ID   AL807793; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 221903 BP.
AC   AL807793;
DT   30-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-33N15 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-221903
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 4434e85a5fe3b0049134535dfe45568a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050558; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000058793; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026541; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026542; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026504; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026505; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026506; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026479; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026480; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026516; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026517; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026518; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026260; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026261; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026962; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026963; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025721; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025722; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026240; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026241; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026373; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026374; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026375; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026337; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026338; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026339; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026478; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026479; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026358; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026359; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027017; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027018; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025457; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025458; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025794; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025795; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025796; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL807793.7:1-221903; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000049997; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000089461; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110156; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110157; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110158; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125060; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000142766; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147456; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0057847; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0057853; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0057874; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0057878; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0057883; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0057821; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0057826; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0057812; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0057816; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0057821; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0057507; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0057512; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058292; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0058298; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0057754; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0057760; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0057479; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0057484; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0057574; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0057578; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0057583; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0057551; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0057555; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0057560; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0057703; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0057709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0057525; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0057530; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0058457; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0058462; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057333; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0057340; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0056808; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0056812; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0056818; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E0CY28.
DR   GOA; F6S4G2.
DR   GOA; Q8K458.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000374; PC_trans.
DR   InterPro; IPR000611; NPY_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR016720; PC_Trfase_euk.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   MGI; MGI:1332236; Cds2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2181363; Prokr2.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8K458; PKR2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CY28; E0CY28_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6S4G2; F6S4G2_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-33N15 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..221903
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-33N15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    86219..86219
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 90bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    133443..133939
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    152350..152350
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 260bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    152351..152592
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    153987..154028
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    154332..154342
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Single read sequenced with dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator chemistry. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 221903 BP; 61215 A; 47240 C; 50398 G; 63050 T; 0 other;
     gaattctagg acagccaagg ctttgtagag agaccctgtc ttaaaaaaat aaaaataggg        60
     ttggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaagagaac tgactgctct tccagaggtt ctcagttcag       120
     ttcctggcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatccaatg ccctcttctg       180
     gtgtgtctga agacagctac aatgtactta tataaataag taaatcttaa aagacaaaaa       240
     caaaagaaaa caacaacaat aaaaactaac ccaaatagtg cttcagctgt aataacatgt       300
     gtcaattgtc acctcagaaa ctggatgctt tatttttgct gcttgtaact gtgtaaagca       360
     ccaaaaagga actacatttt ttctagtgtg agagagaaaa aaaatggatc tgtattatgg       420
     ttagaatatt gcttaacttc tctcaatgat gacctataac tttaaaataa aataaaataa       480
     aataaatctt ttcttccctc ccccaaaaag aatactgctt agggtcacac cccacccctg       540
     caagacaggg tttctttgtg tagcattggt tatcctggaa ctcagagatc catctgcctc       600
     tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgg taggattaaa gcggtgttcc atcatgccca gcctagttag       660
     gataatttaa gacagagaat atataaacat ccaagggaaa gcaccaccaa gcaccactta       720
     gggtttgaat actgaaactc aacagaactc ttaccaaatc aatggaaaga ggaacccact       780
     tataaggtgt agtggccaca cacttacaca aacctcactg cttcacccct aacacccatc       840
     agcacgtcta cacttcggta aaactacaac catggtatgt tagtctagct acagccatgt       900
     actagtctgg aagactaaac ccaggcaaag ctgcattatt ctaaactatc tcagaagcta       960
     tgtgtgccta cttacaagca cccaccttct aagaattatg gagacatttg ctcaaaggag      1020
     aaaaaaaaaa cccaaaccaa aactaaaaca aaacaaaaaa ccatgcctta ttatcagagg      1080
     agaaactaga tgcgctttat tgtttcttct agtggaatcc attgtacttc tagaacataa      1140
     aaatagtgtt ctggctcata tctgaaagac ccatggcata ctgtcacacg cccattagct      1200
     tacccctttg ctgatgtagc ccgacagcag gagagagcct atgattatga gaaaggtgcc      1260
     aatcaaaaac agcacggtag caagggcaat ggccttataa gggatcttag gagggctttt      1320
     tttaaactgg aagagagaga gaaaaacaca aatgatgaag aacactaaga aaagaccagg      1380
     cctaaagtac tctagtgcag ggagggtacg tgagcatcaa agtggaagct tcgagtgtct      1440
     taactatgtc cgtcagcact gcactggatg ttcacgagag tgaagcatcg tcggctggtc      1500
     cacagacccc acattacaaa caaggacatc cctttaaaac gatgttgtcg cctagctggt      1560
     gatacgtatt tactaagtgc ccatgcgtgg aagctgctac taacctgtgg aggattaaga      1620
     gcaccacact atacagacat gaagaagtga cttctgggat tgaaggtgac ttagcttaca      1680
     gtcagtcaga agtttagaaa cagaatttta gctttctttt ctgtcttcct tttaaaagct      1740
     gtgttttatt tttaattatg cgtgggtatg tacatgtgag ggcagatgcc tgttcaagcc      1800
     agaggaattg gatcctgcaa aagctggagt tatagctttg taggtcacgt aatatggttg      1860
     ctgggaatcg aacttgggtc ctgagcaaca ctgacacttg taggctagag agatggctct      1920
     aaggtcaaag cacttgcctt ccagatgacc tgagttcagt tcccagcacc aacatggtga      1980
     ctcacaacat ctgtaactcc agtgtcagag ggtccaagac cctcttctag cttcctgggg      2040
     aactgcatac aacagggtac acagacatac atgcaggcaa aacataatac acttaaatta      2100
     aaaaaaaatt ttttctaatt tataaggagg aggggggggc aagagcagac ggcccagtgg      2160
     acaacatttc ttgctcttgc agaggaccca ggtttcgatc tcagcaccca cggtgctcat      2220
     aaacatctga atctctggtt cctggagatc tgatgtgctc tttgggcctc cttgggcacc      2280
     aggcatacac gtggtacaca tgaaagcaaa acactcatag gcataataca taaatatatt      2340
     catttcatta cagtatttgt gaatactatt tattatatat gcagcgtcta taattatata      2400
     tttttatatg ataaataatt aataaaataa ataaaacagc agaacagtat gtgctcttaa      2460
     ctgcgtagcc acctctaaag cttccacttc agctttccca aagccccgca tcataagtag      2520
     attcagctca aggttaagct tcagagacag attaaggctg aaatacagtg taagcatgtt      2580
     atgaaaatgt tacaatgaaa cccactatta gtacaaataa cataagaaca ttttaaaaag      2640
     aagtaagagg caaaccttct aaggctcagc ttgttaccag ctctgacatt acaggtttgg      2700
     aagctcccca gagctactct cccctcttca cataaatgca aagaactatt gatctgttta      2760
     tatttaaaag aacggactcc ttccttagct caggcgtcac ctaggctgtt ttatcctcag      2820
     ggacaggaga tgctaatcct actcaatact ggtcaggaga ggacacaaac ttacttgctt      2880
     agattcttgt ttgccataaa gaatatctgt atctgcatct catgatgtca gcaaagaatt      2940
     ttctggatga gtcaaataaa atctataact atgtagcttt agcacttcaa ctgaaactgg      3000
     aaatggaaaa ctctgcagat atctgaaact gccctgctaa gatcccctct ccaagctggg      3060
     gctcaaaaga gcttggaaat cagcttgttt cttgctggtc cagatagtag ccaatttttt      3120
     taattgattg attatgttac ctgaaggtca atgtagccat cgtctgtgct ggcaagcctt      3180
     gaatatttga ctttactgct ggggagtcca gttgccaggt tggtacgaga cggcatcata      3240
     acagagtaac acagctagtc tgaaagggaa agacttgttg tctgcagcag tcccagtaca      3300
     gcccaggaaa ggatgtcaga tactgttccg agctgctgtg ccacatgcta cccatggtag      3360
     cttaggcgtt tcactgctta cggtgacccg acacttcttg tacacactaa gcatgcttcc      3420
     tttatggatc taggttgact tcacagaaag acaccaaagg cacttcacca agaatcaggc      3480
     tctgttcaat ctgctaccga tgtttctggc ctaattttct aaagtccaat gttcacattt      3540
     tcaacccctc ccttacagta ctgcctaccc cttaactttc ctcaggagca taaattcaca      3600
     taactttttt gtctgccatg aaaggaggag gaggaggata aggaatgaca cacacatcag      3660
     catcgtgtct acttctaggt gtggtacggt tctatgtaca aattcttatc catgtgggaa      3720
     acgccctggc tatccatacc acactagaca tccacggcca cctgcctctc tgctcccatc      3780
     ccaagcatga aacaagtgag tttacattcc acatcatgta gctcctgaaa aaacggatct      3840
     aaaaatccgt tttactcaaa ctattcaaag cagacagaca taataaaaat cataactact      3900
     gaattatttg agagtaggta aaatttaaaa gcaatgacgt ttaaatctta aaagtttgaa      3960
     atttaagctc agtacttcag taggttactc taatcccaac tacttgggaa gaaaggtgtg      4020
     gatatacgaa gttggaggcc agtctgggca acataggaag accagacact ctcccctacc      4080
     ataaatgaaa tgtgtggatt ctttataaag tcatacaatt atgtaaacaa aacagactat      4140
     tttatttgca atggcatttg aattctaaac gcaaaaagtc catctttaag aagaaaacta      4200
     agtggccttc actggtgtga tgttttgcac ataatctcca caatggcatg tgatattttt      4260
     tcgatcttaa tgagctgcca gacactggta ttacagtcga ccttaagtaa ctagcatgca      4320
     aaaaactggt gtcaagtgtt tctgcgtttt ggttaattac atcctagttc agaagtacta      4380
     aaaaggagca acgggaatcc atttacattt ctaaacctta ggtactaggt ttttgatgtt      4440
     gccatcccat aacatgttta attcctcata tctaaaagtt gaagctacca ataagcagga      4500
     ttttcgaagc attaaaccat gcctgatttg tattacaagt tataaagtta tgtactttcc      4560
     acttataaac tcgcaccaaa acaaaaacgt tgcagcacga caacgaaatg ggaagatttg      4620
     tttttcttag caagggattc tagagtggcg ttatcacata gtaaatgaca acttaaaaaa      4680
     ctatcagccc aagtttctgc tacacttttt accggcccca ccacgatttc tgcccaccct      4740
     cccgggccca caaggaccta agcgtggcgc tgtggacaac ctctcgtcgc cctccgccgc      4800
     cgccaacgtg aactaactgt ctccgggaag cagcctcggt ggcagggcca ggtctcgcgg      4860
     ctggcttccg ggagcgcgcg cccgccccct acccgcgctg cgctccccgt tctccgttag      4920
     gcgcgctcgc aaggctcgct caacagccaa gcggaagggg cggtcttaag gacagcccag      4980
     cggaagtgac gtggcggata gaggcgcacc ggaagtgctg tcaccaggaa atcgtgtcat      5040
     cgaatcttgc ttccagggca catggctgga gggcttcatt gctgtcttgt tttatgtttg      5100
     gtagcgtttc tttacgtagc gcaggctgtc ctggaactca ggatgctgat taggctggcc      5160
     tcgaacataa ggtttgcctg ggacaaatgg cgaatgccac catgctcaac cgggtagcgg      5220
     cttgcttttg ccctggtgac caggacctgc tacctccata gggtgggcgg gcgcgtactt      5280
     agggtctcac ccaccaggat cgagttcaca gcaaaactgt tgaggttcca gtcctgaccc      5340
     catggccaca tcggtgcaca gcagagtcct gggtatccag aggggtggac aagggatacc      5400
     caccaggaat cttgccctgt cctaaacacc cctatgctga cactggtcac cactcactaa      5460
     ttagcgttct cacagcccca aaatcttgtt attactacct gattattaaa cactacccag      5520
     gtaagtgtcc tacctaccag acacagctga gttctaacat tcatcctcat gaaagtgacg      5580
     tcttgataaa gcattcccac cactccagag ttctctgaga gcagtatttg caggctactt      5640
     ccttctgcac ttaattggct caaagtattg aacagttgta gctactaggc atgagctcta      5700
     accaacaacc tcccagaaca aagctgtatt gtctacatac tgtcaaacat gaaatacaaa      5760
     ggaaaaatat cttggggtcc acagatagag cttagtattt aaaggccttc aaatgtggcc      5820
     tcccggaaca gagcaaacag gctctatact agccatggtt tgagatcctg ctgaaatata      5880
     gcaagaactg aaaatggttc cccacaccaa accaggttaa cacacgcatg ctcactcata      5940
     cctgcaaaag acacacacac ataaaaactg agaggggagg taggataatt tgtcaccaag      6000
     cttgaagaac ttcattcaac ccctggaagc cagggtgctg gggtatacca attcctataa      6060
     aattgtcctg acccccacat gagcctcaca catacacaat aaatatactc aaatattctt      6120
     tagttttatg tagcatatca tgatcaaaac cacagggcct ttttaaccct tcttggatca      6180
     agtagccacg aagtttgggc ctttgcttca ctcaagatgg actgtatgta gtcctggttg      6240
     gcctagggag agatttatcc accccacccc ctgcactgcc attaaagttg tattttaaaa      6300
     gagctacatc ccaaacaagg ctaccagaaa actttgcaca acgtaattac ataaactcaa      6360
     gagaaacatt tttttattgc tatctccacg atggaagaga gaacaaaagc ccatttacct      6420
     aacagggtat aactattcag tagccatggt acaaaggcgg cactgctcta tgacttttca      6480
     aattgttaac tttatttaaa ttgaacaata tttcttaaaa ctgcatttag cgtcaagatc      6540
     attgatgaaa atcaccagta tttgtaaagc agaaacattc atgttaacaa aactagtttt      6600
     tactttggag cttattcttt aagcaaatta tggagaatgg agagaaaaga aagtaggtta      6660
     tttacagaag atatctacat attttatttt aatatttaag aatactcagg tacaaacttg      6720
     gtgacagaaa agacctcagg acacgctggc atctcaggag caatcttcaa aggtttagtt      6780
     ttctcaattt ctagcaatgc ctaagatgct tcctcatctt caatcttggg agccaaataa      6840
     tactttaagt gtcccatgtc agcaatttta tactctacaa ctgaaagaca ggaaaaatta      6900
     aaccaccgaa tactataaat accacattac aaaacaatgt tcaaacttat catcttacca      6960
     aggggcacat ctgcagacat actgagtgtt actgtaggag acagtggagt ggcttttgtg      7020
     aaaaagttca ggtacctcag agcaaacgtt aggtgaacag gctcattcat ctctatggtt      7080
     acctagagga gaaaacaggc tcactgtaga catcagaaac tcacactatt agatcacggt      7140
     attataccac aaagcaaaac aaatagttat cattttggaa gggttgatga aaaccttgac      7200
     taaagaagaa aaaagtctag cttgcccatc ctgtagagcc acaccccaag caatcaaaac      7260
     aaaggagaaa gttgttccta ttcagattgt acatacttct cttgcaaaga atgcatgaag      7320
     agaggaagat aacacataac cacttccaaa aacaagaacc aacagctgaa tgcaagctaa      7380
     gggacagtaa accagtcttc attgtatgat tatcaatttt attcaattcc caatccttga      7440
     acatgtggat actgaaaaat tccttaattt cttttgttgt ggaaatgctt gcacatcaga      7500
     caaatactga tgaattacat gtcagtattt gagaactgag gagctgaagt tgatatggaa      7560
     gtagaaataa ttcagcagat taaggttaag aactagttct tgggttgtgt gtttatctat      7620
     gttcgaattc ttacactttc atttacttta aattcatgca gaggccaagt aacaccttat      7680
     atttacctta aatacttgca gtaagcactc tgaatttcac tatactaaac cctaaaaatc      7740
     ctatttagtt cagacttctg tgtgtaattc tgatgctcag gctagctagc aaaacttaaa      7800
     aaagaaaaaa aaaagtgtag ccatgaaata tacattggat tcctgagaaa aagcctcgat      7860
     tcagggatac ttagaaatta aagaggccta gtatgttcta cttgaatgag gaggactcgg      7920
     agaacatctt cctttgcctt cccaatttct tcctcattct ttttgagcta gattttctgc      7980
     caggttgact ttaagctgag aatcttcctg ctgtagcttt gagtactaca gttgtgggtt      8040
     tgagacatca tgcccagctt tctctatgga tgtaactgtc aagagcattt aatacaactc      8100
     tttccacatt ttgtgaagtc tttcttattt cccttgggac tgcaaatact cttgaacctg      8160
     caacacataa agctacatac acccccaacc attttctttt gctcacttgc caaccctcac      8220
     ttatttgcca agagtatttc caggaagcaa aaggctgtac acttagcttt ccaaatgcta      8280
     cctgtaaaag cttatggagt cgtctctgag ctctaagata gcttggtcta ctcaagactc      8340
     catctcaaaa tgaatgaata aataaaaaca aaagccgagg ctccatccct gcttcagaca      8400
     cctaactgga cgccccctta ctactcaccg cctcctcttc tttatccaca ttacttgttt      8460
     gtgacaactt aatgttccca ttgccaagct ctccacttgc agaaaacttc accccattct      8520
     ttgcacagga tatcacaaca gcatctccaa tgtggctaag gtctcggcat atacgtgcaa      8580
     attcacccga cggcatcttt attacacagc tgtactcctg ttcctgtaaa cccacaagtt      8640
     aaaggtcagt ctagaaaagg gggaaggctc agcttcatgt tctcaagatt tagcatctta      8700
     accagaactc agaatgcaag acttctggtt tctttaaaac tcaatcaact ttagactgct      8760
     gtggtttagt gaaatggcag tgtgccattc atccccaata ccaccactcc actcagaaca      8820
     cgcatcagct ggtatcacag cagggtaaca cacaatcaga aacaaggtaa ctcactggga      8880
     ttccaagttg ctccacatct aagtccatta acttcatttc atagtctgaa actttctctt      8940
     gatctaccaa aagaaggaaa atgttaccaa agcacaccac acggtcctat ctatgatgga      9000
     aattttacaa tattgttaat attttttttt ggttttgaga aacagaaaca acacgtaact      9060
     accgagtttt aaaggtgttt aacttacttg gtgcttcgaa tactagtgct aaggtgtctg      9120
     cattatcttc agcccttaat gtaatgatgt cttcattacc agcacatttt agaattttgg      9180
     acatgctagg ggggaaaaaa aaaaagacag gctttatcaa catgtaatcc acatctatat      9240
     tttaaaaagc aattacaagt tgtaccattt cacactcacg gttggagaac tgttaaaggg      9300
     gctaagggta ccccaaactc tctcaggggt gaagcaaatt accgggtata tgtgattctt      9360
     aaaaccgact tagtaaaatg cactaaaagc caacattcga gaaagcatct ttttgagcgg      9420
     ggtgtccttg gtttctagtg tactggagaa tgtgccccat cacgtctggc cttttcgtaa      9480
     atctttcaaa atgtatacaa gtggcactaa tccatgtatc tgtactaaaa taagtcacac      9540
     actgtccttg aacacgtata caggaggcac taacctaggt agctgtagca aagttaaaag      9600
     ctaaaactga cagatttccc ctcaaatcca tgatgcgcag tgagactctg gaagtcaaga      9660
     aaaggtctat tgtcactcta agtcgacatt acatttgcac taagactcgt ttattaggcg      9720
     ctaagaccag ccactcaaag ctgcaggcat ttaatgagca cagctccgga gcactcattt      9780
     tcccgcggac tcccgctttg tggctttggc gcggaaacag agtgggcgcc actgccagcg      9840
     cgggcttttc ggaaccgcgc gctttggtga gggctgcccc cgacaccata gaccaatcag      9900
     aaagcgcgga tggccaagcc agccaatgag cgtgcagagt cacagccccg ccaagagcgg      9960
     aagcgggaag agtggggccc cgctcccgcc acccgctcac ctggtgaggt tcacgcccat     10020
     ggctaggttg cggtcgcagc ggtatgtgtc gaagccttcg gagcgcagag taagctgtac     10080
     caaggagacg tgagacgagt ccatgctctg caggttcacg ccgcccgagc tgacgtccca     10140
     gcaggcctca ttgatgaggt ctttgagagc ctccagcacc ttcttcagga tggagccctg     10200
     gatcaggcgt gcctcaaaca tggtggcgga gttgtggcga ctagatgaga gctactctaa     10260
     gaggaacgag gtctggctgc caaggtcccc cgattcacga tgcagaagcg gcagcgaagg     10320
     cctacagcga caactaccaa ccctctgcgc ccgcaaccgt ctaatgccgc ggcttcctag     10380
     gcgcgcgcct tttccctgcg cgaggtcatg acgccacagc gctgatccac ccacctctcc     10440
     tcaaggacca atcgtacccg tggtttgagc aaggcccgcc ccaccgcgta tgcaaaggcg     10500
     gggctgcggg gtaggagcct gggaggcgag gggcatcacg gggttcgcgt aggctgtcgt     10560
     caccgcccaa gtttgtggga gtttaggctg cagtttccat ccttaggaag tttccgcgcc     10620
     acggaagtgg aagtcacagg caaatcgagc tgtgcgcggc ggcctgcctt gaagctggag     10680
     agtattttaa acactacgga gcgttttccc taacgtaaga aatacgctgc aaaatatcga     10740
     gtaataaaga ggccaccata ttttaacacc cctacccccc cccccatttc atatcacttt     10800
     tctgtgtgcg tcgctctgaa cttttctctc taaagactaa aaaaatacct cttaacgtga     10860
     acgcttctcc aaagaagata ccaagtccat atgtatcacg taattatttt ccttttatgt     10920
     ctggttctct acatttttct aaaggtagat attactagta ttttcatctt aattttaggc     10980
     tgaagatgaa cccgagcctg agccccatcc tgaaaatgtt agctgttgca ggtggagcgt     11040
     ctttcatatg tccctgggct gcagcatttt gttctactaa agtttttttg tttttttgtt     11100
     tttcctattg attatgagga tggggaagaa ctgactgcag gtagattaac atcatttaca     11160
     aaaggatata gagtttttca atttctcatg tttttttctt ttggttttgg tggtaggtaa     11220
     aatatatttg ataatgaaag tgtaatactt taatgtgaaa cttgatagtt tccatttgga     11280
     atgcctcttc taactgtata gaagttggtt gagttgtgaa gaaagctttt ggtgtgtgat     11340
     gttttattta tgtgtgtaag ggttttttgt ttgtttgctt ttcactaata aggtatatac     11400
     aatttcagaa agttaaaagg accgttttag ctggtgagag tgattagtga ttataattcc     11460
     agcacatggg aaggctgagg tcggagggcc tagatttaaa ctcaccttgg actatctacc     11520
     aagactgacc aaaggggaaa aagtttacat aggagcatat taattccatt tcatgttcat     11580
     ttattctttc cttattcact gcatttccct ttagtttgtc ttgtttgatt tttcttttcc     11640
     tggcttgggg atttagccag aaaactgtat aacttattga gctatagcct cagcctgtta     11700
     agagtctcca taattttttg aggcttgcat caaactcact ctgttatcca tgctggcctt     11760
     gaactcacaa tttgatgcca cagtctggca tcaagcttaa ctctttagtt tcatttaata     11820
     tcttggtttg taggatttct cagctttttt tttcttttat tcttttcacc atatatctag     11880
     gtatgctgag acacaaatgt attaatcact ctcacagtat tgaagattca ttgattccat     11940
     caggtctaga atactctcga ccactctgat ggcaagtgtt cggtttccct acactgttca     12000
     ctgcccggcg tgtggatttt acagaacttt agatctattc agttgttttg ttttgttttg     12060
     ttttgtttga gataagggtc tctcatgttc cctggctgta ctggagtttg cttggtagac     12120
     caggctggca aatttgactt tttaaaattg gtgtgtatgc atccagccca gcatttatgt     12180
     cagcttataa ggtgcatcat tattttatgc agcacaaacg aggaaaactg tcaaactacc     12240
     acacagtgct atatcacata caattttgat actataatag ttacaaataa aaacagttat     12300
     gggctggaga catggctcag tggttaagag tacttgctgt tcttccaaag gtcccgagtt     12360
     caattcccag aacctgcatg gcagctcaca gctgtgtgat gccatcctct ggtgtacatg     12420
     caggaaagga cctgtatttg tataaatgca taaataaata aatctttaaa atattgaata     12480
     caattttttt aaaattaaaa acaaaaccca gaaaacccca ctactatact ttcagccccc     12540
     accccttaat catatattac ccttgtgggt atcttttaag aaaaacatgg gagccgggcg     12600
     tggtggctca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgaa tttctgagtt     12660
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc aagactacac agagaaactc     12720
     tgaaacaaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa     12780
     acatgggagc tagggttaca tagtgataga gtgcttgcct gacctgtaca acacatgatc     12840
     tccatcctca cagaagacac gacagagagg tgttcacact gtctgtttat agtagtgcta     12900
     tcagtttccc actgagctgc tgctgctgct gtttttaatg tattacactc tgctttgtta     12960
     aggatgtcaa tgctcaagag tgcaagtcta gggataaaag tctaaaaata ttttttaaaa     13020
     agagtactat tctgttgcat ctggagtttc atccacttgt gaattttaat gctggcattt     13080
     cttgttttac atgtaataaa ttattgtttt attaacattt atttatatgt ggtgcatgca     13140
     tgccttagcg catgtgtgga ggtcagagga aaacacgtaa gagtcagctc cgttctttca     13200
     ccctggatcc caggatagaa ctcaggttgc caggcttagt ggtaagttaa gtccctttac     13260
     ctgctaagct gtcttgacag cctgaattat tccttcacac agcaagagat aatgtaggac     13320
     tggtcttgca gcttagtgtt actgtgtgtc caacaacaca gcacaaacaa aaataaaaac     13380
     ccatcataca gctacatata tttgtgagaa ttttcttttc ttgagtttct taaaatctca     13440
     tttcctttgc aaaccataga atgtgttctt tctgacttgt ggtcttgctt tgctaacaac     13500
     actaacaaca ctatgtttct tctgttgctc tgtctcggtg ctgggggctt atataatatt     13560
     ttctttaatg cctagaaatg taattatttt agagactttt tcttaatgct gggaactgat     13620
     gtcaggactt cagaaaagct aaacagaaac ccgcctttga gctatgcctc agcctcctgg     13680
     agatatttta ttttattatt attattatta ttattattat tattatttta aagatgtact     13740
     tattattata cataagtaca ctgtagctgt acaccagaag agggcatcag atctcatttt     13800
     gggtggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgtta ggattggaac tcaggaccac agggagagca     13860
     agcagtcagt gctcttaact gcttagccat ctcaccagca gataaattcc attggcatga     13920
     tgcctgctgt gcctatgaat ctgttgaaac aagaacttaa aactagctat gtactagtta     13980
     tagaaagact gtctaaggag gtagcatttt accagagaag ctagctgttt taggagtgga     14040
     agagaccatt gtaatgtaat agagaacaga atgattaatg gtggacactg gggctgggat     14100
     gtagctcaca cacacaagtc tctgggttcc atcctcagaa acagaaagag aggaggagac     14160
     tgatgagcag gtaagaaaag gcgtgcttag tggcctgtgg taggactcaa aggttgatgt     14220
     ggggctcaag aggtggctca gcggatagga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt     14280
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aactacctga aatggaagac attcacttgc     14340
     ttgcctgctc accccatctc attttaaaac aaaataagaa atgcaaaatg gacttggaac     14400
     tgaagtattt ttggtttttc tttttctttt gttttcaaga taggatttct ctatgtggcc     14460
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagact aggctggctt tgaactcaaa gatccatgtg     14520
     cctctgcttc tcaagtgcag ggaccaacat agtcactgaa atggcccctc agaactgaag     14580
     tctttcagga gccatcttgg ctttggccca tcagtgaata cgtctctgtt ccactcctgg     14640
     tgtgggagta cctattccgg agagattcct gcaacagcaa ttctggtttt agggaggatg     14700
     agggaagagg agtttgaggt catccctggc tacacgacaa gtttgcagcc agcctgagct     14760
     atgttaagac cttcctaaaa caactgagaa gcaggatggg ctgtggtggg ggtgtcaaat     14820
     cacattcaag tgaatgtaaa tccagtaaaa aaaatatttt ggtaaatcct tatgacattt     14880
     cgctgtatgg gcttctaaac ataagacgtg aagaatattt taaaacttct aaaagtcctg     14940
     ctttttttta gtatacttca ggtttcagtg gctcaggaca ttaactcaaa ctgagggttt     15000
     ctcactatgt attccaggat ggcctcaggc atgcatatcc cgtttcagcc tcctgagtgc     15060
     taggattaca ggcctgagca acctgtctta aaatggttgt ataggagctt tagatttgga     15120
     ttaggcatca cttctaagcc caagagacca aaccagtgca cagtgtcctg gcagaagcag     15180
     ctttggttgg ctatcaaagg tcctagagcc aaggaactga taaagtttga acaattatct     15240
     agttcaacac agtcagttgc tagttgattg acttgagatg tagccactta aatttttcct     15300
     aattcacagc tatgattttc tgaaaatgct ctctgattgc attgttggcc caaaatctca     15360
     gaaccttggt tctgggagct ggtggaatct caagtggtat tctgtagttc tttgttttaa     15420
     aaaatctaca ggattagtgt aaagaaaaag ttttgacttg acttttttag tgcggaatgg     15480
     ggcactccca ctcacagggc ttcgaactga gagttgctgg ctgctggggt tgatttggtg     15540
     ctgctgattt ggtgtataca gaggccaaat tctgaacccc aagatctgtt gtgacccccc     15600
     ccagcagatt ctcgcctttg ttgtgtaaaa tgtgtctccc agtttaaagc tattggttaa     15660
     ataaaagtgg ctatggccaa ttcctggaga gaacagaggt aggtggggtt tcagctacca     15720
     ggctgagggt tacagatagg gatgagagag agagagagag agagagagag aatgagagag     15780
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagcgcg ctgaagaagg agaaggaaga aaggaggaga     15840
     acagggggtc tccattagat gtgatgggcc aggagcacat ggttggatga aatgccctgt     15900
     gactgacaga gcagaaataa ccctggtgag actcaaacag caagtacttg gggaagcaca     15960
     gttgagaatt aacagtctat agtatagata attagacgag tagtaatctg cccaagaatt     16020
     gtgctaaagc tgatttaaaa aacccattgg aagccaggtg tggtggtgca cgcctttaat     16080
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctgaaggtga     16140
     gttccaggac agccagagct agacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaagaaaaaa     16200
     gaaaaaggaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa accccattgg agtctgtctc     16260
     aattcttggg ggactgtcca ggtcataata ataaccagta gagttgttaa gttattaaca     16320
     tttcaaaacc attatagaaa gcttgtttgc agttctggac tttccttcag taagagaaag     16380
     ggaactttac taaaaattca gaaaggcctg gctttcagaa tcaaagtcta atgttagtat     16440
     atgtgtgaaa atattgtttg gcactcaaca aacatatgca ttccctagag atatgtttta     16500
     acctcctata tgaagacgtt gcatgtggga gtataaaagg ccgtgctttg tcagggttgg     16560
     ggatgacgcc catcatccct ggtgtaattt tatggtggga atttagaaat aaatatcaaa     16620
     agtcttagaa tgtggggctg tggatgtggt tcaagttgca catatacagg aagtcatgag     16680
     tcctgtcccc agcactgcat aaacctagaa cttaagcaca cacctttaat cccagttctc     16740
     aggaggcaga ggtaggtgga cctctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagtat     16800
     caggacagcc aaggctacac agaagaactc tatctcaaaa tactgacacc cctcccttca     16860
     aacaaaacaa caaaacgcaa cgacaaccac acaaacctag gatttaggat gatgaggctg     16920
     gaggtgttag tggacagcag caagagggag gggcaggaga gagtgaacat gatgaaccac     16980
     tggtcagtgg cctccaacaa gcctaggcct gtgagtgatg ttaggtaggc agcaactctt     17040
     tactgttgac catacctagc cttcctgata gttctttaat aaacttatga taaggaattg     17100
     ttcactgaca aattattctt gtaagaagag gttcggtata cctatttagg gaatttggca     17160
     attttcacgc cacttcatcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     17220
     agaatatcga gatcagggtt gaggttagat gatgtgttcc tataatgcca gcatatggga     17280
     ggcagaggca gaggcaggaa gattgcatga gtttgaggct tgccttcact atagagtcta     17340
     gagaacttgt tgggaaagga agaaagaaag agagagaaag aaagaaagaa aggaaggaag     17400
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag aaaacaggag gtgtttaatt atgaagtgac attattaaac     17460
     ccaataatag taactgcctc ttacactggg tttgtaatca gcctggatat tctgggagac     17520
     tggaatccca agttctatta atgaacacaa tatttaaaaa ttaaggaatt aaccaggagg     17580
     tgtaatgaag ggaaaacgta ataaaataca cctgagggct ggagacaatt atcgttcagt     17640
     ggttaagggc acttgttgct gatgcagagg actcggggtt gattctcagc acccccatga     17700
     ttgctcacaa ccatctgtaa ctccagttcc aggggaatct aaaaacctct tctgattttg     17760
     acctctacag ggatcaggca catatacttg gaagaataat aaatctaaga agaaatttta     17820
     taatgaaaaa tttacaagaa agaaatttac aaaatgcctg agtcctggaa gaaaagattc     17880
     cagagaaaaa actaaatata atgagcagga aacaaacaaa caacccaaac caaccaacca     17940
     atcaatgaga accaaccaac caaccaacca atgagaacca accaatgaga accaaccaat     18000
     gagaaccaac cccaaggaac agaggaagca catgaaggat gacaggaaca ttttttactt     18060
     ttctttctgc tattgaaggc gaggcattaa agttgaagtg ctattagcat ggtttctaga     18120
     atgtccggtt aatggagtcc tgctccctac cacactgatt ttagggatgc atttggtttg     18180
     cgctcagtta ggtttgatga tgctaagtga gaaccttgtt caggccgagt cggaaggcat     18240
     tatctcactg agtacacacc tcatcgagtt tcatgactct gatttatatc gattgatttc     18300
     caggtcttgg tttatttctg tgtgtgggtg ttttgtctct atgtgcatct gtgcactatg     18360
     tgtgtagctg gtgccctcag aggctagacg aggaggttga atcccctagg actgtagtct     18420
     cagacagtta cgggctccca tgtgtggctg agaatttagc tcaggtcctc tggaagaaca     18480
     gccagctctc ctagtcactg agccatctct ccagtcctgt attattttta aagataatat     18540
     tttattttat tttttgtatg catgtgactg tatgagttac gtgtacacgt gtaccatgta     18600
     attgcagacg atcctagagg ccagaggagg gacttgagtc ccttggaacc agaattatgg     18660
     gcagttcgtc ctgtatgggt gctgagaacc aaacctcctt cctctgcaag agcaataagt     18720
     gcgcctaacc attgaaccat ttctctagcc atgtattctg gtctcaaact tgctccaagg     18780
     aacttgacgc ccttaattat cagaaaatag tcacatgata ttatcaccac ccttcacctc     18840
     tatccttttt cttttccttt cctacatagt gatagggtgt tgaaagggtg gaagaagagg     18900
     gtggagaagg gtagaagaaa gaaaaaagcc cacaaagtag ccaaagtctg gcttcaaaag     18960
     gtatttattt ctaacagaac aaagcaaaaa cccaaaccca acaaaaccag caaacaccag     19020
     tagaggaaca agagcaccca agcatttgtg caaagctgtt aaatagcaaa taaaatgcaa     19080
     agaccagagg gctgaagttt gtctaagtat tttgctgtta atttgaaaca tcataacaag     19140
     aatttgagaa tgtaagtctt tttcagaact cttcctattt tctgaaaact cacagctctg     19200
     gtcaaaatct ctaaaaggaa cctgaccctt ggtgtggaag acttctttga gattgcaatc     19260
     tggctaagga ctgggagccc tgttttgcat gagaacaatg ctggaacagc acccataata     19320
     ctgaattcag gcagcatatg tgaacattgg ttacagcgtg gtaacaaacg tctgagttct     19380
     aattcttact cgtacccttg tagctgctgg ctaaatgctt aaactaggtc aggaatagag     19440
     ggaggggctc cataggaaac attcctttca gcccaaaggt tttcaaagaa ttagatgtgg     19500
     gtgttaactt actcacagaa gttgtggtta acaagagcca aacctgaggg tttttttttt     19560
     tttttgaacg atttattttt atacatgagt acactgtagc tgacttctga tacaccagaa     19620
     gagggcgtaa gatctcatta cgggtggttg tgagtcacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa     19680
     ctcaggacct ttggaagagc agtcagtgtt cttacccact gaaccatctc gctagcccat     19740
     aggtcctgag ttctaccttc agcacaaaac aagacaaaaa cttaagacaa gcaatatctt     19800
     ggatgatgtt acttgcagat atcatatcca tttctaagtg ttttttgttg tggttgtttg     19860
     ttttttgata cagggtctca gtagcagtgg aacaggttac atagatcaga tccacttgcc     19920
     tttgtctctg gagtgctgtg aacaaaaaag gtgtgtgatt gggacgagac tatttctgag     19980
     ttcggtgctt agacagaatc agtgctcact aagttaccag cgaccatggc ttggcaaggc     20040
     aaagtgagct gaaacaggtt tcacctcctg ctatgatgtt cagaggtcca cctggtctct     20100
     tcgtttggac tcccaagctg agagcagcaa gtctaggccg ctacgaggcg ctgttgtccc     20160
     ccggtaacag gttaccttct ggacccagca ctcgcgcgcg gggacttgcg gtaggacgca     20220
     aggaccccat tggttcactc tgctcttttt ctcccgcccc ctctaggttt tgtccaatga     20280
     gtgtctcgaa ctccgctcac gcccccaccc ccgccaggct gccccgcctc ctggcgtctg     20340
     gggttccagg cggagatggc ggcagtgcgc gtgcgcgctg gctcgcagct tcccgggagg     20400
     aggagcgagc ggccgctggg gaaacagcgg ctccgctctc cgggcaaggg cggcggcagc     20460
     ggtgctgggc ggggccgggc tcggggctag tggcgctgct gcaggggctg tgcgaggcac     20520
     ggtggggctg cgaggtgctc gggcccgccg agagcccgtg ctcactgagc cgacccccgc     20580
     ggccaccgtg ctgctcactc ggggtgacgt cgcgccgggg tccccagcat gaccgaacta     20640
     cggcagaggg ttgtccgcga ggacgcacct ccggaggaca aggtagaggc atcgttaagt     20700
     gcggaggggc gcgccggcag cctcgccctc tgacctttat cgcggccctg ggtaccaggc     20760
     ctgggttgcg cagagggtcg gcgggtgtct tttgcttgtg gggacagcgg tctgcgggcg     20820
     cggggagtag cgcgtgagct ctggagggtc ttcgccttcc ctaggccttc ccgatgtgga     20880
     cgctggacac cccacagacc ttgcttgggg cccggagagc gcgatgtagg ctcaccgctt     20940
     gctttacaag tattgctgtt gattggggaa tgggggagga ctcaggccat agcatttgtc     21000
     tcctgggaga ttaaaacctt cttttgaact tgattaaaac attaaatctg ttggttctat     21060
     cagagaggag tcttgatcca ctccgtgaga gggcgggtta gtgagcaggt gtgtgctccc     21120
     aatggtgggt ttgtttactg cgccaagtgt gggcattgat ggggtaaagg aggaaggtaa     21180
     ggaggaggcc attttggcag ggacacagcc aatgtggggg cgctcctttg gttgaaagtg     21240
     cgaggtttgt gtgaagttga gaaaggtgga gggtggttgt tttactgtgg acattgaatg     21300
     acggaccgta tttgtggttc ggatcagtga gtgatgagta gaaccggctg aggtagcctg     21360
     gaccagaatg atggagactg gttaagtcag agattgtcag cttgtgacct gcagaagctc     21420
     tcgtacgtag gcctgcgtgc tgatacggaa ataagggttc cgttgaaggt ctgtttctag     21480
     cctgtcttca ataaaggagg aggatatgcc gcgtttcccc tgattaatag ttgacagagt     21540
     ttagtatctt tgtttgcttg ttcgagactg ggtttctctt tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg     21600
     aacttgatct gtagatcagg ctggcctcca tcccagagat ccttctgagt gctgggacta     21660
     aaggcacccc accccccaat gctgtttaag gaaacagcat caagcctaag cacccacgtt     21720
     tgacatcaga acttttgttt tagatagaat ctctctagga agccctgcta gctagtttgg     21780
     acctcctcca cctctgccta tcctgtgctg tataaaggca ctagccccct agccagcttg     21840
     taccttttta ctgtgtttga attggttaga acatcaggaa ggaaacaagc gtaagcctta     21900
     gggtcagtat gccaacagta attttactag gaagaatagt tcagatgaaa gataaagggt     21960
     ttaaacaact ctgttacagt tgtagacagt gggtcatcag aggagaactc tcttcctttg     22020
     gagaaggtct agggctgagg tccagatttg aggagtacct tgcaaagaca atacttagaa     22080
     atcgctaatc ttccccgagg atagtggatt ggccctgaag aaaactgtgt tctgaatatt     22140
     ctttggtggg tttgaatgcc accttgtcta attaagggtg acttgaaggt gtgagaaggg     22200
     ggagaagaaa gaaagaaggt ctagctgggt catgcctgtg gtcccagcag aggcagtggc     22260
     aggtggatct ctgaatcctc taaacccagc ctggtctaca gagcaagttc cgggacagcc     22320
     agggctacgt agagaaaccc agtctcaaac aaaaccaacc aaccagtcga agtctgatag     22380
     ctgttggaat acatcttcac acaggtattt actgtaacaa ttagacaaga caaaacaact     22440
     gtgatattag taggggcgag gcagctttta ctctccccac ccagctcttt ggctccattc     22500
     cccaaacgta aagtgtcagt tgactcttaa cattcacttc catattttag gttgaggagc     22560
     tgtccagcct tagtaattac aagtgcattt aaaccacgtg tacagtgaaa gaaccttgtg     22620
     gttggttgtg aggtctgcta ggcgtatgct ccctaaaaca taacagttac gcattctgct     22680
     taaaagattg ttgtaggcaa tcggcccacg ccgagtagtg attacttact gtttctgaat     22740
     tgtcgtgcat aggattttta atagcataaa tacaaatatt aaaaaataag tattttttta     22800
     ataaatgaaa aaaatttaat tttctttctt tctttctttc tctctttctt tctttctttc     22860
     tttctttttt ttttttgttg ttgttatttt gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     22920
     gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccagggtg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     22980
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccaccgc ccgaaaaaat ttttaaaagt     23040
     tatttaaaaa ttaaaaaaaa tgtgcttagg aaacagtgaa atgccttttt tttttttgat     23100
     gaatatatgt agcaaaaatt ttaaaatctg aattcttttt tttttttttt ttttcccttt     23160
     ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagtc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc     23220
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cccctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg     23280
     cgtgtgctac catgctcagc tataaaatct ttattcttta gaaagaggtt tgctgtaatt     23340
     tatatttgca tgtgtatgtg catgtgtata tgcatgccct cggaggccag aagaaggcat     23400
     tggatctgct ggagttcctc ttttgggtgc ttgtgagctg cctgatatgc atactgggaa     23460
     ctgacctctg cttctgtgca agagcagcaa gccctctcag ctgtggaccc agctcaccac     23520
     ccaattcttg tgtattgttt actaggctgg aggaagactt actgccacaa ttctgatttg     23580
     ctaatactgt tgtgtcacaa tccaagggct cagaggtgag gaagcataca tgacttttag     23640
     agaaatgaat tgtgaaattt gaactccgtt acttcatagt acaagaatcc aaaacatttt     23700
     tttcttttct tctttttttc ctttttaaag atttatttat ttattattat ataagtacac     23760
     ggtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaggagg gcacagatct cattacagat ggtttgagtc     23820
     accatgtgtt tgctgggatt tgaactctgg acctcaggaa gagcagtcag ttctcttagc     23880
     cactgagcca tctctccagg gccctgaaga acaattttca aggcaattct tcaaagaaca     23940
     attttgaaag attcctcaaa atgttattat agttgctaaa atgtgtttgc aaatctgagt     24000
     tgttaataga caatcaccac tatgaaaata atctgaagaa tgtgtttgta aaaggtcagg     24060
     aggaattttg ttatatttag catctagaat ggaattctca aagctagttg ctaataaagg     24120
     caatgttctc tgggatctag agtcccaaag cagttgacaa actaagacct ttggaagtta     24180
     agctttagga caggtcgctg ctgcctgacc atgttttccc agcacagccc aggaagctaa     24240
     aggatgaaac ctggaccaaa acactaaaaa cactcggact ggcatttcag gagacttttt     24300
     gttagggact taaatggaag gttctggatt ttctgctgta cttagatgct gatatggttt     24360
     gaaaacatag cattagttgt ttaaggggtt ctattctaga tggatgaagt tagtatagat     24420
     aggcagcagg ttgtttgcta tttattaaca gggttgtgtg ctctaggctg gcctcagagt     24480
     tgttatttag ctcatgctgg tcttgaattg gaaatcctcc tgtctctgtc ttcccaggct     24540
     tgttattaaa ggtatatgcc aacatggcta gaaaggagaa ttcacatttt aattgcagat     24600
     aaatcagagt gtctgtgaaa tcagcctatc actaggctct gccatgttac cagtggtgta     24660
     agtcagttgt caaaacctaa atcctaagtg ggaaaattga atgtgcttca tggattagtg     24720
     tgtgtacagg ttatgcacta agacagagca tggctgttgt aagaacatgt tagcactgtt     24780
     gctgctgctg gttaaaacag attttaataa aatttaaatt aatttttttg tatgtgttgg     24840
     tgttttttac tttgtgggag tcttttttcc accctttcca cccttttctt ccacctcttt     24900
     aacaccctaa cactagttaa gagagaaaaa aggatgtatg tttgtatgta tgtatatgta     24960
     gaacctgtgt gcctggtgcc catggagcca gaagagagca ttggatcctc tggaagtaga     25020
     attattgatg gttgagagca gccgtatgtg tgctaggaac tgaacccagg tcccttgcaa     25080
     gagcaagtgc tgttagccac tgaagaattc ctccagcccc atgtattatt tcttttttaa     25140
     aaagttttca cataaggagt gacttgggaa ttgaaaaagc agaaagcctt aaccacggct     25200
     tgtagacatt atgtagtgaa atgtggggaa aggtaggttt gtcatatatc ctagcatttt     25260
     agggtgctta acatttttta aatgtttatt tgttatttat tgtctgaggt gtgcattggc     25320
     acatgcagag gtcagaaggt aacttgcaga gtggctgctt ttttctgcct gtaagaccct     25380
     ggagtttgca atgagcttgg tggtaaacac ctttacccat tgagccatct tgctggtata     25440
     tgttggagaa acaatatttt attttaaaga ctcagttact tctcaattta tgacttcttg     25500
     aaatccattt tcccctacaa agttaatttt attcaaaata ctttgcattt gcatgcatta     25560
     gcatatgtcc ttttttaaac aattttttat tagatatttt ctttatttac atttcaaatg     25620
     ctatcctgaa agtcccctat accctcccta ggccttgctc cccaacccac ccactcccac     25680
     ttcttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactgag gcatataaag tttgcaagac caaggggcct     25740
     ctcttcccaa tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttctgctaca tatgcagcta gaggcacgag     25800
     ctctgggggt actggttagt tcatgttgtt gtttatgact taataccctt taaaaatgtt     25860
     agtttgctat ctttgactcg gggtcttaca ggttgttgct tcctgtaaga ggtaccacca     25920
     tctgccaagt taagtttctt gcctaaggta acatagttag gtgtagggct tggtagtgtg     25980
     agtcatgtaa atttttcctc tcatgttgca taatgtcttt aaggatagaa ttaatgcatt     26040
     aatttaaagt cgttacaggt tcttatattg acatgttttg gttttaataa ttagatttta     26100
     tctatcctta tttcttgata tttttttttc ttttttttct ttttgtaaag acagagtttc     26160
     actgtatcct ggaactcagt gtgtagagca agatgacctt gaactcacag agatcctggg     26220
     ctttcttgag gactgggatt aagggcgtgt accaccactt gaggctcagt tttcttatgt     26280
     aattataaat aaaaagttgc aaaaaaatat cttaagtata agatgtaaaa tacaagtgag     26340
     gtctcagtgt gtgtggtgtg attgggggaa gttttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttttttt     26400
     ttaagagaaa gtagatttaa caattcttaa tcattggttc tctgatttat acattttgaa     26460
     gtccattcca gagagtagcc actaggccat ctgtgagtgg cccttttggg gcttggccac     26520
     cacagaactt cactcagggc agtgagagtg aggttactag aggaagtgct ggccaggcat     26580
     gactaagcag cagagctgtc tgtcccagca tccgtcatca gattgacacc tctcagaaca     26640
     tactctgttt cagtctgcag tgcgcattgc ctgtggctct agtatacata gtgtctctgg     26700
     ttgaggctga tgtcagtatg tatagggtca gatctataat tttatcaggg ttgtgagctc     26760
     atgctcacac gctgggggtg gaaccagggc cttgtccatg cttggcaggt catctaccac     26820
     tcacctatat ccagcctctt tttgattccc agtgagctgg ggttgttttg tttttgtttt     26880
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt taaagttgtt tttattttta atggggtagg aagtcatacc     26940
     taggctctaa tggtttctac ttcagtcatt ctacacccct aacccttaaa acaaaaacct     27000
     aaaaattagt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgaga gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagtgt gtgtgtgaga     27060
     gtgtgtgtgt gagagagagt atgtgtgtgt atttgtgtgt gtagagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     27120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taggtaaaca tgctatgctg agtgtgtgga ggttgtgttc     27180
     ctgggtttga attcaggtca ccgtctctca gccaagccct tggtttttgg agacaacgtc     27240
     tctcatgtaa tttaagctag ccctcaactc ttgatcattc tgcttctgct tcttaagtgc     27300
     taagatcata ggcctgtgtc actgaccctg ggagaaactc attgaaaatg aatcttgtga     27360
     ttcatttcac agttcaaata atcattcttt agattgtttg aaagcgtccg cccagtattt     27420
     ctagttttca caactctcca ttctcctgag gttgtatagg ctgatcgaat tccttcatat     27480
     agcttgttta tttgtacttg tcctgtgaca gtttctggtc cttgagtggc ccaagaggct     27540
     gtggggttaa aaaagtacag ccactcactc ctccagtttg ggaaagaggc ttgggctctt     27600
     gactactaag tgtgccagag acttgttgaa tgaatgctga tttgttcctg gcattaagca     27660
     gggtttcagc tctccaaggc ctgttgtcta gtagctgctt gactggggga gtagtgaggc     27720
     accccacccc accgccccat tagccacctt ccctgtgcca gtcactgatc tttgacctca     27780
     tgtttatcca acagtaggga tggcattggg cccacatggc tgcctgtcct cggaaagtta     27840
     aattttatca aattattata ggtggcagtg cttgctgggt caggatttgg agggaagggt     27900
     gcagtgggag gctccttcct cctatctccc agagacaccc tttccatggt gagctgatga     27960
     gctctgggtg ctggtatctg tgggaaggct tgacctgtct tgcccagatc agatgtcctt     28020
     ttgatttggt gttgtggagc cccctttgca atagggtccc catagagcca tcttggactt     28080
     tcctcaagac ttggctgaga gtttgaaaag gtgttggtgg tgcacacctt taaccccagc     28140
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg tgaatctctg tgacttagag tccagcctgg tctacagaga     28200
     ccaggacagc caggactatg gagagaaacc ttgtctcgaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     28260
     acaaacaaac tcactcttgg gacctaggat ttaacaatta tactcttttt gagtctctga     28320
     tattgaaaga tggctgtcat ggactcacca ctgactctta ctgctgtgtc ctcccatctg     28380
     tgtcctgact agtcctgtgg ttcaacggtc tgaacgcatt cccctgtctt ttcctaagtg     28440
     caagcttgct tgtctcatac ctgagtttgc catgttctct atgctgaccc tgttcctata     28500
     gcttcttttc ctcctcagct agaaccacag atcctacagt tacttaggct tgaaatctgc     28560
     tagccttggg ccccaatgaa taagcttgct gccaagtctg acagcccgat ccctgcattc     28620
     tacaaaaaga caaccaatta ttgcatgtat gacttccaaa catgtagcat gtgtatatgt     28680
     gcgcacatac gcgtacacac acacactaaa taagtgaatc taaattatta agaagatatc     28740
     tgttagtctt gtaattcctt gctcctctct ctgcccagcc caggactcag gtttatctgc     28800
     tgcctagcac atttcatttc cctgagttct ggacttgatg ctttcgctct tgggaactcc     28860
     tcacattgag cctcctctag cttcaggatg ggctctcggc tcctgctgtt ctagcccatc     28920
     tgtgctttgc gtcttctagc acttgtgaag ctactctgtg aattatggaa caaagtcata     28980
     gactcctttc tgtcttctgt ggagcctcct tctggatgcc tccgtgtcat tgatcctggg     29040
     ccttggtccc agcatttaga gcatcttttg ttgtcatcct cttccacttc cacgcccagc     29100
     taacccatag aactcttcat aaaagatgaa ccaccttgcc gttcaccaca cgtacacagc     29160
     tcacctcagt cccgcctact gtagagaatc tggcagcacc gtttcccagc atctggggag     29220
     aatctgatat aaagcacggt ctttgctctc gggagccaat gttactgagg ttgggaaggt     29280
     cagttggtct gcccagtctg cgagacacga gcagatgact ctccttcttg gactgcccgc     29340
     catcttgcct gggtcctggt ttgcagctgc tgccacatca aaacagcgca ctaacctgct     29400
     ccagccacca tgttgttgtt gctgttgttt ttttagactt aaaaacatta ctatttttat     29460
     gtgtgtgtgg ctacgtgagt ttgtgtgcac cacatatgtg caggagcttg cagaggcccg     29520
     aaggtgttgg gtccccagga actgggatta caggagatga cgagctacca tataggtgct     29580
     aggaaccaaa gtaacgtctg caagagcagc aggtactcct ggttacttag ttcatctcca     29640
     gtgcccctct cccacaattt taaaagctat aggctattgt gttttgtgct gtgctttagt     29700
     ctgttaaatt cgttaagaat taaaattgtt ttaaatgttt ggctattata actagtgctg     29760
     tataagatag ctctagttta aacaagcaaa caaacaaaca ccccaccaac aaaacactaa     29820
     actctcccat tcttgcctga tctccttgga agattgtttt gtttagaact gctgagccag     29880
     taaagggtgg ccattgttta agcctttgat acaaggagtg cattttcttc tacaggaaat     29940
     tggtagcctc cacagtgtgt ttcttgattt ttttttcaag aactactact gtattatagc     30000
     gtggcagtgg cagtgcagac gtgggggttt ggcctgcctg cgttattctg tagccctgta     30060
     ctgatttgcc ttactgtttc ctctgagcag cagtgggaag gatgtctggt gatggctgtg     30120
     tggcgttgtc tttccttctc tgtacgaagc acacttcaga gcaggctacc ctgttttccc     30180
     agagaaatgt ttacctaact ctgggtatat atgcaaacaa agtagctaaa caaatcaaac     30240
     atttaactaa gttcggaagt ttatgttagg gatggggaca tccttcatag ccatcaaatt     30300
     gcttgctaca tgagctgagg cactgagcct gatatgagaa cccatccaaa aaagctggat     30360
     gtggtggcac agcttgtaat tttggaggtg tgacagcaga gacagatgac tctctggggc     30420
     ttacttaatg aggtccaggc aaatgacaag tctgtctcaa aaacacagtg aattgactcc     30480
     tgtgttgacc tttgcccttt acatagatac acacacatac aagcatccac atttaacata     30540
     tccatgcatg catgcatata cacattcatt ttattatctt atttttttgt ctttttgaaa     30600
     cagggttact ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcgc tctgtagacc agtctggtct     30660
     tgaactcaca agagatttgc ctctttctgc ctcctgagtg ctgagattaa aagcatgcac     30720
     caccattgct aatacaaatt gtatttttaa catttattta tgtatggggt tgagtatacg     30780
     gtggtatgta tttggtgata ggatcacttt ctgaaattag ttcttccttt ccatcatgtg     30840
     ggttccaggg atccaactca ggttttcagg cttagaagca aacatcttta tccgccaagt     30900
     catctccctg accccagggg ttgctaatca tagaattttt gttcattgaa cacaaaagca     30960
     cagttgcata tgaataggat gcttttattt ttacatagaa ttaaactttt taaaaaagat     31020
     tgttttatgt aagtacacca ctgctgtctt aagacacacc agaagagggt gtcggattcc     31080
     attacagtta gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tcctgggaat tgaactaagg tcctctggaa     31140
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagg cccaaaaatt aaatcttaaa     31200
     tattaatatc ggcaagccag atgtggtaca cacaccttta atctcagcac tcaggaggca     31260
     gaggcaggca gatctctgaa ttttaggcct cctggtctac atagcaagtt ccaggatagc     31320
     taaggctaca caaagaatcc ttgtcccata ctaacaaaaa gaagcagtgg ccacagcagc     31380
     tactgctggg tgtcttagtc aggtttctac gacagtcatc aaacaccaca acagaagaag     31440
     cagccagtgg agcagagggt tcatttcagc gtccaactct gtggtcacac ttcatcactg     31500
     agggaaaaac agggcaggaa cctggaggca ggaacagagg cagaggccat gagagagtcc     31560
     tttcttctgg cttgcttctt aagcaccggg aatactagcc caggaatggc actgtttata     31620
     gttggtctct tccacttcag tcatcaacca agaaaatgca ccacaggttt gcccacaggc     31680
     cattctgata gaggcctaaa atgaccctag attgtgtctg tcaagttgac ataaaactag     31740
     ccaccatgct tacctttaga gtaagcagat agttgatgag ggaaagtttc tctcagaaag     31800
     cggtaaagga gtcataaagt atcaagggac tgggcaatgt agatcagtgg tcaggcccta     31860
     gattcaatct ccgttactac aaaaacaata atggagctgt ttcagcctgt tgaattaatg     31920
     ggatgagata gcaattgtgc tatcctagag ataccagatt cattccatag cttctgctag     31980
     gggagtcttc tagaaaaatc ctactcgaaa gttatcagaa ttttcgattg taaaggctaa     32040
     ttgacaggaa attgaaagga caaaagaata cactaaaaac caccactgga ccaatagcct     32100
     ggctgcttct gtaaataaat ggctcaagac gtttcacttc cctgctgaga cagggagtgg     32160
     gaagggaagg cagggatggg gaagaaggga aaactactca atacgaaaga cttgaagaag     32220
     agcaatgatt tctgaacttt actgaatagt gagcccatca gacttaggaa gaaaaataaa     32280
     taaaattaac ggatatattt aaatattttt attttttttt ttatttttta tgttttggca     32340
     agagatctgg tcttagccgg gtgtggtaaa agccagcatg cctattaatc ccagtactga     32400
     ggagacagat ctctgtgagt ctgaggaaag cctggtctac atagtgagct tcaggagtga     32460
     gagcctgcct caaacaaaca aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacagaaac ctaaaacaaa     32520
     aggagtgttc ttgctgtgtt cagacttgct ctgaactctc aagcagtcct ctacaaggcc     32580
     ttagtagctg gaactatagg cacattcctt cttaggctct tttttattgt actgtaaata     32640
     aacttaactt tctttaacat tttttttttt tttccttttt aagagtctta ctatgcagca     32700
     ttcactgtct tggagctcat agagattcac ctgcttctgt cttgctagtg ctggagttaa     32760
     aggtgtaaac tacagtgcaa ggcttaactg ctgtcttcgt tgtttgtttg tcttaaagat     32820
     ttttattttg cttgtgtgtg catggccagt ggctgcatgg gcttgtgtgt gcatgggcca     32880
     gtgactgcag tggctgcaga gaccagaaga gggcgctgga ttccctagag ctggagttct     32940
     aggcaaatta ggagacattc aatggatgct gggaaacgaa ctctggtcct ctgtaagagc     33000
     agtgagcatc ttaactgcca agccatctct ccagtcctga acacttttcc ttacagttcc     33060
     acgaggtgtt ggttttcttt ccagctgcat ttccatttgc tttgttgggg cactttatcc     33120
     attctggaaa tgaatcccat gtcaggtatg ttttatagaa agtcttcatt ctcttaagag     33180
     ttcaagaaac agaaggttag ctgggcatgg tggtacacac ctcaggaggc agaggcagag     33240
     gcaggtggat ctctgagttt gaggtcagcg tggtctacag agagagttcc aggacagcca     33300
     tggctataca gagaaatcct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     33360
     agaaacagaa gttcagaagt tcatgtcttt gtctccacag gcacctgcac ttaaatgcac     33420
     aaaccctgcc acacacgagc atgtaatgac aagaaaagga aaaggcacta aagatactta     33480
     gagcccagcc ggggcagatc cacagtccca gctactttgg atcctgaggc agtgggtttg     33540
     tagagagttc tgggccagcc tgggcacttt agtgtgactg tctcaaactt aaaaaggctg     33600
     cggatgttag ctcagtggaa aggtatttgc ttgacctgtg tgaggccctg ggtttacact     33660
     ctagcaccag aaatcagtta gtcaggccag tatcagtacc tgtcatcaga gcactgataa     33720
     ttaaagccta tgatgaaata tatccatcta aatgtctaaa actgaaaagg gctgaaagta     33780
     ctaagagttt acataagtcg ggtcagtgca ttatttggga gggtgaagtg ctgcaagtgc     33840
     tgtaggacat tgttgatttg tgtggaagct aagtataccc agaccagcca gggtccgagg     33900
     cgtgcaccct ctagggatac ctctgtaacc ctagcattgg aagcagggag ggttcacggt     33960
     cacctgacct acatagtggc catacttgag gccagcatgg gttgtatgaa accctgtcac     34020
     aaaacaacaa taacactcct ccattgtatg atcaagcttt ttcaatcata ggtgattgac     34080
     tgcctgatag aaattctata ttcagagcct ctggagaaca aatttaatat atagtattta     34140
     ttcaacgtaa gccatgcagt agtcagtgtt gcaaatagtg ctgttgtcaa tacaagtagg     34200
     cagggtcttt atgtagctcc agctgcccca gaactaactc actgtgttct gcctggccct     34260
     gaatccacct gcctctgcct gctgagtgct gggatcaaag gcatacacca tcacgcctgg     34320
     ctctgctcac aatgctttta gtgtatagcc agaacctaag tcattctaat tttttttttt     34380
     ttgaggaacc acattacttg tattcttgta tttcagaaat ttctcagttt taatttataa     34440
     catggcaagt tttgatagat ctacataaat aagtaataaa gaccttagta attaagagca     34500
     gccactataa tgaacgaagc atgtgccttg cttgtcatgg agcagaggac tgaagctgtc     34560
     actgtcttgg gtataaaagt gatggtgtgc gatccatcag atcttgagca cagtgacaca     34620
     cgcccgctgc tcccagtgtt tggtttggat ggcattgcag tgatggtaca gtttccctga     34680
     gtaccggtga tactgtccgt cactctttag ttgtcctgta gactctggac agtcaagctg     34740
     tgggcgagtg acacttcatt ataaacaaga cttaattgga gctgttatga gatatttcat     34800
     ttaaatattg gatctgtgtt ttaaaaatat ttacgtattt atttttgtgt gtgtgtgagt     34860
     gtgcctgaga ccagaggagg atggggaatt ctctggagat ggagttacaa gtggttgtaa     34920
     gccaccccca cattggatgc tgggaaccaa cattcaggtc ctctggaaga gcaacaagtg     34980
     ttctaactac cgagtctttg ttttttgttt tttaatgaag tacagtatct caccatctta     35040
     ttgctgcaga gaacatgcta ctaatgcaag cttcaaaatg tcagtagctt tgactgtcag     35100
     ggactacaca tttgaaattt ccatgtactt tgcagaatag atggtttctt ggattttatg     35160
     tgaatttatt gtgaggattt ttgtatgcat tcatttaaaa tgttgactgg gttttgagtt     35220
     aatagatata cacacaccct ttgactgaaa ccatgttgaa gatatcttca tgaagtttgt     35280
     atatttgtct atgtatgcat cccaggaaaa cattaatgag gaagggtctg cagagcacgt     35340
     gaccttgatc aactttctcc tttctggtct tgcagaacac ataatctcct aagtcagttt     35400
     tcttcctggg tttggtgaaa gagccatcca aagaaggaag gcttgaatgt ctccgggaga     35460
     acctgccttt ctctgcatct gtttttgtag agaggaggca gtgacagtgc ccagaagtct     35520
     ttgaggtttt catcccggaa gcaggagcat cctggaactg tgcagtgact gtcacagagc     35580
     cccaatcttc tgagacccag accaactcca gcttcttcta ggaaattctc tggactcttg     35640
     cagcccactt ccacatctcc tttcttcccc ttgctcctgt ggaaatcact gtccacggcc     35700
     ccgttaggtg gcgtctcctg ctgtcttctc agcacatgct ctctggagtt ggattcctga     35760
     cttagatttc ttcagctgcc gcaggggtta ggctcacagg gttggctttg gtcatgcact     35820
     cctttcccat ggctggaccc agttcccagc acctgtggct tgtcaggagg ttgaggttga     35880
     gttggtgcta aatcagctgt gaagattagc aacgacttgg gcagtgagag ccaggcctct     35940
     gacttagttt gatatgctta gtgactgatg tgttgtgaag cacaaagaaa atcggcctgt     36000
     gttttatttt agtgctgaag taccaggtaa aatatgcgtt aatgctacat taacacaacc     36060
     ctagtgtttc atttaaaaat gcgtaggatt taagaaaatc aagtggttca aatatttaac     36120
     tttttgacat acctcagaat ggtaattaaa aacccaagtt aataaaaaat ataattttga     36180
     acattaatta ttcttcctgg gtaggttagt agacaaaatt taaatattat ttctaaagaa     36240
     aatttaccaa gatgtcccac attaactgag tttattaaat ataaaataga tttatttttt     36300
     ttaaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag     36360
     aagagggagt cagatctcat tacagatggt tgtgagtcac catgtggttg ctgggatttg     36420
     aactctggac cttcggaaga gcagtcaggt actcttagca actgagccat ctcaccagcc     36480
     ccctaaaata gatttattat ttattaataa ataaatatta gatctttctg tttaaggtgt     36540
     tttccctgta tgagctgacg ctaggaggag aagccaaggg accactaagc tgctgccctt     36600
     cctctagtca gacattgcta gactcccctg tgctatgcta actttgagga cttgaggcca     36660
     gtgggctgac tgtagtcttt agttgctagt aatctgcgtt ttttttcctc caaaacagga     36720
     tttcctgctt gtcttgatgc ccttcagttt catctgttga gaaagtcttt gagctctgtt     36780
     gagacttaat cttcaggcag aagctttgcc ctattggctg cttttcttcc tcctgaggat     36840
     tatgcaggga ggtcaggctt ctaaaagagg acactgcagg tgagcctgcc agcttgtcca     36900
     ggctttcaga gtgcactgta tcacgccatg ggaggagggg gtgggggtac tggaggtcaa     36960
     gggcaggggc tggcacatgc tgcccaagtg ctctcctgct gagccttacc ccccaaaccc     37020
     aagctttcct taaaaagatg tcttctatct gcccccacac ccttaatggc cccatcacta     37080
     ggatttggat ctgtgtatgt cagcttgtat atacatgtga tttgggaaca aaagcttcaa     37140
     aacacagcac tctttctgta aacaagtcaa agtttgctac tctttgattt cattatcata     37200
     gctacccttt ctgaagctct tttgttgagc tataacagaa atgtgcacat actgtccttt     37260
     cccagtgact tttcataaat taagcacatc ccgcagcagc cgcagatcag acagaacatt     37320
     tccagtccct ggggaggctc ccgtggggag gcttctgtgt ggtgtcttct gttcactgac     37380
     ctctcccgtg ggagccacca acctactttc tggcagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     37440
     tgtgttgtaa aacccagtaa attaatttca agacccagtg ggtctcaact tgctacttgg     37500
     aaaaaatata gccatgtttt gtctaattat tcttttttct tttttttttt ttctgagaca     37560
     ggatttctct gtatagccct gactgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     37620
     aactcagaaa tcctcctgcc tcttcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggca tacgagactg     37680
     cccggctcgt ctaattattc ttgaagtagg aattttcttc ttttgtagat gaaaaagatg     37740
     aagtccaaga tgacttgatt tcccccagga tcccatggct tgtgctgtgt ttcttttccc     37800
     tgagctgagg agtgtcttgt ttcgaaggtc agtggtagct gtttctgttt catgctcagc     37860
     ctttccctct taatgtgctc cgggaatgga tgctcattat gaagacagct cagtggattg     37920
     ccggtattag cactctgaac atgagtcaga tgcagctgat ggttgctttg atggtgtctt     37980
     gggagttttc ttggcattag tcctctggtc tcagggtaga aagaacctgc agggacatgg     38040
     acagcctggg ctgtcaccat gcaggacaag ctcagtgcct ctcatgtctc tctggtgtgg     38100
     ctcattgaga gatcctgtct cggggcctta gccttctttc tggacagtct atcccgtcat     38160
     ccttacattc tgattgagag gccgattctt tgaaccaaca cctcttggag ttgctgaggc     38220
     cgtgccccac agtctgtacc tagaaattcc tgcttgagta tgcgccgagg gactcagtca     38280
     ggccggaaat gtttgctaac tttgtcagtg cttcgctgag acttagttcc aagaaccttg     38340
     agttttcagg ttcttccccc atggtagaat gacctggttg gcaaggctgt cagacatggg     38400
     gcatagcagt gagtaaaaca agctccttcc aacatagagt ccattgtctg tctgtctttc     38460
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttaggttt     38520
     ttcgagacag gctttctctg tgtatccctg gctgtcctgg aacttactct gtagaccagg     38580
     ctggccttga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgccttcca agggctggga ttaaaggtgt     38640
     gcgccaccac tgcccggcta gagttcattt tctgttgaag cgtgcagatg aaggcttatt     38700
     gtcaagagct aatgaagtta tacaggataa agcaggttgt tgttttgagg ctgggtctct     38760
     ctatgttgcc cattctgttg gaaaacccaa gctcacatgc tcctcccaca tctgactcct     38820
     cccaggtagc tgggactaca ggtaacatgc tgccaggcct gcctccgtct gtctttgtct     38880
     tttcttcctt ttctgttctg ttcgtgacag tctcactgtg tagtcaaggc tggcctcaca     38940
     ttcttcctgc ctcagccttt agtgctgaga cttacaggtg tgtggccacc acgcctggac     39000
     taactagctg tttcttacca caagggtagc attttcaagt gttagctgtt cccggggctt     39060
     tccagtgtgt agtctagttt gactgagatg tggacatgtt tctgaacctg tctgagaaac     39120
     aagtggaaat gtacctagac ctgttaattc tgtagtgctg ggtgggagca ctgggaactc     39180
     taaaaggctt tgtgtttatt ctttgttcct ggctgtgcat tagctgatgt tcagaagtgc     39240
     atctcagtac tttatttctg ttgtcttctt aactgggact gttgtcaaac tgtcttctag     39300
     atatttatgt ttatgtcagt tgtcttagtt acttttctgt tgctgtgcca aagtaccatg     39360
     accaaagttg tttattactg agcccgctta gatggctggg aggaagtgat gagtcgagaa     39420
     aggagggaag cagggggttg agtcaatcaa gagccaggcg agcacacggt gacctctcag     39480
     tcactttcca ggaacctggc tggggtatgt ggtcggtcat cagtgccgca tcctttgcca     39540
     atgcccttta ctcccttgaa atagtttgga gatagttgat agtcaaatag ggttgttttt     39600
     tgttttgttt tgttttttaa agtttattta ttttatgtgt atgagtacac tgtagctgtc     39660
     ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg     39720
     gttgctggca aatgaattca ggagctctag aagagcagtc agtgctctta cctactgagc     39780
     agtctctctc cagcccatca attaggtttt taaaagctga atctacgccc cgccctcccc     39840
     acccttaatc tttcctttca gtgctgttac tggtgaggga gcctgtaatg aattccgtct     39900
     tggaaagccc agtgctcttt ctgtagatct cagtattgat ttgagacttt cggcaggcag     39960
     ggtatgctag ggtgggggtg cctctgctag gtctcagaaa tgatacccca gtgtgtggca     40020
     ccttggcata tggagcgttt ctaagtcaga aacaacgggg tttggtgctt ctcttccagg     40080
     gccgctctga gcacctaact ctgctgatgc ctggagggac ttgaacgctg ctctaccgca     40140
     cagttgccag cagagttgcg tctgtaactt tcttctctca gactccctcc ccagcagcca     40200
     gctgctgagc cacatcccag gaaggagcat ttgactccac gcagggtaga cgtggtggat     40260
     tagcactgac tctctgggcc ctcaaaattg tcagcttgtt catgaagagt gtagataaga     40320
     ttctgttttc tgagttcttg aagttcactg gcctgtgagt acccctctct ctggagctaa     40380
     aatctgtgtg ccccttcttg ttaatcttta tagggcaaag agaaagttca ctttgcttct     40440
     gtagttccca gctcacagta aattcatctt tgaccttttc tttagacaca caaacttgtc     40500
     aaatgggatt agtattgaaa agcagtagaa gtatttcttt gttcttcctc acaatacccg     40560
     ccccacccca cacgcatgca atacacgtgc aggctttatc tttttgtcct gtaagaactc     40620
     agttcaacct actgggctct ctcatcaaga tcgacacagg gctcctgaca tctcttaagc     40680
     accctctagc agtttctccc ctctgtactt gtctccataa gtgggggggg gggggggcgt     40740
     tgattacgct ggcagctggc cagaaggctt gcttaagatg gcaaggttgt attcagcact     40800
     aaggttacgc ttaggttaag tctgtgctcc aggaggagac ttgcaatttg catttaaagc     40860
     agtgcaaaaa atagtttgta agttgtggag tcatttcagc tgctggaact tatggattgg     40920
     actgtcaggt ccccagagag gagcgagctt caggggcata accgaccagt gtgccacacg     40980
     cccgccacca cgtggaagtg aatgagagtc tagtgggtgg cgctgcttcc ttccttgtcc     41040
     ctgtttttag cttttcttaa gacaaactgg gataaaataa gagaatttta acaggtatca     41100
     aaagagaatt ggtgtctggt aaagaaatag gatgtggagt cggctgagtc ccacctacct     41160
     ggattcccag tccggcccag cttcatttct tctaaaaggt cagactgtca catggggagc     41220
     tttaaaaggc tttttgtgag ccagaggcaa cccttcgtga aatactgaga attaagaggg     41280
     aattggaaga aaacaggggc gtactgctga ttaggtagtc aatttaacac aggctagagt     41340
     cttcagagag gaaggcacct cagctgagga aatgcctcca tgagatccct cggtagggca     41400
     ttttctcaat tagtgatcag tgaggaaggg tggtgccttt cctcgctggt ggtcctgggt     41460
     tctataagaa agcaggctga gcaaggcatg aaccagccag tctgcagcac ctccgtggcc     41520
     tctgcatcag cttctctctc caggttccag ccctgcttga attcctgtcc tgactttctt     41580
     caatgatgga ctatgatctg gaagtataag ctcaataaag cctttcctct ccaggtttgt     41640
     ttttggtgtt tttatcgagg caatagacat cctaactaag acggtgcaac ttaaacaaca     41700
     gtcacaccta gaaagagtag cgggcatgag ctggcaggga ctgttgcggc cttagtgagg     41760
     tccctcccca gcaaagccca gaccatgaca caggggtttc ttgcccaccc actgtctttc     41820
     tgcttccttc cactttttct tctgttggag acagacttct gtgctgctct gagacttgtg     41880
     tggtactagg ctgagggggt gaagagactg gaagtcttct cagagccaca ttttgagtaa     41940
     cagtttaaaa acattcgtgc cttttgcttg agtcttggtg tctagagctc tgcatgtgcc     42000
     ttcacgctaa gtgcttcagt ctttccctga agggtctgtg tgacccagag gggcaggttc     42060
     ccttccttac agaggatgct gtttcctgtt tacatcagca tcaccacccc tctgggactg     42120
     gctcaggaac tgtgggagga tgggtggagg ctgaggggct tgctctgctt atcctgtgct     42180
     ctgcgcctgg ggaacgggaa cgggaacggg aacggggaac gggaatggga aaggaaggaa     42240
     ggctcttgag gaagaggcgg ggccctggaa agaaatgggg tttctaggag ggaagtgtgc     42300
     cctgggaagg aggagaggcc ctgggagcag cctattctgc atgcactgac ctatgtccat     42360
     taaggaggga ggcgaggagg gttacaggag ctctgagtag caacggaggg agccggtgtg     42420
     ttgtccatgt gagctgggag tggtatgggg actgtgtgtt cagtagagtc ttaagtgtgt     42480
     aaggtcttaa gtgtgagttc aaggaggaca ctgagatgca ttgctgggga aggactttat     42540
     ttgaagagct cagaccacgg caccagggaa aaagagcatg gtagacctga agagagaggg     42600
     agactgggcc tgggcagatc acactgccct cagcaggcct gtcacagaca cccacacaca     42660
     ctctacggtg gcaggtccga ctcccaggtc caggatctca gctagaaagt gaatgtacat     42720
     cagagagcat tggtaaagct tgggaagcag atggcctggc tgcaggcttg tgatttgaaa     42780
     ccacctccac ttccactctc agaagtgctt gagagaccca ggggctagaa aaatgcctcc     42840
     gtggttaagg gcacttgctg ttcttccaca agttctgggt tcagttccca gcacccacat     42900
     ggtggctcat ctgtaacttc atttcatggg gacccaatac ccccttctgg cctttcagga     42960
     tataagtatg tgcatgatgc acataataca cacagacacc tgttgtggat gggccaggta     43020
     cttgagaacc aatcccctaa tgaataaagg agccaatcac tgggcgagta ggcaggactt     43080
     ctgggttgga ccgaggaaga gaggaagctg gcgagagttg gttccctttt tggacaggga     43140
     cagcacgatg gtaagatata gctgctagag tttcctggta tcatggcgga tctgcaagaa     43200
     tttgccacca gaggaatcag attttaataa ggcttacaag attaggtttt agttgttgtg     43260
     cccagagact gagttaccat tgtttctgaa ggaagtctgt gttgcatttt ccttcacgca     43320
     gctcgtctgg gttcaagaga gaatggtaca gcagcaaagt gagggttcgc cagaggtgca     43380
     ccacaaaggc catgggggat ttgaagtata tggggctggt gtggaagcaa caccagtggg     43440
     aacctagaga gctgggtgga gagattggag ttctgagtca gagtctccct aagataaaaa     43500
     caggccggcc atgggctgcc agtgcatggc cggccaggct gctggggcag aggcacaagc     43560
     atgggaacat gcccattcat ctttttcaat atttcccgca acaggtggcg aaccaacatg     43620
     ctgggcaaga atgcactaga aattaaggtt attagcctga gagagttttc tttcttttct     43680
     tttttaaaag tgagtagctg ggtagcactg agtcacgtga gacaagtcac atgagacaag     43740
     tcacatgggc ttaagtgcag gaattgaatc agaaactgct ggcaggctct gaggtcgcct     43800
     gctgtgagga atgcaggctg ctctgagtca gctgtagaat agaaggtgcc tacttcttgg     43860
     ggcagagatt gaactgtgaa tttataaaat tgggattatt tgcttttagg ataggtttat     43920
     atacagattt tgtcggaatc aagtcgggaa tttcgcctgt ggtttggaac taggataggg     43980
     aaatttagtc attgacttca agtagagagg gcagtgaaca ggtattaata gaataaacat     44040
     ctgtgactcc aggcagagag ccaaacagat agatggtata acaagttggc tgctttagac     44100
     agagagctga atcataatat gatataaaat tgctttactt gccttgtggg atactcatat     44160
     tctgtctaac gtgggctcca cgggaatact gggttttata tcctcttggc aagataggaa     44220
     aggcctaagt atagacacag tattttagtt tacttcattt gttatggatt gttttagttt     44280
     gaactagcat aggggatatt agtaactgac tccagagtag agaatacagt gataatcatt     44340
     gcctgctttg aacaggtatt aattatcgat gtctgtggct ccaggtagag agctcaacag     44400
     acagatatta tataggtatt aataaaatat gtctgtggct ctgggcagag agccaaacag     44460
     aaagatggta tatattgttt aaccagccac aggaagctta tattctgcta acgtgggctc     44520
     aacaggaatc ttgaatgtct tttcctgctt ggcaagatag gaaaggccta agtataggta     44580
     cacacagtat cttagtttac ttcatttgtt ttagattgtt ttgattttca aaatgggtgt     44640
     gattttgagt tttgtggtta tattattcct ctgggagaga ggtctaaata aagggtgttc     44700
     agattatggg ctcaaggata tgatgatttg ggaaaaaggt tttgtctttg tgtttttgga     44760
     aaaggttatt aaggtattta caccttccag agttcaatgg atcagatttg atagagggag     44820
     accccctgaa gaactagatt ccagagaatc aaacaaaaag gttatcttga taatgctaaa     44880
     aaattgtttt gagatttgta tattatagaa tatacagcct tggtgagtct cctcttgaac     44940
     tctggatgtc ttggacttag agctggatcc agtcaagaca gagatatcag aggctaaagc     45000
     aatcattggt atggccttct taaggccaac caactcttac cctccctccc caaatatctc     45060
     aatgcccata ttcagcttga agaagttatg aagtgttgtt gccccagttc cctgggcttt     45120
     ggggcttgag ggggttatta tagattgtta ttctagggaa tgtagaaatg gtcataattg     45180
     agacaggaag gaatagctat aaactcattt tgtagaaatc tttttaattg ttactaagtt     45240
     gaagtcattg tttcttattt tggtacagaa tatattttga tgcaaagtca aggtttatat     45300
     tggtataaat ttcttctatt gatacaaaaa ttttgaaagt acagggctta gacccagtcc     45360
     ttctgtaact gttatgataa actgacctta ggtgattaag cctgtgagtt aagggccaaa     45420
     tagaaaattc atggctctga gtttattgtt agggtatttt cagagatttt aattagaaat     45480
     agctgagagt agttaacgga gaacagtcta gattgcttta tatagatagt tggttttcaa     45540
     aaacatcaga aatccacaga atgtgacaat gttatttatt cacttgttgt tgagacagat     45600
     ctgctcctaa cagtttccca ttcctggatt caaagaagca actgagtatc taaacctcca     45660
     agtgaagttg cacatttgtg gctaggtgat caccgggcag aaaattgccc gtttctcctg     45720
     cagaccttta gagttcttga aaggacacaa tttgtaggtt aggacagctt agttctgccg     45780
     agacagaata tgctggtcct taatatttct gtatctctaa ggtctgtcag attgtcctgg     45840
     gccagaaggc tgaagattga tgcgccatct tcctaactta ctggggctgt ataggtaggc     45900
     agtggtctct acagtttgtc tcagttctgg aagcagtgtt aggcttccta tatgttttca     45960
     gttaatgttg gtcattcttg gatttctgat ggggttgaaa aacttataat tgcatagcca     46020
     acccaggcta tttacattga gagaacagat ttgagaggat gatttccaga tggcatacta     46080
     tctaaagcca ggacataaat caaggtagaa tctttttaaa aaaagattta tttatttatt     46140
     atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaaa cactccagaa gaaggagtca gatctcttga     46200
     cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtgggtgct gggatttgaa ctccggacct ttagaagagc     46260
     agttgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcccc aaggtagaat cttaagtctt     46320
     ttaatttagg atagatgaca atgttctatc ctaatgccat aaatcctata tcttgtactt     46380
     tgtagattac gaaatggtaa tggttgtgct ctgtatttga gagaaaggtt ttgtttatta     46440
     gaacagaaag gggaaagttc tgtgcacgga cctggtgctg ttcttgtaaa ccaatcccct     46500
     aatgaataaa ggagccaatc actgggcgag taggcaggac ttctgggttg gaccgaggaa     46560
     gagaggaagc tggcgagagt tggttccctt tttggacagg acagcatgat gataagatat     46620
     agctgttagg ttttcctggt atcatggcgg atctgcaaga atttgccacc agaggaatca     46680
     gattttaata aggcttacaa gattaggttt tagttgttgt gcccagagac tgagttacca     46740
     ttgtttctga aggaagtctg tgttgcattt tccttcacgc agctcgtctg ggttcaagag     46800
     agaatggtac agcagcaaag tgagggttcg ccagaggtgc accacaaagg ccatggggga     46860
     tttgaagtat atggggctgg tgtggaagca acaccagtgg gaacctagag agctgggtgg     46920
     agaggttgtg gagttctgag tcagtctccc tgagataaaa gcaggtcagc tatggcctgc     46980
     caggcctcca agttaccggc tcaagggtgg gagtgtgccc tttttttttt ttttaatgtt     47040
     tggaatttta aaaatatttc ccacaacaaa caccaacaca gacacgtaaa ctaaaaccaa     47100
     gtaaatctga aggggatgag gccctcactt ctggcataca cactggcaaa ttgtgttgtg     47160
     tgcatcccag gggagagtga gcacacacat gcattctttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc     47220
     attctaatcc taggttttat tcaacagtcc tttcactcta cacaagtaca aacacaacct     47280
     tatctaaaat gctacaaagt tataaaactc aaaacaaatt ttatagtact gactgtacaa     47340
     taaaagcaaa aaggggcaat gtacacactg ccaaggttaa cctgcaacat caccatgaat     47400
     ggcaggtgac tgctttaaca ggtagcctgc gtttgttaga catcacaagt gccttaaggg     47460
     gtcttcaatt ttggttgggt tgcttgtgtg aaatgaggtc acccaggcaa attctgcatt     47520
     caagtaattt gtaaagtgcc tagcccagag ttctccctct ctccccccac cccttgggaa     47580
     tggtgctcac tttggccggc tgttgaaggt tttgttttgc ttctgacctg tgtgttttgt     47640
     ttgttcctga gaggtgggag caggagcggc tgatgggata gctaccctgg tttcctctaa     47700
     ctgtgtgaga taagggagtc tttttcctaa tggaggacca gagaaggaga cctgtgctaa     47760
     gtgtggtgaa catgacccag ccttccttcc cagactagag ctgccacctg ctgcagacag     47820
     ttttcctgta cttctgaatt gtttttgttt tgttttgttt tcagggtttt ttttgggggg     47880
     cggggaggca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag     47940
     gctggcctcg aactcagaga tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggta     48000
     tgggccacca ctgcccggct gttatttttt ttaaatgtgt atttagttac ttattgtggg     48060
     atggaggcat gtgtgtggaa gccagaggac aaccttttgc aagttggctc tcgttctctg     48120
     tatactagag aatgaagtca ggccatcagg cctgacagca gctgtcttcc cactgagccg     48180
     tcctctcggc tccactgctg acttcaaagc aagcaagcaa gcaagcaagc aaacacttac     48240
     aatgtgtgtg ggtgctgcat gtgtgttggt ccctggtgtg gccaggcgag ctcttgagct     48300
     ggggtaacag aaagatgtga atgctgtaca ctgaactcag atcttctgga aggggaggga     48360
     gcaggccctc ttcaccgcag agcaagccct ccagtccctc attctgagct ctctgcccag     48420
     tatgtgctgc ttttattacg ggccagaatt tgggctcagg tctgtcttca gcccagcatg     48480
     gaagctgctg tggggtgctt ccctttgaca gctatcctga gtggaaggag gtgcctgtgg     48540
     gttaaggaga ggccagaaaa actgcaggct ctaggttctt ggtgtgcttg gtcctgacct     48600
     ctgcctggct gtaagggtga gtagcggagg tggccagctt cagcattccc agctgtgggt     48660
     aggagcctga atgggcattg gcctcttgcc tagcggtact cctaagaagg gctccaaggt     48720
     gtttatttca gagacttcct gagcttgctc attggaggct ggtaaaacct ggggagttcc     48780
     cttccttgag gcctgcttct tctagactta ctccgtgtct tggtccctta tcccagtcat     48840
     cctgaggtag tggcagcagc catagtgctt tgtgagttct gtatcctttt cctgacttga     48900
     gcctcaggat acctctcttt cctcttcttt taagaggaag tagaatcagg tcagggaaga     48960
     tgtatgtcag gcttggggtc cataaaagac tattttattt atttacttac tggagactat     49020
     tttttggttt tctaaatcag ggtttctcta tctagtcttg gcttttctgg aactcaataa     49080
     actgagagat tcgcctgtct ctagcttctg agtgctgaga ctaaaggtgt gtgccactat     49140
     gacctcctga cttcttattt tattttttag acatttctac tgtataccct tgactgattt     49200
     ggaaatttgc tgtagaccca tgcaagcctc agactcaatg cagtctcctg cctcatcctt     49260
     ttgggagctg aaatcacagg attgtagata catgccacct tatatggcca gagattctta     49320
     gcatcctctc cgtaaaccaa ccctcaccct tctctcccca ccccccatca ctagcctttg     49380
     tttttgtcct ttcctgccta ggaacccagc agtctcagtg agtctccttg acaacgggat     49440
     agataagtta aaaataaccc tgtgctgggc cttctctgat gcttggctca gtttctgtgg     49500
     cttctggatg ctcctagagt gtgtctgtgg gtggattgca ggtcgggcag ggcaggtgct     49560
     tacagtttga agccctgagg tttagggatc agagctacaa tagccaccac gtggcattat     49620
     tatctagtct tactacaggt tgccagtaag gtgtgagtgt aaatgttaac gaatggaaag     49680
     ttgatgttgg tgccaggact tcactttctc tgagaggagc agtcatggag gtgttagtgt     49740
     ttaaagcctg acagtggagt gggacacagc tctggcgcca tttgcttctc tctcctcagg     49800
     gaatccctac actggaccgg aggatataga tcagtggtag ataatgtttt ggtcttacat     49860
     gaacaaggcc ctaggcttaa tttcccagta ctgtaaaaca agacaacaca caaaggaacc     49920
     cctaaggatg agggggaccc ttactgagtc ctttcataaa atgagaatat caaagtgttc     49980
     agctatcttg gtcagtggtg atagaggccg tggttcttcc ccttggttag gtgcaggtgc     50040
     aggaggagca gggttttcag aaatggacag ctatttctgc gtgcttaggc tgacataggg     50100
     gtgagcctgg gatacttaaa cgatggcagg ctcagggcca ggccctcaga agtcagtcac     50160
     agcctcctct ctttgcattc tttggaggcc atttctgtct tcttatacct cctccagggt     50220
     ccacggtgtg gggctgttga cagattgggt atggcatccc tgtctctact catgtcagaa     50280
     cactgtcagg attactgtgg cccatctatc ttgtcacctc actatgccag tgcactgagt     50340
     tcttttaatg ggatctcctg tgacaactgt tcacttttag tagttcccca gcagttttga     50400
     cctttgctct ttatttttgc gttgtgtagg aatcagagtc cgaagcaaag ctagatggag     50460
     agacagcgtc tgacagcgag agccgagcgg aaacagctcc cctaccaacc tccgtagatg     50520
     acaccccaga ggtccttaac agggcccttt ccaacctgtc ctcaaggtaa cctggcttag     50580
     tgtgcatgtg tccattgctg ggtaagacag gcttttaggg tttgcggctc aaggttattt     50640
     tctctcctcc atgtacaccc actgtgaaca tttccttcag tccaggaaga actaagaagt     50700
     ctaagactcc tgacccccgc ccccaaaacc agtcctctta acaacagctg tgtgcatgcc     50760
     tgagaagcat aaatcatgag attgcaaagc attctctgaa agtgtccctg tgtccttgtg     50820
     tccctcccgt gggtagggca tcgtgaatcc ttagccttac cactagcttg ccgtggagtc     50880
     tgttttcatt tctcagcata atatgtacag atattacgtg ctgatttaaa aatgcatttg     50940
     aattaaaacc tatccagttt gttgtgttga tggtggggtg ggttgccgca tattcttgta     51000
     gacaagcctg gtgcatattt gtggcagtcg gcatttgtgg tctaagacag ctgttatcat     51060
     tgtgatttca ggaccatgct ctgtagaagc cagctgcagg gaaaccgatt ttagcttcct     51120
     cttttcagat agaagtggcc acagtaccgg gcagtggtga cacacacctt taatcccagc     51180
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc tgtcctggtc tacagagtga     51240
     gttccaggac agccagggat tcacagagaa accctgtctc agaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa     51300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag tggccacaga cacagaaggg aaggacacta ccttctctct     51360
     ggctctccct gcactgccgc catgctttga ggagtgtgct agtggcttct gcacctgctg     51420
     agtgacagat gtgagcaggc agtggtgctg aggtcttgcc ctcaccagct gtgcctctgc     51480
     tgaggtgatg ctgtggagag ggttacactt aggggcctct agtcccacct ccttggcttg     51540
     tgcctgacag atctttctct ctacgtaggt ggaagaactg gtgggtgaga ggcatcctga     51600
     ctttggccat gatcgcgttt ttcttcatta tcatttacct gggaccaatg gttttgatga     51660
     tgattgtaag tatcgttgac aagccatgtt aatgttgcat tcagcttttc ttgggattgt     51720
     catctccagt ctgctgctga cagtgcctgg tggaaagttg cttctgggac tctttggagc     51780
     tccaggtttc tcagaaccct ctgtctcgga gcacctgtga cttttccatg tgccagctgt     51840
     agggtcactg gcatgagtgg tgaccccggc tgttggttcg tgtgagactc tggctttgtt     51900
     tcttgtgttc ttggggcttg actcacagac ttagaacact tcattaagca gttgcaggcc     51960
     aaaggacttc agtcctcccg cctgttttag tttggctttc ggttgctgtg atcaacacca     52020
     tgtccaaaaa caacttgggg aggagagaaa gggtttatct ggtttacatg agctgaccac     52080
     ctccatcatg aaggatttgg ggcagaacat tggaggcagg agctgaagca gagagcacgg     52140
     aggatcactg ttggcctgct tgctccccat ggccggctca gtctgctttc ttatacatcc     52200
     caggactact cagtgatggc accacctgag gtggaccggg ctcttccacg tctattgtca     52260
     atcaagaaaa tgctccacag acttgcctac aggccagtct agtagaggcc ttttctcagt     52320
     tgaggctcgc tctgctcaga tggtgctagc ttgtgtcagg tggacaaaaa cctaaccaac     52380
     acttgccacc tttaaagaca ggtctaggtg ctaccagcag ggtgcgaggg aagcagatga     52440
     ggcccccaca catatagctt gaaggtcaaa gaagaaaggg gattggctga gaactggaag     52500
     actctagaat aaaaggttaa tcaggatccc aggactgtgc attttatgtg tgacatgaag     52560
     ggctgcagtg cccggtgggt ggtatgagag agtaagtgaa tcagtgggag actgaagtgt     52620
     tccttaaatg ccatggcttt attgaagctg tgacctgctg gtttctcttt ctgaagaccc     52680
     taagaagagc tctttgatgc ctctgttttt ttcaggttat gtgtgtccag attaagtgtt     52740
     tccatgaaat aatcactatt ggctacaatg tataccactc ctacgacctg ccctggttca     52800
     ggaccctcag ctggtaagct ctctgctcca ctggggcagg caggcacctt gcctgatttg     52860
     agtgatgtga tttgtggcag gtacttacag tgctggtgga gacattgcca caggcttgca     52920
     ggagattgag cctggattgt atggcacgtt tgaggagact tgagtagctg aggacttcgt     52980
     gtcgtctgtg acagacgtgt cgtctgtgac agatgtgtct gtgacagatg tgtctgtgac     53040
     agatgtgtct atggttgggc ttagctcagc agaagggtcc ctgagctcct gcagccaggg     53100
     actgtattgt gcatcgcacc cgaggtcagc gtacttttta tgctgcagcc cagcgtgtca     53160
     ctggagtcct ctgggagctg gcaggtcccg gtgccggtgt ggctgtctct ggaacttgat     53220
     ttgctcatca ctacagcaga ctgttgaggt tactctcttt aaggcactcg gggccggcgt     53280
     ggttcagatc tgagctcctt cagagactgc tttttttttt cttctcctaa aaaggattgt     53340
     ctaacagcaa actgctaaat aaagaactgt agcaaaaatg gtttctgagc cctttcttca     53400
     cccaaagctc ggctgttggc atcagggcca aagacccact gacggtgaga attgctctgt     53460
     gacttaatgg gctggacagt gatgatttgt gcgtaggcaa catggttatg gtcaaggaag     53520
     ctgacacact ccacccatgt gtgtgcatca ctcagcagta caagctgact ctcagcgtcc     53580
     acccgccctc cgggctcaga agttgttctc tttgtggctg ttctgaagcc agagagctgt     53640
     gttttcaatc ttgataatgt actcaggagg cctgaccttt ctcaatggtc actttacaaa     53700
     gaaatttttt ccctaccaaa taaacccaat aattaaaagt tgggaaagag aggagcttca     53760
     gtttctccct gctcagggct ggggtgatgg ctgcagtgtg atccagcacc cagaccaaag     53820
     tagagggatg cacaaggctg tagcttgagg ctgccctcag gtcttcagtt gaagagaggg     53880
     cgtaaacaaa tgcgcagttg gtgctggttg aaggatctgg gtcacagcca ggcttcggaa     53940
     gggggatgtc ctgagatgga gcctgattgc ctaatgaggt catcagtttc ttgctataga     54000
     aataaataat gtggtagatg tcagggcatg cagcttttta aaacttccat ttttataaaa     54060
     tggtattaat aacaaaggaa attgatgagt ggatgaaggg ggtgttgcag caaggaagag     54120
     taaaccggaa gtgaagtaac aaagccaaat gagccgcttt ggacagtgga gggtcttgtg     54180
     tggtggtagg ggtgagccta gggagggggc tgaggtttag ctgtgggaac acaaaagggg     54240
     agaaactgcc gaccaggttt gtaacgaagg gagagtggga gaaaggtgcc acaggtgtct     54300
     agatcagttc tcaaggtggg gcgggctggt ctctcttctc ggggctgtct gacagcatcg     54360
     tgaaggagag ctgcacaaac tctactggta tggtcttcac tgtttccagg tacttcctgc     54420
     tgtgtgtgaa ctacttcttc tatggggaga cagtgacgga ctacttcttc actctggtcc     54480
     agagagagga gcctttgcgg atcctcagta aataccaccg gttcatctcc tttgccctgt     54540
     atctgacagg caggtatcac gtgtctctcc agttctctgg gcattgagtg cctctgcttg     54600
     gtttctaaga gttggttata gttttgtgat gttaactctg ccatactagg aagtgagctg     54660
     acagatctgt cttacattga ctgtaaacta actttttcct atgggctttg aaattaatgc     54720
     attgcttaat tgttacaagt gaattaatca atggacttct taacccagct agagagaaag     54780
     aaatgcagta tgactgattt tattctctct ccaactagga ttctgcatgt ttgtactgag     54840
     tctagttaag aagcattatc ggctgcagtt ctacatggta agaggagcgt gcacgtgtgt     54900
     gtgtgtgcgt gcgtgcgtgc gtgcttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gctggggccg tgtgaaatat     54960
     tgaattgagg ttgatttctt ggtttacttg acaatctgca gagactaacg catggggctc     55020
     gctggccagg cgatctgtag acactcagct gagctttcac gctttatgtg acacaacttg     55080
     acatggtttg ttctgtattc atcgggagcc tggagcaggg agaaccggag tcctgcattt     55140
     cttcatctag ctaggccaga cacagcatac accctgaggg aggggtcttt cctctgggcc     55200
     tctgaaggca ggctccctac agggacagag tcactgctgt agggactcca tctaattcac     55260
     tgtttgcctc cctctgagtg ggacaatgtt cccaggcctg agagagcaca aggactcact     55320
     cactgcttgg gtacagaccc tactgtgatg tttctgttgt tgttcgattg ggtattgcta     55380
     tgtagctgag ggtgggctca tttacaatcc tcctgcctcc agattcctga gatttcaggc     55440
     atgcattgtc catgtctgtc ttagtcctta ttttttggta agactgtgcc tgggaaagac     55500
     tgtattactt ccagaagttt gctctgccca tgtcactgcc agtaagcctg atattaaagc     55560
     cctgcttctc agtagttgcc catttgttcc ttattctttg aagctgttat ggtcataaac     55620
     aaggtaggga gagttcattt ccttctcttg cagtttggct ggacccatgt gaccttgctt     55680
     attgtcgtaa cgcagtcaca ccttgttatc cataacttgt ttgaaggaat gatatggtaa     55740
     gtgtgacaga agttttgctt attttccctc cccggcgttg gggttgtctc tcacacatgt     55800
     gggccacaga ccttggcctc tgttttgaag ctttccacct atcagaagtt cctgtgggct     55860
     gctttgcatt agtatctgat tgagtaagcc tgcagtggca cctgatttga atttctagta     55920
     cattcccagg tgatattgac gccatgggtc agagccagac tctgagaagc tctgttctag     55980
     ctttacaggt gaagaaacca aaggtgaaga actggcagca ggcttgataa cataggtgag     56040
     acggtcatgg tttcctagca atgtgtaaac aagggaagtg atgaagatac acgtgaacaa     56100
     atagttaggt gccctcagtg ggatgatcat gacacacttg gtatgatgag agaagcactg     56160
     agcattgtgg gtgacaagca cacaagcttc atctcagaat tggaatgtgt tcatccttaa     56220
     agagcgcctg tgaatgttag ccttatttat gtactatatt taaaacaagt ggaatggctc     56280
     agggaggcac caactaacta gtgccttctc tgtctggatt tttattggat atgtaaagtg     56340
     ctaagttgag ccttagggct aagtgtacca ctaggatcag tagtaactac taatgtttct     56400
     aatgaaggct tcatcatagc tgtgtagagc agagactact ggaagctttg aaggaagtgt     56460
     tgtgggtttt ggcggtgaat agagtgagga ggttgtgtta gggtttcatt gctgtgaaga     56520
     gacaccatga gcacatatac tttgggttgg ctaacagttt cagtccatca tcatcacagt     56580
     gggaagcatg gcagcaagca gacagacttg gtgctggaga aggagctaag agttgtacat     56640
     cttcatcccc agacatcgat cagaagggga ctgtgccaca ttaggtgtag cttgacttga     56700
     aagcctgcct ccatggtgac tgacaataat gacaataatg ctacccctgt gggccaagca     56760
     ttcaaacacg tgagtctgtg ggggccatat ttactcaaat caccgcattc tgttctctgg     56820
     cccctacagg cttttagcca taacataatg taaaatacat ctagtcccag cacttggttt     56880
     ttgaaacctt aaaccatgtt ttctgtgaca cacctccccc atcaaggcca cacctaatcc     56940
     ttcctaaaca attccactga ctaatgaccc aggtttcaca tatgggcctg tgggggccgt     57000
     tctcatttaa accccatagg gaatactagt gctagtaata accaataaga tgttaactat     57060
     gacactgatt ctgtatacta tttaaaaaca taaagtcaat tgctaggcaa aaaagtcaaa     57120
     atgagtttaa atggaagtca aaatggctgt tttggggaat ggtagaactg agttgggcag     57180
     taagcagttt ttctcctatc ttaaacagtt tattgttcat atactacttt gtaatgcaaa     57240
     aggagcaagt ggcttttgta gaatgctgtc tcagtcactc agtcagtcag tgaacaccag     57300
     tgccaggcac tagggatggc attttggtgt ggcttccccc actgcctctt ttggatgtgg     57360
     tctctgtgtg caatctaaac cagccttgac ctgagctcag cccttccttc cccgtcccgg     57420
     ttgcttttag aggcttgtgc gaccatagct gactgacttt tatttacaga catcagttaa     57480
     aataggaatg tatttcattt tgctctcata tgtgtgcaca gtgtgtcttt gtcgtttccc     57540
     ccttactgtt ttctcttact tccttcccac ctcccctgat tcccacctcc cctgattccc     57600
     tgccatttcc catgtttatt ttcttctcat cttacacctt aacgaattat aaacacacca     57660
     cgaggtgcct tggcactgag ttattgttga ccctctgaga tcatctccat agagtgactc     57720
     cttttgggtc tctcctaggt ttattgttcc catctcgtgc gtcatctgca atgacattat     57780
     ggcctatatg tttggctttt tctttggtcg gaccccactc attaaggtaa gtggatcacc     57840
     ctggcgtggg tagtgggtgg taatgctttc tctgtggcgt gtcagtggat acagaggaaa     57900
     actagctggt atgtatccat gtgggcctgt cttcacctta ctctggggct gtgtaagaga     57960
     agaaaaggat caaagagacc ctggcaaata ctttaaaaaa tctaccaagg aaaatattat     58020
     taggtaggca tacttttatg gctttgctct ttgactattg ttttaatgtg gatttttata     58080
     atataataaa tgtgttagcc actaatggaa tagaaagaaa actaacctga agaacatagg     58140
     ataagaagca agaaaaaaca ttttggggaa gaattttgaa agtgacatga ctaattgaag     58200
     atggactttc tatagaaata gttgtttgca tggttttgag acagggtccc actgtgtagc     58260
     cctggaggac ctagaactca ctatgtagtc caggctggct tcgaacagag atcctcctgc     58320
     ttttgtctcc ctcacactgc gatttaaagg tgtgtgctgt cattccaggc ctgagttaca     58380
     gaagttcttt gctgacattg tgttctccat ctgcagctct ctccaaagaa gacctgggaa     58440
     ggcttcattg ggggcttctt tgccactgtg gtgtttggcc ttttggtagg tggtagctcc     58500
     catctggatg gggaggggac aaggactcaa aggtctgggc aggagtagag aatatgtctt     58560
     cccaaaccag agactcttgc ccgatgctga tccttgctca aaagaacgca ttctgtaact     58620
     gacacggcag ctttcagctt tcaagcagct gtgtaggggc tcatgtacgt cttatgtgct     58680
     tatgtgcccc cttacaccca tctgccaggt aacactaata ttggggtgac aacagcagct     58740
     tggagtaggg ggtgaggtga gatatgttgt ttcaactcag attttcttct gcatatgact     58800
     tgcctggagg agtgcatttt ctagcccctt tgaggacacc atgccctgct gctgattctc     58860
     agtccctccc ttttctagtg tggctggctg tcactgtgcc tcccacaccc ccaccatggg     58920
     ttccatgtag ctctgagttt agcgattctt agcacagtag ggcaggtctt cccaggtggg     58980
     aagaattgtc ttacagctct tcgttcagct ctttcctggg cttttcaagg tctttgtgtc     59040
     tggacacacg tattgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga tcttgcttaa cagttaggtg     59100
     aactacacat gtggtgaaac ataaacctct ctttgagccc atgacttacg gtgaacatcg     59160
     tgggagggag gcactccgag agtcatggcc caatcaggtg tcggccagcc aggctggagg     59220
     tctagaactg atgttcttgc ctgccctctg ctcttcgtcc ttagctctcc tatgtgatgt     59280
     ctgggtacag atgcttcgtg tgtcccgtgg aatacaacaa tgacaccaac agcttcactg     59340
     tggactgtga gccgtctgac ctattccgcc tgcaggagta caacatccct ggggtgatcc     59400
     agtcggccat tggctgggtg cgtacccttt acatgagtga cggcacggag gagtttccct     59460
     cctagagctc tgagctttat gccagggtaa gggtagagga gacctttctg tgacttgatg     59520
     tcagttagag gagtggcccc cacattgtgt ggattcctag aggatcctgc ttactgagta     59580
     atatgcacct tttccactgg gctgacattt tcttgatgac acattagtgg ttgtaaagcc     59640
     agtggcagtg ggcagagtga gctgcagcac ggcctggacc acaggtcatt gcttgcttcg     59700
     tgctgcaccc tctgccagtg tacacaagct cgctactcct gtgaatgccc ttgctgggac     59760
     tctaaaatta gtaatgtcat ttaaatattc ctgattcttg acaccatttt aatattcact     59820
     gtactgaaat ggaaaataca caggaagtat ttctgccaaa tactgaagca cagagtgtcc     59880
     caaagagaaa acttgtactg ttgattaagt tgtgagctca actggctgcc aagctctcag     59940
     gatagggttt ttatttgaaa agacttgggt atgtaatgga tatttttctt gaaaagagtg     60000
     acgtaagtct atcacttaaa aaaaaagtgg ctgatagcag ttgataccag tgataaaaat     60060
     ctgcatttca ggtgaaatga gaagtgtgac atgtcacatg cacctatcat tgtgaggacg     60120
     gtgggtttct ggcacgtatc cgctgctctg acaccacata acacagtggc caatagtgag     60180
     ttgggagttc ttaaatggcc agtgtatggt ggtccaccgt catgtctggg aaaaagatgg     60240
     aaccacagtg cattgtagac cagtggattg tgtgaggaag cacagaacat tcgttaggag     60300
     gatttcagat tccacactgt tcccagcctc tgagggcagt gtgcgtgtgt gtgttggggg     60360
     gtgtggtgtg gtgtgcagac aggatctcac tatggtcttg gaatccttct gcctccttct     60420
     gaatgctgtg attgtaggta tgtgagacac tacctggctt gcagctattg tgtgtgtgtg     60480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatggatgta tgcatatttg catatataca cacatatgtg     60540
     tgaaggccca aggttgatgg cgaaatctct ctcagttgtt cttttgcctt atccttttga     60600
     ggcagggttc ttgagctcat cctgctggtc agcttgctct gggatccccc tcagggtttg     60660
     ctgctggctg cctgccatgc acattcagta tttacatggc ttctggggat ctgaactcag     60720
     tcctgttgta gggcaagtat tttcactgat gggactctgc ccagcttgta cctaactttt     60780
     aggggagtta tgcctgtcaa gttcctgtat aattcccaca tttctgagaa gactgctaaa     60840
     aacattcatc cttttgaaat tacattctct gtaagctaaa gctggatctt cttcatatat     60900
     tgcctgcaaa acagtataag acgttgattc cagaatttct ccttttgttt gtttgtgagc     60960
     ggttcttatg tagtttaggc tgaccttacc ctgtagctga gggcgccctt gaacttgaga     61020
     tcctactgct cctagtttcc aaatgctggg attgcaggca ctccagacag aatagccccc     61080
     actccagaca caatagcata gtgctctact attgagccaa atgctagaga tttaaaggtg     61140
     tgggctcgtt ttctttgttt ctttgtctct ttctgtcttt ttctttctgt ctgtctttgt     61200
     ctgtctgtct gtctttcatc cttccttacc cccctttctt tctgtctttc tccttttttt     61260
     tttttaatac tcagtctctt tagatgtatg aatgttttgg gtgagtgtgt tcgtgtgtcc     61320
     ttgaaataga gttctagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtgtg ttagaaacaa cccaggttct     61380
     ttgctggaac agcaggtggt cctgaccacc agaccaactc tccagccctg cagtcttttg     61440
     gttgattgaa aaaaatggag accttgtttt atgaagctct gaattaactg taagaagcca     61500
     gacatgcaca cttgctgact ttggttccac tccttctcct cagaaaacgg tgaggatgta     61560
     ccctttccag atccacagca tcgccctctc caccttcgcc tcgctcatcg gccctttcgg     61620
     agggttcttc gccagtggat tcaaacgggc ctttaaaatc aaagtagggg aactctgccc     61680
     cacctgcctc tcccatttca ctcctggtcg cccatctctt ccccgccctg ctccatcagc     61740
     ttgcacccct cataccaggt cacgcccctg cacttactgt gtgcttttct ttacccatgt     61800
     gctgaatttg ggggacagta aatgaaagtg caagtatctg gtttgctagt gcttctttca     61860
     accagagacc gcgttgtaat ttgcagtcct gtcctgtgat cacctgggca tttggttgta     61920
     tgcctctgtc catcaccttc tctgcccagc agggttttgg tcatgggtgg atccattagt     61980
     ctggagtttg gttgttggtg agcccaggcc catccttcct tccttttcct ctaacaggat     62040
     tttgccaata ccattcccgg tcatggaggc atcatggatc gctttgactg ccagtacctg     62100
     atggccacct ttgtcaatgt gtacatcgcc agctttatca ggtgcggaac tactccaccg     62160
     gatccagata ttccaccgga tccagctgag tgggctttga aagcatgagt gtttacaaat     62220
     cctctgaggt ctctctccct ccactaatag tgaatccagg gctcatagca ccccatgggt     62280
     aactgggcca gcgaggcagc tggcccctgc tcaggggtgc cttatgttct gttgtagggg     62340
     tccaaaccca agcaaactga tccagcagtt tctgacgttg cggccagatc agcagcttca     62400
     catcttcaac acgctcaagt ctcacctaac tgacaagggg attctgacat ctgccttgga     62460
     agatgagtag agtccacctg gggcccagag agctggagca ggatggagtg ggggccagtc     62520
     gccaaggccg cccagctgct gtgacttaga taatgaaaag cttcaactca ccaccgtcat     62580
     ttttttttct ttttcctttt tgtgcgtgtg tggtttttaa tctgtatata ctgtctgttt     62640
     atagtgtggg cagtgagtaa gctgtagctt tgagttgcaa agaagtcaca ggaaagaacc     62700
     atttgggttt ctgaagtaca agtattgagc aacatgaagg gcagtgttgc ccagctcagg     62760
     gtgtctgctt ggtggctcta acccctgccc atccagttgt ttctgggctg tgcgagagat     62820
     catacattga tctgtgtgtg atgagttgag ggctttccca cctgcacggg ccttcacggg     62880
     ctccacgctt ttgctgtcct tgacacctct cgttggggct tctgcaggca tctctgtctg     62940
     agagcagtgg gggctgccct ctgtagagct gtgagagcag tgggggctgc cctctgtaga     63000
     gctgtgagag cagtgggggg ctgccctctg tagagctgtg agagcagtgg ggggctgccc     63060
     tctgtagagc tgtgagagca gtgggggctg ccctctgtag agctgtgaga gcagtggggg     63120
     ctgccctctg tagagctgtg agagcagtgg gggctgccct ctgtagagct gtgagggaga     63180
     ggctttctga tcagatgaac atctgtccaa gccaaaattc tgcagagggc aggtgagctt     63240
     tgcttatgta gtttgctttc accatataga ctgagagaag atttcagact tctttttctc     63300
     agaaagcatg aagaatttat gaagtatgga aaagaagccc ttacatattc cagatgtgtg     63360
     cagcaggggg cactgtccca gccctctctg ccccagccag gcacagtggc ctctagaggg     63420
     tggtcctgta gaccgcacct tttagagtcg aggcctctgt ggttgtgccg cgggtttgct     63480
     gctgtgctga gtccttctgg gggagcccta agaggtgggg agcagaggac ttttgctcag     63540
     acaccctttg cctggaagcc cacttgtgtt gctgctgtgt tgtgtatata gtattctcga     63600
     gatgagcgta tgtgtgtctg tttaaaagtc accttgtttc ctacatgatt ttagtcatac     63660
     ccaaacgtcc tcagaatccc tacatcctgc ttagaactgt ggccggccta atctgtcaag     63720
     aggcttggct cttcaagact cagtgtccac tttatcaaat gtgaccggtg tagctgtagt     63780
     ttgtactttc ctggggacct tctgctgggg tttgtgtaag ctgtgattct ttcccttcct     63840
     aataggttga gcttgacatg gaaaggagca gttggcaggg aaggaactta ttccccaaga     63900
     gtggtaacta acccacagcc ctgctcggtg tgcccaccgc tgagaggctg cagtgacttc     63960
     cccaagtacc gtggtctgtg ctaatttgtt ttcagattag tcttcctgtg gcctccaaca     64020
     ctcagccagc cctcagagtg tccgctgtgc gcacgggggc ggggcggggc gggcagctcc     64080
     ttgtctctca gctttgactg acttgtccgc attggggatt tttgttctca gctcccaggc     64140
     cgcactgaac acagtgttgc tgccttcagt ttggttctgg ccatgaggcc cctagtggga     64200
     gctttgccct tagggctgtc ctctgacttg ccctcaaagt tcaccaattc ggcaactcca     64260
     tggagacggt cgtgtcactc tcagcccctg ttgctattaa gtcatgtcat gggcacccgg     64320
     aaaaggaaat acactgaggt gtattttaca attgctcctt aagattctca gtggagatta     64380
     ggagcaacac tgcacttctg atagaaaaat ggccttggat cactaaacta ggtagagaag     64440
     ggcacaccac accccagcgc cccaggagcc aaaactcacg ctcgggcagc agcagctgag     64500
     gcttgaggaa gctggtgtcc taagacactg aaacccagtg ctcattggag ctgccagcca     64560
     caggtttcta ttctgagttc tccagtcttg tgaaagagga gaatttccca gtcaggtagc     64620
     caggagaaca gtgccaccct gcgattgtgc caccctgtga ttgtatagcg tgttgtttgt     64680
     tccagtaagc aggcaggccc agagactgct ttctcagcac cgcacagatc tcagtgggtc     64740
     acataacttg ctttacactc atcttgttgt gtcagaaata aagtgttcgt gcttttcctt     64800
     gtcaggagtc ccgtgtttgt cacttgttgt gtggttttat gtttcccgct gtgtgagcat     64860
     aaacactgtg cagttttcct gcttgccagc ctgtgtgcca tctgttctca cagcctctga     64920
     gatgtctcag gtgagagcca tggggtggaa ccataaagtc cccatctcaa agtgtgcctg     64980
     tgggacaggg ttagtagcta ctccccgagg ccccaacccg ggaaatactg cagtgttcct     65040
     tcctgcaggc cttggagccc tgaccaggcc agtcctgggc actgcttaga tggctgttag     65100
     cttagaactg gtgaagtaaa gatttggtcc cagaaaccag cctgacatga gaacaagcca     65160
     gggtgtcttc ctggtgagtt ctactcatgg tcgttctcag gaaaactgtg ttccctttgt     65220
     gtgtacgttt ctcacccctt aaccacttca gtgtcaaaaa agttcccatt gtgtcttctg     65280
     aaagtgaagt cccataagga agttgggaga gaatgtgcag ggtgcacaca cgcatgtaca     65340
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagcct atttcacatt     65400
     ctcagacttt tagtttctgc tttataaccg catttaaaat gtattcttaa tgtgctgtag     65460
     tgtgtgtgag ccggtgtcca gaggtgtgaa atataccatg taatctcaca caggtggact     65520
     gtggaaccgt ttttatggat tttgcccctg cttgctttca tcctgtaacc tagcctgtat     65580
     tatacaagaa aacttgagca ggacatttca agagaatatg ttggcctaat tgttgggttg     65640
     gctgggacct gctctgaagg gatccctcag ttcaccgatt ggcaagccaa ggtcagtcct     65700
     tgctgttgat ggagctggga ggaggaggga cctaaggact caggacagag catctcacgc     65760
     gaagttctgt gtggcagtca agtgttcctc gtggagtcag cctgaggtag atttccagga     65820
     aagccttttc ctcgttacca gtgtgtgatg tcacaactga aacttgtgtt agtaacgtct     65880
     aaggccatgt tgcctttgtc tttagagtaa ttcctggctg tgcctaccac tcctgcatac     65940
     tgtgcttatg tgcgtgctgc gctttgatgg ggaggagggc aggtccctgt gcagccaggg     66000
     ttcttgctcc ttccatggca ggatgagaag gaaggcctaa gaggctggcc aggggcctgg     66060
     tgtagacaca gtagaagaca gtcaactatg ggcgcattct gtctggagct cccagaagga     66120
     gctgtgtgct gctggagagg aggctaattg ttggttcaga ctcctccgct tgggtaaaag     66180
     actcccctta tcactctcct cacagttgct ctgcatcttt aaagagtatt agcttctgct     66240
     tccggactca gtctttgttg agtgggccac ttccaggggt gtgcccgggg ttaggcaagt     66300
     ggcagacgag ggttcttatt tgaggctttg ctaggctcat ctgctgtgtc ctgggtagtc     66360
     cactcatatt cttgcagggt gagtccatgc tcaggagaat gcggtccacc tttctatgta     66420
     ctctagcttc cctctcttca ggttgatata gcgacattac ctgggctctg tgctgtcctg     66480
     tgggtggagg ccattatcac tgggctgctg ctttcctggg caagccactc tctatttttc     66540
     tgcaaaggtc aaaagaccct ggtgttgggg gccctttaga gggtgtgctt tggacgctga     66600
     cctcttaggg ctttaggaca gagggacgat gttgagtcta gaagggcaca atatgccaga     66660
     gttttatggc cagtgatcct caaatccatt ggctgtttga agaccctgtc ctcacttctc     66720
     cttttttcag gtgactctct gcttggctct ttatcttact cttcagctaa tgaagtagca     66780
     acagtgtgtt actaatgatt gcaatcatac agtgcttaat atgtgccaga cacagtgcca     66840
     agggcttgca tgcattatct cctttaatcc acaagcagct ctggcgaggt ggtattagcc     66900
     catcttacag atgggaaaac tgaagttctg tgctagagat tgagaacaat gtaaagactt     66960
     gaggcttagg tagtgctcta tctggtcagg ctataggctg cgggcagcct tcacttccaa     67020
     ccagccgctg tgaggattta gtgagctaac gcatgtaagc atttagcaag gtgcctggca     67080
     catagtaagc actcaataaa tggtagtttt tttgttcttt taaactgagc tcagcgagtt     67140
     tggcccacac tggtgggctg ctgggtattc agccaccaca ctcttcactg cttggaccta     67200
     gttggtgttt gtgttctgta aagtgagcac gttgtcctcc caagagaagc acttcagtgg     67260
     tgcagtggta agagcccaca gcattgaggc cagcctgact gaaggatgat gtgaggctgt     67320
     ttgtcacttc tgttcttttc cccgtggttg agactgccca caggaaaagg gctggctgct     67380
     ctgacatggt ggggcgtctc ctggggcctg gctcgctctg gaccctgctc tccccagcca     67440
     cgttctgtag tctgttgtac atctcaggaa ccctcggttc ctccacggat ggacgactgc     67500
     agaatagagc agaatagaga aagtaagcct gaagctgagt gcctcagcca caaacctaaa     67560
     ggagctgcct gtgtctgaca gcacagccat tccatctctt ccgtccgtct gtctgtctgg     67620
     gttgttttgt tttgttgttg ttttgagaca gggtttcttt gtgtagccct gactgttctg     67680
     gaacttgctc tgaagaccag gctgacctcg aactcagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcttccc     67740
     aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcgccacct tcacctgggt tttctttctt aaaggaacag     67800
     gttagagcaa gtgaccgttg aggacaggtg atgtgaatgt ttgttctaga tttaattcag     67860
     ttttctgaat ggacacaggg agttgggagt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     67920
     gtgtgtgcgc gcgcgcgcgc gcgtgtgtgt gtgcttcacc ttgattgagt ggcattggct     67980
     cacatgaccc aggagattcc cagactctgt tagtagtgtc taggaacttg tgttccagct     68040
     gaggagtgtc ccaggtgtta acgagactga ggcctattgc tggagttcag atactgcagc     68100
     tcctcttgtt tttctgcact gtgtttgcca gccctgcccc catctgatgg accaggcagt     68160
     cctttatctg gagggaaaag tctgatgcca gcagaggtcc tggggcgctg ctctcccagg     68220
     tcctggtcag actcagctcc atagctcttg gaggctttcc ctggattccc tgagtacagt     68280
     gttaaaaggc ctaaccacac agccacctgc cctaagtgac attgtgtttt taggtgtcac     68340
     cgtcttagcc ctttgttttc cttactagag tatctttccc gcacccctag gtttgtattc     68400
     tggttctact ggcttttctc agtgggacac caaggtagaa agggagtaag aatggttttc     68460
     cagtgagttg aatgtgcaca cgtttatgag aggcctttgg gtgagctttc tgctcattcc     68520
     ttggtttgtc ttgggtccca ctgggcaggt gtctagcact gagagggaga gtgtagacaa     68580
     gggagccacg gaggtactgg aggcagcaat tcctcatcca gctcagggac tcctgacagc     68640
     caaggggaca gcaagaggac ccagagcagg gaaaggggtc ggggagtcac acaaccaaag     68700
     gtagactcag accagttcag tgctcctggt ggccataggg accagaaagc agcttaggaa     68760
     atctatccat tggccctttt agagtctctg tgtgaaccca actctactga acttaaacac     68820
     cttccaaaca gtggcagggg ccacagtggc agacagggta gagtacccca ggcagtttct     68880
     cagcctcgtc cgttgtgtgg agggaatact gaattcagtt atctcacctg actgctttcc     68940
     tgccctcaga cctggacact gggcctcagc ccctggccgt gtggaatcca tgggatcctc     69000
     gggactcccc agacaggcgt gtgtgagtgt gttctgtcat gcagcctcag cccaggctaa     69060
     cccagtcagt gttttcacca cgtctgacct ttctctctgc acttaggatt ggtgtccact     69120
     tgtagatttc tttcaacaca gtataagaat gtgatatatt gtatattgga aagtatttac     69180
     cttatttata tacctgaatg ttcctattaa acaaataaac atatactaaa ttctagattg     69240
     tgcgtgtttt ttgatgggag aagccctttt aaaacgattt tatgtgtata gatgttttac     69300
     ctgcatgtat gtgtgtcctg ttgcgtggac aagccagaag agggcatgag atccccctga     69360
     agtggagtta caggtgggtg tggggaattg aacctgggtc cccggaagag cagccagtgc     69420
     tattaatcac tgagccatct ccattcccaa gaggttagtt tctatgtttg tttttagaca     69480
     gtcttcctat gtaggctggg ctggtgtggt atgtgttttg gggtccagtt cctctatctc     69540
     agagtatcca gacacacgcc aggctggaag gatgaagcag aatccatcgg ggagtgaatg     69600
     aagggggccc gtgtcagggc tagcggacag acaggttggg gagaagtccg tctccaaggg     69660
     tcatagtatt acagctttta agtgcaggct ttctccgatg atcttcagtg aaacagctgt     69720
     gtgtttgctt gaattcagag attctcaaac ctggctgcag gtgaaaaatc ccaaggtgtt     69780
     tcagaaagtt ccagtatcca ggcagtctag accagttaaa tcggaaatgc taaggatcag     69840
     acttgaacac cattgtttta taaaaacctc attctgtggt tctaatatgc atcaacgggt     69900
     gagtaaaaat ggttgactct ccttgcagtg aaggcagttt tcttaccacc tccacggtgg     69960
     ctgccccccc ccaaccccct gctgggacat ccccaggatg ctctgatgtg acccttctgg     70020
     tgtagtgatg ctcttcaggc cagtgggggc ccctggtata gagtgatgcc catctctggt     70080
     acctctgcca actccttcct gtacctcaga cttgattttt cttgcagaat taagtgtcga     70140
     gaatgtttct cacccgtctc ctgtctctcc tttagcctcc tggccttcct ttgccccaaa     70200
     tttctcttct ttatttttca gaagacagac tgttccccga gtccccctac tgctgtgctg     70260
     gcctttgtct agatatatgt ttatcctttt ggagtttccc atcctgtctg tagttgcatg     70320
     tatgcaagtg cattagaggg gctgtgcatg gggctatgct tgctaagagg cagctgtgcc     70380
     ctcctgtaca ttcaagggtt ccctcaccaa ggctgccatg gtttaccatg gtggtcacta     70440
     tgcagaggac ccaagcagga gctctgtgga tgccaggtgc tctcccaggg agaaagaggg     70500
     gagccacagg acagagaggg ggaataggac agagagagag cataagaaga gaggggggca     70560
     taggatgcag agggggcata ggacagaggg acataggagg cagaggggtc ataggacagt     70620
     gaggggggca taggacagag ggacatagga tgcagagggg tcataggaca gtgagggggg     70680
     cataggacag aggcgggcat aggataaaga gggggtatag gacagagggg cgtaagaccg     70740
     agagggggtc gataggacag agagggggcg ttggacggag agggggccat aggacagagg     70800
     gggccatagg acagggggca taggacagag aggggtccat aggacagagg agcataagat     70860
     gggaggggag gcataggaca gagggggcca taggacaggg ggcataggac agagaggggt     70920
     ccataggaca ggagcataag atgggagggg aggcatagga tagagggggc cataggacag     70980
     ggggcatagg acagagaggg ggccatagga cagagggggg tcatagaaca gaggggatgg     71040
     catagggcag agaggggttc tcttggcaca agcacaggaa agcagatggt gtctgaaaaa     71100
     gcattaaggt taagtgtggt gcttgctggt agtcaagaca cctggggggg ggggtgagga     71160
     gcagaggatg atgagtctga ggtggttcct ggctgagtgg gacaccctgt ctctaaaggt     71220
     catggaatgt taaacatcca gtttcctata gaaatgtttc aggctggcga gatggctcag     71280
     caggtgagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacacg     71340
     gtggctcaca accatccgta atgagatctg atgccctctt ctggtgcgtc tgaggacagc     71400
     aacaatatac ttggatataa taataaataa atcttaaaaa agaaaaagaa tgtttctttt     71460
     gtactttttc tgcttcatta ccaggctgca tcggagcctt gattgggggc tctcctctca     71520
     gaggccgccc cacagttcct ggagaggtca tttggacgtg gacgcctttt ttctggaaag     71580
     ctgtcctctc cctttccttc ctaacactgc caccatcttt agttcattca taattttgtg     71640
     ttgttctaaa acttttttta atcatacaga tttctttaaa gtcacagact atacaaattg     71700
     gtcctactaa gcttaaggca gagtgtcttc agatggcgta tatccagcac ttagacgctt     71760
     ccacagaagg tgtttatttt tccatttaaa gatctattat tagcttgttt acaagtaatg     71820
     tcaagggttt gaggttgggt ctttttatgt catcgacact aaaggttttg tttaaatatt     71880
     aaatcttgcc caattattta agtagaaaga gggggaaaaa aaaaccatga atggctgtca     71940
     aggaatcact caccccacag gtgcagacct ttcacagtgt gacaaaggga gggacttcag     72000
     catgtctgtg tgctgcctgt caaatggtca cctgtactca gcacaagctg tctgtctatc     72060
     tagctacctg cccatctgat ttatctgtat cagtcacttt tctgtttgtt atgataagac     72120
     accatgagaa cagcaacttg tagatgaaga attcatttgg gcttacagtt gcagaggggt     72180
     aagaaagagt ccaggatgga ggggcggcag caggcggcag ccatggtggc tggagcagaa     72240
     gctaatggct cacaagcaca aggcagagac agggaattgg taatggtgtg tggctttgaa     72300
     accttttagc ccaccgtagt gacagacttc ctccactagg gccacaccta aaccgtacta     72360
     accggggacc gagtgttcaa acatccgagt ccatggtggg tggttctcat tcagatcacc     72420
     acactgtccg tcatctagta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtaag catgtatgta     72480
     tccacccaac tacatatcag ttatttatct acctacttac ctatcatcta cctatccacc     72540
     tacctatcat ctatttatct atctattgtc cgacctatct atctaattat tatttatcta     72600
     tgtacgtgcc tacttaacct acctatcatc tgtgtaccct cttacctatc atacattatc     72660
     catctgcctg cctgcctgcc tacgttctta cctaaaaagg tatctgattc tccaaagtaa     72720
     gaagacaccc agaaagccaa gtagagagaa ccagagggac ctgctggggt gagaagtcgg     72780
     gttacacgat tgaatttggt tagtggatag atgagtgttt atagcaataa aagaagtgtt     72840
     ttgttttgta tggagtcctc gatacacaga agaattcttg agaagtggcc acctttaatc     72900
     ctgactattt gtaaaggaga atggcctggg ggtacatgcc aggtcgtcta tctctgagct     72960
     acattctcat ttcctatacg atttttatac acatgtacaa ttttataata tgtgcaattt     73020
     tgagaggccc tgtagtagat tggagaacaa gaaatgcctc ccttctgcct ctgcctgccc     73080
     catcttccat ttgatggaaa tgctgtccct ggtctctgca gtttgagagg cctgagtaaa     73140
     actcagttcc tatatgcatg catgagtgtt acagcaatta atgaaaaaaa aaaaaagacc     73200
     acacatttga aagagagcaa gaggtggtat acgggagggt ttggagtgag aaaagggaag     73260
     gggaaatgat gtgagtatct aaaaaaaacc ataacagtaa taacaataaa ctccaaacca     73320
     gccaaccaaa tcaaaactgc agtactcttt gcagtcaggc agtgctgcca aaagcccagg     73380
     agagggcagc agtgaaccag gagtcaggct caagcgctcc agctcaggac acagttgagt     73440
     aagatccagg cccaacctca ctgttttctt ctgcgttgat gagactgctc aaccacttag     73500
     cctcctctgc atgaagcaga ggtagctgag aaaatatgca aagccctgct ccagttgcta     73560
     gcagccgata gtcactggcc agaagcttct gtttgtcatg ggatcagcgt ggtctgagga     73620
     gtgaatgcct ttctatgcaa aagaaagaac tggcctcagt attccaggga aattggtgct     73680
     gtattgcaac tgtttgcacc cagaaggaat gttttgtctc gggaacagag aggagggcag     73740
     gctataacta ccagagctga cttagctcag gcagcctagg gcgcattagg atgccacctg     73800
     aacatctcat ggccttgttc cgattcccag ccagtgctgg gcctccctca cagatctcct     73860
     tgcacacctg tagaggtgga atggcttgtc ctttctgttt cagttggggg attgctgact     73920
     ggctgtgtgg cactgggcag gttactagcc ctgtctgtgc taccccttct tcagtgtaaa     73980
     atgagtaatg cagtgtctac ctgcattagt tatatttcct catggtataa tgcagaggct     74040
     ctcaacctcc ctactgctgt gaccctgtaa tacagttcct cattgtggtg gtttgaagag     74100
     gtttggatcc atagattcat gtgtttcaat atttggccaa gagattggca ctattaagag     74160
     gtatggcctt gggctggaga gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgactgt tcttccagag     74220
     gtcctgaatt caattcccag caactacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta aagggatctg     74280
     atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc taaagatggc tacagtttat tcgtcatata tatatatata     74340
     tatatatata tatatatata aaataaaaat taaaaaaaag agaggtatgg ccttagccag     74400
     gcagtggtgg cacacgactt taatcctagc acttaggagg caaaggcagg cagatttctg     74460
     agttcaagac cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggtt tatacagaga     74520
     aatctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg tggccttgtt ggagtgggtg     74580
     tggccttgct ggtggaagtg tgtcacagta tagacagtct ttgaggtctc ataaataagt     74640
     tcaagctaca cccagtgcac aacagagtct cccctggctg cctgaggaag acagtctctt     74700
     ctactgcctt ctgatgaaga tgtagaactc tcagctcctc cagcaccaag tttgcctgca     74760
     tgctgccatg cttcctacca tgatgatagt gaactaaact tctgagactg taagccagcc     74820
     ccagttaaat gtttgctttt gtctaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg acaagaactt     74880
     catgtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tccatgctca     74940
     tggatcggca ggatcaatat agtaaaaatg gctatcttgc caaaagcaat ctacagattc     75000
     aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg aattagaaag ggcaatcggc     75060
     agattcatct ggaataacaa aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga     75120
     acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcccgaccta aaactgtact acagagcaat tgtgataaaa     75180
     actgcatggt actggtatag cgacagacaa gtagaccaat ggaacagaat tgaagaccca     75240
     gagatgaacc cacacaccta tggtcacttg atctttgaca agggagctaa aaccatccag     75300
     tggaaaaaag acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggcaca actggctgtt atcatgtaga     75360
     agattgcgaa ttgatccatt cctatctcct tgtactaagg tcaaatctaa gtggattaag     75420
     gaactccaca taaaaccaga gaaactgaaa tttatagagg agaaagtagg gaaaagcctc     75480
     gaagatatgg gtacagggga aaaattcctg aatagaacag caatggcttg tgctgtaaga     75540
     tcgagaatcg ataaatggga cctcataaaa ttgcaaagct tctgcaaggc aaaagacacc     75600
     gtcaataaga taaaaagacc accaacagat tgggaaagga tctttaccta tcccaaatcg     75660
     gacaggggac taatatccaa tatatataaa gaactcaaga aggtagactc cataaaatca     75720
     aataacccca ttaaaaatgg ggctcagaac tgaaaaaggt ttctcacctg aggaataccg     75780
     aatggcagag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta gtcatcaggg aaatgcaaat     75840
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatga aaaattcagg     75900
     tgacagcaga tgctggcgag gatgtggaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gttggtggga     75960
     ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggtgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat     76020
     agtactactg gaagatccag caatacctct tctgggcata tatccagaag atgccccaac     76080
     cggtaagaag gacacatgct ccagtatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag     76140
     ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta     76200
     cacaatggag tactactcag ctatttaaaa gaatgaattt atgaaattcc taggcaaatg     76260
     gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaagga actctcacaa     76320
     tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaactta ggatacccaa gatataagat     76380
     acaatttgct aaacacatta aactcaagag aacgaagacc aaagtgtgga cactttgccc     76440
     cttcttagaa taggaaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa atttggaagt     76500
     gtgacgaaag gatggaccat ctaatgattg ccatatccag agatccatcc catgatcagc     76560
     ttccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt gctgaaagga cccagatata     76620
     gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca     76680
     gctattgaat ggaccacagg gcccccaatg gaggaactag agaaagcacc caaggaacta     76740
     aagggaactg caaccctata ggtggaacaa caatatgaac taagcagtac cctggagctc     76800
     ttgtctctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagttg gccatcactg caaagagagg     76860
     cccattggac ttgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaaggg     76920
     ggagagggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg     76980
     gaaatgtaaa tgagctgaat acctaataaa aaatgaaaaa aaaaaaaaga gttgccttgg     77040
     tcatggtgtc tcttctcagc aatagaaacc ctcagacact catgctgtgg tgacccccaa     77100
     caagaaaatt acttcactgg tacttcataa ctgtcatttt tgctactgtt ataaatcata     77160
     atgtcagtat ctgatataca gggactaagg gggtcgcgac ccacaggttg agaaccactg     77220
     gatagtgagc actcaggtgc tcatgtgtgt tacttacatc tcctgttgct gtgaccaaat     77280
     accccacaaa ggcggtgtaa ggaaggaggg gtttatttgg gttcatagct ttaagggatc     77340
     catccctggt acggaagaca tggcagccac agtatagcca tttgctctct gatgtgacaa     77400
     gacaggaggc agcagtacct catgtcttgt taggtcagga ggcagagact gggaccagaa     77460
     gtaggtgtgg gacataaccc tcaaaggccc attcccatgc ccagcatgga cagaccatgg     77520
     cccaaaagtt acctgatctt tctaaatagt gccaccagtt agggacaagg cactcaaagt     77580
     acaagccttt gggggacact ccacgttcaa agcatagcac tactccatga agttataggg     77640
     attaaacaca cttctgcgtg tacaaagctc atctaacttc tggcacccag taagtttcca     77700
     taaacactag ctatatgtca atttcataaa gctggccagc tgtgggtggt ggcttctacc     77760
     tgtagtcacc gtgcttaaga gactgagaaa gcaggagcat gctgagtgct aggctagcct     77820
     gatgatgctg agttctgggc cagcctgggc tacagagtaa gactgtctca aatactcaaa     77880
     agccaaagcc actgcctcca gcaaagcgct gggtatgtaa ccttttgctc ctttggcctc     77940
     tgtggagcac ttggcctttg tttcaccccc acactgccgt tagcctttgt gtcacccttg     78000
     agatgaccct gtggtgaaca gagagcgagc cccagcctgg accagtgtgc agcactccca     78060
     tggtggcaac acatagtctt catagtggcc actctgtcgt gggatctttg tctgagcaga     78120
     gactttctat gtgtctgtta tgtgttgtca taaacaagca aggaaacttt aaaaaagtca     78180
     aaggattttg acgtaagtgg gatattttga acatgaataa ggataataaa tgtgatgggt     78240
     tgaagtgtga ctatcaatca catttaagta tgggtgcccc taaagcacac ccttgatcca     78300
     tctaggaaga cgttagcaat tcaagccgat tagaatgact caggaagcgc atgggaaaga     78360
     agcagaatct ttccagcctt tcttaacaag ctgtgtcctg gccctgaaac gcctgctgca     78420
     taaacatgaa ccaatcagca accaacaggg taaccttgag taaggtgaca gagtgaggga     78480
     gggggatgga gcgacatgca tggacccaag gcccgcacag gtgagtgttc agtaaggtgg     78540
     attaaaactc agtatcaggt tcagatgtaa aaggtaaaac tttcacactt gtgggttttc     78600
     ttctccctta agaacttggg gatgggacag ggtttcttgt agcttaggct gaccttgaac     78660
     tcacttcata gacaaggatg accctgactt ctgatccctc tgccttcttc actgcaggtt     78720
     tataaggtat ttgtgatgct aggcaagcac tctaccaact gagccacatc ccaaccaaca     78780
     atgaagcttc cgaagtaaaa cataggacgc cacctttatg gccttggagt atgcagagat     78840
     ttctcaaaca tgtgggagtc tataaaagga aacattagat aaactgaaaa gttgtatgtt     78900
     ggatgccgtg agggatacag tggttaaaat ctggttcttt tggtggcatt tctgtagact     78960
     tgtggtctca tgttgttttt ttggggcact ttcgtgtctt actggtcttc tgcttcttta     79020
     ttttggtttc catttttgtg attttgggga gttttgattt tgtgtttttt ttttttacgt     79080
     gcgttcttat tttttaaaaa agtttatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     79140
     tattttatat gagtacattg tcgctctctt cagacacacc agataagggc attggatccc     79200
     attacaggtg gttgtgagcc accatgtgga ttctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa     79260
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctcccagcc tgtttcttgt tttcttgttt     79320
     gtttttcaaa gggagagaga aaggatgagg gtggagttgt gtggatgggg aggtgggagg     79380
     aactagggga ccagaaagcg tgatcagaat ctattgtgca aaaggaaaaa aattgttaat     79440
     taaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aacctggttc tctctaggtt cagaaggtgg ctccctagat     79500
     tccatgtaaa agctgggtgg gtttggtggc ctgctgggaa cctcagcacg cagagacagg     79560
     gaacccctgg aacaagctgc ccagccagct tggccaagtt ctggcttcag caagaggaag     79620
     actccctaca tcaaacttga gtctccccac cctccctcac ccccacagtg tccaccatat     79680
     gtaagcccac ataccacaca catacatact ccacttctaa acttggttct tgtctttgaa     79740
     gaatctgagt agacctggtt atttttccac cttgctggaa ctctatgtta agagctggct     79800
     tgatggttgt cttggtttct tttcctgttg aggctgcaga catggtaagc taggactcta     79860
     ctgaactctg cgtgcacatc ctctcttctg ataccacact tgggcaccta gctttgttac     79920
     ctgcacacac tggacacaca gtcttcgtct tggatccccc acctgaactg ggttacattt     79980
     atactccttt cggaacaatg agacttgtct tgtcccagca atgaacatca aacttggata     80040
     gtttctattc aaatgtattc ttaatatatc taggctcagt gtccagcacc cacatggcag     80100
     ctcacaactg cctgtaattc tagttctagg gtatccaaca cctgtgcaca cacatacatg     80160
     caggtaaaac aacaaggtga aataaaatat aagtcattaa aaagagaatg ttagagatga     80220
     ttcttgttta ccatgtaatg catatgcata cttgggcatg catatgatta aaatcagatc     80280
     atttatggga agggacatgt agtagaaaag tgattacatg acttgaccta tcaatcaaaa     80340
     cagagacacc cgccccccca gtgtgcttct tagtaaacaa aactgctcgc tctccctctc     80400
     tctctttctc ttaaccccta tataaaaaaa gagagagacc tcaaactata actggggcct     80460
     tcagtatctt cactcacata ctttaatatc tcaattgcct agctttcaat acttgatact     80520
     tttgcaaatc tgcatgagtt tttatttcaa ttcctcaaga gaccaagaat atggaaactc     80580
     ctgagctcaa acacaagtaa gatagatcct gtgataaaat accctagtga aagcaaccta     80640
     aaagagaggg gacttattct ggctgggagt acaaggatac agtccatcct ggtaaggagg     80700
     gaaaggggca ggagcttgaa gcagctggcc aatcccaccc acagttggtg gggacagaga     80760
     ggggatgtct acagccttct gctcagttcc ctccctccac ttacacagcc cagggctcca     80820
     tccaggaaca gtgccagccc caaacaatca agagaacccc agaaggcccg ttcagaggct     80880
     gtcttacagg tgattcttgg ttatgtcggg ttggcaactc cagtcagcga agtgattgag     80940
     caatgagaat ctgggtggga gggagaagca tgctttgtct atgcatcacc agccgagtcc     81000
     tgtcatcaac acactgaggc tgggaaattt cactcagtga tgattatgag gctgagtcct     81060
     atgggggaag ggagggtgga ggtttctgag aacacagcca ggggcattta ggcaaatggt     81120
     gaagccgctg tataggactc tggcctaagt gtttattgag ttccaggatc acagctctct     81180
     ctctccctct ctctctctct ctctctcctt tcctgtgtgt atactatgga ctatatggac     81240
     taggtgcaaa ggagccttca tcgggcagtg acaggggtca gtggcctggg atagttcttt     81300
     cacttatgaa aataacaagc agagacaaat aagtcatcgc ccggccctta ttaatcagaa     81360
     ggatagatgt ttaaatagac caccacaggg ctgggatgta acttagtagt agaatctttg     81420
     cccagcatac acgaggagct gtactgataa tcgtaagcta ttacaacacc atgtgggaag     81480
     gttttttagt agctcccata aggttttgag agctccccac agtgaaactt tctgtgacta     81540
     gggttttatt agcacaattt ggtttactcc ctgtggcatc cgtggaagtg aaatgttact     81600
     gtttcattat gacactgagt ctgaggagtg agttgttcaa gatccaagac agtcactcct     81660
     cctgcctagc cctccaagtg agtagcactt gtcagctggg ttgatggctc gtgcctataa     81720
     tctcaatacc tgagggccga ggaaggatta ctatgaattt gaagccagac tgtgctacag     81780
     atgtgaccct gtcacaaatc caaataaaac aaacaaaacc ctcaaaagca atggctgtaa     81840
     ttctttcctt cccagagaaa acttgcaaaa ttggtttttt ttccatgtgg attggactga     81900
     gattgccagg tttgatggca gtgactttgc ctgatgagcc atggcacctg gcaggaatga     81960
     ttgcttctta ttgtactgtc acattgtttc tcaaattgtt tgacacctga ggttaggtaa     82020
     aatcctgtct gattgtaaca cttaatatga ccgaggacta tttgaaaact ggagtatgat     82080
     tgattttttt tggggggggg catgtgatta aggaggattg ttgatagcta ggtcttaggg     82140
     tagcatctct ttggtgccat gtccctgcaa agggaggtca ggatgatggc tccaaagaga     82200
     gcaaacttct gtagactcac cttgaggcac aggatagaaa cctgcctgtg ctacagccac     82260
     tccatggatg tgaaatgaaa tgaaaacaaa aaaatcatgg tgatggtggg gatcataaaa     82320
     tctaggaggt gaaggagagt gaaaacatgg aacaaatgaa agccaaatta aatggaaaga     82380
     agaaaacaac aatcacagag gaaaatatag gataaaagaa cactggaaat attggtaaaa     82440
     ctgtaagctt cattctttga agagttcaac tatattgata agcttttatc tagaccagag     82500
     caagaaaaaa gctaaaggaa cagggaaggg tttagtattt ctggatttat tagattggtt     82560
     tacaggatgt ggtctgtggt gattggaata cacttgtccc agggagtggc actattagga     82620
     ggtgtgacct tgttggagta ggtatggcct tgttggggga agtgtgtcac agcggggatg     82680
     ggctttgaga ccctcctcct agctacctgg aaacagactg ctcccggctt cctttggata     82740
     aagatgtaga actctcagct cttccagcac catgtctgcc tgggtgctgc agtgcttctt     82800
     gccatgataa taatggactg aacctctgac attgtaagcc agccccattt aaatgttgtc     82860
     atgctgtttc ttcacagcaa aggaaaccct aacgaagaca tggtctgtgt agatcaacaa     82920
     tggctgtctc agtttgtgaa gtcggatgtc tcagcagcct cggtttggtg ctgcaggcct     82980
     ggaggatttc tggaacgctg ctggggttca gtctaggaat gaataagttg gttctaattt     83040
     tggtcaagga atgtagtacc aacaggatag atgaacttgc cagtgagagt gatggcaagc     83100
     agacaaaagc aaagcttcag aattccatgc ccttcatttg ggctgtcacc catagttagg     83160
     gtatgccttc cagctttaat aatctgatta agaagatcct tcccagagca gattgagttc     83220
     ttgctttttg ttattgtttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtc tcatcctggc tgtcctagaa     83280
     ctcactctgt aggccaggtt ggcctcaaac tcagagatct gcctgcctct gcctcttaag     83340
     tgctgggatt aaaggtgtca acgaccacag cccgttgcat gttgggtttt aattgatgcc     83400
     agattcagtc aagttggcaa ataagttaag ccattaaaag tacttcaata tctgaaggag     83460
     tgagaggatg tcattaccat ttttacagga aaaaaaaaag gtttctaaga gaccaatgca     83520
     catgagcaag ttaaataacc gacaaagaga tacagtagac aaatttatgg aaagacacac     83580
     aagctactag aacttacctc aacggaaata gaaaatatga atagacttgt aacaaataaa     83640
     gatatttaac tagtaactct ccctcccatc ctggaaaagc cctagattta ttccatggtc     83700
     attcaaaaaa ataggaggca acatttccca actcactttg tgagtccatt attgttctaa     83760
     aaccagaaaa atatagtatg agaaaagaaa actataggtc aatacctctt atgaaaatag     83820
     atacaaaata actaactaaa atactagcaa cctaaattga gtaacataaa aaaaggctgt     83880
     acagccatgc attgcttaac agtgaactac tcagattatt ttctcgttgt gtgaacatcc     83940
     taacatgtac tcacacaagc tatgatggga cagcataact tggtaatata attatggggc     84000
     ctctatcata tgtatagtct attgtcagct aaaaaatgac atgaatgtgc agtcaagtga     84060
     gatttatcca ttgaatataa agttgtttta gcaactagta attaattaca tagtaaatta     84120
     catgattata ctaactgtag caagacattt gaccgatcca aagtgctttc ttctttgcga     84180
     tatctgttct ccacattata ctgaagattt aaccatccac acgagaaaga gaaataaaag     84240
     gcacccaaac tgaaaagaaa agactatctc agtttgtaga tgatatgacc ctgttcatgc     84300
     aagactcaga gggagtcatt aaaattccag caaaacggaa agttctgcaa tatattagga     84360
     ttttagatca atgtataaaa gttgtaagca aatccaagct ccagggtcta aaaccaatat     84420
     atatatgtat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt gtgtatgtgt     84480
     gtgtataaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtat tcaagacagt     84540
     gtttctgttt agccttggct gttctgtgtc cagttgtatt tttgtgtatc agaagtaagc     84600
     tgtcaaataa gaattaaaag ggctggagag atggttcagc agttaagagc actaactgct     84660
     cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc atggtggctc acaaccatct ataacgtgtc     84720
     ctgataccct cttccattat gtctgaagac agcgacagta tactcatata cattaaataa     84780
     ataaataaat aaatacacac atacatacat cttttaaaaa aagaagaaaa aagaattaaa     84840
     aacattctat ttgccacaga gtaaaaatat ttaagaataa ccttattcaa ggtgagagac     84900
     ttatatactg aaaactacat atattaatga aatattacag gagatgtaaa tacataaaaa     84960
     gacattccat gttcatggat tagaagacaa tcctgtttag gtgtatgcac tatcaaaact     85020
     ttttgcagat tcggtgcaat ccctagcaaa ttctcaatag cattttttaa cagaaaagtt     85080
     ttaaaaacta gaattgagtg tctatgggag atagacacgc tgactagaaa actagaaatg     85140
     agatgggtct ctatagctct gcctggtgag aagatcttgg gaagaacttg acaataccca     85200
     ccttggaatg ctctgtggaa cagctccctc tccctactgt ttggccaagc tcagatagta     85260
     gctcggagca caatcctgag ggaagagatt gtataacttc tgggcaaggt tatggaaatt     85320
     cactagcaga gattggtagg cagttgtgat gttcttactc agttcagaaa gcattttaga     85380
     atcagggcca cgtgagaaga ccctctggga agcacttaca ttcttgggta tattcttcaa     85440
     tgattgtggg aaaaggacac acatcagttt ctttcatgcc cgtctcttgt aagaattact     85500
     aggctggcct caggtaaagc ttgctaaagt agagagtctc aacctgtggg tcctgatcct     85560
     ttgtgggaat taaacaaacc tttcacaggg gtcacaaacg accattggaa aacagttaca     85620
     ttacaattca taacaaaatc aaatgtatag ttatgaagta gcaatgaaaa taattttata     85680
     gttgggtgtc atcatatcat gagaaactgt actgacgggt tgcagcatga ggaaggttga     85740
     gaactgctgt tctaaagtgt acccacagcc tttgtaactt cattcttaga tactccattg     85800
     ataacagaag tcagctttaa gaacagactc tcaagtctgg tacaggcaaa aagggatttt     85860
     tatagaaaac caagtgcttg caaaaccaac aaacaaacca gaggaacagc atgtcagctg     85920
     agctctattc actttgcaga gagacactgc aaagcagcca tcttctgtgt ctgggagagc     85980
     tgtgtctctc ataagcgggg gtcttttcct tttccttccc tttacatttc tctctctttc     86040
     tctttctttc tctttttctc tctctttctt tctctctttc tctctctctt gctctccctc     86100
     tctccctctc ttcctttctt ccttccttcc ttccttccct tccttctttt ccttccttcc     86160
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttctttcctt ccttccttcc tccctccctc cctcccttcc     86220
     cttccccctc tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     86280
     tttctttctt tctttctctc tttcccaaac atctagctgt gggacaaata tgcttgctca     86340
     gaggagcagt tctttgctgt gcttgtgcaa gcctcctgga gggctagtcc tgcaccttaa     86400
     accaaattag ggctcagcac agggctgtca ttgatgtaga aaaccaaatc ttctcatcag     86460
     tgttccagcc attagaaata gatgtctcag aagtaggatt tattatgaac caaggcccct     86520
     gcagcatagt ctaggaagag cagtcttcaa attccctgag gagagagggt agaagcagcc     86580
     attggcaggt aggagacatt gtagcccttt agagtgagtg ctaatggtgt ctcagagcaa     86640
     gctggtccag ctgcatagag gcgaagattc actggggatc ttgtcaagga attggatgaa     86700
     gatgatgaag taaagaggaa tcaagaactg atgttagtgg ggtgtggtgg tgtatgcctc     86760
     taatcctagc atgcagaaag cagaggcaag aggactacct caaacatgag gtcagcctgg     86820
     tctacatcac aaattccagg ctagctgggt gcattgccca cagagcatgc agactgtagt     86880
     ataagatgac actgttgctg gtggcatttt cctggcttga gatcctcata acttgtaaac     86940
     agcacaagga tttctgttac tggcaaggac tggcagagct gttgtaggaa tgcatgcata     87000
     aggtatatgg ataattgact agctttcatg gaaagggtcc ctggctcata tggacagact     87060
     ggagtactgt ggtgcagctc ttatgctaca caaggtgcat ggagctgggg acatggagac     87120
     aggggatgga gcccactcat ttgctaagcc tttcttccta caggaagtca cgtctgaaga     87180
     gcatgctgat ggactcacac aagttcccat gtgttaagtg gacatgctgg atttagagaa     87240
     gaatatttta taatcacaat atgtcgttag ggcaattgtt ggcatattaa aggcactgtt     87300
     ttagtgtttg gagtcacagt tagttctaga agctactaca tggcttccca gatacacatt     87360
     ggtctttttt gaggacattg aactattgac ccgaaaaaga ctatgcagaa acccatagcg     87420
     gctatttttt gcttaaacaa atttgcagta gcgctagaaa gcatcacttc tatgccacaa     87480
     aagggcagaa gggtgcaaag aagcagagca gttggccctt aggaaactac actattcatc     87540
     agcatcagag ggtgaggaga ggcagccagt gactgtggag cccccatgac tcagtgtcca     87600
     accatcacag tttgagttag tcaagattca aattgtctga tggggaagtt gccatctgaa     87660
     ctctagcttt tggcacttta ctggaatggt cagttacagg tgacaatact gaaagttcaa     87720
     cgcaggtctt tgttacacac gaaaaatgga accacaagaa aatgtctctc tgcctgtgtt     87780
     agctcacact ctcccaggac tactggtgcc aggctcttct cttacaataa atgttatgat     87840
     atgaatatat aagataacat ttgtgctagg catggaggtg cacatcttta gttccagtac     87900
     tcaggagaca gaggcaggtg gatctatgtg agtttaaggc caggctggta tgcaaagtga     87960
     gatgcaagac agccagagct atatgagact ctttcaaaaa tagaaaaaag gtgcgtgcac     88020
     acacacacac acacacacac acactcttca cttctacttc atagcataaa ctattcactt     88080
     ttcatctggt ctcttctcat cctgtctctt gctacctcct taatgtaccc ctgttgtcac     88140
     atccctggat caagtactag cctagctagc tcacctctcc taaccttgtc ttcatttgcc     88200
     agagtaaagc agtcactcaa attctgtccc gcctctaggg cagacaagta tagggaatgg     88260
     tttagtaagc tgggactcta cttgaattgg gttatgtgca catccctctt tgaatattac     88320
     acttgtcagc ctgagagcct tacttgaatg tactgtacat acacattcct ctttgatagt     88380
     gaacttagca ccttgttaga gacctagagc cctcactcac ttgaatacca ggtactctcc     88440
     actcaaaata atgaactaag tttcttctcc cttaatgaca aagttggaca tcttcaagct     88500
     gggggcttgg ttagtggtta agaggacttg ttgctcttgc agaagacaaa gctttgattt     88560
     ctagcatcta tgtggaggct taccactgtt tgtaactcga gtctcagagg ctcagatacc     88620
     ctcttctgaa ctctgagggc agtaggcaca catgtggtgc acacatatac aggcaggcac     88680
     aacacacata gattaaaata ataaatctaa ttttttgttg ttttttgaga caagctttct     88740
     ccctgtagcc ctggctgccc tggaacttac tctgtaggtc agggtgccct caaactcaga     88800
     tatagacttg actctgcctt ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtaccat cactacctgg     88860
     ccaaatctac ttttttaatt gaatattttc tatggaaaga tttccagtac atctgactac     88920
     aaggggaatg aaaccaacaa ggctagactg gctctgaatt aatgcacaat aaggcaaact     88980
     gtcctctcag tgaacttttg gggataactc ccctattcac cttttatgcc tatgcataac     89040
     cgagtgcgca tatgattaaa atacggtgca ttatgggaag gaacatacat agtagaataa     89100
     agattgtata atttaacctg tcatttaaaa taaagatctg cgaatgcaag gctggagtgt     89160
     aaaaataatg gggtggggtg gtctcacatg ccttttgctg ctgaataatg acagggtgtt     89220
     tccacacctg aactaattta acctgtctag gctgctaatc cttaaccatg ccttgttact     89280
     tgccatctgg tcttgccctg gtccatatgt cctcatgggt gctctctcat catatcatag     89340
     caaatcctcc tggttcctcc acatggtttc tccacctctt cctctccacc tcttcctctc     89400
     ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctcatctctc     89460
     ctcacctctc tctccctctt tctttccccc tccttcttct gggaccccat gactggaacc     89520
     agaagtcctg ccttattctc ttctgcccag ctaattggct gattagcttt tgattaacca     89580
     atcagagggg atataaaaca ttttttgcat aacactgaga ccagcgatgc ttgaccatct     89640
     tcaggactgc agccagatgt ctgggcatag aaatcagcat ctgaacacac agtacacaaa     89700
     gccatctccc aacactggag agattgctca gtggttaaga gcacttgctg cagagacatc     89760
     ttggttccgg aactccaccg agactagtct gcacaggtga gagtgtggac tacagaagct     89820
     aacagcttct gggacaggcg ggagccacag agcttctgag gcagccccct tttcgggccc     89880
     cagacatccg ggcaccttcc ctgccagagg ataggtgtct gcctggcccg ggagggcttt     89940
     gcaggagcac ctgggggaac catcttggtt cccgggttcc tctgagacta gtctgtgcag     90000
     gtgaaagtgt ggactacaga agctaacagc ttctgtgaca ggccgaagca acacagcttc     90060
     tgggacaggt cttgttttgg gcctttatct tcagccagga gggaggttca aacgccagat     90120
     atctgtgcac cttccctgta agaggagagc ttgcctgcag agagtgctct gaccactgaa     90180
     actagaggag agatctagtc tcccaggtct gctgatagag gctaacagaa tcacgagagg     90240
     aacaatctct aaccagagac aactataaca actaactcca gagattacta gatggcgaaa     90300
     ggtaaacgta agaatcttac taacagaaac caagaccact caccatcatc agaacccagc     90360
     actcccacct tgcccagtcc agggcacccc aacacaccca aaaagctaga ccgggattta     90420
     aaagcatatc tcatgatgat ggtagaggac atcaagaagg actttaataa ctcacttaaa     90480
     gaaatacagg agaacactgc taaacaggta gaagacctta aagaggaagc acaaaaatcc     90540
     cttaaagaat tgcaggaaaa catgaccaaa caggtgatgg aatttaataa aaccatccaa     90600
     gacctaaaaa aggaagtaga cacaataaag aaaacccaaa gtgaggcaac gctggagata     90660
     gaaaccctag gaaagaaatc tggaaccaaa gatgcgagca tcaacaacag aatacaagag     90720
     atggaagaga gaatctcagg tgcagaagat tccatagaga acatcggcac aacaatcaaa     90780
     gaaaatggaa aatgcaaaaa gatcctaact caaaacatcc aggaaatcca ggacacaatg     90840
     agaagaccaa acctacggat aataggagta gatgagaatg aagatttttc aactcaaagg     90900
     gccagcaaat atcttcaaca aaattataga agaaaacttc ccaaacctaa agaaagagat     90960
     gcccatgaac acacaagaag cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc     91020
     ctcctgacac ataataatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagatagaa tattaaaagc     91080
     agtaagggga aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggcaagcct atcagaatta caccagattt     91140
     tccaccagag actatgaaaa ccagaagagc ctgggcagat gttatacaga cactaagaga     91200
     acacaaatgc cagctcaggc tactataccc agccaaactt tcaattacct tagatggaga     91260
     aacaaaatta ttccacgaca gaaccaaatt cacacattat ctttccacaa atcccgccct     91320
     tcaaaggata ataacagaaa aaaaccaata caagaacaga aaccatgtcc tagaaaaagc     91380
     aagaaggtaa tccctcaaca aacctaaaag aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactg     91440
     taacaacaaa aataatagga agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctatt aatatcaatg     91500
     tactcaactc cccaataaaa agacatagat gaacagactg gctatacaaa caggacccaa     91560
     aattttgctg cttaaaggaa acccatctca gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagaatga     91620
     aaggctggaa aacaattttc caagcaaatg gtctgaagaa acaagctgga gtagccattc     91680
     taatatctca taaaatcgac ttccaaccca aagtcatcaa aaaagacaag gagggacact     91740
     taatactcat caaaggtaaa atcttccaag aggatctctc aattctgaat atctatgctc     91800
     caaatacaag ggcagccaca ttcattaaag aaactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacacattg     91860
     cacctcatac aataatagtg ggagacttca acacacaact tttaccaatg gacagatcat     91920
     ggaaacagaa actaaacagg gatgcagtga aactaacaga agttatgaaa caaatggatc     91980
     taatagatat ctacagaaca ttttatccta aaacaaaagg atataccttc ttctcagcac     92040
     ctcatggtac cttctccaaa actgaccata taattggtca caaaacaggc ctcaaaagat     92100
     acaaaaatat tgaaattgtc ccatgcatcc tatcagacta ccatggacta aggctattct     92160
     tcaataacaa aataaataat agaaagccaa cattcacgtg gaaactgaac aacactcttc     92220
     tcagtgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat taaggacttt ttggagttta     92280
     atgaaaatga agccacaaca tacccaaact tatgggacac aatgaaagca tttctaagag     92340
     ggaaactcat agctctgagt gcctccaaaa agaaactaga gagagcacac attagcagct     92400
     tgacaacaca cctaaaagct ctagaacaaa aggaagcaaa ttcaccaaag agaagtagac     92460
     agcaggaaat aaactcaggg gcaaaataaa ccaagtggaa acaagaagaa ctattcaaag     92520
     aatcaaccaa acgaggagct ggttctttga gaaaatcaac aagatagata aacctttagc     92580
     cagactcact agagggcaca gggaaagcat cctaattaac aaaatcagaa atgaaaaggg     92640
     agatataaca acagatcctg aagaaatcca aaacaccatc agatccttct tcaaaaggct     92700
     atactcaaca agactggaga acctggatga aatggacaag tttctagaca gataccaggt     92760
     accaaagttg aatcaagatc aggttaatga cctaaaaagt cctatatccc ctaaagaaat     92820
     agaagcagtc attaatagtc tcccaaccaa aaaaagccca ggaccagatg ggtttagtgc     92880
     agagttctat caacctttaa agaagatcta atcccagttc ttcacaaact attccacaaa     92940
     atagaagcag aaggtactct acccaactca ttctatgaag ccacaattac tctgatacct     93000
     aaaccacaaa aagacccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttccct tatgaatatc     93060
     gatgcaaaaa tcctcaataa agttcttgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat caaaacaatc     93120
     atccatcctg accaagtaga tttcatccca gggatgcagg gatggttcaa tatatggaaa     93180
     tccatcaaca taatccagta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctca     93240
     ttagatgcgg agaaagcatt tgacaaaatc caacatccat tcatgataaa agtcttggaa     93300
     agatcaggag ttcaaggccc atacttaaac atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta     93360
     gccaacatca aagtaaatga tgagaagctg gaagcaatcc cacaaaatca gggattagac     93420
     aaggctgccc actttctccc tacctattca acattgtact tgaagtccta gtcagagcaa     93480
     ttagtcaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac aaattggaaa ggaagaagtc aaaatatcat     93540
     tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa gtgaccctaa aaattccacc agagaactcc     93600
     taaacctgat aaacagcttc aatgaagtag ctggatataa aatcagctca aacaaatcaa     93660
     tggcctttct ctacacaaag gataaatagg ctgagagaga aattagggaa acaacaccct     93720
     tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc ttggcatgac tctaactaag gaagtgaaag     93780
     atctgtatga taagaatttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat taaagaagat ctcagaagat     93840
     ggaaaagatc tcccatgctc atggattggc aggatcaata tagtaaaaat ggctatcttg     93900
     ccaaaagcaa tgctccttca tgacctgatc agcaaccatg ccagcaggcc actaagatta     93960
     ctcttggcct cccttctctt tttgctgtgt gcacacagac tccttccaac cctctggccc     94020
     aaagtttcca ataaaataat ggatttgaac taaatgactg aagtttcttt tttttttaag     94080
     gtttatttat tttatgttta tgagtacact gttgctgact tcagacacac cagaagaggg     94140
     catcagatcc cattacaggt ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaaatcag     94200
     gacctctgga agagcagagt gctcttaacc attgagctat ctctccagcc ccctgaagtt     94260
     tcttagattc taaatttagt tctctaaatc ttccttcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg     94320
     cctgcctgcc tgcctccctc cgtcccttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     94380
     ctctctctac caccatgacg ataatggact aagtcccaga agctgcaagc aagtcctcaa     94440
     ttaaatgttt tcttctacaa gttggcttgg tcatggtgtc tcttcacaac aatggaacag     94500
     taactaaggc agggtcattc tgatttaaac aaccacaaag gtcttgtggg aaaagtgccc     94560
     acaagagact gtaaagcaga agtcagctgt cccatttctt cgttgagggg ttgctgaagg     94620
     aggaacccag ggcctggcat ctgctaggca agtgttcagc cactggccta cagcctgcca     94680
     ataaattcta caggcagatg caaactataa atgcaataat aagtagcttt catacagatg     94740
     ctcatattac acatatatgt aattcatata aaaatcacat aatgtatacc tctggggaga     94800
     gtagacataa ctgtattcat aatagggttg ggatggtgtg ggggttgggg aaagatgttg     94860
     agttttcaca ctattttact tcagtcatga tttttttttt tttttttgct ttgttttgtt     94920
     tagagacaaa gtctcaaaga ctatctagaa ttagctgtac atccccaggg cagctctaaa     94980
     cacacaatcc tccttgatcc catttccaag tgctggaatt gagggtgtgc accaccgtgt     95040
     tccaccaact acatcctttc tgaatagaga ggtagttcaa gaaactcaac atggtctttc     95100
     ttctgataca gatggcctga agcaaaactc ctccttctcc cagctgccta ttcttccacc     95160
     tcagaagtgg ctccatgatg cacacggatg ctcttcactt cagctgcagt ggtggtccaa     95220
     gggatcagta ctgaatcagc aggcctgagg gttaggcccc tgcctgatcc tttatctctc     95280
     tgagaagctg caatgtgccc tttaagtcca gccttcacca ccctgctttc cccgggtgat     95340
     cttgttcctt gtcacacaac tcagggaact atttttagtt caggctcatc ccggttaacc     95400
     tcagcatcac ctcactcccc atataatggt cctacaagta ctcacggcca caggtcatct     95460
     aatggtccct aagtactcac tcacacttct gtatcattgt caactgtata ggagaggatg     95520
     acaaaatcaa agcaatttgt cttctctcta cacaacacag cagtaaccag tagtgacgtg     95580
     aggagtcccc aacacactcc agccatcagc cagcttcagg gccaagcact tttatgaagc     95640
     aattgcccag caagatgctc ccacatcacc cacaccatta cagagggaac atgctctaga     95700
     aacagaagac aacaagtgtg cctcctttaa tagttttctc tcccactgtt atttaaatca     95760
     cccttaatga gggggctctc aaatgtataa ctcatagcaa aatagagcct gcttcttgag     95820
     tgtgggaaac acactaatga gatgtctgac tgagtgttag cagcgattct agcaaacaaa     95880
     gtgcatcagg gtaaatagtc ctaaaagcct ctgggcactg ggaaaaatgt accgtgggca     95940
     gcgttcccta gcaagattac aaaaagagac tcccagccca agaagacatc ttaattttaa     96000
     aagttacatt agtctatttt gtctgtttat atgggcatgc atgcacccct gtgtgcatgt     96060
     ctctgtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtatacatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa     96120
     gtcaaaggac agcttatagg agtcttatcc tttggccaga tgtatcacag gaattgtaca     96180
     gaggtcttca ggttggttgg aaatactcta actcactgaa ccatcttgtg ggcccacatc     96240
     ttaaattttg gacaactggt tggcatggat cattataacc tgacacaaat ccttttcctt     96300
     ccgcacacat tttaccaact tcagaggatg ctatcattgt tccacatgaa aggcagctga     96360
     gagaaatttt gcttaaacag tcttcataag gacctgactt accagtgcaa acactgctca     96420
     actgatgtgg gtattggctt ctaacaatca atccaccatg cagacctctc cttgtgtagg     96480
     gtccttgctc aggtacattt gccttcacgt cctccaccct cagccacacc taaagactga     96540
     ccgatctgat taatagcagc cagaaccagc atgtccagac atgaatgaaa cgaatccagt     96600
     ggcagagaaa gacgtctgac gtatttataa aaagataaag agaagagggg atatgtttgg     96660
     tgtaggtatg gtgaggtgtg ggggaagggg gtgcctcggt gggcccatgc tgaggcatcc     96720
     catccccctg agggaccagc cacacgaccg tatagtattg agtatagaat agagtttatt     96780
     cagggcatgg ggatgggagt tgagaggcta gcagaggcag agaaagtaga gaagtagagg     96840
     ccagccatga acatgtggag agagatgggg gaagggaata gagagagagt gggagcagga     96900
     aggcaagagc aagagagagc aagagggggg ggagggggca agcagcccct tttatagtga     96960
     gtcaggcata cctgactgtt gccaggtaac tgtggggcag agcttagaca aaatgctaac     97020
     aaagtcagaa tgctatcttc agtcagcctc atccccattg acaagtcatg tgacatagcc     97080
     acgccccttt acatgtgtac tttattggtt ctaccggact tgacttgtct cagagataca     97140
     tagactgtaa gtgctgaagg ggcctcagtc acttcgccag caggtaccgt gtggggctga     97200
     actgtgttct agtttgctgt ctattgctgt gacaaagact gtgccccagc aacttgtaag     97260
     gaaagggctt ttggtgtctt agttactatt ctattgctgt gacaaaacac catgaccaag     97320
     gcaaactata aaatgaagca tttaattagg ggtttgttta cagtttcaga gggttaaccc     97380
     atgtccatca tggtagagag catgatagga ggcaggcagg catggacacg ttggagagcg     97440
     agcgagcgag agagagagag agcgcctttg attttgcttt ctgcttcgct ttctgcccag     97500
     ggctttgctc tggctattgg ttatttctac gctgttttgc ctgctacaga aagaaagcag     97560
     aagcccaggc cttaccctat gacaatccac acatccacct ctttaccata atgtctgact     97620
     cactctattt gggtcccatg tctaccttag aaccttcctc cttcctctga ttcagagcct     97680
     acataatgaa ctcactgaac agcatttccg gaggcaaaca tccaactgca caggattcct     97740
     ctgtggactc ctgtgagtca acacaatgta atcctttctg ttgtgtttta tcttcttggg     97800
     aaacagtttc ctccgggatt ggctgggact cactatgtag ataagactgg ccttgaactc     97860
     acagagctgc ttgcttctgt ctctggagtg ctaggattca aagtgtgcaa cccacatgtg     97920
     gttgcaatct ttacttaatt catcaaagta tattcaccca aggcagagcc agtgagaatg     97980
     gacatccatc catagtgtgg agggtttctt tgcacctgtg gctttaaaaa cagaatccat     98040
     ccaggttttt gtaagaacaa gataacaaat catcccagag ttccatcttt tgctcctcct     98100
     tcttcccgtg atgacactca gttatgagtc tgtatttcca tctttcagtg cgattccaag     98160
     tagatttctt cctaagcaaa gagcacaaaa agtcattcac ttcctggaag tgcagaggaa     98220
     ccatccattc agcaagtgcc agtcccttga tgtggttcta agtccatgct aataaacgat     98280
     gtaaatgttg atatcatgaa ttgttattag agatttccta aaatacgagt tagtcagaaa     98340
     taggctatga agtgctgatg ttctgatctg aatgcaacat tgtggtaaca agctgaaggc     98400
     tgtacacaaa tggagaatcc taggccacat tcagagactt cagatgcacc agctctgggt     98460
     ggggactgag gaaagcatcg ctcaaatggt ggtgtgctgc ggttaacaaa tgggtatctg     98520
     ccactgatag gctgaaggcc attctcatta gtgtaactcc taactggggt gccagagaat     98580
     gtgctgggtt aagagcacaa tacagtgtga gggctgatag gcaaagtaga cagggaggga     98640
     gggagctctt gctaatgtgg ctctggggca gggctggact catccacaga cttcctctga     98700
     ctagctgctg cttgtgtggt tggagagtga tgggcagcct gtgggagggg ctaggctaat     98760
     ggtcttaaca gttcatgctg atatggccca ggcaagaaca aaatagagaa tgcccgatgg     98820
     tatttcattt ctatttgaaa ccttcctagt attggctggc tcaacagaca ctgacatctt     98880
     ggttggactg tgagtaagag ggtatcctgg cttatgcatg agaccctaag gggagagagt     98940
     tattccaaca tggaggggct gcctgtggca tctactagcc tgtctgtgtt ttctacatgc     99000
     ctccaagtag atgtattcat tacactccca gtgatcaaat gtcttttgaa aggtggtagt     99060
     gggctggcga gatggctcag caggtaagag cacagaccgc tcttccgaag gtcctgagtt     99120
     caagtcctag caaccacttg taatgagatc tgatgccctc ttctggtacg tctgaagaca     99180
     gctacagtgt acttatgtat aataataata aataaatctt tgggccggag cgagaaggac     99240
     tgagtgagca ggccaactga ggcgagcaga ggtcctaaat tcaattccat gaaggctcac     99300
     aaccatctct acagctacag tgtattcata tacataaaat aaataaataa atctttaaaa     99360
     aagagagagg gataaaagag aagcatttga ataggtaggc ttggtagtaa atgcctgtaa     99420
     ccccaggaca ctgggcacta tgatgagaga gtcaggattt aagactatct tccgcaatat     99480
     aagttgaagg ccagtctggg ctactgatat tctatctcaa aaacaaaaca acagcagatg     99540
     gagaagatag aaaatgttaa tgtaggcttg aagctaagca cagcagcaca tctgcaatcc     99600
     cagaactcaa gaggttaagg caccaggact ttgtgttggc tatgaaccag catcacatag     99660
     tgagttccag gacattctgg actacaacga agagatccta tctcaaacaa acaacatcaa     99720
     tgatggtgag aacaaatcag gactgggaga tgtctcactc cccagttaag agcactggtt     99780
     actcttccag aggacacagg atcaattccc agcacccaca tggcagctca taaccattta     99840
     caactccaat tccagagttt ctgacgccct cttctggtgt ccatgggtac tgtccacatg     99900
     tgaagcacag gtaaaacacc cccacacata aaataatcaa aatcgttgat aaaacttaaa     99960
     aaagaaaaaa aagaaaaaga aagaaaggtg gtagtaatga ggtcccagat atgtgacaag    100020
     tgaaagagta cactgctctt gtagagagcc agggttggag gctgatactc tgtctgtaac    100080
     tccactttca gggacccaaa ccccttttct catttctgtg ggcaccaggc acacgtgtgg    100140
     tgcacagaca tgcattcagg caaaacactt aaacacataa aacagtaata aaataaatct    100200
     taaaaagaag agtagatgaa aacgtagggc taatagtctc catttccagt gattataaat    100260
     tacaaaacct aaaacaatga gaatttaatc atatttgttc aggaactagt ttttaaaagt    100320
     cagaattaag ccaagcatgg tgacagagag tttatgagtt caagggtagt ctaggctact    100380
     tagtaaggcc ttgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaccccca accaaacaac aaacaacaac    100440
     aacaacaaca acaaaacgag gagaggactt gaggtttttt tgttttttgt ttttaaatta    100500
     tatgtgagta tactgtagct gtcttcagac accccagaag agggcatccc attacagatg    100560
     gttgtgagcc accatgtagt tgctgggaat tgaactggga attgaaccca ggggacaaag    100620
     atttgtattt tctcattgag tttttttttt ttaaattata tgtgagtaca ctgtagctgt    100680
     cttcagacac actagaagag ggcatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    100740
     ctgggaattg aactgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac    100800
     cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccgagtttta tttcacaaac ttttcctttt gtggtgtgga    100860
     gacccgagtg tctttttgca tactagggaa tattctataa ttgagccgtg cctctacccc    100920
     tcatcgtttt gtttctaagt cattgaaagc atgatttaag ccaaaatttc ataatccata    100980
     taaaatcttt cctgggtttt cttacttaag atggtagaaa cctatacaaa accattctaa    101040
     tggttttctc attctgatgg gataaaaata atcaaaagaa tagcaggaaa caaaactcaa    101100
     aaagctgccc ttggtgagca agcattcaca ctttacatag gcagcagcta tgctggagac    101160
     tggaaaaaat agggaaagta cacaggtggt ttgccaaagc gtgctggtaa cagcttgggt    101220
     aacagtttgc tggacgcggt gtcaggcttg aagcgaggga acaggtggtt ttcttagtca    101280
     cgagggaaag agagcccgag caagataacc tctcaatcgc aatcgtgttt ggaacaaaac    101340
     gagtgtctga taaaaaataa aaagtggaat ctcccatggt taacacgaat ctttggcttt    101400
     aatttgggag ggagcagaac gctgagtatt gcattaaaaa atgcacttgc gttgtttcat    101460
     aggcggcgtg tggcagccca gtgagcagca agccttgctc tgtgaagaca ctgagtaagg    101520
     atgggcagga gagctcactg attatcctgt gggaaagctc tccaaggtgc ttctaacccg    101580
     gggaagtttg catttataac aaaacaaacg gtgcagtctg gagacattct ctgggaagca    101640
     actccaaggt tcttagtagg tctgaccagt gacaagggtt cttattggtc caggcagacc    101700
     agcaagggta cattaacatg gctcactctc ggttgctttt tccttccgaa tactgaggat    101760
     aaaacacagg gccttcagca tgctagatga gtgctctgct tctgagctgt tcccccagcc    101820
     cagctcccag ggttcatttt cgtcatgggt aggaaagtgg gtacagttag aattcactgc    101880
     agaggcagaa taatacccag accacacatt tgcgtgaata gtgcaaatct gtgcagtgcc    101940
     agaagataat atttggttta tagggattcc ttctgaccct cggaagcttt accgtctctc    102000
     tggcttcagg gagctgggaa cacctgtcac tctagagttt agaggcccca gggtccctgg    102060
     gcatggacac agccttctct atgcctctgc ctccctgaag gaccaggggt tggccaaaag    102120
     cgttctaaat tttgcttcag tgcttatgtc tcagcctcct gatcgttgtg attatagagg    102180
     tgagtctcaa catctgtctg tctgtctgtc ttttgtagta ccaggcatgt acgtattcca    102240
     ccactgagct agaacccaag accagacttt tctgtgttct tgaaaatgct tataacaaat    102300
     tcttttatag taaatcataa gttaacaaga gcagcttgaa tcgagatgaa aatatttcag    102360
     cattaagata gaaagtaagt ttcttttaga gtaaaataca agtgggaaac ctgtcagctc    102420
     tattcttttt tttttaaaaa atatatttta tgtgcattgt tgttttgtct gtatgtaagt    102480
     ctgtatgggg gtgttgaatc tcttggaata ggagttatag acagttgtga gctgctatgt    102540
     ggatgctggg aattgagccc aggtcttctg gaagagcagc cagttctctc aacacagtga    102600
     catctctcta gctacttttt tttttttggt tttgtttact tgttttcttt tgtttttgag    102660
     acaaagattt ctctgagtaa tgagccctgg ctgtcctgga cttgctttga tagatcaggc    102720
     tggcttcgaa ctcacagaga tccacctgcc tgggcctccc gagtgctggg atgaaaggcg    102780
     tgtgccaccg catctggcct aactcttttc tttttatgct tgtcttattt gtaaactatg    102840
     tgtctgcatg tgtgtctctg tgtatgtaga agaggcatca gatctcttgg agatgaagtt    102900
     ctaggctgtt ctgagctgcc tgacgtgggc aatgctaact gaactcagga cctctggaag    102960
     agaagtaaga gcacgagcca cctaatcatc tctcaagccc ctcattaaac ttttgaaaaa    103020
     ctggggagga aagcctaata tttaaatgac aagtgaagac cagatattgt gtagcacatt    103080
     ttgaatccca cggggaggaa gggggagtca cctgattcct tgctttcctt actagccctg    103140
     ccccccagaa gacacagaca atagctgaat gagatcccat caaacttttg tgcattgaaa    103200
     atatgacagg atgatgaggg gcctcatttt tgtgcaaaaa gccagtcaca gaaagacaag    103260
     cagagcacaa tgtcattgcc gtcacatggg tgtcacatcc atagaaccag gtagtagacg    103320
     gtgcctgcca ggggctggag aggagaggcg acaggggctg gtgaataata agtatggagg    103380
     tctagctttg taagatttaa atgtccacag gtctgtctga caacatgaat atactttagt    103440
     actactgaac ctcaatttta aaatagtgaa gatgatcaat tttatgtaat atgatttatt    103500
     ttaaaaagca ccccaagccc ctacccaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaacc aaaacccaaa    103560
     tcaaaaacac tatgggaata aaacccttgg ggcagaggat tattgagctg ttttcaaagc    103620
     ttccacatga agtgctcaga agattttgaa ctgagacact ttgatatata aacgacactg    103680
     actagtctag gaaccagagt tgccaaatgc ccccaagaaa ttttgtctaa ccagtggtgg    103740
     gagagatgga aaatgagtgt ttcctttagg gcagcacact tagtaaatgt gctttttaat    103800
     ttttagtgtt taaggttttt ttttttgttg ttgttgttag ttcttttggt ttgttgttgt    103860
     tgtttttgtt tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac    103920
     tctgtagact aggatggcct tgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc cctagtgctg    103980
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cactacccgg cagtgtataa gctttcatta gtaaacttta    104040
     tatgtatttt gtgtgttttc tcttcttgca tatatgtctg tgttcgaggg agggtgtaag    104100
     tgttagagtt ctgaggcagc ttaaagagac agggagtcag agagatgcag gaatcagtgg    104160
     acaggactgt caattggcac acacagtgag ggtcagactc tctctcacag gaagctggtc    104220
     tgcctgagaa taaagatggc tgcaagcctt tgtagggatg gaaagtttgc agtacacatt    104280
     tcctcctgca gtcccccatc ttctggagtt gcctaaccaa ggtgaggctt gctgtctcct    104340
     cagatagtct ctcattccaa tccctgaagg gctatagaaa atggggggtg ggtgtagatt    104400
     ccttcttaga tatttcctga taaggagggt cattgttggg gggcaggagt cccagatcct    104460
     tgaagaagaa ggaggtccac cagtgacagc aggagagttt taaggtgatc aactgtgatg    104520
     ggtcatgtga ttgccacccc atattcctcg agagacattt gagaagtaat ttttttccag    104580
     gggtgtaagc agatgatttg cttataataa aactgaaagc ttgttcagga agttggatgg    104640
     gggtgggggt agaattgtga gagtgtgagc caggagagga ctggagccta gaggtgattt    104700
     agggtgacgg tcactagtcc catggccaag agtgctgcac caaaatgagc tagcagaagc    104760
     atcggagagc tacagagcag tgaaggaagg aaacaggaga acacagagaa ctaacctaag    104820
     aattgtatct ggcctgggat gaaagggatg aaggtccctt gtaggcagag ccctcccctc    104880
     cgcagcattg cagatgtgtc agaacacctg gagcaaaggg agctgcgggc gggcgggtga    104940
     ggggcattgg ggaagcttgg aggaacaatt tgtttgggtg tagggagaaa ttccgtaagt    105000
     aaaatgttta aaagacaggg caaaaccata aacatgggga tactaaggag gaaggaagtg    105060
     atcaggggaa gagctggagt gggaaggatc ctgggtccca tacaaaggag gaggttgtgg    105120
     ttgaattttc gttctggttc tggggtcttt gggctcatct caaaccagct agaattctgg    105180
     tgcagaagct gtgtcatttg cggaggaaag cacgagcccc accctcagca gtagtcagat    105240
     ctgggttgga gttctgcagc agccaaagag tcgggttggt cctataggat gttaaactgg    105300
     tctgagattt ctctaatgtt tctttgagac ctgatgagac gcggaggtta gctgatgcaa    105360
     ggaaggcttc agtcagctgt tgtagttctt agtcctgaaa accatgccta gagtggcaaa    105420
     aacaggtgag gtgaatggct cttggcccat gagtccccct ttcagaggtc acccaaactg    105480
     ctttcagggg tttgggggag ctgctctctc tttaactgtt tccatctgac aaaaggacct    105540
     attgaaggag aaatagcagt tgaagtcctc agaggaggct ccattcaagg ggcgcaatac    105600
     aacttaacag atgacagaga ttcagaatgt aggtcagagg taataactgt acaaccttat    105660
     ggggaacttt aggaagcaag ttaataagga aaaaaaatta aaagatttat ttatttattt    105720
     atttatttaa taggtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaaga gggcaccaga    105780
     tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tagttgctag gatttgaact caggacctct    105840
     ggaagagcag tcggtcagtg ttcttaacca ctgagccatc tctccagccc taatgaggaa    105900
     agttttaaat caagattaac caagttaata taaagttaaa tataaagtta aatgcaattg    105960
     tacaactggc tggaccatga ccaacattct gtaaaagggt aaggtaacta gttagctgtt    106020
     tatttatatt ggacgcctgc ataagggacg agtacctgga agctctgtag aagaattcgg    106080
     gtaaactggc atctaatcga caaattaaaa ggaaaattga atcttatcaa attattttta    106140
     taggattgtc tagcaaagtt ccaaagatgc tgctaggata gtctgattaa ctccccaaag    106200
     ctgtgagttt gatggcagag tatctgccag cctcctttaa tgagggaaca ggggtagtta    106260
     gggtgtggac cctggaatta gctttcccta agaggaagga ctgtaagctg aggtaaaggg    106320
     gcatagcaaa ttgaactagc aggcaggttg ggtggttagc tcaggtacag ggttaccctg    106380
     ttcacagcat ccttatatgt cagtgtggga gacaatcttc cattttttag acccaaacta    106440
     tactttccta ttcaattttt ttgtcacccc aaagtatttc cattttgtca aaaacatatt    106500
     tccataccta tatcctttta cgtctctatt tatacttgaa gttttttctg ttttaatcaa    106560
     ttttataaat tttctttctt aataactctg ttttgcaatg ataacccagg gagctgtatt    106620
     tgaaacatat gcagaatatg ctagctgtcc cagaggcatt ttcattttct cttactatca    106680
     aatctaaata gttgttaaaa tgtaggtctc ataatggatg ctaagcaatt gccctgacta    106740
     aaatgcacca ctgtctgaat gggcctaccc acaagtcaac aaagggctcc tcggcctctc    106800
     ttctgtgcct gcttcctttc ctgtttccgt tgcttagggc caagcgcctg cttgattttc    106860
     tatagatgtg tttgccattt acgcaatgtc tatccaaaac attttatcct gttcaaagat    106920
     gaagacatgg caaaccattg agctgaaatc actttggatt ccaggaatgg caaaacctcc    106980
     caggacagac cacctttgcc tgttaatttt tgtgaacttg acacaaatgt agacatacct    107040
     aagaagaagg gatctcaatt gaggaactgc atccatcaca taggcctgtg gggccatttc    107100
     ttgacagcta attgttggag gaaggcccag ccactgtggg tcttggttgt ataaggtagc    107160
     tgatcaagcc agggggagta agcctgtaag cagtgctcct gtgtggtttt gctttcctta    107220
     atgggcagga acttgtaaga tgaaataaac cctttcttac ccaagttgct tttggtcatg    107280
     atgtttatca caacaaacta ggaagccatc ttccataggt gagcaattat ccatgaaagt    107340
     gtggtggcca catccagggg cagcagcaat catcctcaca agccataagg acttctctgg    107400
     atcaccttac agaaccaaaa ctcagaaaat gaccaacaga ttaacaccct accatacttg    107460
     cctaattaac catgtgtatt gcccacctct gtctcagttc tctttttaaa tagaaagtta    107520
     tgtcatattc taaggacaga catgggtctc tgggcccttt atctggtctt tctgatgtgg    107580
     ccacatcagt caaatttatt ctctttgtct cttgatgttt cttgtctttc tgactgaggc    107640
     aggtaatcaa acctagtttt ttggcgattg ctggagctga gaactttgcc ctcaaattcc    107700
     ttttatactg tgaacaaaaa gggatcaaac taactttata tgagttctta taaaccagtt    107760
     ttagtaagtc atttgagtga gaggccttac tatgtaagca tatcacagac atatatctca    107820
     caatagcatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatctc    107880
     tgtgtgtgta tacatataac atatgtatat atatgtatat acactgatat accaagataa    107940
     aataactttc atgttaatat ttagtcataa gacaaattgt aggaaagtaa attatcatga    108000
     aataaagatg acctcctagt ttggtcaaac ttaactaatt tctcatttgt agttaagtaa    108060
     aaacctctat attatagccc caaacaagaa catcaaatca tggtcgtcga ctaacagact    108120
     aacagacaac acaacacaaa gaatttgtgc aatcaacaat tctggtgaac acaaatgata    108180
     gaattaaaga ttccagtaac cggagttcag tctcagtaaa actgtgggga cgtggactgt    108240
     gccaccggaa gaactggaat gtaaccagag aggcagagca tgttcaaatc ccggaaatct    108300
     caacacttga gacccgaagg tgtggaatta tttttgtgcc tgcctctgag caagccaaca    108360
     ggcgaccccc aaccagattg tcaccaggag ggtcaccagg taacccagca cctggaaggt    108420
     ccccccatgc tagtgaggca tctcagaacc tagctttcag ccaatgagct tctccctccc    108480
     tggatagtcc cactcccttc ctcaaaacta tgcaatactt ggttcactcc aaataaagcg    108540
     tgtctgttta aacgcaccct gagtagacta caagctaaga cgacatcaca gacgcctctt    108600
     ccccctctga cctggtgtgt aacagcatct gacaccacac agggaagagg cagactgtgg    108660
     accccacccg tcttggaatt tgccaagtcc tctctccagg ccaggggaag gatgtatact    108720
     ggtggcgctt ggacacctca agagaagagg ctaaaatgga accacataaa accaaggcca    108780
     aaccacacat ctgtctttaa gctatagtag tggccagtaa aggactgaag agtgaagctt    108840
     cttatgcagg ttttggctaa tattctaatt agtctcttct gttttaggag ctggtgatca    108900
     gagggacatc ctaagaaaat cctgtcatgt agaaagtagg gcctgaaatt ttataggaag    108960
     tcaatctttt ctacaagtac agaaacatgt tctgcttggc agatcctaga tgagaagaga    109020
     gggagggatg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagagaga gagagagaga    109080
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaaggtcaga gaaacagagt    109140
     gatgctgaac tgagaagtca gagtctatag aatgacttag ttcagctctg atacacctag    109200
     acaaattcct actaatttcc tgtcctttaa tctcaacctt gctccccctt ttcttctctc    109260
     cagttttcaa aactcctaat tctttttaaa aagcaaatta acaattttat tatccttttt    109320
     tttagacaca taaaaatccc agttaaagta gtctgtccaa gtatgatctt tagttctatt    109380
     gcctgagatt ttattttggt gtgtaaaaca tgaaacaaaa ccagtttagt agatattgct    109440
     tatttcgaga tatctgcaag ttaaacgatc ataattatca accgtgatat acactggagt    109500
     gtcgaatggt gggctgttct ccttatttgt tctgtttccc atttagtgtt tctccttttc    109560
     ctctgtcagt gggaggaatt cgcttggatc cgattcagtg ctgtgtatga gagcagccct    109620
     ctcagtgcct gactctgggt tgcttcttct cacagctgcc ctggtttatc ccatatatat    109680
     tccggaatgc atgtgaggaa ttttagatac caggcaacca ccacctatgt gtagctacct    109740
     ggctgagcta ataagattcc ttgtaatctg ggtatgctgt tttgggcttt cccatgaggc    109800
     ccttgcactt cctgggaagt cccctctgat acccccaccc tgttgggcta cagggaataa    109860
     atgcctcttc agcatactta tgagtagaca cgctcagcat ttctagacta aaagaattaa    109920
     ctttcaataa gaaggagagg agctagacag aaatgcacaa ttagatactg aagaagtggc    109980
     aggggaaaat agccaaatgc tcacaaataa atatgcatgc aattcagaga gagggaggga    110040
     gagagggaga aagagagaga gagaggaaga gagatggaga gagggagaga ggaagagagg    110100
     aagagagagg aagagaggga gagaggaaaa gagggagaga gaatttctaa taattcaaaa    110160
     tgaaccaatg gatattgacc aaatgaaaag atggtccagg ccccagaaat agctcaactt    110220
     ctacactagt cagcagcact gacagttgag tgtaaaaggc tcatgttgac acacagtgtc    110280
     acctggggtg actcaactgg tgtaagtgaa ccatccttgg gggccaaact tcagacccta    110340
     aaactgttga caaaaacata gctttcattt caaagggaat aaggaaatgt agtctgaacc    110400
     aaatttgggt ggccatgtcc tgagaacatg ggctcagatg atctgaataa catgtttgca    110460
     catggaagtg gtttcatgga cttttaaagc caccgaacaa aagcaaacca taaaccaaaa    110520
     tgtgtaaaaa ccgtatactg gaaaaagact ttccaacctt cagttcaaaa tggaccaaag    110580
     acctcaactt agaaccagaa acactaaaac tgccaaaaga aagcgctttg ggatataggc    110640
     gtagataggc aagagtcttc tttttctcac ctgcttttat tagcatatgt taattttata    110700
     gaatagtttg tgtgactatg atagttccat atatgtatat aatgtattta aatcatcttc    110760
     cctccttgtt actctctctt gttacctttc tgctcttact tattcccctc ctcttcccag    110820
     ctggcccctc tttcacatct atctgtctgt ctgtctgtct atctatctat ctatctatct    110880
     atctatctat ctatcactga atacatttca ttagggttgc tcactggagc ctaggcacct    110940
     gtatcagcgg ctacaccact gaagaaaatg tcttctctcc cctaacaacc attaacagtg    111000
     tataaatatt ctgggaaggt tggggccatg taagtccccc ccgccctgtt catgacagga    111060
     tattgacaga caagtctgta gatataggaa tcacagctgc tgtgagtcca agatctcaag    111120
     aggtatgcct tcccagaaat cagtgtccta tctacaaagt tccctgcctt cctttggctc    111180
     ttctattctt tctgttctgt gatgttccag gagccttggg gtaggtggca tataaatgtc    111240
     ccctttatgg cttggctgtg cattcaacag tcacacactc tctgtattca gatagttatt    111300
     gagcctttgt ggccatagct gactactgca aatggaggct tctctagcca aagctgtcag    111360
     tagcaataat ccacaggcat aaagggggtc aatatctgtg ataaaccagg actacaaaca    111420
     gtaagtgcca aattaaaacc aaactgccag tcagtaaatg ggcctgtgaa ccgaagagtt    111480
     ctcagaagaa atagaaatgg cccataaatg catattttaa gatgcactgc aatagtttat    111540
     ttttgagttt catgttactt accattatgt agtcacattc actctctact ccctcccata    111600
     cccctccatt cctaacaact tctttcctct ttccttcttt ccttcattcc atctttcctt    111660
     tctttcactt cttccctccc tcccttttct ccctcctttc tgccttcttt ctttcctagg    111720
     ttgtgcaagt gatcatagct gctgtgttta tgacagtaat ggccatgcta tacccagaaa    111780
     acagcactta aggcactctt cctcatcctc cagctcccat gtttttctgt gacctactct    111840
     ggatattcct ggggtttcag agtgggtggc atagatgtcc tgtttaggga caagcagtct    111900
     atagtcacct attaccagaa ctttgctcag ttgtgaatcc ctactttgac gattgcccac    111960
     taccaaaaac agactttcca accaagcctg agagcagcac tagtctatgg gtttaaacac    112020
     aaatagttag aaggtagttt actacatttc gatttagaaa agcacaagca gtatgtttct    112080
     ccatgcagcc tgtgacctcc ctatgactag ctgtagcctt ctgatcaggt ctacagtatc    112140
     agccatgttt tcttcctgtg cagcaagctt aaaacgtaac caagaagctg ttggttattt    112200
     ctggatcatt catgccatgg ctatattggc tggcatgtct tgccaggaag ttcagtattg    112260
     tagcacacag gggccacatc tgggtgggat tgttgatgat ttttctctcc taactgccta    112320
     catagcacta cctctcagtc cctgtgatga tttgtatatg ctcggtccag ggagtggtac    112380
     tattagaagg tgtagccttg tgggagtagg tgtatcacag tgggtgtggg ctttaagacc    112440
     ctcattttag ctgcctagaa gcccatattc ttcagatgaa gaggtagaac tctcaggtcc    112500
     tcctgcacca cgcctgcctg ccatgctctt gccttgatga taatggactg aacctctgaa    112560
     cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtt tttataagag ttgccttggt tatagtgtct    112620
     gttcatagaa gtaaaaccct aactaagaca gtcctcaacc ctgtttagac atccccaact    112680
     ctaaagtcat agtaatgtat acttttaatc ccagcacttg agaggcagag acagacagat    112740
     ctcgatgagt caaccatagt tagacaataa gatcttatct caaaagcatc atcatcatca    112800
     ccaccactac caacatcatc aacaagaaca acatcttagt tactctagca ttcctttcta    112860
     cactcatact aaatgtgttt attataccct cttcagaccc ttttcactcc tctacctctt    112920
     tttgcttcat ggttccaatg gactcccttc ttaaacacag aaatctaaac atttgtgtgc    112980
     ataggaaaga acagaaagtg tttgccttca tgatgccttc agggtacctt actcagtata    113040
     atgttttcta attccaccca tttccatgaa aacgtcaaca tttcctttca gctcagagct    113100
     gagtagaatt caactgtata cgtatgccct atcttcatga tccactcagt agctgatggc    113160
     cacctgaaat gtttccattt cctagtggaa acgcagcagc cataaacatg gatgttcagg    113220
     tctctggcga tggacttaca gaccagtgtg agccacccag tgtgggtgca gggaactgaa    113280
     cttgggccct ctggaagagc agtgagtgcc cataaccacc aagatgtccc ttaagcccca    113340
     cctctatatt tagtgtatgt agtaaattac aatgtagtaa attgataaaa tcaacaggtc    113400
     caggatttta ggccttgaga tgcttgatcc actttggagt tgattttttt gtgtagaatg    113460
     tcaggtaaag ggccctgttt tcatctttct acaggtaggc atcaggttct tccagcacca    113520
     tttgttgatg atgtttacct caactgtcta cttttgacaa ccttgtaaaa tcaggtcact    113580
     ctaattactt ggttttatgt ctggatttcc tgttctatcc cattgatcta ccgctctgtt    113640
     ttgtgacagt accacactgt ttttgttact atgtttctgt agtataaagt gaaattgggc    113700
     acagtaattt ctccagcatt gttctttttg actatttagg tcttctgtgt ttccatgtga    113760
     attttaagac ttgtttttct atttctgtaa gcagtagcac aaagactttg cattcaaaat    113820
     ctttttagga ttacactaaa tttgcagatt gatgttggtc agatgttcat ttagaaaata    113880
     ttaattcttc taatccatga gcatggcagt gtctttccat tttctaccgt ctttcttggt    113940
     ttctttcttc ggtcttttaa ggttttcatt gtggagctct tttgtgtcct ggcttaggtt    114000
     tactccaata ttctttttta gactattgtg tagaggttgt ttctctgatt tttttctccg    114060
     tatatttgtc attggtacac agaaaggcta ctgatttttg tattaatttt gtacccttcc    114120
     actttgttga aagtgtccat cagttatggg acttttttgg tattgtctac aggatctctt    114180
     tttagaacca tatctgcaaa tagagatact ttgacttctt cctttcctat ttccttttat    114240
     ttcctcatct ttttaaaaat tactttaggt aagatcttta gcatgtgaac atgagtaaag    114300
     acattggaca ctctagtttt gatcctgatt ttactgaaat attttaatat ttgtctattt    114360
     attttgttat tgacaatagg tttgttatat aaaaccatta ttattctcaa aataacaact    114420
     cagatatgtt ccctatatcc ctattctccc cagagctttt atcatgaagc aatgtggtat    114480
     tttgccaatg gtccagtcct acatttctag agatgatcac atgatgtttt tctttgagtc    114540
     catttatatg atatatttac ttctttgcta atgttgaatt atccttaaat ccctggactc    114600
     aagcaaactt gatcatggta ataaatgacc tttttaatgt gtttctatat tcagcttcca    114660
     agtatttagt tgagaatgtt tatgtatatg ttccagaaat attcatcaag ttttcttttc    114720
     tgtcgtacct ttatctagtt ttggttgtgg agtaatattg gcttttttta aaaaaaaagt    114780
     ttgttttttc tactcggtgg actaacttga gaaacgttgg cttagtcctt tgaagattga    114840
     aaaatattca ctggtgagta caactggact ttgaagtcat ttttcaaaat cactgttttt    114900
     ctttccttgt tacaggtcta tttaaaatat tgatctcatc ttggtttaac tttggtagat    114960
     cagagaaatc aagaaagtca tccacttctt tgaggtttta tgagtcagtg aaacacgggt    115020
     tttaaaaagt atattcttag cattttctga atttcattgt aacctgttgc aatgtctccc    115080
     ctttcttttt tcttttgttt tttagatttg tttattttat ttatgtgagt atactgtagc    115140
     tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggtatca ggtcttacta cagatggtcg taagccacca    115200
     tgtagttact gggaattgaa ctcaggactt ttggaaaggc agtcagtgct cttaacctct    115260
     gagtcatctc tccagcccct ttttgttgta gatagccctg aggctaatta tatttgatgt    115320
     catttccttc tcctttgaga ggttgtgaat aaggaatgag tcagcattca ggtgatttct    115380
     tgtaaacttt ctttgctcct taatttgtaa aataaaggag aactgatgat taggcagata    115440
     aaggggaagg tggaggagca gaaagaaaaa aaagaaggtg gtttgtgaga gacacaatgc    115500
     agaggaggag gaggaagaag aaaagcagaa cagaagcaca aggcctggag aaaccacaag    115560
     ttctaagggg tctcttagat ggggaagaag gtagtgtagt ggtagatctg cccaatctag    115620
     gcgcccagca tgtattccta ttaattgtgt tgttttcatt gcccggggca taattggttt    115680
     ggagagcttt accgcaacaa aatggtgccc aacatattta tttgaactca actaacctga    115740
     gataaaagtt cactgacctc caatccctga atagggcttg ggcagcaata taggctgcag    115800
     cagtgtagat tagaaactga ctgagtctga gtggtctaca gagaacgaca gagaggctca    115860
     ctcccccaac tcctagacag agagctatag ccaggggtag gtagctcctt agcctggagc    115920
     tgtagggaat acaactgcct gtgaggtagg ttttgggcag acacagtgaa ctaatagggg    115980
     catctatgcc cgagagagct tttctttgtt tgcttccccg tatcctttgc cccccacttt    116040
     gcctccccat ccttgtgtct aggacagcca gactggatct cctgactgct tgtttacgct    116100
     gtggattgcc tgaaatcggc acacactgcc agctgcaaca caaaccaggg atacagacga    116160
     ccataaggag ttgggtggga cactatccca aataaagcaa agcactagat ggtttaaatg    116220
     tataggacca gaaggtcagg taggaaaatt gaggccatac atggctgata tagccattaa    116280
     cttatgggga agagatctat tccagcagtg gaagacccaa attaatattg ccgcagtctc    116340
     agtgtctagt tatgaaactt gccaggctcc taataaaaaa tttaaaatag ttaggggaca    116400
     ttatcaaaga cagttacaga ctgtccaagc tgtccataaa caagatacag cagaagctga    116460
     caatttatct ctatactaag aagccactgc tgccagacac caacagcctt accactaagg    116520
     tggttgactg accaacccat ttggattgat caatggtcta tgacaaaaga aaaactacag    116580
     gcattagaac agctagtcca ggagcagctg gaggctcggc acatagagga gtctaccagc    116640
     ccttggaatt tgtcattaaa aaaaaaatct ggcaactgga ggatcttgac agatctcaga    116700
     gcaattaata agattattca gccaatggga tccttgcagc ctgggatccc attgccctcc    116760
     ttgttgccta aagaatggcc tatcatagtg attgatctga aagactgttt ttcaccattc    116820
     ctttacatga atgtgataag gaaagatttg ctttctcagt acctaccttc aatagaggtt    116880
     gtccaataaa aaagatatca ttggaaagtc ctgccacaag gaatgttaaa tagccctacc    116940
     ttgtgtcaat attttgtaca acagccattg gagataattc gcaaacaatt ttcccaatcc    117000
     attatttatc attatatgga tgacatctta ttggctgatc cacatatgtt tgatgaagta    117060
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaat accccttgcc ttcctgagga ttgcaagttg cccctaaaaa    117120
     aatacaaaga ggggattcta ttaattatct agggtataaa ataactcttc aaaggattag    117180
     gccacaaaag gtgtgtctta gtcagggttt ctattcctgg acaaaacatc atgaccaaga    117240
     agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacatatc catactgcta ttgatcacca    117300
     aaggattcag gactggaact caagcaggtc agaaagcagg agctgatgca gaagccatgg    117360
     aaggatgttc tttactggct tgcttcctct ggcttgctca gcctgctctc ttatagaacc    117420
     aagactatca gcccagagat ggtcccaccc acaaggggtc tttccccttg atcactaatt    117480
     gagaaaatgc cttacagctg gatctcatgg aggaatctcc acaactgaag ctcctttctc    117540
     tgtgataact ccagcctgtg tcaagttgac aaccaaaacc agccagtaca aggtgcaatc    117600
     aaaagaaacc aattaaggac ccttaatgat tttcagaagc tactgggaga tatcaaatgg    117660
     ttgcagcctg caattggctt ggccactcaa gagctaagca atttatttca aaccttacaa    117720
     ggtgataaag gtttaaatag cccaaggaag ctatcaactg aggctgagga ggagttagct    117780
     ttggtagaaa agaaattgaa gcatatacat ctagattgta ttgacccaaa aagatagtcc    117840
     gtgtcttagt tatattacct tctactcatt cccctacagg aattcttatg cagagggaag    117900
     attatgtatt agaatggata tttttagcac ataaacagat taagaaatta aaaaccgagc    117960
     cgggcgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaattcca gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc    118020
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatagagaa    118080
     accctgtctt gaaacacccc ccccccaaaa aagggaaaaa aaattaaaaa cctacattga    118140
     gaaggtctct gaattgatac taaaaggaaa aatgagactt tgacaattag tcggaatgga    118200
     tttggctgaa attgtggtac cttttactaa agcagaaatt ccctcattat gggaacaagg    118260
     atattctaac atcagagtgg aaaatgggaa atgtgttacg ctggggagag attatgtcta    118320
     tgttttcata ggaaaagaaa agctatgggt tccttctaaa ttaataaaaa tcagacacaa    118380
     cagagggaga cctcctgaag accttggtga ctgagaaaaa aaaaagggac taatcaacag    118440
     aataggacag atatttggtt ttcaaaaatg tcagaactct ataggtagag agcgtaacaa    118500
     ttaaaaactc tgcttcctat aggcagatat tagtggaagt ttgaattaat tgctttaatg    118560
     atggtataaa gatatattgc tctaacaagt cttacaggat actcatattc tgtctaacat    118620
     ggggtccacg ggaattttgg gttaatatcc tgacatgaca aattagaaaa gcttaaatag    118680
     gctaaagtgt gtgtgatttt gagtattgtg gttgttttat tgttcctctg agacagaggg    118740
     caagctacag gttttcgtgg ttaccagttg aagaatatgc ggatttaagg aaaaggtttg    118800
     tctttgtgtt tttggaaaag gtgattaagg tatttacact tccagagtta tatgggtcag    118860
     atttgataga aggagactcc ctgaagaaca agattccaga gaataaaaca aaaaggttat    118920
     cttgatgata ttaaaatttt gttttacgat ttatatatta cagaatatac agccttggtg    118980
     aatttcattg tcagacatgc tgaactgaca tgcctgaatt cctgatgtct tgggttttct    119040
     tccggatcca gtcaggacac agacatcaga gacaatcatt ggtgtggcct tcttaaggcc    119100
     aacaaattcc cccattttcc ctacctttcc ccctctcttc aaaaatatct caatgcccat    119160
     attcagcttg aagaaattgt gatgtcttcg tcccagtttc ctaggctttg gggctgggga    119220
     tggttattat aggttgtctt taatactaaa aattttgaag taaaaggctt agacccagtt    119280
     cttctgttgc tgttattaga aacagatctg agatgtttaa gcctgtgaat taaaggccaa    119340
     agaggagatt catggctgta cttgaaaatg ttcattgcaa tgactagttg gacccagaca    119400
     tggtcctcag aagtagcctg ggctagcatg acacaatggc ctcaagtggc agcacaggcc    119460
     actcagatca gtttacctcc acctgcataa gtatggcacc tgacattaac atagtttcag    119520
     gcaatagccc agaccactga catccggatg acctttgatg gcatcatggg ctgtagacat    119580
     cggcacagac cctggctgca gcaagaccat gaatccagat atggcccttg gtggcagctt    119640
     gggtggacct catcatgacc ccaggttgtt gcacaggctc ctcatatcag cctgttccta    119700
     attgcccttg tgtcttcatt tccatccctt tccaccatgt actccctttt cccatggctc    119760
     catcacatat ttgctcattg aagtggcgcc cacgacggga ctgcagagca ggtgcttggg    119820
     tgtctctctc tttctagtta gaatatgttt tagatgactg ttaggactat ctgatctttg    119880
     atgttattta actccaatac ttctcatcta cttttttctt tgtccattgg tgagaatggt    119940
     gtattggaag taatctactc ttaatacatt gggattaagc ttgccttatg tctttttgtt    120000
     ttatgaaatt gggtgaacct tagtttggtg tacatgtgtt tagaactgtt gtgtgttatt    120060
     gattggttgc ttccttgata tatatgaggt tatcttcttt atgtcttctg gttagtgttg    120120
     gtttgaagaa tattttgtca gatactagat tggcgatgtt tgtgtgtctt ctggctctat    120180
     tttcttggaa tacctttttc tgtctttgaa ggtgaaatat tccctgtaga tgggatcctg    120240
     ttttctaatc taatctgctg tcctgtgtct tttgattggg gaactgggac cactgatact    120300
     gtagtttatt actgaaaggt gtatattaat tcctgtcatt ttgttggttt tgtagttttg    120360
     tttttgtttt tttccttagt tccccctttg cttaacagct gtcccaatgc tgttttattc    120420
     cctgtagcct cttggatatg tttatattct tgtgtttagt tcgaattgtt tctgctagta    120480
     gtctctgtat agctggttta ggcatcataa attcttttat cctgctttta tcatgaaaaa    120540
     atgttttcct tttgtaatca aaagctttgc aaggtataat agtctagttg gcatctcaat    120600
     tctagcagaa cttgacaaac attgctcaaa gcctttttaa agttttcaag ttagaagcca    120660
     tactatatca ggactcataa agagctcacc cccaggtctt ttaaagtttc aattggaaat    120720
     tcaactgttg ttttgatgga tctatcttta tatatgactt gtttcttctt acttgcccct    120780
     tccaaacact ttctttgttc tgtatcttta atgttttaac tataatatta tgtgaaaagt    120840
     ttcttttatg acctgtctac ttgatattct gtatgcctct aatacctaga ctggcatctc    120900
     ttatcctaga tttggaattt ctctctctct ctcttttttt ttttttactt tattgaaaat    120960
     attttatatg ttttaaatat ggaattctcc tctgtgtcta cttaatttga agattttgtc    121020
     tcttcatagt ttctgaaaga tctcatagtt cagttcatgg ctttaaaaac ttattttctt    121080
     tgatacaatt cctttacctt gtcttgaagc tccaacattc tgtcttcctc atgatccatt    121140
     ctattggtga ggttttccat tgagtttttt tttcattatt atttgattta ctgagtcttt    121200
     gatgtacagc cttgtttcag tttggatttt cttcactgtt ttctctttat tgaatggtca    121260
     ttcttattgc attcagctat ttgattatgt tctcttcaat gtggaattta ttcctgttct    121320
     ctttaacgtc attcagaaat ttatctgtat cctctttgaa gtctttgaac atatttatga    121380
     tgttccattt gaattttttg attgcaggtt catctaagtt tcccagtgag ggaccattat    121440
     catggtattg gtggttttgg gaggactcct attgttctag ttttcatgtt gtttttgttg    121500
     agacttacac atctggagct agtacattgt ttatggattt tggtatgact ttataaccct    121560
     cttgtgttga gtgggtattt tgatctttgc tagctgtcac tctgggttgg ctggtttggg    121620
     atcatctaga cactatttga agtttagtct tggggagttt atatgtgcat gtgcgtgtgc    121680
     gtgtgcctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt ctgtctgtct    121740
     gtctgtctgt gtgatgagca gctgacacct ctcttgaaaa attttagcat tcaatactgt    121800
     gatggtttgt atatgcttgg cccagggaga gacactattt ggaggtgtag tcttgttgga    121860
     ataggtatgg ccttgttgga gtagatgtgt cactgtggga gtgggtttta acaccctagt    121920
     cctagctacc tggaagtcag tattctgcta gcagccttca gatgaagatg tcgaactctt    121980
     agctcctctt gcaaccatgc ctgcctggat gctgccatgt tcctaccttg atgataatgg    122040
     actgaacctc ttaacctgta agcagcccca gttaaatgtt gttcttataa gacttgcttt    122100
     ggtcatggtg tctgtttaca gaagaaaaac actaactaag acaaatacaa tattgtaaat    122160
     tgcagtcatc ttgcagttat tagatgtaga gttacatgtc ttatccaact acagttttag    122220
     gccctttgac atattggccc ttatttcttt cctcattgtc cctggtaatt cacactctac    122280
     ctatttctat atatgtatat gttccattcc tggaccttat taatattatg agtacctcaa    122340
     cttttatgaa gctcagtatt cttatctata aaatggacta agaggtccaa tgggaaggtt    122400
     ataggagtta atatattcac ctgacagtga gtgtggtgac tgtagtactg agtcattaca    122460
     aaacagaaat cctcctccac cttttccaag gtacacttct aggaagactt gccagatgct    122520
     taatgaagca gccagcttgt gatttttgca agagttgtta tggcaactct atttttgaaa    122580
     tcactgactt ggcaatgaac atgacattgg aactatgtga caataataag aggtatggat    122640
     aacgcataca cacaaagaaa gccagaagta cagaagcacc cactaagggc agacatttga    122700
     gtgaactttt ctggagagat gtgaagccca gataagtcac caatgacaga tccaagacta    122760
     gtatagtaaa ccagtaaatt tatatggtgt acttattgaa tcatggatga ctctatggaa    122820
     attttgtcaa gagaaagtcc aacccggaat gggtaataac tcatgaaaga tgtaacctca    122880
     agctctctgt acaaacttgt aggcagcctg gttgagtgga gaatcctatc tgcttggcag    122940
     ttgttattgc acatataacc ttgtagtagg cttatgagtc ttataagtcc aaggagcctc    123000
     ccgagaatta taagcttcat ttattttctg agtctcatgg acctccctcc tgtctcttgc    123060
     aggaaatagt tcagtttgag gaaattcagc acaggattat tatatatgac agtgtgggaa    123120
     tgagagcagt ctcatgctag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    123180
     agagaagagc tgttatcctg gaatgacact gctgtaggtt gtggctgttg cagccttccg    123240
     atcctattgt catccttcgg aatgaaagga gggacttctt atctctactt tgattggacc    123300
     agaagttgtt ttactctttg agtattcttc acttttgttt cttcccgcct acctatgttc    123360
     ttcactgaga gctcctgggg tagacttggc cccaaccact tcccataagt ctccagtgac    123420
     tctaacattg gatctcaatt ctttgctcac cagtcctaga catgtgaaga agttagagtc    123480
     acagtctcac ttcactcaca cctgagtaga cggaatagca atttatattc tggacaccct    123540
     tatgctgact gaaccttggg aaggatgtat gagaaacagt ttgacaggaa tccagaagag    123600
     ccctcttcct tccaaaggat ggcaatcggg tcattaatag ctaatgtgaa tgtctgggct    123660
     taataagact gtcaccattg ctaaacaaat gaaggttctg cctcagggta tccactgtta    123720
     ctcttgctac ttcttgctta gaaacattct gtgctttgat ctgtacctca gaacttgact    123780
     ttaaatatgg acagcacttt ttagatcctc ttgccttcta gatttaggtt tgatttgacc    123840
     aatgaaagga gttactgaga ctcgagggca gatggaaggg tggaataccc tccactgcat    123900
     gctagataga actcctttct tccatagtga cccttccaag ctgactcccg tgctcttttc    123960
     cttcacttgt ctttgctcct aggggaagaa gtttctggtc tctgggagcc acacccatcc    124020
     tcgttgctct cctgattccc accccattga tacagatgct actttcagcc gggagtggtg    124080
     gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttctagg    124140
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagagc tatacagaaa aaccctgtct    124200
     tgaaaaacaa aacaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaatg ctactttcat ctaagttttc    124260
     tcatttgagt tgaagtaact tgttatcaag acactgcttg gtgcaggcag aaagagggat    124320
     ggcagcaagg atcctgagtt aggtgggctt ggtattttga gacagcaagg atgtaggttg    124380
     aagaaaggaa aggaaatagg aacaagctgg aaaatacagg agcagagtgg gaaattaggc    124440
     tccaaagtga aactctgtct cagtggtcta cctggtgctc cttgcccctg gtatgaccca    124500
     tgctgaaagc tgcagacatc tttctgtgag gacaggggtg gtgtctgtga gcagtgagga    124560
     tctttgggag gtgacttaaa ttctgcttct gtgtgggttc attgattgat agattgtctt    124620
     aagacaagta cattaggaag tccagatcag ctttgtctca tgtatgcacc atgttctgtc    124680
     acatgctgtc ttagaactct gcagatagtc cttaccaaaa cctctacaag aggcccacat    124740
     caactatacc cacccccaac cttggacatc ccaacctcta gaactcttat aaataaactt    124800
     cttttcttca taacttactc agtttcaaga actcagtcat agccacagaa aatggactaa    124860
     gagaatattt ctctagtttt gggaagaatt tctgatgggc cagcttcatg gccatttgac    124920
     ctaatagttt cttgtgactc ttcctgccct tggggatcat tggccgatat tagtctatga    124980
     gggcaaaggg agcagagatg acagatgggg ttttggaaac tctgagtata taaggtgaat    125040
     gatgacatca agatcagttt cagggaggta gatcaacttt atttggggtg actcaaggct    125100
     tatatcattt tgggggctgg ggttaggaac atccaggatg ggccaaggtc atttgctgaa    125160
     ggtgtaaagt acagaaatgc ttcattagtg tggggcagca tttcgggaat cttgggtgtt    125220
     agctgaatgg gttcttattg ggagaaagat tctgtattgt ttatcaagac cttctgcaag    125280
     tagaggcatg gggagagggt ggaacttccc agacaaggtc aaagaagggg aagccctgcc    125340
     ggtgcaggga ggcagtcctc catattgcac tgagcctcag aaggctatct ggacaatggt    125400
     agactttgac cttaattagc agggcaacag tttcttttaa agtactttat gtctgtgaat    125460
     gagtcaggaa ccagggtatc agggctccta gctcacttct gtgttctttt tgtcactgtt    125520
     gacctagagg tacctatatc taaactttat tccccgggca ttattgccca tcttcagtgt    125580
     ttgaaactga gctggagtga ggcaggtcca actttcctta cctgttatac ctttcccctt    125640
     tcattgaccc tacaggagta tatagaaagg tccacagttt tcattaagtt tccagcagtt    125700
     aagagatggc cttttgccca ttctcaattc cacggggcag tccagaacaa actctttctt    125760
     caaggtctgc atatcagtgt atttgcaggc aaacctcttt cttcctcctc tgtatttctc    125820
     aggaagtggt gctgaattgg gtggaaggcc atgtgagtgc gatatccctc tattcaagga    125880
     cagtggtaat tgtcagagac agctgagaca agcagaggca ggttttcttt tataatttgc    125940
     accatgatct ttgagagcac atttcctagg tggagctaaa catcgtttat atggaaggga    126000
     ctctttcttt catttccgac ttctatattt tgtgttcctg ggtctgttgg aagaaatagc    126060
     gttgcagcca agtgtggtgc atgctttgat ctcagcactc aggagacaga ggtaggtgga    126120
     tctctgtgag ttagaaacca acctggtcta cctagggaga tcaaggacag tcaaagccac    126180
     atggaaatat ccagtgtcaa aaacaaacag aacaaaaacc aaaaataata aaaagaacag    126240
     aaaagaaata acattgccta tttttttttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct    126300
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tatagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc    126360
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgtgccacca cctcccagct ataacattgc    126420
     ctattaacaa cagtccctca ccatggcttt gcaaagatta ccctctttct tctgaaatgc    126480
     aacataaaca ctcagttaaa gtctttgaca gtgccatcct cctttccact gtgggatgaa    126540
     gagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtcttc ttccctgtct gtaacagcac    126600
     tacagaactg ccagccatta gctctaagat ttttaataag gagaaagctt ttttcttagg    126660
     acatgtgatc tgcagaaggt gtgggctgtg gcttgggtaa gtgcgtacag tttcattata    126720
     gggctccctc gtcaagggtt ttaatttgca tcaaagtggc agactaggaa ggaggtggtg    126780
     gcagggatgc ttcaagaaaa atgtcagttt ggttaattaa aatcttagac cttcaggctt    126840
     catttagcta gagttctaag ttatgtgttg tgacaaacaa ggcttgaact caagaaacag    126900
     gacttaatcc ttacatttca caagaatgcc caataaagtg attaaacatg aattagaaaa    126960
     tattgtatgt atgaaagaag tagcaaatat tgatcagttg ctcacaagga aagcttggga    127020
     tcacacacct gaggctactg gccacatttt gtatacaatc ttttaaatgc atgcttctat    127080
     ttaaatataa ctttatttaa catgtacttg cctgcttgac attgacttca tgccaatgcc    127140
     actaaaataa agcttctcta acatttattt tctatttaag atatatcaca gctgttttgt    127200
     tcttgggaac acgagagatc acttaaggtc acttggggcc ctataaaaaa cgagacaaac    127260
     gagaaaaggc ctccaaacac aacacaggac ctaaatgtac tttgaaggca tatgtgacag    127320
     gatgctaaag cccatgttgt ctgccatcac agaaaccagt ggtcagagac gggagcaaaa    127380
     tctatagcct gttgtaccca tagagccagc ctgagaagcc agagagagat ctgtctgctt    127440
     tgttcaaccg cagttaaaag tcactgtttt gtgtgcctgt acaaatgcca ataaaagcat    127500
     caggaacact aacttgggga ttacaaatat attttagttt gtgaacaaat ctacaaacat    127560
     gcaatcctac aacaatgaga ctgtgcatat gcatatatat cataacaact catgaggata    127620
     cacatacgta atattttcaa ctgtatgtag aaaagggagt agatgttaaa attaaaattg    127680
     attaagatgc actatggatg gaaaactttt tagagaaatg ctcatttata agaactggat    127740
     gttatgtttt gaacatcttc tggatagagt tggataccat gaacctccaa cagccgtcta    127800
     caaggaatcc ctgtgtacaa cccacacttt gtctcttgat cttaccttat accacaaggt    127860
     atccagaatg gggatctaac ttctttttaa tgaacaagca aagcaaccta gagacttaag    127920
     attctacata ctctggaacc tgataccaca gtgtgccagg tcctttggac tcaagtatgg    127980
     gcagtcactg aaagctgctc attgtcctag agagaaaatc ttagggcaag gctttagctc    128040
     tagaaagaat caactgtgta ctgttatagg tgatttcctt tctcggaatt cagatccacc    128100
     aaagaaagga gctgaatgtt ctcaaggcat ttcttggtat ggtgttctag tgatgtgtgt    128160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttctt gtggccaagg gagtatatgg ttggatgcaa    128220
     agatgggttt tggagccacc atttttaagt agaaacagaa cttgtgttaa gatttctaat    128280
     tacctcccaa atgtcacatt gttccttgtg aagtctggag ttgtttgtca tgcctgaggg    128340
     cctgaagcat tttttttttt ttgatttctc caaatttaga agtaacttat tttaaatgtt    128400
     ggatgcataa caaaaatctg taacagcttc attgtcgaac catcttttct cataatgtgg    128460
     ccaagaaaat agatctggct ttgctaagtg atattaactt tctccatgaa ataggaggca    128520
     taagtgtgta cgtatcttga cgtgttaaga gtgtcttaat cttaccctta attagtcttg    128580
     ggaagactga aaaatgtaat taacttatta ccttagttct agccagacgc acaaatattc    128640
     gctaagtgaa aagaagcctg cattttaaaa atcgtttata aacaagggag cacataggat    128700
     aatggtttgc tgctaattca tatttaagaa cacactcccg agagagcaca gactgaggcc    128760
     agctgctagc ctgagatggc cctgctctaa gaacaccatt ggacattccc tcatttcagg    128820
     cttgagctgc ttagacagct acacagctcc atttacatca aacatataaa cataagatac    128880
     aacacgagta gggaaccttt tgggaactac gattacaatt ctgtatgtta attattccat    128940
     atgataacag catacgcttt ttacagtggg gtatcacaaa cacattgaaa tttacaggaa    129000
     tggtttctgg ttaaatctaa atgaaaggag gatgatatgt ttaaatacaa gaaggaggca    129060
     aattctgttg acatgtgaag ggtacagtgt ctactggaga ggttatttgt gtcctggaca    129120
     gaataatggt tctcctgtgt ttaagaaggt cttccttagt aactgagttt aagggaggga    129180
     tacatatggg gctgtgaagg aggaagaaaa tacctatcta gctaacctga tcaaccctag    129240
     tattcagtag atgacataat aatacaagtg aattcagtcc tggggtccac cagtgctttg    129300
     ttgggaagac tgtctaagac cacagggatg ctgagggtat gggcattgac tctatcttct    129360
     tgattgcact ctgtgacagg gagaccttta tgcctcacta tagatacgct acttcaaaga    129420
     tgagtttagt ggtctctgat tcaaagaaga gggatgaaaa gtgtggagct gtttctccat    129480
     tccaaactcc ctctaatgag cttttcacga cctcattctt cacaaaggaa gaggtgaaaa    129540
     tcacatccac accatgactt cgccgggctg atgttcctaa tgatccgttt tcattatttc    129600
     catttcatta cagtggagac acacagagat gagtcctggg gttaggactt ttacccggat    129660
     ctttggatct caagtagagt tccttttgta agtcggagta tgttctagaa aattgtccaa    129720
     atcatagcaa atggacagat tatactcatt gccactggaa acctcggctc tttctgtgtc    129780
     ctcttcctcc aagaccccag agccctgaaa tgcttggcat taaagttatc cagaactgga    129840
     tacatttctt gtgtcaggag cctcccatct ttgccctatg ggcttgatga gatttgatac    129900
     atctgtggta aagcctgtcc ccttattttt cctcatttga aattacatca ttgcagataa    129960
     gtacagaata tctaaggaga taactggtgt ggagtgggga aagtcagtat actatatgga    130020
     ccctcttcct atgaggcctt ggtctcccta ttgatggagt tatccttaca tttctagtat    130080
     gtctaggtgc tttattctat tgcctttgac agttctgtgc agaaaagata cagaatgaaa    130140
     gaatatgtag catgactctg gctagtcatt tgtgacttct ttctagtgac ctggatggat    130200
     ggatggatgg atggatagat agatagatag atagagctga ataactccaa atagcttcta    130260
     tcattttttg ggggggtaac ttgtttttgc acatagcagg taattctcac atgtcagctc    130320
     ttgtccttga ataattggtt ggtgtggttt gcagacagaa gcattcagtc cacatcactt    130380
     gttactattt gtgtctgcct tctaagatgt tatgcagaca tcagttgtgc tgtatgttat    130440
     tacatagaag cgtcctgata cattagagca ggagaacgtg aatacagccg tatctttcca    130500
     tgtagcttgt gagtggttga tggtgtgtga tttactgagt accgaatgtt aaatttttcc    130560
     ttgggcaaca cctgaaggct actttagtct gatacaatcc acctcttcag tggcaggcac    130620
     cccgctggtt ttgaggtcga ggtcagcgct ggacttactc ccgtagtgag agggccgcca    130680
     gtggagccgc agcatcttct tgaagtattt catggtgttg ttcttgaccg tcacgaagca    130740
     tatagtattg atcatgctgt tgctcatggc aatgcactcc acgacgtaga aggcggtgag    130800
     gtagtgcttc tccttcacaa ctaccgtggg gaagaagtct cgcactatgg taaagccata    130860
     gaacggcgcc cagcacagca cgtaggctgt gaggatgccc atgagcagta gcactgtctt    130920
     gcggcggcaa cgcagccgct tgcggatttg ctccgtctgg aagccaggta cagccttgaa    130980
     ccagagctct tgggagatcc tggcatagca cagggtcata gtgaccacgg gacccacgaa    131040
     ctcaagcccg aagacgaaga ggaagtagga tttgtagtag agctgctggt ccaccgacca    131100
     gatctgacca cagaagattt tttcttgatt cttgacgata acgaggatgg tttctgtggt    131160
     gaagtaggca gatgggacag cgatgaggat ggagaccatc cagaccaaag cgatcaggaa    131220
     ggaagcggtc tgataattca tccgtggttt caaagggtgg acaatagcga ggtatctgaa    131280
     gggagaggga agccagcagt gatggttata tttcgaagca cgattgcttt ttaaccagcc    131340
     cggagagctg gaaccgcaca gtgaatcccc agctgcctcc gacccaggtt taagcagcat    131400
     tagctcacta acagccccac ttggctttta gagcactgat ttaatggaaa cagcttctgg    131460
     gttaaagcaa tggctgttct cccttgcctg acatagggac cagggaatta cctttctctc    131520
     tgagatttat ttctctgaat acaacccaag acatttgtta tactacagcc agtataagcc    131580
     tatccctgtc tagcttacaa atgaatgaga ctcagactat ggttatttta tttggctttg    131640
     acaatgctgg gggtgggctg gggtgatggt aacccctaat ctacttttct aactgctgac    131700
     ccagctgcaa ccccagcagt gtatgtgtac cccaaatact tgctgtttct cctggtcacg    131760
     tggtccatct cctctcatgg tggcttcccc ctcctgcatc cttctctctc tctcctcctg    131820
     cccccgctaa ccaggtaact caacctgcct atctctaacc ccttcagtaa ttgtctgtag    131880
     ccatttttat ttagccagta gttttcaatt aaggaacagg tttgcacaat aaaagcgggt    131940
     aaatataaga actcactcgt aggcccagac cttcaggtac agattttagc attagatttc    132000
     atagctatag accaaacctc aacagtctgt gaccattcaa catagtaagg atatacttgt    132060
     gtgagtattt ttcagtagat acacacactc atctgttcag gatactgtta tacttttaag    132120
     ttttcaatct tgccaccctg cccacaaaca tggtactcct aaagttctta ttccaaatct    132180
     ctcatgattt aaggtgaaag aaaagctgtg tagctcaaag ggaggtgtgg acactgctcg    132240
     agcttcctct tccgccccgc cccggctcct agatgtcagc ctgcattatg gaggcggtgg    132300
     gattaagtgg gatttaggac tctagtaaga aataagcaac atgcccaggt tcatggccag    132360
     cagataacag agtggagcct cctgatacaa agcgttcaca tccacctccc cgtgccattt    132420
     cacactgaag agaaagtgcg tgacgaaggc atctctttgg agtaccttaa agcgttactc    132480
     ctgttctttt taaggagtca tactactcga gacagatgaa gcctgaagcc ttcgtggaaa    132540
     atgagctcac ttgtgtgggt tgcttccaga gagatggaat gatagctatt tagatatttg    132600
     ggtcctggga taatttctgt gtattatgtc gggggtggga gaggcaagaa gggtggtggg    132660
     ggagggtgga ggaagagaag aggcgtgaga ggtagataag agacaaattg tcctggaaat    132720
     gagtgtgtgg gccaaaagca ggaagtatac tgaaaaatac tcaggcaagt acatccttgc    132780
     tatgtttaat gttcacaaac tgtttgagcc aagagcggga agcctccagt agaaaactgt    132840
     ctgacttctt ttctaaccaa actctttgat cacctttcca aaacaatggc gtgacttaga    132900
     atccctctgc catgctactg ttctctgtcc cttgcagtat ttctgttatc ttgtcccatc    132960
     tgtacctgct tgctggtgtc tctccagtgg attccatact tgaggcttca ggctatgggg    133020
     gagaaagctg gactcatccc agccatgggg gctccctgct gggcgttacc cagaagcctc    133080
     tggggctttc cacctctctg tgtgaccagg ctaggaggac gagcacagca gtgccggaga    133140
     ggtgaacaga tgggcagggc agcctcacca cttgactaag acatctcact gtcactgtct    133200
     ctctgtgata actggacaaa ttgtttcctg ttgcctttat aataaaaggg atacttgcaa    133260
     tgctaccact gtgccagtac agtgttgggg gtcagaagtc tgacatggtt tcactgggta    133320
     atcttgggtg ccagcaagtg gcacttttta ggggttccaa ggacaacctg atgggggggg    133380
     gcttttgttt gggttttgtt gttgtttgca tctctaattt tttgagaact gcctatattt    133440
     cttggttcat aacctctcct tctttcaaag ccagcaatgg ccagtggagt ctttctctca    133500
     caggcctatt atgacattct gcccaccttc aggtaagatc ctttgccact cattggttct    133560
     attttaaatg attggcaacc atagctcctt ggattacctt gctcctcctt aggatgcagc    133620
     gcagcacagt catgggcttc ggggatttgg gtgcaggtat ctttgatggg cattcattac    133680
     tctgtgtatt ctactaaatc caaagtcttt agagactata aaacaaattc aggacttaaa    133740
     actgctctca atctggtcct gtcatcacag tgtatcaata actcacagta tgtcaataac    133800
     tcagtttacc aaaaactaat acaatgtacc aataactagt actcacagta cactaataac    133860
     tcacagtgta tcaataactc acagtgtacc aataactaat actcacagta tatcaataac    133920
     tcacagtata acaataattc agagtatatc aacaactcag tgtactaatg actcatagta    133980
     tatcaataac tgaaatatcc caacaactca tggtatatca ataactcaca gtatatcaat    134040
     aactcacagt gtcccaataa ctcacagtat atcaataact tatagtatat caataactca    134100
     cagtatatca ataacttata gtatatcaat aactcacagt atatcaataa ctcacagtgt    134160
     atcaataact ctcagtgtat caataactca tagtatacca ataattaatg caaaaaactt    134220
     cacatttctg ctaattttgt tgtcattccc catccccacc ctcatcacct ttttcttggg    134280
     tggcctggaa cttaactgtt gtagattagg ctaaccttaa acacacacac acacacacac    134340
     acacacacac acacacacac acactgataa tctgcctggc tatccttaac tcttacagtc    134400
     aaacactttg tcatccaata catctttctt actcagagga cattccaaaa ttcattgtta    134460
     acatcaagta aatcagaaag acaagagtac tgacttggaa ggtgttgggc aggtctgttt    134520
     ccagactgca cacttggata aataacttag gctccagaga ctcagtctct gcatctgtga    134580
     agtggggata ataatgactt aattgacaat ctgtcaggat ttgtgtcagc ttccaagaag    134640
     gtaaacatcc ataatgtatg acggggctat agtactttgc gtatgctgat tgtttcccat    134700
     gagtcatttg ttggcaagag agacatctgc aagtctctgt ggccaactgt ctgcttgaga    134760
     gtgtatgcat gcttttgagg tcaatggacc tcagctctct gcaactagaa atagcacctc    134820
     ctctgcagga ggatagtctc tggctcagct tccacagaca gcatgtggtg gcccttctgg    134880
     agtttctgca tggcagagca ggcatgtttg aaaaaacagt ggatgggaat gcacagggag    134940
     actggggctt ctgtaggagc ccaggctatg catgggctgg tgcttaagcc ccactgggtg    135000
     gctgctccct tatactaaac accctccctt gaaatgatga gcactgagat attgcagtgt    135060
     tggaggtcag aagtctgaca aggtggggac cggcagctgg catgtctttt ggagattctt    135120
     aggggaggac ctgtgtcggg ggagggcagt ggctaataag tctcttctaa ctcacaagaa    135180
     acttaaattg tttctctatc tgagatgact aaaaatagga tcccaggaaa caccacccag    135240
     gatggcccca gtaagaaaga cccattttct aaaatgagca ccatcaggga agggtaggat    135300
     gtctgaccca tcttcctgat attttagggc ccagtgatgg caagagggga aacttattag    135360
     ggcactgctc taaggcccga ggtcccatgt gctgctttaa tctgtgagcc tcacagaacc    135420
     ccagcgccta cccaagagct cctctgtgct tgtcagatgt gctccactgg gagcactcca    135480
     ggaagcccat gaagcttccc ctccatttag ctcctctagc aggcatggcg ggtataagct    135540
     tcctgccgga gctaagtcta gattacggct gtgtgcctgt tctcccagtg cccagcagcc    135600
     taaggcagga gaaccagagt tcaacgtcat gctggactac ataagcgaga cccttgcctc    135660
     tgttgaaaaa ctagcattta caagtcacca tatgtttatt attcccaatg tttgataatt    135720
     cctagttttt acatgaaaaa aaaaaagctt ttgagttcaa aaattacatc ttctacagct    135780
     tgtatttcta cgtttcatag cctggggaca gcatagccac aaacctgtgg cagtcgtggc    135840
     agatgctgcc atacctcctc cagcctcctt tctcttatcc ttgagtatat tctcccctat    135900
     aggcctctgc ctttacattt cagcacatgc tctcccattc ccctctgctc tcaccacttt    135960
     ggtacacact cccccactcc tcttttgctg catcagcata tgtgtgtgca ctctagcatg    136020
     acgatacctg cctctttgtt tgtttgtctg agggttttct ctggttttca gagtcctcgt    136080
     ggcttcctgt gcagtatttt cgagaagccc tctacagtga cttgtaagag ccatatacaa    136140
     acaactcagc tccctcctcc cgcgcctggg agaactccga gctgtgatct acacttactc    136200
     caaggatttc ttagcagcac ttgcccacgg aggctttagt agtgtatttc ctgtccccta    136260
     cttctcattt cccactcagt acttcctgca catggatccc tgcacaagtc cgaggatatg    136320
     aaggaaaaac acaaactaag acataggtgt cttagtgtag aggcagaaat accagagata    136380
     tgatgattgt cttaaaatac acagatgggg acttctatat ctttataccc aatatgaatt    136440
     ggagggtcat gctggcatag acggcagtgc tagactcagg atttatatcc agtgacattg    136500
     ggacttctgg agatttcata agcaaaggaa tatcttagga aaagccagca atagtgattc    136560
     tcagatgctt cgtatggcta agcatgggtt ttagggtgca gttagaagcc cctggggagc    136620
     aagagacagg tcaacagagc accagagtgt ccatcatgag ttgccaagtg gcaaagctca    136680
     agggacaggt actgggttta atcagagctg gacataaggg atggggtcag tgggtgaggg    136740
     acagggagaa aggcggagaa tgatggtcac tttcctgttt gggtcactgg gagcagggtg    136800
     agggggcatg gcgggtgggg tgtgaaggct tcatggggaa cagttggctg gggtgaaatg    136860
     gaacctctgc tgtctgtgcc aggtgactgc ttcctaaaca gcgctagcat cacaaaccac    136920
     aaggcagcaa gattgatatc acagacacag cttacagggg acaaggtgtg aggatagcaa    136980
     tcactctcct ttcagcaagc ttacagtcac tcaggagagt gaataaaacc gcagattttt    137040
     gcaactctca gctcaaggga ttcccattca ggcgatgtga gtgggtgggg ctcaggaagc    137100
     agctgagcaa gtatgcattt cataagctgg tttcgggact gcagagcctc agggctgtaa    137160
     taaaggtgct ttccccatgg gtatcttgct gtgttaagga agaggtatct tgttcctgtg    137220
     tcttttatta gtataactga aaaataacta actggtatat taaaaagcat gaaacagcac    137280
     ccagaacaag ggagaaactg aagagctgaa ggagacaaac cgggaggcca ggaagcccat    137340
     cttcaggata catttcagag cagcccaaaa gagcggtgca tcaaagatct ctcccatctc    137400
     ccaccacacc actggtgaca atgctgacct gaaactatac acataaatga cacatacaag    137460
     atttctcatt tgctgttgtt acaatttgtg cctataaatt tataacagag caaggacttc    137520
     tgggacatct catgcaaata tatgcaaata agtatacaga tacatgcaaa acagcaaaag    137580
     caaacttgtc cttctctctt tcctgtaagc aaattctgtt atcttatttt caaatcagct    137640
     ctgcaacaaa gccaccagaa gggatgctcc ttgctctgtg attctaacaa agtaattaaa    137700
     ggacagggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt aggagcactg actgctgctc ttccagaggt    137760
     ttgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatagtg gctcaaaacc atctataatg ggatctgatg    137820
     ctctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagtgac agtgtactca tatacgtaaa ataaataagt    137880
     aaatctttaa aaataaagtc taaacattat atatatataa gaaacgaaga acaaacagaa    137940
     ctgaattgtg gtgatgaaga gtgatcacta agactggcag aggaattcgt caggggcaca    138000
     ggaagcttgc taagcaatgg aacgctttgt atttggatct ggctgcaatg aaaaacttgg    138060
     tacctattgt gctgattaga agctgctctg gttaactctc ctaatggctt ttaaatagtt    138120
     gctgcctgag ttttctgctt tttgtctcta tgttgtaggg cacgggctac ctgtatccga    138180
     gttggagaca gtgtctcaga gcatgaccag aactatgaga ctcagaggct tccaacgtcc    138240
     ccaaatgctg gtgaacagaa cacatctgga gaatgtctcc tctagtccct tgacaaatca    138300
     ctgagctgtc acatctggag ccacaccagt ctgtgagaac tgaagttgaa cctcacctgt    138360
     caatagcgat ggccagcaga gcgttggtgg agacgtacag ggagaccgta cgaaggtagt    138420
     tgacggaggc acaaagcacg tgaccatgcg cccaggaaag ctgccgtact acataatagt    138480
     ccatctcaaa ggggcagcag acgatcgcca ccaggaagtc agagatggcc aggttagcaa    138540
     tgaggaggtt ggtaaggttg cgcagcttct tgtagcgggc gagggcagca atgaagacaa    138600
     agttgccaat gccgcagacc agcatgatgc ctgccagtgc cacgccaatg acaattttgg    138660
     ctgcaaagaa ggtctgtgtc ttggtcacat cctcatcctc acccaggggg aggtcataat    138720
     caccataact gtagtttaag gagacatggt cttggggtgg attcaagtct ggtgcaaagc    138780
     tagtgtttct gttctggggt cccatgttga tgatgctaca ggtgggctgg tgtgtatcag    138840
     ggagatgcgc tcacgtggag ttcagcagtt ctgctggggt cagtgagtgc aggtccctgt    138900
     tagaatcctt agggagaaca gataccatcc aggatctggg ggcagataaa accactggtc    138960
     agcaaacatc agatctggct agtcccccca agagttagct aggtacagtc caaccagagt    139020
     cacccagggc caagaagacg ggaggccgtc tgcttgctgg tcacagaatg aactggaatc    139080
     ttcagagaaa cccaagaaga gtatgcaccc ttagccgggc agtggtggca cacgccttta    139140
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gcggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta    139200
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga ccccccccaa    139260
     aaaaccccca aaaaccaaaa aacaaacaag caaacccaaa gaatatgcac ccttgtcctc    139320
     cttccagcaa cagtgttggg ctgactgttc ttattctcaa cagcttacca gacaatggca    139380
     caaggcaggg gctgtggacg ggaatgtatt ggtggctggg agtggttctc ctgctactct    139440
     cctgttcttt gcttaggagc tctagaagcc agtctcttaa actatggggc ttgcataact    139500
     gaatgtggca aggggggggg gaggaaggtg actgcaaatg gtttctgaat gaaaaaaatc    139560
     aattcaaaaa cggaaatcag acacacaatg aatcctggct gtttctggca tccttcatct    139620
     aagttgcatc aggacacttg gttgtggcct tgtttctgca cacatgtgca ctttgccctg    139680
     tgtgctagtg tgctttgcag tgcccctaaa cagggcctcc aacaccttgc cccagactcg    139740
     tgtgctgtga attgcacatg aacagctact gtacatgcaa agttttctgc tctcatagaa    139800
     acataacaat ttaattatgg aaaacaaaga ctacacactg gacattacat actgggtgct    139860
     acatactgga tgctacacac tagatgctcc acattgtttt attcagctac aaattagtgt    139920
     atccttgagc ttattgtgtt gaaaggtttt gatttaaaaa tttctattca aagggctgag    139980
     agatggctca gtggtcacag gggcttgctg ctcttataag gggctctctt cgagaccaga    140040
     attcagaatt ccatagcaag caccaatcct ggcactatta atgatactct gttatgcttg    140100
     tacacaggag cctagcataa ctgtcctctg agagtctcca cccagcagag acctacagtc    140160
     aaacattgga tggagcttgg ggactcttat ggaagagttg gggaaagagc tgaaggcccc    140220
     aaaggggata ggaactccat aggaagacca acaaagttaa ctaacctgga cccttgctgg    140280
     ctgtcagaga aaaccactaa tcaaagaaca tacaggctag acctagcctc cactcaccca    140340
     catgtagcaa gcgtgcagct tggtcttcat gcgtgtcccc ccaaaactgg agcagggact    140400
     atccctaaaa tgttgcctgt ctgtggaatt tgttcctcta actgggctgt cctgtttggc    140460
     ctcagtggga gaggatgcgc ctatccctgt agagacttga tgttccaggg ttgggggata    140520
     gtcctcttct cagaggagga gaggaggtgg gaatggggga gggaatatgt gaagggggaa    140580
     ctgggaggag ggtgagcaat gattgtgatg ttaagtgaat aaataaatta atggagaaaa    140640
     aaataaaatt tctattttaa ggactgagat gggttagtgg tcacagaggc ttgccattct    140700
     tgtagggggg gggagggtct cttaaataag actggagagc agaattcagt tctcagcacc    140760
     aacactggat tgctcataac agcttgtaat tccaagttct ggggaattga taccctcttc    140820
     tggcctcaga cagtctcccc cttacactaa catacacaca catgacacaa tgcacacaga    140880
     cacacatgtg cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cataagaatt taaaaattgc    140940
     tgtctgagca cttgactaga gtttcattct aaaaaataat cattacatga aatttggctt    141000
     ggaattagga cagaatttct agccgtgctt gaaatggccc tgaagcaagc ttaccatttg    141060
     tgccatgtgt ttctataaag agccatccca gcattgacta tcacaaaaat caaagtatca    141120
     ttcaactctg aaagaatgtt ctagatgccg tatcaaatat tcagccaaga tttaattctt    141180
     tatgtaaaaa tacgcaatcc aactcattac tatgcaaatt tgctttcctc gttcataaat    141240
     ggtaaaatta tatgcgtatc aaagaattgt tttaaaatac attaatgatt tattattagt    141300
     aagtgtttga attatattcc tactttatac acgtacaaac ccagggtcgt gtaagaaatt    141360
     ctctggtgaa tgaggtcttt ctaaatggaa aaatttaaga agccctgctc taggataaat    141420
     cctttctccc caggttgacc ccatgactct ggatcagctt ccggactcct tccttaggtt    141480
     cccagattcc caaccacagc caaccccgac taaggaggaa ctgagcctcg tcacagtctg    141540
     tgtcttttga agtggctgct tgagaccaga ttgaattgat aacagcctcc taagagtggg    141600
     tgggggatga ccagggagtt taggggctgt ccattgcttg agaactccct tataatccta    141660
     gtgtcccgag acatccacag aagggagaca aaatagagtc tccaaaatgc tagctcccag    141720
     gaggtagctg ctatggggca agcgaggggc tggagagagg actccagcct gacttagtct    141780
     gtctcaatga actgccttcc tctcccacct cagcacacca gccagtgcgg gagctacggg    141840
     agcaacgggt aagggtagca agaagctatc aaactggata gcgaggtctg cccagtttta    141900
     cgagggagag cgctggggga caggaatcgc cactctgccg gcgttagtga aaccccgatt    141960
     tgctacacag gaatcagccg cacgctccac cctacctgaa aagcggggtt ccagtggagt    142020
     ctggatccca gtgtcctccc tctggggcgt ctattggtct cccaaagatc gccaccgggg    142080
     accaataagc gggagttcca gccgccttct catcaccagc ccgtagactg tgggaagagg    142140
     gagcccgttt gaaggttccc acgtctctca ctcactcagt gcaacactgg tacaggatta    142200
     ggtacccagt ggggaattta agctcaagaa acaaagccgg gcaccagagg tgcctgcagg    142260
     gcgcaggaaa cacgcagata cccccaccct tgtccgtacg ccttccactg agtccgcgat    142320
     ttcggggctc cactccagtc ccctagtccc caatcccagg gttcggaggt aggaggtgat    142380
     ctcctggaac agacgcggag tgcccccaag tccgcccgcc cgccgcaacc cggtactcac    142440
     ttgcctcggt gctttcaggg acgcactccc tggccggtgg cgccaccata ggtgggcgcg    142500
     gcccgggctc tgggaacact agctctggtt gaggcttgcc tacttggtgg gcgtgtgtcg    142560
     cttggtcctg ctctcctcgc atcagtcttt ctggagttgc tgcttcgctc tgcagctcat    142620
     ccaacagccc cggacccagc ccaggtgtcc cgcccctccc ggcgcccgac tccgcccccc    142680
     gagacccgcc tgcctcctag atctactgaa ttagggtctc agacttccgg gtggtccttc    142740
     caagggtttt gtaagctctt gaacccgttg tgacctcagc agctggccat ccttgagacg    142800
     gagcactgtc ctctgcaagc atttgtggct tccactaagt gtgcagagtt ggagtgtgtg    142860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtctacaag ttcccagagc    142920
     cagcaagtaa ggggtgaagc ctagtcttcc cttagaagtg atgcaggaga ggccccccat    142980
     atgcaatcca gaccttaaga ggcaaagctg gaaattagtg gtggcatggc ttgccctgca    143040
     tgaaacttca attctgaggt tctggtctaa actgggatga tctttcctgt agtgtccttg    143100
     gctattcaaa gacaatccga gtctaacctc cagcctatct gaggctaccc agagccccta    143160
     ctttatttcc agaggagtta ttttatttct cccagaaata aaattacccc cactaaagca    143220
     ggaactgtgt gctggccaca gagaacattt tctaaatgag acctgtccga taagctgaca    143280
     atttaaacta cccatataga ggacttggaa aagtatttgg aattggtcat tctgtggttc    143340
     tgcctgtcct accttatgtg aaactaaccc actgtcctgc cctcctgtat cctcttcgct    143400
     gctacgatgg agtcaggagg cctggcttct ttcctcccag ggacaggctg tggttcggct    143460
     ggcgcggtgg ctggtaagta catcgtccag actgcaggaa aggctttgct gttttgcttt    143520
     ggttttgtac aaagcaaagt ggagttgact gacactgtag ccggatttct gaacatcctc    143580
     tttaggtcat tctttcaaag gtgcttgctt atcaacttca gctattggct tcaactctcc    143640
     tgacccacgt ctacccgcac acccctttat atgggacaaa cagaccctct ggtgtactca    143700
     cagcattctc caaggtagat ttaggtcagg gtctcattca gacagatcaa gaagcccata    143760
     gttgtcatgc tagcaacttg atgtcctgat ctcaacataa tagacttgtc agggaaccag    143820
     catggggtga agccatgaat cttgggtgag taggggaatt gaaagattgg agatttctca    143880
     gtatacagtt gaagactact ttgtgtccta actttggcac atgagaagtc ctaggagatg    143940
     aaccatagta acccctatgc tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    144000
     cacacacgcc gccaccacca ccacaaagtg tgttccctgg aaggcacacc attattattc    144060
     aggacattgg agtggtttaa tgccggcaca gaataacatc cttctaaagg gcaacactga    144120
     attgttggta agcctgagat tgccatattg aactccatta agtcacccct tcctaccacc    144180
     acagtacttg aataatactg tgacttgaat taagtcagtg tacgcagagg agaaaaggca    144240
     tagggcctgt cctagtttat tctgttgcta tgataaaaca ctctgaccaa aagcaaaccg    144300
     gggaggaaag ggttaatttg gctaatgttc cctagttaca gtttatctct aagagaagtt    144360
     agagcaagaa cttaaggcag aagcttgaag cagaaaccac aggggaacac tgcttcctgg    144420
     ctcattcata ggcttaagct cattcagcta gttttcttgt gtagcctagg cccaccttcc    144480
     tagggatggt gccacccata gtgggctggg ccctcccaca gtaagacaat ctctcagaga    144540
     catggccata ggccaataaa agtgattctt ttctggagta tggcttccca ccatacatcc    144600
     cctgaaaata atggatggca gaggtaaaga ttccactaca aagttactgg tgaggaattg    144660
     ggacacatag cttgattgtg gtacctatgt ccttatgaag tgtcatactg caggacagtt    144720
     tctcagccaa tagcaaactc aacacaattc aaaaattaaa acacataaaa tgatatcata    144780
     taaaatagca ttctttccca tccaccttgt atgcacagtt tttcctgttt ttccaagggg    144840
     tatctgtaat ctaatatata tatatttatg gcttcttcac ctttctacta taacatagtc    144900
     tattgtacgg atacactgtt gctacctttt acaacccaca ctgctggata tgttggtttg    144960
     acaggttcaa gatgtctgta aaattacaga ttaagttatt tccaattttt tgttcttata    145020
     gtgttgtggt attgaatggt gtgcgtatta tagctcatca gtgaccgagt acacagagca    145080
     tctttgggtg catgtacaag gatatttgta tgacaaattc ccagaagtgg tattgctgag    145140
     tcaaagcata aaagcatttg tacaaggctt tgtggtggat cttgtcacaa agagctccgt    145200
     ggggctctat taagccgtct gttggacaga ggtcaaggcc acacattcga ttgatgaaca    145260
     cacgtttgtt tagagaagca gtattccaaa gcaagatttc tcagtaatgt ttcctcccct    145320
     cagtcctgta gccatggtga cctttcagtc tttcaaagta tgggagggag ggactctgtt    145380
     cttaaaaaac aaatctattc catcattttt ttttatgtct gtgtgtctct tgtagaatca    145440
     cactaagaaa tcaaactaag actgtgctgt tgctattgac acattggcag gtaaactttg    145500
     taaggctgtt gaaattaaaa gtcatttagc tctgtgagtt actgtagtta gacagatggg    145560
     gactccgtag aggttcaagg tttcacacaa cccacctgcc ttttcagggt tctgtggaat    145620
     gactgtgtaa gacactggtg ggctggcttt actaagtaga actcaggctg cctctctggc    145680
     tttatctgct ctgagggcag gaccaaggga cagtgcagag agtgaagcgt agcagattgc    145740
     atggccacta gccatacttc ctgtctgtgg atgaaagcct gagagatgtt tgggtcagaa    145800
     tttgggattg ccatagaaac tgtttcagaa gttttgaggc ccccagagga ggcagaagta    145860
     ggagaggtgg aacgagagag tggactcctg ggaggatgga gctggtcacc agatgcaaag    145920
     ctaaattcca gctgggcaaa cacatgctca cctgtaatcc ctgcactctg agaggttgag    145980
     gtcagaggat cgggagttca agcccagcct agaacacata gtgagagctt gttatttatt    146040
     tatttgtttg tttgtaaaaa agcactaggc acttagctca gtggtagaat gctttcctac    146100
     tacataaaag gctctgagtt tagtgtacag cacttaaaaa gggggtggag gaccggattc    146160
     cataagagag tttagctaat gcggtcttct tcgtggttag gaccttcttt tgctgggatg    146220
     agaggtagag gggacagtgt tctagctatg aagaaacacc agtctttcca tccctgctga    146280
     ctgaacttgg ggaaattttc ttttttataa agaggcactt cagtattgat tcacgttgtg    146340
     cctctgtctc tgactctttc tcctccaggt tcaggtgttc atgtcactct ttcctgagct    146400
     caagaaagga cacaggcata gcatgtgcca caggagttct ggggttgtgc acaagtctga    146460
     gggaaaattt atataatgtg gatatgtgga atagacaaac ctttctctgc ctggcccctg    146520
     gggttgaccc ctttggcctg tgctttcttc cgtatgtgca aaaatgccaa tcaagcaagc    146580
     ataaggatat ttgggctcat tttaggaggg aaggcaagcc attttcacgg tgaatggcat    146640
     aaggctctgg gttaacctga atattaaaaa tatatatata tggccttggt tagcatttct    146700
     aaagtggaat atggcctttg gttgggttac ttaaaacatc tggagacaaa gatttgcgtg    146760
     ctttctagga actgattgta ggagatgctt cggggaatgg aagggtaaga tggagagggg    146820
     gaggtgaacg agagaaagat aaagcaggtg atagagttaa ggagataatc agagctcagg    146880
     tgccctgaga aagtccgagt cacagcgcag aacaaaactt ccctgttctg ccagcagagg    146940
     gctaaattga gcccctgact gaggactgtg aaggtgtcgg tcaagtccca aagtggctcc    147000
     ccttggatca gaatcttttg tttagagaaa gtagacaggg gctgtgccag gcattcactt    147060
     ccttgttggt aaaaagcacc tggcagaacg cacttgtaag agggaagact tatttttgag    147120
     ccctagcttc agagacttca tttctcagtc agctggtctt aggtttctgc gcacatgcta    147180
     aggcagagca ccaggaacgc aggtgccata tatatactcc cctttctagc cctccctacc    147240
     tccaatggca aacgttctcc ttggtgttgt aatggtttcc ccgatagtgt gtccatttac    147300
     ataaagtgct ctttgcttca taaacttcaa aggtggcacc caaacaggaa cttcatgcta    147360
     tttaaggcca gggaattcaa tctgcatttg tggttaggtt gcagtgagtt ctgaagtggg    147420
     catctcctgt ttacttctca gggtgattca cactgtgatc tgtctgaggc catttggtgg    147480
     tctccagttt tccaggcaaa agactaggct tctcttagtg attctggttg ttttattctt    147540
     ttctttctac catctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgcc tgcctgccta    147600
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    147660
     tgaacctctc tatctggctg actcagggtc tcactatatg gtcctgctgt tctggaattt    147720
     actacgtaga ccagagatcc acctgtctct gcctctggct cctggatgct gggattaaag    147780
     gcatgcacta tcacattcaa ccttcttgct tgtttttctt gaagctgaat gagcttccca    147840
     aagagacaac tacttcctgc gtctttcttt tgccagcagg aatttaatac tccagggaat    147900
     cacgggtaac tagatgtagt gtcataccct caccaccaag gccacagcag tgccttctag    147960
     cagctgacag tcactcaaat ctattaccca agttatgatt tctccctaag tgcttttagc    148020
     cttgctttaa atactattat taacacaagt ggcatatcaa ggcaggcggg ctctgcacga    148080
     aggcaattct tgtaacaaaa acctggttag catccagatt tttttggatg tgtgaataaa    148140
     aaaaactgga agtggaaatt accatgtgtt ggagcaatta tccccaggtg ctggcatggt    148200
     ggaagaattg taagtgtgta tattttgaag gtgacacagg agacatagat tatgtgtgta    148260
     acaaagaaca cgggcgcact tatgcaagca aaaagttatg tagatatttg gtaacgcgga    148320
     aaaaaacagc actttgtttt gacacattca acgcgtttga aaagctaatt ggagtatgaa    148380
     ccaagccaat aaaatggttt tgccccagag ttttcttccg tgcgctgctc ttcatgagct    148440
     gagggtggaa ctcagggttt tccacacacc aggctgtgcg attctgcttg ctggacaggc    148500
     cctccacaga tgttttctaa taaccaaaca gctggtttaa agccacctga tctttgcact    148560
     gctttacact tgaagtaacc catgtcagga ctttaaaagt aaatctaaca aagcaaaatg    148620
     accattcttg gaagatgaga gcaagacaac ctgacaaagt tgtaaaacgt ctcaccaaag    148680
     taaaggagcc ttttatggtt tacgcctcaa ttaaaaaaaa aaagtagccc cccaaataaa    148740
     aagcagctct gagaaagaaa atataactta agatatcttg aaaagacaag gtgaatacag    148800
     gttcaaaaat aactaaaata catttctcta aggctaccta ggattaggct gtaaagaatc    148860
     ctagcatttc aagtttatca ctagttacta gatatcaatt tacaagtaag gtgttcattt    148920
     ttgtgttctt ttatcaagag aaaaatctac cttcagactg tgagggtagt gatggcgaag    148980
     gggagagact agaatacaag attcacataa ccccatgcag tctcacagtt ttcaagtgga    149040
     agaacccccg actgcactgg aagtttccat cactaagaca ctttccaccg agatgatttt    149100
     aagtacaaat gtacggcacc aagggtcagg cctaataaag gcctgaggac cgagtccttg    149160
     ttttctggaa gaaagccctc aaaagtccca ctcaatttca ggtaacaatg tttttaaaga    149220
     ctaatttaat gaggttttaa tttccattgt tttttttttt ttcttctaat cttaaagact    149280
     aaagtttagt caatccccag aagacattgt tttcctttgc aacaaagaat ccacaaagac    149340
     ctctttggaa gaaccaacca gctgatcgtt gccctccgac tgtggacaac agaaggaagg    149400
     atttgcctgc tagtatactg ttacttgtaa actgacctgc tgaagaaact ctgttgcccg    149460
     ctttgcaaaa gctcaaggta tatctagggt ttcctggttg actgagcaca tggggtgagc    149520
     gcagtcttag ttcaggatgg cctgattgtg taggtttaca gtctgtgcgc tgctggctaa    149580
     gtgtgatagc atccgcagtt ctgtgtatgt cctgtgggct cctgttagtt actgaactct    149640
     taaaatgggt atcgtgatgt tacaacattg ttttatgcca attttataaa ccttaacagt    149700
     gcaatatgtg ttacttttct gaggcaaacc aaaggtatat ttctcaaggt tctgctgcct    149760
     tcagcaacat ttgatggagg atttttttta tacatttgta atagaggtga aacagattgc    149820
     agtttgtttt tttgttattt ttttttctta attgtaaacc atgtaccaag tttctagtca    149880
     agattgtgta ggataagtta aacacaatta cattctatta accaatatga gtgtatttct    149940
     ttttttcttt ttttaaagat ttatagctgt cttcagaaac cccagaagag ggcatccgat    150000
     ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctttg    150060
     gaagagcaat cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccatgag tatatttctt    150120
     atgcatatag ttacattgaa ataaagttct aaagttgttt tttttttttt aaagccatat    150180
     gatcaaacta acaggagggc tagcttgagg agttacattg ataacttcat cacgtctgga    150240
     gtctccatca gtgagggagc gtaaggggaa actatggtgg ctaaccaggc acatcacttg    150300
     gagaacctac cttaaaggct cctggatgca actttaaaaa aaaattaaat tatgtgcatg    150360
     tgtgtatatc tgtgtatgtc ctgtaggctc ccgttagtta ctgaactctt aaaactggta    150420
     ttgtgatgtt acaacattgt tgtacatgca tgcaagcaca ggtgcctgca gaggccagaa    150480
     aagtccactt ccccagaagc tgaagtaaca gctgcctgat atgggtgccg ggagctgaac    150540
     tcttcctctg tgacagcagc aggtgccgat ctatctctcc caactcttcg gagcagcttt    150600
     aacaagtcag aagcgcatcc cttggtgcaa gcgcgcaccg tgagaaacat acttgaatca    150660
     gcctatcaga ggaaaggtgt ctggacacaa cctggtgtgt ctcccagatc ccaagtcagg    150720
     actccagagg gcaggtacac ggaaggcctt gctgcagctg tgaggctact ctgttaggac    150780
     tctacttgct tttctatgtc tcccctcctt tttgtgcttt ctccctgttc taaagagccc    150840
     tctcccaact gggacagacc cattcagttt caaagtctaa atctcataca ccttggagag    150900
     aaaaagaatt taactggccc agcctgggcc aaacatttac cctgatggcc atcggcccat    150960
     aatgagcaac tgtgatattt ggaaaagtac cttccttcaa gatagatgtt aactcaacgt    151020
     cagtgtacga cccaggcttc tcttgcatcc actcacttgg cacagcagac aatacacagc    151080
     agtccatgta taccctgatc cagccagatg tggccagagt tgggacatca gacacataga    151140
     gtgaatgtgc aggtgagtgg ggcgacaaca ctcctctctt ctgaactgtc accttatctt    151200
     tctcaggcag atcatgcgct ggtagggctg aatttaccac cgagacacat tcaattgaaa    151260
     agcttggagc ccttgattgc aggtctggca agtgcaggga acagagcaga tagctgtatt    151320
     actactgtgc acagctacag aagcacatag aggtcagtgc ttagtctgac gcctccatgc    151380
     taagatgtga ctacagtagt ttgagaggac ttactggggc aagggatggc ttgttaaacg    151440
     accaaaagaa ggaagagttc ttccttgtgg aatttctact ttagacactt ggaaatatct    151500
     ggctggcagg ggttctgtct gcccagaaag gcaaccatgg ttttcctctt ggaactctac    151560
     tcaaacccat tctctacaaa ctgttttttt tgttttctga aatctgtttg taattgtcga    151620
     cttggttccc atgttacaca taaaactcca cctgcgtttc tggtgcacct ctgctctccc    151680
     ctgcatctgg gttttgtttt tatttttgtt ttgttttgtt tcgttttaac gtagtccttg    151740
     attcttctgc tctggaggag actccagggt cccctgagcc ccatcttttc ctgcacggaa    151800
     ggcttgcgtg acagaccagt gttccctctg gcttgtcttc cttctgacag ttcctttgac    151860
     cccattccct gaactactct ttccaacact ttatacatag gtgggcacac tctgttagaa    151920
     ctgacaagac atttttctct tcttatagct gaaggcaaat gtttttaatt gaacttagaa    151980
     tactttgggg ggcactgggt gggttttctg ttttatattt tactatctat attctgatat    152040
     gaaataattg cagcttgact aatttatggt tcaaatttga tgggcattct tagcaatagg    152100
     gctggtgggc aagggtacaa gttgggcatg aggagttgaa gtctcctctg gggcaaggac    152160
     tgtctggatt tattctagtt ccttccaaca tcagggtgtt agctttgttt gttggctttt    152220
     ttttcagaga ttactggttt ctttagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    152280
     tgtgtggtgt gtggtatgtg tgtgtgatgt gtggtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt    152340
     ggtgtgtagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggtgattt aggcaactat    152400
     ttggtatctt ggaaagttta aaatctagaa aggaaaatgg tttggctcat ttgggaaatc    152460
     tcttggttag agaagctgct gggggattgg gggccaagtt gttaaatgca gataaaactc    152520
     ccaagatacc aaaagagact catgaaggtc gtggtggatt cagtgattct gtgtgcagtt    152580
     aggaatctct ttgatgagct ataaaactaa gagcccgggg ggctggggga ctcagaacag    152640
     caagcccaga gcaatctctg caaagggttt taaaagtgct tcccatcaga caggaagagg    152700
     cagagtggaa aaggctgagt ggagtgggct attgagaaaa tgatgtgtta tttatgtctc    152760
     tgattaatag ctggaaacct tttgggatgt tggtaagtct ccaggattta ggaaacacgc    152820
     ttatagaagg aaaaaaaaaa aacgaaaaaa ccccccatat tttcagcatt attgggggat    152880
     tgtgatgtca ggtcattttg cattgttctc agcagggtgt gaagttgtta acgtagaaac    152940
     tggggtgaat gaagatgctt gcctgtgctt tgctttaggg atgctgcaga gtacagatca    153000
     gtcacccagt attttaggtt ctctcagtaa ctgagaagac aaagctattc catctgctgg    153060
     tgcagccatg agcagacaca cagggcctgt gatcctttgg cttctctgta agagaaagaa    153120
     aatgatacca ggttctaacc tcacaagttc agacgtagag gtctggactg gggcctgggt    153180
     ttgggagttt tgaaagcttt tccagatggt tctaaaacat ggacatgtct gagcacactc    153240
     cttgtggatt ttcttactac tttaaaaatt taaaggcaaa gtggctcttt gaggttgggc    153300
     tgatcactga gagctggtgt ttgtactgaa caatgtgttt gtgttaacaa tccaacaaaa    153360
     gcacattaga atgttagaga attcttgaga tgcataattc caccatgtga gcgcgtatag    153420
     gtatgtgtta tagaaatttg taaaacattg atcctcaatt taattgaatg taattttctg    153480
     agataattta aaaccataag aattttgtga atgctgaaaa gggctgagta taaattttgt    153540
     tttgataaag gttataatcc ataatttgtt ttaaaaaaaa caggctatat agtagacatt    153600
     gtggatgaaa tttgatgagg tggaatagtt tttatcagat tttgatgcat aacaaattat    153660
     tcctaaactt agtggtttaa aatagtaatt attattatta tttttttttt aaccagacta    153720
     tggatgagtg gtgatagtct gctgatgtga gtggggcttg ggggatcttg gctacacttt    153780
     ctcacatgac taaggtcaat gtgtaagcta ggagtggggt gagtctgtgc tggctttgtt    153840
     tacatgtctt gtctttcaac tgtagaggta acagggaggg gtcatgtgaa cgcatcctgc    153900
     agcaggctaa cctggtctca ctcatacaaa cttttagggt ttcaagaagg cacacccaat    153960
     gcacaaagac tcttttgcat ctctgcttgt ccatcctatg ggtctgtgag aacaaacccc    154020
     agaagttgcc cctgctccta atttgtactt tgtgtcacaa gacaagaaat ggtagaattg    154080
     ggataagaca agattaaaga gatgtgaaag tcaactgggt ggtggtggtg catgcattta    154140
     atcccatcac ttgggagcca ggggcaagaa catctctgag ttctaggcca gtctggtctg    154200
     cacatagaat tccaggacag ccaaggcgag acagagaaac cctgtctgga gaaagctggg    154260
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaggagggg agagaagagg aggagaggag    154320
     aggagaggag aggggagggg agagaagagg aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag    154380
     aggagaggag aggagaggag agatcaaatg tactgggtga attataaggg tttctagatt    154440
     aaaaaacgta gaatatatgt ttggcatttt aaatactttc tacttaagac agtgtggttg    154500
     tgtgggagaa tgctatgaag aggtaaatgc tacgaagagg tatatactga ggactgagga    154560
     gacggctcag tcagtaaagt gtttgcaggt atgaggacct gagttcagat cccaagctcc    154620
     catataacag actgatgcca aggctgtgga ttttatcttt tgaggctctc caccaacacc    154680
     attgtactaa tggttatgag cacaattctc gctctccccc tctctccctc ttccctcacc    154740
     cttgacacac aggctgacct aaacctggca attctcttgc tcaaatgacc tgagtgctaa    154800
     gattacagat gtgtgtctct gtaactacct ctaatgaatc tggaatggag gacaaaaagt    154860
     ctcaatcctt aagaacagct tatctttatt gccaatgtga cagcctctgt gttaggcagt    154920
     ttagttcata ctctgaacat tgctttgagg gaagtggtag gacgctgggg cccaggccag    154980
     ggcagcaagt gatgttcctg agggcattca agagggaaca actgagctga actggtctgg    155040
     ctgacttcaa acttcaagat gtactcaata agccaggcag tggtggcgca cacctttact    155100
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt tgaggtcagc ctggtctaca    155160
     gagtgagttc caagacagcc agagctacat agagaaaccc tgccttgaaa aaccaaaaat    155220
     aaataaataa ataataaaaa aagatgtact caataaccac catattaaaa agggttccca    155280
     aaggcaatag tggtgtatct aagaatctgg ttgcttagca gccactaaac atttagaatg    155340
     tgcttttaag caagtgcccc agctaaagct tgctttcctc ttgtaaacgt tgattcctgt    155400
     ggtccgctct aaacccaaat cagagaagag ctctctgtgc ttattcgcat gactgatccc    155460
     ttacaagtgt gggcactgga tatgttcaca cttgaagtat tattcacaca gctctatgag    155520
     gatcctggaa cgtttgagta ccattcagac gattcacata tgtttcaacc atttgccgtg    155580
     cagaagcatc agccaaagca aagattctga ccatgctttt acttcagaga ggagtcacaa    155640
     gtccttccga aatctattat gttccaaaat gtctcattca tgggacaaat tcccaaacta    155700
     tgccagattt ctctgatcgt aaatgtttcc ctttggcttg atttactttt tctggcactt    155760
     caaagagttg gaatttctga acacattatg aggcgaaaat tacatgataa tagccaaaca    155820
     tcctctcttt gtaattttgt aaatacatct tgagataaat taggatgttg agggtgacca    155880
     ctttccaagg tggatgccaa ctctatgagt ttggcttcct tgaacactga gtttagaaga    155940
     ggccagataa gtgcttttct caaagtcaaa tgggaaaact gagatcacca gtttccagag    156000
     tggcttcacg ttcaggtatc tggagggaag tgggaaggtt gttcaaggtg atggtcatga    156060
     caatggcact ttgtgaatac tctaacatgc taaatcatct ctcctactgg caggttagtg    156120
     tgatgagctg aactgctatc caccccactg ttctttgcaa ccttaactgt aaatagaact    156180
     ttcagtctta atcaaggtta ggctgagggt gtgactggaa cctggatgac ttcctactag    156240
     atggagtcta acttcaaggt agagattgct ggtggagaca tcgtgttcag gtcttatttt    156300
     aggaaaatga ggcagagacc tactgtctca aagaaaaagt cttccacttt tgatctttaa    156360
     gaaaaatagt ctctatattt gaaaggcaaa aattaattta taaattatct gtgtgtgtgc    156420
     atgaatgtga gtgtatatgc aggtatacac acacatgggt gtggagaggt tgttattagg    156480
     tgtcttcttc ttcacctttt gaggcgggga ctctcactga gtctcatcaa ctagattatc    156540
     tggccagtga tgtcaaggtg tctgccatca ctgtgttagg gttacagacc acacctggat    156600
     ttttatgtgg gtgcttggga tctggagtag gctctcatgc ttgtccagca ggtactttac    156660
     ctgctgagcc atctcacaag ccccagaagt caaggactgt actgcatgaa ggaaaaccaa    156720
     gtgaagaaat gaaaaatttc ccttagagac tagaagtgtg gccttagtca gtgccttgat    156780
     tttagacttc tgaaagaccc ccgaagaggg gagaccctca ctcaagtctt gggatgacgt    156840
     gacctccccc cccccccaag aactcaagag agactgtcct tgctgcaatc gcacgaagtt    156900
     tattgacagg aaccagcgcg cgggggcatg gtactggaga tggagctgag aattctacat    156960
     cttcatccaa aggaatccag agtagactga ctcttcctta cttggcagag cttcaaagtc    157020
     catccccatg gtgacatgag agagctgtct tatgcagaga gggctgtctt gagcaaagag    157080
     ctgtctcgag cagaaagcta tctggagcag actccaaagc caagaggtat ctacagagag    157140
     ctgtctgaag agttagcagg agcagaatgt aaggctgtct gtcagcttgt acccatgatt    157200
     tgacttcaag ttgttccttt caccaccccc aaatacctgc ccctccctca ggactcctga    157260
     ccaaactgaa gctggtcctt ggcactcagg gactctccat actagctgtt gtttagaaaa    157320
     catggaaagc tagggatagt agtaaaaccc acaatcccag tattcaagag gctgagacaa    157380
     aagaattgaa agtttgaaac tattttgtgc tacatggctg ttctcagatc tccatcgatg    157440
     gctctatctt acagacatga ctctttcctc ctcatttctt tccaaacaac agctactggg    157500
     atttatggtt tgcctgccca gtgttatttg ttgttgtttc ttaaaatcaa ctaaaacagt    157560
     cattgagttt ccttctgagt ctgcttctaa attcttttat caacaagact atgaattttc    157620
     aaaagggaac tctgactccc tagtaatttg tgtcttggaa tctttgagac acaaaaaacc    157680
     ttagtgttgc atcatgggac acccagagaa gccccttctg taacatgtat aaagcagagt    157740
     tggaacagtt taagattata acagatttaa acattgggtg aatagaggtg tgtttaggga    157800
     gaggattgtg tacaaccaag tgtgtgagtg ggcttctcaa accagtattg tctttataat    157860
     agtcatatat gatgtttcag tgggttctga aattcttgtt tccctactgt tgctgtgaca    157920
     aaatactctg accaaaagca acttaggaaa gtgttttagg gtttccattg ctgtgaagag    157980
     acacaatgac caaggcaact cttataaaag acagcattta attgagacta gtttataagt    158040
     tcagaggttt agtccattat cattaaggtg ggaagcatgg cagcatccag gcaggcatgg    158100
     tactggaaat ggagctgaga gttctacatc ttgttctgaa ggcaaacagg agaagactgg    158160
     cttccaagca tctaggagga gagtctcaaa gcccaccccc cacagtgaca cacttctcca    158220
     acaaggccac aactacacca acaaggccac aactactcta acaaggccac acctccaata    158280
     gtaccactcc cagggccatg catattgaga ccactataga aagtaaaggt ttattttagc    158340
     ttacaactcc aggtcatagt ctatcactga gagaagtcaa ggcaggaaca taaaggcagg    158400
     cctgcctgct attctacaca acagtacctc tgcataagga acacatagcc atgaaagtac    158460
     atcagaagtc gtggaggatg ctgttgatga tttgagcagg catatactta tctagccttc    158520
     ttatacaacc cagatcaatt tctccaaaac atggtaccac gaatggtagg cagagccctc    158580
     ctacctccta caccaattaa aaatcaagac ggtcctgtgc agatgtgctc acaaaccaat    158640
     ctaggccatt cctcacttga ggctctccac tgagatgacc ttaagactgt gtcaagttga    158700
     cagttaaggt taactaggaa aatcttcaaa ggtttgctaa gtattttaaa tgtgcttgta    158760
     gttatttttg gtgcatgtct gttcttttgt ttttgttttt gttttttcag cacaatgatg    158820
     tttctgttac catggctgag taataaaatt tgagttcagg tgttgtgata atgttagtat    158880
     ccttcctgct gtcaaggatg gtcttggctg tttagggtct ttggcagtcc cttgtgaata    158940
     taggtgtctt aggtaatgtt ctatttttgg agaaggagag agagagagag agagagagag    159000
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaaggattct gggcttggga tgattttttt    159060
     caaatctcaa agctgacttc cactgggaat ttttgtttgt ttttggtttt gctttcttat    159120
     tgtttctaat ctcttggtct ttccctttca tagtgctctt acccactctt tgtcttgcct    159180
     ttcatttatt aagccttgct tctctcctgc ttcttcgtct ctctcttgta cttcatttat    159240
     tatttccaca cttacattca tagcacatcc tccaatcatg atctctttag ctcactgatg    159300
     atgtgttggt agctgtaact gatttgtgcc catgcctggg ccattgttgc ttgatgctga    159360
     ttgtgcttta gcagtttgtt tccctctcac cgactggtac tgggaggcaa gcctttgagt    159420
     ggagactgct cagtaagatc accactcccc aaatccagaa gagatattta aaccaagaga    159480
     tgtgcaaatc acacacaaaa acacaagaaa catggaaagg ccaggcagca ctcctctaga    159540
     agatttacct ccttagcaaa ggaactcaaa gattttgaag caagtaagat gccagaggaa    159600
     gctttcagag ttatgttcta aaggaccaat gactcatagg aggacataca caagcaaaag    159660
     cgaaagtcaa caacacagag gagaaagtca gaaaaatgga caaagaaatg ttcagtatgg    159720
     atgaaagggt ggaagagaaa attcagcaca gaaactgaga ttttgagtaa aacaaaatag    159780
     aaatgaataa ctcaatgaca aagaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaataaaaa gaaacaatgg    159840
     agagtaccac caaagatgca accaagcaaa agaaacaatg tgaaggctgg aggaggaggt    159900
     tgacaacatg gccttcaaat atcaataaag gaaaaaaaaa aaaagatcag ggccacaaca    159960
     tctaagaact tctatgtatg actgaaagac caaatcacaa gtctgtaagg tatgacagag    160020
     actgacgtaa aggacaaaaa tgcagaggat gtactcaaca aaattatagc agaaaatgca    160080
     ccaaatctag ggtgagaaat ggccactcat acaggagaac cccaaacaga tgtgaccagg    160140
     gaagaatgcc tccatgacat tacagtcaag atgtcaaaaa tacaaagagt gaaaacaaca    160200
     taaaaaactg taaggaaaat aagtacaaac atacctacaa agaataatag atctctcatt    160260
     ggcaaccctc aaaaccagga gagagtgtga ttgtattttg agccctgcca aacaggagta    160320
     acagatacaa aaaaattagc ctttaagacg gatgattaga taggggcatt tccagggcag    160380
     ccgagctaag gcagcttttg actatcaacc cagtgctgca gatgatgctt aaaggaacca    160440
     tatacaccaa ggaagaagaa agacagtctc taaggctcag gaagtgtctt agttagggtt    160500
     ttctgctgtg aacagacacc atgaccaagg caatccttat aaggacaaca tttaattgag    160560
     gctgacttac aggttcagag attcagtcca gtagcctcaa ggtagcatcc aggtctacat    160620
     ttcatttgca ggcttctaag agaagactga cttccaggca gctaggacta gagttctaaa    160680
     gcccaggccc acagtgacat acctactcca acaaggccac acctcctaat agtgacactc    160740
     cctgggctga aaatatatat atataccacc acaggaagaa ataagtttca gaagaggaat    160800
     aactaagcaa agaaagctga agggaaacca ttatgtccaa cacattatgg ccagcaaatg    160860
     gttgatacta aaactgcagc tcaagaatct aatcaactag aaaacaacca gcagaattat    160920
     aggaataggc aaatatgtct caataatagt gacttcaact cactaatgag aagacacaaa    160980
     ctggctggct ggattaaata ctggatacaa taatgtgttt ctctccaaac cattctttac    161040
     tggcaaagat agcatttact gaaagccaag ggatagagat caacctatca agtgaaaaca    161100
     agctggaaac tgcagtcatt gttagtctag aggtcaaacc aaagtctgga cagaagatgt    161160
     aaagaaagct actacactgt gctggagagg ttggagtgtc cgaactcaag cttgaataaa    161220
     gactctttgc ttttgcatat gagttggact gtggggacct cgagatctgg gtataacacc    161280
     gagagaaatg tctgaaatcc agaaaggccc aagaccaaat ggatttactg gtgaatattg    161340
     ccaaatcttt aaaccagagt taatgtcagg cctgctcaaa ccattcaatg aggtaaaatg    161400
     ggaagaacca ttaccctagt cctacaaaaa ctgcatcacg cgggtaccaa aacgaagcaa    161460
     gaacacagca aagagaggaa agtataggcc gattttcctg atgacaaaat atcttaataa    161520
     attcctacaa agggatcaaa aacacattaa gaagatcaca caccatgacc aagttgatgt    161580
     ccctaggaga cctgctcttt tctgaaggga agctaaggag aactcagtct ggggggagag    161640
     gatagatatg tgttagggag ctgggaggag tagagggagg ggaggctgca gttgggatgt    161700
     attgtatgag agaagaattt tttaaaaaag aaatattaga gggggaaaaa ggaaaattca    161760
     tatatctgat cattattgcc cctttcctct ctcctcccat ccaacgccat actgtcttta    161820
     tttcttgttt tagaaaacaa agaggcaaat aacaaaaggc aaacaaacca gagtaaaata    161880
     aataaaaatc cacaacaatg agaaagcaca acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    161940
     acacgcacgc acgcacacgc acacgcacac gcacacatgc atgcatgtgg gggcacaaag    162000
     gaccaataag attaaaaatg cccaaataaa gcattatgag acaaaaaaaa aaaaagtatc    162060
     tccaaaccat tgagttcgtt ttgcgatggg catctactgt tgggcctggg gcctctccct    162120
     aagggtgctt tgcatatcca gtgagacccc ataggagaaa actatctttt catttgcaag    162180
     cagctgacag ttggagatag cttccccgtt tgggagaggc tggccacttc tctctctctc    162240
     tcagcactgg gaccctgtct tgtttgaaca tgaacaggcc ccgtgcttgc taccacagtc    162300
     tctgtgagtt ctgtgagttc gtgtgtatca atcctgtcgt gtctggaaga catgctttcc    162360
     ttggtaccct ccattccctt tggcttttcc agtctctctg gcttctcttc cttatagttc    162420
     cctgagccct gaagggagga gtttggtgaa gacactccat ttagaactga gttatcctaa    162480
     gtctctcact ctctactcat tgtccagctg tgggactctg tattggttcc catctattgc    162540
     aagaggaaac tttgatgatg gcagagcaag acactgatct atgggtggag cagaatatca    162600
     ctaggagtca ctttatagct agctgtgttc cttttgaagg acaatagtat ttggttttcc    162660
     cctagcagga aaatggatgg aactggagat catgatgtca agcaaaataa accacactca    162720
     gaaagacaac tactatgttt gctttcatgt ttattatcta cactttaaaa atgtctgtct    162780
     gtgtgttctt ttcatttttc tgtctgtgtg tgtgccgttg tttgtgtatc tgagttcatg    162840
     tgtctgtctg tgtccttgtc cttgtccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc    162900
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tctgtgtgga gatcatgaaa ctagaaaggc tgttataaga    162960
     tgggaggaag agatctcaat gtgggtagaa gacagaatag tcaagaacat ggagtaagaa    163020
     cgcagaagtt tgaacctcct ggtggaggaa agggaaccag atgagggtga ggggagaagg    163080
     gggacaaaag ggaagggaat ttatgagaat aaaatataac gacatgtatt gtacaaagac    163140
     atggtggtga aaaccattac tttgcatgct aataaaaaaa taagaaaaaa tgatttaaaa    163200
     atagaaaaaa aattacaggg aattgagctc cagcttcaat gtccagactc agaattgtgc    163260
     attttcacaa gattcttggg catctcattc agttactagg caaggcaagc acacgcacag    163320
     caggccttgg tgagagcctc tgctaagatt tcctgccttt ctgttctctc tttctctttc    163380
     tgtcagttca cctgaggaaa cctggctggg agctttcttc ttgtaacctg gaaaaaaaca    163440
     caaaaaacct cttttcttct cagagggaaa gaataatttt tgtctcaaag ctctacaaag    163500
     ctgcagagct tttgagaatg actttggccg tcaaaggctg ctggaggcca ctggtaccac    163560
     tcattatggc tagcacacgt ctgtagtagt tagttctaca gaagcagtgt tttataaatc    163620
     tttccagttc catgattctc aaagaaatgt gcacactcat ttttattgta tttattcaca    163680
     aagcccaagt cacaaaacca gtctgtgtac ccaccagtga atgaacgata aagaacatac    163740
     gtcatgtctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaaa cagatgcaga aagactgata ttgcatgatt    163800
     tttctcatgt ataatataaa aaggggcaat gacatagaaa tagggaacag gaaggtggga    163860
     agggaaccag agaataggag gataatggtg ggtgacagag aaagtgaata caatcaatgt    163920
     accctcatta catgtgtgaa aatacaatga aacctgccat cttatgttaa taaacattga    163980
     taagcaccag aagaaggaaa gaaattgtgg ccaccgaaca agcagttttg atggtcctcg    164040
     gggaacctgt taggaatgag agttctcaag cctcccacag atccaccaaa ccaagcattc    164100
     ttggggtgag tctagaaatc tctattctag caagtcttct atgggctttc agtgcacact    164160
     gacattcaag gacgattgct ctagtttatt ggttatgtac cactgattta tcttcaaaac    164220
     tactgggcaa acatctctgg catgccaaaa gtaatccttc ggtaaaaaca ctcgtggggc    164280
     agctctcctg gggatagcat caaactgaca agggatggta agcaggtgta gaaaggatat    164340
     tcacagcagg aacataacaa tgagaatgaa ggatttatag ccacaggcaa aatgttgaat    164400
     gaaaaaggac aggcatgaaa ttccttgttt aaagcacaaa gcttggtggc aagtcaggct    164460
     ttgcaggagc tgcttcatct ctcaaggacg ctgatccctt cacagtctgt cttttctctg    164520
     tctagattcc actctcacct taactacacc ttttaagtcc ttgtcaactc atacgccacc    164580
     tagtgagggt tgtgcctcca agaaactata agctggttaa tgttgctatt gttcaccacg    164640
     gatgcttgtg acagtgaaat attcatttta ttaaaatatg cagggttgga cagctgaaga    164700
     gatggcttgg tggttaagag cacttgttgc tctttcagag gacccaggtt caattcccag    164760
     gacccacatg gtggctcaca accatcctta attctaattc tgggagatca gatatccttg    164820
     tctgacctct atggatacca gacatgcacc tgatgcacag acatatatgc aggcaagaca    164880
     ctcatacaca tccaaacaaa atttaaaaaa ccatgaaaag catataatac atggttggag    164940
     gtctggctta gtagttaaga gcactggctg ctcttccaga agacccaggt tttatttctc    165000
     tgcatccaca aagcagctta caaccatcta taactcagtc ccaggggatc tgataccttc    165060
     ttctggcttc ctgggcactg gatgcatgtg gtacacatac atatagcaaa acaccagcat    165120
     acaggaaata ataaaataaa attaagaaaa gaaaaatgca ccaggttgta catttgtgtg    165180
     ttttctgtat ttatgcccct atagttctgc atggcctcca ggaaaacagg cagaaagaat    165240
     tatggggcag gaaatggagc acagggtgta ggttgcagtt tgccattgtt gggcgtgctt    165300
     tcaggggagt tggcagcaag atttaccttg ccttttaagt actgaacttc tccttataga    165360
     caaacaaata gttgcacata agccttctaa atggctttca cctgtacaac agccacccat    165420
     gcaaaagcac tagagctcca acaggtacaa cacaaccaac tgaccaatca gattaagaag    165480
     ggcctgaccc tggtacaaca aagcataatc acctgacaaa atcaagtggg ttccctgctg    165540
     tgcacctcca aaacctccga ggactagact tgatgactgc tctgttattt cacaaactaa    165600
     tctggtctag tacaggaaaa tgctagacga ttattagaga gaataataaa cagaggaagg    165660
     gccaacaaca cttcctgtaa ggatatctga ctgtttgggg atgcagattg ccctcccagc    165720
     aatctgagtc attacgagat tgtactaatt ttactctttg gtccctgcct tttctgctgt    165780
     ctcaacaagt tcctccaaca aagattacag gctttcatag ctctgaggcg cactgaattc    165840
     ttcatggcca aaacctacca gcccctatcc cagctagaag ggacctcaac atggcccgct    165900
     gcaccactgg gactgtcggc ccctctccag caggaagcag cctccccgaa actttccccc    165960
     tccttctttt tacccttcca gagttgggat atgttgggtc atgaggaact gtgtcaggcc    166020
     atactgaacg atagcccata gccataatga atggtttagg atcagcctga ttgaccgttc    166080
     aactttatat gcagaaacaa tatctctgga tattgaaaac aacccactag gcttcaaggc    166140
     aaaccacaat aaatagctgt aacttcctgg tatatatatt tatatatatg tcccacagcc    166200
     cctctaagtg agtcgcttca tcccacggaa aagttggggt cctcaggctc ccaataaagc    166260
     agtcagcctt ctgagatcag tctctctgct tctccacctc atttttctta ctaccatgcc    166320
     atccaatttc tcaccagtaa aaggtggtaa cttttgttcc aactctccaa ctctttcccc    166380
     gctttcccgg ctcccagtct gagctgggga aggagcccac aagctcatca gctggctgct    166440
     ttcctcaaat gcttccagga aaaggtagct acaaaggaat taaacacggg gaattctctg    166500
     gaatttcagg aataatgtag gtgctccata cagaggtgac taaagctctc agaggccaca    166560
     tcatctgcgc ttcttactca gtgccaagag agacaagttt agatgtaaca tcttccaagt    166620
     taaccatttg ggaaacggac tcagtgcagc tgattgaact caaagagtct ggagcaccta    166680
     gaggacaagg gtccacccac aaattagcac atgacttctc tggatctgag tttctttact    166740
     aaaaatgaat tgagcatggt attgcattag acactcttat taccttaatc ctacattgta    166800
     acttgtcctg ctggtttgag aaacagcaac catcatatac tgaaggcact ctccaaagcc    166860
     cagttgctgt tttaagacac attttttttt cataattaat tgtttgaatt cagtgctgtt    166920
     ttgagtttca cagacaatat gggaagactg ttgagatttc ccagccaacc tgtttcaaga    166980
     ttaagagaac atgattcaga aagccaagcc cttgcctaaa gtctatggtt gatatggaag    167040
     ggctagagtc aagggtctcc tgctttgtga gtcagagctc ttccatgcct ccatcagccc    167100
     ccttatctta tataatgtat atgtctacag tttctcctat gtagccaagg gatgtaactc    167160
     tgcagacagc attaggagag aggagggcac tgcccaaatg acaagttcag agaggttaac    167220
     catctgccta tgaatagcag gtagaggttt ggtcatcatt gttatactgg ccactgtggc    167280
     cattaacagt ggactgctct ctttaattac aaagctaata ttctacagaa taagacctat    167340
     acattaggaa gcactgctgt aagccagttg ccttatacaa tgctgtttat cttctaagaa    167400
     ctgacaaaaa tccaaatatc agcctctgag aaagacataa agaagctgac agttctgtga    167460
     ctcattctga ctctgaagaa gctaacacac atacttcaga agagcccagt gctgtgtcat    167520
     tgtctggctg tcaccggcaa ttatgaagca gagtgccgat tggctgtccc cacagagatg    167580
     gaaggtgaat acatttcagc ttcccatgtc acatgaaaaa tcggctcgag gtaatttgtt    167640
     gacctaaata tgagaggtga atcagtaaag gttttaggag aacaggcagg gatagcttta    167700
     catctttggg attagaaaga ccttcttaag caagttacat attaaaaaaa aaaaacagac    167760
     tggattaaaa tctggaattt ccagttatca aaagacatca gaaagtgaaa actcagcctc    167820
     aaaatatgaa aagattattt tcaatgttta tgtttttcag aggactggtg tctagaatgt    167880
     atatttaatg aaaattctat aaatccatta agaaaattct ataaattgat aagaaaagct    167940
     ggacattcaa acaaaaaaaa ttgcaaaata tttgaatggt acatgtccaa aatagccgat    168000
     gtccaggaac atgcccaggt cttcacagac aaaagggccc catcaatgtg aacagatgta    168060
     gtgacagttt tggaattttg gtttctttaa aaagtacaga aatattttaa tatgtttttg    168120
     ttttaatccc atgtgtggga tatgagtctg cttgagattg tccacaacag ctgactatga    168180
     tttgtctcat gctctggtga ggatgtgatt ttgccagacg cagatagttt ctgctattgt    168240
     gtgacatttg gaattctggg gacttttcag agaatgtata aaagctaggg ctctgagagg    168300
     tggggtaggt tgttggccat gggtgattgt ggtttgctaa gtagccgtgt gcaaagagaa    168360
     aacaagaaga aattaaattt gcccaaatta agttgaagcc caaatcagca gaaagtagtc    168420
     taacgatagt gctgcccccc tgtcagactc ctgactttat tcagggacct ctttcctttc    168480
     ctctctatcc cttttctctc ttttctagtg ttagggggtt gaaaaggtag aaaagggtgg    168540
     agaagggtgg aaaaaccaga aatccacaaa gtagctaaag tctggctaca aagagattat    168600
     tggtgtttat ttcgtgtgag acaacgtgaa tttactagtt ttagacattt agaaatataa    168660
     agtttggatg caagtgatga gtggataaat tcatacatat taattcacag gaatacttat    168720
     tacccacaca tacttcttat gtggtatctt gtatattcca gcaagagcag ccttttaaag    168780
     ccaagtttct aaagattctg tgtggtgagt gtcctctctc ttattcctat cttcttgtgc    168840
     tgtccacaag tgaaacatgc gaactagacc tcttgagccc cccgtgtcag ggcacaaagt    168900
     ccactcatgg gctcgtcctt atgttctaat cgcacctgag ggaaaatatc aagacacgag    168960
     gtttggagaa cacatccaaa tggaagcaag aggagacaga gtttttctga aatctttagt    169020
     gagtttgtaa taaaaaggcc caagactcca tgtacaagct gtgtagaatc aaactcatag    169080
     aatacacatc atgggggctt tttaacagat gggttaagct gcctttttta ccacacatta    169140
     attataaaat acagcactta tcaaattgtc tgtagactca gctatcctca tattctgtct    169200
     cattacatct tagtgatgaa taaatatcta atttttttcc attttatgtt ctgtgtatga    169260
     gttttgtttt gttttttgcc tgcacaagtg tatgtgcatc atgtgcttat gtgtatctgc    169320
     agaggccaga agagggcgct tgatcccctg gataagtctg tggtcactag acattaatct    169380
     ctttgtgcat catttctctg tttcctataa gtctacaaag tgacttgtta ccaagacagc    169440
     catatgaaca catgaactgg aaatggaaaa ccctccaaac gccctgtatt ccatgcccgt    169500
     cagaatcctg cacagtgctc cttggtttgg tgggaatgct tctgtcgtgg tttagttgcc    169560
     ttttgttgtt tcttccagtc tttcccagcc tccattctga acacaataaa aattcatttt    169620
     tctgccattg tgtttatctg aataaacact tctgtatacc tataaagtag tgataattag    169680
     caaccataag aaagactcca agacatgcag tgcctggggt ttcctgattt gccaaaactg    169740
     aaggaattgt gtgtcaatat cacatggaat ttgatgtgct ttggaaataa tatataaata    169800
     tatgaaaaaa ttacttagcc atatttaata caaatgctcc agtctctgcc taagacatga    169860
     ataatgggaa atttgacctt taagggaaaa ttaagacata aaatgaaggt gccacttgct    169920
     aaaagcatgc tgttaaatat caactctgct atgatttcta ccatcatttt atacacattt    169980
     tctacctttt ggatgttcta tctgtgatta cttgaagtta aaacaaaaca aaacaagcca    170040
     cgtgtgatag ccaatacctg taagaggcta aggcagaagg atttctgtga ggtccaggtc    170100
     atccagagct gagtaaggcc ctgatccata tgttgttagg agccatatta ttgctgtatt    170160
     cctttagcag aacaatcaca ttagattgtc aactaaccca ctcttagatt cctcagttgc    170220
     ttggagttct ctatgtaggg ttaaggctgt gcaggttccc ctccaccaat ggacatttga    170280
     tttttaacaa ggaagacaaa attatgcact ctcttacccc caccctccac aaaagacaat    170340
     accttcaaca caaggtgctg gtcaaactac caatctgcat gtagaagaat ggaaatagat    170400
     acatacttat cactgcacaa aactcaacta caaatagacc atggacatca acataagatc    170460
     agataacccg agtctcataa aatagaagta gggaatatgc ttgaactcat tggcatagaa    170520
     aaacgacttt ctgaacagag caccagtagt acaggcacta agaccaacag taaatgggac    170580
     ctcatgacga tgaaaacata tgtaaagcaa agggcaccag cattagggca aagcaacagc    170640
     ctaaagagtg ggaaaagatc tctaccaatt ccacaattga cagatatgct caatatctaa    170700
     aatatacaaa agctaaggaa cctgaacatc aagacaacaa ataacccaat taaaaattgg    170760
     gctcagagct ggtatataac tagaaacgtc atccctactg actagcattc atggtgcttg    170820
     aagtactctg catgctactg gaggagaaaa acaattatcc atatctctca gctacaatcc    170880
     cttcaatcta ttactactat ggtctgcttg caagatatac tggaacaaat gttacaggat    170940
     tgaccaatca ctttctgatt gacattaagg tctgctctgt gagatggaat tcatagctga    171000
     cactgctaaa atggtaaaga acctagatag gtctgagcct agggaaaaac caaatatgat    171060
     tttggaagcc attgtgaaag gtattgtttc tctgaattct ctcccagtcc atttgtcagt    171120
     tgtacatagg aaggctactc aattttgcat gtcaatttta tatcatgcta ccttgctgaa    171180
     agtgtttatc agccaagttt cctggagaag tataagtatt ttaaggatat tttatgtaaa    171240
     aaatgacatc atctgcaaat aaagatactt tgacttcttc cttgcctctc tgtctccctc    171300
     tggtattctc ccgtctcatt gctctagcta agacttcaag cacaatatta aataagtatg    171360
     gcaagagtgg acatccttgt cttgttcctg attttaatgg aaatgctttg agtttttctg    171420
     tttaacttga tgctggctgg ggatttgctg tacattgtct ttattattgt ggtttgaatg    171480
     agactggacc ccaaaggatt gtgcatttga atgcttgtta gaagtgtgcc ttgttgaaga    171540
     aagtgtgtca ctaggggtgg actctgaggt ctcttggaac cagagccaat tctagtgagc    171600
     ttttctttct gtctttctcc cccttctctg ctttgtggtt gttgtcctaa catgtaagct    171660
     ctcaactacc acttcctcca gtgctatgtt tgcctgtctg ctgccatgtt tccctatctg    171720
     ccattatggg catagacttg ctctcggaag ctgtaaacaa gcctctaatt aaacggtttc    171780
     ttttataaga ccttgggcat gatatatttt catagcaatt gaaaagtaac taaggcaatt    171840
     atgctgaggt atgttctgtg tattcctctt tagggctttt atcatgaagg gatgttgatt    171900
     ttgccaaagg tcttttctgc atctaatgag atgatcatgt aatttttttt ttttaccttt    171960
     cagtatgttt gtgtaatggg ttgcatttat caatttacat atattaaaat gcccccaaat    172020
     ctctgggaag aagcccactt cattatggaa gatgatttat ttttgatgtc ttcttgaatt    172080
     cagtttgtcc ataattttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgggtcttg tgtggtttta    172140
     gaatcagagt aatagtggcc ttgtaaaaag aattaagcaa tgtcccatca gtttctattt    172200
     tgtggaataa tttgaagagt attagtgtaa attcttcttt gaacatctag tcaaattctg    172260
     cactgaatcc atctggtcct aaaatttggg ggattggaag attttttaat tattccacta    172320
     agtgctctag ttgtatttaa attgcatatt tgatctttag taagttgtat atatcacaaa    172380
     attcatccat ttcctttagg ttttccagtt tggtggagta tatattttta aagtacctcc    172440
     ttatgaattt ttaaaatttc tttgatgtct gttgtaatgt tccaccttaa tctctaattt    172500
     tatgaatttg gatttttctc tcttatcttt tagttacttt gcccgagagt ctgtcaacat    172560
     tgttgatttt ctcaaagaat aaactcttca tttcattgat tctttttata tcttttttgt    172620
     ttctctttca ttaattttag ccctgagttg ttcagcccca ttgtttcatg ctgtctactt    172680
     tttgggtgtt atttctgcca tgaaagcgat gctacaagct gaggttgaat tgtgaggcca    172740
     agacccaaga tgctcagtgc actatactgt gactaacaca gccctgactt gttactgcac    172800
     acagttatac ttcaggcatc atcaatattt ctgtgtgatt gccaatcttt cactttcatt    172860
     atgattagat tcagaaggca cctagtgcat ttatacagca cagctctggg tacatttgtg    172920
     agcagttttc cagataggat tgactgaggg aggaagaccc aacaggaatg agggaagtac    172980
     cattacaatg gaataatggg gaaaaggaga acgaagtccc cttttctctg tttcctgttg    173040
     gcccaatggg aaaggacatg ttccacagta cctgtcttcc tctaggatat tctcctcaaa    173100
     ggcatggggt caagcaacca ttggcagacc cctttgaaat catgatccta gtcaaacttt    173160
     ccttctttaa gttgtgactg caggtattag gtcaaagtga tgcaaaaagc tactattaca    173220
     ttttcctggc tttggagtca gcaagtccag agtctcagat cctagctttg ctgaagacta    173280
     gctgtaaatc ttagcaatgc aactcaatca tgtgtcagtt tcttctgctg tgaatggggt    173340
     tgtttatgac ttctagatgt tcccgagtga cccctttttc ttaggaattt cccttcacaa    173400
     atagagtccc atggaagcaa caggacatag aaatgagaga ctgtggcttc tgaggctagc    173460
     ccaccaaatg gatagtgtat agagttggat ctcttgcctc tagataaagc cagctgccat    173520
     gtttgtgggg acaaataggt attccccact tcctcatagg ccatgtggca aggaactgtg    173580
     atctcttgcc aacaactagt actatcttgg tagtcatgag ctaatgggtc ctctaacagg    173640
     tgacagaagc tccagttgcc atcttaacta caacatcata ggaaattctg agcccaagcc    173700
     attagcccca ccaccttcag agttcctgac tcctggcgtc ctcatgcgat gataatcttt    173760
     taagatgttt tgagatgttg agtaccaggg aaacttataa tgcaacacaa tagctaatat    173820
     accacctctt gggctggatg aattaagaga tgtgtagagg atatagctta ttttctaggc    173880
     actgagcaga ggaaggattc agaaaacagt gactgttaat attatcatag cttgatgtta    173940
     tgctttgaat atctagtgca ctgatagatt tcggtatcaa acaatctttc tggccatcag    174000
     ccataatcac acaggacaca tgataacaag ccgcaagaga tctggttcga gactacaccg    174060
     agtaatcagg gaaagcagat agattcataa caccgtacat tgtgacattc tgggactgct    174120
     ggccagctcc tttcagccag aagtctttcc ataatgggaa tgcattttag cataatacat    174180
     gaagcagcat tgccccccac ccaccatgga agaacaaggg tccactaagc tggaaagaag    174240
     aaccagctct ccttcacctc cttgacgcta ggcttcctgg atagagcctc taatgagagg    174300
     aaagaagggt ggaagagaag accagcaaca gaaaagtctg tgagtcccat cctatactcc    174360
     taactccatg gagtcagaag aaaacccaga taggaaagga aggaaatgtg gcttgttatc    174420
     atgtgtcctg tgtgattatg gctgatggcc agaaagattg tttgatagtg aaatctatca    174480
     gtgcaggggc atgttatcat gtgtcttaag ggggacgtgg aggccatagc tgggcctgga    174540
     ggaggatctt gagagagaga ggcaggctca agagacaccc tgttgtgtaa cagtttcctg    174600
     ggagattgaa acctccaatt ctgtatggaa gctcttgaag caaaaggttg ataactcaaa    174660
     atagcatcag gaagtccctg aaactgccca gatgaactgc ctggtgagca acccttctgt    174720
     tttgcagttg cttttaaagt gaggggtgag ttggtttcct gatcccatca gcagatcttt    174780
     gtctgatcag gctcaggcat aaactgtctt ctcttctgta cacactagtg ctgttcctaa    174840
     tctttttttg gtggtcctgt gggatactga ctcttagcca ggtctccagt ctcctgagag    174900
     caaaagaagc caaaccagaa attattaata agaatttgca ctcatgtaga tatattcaat    174960
     tacccccagt tagcaattat gacccattct cctattgtga taaggcttaa tgggaaaatg    175020
     cgacagaaca gaaagaattc ttgagagtgc taattatttc acacaaacgc tgggctgaga    175080
     atttcccacg aggaaaaatg tagagtggaa ataattagtt tggtcaggaa attatgtaac    175140
     tgggatttac ctgtatgtca gcacttattt gttctaaccc ctgtccatga tccttggggg    175200
     gataatcttc gattttcatc ttatacatgt cgaaattgag gaagagtcat taaaaacctt    175260
     gacaaaaggg gtacagtggg tcagaggcag agctaagccc ccattgtgta tttctcaacc    175320
     ccggggaagc atccctgagg tcgggtgctt tgtacaatac acacatgaac aattagtatg    175380
     atggactggg gcatgttatc atgtgtctta agggggacat ggaggccata gctgggcctg    175440
     gaggaggatc ttgagagaga gaggcaggct caagagatac cctgttgtgt aacagtttcc    175500
     tgggagattg aaacctccat ttctgtatgg aagctcttga agcaaaaggt tgataactca    175560
     aaataccttc aggaagtccc tgaaactgtg cagatttcac taggcccctc tctgccagag    175620
     gaagcaataa aagtggagag tcattctcag acaaaacaag ctgcagagaa gagtctgaac    175680
     ctaggacagc tgtgtgggag gcagaaccaa gcccagttgt ctggaagaga gattttagac    175740
     ctcctgagtc aatcgggagg gacactctcc agtctgttga tctgcctgta gactgtgcag    175800
     tgtgcaacag gttcccagct ttgagagctg tcactcatgc tggggtgagc tttggggtgc    175860
     agctgtcttt gagtcatttc tcctcctgta agtaaccact catccatatt cctgtagcag    175920
     cagtaaaact cattggctca ccaactggag cttggtggtg gctatccttt ggcctctcac    175980
     gggctctcta cctggggtga gtggagtagg tatgtctgta actgctcccc aggaaaagtg    176040
     ctggagccca gctctgggtg agagccagga cctgaagtag gtaagcgaaa gagctttgag    176100
     gggggaatca gaccttttag tttcatttca tgagagacag gacagacagg aggcatatct    176160
     cagtgtggcc tgacctgctc tgacaacctg tgtctcttac aggctttatt tatacacaaa    176220
     atcattttct caaaaacttt aatcatcgat tacataactt cttaggataa aagtcttcct    176280
     tgattatata agcacataaa agaaatgaag caagcaataa attttatgaa aaccaaaaat    176340
     taactttatg ataaaatcag ttttctttta acttaatgtc tttttcctta agctcagtgt    176400
     tgtaaaccct tccagctaca gaaatgcgag acaggatatc tctatctaag gttgactgga    176460
     ttaataaagc agtagttatt tccttctgtt ataccaagcg aatcctgcat tgttttacta    176520
     acctaaatat ttagtatttc tacagaaatt caatctctca gccttttgtt tatatttgat    176580
     atacgaccac catcctttcc tttaaagcat cgtgtggccc tcttggcagc acccagccct    176640
     gcttaaacaa gacaatcttc ttttattttt ctgcaatatc aggaaaagtc ctgatctgac    176700
     aagcctgctc aggaagccag gcaggtcact gagccaaaat gtttctctgt gtctctgcca    176760
     taaacccttg tttcagtacg gcccctatct ttattacaat cctgtaaagg attgaagagc    176820
     ttcaggattt ctaagactgc ttgctttgcc ttcaggtggg caataattgt ataattatta    176880
     attatataat tataattatt attattaagg tttgtcaata attgtataat caaaaatgtt    176940
     tcctgtctgt cttagtcaga gtttcttttc ctggacaaaa catcatgacc aagaagcagt    177000
     tggggaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac ttccatactg ctgttcatca ccaaaggaag    177060
     tcaggactgg gactcaagca ggtcaggaag caggagctga tgcagagacc atggaggaat    177120
     gttatttact ggcttgctca gtctgctttc ttatagaacc caagactacc agcccagaga    177180
     tggtaccacc cacaagggac cctctctgct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagc    177240
     tggatctcgt ggaggcattt cctcaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagcttg    177300
     tgtcaagttg acacaaaacc agccagtaca ctgttcatac tagttccatg tttctgaagc    177360
     tggacaccca tagaaagagt gacatgaaaa cctaatgatt cagttatggt ttattagttc    177420
     ctggaatttt ctaaggtttt ctttattttt tttttctcaa attctgtgtc tcatgcttac    177480
     tcacattact taagtaatag gttttatgga aaactcaatt tcttgcatag ctgattctcc    177540
     cagggaactt ctgttacttt tattcttatt aacactatct tttaaaagaa ttgttacatt    177600
     atcctagccc tagcctttgg caaggggccc ttaacagcaa ggaattcaaa tattaaacat    177660
     gttagaaaca caagcaaaca ttgtgtagca aatttccacc aaaggcagtg atgggtcagt    177720
     tcgggtcgtc tgagcactgg aagtttgtga gacagtgtct acaacatgca tggcattacc    177780
     agaaagggtt tgtcacccaa cacaacccct cccatattat acaggtattt cctctaaacc    177840
     aaaacatcct ctccttggag ggaggatact taaaatgcag ttaataaaga aaatacacaa    177900
     tgctcaggga gcaaacaaaa ctcataagtc ttagggaggt cctgaaactt acaggattta    177960
     caggatgcag gcagtaacaa ttgcaggcaa gaggagactc ttctgtggaa ctgcccggga    178020
     ggtgtatagg atgcagctct ggggaggcat tacccaaggt ggacttttca gtgcgcagtt    178080
     gtctttgagt gacccatgct tctgtttgtg acccctcact tctattcctg tgaccccagg    178140
     agtttactaa gttagttcac atttgttcac tactcctcag gggaaaagaa aaaaaatcac    178200
     acaacaccca gaatactggc ccctcctgca aagaaatcct tgccccatgc agctttcaga    178260
     catgagatca gtgtctgact gctctgactg ccaacccatg gccaccccta gcctagggat    178320
     gttctgctgc tgggatcggg ctcttgagta ttcagctctg tctgatctgt tgagaaccag    178380
     gttttgacat ggcaaaagat tttaaagcta gagcaatttt ttttttaaag tttaaggaaa    178440
     atgttttggg ttttttgcca ttttgttata ctgggtagaa ctttctacag acttcaaact    178500
     caaatgcagg ctcactgaat cgaactctag tgtatcagag aaaatcataa atgtcaaaaa    178560
     aaaaaaaaaa agcccttgcc acagaggtat tccatggatc ttctatgctc atgcacgtgc    178620
     ttcattgatg tgtcaagtct tggttacaaa acaccagtca aaagataaag tattatgagt    178680
     ttcaagaatg taacagcaga ctattaatca catggctgct ctaggcacag tgcctcctgg    178740
     actctccgtc cttcctacgt ttgtaaccaa ctctttttct ccccaccttt agctccaaca    178800
     acgatttgcc tcttcttcct ttctttcttc tttgctttac tttttctgag acagggtctt    178860
     gtgtagccca ggaagacatg aagctcaaac agccccctct gttagcctct ccagtgctgg    178920
     gattagagac acacaacaga acatgtacct tctcttctgt tttgtttttt gttttttgtt    178980
     tgtttgttta tttgttttgt ttttctgcac gtgtgtttta ataaggaatc acaaagttat    179040
     ccatgttgac ctttcccttg gacctgctgt gtagctcagg ctgactccag ccttcctgtc    179100
     cacatacctg agccttcagc ccactactgg cattacaacc catcaagtca gctattttct    179160
     tatcttcttt gctttatttt cttccaattt ttctttcttt ctttgtagag tcaggtgagc    179220
     ttcaagcttg ctatgtagcc agaacgaccc tgagtgtctg atccccctgt ctctatctcc    179280
     caagaggtgg tcttgcaggc acactatgcc tagctttgtt ttccatgttt tcagggattt    179340
     cagcaatgga atcacacaca tccttcctgt actgagatga atttgagata gaccaacaga    179400
     ggtactcatt gcttcattat ttagaatcgt atcaactcat ttgttctcct cagttgagaa    179460
     tagcctcaac ctgaacatca acgtgcattt ctgttcttgg gattttcctg ataccagctt    179520
     tgcttacagt tcctggctac agtttcctga tatttatccc ttcttggttt ctttggatgt    179580
     ggccttttct tctccacaaa cactgagctt tagtctgaga aaagtctggg gaggaatttg    179640
     atgggacata tctcacgcaa aatatatgtt gtcaaatgga gatagtatac gtcaggtaag    179700
     cacgttagtt actttcctat tgctgtgatg agacattttg atgaataaaa gttgccttta    179760
     caggctgcaa gcactcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag ccccaatctt tatagtttta    179820
     agaaaaaaaa aaccctcatt tttcttaaaa tcgacttgaa gaagaaaact agaactctgg    179880
     taagtcaggg attcgctaca gcggctctca tcactagagt ccctctgggt ctctccatgc    179940
     aagctctctg gctagttctc catctgctct gtgattatct tgatcaattt tgtctttggt    180000
     tcctctcact cctgccacag actctctaac agaccacagg ccccgatgct attcttactc    180060
     cgtcagctgc gtcagtgacc ttacttcttc cattctagcg atgtgtcccc gtgtcactga    180120
     gcagaaagtt cttctgagaa caggctgcga cttagagcag gctgtgtgca tggaaacctg    180180
     ctttcttgtg cctcctccca gcagcggggt ggtggtgatg atatagtctc catcctccta    180240
     catggtcata gtctttccct gaacaccata tgactcacag gcaatagcct ggagtccgga    180300
     accaggctgc ctaggttcca attacattgt gccatctcag ccaggaggcc atctgcaaga    180360
     tccacgtctc agttttccca tctatgaaag gatcaaaacc aatacaatct tttggaatgt    180420
     tttattcttt tcgtggagga tgacacatat aagtacacag ttatactaag catcagtggg    180480
     tatgttttca caaacaccca acactcaggc caatgattag agccttctta tactggatgt    180540
     gttgtatagc ttgtaaccct agaatcttgg agatgggggc aggagttgag tgtttaaggc    180600
     cagcctggat tacagagcaa gaccctgttc ccccctaaag tcctcagcca tctcctgcag    180660
     cacggagcag ctctgggaat tagtgagtta atattggcaa tattagaaca gtacctggca    180720
     ggcagtcatc acatctcagt ctgccaggaa gcttggcggc ttgctagtgt ctgggagagc    180780
     accgcttcct tacaagacag ggtttcccct gctctgtgtg tgcactgcag atggcaggat    180840
     gagcttcagg ataatcaatt acttcctccc accccctaag caccaggtgc tgcattatag    180900
     ggcaaatggc tcctgtggaa tgcaacagtt ctctttagaa gagaaagaaa tgctcaatca    180960
     agctgctgtt atcacctcac aaagagccag atgctgttgg gcctggcagc cagtgccatc    181020
     cgcaagggac tggcatggca tggctttata cactggacta gaaaccaggc gtctgggctg    181080
     acggttagca gtcctagacg tagcttcctg tatcaactgc acagagcaca gctaggctca    181140
     ggaaagttaa tagccagagg ggagcagaac tgcaagggtt aaaatgcatt gactaatttt    181200
     acaaaatatg aaaagggcct ggagaggtgg ctcagtggtt gagagctttg gtgctccttc    181260
     agaggacctg ggtttggttc ccagcaccca tatgtcaatc aaatctgtaa ctctagtgcc    181320
     agaatatgca tgtcctcttt ctgcctcctc ggggaccaag aaccgtatat acatatccca    181380
     gaaaaccaca cagacagaat aaaaataaat atttttttta aaaaagctag gtgatgtgag    181440
     gggtatggag gtcaaccttg tgaaggaaaa tgtgggctgg agagggagga gccacaggct    181500
     cctgagactc cttgaagagt cctgatctgt tgtacagggc attagatcta agatggctac    181560
     cagaaaacca gtgagacagc aaaaaaggaa ctgaggcaag ggcagtggct gcttccccca    181620
     tcttcacgga agtcccaaca ggggatgatg ctccccacac accttcatca ggcagggctt    181680
     tcactggagc atggtgacag tgtggcaaga tacgattggc tgaagatcta ccgggcttgg    181740
     gattggctca aacactgtgt ataagcttat gtgcaataaa ctcaggtcta taccctgatg    181800
     ctggtctcca gagtctgatt tcccaggatt cctcacatga ctccacggct tataacacct    181860
     tccaccctca tcctctggat tgttcccaca gggtagggat gggggtgggg ctggagagat    181920
     ggctcaacgg tcaagagctc ttaatcactg aacctatctt gccattcctt gaatgaatga    181980
     atttttaatc aagcttaaaa tccaggagaa ataaaaccga ggaaacaagt tgctatggat    182040
     gagagcaaac gtgagtaaga aaaactggct agttgtgact gttgatgaag tttcttgttg    182100
     cagctgtttt gttgttttat tttggagacc agatctcaga ctgtagcact ggttggtcta    182160
     gaattcacta cgttagccca ggatggcctt gactttatgg cgttcctctt gcctctctca    182220
     ctcaagggct gaaactatag cctgagccac catgcctggg ctgaaaatct gcttagaaaa    182280
     acataaataa aatcgaacat gtgctagata attggtcaga aacaaggaga aaacgtacaa    182340
     tattagaaat gtcaaaaggc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg    182400
     atagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    182460
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agatagatag aaagagagaa agaaaagtaa gaatcatcaa    182520
     aatgggaaac tttttaaaaa tcaatggagt actttgaata actctacgta aacacatttg    182580
     ataaccttga tgaaataagt gcatttatac aaaaatacaa ttcaccaatt gactccaatg    182640
     gagaaggcag agcgtgtaat ctttcatggt aactggttac tcagagagag ttatttaagt    182700
     aaattgtagt gacggatatc tgagagaaat cttccccaaa gcataatcca tcaggattga    182760
     gaaaatgccg tcagcagcca attaagcaag gaaactgctc cggctgctgc tgctgctgcg    182820
     gctgcggctg cttctgctgc tttattaata atccaagaaa tagtttagtt ttgatggatg    182880
     atcccagcct ggaattagcg tgagtcagga ccagagttaa tccacactcc atggtcacca    182940
     aagtccacag ggactttagc cccagagttg acagttggca tcaagcctgt tatgagcaat    183000
     gacagagaat gtcagtgaca gtcgtgcctg tgatgtgtcc aaggagacac tctgcagcta    183060
     ccccagttac tcagagatgt cctgttccct gatggactaa gattctcagt cactttgttg    183120
     tgccttccca tgacagcatt agatccagaa ctgttttttt gttttgtttt gtttttgttt    183180
     ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt gtttttttgt ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttga    183240
     catggtttct ctgtgtggcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctatagacc aggctgacct    183300
     caaactcaag atctgcctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct    183360
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct    183420
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct    183480
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct    183540
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctcg    183600
     acttgagtgc tgagcttaaa ggtgtgtacc accaccaccc agcttgtccc ctcctttaaa    183660
     aaacccacct tataaaactt tttggtacaa acccaaatgc tataagtttc cttatattcc    183720
     ctccactagg gtgtcccgag attcctttga tgtggcccat ctttgcttct ttatcttctt    183780
     tgatgggtgc gcatgggcag ccacagctgt accaatccca cacagtatgg acctcaaaaa    183840
     tcaattctct aacaccatcc catccaccta gtaccttgcc tgaatattca gtgatagtta    183900
     caaaacctcc cctgaagtgt gtccctacta tgtgccaggt taagactatg tgctttgtcc    183960
     agtacctctt cagctgtgat atacacgtca atcatcaagg tatatggata tagcacagac    184020
     tatggttcaa tgtgtttgga aaggtcatgg cagtccacat ttcaagcaaa gtcttggtta    184080
     acaccagtgc tgcagattca aggactacac atggagttcc aaggcctcag gtgcacagcc    184140
     gatagcactt gtcagcacag actgcatggg aggcttgaag catctgagct cttgatgcca    184200
     tccataacac tggcgccccc ggcagtgaga cccaagtggc tcacatatga agctaaactt    184260
     tagggcaggg ccttattcta tagtgaagaa atttaacaca gaggtgatga ctacctgtcc    184320
     cagcccctac agtccatgtt ggaggctgag ttttaaaccc agggtaccta gctgtagaat    184380
     ctagggtgcg ttcacctagc cattctcctc aaagcatcct aaggagaaga cagaacctta    184440
     tactctgtca ttggtgttaa ctggggaaag cagacccgtt tatgtgcaag gcgtcaggaa    184500
     acagcctggg cccaccgatt ctccagcagt aagcttgtca gcatggtttt ggcaccatca    184560
     caactggagg tcagaatgtt gtctctatga ccacagacat ctctagctgt atgacactca    184620
     atgctttccc caggcttaaa cattatcggc tccctgactt tcctataaac gctgaccagt    184680
     atttttccag tcactgaggt tttaagtgta agagaaagcc aggtgcatta aatcagtgta    184740
     attacctctg aaatgctggt gattgaggaa gtggattccg agagaaattc tccacggctt    184800
     tatcaaaggg gaattgtgaa gccccggact ggacagcagc caactgtctg cccctttctg    184860
     atgggaagca aaggattctc tgaggaaggg gcttgctggc aatggcgggt tcatctccca    184920
     tctgggaatt cattaattag ggcttagctc tgaaggcaga taacaagcta atcaaaaggg    184980
     gaagtgaagc cccacagatc tcaatgtcta atgagtaccg ctgggctgag caggcgagac    185040
     ggcatcagaa caggtggggt gtcagatggc ggaccatcct gaaaccgcgg tgctggtggc    185100
     acacttccgg ttttgaacaa ttccaagata agagaggtat ttaaatcatt ctacaccaac    185160
     cacctccctc aatgtctgct atgttatcat ctcatcgttc cagaaaggaa acaacacagt    185220
     cccttccctg tctaccagca cagagagagg agattgtgtt caggtctccc gctgcccgct    185280
     cgcttgcaac ctcacagaga acacatctca aaatgcaggg ttatcccaat caccgcttac    185340
     tcccagggct tcaagtttgg cgttacgcct taaaacaggc atttggagaa tgtgagattg    185400
     aaggaaacat taaaaatata aagaaaatca ctgggtttgt taggtttttc ttctctcatc    185460
     ttgaaatcct tgctgctttt catatctaaa ccctgggtta aaggtttttc agtctgggtc    185520
     catcttagag ccttgcttct gctctcatga accagctgga gctcagacgc tgccctgagt    185580
     gttttttcta gatgggacac tctcgagaag aagttagtct ggaagcagct tggataatga    185640
     ccagtcactt atctgcatac cttctttggg ccaatcatct cttttccagt cgatgaagat    185700
     gatgatgaat agattcaagt tattctctcc cgtccaccaa ggaataaagt cccattgtgg    185760
     ttttcttgac tcttcagctt ccggtggtct catccaggta aattacctgg tcattctccg    185820
     tgaagaggaa ggcagagggc atacgacacc tctggcacag gtagagacct tccgttccca    185880
     aggctctatc actcagatgc agtctgcagt gccgcagtag ttcttactgg aaaccctcag    185940
     atgatccgca tgataggcct atgtacccag ctgcccagca ccaccccaaa gcctctcact    186000
     agctagataa agaaactgtg ttcaaccacg cctctgaatg gattgctagt ttgtaagaca    186060
     ggagagagaa agggtagaga agatggacaa gaaggtgaac tttccatggc gtagaatgca    186120
     tttgcatttt atatgatatt gctttgctct ctccttatta agccagtggc taccagtctt    186180
     gctacacaac tgggattctg gaggacctta cttgactcct ggtacccagg ctctacccca    186240
     acccttttgc cactgaattt ttgtgaccgc actcagacat cagaagctgc tcagtggtca    186300
     ttgcttaaaa tgcggctgca aatttaaaat ttctttagag gcttaaaaaa atattgatgc    186360
     ccagaaattg tgattaataa aaatagcatg cgtcttggac acctgggatt aaaaaaaatc    186420
     ttcccaatgc acagccacag ttgaggattc acgctttagc tatcttcctc tccacggtga    186480
     gccactgcac aagtctatac ccagcatgca ctctgaggag cagaaagcat gtaacttatt    186540
     gctttatcct gctactcagc atcttctgtt gcctgcccag gaggcaaaac gcaacagtaa    186600
     acaaagaata caaacaatag gagaatttga gccactccca ctagacttct tgtttagatt    186660
     cctctttcaa aatcggtggt ggaggcctga cactattact gatgctgtgg tgtgcttgca    186720
     gacaggagcc tagcatggct gccctccgaa aggcccagca agcaactgaa agagtgagat    186780
     gcagatactt acaccctacc aatggacaga agctggggac ccctatggtt gaatcaggga    186840
     aaagctggaa gaagctgagg aggagggcga ccctagagga agaccagcag tctcaactaa    186900
     ccttgaccac ctaggatctc tcagacactg agccaccagc caggcagcat acaccagctg    186960
     atctgaggcc cccaacacat acatagcaga ggactgcctg gtctggcttc agtgagagaa    187020
     gatgcaccta cccctcaaga gatttgaggt cccagggagt ggggaggcct ggtggggggt    187080
     ggggtgggga catccactga agaggggaga ggggggcatg ggggatggga agtaagggat    187140
     gagagtcaga gggcagaagg ggaggggata aagactggac tgtaaaaaaa gattaaagaa    187200
     ttttttttaa aaatggtgct ggaaccaagt aagctaggta agctacatcc ttagccccaa    187260
     accttcttta attggcttct aataactaac ttatcagagg aactcagata gtacaatttt    187320
     taatggattt ccatagaaga ctccagcatc tattgcaaat gcttatggat cccttaaaca    187380
     tgggatcgcc tggattggtg actgaatgca gccttttggt accaccgagg cattgtacac    187440
     tcacctaact atccctgagt ccaagcaaag aaacaaaagt cacaactcac atggtcgtag    187500
     ttaattacaa aaagagaggg tgaagctagc gatccttcta atctcagaag tctctgttaa    187560
     aagcataaca gttcatgaaa ttgtcacatt catagtgaga ggaaatatgt tataaccgga    187620
     aaggattaga gccaggaagt ttacaaatgc agcccagcaa cacatttatg catataacat    187680
     agtatattca agaatgtctc tgtttgcaga aaaacaccca gaggagtggg cacaaatcct    187740
     tatctcatct ctaaccatgt gttataaaaa ttaggttatt aagaaaggat attttagagg    187800
     ctggagatat ggctcagcag ttaaagagca ttggctgctc tttcaaagaa cccaggttca    187860
     attccaagtg ctcacatggc aactcacagc tgtctattgc tgtgtttata aaaacgtaaa    187920
     gagagggggg atatattcta tggaggtgta gtcaggtatg gaaaaggggg tgcctcagca    187980
     ggcccatgct gagacatccc ttccccctga gggaccagcc aagtgacggt atagtataga    188040
     atagagttta ttaagggcat agagaggggg agctaagagg ataggagaag gaaagggaga    188100
     gggagaggga gagggagagg gagagggaga gggagaggga gagggagagg gagagggaga    188160
     gggagaacag agaagtagag gctggccatg aacgtgtgga gaaagaggag ggaagggaat    188220
     ggggagttgg gggggggaga gcaagggagc aagcgaggag agggcaagca gcccctttta    188280
     tagtgagtca ggcacacctg gctgttgcca ggtaactgtg gggcaaggct tagacagaat    188340
     gctaacatct atacctccag atctagagga tccaacaccc tcacacagac atacgtgtag    188400
     gccaaacacc aaatgtacat aaaaatttaa aaataaataa tatagaaaag aaaggatatt    188460
     ttaaattcaa agtgatagat ttaggtctca gattgctgac gtctatgtct tatagtttgc    188520
     tcagacaatt ctatgtgaca tcatttattt ttcaacattg ctacaatatt tggttactgc    188580
     tgaaacaaga cattggttat gcagtaaata aaacatatat agtataatgt ctgccttaat    188640
     attccacggt tgagtcattt tgaggagctg cacagttagt aagcctgcct gtggattgta    188700
     atgagaaaga tttggtagag aagccaccaa atatcctgga atagataata tggcttcttc    188760
     tcttttgctg tccttgggtt ctcatgagtg actgtgctaa ttaagtagct aaaaatcaga    188820
     aggtagaaaa tagaactgag ttacaaatgc ttggagaatc ccagaggatc aattgtatct    188880
     tctgtgtaat tgccatttaa caatgaggga atcccaaatg tccagtcttc tttaagaagg    188940
     acatcaggta agtgtgtgaa ccaatcagtt gagatggtat cttagggttt ctattgttgt    189000
     gataaaacac catgaccaaa agcaacctgg gaggaaaggg tttacttcag cctacagctt    189060
     gtagtccatc atccaagtca aggcaagagc tcaaggcagg aactagacac atgagctgat    189120
     gcaaaggcta tggaacagtg ctgcctcctg gcttgctacc tgtgacttgc tcagactgtt    189180
     ttctttcttt ctttctcttt tctttttaaa ttaatttctt tttatttatt cactttacat    189240
     tctgcttgct tgactcctgg tcaccccctc ctaaaatcct tcccctttcc tatccccttc    189300
     tcttctgagt gtgtagagta gagactgaga gtatggccaa ccaataacca cccaacttga    189360
     gacccatcac atgggcaagt accaatcctt aacactatta atgatactct gctatgcttg    189420
     cagacagaag caagttgtcc tctgagaagc tccacccagc agatgattcc aacagataca    189480
     gatacccaca gccaaatagt ggatagagct tgggggctct tatggaagaa taggaggaag    189540
     gattgtgggc cctgaagggg gtcggaactc cacaggaaga ctaacctgga cccctggggc    189600
     tctcagactg aaccaccagc caaagaacat acaagggctg gacctaggcc tcccaggttg    189660
     ttttcttata tcatccagga tgacaggttc agggatgaca tcacccacaa ggggctgggc    189720
     cttcccacat caatcaccat taagaaaatt ccctgaaggc ttgtcaggtg gagatatctt    189780
     ttctctttcc aaatgaccct agcttaatgt caagttgaca taaaaaacta gccagcacag    189840
     atggtttcat ggtacatcaa gccaattaaa gcacagaaaa tgaggctgtt tgggttagtc    189900
     actgcaggtt agtgtactgc aaagaacagt atgggaggag gaggcaacta actggcttct    189960
     gtgactgccc gatattccag cgacacaggg cacacaactg tgtagagcag ttttcccatt    190020
     cttctttagt tagagcccag atgaatagag gctggactga attctgtgaa gtcaggatca    190080
     cacatttgtc actcacagcc aaacttcagc acctggcaca acagacgctg gactagtagt    190140
     gtataacttg ttaactagct accactctta ggggcaactg tcacgtatgc tcaagattgc    190200
     ttgtgagatt tagagcccac tgcactcagg agagaaaaaa agatactcca gtgatgttac    190260
     agccattgtc cctaaaacac caggtggctt tagtcaagcc atctgaactt tgagagctca    190320
     gagccacttg tgcatcttaa gtcctacaca caatggtctc cttgctttct accttacaaa    190380
     ggtattatag taatcagact tgttgaagac ataggaaata ccaggcatct attttttgat    190440
     tgtttgtttc catatttccc tttttcatta attaattaat ttactttaca tcctgatcac    190500
     agcttcttct cccagtccct ctctctctcc ttcccttccc ccatacttcc ctctctttct    190560
     cttcagagaa ggggaggcct cccatggtta tcaacccgat ttggcatatc aagatgcagt    190620
     aggactagat gcatcttctc ctattgagtc tagacaaggc agtccagtta ggggaaagga    190680
     tccaaagatg ggcaacagaa tcagagacag cctctactcc tactgttagg aaacccacat    190740
     gaagaccaaa ctgcacatct gttccatatg tgtagggggc caatgtctgt tccatgcatg    190800
     ctcttttgta ggtggtccag tctctgtggg ccctcatgga gcagagttag ttgattctgt    190860
     aggtcttctt gtagtgtcct tgacctctct ggctccttca attccttgtt tccctcttcc    190920
     acaagattcc ccaaactcca cctaatgttt ggctatgggt ctctgcatct ggttccgtca    190980
     gcttctggat gaagactctc agaggacagc tatactaggg tcctacctac aaatacagca    191040
     caataccatt aatagtgtca gggattggtt ctctcccata ggatggttct caggttaggc    191100
     cagccattgt ttggccattc cttccatttc taatccatct ttatcccttt atctgtagac    191160
     aggacagatt tggggttgaa gggtttgtgg gtaggttgat gtctccattt ctctattgga    191220
     agtcttgcct ggtttctgga ggtggccatt tcaggttcca tatcttctgt tgctaggagc    191280
     cttagctagg gtcaccctca taggttcctg ggagtttttc cttgttctag gttcctggct    191340
     cacccatagc tgcccccact ttcagttctc tcttccagtt ctctctcccc cagtcctccc    191400
     cacacttgat ccctcctgtt cccctcccca ccaccttttt accttattcc ctctctccac    191460
     cacctctgat gtctatttta tttccccttc tgagtgaaag tcaaacatcc taccttaggt    191520
     cctccttgtt acttagcttc tttgggtctg tggattgtag tatggtttcc ccgtgtttta    191580
     tggtttatat ccatttataa gtgagtacat accatgtgtg tctttctgag tctgggttac    191640
     ctcactcagt atggtatatt ctagttccat ctatttgcct gagattttca tgatgttctt    191700
     gtttttaata gctgaatagt attccattgc ataaatgtgc cacattctgt atccattctt    191760
     tggttgagag atatctaggt tgtttacagt ttctggcgac tacaaataaa gctgctatga    191820
     acatagttga gcaagtgtcc ttgtgggatg gtggagcatc ttttgggtat atgctcagga    191880
     gtaatatagc tggatcttga ggtaaacgta tccccaattt tctgagaaac agccaaattg    191940
     atttccaaag tggttgtaca agtttggact cccatcagca gtggaggagt gttctctgtg    192000
     ttccacatcc ttgccagcat ctgctgtcac ttgaggtatt gatcttagcc attctgacag    192060
     gtgtgagatg ttttgattaa ggacattgga catttcttta cgtatttctt gaccattaga    192120
     ttcctctatt gaggattctc tatatagctc tgtaccctgt ttttaaaaat tgagttattc    192180
     atttttttgg tgcttaattt cttgagttct ttatatattt tagatattta tcctctgttg    192240
     gatgtaggga tggtgaagat ctttccacaa tctgtaggct gacattttgt cctattgcct    192300
     tacagaagct ttccagtttc atgaggtccc attttttttc cattttttat taggtattta    192360
     gctcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa agtcccccat acccacccac ccccaatccc    192420
     ctacccaccc actccccctt tttggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt    192480
     tgcgtgtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatacata    192540
     tgcagctaga gtcaagagat ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccgcctatag    192600
     ggttacagat ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggagccctgt    192660
     gatccatcca ttagctgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcctagt    192720
     ctcacaagag acagctacat ctgggtcctt tcaataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg    192780
     tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggaagtc tctacatgga    192840
     ccatcctttc atctcagctc caaactttgt ctctgtagct ccttccaagg gtgttttgtt    192900
     cccacttcta aggaggggca tagtgtccac acttcagtct tcatttttct tgagtttcat    192960
     gtgtttagaa aattgtatct tatatcttgg gtatcctagg ttttgggcta atatccactt    193020
     atcagtgagt acatattgtg tgagttcctt tgtgaatgtg ttacctcact caggatgatg    193080
     ccctccaggt ccatccatga acaaagaatt ctcacctgag gaataccgaa tggcagagaa    193140
     gcacctgaaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct    193200
     gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg acagcagatg    193260
     ctggcgtgga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtgggatt gcaggcttgt    193320
     acaaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt cctcaggaaa ttggacatag tactaccgga    193380
     ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagat gccccaactg gtaagaagga    193440
     cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc    193500
     cagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca caatggagta    193560
     ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta gacaaatgga ggtcccattt    193620
     attaattgtt gatcttaatg tctgaactgt tggtttactg gtcaggaagt tgtcttctgt    193680
     gccaatgtgt tcaagactgt tccccacttt ctcttctatt agatttagtg tatctggttt    193740
     tatattaagg tctttgatcc acttgaactt gaattttgtg cagtgtgata gatataaatc    193800
     tatttgcatt ctcctacatg cagacatcca gctgaccagc aacatttgtt aaagatactt    193860
     tttttccatt atatggtttt ggcttctttg tcaaaaattg agtgtctgta ggtgtatggg    193920
     tttatttctg tgtctttgat ttcattgatc agtctgtctg tttttatgcc aataccatac    193980
     aatttttatt actattgctc tgtagtatag tcagaagtca agaatggtga tacctctaga    194040
     agttctttta ttgtacaggg acattttagc tatcctgggt tttttatttt tctatatgaa    194100
     gttgagtatt atttcaacaa aatctgtaaa gaattgtgtt ggaatttgat gagaattgta    194160
     ttgaatctgt agattgcttt tggtaagatg gccattttaa ccctaccaat ccacgagtat    194220
     gggagatcta tcttctgata tcttcttcaa cttctttaag acttgaggct cttgtcacag    194280
     aggtctttta cttgcttggt tagagttaca ccaaggtatt ttatgttatt tgtggttatt    194340
     gtgaaggata ctgctttccc taatttcttt ctcagcccat ttatcatttg tatacaggag    194400
     agctactgac ttttttttta agttaagttt ttaaccatcc aggggaaccc agcaggcagg    194460
     gggctgtctt ggagggtcta tcctagatgt tcctaggacc agcaggccta ctcgggaagg    194520
     taggcagagc cgtgacctgg acaatggagc tcagctcaca gtgctagctt gcctgagcat    194580
     ctttaaatct acagagcctt atttataaaa ggtccttata cagtgtttaa atcatgatta    194640
     acatgacctc aaagcccttg ctttcagctt actcagagct tgtctttaaa agcatcttct    194700
     gtctcccccc cccttcctat cactattgaa ataatttcca aactagtttc tttcaagtat    194760
     ctaatcttca atggctacta ttagcaactt ccatctctga tgtgttcaga atttaagtct    194820
     aagccattag aagggacaca gtttctctct caaagttaaa gcataatgga taggaatggt    194880
     acgcacaaaa atgctctcta taaataatca tttcaggacc ccaaatggca agacaaagcc    194940
     tttctatgtc agccagagaa agccaaggca gagaaaagat cgtatctgtg ttcaaaggag    195000
     ctccatggag aaaatataga acaaagggca aagtgctcag cacatgaagg aagatgagct    195060
     ggccaccagg aagaacctgt aatgtccttt caagcacatc tcacgcaccc tgtgcacttt    195120
     cagcacagat aaagcaagct gtcacctatg cagtataata cacctgttgt tctctgttgg    195180
     atgctctgac tgtggccact ggcctcagtg gactgggtcc atgggcttcc tcaatgcctg    195240
     gctttgcatt tagttcatga gaacacagac aagcgaccac agaaagatga gaaaggcatt    195300
     ggctgatagg tttgtctggc tcccgtttgt gctggctgct ctggggctct ggatctcctc    195360
     catatggata gtcctcccta acttctgtgg gactcctcct ctggcttcca ttgccacccc    195420
     tcccttcatt atcatgacta gaggcagtaa ggtagaacca ggccactgca ctgtcccagg    195480
     ctgtccaatt tgaaggtgtc acctgcttct tctgagctca ggatccggaa tgaatgccac    195540
     tatgcatcca aatccccatt tccttgctcc agtagcatca ccaccctacc tggttctatt    195600
     tagaaattgc cttaatgcct gaacccattt acatgggaag agcaagcttg tcatgtttcc    195660
     atgagctccc tgctctgcct gatgcttgaa gttttcattg ttaattaaga ggctctcatt    195720
     cttaatttat tcctttttaa aatgaaatca gctttgttag agctagttgg tctgcctggg    195780
     attaatgaat ttgaagtctg ggctgaattt tctcagatgt tattgtttgt ggaggtctct    195840
     agtgcccatc tgctctcccc tgaacccctt cccttctaag atacctggtg cttacagcca    195900
     aggactcctg tctcataatc ctaatagccc ctgccctccc tgtgccatgc ttctgagatt    195960
     tttaatcaaa gccataatat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    196020
     ctatctatta atctacctac caattggccc atggacctat ctattgatct agatcctcct    196080
     atatatcctc cagttgttct ttctaccact ctttcagggc tactatttag acaacacttt    196140
     ctctatggtg tcatcttttc catcttaaca tgcaaaggat accatgggaa cataaggatg    196200
     gcagagtggc taaataggtg ttagtggagt caggtaagta aaagagatgg tatgtgactt    196260
     gagttacagg aaaagaagaa gatgatgaag aagaaaggag cctgtgtttt cacagcaaag    196320
     agcctgtctg tgtctgccaa gctcataggc accttcggta gttgctcatg caccagtgac    196380
     catgttcact tgctgtggct ttagaagctg aaacagaact agctgtaaga tcaatcagat    196440
     ggcagccact atgcaagcca gccagaggcc aggcatgaag gcatcccact atctcgcact    196500
     agaagacctc tctgtggttt tgcctcttgg ttggttgctt ttttttcaaa ttagtctgag    196560
     acttgctagc tcaaaacccc atgggcatta cataaataat aataaaatta ttattttaaa    196620
     taaaataata ataataataa caaatcatat atcggtgtta tgcatgaaag ctcccaaagt    196680
     atactgctaa ccgagtgtgg cccaccacct ttgcaccctt catgaagctg tacttagata    196740
     atatgcccat gcaggcaaga cagagctttg tctttaaaga gctcaagcca tttctaactg    196800
     ctggagttct ctgaccccgt gactcccatg tgctactggg atgtgctgct ggcttagatg    196860
     cttaagcttc ctcttcagtc ttttgccctc tttcccttct ggaagcttca ggcagggttt    196920
     tgttatgaga gactgcccct cttgtttagc tttgtccaag agctgaccaa gaaatgtgta    196980
     gagttatggc tctttttctt ggtcttctcc cacatctcac acccctacaa gtcaacatgc    197040
     tggcttttta gaggagagag tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtttc tgtctgtctg tctatctatc    197100
     tatgtgtgta tgatcctgtg ggtgcatgtg gtgtctgtct atctatagat atgtgcatga    197160
     tcctgtgtgg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtctgtgtc    197220
     tgtctgtgta tttatttatg attttgtgga ttatgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtatttattt    197280
     atgattttgt ggattatgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tctgtctgtc tgatgcatct    197340
     gtgtaaatgt atgagtataa gccagaggac agctttgggc atctctcctg aggcaacatc    197400
     aactttgggt ttttgttgtt tttgagagca gactctttct caggtctgca gcttgttgac    197460
     tagggtagga tgagtaaacc ccaagaacct tcctgtttcc cttcctcttc atcccggaga    197520
     ttaaaagtat aaaccactgt gcctagattg ttacttattt tttaacttgc ctctaggcat    197580
     tgaaataagt cttcattctt gggtatatgc aaaggacgtt accaattaag ctgtctctcc    197640
     tgaactcttt gagagatttt taattctcag caacaaaata atgagcactt gacagcagag    197700
     agcatcggac aaagattatg caggaaaagg aggataacag aagccagaaa catctagaaa    197760
     gaggcggagt gctaagctaa tggcagtgaa ggacaactga tgagctaagt aattgtgccc    197820
     agagaagata ctctaggggt agccaggtgg cttttcagtt cctgaacaac atgctagatc    197880
     tcacaaggtc atgctggatc taaaaggcca ttctggatcc cacaaggtca tgttgggacc    197940
     cataaggcca tgatgagccc cataagacca tgctaggtcc tataggccat tctagatgcc    198000
     agtttccatt tggccacaag gaccagcaac tcgggataaa atccattctg ataaacaaag    198060
     caaacccagc atgtctttat atctaaagga gtggtaggaa tacaggccaa gactgtagtg    198120
     gggaactgtg tggtgttggg agaatcccag ggaataacaa attggagagt taggtggaaa    198180
     tgagactggg aaggcgagta ggatcaagtg gcaggtttct ctgctgagtg cccagagagg    198240
     ttttaaatgt acaagcgatg agtcaggtgt gctttcttat tcagtcacag tgtggaggag    198300
     tttgagcgag tagtgtctgg gcaaggataa tggagacact taagagaaaa ggagaggaaa    198360
     gatgtagtca ataaacaaaa gcaataggag ttggtgacat agcttttcca gtgattccat    198420
     ttgtcacgtt tgtaccctgg atgaatagaa tgccacagcc cgagatgcaa attggcatga    198480
     ggtaccatat ggtatccagg tggagaaatg caacaggcag cgggctttgt gcttctgggc    198540
     ttccgatcct aagtcacctc agtaccctat tgtcacccag actcattctt gtactgttat    198600
     gtctgtccct aatgagaaca agttcttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttggttggt    198660
     tggttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagctctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt    198720
     atagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    198780
     ttaaaggcgt gagccaccac gcctggcaag agcaagttct ttatccttaa gccttcctat    198840
     gtgtgcttgg agatactgtc aaatatcctg gtgtcatcaa tgccttccca gaacactcct    198900
     ctcccttctg gtcttaagtg gaccctcctt tatgaaacgc tgtgacagcc ctctcagggg    198960
     accctcctgt aagaatacct catgacagcc ctctcaggtg gtggctggtt ttcctgtctt    199020
     ttttcctttc atagaacagg gtcttcaggt ctaggaaatg ggtttagtat tctttttgcc    199080
     cccaccgaca cattccaatc ttttcttctt gaaatctcct gttgcgttga aagtcacttc    199140
     ttttcttccc tccccctcat tgccgttcac caacatcttc accagaacat ttcacccaca    199200
     gttctgtccc ccaacatctt ctgcagtctg agtgatttcc actttcttac aggtaggcca    199260
     tcaactactc agagtcctta ttttactgac agaatcatct ctagtgactt tggctctgat    199320
     gttcattcct agagccaagc cctacatcat gactttggaa acagaaactc ctaacagccc    199380
     attctcctgc tgccacctct taaccactga gatcacctct caccttattg aaaccattgg    199440
     cctctgcttt tgaacttcat gattatccct agccactata ctagtcagac cgaggatgtc    199500
     agactacctt atgagaaagg ctaaaatgat gctgatacac cactttaaaa gaagaatctt    199560
     tcctggtatg gtggcacaca cctatatccc taccattcag gagactggga ccaaattgtt    199620
     ctacatagag atagttcttg accagagtta catatgagaa ttttaaaaca aacaaacaac    199680
     aaaagcaacc aaaccaaaca aatacaaaat ggaatccaaa tactaaagtt catctttcag    199740
     gctgggacat ggacttaact agcctgtggt taccactgta agcacagaga aatgcagggg    199800
     ggagcttcgg gaattaccct tcacccaatt cccttgcctt tcttgtctgt ctagaatatt    199860
     gttcagctta accatgtatc agttaattac acactcttta atttttcaca tctggctgtc    199920
     tgagcctgaa atgtggttct gaaacacccc ccaccccgcc ccctggggcc tgtactcaga    199980
     taaatggatt ccagacacaa cttagttctt accaaaaaat gaacagctca tttaaactca    200040
     tctggacatg caaatttcag tcctggcttc attaagctat ggccacaaat gagataatac    200100
     atataaaaca tctgtaagct ttaaaaattt taaataacat cagttatatc aaaagttttt    200160
     aaataacatg ttacatcatc tctcaactat atttaagaat tgaaattatg tacttcttgt    200220
     atggtccgtc aagcacagtg ttcaagtgag acttgttgaa tggaggcatg aagtaatgaa    200280
     tggataagta ggtagacaca gggccaccat gaaggggacc cctgtgaggg aggaaaggag    200340
     aaaatggcca ttttcaaatg atagtttaac tataaaatac atttttctaa gccaggttaa    200400
     agtccactag gcttagtttg gaaatggcaa tattcttaga ccatgttttc ctgaaaatca    200460
     gcgctgagac aagcattatt gctagcaggt cagcacctgg gagagatcaa aatgggcagg    200520
     ttagtggtgc tgagtgttga tgcatttgtg gcaaatgtct cagtcaacct ccctgagaca    200580
     tctagacttg acacaacttt catggtgagt taagcccagg gggaaagttt tatatctctg    200640
     catttagtag tctttggaag tcggatgttg ctgggagaga ggataatgcc agggaagtca    200700
     ctttcctagg tgacctgagt agtttgtttt cattctggag gtggagctgc atctggagtc    200760
     acaggaacca ctacaatgtt actaatgttt ctatggcagt gtgcgcccag ccaggataga    200820
     aggatttaga tcaaaacgag ggcatggtct tcaaaaccct ataggtcagc caaattccaa    200880
     tagggtgaca gtatccatgg gagatgggac tgacagtatc catgggagat aaggctgata    200940
     gtttccatgg gaaatggctg tagggaccac ctcaacttag ctctagaaag acttttggtt    201000
     gtctagatta aactactggc tcttggacca agctcctcag aggacatttg aatctaccat    201060
     gccaactggc aacaaacacc aaacaactgt ggtgacatta catcctggga ggtcagcctc    201120
     tctggtcttt gtgggcatcc ttcctgatgc cctctgaaca atgataaaat gaaattccta    201180
     ggctgaaggc cttgggccag tttagtaaaa tgactgcatt atggaaatct gttggagata    201240
     ccaacagact tttaaataca cctctactat acgcaccagt atccttcaag ctttgaggtc    201300
     ctacaatggg cctaactagg gagaaaacag agatcacagg aaagggctga gaaatcaggg    201360
     tccagacaaa gaaatatctc taagtaatgt ccatgaaact ccatgtgaac tggggtggcc    201420
     ctgagagaga tgtagaggtg gttgaaggca ggtcattggc attaagtgtt tcagtgtagg    201480
     accaggtatc ataaagatga cggagctcaa gttttcaatg aggaaggatg atacatttat    201540
     attgaagaaa ttagctaatt tcttctttcc tcagtcttaa ggtcagctgg gaaccaaaca    201600
     gaagaagacc cagaaaagtt aatttagtaa cctagtaaag agatgatacc atcagaaggt    201660
     gcttgggact tttttaaaag ttcagaagca aaagggcccc acccatgaat actagaaaga    201720
     gaagggattc gaagcaccta gggaatgtac catcagtgca cagagggaat ttacatgcct    201780
     cactgccctt tcctataagg gacatgcact tggtccccct tgctgatacc tacggggacg    201840
     tgatgattca atagcaggac gaattcacgc atactcagtg actcttaatg aatgctccat    201900
     ttatgaaaga gccatgaaca tttttttttt gcaggcttct ggagcacaga ttttagaata    201960
     tcaaagtgta acagaaagcc aagaaaagct taactgaaag atgaaaactt cacatgcatt    202020
     agtaccatgg caaccagcca gacccactcc aattatgtct ctaattgggt ccataaataa    202080
     tttatagccc accattgtgt ctggggcaga ggattcctaa cagcaaacac ttaagtagct    202140
     gttaagggga ctgaatggct tcccattctg aactcatcag gaatcttgcc ggctgtgatc    202200
     cctcagccca tcttgaagta atttgctagg gattactcga gcgagaagga ctgtctttgg    202260
     tgtctgtcgg gggacagatt gctggagaag caataatctc acctgtctct gctgttaacg    202320
     ttgacaccgg ctttcaatta aggtcaaagc caaagatata acacccacag agcgctgacc    202380
     aactctaggg tttctctcac ttcctcagaa gccgcagatt gttttcctcc ctcagatatc    202440
     ctgctccaat tgtcttagat gcctgactgt gcctgctgac tttctcctct aggtcttctt    202500
     acgtttcctc aaaaatgtaa ttgaagtgta ataatgtacg ttcaggaaga ggggattgaa    202560
     gtgcacacat cctaagacag cacaaaagat attcttgtaa atgagtttaa tcatatggcc    202620
     atggctaggt tgagatatag gtcattccaa cgtcacccac aggcttttct gttccttccc    202680
     aggctacttt gcctctcagt ggagacagct gaagaaagaa gcaaactgcc tcaagctggt    202740
     tatcagagga ctcatgtatg atccatctca catggacatg aacaaatgaa gaacaactct    202800
     gaggagtttt aaaactcaaa tgctccacag tgtgtgaggc atgagaagtg agtggggcca    202860
     gccatgggaa gggtctcatc tgcatcaggt ctagagcatg ctttgcaaac cccgttcttc    202920
     cacgtccccc actctgggga caggaggact agccaggagc tcacctgaga gttctgtggt    202980
     ccttggaggg acccaagcca tcatgcagag caagtggctg cttgagtgtt tggtttagca    203040
     gagggacacc ttgaagtcat ctgccaccac actcttctga ggagggatta tgtcccagct    203100
     ctgcaaagga tctctccttg tcaagacatg catgtgcctc aagattttag ttcttgcagc    203160
     cttcctccat ccaagcctgg gcatggcagc aaaagcctgc tttctctttt acacataggt    203220
     tttacatcta agggaaggat acttaatagc atgcaccaac tgtaccttta ttaggagctg    203280
     aggaatactt tatactaaca gactcattag tatgcagctt gtattgacca atttctccaa    203340
     cttacacatg atggaacaga gcggcagatg tagccagtga acaataaata cattaaactc    203400
     tgaccctagt tttcctgccc cagggcctca ttaatgcaca gcaagcccat ccctaccagc    203460
     caaggagact ggccctcaga ctagagaaag aaacacaact cacccgagct gtaatttaat    203520
     gaaatcccag agccatggct acagctcggg tcttcataaa ctacccttca tttcctgaag    203580
     ataacaagct agcagtcaga actctgtctt gggaaatttt gtctcacaaa aatttaagac    203640
     tatagcacaa aaataaaatg aaagtcacac tcattcatga ggatggtgaa gtggaaaaga    203700
     gtaaatgata ggagactaaa tatatgtcgt agatgttaac cttgggacgt ctcctctgca    203760
     agggtgtgct gtttgggcaa cagaggctaa cagatttaga gtgtagatgt tttccacact    203820
     tttgagtaga atttgactgg ggtgaaacta ggcattctcc ctgttccaaa ggtgttcata    203880
     tggagccaaa gagtcaatga catccttctc aaataatttc atcacacaaa ggcacccgaa    203940
     tccttgctta gtgtgggttc atggcaattg tactagaaaa atgttgcagg attttaagtg    204000
     tgagtttggt tgctgtagca agaatctcac tatgagacca atgcagtgat ggaagaaaca    204060
     gatcctgaag tggaatgaca gagaccagtt gattcatcag ttgtgtggat acaaggaagc    204120
     gttgggaaca gtctccctgt ccttgtgccc tatgagggca ccacctgtat gtcaaggatg    204180
     gaagagggtc aggatctcgg gtctggggtg gcatggagac tcaaggatgg ggtggagtaa    204240
     tgaagagaaa cagaaggaat aatttctagc cagtgaagat cttgattcct tcccccccaa    204300
     gtaatctgcc tatgatagtt aattttaatt aattaacctg gggtagggag tgcccagcta    204360
     tggagacatt tgggtcaaat atttttctgg gtatttctgt gaggatattt tcaatgaact    204420
     taacatgtat gtacgtatgt atgtatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    204480
     atatctgttt tgggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac    204540
     tcgctctgta gaccaggctg gtctctaaca tacatgcatt taacatttaa gatgatagac    204600
     tgagtgaaaa ggggtgtcta cctagagtgg gtggccctca gtcaaacagc cgaagcctga    204660
     ctagaagaac agggctgagc caagcatgaa taccaaggac tctgtcctgt cctttcctga    204720
     aatgggactt gtttttgttt tctctgactt cggactcaag ctaactgagc atctcagccc    204780
     tcagctgcag ttttagtctc ctgagactaa ggcaggattg tgagtttgag gatagactgg    204840
     gttacataat gggttccagg acatcccatc tccacagaca gacagacaca caaacaaaca    204900
     aacagacata cataaataca ataaccagac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa catactctca    204960
     aactaaaatg ttggctcttc ccaggactca agtgcaccag ctagcagaca gaaacaagaa    205020
     ccacaccgtc agctcttctg tacctccagc ctgcagattt taacatttat caccctcaat    205080
     aattgcacat gccagttccc ctgaatatgt cttctgtatg tgtgcacatt cctctggaac    205140
     tctgactaat atactgccaa aagcaattga aactgaaagc aagcatcact ggtgaccgac    205200
     agcagatgtt ctcagggcca tcactgaaga ggacctcaga gtagctggtg agttggcagg    205260
     gaggatgggg caaggggagg tggcagccct gtggatctct accgtttgca gcttccagat    205320
     gatgccaggg gtgctgatga ttgggtgaca cctggggccc agggagtgac agatcagcac    205380
     ccccagagca gtttattctg cacagccctt gccagataca gcttgctgtg gattcctgtg    205440
     cagaagcact taaccctggg ccactggtac tttggccttg gccaactttg catttggtca    205500
     tatcctatat tttaaggttt ctgtgagcta atatattagt caatccaata gtttaagcct    205560
     tctgtgagcc aaaatagagt aaggctttta aacagggctt tgctgaaacc cccagggttc    205620
     tgatgcaaga agctctttct cgaaaccttc cccagtccca atttccagaa acttccctcc    205680
     ctcgcgttta ttctttgccc ctagactatg agttttttcc cataacgcct gaaagtattg    205740
     gtgttaattt gcctcttttc ctcattgtta attttaaaaa gcaatctgtg ctggcaactt    205800
     tgtgctattt tgaatgtaca ggaaattaca agcgaatgaa tgagatccac agagtcgttc    205860
     agataaggtc ccgtgactgg gaaaccatgc tttgagaaat ccgtgagtaa gaagctgcag    205920
     accacctctg acacttgagg gctcagaaag aggttacaca cagaggccca ccagctgttt    205980
     gtctaaatgt gtaacgcgtc aaaccgaggg aagaagctgc aaataaaacg gtctggttta    206040
     tggcatgaca tgtatgcttc atgatcgctt ggaatcacca tgtttattat gaaaatcctt    206100
     gcattccttg catttggaag ttggcggtgc cgagatcatc tgcccatcga ctgctactaa    206160
     tgctctcgcc tttcccttcc attcctttct gtagtcaaga acgagaggga ccttgccttg    206220
     ggtcttatca ccaccatctg tggttgcggc ttcttcttca cgcctccaag cagtccttgg    206280
     ctaactcttt agcttagagg agtgcacaca gaggtgtggt ctctgcctgc tgggaggatg    206340
     aatcaaaccc cacttccctc ctcaggggct gctgggtgtc aggctgtgaa agaggaaggg    206400
     aatgtctgtg tttttaggat gagccattgt aaagtgagac gtcaccattc aaggccaggg    206460
     ctttgacttt cctgaacttc ccactgcccc tgagctgcat ggtggggtcc gctttgcgag    206520
     ctgtgcccga tctattaggc aaaaatcata cagggatcct ccagtttact ctgtaacatt    206580
     ggcaattaga tatttaatta ctgctgtggc acagatcaca gtgcaaagtc gggcaggagc    206640
     cttccctgta atttgattca ttttcttttg gagagaaaca ccaccaagtg caggctagaa    206700
     gcacgggctg atggcataat tgccacatgc atcttatggg agcacttcct tggcatccct    206760
     atgtcccact ccctggcact gggaagcagc tgacacctgg agggtgagga gggagttgaa    206820
     agggctggtg gctgataccc aacagtgaag gagtcggcag cagcagcatt cctctcccgc    206880
     cccattgaaa ctatctttat tgtattttta aggactatat agtctgatga catttcggct    206940
     gtcatggact acaccttaag tgaccatata ctgtattctc agtacctggt gagtgcctgg    207000
     catgggccac aggctcagca gtatatggta gggatgtctt ggctctcaga tggttccttt    207060
     tgaatgacca ctcatttcta ctatgtccac accctctccc acgtcaccct cttggtaggt    207120
     tgtgtaatgg gtcggtaaat attctttctg ccctccttgt ccatggtgga ggagggtggg    207180
     gttccccaca ccagacatgt tagactcttg tcctgttact tactattggc ataagacata    207240
     taaactgcat gtgcatgcag agaatttaaa tgtggtcttg tgtagccttt ttaatcctgt    207300
     tcttcgagat gaagagaacg tgtttcaggt cactgctgcc tctggaataa gaaggcccct    207360
     gagaagtctt gagctggctt gatctggaac ttgatcgagc tgtatctagt gcctttcaac    207420
     caaatccaac atccgtggta tgatctataa ggagtttaaa cctacagcag gcttctgagg    207480
     tgtaatgttg tttgttacag atcattatta aagcaacaaa ctgatgtata tcccctccta    207540
     tgatggacat tgatacctgg ttcagagcat tagcaaacaa cgccagggct aatcataaga    207600
     actagcaaaa gatgacaaag ctgatcccat tatagtcaat gcattaatgt aattgcaaaa    207660
     ttaattaatt ttttaattaa ttcaatttta attaattaaa attaatgtaa ttacagcatt    207720
     aatgtaatta taaaataccc aacagaatga atacaaaagt gtaatagttt attgtggaga    207780
     ataccttcaa gggatatgaa ttcagaatgg ccaagaaggt aaggtgtttg gggtggctcc    207840
     attcacgtgg acttgtgacg tggcttattg tatctcgggg ggtcaggaag cagagatcta    207900
     ggccagaccc agaagcaaat atcacctcca aactgtacct gcagagaccc acttctgcta    207960
     tctaggatgt ctccatggtt ctaccacatc cccagtcagc acaccagccg gggaccaggt    208020
     gttccaacac atcagcctgt gggaatagtc tatatcataa catcctggaa cgcctggccc    208080
     cgtaagatca tgctcatttc acgatcgagt tcagtcttcc cagtctcggt gacacaagcg    208140
     agaaggaccc acccacctct ggggcatgga gcagatgtta agtgtgggga acagatgaag    208200
     tcctgactgg atgtgtatta ctgacatggc catgtcaaag acccacggga atgtaaaagc    208260
     cttccgaata tggatgttgg atgatgaaga tgatgacgac ggcgatggtg acgatggtgg    208320
     tggtggtaaa actgcagaaa gtatcaactg cagcttcctc ctcccagacg ttgatgatgt    208380
     ttccagaaac tcctaacagc agtagcagct tccttctcct ggatgactgc acctggagac    208440
     tgctccccat ctccccccta cacagattag ctcacctacc tcctcattac tcacttataa    208500
     aaagtgagct gagtttctga actgttgctg gtgtgtcttc atcaaagaag caccaccagc    208560
     tctactcacc agatcccagc tgtgctgggt gtgtgtctga cattttctcc cctccccccc    208620
     ccccgccaca cccctccccc cctgcccagt tatgtcagtc ccaaagctgt gcagatctcc    208680
     acacagctgt ccgtcaacta gcctgagagg ctaaggtaaa ccagcgccag ccatctgaaa    208740
     cactccacag atgccttgag gaaactgtac caaagtctcg gctgattgtt ctaactcctg    208800
     agggcccaac atcaaccaag gctatttgag acactgtgtc tgttttgttt gtttgttttt    208860
     tttttgtttg ctatcaccag attccctgaa ctccaggtcg tcttgcagtc atttccagtt    208920
     agaccagaag gggacattat ttcccctggt agtctagcaa gagactgggt aacaccaaag    208980
     aggcaagact gtctttagct caaaacaaat gactatgatt gatccaaata ccccttcttg    209040
     ggctgtgtga aaatgctgtt tgggctcact tcctctcctg ggactgtgcc tcccaggtgt    209100
     taagagtcaa taaagaattc tctctattga tctttttttt ctttctttct ttctactttc    209160
     agggttgcag gctgagctgg ctggtgacat ggagaaagag acagcagaac aatggcgtag    209220
     cagctgaggt gtcggcagga tgagctgtga aagggataag gcagcctgtt gtttgatggc    209280
     ggaagaaaga gcaactgaac agtttgagag cagccaggga gggaaggaag gtcgtggaag    209340
     tagaaaggta ctaagagagc tgaggcaaat ggacaaagga tacaaagagc cagagaaaaa    209400
     gaaaccgcag gccttgatcc taaaagagtt ccagagagtt ctcaggtctt ttgggacaag    209460
     ggtctcagac accccaggac aagagctagc tgctgtcaag aaccgaggag tccctgctac    209520
     ccaagtctgc ccagaaatct gctgaagaac ctgtggggct acaggtttgg gtatctgagg    209580
     cttgcatgtg aactgtagca atagaggacc ctgcctgctg tggctcccac tggcctatgc    209640
     agtcattcac taaagccaaa cactaaagga aacaagcaga caaggacccg tgctggaagt    209700
     gtgtctcctt accgtcacat gattctgtct gggtctagga catcagattg gaagcacaca    209760
     tacattcaac atctcttctg atacctaagg caatccctta atttgtatcc tcctctttct    209820
     gtctgtctct ctttctttct ttctgccaaa tattgcggcg tatgattgta aaaccacact    209880
     tggaagacag aggcagaaga gtgaggctct caaagtcagt atcagctaaa taactaattc    209940
     cataccgact ggggtgacat gagaccatgt cgcaaaacaa cagcaattaa tacttttagt    210000
     taaaaactgg aagtgttaca tgcttccagt gacaaggtac acggtaaacg atctcattcc    210060
     aaactggagg aatgaaagca catgagtgaa ctatctgacc aaagcgagcc agaaacccag    210120
     ccaggcaaat cactaagcct gcagctccag gtggagctgg acttgtggtg tcatgcagtg    210180
     ctgtgactgt acagctccgg gattgacctg acgaggcagt tggggatgaa gaaagaacgg    210240
     gtacagaaaa gctgggatca ggtaggatct gtcctctact agagatgcat tggtggcctg    210300
     gaaactcagc acgtttatta catccaacac ataacgatga atgaggaggc agactagctc    210360
     attcctggag tgtgtaggga agcagtctcg ggctgtattc tttgggaaag atgaagctgt    210420
     ggttgatgct ttctgtatac actaatcaat atccgtattt ggaccagggg aaggtcctgc    210480
     tattcccatg gatctaaggc agtgggtcct tgacagggtt gtgctcacgt ttacgaaaac    210540
     acatttactc aggatttcat gctcccccta caaacgtaaa ctccactagg cttcatcagc    210600
     ctgttggagc agccctgcca cagcatatag gatctctttg ttgggctaac tccattcaat    210660
     gcctgaagct ttctctgatg tacatcctat ggtgccagga tttccaccat cctgggttct    210720
     ctattgccac ttaggtttca ccttcaaagt ttcacctaca gctcccagga gctacataga    210780
     ggaagttcaa ctctgttata cactgcccaa cctcctcaga gttcttctgg aatttttgtg    210840
     cacgcctcag tgagtgaccc ccatccctga taattgtact ctgcataaat gcaaaaacag    210900
     caccactggg atgtgatact atgccaggta gcttttatat caactcaaca caagctaaag    210960
     ctgaaagacg atgggaaact ccctccataa gatctggcta taggacgctt tcttaactag    211020
     tgacatatgt gggacaggct agcccattag gtgctatgag aaagtaggct gaaaaaatca    211080
     tgaggagtac tccttgaaga cagggcagag aaagaaaaaa aggggggagg aggagaagag    211140
     agaggacaag gaggaggaaa aacagaagga ggaaaagaag aaggagaaag agaagaagaa    211200
     aggcggtttt accagaacag ttacagagat aggtcacaga gagagaacag gctaacacag    211260
     tgaagacaga atgagccaga gaatgagaaa gaaccagaag attagaacag atggccatag    211320
     ttagtttgag gccaagcaga gcaattcagt aagaactgag agaagctaga ctgaatcagt    211380
     cagcttggag aggagttttg tgccagtaaa aacgtcctca agaaccacag taccacctac    211440
     aataactacg tacaatgaaa aattaacaag cacagtgaaa taaaagttat tctgagtcaa    211500
     agtgcactct cggaagaaag aaggtactta catcttgtag acataaagct tagcctcaac    211560
     attgactggg gctccgtgga gggggaaaaa tacttcaaaa aagggaagct tgcggtgtag    211620
     acgtagaaat gctaatagta agtctgttag tgctcatagg aaaatgaaca ggcaggaagc    211680
     tggaacacgg atcaatttat actcggtagt gtttttaagg aacacaggat atgtctgtct    211740
     cagtgtctta agatcgaatt tattctagtt cttcagactg tctatggtaa gtctgaatgg    211800
     ataaaaggag cctgtaccat gtttaaacaa gttatcagta atgtcaattt ctccataaga    211860
     aaaggggtct aaggtactta aaagggattt aagatgcaag tttcaaaaag caagtcttgt    211920
     atcctgtaat gatctccagg tggggcatcc acagtggact tgaggtagct gctagtggtg    211980
     tgcactggga atgagatctg aatagatgta agggaaatgg tcctttctcc ctcatgagtt    212040
     aagcagtagg gctaccgcag ccttcatatc tctcagaaga gtttccttgg ttagagaccc    212100
     ttccctgcta gggaaagagg gccctcccat tgaaagatct gttaaaagac ctcggggcct    212160
     atgatttgtt catgaaaaca ggaaaaagag gcctttgaat ttccctggag agttgattca    212220
     gaaatcatag cttctgaatc ctctaagagt tcctctaaga gagaaaaagt tacctcattc    212280
     ctcagggcaa gtcctgttgc cctggcttga ggttttctgg agatctgaac acacataagc    212340
     aagaagaaac aaagaagaaa ggtgaaattc cctctccaat acagcctcca caatgcaatg    212400
     ggtcacaggt ctatcctatc agggtagaga tagaccaagg ttctggagtg cactgcagca    212460
     gaacagtggg cggggagcaa cacaaggggt gatgatgggc tggaacatct ccaatttaca    212520
     agagtcctca tttgattagg gtgggctacc cagagtgcaa tttcccagca tctaatttac    212580
     ataatgtaga ttcatcctaa ttgaaccata ttccactcta ggcattgtgg gtgtgcctct    212640
     atgcgtgtag tttcctgttg tacagtttcc atctcctgca aacaaaggca ctttgatggc    212700
     actgagttgc agctaatttt gattagccac cgttctgcca tttgggtggg acagagcctc    212760
     ttctgggaga cctttctgaa ggagacttcc acaggagacc cattcattcc ctttagtctc    212820
     tgagccatgg ccttatctcc acagatgtca ggggagaagt ctggctcagg taagagagga    212880
     cagtcatcca ttagaacaca gaaaatcagt ttccatgaac accccactct gccatctgcc    212940
     agatggcatt gaacaaaata gaaaagcttg caaaaaactt attgtctgtg tactggctgg    213000
     ttttgtgtgt caacttgaca caaactggag ttatcacaga gaaaggagct tcagttgggg    213060
     aaatgcctcc atgagatcca actgtaaggc attttctcaa ttagtgatca agcggggagg    213120
     gccccttgtg ggtgggacca tctctgggct ggtagtcttg gttctataag agagcaggct    213180
     gagcaagcca ggggaaacaa accagtgagt aacatcctcc atgacctctg catcagctcc    213240
     tgcttcctgc cctgcttgag ttccagtcct gacttccttt ggtgatgaac agcagtgtgg    213300
     aagtgtaagt tgaataaact ctttcctccc caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc    213360
     aggaatagaa actctgactg agacagtcag agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agacacatcc    213420
     cagaaatgta agtgacacac tcctcggtgc tcctcgtctc tgtctgagga taaagtctct    213480
     gcatagcaca tctccctatg cccgtgtggt gcttttcagt tacttaaaat gccagtcagt    213540
     gttactagtt agcattctag ggatagctct ctctgcttga gggtaagttt ttaaagattt    213600
     aaacagatga gtaaactaag aagaggcaag ataagaaact ggtgtgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa    213660
     gaagaagaaa ttgagtaaat tacttaacag tttcagaaag aattcaacta caggcttaaa    213720
     acagccctgt gccactcccg aagcatagtt tatacagtgc atgacgctgg tgtaggtaag    213780
     agtttggatt tctctgtctc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctc tttctgtatc    213840
     tgttatctgt gtgtctgtga gtgtatctct ctctgtctct ctgtctttgt gagtgtgtgt    213900
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgggg ggggggtgtt tatacacaag ctttatcatc cttctccatt    213960
     ccttgtttgg ggaggacaga cagaattgga ggctcagaaa acatcagcct aaccctgatg    214020
     ctgatatgag gagagtcttc agtctctctg gctctctggc ctccctgtgg cctcatcctg    214080
     aggagtgcct ggtgctcctc ccctctcagt gcaaggagaa gcttcctccc aggttacctc    214140
     aggggacaag gggtgtttct ttcccagaag gaatgcaact gttacaaaat ggcagtcact    214200
     gggaaatgtt aattaaccct tagagaagaa atgaaaactc agacatcatg catacagccc    214260
     ggaggaacat tatgtttttt tctctggatt cacccattca gcctggaaaa tcattcacga    214320
     attcaaaact gtctaaagcc ctctcacttc ccctgtccct aaaagaatgc tacactttgg    214380
     gtctagggta gagagactga ctggtcagtg aactcccagg atcctcttct ctctttcctc    214440
     caacagacac aggcaaccgt gcatgtctgc cttttttatg tgagtactgg ggcttctgac    214500
     tcaggacttc atgcttgcag agaaatgcgc tttccccctg agctacctca aagctcttcc    214560
     tctttgacgt cttttgatat gtgtataatc tttcttttga attctttgtc tgggattcca    214620
     actaagttac tgtcgttagg ggtcattgct atgggattgg tcattttggg gggagacacg    214680
     ttgcctggaa ttctcatatt ccttggattt ttgtttgggg acttttgcat ctggagttag    214740
     gtcattggtt gaattttttt gagagttacc cttctttatt tacaattttt aaaaattatt    214800
     ttattttttg caaatgggtg ttttgtcaga acgtgcacca accacgtctg caccctgtgt    214860
     ctagtgcctg tggatgccag aagagagctt tagatcctct ggaactgggg ttgcagactc    214920
     cagacatcat ttttcttacc tccattgtgg agaagaaatc taattcctcc atggtaatct    214980
     ggattattca ccccttctaa cacctgttcc tttcttagtc tattgattta agaatatcag    215040
     aaacccaaag tagccaggaa gacgtctgag cttccaattc attggaattt ttgtggtgtc    215100
     tcctggcagg aacactcccc cctctggaac caaaacctct atatcagcag aacttaagat    215160
     cttaggaact ggaagcaaaa aaatatttct agtgggtcga taggggtgat agtagaacca    215220
     tttccaattt taccctttga ttcctggacc gatgaatgct ggctctagga gaaaccatac    215280
     catatactgg atgctgattc aaagtacatc ttgacttcca gcaaagctac caccacctaa    215340
     ttgatgctgt aaccttttca gaggccatgc cacccttctg tcattagacc agctgcttca    215400
     caactggcag gcagcaacag ctatagccat gtcagtagca agagagaaca cttcccaggt    215460
     catagggaaa gggagaaggt gaggtataga tggtgatgta ggtagacagc aaggcaatgg    215520
     ctgtaaaaag ccctcagagc cctggtgagc agctgtgcag attaactaca ggtctcttca    215580
     ctcaccaaaa cctagattca gctaaacatg ataacaaaaa tctgtactat aaaatacttg    215640
     gcttgataac tcacttgaca atgcaaaagg atgaggagtt ggcattcgct gactttacag    215700
     ctctcctccc tcatcccctg gggacagtgc ctagacttcc cattaagaaa ccaattgtct    215760
     acagagaatc aatttcccaa tcttagcctt gaggtttggg atcaccacat ctcctagctc    215820
     cgaggtgact tcatagtcca ggcatgaccc gtgggagcat tctggtcccc tggactgttg    215880
     tgaaggaagg actgctccct gttactcttt actctgtgac aagtagactt gtgagcaggc    215940
     aaggggaagc tcttctaata tctgtggtcc taggtctttg agtttctgtg ccctaagaaa    216000
     cttagagctc tagggtctga gagccaggag tccattgctc tagattttag aaattagtgc    216060
     taccagagca tttaggttca cagcctaggc tctaggcttg gttacctgtt ccaaatacat    216120
     cagttaaaga tacgagtagc cgtgaaaatc agagaaagat ttactcagtg tggtcacact    216180
     tgaaatagaa acaaatgaag gagttccgtg atccctccca tcccaagttc atctttggaa    216240
     tattgacatg aaagttagtt tctaaaattg gtaagaggac cttaaatcca agcagaaagt    216300
     cattgggtag tcccatgata ttcataccac tattacacca atgggcctgt ctggttgcat    216360
     gtcctttatg aacatggctt ttggagtcac catcaccaaa agtcatcctt gcggcagaca    216420
     gcataacgat gctgcaagga tgtcatcacc tacatcactg gaacctgtga ccatgtcacc    216480
     ttacttacaa aggaggcttt gcagatgtgg tgagctatgg atctgcagat ggagattgcc    216540
     ctcttccagg ccaccaggga aagtcctccc cctctggcct gagtggagac agtgacagga    216600
     ttaccttgca gtcactgagg tttatcttat ctggagtacc actttccaag gccagtgaca    216660
     tctgtccaga gtggggcagc ctgattggaa tgtgtcttca acggttgtgg tgtcttctgc    216720
     agctgcccag gtgtcctcag agtgcttaat cagagtctaa aacagtccgg ctgctgacag    216780
     ttccataatc agaacaaata caccccttca tttgctatat actgcaatgg gtctataagc    216840
     atccctcctg atgattaagg catccactgg aatgtgattg acccactaga ggcctcatgc    216900
     ttaaagaaaa ctgacctccc tctcccagca gctagtaatt gctaatagct cttctgccag    216960
     ctgtgggtgg gactttatgc ccacttcccc tcttcatgct ggagttttgt ctggcttgac    217020
     cttgtgcgtg ctgccacaat tgctgcgaga ttgtgacata caactgccca gttgtgcccc    217080
     ccaaacactg ttttttttct gtaatcatcc atattccctg actcttacaa tatttctgtc    217140
     ccgttattgg ccatgatccc taagccttgg gaggaggggc atgtgatata gacatcccat    217200
     ttagggctga gtattaagaa gtctcttatt ctctgcatct tgaccagttg tgattctatt    217260
     actatcaagt gtaaagttct gtatagttaa taaagatggt cctctgataa ggttcagaaa    217320
     tatagtaatc tacgggtata atgataagta ctaaggacct ggtttaatac tatgtccatt    217380
     agcagaagaa tagtcatttc tcatctagag cctaggaact ttgtatccac aggctcttga    217440
     cactgatatt agtagtaagt atgggcacat acacacaaat agagtttttt taaagtttaa    217500
     attgagttac actttaatga agtaacaatg ccctaactag ataccataga ctagcaaaca    217560
     gaggaacagg aaatggaatg tgttaacgtc ttttgaagtt gttaaccagt gaattctcat    217620
     agacaccccc ccaaaaaaat ttacaggtta ttgccaatgt tcttggttat catctagaac    217680
     ctgaaggaaa cccctcttgg tgaaaacatc acatagttta gtcttagaat ggagagaaat    217740
     caagctggaa cgcacctgaa agcttcaacc ctattggata gctttcatat gatgcgtgac    217800
     tctggcagaa aggagaataa tcaccaacca cctgtggctg ctgggagaca atatgcacac    217860
     agaaaataca tctcagctgc tcgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc    217920
     agaggcaggt ggatttctga gtttgaggcc agtttggtct acaaagtgag ttcaggacag    217980
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctatctcag aaaacaaaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa    218040
     atacccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaac caaaaacaaa aacatctctg agtgttacct    218100
     cagaagcaag cctcccagta attcgtgcac actggtgacc atggcaataa ggtcagcccg    218160
     tggcagaggc cctgtgatct ctgcatgccc ttaagacctt aagcaagagc tggtggagtg    218220
     gacttgtcat ccccgatggt tgggccataa agacagaaag atcaaaggct caaggcctgt    218280
     ctgggctaca gagcaagctg aaatccagct tgggaaactt attgaaaccc tagctcaaaa    218340
     taaaaagtga aaagagggcc aggctgtagg gggtgggggt ggcatagtat ctgcctggca    218400
     tgaatagagc ccaggctcaa tgcatagcaa tgaaacgaag aaaaatgaag caagaatcct    218460
     cccagagaag gtgtttgtgt ctgctggggt catgacatgt ttaaaaggat ggtggcaact    218520
     actgaatcag aaaacttttt agaagaggaa atgctctcac accaaagctt tggccatgag    218580
     caatattaga aagcagtacc tggccttgta tggtggaacg tgcctacaat cccatcattc    218640
     gggagacatc ttaggctaca tggggagacc ctgtttgtaa ccttcccacc cccacaaaaa    218700
     ccaaatcaca gcaatgtaaa tcatgatcag taaattaaaa caacatagca aggggctgga    218760
     gagatggctt agcaattaag ggcactggct gctcttctag aggacctggt ttcaattcct    218820
     agcaccctca tggtggctca cattcgtctg taactccagt tccaggggat tcgatgctct    218880
     ctgttggcct ctgtgggcac tgcatgcata tggtatatag acatataagc aggcaaaaca    218940
     cccaaacaca taaaataaaa gcaaacaatt tttttaaatt acttctaaca aaacaaaata    219000
     tggtcttcca ccttgagaag tgtttggtag ggctgtaaag ctaactcttc acacagccag    219060
     acagggaatg gacaacattt agaacaaaga aactatagca ttatggagcc gaccagaaag    219120
     cacactgttc aggaaaatgc agaaagtgtt tttgtagttg cagaaaaacg ttttaaaaag    219180
     tgaaaagtgt gtgtccctgg gacaacctgg atgtagaaag tgctgttttt taaaattgta    219240
     tttcagtatt cagcatttta tttaaagcca gactttttaa aaacacaaaa tcaagatcta    219300
     ttcttagtgt aggattgtgg aaatatgatg actgggtatc ggacagatcg tttaagagca    219360
     tccttggtat aatttcaact tgtttgcaag aagagcaaaa gaaagacaga aggagaaacc    219420
     ccaacctttt attgtaatgc acagaaattg aaattgtatg tgggtgaaca tccaagatgg    219480
     ttctctactc tccagactca gcacaataag cagctaagtc attttaaaga cagacaatat    219540
     tgtatcactc ctttatgctt ctatcagcat gaaccaccgt tgtgtagaca gaattaatta    219600
     gaaaacttca gtgaagtttt ctgtcatata tacaagtctg cagattcact ccagactgca    219660
     ggcagaatcc aactctaacc aacactgcta agtgtctagg tcttgtctct cggagaatct    219720
     gagtccagac ctgtcctaaa ggacataagt ttattgcctg aagtcacagc agcctccctg    219780
     tgactatgtg acattagagt catcagaatg tcctcaaggc ccaggtcgcc agttcctaac    219840
     tcatttctct atgttaaaaa gtccagcctc ctggaagacc caggggaaat gaatgaacat    219900
     ggaagaacag atttgttata actcactagc ttgctcccaa gatagattcc tcctgtgggt    219960
     cctgtggagt gggatagcgg aaggagaaac ttcaggagag tgaggagcat aaggaaatcc    220020
     tgtatgtggg agcctggagc tgagcatcct tgtatcaggg ccgaggggcc ttgtaaatgg    220080
     ctgtcagccc tgtctctgtc actaggaaaa cgggagaggc agatggacca ctttggtgac    220140
     tatagagcgg gtggtatgga aaggttacaa cctgctgagt cgcctgaaat gttcactttc    220200
     atttaaaccc tttgaagcag catcagccac aaatctaaag tgctaataat atattcaaag    220260
     caggccgttg tgaggtgagt gaaataagag acaggctgtg aattaaggca gagacactaa    220320
     tgagagcatg ctcctctaat ttccaatgag gttcagcgaa tagaaagaaa tgctggcctg    220380
     aacctatgtg tttgttagtt ttctgtttgt ttggtcgttt ggttgttttg ttttattttt    220440
     attaactcaa tataaattac aattatctgg gaagagggaa cctcaactga gaaaacgcct    220500
     ccatcaaatt gattataggc aagtatgtgg gggtatttcc ttaattaatg attaatgtga    220560
     gaaggtccag cccactgtgg gtgaggccac cccttggtag gtgaccctgg gtagtataag    220620
     aaagcagact gagcaagcca tgaagaacaa atcagtaagg gtgctcctcc atgttctctg    220680
     cttcagtgtc tgcctccagg accctgcctc taggtccctg aacttgcttc ctttcatgat    220740
     aggctgtaag aaggaagacg aaataacttc cttttgcttg tggttatcac agcaattaga    220800
     aaacaaacta gtaaaaacta tgtcatcgtc ctttttaaag atgcggaagt tcccacagca    220860
     aaggcctcct ccccctgcag tacttccctg agaagacttt cggatgctcc tgaagcagtc    220920
     tccagtaagc cccttaccag cctccacagc agcacttact gttgctctta caataatgtg    220980
     tttattgacc ggcttggatt gagggattta ttcaaatgtt tcagaatagg tgaatgaaag    221040
     aattgaagtt ctgtgacatt tactacttcc ctcaaaagcg agacttgaca aatgtgcaga    221100
     atgtatgctt ttgcttgcac agtcaatgca acccctcggt gaaatgtctg aaactataaa    221160
     acactaatac ttggctggct gtgtggcctg tatgtacgat tagattttca ttagaaagaa    221220
     tacaaacatt tcttctaata aaaaagagat ccaagattgc tgaagctttt caaagatgaa    221280
     atgcactgtg gatttatgtc acaatcctct ttagaagctt ccttccaggc tggtatgggc    221340
     tgttgtgtct ctccattgca atctcctaac aagcagggtg caatgggatg ctgatttgag    221400
     gataaccacg cttctttgat tttaagtgca cagcgggcca aactctatag tagttgtgtt    221460
     taccagatga tgtggcttca acgcattcta cagagctcac atgttagaca cgtagtcccc    221520
     aaatgactgc tcataatatt tggaagcaag atctgtagtt gatggtagga ttagatgtgg    221580
     tcacggggta gagctgaggc aaaaaggcag tgagtttgag cctagcctgg gccatagagt    221640
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc agaggaaaaa aaatggatca caagttctag agaacaacac    221700
     cacatttaat aatgatcaca tccagtcatt acaatgtgag gctcaatccc aagctagcgt    221760
     cttttcacac tctccagagg tactcagaaa attaacaagc ttttcggaac caaatttaag    221820
     gaaacacaaa tgccgaaggg caattagctg gtcttattaa cctgcccttg gtcccagcta    221880
     atatcatggc gttttctgaa ttc                                            221903