ID   AL808027; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 241914 BP.
AC   AL808027;
DT   03-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 32)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-161B9 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-241914
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0024b259e276f104e622b8d873aacada.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456091.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002546; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002550; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026822; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026825; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039195; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039205; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039254; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039262; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000044627; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025597; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025598; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025599; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025600; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025601; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025602; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025603; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025604; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025575; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025576; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025577; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025578; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025579; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025580; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025581; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025582; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025544; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025545; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025546; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025547; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025548; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025549; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025550; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025551; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025571; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025572; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025573; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025574; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025575; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025576; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025577; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025578; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025332; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025333; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025335; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025336; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025337; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025338; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026016; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026017; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026018; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026019; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026020; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026021; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026022; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024794; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024795; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024796; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024797; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024798; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024799; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024800; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024801; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025309; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025310; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025312; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025313; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025314; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025315; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025316; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025442; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025443; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025444; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025445; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025446; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025447; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025448; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025449; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025405; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025406; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025407; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025408; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025409; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025410; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025411; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025528; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025529; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025530; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025531; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025532; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025533; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025534; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025535; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025435; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025436; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025437; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025438; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025439; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025440; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025441; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025442; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025443; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026074; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026075; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026076; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026077; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026078; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026079; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026080; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024541; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024542; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024543; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024544; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024545; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024546; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024547; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024548; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024549; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024862; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024863; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024864; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024865; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024866; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024867; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024868; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024869; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL808027.14:1-241914; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000002625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000036691; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000048964; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050410; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050785; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000069817; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000078352; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000081670; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091089; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000100194; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113331; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113332; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113334; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113338; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113350; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113352; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113365; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113377; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113395; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113397; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113400; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123740; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125818; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129156; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129193; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131152; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132028; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000136079; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139238; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139494; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139624; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140406; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146423; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146485; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000183946; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000192241; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000201433; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000201440; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000201494; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000202578; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054033; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054043; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054054; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054058; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054065; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054076; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054093; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054115; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054048; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054058; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054069; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054073; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054089; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054107; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054129; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054131; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054002; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054012; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054024; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054029; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054036; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054048; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054065; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054087; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0053992; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054002; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054013; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054018; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054025; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054037; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054054; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054076; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053723; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053733; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053749; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053765; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053782; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053804; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054478; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054488; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054499; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054504; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054520; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054537; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054559; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053893; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053903; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053914; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053918; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053933; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053951; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053973; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0053975; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053669; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053679; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053695; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053702; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053711; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053728; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053750; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053777; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053787; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053798; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053803; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053810; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053821; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053838; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0053860; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053738; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053748; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053759; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053765; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053781; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053798; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0053820; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053884; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053894; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053905; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053909; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053916; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053927; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053944; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0053966; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053728; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053738; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053749; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053754; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053761; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053772; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053789; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053811; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0053813; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0054618; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-161B9 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..241914
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-161B9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    41653..41748
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57231, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    67225..67412
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57231, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    124222..124280
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    165522..165590
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-375I1
FT                   (AL928669) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57233, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    170016..170112
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-375I1(AL928669)
FT                   and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data sequenced
FT                   by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium, contig57233,
FT                   version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    171124..171627
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57233, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    174810..174829
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads and dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    176228..176321
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-375I1
FT                   (AL928669) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig176637, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    179368..179627
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-375I1(AL928669)
FT                   and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data sequenced
FT                   by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium, contig176637,
FT                   version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    198782..198782
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 50bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    198783..198798
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    204123..204157
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57234, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    226512..226522
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57234, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    226523..226523
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 20bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    226524..226534
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    229006..229198
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-375I1
FT                   (AL928669) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig57235, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 241914 BP; 56854 A; 61194 C; 62878 G; 60988 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccaa acccaagtac actccagtct catctataaa atgtcaagcc attgacctct        60
     gacctatgca cagcctcctg tatcctttaa tcatcttctg attactcatg ctccccacca       120
     cactgcaaga gccatgtgat agctgctctg ccccgttgcc tggggaacga ggagagtgaa       180
     agcctgttca tgtccagcat tggtgcaggg ttgctcttct ctctcttctc ttttttaaat       240
     ttgagataag gtctcactcc atagtctgag ctggcctgga aattcctaca gtccaggctg       300
     accttgaaca cagcaattct cctgcctcag tccccccact gttgggatta cagatgtgag       360
     tcagccacta agcctgactt ctctaaagat tgttgatctg cgcagggcgt ggtggcacat       420
     gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagct       480
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataga gagaaaccca gtctcgaaaa       540
     aacaaaacaa caacaacaac aaagattgtt gatccacatc aggttgaatc tgagaatgtg       600
     ggacctgtgg ctaaatacag ccagctatat agctaaaatt cactttatct cacagacagg       660
     caatgtagct cagcctggaa agggggttct atggcaacct ctgcccgcct ccccgaaagt       720
     gaaaatttag tttctttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg gtagaggcta aagtcttgct       780
     atgtgtaacc ctggcctaaa atcctctatg taaatgaggg tggcttttaa attgtggtaa       840
     tcatgcctct atatcccgag tgctgagacc acagcatgaa gcacaaccac acatatcttt       900
     cttttatttt ttaaacatct ccactagcat tctctttttc tttttctttt ggtggggtgg       960
     tcttggaact cgctatgtag attaggtgaa ctttgaactt tcattaaccc accagcttct      1020
     ggattgaaga catgtgatag ctcagaggcc ttgctcacta gaccatttta aacgtgactg      1080
     tgcatgtgtg tgctcctgcc tgtgcatgtg tgctcatggg tgcatgtatg tatgtgtgtg      1140
     ctcgcgcacg tgtgctgtgg ttacaggtct gttactgcca accttagtta acatatgtat      1200
     tttcagtctt tatttttctg gttgctagca ggaaaccaag ctcctccatg ctaagcatgt      1260
     atgtgctcca cctctgacca ctccccggcc catacacatt tttctgaatg gcccaatgta      1320
     gctagtcttt gccactgggt tcttcttttt tccactcttt attcccccac cgcagttcac      1380
     cccctatcac tagataggag tgaaggataa agggaagaga gagagagaga gagatctttc      1440
     tctctgaatc cctgaatcta atgtctttcc ttttgtttct tctttgtgca ggactattaa      1500
     caaatcacag ccaacacctt cccttaatga cccacaacca ctcaccccac ctatagaggc      1560
     cctagcattt atataccctc ttaaaagtac ccagaattca aaacaccaca aattcccaga      1620
     aacccctctg gccatatcag cttacatact caggttggaa ctgggtgtca ctgatggtgg      1680
     ggatgggttt attgtacttg ctacaagtct gcctttcttc cctgcccgat gggaagagca      1740
     ttggtgtcta tcttttgtgc ttggtgaggg tgaagtgaga atccagggct gggggaaggg      1800
     gcctgtagct cagttgacct agcacataca aagccctagg tttgatcctc agcactgagt      1860
     gggcaacaca cgtgtaatcc tgcacttggg gaggtggagg caggaggatc acaagttcca      1920
     tgttatgctg taacccagac tggcctctag cttcctatgt agctcaggat ggctttgaac      1980
     ttctgactct tgcctctttc tcctaggtgc tgggattcca tacctgtcta cactgctgca      2040
     tcctgatgta ctgatttata tttgaaatag ggtctcgcta catagctcta gctgttctaa      2100
     ggctcactat gtagctgagt ctggtctcaa attagcagca atcctcttgc ttcagcttct      2160
     ccaagattgg gattacaggc atgtgccacc actgtctggc tagcaggttt atcctagaga      2220
     ggagatacat agaagttgtc atggatagaa agcagtaatg ttgggaaagc ataagaaaat      2280
     tatagtgcca gacgtggtgg cacacgcctt tgatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg      2340
     tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtgt tcaggactgc acagagaaac      2400
     cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaag aaaattataa      2460
     aactacccaa aagaacatgc cccagacact gggcttggca ttccattgaa atggtttttg      2520
     tttttttcca ggacctagtt gagcggcctt ggaaaagctg tatatcctct cagtccctct      2580
     tttttcttac aataataagt gcttcagagt tggcattaaa ccagacaagc ccagcccact      2640
     aacagaggac accatagcag ctgggattta gtctcttcag gagagtgcct aagatggtcc      2700
     cacacttttc ttctgagtag ctgaacccag ggcctcctgc attgaagcga caaagtctac      2760
     aactgagtta catcaccaac tatttctttt taattaagat tgattgattg attgattgat      2820
     ttatttattt tacaccagaa cagggcagac cccattacag ctggttgtga gccaccatgt      2880
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctctg ggagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccactgag      2940
     gagccatctc tccagccata tatatgttct tgtttcttga atgttatttt taattgctag      3000
     gatatctgga atagataagg agaacctagc actgcacagt aacctcgaag ggagccagtc      3060
     tctctcccag gccttttgtt ctgcattcac acgaatacac acccaagtgg ggtggtttat      3120
     gtcatgtttt aaaaagggtg aagtggccgg gcagtggtgg tgcaagcctt taattccagc      3180
     acttgggaga cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgaggg cagcctggtc tacagagtga      3240
     gttccaggac agccagggat acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaacaaa acaaaataaa      3300
     acaacaacaa aaaaaggtga agtgtctata cggtgcactt gttatggaag ggagaccttg      3360
     ctgtggaatg gtgcaacgaa ccacttctgc cgtaccactt ctgccgtacc acttctgccg      3420
     taccacttct gcgtgtttcc tgcatgtatc ttgccactgg gatccccctc tccctccaca      3480
     cattctaaca ggtcaggact gtcaggctgt caggtttgtc tgtcaagagg ctctagagct      3540
     ctgggggtgg tgggagcagg atccaagttc agtccctctt ctgagccccc ctccctctca      3600
     ggtctgcatc ccctgccttt tagggtgctg agtcctcccc attctcccca cccttttgca      3660
     ttctcacccc agagctctcc ctggggtccc ctcccagtct atgtctgctt ctttcaagag      3720
     cccctccccc acccatggag gaggccttct ccatgggtgg gggtggtctt caaccagatc      3780
     cactctccgt tgagattcct cttcaccagg agcctctctc catgaagacc cctctgattt      3840
     gggaccccat ctccatccat gtatcttgct actgggatcc ccctctcccc ccagttcctt      3900
     tactttttct ccatttgagc cgtcctctcc attgcagcct ctttgcacca gggcttcctc      3960
     cttctcctgg ttcctttcca cctaggcccc ttctccatca aagtccctct ccaccaaggc      4020
     ctcttctcca tcaaggtccc tctccaccaa ggcctcttct ccatcaaggt ctctctccac      4080
     ctaggcccct tctccatcaa ggtccctctc cacctaggcc ccttcttcat caaggtcttt      4140
     ccatttgggc cccttctcca cctcggcctc ctctccacgt aagccccttg tccatcaagg      4200
     tccctctcca ccgcgtcccc tctccagccg agcctcctct ccatctaggt ccctctcttc      4260
     cgcagcccct ctgcaccgcg gcccagctcg ctccccgcgc tctccctcct cctctccccc      4320
     gccctccctc ccgggacagg ggcgacgcag cagggggcgc tgcgcgggcc accgtgcggg      4380
     cggcgggcgg gggcggcgcg gaggcggagg cggcggcggc ggggggcggg gagccgagcg      4440
     cgggcgggag gcggcggcga gccacagcgc cgaggctcca gcgagcgccg aggagcggga      4500
     ggaggaggag gaggcagagg caggagcgca gagcgccgag ccccgcgccg ccgccgcgca      4560
     atccgccgcc atccgccgcc cccgcgcccg gccgccgccc gaccgccatc gcccgggccc      4620
     gtcgcgcgcg gacgcagacc aggtgggccg gggccggggc cagggcagag gccggggttg      4680
     cgctttgtct ccgcggcggt gcgctgcggc gggcgcgggg ctgcggcctg ggcggcctgc      4740
     tcggcgctcc ccagctcgcc attgttgtgt cttcgcggcc agggcgggag gacggcgggc      4800
     cgagcggggc tgggcaaggc tcggggtcgg gatcgagccc gagggctctc ctgcgcccgg      4860
     ggacggcggc cttgtcggcc ggggtggggg acgcgggacc ccgaggccgc ccggaaccgc      4920
     aggccgagcg ccgccccggc tcgggtgggt tcggctgagg gaagcggggt ggtgttttca      4980
     cggcacccgg agccgctgct aaaaatgttt aatgataaac aggatgtcgc tgctcggggc      5040
     ctgccagatt gatttttttg tttgtttctt tttcttcgtc taccttttaa gagagaaatg      5100
     cagacctatt gagatagatg gtgggcctct ctggagagga tctgcctgca taaaagtgga      5160
     cgctgctgct ttcctttctt ctttgtaaat atcgtggggg gatgaagccc actgttaggc      5220
     aagaataggt gtcgcccccc ttccccaggc aatggtgagc ttgaaggaag tgggagaagg      5280
     ggggcgccga tgctctccgg agtgtgtcat ttgctaaatg gctgcctggg agaaaccttt      5340
     ataaagctgt cttttgcagg gtagttaaat ttcacctacg ttttttcttt cctggaaagg      5400
     ttagcgtgta tttcggtgtg ttgtctgttt gcgttgtata tctcacttgg gttttctgtc      5460
     cgtctgtctg aagcctcagc gccctttctc agcagtacaa ccgcaggggc ttgctttgta      5520
     tcgtaatgtc tgcaccgtcg tggtgcaagc tgggacctga ggggtacagg ctgtggagtg      5580
     ggatgcttgc tgccaccgag ggactactca gccttcacag gcagagaggc atgacttggc      5640
     aagccgtcgg tgctctgtag ttactctgtg ctgtcaacct aggacagaag gctggccact      5700
     tgtggtgtca tccatgctgg ggcatgccac aggtgctggt ttgaagtggc agcgttggag      5760
     aagggattca aaacattggg tgatgtagga ctgctggaag ttccaggtca gcctgggcta      5820
     catggtgaaa acccaacaaa atacccacat ccgtaggtac tttggttagt gctgggcctc      5880
     agtggggagg aggcacggac tgcgttagta gcccccgtca gagcaggggg ttgtctggct      5940
     ttcagtgggc tggaattgta taggatggat aggagaagag acaggaactc gggagtcttg      6000
     actttggaag agaactgccc tccttgggga tgggcaaata attgttcggg gagccttcag      6060
     cttgttcagg caagtgtccc tcttggagcc atgttcaggt cctcttgagt gactttaccc      6120
     aagtctctga gccccagctc ttgcatctat aaaatgggaa taataagact cctgctgtat      6180
     ctcgtgggag cctccggtaa ggttcacagc agagcgtttc tgtcctggga aggtggtaga      6240
     catggacatt ctcgcaggtt ccttggtttt gttagttcct tttaaatcct gacttttcct      6300
     cgtgttgtgg cttgtggaat tggggacccc ctgcaaatgc tgtgaccagc aaattgtttc      6360
     agggctggct taaaggtcca ggggagctca gctagattcc gctgctagtg ggagaccatg      6420
     gaagggtttc agataatgaa tggggagaca gatattggtc tcactctgtg tggtgacgta      6480
     ggccttggct cttggagagc cctggttaac ttgctggttt ccagttggat agacagtgac      6540
     ttgcagtctg ggagggagag gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg ttgcttcatt      6600
     tgccttaatc atttgctgag tttaaggcgc ttccatgtcc cctccagggc cttttctaca      6660
     cttgccattt ggctcatcct tgctgtctga cctcccttgc cagtctggtc ctggtctgcc      6720
     tgtggctggt ggattaggga aggttgaagt ctactgtccc tgcccccagg attgtaattc      6780
     ctggcggagc tcgctgctca tgtggggcct gctctggtcc tccccactct tccgtgggaa      6840
     ggagagggtg agggagggga aatccctggg cacttgagag tcaaaagcct taggagagtg      6900
     gagtttctgg aatggccggt cggaactggt tcctgagcct tggctttact ccgctaccct      6960
     ccatcctgtt tgaatttcga ctctctccca cccacccgcc cggtttcttt ttctcagaaa      7020
     gatcatttta ttgtctttta aagccccccc ccccctttgc ctcacacaga gtaccagctc      7080
     ccagctaatg gctgtgggtt ggttccatct ccctttgttc cagcgtttaa gattgatcat      7140
     ttcagggtta gtttctattt caaaccagaa aaggctggga ggtccagtgc atgcatttct      7200
     aacttccata atgaggctcc tctgctgtca aatgttcaga tcaagttaca ggccagcagg      7260
     tattaatagg gcctggccgg aacaggtctt aaaacagtac agtttttttt ttcctcttaa      7320
     aaaagaaaga agaaaagaaa gaatatttcc agcagacacc cgttggactc tgtgctgcga      7380
     gccttgtttt gtttgctttt gagtattgta tacaaaggca gggctaagta agtttaagac      7440
     ttcttttgaa ttatagtcga ttatatttat tgagtgtgtc tctgcttgtg taccatggtc      7500
     ctccagtggt ggtcccaggg caacctgtgg gagttggcgc tagctttcta tcccgcggtt      7560
     cctcaggatc aaactcaggt tgtcaggttt ggccacagtc acccttacta ctaagccaac      7620
     cctcagcctt cagtcattat tattattact actacttggg tttgggtaga cttgggaacg      7680
     ttgggatggg gcctcacagg gctagtggtg ctggaagccg tggggagaga taggtggtta      7740
     gcctcctgga gcggggacat tgtttaccat gagcctttag gtttcacagg ggccctttgg      7800
     catcctcact tgggagctgg caggcctggg cctcaccaca ggtgacactg ctgtttacat      7860
     aggcgggcct gtgggaaatc tgtgctccag gggggtgttt gccttggtgg cttgcttgct      7920
     ttgctttgtt ttccattgta cttttccccc atctgttata atctttccag aacttcatgg      7980
     attctgtaga gatgctggtg tgtggggctt ctcatggcgg taggaggtgg ctgtgcaggg      8040
     tgaagtccac ctccaggggc tattgtctgg catgtttgcc tttgtgcccc ccccccccct      8100
     ttctccctcc tctctgacta ttggcttctt cctctttggc tctgggagaa gccaatcctc      8160
     gggtgctcag ggatttccct gccattatgc aagggccttt aaaataacgt ttcccagccc      8220
     ctagtaaacg tgattcctga agaaaaaaac attagaaaac attgacaagg atttaagaaa      8280
     atacagatac aattcaccta ccccacccgc taactggaga gaactgctgt gagtgtcctg      8340
     gcgtcttcgc aactggaaca ctctacatac gtgcactgtg cacagctgac aacttggttt      8400
     ttcctgtgaa tgttgtgttt tgtgtacctg ctgatttatt taatcttgca gtttgctagg      8460
     cagttcagtt gttgttaccc gtctttcccc tcctgagaca tttctgtctt ggggtttatc      8520
     tctggctctc ttccttcctg cagtggcttt cctaaggttg aaggctgtga gatctattct      8580
     ggttttcttt tgaagttttc tcttttgaga cagggttttt ctgggcagtc ctggctgtcc      8640
     tggaactctg tagaccagct ctggcctcga acagagatcc atctgcctct gcctcccgag      8700
     ggctggcatt aaagcagctc gccaccacat ggagctcttc tgaaattttc aatcccgttc      8760
     ctctttcatc atgatgagca tgaaatggct tctgtcatga gccaccaggt tctgggtggt      8820
     tctgtctcgg tcagggtgtt tttatttttt ataagtttat atttattatt ttaatgttta      8880
     tctgtgtgca tgtgtgggca cggggctgca gtgccagaag ggtgttgaat gcatgggagc      8940
     tggagttagc ctgatgtgcc tgctaggatg gaagaaaata actggtttta agcttttcca      9000
     tctctccagc ccctggctca aggtcttctc cacatgctag attgagtgta gacaaggcgt      9060
     ttgtctcaat ccttctggaa gtaggggggt atgtgaaccc ggcaggaagc ccctcccaag      9120
     agaggctttg tggggaatgt cccaacctgt catcacttct ttttttgatg tgtgcagatc      9180
     aaaggtgtga gccaccgccc cggccagagg gtggataggg gtttcatttt gagacagaat      9240
     ctctctttgt aaccttccat ggggcctgct atacactttg taggccaggc tggcctcaag      9300
     ctcacagaga tctgcccgtt tctgcctctt gcgtgctggt gattaaagtg ggctatggat      9360
     ttggctgtat aacgcaggct ggcctttccg tggcaatcct gcctccgctt cccacggacc      9420
     aggatcgcag tgtgtgctga catttggttc tgcttttctt cattacttac ttacaatttg      9480
     ttaataaagt tttaaaaata atttttactt taatgtttgt gtgtatgtgc acagtgtacc      9540
     tgcacatatg catgtgcacc cgcgtgcttg tggaggcttg aggttaaatt tcatatcttc      9600
     cggatcactc ttccccctca aatgaggcct ggtctccctt gaactcagaa ctcactgctc      9660
     tggcccctct gtgtgcactg gattgcagaa ggcccacctg acatttgtga ggtgctgggc      9720
     gtttgaactc tgggtctcag gtttgtgcag caggtacttt atacacagaa ccatctccct      9780
     gacccccaaa acaattttta ttgtgctaga atgtgtcctt tgtaagtgtc cagttcagtg      9840
     gcatggggtc tagtcacggg cacacactca ttaccagcca cattcctccc gaactgcatc      9900
     catccgttag agattgagtc ttctcccagc ctcatgcagc cacccatcgc tgttggctcc      9960
     atgtgagttt gactgttctg ggtcccctgt ataagcagga tcacccgacg ttcatcatgt     10020
     tgctactagc atactttatt tagcatgctc attgcatgtt gtggtaggct ccagaacttc     10080
     ctgaggctga ggcaggaatt tgaggatagt ctgggctgca gagccagacc ttatcttaaa     10140
     aacaaacagg gtgagcagct ggctcggcag gtaaaggtgc aagccttgtg accgtgccag     10200
     ccggatggcc tgagttcagt cctcgaaatc caggtaagac aggcaggaga aaaccaagcc     10260
     tcagtatttg tcctctgacc tccacacaca agaggtggcg ggcccgtccc actccccagc     10320
     acacatgcac acactgtttt gcacacatgt actacatttt cttcatccgt ccgaccatcc     10380
     atccatctgt agatgacaac tagtaagcac agctgttttg aatctgtggg acttgtttat     10440
     gccagtggga gctgttgttc cctgtgtgct tgtgctccca gggtcccctg taagagggac     10500
     gcaccactct agagttgtgt aagagggtct cacaagaggc caccagcatc agcttcattc     10560
     agcctgggaa atggggagtg gtgctctgac gtttgtggca gaattgaaat aagcacccac     10620
     ttggaagcag tgcgctgcgg cctgggggga tgaaaacggg ttttacattg aaatcagaaa     10680
     ctgcagatcc ctggagagag cccatgcttt tcagggtacc gaggcccttt tgaatatgga     10740
     cattctgtaa gtacccaact tcccagcatg ccttggtcat gcttttgtac aaatgaaggg     10800
     atggaagaag gggctgtggc cagcgccctt acccaggtcc ctttgtgttc tccagcgcct     10860
     tttggggcag gtggtgttta cagacagtcc agagcttaaa gaacagctct gttcccacaa     10920
     ggacagaaaa tacaggcctg tctaggaggg gttaggttgc tcctgcctgg gtgacctgtc     10980
     tgtgggactg aatgcactca gtgtttagga gtcattaggg agagcagggg gtggttttga     11040
     gacacaatgc gacattttct ggtgtttatt tttctggcaa attaatttaa aaagtacata     11100
     tatatatata tatatataca cacaataccg gtttacacac aagaaggaaa agggggttca     11160
     caaagaggag tacaagtgtg ccccccctgg cctcctggca ggaagcattg tttacatttg     11220
     gttgtgttta tcctgccaga ctcagtatag cagtaaatgc aggcttcaag ggcttaggga     11280
     aaggctgttt cagaaaacag actgggggcc gtgggggtgg ggcatggggg gagccagggt     11340
     gcagctgagg ggctggggtg caggttagaa gcagagcgta caaggtcttg gattctggat     11400
     ccaaccttga aaaacaaaca aatcaacact ggagtcacct gtccatatca tagggcacgt     11460
     tttcagacat actgagggtt tctccttatt aatagaaaca gatatgattc ttaatatttt     11520
     agacataatg cttactagtt tttacaaaat gtacaaatgt atagaaaaca aaacaaaata     11580
     gctcactcat ctaaaaatag ctcagtccca cggcccagat attcccagta gacgtattat     11640
     tattattatt atcttttaaa ggtttcactg gctggcctgg gactgccttt gatacaggta     11700
     acctttagct cataaaggtc cacctccctc cacctcctga gtgctgggat taaaggcatg     11760
     agccaccatg cccagcttaa tatatgtatt aacaagcgtg gtggcatgag cctttaatct     11820
     cagcactcag caggcaaaag taaaaattgt tttaaaaaca ctttatttac aaattgtaaa     11880
     acgtataatg aagaaaagca gggctaagta agatggtagc gcacagtgta atcttggtac     11940
     ttgggaagtg gaggcaggag cattgccatt caaaactaac ctgggttaca tcctcaggca     12000
     tggttgacac cagcattgga gaggcagggg gatctctgag ttctaggcca gccatggcta     12060
     catagtgaga tcctgtctca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcacac acgtgaggga     12120
     gtgtgctctg gtggccagag gccagctttc tctttggcag tgtggagtgt actaagaagc     12180
     ctgtgagggt ctttgcagac tctgcttctt gagcggtgtt ttgttaagga acctctcttt     12240
     tccttcctgc agctctttgt gtttgattgg aggtgcgcgg ggtgttcacc ctcctgagtg     12300
     aggccttttg cactgaggtt agaggttgtg acctgctggt ctgtgtcaga gctgatttgc     12360
     agatggcggt ctgtagtgca gggccatggc agaagctgct ctggtctgtc aggtgaggac     12420
     ctgcagaggg cgtagtggga cacagggcca gtgaaatgac ccttgctgtt aactctggcc     12480
     cttcctgcct ggttcctggt gcaggcaggt cagagacgcc ctctctttgg agtttctgtg     12540
     acaatcgcca gtggaatgtt tctatgctga gcctccttcg aatctcctgt tgaataggtt     12600
     ccccccaact cctgtttaat ttttattatt aaaattattg cacatttgtt tgtgtgtttg     12660
     tatgtgtgtg tgtaggcatg cataccactg tgcatgtgtg gttagaggac aacttaaggg     12720
     ggtcggttcc ttcctcccag gtagggtcca gggattgaac ttgttgtcag gtttggctgc     12780
     aagtgccttt acttgctgag ccatctcgct ggcccctctt tttaaaaata ccttcttttg     12840
     agtcagggtc ttgtgttgtg taggttggcc tttagttcag tgccgtggtc atccctgcgt     12900
     gctgtttctg tgaactcgaa cctcggagtt ctcctgggag gagaggcatg gccgccaccc     12960
     cacctgctgc cctctggggt gacctgcttt ggggtccacc gctttcaatt ctgtgggttc     13020
     taacactgag ctggtaacct ggggccagtt atttaatctt cttactctgt tcttcttgct     13080
     tgcagaaggc tgtagctgca ctagaccttc atagaaggga ggagatttga aaggtcatgt     13140
     acttaaacct ttataaggta cctggcacaa ggcaagcggg ctctcaataa acaggagagc     13200
     tattaatggc cctgaaccca gcactcaagg agggcctagg ggtttggagt aggcaggctg     13260
     tacacttggg actcatttgt ttactggatg ctgaggcttc taaactcggc tgcagaccca     13320
     gatccagcag ccttgccttt tcctctggca gccccgacct ctcaaccagc gttggctttc     13380
     ccgggaagca ggtgccctgg gttctttccg ccattcccac ctccaagaac tccactgcca     13440
     tcttttacag cctgtggggt gctgatcgct gactggtgcc cttcttggag gcttttctct     13500
     ggaggaagga gtgaaggcag gtagggggct ctggctgtgc agaggctctg cagctagctg     13560
     gccacagttc tgatgcggtt tccagtaatg agaaactctc ttcttagccc actcgtctac     13620
     ctgctgtagg actgaacaca ttatctctta gttcttggag actccgtttc tttagctgct     13680
     cagtgtggat gcagcctgtc tcatgtcacc agttgtcata ttgcactgct gtgtgcattg     13740
     acacatgcct ggacatactg gtgcaggggg gtgggacctg ggcgatcagc aatgatgtat     13800
     ggtacggttc tgcgtttatt tacttcactg agacaccccc aaagcagggc atgagtgaac     13860
     atccaaacct gttacaaaaa tctaaagcct tgcataacac ggggagtagc atgaaagcca     13920
     tgcccccttc cacccagagg acctctgtcc tgagaacagt cccaggcagg gctgctctag     13980
     ctacaagaac cctgagcctg tgacacccag catgcttctg cctgccttca tgtaaaagac     14040
     ctgtgggatg tgcctccctc gggacaagcc cactgtgctc tctgcacatc ctggatgaat     14100
     catggttctg ggctggccaa gttcactggg aacaaagaat agatttaatt agctgatgag     14160
     ttctgctctc ctgagatgtc agggctcacc atttgatgct gacattcaag gttggagggc     14220
     aggggggacg ggacaaggtg gaccaagttg ctgagatgtg gtctggttag gataagattt     14280
     tatatagaca ggtgtgatgg gcagttctgt ttgtgtgata aatgtctgtg ggtaaatgct     14340
     gtgatttttt tttttttttt aatttgtggt ttttcgagat agggtttctc tgagtggcct     14400
     ggaactctct ctatagacca gacttagaga cttgcctctg cctccccaat ttgggattaa     14460
     aggtgtgttc tgtgattttt tttttttttt aatgtttttg ttttatgtgt atcttgcctg     14520
     catgtgtgca ccacattcat gcagtaccca agaaggccag aagagggcgc tagattctct     14580
     tggggatggt gttacagaaa gttgttagct gccttttggg tgctgggaat tgaacctaga     14640
     tcctctgcaa gataagccag tgctcgaaac tgctaagcag tctctccatc cctggctgtg     14700
     accgaccgac ctacctttct ttctttcttt cttcctttgg ttttttcgag acagggtttc     14760
     tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag     14820
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccactgcctg     14880
     gcaatatttc tttgaataag tggatgtggt atttgcagga tcatagtttg ctgacctgca     14940
     agtgcccttg ggcaatgcct agctcttcct gtagtcttct ccttccttgt tccttctgac     15000
     ttggtcttgt ttgatggggg cccagtggtc atcactgccc tgccttttct ctaagacatg     15060
     gggaagaaat agcgtgtggg tttcctgtag tagacccttt ctgagaccaa ctcagccctt     15120
     tatctttaga attcaacctt tattttcctc agagagaagg caggccctgt gggggctggg     15180
     tcctggtgac catcattgta aatagccctc tggagaggta tgtgactctg aagtaggaag     15240
     ggaggggatt gccattttgg ctgtgaggac agcagccccc acagttcttt gtgggtgaag     15300
     gcgttgagcc agcctggtag atgaggtctc actcaagtca gagggacact caaaatggcc     15360
     tggtggccat tttgatttaa aattttctaa gcctcattgt gaaaccttgg tgggattcaa     15420
     actcaaagca gtcctccttg gctctgcctc cgtaggactg agattacagc tctgtgtctc     15480
     tacttctgac ccgtaggggc ttctctggca gccttcattg ctagcttttg cctccttcat     15540
     ctgtccggga tgcagaaaga aagtggattt tgttttgttt tgcgtggact acgcgttgca     15600
     tcatccccag caaaatgggg tttgcccggt gtcagcatcc tcctcctgcc tctagactag     15660
     gcatgtgact tgaagtagtg tcaggtggtg tgctcggact ggcccgagtg ggtgtggtgt     15720
     ggtggctgat cactctcctg tcagctggcc cagcagatgg aggtgcttgc ctctaggcac     15780
     agtgttggga ctgagtgaaa tcccaggatc catgggatgg atggatgggt ggatggatgg     15840
     gagagccaat tcccacaggt tgtcctcatc tacacatata cccccccata aaaaaataat     15900
     aaaagttatt atgttttttg agacagggtc tcaatgtgta tgtatctctg gttggcctga     15960
     aactcattgt gtagaccagg ctagccagga actcagagat gctcctgcct ctgcctcagg     16020
     aatgctggga ttatgctatg tgctgccatt ctgttttgtt ttgtgttttg ttttgtttta     16080
     agaaaaaaaa tttatgtcac aaaaattttg ttgttgttgc ttttgggatt gaaccttggt     16140
     ctgttggcct gacccacccc agccacaccc tagccctggt tgcagctttt gttctacaaa     16200
     ttacccctca gctggagtcc ttctcctcat aatggcctga ggtcttctga gaagtggtgg     16260
     tgtagggtca gcaggcggaa agtgagcctg acctgagagg agtggcactg agagacggct     16320
     ccctggccga atcagcctga tcttggcagc ccaggtccca ctgataaaag catgaccctc     16380
     atggggggcg gcaggaacat tcaaagctgg ctgcattgtg gacgatatgg ctgttcccag     16440
     tggtccaagg ttttcttgtc cagcacttac ttcttaggtg gatcagtgtg ttggattgac     16500
     ctgggttctt gattctcaag ttaactgagt ctggtgcctg tggagatcag aggatggggc     16560
     tgggtccctt gggactgcag tcacagaggg atatgtgcta tcgtatggat gctgggaact     16620
     gaacccaggg cctccacaag agccacaagt ggttgtaacc actgagccat ctccccagtg     16680
     ccttttcccg acctttaata gttggttgct tgacataggt atgtctgtgt tggggtttta     16740
     ctgtctgaag tcacagcatg tcctctgagt tcacatgtat ttttttttta atctttcttg     16800
     tgtaatgtcc tggcttattt gtggcatttt cttctgcagg ctgtggtttt gattttgttt     16860
     agttttagat gggttttgct tttcttttgt gtgtacatgg tggtggtgct ggcggcggcg     16920
     gtggtggggg cggcggcagc ggcagcggcg gctaaagaag tccagaggac agtcgctagg     16980
     tgtcctggag ctggagttac acggtggctg tgaactgcgt gttgtgggtg ctgggaacca     17040
     gattctggtc ttacctgctg agttctctct ccagaacacc tccccttttt tctggtttat     17100
     gagaaaggca ggtacccccg ggaaccccca acgcccctct ttgcctactg agtttaggat     17160
     ggcaggtgtg agtaacatac caggttgttt aaattctcta ttttaaaatc tttttttggg     17220
     ttggttggtt tgttgaaagg aggtatctgt ccgtgacatg agactcacta tgtaaaccag     17280
     gctggtcttg aacttggagt gggtccctct gcttttcaaa gggcctgagt tcttcatcga     17340
     tttgagggtt tgaggagcta gaggtggaac tcagtggttg agggcttgtc tgacccttgt     17400
     agcctgcgcc catccagccc gcactcccgc ccccagtccc cgaagtcagg ttttcgaact     17460
     tattgaggct ttcttttctt ctgtcttttc tttccttatt tttagacagg gtcttgctgt     17520
     gtagcccagg gtagcttgga gctaacagca attctgctgc ctcagccttc agtcataggc     17580
     atggaccacc aaacctggct tctttttgaa ttgttttagc ctctgtggac agagattttg     17640
     tttgtttttc tggattttgg actttccctc aaggctgata caaactcctt tttgagtacc     17700
     tttgcgttct ccctgggggc agggagctgg tatcttcttt gcacctattt gagtgggctt     17760
     tgtgtaccaa gctgtggaaa tttatgtata ttttctcttg tgtttatgac ttttatttta     17820
     aaattgctct gcacatttac gttcatgtcg ggtccattct tctgtgtgtg gcttgtcccc     17880
     gacctttgca gagtagctct ccgcctttta cttgtctctc ctccagcatc actttgtgcg     17940
     cttcgtccac acagccttga gtttatttgt tctcactgct gaatagtcaa cacagtgttt     18000
     acccactgta gggtgatggg catctggcct acttccgtta gatcacgagg caccaacagt     18060
     ctcgggtctt caatgcatgc gcctgtgtgt tttgtcagtc ctaggcaggg tgtggcagcg     18120
     ataccatgcc tttccagttg tggcttgatt agcacagcac cggcagtgcc cagagctgcc     18180
     atgtacggcc ccacaggctt gccagcgtgg tcctgagagg gtgtagtttc tgcctagact     18240
     gatctccagc ttcatgtaat tccaggagcg gccccagcag cctcttcttg ttggcatttg     18300
     tttagaaata tacaaaccga tttcttaaat ttctttgaaa atgcaaaaag ccaaaaataa     18360
     tgagggcatt cctgaagaac agagctgagg ggctgtccca ccaggtatga ggatgtcatg     18420
     aaagcctcag tcatggaggt agtgacataa agacagaagg gacggtcagt gagctgaagg     18480
     acaaaaatgt ctagaaccag atgcattgct ttcgatagcc tgtctctgct ggtgagcttc     18540
     ctgtcactgt taacacatac ctgtggtaac ttacggaaga aggacaaagg tccacagttc     18600
     tgcagcgtcc ggtccatggt tggttggccc tgtgacaagg cagcacatgt tgatgggagc     18660
     atgtgatgct caacccatta ccaaccaggg aggaaaaaga aaggaaagcc aggcagtggt     18720
     gcatgccttt agttccagca gttgggagac agaggcaggc tgttctctga gagttcaagg     18780
     ccagcctggt ctacatatca actactacca ggacagcctt aaaagaaggg ggaggaggac     18840
     actgggcccc cacagtccct tttaagggca cagctccatt gagctgaaga ccagccgtaa     18900
     aggtttccgc atctccttta ttgccgcctt gaggttgggg gcgggggcag actaggcttt     18960
     gcctttccac cttgagtggc ttttgaggtc tcacaccctg gagcctctgt cctggtcttg     19020
     gctgggctct ttccctacag cactgctgcc ttctcaggtg acctgtggct gtcattttgg     19080
     ggcatttttg cctgtttctt cgagcttatt ttcctgttcc ttccggtgtc atcttctgaa     19140
     actgaggcat cagaaggcag ccactgtctt aaacaacaag gctgtgtttt ctttctttct     19200
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt tagatttatt     19260
     tattattata tctaagtaca ctgtagctgt ctttagatgc accagaagag gacgtcggca     19320
     gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtagttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct     19380
     tcgggagaac agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccaacccaa caaggctgtt     19440
     ttttaccaag taaagtcaag tccagaggca ggcagcattg ggactcactg gtccagcggt     19500
     tctaccctca gagctcagca gtcttatcat taaaaactga gtactgagtt agccattggt     19560
     gggctagaat gaatggcctg gtgtggtggc atcgactgct ttgtgtggac accttttctt     19620
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttcct ttcttttctt ttttttttct     19680
     tcttccgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ttggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     19740
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccacgtgcta ggattaaagg     19800
     cgtgtgccac catgcctggc atgtggacac cttttgaggg gtgaaggaac ctatgagtct     19860
     gaaaggattc tttcttccca taagggctgc tggctgttag gtctgcatta gcgacctccc     19920
     tgtgctgcaa tcaaagctcc cagttgaagg gtgtgatgtg ttacaacgag gcagtcatgg     19980
     tggtaagagt gtgaagtcac ggtgcattgt agccaggaaa aagcatgaga tgaattctgc     20040
     tattcagttc ttcagtccag gaccccagcc cttgggatgc tgccacccta atctagaaat     20100
     tccctcggac acgcccagag gctggtctcc atggtgactc tcaccggaaa ctgtcgaggg     20160
     ttgggagtcg ttgcttcctt tcattctaag ggggctcttc tggggctgag gcagactcag     20220
     agaaaacacg cccgatgtca cctgttctcc cggtgtcatt gtgtgatctt tctgtgtctt     20280
     ggattagtct ctggtttctc aactccagga atttttcttg ggtttttaat tttatgattt     20340
     cttccactct tgatttaatg tgaggcaggg ggagaggttg aataagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     20400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctgc tagagcatac ttctgcttgg ctaagatgtg gggagaggac     20460
     gcagggtgtg gtagccccct cctggtttct cttgcttagc ttcctttttt tactttgtac     20520
     cctttactgt ccccgtgccc tttgacctct cttagccagg gtactctgta gggagtctga     20580
     caggctcatt cctgggcctt tctgattctg aggcagccgc tacttcctgg catcccaggg     20640
     tgtgttcctt ctgagtaaca gccctcatct tgtggcatgt cagtctgctg ccaccaaaat     20700
     tgccgctgga tttcgggttc tctctcgtct tctggaagag ttctagaaga gtaggtggtc     20760
     cttcagcagg acaccgctgg atgtctgggt ggtgttgctc tgagtccagc cgatgggact     20820
     agtggccatt tgagatgagt gcacatgtgt gcgtgacaca gcaactggag tattttgtga     20880
     gccagcctcg gcggcactgc ccttctgttc atggttctga ttgagaggtc tgccgctgag     20940
     cacagagtct caggaggaag ccgctggtcg cagtcttctc acaatgcctg cccacccccc     21000
     tgagcccagc ctggtatagc agttgaagct ttctgtagca caggctctgc gttcatctgg     21060
     gggttggcat tgtcacctgg cggtggctgt gaagtagcca cctgtcccat ctccactccc     21120
     tggctcctct gtgttttgac acagaagcct ttgcacggag tttgtcccca cttcatcttt     21180
     gtggcataga attcccagag gatcgggtgg ttactggggt aacatcactc ctgggtctgc     21240
     ctttctgtgc tgagttgggt tgagccgagg cagcagggac tcagtggtag acaggactgc     21300
     tttctccctc gatgagaaag ttgcttcctg cctgaggccc acaaccgcat tcctgtttgc     21360
     ccagatccca gcttgctgtg ggtgacgtca tccacagaga ggcctggggt gtaaacagtc     21420
     acagctgcag ggctcaggga cagctgcagg tggcgggatg gcggccccaa gtgttcctct     21480
     gcttgtctgt ctctctagtt cctttttaaa atttccctta tacacatcta cacaaatagc     21540
     aaatctattt agaactgggg tacaatgctg tgtgagcttc gtggatggta tttttctttt     21600
     tcctcttttt taaattactc tttttaaatt tttctttctt tttttaaaaa ttaatttatc     21660
     ctttcatata ttatatccag accacagttt ccccaccctc tctctgttcc taacctcctc     21720
     cgtcccccca cctcctcctc cccatccacg cctcctttga gaaaagggca ggcctcccag     21780
     gttgtcaacc aaacatggca tagcaagttg caaagattag gcacaagcag gcaaacatgt     21840
     cagaaacagc ccgtgttctc tgttaggtgc cgcacaaaaa caccaagcta cacgacgtta     21900
     gcatatacag atggtctagg ttagatccat gcaggctccc tgattgtcca ttcagtctta     21960
     gcctctgtga gttcgggttt ggtgatttgt tttttgagac aggttttctc tgtagccttg     22020
     gctgtcttgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcacagag ttctgcctgt     22080
     tttgcctccc aagtgctggg actaaaggtg tgtgccatca ctgcccttat tttcttcact     22140
     tattttttag atacatgttc actatgcagc cctagctaac cttcaattct ctgtagacag     22200
     gttggtcttg aactcagatc tgccaaatgc agggattgac gacatgaccc attattccca     22260
     ccccataatt tttttttaaa aaacaagttg ttgttgttgc tgtgctggga tgatacttgg     22320
     ggttttgttt gttctaggca agctttctac tcctgagctg tataccaccc ctcattgacc     22380
     tcttgaactg ggaacctaaa cctgtagtag aatagagagc aaaacccgga ggcaggcaag     22440
     tcacatcatg gcgggtgttt ccgagcgacc aggtggcctt gctggagatg ggagatggcc     22500
     catgaatctg agagttgcgt gcctgtgtgc gacctgtttg tacgatgcat gcatgtaatc     22560
     gtgtgagtat ctgctgtata tggggtgaaa agccgggagc atattgtgtc cattttctct     22620
     cacgctctac cttagtgccc tgagttaggg tctcccagcc tgaggtgggc tttttgggca     22680
     ggttggctgg ttggtgagtt tcctagtgct gagactgcag gcttgtccag ccatgcttgg     22740
     ctctctcatg tgagtactgg ggacaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     22800
     cacacacgaa cattaaagct atatcacgag tgcaaaaaga aaacagatgt tatagaaaga     22860
     aaaccgagca gctgattgtc cctgtgttcc tgacgtggga gccttggaac tgggacagtg     22920
     tggtggtgat taaagtgtgc ccacagtgga ctgccgagct caagagaatt ttctgagaat     22980
     tatagtacac ctgtcttttg aaggctcata caggggctgg cccacaggtc ctgtacaatc     23040
     acaacttgga tctcgtgatt tctgagggtg gacagcagtc tgaagacagg tctcctgtgt     23100
     gtggaggagc aggtctgttc agcaggagcc ccaaggtggg cagaagctgt cttggggaag     23160
     ctcaggcctt acttgctgca tatagtggag ggatgggagc tgctgaggtt ttactgggca     23220
     ggcactggca gtctggatag acaacagccc cagggcatct gttctgggtc atgtgtggta     23280
     ttaatgctct gggtggccca ggttgccccg aaactccaca cctttctgct tcagccttat     23340
     tagtattgta aaccgccaca gccagctcac tgtctagttt cttaacatag atctagcaag     23400
     ttcatctcgt gtatgtgtgt gtatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc ttgcgcttac     23460
     tatgttcagc atgagcccag tgccctgtgc aggctaggca ggtcctctca ccactcactc     23520
     agctacactc caggtccctt ttatccttta atccctgagg aatctggcct taagtcacag     23580
     ctggtgcggg gttgggacaa gctgcaaacc cagtgtttcg gacatgggac tggggagaga     23640
     tgtaaggtag tgttagggct tggcagcggg ctctggactg gacagtgggc tgatgggagg     23700
     ctgtgtgagg ttaagctcgt tgctgtctga gctgtagccc tgatgaagga aggggcctga     23760
     ggactacaaa tggaggttga tgtgtgtcag gccatggaaa ggctgtgaac tgagtgcaag     23820
     agaactgagc ctgggaagaa agtggctttg tttcttattt tagtttttgg tgctaatttg     23880
     ggctcagagt cctctggtgg tatctcccat aataaaccgt agctcattag aactccacaa     23940
     ttcagtcctg tttcctctat gccttcctgc ctgcctgcct gcttacctgc catccatcca     24000
     tcgagataga gtttctctgt gcagccctgg ctatcctaga acttgccctg tattctgttg     24060
     accacactgg cttcaaactc agggatctgc aagcagattg tccttggtga ggtctccaca     24120
     gaggagagag ccttggctgt ggtgtttcag gcctggcttc agctgtctag acggaccagc     24180
     ttctgactcg gaatggacat gtgggatcac cgctgtttcc taagggctac tttgctactt     24240
     ttgctttgct agtgtgtgtg tggtgtggtg tggtgtaggt gtgtgtatgt gttgtgtgtg     24300
     tggtgtgtgt tttgtgttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcattgta tgtgtgtggt gtgtgtttgt     24360
     gtgtgttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcattgt atgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgttgt     24420
     gtgtgtgact gtgtgtgagt gtatgtgttg tgtgtgtggg tgtgggtgtt tgtgtggggt     24480
     gtgttgtgtg tgtgactgtg tgtgagtgta tgtgttgggt gtgggggggt gtttgtgtgg     24540
     tgcataggtc agaggacagc ttgggagtaa gttctctcct cccactttta tgtggtttcc     24600
     tgattgaatt taggaccaag gcttaaaaag caagcactta cctgttgtgc catcttacct     24660
     gccccaaacc tgggtttctt tcattctttg aagatgtatt tagcttttaa aatatatata     24720
     cttttattcg tgtatgagtg ttttacctga atagtgggca ctgactctag gaggggtcgg     24780
     gggagtcggg tcccctggaa ctggagatac tgatggttgt aagccaccac atagatgctg     24840
     ggaatcagat ccccatcctc tgcaagaaca gcaaatgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct     24900
     ccactccctc ttttattttt aatttttttg aaaagattta tttattatta tacattagta     24960
     cactgtagct atcttcagac acactagaag tgggtgtcag atctcattac aggtggttgt     25020
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggacttgaac tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtcagtgctc     25080
     ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccccct cttttatttt ttgaattgtg tgtgtgcgtg     25140
     cttgagtgtg ggtctgtgaa agggtgtgcc tgtgagtgca ggtgtctaca gaggccagaa     25200
     gagggcttag atctcctgga gctggagtga cagctcagat cctctgtcag agccgtgtgc     25260
     actcaacctc tgagctgccc ttacggcctg cttttctgaa tgccacatag agaagtcctg     25320
     aaggaggtgg cccgagctgg gctgacccac gctgacacct gtggaatcct cttgcttgga     25380
     ttcctcttca tttccctgct gtttttacac cagaggtcag gcagaaagcc agcagctcga     25440
     ggttggtgtg atcttgctct tgcgaataag gtttctttgc ccccgtgtgt tatttttact     25500
     gtgccgctta cggtgatacg tcaggcagga ggtcccagcg cagctccggt gctctttgcc     25560
     tggccttgta tatatgagat gtttgggact ttctgttctc cgaataccag atggctgctc     25620
     atatgtctgt gtcccacagc accaagtggt ccagtgtttg gagcatgtat tggcctgtga     25680
     gcattgaaat gtctgaaata aacagtggag ttagaaaaca tttctttttt caggcagggt     25740
     tcacatatgt aacccaggct ggccttgaat gaatgatgtt cctgtttcta cctctgaagg     25800
     ctgagggtac gggcatcact gctcctggct ctgggccttc ctaaggcaga tgccttttgg     25860
     cagagccggc acaatgatgg ctgttctgat cttctgcctg ggttttgtgt tattctttaa     25920
     tttttgagtg agatttaata agtaaattta tgaaaattaa agtttaattt ttgttacatt     25980
     ttaaaaatgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtaa tgtgtttgag gacactcatg ctatcgtatg     26040
     ttgtgaagtg gtcagaggac acctttgaaa gtggctactc tctgtctacc acatggcttt     26100
     ggggagcaag ctagggacct gacagtaggc caccaagttg ggaagtgaga tcacatcttt     26160
     tttttttttt ggtttggaga cagagtctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     26220
     ctctctctct ttctctctct ttgttttttg gtttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt     26280
     gttttttgtt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc ccttgctgtc ctggagctca     26340
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct     26400
     gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgtccgg cttttctttt tttttaaata tttacttatt     26460
     ttatgtacgt gtgtaccctg tagctgtcct tagacatacc caaagagggc atcagattcc     26520
     attatagata ggtgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat cgaactcagg acctctggaa     26580
     gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag cccaagatca catcttcatc agggagaata     26640
     gagagcaagt gagccaagct aaaaacccta ctgacctgag agacttctgc aaagctgcac     26700
     ctcctagagc cgaggttctc agccttccca gtgccgcagc cctttacagt gcccatgctg     26760
     tggaccccaa ccataaagtt atttcattgc taattcatac ctaattttac tcctgttatg     26820
     catcgtgatg taaatatttg aactgatgtt ttggagattc catgaaacga tgccataatc     26880
     tgggactgaa tgtttaaata tctgaagcca tgggggagga gcagctctca ttcacacctg     26940
     cacataaggc ctggccgcaa gcaccattgt cctgctgagc cctgtcgccc acccagtagc     27000
     cggttcctag gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttttagat ttatttaatc attatatgta     27060
     agcacactgt agctgtcttc agacacttga gaagagaaag tcagatcttg ttatggatgg     27120
     ttgtgagcca tcatgtggtt actgggattt gaactcagta cttttggaag agcagtcagt     27180
     gctcttaatt gctaagccat ctctccagcc tccggttcct aggtttttta cctcacctgc     27240
     tctctttttg ggcaggtcat agttctgctg tcttgtctga tgatggcctg ccctaccttc     27300
     cacatctacc tcctttcctt tgggtgcctc ccagccgtgg ccttagctag ctgcactcga     27360
     tggtatagcc tctccaagtg accaccgtgc tctgagctgg cagaggtgct tcatcagtat     27420
     ggttgatgca ctccccaggt cttgagggcg aagactgaga aggcaggaga tggtactagc     27480
     atcagggagg ctgtgaagag aatgggcttt ccctgagaaa gcctggcctg tgaagtcagg     27540
     gtgtgaatta gggctctgtc atcctgcact gacatctgca gaccgcccat gagcgcctgg     27600
     gctgacggct gtcaggatcc atcctcatct ttcctgccta ctgcaatcat gctggtgccg     27660
     cagcagcagc tgcagcccgg agtctaggcc ctgggctctt tgaccttgga taagatctca     27720
     gtcccaacaa ctggacgtga atgctgacac aggggtatct tctaaaaggg tgttgtgaag     27780
     agtcagggac ctgtgagtgc ctgggggcgg gggtccggtg ctcaggaatg ccatggcagc     27840
     tgtcgctgcc cccaccccac cccccagtca ggccagtcca gattgcctgg tcagtcatct     27900
     gacactggct tctacccaaa tgctgagtga aattaatcct gttacccgga aatggctttt     27960
     gataaaacag tgtgctggga gacagaccct gtggaggaca gccagccaga acctgctgga     28020
     caggcgggcc ctgtctggag aggcgtggcc tgggtgtcag tgcctttgtt ggccggaatc     28080
     tcttgggtgg cttttgtttc atcccagcct gggcccctgt cgtctttaga tcacgagcca     28140
     acgtgtgcat acttagactt ctaaatagct tgtctttatt agttctttct ctagagctgt     28200
     ctttgtgagg gatatttttc ctcatctgcc taaaagcagt attttctctt tagccagtga     28260
     ttttcacagt gcatctgagc cttagctgct actgtagggc aagagggtcc caggctggcc     28320
     atggcgtctg cagtgtcttc cagttttctc tatgctacta acgtcccagg ttagattttg     28380
     tttggagata aaaaggttgt cacctacaaa aagaacagaa ggcagcagac agctgtggct     28440
     atgcaccagg ttgggccacg ctcccagcca ggacctggag tgtctgggcc agtcctgtcc     28500
     catagaccca ggtgtgagtc aggctgcaag gcactgggcc ctgacctgcc cagcagggcc     28560
     cggcagcttc ctgattgaca gtcaatgcct gcccaggctt gcttcctgcc gtcctcgcct     28620
     ccaagctggg ggtgggtggg agtgtgtgag gatgggtaga agatgggcag atatctggag     28680
     ccgcttgaaa gcccaccgac agccagggct tctgtgctgt gctgtgagaa gcagctggca     28740
     ggcggaagag ccaggtgggt gtaggctggg ccaggcctca aacaggcagg ctctggggga     28800
     gagttaatgt gggaattcta acagctatgg aatagctgac tgaaagaccc atacagtgtt     28860
     ctaagcaaga tctgtaatgt actttataaa gagcaggcgt aaaatgtctc cacctttcag     28920
     ggtgcctggg cagaccacct tccacttgtg tggtctccac ctgtgactgt tgatggaacc     28980
     caggccaggc ccctcccagc ccctgagggg ttgtttctgt aacatcccca gtgcctggga     29040
     agagatggct ggcttgacac agaagtaaga gtcacatggc tgtacttggc tagagttgcc     29100
     ctgcgcttga gagttcttga ccagtagtag cctgtcagca gtgaggtgac tgaagtctgg     29160
     gataccaaag gtgtgggcag caggttccaa actcagtgca ctgctgtgta gctgtggtgc     29220
     gggcctgctt ggccgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcctag cacttgggag gcagaggcag     29280
     gaggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc     29340
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct ggggggtggg gggtgggggg aagattccca ggccctgcac     29400
     ttccctgcat gctcggggca tcacaggaac ctcgtgcctt tggagtgagt ggttgcattc     29460
     actgggaaca cacagttcaa gaagcagttg tgggtggagg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg     29520
     ttaagagcac tgactgctct cccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg     29580
     gctcacgatc actaggatcc aattccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaaaagaa caacagtgta     29640
     atcacataca aaaaaaaaaa gtcagtcatg cacaggccat tgtagttgga ctttggctac     29700
     ttttggttcg ttctttcact ctttcaaccc ctggcacgat aggagagaaa aaggaagggg     29760
     atccctgggt aaggtcaggg gtttgaaagg gggaggcaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa     29820
     agaaaagaaa aaaaaaaagc tgggcgtggt ggcgcacacc tttaatccca ggaggcagag     29880
     acaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca     29940
     ggactacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aggggaggca ttatcattag     30000
     actccttcct gctgagttcc ttggggggaa agtttcttct ttgtgcagta ctacttaata     30060
     aactgtgacc aacagcaatg aaccaacatt tatgtaccct ctgaaaagtc caccgaatgc     30120
     aaaccggcac acaattgcag aaacttgtca acggtggctg tagacagtct ggggcagccg     30180
     cctgcattca cacctggaat taaaacaaaa acatattctt acaatatttc tgtttttaaa     30240
     gaaaccagaa ttccagagtt gtcactacag accatcactg cccagatatg ctttaaaccc     30300
     tcgagagggg cctgtgtctc tcctgcagtg ctgggattgg ctcgtgcttc tgactttccc     30360
     tttcctgagg gtgggggatg ggcaacccct agccttctgg tgagtgccag gcaggcatcc     30420
     tgagggtgct gtcacctggt cagtgccaga tcagagatga ctctgctcat aaaggcactt     30480
     gctgtcaagc ctgaagaccc gatccctgga tcccacttga tggaaggaag agacctgggt     30540
     cctgtgagtt gtcctctggc acaggaaata tttaccttag tggggcagtg gtggcataca     30600
     tggttaatcc cagcaagagg caggtggatc tctatgagtt caaagccagc ctggtctaca     30660
     aagtgggttg caaggacaga gaaaccttgt ctcgaaaaaa atcaaaccca gttatgcgca     30720
     caagaatggc cacaaaggct ccggtctccc ttctcaccaa tattcatttt ggttttgttc     30780
     tttccctttt ttttggacat aggtctcact gcgtggctca gtttttaatt attcatctga     30840
     gtttaagcca atgctgctaa gtctagtgct gcattgtgtg gctgggaagg aggtgctggg     30900
     cagggcatcc ttctcactag tcactgtggt cagggaccac aggagtgtgg ctgccaaatg     30960
     gtgtgtgtcc ctctgctaag gccagagatg gtggcatgcc cctaagctaa tggtgaggcg     31020
     gggccgtgtc tagtttgtcc tttgttgtgc ccaggtttgg ccttgtgtag ggttagcacg     31080
     tgcatgtgat agcttctgtt ttttgtggta acttattata catattgagt ggcttgaaac     31140
     ccagatctcc tctgcttctg tgtgcctgag ctgtgtctcc caggcctaaa gccaggctgc     31200
     cagcagggct gctgtgtgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgcatgcatg catgcatgcg tgtgtgagcc     31260
     ctgaaggctc tagggcagaa tccctttcct tgggccctgc ctcctgcaac tcagtccttt     31320
     cctctgtctt cccagctacc tccaccctcc cacctcgctg actgaccctg ttgtaggacc     31380
     ctccgtgact gcattgggcg tttcactctg tgcaagctgg tttgctatcc gcaggacctt     31440
     agctaagtca cagctacagc atccctttgc cggcgggctc tgggagtgag gactcttgtt     31500
     cttagtctag ggaccttgta acattggaca gacctagcca cagtccctgt ttgtaatcca     31560
     tcttgctgcc tctggacagg tctccactcc acccttaccc ttggcatcta tatttctttg     31620
     aaacaaatat tatttaaaaa aaaaaaaact accattttag gcttgagggt acaaagatgg     31680
     ctactgccat gcctgtgctt caggttggaa gctgccctgt cccatcgcac ggtgagcatt     31740
     gggcttgtgt tcagggtaag gcatatgtgt gcattctatg ttctttttat aacagcttta     31800
     gttacttata tgtgtgtgtg tggctgtgtg tgcctgcagg aatttgtgtg cactgcatgt     31860
     gtgcagatgc ccaggggcca gaaaatggtg gttccgagcc accaggcggg tgctgggaac     31920
     tgagtgtgat catctgccag agcagtaagc acgcttagcc acctgggctg tcaccccaag     31980
     tgttttatgt ttgttttatt ttcggagttt ttgtttgttt gtgtttgttt caggacagag     32040
     tttgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctgggccttg ctttgcagac caggctaacg ctgaagtctc     32100
     actctcctgc ctctgcgttg tggggagtat ggaatgcagc tccggggaag cctgttgtgg     32160
     ctgctttatt gggttcctac ttccgacccc aaacactagc tagaagagaa gggttagaga     32220
     ggaaggggca tagacctctt tcaaacaaaa aaatagactt cttcctgctg cttggggctt     32280
     tgggtttctc gggggcaagt ccagtcttcg tcgtcagaat gtctccaatg tctcctcttg     32340
     ctcaggacca cttgacagac tgcagcagca gccttcacca caggccccct cggctctcac     32400
     actctctcca gagtgcccag aatcaaacca cctatagctt gcaaagatca gagttagggg     32460
     agtggacaaa ctgaagcagc cccatatgcc atacctgaga ttaaaacaga agcatagtca     32520
     cataactggg gttttaaaga aaccaaaact ctccctatag atacccgact actgggaatt     32580
     tctgtccaag ccattcttct gcctcagatt attattttga gttgacacca gtgtgtaatc     32640
     ctacccagtt tataaggaag tggacttttg gaggctttta tgtggatgag tgtttagctt     32700
     gtatgtttgt ctgtgtattg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcc tggtgttggt ggagtccaga     32760
     aaagggcatt ggattcccct ggaactgcgg ttacagctga tttgagccac catgtgttgg     32820
     gattcaaacc tgggtcctct ggaagggcag tcagggattg taatcactga accatgcctg     32880
     caacccgcac aactttattt ttggcaaggc agttgtctct ttttctggaa tgtggtctgg     32940
     catctcggtg tgtgtgcagt gtgcagcgtt tagatctggg tggcttgcag gcccatcgct     33000
     gcagacacgg ttgtttatgg aactgtccat acactctacc tgctgttctg aagtactcca     33060
     ctaatcactg tctaccctga ctttcctgtt ccactctgtt cagacctcca gcccagcagt     33120
     cttccctccc tcccctctcc ttccctttga ccttctccat ttcccagcgt ctggttggta     33180
     ctgcttttct gtctgcttct tggagatcaa ctttttaaaa acttaatgtg tttattttac     33240
     acatgcatta tgtgtaaaat tgagaggacc acttgtggga gttggttctt cccaccctga     33300
     gagctctggg gatagaactc aggttgtcag gcacagtagt agcaggcact atctcacctc     33360
     catgtgtaag ttaccatatg tgaagtgtgt cttttggcaa catgatgctc gagtgaagat     33420
     gttagttagc ttcatttttt ttctcttttt ttcttttttt atggctaggt aacgttccat     33480
     gtacacttct gttcatctgc ccacagaccc tggttgactg tgcgagtatt gactgttatg     33540
     actagagctg tccagacatg gcggtgcagc tgtgtcttcg catctgcata agtcctcagg     33600
     agcgctcaca cttacacctc cacactccgc ctcggtgctt ttctcgctca tggcaactgt     33660
     tagttctttg tgccatctcc aacatttggg gctctccctt ctctttttgg tgattagcaa     33720
     ctgtgactgg ggtgacgtgg tgtccctcga acatcatgga gacttttgag tcagcatcta     33780
     cttgaggctc tgtgaaatgc tagttattct gaagtggctc agacccgggc ctgggggaag     33840
     aatatggtta gcggaacaga tagtactcat ccgcagaggt ttaggaggga gatctgacct     33900
     gtgggtcatg gtcccaggta ctcattgctc ctgatgctca gtgatcgggg ctgggggttc     33960
     tcgctgatca tgggccagtg agcactggaa gtttctggcc atgcgctgta aagttctcca     34020
     ggactccata gttgtttgca tacttgggct tggccctgag gtgggtctga tgctccctgt     34080
     gccattcgat ttcagagagc ctggtgttcc tggacctctc ctccaccaca gctgtgggct     34140
     atgatttgag tgaggaaggg aattactaca cagccggggt ggctgtgacc gtgtctagag     34200
     gaagggcgac cgtgtctttc cgtgggggag agtgccaagg tggccagagg gctgtcctta     34260
     tacatgagtt ccagccttcc atgtgcattg ttttttaaga tttatttatt tattttgtgt     34320
     atatgagttc actattgctc tcttcagact caccagaaga gggcattgga tcccattaca     34380
     gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag     34440
     tcagtgctct taaccgctga gccacctctc cagtcctcta tgtgcatttt taaagttaag     34500
     attagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacagat gccatggtat gcatgtggag     34560
     gtcagagaac aacttccagg ggtcacttct gttctgccac tgtgggttcc gagcattgtg     34620
     ggttcagcaa atgcctttat tgcactaagc tgtgtctgca gctcccatat ccccccaccc     34680
     ctcgctctcc cgattttcaa ggcagagttt tactatgtag ttctggttgt cctggaactc     34740
     acagagttcc acctgcctgt ccttgatggc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc accacctcct     34800
     gcctcacatg caggccttca gggcatttcc tggtacacat tgtgcattca cacactcttg     34860
     cagcccttgg ccaggcctgc tttgtgccag agctgacacc tgcgcctttg atgtgtcagg     34920
     agactgggct ccatccacac agatgtgaca tcagtggctc tgtctcagct tttgttttgt     34980
     gtgcctgttg taattgagtg ttgcttctcg tgctccctag tctgaggtca tggcgtacgg     35040
     atctgtctta ggcaccatct tactgggtgc cagatgcctc ccagaaacac tgatgtattc     35100
     tagcgcaggt agctttagga cagtctcaca gggctgcaga ttcactatga cagctgcctc     35160
     cctctccctt ttcttagtca ccccgtgagg ccattaagga catgtgactg tgagactcgg     35220
     tggatacgct tgctttgtgt tccatacttt gctcccaggg ttaggaagtc atggtctttg     35280
     tacaggtttc aagttgagcg tctctagtta aggctgatgt agagaaggaa gacggtggtg     35340
     aaggctgctc ttggtctccg tttcattgag cagagctcac tggtagtgga tgggcacttg     35400
     gtgttgaaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgagtgggt gaattaagag     35460
     taaacaagga gaatgctgat agacatattg aagggtagaa gcttccagtg ttttgaggtt     35520
     ttgtcttagt ggagggggtg ctggtatagt ttttcatagc caccccgctc tgttgcatgg     35580
     ctgctgtttc tccagccttt cttaccagca agtcttgagt tgggggtggg gtagcccagg     35640
     ctatctgcag agcaggccac ctggagggag cacctgtgga tgaacgctgg ggacattttc     35700
     cttgggacag tccctggctg tctttacgtc tccagcatgt tggagattcc tgacggacct     35760
     gaattgtgat tggtgactta ccccccctcc cccctttcca tttcaaaggc aaatcgggag     35820
     cggtgccgag aaaatttcct tactagatga catttcatcg caatgtccga tcgtttgggg     35880
     caaataaccc agggcaagga tgggaaaagc aagtactcga ctctcagcct gtttgacaag     35940
     tataaaggga ggtcagtagg cgctgtcagg tcctcaggta aggcccggcc gaaggcccct     36000
     cttgcgttct ttgcttccgt cccttgtaag atggccaggc ccgccaggca cttgtgtctc     36060
     tagccagttt gggcaggcag gtggggtgac agcgtttgca tagccttccc cctctcagtt     36120
     tcctgggtct gacttcctag tggaaggatt ggctgccacc cacaaggcct tcctgggggt     36180
     tcttgccgca cagccaggac catgtcatat tgcaggggtg gtcactgtgg gctgagcttc     36240
     ctgggcctgg ctccaccgtg gcgtgagctc cacagcggcc tcctgccaag gtagaatgtg     36300
     cagatcccag cagtcctttg tctctagtct gggggaggag ctggcagagg ctggagtgac     36360
     taccaagcac ttgtcttggc ttgacttggc tccttagtct gagcagtggt gtgtattttg     36420
     gcctctctcc tcctgtgagg tgtgtgctct accccatgtt cttttccttg cagttattcc     36480
     tagacatggc ttacagagtc tcgggaaagt tgccacagcc cggcgtatgc caccgcctgc     36540
     aaacctgcca agcctgaagt ctgaaaacaa aggaaacgac cccaacatcg tgatagttcc     36600
     caaggacggg acaggatggg ccaacaagca ggaccagcaa gacccaaaga ggtgagcccc     36660
     aggagcgggg tgactgggta ggctgggctg tcacggcgcc ccgcaccttc tgctctgtga     36720
     gatgcaggtg tggccttgca gagggaggac tgggagtaag agtgtggaca ggcctccggg     36780
     gctctgcact cctctgcttg ccgttgtttg gttgggcctc tgagctgatt aatgagtagc     36840
     atttctttgg ataaccatat tccccaaggt aatgtgtaca gtgatggaga ccagtcccta     36900
     gagaaccact aggtgggggc aggggccctg tgtgctccat gttaggagat tgtagcttgg     36960
     cagcgacagc cttaggagac tcaagtcctg agccatgtgc ctcagagagc cagcacaagc     37020
     tcctcagatg atagccttct gggttctcga catctctgtc tgaatcaggg aggaagccat     37080
     attctgggag gggctccaga ggcaggagcc tcctggtaga gcttgctact gggtcctggg     37140
     ctatttaaac agttttcagc caggatagtg gtgcacacct ttaaccccaa cactcaggag     37200
     gcagagacaa tcatatctct ataagtttga ggctagcctg gtcttcatag tcaattccag     37260
     gctagtcagg gctacttggt gagacactgt ctcaaacaaa agcaaaacaa gaaatattgt     37320
     gtagtcagtt tgtgaggggt gctgtctgtg gattgggggg tatatcacaa ccatcggggt     37380
     tgttgtttct agtcaggtca tttgtggttt gctgggactt ctgtacctga gggttccacc     37440
     ttcaaggaaa actagtcctt agctccaggg gtggccacca gggcactgtg gtggataata     37500
     gcctgatgca gaggacatat aggtgtcagc tgttgtcatc gtccatttga atggtaccta     37560
     ccagctctgt ggtaagaaag ctgtgcgaca gttgagtggg attgcagagc ctctgcttct     37620
     gggctgcata gaggaggcca cagagtgcca ccccgcttct ttggtctccc agcagtggca     37680
     gaggcagtgc cagacccctg ctgaaggcct cgtgttgagg agggaatgaa agggggcagt     37740
     tgaggctctc tatccctggc ctgctctcct gtggggactt ggagcctagg tttggggata     37800
     cagagctgct actacctaga agcttcagtt tgtcattttt gtgactggtg agtgtctggg     37860
     gttaggttgt cagtgtgtct gtggagtttg cctatcagct gagcccgtgc taatggctgc     37920
     taatcgccga gtgggctgtc aagtgcaagg ctctactgtg gctgagtgga aagctccaca     37980
     ccacccttcc tgttcctctc agacagtggg cacacgctgc agcctgtgtg gaggtagttg     38040
     ctgatagctt ggtctgacag cggcatccct gtgatcgtgt gactgggtaa ctcacagaga     38100
     gtgcccagag acctgtgcct gtgtgtgtct aaactgctgt agttctgtct gtaatgggga     38160
     agaaagagga gcaggaacta attaacttat ggccagtcat cattaaagga atcttctata     38220
     taaaaagagc tctaatagac cacgagaaga gactggaatc atatgcatgg gctatcttgt     38280
     gttaaaaata ttacatgaac atatgtatac ggaaatctgt gggaatcaga gcttatgtat     38340
     gggggatgag atggtaatgt ctgttattta tatttataaa cttattttta ttgagtgcag     38400
     gcatatgctg aggcaagata gaagtctgtc agttgtcaaa gcatttgctc tgagtgggtg     38460
     gaggggagct ctggccctca ccgcagtgac tcagtttctc cagtgacagc tcttcttttg     38520
     cttccttcga gctcatttga cagctatcag aagcaagcag cagactgccc catgtcctgg     38580
     gcagtgtcac cgagtcagcc taggacatgg gtcactgtct ggtcactgtc actgttgagg     38640
     caggcagagg ccctgcgcag aggctgaccc tcctgtgcat tctgcccttt tctagttcca     38700
     gtgtgacggc ctctcagccg ccggagtcgc agccgcagcc gggtttgcag aaatctgtct     38760
     ccaatttgca gaaaccgaca cagtctatca gtcaggaggt aggtgctggg ccccgtcctc     38820
     acatccccag gcagtcctgg tgctatttgg aaaaagacag gttcttggcc tgggtaaagc     38880
     ttgggctgag cgcaggccag ctgggcactt cctgatgtgc tctgtggaca ccagtcctgt     38940
     gagcacagca agtgtcagct gcagaaacag cccattgtct ggtctggtgt gttcgaaaac     39000
     acaaccagct gtgacgcacc aacctcacct ctcttctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct     39060
     ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct     39120
     ctcctctcct ctcctcttct tttgacaagg tcttactgtg tggctggcct taagctcaca     39180
     gaaatctgct tgcctttgct tttgcttttt ttaaaaaaga tttacttatt attatacata     39240
     ggtacactgt aactgacttc agacacagca gaagagggca tcagatctcg ttacagatgg     39300
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga ccttcggaag agcagtcagt     39360
     gctcttactc actgagccat ctctccggcc catgcctaac tcttaccagc tgtcttgaca     39420
     cttcgatttt gtattgtccc ctggatacaa agctgttgtc tgccataact ggaagagtat     39480
     gtgtctgggg gcctttggct tctccaggac acctctctct tctgcagcgc tgaagccccc     39540
     atgtccatcc cattccttgg cctgtgacat cacagtgcag agttgacttc ctgtttccca     39600
     gattaaaagc taagcgggat tacagccctg gtgcttcaga tttagctctg cagagagagc     39660
     tgggaaagca cacttgtgcc ctgaccctgg ctctggaacc tgggtagggt tcttggcagt     39720
     cactgtaagg agggcatggg ctttgccggc tttggccatt ggaggaagga gcctgtccca     39780
     catgggtcat ttcatctagc tattaactct tcttagaggg tctggggttt tctcacttac     39840
     ttgaggggga aggaagagga tcaccccatg tcttggggac tcttagaggg tcttgacagc     39900
     ccactgcctt tgaagtagaa gtcaccatcc cccgttagtg tcctggtaag gactgtgtca     39960
     tcctgaggct atagacacag gtgacgtgtg tgcagagaga atggtggcag ccctggtgcc     40020
     cctctgctca taagatgttg ggcatgtcct gtgtagtcca tcaagagaca tctgcaggct     40080
     tgccacagaa gccagcaaag aagcccttgt tgtctgtgct tagggctagg cagatagagc     40140
     aggcatattc tgcatgagaa gcaggtctgg gccccattgg gaatctgacc agacccttcc     40200
     aggggcatgg tgggattttg cttggttcat gggtctctag ccttgtgaac tttcatcaga     40260
     gcctgcctgt ggggccaagg ccgagacagg cgagtgtgga tgagcagaag aggacgacct     40320
     cttgggagtc gggctgggag gaccagcctt gtttcagaat ggttgtgcac agtaattttc     40380
     ctgggcgtgt tccatactca ccagtggccc agatttgaga catgtgctga aatcacggtt     40440
     ggagttttgt ctctggagca agacagcaca acgctgtgtg ggcacgggac aacctggcag     40500
     tgtttgcaga gttctgcatg caggtgggcg tgggcgtgcc ctcagcgctt gctcatcaag     40560
     cggtgctgct ctgggtccca ggctcctgac tctggctggg cctgctctac caagagccct     40620
     gaaagtggcc atctgtcctc tgcatgaggc ttgagtctaa catgcaactc tcgccccatc     40680
     ccctcttttg tttgtggagc tgagggtaga ccctaggcct gagcatgcca ggccagtgct     40740
     gtgccgctga gcccggccat ggccaagtac cacattccaa ggcacagcag gttggctgag     40800
     ctggctcttc ttgtttcctt ccttttctta gaacacaaat tcagtgccag gtggaccaaa     40860
     gtcatgggca cagctgagtg gaaagccagt cggacacgaa ggtggtaagt gggtgcagat     40920
     ggtttggatg gggtgggtgg gcaggaggga ttggtccttt ccttagatga gggaccctag     40980
     aagctgtgga acctttcaca aaagctagtg ttggtgttgt tgtgtccttt gtgagtgaag     41040
     ttggctgcca attctgtgat ggttggcctc atttgagttt aatactggtt actggaagtg     41100
     ctcttctaaa gctgggcaga ggaaccccaa cacgggccct gatgtccttc agtcagctgc     41160
     actgctcggg ggtaattact gccagtgtca tgttgccacc agctgcttct ccctcactgg     41220
     cctggcacta gccccggctt caggcatgcg tgctgaggaa gccagcagta tggggatgca     41280
     gcagacatcg cagacattcg cccaaagcct ttggaggatt gggtggggtt ggttattgtc     41340
     agtatcctgg ctggcaggaa ggtctgaaaa ggtcagtcca ctgtgtggcg acagaggtga     41400
     agggctagcg tgctgcagga tgaagtggtc agagtatttt cagtggctcg ggtaaactgt     41460
     gactaggtag ctgtgtgctt tagatgagtc ctgggcacgt ggcacagtcc ctgtggccct     41520
     ggaggtgaga ccaacgtcag caggtagatt gcttgtttgt tttaagattg atttatattt     41580
     atgtgtatgg atgttttgtc tgcatgtgtg tatctgtctg cataccagaa gaggtcatct     41640
     gatcctatga gactatagtt cagatggttg tgagccagca tgtgctggga attgaattca     41700
     ggacctctga aggagcagac agtgttctta atcactgagt caactctcca gcccccagca     41760
     ggtggttttg agagcaccat aaattcagaa ggctacctga agtgttctgg gttttccgaa     41820
     ttagctggtg tacttctgtt ctgatgcaca ttgacgaccc agctctgcaa ccctacccgt     41880
     gagggagagt gacaagttga ctgatatagc tcctaggtgg aatctgattt tgctctttct     41940
     gtggggactc agccctggca gctgttactc ttgtcctctg ccctggggtt accttcccac     42000
     tcctatgtgt ccctgcaagc cagggctttg caacacctga cttctgttgg acatggacgg     42060
     ccagcgcaga ggacatgtct ctctccagat ccgttgtggt ggagaggaaa gcccatgtgt     42120
     tagaatgttg tgtccagcat ctcctggggc actgggcagt cacagtgtgc atagcttcac     42180
     tctggatagg tggctcagca gcacactaca tgagcccttt gctggtggag gtgaggtgac     42240
     agatgggcag caaggagggc aggcaactga ggtcctcaga aaggccggtg gggcagcgac     42300
     tgcgctgtca gcggagaccc ggcggtctgc gttttctatg aaggttaagt ggtgagtgtg     42360
     tgtgcatgct tccagactca tctgggaatt ccgtgctgca tgtaggcaag tagtgtgtgt     42420
     gcatatgtgt gcatgtgaag gtcagaggat ggttttgctt gtcttccctc atgaatggta     42480
     aacctcattt tttgcaacaa gtcctctggc ttgaagctca ctgtcttaaa ttactttctg     42540
     ttgctgtgac ataacactgt gaccaaaagt aacttggaga ggaaacgttt attttagctc     42600
     acagcccatc atgagtagaa atctgtacag gaactccagg ctggactcct atctggaggc     42660
     aggaactgat ggggaagtca cagagggatg ctgcttactg gctcactccc ctggtgattc     42720
     agtttgcttt tttatatatg atctgcccag ggagaacact gcctctggtt ggctgggccc     42780
     caaacatcaa tcagtaacca agagaatgcc ccacagaggt gcctgtaatc gtatggaggc     42840
     atttcctaat tacgacttcc tcttctgagt ataagtgtat gtcatggtgc ttggtactgg     42900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaaa aatgtaggtg     42960
     cacgtgtggc acgttgctca tatgtggtgg tcagaggtca gctttcagaa gtcagttctc     43020
     accttccccc ttgttaaatg gggatctcat ttcttgtcat tgcatccatg caccaagtcc     43080
     tctggcccag gactctctgg atcatggagt ccacttccta gggagtgcta agactacaga     43140
     tccctgccct ttcgcccagc ttttcacata gatgccaggg atcttagctc gattcattag     43200
     gcttgcattg taagtgctag gacagagatc aaaggtgtgt gcccttcccc ctggtgtggc     43260
     ctgctctgat taccttgctt gccagtattg ggtgacaaat gtaaaagtgc tgaaatctga     43320
     gggatactag tgtgcaggtg tagggttgag ttacctgtca tagttttgtt ttttgttgct     43380
     gtgataaaag gaaagaaggg agggcttatt taatttacaa ttctagtttt tggtccatca     43440
     ttattgggaa gtgaaaatgt caggtatttt agcagtcaat gtcaaaattg gagagcaatg     43500
     aatgaatgca agcatgcata ctagtgttca gcttgctttc cactcttaaa catccacaac     43560
     cctatgcctg gggaatggtg ctgcccacag tgggtgggaa ctcccaccca attaacatta     43620
     tcaaaagtat cccccacaga catccccatt agcaatatga tccaaacagt ccttccttaa     43680
     gagtcctttc ccaggtgact atagagcagt ggttctcacc ttcctaatgc catgatttta     43740
     tttttaatac atgtagtgat cccccagcca taaaattatt ttcattgcta ctttttttgt     43800
     tgttgttttt tggtttttgg tttttggttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttcgagaca     43860
     gggtttctct gcagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctggaa     43920
     ctcagaaatt cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtactgggat taaaggcgtg ctccaccatg     43980
     ctggctcatt gctactttat aactgtgatt ttgctactgt tatgaatcat gttgtaaatg     44040
     tctgatgtga cccctgggaa aggcttgttc agccctcaaa gctggagagc ctcttttcta     44100
     gagtgtcagg tgacagctaa caccagccac ctaccttttc tcagttttgc cagtagaggg     44160
     tgagtttgcc cgatgctgtc acttggcagg ctgttctcac ccagcccttt aactgactgt     44220
     gggagcaagc aggccactgc tgcagtgacc tgcccatttc cctgtgcata gcagttccag     44280
     tcagcaggtg cctatgtatt gtactgaaaa cctaggggtg tggctataac agggcagtgg     44340
     tatccctcag ttcagtagtg tggtacacag catgggctga gagagcacta gtccttaaag     44400
     gccattctcc tctgttaatc caggaagaga tgggatctgt gtgtcaggag tggagttaca     44460
     atgttaaaac agggctgttc cttccaaggg ggttctggtt gagcagtgag tgactgctga     44520
     agagagaaat ggtcttgggg ttacatcagg accacacttg gcttggcagg gctggagaag     44580
     gttgggaggt gagtctcaga actcactggc cacagctttg tggggtgtct gatgctgccc     44640
     ctcatgaagc agtcttacta ccctaagcag acgccaagta cccggtgatt tcctgtcccc     44700
     ttatcctgtg tgagcacctg ccagctcctg ggaacagcta agggagtcgt cactgcctgg     44760
     cagtacagat gcccacctag ccaggccaca tggggctagg aaagcagcga cacttggctg     44820
     tcttaccagc tccctctgtc ttctctgcct ctcctgcagg tttaaggggc tcaagccgac     44880
     tgttatcctt ctctcccgag gaatttccga cgctgaaagc agctggaggg caggacaagg     44940
     ctggcaaaga aaagggcgcc ttagatctgt cgtatgggcc aggaccaagc ctccgccctc     45000
     agagtgagtg gagggcagca ctgtcctcag gtcctgctgg gcgccagacc ccttgctttc     45060
     tacccttgca cgtgtcccca gctgcctggg cctgggcctg ggcgtcagag catggaagca     45120
     ggtagctgct tgacatgttt gtcctgactg cctctgtctg gcctgttcct cacctctggc     45180
     tctctccctc tcactgagct gggtcttgcc acttgtccat ttatcatcct ttactccact     45240
     aagctggctt ctgctttgtg gatacatgca gggtgcagct aacttgatca agtccctggt     45300
     tccatagcct gtttccacgc tcctccacat actgtcactc aaagagcgtg tcagtctggc     45360
     tttcaccctt ccccagccat gtcggacatg accaggtgaa tctgcagcag ccagcactgt     45420
     tgcgccctct ggtgccaggg attggggcag gcttgcagtg ggggccttgc cagcaggcct     45480
     cccgtgaggg tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt     45540
     tctctgtata gtcttggctg tcctagaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     45600
     agaaatccac ctgtctccgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccaccgcc     45660
     cggcccgtga gggtttttaa gaactggatt ttctgtcagg cctgatcaag gaagctgaac     45720
     ttgttcagct cttgaattca aggatctgcc cgtattgttc ggtcccgagg cctcttctgt     45780
     tgatggtact gacggcaagt cggaggcaca gtcctgaagc caagtgaaca ccatgccact     45840
     ctggcaaaac agccactttg cccaatgtgc acagtgctga aagggctggt caatgttagg     45900
     ggagccctgc tgtggctgag atgggtcacc ctgggggcta aagtgtggaa acagaaccag     45960
     cttctagatt gttccctctc ctgaggtgag aagcaaatgg cctgagggtg ttcctggctt     46020
     catggcctcc cgtgtacctc agggccgccg gtcttttttc ttggtggtgg tggtgagcgc     46080
     taggtccttt cctgtttcag ctcctaaccg gaagtggata gggaggagtc tggattcatt     46140
     cctgtctggc cccacagtcc tgctagatgc agtggggcca caggagttac ctgcagtgac     46200
     agtttagaga cgcactgagg acaaatacac actgaggaag cgggtgatgt cacacctggg     46260
     atgtttgtct ccttttgcaa ttgatttatc aattaatcct aagtgtgcgt aaggaaagtc     46320
     agtctggcca tgcagggtgg cgcttgcctt ttaatctcag cactcaggag acagaggcag     46380
     atggatctct atgagtttga ggctagcctg gtctacagag agagagagag agagagagct     46440
     ttaagccagc caggaatata gagtgagacc cttacaaaaa agaaagccag attgaacggg     46500
     ctcaagaagc tgtcaggttt ttacgttttt cagacatttc ttttgtgtgt gtttgtcagg     46560
     tagggagcac acttactgta gcatgcatgt ggaggtcaga gggcagcttg tgggagttag     46620
     ttcttccctt ttgccacagc agtcctgggt catcagcttg atagcagccc acaaaaacac     46680
     atcacccgct catcctcggg tttttacctg tgaactgagc gtgtgctctg tgtataccac     46740
     atgtggtcac agggtaccga tgttccaaac agaggctcat gtggacagtc gcacaagcct     46800
     tggtgggtgg ggtagtgctg gctgaaggag tgagtcaggc tgtcctggtg tccctgtgtt     46860
     ctgccctctg ggtggtctca gccatcggga gccagttctc tttcctcgtg tgtctctgaa     46920
     gtggaacacg tttctcagac acatccaaca ccccctaaga agttctagct tcctgcttcc     46980
     cacttgcctg acaacatttg ggtttctttt ctgttttcac tatgaatgat atgggggtat     47040
     tttttaaaga aagggtggtg tccattgccc ctcagaatct tacagttttc ttttgtcccc     47100
     ttccacttca cagatgtgac aagctggagg gagggcggtg ggcggaacat catttctgcc     47160
     gcctctctga gcgcctcccc aacagagctg ggcagcagga acgccagtgg ggcagacgga     47220
     gccccttcct tggcatgcac cagcgattct aaggagccct ctctccgccc agctcagccc     47280
     agccgcagag gggcctccca attcatgggg cacggttacc agccacccac gtaccatgac     47340
     atgctcccag cgtttgtaag tactcaaaac atcctgtcca taactgtagg ctcctgttcg     47400
     cccctcagcc tgagctctct cagggtagca gataggggcc actgtggccg gcagcagagt     47460
     cccgctccct ctggcctttc cctgtccact gcccctggct tctgcccctg ctgttcaatg     47520
     ccactgtagc tttggttctt tagaaaaagg gaagacaggt gttctcagcc ttattggatc     47580
     caaggcagat ggggcactgt gattcattac aaagctctcc actcttcccg gttcccgacc     47640
     cctcgttttc cactttccaa agtgaattct catttaccat ataattggag ccatcattac     47700
     aaaatctcag tcattgatcc tgtatttcag atgtgttcac cacagtcatc agagaaccag     47760
     actacggtgg aacgaagctc ttttcccctt cctcagctcc gcctggaacc ccgtgttcct     47820
     ttcagacagt tccagatgaa cgaccaagat gggtgaggct gtgaccctgt ggccgtgtgt     47880
     gtcagtgtgg gacagttcat gcgtgagtgc tctgtgctct ggagactggg gtgggcggca     47940
     ggacttggac ccagcaagga gcgtggtctg cagggctaac tcctgcagtg caggagtctg     48000
     gtagcactgt ggtggggttg gcagtgagca tgtggtactg tggatggaac cgaaccgtag     48060
     caagaatgca attgttcact gcaggtttct tctaaggaag tagctcagat attcactcag     48120
     acaccagagg tggaactcgt ttttggaaag tgactgtttg cacttacagg ttgacatgag     48180
     cccatcatct tttgtctgtc tcaccaggaa agaaaggcca ggcgtggcac ggccagtgcg     48240
     cccactgagg cagctggtgg agagggcacc aaggcccacc atcatcaacg cggaaaacct     48300
     gaagggcttg gatgatctgg acactgatgc ggatgatggg tgggcaggtg agtgggtgga     48360
     gggccagcag cccttatatg cagccagagc agagggcgct ccctgagtga ctggcgtcgt     48420
     ttttcggtgt ctgcttttga ttgtaaagct ctgggagact gatactttat ttttaaaaga     48480
     actttctgta gtttacaggc ctggccagaa atcatcccat gctgagatgc agcccacatg     48540
     tgctagaatg tgtgcttacc cagtctaaaa attctttttt cttaggttac atttatttat     48600
     ttacttgggc tacatgtgtg tatgcatatg tgctgtgtcc cagcacacat gtggacagag     48660
     gatgtcttgt aggagttgaa tctctttcca atatgtgtgt cctggggagt ctaactcagg     48720
     tcaaccttgg ggacaggcac ttcaccttct aagttgtctt gctgggacac accctgctga     48780
     ttttgaggca gggtcttgat ctgaccttga cctctgtgtc ttgcttcagc cttctaagcg     48840
     ctaggattga ttgcaggtaa gaggtactca cctatttggg gttttttggg gttttttttg     48900
     gatttttgag acaaggtttc tctgtgtatc cttggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgcagtc     48960
     caagctggcc ttgaactcac agagctctac ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggatcaa     49020
     aggcgtgcgc cacaaccgct tgtcagcatt cttatgggtg tatctgtagt ttctgttgct     49080
     cctgtgacat aactgtgaca cactgtgctt tctgtatctg ttcaaagtct cactaagagg     49140
     atcttagggt tctagagaga aggctcaggt tcagagcact cactggatgc tctatgggag     49200
     ttcagaactt tctggaactc aaaggagcca gcaccttttc tggcctctat atagatgggc     49260
     aaaatactca caaacattaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaaa tcaaataaca aagaaaaaaa     49320
     cctaacccag tatggtggca cacaccttta atcccagcac tcaagagaca gaggcaggtg     49380
     gatttctgtg agtttgaggc cagcctggtg tacatgtgag atactgtctc agtaaaacaa     49440
     aataaaaata aaaaaccagg aacaaaaata gggtcaggct agactcctgg ctagagagat     49500
     aatgcattgg tttatagaga cccactgctc tgatataggc cctggtttta atttccagca     49560
     cccgcagcag gtagctcaca attatcagta actctagttc ctggggacct gaagctcacc     49620
     cttggactcc tgcatgcatg tgctacagat gatttcatgc aggtacacac acatacataa     49680
     taagtaatta aaaagaaaga aatgtgcatt atttcatagg ctggagaggt ggctccgtgg     49740
     ttaggagcgt gtcctgttgc agaagactca cccgggactc cacctccaga tgatctgatg     49800
     ccctcgtctg gcccacacgg cactgatgca catgtgacat ttgctcataa agatactttc     49860
     atacacatga ataaaaataa aacacagttc actaatccac ctttagcatc caatccagat     49920
     attctttgcc tcccctgggc ccacgcactg tccccactca ctaagacttt ctcttgagtt     49980
     ggtctggcac ctttgccaaa caccaatcga ctgtgtaaat tcttgcctat ttctcgatga     50040
     cattatttcc gtggacctgt ttgtgcagct gtgcaaatta aaggatatca taaactcagg     50100
     ggaggagctt tccaccttgg gtcttcacat ggttcactcc tcaagttctt ggaggatttg     50160
     tgcaaatgtg tacttcaccc tggcagtatt tacaaagagg ctgcttctgt gtccgcggca     50220
     gcccctcagt tctgactctt ggggaccagg gctccggtga atctcgtgct ccgtcctctt     50280
     tcttctcatc agtgttctgt agctttcaat ggagaagtat cttttttact ttaaagattt     50340
     aatttgaagt gtgtgtctgt gtgtggctat atgcacatga gtgtgcagat gccctctgag     50400
     accagaagaa ggtaccagat cccttgaagc tgtggtcaca tttcctggac tccaaactta     50460
     agttctctgc aagagttata aatacactta actgctgagc tgtgtctcag ctccggtgga     50520
     gaggatctta atgttttctg gtaatttttt cctgggtaga gggcctgttg aacatgtgcg     50580
     ggggcacatg gatagagggc cttcttagca tttgaatgga aggtgctgag ttcagctgct     50640
     cctgtaaatg ctcttccatc cccccaccac taccactacc ccacacataa acaagctgga     50700
     agtgctggtt catcctgtag tcccagcctc agctacttgg gctgctaagg ctacctgggc     50760
     actcgcaaca aaaccttgtc agcttttaac agtggtagta ggagcagagt gagtggcttg     50820
     tttgatagag tggcaagcag atggcattgt gttcattccc cctccaccat ataaatgggc     50880
     agtggtggca agtaggtagg actttgactt catagcaagt tgaaggctag cctgtgacac     50940
     atgacagtgt ctcctaagca aataaataca gaaaatcgtt ttcagatact ttatgtttta     51000
     gatactatta taagtgcatt ttttttcaat cactttgaag atttttttta aacaaatccc     51060
     agctggactc cccactggac tttgtagaac aagccgcagg tcttactggt ttttgttgac     51120
     ctaggatttt ctgtgtgaat tcctgtgtca cctgtaaatg acgatacttt ggttttatgg     51180
     ggctggagcg caatcccagg acctgctcgt gctgtgcggg tgctctgcca ctcagttaca     51240
     gtgctgctcc tttaaaaagc agcttcacaa gcctggggtg gtggctgcac gagcctttag     51300
     tcccgcccgg cacttgggag gtgggtctag cctggtctac actgagagtt ccaggacagc     51360
     taggcctaca tagtgagact ctgttccaaa aaaaatagac aggcataaaa ttgtcttaca     51420
     tgaattagat ttcttttcct ggggttttgg ggatggaacc cagggcttca ggcatgctaa     51480
     gcagtgcttc agtgtgagat gcaccccagc tgtcttttct gccagttttt atggcttttt     51540
     cttgttgtat gctgtggtgt ttctagagta gtgctaaggt cgtgtgtcac ccagaggagt     51600
     gatgctaact ctcaggacag tgacatcccc ttgtggttct agtttgctga gcatttgtgg     51660
     gttttgtttt gtgagtctcc gtgggtaagt gggtagaccc cgtgcacatt ttcatgggac     51720
     ttcccttctc tgttttgaca gcacggcaca tgcatggcct tctgtgtgct cagattcagt     51780
     ttgctagtgt cttgataaca ttgcagacat ctgtgtgggt ggaggccttt acttttatgt     51840
     gtgtgtgtgt gcacgcgcat gtgtatatgg gagagcgtgt gaacatctcc ccagtcaccc     51900
     acactcattt acaacccaat aatattgggt gctgtaagga cccaccacca cgttttgtcc     51960
     gtcagttatg gacacttttt ctgcctgtgc cagtcaggat gtggggcacg ggacaccagc     52020
     agtctctgac agagtgtatg tgcagcagag gtaggcccca tctgctttcc ttttcttttg     52080
     ccttgaattc gagttttcag gctggttgtg gggtgcatac ctgtaaaccc agcacccgaa     52140
     gaactcaaaa accatgagtt tgggggctat ataaggaggg tgtcttcaat tttttctcct     52200
     gacttaacac tgtgtgtggg agggttagta ttgcccggct catcgctgtt acctagggct     52260
     ctcttaggag ttgcaattgg gcagggtaag cagcccctgg gctcagatgg ggcaccacag     52320
     tgatgcactg gagctgtcct tgccgttgca ggcctccacg aggaagtgga ctattccgag     52380
     aaactgaagt tcagtgatga tgaagatgag gaggatgttg tgaaggatgg ccggtcaaag     52440
     tggtgagtcc cctctctcca gttcctagcg tggggctctc agccccacac aggcttgtta     52500
     gtgctgctgc ctggcggaca ctgtgctagg agcagttcct ggtttccata gcagcgggaa     52560
     tgaggcccat tcaagacagc atgcaggaac cggtcagcat gcatcaaggc tcgactgtct     52620
     gctccttaaa tgtctgcacg taatttccca ctgatggtcg caggtgtggc accctgtaaa     52680
     gcttttgtgg gataccactg aaggctcatc tttgttaagc acaaactctc agaggccagc     52740
     ctcttcagca gtgcactgca gccgtgctgc aggtgtgtgc acaccaggtt gcctgcattc     52800
     actctgcctc ccccccccct ctctctcatc ctttccactg gactaatttt acttaatgct     52860
     ctttggaaaa tccgacattg tactagaatt cccttacgat tttattttta ttgttttaaa     52920
     attgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg cctgcgagat tgcaggtgcc tgcagaggac acaggcatcg     52980
     ggaccctggg gctggagtgt caggtgattg tgattaacca gaggcatctc cccatggctg     53040
     tttttatctt aacatcagca gtggtttctg gcttggcatt ttgggtgtca atatccgcag     53100
     cacatcttgc tcccagagtg cacttggagc tttgaggtct cctctgacag cttccatatt     53160
     gtttatgcat gattggccca caggggtcag tcagtgtgtc tccttccctt tggcctgcct     53220
     cctatggtgt gtccttcacg cagccctcct tgtctcctaa gatcccactt tggttctggg     53280
     aggccaagac catttctcaa aggtcaagtc agaagtcatt aatattcttt tccttttttt     53340
     ttctttttcc tgtttaaatt tgagacagtg tttttccctg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa     53400
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagcgtttg cctgcctctg tgtgctagca     53460
     gcctggttgg caactgtctc cttttctaca ctggtgggct tcctatatcc accgtggcga     53520
     ttgtttagtg tcttcctttt gctctgttgt agagccttgt tgggcacctg ccctaggctt     53580
     ggccaaggag ggaaatggca gggagcctgg aggcacagcc cttctgttgc ttgtggcagc     53640
     agctctttgt ttctccctaa ggcccagttc ccgctctttt aagatttttt ttttattaac     53700
     ttttatttta tgggtatttt gcctgcaaat atgtctgtgc accacatgca tacacatgta     53760
     tctgtggaga tcagaagagg gtattggatt cctggagctg gagttacaga cagttgtgag     53820
     ctactgtgtg ggtgctggga attgaaccta ggtcctctgc aaaagcagcc ggtgctctca     53880
     accccagagc cagctctcca gccccgattc ccagctcttg agatgtgcgt gagccggcct     53940
     tgtctgtgcg ctgaggatgg gggctgagct ccctggctcc caggacttta tgatgggact     54000
     tggtaaacat cgtacctcaa ctttggcagt tcatggataa agggcgtgcg tgcagtgttg     54060
     aaggaaatta gtctgtgacg tggtctaata gctggcttca aaattcccag aggcccctga     54120
     ccagtggggt cagacaggcc tgactgggga aacttaacag ttgccatctg ccctaggaac     54180
     aactgggatc caaggcggca gcgggcgctg tcattgagct ctgcagacag cactgacgcc     54240
     aagcgcactc aggaggaagg gaaggactgg agtggaacag caggtggatc ccgtgtcatc     54300
     cgaaaggtgc cagagcctca gcctccttcc aggaagcttc acagttgggc ctctgggcct     54360
     gactaccagg tactgtggcc cggggtctgt gcctggctgt ttagtggcag ccctggtata     54420
     tacatgggcg cttagcaaat gcacgcactc tccctctgtc cctccttccc ccaacccccg     54480
     tgcacattcg cacagactcg agcactttgg gaagttggtt ttcttcttct gccttcatgt     54540
     ggtttccagg gatcagactc atcgtcgggc tttaagacaa atgccctgct tcctgctctg     54600
     agggcctggc cctcttactt gaaacagaat tctgtatgaa gactggctgg gcatggcctt     54660
     tagtcccagt actcaggagg cagaggaagg tggatctctg agttcaagac cagccaagtt     54720
     ccaggccagc caagaataca caatgaaacc ctgtcgttgc cgccccccgc ccccacacac     54780
     acacacccac acacacatac acaaaatcac aaagtctgtt ttcctggctg accaaagagt     54840
     acgccaccta cctactctaa ctgcaggcca tgcgagtgtc ttcttcctgc tttttgtttt     54900
     gttttgtttt ttgttttttt gtttttaaga cctagcatca aacctgatca cgtttgttgc     54960
     tgcttcactg ggatgcatac actgggccgt gatcctgctg aagcccttta tgcatgatgt     55020
     cgcctgtgaa tcacttggca ctttgcccat tccacagcct ttcacagact cttcagcctg     55080
     gatgctttgg aagagggcag gcccctctgg ctggctcagt ctgtagcttg ctcatggtga     55140
     ggtccatggt ttctgtcttg gacgagattg actgggctgt tttctggatt cctcctggct     55200
     ctggtgactg gcacgttggc ctcatggtga ctgcgatctt gccacggctc acactggaca     55260
     gacagtctgt gattgagaga agtgtgggga gagtgttgag gcgggctagc ctattatatt     55320
     taaactgcac acgtctatat gtatggagta agtgtgtaga ggtcagagga cagcttcgtg     55380
     gagtcagttc ttcttctcag ccacctttat cggagtctgg gggctgaatt cggattgcca     55440
     ggcttggcag caagcacctt tacctgctga gccctctcac tggccctgtt cgtcatactt     55500
     tgagttcact cattcatttc agcagttggt aatctctcat tgtctgccat gaggatgaag     55560
     ttatctttga ttttactccc ctagctcagg tccttcgcag tctgactttg agctcttcct     55620
     tgctgtctga gggaaactcc tccacagctc tctgctgttg ggtcagggtt tctaagaact     55680
     ctggatcctt tgagtgctgg gtggtgttta gaatactcgt tactattggg tgtcgctgct     55740
     cctgggcctt ctcatctggg aggagggggc ggcgggcgca caggcgtctg actgttcagt     55800
     ctccattcct gtctgtgttg aaaacccaaa aagtagaggg agggatgtct ccagttctga     55860
     ggaatgtgat tcagttcttt ctcactatgt tgtacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg     55920
     cgcacgggag ctcaggtcca ctgtgtacct gtggaagcca gtgaccagct ttggtgtcca     55980
     tctctgctct ccgagctgtt taagacgggg tgtttgttgt ttttctgatg ggtatggcag     56040
     gctggcaggc ctagaacacg ggctacagac actcacgctg tgcctctggc tttgacgtgg     56100
     attcatgatt gtacagttag ggccctcagc ccctccttcc tccagcagca accatgttgt     56160
     cctgacactg gtgcttcctt ggttgatgct gtgtgtgaat agttcagtcc ccacgtcgca     56220
     cagatgccct ccccagtccc cacacgggtc acctttgctc cacagtgcca cacctttatc     56280
     ctgtgcttat cccaaaccag cccagcactc acagtgcacc cctctcatcc tgctgggctc     56340
     tggccacaca cggagactct gactccttgg cagctgatgc acccaccttt cctgccacac     56400
     ccaggagtga gccagtgctg ggaatggaga aggacagcat ttggaattcc ctggagaaat     56460
     gtagacctcc tcgtgcccag tgtctaggcc cctcctgtct tctctgtgtt cctgggctct     56520
     gtgctggctg cagaggacac acatgaaacg tgcattgtgc ctccctaccc tacctcccca     56580
     atctgctgct gaaggcgtca cagtgaatgt gagccctctg agtctgttta ggtctttggg     56640
     taggagataa tcaggtttaa gaatacagaa aagtgaactg aagaaatggc tcaacgggta     56700
     agagcacatg ttattctggc agaggaccca agttcaagtc ccagaactca cgtcagctgg     56760
     ctcacaactc cctctcactc cagcttcggg tagatatgga cacctctggg ttctcctggc     56820
     acatgcactg tagtgcacat acccaacaca gacataaaca cataacaaaa ataaatcata     56880
     tgtaattctt atgtacatgg gtattttgac tgcatgtata tatgcatgca caacatatat     56940
     gcctggatgc cctggaactg gagttagaga cagtgtacag gcgagctgtc atgtacgtgc     57000
     tgggacttga acctgggtcc actggaggag tacactgtgc ttctaacagc tgagcagttt     57060
     ctccagccca agaaaataaa acacagactg cacaagcgtg tgtggtctgg atggcccagt     57120
     gggtacagga gcctgctgcc aagcttggtg acttacttga gtaagggcct caggacccag     57180
     atggtggaag aggagaactg actctccaga gttgtacata taatacacac acacacacac     57240
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc acacactttt tttttaatgc gagggccata     57300
     gagatggctc aggtgttttc tgctctgacc tgcaccccac tccctccttc ttttggcaga     57360
     aacccacaat gggcagcatg ttccgccagc actccgctga ggacaaggag gacaagccac     57420
     ccccacggca gaagttcatc cagtcagaga tgtccgaggc cgtggaacga gcccgaaagc     57480
     gcagggaaga agaagagcgc cgggcccgag aggagaggct ggctgcctgt gctgccaaac     57540
     tcaagcagct agaccagaag tgcaggcagg ctcagaaggc caatgagacc ccgaagccag     57600
     tggaaaagga agtcccccga tccccgggca ttgagaaggt ctccccgcca gagaatgggc     57660
     ctgttgtccg caaaggtgag aggcctccct atcccacagc tgggagcctt gaactgtcga     57720
     ctccacttta ctggctgtga ggtagccaaa cctgtggcag agacaggagc tctgtgttaa     57780
     ggtcagcctg gtctttgtgg agttccggga cagtcagtac agagagagcc ccaaccttaa     57840
     acacatgcat gcacacatgc acagaggtgg gcctggggcc ttatctgctc tcagctctgc     57900
     ttttctgaat tttaatttgt gcatgcactc gagtgtgcat gagagagtgc gcgtgtgcgt     57960
     gtgtgtatgc atggtcagag gacagttttg tggagtcgac tcctctcaga gttcagaggg     58020
     ttcagaggct gaactcaggt ctctaggttt gtgtgctaag tgcttttacc cgctcatcca     58080
     tcttgccacc ccatcttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct     58140
     gtatagccct ggctgtcctg aactcactct gtagagcagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat     58200
     ccacctgctt ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccat gcctggcttt     58260
     gccaccccat cttaaatttt taaaatagtt gggtaaatgt cttacatatc tacaaaccat     58320
     ttttccttca tctataaatg tatcaggctg gcaaggtggc tcagcaggta cacgagattg     58380
     cctctcagca tgttagaccg gcgttggagc agatgttctc tgacctccgt tacgctatga     58440
     tgtgtgtgcg cgtctatgat tacacaaaca cagacgtaaa ttcatttcaa aatgtgggga     58500
     gtggagacat agctcagtgg ttgacccagt ttgctctcac gggtgacctg ggggtagttc     58560
     ccagcagctc atagccatct cttaactcca ggtttagggg atctgatgcc ctcttctgat     58620
     ctcattgggt accaggcaca taatacatgc aggcaaatgc acccatgcac ataaattaaa     58680
     ataaataacc ccccccaaaa gtttatatcc ccgcctgcca gcctgtggag gcctgtcagg     58740
     tgccttacaa gaggcttgcg gcatacagag acaccatctt gctgttgttt ctgctactgt     58800
     cccttcctgt actgaccagg caaacgtgtg gcagagagcc tgcgcaaagg ggaacactgt     58860
     tttacagggg atgcaaaggg gtctttccag atgttggagt atacgtctgg caataacaat     58920
     tccaaaaaga gtggctgcag tctgtaacaa gctgcaggac tagagacgtt cccccaggga     58980
     agccatcagc tgtattctgt gacagtcccc agtcaaccct gatagattct tgttagcctc     59040
     agcccttgta aacccctcct gcatgtgttg aggtatttgg ccatctaacg ctacctgtgc     59100
     ccttctggag tcagggctgt gcaagtgtcc ttatgacgcc cgctctctgc agcttgtgtg     59160
     gagactgctg gcttggtgct tatggccaca gcagtacaga aactgctttg aacatgctgt     59220
     tatttgggcc ctgttgaggg catgatctca ctggatcctc cttcaagccc cgtgaaggac     59280
     gcatggttgc tctcagtact cacagactgc gttggacaag cagggcctca ggcttcccac     59340
     ccaaagtggt tgaatcctgt ctgtttggga gatgaatttg taggtggtcc ctgagttagg     59400
     gctgctgtct ccatcctcag agccctttat cagtctcacc acagtgttgt gcagttctga     59460
     ggtcatcagc tgaatcctca cctgtgtttt tgttggggta gagccttcta actgtgcctc     59520
     gtgggaaatt catatacccc aggagcactt ggggtaggca gctgggtccg ggtcagtgaa     59580
     tggtccccag tgcagtctag gcagtaggca gaagcactca ctgtttatca cacagttggc     59640
     caagctcctg tgaactcgct gtgacttttc cttccctgct ctctaggctc cccagagttc     59700
     cctgtccaag aagcacccac catgttcttg gaagagacac ctgcaacatc cccaacagtc     59760
     gctcagagca atagcagcag cagcagtagc agcagtagca gcatcgagga ggaagtccgg     59820
     gagtccgggt cccctgcaca ggagttcagc aagtaccaga agtcccttcc tccccgtttc     59880
     cagcgccagc agcagcagca acagcagcaa cagcagcagc agcagcagca ggtaaaccga     59940
     cggacataac cacagagcag atgctcaacc cactcacagc agtaccctta catgttacgg     60000
     tggccaccac agatgccaga ggtgacacct caaccctggg aaactcccat caatagagtc     60060
     tctgggtgtg atccaaaccc ttttactcta ctctctgagc tgcatgcagt gtggcttgtg     60120
     ggaagccctc actcagagta gcatccctct gatcccattc aaacatcctg gggcttagga     60180
     ggcctctgca gccttctgca ctgtctcagg agtccctggt gatggacagg tcagctctgg     60240
     gttaaggatg ttcatcttgt agggttcatg ttggagagcc agggccccca cccaaacatt     60300
     gcgtggccaa cttgggtaac gtcagtcagt catcagtctg ttctctgctc tgggaacctg     60360
     gggacgctgg ggacacttgc ttcagcagag cgggaatctc tggcagtggc acctaggagc     60420
     gtgtcagagc attgttcatg ttggttggct tctgaaactt tcagaggggc ttgcattttt     60480
     gctctgaagg gtggcgtcat agcagtccct gggtcctggt gatgtctgct ggtgcagcct     60540
     gacagcagtt gtgtaatcat ggggactggg gatgtagctc actgccagag tgagatctcc     60600
     cagcaagagt tagatctcgg tttcagtatt tggtgcccag catacaagga aaaatggcag     60660
     ccatgcctag gaaccatgtg ttttgatgga gactgggatg atggagatat ctgctagaac     60720
     tccggcagct ggcttataat gttcgcattt aaactgtttc aaaaatggtt gtgccttaga     60780
     gaccaaggat ctccagagtc tcgtttaatt tcctatgagc ctaccctagc ttctctgctt     60840
     tggggtcata ggaagcgtag tgttggtata taagtacact cagtccctcg aggctgggag     60900
     tggaggcacc agtgggcagt gttagcggtc acacctgccc aaccaagcag caccagttgc     60960
     tcttgctagg gatgagggag tcagtggcca tgtatctctc ctcaagaggg tgtgagattg     61020
     acagggcttc cgggatgggc tggtccagtc ctcaaggact gcagtttaac cagagggtgt     61080
     tgtgtagacc aagaagttag ctctggaggt cctcacatca gtgaactgca gtgactgagt     61140
     gctcctcaga gacagcagcc tgcaggagtt gcagcctagc agcaggctgg agggaggcca     61200
     ttctgttctc agagtgcacc gggcaggcca aagtctgacc tgacacatgg gctggttggg     61260
     tggagtcagt gtaccattgc tttcagatca cagatagttt gtgttcctca gttcagtgcc     61320
     tcagagcaca gtgccccagc aagccactct tagttagaga gactaagagc agaaaagaac     61380
     tgggagtatt gtgggagaag acactggggg atgctcaggt ctggtaacag cttctttcca     61440
     gagggaacgc gcttatgctg gaaactcagt ttgggaacgg aaagcagagg agcatcagtc     61500
     cagggtttcc cagggtcacc aagggctcat gggactgggg ggggggtgcg tcgtggagga     61560
     gtttgtagcc aaggaggcaa aatctgacag aaccctatag gctgccaatg accttctggg     61620
     atgaagctgt tgggcaggaa gcagaggagg tattggaggc tcttctgaag cttggagcca     61680
     acaaatgtag aaagtacatg catagccata gataaaagga ggggagcgga tccgatcctg     61740
     tgaggtgttg agtcaaactg gaaccctcgt ctgatggggt gcacacagcc cttgtagtga     61800
     caccaacatg actccatcca gctctgaggg acctcagcct aaaagctgta acaggcctgg     61860
     ggaccatgga cgtccttctt tctggctttc tgccagggcc tttgtgtgcc tgtcctgtgc     61920
     agtaccctta gcacaccctg agcacccgtg tgcctcgccc tcgttcactg cttctctccc     61980
     ccccccccag gagcagctgt acaagatgca gcactggcag ccggtctacc ccccaccttc     62040
     tcacccccag cgcaccttct acccacacca cccccagatg ctgggctttg acccacggtg     62100
     gatgatgatg ccttcctaca tggacccacg catcaccccg acacggacgc ccgtggactt     62160
     ctacccctca gccctgcatc cttcaggtga gccccgggag cccagcgaag ggacatcacc     62220
     agcagaggta gacccacggt ggtccaggcc ggcccctgtg acaagcattt gaccagtctt     62280
     gagttttacc aagatattga cacagttctg ctcctgtcaa aaagttatta ggacctgagt     62340
     gtggggtaga gacatattgt catttcatca cttgagaggc tgagacggaa aggtggtgag     62400
     gttgagacca gcgtgggtta agtgttaaga ctgtctccca aaaaagcaaa ccaaaaaaag     62460
     caaaccagaa caaacattgt tgggatggtt atgaaggtgt gtgctgtcat tgcagcccct     62520
     gcgtccttgc tggtgagtct ctctagccca gattgttcct gcccaaagtt ggtctaatgc     62580
     tttttgctaa aaccaaattt gggggttcat cacccttttg gtttttgtag ctcacttgtc     62640
     tgttctcctc acaatatagt ctttatagca ctgtttccaa cattgctttg ttggggtcat     62700
     gtgatgcctt ctcactgtca ggtggtgtgt accacaagct aaactgtcag gtgatctaag     62760
     tctctttctt gctagtcata ttgaagtact cgataaaatt gtgcttgcca attgtgttag     62820
     actgatatcc ataccattgg tcttgttaaa aatcccctta gtcggttact gacagctgtt     62880
     gcgactgcca caggattggg agttcagcct cttggggaag cacatgcttt tagtttcaca     62940
     cggactcagg ttcatctcta gctccaaaca gaaataacta aatatccagt gtggttgtgg     63000
     ctttataaac ttcctataag gaaggggtgt gtgtgtgttg attttttgtt tggttgggtg     63060
     tttttgtgct gtttttgttg ttgttgttgc tgctgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttctgga     63120
     actttcagtg aagaccaggc cggcctcaaa ctcacaggaa ggtgctagcc ctgaagaaga     63180
     ctgggtttgc tcccagcagg agagtttgtc tgtgttgctg tgattaaagg tgttcaccat     63240
     cactgtagct caggctgacc cggatctcat tatgtattcc aggctaacct cgcattcatt     63300
     gaagtcttct tgggtcaggc tccgtgtgct ggaattacag gttggggcca ttacacccag     63360
     caaactgtct ggttttgttt cttctatctg gaaacacata gaaaggaatt ggttttattt     63420
     tctgtctttg ctactttggc taaaagtagc atcattattc taggttttgt cactgtctgt     63480
     ctgatacctt ttgttccagc ttttgactgt ttactttcca ggactctggg ttttagtagt     63540
     gtagctttcc ctgtgaggag acgctgactg caagtctgtg gcttttcgtt gccaaagctt     63600
     gttccatagg tttattggga tgctgggcag tggtggccct taaatccctg aaagtgggag     63660
     gtggggggca gaggcaggca gctttctgac tttgaggtca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     63720
     tctcggacag acagagctac acagtgaaac cctgtcacaa ttgctttcta ccaccacccc     63780
     agataagatt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga actggagaca tggtctagta     63840
     gttaagagca ctggctgctc tttcagttcc cagcacacac gtggcctctt ctgatcaggc     63900
     ctttataggt aacaggcaag tgtccatgta tatacgtgca tgtgtgcata catacacatg     63960
     cctgtgtgct gccatctggg acagactcag acctgtcctc agctctcttg tctcttcaca     64020
     catgtctaat ccaccttctt aaattttaat gcctgcctgt atatttttgg aagtagtatt     64080
     tgcttcccaa attgttgttt tgttctgtaa tttctttttc cctccatttt tttatttttt     64140
     taaaatatgt gtttacccat ttggggagtt agaagatcag aaggtctcct tccactgtgt     64200
     gggttccagg aagcaaactc aggcttggaa aagcaccttt acccattcag ccatcttacc     64260
     agctcctatt ttgaattttt tttctttgtt tttcaagatg ggggtctcac tatgtagccc     64320
     tggttggcct gtaactcagt ctgtagacca gggtgacctc agactcagag ctccacctgc     64380
     ctctgcctcc tcaggtctgg gattacaggt gtgcgccact gtaaccaaga agtgcttcat     64440
     tccttttctt tttttaaatc atgttttaat gattaaaata caaattttaa tgctgtatgt     64500
     ttttctagaa agtgtcagct atagtatact acattcatac cccttctggc cattttggat     64560
     ttaaagttca gacctggtga gggagagtat ctttcagagc cgtcctctca gaggcttcct     64620
     gcccttacag ccactcctgg ttaagctgga agacctctgc attcttctgg gaggcagaaa     64680
     tttgaataca gcctccttga aacccaaagg aacagaaggt ttcctaaggt ttgtctgttg     64740
     catccttcct aggaattccc tttacggaag gacacgggct ttctaatgct tggtagtatt     64800
     tcagaagcat tgaaagtcct ggttctgaga ggatgctgat gtggacagat gggggaagct     64860
     tgatacagcc ggtagattga cgttacgtta cgggtgtcct ggtctatcgg ggccactcca     64920
     ggctctccct ccccaacagc cagagtttcc aaatacaaaa tgtagagtgt ccttgtccat     64980
     cttcccatag ggatatgagg aagtgaagcc aaagccctgt ctaagtcttc ctaggaggtc     65040
     taaatcaact gagtgctggc tggtcatgtg tgctgcctgg gatttggccc atccagtcca     65100
     cacagctctg ccgtgtggtg ctgtgctcgc tccccagccc tgctgggcag agatctggct     65160
     cctgtttatt gtttttctta cctttcgagt ggtctctcat tctgggaacc agcattggct     65220
     tctacgggcc acaggcaggt cagatggtac acctgcatac cagcaggctc ccctggtcag     65280
     agtaaagact cggttgttta agggatacct gctgtgtccg tgtggcatta ggacaactgc     65340
     cactttggaa ggctatgttc tgccttgtgg cttccgccgg gcattctgtg ttagatgaga     65400
     gaggttgatc ctttgccttc ttcaggactg atgaagccca tgatgcccca agagtccctc     65460
     agtgggactg gctgtcgctc tgaagatcaa aactgtgtgc cctcgctcca agaacggaaa     65520
     gtgaccgccc tcgacccagc tcctgtgtgg agcccagagg gctacatggc actgcagaac     65580
     aaaggctact cactgcccca cccgaagtct gctgacactc tggccatggg catgcatgtc     65640
     aggtgagctt ccctctgcgg ctgaaggaag gctccgcagt cccagtggag ggccctagga     65700
     agaggccccg tcccgggaga cacagcccag ggtgggtggg gaggagtgga agcaggtgtg     65760
     cttgaatgtt tgatgcgagt ggctctctct gatggccagg ctgaggcaca ggaggaaccc     65820
     cgtggtcgtc gaactgtggg catggagtaa aggggcagag ggtgggctca caggccggtg     65880
     ggtcaagagt ggggtctggg ctcgctcctc ctgtgcgtat aggagctagc cctgccaccc     65940
     caggcccagg ctccccactc ccaggctcca gcttgttcat tgctccaggg gaccgccagc     66000
     tcctctgtct ccagggcagt tcattgagct ccactgacat cttcacggcc acggacgcca     66060
     ggggccaccg agcaacgaac cataagctag accaaatgtt tgtgttttct tttcttttta     66120
     aaaaactttt tttttcttta aaaccaaacc aaacaaacca aaactaagcc ctgttcagca     66180
     tggcggccag gaaccaagct ccaatcacat tgactgattt ttctggttcc ttttcaggaa     66240
     tgaaaggtct tactgtgcct cccccggaag gccagggggc ataagtgccc agcgcgatct     66300
     ctttgaggag agaggggagg agttcttgag tgcttttgac aagaaggccc aagcagactt     66360
     tgacagctgt atctcttctc aaagaatagg ccaggagctt ttatttccac cccaggaaaa     66420
     tgttcaggag gtgggtgctc ctgggggttg taccccaaac ctcaggtgtt ccccattgga     66480
     gcctgacttt gtcccagctg agaaaaagcc agagtatggc agctgggatg ttggccacca     66540
     gccaaaggcc gccgacacag ccaacggtgt cgagctggag gctccccgac aggagccttc     66600
     ctttcatgtt tcctcttggg agaaggaagg gagccccaag aaacagccaa acccggagcc     66660
     tgagtggaca cctgagcccc ggagctccag cggccagcac caggagcagc cgggcaggac     66720
     ccggaggtca ggacccatca agaaaccagt tcttaaggcc ctgaaggtag aagagaagga     66780
     gaaggccctg gagagaggca ggcaggggct tagagaggag agctcacagc gggccccaga     66840
     gaaagaaccc gtgggcaggg ccgaggagga cgaagagaac aaccctgccc tagccaatgc     66900
     ctcctccgcc ctggaggaca aggctgcctc ccgggctggt tttgcccacg aggctagcaa     66960
     gctggatgaa gatgaaaagg cagataagac ctgggagagc aggccctcaa gggaggccag     67020
     tgacattccc ccaaccaaga gaaacaactg gatcttcatt gatgaggaac aggcctttgg     67080
     gggacggggc caggcccgta gccgtggccg cggcttcaga gagttcacct tccggggcgg     67140
     ccggcctgca ggcagcagca caagtggtct ttgtggcacg ggtgtccttg ggtctcgtgg     67200
     catgtacagt agtggccagc gcagtaaccg aggcaggggc ctgcgtgact tccccccacc     67260
     agaagactgc cccagagcca agccaaggcg tcgcattgcc agcgagactc acagcgaggg     67320
     ctctgagtat gaagagctgc ccaagaggcg ccggcagcgg ggctctgagc atagccacga     67380
     gggcatgctc acggagaggg acgagggtgc cctgaaggac tcatggcgct ccaacagaac     67440
     ttacaccgag gaccagggcg gtatagacac ccgcagccgg ggatcccgga catgcgggag     67500
     agccctccca ccccgcctga gcaactgcag ctatggccgc agaacctttg ttgccaaaga     67560
     acctccccac tggcagagca ggagcccagg cagctcctgg caggaatatg gctcctctga     67620
     cccgtgtggc ccacggcgag gcaccgacag agactacata ccagactcct accgacaatc     67680
     tgacacattt ggaagcaggc tttttgagga cagccgcacg gaggacaaga ggtccttttt     67740
     ccaagatgac catggggcag attctgaaaa tgcagaaaac aggcccttcc gtaggaggcg     67800
     gcccccacgc caagacaagc cccctcgctt ccggcgcctc cgtcaagagc gggagtccct     67860
     gggcctgtgg ggacctgagg aggagtccca tctgctggca agccagtggc caggccggtc     67920
     caaactctgt cctggggaca agagtggtcc tggaggtcac agatccccag agctttccta     67980
     ccagaattcc tctgatcatg ccaacgagga gtgggagacc gcctccgaga gtagtgactt     68040
     cagcgagcgt agggagcggc gagaaggcct cgtggctgaa cccgaagcgc aaggggatgg     68100
     tggcctctct gggtccagtt tgggtgaaaa gaaggagctg gccaagagga gcttctccag     68160
     ccagaggccc ctggccgaca gacagagccg caagctggag ccgggagggt ttggggagaa     68220
     gcctgttagg ccaggtgggg gtgagccttc cccccgctgc gagagccagc agagcgggac     68280
     gcctctgaaa gtcaaaaggt aacgcgtcag caccatcgcg ggtcctttgt cgttgtcctg     68340
     ttcgcaacag catcaagtcc atgcatgcac gccctgccaa gccaggcggc cccggccgct     68400
     gtgtgtgagc atctccatca cgtgctcctg cattgcttgt ctgcttctcc atggtgtgtc     68460
     attgttgatg ttgttgttgt ggcttgatca actagaccca gagttcccca tgccctactc     68520
     cccggaggcc ttcttgtgac tgctgttcta gcccgtgttc ccagagtcca acctccggat     68580
     atatcctcag ctctgccctg acggctgttg cctgtgtgtg gtgcccgaca agctctgcag     68640
     tctacccgct tggtactgct gcagctggtc agaaggcaac actcactttt ggtcatgtgg     68700
     agaaagctct tgcccctagt ggccctgctt ccctcgtgct gcctggacat ggctggagcc     68760
     accaggaaca gaagggagca gcccgctctc agccagagcc tgcttttcta gaagctgaag     68820
     cttatggggt ggcccatggc ccaggctgcc tgtagggaga atgtggtcct gctgcccaat     68880
     cagcgcctca ggttgagatg tctggggtgc agaggtttta cccctcctgt ccttagaatt     68940
     cagagttcac aactcacgtg tacatacccc aaagaagttg actcaggaga atatctgtta     69000
     agtctcggtg tgactatact gcagccccaa caaggcatca tgaatgaact caagagccct     69060
     gcagtgagat agcctgtgct gctctggtct gtgggcctct cttgggtgcc tccacccggc     69120
     ctcttctcgg cactgcagtc tgtggaagca gcatacagtg ggagggaaga gtactgtgga     69180
     gagggtactc cagcagcctt caccctgccg cagaacagga ccagcacggg gctcgcactg     69240
     tgggcaggct cttgtgaccc ttgatggctc agtcgcagga accggaacta gatagctgct     69300
     gtgtctgtgt gtgggcctcg tgcattcaga tcctcctgcc cctctttcct agcctttgag     69360
     tagtggagcg ttcatggact cttccttcct ttgcaggtct ccagatgagg ccttgcctgg     69420
     aggccttggc agccattcac cctatgcctt ggagagaacc actcacgcca gctctgacgg     69480
     tcctgaaacc cccagtaaga aatcagagag agaggtttct ttgcctaccc agagggctag     69540
     tgagcaggaa gaggcccgga agcagtttga cctgggctat ggaagtgagt tggggctctc     69600
     ctttggagtg aggggtggtg caaaacaacc cagcctcctg tcttatgatg cttccagcct     69660
     tgctgagccc cagtgacatc tgtataactt cacagactta aaggggggca tccaaggcca     69720
     catggctagc aagagactga cctgggtgtg tgaatctgca tctctaaagc cattatctcc     69780
     acgggtgctg tctgagcact tgtgggttgt gcttgcaatg tctgctcaca tgggcaggag     69840
     gagggcgggg caccgtgtct agatttccac aggcactggt gacattgctc cttggtgagt     69900
     ggacttcatc agttgacggt tgggtgattc tcatcttatt ctttgtgtgg cctttggttc     69960
     agatgctctc attgacaact gcgcctccag ccctggggaa gagaatgaag caagctctgt     70020
     ggtgggtgaa ggcttcattg aagtcctgac caagaagcag cgtcgcctgc tggaggagga     70080
     gagaagaaaa aaagaacagg ctgctcaggt aagcaccacg ggccgagagg aggggaggac     70140
     tctccgtcgg gcatgcactg tctcctggga cctgtcacaa agaggctggc ttttccaggg     70200
     tctaatagcc aaactgtgac cggctaggtc agagataagc ctcagcgccc ctagtcttcc     70260
     tcttccctta gtgccccaga ctggctaggt gatcctgcag gtcacagtgc tcaggaaccc     70320
     tgacagaaat gcttgcagct agacactgca ttcggccccg tctgtcagcc tgctcctggg     70380
     gcaagtctgc ctatcctggc agtgcaccct gagcccgggg ttctgaagac acgggtcagg     70440
     catctcaagc tggtttgggt agtaatatga cactttccta ggagagtgtg cttaagccat     70500
     gcagtcatgg cttaaggtgg gactgcatca gctcctcttc cctgcaggtg cctgtcaaag     70560
     gtcggggcct ttcatcccgg attcctcctc ggtttgctaa aaagcagaac ggcctgtgtc     70620
     tggagcaaga tgtgactgtg cctggcagca gcctgggcac tgagatctgg gagaacagca     70680
     gccaaggtga ggtgggtgcc tgcctcagga gaggcagggc actttccgga gactcacacc     70740
     tttgagccgt cagtataagt gtgtcatgac ctattcctgg gccccaagca gagtcagtgt     70800
     tgagcagcag ctgagctgac ttgttgcggc agtcacaggt gggggataca tctctggccc     70860
     caggactact ccaatagact agcagaacct ctgcaccatg tcaccctcag gaaggcgccc     70920
     tgtttcagat ggccaggagg gagtaaggga cccccttcct cagcacagag aagccctctg     70980
     aattcctccc tcttgttttc tgtggaagaa gaaaattcag actaacggaa gttagttgaa     71040
     aactatttcc ttacatcttt tttgtttgat tttaatgtcc ctttcaattg atcaagttct     71100
     ttttgaaggc ctgcagtgag cacggcctgc acaacaggga gcctagaaga tcgcacagtt     71160
     aacaagagct tttctgtggc ttctaagaga gcgaggacga ggctgaaccc aggctagagc     71220
     aaatgccaca gtgggtgact catattcctg cacgtctgtg cctttataat tgtcactatc     71280
     cttctggccc tggtgtagaa cagcaattct caagtgatgt cctgctctgg tagaaggatg     71340
     aacgatgggg gctggaggac acttctgacc ataccaccaa tgcctgaaat aaccctcagc     71400
     caaacgggca cagcagcagg caccgggctg aagcgcagtc agcttcgaag ggtctcagtt     71460
     gttcagacca gggctcacgt gtgctccatc ctgtccatat gtcttctggg tctgcctcat     71520
     tggctttggg tgctggggga gttctgtagg ctgctcactt aattgagctg tgccttcctg     71580
     gatcattcaa ggcttgaagt agctgctcgc tcccggtttc agtgcaggag agtgttggcc     71640
     taagaggact gagaattcta ttgaggccaa ccagagtatg actcagtgtt ctggcactgg     71700
     cctctcacct cagcactcag gaggcagaga caggaggatc atgggagttc caggtcagcc     71760
     agagctacat aagatcctgt ctgaggaggc tggctgttgg aagaagctct cacattagtg     71820
     cctgtatgtc agatttagtc acaaatctcg gtcttcggag ctctgtgccc tacaaggcgg     71880
     ggttggggtg gggtggggta agggtgttcc atcaactcgt cttttcagtt ggtggtcact     71940
     gcagtggaaa ggaacttaca ggctcctgtc ttcccagact gcttgtcccc cattgatgcc     72000
     ctgactcttg cctcccttcc ttgtcagccc tccctgtgca gggcgccgcc agtgactcat     72060
     ggaggacagc tgtcactgcc ttcagcagta ctgagcctgg cacctcagag gtgagtgcca     72120
     ctacccaaca cccttcctgg cagctgggct tgcacagggt gccctactgt ggtccctagc     72180
     ttatcaccct ctttagcttt ggcctctgct ttctgtgtgg tgcctgtagg agcagagaga     72240
     caagggagac tcttagctgg ggagctggcg taagagtcac ctttgagctg ctattgcctg     72300
     gcacctgtgt gctctgaata aaatgagttt ggtggccttc ttagatccat gcagtgtcta     72360
     gtggtcatga gcttacatag aattggcgca ttcattacac ttggtgtgtg ccatgggcca     72420
     ctatcacgag ggcaggtctg gactttggag tggaggtcag tggtggggag gaaagctggc     72480
     ctgtgctgtc cagaggctgc ctcctggatg ctagtgcttt gcagtttggg gtcagggatc     72540
     taacccattt tgtgttctgc acagcagggg tttaagagca gccagggaga tagtggcgtt     72600
     gacttgagtg ctgagtctcg ggagtcgtct gcgacctcct cacagcgcag ttccccatat     72660
     ggcactctca agcctgagga aattagcggg cctggcctgg cggaatctaa ggccgacagc     72720
     cacaaggacc aagctcagaa gcaggcggag cacaaggtaa cctaccagtc ccctgcacgg     72780
     aggccagggc ctgggcagaa gaggcccttc cgtctctgtc ttgtctcccg agatgccaag     72840
     ggtgcctgga agtatgtgtg tgtgtctcag cccttctgct tttccacaag gactcagaac     72900
     aaggctctgc acagagcaag gagcacagac caggacccat cggcaacgag cggtctctga     72960
     aaaacagaaa gggctctgag ggggccgagc ggctgccagg ggccgttgtc ccgcctgtta     73020
     atggggtgga gattcacgtg gactccgtgc tgccggtgcc gcccattgag ttcggagtca     73080
     gtccaaaagt gagcttcgct ttgtctcctt tctctcttgg acttggatga actcttaggg     73140
     ttgtctccta aagaggaaag ggaagctggg agctgagcac tctgctcttt tgcggagaat     73200
     gttaggacag aggcaggggt gggcaggttt tattggattg ctttgtggca ccagtgggta     73260
     cagctgggct caaaggccag ccagagggtg ggggagacaa gtcaggtggc ttccgttctt     73320
     gtgtgtggtc atttccctct cctgtggctc tggccagtgc atcgtggaca ctggttgatg     73380
     tgggcgcggg ggcaggtgag ctggcccgag gctcaggtgc tgtgccccct tctcttccag     73440
     gactctgatt tcagcctgcc acccgggtct gtttctggtc ctgtagggaa tccagtggcc     73500
     aagcttcagg acgtcttggc tagtaatgta agttggcctg tcctcctctg gctctgcccg     73560
     tgcacccatg ctggcagctc tggcttgggg acctttggct ggaggtgata tcagtgctct     73620
     taaggactgg gtcacttggc ttgctttagc tccagtctcc atgctgtgct agctgtgggg     73680
     cagactgctc tccctaggga gggagcccag agcaagcacc accaccccac ccccagactc     73740
     tcctttcatg gctagtgggc aactctggtt aagcaggagg tgccccctgg aagccaggct     73800
     ccctcaatgc aggtagcaga gcgtgtgaat gccatggccc actgggttct gtgccatgga     73860
     gagtcagaga ttcagcactg tgagctactt ggagaagcag ctaacagcct cccctttgat     73920
     ctgtcccctg gaagttgtgt gcatgaggga ggatggccag acagtattcc caagagggtt     73980
     ggaggaggag ctttagtgct tcagaacgtt gccagtcttg acggaaaacg ggtgggattt     74040
     gatgtgtttg agaggccatg ttagccaagt ctcttctctt tgggaatcct aaatgagttg     74100
     ttagaattgg ctaatgagcc cagcaaccag ggtgcagtca ttgcatttcc cacgttttag     74160
     gacggctcaa agacccgagt gacagccacc agccactcgt ccccatttgg gcctggccgt     74220
     atccaagccc ttgcttccta gtagctcggc cctttgtgtg gctgggacgt gactgtggag     74280
     ggctagtgga gtgtgggtgt ggaggtgact ctatcacaga aactaggcag cctgctctag     74340
     atgagttctg gtcccgggtg tttgggtgag cagctgccct gtgtccctga gccctgcatg     74400
     tgccccatga ctctctttgc ccctctccag gcaggactga cgcagagtat tcccatcctg     74460
     cggcgggatc accacatgca gagagccatc ggcctctctc ccatgtcttt ccccaccgca     74520
     gacctcacac taaaggtaaa gccaggcctg cgctgggcta gggccctcac cagcacctca     74580
     gcttgtgaag aggtggcggg gagccctccg cacccacacc catggcttag gttgctgctc     74640
     tcccctcttg tccccagtag taatttgcat ccctcccctc ctcttgcttc caaagatgga     74700
     gtctgcacgc aaggcttggg aaaactcccc cagtttgcca gagcagagct ctccaggagg     74760
     tgcaggctcg ggcatccagc ctccatcctc tgtgggcgcc tccaatgggg tcaactacag     74820
     ctcctttggt ggagtgtcga tgccgcccat gcccgtggct tctgtagcgc cttctgcttc     74880
     gataccaggt atcatatccc ctgagccagg cccaggaacc ttctccattc actgtcgaaa     74940
     agccggattc gcagctctgc cttcacctcc agagtatggg cgacacttgt ttttaagtca     75000
     ggtagttaca acttcccaca tgctatggac agtgtaatcc ctgctctgtt actcgaagca     75060
     ggattgcagt gccataggga gacactggga acttccagag aggagtgagc acagataggg     75120
     ctttgagtca gactctagtc gttgccaagt ccctggtgag ctgctttctt ctccaataaa     75180
     gtaggctgat gctactgaac cacagggggg ctgcacccac gaagcaaggg ctcatctgtg     75240
     ccctctgtca ccaggagctg tttcagttct tcctgttatc atgcttgtga ctggggattt     75300
     tgagggccca gctgccaagg tctcagtgat gtgtttccaa tagatccttc tgaccctcca     75360
     ctgtggactc aaagcaggga gatgaagagg acagtgactg agagactgag gcagctctct     75420
     tccataggaa acagcccaag cactcccaca ggggagtcgg tggagggctg ggtgctctcc     75480
     tgcacctgcc tgggtttcct gagctgtgtg ctgcatcgaa aaaccgaaca gcctctgctc     75540
     acacgtgtcc tcagccccac tgagtcccct gggaaacatg gccgccgtgt gcaacgggag     75600
     gcttgatcct ttccttcctt tttttgtttt ctgtttctag gcagccacct cccacctctg     75660
     tacctggatg gccacgtgtt tgcaagtcag ccccgactgg ttcctcaaac gatacctcag     75720
     cagcagagct accagcaggt gagggtagca agtctggtag ccaggtcaga ggtcagaggt     75780
     agcacagctg tgtcactctg cacttctttg tgggtgattt tgccccctgc cccatgtgat     75840
     acccagagag tgtttgtaga aaggatgtga gagatgacag gcatggagta gacaccccag     75900
     attcctaccc agaggcctca cttctcatag ctggggatta gctgcagttg ggttatgttg     75960
     ataatgggat cctggcaggc ccgagtccct gggcacaggt gacttacatt agaaagagac     76020
     agttttagag ataggtagga tgttgccttt gcacaagatt gggattctgt ctgtgtgagg     76080
     ctggtatgtt ttggagcctc ttttcagaga ctggtgctgg cctcccatac agcctgaagt     76140
     gttccttcct actccacgtc tctgatccag acaggatggg gtaccctcaa ctctgaagac     76200
     atgttatgct attttcctga gaatctgacc cactaaatgg atcttagtgc ctccctttat     76260
     tgtttttatt ttatgattat ttttcctgca tgtgtgcttt gtgtgctctg tgcatgtact     76320
     gcccacaaag ccaaaaggta tgggatcctt ggaacgagac ctgcagacag ttgtcagtgg     76380
     gtgctgagag ctgaggccgg gccttcagca agaacaagtt ctgttaaata ccgagttatt     76440
     tttctagtac tttccttaag atttctgagt tccactctag tccaggctgt cctggaacta     76500
     aaataagaca caacacccag ctcagctcac gtatatccta aaaaggatac tcagagttca     76560
     cctccattga tgtgtgtagc tggactcgct tctgctgtgt ggttccagtg gtagggcgac     76620
     cgtgccttgt cttaccactt actggccttt tgctgcggga agacagatca gatgagtcga     76680
     gctgtaccct tgccatccag gccaggacta ggtggaggtg ggggcatgtg tttcgggcaa     76740
     tgcagtaatc acctggctct tgttcccagg ccgccactgc ccagcagatc ccgatatccc     76800
     ttcacacgtc tctgcaggcc caggcccagc ttgggctgag aggtgggctc cccgtctccc     76860
     agtcccagga gatcttcagc tccctgcagc ccttcaggtg agatagccca ggtgtcagac     76920
     ctccctaccc tggtgtcgtg tgtgctgctc cggggccatg gactgggtca ccacagactg     76980
     ctaggggttc ctgtcccctc tgccgggtct ttttcccact accccatgtc ccatccccca     77040
     aaccccagcc aacgtttctg tattcgtgat agcttcagtc ttggtcatca ctgggtcttc     77100
     ctgagcctgc cacagcttgg ggttgttcat ggtcctctgg tcaggattgt tccagtccac     77160
     tgaatcattc tctggggaag cagggatctt tagcaagtcc ttggtatctg tgttcatcag     77220
     tgttggagat ggctgtgtac cttgttcacc tgtctctgac ccccatctgg cttttgcagg     77280
     tctcaggtgt acatgcaccc cagcctgtca ccacccagca cgatgatcct ctcagggggt     77340
     acagccttga agcccccata ctctgcattt cctggcatac agcccttgga gatggtgaag     77400
     ccccagtctg gctcacccta ccagcccatg agtggaaacc aggccctggt ctacgagggc     77460
     cagcttggcc aggctgccgg gctgggcacc tcccagatgc tggattccca gctcccacag     77520
     gtcagtttgg tctgttggta gtctcctccc tccttgcctc tcagttgcct cttgtgtgct     77580
     gatgttcaga tgtatctctc agatgcagac agactaacta gtcccacagc gctgtgttct     77640
     gctggcttcc cttccctcta gagcgacaga gatggtggct gtgggactgg aaatgggcca     77700
     ggtgtcatgt ttgttcctcc atcccttcta gtccccactt cagagcctgc cctctctgtg     77760
     tgttggagct acccccaccc ccacccccat ccgtgggtca aaatgtaccc ttcactcctc     77820
     accctcgggc cctgtgtggc agctgagggc ctttccctct gttaggcagc tggctcgccc     77880
     tcttactcca tctagatgtc ctggtccatg cctgtgtgta gggagcatgc atgggccagg     77940
     actctaagta ctttaacccc aggcatccct gggacctgct cttcatacca ccgtgtggca     78000
     tggcttcctt ctacccctgg gagtagaccc tcagagccgt gcacatgctc tgcctccatc     78060
     agtcctatct cctagcggcc actactgctg cttcccccat gttgtattgc cctctgtcct     78120
     ccgccatgac ggcttgcttc tggaccacag aggcatcctg tccctcagat gcccctcgtc     78180
     gacaggccac cagggcaaat atccttcttc tttgtctctg tgtagaggga gactcggagc     78240
     tgaccttttt tttggttttg gttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttttctg tatagccctg     78300
     gctgtccttg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct     78360
     ctgcctcctg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac accctcagcc accccatcac     78420
     agcatcaccc agttgcccct gacttgtaaa atcatcttca agatgttttc cctggctttc     78480
     ctgtctcctt ataccctctt ccttccttcc ttccccgctc ccatctaatt gtgggtgtgc     78540
     ccttcgttcc tgtctttgcc ctccttcctg gtcactgtca tccaagcact gctctgccct     78600
     gggtttattt cttcaacctt gggtccccat ggctgcccag ctttgctgtt ttatatctcc     78660
     tggcagctct agcatactgg ttccaagaca tcctgctcat ctgatctaca ttactccatc     78720
     ctgcttttcc cacccctccc acttctggcc cttcagtggc tgtacacaca cacacacaca     78780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagcca tccttactac cctgcccata tgctgtgctg     78840
     gatatgcagg gtcttacctt ttgccctcag tccttagtac cctgtgcagt gagtacagca     78900
     gccctgcctg tggaagggca agagccaggc tgtccccttc ccagacatcg ttcctgcctg     78960
     actttaccat tgccctgctg tgctctgctc tgaggtcctg gtgtctcagt gatgtgtttc     79020
     caatagatcc ttctgaccct ccactgtgga ctcaaagcag ggagatgaag aggacagtga     79080
     ctgagagacc caagtggccc tgctctgccc agtgctatcc tctccccgag gcttgttctg     79140
     actggggacg tgatctcgtg ggccccgggg gttctgctgg tctgctgctg gcttgctgtc     79200
     tggcagcctc cagaaggctc tcttaggctc cagtttgttc ttttgttcat tgattcaaaa     79260
     atctgtggtg cccatctttg tgccacacaa agggatgcga ggccaggctt cctgggccgc     79320
     tgtcatttgg ggaagctctc tgccgtcttt cccctccaag cctgcacttg gcacccagct     79380
     ctgtgcagca tgtcacatgc attgctctgt cggtgccact gctcatgtct gacagtaccc     79440
     tatggcgtct ccagcaccct ttgtttaatg aagactccaa ggcctgaggc cactcaggag     79500
     tgccatgtct gctcccagat gcatgtttta gctttctccc cagtgtccct tctgcctctt     79560
     gactgtgctg tcacccaaca gctcactatg ccactgcctc ggtatggctc cgggcagcag     79620
     ccactgatcc tgccacagtc catccagctg cctccaggac agagtctctc tgttggagcc     79680
     ccccggaggg ttcctccacc tggctcccaa cctcccgtcc tgaacaccag cagagaggta     79740
     aaggtgctcc cagagagggg cattgtgcag ccaaagcctc taccacagaa cggctgtaga     79800
     aagggcacgc ctccagtctc tcacactgca aaggcctcag tctaagatac ttaagtgtaa     79860
     actagtcagg aagacaggcg ttggcgtgtg ccagactgcc aggcatcata tacagcctgt     79920
     cttagccaat gaggaggagc cacgtggcca ccacaggtgc aggacctaga ctcctgagta     79980
     aggacaggag tctgtgttgc gtgtctcacc aggccacgtg agcttgatgt aactggggac     80040
     tgggcgattg tgcacactca gtttcctgtc ccttcaagga agagcctgcc tgcccctgcg     80100
     catgctttaa tcctagcact cagacatggg gaccggaggt caaggacagc cttagctgtg     80160
     gagtgaggcg tagtctcaga acaagaataa acactaagac tgagcttctc cctgagtccg     80220
     ggttgggttt gggcggctgt gggctgggct gtctctgggc cgctgaatga ctcttttgct     80280
     tcttggccac tctagtccgc tccgatggag ttgaaaggct tccactttgc cgacagtaaa     80340
     cagaatgttc ctactggagg gtccgcacca tccccgcagg catacaggta aagatgagcc     80400
     ctggagttgg ggcgcattgc caagagccca tgggccaggg gaacatggtg gaaggcattg     80460
     cagcatggcc ccctttgtgt ttctgagtgt cactgaggcg tccttgtcac gtgttcatgc     80520
     tgtagctagc tgtggcagag tgcgtcctgg ggaaattgtg tttgtttcta atctgcagtg     80580
     tatcaggctc tgaggagtaa gaacttcgtg gggtggcagc cacagccccg cggtctcata     80640
     tccaaactca ccctctgacc cctattagag aacttctttt tttttttttt tttttaaatt     80700
     tatttattta tttattatat ggaagtacat tgtagcggag tcagatctcg ttacggatgg     80760
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactctgga ccttcggaag agcagtcggg     80820
     tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccctagagaa cttcttaaag ctgggtgtgg     80880
     gtggcttttc ttcccaaacc acaaactggt acccgctgtt ggcttccttg gtacgggttt     80940
     tctacctcca gtaaccatca aggttctcct tggcttgatt cagaggtatc tgattctgtt     81000
     ggatcatcgc aggggctctt gattctctca agctgggttg ggggagcagc gctgggcctg     81060
     ggcctgagaa tatacaacct gataccttgt gtttaagcac tgagtgggac agacagatct     81120
     gtagtgtctt tctagaggca cccaggacac actgtacagg tggagtccat tcgcctgact     81180
     ctggtgttcc gggctgacat aaagtgaagc cgccgccccc cccccccctc gtcttacact     81240
     cttgctgtgg tggctctgtt tgtgcgggag tacattccgt tctactgcca ttgcctggca     81300
     gagggcacac acactccatg gtcgccatgg tctgcctgcc cagtgcgatg gcagtgacct     81360
     gggctcagca ggttgtaagg agagaacagc cttgaaagaa actgggcact ctagccacaa     81420
     atggaaaata tttgggagtg ggaagggacc aaaaatggta tcttgtcatc atttctaagg     81480
     aatatagtat agctactgtc tacatagtgt ttgtaagcag tctagagagg attttccaag     81540
     tgtataggaa gagctgggtg tagtgggtca gtgtagacag tgcatgcgta cttaagacac     81600
     atcaggctct gggttccatt cccagaacca aacaaaaaca aaagaacagg aggctagaga     81660
     ttgagatcac tggctgcttg cttttccaga ggttctgagt tcaattccca gcaactacat     81720
     ggtggctcac agccttctgt aatggatcca atgccctctt ctgttgtctg aggacagcta     81780
     cagtttactc atataaatga aataaataaa taaatctatc tttaaaaata aataagaatg     81840
     gcctctatag gctcatattt aaaaaacaaa acaagacaaa agaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa     81900
     agccacatac tggagaacat ggctaggtta catgtaaata gcatgttaac tttatctgtg     81960
     aagagacaga gggatatgaa gacacaggca ttgtggtgac cagagggatt gctataactc     82020
     ttgtatagca agattttcag gaaatgggcg aggggtcctc agttaaaaat caaaggatgt     82080
     gcttttccga tatggtggta tctagcacta gacagcctca tcccaaaaga ctcgctggcc     82140
     tctgcacagt actctttctt acagaagacc tttttctcat aaaacatcta agggccctaa     82200
     ggactaaatg tggttgtaga tctctcccct ccccccacaa gtgagaccga ggacctcctc     82260
     tcccttcccc ctggggtagc ttcttagaag gctgctgcta gccttcatct ggacaccgca     82320
     ccacactggt ccagattcca cagcctgagg gtggcactgg ctgtcttctc atggcaaggg     82380
     ctgtagctcc tctcctgggt gtgtctccgg gaggtgccaa ggagcactgt tgaccgccct     82440
     ccttttgcat ttgcgtttgc attcttagct gtctcaggtc tgtgctttct gtctgctgaa     82500
     gcctctggcc agagggcctc cctgtctcga tctgcctcca cgtgctgcta ggcattgact     82560
     ccatctctgt ggtgacacat gtgtattctc aaccctgcct ttggtttttt caggcctagc     82620
     tctgctagcc ccagtgggaa gccctctgga tcagcagtta acatgggctc tgtgcaggga     82680
     cactacgttc aacaggtaga agatggcttc ccagaccctg cagccctgga cacttaggcc     82740
     tgtctcctag cgccaaagga gaggggactg tccaactgat ggatggtttt tattaaggga     82800
     accgtgccct actgcttaga gctgggccac ctgagttcct cctggcaaaa gcacttctct     82860
     tgatgggtgt ttggatcctt ctttgtcctg cagagaaggg aggagcccga ttcccacaag     82920
     aggagatgcc agaaggtgta ctatctatcc acagccactt acggctgtca tggcgctcta     82980
     ggagacacgg ttaggcctgg gttagctcag gctgggtgtg tgtgcgtgct agctctagtg     83040
     agtgctgtgg catgtctctg tcctgggtgg gatcgtggac aggatacagc gtcccccact     83100
     tcacaggaag gatttctctg tgtctttccc tgtaggccct tttctcttcc tcctgtaaag     83160
     gtgggctggg acttcagagc tcaggacctt ggtcaggcct gggacttaat aaatttgtca     83220
     ctgagaggtg gagattgtga gggtgatggc tctctttttg ccccccttcc ccagtgttcc     83280
     ttggaggtca ctgttcctgc tatgagatgg gtttttaacc ctttctccca gagctgaggg     83340
     cataactcag gggcagagca cctgactagc atgggtgagg ccctgggttc caccctgagc     83400
     tgacagaaca acaaaaaaca cccaacaaag tttcccccag aagttagaca actgcggtta     83460
     ccctgtgcag gccaccactg tgcagagctg ctggctagtg taaccctgag atcaggtggg     83520
     gtcctgggga aatgccgtta ttcagagaca cttggaatgg ggcttgactg aatcatgcat     83580
     caagatctgg gtgatcacag ttggcttcat tcctcagctg ggtgggtatc cagcccatgg     83640
     gtagattggt ctgctgaagg ggctgtttgc ttgcccatgg ggcacagggt gcactgattt     83700
     gaaaaggccc ctcccgtcag ccttgggacc tgaaatgttc accaaggatg tgctactgac     83760
     ttgtctgtgg aggaccggga gtcttcccgc ctttctcaat cactgcaccc ttgggaagga     83820
     caggacagtt ctgactgcac gccaggctcc tccctggttc ctgtgaggat agcttttggt     83880
     ctgacactgg agcagatagg gagtggtctc tacacatttt gccctgtggt cactttggtt     83940
     ttcctgttca tctgtcctaa ggcaaagcga gtggatgaaa aacccggcct gggaaccgtg     84000
     aagctgcagg aggcctcatc agccacctcc cagatgaagc gaaccggagc aatcaagcct     84060
     cgggcagtca aggtggaggg aagcaaagcc tgaaggtgcc tgggtctctt gcctcaccta     84120
     acagggacgg tgcgccccac accctaacag ggatggtgtg ccacaccagc ctggacagcc     84180
     accgcctggc ttggacagag ctctcttcca ttcacgaaag ctcctgagag ttccatcgtc     84240
     agccagcctg catcgtggac atgtggcttt gacctgcttg ctttggtaca aaagagcaga     84300
     cttcctcctt cccacccctc tgcccagtga ctgtggagtg agcctcctgt gcagtgcaga     84360
     cctgcccgcc cgcccgcccg cccagttccc taggcacagt ggtttggcag cagggtcatt     84420
     ttagctggag gctttttgtt ttaaaaagca gctaaggttt ttacaaaggg gaaatgagaa     84480
     caaaatgcta gctacatctg tatagctgaa cttttatatg gtcctcgctg tcctctctct     84540
     gctctgctgt ccccagtggt caccttttat ctccgtcctg tttgacatgt cacagtgcta     84600
     ccttaagagg tgattcttaa gagtcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     84660
     cacacacccc ggttggctaa ccgttggggt ttggaggatg tgattggaca ttctggttgg     84720
     tccctcacca ccttgggcac tgtgaagttg gtatctgagt ttagttccct ggtgtggagt     84780
     taatgtttca gaataagaat tatctgttca gggccctttt gctgtcattg gacacagtga     84840
     gtattgagca ccggaggaat tgtggagttt tgtaatccag attggcccca cttggggact     84900
     gcatcttggg ctccgtgctt tagccccctg ggtggctttg ttccccactc atttcctttc     84960
     ctctttgtgg agcctgctgt gtccctctgg atccctgtcc attcactcct cacagcttat     85020
     caccaaaatc aatataagga cacaggtgaa cacctattag tcaagtttgc gacaggaaag     85080
     actatgtatg gcacattcat cttccgtcct tcactcctgg taacagggca gggtgttggg     85140
     tagggtttct aagctatagg tgtgttaccc ttccttagag aactggacag ggtcaaggta     85200
     taagtggcct acagagaaac ctatgcagcc tcaaaggagg ctggtggtgt ctaaagggtg     85260
     gtgtcttggg gctactgctt gcaggttttg tgtgagcacc tgtatgcgag gcttcttgct     85320
     ttcactaaga acaaggaaaa tttcccattg ctcaaaggaa aatgaagtga atttcagggt     85380
     gctcagctgc tgcttaggac ccccatttaa tcacccatct ggggtgttgg agacagcctg     85440
     cttcagagag ctcatagttg gtggcagggc tgggacaagc atgtgggtct gtcctcaagt     85500
     gtcaccatgg gcatgagagc agagaagcag cttagaagct ctgaagtggc ttcgccctgc     85560
     ctagttggtt gttgaaggaa gcagaagtct gtttcccccg gcaggtactg ccacactgtc     85620
     cccagcatta ccagtcaggg cagccttggt gcagtttcat tgcaactgca gccctcggct     85680
     ccttccttcc cacctccgac acatctcctc tcttctcgca tccctcctca gaagcactgt     85740
     ccacttagga gtccccagca cagatctgcc tgtgccccta tcagcccttc caccccccgg     85800
     aagtgaccga gtcctctgcc ccactgccaa gctctacccc ataagtctca ctcagtaaaa     85860
     gccacacagt cacctcttag aaatgcggcc agacccacct cacccaatgc ttggtgggca     85920
     ttatgtgtca aaagaagcaa acatttttct ctttcagaat ttcacaggat gctgttacaa     85980
     actcaaaatg tgccctttag gtgagcctgc tgtcagaatg gcagtactcc ctgttttaag     86040
     aagaaaaatt aggaggtcac ctgttttcag tcctttctct aaccctgtat ttccctcctg     86100
     cctcccaccc taaataaaaa caagaaacac tagaatttat ttatatgtat tgatgttgta     86160
     ggtctagatg gaaaaaaaaa agtaaatgtc ccactgctct gtttatataa tgtctgaatt     86220
     actctgtgca ggaaaggcca ggaaattgca tgtgaaattt ggtgtgctca ccacctctgt     86280
     gatctcagct gtgggctcta cccctctgag aggcacattt gcaactagac gctgaggaca     86340
     gagggcaggc ttcaggccaa atgtccctac tcctcggatg atctggtcaa gccaagtttt     86400
     tagtacagag gtgttttaag gtgcaatatc tctttgtgtg gtttttagag tcaagctcaa     86460
     agtataatag aacttgggcc ttattttggt ttcaaacccc catctttaga tcacacataa     86520
     aaacaggagc gtctgtcagg gtgccatggc ctttggtggg aacaggtaaa gtccagccct     86580
     gccttttcta ctgctgagat gggtggaggt gggcagaatc ttttactcct gcctgctgaa     86640
     gtcacctcct actgctggtg gctttgttgg tgccactgat ggtgaaatcc atggtttggc     86700
     aaccaggact cttcagtctg ttggtcctga tgcggcgtgt agcatctgtc ggtgaagact     86760
     tctgccgact gcatttagtc tggtctctta acagttgctt tccttgtctg attcccaagt     86820
     ttagcatttt caaattcaga gttcacagaa cacttctggg tctaagcttc cttaaggggg     86880
     ataaacaaag gatgattgca gtacacattt agaaatgctg gttcacatcc aaagccacgc     86940
     ttgctctgcc acttctagag atacttggat aacactgtcc accttgctgt cctgtcctct     87000
     ggagccacct tccagatggt cagtgatgaa gtcgtgaatg atttgacact cagggcccag     87060
     ggcacaagag tgtacccgct gaggccatga ggcaactctg gctaagtccg ccccccaaca     87120
     tccactgggg tccccactct gccaggtacc tgcatgttaa ctttcatgtt cgccttgccc     87180
     tcatttccag caagtctggg ttagagggta tgttgggaat ctttcacagg caagggcaca     87240
     gaagtctggc ttctgtattc tttgatgagt ggaaaagcca gctctttgtg agatggctct     87300
     aagacaagtt aggtcatgtg gaacagagtg gtcagcgttg gggatgagca cagtcaccca     87360
     gctgtgctct ccactgtcta ccagctctga ctagtgatct tccaggtgca tgacacctgc     87420
     agcccccagc tgcttgcttc agacctgcaa cctccccagg ccccatcttt ggcatgtcac     87480
     aatcctggag cagcagttcc tgtgaaggct ccttagctga agggtcctgt gctctaggct     87540
     ttccacctca aaccttttat agaaaaggac ttgggggatt gttctttttg agggtccttt     87600
     tgttttcctt tgcttttctt ttggccttcc ctctgtcttt cacttagacc agctatttga     87660
     aagggcagac gatgctaaag gtgtactgtg cagcttgttt agacgtgata tggggaactt     87720
     cttcggatgg gaaatggaat cgtgaattca ccctcccttc cctccgggtc agtccctgtt     87780
     gtttctcctt tcaaatatgt gattgtacta ggtctttcca tacgaaagaa ctctccttat     87840
     ttaaataaaa aaaaagtata aaaaaataaa gccaaacatg ctttctcagg ctgtgtcggt     87900
     tttctatcat ctggaagagt acggctggcg cactgcttcc cgggagactg ggagtggcca     87960
     gaatacctta gggagcgcag cactgtgctg tggtggtgtt cccaaggctc acctaggcag     88020
     ccatcccaag aacagctttt tctatgactt ttgcctttgt cttccattaa ttggttattt     88080
     taaaacctta agacaggatt cgaaagatgt cctcggtgtg gagggaaggc gacttgggta     88140
     aacggagcaa ggtctcaagc aatttagcag ggactaggac acatgtcttt ccttcagggt     88200
     ctctgagaag gctaagcacg gaaggggttg cagatcatac aaattaatat atattcaaag     88260
     acattagttg gtctacatgg acattttttt ctttacactg ggcctcagga accccctacc     88320
     acaacaggca gcctgtggtt aaggcacatc tcgaaaatgg gcagcaccaa gaagccttgt     88380
     cctctctgtg ggccaaccca tgaccatcct atcctgtact tcctgcctga ttgctatctg     88440
     ggtttctata ggaacaagtg gaggactgca ctgtacttct gtggaagaaa aaattagatc     88500
     tggggcagga aaggtcaggg ggattcatat agataggttc aggctcagtc atcactgagg     88560
     cctggaacct aggtacaggg ctgtcgggac attttattta tcaaatgtca tttgttaaca     88620
     ctagtgaagg gtggtgtgga ttcagaagtc actggtgagc atacagttgt aggccagcca     88680
     gcattacaaa aaaaaaaaca aagtgccaaa ggcagtgcat gagaaatccc agtcccccag     88740
     gcataagcct cttgctacag aacaggcaag ggtctgggta gtagcatcca ctagctttta     88800
     aagccacata catacctcag gtttccagca agcaacacaa tttcctcctg aagctgagtg     88860
     cccacgagct gtcctgaagc accagcatga cttacatgat cagactaaac ttggaaccca     88920
     aagagctcgc tctccaatct tctggcgccc tttctttgca ggaacttggg tagactatgc     88980
     ttaaacgatg aacaaacaat tccgtgcact cttgactaat gtattttata tgtatctgtg     89040
     gtaacttgac tgcctggtgc cagattctct ggaattgcgg ttccagatga ttctgagctg     89100
     tcatgtggat gctggaaatg gaatcaagga cctctttttt tgtttttgtt tgttttgttt     89160
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atatctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc     89220
     ctgctctaca gcgtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa     89280
     aaaaaaaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaaatc cctaaggacc tctttaagag catccagtgc     89340
     tcctaaccac tgagcgatcg cccagcccca ttgctacaat cttaaaccgg atgtcaccca     89400
     atgctaagct aacttgtaaa aactgaattt tggcaaaaca tctggagtcg gttcgggctt     89460
     ggcttgccat ctgagcgtga ttgtaatacc cacccaccta aaaaggcatg attgtaatac     89520
     ctgcgctggg gaagcaaagg cagtagttca aagccatcat cctctacata gcgagcctga     89580
     gaccttgggg aggaggaggg acagacagct tgtaggcatt ccagtgtggg aagagttgag     89640
     aaaaagcgat ccaccactca cacagctcca ggaggtacaa cgcacccgag gcttcaaagc     89700
     tcttactcct gcccgtaagc taacgcgctg cttaacgaaa ccgctaaagt agacgcgagg     89760
     cccgaaacgg agagctccga gcacgtgaac agcttgtgga aacacactgt gctttattaa     89820
     aaaggggaaa gggagcccta aggataggac agtcagtatg cccaactttg atggccggtg     89880
     agcacgccgc gcatgcgcgc cactacctcg cgctccggct gcgcacgcgc gtctcagagt     89940
     ctgtcggccg cgtagacaca actagttgag cgtcgatccg tggccgctgc agagtaatcg     90000
     agcggcctcg cccccaacgg tcgatcctgc ctggcggttc gcaggcctgg ctccacatgg     90060
     ggagccactc tacgggactc gaagaaacgc tcgtaggttt tggagtgcca gatttgagag     90120
     ccctcctggg gtctgggatc cggcttaggg gcggcgcgct agggacggtg gatgttcgga     90180
     tcctggctga gcaagtcgtt tccagggcgg cctcttgtaa aagccagagt gggaagaact     90240
     gtagagaaag aacgggctcg gggcacaagc aactctagga ggagaggaat gcctccagaa     90300
     gagggaaaag tccatccagg tcactgggct atgacagtgc ccagagctcc tcagggtctt     90360
     agttttcaac cacattggga agggacagga gaggccactt cattcattag cagccttgtt     90420
     cctagcaagt gcccagcagg tgtttttgga atgacttgta gaaatgagta tccagttctg     90480
     agattcctga attcacccct cagatgtttt tatgtatacc ctgtgcttga acacaactgt     90540
     aattctccaa caggtatgtt ctggaagagt ccttctggtt ctattaaccc aacccgctat     90600
     gctgtaaatt catcgtgacg ccaggcggct ttaggaccct gtggcctcgt ttgtgccttc     90660
     ccgggctgct gtccgtttac tttaatggta gttctttccc tcttttccag ggagtcctcc     90720
     cgagctggct tttctgcaaa atgttaagat ttttgaaacg gcctctagtg gtgactgttg     90780
     acatcaattt gaacttggta gctctgactg gcctgggact acttacccga ctatggcaac     90840
     tctcctaccc tcgggctgtg gtgtaagtag agatcgggga ggagagtcaa tgatccaaga     90900
     gtcattgtaa ttagtgacag gaatcacctt gccgtacagt gcaaaagaga gacattctgg     90960
     gtttcttgga tctcttggtg atggatgttt tagcagtgta ttgctcaggg ttctctagag     91020
     taacaactta agaagaacac tatgtttgca tgtgtgtata tgtaaataaa tataatatag     91080
     tatacatata tacatatgat ttattggaat gacgacttac tggctgcagt ccagctaatc     91140
     caacaatcgc tgactgtgaa tggaaaagtc caggactcca gtagttttct gctcagtcca     91200
     catggctggg tgtctcagct ggtcttcagt atactctggc ttcccaaaga agtgggctct     91260
     agtgccaagg aaggaatggt cttgctagca aggcgagggc aagcaggctc agaggaaaac     91320
     ttcctacttc tgtgtcttta aatagatttt cagcaggtgt ggtgcaaatt aaaggtgtgt     91380
     cttcccacct caaaatctgg attaaactag tgttccttcc tgccttaaag gtccagacga     91440
     gaagtggatc catccatttt aagcaaaaga tctctcatag atgtacactt aacttctgga     91500
     ttgtagatca ttccaaatgt agtcaaggtg acaaccagaa atagtcatcg caagcagtgt     91560
     gggtatggcc catttgtccc ccagaacaac cactagaata catacatttt agggcttacc     91620
     ttataggact atagtaagaa agttttggtc tgtcagtttc cagcctcact tttccttagc     91680
     cagttgaaag gtgtcggttt gatgaatttg ttcgtaaggg gaactatgct gttgttattg     91740
     agagggtatg tatattagct aatacaggca ttctcttcta ctttgttttt tttttaaata     91800
     ctttaagttt ttttttttag atttatttat tattatatat aagtacacag tagctgtctt     91860
     cagatgcacc agaagaggtc atcagatctc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     91920
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg acctttggaa gagcagacaa tgctcttacc cgctgagcca     91980
     tctcgctagc cctctcctac tttgttatag gggtcagata tatacatggg tagactgatg     92040
     acctcagcag cccccttaga gattaatttg aagaagattc tagacatatg tatgactaat     92100
     tcactatata cgtctgaaag atgaggatta tttaagagta tacgtgtgtc tgtctgtcca     92160
     tctgtgcatg tgcacatgtg ccttcagact cagaagaaga tgacagatcc tctggagctc     92220
     aaaatccagg tctttgagat ctgcctgagt tctgggatct gaacacaggt cctccgttta     92280
     caatcagcac atgccttaac catctctcca gctccaagat gaggattctt ttttgtgggg     92340
     gaggttgggg gttgtttggt tggttggctt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgcat     92400
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccacgctg gcctcaaatt cagaaatctg     92460
     cctgcctttg cctccaaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccactactgc ttggcaagat     92520
     gaggattctt gaaaacaaag aacacataac cacggtagcg ttatcacact taagacctaa     92580
     tgtctttcat tatctgaaga agcttctgtg tcattcttcc ttccgcattt gactcccttt     92640
     caattagatc ttcagttctg ctccagtcca cagctgtaga aaggtgctgg tggccagtga     92700
     gagtatgaga tgggattagc ctcaaggctc ctggtcagga ggttgaccta cacataccta     92760
     agtcaaaagc tgtggggagg ctggggaagt ggctcagctg ggtaaagcac ttgttataca     92820
     agtgtgagga ccagagttca gactccctca catgccatgt gggcagtgtg ttccatctgt     92880
     aatcccagca tgctgccagc taggcaggga ctctctggag caagctagct aggcagacta     92940
     gccaaatgac aagcctcaga ctgatgagtg tctcggtaga taaaatggag agtggccaag     93000
     ggcctgcacg tatgtgcaca cactttcata cacgagcatg cctacacata actgcctgta     93060
     tatcacatac acatccatgc aggggagaaa aagactagag aaagaaatag gctctctaca     93120
     agacatgcat gctcactggg cttggtaaat ttcccaccat gttcctgtgg gttaaatgat     93180
     gctgtgtgtg tctttgtgtt tggggacaga atacagttgg aacaaaggat ccgaccctca     93240
     cgcttcactt acctgaagtc agctggaaac gaggttttat tttcctgtct gtgtttacag     93300
     ttaagacttc tcgagggttg gagactcagt actggcagct cttacaaagg acctgggtca     93360
     gttcccagca tctacttgag tctcacaact gccaccaact ctagtcccag aggacctgac     93420
     cctctcttct gccctcggtg gacactacac acatgtgatg catagccata cagggaaaat     93480
     acccatacac aaaaaataaa tatttttaaa agcttaaata gggggctggt gagatggctc     93540
     agtgggtaag agcacccgac tgctcttccg aaggtcagga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac     93600
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaacaagat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac     93660
     agctacagtg tacttacata taatcaataa ataaatcttt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagctt     93720
     aaataacagt tcagttttct agttggatat aaaggcgggt tttgtgtttg tttatagttt     93780
     cgatgaagta tattatgggc agtacatttc cttctacatg aagcgcatct tctttctgga     93840
     tgacagtggg ccaccatttg gccacatgct actggcctta ggaggtgggt aagagaaaca     93900
     gtcagggcct tggaggccct gcaatataag cttatcaaat aaaatttttc aagggcgcaa     93960
     atcatgattt gttttctcac cttgtttggc ccatgttcca aatgttttgt tttaggttgg     94020
     ttagggggat tcgatggtaa ctttctgtgg aaccgaattg gagcaggtaa ggattttaac     94080
     tctccttatg aatctacata tgaaagaata gagacaggat gcccatcccc cacccagcac     94140
     ttaacctttt actacgctga gccaggatac agctgggtat ttatgttcaa gggaccatct     94200
     ggttaaaggg gcaggaggga tggctaagca gttaagagca ctgctgctct tctggaggtt     94260
     caggacttgg ttgccagcac ccacatgatg gtgctcaacc atccgtaact ccagttccag     94320
     ggtgtttgcc acagtggcca ggcatataca gtcatatatg caaataccca tgtacataaa     94380
     taaaagataa aaagaaagaa aagtctgctt aaagttttaa gtgctttgtg attgtaacta     94440
     ttccatccct ggctcttggt acatgtgtcc tgtggcattt ggcagccact gtgtatgtat     94500
     aaactttgtg gccataatgt ttttagaagc tccttggggt acatatgcta aatcagcatt     94560
     aatttcggaa ccctccctca ccacatctat gctcggtgag agctggcacc acggctgcag     94620
     agctgatatt tactacccag agaggctgag gcaggaggat cacctgaact caggagactg     94680
     acatcctaga caagcagggt ctcactatat agtctaggct ggcttggaac tcaatatgta     94740
     gaccaggctg gccttgaact catgatcatc ctgcctctca agtgctagga tttaaggtgt     94800
     tcatcaccat acccagtggt gaaacccagt ctcttaaaaa ctacccacca atcaaattcc     94860
     caagctcatt tcaaagactt taccccaagt gtacaccctc agtagctcat gtgcctccca     94920
     gttttgtaag attgcatttg ccagtctgtg agctgctgtg tcagtaggca agctctcagc     94980
     tctgctatgt gattcctttc cagagtacag tagcaatgtg cctatatggt ccttacgcct     95040
     gctgccagcg cttgccgggg ccctgtcagt gcccatggcc taccagatag tgctagagct     95100
     ccacttttcc cacggtgctg ccattggagc cgccctgctg atgctcattg gtaagccttg     95160
     ggtcactgcc cacctgcctg tgaagagaac aggaaaagaa aaccaagcac tttggggcat     95220
     ttcaacatga cacttgggag tagtgcctgt ggtagtatgt gtgctgccct agtgtgtgtg     95280
     ttgagagtgt gtgtgctgcc ctagtatgtg tgtgctgccc tagtgaatac atctgcttca     95340
     tccagattcc agatgcgccc cactctggga tgctctttga tggaggattg atggactgta     95400
     aggtcagaca ctttttggaa gtggaaatat ggccatggtg gtaattaaag gtgggggttg     95460
     ccagacagta cttgaaggca catagacacc atggccttca tacacattca tacaattcat     95520
     acacacacgt aagttttttt ttaaattaat acctaaagaa aacagcccca agcgtggggc     95580
     tgtaacccag tgattgggca cttgcctagc atttacgagg tcctgggtgc agccccagca     95640
     caaaagcaaa aatatcccat ggtggctcat gctggcctgt aatcccagca ctgggacgcc     95700
     tgaggcagaa gagtcttatg tgtgcggtca gcctgggcag catagcaaga atagggcccc     95760
     aatttttttt tttcaaaact tccttctgca ccaacataaa gattttcttc tatgtgactg     95820
     cagaagtagc tcagaggtca agagcaatta ctgctcttgt agagtttggt tcctagcttc     95880
     caagtaatga cttactaact tcagttctag ggaatccaat gccctctctt gacttccaca     95940
     ggcaccgcac acatggtgca cacacatacg tacatggcag cataaaataa gttgttgctc     96000
     ccttaagacc ataaagtaac tatgtgccat ttacatggta ttagggattt ttgataatat     96060
     ataatgcctt taaatgtgca gaggatatgt ggaaggtttt atgtatacac agaaactggc     96120
     atctgcagag gatgctctct gtccagtctc tggagacacg gctgtgtgcc cctcctggga     96180
     ctagttctgt attcacagca gcttggactg ctcagtgctg acaactgttt gtctctgtga     96240
     cagagaacgc cctgatcact cagtccaggc tcatgctgtt ggagtccata ctgatatttt     96300
     ttaacctgtt ggctgtgttg tcctatctga agttcttcaa ctcccagaca cacaggtatg     96360
     gaaagagaga cacacttctt gttaggagaa aaaagggatt ctagattgtt tccttcattt     96420
     tttagtcagg gtctgactgc ggagccttag ctggcagcca tgcctcatgt cagcctccag     96480
     ggcgatggtg caggggaacc tgcacctggc tctgggtgac tttgaggagt tgcttacagc     96540
     gtgccttttg gttacttaat ccttcaggtt gacccttagc ccgtggcttc ataagtacat     96600
     ccttttttaa ctttaactca caggaaattt gttttcctga caaaaaggaa agttcttctg     96660
     agacccaaat ggggaggtat ggttctttat attgtggctg gtacccagta ggactggcca     96720
     actagaagct gctcagacaa gctccatggc cctgacctgt gggatgagtc ctgtgactgc     96780
     ttccttgttc ttctgttttc tcctgttttg ttcagccctt tctcagtgca ctggtggctg     96840
     tggctactgc tgaccggggt ctcttgttcc tgtgcagttg ggtgagttag agcccctgac     96900
     ttggatagta ttcttcctgt ctgtggcctt gtctgtcttg taacctcatt ttaattctgt     96960
     ctttttcagg atcaaataca tggggatttt cacctacctg cttgtgctcg gcattgcagc     97020
     tgtccacgcg tggaatctga tcggagacca gaccttgtca aatgtaggtg gtcacaccag     97080
     ggcctcgtga atctgctgta tgtggggatt agggtgtcaa gctgtcctag ggagtagttg     97140
     gcttaaagaa gtggagcctc tggatcctca gggctggaga gatggcacag tggttacgag     97200
     cactgactgc tcttctgaag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caactacatg gtggctcaca     97260
     accatctgta atgagatctg atgccctttt ctggtgtgtc tgaagaggct gacaatgaac     97320
     tcacatacat aagataaata ataaaattaa aaagtaaaaa agaagaagaa gaaggaggag     97380
     gagaaggaga aggagaagaa gaggatcttc aaggcttcag gagcagggag tagggaagct     97440
     ggcgcccctg tgagcttcta gcagcatcta cctgggacaa agggcttcag ggtttctcag     97500
     gaacttccct gagcctccat gcaggttctg gaaatggcta ccgcactctg cagatcgaaa     97560
     gacctatcct ctcacccctg gcagatgcgc gtgctcagtc acttgctcgc cagaatcgtg     97620
     gctctgctgg tcgtcccagt cttcctgtac ttactcttct tctatgtcca cctgatgctg     97680
     ctctaccgct ctgggcccca tgaccaaatc atgtccagtg ccttccaggc cagcttggag     97740
     gtaagaaaca cacagagcaa agacagtcag gctcagcttc tctgtgagca atgcgggatc     97800
     tgtagccctc gggagggaaa ggtggggcag ggcagctagg gctccatctc gagactttgt     97860
     tttcagtaac caaatgagtg gatatcaggt agataaatag ataaaaatac agcgtgaggg     97920
     agcagtgctg caaacgtcaa gaactgaggc agccatgttg catgttcatg tttgtttatt     97980
     gtaaggaaca gtttctcatt gtagccttgg ctgtcctgaa actcacactg tggatcaggc     98040
     tggccttgaa ctcagagatc tgcctgcctc tgcgtcctca gtttgggatt aaagacgtgt     98100
     gccaccatca accggcccat gttggtgttt ttaaaggaat tgtaaaatac tgattgtgtg     98160
     ggaggaagag aagctgcttt catagcctga cttgcagtta gacacctcat gagacagact     98220
     caagcccgtg cacatgacac tagctagcta cgggtgtacc caggctgagc gcccctaaca     98280
     aggaagtctg caattaacaa ggtgagatct tcagaacttt ctgagtgctt gcaaggacac     98340
     tcaagacacc ttcagattac agagtgtttt gcattttgga ccttcagatt gtgggtggcc     98400
     ccccaactct cccaaattag aacacttctg gttccaacat ctcagctaaa agagtactga     98460
     cccataaaat gtaccaggtg tggtggtgag gtgtgtagcc ttgagcaggc ctgctcatgc     98520
     tggctctact gatggtcaca tctgcatgtc actgtaccct ggtctcattt catgtcttaa     98580
     acacagtcac ttgcctcaat cacagcgttg atagtcataa ggagtgtgtg gtgggaaagt     98640
     caccggaatg ccagggagca cacacccact tatgattgtg gttcagtagg acccaagttg     98700
     atgggttaca actaattatc tgatcatctc tgccaccacc ccatctgtca gtttcggatt     98760
     gttggccttg gtccaatgag acagccccat agaaagggca gctgctgctg agcccgaccc     98820
     ctcctcctgt ctgtagagcc atcgggtggg atgcttggcc tcctgagctt atctaagacc     98880
     ttttctatgt gtcttaggga gggcttgccc gcatcaccca aggccagccc ctggaggtgg     98940
     cctttggttc ccaggtcact ctgaagagcg tctctggcaa acccttgccc tgctggcttc     99000
     attcgcacaa gaacacctat cccatgatgt aaggaaagtg acaattttaa tttgtaatca     99060
     caaatgtttt acattctccc agtttgctaa gagctgccat tttctgtgat caagtttaga     99120
     gagacaaagg cagcagggcc caggcccagg cccaggcctt ttgtggtgtc cagtatgaaa     99180
     cactaggagg actgaggcat gccagccact cctcctccag tgcctcagag caactctgcc     99240
     tcactgtttg ttccatgttc tctggcccct atattgttga gtaaaacttc ctactgggtg     99300
     ttctctgcag agaccactag agagccaccc gcttcaggtg tcttctttgt tgacatctca     99360
     cacagatatg agaatggccg tggcagctcc caccagcaac aggtgacctg ttatcccttc     99420
     aaagacatca ataactggtg gatcgtcaag gatcctgggc ggtgagtgtg gtttcctcag     99480
     agctcattgg tccatccatc ataactggca gatcgctctg ctgagtccta ggccttcttt     99540
     tcacgagtgc ttcctggcta gagacctctt tctcccagag cttgagtatc tgctgccagc     99600
     tgttattgtt attgtgaggc cagggccggg tcggcatcct cggtgacctg acttagcttc     99660
     tcttaggaac tgtgacagga attgtgtctg ctcccctcaa gaggacctag tgtggaggcc     99720
     tctctgtgct cattctgtgt gcagcctggc tgatagtctg cctatcaata agattcttct     99780
     tcttcttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt ttatgtatgt gagtactctg ttgctgtctt     99840
     cagacacacc aggagagggc atcagatccc tttacagatg gtcgtgagcc accatgtggt     99900
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctctgaac ctctgagcca     99960
     tttctccagg cctgagatta attttttacc agcattcacc ctccatccct cactccgatg    100020
     ccagcacagg cagcctctag gaggccttac actgggcact ctccttccct gccttccccg    100080
     gtgtcctggc cctatggact ctagttcctg ccctcgagac tgctaccata acctccatga    100140
     gcacctcact acatcaggcc cttggccatc tctgcactcg cacaccttct tgccaagaat    100200
     atgaaggctg ggtcctttga ggaggcctcc taggccagtc tacacaaatg cgtaccctcc    100260
     tctcctgtct cttttcccca ggctggcccg tttccaatct catatggttg ctgacttggt    100320
     ttgcacatct gcatgtctgt ttttctgact cacaacagtg agtgaggcca ccctgaccct    100380
     gaccctgtct gtcctgtcca gctgtttccc cagcactggg gacttgagaa gttctaaggg    100440
     ttagggtgct tatctacttg tttggttttg tgttttgtct ttctttttcc tgttttgtct    100500
     ttgagatagc atctctcctt gtagccaagc cttgcctcaa actctcagtc ctctcaagag    100560
     cctgagcctc ctaaccactg ggactgcggg tgtgtacccc ccacccagat aggcgcttaa    100620
     tttttattta tttatttttt gaggtatgaa aaagagtatg ctgtcaacat gaagatataa    100680
     ggtgggggaa gcagttagtg tattcttcat agatagtgtg acagtggcag atggcatcac    100740
     acttggcagt gaccttaggt tgaggagctt tagaggaaac acaagtgcct cgattcccaa    100800
     gtgtctgctc ggagacctca gtctcagcat cccatagagc ttatcaaaag ggggctgcgt    100860
     gtcagcctga cagcactgtc ttcctagaca ccagctggtg gtaaacaacc ctccccggcc    100920
     tgtaagacat ggagacattg tacagctcgt tcacggcatg accacccgcc tccttaacac    100980
     gtgagtgccc cagtgcttgt tctgtcaggg tctccttcac tctgtctaca tcccactcag    101040
     cctgtttccg tcatcctgac ttctgcctcc acctcactcc cgtgagaata cacagtgggc    101100
     ttcatggctt ttctgcccac agccctctct ctagtgaccc tctcagctct cctgaggctc    101160
     ctagtgaccc tgactagtgt caccccatca cttggcctcc ctggtagccc tgaagtaagc    101220
     agcacagcac ctcagggttt ccccactctc tttactgctg gggtacctaa ggtcacctta    101280
     ccagaaacct gcctgtactg tccctcctat agatcttatt ctgacactca ctctgtctgg    101340
     cagcccatca tccactgctc actgctgggc ctcttcgggc gcctggtgca tcctgagatg    101400
     aagtgagtcc tgcctgagta gcctggaggt gacaggctgc ttgtgaacac tgaggctgac    101460
     ccacacagag tagcctgctg tctcagcgtg agaccactgt gcccatctcg cccagagaca    101520
     acagtactat actgattttc cgagttctgc cagaccagtg atacactggg gccagttctt    101580
     agactcagac ttccagttcc tggaacagac attctattct cagagatttg ctcacctgtc    101640
     caaagagtga gtgacaccca tccaattgtt tgacatcaat tctggacaca cacaatgaag    101700
     accctccctc acagatacac caacaaggcg gttggatctg ggcagtcctg cagttgagtc    101760
     ttggttctca gatgacttta ggctgtgtca tgttgaccat taaagcctgc cttggggtgg    101820
     cccacatccc ggatacatag cctctgtggg agctgcattt gtggccagct tccctagcct    101880
     tggcaggcag agcaggcttg gtttccaaag gcactgtttt tcccttagtg acactctaag    101940
     gaatagctct gctctgctct tgcaggcacg atgtcgcagc cccactgagc ccccattctc    102000
     aagaagtctc ctgctacatt gactataaca tctccatgcc tgcccagaac ctctggaaac    102060
     tggtgagttc cgtgctggcc tgggtgcagc agggtctcat ggcggtcagt gggagcacct    102120
     gctccctacc tcagagtacc cagaatgcct cctcagatga agggttcaaa tggaaacttg    102180
     gataagaaac tttgatttag caagtctgag atgtcccaat ggggagcagt cacctcatca    102240
     ggccgagagt cctctgggcc tcaggcatgg attgggaaag ttccaagtgc tgtgtcttcc    102300
     ctgccagggc ctttcgggtc agggctgttc cagctgcagc tgcctcatgg actgttcact    102360
     ttttcaccct ctggcctagt ttctttctgg tgctgtgtca aaagcaactt agagaggaaa    102420
     gggttaagct acagtccacc cctcttcgag tcagggcagg aacttactga aaccgtggag    102480
     gagcactgtc actggctcac tcccacattc aggctttcct gcccaggatc tgcccaggga    102540
     atagaaccac ccacaatggg ctgggcattc ccacagcaag taacagccaa ggtaactccc    102600
     tcacaaatat gccagtagga cagtctaatc tggacagccc ctcagttgag actccctcct    102660
     caaaagtctc tgggctgtgt cacattgata attaaagcta agtaagacac cctcccacca    102720
     cagacatggc agcctccgcc actcctgtgt cccaggggaa gcctcccagc cagttcttac    102780
     ccatagccca caggagcaca agcagtttcc tggtgagggc cttggccatc agagggcgat    102840
     ttcactgcga cagtgtcctt ctggtgacag tcatctgctc tcctggctcc tgctagtgct    102900
     ccttccctgt cctggcccaa agtgttattc ttgcctgaag cctacttcct cgtcctggcc    102960
     caatgtcaaa ttcctaccaa gcggtcccaa aagctctcca cagcctacct aggtagcacc    103020
     atgccagttt actgccttcg ccagcacagg tctgtctggg ggggctgctt tcattggcac    103080
     acctgaccca cctttacctg ttttcccctt ggatgtgcgg cacacttcca tggccgtttc    103140
     catcctgctg cttaatccct cccgagtggg cctgactgat aaaaggccgg cgtcccttct    103200
     cgttggaagc tgtctcagga ggaatggcac tgagtctcac tgacctccct gccagcttgc    103260
     tgccagtggc tccattgctg acctgtgccc ctgccccctt cctagcagcc ctttgagtac    103320
     cacttaccca tgtcagatgg agcctccaga aaggggagca ggcctcagga gcggctgcct    103380
     ggcccaggat ggcttgtcta ggaaccatcc ctgttttggc tagagttctg tgtcctcttg    103440
     tctgaatagg tatcttttga gtccccgtgg ctagctcaaa tgctgtgttg taaagggcgt    103500
     atggggtcat ggagggtctg tagtgccaag gactagctag cgacctgtgc ttcctttgct    103560
     ggagagctta gcccagacca aactgattcc atagctgtgt gactgctcct cacttatctt    103620
     aggcaaaagg ccaagaagcc atgggtgtct ggtctttcgg tagctattta acacgtacga    103680
     tctgcaaagg gatgcacaag tgactagtca tatttaggtt tatatggttt gtggtgctgg    103740
     ggatgcaacc cagggcctca ccaatgctag gcaagtgctc cactgccagc cccccaggct    103800
     gacaggttct ggttctgcag gacattgtga acagagagtc caaccgggat acctggaaga    103860
     ctatcttgtc ggaagtgcgc tttgtacatg tgaacacatc cgccatcttg aaggtaaagg    103920
     gtagctcagg tatgcctgtc aggcctagcc tcacccagac tattcctgga gctgttcagg    103980
     cctgtgctca catagctgcc aagtgatgaa catctccctg ttttatagta cacgcagggg    104040
     gagaagaatc ctaggaagac ctggggcagg gacctgctga cacagcagtg gggtcagccg    104100
     actctctgtc atgctcattg cctttcttgg ttttactagc tgagcggggc tcacctccct    104160
     gactgggggt tccggcagtt ggaggtagtt ggggagaagt tgtcaccggg ctaccacgag    104220
     agcatggtgt ggaatgtgga agaacaccgg tatggcaaaa gtgagtcatc aaagctctgg    104280
     gccatgggca tctgcttgtc tctgtggatc tggtgccact caaggaaacg ccaaagcaac    104340
     gctgggtttg gagggaccta ggttcctcca ttctgtttgg ctgagtccct tgcacccatc    104400
     catgagtaat aaggcgtttg tgctacgggc ctgcggagga ggctcctgca tcccagagta    104460
     cactaatcct gtcttggccg aggagtgtgg ggtgtgggaa cctatggggt gatgtggttt    104520
     ggtgaggtgt ccccctggat acgggaaggc tggtggtagc ttctgtcctc ccctcttcag    104580
     cctctctgtg tctcgtcctt gtctactgtc aggccatgag cagaaggaga gggagctgga    104640
     gctccactcg cccactcagc tcgatatcag caggaacctc agcttcatgg ccagattctc    104700
     agagttacag gtgatgagtg cctggaggga tgcccgcccg cctgcccttg ctcggtggga    104760
     gctgatttct gcctttgatg gcgccgcgtg ctattgctgg gctctgaagt tcaaaggact    104820
     tgaacctgga acttgagagt ctgcagcaga atgagtgtct ctcccgactt caggccccat    104880
     ggacctgcac ctagtaggtc agggccaagg agttactgta ctcatgtgac attacaataa    104940
     agtcgggatg tcttcaggcc tcccgtcagg tcagaatggg ccacattcaa ctcacagagc    105000
     cctaggtaag acagtcagac actcaactct gtgacaagat tcctgtcgca gtctgcaggg    105060
     cagatgctgg aatgtgtgca gtcaggaccc ctaccatcag cccaggtcag cttgcagggc    105120
     ccccaccggc agcacttgct gattgaactt aggctgggcg gttggcatac aagggatagc    105180
     agtttagtga tagaccatga catcgtggca gctagaggca atgatcttct gcaacctgtg    105240
     tgtgctttat cctgtggcag tggaagatgc tgacgctgaa gaatgaggac ttggaacacc    105300
     agtacagctc caccccgctg gagtggctca cgctggacac caacatcgcc tattggctac    105360
     atcccaggac cagtgtaagt aagcatgtgt ggggccgttg ggctcctgta ggttgccagg    105420
     atttctccat agcagaggct cagaaggtgc ttttttttgt ttggacactg gggcagttga    105480
     aggccaaaga gcaaggcctc cctttcctgc tgcctgcaga gggaagccca cttttgccca    105540
     ctcctgtcag agcattttat gtttcccctg tatcacccag ccactaagct ggcggggtct    105600
     gcttctgctt ccttgagcca ctgcagactg ggatcgagcg gggtggggtt gcctggaagc    105660
     agtgctggcg ggggctcact aggtaaacac caacctcccc agcctgcaca gccagtgcac    105720
     ctgagccagt cccagggctg ccccgcagct gtgtgtgtaa ccatggattc tctttctggt    105780
     cttttctatg accttcctat gaatagtttt gttgttaaga ggaattccca gccaggcaga    105840
     cacactcttg caatctcagc tccataggta gacagggatg gtacgtttga ggccaggctg    105900
     ggctgcttag gacacaattt caaatgagct gggatttgtg ggtagatctg agcggcagtg    105960
     tgtgcacagc atgcacagag tccagtgccc caaatctcca ttactcctga ttttcagttt    106020
     tgacaaacaa gagagaggaa gttagttctt gtctagaaga gaggccctgg gaacaggttc    106080
     atccagattt gttctcaggc tacggaggtc cagatgctct tgtgtggctt tggactctgc    106140
     caaagtacat ttgtgctctc ctatggccac tgccctctgc ttggagtgag gggcaggtcg    106200
     ccagccctga ctgcctgtga tttcaggctc agatccactt gcttgggaac attgtgatct    106260
     ggacttcagc cagccttgcc acagtggtct acactctact cttcttctgg tacctgctcc    106320
     gccggcgaag gagcatctgt gacctccctg agggttagtg taccctccct ggataggaac    106380
     acattgtgca taagtgacag gcacctttcc taggacccaa ggccctgggc ccctgttttt    106440
     acaggtaggg gccctgaact ggggcagtta agctccacat cacaatggaa actttagcaa    106500
     agagggacag agccctggtt ccagggcacc gacatgcgct acaagcattg ggatgaacca    106560
     ggcagccagc aagaggcata agggcagtga ctgagcagct gacagaaacg cacttggaaa    106620
     gaaaaccaca gccacagcag cagcagcagc agcagcagca gcagcagcag cccccccccc    106680
     ccgccccacc cccaaaggct atgggaagca gtatggctcc ttccctgtaa tctctgttca    106740
     tctcagaaac actgagaaac actctccctt ctttctgggc tgaatacaat gtatctttgt    106800
     ggctgccaga gatctgccag cagaattctc agatgaaaac aacctggcct ttacagtgtc    106860
     cttaattaag gctggctgtg actttgaagt gctgggtctg acctcatccc aatcctggag    106920
     acttgcagaa agggttgtca agacccagga ggaatcacca gtgtcatcaa tcagcccact    106980
     tagtctttgg gggttgggtg aggtgctgag gacagtatgt gacttaggaa tgtggtggtg    107040
     ctgctctgag atctaccctc ccacagatgc ctggtcccgc tgggtgctgg ctggagccct    107100
     gtgtactggc ggctgggcac tcaactacct gcccttcttc ctgatggaga gggtgctctt    107160
     cctctaccac tacttgccgg cactcacctt ccagatcctg ctgctcccga ttgtcctgca    107220
     gcacgccagc gaccatctgt gcaggtgtgg ggctgtgaaa ccaggaagag cttagccttc    107280
     attccaggac agcagcaggg ccgcccagac ctggtgggat gtggcagata gaaagctttt    107340
     ggttagagca gaggaccctg atgtggagtc ggagtgggac atacctctgg cattgtgggt    107400
     agtcatggca aagccagaag cagtgatgag ggttgtgcac aatgtgtata agcaggtaag    107460
     ggtggggggc acacaagcag ggaggtctaa ggagcgcaag gggggtccac aggtgtcagt    107520
     gggtgtcagc aggtagagca tagattcctg ggagacagcc aggcaggggt gctgagggga    107580
     gatgagccag gtctctgacc tcactgtacc ctgctgccca caggtcccag ctgcagagga    107640
     atgtcttcag tgccctggtt gtagcatggt attcctccgc atgccatgtg tccaacatgc    107700
     tacgcccact aacctatggg gacacgtcac tctcaccagg cgagctccgg gcccttcgct    107760
     ggaaagacag ctgggatatt ctgatccgaa agtaatagag aacaagaaca cagaagacaa    107820
     gcacacagga caaagcctca aagatgtgtt tgtctcccac caacaggagc ctcagcaggc    107880
     aggactgcca gggtccagga ggaactccag ggactaattc caatttcacc tcaagagccc    107940
     tgtccactgg ttccttgttt gaagcaattg atttctcttc acacagtgaa gaatgtgccc    108000
     agccacagcg ttacccatga ggcccaactc tgacccagcc agagtttgag ctgccagtgt    108060
     aggaaccacc aaggcaggag gggcacccag ccagggaagg agtggggggg actcaggacg    108120
     agctgcgggc ctactatagg gccttagccc tgtcatttat ggggcccaca gtgccacacc    108180
     tcattgggca caggcacagc caccctctgt aaaccctgaa agctgccagc catccacaga    108240
     ctcctgagcc aactctaaag agtcctggga gactgcagcc acctaactgc cacggccaag    108300
     gtgtcgtcca ttcacttcct tacctttaat gtaaataaaa caggacaaat tgttaatgtt    108360
     ttatgttatt tattgattct ccctccaaag aggggtttca gttcaacaaa accagcccag    108420
     cactagcaga aggcagcccc gagctcatca cagctcagct gctgtgatcc acagttgtat    108480
     tgaacataaa acgagacgtc ccgtgccatg gcttgtggcg acagcaaagg gcacttccaa    108540
     aaacagccgt cccatgggga gggacgacaa acttgacaac acagaaggga gcgtttgtga    108600
     agccaggagc ttgagctggg tgtgcaggag actagctggc tttaggcagc cacggtcacc    108660
     tgcctctgca ctgaagtgct ccctggctgg agagagcctg cctggcatgc tagccatgaa    108720
     ctgtacccaa gtgacttgta cacaggcagc cccctggttc aaggctgcct gcagaattgg    108780
     gagacaatgt ttcagccaca agagacctga tggcccactc ccatctaccc aagatccagg    108840
     cccccagata gagtcatgtg ggtagtcctt agggtccctg cctcaggctc cttaaactgg    108900
     accatagccc agtggtcggt tgtaaaacta ggttcagagc tcacaaacag cctgccacaa    108960
     aacaaacaag ggatctaaca tctctgcaag ctttacttct gcaacatgga cacaagccac    109020
     accatacggg gaagcacttc ccttgggctc actgtcaaca ccagaccagc cagtgcccgg    109080
     gctgtttcct gttgcaccat gatttgtgtc ccgcatcccc tggggaagct ggtaccatgg    109140
     gcttactatg ctgtttggga cagtgaccca gagacctgtg gcctcctcca atgagaggaa    109200
     tgggaggacc ccagaatgct ctgtcagcat gagtctgccc tccgtgcaag gaaggctttg    109260
     gtcctgatgc caccctaggt cccactcatt gagagggatc cctgactgtg cttttaggag    109320
     ccagtggtcg tccccaggcc cttaatcctg ggtctgtggg gaacctacat atgctggtcc    109380
     tcaatggggt ctgctgctag actccaggtg tgagcgcttg ccagtggcca acaccccagg    109440
     gtgatctcct ggctcgggga aggtcctctt gtggttgcgc ccgttgggcc cgcctcggtg    109500
     ccgcttgcac aggtccccgt tgaggatgtc ctggatgtgt tgcacgatca ggttgatggc    109560
     cactgtaatc aagggaaggt tcagaggctc actcccaccc cactgcagcc tcccctctct    109620
     cccctaccct gcaaaacact catggtgcag aaaagccact gggccttcca ggctcacagc    109680
     agtcctgatc agccagcctt atgtctcacc aggcagaagg caaccaaccg gacaggcgca    109740
     gtccaacgtc ctggcttggt ctgctgtgag ggtacgtggg actgagcaca tctcaacagc    109800
     ctgacatgcc ccgcccagca gctctatgtg tttggaaagt acacatgaac ccatgtccca    109860
     gataaacagc gactggcccc atgcacacac ttgggcggcc tccgtagcca aggcaggaga    109920
     tgagagtctc tgcttcatgg tttgggtgtg gggctggggt tttcttaccc atattatcaa    109980
     ctcctcgagg gatgatcacg tcagcgtact tcttagtctg aaagacagag aaggctctct    110040
     tgaggctggt cactttaagg tactcaggca caggggctga tagcctggat gttggtggca    110100
     ctggcaggtt gggacagcct cggacaggtg agagatgggg tctgaacagt gaaggagaaa    110160
     tttaacccgg actgaacctg cgagtcagtg ctgtactgtg cttgcctgat tacagtttaa    110220
     ttgctgtcca gggtaggtga caccacccac agttcctggc ctctgaaatt gggactaaag    110280
     ttgcaaatgt cctgtaggag tgagcctgac agggcaagag ctgtgccatg catgggcctg    110340
     catggaggca tgcatggcac ttggcacctg catgctctca ggatttagtt ttttaggcca    110400
     gtgacactgc agcacacaca actgagacaa gcagagagaa aggctgctga gagaacctgg    110460
     ttgaaccaga caaagcccag agaaggtgag ggtatactgt ggacccaggg tgggtcctga    110520
     tgctgtgggt ttgggtcaag gaggcctgtc ccctgtggca gacaaattgc tgaaggcagt    110580
     agagactctt tccatgaaag gtgagaagag caaacctgag ctggtaccca ctgtggcagg    110640
     atcaccaggt ggggtgaaga gggactgaaa cccactcccc ttcccaccag cctgggaaat    110700
     gctttggagc ggcttgcagg atgggaagag ctgagtcagg aaactggggg tgtcagtggt    110760
     accacaggaa gaaggacaga ggagccagtt gtccctgctc agctcacgct caggtgcagg    110820
     gctggggttt cgctgccttt catcatctac tcagcaaaag gcctacaagt aagagactgc    110880
     aacagcctgg acttcacaca ttgcactctg cagaaacttc agagagcata agtattaaag    110940
     aaaaaaatag gttagcacac tttaggtgcg tgggggcagt tcaagacggg tttctctatt    111000
     taacagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctgacctag aactcggaga    111060
     tccacctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg gttagacgtg tgcgccacca ctgcctggca    111120
     atggtgtgca ctttagtccc agcacccgga aggcagctct ttcagcggca gcacagggat    111180
     ttgggtcccg ttttcctagt tcacagggga gtgagcaaga cacacaggcc agacttggaa    111240
     gagaacagct catacgggca caccggggtc tagcctgaga cacataggcc aacagtgcag    111300
     atagctccca ggcggacaga gctgagagcc atgcagtcac cccagggtct agcctgagac    111360
     acactggcaa acagtgcaga cagctcccag gtggacagag ctgaccccca attttgagtt    111420
     tgaatgcata aaggcaatac cggcaggcag aactcctcaa aggctggttt cacaaaggcg    111480
     gtgtactgag tcaggatctg ctccaggtcc cttcctcgtt gcacatcccg gagaactgca    111540
     gcaacaggaa caaggcacca tcatatgcca tcctccttgg gactcctgga aaaccccaac    111600
     cccagccagg gacccagagg cccttacctc ttcgagacag cctaacatca gagtctgtgt    111660
     ccacaaagag gcgcaggtgg aacatgtccc ggatctcctg ggtgtagaat accaagatgc    111720
     cctcgaacag aaccacatca gctgggtaga ccacagtggt ctctggtaac ctgccaggga    111780
     gagaccaggc taggccctgc ttgatggccc gctcacatta gtaacaaggg gcctgagtag    111840
     aggacagtcc atggaaacag actgcgatgg gacccaccac gggactgggt gtgacagccc    111900
     tcccaggaac cacctgctta ccttgagtgg gtcacaaaat cataggtagg gacctcgaca    111960
     gttttgcctt caacaatgtt tttcagggtc ttgtgcatca gatcattatc aaaagcatct    112020
     acaaaaacag gagaagccca aactgcccat ttgctctggt gcagcagagg aggaggacca    112080
     cctctgccca agggcagcgc agctgggagc caggggtgct gaggacccca cagcacaccc    112140
     caggatgaag ggtaaggttg tcccaccaga aactggaaca aagactttct gattggctga    112200
     cactggggga aagagatcat ttgagcctct gctcctctgt atctggcaaa acaaagttaa    112260
     gagtcctatt ctctgacctt caggagtccc taggaaagct taaaccttca ggaacacagg    112320
     cccctaccag gccaggaagc tccaaggcct gagccccaga ttaacctctg tttctacaac    112380
     tggcctccct gaagactgac tgccccgaga cagcttgggg aatccaaagg tcaggcaggc    112440
     ggtaggtagg gtgtacaaag ggctcctcag caacaaggtg ccaggcagag atttcaacac    112500
     atcaagaagc gatcctcaac atctcctggc tcctccttcc taagtggctc tagcaaaaat    112560
     cttgagtcac tccaggctca tggaattcag caaaccctac ctttctgtgg gcccactacc    112620
     aagggaaatg agggtaatgt ttcacggagc cccattgctg ctgcattcaa tccccgcccc    112680
     ccttggcagt tggtgtccag cagttctctc tggacagcct cagtctggca ctttgcatcc    112740
     tatgtacaca tccctggaca gcctcggtgg cagtctgcat ccaacaaaca tctcctacag    112800
     ccctggtcca gcagtctgca tccatacaca tctctgtatc tgtctggcag tctgcaatct    112860
     ctgtagagcc catatctcac agcagtttat cctctacccc cagctctcca ggcagacatt    112920
     ctccaggtac ctgggtggtc aaaattgtac tgtcccttca aagccttggc cttctgctcg    112980
     gccgtcagaa ccttgtagaa gcagtcctgg ctcaggatga ccaacttgcg ctgccggcgg    113040
     tccacttcgt tctgtcccag cagctccatg atcttctcac acactgttga ctggggacag    113100
     aaggtgccaa aagtgagctt gtgcactgag tgacccgcca gcccctgggg acgaccccct    113160
     tagctgctag caacaggtgc cgcggttggg ccagaggcaa tggcgcccca accagcggcc    113220
     tggcaatccc tccgcgaggc ccaggcgcag ggcgctcacc ttgccactag cggtgccgcc    113280
     gctcacgccg atgaggaacg gccgcggctg gggacgatcg gcctcgggcg cggcgctctc    113340
     cgagccgccg cctcccgccg aagccatatc cggagcgacg gacatacatt caccgactct    113400
     gcccgctccc gcctggacgt agtgacggat gctgtgcgca tcgcttccgg ggacatgagc    113460
     gcatgcgcgc atgaggcgcg gcactcaagg ccgtgtccct gaagagcctc agtgactcca    113520
     gaatgacccc tttacctgga ggcggggcct ggatggggct ccacctcccg acgagacgca    113580
     cactcaagtg ctggactaga ccaaggtctc cagcccactg acccctattt ccctagcaca    113640
     gccgagatcc tgtcacccac agggttagga ccgtccctgc cttatgctta accccatcag    113700
     tgcctcctgc cacgtgagaa cgtgtcatcc tgagacactt aggaagacct ccctctccct    113760
     ggcgcattat ttaagtatct atgaatctgt taaaatctct tgatttttag acagattctt    113820
     accgcatagc ccttgctgtc tggtactctg aagcccaggc tggccccaaa cattctcctg    113880
     cctcagcctt ctgagggtgg gagtaacaag catgtaccac catgcctggc tttttaaaaa    113940
     aaggaaatat ttataataat tttatttata tgtgcttgtg tgtgtgttat gggtctgtgc    114000
     acatgactga agtgcctggg gagtgtcaga tccccataag gctgtagtta caggcagttg    114060
     tgagctgccc attttaaatg ctgggaactg aactctggtc ctatgcaaga gcagtacact    114120
     tttttttttt tccactttac tttatatgta tggctgtttt acgtgcccgt gtttttgtac    114180
     cacatgcttg gagttcccac agcgaccaga agagggagtc ggttccctct ggtagtgaac    114240
     tttctaacag ttaaaagcta ccagtaggta ctgggaattg aaactaggct tctggaagag    114300
     cagtcactcc aactctcact ccaactccaa caacctggct tttaaattct gttgttgttg    114360
     ttgttgttgt tttgctttct ttatgacaaa tgtctcattg cgtagcccaa gctggcctag    114420
     aacttgcaaa ggagatacga atggctctga actcacagtg agagacctcc tgcttctgcc    114480
     tcctgagtac taagaataaa ggcgtgcgcc atcatgcctg gtcttcaatt cttcctgtga    114540
     gcattgattg ctcctgacgt tcatttgcta tgaatactta gggggttgag aaatggggtg    114600
     gagcacttac ctggacgctg ctggactctc cagtcttgct gcctgcctcg agcagaggtg    114660
     ctgccagtcc accagcccaa ctgcttttat gtcagcacag acttgaagca cttggttgag    114720
     gccttaagac aaccatggag tggccagagc tcctgaaaga cccagcctca tccaggcctg    114780
     ttttaatttg taccagactt ttctatcata agtctctaga tggcctgggc cagagtggga    114840
     gcctggaagg aaagactgag agaaaaggat tgctcgtttt gaaggaacag cttcagacag    114900
     gcttgtgaga gtcaggcgat gaacatgaga ctcaggactg caaggaacag ccatgccacc    114960
     cagatgccac ctagctgtcc ctcgagcctc tctaggcatg gatgttagaa ctcagctttc    115020
     cctcgggatt cagtccagga tctcagcccg ttagatggtg ggccatccag ggctggcctt    115080
     ctttttgtct tggttaaact ttaccagaaa caccttcata gagacattgt ctttgggttt    115140
     tactgctgta aaaaaacacc atgaaaactc ttctatttta ttttatttta ttttatttta    115200
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag    115260
     gctggcttcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggcg    115320
     tgcaccacca catctggctc atggcaactc ttataaggac aacatttaac caggcttaca    115380
     ggttcagagg ttcagtacat tatcatcaag gcaggagcat agcagcatca agcaggaata    115440
     ttgcaggagg agctgagagt tctacacctt caaccaaagg aagccagtag tagactggct    115500
     gctatggggt taggaggagg gtctcaaagc ctacccccat aatgacacac ttcctccaac    115560
     aagaccatac ttcctagtag tgcctctccc tagaccaatc attttcaaac cactgtagac    115620
     atctacaggt gtttccatgg atcctaaatg tactccagtt gataatgaag gctgaccatc    115680
     ataactgtaa tggtggtgca tacctgtaat tcctgtactt gggaggctgg ggcaggactc    115740
     cgagtttgaa tccaactaga tgtataagga aaccctatct caaaaacaaa acaaaacaga    115800
     acaaaacaaa gcaaacaaca acaacaaaac ccagaaaagc aaacaaactc aatccaccaa    115860
     catcttatga gcaccaagtt tcctctacca ccttcgctca gcccaatcct atcctaaggc    115920
     cagataaccg gggggggggg ggggggtgga caagcattgg agatgagaac gctggggcag    115980
     tgggtggagc tgagacaagc actgcagggt gaggaccatg gtgagatggg tgtgatggga    116040
     cagctttggg gccttccagc tccttaatgg tcagcagagc aggctgcaat caaagtcagg    116100
     ctcctgcctg atctctcctc tcagtggtgt cgcctctgac tcttccagta ttggtgttcc    116160
     tgatgaatca gaatccagaa gatcccaaag atgacaaaac aggcccagct tctgcctggc    116220
     aaaccagcta ggcaagtttg cggatgtcag ggaggaaggg gtcaactcca gggagggaag    116280
     acagtcaacc agggtctaga agacttcttg ggaagcaacc aaatcagatg cctttgggtg    116340
     atgaattctt gagacagtgc tcacacttgg agtcagggac ttggacttgg agtaggtgat    116400
     ttaaatacag gcaggtttgc aataggattt gtcaagacat tattactgct gcttggaagc    116460
     catgccatca gccaccaggg aacaagcaac cgagataaaa cataccatca acaattctag    116520
     aaactggcct cgtgatccca tatttaacat tttttttaaa agctgagggt tcctgggtgg    116580
     tggtggcaca cacctttagc cccagtactc aggaggcaat ggatctctga gtttgaggcc    116640
     agcctggcct atagagcaag ttacagaact gccaggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtccag    116700
     aaaaaccaaa acagacaaac tgagggttta gctcagcaga gcacttgcct agcatgcttg    116760
     aggccctagg ttcaatttcc aaaaccccca aatatatatg ttgagagagc caggaagatg    116820
     gttcagttgg taaaatactt gccgtgcaaa cctaagccct aatactgatg taaagcgttg    116880
     atagcagcag cagcagcagc attgatcgct gcgatcctgg tgttccagga agcagagaca    116940
     ggaataccac tggggtttac tgtctaacca gtctagccaa actggcaagc tcccctttcc    117000
     ctgagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aacaatggtg agcgactgag gaagacaccc agtgttgacc    117060
     tctagcctag atagacagat agacatagac acatgcatgc acactaaaag ccaggtgcaa    117120
     tagcaaatgc ttgttgccgg gcagtggtgg ttgcacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag    117180
     gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ttacaaagtg agttccaggg    117240
     cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    117300
     aaaggcaaat gcttgtaatt cccatactgg gaaagtgatg gaggatccgc gtggttcact    117360
     ggctcgctag ccaggactgc ttgggaagat gcaagccaac gagagacctg gcctttaaaa    117420
     agaaggggga agaggtgctg gagagatggc tcagctgtta agagcactgg ctgttctccc    117480
     tcaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcatcca catggtggct tacaaccctc cataactgca    117540
     ttcaacacca ccttctgatg tgtctgaaga cagccaccat atactcatat acataaaata    117600
     aaaaaaaaaa cctcggcagc caggaactta aggaaccttc cttgcaccta aggaacaatg    117660
     cccaagggtg tcttctcagc ctctgacctc tgcacctgtg cacccacaac cacacaaacg    117720
     agcacacgct cataggtatc cacacaataa atgaacagct gcctgggggc gtgggtcagt    117780
     gctcaagtgt ctgccatgta cgattcctca gttgatccct gaggtgctaa accttttcag    117840
     aatttcttag caacttggga ggtgaaagca gagagtttag gagttcaagg tcatcctcca    117900
     ctgtataggc ctggactcaa acaaacagga acaaaaccca acaacaacaa aaagatgggt    117960
     tgaactgatg gctccactgg ctaagggcac ttgtgatcct tccgaaggac ctgagtttga    118020
     gtttcagtac ccgtgtcagg tcaggtggct cacaactgat ctaactccag atccaaggat    118080
     ccagcaccct ctctggcctc tgagggcact gcagacacag ggcaccccat aacccccaac    118140
     acactcacat gcacacacac acacacacac acacaatttt ttttcaagac agggttttct    118200
     ctgtagccct ggctgtcctg taacttgctc tgtaaaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaga    118260
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gcgtgctgag tgctgggacc aaaggtgtca tcatcaacct    118320
     ccagctcaca cacaaatctt gaaaaaaaaa cctataaaag gcaaagttcc gggtctgaaa    118380
     actcagaatt cctaaacact ggggagaaac atctcaaatg catattatta ttttatggtg    118440
     tcaaagataa aattctggtc tatgtacaag ctaggcaaat gcactaatac taagctatat    118500
     ctttagtccc acctctacta tgtgtaagac agtatctcac tgtgtttctc tgcatagcct    118560
     gaaactagcc agagcaggct ggccttgaac ctccttagtg ctaagtttaa aggcatgtgt    118620
     ccctacacat ggtcaagggc agatgcaatt tctgaaaaac ataatagaag tttgtggcta    118680
     agatattgaa cctaagggtt cagagagttc tggattcaaa ttctggttcc tcccaaacag    118740
     tatggtggta tggtgatgcg taccaacaat tctggcattt cagaggcagg aagatgagtt    118800
     ccaggatagc ctgggatatt taagagcctc aacagacaag tttacctatg tacccaaggt    118860
     tggacttaaa tttagcaatc cattagcctt aggctctcct gggtgttagg attgtaggta    118920
     tgagccatca tttcttcaag agaagccgat ctctccttga gagctaggac attactcatt    118980
     ggtagttagc cagctctaga gtcaggtagc taggctactg tttacatctt gtgcctcagc    119040
     tggctcagct ggggaaaggg acaccacaga accttactcc attgtcaggg ccgataagat    119100
     gctgcaggtg aggtgcacag atcctgttga gcagagtcgt gcaaatggca ggttactgca    119160
     gtggccagcc ctcgtaacta atttggatgt gtgattctca cctttcacct ccttctctgt    119220
     ccctgtccac attctgccca gctattaagc tcacctctga gcagggcctg ccctaagagg    119280
     ttggtgcctg ccaatagcac atggtgtgtg tgttgggggg attcattcat tcttttctgg    119340
     tgcccttctt gggtgattga tgcacatgca aagctggtta ggatgggctt aggctgctgc    119400
     ctggaataag tgacttggga gtcttcatgg tgaacctgga aaggtagatt gattgtctga    119460
     gtcagggttt ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg gaggaaagag    119520
     tttattcggc ttacacttcc atactgctgt tcatcaccaa ggaagtcagg actggaactc    119580
     aagcaggtca ggaagcagga gctgatgcag aggtcatgga gggatgttgc ttcccctggc    119640
     ttgctcagcc tgctctctta tagaaccaag actaccagcc cagagatggc accacccaca    119700
     aggggacctg ccccttgatc gctaattgag aaaatgcccc acagctggat ctctcgtgga    119760
     ggcatttccc caactgaagc tcctttctct gtgatgataa ctccagcctg tgtcaagttg    119820
     acataaaact agccagcaca ttgatatagt gtgtttgatg tcaggaatag ggccagagca    119880
     caagcgtggg tcaccggggg aagaggtcta ggtgctgggt actgggtcgt gagctctgtg    119940
     gctgcccacc aggtcctcca agcacccttc agtagtgaga ctttctgggc taagacagct    120000
     gcttgtccct atcaaacact atgtgctcat caccatccca gaccccactc agtttggtca    120060
     ggcaactgtg cagacaacgg tctgagcgag acacaagtaa ggtctgctgt tccaagccgt    120120
     gaccttgtta gcttgtgcac acattgccct tccctatagt gactctgctg cccaaagtac    120180
     cccaaaacaa ctttcagacg cattcatcag ggttggggtg gttatggggt ccgagactga    120240
     gtgtgcatag ctctgatgag cctggagatc cccgcctgcc tttgcctgcc agtgttgttc    120300
     tggtgtgagt gagtgcatga ctggctgtgt acagaggcag agcgcaatcc aggtcctctc    120360
     actgcctatt cctatgaggc agtttctctc ttagtctgaa gctggggttc aagttttctt    120420
     agctgggata agaagcaaga cccagctatt ctcctgtctc cacacacttc catagctggg    120480
     gttatagatc cctgagggac aatagacttg ttttaaaggg tttgggatct taaacatgaa    120540
     accaagtctt ctttcatccc agtggttttt ttttaaggtg ggatgtggtg gtttgaataa    120600
     gagtggccca cacaggctca tgtatgtgaa tgttgagtcg ccacagtgga attgttttat    120660
     aggatgagga ggtgcggcct gttggaggag gtgtctcact gcaggtgggt tttgaggttt    120720
     ccagaatcat gtgggtcata atgaactcag cttctgatac tgtgagcaag ctcagaatga    120780
     aatgttccct cttgttaaga gtctcttcat ctgggtatgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc    120840
     agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggaggattt ttgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag    120900
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa caaaataaat    120960
     agatagatgg atagatagat agattagata gatagataga tctggtgctg gagagatggc    121020
     ttagagctag ggatcaatta ctagcaccta cctcagatac cagagctgcc ctaagtccag    121080
     ctccaaggaa ctcttgaatc cctgtgcact cacatataca gatacacaac atacacataa    121140
     tttaaatttt aaaaaggatt tatttatgtg tatgtggggg gaggggtaga ggggtgcctg    121200
     gagaggccag aagaggctgc acccctgtgc ttgagaacta atttaagaca gggtttctct    121260
     gtgtagccct ggctgtccta gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctca aattcaagag    121320
     acccagatgc ctctgaccca ctagtgctgg gattaaaaac atgaacaact ggggttttct    121380
     aaacagctga accagctttc cggtccctac aacagatgtt agtctttgaa acagggtctt    121440
     atactgtagc ctagggaacc cagactggct tggaatttag agtaagcctt ccacaactgc    121500
     ttctcttgag ctgagattca ggcatgaaca gaaggctcca taacatacct tttcaacatg    121560
     tttagctgtg gggggtaagt gggctctgct cagacgggca gtcatcgcct catgaagata    121620
     ctatttgcat tgtagaggcc aagccagttg ctcatggcca cacacttcta agtgaacaga    121680
     gctgggacgg aaaccggggc ctctccctcc tactccacct tcaaggtttt cttctgtatc    121740
     cctgggatct atctgcttgc ctctgcttct tgagtgctgg gattaaaagt gtgcagttaa    121800
     gcctagtgac agcgcacact tttaatccca gcatttggga ggcacagaca gacaggtctc    121860
     cttgagttca aagccagcct ggtcgacaga aggagttcca ggatagccaa ggctacacag    121920
     cgacaccctg cctcaaaaaa caaaaacaac caccagcagc aacaaaaagg gtgcagttaa    121980
     ggccgggttt cagagattac ccttccttca ctgcaggtaa agctgccccg tccccgggct    122040
     ctgacccccc tcagctcaga agcagcaggg atgggtggct ggaagagtct gacaagtggc    122100
     aagtctgagg tgcaagtcat gtcttctatc acggggagca tagagtactg acctagctgc    122160
     tctagagagg ccagaagagg acacagggtc ccctggaatt ggagattgta agctattgag    122220
     gcctgctcct gttaacataa ctgtagccat tttgtattcc gtctccgtgt tactcacaag    122280
     gtgaagttga gctcacagtt attgctctga cactgaagaa tgttactaag aacccgaaaa    122340
     ctgctgttga gtcactcata ctctgttctc tcaatgtcct gagagtcccc cgttcaccac    122400
     tggtccactc ctccttctat ccccctgtgc tgaagaccag tgagcttgaa ggttagttga    122460
     taataccttg tctagttagc caaaaatgtt gtaccaattc actgcttgcc ttcacacctt    122520
     tgaacctggg ttttcatata aaaagtctgc tctgaggaca gacaggtgtc acaattaggt    122580
     ttcccttctt gtggccctga gccatcagtc tgaaagtttt caatagactt tcatcatata    122640
     tttgagactg gtgtccaagt ggctagttca cagcttatcc caggccccaa catttggccc    122700
     acttggccaa gaagccatcc ctcgaccctg cccctcgaga ctgcctctca gatataagtg    122760
     acctctagaa gtgccagctg aggaggtaag tgtcctgaac ctgcacagat ctgtttttcc    122820
     gttttctggt ttcagtctag acttggggat gcctgccccc cccaaagtgg acaagttatg    122880
     attcaccctt tcagacttgg tcagagtacc agagagtccc accacacagc actgtgactg    122940
     tctttgaaaa ctggtctgtc agggtatgtc tcttttcatt tgtctggttg tgctgttatt    123000
     ctttatatga ctatgattta aatcgtttct ctcccaggac acccgcaatc ctccgctact    123060
     cctgggcctc ctcttgaggt gattttgcat cattttcagg atttccagag agcagtcatt    123120
     tttgaacccc gtgtgaactc caatggctgc cctacggcac ggggtgaccc ttgatggctc    123180
     ctttgaaatc tctgatcttc ttcccatcca gcatgtcatc cttcctggcc caggtcactc    123240
     ctctcagatt ccctacatca tggcctggtg gtaccagtga gctggcactc cctgcttgtt    123300
     gaatggttta gcacctccac ctccacctcc tacaactact gttatctcca gcgagcgagc    123360
     gctctcctgt tttacctaag ccttcctgag cttgcagcct gcctcccatt ctttctcaac    123420
     ctgaggaggc tgatgtgcca cctccttacc aaatgccagg gccagctgca gcgccccggg    123480
     ctcccgcagc agtggctttc agggctcctc ctgtgccctg tctaccacca cctcctctct    123540
     aattacctca tctgttgtag ctagcctgtt ccatactcga tttggtgtcc attttggttc    123600
     ctcaacagag gtttttcctt taagcctctt ttgctcggcc ccacccccga ttcaggaggg    123660
     agaaatgact tttctggcct gtcagcctct ctctgctagt gatatttaca accgggaagc    123720
     tcagaatctt tctttctctg agaaacgtca ggctctgata tctctcgtag agactatttt    123780
     tcatacccac cagctcacct gggatgacac tcagccatgc agacactctt caccacagag    123840
     gaacagaacc acactgggca ggaggcttcc ggaggtccgg tgagggggtc tcaaggcaga    123900
     actttgaatt tgtctaaagt gagtcaggtc gtacctgtgg aatctcctgc tgccttcttg    123960
     gagaggctac tggatgcttg ttacaactat gccctgattg accctgggac accagagacc    124020
     agctgtcaat gaggcttttg caggtcaatc agcccctgat attcagaaga agattcagaa    124080
     aattgaaagg cttcaaaggt aacaagctgt ctgaattaat agagattgcg caaaagattt    124140
     tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct    124200
     tctcttctct tctcctctcc tctccccctc ccctcccctc ccctcccctc ccctcccctc    124260
     ctcttctctt ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc cttccccttc    124320
     cccttcccct tcccctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    124380
     ttctttcttt ctttctctct ttctttcttt ctctctttct tttttttttg tatagccctg    124440
     gctaccctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctagcctcga actcagaaat ccacttgtct    124500
     ctgccccccc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgtgtcacc actgcccagt gctcaaaaga    124560
     cttttaacaa tagggaaagc cagaagataa aacatctaag aagcaggcaa acatttttat    124620
     tgcaactcag aaagctcaag gaggttatat aaggggtgca ggtctgtgaa aacctctgac    124680
     taataaagac aagacaaacg acttgatgag tctcaaccct gtccaaggct tctgaaaact    124740
     cagcgtgcct actgggagga gagggactat gggtgccccc agaaactgag aagaaacaga    124800
     gtgaggctgt cagggctcca agtctcctcc ccagcctagg ataactttaa cagtggcaga    124860
     cattcaggaa actttcttgt tgacactggg gcacatcact cagttctcca gaagcccctg    124920
     ggacctatga taaaccagac caccctggtc caggatgcca gaggcactaa accttactca    124980
     tgaactacca aatgatgtgt gcatttgggt aaaaaagact gttattcttt cttagtgatt    125040
     cccaagtgtc cttatccctt actagggagg gacctcctga caaaaatggg agctcacatt    125100
     tatttctccc cagagatttt caaccttggt ctgtgtcctt ccactagaaa atgaatactg    125160
     cttcctgtcc cggccgccat cggagagcag cagccatggc tctgcgctac cccatggccg    125220
     tgggcctcaa caagggccac aaggtgacga aaaacgtcag cgagccgaga cacagccgga    125280
     gacgcgggcg cctcaccaaa cacaccaagt tcgtgcggga catgatccgg gaggtgtgcg    125340
     gcttcgcacc ctacgagcgg cgagccatgg agttgctcaa agtgtccaag gacaagcgcg    125400
     cactcaagtt catcaagaag agggtgggca cgcacatccg cgccaagaga aagcgggagg    125460
     agctgagcaa cgtgctggca gccatgagga aggctgaggc caagaaggat tgatgaaccc    125520
     tcccccaata aaagatggtt cctacaaaaa aaaaagaaaa aagaaaaaag aaaaaaagaa    125580
     aatgaatact gtctaagacc agaggatcaa ggaacaaatc ccccattgcc cttcctcaac    125640
     tcataaacct gataccacag gtaatggctg agaacaaccc tctaggctgg cctctcattt    125700
     gcctcctgcc gtggtaggtt tgaaggttgc tgatagctcc atcagagtga agcaatatcc    125760
     cttgtcacct aaggcccttc agggtttcag gacccaaatc aattgtctcc ccagctatgg    125820
     gagcctaatt ccctgtcatt ttccctggag cacacctctg ctgctagtta gaaagcctgg    125880
     aggacaagat tacagactgg tgcaagacta aagggaggta aacaaaaggg tggaggatat    125940
     ccacccaaca gtaccaaacc cgttcatgcg ctccaggtcc ccaccaccag acagactcac    126000
     tgatacagtc ttgacttgaa agatgccttc ctcagcgttc ctatagataa gaacacacag    126060
     ccacgttgag tggcaagatc caaagaatgg attcagtaga cagctgacct ggaccagact    126120
     acctcaagga ttcaaaaact cacctaccat ttttgatgga tgctccatgg gagcgtgatc    126180
     cacgtgagcg tgagtacagg tagaccatgc cacgtgtttc tttgcttcag tatgtggatg    126240
     atatgctact ggcggccact gatgttaact cctggttaga agcaaccagc tttcttctgg    126300
     aaacactgca gagacaggga tatagggcct tggctaagaa ggctcaaatt tgtgtctctg    126360
     aagtgaccta cttgggtttc cagctggggg ggggggtggt caaagaagtc tctcttacct    126420
     ctgtctaaaa ccagaaccaa gtatggaaag tcctgtggtc ggctggtttt tgcagccaac    126480
     ctcaaaattc tggataccag cttttgctga aataggtaaa cccttttatg aggctaccgg    126540
     gggtgggggg ggtgggagga agaaagagct ttttctatgg atagcagaac atgagaaagc    126600
     ttttcaggat ttgaaaccat caccgttgtc agctcctacc ctggtgctgc ctgatatgac    126660
     caagcccttg catttatttg tggacaaaag ctaaggcatt gccaaagggg tactgataca    126720
     aatcttgggc ccctggtgac aactagtggc ctgtctccaa aactggaccc agcagcagca    126780
     ggataaccaa actgcttgag acacttcact cctggctaaa aatgcagaca acttagcctt    126840
     gagacagtct ttgatcataa ctacccctca tgccatggag ggagttctca gaagctccct    126900
     gaccactgga tttcagatgc ctggctaact cactagcagt ttctgttgct taaccactcc    126960
     tgagggtcct ttgtctctag cacctcactg aaccctgcta ccctgccacc cacttcggat    127020
     ctagaaaatc tactgataca tgactgcttg gagaccctgc agtgtgtgca ctgaacccag    127080
     ccagacctga ctgactggct caggcccact gaggatctca catgtacact gatggaaaca    127140
     gctacatgga agatagtacc aggcattcag gggtggcagt ggagaacttg gacaagacct    127200
     atgggggttt cccctcctga gtgggatgac agcccaaagg gcagaattaa tgaccctcac    127260
     taaggcactc aaatttggca aggacaaggt ggttaatatc acattgagag ttgatatgca    127320
     tttgcccctg caaatgttca caggacaata tacagtgaaa gaggacgatt gacttcagaa    127380
     ggaaagacaa aacaaacagg agatcctaga cctcctagct gctctatggc tcccaaagaa    127440
     aatggccagc atacattgtc ctggacatca acaagaacag accccagagg ccatcagtaa    127500
     tcataaagtc ttgagcgcgc tcaactggcc aggaagaacg atgctgcaac aggatccttc    127560
     tgcacacgtt tattgggaga gcttgattgt agaggcgaaa agaccccgag cccagaactg    127620
     gtgctgcttt tataggccta ggagaggcat gtcttacacc cggattggtt atgcactatg    127680
     cctcatttgc atgttcctca tctgattggc tatactctca gtaccttaca gaacctcatt    127740
     atcatgcccg ggccaggcag tgtctttgca aaaaactttt ataggcctag gagaggcgtg    127800
     tcttacaccc ggattggtta tgcactatgc ctcatttgca tgttcctcat ctgattggct    127860
     atactctcag taccttacag aacctcatta tcatgcccgg gccaggcagt gtctttgcaa    127920
     aaaactttac tgcatatata cacattggtt gtttgtccaa acttatgcgt agtggccagc    127980
     agtagtcagt gccactctgc aacggcacat gtggcttccc acaataaagt agacctgatg    128040
     gctagagggg ccaccaaaca gcccctcaca catctgccgg tgacccttcc agacccagtc    128100
     ctgcttgaac atccaattta ttccatagga gaaaaccagg tttatcaact cctacctaac    128160
     acccacataa aggacagaga gtgacataca acagatggga gaaacattct accaaaaact    128220
     ttgggcacaa ctttgattca ggatctccat gccagcacac atctgagaat gaataagatg    128280
     gaagaattaa tatttacaaa gtttcttact caagcactta accaaggaag tggaggattt    128340
     tactagatgt catccttgtc agactacaag cccagctcca gaaacatagt attctaaaag    128400
     ataaagagga acttcaccag gagtatactg ggaaacagac ttctctgagg taaaatcagg    128460
     aaaatttggt tacagaggct ggagagatag cttagtggtt aagagcagtg gctgctgttc    128520
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cctgccaacc acatggtggc ttacaagcat ctgtaatagg    128580
     atctgatgcc cttttctggt gtgtctgaag acatctacag tgtactcata cacataaaat    128640
     aaataaatct tatttttgaa aaaaagaaag tttggttaca aatatccttt aaaaaagatt    128700
     tattttattt acatgaatat actttatctg tcttcagaca caccagaaga gcacatcaga    128760
     tcccatcaaa gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggctgctgg gaattgaact caggacttct    128820
     ggaagagtag tcagtgctct taacctctga gccatctctc cagcccacaa atatctttta    128880
     tagttatata tttataaaag gtttatatgt accatctcag gatggactga ggcattccca    128940
     accaagaaga aaagtgctca aactgttaag aaagtgttca ttgaggaaat aacacctcag    129000
     tttagaactc cttggccttg gtgaccaagc tcgctcagac agacaacagg ttctctagtg    129060
     caggagtgag aattaaaaag aaaaaagacg ccgggcagtg gtggtgcaca cctttaatcc    129120
     cagtactcgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg aggccagccc tctctacaaa    129180
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag aggaaccctg tctcaaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa    129240
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaaacga aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaatcaggac    129300
     ccagcccaga gatggactgt ccactctcat ccccaggacc tgtgagcaag gacggacagc    129360
     acagcgacac ccagagggcc ctctgaagat aagatttgtt acagattaac tgctgtcctc    129420
     tgctttatgt ttatggtaat ctcttgctca accctaggac tggtgagacc taataattat    129480
     aagtcaaaga cttggtatgg aggcatctga tactaacaca gagttataac tgatttatat    129540
     caggatgatg attctcagcc tccaaaaact gtcacagacc tttgtgactt atggccacat    129600
     ctaggtaaca agcctcaaga tcctcaggta tatagatcat ccttcaccat gcttggtgct    129660
     ttcatggctg gaccacatat gcctggacat taaggtaccg ggtagtgttg acagagtagc    129720
     aaaagagctg cttctactac aggatcaact ttatacatgc ccagcagaaa ccaggtccac    129780
     atgcccccaa tctcctgttg atgagatgtg agaactgggc cccaggataa aaagtggacc    129840
     gtgagccggg cgtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggca    129900
     gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat    129960
     acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg gaccgtgatc    130020
     cttatattga tataaggctt acctgtaatt cagaatgtaa gattcttctt tttttttctt    130080
     agattttatt tacccccccc ctccccttcc ctttctccct cttgctccac tcactcctgg    130140
     cccctcaggt tctttttatt tgattctcat tatggatggt tgtatgccac catgtggttg    130200
     atgggatttg aactcattac ctcccgaaga acagttggtg ctcttaactg ctgagccatt    130260
     tcaccagccc cctactttaa tccttttcag agtctttcac tgacccagag ctcaccaact    130320
     gagttatgta cgagttctct atctgcatat atatcttcat gtccgaaaat tccatgacag    130380
     atggttgtgt gccatcatgt agttgatgag aatcgaactc aggacctcag gaagagcaga    130440
     cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agtccagaat gtaagattct taagacttat    130500
     aaggggctgg agaggtagct cagtggttaa gagcactgac tgctgctctt ccagaggtcc    130560
     tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatga aatctgattc    130620
     cctcttctga tgtgtctgaa aacatctaca gtgtactcat aaatctttaa aaagagagag    130680
     agacagagcg agagagagag ttcactacat aaatcagtta ataagagaca attccctgct    130740
     caaacctctg agcttggcag tggtggcaca tatctttaat accagcactt gggaggcaga    130800
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc cagtatagct    130860
     aggactagag agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aagccaacaa aaaaaaaatc cattgccaac    130920
     ctcactcaag catatgctaa tcaatatgcc atgctcctga cacttatgaa gactaatctc    130980
     ctagcagcaa ctaaaggcac ttggtttgca tgtactatag accttttcca tttatcaata    131040
     gttcatttca ctggcaagcc tgagtcatat gtgcttgttc atgtggtccc tcaggttaca    131100
     tactatggag ggacagcagg taggatccta tgggcctgta tccaggccct tgctctagga    131160
     gagctgcaca ctttgtaatg gcagtgttga ctgggatggg cattgcagga tcggcagcaa    131220
     tgggaactac tgttctactt acaggacaac agaacttcag gctgttgagt gaacaggcag    131280
     acaaagatct ggctaaatta cattcagcca cctcattttt ggaatgacag aggctcttta    131340
     gctgaggtgg ttctgcaaaa ccatggagca gttagcttgc tgttcctcaa ggaaggagaa    131400
     ttatgcatgg ccttgggaga gctgtgcttt ctctgttaac atctttggct aaaaccaccc    131460
     atccaccctt tctatcctgc actgaggacc aatcaaactg gtttttcatt aaaaaagtct    131520
     agccagagga caggtgccac aattaggttt cccttcttgt ggccttaatc gatcagtctg    131580
     aaagcattca ataaactttc atcagatatt caagactggt gtctgagtgg tcagtatgag    131640
     gtttatccca ggccccaaca taagccatgt ctccagcctc atgaatttca taatcatgat    131700
     ggtcaaattt gtaaactaac aatgctgtca tctctcactc ctaactttaa cctgttcctt    131760
     ctcaacccag agaggtagcc ctacaaagca caatctttca ttcatattcc ttccacactc    131820
     gctactgtgt gacctgggca agtcacctgc ctttctcagg taaatgggac agcaggaaga    131880
     attctcatgg gggcctggag agatggctca gtggttaaaa gcacagacta ctcttccagg    131940
     gctcctgagt tcaattccca gcaactacaa ggtggctcac aaccatctgc attgggattg    132000
     gatgccctct tctagtgttt ctgagacagc aacagtgtac tcacatacat aaataaattt    132060
     taaaaaagat aatttcatga ctaacagccg tgagagtcag caggagtgag ctgttgtgat    132120
     caatggcagg tgtgacgggc tagtagagac aaggatcaga accagagact gctcatatgt    132180
     ttattaacaa aagggacaac cacacacacc tactcacaag tatgtttagg aaccttaaca    132240
     ttgacaatac ccacccctcc caatactcct cttctctaga acccacccca aactttggag    132300
     ggcttctagc atcttttaaa atctgaaaac catatgaaca tactgtctag actctgcctt    132360
     ttatgccccc atcctcctgt ccctgtgggc tgtagatgaa aatctccaag aagctgctca    132420
     gtcattcagg tttagatcaa aatctggata taactccttg gtggtaacgc ctcgagtcac    132480
     agctgaaaga aaggaagggt ggattactat tcagaggaga ctgttactgt cctgaccacc    132540
     cacacaccca ccacctctgg gcccagattc acaccttacc atttatggca aatgtaatct    132600
     ccctgcttct ccggccaagc cttgtctctg ggggcttcgc ctggcccctt ataccaacca    132660
     agcctttcag catggcctct gtgactctgc ttctctctct ctctccctct ctctctctct    132720
     ctgaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtaa ctgtcttcag acacgccaga    132780
     agaggcctga tgatctcatt aggatggttg tgagtcacca tgtggttgct gagatttgaa    132840
     ctcaggacct tcagaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagtccca    132900
     accctgctcc tcttgctact ctgcctaaga cacacctatc ttcttcgctc ctgcccccat    132960
     cttcagactt cagtattccc atctctgctg ttcccttcac agaacttaat acactagcat    133020
     ttctattcat ctactgatag cagacacagt ctgcccacta tcaacactaa aacccaaccc    133080
     acatgtttca ccaccattcc agcatcttag ggtacctggt acagagtaga tgcccagtaa    133140
     atatccactg aaaagtcagg aaagtgatag gacacatggt ccaggtcata tgacctggag    133200
     gtgctgtgac tggggctcac tatggaactc aggctgctct tgtattcttg cctcaatccc    133260
     ccactacacc tggccacatc cttttatggc tctgatcact ccttttagcc actttcattt    133320
     ccctattttc tgctccctcc tctgggaccc attcccaatg acacatgact cccctctgct    133380
     gtgaacttgg gttcccctgg gctgtgggat cttggatgtc aacagggatc tctgtaacaa    133440
     gtgttaaaac tcaggcagga gctgttaaca gtgcaactct aaacatcctc ctcctggctg    133500
     cagaacacca gggtctgcca ctctgagcca gtggaaagtg ctatgagctt atataaggct    133560
     tctacacagt atcttacccc aactggcctg acttccatga caactgttct agtcagacaa    133620
     atacacaggc atctgcctgg gctcaagact ctggatttag ttggaggagg aaataaatcc    133680
     cactgcatat tataaagagc tgccttggtc cttgctgcca ctgaagcagg tcggtcatta    133740
     gaggcagcca tggtatctca atgtctctgc aggccatgaa gaacaggaac cattactgca    133800
     atctcgcagg ttggtaagtc ctgctcaaaa tcgttcccaa gtaggacctg tgcttgagat    133860
     cctggggaca aaataaagca acaactgcat gcctgctttg ctggtcaccc aggggagcag    133920
     aggctggtga gaagaggggt ggggtattcc aggagcaggg tagctaacag gagtggaaca    133980
     ggggcaagtt gggggataag gagtaaactc caagacccct aggaggggag gagccccctt    134040
     cccatccctt gagactcacc cagcttcccc agcagcatct gtgatacatc cttgatgtca    134100
     ttgtactcat ggaggaggga gatatgcttc tccagctcaa tcacacggta gcccctggag    134160
     aagaacaatg aagaatcaac atggttagct aagctggtaa ggtcccctga tcaggtggca    134220
     ctatttagca aatatttcct atagtcctac tgggtgccag gccttgggga cacagatgac    134280
     aggatggaac ctgctttcct gaagtttata atggacaggg aatctgccca tccccttatc    134340
     cctagcaaac ttgtccctta aaggagagat ttatggttac tatatgagcc tggctttaag    134400
     tcaccaggca gattcccttt agtacaactc agtccctgca aaggttggag aagaagcata    134460
     aagggagtct aggagttgtg aagccagctt ctcctaggtg ctgaagctcc atactgagag    134520
     gacctatagt agtgagcagt gcctggaaaa tggacattgc tttcacttcc cactgctttc    134580
     tagaccctgg ttctaggctt gtcccaactg acttcctaga atggtcacag agatacttgg    134640
     tacaacttag aatctttcct atggcaatct agtatagcta ggtttatttt actaggcact    134700
     agttaagaat gtttgtatgt gacttggaat caaatccaat gccttatgaa taggtgagca    134760
     ctctgctaga gttctgttgc tttttggttt tcttgcaatg ggatggaacc cagggtttta    134820
     tgcatgtgag gcaaggattc cttccacaag tgcctaaaag ttatttcaac catactgtcg    134880
     tggcaacaag acttgctcag aaaactagac ggggctgcct gtgcctgtat ctattcacta    134940
     agaggaacag gaggatcagc tcaatgtcat cagctatata gcaactttta tggccagcct    135000
     gggctctggg agagtcttag aaaacaaaat acttactctg ctattaactg ggagatctcc    135060
     ttgtccagca tgtcatgctt ctccttcagt ttcttaatgt cagagctcaa ggcctcctcg    135120
     ctgacatcgt tattctcatc aatcatgggg aatggccgtt gctgaacatt acagatcaga    135180
     gtctatgaat atctctattg gtaataggcc cctgccctca gaatacattt ctcagctctc    135240
     tttggaatta ggtgtggccc taagactgtt gagacagtgg aaatgtcatc agaagtgaca    135300
     ggtgcactgt ctgaggcttt ccagggagag aacatgccta acaccggcct gaaaggtaat    135360
     gttaaagatc agcactccta gatgagtaag cagcccctgg gaggctggaa caagataggc    135420
     agagtccatg atggcagtta cttgggcttc tcttcctgcc taaacccaat gttaacctaa    135480
     gcagcttggc ttgcagtcca actccaagtc tgcaatgtca ctggatttaa aaatctcact    135540
     agacaacaaa cttcctaagg tttttaaaac ttcatatttg acctttttgc ctgagcctgt    135600
     caagcagttt tcacttgtga atcacgcccc caggggatca catatcagat tttttaattc    135660
     aaatagtagc aaaatcacag ctatgaagta gcatcaagac aattgtggtt ggggggtcac    135720
     cacactataa agaactgtat tcaagggtca caacactagg aaggttgaga accactggtg    135780
     taaaggcggg catctagagc tcagcttatc ttcaggaagt gttatgttga actccctagc    135840
     aagaacacac acaggaagct gtggtcctgt tcttaggtct ctgacttgtg accagtcact    135900
     taattatgag tgagcactgt ctgccagcgt tggcaggagc cccaggaaaa cacatccact    135960
     gggtctctgt attcagaaga cataaaagcc aaagagaagg gcaagcctgc aaggtggctc    136020
     agctggttag attacttgcc ttgtaatcct gacaaccttg agtttgatcc ttagaaccct    136080
     ggtagagaga atcaactcct aaaatttgtt ggagcttgag agctggtcct atccttcata    136140
     agcacaacag aaaagcaggc cctgggcagt acaacagagc tgaccctgca ggcatgggta    136200
     tgggtgagcc agacccaagg tcattagagc catctgcccc attacctaat gcaagattgg    136260
     gttagctggc tagacacagt gctggagagc tccccctgat ggtgagagtg tgggaaagct    136320
     ggcagactca gcagctcaga taccaaggcc ctgatccagg gctttaagtt ggcctatcca    136380
     actatctaat cccaacaatc aattgctgga gcacatgaag ggctagtcct gtagatctaa    136440
     agcagcagga tctccatgac gcagggcaac aacaggagtt ccagtgagga tccagtattg    136500
     atagtgtagt agaagccaga ggtcttgaac cagatcaatg actcatttaa tgaacatttg    136560
     caagcaaaga aatggaagac aaaaaggata tactacagct tccacaagga tatttatttc    136620
     ttttatcttt tgcaaggaag tgtgcaaggg cagagattgt gtgagtgatg tgaaatccac    136680
     aaagaatcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattagct gggcagtggt ggtgcatgcc tttaatccca    136740
     gcattcggga ggcagaggca ggaggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt    136800
     gagttccagg acagccaggg atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaac    136860
     caaaaaaagt ttaaaaaaaa ttgcacacgc acacacacac aagagtacat taaaaatatt    136920
     gtttcagagg ggtcagggag agggctcagc gggcaaaggt atctacagcc aaccctaaca    136980
     gagcagaatc tccctgcagc ccacatggtg gaataaacga ctcgtccaag ttatcctgac    137040
     ttccatgcac ataccacaat gcagtgcttc tcagccttcc tgatgctgca accctttaat    137100
     tcaaaatacc tcacattgtg ttgacccccc caccataaaa tccactgtaa ttttgttagt    137160
     aatgaataat aatatctgat atgccaccct gtgaaaacgg tgtcctatcc acaaatggat    137220
     ggtgagccat aggttgagaa gcactggcat tcattgtacc tcccacccta aaatgcctgt    137280
     agttttattt atttttttta ttttacacaa aataaaaagg tttcactatg tagctctggc    137340
     tggcctttaa ctcactatac agatcagggt ggcctcttgc ctgtaaagtg ctaggattaa    137400
     aggatgttaa tgcctagtag aaataagtgt aaacacacgg ggcacacaca cacacacatg    137460
     gggctggaat gatggctcag cagttaagag cacttgctgc tcttgccgag gagttggttt    137520
     agttcctagt acccacgtaa caaccactta gtcacaacca cttgtaacac cacttgccag    137580
     ggggttagac cttctgactt ctgggcacca ggcatgcaag tggtgtgcac aatagagtgc    137640
     cccctctaca taagcaaaac cacttatgaa cctaaattaa aacccttttt ttgtattatt    137700
     aaatatttat gtgtaactat gtgtttgtag gggtatgtgc acaggagaga agatgcctgt    137760
     ggaggccaga ggcactatag ttccctaaag ctagagttct gggaggctgt gagccacctg    137820
     tgtggtgctg gaaagtgagc tcaggacctc acagatcact attaaccaca tccagggtct    137880
     tcactcactg tccacacttt gagacagggc ttctctgaac ttggagctca ctgattggct    137940
     agacagctgg ccagcaggac ctgggggctg ctgtctctac tttaatgctt ggattacagg    138000
     tatgttttgt gtttctgcat ccagtttttg cccgggttca tgtgaactta tgtgggtctg    138060
     tttgtagcaa gcactttccc agagctatct ttccaatttc tcctggtgtt tcacctcact    138120
     tcttgtcacc tgacatgttg ctcagttcat ttctatgttc acaccactgt taccttggta    138180
     aattccaagg agacagggac tttgtgtttg tccactgctg acaccacaga acctgtaaca    138240
     gtagctgggc acagtaaata gtcatccaat caaagatcca acaactaatt agaagtctaa    138300
     aaaaagctct gagcaatgtg ttaatgagga agtgtctaga attgctagag ccagaagtgg    138360
     aaggtaaggc ttcctgacac agggaagctt caaagggtga gtgggtgtca gctgggccag    138420
     cagtagtaat gaagcatgca tgctagcctg aaaagttctt tttagcttct gctgctactc    138480
     acataaatct caatccttag ctctgaaaaa aaaaaaaatt cagaacaagc ccctatgagg    138540
     aaaactgaaa acttgggcat tactaaaaag cattcttact agatttaagg agttaaaagg    138600
     caaccgagac acactcaggt gagggaatga gtgagcttcc aaaggaggct tgaatttgta    138660
     tttttattta tttatttatt ttgggtaggc tcttactatg tagccctggc tgtctttgta    138720
     actcactatg tagaccaggc tagtttcaaa ctcactgaaa ttcacctgct cctgcctcag    138780
     catcccaaga tcacctggta ttattaaaac caagtgccac cactcctgac cagggctcat    138840
     gtctaaacga cagtcacata cagacttctg aagtcaaagg tttgccaagc aactttaacg    138900
     taattacaag gttcctgatc acctgcttga caggtttaag gtgaataatt agaaccctca    138960
     gcctcaagga tgtagaaaat taggttattt ttcttaccgt aaacaaagtt aatgtcttat    139020
     gagattccta gaaaactctt gggtgaggag ggaggctcaa gccaccgtct ggccttaagt    139080
     ctagcctact gctaccttaa caatacctat tcaaaaatat ttccttctaa agaaatatta    139140
     ggaggccaaa gaaacaactt agctggtacc aagtctaatg gcctgggttc gatcactgga    139200
     ctcacactct caaaagctgt gctttgacct ccatatgtac tctgtgactt tccagtgccc    139260
     acaaaaacta agtacatttt aaaatgtaat tttaaattat tctaattccc tggtgatgga    139320
     gagatggctc actggttaag agcactgact agccgggcag tggcggcgca cgcctttaat    139380
     ccaagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca    139440
     gaatgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaacaa    139500
     aacaaaaaaa aagaggtctt gagttcagtt cccagcaatg gtagctcaca agcatctgta    139560
     atgagatccg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagtcagc tacagtgtac tcatatacat    139620
     aaaataaata atttttaaaa aattaaaatc aattattaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccaaggcct    139680
     ttattctcag tactgggagg ctgaggcaag cacaactcta agttcaagga cagccctgac    139740
     tcaataaaac caagtaatag taattttaaa aagaatactt actgtttttt atgttggcat    139800
     cctctgcagc aaatattgtg ctgggatccc tgattctaaa atcaaggtgg tactgcaggc    139860
     tggaagagat gcccgtctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggataaa cgcctgcacc ggcattgctt    139920
     tgcttactgt gctctttttt ctccgagtcc ccataattta tcctggctct ctagcatttt    139980
     gagttgctaa ggcaggagga tgaagagtat taaactagtg tgggaccaca aaagggcatc    140040
     cttgaataca gcctgagtct gggaccagcc tgcctccatc tgaggcttaa aagccatctt    140100
     attaagtaca aaatacactc aatcctcttt atgattaaac ctgcttctca aggaattggg    140160
     ctatgcccca cctaaaacct taacttcaaa tggttctgca tggcctgtta cagggatggc    140220
     agtcttgtct ttgttccaaa aagttgttta taaccatctt gcaaccccac ctttgtttca    140280
     aaaggaagac cttgttctgc ccatcttgca atcatgtctt tgaggaggtc atttggacta    140340
     acgggtatgc ttatgttctg cctctgtaac cccaccaagt ccccatttag aaacccccta    140400
     cccctgaact ctaaaaagcc ttgtcgtcct caatccgagg ctgacttttc gagctccgcc    140460
     ttagggaccc gtttacacga attaaaatgt ttgctttaac caactgtttg ctttgagttg    140520
     gccactatga tttgggtctt tctcctctaa tctttggtat tgacaactgt ctcaaaggga    140580
     aggggtataa aaaaaaaaga aattactaaa aagaagcgaa tcatctaaaa gagtacttta    140640
     aaaattcatc ttttgaggat gagaaatgaa taactttgag ttttgggggt ggcattggga    140700
     gtggtcagca taaagatgca catatttctt gactggggaa ccatgcaggg actggtggca    140760
     ggctgggtga ggggacaaag caacgagcaa gagcggttgg agaagcgtag gcatcgggca    140820
     ggtaggactg ggaggggagg aacccatgtc tgagaaagga aagagaagga gtggaattag    140880
     gaaagggcta agcttggagg cgaccggcgg gtgctgggat gcagaggggt ggggctgata    140940
     tactcaccgg tgatcggtag ccgccatggt aaagtcggct gaattctgac tcacccctgg    141000
     ggaggaaccc gagaaaaagg ctgatgagga tggggttacc gagggggcgc gggagccgca    141060
     gctgcaagag gttgggtcgg gacccagcta ctgggatggg gtgggggtct ttggggtcgg    141120
     ggtgcgcatc gtgggaaggg gaaagtgtgg agaacgggtt acggagaggc ctggtgagga    141180
     ggcgtgaggg gtcgggcaag ggctggaaaa cgaagcgcgg cgcgctcctc acccacctcc    141240
     tgaaccctaa ggtccggggc acccggagtg gggtgggctt aaactcggaa gggtccaggg    141300
     ttggggttaa acggctgctt cagggaacta gaaaccgacg acggagacca ccaaccgccc    141360
     cacgtcaggc tgcgcacgca ccaagttaaa gcggttccgc ccctgcttcc cataggccgc    141420
     tgtgaggggt catggctgcg cgcgcagctc tcgtcgttaa ctccacccgt cgctcaggcc    141480
     tcgcgaccgc gtggccacgc ctccctgtcg ttcatcgttc tcatcagcca atgggcttgg    141540
     agaaggtagg tcacgctggg tttccgagcg tccaaggggc gctctgcacc cgccttctct    141600
     ggcccttgta gagaagccgt agcttccgga agcagtttcg cggtggctgc cgggatcgtg    141660
     gtgatgtggc ccccccgctt cccccctccc cgccccggga tgtcggaaga aaccaggcag    141720
     agcaaattgg ctgcggccaa gaaaaaggta aagcgctccg ggtcgcggcc ccttgacccc    141780
     acccgagctc ctccaacggc aggacccatg accagagtcc gagtctttcc cgagacacac    141840
     gggtagaaga acccctcagc gccctgggct cccccagtga agtcttctca gccagccccg    141900
     ccccctcagc aacccagccc ccgccctctc agtcgcccct aggtgacttt ggtcagtgac    141960
     acagggtctc ttagcccccg gctccggacg ctccaatcca gacctcccag ggcacctgtc    142020
     tccaaggtcc tcggtcctgg ccctgtaggc gactcgggcg ttggtagtat ggagtggaat    142080
     gtagttacgt cacagtcccc cctcgaaact gtcattacta ctccgagtct ggtttggatt    142140
     gctccacctg ctcacctaat gttgttgccc cttttcccgt ttctctggtg gagaacccat    142200
     ttccacctgg aagggagccc aagtgtggaa tctagtgcgg agacgctgta ggcgcccgca    142260
     ttcccttaac ttagcattag tgtgagcaca acactgtcag caccccttgc tgacatggat    142320
     tggtttggtt tggatttggt tgtctgctct ctagagagac tgtaatctct ctggagcaaa    142380
     acgcatgtta tagtgttgat cagtgtcttg gggaactgaa cttaacttaa aattcagcca    142440
     gaatgtcttt tccaactggg gtggtgagaa gcacgggatg cgggtgaggc atctcacggg    142500
     aaacatcact ttcccatgct tcttttgaga gaaaaaaacc ataaaagtct ggtttggcat    142560
     tttcatagat ttgtagagac ttctctctgc gatgacaagg gctgtgccct ttctgttccc    142620
     atgttcacta aagccgtggc ttcacggttt ctgcccttct gtcatgttgt aaacttagga    142680
     agcaggttta ggaagtactg cggtgtacct ttagtatgtg ttgctaaaac ggccccagtg    142740
     gagttaggag tggagctgag ttgttagggt gtttgtttag tatatacaag ggcctgttca    142800
     gtactcagcg tagtttgcaa gagtggtggc ctaccatgta tgaggctctg gcttggatcc    142860
     tgcaatggca ttagctgggc agagcaatgc atgcctctaa tttccaagac tggaggtaga    142920
     ggcagaagga tcaggccttc aaggttattt ttgtctatat atggaatttg agaccagctt    142980
     ggtatatggc atacccaata ttggggctgg agagaggttc agcaggtaaa agcacttgtt    143040
     gctcttgcag aggacctggg tatagctccc ttcacccaca agtcagctaa caactatctc    143100
     agctaactcc ctggctagat gttgtatatt atgccctctt ctggccaatt aggttactgc    143160
     atgtacatga tgtacagaca tacatgtaag caaaaacaaa caactaccct catatacata    143220
     caatcttttt aaaaattaaa ttagattttg tgtttgtttt tgagacaagg tctgtgtatt    143280
     cctggctggc cctgaactca gatatgcctt tctctacctg cctagtactg ggtgaaaggt    143340
     gtaggccacc aaacccagca atcctggttt gtttgttttc ttttttgaag ggaagctgta    143400
     tatatatgac tcagtattag aatgctgggc tctcatgcat aatgctccag gttcagtccc    143460
     cagcactgca acaacaacaa agaaaccatt gatgtactgg gcagtggtgg tgcacgcctt    143520
     taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagtctggtc    143580
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa    143640
     aaaccaaacc aaaaccctca ttgacgtgaa gttgcattga gagtactttg gcttttgaca    143700
     gtgcgatggc tcatgggtag agtatttcca cacaagcaag gggacctggg tttggatttc    143760
     ctagattcta tataaaacca gacatggcag catgaatctg taagcttaga tgtctggcta    143820
     gatgaatggt ggagacagaa tttttagaag ctgaggggcc atctagcctg gtgtgtgtgg    143880
     taatgagaga cttgtctgag agtgggaaag aggaagcaac actgaggctg tcctccgaca    143940
     ttgttgcatg caccatgaca tagctatgta tcctttctca cagtgtgcat acatatatgt    144000
     ttcctctgac aatcctgtat atgtcataac atgcatgtgt tcaggcacac acacacatac    144060
     acacacacac acacacatat gttataagga tatggtcttt gagaattatt cccagcacag    144120
     acatgacggt tcacaatcat ctgtgattcc ggttccaagg gttcatgctc ttctgaactc    144180
     tgtgtgcacc aggtatacat gtagtacgcg cgcgtgcaca tacacacaca cacacacaca    144240
     cgggcaaaac actcatgcac ataaaatata cttaaaaata aataagaata aagacggtct    144300
     tctgttatat agttgcttgg cctggaactt gctatgtaga ccaggctagt cttatctcat    144360
     catagatatc cctccgcctc tgctttgagg gctaggatta aaggggagca ccaccatgct    144420
     agcaagagaa aatgtctgaa aagaggagtg gggtttaagg tccaggatac atagttcttg    144480
     tctagtagtt catgtgtttg cctgttgtct ttggagtctg gggatcactg gggagcccag    144540
     gctggctccc ctctcatgcc tcctgcctct cccaggagtt gggattatag ataggtgaca    144600
     gcacacccag ccaattcctg ccaactaaat gtttactctc tggtctctac ctttagattt    144660
     ttccctttgg gagctgcaaa ccccagagca gggcatcaga agatttgagt ttagattccg    144720
     tgtttgcctc tgtgtgtatg tgtatgggca tgtgtgtatg ttgctggaat ggaatttagg    144780
     gcctcttgaa tgctagccaa gtattccact gagctacatt cccaacccaa ttactacctt    144840
     tttagccatg ccatttcttc tgccattaag aggtcattat tatatcttgt agactcgtgg    144900
     taccattaca tgagacttac gtacataaga gtatttttat cgggccctgg agagatggct    144960
     catcaaataa gagcactaag tgttcttcca gaggacctgg gtttggttct cagcacctac    145020
     atgacagatt gaaactacct gtaactccaa gatctgacac cctcacacag ataatacatg    145080
     caggcaaaac accaatgtac atttttttta aagtattttt ataaaaacag catagaaaga    145140
     gaccaggcat gaaatattcc actctgtaat ctaatttgca caagggccta ggcctgattt    145200
     ccaggactgt agaaaccaag tatggtggca cctgctcctg gtgcgtttag aagttcaggc    145260
     aggaagatca gatgttcata gtcatccaca tagtgagtta gtgcccagcc tgggatacgt    145320
     gagactgact cagatggcac atacagaaac acgaagcaaa gagctcaata aactagaggc    145380
     tggagtagag gctgtgagtg tgaggcagat ggctctcatt tctctctgtt ctcctttcca    145440
     cagctgagag agtatcagca gaagaacagc ccgggtgttc ctgcaggagc aaagaagaag    145500
     aaaaagatta aaaatggcca tagcccagag agacccactg ccagtgactg tcagtcacca    145560
     gagaatgtga gtcttggcca acagagtcct gtggaatggg ggcaggtggg aagaagcggg    145620
     gagggctgtg gttcaagtgg aaatgtcagg tgctggttaa aaagtctggc tttgagggct    145680
     tgttgcctag ttcaatggta atgaactagg gctcatctca caatggccct gggttttatc    145740
     tcagcacagg aaaaattaaa tctgagtctg aattctatct ctccatcagt tggcaatatg    145800
     ataactttag ggcaagttgg ttaaactctc tgagcctctt tttacatagc tgtacaatag    145860
     cggtaatatt tttaatgtgt atctataaag attaagtgaa gtttattgcg gttgtttttc    145920
     tattaattcc cctagtggag ggtctgctgt ggagttaaca gtgagctaat aggtaccgct    145980
     tgattttctt ggtttggggt agaaatcaga ccagagggaa catcattgct ctcatacttc    146040
     tgaaacgcag ccatctgtaa gagatttgag tgttaagtcc atcattgtcg tgagcttgct    146100
     gggttacctc aggaaagtca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacttcct    146160
     tcatctgaca ggatgatggt ggactagctt attgtcttac agactctctt tttagctgta    146220
     ctgtagctgt gtaaaagtga agtcttattt gagagtcagg ttttaaggtg gccttgggga    146280
     ctggggcctt tgcagattgc tccctgtaat cctgggtgtg tggaaagggt cttgtgtatg    146340
     ttgagttgct gcattggtca ggtgtattga ctccatccct tggggactct tgcttactct    146400
     gagggctgcc tctgacaagg cagcaggtgg ctgcttggaa ggatggcaca ggcctgggta    146460
     ttgatctgtg ctcctgagtg ttccatctcc ctgactgttt ctcttcttcc tgccctgact    146520
     ttcttacttc cccacccctc cctgcccccc tcctccctcc ctccctcctt ccctccctcc    146580
     ctccctccct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca tccctcctcc ctcctccccc    146640
     ctttttccct tcttgcctgc tgtagattaa ggacattctg aaggtgctgg tgtccgacct    146700
     taaccgttcc aatggggtct cactcccccc attagacaag aggaaggtga ggcagtactg    146760
     agcgagactc cctctggctt gctctcccag ccatgcatgc cacagaggcc tccctgcttt    146820
     ggggaccctc tgccactggc tcactttgtg ttgcctcagt taaccatcag ctcctgtgtc    146880
     tgctttgtca actgcttgct tgattgggtt cttttctttc cctgtatcat ttctcatctt    146940
     agagaagatg agacccacct tgaaagttaa agctaactgg ggaaacaact ttcagatcgg    147000
     atgtttatga atgagactag agtttatgac tgcctagcat ggtactgtca gactgggaca    147060
     gatggaacac aaaaacacct ttcaggtctt gtcctctggg catctgtctc taaaaaacta    147120
     gaccatagaa atttgtggtt cttttttatg aactcatttt agtttgaaac ttaggaacat    147180
     aaggttatga gaaagtgaat ttattgtata gtttctggga ttaagacttt ttttttctaa    147240
     gaaaccctca acaggcagtg gtggcacatg cctctattct caatactctg aaggcataga    147300
     gacaggcaga tctctgagtc taggaggaag tggccatgcc tggtctacaa agtgagttca    147360
     aggacaacta gagctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaata aaaaaaaaat gaagagaaac    147420
     taactgcgaa aaatgtaaac ttaactaaca aatgagtgac caggagaagc tgccctcagt    147480
     ctctctgaaa actcagtgga ctgaattctt gataggaaag gcactttgct aaacagtgac    147540
     aaaacagatg agcaagccag gcgcagtagt ccatgcctgt gagcccagcg ctccagagac    147600
     tgaggcaaga ggacggcaag cccaagccag cctgggctgc atctcgagag ccagtctcaa    147660
     gccaatagca gactagatgc acaggacaag agtcacgtga cctccaggat gcctcacata    147720
     gggacaggag cgctggttcc cagtggactc gaggctgggg aagggacatt tgtagctgct    147780
     tcgatggtga aagatgagct gacaggcagg cacagttcag acacggagca tccaagtgca    147840
     acaggacctg tgtcgcaggg ctgagagttg gcctcctgga cataacttag tacttcagtt    147900
     tacatgtgcc aggggacatg tgccaaacaa aaggagcagg cttctgtcca actgaaggag    147960
     tggtctgagc caaggccatg tcctgttatt ctggggactc gcagactggc gttggctctt    148020
     ttccgctaac agagctgatg ctgggcaggt gctgcagtct gctcaggtgc tgggcctcag    148080
     tactcagctc agaaatggca cattgtgtgt atgggaatgg gggacacata tttggtgttt    148140
     gttgtgctat ggattcacac agcccgggct ctggtttccc cttcaggaaa tactcaccag    148200
     agcaccccac cccccacccc ccgtccagaa gtgaagactt tccttgtgtt tttgaaaact    148260
     ttctagaatt agtaactgat tttctactcc aggagtaaag gagattaata tctcctgaga    148320
     agagataaaa caggaagtta tggaagataa aagtcctttc tgatgggatg gggcattttg    148380
     aggagagtga aaactctgta agaactccat gcttagctgt aagacttaaa ctcgaaaagt    148440
     tacatggttg ccaaaaagca tttgagtctc ccagcagtgc ttagtgtcct atccttgcgg    148500
     ttcctgcttt tgggaagctg aggcaaaaag gaggtctcta gtctgaggtc agcctgggct    148560
     ctgtggcaat tctgaggcaa gcatgaattt tagagagacc ccgtttcaac acctagagaa    148620
     ccaaaaggta ctcagaaaaa catttttatt tattttttgc ctttctgaac attgtcagtc    148680
     ttagagatga atgttcctag gatgccacaa gggacccaga gcctagaagg gtctattgct    148740
     gggagtgcca cacctccaga atgtcatagg cgtggccagc tgccactgag cccctggtct    148800
     tacctgttag actcaactgt agatgttgtc aaggcagcac ctatgggtga ttcagaactg    148860
     acagtcacat gagttgtagg ggtgtggtca cagtaaccct gaagagagtg aagctcacaa    148920
     tgagttctca gaggttcttt ctcgcttgct caaaggagga aatttggtca gcatcccaag    148980
     aggctgagac tgaaggctac ataaagcaaa cggccccttt ctttggagaa aggcatggcc    149040
     acttcctccc agaccagcct tgctggacag gcctggactc tctgtccctc tccctttgtc    149100
     ttcccatcct ctgcctatct ggactgttgg acattagaag acctctaagc cagagacata    149160
     gtctaagagt gaagcctgag ctactgagca tagtggtgca tgcctttaat cctagcacct    149220
     gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tctctgtttc aaggtcagcc tggtctacag ggtgagttcc    149280
     aggacagcag gggttacata gtgaggccct gtgtcagaaa ataaaacaaa caagtgaggc    149340
     ctgagcctga agagcaactg ggccagctgg tcaagcacat agttcctgcc aggccagtgg    149400
     gggacttcca caagctgcca tctccgaaat cctaggattg gtccctgcct acatttccta    149460
     gaaagctcac atgatctcct agatacttca agccaaaggg cagccattgt tctctgcttt    149520
     atccagttgt ttctgaattg acaaacacag ccagtgcgtg ggtctgggag gagggaaggc    149580
     aggaaagcaa gagaggggag aatggttatg ttgaccatga tgttgagtct gtcccagaag    149640
     caaggcctat agtcggggca gttagctctc tgcctcctgg acttggcaca tgtacctgct    149700
     gtggctgcca caggtcagag ctccagaggg aactaggtcc ttgggtgttc aggaaggaga    149760
     ccctgcagcc cctgctttga gctctggccc ttcagaatgc tactaggtga cctgaggcct    149820
     gggcaggcca tgtctgtacc ccagtagctc ccagcatgtg cgactgtcct gtgcctgctg    149880
     ctgtgctacc ccgcttgccc cgtcccctca tgtccatggc aatgaggcac ctctctcctc    149940
     cgtggtcttc tgaccctctg ctctgttctg tgacaggtgc ccacagacca tattgctcct    150000
     gcaccgccaa ccgctgctac tgacactatg tttcttggtg tcaccccttc ccctgatgct    150060
     gacctcactc aggtttgtgc ttctcccctt tgtctgtcgc cctcctgtct gcttcccaaa    150120
     ggactcccaa agttttttga aaactactct attcagatag cttggttcag gtgtgctcct    150180
     ggagcctggc atggggaggc caagatggag aacatttggg atgatgggtg ttgagatgaa    150240
     tttggcctac tgtgtccctg tgtgacagta agcagaagct aaataatgct accttatttc    150300
     tttctaccca tacagagcca tgatgctggc aattgctcta acctcatgga ggagaccaag    150360
     taagtgttcc ctactgaggg agtcggggca agcctctgcc catgagccct gttcccatca    150420
     aactacctgc acccctgatc tcatgtctcc tcccttagga ctttctcatc gactgagagt    150480
     ctgcgacaac tttctcaaca gctcaatggc cttgtgtctg aggtaccaca ggactgggac    150540
     ccagaaagaa ggtagagagg aaaggaaagt atgttagaaa atgaggtggg attctcaaga    150600
     gactaattca tgagaggctc ttgtcatact ggagaagact tggatttgga ccacaatggg    150660
     caacgtgatt tttatcctgg tgtggtttga ggtgacagct gttgagcggc gaggttgagc    150720
     catggcggga aaagagccat aaggagtggc acaaaggggg tgtgagtgag caggaaagga    150780
     gattctgcta gttgaggggg aagtaggagg ctgcagggat tagacattga gggtcacaga    150840
     gcatctccat gtgaggtatt gtctctccta gtctacatcc tacatcaacg gggagggcct    150900
     cacatcttcc aacatgaagg aactggaggt gagtggcctg gactcatggc ccagcaaccc    150960
     tttacgccaa cagcctatct cctcctacag ggacctgggt gcccgctgcc agctgagaca    151020
     gcccaccacc cccaccccta atgatgctct ctctaccttt ccccccatcc ctcctccaac    151080
     tcctcctctc tgcatgcgcc tcagaaccgg taccaagagc tagcagtagc cctggactcc    151140
     agctatgtaa caaacaaaca actcagtagc acgatagagg aattggtaag agtccagtgg    151200
     ggtccctgat tcttgctgcc agtcctgggc ttcagtttcc cctttgggct ctgaagaaag    151260
     ggactagggg gcccctggga ccaaggggaa tggaaaacct ggggcttgag tctcagctgg    151320
     aggcacccag agcatagagc atgcagcatg gatcttgtgg ctctcctctc tgcctccact    151380
     ctgtactgca gactcatcct gagtcctcgc cctacttgtc ctgagctcgg tgcctccagt    151440
     agaggggaac acaaccccag ttggttgtca ggaccccatg tcctattggc ttagcccctc    151500
     atttgctctt tgattttggc cacaccactc cctgggtttg agtttcctgt tagcagattt    151560
     ggagtgggtc agagacctct gtctactctg aagaggcaag agttggaaag ctcattgact    151620
     catcagaaac aagtgctctc ccattcatct cttggttgtg cccacaagac acgctcagtt    151680
     ttaattcgac acactctgcc aagtcccaag ttggcagagg gtagtcatct ttctcacact    151740
     tgtttctaga gttactctcc tttactgtga acccagttgc acagttgtga gtgagaggca    151800
     gggagaataa ataccctggg agcttgagga attggttagc tcatggaccc atgtggctct    151860
     gagcaccttt ctcaaatcca tcctcccgtt cggtctgggg tgtcatgaaa ggggccaggc    151920
     ctagtccgct tcctttgact cttcccacag aaacaacaga accaagacac tctggatcaa    151980
     ctggagaaag taatgtgata gattctatgt tcgctctttt catgactgat gggggttggg    152040
     gagacctcag aggtgcaggc ttcggtcttg ctttcttcta tcctggagaa gactcacccc    152100
     acagggtgtc ctccatagga tctttgataa cctgacctca tggtgtgcct gtcctggtgt    152160
     ctttgtcttt ctgggggctc gtcccttggg ccacccctgc ttccccacta agagctgtac    152220
     ttccttgtgc ctgcaggaga agaaggatta tcagcagaag ctggcaaagg agcagggctc    152280
     tctcagggaa cagctgcagg tgagaggtct gggcagtgtc cccgagttct ctggagagtg    152340
     ttgctctccc ttctctcagc attggtggcc ttttctccaa aggttcacat tcagaccata    152400
     ggcatcctgg tgtctgagaa ggcagaatta cagacggccc tggcccacac tcagcaagca    152460
     gccaggcaga aagcaggtaa ggcctgggaa cccttccgcc tgtactgatg ctgcggcggg    152520
     cccgagggct ccatctggac ctctcttgtt ccaggagagt cggaggatct tgccagccga    152580
     ctacagtcct cccgacagcg tgtgggagag ctggagcgga cactgtctac cgtgtcaacg    152640
     caacagaaac aggcagacag ggtaagacag gtcgattctc tggccatcag cagcttcctg    152700
     gtggacagtg agcctgaagg gctttgctgc atggccgggt gtctcacagc atacaccacg    152760
     ccaattcttg ctgcttttgt tgtgtggttg gtaaaagcaa cctgggggat gggtaccctg    152820
     ctgggtaact ggggactgta taaacaagca ctgaatgcaa cacctaaagg caggtgcctg    152880
     ctgtgaccct gctgtttgtc tgtggccttg accaagtgct aagtgatggg atgggtgctc    152940
     atctctgaac agatcttcag atggtgccat ttgtggaggg agaagaatgt gcgtgtgcag    153000
     tgtatgcaaa tcatgtctga gaggattggt aaacttgggt ggggagggtg actgaatggc    153060
     catctgttca gaggagagca agactgagat agaagttaaa taagagaagt atcctccgct    153120
     tatctgcagc ccccagggga aagggcctag agagttagac acccgaaatg ttcaagtctc    153180
     agctctgttg acctaagtga tttcaggcca gcacgtagac tttgtgtgct gtttctgccc    153240
     agtgtgggtg atggcaactg ttctagatgt gtatgaagat tgcatgggat tattagcaac    153300
     agtgcctggt aagtgctcag tgaacaatat taacaacacc agtggtgtcc aagagttcct    153360
     ggcccaatgc tagcctgctg taaatgtcaa ttttttaaaa cttcataagg ctcccacctt    153420
     actgtccaga agctaagatc acagtcttag gccagcgtat tcaggtctca ttctacctga    153480
     ctcatcccta tggagttttt aaaagtataa ctttatttac tctgtgtgtg tgtgtggggg    153540
     gggggtgcct ttatttatat gcaccaaatg tgtgcctggt gcctacagag ggcagaagac    153600
     acttggatcc cctggaactg gagccattat gtcagtgctg ggaaccgact ggggtctcct    153660
     ggaagaataa ctgtctgctc ttttactgag ttttgttatt gtttttctct gttttctatt    153720
     tatttttgtt gagatggttc ccatgtagcc gtggatggct tggaaccctg cctttgccac    153780
     cgaagcactg ggactaaagg tgtttgccac cactgccacc atcctgctca tgagttctta    153840
     ttaaaaaaca acaacaaaaa aggcattact agtgaggtga tggtggccca cacctttaat    153900
     atcagcactt gagaggcaga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg    153960
     tctacagagt gagttccaag acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaaa    154020
     tccaaaaaaa aaaaaagagt agcagtagtg ggactggaga gatggctcag cagttaagag    154080
     cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacttg gtggctcaca    154140
     accatctgta atgggatcca attccctctt ctgttctgaa gacagcaaca gtagtcgtag    154200
     taacaacaac aataacaaca ataataatac aaatgagtga agcagatgga gtaaaacgta    154260
     cttggaaacc cagcacttgg aagaaaaggg caggaagatg tggagtgaaa ggccagctcc    154320
     atcttcatga gaatatgtct cctaaaaacc atgtgacact ggggaaggtg accatgcctg    154380
     tgatctcagc actcgggaga ctgaggctgg aaggttccaa ggccagcttg taaattctag    154440
     gcttacctga atccctcaga ctgtgtttgg gaagaaaaat taaaagagag ctggggtgtt    154500
     gttggtcagt aatagagcaa ttgactggct gatacaatgg cttgagtttg atcccagcct    154560
     tgcaaaaaat aatactatta ttaattacaa gcaaaatctc cagggctgga gagatggcct    154620
     ggtaattaag agcactgact gctctttcag aagacccatg tggtgcttca caactttata    154680
     taactcatgc ttgtggagca cagacatata tgtagataaa acacgaatac atataaaata    154740
     aataaaacaa aggaaccctg tcttaggtcc ctgaaggcta tgatcagtgt agacctttgg    154800
     tcccagctac tggggaggct gaggcagaaa gacattttag cccaggcgtt tgaacccatc    154860
     ttagataaca tagtgtgacc ccaccttaaa aacaaaacac acagaatcac aaatgaaact    154920
     tagaaatgtg attaggaaga ggaaatgtca ctttggaata tgaccgtggc cattggtgtt    154980
     gtgccagctg ctgcttcagc ctgccaggtc cagactcatc tttctctttc tgcagtataa    155040
     caaggaccta accaaagagc gggatgccct caagctggag ctgtataaga acaggtaaga    155100
     gtgggaagga ggccgggcag tggtggccca tgcctttcat tcctagcatt tgggaggcag    155160
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggacag ccagggatac acaaagaaac cctgtctaaa    155220
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac cgaatggaaa ggaggccagg ctctctgcag cctcagtgtg    155280
     gagagtggag acttagccga gacaggtttg ggtctgtgta gagctgtgct ctggtcccag    155340
     caatgctcct gactcatgct gtggccccag gtaactcagt ctctctgagt cctgctttgc    155400
     cctgtggctg tgtggcaagg ctcatgcatc actctgaaat gtgttccttt ctgttcttgg    155460
     ctccttcctt tctgctttgc ctctaaccac agcaaaagca atgaggacct gaggcagcag    155520
     aactcagaac tggaagagaa actccgagtc ctggtggcag agaaagcagc tgcacagttg    155580
     ggggtggagg agctgcagaa gaagttagag atgtcagagc tgctgctgca gcaggtgaga    155640
     ggtgcagccc tcaccccgag gcccaggcac acagtctctg gttccttggg ggtgacctgc    155700
     agccaaatgc tggacagttt agaacctcct cctctcctgt ggtaatattt actaattgtt    155760
     caacagtgga gccctggcca caccttgctg acctgtaact caccaggtta gccttgaact    155820
     catggtaatg agccttccaa gcacagaggt tgcaggtgtg agcccccacg cctgttgaaa    155880
     tgccttcatt ctgtttcatt taaatggccc ttgcaggagt ctgcttagct cctcctgtca    155940
     ctttctcata gggcaatgac cccaggttgt catcctagct cgcactcttg tggggagcac    156000
     tgcagcggaa cagcccaggc tcccagacct aacccctcat ttccctcgca cagttttcta    156060
     gtcagtcttc ggccgcaggc ggtaatgagc agttacaaca tgccatggag gagcgggctc    156120
     agctggagac ccatgttagc caggtgtgga tctgtggggg caggggaagg gcatgacccc    156180
     agatggccaa gggcaggtga ggaccaagga cacagcccca agtaacgtgt acattgaccg    156240
     atgcagctga tggaatcact gaagcagctc caggtggaga gagaccagta tgcggagaac    156300
     ctaaaaggag agagtgccat gtggcagcag agggtacagc aaatggcgga gcaggtgagg    156360
     cctcgcctct ggtgtctttg cttttcctga gcatcagcgt ggtgcagctg aggggttcgg    156420
     ggctttggtt ttgcagaggt gggcctgggg atggatggtg cctgggatct ctagcgcccc    156480
     ctgtgccttg ggcaggtgca tacactgaag gaagagaagg agcacagaga acggcaggta    156540
     caagagctgg agaccagctt ggccgcactc cggagtcaga tgggtgagta gcgcaagggt    156600
     gacctgagag cgggagtggc tcaaaggcca gtggcttcca tagccctggg ggcaaggggg    156660
     tgtgagagca ttgtaatggg gcaaaaggtc tctgtcagga ctgaccaggt gacacgcctt    156720
     gtcatctctt atgtccctct gtgtaaaaca gggtggcatg cctactgcta tacctctgca    156780
     ggtgactgag caccacagaa ctatactaga gtagcttgac acacttagct catctgagac    156840
     cctgacagaa aagaagccag agcttggggc agggagcctg actcccagta gagccaagag    156900
     aggaccccct cactgtgcct acttcctttc tcagaggagc caccgcctcc agagcctcca    156960
     gctgggccct ccgaggcgga agagcagctg cagggagagg tcgagcagct gcacaaggaa    157020
     ctggagaggc tgacgggaca gctacgggct caggtgcagg acaatgagag cctgagccac    157080
     ctcaaccggg agcaggaggg gcgtctgctg gagctggagc gggaggccca gcgctggagc    157140
     gagcaggccg aggagcgcaa gcagatcctg gagagcatgc agagtgaccg caccaccatc    157200
     agcagagcac tgtcacagaa ccgagagctg aaggagcagc tggccgagct gcagaacggc    157260
     ttcgtcaggc tggtgcgaat cctgcaggcc ctccttgctc acagggaatg taaccctcaa    157320
     gggtgctgtc cacctcacat gaggtgctag ctgtcaaagc acctctcaat ccagagacct    157380
     gtggtgtgtg ggaatgatcc agcagtcttc cctgctctgt gggagggagc acacatgcaa    157440
     ttctggggac ccctgccaca ttaggtccta ctgactgctg ccttctgtcc agaccaatga    157500
     gaacatggag atcaccagtg cgctgcagtc agagcagcat gtcaagaaag agctagcccg    157560
     gaagctggga gagctgcagg agagactggg agagctgaag gagacggtaa ggcctaccac    157620
     ggggggtgcc agtcataaca gtctaactgc agcctggagc aggcagtcct ggactgctct    157680
     tcatctgtgc caaggccaga agctgctgtt tatagttgta ggttatataa ggctctgggc    157740
     tcaggctggg ttcacatcca tgtgttcaaa tgcttcccat ctccaaaccc attcactgaa    157800
     cttaaaagat gagtttcctc agagaagtgt taaaggttaa atgagaaatg tgcataaaat    157860
     atcaggcact agtagttagt gcagaacagg gtgggttgct ttccactctt ggcctaaagt    157920
     gatgagaaag gtgggtgtga ggctggttac aaaggcactg ccctcattcc tggccgtcct    157980
     gcaggtggag ctcaagagcc aagaagcaca gggtctacag gagcagcgag accagtgcct    158040
     gtcccacctg cagcagtacg ctgctgctta ccaacagcac ttggcggcct atgagcagct    158100
     gacctctgag aaggaggcaa tacacaagca gcttctgctg cagactcagc tcatggacca    158160
     gctgcagcat gaggaggtac agggcaagat ggcagccgag ctggcccgcc aggagctgca    158220
     ggaggcccag gtgaggcagc tgttaaggct gggcccaggg ggaggacctg gcctcctctg    158280
     tgccttctca ctctttcctg gccccatagg agcgcctaaa agctaccagc caggagaacc    158340
     aacagctcca agcccagctg agcctcttgg tcctccctgg ggaaggtaag accacccagg    158400
     aggagaggac tagagttgat gtatttggag aagctttgat tgggctgacc ccagggtatt    158460
     cagtagggat acagaggtgg ggctctgagc tctcttcccc tagcccactc agtctacctg    158520
     atgggattat tagaggagac aacctactgt ctgcccccag gagatgtgga ccaggaggaa    158580
     gaagatgagg aggttcctca gtcgagtctg gccatcccag aagacctaga cagtagagag    158640
     gccatggtga gctgggctct gtcttgcccc ttctcttttc tacctctgtg gtcctcggtt    158700
     tcctaccctc tgacttcttt tgattgccac tttgtgcctg gaagccagtg gtcagtctcc    158760
     ctctctgccc tgcccccttt gtcctgagca tttccctgaa aggcacacct ccctcttgtg    158820
     tgcaggtggc attctttaat gccgctatag ccagagcaga ggaagaacag gcccgactac    158880
     gtgtgcagct gaaagagcag aaggcacgtt gccggagttt gtctcacttg gcagccccag    158940
     tccaaagcaa gcttgaaaag gaggcagtgg tccccaggaa tgtggatgac tctgcatctg    159000
     aggagagcaa tcaggcccta catgtagcca tggagaagct gcaggtgagt ttgtctgtgg    159060
     gggctgggag tgtgggggcc agccagggct cctgagtccc tgagacctct gtcttggctc    159120
     cagagccgct tcctggaggt catgcaggag aaagtggagc tcaaggagag ggtagaggag    159180
     cttgaacatt gctgcattca gctttctgga gagacagaca ccattggtga ggtggagccc    159240
     agcccaaggc agtgggggct gtgcaggggg gtagactggg ggagccacag tgtctgagcc    159300
     ttgtccacct gcctgccgtc tccacaggag agtacattgc cctttaccaa aatcagaggg    159360
     cggtgctgaa ggctcggcat ttggagaagg aagaatacat cagccggctg gctcaggaca    159420
     aggaggagat gaaggtaggc ctacacttct gtagtccagg ccctgcctaa tctgggctgg    159480
     gcccttcaag ttgagctcct ttttctccag gtgaagctgc tggagctcca ggagctggtg    159540
     ttgaggcttg tgaacgagcg caatgaatgg cagggcaagt tcctggccgt ctctcagaac    159600
     cctggtgacg tgctcacccc agtgcccaca ggctcccagg aatttggtgc tgctgaccag    159660
     caggatggtg agtagagctg ttgtctcttg ggaaggcaca aaggggagga gtcccatggc    159720
     gtgcagagcc atgaccccct ccccctttct ctaaagacct cagggaggtg agcctggctg    159780
     acgatataga gcctgcacaa ggagaggcag gggtacctgc tccccatgag aaccctactg    159840
     cacagcagat catgcagctg ctgcgtgaga tccagaaccc ccgggagcgg ccaggcctgg    159900
     gtagcaaccc ttgcatcccc tttttctacc gtgccgatga gaacgacgag gtgaagatca    159960
     tggttgtata aaagactggc ggccaaagcc tcagcaaggg cagccagagg ttctgcccca    160020
     acccacaccc ttcctcagcc acccttatct ttataataat aataaggtca gactccatcc    160080
     cctccagggg ctggggaagt agctcagttg gtagagtgct tgcctgctgt gcacacagcc    160140
     ttgggtcccc agtacctctg aaaaggctga tacctgtaat ttgagtgctt gggaagtgga    160200
     ggtggaagaa tcagccatcc tcatctacct agtgagtttg aggccacact gggctacatg    160260
     cgaccctgtc tgaaaaaacc aaaagatcag gctcctatct taatggggga cacagactgg    160320
     tacagatctg cctcttagcc agggcagttt tactttgtaa attcctgtta cagaaagaac    160380
     gccagagact cagtgatgga gcagactgtg ctgggtggcc tgggggcttt ctcaccaagg    160440
     agggcctcag gccttactca ggactctggg gcagaacaga gtggcagcat tctcgtgccc    160500
     aggtgcagtg caggctggta aactggccta gcattcagca gggcttctaa gttttcaccg    160560
     gctcagtcct ccctatcctc cttttcctcc ccgcccccat tttatcttca ttttctttac    160620
     ggagtgtctc ctgtagcccg agctgagccc ctgcctcacc gctgtgcctg gtggttggca    160680
     gtgctaagca ggcactctac caagtgattt acccccagca ctccctgcct ttttcctttg    160740
     tgtggtgatg ctggggatgg aacccagggc acagcaggtc cccagatcaa ctcccatctt    160800
     ctcagaggca ctttagggca gtggggctgg gcagcacttc atgggtcctc aggcagttgg    160860
     ggctaactgc ctcaggaagg catcccactt tggagggctt ccatcttttt gaggcacttt    160920
     gggacaggga aagtgggtac cattctctca ggccttatga caattggggt aactacgcca    160980
     agcaggacag aggctgctgg ggcagggtgg ccttcccctc ccccggtgta catattgtac    161040
     ctgtgtacta ttttgtatat accggggtag ggacacccct gtatcatagt ggaggttgga    161100
     gctggcaaat gggaagagct tctaataatc actttgggct gggaacctta tttattggta    161160
     gtgttaggtc agagggcagg aggcggagac aaggttgtgg cacctgctga tgcagctcct    161220
     ctttattttg ctttttactt gggaaataaa tggatttagc catactgctg ggcctagggt    161280
     gttcgtcatt ggttctgggg ttagcctcag gctggcactg agcagggaat gtgtcctgcc    161340
     tggagagagc aggcttctgg cctgtatgga gcccaaggtc tgaagtgcct ggcagggctg    161400
     attgacacct atcacctata cactgcctat tgaagcctag ggaccccagg gggagtacca    161460
     tggggctaca gggacagagc ttccttactg agtaagagag tcaagcctga catatagtat    161520
     acataggtgg gactcggggt gcagcaacta agggcgctga cttccaggcc aggcctctta    161580
     cattccgacc cttcccctta gtctgtccac actagagacc tgttttgttc tttaggctgt    161640
     tcacagcatc ctggctgagc tcatgatact gccccctagt ggtgtaagca ggattcgtag    161700
     gatgaggacc tgctaaactc acaagcaccc tagcaagggc ctttcctcac cctccattca    161760
     gtgcccagtt tacaccgtcc tctcagcccc agagaataca aaccagcaga ggtacacgca    161820
     attccccatg atccagaaat gggttttatt ctcagccaag agacagcaag actggtggct    161880
     accagagaac tgcacagctg ctgctgctgc agcatcccct tgctgcaggg ttgggatggc    161940
     caaggggatg gctgttcaca ggccaggagg acaggggggc tcactggagg tggtacactg    162000
     gagggggggt tgtcaggatg acagcgttcc cttgttggac cacaagactc cacaaggaca    162060
     gcatggtggt tgattctgac actacaggcg aggctgtgtc agccatatat atgtatatat    162120
     atgtatatat aggtatattt atagatattt atagaatgtc gcaggagcaa taccacagag    162180
     gggcacaagt tttcaccaac atcacatctg gatgtgtcag ctcaccacta caacagacta    162240
     agtcacagat gatgaatagg acgctttggg gccgggggag ccactgtcaa gtcacagaac    162300
     agctgtccag gcaggcttgg taagggaggt ctccgaggag taggagggat ctggttagag    162360
     gtcgaagggg ggcctggggc tctcaggacg ggacggactt gcctgacccg atcggctggc    162420
     agttggagag aaagccgaga gagaacggaa gagagaaaag gaaggagagc tggtaaggca    162480
     agagcagcca cctccagcag aggcaggggc tgaggcaggt gtggatgtgg gcagggttcc    162540
     cggaagagat gcacagttga tgaatgaaag ggaagatggg gtgctgggcc gtaactagca    162600
     ggtagtctga gtagaggctg gtggccctct cttgccacac acacggcctc tcacacacca    162660
     cccaggcaat gcaccacagg gcctccctca tttttgctca ctgtctctca tctcactggc    162720
     tcagggccac cccaagcctc agggagtccc atgtaacagc catgaggcca gaagtgcttg    162780
     aaccaggaga ttgaagctaa aggggatggc tggagggagc gctggaggcc cctcaggtgg    162840
     tcagaaagtc aggagtcctc tgaggggacc ctggggaggc tgggaggcag gcagccgatg    162900
     cctgcggcca cagacttata agtctaagag gggagcctcc gttggtcggg gggctgcagg    162960
     tctcgtaggt gaggctgggc ccttcctgct ggggaaaagc agaagggtga gcgtcaatgg    163020
     ctggggaaga gttgggacag ggtaaccgag atctgtggcc agccaggcag aactcaagtt    163080
     gactttccca gtcagtagac aatgcattgc cttcggctaa aaggcacagg tcactctgaa    163140
     aacaggtcaa atgttggagc tgatgggctg gctctatgtc gggggctgac gaggtggctg    163200
     ttagctacag gtgtgcaatg tcaaggatga atgagatcct caccttgcct gcgagccctc    163260
     aggcgctggc agaaaggcaa aggctcttaa gttgtctaaa gtcaccagtc agagcctggc    163320
     tttgccagcg cgattctcat gcttgccctg tggtgaattt agtcgccatg ctcctaggct    163380
     ggaaggagaa agctcttatc ttggcagcat agttcagagt aggtatgaag agggggtcct    163440
     aacgcttctg gccccttcag aggctgaaga caccctctcc tagttcttag tccctacact    163500
     gtcaacagtg gtctggtgtc tccagggagc acccacatct accgtcttgg acatgaaacc    163560
     tgttccaaga gccctcagtt taagcaagaa ggccttgagt agtggcgctg agtcccgagg    163620
     ctcactggaa agggaagtga gagagccagc tggaagagga caggaagagg gagtccagag    163680
     ctgcaggaga aggaggaggg gcctggctca ggggtcccag gtgtcctcag catggagctg    163740
     gtgcagcgag gagggagggg tagacacact gttcatgcag caggctgaga gcataaccta    163800
     ccgtagctga cactcctcag gggtcactga tagtgattct gaaagacagc acgaaatcaa    163860
     cagggcagtt cacaaacaca caggtgggcc aggctggggg ttaggggaca cacacacgca    163920
     cacgcctggg cgtgcacaca catgctgtga ggccttaagg ccctgcgtgc acacgttaac    163980
     acacatgccc acaaacacgc atatatctcc ctcccacctc ccagtgccca gcaccattgc    164040
     cggccaatac gtcgtgcagc acggatctgg gacatgcagc cactcagcac acagaagcac    164100
     acgcatgagc tgtcacaaca cagaagctcg cctgcacaga gaaggccttt gcaccagctc    164160
     cctgcacatc caggcctggt gtgctgacag ggttaccata gggctccgta aaggacaggg    164220
     cttgcacttt aggatccagc tgtcatttct ttgctcaaga accttccatg gctccctata    164280
     tcattgagtc tctacaaatc tccaacctac cccaccctac cattgaccat tagtaaagca    164340
     gcccactgtc tctgtcaatc tcacactccc ctggggaaat gtcaggggac acacatgtat    164400
     ttagaaggaa actaaagccc tgagagggaa aatgacttgc ctaagggaag tgaaccagca    164460
     tttctggact cccagtcctg tcttaactgt tccagacatt agagtcccac agagtaagcc    164520
     catccctgcc tcgtttagtg tatgggggct aggcccctag ctctgtcctt cagtcatcta    164580
     gattcccaga tagatgcttt tggtctatca gatcatgtgt tctttctcag agaccagcca    164640
     cagtcagcag aaacagggca gactgagttg gttactagag tgagcttcct ggaaggccag    164700
     tcatggataa agaaggcaaa gccaagggat gaagtatatt cctttttcct ggagatctct    164760
     agcagcaggg tagtctttga tccttgtccc tacccaccat ctggtttcag accaccagac    164820
     tgttcaccat tcctagatcc catccccagc tgctttctat cctagtccgc acctgggtgc    164880
     cgatctcaca ttcacacccg tgtgcacgcc cacatacaca tcatcacacc ttgcttggtc    164940
     acacagtcac agcctggcct gacactgtgg gccagaggct gaacagcatt ctgggacagc    165000
     tcaaaagagt cagagctggg gaaagtgggg catcaaggta gctctgaatg taactgaaga    165060
     aaaccacacg gttcagaaac ctagacctga gttaggctca ccaggagctg ggccgggtca    165120
     gtgaagagtg gaatggagga ggatggaagg caagggttta agaaatgcaa agtgtgggag    165180
     ccacagagag aaaatgaaaa aaagagggaa gcgccatgca agtgctgaaa agaagggggc    165240
     aagtggtttg agccccagag cccccttccc agaaacgacc acctccggga ctcagcgccc    165300
     cctgcggggc aggaccgcct gcccgtggcc gcaggtccct tggccttgca ttacgacccc    165360
     aacgcctaag atggagaggg tcgcttctgc tgctaggccg aggatctatc cgactctacc    165420
     tccctccggg ttacgcccgc ctggcggcct ttcccggggc tttaagcccc tactcacctg    165480
     gggaccccag gcggggcgcg gttggggcgc gagggcacct ggggaggggg gccaaagggg    165540
     tcaggggaag cccccggcct ggagggcacg gggggcgccc cccccagggc ggatccagca    165600
     ggcggaggcc caggagcagg gccccgcgat ccgggccggg ctgggggcac ggcgggggct    165660
     cggcgctgcg gcgtggggct ggacgtgggc gatctaccgg cgacaagagc agaagaagcg    165720
     cggagcagag atgagcggct ccgccccaac agagaccccg ccctcagccc aggctgtccc    165780
     cgcccatgca gcaagccccg cccacagcgg ccttagcgtg ggagcctaag ccggatcccc    165840
     agcggcgcca cccaccctgc agccagcgct cttggcaagc cccgccccgc aataagcccc    165900
     gccctcttct aagctcctcc cctcgctcca ggtgggagcc cccgagaccc cggcgcgcca    165960
     ctgcctggtc ccggccctcc tcccgcgggc cccgggttgg ggggctttgg ggccgtgggg    166020
     gccggccctg gtacctgcgt ccggccggta cgctctgcac ctgcagccag gagtcgtcca    166080
     cgggcggggg catgggcgtg ctgacggtgg tcgtgttgat gtcgccgata atactgagcg    166140
     cctccttcag tgcgtggtac atgcgcagca tctcgtcgcg ccgctgagcc tgctcggccg    166200
     attcttccat cagtgtgttc tggtccccgc aagagtacag gttggccagc agctcagaga    166260
     agataaactc cttggtctgt gcacagagaa ggaaggaagg aagctagaac ccgaagaccc    166320
     tgccaccttg tcgcaggcca gacctgctgg atctgggtac agaactggga gctggggttt    166380
     ggtatttcag atggctactt ctgcttgatg cctaaattcg caggtctctt caaatcccat    166440
     cttaatgtcc ttttctcaga caagaataca cagcgggata gggaagtcac ctgccctagg    166500
     cttcagatcc gggaggaaac tcagaatata gcctgtcact aggacaactg cctaccctga    166560
     gtccttaagg aagaaaataa caaatctata actataatgt gtcattgtac tgagtgacag    166620
     gtgtccaagt gtgtagtgga agtttagtgc ccacctcaaa tgcccaggca ttcttatccc    166680
     accctgtctg ggacaatctt gtgagctgct ggtttctttg cagcttcctc caatctcact    166740
     gactcctttt ccaaaatcta ctgactacat accacgggcc aggcttcgtg ctgctccaca    166800
     cctcatatgc attctgtcct caactctatc atcgacggcc atattttgca cactgggaaa    166860
     cagactcaga gattacatag actcagaccc acatagggaa tctgtaggaa agccagcagc    166920
     attccacccg agttgtgctt cctggagcct gctttgtcac agccccaggt ctgtggtgga    166980
     gcagtgaggt gaggtgtgtt tcaaggcagt atctgagatt ctcaaaaagc cacgatttct    167040
     agctcctccc aaacacgtgt gtttgggtca acctagatac cttatttttc aactttaagt    167100
     gtcttaaaat tcaaattaag atgaagtatt tccactgaat atgtaacatc atggggaggt    167160
     ttaaaaaact tagtgggaaa atggtaggca acatatcctg taaattaatg ttttctagat    167220
     cggggccagg tatagtaaat agaccacaac tgtcatctca gtactgagaa ggtaagccag    167280
     gaagagatca gccacaagtt tgaggccagc ctgggctcta cagcaagact ccatctcaaa    167340
     acaatatttt ggatatcttg ggtttaaaat aaatactatc aaaatgaagg gttttggaac    167400
     taggcatagt gatgtatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggtggatctc    167460
     tatgagttcc agctagagct acatagtttc tgtcttggaa aaaaaataat aaaaagttaa    167520
     gggtttgggg actatgggat gactcagtgg gtaaaggtgc ttgctgataa gcctaatgat    167580
     ctgagttcaa tccttaagac ctacgtggta aaaggagaaa acaaacttgc tcaagttgtc    167640
     caggaccaac agacaacaca aaggcaagtg ttcccctgcc ccgtgcattt atttatttat    167700
     ttttggtttt tttcgagata gggtttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc    167760
     tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg    167820
     attaaaggtg tgtgccacca tgcccagcac cccgtgcttt tgtaaataat gtgataaaaa    167880
     gaaataagcc gggctggaga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccaaa    167940
     ggtccagagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aacgagatct    168000
     gactccctct tctggagtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat    168060
     aaatctttac aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaataa gccaaccggc tgcttggtct tacaccacag    168120
     ctatgtacat acattgtcac actgcacacc ccacagcgat gtacacgcac tgtcacgctg    168180
     cacaccccac agcgatgtac atacattgtc acgctgcaca ccccacagcg atgtacatac    168240
     gttgttgatc atgaggtgca tgatggtctt gggcatgagg tcccgcacag tcttgttgac    168300
     aatggccatg tacgagtcta ccaggttccg gatggtctcc acctggcgct ccagctgagg    168360
     gtccatcgag tgcatgaagc tgtcagagcc gttctcctcg gtctcactgg cctgccattg    168420
     ggaacacaag gcatcggtgt ggcagggctt gtgcaaccag actccaggag tcactaagac    168480
     ctcagccctc acaagggtgc cagccacaca gatgcgctga gggcaactca gggctccagc    168540
     tcacctctgt gcctcgcagg accctgactt gactctaacc ctagtggcta gattttgtct    168600
     cagtttccca atccgtacat tagaaaagag catttctaag cacttggcca ttgtgggtgc    168660
     cagactagaa gagactgtac acttactttc tctttgtcct gaaggtccac gtcagagcca    168720
     cagaagtcgc attagcatgg ccatggtcac cgccaccacc aaggagcaca tttgaaagag    168780
     agagagagag agggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    168840
     agagagagat tgtgtgagtt tagcacagtg tactctgacc ctggtacatg tacccactgc    168900
     cataatgatg gggcggggga gagatgtgag aggaacccct gaagccacca gtgtatgaaa    168960
     gtacaggaaa ctctcctcca gtagcgagga gagtgggaaa ccagagggct ttattccaaa    169020
     ctcatatagg tagcaaggaa tgcttgctct ttgcgagtca aataagggct cagaacctct    169080
     ctgagcctgg ccccctgaag cccccaggga caagcagctg gcctctcccc tcactccccc    169140
     gccactcacc ccaacacgct cagggtacac gccagccctc aggaaggaag ccttccaact    169200
     gtccacctcc tcctgtgtct cacaggccag ttccagctgc cggtaatcct tgtagacatt    169260
     cctgcaggat tgagtaggcg ggaggagaga tgaggggaag ccccaccctg ctcaggggat    169320
     gaggacatgt gagctttagg gagctttagg gtcctcgtgc ctaataccca tcactgaaac    169380
     ctcagtgttc tcgtttggga ggtaggttgg taatgattcc tgtctggtag ggccactggg    169440
     atgcttcagg gtaacaagta gctcagagtg taagatgaga cagaagccag gcacgggcac    169500
     acactaatcc ctgtactcga gagtccaagg agatgcttca gtttgaggcc agtctggact    169560
     acataaatga gaccctgtct caaaaggaaa gaagaaagga gacaggcagt tcagccctgg    169620
     cgtgggtctc aggacctttt aagtagattg gtagctgttt gcaattctta tctctgagta    169680
     cgaaagagcc cacacacata agagccagcc tggagccggg cagcagtggc gcatgccttt    169740
     aaacccagca cttgggaggc agaggtaggt ggatccctgt gagtctgaga ccagtctggt    169800
     cccgagtgag ttccaggaca gacagggcta cacagaaaaa ccctgtcttg gaaaagaaga    169860
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa aaaagagggg ggtggtgaag agccagcctg    169920
     aaactggaaa gtgagctcta gtcccgaact ccttccagaa gagacaatct ttctgctttt    169980
     tgtttctagc acctggcaga gtattctgtg caaggggggg gggggcagac aggaggtaag    170040
     tggctgtgag gaaggagggg tgggaggagg gaggggagga gggagaggga aggaggatgc    170100
     ttagacttag ccctagcact caggagaaac gttgtagcta ttgatgacag gtccctggat    170160
     ttgtgcaccc attctctaca cagcaggcaa tggtttgggc ctttcagggt ctgggatctc    170220
     agcagctcag caaggggcag gtaggcacct ctgctctgtg ttgaagaggg caaaaatatg    170280
     cttgcttgac atgaagccct tctccacatc acgcagcttc agattgtcca cagacagcat    170340
     gtacttcttc tctttctcct gttgagaagg gagggggtgg gggtcagcct ggtgctgcca    170400
     agcctccgtc cctcagactg attcatgttg gtgagcaccc aaagtagtcc tgggctgtag    170460
     cccttcccgc tgcacgtgtg tttactgcac atacagtaaa ctccggcccc atctggatat    170520
     caccagcctc cagacccaca tggctttcga gccaatcgcg agcagccctg tatatatgcc    170580
     acagtataag ggactggcaa acgccgtcgg gccaacgggg tctccctcat cccaccttaa    170640
     gcaattcctg gagacaagcc aggctgggcc tcaggcaggg atggctcaca tgaggctctc    170700
     ttgccttcag cctggctgcc tctgacttca tttcctgact acagagatgg ggggcggggg    170760
     gtacactagc cttggaggct tcaaagggct ggctcaaccc actccccgtc tcccccttcc    170820
     agccacccat atgttaccaa tcagacacat agcacaagcc tggaaattgt atgtgtataa    170880
     acacgtgtgt ggttgtgtgg ccaagaattg cagggccaat cgagtctgtc gctattgtgt    170940
     tcatacgaca taggtgtacg tatgcacagg cctatagggt aatgtgatct cgtgcttgcc    171000
     attgtggatg tgtgtggtga ttgtgactag gacataataa gacttcgggg ccatgtgctc    171060
     acacagggtt tgtgcagtga gctagacatg tctgggttgt ttggtggatg aagttgtata    171120
     aagctgtaga cagatgtgac tgtgtctgta gcctctgtgc cccaggggaa gagttcaggg    171180
     agcctgggag gggacacccc agatgggcac caggaaggag aagtttctgc tgcctgggtc    171240
     acaagggtcc cacccaatgc gtaggatcta tgcaggacgg atgctctgtg tggggttcca    171300
     cgagccttgt cttggatctc aggtgggggc tgggtttagg aggaccttgc tttcccaccc    171360
     tggcgtcatc tccacccttc tgcccccaac acccgcctgg cctgtgcagc cacataaagc    171420
     cctctttatg ccaggcgggt ggccgggagc cccagagggc ggcaggggga ggagaggagg    171480
     aagttgcaca cacggccagg gaacatctgg aacccatcta gggaggcccg ccacagccgc    171540
     cttgtgctcc gggttggaca ctaggtagga gtggcctcct cccccagccc tcccttcctg    171600
     ccggccccct ccccaggccc ctccttccca acccagctcc cgctcacccc tgccacgtca    171660
     aaggaggcag aaggggagtc gggagcggag agggaccacg gctggctggc tggggctggg    171720
     gacatgggag ctgggactgg gtgcatcggt atctccaggg gatgggacca aagctcccat    171780
     cggaaggaca gacgctgctg cctggatgga ccagaggata cctccactcc gtctacccag    171840
     tgtttagact acctgttcag gactcccaaa ttgtacagta gtctgcacat tggttaggct    171900
     gggctgggtt agaccctcgg caccgtcgct ggagagccgc accaaccccc ctgctgtctt    171960
     ctagaaccag agcctggacc tggggcaggg agctgggggt gggcacgggg tggactggga    172020
     ggaggcgcag ggctttgtga ctgccatcga gctgcgggac acataggagg ttgtggtgat    172080
     gggagagggc atgggaggaa gatgagggaa gagggtggga tgggggaggt tgttggagtg    172140
     ggtgactgcc tgtctgtcaa aagatttcct taacccaaag actaaaaagc aaatggctgg    172200
     gctgatggga cccctgcaca agcccaactc caggtaccct agtgcaaaac cgaactccca    172260
     tcccgacaat gcacttcaat gctcacatta gctcagaggt atacatctgt gcaccccagc    172320
     tttgaagcac acatccatgc ccaggcacac tcacacgcgc gcgcgtgcgc gcgcacacac    172380
     acacacacac acacacacac aaattcacac ttaagtgcat gcattcacac tcagacacac    172440
     aacctcacaa tgggatgctc ccttccccca ctctcacatc ccaaacacac acacacacac    172500
     actcaaatat ccctcgttca cattctccct cctccagccc acccccaccc tacactgaca    172560
     ctcagtacag acagtgaagt cacatgctag cacataaatt cacacctagg tgtttatacc    172620
     ccaacacaca acatacacac acacacatat actggcaaca tccataagac acacagagac    172680
     acacacagag gccccacctc tctacatcca atactcagct aggttccaca tacaactaaa    172740
     cgctaaacta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagact cacccgggta tttatacaga    172800
     cagatatgtg cttttcagtt tagctcactg ggtagccaga tttggggcca ccatcccccc    172860
     aactctgtat aaggatctta gatatgggaa taggagatgc acaggggccg cctagggggg    172920
     ctgccagggg gtataggacg ccacctccca gtcccacacc acatcacact ccagcccttc    172980
     caggggcccc tgggcttgag gagaggccag ggttggggta atgaggtcca gatggcttgg    173040
     cgcccccacc cccagtgacg acagaggacc ccacccaagg tggggaggtg gagccccttc    173100
     ccaaggcaga tttggaagag acagtgatca aggaggggcc atgatggtgc aaaatcacag    173160
     cccccccccc ccacacacac tctaaaatgc tactgcccca ttgagagcac cctgtcttat    173220
     ggtagtcccc tcaggaggaa gaggctccct tccccctact ccttggccag ctggagttca    173280
     ttaccacaac acccccctgt ctgctccccc ccctcattct cgctggtcac ctctggaatc    173340
     cagatgtgaa agccaaacag actcattctt aaaggagacc agtaactgga ggagactggt    173400
     gggggtctct aggtgcccta gcaggcaggg ggctattctg ggggtggggg tgggggctgg    173460
     ctccgcaggc catcatcact actggtcccc tggcctggaa gaatcctgaa cagcttgcct    173520
     tggttggcag ggactgaggg tactggggtg caggggttaa ctgagtgtct ggcagctgga    173580
     catgtgtgtg tcatggtcct gtaggggcca cagaggagga ggcacgcctt ggagtgagaa    173640
     aacaggaagg ccactgggct gccgggtcag ggagcggcac ccagcacccc tgcctaccca    173700
     ctcgagggtg cttccaagcc tgccatcttc tccttccagc ctggatgaga ggatgactct    173760
     ctgactgtat atcctcctct gcaaagtctt tgcagacccc tggggtgtgg cttagtccac    173820
     atgacccttg acagacagca atcccctgac tcacctcatc atccttgtac caggacagat    173880
     tctcagcagt cagcacaaac cagtactcct tggagcctcc cttcatgatg ccgatgttgt    173940
     tgatggtcaa ccaccccttt cgaatgacct ggaacgggga gtgggggagg aggtcggtgg    174000
     gcatgggccc ggcttcccca tggaggaggg gaggactgaa gaggccttca aaagccgctt    174060
     ctccaattct ctgaggcctg accggtcaga gagggtgggg gccagacctg ccctgatttg    174120
     aaccacaagt gaagagagtg gaagacagga aagcaaaggt cagctcgaga tagagtgcct    174180
     tctatctgcc agagatgtag ggaccaggga ttggccactt aatagagggt gagttccccg    174240
     tcgctaacag tatgcaagca gagtttggcg gatgtaaggg taagggaact ccaagcatcg    174300
     tttgagggtc ccaaacgcct gttcctaacc ctagcaacct gtacttgctg cggttgcccc    174360
     tcttccctgt tgcctggtgt gtgcctactt gccctctggt atccattccg acttacacgg    174420
     tgagcagctc tccctgcccc ccacgccaat cagaagcaag taatgatctc tgatcagtct    174480
     ttcatgtttg cttctgtaac agagactgca attttaattc tctctctctc tctctctctc    174540
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tccctctctc tctcccccct cccaccctct ccagaaagaa    174600
     cgatattacc tacttataca acctttcctg ttaatgcatc catcacccag tgcccctcat    174660
     cactttgtag agtgctggtc agtcagtaag tgatggatgg atgcttgtgg tgacatgaat    174720
     acatgaacac tgagctgtta cagttctaag agccttcggg ccgaagggag aagcaaagcc    174780
     acctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    174840
     ctccctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctct ttcttcagac    174900
     actccagatc tcattatgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca    174960
     ggacctctgg aagaacagtc agtgctctta actgctgagc catctctcca gcccgccacc    175020
     catttttcag gcctgaactt cctatcaaaa gtcgggagta acaagagtcc atgtccagag    175080
     gtctattaca acacccccca ggccaagctt gttccccagg ccccgccccc tgctgctgtg    175140
     atcctgactg gagggactgt gtcctgctcc ctccctggcc ctgaccttat gggtgctgct    175200
     ctggaggcct gggtgtacat cttgcttcca gcctttcctg accctatcca gcttctgaga    175260
     acctcactgg gaattgaaat caacagtcca ccagcacccg agcagagggg agatcaccgc    175320
     tgctttggtc aattaacaaa ttagcagggt ggctgggacc agacatctcg ccagctctct    175380
     cccagcctgc cagtaggatc ccctcagtgc ctgcctttgg agcagagtcc attgctgtcc    175440
     catgatctgg ctgcacactg tgcactctgc ttcctggctg acttagcctt tccctcctgt    175500
     tagccacgcc caagcctatg ttctctctca cctgcctacc tagctcccgt gcggagtacc    175560
     tgagctggag agtctcatcc tacccaggac tctcagaggc cctactaggg ccctgtctat    175620
     aggtaccagg tcttcatggg gcagaggcag ggatggggca ggggcaggct ctgaaccttc    175680
     ctgagataca attccttttg gtcttccttc tctgagcacc tactgtgagt cgagactcag    175740
     aacctgggct gggagatgac caaggcccaa agctgggtgg ggaaacagtt atcacaccaa    175800
     ttacagcctc tggaaacaat gtgggaaata ctgaagactc caggtctcat gtgcataact    175860
     ggattggggc aagggaagct gataagcgct gtttccacag ccatttgaag catggggcaa    175920
     ggagccagga gaggagagcg ggcttctggc ttcatcatgt cttaactctc cattgggggt    175980
     cactgtctgc tccctttaaa aacatattta ttttatgtat atgagtacac aatcgcggtc    176040
     ttcagacaca gcagaagagg gcattagatc ccttcacaga tggtttcgag ccaccatgtg    176100
     gttgctggga agtgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc ggtgcactta accacagagc    176160
     catctctcca gccctccact gtctgcttct taagaacatg cctgtctcat acccactcca    176220
     aacagtcacc aagcattcct ccaatagact tttaaagagc atctacctag ccctgggccc    176280
     atccatcccc atgtagggta gctctgccta cagcaggtgc ttggcttgtg cacatttata    176340
     gatgggttat ggaactgtga gcatggctgg gcctttctct gtcctgtgag caggtgtgaa    176400
     aattatgtgc tggtatgtgt aaggtgctca aagggtaccc tctgccccat gcagatcccc    176460
     atcaccagca agactccccg tcactgcaca agccaagacc ccctccccgc ccccagtcct    176520
     ggtactcacc agaatctcat cctgcaaaga ggtaaccata gcaaccagga gaagtaacca    176580
     tagcaaccag gagaagcatc attggggaga gaggaaagaa gattactgag gcagagtgag    176640
     aagcttgtgg ctggcagagg gcaggctctc tggcccctgt aggacccttc ccattgggag    176700
     agggggatct cagagctcca agtccttccg gcatcctcca tccattgggc tgggagactg    176760
     gggcccactc acctggttcc ctgaagtctt cttcttgttc atctggttgc ttctctgctg    176820
     agcactaatg ggagagaggg gaggagtctc aaaatttctc tcaagaggcc cagctccact    176880
     gctcactgct catacggcac agtacttaga gggttaagct ggcagagctg gaatctacat    176940
     acacacatgt gcacatatgc atgcttatgt gcatgcacac acacagagga tcactcctgg    177000
     gagcactcac ttggcaaagc ctatgaagtc ttcgtggttg gtattcatgt aagccagctc    177060
     aatgtcgatg agaagcatga ccttcaaggg tccccaagtc gatgaacaaa tagaaaagat    177120
     gacacagagt ttaagaatga tgacaagcta ggagagagat gcttttggta catttagaag    177180
     gttaggatcc ataataaata aaaagtccct atagtcaata attgaaagac aaaagaaaag    177240
     acaggtcaag ccgggtatgg tggcgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc    177300
     agatggattt ctgagttcga gaccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccaag    177360
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa aaaagtatgc aaaaactgaa atcattattt    177420
     tatatataat taatatatgc taataaaaca gtcttaaaat atgcaaaaat tgtccaccct    177480
     tgttcataaa gagctcctag tcaaatcaga aatatctccc cccaacttct tttttttaga    177540
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc acttcataga ccaggctggc    177600
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcacc    177660
     accacgccca gcagatcttt cttaacccta atgaatagta agtgttaata aaggttagga    177720
     tagcatgtgc ataggaagat ggaactgtag ctcttttttt tttttacttt tgaaaagatt    177780
     tacggattat tatttatgtt atgtgtatgg atgttttgtc tgcatgcctc tgtatgcatc    177840
     acttacatac agtgcctcca gaggccagaa gagggcgtcc agtcacctaa aactggagtt    177900
     acaggtggtt gtgggctgcc atgtcggttc tgggaaccaa accctggcag ccagtcagtg    177960
     ctcttaatct ctgagccatc tccccagacc cagcgctgta actcttgttt ttgtactgtg    178020
     gtggatggaa cacagttacc tacataagtg aggcaggagc tgctgtgagt aattagtgtt    178080
     acttgtggaa ggtgacctgg taatgcttaa cattaaagtt aacctttcta gaactgtatc    178140
     tcagataagc tcatcgaata atcaaagatc taggagccag agcgtccaag gtgggtaaag    178200
     ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    178260
     catacacaag atgtttatgt tcactgccca ggctagtctt gaactctggg gtgtaagtgc    178320
     tcctccaacc tcagtcttcc cagtacccag taccagggac aataggccta tgtctacaag    178380
     cttgggtgtg gtataatttg taatggaaga aatttgggaa caaggcaatg accattagaa    178440
     agtgaaatag attaggtggc ctgacaatga aagactctat agatgttcaa aagcatagga    178500
     aaattctaga ctgttgtgga gaaacacaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacta    178560
     caaattctga agtgtgacga tacttgtatt tgggtctttt gttttgctgt ggtttgtttt    178620
     ggtttggttt atgagacagg gtcttacata gcccaagtct ggcttcaaat tctttaggta    178680
     gctgaggcta gctttgagtg cctgatcttt ctgcctccac ctccaaagag ctggggttcc    178740
     aggcaaatgc caccacgtcc agccttgagt cttgatgaaa gtgactgctg ggtccacccc    178800
     taagtcctct tcctcccttc ctgtgagctg gggcctgtcc ttcctgaggc ggacattctg    178860
     ctgaggaagc acttctggac ctgaaggact ggcgaacaca aattacactg aagtgagtca    178920
     ctccttcagc atgtcagaga gccagcagat gctcaatagt gtgagtgttg ttgagagaaa    178980
     ggcacaatgc accggaagaa tatggttcct agaggtagcg ctgaagctgg gggtgtggct    179040
     caggtgacag cgtccttgcc tagcacgcag gaagccctgg cttcactctc taacaaacac    179100
     cacataaagt gggcatggtg gctcattcct gtaatctgag cattcatagg ggaggagcag    179160
     gaggagtagg actgcaagtt tatcctctgc tacgtagtga attcaaagca gcctgggcta    179220
     tgtaagtcct aacactcaca catacacagt tggagggaca cagttggagg gggacagttg    179280
     gagggagaga ggaatggagg ggagaaggag gtgggatgct gggtagcatc acactgaagt    179340
     gatttgtggg cagacgtggg tgagagcggt gtgtataccg cgtgtgcaca tggagatcag    179400
     aagataataa ccatggcttt ccttgcttgc cggctacctt ggttgagaca aggtctcttg    179460
     ctatttaccg ttgcacacac caagctagct ggaccttggg cttcctgggg ttctcatgct    179520
     ctcccccccc acccccccga agaaagttat caagacagga tccctctatg tagtcctggc    179580
     tgtcctggga cttgctactt gctatctggc ctcaaattca gagcgatcct ctttcacctt    179640
     cttacgccac tttccaggaa tcctggaaca cagctgttcc taaggacatt tggcataata    179700
     aggacttaaa aacatgaaag agaaccaagg atacatggtg gagaagggat atgcacgagg    179760
     acatgggtgg ggtgagggaa caggaaggtg gagcaccaag gtaagtttag agaggtaaca    179820
     gacaatcaaa gagtgggtaa gtggtgccgg cctttaatcc cagcccttgg gaggtagagg    179880
     caggcggatc tctgagtctg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggctacatag    179940
     tgagaccctg ttctgagcct caggaggccc aaatatctct gctcttccca aagacaacat    180000
     ctggtgtcta aatctgtgaa tgaatgaata tttcagaaac agaaatgcaa aaggtggatc    180060
     ggctgtgagg gcccaaggcc agccagagac ttagcaaaca gacagacaga cagacagaca    180120
     gaggaaggcc tcagggggat ggctgcacag accaccagga agccaaggat gccagataga    180180
     caaagaaaaa ggaaggatct ggaatctgga tgcagggggt aggtacactc cagaggacga    180240
     ggcaggagga tcataggttt gtggccagct taggctacat agtgagattt caatttgggg    180300
     tggaggacag atgggaagag aggaagaaag agaggaaggg agggagggaa ggagcaaaag    180360
     aaacaagaaa cggaaggagg aaagagagag agagagagaa catggtggga gtataaaggg    180420
     tgaaataagt gtggtggttt ctcaaataac taaacaaatg gggtcaaccc gggatgcagc    180480
     tcagcggtag cctgtgtgct cagcgcgtgt ctggccctgc acgcaattcg caggacaact    180540
     agtaaaaaca tggtaggtgg catcaccata tgatcaccaa ttctactcct gagtgtagac    180600
     cccaaagaat tgcaagcagg gacctgaggc aatatttggc cagccatatt aattagcagg    180660
     attatataca acagccaaag ggtgccagag gggctgggga gatggctcag cggttaagag    180720
     cactggttgc tcttccagag ggcctggctc aattcccagc aaccacatgg aggttcaccg    180780
     taactccact gcattttcca gtgcacaaaa atgatacaca gagacgcaca caggcaaaac    180840
     acccatgcac ggaaaaaaac ttaaggtgga aaagactgta ctagataaac aaaaacttag    180900
     tatatagtca acagaatatt atccagtcat taaagaatat tctggtaggt gctacaatat    180960
     tttggataaa ccttaaaggc cttatgctaa gtgaaactag ccagacacca aaggattgaa    181020
     atactgtatg atttcattta ccacaggaat ctaaataaat tggaaagaga gggagctgtc    181080
     agaggctgtg aggggactgt ttatgacaaa gacaaagtca acactgcaag acacaaagct    181140
     ttctgtgggt ggtggcgatg gtaccatggt gtcaagcgta ctcagtattg ccgaactgtg    181200
     cccttcaaaa gggccacaat gatccacttt acattaacca tgtcatccca taagaaagca    181260
     gagaggatca gaaagtgatc ttggaaagag aaaaggagac cgtgtgctca cctgctcctt    181320
     ggtgcggccc tcacgttccc ggatgtgggt ggtcacaatt cgctccatct cctcccgcag    181380
     acgcgggtat tgctgcagct ggagaagggc aggaggagag agagccacgt acacacaggg    181440
     cctgggacat taggcaccta accccccacc tgagtacagg gacccaggag catggcgtgg    181500
     gagctattcg tgggaacacc aaccaggcca aggagagccc cgggggcccc aggaagctga    181560
     tggcaccgaa ctacggctgc tcctccacct aagtgtgcac tgtaaatggc agttcaaggg    181620
     tcttcccagt tccgggacca tctttactgg cccacctggg caatttcatt gggcaagagg    181680
     cagtctccat ggggagaact acagaaagag ccaggctgag gaagctacca tcttcatgtg    181740
     gccatctcaa aggccaacct ggcagacagg cctttgagga ggcatcctta ctcccaaggc    181800
     gttcactgac ccttagggtt acctcttgct ttcctaaagg ctctgaatga cagccaggtg    181860
     agaactgggg gaggggaggg cttatggtgc cagctgacct cctgagtcag gctggggaca    181920
     gactgactcc ttgccagagc cggggaagag gagttacagg gaataacagc tgtcgcacca    181980
     gaggacatgc agaagctaca ggacaaaggc atgcaaagac acagggacat gcagagatgg    182040
     ggcatcagca gcatgagcag taccccgcgg ggacctggct gggtataagc caccctgtcc    182100
     tgtctcccta ggtatgactc tgtctgccac catcgccagc tacatttgcc caggtccgaa    182160
     acttagcaga cctagtagtt cctactgtac tctgtgtagc caaggatgac cttgaactcc    182220
     taggaaccct gctctaggct cagccattct gctgtagcct cccttacacg ctgacccttc    182280
     tgaaaagcct gtcctgcttg aggactgaga gctgagtctg gggcctccct gtgctacccc    182340
     agtccctctc ctctggctgg gtagtaattg tgcctcaggg ctgtggcagg gctggacagc    182400
     agcatgttta aagaggacat gtcattggga tgaagggatg aatggaagat gaatgtcttt    182460
     gccctccttg ccccgtgaat cggcagaggc ttggaaccag ctcttagatg cggctcctca    182520
     gtgcgcttct ggagatggag cccgcccacc aggaccaccc ttcttccccc agggtcgtta    182580
     acccccagct tagacagact cctggccctg cttttcttcc tgtcctgggg tcaagattct    182640
     caggggatgc tttgggaaaa tgtccgggta ttctgtgcct gactctaagg gcaacgtgag    182700
     ggtcaaaggg actgtcaggg tggggaggag ggcggggaag ggagtggagt ccaggatgcc    182760
     agcccaggga agggcgactc gagggaagcc cacatccgac cttcctgtgg aggtgtcatg    182820
     gctgcagctg aggcagccta gcacaagtgg cttaggagga ccagcctgag ccctggggct    182880
     tagaaaaact ctggctggtg ggatctgctg ccctgtgagt tttttttttt tttttttttt    182940
     aagcttctga gcctggacag aaatttgggg ctgagtcaca gttaccaggc ctttgaggtg    183000
     gtccaaggct ccctcccagg gcaggggtag gggtggagct gggaaggagg gagagatttg    183060
     ccggaagagc acagccagct ctctgctccg agcctgcatc tacatttctc aagttttcca    183120
     cacgtcccat atggacaggg ccgcctcagc cccctcagga aattctgctc cttccagcat    183180
     ctttttccat tctggctgcc tcctcggagc gcctgcctcc aggactttta accagttttt    183240
     aaaatggaac ttttctctct tgccatcctt ggctgagggg agcagccagc ctgcagccca    183300
     cactggtttg gaggtcagga gtggagctct tgaaaccatg agttctgggt tcacaggctg    183360
     ccctgctaga tggcctcccg gagcccttct tcctgggtgc tttccttctt agattatacc    183420
     tagcaaaaaa ctctcagctg tgtccagaga agtaaaataa aataaaataa aattttaaaa    183480
     aatcatccaa tcccagcagg gctggaagta acacccaact ccctagaaaa cacgggtact    183540
     aaaaaaacca aacaaccaat ataggtggtt tctgccatat aacgaaaaat aactgctgaa    183600
     gttaaaacat atggccaaaa tatggttctc tcttaagaag ttatgctctc tgtgaagcaa    183660
     gtttcttgct cacaggaacc atctcaccaa acacagaaga cttcactgag agacagaatc    183720
     agccctgttc ctttctctca ctcaaaacag aggttagcct tgggtaaata ggactttgaa    183780
     ttttagcatt caatacttag taatttcctc tcccaagtgc tacaaacatt cttttctgca    183840
     acctattttc catcagacag catactttaa atcatagagt gtcatgttga cagaagcaca    183900
     caggcctgtc ttgcctcttt tattttgaga caggatctca cggagtccag gctggcctct    183960
     aactatgtag tggagggtga ccttgaactc acgagcctcc tgtctctact ccacagtgct    184020
     gggattgcag gcgtggacaa ccacactgcc tttaaatagt cccggtcttc cactgtggcg    184080
     gcacgacttt gcctatggct ggcctctcga tgggcataga gagctttcag ggctttacca    184140
     ttcatgatga ctgctttccg gaggaatgca ggtcatcaaa gcattctgag ctttggagtg    184200
     ttggtatcta gccatcagtc ttctagcaat ctatcctaag gaaaccatct aagaagagag    184260
     aagtgtaatg tatcttcacg cgcaaagaaa ctcatggcca gcgtatcgcc ttgtgggtgt    184320
     gcacccgtac ctgtgcgtat tcacgtgaag gctccttctc caccctgtat ctgagcagaa    184380
     tctctaacta accctggaac caaggtttgg gcaggctggt gagccagcag gctccagggc    184440
     tctgccagtc tgccttgcca gccctgggac cacacgtgct gctgcgtctg acattccatg    184500
     tgggcactga gaattgaact caggtcttcc tgcttgtgtg gcaagcgctt tcccaactga    184560
     gccatctccc aactcttgtt tcttaatgac atgttttaaa attaaatgtt caacaaatcc    184620
     attcaatggc ctctggtgtc accattaaaa attattctat agggccagga ggtggtggtg    184680
     cacgccttta atctcagaga ggtagaagca ggcatgaatc tcagagtcca aggccagcct    184740
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca gggcagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tatcagaaaa    184800
     aaacaaaaca gcaacaacaa aaaccctgtt tctgggggct tggtaaggat tccactgagt    184860
     gtgtgtgcag agcaggtgag aacagtgata gaaaggagca gaggccactc ggttaagaca    184920
     cagaagccaa tgatgctcta atagggacgt ttttgaaatg agttatttta ttttgttaat    184980
     atcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtttgt gtgcaggcac    185040
     acacacgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgcggtttg tgtgtaggcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    185100
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtt cgtgtgtgct tgcatgcggt ttgtgtgcag    185160
     gcacacatgc acaatgatgg ctttactcac tgaaccagct ggccagccca gaaataatgg    185220
     aagttttcaa ggtgggtgta gtggctcatg cctttcctgc taccactcag gagactaaga    185280
     caggggactg ccatgaggtc aggtcagcct gggctacata gtagatttta ggctagcctg    185340
     ggcaagagtc tatgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaagagg gagaagggga gggaagggaa    185400
     gggaaggaca gaagagggga ggagaaagaa gagaacaaaa atgaaataga agcattggag    185460
     catgcttagt gcccttacat agacctggaa ctgtttctgc tatggactga gtccgacaga    185520
     cagaagaccc gtggaccagc ctctgcacca agtcacaggg actccccaga acagggcctg    185580
     gagatactgg gtgatgctca ctagaacctt gaagtcaagg cagatgtgta ccccacacac    185640
     acacctcagc tcaaaagaca ttttcagatt cagggacagt atgaggattc tggcaacgct    185700
     cctactggca atggctcccc tcctgcatcc tgaaagcaaa tgctattttg cacagcctgg    185760
     ctaaaaaaat cctcaaaatg gctacaagtg gacagagagg ggaaacgaca tggaaaaggt    185820
     cacagacaac cccaaagggg ctgcccatgc ctgactcaca cagagtgctc ccctgagcac    185880
     tccgatacag agtgctcccc ctgagcactc caacatgctt tagggcaagc tggttttgag    185940
     gtcccgggat tggctttcct gtcccaagag gtcctggccc tggaaccccc tccatctgag    186000
     tcccactctg cttttcctga gatctgtctg gtcacaaggc tgatgacgct acccgctgct    186060
     cagagttgtt gagagaatta agtcccatag taagggccag cacttggccc actgaggcac    186120
     atagtagctg ctcattaaac agccgccatc ccctgtcatc gccgtggtta ccaatggaaa    186180
     ggagaacaat ggggtggggt atggccctct gacagggaca agggtctggc aggatcctga    186240
     gtgaaggcag tcccagggtt ataagatggt gggaaacctc aggccgggga ctgcctgggt    186300
     tccagtgggg agccaagtgg ccatcacatc tgctaggtag atggttctgc ccctggcaag    186360
     ccgtaaccac tgggacgtgg tgccggctgg gcccagcccc tcccaggcgg ccataccttt    186420
     tcactacact ttctgatggt ggacgtgagt tcactgacta ccatgtccac acacttgata    186480
     ctgggctctt tgagcttctg cacctgcttt ttcactgtgg cttcaaaagc gaggtcaggt    186540
     gtgaagaggc ccgtcctgca cccgaggagg agggagagga gggagcagcc gggtgggcag    186600
     agggtgggag tgaaagccaa gcggccgggc tcaagggtag gtgaggatgg ccaggcatgg    186660
     ggggaagaga gagagacacc aacagaaaga gagagagaga gagaacagaa gacaccgtga    186720
     gcatgggacc cagcccccca cctctcccag gattgcacct gccaggtgct gccaggtacc    186780
     cccaccccca gggctctggg gttatggcca aaggtttaag ggaaccaaac ccctgctctg    186840
     agagagccct ttccaagttc aaattctctg tcccaggggt gctccctaca gtcctcctct    186900
     gtgctctttc ccgggcccct tgggtcctcc taaggacctg acccagacca ggacctggcc    186960
     acacatcctg tgcaagtcta ggcttttgag tgtccctgac ttgcttcagc cagactcaag    187020
     agctcagccc tatcggctac ctctgctagg acgctcggtg gcataccaag gttctgcact    187080
     gcccacttgc acagtctgtg atacagacga agcctcctgg agcctcgtgc gtgtggcagc    187140
     ccatcctctc aaccctcggc tctgacctcc ttgcctgccc ctgctcctcc ctccctcctc    187200
     aaggggcatc ccttgcctct cctcctaaca ggcccatggg acactcagtt ccgaaagaca    187260
     gaaagcgaga agaggcgagg agacagagag gggagcggtg attgagaggg gccaaggcag    187320
     cagtggggag ggaggggtcc tgggtgaaac cagtgagcac tgcattgaag agtccacagc    187380
     cccagctccc agcaacagct ctgccacttc ttagcaggta tggcctgggt aggttattca    187440
     gtgccccggg gcctcggttt ccctgctgtg agaaacatcc tccaagccct gccttcctgg    187500
     acagttctgt gaggctggat gcccctggaa aggtgaatgt ggaagaggat ggagtgcctg    187560
     agtgacagtc cccaaggagg ggtgagaggg tggagaggat gaaggacaac agggagacat    187620
     gggacctgcc agccctgggc cctctgcatt cctctggctg cccaggttcc cgcgcagtac    187680
     cccagaaggt cctgtccctc acatgccctc cagctgaggc tttcccaaga cccttctaga    187740
     gccttggaag gtaaccccac atctgtggaa ggtaggggcc caggattccc ttaaacagca    187800
     ttctctctga gccaggggag atctcttagt gtccaattct ttgattcccc agacctgggg    187860
     atcaaggtgt gggtgaggtc ccctcagagg gctcccctgt ccaggtcctt ccccaccccg    187920
     ctgaggcctg tgcatgctac cgagaaggcg gtggggtatg tggggactgg ctgagcagtg    187980
     caggaaggga cagaggtggg gctgaggggg ctggccgagg gctgcctgtt accttcttgg    188040
     tgcactgtct aaccgtgctg attagctccg agataaccat gtccacacac ttgagacacg    188100
     gctctcgaat cttcttcacc tgctttttca caatggtttc aaaggccatg tctggggtaa    188160
     agagccccgt tctgaacgcc cggagcagga gaagggcaca gtgtcacagg ctggcacttg    188220
     ccaggagggc caggctaggg tccctcgcca gctcctggct gtgcctgggg gaagagtcct    188280
     cccactaccc tttctgagcc tcagtgtccc catctagtca atgggttggt gatccttggg    188340
     ccacaccact ctgcttgaga ctctcctgtg taccttttgc ttcctcttaa gtgttgctgt    188400
     gaaaggttct atatccccaa actctggaaa ttgctgaacc gaggcctcct taagagccgt    188460
     tctgagaacc aagctttttg ttaagactag gagacgagat cttcctacca ggccaactca    188520
     cttgtcaaac tgtaaacttc atgtcaagac atagcatgaa gcctacagga ggagcacagg    188580
     gctcttctgt cttgttcaca taggtgttag atgggcatag tgccagtcag agtctgggtt    188640
     ctccacccca ggggagggtg gtgtctaagc aacaggctct atctctcagc tctcctttct    188700
     ccaccacggg gtggcttagg aggggagtgg gtaaaatagg ggaggcagag ctaacaggag    188760
     ctgggggagg gtctgacaag tagaaaactc ccctcataaa gcaatttaga atgatatctg    188820
     ggtgctatgc cctaggcccc acccagcaac cctacccttt gcttggctac ttggacggca    188880
     ctgggcagag ttgttgcgcc ctagggatag ctgcacccat ccctatagag tgcattgcag    188940
     gctgtcggga acccaggccc cccagccacc tcccttagct ggagcctgtt gtttgaggag    189000
     ccagaaagtt gggggggggg ttgaggggat tgaagaccag gactctcagg tccttcttgc    189060
     gagaggctcc ttcaggcccc gtgccccttt gccccgtgca gagcccaccc tggtcccagt    189120
     acatgcctga tgccatggat atttttgata gcatagctga tctcccttcg cagttccttc    189180
     tcatcaaact ccatctgtgg tgaacagacg gggatgggtc agcatcagcc ctgccgctag    189240
     gagatagagt cagggcctcc cctcctgtct gggactgcag tgctttacct taaccagctc    189300
     aaaggggaag cgttcatgga agatccggtt aatgcgggct ccacctgaca gctcgtaagt    189360
     gtcaatctgg tctccagaac cctcgatgcg cttctcgaag tccactgcaa actgctggac    189420
     catcctgtgt gggaggaggg cgtggcctga ggatgcagag gagggagccc cggggccctg    189480
     gattgtggga ggggctggag gttcagccct ggggaatggg gccaggagcc ttactgcagc    189540
     agggccttgg tcttgcgcgc tgggtcatcc ggtcggaagt tcttgtactc gtccacctcc    189600
     ttctcaatgg acagcagctg gctctgcagc ttgttccgaa gtcccggcag tgtgtcccgg    189660
     atgtggttgg tcaattgctg ggtgtggcgg gtaaggaaat ggttaaaacc aaggtcacaa    189720
     gcctaagtgc ccatgagcct gggcatgggg acggagggag gccaggaggc ggtgtggatg    189780
     acgggagaca tggagctgag gaggactagc cagaagctat agagcactgg ttctcaacct    189840
     tcctgtcgct gccctttaat gcagttcctc ctacggtggc gatcccaacc ataagattac    189900
     ttttgttgct acttcacaac tgtaactttg ctactgccat gaactgtaat gtaaatatct    189960
     gatatgcggg atatttgaca tgcaacccct gtgaatgggt cattcaaccc ccaaaggggt    190020
     tacaacccac acactgagaa cctctgcaac agcaggcgag ctgggagctc tgcaggcgct    190080
     cccagagatg agctttccga atcaatatgc catagctcag gttctgacag gagccaggaa    190140
     tctggagcca cacttaaagc taccttattt tgagtaatcg aatgttttta ggcagggaag    190200
     gctgaaggac accccacctt gcaccctctg ggctccaatt accgaaaggt aattctcaag    190260
     ttcatgtgct caagcctgtt ccgttcgcct acaccctatc cccatgagcc atcgcgggga    190320
     cactatggag cagcgtctgg tcattactgt cctctttttc atagagtggt gtcgcagaag    190380
     gtgagaatga agctggggtc tggtaccagc tctatggtag tcttgactgt ccctacacac    190440
     actccagaag tggggacagc ccagggaagc ttctagaatg tttgtggttt ctggatcagc    190500
     ctctctgggt cctgacaaaa ggaccaggat gtccagaatg aatgcattcc cgtcacctct    190560
     agtcagtgcc cccatccaca caaaatccca gtcttccata catgctgcga gtcctggggc    190620
     tccccttcca tgtcccagac aggaaaggtc agcaaagccc ttgtcactac ctccctgtgg    190680
     aacggggaca agtggcttcc cttctctgga tctaggtggt tctgcattgt atactaatct    190740
     atcttggtca tccataagat gtactgaaga aaccgggctg gagagctctg caattaagag    190800
     cattgactgc tcttctagag gacccaggtt tgattcccag caacctcacg acagctcaca    190860
     accatctgta actccagtcc cagggggagc taatactttc ttctgacatc cttgggcacc    190920
     agacacagac aaaatagcta tacatataaa ataaaataaa acttcaaaaa acaaaacaca    190980
     agcaaacaaa taaacaaaca aacaaaggtg tacttgaaat tattcctgtt tccctcccca    191040
     ccccaccccc tccgcccctg gcctggcctg gcctgccctc ctacctgatt gaggaccttc    191100
     tgcaggtagg gtgtgcccat gcggtcagcc aagtggcggt aggatgggtg agagaggaag    191160
     aatttgcgct ctgcagccaa ggcggctgtg atgtccttct tgccgtctat gtccttctgg    191220
     ctccggttca ccacgccgat gtaacctgtg gaacagggtc aaggtcaagg gccagccagc    191280
     acaccaggca gggaggtgtg gagattcggg cagctccagg aggggatggg gaaaagctcc    191340
     cctttgccca cctctgcgca aagggagcag cttgttctct agcacgtccc gcgcatctgt    191400
     gccctcgtcc atcaggtcca acttggtgat gaccccaatg gtgcgctgac ctgggaagtg    191460
     accacaggag gattgtcaca gcggctccag acctcactca gggaacttcg tgctttctca    191520
     aaccttccac gctgttcctc tcatcccctg cccaccccct cgcccactta gctgcccctc    191580
     tttcgtgatc tgaagtggcc aaaatggttt ctgttgttgt tactgtttct ttcagagagg    191640
     atctggctat gaagctcaag ctggctccag acctgatact catagggggc tggagagatg    191700
     gctgagtggt taagggcact ggctgctctt ccagaagact ccagttcagt ttccagcacc    191760
     cacatggcag ctcacagatg tctgtaacag tttgagggga tccagtgcca tcttctggcc    191820
     tccatgcaag caagtgacgt acaagcatcg tgccagcaaa acatccatgc taagagaata    191880
     cttttagggc tggagagatg gctcagcgga taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc    191940
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cccatgatga gatctgacgc    192000
     cctcttccgg ggtgtctgaa gacaactaca gtgtatttac atataataat aaataaataa    192060
     tttaaaaaaa tcagccaggc atggtagcgc actcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag    192120
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    192180
     cagggttata aagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aataaaataa ataaataaat    192240
     aaataaataa aaagaaaaaa taaataaaaa agaaaatact tttaattttt ttttaatttg    192300
     agatatgtag cctggcctgg ccttgaactc atgatctttg tgcctccacc tcctgagaga    192360
     taggctcttg actgtgtact accacactgg tgccaaaatc atgtattatt attattattt    192420
     tggttttttg aggcagggtt ctctgtgcgc tgtatagctc tggctgccct ggaacttgct    192480
     ctgtaggcca ggctggcttt gaacttacag atctgcctgt ttctacctcc caagtgctgt    192540
     gatttattga tttattgatt tattttatgt atgagtgccc tatcttactt accaggtgct    192600
     gtgattgaag gtgtgtgcta tcaccaccag ccaaaatgat attttaacta taccagtcca    192660
     ggaaagaacc cagcactaag ctatatcccc agccgggtaa aaatgtttct ttgggggtgt    192720
     gtctttttgt ttgtttgttt gttttccaga cagggttttt ctgtgtagtc ttggctgtcc    192780
     tggaactcac tttgtagtcc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aacctgcctc tgtctcccaa    192840
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccacc acccggcttg gggtgcgtct tttaagcacc    192900
     acatttattt attcatttcc ttatttgtgt atgtgagtgc acccatgccc catgggtcag    192960
     aagataactg tagaattgtg gatttcagga atcaaactca gaggtcatca ttggcaacac    193020
     ctgagggccc tctttttagc ttttagagac aggatctcat gtaacccagg cggtcctcaa    193080
     acttatcgta tagctagtgc tggcctcagt cctgaacttt ccatattaag atgaggcctc    193140
     attataccca gctgaaatga gtctaaagat taagtccaat cccaccacta cttagactct    193200
     gtagtgatac ctctaaacta aaactagacc cctgctgcgc cttgtgcatc cgcagccagt    193260
     caaggaccta ccctgggggt ccacctcctt agcgatcttg agggcatcag agttggccaa    193320
     atccgagttg gcaggggaca cagccaggat aaggcagttc tccttagtga cgaactgcat    193380
     aagcatgtcc cggatctgga actcgatatc aggaggttgg tccccaactg ggaccttggt    193440
     cattcctggc aggtccacta gagtcaggtt cagcactgga cagagaagca agagggcggg    193500
     ttcacagtgt gggcgtggtt aggtgggcag agttcaagaa cagggtccag cttaaagagc    193560
     atctactggt gagccaggcc agaagtaggg gtgggggtag ggtgggggtg gggtgggggt    193620
     tagggaggta gggcgtgagg taagcggaca tagaggaccg caatgctcaa caaataaatg    193680
     aaatgtgtgg ggctggaaaa ttggcccggg ggccaggcta gacaaagaag ctgggaggag    193740
     gaggaggcgg ggccaggtct cctcaccatg gggcgagtag acccgcaggt tgatgggcac    193800
     tggcgaaatg cccttgttgg tgccggtgac tcgatcggtc tcagcctcga tctccaggcg    193860
     cacctcctcg aagtcggtga atttcttccc cttgcagtgc aggaactcgg catattctgc    193920
     tccagaagcc ggcaggagaa gggaaagagg catcaggcct gggaagccca cccgagtggc    193980
     atcctcctcc cgtaatccac cctttacctc caaacactat gagcccttat ctccatttta    194040
     cagttttata cccacagtct agattgggat gaagggccaa ggaggggagg gtgaccttgt    194100
     ctactccgaa aacaacttca gtagctaagc tggacttcac actggggagg gaccacacat    194160
     ggctgctgat ggaagacacg aacctgtggt agaattaacc agctgcagga ccaggggacg    194220
     ccgggtgacg atgccagatc ctcggggcaa gaagtccctg caatgagttt gggggtcaga    194280
     agagggtcaa gatctgagga caactgtctt cccacccagg gagtacctgt ctcaggtccc    194340
     acagcatctc actgagaaca ttgtcactaa ggggaggggc tcccttgagt caccacatca    194400
     ggttgccaag aggctagacg agcaactccc cagatgcccc tcaaatatat accatgttag    194460
     ttctgagcca agaggaagtc cccgccccca tcccagccac tgttattctg tgcaggagag    194520
     aatgtagcac aggatagccc aaataactga tggctagtta gatcttagca aaaacagggc    194580
     agaactgcct tcctccttgt ccctctgagc aggcaatggt tccgttcctc ttccccaggc    194640
     cccatctgtc tagaggtgaa gacgacacag acgcagcccg gaggaggcaa agaacagaac    194700
     tcagcctcct ttggtaccaa ctgcatgcca gctgctttgt gggcagcagc tcatgagctc    194760
     cagaaagtag ccctgggagg aggatgaagt tactgtcccc actttataga tggagaaaca    194820
     gcctcaggga tcatccaata gcacgacaaa gcagacgaga gcctggcctc agctctgtaa    194880
     gagctcctga cctccaggcc ccacggactc agcccctcca taggactgcc ctgaggcctg    194940
     acaggctata cccaacattg gctcctgctg atgtcaactt ttggatgagt gtctgtcagc    195000
     tattctcaag tggccccacc catgacttcc acaggctggc tggagggtgg aggcctctcc    195060
     aggaatcagg ctggcagaat tagcagtcac aggatccccc agaactcagg agatggggaa    195120
     gcagaccagc gccccaggga tcctactgac ccagccagtc acctcctgga agagacccag    195180
     ggagactccg agggcatcag atacgcagac tcagcccaga gctgatggag gctcacaaca    195240
     cttcctgatg aacccagacc tcaggagcaa agggtccgag gagaacagac agacccacgg    195300
     gcctcagttt caaggccccc tcttggggcc ctctcctgtg ccacctctag aaaaacagag    195360
     actgctggga gtctgtgggc caccaacttg ggcaaggcaa gggacagttg gcatgcatta    195420
     atccgttcta ggtaccaggc aaatgcatct ccttcttgcc acactaataa tgtgcaggag    195480
     aacagggctg gtactttccg cctactactg aataccatgg cagcccaggg ctcagtattc    195540
     atgagggatt taatgcattc taagggaatc cccaagtcat caaatgagac gctcatagag    195600
     tctcacttta tggatgaagc acctgaggct cagagagggg aagcgactga ctcaaggtaa    195660
     cacagcagaa ctgtgagctt tgtcttatta gtttggattt tgttgttgtt tcatgtgttt    195720
     ttcagcactg gactttaaat ccagactctc ccacatgcta gtcagttaag tactctgcca    195780
     ttgaactgta tactccagcc ccaggtctga cattcaaacc caagtgtctg ttggacccca    195840
     gaggctagaa aatgtcctcc atccctccgt gccaccccta ctccaaggag ccagatttag    195900
     ctttttatat aattgaattg actctgatct gtgccaggcc ctgtgctggg ccctgaggat    195960
     gagagatgag tcaccagctc cccacccaag gcgctcacag tgtggtggag gcagagagta    196020
     aacagtgtag cttgtggtag gacagagctg gccaggcagg ccaggaggga gggagtccca    196080
     gcctagagga cttcctgcct catcacccag ccttaaatca gtgactcctt ggggagagtc    196140
     acccctctgt ttgggaggtc tccaggattg tggaggtaac acatttgttt tgtcagtggc    196200
     tttggtgggt gtatgggcct cgggtccacc ctcttcctca ccagctgctt gccaagcaga    196260
     gccatggcaa cagtggttgc cgtggaaaca gcaggagggg ctgggaagga tggggctccc    196320
     ccatagagag ccctccccag gcagagatgt ggactcccct gaagttattc cttgagaggc    196380
     ctccctggga gcagatgtgc ccacccagcc ttaggtgcct gagggtggag ggctctggag    196440
     agcctcagag agtggggtga tcctaatctc ctgcctgaga cagttgatgg ctgcttaggg    196500
     tttggcccaa gccactgcca cctcaaagct ggagcccata agcagaactg gccaagacca    196560
     agctctcaga ggcccagggt gacgtcagga gcccaggctc tctaagcgag gcctactcag    196620
     cctgagtcag aattcacgag gctgcttgtt acaagtgctg gttcctcagt gtgtgctaga    196680
     ttcaagtctc caaggatagg ccacactaag caacaatatc ctgtatgcct gtcatgtttt    196740
     ctttcactac agcttgcttg ccttagaggt taagaggcag tgccaggtat aggccatggg    196800
     ttcgaatccc acctctaccc ttccctggcc tggtgccttt ggactcattc cctcattctg    196860
     aatgtgtgct cagctatggt ggaacatcag acatggtagt taaagggttt gtggggcctc    196920
     tcagcagaga gactgagtcc atgcccagaa catgaagacc gcaggggcta ccaagaagga    196980
     ttcctcattt tcagcctcct ctaggaggac ccctaaactt cagcaagaaa tctgaaaccc    197040
     cacagaaatc tctgcctcac ctcctctggg tactgaatcc tgactgaggc accatgaaag    197100
     aaaggcaaga tgaaagcaag gaaaacagca gaatagaggg caccctactc ccccatcact    197160
     gccctgaagg tgggactgaa gcccagagag ggtaaggttg gattttatgg agagtggctg    197220
     aacaagaaca ggacccagga agcctcacac gtccacagac aggaccagca gccccccagc    197280
     ccccatgagc agacaccctg acacacagta gatcctctgg agacactaaa aggaactgct    197340
     ttgtggcttt tctgatacct ggacactgtg gctctctgtg aagggtcagc atctttgact    197400
     caacctccgg tcagagccac catcacacct cctgtttagg cctaggggac agcagagcag    197460
     gtagggagag cgtgcaggct cactagcacc acaggccggg gctgtgccca gcatgggagg    197520
     gcagctggtg gcctgccagc tctcccactc attttgaaca gatggtcgtt tcacagggag    197580
     gccttgtctt gccatctgca gagacacctt caaacctgag gcacagaagg gaccagatag    197640
     ccgcctctca ggacctccag caccacctac ctcctcccga aatcagcact gtcattccct    197700
     acccacagag gcaagaagca ccacgccatg tgccaaagtg acgcccccac gcgtcctcca    197760
     gcacctgagg cttgggggcc agagcatcct gcttttctga ccctgctagg gagcaaacaa    197820
     tgacaagaag tgattctggc caggcgtggt ggcacacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga    197880
     ggcagaggca ggtgaatttc tgagttcgag gccagccggg tctacagagt gagttccagg    197940
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtgactctg    198000
     tctatgtgga cggttctcct gccttctgtt tcttgggctc cagcagcaga caggcctgac    198060
     actgtctgag ctcctgcttt ggggctgtgg atgagtgacc gctggggctt attggggtta    198120
     agggctgaca agccacagtc gttatagtga atggaccatc agccagggag ggaggtagaa    198180
     ggtgtgtttc cagccggacc aggagaagaa gggtggcttg gaagagcaca agggatttca    198240
     agggcaaacg gagcccctga aagagtcagg cggagctggc tgagctctga ggcggcctct    198300
     gaagcattga tctggagtga tggacagaga ttttgtcagc caagaaacac agagggagta    198360
     ggtgaggctg cctcaggcaa caagtccttc tctgttcact gggccccagg aggccggagg    198420
     cagccagtgc tgtaggttgt aaataccaac ccgatgttcc acctttcctg gtctagcctt    198480
     ggcctccctt catgtaccaa ggcagagact gggtgggacc tgcctgggta ggctgaacag    198540
     cacgaggcga ggcgggcact cggataccct gctgagcggg aggacttctc ccagtgccca    198600
     cttacagctc actggagggc aggggacact gagtcacaag aagaacattg ttgtacaagg    198660
     tcatggtgca agttggtgat ggctgggacc cctgacagca aagctcagct ttcctagccc    198720
     cctctttccc ttccctttgt cttttcatcc atgaagatcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    198780
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctcaagcctt ccctcccctc tcggagatga ttatactagc    198840
     aagttatgta taattttctt ttcttttttt tattacgcat tttcctcaat tacatttcca    198900
     atgctagccc aaaagtcccc catgccctcc cccccactct cctacccacc ctttcccact    198960
     ttttggccct ggcattcccc tgaactgggg catataaagt ttgcgtgtcc aatgggcctc    199020
     tctctccagt gatggccgac taggcatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtaaagagct    199080
     caggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt gcacctgcag ggttgcagat ccctttagct    199140
     ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagctgact    199200
     gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccgtataatt ttcaaaatgg aaatagtttc    199260
     ccttttccca cctaattaaa acactaagat ttttaagccc tgtagtgatg gcacacacct    199320
     ttaaacccag ccctcgagaa ggcagaggca ggtgcatctc tggatagtta aggccagccg    199380
     cctttaccga gtgagttcca ggacagcaag ggatacacag aaaatttctc tctcaaaaaa    199440
     ggggggaggg ttctccattt gaaaaaagat tcaagtgata cataaactgt tttataaagt    199500
     aacccccaac tgtcacgcca gccccagaca gctgtcgttc atttcattag tgtggccgct    199560
     tactgctggc ccggctctgt tggagccctg aaattgcagc gttctgagat ttctcttctt    199620
     tggatgatgg aaatgtctaa aattagttta tgatgatgga cacagaactc tgcaaaggca    199680
     caaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaaa ctgacttggg gcacttgaaa tgggtgggtc ttatgataga    199740
     tacataaatc acacagcaat aatatcatct tggctaggtg tgatggcgca cgccttttga    199800
     tcccagcact caggaggcaa aggcaggtgg atctctgtga gttcgaggcc agcttggtct    199860
     acagagtgag tccaggatag ccaggaccac acagaaaaac cctatctaca cacacacaca    199920
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccaaaaag aaagaaagaa atctcttatc    199980
     tggactgact gttcttatgg gtggctgagg tcagtgtgat cagcttctcc atctcccagg    200040
     tggaaaattg aggctcagag ggcagaagtc acatgaccct caggctcttc caagccatca    200100
     gatcgggggc atctcccagg acatctggta aagatgactt gagactggta ttttcctgtc    200160
     atggcagctt gaggagaaat ctccagtttc acttccagga gtgtgtccct gctcagagcc    200220
     tcagttggcc catcagtgaa atgggactct gcagaacagg tctgttctag ggcccttgaa    200280
     aatgatgccc tgagaggcag gctgtggaag acctaacccc aggctgccca ctgggggcgt    200340
     tcaaaagcag gtgttggtct ggcttggtgc tgtacaggag tgctggggtc tcaggcaggt    200400
     gaggacacag tctcctactg agatctggtt atagcctctt tgcccttcta agagcaggag    200460
     cacagagccc aggtaaggag catagagagg cgctaaaacg atgctagaat agctgtctct    200520
     aggtgctctc agcctctttt ctatgcttta aggggaaaca gccccaccct gcacatggaa    200580
     cagggctagc acaaggagat agggcatcgg ggagggcatc cagaggaggt gctggcagat    200640
     gaggcttgga ggtcggagtc agtgagggaa gcgagaatag agcagacaaa ctgtgtcaga    200700
     gagaccccaa cccatttcct ccacaagctg ccgcctgtca ggtggccagc atgcacaggc    200760
     tgaaggtaaa caggccagca gggctcaact ggagatctgg ggctcagttt tgaggagaca    200820
     gggaccaaag aaggattaag acagaggagg agccgggcgg tggtggcgca cacctttaat    200880
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca    200940
     cagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaacac tgtctcgaga aaacaaaaac    201000
     aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac aaagacagag gaggatagaa ggaggagagg gttatagagt    201060
     tccctgctgg taggcaagac tagaccagga gtcagaggtg gctgctgtgg tggctggttt    201120
     tttgggcctt aaggaccaaa tgctggatgg atatgctggc tgaggaggct ggtcctgggg    201180
     tctctgtcca gggcactggg catctaccac ttaggaatct gctataagca ctgttcaaga    201240
     ctaataggcc attttcttgt tacctgtaga aattccaaga ctctagagag ctcttctcct    201300
     aagcttgctt ggtcctcaaa cttgtatctc agaaggaatg agagtcacag agatacccag    201360
     agggaagact gggccagggc tgtacaaacg ggcgggtgtg gagtgtgaat cggtgtgtgg    201420
     gaatgtctga cctagaagca ggagacctgg tagttctcca gtctttgatt ttgtgagttg    201480
     ctgtgtgact tcaggcagga ccactacctc ctctgagcta ttcggaaagt ctgaaatgat    201540
     agttggcttt tcctgtcact ggttattgag gctacaagac aatgatcagt actgtcctta    201600
     ggcatgggtg ctcccgcccc aaccttgacc ttcattatgc ctgtggataa aggtctccag    201660
     ggcccagggg aaaatggcct ccattttaga ggttgccaag agagaggtcc tttctggagc    201720
     cataggtaat atgacagggt gtttacctgt gaccgcggga gggctctgtg gtacaagatg    201780
     gaatgagagg ggacagcgca gcctgagaga ggagccatct gtccccactt gaggtgggct    201840
     tgccaagggc agactgtact gccttcagca gcaactcgcc ctgatttacc acagcaatcc    201900
     ttagacatgt ggtacgtggg cccctggctt gttcccgccc acgcctgacg acgctgtgcc    201960
     cgcacctggc tccctgcacc aatgtccttc ggggagactc actacctgag gagccaggat    202020
     tcccatcctc tgaccccaac caagcccagg gaactctact cttctggcgc cgggatcaaa    202080
     tgccgtctgc agggctcacc tttcatcctt agctccacca ggatggcggg tggggatgga    202140
     cagagatgtc ctgtggctga ggccagcccc aacggagaac tccaggcatg gccagaggca    202200
     gcaaatgctc tgagggaacc atgggggtgg gggttggtga ctgccccttc agactggttc    202260
     tccccacacc tgcatggctc cttcttcctc cagcttctct gtcttaccta gtcttaatct    202320
     aggtcagcct taatgtcact tcctcagggc gagcccagga catgtccctt ctctctgccc    202380
     atcccaggct agggactcct tatctctgaa tgtctgtgaa atcccctcac tcttttcagt    202440
     ctcagtctcc aactctgaga aatgggctca ctagtgatca gaaagagtat ggacttaaca    202500
     atgagggtgg gcagcttccc acaggaaagt gaggcccatt gtagagaagg acaatggagg    202560
     ccaagcctgt ggagtaggga gcaaccattg acctctccct ggctggctac tgggctctga    202620
     gcaggagctt gcctaccacc tctgccccac tggatggaaa agacacatcc ctgctacatc    202680
     tgagtttact caaccctcaa caaagtctct caggggccat gaccttaccc attttacaga    202740
     tgtgaaaacg gtagacagcc agggagagag gaaaacgcac aggggttgtt gtggtcacct    202800
     tgttcccatt ctttctcccc caccccctgg ctcgggacaa aaggtaaacg cttacctgcc    202860
     ctgctaccct ggaggaatgc tgggagagag ggtgtgcagg tggccccaga gtggagcaga    202920
     gagatagcac tgaggataca aggcatctgc tcaggaaatg ctggagaatc ttggggtcca    202980
     cagacacttc tccagctgca ctacactgta tgatctcatc ccttctctcg ggactgaatc    203040
     ccatgtctac accagcagct tccaaatttg tatctcccgt ggcccttccc ccagctcacc    203100
     actgccacca ggagctgtct agggcatcgt tggctcaata tgctcaagac tgaatcccca    203160
     ctgcctttaa cttatgcaca ccaccccact ggcccctaag ggcagatcct cagggtctcc    203220
     tgatcgcatg atgccatcac ccctgaccct gaagtcaccc tggattcctg ctcagcccct    203280
     cccactccct ctcctgtcta tcagccagtg ggacctggcc ccacacagat ctaagcccac    203340
     attctccggc atccctggag gggtgtcctt agacgtggct cttgcctcct tcctgtctcc    203400
     catttgtcag aagcatctca ggtcacccta ccactccaag gatcttgaaa acaaaccaaa    203460
     tccctcgcca tggcctgagg gctcacagat ggaggtcctg tctacacctg tcccaccgtt    203520
     cctgcctaaa ccttgtggtg cctgtttgta tctcaaactg accctttcct gccccaggcc    203580
     ctttgaactg ctgttcactg gcctgggatt attttctccc agcttctcac atagcttggc    203640
     cctgcttggt tttcctgggt gcaaccttcc tctaagacct tctgagccct ccgtgtgaaa    203700
     ggcagcccaa ctcctgggag acagagtgca gcttacaggt gtctcggttt ctctctctag    203760
     aatgcacagc ttcaccaaag actctctagt gtgaccgctg tggaccttcc aagaatgaca    203820
     gctaaatgac tgagtgagct ggcctctgta aagggaaggg aaaggaacag cagagactca    203880
     gacaagacct agcagggtcc cggacagctg ctgggtcacc tccattgcag agctgacacg    203940
     aggtcctcct ggatgcctgg gagcctgcct ggcctgaatt ggcttgtttc ctctagggag    204000
     tttcccactt cctctccgtg ggggtttggc gctctgaaag gcccaggaga aagagctgtt    204060
     gttaccatgt tcacgagtct ggggacccag agctaggcag agaggtaggg aatctgtgag    204120
     gtcggtcacg ggtggggctg gctggagcct gaccccaccc ctagcctcag tactgctgct    204180
     gctcattttg tggcttcttc actagctttt aagggctaac aagcctgccc gcttgctcct    204240
     cctccgtccc agacctgcat ctgggcatct tccacgccct cctggctgga gcagcggcct    204300
     ctcgacaggt caacagttgt ggctatcacc tgctgtggtc tgggctgggt actgcactgg    204360
     gcaaaacgtc atggacaggt tcccagtctc tagactctca aagcgtctct cttccatgga    204420
     tttagcaaat ggcttttgta ctggtttagg aggtccgggt aagcttccag gggtccccat    204480
     tctacaaatg ggaaatcaga tgtctacact ccaatcagtc cccatgacca atgcaggatc    204540
     aagatggagt ctgacaggtg tcactctttg ggaatatgtg accttgagaa aagcatctaa    204600
     tttcagttgc ccgtctatag ggtggacacc actgtgtttg catcacaggg gctacagcaa    204660
     agcagggaag ggctccagtt tgcaccccct aactagagca cacagtctgg cttagaacag    204720
     caaatgctca gagcatggga gatggggctg tggtatgcac actgtaaagt gcacgacacc    204780
     cctccacggc cctgtcttca gggcgctgga cattcctcca tccccaacag ccctgactgc    204840
     tggacccccg ggaaggggct catctatatg gtttcttgcc tgtatctgca gctctggggt    204900
     cacatgatcc agagacagct gctcctctct gctgacaaga cagacagagc tacttccact    204960
     gtggcacgtc tacatctcac cactacatgg ttctcactca ggcccccttc ctcccgccac    205020
     cccaccccca ccccggggtg ggttcacagt ggcttcccag gacgtgtaag tggtggcatc    205080
     aaccctccag tctgtccata ctacactgag gtttggtaaa ggcaagtgac ttgcccaagg    205140
     ttttccagca gcacctggct tagacccagc tgtcacccca cagaatgctt gttcctctct    205200
     ggaaggaggg gccgccgccg cctccctctc cctcacgcct gtcatttcct tagccatgaa    205260
     ggtcattgca agaaagcaag actttctaga aagatgagag cttgcaccta gcgggtgagg    205320
     ggtcaaggtt agcactggtg catcctctct ggtcctggca gtccccttcc cagagtgcac    205380
     ctgagcttag aatgagctgc tctttctaag aaccagaaat gccacttctg tcttccctag    205440
     ctccaaagga gcctagggag gtggtgcgga ggggggtcac gaccctgctt gccccctcta    205500
     agtccaagac cctttgtctc taaggctctc ctccactctg ccacctggcc ttcccagagc    205560
     cttgtgggat cagaggccag aggaggatta ggttctgcaa tggctcacca cccccctcct    205620
     cgccatcctg cctcctggac ttagtcatct ctgccctctg ccgccttttc tctccatcac    205680
     aacccttctg ccaggccagg ggaggaggac gctgacaagc agccccttcc caaggggtgc    205740
     agcgaaggca ggctgctccg tagaggctca caggccgctt ctcctcccgc tgccatcccc    205800
     ccccttcctt tcctcgcacc gcagcccgcg cctccccctc tgcctctctg cgcacggatg    205860
     gcggcgggag ccgcagaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    205920
     gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcgc ctgtgcgtgt gcggggtggg ggggttgtgc    205980
     ctggtctccg atgcctatgg ggctgtgtcc ttttctaggg actgggggag ggggctgtcc    206040
     cctgtcacga ccaggaattc ccatggggtc agagcgggtt ccaaggagcc caggaagggg    206100
     atattgccct ctgggtgctc tcagctccca gtgaggcgct gagtaatgtg ggccccctcg    206160
     gtgagggtat tggcgatcaa ggacagctct ctgccgaggt cgctctacag acgatggggt    206220
     gaacgagggg gcgtgagtgg ggggactcca ctgatatccg cgggctggcg ggggcgctgc    206280
     ggaccccagg actcaagcgg ggggcggggg cgctcggtcc gctagagcag cgcccagacc    206340
     gtcggatccc ggggtgggga cccggggcac cgtgatgcgg gtgtccgcgc cgctcctacc    206400
     tgcccacgaa attctccagc accgagctct tgccggcgct ctggccgcct accacggcga    206460
     tctgcggcag gtcgaggtcc gcgttctggc cgatggcgga gaaggcgtcc tgtaaccggt    206520
     taaccagcgg gatgaggtct tccatgccgc ggttgcccat ggttgcggcg ggcccggcgg    206580
     gctgcgatcc ggccgccgct cctgctctgg ctcttggccc ccggcttcgc ggctgcagcc    206640
     gaatatcccg actgcgtgcg ccgcgggtcc cccgcccctc ggggatccga gcggagcgct    206700
     tctccaggcc gccgctagat ggcgcgcggg gattcgcgga ctggtcacta tgcgcagacg    206760
     caacgcgggg cgccatgggt gttgtcgttt tcttcttctg cggctttcgg gagacttacc    206820
     tgtgtttctg ggatacggat gctgcaccga agataatact tttggtgatg gctaggggtg    206880
     ctaactctag aaatgggcta gtatgtggtg gtcatgatta cttcatttca gcagttattc    206940
     ccagtggaga aactgaggcc ttagagggaa gatctggcac ccacaggctg ctgcagtcag    207000
     ctgaccaaag tcaaccctag tccacttagc ctttctagtc taggttctga cactaatcaa    207060
     aaatctgcag catattcctt cctatcctgg ggcctcagtg tttctggttc taggaggaag    207120
     aaagaaaaac cattgattca acaaattacc aggagcccat gataagctag accccttcct    207180
     aagtttacag acacaaaact cggcagaaca gctagggact ttacactcag agatcttaca    207240
     ggtggtggga tagacgggac acagaagagc gtttgtacta gaagaaacag agaaaaccaa    207300
     cagggcttgg aaagtcacat tagccagaag ggggcaaagg ttttccaaag aaattacctt    207360
     tgaaagggaa cctaactgat aagaaggggc ccgacaccct gatggagtgg acaggaagtg    207420
     caaaggcccc aatacctagg aagtgctgcc gaggagaggc aaaagttctt gtcttgaact    207480
     ctaaggctcc aagaggatga gcgccaggcc cagagtggca aatagtgcta ttcaaaccag    207540
     gggttcttgc agccatactt gcctgtcctt ttcacacaga cagatagttg gatctaggtt    207600
     cggctactca cttttgcatc aagaaggacc tagttaggac tcctgacaaa gaagccaaga    207660
     aagagagggt tatcgggtca cttctatgtt ctgagactag ggaagtgccc taggcattag    207720
     agactatcca tttttttcac ccactgaatg tgtggttgct gagcaggcta gctcccgcta    207780
     gaccccagag acaaggcagt gacaagccac ctacaagtgg ctcaaagtca agtggaaaag    207840
     ggaggggtca tatgccaata aatatgactc tttccggggg tgatgagtgg agagcagggc    207900
     tggggcaggg cttgtgttgt taactcatac aggataataa tgctggaaca gagactagaa    207960
     gtgtgtggac catgagccca gtgagaaggg atttccagtt aggggagaac cacccagacc    208020
     ttacctctgg gtcatttctg ggtcatagct atctaatctg tagagttggc acaatgacaa    208080
     aatagaatgt ctgtgtgagg cccagcccag acctggtgtg cattgaccct cattaacaac    208140
     catgccaacc acatcagaaa tccaggagct gaaacaccag ccccaatacc cctcatccag    208200
     agccgctatt ctcagccagc ctagagagga cagggatgtg agccaaggtg accagcacca    208260
     tcaagttagg ctgggcatac agtttgaaga tgtctgtctg gaccattgca actgagcttt    208320
     tgttattctt ctttatcctt ctgaggggaa agtgtgactc tagtgctcca ctgctacaaa    208380
     tagtgcagtt gagtttcccc acatttgggg acctcacagg gtcagcacac cttgggaaaa    208440
     ccactttcta gatcatgacg tctctcctgc cagctaagta ttatgatttc accccttaaa    208500
     cacagtggta aaacttactg ttaaaaccac actctcgggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggt    208560
     taagagcact gactgctctt ccaaaggtca tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    208620
     ctcacaacca tccgtaagga gatctgactc tctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gtcagctaca    208680
     gtgtacttac atataattaa aaaaagaaag aaagggggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt    208740
     aagagcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    208800
     ctcacaacca tccgtaatga gatctggcgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca    208860
     gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc taaaaaaaaa aataaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    208920
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagagag aaagaaagaa    208980
     agaacactct cactgagcgt ggtggtgcac acctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag    209040
     gcaagtggat ttctgagttc aaagccagcc tggtcttcaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca    209100
     gagctataca gagaaaccct gtctccaaaa aaaaaaaaac cacactctcc agaagtattt    209160
     gaaagcctca gggctatctt cccatctttg ggtcagtgtt agagctgaga gttcattctg    209220
     tagcctacct tttatcttta caaaatgaga ttgtgctagc tgccctgtga tacttaatcc    209280
     tggagccact gggacatggt gggaagttgg tcagaaatcc gggcctcacc caggacattg    209340
     tgtgtcacaa cttgagtgta acagggacca agttctctag atattgctgg gcacactgaa    209400
     gttggggtgt ggaagagggt gatgctgtgg gcagaggata ttgcacacag gtgtcaattg    209460
     ataagcaaac gcacctgaca taccctttga ccccctattc gagaaatagt tttgtcaagg    209520
     ctgaaagagg gcttctacag agagagtcca agtgcagaga tgctgagtgt tctgagggcc    209580
     aatacatcct tcaaatgaga gctcccaaag tggctttggc cctctgcttt gaaccctggg    209640
     aagggtggat gctacgctga gctccagacg tttggccacc acggagccca gttattaata    209700
     ggagcatagc ctaagccgtt cctcccagcc agtgactgcc ctgggcgctt cctctggctc    209760
     catctcagaa cttaatagct tgctatgaca ggtgaggaga atgaggcaca gagcggctgc    209820
     cgagtaatgt gtccaaggtc acaaagccaa gaagtgacag agtcaagctg ccagtggagg    209880
     ctggtgtgac tactgacagc atcgtctgta ctgagagtct atgtattttc gtgtgttggt    209940
     gtgtgagtgt gtgcacgtgt gcatggatgt gtgggcagag ggtgaaagag aaagtcgatg    210000
     gtgtccttgg ctgccatcta ccttggtttt tgatatgggg tccctcattg gcctggggct    210060
     cctcttgtag gtacagcaac tgaccacctg ccctggggtc ttgctctttc tgcttcctct    210120
     gcactgaaat tacaagcatg ggctccatcc tgggcttttt aaatatgtcc tgggggttcc    210180
     aactctggtc tttatcctta caaggtcaac cctttaccaa gtgagctatc ttcctagcta    210240
     aatatatgtg ttttgagtgc acataaaaat catgtaaact aacctcttgt gatgtgtgca    210300
     cagcagatgc aaacaaaaca aacaaatcca accactcgag ggccaggcag atggctcagc    210360
     acccgaaggc attcaccaca aagccagcct atctgagttt gatccttggt gtccacatag    210420
     ttgaaagaag agctgacttc ctcaagttgt cctttgacct ccacacaaac tcgtggacaa    210480
     aaaaaacctg acagaaacac agcatcggat tgggacagtg gccttcagct aacagttcct    210540
     agaagaagcc attcattctt ctctgggcct ggccctttga ctctgtcact cattgcgttt    210600
     ctgtcaacat gcaggggtca gtgtctactt ggtgcacaaa ctcatgcaag acacaggtaa    210660
     gtccgtgaag agataaataa gatgcaaagc tcttgctatg gcagcaggga ctcacaggga    210720
     gaaacggaca cgcccagcag atcaggctca cagagcgagg gcactgtggt cgtctgagta    210780
     tgaacagccc ctggaggccc tagtgttcag atgcttggtc attcagaagc agcaccattt    210840
     gacaggatca ggaggatcct gttattgggt ggtgagtttg ggggtttcaa gctcaagccg    210900
     ggcttcgtgt ctttctcttc ctgctgcctg cagacccaga tccagatgta gagcttgtgg    210960
     ttccttgtcc agcatcactc ctgcctgcgc actgccaagc ttccctccat gacagcaatg    211020
     cactaaacct ctaaacctgt gagccagccc cagttagagg ttttccttta taagagttgt    211080
     tgtggtcaat ggcgtctcct cacagcaaca gaaatccaaa ctaagacagg caataagggc    211140
     aggggcactg cagggccagg gtggagagtg ctgggttgcc gggttgcaga ggttggggga    211200
     gttgctgctc taggtgtcta catttaccag gttctatcct gtgaggaggt ccttcccatg    211260
     agcctgagag ggaccagatg acattgcatg gtgggggtgc tccccacgaa cctggggagg    211320
     aggactaatg gcattgctga ctctgccctg gtgagaaatg gagccagcag tctggtgtgt    211380
     ttttgtccat tctcccccat agctccttct ggcctgatga cttggagcaa gtcactctac    211440
     ctctgggagc ttcagcttct ccaatgggga tgggtaataa aatccccgaa tttcaggatc    211500
     tggaggtaat ggagcgaatt tgtgttgaga accaatgaaa acaagtatta gtatagctgt    211560
     aagtattacc ctgctcccac cctggagctt aggaaggtgg caaagggtgt ggctggatgt    211620
     gatgacaagg tatgggtggg ggagttgtca cccacgcgtc agttgtgtcc agcagaaatg    211680
     accatattaa ggccctcagt ctgaaggatg cttgctccag aaggtgggga tggaggatgg    211740
     acaccaagct gcgctcatcc agctcttccc acctctgtcc tctatctctc tcaccgtgtt    211800
     tatttatagg aagaggcaca ggtgggcggc agccactggg aaggtcacgt gataaacaca    211860
     gggtctcaca gccattctgc ctccgtccca gcctggagct tctgcggggc acggctggtt    211920
     cccaggagtt ctgagctggt gtggcgggtg gcaggcccat cttgttgtct gttggtgtgc    211980
     tgtgctaggt gcctgcctgg gaccctcctc tataagagga tggatgtgca tgtcaagcga    212040
     gaaggagctg cctgggggac cacccagctg gggacagagg gacgtaattg ggttcatgta    212100
     ctggagtcct gcatttaccc tcctattcat tgacattcac ctgacgggtg taatgagcta    212160
     gatcccaagg acatgggcac aattcggcag cttcttttgc agtctagagg cacatgacat    212220
     cactggagat agaaataatg ggagctgagg aggtagcagg ttacagaatg aagatgcctt    212280
     ggtcaatagc cacttagaaa atagtgacag aagccactat agaaattgta cggttgctgg    212340
     cgtgggggag gagatctgca aaactcacac aatgcgagga ttcagtaacc agacactggt    212400
     attattattg ctaccatcac catcgtcatc attattttga gcagggtctc tggtagccca    212460
     ggctagcctt gaactctagt aactgaagat aacttcatac ttatgatctt tctgtcatca    212520
     cttcccaagt gctgggacta taagcatagg ccacaatatt tggttttagg cggtgctggg    212580
     gtaaaatcca gggctttgca agacaagcac tctggtaggt gaactacatc ctctaccatt    212640
     atcaccacca tcaacagtaa caacaacaaa caaggttttg tttatgtgac cctatctgac    212700
     ctagaaccct ctacacaagc tagctaccaa gctagctttg aatttacagc aattcttggg    212760
     cttcggcctc ccgagagtgc taggattacg gccttgaggc tctgtgcctg gctggacctc    212820
     attaacttga aaagctcagg gcaagtctgg agagatggct cagtagttat gagcatttgt    212880
     ttttgctaga ggagccaagt tcaataatca caactgtcca tgactccagt tctgggcgtt    212940
     tagcaccctc tgtgggctcc aggcttgtat gtggtgcaca gacgtacatg tgtgcaaaac    213000
     atataaaaaa aatctaaaac agagtaaaaa tgacaacttt tctccaacta aaacatattt    213060
     catgcaacat cagttgaact cgttggattt tagaggcagg gagagattta aaacaattct    213120
     gtattccatc tgaaaaaaaa atgtcaggtc tggaattgtc gagtttactt tctgattttg    213180
     gggttcatca gacataacta gaaggagcag gttggaccct ggaacaaagt aggcactgac    213240
     atagatccac tgagtctaag aatttattct ttgataaaga ggcttttcac aatagcaaca    213300
     aaagggccag gggctgcctc actgagtaag aatacttgtt tcaaagcctg ataacctgag    213360
     ttggaccccc cccagaaccc acataaagct ggaaggggag aactctgacc tctgacctac    213420
     acacacacta tggcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactatg    213480
     gcacacaaat ccctcataat acacacaaaa cacgttagta ataaaaataa aaattaagag    213540
     gcaacaaaag agatttccac agggattttc tgtttccatg agggaggtct tttctttcaa    213600
     aaaacaaaaa tatctctttt gaggggcagg aatcctgcct gcaagaactt gatcaaagat    213660
     aattagctcc aaacagtaga tccagagcct ttctcgacct cagctatctt caaggtctga    213720
     gaccacacac attagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    213780
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga gaaagtctct ctccccagat ccaaagcaat cactgcaaat    213840
     tagacagtaa aacgctgttc cctgcccccc acaaaactca gactatatat aatatatatg    213900
     gagtttggga accttctaag ttcacaccat gttgtgttgt caatgtttaa tatcctttga    213960
     aaatctaatt tctggtggca atgtgctttc tatttcttaa gaggcagaca ttgtggctta    214020
     tttagttttt ccctctgaag ttgactgcgt tccaggctgc tattataaat aagttttcca    214080
     ggaacaaatg tcctggcttt taaagtctct tttctcaccg ttttcctgga ctacagtcct    214140
     gcaagggggg ttagtcgggc aaagggcaaa gggcattgag aaccttgaca agggctcagc    214200
     agctgcgggc cttgaaagat gcgcatgcgc agtcagcttc tgctggcttc ccatcttcgc    214260
     cagcaccagc attattttta gtgttttcac tttagcaact agctaagctc actgtgtacc    214320
     ggcgtcagtg ctaagcatta tgtaatgtca tcttcacaca cacacaccct ggaagggaca    214380
     cttattttgc agatcaagaa acgggcggag aggactcctt cagtccctca gggtcgcaaa    214440
     gccagatggc taaggcgatc ctgactccac cttcactacc tgcgcgtgtg ctccaaccag    214500
     ggcgcagcat ctatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt gccgcagtgt cttactagtc    214560
     cgcctctgcc tctcaagcat taaggttata ggctggggcc actatgccca gccaagctag    214620
     agtgcggttt gtttgtgttt tgttttgttt tttttaactt taaaataaca acaactatta    214680
     ttactaatta tttattatta ttattgctgg ctagcgaccc ccctgcttct gcctccccat    214740
     gtgctgggtt cacggaagtt ttccgaccga tgaatttact cctgtcactt agatacgcct    214800
     atccttcaag gatgattacg ccattcaagc ttcctaaaca cgcagacccc agccgcagac    214860
     ccccagccgc ggccatccca gctcgctctg gccaggatga gccactttag tgctattaac    214920
     gccaacaact gcgaaagagg tcccagtgga gcgagaactc tcgcctcctg agcccattac    214980
     ccccgggcga gtcccgagcc tcaggttagc gcagtcacct gactgcgcag tagtgatctg    215040
     tcctctgcgg tccctagcgc cgccgagcgg ccagtcctct cagtctacac tgggcgcgaa    215100
     gtggggggat gaacaagata aaagaattgc caagaccagt ggggctaagg ggtgtccgca    215160
     gtggcaggac ctttttaggg gcaggtaaga gccattaaag aaagtaactg tgtcagacgt    215220
     ggtggcagaa gccagcgggt ttctgtgaat tcgaggccag tctggtctat agtgagtttc    215280
     catatgtagc cattgctaca caacacaatg aaacggaaaa ggaaatcaga ggcttgggaa    215340
     cttgttaagt ggttaacgtt tgttcttctt ccaaaggacc caggttcagc tcccagcact    215400
     cccacaggtg gctcacaacc atccacaaac ttcttcctag gggatcagat gccctcttta    215460
     gacctctgca agcactaggc acatacaaag tacacacaca tacatgcagg caaaacattc    215520
     atacacctga aataagaata catatttaaa agacgggggt gagaggcggg cgtggtggcg    215580
     cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcagacg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca    215640
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt gccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgcctcaa    215700
     aaaaccaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaac    215760
     aaaaaacaaa aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaacgg ggatgaggag agatagctca    215820
     gtggttaaga gcacttgttc ttgcagagga gctgggttcg attcctagca ctcacaagac    215880
     aattcacaaa tgtttctaac tctagttcca ggatgtacaa gatatacacg atatacagat    215940
     acacatacgt tcaaaacact catacacata aactaaatct tttttaaaaa aatgtaaaaa    216000
     acaaaactat ttttttaaag ctgaattcac cacacatacg cgcgcccgct tgctcttgtc    216060
     ccagccccac gcgggctcgg gatctgggga cagtggtggc attggggagg tcagttggga    216120
     tctgaccgac tgtcggtccc ctttgcccct gccagataaa cagacggccg tgggaactca    216180
     gaatcgcccc ttcccgatgc tgggatctgg ggacaggagc ctacgctgcc cggcgcctca    216240
     tagcacctgg gagccaccgc ggctctagcg attgcagatt ggtcgcggtc cccgcgacgt    216300
     gacctgcgcg cgaggcttgt tcgcccgccg cggcgtccgc gctgaggcct ccgcacctcc    216360
     agagggcgct ctgcgcggga gtggccagcc gctgggcctt cggagtgtcc cggtccggtc    216420
     accgtcccga gcagcccggg agctccggag cccgccttac gagtcagctc gtggctttca    216480
     cggtttcggt tttcgtggat tgccgggagg tgagggggag ccagtgtggt gcccgccccg    216540
     gaagcgacag tggaggaggg ttgggcaccc cgggaagggt ggaccgcagg gatagcggct    216600
     acttgcagag agcctacggg ctttgtggac aggcgaggcc acaggattag ttaagtggcg    216660
     ttggctatat ctgcgaggga agggagtgga gggatgaggg acaacggagc ggggtggggg    216720
     tgtgctgcgg cggacggaag cgtttcccat ccagggttca tggatttaag tgacacaatt    216780
     tagggagagg acagcggaat ccaaaacagg gaagtgtgca cgggaagcac caggaagtgt    216840
     agagtgactg acaggcagga gatgggagtg gaaaggtgtg ctccgattag aaggttggac    216900
     cgccagagtt gaagagatgg gagggaagat aaagaactga aggcgtgtct gtgtgtgtat    216960
     cctgttctgg cagctgaccg gaagaactgg aagccccgaa gccccgggta taaatgcagc    217020
     gtgctcttgg cgtgggtggg actgtgtagc ggtgaagctt agcaggcgtt atgctggggt    217080
     gggtgttttg ggaggggaga gaagctggat catcccaaag tggtgatctg accctaccca    217140
     ccataccccc ttcagccacc atgttcaacc cgcaactcca gcagcagcaa cagttgcagc    217200
     agcagcagca acagttgcag cagcagctcc agcagcagca gctccagcag cagcaacagc    217260
     agatactgca gctccaacag ctgctgcaac agtccccacc acaggcctcc ttgtccattc    217320
     ctgtcagccg gtgagttttc cacttccagg agcagtctga ggtctgacgg ctcagaccca    217380
     cattttggag cctggctccc agtagttatt ttttccccag gggcatcctt gtttgagtat    217440
     taaatgtcat cagtttctac cttggagggg atcctccatc tgccattgag atggagagaa    217500
     tggaggtgag agacctccgg gtagatggct ttcccaggac ccctctgaca ccctactccc    217560
     atcacacagg ggcctccccc agcagtcatc cccgcaacag cttctgagtc tccagggcct    217620
     ccactcgacc tccctgctca atggccccat gctgcaaaga gctttgctcc tacagcagtt    217680
     gcaaggtatg gcagttcccc gtggccctca gcttcttcct aacccattca ttcttaccaa    217740
     cactcacagc ggccctaaca gcatccttat agatgaagat accaggctcc caggagatga    217800
     agtccacagg ctactctgct aagtacaggg ttaccgggct acggtgctgg ccgttcctgc    217860
     ctctgctgat aaacctaagg ggaggcacac ccgtaacccc cctctacaaa tgaggatagc    217920
     aacctgaggc ccagaagagg gaccatgtgc ccatagtcac aacacaggta gaagctaatt    217980
     agacagccat cacttggtat ccctaccagg accccagcgt ggacagcctt tcggggtgac    218040
     tttcaaaaga tgcgtggatg attcgagaga gaaaaaaatc ccacagcagg tcacaatatg    218100
     cacatatgta caccaccttt tcttttccca ttttaaaagt tatgcttgtc atagtgaaaa    218160
     taatgtatta aaatagaaaa acaacaacag caacagtaaa aacccacggg ggccggagag    218220
     atgggtcaga ggtcatgggt cagagggcag gagttcttgc tgctctgcag agggcctgag    218280
     ttagggtcca tcacccacac agggcaactc ctgatgcctg tgactccagc tccaggggat    218340
     ccaccgtcct tatctggcct ccaagggcag ctccaataca acacgtgaat gaaaatttaa    218400
     gataaatcct aaaacataaa atcattgaaa acaaacaaac aaatccaagc ggtaggaaga    218460
     cattccctca tttctgggag aaagtcagca ccccgtcatt atagttcttt ccattttttt    218520
     ttctaggaag aagcttggga gttgagtgtg gttatatgat taataccaaa aagagtccac    218580
     gtcttgtttt tcttttcttt tctttttttg cagtgctaca gtttttgttt gtttgtttga    218640
     gacagtgtct cactctatat ctctggctgg cttagaattc actatgtaga ccaagctggc    218700
     cttgaattta tagagatctg tctgcctcta gtgatgggat taaaagtgtg cactggtatg    218760
     tttggccttg ctttgagaaa aggtctcact ctgtagccca ggctatcctg gaacttagta    218820
     tgtaagccag ggtggtcttg aactcaaaac agtcttccta cctcatcctg caagggctgg    218880
     gattacaggc atgagctgcc acacccagcc agtattctgg ttcaatccag gtttgttgtg    218940
     atagctttta atttctcact ggaggggtgt gtgcccttac ggaaacctca attatccatt    219000
     tctccccccc ccctcctctt ctctatccta aaccccactg agatgaactg acatctgaga    219060
     ctcttctcac agtagatccc cagcactgag tgactgagtc ggggatggat gtctgatggc    219120
     ttttgataag tattaccaaa ttactttcct aaggactgga ccagtttgca atgccaccag    219180
     ccacgtatga cggtgccagc ctcaccatgc ctacggcaac actgggtact ccatgctttt    219240
     ttacctatgc ctctgtgact gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcggat tgtttactaa gttggtttgc    219300
     aaaggctaac gctgcgttgt gtcttcattc ccatttccac gtgctagtgc ggctaaaaca    219360
     tataccaagc attcacatgt catttttgtg acttgtccat ctctgtcctt tgtccgtctc    219420
     tgcttgaggg cttcccatct tccgccttac tgtttctggg agctggatgg ctctctggga    219480
     cggtgtgtgt gtctttgtcg taccttttta tcagatacac taattcatga ctttgaatct    219540
     tcatttgaca gacgagggga gggagaactg gcttactcaa ggtgccagag gtagtctgga    219600
     cttgaattca tctttcagca caactgacct atgccttaaa gcctgtgctg ccctcccctg    219660
     cattgcccct gaatctgggc atgaatgcca actctctttc atgctgtggg ccttccctgg    219720
     gaaaaagagc cgagtcagag gagatgtagc aggaaataag agggctgggc ctgggataga    219780
     ggtctctagg gatacagata tcagggaagg cctcctgaac agcagatagg gaagattcaa    219840
     agggaggccg aaagatgcta ggaattagtg gaacacaaca gcttccacgg aaggtgcagc    219900
     atgttcaaag gcccagaaat ggagtgatca gaggactgcc cagtgacatg ttcctagagc    219960
     gcaacttggg gcactcgaag tgggtggggc cagaccttgc cctaaaaaga acaaggaact    220020
     gtaggaggct ttgggccggg atgaggtcag aatgtagctt taaagaggtc ccatttgctg    220080
     cggttctgag gagggatggt gtgttttcca gagagggaga gcctgcttgg aaatgcatgt    220140
     gggtgctaga gttgtgagga cctggcgatg cctggggtgt ggaggacggg gtgaggacag    220200
     agctagcagg tgtccctcgt ggggcttggc caagctacct ctctgttttg tgtctgtgtt    220260
     gatagatgca tctccctgct acctggcacc ttgctcggtg ccagagcctt ccctctcatt    220320
     gatgaagaga agtcagtggg ggacatggta gtgaccagtg gcttgctggt cctcctgtgg    220380
     ccctgtgctg gctctcacat acctgagggt ccacagcatg tctgagggct ggggcagttc    220440
     acgtgcccag atggagcaga aaacctaccc taagtccttc ctcacttgtg cccacagtgg    220500
     atcttacctt ggctttacct ctacttccct ggataagagg gtcccctcag acattatctc    220560
     tgatattccc ctggtatttg gggcactgaa cccctgatat aaccttgacc attcaatcat    220620
     gttatgacct ctcttcttac ctcttcccca caggtaacct ccgtgctttc aatgtgacag    220680
     ccccaagcct agcagctccc agccttacac caccccagat ggtcacccca aatctgcagc    220740
     agttctttcc ccaggctact cgacagtctc tgctggggcc tcctcctgtt ggggtcccaa    220800
     taaacccttc tcagctcaac cactcaggga ggaacaccca gaaacaggcc agaaccccct    220860
     cttccaccac ccccaatcgc aaggtgagta gtgctttgag tggaacagct cagcaggagc    220920
     gggtggaggg gtaccccagt gtcagcccag ctccaccggc ttgggcttgc cctggccttt    220980
     ggccttcagt catgctctgt ctttgtgcct cagtgtctat aaaatgaagg cgcctaacat    221040
     ctatcatctc ctgaacttca agtatcttta tggtctcaat gtgactttag ccatacccaa    221100
     ataccacctt attattacca cctatgtact atttccctct tcaacaagtt ttttcttttg    221160
     ttttgttttt tgtttttgtt ttttcgagac aggatttctc tttatagccc tggctgtcct    221220
     ggaacttact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc    221280
     cgaggtctgg gattaaagga gtgcgccacc accgcccggc ttacaagttt tttttttatg    221340
     actttattat taccatttat ttttacatgt gctgaggtgg gcatgtggag gtcagaggac    221400
     acctgtatgc atctcttttc tctttctacc acatgggttc taggaacaga acttgacgcc    221460
     agatgccttc acttgccgag ccagctcaat ggctttagtg ctattctctc tacatcagca    221520
     gtgtctgata gaaataaaac aaatcatata tcggacttaa acttttggat agtcacatta    221580
     aaaagataaa aaggtcaaga tataatgatt aacattcata atcccaacac ttgagaggtt    221640
     aggggcggaa ggtggcggca ccttctagaa tattctgaac tatgtatgta gcaagaactt    221700
     caggctttaa aaataaaatg aaaaagaaca gataaggtta atcttaccgc caggtagagt    221760
     caagtacacc tctaatccca gcatctggag atggtacagg aggctcagag gcccaaggtc    221820
     atcttcattt acacagctct aggccagcca ttccaaaaca gttgaacaaa aaatgaatat    221880
     aatacaatga aacatatttc agttcatcta gtatttagaa aaaaatacca ttttgacctg    221940
     tattaaaaaa aaaaataggg ctggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct    222000
     tctgaaggtc ctgagttcaa atccggaaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccgtaagga    222060
     gatctgatgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa    222120
     taagtcttta aaaaaattaa aaaaataaaa aataaatgag ccgggcagtg gtggtgcaca    222180
     actttagtcc cagcactgag gaagcagggt caagtggaac tctgagtcaa tctttaagat    222240
     ctctgatacc ctcctttcct tgatgattga ttgatgtttc tttctttgct tgtttgttaa    222300
     gagacaaggt cttttttttt tctttctttc tttttttaag atttatttat ttatttattt    222360
     attttgtgta tgtgagtaca ctgtagctgt acagatggtt gtgagccttc atgtggttgt    222420
     tggaaattga atttttagga catctgctca ctccggtggg ccccgctcac tctggtcaac    222480
     tccgctcaac tctgcttgct tcggcccaaa gatttttatt tattattata cataagtaca    222540
     ctgtagctgt cagacacacc agaagcagat gtcaggtctc attacgggtg cttgtgagcc    222600
     accatggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctttggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaccca    222660
     ctgagccatc tctccagccc aagagacaag gtcttatctc ccaaatttca aatacctctg    222720
     tgcccctaca ttgcccagcc tggtctcaaa tttctcagct caagtgatcc tcctgcctca    222780
     gcctctcaag ttcctaaaat aacccatata tttcatcatg ccccattttg tccttaaaaa    222840
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa acccgctaag tctaatctgt cacttaatat cgtaataaca    222900
     ctttgatatc taatatgtca cttaagcttc tcacttaatt gagactccgt ttcaagtgtt    222960
     tccctgaggc taatggtcat cacgtggggc aggcagcttt gaatgtcact tttaaggcac    223020
     aaggctgagg ctctgtggta gagcacaggc ttggggtact ggaggctctg ggttctgcag    223080
     gaaataagga aacattgaat ccctgcttaa aagtttcaac actgtgaaat cctcacccat    223140
     ggaacaaaaa cagagggcca gagggttaca gcattacagc tgtgtctaaa aagcccagca    223200
     gcgctggcca gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcgg atttctgagt    223260
     tcgaggctag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ctaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc    223320
     ctgtcttgaa caaccccctt cccccctccc cccgcaaaaa aatggtttct aaaaagaagc    223380
     aggattcttc ttctcagacg gtgcctctgg aagacaggga agaccccaca gaggggtctg    223440
     aggaagccac ggagctccag atggacacat gtgaaggtga gaaacaaggg cggctgccct    223500
     tcacaaggga catcggggca gggaagatct tggtggcaag taagccaggg ccatctcctg    223560
     gagctatgtt tcctcacctg ccaccattgc agaccaagat tcactagtcg gtccagatag    223620
     catgctgagt gagccccaag tgcctgagcc tgagcccttt gagacattgg aaccaccagc    223680
     caagaggtgc aggaggtgag tgatgctggc ccagtgctgg ggctcagcct gtaaagttag    223740
     ggcttggcct ccacttgggg gagggtcaca ttcatcccta gatctacctg gggtgagcca    223800
     cctggaggcc aagctggaca gccaggagga aggggtcctt gcagagtgca gaggtggggc    223860
     tgggtttata gggctaatta aaatcaggtt gcaatttgga ggtggagagt cactacattt    223920
     atttaggtga agcaggcccg gatagcttta gatcgtccca tatcccaaat tgtaagtaga    223980
     attgggatta ggaactgggt caaaggcctc tgggaagata gagctttggt cttcttggat    224040
     ttgctggttt gttttcattt ttgagacaat cttggctgac ctagaactca ctatgtagac    224100
     caggctggcc tcaactcttc agaagagatc cgcctgtctc ttcctcccta gggtcaggat    224160
     caaaggcata gaccaccaca actggctttt tgcttatctt tggatctttg ctagctcaga    224220
     ggagtccacc gagaaaggcc ctacagggca gccacaagca agggtccagc ctcagaccca    224280
     gatgacagca ccaaagcaga cacagacccc ggatcggctg cctgagccac cagaagtcca    224340
     aatgctgccg cgtatccagc cacaggcact gcagatccag acccagccaa agctgctgag    224400
     gcaggcacag acacagacct ctccagagca cttagcgccc cagcaggatc aggtagagcc    224460
     acaggtacca tcacagcccc catggcagtt gcagccacgg gagacagacc caccgaacca    224520
     agctcaggca cagacccagc ctcagcccct ctggcaggcg cagtcacaga agcaggccca    224580
     gacacaggca catccacagg tacccaccca agcacagtca caggagcaga catcagagaa    224640
     gacccaggac cagcctcaga cctggccaca ggggtcagta cccccaccag aacaagcgtc    224700
     aggtccagcc tgtgccacgg aaccacagct atcctctcac gctgcagaag ctgggagtgg    224760
     tgagtgtgga ctcccggcct gatccaggtc tgccaaactc ttctttgtct gtctgatctg    224820
     gcattgttta gtcttgactg agggttgggc ctggcataca gatctgggac catccccgtc    224880
     ttggattcag gttaatatct ggacagagga gccagctctt gtatccagat ctatctggac    224940
     cccaaatggt agacactgtg ggaaaggaac gtatatgtca tttcagaccc agacaaggcc    225000
     ttgccagaac cagtaagtgc ccagagcagt gaagacagga gccgggaggc gtccgctggt    225060
     ggcctggatt tgggagaatg tgaaaagaga gcgggagaga tgctgggggt gcgtacacat    225120
     aggagggccc gcgagcctgg cagcggcacg ggctctgctt gtccaagcta ccttaggatc    225180
     cttcttaaga tcttgatgtg cttttggtgg caaaggtccc ttctggtcct ggccaactcc    225240
     acactagagc tgccagtcct tctcctaacg atgtcatttc agtacctttg taaaaccctc    225300
     cttgtgggac tcaggcaggt cccaatgcta cgttataaca aaacttcaag tcaacctctt    225360
     tttttccttt ggtcttagtt tccccatcac atgagtgatg acgtgggttg gacttagaat    225420
     taaccagagc caggtcagga gcggtgctat acatctttaa ttcagcccct agagaggtgg    225480
     aggcaggctg atctcttcta gcttcaggcc agcctggtct acatactgag acatacatat    225540
     tcgatctagg ttcaaatcct ggctatcgta ttctctgttt aggtttgggc agtcacataa    225600
     cctaacctaa cctagagggt agatattctg tctctgtgtc tgctgtagat gtggggggct    225660
     gggagctccc tgaaggtcac catcctgcag agtagcaaca gccgggcctt taacaccaca    225720
     cccctcacat ctggacctcg ccctggggac tctacctctg ccacccctgc cattgccagc    225780
     acaccctcca agcaaagcct ccagttcttc tgctacatct gcaaggccag cagcagcagc    225840
     cagcaggtac tcagggcaga gggggagggc tgggaccttt ggctttgcct attctacact    225900
     gccccttggc cattcacctg tataggcgta tttcctgatc agctggtaga acaggttttt    225960
     aggatctagg aaaacctggt tcagatctgc tgtgactggc catcagggtc tccagaggta    226020
     tatcccaccc ttgggtcttt tcctcttgtg gtcaaggagg ccacagagtc ttaggacaca    226080
     gcacttgaca ttgaagttct gcgcccagtt ctggcccaag caagtgcagc attactagta    226140
     atagtactta cttaataact tacttagtaa tagtacttac ttaagaggct gaggcaggag    226200
     ggcaacctgg tcaacttagt gagagcctgt ctcaaaataa ataaatatat ataaaagaaa    226260
     gagaggggct ggtgagatgg ctcaacgggt aaaagcaccg actgctcttc tgaaggtcat    226320
     gagttcaaat cccagtaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccgtaacacg atctgatgcc    226380
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagccacag tgtatttaca tataataaat aaataaatct    226440
     tttaaaaaaa gagagagaga aagaaagaaa gaaaaaagag agaaaggaag aaaaaaggaa    226500
     ggaaggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggaggaag gagggaggga gggagggagg    226560
     gagggaagga agcaagtaag caagcaagca agcaagctgg gatatagctc agccactgct    226620
     taacccatga gaggcagagt taaataaata gatagataga ttgtagtctt gactggggag    226680
     accaattact ttcggtgcct gggggttcaa aacaagatcc tgtgagcaca tgcgtttccc    226740
     attaacttgg gcaatagagc aagaactcag tatccagccg ggtgtggtgg tgcatgcctt    226800
     taatctcagc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcgagacc agcctggtct acagagtgag    226860
     ttccaggaca gccaagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaacaa aaaaacaaac    226920
     aaacaaaaaa aaaaagaact cagtatctgt ctttaaactt aaaaatgatt tctttgcttt    226980
     ggccccatgt ctacgcacca catgggtctg aagcccacag aggccagatg aaggcacagg    227040
     atctcctgca tctggagtta ggtggctgtg agccaccatg tgggtgctaa gagttgaacc    227100
     cagagcctta ggaagagtag ccagtgttct taacctctca gtttctgttt tattttttta    227160
     attgaagatt tatttattat atataagtac actgttgccg ttgctgtctt cagacacacc    227220
     agaagagggc atcagatctc attacaggtg ggtgtgagtc accatgtggt tgctgggatt    227280
     tgaactccgg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctctaaac tgctgagcca tctctccagc    227340
     cccaccccca tccccgcctc agtttcttct aatgctcttg tattattacc agtagccatt    227400
     gttacctctg tgactgtggt cctcgtctga gcaaggccac ttagagcctt gttccttatc    227460
     agggaagcac tctcagaaaa ggatatgcat ttcctcaatg cctcagttta ccttccctgc    227520
     catggcctac atggagctgt gtaaaatgat gccagttgtg gtggtacatg ctggtaggac    227580
     atgcctgaga aagcgagtca ggaggatcaa agacgcaggg tggccgtgac gttaggagtt    227640
     gtccttccct tggctgtggc tcatgactgc ttctggtgca ttcctgctgc aggagttcca    227700
     ggatcacatg tcagaggctc agcaccaaca gcggcttggg gaaatacaac actcgagcca    227760
     gacctgcctg ctgtccctgc tgcccatgcc tcgggacatc ctggagaaag aagcggagta    227820
     agtaggggct ggcagaggct catgtgggtc aggcagcgtc ccaggccagg cccttaatag    227880
     actggctggc tgggaggtca accagccgtg cataccatta actccaattt tgatcatcag    227940
     tttctcctgc ctgtaaaatg tcttggtgag gggtgtagtg acagtctcct aaggtccctt    228000
     ccaggtaaga acagtgtgac attcctatgg aagagagggg agctgtaata cagagagacc    228060
     tacccccact gatctgtgtg ctagccctaa ccagagaggc acagcggtaa ggaccaggtc    228120
     atcttgtggc cctgggtgag accttccctg aatgtatcca ttgtcacagg ggatgtggtt    228180
     ggtctgaaat gtctacccag aatctggaac tagcacctgg tgtgagaagg cttggtggga    228240
     agttgtaggt cccagtgggg tgtcccaagc ctgcagggct ggaaagcatc actggagagt    228300
     gtcaagctga gacttgggcc ctgggagaca agggctgtgt ctcctggggg agctgcctcc    228360
     ggtggttgtt agagctccca gctttccagg gggatccagg cacctggata acttcggaag    228420
     cctcacagtt gcagagcatc atcaacaaag tcagatgtga tcccggcact tgggaggctg    228480
     agacagggca caagagttga cttattcaga atgacagaaa acccagatga agacaaatga    228540
     aaccgcttct caggcggtac tgttgtacga gtccatgatg ggaggttcca ctgagggcaa    228600
     ggacagggac tcttggctgc tctgtgattc acctggctcc atccgttagc tcccacttat    228660
     agaagagtca ggaatcgcta tcctgtcctt tgtctttttg atgctctgac taggaccctg    228720
     gcccctcata taccctagct tctgaagtgc agcacccttc ccttcccttc ccttcccttc    228780
     cggagcactc taggagaata tagcatcaca cgctgcttgc ttttattgcc gtcagagatc    228840
     ctccgcccaa acgctggtgc aacacctgcc aggtgtacta cgtgggagac ttgatccagc    228900
     accgtaggac acaggagcac aaggtatgag agtcactcat gctgcgaggg tccccatgtg    228960
     ggtgggacac atcctagccg ggggttgggg tggggtgggg agggaggtct atttttgtct    229020
     ccacttgact gccacttatg tgacttctgg tgagtcagtc atgttcctct ctgggctttc    229080
     ctgtgcccat ctgttcagtg taggcacctg ctcaccctgc tatttagccc ctagctcatt    229140
     gggggagtct ttggcggctg tccccctctt attctgtctc tgtggccacc cgccatccca    229200
     catagtgaag agaagtggtt ttgcatgtcc cagtgcaggg gcggagcaga gctgggcctg    229260
     tgggtttgag aggtgaggtg gtctcattga gccactgaga gggtggcttg tatctagggg    229320
     tgctccagtg caccacctgg cctacctgcc tttccccagg ttgccaaaca atccctgagg    229380
     cccttctgca ccatatgcaa ccgttacttc aagacccctc gaaagtttgt ggagcacgtg    229440
     aagtcccagg gacacaagga caaggcccaa gaggtaaccc tagctacctc agttcagcat    229500
     gaagcctccc gctgagatca tagagcagct gggggtgggg gtggggggta gagccctcag    229560
     gggtgtacgc tagctgccca cagctggcct aagctcctca cgcattcctc gggcagctga    229620
     agacacttga aaaggagaca ggcagcccag atgaggacca cttcatcact gtggacgccg    229680
     tcggttgctt tgagagtggt caagaagagg acgaggatga cgacgaggaa gaagaagaag    229740
     aaggagagat tgaggctgag gaggaattct gcaagcaggt gtgtggggtg ggctgttggt    229800
     ggctactgga gcccagacac ccatgctggc acttataggc accaacacaa cgcagttatg    229860
     ggctgtgttg tgaccatgga aataagcaca gagggacggg tgaaacatgc aagggcctga    229920
     aaggctggcc aggatagcca ctgtggggaa agagggaggg cagagggaac ggtgttgagc    229980
     caggcacaca aggtgtgtac agcagacggt ccacggtcct gcgaggctct atctaagagt    230040
     ttcatgctgt ttctggacaa actaaaagaa atgcaggtag actgggggca ggagggcgaa    230100
     ggcagagggc taggaattat agtccagtgc ttgcctatgc atatgcaaag ccctggattc    230160
     aaacccccgg gaccctcggg aggtggggtc atagaggcac cagcaggaag gaggctggag    230220
     cagggctgag ctcaagtgtc aagtgtgatg aagaccctgt atcagaaaca aaataaaggc    230280
     tggagagatg gccaggtggt gacagcatgt gctgctcttc tatgggacct gggttcaatt    230340
     ccccaaaccc ctctcaggtc gctcataact gcctgtacct ccgcttcctg gagattggac    230400
     gcctcaggta cccatgcccc cacactctca gacatcaaaa taacacagcc caagaaaaga    230460
     agggtttatt ttggtttggg ggaaggaaac ccacagagca tatgttggaa ggacgtatgg    230520
     gagccaggat cttcccacct gcgagctgag gggatgaacg gctgtgctct ggagactgcg    230580
     gcgggtgggc tgtctccagg tgggaccaga ggccccacat ctcagtcttt actcccactc    230640
     caggtgaagc cgagagaaac atcctcagag caagggaagg gctctgagac gtacaacccc    230700
     aacacagcct atggtaagac cccaggctaa gcccccagtc tcagccacag catcccagac    230760
     aggcaccccg acctctgttc ccacccagag ccggtgtgat gcccagccgg tgagggggtg    230820
     ggccttaggt gtgcagaccc tgctgtcgtc tgtccccagg tgaggatttc ctggtgccag    230880
     tgatgggcta tgtctgtcaa atctgtcaca agttctacga cagcaactca gaattgcggc    230940
     tttctcactg caagtccctg gcccactttg agaacctgca ggtgagtggt cgtctgacta    231000
     ctctgcccag ggccaaagcc tctgtccaag ccagcagcaa tttgttgttg aaccaagcca    231060
     gttctcaagc atactcccac aggaggaaga gacttgaatt ggctcttttc atggtgtgtg    231120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg ggcctggggc tgggggtact    231180
     ccagagccta gggaggctaa gagcttcaca cagggtcaca cagcagatcc atactgttgt    231240
     ggcccaagtt gggaagcagc tgatggccag gagtgcccta ggctgtgcct aactttgaaa    231300
     atttttgtat ccagaaatac aaagccaaga acccaagccc tcctcctacc cggcctgtga    231360
     gccgcaagtg tgccatcaac gcccgcaacg ccctgactgc actgttcacc tctagccacc    231420
     agcccagccc ccaggacaca gtgaaaatgc ccagcaaggt gaagcctgga tcccccggac    231480
     tccctcctcc ccttcggcgc tcaacacgcc tcaaaacctg atagagggag ctctggccac    231540
     tcagcctgac taaggctcag tctgctaatg cttcctaggt atctgtgtag aaatgttcaa    231600
     gtggttggtg tttttactca aaatccaata aagagtcagt agtttggcta tgcagtcccc    231660
     accagcactg tgtcgggggg ggggggggca cccaatctct ccggacacag tatggtgaag    231720
     gaccagggaa gccaaaatca ggctccctga gatgcagggg ctctgggata ggactaccag    231780
     gcatgtcccc tctctgagcc tcagtttccc tcttagtata tcagggctgg gacagcagct    231840
     tgggagaaaa tccttatggc tggtgaccct agcagatggc cttgttctta ctctcaggtt    231900
     agagatgaat agaggcctta gcagggtcac gtgacttgcc aaaactcaaa gactggctaa    231960
     cagccagcct ctagccagct gcacctcaca aaaaccagag ccaggcatgg agttagtatt    232020
     agggtatcct tgccactgag gttcagctct tggttcacca agagggcaaa gccctcccaa    232080
     cccagagaca gcagcagtga ggggccatcc ttagccctgc tggaggtaaa gacagcctgg    232140
     ctctgccagt gccagctggg tgaggaaagc actgaggttt accatcaaat cctggggggg    232200
     gagggttatg gtggcgaaag gccctagtgc ccagggagtc tgactgtatc tcagtcacac    232260
     agtgtgcctg catcagctgg gaagcagctg ccagagcaac acaccagcca gggaggaagc    232320
     ctgacctcac ccacaccctt ggaaatgaaa ggtggctcag agccccatca catggcccat    232380
     gggtcatggt ctctgctcca ctgccctccg gtggctacta gggtcctcat ctgggcacaa    232440
     agaagaaggg ggcagtggtg tgggagacat ctttaattcg gactctcagt ctggatggag    232500
     gggaaagaag acagacaagt gggagaactg taggattgca cctgactcca ggaagggtga    232560
     tgggcagtga atggggactg gtccaggctg gtagacccac taggatctgg aggccagtac    232620
     ccgagatggt gtctaagcca agtagtatct acccaggcca gaacatggcc tagagaggtg    232680
     agggtagggc ctggatgggg gctcccggca cctaggggct ggcatcgcca ggggcctccc    232740
     caagctgttg ctggaattcc aggcgcgtct gccggttcga ctccagcagc tcctggaggc    232800
     gggcatggag gtggtcattc ttctcctcca ggtggtccag acaagagttg atctgatcca    232860
     acatggagtt gatggcagca tactctggga ggaagggaaa aagacagagg gaaggtcttg    232920
     tgtctcagga ctgacagaca cagcacaaag ccctctgccc ctcacatcag cattgtccgc    232980
     ctcaggccct ttgaatagac caatggccct gcctgggagg cactgggtgg cactcgtgtc    233040
     cttccctctg ggatgaacac cacttatttc aatttagcta tcaccaaggg gagcctcccc    233100
     tgtcggcact gcatcaggcc tctctcctgg ttctccatcc tctccctctc ctcagctctc    233160
     cttcaggaat cactgctgtg gtcattcggg tgctggtctg tgctcgcccc atactcacac    233220
     tcaactataa agctgtggga gaggtgacag gtcttgtgtt ctctgctgtc tccccagcgc    233280
     cctcgatgac acaaataagt acttactgaa tgaatgagtg aaagcatgaa tgaatgaagc    233340
     tctggctttc cagtccctgc ttttgctcca ctgtcaacac ctagagttca tcggccccaa    233400
     caacccttca aggaccggct cagaatacct cctcctccaa gaagtcttcc ccggtctcct    233460
     tcctctacag cttctttgac ctgcctcttg gcaatgctgt gtccccttag gacccaaggt    233520
     ctgggtccat gcccactgcg ggactcactt ccgagccagc ccatgactca gaaacactca    233580
     gctgccaact tgggaacaaa gggaagtagt tggtggattt aaggaagagg tccagggaag    233640
     gcgactgggg catgagtgta aatgtgctgc ctcttggcaa tggttctcat gaccccgaaa    233700
     gggtgtcctt cacagaggct agagcctctg aaggctgcta gatcttaaag tccatcttca    233760
     tggcatttgg tgacagagcc aaaactcaga cttggaggtc acagatctga gtgccagatc    233820
     tgctctagcc cagccactcc ttagaatggg gtaggagact ctgagggttc cagcacactg    233880
     agagctcagt cggggtctgg ccacggcagg tacttagtgg acttagtgat tcatccttgc    233940
     atgccgtggg aggctagcag aagggccagg agaggtctgc aggttccacc tatgtccagg    234000
     gtacttccta gctaatgtcc tgggacagcc tcctccccac catctcagtg tcactcagag    234060
     ttacgccacc tcctcactaa attcccttat gttcaccatg gctgccagca gtcactgttc    234120
     cccaacacta gtgtcccacc gcctacctcc aggtggatgg caacctttat taaagagcag    234180
     aacccaggtg ctgaaaatat tctgagtctg ttgtgacaat ggctatgctg tgaatatatg    234240
     aaactgcaga actgtacatt ttaaatggta caacctacag tgtgacctac agcttaataa    234300
     agtttttata acaaagcaaa agcatacccc atccttattg cacagtaaag tcctgcctgc    234360
     cctctaggta aggcaccaca ccagacttga ctacactcag acaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa    234420
     aaacccgctt tcagaaggaa attgtactct ggagtctcac catttctatc ccatttcccc    234480
     ttaaatccca ctacacctca atacagaaga caccaatgtg cccaatattg ctgatgggaa    234540
     aactgaggtt cccaaacgtg caaaaacagt atgtgggctg atgagtcccc tgaggtcctt    234600
     ctgcagtgct gtgcacccaa acacagtact caataagcag gtcacaccag caaaaccagg    234660
     tggctggggt gctgactcag catagtgggg cgcccacccg gccaacacct cctgcagagc    234720
     catgcaggac ccgccccctc ttcagcgagg aaagtgtctg aagcaaatcc caaacccaca    234780
     agcgtctctg aagctgcctc agtttcccta tgcgacagca gggctggtta gcgatagttc    234840
     tccagcactg cagcgctccg ttcgctattg ctcgccatcg cctccgaggt ggctgtgggg    234900
     acaactccag agccactcag gcagagtgag acatctcctt agtccctccc acgccccaca    234960
     tccccgcccg attccagacc ctcggacagt actcccggca atgcaaaggt cgcctcagca    235020
     acaccaaccc accccaggtc acctgcttcc ccgaagctgt cattctctcc ttccgtgccc    235080
     gcatccaccg gcatgcctag gtccccgttg gggcccgaca ttgcgggctc gggcgccgca    235140
     gaggccacgc gaagatggaa cttggcgatc gtcgcgcgga aagccggcgc tgggcggaag    235200
     gtgcgagcag ctggttgagc accgggccgg aagcgtggaa cgcagcggcg caccggggcc    235260
     cgccctgagc cccgcccaaa gcccagcccg taggcccccg cgcaaccacg cccttaagct    235320
     ccgccccctc cttgcttggg cgctctatcg cgctcacaaa catggctccg ccccgtcccc    235380
     tctcgggctc ctcctcctct cgcttccgag ccccgcccct ctcccggccg cagtgacccg    235440
     ctgtcagcgg agcaaggtcg ggcagtggag accctggccc gctagtgctt gggatgtgtt    235500
     tgaggctcca tcctgctgct tccgcccctc tacgcgttcg gaatcagcac ctctcctccc    235560
     cagtcaccag gaatcagcct tcttcccatc tccccttgat gcagccgaga tgatccacaa    235620
     cccctgtcct atcttagcca atcttggcct catctcttct cttaggactc tcaacggcta    235680
     cacttttcgg gtgagaccag attccagccc aggacagtag atgtgaagcc aatcggtttg    235740
     attcacgcca ataaatatga catgggctgg aaaaggaatg ggaagtgtgt gtcaggttcc    235800
     cagtacagaa aaggaaggct tagtgtactt tgctgtaggt gctcctgggg gccgtggaag    235860
     gtggcgctcc atcatggaag gcttcatgat acagacctcc agtggtcaca tcccctgact    235920
     ccatgcccac tgggagggga aaagaaacct gtacagagtc aacatccaat tgtggattga    235980
     acccagagga gcaatccggg atccagctct gtgtcagggt ggtgtctcag gaactctcag    236040
     agaccaccat ggcatcatgg cacagtgact attccagagt gcagcctggt ctcagcatac    236100
     aggctttagt aaagctgggt gaggaaaaga ggattcttcc tcaaatccca gaaggagcac    236160
     agccctgtgg acaccatgaa actactgcaa gcgtgggcat ctggaactgg aagagagtac    236220
     acgtgagctt ctgcaactgg tatatgctgc aacttgttac agtgccagtg ggaagctcat    236280
     gtctgcatta gccaggaaga gggaagaaag ccctgtctgt gccaggagag tttgaagagc    236340
     tcaacagcag caagaggcta tgggaagctg acttccttgg tccaacagaa gaaactggat    236400
     ctaggctaga aagatagctc agcaattaag agcacacagt gcgctgagac ccagttcaat    236460
     ttccagcatc cacatcagca gttcatcctc acctgtagta ccggttccgg gaaaatccat    236520
     ttgtctctgg cctcctcagg cacttaacat atgtgcgtat acttatatgc agacagacag    236580
     ggaaaaaaac aataaataaa taagcaaaac tggaaagttg gctcggcagt taggagcgct    236640
     gttctaaagg atctgggttc aattcccagc acccatatgg tggctcataa ctgtgtgttg    236700
     cttcagttcc aagtgatcta actctttctc ctggcctcta taagaactgc atatacatgg    236760
     tttgcacaca tacaaaggaa ggcaaaacat ccatataaat aaaaataaat aaataggaat    236820
     cagggggttg tggcacacag catttgggta gcagagtcca gaagatctct atgagttcca    236880
     ggacagtctg ttctatgttc agagttccag accagtcagg gatacataat agcaggactc    236940
     ggactcaaaa gaaagaagat ccactgctca gattggaacc caagagtgaa gtaggtaggg    237000
     tgtagcttcc tttcctggct ggtctttaac ctaggtctta gatccacctc tcagcctgag    237060
     accttcctgg ctctagacgg agtctccatc cctcactgac agctctctga caggactgag    237120
     atgggattgc cctccacctg agcacaccct tctcaaccaa gatgaagagg gcagcatgtg    237180
     tgtgtgaggt gggaaggctg ggctcatttg gaaccccagg ggtcctggca tgggggaagg    237240
     aaattggagg gctttcctgt ggttgacatg gaggggccac agctgtcacc agtgggtgtg    237300
     gcaccttgtc aagtatgaca caggcctaac cactatccac atctgtgcac cctcctgccc    237360
     tggctacagg cccccagaaa tcccaggatc cagaccagtt gggcatggcc gcacctctta    237420
     gcccctccag gctcttccaa tgtccccgtc ctagaggggc tacagctttg gggcctgttg    237480
     caggtggtga ggtagccctc agaggcaagg gcatggcatg agcccaggac ttaactaggg    237540
     taccaagcca aaacagcagt gagggcagta ttgttctata tgggagggac ttggggtagt    237600
     tgatagccga agcaagagac cttgagggta gactggagtt ctggggcctt ctcttccctg    237660
     agccttctct ctgtgaccct atcaccgcac tggaatgcta ccggtgtgag ccaacccttt    237720
     gccctccccc cccctttttt taaaagattt attattatta tacataagta cactgtagct    237780
     gacttcagac acatcagaag agggtgtcag atctcattac agataattgt gagccaccat    237840
     gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca gtcagtggtc ttaaccgctg    237900
     agccatctct ccagcctccc tttgctcttt tgcccttcat tgttatgggt attgttatgg    237960
     gattaagtag cacagaccct gagaagtggg ggcatgtatt tattcagcag aaaggggacg    238020
     ccattggtgg tgttaagaca ggtggatggg gagtgctggc caaataagaa gaggctccag    238080
     atgctccttg gtatggtggc tggtggggca gccaggtggc tctctggcaa caggaaagat    238140
     ggagtggcag acagacaggc agcgcctgaa ccattgggtc tctgcgcatc ccagtcagcc    238200
     acactcacca cccattcagt tgtcaatgca ttggtctgta ggagagaaag ctcatcagaa    238260
     cagagcagag ggagacatgt gggtgatctc ggctgcctgg gccttttttg atggctgggg    238320
     cagcagagcg acctctgtgg agccgacagt gtgaaagaga ggcatcaagg gttgctgtgg    238380
     gggagtggtg gctacctagc ctctcaccgg atggctctgt gtagcccaga gtcttctacc    238440
     caagtcactt gaaagcaaaa tgtctctcaa gctatgggat aggggtaggc ccaggaccag    238500
     gcccaaggtt cagggtttgg agaggaacta gcccttggaa gaggtgggag gcttggggtg    238560
     acaagaatga ggaagcttgg acaggaatct ggactcctca tcagggcaag tcctgactga    238620
     gatcgctgag gactgtcaca gagtctccca gacctcaaag tggatcccga tggctagagc    238680
     aggggattaa gtctttcctt cccctggcag gtcagtacca gcttggacag ttcccacatc    238740
     ccttccctgt ctcctcaact ggccattacc ggtggggaca gagaagatga tgttgtcgtc    238800
     cttgaggccc agagacttgg caaagcgggt gaaacgttcc ttcagttcag gggacagctc    238860
     cttggttctt cctgcaacca agattgccag agagcagcca caggtcactc cataggtttg    238920
     actggactag caaacaaacc ctccctcaga cttgttatct gtggaggtct gcagaagacc    238980
     actccttgaa gggggctgaa gctgagactg gggtgtaacc tgaagttgaa tccctaaggg    239040
     tcacgcaaga actcaccata cagggtaatt ttgaagtatt gcttgttttc agaagtcttt    239100
     cggaaaaata ccatggcgaa ctggttgtag tccgtggtgg ccacttgcac attgtagctc    239160
     tgtacctgag gataccctga aggcgtggag aacaagggat gggttctgtc tgtccaaact    239220
     aagagttctc cccagctttc agagtggctt tccccataat aaaatatgag tggagggaca    239280
     aggaccccac cggattcagg actcactgtg catatttccc agagtgaact ggccagccct    239340
     ggagcttgga acaaatgttc tgatccagta gcgacagccc tggtcctggt ccctgtggga    239400
     gagagatgag agtgaacagg gatatgacat aggctggagt gtcctttgga ctagagcagg    239460
     tgggactagc attctgatgt cgcccacccc tgttcctcca acccataata gcctgccacc    239520
     aaacctggca ggaggccccg cccacccatc ttagatgcac ctaggccttt tgagtctgcc    239580
     ctgcctggtc ctgctaagac ctttctcccc attctttctc tgctccatct ctacggcctc    239640
     tcttggttaa tcctgagcag ccagcctact acaagttaag cactatgccc ccaacccttt    239700
     aaccaaatgt gaaatttccc taagtcccgt tcaatcccct gccacaaata gctgagcccc    239760
     cacccccaaa cctgccattc acctgccctt tgctcctcag atattttgct ccaactccag    239820
     cccacctatc tgccagaggc agttatcata tgcaggtggt ggccctggct ctcctctgca    239880
     ggcgcaaccc tccatccccc acacacctcc cccactgact gcctgccctc tccttcacta    239940
     ttctttccac tctcccttgc tccaattaag ccacagttct ccttgcagaa gcccctgacc    240000
     aagccttggc acagggtgaa atgccccggg gctattccac tcaacagagg agtaaccagt    240060
     gctcctaacc actgagcctt ctccccagtc cttccaccta aattttgaga gaaggtgagc    240120
     tcaatgattg gattacattg gctgcccagc aagtcctagg gctcctgacc cctcctcccc    240180
     aggactaggt accacacccg gctccttgat gcttattcct gggaaccgaa ctcagaatct    240240
     cctgcttatg tggcatctcc ctagcttctc cctcttgttt tctgtggctt gtgtgtcctt    240300
     ctcactttga cagaagtcag gaatgggaga agaaaagagc aagaaaccac ccagttccgg    240360
     gctgtgacag ggcttcacct gaccaggatg gaggtgacat tgtagctatt gttctcttgt    240420
     agctcataga tggtgctgta catcgtaaag ctgccttctg tttttttctg gaccgcattg    240480
     cctgccaggc ccacaacgta ccacctgccc cggaactgca agaaatgaga ggtagagcca    240540
     gggatggcct cgcaggccgc tcctcctgct ctgttcctct gggtaccttc aggcacccca    240600
     gctggagggc agcagagccc cagactctgt ctgtctagag atactggcag gagttagcct    240660
     cttccaaggc tagacaagat cctagatgga gttaaccctg agttagcagg atggggtggt    240720
     tttgggcaag gggttactgt cagagtggct atctgagcag catgagatgt ggcatcccct    240780
     aggacacaga atgatcatgt gtagaagcct ggacactggc ctcccagagt cctagccatc    240840
     ctacccagcg ctgcccgtga aacctttggc ttctcctccc atctgccctg tttccccagc    240900
     ctctcctgca gcagcccttc agggtcctac ctgatcgctc cggaagtctg gctgcagggg    240960
     gacagtgagc agagatgggg cagggatcaa gttctgagtt gagtcctggg cctggctctg    241020
     caggacccca agcagggcaa ggcccagaca catgacactc agggccatgg tttccacagc    241080
     tactaggtct gatgtgtgct ggaggaggaa gagcagagag tgaggaggac tccccagcgg    241140
     gctttttatg ggcctacctg gctgccagcc cccctgttgg gcggggtagt ccatccttta    241200
     ccaagtccag gaagccatga agtaattgcc agtacattct gttgaaatac ttggcaagat    241260
     ttctgtccct ctctccccca ggtcggaact gtgcaaggtt gagcaacagg aagggctgca    241320
     ggggacagag ggggaccaga gggacattcc cagggctttg gattctggca ggcacagggc    241380
     actgcttgtg ggtcagcagc tcagatctgg actgcctgtc cactcccata accctgtagg    241440
     agtcctagag ggtcagaaac aggatagtga gtatagtaca ggcttccccc acccctaccc    241500
     cctgcctcct accccacacc cacacctgct gtaagccaaa gccatctgaa caccagaccc    241560
     tgtgcagctt ccttgtctgg ggaagggtga gcaagctgag agtgaatgtt ttagacaggg    241620
     aagaacagga caccctgttc tgagcctgcc aagctcagcc ttggtcctgg cacagggtga    241680
     ggcgtccaaa agattatcct ggaagtgtcc aataccttga gccccttcac tttcccatga    241740
     ccccactgcc atttacagga acagacaggg cagcagctga actctcaggg actcaccctc    241800
     tcctgtgcca cgtagtcctt agatgtggct gctttcattt ttttttttct tttttctttc    241860
     tctttttttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga attc          241914