ID   AL808140; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 162772 BP.
AC   AL808140;
DT   05-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-147K5 on chromosome X
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-162772
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Grafham D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; a04e22fd5febec5f1dc0010ddb7fc382.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456204.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025269; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025270; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041353; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0036167; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0036168; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0036169; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0036143; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0036144; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0036145; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0036069; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0036070; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0036071; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0036134; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0036135; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0036136; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035842; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035843; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035844; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036659; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036660; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036661; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0035133; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0035134; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035819; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035820; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035821; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035977; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035978; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035979; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035911; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035912; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035913; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0036068; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0036069; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0036070; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035947; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035948; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035949; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036694; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036695; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036696; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034827; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034828; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034829; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0035268; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0035269; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0035270; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL808140.5:1-162772; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000026303; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000059256; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112715; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112719; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112720; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000163233; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173996; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0097699; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0097711; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0097713; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0097775; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0097787; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0097789; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0097723; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0097735; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0097737; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0097694; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0097706; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0097708; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0097250; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0097262; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0097264; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0098212; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0098224; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0098226; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0097848; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0097860; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0097167; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0097179; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0097181; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0097392; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0097404; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0097406; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0097208; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0097220; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0097222; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0097414; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0097426; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0097428; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0097151; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0097163; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0097165; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0098579; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0098591; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0098593; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0097255; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0097267; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0097269; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0096209; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0096221; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0096223; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR001917; Aminotrans_II_pyridoxalP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR004808; AP_endonuc_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR004839; Aminotransferase_I/II.
DR   InterPro; IPR005135; Endo/exonuclease/phosphatase.
DR   InterPro; IPR010666; Znf_GRF.
DR   InterPro; IPR010961; 4pyrrol_synth_NH2levulA_synth.
DR   InterPro; IPR015421; PyrdxlP-dep_Trfase_major.
DR   InterPro; IPR015422; PyrdxlP-dep_Trfase_dom1.
DR   InterPro; IPR015424; PyrdxlP-dep_Trfase.
DR   InterPro; IPR020847; AP_endonuclease_F1_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029096; Dppa3.
DR   InterPro; IPR029222; FAM104.
DR   InterPro; IPR036691; Endo/exonu/phosph_ase_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923420; Tmem29.
DR   MGI; MGI:1924872; Apex2.
DR   MGI; MGI:87990; Alas2.
DR   RFAM; RF01942; mir-1937.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-147K5 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..162772
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-147K5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    43777..43840
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 162772 BP; 50505 A; 34173 C; 33254 G; 44840 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaca gattcttcaa gagttggtca ctttgtttgt agagacagcc ttttccttgg        60
     atgtaaagat aatgattagc cgggtcttgc tgtcctgtga tcccacaaga ccctcccacc       120
     agctagggcc tcacctgatc taggatgagg gcaagccacc aggcctactt ttctaccagg       180
     aacacttatt cctgttcatg ctgcaagcaa gtttagtgtc caagctaact ccccaaaccc       240
     ttctcagtgg catttaatag atcttgctag agcctgcaca ggtctgtgct tgctgtctgt       300
     actgttggca gctcatccct gcaggtgcct atggatgccc atatgcataa atgtataaat       360
     gaatatataa ataaacaaac aaacaaataa ataaataagt aaaattggca gcataaattc       420
     atcttgaaag gcttaaaaca aaacgaaaaa tactagccac aaatctagga gaatgtgtaa       480
     tgttgggtgg atctgggaag agttggaagt gattgtgata aaaagacatt gtatgaaaat       540
     ctcagacaaa caaaaatgca aatttttaag gtacttgaca gagttcattg tggggtattg       600
     ggctatgcac agacaggctg ctctccagtt gagctgagat ctgaactccg gaatggtgat       660
     aattcaccta tatgacatga taggcattcc ctcatgctcc tggaactctg gttcctgcct       720
     aagttagcac tccccctagc ccccacaaaa gaagcatggc tagaagtcac gtaggcaatg       780
     tcccaagctt atgaccttca ggctaaactc ctacccagtt agaccataaa aggggctgtt       840
     gggcccctcc tcacctctct cttacttctc actttcaccc tctcactcct ctccctttga       900
     gttctccttg gtctctcact cttttgttct cttacctctc actcttctct cctctctctt       960
     tgtcttctcc tctcctctca ttctctccct cttactctct ctttctctct agcctttcct      1020
     ctctctatct ctcttctacc ttctttcttt ccccctgcct ctctataata aagctctaaa      1080
     tgtgtctgct catcaaggcc cactgcacat ggaggatggg ataagtttct cataaagagc      1140
     catttctaat cttcgaatgt aaggccttcc tgtgctctag tcaagatctg ctgtactcac      1200
     tcttgccagt gtaagaacct ctcttccctc atccctctct tccataaccc cggggcttta      1260
     gaaaatagcc ccggggctcc caggttgggc tgcctcttgt ccacccccca agagtgggtc      1320
     agaggcttgg atgcccatga ggggctgagt ggaaagagtc tcccacatct gcctgaccag      1380
     aacatagata aaactctggc agggcgtggg tctttccccc ctttcccctg ggccccttta      1440
     tagtttccac agttcatgac ccctcagctt ctagctcact ttctatctca cctgagtgtg      1500
     ctgtgccttg tccaatgtac ttgggcctgc tgcctccaca ctgtgaccta aataagctat      1560
     tgaatgaata atgtcaagtg tagacattca ttcctgaacc cagagtttgc tttggaatgg      1620
     gagtcatcat cctgtgggtg ttaatgccag ggcattagca gtcagagtat gtttcttatg      1680
     tccagagggc aaagctttgt gtcttatgct cactgatcag aatagttcta ggtaacagta      1740
     ctcatggaaa tctgagttta gggccagcag gatggtcata cgacatgtca ctatgctttt      1800
     agacaattta agttcagttc ctgggaaccc atatggcttg tggagagaac agacttctct      1860
     gtgttggcct ctactattca gacatgagcc tcaagtcatg gcacgtgtga acacacaagc      1920
     acacagtttt gaaaagtaag aaaaaactca gaaaaattgg aaattatgtc ttgaaagcat      1980
     cagactcttt actcatgtac ccaagggccc aggaatatat agaaaccagt ttggagagtg      2040
     atgcttactt actgaataca tttccccaga caagcaggga ggcagcaaag gacaaggaac      2100
     aaaaatgttc tcacaggtag acaaaaaaca aaggaactcc ttgctggtgg cctgtttctt      2160
     ccaatgtaca tgcactttac tctcaagtct aatgtcctat cttgtgtccc ctcaattgac      2220
     tatactgaaa gaaacaatac cattcataca agagagccag acagaacaag agctgcttga      2280
     agccctttct ttaccttaaa gttgttcttc atcttcatgc tttttggaag gagccagcta      2340
     cacaaagaat aggcctttgg ggacaagact aaatctttca taagcttgcc cctaaccctg      2400
     cccagaagag ttgacccagt agcagctagg aaaaggtgcc atcacgtaag cagcagtccc      2460
     attggggcag tttctatgtg agatcagaaa gacattaata ttagaggaca tgcatgggtt      2520
     tcatgattca ctgtcaaagt agaagactac ctatcaggac agcatgtaag gccttttgaa      2580
     ggtctcacag aaatatttct tactttgtcc tttctctttt tgtccttgtt tttggtccct      2640
     atttcttaga tttcaatgaa gccttacaga ctgaccattg actcctggaa ggagaggcct      2700
     ttccctccaa cagtttcatc catttgttat gtacccaaac gtcatgaaga gaggtacttc      2760
     actggaatct gaagtgtgtt aagcaatctc agcacccagc atcaacattt gtgtgtaagt      2820
     caaacctcag acaagtcaca gtatgctagc agtaaatgga aatgttgagg gccaatatcc      2880
     aggaaccaga aagctgtaat cctatgagaa tgctctttgc caggatgtca tcaacatctg      2940
     tccatcctct cctgaacaat cctcagttct ccctgtgctc tctgtgatga atgtacacag      3000
     taaaacagtg tgtgccatga gaattcccga taaatgaggg cagttgcagg gaaagatcag      3060
     tgtctgtggg aatagcaccc attgattggg ctggcccatg aatgtttgca ttcaatggta      3120
     aggtagtcat gaggaatgga gttgagaatg atggggaaca gggatgtgag aagggactag      3180
     gagggaagga gggaggggaa gctgcaatca ggatgcaaag taaaataatt aacaataata      3240
     ataattacaa aaacactaaa gtggggatct acacaggaag acagctgatg ctgacctctg      3300
     acctttacag gcacactctc agatggttct cacaatcata catacagaaa acacataata      3360
     aaataataca ccacaaaata atgaaaataa accaggaagg aatttccatg tggctaccat      3420
     atggaatggt atactttcca atttttattt cttcatttta aagatgaaac tcaaactagg      3480
     tcaatactga tttatttttc tatgacttct gggttaaaaa aaatgagttc cagtttgagt      3540
     ctgcaacaat ataattaact catgagtttt atggcatttt atatctgcta agattttttt      3600
     ttgtctcaaa gggaatacat acaagctatt ttaaatattt tggtattctg aaattacaac      3660
     tgaaatgatt aagtactaat tataaacatt atgtacgaaa ataaattttg tttataagac      3720
     attacaaaaa gaaaaagaaa gaacagacac tgaagtggtg tagtggctat agccattaag      3780
     cgtgacattc aggaggccaa ggcagggaga gcactgtgaa tttcttccag gcttatgtag      3840
     actgcaatag actgcaaatt ccaggatcac cacagctgca tagtagaaaa gtcctggttc      3900
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga      3960
     gagagagaga gagagaaact agtggagagt gcctggggta tcctacttta tctgactacc      4020
     tttcacggtc tttaagtgta ttccaacttg tttcctctct tagtttgata gtcacatgtg      4080
     gtcatgtgtc cccgtgttga tattcacact tgggcacgca tccctatact gatatttata      4140
     cttggtcatg caacctcaca ctgacattcg cacttggtca cgtatcccca tgttgatatt      4200
     cacacttgtt catgtgtccc cgtgttgata ttcacacttg gtcatgtgtc cccatgttga      4260
     tattcacact tggtcatgtg tccccatgat agttccataa tcagggtatt actgttgggt      4320
     tgattacatg agaaaagtga aagtagtggg atttagcaca tggtggagga caggcaggat      4380
     gcagtggtac acctcattat gtccttttca ggcatgtaca ccgtgtctgt ttgtccaggt      4440
     caacattttc tcctcattca gtatgttacc ctgacagcaa ccattacaat ttatatctcc      4500
     atttcttaat tttggggaca aaaaaacttg aatggccatt aaaatctcaa agtatacatt      4560
     gagattcttc ttggcatact tagttccacc tatcatgtca aatctcaggg cacaagtatt      4620
     gatgattttt tgtgagacac atctcagcaa gtttcaccaa cttatacctc actataacca      4680
     gtgactgttt tctcattgta aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      4740
     tatatatata tacatacata catatatacc attttgtggt gtcacataca gtgaggtaat      4800
     ctaggacata tgtacacaaa tacatacata tgtgcatgta cttacataca tacttatatg      4860
     agttttctct tttgctttgt tatttgttaa gctcatttaa cttggcatta caacctgagc      4920
     aaatacatgg tgtttgaaat gtcataattt cctctgctct cttccctaat gtgtgtgtgt      4980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgttg ttctccaatc ttcagaatct ctttgtccac      5040
     ccatcagatc atagacactg agaaacactc catttcagca cttttatcaa agtgccctgc      5100
     acacaagtaa caaggccact tgcagaggag gaatagcatc tgtggctggg ggtcatggct      5160
     tattcacagt ctccaccaac atgaggaaac aaactagcca atctgcatac tcttactcaa      5220
     aaccaataac ccctgcagct agtggccaga gtctatgtcc tcattctctc tgaatttgct      5280
     tctcagaagc aggtccagag aatcttaggt aaactgccaa tagtttcagt ttagaatagg      5340
     ctcagaaact gagcatgctc tcttacactt gcattctagg cctgggtccc gaaaaatgag      5400
     gctggtaatg tgacagtctt catgtgtcct ggcttttgct acctataacc taggtgtggt      5460
     ggtttgtata tccttggccc agtgagtggc accatctgaa ggtctggcct tcttggaata      5520
     ggtgtgacct ggttggaatg ggtgtgtcac tgtgggtgtg ggcataagat cctcacccta      5580
     gttgcctgga agtcaatctt ccactaacag cctttggatg aagaagtaga actctcagct      5640
     ccttcctgca ccatgcttgc ctggatgctg ccatgctccc accttgatgg taatagactg      5700
     aacctctgaa cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtt tttataagac ttgccttggt      5760
     catggtgtct gttcacagca gtaaaaccct cactaataca ctaggtaacc caccaaactt      5820
     catcctgtca tgaagagctt gttctcccag gttattgata gcacaggggt ttttgaatga      5880
     cattaagaat ctacacctct gcccaccaaa ctttcccagg atcctcaggg ggccccaagc      5940
     tcagtcatga catttatggc acagggattt ccaacctctt ctaagagaaa atcagaatgg      6000
     tgcaaggggg aaatgtaact ctatttccaa agggatgtga gaggtcggca agatgcagtc      6060
     ctacaggcaa atcagctttc actgatgaaa ggcattctaa tggcatcacc atgacaacag      6120
     gcaaggcata attagaatcc ctcttgtagc accagttttt aaaggtgctt gctgcagcag      6180
     agcaacatat ctaaggtact ggaaagtgct cataaagctg cccgctatct tgtgagtgtg      6240
     agaatcacat cctggtcttc tcacacaggc agcacccctc caaagagtgt gaggacataa      6300
     ctggagcaca ctgagttggg ggcttcacta ctcagaaaga aagatggtag aatttgaagc      6360
     tcaaatatga ttaattaaaa ctgttcagct catgtctggg aatccatgtg ggcaggtaaa      6420
     gtgtctccca taagggaatg agggcctgaa cttggatttc cagccctcac tcaaagccag      6480
     acctggaagg acacagccat aatcctactg ctgctaggca gagaacagag gaatcctgga      6540
     actagtactc catcaaatga agccaaattg ttaagtttcc tgatcttaca aaggactagt      6600
     ctgtacacac atgatgggat gcaacagagg aacatgcaca gaatcaacat cagacctcta      6660
     cccacacagt cacagctggc tacattgaca cacacatgca ggtacatact catacagtgt      6720
     acatagaata gtgtagctca accccctgga gcaggggatt aattgaagaa atgcaattaa      6780
     gtggagtaaa ggatagtcag tgattatggt caagtgagat tatcaacagt actcaagtaa      6840
     ctcagggggg cacctcatcc cccccatccc cttagaggac cacctgtagg gcaagcaagg      6900
     agcaaggaag ggctcccaag ccattacaat gactaggaca gagttcttgg ccaagctctc      6960
     agtgttctta tccactgtag gatggaggtt tctgagtgtt gtaataatta ggctaacagc      7020
     tgagcctgag ccaacatgtg aaaggttcct gcatctccgg gacaacagag ccacagggga      7080
     tcctgttgtt gattgaagtg gctctcttga gtatccaata aggtggacct taggccgcat      7140
     ggttccatga ccatcttact acgctgtcat ctaactctga aactttcctg tctttactct      7200
     gaagaggggc agatagggat gcttgatgca cagaggacat caggaagact accaggtagt      7260
     tgaagtatca gggaagaggt cataggagga aaacatggca cgacttcaga ggggaactgt      7320
     tgagtgaaac aatgataagc attgctgtat caaaaggaga attagtgcaa agtgaccaga      7380
     caaacttaag tacaatgaaa atttaactcg tcacagtcac tagcatggct cagacaatgt      7440
     gttactaaac tcacactatg taacacaaaa cacttgtgta cagaattaaa ggtgagatca      7500
     ctgcccagtt tctttacctc tcataatctc tggcaggacc acactatgac atcccactta      7560
     acataaacaa caggagccat gcactcactg gaacaggaga tttcatgcca tctggtacaa      7620
     tcagaggacc atacatcctt gaaaaaagca aatcaattcc atgtcaggaa agttaaagta      7680
     cacttgtaca ccctggtgca ccactctggt cagacagaga tatagaaggt accctgtaca      7740
     gagcctgcag gtcaaggggc atatgaggat gaaggatgac aaacagtagt cagtgacata      7800
     tctcatcagt agtcagtggc atatctcata gatattctcc tgttacccag tacacaagag      7860
     actctgcttc ttatggccaa atggccaggg agaagggtta tcctgctagg atgccttcac      7920
     ccacagttac cacccacaca attatggctg tcaggaatgt gttctcagct tcctccagct      7980
     ccctctctca ttcagaagtt atgtagtgag tgctgctcct gagctatagt gaagagcttc      8040
     cccaggattt caattcagtc cactcagaag taacaagata aaatgagcct ggaggttaga      8100
     agcaggttcg ctttaaacat acatggcttt ctggttccca ttgcagaatg gttgctatac      8160
     agcaaactgg aacaatggtc aggtcaaaat tgaccaagaa aaccctgcta cttcgaccct      8220
     cgtgcatgat ataggcaggt taaatgctgt cccttttgtc aattcaccta gggatgaatt      8280
     tctgcactcc catctcttgg atgattagag attttaccag ctataaaaaa aagaaaagaa      8340
     aagaagagaa gagcatacac agatcaccaa tactacaaat gatagactca tattgggtac      8400
     tttcaacggc tggccattaa ccactatggg aacacttgag ggatagctgc atagccctcc      8460
     ccagcttcca gtcaattttt tgtgtatacc caggacatgg ttatacatag tgccattatg      8520
     ggaaaaggtg ggacttgtaa cctaagtccc tacaacattc accatgtatc accaatttct      8580
     gaggccataa tgatgtcctc caaaccttcc ttcagtacag ttcttaccca ctccctaaac      8640
     tgttgatgct gctccctgca ggcatatggg agcttctaat ctccttggct ccttgtctaa      8700
     atgaaactat ggcttccctg acctgctcta gtgtctttac attgttatat tagtgagatg      8760
     aagagttaga aggtaggagt gggaggggga tgacacatag ttctgcaatc tcatgatttc      8820
     tgctttgatc ataattgagt gaacacatgg gaaattcctc cagagaccaa ccagttggac      8880
     cacaaattct cttctatgta ggttcagacc attggatgtt ttaaccacta cagtacactg      8940
     agttgctccc ttaagctcac attccctggc ttcagtttct ggaaagtgca agtgaatctc      9000
     tttctctgct acacagcaca tgcaccccaa tatatataat aatctttctg gtgggggaac      9060
     tcaagaaact gacatcaaga agacaggtgg atgtatgtct tctctctata tacacagata      9120
     tacatagata tacaaatggt atcagttctt tttaacaaga agttgaagga ggtattgagc      9180
     ttaagaaaaa tcagtaaaaa ctctcagtat atgaatcaca tcacacatat ttggggatca      9240
     cgtgtaccca ggtttcttct gtataggcta acacttagca ccacatccaa aaaggcatgc      9300
     taaaagacag gcagggtagt tgagatcttt ccaaggacaa ttcacatcat agcacaagtg      9360
     ttgggacaca tccactggca gtggactgct ttgacctcag aggagttcac acccataaga      9420
     caccaatgca gcaccttcta aatgtattta tcatctgtga gtcagcacct ccgccttctt      9480
     acatcctcta cttgagcatc ctctggaaca tcttcaggtt ttcctgctgc ctctccagct      9540
     ggcgcatgtc ctctggctcc tgctgctgcc aaggttcctc tggcaggggg acgggtctgt      9600
     tggctcccaa gctgagggta aggccattga gaccctgcac cagcatttcc caggagggag      9660
     ggttaggggc cgcgttcttc tgcccactca tcccagcaat attctgcacg tggccctgac      9720
     atcgaagctg attctgagct ttgtcacctg agggaaagcc tctgagatcc ctttcaagca      9780
     ggtaaggtgc catgtgatcc cggtgccagc gtctcgaatg cctcaggaag actttcttcc      9840
     tctgaggaaa gccctgcttc tcccagtact gctgccacag ggccttcttc tcccgggcct      9900
     gctgctggaa cagcccctct gacagagaag cagggacact ggagcggggg ctggggctga      9960
     cgctcaagat gctgagaccc atgcttagct tttctgaaga ggaaggctga ggggctgctg     10020
     aggcctcttg agagctactc acagtggcta tacatgaggg cacggaaatt gacattggat     10080
     cccatttctg cagtggatcc atgggggtct agtctgagct gggggccaca ctgagccctg     10140
     gctccaggaa gaaaagtgaa agtggaggct tgtggattaa ctaggcgaga gctaggaggg     10200
     atgtatgaag ccaggaaaat ccagactgta acaagagatg agaagagaag aaaagagaaa     10260
     agaagaaata aagctcatga ttattcaact catgctatgc acactccagt gtagtctgct     10320
     taacaggcca agaggcctga aagcactcat gaggcaaaga gtttcagaga aactcaacct     10380
     cacagaacct tggtattctc ataacccgta tgtatactca taccctatcc ccgagttagt     10440
     ctggtgtatg gatccatgtg ctctctttta gtattatttt attataagtg cctttaaaga     10500
     ttgaattctg gcatagctaa gccttcacca atgttccgac gtcccagaaa atccttgaag     10560
     ctgacaaact tggaattcag taggaattca gagagaaggt tatctattca gcaacattca     10620
     aatttacttc tagtagagac agtgaaacta attagacatt acaaagaacg gagctcaggg     10680
     ctggtcttca gagtgtttac ttgagacaat agccagactt acccagacaa gggaattcac     10740
     agtggcctag agaataggtg ggtttaccat gaaagagtta gggaatcccc ctgagacagg     10800
     tttcttcact aggcccaaag aaacagcata aatcaggcat ttactaagaa cccttggtgg     10860
     taggctaaac aatagactag cgttatacct ggctcccgtc ttagtggcag tggcctggtc     10920
     ccagccttct tttgatgtat acattcctta tgttttgtgt cactgtaact tggccggatg     10980
     tatctcgcct ggtttcttgt tattcttctg tataaaaagt tcgatgctca acttgacaaa     11040
     ttacattcag attctacaca acctcttgtg ttgatctgtc tatcattcat ttcgctgact     11100
     ccttgtccac ctgcaaccag agacccattc tacacagaca gggaccaaaa gggtctgcgg     11160
     caaactcact ttgtccctca tcttcaaagt ggggccacct gccaggcttc ttctgaggat     11220
     tacatgagat gatacctgtt cagagcttag cacaggacag tgtacagcaa cagcatctct     11280
     ggcacagctg cagtattctc ttatctaaca gctcatgagg aatatatcat cacatggcaa     11340
     attacatgga ttatcccctc tcttcccacc aacccaaagg caactctact gcaatgtacg     11400
     gacagtgata gtcattcttc ataataatgc tcacatacat ctgcagggca gaattttacg     11460
     ggcttacaag cagttgtact ccaggagctc aaccatcact tttcacattt ctgatcattg     11520
     gctcgcatgc tgtcctagaa tctgctcagt tacctctgtg tacttccatg acatgcatgt     11580
     atcataacca aatctccctc ttttttggta agaatggaag gatactggca gactactttg     11640
     actctgaagt ggctccttcc tgtataccaa catgtgatct taggcaaaag cctgaaggtg     11700
     accaatcctg aaattagttg ttgaacaggt atttcctgat atggcactca gagatgtcct     11760
     caatttggta tggattctcc tttaccttgt aagttccttg actaacccat caattggcca     11820
     gtgaagacaa ttaatcttca ttttggctga ccttcatttt tgcattctgt aactaaggct     11880
     cattgtcctt tcaacttgtg actgtgtact gcttccccaa agcatggctg attgctgcac     11940
     actgctgtgt tatgcaaagg agtctcctta tccatggaaa acaaaggaaa gtgaaaaaaa     12000
     atgggagtaa aaagaactgg atgatctgca tatgggaggc atcactgaca gagggcaaag     12060
     tctggttatc actcatcaat gggaacatag gagtcacacc tgtgcccata gatagcaaga     12120
     ttgaggtgac caagcaaaca gtgaccccag taactctatg tcaggcacta ttgacttttc     12180
     tccctgaaga agatatgctc agtaccaaga gcaaaccatg ctgtctgtgt ttccctttct     12240
     ataaaacaaa ccttggttgt ttcctgtcac actgtgcctt ccaatccaga atagatgtca     12300
     gagctaacaa agatcacctc cctgtaattg gggtggtaaa attctatgac catgcaagat     12360
     gaaagggaag tcacactgag gtgtagtgtc attgatcatc cgacctgatt ttgtgaggtg     12420
     aatttggaaa gacaaccaca gcccatgcag gctggggcaa ccagctccag gaaggctccc     12480
     tcacgttgct agggcatgag gagacagcca aagaaagaca catttcatgc ttggtaaccc     12540
     attcttgggg agatcaaggc aagctagcta aagcatgggt gtggagaaat ggtttttaaa     12600
     gatcggatcc ttaaaaaaac atctctgggc aagtgctgca agtcagctct caactatgca     12660
     agctcatgag gtggagattg gaaagttaca gcaaggagag aggggtgggg agattctgct     12720
     aaagacattg ctattccatg cagtcactga acaaggtccc tggcacggct gcaatcactg     12780
     tcccttccac tccactggta actgtacata gtagccatga tcagagagag caagtatagt     12840
     ttaatggtac ctggtgatag tggagctaca gcacaatggt tttctcttat aggtcttccc     12900
     tccctatgat caatgtcctc tcttcaagat attcaatatc ttctgcaaat ctttctcact     12960
     caacatgttc ttttctggtt ctttcctgaa caaaatgctt tcagaggaaa ccaacatact     13020
     actcgcatgc caacttgtct ttctccaagg tatggatatg tccacaaatc tgtactgcaa     13080
     aggaatccgt gttaccaggg ctgtgaggtc ccatctgtca gacaggtagc cattcaacaa     13140
     cacattaatc tgtcaaacac tgagagcctc acatgttatc accttcaact gagagagagg     13200
     catgttgcat tgagagggaa caagggatac agaggactct gttctcaaca ttgtcattcc     13260
     tgctgtgtga cagactgatc cacactggag agcagctttc tgttcagggc tctcacatga     13320
     cttaatgtgc tcagtatgtg gtattcatgg ggaactttca agtgcactag ggcctgagct     13380
     gtgagaatcc ctttttttct ggagggtaaa gagtagggtg aggccattat tatgcccaca     13440
     aataagcatt tatatgactt tggtctggat gcataaacaa aactgcattg tgtctcagga     13500
     tcaggtacca caggtacctg agaagacaaa cccagaatac ctgagaagac tcctcaggca     13560
     atgacctttc cattgccact cagaagcgga cattgcagtc ctctaggata atagtatgga     13620
     atacagactt ctgggtaaaa ggacagtgtg gtttaagggt ctgaggtgtg gaacagattg     13680
     gcaccagatg agcctaaatt ggtagccctt gaccctgata gatgaagcaa accttttggg     13740
     gaaagtggta aggattggga agcattacct ttaaagcagt ggccaagctt gtatggcata     13800
     taagagcata ccagttccct ccagacatcc ctttacttgc gtttgtatat tgcactatta     13860
     atcacaaatg cattctagcc aatgtgtcta tagatgtatg tactctatcg aactcaccat     13920
     tccaggggtg agggacatgg agggatgttt cttactggct gcttcctctg ccttcctcag     13980
     cttgcttgct aatataaccc aagactacca gcccagagat ggcaccaccc acaatgggcc     14040
     caccccactt gatcactaac tgaaaaatgc cttacagctg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc     14100
     tcaagggagg ctcatttctc tctgataact ccagcttgtg tcaagttgac ccaaaaccaa     14160
     ccaatacaaa gatattgagg gtgggtaaaa ggaataagag caagttagag cactgtatag     14220
     ctagtgaggc agtaagatca tggttgaaat ctacaagttg gagaggactg agatcttcac     14280
     ttggagtcct ggtgggaggg gacataatcc atgtagcaga gaggacttcc aggctggcca     14340
     ggcactaagt atttgaaccc tcttgacagg catgtccctc agggctgagg aactggatat     14400
     cagtagtgag ctatgttaat cccaccatgg ttatggttgg gctaaactga gaagaaaaag     14460
     gcaaatgtga aataaaatag aatgtgtcac atacctaggc catcatttaa tgggaacagc     14520
     ttggaagcat agtctcacct cagcctcccc cccccaaccc cccgtagtcc aggaacgaca     14580
     acccgatgac acaaagttct cttccttaaa cagtcgctac actgtcatgg aagctcggtg     14640
     ctagcaagca atctctgagt tagataatgg aatctctgta gccttgtgat gtatgtgggt     14700
     gcccttcaca tgcttcacgt aagtaagcta actgctccaa cacctactga agctgctcca     14760
     attttaaagc ataatatgtc ctcagctaac tcattgttct tcagtcagaa aagacagatc     14820
     ctttataatc tcacagtttt tattaattca ttatcctcac ttctcttaca gtttcttttt     14880
     aatttttagt tcaggtctca cttttaggtt ggcttggact gcatctcact ttgtagcata     14940
     aaatcctctc agaagtagag tcaccattct gcctcagccc ccttgggtat tataggaatt     15000
     ggtcactttg tatattgaat attcacggat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgactgt     15060
     gtgtgactat gtctctatgt gtgcatgtga gactgtgtgt gtatcctgca cacttatgca     15120
     ttttcagatg catttatgca ttctcagatg caaactaagt gtgtacacta tttgtcaatt     15180
     ggcctgcctc caatttctga ttcttccttt ttggcctccc atgtgcctgg aggagtggca     15240
     tgctcatttc aatctgccta ttcttaaaag ttaacaaggc atgtaagttc ttcaactcaa     15300
     tgtagcaaac atggttctcc aagtgttggg gaatacttac tcactactag attctatatt     15360
     ttctaccaaa tctgcaggtt tctcaacagg aatgaggcta ttctgactaa tagaagagag     15420
     ggaggggaaa tgccctacta cattagatct gagcaatctg ctttaaactc ttgagaaagt     15480
     atttgaaaaa ttgatcttca gtagctccat acaacgcaag accacatttt agctttctag     15540
     tttctctgca acagatggtt tccagcatat gacttcatac aagcaaacag ataaatcatg     15600
     tctctggatc tcagtttaat accctcacaa tttgccacca attattgtac gcttcaatgt     15660
     gaagtgccac ggcccatgta ccaataggag agtctctgtc agtgttcagg cttcacacct     15720
     cgtgtgtatg tttgcctttt aaattagagt tcgagttgga ggttaactag gctaatgaca     15780
     cccacaaggc aagaggatat tcagagtagt ttcagactgt gcttctgacg tgtctaaatg     15840
     catgaactct gggaaaaaca ggtgccacaa tcagtctgca gctctaagca agcacacctt     15900
     acaatgtctt tgggtgtacc tgcagagcac tatgggccat acccaaggac cacaatataa     15960
     ccaaaacagt atcatactgc acacagtccc cttaacaact ggttgctgcc agtcaatgca     16020
     agacactctt cccacttcag taaatgtact gaggccacac agagagctga caagtgacca     16080
     aggatgtttc tatcccacat caacagtaag ggcctgtggg atgtaacgga gactcaagac     16140
     tgaccatcct taaagactgg tggccaaggt ccagttaggt cacggggata ccaccaccac     16200
     atcaatcctt ggtaaagagt gtatcaccaa ggcttatggt tgcaagtgtt cagtttcagt     16260
     aagtgagtaa cttaccagct tgttgtctct gtgtgctact ttaccgcctt gtatccttcc     16320
     actagcagga aagagcgagc gagtctggtg tcatacttac cttgactcct gagagatgaa     16380
     tacagaagac atatcttgat tccagctttg gccattagaa agggttttca tttacttgca     16440
     tatttttact tttgtctgta tggggtatca acctagacca gagtatgtgt atgctaccac     16500
     tggaatatat ttccaaactt cttttttgac attttctttt gacataaaga atcaaaacag     16560
     gacactggct gtccttgaac tcactctcta gctctggatt ggaggttatg atcctcttgg     16620
     ctcagcaaca cagttagctg gagttaacag gcttatactt gcaggcatct gtattatttc     16680
     atttgaagac aagcacatgg acctcttgct gttccaagag aagaaatgaa cagtactctt     16740
     tctcccagga gatggccatc aattctcttc accttaagct tcagttacct ggtatgcccc     16800
     atggtggttt gagaattgac aactaattct tgtgttgtcc ctcacaggaa aacttcagtg     16860
     cacaaaagta cagtgatgac acatgtggta aaggccagcc agtcatgact ggaccagaaa     16920
     tggacctccc tcaaagtcaa gaagttgtgt actgattatg cacctggtca ctatcacact     16980
     ttcttaaaga aagttgaact acacaaacca acaggtctga gaagtccatg ttgcaaagtg     17040
     tgattcctgt ctacctgcag tcttggtcca tataactatt tattcctttc agaaaacatc     17100
     ctgaccacag ttaacaaaaa tttgtgccaa gatgcagagg agataaccat ctgtagtcag     17160
     agtcagctgc cttactgtgg ggacacaagc aactttattg cacttcctgc atggataatg     17220
     ggcatatgat gatgatgtag aggatgggac aagagttcag aaaacccatc aacatctagg     17280
     gtttgataag aacccaaagt gacctttgct tcagcctgtt ctctcctgta ttcaggtaga     17340
     tagagagcat tttcccacag gaaatggtct gattaatatg ttaatctgca gcagggctga     17400
     tgtacaggaa agaagaaagc acagcacaag gactgtgata tacatcacgc aggcaactct     17460
     cactcttccc aagcaaaaat cctaagtgaa accattgtca tctgtcattg cccaagggga     17520
     gaattcacag aggacaactg aggatctcta catgtacaca tgttatatgg cattctggga     17580
     aaaatacaca gacacgagag gaactcgttg gctcccaagg tttgttcagt gactaccaca     17640
     tgaccaccag acagttagcc cctcaaattt cttcttattt actttgagtc aagtcatact     17700
     tcttatctgt gaccatgaaa agattaggac atcatggcta gacatgctga aatggcactg     17760
     tatcaagtac taactctgta tgaaaggcca tcagaagaat gggaatccag gtcatatttc     17820
     ttgacttgga gatggaagag gaagggaagg gtagtagtga gagaaacggg atggagagaa     17880
     agaatgagct gcacagagag gtaagaagga aaaggagaat ggtaagagag aggggctagc     17940
     aagacaggag gaggttcctg agtttctacg gtctaaggaa tatactcata attgtaactg     18000
     tatgactgag cttaaatact gccaagatgc acaatgccaa tgaatgggta tctccagctc     18060
     tagcttctac aatcaaacct gttatggtta aaaaaagcca atttgtagta ggatagggca     18120
     cttggacaaa gtggaaaata cttggttttc acgtcttgtg ctactactca acacttaggt     18180
     gccttaagct catcttggac tcctatcacc ctcttcagga cctccttgga ctggatgcaa     18240
     ggtcccctag ctgcctataa cttgtaaagc tcactgtatt tttatatcaa ggggtgaggt     18300
     atggaagtga tggggtccta gcacatagtt gattgttcct agaggtaagt taggtcatta     18360
     ttccctgcac acaaaccctg tctcaccctt agtgaaacat tctttccttg ttccatccat     18420
     ttaattcttc agtagaaaag aatcccttct ttcccatgct ttagttcttt ttactaaaaa     18480
     agaacttgta ctttacagga gagagagttg tgatgggcga tgttccatct ctccaatcaa     18540
     tagtgagatc ctttatgaca caggctgttt ataaagttta agaagctcta caaaacagta     18600
     aggggatgac atattgtatt tactaggaca agagattata ctgttggagg agacagattt     18660
     ctatgagttt aaggcaagct ggaggtacag aggcactaga cttacagcat ggtcacatgg     18720
     tgataccacg attatttaaa aaaaaaaatt tgttttaaga aaggccagac aaaatgacag     18780
     gagcatttca tggtatcata ggtatagcaa gtgtgtgctg acttccttgt ggtaaatgct     18840
     atcctggtct acatagagag tttgaggcca gccttagcta gatgtaagaa gagaagaatc     18900
     aagagaaaag gaggagaggg gaggggaggg gaggggaggg gaggggaggg gagaggaggg     18960
     gaggggagag acagagatgg agagacagag agatagagag cgatagaaag agacagatac     19020
     agagagagaa tatgaatata tccctcttca agtaggcaga ggaacccctt ctggagacag     19080
     attttcttcc acgatatgaa tactaaggat agtattcagg ctgtcagtct actttggtgg     19140
     gcatgtttac ccaccaagac atctcatctt tgtaactgtg gttcctacac atggtagaat     19200
     gcctgctgca gatccaccat gtcatgtgct catggactgt gttaggtgta agcaggttca     19260
     gatttcagag agcttctctt cttattttgt tgttcactgt attgctacag agaaaatgtt     19320
     acccaggaac ctgttcattg tctcctacca agaaggctca catctcctga acaactgatt     19380
     ctccgacttt ggagtcactg gtaattacag aactttgcag agcatgaagt tcatttgcag     19440
     agactgtgct tagcaaagag ttggaagcca ttcttttctc agtaaatgtg aaaaacagtt     19500
     ataggcctca cagccacacg gcacaaggta tgataccttc ggttctttga tcaacaagaa     19560
     aatatgggca ttacacaagt ctgtccacag gctgggctgg ctgctcaata tggctaacca     19620
     ccaggacata tccatcacta aggggaatgg cctgtttctt ctaacggtaa ttcagctcac     19680
     ccatcacaag ccacattaac tctgctgata gctttgccat tctgaggcta tgccacaggc     19740
     tagggaagca atgttctact ggccaatcca gccccacacc tctgtatggg ttttgatgac     19800
     ttgagatgct ctctttccca tgaataattc cttaaacaat ggacagccac cgccccccag     19860
     ctttataata cctctcaagt cagatattgt ttgcaatagc ttagatttta tcaacattag     19920
     acataataga tggaactgta agacaacaca gaagcagtaa atatccaaat tttgtactta     19980
     agctacagca ttgctatgca cttctctaac tgatttataa gtgtttgaca caagtcttaa     20040
     gagcacacac aggagcataa aaggaagaag gcttctccct tggaataaaa agaatgcaat     20100
     taccagacac aggcttcaag ttcgcagcct acatgggctg acttttgcac cagtatatgt     20160
     agggaaggat ttctgtagac gtttcccttc tgaggatcag cccatattca tatcagaatg     20220
     agaaaattcc acccacattt ctcctcctca ccaatgctca ttactactgg tttggaattg     20280
     gcttctccat gatttgttct tttacatttc aaggaaaacc acacaaactt taccaggcca     20340
     cttaattttt caaaataagg aaatcacatt ttaaaacaac atttaacatg tacaacctaa     20400
     tgagccactt ggaaactaat gtgaattgga catgtaatcc attcagtttc aggagaagtc     20460
     ctcatgctgc tattttaaca tgaataggac atcagacatg acagaaaaca tatcaaactg     20520
     tcataaatga ccctttcaga tagcagtggt aaagcaacac aacaaaagaa tacaatgccc     20580
     attgacctct tactgaaaat acaaacaaaa gccaagactg ctttgcgtga atgccattga     20640
     tttttataca aaaaaggagg atgcctaggc catcaagtcg gagagtgtcc tctctgctgg     20700
     aggctgtaga aatgagcctc cttcaagatg ttgttaatat gtgagtaagg atcttggtct     20760
     tggcacactt cataatcctc ctcttgggag aacccaggga tattggagtc tagttcagca     20820
     gtactcgggt ttaagctgct ttctggtact ctctcacgat tggggttatt gatgctgcct     20880
     tggttccttt cattatcact gcttgtcgac tggaagaaag acagaaggag gatggctatt     20940
     atgaagctgt catcatttcc tgtgcccctt gaagaatact ggcatcacat tctacaaaag     21000
     acttcacagt caataatgtg caatcatttg tgcagttcat tccctcctga cagcagccct     21060
     gttggtgaag caggttttaa tagcacccat ttgacagaat acgaaagagg tttccaatgg     21120
     gcccaaaggc tagtccctag gaagtgtcag ggagaagatt caaacagagg ctctcttgct     21180
     ccaaatcctt gcacatatct gctgttcctg cttgtaccat gttttccaat tacctgcatc     21240
     agggaaggaa gttctcatcc tccaggatca agcagcaatc agttctgcag aaaggggtag     21300
     ggattgggcc caaagcaagg aagatggaat gcaattccaa gtgccaatat ggcaaagaaa     21360
     tgatgggaaa cactccattc acatatatgg gtacacatgc ttacctacaa ataacgggac     21420
     cttttcctat gtatccatga gagcaggcag atgtgcacct cctacagcaa ttcaaggctc     21480
     ttctcatatc ttgaaatgtc tttgacattt ttcaatgaaa actatagtaa gtgacagatc     21540
     agcatttttg atgactagca agcaccgatt ggtctatttg tgggcttagt atagtgtgtt     21600
     tccctgtttg ctcttaaaat tgtcttttct tgacattact tcactttctc atattaacca     21660
     tactatgtga gatttccaaa acagagtcat attctgaaat tctgttgact aggaatttaa     21720
     gtcatcgcta gaatgctttc ctagcatgct tgcgactttg ggttccaaat atgagttaca     21780
     catgtaggaa cacatgctca tgttcataca cccaccaaca tctttctcta attttagaaa     21840
     ggaggaggat gtaatcacaa gaagccttat ctaaaagtac tgaacaatat tgggttttat     21900
     ggcttctgag gccatcagtc ccaaggtagc tgaaaccaag atatatcacc attctcaagg     21960
     catgtgaaac tcctcagctc tgtacatcat ccacaagtat caaataacag tattcctaca     22020
     atgagactca cacattcaaa cactgtctga gagacactga acccaaacaa cctgtatgtg     22080
     agtatctgga aaatgtgttt caatggattt aagggttacc tacatgtgtg aaaggagtct     22140
     cagaggaaac tggagaaaga atatactaca gtaaaaacct acatgtagca ctacatttat     22200
     ttatttatct atttatttat ttacttactt atttttacat gtagtactat taccatatac     22260
     tttaattata aatactcaag accatataag acattgaatt ggaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa     22320
     cctcatacgc attctgggtt tctttatgtc catttcctat tttgttttgt tttggctgta     22380
     ttatattcta gaccatatgt ccaggggagg aatcaacaca aatgatagca tatttagttt     22440
     gcactctgtg ttgtgaagat gattgtagta tatcaggaaa ggtatagtca ggaagggggg     22500
     ctgaggacat agttacattg gtagaaagct cccctagcac acaggaagta ttgagttcaa     22560
     acccagacca gcaagccagg gactgaccag cactcttata aagccaggtg gacttaggag     22620
     gatcaggaag tcaaggtcat gttcttcttt agcaagagaa ttagtttaac ctgagccact     22680
     tgacactctg cctgtgagat cttataggaa acctcagagc ccacaaagga attcttcata     22740
     atcattgtga agaaaagagt agaagcctag cctcgaattt ctgattaaaa cataacattt     22800
     ctaagtctgg ggtgtagaga catcactatt acaggaatgt tcatcgatgg ggtttacaac     22860
     ttcagcattt ttaatagtga tgatcagaag tcacaaaatg gtttttatga ggaaagttac     22920
     ttgctgggca tgtgagcaca tacctgtgat caatcgtagc acttgggagg ctgagataag     22980
     aggatctgaa ggccagtctg gattacacac tgagttccag atcagcccca gctatgtatc     23040
     gagaacctgc caatacacag agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     23100
     aggctatgac agctgggcag gcaggcaacc aaacagagag acatgaagat aataaaaaag     23160
     taagggacag acaaaaaaag acagaataaa atattaaatt tactcacttt aaagcaaaga     23220
     acctcaagta attaaatagg gtctcaaggg ccaattctgc taacaaggct gatacacttg     23280
     tgattttgct gatagtgtgt gagctcctta tttctcatgg gatgtctgta tcactcaagt     23340
     agtttgaaat ttttgaagaa gtatagtttg taaatgtcaa cagtagtaat tgtctaaaaa     23400
     atatgtttat gttgccttag ttactttgta gtgttgtgac gacatcttga ggaaggcagc     23460
     ttacagaaga gcttatttga ggcctccaga tgcagagggt ggttagacac caagaccacc     23520
     atggtgggta tgtggcagca gaaaggcagg tatggcactt gaacagttaa tgagaggtta     23580
     gaccttgaga tacaaccatg aggcaaagaa acagagctaa atggtaaggt aagggtcttt     23640
     gagacctcaa agcctaccat agtgacacat gtcctccaac aaggccacac acctcctaat     23700
     ccttcccaaa gagatttaac aactgagggt caagcattta aatacttgag cctatagagt     23760
     gggtccttat tcaaatcttg agatgggaaa tcactatttc attttgctga tgccttcact     23820
     ttccatctcg tgtacagaaa agtgtacaga aaacgattta caaagcaaga tactctttgt     23880
     aagtcacgta accaagaatg ctgccccaat gccaatgaaa acctatgtcc agttcatcct     23940
     ggcctcaaca caaggattgg agaaatgaac tggatatctg gaaatgagac cttgggaaca     24000
     gtgctcagtg tgctacaatg tagaaaagag tctacaacac ccccacacag caattctttc     24060
     tgaatccaca atcactatta atctaatcaa cagtcctccc agtcataaag cctggactct     24120
     gtgacactct tcctaagaga atcaaagttc ctgaattaat gaaatgttca agtataagac     24180
     caactggtaa tttgtttatt gcttgattaa tagatgtgtg ttttcattgt ctacactgct     24240
     ctttgtaaca taaacattta taccttccca taccacggtt tcagaaagac aagttctttt     24300
     cccaggaata taaagacctg aaatgtttcc aggctgaaca aatcttcatt gacgcaactg     24360
     tttcttaaca tgtcctgagt ggtcttagaa acatctcttc agaatgcctg cccaagtaca     24420
     aagctcacag cttaaaaaga aagaaatagg aaagcaaaga aaatgattta ttagccatga     24480
     caatgtggta caggccttga gttctagcac tgggaggcaa agttaggcag atgtctaagt     24540
     tccaagacag ccagggcgat acagaaaaac ccagtctcaa aaaccaaaca caaacaaaaa     24600
     gactgattgc ttttgtgtgt tgctgagttt atgctatgtg caacatgtaa gtaagtgcct     24660
     ctgcaggaag aggtgggtgt tggttgctct ctatctgcag ttatgggtgg ataggaaaca     24720
     cccgtaaggt gctctgaaat agaagctagt gttcccaact gctgaaccat ccttcccacc     24780
     acacaaagct tacttctgac actctacact ttcaacacag attagcactt gctttggaca     24840
     agtccttgca ggtacataca tgctgcaaaa taaagagcac atttatgaag acgctgggga     24900
     agaagtctca ctactcaaaa tttccaagtg tgcttcacaa tggtgatgta ggctctacgt     24960
     gcaaaggcaa ggctacattt ggttcaaggt cttcataaaa tttgcatgtt tacttcagag     25020
     ccaaagaagc tgagttgctt gctcagcatg aaactgctat agttctcttt gaggactagc     25080
     cacagaatca cctgcggggc ttttgctcag cttgcctcac ggactactta cttgggctgc     25140
     ccttggggta tagtgctggg taggcacatg tcctgcaaat gcccaatcaa tccaaacagt     25200
     tgcttatgta tttactaacc aagcagaaat ttcatccccg ccccagtggc ccagctggaa     25260
     ctcacctgaa atctttctcc tagagaacta gctttcctaa gaactgttct tcatttagac     25320
     aagcttccaa aagggggaag caaccaacaa ttctacccag ttttgatgcc tgtgagccaa     25380
     cacaatgatc agcgtggtat gttaaaccta agagggtact agtggcacac ctaccttggt     25440
     ggtaacctat agctctttac tcagctttct gtcgggcctt ctcaaaggat gagaaatatg     25500
     tctagtgcaa gaaacctagc ctacttccca gggagatata tattaaggac atttgcgaca     25560
     gaatcactat cccaaatggc attccaaata ttgtccttat acccacaaac cacaacagtc     25620
     ctcagtcctc ataagtcaaa catctcttca caacagacaa tttaagaaaa gtacaccaca     25680
     tcaaaaagga gaattgtgga gttcaccatc aactgataaa gcaaacaatt ggtagaaaca     25740
     gagggtcata gactgtgctg tgagactgtg tgtcctagga atgtcaatag ctacacccat     25800
     acagtttcac aaaagtcact atctaatcat ggtctgaaga gaacaatcag agtagacatg     25860
     tcaaagtgaa cagggaatgc ccaggagacc tcaatgctac aaaagaacta caggcaatat     25920
     aggggagcag gtaggggtat aaggaaagct gataggggga gataagagca tacctactag     25980
     ttatctacac caaggctagg tcctgaaaac atccatgaaa gtaacatgat acagactaga     26040
     cagtgtgcat ttctgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gttcgtgtgt     26100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa gatcaactaa tgacaaagag     26160
     gtcatgaatt agggaacaaa aggaggtata tatgaaaggg tttagagggg gagaagggaa     26220
     ggacaagatg atttctttat attataatat caaatgaaaa ggtcccctgc actacacatt     26280
     gcagaataag aatagtaaga ggaagagtgt gcctattggg gagaacaaga gctcaagaag     26340
     ggtgaggagg atttctagag gcagtcaaat gctactagga tgaggatctg tggcccttgg     26400
     gaaattcttg aaccatggat gtgcaacaga agacatgcca aggacaattg ggggccttgc     26460
     ctgtcaggct gagaactcta caggaacagg gtatctatct gagcaaaaac tgacagatac     26520
     cctaatggac aaacggtaga ggagaacgag aaacacagag gccacccaca gttttgcaaa     26580
     ctacccagga acaggccatg caggtcttga ttctgttggc agaaacacaa ggaacaatcc     26640
     agagatgccc agagaagtgg acgaggaagg agttgtggag agcactgtac agacacacaa     26700
     gaacatccca cctctgcagg caatgcttgg caatttaaag ttggcatttt aaagtttctg     26760
     tgcttcaggt tggcaagtgc cctagattga gttctccctt ggaagctata gcaaagcaag     26820
     gtggcagatg ccaaaagtaa ggtagggcaa gcagatgtag gaaagaagct accaaaggct     26880
     agatggcatg aagaaatgca gacagcagct tagaatcaca ggacagaaga aagacagcac     26940
     ctaaaaaagc atcacaggcc agcaggcttc acagtaggtg gaaagagagc ctcaatgaac     27000
     taatgacaca aatatgggga aaatgagacc tataaagaac tttatcagag aagaccatga     27060
     caagaactga aaggttattt gtgtgtattt atgatataga actgtaaata cttcctaact     27120
     tgagaagcaa gtgaattcaa ggtttttcta ccttcaattc tggctttcta cccaattcca     27180
     ctcaggtata cctcagaaat attcatttct atgaatccca acagtgtaac aaaattcacc     27240
     cctgtaccaa ggcactcctg gaattacatg ttgctgttta ctaactgaaa ctgacaagac     27300
     cgagcaagtc cactagagtc tttagactat gaactcccag aggctcctca cattcaaaaa     27360
     gactccctca ccttctctga gtccaccaaa tactgcacaa cctcttaagc cagaggacag     27420
     ccaagtaaac atggtattga attactacca ctccgcaaag gaccaaggga tgaataacat     27480
     tcatctgtaa aaaatctgtg cataggtagg gagctcagat aggctttctg aagaccaaaa     27540
     ggtgaaactg gaccagacct tgagctctaa gcagtttttc attggaaaaa ttcaacctct     27600
     gatacaggcc ttatcacatc atctgtctga actaagttaa tgggattaaa caaacaagca     27660
     aacgaaagac aattaggtat gccttacctg tagaatacat gtaggcatgt ttatcttcag     27720
     tcagaaattc agatattaaa gtgaacttgc ataataaact gcttgtgata ctttgaaatg     27780
     ctgtatggac aagatttctt aatatatcta taagatatta ggtcatcttt ggcaagctcc     27840
     atgcccccat aaacacaaga tcaatgactg tatcttctaa gaaggtcatt tcagaaggga     27900
     gcccctttgc taaaggtttc acaatacacc tagagacatt gttttggctc agagacagac     27960
     tcagagcctt gaatgtatcc ctccagaagt tctgtcttcc agatcatatg aggagatcaa     28020
     gagtgacaga aatggcccca tactcatttc ttttgggttg ctgtgaaaat aacaccctaa     28080
     caaacaccaa atcaggggag aaagtcttaa ttgccttaca gctccaggct ttcatctctt     28140
     aatataggaa agtcaaggca ggaattgaaa gcatctcacc tacactcaag ggcagatata     28200
     gaacaagcac agcaatcctt gcttgctaga ttgcttgtgt ccttaagagt tgcttttctt     28260
     tttctcttat gcattctgaa tgtcttgcac agggagtggc accatctaca atgggttagg     28320
     tctttctata tgtactcaca atcaaaataa ccccaaagac ataccctaac ctgatttaag     28380
     taatttctca gtaacactat tggaaagtca ataaattgaa ctgggaagaa gtgggctgag     28440
     taaggtcacc ctaaggacaa acgccatata atttctctca taagtgggac ctcaatttaa     28500
     atgtttcccg tgattaccct gaattcccag tggaacccaa gaaagtagaa aaagaccatt     28560
     tggtagggga agtttgcatg gctagttggg aaataacaga acatggcaga atcaaagtac     28620
     ataatagaaa ttctggtgtc ctaaaggttt aatcagtttg tggcattagg gggaaggtag     28680
     ccaagtggta agggttaaca aaaatgaggt gtagaaagaa gctacgtgac accccatgac     28740
     cttccattcc aaggaaagaa tgtagtatga ggaggcaagg gaacacaggt gcagagaaag     28800
     catgtgaggg gaattgtggg gtttcaaagt ttaagtgggg ttgggtggtg gtggcacctg     28860
     cctttcttgg gaggcagagg cagcctgatc tacagagaga gttccaggaa agtcaatgcc     28920
     acacagaaaa accctgtctg gaaaaactca aaaccaaaca aacaaaaaac ctgaggcagg     28980
     aatgggtaaa ggaggttgaa tgtggccatg ttaaataaaa ctaaggatgc gtgaagcttt     29040
     ataaatatgt actcattgag aaatgaggtc attcatgcta tttcaaaaag acatataaag     29100
     aggtatacta tacatgtgtg gacaaagtta ttcctgaagc cacaagtcaa taaacaaaag     29160
     tgtcagtccc agaaacaatt tagctcccaa tggtcgaggc agccccatat gcggccataa     29220
     ggatattggc tattgtcaat ggtctggatc ctatagctga gactctctac agttttgtta     29280
     gtggacatag ggaaatcagt cttgagctca ccatgactct cccagctagc taatattcat     29340
     agtaaaatgt catgacttac ccatggatgg accctgtatc gtataatact gccctggcgg     29400
     acatgatgag tccacggtgt aacactggca attctgctcc tatggctaac caactgctct     29460
     cctgactgga tctagagaat tgtgccacat gagtaagtat atatctggca ctataaacat     29520
     ggtcaatcac tactgctagc gagcccatag ttcctgcatg gtgctggggc agggggagta     29580
     tttagtgtca ttttgctaag ttattgtgct gttaaactgc cttgtaaatt tttatgttta     29640
     catgcagagg tctgcactgc tctccacact gattagtgaa gcttctagtt gcaaggagga     29700
     gtagttagtg cagaaacaca taactctcca aaattccaac actaaacaac tgtgagtgct     29760
     cagccacatg tggaacagct caatccacct gccccagcat taaggctcag ggaacactgt     29820
     agactaagag gcagaaggga tttcagagcc agattacagg taggaacact gtaatgttgc     29880
     ccttggggat ggtatgactg atgcacatgt gaactcacag ttgttgtggt tgcctgcaca     29940
     agatctgtac atgatcaagg caggtaaatg tcccagaagg ttttggggtt ttttgtttgt     30000
     ttgtttgttt ttttgtggct gaaccactaa ctgaggcacc attggcagct catgtttact     30060
     ggagaagagt cacttctgtg tagatgactg ctggtcagtt acctttgatt ccgtgggtga     30120
     ccacacagtt ctgtgcactt gagtagcact aggtggacac agtgatttaa ataggaacat     30180
     acacatataa taaaaaggag ggaatgaaga tgggaagggc atgtgttggg aggctttctc     30240
     cagagaggta tggggagaga ttgaaggtga atataatgaa gacatatggt atctatgcat     30300
     gaaatttcaa agactaaaaa ctagtattaa aaagagattc tcctctcagg ttgtgcaatg     30360
     tcctgtcagg atgatgatta aattacccag caaaggccac aaactgccaa ttcaaggaag     30420
     aaataaaaca gttgaccaaa catccatcag atacctgaac ttaccttgtt gactaacaca     30480
     tagtgattaa ctaaacattt ggggaatatt gagcatgcac agaagtctat cttaagtaca     30540
     tgtgaggccc ccgaatgcat ttctctcatt tgcttattgc tgtttcttct ttggaactga     30600
     gcgtgaggac atcaaccagt tcccatgtga tcaatagaag aggaaagggt tggcatctgt     30660
     actagtgtaa tctacacact tgccttaaac tccccatggt ctgtcctact cagtcatcaa     30720
     aagggaagga tactgggaca ccattgttct gtatcagcaa tacagacatg cacagaagct     30780
     tctaggcttc gggtttggac agccatatct catacctttg atccaggaag cacatttaca     30840
     tgtaaaggcc taaagtagct gaccttggaa ataaaggcta gtatttatac ttgagtgact     30900
     gtatgcaata gcaaactgta ctgctcaaga gcactaattc attggctagg gtagacctgg     30960
     gacccagact ctagatacat tttatacaaa acttacctgt gttcatgtcc tagaggcagg     31020
     aatggtactg ctgacaaacc tttttcttct ttctcaagaa aggtaaaagt cagcccatac     31080
     ttactcattg cctgatgaga cttgtccaga aagacattac aatgctcttt ccttactatg     31140
     ttatacttcc attcaaagcc tgctgttata actacccaat agtagctatt aaatttaaga     31200
     cttctagatt tgaaatgcca gctcttcagt gcaaacatta ctaaagcttt ccaaaatgcc     31260
     ttcacacaac cccgggtttg atttcatttt tttccaggga ggagcaagaa gatcattgta     31320
     gctagctact atcatagggc tctgatcttc aagttcatta ctgtcctaac catatcaggt     31380
     gaggtaaggt ttttcctccc catttgtgca gtgctgaaat ttcttccttg ctgtgcttag     31440
     gaaagcctcc ttgttgaccc cttctatgtt ttattgcaca gtcaacccat gcttgagaca     31500
     acatttaaag cccttctcta gctcaaagcc agcaaagcct gtgagaaaac attcacaagg     31560
     gcacctggga tggttctctt gccattgtgg ggatggaaat gaattccata ttgtgagcag     31620
     tgagtcagaa ggatcagcta tagttcctac ctctatagca tgatgttcct gtatgtcctg     31680
     gtccttctta atcctcttcg aacgaggggg acggtagttg tcatcctcat tatcatctgg     31740
     tcttcttttc ctgcaaagag ttttcaaaag gaggacatct atcattcagt aattggtctt     31800
     ggatgcttaa cttgcagccc tgtgccaaaa tctacatctg gggtcttgtt tgggaaagaa     31860
     ccattcagtg ctgctctgat ggacttccat tctgcagcag gtggcactat gcagtggagg     31920
     aaacatgtca aacaggaact ctatgtgtac ccaaagccca agttcaattc ccccaatcag     31980
     catgtcaatt tcaaccactg tttcgatcca gaaacaaaga attgtagggt caatgttaaa     32040
     actctacctg actaggccca tcatcttatt cttaacccac tccagtttag aagagtatta     32100
     gttttgttaa gattcatctt ttgtcgatcg gctgttgtat cactttggac agtgaattga     32160
     actgatactt cctgtgtgct gttaaggaat tcctgttgct ataacaggaa ttattctgtc     32220
     atttgactgc cagcatcaca gcatggctga ttacttcctt gaagccatat ctaaaaactg     32280
     ctttaataaa accagatata gtgatacatg cctgtattac tagccctaga gaggctaagg     32340
     catgaaggta tacctgtatt tccattatta cttaggctat aagttccaag ccagctgggc     32400
     tcttttatag tgagactatt tcagaccaaa aaccagtaac cacattactc atcactaatt     32460
     ttgttgtggt gtttgccatt atactccata tctttctgtt ttcttttatt tcacaatagt     32520
     ctccctaata gtccaatttg tcatcaatct caccaccatg acttggctgg tcttgaactt     32580
     gctgtaattc tcctgcttca ccatcaagag tacagtctac tcacctgatc ttaaaagttc     32640
     tgctgaaatc ctataattta ttacagaaac attcttttga actgcttaat tagaaactat     32700
     cttatgtgtt tgctattcct taatactgtt agtatactga tgtccattct ttcattagtc     32760
     ttccatctta cactcagctt taagaaactc aaaatgccat cacactgctt gaatatcttc     32820
     tccattgcct tttccctgtt ttgataagca ctgtctaatt gaaaactgag aactgcacat     32880
     ccctccctgg atctctttta ccatgtcaag tgctaacttt caaaatgagt aagaatgaca     32940
     agagtggctg gaagggaagt tctcttgaat actggctcag tctcctcttc tacaggatgt     33000
     gaaaaatcag ttcacagttg aatagcttat caaacagttt ctttatgcca tagaagttga     33060
     ggatatagtt aatgttgtat tatctacata gagtgttact gaaacagaaa tttctcagaa     33120
     gcaaatacag gacttttttt ctaggtattt catgcatacc aaaagaacat caaaatttag     33180
     tagctagctt tgggaaataa agagtactgc aaaaaagact agcttccctt cacacagttt     33240
     cctgtcaaat aatcttgttc ttaattacaa tagtttttat tagtttggtt tttaacttca     33300
     catatattat attctcctga gccctactac ctcatcacgt gatccaaatc tctaacaatt     33360
     taagctgaca ccagatcttg aataccttat catttaacct tgagatgctt tcccaaatct     33420
     taattgtaat aaattgacta ggattcatga ccgtgtctgt gtagaaagac aacaaatata     33480
     ctgagatcca atcagaacaa cacatgaagc agcaataaca ggtccaccat actacccaaa     33540
     taaactccat gctgtacagc atttacttaa acctcccata ctgaagaaag gtactttcaa     33600
     cctggaaaga tttaggctct gtttattacc agccagctac atgtttttcc gttaagtgaa     33660
     ctaacctggc tgaagctaat aacattgatt ttcaacacaa aatagtaaat tctgtaaaat     33720
     aataaataga aaaattatat agaaaatctg ttacaataca acgctatgag agcactgata     33780
     tgcatacaca taagtataaa agactgaaaa tgcaaacatt ttagttcacc acactcactg     33840
     agcacaatct acaataaaga tgttcctttg ggtattactg ggttaagatt cagcatagct     33900
     ctcaattcct gcccttacaa gcttgtgtga tgatggctgc ttttggatca tgagttactg     33960
     tatttcgatc tcctgtttta ctgaagcttt caacacttta cattttagtt ttcaaacaaa     34020
     actatgtata gtgtaaaaaa aggttatttt tcaaaaatgt aaaactgagc tctaaagcaa     34080
     tgttaaatat acttcatgaa tgaaaataag tgaatttttg cagtgcatta tgaatgctta     34140
     atctctcagc cataggacta tggataaggt aagctttgtg tattgtacag tatacacctc     34200
     tcaaggtttc tagagtgaga acgaatagtc actacaaagg atgatcatgt taagaaaggc     34260
     ctataaatcc cagaacacca atgtgtccaa gaaactaaac agatctttca gagaagcaga     34320
     aatgccaagt tgctaaggta tctagacatc gacatgggag aaccgaacat ttgaaactct     34380
     aaagggttgt gtctctaaat gatgaattta ccaagaacct tcctaaaggt agcacaccac     34440
     catcacgaaa cacacacacc agaacctgca tagcaccatc accagaagaa agggcttctc     34500
     cagcaaaagg ttctacatgg ccatttccaa agtgaagggt aattccaaca gagattcttt     34560
     tatcattgag aagagctttt gctatcctag gatttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaaa     34620
     ttgctctttc taactcaggg taagaattga gttggaattt taatggggat tacattgaat     34680
     ctgtagattg ctttcagcaa gatagccatt ttcactatat tgatcctgcc aatccatgag     34740
     catgggagat ctttccatct tctgagatct tctttgattt ctttcttcag agacttgaag     34800
     ttcttatcat aaagatcttt cacctcctta gttagagtca caccaagata ttttatatta     34860
     tttgtgacta ttatgaaagg tgttgtttcc ctactttctt tctcagcctg tttattcttt     34920
     gtgtagagaa aggccactgt tttgtttgag ttaattttat atccacctac tgcactgaag     34980
     ctgtttatca ggtttagaag ttctctggtg gaaattttag ggtcacttat atatactatc     35040
     atatcatctg gtagaatcac catgcctgac ctaaaactgt acaacacagc aattgtgata     35100
     aaaactgcat ggtactggta tagcgacaga cagatagacc aatggaatag aattgaagat     35160
     ccagaaagga acccacacac ctatggtcac ttgatctttg acaagggagc taaaaccatc     35220
     cagtgaaaaa aagacagcat tttcacaaaa tggtgctggc acaactggca gttatcatgt     35280
     agaagaatgc gaattgatcc attcttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaggtc taagtggatc     35340
     aaggaactcc acataaaacc agaaacactg aaacttatag aggagaaaat ggggaaaaat     35400
     tcctgaatag aacagcaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcaag aatgacaaat gggacctcat     35460
     aaaattacaa agctctgtaa ggcaaaagac actgtcaata agacaaaaag gccaccaaca     35520
     gattgggacc tttacctatc ctaaatcaga taggggacta atatccaata tatataaaga     35580
     actcaagaag atggactcca gaaaaccaaa taaccccatt aaaaaatggg gctcagagct     35640
     aaacaaagaa ttctcaactg aggaatattg aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc     35700
     agcatcctta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat caaagcaacc ctgagattcc acctcacaca     35760
     agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaacttcatg tgacagcaga tgctggtgag gatgtggaga     35820
     aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gtaggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc     35880
     agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat agtactaccg gaagatccag ctatacctct     35940
     tctaagcata tatccagaag atgttcccac tggtaataag aacacatgct ccactatgtt     36000
     catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccaaaag ctggaaagaa cccagatgtc cctcaacaga     36060
     ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactattcag cgattaaaaa     36120
     gaatgaattt atgaaattcc taggcgaatg aatggatctg gagggtatca tcctgagtga     36180
     ggtaacctaa tcacaaaaga agtcacttga tatgcactca atgataagtg gattttagcc     36240
     cagaaactta gaatacccaa gatacaattt gcaaaatgca tgaaactcaa gaagaaggaa     36300
     gagcaaagtg tggacccttc accccttctt agaattgggg acaaaacaac catggaagga     36360
     gttacaaaaa caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgga ccatccacag actgccccac     36420
     ccagggggtc aattccataa tcagccacta aatgcagaca ctaatgcata tgccagcaag     36480
     attatgctga aaggaccctg atatagctgt ctcttgtgag gctatgccag tgcctggcaa     36540
     acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcatctat tggatggaac acagggcccc caatggagga     36600
     gctggggaaa gaacccatgg aactgaaggg gtctgcaaca ctataggtgg aacaacaata     36660
     actaaccagt acccccagag ctcgtgtctc taactgcata tgtagcagaa gatggcctag     36720
     tcggccatca ttgggaagag aggccccttg gtattgcaaa ctttatattc cccagttcag     36780
     cggaaacacc agggccaaga agtgggagtt ggtgggtagg ggttgggggg gggggcggga     36840
     taggggactt tcgggatagc atttgaaatg taaatgaagt aaatacctaa taaaaaattg     36900
     gaaaaaaagt gaaagataag gcagagaagc tgacattgtg tctccaatcc tgatggaaat     36960
     tctaattttc cagctccttt tctgtggaaa acttagagac ttggctaagg aagccaagca     37020
     gtacaaaagg ggaaataaca gatgaattgg tactagggag gcttccagta tagaagcctt     37080
     tcttagcctc atcttcagaa ccatggcaac agtaacagga agtacatgtg tcacatgaag     37140
     cctgaatgga agcagaaaga caggagagga agactaccca agactggcag gttctaggac     37200
     tataggaacc cagagaggtc atttccagtc tccaccctgg ggtctgccta aatattccct     37260
     ctaaagctgt tgtggcctgc aggctaagga tctggagcac tgatatataa aacttactgc     37320
     ccaatttatt gctgtggtgc cagaactgag aagtgtgcca atcccctgga catattcctc     37380
     ccactctggt gcttctactg tcttctttgc agccctcaat ctttaaaact aactgcctat     37440
     ctctgtgccc acaacactga gaaagtcatc agtggatcct ctccccagcg actcattttc     37500
     tcctgctaag tctccctgcc tgtggccatg ccccaagcag caggaaagat gctgttgcct     37560
     tctgtccttt tctttcatcc ccctctctca tcaccagtag ttcttcttgc cttctaactc     37620
     cctaatgact ccacatcata tccataacct tcaacatcct ataggtttcc acttcactgg     37680
     ccacagtttt cttaccatag gccagacctg tagctatgaa ctccctataa aaatatttgt     37740
     gctgctccct ttttttccct ccttactaat ttgcaaaagc cccaatagca aagtctgtgt     37800
     tttcactcct ctgcttatag tagcccgcca agagcaccaa caccaactct cactatggta     37860
     ttcacttatc attccttgaa taaccagaag caggggctgc ttaaatggtt tagttggtaa     37920
     actgcttgcc ccagtaagca tactttgtaa ccccaatgct ggggtgccag agagtatagt     37980
     aagggagaca gacagattcc tggaactcac tgggcaacca gttttgccag atgttcagtt     38040
     ctaggttcaa tgagaaaccc tatctcaaaa aataaggtgg ggaacaaata gaagacacta     38100
     gatctcaagg tcaaggcctg cctgggctac agaattcatg gtcagcctgt gcagcctagt     38160
     aagacactgt caggtgacct aatctgtcac tttatgacaa ctgaccctag aaggagttgt     38220
     aagaacagaa ttgggaagca gaatgaaggg tgtgacctgt gaagaaatgg ctgtgaattt     38280
     caccttggag gagtaggctt tgcaagattc ttccccacaa aagctccaca gacatgtaac     38340
     gcaggaaacc ttcagaaacc tggtggtgac aggaagagca gaactttgaa gatgactata     38400
     gaaattccaa gaaaaaaatc aaagacgtca aattatagaa gaacataata atcactgtga     38460
     aaaaaaatca gctgaattct agatcccatt gtgaacaaga aaatccttgt agagtaaaca     38520
     tatgaaagga aggtatgtgg agatggagat atcctttatg ttcatttatc cctaaatgtt     38580
     catatcacaa cccagaatga aaatcaccca ggttaggaac agaaaaagag acaagaaaat     38640
     ataaaaaatg tgggcatgcc tttagtttgc cttaaaggtt tctgagtcat gtaagtattc     38700
     ccactgaaaa caaactgaaa gtatatggaa tggaaaggcc tttgcttatt ctggttccct     38760
     gtgaaaatat ggaaggtcac aagagagaga tactttaaag gacagaatga gaaggcacta     38820
     ttatcctaag atctttttaa caaagatgac agaccataat gaagaaaatt catcaatgtt     38880
     aaatgcctga gagtatgtct gttcaataga gaaataaaaa ataacatact ctggggagaa     38940
     atcttgatta gaagagatac acaaaatcat cagtttacca atagagaata aatacacaat     39000
     agatcaaaac cacataaatg tgcaagataa atttatcatc tgtaatactg tcacaaacct     39060
     ttggaaattt ctcattcatt ggagtggcac caacattaaa ttacatgaag tgcttgatac     39120
     aaagaaattt gtgcacaagg ctcgaaaaat tacataactt gcagtatatg taattgaaaa     39180
     ctctgaaagt tttcaatata tggggtctgt aagatattca ctgtgaaaat agatcctatg     39240
     actactcatt ttctaatttc attcttgaaa ttaagtgcta ggtaaaataa ttctctaagt     39300
     cagtggttct caaccttcct aatgctgtga cccttcaata cagttcctca tgttgtgatg     39360
     accccaacca taaaattatt ctcactgcta cttcataact gtaattttct actattgtga     39420
     atcataatgt aaaaatctga tgtgcaggat atgatatgtg atactggggt gggactcaaa     39480
     ccatgagttg aagactactg cactaagatt tatttaagca gcagagcata aacttaccag     39540
     gtagtatcat ttttaatttg gatgtaaact aattgcaatt aatgagcatt tgagaaattt     39600
     gggttctttt aaggtttatt tattttatat atgtgagtac actgtcactg tcttaagaca     39660
     catcagcaaa gagtatcaga tcccattaca gatggttatg agctaccatg tggttgctgg     39720
     gaattgaatt caggacctct ggaagaacag tcagtgctct taactgctaa gccatctttc     39780
     tagcattcta gcatttgttt ttgttttgtt ttatttttta aattgctggg atttttctat     39840
     tagcatcatg caataggttc tctctctttt tctctctctt cagatgaacc tttagttggt     39900
     tttaatatca cttaatttga gatatatatt ttcctcagaa catatttctg tatacaattt     39960
     tgagagcttt taaactgttt catacaatgt ataaattaat acatgttata tttctcagat     40020
     acaaagaaga tatctataag gtaatcatca gctacatcaa gtatacaagt atttttaaaa     40080
     gagggcttgg gttatagctc agtggtcaag tgcttgctta gtatgcatga atccttggtt     40140
     cgccccctag aactgaatat aaatttaaaa agtaaaaaac aacaataaca aagaccctca     40200
     cgtgcatata tattaaaggt atgaaaagat accagttctc aaaggatttt aaagatatta     40260
     ttttcatctc tacttataac aatacacaaa gggaacattg cctaaaacta gagaaattgt     40320
     ttatttatgg tatttgttgt ataattttta taattgaaga aaaatatagg aactttaaga     40380
     tacattgtgg aagatacata tgctagatac aaagaatttg aatttccaaa aatgtattca     40440
     ttatttaata tgaaaacttc agaattcagt attgaataac atactttgag agaatgtatt     40500
     ggtagtattt gaaagtgaaa aatttaatgt gacatacaaa acacactgaa ataagatgta     40560
     aatgagctct tcaatgatta tttcccttat tattttctgt acaaaattag aatagaaatg     40620
     aattgccagg ttaggaagat ggctcagtgg ggaaaggtgt ctgcctccaa ggctgtggat     40680
     agtcccagga cccaagtggt aaaaggagaa aaaatattcc caaaatgtgt cacctgaatt     40740
     acacatgcat atgacgatgt gtgggtgtgt gctcacacac aagcatgcgt gcacgcatgt     40800
     gtgcacacat acacacacag gattttaatt tttaaatgta ttttatgtgc atgggtgctt     40860
     tcctaccatg taatttgtac actacatgca tttgtagttc caatagaggc cagaagagag     40920
     cactggatat ccagaacctg atgtctgtta cagatgtctg tgagcagtca tgtaggtact     40980
     gggaatcaat ttgggtcctc tggaggagta gccagtactc ttaaccaatg agccatgtct     41040
     ccagacacac ttaaaaaata tagtaaaaaa aaaaaaatta aagtcagaga gtgtatgtgc     41100
     tgagatctcc tcagtagatt aagcaacaag taccagccct atccatccat ctaaacaatg     41160
     aagtcaggat accagaagac aaagatagta agcagattta aaacacttta ccatgcaaat     41220
     atggacgccc tctctaagtg tggaatggta gaactgtgat tagtgaagcc actacacatt     41280
     ctctctctgt ctcaatctct ctctcttcta ttcctccctc cccgccccca cagtctcatc     41340
     caaaataaat gagtttgcag agagaagact agaacaatat gccctacata cactaccaaa     41400
     gttcacatgg aaaaaataag agtgaaactg taatcaaaaa aagcccatac tgtgcaaatg     41460
     agctgtaaaa gtcccaatcc tccatgcttc taatctgcct cccagctcta gcttacttcc     41520
     tcccttggaa gtgtattcct tcctgataaa ctgcatctat ttctgctgtt accttcgttt     41580
     ctttattcag ttcctcactg ggacacaaga acctggaaat cctagcagat ggccataaaa     41640
     ccccaatttc cactgcgatc acaggtgcct gtaatctcag cactggggag actaaggatt     41700
     cccaggagtt caaggttagc aattatcagg ttaaccaaga ctacatatgc atagcaaggc     41760
     atgcttcata agagataact actatacata gtagcaaata ctgtagatat caacaaaaat     41820
     aacaatttac cctcgccaga aaacaagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatctctt gactattaag     41880
     tcatcatcta cctgaaacag gtatttattt acttctttta acatatatga tttggagaca     41940
     gcacatcaca catgtggggt caagttatca atagcatcaa gaaacatgaa agagaacata     42000
     aaggtttacc aatggccatt gtcagtctct agacaacata ttggcttaga ggatgctttt     42060
     ctgccctgga atccaaggat gagtaaaaga cacacccaag taagaatgtc aaagactttt     42120
     tgtaaattgt aataacactt tgccccttct tagaaatggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg     42180
     agttacagag acaaaatttg gagctgtgac gaaaggatgg accatctagt gattgccata     42240
     tccaggtatc catcccataa tcagcttcca aatgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag     42300
     attttgctga aaggacccag atatagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa     42360
     acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctat tggataggtc acacggcccc caatggagga     42420
     actagagaaa gtacctaagg agctaaaggg aactgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata     42480
     tgaactaacc agtatcctgg agctcttgtc tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct     42540
     agtcagccat cactggaaag agaggccctt tggacttgca aactttatat gctccagtac     42600
     aagggaacgc cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggtag gggattgggg gtgggggtgg     42660
     gtatggggga cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaaacga ggaaaatacc taataaaaaa     42720
     gaggaaaaaa ttgtaatgac atactcgtac ccacaagaaa gtggaaggaa acatcattta     42780
     agaaactgca gcccctgcac caatgcctgc aacaacttct gcactgacca aagggcttga     42840
     gcaaatccca gaccagtttg gctccctggt gctgagcgaa ggtgcagtgc tggcatcatc     42900
     tggggacctt aagaatgata agcaggcagc cagcgccatc tcaaagctgg tcagcacagc     42960
     ctgtggcttc aggctgcacc atggcacgaa catccctttc aaatgcctgt ctgtggtctt     43020
     tggtgaacac acactgctgg tgactgtgtc aggagagagg gtgtttgtgg tgaagagaca     43080
     gaaccaaggt ccatgcctat tgatatctga gctatagagg cactggctgg agaagaggcc     43140
     tgcctctggg gcccggggag ggggggaggc cgggggaggc agggacactg tcttctactg     43200
     tgcttgctac aactgggctt gtgctcatca cctcctgacc acctacctga ggcaaaaggc     43260
     ttagtgactt ctgtgctaag ggaaagggaa actatgacta ggggaactgc tttcttccct     43320
     tctgcataat aaacactagt ccaactcttc cagggcaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaaca     43380
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aacccctgca aatataaggc cagagaaatg     43440
     actcagcatt taagaacact ggtcgctctt ccaaaggacc agggttcaat tctcagcatc     43500
     cacatgaaag ctcacaaact ccaggaatct gacacccaca caaacagaca tgcaggcaaa     43560
     acaccaacac atgtgaacta aaaatacata taaaaaaaag aaagaacttt aatcccagca     43620
     cttgggagat ctctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc agggcagcca     43680
     ggactacaca gaaaaattct gtctcaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     43740
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     43800
     gagggaggga ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     43860
     aaggaaaaca ccacatgcat aaacaaaata atccagaaga aatgctcctg tattcaaccg     43920
     atgctggtgt tgaggataga ctagacattg ctctgtgact gtcctagtga tggaggtagg     43980
     gttaagggag tggggtgagg agagggaata acttgtagag ctcctgttct ttgttgttta     44040
     acatttacat aggaattcaa gggttacttg ttttccaaat caggtctgaa agaactttgt     44100
     catactagtt actccttact aggaccaacc tatcatagac taattatgta tgtggatatt     44160
     accataattt gcagaaattg tacagtaaaa taattacagt tttaatgtgc aaatatacgt     44220
     tcatggagaa aacctctaaa gcaagaatca ccgaacagaa tatgtgggta aaaattgttt     44280
     ttatttttat tttagccatt ctgataggtg taaggtggaa tctcagagat gttttgactt     44340
     gcagttccct gaagactaag gactttgaac aattctttaa gtgcttctca gccattcaag     44400
     agtcctctgt ggagaatttt ctgtttagct ctgtactcca tcttttaatt gggttatttg     44460
     agagttagtc tctaactttt gtgagttctt tgtaaatttt agttattagt cctctctcag     44520
     atgtactcaa gagatagcac atgctggcaa ggatgtggaa caaggggaac acttcttcat     44580
     tgctggtgag agtgcaaact tgtacaccac tttggaaatc aatctggagg tttctcagaa     44640
     aactggaaat agttctactc aagacccagc tatatatacc gtaactcact cctaggcata     44700
     tactcaaaag acactccaac atcccacaaa gaaaactgtt cacctatgtt cataggaact     44760
     ttattcataa taagcagaag ctggatacaa tctagatgtc cctcaactaa agaagggaaa     44820
     aagaaaatgt ggtacatcta cacaatgggt tattgttcag gtatcaaaaa ccaaaacatc     44880
     atgaagtttg cagcaaatgg atggaacttg agaatatcat cctaagtgag gtaacccagt     44940
     cccaaaagga catgcatggt atgtactcac ttataagtgg atgttagcta taacatacag     45000
     ctaccatgtt atactccaca gacccaaaga aactatacaa gaaggaaggt ccaagtgagg     45060
     atgcttgaat ctcacttaga agggggaata aaatatttgt aagaagcaga tggagggaag     45120
     gaactggaaa ggagggggag gaaagggggg atcaggatca ggtacgggga aggacaggag     45180
     tgatggctag atggccatga aaatgaatgg aatctgaaac tgacagaggg gcagggggga     45240
     agggggtatg tccaggtcca gacagagacc tgggatatgg gagttgccca agaatcaata     45300
     ggggtgacct tagctgtgac tcacaacatt gaggatatgg aacctgaaga ggttacctcc     45360
     tgtagccagg catgaacccc agtggatcga ttgagacacc aacacaccca caaaactttc     45420
     aacctaaaat ttgtcctgtc tacaagaaat gcaggcacag gggagggagc agagactgaa     45480
     ggaatggcca accaataaca agcccaagtt gagagccatc ccatgggcaa gcaccaatcc     45540
     ttgatactat taatgatact ctgttatgct tgtagacaga agcctaacat ggctgtcctg     45600
     agaggctcca cccagcaact gactcagata gatgtagata cccacagcca cagccaaaca     45660
     gagcttggag actctcatgg aggaacagga ggaaggattg tgggccccaa aggggaaagg     45720
     aactccacag gaagaccaag agtcaactaa tctgcaccct tgggggctct cagagtctga     45780
     accaccaacc aaagagcacg cacaggctgg acctaggcct ccccgcacac atgtagcaga     45840
     tgtgcagctt ggccttcatg tgggtcctga acaactgggg ctatcccaaa agctgttgcc     45900
     tgtatgtagg atatgtcttc tagctggact cagtgggaga ggaagaacct agtcttgcaa     45960
     agacttgggg aggggagcta ctgggggggt gtacttgctc aaaaaagaag aggggaaggg     46020
     gaaaggactg tggtagggca tgacagggag agaggcagtg agtggaatat aaagtaaata     46080
     agtaaaaagt aaaattaatt aaaaaaaatg ttttcataaa tactctcaga aatgtctaga     46140
     atacagtata ataaaatcta tttgcaaagg tgcataaatt ccaaggccag aaggaaaaaa     46200
     gaatgaattc cttggctgta ccactaaaac aagggcaact tgggaaagaa cagggctttg     46260
     ttcaagatac agggagttgt ttggaggcaa tcttgaagtt ggaaccttaa tctccagctc     46320
     caagacagta acttttttaa aaagctccca taatagaaag aggctctaca gtaaggattt     46380
     ttgtttttac cactcgcaaa gggaaggtgc agagaggcac actgcctcag gaaataccgc     46440
     catctaagga ttagagaagt gtataataag cattgacatc agaaaagtcc atcttttctg     46500
     agaatttctg ctgccagcca attaaataaa gatgaaaaag ccaactgaga agactgaccg     46560
     gaaagaccat accgggaact cacagctgcc catgaagcta agtggtctac accaataaca     46620
     gaagcctccc ttagttccac tcacagaacc attaacaaca gcataagaaa gtccctacca     46680
     catctgaaat atgtcgctcc ttgtagtata gtactggcga attccaagcc cgtcacagga     46740
     gtcctgagag gccttgccag tctccctcct gaagcaggcc tttccttcaa atgctgtagt     46800
     tctttgctgg ccaagggatg caatcgctga ggcagaatgg gactactgat aagtaggacc     46860
     tactacagga ggccacgtga gaggggtgtg ccagtcctta gacatactcc tcccactcct     46920
     cccagcctct gatagttact ctcacgtggc tgcgcttact atcttccctg tagccttcat     46980
     cccctccaac cctaaatgcc cacctcatgg cctaggacac aatgcaggca gccaatggaa     47040
     cctttcctcc tggggacctt attcccctcc aaaatcttct actggtagtc atgccccgag     47100
     catgctactg tctagtaccg gccaagtacc tctacttaca tctctgcttc tggacaagta     47160
     taaaaaaaaa taataaagct ttcttaaaat tttaactcaa acctcaaaga aatcgagggt     47220
     ggaaaaaaaa taccaaagta cccaaatatt tacttaaggg ggtcttaaac agtactgtga     47280
     gcaaatgagg ccccatgaag ggtagacctt gacccaggcc caagagacca ccccttccag     47340
     tccaagctcc atcaccactc ctattttcct gaaaaacaat aacccaacaa acaaaactcc     47400
     ttttgttttc tggctgtttc ttcaacttta agaacaggag ggtagcacca actaggtagg     47460
     acagtgtaag agaagaaccc ctttcatata catcccatca gatatccctt ccccaaaaaa     47520
     agtttcttgc acttaaaagg tttgaaattt actgggatca caatctctct aagttttctt     47580
     ccccgtgtcc caaacagaaa agacaatgga caaaagaaag aaagagagta aacttaacca     47640
     tccctaggag tgcctctatg tatacccaga agtaaccact atgctaactt agtctgtaat     47700
     actggtaagc tgctaactag gcataaactt aaccaagaaa tatgaaaact aaatcatctt     47760
     ttttcaaggt agcatatctt tgcaaccttc ttggactccc tacatcgtat cttcatttat     47820
     cactgaaaac caaatctcta aagagttggg tcctgttcct tcatgtgatt gtgtgtatct     47880
     tatcttttcc aaacagcaca agattttttt tccctaaatt caattatctg gcatcataga     47940
     ttatagaatg ttgtagcaga attctctgtc tgccattttg aagatgtaag gaaaattttg     48000
     ccctccctaa cggtgtactt ccagagctgg tggtcttatg tggcaaagac tgagtatata     48060
     tgcttctaag aatcaaagct cacaagcttc ctgatgtaat aaaacaccag aacacatggt     48120
     caggagtggg acctgtgtta taacatgacc agcgagtccc aagaaggaga ctatgtgttc     48180
     tattccctaa agtcttagtg tggtaagatt gttcagaaat atccatctca aggaagtgtg     48240
     acgtgaaata tggggagagg gggattcata ttaacctgtt tcttcaactg agagacacca     48300
     aggagaaccc tgagataggc caataaccga actgaaccat ggtggcagtt tacatagggc     48360
     agggagtcaa gtatgcaact ttgatctttt tcagattata aatttgcaca tggaaatatc     48420
     tgaagtgcat ggctgacaga agggtcctag agaaatgttt gggttgtttt actgttcatt     48480
     tattcattgt ttgttgtttg tcccctgccc ctttttggca taactggatg ctcagcccac     48540
     agatttaatt gtactgtgca agaacaaagc cacttacagc cgtaatatat tccttttaaa     48600
     attaatatca cacataaagt cttaaaaatt cattttcaca aagtagataa caatgtacag     48660
     ggcttaaatg tatgaaaagg tactaagtca taaataactt aaaaaatatt ttttaaaaca     48720
     aagacaacaa attcaaatct caacacagta acattttgaa ggttaacagt aatctcagta     48780
     cacaatggtg caaggtttta cgtcaaagga gttttggagt tatctgtcca attggcagaa     48840
     agccacagaa ggcacactgt ttaaaatgag gacactgatg tcctaacaat gtttgtcata     48900
     gcattatttt ttctttgtca gaaacaataa aagaactgtt aatcatgtta taggacaaga     48960
     tatgatagac ttgggaaatt tgaattttaa gaaaatatag atggtagact ggggtggcat     49020
     atgcatttaa tcccatcact caggaggcag aggtaggcag atctctgagt tcaaagctct     49080
     gagttctgaa tctatagagt gagttccagg atagccaagg ctatacagag ataccctgtc     49140
     tcaaaaaaga gaaacaaaaa gaaaatatgc taattaccta ataggaaaaa atatttcata     49200
     atctaatatt gagcagtata ttaccacaat tatggaaaaa tgaatgcgat atgcaaaaca     49260
     cattaagaaa ggattacact ttttcattta ttctcttcca tatattccaa agtgactaca     49320
     acagaaatga attagaaagt cagggtggtg acacacttct ctgatcccag aacatgggag     49380
     gctgaagcag cagactagaa acagactgaa ccccacaagc atacactatt tcaaaaataa     49440
     ccaacaaaat gagcaaacaa aagatactgc catttcatca catgggatta atgataaatt     49500
     aatagtgaat atgtgaaaaa catttcttca gtaggttgtg taaactccca gacctactgg     49560
     acaggatcaa agaagcagtc agccttctcc atggggacaa tgaagtaaaa ctggcagatg     49620
     acagagaaag caagtagagt tcctgtgggt cttctctcag tgctgacatt ccttttaagg     49680
     tggaaatggt agaagttatt attgttaatg gagctaccac tcccagccac accttgtatt     49740
     catctcttcc tttgataaca tcatcactgc ttacccaccc cctcagctac agaaggaaga     49800
     agataactgc ttccacaact accagctctg ccctcatggg tgaaggttaa atttatgtgt     49860
     gtgtatgggc agctttgatg aatcagaatg tgtcctacta gtgaaagtat aaaagcatgt     49920
     aattgtgcta aattgccaca agggatatgg ggaacagaca tatattggca tcccagaggg     49980
     tagtgagtga gtttaacaac ttatagttag ggaactattt aaacatgtag tcactttgaa     50040
     tttttatttg gggttttcaa agcattttga tgcagactac cttacaatag tggaaaaatg     50100
     aaaggaggaa gctaaaactg agcgacaggg gaaggagaac tagatgggac tgtcagctct     50160
     gcacagagga ataaactggt ggcgcatagg cttcaatgct aggagggagg cagcagtagc     50220
     tcagtggcag tgcatatacc tgagtgcttc aagctccaag ttctaccccc agcagagaag     50280
     taggggggag ggtagtaata ataattatat atctggaaac tacaaccata atttaaaagg     50340
     aaaacattta taatgtatgt gtcactgtgg ggttaatttc tacatctgca acattaaatc     50400
     aatttttcaa aatttataca tgatggcgag ggcacaaaaa accaaagttc acatataata     50460
     ggaattaact ttcatgcaaa atgtactcat aaaataaaaa gggttgactt atttataata     50520
     ttgtcaaagc aaatttaatt aatataaaaa gtttggactt gtgaagccaa taactgcttc     50580
     tagaaatata agactatgaa aatattaaaa tattatgatt ttcctccttg actccgttca     50640
     ctcaaaatta tatagtgctt ttcctactga aaggtaggaa tgagaacttc aagaggttac     50700
     atctaaggag atttgtatca tacccagatt caagtaaata aatacataat aaataaataa     50760
     aatgctgatt taaaaatctt tccccactac gcatgtcaag acaaataata gagatagcaa     50820
     taaggtgaca tctagtagtg aggcctcaca ctaaggacct gttgcactat ttatacaggc     50880
     tatcaacact gaagcacata ttaaaagcat catccttcat atttgtggca actccggcac     50940
     acagatgtgg aatcacattc tacattatac actcttatgt agaatacatt tttgtcctaa     51000
     atataagaac aaagactctg ggaaggaatg taaacctgga aacaaagatg gtttcaaagt     51060
     ccagtaagat acttattaca tagtttaaat ggaaagagaa ggtatataga aaactgttta     51120
     agcactacag gatattatga aatgtcacat tgtatttgca aacaaaattg ccctgccgaa     51180
     atcaaccact aattcatata tacaacatat ctactcagaa catactgcta gctactttat     51240
     gtgcttaaaa atcgatggtg agtaaaaaag aaacaaacta atacagatct tgtccttagc     51300
     aacaatacat ttataatatt tgatattgag atgggggctg tgggttgttt gtatttttca     51360
     tatcagttat taaataattt tgtcacactg aagaaaatgt tcaggtgaca atgtgactca     51420
     gcaattacac atgtcaatgg aattctgtct tattttctgc ataagttttt aagatgataa     51480
     agcaaaggta taaatatgca tcccagtatg tttaaaagac ccgtatggat tagaaaaacc     51540
     tccgaggcaa ttaccataaa agtgcaatta atggtgacca ctgggtttgg ggactgtagg     51600
     aaaaaactgt tttcattaac actttacaga aatatccaga cggaagtgca acaaagtcta     51660
     tactgaaaga acacattgat aaaggtcgat aaaccccagg gaaagcaggg ggtagaataa     51720
     taaggctttt cagagaagct aaaatacaag tagctgtagc gtctaggctg cctcacaaca     51780
     gtaaagccaa cttgaaaaat aaagggattt gttctaaggc tgtgaatatc aacaaggcaa     51840
     actctagaat ttattaactc aattgccagt tccagacagg cagaaatctt actggggaaa     51900
     gggaagggga ggggggtgaa agggtaagga gagaagggaa gaaggaaagg ggggaaaaag     51960
     cctctttagt ttaaaaagac tcacagtatt ttttcaaaca catagggcag aagagaaggg     52020
     tctgtatggc acaatactgc catctaagac tttaaaaaaa cagacaggca cccacatcgg     52080
     aggatcgtcc atcttcggag gatcatccat cttttccgct gcttttctgc ccacagccca     52140
     taagatgaag gctgggaaag acaggtggaa tgaacaacac acaccgcact caaacctgag     52200
     caaagggact ggagagccat tcaaacaaag gaagcctctt ttaagtcccg cccgcgaaac     52260
     catggcaaca gcaacaggaa gtccctacca cattggaatg atgaactctt cttaggtaag     52320
     gattggctgg ttcagagtct gcacgcatat gctggggagg ttgttgccag tctggctgga     52380
     atcttctgca ctttccttcc aatgctgtag ttgcctgttg cctaagagac gcggttggtg     52440
     atgtccagaa cctgttcccg acagccccct gcgtctcacg ctcaagacgc ataacaagga     52500
     catgctcctc ccactcaccc cagcctcgaa cccacttctg acgcactcac tatcctctcg     52560
     gccctcactt acctgaatct agctacccac agcagtgtcc atgacaccaa gcaagctgcc     52620
     actgaaacct cccatccttt ggggctttcc ccacccgcgg tcacacctga gcagcaggga     52680
     agagcgtgcc tataggttca ataatggata ggccccctcc ctgtatccca gctccctgtg     52740
     aggcaagctc ccagccatct gaattgtttt agctctatcc taacataagc gaaaaaaatc     52800
     atattttgta ccaaaaaaag gttccatttt ataatggaac tgtatgctac ctttttaatg     52860
     acaggtttgc cattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacacacaca aacagttctt tacttttcct     52920
     agggtctcct gggatccaag gcagggcttg ggccagagtg taagagaact tcccttacag     52980
     cttagctaca ctgaagtaca atccctttat ttcgaggcaa ggaggtgata agaaaggccc     53040
     tgcttctact aatgctccct ccatacacca cactccccca ctataccacc agtttctttc     53100
     acttagattt taaaatccat tggtctacat gatgcctata gcttttcttt ctactcacta     53160
     tccaagacag gaagaaaaat aatttgagaa ttcggatatt acaagaagaa gtaaactcta     53220
     ccatactgaa gagtaccagc catcaaaaag taacctgtaa gcttagggct acaacactga     53280
     tatgccttca aattaagaga gtatctaaag aaagattttt cactcttaaa ggtttttttt     53340
     tttttaagtg ctatactgtg tcctacctag acagtatgga ggtacataga caggtacaga     53400
     actgaaaact actaaactcc atagatattt aagtctttcc atttcaggtg aggttttttt     53460
     gtgggttttt ttttttcaaa tagtaagctc atcatgcttt atccagtatg aagttcctaa     53520
     tggcaatgta ggctatgctg ttttgttaca gcaccctttt tgatttaagg tacatgggaa     53580
     acctttactt acttctaaag tcataaggta gcacaggccc tggcagacca cgtatcctca     53640
     ataagctaat tttaaaaagt aacagtaaaa agtggaaaga ctttgttaaa gcagccacag     53700
     agggcaaagg agcacagaac tccagtggtc tgccccgaag accatcttcc agggcataga     53760
     agtgacattt aggtttaaat agagggcgaa aagtatgcat aactaagcta tcctggttat     53820
     ggtgtggtcc caaccatcat aatttaggct cttacaaggt agtctgacaa gtcatcagaa     53880
     ctgtggaaac tctgttcaag agttggttct ctctctggct ggcactgaac tttagtattt     53940
     tacatccccc agaatgagat tcccgggaag attccaattc cttgaggttc atggttcaac     54000
     cattaggcaa agggagcaaa tgtttagcat ctccttaaga tattgtcatt cctttttttt     54060
     aattaggtat tttcttcatt tacatttcaa atgctatccc aaaagtcccc taaaccctcc     54120
     cccacccacc ccccacccct gccctgcttc cctacccacc cactcccact tcttggccct     54180
     agtgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcaagacc aaggggcctc tcttcccagt     54240
     gatggccgaa gatattgtca ttcttacata aggaaatatc agattactta ggaacagaac     54300
     ttgctgtttc ccagaaggaa agtatatgag ctctgtcctt gtctgtaatc ttagtgtgag     54360
     gggattgttc aaatgtatcc aaggcaaggt atcaaatgta aaaaataaac aagtgactca     54420
     aagtcaggat tttctttgtg aaacagaatc tcaagtagtc catgctgacc tccaacaaga     54480
     tacataactg aggctacctt gaattctgga tcctgtctct tcctcctaaa tgtaggatta     54540
     caggtgtgtc ccaccaagcc tgactgtcac tcaaacgtaa attgcctctt caactgatat     54600
     gcacaaagat aataaggagg caagactgta gtttatctag ggcaggaaat ggagtctatg     54660
     attctattga gagcagtccc aggttccaaa acctgtgtct tttagtttct gagagctgtt     54720
     tgcaccacct tttaaatatt tacttatgag gataatttcc ctttttgtca ttactttttg     54780
     aactcggagc tttgtagtgc taagcaaatg ctctaacact gaacttatag tcctgatcac     54840
     aaaatattca tttcaacagt atcttatata tcttgtacgt acatccttta tataaaaaag     54900
     catgtgaaaa cagatgtata ggtctaaaat gtatgaaaat gtaaaccttt gatgtaattt     54960
     atacctgtct taatttagta acatttaaaa gggtaacaat aatcttgggg tacagtaata     55020
     gactcttgat gtatgttctc aaaagaattt tgcaaaatgt atctcaaaca gtctcagcag     55080
     gtgccaagat attctaaaaa gaaacacttg tacccctgcc ttgggttatc agatattgag     55140
     acaatggacc ctaagaaata ggaatttacc ccaagagttt cactctggga aggaaaaggc     55200
     taagcccagg tgctagcaga gagggaactt gtctcctgga aagagatttt acactctgtt     55260
     gacagtttat atggctgacc ttgcagacct gacagggatt tgtcagtgat gggtaagatc     55320
     acatcttgtc taggactgct ttgtcataca aaagtcttgc cctctactga atcctaaacc     55380
     agatgtcagg acctccaaaa ttgggatggc tagacctctt tatttgttcc tctttccaat     55440
     gtgaccacac tgaaatcttc actgttacaa cctgtgtctc tcatgggctt attgatgata     55500
     gatggatggc cgagcctatc ttaggactgc cagaatcagg ctgctataac ccatcaactc     55560
     ccagaaacat atcaacatga gaattatcat ctcaaatgtg gataaggatt tattaacaat     55620
     atttgctgta gggtaataga aataatgtct tcccagtggg aaatcactct atatacttca     55680
     taattaagag attaatgaag aaaaagctct ttatggcact tgtccagctc tggctaatgc     55740
     tcagaggatc tggccaaaaa ttgttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tctgttttga     55800
     atagttgtta gctgggttca tcttgcccac ctggcagaat tgtgcttttc ctgatgagag     55860
     cagagggcac ataatggcag accaggacct aatggtagtt gtaaccttac actgcccctt     55920
     agaggcatgt ccttcttaat tgctggttct aagtcaaggt tgtccccttt tgttttagga     55980
     atggtagtac atgcctttaa tcaaagcact caggaggcag aggcagggag atttctgtga     56040
     gtttgaggcc agcctggtct atagaactag ttccaggaca gccaagccta taaaaagaaa     56100
     tcctgtcttc tttttttttt tttaagattt atttatttat tacatttaag tacactgtag     56160
     ctgtcttcag atataccaga agagggcatc atatctcatt atggatggtt gtgagccacc     56220
     aagtggttgc tggggattaa actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaactgg     56280
     tgagacatct ctccagcccc ccacccccaa aaatgctgtc ttataaaaac aaaacacaag     56340
     gaaaaaaaaa aaacttcaag gctagagaga tagctcggtg gttaaaagta ctggctgctt     56400
     tttctgagga cagtttcaat accccgcacc cacatcaaat gccctagccc tacaactgcc     56460
     tgtaactcca gtcctaagag atccaatacc ctcttctgac tactcctagg ggaaatgcat     56520
     gtacatgatg cacagacatt caggcataca catatatgca taaataataa tcattttaag     56580
     agtcctagaa gtattcgcca tcacaggtag caagtctagg aaaatatctg ggagtttgag     56640
     agaaatcaca gatatgagtt ttgtttagta tctccctagg taatccaggg aaactttacc     56700
     aggacacccg gaaacaggaa aatagggtaa aatccagtga cagaaaaggt agactgggaa     56760
     gacatttttt aaaaaaaaga attatctatt atgtatatga atacactgta gctatcttca     56820
     gacacaccag aagaggacat cagatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccat atgtaatgtg     56880
     gttgctggga attaaactca gggcctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta actactgagc     56940
     catctctcca gctcagagag gacatttttt ttagcatgaa gccttgaaaa aaagacacag     57000
     cattatgggc ttttcttgat ggtatggtgc ttatttaaca ttctccatga actgggtttc     57060
     atgagcagca gaaactgtca tagacttagc tatagaaaaa tgaaaatttc tattcatcct     57120
     taaatcagaa gcacaattaa agagcaaaac tcaataataa tagttacaat gtttgtgaca     57180
     cctgggttca tttctatacc tatagctatt atctaagact atattttaaa gtcaataaat     57240
     gatagtgagg ctataaaaat acaagatata atgggtattt ccttcagtat ataaccaagg     57300
     tatacagagt atatgttctt ttaatacttt tttatgagta cattttttta tatgagtaca     57360
     ctgtagctgt catcagacat accagaagag ggcatcagat cctattacag ttggttgtga     57420
     gccaccatgt ggttactggg aattgaactc aggatctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt     57480
     aactgctaag ccatctctcc agcccccgag tctatgttca taatacagta agtctgcttc     57540
     aagaaatgta caaacaattc attatagtga aaatactctt cattttatag agaggatatc     57600
     tttgagaaat gtataaatgt gattcacatt tctttcatgg attcctccaa atggcactgc     57660
     tctttttcta ttagaaaaca aaaatgagaa gcttaacaaa tacatcgtac atgagctacg     57720
     acatttaaag aatatatttg tggctgaagg tcatttagct cagttggtag gatacttgcc     57780
     tgacatacac aaagcccgag gcttgattca aagccacata taaactgagt atggacattc     57840
     atagctgtta acccagcatc taagaggtgg aaaccgaaga ccagatcatt ctcagctata     57900
     gctagcttgg gctacatgag actctatctt ttttcttttt aaggtacatt ttatcatagt     57960
     gtcaatatat tttttaaaaa ggtctactcc acattttcag aaatatgaga aatactaata     58020
     acatgacatg taacactggc aaaacacaag cttacagcct gttgagctat catgaaagcc     58080
     attacttcct gaagcaggta ctaataccat ctaatgatga atgggaaaga tgccatgcag     58140
     atctggagcc aatattcaag agtctccaga cactgcaaga aaaacaggag tattcaccca     58200
     tgtccctgat ctcttacact ctacagtgaa catgctttgc aagatgcttt cttgttgcta     58260
     aatacccagg tgaagaagtt gacttttaaa cttatgaaga ttcatttgta tatgtatgaa     58320
     cgttttgcct gaaagtatgt ctatgtacca tgtgcctgtc tggtgcccat ggaggtcaaa     58380
     agaggcaagg gaattgaaac ccctgaaaat gagagttatg gatcgttgtg ggccaccaag     58440
     tgggtgctag aacttgaacc tgtgccctct tacaaaacca acaagtgctt ttaaacactg     58500
     agccatctct ccagccacaa aagatttatc ttaattatag taacatattc aaagctcaga     58560
     acaaagtgtt acatagaaag aaaagccatg gttagaaaac tgttcaaaca ctatagagca     58620
     ctatgaaata ctttctattt gtaaacaatt tttaaagctg gcatgactgc tcagaagtta     58680
     agaaaaagta atgttcttgc agagggccta agttcaattc ctttccttcc ctctctgatc     58740
     tataataaaa ctcttccgct ctgctcctct ttctctctcc ctcgccctta atctataata     58800
     aaaaataaaa atcttcctcc aactatggag tagccatgtt ggtggtttct ctactgagtc     58860
     tctagctcac aacatgtaaa tgaggtttac tgtgataaac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     58920
     gtgtgtgtaa agaagctgtg tctatatact cattgactga aaggaactgc agagaactgt     58980
     ggggatagac atgctgcagg tccagagttt aattaacttt ccttgagcta gttctagatc     59040
     tacaaaagaa tagccattcc ttacccacct ctatactgga acatcttgtg actaatagta     59100
     acctttggaa tctgttaatt tagatcacta gcttccacca atgcaaaagc tcagacagca     59160
     tacctagtct tttgatgtat cctccaatgt atcttaaact cactttactt tctaaaactg     59220
     taaaacttca tgaaactgct tccacattag aacatggcat ttggagtagc ctaaatctgt     59280
     cttgcaggct atggtcagtc aaaatagctc cagaatacac tatctcttat cttctttaag     59340
     atgacagctg tggttattga gctgatgtgt gtttgtaaaa agttgttaaa agcatcaagg     59400
     cagatagata tgggtatcta acctacaagc caattaccat aaaatataaa taatgataag     59460
     cacagggcaa tgagactgta gttctcatta cactttacag aagtctctag actgagagga     59520
     aactgagtct ttattgcaag aacatccaca tgccccagga caagtaaggg aaacacaatg     59580
     accaggcctt tcaggagaag aaacctaatg cctagaatac cctaaggaga aatagcaatt     59640
     taaaaagtaa aacattctaa gtccacagac cctgaattat aaggcaggaa cctctagaat     59700
     gcagcaatca atggcatcat cccagcaggc aaaaacttca acccctcctt tttttcaaac     59760
     acaaagggtg ggtgaagcga tgcatggggt cacatcctag ggcaatatta ctacctaatg     59820
     atcacagaaa ccgacccaca taaatcagaa gaatggctta tggaaatgac atgcccaaga     59880
     aaatggttga ttggccaaaa cctttacaaa atgtgtttaa attatgccaa gtggacccag     59940
     aaaatgatcc tcaccatata taaacttccc ctgctgtggc ccttggaacc aggaaatttc     60000
     tgattcacct catcagaact cagctgttcc tatccaagaa ttagcaggcc ttgagcctat     60060
     gcagaaatag ctagtgaggt cccttcaact ctctttctcg gggctcacca agacatacct     60120
     tcccaatgtg cagttgctgg taggctgatg gatgagactg ctgatcttca ggaacagctg     60180
     acccacccac catcatatac cagtcctttg gacaggcctc ccactcaagc cagccttgga     60240
     atgcattctt caggaggaga ctcagaatct ttcaatacta accctaacta gccaacatag     60300
     agccaaggac acagagcaga aggccactgg accctcctag tcaagaacct tctggcttct     60360
     ggttggtata tctgcccttt gtcatacccc aggcagcagg aaagactgtc tttctgtcac     60420
     agtcagtaat aacaggtgtc ctgaatgtat cggagtcctt agacaaagac aagaaaacta     60480
     taagctttta aaattattta ggtttatttc cacataactg aaaaagaaat catatacact     60540
     ataccagagc aagctttcat tttaaacact atcataggca gatatggttt tctaaaaggc     60600
     aagttttaga cccaatttcc tttctgtccc atctgtatgt ccttctctag gccagttttc     60660
     ccctaaattt ttaaaaaagg gaaaaattga agtgatcagc ctgcaggggg agctggtatt     60720
     acataccatg gactgtctca atggaagcct ggagactcta tgggtgcaga aagttctttt     60780
     ccttctcttc ctgcctagca tcagcatcac taaaaactac agagacttga gttcttctat     60840
     ttcaaattac tgatattctc gtgacaaaca cttaccaaac agcacatctt actttcccct     60900
     atatttaact acaactgcca tattaagttg tgttgttttg ttacagaacc ctttgttttg     60960
     aaagcaaaaa gttgctagct ggtgtgaaga cagacctgca ggagaaggaa ggtaatggtg     61020
     aagggaagtg acccatggat cagcataaag tagtataaaa tctgctacta attctaaaat     61080
     ttagcagccc ttggtttcca ttttaaagat acaaaggaac tctttattct ctataaagcc     61140
     atattataga attgatagac ttatagatta taaaatcaca taactaagaa cgtactttta     61200
     ggaatcaaag ccttttggga atcaaaacct tcaaacttca ggatacaagg aaaacaacaa     61260
     gccacatggc tgatcttctg acagtggtct tcaagacctt gtgttctgtc ctctaaaatc     61320
     ttagtttgga ggggttgttc atacctgccc aagccaagga ccataaatac taatgagaaa     61380
     aattaataat ccacttttac ttcaagttta ttcagctaaa gcacactaag ggtgacagtg     61440
     agaccagcta actccacaat agaagtgggg ctggaaattc tctagggcag tgattctcaa     61500
     ctttctaaag ctgtgaccct ttcatgcaat tcattccctg agatgtggtg accccaacca     61560
     taaaattatt ttcactgcta ctactttata gctaattttg ctactgttag gaattgtaat     61620
     ataaatatct gtgttttcca atggtcatag atggcctctg tgaaaggatc atttgaccct     61680
     caaaggggtt aacacccaga ggttgagaac cactgctcta gagcaagaag gccatgagaa     61740
     tatagtcagc tccagagaaa ttgggcattc ctcaagaatc ctatcctcag acaaagaaaa     61800
     gactgaagag cctggtgccg gccagaagag gagcctgtct cccaggcatg gatttcccat     61860
     ggttctaaca acacaccctg taagagacag gacccaagct gatgctgtgc caaagatgag     61920
     tgagaccaca tctgcaccag ggctgtggtt agacatatcg cgtcccctct ttataaacct     61980
     acatctcatg caagaacaat gaagatggat ttggggggaa agggcaacac tggagtttgt     62040
     tcctcttccc agtgtgccaa cataggtaca taccttttct ctgcctttca ctactacttg     62100
     tctctttcat tggcctatta acaataggtg acaaagcata gcttgttatg gccgtcagga     62160
     cccaggttct gatcctaaca actccagtaa cactaagttc caaataccaa catgtgagtt     62220
     agaagcttat ggttgccaga atgaccctag agaagctttc tctgtactgc tacagagtct     62280
     cattgttgtg tctgagatga aaccaggcct tttgcatgct aggccagagt ctcctactga     62340
     gttatgtaca cggccccaat gtactcattc taaatagtta gaactaaatg atatctttgc     62400
     aaagaagtaa atgtgtgtct atttgaaaac gtcatgatta ttgacataca aaattcttct     62460
     ttaaatataa gtgggttaaa caattcgcat agcatgaggc aaatacagaa tacttaacta     62520
     cttttatata ttagcaacaa acaattagaa aattaaaact ttgaactcag tttatattac     62580
     tgtgatggat agtttttaac tgtcaaattg acacaaccta taaccaatca cctgggaaga     62640
     aactctcaaa gaggaattat ttagatcatg ttggtctgta agcctgtcta taggaaactg     62700
     tcaagacaat gttacctgat atgggaagac ccagcccact gtgagcagca acactcccta     62760
     gccagaggcc ctgggttgca gcaagcaagc aaggatccat gtttattctc tctcagcttt     62820
     tgactgtaca agtgatgctt tatgttcttg tctggacttc cttacagtaa caaactttaa     62880
     cctcaaattg taagccaaat aaatcctttc atccctaatt tgcttttagt cagggttcca     62940
     ttttgaggaa aaaatgaagt cgggttctca aaggagaatg tcaaaataac actaactaat     63000
     gaagtcatta gtcacctctg tgtatcttct cagctctccc attaacagcc aaaccatccc     63060
     tcaatcacct cccaaaccat tctccaccag tgactcttgg cccttccatc tattctgaga     63120
     aaaggggctg tttccacagt aacgatctct gctctcatgg ggctgaaaac aacgtgcata     63180
     cttgtgcacc ttacagtgaa ccaaattcag agaggtctga cacttctgag aagagaaaga     63240
     taaagacaaa agtaaggata ttaaattatt aagaacatat aattgggaca tcctctcaaa     63300
     aattcactta taaacacctt cagcctctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct cagaaaattg     63360
     gacatagtac taccggaaga tccagcaata cctctcctag gcatataccc agaagatgtt     63420
     ctaactggta agaaggacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagtc     63480
     agaagctgga aagaacccag atgtccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtat     63540
     atttatgcaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaacaatg aatgtattaa attcttgggc     63600
     aaagggatgt atctggagaa tatcatcctt aatgaggtaa cccaatcaca aaagaactca     63660
     cgtgatatgc actcacttat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acttagaata cccaagatac     63720
     aatttgcaaa acacaggaaa atcaagaaga atgaagacca aagtgtggat acttcattcc     63780
     tccttagaat atggaacaaa gcacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagctg     63840
     agatgaaaag atggaccatc cagaagaccc cacccaagga tccattccat aatcagccac     63900
     caaacccaga cactattaca tatgccagca agattttgct gaagggaccc tgatatagct     63960
     gtctcttatg aggctatgcc agtgcctggc aaatacaaaa gtggatgctc acagccatct     64020
     attggatgga acacagggcc cccaatggag gagctagcga aagaacccaa ggaactgaag     64080
     gggtctgcaa ccctatagga ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc cagagcttgt     64140
     gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagacaatat gatctaacca gtacccccag agctcgtgtc     64200
     tctagctgca tatgtagcag aagatggcct agtcggccat cattgggaag agaggcccct     64260
     tggtcttgca aactttatat gccccagtat aggggaatgc cagggccaag aagtgggaat     64320
     gggtgggtag gagagcaggg cgggggaggg tatagggaac tttcgggata gcatttgaaa     64380
     tgtaagtaaa gaaaatattt aataaagaaa aaaacagctt cagcaaaatg gctggataca     64440
     aaattaactc aaagaaatca gtatcccaca tttacacaaa tgataaacag gccaagaaag     64500
     aaattagagc aacaaacccc tttgcaatag tcacgaataa tataaaataa cttggtataa     64560
     ctttaaccaa gtgaaagatc tggaagacga gaattgcaat tccctgaaga aagaaattga     64620
     agaagatatc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgt ataggtagga ttaacatact     64680
     aaaaatggtc ctcttacaaa agcaaatcta tagattcaat gcaatcccca ccaaaattcc     64740
     aacacaattt ttatagacct tgaaagagca attctagtct catatggaca aacaaaaacc     64800
     caggatagcc aaaacaatcc tgaacaataa aagaacttca ggaggaatca ccacccctta     64860
     cctcaagctg tgctacagag caactgtgat tcaaaattgc acgctattag tacagaaaca     64920
     gacaagctga tcaatgggat caaatgaaag acccagaaat aaacccacag acctatggac     64980
     acacacttga tttttgataa ataaaccaaa accatacaag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag     65040
     catcaaatgg tgctagtcta actggatgtc tataagtaga agaatgaaaa tagatccata     65100
     tttatcaccc tgcacaaaac tcaagtccaa gtggattaag gaattcaaca taaaactgga     65160
     cacactaaat ctaatagaac aaaaaatggg aaatagccgc aaatgcactg tcacagggga     65220
     aaatttcctg aacagaaaac caatgactta tgctctatga tcaacaattg acaaatggga     65280
     actcatgaaa ctgaaaagct gatgtaaggc aaaggacact gtcaatagga caaaacggca     65340
     gcctacagat tgggaaagga tctttaccaa ccctgaatct gacagaggac taatatccaa     65400
     aatttttaaa gaaatgaaga agttaagaca caattaccca aataacacaa ttttaaaatg     65460
     gggtacagag ctaagagaat tattctcaac agaggaatct tgaacggcca agaagcactt     65520
     aaagaaatgt tcaaagtcct tagtcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaatga ccctgaggtt     65580
     ccatcttaca cacatcagaa tggttaagat caaaaactca agcaatagca catgctggcg     65640
     aggatgtgga gcaagggaaa cacttcttca ttgctagtga gagtgcaaac ttgtacaacc     65700
     actttggaaa tcaatttggt agtttctcag aaatgtggga atagtcctac ctcaagaccc     65760
     agctatacca ccctgggcat atacccaaaa gatgttctaa tatctcacaa agactctgtt     65820
     cacagcagct ttatttgtaa tagccagaaa ccggaaacaa cctagatgtc cctcaactga     65880
     agaatggata aaatattcat aagataaaga tagtcatgag agggggctgg agagatggct     65940
     cagcagttga gaacactgac tgctcttcca agggtcccga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac     66000
     atggtggctc acagccatct gtggtgggat ctgatgccct cgtctggtgt gtctgaaggc     66060
     agctacagcc tactcatata aataaacaaa cctttaaata aaaagagtca tgagaggcag     66120
     atgaaaggaa ggaactggaa gggaggggga ggggaatggg gggttaggat caggtgcagg     66180
     gaaggacagg agtgatgcct agttggccat gaaaatgaat agaaatctga aactgactgg     66240
     ggggcagggg ggaagggggt atgtccaggt ccagacagag acctgggata tgggaggtgc     66300
     ccaagaatca ataggggtga ccttagctgt gactcacaac attgaggata tggaacctga     66360
     agaggctacc tcctgtagcc aggcatgaac cccagtggat cgatagagac accaacacac     66420
     ccacaaaact ttcaacctaa aatttgtcct gtctacaaga aatgcaggca caggggaggg     66480
     ggcagagatt cccaaccaat ggaatggcca accaataaca agcccaagtt gagagccatc     66540
     ccatggacaa gcaccaatcc ttgatacttt taatgatact ctgttatgct tgcagacaga     66600
     agcctaacat gactgtcctg agaggctcca cccagcaact gactcagata gatgtagaca     66660
     cccacagcca aacagtggat ggagcttgga gactctcatg gaggaacagg aggaaggatt     66720
     gtgggcccca aaggggaaag gaactccaca ggaagaccaa gagtcaacta atctgcacct     66780
     tagggggctc tcagagtctg aaccaccaac caaagagcat gcacaggctg gacctaggcc     66840
     tccctcacat atgaagcaga tgtgcagctt ggccttcatg tgggtcctga acaactggag     66900
     ctggggctat cccaaaagct gttgcctgtg catagaatat gtcttctagc tgggctgcct     66960
     ctgggagaag atgtgcctaa ccttgcagag cttgaagtgc cagggtgagg tgataacaag     67020
     gagagcccca ccccctaaga gaagaagtgg gaggaatggg gaaggattta aaggtgggca     67080
     ttcctatgaa gatactgtgg attctctttt tttttttctt tttcttttct ttctgtttct     67140
     ttggatcttc aaggcatttt agtggggagt ttaagcaggg ttagtagaaa ctcaaaagaa     67200
     gagtaacgat aaaataagca acagggagct ggagaggtgg ctcagcagtt aaaaacacta     67260
     gctgctcttc cagaggaccc aggttcaatt ccctacacag ggcagttcac agctgtctgt     67320
     aactctgaga tctgacaccc tcatacagac acgcatgcag gcaagacacc aatgcacatt     67380
     aaaatataaa tgaataaata aataaataaa taaataacag gaggggtgga gtcaatcaga     67440
     gggatccctt cagctttcta cacaagacta agtccctaaa acagggggtg agtgctgagg     67500
     gtagagctca gcagctgggc actcaccttg cacaatcaaa gcagaaaatt ttatcccagc     67560
     actggggcaa aagatcaata aatctggtta tagaaaaaga taattataca tctgaaaatg     67620
     ataaatataa ctgcaaagtt ttaaaaaaaa agtcaaagtc ttgcaatgca atgctcactt     67680
     cagcagcata tattttaaaa gtggaacaat ccacagatgt atggatggcc tctgtgtgta     67740
     aggacaatac ccaaagctgt gaaacaaatt aagtcaactt tacctactgc ggtgaaaaaa     67800
     ctgtctgcct tgttaataaa ttgttataat tcactttcaa aaaaagaaga atttgcaatg     67860
     cagatgatgg atggtagctc atttctatac ctgcaactat taaaattata atctaactac     67920
     ctttacaaac ctaggagcag ggtggtactg gtacatgcct cagcactcag gaggcagagg     67980
     caggcagacc tctgagttca aggacagcct gggccaccta gagaaacctt gcctggaaaa     68040
     acaaacaagc aaacaaacaa atcaaaaaca ttaggcctgg actctgtagg tcagatatag     68100
     agcatttgac tagcatatac atggtcaata ctcagtacca aaataataac aataacaata     68160
     tatttatatt taataattaa ataatattaa gtcaaatttt attagttaca tataagcata     68220
     aatattattt aatactttaa cattaaagca atttattaaa ttaatattta atgtaattat     68280
     atatggcaat aagtgttgtt tatattaaat attagcttct aatatttata ataatttgat     68340
     attttaaatc ataggaaagg catggtaaac aagaatcctc atagaaagaa tactctttca     68400
     agagtgaatg aactgtttgg cctttggacc taacaaatct acttctaaaa ttgcattgtg     68460
     aataaatggc gatgttgaaa cagtaagtct gtacaataaa aatttttttc actttataga     68520
     gaaattatct ttaaaaatgt acactgatat gctttccttc tttatattcc cctgacatta     68580
     cacctgtaat cccagcactt gagggatatg gaaccagaaa ctctggtcat ccttagctag     68640
     actaaattgc cacttcaaaa ctactctggg ataatggaaa cctgctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aaaaagtaag caagcatcca cccccccgcc attactagga     68760
     cacaagctgt tggcctatgt gggccaccac cccctaaagc aggttcttct tccactctcc     68820
     tttacaaaaa tggtagtaca caggtactga gacaataacc acgggtatca agatgagcaa     68880
     ccagactacc aaaaatttgc caacatccct agtccatcac tgtctaatca cacacttgct     68940
     ttgtaaaatg ctttccttca tctagtagaa gtttggccta aaatgaaaca atatctccag     69000
     atctcctgat tttttttctt ttctcttctt ttctttttat tattttcaaa atgagaaaag     69060
     taagtcttca gttttagtgc atgcatcaga atgtcaatac ttagttatac tctcccctcg     69120
     agaaagcagt aagatagata cagataaaca tctttcaaaa gaaagtcaat ggacagagtt     69180
     tcattaaaca gtcccagctg gccttcaact cactcagcct tcaacagcac aggcaggcct     69240
     tgaactgcaa cccttcccac ccatcttccc agtagctaga ttacaggcct gtaccaccag     69300
     gcctgatctg acccagtaat gttgtatgga taaagaattg taccctgaag aaatcaggca     69360
     cttggtcatt tgttcaacaa ataccaccaa tgttgagaac acatagcagt tctgatgctg     69420
     agcagaaagt ataatggtga gcaaggagga aaaagcaagt atgatcctct ccttaggcat     69480
     catcctttat gatacctgac attggcataa ggaggaaaat cagttattag atgatgtcgt     69540
     cacatttgga aaaaaagttc aagtcttttt ctcattttaa gattcatttt tatcaccttg     69600
     taatcatgca cgtgtctgtg catgtgggtg taggccagag gcatctgact gtctagagcc     69660
     aaggtgtgtc ctaggaaggg tcctctgtag gagcagtact agctcttaac tgcttcgcca     69720
     tctctccagt tcctagggtc ttttttctaa tcattacctg tcaggggggg ttcagtggga     69780
     tttcactttt cttaaattgt taaagcaata acacaaatac tcatttctgt atgcttaaat     69840
     tatacccatg ggaatgggga agaaaaaaat aatccctaaa tcaagtattg taaactgcat     69900
     tgagtctgga tgattgcaat gtggataaga attgttttca ttagtacccc tgcaaacggt     69960
     taaataaaag aacgaggatg tttataaaga tcctctaatg ttaatcctaa agacaagtta     70020
     aagaatgact tttagaaaag ccaaaacaca agtagctgcc caacagaatt taaaccgcct     70080
     actataagag caaagggctt tatccacagg caagcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcaaaaga     70140
     gaaccagatt gaggaagcat aatttagaaa gactactttt tttttaagca caaagggcgg     70200
     ggtggagtgg gcaggactcc gataccgcgg ttaacattgc catctagcgg ccacagaaat     70260
     tgaaactcac cctcacggaa caaaattatt ttcctgccgc ttttcagtca actgttgtag     70320
     aaatgaagac tccggaaggt aagcggaatg gagaaaaccg ccaaaatcac tcgtacttgc     70380
     ctaagagagt acggcgatcc gaatccgcga tgaaagcccg aacgcccatc ctcaccctag     70440
     cgaaaatcag ccgaagtccc gccttctcac cggaaggaag ctgtaatctg cggtctagga     70500
     ttggctgatt ttcgcgttgg cgcagtggta cgagtgaggt cgctgccagc ttccctaagc     70560
     attaccggta agtaacttcc aaagctcctg ttctaggcca aagaacagag cttgtgactt     70620
     gcagccacac agccctggtc tccttatgtt ctagccattc gagccttgag ccagatcgcc     70680
     tcccgttcag cccttacctc tctgatcatg aaaccttttt ggatgatttt acctgtaccc     70740
     taaaacaccg gcgggggggg ggatcacatc ctttaccaaa agaaggtata ctttgaacac     70800
     aaatgatcta cattgctttc ctttttttgt tttttgtttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg     70860
     tatagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat     70920
     ccgcctgtct ctagctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcgccaccac tgcccagctc     70980
     tttctttctt ttttgtttgt atgtttgctt gtgtttgagc cacagtgtcc tgtagtcgaa     71040
     gctggtccgg aacttggcat ttcaccaagg ccagatttga actaatcctc atggctccac     71100
     ctccagaatg ctgagattat aggcagtgca gcaccaagtt tgggaatggg aatcaattct     71160
     tactgacagt tactttagca tcaggaatgc tttggatgtg tagtttactg gtgtttttct     71220
     tatgggattt tattaagaag ccaaccttga ggtcagggct ctagagaact tttcttccag     71280
     ctatttcagc ctttgttgtt ttcctggaat taagtctctg tgttctctgg tcaggcccct     71340
     ttcttaacta tattgaagag aagccaaata gagcatccag gcagcaaaga tccctgtgtc     71400
     cagcctagca actccttggt gcattgcact tttttttcct ctccaaagtt tcttttattt     71460
     aaacaaagag ttttgcgatg aaaatccctg aaaagacgct gtgtgtggtt gtgtttatgt     71520
     ctgcagaaaa tgataggccc actggaattt cagaattata gagagattag aattgtgcag     71580
     gttcagaggc taagtgcttt atcttgagct aggtttagcc ttcctggccc cactcagtat     71640
     ctgaacacta acacctggtg ataatagaaa aaaatctttt ggaaggtggt aactttagaa     71700
     ctaacatctt gcaataataa ataaaaagct cattggcact attaacttaa agctaacatt     71760
     ctgtgataat aaatagaaac ctcttagaag ctatttgctt aggactaata tcttatgata     71820
     ataaataaaa gtcccttaga agctattaat ttagtaaagc attagctctg ccaatcccag     71880
     agctaagact gtcatcagat aacatcttag gcctatagaa tagctcttcc atcttgttca     71940
     tacctctctg gtttacccat caatgtattt taaacttgac ttgattcatg acttcctttg     72000
     tcctataaaa ctatttgtaa aaaataaaac tataaaactc cttccatgat ggaacttggc     72060
     attggggtaa actaattctg tattcctggg ccaaggtccc acaaaatgga tcccgaagaa     72120
     agtatctctt attccctgga agaagggagt tgtggttttc acaacaactg catgaaatcc     72180
     actcatctcc atgatatcta gcctttcctc tacttgtgcc ctagacagaa cagtaaaatg     72240
     agagtcaaag gaagtcagga agtaagtgaa cttggctttc cttaagagta tcatgcacct     72300
     gaaagtaatg tttctaaggc aggtctacaa cgttgtaaaa tactaaagaa accttcaaga     72360
     gattattgtt aaccgggaga tagtggcgta tacctttaat cccagcacta caaagccagg     72420
     cagacctttg tgagtttggg gccagtctgg tctacagagc aagttccagg acagccaagg     72480
     ctacacaaag aaaaaccctg tctggagaaa gatttaaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa     72540
     taaataaata aataactttt taaagggaga ttatttgtaa atagaaattt catcctttta     72600
     aaactaatat attagccaaa catagtggtg tacaccttta atcctagcac ctgagaagca     72660
     gaggcaagta gatcccaatg aattaggggc cagcctgatc taaaccttgt ctcaaaataa     72720
     aataaataaa taaataaaat aaaaagctaa tttattgctg ccaccttatt gcatagaacc     72780
     atatagaggc atctggactg cacacagagg cactgaaagc caacctctat agatgtttga     72840
     ggctttgtat ttcaggtgca tgtattttta atgacattac cattgttgac tttaccaaat     72900
     agtatatcag gcttttttct ataaataatt cctactggta tcttagattg tattacttgg     72960
     ttacaacatt agaagctaga ggggaactcc taactcacct gaaaagtaga attccagagt     73020
     ctgtgtcctt ttctatttaa aaaaaaaaat gtggctaaga ctgactatgt gtttttaaga     73080
     atcaaagctg gggctggcga gatggctcag tggttaagag tgctgactgc tcttctgaag     73140
     gtcctgagtt caaatctcag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accacccata atgagatctg     73200
     ccaccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaggtcagg tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaatc     73260
     aataaatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaatca aagctgacaa gcttcagaat gaatgggaca     73320
     ccagagcaca tggccagaag taggaggcat ctccttgcct gtcagtggtt tacaaaaggg     73380
     gatgtctgct cagccctttc ctaaaatctt aagagcttaa gagttgagat ttgtttagac     73440
     ccatccaagc cagggcacca tagtgtcaaa ggcaaaacaa aacaaaagaa aaaccacatt     73500
     tatcttgcat ttttgagtgg ttttttgttt ttgtttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag     73560
     ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctggaactcc tctgcctgcc     73620
     tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcaccaccc caccaagtgg tgtgttctct     73680
     ttcttgttct ccatccctct ctccctctct cccctctttc ccctctcccc tctttcccct     73740
     ctcccccccc acccctctct ccagccagtt gaagtatcac tgcaatttcc atagaacaag     73800
     gagtagagtg actggttagt cctagcttct aaactgtatg acaggagaca ctggccattt     73860
     atggttgtta gagtggttct ttgagaagtg tttttcttta ctggtgttta ttcatttatt     73920
     tacttatttt ccatggagct gaaggttgaa cccagagtct cacatgtaat tgcaatggta     73980
     ttcccacaga gtacaccttt taaaactatt aaaactaata atatatgaaa ccttatgaat     74040
     tcattgtacg cagcatataa aactaaatac actagtattg aaggtattaa atagtatcaa     74100
     acctacaaaa aatttaaatg atgttctact aaataaaaaa caagagtcaa ctctccattt     74160
     agcaacattt acaaagccat agataaggcc atgctacaat gatggagaca ctggaatatg     74220
     ttctcaaaca aaggaacttg gaattctgtg tatacaattc tgctagacaa ataattaaaa     74280
     ggatggcttc cgtgttggag agagaaagcc aagatgactt accacccctc agaatagttc     74340
     tatttggaga gttagaagca tcaggccata gagcagccat catgaggtaa tgaaggaaaa     74400
     agccttccgt tgcaaacaac aaagggaatt tttcctccta ctgggttagg gttaagggga     74460
     ggagattcta tgccaggtga cctaacatat atgccacaca ttatgaagac acgcaaggca     74520
     cctgataaga attgaggctt taattcacag ccactttgag catgcacggc actggggaaa     74580
     tggtcattgg gtaaaactct gcagaagctt agattttctt tgtagcttgc agctgtctag     74640
     gggagagaaa tactctgtca gagctgcaag ctcataacca ctctatatag ctgtgctctg     74700
     agaggaaggc tacagggagt gtgctctagt ttggaggaaa tagcagatag agagggtctg     74760
     taacctaacc tccccatata agacaggtta tctaaagcat ggaaatggct tgttaactga     74820
     gttatataga gtaccaggca tggaggccca cgcctagaat cccagcactt tagaggccac     74880
     ccaggtctgc atagagagct ccagtatagc caggaccaca tagaaagact ttttctttaa     74940
     aaaaaaaaaa aagagtgcag tgtagtgggg caggcttcag ggtggcagcc tggggcaggc     75000
     tccaggtgac caaagcatgg tgcagtgcag acccatggta atcagcactg agatcagcca     75060
     caagatccag agtgccatta agaggaaatt ataagaatta ggagcttaca tgagtcaaga     75120
     acttcctgat aattacatta tggtggtggt ggccaacaag aggacctgtt cctgtttcta     75180
     gggaacaaca caattcgatt cactgtatgg ctccatagtg tattagataa acttcactct     75240
     gttacaactg agcactctag tctaaagtct cctgatacca gcatctttga tagtcacgtg     75300
     ccttcaaaca agagcagttt tagttaggga gatcagagga ggcacaagct gccatccctc     75360
     cccttgccat ttctcgctct aaacctgaaa aaaggaattc cagagtttct acaagttcac     75420
     aggagcagaa atctactaat gtcagacatt catatgatgg tagagcttcc acccagctaa     75480
     tgtcaacagt gaaaccacag aaggagccag caccctctga agatgtggtt gatatcaagc     75540
     cagaaccaga tgatctcatt gatgaagacc tcaattttgt gcaggagaat cccttatctc     75600
     agaaaaaatc tacagtgaca cttttattga atctagccct tctattgaaa cgtatcgacc     75660
     acctgcacgt agaaatgcag acactggtac tctcttaaac aggctgcaac ttcatcagca     75720
     gcaaagcagt gctcacgctg ccaagcagtt ggatgtacag agcagtcagg tatatgaagc     75780
     aggactgttg tgtactgttg tgtgaaccac cagtgcttag cagcgtagaa gacacttata     75840
     gacccttctt cagaagccac ttggataaag taagtattga gaaagttacc tgtggtaagt     75900
     tcagttgtta aagtaaaaag atttagccat gattgggaaa agcagggaga tgaggattat     75960
     gggtcccaga taggaagcta acaagaatct aattttgaag gctttctctg aagctgtaac     76020
     aaaaacaagt ttctgtagtt tcacagaaat agacacttcc agttgcttcc agaactcaaa     76080
     cttctcaaga aaaattgcta gcagaaatgc tccaggggca aaataagaat aagtccccct     76140
     gttaaagaag aggaagcaaa aagagacaat acaaaaaaaa aaaatcaagt aactcaacag     76200
     aagcagtagt tattgcaact gcaaattaat ctagtaatgg tgaaacaatg tagatgagtc     76260
     aagattacta tgacatggaa ttcctgatcc atcaagatta ctatgacatg gaattcctga     76320
     tccatgcaga cacaagatca tttattatga agaagccaaa gctgtctgag aaaatagtag     76380
     tgacaccaaa ccaggatttg gggatgaaga ctgcatatgc cctttgggtc ttttcaagac     76440
     accttatgca gacaagagac ctcgtacaac cagataaacc tgcaagtccc aagtttagag     76500
     tgatactgta tggtgtcccc agctcccccc aggatacgcg tgagatcaag agaaggggat     76560
     gggctttgaa ggaatgaaac ccataaacca aacttcaaac tcaaacaagg agctccgagg     76620
     tctcctccac ccacagcagc tgcatttgct gagcaggcag cttgaggacc cagatggcag     76680
     cttttcaaat gctgagatga ctgactggag tgtggcacag aaaccagaaa gacttctgga     76740
     gcgctgcaag tactggcctg cttgtaaaaa tgtagatgag tgtgtagctc atcatccaat     76800
     ctcaacttgc aaagcctttc ccaactaaat ctgctgagaa atgtttgttt gtgcatccaa     76860
     attataaata tgacacagtg tactaaagca gattgtccct tctgtcacat aagtagaaga     76920
     gccccggtac tgactccaaa accactggtg gcatcgccag catcgttttc ttttctaatg     76980
     gccagctctg tcaaaacttc cctgcttgta agaaaacgga atgtcccttc taggacctgt     77040
     gatggtttgt atatgcttag cccagagaat ggcactatta gaaggttgtc actgtggttg     77100
     tgggccttaa taacctcatc ctagctgcct agaagtcagt tttccattag cagcctttag     77160
     atgaagatgt agaactctca gctccttctg cacgatgcct gcctggatgc tgccatgctc     77220
     ccaccttgat gataatggac tgaatctctg aacctgtaag ccagcccaat taaatgttgt     77280
     ccttataaga gttaccttgg tcatgtgtct gttcacagca gtaaaaccct aactaagaca     77340
     acagccaaaa cactctaagt ttaatactca gtgtacaaga acagactgca catttttatc     77400
     atcccactgt tgctgtacca ccaagacatg ccttgaaatg gattcaacct caagccagtg     77460
     aatgataccc tagtcctgcc tggcagaaga tcatgtagtt tgaaagcttc tatcttctga     77520
     tgagagatat tctacagaac ttgtcacgtt tttgaaattt agaatatatt gcttttcata     77580
     atatgaattt tgctgcccaa ctgaagtgtc gaattttttc acatttgtaa gtttattaag     77640
     tggttccagc aatttttttg tttgtttgtt cgtctcgact acgaaaaaga cagtttaaag     77700
     aaaagccaaa ttctatgaaa acatttacag catgtttgta cattgctgtt tgacatcatt     77760
     tttggtgctg gtactgcagc taagggctgt agtgctgtgg gaaggccagt gtcctcagaa     77820
     ctgaagcact ttttactttt cccaaaggta atgaatgcag tgtttgtaac ccagcaagga     77880
     aacagtggcc aggctttaaa actgaggcag ctttggaaca actagcttaa attttctttt     77940
     ttaatgtcta aatgaatttg ctctgagaag cataatacag acttttattt ttgagtgcta     78000
     ctttggtaga gtgcactgag gtctcttgtg agagaccaaa ctgtgggaaa ctagatccac     78060
     aataactctc accctgaaga tctggctgac cctttgaagg gaattatgtc accccctcct     78120
     tcattgtctc cacctggcgc ctgggactgc cagcttcact ccctccttca tgtctccact     78180
     tggcgcctag aactgcttag attaaggcag cttcccctcc tcgtccatgt ctccgtttgg     78240
     tgcctgggac tgtttatggc actccaagat agctacaaga tgtttgatgg cttcctggga     78300
     ctggttaggg ctgacacccc aagataaact gcagaatgtt tgaaggctcc ccgggactgt     78360
     tttagggccg acattccaag ataagctgca agaagcctgc aatcagcatc cgccccagat     78420
     gtccatccct tttctctgta ttttattatg ccctctcgac ccctccctgt tctttctcat     78480
     tgtgtgctta taaccaggct cttagccttc attaaacaga ccttgacaac tctttgcttg     78540
     gtctcgcttc cctttctcct cccatttctc ttgcaggcct ctgtcctcct cgacccacgg     78600
     aataactaag tcctgctgga cgggacagtc tcttgccttt ctgaaagtaa gtagagacat     78660
     ggtcataaag ggtaagcata gttggaatga caatacaaaa atgtatgaac gattctttga     78720
     aatgttccca tttgttatta gcttataatt tgtaaataat ttttcaggga ctatattatc     78780
     acaaaattat acaaaaaatt ttgcaggtat atgtacagaa agcatcagaa aacagacttt     78840
     gaactcacaa gaacataata tacatatata ttcccatgtt ctgaaaaata tggtcagaaa     78900
     taactccaca gaaaatatac ttatgttact agtaaagatc gttcttgaaa tgtgcaagtt     78960
     gagatttaaa tggtatattt tcaatgacag agctgtataa ttgcaaagat agtaggggta     79020
     cacgtcacca taggagttgg cctattgtat tatggagggt ttatttgttt gtttggttgg     79080
     ttttgttttt tgttttttga ggttttttgg tttttgtttg ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt     79140
     gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgcatagc tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac     79200
     cagactggcc tcaaactgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat     79260
     taaaggcgtg caccaccaca cccggcgtat tatggagttt tatgtgtggt ttttgaaatt     79320
     gttaaggcaa gatgtgtcat atgttttaga attaaataac agagaactga tttcaaaaac     79380
     ttgttttaaa aaataaattg taagaggtgg ctagcaaaag gaataataaa agctcaaaaa     79440
     ttttcaggac caaatttaaa ctgttaaaat acaataaagt cacatctata aaagtctgtg     79500
     tttaacaatg aaaaaaaata gttgtagtat tgtttttata ttgtggggaa gagacaccct     79560
     gaccaaggca attcttataa atgaaagcat ttaactgggg gcttgcttgg agtttcagag     79620
     gtttagtcca ttatcatcat aacagaacat acagcacggt agctgtagct gggagctaca     79680
     tcctgttcca caggccatgg gagaggaagg gctgggcctg gtgtgggctt ttgacacctc     79740
     aaagcccact ctcagtgaca cacttcctcc aaccagccca cactttgtaa tcatcctaat     79800
     cctttcaaag agctccaacc ctcagtgact aaacattcaa atatgtgagt cttactggag     79860
     ccattcttac tcaaaccacc acaatatgtg tactggacta ctggcaaatt tggattcccc     79920
     aaaaaatgta tataaaatgc gtagtgtcac acaacacaat ttcagaattt aatattggac     79980
     aatatactat ggcaaataag aaaaaatgaa agtgatagtc attttagatg gatgtgtatg     80040
     aatgctcgag ttataggtgc tcttttattt atatttttct gaatattgaa aattgtctcc     80100
     atcccataat cagcttccaa atgctgacac cattgcatac actagcaaga ttttgctgaa     80160
     aggacccaga tatagctctc tcttatgaga ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg     80220
     gatgatcaca atcagctatt ggatgggtca cacggcccct aatggaggag ctagagaaat     80280
     tacccaagga gctaaaggga gctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacaatat gaactaacca     80340
     gcacccggga gctcttgtct ttagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta gtcggccatc     80400
     actgcaaaga gaggcccact ggacttgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc     80460
     agggccaaaa aggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gattgggggg tggtgggtat ggggaacctt     80520
     tgggatagca ttgaaaatgt aaacgaggaa aatacctaat taaaaaaaat gtaaaaagaa     80580
     aaaagaaaat tgtccacaat ataaatgatg agccaggtta ggtaaaagcc tataattcta     80640
     gcattcacaa agttgaccct agagattgag ttccagacca gtctggcata caaagtgaga     80700
     ctctttctca acataaccaa accaaaccac cctgaaccaa acagatacaa aataagtgaa     80760
     tggccttttt agagaatatg ataaataaaa cagccaaagt ataaaaggtg ttctcagctt     80820
     gctgtggaag tctccaggcc ttttgaaaag aaacggagtc ttctccatag gacaatgaag     80880
     tcaggttgcc aaaagttgga gaaagccagt aaaactcact gaaatattca agcaaaagtg     80940
     acttacctag tcatgtgaga acagtagaaa aagtgcagct ggcaaagcca ctactgctac     81000
     ttaggacaca ggatgccttt tacagattct ttgcctcaca aagacaaaac tgtaaaacaa     81060
     gccagtgtgg tggcacatac ctgtaatgcc agcactcagg agagaggcaa gaagatcccc     81120
     agtctaagtc aggccttgac tctaaagcaa ggagggggga ggggcgggca aactttaaag     81180
     gcaactctag gataatgtta ttgaaaattg acagcagaca ggcaagctgg agatctccaa     81240
     aaacgtaaag agaaaaaaga aacataagct ttctaagtta gaaattctgg aagtgggaag     81300
     gtttcatgat ggctcagggt aggcatcttg agggcaaaca agcttcggat ttggaccagt     81360
     gactggagaa ggaagacaaa aagaggaagg gagaaggttt aaattcagaa agaagactgg     81420
     cttagcagtg ggggtgtgca agcaactgga tgaagggaag gacttctgga gtatatcatc     81480
     ttagtttgct ttccattgtt gagttaaaaa caaacacaaa aagacaaaaa gcaacctgtg     81540
     agggaaaagg tttatttctg ctcacaactt acaggaaagc caagacaaga actcaaccca     81600
     agaacctcat ggcagggact gaagcagaca ctacggaaag atgcctgctt actgtttgct     81660
     cccatggctt gctcagctta cttgttacac aaactaagac cacctactca cgggtggtac     81720
     catccactgt gggctgggcc ctcccacact aatcattaat aaagaaaatg ccccaagggt     81780
     ttgcccacag ctcaatcagg agcaggtttt cttaattaag attccttctc cccagataat     81840
     tttatggtgt tggcaataaa taataacagt aactgtctag agctatctag gataggctaa     81900
     ggctagcagg tgaccttcct gaaggtggtg gcccaaagag acttcacctc aggattgctt     81960
     cttgcagctt atatgccttt cctgtcatta gtaaattaat ataataatcc ctgggcatta     82020
     gcccacccta ttgatcagat ttcctgcaga tcaacataaa agatgaactt tcatgaatta     82080
     atgctgttta gatgagataa tgattctaca gaattcctga tttgattcaa atagttttaa     82140
     gatgaaagtt ttaagagatg ggcttagtcg ctttgctaca aagatgtaac aaagatagaa     82200
     tcaagaatag aatgtgcaca cttctcatat agtaagtaaa ggctgcataa taagaaatac     82260
     aaagagcttt cataattaca ctaaaaagag aaataggctt gggacaaatt tgtgttaaag     82320
     gaaaagcatt caggtccaag gaagaagcca caggtgtgca ctatgataag gcacagccat     82380
     gtgaaactat tgctttgaac ttacaacaag cttgcagaag gacacactgc tttgacctta     82440
     atatcaactt ccttctgtaa ctcccatttt atataacatt ttatctctga ggtaatttcc     82500
     taaagaactt tttttatctc gaatttaaat gaccagagaa aggaaagtta tcagttaaat     82560
     tgtttggctt ggcgagctct gccccatcaa ttcatccatc catccatcca tccacccacc     82620
     caaatgtgta tgtttgtcag tacataagta tgtaggtatg tgtgtgcatg taagcatgca     82680
     tgaatacttg tagagtgtat gagacaggcg gttgggccca acaaaaatgt gaatgtgtta     82740
     atgtgcaaat gagaatctaa atatatgtat gaatgtatat gtgtctgtgc atatctgcct     82800
     gtataatgca tcttaattct tatcccttcc ctcctctctg gttcacaaag agttaaccag     82860
     cctagtcagg gaggcttctg tctatctgga cagagaagtg agtgataaca atacattttt     82920
     atttggttcc ccactgtgag acaacaagtg ttgcacatcc aagccagtag tttttaacca     82980
     caaaacaagc aagaacattt ttaggatttc tttagaagtt atcagcaagc attcagtata     83040
     gagagcgaga aggccagaga ccatcagtct tttcagacta cctctatgtg gttatttgcc     83100
     aagagccaga cctctgcctc tagtctggtc ttcttgtttg ttttgttttg tttccttagc     83160
     tcaggaaatt acagaatact aaccattcat attaagcatt ctcaaaagag cctgcccagg     83220
     aaggttccta ctgtctccag tctgatgtta tcggctatga actgtggtgt atatagcata     83280
     acagatgatg ctgaccaaga tattcaggtg tctccaataa tgtcttggaa gcaactgaga     83340
     acttcatgaa tggtcctttc attccctttc ttccagccta gtatctccca ctactccagc     83400
     ccatatctca tctcctcctt caatagcgac accatccctt agttgcttct gccatgacac     83460
     tcccagcagc tcttgggccc tccatctatt ctgaagaaaa gatctgaaaa gatctgtttc     83520
     cacagctgcc acatcacttg tcccctaccc aaagatggaa agcatgttgc ctgggggatt     83580
     aataaatcag aaccctgatt tatcagaata aatgagaagg ctaaggtcaa agtggggtga     83640
     gagtaacaca ggaacatata agtgtactaa atcacaagtg catagacacc aagaactgtg     83700
     tattagaatc ctgccaagat tagccttgga agtagtggga agttctcaga ttttcccaag     83760
     tagttggtga acaaagcacc cttcaacagc tgatatcaaa ccactttaag aatcaagagt     83820
     cttcctccca gagtccaaaa ctgaattctc cacctttctt tcagtgcctt ttgccagtct     83880
     gctgtctgcc cctgtttatg tctctgtaac aaagggctgg actctatatt tattgaacac     83940
     ctcaaaaagc atagtatggg aaagagatgt ggaacacttt acagaaatcc ttaatatagt     84000
     ttttcaaggg aagaggtttg tttacttact ccaactgacc cagatagcat tcaaaatctc     84060
     aaatagatac tacaggcaca tattgttcgc aacatttatg tgatacttgt tttccttcag     84120
     gttgctttca acatgttggc agttttcagc aaatggttac cacaaaacac acacacacac     84180
     agagagagag acagagacag agacacagag acagagagag aaagagagat ggagagacag     84240
     agagagagag caaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcagagttc     84300
     taagcatgga agaacacata gtttaaggta taatctatgt atttagcata gattttttta     84360
     aaaactggtt acatggaaag cccaagccat aggaggatcg gttacagtgt tctcttcaag     84420
     gcaggctaaa cttaaacagg ctaagcacat agtaggacag ccaactgagt acctagtttt     84480
     aaatagcctc aagacacatt agtaacttag ttgcaaggcc tagcaaaagt cctgcccggt     84540
     cactggattt tcatttgttt ggtgtcttca agacatttta gagagtttag ctggggcacg     84600
     agaaaacagg agaggttgat tttatgccaa gtgtgaagcc ataaaacaag catgtgtggc     84660
     ttgtctggcc tgcaccccat cctggacttc aaccaaagca ccaagaaaag aaagtggggc     84720
     tttcagactt aactaccaaa aaatcattta gaatcatcta aataccagac aaccacaatt     84780
     aaaaagcaag acatgagtaa agtatgtgca atttttggca gcacatataa cacacacaca     84840
     cagacgcacg ctccatgtaa tagctaatat tggtgataaa gcaaattata gcagactatc     84900
     tgtgcttgta agggcacagt ctaagagctg ttggagtatt tatataagca gaggctatca     84960
     acaccttaat ttagtcttgt agctatggtg acacacaaat atcaagtcag ttatgaaggg     85020
     tcttagaaca caacaagaag tacaccgtag tgcactggtc tccctggcct gttgcactct     85080
     acagtatatg tgtttgcaga atgctttcct gctcccagca caagaatgga agacaagaca     85140
     tgctaggaaa caatacaaac cagcaaggaa tggggatttt caaagtatcc ctttatgtac     85200
     acaagtgttt tgcctgtatg tatgtgcaca gcatgcatgc ccagtgcctg ctgaagccag     85260
     gtgtcagata ccttaggact gtagttacag gtggttggga gccactatat tggggctggg     85320
     aatcaaacca gggacctctg caagagcaac aagtgctctt aacctctaag gcaactctcc     85380
     atcctcagat atttttaaaa ataattctaa tgtgatatgt tttactcaca tgtaagtatt     85440
     aaatgaaccc agaaggtagt ggaaacatgc tggtttggaa ggagtgtgag gtggctaagc     85500
     tacagcctct attaacctgt gatctgtcag cattaagaga ttcctaaaac atacaaggac     85560
     aacgctgtgg aagccaagaa acgagttttg tctagcacat gtgcacagct catgagatgt     85620
     ctcttctgga tcctctgtct ccctatgaac tgcggtagat gggaggaggg gaccttagga     85680
     tgccttagat cgttaagaaa ttggcctcag tggtgttcac tggacagaag gactggtagt     85740
     ggagattata taagagccag actttcccct attggaactg acttcactca aggataaggt     85800
     catttctttc tttccaaaaa gtgtgtgtgc ctgggggcag ggttgccctt gttgtgccag     85860
     ggagcatttg tgaacctcaa aaggccacca aggagccaat tctgatgcaa tcacactagg     85920
     gtctctttat tcaagcttga gcctgggcca caccacaatc cctaaggcat taaaatggga     85980
     gggtgccgct tggagcccag tttcaggtaa gctttataga ggcaaaaagc agatatccag     86040
     cctggcacat atttgattgg gggaccatta tggcctttaa catcactgtc tggtgctggg     86100
     cccaaaactt catttctgtt ttcctcctga ttgctggttg ttaggaagtg aagtgccagg     86160
     agcagacttg taacctggag gtgcagattt gttggggaat aacctggaaa ctggtgctag     86220
     gtactggcct attcacttga gttcaacctt aggccaggtt ctctaagatg atgcctgaac     86280
     ccaaaagatc tggtctctca cccagatcag tctccaatca tggtattctc caaagatatc     86340
     agtggaagta tccagtaagc agggtacagt gacgctaaaa accctctgct ataggcctca     86400
     ggtgctatct gacaacacac ttaagagttt tggttgctgg aagctaaggg tctatttatg     86460
     tttacttgac agtctgaagg atgctggatc aaattctgag gggcaaggaa tgtctattga     86520
     ggggttaaag ataactcaag ctaatttgac tctgtaccta taacaatcca gctctcaagg     86580
     actacagttc tcaccagtca ataagcctcg gaaaaatctt taatgcagga gaggttttgt     86640
     ttctgggacc tttacacatc ttacaagaac aaaatattta tactggaaaa cagcttagct     86700
     gtgaaaacta gaacaaagcc tttagtcacg cctcagctcg ccctcaacaa aaagaatcag     86760
     tatagtagga aataaactac agggctggag agactgttca tcagttaaga gcactgactg     86820
     cacctccaga ggtcctgagt acaaatccca gcaacaacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt     86880
     aataggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag tgacagtgta ctcatacaaa     86940
     taaatatata aatcttttaa aaaggaaata aactataaat atatataaaa tcctgagctt     87000
     tttattatct ataataatga attaggttac cacagacttg agaatcatat aaataactca     87060
     tctctgaaaa aatatcaatt tgttataaat tcaaatttat atcagacatg gtgacaggag     87120
     gagccaaggt tcaaggccac tctctcacct caaagtgggt tggaggccag catgggctaa     87180
     ctgagatttt ttttagctgg tgagatggct cagcgggtaa gagcactaac tgctcttcat     87240
     caggtcctga attcaaatcc cagcaaacac atggtggctc acaaccatcc atagtaacat     87300
     atgatgccct cttctggtgt ctaaagacag ctacaatgta cttacatata ataaattctt     87360
     aaaaagaaaa ttacactttg tctacatctc ctgcatcccc tcaagtctca cacatgctat     87420
     tgtctcgcca gcaagaacac acgcgtgaga aaccggatcc ttctgcagca actttattac     87480
     accagtttca acatgaagag gagaccccaa gcaccaaaaa ggcgctgcta atatacactt     87540
     tagtgtggcg tgtccacacc tgattggctg ctctcccagg gcctcgtcgc cacgccccgg     87600
     gatgggcagt gacttggcac aaatttactc ttgcacctgc ccacattact tgtttaccag     87660
     ttaggcacag cggaggctca tgatggcaat tgctcatggc tctccacact caagcccaat     87720
     agaagcacaa ctcttagatg cttgcttgta tcataagagt agtacctaaa aatttagtct     87780
     acattttccc ccagagacca tacacgatta tgcatgagct ttaacagttt agagaataat     87840
     gcctctaggc gtttgttgtg ttggtttggt atgcgtaaat gccaactcct ggtgattcgc     87900
     cactgtattt ttgagacagg gtctctaacc gaacctggaa ctcactggct gttaaaacct     87960
     ggagatcttt tgtctccact cactgggcac tagagttaca gagccatgct gtcaggtcca     88020
     aaagaaatgc acaaatggct ctctgtggta ccaagtagca taccaaagcc ctgctggcct     88080
     ccagacttcc tctgtgttac tcaaaacctg tggctctttt caccccacct cctaccctaa     88140
     atttctccag ctcctgggtg ggcttcctca acccaggtcc tcattcctat atagcccagt     88200
     catttcagcc acacccactt tatagcccct actctcttgg ccctctaggg tttgtttccc     88260
     aaacctctag tctatgactt tcttctctca ctgtactctt cttcatacat acaataaaag     88320
     ccgttccttc agtcgtacct cagagcagtc acatcctcac agatgcatgc accacaatgg     88380
     ccagtttata agtgagtatg tgctggggat ctgaactcag gtcctcagac ttgcacaaag     88440
     atttttacca actggggcat ctccccaatg atgtttctta atgacagaga gacagagact     88500
     gaaagatcca cagaactgtt aggcactgtt ctgttgctat gctgttaaag aaattttata     88560
     agatgaatga gaaagcaaag caatacttta tggtacctac cactaaaata gggagttaag     88620
     atttatttgt attttttgaa aaattatcag ttattaaaaa tttttgccac attagaagaa     88680
     aaaggttcac tctttcaaag tgattactaa gacaaggaaa tataaaatat aaaagggaaa     88740
     atgtaatgtt acacatagca gttatacatg taaatgggat tcagtgtaat gattgcataa     88800
     atatgataca gcaatggtgc aaatactgat gtttatgtat tttaaatgta ctggtataaa     88860
     taaaaaaagt gagacaatta taacgaaaat acaattaatg ttgaccatgg aataatggga     88920
     ctgtgtgtaa gaattgtaat aaacttccag aaatgtcaaa aggttaaatg aagcctatat     88980
     tgaaataact tgtcctagat caaataactg tccctagatt aaaggacaag ttgaagaaat     89040
     aaagcctttt agaggagcca aaagcagagg aggtgaggtg cctaggccac tcagtttaga     89100
     gggtaaaaaa taataataaa gttgaaaagt tcaggtggtg gttttgaggc aggaaaagag     89160
     ttcagaagga caaaacccaa ttgtcttagg caagcagccc ttacccaagc aaagacagag     89220
     gaacggaatg cattacaaaa ggaggggaaa aaagtaaaag tctttctatt tttttcaagc     89280
     acaaagggcg ggggagaacc agaacatagc agcagcaaag aacactattg ccatctactg     89340
     gtcagagaaa gctagatatg acgtgcacgt ctgcgcgtca gcaccgccga cagcaaggaa     89400
     tcggggagcc agaccggata aaaagagagg gactatagaa tgcacttata ggtgctaaga     89460
     aagcccaggg aaccttcaga acagagggtt acaggaccta agggcgccaa gggagcctgc     89520
     tttcggctac gcggccttcc ttagtcccgc cctcggagcc atagcaatag cagcaggaag     89580
     tccgggacac aagttgagac tcagctagat cgtctttgga ttggctggta cactaatgac     89640
     acatagttcc gcattgcggc tgtgggcgtt ttcctgcctt tcatttatgc atctgtcctc     89700
     tccagttttt tacatataag caaggtgttt gctcagggga catactgcct tgccactatc     89760
     gtcgcctcac tttcgatctc gatccagtgt actctcgatc cagtccccgc tgaccgaact     89820
     cggtgattcg taaacccaga aataattttc ttgggctgca aacgattttc agtttctcaa     89880
     gccactaggt ggcaatgttg tacaccaaaa ccttatccgc ttactccccc gccttttgtg     89940
     tttaaaaaaa attgtaaact ggattttttt ttttccccct tgctgcttta cgctttgagt     90000
     cagtctgaac tgagaataaa ctaagccact ttctgctcat tgcctctgta caaagtacac     90060
     ttcttttcaa tttggaattt ttcctatggg ctctccttgg catcccagca acatctattt     90120
     ccactttaaa gttttttcct caccccgccc ccttcctccc ccaatttgtc ctgagttgga     90180
     atactgagac atttacattg gggaataatc acagtagcaa aattagttat gaaggagcag     90240
     caaaaagttt agggtggggg ataccagtgt attatataga gaactttaat ttttttaaag     90300
     tttttctatt ttgtatattt ctgtatttac acttcttcct ccaactctca tctgtttcct     90360
     cttagtgacc cttttattac tgttacacac acacacacac acaaacacaa aaatatataa     90420
     ataaaatctt cagagttcca ttagtgttgc tcaaatgtgt atgttcttaa gaatgacctc     90480
     tttggaccct gatatagctg tctcttgtga gactaggcca gggcctagca aacacataag     90540
     tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttgaatggat cattgggcac ccaatggagg agctagagaa     90600
     agtatccaag gagctaaaga gatctgcaac cctgtaggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac     90660
     cagtaccccg gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtaggcca     90720
     tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacactc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggagcg     90780
     ccagggccaa aaagtgggaa tgggtgggta gaggagtggg tgggaggata tgggggactt     90840
     ttgggatagc attggaaatg taattgagga aaatacctaa taaaaaagta tatatataaa     90900
     aaaaaatgac ctctttggac cctgatatag ctgtctcttg tgagactagg ccggggccta     90960
     gcaaacacat aagtggacgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg     91020
     aggagctaga gaaagtatcc aaggagctaa agagatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac     91080
     attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg     91140
     gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggaca cgcaaacttt atatatccca     91200
     gtacagggga atgccagggc caaaaagtgg aaatgggtgg gtaggggagt aggggggagg     91260
     gtatggggga cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaattga ggaaaatacg taataaaaaa     91320
     aaatgccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga atgacctctt tggggttgga gctcatgggg     91380
     aacgacctat tgaccttctc ttggcggttg ctaaattgcc tgtagctctt cagctcaatt     91440
     tgtggtcttg tgaggtagct ctcaatccag tggcatgtca attggtgtcc ttgttcaggt     91500
     ctttttagat gaccatactg ttgagatttc tctgtcatat tcagaaggca cagtctcaca     91560
     gcttactacc tgctcctctg gctcctacaa tctatctgcc tccttcttcc aagatggttc     91620
     ctgagtcctc cctgtagggc ctgttataga tatatcaatc agggtggggc aaagcactgc     91680
     catttttttc tatgcattct gactaatgac agatctttgt aaaagttttt acctgctgta     91740
     aagagaagct tctctgatga agaggtctac atttttcccc tgtgcatata cagatgaata     91800
     tttagaatgc cgttaaatac catcctattt aggacagtgg aagtagtggg ttcttaccta     91860
     ggtaccatgg cttcagcagc catggggagt tggctaagtc tatataattc caggcatgaa     91920
     atcccttgta ttgaatgagc cgtaagtcca attaggtggc aactggttat ctctgagaca     91980
     tgtgccacta ctgcaccttt gggaatatca tgctacagtg gccattgttg tagtttaggc     92040
     ttcacatctg gggaggagtg tcggttgctt ttctcccatg gaagccccag gagcagagtt     92100
     tcaggtcctt cagctcaatt gctctaggtc ctgtgtctga agtttgcatt ttcttcagta     92160
     ataggaacct tcagattcta gaaagctacc aagagaaatg gtgacattgt atattgtttg     92220
     ggggttctct tggacccttt gggcccaaaa ttcaaaagaa ggaaagcagc cttcttagta     92280
     tattcaacac tatgttgtaa cattgcactt ttggagggag agtgtaaatg caaaccccta     92340
     ctaccataca aagtggagtt gagtttcctg catttagaga aattgcaggg agtgtgatgg     92400
     ataggcctct tcattttctt gatcatggtc tcatctctgc taagtatgct cagttatttt     92460
     taagcatatg tataactata tagttgataa cgttaacatg ctatttgtga tgtggtaaat     92520
     gcttggacca gggaatgaca ctattagaag gtgtggccct gttggagtag gtttgtcact     92580
     gtgggtgtgg gctttaatac cctcacccta gcttcctgga aatcagtctc ctcctagcag     92640
     tcttcagatt aagatgtaga actctcagct cctcctgcac caaacctgcc tggatgctgc     92700
     catgctccca ccttgatgat agtggaccaa gcctctgaac ctgcaagctg gccccaaata     92760
     aatgtccttt ataagagttg ccttggtcat ggtatatctt cacaccagta aaaccctaac     92820
     taagacacta ttttaaaatg caacttaact ccagtcggga aagagggtag actaacctaa     92880
     cctcaaatct accaggctca tccacagctc tgcaatagaa tacctgctgg acttcctcca     92940
     actcccattt ccctgcctct agtagatcac gcagattttt ccttgctcat ccccaaaacc     93000
     ccattttaat tccagccccc aactccatca ggcacaccct gggaacccac aggcctctcg     93060
     agccagagaa gcaggtaggc tgacagcaga tcctcatctc tccctctgct cctccaagtc     93120
     caatccccca gtctcatccc caactctata acagaccctc tgctgtggcc tctcctcaac     93180
     ctatgcagaa cctggtggaa catcctaatt tccctgatag cggcagcagc ccatccccac     93240
     tcctaagtgt cagttaccaa tacccagaaa cacattttac ctggaaccct cagtgcccac     93300
     acctatcagg acccagattt ccctaccagg caacacacag acagtacact ctcctaagag     93360
     tcagagagta aacagaaacc aagaagcaaa acaaccagtc aacaaagaca agaccatata     93420
     tcagcaccaa gaattgcaat cccggatggc cagacaacag cataaaaaca cagtaagagc     93480
     caggtcaatg tgtctccact agagcccaga aaccctactt acctagcaaa agcccaagaa     93540
     aaagacgtta aaactgactt tatggatata agtctttaag gaagaaatga ataaatccct     93600
     taaagaaatc caggaaaaca caaacactgg aatgaaatga ataaaaatgt ccaagttctg     93660
     aaacagaaat agaataaatt ttttttaaaa aaaggaaaac tgagggaaat ttagaaacta     93720
     aaaccttagg aactcaaata gaaagtacac gggcaaatat cataaacaaa atacaggaga     93780
     cacaagagaa aaccccagac attgaagaac cattaaaaga aacaaatgtg agggtagtga     93840
     gatgggagtg ggtgggtagg tgggggagca ccctcaaaga agcaggagga ggagggatgg     93900
     gataggaagt ttctggggat ggggaatcta aaaaggagat aacatgtgaa atgtaataaa     93960
     ataagatatt caattttaaa aaaaataaat gtatacattg ctcaaagaaa atgttaaatc     94020
     caaaaaaact cctggcccag agcattcagg aaatttggaa catcttgaaa agaacaaatc     94080
     taagaataat agtagagaaa agagaagaaa cccagaacaa aggcccagaa aatattttcg     94140
     acaaaccata gaagaaagtt ttcctaatct aaaaatggag atagtttcag ggaaatgcaa     94200
     atcaaaacaa ctctgaggtt ttattttata cccatcacaa tggctaagat ctaaaactca     94260
     agagatagca catgctggca aggatgtgga gcaaggggaa cacttcttca ttgctggtgg     94320
     gagtgcaacc actctggaaa tcaatctggc agttgctcag aaaattggaa atagttctac     94380
     ctgaagaccc agctatacca ttcctgagaa catacccaaa gatgctctac cataccacaa     94440
     gaacacatgc tccacctata ttcatagcag cttcattcat aatagccaca aactggaagc     94500
     aacccagatg cccctcaact aaagaaagga taaagaaaat gtggctcatt tacacaatgg     94560
     aatacaattc agctatcaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcatgaact ttgcaggcaa     94620
     atggatggaa catgtgaaaa tcaccctgag tgaggtaacc cactcccaag aggacatgaa     94680
     tggtatgtac tcacttgtaa ttggatatta gacataagat acaggatgcc cacagacccc     94740
     aagaagctaa agaaggaagg cacaaccgag gatgcttgaa tctcacttag aaaggggaat     94800
     aaaaaagtca taagaggcag gaggaggtga ggaactggga gggagaggga gtgggtaggg     94860
     gaatggggaa attcaggacc agatgtaaag aaggacagaa gagatggcta cacagccatc     94920
     aaaattaatt taagtctaca actgactggg taagaagatg agggacatct ccaggatggg     94980
     atgtgggagg tgcccaagaa tcaatgggag tgacctcagc tgtgactcac aacattgagg     95040
     atatggaacc tgaagaggtt acctcctgta gccagacagg aaccccaatg gatcgataga     95100
     gacaccaaca cacccacaaa actttcaacc taaaatttgt gtcaacaaat gcagtcagct     95160
     attagatgga tcacaggggc cccaatggag gagctagaga acgtatccaa ggagctaaag     95220
     ggttctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ggagctcttg     95280
     actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcactggaa agagaggccc     95340
     attggacacg caaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac gccagggcca aaaagtggga     95400
     atgggtgggt aggggagtag gggggagggt atgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat     95460
     gtaattgagg aaaataccta ataaaaatat ttaaaaaaaa aagaaatgca ggcacagggg     95520
     agggagcaga gactgaagga atggccaacc aataaccagc ccaagttgag acccttccca     95580
     tggacaagca ccaatccttg atactattaa tgatactctg ttatgcttgc agacagaagc     95640
     ctaacatggc tgccctgaga ggctccaccc agcaactgac tcagatagat gcagacaccc     95700
     acagccacag ccaaacagag cttggagact ctcatggggg aacaggagga aggattgtgg     95760
     gccccaaagg ggaaaggaac tctacaggaa gaccaagagt caactaatct gcacccttgg     95820
     gggctctcag agtctcaacc gccaaccaaa gatcatgcac aggctggacc taggcctccc     95880
     cacacatatg tagcagatgt gcagcttggc cttcatgtgg gtcctgaaca actggagctg     95940
     gggctatccc aaaagctgtt gcctctcagt ggggtatttt cttctagctg gactgccttg     96000
     tctggcctcc ataggaaagg atgcacctag tctcacagag actttaagtg ccaggatggg     96060
     gtggatactc agggtgcccc cacctgttta gaagaaaagg ggataagggg attggggaac     96120
     aattgtggga gggggtaaat aatgtcccct aagggatact ctcaaatata aaatgtgatt     96180
     gcagttgtac atgggataga tgatgttatg catagttatg acctggttat tgtttttatt     96240
     tgtaaaataa gcataacata aggagatacg attgtgtcaa attgacaagg gttagaacta     96300
     tgagggatat tcttggttgt cacttgacta tgaggaataa aaatttttac tgaactcttt     96360
     ttcaccccaa ccccctccca tctaaaaatt gttcccaaaa cactcctaaa cttttcacct     96420
     caaaactcct catcctaaag ttcgaaccct cccaactaaa gactgttcca agaacatttt     96480
     tgagataaag gcctcctgga acaacctcaa aataaatgag gaggacatgg ctccttagtt     96540
     acatagattc ctttggcaga actccctagt gatgtaaact tgtactttct ctgcccagtt     96600
     ctcccccctt tgagttttac tatataagcc tgtgaaaaat tttggctgtc cgtcgagact     96660
     cctctaccct gtgcaaaggt gtatgagttt cgaccccaga gctctgtgtg ctttaatgtt     96720
     gctgctttat ttcgacccca gagctctggt ctgtgtgctt tcatgttgct actttattaa     96780
     atcttgcctt ctacatttta tgtatggtct cagtgtcttc ttgggtacgc ggctgtcccg     96840
     ggacttgagt gtctgagtaa gggtctcccc tcgagggtct ttcatttggt gcattagccg     96900
     ggaattcgag aatctttcat ttggtgcatt ggccgggaaa cagcgcgacc acccagaggt     96960
     cctagaccca cttagaggta agattctttg ttctgctttg gtctgatgtc tgtgttctga     97020
     tgtctgtgtt ctgtttctaa gtttggtgcg atcgcagttt cagttttgcg gatgctcagt     97080
     gagaccgcac tccgagaggg agtgcggggt ggataaggat agacgtgtcc aggtgtccac     97140
     cgtccgttca ccctgggaga cgtcctagga ggaacagggg aggatcaggg acgcctggtg     97200
     gacccctctg aaggccaaga gaccatttgg ggttgcgaga tcgtgggttc gagtcccacc     97260
     tcgtgcccag ttgcgagatc gtgggttcga gtcccacctc gtgttttgtt gcgagatcgt     97320
     gggtttgagt cccacctcgc accttgttgc gagaccgtgg gttcgagtcc cacctcgcgt     97380
     ctggtcacgg gatcgtgggt tcgagtccca cctcgtgcag agggtctcaa ttggccggcc     97440
     ttggagaggc catctgattc ttctggtttc ttttttttgt cttagtctcg tgtccgctct     97500
     tgttgtgact actgtttttc tagaaatggg acaatctgtg tccactcccc tttctctgac     97560
     tctggagcat tagaaggagg tgcgggtcag agcccacaac cagtcggtgg aggtcagaaa     97620
     gggtccgtgg cagacctttt gcgcctccga gtggccaacg tttggagtgg gctggccacc     97680
     tgagggtgct tttgacttgt cactaatcgc cgctgtcagg caaattgttt ttcaggagga     97740
     agggagtcga tgtgaaatcc gaccccgtca ggcttctttt tctctgttgc tatcttgttt     97800
     ttgtttgtgg tttttatcat gagacacaga cactgtacgt cggagataaa gtgggatccc     97860
     tccctgtcta tatgtctgtg tgtgtctttt gtgtctcttt gtgttcggac ttggactgat     97920
     gactgacgac tgtttttaag ttatgccttc tgaaataagc ctaagaatcc tgtcagatcc     97980
     ctatgctgac cacttccttt cagatcctca gctgccctgc ctcccactcc aactccaggg     98040
     agcagccagc gggtcacagt ggtcccgccc atggacctgg agtctagggg gaaatgagct     98100
     cggaaaatcc ggagcaaatg aggagtggtc cctgagaagt cagtggcctg gatgctgtgg     98160
     ctgctaaaga aaaaaagaag aggaggctgt tcgagtagcc ggccaagagc gctgcaggtt     98220
     cccaggcagc ttctcattcc cctgtccctc ccatcccgtc tcttgttaac agaaaaactg     98280
     ctttcacttt aagataagtg ctggttgcag ccagctgtga gagctgcact cccgtctctg     98340
     ctctaaagtt ccctcttctc agaaggtggc accaccctga gctgctggca gtgagtctgt     98400
     tctaagctcc agtgagagag gcatctgccc acttggggct tctgtccaag gtaaggagca     98460
     cctgtgagtc taactgccag actctgatgg gggtctcgtc tctgtgggac tagaaagtcc     98520
     caacaatctg accaaggtaa caagaagtta aaaggacagg gtataagagt cagacaagaa     98580
     aaagagttaa agaaacatga ggctgacaaa gacagagacc agagtcagaa tcagagctgt     98640
     gctgtgagac agaaagataa gaaaaataaa atgctggtca caaaagtcag gaaaattaga     98700
     aaacttagat agtacccggc aacaaaaaaa aaagcttttg gctgaagatc aatgtgttta     98760
     agagataaca aaaggggtgc taatacagaa gctgagtcct taaaagagtc cggtggccta     98820
     cctgttaaag cagctagaaa aaaagactgt gtttcatatt cctccaccga ccagtgcaaa     98880
     acaagctaaa aagttcctgg gcactgcggg cttttgcaga ttgtgaattc caggtttgct     98940
     gagttaaaga gataaacagc ccttcgtata taaaaaagag aacaatctta catggccttg     99000
     gatgctcttg agactgccct aatgttatcc ccagctatgg gactcctaga tgtgactgag     99060
     aacaaaggta ttgccaaaaa agttcttact cagagattgg gaccctggaa aagacctgtg     99120
     gcatacttgc aaaaaattag acctggtggc tgtaggatgg cctgcttgtc tgcacatagt     99180
     ggcttctggt taaggacgca gataaattga ctctgagaca aaacttggca catgtcctag     99240
     aaagtgtggt tcagccccca tgaccgatgg ctgactaacg ctcttgaaag cattatccaa     99300
     ccgtccccct gaccgatgga cacattgtca gagctttttg ttgactgaac gagtgacctt     99360
     cgctccccct gctatcctcg atctcactac tgcctgagac ttcacctact catcattgtg     99420
     ctgacattct ggcagaagaa actcatactc gaaatgatct gaaggatcag atcagccttg     99480
     gcctgagagt ttgagctggt acacggatgg cagtagcctg gaggttgagg gtaagcggaa     99540
     ggcggggaca gcagtgcagt ggtggacaga aagcaagtga tctaggccag cagcctccct     99600
     aaagggactt cagccctgaa agctaaactt gtggctttaa tacaagctct atatatacag     99660
     acaaagagaa ctgttgacat ctacagaaaa agacctaaga tgctgtggct aaaaaaaaaa     99720
     tcagatggca aatctaaccg cccaggcatc ctaaagagca atgatcctga cagtctgaag     99780
     actatcaagt tatagacaaa ttaagactgg taaaagaaac cctgtataaa atagtagaaa     99840
     ctgaagaaga aaactagtcc tctcatgaga agacagacct gacatctact gaaaaataga     99900
     ctttactgga aaaaatatgt atatgaatac cttctggttt ttgtgaacgt tctcaagatg     99960
     gataaaagct tttccttgta aaactgagac tgctcagata gtcatcaaga agattagaaa    100020
     aaattttcca aggttcggag tgccaagagc aatagtgtca gataatggtc ctgcctttgt    100080
     tgcccaggta agccagggtg tggccaagta tttagaggtc aaataaaaat tgtattatgt    100140
     gtacagacct cagaactcag gacagataga aataataaat aaaactctaa acagaccttg    100200
     acaaaattaa tcctagagac tggcacagac ttacttggta ctccttcccc ttgccctatt    100260
     tagaactgag aatactccct cttgattcgg ttttactctt tttaagatcc tttatggggc    100320
     tcctctgccc atcactgtct taaataatgt gtttaaacct atgttgttat aataatgatc    100380
     tgtatactaa gttataaggc ttacaggtgg tgcaaaaaga agtctggtca caactgggta    100440
     cagtgaacga gctgggtacc ccaaggacat cttaccagtt ccagccagag atctgatcta    100500
     cgtacacctg cgtcatgctg agaccctcaa gcctcactag aagggtccct gcctagttct    100560
     gtttactaat ctgccttatt ctgtttttgt tcccatgtta aagatagagt aaatgcagta    100620
     ttctccacat agagatatag acttctgaaa ttctaagatt agaattactt acaagaagaa    100680
     gtggggaatg aggaataaaa atttttactg aactcttttt caccccaacc ccctcccatc    100740
     taaaaattgt tcccaaaaca ctcctaaact tttcacctca aaactcctca tcctaaagtt    100800
     cgaaccctcc caactaaaga ctgttccaag aacatttttg agataaaggc ctcctggaac    100860
     aacctcaaaa taaatgagga ggacatggct ccttagttac atagattcct ttggcagaac    100920
     tccctagtga tgtaaacttg tactttctct gcccagttct cccccctttg agttttacta    100980
     tataagcctg tgaaaaattt tggctgtccg tcgagactcc tctaccctgt gcaaaggtgt    101040
     atgagtttcg accccagagc tctgtgtgct ttaatgttgc tgctttattt cgaccccaga    101100
     gctctggtct gtgtgctttc atgttgctac tttattaaat cttgccttct acattttatg    101160
     tatggtctca gtgtcttctt gggtacgcgg ctgtcccggg acttgagtgt ctgagtaagg    101220
     gtctcccctc gagggtcttt catttggtgc attagccggg aattcgagaa tctttcaact    101280
     acatttggaa taatctaaaa cttaagctgc tgggcatacc tggaaggaat ttttcttgat    101340
     tggaccattt gaggtgggaa gaaccccctt aaatctacgc cacgccttct actggcagcc    101400
     tatataagga catggaagag agaagctgtg attgctattc ctggtagtta atttgactac    101460
     atctagaatg aactacagtc cagaaatgca gggcacacct gtgatccaga tcttgaggct    101520
     ggaaggaatg ggtttctgac ctggatcttg acctgggctg acacatgctt ttgatcttta    101580
     ggcatattgg ccatgaaaat tttaggccca gacaaggtag tacacacctt tgatcccagg    101640
     agaccacagc aagcagatct ctgagttcaa ggacagcctg ggacaaggca agttccaagt    101700
     cctggggtgg ttgtgtacac cttaaatctg ggccataaag gctaaccagg gacaaatccc    101760
     acatctaggt gtggtggtac acacctttaa tctgggccac accttcccct ggaggcccac    101820
     ataaggacac tggaagaagg aagattcact cttcttcacc tgcctgtact tacttgccag    101880
     gaatctacct cttcaggatt cagtttatat gtaagaccag cttaaacaac tagcctcgtg    101940
     cgactaagca actactagat tcttggactt cgcatgcaca gctgcccatt gttaggttag    102000
     ttggactaca gactgtaagt catcacaata aattccctca atatagagag acattccata    102060
     agttctgtga ctctggagaa ccctgactaa tacagatgtt tttgttcttt acctgcttac    102120
     cttcattttc tgtggtgagt tcatttcttc actggtatta gagcctacat cttcaggatt    102180
     ctgacatata ctaaagatgg caacacgccc tagaccttag cacaactgac tccataagga    102240
     aagtaccatt ctggctgtaa aactcagcat gcaggcagct aaaatgaaaa caaaggccta    102300
     acctatgaaa gtccatagtt ctgggaaagt ctctaaatgt actaactaac cttcctttct    102360
     ggcttcagta gttctgcttc cggctgtttt tgttaccttc aagtatgtga acccaaaaaa    102420
     aaaaaaaaaa aatatatata tatattttaa aaggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg    102480
     gacatgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gtgaatgcca gggccaaaaa gtgggagtgg    102540
     gtgggtaggg gagttggggg gagggtatgg gggacttttg agatagcatt ggaaatgtaa    102600
     atgagctaaa tacctaataa aaatattaaa aaaaataagc tcaccctgag aaaggtgttt    102660
     tctctccctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    102720
     atacactcac acactctctc acacacagag tagtcaccac caactggcta ataagtttct    102780
     attggcttaa acccatatct gagcagtctt ctctggtgat attccacatt tatagaggtc    102840
     ccagtgtgat tccccagaga caaaccttga gacacaaagg atctgggagc cccgtggaga    102900
     gaggaaaagt gcagtggtca ggggggctcc tcatggtgca caatctgaga tgtttcagat    102960
     ccccaggact ccctttgatc ctaatggata cgcatgtaaa tattctcttt tgtaaacttc    103020
     tatttcaatt tatgatttga ttttctgtgt gaacttgtga tgatatgcct gtaggcctag    103080
     gaggctgagc aggattctag ttcaaagcca gcctggacta catagttagt tgcaggcctg    103140
     cctgggctat agggtaagac cctgtttcaa agctgaacaa aagcattatg aactcatgta    103200
     ttcagtcatg tatgaacaga cttccatcca ttacaagtgt cactttattg aggttcagct    103260
     tcaattctct ttccattcct tgaaggttgg ctgagttctt aacactctgt tactctcctt    103320
     gctgtctctt acagcaagct tccatgttga atttatttcc tgctatgaac cagagatcag    103380
     caactctcta agagttatgc ctgcaaagag gatctgttgt tcaaggtctc cctcagctac    103440
     aatgcaaggt caaagacagc ctaggctaca caggactctg tctcaacctg cccccatttt    103500
     cattccagaa aaaaacttct aaggtcggtg tctgctattg aggctgccat tgtttgaagg    103560
     agagagccag gaaacagctc tatgcttgtt gtaaagataa aaatggccag gcagggtagc    103620
     catggtagtc caggatgact ggtgactaga gaccctcttg cttcagcctc ctgtgtgtaa    103680
     gggcacaggt atgtgttgcc atgcctgcaa ttccctattt tcaaaaacag ttggatggtg    103740
     ccaacgtttt tatgctctac cctctccctt ttatactcca gttcttcaag taatgtgcat    103800
     ttattattgc tgtcactttt cacatgtgat tctttaatgt tacattcagg ttacttacta    103860
     ggatttccat cttggaatta agaaaaagta acaaagacta gagacaccaa ctcctgaggg    103920
     tgaagtgtta tttgacttaa aaataccttt tggaaagggc tggcaatatg gctcagtagg    103980
     taaaggcact tcctgccaaa cctgagagtc agtttgatcc ctgtgaccac attcgtgaag    104040
     gagaactaac tcccacaagt gcaagcataa tgtgtactcc ctcctcacac acacacataa    104100
     gcacaataca gcttatgttg taattgttta taagcatcat ctgttgcaca tcaacattgt    104160
     cataatcatg gtgccatgat ttcttccctc tttttgagac aggttctcat atgtatgcct    104220
     ggctggtctg gagctcagtg tgtaaagcag actggcctgg aacttcaagt gatctccctg    104280
     cttctacctc ctcgccctgg gacttagatg tgggcaatgg cttctaaagt tttcctagtg    104340
     aattatccgt aactgctttg atattgctac tgttttctcc tcaggacaag gttactatat    104400
     ataacaccag ggagggacag ggcttccggg cagcccttgc attccctgga ttaacttagg    104460
     tgttgtgtca gaccccggaa ctgtggtcgc taaggccagt gctggaccac atccttgctt    104520
     tccctactga cttcaaagtc gctcttcatg gctgctaaca agtgacagac ttttgcaacc    104580
     tctctgcctc cagtctgggt ggatgataca atatatgaaa taagttgtat taagaagtga    104640
     tcatcagccc gtaaaataca gtacagttct gattattggt aactactgcc ctgtcagtca    104700
     atctaggtta acttagggca atatgaaagt catgagtaag tttagaaacc tactgggggc    104760
     tggagcaatg gctcaacacc taagagtact ggctgctctt ccagaggacc cgggttcaat    104820
     tcgcagcacc cacatgacca ctcacacctg ccagtaactc cagttccagg gaatctgaca    104880
     ccccccacac aagacacatg caggcaaaac accagtacac agaaaataaa cactgacaag    104940
     accaaaaaac caaaaccaaa aaaaaccaac aaaaaacaaa caaacatatt ctggataaat    105000
     ggaatggctc agtaggtaaa aatacccttt gagtaaggct ggcacctaag tctgtctgac    105060
     cccccccccc aactgaacca taaagtttgt cctttcagat ctgcacatgc actgtggcat    105120
     gctcttgtct gaattcacac aaaaagaatg ggggtggggg gagacatgat aagtcagcag    105180
     ttaagggcct tgctactcac taggattgag gtctcactcc catgtaggac agcttgctgc    105240
     agcagccctc atctggctcc cactggtact tggaacacag gcacatgctc acaaatattt    105300
     aaaaatcata aaaataatta agaaacccaa caactgcgta aatggggcaa ggtgactaaa    105360
     gcctctaata ccagcaattg ggaggtagag acacaatgat caggagcagc ttaaggccag    105420
     cctcagctac atagcaagtt tggggctggc ctggggttgg ttacatgtga ttctgtgttc    105480
     tgagtagtag gttcaagtga atgaacagac tgggaatccg acccacagct tttttcttta    105540
     tttgtctgtt ttaattttgc cacctagagg ataagttagg tgctggccac ctgagttatt    105600
     ttgtattctg aattgctttg ttttgaaaat gagacgaaga tataatttca ctgtgcgttt    105660
     atcttcttta aaaaaaaaaa gaatttaatt cattgcttta aaaagtaaaa accagtactc    105720
     aaagttgttg atcatcagta agaaactttc atgtgctttt tgtaaatact gcctaatgaa    105780
     acaactggac caggggggaa gatgatgctg ttattttaaa actaagttct cctatactgt    105840
     tggtagaaaa cgggttgatc gtggatcagt ggtaaagagt tggagctcct aagaacccct    105900
     gactctggta atgtcgtttc ctgctgtcac tggggactag gcgtgctcca tttcaaagtg    105960
     agcctactct agtttttgaa tgtttctcat gataatttgt atgcttacac attgaaggta    106020
     tttttttgaa gtactaacat tcattctttg gttcaaatgt aaaaagaact tgtgatcaga    106080
     atttaaagtg tataattctt cttcttttga aaactgtatt atgagaaata aagagtggca    106140
     ggaccattgc tttcattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacttg tgatgaactt    106200
     tttaacatgt aatgtatcag cggtgtttga cacctccacc ccaaaaggaa acaaattata    106260
     aactcacctg gtctgtcacc tccggagctg agtctggtta tggcgtcttc tgttaggaca    106320
     cataggacag gttggataca gctgctgatc cagtgtctgg gatccatatg agaagtctgt    106380
     tcaggtgtat gaatgtgtgg tggtcacgcc tggttgtttt cacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    106440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttgtgt gtgtgtgttt ttgtttccct    106500
     ttatcagcca gtgagtttct gtggtgtgag tcaccccccc cccccataca cacacacacc    106560
     atctaaagaa atctgtatac cctcttatta gggacctcaa ttcttttggc tctgccatat    106620
     cactcagaga aaacaaacaa aacaaaaact atataaaaaa tgccaccacc accacccctc    106680
     tccttcctgc agactgaccc attgttatat cgttcaactc atgttcatgg tcctggtccc    106740
     tgtatgacaa tgaggaagtg tctggcatct catcctgagg gcaccctgcc atctaagcat    106800
     actggtaggg ggaaatagtt ccccaaggca ggcattccct cctaagaagc cccagggaag    106860
     agagtgtgct gagcccaaaa gaagataaaa gtcctgctcc tcctctcctc catttttgat    106920
     ggcttacctt cttaccttct ctatttctgc cagtgatcca gggaattgaa aaattcaaaa    106980
     cacaccactg agtagagaaa ccacccccag gccaggcagg ggtatctatg ccagacagtg    107040
     cagactggaa tttccattct gcccaatata aaccagagtc attaaacaat ttcactagga    107100
     cctttttttg gaaggattaa aatcagctgc taaaaagata tcctttttct cacccagtta    107160
     gtcccaaata ttcaaaaagt tataaaagtt agattttttt caaggtataa gtaggtccca    107220
     gttgctgaag ataactcaaa agataacaga gaactgattg gaaaaagcct tttgcataaa    107280
     ctgaaagcca ctgtcagtag ccatcatagg acatgctaat aactagcagg tgataatctg    107340
     ggacagattt actccatagg caaagtccaa gagaatttta ttttagttaa tattcctgct    107400
     attaatatgt ttttcctgtt tttattaaaa atatataaca atcactaggt attagcccac    107460
     cccttttgag atctctgcag atccacaaag atgtactatc tagtattgat gctatataga    107520
     caaatagatg acttcttaag tcttaatgat gattctataa gaattcctaa aattatatca    107580
     gtgattatta agctctttta tagtgtgact gctattaggt ccttttctga tagtcaaagc    107640
     tgcaatgaga actctgccag tctcccaagt gtcaccagtt aattgctctt agatggtaac    107700
     caggttttct cctactcaga gtacattcca agaggttgta aaacaattaa ccaaaggtca    107760
     taaaatggga aataatgatt tattatagct gttaggacag aagataaaat attgactggg    107820
     ttcatctata taaaatttca ctagtaactt agttatggtt tttaactttc tgtaaacctg    107880
     tggagctctg ataggtgatg gatgcttagc cagataattt ttcctaatgg atacgcatgt    107940
     aaatattctc tgttgtaaac ttctatttca atttatgatt tgattttctg tgtgaacatg    108000
     tgatgaactt tttaacatgt gatcatgtat tctgaaagat gtataagtac tgaagacaaa    108060
     gagaagagaa gaaatttttc ctatctcccc ccaccccacc cccttaggat ctttccactt    108120
     ttccccttag atagctttca tgggaaactt tttacaactt agtaataaat gctataatca    108180
     cctttcaaag tgtccccttt tcttcctgtg acttttgact agcaggccca aagttagagc    108240
     cttgcaattc ctgctgagat agaacaaagg ccacattact taatctccct ctgttaggct    108300
     gcaggtgtca acctcttact ctagcagctt cttactgaaa gagcaagaaa gagcaagaaa    108360
     gtttttagga cattttagaa gttatcagta gcatttcggt tcagttcgag agtgagagcg    108420
     tctggagacc ctcagacttt aaagccacac cagagtcctc ctctgtgccc cttctctacc    108480
     ctctccaggc tgggaggctc ccggcaagcc accaccatca ccttctctga tgatgagaca    108540
     caattagact tacagatacc cagcaaaatt ctggcacctt acccccttca gaagaaaatc    108600
     tcctagtcaa aagttctgcc tccagtccaa agatacagct ggactatctt tcagactgac    108660
     aacaaagatt cccagagatg tgggcagaaa tgaacctccc aggactggcc taacaccaag    108720
     ctcctataat ggctcaacta accagttcat ccagttgaac acccgtcctg attaaacaat    108780
     acccagtgac catgaaaaca aaaggggaaa ttgtagtcct ccatattgcc tggcttagag    108840
     agacaggcat cctggaagat gtctctcctg tctgtgaaaa aacctggacc tctgattcct    108900
     ccagagaaac aggtgtgcac tatctgggac ccaaaagatg caatattctt catgtcccgt    108960
     tgacaatggt gagtcagcct ttgcttttaa aggggaagac agaggaatga tacagccctt    109020
     ctggcagaag ttttctgaga aagattatag aaggcactac tgacgggctg ttgcaagagt    109080
     tacagacctg ggttacagaa tgtagctttc tacaagctat tttgtggtag cattttggct    109140
     accagctgag gggaggtggc ggtggggggt agtggtggtg ggaagcagcc tactgctggg    109200
     tccgctctga agcagacaaa cattaaacag tggggcacaa aacttggtca tgccaaagag    109260
     tatggttgct ttttataata acatattcct atcctgactt taagttactc tgaggccaga    109320
     agctgcaggc ctctggatct actgacactt gttgctaaaa gcaggtaaag gattattgct    109380
     atcactcact tctctgtcca ggttggttaa ctctttgtga accagagtag aaggaaagga    109440
     aaagaattaa gatgagttat acaggtagac atggacacag aaacatatac attcatacat    109500
     acatttagat tctcattcat tctcatttac acattaacac attcacattt ttgttgggcc    109560
     caaccacctg tctcatatac tccacgagtt ttcatacatg cttacataca tacacacata    109620
     tatctacaaa tgtatgtact gacaaacagg catatacact ggatgggtgg atggatggat    109680
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atagggcaga gctccccagg tcaaaccatc    109740
     caatcaataa ttttcctttc tctggccttt taataccttc ttagataaga agttctttag    109800
     aaaattatct cggagataaa atgttacaca aaatgggagt tataggaggt ggttgatatt    109860
     cagttcaaag gagtgtttca ttctatatgt tcattataaa ttcaaagcaa tagtttccac    109920
     atggctgtgc cttatcatag tgcacacctg tagcttcttc cttgaaccta aatgtttttt    109980
     ccttgaacaa aaatttgttc caagcctatt tctctttcta gtgtaattat gaaagctcat    110040
     tgtatttcat attatgcagc ctttacttac tatatgagtg ggcacattct attcttgatt    110100
     ctaactttat tacatctttc tagcaaagcg actaagtctg tctctctctc tctctctctc    110160
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttggttttt tgattttttg    110220
     gttttctcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cttggaactc actctgtaga    110280
     ccaggctggc ctcgaaatca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagttc tgggattaaa    110340
     ggtgtgcgcc accactgccc acctaagacc atctcttaaa aatttcttcc taaaactatt    110400
     tgaatcaaat caggaattct gtagaatcat taactcatct aaacagcatt aattcatgaa    110460
     agttcatctt tatattgatc tgcaggaaat ctgatcaata cggtgggcta atgctcaggg    110520
     attattattt aatttaataa tgacaggaaa ggcatatcag ctgcaagaag caatcctgag    110580
     atgaactctc tttgggatct tgcctcatag agctcaccca tcacagacca tgcaaaaagc    110640
     agtgggctgc cacctccagg aaggctacct gatatccttg gcctatccta gatagctcct    110700
     aacagggagg caaaaggagc ctgtctgttg caacgtagca ttgctgacat ccttcatatc    110760
     ccaactctaa agactaagag acaggttcaa gagttcctag gtacagcaga atatggctgc    110820
     ctctagatac cagagtttgt ggaaatagcc aagcctcttt acagtagtac aaggggatga    110880
     gggtggtact gagtccctaa tctgaactga gggtaaacaa aagacatttg agactttaaa    110940
     atcagcctgg acttcagctc cagccctagc acttccagat gtctcaaaac ctttcaactg    111000
     attgctcacg aaacaaaaga gattacaaaa ggggttttag cctgaactct ggggccatgg    111060
     ggacacccta tgattggacc tgtagccaca ggacggccta cctgtctaag agctgtggtg    111120
     gatatactag tagctctgaa caaacaaaca aggtaactct gggtccagat cttataccca    111180
     cggcacctga caccctcctc ctaggaatac caaaacactg tctaatcact gtgtgaccta    111240
     atacaaggtt ctattcctgg accacccttg ggttttgttt gagaaaccca ccactatcaa    111300
     tcctgctacc ctcttgccta atgacgacct gcagtgctca tccatgactg tcaggagatg    111360
     aaagatgaaa ccaggtatgt gggaactcca gtggctactt taactgaatc tatctgagcc    111420
     taaatcccaa aagcaggctc agagaccagc agttggcaga tctgacccag gctctcagat    111480
     ggggtaaagg aacatctacc actccatcca cagacagtcc ttatgtttct actactatac    111540
     atgttcacat gatgtataga gaaagagggc ttcccactgc tggaaaaaag aacattagaa    111600
     aatattggcc ttcctagaga ttatttgact tcccttacaa ttacaaagcc ccccactgcc    111660
     aggacactga cctacttacc tgacaaacaa ttgacatttt gatgacatac ccccacccag    111720
     tgctgcctga gattccatgt tgaagaaaca gacagctcaa acccacacac aagttgataa    111780
     aggacaccag agggaaagat cattctccca gaaacaacta actggcagaa ctctggtaaa    111840
     ttacgttcac cagactactt atctgcaatt cacaaaactt tctcagttgc tcagaccaag    111900
     gtatattata cctagactag acagcctagt atgagaaatc tcagccagat gccaggtttg    111960
     tgcttcagtg aatccaaaac agagagccct tacccaggaa agggtccaaa taaaagacca    112020
     aaaccctggt gaactctggg aaaactgact ttaccaagat ctagcctgct agaggaggag    112080
     aaaaattctt gctaggtttt atagataact tttcctagtg ggtagaagtg tccccaccaa    112140
     gactgaaact gctcaaatag tagctaaaaa gcccctatag taacctgtcc cctgatttgg    112200
     cttccttgta acaatggagt ctggaaatgg cctagctttc atagccaaaa cctctcaatt    112260
     aatagctaag gctttagaca tagattgaaa acttgattgt gcttatagac cgcagagttc    112320
     cggcctaggt aagaataata ggacattaaa agaaacaaac aaaatccaga gaaggccttc    112380
     ttcctttgct ttgctttgct ttagacctat cgtaccttat acaggaaagg atttacccac    112440
     tatgagatta tatttggaag acctcttcta ttgcttccca ggctcagaga ccagaagttg    112500
     gcagaactct ctaaccattc ctttctcaag tcaccacaga cccccagtcc tccatacagg    112560
     cttttctttg gactgtataa aagactcagg caacctcaca gtccaccagc agtttcccct    112620
     tgttagagtc caataatacc atcagggtcg agcatacaac caaaggggag ctggaactaa    112680
     cctagaaggg aacctacacg gtgattctct ccactcctat ggctgtaaag acagagggag    112740
     ctggaacaaa cctagaaggg aaaccatatg gtgattctct ccacttctaa ggctgtgaag    112800
     acagctggca ttacagcatg gatcctgacc acacccaggc caagaaattg caaagccaca    112860
     gatgctgctg tcaaatagac tgtctcttga ctatgaaccc attgaaatta ggatttcatc    112920
     agtccctagg ccatttcact cctggcccct ctaacatctt ctgagtctta tgtttggcat    112980
     aaatacagga aaatggctga accctcacta ccctcaggcc tggtttggca acgaagaaag    113040
     acagatacag ggaaggtatt aactagtgtg actacaaacc agcaacccat attccatctt    113100
     gacctttatg cccagtataa atgtctgctt atatggagaa atgggaagat gtgggacttc    113160
     atcttttgag ataggaatac agagttacaa ttctatgcat gtcctacttc tgggctccct    113220
     agttgccaga aacaagggaa tatttattgt aaaaattggg attataaaac tgaaatttcc    113280
     tgaattttcc tttaaaaaga ttctgacctt tgggaaacag aaaaaacctg gggaatcaga    113340
     ctctatgcca caagaaggga ccctggagaa tagagttaac tattcccagc tagaaaccag    113400
     ctaggattac tggttatgcc tgaacattca gcccctgtac tacataggga taggaactaa    113460
     ccagactgtc agcccattga ctgacaaaac tcagcacgac tggaaacagc ctaaattaca    113520
     gtttataagg gactaaaact tgtctaatat ccaaaatctt ttacctaaat acttcccctt    113580
     attctgatgt cagctattct gccttatgag ttaactcatc tgaatagcag caatattacc    113640
     tagtcttgag gcaaccattt ggtggaccat ggtttgccta aatttgcctc ttctgacact    113700
     aagaagacag gttgatcagg acctacagga attaaaacaa cagttagatt ccctttcaga    113760
     aatgtcccta caaattggag aggcttagac ttacttctca gaaaggggcc tttgcaagaa    113820
     acacgttgtt tctatcctaa tcaatcagga gtaattagta gaaatcttgc tgtagatgga    113880
     agaacctaca aaagaaagag agaaaaaatt atacatgaga taattggtac cttgctgttc    113940
     tcttggtccc cctggctaac tagtctgctg gcagcactga ctgggccttt aattctcatt    114000
     ttgaatagat taacatttgg ccttgaatct taattataat atattcaata aaattactgg    114060
     ttcttaggaa caactacata tatttaaagc aggatgagtc cacaatttaa cttaatcagt    114120
     aagaccagtg gggaatgtaa cagggcccca gacttgagta ggcctgaaga ccttagcaca    114180
     actgactatg atggaagtac tattcagact gtaaacttag cacaaataca gcactgacaa    114240
     aatgaaaaca aaggcctaat ccatcaaagt ccatagttct gggaaagtct ctaaatgtac    114300
     ttactttacc tttggcttct atagttccac ctccagctaa ctgtttttgt taactgaaat    114360
     atattaacct atgacttttg tgcttctaag ttcaccctga gaaaggctca gggctacact    114420
     gggatcccaa atacccagtg tagttgcctg ctggctaata aagactttct attttttttt    114480
     taacttggcc taagtttatt ttattcataa taaattgaac ttagaaatta atatgaaaga    114540
     caaaaatata tttaatcaat atatctacat aggtaaaatg aatataatat gataatatgg    114600
     gtctgaatct ttatttggaa taggtaacat gaagatatat acttaagtat taatgtctat    114660
     ttttatttat ttattttatg tatgtgagta tactgtagct ttacagatgg ttgcaagcct    114720
     tatgtggttg ttgggaattc aatttttagg acctctattc actccagtca actccacttg    114780
     ctcagtgcct gcttgctccg gcccaaagat ttacttacgt aagtacactg tagctgactt    114840
     cagacatatc agaagaagac atcagatctc cttatgagtg gttgtgagct atcacgtggt    114900
     tgttgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttacc tgccgagcca    114960
     tctcgccagc ttaatgtcta tttttaagga catgataaat gtaatcatac aattctcttc    115020
     actatggtat ctcattgaac cctatcgcaa ttctagtaca caatactgtc tctattcctt    115080
     aaggttctaa attactttta aagagtttac tactcctaga ccaggagatg ttaatcataa    115140
     tagacattat cctcattcat ataagaataa catatctgtg cttttaatta tgatatatac    115200
     atatttgaat ttttataaga cataaccaca ttaatgattt aaaagatatt aatatgaagt    115260
     aaagcctcca taaaaacaaa taaatataga acgatgaaaa gatccagcac agggcttatg    115320
     tattattttc taaattaaac aacaaacatt ttcatacctt caggtctatt gaattaaaat    115380
     gctcacagca aggacttttt ttaattaatt ttttattagg tattttcctc atttacattt    115440
     ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc cccaatacac tcctcccccc actcccctac ccacccactt    115500
     tttggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgtaagtcca atgggcctct    115560
     ctttccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatacata ttcagctaga gtcaagagct    115620
     ctggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct    115680
     ccttagatac tttctctagt tcctccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagctgact    115740
     gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccagcattgt ctcacaagag acagctatat    115800
     ctggttcctt tcagcaaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcatt tggaagctga    115860
     ttatgggatg gatccctgga tatggcagtc tttagatggt ccatcctttc gtcacagctc    115920
     caaactttat ctctgtaact ctttccatgg gtgttttgtt cccaattcta agaaggggca    115980
     cagtgtctac actttggtct tcgttcttct tgagtttcat gcatttaaca aattgtatct    116040
     tatatcttgg gtatcctaag tttttgggct aatattcact tatcagtgag tacatatggt    116100
     gtgagttcct ttgtgattgt gttacctcac tcaggatgat gccctccagg tccatccatt    116160
     tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattcctat taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtataaa    116220
     tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagcttc    116280
     tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtccttc taaccggttg    116340
     gaacatcttc tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgctgg atcctctggt agtattatgt    116400
     ccaattttct gaggaaccgc caaactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ttgcaatccc    116460
     accaacaatg aaggagtgtt cctctttctc cacattctcg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg    116520
     aatttttgat cttagccatt ctgactggtg tgagatggaa tctcagggtt gttttgagtc    116580
     acagcaagga tttttaaacg tcactaaacc cctacaaaaa aaggataggg cgggccagta    116640
     tttgtacaat ttggaagggg gataactatt tcagtaatgt gaatttgtct ccagacatac    116700
     tgagtaaagt attttttctt aatgttttta ttatttaaat gcattttata catcaaatat    116760
     attaataata ttgaggattt tgagaatcaa atgatacata aaaattgttc aacttttata    116820
     ttcatatcct tttataacct aaaaatatca ttaatcaata tttaatacta tcaataactg    116880
     aggatcctat atccaatgtt gaatagcaaa ttgtttcaaa acatacgaaa tattctttag    116940
     gagttaagca tagtaaaaga gcataaaata atgaaaatga atcattaagg aatatattca    117000
     aaagccctta tatgatacca cctggcatag tgaaagatta tctaaaatgc actatatatc    117060
     tgtgcacatt gtctaacagt cagtttattt aaaaaacatt atcaatgttt ctaagagcga    117120
     aattatttta tcagtaagta tatttaaaca aaaactcctt gaagttaaac attaagaaaa    117180
     tgctaatttc aagcagtgag aaaaaatatt aataatattt ctgtttgtag aacatgattt    117240
     taatattttc aactgttaat attcaacaaa cagaatagtt ttttaagata ttcttcgtta    117300
     ttatgtttcc cttttcattt ctgattttat taagttagat actgtttctg tgccctctgg    117360
     tcagtctggt ttatctatct tgttgattat ctcaaagaac cagctcctgg tcttgttaac    117420
     tctttgtata gttcgttttg tttatatctg gtttgattat ttcctgccat ctactcctct    117480
     tgggtgaatt tgcttctttt tgttctagag ctttcaggtg tgctgtcaag ctgctagtgt    117540
     tagctctctc cagtttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt    117600
     tctttttttt tttttctgag gcactcacaa ctatgagttt tcctcttacc actgctttct    117660
     taagttttgg gatgatgtgt ctttattttc aataaattct aaaaagcatt taatttcttt    117720
     ctttacttct tccttgacca agctatcatt gagtagagcg ttattcagct tccacagata    117780
     tgtgtgcttt cccttgcgtt tgatggtatt caagaccagc cttagtccgt ggtgcatggg    117840
     tgctagggtg catgggatta tttcaatctt cttgtatctg ttgtggcctg ttttgtgacc    117900
     aattatttgg tcaactttgg agaaggtact gtgaggttct gagaagaagc tatattcttt    117960
     tgttttagga taaaatgttc tataaatatc tgttagatcc atttagttca taacttctgt    118020
     tagtttcact gtgtctttgt ttagtttctg tttccatgat ctatccattg ctgagaggga    118080
     ggtgttgaag tctcctacta atattgtgtg gagtgcaatg tgtgctttga gctttagtaa    118140
     agtttcttat gaatgtgagt gctcttgcat ttggagcata gatgttcaga attgaaagtt    118200
     catcttggta gattttttcc tgtgaccagt atgaagtgtt cttccttatc tttttttttt    118260
     tttttgataa cttttggttg agagctgatt ttattcaata ttggaatggc tactccatct    118320
     tgtttcttgg gaccatttgc ttggaaaatt gtactccaac cttttactct gaggtagtgt    118380
     ctgtctttgt cactgaggtg cctttcctgt atgcagcaaa atgctaggtc ctgtttacat    118440
     atccagtctg ttagtctgtc tttttttttt tactggggaa ttgagtccac tgatgttaag    118500
     agatattaag gaaaagtgat tattacttcc tgttattttt gttgttagag gtggaattat    118560
     gtttatatag ctatcttctt ttgggtttgt tgaaagatga ctttcttgct ttttctaggt    118620
     tatagtttcc ctccttgtgt tggagttttc catctatgat ccattgtagg gctggattta    118680
     tggaaagtca acatgtaaat ttggttttgt catggaatat cttgttttat ccatctatgg    118740
     taattgagag tttggccagg tatagtagcc tgggctggca tttgtgttct cttagtgtct    118800
     gtataacatc tgcccaggat cttctggctt tcatagtctc tggtgagaag tctggtgtaa    118860
     ttctgatagg tctgccttta tatgttactt ggcctttttt cccttactgc ttttaatatt    118920
     ttttatttag tgcattttgt gttttgattc ttgtgtgatg agaggaattt cttttctggt    118980
     ccagtctatt tttgagttct gcaggcttct tgtatgttca tgggcatctc tttctttacg    119040
     ttagggaaat tttctcctat aattttgctg aagatattta ctggcccttt gagttgggaa    119100
     tcttcactat cttctatacc tattaccctt aggattggtc ttttcattgt gtcctggatt    119160
     tgctggatgt agaaactcct tgggttagga gtttttgctt cttgcatttt ctttgactgt    119220
     tgtgtcaatg ttttctacgg tacctttggc acctgagatt ctctcttcca tctcttgtat    119280
     tctgttggtg atgcttgcat ctacgactct tgatctcttt cctaggtttt ctaactctat    119340
     gtttgtctcc ctttgtgatt tctttattgt ttctatttct attttttgat cttggatggt    119400
     tttgttcatt tccttcacct atttgattgc gttttcttgt aatttttttt tctttttttt    119460
     tgggcttttt ttttttgaga cagagtttct ctgtatagcc atggctgtcc tggaactcac    119520
     tccgaagacc gggttggcct caaactaaga aatccgcctg cttctgcctc ccaagagctg    119580
     ggattaaagg tgtgtgccac caccgcccag caagactttc tattgactta aacccacatt    119640
     tgagcagtct cctctggtgg ataagctaca acatccttaa agattggttt tgcctctaga    119700
     tggcagcttc cattttggat ttccatacac agaattttta actggtgctt attccatggc    119760
     catataccat attacttaat aagtatctct ggggacgggg cccagacatc actgttccct    119820
     catgccccac agtagatgaa ccctctgcat ttatagtgcc attatttttg acattacctg    119880
     atattatatt ttgctatctc tcaagtatat gtcagttatt atatgttata aagaacttct    119940
     cattctaatg tttttttttg ttctttaaat ggtttcctaa aacaatccca ccattactga    120000
     aatgtaggaa agcatcttta cattgtttct ttgttcactg ccagtatttt tatcccagag    120060
     ccctcccttt cttacttgat ataaatgtat gaagaaaagg ggcctcacag aggaaatgga    120120
     tgtgcgattc cgttgtctta gtaaccgctc cacttctaat ctctcctgag tgactcagcc    120180
     caggcaggaa cactgtgctt agcaaccagg aacaggtaat agcctacttt cctctttgct    120240
     gttcagtgct aagaggctga aacaaagaca taaagatcgt tgccagggag accaaagcag    120300
     aatctatcaa aaccattaag gagaaaatgt caagtataat acaaaatgga aggcagatcc    120360
     attttgatac acccacaatc ttggattgag acgcttacgt gttcattcaa agggcttttg    120420
     tcgtgtgcac acaagtgatt cttcctgtac agataaccac aaagacataa tgaattatta    120480
     gagaaaggga cacaggaaaa ggagagaagc caggcagtaa tgggagaaat aagttttaaa    120540
     aaccatgtat ctcgctgggt ggtggctcaa gcttttactc ttagcactca ggaagcagag    120600
     ggaggtggat ctctgggagt tcgtggtcta cagagtgagt acccacatag gcaagggtac    120660
     atgaagaaac cctgtctcaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaacccaa gataaataaa    120720
     taaacaaaag caagtatttc aagactcatt tcaacaacca tgctctattt tagcccatat    120780
     ttatatagaa ttgttaagca agctttacat gaaagaaaat atatcttcct tttgcttatt    120840
     aataattccc attaggacat acctgaacct caagaaccta tgctgtttct ctcagctctg    120900
     cctttattgc acctcctgaa caggcatgcg ggtcagctca gctgagcgac agctgcttac    120960
     aaataagaag gaaaagaaaa gcttctgtgt cctcatacat tggctgtggg gtttcttgct    121020
     tattcgtaaa tcactgatgg cttacactga tccccatacc aaatgctgaa gggaacaagg    121080
     gaagaaaacc ttccgcctct agcctttgta ttaataaaac cttgcttcct gtcctggggg    121140
     gtctctttgg gtcccccatc cttattatcc tggttagtta gttagtttgt ttgtttgttt    121200
     gtttgtttgt ttttgataga cttgatacaa gctagagtca ttttagagga aacctctatt    121260
     gagacaatac ctccaacaga ctggcatatt ggcaagcctg tagggcattt tcttgaatta    121320
     atgattgatt caagacagcc cagcccacta tgtctggtgc caatcctggg tcctgatttg    121380
     tgttcaaaac aaacaaacaa acaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caggttgagt caagcaatgg    121440
     tggtgcacac cttcagtcct agcacccagg aggcagaggc agataatttc tgggagtttg    121500
     aagccagctt tgtctacaga gctaatttta ggacagttaa ggcatgtgag gaggctaggt    121560
     ttaatcccca acccattatg cattcttatc actgtaagct caacttcctg gaatatgctt    121620
     acagagacac acagacagac acatagacag acagacagac agacacacac acacacacac    121680
     acacacacac acacccctac tcaagtctac ggccaagtct taatcttaga agacactgta    121740
     gacagatatg aatacacctt gtttgcataa aactttaaag tggtttcaca ttaactttca    121800
     aattccctgg aaatctcatt attaggacac atgtgacatc agcatggatc ttctgaagtt    121860
     atttcagagt ataaaaaggg tgtgtttgtc aaaagtgaac actgattctc agacaaacat    121920
     atcagaaagt agttgccaca gatcatttcc gcatcagaag aatcagaagg ccctgtctga    121980
     ccacctcttt tcgtcttttg taataaaaaa cattagcaga tatattcaac tgtgttgaaa    122040
     aatatagata cacgtctaaa gttctgtata taacattcaa atggaggatg ggaggacttt    122100
     aatggccttc agcagtccag aagatgcagt tactatttat tacactaggg gcagcaacgt    122160
     ataaggaatg gcaaagtaag catttcaatt acatttgcac tgcagtctgc tagatgacca    122220
     aatattaata cctcttaatt agacatctga ataatcaata gtttggctat atttttctca    122280
     ttttaagagg atttcttggg aaatgtctgg ttcatatctt tgttgggttt ttttttttta    122340
     agctaaaaga aattctgttc ccaccctaag ctcaaccccc acccccaccc cagataactt    122400
     catgaagaca gtcttgtcag gatttcatca gactcagaca tggggtacaa ttagacacta    122460
     agagtatggg gctggcagaa agaatagaag ggaccagagg cagaattcaa ggtctttctg    122520
     aagagcaact cccaattaac cctgtaggaa aatgttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacacgcgc    122580
     gcacgcgcaa gtgtttgtgc atgcttccct acaaaataat tataaggatt aatagacgtc    122640
     tatatgctta gtatttgccc atcctccaca agagcttaca ttttgaatag caattttgtt    122700
     tttatctcaa aggtaaccaa tcaagcacac tcagcttcag tttccttggt aaccgacctc    122760
     tgcttcctgt ctagacttct ggtcatgaga agagagaaat ggaaaaatac tggactaaag    122820
     caagcaggct gcaaaatggt ttttcttctt actgcagtct acttctctgc cattgtagtc    122880
     caccccaccc cacccccaaa cattagcgaa gtctgttggt gagggggagt gagatgacgt    122940
     ctacttttat gtatctttgc ctttatatct gcatcaattt ggtcctgact agtcacatcc    123000
     tcagcagcac agacatcttt ctttgtactc catcccacct ctctttcttt ctgggatata    123060
     ttattcttga ttagtcatag catgatccac caccttcttt tgctctcttg ccccttccct    123120
     tcctgtctta ctaaagtaag ggtggggaaa aggcatgaga tacagaggag acagaggcag    123180
     gtactattca tggaagccct gcctttggaa agcccacgct ttgtatgtac tagctcctgc    123240
     tagtgtattc gcattaaatt ctaaagggtc cacagagaca cacacagaga gatatacata    123300
     gacatataca aactcacaca gtcacagaca cacaggcatg catgcatgca tgcatacata    123360
     cagagacaca cacagagaga caaacacagt acacacacac acacacccta agtctgaaga    123420
     attcctgaca agactgtctt atcatggagt caggtagagt gaaaagagct aaggggagga    123480
     gcagaatttc ttttaccttt aaaaaaacag caacaaaaat atgaacccca gcaccaaaac    123540
     atttcccaag aaatcctctt aaaatgagaa aaatatagcc aaattattga ctgtccaaat    123600
     ttctaatagg tattactatt tggtcaacta tcagagtaca atgcaaatgt aaatgaaatg    123660
     cttaaatatt ttttaaaaat caaaaaaact ttttaaattt ttaatttttt taaaaaaatg    123720
     gttttattga aataaaaata cattacttcc ctctcgttta ttcccttcag cacctccatc    123780
     cccactctca gttcgattat atttgttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    123840
     cacacaccct tctgagtcag ttgttgttta tgtgtatatg gtttcaaggc tgaccatgca    123900
     gcactagggc aactagtaag agggcacatc cctgagaggc taattctcct tctcccaaca    123960
     tatctgccta tagttctctg cctaggggtg agaccctgca aaatttcctc cttccgtgtt    124020
     aacatatgcc accaataatg ccattgctcc tgttacacag ccatttctag gactggttgc    124080
     tgacagcagg cttcctacta ttgtggctct tagaatcttt acagcccctc ttctgcaatg    124140
     ttccctgagc tatataaaag cagcagctgt gctgagggta tatctgttgg ggctgggttc    124200
     cccatgattt gttgatcgct acattatagc cagttgtggt tttctttgac ggctcccatt    124260
     ggttggaaag ggaggcttct ttgatgaggg gtagctacag ttatctgtgg gtagaaggat    124320
     cagatttaga atgtaaaagg aattatgctt atctagcaaa ctggtggtag tagattcttt    124380
     tctaaagtcc gggccctcat tatcctggag aagctgcctc ggtttcctat accagatatg    124440
     atttctctac tgttgagtgg gccttaagac caattagaca gctattggtt gccatcaatg    124500
     atatgagagc cacttattta ttgcatcttt ctactatcct tccatgctgg taactgtcgt    124560
     ggttcatagg agttgcagat tggtaggggt gtttaatagt tgccctctct tggcagcctg    124620
     aatagtattt tctgaaacag tgaaagctag accacaggaa agaatcttta agctcacatc    124680
     cagctcacgt tatccaaacc atgtgttctg agtgtgtagt attgtatctt cagcaacagg    124740
     agcccacctt cctaactggt gagaggcaac caaaggatat atctataatc tgtattgttt    124800
     tgggaagtca ctagaactac cctggccaac cacttgaaag gaggtttctt gtgcctggta    124860
     ctgaagtttt gttagcctat ggttctagtg gaaaacatgt cagtcgaagt ggcttaactt    124920
     cgtttaatac acatacatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactaca    124980
     taattcataa ttttaggtaa atataaaatc atgatttgag gctttgtcaa agtcttgttc    125040
     tctgaaggac agccctgccc catcctctcc tgtacagcac ctgttctcac ttgaaaccat    125100
     cccaccctac ccttccactc ctctagctat gccaccaacc ctcccacagt gcacctccct    125160
     gtggcattta tgagggtttt gtacaaatcc acctttctag ctgggtataa cagtgtacca    125220
     ctctaatccc aacactggag agagtgaagc atgacgattg taaattcagg accagcctgg    125280
     atcacatagc tgcctcactc atacacatac aaaatgaaaa tcttggggtg atgatacata    125340
     actttaatct caggactggg gaggaaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga ggagaagaag    125400
     aaaaggaaga ggaggaggag gaagaggagg aggaggattg tgacttcagg tctaattgga    125460
     atacccaaca aacaaataca caaacaaacc agcaaagcaa atccaactta tgatatccct    125520
     caatgctaac aagccccaaa tatattgttc tcatggctct gcatttctgg gatctaattt    125580
     tcagttgcca taggaaccac tcaggtcctc tacttactgg tctaaattgc tactacaaaa    125640
     aggctctata tctttttgtc ctgttaattc tcggttgcca taggaaccac tcaggtcctc    125700
     tacttattgc tctaaattac tgctacaaaa ggctctatat ctttttgtcc tgtgtggcct    125760
     aaaaccacac ctggaaagaa aacctgtctc ctacccatgg aaggagttac agagccaaag    125820
     tttggagctg agatgaaagg atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc    125880
     ataatcagca tccaaactct gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta ttgaaaggac    125940
     ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc    126000
     tcacagtcag ctaatggatg gatcataggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtagcc    126060
     aaggagctaa agggatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc    126120
     ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatata tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg    126180
     aaagagaggc ccattggact tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acaccagggc    126240
     caaaaagggg gagtgggtgg gcaggggagt gggggtgggt ggatatgggg gacttttggt    126300
     atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gagttaaata cctaataaaa aatggaaaaa aaaaaaaaag    126360
     aaaacctgtc tcctgtccca tccctggaca gacctggatt tcagtttcca cattttctgt    126420
     cacctctctc cccttaggaa ctctcctccc cacattctta tcccagcatt catgactcct    126480
     caggggagag gcaggataaa gatactacta ctgctatcca cacccgggcc ccgacacata    126540
     gtgaaaagta acttaaagga gaaatctggg gtgaaggtaa agcttgacaa tgtgtcccca    126600
     acatcctctg cacccctgaa ttccaaatga ctcagggacc tctactcatc caagcctatc    126660
     cctgctttgc ctgtcagagg ctccaatgtc caaattccta ctctggtgct gagaaccaca    126720
     gacacagaca ataactaact aaagtctcta gggacaagca tgtatttggt gtgtgtgtgt    126780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatctgtat gtcggtgtgt ctgtctgtct    126840
     gtctgtgtgt agaaaaaatt tcaggagtca cttctctcct actatatggg tcctagagac    126900
     caaacttggg tcctcaaact tggctataag tgtctttaac cactgagcta tcttgccagc    126960
     cccaaacatg aaaatttcaa gctgtactaa tttgaatcag tgtcaatgaa aaaaaaagca    127020
     tctagaataa ggtgaagcat ccaggtctat actcagctta atttacatag tcaagaattc    127080
     cacttttaaa taagaaaaag aaaaagcaaa ataaacttca tttccaaact tgtaaagcaa    127140
     tccagtaagg gccagtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaaaggca cttgaccgaa agcctgaaaa    127200
     tctgagttct atttctggca ttcatgtggt tgaaagagaa aaccaactcc caaaagagtg    127260
     tccgtaaacc tctacacaca tgtcataaaa tacacaaata aatgataaaa attgtgcagc    127320
     aaagtttgca attttattcc ttcttctttt taaatgttct ttgagatctt tataccatgt    127380
     gttttgaact atttaccatt tctccaactc ctcctagacc tacttccttt aggagtctaa    127440
     tctgtgctac ccatgtattc tcagatgtat ggccttccat ttgagcctgg atgacctacc    127500
     aggggccaca cccataaaga aaactgtctc tccctatccc agcagctatc aattgtcaac    127560
     agcttctcag ctagtgaggc tgaattgagc ttgcatagtt cttacatatg ctgtcacaat    127620
     tgctgtgagt tctgctcaaa tgtcctactg tgtctgtttg tctataaatt accatttcct    127680
     tgtagttgcc taccacctct ggcttttaca caatcttagt ggtctttttt ccccctacaa    127740
     tggtctctga gccttgggag tagcagcagt agtacatatg ttccatttag ggctgaacat    127800
     tctacaatat cttattctct gtgccttgac cagttgtggg tctctgtgtt ataaggattg    127860
     agagatggac tgaggaatgg tcataccaat aactcattag gaattagtat attatactat    127920
     gttcactaag cagaatatca ctaataagtc cttccctagg gcctgtgacc tgtatggcca    127980
     caggtttttg gccttgataa cggtacaagg tatgggctgc agcttgtgga acagacctta    128040
     aatgcaatca gaaagcagtt gattattacc ataatgtctg tgccactatg cactggtggg    128100
     catgtcttcc taggtcaggc attattatag attttaggat tcatagctag gtaagtttgg    128160
     tgattatttt tgtcctctgc taggggagca tgacatcttg cagcactatg aaagctagcc    128220
     agtaaggata aagcttcaaa gtaaacacca acttcatttc tccatttact gtctctccct    128280
     atactctggt atatggtgta tctggtatat ggtggcttca gcaataggca cttagcatac    128340
     agttctggag ggtaaccaag agaaatggca atagcctgac atgtttgtgg gtctatggaa    128400
     actcactggg cagcaactct aaaagagtta aatttttctg gcactggcat ttttatttgt    128460
     tacctgtagt gtctagtgaa agtgttgtca cgctgttaca gaacaactca gttttaactc    128520
     tttttatata tgtgtattta tatattttag gataccttcg atagcggtgt ttttccatat    128580
     gaccttttcc aaggctcttt atccctaccc atgtcttcct ctaccctgcc ttcccattcc    128640
     acctcacttt aactattgct gtttttattt acctctaacc tttcatatca ctgagctgga    128700
     tctcatctcc tttgaaagct actgctcccc cccccccaac ccatgtcccc ttacaaggct    128760
     tctaacctct atggttattc caaatgaggc ctgcatatct aaagattcaa tgttagcatc    128820
     cgcaaatgag agaaaatacc atgtttgtct ttctaagtct ggattaccta actcagaatg    128880
     gttgattgta gctccatcca tttatctgca aattttgcga tgtttttaaa aatagctaac    128940
     taaagtccat tatgtaaatg taccccgtgt tcattaatca ttcatcagct gatagacacc    129000
     taggctgttt ccatttcctg aatactgtga atagagcagc aacgaacatg aataagcaaa    129060
     tatctctata gtagaatata gaatcctttg ggtatataac caagagtggt gtccctggat    129120
     cacatggttg atctatttct ggccttttgg ggagcctctg tgctgatttc catagtagct    129180
     acaccagttt gcactcctaa tcagcaatta ataagtattt cctcctttcc cagatccata    129240
     ccaacattca ttgtcattaa aattaacagt tgtaattgga agatgaaaat tgcaaagtag    129300
     tttaagtaca tttccctaat ggctgaagat gttgaccata taaaaatgtt tcctggttat    129360
     ttataattta tgtttttgag agctctgttt acttctgtgc ctcattttga gactgggttg    129420
     cttttccttg atatttaatt gctgtgtctt ttgtatattc tagatactaa cattctgtca    129480
     ttcatacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca gacatatttg gtaagaatga tgggcagggt    129540
     cttaccatgt agctctgacc atcatggact ggctaagtag accaggctgg tctcaaattc    129600
     atggtgatcc accttctgct cttgagtgtt gagactgaag gtgtatgaca ccatgcctag    129660
     ccttttgttt tgttttgagt ttttttacag aataatattt tattgattct ctgggaattt    129720
     cacttcatac acaccactca atcataagca cttcccagac tctccatgtc tgcaccctgt    129780
     tctcgtgacc tacccccaac aggataaaaa acattacttt ttgagtgaaa atatttttag    129840
     agtaaattga attgaaacta cccttgcatg tttttttcta cttaaatttc aattttatca    129900
     acagcatttg aaatattttt cataatgatg gtgtcatttt atttatttat ttatttattt    129960
     acttttacta gcaagatttt gctaaaagga ccctgatatg actgtctctt gtgagactag    130020
     gccgggacct agcaaacatg gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctattggat ggatcacagg    130080
     gcccccaatg gaggagctag agaaaatacc caaggagcaa aagggatctg caaccctata    130140
     ggtggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac cccctggagc tcgtgtctct agctgcatat    130200
     gtatcagaag atggcctagt cggccatcag tggaaagaga ggaccattgg tcttgcaaat    130260
     tttatatgcc tcagtacagg ggaatgccag ggcgaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg    130320
     agtggggggg aagggtatgt gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa    130380
     tacctaataa aaaaataata aaaattttaa aaataaacaa gtccaatttg tgttactgga    130440
     acatggttaa gtttccagtg gcctgcctgc taaagaaaat caagtctttc tccatcggca    130500
     cccccacttt tgtttcgatg tttttgagac agtgtctcct ccatccatac ctgactttga    130560
     actgactata tatagcatag gctggttttg aactcctgac catcccgcct cagcctctca    130620
     ctgtcatcac tatgcccggt gtacgaggtt ctggcaattg aactctagaa tttgtgcatt    130680
     atagccaatt gctcgattat gtgaagtaca tcaacaacaa gcaagcctca aggaaaaaaa    130740
     taacagggga aaaaaggaat aatctttggc ttagtaaatg gaaaaacaat tgttaaccat    130800
     ttggaataaa agtgtttgat aagtatctca tgagctatac aaaaataatg attttattca    130860
     tactttttca agaaattatg aaataacaaa gaaattatag aaagtcttcc tgattagaaa    130920
     ataatttatt tttaaaaatc tacagtgtaa attaataatt aatttttttg agacagagtc    130980
     ttaccacata gggctgacct caaatatatt atgaagaaca ggctgacctt gaacttgtga    131040
     ttgtctttct tttctcttcc caactactga aaactatcaa tcagattgat ttgttaagta    131100
     gtgataaaga tgtgaaataa tcaaaacttt tatatactac tgttgggact ataaactgct    131160
     atattctttt tgaaacagta tttgctagag cctattaaaa tcaagaacct acacattcca    131220
     gattacatgt agtttctttc attctcccta ctacatggtg cttttgcact atgtaaatat    131280
     acatttttat ttgtctactc taattattga tgggcatttg agaagtatct aattgaggtt    131340
     tacttatgtg actcgaatac tcatgggcac attttgtgat aaacatgcat atactctgtt    131400
     tctctaatag gaagtaggta caaaagcatg agttcttatt atttgatctc acgaattaat    131460
     catccaatga caagtgaaac taatccatag ccttggaagt aaagctaaga tgcttcctgc    131520
     atcttccagc acctgtaggc aatttaaaat caagatgaag agctatctat agattcatgg    131580
     gacaaggtgg gcaacctgaa ctttgccaag acagtcacac tggtttgatg aagtattcaa    131640
     aagaattata aagcctccag cagaaaggta tgctatttta tcttttggca gccatggaca    131700
     tgctttttca ggccccaaag ccctttacaa agagagttta tcaagtcaaa caaacaacca    131760
     aacaagcaaa taatcaaaca aacaaaaaca atgaaggatc ttgaaaagta gaaaataaga    131820
     cttatatcag gtgtggtggc acacaccttt aattttagca ctgagtaggc agaggcacat    131880
     agctctctgt gagtttgaag ccacttgggt ctatacagtg agttccaggc caactggagc    131940
     tagctacaca aggagactga ctcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaca aaacaaaaag    132000
     acaagccatt taacatccca aatacttaga tatttcttcc attaaatgtc tatgctggtc    132060
     acaatgagcc tgtcttctat aaaacattag accatagaca caattcagcc cagttcttgt    132120
     tcactttgca gttagcttga ttattcttct agtttgtaaa actaaaatct ttgtttccag    132180
     ctggaactcc atcttctctc tccatatttc tatcaatgct ttgattagta tttcacaaaa    132240
     aaacttgaga aatttgaagt gatttcttta gttctcatct tttgagccct taccagaatt    132300
     aacctctcta tcctgtgcac agcactacag tgtcttagct gctcctgcca attttcccag    132360
     cccttagctt tcctggttct aaagctgatg ccagatgttc agttatttgt taggacagac    132420
     accactcttt ggtactgtac tagagattgg gcaatttgta aacaacagat caaaacagaa    132480
     ataaataact tctcacagtt gtagagggtg gtaaggtcaa tatgaaggtc tcagtaggct    132540
     tgcagtgtgg tgatgaaaga tcctgacaga atgtaaaagg tcacagaagc cctgaaattg    132600
     ataagataga tgtcactgtt agcagaacta gcttctatga tttagaaaaa tagaggtgca    132660
     caatgctctg gccactcctt gaacccatgt gtgtgcccat tgatgaagcc cactgccagg    132720
     tgtttgtgat attggttgct aagatagagt cagaaaatct ccccagcaac cacagccggg    132780
     ccaatccaga gttgctacac ctgcaccaga ctctttcctt gtacccctcc catacccatt    132840
     tcttaagaat agacattgtt tagatctgga aatcccctac tccccccctt ctccttcccc    132900
     ccctgagggc ctataaaaac tgagacccct ttgccctcgt ggttgactcc tctacccctg    132960
     cctgggatat gagtcatccc cagagctctg gctttccctg aataaagcct catgtggttt    133020
     gccatcaagc ttggtctctc gtgagttgtt gggtgtccgc tattgttccg aggcctgagc    133080
     gaggagctcc tcttggagtc tttcagtgac agctggtgat gacttctctg atggtgattt    133140
     agtgcccaat cttctacaga ggtgcagcct ctctcagcct tgaagcaggc tgatccagac    133200
     tttgaccttg ctgccttctg accttgatgg ctctattcgc tcttctccaa gactctgctt    133260
     cctgctgaaa ggtcttgaga cgttccagag acacaccctg tcgatctcct acggactggc    133320
     tccagacacc aagaactggc tggcgggggt gtggggggta ggcctaccct ctttataagc    133380
     atggactctc agtaaacttc agaggccttg aacagaaacg agtcttgacc tccattattt    133440
     ctctcatcgt tctctcccat acaggtccgg cctcccattc aggaactaag ttagtgtggc    133500
     cacaggcagc tacaggcaac tacagagagg aaagatcaca tggtagaagg aattgaaggg    133560
     gcaaatacag cacttaaatt ttaatttatt ttaatgttta agtacttatt atttttattt    133620
     aaatttatgt gcatgtgcat gaatctgtat tttaaaatgt gaaaatgtct acactgaaaa    133680
     ttatagtgac agctaatctt agttgtcaac ctgactccat ctggaatgga ctaaaaccca    133740
     aggggctgag catacctgtg aggaattgct cttgattgga acatttgatg tgggaagatg    133800
     caccctaatt ctgatgtgaa tgtagcatag tgttaccatt gtataaaata cttgggattc    133860
     tctcaaaaga gtaaatgtag aattatagta tgatttgtga agtccattac tggatatata    133920
     cagggtcttg agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag ataattcctc aggctaaaaa    133980
     ggaagtaaaa cggcaataca ttctacaaca tggatgaacc ttaaaaatat gctacatgtg    134040
     gagatgcctg agttagtata gtacttgttg tggaagcaca cacataccac agactgttag    134100
     cctataataa atgagaatta atctttccac aatggaatat atacttcaaa tcattgtgtt    134160
     attataatac tagcactcag gaggcttagg caagaggact gagagagata aaaagagaaa    134220
     tttaaaaaag aaagaaaaag gaaaaaagaa ggagaggaaa ggagagaaga ggggagggga    134280
     ggagaggaga gaagaggaga aacaagttaa aaagtttttc agggctggcg agatggttta    134340
     ctggataatg tgctttaccc ataagcttga gaatgaaagt ttcgctcccc acgactcaag    134400
     tcaaagctgg gcagttctgg tgtctgcctg tcatctcaga ggcagggatg ggtttcccag    134460
     ggcaaatcaa actagctaag ttggtgaact ctcattcgat catcaggttc tggctgaata    134520
     aataaagtag agggcaatca agaaagatac ccaatgtgaa cttcaggcct ccacatttac    134580
     aaagaaacaa atataggaac atgcacatgt acctgcacac atgctacatg aatagtgctg    134640
     gaataagcac tccaatacca atgagagcaa aagagacaag tcaccagtgg accaaagcca    134700
     gggcagctcc agaaaggctc tgaggctggg tctagtttgc attctcattt tctaccctga    134760
     aatgacaagt tgggaacagg caagcaagca agagtttaca gaagcacatg tggcagtcag    134820
     caggttggtt gttaagggca acagctcatt atttcagcta tttttccaag tcactctgtt    134880
     ccatatggca actgacattg aaagatcctg acagaatgta aaaggtcaca gaagccctga    134940
     aactggcaaa atagatgtca ttgttagtag aactagcttc actgatttag ataaatagag    135000
     gtgcacagtg ctctggctgc tcctcgaacc tgtgtgtctg ccaatgttct gaccaggtgt    135060
     gtgcccattg ctgcacctca ctgccaggtg tgtgtgatat tggttgctat attggttgct    135120
     gggaaagagt cggaaaatct ccccagcaac catagtcggg gccaatccgg agttgctgca    135180
     ccttcattag actccttcct tgtttccctc ccatacccat ttcttgagga accaatcatt    135240
     ttagaataga cattgtttag atctggaaat cccctacttc ctcccttctc ctttccccct    135300
     taaggaccta taaaaactga aacccctttg ccctccgggt cgactcctct accccttcgt    135360
     gggatacgag ttgtccacag agctctggct ttccccgaat aaagcctcgt gtggtttgca    135420
     tcaagcttgg tctctcgtga gttcttgggg gtctgctatt atcccgaggc ctgagcgagg    135480
     ggctcctctg ggagtctttc aacatcatgc taagtaaata cagtacaagc agtgctttag    135540
     gtaaatcact aaatatatca gtaaatcaag atctaatcat tggtcttttc taccttattc    135600
     tacttcgcat gcatatgaac atgcatacac accgcacatg caaaactagt aaaatacaca    135660
     aggttttcaa gtacacaagt ttatgacttc tcttcctcta gaggaagttc tttttctctt    135720
     ttatttttca gattatatca tttctccctt ctcttccctc tctccaagtc atcctctata    135780
     cctttcaaat tcatggcctc ttttttcatt taattgttat tatatgcata tatgtaacac    135840
     atctggagac cattactgat aagcacaact gatcaaaagg cagagaacaa gagcttgtgt    135900
     gatgaccagt cccaacagat acagatctac aacacacctt gtgcacttaa ctcctgcata    135960
     cacaaaataa gagcatctaa caaaggccga gtaccgcaaa attgaaaatg actgacagag    136020
     tgctgaattg ctgaattctg tatctgcttt actcagcaaa tgctagagac cccagggatt    136080
     caattctttt tttctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctttc ttttctttct    136140
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttttttt gtatagaata gacttcattc agtgcacagg    136200
     gatgggagtt aagaggcaga gaaaggcaga gagagagaga gtagagaagt agaggccagt    136260
     catgaccacg ggaagagagg ggagaaggga atggggaaag aggggagaag ggaagagccc    136320
     aggagggcaa gagagaaaca agagggaaac aagagagcaa gagcgggatt caattcttat    136380
     tctctaccaa agaatcctta atggtgaaaa gtactataaa tgaacagaag catcaatcat    136440
     gtaaaacatt taggaaccaa gagtggagtc gtaacttatg aacacaatat ctggagggga    136500
     ggctttttac ttgaggatca aatgtcataa actttgtagg tgtgaagaag ccttttggca    136560
     taccatctgt gcactgaaca tcctcggacc ttgattaaac atcagcagtc tgtaacagaa    136620
     aaactgtgga cctcatatac atgatgagtc ttaatcagaa gggcaggctt attaataaca    136680
     agaaaatcca taaaataagt tgctaaagag atactatgag taattggttc atgctaatcc    136740
     aagtctcata tatttctttg gtcaaactct tcatggttac tttacctata acttctgctt    136800
     tttgttatca ttggaatgtt ctctttaaaa ataataatgg aaactgaaga agaacgaaga    136860
     ccaaaagtgt ggacactttg ccccttctta gaattggaaa caatcaccca tggaaggagt    136920
     tacagagaca aagtttggag cggagacaaa agaatggacc atctagacac tgccatatcc    136980
     agagattcat cccataatta gcctccaaac gatgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt    137040
     ttgttgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact aggccggggc ctagcaaaca    137100
     cagaagtgga tgatcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct    137160
     agagaaagta tccaaggagc taaagagatc tgcaaccctg taggtgcaac attatgaact    137220
     aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctaac tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctactcgg    137280
     ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggaca ctcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga    137340
     acgccagggc caaaaaatgg gaataggtgg gtagggaagt gggggggagg gtatggggga    137400
     cttttggaat agcattggaa atgtaattga ggaaaatacg taataataaa aaatatttaa    137460
     aaaaataaat aaaaataata atgggtacaa tgtaatcaca atgaataagc tatgagcaga    137520
     tcaggcatta gaagaaggtg cctattccat tgtagtgaat ttctaacttt tgctgagtaa    137580
     caccagcaca taatttagca ctctgtaaaa cattccgatt gttcccgaat gcagcctttg    137640
     ttcgatgctc ttttttcccc ttgggctgaa tgtatcctat gcttcacttc ttagcaatta    137700
     tcatatatac atacatcatt tcttacacat ctgctcttgc tctgtactaa gacattagtt    137760
     tatggaaaac agaggtcatt gcagatattt ctgtggcatt ttggacaaga ataaatgaca    137820
     atgttggcaa gatagggtca ggaagcttct ttcccaggct tctataagag gaccatttac    137880
     tgaggcagga gatatgactg tctacaccta agctagacaa ggacaataac aacagacatg    137940
     ccaaagtgga aaggaggaag agcatgagac aactaagaaa tgctaagagc aggagaaata    138000
     gtctttccca gggaagaaca ctgcacttga ctactcagta ccaatgatta gccctgaaaa    138060
     catacatatg agtataatta tatggactga tcaggttgtc tttatatatt taggaatata    138120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgaatgagag agagagagag aaagaaagaa agagagagag agagaacagt    138180
     taaagaggcc aagaatcaga gagaaaacaa ggggttcata tgaggggttg cagggaaaaa    138240
     aagaaggaga taatataatt atacaatttc aaaaataatt tattataaaa agccagtcct    138300
     atctatatgg aatatagaga tatataaaga caaacagaga tagacctttt taagaactta    138360
     gaaataggtt tccaagaacc atagagaata ggggtaggaa cacagaattc taactttggg    138420
     atacttaggc agtgttacat tcagaaaacc cagtgaaccc tgctaaacct cagatatcat    138480
     aaacatttta tgttctcttt taaatacatc cctttaacag acacgtgttg aatgcttact    138540
     atactgtaca atgttttaga tagctaggga caaataatcc aagagcccag ttcttgaaga    138600
     actctaagta ttttaagagg acaggcattg gttacatgat gggagagaaa tactgtaaga    138660
     gccaaaagta gtattttcta aatatggcag ggtaattaca aatatgaagt tatagctgtc    138720
     aggacagtac acccaaggca tgcatacgct caaaacagct agaatcccag catggtgagg    138780
     gaaggtgggc acaaccccca ccccagctgg ggggctacca acaatggtca ctttctttaa    138840
     tatatcttca ggtaggcgaa ccaggtttca ctgtaggacc acacaaatga gagcacttaa    138900
     atagcacaga ttagacttga ttttttttta aagtgtacaa aatgttgggt gggtaggaag    138960
     aggtgcatgg aacaggttag gaaagggcag tgaatacgat caaaatatat tgtacaaaat    139020
     cctgaaagaa ctaatacaag taagaaataa caaaatgact acaaagtaac agtagtacca    139080
     gcaagaaaag ggacaggaat acagatgcaa ccaagaaggc atcaaggagg aaaagcttgt    139140
     atcacatgga aacaaaacaa ggatcatctc ttagatagat gatacttgaa ttgagtatta    139200
     aagtgggatt taataagcta aaccacaatg gcaatgccct tttaaaaaag aagtttgggg    139260
     aaagccgttt taagcaaggg ggggggaggg ggaacctgta caaaaaagaa actacaaaaa    139320
     aaatcacaaa ggctatttat tttcaggcta ctaaagaagg cattgatagt agatttttat    139380
     gttcggatat ctaggataag aaaaacaaca gctagtaggg agggtacaga tgattaagta    139440
     gaaactatgg caaggacaat gtatgttttg aaaaaattca cccagacagt tgggctgcgg    139500
     gttcttagca attgttcatt tggacagtga catgcagaag aactaaggac ccagttcatc    139560
     caccagaaag ggaactggca gataattttg aactttccat tctccttcaa catctaggga    139620
     agtcatggct tctgagtgat agtaactact tttataccac ctagatttta ttgatattac    139680
     acactatcag gattgctcac tttcctcttc attatctggt atattcatgt tttaaacacc    139740
     attttgaaat ctcgtctgtc tgctgctgtg tttcctgaag cacaggaaga acttttaaac    139800
     atttgcttgc atccataagg ttccccctgc ttgttcaata tggaattgag aaagaaaaca    139860
     tgttcctgcc aggcaaatgg cagacctgca cttcttcctc cactcctttt tcatccaatc    139920
     cccctgtttc atccacacct ctgcatacct atggcagcct gcctctctct catctctagt    139980
     ggattccaca gatcttcagc ttcaaaactc cctccctcta cttgttactt tgccccagcc    140040
     cccaaatcca tcatgcactc cctgtaaagc tacagacatc tctatggtca gggaaccaag    140100
     taggcttaac accagatctt cacctctccc tcagatcctc caaatccaac ctcctactct    140160
     catgcctaac tctacaggag aacacctgcc tagacctccc ttctcaccct gcccctgtct    140220
     ccagcggatc ccacagagtc tccctaaaat ccctcccaca aatctctgct atgcctggtc    140280
     ctctaccacc agcaggcact ccctgggaat ccacaggcca cactggacag gtaaacaagt    140340
     tggcaaattg cagatcttca tctctccctc tgctccttca agtctaatcc cctagtctca    140400
     ttaccagctc tgcagcagaa cacctgctgc agtatctctt tccctcctga ccccatctcc    140460
     agcggatcat acagaccttt ctgcaaactt ccttctaccc aaaatggctt tgttccagcc    140520
     cccaactcca gaagcaaccc caagacccca caggccattc tgacaaggga agcaagttgg    140580
     ctaactgcag atcttcacct ctccctccat tccacgaagt gtaatccccc attctcatcc    140640
     ctagcagacc ctctggggtc tgtatgattc actgtcacaa actctctgct gtggcctctc    140700
     ctcaccctct gccctcattc ccaagggact aagcagatcc tggtggaaca ccctgatttc    140760
     ctacttcctt ggaaccttga acttccccta gcccatctcc atttctacat gtcagctccc    140820
     agtacccaga aacagatttt atctaaaatc cccaataccc acacctatca gagccccaga    140880
     agatttccct accaggcaac caacacacag ccaccacact ctcttaacaa ccagaaagga    140940
     aacagaaacc tctacccaac agagacaaga ccagatatca ggacccagaa taacaatcat    141000
     cccagtccca gatggctaga ggccagcata aaaacacaat caataacagc caggagacta    141060
     tgtctccact agagtccagc aacactactt acctagcagg ccctccctga gtgtttcaac    141120
     atggctaaag ctcaagacaa agaccttaaa gcagccttta tgcatatgat ataggtcctt    141180
     gaagaggaaa ctataaatct cttaaataaa tccagaaaaa cacgaacagt ggaaggaaat    141240
     aaagaaagct gttcaaaacc tgaaagtaaa aacagaataa agaaaaccaa aatcggtggg    141300
     ccggggacag ccagccaccg tccggaccgg aggacaggtg cccgcccggc tggggaggcg    141360
     gcctaagcca cagcagcagc ggtcgccatc ttggtccgag acccgccgaa cttgggaggt    141420
     tggtctgaac gggtgagagg gtgcgccgga gaacctgaca gcttctggaa cgggcggagg    141480
     cacaggggcg ctgaggcagc accctgtgtg ggccggggac agccggccac cttccggacc    141540
     ggaggacagg tgcccacccg gctggggagg cggcctaagc cacagcagca gcggtcgcca    141600
     tcttggtccc gggactccaa ggaacttagg aatttagtct gcttaggtga gagtctatac    141660
     cacctgggaa ctgccaaagc aacacagtgt ctgagaaagg tcctgttttg ggccttcttc    141720
     ttcggccagg aggaggccca aatacaagat atctgcgcac cttccctgta agagagcttg    141780
     ccagcagaga gtgctctgag cactgaaact cagaggagag aatctgtctc ccaggtctgc    141840
     tgatagacgg taacagaatc accagaagaa caatctctaa acagagtcaa ctataactac    141900
     taactccaga gattaccaga tggcgaaagg taaacggagg aatcttacta acaggaacca    141960
     agaccactca ccatcaccag aacccagcac acccacttcg cccagtccag ggaaccccaa    142020
     cacacctgag aacctagacc tagatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg tagaggacat    142080
     caagaaggac tttaataaat cacttaaaga aatacaggag aacactgcta aagagttaca    142140
     agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacacaat caaacaggta gaagtcctta cagaaaaaga    142200
     ggaaaaaaca tacaaacagg tgatggaaat gaacaaaacc atactagacc taaaaaggga    142260
     agtagacaca ataaagaaaa ctcaaagcga ggcaacacta gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa    142320
     gaaatctgga accatagatt tgagcatcag caacagaata caagagatgg aagagagaat    142380
     ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cggcacaaca atcaaagaaa atggaaaatg    142440
     caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa atatccagga aatccaggac acaataagaa gaccaaacgt    142500
     acggataata ggagtggatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaaggtccag caaacatctt    142560
     caacaaaatt attgaagaaa acttcccaaa tctaaagaat gagatgcata tgaacataca    142620
     agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctccc gacacataat    142680
     aatcagaaca tcaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatacta aaagcagtaa gggaaaaagg    142740
     tcaagtaaca tataaaggca agcctatcag aattacacca gatttttcac cagagactat    142800
     gaaagccaga agagcctgga cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca aactgcagcc    142860
     caggctacta tacccagcca aactctcaat tatcatagag ggagaaacca aagtattcca    142920
     cgacaaaacc aaattcacgc attatctctc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggataataac    142980
     agaaaaaaac caatacaaga acgggaacaa cgccctagaa aaaacaagaa ggtaatccct    143040
     caacaaacct aaaagaagac agccacaaga acagaatgcc acctttaaca actaaaataa    143100
     caggaagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat ctcttaacat caatggtctc aactcgccaa    143160
     taaaaagaca tagactaaca aactggctac acaaacaaga cccaacattt tgctgcttac    143220
     aggaaactca tctcagagaa aaagatagac actacctcag aatgaaaggc tggaaaacaa    143280
     ttttccaagc aaatggtatg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc catcctaata tctgataaga    143340
     ttgacttcca acccaaagtc atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg acacttcatt ctcatcaaag    143400
     gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc tgaatatcta tgctccaaat acaagagcag    143460
     ccacattcac taaagaaact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cattgcgcct cacacaataa    143520
     tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttcac caatggacag atcatggaaa cagaaactaa    143580
     acagggacac actgaaacta acagaagtga tgaaacaaat ggatctgaca gatatctaca    143640
     gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcat ggtaccttct    143700
     ccaaaattga ccacataata ggtcacaaat caggcctcaa cagattcaaa aatattgaaa    143760
     ttgtcccatg tatcctatca gatcaccatg cactaaggct gatcttcaat aacaaaataa    143820
     ataacagaaa gccaacattc acatggaaac tgaacaacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg    143880
     tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca    143940
     caacgtaccc aaacctttgg gacacaatga aagcatttct aagagggaaa ctcatagcta    144000
     tgagtgcctt caagaaaaaa cgggagagag cacatactag cagcttgaca acacatctaa    144060
     aagctctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca    144120
     aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caaatggaaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa    144180
     cgaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct acactcacta    144240
     aagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa    144300
     cagatcctga agaaatccaa aacaccatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa    144360
     aactggaaaa cctggacgaa atggacaaat ttctggacag ataccagata ccaaagttga    144420
     atcaggatca agttgacctt ctaaacagtc ccatatcccc taaagaaata gaagcagtta    144480
     ttaatagtct cccagccaaa aaaagcccag gaccagacgg gtttagtgca gagatctatc    144540
     agaccttcaa agaagatcta actccagttc tgcacaaact ttttcacaag atagaagtag    144600
     aaggtattct acccaactca ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga    144660
     aagatccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttctct tatgaacatc gatgcaaaaa    144720
     tccttaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg    144780
     accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg    144840
     taatccatta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag    144900
     aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttctggaa agatcaggaa    144960
     ttcaaggcca atacctaaac atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca    145020
     aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc    145080
     cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac    145140
     aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattggaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag    145200
     atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta aaaattccaa cagagaactc ctaaacctga    145260
     taaacagctt cggtgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc    145320
     tctacacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag    145380
     ccacaaataa tataaaatat ctcggcgtga ctctaacgaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg    145440
     ataaaaactt caagtccctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc    145500
     tcccatgctc atggattggc aggaccaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa    145560
     tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccattaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattagaag    145620
     gagcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaaaccgag gatagcaaaa actcttctca    145680
     aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct aaagctttac tacagagcaa    145740
     ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtggaccaa tggaatagaa    145800
     ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcca    145860
     aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt    145920
     tatcatgtag aagaatgcga atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta    145980
     agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg    146040
     ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcaatggctt    146100
     gtgctgtaag atggagaatt gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg    146160
     caaaagacac tgtctataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ctgggaaagg atctttacct    146220
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggacc    146280
     tcagaaaatc aaataacccc cttaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac    146340
     ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca    146400
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtgaga atggctaaga    146460
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc    146520
     attgttggtg ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca    146580
     gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag    146640
     aagaagcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta    146700
     taatagccag aaactggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa    146760
     tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat    146820
     tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagagca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca caatcacaaa    146880
     ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatacta gcccaaaacc taggataccc    146940
     acgatataag atacaatttc ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aaaaatgaag actgaagtgt    147000
     ggacactatg cccctcctta gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagaaac    147060
     aaagtttgga gctgagatga aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca    147120
     ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcatata ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa    147180
     ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg    147240
     atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt    147300
     acccaaggag ctaaagggat cttcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag    147360
     tacccctgag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca    147420
     atggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaga ctttgtgtgc cccggtacag gggaacgcca    147480
     gggccaaagg gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtaa gggggacttt    147540
     tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa    147600
     gaaaaccaaa attgagataa agctcaaaat gaaaaattta ggaagcacag agataagcct    147660
     cagcaacaga atacaagaga tggaagagag aaccttaggt cttgacaaca taatagaaga    147720
     aacggatacc tgggtcaaag gaaaggttaa atctaaaata gatagataga tagatagata    147780
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga taaaaatgag gaccaaatac aaaacaaaca    147840
     aacaaaccaa aaacctcctg acataaaaca tccaggatat ctgggacact acaaaagaac    147900
     tatatctaac aatagtggat acggaggaaa aaaaataccc agatcaaagg cacagaaaat    147960
     attttcaatg aaaccatagc agaaaatttc cccagttaag gcattcaatg gctatcaaag    148020
     tataagaaac aaacaggaaa aaaaaaccaa cccaggtcaa aggtacagaa agtattcccc    148080
     aggcatagaa aatttcccta aacctaaaga aggagatggc tattaaagta caagaagcag    148140
     acagaacacc aattagattg gagcagaaaa gaaagccccc ttgctatgta ataattaaaa    148200
     cagtaaccat acagaacaac attaacaaca gcaacaaaag aatattaaaa gctgcaaggg    148260
     aacaagatga agtaatgtat aaaggtcgac ctattagaat catacctgac ttctcaacgg    148320
     aggctctaaa agccagaagg gcctgaacag atgtgttgca gactctaaga taccactgat    148380
     gccagcccag gcaactaagc aaaactttca atcaccatag atagaaaaga taagactttc    148440
     aatgataaaa ctaaatttaa gcaacatcta tctacaagtc tagccctaca gaaggtactg    148500
     gaaggtaaac tctaacctta cgaggttaag tgcatccaag gaaacacagg aaataatgcc    148560
     agatcagcag agtcacaaga agagaaacac acatacacaa acacaccatg acaatgatca    148620
     ccaccaccac ccaccaccaa tagcaacaaa aaacaggaat gagacaggaa tgaaaaaatg    148680
     attagtcatt ggcatctctc aacatcaact gtgtcagtaa gaagacacag actaacagaa    148740
     tgtatgcgaa aaaaaacagg attcatcctt ctgctccatc caacaagcac atcttagcac    148800
     caaggattga caccacctca aggtaaaggg ttagaaaaag atagcccaag ctaatgaacc    148860
     taagaaacaa gctggtatag tcattttaat ttctagcaaa atagaattga aaccacaatt    148920
     gatcagaaga gatagggaag gacactacac actcatcgaa ggaaaaagcc atcaaggaaa    148980
     ccctgcaatt gttaacatcc atgccccaaa cacaaggata ccctagtttg taaaagaaac    149040
     actattacag cttaaatcac atgttgacta tcacacaccg atacaggaga cttcaatact    149100
     caattcccac caatatacag gccaaaaact aaacagagac atagtggaga taagtgccat    149160
     tataaaccaa atgcacctaa caggtatgta cagaagattt cacccaaaca caaaagagta    149220
     tatcttttaa tcagcagctc atgaaacttt ttccaaaatt gaccacattc ttgaacacaa    149280
     agggaacctc aagagataca agaaaattaa aataactgcc tgcatcctat ctgaccaact    149340
     cggattaaag ccttagaaac tcttgaaaat taacaactca ttacttatta aaatatgggt    149400
     caggtgaatg acaagatcca cctgatcatc ttgttagata cagtaaaggg cactgataaa    149460
     atccctttgt gataaaaagt cctagagagg tcagggatcc aagggatccc ttagagggat    149520
     caacataata aaggcagttt atagcaactc tattaccaac atcaaataaa atggaaagaa    149580
     actcaaagca attccactaa aatcaggaac aagacaaggt tgtccacatt ttccatacct    149640
     attcaatata gtacttgaca tcttagctaa agcagtaaga caacttaagg agatcaagga    149700
     gatatgaatt gaaaaagagg tattctacaa atgattattt gcagatgata tgataatcta    149760
     cataagtgat tctaaaaatt tccccaggaa acacttatag ctgataaaca ctttcagcaa    149820
     atgacaaatg gactaaaaaa gaaataaggg aaacaacacc tttcataata gccttaaata    149880
     atgtaaaata tcttggagta actctaacca agcaagctat tggagaagat atcagaaggt    149940
     tgaaagatct cccatgctca tggaccagta ttattaacat agtaaaaata gccatcctat    150000
     caaaagcaat ctacagatta aatgcaattc ccatcaaaat tataacacaa ttcttcaaag    150060
     atcttgaaag gaaaatttca gcttcatatg gaaacataaa cacacacaca aaccaggata    150120
     attaaaacaa tctgctagag gtctcaaaaa tctctgattt caatttgtat gatagagcta    150180
     taatgtttct tcacagcaat ggaaacccta actaaaacat gtagtaataa aaaacatcct    150240
     ggttttggca aagcagacat ataatcaagg gaacagagta gaggagctga ccttatgctg    150300
     catactccgg gtttccaggc ttgtgcgctt ccaagttctc ctgtctccac ctcccatttc    150360
     actagattca cagatgccta ccactgtatc cagcttttta tgagggctcc aggactcaaa    150420
     ctccaatcat taggctagct cagctaatac ctttacccac taacctatct ccctggcttg    150480
     acagtagagt ttctaaaact tatttttaga tatattttta ttttatctgt gtgagcagtt    150540
     tacctgcaag tatgtaaaca tatcacatgt gtgtagttcc tgtggaggcc agaagaaggc    150600
     attggcgtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcactcaag aggcagagac aggtggattt    150660
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctaacagag    150720
     aaaccctgtc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggag gaggaggagg aggaggaggg    150780
     ggagaaagag gaggaggagg aggtggtggt agcggcggca ttggatcctc actccaggtg    150840
     atcttgagct atcatgtagg tgttagaaat tgaatcttgc gggctctctg caagagtaac    150900
     aagtgccttt aaccaccgtc tctctctagc ccgcaatatt tttaatgaga tatgtagctg    150960
     taggtatcat gaccaggctg gctttgaaat cagagaaatc ttcctacctc tgcctcccga    151020
     gttctagcat taaaagagta ggctactaca ctgggcatag taagatattt tttattaggt    151080
     atataaatta cttataaaag aaagtattct ttcttagcct gtcatgtaac accttacctc    151140
     caataccaag tttatatacc tgtgaaacaa tatttataag actctgagtt ggaaaagatt    151200
     gaactttgaa atttcatcaa agatcacaag taaactctca atattaccac cattttaaga    151260
     acatcaattg ctaacactga aaagggaaga agtacagata taaagaatca aggacttcat    151320
     gtgaaaagct gttagagacc taactgccac tactgaataa atggcctgga tattaaataa    151380
     ttttactggc ttgttctatc tacaaggaca ggtgttttat ttaaattaac ctagaaattg    151440
     cagaccagtt tcacaagaat aaggaacata ccagaagcag gattataagg aaccccaaga    151500
     agagactact tgctgacatt aaccctagaa tctgagtaca tattacaacc aacaaaagag    151560
     gaagctaaca gtgagcctaa gccacagagt acccatgtat ctttttcaat tatgatttgt    151620
     gataaactat taacactatc attaactgct gccgctttta gaggaaatag ttgataacaa    151680
     gtataagaat cttttaaaag ttcagatccg gaaggacaca aacaaaataa aagacatgaa    151740
     ttagaaggag attagtagga agtgggtgga caggggaggg agaaagataa gagtgtgggg    151800
     aatgagagca gtcagaatgc atggcattta agaaattgtt aaagaacgaa tttaagttat    151860
     aaaacattca tgtgcttaaa taatagcatt ccttaaaaaa acaagagtaa tatttgtgta    151920
     ttaaaggtag tgattgtgca attatataaa tatacaaata attgttgaat tgtgtattta    151980
     acatgagtta catgcttttt aattagctta taaactaatg gtttccttac agtactttca    152040
     tacatacttt gccttgactg attctacact ccttccctcc catttctagg ccgctctatt    152100
     ttcctgctgt acccttttat gtccaatatt ttccttctac tttaataact catgtgttct    152160
     attatcttcc acaccccacc tcttgaagct tccttttctc ttcctaactt catggtttaa    152220
     aaattatgct tcaatacact gctggaaaat tctggctaaa aacaatataa aacacataca    152280
     atactttgag tgctaggaga gtcattgctg tgtaactaac tgcactataa ataactgaaa    152340
     gagccagctc actataaagt ctattcaact acacatcatc agaatgtttg tgtgtgtgtg    152400
     tatagcgagg atgatattag aaatgcaaat tggaggaatt ctcaagcaga cagaaagtca    152460
     accaaaacac agaacaagtt aatccaagta gatcaggaat tgtggaaagg agtgagtacc    152520
     gcatagactt gggactggaa ctaggtctgt tctccagcag aatggtcttg caggaagatg    152580
     agaattacat aaccaaaaga gaggagaaga ggaagagaaa aggaagggaa gtgaagggag    152640
     gagggaagcc actcatcctc aagtactccc ctggaccaag agaggacaaa gcgggccttg    152700
     agctaccatg tgggtgctga gaatttaatc tgggtcctct ccatgagcag taactgccct    152760
     taattatgaa accaccactc taccctccaa tacttttttc tgagtcaaag tctcagtatg    152820
     ttgtaaatgg aacttcgaat ctccagatgt aattgtcatc tcaaaggctt accacctcag    152880
     tctgctaacc taggtctagt cctggaagtt tctacattcc atataacata atctaggcct    152940
     agaatgtttt cagcctctga aacttgctgc tgaataagct caccctttgt agttcctttt    153000
     gagcactggc taactaggtc aactcagctg ttttggctca aaactcttct caaagctggc    153060
     tgatacaatc tggcttctct tagtctctta tgaattgctc ttcttgccct tatcctaact    153120
     ttggcaataa tgttctaatc ttctggctcc ttctctttct ttggcttgtt ctctcttcaa    153180
     cctgtatttg tacagctgtc ctggtaaaac tgcctgcttt ctctgcactt cctcttaagt    153240
     agcttccttt ttctttctct gcttgtgaga gttgggccta tcctattctg tcaaatcttt    153300
     ctctgattca tcactttgtc tgtccctcaa ttaaacatca ctatcaaact tgggtgcatc    153360
     cttctacaaa ctaacttttc cttcaatgat tgggattaaa atgtgtgcta agggctgagc    153420
     cacaccacaa ctagaaacag ggtttttttt ttccttcctc ctcctgtctc tgagttctgt    153480
     gatttagagg catgagctac cacactgggg cttagtaaga tattttatta ggtatataaa    153540
     ttacttagaa agtaatcttt cttagtctgc cacagaactc cttagtttta acttaagaat    153600
     ccttcccaat aacctgggaa gcccccattt ctatcactgt gtcacttaac agtcttcctc    153660
     ttcactatta agaggtgtgc cagtctgggt gggttttagc ctcccagtcc tttccaaagc    153720
     ataggcagaa tagggtggga ggattggaaa acatgtacgt gaatatagaa ggcctctccc    153780
     cacctgcacc cacccacccc cctttggaaa caggatctta ctgaatagct ctggctgtcc    153840
     tggaacatac tctttataca aaagtgaatc ccgattcaga gatctgcttg cctctgcctc    153900
     caaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtatcac tatgcccagc cagcatgccc ttctttgagg    153960
     cttcttttgc taatgatttt agacccttct caagtttctt aggatctaat ggagggaaaa    154020
     gacaaaaaat aattgagtat atagtgtgat aaattctggg aggagcagtg ttctaaaaga    154080
     gtgattagag ccagtgtaga gttaggaaga gtttctaagg ggtaataatc ttaactcaat    154140
     gcagtaaatg gttcactaga gcactggagg tcagagttac tacagaccta attattacac    154200
     tgactgattg attgcttgat tttgtgaggg gaagaagcat gtgggccaca gcatgtgtgg    154260
     aagagagagg gcaatttgca ggagttggtt ttctcttact accacatggt tcttagggat    154320
     taaactcagc ttgtcaggct tggtggcaag cacctttacc catcaagcca tcttatctac    154380
     ctgctgtatc tctatttttc atactttcca gaagaattgg aaatcatctt caattgttaa    154440
     aagacaaata ctctgagata tatccacatt ttcctattct atgtagtaaa acttttagca    154500
     cttagcacac caatgctaca gtatcacaat ggttggcaaa cagccaatat ttactgaatt    154560
     aatgaacaaa tccagacaaa tatcacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacatttta    154620
     ataaatgttt cggctaggtt catatcaatt tgaaatcagc tctgaaagag agaacctcaa    154680
     ctgaaaaaaa cacccctacg actggcttat ggggaaacct gtagtatgtt ttctggatag    154740
     atgattgaca gagggtagag ctcaatgtgg ccagtgtcac tcctgagctg atggttctgg    154800
     gtaccacaag aaagcagact gacagagggg tcaggggcac agcaagaaaa cccacagaat    154860
     caactatcct ggctcatagt ggctcacaga gactaaaatg acaattaggg agcctgtgtg    154920
     agaatgatct agtcgttctg tatatatact acagttgtat aacttggtct tcttatggga    154980
     ctcctaacag tgggaacggg aactgtctct gactcttttg ctggcttttg ggaccccttt    155040
     cctcatactt ggttgcttcc tctggcctta aaaccacagg aggtgcctag tcttactaca    155100
     acttgatatg ccatgtttag ttgatttcca tgggaggcct gcccttttct gaagagaaaa    155160
     ggaggaggag ttgttgaaag ggaggcaaag tgagggggca ctggaaggag aggagggagg    155220
     agaaactgtg atcaggaggt aaaaataaat aaaggcaaag aagggaggga ggaaggaaga    155280
     aagaaagaag agaggagatg agataggagg ggaagggagg agagaagaga agagaagaga    155340
     agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga gcaaagtaaa    155400
     gcaagcaaac aggctgagca acctagcaat cagcacttct tcccggcttc tgtatcaatt    155460
     tctacttcca ggtttctgcc ttgagttcct tccttgaatt accttagtga tgaactgtga    155520
     tgtggaagta taagatgaaa taaattcttt ccttctcaag ttgctttttg gtcatggtgt    155580
     tttatcacag caacagatac cctaattaaa acaatataca tacttcttaa aggactgcta    155640
     cagctaatga cctaaaggcc tacaaaaaca caataatatg aatgacatct ttgcaatgat    155700
     ccaaaagtat atatgctatg atagtcccat tttatagaca aggagtcagg agttagagaa    155760
     ccatacaaat ataatataac ataaaataat tcaggtgact gtaaccccag aacacatccc    155820
     tttatactgc caactcatcc caacaatggg ccaaacgtaa atctagtggt tcagatgaag    155880
     aataggcaaa tgatcaagaa atatatgaaa agatatccaa tcttattaat aattgaggaa    155940
     aaacaagtga aaacagagac tcccatgttt agtacctata gactcacaca cagacacccc    156000
     actggtggga aaacatacca tacacatagg acaaattagc aatatcaaaa ttgaaatctc    156060
     tttatacttt tgtataattg atttatttta tatgtgcata tgcaggaagg ggaaccatag    156120
     aacacctgta gatatcggag gaaactgggg ttggttctct ccttccaata ttacatggtt    156180
     tccaggaact gaactcagac tgccaggctt actcaacaga cacctttgcc tgatgagcca    156240
     tattataggc ccaggaattt tctttttgtg caaatagttt cacaattatc caaagttatt    156300
     tgttacaaag ttattccttt ttttaaagtt atatattttc tttatataca tttcaactgc    156360
     tatcccgaaa gttccctata ccctccctcc accctgttcc cctacccagc cactccctct    156420
     tcttggccct ggcattcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcaacacc aaggggcctc    156480
     tctttccaat gatggccgac taggccatct tctgatacaa atgcagctag agatacgagc    156540
     tctgggggta caggttagtt catatttgtg ttccacctat agagttgcag accccttcag    156600
     ctccttggtt actttctcta gctcctccat tgtgggccct gtgtcccatc ttatagatga    156660
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt atttgccagg cactggcata gcctcatacg agacagctac    156720
     tccattgtgt aaatttacca cattttctgt atccattctt ctgttgaggg acatctgggt    156780
     tctttccagc ttctggctat tataaataag gctgctatga acatagtgga gcatgtgttc    156840
     ttattaccag ttggagcttc ttctgggtat atgcccagga gaggtattgc tggatcttcc    156900
     aggaatatta tgtccaattt tctgaagaac ctccagactg acttccagag tggttgtaca    156960
     agcttgcaat cccaccagca gtggaggagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc tcgccggcat    157020
     ctgccggcat ctgatttttt tatcttagcc attctgactg gtgtgaggtg gaatctcagg    157080
     gttgttttga tttgcatttc cctgatgatt aaggatgttg aacatttttt caggtgcttc    157140
     tcagccattc agtattcctc agttgagaat tctttgttta gctctgaacc ctatttttta    157200
     atggggttat ttgaatttct ggagtccagc ttcttgagtt ctttatatat attggatatt    157260
     agccccctat ctgatttagg attggtgaaa atcctttccc aacctgttgg tggcctttct    157320
     gtcttattga cagtgtcttt tgccttacag aagctttgca attttatgag gtcccatttt    157380
     tcaattcttg atcttacagc acaagccatt gctgttctgt ttaggaattt ttcccctgtg    157440
     cccatatctt cgaggctttt ccccactttc tcctctatta atttcagtgt ctctggtctt    157500
     atgtggaggt cacaaagtta ttcctaaagg agaggggtaa tccctgggac tgtcctacat    157560
     tcccacccac gagggtgtgt ttaattataa tacctttgga tttaatactg taactccact    157620
     aaatagtggg cttttatgga aagacctcca ttagttattg gcatatggcc atagttccat    157680
     tgccctagcc ttaggaaagg catggggaat acaatataag agaaaatatt aaaaggggta    157740
     gaaaacagag aaactaatat tttagctgta tgttctaaga tgtacaggag agtgtgggtt    157800
     ctgggagcat actgtcaact ttgtagccga ggtatgtact ttgtagatgt gcaattatta    157860
     gtagcccacc ctcccagtct tagggtcttt atctgtgaca gagataactg tgcctctgtc    157920
     ttaagattct ttttttatgt gaataatcac tttattatct gactgttgaa attaaaattc    157980
     tttagttttg aaaaataaat atagatatac acctgagaat aagacctgaa catctgtttc    158040
     tagaatccaa tccattacaa attcacacaa accagcccag tgctgtgggt ttccttctac    158100
     atgaccacaa tgacatcagc agccttcttt caaatgattt tcattcccag accactgtgg    158160
     acattaagag caagtgtctt aagattctta tgaggcttaa ttaatcaatg caaagtaatt    158220
     accccctcaa ggtacagagt aaaaccactg aatcaacaca aactgttatt ttctcaaact    158280
     aagcactgtg ccaaatattt gttcatttat tgaagtgaca caacatcctt tgagttgatc    158340
     tactttccat ggaggctcac agctagaacc cttcagagcc ccagtgccta gagtgccgag    158400
     agtgtattct atgtctgact tcagggtcct ctccacgtgg acttgccttt agtggcctcc    158460
     ttcatggctg agggaactga aggtcagagg gatggttcta cagaaggtgc cctggattta    158520
     taaggatggt ctgatctcaa aatcgaatga gttagtttca ctaccccaga gggagtagag    158580
     gaagaaaaca gaaagagaag gcacagaaca aggggagtga aaggagacta ctttgctttt    158640
     tatctttagc agaggcctga gataccttaa ggccgaggcg gaagggggtg gggtggggtg    158700
     ggcggggctg agcaggaggc tgggatgaaa gctgcttccc agcccagccc acagcactca    158760
     ccgtctttgg ttcgtcctca gtgcagggca acaggtaaga ggttctttca gtgttctttc    158820
     tgggctctca ccaacactgt atgttgaccc tgggtggact tttgaccttc acagaaactc    158880
     tcttctgttt gggggttttc ctttcttcct cctctccctc tctctctctc ttactacttt    158940
     ccagtacttt catcttactt cactaattct ctgtctgaca ttcctgcttt ctgttacttt    159000
     tccctcaaag gacttttctc tatctcctca acccctcaaa acccatttct gtctccttag    159060
     tctccttctg tctctgtctc ttcctctccc ccatttctct aggaaaggca tcttcatatt    159120
     tcttccaaaa ttctccagtc accccattat cacttgacac tttcccatct gcttggccta    159180
     gaacagagtg tgaggtttca gagccttgtg ggtagggggt cagatccagg gaaggaaaat    159240
     tggaggcttt tgtgggggag ggggggtggt taagaatggt aaggcaagat gcaggaattg    159300
     agaggttgca aaattagtag aaataaaggg aaaaggcgga agagaattgt cattgtacag    159360
     aaaaggcaga tttggagtct cactcttaag tcactgtgag atcccaggca ggtcatttat    159420
     cctttgacaa aagggcctgc ccacagttcc cacaaatttc ttagttttgt ggtatacatt    159480
     cttctgtttt taattgtcct ttgactttcc agggttggaa agagggcact aggaggggag    159540
     ataaggcctg atgcttcact ggaagaagca agggattctt ttccagactt aaatgattct    159600
     taatatcaag ccacaagtaa tgggagacag gggacagaag agctgcaaga gtggcttctg    159660
     gcttccctgc tgggatggtg gcccagctga tctttctggc ctatgggact gcaaattagg    159720
     tgctgaccta aaagggaatt atagacatac agggaaaaaa accctttgag taatgatgcc    159780
     acttgtcttg agaattcccg tccctctttg atttagtttt aaaattactc gaaatctttt    159840
     ctatgtagtg ggttatataa atcattaagt ggtgaaatga attcataaat gttcaatagt    159900
     accccaaatc ctactttaga acatttggag aaagcattgg tcataaatta ctgtaacaga    159960
     gtggcttggt gtctagagtc aacttcccag ctatgaaaat cgggaatgtt tggaccatag    160020
     attcatggtc gctaagttag aagtctctgg aaccagactg cctaagctga aattttgctt    160080
     cctttactta acagttttgt aatttgggtg agtcacagat cttttgggga cctcggtgtc    160140
     tatttccaac atcatcctga ggactgaata agtctatgta tgtagaacat tgacaatggt    160200
     cagagctttg ttaatgtttg tatatcagaa ccagaagata aattatgaaa tttccaatct    160260
     aatccaatgt ctgtggagaa agtaaagttc aaaagggtgg aggggagcag gggagccaaa    160320
     gtacacatac agtaaaaaag taacaaaatg agacaaaaat ctcatctcca gctttccaga    160380
     cttagtctga tataagcaag gtggaactct gatatattta tgatgtgact ccttggctcc    160440
     agagtatgtt ttgtctgaga aaagatttgc tacttagtcc taactgactg ggagctatgc    160500
     agcccaaact aatatgcaat ttaggatcct gttgtcacag cttgctgtgg tgtcaaaata    160560
     cccagctaag agatacccag ctaagacctt atgttcttaa taccctgcct gaaatgcttc    160620
     ctctattcaa ctttactcat tcctggctca tattaagaat gttatggaat ggacattaag    160680
     aatccaaata caaagttata ggtcataatg atgttcaaga agatcagtgt aggacaagag    160740
     aaattgtaac tggagcttta aaatgaactc aagaattcaa ttcacatcaa gaactctgta    160800
     tttttcccag gaccctcagt atattatggc caacagcccc acaaaaatgg tgagtccact    160860
     ggacctcttc tggtttctac atggaaagta ggccttaatc aaccatcatt ccagggcagg    160920
     actttgcctc taatcttaag ggcttcctgt ctcactatat acttcaatgc tattgtcagt    160980
     gtcagagaag gagtttgtat aaacctgcag gaactgggac atcttgactc cctacagatt    161040
     gccagagcca gcgttggcca gatgcttaga cgtgattcca ggaaggggtt cttcttctct    161100
     cccacgccct gggctcatcc tagggagtag ccagactcta atggtgataa gctctagggg    161160
     ctttatctat ggtctgcagg ctcagccttg agtgctttag ccttcatggc caggcagtca    161220
     gaagggcaac tcttatttcc agatatgagg taggcactgg atccaaccaa tggcctactg    161280
     agtgatcaag gtagaattac ctcacatctg acaactgatc aaagctaaaa cccagaaagg    161340
     agaagtgcct tgtccaaaaa cattgaatga agacactaga aaaccagaat gtagataaga    161400
     aaaatttaac tttttatgca ccaactacca tgctgaaagg ttcacatttt tgttttgttt    161460
     tgtttgtttc atttaatcct tccaagcagc tttctgcttt tttgttattc cagggcccat    161520
     atgattgggc ctacaaacta actcaggctg ctgtgacagc ctggaaaggc agggaggatg    161580
     tcctaagatg caataagatg actgggcttt gtaacataag aggcgggtgc ttgttctgtg    161640
     agattagagg gataaaagaa gttgccaata ggataggctc aagaattcct tctgttccct    161700
     tgtctctcac ataataaggc cttatacact gagcctttgg cttcttggca gagctgaggc    161760
     tttagccctc ccacatttcc tcctctctct cctattgatt gtgctgtcct gcatcttgtt    161820
     cctactcatt gactctgact ctacaattgg ctctttcctt ccaatctgtt tccccctctt    161880
     gttctgtctt tcattttggt atgtctcaat cttacctccc tagaggcctc ctccctcccc    161940
     ccttcaccca cccatttcct tctcaaatat agatttatta ttttaaatta tgtgtatatg    162000
     tttggttctg tcacaggtat gtatacatga gtgccaggcc agtggaaacc ggaggcctcg    162060
     gatctcctgg agctggagtt ccaggcagtt gtgagccaca cggcatgagt actgggaagc    162120
     aaacctggaa gaacagtatt tcctcttaac cactaagcca tttcttctgc cactaccact    162180
     gtctcttgag cttttagatt tttaaaaagc cattgtcttt ttcattgttt ctctcccacc    162240
     accactccag cagggtcaga tccccctccc ttaagcctgt atagtctaac cctcttatct    162300
     tggtgctcca atgcccttgc tagatccctt tctctcctgc ttaattttca gtctttatat    162360
     tactctagac tacctaacat ttgtccctcc cagtatgttt cctgcttctc cttcttttgt    162420
     cttattatct tgccctactt tctacatctc ccatcatcct cttgtcttgt tactcggcat    162480
     cagtcttcct ctctgtgtcc ctttctatct ctaccttgct cttttccctt ccagttctga    162540
     tatctttctc agtttcaggt cttcctcctc caccactaca cttttgttgg ctctcttctt    162600
     ttctccttct gaagttgtct tgatttttcc ccacctccct gtgctctcct tttgaagatc    162660
     atagtaatca ttaatttact ccaaaattca gccaatactc aatgagagtt atgtgtcatt    162720
     tgctttatct ttttctgttc attttttccc tgtcttttct ccagccccct tc            162772