300
     agaaaccata tagcaaagcc agcatacaaa gagaccacgc agcttggaca tgcactgcct    162360
     ggagcatcct cctaaatggc atgcatgcag gctggaggca gaagtcaggc aggaatgatg    162420
     gggttttccc tatcatgcaa gagaaaaaga ttgagacacc accagcctct caacaggaag    162480
     ggttccagga cacatgacct ttctgaggaa gaacaggaga gcctaaggta ttgtgctgag    162540
     tctggggtag gtttgacttg attgggacta agtttcaact tggggaactg gtctatatta    162600
     tttaaattta cagaatagat gttaaaccaa ggattagtag tcatactgag agaggagtag    162660
     agtggacact gagcctttgg gcgtgtcaca aggcctaaga gaagtcaagt catagagaag    162720
     ggctgtgaac ctggccatag tgaactgcat cagttttcct agtggccctc agagaaagct    162780
     ggacaggtca gagctgatac ttgggaaccc agtggccagc gatgagactg ttttagcatc    162840
     ttggggaaac agctggattg caaatgttcc ggaactaatc ttttcttaat tgagttggtg    162900
     agagcaggat atatatagta caggtaattt gttgttgaga gacaaggcct taactgctca    162960
     gtagaatgac aggatgcagg cagggtacca tagcttcatc ttgcagagag aacacatgcc    163020
     tatgttctca gggacaaaag aaaagagaga agggttggtg cctcaaaaag attggggaga    163080
     cgctgtttgt tgttagaacc ttgtctaatg acagttcttg catttctgca gggcagaaga    163140
     tattggtggg ttctagacag gggttatgat tttggttaca aatgttgctg atagcatgag    163200
     agtcccttct gttttaacgt atttaaactc ctgtaaaagg atgttagaaa tgtagattgc    163260
     tgtattactg agtggatgtt gtgatgtcat tgagcagaat agagttataa actaggctgt    163320
     gagaacaaac cctaagtttc aaattttacc actgatcatc tagacagcat ttctttcctt    163380
     tgcagagttg ataactagta tatttgcaaa acttttgaga aacacgtgtg gtgcaaagta    163440
     gaccattggt tcctatttgc ttagaatact cccctttttg aagtcctttc agcaagttag    163500
     atgtgggttg gccccaccca tgcccacagg ctctgcccct gtccacagca ccaccagccg    163560
     tgcgcagcct acaggacctg gcccggcttg ctatccgtgg cagcatcaag agggctatgc    163620
     gacaggaagc cacaagagga ggtggcctga agaacacacc tatgtttaaa agaaggcgag    163680
     tccgtcgccg cagaatggag accattgtct ttttggacaa agaggttttt gccagtcgaa    163740
     tttccaaccc ctctgatgac accagctgtg aggatgcaga ggaggatcgg cgggaagtgg    163800
     cagagaggac cttacaggag accaagcctg agccaccagt gaacttcctt cgtcagaggg    163860
     tattgcgcct cccattgcct gatcccctga agtactacct gctgtattac agggaaaagt    163920
     gagctgtggg agagtgggac caggataccc agaggaaact gctggccagg tacatgtctt    163980
     ttccctttct tggttcctgt ctgtgctcta aaacttccca tgtaatggtg tgatttattt    164040
     aagtacagtc taacaagaaa ctgcatagaa ttattttctt tgggggtggg gtgggatgtg    164100
     catctttttg gctctactgt aacttgaact cattgggaac tgcatgatgt ctgctcctta    164160
     tagaggcaag ctttcacatt gagacttgaa ttaaatttga ttggatcctg tgtgaggcaa    164220
     ggggcaagtc tgtaaaggtg tgacacacca ccacgcaaat ttcatgtgat ggttctattg    164280
     ctggcctctg acttttgcct ttttctatgc tcagaaaatc ctcccttatt taaatcaaac    164340
     taatcaaata ttatgtgaaa taatcatcca taatttttta aagaaaaaga aaatgagata    164400
     cagaaggagg aataatgtat agaaatgcca gatatccttc aggattttcc aaagactttc    164460
     aagcagtcga tcctcccctg attccttctg atgctttata ggaaccacca tcaagtgatc    164520
     tctttttctg agaggaaaag tttttcctga accatcgcag tgattcatga gtcagttcta    164580
     aggtatctac atgagaattt tcggtgcagg tggagagact gcagtgtcac agaacgcccg    164640
     cacttcttga cttctttggt catattagag taccaggtca tagattttta tcttttataa    164700
     ttctggagaa aaaaattgtt agttttgtaa gttttcttaa gaacagatat atgtatttta    164760
     atagctccat tgcattagag cagtttaact tagtgacatg tgaaatctgt tatctccagg    164820
     ccataggtgt tgagaactat caagtttaaa aataaagggg ggaggggcaa cctttctgct    164880
     gtcagaggga aagacttgaa gttgcattgc tgattccaaa agctggctct taaaaaaatt    164940
     ttttttctag cccaaagaaa agaatagtgt taattgttag taataagccc aagttagagt    165000
     actaatttag gattaagtac tgagatctta tgattgactt ttagtttagc ctcacgtgac    165060
     ttgcagggag aaatttgata gttttgcgat ttctccatct taaatgtgta ttttggttct    165120
     ttttcttttt tctttttttt aagttagttg aatcattttt accacacatt atagtctgca    165180
     tgtatagctg ggaaaatgta taatacccta cattataaat ataatgtaca cttacatgac    165240
     tttaaatata agctatttaa agaaattcat agttggtttt acttgccttt taactccact    165300
     ttgggcttct tttctctcag aaggaagtgc atgctctaac ttgacttgca aacgtttgtc    165360
     gtttgcaggt tgttcttgat gttaactctg attgttagct agacttttgt tacctggaaa    165420
     attttggaca taaaattaaa taaatgatac ctgtgaagtt tgtatattag gtggattgat    165480
     tgaatttttt cctgtaattg agtatgggct acattttgaa aagccacatt tgcctttatg    165540
     ctggactttt aaaaaatgac aatgcgtaag acattttccc tttatatgtt aaacttttct    165600
     tagcattttg tatttatatt ttatcacttt gtgattttaa accacaattc agtgaaatat    165660
     agttgtaaca agtgagaaat agattggcct ttatcttata ctaccaggga aattttaaat    165720
     tttctcataa acactttgct gccagaattc agtatatacc aatggtatat acaataatat    165780
     cccacattct gttttcaggc taataaatgt taatatagtc taatgtttgt cttcaggatc    165840
     tgtattgtaa acaaaatatt gacagtggct atgtttcaag gagtgagtat ttttaaacac    165900
     atgacttctg ttgtaagaat caaaggtgta cataaaaata gatttgtcaa catggaactt    165960
     aaagttgaaa atccaagaaa ttagaaacac tgattttttt ttaatgaggt gaaacatatg    166020
     ggtaaacaca aatgaatcaa taaaatcgtg ttacgacatt ctattctcag tattgcttct    166080
     gtgttgagta tgggattctt gataacattc tcttaagact tcataatggg attgcaaaga    166140
     tggctcatgc agaagatcca ggttcagttc ttagcagcca catagcagct cacaaccgac    166200
     tataactcca gttccgtggg atctgattat ctcttctgaa ttcctatgag cctcaggcac    166260
     acatgtggtg acttgtgtac atgcaggcaa aacacacatg catatcaaag agatctttaa    166320
     aaacattttt actaatacat gtcgttttcc ttactaaatt ttccttcacc agatacttgt    166380
     attgtttaat ttataatact tatatatgat agaaggaacg ttacctactg tccataatta    166440
     aaaatgtgaa tgggagctgg gcgtggtggt gaatgccttt aatcctagca ctcgagaggc    166500
     aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagactg gtctacagaa cgagttccag gatcagccag    166560
     gactatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaagacccc ccccccccca aaaattgaat    166620
     tggaatagac aaattgaaaa gaactttaaa gaatatattt atttgctatt ttaatcattt    166680
     gctcatattt tgagaatgtt aaagggaaag caatacattt agtatttgct ttaattagtg    166740
     tggttcttat gtagattcat actcatgtat aaatgtttaa tatagaacct gtatgctagt    166800
     gataaatatg aaatctgagt tttgagactt aactgaaaac tgaacataag gaattggtga    166860
     gccaaatgga ttgaagggtc tgaactagtc atagaaacag gaaggtgatg atgttatgga    166920
     gacagaacag atatggagca gcaagaatca ttagaccatc tgggtaggta gcacacacct    166980
     atagtcccag cactttggtg gtaaagacat ttggattgtg agctcctagc tagcctcggc    167040
     tacatagtag gagactgttt caaaaaaata agaaaaggaa ttacaggaag acaacttatt    167100
     tttctgaaaa aaattttttt ttctcactta tgagaagggt caagggtcta tggtaaaggt    167160
     gaggatcaag gaagggctga agcctggaag tggtgggtga aggattttat ccattccagg    167220
     gtgttccctt tgctactcta aggatataac aatgtgatga gaaggtatta actgtctctg    167280
     gctgcctgag ggtacatcac ctctgacttt caactttatt ttctggatca tcctgtggga    167340
     gatcttgttg aaatcccatt ctggcaggtg ggattgtagt ttgcatactt ttcacacttc    167400
     tgtcaagaat ccttgcacaa gccgggcgtg gtggcacacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg    167460
     gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct gctctacaga gtgagttcca    167520
     ggacagccag ggctataaag agaaaccctg tctcgaaacc cccccccccc aaaaaaaaaa    167580
     aaaagaatcc ttgcacaaga tattgatggg tctcccacct gaactgagag gcttctcagt    167640
     tcctgggaaa atatagaaca ggaagtgatg tgactggagg gagggctcca gctggcacta    167700
     gagctttgtt ctggaccccg acctcactgt caagttgatg aacaacagac atagtatttg    167760
     acttccaggc tgttaacagg cccaggccgg gtatcccatt ataaactgac agcacagcct    167820
     atagttttcc aggtgtagac ttgatcagcc cctaaattat tctctctcca agaatccctc    167880
     aaagaaacag gcacagactc tctagagtta accagcagag acctgagctg ggagctccat    167940
     gctttagcct cctcagctgc aaatatttgg gaacaaaaag acacacaagt gaccaggaaa    168000
     attgagcacg tgctgagcac tggcctccaa tatctacatg gtagacttgc ctgatgttcc    168060
     tcaggctgtt actgtgttgg aatctccacc atccagctgt ttttaggtaa gctcttcagg    168120
     actaaggttg gaagctggat ggtggaactt caggttcatt gttgcaggct ttttgttgtt    168180
     tgtttactgg aaaaaactgt ttctagtagt ggtatggctc agcccttagc acacaacctt    168240
     taatcccact ggctggaata tagacacacc cttagtacac acctttaatg ccaaacaatg    168300
     aaggtaaagt tagtttgtag aaggtgccac ccatgtttta aagtgatgtc taattgagtg    168360
     gcagaaaaag tgactaattg gaggaagatt tttacagact atgatatacc taactctcat    168420
     gagaagagag agaaggaagg aggcagtttt cctgtgacag tttttacaga gacaggttgt    168480
     gaagagaaaa acacagataa agacagaatg taccagaaga ttagaacata ttgtcaaagt    168540
     tagtaggagg ccaagcagag caattgagga gagactgaga aaagccaggt tgaatcagtc    168600
     agcttggaga gcagtttgag ccaaaacagc tgagttgaac cagccaatca gagctcagaa    168660
     ttagaaaggt gagcttattc agcagtaagt ctcagaagct gaaaaccttc taggcctaaa    168720
     ttagattgta cagagggtag aagcttccaa gactaggcct agattagcag atgggcagta    168780
     agcctctgag acgacaatac aggagaataa aagttacatt cacagttcat gacagctccc    168840
     actccatgtt catggaaagc cattatgccc atgtcagttt ccaacctgtc aatctgaggg    168900
     acactttttt gtgtgtccta gagagtgtga cttggagctt acctttgggc tgatgagaga    168960
     acatatgcag ccatgtctag tgatattttg tttcccagct ccaacatgca tgccaataga    169020
     atgtagtcta gattgtgtta ggaataggca gagacactta actatccaag gtttttttgc    169080
     attcagagtt atctttatta aaataaatta ggggactgga ggaacggctc agttattaaa    169140
     aatactgtct gcttttcctg aggacctggg ttctatttcc accaatttca gggtagttca    169200
     taactgtcca taactccagt cacagggtat ccgatgtcct tggctgacca ctgctggcac    169260
     tacatgcatg tggtgcagac atacatgcag gcaaaataaa acctcaaaaa attaataaat    169320
     tagttgtaaa ttttaacctt tttattatat atatttaagg ctgacaatat atttcataca    169380
     cacctagtaa aatggcttat tgcattgagt gtgctatgtc agaaatggac aaatatattt    169440
     gtgtctttac aatgtcaggg tttaattaat aacatgaaag tcacaagata tagcagtttc    169500
     ttttttttaa agatttattt atttaatata tgtaagtaca ttgtagctgt tttcagacag    169560
     acaccctaga agagggcatc agatctcatt acaggtggtt gtgagccacc atatggttgc    169620
     tggaatttca actcaggacc ttcggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaaccgc tgagccatgt    169680
     tgccagcccc cgatatagca gtttcaatga aatcaactgt aaagtattcc tgctttactc    169740
     tgtaatattg gctggaatga agttttttct tttttttatg aatttattat caaatctcac    169800
     actacacagc acacagtaaa tatacctgtc ttaattaggt ttctattgct atgataaaac    169860
     acttctttag tcagggtttc tattcctgca caaacatcat gaccaagaag cagtttgggg    169920
     aggaaagggt ttattctgct tacacttcca tactgctgtt catcaccaag gaagtcagga    169980
     ctggaactca agcaggtcag gaagcaggag ctgatgcaga ggccatggag ggatgtttct    170040
     tactggcttg cttcccctgg cttgctcagc ctgctctctt atagaaccaa gactaccagc    170100
     ccagagatgg tcccacccac aaggggcctt tcccccttga tcactaattg agaaaatgcc    170160
     ttacagttgg atctcatgga ggcatttcct caactgaagc tcctttttct gtgataactc    170220
     cagctgtgtc aagttaacac aaaactagcc agtacaattg accccttgtc aacttgatac    170280
     acaaacacat cactagtaag cctcaaccct tagtttctta ttcatcccca agatctaaac    170340
     aactttaaaa gtcccacagt ctttacatat taaaagtcaa tccctttaaa atgtccaata    170400
     tcttttaaag tccaaagtct ttttacaatt aaaagtctct taactgtggg atccactaaa    170460
     atatttcctt ccttaaagag ggaaaatatc agggcacagt cacaatcaaa agcaaaaatc    170520
     aatctccaac catccaatgt ctgggatcca actcacgatc ttctgggctc ctccaagggc    170580
     ttgggccact tcttcagcta tgccctttgt agcacacacg tcatcctcta ggctccagat    170640
     gcctgtactc cactgctgct gctcttggtg gtcatctcat ggtactggca tctccaaaac    170700
     actgcatgac cccttcagtc ctgggctgtc aattgcaact gaggctgcac cttcaccaat    170760
     ggccttccat ggcctctcac agtgccgagc ctcagctgct ctgcgtgacc ccttcatgcc    170820
     ttcaaaacca gtaccacctg ggtgaccctt acacattacc aagtcccact gcagcaggag    170880
     tacaaccttg gttatctctg gaacacaact tctttgtgct ttcagaaaac acttcccaga    170940
     agatgtcacc tcaacgatgc tggtctcttc ttaatcactg ctaatttctt agctccagct    171000
     aaccagcatc aatagtgcca gtaatgcaaa gattttgctt tagtagttct ggtatcttgt    171060
     taatcacagc tgattcttca gctccagcta accagaacca cagaataatc aaactccaaa    171120
     atagcaatgg ctctgaagag tctttaattt tccctctgaa atttcacaag ccaggcctcc    171180
     atcttctgca ctgttctcaa cattatcttc caagctccta cacaacatct gacagagctc    171240
     ttaacactga gtgaatcttc tagcccaaag ttccaaagtc cttccacagt cctccccaaa    171300
     acatggtcag gctgtcacag gaatacccca ctctgctggt accaatttgc cttagtcagg    171360
     gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaaat tggggaggaa agggtttatt    171420
     tgccttacat ttccacactg ccgttcatca ccaaggaagt caggactgga actcaagcag    171480
     gtcaggaagc aggagctgat gcagaagcca tggagggatg ctctttactg gcttgcttcc    171540
     cctggcttgc tcagcctgct ctcttataga accaagacta ccagcccaga gatggtccca    171600
     cccacaaggg gcctttcccc cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gttggatctc    171660
     atggaggcat ttccccaact gaagctcctt tttctgtgat aactccagct gtgtcaggtt    171720
     gacacaaaac tagccataaa tatttggctt acatgtcaag agtccattgt ttaggggagt    171780
     caatgcagga acttgctgca gaaacagaag ccattaccat ggtgggatgc tgcttactgg    171840
     tttgctcctc atgatttact cagattctca gattgctttt ttctctctct ccattttgtt    171900
     cttagactta cttaagtgta tgagggtttt tgtttgtttg tttttttttt tttttgaatg    171960
     cttgttcgtg caccaaagac gtgcttggtg cctacggagg tcagaagagg gcattggatt    172020
     ctcaggaact ggaggttatg gacgtttgtg agctaccata ttggtgctgg gaattaaacc    172080
     agtgttcact ataagaacaa gcaacagctg aactatctct tcagccccat cattctgctt    172140
     tcttatatca cccaggacca ctggcttggt ggtgacaccg cccccaatgg gctagaccct    172200
     ctcctaccaa ttttaactca agaaaatgcc cccagagact tatttactgg tcaatttatg    172260
     gtgacatttt cacaattggg gttcctctcc ctggatattt agtttgtgta tagttaaagc    172320
     aaacagaaaa caacacacac atacatgtgc atgttgcaga atgactgcag aggattaaag    172380
     aggcaaggag tttcaaagaa atctgagaag ccagagctgg gaaatataaa tgtctatagg    172440
     aaatgagata aaagagtcag ctggacgtct gtgaaaagga gctgctggta tttgttacct    172500
     gcagggttga gtctagctgt gtaagtgaaa gggcagaatg aaactaggtg aagaaatggc    172560
     cagatggagg aatggcaggt ccagatagga tatcgtacgt cagtcagaca gcagttgaga    172620
     cgtagtatta acaatgggga cagtgttcct gggacatttg gttattttct gtccgttccg    172680
     gatgagaata ttgcggagca gcatgatcct cctgtaacac gtccatggct cggagtgcgg    172740
     caagtgtctc ctcatcaccc agaacctctc acctgggtac tctggtggtg ccagcattat    172800
     cggtccagtc ctcttggcgt ttcagctagg gagacgtgtg cacacgcgca gaaacgacag    172860
     ggctgggcgt gcaggcagca tgctattggc tggatgggaa aggattatct gcggtgacca    172920
     atggagtgtg cgaggctgcc cgccgcagtg cctactggga acgtcttgag gatcccgggt    172980
     tgccagttac ggagcaagtg agacggcttt tgattgggcg cctgcaccac ggaagcgcca    173040
     gacagaagcg aggtgtggaa gctggcagta tgctgttgtt ctgcccgggc tgcgggaacg    173100
     gactcattgt ggaggagggg cagcgttgcc atcgcttcgc ctgcaacact tgcccctacg    173160
     tccataatat cacccgtaag gtaagttcca cagacgggtg ccttctctgc tttctgggag    173220
     gcacagcaag cgtcggcgcg ctcagacctt cctgcaggct tttgtgctct cgctgcggtg    173280
     gtaccccaag tccagcagtc gctgctccag tggcgtcgct ccggccacgt cgaagccccc    173340
     ccacccccct ctagctctcc gttgcccact ttgtgatact ccgaaaattg tgagaatttt    173400
     agttcatacc ttttaaacct acactcccct cgtgctgtcc ttggcgtacc agtccgcgcc    173460
     tcgcctctga tttgaaatcc ttgggttctt cttgtggctc ttttgctccc agcccctgtc    173520
     gttattctag agaatcttca ccatgtacgc agtactgtta ggtccttcct tttgcccgag    173580
     tcattcttac acaggcacat atcacactta ttcattctcc gccttacccc ctacccccgt    173640
     gtatgtgtgc atgtatgcgt ctctgtttcc ctcttccttt ctctctccct ctcctctttt    173700
     aaaataatgg ctaccttatt tagattcctg cccttctggc tgtttgtgca tgtctataat    173760
     tttagcactt ggagaggctg cggcaggaga ataggttcaa ggctcacctg ggctgcatag    173820
     cacatagaca cgcacacaca cgcacgcaca ggcacaggaa acaaaccaaa ccccagcact    173880
     ttcagtttat ccacattcct tttatatttt tcacagaatg cattgccttc taatatttta    173940
     tatccttgtt gctattttgt gtgtgtggtg cttgtgttgg agcccagaaa gctgtatttc    174000
     tagcccttgg tgttttgtgt acccttcaac tcttgttttg ttcctcctta cctcagtgac    174060
     tgcaggtgtg caccactggg ccttggtgac atctcattct taatgtttgc tcattagagc    174120
     tgtatggtag gagtttagag tctggatttg tggtaagatg agttgtgaca taatttcgaa    174180
     attagaagga tgcctgataa acttaggaaa gcagccaaaa tgacctgggg agtgctggta    174240
     tacccagtta aatgtctgtc actcctgttg gattattagg tgtctgaggg gtatgagaga    174300
     agagtgaggt tttactaggc tgatttttct tcctgctctg tctggtgttt ccttctgttt    174360
     ctagagacct ttgacattga acctctgtgc tgttttgggg gacatcccag tcacaagacc    174420
     cctacatttc agtgactcac actgctcttt gaagaagata aattttgtag agggaatgct    174480
     ggagggagat tgtagtttgg tggcccactt gtaaaactgt acaattactt caaatctgat    174540
     gtcttgtttc tattaggtaa caaaccgaaa gtatccaaag ctaaaagaag tggacgacgt    174600
     gcttggtgga gcagctgcat gggagaatgt ggactctact gcaggtgagg attttcccat    174660
     aacagagcta gggactcaac cctgcttatt attactcgtt attatattta ataataataa    174720
     atttattatt ataatgtaac cctgtctgtt attagggcca gtgagatggc tcagcaggta    174780
     aaagcacttg ttgccaaacc tgttagattc ttggagccca gagagtagaa gagagctgac    174840
     tgatggaaac tttttttttg tgactctgta ccatccacca cacacacaca cacacacaca    174900
     cacacacacg tacgtacgtg taagtgtaaa agaatttaag aagatgtaaa taacaaagta    174960
     atgacaaata gctagtgttt gtcactaact ctaaacaagg ttttacattt ttgttgctgt    175020
     ttgattttgt tttttgagac atggtttctc tgtgtagtct gggtgtcctg gaacttgctc    175080
     tgtagactgt gctggcctca aattcagaga tctacctgtc tgcctcccgt atgttggtat    175140
     taaaagcata tgccaccacc acctggctgt attaaatgtt ttttaaagta gattctttca    175200
     agtattcttt aaaggaaagt taccatacgg atacctgaac tgttgtttca tttagactct    175260
     caagtcagat atggaaaagt ataattaaaa ataaatctgg tgcatattct cttcttgaag    175320
     caaaattgga gttcattaca aaaaagtttc aacattgatg taaacatagc tgttgagagg    175380
     gaaagagaga tccatgctct agcaggtgta ggcttctcga gagttatgtt gtatgtattt    175440
     tcaaatacca acactgaaaa aatgatcagc cctggtcttt tattttcatt ttatttttta    175500
     ttatatgaat taaaaaaaaa ttgtaactag gggtgaagca tggttgctca agcttataat    175560
     tctggtgctc tccgggtata ggcagaaggc tcagtgctta tctgggcttc atgagaccct    175620
     gcctcagtca gtctgtcaac caagaaatag ttgggtagga tttcagtggt taagttggat    175680
     ttccttccca acttccatag cagctcagac cttctgtact tgtagtttca ggtgatctca    175740
     tgccctctac tggcatccaa gggtactgca tgaacatgat tcacggaata cctgaaggca    175800
     aaacatgcac ataaaataat gttaaaaaaa ttaaaagggg gggaggagga aattcgagac    175860
     agagtttctc tgtatggctt tggttgtcct ggaactcact gtgtagacca ggctagcctc    175920
     gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc    175980
     atgcccggtg caactggggg tattaaaaag taatgtttac atcttgattt atgtctgata    176040
     gacttaaatg tgataatgga atgaaagaag atgaccttaa atagtagctg ttttagaagg    176100
     agtagcagtg cgtgattcct ctatagagga atatacagat cttctatgtt aacagttatc    176160
     attagctagg tgtggtagtg caactgagag atggacacag gaaaatcagg agttcaattt    176220
     tatcttagct acatagtgac tttgaggcct tcctcaagaa cctgttttat aaaagcaaca    176280
     aaagccctgg aagttgagaa ttagtagagg cttaaaattt ttgtttgttt gtttttaatc    176340
     tgtttatctt taaggtagaa ttccctatgt attccaggct ggctttatag caagcctctt    176400
     atttcagttt cccacgtgct agattatagc tgtgtgctac ctcagtgggt gtgtatttct    176460
     gttacattcc cacaaacaga ctataataga cccttcccat gcttttccag ccattcttca    176520
     accagatttg agaagggaag tgaaacccag ggatagaagg ggagggggtt tcaaaaaaaa    176580
     aacctttaaa catctactca ttttcaaatt tcaaggcttt tgttgctttt ataaaacaag    176640
     gtctctctag tctccttatt attgatgtgc tgtgggaagg atgttgctat tggcaaactc    176700
     accattagct ggagtaaggg agaccataag ggagtctagc tgagcatgga gatgagatgt    176760
     ttacccacac ttaatgtttt tgtaatgtgg ataacttgct tttctgtttg tcagagccat    176820
     gtccaaaatg cgaacatccc cgtgcctact tcatgcagct tcagacgcgt tctgcagacg    176880
     agccaatgac caccttctat aagtgctgca atgctcagtg tggacatcgc tggagggatt    176940
     aagggcagga cttgcccagc tgcaagcatg aattttgtgt gtactgaagg tctttgctat    177000
     atgatagtaa gctgactttt ctgtggtgaa ggatcagggt gaaatataac tcatctgcaa    177060
     gttaacagat aaagtccttg atgtataggg gccgtcaggt ccttgggaga tacacataag    177120
     gatgctcact tgggttcagg tcctgttcct taccattcaa actaggaact tggtttatag    177180
     tcagtaaaaa taaaaattat tattattatt tagtttttca agacaggttt tctctgtgta    177240
     gtccttgctg tccttgttat gtagacaagt caaccttgaa ctcagtgatc caccttcctc    177300
     tgcctccaga gtgctggggt taaaagtgtg tgccatgacc accaatgata accttgaacc    177360
     ttctaatctt tttgcctctt gttggaaaag tgttagggtt ataggcatgt gaactatttt    177420
     cattttatgc agttctgggg attaaactct aagcctcatg catgctagat aagcattcta    177480
     ccaactgagc tatatctcta gccctttttt tctttctaga gaaattatga aaaatactta    177540
     taaagatact gaaaaatcac tttaaaagtc tggaattact cgattcatct tgtatgatta    177600
     ataactaaac aaaactattc tgtgagttgg actttctgga tgattttgat aggaatttta    177660
     aaaagtaacc aaaaccattt tctattacct gatttggaga aaggtctaca gtagagcttg    177720
     tgccccattt gaaccccatc caaaaatcta ttttaacctc aataaattta gaaaagttac    177780
     atattaaggc tatgtgaaga atgagcttat atatggacca acttcagatg agagtgtctg    177840
     agagtatctc agagagctca caagcacgaa ttcctctaac aaacaagagt aacagaaaag    177900
     ttgcatattt gttgaaacca ctaatggtat tgctctgtaa ggtggacata tttgtatgtg    177960
     ggaagtcctg gtctgttctg tgtaactgga cagttctaca catgataaga aatgtagcta    178020
     gtaaggaaat ctaaaataac agattcctcc catgagtatc tgatgttttc aaaatcctta    178080
     aatagtgata tagatgaata attcataaac caaagctgac tttgaaattt ttgatctctg    178140
     gttgctttca agcctttgga actttgttgc ttatctcctt taaataactc cgttacaaag    178200
     tagagccacg aagtcttctt tgaatgaggt gtattgagta ttaaagcact tgtatatgcc    178260
     aagctctggc ctcagttctt gtactggatg gcagaggtgt gtggaagaat gaggatgttt    178320
     actgttggtg agggttagga cattctcacc ttgctggtgg gagtagaaga tggtacagta    178380
     taggaaggga agataaagcc ccatgcttct gcctgcgtca atctcagttc gttcagtaaa    178440
     cttttctcag caaagctggt attttgatta tgtagcagga ttttccctgt ccaattaatt    178500
     taattattaa tacaataaga agcctgtgat tggacagagt tgtagagata gggagccaca    178560
     gaggagaaga ggaggaagaa aatggaggac aaacaggaca attcagattc tgcgtggctt    178620
     taaatagcca caggtagctg tagtataggg atagaataat tgggataact tgtctaatct    178680
     aggtgggcag cttgtatcat cgattgactc tgaaattatt gtgtgggtat cttgtgaatt    178740
     gagaatttat tgatatataa atctgactaa ttataagctt ctagagtttt gattttactg    178800
     tgttactagg aattgtgaca gctaactgga ggtaggtggt cattgcatgg gctggtgtgg    178860
     caacaacccc ccaagagaac ttggcgagtc aggtggagtc tgctgagata agaacacccc    178920
     tttcgggaac ttgccgttct ttttaatatt tcccacaaca ggattaggcc tcagaaaaga    178980
     atttcacaat aattgggtca agtatcctaa aaatagccat gtttatgatt tgggtggcct    179040
     tttaagagga ttgttcagta atactccacc cccaccccta ttttcagatc acagagtgat    179100
     tctgtagata acaaggattc aaacagttct taatatatca cgttacaagg gagttaaggt    179160
     ttaagttttg actgtcaaca aagaaactat ctttgtgagt tatagactta cagctgggaa    179220
     aagttaaact caaaggtcat gtgttaaaac ttattattgg actagagaga tggctcagtg    179280
     gtataagagc actggctgct cttctagagt tagggttagt tcagttcaca gcagccacac    179340
     aattgctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatcc gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag    179400
     caacggtgta ctcatacaca ttaaattaat cttttaaaaa attattagtg catataagtg    179460
     tggtagtggg tagtgatgag tacatgtcac gacactcatg catagatcag aggacaactt    179520
     tgtggagttg gttatctgca tttctttttg tgggttctgg gtatcaaaca ggtttgcgat    179580
     accgagcctt ttacccacat atttcatctt cccaacccta ccctgagttc ttttcctatc    179640
     ttaagggtta aaattaaggg ttagggttag agttaggggg gttagggagt tagggttggg    179700
     gttagggttt tagggtttag ggttaggggg gttagggttc gggtttaaag ttagggtttt    179760
     agggttgggg gtagggtaag cgttagggtt gttagggttt agggctaggg ctatgggtta    179820
     gggttaaggg gtaagggtta ggttagggtt tagggttagg gctaggggtt agggtttgag    179880
     gttagggggt tagggtaggg ctagggggtt agggttaggg ttgttagggt ttggggttag    179940
     ggggttaggg ttaggttttg ggttagggtt aggggtttgg ggctaggggg ttagggtttg    180000
     aggttaggga ttagggttag gggattaggg tagggctagg gggttagggt ttgaggttag    180060
     gggataaggt agggctaggg ggttagggtt aaggttgtta gtgttagggt tgttagggtt    180120
     tggggctagg gggttagggt tgggggatta gggttagggt gttagggtgt ttttagggtg    180180
     ttagggtatt gttagggggc taggaggtta gggttaaggt taatagttgg gttaattatt    180240
     agggttgtta gggttagggt tgagtttgct gttatggttt agggttgggg gtttagtgtt    180300
     agggttagag agaagaaatg aaagcaaaaa agatggtgtg aatttgagta agtaggagga    180360
     gtttggggga aagggaggaa tgagaatgag ataaatatag tattcacata taaaattctc    180420
     aaaacaattt aataaaaaaa tcatggtgaa atatctcaaa gctaataacc tggagagtaa    180480
     ggagagttat taccacacac attaataaaa tttagaaaaa ttgctaggtc ttaccttaaa    180540
     aatcaaatat tccaattgta ctggctactt ttgtgtgtca acttgacaca ggctggagtt    180600
     atcacaaaga aaggagcttc agctggggaa atgcctccac gagatccagc tgtagggcat    180660
     tttctcaatt agtgatcaag aggggagatc cccttgtggg tggtgccatc tctgggctgg    180720
     tagtcttggt tctataagag agcaggctga gcaagccagg ggaagcaagc cagtaaagaa    180780
     catccctcca tggcttctgt gtcagctcct gctttctgac ctgcttgagt ttccagtcct    180840
     gacttccttg gtgatgaaca gaagtgtgga agtgtaagct gaataaaccc tttcctcccc    180900
     aaactgcttc ttggtctgat gtttgtgcag gaatagaaac cctgactaag acaccaatga    180960
     attggaaaac tctgaaaaca tagatttcta gatgtatagt acttacgaaa agtaaattat    181020
     gaagatattt ttaaaattta gcagctttgt agaaagcaat aaaagtgaag cagtaatcaa    181080
     atatctacta atttaaaaat taccagactt aatgaaatac taacacaaat gcttctcaaa    181140
     ctattctact aaatagcaaa ggaaggctat attatcaaac tctttatgaa actagtatta    181200
     gcctgatact aaaacaaggt aaaaaaacaa aataaaaaat tactgaccaa tgtccaaaac    181260
     aagtatacat atatgcaaaa tttctttaaa aaatacttgc aaacttgatt caataatatc    181320
     tcaaaaagtc acttaacatg attaagctgg tctattccag agatgtagtg ctggttcaat    181380
     atgtcaatca acacacaagg gaaaaagact cataattttc aaattctttt taatactaca    181440
     actaagtgct ttagtttaga aatggttaac atatttcaaa aaaagacttc tatgggcttt    181500
     agtgagtgtc ccctaagaaa tgggtagtcc tattaaagtc ataggctcat ggatttatgt    181560
     caacatttta cagttcctgt ctgcataaaa tatattctag taataaaatg tatgtcatta    181620
     tcaggtaagt atttgcaact gagtcatgtt ttggctgtaa aataagcaat aaatttaaga    181680
     attaaggatc tcgttgtagc caggtgatgt ggcacgtctt taatcccagc agtccagaag    181740
     cagaggcagg tggatgtctc tgagtttgag gccaccatga tctacaaagc gagtttcagt    181800
     aagtcaaggc tacacagtga aatcctgcct tggaaaaaaa atcctggtgc aataaagtgt    181860
     ttaatcaggg acagcaagtg gctcagctaa agccatttgc caccaagtct aatgacccga    181920
     gttcaattcg tgggacacat atggtgaaag gagagaacta acttcctcaa gtcatcttct    181980
     ggtttcaaca tggacttctg aggtttacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    182040
     acagagagag agagagagag atgcacatac aagtgcaatt aaaatggagc atagatccat    182100
     agatatatga aatggctaac aaaacacata aaataaagag aagagaatag caaggagtga    182160
     ataaaagcaa tgtttgaaga aacaattcat gagtcatata taaagaaaac taaatgagct    182220
     gcttttgtca gagaaataac aaaacatcaa atacaaagag aaatttccag gagcttcaaa    182280
     ttagggggaa aaaagacagc ttctttataa aaaggctcca agtaactata tctattacac    182340
     actatggaaa gcagaatata atggacacct aaggaaagaa tgacagccaa cctgaatgtg    182400
     tttgttggca ggcaatcatt cgcttgcctt tttaccttct gtctctttta ctctctactt    182460
     tattttagta atatttttat tttaccttac tcagcaggga tttgtccagt ttttattttt    182520
     ttttttaata tacccacatt tgggggctgg agaaatgact aaaaaattaa gagcagttgc    182580
     tgatctttta gagggcctgt gttctgttct cagcacccaa gtcaagaagc tcaatagtct    182640
     gtccttgtga tgatcgacaa tgaccacatc tgtgtctgct atgagaagac aatgttgctt    182700
     ttcctctcct aaagtttact catcaggaag aagcatcgaa tgtcaaatca ctacaaagat    182760
     tcacaatgta gaatgtgatc acaggtaaat tattttggac atttaactct aaaaacacct    182820
     ctagtaatgt cagtttaggg tgctaacaga ggccacttaa atcatttaaa aactataaaa    182880
     ggaaatccac ttgagaaagg attaataatg agtataagga cttcacattg gaactgttga    182940
     aagtcactgt acaccgactt taaacaccaa ttaagaaagg ggtaattgtt caaattctga    183000
     agcttatgat aggattaatg aaagaaatca tctttcttag tcaatcataa ggtagcagct    183060
     tatttgagct tattttccag tcaatggaag tttgtaattt gaactcgttt tctagttggc    183120
     atggccacag ccttcaatag aggtcagaca caaaagtcat ggactttaga atgcttttaa    183180
     gaggctcaac attgacagta gaaattataa aaataccttt tgccaatagt cacatgaaaa    183240
     gttaatataa aactggaaac aaaagtagaa gagttaatat tattgagtga atacagcact    183300
     gcatgtgctt tatgatacag cgtagcttaa tcaataaata tgtttattaa tattgttgag    183360
     ttaaatgtta caaaatacag taactttaaa atatttattt acttgtgtgg gtgggtgtac    183420
     ctacttgcac acatgcgagt actatggtgc acatgtagag acaagaggac aacattcaga    183480
     agttagttct cttcttccac catatctatt ctggggcaag aactcagatc atcaacccac    183540
     tgagacattt cactggccct aaataaattc tttaaattta tatttatatc cctcaaagtt    183600
     tcgatactca agttgactag aaaacaaaac aaaagatact attttagttc attttctgta    183660
     attataacca catgccacag cctaagtaat attttaaaga aaatagattt gttgggctca    183720
     tgactgtgga gactgggagt ttaaagaaca cactaacagt atctgatcag ggccctcttg    183780
     ctacatcata acatgatgag ggcatcacct agtgaggcag agcaaatgtg ataatgaggt    183840
     ttctctactt gtccctatga agccatttgt gccatcatag ggattctatt catgatcata    183900
     tctaaactca agttactggg caggtattga aacccctggg caaaggctgg agagctagct    183960
     cagcagttaa gagcactgat tgttcttcta gaggtcctga gttaatttcc agctcccact    184020
     tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgtaatc tgatgccttc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca    184080
     atggcagtgt acaaacatac ataaaataaa taaaatcttt aaaaagaaga aagcactgag    184140
     caaaagctct gattcttagc acacagtaat agatatttta ttgctttgaa tagaaaaaaa    184200
     tcttgcttca tcagaccaca aataggctga cctatgacta gcaggagaaa tgaatcccac    184260
     ctttctcctt gtgtcctccc ttgaaaagta ctactgcact gtaagtaatg ggtacttgct    184320
     gtgcacagaa ggggagagat tggtcaggtt tatgttagat gctgtttaat gtactttttg    184380
     taggtggcct cccaacagat gttttcagaa agaagttaaa aagcagagag caatgaaagg    184440
     tattgtctct gggttttgct ttctttttca tctggatacc tcttgttata gaacaggcta    184500
     actaaaagac aagatgggag ggctcttggt gatcactgtt tgaccctgtg acacctccct    184560
     gacactgacc atgtgtaacc atacatgggc cagactcatc tgtattaatg aatcttcccc    184620
     tagattctga ttatcacctt gacaatttct gtaaggtgta gttaacagtc agcataaagt    184680
     cagttctctg tatacatggg accttgattc caggcctctt cagtatcaca tttggggatg    184740
     gccaggtctc ctatgtaaaa ttgtgtagta atagcataga atccagacac atcctcctta    184800
     caccataaat caacttagat gttttacagt attcaataca atgttgattc taagaaaaca    184860
     cattgaatta ttaggaaatt aaaacaagca aatagatctc cacatgtttg atacagaaat    184920
     aacattttta aaaatagtct cttcttcctc ctcctctctc cttccatttt tcctcatcta    184980
     tatccttcta caacttcttt tcctttccat ttctttttct tccatgagga cagtgaatct    185040
     cacatgtagc ccagggtagt cttggattga aaatcctcct acctctacct cttgaaggct    185100
     gagattatag gtgtgtatat catgcccagg tttttcaagc agaaatccat ggatgtggaa    185160
     ccctgagtca caaattaact gtctaatctt tgggaaattg ctaaggtggt gaaaatattg    185220
     aggagtagac tcagagagta cagtcatgcc tccacttctg ttagctcctg gaagcccata    185280
     ctatagagat atggagtaag cctaggcatt agttctaaag cagtctgttc cacttgagac    185340
     aataagaggc accaaaatga ccaagaggga ctagagttta aagcacagta aaggccctct    185400
     caagccagat aaggactcca ggagatgctc taacatattt aatgatcctt gggcaaagag    185460
     aaccaactcc attgtgttat gagatgcaag agagggtcct aaggtgcttc cctctagctt    185520
     ctgatagcgt ttatttaaac acagacacat attggatagg gtagagatga gtatctttaa    185580
     gattcacatg gcagtctttc tagaccatcc tccatgtcca cctccttgcc attcaacaga    185640
     gcatcagaat atgggatctg ctgctgacgc attgaagcag ttccagaaag atccctgtta    185700
     tgtgactatt agttttcaaa atgtttaatt ccaagcttct tcagaatttg gaagtttcat    185760
     aggaagaaca cacaatgacc agagtgcctt tccatttcct tagtgatggt cagggagaga    185820
     aaagtcctgt gtgttttcct taaagctttc cctcctgtgt tcttctacat catgtaaagc    185880
     atgaattgtg attggtctct gtggtcttgc actgtttttc cttggtaatg tctggtgaac    185940
     aggtaatgaa ttctggtctg taatgtgcat tcagagatca caattgtcta ataattcaat    186000
     gtgttttctt agaatcaaca ttatattgaa tattgtaaaa catctgaggt gacttacact    186060
     gtaaggtgga tgcatctgag ttcttgctat cactacacaa tttgacatgc attgagggta    186120
     acaacaatta ccttgttgtg actgctgagt atcaatcact tcttgaccag ctgactcaca    186180
     ggaagcacat tatacaggaa atcacctttc caatttgtta tttcatgaaa ttttcactag    186240
     caaacattaa attaaaaagt gttatttcag ccaggcatgg tggcacatgc ctttaatccc    186300
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag    186360
     tgagttccag aacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa    186420
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaagt gttatttctc tggagtgtgc tcagcaatta attttgtatc    186480
     agcaaattaa gagagcagct ttcggatgca cacattcaca gttaacagag tctgctgttg    186540
     aaaactgttg ttaagtgcag tgcgtatttc ttccttctag tcatcttagt ctactataaa    186600
     tttgttcatt atcagaaaat taaatttaag tatattaact aaattatgga tatagtgata    186660
     ctgaaattgt attaagacta taaatataaa actcttgcca aaaaatggag aagaattctt    186720
     gtctcccctc ccttagaagg tagttgaaat ttacttgaga tatcaaaagg ctctatggct    186780
     atttgaagaa gataatgtgt tacctagatg ccttaattag cacctaacct acagatcaga    186840
     atattccctt ttgtgtggga ggacagtcat ataaaagaca tgtagttgag caagtttgca    186900
     catcccatcc ttcagctaga gtactgatca catcgggaat tggctaccaa aagtgtgctt    186960
     caaagattca atcacccaga aacaattttt cttttaaaat taaagatcat gaaaactttt    187020
     taaatttaat ttttattttc ttttatttta aaaatttatt tatatataat atacaatata    187080
     actattaaat taaactaaaa ttatgtttaa aaactattat aaaaattttc aaataaaata    187140
     agtaccacaa atgaacattt gtttaaagga aatttactgt acacagtata gtacctttct    187200
     cagagttagt ctttcatcat cacctcatta tatgaaatca gttcagtaga agccaccaga    187260
     gggtaccccc agtgctgtct tccacttgtg tcttacttaa ggtgtcctgg acacaaggtg    187320
     acaatagaaa atagacttct cagcagctgg gcagtcatgg ctcatgcctt taatctcagc    187380
     acttgggagg cagaggcaga ggcagatgca ggcagatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctag    187440
     tctatagagt gagttccagg aaatccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tggaaaagaa    187500
     aagagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa tagacttctc taggaatact gcatcctttt    187560
     agacaagttc aacaggaaaa aaacataaac tttaacaaag agaaaatgaa acagtgggaa    187620
     tgagtcattt agtactgtgg aagaaaaata gaaataggga tcttgttgga aacaatagac    187680
     tgtggttctc acacctacta cccaccaaca gtctctttta ccacatccac aacctgtgaa    187740
     ctcccctata cctatgtgta gagtgaggcc atgacatgtc actaatacac cagctgctgg    187800
     tctatgtctt acacgtgaaa atcatgagaa agagatttct ttaaaatagc atcctcagga    187860
     agaactgaaa tgaccagacc tcacaccact actaccatca ataatgggcc tgttctccac    187920
     tagcagtcac catggccctt cctgcttcct gcctgcacct gtgtgatatc agaagaatca    187980
     aatgcgtaag tcttttctca gaagatgtga ttaaaggatg tggctaaaag aataagagaa    188040
     aaggctaggc taggcaagga tctaccacaa gtcctgcaca gcagcatggg ggctttaatt    188100
     tctctagaat cttgattaaa tgtcaactct gcattctaaa ggatagggac aaaggaagag    188160
     acatgtgaac atttgtgcaa actacttaag tcttgcagtc atagctgccc agatatcaga    188220
     tttataacag tagcaaaacc tagagttatg aagtagcaac taaaataagc gtagggttgg    188280
     ggtcaacaca acacgaggaa ctgtattaaa gtcgccatgt taggaagctt gaggaccatt    188340
     gggataaggc cgaggattct gggatatgaa gcactgtctt tctgctccct cttcaaattt    188400
     gtgcctgaga atgtcagcta tttcatccgc tgctattgct gcttcatcat ctccataaac    188460
     tcaaacctca cgaatctcta ggggcctggt tgtcttacat agtttccact ttgtaagaag    188520
     acagtttacc aacaaatgtg aatgtaatca gaagtgggtg aaatggccac gtatagttta    188580
     aaccataatc tgttctggct gtctcatgta agtgtgaagg aaacattgat taaaaaaaac    188640
     aaaacttact gaaagtagct tcttctctca tacagtacat cccacactgt gacagtggct    188700
     aacaatcaca ctcatatttt atttctacct gtgacagtct gaatgaaatg gcccccatag    188760
     gcccataagg agtggcacta ttaggaagtg tggccttttt aaggaagttt gtcagtgtca    188820
     ggttgacttt gagattcaga tgctcaagcc aggcctagtt gttgcctttc tcttcttgat    188880
     gcctgctaat ccagatgtag aagtctcagc ttcctctcca gcaccattca tgtctgcctg    188940
     catgccaccg tgcttcccac catgatgata atggactaaa cctattaact gtaagccaac    189000
     cttaactaaa tattttcctt tataagagtt gctatgtccg tggtgtccct tcatgagagt    189060
     aaaaacccca actaagatac tacccatatg atttggggga tcttcttagt taggtgttcc    189120
     tgacatccaa actgagggca tgggaaaggt cggagggcag gtgggtctct tacctcttcc    189180
     tttattttat tttatgagac agagtatctc tatgtagctc aggctggcct caagctttct    189240
     atcctcctgc ctcagcctct tgattgctgt tattataggt atgcagcatc acagctggat    189300
     agactcacag acttcactct ggaaacttca gggtttccga acaatcagga aatgggtaga    189360
     ggtaggttaa acagaccagt ccttgtttgt atgtatttcc aatacttaat tagctcagtg    189420
     tctcaactca gagatgctta gtgttaggaa atgatgaggt gagaaatagc cagtgcaggc    189480
     acactgacag ccataagaac tgacagcttg atagagtgag taatagttag tagtagtagt    189540
     agtagtagta gtagtagtag tagtagtagt actagtagta gtagttagta gtagtagtag    189600
     tagtagtagt agtagtagta gtagtagtag tagttagctg acagccagtc tcaccattag    189660
     ccatccctca catttttata caggagccaa caaccccagc attcctggta acttccaaga    189720
     tgtccttgtg ctcacagcct cattaagtaa ttactattta tgatgacctt gggtgatcaa    189780
     gaggagtaat tatactgttt actctgtttt cctaaggcag gcacttacat aatacactta    189840
     aataacatta aaaattaata acacttattg aactctatgt gccagtactt gtgttctatg    189900
     ctttataggg attatctcat tgtagaaata ttcccatata aaacagcttt aactaaaaat    189960
     attttggtac ttaagtttta gttggctgaa aattctacat atgtggaaaa cacatttact    190020
     aaggaggctt tggttaaatg aggctttcat tttcttcttt tggactgtgt gtgtgcacaa    190080
     acattaagtc tggtaagtgt gttcagtatg tatttttgta cggtactctg tcctttagta    190140
     gcaatagtag tcccttattc atgggaaatg catgatgaga ctcctgtgga atagcactaa    190200
     gctttatgca tgctgttttt ctgtgcatga atattgatga taagctttag tccttaaatt    190260
     aaacacaata acaggttaac aacaatgttt aactgtatgc tacagtaaaa gtaatgcaaa    190320
     caggctgttt tccccttaaa atattacatg cacagttttt cctgtgatga tgtgagatgg    190380
     cagtgccact ccacagtaag gtaaagggag ccagaaaaca caagcactct ggcagcaatg    190440
     ggcttctatg caagggtcat ctgaacacag ctgcagtgac agtagatttg agacaaagac    190500
     agtgatagag ctacacatgg gtgggtgaca gatacagact ggatacaaga caaagggatg    190560
     gtttacatat taggtgagac caaaaaagat agcacaaaac tgtgcttttg gtttttctgt    190620
     tcctaagcta gtcatggcac ggatctcata cagcttttca gggaacacct acattgctca    190680
     ggttgccttc cacatccacc ttggttccac ttctcttctc tgagcttctg cagccctcac    190740
     ttcctgccca ttgggtgcca actagctctg ccactcatct ctcatgttga aagccccttc    190800
     tctggaccat aagcaggtgg tactcaggct cttctgtaaa ctcctctgat gctggtatgt    190860
     cacccctcca ttcttctggg agcttcactt ttctcatatg aacaatagag attatacttc    190920
     tcacatcata ttggccaatg tgtgcattag tctaaataac aagcaaagag attgctacac    190980
     taatgtaagt tatctgtagt gcagtttgta taagatccaa tatactaaaa tatgccattc    191040
     atatattatt aattttattg tgtgtatagt gtctgatgaa tgtgtgggca catacatatt    191100
     atggcacatg tgtgaagatc aggacaactt tgtggaattg gttcttttta cctttgcatg    191160
     agatctggga ttgcactcag gtctttaggt ttatgtggta catgcttttt ttattttctc    191220
     tctctgagcc attttaccag tcctcacata gctttctaga agtgtatttc ttaggaaata    191280
     catggagcaa tctactcagc ctaagccttg accaggaacc tatctgctgc ttctacattg    191340
     tcagcattag cccccggcca gccttctcca aagacccaga cactcagact tcttcctcag    191400
     ttttgagatt aagccactga aatactactc tgtgctgtag agtgaatgtt tatgtcctct    191460
     tgaaatctgt gtgtggaaac tgggaccaca ggttaatgtg attatgagcg tttgtcagat    191520
     tatcaagtca taagtgtgta tccctcatgg agtactcatg agtgtggttc tagccttaga    191580
     aaagagaccc tgagagctcc ggtattcctt ctgccatggg aacacagcaa gaagattgca    191640
     gtcagggaat ggacatctgt ggacctcagc agacacctag cctgtcactc tgacagtatc    191700
     tccagtgttt ctgtgctgga aattattgtg actctttttt tatagctggg tccggaagtg    191760
     gaaaaatgca tgtaccatgc accatctgca aagcagtctg taatgatgtg tagatggcag    191820
     ctttatgaga gcaaagacca aagcccacgt ggtcctgtac aagtggggca ataacctttg    191880
     tccccaattt cttgtttcta gctctacttc cagtagctgt cctgctaatg tggaaggtgc    191940
     tagttctctg taactatatt tttgttacta ttatcttttg tcagatgctt ttttttaaat    192000
     taaaagagca ttctatcttc aattttctag tcaaaccata tattctgaac tcaaaaagaa    192060
     aaataaattt aagacagtag cctgagacaa atgccttttt attacaaaga gcacctcctc    192120
     caacaaggaa gtaataaaat agtcaaatta tatgttctcc agaattcatg agttcatata    192180
     tgttcatgag tctgaagcat taaagaaaag cattttgctt tccaaaacat attctgtatc    192240
     atacaagcac tagtaactac ttgtttctag tgcttgtaaa atagagcaga gccagcctgt    192300
     tacaggaagt atgtgaggtc gaacataagc caaattgttt ttcttacatt caaatcccca    192360
     atctttattt agctttcatg ttcttaccct ttctgtaaat tttggcactg tttacaatta    192420
     atgtcaacca ttaatttata agagctaccc ctacttgaaa gcagtcccct tccctcccat    192480
     cttttttctt ccccctcttg tctctttctt ctcttttctg ctcttttgtt tttatttttg    192540
     agacaaggtc tcagtatgta gctcaggctg gtctcaaact cttcactctt ctgccttagc    192600
     ttcccaagct gtagatacat aggcatgcca taccacatgc atgtgtgaca acctttttat    192660
     tcaaacagat tctcttttct gtaatagtga tggcttttcc tttatataat aggctaaact    192720
     taactttctt tccatctcca attattttta aatatttaaa ttaattactt tatttttatg    192780
     gtttccttct attcccagga cctctcctag gaaagacaga acaaatcatg gtgctcctgg    192840
     gctcagaatg actgacagat agaaatccca agcgtttgct gtggcgttca aggcccttca    192900
     tgccctctag aaggggcttt tctgcgttct gtccatgttt tccagccaca tgaggctgcc    192960
     tcctctgtct gagcacaagg agccccaggc actgacattc ttcagttgct cattcctttc    193020
     ttcatctggg ctttctctcc cttaggcccc acgatgtcct gtgaagtccc ccatcccctc    193080
     ttctatccag taatttccca tgcactgcac tctcgtttca acactcttat ccaatactct    193140
     tttttttttt tcagtcctat tgtgggttgg ccagatgctg ttcatattct gatgttaatt    193200
     ttgcttcttc aggaggcctg ccccagcagt ccatcagcta ctcaggtgat ctcatgtgaa    193260
     ccttctcccc attttaactg atcaataaag gctagagtct gtgattgggt agtgaagggg    193320
     aaagttggga ctgggggctc aatagtgggg gcaggtagag aaggagaaga agacaagagg    193380
     ggaaggagag aggatgcagg aggaggaagc acaatagacc agaaccacgt ggccaggaga    193440
     acctgtaagt aggaaggggt tcttatagct ggggaataag ttagtatagt gttgtatctg    193500
     cccaatctag gcacatagct tgtaattata ttaactggat tgcgtgtttt cttttttttt    193560
     aattaggtat tttcctcatt tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagtccct cataccctcc    193620
     ccccactccc ctacctaccc actcccactt tttggccctg gcattcccct gtactggggc    193680
     atgtaaagtt tgcaagtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccaact aggccatctt    193740
     ttgatacata tgcagctaga atcaagagct cctgggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt    193800
     ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagtt ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg    193860
     agggccctgt gatccatcca atagctgact gtgagcatcc acttatgtgt ttgctaggcc    193920
     ccgacatagt ctcacaagag acagctatat ctgggtcctt tcagcaaaat cttgctagtg    193980
     tatgcaatgg tgtcagtgtt tggaggctga ttatgggatg gatccctgga tatggcagtc    194040
     attggatggt ccatcctttt gtctcagctc cagactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg    194100
     gtgttttgtt cccaattcta agaaggggca aagtgtccac actttggtct tcgttcttct    194160
     tgagtttcat gtgttttgca aattgtaact tttatcttgg gtattctaag tttcagggct    194220
     aatatccaat tatcagtgag tacatatcat ttgagttctt ttgtgattgg gttacctcac    194280
     tcaggataat gccctccagg tccaaccatt tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt    194340
     taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccacat tttttgtatc cattcctctg    194400
     ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctgttat aaataaggct gctatgaaca    194460
     tagtggagca tgtttctttc ttactagatg gaacatcttc tggatatatg cccaggagag    194520
     gtattgcggg atcctctggt agtaccatgt ccaattttct gaggaaccgc cagactgatt    194580
     tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ttgcaattcc accagcatct actgtcacct gatattttga    194640
     tcttagccat tctgattggt gtgagatgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc    194700
     tgatgattaa ggatgctgaa cattttttca ggtgtttctc agccattcgg tatgcctcag    194760
     gtgagaattc                                                           194770