ID   AL833803; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 226251 BP.
AC   AL833803;
DT   12-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-244H7 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-226251
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 295ef09a6f2f939d728a06852d6f506c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027480; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068008; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068009; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026697; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026699; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026700; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026701; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026702; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026663; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026665; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026666; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026667; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026668; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026634; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026636; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026637; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026638; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026639; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026673; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026675; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026676; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026677; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026678; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026415; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026417; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026418; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026419; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026420; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027122; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027124; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027125; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027126; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027127; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025876; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025878; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025879; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025880; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025881; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026394; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026396; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026397; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026398; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026399; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026529; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026531; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026532; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026533; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026534; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026495; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026497; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026498; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026499; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026500; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026634; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026636; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026637; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026638; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026639; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026517; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026519; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026520; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026521; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026522; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027177; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027179; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027180; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027181; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027182; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025610; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025612; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025613; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025614; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025615; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025946; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025948; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025949; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025950; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025951; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL833803.8:1-226251; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028982; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000088950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000088955; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109760; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000135501; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058422; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058428; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058431; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058433; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058435; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058454; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058460; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058463; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058465; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058467; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058393; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058399; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058402; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058404; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058406; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058390; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058396; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058399; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058401; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058403; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058083; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058089; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058092; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058094; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058096; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058862; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058868; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058871; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058873; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058875; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058351; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058357; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058360; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058362; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058364; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058052; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058058; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058061; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058063; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058065; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058155; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058161; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058164; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058166; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058168; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058136; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058142; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058145; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058147; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058149; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058285; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058291; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058294; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058296; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058298; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058107; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058113; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058116; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058118; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058120; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059036; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059042; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059045; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059047; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059049; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057922; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057928; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057931; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057933; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057935; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057365; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057371; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057374; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057376; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057378; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J084.
DR   GOA; A0A286YDX7.
DR   GOA; Q80ZU7.
DR   GOA; Q8BU51.
DR   InterPro; IPR001124; Lipid-bd_serum_glycop_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR001525; C5_MeTfrase.
DR   InterPro; IPR001680; WD40_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR008979; Galactose-bd-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011011; Znf_FYVE_PHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR012919; SUN_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR015943; WD40/YVTN_repeat-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017942; Lipid-bd_serum_glycop_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR017943; Bactericidal_perm-incr_a/b_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR017986; WD40_repeat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR018117; C5_DNA_meth_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR019775; WD40_repeat_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR025766; ADD.
DR   InterPro; IPR029063; SAM-dependent_MTases.
DR   InterPro; IPR030273; SUN5.
DR   InterPro; IPR032942; BPI/LBP/Plunc.
DR   InterPro; IPR032948; BPIFB6.
DR   InterPro; IPR032951; BPIFB3.
DR   InterPro; IPR036322; WD40_repeat_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923657; Sun5.
DR   MGI; MGI:2675077; Bpifb3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2684965; Bpifb6.
DR   MGI; MGI:3644206; Efcab8.
DR   MGI; MGI:3649996; Dnmt3c.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q80ZU7; BPIB3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BU51; BPIB6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J084; A0A0R4J084_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A286YDX7; A0A286YDX7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BJ05; H3BJ05_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BL58; H3BL58_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-244H7 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..226251
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-244H7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    132033..132088
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    133452..133644
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    134627..134802
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    149036..149151
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    149504..149504
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 2040bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    149505..149817
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data Sequence from uni-directional
FT                   primer reads only."
SQ   Sequence 226251 BP; 54193 A; 53133 C; 56106 G; 62819 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaccg aggtccatca gtctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattcaaa gattgcccaa        60
     catgtccagt ttgttgtttg caattaatga agcactgtgg gagttaatta gcaaaagatt       120
     tagtgcagat ctaagcagac acttgtggaa tggagactta agacaaggac ctttcccact       180
     caagaatggg cacagacttc ttgaaagccc ctctagttgt gctttaacaa ttttaatata       240
     atgttattaa ttatttgaga atttcatgta tatgcaatct ctctctctct ctctctctct       300
     ctcttgtttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgttt tgagacaggg       360
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ttcactttgt agaccaggct gaccttgaac       420
     tcagaaatta gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcatgc accaccacgc       480
     ccggctatat gcaaggtctc ttaatcatat tcaccctcta ctcctccctt tattccagat       540
     cgttccaccc tcacctgcta tcaattttgt tttttaaaaa ataatttact taatccaact       600
     tgtgctgccc atatactcct gggtgtgggg ccatccacag agtggtggct gacctaccag       660
     tgacctttct ttctttttct ttttttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt aaagatttat       720
     ctattttatg tatgtgaata cactgtagct atcttcagac acacctgaag agggcgtcag       780
     atcctgttac agatagttgt gagccactat gtggttgctg ggaattgaat tcaggacctc       840
     tgtgtgacct ttctttaaaa atatttattt atttatttta cctatgtgag tacaccatca       900
     ctgtcttcag atacaccaga aaagggtatt ggatcctgtc ttagtcagga ttttactgct       960
     gtgaacagac accatgacca aggcaactct tataaggaca acatttaatt ggggctggct      1020
     tacaggttca gagattcact ccattatcat caaggtggga gcatggcagt atccaggcag      1080
     tcatggcgca ggcagagctg agagttctac atcttcatcc aaaggctgct agtggaagac      1140
     tgacttccag gcacctaggg tgagagtatt aagcccaccc acacccacag tgacacacct      1200
     actccaacca ggtcacacct attctcctgg gctggttcca ctccctgtta gcagctttcc      1260
     tcagcatgta ttccatggct ctggcatctt taactctaga gccagagcca catggctgaa      1320
     gctgctgagt tctgctgctt gcaggaacta gaacatgact cccttgtcca acaaggccac      1380
     acctcctccc tccctcctcc ctcccttctt cctccctccc tcccccctcc tttctttctt      1440
     tcttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt      1500
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tctctctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc      1560
     tccctccctc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt      1620
     tcttccttcc tgagttacct cccctgaata gaatcttggt ggcctgtagg ctgtaggatc      1680
     agagacaagt ctactcttga aaaggctaca ggtcagacag ttctgaattt agagtctcac      1740
     tggtttaaat ccatcttttt gttaattgct tctttggagt cggagtcacc attatggacc      1800
     ctgatagctt aggaacaacc aggcatacac ctgtgtgttt agaaagaagc ctgggaggga      1860
     caagagacat atgccctgtc tcctagagtc atttagtctt gcttgtgggt ggggtggtgc      1920
     aggaggccat tgttggctgt gtctggagtg aggtaaacta tcagtgagcc actccgtcag      1980
     accctatttt gattcttatg cctattgata aaatggtctg agatgtgcaa agattttgaa      2040
     ctgaaggatg cagatagaat ggtctctaag ggatgctagt cactgttgga ccaactcata      2100
     acttaagaga cagggacaca ggcaatgggg cagggtggaa gcacacaggg aagcaaatta      2160
     ttaggaacat tgctgggggc tggagggatt gctcagcctt cagttaagag cacttgatgc      2220
     tcttctgcag gtttagtgtc cagaacccac actggacagc tcacaacctc ctgcaactct      2280
     agttccaggc tatctgatac cctcttctga cctttgaaat cacacactca cacagacaaa      2340
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactta taaatcatcg aaaaacaaaa      2400
     cagtgctagg ggtcagccta aaatcgaggc tctgattttc ttgccttgag gccatttcca      2460
     tacattcagt ttttctaaga gcaagaaaaa taggttacca gatctgtccg aggagaaccc      2520
     tcctgcagtt gtgctatgtg accagcagag gggggaaaag aaacagtgtc tgtttctggg      2580
     cctatggggg ccactgaaac atcacacatg cggaatgact tgtgggtcat gggagaggaa      2640
     atatccttgc tttgatccag tgagacataa catgtccgtt tctagacagg atcagatggc      2700
     aataagacag agtaggagga gggaggacta taggaggaga ttccaatgtg ctatctgtgg      2760
     tcctggccaa agaccaagac ctgtctggag cctccccagt actcaatgct catgttggcc      2820
     agagcacttc cttgtctccc tggcagccac atgatagagt taaggctctg agcataagat      2880
     agagagggct gtgtgaaagc aagcattgaa gcctggaatg tcccatctag cctacgattg      2940
     tgagaagcag cccgaagcac cttctttatt gtccccttca cgaggaatct caccccagaa      3000
     ctcatttctt ccttctcagg ggactttgag caggcaacct ggcagtcacg atcaggactc      3060
     atgatactga tgttcataca gatatgcaca cgtataccat gtgaacacac atagaatctt      3120
     attgaaccca ttctgagttc cattctttct cacatttgaa gtgcaatgta tacttatttt      3180
     gggctccagg atatgtgtta tgcaggtcac cccctgaatg ccccctcccc ctgcttttgg      3240
     tattagcatc tgcaagccag cccaggaata gactctgggt gaatatgtat gccagtatgt      3300
     acgcttagcc actcaggtgt gggtagatat tggtgatatc tttctcatct aggtctcggc      3360
     tgacaaactg ttgctcagcc agtcctgtat cctggccgcc ttctataaac tggttcctta      3420
     cagggagtct atataccgta ctctggaggt tacacaggtg taggaatgac cttaagggct      3480
     gggaagaatg gagagctgct aaatgttagc ttatgccatt gtgtggccaa gatggcttgc      3540
     tgagttaagg ataccatgga ggtggtgaat gcctctgtga gggcctgctt gggaaaggaa      3600
     tttgagatgt gccaaggtca ctagtgagtt tctggtacta ccagctagac tgggaatgat      3660
     gactgctgtc ttgtgaggtg acccagtgag cggtgctttc agtttcaaac gagtgcatat      3720
     tattcagtgt gcagcaagca agggtacaga cagcaagcag cagagagtca cagcaggtag      3780
     acagataaac atcaacgtat cagatcctca caatacccag cagaagcgac tggagaagct      3840
     caagtcggtg agcaagcaga agaaatgtca taaatcacca aaaacaaatg acttgggaag      3900
     gcccttcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcctctt cttcttcctc ctcctccttt tccttcttct      3960
     tcttgatata tttatttatt ttatgtatgt gagtacactg ttgctttctt cagatacacc      4020
     agaagagggc atctgatcca attatggatg gttgtgagtc accatgtggt tgctgggaat      4080
     tgaactcagg acttctggaa gagcagtctg tgcttttaac cactgagcca tctctccagc      4140
     ctgaagctgg acttcttgat gaaaagtttt atgcaaaatc tcatctgtat ggatgggctt      4200
     ctgtccttcc atcccgactg cagtcatctc taccttatgg gataaacaag ggtaccctct      4260
     gttgaaaatg gttttacttc tggctgttct caagggtgct atgtgtttaa taccctcagc      4320
     tgtttgctcc ctggcacagt gttaagagag cagtctgccc aggacaggga ggcttggaag      4380
     actcttgaga gaagtgtact cgagtctgag acaatgggag gcctttcatt tccaaagcca      4440
     gctttcagtg agactaagca gcatgtgaca agggaccagt gccacatgcg tccctggggc      4500
     agcagcaata ctgcagagta cgctatccag aggtggtgag ctctctttct ttaagcagga      4560
     tccttcaagg cctagaggag gagctgaggt cagtggtctc ctccctttgt ctgtgaatag      4620
     tttatctcct ctgagccatt aggctcccca ccaatcccct ccaaccccta tcagcctgtt      4680
     tgttccactt ggccaagtgc ctaattagac atgcaaattg taatggccct taaaatgaag      4740
     aatgcttgcc tccattcaca tcttcttaga gaagggcagt gagaagtctg ttgtctgaga      4800
     agagctacag gagggtaagg taaaactgct ggaggctcct atttttaact aacaaggctg      4860
     agttgaaacc ttcctttggg ggagagctga ccactgtgat tctacaggga agaggtcata      4920
     tctctggtgc ctgcccctgt ggtccattgt ttccttaacc agtcccccta aaagcagact      4980
     cctgtcacat aacacagccc aggacagctg tctagctctg aaagacacca ctgtttaggg      5040
     aatgcaggcc ccagcagggg gaatccctgg gtttgccctg gcacatacct caatcgcctg      5100
     ctcccattca ttcacggaca gagtttgcct ttatttgtgt cttggcagaa agccagggtg      5160
     agagctggca aggcctgccc cagcagtcct ggagagtcac tggaggacca gctgaagccc      5220
     atgctggagt gggcccacgg tggcttcaag cccactggga tcgagggcct caaacccaac      5280
     aagaagcaac caggtgggaa ggaacccggg ggacatggta ttcccgtacc acctctgact      5340
     gttctgcttt ctttgctcta ccttcccatt tcttgacatc tatagtgctc attggagaag      5400
     aatcaaatct ccttggttga tctgaatcat tcacaaaccc cccccccccc catgtatgac      5460
     cctcaggcaa accttgggtg cacatccagt ctcctacaat ctttggacac ctatttttct      5520
     tcttatctct ttttgtttgt ttttgttttt gtttttcttc gagacaggtt tctctgtgta      5580
     accctatcgt agaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa atccacctgc      5640
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaagga gtgtgccacc attgcccagc ccttcttatc      5700
     tcttaatatt aatgtgtata tataagcact ggaagatgtc actttatcat caaacatacc      5760
     ttgtgctttt gttttttgag agaacagtct cactatgtat gcctgtttgg ccatgtgctg      5820
     gatttcttag catatgtcac cgcatcaggc ttcctcatgg cttttgatgg gtatctaatt      5880
     ttctttccca gtgtgtgagt cagattcaac catgtccact atgattcaac cgatccaata      5940
     aaaatataaa taaacattat tgcatgagag ccacagaatg tgtttgaatt agtttctagt      6000
     agtttcattg tagagaatca ggtgaaatta atgttaatca taaattttga cctaatattt      6060
     ttaaaactta gcattttcac ttttagccta catatattta gttagttcac ttctctgtta      6120
     gtactattca aaaaattatg ccattaggta aaagctaaac agaaattgat taaggaatac      6180
     ttattaatta acttcataaa ttggctaaat agattccagg gttcaagcca gtccaaatta      6240
     accaagtcag tagcatcact tgacaattta aacctgactt tctgtgtgag tgagatcctg      6300
     ttcctgctgg catttcaaat acttagtagt tccatgctcc tgttggccat tggcagacat      6360
     cactgtatgt cacagtaatg agctggttct caggactgat ttccttacag attcagatgt      6420
     gtaaacctat aaacatgaga ggatggcctg cttcctgggt gagaggagct ttgaattggc      6480
     ttctgctctg ggctcccatc tgggattctc tatgcccatc atggtcccct gctgtagatg      6540
     cagctggatc ccaggcaaca catggccttg tcctgctttg tctcttagac ccttcagaca      6600
     aatcccgtct gcttcccttt cagagaacaa aagtcgaaga cgcacaacca atgaccctgc      6660
     tgcttctgag tcctccccac ccaagcgcct caagacaaat agctatggcg ggaaggaccg      6720
     aggggaggat gaggagagcc gaggtgatgt gggggagatg ctggaaggtc tggggatgca      6780
     tggtgcagaa ctgggagcag caggccctca ggaccactgc actgtggggt acaggggagc      6840
     aaggctgagg gccaggagag acttccccac ctcatctcac acctgtcccc ctttcctcaa      6900
     cagaacagat ggcttctgat gtcaccaaca acaagggcaa tctggaaggt actgttgtct      6960
     cccatccctc cttttggggc tgccccgggc ctgccttacc ctggctttgt ccttctgcat      7020
     gggtttaatc cagaggcctg ggcattgatc tcggtcagga ccatttctgc tccttcatat      7080
     ttgttgctat atgtctattt atttatttat tgaataaagt ggtatgtatg gtttgcttcc      7140
     atttttaact gagtctgatg aggttgctta cctgggtgac tggagttcgg gaagaatgga      7200
     agctgtggta ctttagtcag tacctgggaa ctcagatcaa tggtaccttg aactttttcc      7260
     atgtaataag cacatctagc ttttaggtta aatggagcca ttgggtcctc ctcgagctaa      7320
     ttctgatctc ctttccccta ctgggtactg cactagaatt cagaaatctg acatgaacag      7380
     acctagtgga gtttgaatat acggtgggct cttcatttac attcttggcc caacgtgtct      7440
     taatcttcaa atatttatca aatagttact ccttattggg tcagaaaaca aacctggacc      7500
     cagggtacta tgggcaccct gtgcaagctg cagtttagag cagtactgac aatttagaga      7560
     ctttcaaccc acagtcatct atgtacccca agagtgatcc accatttgtt ccttgtagtg      7620
     gggcagtatt ggtcatgtaa tggttttgtc ctcttgaatg gtggtcagtt tagagccaag      7680
     gctctaaact agttttttat tgagattact gggattgtaa tcacatgcta tgtttaccag      7740
     ttgtggttgc aggcagcctt ggtatctatc accaagccaa tcagactcac tactagggcc      7800
     ccagtgtctg gaattgaaca cttgtgaaag acccagaaca ctatttggcc ttctatcttt      7860
     ctgcttggcc agccctttgc ctcccttgtg ttgcttcttg ttcatttgag ctggtctttc      7920
     ccagacaatg aagtgaagat ggcacttata gcattattgg ttctaagcac ccaccctgaa      7980
     cacgcccagt ctcttctgag aggctggtaa aagcaatcaa cacaggacat ggcacaaaat      8040
     tctcagggta cagctggcaa gaagaaatgc tcaaaactgt caggactaag gcttgggcag      8100
     ctgatattag gcccttggtt tacataacct ctggcacctc tctttctttc agaccactgt      8160
     ttgtcgtgcg gtaggaagga ccctgtgtcc ttccaccccc tctttgaggg tgggctctgt      8220
     cagagttgcc gggtaagtct tctccctccc atgccacatc catccccatc caggctccca      8280
     gcacagtccc tgctccaggc actagtgaac agcttccttc cctagggcac cccccacacc      8340
     cttcctgatt gagggacagg tgctatagca gagaaggccc tccacacgac actcaggtca      8400
     catgtactgt ctctgaagag cataccaggc caccagctag ggccccaggg gcttgctagc      8460
     caggcatggc tgagatcagg gctgtagtct cacctgcctc tctctggtgg ccaggaccgc      8520
     ttcctagagc tcttctacat gtatgacgag gacggctatc agtcctactg caccgtgtgc      8580
     tgtgagggcc gtgaactgct gctgtgcagt aacacaagct gctgcaggtg agtgaccctt      8640
     ggtgcagact gaacaagtgg gtctctggtg ctgggttgaa ccccgcagaa ccagcagcct      8700
     gtagtcagct aaacccaaac agaaaatgag cacccagtgg aatccattgt ggaatccgtt      8760
     gctcacaagt gtgtactgaa ttgatgcact gaatgctggg ctcaggtcag gtgtgcccat      8820
     gaagtcagac ctgtgtgcct ttggttggaa gggtctggat ttggaggaga ttggatgatc      8880
     catatccaag aagtggtttc ttaccctgta gctgaaaaac actaggaggc aggaggtggt      8940
     cgtcccccag ggaacttggt ctgcaggacg atcgcctggt aaccttgatg ccgattctct      9000
     ctggatactc gatacagatg cttctgtgtg gagtgtctgg aggtgctggt gggtgcaggc      9060
     acagctgagg atgtcaagct gcaggaaccc tggagctgct atatgtgcct ccctcagcgc      9120
     tgccatgggg tcctccgacg caggaaagat tggaacatgc gcctgcaaga cttcttcact      9180
     actgatcctg acctggaaga atttgtaagt gacccattca attatagtcc ccaggaatct      9240
     ggaatcctgt gaaatcctgt gtatatgtaa aagcaagagt taagccttta atctgagacc      9300
     ctaggaagca ggggcaggcc tgtctctgag ctcaaggata gcctggtcta catagtgagt      9360
     tcctggccat tcaaggctcc atagtgagat actgtatgag atacagcaac aggcatagta      9420
     agaaaggttg aaatcagagc acagaaagct gaaccatgag ctgtgtgttg agctgaaagg      9480
     caacctgggt tgagtccatc tggaatgtgc agcaagaccc catgtgcaaa ccatttcaac      9540
     ctcacagacc cagttcccat caggcttgga gcccttgcca gttgactgac acctagcaga      9600
     caattcaagc cccttctgat gagggaacaa gaaacaaaca tcagaactgc ctgggaccag      9660
     ctgctcccac actgtaggag tttatcttct gttcttagag gccttggcag ttaccagtca      9720
     aactccttat ctgtctgtgt gtctgtagga ggcagctgtg cctcctgtct aaggacagaa      9780
     tggccagcct gtgtcaaaca cgttctcacc agttcccatc atagcctctg ggctctggag      9840
     gatggatgga tactctggat atctctctct ctctctttcc tatctagcag gagccgccca      9900
     agttgtaccc agcgattcct gcagccaaaa ggaggcccat tagagtcctg tctctgtttg      9960
     atggaattgc aacaggtgag tttgatgctc tgttgggaca atgaatgaac gaaacatcta     10020
     ggcagatgaa ggtgtctcct atgtagccat tgagaacatt catagcagag gtgtcatgtg     10080
     tgcctgtttg tgctgttgtg tccatggcct ctgccttctc atgctactct tgggcttatg     10140
     tatgtgtgtg actgtataag actgtgtttg ccccatagac acgtggggat cagagacaac     10200
     atctgttccg tgtatgtcac ccacgtgtca ggcttggtgg caagttcctt ttcctgccat     10260
     gttccctgcc tgggtccact ggccatttct aaagggacat gcatcttgtt ttccttcaag     10320
     catctgagag tttgctggcc agacagtgct ctccagcatg cagtgctctc cagcatgcag     10380
     tgctccccag caggcagtgc tccctatcag gcagtgctcc ctatcaggta gtgctctcct     10440
     ctccagcagg ctgtgctctt cagtcctggc cctctctatc ttctttattt tgtatagctg     10500
     caggaatcag tcaacacgaa ccacactctc aggtctgctg tggctcatga tgctcttcat     10560
     ccctctttgg aagttcatac gtcttagctc ttgcatttta acacttcttc ttacatgttt     10620
     ccttctacat ttacatagat acatttacag tcaattaggc aacaaatact ttcctcactc     10680
     ctgattcctt tccactttgt gagatttccc atacttggaa tgagacagtc aatggggcct     10740
     gaggtcccct ggggttgaca cagatcctct caggtgacag ggatggactg agggtcctca     10800
     ttgtgctgca ggaggacacc gtggggatga tggccccaca cttggcctca catttctctt     10860
     tgatccttca cagggtactt ggtgctcaag gagttgggta ttaaagtgga aaagtacatt     10920
     gcctccgaag tctgtgcaga gtccatcgct gtgggaaccg ttaagcatga aggccaaatc     10980
     aaatatgtgg atgacatcag gaacattaca aaggaacatg tgagggtggc ctttctcctg     11040
     gggttcatct ctttctcatt cttccatgga ctttggtttc acagcatgct atctctttcc     11100
     ctcatgccca gagttgtggg tagaagggaa ccagagacat ttggtaaaaa gcagcgaagt     11160
     cggaacaatt cagcgctaat ttcttttagt ggaacatgtg agcattcagg ttttatggac     11220
     tgtacctgga gttgctgact aaggaaattt ctagaattga gttttcttag ccacttcact     11280
     aagaatctaa gctttatttc ttttacatta aagcgaatta ttattattgt tgttgttgtt     11340
     gttactgtta ttagtgtgat atgtgtgcat gcacatgtat acacacacat agctgtggct     11400
     gccagtacta tggcacatgt gtggagatga aagaccactt gtggattcag tctgctcctt     11460
     ccatatttac agagctttgg gggatcacac tggggtagcc aggcttgcat ggcaagtacc     11520
     tgaaccctcc aagacacctt gtggacccca gaatgaaggc ttccattccc tccctcctta     11580
     ggcttatccc agccctttgt gtttttccct cagattgacg agtggggccc gttcgacctg     11640
     gtgattggtg gaagcccctg caatgatctt tcctgtgtga atcctgtcag gaaaggcctg     11700
     tttggtgagc agccatctgc tttggctccc acagatctta ccacatctga gtgctgtggt     11760
     ggccagagaa gaagctgtct gcttctgttt attcttttgt agcaactcag tcctttgcaa     11820
     atccttaggc ctcaggaaga tggcagcgaa caatgctctg ctgctccctg tgttcttgcc     11880
     tggtcactcc aggggctgta agggttgaaa tgagttggct ttactgatgg gctatagttg     11940
     gattctcttg gtctcaggga atgtgtacgt acagggaagc tttcgatcaa accctgttct     12000
     ctgatgttct cttatggatg cagagggtac tggccggctc ttctttgagt tttaccgatt     12060
     gctaaattac tcatgccctg aggaggagga tgaccgcccc ttcttctgga tgtttgagaa     12120
     tgtggtagct atggaggtcg gtgacaagag ggacatctca cgattcctgg aggtgagtgg     12180
     cctgagtgtc aggactgctt gggccagata gtccatgttg gcattgaagg ccactataag     12240
     agtgctgaca ggtgggaatg atttcctgac ttgtggctag atctgaggat gaagaatata     12300
     gcatattttg aatgcattgg agacatttat ttctatccta accctgtctg tgcaagtaat     12360
     gacaccaaca tctactccag acagttcctt gtttcctgtt tcctctttct tctgaaaatg     12420
     gtagctttag gagtcacaga gaagttaatt atccaccagt tgatgtatat caaaccctat     12480
     agtaggtaga tttttagatt tcagtttctt tcatttaaat aaaatgtact tatttttatt     12540
     tcatatgcat tagtgttttg tctgcatgca tgtctgtgtg acagtgttgg atcccctgga     12600
     actggagtta cagacaattg tgagccacca tgtagttcct tggaattgaa ctcaggacct     12660
     ctggaagagc atacagtgct aacagatgct gagccatctc tccagctccc atgtttgttt     12720
     gtttgtttaa gacaaagtct tgtgtagcct agacttgtct taatctcttg gtcttttttg     12780
     tctccacctc taaagtgcca ggattatagg tgtgtgcctc catagttgga ctgtgcctta     12840
     gttttttttt ttttttttag agctttacaa ctttggcctc agaggtgata gaatcggcta     12900
     tttttcaact gttatgtgta cttgttgctg ggtgtcctga gccatgcatt tcccatagtg     12960
     tctttccaca gctagagttt gatttagcag agtttgatgt aaagtacctc tacttttgag     13020
     cacaatctgt cattggcatg actcagagtg ggtaggtctg atattatttg ttacccagca     13080
     ttcacaggaa gagattagct gtcttagtca ttgttctatt gctgtgaagg gacacgtgac     13140
     taaagcaact attataagag aaagcattta attggggctt gcttacaatt tcagaggttt     13200
     agtctattat catcatggtg ggaacatgac aacatacagg caggcatggt gctgaaaaag     13260
     tagctgagag ttttataccc acatccacag acaacaggaa gagatagaaa gaggcagggc     13320
     ctggcatgga cttttgaaac ctcaaagccc acccccagtg acacacttcc tccaataaga     13380
     ccacacctcc taatccttct aatcctttaa aacagttcca ctccttggtg actcattttc     13440
     aaatatttga gtctatgggg ggccattctt attcaaacta tcaattctac tcttttcttt     13500
     cttctttaga cttgtagtca taccataatg caaagtgcat tagtctaact tcaaaatgtc     13560
     ccatagtttt tcgtaccttc aacactgttt aaaagtcaaa agttaatgag acacctggca     13620
     atctcttaac tgtgaccaca tgtaaaatca aaataaaaaa gcagattact tacttccaac     13680
     atacaatgac acaaaatata tattattacc attccgaaag agaagaaatg gactatagtg     13740
     aggaaatatt ataccgtagc aaactgaaaa ccagcagggc aaactccaag ttcttcatct     13800
     ccatgtttgc tgtcgaagtg cttcttggat ctccatctct tttttttttt ttaatttatt     13860
     tttatttatt tttttattat atgtaagtac actttagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga     13920
     gggagtcaga tctcattatg gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact     13980
     tcagaccttt ggaagagcag tcaggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccctcc     14040
     atctcttttt agctttgttg agtatttctc tctcttgggc tgatgtcaca tccagtcgac     14100
     atctctcttt gccaggtatc ccatggcaga tatcatggat tctccaatac catccaggct     14160
     tcatctcaca actttacaga atggcctcac tgggcctctc tgcagggaca cccctgacac     14220
     acacctgtcc ttagtggctt ctctgaacca taaaggaaga gtctataact cctttcttgc     14280
     attttaggtt ctaaagccag aaccacgtgg ctgaggctgc caacttctgc tgctttgcgg     14340
     agctgcaagt tgggccctcc tttttagtga catccattaa cgatagtttc ttttaccact     14400
     taaacttttc cttgatccct ttcacacgtt gggaatgagg ttgtatgggg ccttgccctg     14460
     aggtcaccac attctttatc ccatttagca ttaggctttt ctttaaactg ttttatttcc     14520
     ctgagcactg gatttagctg cactacactt cctggagctt cttttctctt cagactatgc     14580
     atattctagt tctctttatc tagcttgctc cttttcatta tagatctgca taaaattgat     14640
     tactggtaac cacactactc agtcatcttg caataccctc tgtcaaagac cttcatccag     14700
     aaactcttca atttagcctc tggcagattt ttaggacaag agcagaaagc agccacattc     14760
     tttgtcaaaa cagcacaaga atggtctcta gactagttgt taatattctc cccttctgaa     14820
     acttcttgag ctaggcccac attgctctca gcattgctgt ccatactcct actagggtgc     14880
     cccaatttta aacttttgca tttaggtgct tatctactca aagttcaaaa gtgcacattc     14940
     tatcaacaag cagcatggtc aggcctgtca cagtgatacc caactcctga taccaacttc     15000
     tgccccagtc actgttctat tgctgtaaac atacatcatc tctgttcctg tatcctagga     15060
     aagccttgtc acccgacagg tctgacctgg gctgagtgac acctctgagt cttggtgttt     15120
     ccagcagcag ctcccccttt cttcctgcag tgtaacccag tgatgatcga tgccatcaag     15180
     gtgtctgctg ctcacagggc ccggtacttc tggggtaacc tacccggaat gaacaggtaa     15240
     gagtcctgag ggggacaggg aacagagagc agagttatat ctaggtcttc attgacattc     15300
     tagccttcta gaaagtcctg actttgggct gctctggata attggagcac tgggcaggac     15360
     tcctcaggca gctgcagtgc tccagcttca gggcaggcgt ttctccaggt ccctccaagg     15420
     gctgtgagta ctgtcaagcc cctctgttct ttcccgctgt gctaaggctt ccattggcaa     15480
     atgttaaatg tcaaagacac tattccttct gtccctgaga tgaggtggac cctgaaccag     15540
     cacctggtga ccaaccatgg gcacacctga gtagaagtta ccggctccct ccagttttct     15600
     cagtcaggag catttcccac ccttaaggaa tctttttttt ccccaaggca gggtttctct     15660
     gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtaggccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa     15720
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctctg tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccactaccg cccagctaaa     15780
     atttttttga gattataatt tatttataac attcctccct ggaaaccttc cccatacttc     15840
     ccccctgctc tccttcagac ccacggcctt tctatttatc agttattatt gtgtgcatat     15900
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat gtatgtatat atatatatat gtatgtatat     15960
     ttgtgtatac atatatatat atatatacat atatatatat atatatattt ctaaatataa     16020
     tctgatgtgt ccatataatg ttacttgcat gtgtgttttc agggctgatt ggctttggac     16080
     gaccaatttg tgtgctcttc tctggggaca gtcacctctc ccgctcccag ctctccttag     16140
     ttgtctatag ctctttgtgt agggttgaga cctcatgagc ttttcttcat ccagattagc     16200
     atattcactg gtgttgtcct tgtcacctca catctggaca ttcagaccca gtgtctactt     16260
     ctcagtttta gacataaagc aagtggctct gcacaggcct ccttatctct tcctttgcga     16320
     ttccaagaac agcctgctaa ctaagagaaa aattgtgcct gtagtagcca tcccagatat     16380
     gcaaatgagt tgagctgtga aacactttta gaaggttgga gtagaagcat aaattttggg     16440
     gaaagtctgg gcaggagtca gagggtcctg aaacaggtct tagatattgc aattttttta     16500
     attcaaattt ttaaattttt gaattcaaat aatattgctt ttatctcttg gatagttaag     16560
     atttatttag tcaaccatct aattaaaaca taccctattc ttgtttggga tcacatggac     16620
     tggtttattc aacattcaag ctgtccttgc caggcactat cttgctgcca gttcaatggg     16680
     ggacacaatg atgtcagtgg ctcttgtaga gcagacgtac tggagggagg gatagagaac     16740
     acagagagtg attgtatatt caaggttggg gaggtggcat tggaaattag ggtggggaaa     16800
     ggagaggcct catccaacgg aagtaaagaa gtagccattt caggcagaag agaggacttt     16860
     gggatagatg gtaggtgggc atccctagac cagcttggag ctcagtgtta ttaggtgaag     16920
     aatggcttgg aaagagagac acaagtattt ctgactgaat ggtgcaggcc tatgcatggt     16980
     gccagttagt tatacatggg cacagggcat tccaagagat tagttgcttg aattaattga     17040
     agttaattta aggtatgcag tatctaggag gaggaattag agcggatacg gggcagtaat     17100
     gaggtggtgt gtgcagaagg ggctgaggtg gttgattatg atgctgtgtc ccagaaggtg     17160
     ccatctggtg agaaaacaaa tgaaggtggt ggcagtgacc tttgcggttt gtagcatggc     17220
     aggatatttg agcctttgtt tatgcatttg gtggcttcca ggctaggatg atgggatagc     17280
     gtcagtgagc tgtgctgggt gacagagtgg atgtatgaag tgtcagttgg actgaggcct     17340
     ggatcatcca gtttgtgcag atcttttcac tctatagccc tggctggcct gggactcctt     17400
     atgtaggcca agctggcctt gaactcacaa agatcctcct gcctctgcct ccttcgtgca     17460
     gggattaaat gcattcacca tgctcagtgt ttgtatgaat cttggtcttt gactctattt     17520
     acataacatg gagctttcca tgtccctttc tcctgacccc ttaactcatt taggtccaca     17580
     gaagacacaa aagggggcag ggagccagtg agacggctta gtgggtaaag gagcttgctg     17640
     tacaagcctg ctggcctgag cttgatcctc agggaaagag agaacagact acaaaattgt     17700
     tctctgacct ccaaacactg tgggatgtac gtccatacac attaaatata catgcacaca     17760
     ttagcagtaa atacattttt aaagaagagt tagggtggca ttggaagatg tatgtccatg     17820
     cacattaatc atacgtttac acattagcag taaatacatc ttaaaaaaag aatcagggcc     17880
     ggctttggac agctggaagt tcaagggaga tgcttggcat gaatcctcag ccccccgtgg     17940
     cacttgttct tcctttgttt tgactttgaa gtggaccctt ggcctaacca cacagacttg     18000
     tgtgttttca tcctgtgttt gagcattgct tattgccaga gtactctagc atgaagtaga     18060
     gtcttccctc gtctggcttg cgaagtctct cacgtggacc tcccaggcag acgctggaga     18120
     gtaacgggtt ctggctgtcc ccaggcccgt gatggcttca aagaatgata agctcgagct     18180
     gcaggactgc ctggagttca gtaggacagc aaaggtaaga tgtggagtgg acacgacact     18240
     gtgaccttgg ctctgtccac gtggtgcctg ctcgttccct cacagactcc ctcccggtgc     18300
     tgggcctcct tccctacaga cctgttctgt ctctccttcc agtacagagt aggcgatgtt     18360
     tctgattaat aaggagtaga tgcctctgga ctctgcagtg gttaacgttg gatgcacagg     18420
     ggctgtgctg cagatgctct gtggagtagc gaatagcggt ggatgctgcc gcaaaaggct     18480
     atgtgctgtg aagtcacagc cgcccaggaa ggcctccacg tgcctgctgc tcctccgtgt     18540
     ctgcataaag caaaggcccc gctgctcagg ctctggctgg ccatctgagt ctggatggtt     18600
     tctgcccctt catgaccctt tgatcagtaa ctggtgtctt ggcccccatg tgatccttca     18660
     cggtcacttt tggctaaaat gtatgagtct ggtcctccct gttcattaac ttggcatgtg     18720
     tgggacacat aaagaatccc ttccagtctg tctctctgtc ctctccttgt gtatgtctgt     18780
     ccctgccacc tctccaaacc catgccttct gtcctctgtc ccctctggat gcttctgagc     18840
     ctgagcccac tcggaagcct tctgtgctca cctgcgatgt tgttttgttc tccagttaaa     18900
     gaaagtgcag acaataacca ccaagtcgaa ctccatcaga cagggcaaaa accagctttt     18960
     ccctgtagtc atgaatggca aggacgacgt tttgtggtgc actgagctcg aaaggtaagc     19020
     gcattagtta cttttctatt gctgcgataa gacactagga ccaaggacat ttctaaaaca     19080
     aagagtttat ttgtgcttac ggttccagag agataagagt ccatcaagca gggctataga     19140
     aaacatggca ggcagggatg gtggctggag cagcaagacg agaacttaca tcttgagctg     19200
     caagcatgaa agcaaagaga gagtgtgcta aagatggtgg agtctttgaa ctcacaaagc     19260
     tctttcctgc tacagcaagg ccatatcttc taaaccaacc cagacagcat caccaactgg     19320
     ggattgtatt caaatgtctg agcccgtggg gtgtttaaca ttttaatccc cacagtgggc     19380
     aggggtgcac ttggagaggg aatccgtgag gacagagaca ggaaggggat gcggagtcag     19440
     agccagcagc gcacacagca gttgcttgtc tcagttcctc aaggccccac tggccctagg     19500
     tagtggggtc tgtataatat tgcattttct cagatttagc ttttattgcc ccacagaaat     19560
     ggtgacacat tggtgaggag aaatctcagg cctgaggtca ttaggtagtg ctgcctctct     19620
     gccatctaca ctgccctgac aattttctgt cccaaccttc tgggttctta ggagaatgag     19680
     aagccccaca gctcttatgg cctcattccc cacgggacag ctgaccccac tttggtcaca     19740
     gtctgtcttt aacttcttac actttattgg gctaagttgt ctattgtcaa gtgaagacta     19800
     tctcttggat ttcaaggttt tgtttttgtt ttttaatgtt gtagctatgt tctgaagatc     19860
     tttatactga ctagcttcat tataaatttc agttctggtt tgatttcttt tcttttcttt     19920
     tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt ccttttcttt tctttccttt tcttttcttt     19980
     tttaacaaat aagtttaata gaaatgtctt tttttggggg gtggacggca aagtctcact     20040
     ccatagctag cctacccggt agccagcctg gaactcagta tgtagtctag gttggcagca     20100
     aattatcttg cttcagtttc ccattatact cttcagtgat tcactattgg caggaactat     20160
     acacaatcta gaaagttaat ttctgggctg gtgagagaga ttatcaggta aaggcacttg     20220
     tcacacgagc tagacaacct taactggacc cagaaaagtt gtcctctgat gttcacacac     20280
     ctcggggtgc atatttaccc agacacgtac tcacatgcat atacaccaac taactaaatt     20340
     caactaactg aaaaaatagc cacttctgat tcgtagacct gtaggtaaca ttgctcagtc     20400
     tctgcacgaa ggggaatctt ctagatcttg aaagtctagc atgaagtgcg atttgtggga     20460
     ttgtgatacc atgtgaccac agacatgtga ttctgaggct tggtgcagaa caatgataca     20520
     atgccaatgt caaagcagag gagagacatc ctggggtcag ccactgcccc attagcgatg     20580
     tttctagaat ccggttatac gcatttctct tattacatgt gcattgctgc tttccctcta     20640
     tatatgtctg tgcttggacc aatgtcatag gcagactctg aattctaaat tgtactcaat     20700
     tgacctgggg ttgaaaataa atctggtctg gtgtgttggt gtgtgttttg tgtgtgtgtg     20760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgacattgtt tcttcttaaa gaaactgtag     20820
     agctgagatg atggcttgtt aggcaagtgt gaggatttga gtttgatcca agtatggtag     20880
     gtagggcagg aggatccctg gggctgttgg tcagtcagtc tagaggatac ttggctctga     20940
     ggactaactc ctaaggactg aggatacctc tagccaaatg tgcacagaca ggtacacata     21000
     tacatctctc cactccaaga aatcgctaaa cttctctcat tgtgctttga agtcaaatac     21060
     aaatcttctg gctgatgggc aatcattcat agattaattc acaccaggca tttaagaatg     21120
     gtccctgggt ggcagtccct aaggatctgg ggcacagttc ctgtgcagga gacacaagac     21180
     agtaccagtg tcctgtgatt caacgaccag ctgtcagcaa gaattttcag gaaccagagg     21240
     aactggaagt ctagaagggt cctttaagcc taacagtcct gacagaaagc atggggaagg     21300
     gtaattgcgg gcagaggcag tggcaccctg atagctttgc caggccttca cttgcagaac     21360
     acagctgctc ttggtgttct ggggacatac atggaccatt ctaaccttgt gtcttttgct     21420
     ctgtgctctc ccaggatctt cggctttcct gaacactaca cagacgtgtc caacatgggc     21480
     cgtggcgccc gtcagaagct gctgggcagg tcttggagtg tgccagtcat cagacacctg     21540
     tttgccccct tgaaggacca ctttgcctgt gaatagttct acccaggact ggggagctct     21600
     gcccttcctt ggctcatctc tgtggggtct cactatacag tcagctctct cctgctcagt     21660
     ggtagcagag ccttacaggg gaacttcctg tgcatggctc agactagcat cttagagtgg     21720
     cccaacatgc ttctcatgtt ttttctcatc taagacttta aaatcaagcc aggggtggtg     21780
     gtgcacacct ttaaccccag tatttgggag gcagaggcag gcctctgtga gttcaaggcc     21840
     agcctggtct aaagagtgag ttctaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccttgtgttg     21900
     aaaaaccaga acaatccaat caaccaacaa accacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     21960
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca ataggagagc caggaggcaa cataggaaaa ctgtgctttg     22020
     tttccagttt ttgctgcatt ttaggcagct acatagagtt taccgttttg tttaattaaa     22080
     gtcagtattt ctcagcaata atctcatctg caattttgtt tttctgtgga agtgtgctgt     22140
     tgggtttcca cacatcaagc acagggatgc ctgtggtccc caggggctca tggagcctga     22200
     gatctatctg caatgccctt agaatgcctc caccatcagc atcctccaag gggcttctga     22260
     cagtccttgc tgcagccaca cccacagcct ctgcttcatt tgttgaagct cctggagcga     22320
     ctgtgggtct ttttacaaaa aatattattt atttattttt atttatatga gtacactgta     22380
     gctttcttca gacacacacc agaagggtgc atcagatatc attacagatg gttgtgagcc     22440
     accatgtggt tgcttggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcgg tgctcttaac     22500
     cactgagcca tctctccagc ccaagaaatg cctatttaaa ccttgatatt ctagtttatt     22560
     ttctgttgtt cttgtctgct tggccttgtg gcacagcttt aatcccagca ttggggaggc     22620
     agcggagaca cgtggttctt caggtctaca tactaagttc caggccagtc aaggctatgc     22680
     agttagaccc tgtctaaaag aaaacaatcc ctccccataa aggaaaaaaa aaacaccaaa     22740
     aaacccccaa aatgaaacaa aatcccacat tctgaccaaa agcaacttcg aaggggctta     22800
     tttgtcttac ctttccaggt cacacaccat cactgagaga agtcagggca ggaactgaag     22860
     ccaaaccatg aagaaatgct gctcactggc taagtcatgg ttagctcagc taactataca     22920
     gcccagaccc acttgcctag ggaaagtgct gcccacagtg ggctgggcca tctcatacca     22980
     atcatcaacc aagataatct tttacagacg ctgccacaga tcactctgat ctgctcaccc     23040
     cttcaacggt gcctctaggt tgtgtcaggt tgtcaggaca aactaactag gacatttggc     23100
     gaaggcttga ttgtcacacc catctctaaa tgtctgagga agctgactaa gaatatgctc     23160
     ccagaagaac acgcttcctg atttctacag ctcctcatac cttccatggg actctgctga     23220
     acctcgctgc tcaactgtcc agctgacatg gtgcaaggca gctaacttta gtgaccaggc     23280
     tgtctgggaa tggctcttgt gattttaaca aacgttttaa gtctttcaat ttcattcttc     23340
     atcaccatca tcatcatcat caccaccacc accaccatca tcatcatcat catcactgtg     23400
     tgtatgttta gcatagcatg tatatggagg tcacaggaca gctttgtgga ataggttctt     23460
     cttttacctt tacataggct ctgggcatca aattcaagtc ataaggcttg tatggcaggc     23520
     acccactgag gcatctcaca ggcacttaac atcatgtttt atctagactt gtttacagtg     23580
     cgttgaatgc ccagacatct attgaccatt taaagatgta cttgttcctt cacacttaaa     23640
     actgcaactg cctttggtag ctctttctta gtttagctgg agtgagtcag tttcctaggt     23700
     atcttagggt tttactgctg tgaacagaca ccatgaccaa ggcaactctt ataaggacag     23760
     catttaattg gggctggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattatcatc caggcagaag     23820
     catggcagcg tccaggcagg catggtgcag gaggagcagt gacttctgca tcttccaggc     23880
     agctaggatg agggtcttaa gctcatgccc atagtgacac acctactcca acaaggctac     23940
     acttcccaac agtgccactc tttgggctga gcatatataa accatcacat tccattccct     24000
     ggcccccaca ggcttgttca aacattaagt ctatgggggg tccataccta aacatagcag     24060
     aatgcaaaat acatttagtc caacttccaa agtccccata gtctatagca gtctcaacaa     24120
     tgttaaaagt ccaaagttca aggtctcttc tgagatttca gccaatcact taactataat     24180
     ccccaaagct agacaggaaa ccagctggga aaactccaaa ctgcatctcc atggctgatg     24240
     tcaaagcagt cttcagatct ccaagtcctt tttcatcttt gttgactgca accaacttct     24300
     ttctcctggg ctagttccac tccctgttag cagctttcct cagcagatag tccatggctc     24360
     tggcatcttt aacatcttgg ggtctctaag gcaacttcaa tgttacagtt tcttgtttca     24420
     atgtctggta tccacatatg actttctggg ctggtgtcac ttctctagct ctgctctctg     24480
     tagcactcta agttcaggtt gatccacttc actgtcacta ctattcttgt tgatcatccc     24540
     atggtactgg catctccaat acactgggct cttctgcttg caagtaggct tcaccaatag     24600
     cctctcatag gctctcttcc tggtgccaag ccccaactcc tttgcatgac cccttaagtc     24660
     ctgggccatc aactgtacct tcaccaatgg ccttccatgg cctctcatag tgccaagcct     24720
     cagctgtttt tcatgagaaa ccccttcatg agacttaacc cgagaacaaa atctctgttg     24780
     ggctttttaa agacttcctt tgtcaatgca attaacataa atctctttac cttagcctca     24840
     ggaagactct tcagacaagg gtaaaaagca gccacattct gcaccaaaat accacaagaa     24900
     gtctctaggc cacattctga aattcttctc cactgaaacc tcttgagcca gttctgcaca     24960
     gttcaaatta ctctcggcaa caaaatcttc tatattctta ttaggaatat agaagcccca     25020
     tttaaagcat tccactgctt tccaaatcca aagtcccaga atccacattc ttcctaacaa     25080
     aagcatggtc atgcctatta cagcaatacc ccagttcttg gtgccaattt ctatcttagg     25140
     gttgtactac tgttaacaga taccatgacc aaggtaactc ttataaggat aacattttat     25200
     tggggctggc ttacaggttc agaggttctg tccattatca tccaggcagg agcatggcag     25260
     tgtccaggca ggcatggtac aagaggagct gagagttcta catctcccag gcagctagga     25320
     tgagggtctt aagcccatgc ccatagtgac acacctactc caacaaggcc atatctctga     25380
     atagtgccac tccttgggcc aagcatatac aaaacataac acaagatgtc acacatccag     25440
     agcccatcat gacatgctcc tgactttagt taagaagaag ggtcagggag agcatagttc     25500
     aattatagca tgtagaatag agggtaagag gaacatgggg gtgcatgtgg ccccctatca     25560
     aactctcact gatcttctgt tcctcatggt gtgaagtggc ttgtcatggt accttcatag     25620
     gtcagggtct catagtgtct gactcatagg gaactactag tagacagggt ggagaagaag     25680
     ctttgcaagg gggagggggg aagccacaga ggttattaga cagctggccc tggctacagc     25740
     atctctgggg agatttgcca tggtgacaca ataggcaatt agcaaaagat ggggcctgta     25800
     tcctctactc cctgaggact ccagacccga gggatggctg ctgcacaatc aagccatctt     25860
     gtgtacagca ctgtaccaaa tgccaggaca ggatgaagca gaataaacca cttcctcctc     25920
     agaacctcaa gagaagaggc cgacaggccc tccaggtgag gggctctggg gtgtctcagc     25980
     ctgcttgtgg gacagatggt ggaggtctta agggggttgt tgtaatctgt cacttttctc     26040
     agggtgggct aggcttgaat ttgagtgacc aaggccgtat ggctatagga gaatatgacg     26100
     atattgggac aaaggtagga gttggcatcc tgtgtaggtc ttttgctgtg ctcttttggg     26160
     tttgtgtctg aggtctgaca tactgctgtg ttgcctggat cagctgcttt aattttctgg     26220
     agtcttaaat tcacatttgg aaggtgtgaa tggtacaact ccgtgtacct ttgaggttag     26280
     tgacatctgt gggagagatc tggagaaaat gctttgcttg gtgcctaatg ggcaccaagg     26340
     cttacacttg tgacagacgg cattaagaaa atgaaagcca tccatcatct tggtgttaat     26400
     ggcagtgagg acattggtaa tgagggcaac aagcagtggt tctgaatcat gaaatcctta     26460
     gaaaggatgg gacagtattg cccagatgtg cagcatctgc ctaatgatgc cagtgctggc     26520
     aacagcaggc actgaggtct cggtgtccct tgttagggga gaagtgaggc tttgggtgca     26580
     aggctagggt cttgtctggg tttcagacct ggtcctgggt caggcccatg gctgtgtgat     26640
     gatgatgggg tgcacagcag gcacacgact acccaattct tcttccatct ttcttgcttt     26700
     ctagctaagt ggttaagggt ccgcactggc gtgttcttgg ttctttatcc ctctctgagg     26760
     cagatgatct gggttcctgt actggcggcc catccctccg tgtgagcaag ggtattctgg     26820
     tatcttctta gtgtctctct attccccagc tatggattct cagcctcgca gggctggtac     26880
     gtggctcaaa tgattgagtg tttgggaagc atggctgaga gcagttattt cctgcagttg     26940
     aaccctccta gtaactgctg ggaggcctga ctactgcaat tctaggaaga gagctgggag     27000
     aggcctcttc acaggctcac acagctgttg ggcttagggg gagcaagcag aagtctcgac     27060
     cccgaagcca atctatcttt cctcttgatt ctgcctatga tttgtcttgc ctgggttggt     27120
     ggaacttaag cttcagggca gccttcggca cttgctgcct ttccactttt catccatctc     27180
     ctctgcttcc tttcttgttt cctatcttgc ttcccctctt tcttcttttc ttgtcaaaat     27240
     ttgttgagtt ttaaaaactt gaattaaatt tattattatt attaactgtt tttttgagac     27300
     agggtctcac tgtatagctc tggctgtcct agaactcact ctgtagacca gggtggcctt     27360
     gaattcagag atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcacctct     27420
     accacccagc aagctatttt ttgtatgtat tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     27480
     gtgtgtgtgt gttgacagcc tatgtgtgga ggccagaaga aaacttttgg gagccaattt     27540
     ctatggtgtg gggagaccct tctatagtgt gggtcctggg gatggaactc aggtcatcag     27600
     gtttgatggc aagtgctttt gcccactgtg ttgactcact ggccccaaaa cttggagttt     27660
     taaagtaatt ttagacttac agtaaagttg tagggctgtt ttataaagtc actaaatgcc     27720
     tactgttcaa aagtccatag aaaagcatcc tgtagaaatg ttctgttctg ccatcgattt     27780
     atttatagat caagaccgat tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtgca tgtgtgtgca tatgtgcctg     27840
     tgtgtgctcg tgtgcacatg tgcatgagaa catagagacc agaagtcagc atcagttgtc     27900
     ttcctcagtt gcacaacacc tggagctgga gctcacaggt ttgtgtagaa gagttagtta     27960
     gcaagcccca gggatgtcct gtctcctgcc cagttcgggg aggcacttcc tgccatgcgc     28020
     agcttttatg tgcaagttgg aactctgaac tcaggtcctc atgcctgcac agcaagcact     28080
     ttataaaagg atgccatgtc cccagtccct gcttttttga gtgtgggttt tgaagtttct     28140
     ctatgtaata tatcacaatg gcttgtcatc ttggcacttc ggaggcagag gcaggaatat     28200
     ttctacgaga tggagactag catggtctac agagtgaatt cctgcctggg ctacatagtg     28260
     gattctgact gtagcagcag cagcagcagc agcagcagca gcagcagcag caaacaggaa     28320
     caaaaatgct gtggtatgtg tttgtttgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgcc aggacagagt     28380
     agtacacatc ccagattggc cttgaagttg tatcctcttg ccttcagctg caaagtgctg     28440
     ggattagagg ctgaggtcac cataaccatt tctctgacag gatggaattc tcattttcac     28500
     ttattttctg gccttttctg ataaaaaatg taatgagatg aagatgatct ccatgtgtta     28560
     gttacttctc ttgtcactgt gagcaagtgt gtcaggtgtg tggggacagc atggtgacag     28620
     gcctctctgc agtgctgcga gtgtgaggca gtgcatttac atcccagtgg cagaggaaac     28680
     agagaaaggg taatgccagc gctcaggtgg ctttcttcct tccccctttt tcggttcagt     28740
     ccaagacccc aggctatggc aaggtcccta ccacgctcag ttcatgctca tgctcagcat     28800
     gggtcttcct tcctcactta aacctcttgg aaaatgtctg ccctcacagt catgactaga     28860
     ctctaaagat gatcaaattg tcactacaaa ttaccggtgg gattaatcag gccacgagct     28920
     cctctctctt ctctatccga gctgtcatgg agtctaggtg aggtttattt tacaagctct     28980
     gactcaggca cctcccgaga ctccctgtgc ttctagaact gagtctatat ttcatcctgt     29040
     actagaagca tccccacctc accccagata agagggtatt gcttcgtagg ccaggttggc     29100
     ctagaactcg tagtccttct acctcagccc ccaaatgtta ggattccagg tgtgtaccac     29160
     cacacccctc tcaaaggact gctgaccttt cccattgatc tcatccccac agtaatgacc     29220
     tcacatccta agcaaatgcc cgtagagaat gaaatgatga cattgtacaa cttgataatt     29280
     ggcatgaagg gaaaggcctc agaccttgct aacatttatt gagcaattac tatgtgctag     29340
     gtgctaagaa ctttacacag gctgggcgtg gtggtgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactggg     29400
     aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagtg tgagttccag     29460
     gacagccagg actatacaga gaaaccctgt ttcgaaaaac caaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa     29520
     acaaaaaaac aaaaaaacct ttacacagga ctgtggtaaa gcacttgcca tccatgcatg     29580
     aggaacactg tttggatcct cagcacccac ctaaaaagcc tggtgggtaa gcagcccatc     29640
     tgtaacctca gtacttggga agcggagatg aggatcatca gggtaagctg actggctaga     29700
     ctagagaatt ggtgagttct ggattcaagt gtgagaccct gtttcagtct acaaggtgaa     29760
     gagtgataga ggaaggttct tggtatcaac cctgggctct gtacctggag atacgcatgc     29820
     atgcacacag gcacacatac aaacaatcag gcatgaacac acacatacat gtgtataaaa     29880
     aaattagagt tgcacaaaag aagaaaaact ttatgcagat ctattttctc ccaggggtgc     29940
     tggagaggga attcagggct gtgtgtgtgt tagacaaaga ctctgctgtt aagttatgat     30000
     cccagtcaat acatatctca tttaatctca agtctgagca gaggcagggc ttaaactcag     30060
     atctactaac tttgctactt aggatatgtt tctaatataa aatagcatta tcaatgttat     30120
     tgcaaagcat ttacaaatat ttttggtaga ttattgttat tgatgtttca ttataatgtt     30180
     aattttttaa aataacacat agcctaggct gtacatggag ttcctgtctt cctgacccac     30240
     taaattccaa gatcacagca cactctgctc tttcctcttg cttgtatttt tcgatatcaa     30300
     cccttttata agggtagtag ctcatctttt gggaccagtg tcaactctgg ggcgtcttcc     30360
     catgctgcaa agcaaagtca agtctgttgt aagatgcttg gagttctact taccatggaa     30420
     actggcagtg tgcaggctgg gaatgcagct ggcagaggcc ttgcctagca cacccaaagc     30480
     cctaggtttg attgtccagc atcacataga atgggcatgg taatacacag ctttaatccc     30540
     agaactcagg agggagaggc aggaggatca gcaataagtc atccactgcc accttgtcag     30600
     attcttagcc attcctgagc ttcagcaatt aggactaggt ccaggaatgg ccaggaggta     30660
     agcaccttgc tatacataca ctggcttggc ctagccctca atcgatctgt tagtaaacca     30720
     agtttcgagt cactgatgtg tctagtttgc ctcctttgcc agagtagaaa tgttaggagg     30780
     tcataggcta tgtctagttt tagctcacca tcaaatgcct agggtctgtc tctttgctta     30840
     gagacaataa atgctggcag ccaggcttgg tggtacaggc ctgtaatccc agcatttgaa     30900
     aagtagtaac aggagggtag gagttcaagg ttatcctcag ccacatagga tgcaggagac     30960
     tgatctgggc tatattagac cctatctcaa aaagaattat gaatatataa ataagtggta     31020
     ttgtggcaga gaaagcattc tgtgacctgt gattctgggc aagtcagctg gcttctctga     31080
     gcctgtttcc tctgctgtga agtgctgcag ttcatctttt cttcctatat acaagcactg     31140
     agacacagtc tggagctaga acaggaaatt gcctccatgc aaaagcagaa gataaaggca     31200
     ttaaaaagta aggaaacatt tgcagtgcta agaataaacc agatgacatt gcaggtgctc     31260
     ttacatggtg acttagtttt tcattaaggt gctgtgctgg gcagttttat aacaccttga     31320
     cacacgctaa tgtcatttga gaggagggaa tctcaattaa gaaaatgcct ccctaagatg     31380
     agcccttagg caagctggta aagtgttttc ttagtcattg atgggggaat ctcatcagcc     31440
     cactgtgggt taggacacct ctgtgctggt gtggtctagg gttgtgtact ggctagtttt     31500
     gtgtcaactt gacacagctg gagttatcat agagaaagga gcatcagttg gggaaaggcc     31560
     tccaggagat ccagccgcaa gtcattttct caattagtga tcaagtgggg agggcccctt     31620
     gtgggtggga ccatctctgg gctggtattc ttgggttcta taagagagca ggctgagcaa     31680
     gccaggggaa ctaagccagt aaagaacatc cttccatgtc ctctgcatca gctcctgctt     31740
     cctgacctgt ttgagttcca gtcttgactt cctttggtga tgaacagcaa tgtgggagag     31800
     taagctgaat aaatcctttc ctccccaagt gcttcttggt catgatgttt gtgcaggaat     31860
     agaaaccctg actaagacag gttgtataag aaagcaggct gagcaagcca tgaggagtaa     31920
     gctagtaacc gacatccctc catggcttct gcatccactc ctggctctag gttcctgccc     31980
     tgttttcctt cagtgatgaa cagagataat atggaagagt aagctaaata agcactctcc     32040
     tctccaagtt gctttggtca tgtttcatta caggaattgt aacactaact aaaacaggcg     32100
     ccaaatcttt tttttttttt ttaaatttaa aggcaaacaa taactgtgta gctctctggc     32160
     tggccttgat ctcagagatt ctcttgtctc tacctactga gtcctgggat taaacgttca     32220
     taccaccaca gttatttgtg ggcatatttg cgtgtgtgta ggcatgcgag tggcactgcc     32280
     catgtgtgtt agtcagagga caacttgcag gactcgcgtc tcaccttcta tcagtgggtc     32340
     ctggggtttg aactcatgtt gtcaggtttg ggggcatgca cctgctaaag catttcgatg     32400
     gccatttttt ctttgttgag accagatctc gctgtgtagc tctggctagc ttgctactgt     32460
     agaccaggct ggccttgaat ttacagtgat tctctttcct gtccaagtgt acacgagtgg     32520
     cctagcactc ccagtttttt ctttctgaga cagggtctcg tgtacctcag gctgaactcc     32580
     cagagagagg gtctgggatg atgacaaaac gatttgctgg caagataggt gtgttccacc     32640
     acagctgcca tctgtggtgt tggggactga aaccagggat tcatgtatgc taggcgagct     32700
     aaccttcctc ccgagcctat tcattaatcc atcttggtca aacgaatttt cttctgggct     32760
     acagcaaacc agaatgtgca actggactcc gcctcctcag aggactcaca cgtcattggt     32820
     cgcaactgac cacgtgccca acaggcttgc tccccgcccc cgggcatgcc agctgtcgat     32880
     caagcattcg gccccgcctc cggctcgcag gccagtccgt ctctataaaa ggccgggcgg     32940
     gagatgacga gcccctgcgt cggcgcgtca cggcggggtg cgtgtgaggt catcgcgcgc     33000
     gggcgggcgg ggtccgacgg tttgaacgag acgaagacgg aaccggagcc gggcgcgcgg     33060
     acggcggacg cgggtcctga gaaagccggt gaggcggctg gcgggcccgg gcggcggcag     33120
     cagtcgggaa ttcacgggag gcggctcctc gtgagcagtg cggagccgcg cgggcagtgg     33180
     gggggaaggg cggggccgcg atccggtgcg cggcctgggc cgggggcgcg cgctccgttg     33240
     tcccgggggc ggggcgtggg ccggaagtgg gggctgccta gtggtgaccg gcgaagtcct     33300
     gactttgcgg ctgggcctgg agggtgtgtg cccacgggcg cgcgcgcgcg cgcgcgaggg     33360
     gcgcggtggg gaccctgggt gtaggaggcg tcgttgcata atgggtggga gttggtccgc     33420
     ggagttggcc gcagagtgcg accttaggca ggcgcttcag cctccccgtg cctcagtttc     33480
     ctcctccgta aaatggagac agtagaatta agcacagaaa ggtttcagct cggtgcctgg     33540
     cagaagtcag gcggtccgcg ggtggtggtt gagtgcctag taaatgctag gccccggtct     33600
     catcagggag tagacaggca aagacatgct ttctaggagt ctgctttgtg ggtagagagc     33660
     caggaagcaa gaaaatgaat acatggccaa gataatttct gtaattactg taaaagggcg     33720
     ataccagtac tgcagggtat agcctgacct ctgcatcttg gcgatgagga tccggtggcc     33780
     cattgaggga agttcagcta ggcctgatgt ctgccggtga tgggatgtct tgactagcat     33840
     taatcaagat agctctttaa tgggcacttg tgtataaggc attgtgttaa gagcttgatg     33900
     tagcattgtg tcatttaata gtcacattgc cttgaaaaga tgctatcttt attctctttc     33960
     tttcccctct gttgtgtttt gctcatttta ttttctctgt ggggctgaga ggtgactgca     34020
     gttcccccac tgtgctgagc tgctcatcat tcttttacag aggcgagtct gagactttgg     34080
     gtagggaaag gacttgcctt acgttgtcca gcaagtaact caactccaga gtcatatcct     34140
     gtgtgctact cctccttctc catctagaaa ctgtttcata cttttgtggt gtcaaagtgc     34200
     caggacatag aagcttggga ggcggtgtgc ttttctgata cttaccacag ctctgtgagg     34260
     aaggtagggt cttattcatt ttacaggtaa gccatttctg aggaaaggag acatgtttca     34320
     tacagggtca catagctctt tttagtgcca cctccctctt gcctttccat aggactctgg     34380
     atggtacttg gagaggaata gggtgtactt tatcctacac tgaattgaag tgggtaggga     34440
     gccaagtgtg gtgaacatgc ctgtagtcct tacacttggg aggtagatgc aggaggatca     34500
     aaaattgaag gtcatctagc tattgagcta ggtcatgaga tagtgtgtga aaaggctgac     34560
     tagaactagt tagggagact cctgggagag tcactgaagg gagagaaata cttgagtaga     34620
     cggaaagggg atttttcttg tggttgtacc ttgcttagct cagagagccc tgaaaaggtg     34680
     gggtatgtgt tgaactcaag ggtattgcac tgaggctaag cagtggacat ttttgttagt     34740
     tgttctgaga caggacctta tcttgtaccc taggttggcc tagaatgctc tgtgtcccac     34800
     acttgtcctg aatttggagt ggtgtctctg cctcagcttt ttgagtgcta tctaggttta     34860
     tgggcatggg ccttcacttc tggctcaaac attcttacca gaaagtgaga aagagctttg     34920
     ctggagaggt aggctctgtt ttgactgcct ggaagagtca attaattggt tgagtgagtg     34980
     gatgtttatt gcacatccac agggtgccta atcccatgta tttagtggcc acagagctcg     35040
     tggagcacat gggacctggt attaatgtac tgctaatgaa agagtttgaa attacatggt     35100
     ggtgaagggc cattaacctt ttctgagctg gggtgtggtc aggagacaca tgtggcttta     35160
     ccagctgctt ttattttatg atagcatgag acacacaata cccaatgtgt acatatagac     35220
     ccaagctaga tggtaagtgc tcagtctgaa atcacatcac tcagtctgga tggctcttat     35280
     tggtacttaa tagcattctg cacagagtat gcattttatg tgttcatcca gggtttttta     35340
     aacaggagag agatacctca tgtgatttgt gattcagaaa attctttctg gctgctgtgt     35400
     aggaacagat tgagatagac taatttgagt gagggcttgt aggggatctt gagaggtgtt     35460
     ggcagcagat atcaggcaca gtttttagca ctgaagatag cataaaagag aggcagtctc     35520
     tgccctgacc tcgtttgtaa ctatgcttag gtttgatatg atgccagctc tgtttccttc     35580
     cttacttcat acagctctct gtgagatcct tttcagatgg ttgtgtttag agctgagcca     35640
     cactgagttc agtaacttgc ctaaaatcac agctaatgga atggattcat gttcaagtcc     35700
     aggtcctcca gttttgtcct ggcctaaatc tggtctccta attctgggag gctcagaaat     35760
     ggaggaatag tgtcagtttt agtgtgataa ttataatccc agaggtttga atgaagtgct     35820
     atggagacat gaataatcta cctatgcact gagaaactaa gttgtgctgt tttgtgtggt     35880
     agttctgtca gctgattttt ggggagtgta tagagtgttg aaagttagct ttctgaaaag     35940
     tttatgtaga cacctgtata ctggctggtt ttctgtgtca acttgacaca cactggagtt     36000
     accacagaga aaggagcttc agttggggaa gtgcctccat tagcctctgc atcagttcct     36060
     gcttcctgac ctgcttgagt tccagtcctg acttcctttg gtgatgaaca gcaatgtgga     36120
     tgtgtaagct gaataaaacc ctttcttccc caagtgcttc ttggtcctga tgtttgtgca     36180
     ggaatagaaa ccctgactaa gacagcacct tttcttcccc catattctga gacaagcaac     36240
     atttacctaa cactcattct gttcaaggcc ctgtgtgaag tgtgaggttg tgggaaggag     36300
     gacgaggaca gggatattgg gcataaactg ccccatgtct gtagacctag ttacccctgc     36360
     tctaagacga gcactggctt agggaaccca gactggagtt gtgtgactca aggctcgaag     36420
     caactccatg caggataaga gtgcgggaag agaccctcgc ttactaatta ctaggtaact     36480
     aggagggagt gaagcttccc aagagagcta agggctgggg tctcgtggtt gttctaaatt     36540
     gctgtgaatt ttatccctta ctccattgac aagtttgatg tctcagggaa taagaacaat     36600
     tctaaatctc ccagtcccta taaaatctat tgtttgggct ggtgagatgg ctcagcaggt     36660
     aaaggtgctt gccagctaac cttaacaact gaatttgatc cctgggagct acatgatagg     36720
     agagaatcaa ctcctgaaag ttttcttttg acctccacac acatgcacgc aaaaacacaa     36780
     taaaatatac agagaatgag ggaatgactg accagggagt cagagtatga cacccacatt     36840
     tccttcctag tgttttaatt gagacttgta gttgactata gtgattggtg catgtagtcc     36900
     caactacttc caaacctgag gcaagagaat agcatgagcc taggagtttg agggaacatg     36960
     gcaagatctg catccccaaa taaaaagaga ttatttcaga agtttgacag aaaggtaagg     37020
     ggcagcattt tctgagaaac aggaaaataa ggctgagcag gcttggcagt aaatattcag     37080
     ggcctccttt tcttcatcct tgaaatgaac agagtaaagg agccttaaag aggattgtca     37140
     gttcagtaac agtgtcttca aaagacctca tgcttggttg gtgctcaggt accctctagt     37200
     ttctagggtg tgcagcaaag aacagtgggt gccaaggact ctgagaggct gtcgcgtgac     37260
     ctcacctatg tacagtacta ggctgttgaa acctgtgaaa gtaggtagca ttgctaggga     37320
     ttggcccaag gcttggtgca taggcaagca tagcactcct ggttagccgt gccctcagct     37380
     ctaggtttct atgctgttga tgatgacttg agataaggtc atgctgtagc tcatgctgac     37440
     ctggaccttg agcctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtacagg tatgttacca ccacacccac     37500
     ctttgttaag ttttctgtgg tgttgaaggt tgagcccaga caccaaacat gtagaacaca     37560
     tgctctgccc ccagcccttg agctagtttt ttgagtagac cattgtttgt gcactagcct     37620
     cctttcatca aatacatgct tgatcccttc gtgccttttg tggcttgtaa ttgtgtgtta     37680
     gtcttatcaa catgatgtct gagtattaga ctgactggtt tgaggcaatt tattgcaggc     37740
     cattttatgc atggaactgc agcttatgac tggaatccta gtatctggtt tcacccctta     37800
     gggaataagg ctgtgcttaa aattgaacat ttgtacaggt ttgttcttgg tgactgtggg     37860
     aactgcttgc cctcacttca tgctcactgt aacaggagcc ttctctcttt attacgtgtt     37920
     gtagaagatg gcagtgaatg tgtactctac gtcagtcacc agtgataacc taagtcgaca     37980
     tgacatgctg gcttggatca atgaatctct gcagttgaat ctgacaaaga tagaacagtt     38040
     gtgttcaggt aagcaccccc cctcctactg ccccctttaa tattttttaa gacatgtttt     38100
     tcctatatag ccatggctgt tctggggttt actctataga ccaggcaggc aggtcttcaa     38160
     ctcagagatc cacttgcttc tgcctcctag gtgctgagat taaaggtgtg ggctaccatg     38220
     tttggttcag gagaccactt tttaaaagta catgtggctt gagggtttgc gtaggcctct     38280
     atatggagcc accgcaaaga gattatagat tttttttttc tttcagcttt acccatgctg     38340
     agtgctggga tgtgtggctt agttgatagg gtacttacct agcattcaca gagcactggg     38400
     tttgattccc aaggccgcat gaacctagat gtggaagcca ccgcaggtga tcagatggtc     38460
     aaggttttgc tttggctgct tagtgagttt gaggccagtc tggggcacat ggtgctctgt     38520
     ttcaaaagta aataaatgaa tacagttttt agaagaacat gcttctagcc tgcatgccca     38580
     ctgccttttg ccgaggctac atctatccct ggctcagctc actcagagct catgtggcca     38640
     cagaactgta atggtgttct tatgttaatt tacttttttt tttgttgcct gagattgagt     38700
     gctgagcctc acatatgcta gctagtgctt tatcactgaa cagtgtaccc agccagctgt     38760
     ttttatatta atgcatcagg tatggttttt attcccaaga agaaaaagac tgagtcaagt     38820
     atctggggcc agtttcatca aagttaccat ttcccagaga tgcaatgagt gaaaacaaga     38880
     gcaaaacctg tttctgtgtg agaattggac tacatgtagg caagtggtgg gagggagggg     38940
     ttctaggagt cctatcactc agagcatcat tgtcgggaat tttcttttgt tactgtctgt     39000
     atgtatatat tattcgttcc agcttttcat gagctattct tcagtgtcag taacttagaa     39060
     gtgattattt tgaagagcgt tctccctccc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc     39120
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctctata tatatacata tatatatata tatatgctat     39180
     ataagagcgt atttttgcta tatgctcttt ccatgttttt actatagtta tttgttctta     39240
     tactcacttt tggccgttga tttttttttt tttaattttc ttatttattt atttattaaa     39300
     gatgtattta ttgttataca taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacca gaagagggcg     39360
     tcagatctca ttacgggtgg ttgtgaacca ccatgtggtt gctgggactt gaactcagga     39420
     cctttggaag agtagtcagt gctcttaccc gctgagctat cttgccagcc ctccatttta     39480
     tttttattat ggcatggtta agtacccttt aatattaacc tttttttcct gctatttatt     39540
     tatgtaaaac aggacctcat tctggagccc acaggcctgg aactcactcc atgtagccta     39600
     ggctgtcctc aaacccttgg tggtcctcct gcttggttct ctcgagtgca gggacaagcc     39660
     tatgctactg ctctcagctt catagatcac ccatttcctc agtgatttct ggaagtagga     39720
     cactggagca aatgaaatgg actttatgct cttagtaatt actatttacc atgaatgtgc     39780
     ttatctttgg tttattactt tttgtgtgat gggtttttgt tcatatgtat gtctgtgtac     39840
     catgtgcatg cagtgccttg gaagccagta gagattaagt caggtcttag gttgttcagg     39900
     ctagcttcaa acttgattat gtatgaatgt gaccttgaat tttcctgtcc tcaccccagg     39960
     gctgggacac acacccagtg gtaatttttt atttattgac ttaaagagtt ctcctaactt     40020
     tacatactta aagagcatgc cagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     40080
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaag     40140
     gggggaggta ttcattggag agtgtgggta tgaatgtctt tgtacttgca tgtggaggcc     40200
     gtcagtgtct tgtctgttgc tcttcccctt tgagttgcct tgagacaggg tctgacactg     40260
     aagtggaagt ggaaacttgt tgttttgact aggctttcag tctctggtag gctgactggt     40320
     gaggtcttga gatctgccgg tctgtcctcc taatgtcggg gtttaggcat gcacatcgtg     40380
     cctgtttgtt aacatgggtg ctggggagtc agagttgaat atattccgtg tgcttgtagg     40440
     agcaagtgtt ctcacccact gggccatttc cccagctttg catgtcacag ctgttaaaac     40500
     tggatctgcc acagtaacac atgagttcaa gaatatgaag acacatacat gtgcatacgc     40560
     gcacgcatgt gtgcacgtgc acacacacac cagagctgag tgtgtggcac atgtttttaa     40620
     tcttagcatt tgggaggcag aggcaggcag agctctgggt ttgaggccag cctggtctac     40680
     atagcctaca tagcaaacac caggtcatcc aaggctacat agtgaaaccc tctctcaaaa     40740
     aaacaaaaaa caaggggctg gagagatagc tcagcagtta ggagtactat ctgctcttcc     40800
     agaggtcctg agttcagttt ccagcaacca catggtaggt cacaaccatc tgtaatggga     40860
     tctgatgccc ttttctggtg tgtctgaaga gagtgacagt gtactcacat aaaataaata     40920
     aatcttattt aaaaaccaaa accagatcaa ccaaccaaat aaacaaaacc ccctcactgt     40980
     tggggggagg gggggataga gggaggattg ggtattttcc tccaactact gaagttctcc     41040
     tcttgtgggt gtggatggag ttctggttaa agaaagcatg gctgacatgc ccaagtctct     41100
     ggcttcagtc ctcactgggg aaaggtatca gttaggaccc agaatcagaa tcctgcttct     41160
     tttagtaagt aacttttgtt ttgtattact tagaggttaa acacaggagt taacaaatac     41220
     tatacaaatg cacagccatg agccccggcc ctttctaaat taagttttga gactatgtct     41280
     tcctaaattt ctcagtctgg ctctaactca ccctggagcc tataatttat gattcttcta     41340
     tctgagttcc taagaagctg ggattgcaga taccctgtac cagcagactc gggtctgtaa     41400
     gtgttctcct caaacacctc cctttagttc tctgagtgtc tccaagagga aggcacacct     41460
     ccaatttcaa atggggaaga tggatggctt agagaatttg aataatgaat tgagcagata     41520
     gaaccaagaa cacaataggg atttgagcct ttttccaaat gaagaactca cattcttcaa     41580
     tccccacacc ctatttctac agattttttc cttaactggc tggtgcctac catttgggtt     41640
     gatctaaaga ggctgctgat ccttagctgc ttcctgaggg gtttggcttt tggacttcct     41700
     cccccccccc cttttttttt ttgtgggtgg aggggctcct agtctttgtc ttggtttcat     41760
     ttctttgcct tatttgctgt gtgaggtcca atctgttttc ctgttttcca gaggaaggca     41820
     atacgtgagg catacagtga ttagtgggtc ccaagagtgg cttttattaa tcttattttg     41880
     ttatagaata ggctgcctta gatttgtgct gctgtcctct gtctcctgtt aattttctca     41940
     gctttttatt gctgtgccac cattttttga agtcttttaa agcacttgtt tgcccgtgat     42000
     ctctgagtaa tgtgggagtg aggtcatctt cattttcatt ggagactgct ttctcaccag     42060
     caattttttt cctaaaattt atttctgtct ttaaatacag tccaaaacat ttctcactta     42120
     attagaagat gcttctcttc ctgtgtagat aagttgtgca tgttccagtc tggccccagg     42180
     cttttcttat ttaggcagtg agctgtcata gacacgtcat ggcatgaaga ggcctttagt     42240
     ctgctctgag ccatgtgatt ttggatgaat tccttgatgg tcttctagta ctgtttcctc     42300
     agctgtgaac ttgggcagta gtcttggctg accagcttgg ctgttgtcag gatcccttaa     42360
     taatagtgtt ggttgtgtgt tagactctgg aagtgagaaa atagctcttc gttttaaaga     42420
     tgaggagttt gcccatggga catagcttag acattgcaga gcctgggttt gaacctagta     42480
     tttgtgtgtg tgtcatgtgt gcacagatga ctaagtaggc taggaggata cttgaatccc     42540
     ctggagccag agttagaggt gcttgtgagc tgtctggtgg gtgctgggaa atgaatcctc     42600
     ccaaagagca gccagtgctc ctaagtactg aacccccacg tgaccaattt attttatttt     42660
     attttatttt attttgagac aaagtgttac cctgtaataa aggatagctg gcgtcttagc     42720
     ttgtggtatt ctcctgcctc tgcttttcat gtctttggat tatctgtata tcattacaca     42780
     tatgaaatta attacatgtg gcatgtgttg catttttaaa gaagcatttg gaagagaatt     42840
     gaagaaatat aattgtatat aattaattat aatactattt accataaact ccgtaaagta     42900
     tttgcttttt ctggctcctg ccactattct tagcccagat aaggtatttt tccttagtag     42960
     aaagtggtga gtgaaagaca tgagtgatgt gttagtaaac ttgtgttcag tgccatgtgc     43020
     tcttgaaagc cgagtgggat ggcactggga gcgggtaggt tctgtcattg tattcacatt     43080
     gctgttttga aagcagctct cactcgtagc ttcaaaccac acaggataag ctgcagcctg     43140
     gagtcaggga aggggaggct tacagcgctg tgtgtgtcta aaaccttcag tactgggtct     43200
     gagtcttctt tatcagatca aaaagatcag aaatttcaca atgcacagtc tttttttggg     43260
     tggggggtgt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg     43320
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggac     43380
     taaaggtgtg cgccaccaaa ccggccttaa tttcttttct tggttgtata gtttgtttct     43440
     agtttcttgc ctctcagaat gttaaagtga gtaacataca agaaaaagca agttatacaa     43500
     ttctgtttat tgttttaaaa tcaaaatagt atttttcctt gttaaaagta ttttcagctt     43560
     acattttaag gtctgcatta atgacacccc ccctgccctt tcgcagattt tatttatatc     43620
     taagaatatc aagttgcatg tgctctttga agcctttatc actttttttt ttttttggtt     43680
     ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagtcct ggttgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag     43740
     gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg     43800
     tgcgccacca cgcccggctc tgtatcactt ttttttttcc tttttccaat tttttattag     43860
     gtattttctt catttacatt tcaaatgcta tctggaaagt cccctattcc cccccacccc     43920
     cactccccta cctacccact cccacttctt ggccctggtg ttcccctgta ctggggcata     43980
     taaagtttgc aagaccaagg ggcctctctt cccagtgatg gctgactagg ccatcttctg     44040
     ctacataagc agctagagac acaagctctg ggggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc     44100
     acctataggg ttgcagaccc cttcagctat ttggatactt tctctagctc ctccattagg     44160
     ggccctgtgt tccatccagt agctgactgt gatccacttc tgtgtttgcc aggcactggc     44220
     atagcctcac aagagacagc tatatcaggg tcctttcagc aaaatcttgc tggcatgtgc     44280
     aatagtgtct gcgtttggtg gctgattacg ggatggatcc ccacctgtat cacttttagt     44340
     agtcatgtgt gttttgtgca tgttaatatt aaagcactgg agttacttat tttgtgtgtg     44400
     atgtatggtg tgaggactct agtgtgccat ggtatgtatg catgtggagg acagcgggca     44460
     ggtcctgagt tggttctctt ctctcttttc tgccactcta tgtactccag gcttgctggg     44520
     ccctcagctt ctaggtgatg ccctatgacc ctttcctgtt tgctttagga atgagaggat     44580
     tacagattac attgtatctg gccttttctg ggttctggct ggccttgaac tcatgatctg     44640
     ccttttttag cttctgggat tacagatgtg tatcatagta taagggaata ttggctatga     44700
     ttttcattat attttgcaaa agtgctctga actgaaccag gttgaacatc agtgcacttg     44760
     aaattagtgc cctggcattg tattttgtgg tctctgtttt cgagcagagc cttagagtgg     44820
     agctgtgaca gccagtggat acgctgatac tgtgcctcag tttcctctca tcaatccacg     44880
     ctgtcaagac acagcctgag tggactctta tttgctgaag gctgatgggc cactgaaaca     44940
     aggtcttcct cagttgtctt gaagctgtgc ttaagttgtc aacctttgcc ctagttactg     45000
     ctactttgtt gttcaggcag agactagaaa ggattccccc cttttaactt tttccctcct     45060
     atctgagata tttatgaaaa ggacaggact gggcatggtg gtacaaatct gtaatctcag     45120
     catttgagag ttgcaaaacg gaggatttat tgagagtttc agaccaactt gggctacaaa     45180
     gcaaggccct gtctctaatc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaaaa agccaactaa ccaaccaacc     45240
     aaccaactaa ccaaccaacc aaaaaccctt gggaagcttt ctactgctgc agtctatcac     45300
     tacctctttt aatgggactg tcttagtgtt ttttgttttt tttgtttttt gttttttttt     45360
     tttctgtgaa cagacaccat gaccaagaga actcttacaa ggactcttag ttggggctgg     45420
     cttacaggtt cagaggttca gtccattatc atcaaggtgg gagcatggca gcatccaggc     45480
     agacatggta caggtggaac tgagttctgc atcttcatct gaggaccact agcagaatac     45540
     tggcctccag atagctagga gtgactcacc tactcaacaa agccacacct cctaatagtg     45600
     ccactccctg aaccaagcac atacaaacca tcacagggac cttattaatt aattaattaa     45660
     aaattttttt atatagacat acactgattg ggtgggtcag tgagagtgta gttatgtgga     45720
     atactgctct tctagaaaat attgcttttc tcaactgtgt ggtagcctat aggcttctaa     45780
     tgtggtaaac agtcacacat gggaatcagg agctcagtgt aatgctatgg ttcgtcttta     45840
     gcctctgtgg tatttactta ctgagccaca tattttgggc cttgctttta atctttttct     45900
     ttgtgttggg acttgaactc agatccttgc agctctatca ctgagctaca tccccagctc     45960
     ccatgtttag tttttaaaag ttgtaatatt tctgaggact ctgaattcta aaataaaaac     46020
     agatgattct ttgagtagat ttactgagag acaggtagtt tctgatgcta agtggtttgt     46080
     tggttagtat atttgtttac tatttaactc taagaaaaat taatactgtg ctgggtgtgg     46140
     tggtgcatgt ctttaatccc tgaatttaag agtcaggagt gggtatatct ttgtgagttc     46200
     aaggccagcc tgatctacat tgctagactt tgtctcaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa     46260
     caaaaactgt atgtgtttga tggatgtctg tggtcatgca tgtgccacaa tggagaggag     46320
     tatatatgtt tgtgaagact tagaaaatgt gttgttgact ctttttttcg ttttattgtt     46380
     ctgagcattt ttctttctag tatttatgac agtttctaac aagcgttaga ctttcatagt     46440
     aatcttcact ttccgcctgt tttccaaatt gaaagtatgt tgcagaattt gtcagataaa     46500
     accagctttg actttgactc tagagattga ggcaatggga ttgttatgag ttcatggcca     46560
     gcctaggctc tgtagtaagt ttccaggcca gctagattta catagcaaga tcctattttt     46620
     aaaaccaaac ataagactct attttgttaa tatatttaaa aattatttat tatttatgtg     46680
     tatgagtgtt tcacttgcat gtatgtctgt gcagcacata tgtgccaggt accggtggtg     46740
     tcagaaaagg acattggatc ccttggaaac tgatgttata gacaagtgca aggtgctctg     46800
     tgagtgctgg gaatcaaatc taggtcctct gcaggaccta gtgctcttaa ctgctaagcc     46860
     agctttctag ccctttgtta gtagattttt aaaattttat tttgtattca tataaacttt     46920
     tccaaaaaaa tatttatttc tattacttga agttgtgcgt gtatgtgtgc atgtgtgctg     46980
     ttgctcacag aagtgtagat ttctctggag ctgcaatggc agatggtgaa gagccacctg     47040
     acatggatat tagaaactaa attggggtcc actgcaagag ttcttaacta ctgagctgcc     47100
     tctgtgaccc cagcctttgg ctgtctatgg ttttctgtac agactttaca gctgtgtgcc     47160
     aggtctggga atgtggaata cttgcctagt atacagaagc ccggggtttt atcctgagtt     47220
     ccacacatat aatgggatct gttgtttcca gcttaaaaat ctcagccctc agggagtaga     47280
     ggaaggagga tcaaaaattc caggttattc tcagctccat tgaatttgac cgtagcctag     47340
     gtgacacgaa acctgtcttt aataaaatta tatttgggtt aagtaaatgt agatgaccat     47400
     gttttttcac tagtagcatt tagagtgtgt catattggta tatgccttta atcccagcac     47460
     tcagacagag gcaggccagc ctggaagaca tagcaacttc taggctagcc agggctgtat     47520
     agtgagattc tgtcttgggg acaaagtggt actcagtgac ccagagttta ttaatgtttt     47580
     tgtgttattg ttgattcagg ggctgcatat tgtcagttta tggacatgct cttccctgga     47640
     tccattgcct tgaagaaagt gaaattccaa gctaagctag aacatgaata tatccagaac     47700
     ttcaaaatac tacaagcagg cttcaagagg atgggcgttg acaaagtaag taaactttat     47760
     tcgtttgttt aggttacttt cgtatattta aaatttttaa cttaatcttt agttttgttt     47820
     tacaaagagg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg tgtatacatg catgtatgta     47880
     tatccatccg tgcacatgga agtgcatttg tagatctgca gacaactggg aaatcaggtc     47940
     tttaggtttg gcagcatgta tctttaccca ctgagtcatc tctctgccct cctccctttt     48000
     tttaatagtc tttttgagac aagtctttct gtatagtcct gactgtgctg gaacttacaa     48060
     tgtaggccag ggtggtctca aactcacaaa gaaccttctg cctctgcctc tctagtactg     48120
     ggattaaagg catgtgccac ctcacctggc cttgcaagtc tgtttagctc aggttggtct     48180
     tgagctcact gtgtagcccc caggctggct ttgaattcct ttgatcttct tgtcccgtct     48240
     tcctgagtga tgggttcata ggtgtgagga actctgcctg gctatcttaa agtagttttg     48300
     gacacttttc tcttgctgat ttatgttact tcttgttttt gttaacatga ttacagggaa     48360
     ccaggttttt cttacccttc cttcctgctt ccctcactgt cttctttctt tattgtctaa     48420
     gtttagtaat gctttggggc agtcagcgtg taaatctaaa ccagtgatta acagtttact     48480
     ttaaaaagat ttattctatg tgtatgaatg ttttagttgc atttatgcat tgtatcctgt     48540
     gtgtgcctgg tgcctgtaga ggtcagaaga ggggttgggt ctcctggatg gcagttgcag     48600
     tgagccacca tttggttact aggaaccaaa cccaggagca gtgcaggttg ctctctgcaa     48660
     gagcaacaag tgcccttaat cattttgtga tttctccagc cctaaaattt tcttttgtca     48720
     cattttattg aggggtgtgt gagcgcacaa gcacacacga gtgcatgtgt gacagcacct     48780
     ttacccatct cactggccat gtatcagact agtgttctgt ttcattttaa gtattattta     48840
     atctttacta gaatgacatc taaatatctt aatttctaga ttacttctat aaaaatatac     48900
     tgtacttgat cctgtacctt gacttgttgt tactctcctc tcctcttccc tccttttcta     48960
     ataatatatt tacttctatt ttatgtgcat tggtattttt cctgcatgtg tagtctgtgt     49020
     gaaggtgtaa gatttcctgg aattgggagt tgcagacagt tgtgagctgc tgtgtggttg     49080
     ctgggaattg aacttagatc ctctggaaga gcatcctttt aactgctgag ccatctttcc     49140
     agcctccccc ctccctttct agatagagtt ttcctaggtt aacctcaagt ttgacgtgtt     49200
     cctgccttag ttcccagagt gttcacaaac gtgtggcact gcactcagcc agggaatttc     49260
     tcttcatggt gcagtgaagt tgcctttcat ttgtgtcttg gtgtgtgtat atgactttgg     49320
     tgatactggt tcctcagtgg tgctggggat tcagtacaag gtcatgtgca taccaggtag     49380
     gcactaaacc ttgttctggt ccttgttcct tttttgttca acattttttt ctcaggagtt     49440
     tggagggctg gctaaggatt ggtactgtat tgaatgcaaa ctgatcttag caaccctttt     49500
     gggagagctt tgtgttgttt tgatgagtgg acaggtttga tgtttgccaa agccctctgc     49560
     tttgttctga atggtcttga tttttctctg cagataattc ctgtggataa attagtaaaa     49620
     ggaaaatttc aggacaattt tgaatttgtt caatggttca agaagttttt tgatgcaaat     49680
     tatgatggaa aagagtatga tcctgtagct gccagacaag gtcaagaaac tgcagtggct     49740
     ccttctcttg tcgccccagc tttgagtaaa ccgaagaaac ctctcggctc cagtactgca     49800
     ggtaaacaga accacttcca ctcattcaac actgaaccag aagtttttat tcttaaaagg     49860
     aaaaaaattg gtagtgcttg ggcataggtg ctccatatgg gttatgctgc ggctctgagt     49920
     aaagagtttt gctgtgtgct tttgaaaggg tgtggactct ggcacgtggc agatacatcc     49980
     ctgtgctctg cagctctgtg ggagcctctt cacccctgtc ctcacgtctc cctcctctgt     50040
     acagtgggaa gttagcactt gcctctggcc tgggtgagtg actgtatgat gttttaccaa     50100
     aggggtgttg ttggttgcaa tagaatttcc ctatgctagc tcacatacaa gagctttagt     50160
     tacgtgggaa attgggaccc tttataaaca cccaagaggt aagtaagtta caggtagctc     50220
     taaagcttag ggtcttaaga gctttctcaa tctttgaggg attcttctag gctgtctgca     50280
     tcattatgcc atcattctgt aggccagctt tctgtgcctg agtttggctt ccttcgtgga     50340
     gtttagcatg agagctgctt atagtttgct ttgctgctga cacgggctag gatggagggg     50400
     gaagtggttt gtagagagtc ttaggtttgg gcttgttggg tttcccatgg tgtgttttgt     50460
     agtatattta tagaacatgt gcatatgttg tgagccacta ctccctgcta aagatggagg     50520
     tctctttttg agacagggtc tctggcctag gctggccttg aattcagtgt gtagccaagg     50580
     gtgactttga acattgttcc ttctgctcca cttactggag ttttgtttga atagctttat     50640
     tgaaaaagaa ttcacatacc atatattttt taccccttta acctaaaaac aaattaattt     50700
     ttttaatgtg tatgggtttt tttgtttgaa tgtatgtctg tatacatcac gtgcctgata     50760
     ccctcagaag ccagaagagg gtgttgtatt ccctggaact gaaattagaa atggtgggtt     50820
     gtgagccacc atgtgggtgc tgggaattga accagatcct ctggaagagc agcaaggact     50880
     cttagcttct gaaccatcct ttagccccct ttcttgtgtg tgtgtatgca ggtgcatttg     50940
     gagatcgaag acaaaccttg ggtatttctc aggtaccatt catctgcttt ttgaaatatc     51000
     tcattggtct ggaattggcc taatatgcaa agctggcttg ctagagagcc tctgggatct     51060
     gctcgtctta gcctccacat ccctaggatt acaagcatgt actgttacat ggattctggg     51120
     gatacagctc aagtcttaaa gagtttcaag gcaagcattt tactgactga aaaccaggaa     51180
     aaccagtaaa gctttaagaa gccctcactt tttttttttt aatttctttc tttctttaga     51240
     caagtcttac tgtgtagctc tgaatattct ggaactcact atgtagacca gtctgacttc     51300
     tgctttccaa gtgttgggat taaagatgtg aatgtacccc ccctcctttt ttgttttaaa     51360
     gaattttata aatattatta tcacaactgg ttttaggata ttttgatgac ccagagagaa     51420
     acccatttgt gttcagtggc aatcactttt catttcctcc aaccttcctc ccatccctag     51480
     ctctaggcac tcactgatct gttttctctc tatggctttg ctggctttag acattttctg     51540
     tatatactaa catagaatat gtgtaattgt catctttgtg tctggcttcc ttagcgtaat     51600
     gatggaaagt tcatctgtgc tatagttttt gggggatggg gtggggagga ctattttcac     51660
     tatgtaactc tggcttatct gaactcatta gataaacaaa ggtgccctca aactcatgag     51720
     actgcctttg tgtcccaaag ctgggattga agcattcacc actataccag ctgatacttt     51780
     tttcttgtgt gtctgtccta tctttctcca agtacctggg tctcacatag gctaggggag     51840
     ctgtgtactt gtgaagtatt ccaggctccc cctgtccctg gaattttgag acaggatctt     51900
     agaaattccc aaatgggttc ttgaacttgt gatgttctta ctgtatcctc ccaagcagcc     51960
     tagcttagta cttgattgtt tttattgaat attccattgt gtggacttcc tcatctgtca     52020
     gttgatggcc atttgagttg ttgctagtgt ttggctgtca tgattaatgc tacagtgaag     52080
     gttcaggtat agtttctgtg tggagtacat tttcatttct ctttggtgaa tacccaagag     52140
     tttattttga agccatactc ctgggctaca tgaaagtatt cacaaaactg cctgtttttt     52200
     ccaaagcagc tggctattgc cataccaaca gcagtggagg aggttctgat tgccctcaga     52260
     aatgtatact ttttattcct tagctgttga aagtggtgac tatctaggta atcttggata     52320
     tagcatattt cagatgctac caacaattga gtcttgcagt aaacattcag tgttcaggat     52380
     aagcaagtac cagagagctt cattcaaagg aaatgcctat gactgtgaac aaaaaggtct     52440
     gtggttatag attttggggt gctaggaaga tgagtgatgt ctcagcctgg catacataga     52500
     atctgtgttt tatagagttg ttgggtaagt aaccaaagtg aggagtgtta catttatctt     52560
     gaagtggagc cttttctcat taacataaca taacttgcag atctttttct gtcactgttt     52620
     tgtctgcctt tagctataaa cactgagaga cctgtacatc tctcctggcc tgtggacatc     52680
     taagacataa gctctgagtt ccagcagtaa gggtgggctc tgctcctagc ctttgtgagc     52740
     tccttccctt acgtagtcca gtgagtctga ggtgatgagt tagagggagc tacttttcca     52800
     gatggggcac agggcactgc agtaccagct gggatttgat ctgctcttta tacagggctt     52860
     gcctttgatc catgaagctg ccttgcttga gttaaggtcc atcagtgctg tttatacctg     52920
     aatgattgta ctttttgttc actgcagcag agtgaagatc ttacaggaag attatcccta     52980
     gcatgaagga gcctgccaga attattactt aagtctactg ccaggacaag aactactttg     53040
     ggcaaatgtg ttgggggtat tgtgctgttt atatctgggc tttctagtat cgattacctt     53100
     tgttgaccta tctgtggaca gttgttagtt gatcactgac ttcttgcttt ttgtgtatta     53160
     gttagttttt gacatttctc ctaacatggt tagtcttctt tcagccccac agagacccat     53220
     tgcaacacag aggactactg cagctcctaa ggctggcccc ggaatggtgc gaaagaatcc     53280
     tggtgtgggc aatggagatg atgaagcagc tgaattgatg cagcaggtac gcccctcata     53340
     tgttcacatt gtcactgtcg gtcttcgctt ccctcataaa ggcaaggcct ttttgcttgt     53400
     ctggtcatac atgatctctt gacatgtgtg aacctttggc ttcagagtgg gccttgagca     53460
     gtggctaata gaacaggggt catgttttcc ttgtaccaca gaaacttgtt atctgtctgg     53520
     aaatcaagtg agtgtgtcta atatgtgtgt gcagaggcca ttggatctcc tggtgcagtt     53580
     agttagcttc agtgtggacc agtgtggatc atagtttttg aacctcattg gaatgccctt     53640
     ggggtctctg gaattcagag agtgaaagat aacagagagc tgctttccgc agcttgagaa     53700
     tggaagtgct aggaaaggcc tgctgctctt ctggtttagt tctttatagt tcagtgactg     53760
     caggtagatc agaaaaacaa aatgggaacc attgatcctt tttgttcatt gcttttgcgt     53820
     gattattttg actcagtcac ctgctaggca ctgttgctgt gaagcataga gtcctggagg     53880
     aaagggggct tccctaaaac ctcagaggaa gcagttgcag agaaaaaaac acaagtgctc     53940
     aaagagtggt cagctgaagc cccatggctg gaattgaccc tgcattctag acagtcgcct     54000
     ccatgatgaa ctgagaacac aggaggaact gagagcagct acgacattac ctcacttatg     54060
     ttatcagtca gcctctcgac taaccacctc acgtgtgagg agggcctgat catttgtagg     54120
     tggatgtttg tttgtttgtt tatttgagac agggtcttat tatgcagact aggctggcct     54180
     tgaacttgta gccatgctac aacctctgct tcccaaagac tgagactgca gatgtgtgcc     54240
     atcatccctg gttggagcta atctttgctt acagtaattg agatgtatgg aatggggttt     54300
     ggtttagact ccactgagat aagtgccact ggacaaaaga cattcttgaa atctggatag     54360
     aatgaagtag atgctgcagg gtcctttaga agttcatgtt gattagaact ttttggcttg     54420
     tgaaaaataa gaaatgaata agaaaaagga gacttcccta aaactttaag agcaggggtt     54480
     ctcaacctgt gcgtcacaac ccctttgaca aacctgtttc caaacatatt tatgttacga     54540
     ttcataacag caaaagtaca gttatgaagt agcaatggaa ataacgttat ggctgggcat     54600
     caccacaatc tgaggaactg tgttcgggct gcagcattgg gaaggccgag gagcgctgct     54660
     ctagaggaag cagttgtaga gaaaagagtg gccagaaata cagaaactac ccaatatttt     54720
     tatagttgct catgccacac actaaattcg ttacagcttt tttggccacc ttgggaggtt     54780
     ttacagatga acacagtgca gttaggattt gcatctggct tcatagccta ggctttgtgc     54840
     ttaatggcaa attgaagagg ttctttcttt tctgaggcac ccagcattgg agattggtat     54900
     ttatcatcat tgctctggga aaattgatgg taaactttgg agagaatttc agagcataga     54960
     agatgttgct tgggcctgta caggtttctt gaggttagag gaagtttctt tggtgttagc     55020
     ctgtgatcca gtcctaggta agggtaatag agagtgagag acctatctgc tgcagaggca     55080
     gagatacaat atatatataa ctcaactctg gggaaactgc ctttcttgcc aagcaaccag     55140
     ggtgtgggtt tgggtggcca gtaccatagg tttcagtagt tgagattggc caggctgtgg     55200
     ttttgaagag aaagcttaga gctctgggca gttctgggcc tttggagata ggaggtgggg     55260
     aggctgactt tctgctaacc agtcagtttc ttctttgatc ctggaaagtg aggatcatac     55320
     actcataccc cgcttctctg tacttgctgc agaaacactt tggtctgata tgtcccccac     55380
     ccccttctgg ttttggtaga gtttcatgta gtcctggcta ccctggacct cagcctccta     55440
     agttcttggt ttatagatgc taaccaatac acctggctct tgacttgaat acatttttaa     55500
     aaaagttaat atgaaggatt ttgagctctc ttcaggttac cagagtctga acccctttct     55560
     gttacatgtt ctgtctggct gtcctgaaag cattcgaatt tgtagctatt gataaacagg     55620
     agaaatggat ccagataggt ttgttaggct gagaacagca ctgtattcta caccaactac     55680
     cttgtagtac tcatccttgg ttgatgtgta aggatcacat attaagtaat gctggagata     55740
     attacttaaa aaaaagtttt tagagtgtgg cttaagtggc cctggaacta gccatcctct     55800
     tgcctaactc ctaagttctg gaattactgt gtgtacctat gtgggtttct gttcatcacc     55860
     tgtgtgcaca gatggacaga agtggtagag actattccct ggaattggag tttcaggttg     55920
     ttgtgagtca ccatgttggt gctgagaact actaagccta taccctttgc aacagtacta     55980
     agttagtgtc tttgtggaaa tcaaacctct ctagtggaac ttatgggtga ttaaaaaacc     56040
     cctcctaacc cactgagctc tctacatgta gctagtcttg gacttgattg accagtcagc     56100
     ttcctgacaa agactcagtt atgattgttg gtcatcttgc taagctgggt tgtgggttct     56160
     atttccacct cagccttaaa tttccccttt ttgatcccat ctcagagaaa agctccttaa     56220
     tagtttaagg tatgcttttt tttccccctt tctttctttt tttcttttcc tagggtagcc     56280
     tgtttgtgta gccctaggtg tcctagaact cactatgtag accaggttgg cctcaaactc     56340
     agagatcaaa ctgcctctac tgtgagagag ctggaattca aggcatatat taccacgctc     56400
     agttctaagg tgtagttttg tagcctgccc tttcttgaga actcatagtc aacgctgcca     56460
     tgaactagta tatattattt atctgcggct gaagaaaatt gacattaaac tgaactggaa     56520
     ttttgcttat gttttatttt gatcaaaaac cacatcattt gggtttgata ttttattggc     56580
     tcaccagtgc tcactgtttt caatatcttg tacaggtcaa agtactgaag cttactgttg     56640
     aagacttgga gaaggagaga gacttctact tcggaaagct aaggaacatt gaactgattt     56700
     gccaggagaa cgagggggaa aacgaccctg tactgcagag gattgtagat attctttatg     56760
     ccacagatgt acgtgtttac attctctcta gagagaattt ctttctatac tgacacctaa     56820
     gaaagaagtg taacattgtt gatttcagtt cactttgcac tgggacctgt attccagtgt     56880
     agggtttacc agaaaatttc atctttaagt tagccacgtt agccaaagaa catcttccct     56940
     agctagcctg gagtccctat atctttgctt gaggaagcag caagctcagg aagtggctgg     57000
     tttgcccagc ttctacagtt tacagaccac ccaacgtttg cagcttggca ctccacctgg     57060
     aggtgttgtt gcccttagta ggaccgctgg catttcgttg tccttgatgt ttgtgctcat     57120
     agctgccaac gtatgccttg cttcttcctt ccaggagctt gcctgactcc ttttgtgatt     57180
     ttctttggat tcatctatat tacatagcct ttaatcgtga tattagttca tcagaaaaga     57240
     ctgattttct tcaccctatg tttaggattt aatacctggc tggccgtgtc cactgtttaa     57300
     cagtacttgt aattatgcaa ggtctgcgtc tactcatgtt cagtaatgaa catctcagct     57360
     gatttaagtt gtacacattt agttgaaaag acaaatctag atgtgtttct atggaagagc     57420
     agtgtggcca ttctgtgctg catgccctac agtgagcagg ggaggggccc tgagtctgcc     57480
     ttgcttttgg cttcccagcc tcatcgatgc tggaccaagt ctgatgtact gttgctagta     57540
     ctgtgcttta attcttgtct ttagtgtaac aaagatgctt gaaggcagac ttaacatgtg     57600
     cagaatccta taagcctttt gtttttccct ctgcttcagc ccttcaagtg ttagagttac     57660
     aggtatgagc tgtggcactc aggttaggat actgaactcg atgggcaact tcaggtttct     57720
     ttatttttga tcaaggcttt cataacaggt tgcagttgaa ctcagtctgt agcagagcct     57780
     tgagctcctg tttgcacgtc ctgaggttgg gattgattac atgtatgtgc tactctgctt     57840
     ccttaaatgt gattgacttt tatgtttttg tttatgcagt tggggattga acccagctct     57900
     gtcttgtgta taataaaatg ctttgctact ggagctctgt taggaatttt ttgaggtatg     57960
     gtctcattct accctgggct gcactggaac tcaagtctgt aactacagac tggcctcagc     58020
     ctcatgaccg tcctctgcct tagcctactg agagctggta ttacaggtgt gaaccaccat     58080
     tcctggactt ggagttaaag atattttgag ggaatacaca ttttaaacat atatttagac     58140
     acataaatat tcactgcttc ttaatgctat gagaataatt tgtgcttagt ttttggcatt     58200
     aagaaatggt gctgttgctg ggtggtggac acacctttaa actaagcact taggcggcag     58260
     agaggcagga cagtgaattt gaagccagct tggtttatat ttgagttcta ggctaggcaa     58320
     ggtctgtgta gggagacctt tgatcaaaaa tcaaaacaaa aaagaaatgg atgctattgt     58380
     ctaaagaata cagtagtggc cacctggtca tgcttcagtg ccaggcgtgt gggcgacagg     58440
     gaggagccta catgtgaggc ttagattgtg aggtcagtga ggcgagggag gagctggccc     58500
     tgctgagtga cagctttcct ttcttttcat ttcccatttc aggaaggctt tgtgatacct     58560
     gatgaagggg gcccacagga ggaacaagaa gagtattaag cagcctggac cagcagagca     58620
     acatccgaag tcttcactcc aaatcatgtg cttaactgtt aatactccct tttattaatc     58680
     ttagaggatt cactggtttc ttttcataag caaaaagtac ctcttcttca aagtgcactt     58740
     tgcagaagtc tcaccttttc cgatgagttt gagttaggag cttttgcctt gtagcagagc     58800
     agtattaaca tctagttggt ttaccagggg aacaagaggc caaccatggg gctcttcatg     58860
     tggatgctgg tcacactgac tgatggagaa gggggtttat aatacgagag gtgacaacct     58920
     cagaaatgca aagactgaat tgaattctaa gctaatgtga aattctggca gagaacgttt     58980
     taataaataa atgccttaag agtatttaaa atatgcttcc atatttcaaa acatacagtg     59040
     taacatgaca ggagatttta tgtgtctgac attgtgtctg ggaaggaagg gcagacttta     59100
     ggccctttgg aacctgctgt gtaggccttt caaggctgct tgaatcttat agatgtcgac     59160
     tttggcccag aagtaaagtt tgaaaagttc tgtaaaacca ttttgtgtca atgaccagtt     59220
     gcacccctgc tctaaaagca agcagcatag ttgcttgtgt gactagaggg cgtctgggcc     59280
     ctgcagtgcc tgaggcgaag agctcagctt cccatcgagc agtcctctgg atcttttcaa     59340
     actctccctc cagttcctct gtattgtgtt tctgggacct gcccacgtct ctgggatttg     59400
     aatgggggtg gagtcccagc acactgtctt ttaagtttac agttacactt ctctctctgc     59460
     tccctgtgac ctctggaaac tcctctggct ccttaagttt gctgctgagc attgtaatta     59520
     cagcaggcag gtgatcgtgc tgcaagttct tgctggacct ctggcaaagg agtgatcagt     59580
     gaaggccagt gtcacctgtg ctctgtgagg ctagggtgct cgctgtctgc tggtcactgc     59640
     tccccattgt cacctgagta ctttgccagt gcactaatct cttggagata aaattctcta     59700
     gtgtgttact aaatgttaaa atgttttttt ttaaagaata tacagtaccg tgactgaaat     59760
     attaatattt aaaatacttc attccttaat tctccctcaa ttgctttacc catagcctat     59820
     tcaattcctt tgtttggcga actctgcaaa atgtgttacc cactactgag attgttcagc     59880
     ccctgatgtg tttgtactga tttgtttctg gtggtagctt gtcttatgct gtgtgtagga     59940
     aacaggtatt ttatgacaga atgttatgta gtgcatgctc tgtggaattc agaggaaaat     60000
     ccaggctcag tgattaacaa tgccaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaca aaaagcaagt     60060
     aacgagccat tgttcaaacg acagcggtgc tgtttctcct ctgtggcctt tcagacttct     60120
     gttgccccca aattccattt tattgggaac ccattttcca cctggtcttt cttgacaggg     60180
     tttttttcta ctttaaacag tttttaaata aaattctgta tttcaagagt gtcctgtctt     60240
     ctgaaatgtg tcttgccttg ggtataagct tttaattcta gaggtaagat agctatgcat     60300
     ccatctttgg ctgagcttag acagaggctg agaaatgatt cccaccgtct taaataggac     60360
     taatctttta aaatccctca cttttctcaa gctaactaat ctggctctcc ccttcctcta     60420
     tcctcctttc tccttctccc ttccttcctc cctctttttc ctcttcctcc ctccttttgg     60480
     tttttaagac agagctttta gtattgttgt cctgattggc ctcatatttg tcacagtcct     60540
     tcttcctcat tctcttgaaa gattatgtgt gtgtgccatc gtgcctggct taaaattgct     60600
     tattttgaat tctttttaaa aaaaaaaatc acattacatt tttcagtctt ctactgcttt     60660
     aaattcctgt taccctgaga aggttttcct cacagaaaca gaaagcctga cctagttgct     60720
     taaggctctt aggaatgtag ttggccggtg tttggcagat gatttaattg gaggtaattg     60780
     tttcattgtc ctgaaaatgc atttacaaag tcagttagta cactcttaaa ctggagagta     60840
     aagttgttgc ttcttaaaac tgttctataa agtcctacac ctttgagaat gagttgaaaa     60900
     tatgatcctc tcctgttgtt gtcttgaaat gttaaatagg cagaaaggta attcatctgc     60960
     tcttgagagt accatgtaca gtaccctggc tgctgtggaa gtgatcttga gagtaccacg     61020
     tacagtactc tggctgctgt ggaagtggga cttagtgatt tttgtgacgt ttatattcac     61080
     tgctgcccct ggaggttgat aatgattcaa tccagaatca ttaccagttt ggggaataat     61140
     ttggcaccat ctgcattcat catctttaag aagaaaccct gaagggatgt atgttgtgtg     61200
     ctgttagctg agaagttatt aggtaagagg tgaagtggag actgtatcca ttgacctggc     61260
     ttagctgtat aaagccttaa tgtgactaat tcaggttagg aggatggtgc agcctgaacg     61320
     tgctgttggc aaggtctgtg gtatgtagag gaacaggcta ctgcagatag gtttggattc     61380
     aggataggtt cttcaggccg aattgatgtg attgcttccc aatttcttgg gagattggtg     61440
     tagaatgttt agaagttcat ccccagaagt tctttttttt tgtttttgtt tctgtttttt     61500
     gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg     61560
     gcctcgaact tagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagg gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg     61620
     ccaccactgc ccggccctgg aagttcttga gctgggagat tatgaatctg cattttaagg     61680
     cccctcaggt ggcctagacc tgggccctgc ttagatgaag ctttaagtct tatcgtgtca     61740
     gtgagacatc agatgtgagg gttctaatcc acctcttact ttgctttatt ttgttttttt     61800
     cttgtttgca aatcaagggc tctgatgttg gctgaagggc ctcacactct gcatgttttt     61860
     tagaatccga ggaaactaac aggccaagtg cagaaactgt tgtctggaaa caggagacat     61920
     tatttcatgg ccagaagttg ttatagatta gaaaaaaacg tagaacatgt tttttatgcc     61980
     ctaaaaattc agggcacgac ttgggtattt tggaagtgaa gtgctgagtt cttcattggc     62040
     tctctctcag cttggtggct ggtggctggt ggcatccagc tcctctgtgt tcaggcagct     62100
     ttcatcctgc tgttcccagg tgaagggcta aacacattct ggatttcgtg caaatgagga     62160
     attgttgact cccagttcac tggctttaaa aagaccatcc gtgattcaag aattgccctc     62220
     taggatgtga agtgaggaca gaagcggttt tcttttgcag taaccatggg tctcctcagg     62280
     ggagctttcc tttaaaggct acagcagggt tagtgtgagg agctttttgg gtgattcccc     62340
     ctaattcatg gtttgcttag ttcacaaatc agtctgtggg ctttaagcct ggcaagcctg     62400
     gccagattag cttgctagtg tgtgtgtgac ccaaatctca ccgttgtcag cagggagagt     62460
     gaaaggaagt gctctcagca agctaaccga tagcttgtga tcattgttat ttttctgttc     62520
     tgttactttc tgtgagtgat gatgtcatac ctttgaactc ttcataggtc ataaaatttc     62580
     aaaactgaac aagatgatat tcatgtatct tcattatgtt cactgcctct acatagtgtt     62640
     tgagttgtgt tctaacaagg taggaaggat tttctcaaag accaggaggg ttctgtgctt     62700
     ttactgaact gactgaccct tgacctagat ggctttagtg ctacctagtt gtaacttgtg     62760
     aaggccaatg cttttctctc ctctttgatt taatgttctt gtagcttagg ggctttctgg     62820
     tcacattgtt gccaggtagc ttcattaact tgattgccta ggtgagtggg tctaacctta     62880
     gagacatttc taacctcctg aatccagagc cttaaatctt cttgttgttt tgaggcagag     62940
     tctcatctat tccagactgg ccttgaaccc actatgtata ttctagggtg attttgaatg     63000
     aatgctggga ttataggcat gttataccat gcccaacatc aaacccaggc cttcatatct     63060
     gctgagcaaa tatcagccaa gccacatatt tagttagccc catgagtgtt gttttatttt     63120
     gaaaaattgt aactgctttt gaggatggta agctatgtgg tttatttatt ttatttttat     63180
     acagacaggt atagatgcca agtatgtgtc acctcacacc tcagtaattt atttcatttt     63240
     tgagagggtt tcactatgtg gctctggctg acctggaact tgtcatgcag attaggctgg     63300
     cctggagctc acaagtgctg ggatcacagg tgtgcaccat cattcctggc ttgcatgtta     63360
     aaacagcatt ggtgttgctg aatgtgaatg aagaagtatc tgtgaggatc tgggtctgct     63420
     gtggctcctg ccggcctgag ggcccttttg gtgatcagca tgcccttgga tgagatcata     63480
     ttttcaaagg tattctctag gttgtaatgt ctgaatcctt ttcaagttgg ctttgaactt     63540
     ttcctgaatc actatgctga gacttatcta gatttttcct tctatatgct ttcccacata     63600
     aaaaaaaaaa acttgttatt gattatattt tgactctttt gaactttttc ctaaaatgaa     63660
     tagaatacac tgtaactaag tccatttctc ctcccacccc atttttcttc cagataagga     63720
     ggaaattata tcctagcata ttttagttat gttaaatact gatagtttag tcagtgaaaa     63780
     taggatataa tttttaaaaa ccctaccatt aagttagtgt gtgtcatggg aaaattagaa     63840
     acagtcataa aaatcaactt tctgtaggaa taaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaga aacattaatt     63900
     ttgtgggttt tttttttact gtaaaaaaat ctctagtttc aggctgatga gatgtctcag     63960
     caggtaaagg tgtgtgttgt ataactctga caacctgacc tcaatcccca gaacccatgg     64020
     tggagggaag agccagctcc tgaaagttcc cctctaatct ccatgtgagc ccacctgagt     64080
     gctcctgtac atacacaggc cacacagtcc ttatttagtg tgtatgcgtc ttttgcctac     64140
     atatatgtct gcaccatgtg catggagtac ccaaggaggt agagtaaaat aggccattaa     64200
     gtggatttcc tgtgattgaa attgagagac ttttatgagc tattatgtag gtgcatcaaa     64260
     cctgggtcct ctggaataac aatcagtgct cttaacctct gattcagttc tccactttct     64320
     gccccacccc ctgcaagtta aataaaaata aaaataaaaa tttctagctt catacctaag     64380
     gaaaaaaatc tatctgaaag gatttttgtg ccccaccccc ttgtttcaat ggctttcttc     64440
     ccttgacctt tcctatccag cggtgtgttg ggtgcgttga tttagatacg tttatgttct     64500
     ctgtttaggc ccaagaagga agctttggtg gtggtgtctt gacacttggg tcatgttcag     64560
     ttccttacag tctggtgcaa agatctagaa tccatggccc tagcagaagt ctccctcaaa     64620
     agacctgtta gcagctgact ggccctggtg aagggtgatg cgactaccac gtccaggtca     64680
     tccctcatct cggatgctct tactgacttt ctctgctcaa ataatgggct ggtgcagaac     64740
     ttggggtgtg tttgtgtcaa agagctcttg tgatatttgc tctctgaact gggagaacca     64800
     gttggcctct ttggtttggt gaagctgcat tcccataggg ctccctggtt cccttgagag     64860
     ggaggctcag tcagtgcttg tccggtgggt tactttgtat tcacatttgt cctgactctc     64920
     tgctgttact gccctctgtg agctcaattt ctttaataaa aggtctcaaa ctgggtgaaa     64980
     gaaaaatggc tgtgtttggt ttatgggtta gattctgaca ttacctttgt ggttattttg     65040
     tgtggaattt cctcagttcc caaatttgac tggttgactc tgcggtcaga aaccctctgc     65100
     ctctgactca gggatctcag ccaagagtta caaatgtagt gagttgttaa aaactggtag     65160
     cagttgggtc gagcttagct gtggagatca aattgggtca gggtgaatgc cctctggaaa     65220
     gtggacacct tggccttcag tcagtggcct gactctggga ctgagtggga accagaagta     65280
     tctcttcatt tctgggacat attccttagc cttgagccat ctgccctgac agctgagtgc     65340
     cgaccaatta caatgtaaca agtcagttgt tcccttcctg tgtaccatct ccccatttcc     65400
     cacttctgcg tctgtacctc ccttgctctc tccctcctct gttctgagca gaactcttgg     65460
     gtctggtctg ttaaagcaat gggtatgact tgagatcttg ctctctgatt ctcaatataa     65520
     attgaattgc ctgtttcctc ctcccctccg gacttaaagt tcctctcccc tccatcttct     65580
     ttttcccttt gttcctcttt cctctttggt tctgggttga aatgcaaagg ttcctgaacg     65640
     atgggctagt gctcgccact gagctgtgcc tcaaagcctt cctgcgtttc ttttgagttg     65700
     tctctcttgc tattgaacaa tgtctgtaat tgcccttggt gctttgcctg ggttcatgat     65760
     cacaggctca tgttctctgt tctagttaaa tacatctctc tctttttttt cctaacaaaa     65820
     tataacaaaa caaaaaccat catatggaag ttggacaaga caaacgaaag gaaaaataag     65880
     agccccaaga gcaggcacaa gagtcagaga tccatttgtt cacacattca ggagtcctgt     65940
     taacactgca ctgaaagcta tagtgtctat gcaggggact tggtgcagac ccgtgaaggc     66000
     ctgtgcttgc tgcttcagtt cacaggagct ctgctccact ccttctgccg cctcttctat     66060
     ggggctccct gagctctgag gggagagatt tgatggagac atctcattta aagctgtgtg     66120
     ttccaaggtc tctccctgtg tatcgtgtcc atctcttggt ctcttgtttc tgttcccatc     66180
     tgctgcaggg ggaagcctct gatgatggct gagtaaggta gcagtctatg agtgtagcag     66240
     agtattgtta ggagtcattt catcctgccc ctcaaatgcc cttcagttat agttgcttcc     66300
     cctcctaccc cctccccccg ctcccaccct attccctccc tgaatcccat ctcccctccc     66360
     ctttcccacc tgaccctccc agtctcattc tcctgccctg catgcgttct acccataaaa     66420
     tattttcttc tcccagggag atccatttgt catctcccct accctagtcc ccttctctat     66480
     gcctatcttc tctgggtcta tggtttatag cttggctata atttatttct caactaatat     66540
     ccatatctaa ctacatatat accatattta tctttctgag tctgggttac cttactcagg     66600
     atttttttct agttccattc atttgcctgt atatttgatg atatcatttt tattaaacaa     66660
     ccaagtaatg tcccattgtg caaatgtacc acagtttacc cttccattga gggacacata     66720
     ggtcgtttct aatttctgac tattatgcat ggagcagcaa tgaacatggc tggttaaggt     66780
     ctctgtggca ggataaagct tcctttgggt gtttcccaag aatggtatag ctggatcttg     66840
     aggtatatta attcccattt ttgtgaggag ctgccatact gatttccaca gtggctgtaa     66900
     aagtgtacac tctcaccagc catggaggag tgttccccgt gctccacatt ctcaccagca     66960
     ttaactgtca tttaatatat atctcttata taacttagtt ttgaagggtt ggggaatgac     67020
     atagctgtta aatattgcat accttggacc taagtttgac ccttagaatc cacattcttc     67080
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggca agcatgatga ctgccataca cttaaaatcc     67140
     cagtgttggg gaagtggaaa caggttcttg ggcttgccgc ccagtcagcc tacttggtgg     67200
     tgtccaggtc agtgagaaaa cctgtttcaa caacagaaga ggatgggatc tgaggaatga     67260
     cacccaaagt tgtcctctgg cctccatagg catgcatgcg caccatggaa cctcgcagcc     67320
     agtacatagc catgcactaa gcacacaccc acaccatcag catgcaccca cacactaact     67380
     ggaaggatag tatgacggca tcccttcacc cagactgaga ctattgccct ggtgtgcttt     67440
     gtgtttactg agccatttga gaacaaatca tagacctcag gtctctttat ctttgaaagt     67500
     actaaggtat gtatgtttct tatgcagtac ttgattctta agaccagaaa acaaatgcag     67560
     tctatagtta tgtagagccc atattccagt ttcacctact gttgggccct agaatatttc     67620
     tacttttcca gtctgtcatc caatgcaaaa atcatatatt gcttccagtt gaaagttcct     67680
     tgaaccatct tcaagctaca ccacttcctc agctgctttg ttttacatga tagaccttgt     67740
     gtgctcgctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttc tgtggtatgc atgcatatgt atgcttgtta     67800
     tgtgtgagtg tggatgtgca cacctgtgaa ggctgaagat tcatgttaaa ttatcttcta     67860
     tctctacttt aggttttcag acagggcatc tgtcttggct agggttttac tgctgtgaac     67920
     agacaccatg accaagggag cttataaaga acatttaatt ggggctggct tacaggttca     67980
     gaggttcaga ccattaccat caaggtggga acatggcagc atccaggtag ggatgaggct     68040
     ggagcagctg agagttccac ctcttgtcct gaaggcagct aaaagactgg cttccaggca     68100
     gctaggatga gggtcttaag gcccatgccc acagtgatgc acgtactcca agaaggccac     68160
     acctcctaat agtgccactg cctgggccaa gcataatcaa accctcatag tctctcacta     68220
     aacctgaggt ctctgtttca gctagcctaa ctggctagtg agccccggga tcctcttgtc     68280
     tctactgacc tctccctgcc tggctctggc gttaactttg cgtgtttcaa tgtcagtcat     68340
     ttacatgggt gttgggtatc tgaactcaag taagtcctca gtcttggaca gcatgacttg     68400
     acccagtgag ccatttccct cctgtgtttt gcttttcgta ggtttcctgc atagatcagg     68460
     ctgtcctgga gctggctgtg ttgctcatgc ttgctttaca aagccttctg cttcagcctt     68520
     gtaagtgcta gagttacagg tatgtgctgc tagcattcag caggccatcg acgtgagtat     68580
     agccagttgt attctgcagt ctgggtttgt gttttttcct catggcgtga tttatacatg     68640
     gctttattat cgcatcacga catgccatct acttctgtca ttattgatgg atgctattta     68700
     tttttgagac attatctcat gtatgtgtga tggcatcaga tgtaaccaaa ggtcatgagg     68760
     ccatgagagg cactgagcca taactccagc catcaataaa tgaaagagag agagaaaaaa     68820
     ttgaggctgg gtccctctgt tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg gactctgtag accaggctga     68880
     ccttgaactt acagagatca gcctgcctcc gcttcctgac tgctagaatt aaaggcatgc     68940
     aaaaccatgc ccaacaattc aaaacaaaac aaagtgaaaa atgtgaaggc actgaagtca     69000
     tttgaagttt gaagaataag tatacatata cattctgact tcatacaagt cacatgtgga     69060
     cttttttttt ttttttttag aagttttgtt tcttggcggc agtctccaat ctctgttaac     69120
     ctttgacacc tgggaatcca gattgacttc ctaacatagg agtatgcccc tgtccccaaa     69180
     aggggcccaa acttcagaat ctccatttcg acaaggtccg cttgtctggg gggaaaaccc     69240
     tactctactc agaatctgta gaatattctg ttacatttag gcaaaaaggg cctgccctgg     69300
     gcccagaact ttagggcaat ccttcctacc ttgtcttctc tggctgtgtc ctacttaact     69360
     aatggaagat tccagaggct aaggagatgt ggccacccag agtcaacccc ctattccgtt     69420
     ctctgagcac taagactcag tactactgcc caaggcaaag gggcattttt aaatcttaat     69480
     gattgctatg accttttttt ttttttttca attaaaaatt agattgtggg tgtggtggta     69540
     cacatacgta gttccaacac ttgggaggtg ttgggagccg cccccacatt cgccgttaca     69600
     agatggcgct gacatcctgt gttctaagtg gtaaacaaat aatctgcgca tgtgccaagg     69660
     gtatcttatg actacttgtg ctctgccttc cccgtgacgt caactcggcc gatgggctgc     69720
     agccaatcag ggagtgacac gtccgaggcg aaggagaatg ctccttaaga gggacggggt     69780
     ttcgttttct ctctctcttg ctcttgcttc tctctcttgc ttcttgctct cttgcttctt     69840
     gctctcttgc ttcttgctct cttgcttcct gcaccctggc tcctgaagat gtaagaaata     69900
     aagctttgcc gcagaagatt ctggtctgtg gtgttcttcc tggccggtcg tgagaacgcg     69960
     tctaataaca gggaggtgga agggaagagt atcaagtcat acatggccat ccttggctat     70020
     ttatatagga agttcaaatc acctgggctc catgagacct tgtattaaaa aacaaaacca     70080
     tggctggaga gttaagagca ccgactactc ttctagagat cccgagttca attcccagga     70140
     ccacattggt gctcacagcc gtctatataa tgggatccga tgctctcttc tggtgtgttt     70200
     gaagagagcg acagtgtact catacaaaca ataaataaaa tttaaaaaac aaaactaaag     70260
     cctagatcta atgggtccac tcctgttact ggcagctcct agaaaggccc tgcatttgct     70320
     tttagccttt ggtaggcaga accaggacac tccttatcct tgatcaccaa ctcaagggat     70380
     caccagtgtg cactgtgtgg ctccacagag caggaagatg agcgagtgga agtagaaatc     70440
     aaagcccagc cagctttgga cctccaaaca ggaaaaggtt ggaaatgaga agcaggcctt     70500
     gggtgagtct ggcaaccgtg ctgcttaggc gtgagacgaa gcccagcaaa gtgccaacac     70560
     taaagagatc tctgtccaac caaaaggggg ttaaaaacta gggcctggcc aagacctgga     70620
     aatccacttc agctccaggg agaagacaaa gggaaaaatt ccaaaactag aggtgttagt     70680
     agaaaccaaa tcgctgtagt cctaggcgaa ggagcaggag aaaccccgcc ttccctcgct     70740
     cccctatccc gggtgctacc cctgctagcc gcctgcctct ggccccgcct accatagcct     70800
     cgcccctccc acctactctc gccaaccagt tgccgcttcg gccacgtgga gagtagtttt     70860
     cctccagccg caatttcagc gcctgtccta cccacgcgca catttgtctt tcccagacga     70920
     ggttaacgtc tcatctcgca cagctgtgcc ttctgagccc ttcccctgga gacattgttc     70980
     tctgtgcccc cctttgcttc tgctctgtta tccttccttg attctcgtag aggagcttgg     71040
     gagtgcgctc cctgttccta aaaggactcc aaaccgtatt tccgttcttc caaggtctga     71100
     actggcatct gcagcaggct ggaaagggca gatagtgctt agacctcagg atgtccccgg     71160
     ccaaactgtc accagctgga gctatcagcc acttccgccc taccttacct agtgccttaa     71220
     actaggacgg gcaagtcctt tgggggtaca ggaagaagga cagattgggg cctacctatc     71280
     ttcccttcac tcgggatttg gaacctagtg cagtgacaga tgttggcgaa tattacccac     71340
     catccagttt aggtccggtt tcctgcgaca gctgcctaag gcatgctggg gcactccgcc     71400
     acaccccccc cccccaactt ccgtactgct gggttatttc ccttcatcct gtggtattct     71460
     catagctagg agctagccct atcccatctc cttctcttcc ccaccttctt ccccacttcc     71520
     ccagatttgt attccttttt tttttttttt ttcattctct tacaaactac ttccggacac     71580
     ttgtttgttt ttccttcaga gttcacaacc atctggttct gtctgcattc ccttcctcaa     71640
     ggtactctgt ggggaaggag gaccccagtt caatgggttg cattacgggc caccttggtt     71700
     taagggaagg taggaccctc cccccttttc actgccatag agtgagctgg agggtagatg     71760
     ttgatgaaca agggtgcaag ggccaccttc ttcctttgtt ctgttttgaa gaggtagttg     71820
     gttgtcccag cctgaaaaaa aaaatctttc ttttttcttt ccttctcccc cttctgtgtg     71880
     ttagaggaat gcatatttga caggtgcccc cacttctaca cctgcccaga taactgccat     71940
     taaccttatg gcatatttcc ccaggtcttt ttatttttta aaatttattt gacatgtgtg     72000
     agtgtctttg ttttgtttgt tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc     72060
     tggaactcac tttgtagatc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccaccag cctctgcctc     72120
     ccaaatactg ggattaaggg catgcgccac caccacccag ctatgtgtga gtgttttatc     72180
     ggcatgtatg tctatgtatt gtgggtgtag tgcctaagga ggtcagagga gaacatcaga     72240
     tcctctagaa cagtagttac agtcggttgt gggttgccat cttggctgct aggaattgag     72300
     tgcagctcct ctgcgggagt ttttaactgc tgagccatct ctccagccct gccaggtccc     72360
     tttcaaggcc aatacaattc atatagttaa cagaaatgta ctttagatac acttttgcat     72420
     taggtttctg ccgttttccg tggctctttt tccagtacca catcctgtct cttgtgtttc     72480
     ctttttctat tctttaaatg tatctatacc ctaagcttat gagtcctcag atttctagag     72540
     atttgcgttt tatttctaga tgagtcgtca cagcttgctt catgccctcg tccctccatg     72600
     ctcctctttc tggagaagtt tctgcctttt ctcttagttg tccttacttt cgatgtcaag     72660
     acagcacggg ggaagacctg ggccggttcc cctccccact gccctttctc atgtgcctac     72720
     tgctcttctt cccatttaga gccagatggt aaggatcttg tattatgttt ttcttctcac     72780
     tcttttctct tcatttccct ctctccctga tgcctcctag gaaccctgtg gtccagggtc     72840
     cacacggctt acgtgtcagt cccgtgggta tgacattctc ttctccttcc ctgctgtctg     72900
     ttttgttctc tgagaatgcc tcccaactct catcagatct ggggaccctg cgggtctggt     72960
     gccccaatat cttgacttct cattagaaac atggctctct ccatgagttc ttatctcatc     73020
     tcactggaga aggtcctgcc cccaagggcc ctggaggggg ttgggagggt gtatgcagtg     73080
     gagggttgtg cctccacttt agatgtgtgt ctacctctgg atctgcttct ctcggtagtg     73140
     aatggctttt gggacctcca catggcttga gaagtccctg gattctacaa attctggatt     73200
     taagctagta atcttcatgg cttcagtggg ccagtttctt tccatcaatt caggaaggct     73260
     ccactgtaaa cttatggaaa atgtctgtgg gaaagggggc actcatgaaa tactaggagt     73320
     agctgtggac aaggggcaac catcatctcc tttgaccatt tccaactttc tgtggcttgg     73380
     ctaggtcagg tctgtggact tgtgttaaag caactgtgat tatccatttt aggccaagac     73440
     taatgtcttc tgagaagcca ggagagagcc ccaaacctca aaaggtaaga acataacagt     73500
     gagtgagggg agatcacaat gggagccaca caaatgtcat ttaccagtcc actgccttcc     73560
     aaaatgtcac cagcataggt ctgctagctt ctgcaccagg cttgcaaact tagatatgtg     73620
     taggaccaag tgataactta gacgagccta acaagcaggt tcctcttccc acccctcctc     73680
     tcctcatccc cccacccccc atattaagga tggaccccag tccttgagta aactaggcaa     73740
     ggatagtagt gctgactgat aatcaactcc aaccctactg ttttgttttg tttttgtttt     73800
     aatgtattgt ctcactgtat atctctagct ggtctagaac tcactatgta gagcaggctg     73860
     gcctccaact cacacagatc tgcctgcctc tgccttcaga gtgcagggat taaaggcaca     73920
     cagagctagg gtttcattag aagcccagtc tggccttcta tctggcagcc ctggctcagc     73980
     cttcctggtt ctggctggga tttcaggtgt ggttttcaga gcatttgctt ggcttcttta     74040
     agagtacaga atggagccgg gcgtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgagaggc     74100
     agaggcaggc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc     74160
     tgtctcaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa gagtatagaa tgggccaaat gtcacacaaa     74220
     tgagcacatc aattcacagt ctgttcatgg tctatactta attttttgta gcagagcggc     74280
     aataatggtg aggtgggttt tataagttgt tattaagcca gcattatctg ttcagtgcct     74340
     gggaccaggt aatgcagaga taatgcaaat tacatgtgcc tcggaaggag gaagcctgtt     74400
     aaagctaggg tgtgaagggt tctggatgct aagcttagga atgagaagtg gaatgagtag     74460
     ccatgaagta tatcagaggg aggcaaagtc aggaccacat ttgcctccta ggaagattgc     74520
     ctgatataag tgttgagagt ctgattggga aggaaaggca gactccggtc ttgtggagga     74580
     ctcattgtgc tagagcctgc cataggccag agtttggggt gggagatggc tatcaggaag     74640
     aatgaaaaag aggagcataa gaaggggcag ggaacagagg gaagggctga ggcagtgctg     74700
     ccgttcctag ctggccttag gtggatgcta agtgtcgagt cttctggctc tgtgaggcag     74760
     gattgactct ttgctttgtt ccttgttgga ctcaaagagc ctggtgctca gtaaacatgt     74820
     gtagatcatg agggagttag tggacactca taagagccca agaatgtttg ccccttaggt     74880
     agggctgaag cccattagag agttctaagc taggtgggat ggtatacccc tgaaacccca     74940
     gcatggtcga ggcaggaggg tctcaaggcc agcttgggtt gcctcaataa acaaaacaaa     75000
     caaaaaaaat taaaaaacaa aacaaaaaat gagcccacgt cctctaacat tgctgaccca     75060
     aacagcatcc ataagaggac agtggttacc tccccatcac cacaagaagg accttagacc     75120
     tttcttcatc ttcatagaat gaaagtatgt aagaaatagt aaagaaacct tatcactttg     75180
     agcagtgagc aacattgtgc acttagctgc ttaacagatt ccccttgtat cagatgtgct     75240
     gacacaacac acatttggct cggagaactg tttcctagta tctagttctt gtggtcatat     75300
     ttgtcccaga tggcccaacc aggtggatcc cagaagaagg agacttccag atctgttcca     75360
     gtgacagatc ccaccagcca caacagtgaa atcaaccaaa gagatcagca gttttccgat     75420
     atgcacctgg ctgacctaca gaaggtgttt gagaaggagg cagacgagaa tggaggtaca     75480
     gccatgccaa aggctggttt ctgtgactcc tgcctgggta ccagggaagc gtggagggct     75540
     cagacctggt gcatttttac gtctggtgtc ttgtttaaaa catatgtctg ggtaagtggt     75600
     gcaaggatat tgaaggctat ttggggatct ttttttcttt ttttaagatc ctgctagtcc     75660
     agatacccaa gtgtaccatg cagcattttg gtgtgtctcc tctaagcctt gccattctgc     75720
     agtctgttat caatttctgt gtgacagtag ccccatggtc ttagtggctt aattcaacat     75780
     gtgcttatga cctcctagtt tccttgagtc ttgatcaagg tcagggctga gctgccttcc     75840
     tggtcaggac ctcaaaaagc tgcagttccg tagtcagctg gggctatggt gtcatctggg     75900
     gcttgactgg ggaaggactt ccttctaagt ttacatacac tgtcccagca ttcagatcct     75960
     tgacactgtg gtatggtggc ctttcatttc tgtctggcta ttgcagggag gttgtcctca     76020
     gctcctagaa gccatcccac aatggccgac catgtgggat tggccaacat ggcagctggc     76080
     aaggctttag ccaaaagtgg agaaacacac aaatcacaat cttatggcca taggactgta     76140
     ggcaacagtg tgataccctg tggtctaaga gcaagtcaga ggtctcatcc taaggagaag     76200
     gggaccacaa agggtgcgag cagcaggacc tgcccatcct gggggtctct gtaagtatct     76260
     ctaatcttac tctttggata ctaatttgga gtagaacatc tgatctgagg aagcatttta     76320
     cacccaactg gaacaaatac tagcttagcc tcccttaccc agatgtgctc agaacacgtc     76380
     cgtagtgtct ggttgggtga aaccagctaa aataaaaagt gtgagttatc tcatgaaagc     76440
     aagaaatagc aatgaaatgg gtttccatgc acaccactgt aaagtggaaa agccctaagc     76500
     tggggactgt atgttattac aggcctttct ttttcacttc ctttttatat ctgaaggact     76560
     tggcatggtg ccccagagcc tcctggacaa gccttactag tgggtccaag tctaatgcag     76620
     ccatccctct gttttgctta tttacattgc atgagctata aatgatgttt tgaggatacc     76680
     ctctgcaccc cagaccttct ccctcctggc agcttgattt ctgcccttta gaatgataat     76740
     cctgaaagtc aaataggagt aaaggcatct tcagagttga gttgctaggt tgtggatgtt     76800
     agagtctatc ccctctcctg ttcatttgac tttcgtagct acactatagt ggttgggggg     76860
     cggggggggg aagagcaagc ggggagagac ccagagagag gagacagaga gacacagaga     76920
     gacgggaagt gtatgtgcac atggcagggc tggaagttga catcaggatg tcttctgttg     76980
     cttttcacct tatttgtttg agacagggtc tcttcacctc ttcaccagat atgaggtttg     77040
     ttgttttggc aaggctggtg ggccctagga tctggcagtc tttgtcctgc ccaggtctgg     77100
     gtatctggct ttgaacgtgt aggttcctgg gattgcactc ttgtcctcat cctcttcctt     77160
     gcagggcaag tgctttaccc ctgagctgac ttcccagcct gggctttttt tttttttttt     77220
     ttttttttaa gaaaaaaata tcgccgggtg ttggtggcac acacctttag tcccagcact     77280
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctat agagtgagtt     77340
     ccaggacaac cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaaccaaaag aaaaaaaaaa     77400
     cacaaaacac caaaaacaca tctggccatg gtgttagttt ggggaaggac aattccttct     77460
     gcattaatgg aaagttagaa aatcagaaaa ccaggctggc ttttctgttc agaaaccttc     77520
     agcaaggcta tcgagaacgt tgtggcacat catttcccag gcacctggat accagtactg     77580
     gtggcagaga gtgaggccat gtcagtgcct tcctgttcac cgtgtgtcct ctaagccagg     77640
     gagttcttgc agtgtgggag gtcaagtgaa gaggctgtcc tgcttcacct gtctcctcgg     77700
     aaaggcctgc agtgctcata aactgccctt gtccccatcc aggcatggaa ggactgtggc     77760
     gagtcactct caacctcttg gtcttagcct tacatccttg agaagggcat ttctcccagc     77820
     aagcccatgt tgttccagct tttttttttt ttttttgagc ctcagtctag tgtgacaggg     77880
     acaatgatat ggtggtgtga ggtccacaag ctgtggggac agatgctgac attcctatct     77940
     gtcactacca acctactggc tgtgtgactg tgggcaggca gtcttagttt cctcagagcc     78000
     tgccttacat tgccagcatt catagggtgc agagaacaga gctgtcactt cctgacaccc     78060
     agagaaacac ttggatcagt gtttgttgag tgatggaggg aatcttgtgt attccctgag     78120
     gtcacgatgg agtgggcgac ataggaaagt caaacactgg ggatggcagc ctctcagatg     78180
     ctctgaagga agaaaagcat cccagtagaa agagtgactt gaactgcagg gaaggccatc     78240
     catgctgtgc aaaggccctg tggtggctat agcgaggtcc ttatggctgg agcagagtat     78300
     gaaggatgtg atagaagatg gtgcttgctg agaggagcca gatactgcat ggccttccag     78360
     ccatggcaag ggttccagta tttgaaaggg ttttagaagt gatttttgaa gataataatt     78420
     atattaaaaa aataggtggc gccaattgaa acctttgcaa atagatttcc ttatagctat     78480
     agaggctggt tcagggagaa agcattttat gcttgtctta ccttcttcct tttttttctc     78540
     atctcttcct ctaggcaaag gttgttgttg ttattattat tattgttaat atttttgaaa     78600
     cagagtctca tgtagcccag gctggccttg aactcgttgg gtagcccagg ttggccttaa     78660
     attccaaact ttctgcctct gcccccacat gctggaatta caggcataca ccatcatacc     78720
     tgactaaaag tttttgtttt cataaattgc ttttaaaaga tgtacgactg cagaacagct     78780
     cggtggtaaa gcacctgcca gcatgtttga ggccctaggc tcagatccat gttaccaaac     78840
     tgttctctat ctctctccct gtgctcctga tttgcaccag aggcctctgt tctgtggaga     78900
     gacgttgctt tagtctgtat cccttgatca gaagtgggac ctggtttatt gagaacctct     78960
     gtctaccttc ccctcctact ctggggtaaa cacagaggca ggtattcatg agaaatgact     79020
     gagtgcaggc aaatgagact ggaaaggtga tggcagaagc atcaggaatc agtgggcctg     79080
     tgctagggtg gatgctggag tcttgaatga aagggttggg ggaggggctg cctcctaagg     79140
     tatcacacct ctgggggagt tctcccatct gcctcctttg aggggtcaaa ctgacaacca     79200
     ctagcaggta gcagtgagtg tctgaaatgc ggtgcctgca gcctgtggcc tgtgagggcc     79260
     gtgcaacttg cacctaagca gtgatgctct tctctctcga agccctgaaa aaggaaggct     79320
     tcatcaggat catgaagggg gtgctgagca gcatgtcgga agagatgctc gagttgctgt     79380
     tcttgaaggt ggactcagac tgcaatggct ttgtcacttg ggtaaggagg gtgccctgca     79440
     gccacaggaa gctgggagag gttagaaagt ctggcctggt tctcagtggg gcaagcagag     79500
     gcttgaagat gggaggcagc atgtccgtgt gcactctggg accagctggg gtgcttgctg     79560
     ggagggaagc ttggtgtctc tgaatggtct cccttgagac ttctgtgagg tgagctcact     79620
     gccccccaca tcgagaccgt ctcctcaagt gttcccactg aggtacagct agctgtcctg     79680
     tacttcagag tctcccattc agtgtagggg atctttgtca gtaccatgac agattatgac     79740
     cctttcttgt cactcaggga caggcaagct catggctgtt gaaaccagaa ctgtcaggtc     79800
     ttcatagcat agtaataatg ctaaccttca aggactcaca accttaaaca gagcacatgg     79860
     cgttaagcct gtagaaatgt gccgtgcctt gctggagaga ctgatgtagg atgacgctga     79920
     ggcatctgtg tgccttctcc attgaagatt cacagggtcc agaatggtta gcagctggga     79980
     aactgaggtg cagagccact gggaatgttg ttctagtgtt acagagctgg ctaccagctg     80040
     agcctgtgtt cgagcgcagg gagtgtgcct caaaggtttg tgggataact gccagtgaac     80100
     acctcctcgt ggtttgggta taatcttcgt ccacacaacg attcttgcca ctttttgttg     80160
     aactgagggc tttaggaatg atagagaaat gttctaccac tgagctacat cctaggcaag     80220
     cattctgtca ctgaattaca cttgccttcc ctccctctgt ctttcctttt cctctgtccc     80280
     ttcctttctc attgtgatga gatgttctcc agggtggtct cgaactcttg gactcaggtg     80340
     atccttctgt ctttgtcttc tgagtagctg ggactaagat gtgtcattat ccctggttcc     80400
     tgtttctagt cctgtttctt gtcttcttca tatatttgca ccttggccac attttagtga     80460
     ggctggtcac tggaggccag agttgcagat atttgtaggg tagatgtgga cccttaactt     80520
     ggtcttgggc ttggacaaat cggatctggt gcctccgttg gattattctc tgtgtgaagc     80580
     agaggtgacc aggagcgagg ggtgcttagt gttacacacc atgcttgcca catttgagat     80640
     ccaagcacag gctggttgct tggctagttc cccagtgagt gctcagagga cagccttcag     80700
     agccacttag agggggctgt agagggacga ggggggacag tgtatgccgg gcttgggacc     80760
     ctagaggcaa atgttaagac tccgaccaac cctttcttcc ctttgctttg tctttctgag     80820
     acagcagaag tatgtggatt atatgatgcg tgagttccag ggcaaggagg agatgaggaa     80880
     gagccagtat cgcctgcgct tccaccttcc catgactgtc atccccctgt aagagcctct     80940
     tccctggagc tggggtgtga tggaaaagtg ctggcaacta agcctgcagg gtgccccctc     81000
     ctcaccctgc tggcccaacc aaggtcctgg atggcctctt gtcccttcag cttgcccttc     81060
     acaatctgta ggtggtcatg atgacaaagg taggtggctt catggatgag ggagccaagg     81120
     ctcagagagt cagcctgatg gcttgcccag gctgatgggc agaaagaggc ggggctgttt     81180
     atgcttttct ccacctcttt ctgcacactg tcccgtctct cttgcttctc tctttggcca     81240
     gtgctgagcg aatctggcag tttcatcccc agacgcacag gtggctcaca catgtgcagc     81300
     tgggattctc ctgcgaggaa gctactggtg gactccctgg cctggcggca agggccttgt     81360
     aaagccttgt tgatccttag gagaggtggt ggtgggaatt ttaatggccc tgtctatctt     81420
     ggctctgcct gagctgctac tcattccact tatggcccct ttacccatgg tgtcccctgg     81480
     agctggggcc ttggagggct tccatagctg atgacccaca agagaagact ggacatttaa     81540
     tgttatctaa tatgagtttt acagtttttc gaaccttccc agggaactga aagtactaga     81600
     aactgtaaac cccaagtgtt tgtgtgctag gcttgaggaa gagcggaaag ttatgggaaa     81660
     atggcttact tactctctga gaagacatgt agcccaggct ggcctccaac tccacaggta     81720
     ggttgaactt ttgatcctcc tacctctggt tttttgagtg cttggattat aggtgtgtat     81780
     catgtgtact agccaagcac tcctccaact gagctaaatc cccagtgcct tggggcaatc     81840
     agggcaacgg agggagaggt ttggcacaga aactggagtt gacttagcca gcccatccat     81900
     ccctgttccc ctctgcatcc ttggcctttc agaagtaagg ttgttgctga gagtcatggt     81960
     gtacacctgt gatcccagca tcctagtgat agaggcagga ggacccaaag ttcagggtcc     82020
     ccgccactac aggatgagtt ggagaccagc ctggtataca cggcaccatg tttcagaaaa     82080
     gaaaaagaaa gattgccctt acctgggatc ttacagccca aaccaactgc ttctcaaatg     82140
     ccctcagctg gaaatactca acagtccaaa gcaccacgct ttggaatggc gtgtctcagc     82200
     tttcatcaac ctcttccttt ctatgccatg gccctgtctc ccctgtgggc attcctccct     82260
     ctaacaccct aaggacaagg actggtttgt tggcttgcag tggtttaacc ttcctaacgg     82320
     cagcccttta atacatggtt cttcatgttg gggtgactcc aaccataaaa ttatttttgt     82380
     tgctacttca gaagtgtaat tttgttactg ttctccgtca taatgtaaat atctgatatg     82440
     tgactcctaa gtgggtcaag aaccacaggt tgagaaccac tggcttagag cttgccccac     82500
     tgcaggcagg gctcttgagc cgggatgcct ggtggactct ttctcctttt ctggaaccac     82560
     cctgggttgg aacactagca gcctggggtg tgtggctggg gtgtcgactc ctgtgtagtg     82620
     cagtttggtg agccatattt gtggtctgtc aaagaaggct gtaggtggct gtcctcggga     82680
     agccacaccc agggcaggct acagaagagc tagatctaga ggttgtcttc gccttgggca     82740
     ggtaggctgg agctttagtg gagaaggagg tttagtggag atcagagaag ggtagcttgt     82800
     aaaaaaacca tggttgggag ttaattgagg aatagccaat taaatatgaa taatgagagt     82860
     tttcataact gtaattttga catgaataaa tacttggctt gatgtacctt ctccttcact     82920
     ggtctttctg tttcttcaga tctcaagaat gtttaaaatc tgcaacaaca acaacaacta     82980
     aaaaaatctc aggacgtttc ttccttattt tctctgattc atttctataa cttacaaacc     83040
     cagaagcctc tcggacctga tagagaaagt agccagaata gcaaagcaat tttttattaa     83100
     ttttatgaga gggtatctct taaaatccag ctctccatta ctggatctgc gctgagcaca     83160
     ccccagcaca ccaccccctt tgatcccttc actgtccaat aaggaagagg tgtagtcacc     83220
     acacggatgg ggagacagac ttccctaaaa tgccgttccc aggcccgtgg aaggttcacg     83280
     gcttacttct ctaatcctca gcctttggtc ccgaaagaag ggtcagagtc gaagtgatgg     83340
     ggaaagagaa ctagctgaga atgtcggtct ccttcagtac agaaaaagaa gccgacggca     83400
     ggggactggg ctctgccttc cctcagtgga cctgcaggga gcaatgagct ggagttgagt     83460
     ttcatagtga ctcaggttcc ccctaagcct caggtcagct taggaaattt tcaagccttg     83520
     gaaaatgcct tgggggtggg ctgaaagcac tgggttttag ttctagctct gttgggcctg     83580
     ggtgagatgc aattccctgt aagtgagatg ataatatgcc ctgcccggcc ctgatctaag     83640
     atgggcagat gaaaatagag gagtgggagc cttaattggg agccagcttg ctttgccaac     83700
     actgggggca ggaaagcaac ctctggcagg tagcactggg acttgctgtg aaggctgtaa     83760
     ggaaacagtc tgcaaggcca ggcctgccct ggaactgttc actgcgctca gcatcctggc     83820
     catgaagagc tgggtgtgta aggcctaaca tctggtggtc tcttgggtta ctcctgcctt     83880
     gatcctactc ctcttcaccc cagagcagga gagcgatggc tagaaagtgt catgtctcag     83940
     gtgactgtca cagctgtacc ctggtggcca tctgtgggct gtttctcctg tgacagaaac     84000
     tttgggaacc tatctgctca cttctcagga tctgctttgg attccgtctc gtcccatatc     84060
     atggttggtt ggtttgtttt tgatggaacc cagggcttca catagcaagg caaactacca     84120
     ccgagtcaca ccttagtctc catttgggat atattttctt gtggccagtc gaagtccatc     84180
     tggagaaggg acagagttcc atgtcccctg gagccaccta cagtttcttg gtgtgtgtgt     84240
     gcacatgtgt gtgtgcatgt acacgtgcac atgtgtagct gcccccactg gcctctgacc     84300
     tacctcttcc gtggctctca gttcatgcac atacttcctt tttgaatcgt atctgcgtgt     84360
     ttctcaccat ctgcaggcac catgggagcg aggttgtaaa agtggcatgt ttaaccaaac     84420
     ggttcaaaaa gatggggcgt ttcctgactg tcaccaaaga tgggatcctg cagttctggt     84480
     ctgagacctt ctcaatgttg gaatccttcc acgtgagtag gacactcatg gggatggtgg     84540
     agtgcctcta ttgtggcacc ctgagtggat ttgtcctgag cagccagacc ctggagtcac     84600
     agggcttggg tcaaaattgt gacttaaccc cgggggtcgg ggagctcaca cttgtcatct     84660
     gctaagcaga gtccagcctg gatgcccact aggcaccccc aaaactgttc attcaaggag     84720
     tgtgtccctg gggtccccat atccgtgagc gttatcccag cctcactcat acttactgtc     84780
     cctaagtcct gctgattgaa acctttgtct ggatcaggca gggagtcatg ctcatggtat     84840
     ttgggctctg gggtccaatt ctcagcattt gaatcccagc tgtaccacct accagctgtg     84900
     ggatgctggc taagatgtct ctaattcctc atctgcccag ggagtcttgg agtagtagcc     84960
     cttctcgggg cagtggggac acttgatggt ataggacatg ggtcatgctt gagcagtcaa     85020
     ggccttcagt tagtacagag gaatatgggg aatacaggcc aacacactgt ggactttctg     85080
     ctgtcagctc atgacctagt gtaataaggg atgacccatt caggcaaatc tgctatgcac     85140
     ttgatgctgc caggctagtg gagtatcctg cagcaaataa ggaaaggcct gccttccagg     85200
     gccccagcaa ggcttatgca gggcactgtt agtactgtga agggtttcat gcctgagtag     85260
     ctatacagtg ctttacactt ggcagcaggg ctggtccttg tgggaggaga gacctggatg     85320
     atctctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     85380
     ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     85440
     ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     85500
     ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     85560
     gcatgtgtat ggatggaagc aggtgttgct agcccagact cttggcagtg gctgctatat     85620
     ggtttacctc tgtgccccta aggaggctga agagaccgag gaagccttcc tgggaagctt     85680
     tgagagtcct ggagattctt cctggaggag ctggtttggg gttagagatt ggcaagggta     85740
     gggctcccag gtccattggt gaatacccac tggggaatgc tcactgtcag gcaaatggaa     85800
     gactttggag gtgggcctgg ccttaagaca ctggggtcat gaaagttagg cccattttac     85860
     agatgaggga acagcttgga ggagtatggc caagaccgtg tttttagtgc tgagataagg     85920
     tttcatgtca ggactgtgct tgctccaggg tcttatgggg caggaaagat ccctgtcccc     85980
     tgtacactct gctagcaacc ttccatggcc tgagcctcct ctgttcttct accagctttc     86040
     ccagtccaag cagtacggcc accagcagat gtgggttatc gacgtggcat atctgcacaa     86100
     catgagcctc attgcagttg cctccactga gctgaagata ggtgagtgag tcccccatgc     86160
     tctccaggcc tgcccttggc ttctagcgag cggtgcagat ctgttggctg agcaaccgtg     86220
     agcacgcatg ggagtcctct gggacttgtt ggctagagag gccttaaaaa ggaggcactg     86280
     ggtgccagtc gcttgtggtg gtgaccgctt ttgtaggcag gtatgctcag tgagtgctga     86340
     atgtctacaa gttttgaaga gttcaaattt taagccacag tgcatgcaag tctctctaga     86400
     ttgattctac gccttgcttc ctgctgcctc tagtccaggt caccttcagc tgtcactgga     86460
     ataacaccga agcctcctgt tgcttagcac acttcctctg aaggtccctc tagctacaaa     86520
     tggacttttg aaatgtctcc ctgcagacaa cctttacgcc cctcccccca caaagcacag     86580
     gacgggggag aatcctcagt gtggcccagg agggcgagga aggtctggcc cctgctgtct     86640
     gttgttttac ctggaccgga cccttcctcc tgtcaagctg aggttgctgt gaccttgcct     86700
     tgcctcctct gatgggcgct gggtcagtgt gtatgctctg ccttacctcc ccgccttctg     86760
     cttttctttt gaaccaacac aagtgttact tcctccagag agctttcctt gactgccaag     86820
     tcaggtgcct cttaaataaa aaaatctgca caaactaagg ccctctccct gccacgcccc     86880
     ttcagagtgt ggtctttgtc aggatgagtg cttgatgcct gccttctcct ctatactgga     86940
     gcttggccag tggggactgc atctgcctca ctcacatcca tacctgcgtg cctggtgcca     87000
     cctagaggct tagcggtagt gggtaagtgg gtaggcggat acagggtcta attgatcaca     87060
     tgttccaggt catcgtggag aggacattca tgtgtctacc cacagcctat ggtgcagagc     87120
     taaacagaag gatggagggt ggctgaaaca gccagtgccc aggtttcaac cctggtcctg     87180
     ccactcagta gggctgtgac ttagagcagc tatttacctt cgagggcctt agtctagcca     87240
     gagggaaaac agggcccaat gctctgtatc tctagggtga gtgtgggtca gtgattggat     87300
     gtgtgaagtt gtttggcacc cagtaggttc tttaattgag aggacagact gtgacacatc     87360
     cagacacatc cagtcatagg caaaggctca aacagttaga gcttgctgct acccatgatt     87420
     cctggtggtc tctcccatta ctctcaccca tgagggcctg gctccatcac ttcatgacat     87480
     caaattctgt gaaccgaaca gatgtggtct gctcagggca tttggtcaag gccagaggca     87540
     agtatggaag gataccatca tgggtcttga cttatgtagc tcagtccagc cagccctgct     87600
     ctgtgttcca catcccttct tgggtggtta ggtcccttag gaagcagaca cttgagggcc     87660
     tgtcattcaa acatgggagg ctgctcctca gcctcactag actgactgac ctgaggacag     87720
     ggctgccagg aggagcaaga cttccaaggt agggggcttt taccaggagc atctgtgtgt     87780
     cagggcccca tggaaggttt tggaaaggat gtgtaagact cttacgagcc ttagctaaca     87840
     gaacccccat caccaccccc tcaccacccc gagtgaacaa cacaggccag ggatcgatgc     87900
     aaaagcaaga atttattgtt ccagtgtgct ggggtcatcc tgcacccaaa ggagaggtgg     87960
     tgaccttggg cagcccattt ggccagtttt tatacagttg tcaggggtag aatagagcaa     88020
     cagccactag gcacaatgtt attggcagaa aagtgtgact tttaaactga ttgatcctta     88080
     gggaatgagg tggcaaggac ttcccttgtc tgtaggtggc taatggttgg tctgccctgc     88140
     ggttttcctg aggaatgtaa tccaggaagg gaggggagcc tacgtgctcc attgacctcc     88200
     tctcccttcc aggaagggag gggtctttat gctctgggtt ttgctggaat tttccaaatg     88260
     ccctgagctg acctcttcag atgaaaataa tgttttcaga agatcaaagt ctggcaggct     88320
     ggtaccagac agtgagagat ggtgtgagcc tgcacaaagc cactctataa tctgttcttc     88380
     ctatacacct gaatgtcatg aacttacttg gtctctgatc tgcttgaggg aagggggttc     88440
     ctatctctag ccctgataag gtgtgttgag tgacatggag gaaatgtatt tgtttctatc     88500
     ttctctaaac acctaaaagg acacacatgc acacatgcac acgcacacgc acatggttga     88560
     actagtggag gccttaggga ccagaagttt cctgctatcc acataagcag ggctcggccc     88620
     ttgttccttt atttgtgtat cacagccacg atcactcagc agaggagagt cctgggtgct     88680
     gtgttaggtg ctgaggattc cacagttgct acacaaacat gctccctgcc ctcacatagc     88740
     tgtcaggccg ggccaggtag ctcccgtatt caaataaatg agaaattaac ttgaggtggt     88800
     gagggagatt gataggcagc cagccaggtg ggagaatgtc agcaggccta gctgaagagg     88860
     gagagaggcc gttctaagaa ggggtcatgg aggtggtctg aaagggttct ggggggtatt     88920
     caaggtgggc agagcaggac ccagaagtgg aagacattga tgcgtataca gtggtaagag     88980
     tctggcatgc tgagagcctg gtgacagggc cttcagacca agcgtgggct gtggagggtc     89040
     tgagcctgta ggacttgaca ggctgagagt tgcactggag ttttgttctg gatgcagtag     89100
     ggatcagagg gtagtttgca gtgggatctg gcttggttag cagctgtgct tgggtcggct     89160
     gcctttattg ctgtggggta gggggctggg ctggggtatg ctacagagcc ggagagatgg     89220
     cagggagtcc tgggtacctc caggtacctc ccgagccgag cctggaacac tactcttggc     89280
     tctgtatgtc cctctcttct ctctttccca gaattctttg atattggtgg ctacaaatgt     89340
     atccgggcct tcaccgttat tgatctggat agctgtgtca tggtcatgga ctattggtga     89400
     gtctcacagg agatgggtac aggatcttgg cagccaccac atcactggga agggggctgg     89460
     ggcctcaggg aggcactagg agagctggtt ctgagctcat caccatacgg ttcctatatt     89520
     gtccctccct gattctctcc ctgggtcttg cagtcactct actcttgaat tgtgcttttt     89580
     cacccccctc ccccgcccct ttcttatcct gttatcgacc aagtgttagc agaggctcac     89640
     tctgctgcat tgaggtctct gggaagtaaa aatggttgaa acagaacctg aattttggtt     89700
     cagtgatgac aagggtatgg ttggcactgg ggttgagacc cagaccaaag ctggaagtct     89760
     tgttagaact gtccttgtcc ctaagatgac agggccttgg cacaagagcc agggcagaag     89820
     agttaataac ctaaatgcct caagcagcct gaaaaactcc atgcaggaat atctgataca     89880
     ctgatattgt cagtcctgtc agtgggcagt taggagcaga atggtaaggg tcaatgtgtc     89940
     atcaggacct cccaggagag ctcctggcaa ggatgccagc atggtgaggg ccttcttcat     90000
     gagctcaggc aagcagagaa taggtctgca gacaagtctt cctaccccaa aagctccctt     90060
     ttcttcccta tgaaacccca aggactcagt gccctggcac agtctccact ccactctctt     90120
     ggggaggcgg ctgtttcttg ttctgatgaa aggacagcca ccgtctacag agattagtct     90180
     tctctctcct ttaacacgca tgctttatcc ttatgtctcc ccaggaccga ctgtcacaaa     90240
     gctgtgttct gctatgggga caccaagggc aatgccacca tcttcatctc tgacaacgtg     90300
     gctggtgggc tgttcaatcc acaaatcctt ccccgggcct ccaaatgggg ttagttaaaa     90360
     ggcgtgggca gaggaccagg gagtgggtag atgtgggtac taagttggcc atggtctctg     90420
     ggcatttctg tcctccctgt ccctgctttg aatctctgga aggaggttcc ttggagttca     90480
     gagggggtcc tgcctactgg gcttagggga gaagggcaga gggtctgagc tggggggcag     90540
     tcttgtgagg tgggagcttt tgcagttgag gtctgaaggc tgtgaagcct tctcatcctg     90600
     tgaaaatgca gtgctagtct ggtgtaagac ccccaatgct gggcctccgc tcaagtcccg     90660
     ggatgagctg gccagcaccc cagtgtcccg agagaatacc acacctgatg caaactgcaa     90720
     gaggttttat tattagctag ctgaggatga agtccctccg cagtgcaggg caggggagtt     90780
     cgaccccgag tggtgacagt agggggcttt taacagctag ctgaggagtt gggaggagtt     90840
     gggaagagtt cttctcttcc gggcgtcctt ggtgaaattt acaaggcagg agtggggagt     90900
     gagttctttc tgaattttta tctccgtgtc ctgggcacag gaaggcaggc atctctggtt     90960
     gtacagtata gaaacaaaaa ggctttttgc tggctataga gaacaaagag cttctttcta     91020
     gctgtatttt taaagatcag ggaaaacaag cttggggaaa tgttttaggg gctctacctt     91080
     ccagggagaa acgctctaag tcggggtctc acactgggac cctgggacat gcctcctgtc     91140
     ctctgagccc tagctgagag ggattctgct ctacctggtt ttgagctatc tatgaatggg     91200
     tgaaagtaga ctgggaagac cacaggtggg tgcggtggag cccggggacc acctggcttg     91260
     gcagcatggt gaataagcag ttgtctgctg agctcttggt atgccatctc cacccatggg     91320
     gactggtgac ttgttactgt ccattaagag gtttagtgag ctgaagctac ttgcacacac     91380
     cctgaggctg gggagtggca actaagatct gcatccaacc tgtgtgttca gtgtctccag     91440
     ttgtcatcac ttgctgggat gttccctaaa ttgtctaagg aagtggttca gaactttgcc     91500
     aaagggtgca aggtcaacag aggtgatggg ccgggggctg ccttggagac tcacaggaac     91560
     tgtatcacat ctgggatggg acctaaggtg tggtgttagg actctagtca tcctaggagc     91620
     cccggaccca aactgacctt ccttccatcc aaaaaggacc caaactgacc tcccttccat     91680
     ccaaaacaca agagtagcct ttgctgggac tgctagctaa gaaggtctcc aagggtcccc     91740
     agaccttggc aaggaccttg tttaagcttg cttcttggtt ttcagtgtta aggaagggaa     91800
     gatgcaaata ctagtggcct ggtttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91860
     tgtgcatgtg ttcactgggt attgaatctg gagccttcaa tatgtcagac aagctttgta     91920
     gcactgagct acacttccag ctagcatttt gtccttgtcc cgtcagtccc tggtggctgc     91980
     catgtcccca tcatgtttgt gccaccctgg gaactagctt acgggttgtg gtgatctctt     92040
     tgatgagtgg tgaagacaca agattaggct agaatgttgg gtgagacccc ttcccagcca     92100
     cctactaatt gacagctggg aacaaacatg aagacttggt gaaatgtgag agggaaggaa     92160
     cagacagcta agaagtgtgg acctacctct gtgtgacccg aagccagttg cttaaccttt     92220
     ctgctcctta gtctccttac tttatataaa tatatatatg ttttttatta cgtattttcc     92280
     ttaattacat ttccaatgat atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctccccccc ccactcccct     92340
     acccacccac tcccactttt tggccctgga gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg     92400
     tgtgttcaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggcttactag gtcatctttt gatacatatg     92460
     cagctagagt caagagctca ggggtactgg ttagttcata ctgttgttgc acctacaggg     92520
     ttgcagatct ctttagctcc ttggttactt tctctagctc ctccatggaa ggagttacag     92580
     agacaaagtt tggagctgag acaaaaggat ggaccatcta gagactgcca tatccaggga     92640
     tccatcccat atttagcctc caaacgatga caccattgca tacactagca agtgtttgct     92700
     gaaaggaccc tgatatagct gtctcttgtg agactaggcc gaggcctagc aaacacataa     92760
     gtggatgctc acagtcagct agtggatgga tcacagggcc cccaatagag gagcttgtct     92820
     ccttacttaa atgcgtgcag ggacaactac atctaacttt tggctctgca gtagagtgta     92880
     taacataagt gttgggtaca aaaagtgcat cccagggcct catagcttag tgggagagat     92940
     ggccgtatat gttgtcaggc tgtagcttcc atgttagcag ccacaagcag catctcatct     93000
     ggttcagggc ttcctttgtg tgtattcacg ttcacgtatg tgtgtacgtg tgttttctgg     93060
     atgcttatgt gcgcgcgctc gtgtgtgtgt gcaaatgtgt gtggaaagca gaggccatcc     93120
     acaggtattg ttccccaggg actgcccatc ttgtgttttg agacagggcc tcttagtagg     93180
     atcctgggat caccaagttc caggagcccg ccctctccac cccgcagctc tgggaacaag     93240
     tgtgtttttc gcaggctctg gggattaagg tcgggtcttc cttcttgtgt agcaagcact     93300
     ttatagactg agttatctcc ccagtttgag gacttttttt ttttttgcaa gcttcctctt     93360
     atgcctgtag attcccctat acccaacacc catcccctcc agtgtctttc ctccatggtc     93420
     cctgggaatt tcttccagac ctaaagccaa actgaccagc atttctaacc tacttccttg     93480
     aacagctgct gacccaacaa atgtcatcca tctctatcag tttgctcttc ctgggggctc     93540
     atcagctgct gactgggtgc tttcacaagg gcagggcagt cggtgggtgg gtgggtgggt     93600
     ggggtgcacg gcatgtatga cttgatcatg atacatgtgt gcacgctata cttcttggga     93660
     cttttgcttt ctgaccaagg aggccatgta ttctgagaca caatggcaag cccccagcgg     93720
     gtcactttca gagtgaagac agcctgaagt ctctgttgat tctctggaac tcactgttgg     93780
     cgagccagcc tgttcagatg gcagcactcg agaatttgcg tggaccctgg tcactgttgc     93840
     actgtgggct tgcagggaaa ggctgggtag caggggaaca gatagttgca ttggaaagtt     93900
     cgtgatgtta catggggctc cctggagggc ctggttggct ggcgttccgg gaacgttaga     93960
     cgcccatcag tgaagatgtc atctaaactg gcagaggaga ggttgctaat gagcattctg     94020
     gtcgtttccc tgtcagatca ctggttcact gtttccctga agaagctctt aaatgagaag     94080
     gctcctctgt atagaagctt ccgcatgaag gtaagttgtg tcttccctta gcctgtaatc     94140
     atccacatac ttactcagca ataaatgcct cagatggatc tgccctctag gcccagcctc     94200
     agagtgaagg aaggacagag tgaaggaagc tattgcttcc catccacata tctctagggc     94260
     gtccaggata tgtgtatata ccccagggcg agccctgaat ctcattgcct tgttggcttc     94320
     ctccaggcag agaatgtaac ctttatctgg acagctgctg atttgctgac tggcttcccc     94380
     actctcttct ctccatgcag tgctagctaa ttcagcatgc agaggaaatc tgccttagag     94440
     tatagttatg tcaccccaga ggcttcttgt catatttgaa gccatctcga gtctttaact     94500
     tgagcatcag acaggagctg atcaagcccc tcacttgctc ctttgttcgt tctcctccca     94560
     ccaccctgga gtccagtctc acttattcaa ggctgtcctt gaacttgcta tgcgtccaag     94620
     gatggctttg agtttctgat cttcttgtcc ccatcttcca agtgctgcta ttacaggcat     94680
     gtgcccttcc atttgtgccg gggattgaac ccggctgggg ttttgtgcac gctaggcaag     94740
     cactctactg actgagccac atccttatct tcttctgttc tctgctttct ttcttctcgt     94800
     ttgtggctga gacagtctcc cttgcttacc acagggcctt agcacatact gctgctttgg     94860
     gttgcagagg tcttctgctt ggctcgtctc tcatcccctt acctcaggtc ctaatgctct     94920
     gctgctgcct gtgctgttag ccctgtcccc agaagaggtt aagtcccagc tttgaagtct     94980
     ctacccattg tctttgtcct gtcaccctca ccacagtgac agatcctcca ggacaggggc     95040
     ttggtgcctt gtgctctctg tcctgtctcc agctcctgaa cagcgcccag gacccagtga     95100
     ctcctggtac atttgaggaa cgaatgaggg aatggggctg tcagggcatt gctgagcggg     95160
     acacacttga ggaatgggca cggaaccgga gcctcacacg aagcggtact cacactagtc     95220
     cccctccccc actctctttt ctttttcctg tttttgagac tggggttcat gttttcaggc     95280
     tgtctgtgaa cacctgatcc ctctacctcc atctctcaag tgccggggtt gctgcgtgca     95340
     cccccacgct tgcctccttc cccctctttt catctgtggt catttcatcc agtgcccggg     95400
     cttaggtact attattgtga cagatgttgg aggaaatagt gacataagac ccaacccagt     95460
     ggcttacatg actgagtatt tgataatctc attttttctg tcccatccct gttgttcacc     95520
     gtccatggtt cacatctcag tctagagtct cgtttccagt ctggagggaa atctccagac     95580
     aggaaggcta agcacagatg ctagccaggg ctagaatgtg gacatgttag tttgctctct     95640
     gctgctgaga taaaacactg agcaaaatca atttggggat ggaagggttt ctttggctta     95700
     caggactcca tcactgacat cattgaggga agtcagggta agaactcaag caggagctga     95760
     ggcaggaacc acggaggggt gctacttact ggcttgctct ctacgacttg ctcagcctgc     95820
     tttcttatac agtctaggac cactatccag ggctggcatc acccacagtg agctgggccc     95880
     tctcacatca atcattaatt gagaaaatgg tcccccacgc cagtctgatg gaggcaagtc     95940
     ttcaaccgag gctccctctt cctagggttt gtgtcaagtt gaaaaaactc ttgcctgcac     96000
     agagggcagt ggaagcctgg gccagccggc ctcctctgct ctccgagtgc cttctctgtt     96060
     actatagtcc tgacagagtg tgtattctgc ccacttctga caaataccga gtgggaatgg     96120
     acccagacac gcaggcttct gtagtggagg tagtcagtac aagacagact gggacccagg     96180
     cacccttgat ttcaacttca cgatttctcc ctgcttggaa gaatgatatt atcatgaccc     96240
     agtctcttca gcttctaaat ctaagagact cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca aaaaaaccag     96300
     gagtccacat gacagtaggc ttggtgcttt ttaactagtt tctgagacag ggatgggcca     96360
     gacactttgg ccatgagacc tggccaggac ttttggccac atcactttgc ccaagctgtg     96420
     gtcactaagg caagggccat agactttgtg acctccagtc ctatctggca ccagccctga     96480
     ccatgttcca ggggcaggat atggagtttg actgtcccca ggaggtctcc tgctacagcc     96540
     atttttctct gccagggtct ccaccccaac tggtgccagc aggtcaagta catcccacag     96600
     ctgaatgtcg tggcctcgtg ttcagccgtg gagaagtcct ctctggtgct gataatactg     96660
     ccaggcaaag aacccgagaa acccaggtaa ggagcgcctg gctgagggag gcaggtggca     96720
     ggcaagcctt aaacagatct gcttccccct gctacacaca gctaactctg ctgagagaag     96780
     acttgcctct gggttagtgt ctctttgcat ggcactgtct tgaggctcat tcatgctagg     96840
     tcccaggaag cagcctgtgt ctccctaggc tgacagtgga tgtgggacct agctctgctt     96900
     tctgtttaat catgattctg gaatttctac cagtggcaaa agggtaacag ggcctctttc     96960
     atatctctct ctctctttct ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctctcctc tccgtgtgtg     97020
     tcttgggggg aatgcatgcc ttagttcaca tatggaggtc agaggacaac cctggctatt     97080
     ggtcttcacc tcccactgtt tgagaaaagg cctctttgtt gttgaccact gtatctctga     97140
     gactggctgg tctgtgagct cctgaaggtt cccctgtttc ggcatcagag cttgctgtgg     97200
     aaagactggg ttacagatgt gcactacaat gcccaacttt ccatggcttc taggaattca     97260
     aacccaggcc ctcaggcttg tgtggcaatg actctatcca ccgagccacc tgccaggctc     97320
     cagtaggtct gttttatcca cccatttaat gaaaaatgaa caacaaagac caaatcaacc     97380
     ccagcatttg ttaggtaggc agactaaagg catggcttgt cttttctttc tctccctcct     97440
     tccccctctt gcccctctcg ccctacccct ctcttttgaa ggggacatgg agacaggatc     97500
     tcatgtaacc tgagctgaac ttctaatcca cctgcctcta tcatgcaaag tctaggatta     97560
     caggcctgtg ccactggctg ggttcaacat ttctgattgg agtatcgaga gcgagtgacg     97620
     tcactctggg gccctcggtt ttctcacccg tgaaagggtg aagccagggc ctacctcatt     97680
     tacctcaggg atgccttgag tggataatgt tctgtgtggc acatattgaa ccacatagta     97740
     aaaacaagcg acagaaacca tcaacctcag aataagttaa ttaggttagc aagaggcccg     97800
     tcttctcttc ctacagcaag ccatgatgca gaaaacctca cgtgcatgca catttattct     97860
     ttgagacagt tccaacataa ttttttcatt ctagattcct ttttgggggg gggggtgggc     97920
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggttggcat cgaacgaaga gatttgcctg cttctgcctt     97980
     tggcatgatg ggattaaagg catgagctat cactgcctag ctagaaattt taattttatt     98040
     gcatttaatg gcagaagtaa gccagagggt cacctcaccg tggtctctgg aggctgattc     98100
     tggtctcttc tccttcttac ctgtctcatc ttccctctct agatacgcag gtccagagtt     98160
     taggcacctt cctgccccag gtcctctgct gctctctgcc ggctgtgttc ttgcttttct     98220
     ttctttgcct ctccctgttt cctgttttgg tttttgaggc agagtcttgc tgtgtcgctc     98280
     aggctggcct tgaacttggg atccctgctc ctgtcacctg agcgctgaga tcataggcac     98340
     gaggcattat gtttggcttt cctagtctgt ctttcccttg ttgccaggga ccaaaccaca     98400
     gggcttgtgc ttgctaggca agtacttcat cattgagctg aagcccacac tttctcttgc     98460
     ttgctttcct ttctttcttt ttaaaacatg ttttattttt tgagacaggg tctcactgtg     98520
     cagccctggc tggtctggag ctcattacgt agaccaggct agcctctaat ttacagagat     98580
     ctgcctgcct tctgagctct ggggtcaaag gcatgtgtca ccactcctag cacctttctt     98640
     cttcttcttt ccaaaaacat ggcttctctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     98700
     aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgccttct gagtgctgag attgaaggcg tatgctacca     98760
     ctacctgttg ttttcctaat taacactttt attttgaaaa atctctaaca tatacttaag     98820
     aacattttaa aaaatcctta attccttatg aattccttaa ctagtctaag ttaatatttc     98880
     cccaagttct tcaaaatgcc ttcttctaac tctttggaat caggcataag caaagtgcag     98940
     atggttttga gcagaggggt ggtggggtct aatgtatgtc ttcaagtcca aagggccagg     99000
     aaggggtggg gatatcaggg aggagactat cacaacagtt caggctacac aagatggtga     99060
     ctgagctggc caaggatgga ggtggagagg ttggaatatt taatcttggg ataggttaga     99120
     ggacgtattc tctctctctc ttctctctct ctctctcttc tctctctctc tctctctctc     99180
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac     99240
     acacacacac acacacacac acacactgtg caataccacc tctgcccagc aagtggcact     99300
     attggcttcc agcttgtctc tggtacttgc agagtaacca ctgtaggtaa gacttgaagt     99360
     ggccaaacct gagctctatg gagtccacct cagcttctca gagggccctg agggaccagc     99420
     tcattgtagc tggtcttacc tgagctcttg acatggttga agccaggagt ggctggtagc     99480
     tggtagaggg tcagggattg gggctctagg aactggtgtg aagtgtgtga agggccccac     99540
     cctgcttcct ctcctttctc tctgcttatt acctccactg ctacctttct gaagtcactg     99600
     tcactgctca ctaggtaccc tctggctcct gtccctatac acagccatct gcagatctcc     99660
     tccagttggg gccctgaatg aacccttcat agtccaggcc ccacctacct tgcctgggac     99720
     cactcctgct agcccttagc tcttccctgg ctctgaagcc tcgcctctcc ctgggtgctc     99780
     cccttaggcg tttctaatgg ccctgcaggc ttctgcctct caccgccctc ctcagagaag     99840
     ctgttcacaa ggctcgttca gtttccccct ctctgcctgg ccgtccattg cttcccctgt     99900
     agccttcctc atagttggtc tctgtctttc ccttctctat ccatctcttt gttcctgtgc     99960
     gttgctcctg gagaccaggt ctgtaggaag cacagtgacc ctgagctctg gcaaggagca    100020
     ggggctggcg gagtgagtca ctctgaaata attcctcctg tccttctatc ctggtgactg    100080
     ttgctacaga acacttctct gcacataagt gcacagaggg aggcatctcc tttgcgattt    100140
     attatagaga ggctggcata taccactgta ctagtgtgga ggtcagagga cagcttgcgg    100200
     gagtcggttc tttcctacca tggtcgaacc taggctttac ttactaagtc atctcattga    100260
     cccagatctc tggcacccca gtgagtggaa aatacatgct ttgatgtgct cttgaaattt    100320
     tgaagcaagg atagaggtta agaaacagtt tggggagcct ggcgtggtgg tgcatgcctt    100380
     tgatcccagt actcgagagt tcgaggccag cttggtctac aaagcaagtt cagagctgta    100440
     acacagagaa gccctgttct gaaaaaacaa acaaacaaac acacacacac aaacaaaaaa    100500
     caaaaaagga aagagagaaa gaaagaaaga ggaagagaga aagaaaagaa agagagctgc    100560
     tgcagaggct aaggggccct agagcagaca tggcgtggtg tgaaggagag ccagcctggc    100620
     tatcatccag gcaaccttag acagcttggt ggcctgtgtg gggccccaca gccttgggat    100680
     tttgtcaggg tgtctctgac ctctgagccc tgctcagccc ttcctcgtct ccattcctgg    100740
     atatcttgag ccatttcctg ttttatctac cagggcagag tccccttccc tctgtgtgcc    100800
     ctcaggttaa gttcttgttc ttcgtgcctt tagctcagcc gggcaatggc gctcttgaag    100860
     attgcatgtg cgagtccagg tggcctgtga gatgacaccc agcacagagc gagggcacag    100920
     agccagtggg ccagggctgc tttattatta ttattgttgt tgttgttatt gtatgtgtca    100980
     cactgcttgg aagatatttg cctgagggtg ctaggtgtaa tcatggtaac tttgtttttt    101040
     ggaacaatgc aaaatgcttt tttttttttg tttttggaga cagcctttct ctgtgtagcc    101100
     ttggctgtcc tggaacttac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg    101160
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cacgcccagc attgcaaaat    101220
     gcttttacag gtggaaagac ttgcttgtgt ttggggcttt ttcttcctaa agggtggatg    101280
     tctcccttcc catgagctac tgatttgggc acctgctctc tactagcaac tgggtgagca    101340
     actgggccgg tctggggtct ctctttgggg tggagagata gtgactgcct ccccaccgag    101400
     catcgagctc cttcccgccc caggcccagg ctgctgctct ctgccctgtg gcttccctca    101460
     gcccaggggc ctcccttctt gatttttcta tcctaggtta tcatcactga atttaagaaa    101520
     aggaattctt tgctttgact actgtccaga caggaacttt ctgggtaggt aatctttgtg    101580
     tttccccgga agcagagttg gggtggaggt ggcagcagcc tggggatttt cagagccaac    101640
     aacaaggctc tgtagcacct gtcctctgtt tggcttcctc tgcttctgat ctacatcact    101700
     gggaggtggg gtgactcagg cctgtcagag atggagacag gaaagggtga gagggacagt    101760
     gacagatcac agtgacattc cccagctgcc aactctggct ggagtccgag gcctggccct    101820
     ggaagaaggt cccagtgtag gacctgatga ctgatactca tttcttgact ccagcaactg    101880
     gtggctatga cccccacatc cgcctgtgga accccctggt ctcaaaaaag cctgtgtggc    101940
     tgatgaaggg acaccagaca tcggtgacac acctccttgt gaacagcagg aatgccagca    102000
     tcctgatcag catttctagg gacaaggtgt caccctctgt cccccgctac ctctatctct    102060
     gttccctggg aagagacact cactctgcag ggataatgta gtttggccag tattgagtcc    102120
     tgtccctggg ctcacacttt gctataagcc cacagggagg tgccctagaa gagtcatagt    102180
     ggtggccacg agtctccagc tgcctctgtc ggggcagagc ccagctctga gtagtctaga    102240
     actgtcctgg agttggggag caagggaagg cctgaggtag gatgtgggct gcctgctctc    102300
     tttgccttta gcttgctgag cttaggggtc caggcaggac acaggtgctt aggaaagtgg    102360
     aggaaagagt gttgttctga ctctctctga gttccagggc attagtttag cctctttggg    102420
     cagagctgtg gcagcagcca gcactttata cgtggttggc cttgctcaca ggggcatccc    102480
     tggggcctag ggtgctggct gcacctgcag accctcctgc ctcttgccta tcccctacag    102540
     aacattcgag tgtgggatct gcaggattat gtgtgcctcc agtccttctg cggaaagctc    102600
     tttcccctgg gcaactgccc cataaccagc acctacttct acaggagcag caccctcatc    102660
     tgtagcacct acaatgtgag tgtcatccca ggagtcgggc agagctggca gggtctgctc    102720
     tgtgctgagc tggccctgga gcctgtgagg ctctgactct ggagcctcct tgagagctgg    102780
     gccccagccc atcctcttct ctacccctac cgcccctgtt ccatccccac tcatgcgtcc    102840
     ttccgactct cccatcatcc ctccacactc ctttggcccc atcagttgtg atcatgaacc    102900
     ccaggaaggc agggagtgcc tgggagaaaa ctgtcaggaa gagtgttggg agatcctgac    102960
     cagactgtca tttctagtgg cctgcccaag taaacagagc cagacatatc tgaaagagtg    103020
     cactttcaca agtgagctat gacctttctg gtacctgagg gtctgccttg accctaagga    103080
     tggcaagagg ggagtattgg ctctagagcc acggtggggc ctggtgccac atggtagccc    103140
     agtggaggac aagcatcaag agattcactg aggccacgta cccatgctag ctggcccact    103200
     ctgtcaaggg tcacaggtgt ctttctgtgc aatggctggc tctccccctt tgcagtgcat    103260
     ttattaaaag aagggtaggt attaattaac atttctgctg agtgctgggc ttgctgttag    103320
     tattcttttg aagttcattt ccaatcgtcc tgggcattag tataggctct ctgggtgggg    103380
     ctatgacatc atttaaccct catcttcgtg gggacgtgag agtatattac tcaggtaaag    103440
     ttaattcagt agaaaggcaa ggccatgtat tggagtcacg ggcacaggaa gtatcctctg    103500
     agctggggct ggactggtca gaggctttcc tgagtgttac tggacttgtg ggtcacaatc    103560
     tgtgctgagt caggtcctca acaagctagt taaaaagagc caaatgaata gtggaaaaca    103620
     ggaaaagaag atttatttgg tgtggccacg ttgggaagag ggacaaaaag gtccagcaaa    103680
     cccctcagct ccatttttga ggtcctgcag agagatccag gtttcaatag agggccaagg    103740
     gtgtgcgtat ctaaacaagt ccctgaaggt gtggtcgcac ccaccattga cccctcactg    103800
     tctggactcc aggttcatcc tgtaaggtga tctaaggagt tgttagaact ccgtggaagc    103860
     tctttcccag gaggcaagtc cccctgcttg ctggcatcct tcctcctcca tgcatgagat    103920
     cctggggaaa ttctcctttc tcgagaatct atagttccaa cagtcccata gccagatgga    103980
     aagacacaag ggtctcttca gagtatcttc atgtctgcca agctggttac aaaggaaaca    104040
     ccagagtaaa gatttagccc ctcagaaggt gaggggacca tggacttggg cctcaggggg    104100
     tattggaaca cgagggaatc ccaggcctgg aaatagagac cttggagtga gataggagac    104160
     tcaacagaat tctgagttgc tgagaaacct cctggggtac gggatgtctt gacttcatag    104220
     actctgtagg tttctcctca aggccttagt ctgtctgact gctcagctgt cagtttctcc    104280
     ctcacaccac agattgggat cctcagagga tacctggaat cccagggccc cctgaaaaca    104340
     gggaggatga cgactcacaa cacacccctg tgtgcagtcc tctacagcaa gatctttaag    104400
     caggtgagcg ggcagggcta gcctcagctg ggaagagtac cagggataga cagcatcagg    104460
     acccagacct ctccatgtgc ccgagtgggc attcaagtag cagttagctc acgtggcact    104520
     ctggaagtgg ttagcgctct tgacatgagg aagtctggca gactggttgg catgggatct    104580
     gactgagctc tgatctggtc actggattgc tgacccctct gagcacccct gctgggagct    104640
     gtcacttaga tgagctctgg gcaggcaggt ctcttagcat ggaaacagac gctggtgtgg    104700
     gctgtccctc aaggttgcca ccctgtaagc gaccaccacc atagagtacc accttaagga    104760
     agctgtagtc cgtttcttat gggaagggca cagcagcctg tgccctaggc tgaggagatg    104820
     ggtcagtgtg ggcaggaagc tgggcatata gaatgctctg aagagcgtgg atggaaaggc    104880
     tgtaggctct gtccactccc agtggcatgt cttgtctggc ctgggctgtg ggacagggct    104940
     gctatctgtg taggagtggc cttcggctgt gtaaggccag ggctctcctc ctattctggc    105000
     tcctagcatc attgcctctg tgttcagctg ctttaggact ctccagggat gcaaactgtt    105060
     ttttgttttt tttgtttttt tttttttttt gtttttgttt ttttttgtaa gcacacccag    105120
     ctcttctcag cttcacaggc cttggagcag gatgaaggca gtggaccaca gccgtcttgt    105180
     ctcttctgtg cttctctgtg gagaggccag gagcctgtcc tctgcttggc tttctctctc    105240
     ccactgtggt cctgactaaa ggtgctctgg caggcatctt ctctatacca cgctgttctt    105300
     ttcctctgga gagagtgatg agtgtgtcga tgttaactat gagtctcacc caccgggaag    105360
     aagatgaata tgagtatgaa accaaatatg aataactgcg gtctgggaac atggatttag    105420
     gttgccccta attacatgtt ctgatgttga agtgtttgca tgagtgttta tagtcacagg    105480
     atgaaagcaa gccttaatcc aaggcatttt cccaaatata ttggccggag catcggggag    105540
     gggagcgagg taggaaagta ggaaacgctg ctgttggtct cagatgctat ctgatatcct    105600
     tctcagcctt agggtcaatg aacgctgctg gtctgctaag ctagcacagg cgaaagatgc    105660
     ttcctcagac atagaggtgg gcagtgaatg gctgtcaagg gaactcaagg tagcccagga    105720
     ccgtttgggt ctagatgtgt tgcattccac agtcatgaag ttctaagcag ctgattagca    105780
     ttgtgtactc tttaacgtta ggtgtggctc tcctgtctgt cctgggaacc tgagttctca    105840
     agtgccagtt ttgagttaat gggggcttta cgaaactgat tccattaaaa aaagagcagt    105900
     agctgtggtt ttgtgataca gagcctggga aggtctgttt tcaggcacag gttgcagggg    105960
     tgaggctggg gaaatggagg ggagaggccc actgcgtact tactgccatt gagtgagtga    106020
     gggcacctgt atgtgctatg cctacaggtg gtgagtggct gcctccaggg gctagtgagt    106080
     gtgtgggaca tcagcacggg caagaagagg atggagatac ccgtgtccgg catccaggaa    106140
     agtgagctga cggccatggc tctggaccag tcggagaggt gtctgctcac gggcttgcgt    106200
     gacggcacga tgcagatgtg gaattacaac accggggagt gcctgatgac ctttcccaac    106260
     ccggacagag tggaggtcag gagggcctgt tagctggagt ggctcctggg ggccctcggc    106320
     tgcacagtgt tctatgtgtc tgagaggctg cttggcatgg ccaggctacc tgccttcaat    106380
     cctgcctgag cccttggctc cacccatctc cagtgagggt tccacagacg caaattgctc    106440
     ttgtatttca aatgtgcaag ggcatattgt tcttctgcac ctcagagctc tgggttgtgt    106500
     ttttaacagt gggggtattg gatttggagg ttcccgtgtg cacttctatc tgaaagtgta    106560
     tgtgaggggc acagtaaaga aaacgccaac accactgctt catggtgtgg ttaaggtttt    106620
     tactgtagct atgagaacag ccagaggcat ctggaagggt ccagagcaga gagagaaaga    106680
     agtagactga acatggccag cagactggac atggccaggg ctagggaagg gggagagaat    106740
     agtggagata ccaggtggca ggagaggaga gcacagagct tagtgaggag atggggcaag    106800
     aggagaaaag agacggtggg ggggaagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaga agaagaagaa    106860
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    106920
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gagggaaggg atggggaggg gaggggagag    106980
     agaggaggag aggagagtag agagaggaga ggaggagggg aggagagaga ggagtaggcc    107040
     aaaggggatg gaacttgcca ttataaagag aacaaatgtg tatgtgagga ggaaagcccg    107100
     ggaagtgaga agggctagga tggacttaga aatgtgtaac atgcacttgt gcgatggagg    107160
     gagcctggag gtcagcatgg gcactgatat gctggtaggt gacacaggta gccatatgtc    107220
     ccttctgcca gaggtaaggg aaatgactcc ttttggaagc tagaaaatgg tttcccaagt    107280
     tccctaggaa ttctggctcg tatctcattg ccagaaatcc ttctatcgtc caggttggtc    107340
     taatttctgg acatttggac agcctgaggc agaacgtacg tgttagggct ctaggaaaag    107400
     ttaatggata tagcctagag tgaagccagc agttaagtgt cacttaggga cttgagcccc    107460
     cttcctttaa cctgtgcaga aagaggattt ggttaaaaag ccagaggcga gggtgccagg    107520
     aagaagctca gctagtagac gagtttgatc cccagcttcc atgtaaaaag ctgagggtgg    107580
     agccataggc ttctaatccc aagactgggg aggtggggac agatagatcc ctgaggtttg    107640
     ctgtctcccc cctccctccc ccaggctatc ctaattggtg agctccagtt cccagtgaga    107700
     gccctttgcc ccaaacaaag tggacggtaa ctgaaaatct acactggctt ccatttgtat    107760
     gtgcgtgcgt atctcttctg taaaaatctc ttctgtaaga tggacaaagg gcacccacat    107820
     tatccgcctc tttcagatat atcaggtttg atggtctcta gcttttttcg gctagatact    107880
     tagcagaaac cccgaaagct ggccagtggc gtggaccctg ggaattctca gctttgttga    107940
     gttttgattt tctggcgggt acgtttagga aagcacctgg gcacaaaggc catgcactct    108000
     aggagtctag agctctgttt tctttatctc caacagatta gtgggattgt ccacatgaac    108060
     aaagtgttct acacgaccgg gtggagtaag agaatcacca atttcacgtg agcagcaagg    108120
     gagaatgggg aggctctggt ccagctgctg ggtgtcaccc cttactctga gcagctgcag    108180
     tagttgccag gggacccgct accctggagc tgccaaccac cgctctaccc atctgctcac    108240
     ttcacacgtg gtgaggtgct ttctgctgct aacagccatg gcaagaacgg cagcccccat    108300
     ccacaggcag cttatcgatc tgcggaggaa ttactgcagt ctcttataac agatgccatt    108360
     gacgggtagc ttacgaggca cggggatcta tttcctactg tcctgaatgc tggggcagtc    108420
     taaacacgag tctaagaagc aagtttggct tctggtgaag actgcttcct gtttcctaga    108480
     gctcttcctt tcccatatat ttacctgata gaagaattga gggctataat tccactgaag    108540
     agggctctgc ccacgtggcc tcaccacctt ccgaaggctt gatctcctaa tacactcaca    108600
     ctgggagtta ggttttaata catgaattgg agaggataca aaaaattcag tctataatgt    108660
     tctacctcta gctctccaaa gttaatgtcc tcacatgcaa gtcaggctct tttcaccatc    108720
     gccactcccc cccccctccc ccccaatgac tgagctatgt gatcatctct gagctgatac    108780
     ttcccccaag aaacagaaac aagagggggg gagggatggg ccagcaacta gtggtggggg    108840
     agcagggtgg tactgagggt aacatttggt tagtatcgac tgacatatct aagtccaaag    108900
     tctcatctaa atatttaaat cagatgtgga tgagacccag tggaccattc atcctgaggc    108960
     aaattctctc ttggctataa acatgtgaca tggactagct atgtagttcc agagtccaac    109020
     agtgagccgg gtacagggca gatgaatgga gataggaggg aagaaggaac agcagatccc    109080
     aaatgagtct aaaactcatt gaaaggaagt ttagatacat caaacaccca cccacctacc    109140
     tacccaccca tgcatccatg catccatcca tgcatccatc ctccaatccc accctatcta    109200
     tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatccatcta tctttctagt atgtatgtca    109260
     tggcatcagg ggataattgt ggggttctgt ttgttatttc taccatgtgg attccaggga    109320
     ttgaactcag gatgtcacga ttgacagcaa gcacctttat ccactgagtc atcttacaac    109380
     tccaaaacaa ccctctttct tgaagctctg cctacaaggc tcctgaggta gaggttctgt    109440
     tttgtaggag ctggacatgt aagcttccag acgacctgct tcctggcttt gggaagctgt    109500
     gcccttgtgg tggtcctagg tccaggtgac acccttggat agttctcttc cctgcatggg    109560
     tcctgtggct gcctgggtct gtagttctga tcccatgact ctgcccactg gaatctagat    109620
     gatgggagca gccaagtttt cctatctctg ttggtatagc ttgtgtgttg cccttaggag    109680
     ctatgaatgg catggccaaa gaacatgcta ccacagtgtg ggatgagagg aagtgtggtg    109740
     gtgagggcag ggggtgctga ggtctaacgt atggtggcct cttctctgaa accctttagc    109800
     agcaggaaag ttagttcaaa tgtctgaatt gttcttagag tcatgcttgc attgtcttag    109860
     gcagcaattc tcaaccttcc taatgctgtg accctttaac acgttgttcc tcatgttgtg    109920
     gtgaccccca accataaact tatgtttgtt gctacttcat aagtgtaatt ttgctagcta    109980
     tgagttatag tgtaaatatt tttggagata gaggtttgcc aaaggtctca gggcactgga    110040
     cccagcttct gtcaggtgac tgacccacag tattctcatc taaccttctg gaccataccc    110100
     tgacaggctc atctttcctt cgcgtacata aaggctgaga ggagaaggtc tccaagcctt    110160
     acgttctgcc ctccatcctt ttttggtgct actggatgaa gcactgctgt acgtgctagg    110220
     ctaatgctct gccactgtgt agcaatcccg gactttcttg ccctttgctc aacagttttg    110280
     ttttaaaatt attttcctca gccaaacaaa tacctggtct catggcttgc aagctcggct    110340
     agccacaaag cactagaatg taaacacaac ccggacaagt tctttgtcac tttgtaccaa    110400
     ggatagctct gcctccagtt tccagcagca ggctcctcat ttctacttga gatatcagaa    110460
     tggtcattgc catccatata gttaccagaa acttaggatc acgtaggtaa tagaaagatg    110520
     gggctggaag tataacacag tggtagagtg cacgttttgc ttgggttccc tctccagcac    110580
     tggaggaatt aattttcatt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttcctctt ccccttcccc    110640
     tctctccatc tcttctgtag ccaagctagc cttgaactcc ctgtgctggt gactttggag    110700
     tttgatcttg ctttcacctc tctggtgatg ggattacagc ccttaccacc atgcccagtg    110760
     tgtgggatca aacccagggc taggcaagta ctctatcaac tgagctatat ctccattagg    110820
     gttttcccta tagctctcct ctttcctggc acgtgtctca gcgttcttcc agcttctgtc    110880
     tacctgttcc ctcaaagtca cctgcacatt tttagatatc tgttacaaga gcactccatt    110940
     cctctgtgta gtttctatct tagtcactta ggctgctatg gcatcgtggg gtcttgttga    111000
     gggccccttc ctcatttata aagaatcatc agctgggcat ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc    111060
     ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag    111120
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa accaaaaaaa    111180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca accaaaaaac aaccccccct ccaaaaaaaa agaatcatca    111240
     ttgtgctgca gtctctgtgt tggaggaggg gtgaaggatc tatgttggtc tctttatcat    111300
     acagttcatg aggcttctgt cctcgtgacc agatgtcccc acccctactc ccacccccac    111360
     ccccaaagct ccatccctca cctggggatt aggttctgac aggaattttg gctgtataca    111420
     aacactcaga ttctattaaa tagtaggaca actcgatttg tagattatat tgatggctat    111480
     ggggaaagag caggggttcc tatgaggaac agaaacctta gttaggattt gggtatggtc    111540
     agcttagtca gggaggccca gggggagata tgagctgagg atgaacagga ggggtgtcag    111600
     ggaagcactt ggggtggaac ccacattcca ggaagaggga ccaacatgta caaggtccct    111660
     ctgtcacagg aggcctggtc acatctgtct ctttcccttg tttaaaactg aacctttaag    111720
     tcaggggctg aattaagact cattatttgt aaacctcaag agcagagtct ttatgtttgg    111780
     ctcatagtgg atgcttagga tgtcagtggg ggtggccttt aaacaagctt cccccccacc    111840
     ccccacgcct cccgagatag cgctgctctg agttagtttc tgaatcctaa agactgtggt    111900
     ttcctccaaa gagcattgca gcctgtgagc tcttggccct tctacctctg gccgtgtgca    111960
     caggttccaa aagatcacac aggcgctctc ctgctaccac tggcagagtt tccatacaga    112020
     ggacatcctg agcatggaca agtatcagaa tcagttcctc gggacctctt cctacaatgg    112080
     ggacattgtt ttctggaacg tcagcacgtc aaagcccatc ttgagtttca atgcctccaa    112140
     gagccccttg cctttagagc caaagaaggt acagtcatgg taccatggtt tttactagtt    112200
     acctacgtgc ctttcactct aaggagtctc ctttcaggtt ttggtctggg ctgcaggtca    112260
     gaatcaagga gggcagagag aacacactgg gaatggaggg agagatgggg agttgtactc    112320
     tggtggggtg ggggttggta gcaaggagag tggatggcag agccgggatt atatgccaca    112380
     ggttgggtgc caaacataaa aataaagagt ttttctatat ctgctcttgc tctgaagtga    112440
     tggtaggaat aagctgtagg tctcacccac agcttcccca cttgagcatt aatgttatac    112500
     aaggtttccc aagctcatga taaggatgta ggaaacttgt atggtctcta catggctaca    112560
     ctgtagcaca gtctttttaa attgctacat tgtcacagtc tatagttgga atggcactag    112620
     aggtcatcta ctccagtgag tagaggtcac ctctttgaag gtacactgat gggtagaaac    112680
     ttctggagac ctggtatatt tattaatgag cctcttgcac tatagctggg cagatgccga    112740
     gttattctaa ctcaattatg ctagcctggt ctacttccca gccacgttgt gttatctgcc    112800
     atcttagtct tgctctggct gctcctgctt cacctgtcct ctcatggtga ctctctcatt    112860
     gcaacctcat ggttaatcct catggcgaat tgctctttct ctggtctcca ttagagaccc    112920
     tctccctggg atcagaagtt tcaccttatt ctctcctgtc cagctgttgg ccgatcagat    112980
     ctttattaac caatagaggt gatagagaac agtttataca cagcattgag acaggagaaa    113040
     cttgacaatg gcaacatcca gactgcaacc aggtctctga gcatctgagc atcagcatct    113100
     gaatacacag tgcacaaaac tatcccccaa ccatgagtgt ctttacgtgt cagaagagaa    113160
     acagaggcac gaataggata aacatctttc tcagggcaaa caaccaagaa ggggcagaac    113220
     tagaccatga tggtcctact ccagggactg gtagtggtaa tgtacttttc aacagattac    113280
     ttcctacttg aagatggccc actgttagct tttcattgtt gtaacaaaat atctgactga    113340
     agcaacttaa aaaggagaaa agatttaact tggctcacag ttttggacat ctcagtctgc    113400
     catggcagga gaaccaggtc agccagagta gctcacatca gggcaaccca gaagcagaga    113460
     aaggggtgcc agagaaatgg gcttcttctt ttgttccagc tgggcccaca ttcagggttg    113520
     gtttttcctc ctttgtgccc tccttgagag ccttcacaga caaacccaga gatgccttta    113580
     cttttcttct aagcacttgc taatcccatc agattggcag taggtgccac ccacagcttg    113640
     cccacttgag cactaatgcc acacaagtct ctcaggctct tgatagggat gtagaaaact    113700
     ggcaggtctc taaatggcaa cattgtagca cagtctttat atattaatac attgtagcag    113760
     cctatagcta gaatggcact agaggtcacc tactccagtg ggtagaggtc acctttgtgc    113820
     agtacactgg tgggtggaag ctcctgcgga gctcaggggt tctaataggt actacactcc    113880
     ccctccccca aacagcttgg tgtcttatct gttttatatt gtggacttgc ccaagatgaa    113940
     aagtgactaa gcaaatattt ggaaaccact gtgtatgttt cagatggaaa ggcccagttt    114000
     ctctcaggag ctttgtcttg cagcgggcat tagtgggagg tccagggctg tgttgataag    114060
     ctttggtttg agacctctca agctataatg tttctgggaa gcaatgctga gttccctgta    114120
     aggctggtga tagcaacact ggacttgagg aggctctgag catcccactt gtggtctgga    114180
     gctgccccct ctctctgcac aggtgagaga taaagagata tgcataccca agacttcaat    114240
     ccgtctagac tatgaagatc aaaagtgggc acacaggccc tggaagtcag ctatctccac    114300
     tgggaagcgg agactgatgt cagctccccc ggtgatgaaa cattggaagg acgcagagca    114360
     acagaggaat atggctcagg aggtagggag tgagcccagc ctacctgtgc ctatagttca    114420
     gctcacttgt tctgagcatg tttcatggag ggggtcaggg ggtcaggagt caggggtcaa    114480
     ggtggcaggg attaagggtt aggagtcagt gtggctctct gttttgaccc tactgtagtt    114540
     tatcccactc tgctcattca aacttaggga cggtcccttc ctagaccatc tcccgcccag    114600
     gtctgagact taaaagctta tgaaaggaat ctacagggag caccacagag ccctgcaggc    114660
     ccttggttgg tcagctttgc tttctttagg atgtggaaag ggagcaaggg ctgaaggagg    114720
     gtgactgacc ttgggcttgt aggagggagg acattattcc aatcctcaga caggagacac    114780
     tcagagctca ggggtagaag gatggaggaa gcagtccctt gcttctgcag ctgaggtctg    114840
     actctcattc ctgaggcctg agacttgaat gaaagacacc agcttcccca gttccaggtg    114900
     tggggcagtg ttggccagct ccagcagggt ctgctgagat gaagctctgc tgtgaggtgc    114960
     atacctctga gatgcgctga gctgtggtta ccagtcacgg cgctgtgagg ttcaggcacc    115020
     tctgggtgct gtgagttgaa tacactttat tgttagatac tgggtcatct ttgatgggtt    115080
     agtttaggcc tctgcactcc tgtcttgaga ggaacagctg ttagcttcca gcctccagcc    115140
     tccagcctcc agcctccagc ctcatttcca ggacagagga agggtctaga gtaaaggtaa    115200
     ctcaagtctc taccctattg ctcaaaattg ctggtcgttt caaatggaaa tctcctagtc    115260
     tcagagtggg ataaggccaa accagatagc tcactggccc ctggatctct ctctttgtcc    115320
     cctacctctg atctctgtag tgtgttggag ggagggccat gtggttacag gggggccttt    115380
     aaaaattttt tttattttta tttttagaaa catttcagga gtcacaaacc tggattgtct    115440
     aaaatgcttg tcaataagtc gggtaataaa ctggcgtttg ataaagacac ccaaaagaga    115500
     aagggagact tatggaggaa gttgctgttg cagtccagtg tgtcagtgga gaaggtgagc    115560
     tgtgctcggc tggggaatgg gcagccaggc tgggcagggt gggctgcgcc aggggcctgg    115620
     tgaagatttg gaattctgga gaagtttgct aaggcctggc taggggtggg gctgggagaa    115680
     gtacttcttt gagaacccac tgttggaaag ccctcttcgt gtaggatggt attttatagt    115740
     ggggtgcaag ttgggttggt tcatctcttc ctcctgttcc tgttctctct ggcctggacc    115800
     cctcactatg gtgttcttcc agtttctgaa gactcacatc ctagctatga tgtaagctga    115860
     aactagcctt tggtcacagt ggtttatcac agcagcagaa accctaactg agatacccat    115920
     ataccagact ggcattgaac tctcgagagc tggggatgat cctgaacttc agctcctgtc    115980
     tctcaaagtg ttggggttaa aggtgtttgc caccacgctt ggtatgcagc gctgaggatc    116040
     gaatcagtgt ttcatgcatg ctaatagaca ctctgcccac tgaaccacac tcccagctct    116100
     gattcacgag acttctaaaa gctgaatata atttaatttt ttatcaccat gtgtagcttg    116160
     tctgcatgtt tatatgtgct caagcatgaa ggccagaaga gtgcactgga tctcttgaag    116220
     attgagttct cgtgggtgtg agcaccggac cgagggagcc tgggagctca atgctgacac    116280
     agcatctcct tctacaacgg ggaggactgt gttggggttt gaggggcttg aaggatcaga    116340
     gccagagtac aacaggaata gtgttgatta tccatgcctc ttaatcatat gcatcctgcc    116400
     tggccctgcc caaagccagc cttctggctg cacacaccct cactgccagc tgtgcatatc    116460
     tggtgctgtg ccctagcttg gcccacaatt cttggcacat tgccacaggc ctgtgcgcac    116520
     tcccctctgg atgttctgcc gtcatggtgc tggcagtgag ggatgggaag gaggcctcag    116580
     tttttcccca attcagaagc aagacaccgt tgtggtgtgg atgataccga gtcctttccg    116640
     acatcctctt aaatagtttc cataggtacc cacattcatg tgcatgtcat gtacatacat    116700
     aaataaaaag taaacctaaa aaaatatccc gtttgtcaaa aaaataacac aggcatgccg    116760
     ggcttccttt ctttgaaatt cttttctatg tttgtgtgct gcatatacac aaaggtatgg    116820
     tcttcgtttc aaaaccaaac taagcatttg aaattgtaac ccagtattaa ttttaaaaat    116880
     agcagtattc agtggacaac tttttctgtc agaactcact ttttttttct cctttttttt    116940
     tctttttctt ttttctttga aacagggttt ctctgtatag ctctggctgt cctggaactc    117000
     actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatcctcc tgcctttgcc tcccgagtgc    117060
     tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accacacctg gcagaactca catttttatt gacttcattc    117120
     cttttactag tttttatatt tttttaatta tttttttttt aaatttttcg aaacagggtt    117180
     tctctgtgta tctctggaac tcattttgta gatcaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatctg    117240
     cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccacgcc tggctccttt    117300
     tactagtttt gtgtggggac tgacctaggt ttttgttttg tttctatcta aggcgtaata    117360
     tactttgaga gtcatatttt aagagagttg cacaccaggt ctgatagttc agtgttataa    117420
     aatctctgct ccctgtgata tggctgaggt tgtagatatg agagaaagaa caactaaggg    117480
     agagttcaga acagactgga cgtggccagg gctagggaag caagaggcta ggagagagta    117540
     gtggagagag cgacatagca agagatagag aatagaacat gccacagaga ataagagaat    117600
     aagagagtag gtaggagtta tagatataga tatagatata gatgatatag atataggaca    117660
     gacagatagg tagagaggat agtgtcttaa ggttttattg ctgtaaagaa actccatgac    117720
     cgcttttccg tctggactgg aggcaggcgg ctgcgagcgg ccggcgtgct ccgatcggtc    117780
     ggagctaacc gctgccaggc cggctgccgc ggcccggcgt acgccccagt cgagcgaaga    117840
     tggtgggccg gaacagcgcc atcgccgcgg gcgtgtgcgg tgccctcttc atcgggtact    117900
     gtatctactt cgaccgcaaa aggcggagtg accccaactt caagaacagg cttcgagaac    117960
     gaagaaagaa acagaagctt gctaaggaga gagctgggct ttccaagtta cctgatttaa    118020
     aagatgctga agcagttcag aaattcttcc ttgaagagat acagcttggt gaagagttac    118080
     tagcacaagg tgactacgag aagggtgtgg accacctgac aaatgccatt gctgtgtgtg    118140
     gacagcctca gcagctgctg caagtgttac agcagactct tccaccacca gtgttccaga    118200
     tgcttctgac caagcttccg accattagtc agagaattgt aagtgctcag agcttggctg    118260
     aagatgatgt ggaatgagcc agataccaac aagataaaat ctcagtaaaa taatttaaca    118320
     gttagcttgg aagctggtca gctctggggg attaagggca aattatgctg tcatgaactg    118380
     tcccacactg acgtctgcca aagcgaatat gaactttggt agatccattg tctgttctat    118440
     ttatttttcc agtgaaaagt attttgatag agcttttcat tttataaata cactgagtta    118500
     accaaatatc atggatttcc gtttgttctt aagacatgca attcaaatgt aaatacagta    118560
     gagtattact taggtagaaa ctcgtggtga ttttaagatt ggaaaagaat ctgaggaaga    118620
     gttgaataac acacattcta aagactagaa cattttattg tatgttgtaa aattgggtag    118680
     aaatttgtgt ttgtgaaaac tgagcattaa aaccttacag agaccgtttc tcgtttactt    118740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaactccatg accaagataa ctattataaa gaaaacattt    118800
     aattagggct ggcttacagt ttgcagatgt tcagtacatt atcatcatgg caggaagcat    118860
     ggcagcatcc aggcagatgt ggtgctggaa ggagctgaga gttctacatc ttgatccaaa    118920
     agcagcaaca agagactgtc ttttgcaggc agccaggagg aaggtctctt cagcatctgg    118980
     ccaagcctga gcagaggacc tcaaagccta caatgacaca cttcctccaa caaggccaca    119040
     aacccctccg ataaggccac acctcctaat agtgccactc cctgtggcca agcactcaga    119100
     cctccacaga gtgagaacag cctgtgtaag aaggatgagc ggctgtggga gggacccctg    119160
     tgtgctgcgg gggttatagg gtagaggagg atgtgaggag agctgggatg ctgtgtgtac    119220
     ttagaaatgt atcactagtt ctgtgatggc cgagggagcc tggaggctgg catggcctcg    119280
     gatatgctgg aaggagccac aggtagccat atgtcccttt ggccagaggg aaaggaaatg    119340
     actccctttg gcagatggga gcttgtttca caagctgctg aggaggcttt tatctgcaca    119400
     ctggaaattc tgtagtccag tgtaagctcg tttccgaatg tttggacagc ctgtgagacc    119460
     cactattctg gccccttgtt gaggataagg aacggtgcag tctcttccaa agccgcttct    119520
     cagctgggga ggtcgatgtg gtgatccagg aaggctggaa tgtgggtcag tgtctggagg    119580
     ggcggggaag ctaggggccc acgggagacc aaagaagagc gtcggagcgg ccccgtggtt    119640
     cgaaagccag tcttctttca cacacttttg gcttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc    119700
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatcctcct    119760
     gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccatgtccgg cttggggtgg    119820
     ggggaatctt tatcttgggt gtacacttga aacttccagt cctatgattc tggtagctgg    119880
     cgggggacag gggcgggggt aggtaccaag accagtggaa ggaaggaaga gcccaccacc    119940
     aggagtaggc agtaggtggg aaagcttaag ctgtcggctt aaaggagcat ttatcaggca    120000
     atggattttc gagtctgtgt gacctatgac agatgactcc ctcaagttag tttgcatgac    120060
     tttttttcaa gtttaccaaa agagatatat ctatatattt agatatatag attgattgga    120120
     cagacgtatt ttcagcacaa tgagaagcac tttaagctta tatttagaaa acaaccaaag    120180
     gaaattaaaa atgttagtgc ctgtgactat gataatagta gcaagtgctt tacgaaggtt    120240
     aaatcaatac tttagcagaa atctgctgat tgatgttaaa actttgaagt cttaatatca    120300
     tatatattgt ctttaaatct catttttcac atacctcaaa tcccttcctt agacctttag    120360
     aacttgcata aattttgttt tttttaatta atttatttat ttttattttc ctgtgtgttg    120420
     ttgtcatgtc tgtgtgaggg tgtcagatcc ctcggaactg gagttccagg tgtgtttgtg    120480
     ctgccacgtg agttctggga attgaaccca gatcctctgg aagagcagcc agtgctctcg    120540
     cctgctgagt cagcactcca accctgaact tgtgtaaact ttaaattttt tctcttttct    120600
     ttcatctgga aacattcagc cagttacctt gattgttgag agcagttcca gacaacatat    120660
     agatctgata atttgaataa agtttcagga ggaaaaaaaa atcaacactg aaaactcagt    120720
     agtcaattga cgagacgact tactggataa aagcactcgc cacgcaaacc tgacaacccg    120780
     agcatggaag gataaccaac tttagaaagc agtcctctga cctccacgtg tgccctgtgg    120840
     caagcgtgca cccagactca catacataag taaaactgaa aactattttc agtaactctc    120900
     tctgtccctc tctctttcca ataacaaatt tcctgagaaa gaaagtaaga aaaaatatct    120960
     catttacact agcttcaaaa attacctagg tatatattta aacaaggagg tgagagactt    121020
     ggacaatgaa aaccttaaga cactgagaag aagaaatgaa caagacatta aatgacgatg    121080
     gaaagactgt ctatgctctc ggatttgcag aattaatatt gtgtgaaagt ggttgtgcta    121140
     cttactacat ggaacctata gattcaatac aatctacata ataattccag ttcattcatc    121200
     gcagaactag aaaaaaataa tcctaagatt catgtgtaaa cacaaaagat cacggacagc    121260
     cgaggctatc ctaagcagaa aaaatcttgc cagaaatagc atggtgccca gtggtcttag    121320
     ttacttctct attgctgtga taaaacatca tgaccaaaag caaccggggg aggagaggga    121380
     gggaggggga gggacggttc atcccatctt acaactctca ggtcatactc caagggatgc    121440
     cattgcagga acctgaagca gaggtcagtg ttcaccaagg ctatctgggt gtggtttcct    121500
     cgtgaagttt ttgtctcgtg taatactggt tccatagagt gcacttggaa acattcctgc    121560
     ctctccttct ccctcctctt cctcccgctc ctcttcctct tcctgctctt cttcctcctt    121620
     cctcttctgt caagtttcag aaggactggt attgccactt ccttaaatgt tggatagaat    121680
     tcagcctcag attcagcgtc caacggattt ctgtttgtct tgatcctggc acctgcgtca    121740
     atgggaggag ggtcatcttg tttaggactt ccatgataat catgatactc aagagtttgg    121800
     gaactggcct caaataatgt gcaagtaacc tcagtccaac tcaatgggtt agttctttct    121860
     tcctcccccc tctttctctt tctttcctct tccttctcct catcctctct ttcttctccc    121920
     tcctcctctt ttctctatat agccctgaat ggactggaat tcactatggt agatcatgct    121980
     ggccttgaac tcacagagat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcctg agagcttgtg ccatcacatc    122040
     tggcttcagt ggcttcttat cttaaataag aaagatgtaa aagtgggagg aggcaggtgt    122100
     gttgggaaat agaagaggag aaggagtggg aggagcataa gaaaggtgaa atttgggtgt    122160
     gtgtgactat gaccaaaata cattatacac atgtatgaca ttgtcaaaaa gataaataaa    122220
     atacttttaa taaaaaggcc agattggaac atagtaattg ccttctttag aaattttttt    122280
     cgttgttgtt gttggttttt gagacagggt cttagtatgt agttctggat gtcctagaac    122340
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcacatt catagaaatc tgtataattt tgcttcctga    122400
     gtgctgggat taaaggagca cacccccact cctggttaga aactaattct taattaaatt    122460
     tctctctaga tgacttaata taagtttcca ctttaataag gaaatattgc tagtttctga    122520
     ggtaagacaa aaagctcaat gtcccaggct ggtgagatgg cttagtgggt aaacgtgctt    122580
     gccccatgct agcctgacaa cttgaattta ttcccaggat cccaagtaaa ggtggaagga    122640
     gacacccgac tccatcatgt tatcctccga catgcacatg gacattctgc cataagtaca    122700
     tttaagagag aatgaggtac tctccatgtc acactgagag agtaacagga cttgggaaac    122760
     ttgagatgaa tgagtcaaac ttatgtgtgt ctctttccaa caaacatctg ctggtcataa    122820
     actgtggtat taggagccac tgtagttcct gagggtacaa aaagacacat cccctgcctt    122880
     cagatagctc ccaggccagc aagccgtcct tcggtccttc agtccttcag ttccttccag    122940
     gaaggaagga gactggggca tccactggat gtgatgcgtc ttctgggtct gttagcgaca    123000
     tggaacagtg gaaccccctg ctgagtcagg ccgacctttt tcctgcagat cctttttctg    123060
     cagaccaggc cccgcctgcc acacacggct gccttgctga gcagctctat tgacggtttc    123120
     atctacgcct ggtccatcca tgggaacgga gggctgctgg gaaagttctc cgtggacaat    123180
     gaagttggtg agagtgttgt gggtgccatg gccactgatg agaacgactg gatcctcctc    123240
     acgggggaca gtaaaggaaa tatcaaggtg aggaaggacg ggcaccagcc cggcttttgg    123300
     ctgtctctgt tgggcatatg gtccttgtct gcctcctact ctcttgggta ccgatttcac    123360
     acgagaaggt ggtggggaca aggtgaatta cttaccagtc tcctgaaccg ggacttgttg    123420
     aaatggtccc tctaagaccc cctcccccca gtggatgctg ttatccatct ctgttactgt    123480
     gcaactctca tgccggctgg ctagccatgt ctcatcatct gtgaacagct gtctcataga    123540
     cagttttgtg ctctgtggtg agacatggaa gctgagctgc ctcatcaatc taagtctacc    123600
     tgctaaccaa ggctactggc ttaggagccc ctatggcccg tctgtagtga gcagttactt    123660
     gccttagagg tgtaagaatg aatcacaccc aaagctcaga ggaacagtgt gggaggaact    123720
     cccagcatgc tctggggttg aggccaggag gctgctaggc cactaactca cactttgtac    123780
     ctagatctgg gacatcaagg attactgcta ctttattgac cagcaaccgc tccaatccag    123840
     tgggaactca ctctccgttg acacagagaa taagttccgg ctcttaattc ctaagcaact    123900
     ccaggtctgc tccgagcacc acttgccaca ggaggagaag gaggtaggaa gacggcagga    123960
     gggtggtgtg ggaaagtgct tctggagcac acggaggaac caggactgtg ccttcccacg    124020
     ggcattattg atctctgtgc tccctttgtg atatctggtc tatgtggaaa gatttgttag    124080
     tcagatgtca ttattaccac aggagacaag ggcctgccca cagatgtgca ttgcacacgc    124140
     acacacagat acgtgctcat gtcccctttc atgaatggtg atcttctcac ggaggagccc    124200
     cagagtcatg aatttaagaa tgaaatagtt tacactcttt tgaggagtca gtacttttac    124260
     acggttcaaa ggacttattg tttgcttggg ggcctcatga aatcaagcct cttttcttta    124320
     gttaccaaga actaacaaga gcttctatgg aagcgacaga gttgtgggaa caggactgag    124380
     gacaggccac agtgagaggc cacagtgtca caagatgaat cccaggaaat ccgcctctgg    124440
     agaccagcat cagggtgcag atctatcgac tttattgctt aagcacataa gagtatgcac    124500
     agtgtttgag ccaatgccaa gcccccaaat ccttgaccaa ccatgtcttt gccacactat    124560
     caccgtgctc caatgaaagc cctgtctgat gaggcaactc agaaggagct ggagggagca    124620
     tgtcacctgt taggacttct gtgaagatgg gggtggtggt ggggaatcag ccaccgccca    124680
     ggcctcggtt ccttttcgct gtctcaccag tgttccaagt gccatcttag atctaatgtc    124740
     ctgtatggca gatcaggcct ctgagaactt gtaggagcct gtggcacctt gctctccatc    124800
     ctactttatc cttcataggg ttgccctcca catccccccc tcagtgatgt agtaacaagg    124860
     ttgctctcca catccccccc agtgatgtag taacaaggtt gccttccaca tccccccccc    124920
     agtgatgtag tgacaaggtt gctctccaca tccccccctc agtgatgtag taacaaggtt    124980
     gctctccaca tcccccccag tgatgtagta acaaggttgc cttccacatc ccccccaccc    125040
     ccaccccacc ccccgcacaa tgatgtcact acgaccttac taggatgact aaaaccaaga    125100
     tgacacaagc cagagtctgc agggacaaca ggccaagtga actagctatt gcaggcaggc    125160
     cttgacattc atccagtcac tttcggggat tattcgacaa tagctaccta acctgatcat    125220
     gcccttcgac ctggtagtcc cactgtaggc tgacacctag aagttcacgt aagacatagg    125280
     aaaaacgttg agagaattcc catttacaac ggctccacac tggaaacaat tcacacacac    125340
     agcagcctgg gctggaatca tccacgggtt tcatacacag agcagtaggc acctggtcac    125400
     atctactcag tacagaatca tggactcctt agacaattaa gtcaagtctg accccaaagc    125460
     atgtacattg tatgtgttat atagttaact ttttatgggt gcattataca taagtggaaa    125520
     ttttgaaggt gcccaggcag tatagagagt catgttcgct tgtgaaataa tttgtccctg    125580
     aagcagtcac cgttgctgat ttctggttat tctgatattg agttacaaga gtgtgcatgt    125640
     ggacagttat ttccctctta tttttactaa aaggtgtggc agcacacaca ctgataccgc    125700
     ccgccccccc cccttgcttt tctcattcca ttatgcattt tagaaatctt tccagatctg    125760
     tatagtacgt cataggctgt taacaaagtc cctttcaagg ggaaaattgt tttaatttta    125820
     gaaatgaatc ttagatgtga gtactatttc tcacgtgtgt tagtatgtct gagggatgca    125880
     ttcctgcagg tggggcacaa ggtccaaagg ttccatattt ttgcagtttt gttaatcatc    125940
     ttgcaaccat acgtattctg agacaaggtt tagctatgta gcccaggctg gcctcaaagt    126000
     caccatcctc ctgcctcagc ctccgagttc tgggattgca ggtttgcacc gcacactagc    126060
     tatctatgtg ccttttgact ctctgtgtta cactcagact agtcttagca tgaagaaatt    126120
     gcaaaatccc catgtatgct gggaactggc cacgcataga tgcagtacac gaggagtatc    126180
     cgttgctaac ataaccacgc catagtgatg tttattacct gcttgcttac tgtccgtagt    126240
     gcgtgctgca tgccctcgct gtctccagag gctctgagga gtggagttat tttgcatggg    126300
     gtggaggtgc cagtgctcat gtctatgcct gtggagctgc tggcactggg tttgagaata    126360
     gaaccaagtc tgtgaacatc agcatgctca cacccatgtg gcctcggctt tatggcgaga    126420
     catttaagag gtcgtgttct gtgcagctag atagatcatc atcaaatagt cttttccctt    126480
     aaacatttat taatatatta ttttatctga aaaatcaaaa taatacacat ttatatggta    126540
     cattgtaata cgtgtctaca aaggagaatg tcaatcatgt tgattaacat agtcatcata    126600
     tgcttgctta attttgtgat aagacatttg aaatttactc ttggaaaata aatatatttt    126660
     ttattatatt cttggctatt ttaagcatac attttattat tggccttata cagtaaatct    126720
     taaaacttat ttttcctgtc caactgaaac tttgttgtct tcttttccta ttgatatttt    126780
     aaattaatct ttagtgaacg tatgaaataa tagattttct tacatttccc ccattcctat    126840
     tatactgtgg ttatactgct cccacgactc tcccttcctc tccctgaccc caatcgctgg    126900
     tctcctttta cccccaaatc ctccttctgt cttcatggca tgcattaatg catttatgtg    126960
     tatatgtagc agtatacata tacatgcata catatataca ttcttaaaga ttccacacac    127020
     atagaatcct tttactaata cccctgccat tctaataaat acatgaggtt atatggaatt    127080
     taccttttat gacaaataac agctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc    127140
     ttctcttctc gtctcgtctc gtctcgtctc gtctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc    127200
     ttctcttctc ttctcttctc gtctcgtctc gtctcgtctc gtctcttctc ttctcttctc    127260
     ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttcttttctc    127320
     ttctttttgg aagaatgagt aggagtccat gtattcacac atccattcct tatccatcag    127380
     tctgttagtg tgtagtttgt ctggcgccct atcttgctat tgtaacacta tggtcacagg    127440
     gaaggagaga cgttctgcag tctgatttca gttccactgg ctgtgttgca ggaatacggc    127500
     tgctggatgg tgtggcggtc tcattgagaa atgtttgtat tatgctcata gtgggtgtgc    127560
     agatttaatg tctactcaga ctgtgtgaat gttcactttt ctctgcattt caccaacgct    127620
     tgctcttcct gtgtctgcct gtctgcctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgagttg aatgcagggc    127680
     ttttatatgc taggcaagta ttgcaatact gagctgtatg tacctatatc atattactga    127740
     attttgcatg ttgattttct cctccctcct cccctctttc ttccttcttt ccttctttac    127800
     tgtttttgag acagggtctc acataaccca gggcattctt gaacttgcaa tgcagttaaa    127860
     gctgtccttc gaactcctgg tcctcctact tccatttgtg agggctggga tagcaggctt    127920
     ccaccaccat gtctggctct gctctgattg ctgtaacaga gtgcttagac tggccttggt    127980
     ttttgtgttc tgtatcttta ccaaatttct ttaccatctc catttttgag tggtgttttt    128040
     agggtttctg tgtatcagac catcgaatca gctgacagtg catttaccta tttattttat    128100
     tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat    128160
     tttattttat ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct    128220
     gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaagt ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga    128280
     ttaaaggtgt gcgccaccac tgcctggctt acctattctt tttattcgag taccttgtct    128340
     ttctcccctt tgcctgcttg ctcaggttag gaccatgtgg agtaggaatg ggagcggtat    128400
     ccctgcctta tgcctgatct gagaggaaga gcttttatgg tgctgagtct cacattagct    128460
     gagggtttgc tggcgctggt gctgtcctgc tgagtgagcc ttccccactc ctaagcatgc    128520
     ctaagctggt gagagttctt atcattggaa gggcactggg ctttctcaag agattttcct    128580
     agatgtacta gagtctcgga tggctttagc ctttattttg ttagtgagct atagactatg    128640
     tgtggcatac catgctccca tctcagggac agcaaatcac agtcagactt tctagtcaga    128700
     tgacagttta ctttctagtg ccaccacatg gaatcacatg tgtttatttg agttgttgct    128760
     tattattgac attaaaaaca gtttataatt ttttgtttgt ttttgttttt gtcttctttt    128820
     tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc agtcctgaag ctcactcttt agtccaggct    128880
     ggcctcgaac tcagagatct gcccacctct gcctcctgag tggtgggatg aaaggtgtgt    128940
     gccaacacca actgggtata attttttttt tactctaaaa aaagaaaatg aataaaatct    129000
     aaggaagaca tgaacccctc aaggtatgcc aactcgataa gagatagaaa ctctggagac    129060
     tcgggatatg tgaataaagc aggtaagggg tggaggtagg gacgaacgct tcactgaggg    129120
     aacgctaggc acaagtgcct ttttgggtga atttccctgg gtagcggaaa tgcaaacaac    129180
     agttctgcaa actctcccga gagtctccca ggagacaggt ttgatgccag tggaggcttc    129240
     atgagaactt tcatgaaaac cgaaaaccca attgatttta gttttagatg ggacagtggt    129300
     cagttttctt tcgacagccc ttctttgtct ggccctgttt ttgaaccacg cttatattcc    129360
     agggttttgc atatgcttag gatggattct gagttctctg cagtcctctg ttgttgggcc    129420
     atagtttgca ttagtctggc ttaccattcc tgtttatagc tgaagaaatg tccattcctt    129480
     ggtcttgttt tatcttaaaa cggttggggc tgtggagatg gctcaatgga tacaatactt    129540
     gctgcacaaa ttcgaggact ggattttgaa ccccttgaac ccatctgaca gctggacagg    129600
     cactgcatag gccagagact gggggtccct ggggtgagct tgttagctag atcagctgag    129660
     attggcaaac tccgggttca gcaagagatc gtgagagatc aaggacgcca gaggtccact    129720
     tcaggcctct acctgtgcca tctacacaca tgtgcacttg catacacatg ggccaaacac    129780
     aggtaaacat gctgatacat atgtacacca catacatgca tacatgcaca cacacacaca    129840
     cacacacaca cacacacggt cctgatcact tctcagttac atagagtcct tttctctcac    129900
     agtgtaacac ctttcccagt gtgatgtcag ctgtgtcccc agacacccca tgcagtctgt    129960
     tctttgaatg cttgggtgaa gggaattaga agacatgcgg gctcacatcc tggtccatta    130020
     ctttttagct ctgtgacttc aggctgattt ctgaatatct ctgattcttc cttctcagta    130080
     aagtggtgga catgctctgt ggcctataag gttgggaggt tccaacgaga tggtcaatga    130140
     atgcacaggc tctcagctca cacgtcagcg ccggcaggct aatgtgaagt gtccagagct    130200
     ggttcattgg ttggtgtccg ggtgcccttc tttggactct gctgctctgg gtcctgggta    130260
     cctgctaagc ttaggcactg gttctcaagc ttcccaatgc tgcacccctt tgatccagtt    130320
     cttcatgttg cggtgatccc caagcaccac attatttcat tgctacttca tgcatgtgat    130380
     tttactactg ttctgaacca taatgtaagt atctgatata caggatatct gagaggtgac    130440
     ccccaaaggt gtctcgaccc acaggctgag aacctccatg ctaaggcgtt tgcgagggag    130500
     agtgatgtaa gtcactcctt actgccccct acaggttgtg gaaggacaga ccttttctct    130560
     ggttccccca ccacttctga ttacctggaa cagccacctg gacagcgtga cagacatcct    130620
     gtatgtgaac tccttccagc tggtggtcag tgcgggccag gaccgggatg tcaaggcttg    130680
     gagactctct ggtgatgcca taggtatggg tgctgctgaa gcatggcctt ttctgtctcc    130740
     gtccctaaca gaacacacct agcattatta ccccgatgcc ctgtggggag aagggtctcc    130800
     cagctgctca gagaatcttg caagatgcca atctgtccgg ttgtatccaa gtagccatca    130860
     accatcctca catacattta cacatccacc cggcttggct tgtgctggtg agctttagaa    130920
     aattgtatat ctggtagagt ctgctcattt ctcttaagaa ataagcataa gccaggtggt    130980
     ggagcacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagatgcagg ctggtctctg acttggaggc    131040
     tgacctggtc tacacagtca gttctaggac acccggggct acacagagag accctgtggg    131100
     tcaccctgct tccagagcag gcttcccagt gagctcaaaa taaacgtcag tttaccaata    131160
     aacatttaaa aaatgcaaca tgacaatgac aaggttttcc tggatgttgt gatgaggatg    131220
     tcctgtaatt gatccgtgaa gctggaaggt ggcattgctc ctttctcacc tcctctggct    131280
     gcgtctgagc tggaggggct ggagagtgga cttaggcaga tctggcttac cttatctttg    131340
     ggtatgtcaa agcagacttg gctgggctgc ttcttgggag tctctctctc tctctctctc    131400
     tctctctctc tctctctcga tctcagtcca gcccaggcct ataatcctga gtgctcactg    131460
     agctcctcac aggattttgc acattttgga tggagactca gtcctgccag ctgcggggct    131520
     ggcaagagct cagctggtcc cacagctgca tcctggcatc caggccaagc ttggctatgg    131580
     aagcttaggc acagaccagg aactcccgga gaagagagtg atgtccagac cagtgttccc    131640
     tgcagacttc tctgtcattt ctagttgctt ttgtatttgt tgtgttttat aaaaagagaa    131700
     ggaatatgtt tggtggaggt gtagtcaggt gtggggtaag ggggtgccct gctggcccat    131760
     gctgaggcat cccttccccc tgagggaaca gccacaggat agtatagtat agactttatt    131820
     cagggcatgg gaaggggagt tgagagggta gtagacagag aaaggcgcgc gcgggggggg    131880
     gggggcgggg ggagaggaaa agtagagtcc ggccacgagc atgtagagag agaaagggaa    131940
     aggggaatgg agagaggggg gaagggatga gaggacggag tgggagcaag aaggcaagag    132000
     agagcagagg gggcaagcag ccccttttat ggtgagtcag gcacacttgg ctgctgccag    132060
     gtaactgtgg gctagagcct agacaaaatg ctaacaatat ttgctgctat agctcttcgg    132120
     taatgtctcc aaaatgggat tttacaacct gtatcttttc tgtttcttaa cttcacaatt    132180
     ccacatcagg agaatggtct gtcttttatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    132240
     tctatctatc tatctatttg ttgtgttagg gaggggtggg ttcacacaca cacacacaca    132300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg cacggcataa cacccctgtg ccactgcaca    132360
     cacgtggtga tcagaattca cagaagttag ttctttctct atcacgtcag tttggggact    132420
     gagttcaggt catccatgtc aggataatat ctgacttctc tctctcctgc tctaccccag    132480
     atctcaccta gacaggtccc agccatttta tgcccttgtc atttctcaca taagctgctg    132540
     ggaatctgac tgagtgaggg ccactagggt tcttcccatg tcagcctaca cgtggcccag    132600
     gaccctctag gcctgagctc caggtatttc ctaggactgg agtctggcga gtctagagat    132660
     ttggcgttgc cggtatgata cctggcatga ggcaggcact cagcgttcag ctgagtgggt    132720
     ggggtggagg ggcagggcag tggggttcag agtcctggtt ctgaacaggg tctggtctca    132780
     tgacaggaac atttggcctg aatctctgga agagactgca agaggctgcg atggtggatg    132840
     aactggagca gggggcaagt ttggagaaga agcctgctac aaccggtgcc accctgaagc    132900
     actccttcct agagatggag tgagttcctg gagccaacct ggggctccct ggccccagcc    132960
     tggcatggca tgagaagctt agggtccgaa ggcaacgtgt ggccccattc agccatctca    133020
     gtgcccaaac caagcagtca ggaatgttgt gttttataac aagaaaggaa aggccaggaa    133080
     tatgtttggt ggaggtacgg tatggtgtgc gggaaggggg tgtgcctctg caggcccatg    133140
     ctgaggcatc ccttccccct gaggtaccaa ccacacagta tagtatagaa tagaatttat    133200
     tcagggcatg gggaggggag ctgagggagt agagacagag aaaggcgggg gtggggcagc    133260
     aatgaccctg tggagagaga gtggggaggg gaatggggag agggggaaga ggataaggga    133320
     gcaagagcaa gagaagagaa gagagcaaga gagtgagaag gggcaagcag ccccttttat    133380
     agtgcatcag gcacacttgg ctattgccag gtaactgtgg ggcggagcca acaaagaaga    133440
     gcagcccaga aggagccctg cagaatggca actgtagagg tcattaccac atgacagggg    133500
     gccacccagg cctatgaagg tcctgaacag acatctgtgt gatatagggg ggagagagtg    133560
     ttcctccaga tattgcttct cctctggttt ccttcccacc acccactaca ttcttactca    133620
     aatttcaaat gatttcagtc tcttcacttt ttcttttttg tttctttctt tctttctttc    133680
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tttttttttt tttttttaaa ttcctgggca    133740
     tgattttgca caactttaat tccagcagtc aggaggcaga ggcaggctga tctctgtaag    133800
     ttcaaggcca gcttggtcta cagagttcca agacagccag agctacaaca gagggaccct    133860
     gcctcagtta tgttttccct ctctctttca tttatttatg ggtggagttg tggctcagtg    133920
     cctctcatga caaggccttt ggttacatct gataccatca cacataggtc tagcctgaga    133980
     gaagccacaa ggggagatag gtatgtaaat tcatagctga ggtttgtctg ataattgttg    134040
     ggaaaagcgg ttgtctagag gttgtccacc tgactggatt aaatgaggaa gccttcctag    134100
     gtgatattgc ggagttgatt ttgatattcg agtaggggtt ttccaggtac tcatggcatc    134160
     tttatggctc ctgtggtttc atcaaggtgt gcttctcttg ggagagacag acttgttgtg    134220
     ggagattaga gaacaaggtg aggcagagct tctctgggtt gcgggtgttt aaatatcctg    134280
     ccaggtctct aggtgaactc aaatggaaga aaacacagaa aatcttgggc cagtccatct    134340
     gggccttgct catgttacac agtgcttgct cagtcctggg gcctgggggc gggggggggg    134400
     gtgcgggggg gtacagggca ggaaaggttg gagaaggcca gacccagaaa gggaaggccc    134460
     tctgcaggag tgggggatgg gggtgggggt gggggtgggg gtggggcggg cagatggtag    134520
     tgaaatggga ggtgtatgtt taaaggaagc ttttcacagc aaggaattgg ctgaagccct    134580
     ggtgtaccag cggcgagagc aggcagtgct gttagccttt ctgcgtggga gagctgagaa    134640
     agaaactgag gcatggtcca agctgcagca gatgtccctc acatctccat ggaccaaatc    134700
     gccttctgtt gaagacatcg aggagagctg gactcgatgg accaaggaca agcaggtggg    134760
     gacagtgtgg ggaggaagga ggacctggct tctggccatt cttcttacct tgtgactcct    134820
     gcaggcaagc aaaattgtgg gggcagcata caagcccaag gtgcgtgttc ggaaccccaa    134880
     actccttacc tccagagctc agtttaactg gatgagacag caggtgagga agcgaggtgt    134940
     tgcttctgag atgtctgggc catcggagac cagcagaccc cattctgtct gtgtcttctg    135000
     tttctggcat aagctggtca ggctgagata ttttctgtca gcagagatct tgtctttgag    135060
     gacacaggcc actggactta tggagaggtg gttctcctct ggtcttttct gtctgtagcc    135120
     cctaggcacc attatagtct ttggctactc actaacagat taactgcccc catacccacg    135180
     agtgtagagg ataaagcgta gatgtgaggt gtatggatac actaggtgca caagtgggga    135240
     tacacaggag tggctctctt aggtggagaa ggggaaatcg gagaccttaa aaagccagtc    135300
     aaactccacc acttgcctgc acagaccctg cctggcctct tccacctatg tgacttgggg    135360
     catcatggga gctctcatga tgccaaagac tacgtgccaa ttgtataggt ttgtatgaga    135420
     gggttctaga ggttccttaa agcccagctt ggggagtgct aatgagagac ctaaggcagg    135480
     tccagggagc tctgtgtcag gccccacttg aagtctaact catagccttg catgaaagtt    135540
     cagacaagtc ctggtgccag aaccatctca cagaaaagtg taaggaggag agagtgggga    135600
     ggtgggcctg ctgcgggctg tgcgggggcc cacagctggg gtctttagtg ccgccatagc    135660
     actggagtca ctctgtatgg gaagaccctt gctgcaagcc aattcttggt ctccagtcct    135720
     gccgggtcct gcaagcgctc acctcccgtt ctgctcccag atctctcctc aggtctacca    135780
     atgcctgtcc ttcactgacc ttaagccgat ccaacagccc gacttcatga tgcacaagat    135840
     cctggaccaa gtaggccggc acatccgctg ggtggccagt gatatgcgga gtgacatgga    135900
     ggctttccgg ggtcagatcc ccacagacat ggtggccggc tcacctgctg ccacaccctc    135960
     ctccctctcc atggtttccg tgggacaatc accctccaac tggtctacct ccctgaagcc    136020
     cctttcctcc acctccttcc tcaggccttc atcagcctct ccggcccatt ctggttcttc    136080
     tacgccaccg catatcctgg gcctgccccg aagaggtcag agaccccaag gccagatgtt    136140
     atctccttct tgcagcaccc gaagcccggg ggagccaccc tcgtgtcccc tgtgaggtgg    136200
     agctcccacc tcatgtgttg aggtgttcat tattttctct gttctgtagc aggggaccta    136260
     tagggtcttg cacgtccctg gctcgctctc tgccaggctg ggaggatgca gccccttcct    136320
     tcccatactg cttctctcta gataactcca gctgtcttgt ggctctgcac agttctggag    136380
     aaggaaaaaa aaaataaata ttctcctgtg ttagagtcct acaggtgacc tggctgggct    136440
     ctgtctctca ccctcaaagg tctctgctat gccgtagaac aggtcacaat gcctggaaag    136500
     accttaagaa gacagagagg ggcctgcacc tccggattcc tgggtgcttt gaccaccatg    136560
     cagcatgccc accctgctag ggttctgtgt ggcatgacag gtagatcata tggttggatg    136620
     cccaatactt cagcagcctg attcagcctc acagaagtca ttctgtgctg agtgtctgct    136680
     tgtcctttgt ccctgatgtc tgtcttcctt ggccatcagc ccctgctcta gtttggaagc    136740
     tgctctgtgc tttgtattaa ggatatctga gcatgtaagc agatggctcc tactctggac    136800
     ttgaagcatc ctttttggcc agaagcaccg gtctcaagct ctgcctggtc cgtccctttc    136860
     agaaggccaa ctctgggcca tatgtggaat cctagataca ggagattcca ttcaaaggct    136920
     gtgaagcctg aggtcccacc aacttgaaca ggggctcttt gggggaacat ggcatgtggc    136980
     tctgggcaga gcagagtcat cagaggccat cctttccagg gatgatgcca cctcccagca    137040
     accccaggca tcaagactag cagagctgag gccttctttg gagccagcca gagaggcagt    137100
     gggctcaagg ctcagctgta gcacaggaaa gaggggtcaa agaaaccaga acctcttagg    137160
     cctcggggtt tgggctgggt ctccacaagc cacaaggctg gaggacctag gtccccaagc    137220
     tcctcacaga gggccccttt atgtacattt cttaactttt taatatgttt gtgttatata    137280
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    137340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttctcatgta tgtaggcaca catatgtgtg ccagtgcttg    137400
     ttcatgtgtg catgagcaca tgcaggccca aggttgatgt gaggtatttt ccttccttta    137460
     tatagagacg aggttgctca ctgaccccag agttcaccga tctgtgggtg ctgggaatcg    137520
     gaaccctggc ccccttgctt gcatggcaag tgttttacca ccaagccatt gtccagcctc    137580
     tcttgtgcat ctcttatggg tggaatgtac tggatcctgg gtcaggtgtt gtgggagtgg    137640
     gttgctgaga cagaagtttg aaactccact cctggctagc gtaccaagtg gtcctggggg    137700
     cttctgagca gcctcagtgc ctgggggtgg cagtgttctg agggagacca gcttacactt    137760
     caagtccaga gtaggggcca tttacaagtc tatgctaata gactcttaaa acaaggtcca    137820
     gggccctggt ggcttgtgcc tcatcagcag ccagaagtca tctgcttttg agcaaactga    137880
     cctttgcctc acttcctttc atgtgtgcaa ccatattcac aagtaactat taatctagaa    137940
     aaatcttcct caattggagg tgtatcagag ttctctagga cctgttctta acctttctag    138000
     tgcctcaacc ctttaataca gtttctcatg acacggtgac ccccaaccat aaaattattt    138060
     ttgttactac ttcataactg taatttcaat gctgttatga accaacttaa atgttggatg    138120
     tgtaggatat ctgacatgtg actcctttgg aaaggtcagt ttgttgaaat aatccaacag    138180
     cagctcacac tcacactcaa gggagctgag aacctggtag cttttgttag ttgcttggtc    138240
     cttgaggatg ggcgcttcag caggcagagt tgtccagcaa tggctgactt atatcagaga    138300
     gcccaagaac cccactgttc cccagtcgtg atctatcgcg aagggcctgg ggggttcctg    138360
     gagagccact ggctctcaac ccaagctgta agcctggaaa aagccggttc tatcagcaaa    138420
     ggagcaagca gcaacaaacg ggaacttagc tcagtgtgag agggaagagt gaatgatttc    138480
     tctctcctct cctccatctg ggaagctgtg ggaaggtgtc actcacctct ggggtggatc    138540
     tccccacatc agttaaggca atccagacag ttcttcacag agggtaccca tagggtagtc    138600
     taatggagac aatgggtccc ttctacatgt gacaagttga catttaaaac aaaccatcac    138660
     agcccatccc ttgtcaactt gacacagaaa cacatcacct taaaaatcat agccttccac    138720
     acctcgacct caaagtctca tgtttatctt ataatgtaaa atgtggtcta acttaaacaa    138780
     gttattatta tatatctatg gatgttttgc ctgcatgtat ttcttccatg tgccacatgt    138840
     aggcggtgcc catggaagtc agatccccca ggaccagagt tagagatggt tgtgaacctc    138900
     catgtgggtg ctgggatttg ggcctgggag agcactcctc ctgctgagga atcgctccag    138960
     ccccaaatat agctaacttt aaaaggtccc cagatgtccc caaatctctt gactataagc    139020
     tcctgtggat gtataaagga caaattacat cttttcaacg tattatatta ccaagtaaat    139080
     tacattcttt attccagaag agaaaaataa agtcgaagca aatgaacaaa cataccaaag    139140
     caaaaggaat tccagcaggg aaaagaccaa acattgctgc tcccatggcc agcaactgga    139200
     gcttagaata tagtgttcta ggagccagag aacttggctt ctaaatccct tgagaagtgc    139260
     acagtctttt agtgtcccac aagttaaata tgattatata attttacaac acaaccactg    139320
     atgtctcgat caacatcaca taataaacag aagaaaacac aatcatctac ttaatatatg    139380
     cataaacgta ttttctacaa ataggcagaa acattcatgt cagttacaat cctcatttct    139440
     gtaactggtc atgtgacctt agctggtatt tatgcctcct ctatttcttc cactctgagt    139500
     aagcagctca gtaggtcttg gctttttagc tggagacttt actcaaatct tcatccctta    139560
     aagggtctag gctatcatct gtcctgaaat gggttgttct tgtttttcag tgatcttaat    139620
     tttatttctt agattcttag tccaattcca ctccatcagt ctggatcaat ggcactgcct    139680
     aacaccattg acttgagggc actctgagcc caaggtgtcg aaggaggaag tcttagcctt    139740
     cacttcactg gaatgttttt tgttcctcgt ggtggaagca ttatgtgtag aaaaagcaaa    139800
     cccataacca gaacaggagt ctattccaga aatagtctac tccatgcccc ttccatgaca    139860
     gaaatggtcc agtgtagtca acttgccacc aggtcactga ccggctccct tccacatctc    139920
     tggacaaagt aagcaaaaag aggtaagttc ggtgataaaa ctgatcaacc ccaaatggtc    139980
     ataagtcatc taaatgcttc taagtgtgcc ctggaagaga gtcgtctttg tagcagttaa    140040
     agatctcaag tttctgaaaa ccaaacccga atcctcatta gacatgtaca ttttggctga    140100
     cttacaatgc aaattaccag catcaaagga tgtctgctgt taaactgatt gaaaaagaat    140160
     gggatcctgt agtttgggac tgagggatgt gtgggaggac tctgaggagg ttggagttgt    140220
     actcaccttg ctgaatgaat gaaataatct ccccactctt cacagaggac gcatttccaa    140280
     ctccccattc ctacctcctg cagtgttgca gctctctgca cttgcctgag caattatcct    140340
     ttgtgtctgt agagcttgtc tgaagtagac accaggcaag tgaatgcttg cctccttcag    140400
     gccccaccca tcattaccac cagaccaata gccaggctta agactaagca agccgcaaag    140460
     gtgaagtaga ctgtgtggac caagcacatg cacacatgta tacacacaca cacacacaca    140520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagt gttattaaat cagcttacac aatagaatag    140580
     tcaacaacag tctcaagcct gaaagaccaa gagcccaatg gtggttgagt cgatgaggtt    140640
     aagtgtctca gtaggtccaa ttctgtcacc aaagctttgg agtgttcttg aagagccact    140700
     ggtccttagc ccacattgga agctgaccag aaaagttgct tctaatttca gcagaggagt    140760
     caacagtgga acagtggggt aaatgaactc cttagccaga ggaaaaagga aaggaaatca    140820
     agtgaatagt cttccctttc cctcacgtga tggtttgaat gagaatagcc ttgagaggcc    140880
     attctctcct gtttgagtgc ttggtcccta cttagtggaa ctgtttggga aggattagga    140940
     ggtgtggcct tctcggagaa agtgtgttac cagcggtggg ctttgaggtt tcaaaggtcc    141000
     tggccaggcc cattctgtgt cttgatctct gcctgctgct tgcagattag gatgtaaagc    141060
     tctcggctac tgctccagca ccacacactt tctgttctcc agcaccatga tgatcatgga    141120
     ctaacactct caagctgtaa tcaagtctcc aattaaatgc tttctcatat aagagttgct    141180
     ttggtcatgg tgtctacaca gcaatagaat agtaagacac tttttttttt ttttttaaaa    141240
     tctgggctgc taagggaagg tgccacccac attcaggata tgataaaaca attccccaca    141300
     gggtgtagaa aatttctcaa gtgagactcc ctagtcaggt gattctaaat tgtggcaagt    141360
     tggcttttag aaccaactat cacaggaggt gaataagacc tcctttgggg gtccagataa    141420
     ggtctctcct ggggatcaca gaggctcatg accactgttc tttgagcttc agtatctatc    141480
     tgtccccggc agagatactg aaaggtaagc atggctagac tcaggggtgg atggctctga    141540
     ccagagagcc tctggatctt ggctgctcct ggctcctctg tggagatgct agcctctgtc    141600
     tttactctca ctcaagcctg gcctgggatg ggaatccagg atcacttttt cagggtagga    141660
     gtctcctggg ccaggtcagg gtgtggctct gagccatagg cccagggaac gctgagcccc    141720
     ttcccaccct gctctcacac aggtaggaat aagcaatggc cttagctgtg ttgacaataa    141780
     tgacaggcac tgagtgcttc ctgtgcaaca attcttagac attgggtctg atattatctc    141840
     agtctaccag atgacgagac caaggcacag agaggccgag tcttttgccc aagggtcaca    141900
     taggtggttc aaggtaaggc tgggatttga actcaggaag aagactgact gcagagccta    141960
     tttaaaaaaa attctttgcc agtctttagt gcctgtcttt agttacagaa cacaggagac    142020
     agagacagat ctctgaggcc agcctagtca acagagttcc aagacatcca ggaccacacc    142080
     acagagaaca cttgtttgga aaattttttt tcttcaaaat tttatgtgta tggacagttt    142140
     gttgcatgta tgtctccaaa ccatgtgtct ctgaagtgcc tgaagaggcc acaagagggc    142200
     actgggtcct ctggaactgg agttggacag ttgttagtag ccacgtgggt gctgggaatc    142260
     tgggatcctc tggagaagca aatagttctt aaccatggag cccctgaacc ttaaaacaat    142320
     tgatacaaaa aagcaaaact tacagtctat gccttatctt gactctctgg gcagagtgtg    142380
     aggggtgcag tgggggtggg gctgttgtga tgacactcta acaggtagca agcacatgac    142440
     ttcagggcac agtcgcatca gaccaaaact cagatagcac tgtgctcaac cagccaaggc    142500
     tgttacagtt cctccacatg gccagatgag ggagccacat ccttcctgga aaacatgtca    142560
     gtaaatcatc agaccagaga tgaggcaggc accagagctg ggctcatgag gacaactgat    142620
     ctgggggtac acggctctca gggttgcctg ccaatagctc tctggcgtcc atcgatggct    142680
     ctacgcctct tggctcagcc aaatcatctg gacctttttg acgttagaat gctttctgcc    142740
     aagcatgata ggcagctaca ttgccctccc cgcaccccca gggcatttca ggaggttcca    142800
     tattcttatt tgtggttgta agcttgtggt caccctggag gagtttgtca gccttgagtt    142860
     tctggccccc agtgccacct ggtggccgtt cttctcatca gggacttgtc tgagctttct    142920
     acatgcccaa cagatcattt ttatgaatta ggagacaagc tccgaggaca tctgtaaatc    142980
     accccacaga gcactctgga ttgagaggct ggagatgcca ggccctctgg ggtggtccac    143040
     tggcactggg gtgtgcgaca acttagtctt tagtggaatt atgggaaaaa gagagtcaag    143100
     gaggcttcca ttgcgtctat acgtgaaaac aagtctggcc ttgaaattta ttctaataaa    143160
     ctaatccctg tcatgttttg tcatgtttac attttgttaa taagacaggc tctccctaca    143220
     taacctagct gagcattgaa cctgccgttc tctggcttca actcctgggt tgctggggtt    143280
     gggggcgtgc tgccacatct gtcttagctg ccagttcttc cagtgtcagt tggctccttc    143340
     atatattttt tttcacgaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcaccc    143400
     tgtagaccag gctggcctca actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga    143460
     ttaaaggcat gtgctaccac gcccggcctc cttcatatat attttttaaa ctttatattg    143520
     actttcaacc tcccctgcaa agaaaagaaa agaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa caaaccaaca    143580
     aagcaactgt ctcgttgtgg aagcagtagt gtgtcgcaga cgtcccactg tggcctacgc    143640
     actctatggt gtggtttttt ctgagtgctg atttttagtt gagggtctgt gttaatcacc    143700
     atccaccaca aaaagaagtt tctctaatga gagccgagag atgtatataa aaagtcattc    143760
     gtttaatgtg aggtccattt agcagaatct tatcagtacg ttctcccctg ggcttgtgtc    143820
     ttgtccagcc acagattctt gacctcatat gggtttcaac ctgtggagtg gaccttaaat    143880
     ccaaccagaa ggtggttggt tactctcatg acactgacgc cacggttgca acagcgggcg    143940
     tgtcttgtca ggccagtctt taccataggc tttttatttg ttagcccatg gtatctagtg    144000
     gggatatggt tgccctgttg tggacatctg agggtgtctt gactctcctt tacaggggag    144060
     agcagaggct tacagaggaa aagggaccta gctaagggtt cacacacaga acctggagca    144120
     ggcttgacct cccaggccag gcaggtccct gaacccggct catctctgct gttaaactca    144180
     ctaggtgtcc tcccggctct ccatacagac tggctaacac tgggctggtg ttttggcttc    144240
     tctgagtttc atctagaaaa tgagagagcc cctcctggta attcagatga ttaaataagg    144300
     aatgggtggt attcctctcc agtcttcggt tcagaatccc tccaaaggag aggtggctac    144360
     ctcagaacca ggaaagaaaa tccacagacc ctattctcca aagcaggctg tccacctggg    144420
     cacacacatt cacgggatag ggaccctggc cctccacagt ggcaccatca cagtgtcttt    144480
     tcttaggtgg taccattcct gcctgcctcc ctgtctaggc cagctatcct agcacacttg    144540
     ggctaggggt tcctttggcc ttacctaggg aaagccccag ggtcagaagg ctcatctctc    144600
     ttggccatag tcattcctcc tcagaacctg agaccctgaa accccagacc cgcactgtcc    144660
     aggcctggga cagcagatta gacaggttgc tgggagcaga ggctgtttca tgtgaccaca    144720
     gtccctgcag gagcttgcgg ttttgagttt ctgtaagccc tgggacctaa tgttgagaaa    144780
     ggaaagggtg gggaccatcc actgttgatc ttagaatgat ggacaggtaa ccagtagtct    144840
     cacagtctct gtccaaagct gacatggagg ggacagagac tggagaagtg gtggggaggg    144900
     gacttcctgc tatcattggt gcatgcaggc tcagacgcag acttcatttg gaggacaaag    144960
     acatggcatc tcttgactgt gctcaaggca gctcactgaa tttggacagg gtctcataca    145020
     gcccaggctg gccttgagct gactgtgtag ctgaggatga ccttaaactt ctcaatcctc    145080
     ctgcctccac ctcccaagtc ctgctaagct gcccactcac cacctcagcc accagagtcc    145140
     tttcacacca caccagttct cagcaccagg aaggggagaa agctatcatc ttctggtcca    145200
     gacagggaaa ctgaaggtta gagggaggga gtacagggca cgggaggggg ggggagaggg    145260
     gggaggagga aaagggtgga gccagggacc tcctgcctgt ccgggggacc tcctgcctat    145320
     cctggagtct gtgtgtctca gtctgctcca ttcacactgg cttggcccca gagattaagg    145380
     ggattagtta aatccctgag acttgatctg ggtttatcag aggcgccact ctgggggcct    145440
     gggggccttg ggggtgactt ggcgtcctat acctccgggt ctgtctcagt ggcttgggac    145500
     acctgactgc tgccctggct catggcccac acatgtctga atcaggcttg tggggttgag    145560
     aggtgagggt ctgagatgat gatggcaggg ggagccttag gggtcacttg tttctctgat    145620
     agaggcttcc cccaaaaggc ctaccccctg tgccttggtg ggcacaccag ctgcactgtg    145680
     gcctgtactt tccactcctg gaccattggc tttggcagat gatagggagc gtgctggagg    145740
     gaagggtggg gagtcagcaa gcttggccac ctgggcaggg ctgagtgcag tgtctgctgg    145800
     ctgtggcctg tgtcgtccta tctgaggagg agtcaatgca ctgcccccca gggtggaaca    145860
     ggcaaagcca ttgtcttctc tttgcacagc tccataatgc cagctccccc actccctgga    145920
     atcttctgta actgtgaaga gttgtggagg tgtcctcaag caactcaggc cctggcaggt    145980
     cccaggtgac tgtcacctac agcacagctt gctgactgac cttggaaagt gccgcatcgg    146040
     tgggttatga tcacatggtg gatgatgctt gtttgtggat catgtgagtg tccacttaga    146100
     gcatctcagg gattgaactt gaatctcagg agggtagaaa ccaaggtggg acaagtgcag    146160
     ggggtgacca tcagtaggaa ttaccccttg gaaagtttca ctgagggtaa agacctgctg    146220
     acaatagtcc tgaacatcta agacagccag gactcaacct gccaagaaaa atgcagaatt    146280
     tagatgaagc aagacatgtt aaaagatgtt gaaaatccaa caagctgtgt ggccagctgt    146340
     tcctgatctg cctgggaagg gcacagaggg accaccaaga aggtgctaga gcgcctcact    146400
     attagtaggt gacactaaca cagagctggg tgtttgtcat acacagacac tgcacccaag    146460
     ctgaggatgt agctcagcct gtagagtgcc tgcccagcac acaccaagtt cggggttcct    146520
     tctccagcac cacacaaacc aggagtgtct gtaatcttag tactcaagac acagagccat    146580
     cggcatcaga agtctaaggt aattgttggc tgtgtagcaa gttcaaggcc agcccaggag    146640
     acatgggagc ttatttcagg gaaatgcaaa agagccagaa aaatgtttcg caaattttgg    146700
     ctgctgggct gactgctcag caaggcaggg ggggatgtca gagttgtttc cagaagtccc    146760
     ttccactgtg gagaccccaa gggccctgag gctggtgctg gagaaaccaa gttgtctgga    146820
     ggtttggcac atggcccaag gacagaatct ccagcagggc agggctgccc aaggtgcctt    146880
     cccttgatac aagcccactt ccaagttctc caccatgcta atgtccagct gggcccattc    146940
     cagcctttac ctccctgccc ttatctgtct gcaggctcca gctgctactt ctattttcct    147000
     gggaccctgt tctgagtctt tccctctgag cttgtcttta ctgcctgcct gcagctagaa    147060
     gttgatggtc acctcagcga ccacccagca tccacttgtg ttatgatgtg ggctggggtt    147120
     gtatggccag agtcacaata gacagtaacg gtgggtattg ttcctagtac ttttgtatgc    147180
     ttttaagtaa atgctagcac aggagcagac taaacagccg tggtgaggat acacaggtga    147240
     aagagggagt ttgaggacca ggtaggtata tctggacttg taaaaaatga agtccagagt    147300
     gagtatgtcc cttacccagc agcacatggc agacagtttg taagatcttg aaacatcaca    147360
     ggatgggcag ggttgggacc tctcatttgc cactttatat gctgaaatag ctgtcatcct    147420
     gcccctatag tatagatctg gagactgagg ccctaggagg gtggggtctt gctgaaggta    147480
     aggtagggac agaggtctgt ttgaatccag agagatgtca tctggcagga gctagattac    147540
     ttgggggttt gttcctggga ctaccatttg ctgactgtga attcccataa gtcaccggat    147600
     tactctgagc ggtcactgtc ctcctatgta gaaaggggac aactagggct gctgttataa    147660
     ggatgcccgg gtgcctggca ggcaatcaat gacccatggt ggtgatccca agccagactt    147720
     ccctacttca tcatggctca aagacaccca gacttgactg gaaccaagga atgcactcta    147780
     cgctctagga caagggctct aggtgtgagt ctttgggagg gccatggagt cgtgtacgtg    147840
     cacactcaga cttggcttgg actgaataat atactttact ctaggatagg ggctctaggt    147900
     gtgagtcttt gggaggggtt acagagccgt gcacacgcac acggtacatg caggtgaagc    147960
     gagggttccc ccagttgctg gagatcttca ccttgactgc agcaaagctc ctgggtggca    148020
     ggttctggaa cagagccaga gtgtagcagc tcccccacag gcctctgctc tgctcagcag    148080
     aggggccttg ggggaaggga ccttccccat ttcgcaggtg tgagaatgga gtcctagaga    148140
     ggggaacagc ccaccccaag gccacgcagc cactcagtat ttggggtggg gatggaaggt    148200
     gctgaggcca gaaagcacag gcagtgttga agggaagatg cctcagcctt gggactgcgg    148260
     cagttccttg cctgtgggcc cctcagcaag ccactgtgcc cctctgggcc tcagtttccc    148320
     ctctgtaaga tgggcgtgct aatagatgtt caccaggatt actgcggaca tgaaagaagc    148380
     tcttggggct ggatggatcc tcagcccctg gcaatcacgg cttctctgga aacttagtcc    148440
     cttccatttc ctatgcccag agtgggtgga gatggtgatt ctcaagctcc ctgcccagtg    148500
     caaaaaggca ggaccgggct ggtggctcag gcccatatcc cagctactgg tggggccagc    148560
     ctgagctaca ttgtaaaatt atgtctcaaa atgaaaaagg agggctaagg atatagctca    148620
     gtggtagagc acttgccaaa caatgtgaga tcctaggttc actcctcaat tctgctataa    148680
     aacccaaacc aaaatccagt gcatatttta actccctagg aaattacaga aggcctggag    148740
     ctcagatctg tggcaaagtt gagatcaggc cagcattagc cagaccccaa acttggacaa    148800
     gtcccgttga cagctcatcc agttctgctt ctgtctgtcc ccagtttcct cctctctagg    148860
     cttcagtttc ccttcttgta gccagatcag gtgggactca gggcttctag gataaaagct    148920
     ttaagtttgg agccaggagc cccaccagac aggtacttag tgttcacact tgctatccag    148980
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagagga ggaggaggag    149040
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    149100
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagta gaagaagaag    149160
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag gagcaggtgc aggcgcagga gcaggagcaa    149220
     cagcagccag agcagcagca gccggagcag cagcagccgg agcagcagca gcagcagcag    149280
     cagcagcagg agcaggagca ggagcaggag caggagcagg cgcaggcgca ggcgcaggag    149340
     caggagcagg agcaacagca gccggagcag cagcagccgg agcagcagca gcagcagcag    149400
     cagcaggagc aggagcagga gcaggagcag gagcaggagc aggagcagca gcagcaggag    149460
     caggagcagg aggaggagca gcagcaggag gagcagcagc agcagcagga gcaggagcag    149520
     gagcaggagc aggagcagga ggagcaggag caggagcagg agcaggagca ggagcaggag    149580
     caggaggagg agcaggagca ggagcaggag gaggagcagg agcaggagca ggagcaggag    149640
     caggagcagg agcaggagca ggaggagcag gaggagcagg agcaggagga gcaggagcag    149700
     gagcaggagg aggtggagca ggagcaggag gaggtggagg aggagcagga ggaggagcag    149760
     gaggaggagc aggaggagga ggagcaggag aaggaggagg agcaggaggc gcaggagaag    149820
     gaggaggagc aggaggagga ggaggagcag gagcaggagc aggagcagga gaagcaagaa    149880
     agaggactcc tggagggaca ggacatcagg aaagactagc tggggtcaga gggctttccc    149940
     tgggtgctac tctgggcact gggtgctgct ccatgtctct ttagttttca agtaggccta    150000
     tgatgactgt gtgcctcttg gttgtagggg actgggggag ttgcacatgg ggtacagtca    150060
     gcagatgctc ccccatggct tccccaggta cctggagctg aaacgtttgg atgatgtttt    150120
     ctggctgaaa ctggaatgcc cctaggaaca cttcctccct gggtaggctc tccaagccct    150180
     gtggaatgag acaacaggag ccgtgaaatg cagcaggcta agacatccaa actcctggaa    150240
     tgggggaggg gctcctcatc cagcctagtg tctgggacag gaaggaacat ggccctggga    150300
     gtcagaagct ggggtctaca tctaacatcg ccagtatgga tcaggctgac tctcagtcct    150360
     tctctggacc cccatgctat tgataactct atgggacgct gaagtataat gaagctcagt    150420
     ggtctctctt ttttcagaaa agccttagtt gaactagata gctgtctatg ttggccctgg    150480
     cgggctgaaa cactccacaa tctcgcggtt cccaacctaa ctaggtcaca tcaccccagc    150540
     tatatggata ggtactctca aggtttgaac caacaccttt cagggtgatc ctttcatccc    150600
     agcctccctg ccattgtgtg ctcacataga tgacaaagtc ctttggtgcg gtgtccaggc    150660
     ttcccgacaa cgagattgtc ttaggaatgt gctgcagtgt aatgttggac aggtagactt    150720
     tctgggccaa acggatggtc acctggccgc ggtcactggc aaaggcccag cagttcccag    150780
     gtgtcacgtt tggctagaag aggcaggttt gaggaggttg tgctctgtgg atggggcccc    150840
     tctttccctg cctcctacgt ttccttgacc acccagaggt gcccgctctc acagagctta    150900
     gctccagcag ctcaggcagg gcaggtcccg agtggggcct ccagcattgt ccttctcagt    150960
     acctgctcac ccatcattcc ttccctcagc cattcatccc tcactcccaa cattctttac    151020
     ctgctttcac tgtcaccccg agtcctagac ttggatgtgc cttccattta cagaggagga    151080
     aactgaggca cagagcaggg gagtagctgg ccttggattg tgccgagctc taagtgtaac    151140
     ttggtaactt ggccctgcaa ctggcttgct gctaacaacc atgacctgac ccataaaacg    151200
     agaaacagaa gcccaggatg gaaagaggat ggctccacag cacacagaga agctattcat    151260
     ccagtagatg ttgggctcct tgaagacaca gtatgccttg tcctgatctg gagctgcgat    151320
     gctaggctag cagttgggtg gagggcaggg ggccagtgcc tcctgcaggg tctgggaaaa    151380
     gctattagct gggggaaagc atgctaacct ggggaaagtc aggtagggct gttggcatga    151440
     gaagctggag ccagctggcc acacttgcag acacagaagc ctggcaaagg ctttctttcc    151500
     ctcagacctg actgcagcca gtcgtttgca gtcagatttg actcctctat tgcctgggct    151560
     gtagcacctg tttccttggc cagtgatctt tatattctgt gattcctttt tccagtccca    151620
     ggacctcagt gccaactcat tgcccagtag accttgcttg tccttgttca ccccaatagg    151680
     tggctttccc actcccggga ggccactgtc ctagacggac ccaggagttc cttgaggata    151740
     ggacccattg acagatggtc tgtggctgta gctaggatgg gatcttaatg gtttgtagct    151800
     gctttggggg catggacagt cttgttaacc tctctgggct tcagtttccc catctgtaag    151860
     gcaggattgc agaggggtga atgtttgaat gctggctctg ccaagtattg catgctcaag    151920
     tgatctggct tcttggcatg gtgtcctcct ttgcaaagga agtatatcaa gccccacccc    151980
     aaggttgcct gagggtttcc agaccccaaa gggccacagt tgggtggggt tactatggcc    152040
     ttctcctgcc agagccctcc tcatggctct tgttctccaa tcttatccgt cctctctgtc    152100
     agctttcatc ctgtccactg ctccccacct tgaccttggc ccatccctct ctcttgctgc    152160
     tagcttctat cctgccccac ctccactgcc agctcctgtt cctagccctc ttctggccac    152220
     ctcctactgt cccttgccct ctgccctgcc cctgcctcaa ggatcacatc cgggggctgc    152280
     gcgtagttcc acagtcggat ccagttccag taggagcgag ccttgtcgtg gttatacgtg    152340
     gctgacgtgt gctcgaagtc gatgctggcc cctgtatgga gggggatgtc tcagcctctg    152400
     atggagggag acaagttctg agggcaccca cctgcttggg ctgactctct gctgtctttg    152460
     gagctcagtt gccactctgg gcaatggaat ggacattgta gtaagtagtg tcagagcagc    152520
     tcgtccaggc tgtgtgccag gaaactaacg tattgttttt tccccaaata ccagactgat    152580
     atgctgggaa cagctgcatg tatgtgcagg gtccacaggg tgggggctgg cttgaaaaat    152640
     ggtgtttctg cagaggcgtc cttccctctg atctcacatc tcattgaggt ctgaggtgcc    152700
     tgggtcaact ggttttgcct ggttgggctc cattccctct caagcatccc aagatgcttt    152760
     tagccccacc ccatgggcaa cttacacatc gtcctcctgg cctgaacatc cttccttcct    152820
     cattaggtct caacccaaat gcctcccagg gagtggggtc tcctcctccc tagccacctc    152880
     ctctgtccct cctgaagccg atttctgact gctatgagtt cctgttgccc ctccacccac    152940
     ccagactcca tcagagaaga ggaactgcat caggaagcca ggtgggagca gtggtcagtt    153000
     ccaaagctgc acttcacaat agcaacagtg tgtgggtctt aggaagagtt tctgagatag    153060
     gtctgtggtg ggccaatggg gaagatgggt cacataccta tggacttcag ggcaaagtct    153120
     ggcttttcaa tgtaatcacc ttgaatcatc ttcattattt tctgggccat tttttgctga    153180
     gaaggcagaa aacacaggcc atgcatcatt gataaatgac aggtggtttt tgaacacctc    153240
     tgccaccttc agaagctgta gatggcccca aataggatga cacagttgca gtactgtgag    153300
     atagccctga gacacaaagt tacctctgcc ctttgggact gttgtgagct ttcaagttta    153360
     tattacaaga tgtcctgtag aggtcccgga ggcttagcaa ggttacgggc aggatgatgg    153420
     aagaaggtgg acctttactg ctgtgggtct tgggcaatgt ggtgtctttg agtttacatt    153480
     tcctaagtct gtaggatggg gcaaaaatct tgtctgcagc catgactgtg gaattctttt    153540
     aagggattag agaatggtat gaggccctac tatgtgcaga actgttctca gtccatcatg    153600
     ttctctcatc atcctctatg gcttcccaga gtgattgggc aattgtcact ccactttcaa    153660
     agtaagaata gtcctggcac ataagaataa agcttcagag cccacccagc tgtgagaggc    153720
     agagccagca gcttgcaggt tctgggcccc tgaacactct cctggctggg tataggaaga    153780
     ctacaaagaa agcgctgtgc acagccagcg cttggtcagc caaggctagc agttcctttt    153840
     agacagctgc agtggaggcc agttttgttt ccgtaacagc tgcaataggg tctgctcttc    153900
     aaagctctat ttttaaaatc tgactctgat atcttctcag agaagtaagt gtgtgtgtgt    153960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtataaaaga acccccacac atcaaactgg    154020
     actagggcag aaaaggtgct ttgtgactga gtcctaaggg cttacaatgt tgcttgtatc    154080
     tctgggatct ctctcataaa gttaacacgt gagaaagtca ggttaggtga caggccatct    154140
     gggggtgctc tgagtgatgg tgatgatagt ttgaacacga agtgccccca caggctcaca    154200
     tgatgaaaac atggtcccta agcaggtgac actatttttt ggaagttcta gaaactgtag    154260
     gagttgggtc tagtgtgaat aaataagtcc ctggggtggg tccttgggca ctatattttc    154320
     aggtgggttc ttgggcacta tattttcagg tgaatccttg ggcactatat ttcgctctgg    154380
     cttctcctgc tgctgctttg ctctgctttc tgtcagccat ggctctccat ggactctagc    154440
     tggcatggtg ctttatctaa gcaccctgga ccaagcaagc agagtcccct gaaaccctga    154500
     gtccaaaata ataatcctcc cctttaagtt gtcacaatat gtattcagtc tacaatgaca    154560
     ataaaataaa cacagaaaat tggtaccaga agaatgaggt tgttgttgtg gctaaacctg    154620
     accatatggt ttgtaaacct ttggaattgg tttgtgggag ggatttggaa gagtttggca    154680
     atgtgggcta gaggaaccct agaatgcttt aaggcgtata gcagaggtgg aacttagtaa    154740
     tattgaagac aagaaactgg ccagactcct gagctttcaa atgggacaaa gactctatca    154800
     ggatttggac cagggacatt cattttgcat tctggtaaag catgtgtcta tctccccctc    154860
     ccccgccccc attttatgga aggctgagtt taactgtgat gggatagttt atctatttgg    154920
     agaaagatct aagaaaatac aatatttaag caatggcata accattgctg gctgcttttt    154980
     agctaggctt gcaggaagat ttgggaacag agagcagagt agaaatattt gatttggcca    155040
     gaaaaagagc atacttaaag ttgtgggaaa gggtagctct agatttcagg ttatgaccat    155100
     ttaaaaaatc cagtaccttc catcaggaca aggaatgatg tcttaatgat atcttaagaa    155160
     ctggctagac ctcaccacaa caggtacaag ggtatgaaag agtagattta ttttaaagat    155220
     ttataccctg atcacaaagg attgtgtaaa aaagtgttta ccaagattgg tttttatgtc    155280
     cagccactta agcattcaga ggtcacaata gccacaatag ccacaaggtc caaggaggcc    155340
     tggcttcttc ctgagctagc agcagaccct ggcaccatcc atccatgttg atttgtaaat    155400
     actcagaatg caaaagttac agaatcgcag aggttttcac cctgatttta aaggagggtc    155460
     ttggagtcta ggtaaagtat ggtggggtca gaatccccag gctgatgtat gaagctgtaa    155520
     gactgaagag cagcagcagg gagtctagga agacagagat gccctggtaa ggaaggtacc    155580
     acccaggtca gggattttat attcacgtgg gactagaaga taaagtgaag tcttaagagc    155640
     cctcaaatgc atggttagga ttttccatta agatatttgg caagttttcg aagatgaatc    155700
     gatacaaatc caaataagat aaaagctttt aaataagtct tataaaatat gtcaatctag    155760
     gtctttataa accagcttag taccaagaaa gaagcggcac ttttacctca tctctcctgc    155820
     aaagcaaagg ggatttcctg actgataatt gcaattatgt gaggtaaata gagttccttt    155880
     atatcatgtt gagaaaacac ttaaaattac tagacattaa gcagcaagat aacaaatgag    155940
     aaaatgaaaa acagaaacag aataccatag atgatccata tattgaagtt agctgacaaa    156000
     gattttaaaa ataactatgg ttaatatctt aaataaagga aaaggtagaa aacagacaaa    156060
     tgatgagttg atggtaaaat tacatctatg aaatgaaaat ctaatgaata tgaattataa    156120
     atatataata catattatat attttaaatg atatatatta tatatttaaa attctatata    156180
     taatatatat ttagaattca tatccaatat ataagatgaa tggttgattt tatttacaga    156240
     atactattac aaatgtgtct caagaaagtt aagaagaaac tgtcaaaact caggtcatag    156300
     agataaagaa tgaaaacaac cacagatgaa tcctgtggga agcatttgga agctactcta    156360
     acagtctagc acagatacaa tcataatata agagagaaaa gaatttatgg atcagaaaaa    156420
     tattttaaga gataaaagct aagattttta agaagttatt gaaaaatacc aatgaatata    156480
     ttcgataaaa gtgcccccca ggcagattat actgaataca caaaaaaatt tataggtgtt    156540
     tctagagtaa aaataaggcc aaaaaacaaa caccagatta gacccaaatg gtgaaggtta    156600
     agaatggtgc aattttcaat agtaacaata aaagaatata atgatggtct tccttcagaa    156660
     ttttcaggag aaattttcct ttctaaagtt ctatacctag caaaactatc aatcaggtaa    156720
     aaggatagaa taaggatatt taaaaacaca cacaagctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    156780
     ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacataactc tcttctttta ctcttttgca    156840
     tgaagttatt catggggggg tacactccat caaaatgagg gatgaaacca aggaagcaga    156900
     taacttggga tataaaaaac agtttatcaa caaagacatt gaatggtaaa gggtctaacg    156960
     gcagaaactt acctcatcag atatggcttc catcttctgg agtttggcaa tgagctggtt    157020
     catgctacct cgtaggtcct ggatttcccc agtgtgatgt cgtaccttct cctggtacat    157080
     ccttattaag gaggtaaaac aagacctgac tgttttatga tgttggtacc tttttgaaca    157140
     acctttaaaa ccttccctct cctgggtcta ccactcacaa acctcagttt cttattccta    157200
     aaacattatt cattttcttc tttttgcttg gaatatttgt aagtccagct caatctttct    157260
     aaaatattca tgaataattt ttgtctaagc aagaacactg tcaccaggta acagattgtt    157320
     agttaatatt tctttccaga aaccatttac tgagcaccga ttgtgagcca ggaactattt    157380
     aagatgtttc acattttaaa acatttctgt ttacccagaa caacatgaaa gctatgcctc    157440
     atctcacaaa tgaggagtca aaggtccaga aaaaggggtg acttgcttaa gttcagtcac    157500
     atacaattca caggagttag gatttaagtc tagactggtc tgaatattgt gctcatattg    157560
     ttggctaagg atacacccca gattccaact atagctgagc tttttagagg aaaatagtac    157620
     taagtacttt tctcttacct caggctctgc aatggaccat ttatgctgtc atcctaatga    157680
     agaattgaag aaaggagaga tctttgtcaa gtggtctaac ctgagcttgg tgagagcttc    157740
     atctctgtgg tctatcatag cagtaaattc atccattcat ccaccttcat ttttactctc    157800
     tcatccatcc actcatcagc tacacaaatt tgaagcttta ccctcattat tcttccatcc    157860
     atccatccat ccccctatcc attcttcctc tatcacactc ccacctggta accagccacc    157920
     catcactgat aatggcagtt ccctgtacca tttccctgaa atggctgttg cttgtatgaa    157980
     tcagctccat ctgctctctt taggggttac cagtacagtt ggggagatgc tcatggtaac    158040
     agataacaga ggagagaggc aaatgtgaca tcctttgctt cggagtgcct ggaggttgtg    158100
     atctctcttg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ggtccctcag accctcattc    158160
     tctgtaggtc tctgtgattc tctccatcag gagttctgac tcttttcttt cttttttcac    158220
     cagaaaacaa agccctctga ctcactaaag cagagagagt agagagagca gtgtggttcc    158280
     ttacagcctt attttaggtg gggctctaga gaaaggagat gggccactgc tgggctgagt    158340
     gacagatagt gatagacaga tagccatttg atggtggtca gatgactatg tgtagtcctt    158400
     tagagagggg ttcctggtgg ttagagtggc aaaggtagct atttggatct gggatgagtc    158460
     aagaacgaac tatcatccag atttggtgag agtaagagaa attgcagtgg ggatattaat    158520
     tggtttaggt agatcagtca gccatgggtc ctggaggggc ttacactcac ctgccagact    158580
     tccacttttg atggtaagtg catggaaaac atccagaagc ctgtgggtca caaaagtaag    158640
     aatgacccac ttaagtcaaa ggttgaaagc ttggggtcag gaattgaggc atctaggtta    158700
     tgcttgtgta attttgggag aagttactta atctctgcat agctcagtgt ccttgacgct    158760
     aagataggaa tagtgtaata tctgcattgt gctcaaatga tgtcctttgt gagatgtgtg    158820
     tcacacaagt taaataacac acaccacctt ccaccttgta tttcagcctt gttgcctagt    158880
     gggcaaagag aagtcagggt gggtcttatc tgcattttta tgagctctag gctggcttga    158940
     gtctattatt taaagccttt aaaacatatt tgttgttttt aattttaaaa agttttcaaa    159000
     gcatttcttg gcctctgcaa ctaaatgttc atttctctta agctgcaggg cagccctctc    159060
     aagacaggtg gggtaactgg cagcataaag acatgactgt gctagagccc tggaccccct    159120
     ctcctacggt gggcccaagc ctgacacctt cacctaagca gggcccttgg agactcacca    159180
     aaaacacaga ggaccagaag gcccatcttt tccatgactt tctggcagaa caacttgcat    159240
     ctgagaagca gaatggccat ggtcagggtc agcggaagca tctggcaggt tccctgtcct    159300
     tgctccattg ttctgtctat ttgtgctttg tctctttcag ttcccatcct ttattgaact    159360
     tgtccttcag ctctaatgct ccctccttct agggcctcca gactcactca cctcaacctg    159420
     caatcttagc ctggctggaa gcccatgatg gttgtgaagg gaggcaaggc tcccagagga    159480
     gccatgaaag agatatttaa aatgtaaagt ttaactagat aaatgaggtg aacatctcag    159540
     aagagagatt atgtagacaa agcaagctca gggagacaag tggatacggg gtgaagtcat    159600
     tctggacagg aagaacacta tgaaggaacc acatgggaac ctgggtaggg gtgttcgagg    159660
     accgagactt gcaggccctg tgggtccaca gaaggaaggc atctaggaag agaatggcag    159720
     gccaaggttc atgctgggga gttgagcaat ggagagctac agcgagtctg ggatggggaa    159780
     tgtagcaaaa gccaggttga gaatgactca tctggtctga ctagtacgga gagagcaact    159840
     aatgaagaca ctgtcactgc ccctaccctt ccctctcccc tgtttacctg caggtgttaa    159900
     ggaaaacttg ctgggtctga gtcctcagga agcaggctag gtaggtgagc caggctgaag    159960
     gggagacagg agggcagcaa ggaggtgcac tctcattcgg gtcccatggt gagcactcat    160020
     tgtctgtcct gggcctgggg gataccttga ctatctcggt ttggtggttg aacccaggat    160080
     agcccctggc tcagctcatg taaaccacca gaagtttatg gcctatgagt tcatgcctct    160140
     tttgaagatg gcagttaata aagcctggca tactaggtag cacaaaagat ggtgtgtgtt    160200
     aatgtcatcc ctggacactg ggagcctgga gagggctgtg tccttgtaga gctcatctct    160260
     ggagtgtgga gcatggttaa gttaagttag gaagtgaggg ttcagggtag atgataggtg    160320
     tgtgcatggg agagaggaga atggagaaga gggtaggtgt gcagtttgga agattggtag    160380
     atagtaaaat ggagaccagg ggactgatgg gttaacagag agttgattgt ctataggaac    160440
     agatgaaaat acaggggaag cgatgagtgt ctcagtggtt gagtggatag acagaggatg    160500
     gatggatgga tgaatgggtg ggtaatggac ggatgatgcg tggatgggtg ggtgggtaat    160560
     ggacagatga tggatggatg ggtgagtggg tgggtgatgg acggatgatg gatggatggg    160620
     tgggtgggaa atggagtcaa agtagagaag gccctgggga ctgttcctct tatagcagca    160680
     agctctcctt ttacttcctc ctctagggag gccctacttg gatttggtgg ggaagcctgt    160740
     agctccttga atacactgcc atccagggca gcctaagttc tagaagagcc tggtttgaag    160800
     ctgctacctg ttccctgtcc cctggtagtc aagttactcc atatatacat acacatatat    160860
     cccagtagga tctggactag gctgaggcct ggggtgttca tgcggagagg caacagaagg    160920
     gggtcatctg cagagaacac agatcacaag gtctctgcca gcctcaggac atgggcttgc    160980
     agagacctgg ggcccccggg cttggtgtat gggtctttgc tgctctaccc tgagcttctc    161040
     acaccaggtc ctagtgaagc cccaggactc tgtccttgct cactcatgtt tgccggggct    161100
     ggctctgcca ttctgctgat atagcttctt tggacgcccc tgaggatgac aaggttcaca    161160
     gtcatatttt acatcgtaca caatttgtgg tgccaccaca ttccagactg agaaccaggg    161220
     acagacaagg tctggctgac ctcaaataaa ttttttttat ttggctgaaa tgaggcccat    161280
     aggcggccat tcctactctc ctcctcccca gacagtcatg gttctccatg acactacacc    161340
     taaggttaac cttttgacaa gaaagaagag cacagcatag caggagcttg ggatttcgga    161400
     aacaccagag aactctctcg ggcccgcttg gttagggaga tacaaatatt cttcattttg    161460
     taagttaaca atcactaaac attttaaaat ttgattctct atgtgtgttt ttactaagaa    161520
     atcaacacat ctagctgttg tattttgaat actagatgtt tccagatggg ttaaagaatt    161580
     ggtttccaga gtggtggttt ctggagttag gcctttaaga tgtgaggcct agtaggaagt    161640
     cctttaggtc attgggtgca tatcctggaa agggattgtg ggtttcctgt ctttcccccc    161700
     ttctctcttt gcttcttgga tcatgaagtg atcgctcttc tctccatact tttgccatgt    161760
     catattgtca caaaaaaaca accaaccagc caaacaaaca aacactaggt ccttgattat    161820
     ggcctagaac ttccaaacct tttctctttg taagctgatt atcacaggtg ctttgttata    161880
     gcgatagaac agtctcacat tgtgcccagc tatgctaaca gagtatcaac tttccacaaa    161940
     tataagattc atgcatttct gaggcctatg tggcatgtga gggtaatcag tgaacctcaa    162000
     aataaccaga atagaggagt ttgtaacttt ccaacacaaa gacctgctcc ttactctgac    162060
     cgcaccatct cacatgtaag tctctcagtg tggtaacgtg gtaccacatt gcacccgata    162120
     aaacaatcat aggccaactt aaacactagg gatgagacaa ctatataaaa ggatgaacta    162180
     aaatgctcag gttttaaaga aattccttct ttccccatgg actgttattt ggaaaaaagg    162240
     tatcatttca aatgggaatc cctgttgcct gcgactggat ggctcttgaa aaggagggta    162300
     cagatatgtt tccttcttcc caacactagc ctgaggtaca gtgggaccgt gagcaggagg    162360
     ggctgatgca atactgcact ctcagatcac tgtacaggct acagcacaca gtagacacac    162420
     agtaaataca tgctaaaatg ataactgctt tgtgctctac cattgcccag gagacctaga    162480
     gaaagctact ttgagcctct gtcctcagca gttacttctg taagacagtt gacaaggctg    162540
     gcttttcccc aaggaactct gtatgggctg ggaaaggcag gagctggcct cacctcctag    162600
     gcctgccact gtgagttgtg tcttcaggta gggtacacaa ggccccgatg ttcctcgtcc    162660
     ggggcattga tttcctttta taaagggcca aggatggagg tctatgggag tcaatgagga    162720
     ggaagtggct gccactgccg ccaccaccat tgagtattcc ctggaaggtg acatggaatt    162780
     tactgggtca gatggaactg tcagctctgt gacctcatag agtacttgga tggatcccaa    162840
     gtctcctgaa actttgtctc agttagggtt ccattgctgt gaagaaacgc catgaccagg    162900
     gaaactctga taaagacaac atttagtaaa ggctggctta caggatcaga agttcagtcc    162960
     attgacatca aggcaggagc atggcagcat ccaggcatgc atggtgctgg aggagctgag    163020
     agttctacac cttcatccaa aggcagacag gagaagactg gctgactccc atgtggctag    163080
     gaggagggtc ttaaagccca cccccacagt gacacacttc ctccaacaag gccacaccta    163140
     ctctaacaag tgcacacctc ctaatagtgc cattccctgg gtcaagaata ttcaaagcac    163200
     cccaaccctc cctcagagga tgccattgtg acttactttt catttggaaa atgggaaggt    163260
     gaagctgtaa gccagggagg gccagaggct gggcaagaaa ggaggtgcca acaatcaagc    163320
     cacactcctt gctcctaaga ctctttgctg ccttaggctt cctgggcttg aactcactgg    163380
     ctggtgttca cattacatga aaaaacattc tttatgctct tgttttaata aagtcccacc    163440
     tttttactag ggttaaaaag aaagcaccat aaatggaaat gtctggttag attctaacac    163500
     cccactcacc cccacttatc cttgcctgaa gctgataatt cacttttact ccctgatggc    163560
     catggctgag gatctatggg atatggcatc ccaggtcccc atgatggcct gctcaataaa    163620
     acctgaccag aaggatctgt taagttgaac ggtgtaggga agctggagct agcagatgga    163680
     atggtgtggt cagatgacct tgagataggg agaataacct agattaccca gcaggccgag    163740
     gactctccca gggtcctcat aggtgacaag tcagaataag aaacctgctg gttgaggatg    163800
     gaggaggggc caggagtcag aagaccaaga aactgccctc tcctgaagtc ttagcatagg    163860
     acaacagctc tgccaacacc aacacctctc tctctcctag taagacttgt ttaaacttct    163920
     gacctccaga actgcatagt tcagttaata ggctgcttgc ttagcatcca tgaagccctg    163980
     ggttctactt cccagtgctc aacaaacggg ccgtgtacct gtactcccag agcgtgttag    164040
     atgtggaggc aggatgatcc gaagttcaag gttatccctg tctacatagc aaattggagg    164100
     ttagcctgtg ctataatgag accctatatt aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagct gatgagtctt    164160
     tgaatttcta agtgtgtggt gatttgtcat tgcggccccc gaaaaggctc agtgaagggg    164220
     aaactcaaat cctgatacta attcttacaa ggctttctaa taaatagttc attgactcaa    164280
     cgttatttag cattcaccat gttccagctc agggcacggg gttgagcgga agactcctct    164340
     cttggggctg tcggcagagt accttgcata taggaagtgc ttggcccatc gggcttgccg    164400
     ttgctgccag gaggctgcag gttctggaga aggtcctggt gaagtctctt cctttgtttc    164460
     acctggatgt tacccaagtg tcccttgtgc cggaagcgtt gaagaacagg aagtattcat    164520
     gttgaaagca aacactgaga gagtggcatc ggtcaatatt tgtatgtctc ttcactgtgt    164580
     gtgatgagtg tgcaaaaggt cctggtcttg gatgatggtg ggcaaaccga tgctgagagt    164640
     ggggtttagc aaccttggat gcctcattat ttctgcctct gagatttggc tcaggggcac    164700
     tggctcggag gcagggctat tccaggaaca cttgatggtg tctgcaaccc attagcttca    164760
     taggtatcag acctctccgg taccagttcc aggttagtct gggctccaag cctggtattt    164820
     gggctggtgt ggtcatcagg agttatatgg ggttctagag taggagaaca tacccccaga    164880
     tcacttgtgt ctgcgtctga ggtgaatcac tgagagagag ggagctcctg cagccaggcc    164940
     attgtctctt gtgcatacgt gtacacacgt gtgttcatgt gcatgatctc tctaccccag    165000
     aaagcagtcc attgaagtcg catacacaca ggaacctcaa atagccatcc tagactcaca    165060
     gtccctttca ctcaatagcc caacatacct gtccacagaa ctcttcatgc ctgtgccaat    165120
     gaagtgacat cattaaccaa gatgtcactg tgccatgcca cctacatacc ctcagacatc    165180
     catttctctc ttataccagt ccctatgacc ttatgtgtgt gcatatgtaa cggcgcatcc    165240
     tatgacttat gtgtgtgcat atgtaatggt gcattctatg acttatgtgt gtgcatatat    165300
     aatggtgcat cttacaacct tatgtgtgtg tatatgtaat ggtgcatcct atgacttatg    165360
     tgtgtgcata tataatggtg catcttacaa ccttatgtgt gtgcatatgt aatggcgaat    165420
     cctatgactt atgtgtgtgc atatataatg gtgcatctta caaccttatg tgtgtgcata    165480
     tgtaatggtg catcctatga cttatgtgtg tgtatatgta atggtgcatc ctatgactta    165540
     tgtgtatgca tatgtaatgg tgcatcctat gacttatgtg tatgcatatg taatggtgca    165600
     tcctatgact tatgtgtgtg catatgtaat ggtgcatcct atgacttatg tgtgtgcata    165660
     tataatggtg catcttacaa ccttatgtgt gtgtatatgt aatggtgcat cctatgactt    165720
     atgtgtgtgc atatgtaatg gtgcatccta tgacttatgt gtgtgtatat gtaatggtgc    165780
     atcctatgac ttatgtgtat gcatatgtaa tggtgcatcc tatgacttat gtgtgtgcat    165840
     atgtaatggt gcatcctatg acttatgtgt gtgcatatat aatggtgcat cttacaacct    165900
     tatgtgtgtg tatatgtaat ggtgcatcct atgacttatg tgtgtgcata tgtaatggtg    165960
     catcctatga cttatgtgtg tgcatatata atggtgcatc ttacaacctt atgtgtgtgt    166020
     atatgtaatg gtgcatccta tgacttatgt gtgtgcatat gtaatggtgc atcctatgac    166080
     ttatgtgtgt gcatatataa tggtgcatct tacaacctta tgtgtgtgca tatgtaatgg    166140
     cgcatcttat gacttatgtg tgtgcatatg taatggtgca tttgcaaccc catgctcaca    166200
     tccttgccac cttttctttt acacaggaca gtctacttct actgtgacag atgtgagctt    166260
     ggagagcctt gggtgtgaca gggaacattg ggtcagccac actgtcttct gttccctttt    166320
     gagtgaagtc tcagtgtgtg accggtatca gggctcagat atcctcttgc ccttacttat    166380
     gtttctggaa gagcttggag acacaaggct atcaccctgc ccttgggcac cccctgctct    166440
     tggaccttgc ctgggcctgg atggtatggt gagagagctc tcccggagag agttctcctt    166500
     ccagagagct acagatactt gagtggaaac agcccagttc cagggtctct cagcagttgg    166560
     cagccgtgct tgcatacgtg gcagatgcat cccacagggg gatggagaca cttgacaagg    166620
     cgatgtttgc agggaaaaca cttgcaacca caagcaaact ggccgctccc tggctcctgc    166680
     ttcatggtcc gcaggctgca gtgggggagc ctcataaagc agctgtgccc ttgccttcca    166740
     agcagaccat ctcgaggctg agcatccgct gtcttcagaa cctctgaggt aggaatgagc    166800
     tgcggagctg cttctccctc tggtcccagg ggatgccatc ttctgctact cccttgcaac    166860
     tgactccgcc tgtccctggc tttgcaggga acactgacca gtgccatatt gatgggtttc    166920
     agctagccct aattgcattc ctgcaatggg ggtgagaccc ctctctccca gaactgggta    166980
     cacatgttat ctttaggctg gtctggtctc aggggagcta ggccaccctc aggccattct    167040
     tcatttggct agattgacac agagatggga gttgtcatgg gtcctccctg gtaagatcta    167100
     gatagctgaa cacgaggtta gtttggcaga atgggctgga catttgactc tatataactg    167160
     gactgtaggg tactaaggct gagttgtttc tgcacttgca gataactgcc ttccattccc    167220
     catcttgacc tcaccttctg atactgcttg ggtcttgctc ccctacctgc cctgccccac    167280
     ccccatttct gtctgctgtg ccaattcagg aaaggctaca tcctctcaag gcgggtgcag    167340
     gtcttggcta attttagact ctctcatggt ttcttacaaa gcaggtcatt cccaaaacag    167400
     aaatgcaaat tgtatgtgtt tggggtttgg agcagggctc tgaccatcac tcaacctggg    167460
     tacaggctgg gctgagacgt taatgcccga gggtgggacg gacattctgg tccagctccc    167520
     tgatacttgt ctctactctg gcccacagat cctggtgcag cagctggggc agccatggct    167580
     agggcatgca gtctaggcct gcttctgctg ctgttgctgc tgctgcggac tgtagtcact    167640
     gtctccttgc ctgtcattgt ggtccgactc aacaaggcag cattggatta tggtaagaga    167700
     cctgccaact tgccaccccg tgtgctggtg agagccaggt ttgaatgaat acaagcatct    167760
     cagaggaatg tgcgttttta attgttgtgc cgcttggcat gggacccaga gcctggtgca    167820
     tgctgggaaa gtgctccaac actgagcaga atcctagccc ttgtgatgct ggtattacag    167880
     gtgtaccagg ggagaacctg ggtttgtaag tgtcactgtg tcctgctgcc cagtagctaa    167940
     ttagggagtc tgtggtgatc agtaatatga aagtgcaaat gtaaacacac agttgtgagc    168000
     ttgtgtcttg tgtgggcata tgcttaaaaa caacaaaaca aaacaacccc cctcaaaaaa    168060
     aaaatcaaga tttattttta aacattaaaa aaaaacaaag caaaactgag acagagtctc    168120
     ccttaggcta gccttgaact ctcagtcctc ctgccccagc tccctgattg ctggtattgt    168180
     agacatatgc ctgtccctgg acctagatca gctaacttga gtggctgact ttataactgt    168240
     gagttcttgt gagtttggag tgtcaggggg atgtgatgtg agtgctgggg aggctatgtg    168300
     cctgtggtgt gtgtctgaat gtgcatgcac aggtgtggtg tgtacctcaa gtgcacacat    168360
     gagcttgtgt ggtatctgtg ctcacacatg gaccgaggag aggcatgtca gggcagtaag    168420
     tcagggacat tctgaagttg gatctctgcg gggcccagcc cctcgggggt tgggggacac    168480
     aggtctctcc cctgtggctt ttcttctagg tgttttcaag tcctaccctc tcccatggga    168540
     aaaggtacac tgaggaaact gaggcccaca gggaaggaca aagtcgcaaa ggccaaatat    168600
     cccatcacag aaatctttat ttcccaccag ctgcctctca gaaaactttt ggggttccat    168660
     cagtgggatc tggagacgct tgcacaaaga tcagactcga gttgattaga atgtgaggga    168720
     ctccatccag accagagaag ggactgtaat ggccagagca caaagcggcg agccagcagc    168780
     ttgtctcagg gcacgtgcac agctctctgg gaccttgcat ccgggcagat ggacagacac    168840
     ggaaagtgat cagtgatcca tgacagtatg atccacacat ggcagcaatg gatgcctggg    168900
     acctggatct gaggatggcc tcctggggta tctgccctgc cctttgcttg ttttgtacag    168960
     ggctcctttg tccccaagcc ttcctggctc atctgcccgt gtttgttcac aatgggtgga    169020
     aacctggcaa gaaacctatg cagcccacag cgcttctaaa cctggatggg tggtttccca    169080
     tggattcctc cccacgttac cctgcaagcc ccagagttta ggccctgtgc cagggagcac    169140
     tgtgaatgga gtccgcagtc caggtgtgag tctcagctca gccaggctgg agtgcacatc    169200
     gtgagcatgg aggccatgac ctttctcctc tctgcttgga gaaacggagg ctcagatggg    169260
     aacaaagagt tttcattatg ctagtgagtc tgagtcaagt tctagcctca tggcttcgtc    169320
     tcatgcttcc ttctagagcc ctcagctctc tgttttattc catcgtcttc tgtagctggg    169380
     gcctaccagc ataggtgagg gggagtcatc agattcagag acaggccact gtatccagac    169440
     ctgcttttct ctcagccatg tgtcctcact tctctgtaaa ctgggcctag gaataaaaga    169500
     aagtgctcaa aatagtgctg ggtacacctg gagcactgta tggggacagc cactgttctt    169560
     ataaaggccc gcagcaccgg catgaggagc atgcatgtac accatttaca gtgtccccaa    169620
     gagatgagca ttgtaatcag tgcccatgtc gcaatgggga aagtgtggca tggagcatcc    169680
     ctgcaggcag taaacagtag ggctgggacc tgcatccagc acctgggtac atgtgatcag    169740
     gatgaggctg tcccttctgt cccctcccag gggatgcctc tcagattcca ggattggtta    169800
     gtgattcctt caggtcggtg acttgggaaa gctctaggag caactggcac tcacattaag    169860
     ccttgcaaga ggactaagga ttttactgta ttggaggaac aggtggagga ggggtgggag    169920
     ggagggcatg atgaatcggg tacattgcat gggctagcct ggtgcagccc ttctccctat    169980
     gagccactcc aagcttgtct catctggtac ctgcatgctc caccagaagg gcaggacagg    170040
     tgataggtag tgggttcttc atgcttggtg gatccaggaa cttgacctca ccctgccctg    170100
     accccacagt gtcggacatt gggaaagccc ctctccagcg ggccctgcag gtcactatct    170160
     ctgatttcat ggatccaagt ggggaggtgc ttcagtctac caggtgagtg ctcccatcct    170220
     ccagagagag agagagtgct ccagctgctg gctggaatgt ttgtctggcc aaacgagtgg    170280
     tgctttggct cacttggagg gggatcttaa atgagcttta ctggagagcc tcagctggca    170340
     gtggtctgga ctatcagatg agcccatgag tctacgggtg agtaaacctc tccagctcag    170400
     aagggcctgt catcaggtgt gaagttgtaa gaagacttgg caaatagggt cacccggtaa    170460
     ccctgggtta gtttataagt ttcttctccc aggggctcag actgtggccc tggggtccat    170520
     tgatctgagt atcaacctct tcttccaaat gcttgtcacc aaatttaaac acaatgacaa    170580
     tcccagctct atcctcaacc ccttaatgca taaagaccca aaggggtgga gacatcccaa    170640
     actcaaacac aatggctact gtgcctatcc ttatggggat acaaactggc tattgcaagg    170700
     gttctgagtg ttcaagaaat ctgtctatct tattaccaac aaatctatct acttacctac    170760
     ctatcaacta caatcttctc tctctttttt ttcctcctgt tttgttggtg acagggtctt    170820
     cctatgtagc tgaggctacc ctttaacttg caatcttcct gttcctgaaa cttggggatc    170880
     aagggcctga catactgtgt ccaacttatc atctatagtc aaagacacca gaacagagca    170940
     taggtcaaca caccgggagc ttggaaccag cggtttgaga ctcctcagat agggctggag    171000
     tgctgtttta gtatgttaat ggctagggcc ttaataatgc actggatagg gacacaactg    171060
     ccgaggagtt gcccgaggat cctcactatc caggaaggct gtggccggat gcagtaggct    171120
     taaagttggg ctgtgtaggg aaatggtctt ggatccatat cactccaggc taaaatgagg    171180
     catttgaaag tggggccata ttctgatatc tgaatcgtct taaccctacc ccttccaact    171240
     gctgggcagg gagaaaatga ctttcactta cacaaaaagg aagtctctgg gagtcactgg    171300
     gagttcccag aagcttggaa ggaagggtgt tttctgttgg tgagggccaa aggtgatact    171360
     agaatctaag gctagaatac tctgggaatt tctgagttgc agggacctca gcgtctctct    171420
     cctggatttc aggcttacag ggatatagtc agaactgaaa gaaacacatc cgatcatctc    171480
     cctatgtcct gcctgaggcc agacacctct gtttgccttt gtatcagctg ggcgtcttgc    171540
     atgcctcctg tgcttgagag cttttcacct ccctcttgca atggtctgct caccaggaag    171600
     cccttcttta tagcatcagc atgtggggtt ggctcagggg agcctccctg gggttggttc    171660
     tgtgcttgac gggagttccc ttgtccctcg ggttccaacc ccacagggtt cagattctgg    171720
     atgcccacgt gcccttcttc tacttgaagt tcattgctgg ttttggggta catttatcag    171780
     ccgcagccaa tttcaccatc aaagtcttta ggtgagtgaa tctctttttc ggggggtggg    171840
     gaggggcagg agtttcaggg tctctcccag ggaagagcaa ggggagaggg ctaacggtat    171900
     ctccatggcc cttgtcaccc tctgggggag tgagacagga gagaaccctg gagaccttgg    171960
     tcctgcctta gtcctgtgca gctggtggag atgtctcctg tctctttatc tgacttgaga    172020
     tgaaccttgc aggcgactgt gagggcttta ctgaattgat ttgatgcttt agttacctgg    172080
     tatctgtcca gaaatttgtc catttcgtcc aggttttagt tatggtgttc ggcctcttcc    172140
     acagtgccaa gtacaggaga ggtgctccat aaattatgtt agcggcggca tcatttctct    172200
     gtttcaggca gcttctgtgt aactgcattt aatgctaact tcgtgcattg acatttcaag    172260
     gaatcctttg tctttattgt tttgcccaag cactgtgagg ttaagctgct cctcagtgct    172320
     gtaatgttag ggtgctcctt agtgttatga tggtgagtgc tccttagtgc tgtgctgttg    172380
     gagtgctcct cagtgctgtg atataacgag tgctccctgg ccctgtaatg gtatgagtgc    172440
     cccgtgtcat tgtgatggta tgagtacccc atggcactgt aacatgtacc tcccagtgct    172500
     tagatatgtt aggggtgctc tccgtgactg ggcacagagc tggtgttctc acaaaatgag    172560
     attttggaga gttcagcaca gtgctatgaa gcaggcacca ccagtttcct gtccgtttca    172620
     cagaagggag agctgaggct caccccggtt agtgtctggc ccagagccct gtcacaggag    172680
     tcacaggaag cccgaatcat actcatgtct gtgctgtgac tctgagtggg gggctctgga    172740
     gggttgaccc aggctggggg atccgtgcag tctctctaca ctgggatggg ctcaggtctg    172800
     tcttcctgca gtgtcccaga gcccatggag ctggtgctgc ctgtagactt gctggctgat    172860
     gtgcacgtgg cccgggactc tattgggacc cttgtgctca gcgtccctgc ctgctcttcc    172920
     atcttcagtc cagccggcat gctggatggc agtatcaggt aggtttgtgg gagcactggg    172980
     tctcaggcat tcctggtacc aagcactgtt acttgtgttt cttactcaag ccttcatcca    173040
     atggcaacaa aggaccaagg agattctgtc atcacacctg ttccatgatt tagcccagtg    173100
     aagctctgag aggatcaggg gcttgcctga tgcctgcatc ttggtcactt ccctgtatca    173160
     gctaccagtg cacactagcc agtctccact tgtctttggg atgatatgaa gccactcggc    173220
     ctggctgttg ggtcccttac aggccacacc tccctgcaga ggtggagagt acaggcttgg    173280
     gaggtggggt aggaccagcc aagctctctg tgtcaggtgg ctgatcaaat cagcatctta    173340
     ggctaacagc agctcccacc tccagctgtt ttgtggatgc cgctcttgga ccttcacaga    173400
     cgtcatctcc atgagctcca cattgtctga ccaggggtgt gctagggtcc catgccacag    173460
     gaagtaagtg gaggttcaaa gtacaggtga ttcaaggcag atggactcac catcccattg    173520
     cttgggtccc tcttcccacc caccaccatt cctgctcttt ccttagcgtc ttccactcta    173580
     tggtggccaa gcactgggaa gtcctgaaag agctgcatca gtcccacaaa gcttgacttt    173640
     ttccccagag agcagcgaat gcacagaatc ccacccatgc tgagtccctc ctggctgcag    173700
     aagggaacca ggtcatataa acacacagag atagcttttc ctctaagagt gaagaggctg    173760
     tggctgagag caaaccaaaa gagccacagg ttcctctggg ccactgttga gaaacaccag    173820
     catataccgg tgccttgttc agaggtccaa tgctaagcag atgctcttca aagcatccct    173880
     ggcactgaag ccaaagcgac aaggagacct gggactccag atctactccc tactcctacc    173940
     cacctgagca gcccgggagc cagctggctg aggacatggc cacaaagggc tttttcaagg    174000
     tccaatctct gtcttctgtc cccccaagcc tggcctcagt tatcaccgtt ttggctgctt    174060
     ccaacccttg agaggaagga taccgtcctc tgagactcat gctccttcgc tgtgggcgag    174120
     gggaccactg ttctaacact gcctggagca tggcatgatc tcagatgggc atctctggac    174180
     tgctgactga ggacagagac ttctgcccca gctgtctgtg tggttcagcc aagatccatg    174240
     cccagggaac tcagacactt tctgtgtcac ttccacagta cctcccagga gctgctcgac    174300
     cgggtgcagg agcacatcaa agctgaccta aacaacaagg taaggggctt ctggtacatg    174360
     gcttagcttg gaaggtctga ggcatgagtg gtggggcttc aggctctggg ggaggggcat    174420
     tgtatctttt tttgtttttt gtttttttgg gtttttttgt gacagggttt ctctctatag    174480
     ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga tcaggctggc cttgaactca gaaatctgcc    174540
     tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcacc accactgcct ggtgggcatt    174600
     gtatcttgat gtgcatctgt gtgtatgtgc tccaatgcat gtaagtgtac atgtgtgcaa    174660
     gctcgtacat gcatgtatcc aagtatgtga tggtgacctc agctccctcc cctcaggctg    174720
     tgtaatggac aggccagccc tgggtgagag aactgatgtg tgagaggaat ttagaagtgg    174780
     cgactgcaga gctagtctgt tgccatggtt gaaattgtag gtctgatcat tgcatgcagc    174840
     taacttggtg agagacgatt cctgagccct gagccccact gccagagtag actcttcttc    174900
     cctagcctcg ctcagcccaa ccataagggg cagcagcaga agtcatatct acctagtgtg    174960
     tgtcatttcc accccggagg taatggcagt attcacaggc tatgagcgcc ttggcctgtt    175020
     cctctccagc tgttggcagc ttctctcacc tcctcagcac cctaagaggg gtggaaagcc    175080
     agtcacttca aggaggaaaa ggaagggacc caggcttggt tctgcagcct gggaggcctc    175140
     tgaggggcga tgacaaggac ctgcagccat gctgttcctc acccacacat ctaaatggcc    175200
     ctcaccacag cttcttttct tttgccacag ctgtgcttgc atgtctatgg cctggtccag    175260
     gatctcaatg ttcacttggg cactttaatc ggtaagacct ggagcccagg gaatgggagg    175320
     gctgggccat tgggccctaa gaaccttcaa agatgcctcc ctgtgcctgg agatggtgtt    175380
     gccttcattg ctggcttctg attctttttt ttttttttta attttttttt attaggtatt    175440
     ttcctcgttt acattttcaa tgctatccca aaggtccccc atatccaccc ccccaatccc    175500
     ctacccaccc actccccctt tttggccccg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atctaaagtt    175560
     ggcaagtcca atgggcctct ctttgcagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatgcata    175620
     tgcagctaga gacaagagct ctggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatag    175680
     ggttgcagtt ccctttagct ccttgggtaa tatctctagc tcctgcattg ggggccgtgt    175740
     gacccatcca atagctgact gtgatcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagt    175800
     ctcacaagag agagctatat ctgggtcctt tcagcaaaat tttgctagtg tgtgcaatgg    175860
     tgtcagtgtt tggaagctga ttatgggatg gatccctgca tatggcaatc actagatggt    175920
     ccatcttttt gtcacagctc caaattttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg gtgttttgtt    175980
     cccatttcta ggaaggggta aagtgtccac actttggtct tcattcttct tgaatttcat    176040
     gtgtttagca agttgtatct tatatcttgg gtatcctaag tttctgggct aatatccact    176100
     tatcagtgag tacatattgt gtgagttcct ttgtgattgg gttacctcac tcaggatgga    176160
     ctccaggtcc atccatttgc ctaggaattt cataaattca tttttttaat agctgagtag    176220
     tattccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg    176280
     ggttctttcc agcttctggc tactataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg    176340
     tccttcttac cggttgggac atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgcgggatcc    176400
     tccggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttcggagg aaccaccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt    176460
     acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaatggagg agtgttcccc tttctccata tcctcgccag    176520
     catctgctgt cacctgagtt tttgatcttt ggcttctgat tctaagtagt gctctctttt    176580
     caattaatct aagagaaagg aggcccatgg taaggacact gatccaggac tctccaaaaa    176640
     cacatggttg ttcacagaat ttggcaacct ccacatgcca gaaccaactc tgtgattcta    176700
     gaatctacca agtgccaaaa attaaaataa aaccaaacgg ctaatcaatg agcgttactg    176760
     ttggagaaac taagccctgt tgactatcag gatctagagc cattcccact gtcagagcct    176820
     cagtgttttt ggggacaggt cctcagagtt tggggggggg gaccttcctg taccatcgca    176880
     gaatggctgg tgaggtgaca agcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    176940
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ctctctgtgt gttctctctg tgtgttctct ctgtgtgttc    177000
     tctctgtgtg ttctctctgt gtgttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    177060
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccccc tccctctccc tctgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt    177120
     actggagttt cgggcctaag gcttgccttg gctatcctga tgtgggttgt aggcatgaga    177180
     atgtatgcct tttacttgga tacttggatg cttggtctac agatctcttg aaaaagacac    177240
     atacgtgccc atccccatgg ggactgcatg attgttagtt ctgagttctg agccttgaca    177300
     atgaaagaag gaggtgggta ggaggaaggg aaaagaaaga ggaagaacaa gaaaaaggag    177360
     gagaaagaag gaaggatgaa ggagaagaag aaggaggaga aagaagaaga agaagaggaa    177420
     gaggaagaag aggaagagga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    177480
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gatggttatt gctgttgttg ctactgatga    177540
     gctgaactgt gtgaaagccg ggccagtctc tcactgggat actttttgaa actggatgga    177600
     aatgccttgg tgtgcaaaga gccgagtgct tatccacaaa ctccaacagt cacagatcca    177660
     tcccagtgtt cctcactgtc ctcacaactg acctgcgcta ctgtttgagg acattgtgaa    177720
     gtatctgtat ggcttcctag acaagttgtg gtagaatctg aaggttagag agcaggactg    177780
     taacatcttc ctaggcacag gcaccagtaa ttgaggccta gtagcagaaa gcattacatg    177840
     ctgactcagg gacatcttat ttgcttcaaa ccctgtacaa tcttttcctt catagagccc    177900
     atgcagccaa ggtttgccaa gggcattatc accttcctca ttagctattt cagagcttca    177960
     tctgtttgag gcccaccagc ttttccctga ctctggcatc cttcccatga cacagtgact    178020
     cactttgtca gtctgagctg ccgcaaggat gctcagttga tacaagcagg ggcagtgtga    178080
     aggttgggga tggtcagagg atccagagtc cagggacaca gggcaggacc taactgtacc    178140
     tgcaacaggt tctttaggag gtagataggc tctgctgtca tctgcccggg ttgtgatagg    178200
     aaagcatggc ttagaactat gtcctctgag gtaacgagcc caggctgctg ttcccttctc    178260
     acacagccat ccactactct gcccactttc aagtcacctt gtctccttga cttctcctct    178320
     ccacctaacc tccacattgc cttaaatggg aggcagcaag aagctgaggc aactggactg    178380
     gactcaaagg gcacacattg gaacttagtc acactgctcc catgctgcga gaccttaggg    178440
     aagtcactca tctctgcgag ccacaccgtt ctacccagaa attagggctg agagttccca    178500
     gtgctcacat gtgttggcct tatgaagcag cttgtgttca ggggctgggg tctgacaggc    178560
     ttaataggca agcgtgtgct cttcctcttc ttcagcaggc tgccctgtgt ttgtgtttat    178620
     tccaaagacc agctcttgcc tttgtctttg gtgagttaaa aacatctaac aaaggggttc    178680
     taaggggcca gccctggagg atgatggagt gaggcttgca cacctggagt gaacagtggg    178740
     agaagctgtg agctctttat tgtattgaaa agatgtgtat tgtaaattgg tgatgtagga    178800
     ttatatgcgt ttacagtata taaagtgatg ccctaatttg tagatgtaat atggaatagt    178860
     taaagcaagc tcattaatat attcatcacc tcaaatatat acagtctatt aaaaagcaca    178920
     gcttaccttg gaggtggagg tgcatgcctt taatcctagg gttcaggaga tgaggcaggt    178980
     ggatctctgt gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagaact agtgccagga cagccagggc    179040
     tgcacaaaga aactgtctta aaaaaaccaa aaaccaaacc aaaccaaacc aaaccaaacc    179100
     aaaccaaacc aaaccaaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccga ccaatcaacc    179160
     aaccagaaac aatagcaacc accaccacca ccacaacaac aacaaaaaac aaagcacagc    179220
     tcaaaggggt gtatcggcta gtcacatgtt tctagaaggc tgtgtaacaa aaatgtcttt    179280
     tactgtggta taagaaaata ttgaaaaaga agcacacctg ggctcctggg ctcctgggct    179340
     atatttttcc attttgtaaa tatcaatatg accttaatat tctattcatt ttttaaaaac    179400
     tgtggtaatt tgatctttgt ggtgtccagt tctctgagtg ttgacaattg caggacagtc    179460
     tactagtctc caaatccctt cttgttgctc cttccacttt gcctccaaac tgtgtgaccc    179520
     acttatagac aaggaaggga accatactat gttgctatca caataaaaaa cttcaaaata    179580
     ttagagaaaa taaaattaaa tctaggtgag acaagaagct gaatggagat atatacttat    179640
     atatttacca atatgtcttt gtatgtttta gtacatatat attttcatat aaaataaata    179700
     ttaaatatat tatcacatgc ctaagtataa caaaactata caaagcatat aacacatacc    179760
     cataattgat attttataat gggcacatac atatatatga atagatatta aaatatatat    179820
     gcatatccat acacataact atatccctga aaacctgggc cactgggcta gtgggatagc    179880
     tcagcagtta ggaggactga cagatctaga ggacctaggt ttgattccca gtgcccacat    179940
     ggcacacaca tgtacaactg ttacttccgt tctagggaat taaacacaac atctttttct    180000
     ggcctccaca ggctcgaggc acacagacat acgagcaggc aaaaccattt atacatataa    180060
     aaaataaaat gattaaaatc cctgggccct ccagggcttt gagggcggct ctctggcttg    180120
     acctgggctc tcagttagag gacctctggt ctctggcctg ccgtgcctgc agccatctct    180180
     gggcttgtgc tgccgacctt tgcaagtttc ccaggcagaa gactctgacc ggagaggaca    180240
     cttacacccc aagctcctgc gctctgcttc cctgaggctc tgtatgaagt tagatctgta    180300
     attccttgct ctgacatttt agttcctgaa aggagacaca tgattatatg aagagaccta    180360
     agtttcggga gcagactgac ttgtgtatgt agtctgggac aagaatgagc tggccaaact    180420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaagta    180480
     actttggtga gctctgtgtt gatggaaaaa gaggcggtgg aagctacttg tctggctgaa    180540
     ctctcctttt ttcctgtgtc cccttcttgc ccccatttga tgttactcct gcctggactg    180600
     agcctttgcc ctctgtattt tgggctcagt ggtctttcac tcatttgaaa cgttagcaaa    180660
     catacctgtt agaattgtgt gaaccaatca ataggtggaa aagttgtcag taacttgctg    180720
     gcttagtgag ggactggtgc tcaatgcttt tctgttttca tgaaggcctc agtcctgtgg    180780
     gccctgagtc ccagatccgc tactccataa ccagcatgcc caccatcacc agtaactata    180840
     tatccctaga tatcggagta agtacctcct ggtcagcctg ctgctggcat cgttggtgtc    180900
     ctgggagggt cctaagacgg tagagggtga agggaggaag gtggctggta ctccaggtgg    180960
     gactgtagcc tttacaggtg ccctggagcc ctgggtctgt tacaggccct tggttcctga    181020
     tgtcctgcat gtatgctcct gcctctatcc aggccattct ctctcttctt ggcaaaccca    181080
     tcctcctgcc tatgcatggt gctcacccct ttgtgttgcc atggcctttg ggtgatgcag    181140
     gagccatggc aactgtgggg ctctcccagc acctgtttga ctgtgccctc ctgatgcttc    181200
     agaaggctgg ctctctcaac ctggaaatca cagggcagct ggtaagggct gggtctgcca    181260
     ccctggtctt gtagaagggc gccctgtagc ctattctggg gtcatgctgt agatgcagaa    181320
     tcatggggag tgggcagcaa gagtgggggc tacaggatgg ctgttggaag gaacttgtgg    181380
     gtgaggaacc ctacccatga ggccaagcgg tggccttgac tgtgaaactg cctcaaaccc    181440
     tgccatgacg gggcctgatt tcagaattcg aagaacaatc ctctgaacac ctctgtgctg    181500
     ggccagctca tccctgaggt aggtgacgtt tctgctcttt gtaggccaga gcctcagcaa    181560
     ttggagtggg gatttcatgg gctccatcta ccctgagccc atgatgcttg agcagtgggt    181620
     ggaggaggag gtagtggtgg tagtggtagt ggcgatggtg gtggtggtgt cagcacctgc    181680
     catttaaccc tctctcctct gcccatctca gtcagctaga ctccgtcctc tctgcgtctg    181740
     cctatagtct actgagccat ttttcttttc ctgttccctc cctgcctgta agatctagct    181800
     cagagtcagt ggcacacacc tgtaatggca gaacctggga tcgggaagat cactggctca    181860
     aagccaacct gggtgtatag caagctcttg ccttgaaatc aaacaaagcg gcagcttagg    181920
     catcccctct gagaagctca agtctggccc aggcctgggc tggagtcacc tctgagctta    181980
     gttgtgacta gagggtgata gcttcttaac ggccaacatg gaacactgag aagcaggaac    182040
     ccatgctacc ctcttcccct ttgatatccc aggtggctca cctgttccct gagcctacac    182100
     cactggtact caaggtgcag ctgggtgcca cacccgtggt cactctccac accagcaact    182160
     ccactctcca gctgcagccc ttggtggagg tctttgctgc accctcgaac ttagccttgc    182220
     agttcctttt ctccctggat gtggtgagtg acggccaggt ggggctggtc gggttagggt    182280
     gacgcttctt gagaccccaa cctcacaggc ttctgaactc tcctcgtttg ctttgtttta    182340
     tccacatcta tctcctgaac tttctaagac attctgcccc aggaccttgg cacatgagga    182400
     accctctgcc tggggccctc tctccctttg cttttgacct ggctgctgct gcttcgtttt    182460
     cagttcttag cttaagtgtt gaagccttgc tcagagcagc cttcctgggc cagcctgggt    182520
     aagaaggtcc ccatcaccct ctgcctttgt gtcagcctcc actttttgga aagctcctgt    182580
     ctctcgttac ttctggaagg atcccaggga agggccccca catgtcatct ttacaccctt    182640
     gttgcttgta aaatgcaggt ctcagtgaac tccataaaca catggtttgc cccggagggg    182700
     gaggggtgga cgggtccatg acgttccttc tcatttgctc ttctcacgac gatgtacaga    182760
     tggtgaacct ggaccttcag ctctctgtgt ccaaggcgaa gcttcggggg agcacatctc    182820
     tgctggggtg agtgggcctt ctgacccagc agtctcagcg tgctctcaga cttagtgagg    182880
     agagcctcag aggaagctgg tcctccctga cttgaccctc cctgagcctg accctgcttt    182940
     tcttccaggg gattccagct ctctgtggcc acctccaatg tgggctctgt tgatgtgagt    183000
     gggacactgg gctgccttag gccttgggaa tggacgtgga agcccgagaa tgacacatac    183060
     cccagtgctg ccgtaactgg gcttccctgg gaagcctggg gacagggact tacctggtct    183120
     ccatctgtcc ccacctcctt gcctgtctct atgcctgtgg gcaggggatt gactcagctc    183180
     agccctcagc cagagctcat tggtcagtgg gacagtgggc actggctagt ccttcatcat    183240
     gtcacatgat caggttcctg ccaccgtgca catgttcttc tgtccccatg catccatggg    183300
     atgtgagtta gtatacccaa gcctgctacc aggtgtcagt ttgccgtcat aacttccatc    183360
     tgtcatcagg cagtctgttg ggcagcccta ctagtggtaa cactgatacg aggtctacag    183420
     ctctccctgg gctgcttgat ccccaaggct gatctagttg gggatttgat tggggactca    183480
     gctgatgtgg gaggtacacc ctccctcctt tccctgatgc gtgtccatct ctatgtgtaa    183540
     ctgcgttctc ttggtcttct ccgatggctg ctccccccac ccccacccaa cccaaccctt    183600
     ggccgtggct gcagatggat caagtactca cactcataag caccgtattc cagaaacccc    183660
     tgctggatca tctcaatggt gagtcttact ctctactgct tggcccctct ggtgccccct    183720
     tgagtccaca ccctctgtgc ctgtccatgt ccccaagccc ttccaggctc aaagtttaag    183780
     gcagtggtct ttggggtcca actgcctttg tctcttggta catatttgtg tagcctatac    183840
     ctggtcttca tagagctcct gatcccactt cagtctccct tccataggat gaggatagtc    183900
     ctgtatccac tctagacccc atagtgttcc caagctgcca gcacagggct ggctgcaggt    183960
     ggaacttttc ctgtaactaa cttggacact tctgtctctc tgcagctctc ctgggcatgg    184020
     gggttgtcct ccccagggtg cacaatctac attatgtcca ctctgaggtc ttggtccgtg    184080
     aggtaaggga ctttgagtgg ccagggagcc tctttacagg ggaggaaggg tcaaccctct    184140
     gggagctcac ccctcatctt tcaagatcac acaccaaacc ttaactatat tgagatggag    184200
     gagttaggac ttgagagact ctttgtgcct catcacacct cacaccagag atttcaggtc    184260
     ttaaaggttc ttgttcctgt gtcccgagat gggcttgtgt ctaaggtgaa tagtagagag    184320
     cttccttaca gcttggcagg caactctgta gctgggtggg tgacctaggc aacttcctga    184380
     accttctgtg attattgtcc ctgggtctgg aatcataggc ccagcaaaaa attcgtcctg    184440
     acacagccaa catgacatct tatgatccct ttctgtctca cccaggtaac tcagagaaaa    184500
     ttccctaaac aggctgagca caggaaagga aatgggatca aggtccaaag tggtacctgt    184560
     ccatgtctgt ccaggaggaa tgcttaccct agctcattaa gaatggtggt cttaatattc    184620
     tgatgaagac agatagacca gggtctgagg agatggctca gtagataagg acttgctgtg    184680
     caaatatgaa tactctagag tcccagtatt cacactggtc aggtctggtg gttcacctga    184740
     aaacccaaca cccatgaagc agagataggg ggtttctaga gtgagctggt taaactcata    184800
     tatgagctcc aggttcaccg agaagccctg ctttgacaaa taaggcagag ggagagcaag    184860
     gaggaagatg tcagatgtct atccccagcc tccacagacg tgaatgtgaa tgtatgaaat    184920
     gaatgcacac accacgtaca cttagacatg aaaaaaagga taaaagagag agacagtcca    184980
     ccacagtggg gtcagaactg ttgatgggca tcgtcacaaa acgtgtccca caacagccca    185040
     atacgataga attttctgca gtgactggaa tcagcattgt ccaaagctgt cacttggcac    185100
     gtgggcctgt tgtattgaga ctctgcaagt gaagacacga attttaattt ttcaaatact    185160
     tagctggcta tggtggtaca tgcctgcgat ggaggcaaaa ggattagaaa ttcaagtcac    185220
     cctttgctat cagagagatt gaggctagtt caaagccttt tctcccctcc cctcattaaa    185280
     aaaaaagttg tgttagccac aagaggttaa tggttgccac acaggaccat tgacccttga    185340
     ctttgagctc ctgtggatgg gagctgggtc tcatttgttt tttaatgact ccttggtgtc    185400
     tactctaggg cttagtgtgt cgtagaggct caattgaagt ttgctaaatg aatggttgga    185460
     tggataggct gatgatgtag gaatggcaag cggctcttag gggtgttcat ttcagcagtg    185520
     cagtggggaa agtatgagag gtgcaggggt gccatctctg ttagggagaa ggagcccagt    185580
     gattcctagt caggaaacgg cagtggcacg tccatgcctg gaatgtggag catgtgttgg    185640
     tctcatgctg gcctggctct ttttaattta attttatttt tttacttatt cactttacat    185700
     cctgctcact gctcccctct cagtcactct tcccacactc cttgcccctc tccctcccct    185760
     tctcctctga gcagttgggt ccccctaggt atcccccccc cccaacctgg cacttcaaat    185820
     ctctgctagt ctaggtgctt cctctcccac agaggccagg caaggcagcc cagctagtag    185880
     aacatatccc acatacaggc aacagctttt aggatagccc tcattccagt tgtttgggac    185940
     ccacataacg atcatgtagc agctgtacat ctgctacaca tgtgcaggga ggcctaggtc    186000
     tagcccatgt atattctctg gttggtgggt cagactccga gagccctaag ggtccaggtt    186060
     agttgactct gttggtcttc atgtggagtt cctatctcct ccagagcctg caatccttcc    186120
     tcctattctt ccataagagt ctccaatctc tatccattgt ttggctgtgg gtgtcagtat    186180
     gtgtctgagt cagcttctgg gtggagcctc ttagaggaca acttgctcct gtctgcaagc    186240
     ataacagagt atcattaata gtgccaggga ctggtgcttg cccatgggat gggtctcaag    186300
     ttgggctggt tattggttgg ccattccttc aatgccatcc cccgagcctg tatttcttgt    186360
     agacaggata aattttgggt caaaagtctt gtgggtcggc tggtgtcttt attgctccac    186420
     tggggttcct gcttggctac aggaggtggc tggcctgact cttgagagct ctcgttgcat    186480
     tccttcatag ccttatgagg tttgtgctgc tactgaagtg acagagtaag agactgagag    186540
     ccagtgaggt tttggcctct cctgatgaga atactaccta aaagcaggtt gaaggtgcag    186600
     tcaggggtcc cccagaaacc tccgagtttg cctgtgattt tctttttggt cttccagggc    186660
     tatgttgtgg tatccagtgg acttgcctac cagcactgag ccagaaccac aagagccagt    186720
     tcctcaagag gcttttgtcc ccaagcctga ggacagagcc gcatcaagtc atcatcagca    186780
     agtcagccag cctgtttggt ctgcttcccc tttgctggac acctgcgtcc ctctcttgtt    186840
     tcctctcctc ttcttatgcc ccctcctggg gaggaggcta ctggatgtaa gctgtgcaga    186900
     cctgcttccc tcagcattaa atgtcttctc ttgagctgca actcccaact gactctgtgt    186960
     aaccaaggct agctctttgt gtacagcctg tgagtcttgg ctgtcctcag agccacccac    187020
     gctgctccag cgaggaggac cacagggacc tatttctgct taccatgcct gtcacttctc    187080
     acctccttgt ctaggaaggt ccagttctga acaaggaccc tggagagtga taaggatgaa    187140
     tgcaaggtta taagtagtat atgactatcc cggcactgca cccccttctg gaggtattcc    187200
     agcgaggacg gaagcatcca gagtcccaga gctggacaga cccccagttg taatctccct    187260
     tgcatctgag aatatgtcca gttgtttccc cctcaattta ccagcatcct ctatgcccat    187320
     ttttatccct gttttcaaaa tttcaggtgg catgttcaca atcttttcag gcaccttctg    187380
     ctttcttgtc acaagtgagc tttttgttct aggaagcaag acctgcttct gggctctgct    187440
     ctcaggcacg cgtctaacgc ttgttcactg gagagcttct gagacccggt gaggactcat    187500
     tgccgcacga gctaggcaga gcaagggact tgagtacctg caagccaagg cctcgtgatc    187560
     ttctcctctg ataggctaat ctctaagcca cggatttcgt cctggccgaa cacagggctc    187620
     atgttctgtg tgttttctca ggggaagtag aaggtgccta gattttcaac ataagccagc    187680
     aaaatcttgg gacagggtgg tgctacccca tccattcacc tcttccaagg ttatctgtag    187740
     tgtaaagggc agcagggaga gaccggactc agctccatct tggtgaagag aggattcagg    187800
     gaggtgagga agagctaaga gggcaggcgt caacatcctt ccttgtgatt tcacctgggt    187860
     accatgcctt ttattgaggg gtggggttac ttgattaatt aattgatcaa ttctatattt    187920
     actgaatagg ctatacccta agctggttgt ttgaggggtt ggagagacaa aaatctaaga    187980
     tacaacctgt gttggtagct tttctcctca gtgtgagaaa agacgtaaca aaagccactt    188040
     atgggaagag agtttgattc tgttttaagt ttcagggaac tttcccatct tggcaggcaa    188100
     ggcatagtga caggaacagc tcctgatgtg acagaagcct ggggctgtca tttctttaca    188160
     tggtggtggc tgatagggaa cagagagcta atccaaacag ccgtagcttt caaggcatgc    188220
     tccaagtggc ccagggacca tgacccaaag gttccatacc ctttgaaaca gcatcagtca    188280
     gggacaagtg ttcaaactca agagccagtg ggtgttgaga gaacatttag agttcacatt    188340
     caagccataa tgtaacccaa ggccttaagg aagttaatgc catggagaaa gattgcaaac    188400
     tcagcatgca ggatctaccc aactgcccac ccttcccctc caccctttca cttcttcatc    188460
     atttcttcta gtcacccaca cacctgtatt taggccaggg tcttactata atgtttagtt    188520
     cagattggca ctgaattgat aaacttcctc ttgccttctc tttccaagtg ctggcattac    188580
     aggtagtgcc accttgccag cccaatccac ctattattac agctatcaat gcatctatcc    188640
     acctatcaat tcttaaacct ttacattcat ttgtccattc atccattcat ccatccatcc    188700
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccac ccacccatca tctacctgtt cacctatcca    188760
     tctattcggc tagccactca tcctatctgt ccatccatcc actcacctac tcacccatcc    188820
     attcatccat ctacctaaac tctccctcct tcccttcccc accaattatc ttccttccta    188880
     ctaatttatc aatccattta tttcattact ctgtcattcc cactaggctt tgtattaaca    188940
     atgtacctag ttctagaaca cgttcccttg agaggaaaag gataaaacca gtcaaactct    189000
     cctatccaga atgatgttca tggcctcccc caaaggagcc ctaggtgtca tcatttaagt    189060
     attcaatcag gtcctgctgg gcactggctg ctgtgtgtcc agctgcgtgg gtccatctgg    189120
     gagagagaac catggagcac atcaacagga agcctcatca ccatgctgag cttgaggctg    189180
     tgtgatctac aggaggctct ttgctgttct ggggccgaga gcaagtacca aggagcacca    189240
     gattcagagg gcttcatgct tcctttctga gcagaaatat ctgtgtggct ggccaggtca    189300
     gagctgtctg gagctgccag gcactcagca gacagcagca gcattgagag cccatgggca    189360
     agtgacacag agaagtggca gtggtgtcat gggctgtggc tttgccagct acaaaggagt    189420
     tgttacagag gatctgggca ctggccctgt gatgtggtgg cctttagagt ggatgagtta    189480
     catggatggt ggaggagagg tgttgtctag tgttgatgtg gaaaagctat agaggggcct    189540
     tcgcaggctg agactgtaag gttcagaaag accctgttct gagcctgttg ctgaggaaag    189600
     catctctcat ggttctcaat cacttgctgt gcgactggga aatcgcttgg cttttccaag    189660
     tctcaatttc cctatctgta aaactgggag aatgccaaaa tgcctacctc acctggtagc    189720
     tttgacgatt agtcaacaac tcacgcaatg gctgcctttt cctgtgcact gccttcagca    189780
     cctactctgc agactccctt tatggggcag tccacagctc agcactatgg gcacttcaga    189840
     gtggagcagt ggcaagatgc tgcatgccac catggggcag agggcagctc agtctggctc    189900
     ctcaacaaat aggccattgt ctggcatggt tcctgtttga ctttcaccct ggagcccaca    189960
     cagctcctct gaggcatttg ctgtccctct ttgctctctg tggctatgct cgcctgatag    190020
     cccctggtac cagctttgat gtggcctcac gactcccaga tgatgggtcc tgcagctttt    190080
     agtcctcaag ccttttccca ggtcactctg atgtccttca agtgcagacc atagttatcg    190140
     gagtagacga gcagggactt ctttcacatt tgattctcca ctctgaccct tcccagagtt    190200
     cagcacactg catagtaagt tgcaggggat gaacggcttg cacatgtctg tgctgcagtc    190260
     atgtgcagga gccatgtgtg ggagccatct ggggtcaaag aggggctgct gggcttgaat    190320
     cacccttgct gggtccttta gggtctgagg gaaaacaaag atggtgctga gtttcagaag    190380
     tctgagagag gggaggggga cagtacagga aggctccctg gaggaggaaa tctcactggc    190440
     tggataaggg tgactggatt tagagcatca atgggacaag ttggaagggt tctggcagag    190500
     aactcagtga agagatgtca gaaaggcagg caagcatcca cgggatgtgt cttggatgct    190560
     tggctgggtt ctggagctcc tggatgaaga gggaagctct agccaggctg cttacttgct    190620
     gtgtgatttt gagcacatgg cttggcctgt ttctctatct gtaaaatggg agagattgct    190680
     aaagtgttta cctcactggg tagttttgac tcgtagagtg gaaggcccag ctgaattgat    190740
     tatgagacag tcccttgtca ctctctgaat catacagttc cttagattgg aggcatcggc    190800
     agctcaggga gttagagagc tgccatggtg gcatggcttt ggagggcagc agctgggact    190860
     gggcttcaga tcccttaacc ccttcccaca ctgcggtcct tccaatgact ccttcccaag    190920
     tccccaggct ggccaaaggc cagtgggtgg ttcatgcgct cagggtatgg ggtggagtgc    190980
     agtggtaggg atagagatgc catctgcccc ttgcagatca aggtggagcc tggccaggct    191040
     gcctggagct gatgcttgcc ttctaccaac cctgctgtga cttcagaagg tctcctctac    191100
     tcaaggtcct gtgtgaacgt gggcacactg gctcctgcca cattccagac tgtgtgctct    191160
     ctgagcaggg gacgagaaaa caccaggcct cgttagctct ctggattgtt caccaagtac    191220
     agagaccctt gaagtgtccc cagggtagac cttcccagga actcttggag aacaaagttg    191280
     aagctgggga ctgggagacc tgtgactgtg gagtcatctc tgccttcaga ggcacagggc    191340
     tcccatatca ctccgaagga ttcctcccag cataatcgac ttgatcatta tctccttaag    191400
     gtcccccaga cagggaaagt ctcaggacag ttgccatgca cccagccaga gtctactgga    191460
     ctttgcacct gcccaccaga gacatagtcc ccccacccag gcatcaggag caacatccct    191520
     gctgtcgggc tccccagtcc ccacagcatc ttgttcttcc atctgtaata tacccctggc    191580
     ttagtggctt ctacctgtct catctccctc aggaatgctg tggacttgtg ctggtgactt    191640
     gccctgtgcc tgtttcagaa taggaacccc aactatccta ttcacggtgg tcatcccaga    191700
     acacagtagg ttctcaataa gtgttggtta aagcagtgaa tgtgtaccta ctgtgtgttc    191760
     cactttgggg aagatacgag ttggagaggg ggaagagcag aggcactgat gtcctctggg    191820
     acagtcacat ctgtctccag cactggcctt agtgtggccc ctgggctccc cagccaccct    191880
     catcttctgt gctatttatg ttggaacaga acgaatgctt atgtgagctc tgggtctcct    191940
     gttctcaacg cctctagata attatctatc ccttattaag cccttaatta tccaagcggc    192000
     taatcaggct cctgaatata agggcttcct cctcacagaa ctggaagcag ggggcagtca    192060
     gctgcaggcc ttccccaagc ttggcaaggt aagagcagtc tcaacttgtg actcttccct    192120
     gagtgtctca tccacaactg ccactttaca aatgagaaag ctgaggcttc aggaggagaa    192180
     agaatttacc tacacttgtc cagagaatgc gggtagggcc catatctagg tcttcgaccc    192240
     cagtcagacg ctcttatctc acaggtagcc cctgaacaca ccatcttcaa acccataggg    192300
     tttcgggtat ccaagtgggc agcagagtcg tcaggcctct gtggctgcat ccaggggccc    192360
     agggagaggg gaagggaagc ttagctgtga gagctgagag ctcacctggg ctttaatggc    192420
     tggggtgggt agcaggggtg ggtgtgtcat gatgggtggc cttctgtgta ggccttcagg    192480
     tggctcctac tggttttgag gtctttgaag ctgtaagcag ctgcaggtgg agaggaagct    192540
     tgctggtgat ggaggtgagg gctgaaagaa gcccttgagg tgggcagatg gtaggtggac    192600
     aaagggcagg gattgtaaaa ggaaggcaga gctcaggcaa aagggcaact aaaaccagaa    192660
     tccggttatc gtcatgactc ctgggaacac agcatggcat tcttgttcta aaatggtgag    192720
     aactatgtct gagccaccag ccaagtgtgt ggcatcagct ctggtctggg aatggaagtc    192780
     ttctggaagg gctgtgtgcc cacccgtggg atgggtgaga ttggaggaca cttttcagag    192840
     ttcctttgtc cttgcatgga gcctagagtg ccagccatga gagaatgctt gggggcacat    192900
     gcatgtgatt cacagaggct ggggacccag atgacagggg tgcaatggat ttcacattta    192960
     cttagggact aaagggctgc tctgcctctg ttcagactct gcctcttctc atcccctgcg    193020
     tcccaggctc agcccttctg atcacagatg tcatgctaac ccttctcatc aacttgctcg    193080
     tcaggttttc agatccacaa acagcaggac tgtctgctgg ggccactttg cagcaatata    193140
     ccataagcaa gagctggatg agtgaatgga tgaataaatg aatgaatgtt tgaactaatg    193200
     gataagggaa gaaatgaatg aacagatgag tggacagatt aatgaatgga tgaaggaatg    193260
     gatagatgaa tgaatgtgtg aacaaatcaa tgagtgaatg aatgattaga ctggtgagtg    193320
     aatgaaagaa tggatgaata tatgaatggc tagataaaca aatgtatgaa tgaatgaaca    193380
     aatgaacaca gaagtgaata gataaccggg tggacgaatt aatgaacaag tacacaaatg    193440
     aatgagtgaa tgaatgaata taggcttata cctgggctgg gaaggaatac ctaggagagg    193500
     tttgcttggg ggtcaggaaa gccgtgggct gagtgtgttg taagtccaga tggcactccc    193560
     ctctccaggt aggcacaggc cagctgtgtg gcccagcccc tccttgattc ctttcagtca    193620
     aagctcatac cagaactaca tacctggccc cagctggggg aacttcagga gttggtaagt    193680
     agaaggtagg attcctggaa ggcctatgta gaatgtgaat tcctggagaa cagtgaggga    193740
     ccaagatagg aggccatttc tcagcttgct gttctctggt atgagacctt ttgtgtctct    193800
     cagtttctct attggcaaga ctatgtctca ggggacctcc agttctcccg gaaccaccag    193860
     taaagtgtgt ggtatcagct ctgggttggg aatggaagtc ttctggaagg gctgtgtgcc    193920
     cacccgtggg atgggtgaga ttggaggaca cttttcagag ttcctttgtc cttgctagaa    193980
     ggggacctcc agttcctcag gggctgagtt gggttttggg ttgcagaggt agtgaggttg    194040
     ggctggagta agcaagagac ctggtgacca tgtgcacact gcagggtgaa tcccttgata    194100
     cagatgggtt ggggtttccc tgtgggtcca cactgtgggc ccttgaactc ctgtgggcat    194160
     ggagctgcac ttgaacacat acaaatctgc agctgatctg cccactgcct atgtggcagg    194220
     ctggccattg ctctatgccc ataggaaaag ggaatttagg gagaaaaccc tccctgaagt    194280
     aactctgggc ctttcacata ggtggaggca tgctgtgtag cctgagcctg gtcctctgcg    194340
     gcctgctggc tggcactcga gctgaccctg ggggtcttct gaggttgggc atggacatta    194400
     tgaaccatgg tgagtgaatg ggccctgggc tggggccagg ggacatgggg cacgtgatag    194460
     gaagagattt ctcaagattg ctgggcttga gcatctagga tttgcaaagc caatctagtc    194520
     gcaatgagct gttcctaggg ttccattcta cagacgggga aatggccggg atgccagaga    194580
     aattgctgaa gggcagaaga gcaacagaag gctggctgag tctgttggct ccctttcccc    194640
     tcagaggtcc agagtgccat ggaggagagc cacatcctgg agaagatggc agctgaggct    194700
     agcaatccgc agccaggggg aaaggccatt aaaggcctca gcaagtaagc aggggtcggg    194760
     ggcacaggga ggatgaggag tgcatgatgg gcacttggca caggcaagca tttctcctgc    194820
     attatctggg gactcattag tctgctttgt ggaccattcc cacttgaagt catttaccga    194880
     agaaagtgag ctcactgaat atacataaaa ttaaatggaa aagctatttt tttcaaatgg    194940
     tagagctggt caggtgtcta cagtcatcca gtaacgagag gaacaggctc cttgctggca    195000
     ccattgtggc tggggccacc tggactgctg tcctgggcag ggagttcagg attagcagga    195060
     atagaataga ttagccatgt ctaattagcc cagatgggaa ggtggaggta tatgtgccac    195120
     acctttgtaa tcccgcttct caaaatgatg tttctgagtc agaggtggct gtgtctctag    195180
     ggggatattt ggcaatgccc agagacattt tgttgtctca gtttgcaaag gggaaggaca    195240
     gcactgttag tatgcatgat gtgggttcta tgttgacagg aacccaagct ggcactaagc    195300
     tccaaatatg aaaggtgaca ctgttgagaa acttgtatcc aatccaactt tcctaatctg    195360
     ttgatggaga aattgaggca aagagggaaa gaacatagcc tgaggtcaca cagagtcagc    195420
     catgcatctc acttcacatg tgagggtttc tgtacagctt gtttcatgtc caagcctttg    195480
     gtttacatgt cagaaggtcc tagtagactg ggctagaatc ttactcagac ctctcagtga    195540
     ggtggtgggg gtcatggtga gggcctgggt cttgacctct cagttctcat tgtacatgtg    195600
     tgtccccctc ccagtatgaa ggtaaaggac gtcctggagc ctgttatcac attgaacttt    195660
     gtacctggag tgggcatctc ccagtgtgtg tccacaggca tgaccatcac tggcaagagg    195720
     ttggtgtggg agtaaagtgg ggcggggccg ggggagaaga ccacaccctt gtctcaccct    195780
     tccatacgta atcactgagt accggcagtt cattatgtgg gtgctgggat ctgaggtgac    195840
     tgtagacttg ggttctgggt tgacaggagc caggtgaagc gaggcacaga ctgaaggggg    195900
     tcggactgag cagtggggga agaggccagg gagagtctgg ggaggggatt acagctgagc    195960
     agtcttccag atgtgtaaga gttcactgac ataatgggaa tggaaaggtt gtttgtgtgg    196020
     ctgtgagcag gccccatcct ggcttttcac catgtgtggg tagatcctgc cctctgcctt    196080
     ctcagattca aaggttatgg gcagatagag tggggatgga agtaccagta gcagagatac    196140
     ccagagtgct gggtcttcca gtttcacagg agggaacatg gaaatcaacg tggtcctcaa    196200
     catcacagct actgatcggc ttctgcaaga tgaggaggca ggcacccctg tgttcaggag    196260
     tgagggctgt gaggtcatcc tggtcagcgt gaaaaccaac ctgcctaaca agtaaggtgt    196320
     cccgcgtctg gggagcatgg tggtcctcac tgctcttccc catcattcct cttcccgagc    196380
     cactgatctc ccataaccat gtctctttgt gtcctctgtc caatttggtg ccattgatgc    196440
     actgttcaca tggttcccca tgcctgtgtc tcagcaaagc catcaacaag tttgtggaca    196500
     gtaccctgcg caaagtcctc cctggcctgg tgagtggtcc tgagcaagct tctatctctt    196560
     cttggtggga ctgctatggc cagcgcattt gatcttgctg tgttgatagt ggctacgagg    196620
     agttcagggt ctgtggctag ctcaggaaga agaagcatag tgatcatcta gtgatgtctg    196680
     cacaggcata ggtataggca gcacagcacg tgtgttcaac actgctcaga tgaccagtcc    196740
     aaggatatga atccttggta attttgcacg ctgtgaaaga atttggagtc taatccagac    196800
     tctggtgttg atagtcccat gacttgggcc tcagcactcc ctgccccctg cctcctgccc    196860
     tgaccccttc tggggttctt aggattcctt gtggagtact gtgaagccct ccttgtgtat    196920
     ataacccact taggctggtg ccttctttgt ttgcagatgt gtccagccat tgatgctgtc    196980
     ctggagtatg tgaacaagaa atgggccaag ttgactggtg aggacatcct tcttccacac    197040
     aggatgttag attagcctga cttcagtggc catgccttcc cattcatacg gctgcttcca    197100
     acctgtctcc aggacaagag aaaggctgag atcatggccc ccactgtcta gatgagaagt    197160
     ctgaaacccc aaggggtgcc tgggtccttt cctttctcca cctgatttcc atgacagccg    197220
     ctctgtatac aacctcagac ctcataacct tatggttgtc ctgactgggt tttcccgagt    197280
     cctttgctga agaggtctgc tgtccctatc attagggatc cacagagacc ccagggtgtg    197340
     atagggaaat cctaatggct gagcatgaag tcccttccct gtctgagtgt cctcagcagt    197400
     ggggtctggg aggagtcact cccccagcta ccattaactc acatgtggac agcccacaat    197460
     tcccatctca catatattat cgctgttgca agggctctgg cgaatgctgg agtctgggtc    197520
     agcagaacaa cagattacca aggtctatgc cacttcttag gttgcacaga aggacaggca    197580
     ggctcaggag cagtggctgc ttctggcttt tctagcttct agatgggctg gtgcccatct    197640
     gagtggaacc tcttctccac agaccccatg cccgtggaca agatgggcac tgtcaaatat    197700
     gccctgacat ccccaccagc cactacagct agccacatcc aggtggactt tagtgtaagt    197760
     agcgagggtt gagcacaggc ttggtgggga tggtgtgact gcttctacct gacagtggct    197820
     gggaggtgat tagtgggagc cttgctgtga ggactctcat ctgctagggc tggtggcttc    197880
     agcctcattt gttgcagcac tatgtgtgtc tctcagagcg tggctatgcc ctaccactgt    197940
     ataggtgggg aacaccgaga ccaggaagag actaggctta aagaggcttc tgcagtgagt    198000
     tagtggcaga gttcagttct cacttacgtg agcaagtccc aggtgaccaa agatgcatct    198060
     tgcaaggatg tagatgaaag gactaggaag tcctgccccc taccggtggc cttcttcctg    198120
     cgatgctggg ggctgttctc cttgtttgtg agaatgatgt ggtaggactc atagcacagt    198180
     ctgaacaaat aacccaagcc agagtcagag ccactagggt gacctaaatg ctcttaggag    198240
     aaactgccag ggatcttgtg gctgatgctc ttgacctctc aagtcacacc cgcccacttc    198300
     tctgctctaa ctatgtcttg ctggcttgag gtctgacttg agcctcagtg ggtggagggc    198360
     caagcccacc ctgccttcat tcctgtgtgg ctgagtgttc ttcctattgt accttagcct    198420
     gtggtgcagc tccaggaagg ccagcttatc cagcttgcca ctgatgggtc actcccggag    198480
     ttccccgagg gctcagccaa ggactcacaa ctgctgctct cagccacctt cctcacagct    198540
     gagctggccc ttctgcagaa gtccttggaa gtgaaactca aggacaagag ggtgagctgc    198600
     catcacaccc cacccgcttc tgctcctaga cttccaggct ctgcctgtct ggggcacctg    198660
     ggagtggtcc aggagtcgga tgcagaactg ctgatggagg tgtggggctg cttggggctt    198720
     caatgtcagt tagccctgcc tatcactcac tcctctgccc atgtgacctt tgtctaacca    198780
     tgtgtacatc caaccttcca tacaaccagc cctttagtgg ttcacctaca tttcttttct    198840
     tcagagttta aaagaaaagc atacatgtgg aggtcagaag acaactttca ggagttggtt    198900
     ctctccttcc accgggagtt ccagggtctg ggatcaagtc aaggcttggg cggccagagg    198960
     ttttacctgc tgagccatcc ccgtcttacc ccacccccac atttctcagg cctttgcagc    199020
     catcgctttc ctctcaccca acgcatcacc tatccactgt gtcttcacga cctggtttga    199080
     ttccccgcct cacatccttc catcccctcg tcaccatagg ctggtggata agtgcacctc    199140
     ttcaccatca ttaattaaca cacacgcctg gccactgtcc tttctgccac tcaccggttc    199200
     acccagccag gatctactct ccccacctgt gcattcttcc ctccttcatt gctccagttc    199260
     accatcttac aacccctccc ctcatcagcc actcatcttc ttgctggtca ccaatccatt    199320
     ttcttcctag gcactatctg gtttcccctc agcaatccat cccactcacg gtcacccaca    199380
     caggtccgcc acacttccat ccacgtatct acccatcctc ccccattcca tcgtcactta    199440
     tctgtttttc tgtctcccct tccatttgcc tatctgtcta taaacttgct ttggcatcca    199500
     ccacacacgg ccatcttccc atctatcttc ctgcttttcc attcaacatt ttctcagtgt    199560
     ttgaccatgg tcaggagcca tggacactgg ggtgtgtaga ctatgattgg gcactggagg    199620
     ttcctgccct cgctgagcac agagttgtgt gtgcaggaga agggagattc tgaggctccc    199680
     accttcctga ggcagagaga tgggtgctgg aatgactcgc ttttatacag tgtccacttt    199740
     ggctttgatt tgtaggttgg taagcttcca caaaacacta ggacactggc tggcttcatc    199800
     ccgcaggtga gtgccccagt cacttgtgac gacttcgtgc cctcgtctct ccaggcaacg    199860
     ggagctgact tgggaggcag ccactcagtg tgcatgccct ttgcccagtg tggagacagg    199920
     cccacctctt cagagagcac tctttggatc cggctgagag acagctcagc cttagtgtct    199980
     tgtgcgtcct atatctagca cacacatagc caaaatatgt gttctgcccc tttcatttcc    200040
     taagagacac aaccaggctt ttgcatattg gacttctggc agaaaccaac cactttctga    200100
     gacatccttt gactgaaatc cgagagactg tgccttggcc tttgcaggtg gccaagacat    200160
     accacaaacc aaagcctttg ctgatcaagg tcaagataaa caaacccccc aaggttacca    200220
     tgaaggctgg aaagagcctg atgcacctcc acggtagctt ggagatgttc gcagcgcgta    200280
     gacatggcaa gcacccgaag tcactcttcc gtctggagac tgtgagtggg gcccatcagt    200340
     agccactctc accacaggga cactttcggc tagagggtgc taggatttta gttgagagtc    200400
     aagacacaaa tggagggacc tgacctgctg tatgatggat tatctccccc tcctccctcc    200460
     aatcctcctc aggccccacg gacagtaaag tctgctccag aagaacattg gaagcccaaa    200520
     gaaacccata gccagccctg gctgagatgt ttgaaggttg atcagtagct atgcaagaga    200580
     ggagctgatg ttgaggagtt tagggatacc ctgagcagag ggcgaaggcc aggaacagtt    200640
     gtgaccatgt gcagacattg accgtgggcc aggtgcttat gaaagttcat gttgatccag    200700
     gagaaggaga cacaaagatc ctgggctagg gttgtggaga ggctgctggg ctcagtaaca    200760
     ggacaggaca ggacacagag gtaacaatga gagacccatt gctttctctg ctccttcccc    200820
     catgccagca cattggactg gaaatccact actccgtgca ggataaccgg ctgcagatgg    200880
     tcacctctat ggacaggtag gagctttggg tcccacaatg gcatcctgtg gtagtctggg    200940
     ctctattctc gacctcacac ccttctaact ctccacacca tctacaacac tgactggtgg    201000
     ataggtgcat ctctatgcca ctgccacaat acttctatgg ccattgtctg cttttcctct    201060
     tgttcattct ggtgacacct cttggattcc aaccccaggt tctcacacag atccatccaa    201120
     gttcctacca agatccatcc actatggccc acacgaccag gacgtgctgc tcatttagcc    201180
     tgctctagag ccccagatgg ctacacacta ttacatggtc ttcccttcaa ttttggctca    201240
     gcactcagag cctttctcaa atcttctgcc ctcactcgtc cactgtgctc ctccacggtg    201300
     aatttggttc tggaccttgg tcttctccgt aggccttcat tatttcttcc aaatgagtca    201360
     gggcgcagct caaatgctac ttcctccagg gcatctttag ctctatgtgc tttccctagt    201420
     gacgtactgg ccttgtgcct tacttccata tcctgcttta ttcctgcatt ctgggggaag    201480
     gactcgttac tcctggttcc acccagccac tcactgcctc ctgtacttgt ctcagtaatt    201540
     catctgacat gagttatgtc aggattcttt caatggcaag agccagagtt ccagctggaa    201600
     ctgtctcaca gcccgagagg gaaacttttg gctcatgtga cataaagctg tttgcttcag    201660
     gcatggtggg atccaggctc acaaaactct cgatactctt accccctcct cccctttctc    201720
     tgctgagctc tttgctggtt agattcccag gcagctcctc cctgctaggt agtaaaggga    201780
     cccaacagca agaggagccc tgggccagta gttttcagtc accaaagctt tggagtctag    201840
     tttgggtcat gtgggcaagg ctagaccaat catagttacc aagagataga ctgtttgggt    201900
     ggcttggtcc tgggctgttg tctttcctgg agtttgcttg cccacgtggc tggcctgaag    201960
     cgtctgtgga gatccaggat cttctgctga gatggggggg gggtgaccat gtagaatcca    202020
     gatgcctgtc catggcttgt cctggctcta gtgtgttagt gtctcctggg agctgtgttg    202080
     gagaggggaa gggaaagact tcctcatgtc cttcaaggat ctaagtctgg cctgttgggt    202140
     tgtgaatgga gtggtggata tgatcgagaa cccagggttg ggaagagcag agttcatgtg    202200
     aggccattca ggaggggcct ctgggaggac agaatgagat gtaatgatag gtgtcaactg    202260
     tcctgtcact gtcaacaaga agcagactgc agaaggggca cctctagggg actgtgaggt    202320
     gaggaactcc tttctcagta gtgctgacta tgcctcctct accctctccc tccttcttag    202380
     tttattgagc ctggcccggg aatcttcttc agttggcgat ttccacgtaa gtgtcccaag    202440
     tgcttctgca aggccatctg aaggcaacac tgatcctaca ggggacaggc cctacaatgg    202500
     agccagaata gagagcaagg tgctcacatg ctgtggggct cctgacaccc tggctgacct    202560
     cagggaaggc ccttacttaa cctttctgag tccttgttcc ctttcccaga tagaatctgg    202620
     tcatcaatat gggttgattg taaaagtatc actgtggtag cagcctggat ggccttgact    202680
     ggccagactg ttatttttat tagtctctag ccacagggtc ccatcacagc agccaatcca    202740
     gcagatacta atatgacatc agaaaatacc ctatgtggat atacatgagc tgccctggaa    202800
     gctgccataa ctcatactca agggcccaaa gagctggtgg atgtacagcc actctgagat    202860
     ctgagttttg tatcagacca atagtgcagg acacagagcc tccttctgac tcctgagtgt    202920
     ccgagttact gtgtcatgac tcagtgccct atatgtcacc tgaacaggga tcaggagcaa    202980
     ggcagggtcc agccccagga ctgaggttgt ctggaaaagc tgtttgctgt ccttaatgtc    203040
     ctttttgtgt tcttcaggcc taggtgaggg taggcagagg agggatgctg aactgtgtta    203100
     tggtctttcc ccatctgtct cttccaggag gcggagttaa ctggcttcat cactgattat    203160
     ctccagaagg cctacatccc tgtggtgaac ggtgaggctt ctccaagaat caggatacac    203220
     ttcaccaaag ggggcttcca cctctgtggt cccaaagacc tgggagtaga tgaccaatgc    203280
     ctaaacattg aggccaatgt agtcttaatg tcatcttgga gacaaaagcc catctcatca    203340
     tttgggctct gaccccaccc ccaccccccc aaacctccca ccatgagtga gattttggcc    203400
     tgtgatataa atacaaagca gataggtgct ctttgcctgt gtagccagaa gacatcatga    203460
     atcgatcaca gcactaattc ctacacggat cgctcccact catctctaag cagcctcttt    203520
     attaattgcc aagcagctgg gctgagatga ctttccctct ctttctttct cagatgtact    203580
     ccatgttggg cttccactcc cagaccttct ggctatcaat tataacctgg ctgagctgga    203640
     catagtagag gtgagggaga ggctggggga ggccatgtca acgagcactt ttagacaatg    203700
     ggtgactagc aagagctgac ctctggccaa ctagacggag gaggtgggga aaggcagagg    203760
     gccatcactg taatccctca gcctcagaac aagaaccttg gccaggactg cacgaaagga    203820
     tactttaccc tctagttctg ccaccatgat ctctctaccc cgcttcccct tttctggctt    203880
     taagtggggg gtgagaatgg gaatatcagt ctcatagagc tgccctgatt ttctgagaca    203940
     atgaacctgg acacgtataa tgaatgcccc ataaatacaa gtttctcgtc acgtgtcagg    204000
     ctctgagcat ggagtgttaa gtagtcattt cttgcatgcc ccctctcgac tctaggaggt    204060
     tgcagggtgt gttcctattt gatagttgag aaaatgaagg ctcagatggg gcaaaggggc    204120
     cttccaggtc atgaggcctt tgcttagatg gagttacttt ccatctcttg gccttggctg    204180
     gttccatctg ttcctgaccc tggatgaccc ttttgctact cccaacaccc tcttcaccca    204240
     gctcttctct cccatcagga tgccctggtg ctgggcttga agacagaatg accatgcaag    204300
     acgctgccaa ctgccttcat ccgccgttgt tctgaaccag cagaggagtc cagatgtgag    204360
     ccagatgggc ctgtccctgc caccgatggt tacctcctgt gaccaggaga aagtacgagg    204420
     cctggtaggc ctcagcaata aacaggagga agacccttac acaattcagt gtttctgtct    204480
     ccttttgtag ccaacgaaca tgtgggtttt ggtcccctat gataactttt agggtctagg    204540
     accagcttgg ggtttgaaat gccactggcc cagcctaggc atgtgctgaa catctgctta    204600
     tagttactct ccatgtttca cttgctcttg ctcatctaga acccatggga gagacaagtg    204660
     gggtcacccc actgtgtgtg ggcacatcag ggcatactag ggcacagtgg gtcatcccac    204720
     tgtttcagcg ctgtgcccca ggacgttgta aactgaaatg tttctattca tgtgaagcct    204780
     acacccccag gattctctcc atgttacctc tgttagtcct tacagctgag gaagtaacta    204840
     tcagcatttc acagacaggg ggcttgagct tcatagtggc ctgattggca catcaggggc    204900
     acactagggc acattaggag cactctaggg catatcaggg gcacactagg gcacaccagg    204960
     gtacatcagg gcacactagg gcatatcaga gcacatcagg acatatcagg acacaccaga    205020
     gcacaggctg agattgaaac ttgggctctg cagctggcct gccttggctc aactccgttc    205080
     tgcctctttg ccgtgtgttt tggttgaatc atggcaccaa tgggagcccc gttttcctca    205140
     cctgcaccac aaatgatgcc tgtagcaatc tcagcaggct gcaaagctta tgtgaatggc    205200
     accagaagga gtgattagac agtatctggc attaaaaaat gctagctcaa gcagggcttt    205260
     gaggctgcca gaaatgtgag catgtgtctg tgggccaggg tgtggctagc atcatgggaa    205320
     atgtgagggt ctggtcgtgt actgtggctt tgggatctgg ggccagcatt aacagaaggc    205380
     catgtataag aggggcctgt gtgtctgcag tgcttgcctg tgtctgaatc taggtactca    205440
     tctataccag cccactgaca cacaatcgga cagacagagt gcttctgtgc ctccctctgt    205500
     ccccattact cttcttgggt ctctctctct ctctctcctc tctctgtaag tgtgtgtatg    205560
     tatgtgcttc tttctacaag ccagacaagt gctctaccat caagcaatat cactaacttc    205620
     catgattttt aaactgactc ttttaaatct aaatgcacat ttaaacatag ctaagtaaaa    205680
     ttgtgtgtat tttaaattga tgttgaaaat tagtataacc tgctagagca taaagatcat    205740
     acaaaaccag ccacgtcttt gaaaaacgtg tattggaccc ttcctatgac ttactgttgc    205800
     tcagtcctgg agatcatcag agtgttggct tagtgtctgg gaacctatat tctggggtgt    205860
     gcatctgtca caacacttgt gcctgcatat gacaagtctc gatgtaggag ttggagacag    205920
     atgggtctgg gtgctcttaa gtttggcaca tgcaggtctg tgggtatgca gaggctggcc    205980
     aggaggccag tatttctcaa gcctgtggag cctagcaggt ggccctgttc cagtctggca    206040
     ctgatccata ccacagagga ggaaggcccg gatgccaggg ccatgccctt gtccttcacc    206100
     gccacttaat cccatcagtc gtcatcctct gggctggggg acaatagcaa ccttgacaca    206160
     gtgctggcag gtcctggtgt ctagttaatc catgggtggt gacacttgac acgggcatgt    206220
     tagagactcc tcccttgttc tagctctgtc cctgtatgtc caagaataca tagccactta    206280
     cagcctcaca gccaccttcc caggtccagt gtgcaactgg gaagccaaga cacaatgctg    206340
     ttagagggaa ggcctggctt ctattggaac cctaggcaca gggtagcctc tgacacatgg    206400
     cagttcctgt atgagtctct gttttggatg ctgggtatgt ggtcagatat gtcagaatgg    206460
     ctctgagaag aacatagacc aggcaaggga gccctgccct atggccctac tcctggggga    206520
     tctatggaag atgtcccctg tccctggact ctctcacctt tcaagactcc ccaaccctag    206580
     ctgatgaaag ggaggctttg agaaaggagg caacttcccc aaggactcac acatgtatgt    206640
     gaggctggcc tttaactcac ctgagtccca gtgtcttccc tgctcctctc tctaagctcc    206700
     gagccctgga tatattgtgt aaagaaacca aggtgcaagg tcccagagca ggcaggaagc    206760
     tgaactgggt cttcagtgct gagccacagc taccaagctc cagggacctg ccatgttagc    206820
     caaccttgga aggacactct gatgctcctc aaattagtgt cccaccgttc ctgcctctcc    206880
     actctctgcc cactgcttgc tcaggtgcct tctaggatgc taccatcaca ggggcctaga    206940
     gcatccccca ttccccactg ctcttgtcca gccccagttt gcatgcagta ggagcaatca    207000
     caggaggtga gcccattgca ggtggtgaac atggctttgc aatgcatgtc agccattaag    207060
     gacaaaccct cggaatgcac aggtaccaat gccagggagg gagactttca cttcctctgc    207120
     ctcgatccct ttcatggttc ccagaacttc ccccaacccc taggcctgca caccaccttc    207180
     cttaatgtgc aggctacaac agccctttgc tctcagtctg ctgggtgagg ttggtgaaaa    207240
     gtagaaccca gagacagcat tttaatgtat ttcctccgca gacatgccca ctccctgacc    207300
     ctgcatgaag cagtggggga tgcctgggct gcaagtaggg acagagacct tggggcaggg    207360
     ggcatagagg aaaaagatag cgagcaagct agaaaccaag tgccattttc ctgccttcca    207420
     agaggctggg ccaggcaggt caggatggtg agtgtggaat gaaagggctc aggtgtgttg    207480
     tttcttttag cttaggctga ccacagattc atagcaatcc ctgtgacatg ctgaataatg    207540
     gttgtgcaag gcagtaatga ctgtgccctt ctgtaagtgg ttccctggat ccacacttcc    207600
     ttcgtgtctc tgtggtccat tgggtgggca gtaacttgga ggttgagttt ggactatgat    207660
     ggtcttggcc tagctgccag atcctcaccc atcccagttg gggagaaagg cactttggct    207720
     cctggtggag caggatgcaa taatagaatt aaggtcactg ggtcaggatg gcaccagaag    207780
     tggttgccca tgcagagact gtgcacagcc agggaatgag tgggggaggt gctgttccct    207840
     ttttctcctt cagaatgtct tcaagggatt gtggctacca ggtacttgaa ggcatggtgc    207900
     agcagcaatg gtgatactca cacacctgag tggcggtgag ggaccactta gcatggccac    207960
     tcaggagagg catagctgtt gcagtcatgc aaagaggtcc ctcactcctg ctcaggcttg    208020
     tgagcagact tgtggactct gctcttaact gttcatccaa gaatggaagc tacaagcaag    208080
     acgtaaggca atgaaccttg tagtttcact catgatagcc aactatcaga aggacccaat    208140
     gcttgtgaac agaaggtggc cacggatgga gcctccatgt gtggaggggc ccctgggaga    208200
     gaaataccgc tctttacatg gacgtatgaa gcatgtgtgt gggcacagag tgtgcaggag    208260
     gaaggagctc gcagaaagac acggacatca ttgtactcta taccctatcc actgtgtcag    208320
     gccagtggcc aattctggtg ggccgtgaaa ccacggacac cggaggactt tgtgagcatc    208380
     aagttttaaa gctcatcaaa catggaaccc atagcctctt tctgttcgga tcccatattt    208440
     caagacactt cttgttcagg aacatagtcc tctcgccctg gaaggccctg aaggcctgaa    208500
     gggcacacca cagaggcaca gtgaccactt gagacagcac aggctctcag acaggaagac    208560
     ccaggggatg gagatgggct catagctggt accttgttca gtttagagtt ccagaagact    208620
     tcttggagga ggtgatgctg ggacagaaac ctgaagaact aagtggacat ggaacccaaa    208680
     gccagccatg cttgcgactc acacctgtga tcctgacact gggtagactg aagcaggatt    208740
     gccacaagtt ccaggccagc ctgggctcca gagagatcct gtctcaaaaa aatgattgaa    208800
     aaaaataaac agccacagcc cttgggtgta cagtgtaaac tgccaggcca catctccatg    208860
     attcccacca gcctccccgt tagtttgtag cagccacccc ggggctcagt actgctttgt    208920
     ctgacaagct cctccccaag tacctatcag actcccttcc attatctctt tgggttaagc    208980
     tggtcccttt cccattcagg gtatctgacc accatattta gtatccccaa taccacttac    209040
     aatcttgtct tatggccctg gctgctgctg actgtcgcgt gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgcatgt    209100
     gcgtgtgcgt gtgcgtgtgc gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttcccttca gagctgtgtg    209160
     cttacaggct gtcagtgctt gacatgcaag tttggagtat tgtaagtggg tctggtaaaa    209220
     tatgagaaga ggaagaaaag cccctcaccc ccattgttct gcccaggatg cattaaatgg    209280
     gagcctactg attctgtgtg tggttaaatg aatcacacta taaaggttaa ttttattagc    209340
     atttgccatt tttaatttat ggctgctgaa aggccaaatg gcatgacagc acctgggacc    209400
     atggttgctc ttctgttcac agggataccc tacatctggt aaacaatagg caccccacaa    209460
     gtgcctgctg tagaccgacc gaccaatcga ctgactgact gactgactga ctgactgact    209520
     gaatgaatga atgaatgcac cattctcctg aacctgcctg ctctggagtc ccggggctct    209580
     caagccatga ggggtggttg gagctggtga cccttctcca agtaggcccc acttccactc    209640
     cccaggcctg gacttctcga tgctaggctt gtggctggat tagagatcag agggtccagt    209700
     tgctataagc agtttccttc cctccaggac ttttaggatg gtgggcaagt gaatcaaggt    209760
     ggaccccgca ttactggagt ggctgtgggg gacctgaagg gagctctctg ggagtgaccg    209820
     agcctcaccc atcccagttg tggagaaagg ctggcctctg gggcccctat gcatttcttc    209880
     cagcccctgg gcgctgaccc cagcccctgg ctttccttgc agaagaaagg cttaattcag    209940
     gccctcgggg aaaaccgcaa tttgctcctg acttgacata ctgacgggtt cctggcggct    210000
     gtgccccctt tgtctcccca agctgctgtg agtatataag ggccgcccct gggctcaggt    210060
     acagaggctg gcaggaggct gggaacccac ttacagagca ggaggaacag gctggtaagg    210120
     tggccccagg tgacccggtc ccatcctaat cccctccaca gactgactgt gtgactctta    210180
     ctgtcccatc tgaacaatgg gcacagaagg aattactctg ggggaagaga ggcctaggag    210240
     cacttggagg ctagcaggag gaaatttccc ccatcttaca gatttggggt tctcgctgta    210300
     tgacagggct aactgggctg gggccagaat tgcccatgga caaagatcca ggctagcatc    210360
     cctctctcta actgggctcc tactatagtg gcatttcctt ctgtgagaga ccctagggtg    210420
     atgagttcac tcagggcccc cgtcctagta aacaagatgt acaattaagt ttgttgctgg    210480
     gtcatgtggt gtccatggag aaggtgcctg ctctgtgttg atgctgtctg cagcagagct    210540
     ggctgagtga agagctactg ggtcccaccc tcaccccacg acaggtgctc ttccagtgca    210600
     cgtgggaaca gcactgggac ccaaggcaca gtctccttcc tgtagcttac agagttggcc    210660
     agcaagggta tggatacgtt tgcataaatg caacttgtga aaagtatctc tcaataaaca    210720
     tctcagtgat tggcaggact ctccagagaa ggcaaaaaga gaggcctctc tcagaaggta    210780
     gtgaacctga tggaccagga gccagccatg aggggacaca caggagactt tctagcatct    210840
     gaaatagcaa gtgcaaaggc cctgggtgga gcaggattta gtttatttag aactcaggtg    210900
     gccaaagaaa ttctttgcct tgggcctcat ccacgggttg tgggagccac tgaggggagg    210960
     gtccccctaa agcatttacc ctggaccctg ccaggctcac agggccatat gacaaatttt    211020
     cagtcatgtg gattcagact ggaatgtgaa tggttagttc tgtggccctg ctcgagttcc    211080
     ctccagtctc tgagcctcag atttcccacc tgatccagtt caggcaactg aaaggtgtgc    211140
     tggtcctgga agctgtccct tgtgtggtgg ctggatagag cacttccagt tgttcaggaa    211200
     ggaagagctc ctgaccagca ctggccatga tggagagcag gagcgaaaag gctgggcgtg    211260
     cagacctgat aacatctttc cctcatccag gtgtgcagct gatgatgctg ggtgtgtata    211320
     ccctgcttct gctctggggc ctggccactc catgcctggg gctgcttgag acagtgggca    211380
     cgcttgctcg gattgacaag gatgaactgg gcaaaggtga ggcagaggca ggtgggcagg    211440
     ccggaaggga cccagctgca actgtctgca tcagagacag atgttcgagc tgaggctatc    211500
     agtactcagt ggacagattc tggtttattt tgcaaggacc ctggaggggc cagcagcaca    211560
     cacttaggaa gcttgggttt gctctccagt tcttccagtt gtcactcgta tccttccctc    211620
     tgagcagaga actgggctgt gtggaatgac atggggttag ggacagggat gaagaaggga    211680
     ctgggtgggt catattccca tctcatgttt ctggggtgat cctcacagga cagtgaagag    211740
     ctacccacag tgggggtttc tccactctgc cctttccaca gccaggattg gggtcacccc    211800
     ggcaccgcca ccaaacccct gcatcctctc tctactttgg ctgcaaggat ctggagccca    211860
     agtgttattc aaccttcata aagtacttgt tcacacgttg ggcaagcgtc tgccccttcc    211920
     tggtctttta tttatctgta gatgaaggaa tggttagggg cgtgtgttca tttattcctg    211980
     acactccttg gtaccacaag tggggcgagt gggaggagtc cccacttctt gaatgtgatg    212040
     tgtcaatcct aatgaaaaca ggctctgaaa ctcaaaggaa aggacatcag tcatggccct    212100
     gatcctcagg gtgaaaggac acttcgttga gtattcctcc ttcccactct ctctgcagcc    212160
     atccagaact ccctagttgg gggccctatt ctgcaaaacg tgctggggac tgtgacatca    212220
     gtgaaccagg gcctcctggg tgcaggaggg ctgctcggag gtggtggcct gctgagttac    212280
     ggtggcatct ttagtcttgt ggaagaactc tctgggtgag gccccagggc tctgaagggc    212340
     tctgcaggag ggcttgtctt cactcgctgc tgggaagggg gggggggatg ggtgatgact    212400
     gagccaggaa ggacatgggt agccacatgc ctctgtcacc ccgggggctg gatacaactc    212460
     tagctacctg ctgtgtgacc cctcgaaggt tgcttgattt ctctgggctg accctggtgt    212520
     ctgtctggct tctttcctca tctcttttgg atgtctggtg agaagagtct gccccgatga    212580
     gcccttattc agcccctccc caccttcaag gggtcactca ctctggggac aacatacatg    212640
     atactggttt gtctttgtca ccatggcaga ttgtataccc aaaggggcag gattcccatc    212700
     tgggccactc atcagaatgt cctcatataa acagggcttt gtgatcatgt taggattgga    212760
     agaaatgagc aggtggctaa tgcttttagc agagcagtca ccagcagggt tctaggtgac    212820
     cttaagcacc attggtaagt tgatgtagag atcagacaag tgtcaaacct ctccacgggg    212880
     gatggaagcc cccagggaag gtcccctcac tcccactgtg ctcactccat ggaggagggg    212940
     acatgtctgt gtgtggatga ctgcagccca ctctttttgg gcatgggtga atatggacag    213000
     acagtcagac gaggagacag gcttgtgaca acagaggaga tggcaggtcc ccatgtagca    213060
     cccacatctg caaagggggc aggtggcagc tcatagcgct cagcttcact gagtcactct    213120
     gaggtagatc ttggcagtgt catctggatg ctgaggcaca gtagtgaagt gattcatccc    213180
     caggcagagt tagtagccac aggatagggc tgcgaagcat cctgaaagga caccatgaac    213240
     atcgagacag ccgtagtctg tgtgcagttg gggccgaata aaaccatcta tacaatgagc    213300
     actcagtaaa tgctatcact attattagat tccacatctc ttcataccac ctttgctgaa    213360
     tgaacctcac cttgtccttc cttcaaggag ctgcagaatg tgccaaaacc tgataggaca    213420
     atgccctggg ctcagacagg gctgtaagct gcagcctgag aaccaggaag gaggacttcc    213480
     tggaggaggg gatgtctggc tgaaatcagg agagccagga acactcagtt acttagggga    213540
     ggatattgaa tagaatcagg gataggtgtt ccagataggg gtagcaagag taggctggaa    213600
     ggatgatgct tgactaagga atcccctgtg gggtgtattc tagatggggc ccaatgtcac    213660
     acaaaccagg gctgaggctg ccagatagag tagggcctcc agctgtgatt ctgaggccac    213720
     actgttgagt atcaaccata gggggaatct ggtggtcggg gtccacccag gaccaggggt    213780
     ctgtaggagt gagcccactt cccccactct ccaggctgaa gatagaggaa ctaactttgc    213840
     ccaaagtgtc actcaagctg ctgccggggg tcggggtgca gctgaacctg cacaccaagg    213900
     ttagcctgca tggctccggg taagtgtgcg tctgggagct cttatacacc agcacccact    213960
     atttcctctg cctcacttcc cttagggtcc ccccatcttg ggcccctgct ctattacctt    214020
     cccccagagg accccacttc tttggtgatc cccaggcttc cacggagctt cccagaccct    214080
     cctccactgc ctgaggtggg gaagagagcc tggaagatgc ttggggacca ggaccctgac    214140
     atccacaggg ccccaggatg gcgtgggcat ggctgggtat ggtgaggtgg gtaaggtctg    214200
     ggaggcgggc taggctcatt ctggggacct tgcagtcccc tggtgggcct cctgcagctg    214260
     gccgcagagg tgaacgtgtc ttcgaaagtg gcactgggca tgagtcctcg ggggacaccc    214320
     atccttgtcc ttaagcgctg cagcacgctc ctgggtcaca tcagtctgat gtcagggtga    214380
     gtctccggct tggcaccagc tcacacacat ccagcacggg ttgcctgtcc ccagctctgc    214440
     ctgagaatgt catgctgtcc tgcagaccct gcttttggcc cagacctgag acccaagctg    214500
     tagccctcaa cacagttact ccagaatgat ctttctcttg tccccggggt cccactcggg    214560
     acttcctgtc tcccagaagc tctgtgtctg ctctcagcat gtaagagccc cagctcaacc    214620
     cttgacttgt gtgacccagg accatgctgg gacctcagtg tcccctgtgt cccctgtaac    214680
     caccttcaca tctccctttc ctgtgggaca cccactcacc tgcccacact cgtgaccagc    214740
     ctcactccag cccacaaaga gcaaaggttc tgcccaagct atatcacaca gatgaggcag    214800
     gcatggaagc ttgtctctga ccactggact accctcccct ggaccattct ttctctgtct    214860
     ccctagcact gtctttatcc caggccaagc ctcagctcct ccacttttgc tggcttagtg    214920
     ttagctccag ggacagggtg ggtgggtggg ctctgtaaag gcttaaacaa aggaatcaca    214980
     agtcagggct ttgggctcct taaaatgtag tgtctcttga tgctctgggg acagtaagct    215040
     aagggtaact gtgccatctt ggggtgtggc tctgtgggca tgtgcccaca tggtctccag    215100
     gcaggcctga gacaaacgac agatactgct tatccttagg ccacctacta attcattcat    215160
     tcattcattc atttgttcat tcattcattc attcattgtt tattgagtcc caataaacaa    215220
     ggtgtggaat cagacatgct gcacatgtaa gtgactctca tctataagtc gttgggtgtc    215280
     cggtgcacag gctgcctggt aggcgtttgt gggcctctct ctcatctggc agtggcatga    215340
     gatagggtgg ggctgtcttg acaaggaagg taaaatcttg gatgccccat ggtaaggcgg    215400
     ggccaaggct taaacacagg tccccaaagc tccagccaac ctcacaaaag gaagagacag    215460
     gagggaggca gagccctggt ccaccttcat gtcttcttca cccaggctgc tgcccacgcc    215520
     aatctttggg ctcgtagaac agacactgtg caaggtgctg cctggactgg tgagtgtggc    215580
     ccccaccagg ctgccaaggg cagttagctg gcatccctaa aacattgtgt gggtgatagt    215640
     ggattgctac cctgggctga aggaagcagt gtggccacgg gagggaagaa aacacgtcag    215700
     gtagactcaa gggaagaaaa cacgtcaggt agattcaagg aggtccatcg tgggctctgg    215760
     ggttgagtgt gtgtgaggca ggcagatctg actctgggtg ctgcaagcac tttcagccag    215820
     aattcttgac catcattctg ggtgggattg gaactgcact ttgaggtcag tgctgtgcta    215880
     tggcttctgt gtagttttcc tgcctggctg cccggtgcag caggatgtac cggctggatg    215940
     cctgcatctg gatgcctcct cccagtgcaa tcctggggct tggggcagca gtcttgcctc    216000
     agccctggct tttgtgtctg ccaataatta tgaccttggc aggtggccct tagtctctga    216060
     ccccaactgt agactgaagt gctgggctga agttaccaca cggggctcag tgagtgcagg    216120
     gacagggtgt gtggattttc tggatgacag agaagatagg gtacctggga cttctgacca    216180
     cagtcttctg actctacact gggtagcagg atggacagca gtcaccttgg ccctgcaatg    216240
     tctactgttc ctccctcgtg gtgcactttc taaaggggct cacgtaagag atgtgagatt    216300
     tggtgtcttc acaccatgct ttacctttga gcctcagcac cacacagcca ttttggagag    216360
     aggcagctgt ctcctgcccc aagcagggtg caccctctct ctccagtggc ctctgtctcc    216420
     tccttacagc tgtgccctgt ggtagacagt gtgctgagtg tggtgaatga gctcttggga    216480
     gctacgctga gtaagttggg gtcctacccc tcctctgtgt tccctcaccc ttgccattga    216540
     gcaggtggcc atggagggaa gagaggggag tttctcttct tcctcagact gtccactcca    216600
     ctctggggag gcctccggag aacccttagg gtggagatct aggagaggaa ccaagggagg    216660
     atgtctaggg aggagcccag ctatcccagg ggtgggggag gcctcagagc atccacatct    216720
     gagatctcca cctgccagct gctgcagaca gacacctact gagcacttgg ggctgaaaca    216780
     agaggtaaac attctctgtg gagatgaaag tcacaagctc acagggcttt agcaagacag    216840
     ccatggcctt gccgcccagt gactctgtct ctctgcctcg tggagacctc tgtacttact    216900
     cagggaagta tgagcagagg caaggcagga tggtgctgta gtcacccctc catcagggag    216960
     gccgggaaag aggcaggaca ggcatgggtc agccatagca gccctagaaa caggagcaca    217020
     ggctttccca gtctgtgtgc ctccagactg tggccctcca tcagcggggt gaaatggggg    217080
     tgacagcaga acccaaatga attctgggta aagggtaatt tgcaacaggg gctcagtaaa    217140
     tgccagtggt tactgtccct gggggtacgg ttgaggtttt cctgtctgcc ctctttcctg    217200
     caggcctggt gccccttggg cctctggggt ctgtggagtt cactctggct acacttcccc    217260
     taatctccaa ccagtacatt gagctggata taaatgtgag tgttccagga ccagggcagt    217320
     ggggtccatg ggggagccac agaggtgaat gggggatccc ggacaaggcc gagcagccac    217380
     acacccaccc ttctctgtct cttgcctggt agcccatcgt gaagagcata gctggagatg    217440
     tcattgattt ccccaagcca cgcatcccag tcaaggtgcc ccccaaagag gaccacacct    217500
     cccaagtgac tgtcccactc tatctcttca gcaccgtgtt tgggctcctg caaaccaacg    217560
     gtgcccttga cctggacatc acccctgaga tggtgagtgg tggcgtatgg ggacgctggc    217620
     ttgggacatc tgctccaggc tgtggcaggg ctgctgctgg gtttcctcat gttgtccctc    217680
     atagccttgc tgagtctgtt ctctgtaagc aggggctggg catgcttaga gcacacacct    217740
     tgccgtccac cctgttctag aggagagtgc caataaccct ccgtacctgc atggcacccc    217800
     tgaagccttc taacctcagc cttccagaaa accacgccca aagccagaac cgacagagtc    217860
     agatatccct ccatccaagg aggaaacgac tcaccagatg aatctgtctt gagtttaagc    217920
     tattttatac taaagtagga atggctaaca tcctgtctac tttctcaaga gtagatttga    217980
     gctggagaaa agaaagccag gcttaggctt tgctgaaggt cacttgtact ctcatactgg    218040
     agtttctggg acctccttgc tcttgtgttg gtccctcttt gcctcaatgg ctcagaggct    218100
     ccccccaccc ccagtcttat ccctacccag agcactgagc tctgagctat ttggaggcct    218160
     cacatacagc ttaggcaaga ggattggcct ctcaccttgt acaggatggg gaggggtccc    218220
     taggggacag aggtagcttc agagaattga atggggcccc aagttggagg taggggtctt    218280
     tagctgggga gaaggcagag tctgaagaaa ggaatgtgtc actgaatggc ctgtggatgg    218340
     ggctgtaagc attgtgatga ctgctcctgg agctctgggg acaaagtgtg gacagatctg    218400
     ttctgatagg gtggttcata tggggccacc attgcttagc aacctggcag gaccttggca    218460
     actacagttt agcttccaag ggggaaggga catgggccca gtgagaccac atttcctaac    218520
     attttagcca gagcttgtaa acttacatga acctacgatt tataaagact ggaagtggtc    218580
     gtatttataa gtgaccgctg aggtgacaga taagagcacc tggctgcctt tctcagtgtg    218640
     gtctggcagt aatgagagga ctctgatacc agacagctca gctacatatc ctgctcatcc    218700
     cgggccacca ttagccaagg atggagccag ggcagagtct tagcatcact tgtgtaaagt    218760
     gagggcattc ttaatctggt cgctgagctg ctgtgtaggg tgtgttaggg aggtgggaag    218820
     agtacctggt acagggtcag gctccgggag tgtccgtagt gagcagaggt gagagggaca    218880
     cactcccctg tcctgcaccc atttccaggg acgtcttcct tctccactaa cctctcattt    218940
     gctctcatac ccaggttccc aggaatgtcc ctctgacaac tactgacctg gcagctttgg    219000
     ctcctgaggt gagtgggccc tcttaggggc tccatcagtg tagctctttc ctagattgac    219060
     tccagaaacc ttcccaggcg atctctccac atacccatga ttaatgttga gcccagatat    219120
     aaactaaagt gtgagacact aacactttat ccttttctga tagcacaact ggcttataaa    219180
     ggaaagaagc agagtgtccc agaagccacc tgggtgctgt ggtcacagca actccagcag    219240
     acagagaaca ggagagtctt cccaggctac tgattcacag tgtgaccatt ctgagtctcc    219300
     tagtaacacc tactctttga aaagtgatag aaatcaggaa aacacagcca catagaggac    219360
     ggaggcatgc tagcatttga gggccactgt gtcccacgcc tggatcccca agttactgaa    219420
     ttatcaacac agagaatcat aaagatccat cccgagggtc cctcagacca gaagatgtcc    219480
     ccagctcttg gtcttctctg tcctggagag agacaaagga gaggggtcat ggaggtagag    219540
     atagtggaca tgatcccagg actcagcttc ccagtcattc agatgatact ggacccacca    219600
     gtatgcagct gggagaatta gtaatgattt gaagttgaaa tgactattat tacattatta    219660
     ttacatagag tagtgggagt gtctgagggg ggttggacag agaaacagag gatacgggtg    219720
     gccgaggaca aggtccatgc atccattaag gaaacggttt caggtagcct cagggagcaa    219780
     ggtgggactt gctccttctc tgggctgaag ggaggaggaa gctcaggaga ggaagggtct    219840
     gggagtggac actcaggaga acctttcaaa ggcaggagga aagtgcaaga tcaattgggt    219900
     ggcagagatg actgagaaat ccctcaggac acagctacca atgtttgttg ttttattttt    219960
     gacacggagc tgcacgtagc ccaggtcgtc cttaaacttg ttatttagcc aaggatagcc    220020
     ttaactcttg atctctctgt ttctagtttc caagtgctgg gattttagct gtgtgccacc    220080
     aggctcagct tgcttgggga agagattttg cctgtgtatg aaacagagtg tgatatggtg    220140
     gccccatggg ttagagtctt aaccgctttg atgggcagag tgcctgctat tctaggctac    220200
     aaccttgctg ccaagggccg tgcctctcaa ctagtagatg ctcagtgtgt ttgtggactg    220260
     actgattctg acactggcat ctaagctgtc ttcacaccca tgttctttcc tgtctctccc    220320
     aggccctggg gaaactgccc cctgctcagc acctcctgct ctcgctgcgg gtgacaaaat    220380
     cgcccatggt cctgctgcag aacaagaagg ccacagtctc catcccagtc accatccatg    220440
     tgctgtcttc tgtccctcaa ggaactcctg tagccctttt ccagttgaat ggggtaagtg    220500
     gatgaggggt gggcggggag ccctatgttg catagcaaga ccctcacatc attgatgaac    220560
     taagtctatt gttgacccag cttctttcca gctcctaacc cttctttggt ccagtgggcc    220620
     cactctacgt cctcaagtcc tgagagttgc tccacagtga cctgcctcta ctcagctgtc    220680
     tcctggggac cctgcttcat gactcagcat ggtggtccca gcatgccttg tgctctgcct    220740
     gccctggctg tctcttctgc taccttccta ggctagctca agtgcccctg ggaagccttt    220800
     agctccctcg tggattaaac agaaggttcc ggtctgcagt cccaaacacc cattaactct    220860
     gccacacagt aggaccagag ctgccatggg aggaatgctc agaggctttc ctggcatctg    220920
     ggtgactgcc tctattcttg cagagtcagg gaaaacatct gctcactctt ctcctcaggt    220980
     tatgactcta aatgcccacc tggctccatc ctctaccaag ctgcacatat ctctgtccct    221040
     ggaacggtaa tgtggggtcc taggatggtc tgtccctccc tttagacact agaatcaggg    221100
     gctggataaa ataagggcca cttggtgttg gcaagcatct ctgatctggg tgcttagtag    221160
     atttgtgtca ccttagggaa ggggacatgg tggtcactac agatcaagta gcagggccca    221220
     gagtaggtga ccatgactag cacttccact gttccctttg ctcagacact gactctggca    221280
     gtgagcctgc cccaggacac agaggctata acttagcctg aggctgacca caaggacgcg    221340
     atcccagagt gctggacgat gtttccgccc catacgcact tcttccattg attccctcat    221400
     ctctgtctta tgctaactga gcatcgagag attccaaaca gccaaaatga aggtggaaga    221460
     ccattctgcc cctatttttg catactaccc aacacagcac ttcacagttt gtaaagttca    221520
     ctgtagccca ggctcaggca atgggcccgt gaccccagcc tccctctcca gctggtgctc    221580
     tggttatggt gaggtctgtc tgatccccat cccagttgta gagaatttct cagacgtcct    221640
     tgagtcctga ctgtcctgag ccacagcacc cagtatgcat ctccctgctt tggaacttcc    221700
     ctgtggttcc ttttcttgcc ctcttcaacc aggtctgctg cctgctcacc tctgcctcct    221760
     ggtggcagtt catgacacag cactccagaa gtgaagatag aggtctaggc ttgccacgga    221820
     ctgacttgca ttggggtcac ctggtgtaca ctaccattag tgagcacctg ctggatgcag    221880
     actggcccat gtgcagtgct aggctaggaa aaggacacac acacagacag ttgggctacc    221940
     cctaggaggg ctctgtgatg tctcacaagg gaagtgaagc cctctcagtc tatttcacag    222000
     ggagggaaat agagagcctg agagatggct ggagagagat gagctaggtt ggagtcctct    222060
     tgcctgttcc tggaaagcca tgactagggt gggccagggt aagtggggcc agacagctct    222120
     ctgcagggag tgaggaacca ccaggacctc ttaacacttc tcttctctct ggcaggctaa    222180
     gtgtccagct ggcctcctcc tttccccaac cttttgatgt aagttcctgg gaagaaggag    222240
     cttgacaggg ggtagaggat ttgggtgggg agtgggggca agtcagggtc aaggctacct    222300
     ctgtgtgggc ccaaccccag cagagcagag cagaaaagca gaggaagtgt gctagtgtgt    222360
     atgcttgtgt gtgtgcgtgc acctgtgaac ctgtgtgtgt gctcgggtgt gtgtgtatgt    222420
     gtgtgtgcat gtgtgtttag gtggatgtgt gcatgcgtgt gtatgttttt gtgtgtatat    222480
     gcatgcatgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagc    222540
     cactagacat cttaggaaag tcaatcccat gttcttacaa ggacttggat cctcagaatt    222600
     gtaaacatcc agaggctcac aaggatctgg atcttcacac aaaattctga gccctgaaag    222660
     tctagcattc cagaacccga cagagcctga ggttcatgct tctcacagac ttcttagatt    222720
     ctgaaatctc ggacagcttt agattccaga acattctgag gactcccaaa ctgtttattc    222780
     taagatcagc cttcacagca ttctaccaga gctgggtaca ttcccttctc tctttctcag    222840
     gcacacctgt cctaatccac agaatcttct agaagggaat atcttgcaag gtcccagact    222900
     aagggtgaag tctgcattaa tcagtctcct ttactgttgc taggctactg ttgctgggct    222960
     acacagccca atctgagggc cccattacct agcaggaaca gttcatttag gcttgcagga    223020
     ggcttctggg cctctggttt ctcacgaagc tccccactca ctattccatc tgctgttgca    223080
     ggcatcccgt ctggaagaat ggctcagtga tgtggtccgg gctgcctaca tgcagaggct    223140
     caacggtaca gctgagctgg agtccaattt gctcctcgat cccttactcg gataagaata    223200
     ctgaggccaa agagctgcca ggatttccgt taatgcagca atgaccagca ccatcatgct    223260
     ctcctcagga cccccagagt taaccttccc tggattctgc ttaagctccc acagtcaagt    223320
     gggaaatagc tctatcaacc agagatggca cgggatgcct ctaggtggtg tggctaaagg    223380
     ggagtcacaa acctgatata gaaaagaggg gttttgtctt ttttgggggg tatgatgggg    223440
     taagtaggaa tttgctaaca agaagctgaa ttcccacagg gagaagtgtc tgtccgtcat    223500
     cagggtctga gacaccccaa tctttgtttt caaccttttt tttttttttc cttcacagag    223560
     cacctggagg ttggaattcc cctgcctaag attctcaatg tcaactttgc caattcagtg    223620
     gtcgatatca ttgaggtgag cgtcccctgt ggatgtgtcc ccagatggca gtttagctga    223680
     ggcccgagag acctgtttga cacctctgag gagcgtgccc tgcctcatcc tctgacccac    223740
     ctctgtgtca tgtctacaaa gctcagagaa ccacaatcgt cagaaacagc aaatacgtca    223800
     tgtatttcaa ccctttcctt cctcacccgt ggcagacatt gtcaatcaat cacagaattc    223860
     tgttgaatta agacatgtct gacctgaaga aggaacctca gatatacaca cagattcatg    223920
     gttctttggt tcatggacag caaatactta ttatccctca ttgtatgtct atggcaggca    223980
     tgactaatgg attgtgacag caccccctct ctacattatt attattatta ttattattat    224040
     tattattaat tattttgcca caaacctttt caaatcagta cacgtttgag tctttggcta    224100
     gctctgggga gtgagcacaa caggggtttc tgtattaatt tttaaggtaa gaggatgaag    224160
     gtcagggagt gtcaaggttg ttcagtatgt ttttggtaaa aaatgacctt tgaccttaag    224220
     tctgagtcag caacctgacc tgcaccggac tcatccacag tctcgtccct catttaacgc    224280
     taggcctcag gcagagcaag aggccaggcg tgaggtgagg cagccatgag gggatctggt    224340
     gcttagagac ctaactgcga attcctgttc ttgcagaatg cagttgtgct cacagtggct    224400
     ccgtgaggcg gtatggctgc tgctctccct gttcactaca gagtcctatc tgtctgccca    224460
     ctctgcctca gtttccctcc cagtcttaag cctgcattgg tgacagtata agtgcccctt    224520
     gcccacccgg gcccaccttg ccctctgttc ctgtgatcat gcctgttttg gggtggggat    224580
     ggctggatag ccactgatct gcttcagaaa gcacatagca ccttggttca atcccagctt    224640
     taataaactg atccttggtc ttgtgcctgc tggctggttt gttccctggc cacacaggag    224700
     cgctgctggc tttggcctcc aatgatcttc attctaaaca ggagctctta tgaggtaagg    224760
     ggacctgggg ctcagttatt ggagtgccga gtccctgttc cacctggctg gcctgggcag    224820
     cctctggtcc ttgtccggcc tcagcctctc catgtcgtcc attaccccca ccttctgtca    224880
     ggatctctgc ctcggaggtt tggaaccctt tcagaagggc ataccagctg aagttttgag    224940
     ggttggatag gagcagttct gcagggagaa aaggagccag aactctatga agcaagtgtg    225000
     agtgagactc accctacccc agagagacac ctgttgattg agaagacaga tgttcctaga    225060
     acaagagagc acttccaaat gctcttgaca cacacaacgg ttcgtttcat tcaccaatgt    225120
     gacatctccc caggagacgt ggttgctatg gactgcaccg gaggcaggca tcacggtgct    225180
     ggcaatgtgt cagaggagat gctcatccac tgtcaggaag cagagggaga gttctcttct    225240
     cctccttcct gtcctgttcc ctgggcttcc ggcttactgg atggcactgc tcacactgtt    225300
     gggtctcccc tctagctcat cactctaaca aatccacagt aggctttact attcattctg    225360
     gcatcaccca gtgcccatgg ccgggagctg tccaagctcc tactcagtgg tccaggcagc    225420
     tttccctgca gcagctaaag ggggctcaga tgcctggcct tgggctctgt ctcagtccca    225480
     tgtgtaacag ggtgtctaag actggctggt ttacagtgaa caggaattta ctggctcacc    225540
     cttctggaga atgggacatc caagatggag ggactggtgt gtatgctggg gttcgtcctg    225600
     ctgtgccatt ccataatgcc aggcaaaagg tcaaagacaa taaagagatg aagaggtaga    225660
     gatagagagt gtgtgtatgt ggcacacaga gagagtgagt gtgtctgtgt gtttgtgaga    225720
     gagggggaag gtggatggga agggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    225780
     agagagagag agagagagag gatatgaatc actcccacac tggaatccac ttcttgcctg    225840
     ctgaagtgga attcatccat ccacaaagct ggagccccca aaagcctaac acccccactg    225900
     agccccatct cctgacccca tcacccaggg gacacatcca gaccacagca gttgcttatc    225960
     tgtgacacag ggaggtcgtg gttctcaccc aggtcatcag aggactaaca tccagcctgt    226020
     gtcaggtgct gggaaggagc ctggcacgtg tgagtgagta gcagcctggc caggccttca    226080
     cttggctgcc tcttcttgga acttccttct gaattaggct ggaacccctg atcccaccct    226140
     tggggctctt agtgtccccc tcaagacacc tggcctaatt ctcatacttc accgagagtt    226200
     ttccaaagtc agggacagaa tccgcttacc accctatcat gcactgaatt c             226251