ID   AL805923; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 182774 BP.
AC   AL805923;
DT   24-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-65B16 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-182774
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lad H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 3e9012f28ecf45a2b3655eaee8f2f531.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456109.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041120; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041143; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050608; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070661; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029008; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029009; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029010; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029011; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029012; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028967; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028968; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028969; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028970; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028971; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028919; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028920; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028921; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028922; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028923; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028991; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028992; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028993; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028994; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028995; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028705; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028706; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028707; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028708; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028709; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029432; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029433; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029434; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029435; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029436; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028137; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028138; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028139; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028140; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028141; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028669; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028670; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028671; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028672; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028673; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028819; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028820; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028821; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028822; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028823; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028786; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028787; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028788; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028789; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028790; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028918; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028919; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028920; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028921; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028922; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028812; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028813; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028814; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028815; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028816; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029470; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029471; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029472; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029473; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029474; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027858; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027859; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027860; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027861; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027862; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028215; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028216; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028217; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028218; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028219; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL805923.6:1-182774; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000042844; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000043042; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050949; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000116094; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123636; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143971; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068860; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068861; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068865; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068867; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068870; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068912; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068913; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068917; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068919; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068922; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068820; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068821; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068825; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068827; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068830; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068834; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068835; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068840; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068842; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068845; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068503; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068504; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068508; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068510; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068513; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069323; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069324; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069328; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069330; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069333; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068981; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068982; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068987; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068989; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068992; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068445; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068446; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068450; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068452; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068455; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068582; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068583; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068587; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068589; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068592; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068490; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068491; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068495; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068497; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068500; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068680; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068681; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068685; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068687; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068690; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068496; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068497; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068501; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068503; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068506; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069508; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069509; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069513; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069515; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069518; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068469; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068470; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068474; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068477; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068480; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067689; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067690; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067694; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067696; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067699; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
DR   InterPro; IPR013083; Znf_RING/FYVE/PHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR017907; Znf_RING_CS.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914075; Rnf186.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-65B16 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..182774
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-65B16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    4280..4320
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    65730..65849
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_114529, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    82093..82271
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    82504..82571
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    119260..119263
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_86168, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    134883..134901
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_203235, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    154768..155431
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_86164, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 182774 BP; 47122 A; 46230 C; 44321 G; 45101 T; 0 other;
     gaattccatg tgctcaaacc agtactgtat atggagaaaa accagttctt cgcctgattt        60
     gcctgggact ataagaacct agcaagcagc ttgggtcccg agctcttctc tacccccagc       120
     cctgggaagg gtgaacctcg cctgaaagct tgccaataaa gctgagcttg ttttaagctg       180
     ccagctccgt gtgatctgca tcccttggct tctcacccag cacttgggtt gtggaagcag       240
     gaggatcagg agttcacagc catcctggaa cacagagaca taggggctag cctgggctac       300
     aggacgtttt gacttccttc tcactcacat cttcctgctg ttgattctgg gagctcttag       360
     agtcccacac aatccaaatc taaccccaat tctagacatt ggtaggggac ttgtgattaa       420
     agaaggcctg gaaatatgtc cccctcctgg cgcccttctt agcatcaaaa tataaatgaa       480
     taacacagtg aactatcaca tgtgcacagt aacgtgtgtg tgtgtcgtgc ctcctcctca       540
     cactgtgggt gagtcaagga tgcgttctag ccagggtgga gacttgaacc tgaagaagaa       600
     aagcatgaat ctctgtcctg tccaggtgac cgtgagtggc ctccgtagca cctctctcaa       660
     acttcctgac aactcccact gaagagcaga agtgcttgag aaaatgtcat gtgaatttat       720
     tgatttgtta ttaaataaat aatatttcag agagctctat ttgttctttg tgatgtgtcc       780
     ttccccaccc ccacccccac cccacctcct ttagagcata cagaactaag gtcttcgagc       840
     ataagaactt agcaatctgc taagggcaat gttctagtca gcttttttgc tgctaaaata       900
     aaacaccata accaaaagca acttaagaag gagggttttc ttgctcgctc gctcgcttgc       960
     ttgcttgttt tgtttaggat ggttcctaca gaaaacagag cgaactgaaa gtgaggggag      1020
     gggataaact caaagcccgc ccccactgac acacgcccag caagactccg cctcctaagg      1080
     gttctataac ctcccagaca gcgccaccaa caggcggtcc aattgtttaa agacgaaagt      1140
     gttcagaggc ctttccacag aaggcaggaa gctgacagtg tcagcccttg ctgaagctct      1200
     gtcctaggtc ccaacacgca caggacaagg gtgtcctcag ttgccagctc cgtccagttt      1260
     ttgacggctt ctgggtgtga agccctctcg ataaagacct cctctgcata cagctaccga      1320
     tgaaaggacc accttccagc caccacccct tcacccacgg tctttctcat atttagatct      1380
     aagaaattct gcctctgttc cctctctttt gcattcacag ctatttaaag agcacaaggt      1440
     ctctgttgac cgacaaagcg acatctcagg ctactctttt gctgcaacac gggtctagga      1500
     ttacaaacca gaacttcact cggtggagag cagggtggct cagtgaagtt gtttcttgtt      1560
     tcttgtttgt ttgcttgctt gcttgctttt gttttttaaa ttttggaaat gaaaccgagt      1620
     gtcttacact ttcaaggcaa gtcctccgcc tctgggctgc cctccctagc cctgactgct      1680
     ttttgtcatg aatgagtttt ggaaggggaa tgaaagttct cacaactggg aagagctcag      1740
     aggaaggata tgagagaggg cgttcccagg agagcacagc gaccctgctc accaaagcca      1800
     gcggagctcc gccatcaatg tggcttccga tccaggctac ctaccactgc ccatgtgggt      1860
     gttgccaggt gggggggggg gagctcagaa cttcatccac tcagggcaag cactgagttg      1920
     actgagctcc acctgcatta aacagtacgg tgggtaagag ggcttgctgc ccttccagat      1980
     gatcaaggtt ctgttcccag catccacttg ggcaactccc aaccacatat aactccaggt      2040
     tcaggggagc tgacattgtc ttctggtttc tgagggcatt gtgctcatgt gacatactca      2100
     tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aataaaataa      2160
     aatcttttaa aaatataatt tgccgggctt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg      2220
     ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagctcc      2280
     aggacagcca gggctctaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaataa      2340
     taaataaata aaaataaata aataaataaa aatataattt attcattcat gcagcatttg      2400
     tataattaaa attaaagtgt actcgagatt tgatatctct ttttatttgg ggattttttg      2460
     cttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttgagacagg atctaactat gtagctctgg      2520
     ctgtcttgga actcactctg tagaccttgg ctcgctcaag gctggccttg aactcacaga      2580
     tccgcctgcg cctcccaagc gctgggatta aagatgagca gttataccca gcttgagatt      2640
     ggagtcttag attgtgcttt gaggctggct tttcccaaag ctgtgtcaag aagagaatga      2700
     tgaatgaaga cagacactgt cctcaaatca aggtcaccac ttacccagca acaatcaaaa      2760
     tgattccgac ctacaggaca gctcaaaaca ccaagtgagt ttgctcctgt tagcttaaaa      2820
     aaaaatccca aaatgttcct tgtgtattta ctgcatgttc aagttacaga agcaacttat      2880
     taaaccactg tctttaaaag tttaataaac gcccctggaa caggatgagg aatgcgcaat      2940
     cgtgtgctca cagggtgaat gaggtgggtg gatggggaga aaacaaaaga acaaatgagc      3000
     ttggctataa ctgcttttca tgtaaacaca gttggtcttc gtttctatgg gttctgttga      3060
     atttgtgaat tcaaccactg ggagacaaaa ggctttggga acaacctggc atttgcactg      3120
     acgcacacat atcttcttgc tagtcactga acatggccat tactcagcgc ccagggcatt      3180
     cagctcagac agtacttgag agagtgctta ccctggtcta ctctaagggt ggcataggtt      3240
     gtatgcaaac acctgccctg ttgtttaagg gacttgagca tctattcatg ggtttgggtt      3300
     tcttgggggt gtcctgatct gcagtcctgt ggatgctgag gaatgatggc gctctcacca      3360
     tggcaacgaa atgaagagag ttgagaattt gacaaagtac cactcacacg aagacatttt      3420
     tttcctgtac ctttatttat tttacttagt atatgtggtg tgtgtgtgcg catgtgtgcg      3480
     tgtgtgcgcg cgcacgtgcg tgcatgcgta tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      3540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggccacaga tgcctgtgtg cccatgaaga aggcagggag      3600
     taacaccagg tatctttact gctttccacc ttagtttttc attggcctga ggctccccag      3660
     ttcagctaga atggggacca ggcagacttc tgtctctcca gtgctaagac tgcagatgtg      3720
     gccacatctg gctttcactt gagtgctgag ggtgtgaact cagatactcg ggctggtaca      3780
     gaaagtgctt tgccaactga gccatccccc agtttctttc ctacccgctc acatttctga      3840
     tgattccgtg ccagttactc tgtaaaatgt ctctagcttt ggggttgact ctgaatccgc      3900
     tataaccatg acttattttg atgccacaac ggctcctcac ctagacagaa ggatgtggag      3960
     ctgtgagcac attctcactg tccgacacag caaacttcca acacatagtg gaccagctcc      4020
     actccagcct tggtgtcatt ttcccaaggt gccctggttc ctggattcct tgacagaatc      4080
     ctgggtagga aacattgtta gaacccaaga tctggcttgg gtggttgtgc tcattgtcat      4140
     ggggatagca ctgctccctg gtcccaaaag ggacgagatg aggaatgtgt gctctcgagg      4200
     atgtgtgtgt atggtcatgc acacccattt acaatctctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct      4260
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcttct tccctccctc      4320
     ccttccactc ccccaaggag ccacagaagc accgcctttc tctcatgttt ctccctttct      4380
     ctcctgcatc ttccttctcc agtaatgaag ccttggactc actttgttta ttgaggtgtg      4440
     aatatcaaac cacaaaaatt taagtaggta aggtgtgcgt ttccaccata ttccatgtat      4500
     ttgcaatatt ttatagccat caccagtatc tatttttagg acaggtctaa caccccccaa      4560
     agataccctg tgtccatgag tgaagctctt cctcttcctc cacaaccctc tgatgccagc      4620
     agccactaac tgacttctga gtctatatat ccgtctgatc tggacagggc acagtaaaca      4680
     atgcctggcc ttttgtgacc gccttcattg acttagtaaa ttgttgttgt tgttttctct      4740
     gtgattgtga caggttttcc ttaatatatt cctggactcc gttgcttttc tgtgtgcatc      4800
     tacaatcgtt ctatattctt ggtagctcgc tgcctctcgc agcagcattt atttggtctg      4860
     atacgaggag agccctgttt gcactctgtt cactactcca tctatgtctt tttctattct      4920
     tttactttct atccattttg tcattgaatt taagttgtat ctcttttaga caagaaattg      4980
     tcttctagta cgttctttgg ctagtgtgtg tgtgcaatta catatgtgta cgtgtgcatg      5040
     tggaaattac aggtaacatt aagtgttgag tcctctgtgg ctctccatct tctcttttga      5100
     gacagggtct ctcactggac tcagagcccc ccacccccca ctggctacac tggctgtggc      5160
     catctgttgc cacctcccat cttatcgcca cctggcgatg atcacacatg tgagtgtgat      5220
     cacacatgtg agcgaccatg tctggctctt tacatggtgc cagggatcca aactcagatt      5280
     ctcacgcttg tgtggtagac actttaccaa ctgaggcaac tgctcagcct agaccatctg      5340
     ctgtcaggtg gaacattcga ttaccttaca cataggacaa accccaaccg cacaagattt      5400
     gcatttgaca tcttgctatt ggtctactaa cgtcttctct ctgtccctgg tgctcctgtt      5460
     tctctgtgac tggcttcttt tatgttaggt cgtggctttc tcctgagcct atgtaatttc      5520
     tttgccctgg gcctggagtt actgctcagt gataaagaga atactccttc cttttgtaag      5580
     agacctgagt tcagttccca gtacccacac cagatggctc acaatcacct tcaactctag      5640
     tctccagaga tataatgccc ccttctggtc tccatgggaa actgcacaca cacacacaca      5700
     caaaatttaa atttttaaaa aatattaatt ttgggggcta gagagatggt tcagtggtta      5760
     aaagtactga ttgctcttcc agaggttctg agttcaaatc tcagcaatta cacggtggct      5820
     cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tctgattccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga tggcaacagt      5880
     gtactcctat aaataaaaat aaataaatct taaaaatttt tatattttat atttaaaaat      5940
     aaaatattaa tttccacatc ctttatttca ctacagacat tttggtttta cacacacaca      6000
     cacacacata tgcaaagaca tacatgcagg catgcaaaat atcaatgaac attacataaa      6060
     aatcaattat atatatgtat atgtatatat gtatatacac aaacatgcac aaatacacac      6120
     acatatatat aatttagttt tatgttatgt taattgatat tttgcctgcc tgcatacatg      6180
     cctttgtgag ggtgccagaa gccctggaac tggagttaga gacaggtgtg agctgccatg      6240
     tggatgctgg gaattgaacc tggctaagtg ttctaaactg ctgagccatc tctccagccc      6300
     ctctagttgt tttcttagtg gctgttctat ggattccaaa cccacctcaa tttgtcaaca      6360
     tcaaattccg attattccta taactatatc tccttctttt ctgctgttat tgccatataa      6420
     actacacctg catgcatttt atgtccacca atacatattt ttaattggcc ctatatagtt      6480
     gtattctgaa tcatattggg ccaaaaggat tatgagaata cagttatatt atcttttatg      6540
     ttccttataa aactacgttt agagccctac agggtcagaa ttgacactgg taatgtgctt      6600
     gccttgctta catgaagccc cggggttcag ttcccaccac tgcataaaat tgggcgtggt      6660
     ggtgctcacc agtgaccttg tcactcaaga ggcaaagcag gaggatcagg aattcaaggt      6720
     tatctttggc aagtttggag ccagcttagg ccatctctcc agcctctaaa tctattctaa      6780
     atagttcatt taaagccttt gtctattgag ccaaataccc atcacctcct tggtctactg      6840
     attgtccgcc agcacataca tatgggtcat ctgttcttat tgcgttgact atttcttaga      6900
     tcttccttga aagctagaca gtttaagtaa tacattgtgg cagtactgga gatcaaattc      6960
     ccccctcttc ccaagggatc attgttgcaa tttgttacaa ctgcttgttg ttctgtgtgt      7020
     tttctttcct ggctttgata agctatctag aaagtttgta ttcttgatcg agtgtgagct      7080
     ttgaagtgtg gcaagcttac tagatggtca acaactagat ggaattttcc ctacatagca      7140
     ggaatttgta agtcccccac tgggtcaagg gattctctgc ctgtcgtttt ttaacatcca      7200
     gccagacagc tggagcaccc atccgacagc tctgccttag tcctcacttc ctgcttgtgc      7260
     taagtgtacg gatgagacag aagtaacact tcacagtttg ccacgttttc cctgaaccca      7320
     gccctccagc tcagtgagta aaggtacttg ccaccaaggc tcatggtaat gacctttcga      7380
     ttcaatcctt gcaattcata ggatggaagg aaagagccaa tccctaatag ctgtcctctg      7440
     acctccactt gcatcccatg gcaagcatgt gcctatcatg tatgtgcata catgtacaca      7500
     catgcgtgct caagcacaca cacacaaact aaccaaatgt aatgtatgag acactatgag      7560
     agttcttcat gtcatctatg actaccccat ttgcctccct tcccttttaa gctactatgc      7620
     tcagcctctt gtttgtatca actgctgcac gtgttatctt tagccaagtt aaagaatgcc      7680
     ggtgctctgg acagatgctt tggagcaccc ctcttccgga cccactccag gtgctgagct      7740
     actgtgttga ctaattttat cactgctggg acaaaaaccc caacaaatga agcttaagga      7800
     agggacagtt atttaggcta ggttcggggg cgcagtccat cctggcgaga agagcatggt      7860
     ggcaggggtg ggaggcagct ggttccaggg caccctcagt cttgctttct ctgtttgatt      7920
     cagtccagga ccccagccta caggctgctg ctgctcacag tgtaaatggg tcttcctacc      7980
     ttttcttaat ctcacgtgcc cctaacaggc acatccagag gctgtctcct atgtggttct      8040
     ggagcctgtc acgtcaacaa tcaattttaa ccaccattcc acctcatgcc ctgcccgcat      8100
     ggacacctgc ctttctctag tggtttggtt tggttttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttac      8160
     ttgttttgtt ttttgtttgt ttgtttttct tttcttaacc ttccctggct agaactaaat      8220
     tgtctaggaa cagacatgag gcaaaagaag tttggcttgt tttctttcct tgctgaaaac      8280
     aattactctc aatgattgaa cactcattca gaactcagct tacccattac ctcctgactc      8340
     tcaatctaaa tatttcccca gtgactagga ccttgtcacc ctgtggtaat tctctctgtt      8400
     gtcctttctc acagacactt tactttattt actgttggct tgtttgttcc caaattccta      8460
     aagtggggac tgtctgtcac attcaccact gtgtcctctg tgcccatctt cctgactact      8520
     tcatagctgg gatttgtcct gctggttttt attgtcaact tgacactacc tagagttgcc      8580
     taggaagagg gaacctcatt tgagggactg tccagatcag attggcccgt ggacatgtct      8640
     atggggaatt gtccagatga ttgagaggtg agggaccagc gcactgtggg tggcaccatt      8700
     ccctaggcgg tggggcctga gctgtataag aaagcaaact gagcacgatc cagagagtga      8760
     gctactctgc ggctttcttc catggttttt tcttgagttc ctgccctgac ttctttcagt      8820
     gatgggctgt gacctggaag tattaagcac acaaattctt tcatctccac attgcttttg      8880
     gtcatgctgt ttatcaacag aaaagtaaac tagaacaata ttctgtgtca tttgttggat      8940
     aaatgaatga accatttgcc aggcatgggc tagttcctct tgcagttata aggctgactc      9000
     agagtactga ctccttacgg tggttccctg ctagccatga ctattaaatc aggtctctgc      9060
     tagccatgac tgtttgttaa accagtcccc tgctagctgt gactgtttgt taaatcaggt      9120
     ctctgcaaga atagcagtag agtcttggat tctaactgag cactgggctt ctcagacaaa      9180
     gactaccttc accacaaccc tttacagaga agtggagtca tgcgattaag ttttggcaaa      9240
     tattaagata aaaatgcagt tgatctatac agcttctgag atgtgtcctt gaaggtgggc      9300
     tgcagtttct ggttgcttct tgctcctttg cacaggttag aatgcagatt tggcctgcta      9360
     gcctgtataa gatgtgtggg gagccgccct cacattcgcc gttacaagat ggcgctgaca      9420
     tcctgtgttc taagtggtaa acaaataatc tgcacatgtg ccaagggtag ttctccactc      9480
     catgtgctct gcctttcccg tgacgacaac tcggccgatg ggctgcagcc aatcagggag      9540
     tgacacgtcc taggcggagg ataattctcc ttaaaaaggg acggggtttc gccattctct      9600
     ctcttgctct tgctcttgct ctcttgctct cttgctcctg aagatgtaag caataaagct      9660
     cttgctcttg ctctcttgct cctgaagatg taagcaataa agcttttgcc gcagaagatt      9720
     ccggtttgtt gtgttcttcc tggccggtct cgagaacgcg tgtaagaaag atgaactaac      9780
     agttcatcaa ggttagaagc aaccctgaca cagtaaaatt tcacaccagc ctccaggcac      9840
     caagcgagtc tttgggagat agaacaataa ccacatcctg ttcttgtttg tattgtcaac      9900
     ccgacgcaac caagagtcac cagagaagag ggcacctcag atgaagaata gtctagatta      9960
     gattggcctg tgagtgagta ttctggttgc tgattgatgt tggagagcac agcccactgt     10020
     gggcagcacc atccctaggc aggtgagcca gagagtgagc cagtaagcag ccttccccaa     10080
     cagttgctgc cgcatgcacg ttcctacctt aagttcctgg tctgacttcc ttctacaatg     10140
     gaatgtttcc ttgaagtgtg agctgaaaga taccttgacc tccaccaagt tacttttaga     10200
     ctgattactt tatcgcagaa agaaagcgca aattagaatt tccccggtgg actgaggctc     10260
     gtcccctcgc acctgcatgt tgaagtccag ttcctggtgt gatcttgttt agagatggag     10320
     tttttatgaa tgtaattaag ttaaatgaga ttgcataggt gagttcggaa cttagcttat     10380
     ttttcctagt gctataaaaa aaattctttg acaaatgcaa cttaagggag aaaaggcctc     10440
     tcctggctct tagctcccag ggcatagtgc ataatggtgg ggaaatcaag gcagtgagag     10500
     cttactgcag agtacaagca caatcaggaa gtagagagcc atgaattcac ctgctgctca     10560
     gctccccttt gctatttata ttatttataa acgtatatcc agggtccttg gcttaggagg     10620
     tggtgctggt attacagact gactatccac tcatctggtg acttcaactc cacgcctcag     10680
     gtctgcacag caagtgtttt gagcgcttaa acatctcccc tctgcccggt actactctta     10740
     actttgctgt gagtttaaaa ttgctctgag aatgcaaaag tctttttgtt ttaaggcagg     10800
     aggaagatgc aaatagcttg gactttctgg ggtgaaagga agggggacag acagaagttc     10860
     agttagggac tatgtggaag ctgagacacc agtctcgaaa aaaaggagat gtggggtgtt     10920
     gagtgtgcaa atcctgaatt cagggacaag cttcagccac aagcctaggg gttgttggtg     10980
     tgtaggtgag ctggccagtt ttatgtcagc ttgacacaag ttagtctccc ttaggagctc     11040
     catccataaa ttccatctgt aggtaatcct gtagggcgtt ttcttaatta gtgattgttg     11100
     agggagggtc cggcccattg tgggtggagc catcccttgg ctggtggtcc tgagttctta     11160
     tactaaagca tactgagcat gaggtgcaag ccagtacaca gcactcctcc aaggcctctg     11220
     catcagctcc tacctccagg ttcctgccct gcttgagttc ctgtcctgac ttccttctat     11280
     gatgaacagt gatacagaag tgagccaaat aaaccctttc cctccccgtt tgatttgggt     11340
     gtggtgtttc accacagcaa cagtaaccct aagacaatag gtgatgctta agccaaagat     11400
     ggatgagatt caggcaagtg tagatgggca gggaattgaa gaggattgga ggcctgagtt     11460
     ctggggacct tgagcagaag caggtctgag acagaagatc agcaaggatg actcagaaaa     11520
     tgagataaag taacatgggg agtccagggg agaaaggcaa gtaacagaga ggcagaggac     11580
     actgctctct cacgtaagta agcgaaagga ctgcacactg agaccagagg cagggagctc     11640
     agtggtgaat aaaagcctgt gttagctgag ctgaaagaga aggataccca cccaagcacg     11700
     ggaagccctc ctggcactga gacaggagga tcatacgttc caggccaatc tgggctacat     11760
     tgtgagttca aggccagcct ggagtatgta gtaagactct gacttaggaa aaacagaaac     11820
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaactg gagcgggaga gatggctcag tggttagagc     11880
     actgaccgct cttgcagagg acccaggctc cagtcctagc ccccacatgg tggctcacaa     11940
     ccgtctataa cttcagttcc agggtgtctg atgccttctg gtcttcttgg gccccaggca     12000
     catacatgat aggcatacat atgtgtaggc aaaacaccca tgacatgaaa taaaaataaa     12060
     caaattgtta ccaaaaacaa aaacaaaacg gttcaagtaa agatgacatt atttatatta     12120
     ttcaaggggt gacattattt atattattca aggggtggca ttgaaaggac tctaaatgag     12180
     ctgacatcta aagtttcttg aattgtgtaa gatcagatgg ctttgaggat ggccaggatg     12240
     atggagatac gggaaagcag gtgtcttcaa gcgctggtgg tagaatccct gtggcaaata     12300
     caccaatgtt catcaagctt cattcaattg tatggtattg tcccccttta ttgttgtaaa     12360
     atatgtgtca cacacaattt accgccttac ctatttcaaa catgtcttaa tggcatcgca     12420
     tacttgcaga acagtcgtca tcaccggtct cctctctaac gctcttcgtc ttataaagct     12480
     gaaactctaa acattacaca accgttctcc atgccccctc cccctggtcc ctggcaacga     12540
     gcacttgact ctctgccttt atgttttgat tgccccaagt gcctcccata aatgaaatta     12600
     tagactcttt tttatgagca gcctgtttcc cttaacacgc tgtcctcaga gcacatcagt     12660
     gcagcccgtg tctaaattac catcatctcg gagctgagta atactccact gggtggatct     12720
     accaccgtct gcccatctgt cttccactga tgggcacctg ggtgaattcc tcgtcttagc     12780
     tcttactagt ggagaccctg gcaatacaag tggacagaca gccaaggctc cactttcagt     12840
     tttgctgggt gtcctcctgg tgtggagtgg ctgggttgct gcatttgggt atggtttgac     12900
     tatgatttcc agtttgggaa gcttggcccc caggtggcaa tgtggaaaag ggtggaactc     12960
     ttaagtgaga ggtgatcaga tgactgaaga taatgtcctt ggaaggagct gacgacttct     13020
     catgggacct tggtttgttc tctcggaagg gttgttataa aacaccaagg ctggcccatc     13080
     cccacctcta gggattgctg tctcatctca tgaactctcc ctcgcacacg agccccatct     13140
     gtgattgaag agtctgtatc cactcaggac cccttctgct cttcacacca ttcaaggttt     13200
     ccccggctcc ccacaggata cctcttccga gctagtcctc ctcctgtttt catgtggtgt     13260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     13320
     gagagagaca gagacagaga cagagacaga gacagagagg cagagagacg agacagagag     13380
     aaaaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gagtgagtga     13440
     gtgagtgagt gagtgagtga gtgagtgagt gagtttcatt aggattgctt acaggaacac     13500
     aggcacccta acagtggcta cactactgaa aaaaatgtct ctccctttcc ttctgtgaac     13560
     tgcctacaga tcctcaggga ggggtggggc ctcgccagtc cctctcccct ctgtgatagg     13620
     cacaaccctg tgctactgag agttcaagag cacagtggcc atgtcattcc tggaacacag     13680
     tgttctacat cgctccaccc ctttctccgg ttgttatagc ctttctaagc cttcttctgc     13740
     aatgtcctgt gagccttgga ggtatagata gatagataga tgaagataaa tagacaaaga     13800
     tagatagatg atagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     13860
     agaaagaggt agatagacag acatagatag atgatatata catacataca gatagacaga     13920
     aatagacaga cagagataga gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     13980
     gatagatgta tagatacata gaaatacata catacataca tagatatata gatgatagat     14040
     agctagatag atacataaag atgcatacac acagagacag agatatatag atgacagaca     14100
     gatagacaga gatagataga tcatacatac atacatacat acatggagat agacagagat     14160
     agacagacag agatagagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     14220
     agatagatag atgtatagat acatagaaat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac     14280
     atacatacac agacagatat ctagatgata gatagctaga tagatacata gagatgcata     14340
     cacacagaga cagagatata tagatgacag acagatagac agatagacag acagagatag     14400
     acagacagac agatataggg attggggata gggagaggag ataacgtaga catagaggta     14460
     tattcccatt tagggcgaag tgttgttgtt cagacactta ttctcagcac catgaccagc     14520
     tttgagtctc tgcagtctcc actgcctgac gtaaacagaa gcgcctctga caagggctga     14580
     ctgcaacact catttgcagg catagctctg tctttagaag ggaatgtgat aggtgtaggc     14640
     tgcacacttt gtagaacagc agcagtagct tcctcactag agcctatgag gttctccaga     14700
     cttttgatag gtgtatgaca ttggatgaga atcccatcgc ccaacccctg gcaggtctca     14760
     agtccaacca gaaagcagtt gcttgccacc ttaataacca tgccgctact gctcgagtgg     14820
     ccacatctag cctagcagat tggtaccgtg gctgccagat tccacagtgg agaaagacct     14880
     gctaatggct tttctcccgt gaacagcacc ttccagcgtc atgagagcta accagtagaa     14940
     aatccacttc tcagcctaga ctatttggtg agccccaacc ccatgagaga ctcagtctac     15000
     aaacaaacaa atccaactca cacctcatac agtaaaccta gccaaacatc agtcatagac     15060
     cctagaggaa aatccactat gccgttctcc taaatgaata taggttctga ctatattcta     15120
     aataattatc cttatatcca caggtaagta tagttctcaa ctccccctca aggacgcttc     15180
     cttttgcaga agaaggagac aattgtaaag atccacagct caccacaggc agagaataat     15240
     ggtactagtg ccagctggta atgtgactcc tacacataag gttgagagca cataatggaa     15300
     gaaggaacag aagattgtat ccaagatacc tgcagcctga tagagtcttc ttgacatgac     15360
     agggatgctg caccgtgaaa tctcagcaat acagtcacct gcgccaggcc tgtgctatga     15420
     acacactagt caacaagtca cagaggatgt gggaaaatat ctctgggtcc caatccttta     15480
     aaaaaaaata acatagcaat tggtagttgt agagagaaga gagagaaaca gttttctctg     15540
     gggagaaaat cccaataagt tatccagttc cacttagcca gccctaaaca catatacaca     15600
     agagtaacac taaatagact tgctaggtta tatgtgtttg tgtataaata ttagtaatta     15660
     taggagttgg ggggacacag gaggagttgg ggggacacag gaggagttgc gggcacagga     15720
     ggagttgtgg ggggaggaga ggcagaggtg aaaatgatat aaatacagta tatgtgtgtg     15780
     cacatgtgag tgcacatgca tgtgtgcatg tgtgcatatg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgcg     15840
     tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg atgtcctagt ttgctttctg ttactgcaat aaaacactga     15900
     ccaaaatcaa cttggggagg aagggattta tttcagctta gagatcacat tgcacatcag     15960
     gggaagtcag agcaggagct ccaggcagga actggagcag caactgtggc agaatgccct     16020
     ttactggctc gctccctttg gcttactttt cttatataac cacgcccaac ttcctaggga     16080
     tgccaccacc cacaggggac cagacccttc cacatcaatt aacaatcgca aaaatgccca     16140
     cccaggggcc agttaggcag aggcaattcc tcagttgaga gtccctcttc ccacgtgtct     16200
     cttcttggtg tcagggtgac agacaccagt gagcacagtt cctgcatggt agcaattgag     16260
     gaatgacctc tgaggttctc cttcccctcc atatgcacgc acacgcacaa acacgagtag     16320
     tcacgtgaac acgtgcaaaa gaactcctta cagagaggac actgaggaca ggaggaagaa     16380
     cgcgcacagc cgcctggaag gacctccaca gggaggcaat ggttcagccc tcggagggtt     16440
     ggctcggcgc tctggaccat gtcccaggtg ccattccatc tgtgagctct gtaatctgac     16500
     ttaatctctc tggcacccgg ttttctcatg tgcaaagcag aaattatatt tacttcttag     16560
     gcgtgttgcg gatgactaga ctaaagacag cattttccca atgttagctc ttgagagcca     16620
     cgtggtcaaa acacaccaca ctccctctgg aattctgtca cgcaaaccca gaagggttct     16680
     ttgtctctgc gagctaccac agcttgggtt gaaatttctc aactcttaga accagaaagg     16740
     atttggaaca aaaaccacca ttttcatctc cattaagaag acgaaagttt caggtactgc     16800
     tggtgcacac ctttaacgcc agtgctcggg aggcacaggc aggcagatct ctgtgagttc     16860
     aaggacagcc aaagctgtta cacagaaaga ccctgtctca aacaaacaaa ggaaagaaga     16920
     cagacagaca gacagaggag taagctaaaa ctcagagagg ttaaactgct tatccgagga     16980
     tgcaaagctt gagttggaac agaaggtcta tttgacctac tccgaaaagc tgttacacct     17040
     tccactcaaa gcccaggtac tcccaaccca aatgtctttc ttttggggag tggggggggg     17100
     gtgttgtcca tgaagtggaa acctaacatt tggagagaaa agatggggtg gtcaggccgg     17160
     ctcctgagtt caagctgaac accctggaga ctgagttaat gggtcacaaa ctgtgcttgg     17220
     gagggttaac gtcacatggt ccagtgaacc gcatccccat ctctgctccc tggaatgtgt     17280
     gtaggaacag gaggagaaat gttctcgctg agataggaac acacagtctc cagccttccg     17340
     tgtccaagac agtgtgtgtg agcggaagga ggtgggtgcc cttccccctc ccagggctta     17400
     agctttagga tgccaagtgg cgcccactct tctgctgcct cctctgtctt ctgcctatat     17460
     ttgccaactt tccctctttc ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     17520
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctctctc tttctctctt tctctctttc tctctttctc     17580
     tctttctccc tttctccctt tctccctttc tccctttctc cctttctctc tttctccctt     17640
     tcttcctttc ttcctttctc tctttcttct ttccataatc agaaagcatt ggaattgctt     17700
     acaagaactg tgtaccaatc aattgtaaat acaaaagtca aataccgctc accaagactg     17760
     ggtagatcag aaactggagt aagagataca agctgaggga ctggggccgt gtatcacaaa     17820
     ggtcgtattt tctgttgaca tgactgagct tcctggtggc caaagcaaaa ctgggaagca     17880
     cccaactgga gagttcagaa tatctgagta gccttctgat ggccaagctt gatccagcag     17940
     catttccaaa actatgtctc agacccagag tcggacactg tgaacatgat ttgtaagcgt     18000
     ggccttatgg ggggtaccca tgatctcagc acaggaggga aggaagatct gggtgtgagg     18060
     ccagcctggg ccagacagtc tgaaaaagga aaaaggaagg ggaggggagg ggggaaagag     18120
     atggaaaagg agggggagga gaaaagagga gaggacagga caggagagca gattagagaa     18180
     gaggggaggg gaggggagag gaggggagaa aggagaggaa gaagggattg tgatagagag     18240
     aaggaaaagg aagggaaggg gagggaaaag aaaacaaagg cccagaagaa gatgagaagg     18300
     aggaaaaaga ggaggaagaa gggaggagaa tgttgtataa aaaaatgggt ttctagccag     18360
     gcaatggtgg cacacacatt taatcccagc acttgggaga cagagacagg tgaatttctg     18420
     agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccaaggcc attcagagaa     18480
     accctgtctc aaaaaaacaa aacaaaaaag gggggatttc tggggggctg gagagatggc     18540
     tcagcagttg agagcactga ctgctcttcc agaagtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcagcca     18600
     aatggtggct tgcaactatc tgtaatggga aatgggatct tatgaccttg tctggtgtgt     18660
     ctgaagacaa ctacagtgta ctcatataca taaaataaat aaataaatat ttttaagggg     18720
     ggtgttctgt ggaatggaaa gatggcttag tagttaagag cactggctgc tctttggagg     18780
     acccaggttt aatccccagc acccacacgg cagctcacaa ccatctgtaa ctctacgtcc     18840
     aggagatacc gtgtcttctg aactctgcag gcacagacat ggatgccggc aaaagcactc     18900
     atatataaaa catgaaagaa acacatcttt aaaaagataa ggtttctgag actggggagg     18960
     tagctcaatg gtggaacaag cccctgggtt tgattcccag cacgagggtg ggggtgggtg     19020
     aatgccacag tcattcttca attctgttag tcctgatttt atcgtcagtg gtagaagtcg     19080
     gaattaacag aatccggtct gtttgtttag tttttactgt cgctgagttc taaaagcaca     19140
     gagcagagaa tttcaagaca taaaatgtga gagaaggcca cagatggccg gaaggtaaga     19200
     aacgtgagtg cgcgcatgcg tgcatcggta gctggccagg gcagggctct ctggtaggct     19260
     taatatgatc gttgctatct caaatgcttt cccacaggac ctgaagctca ggtggaagtg     19320
     ccaggccagg cgacctcagc agagtgagtt ccagggaagt cccctttaac tgctggctct     19380
     tggtttccat tcttagtttg cttcaatgtc tgaaccaccc tccggctgtg ggaagcctcg     19440
     ggatggaaga gtctgcagct ccaagcaaaa accacaagct ttgctgaaaa ttgatgtttg     19500
     tatttgtaca gcaataaaca aacaaacaaa agtttgacct ggagtgttgg aaagattcta     19560
     gcaccgcagc aaacacacag cagcacatgg tagaaggcga aatccaaata tgtggggcgt     19620
     ggtcagtctt caggagtggt ccacacttcc cctgggatag atgacttcag gacaacgtgc     19680
     ccaaaccgcc agagtcactt ctctttcaga agccctagcg gatcacctct gatcttctca     19740
     agtccctagg agagactgga gcctcaccca gatcagtcac cagagcgccc tggttcccgt     19800
     gcctcctcag gacgggttcc aatgaggatg gtggacttcc ataattttct gaagtgttat     19860
     tgtccccttt ctatcaaatc aagcttgggt gaggttgaaa gtctcgccag acctcacgca     19920
     gtaaatcgac aggagtcaga tttccaacta ggaagttggt gccaacgatc cttaggtcag     19980
     gcggcttccg tgaaacagaa ttgtgaatcc cacacttgta accaaaaagc tggaagggtg     20040
     aggcaggagg attgcactca aggctagcct acatggggag gacctgtatc aagaacaaag     20100
     gaaggaagga agtgggtttc ttcacactgt cttaatcata ctgtcttgac ttgcaaacaa     20160
     ctttgtctac tctctctctc tctctctctt tctctgtctg tctctctctg tttctcaata     20220
     gaggtcatgt ctcaggacag tagtaaaagg aatagtcaca ttttatttgt ttgtttgttt     20280
     gtttattgga cacagggtct ccctctacag cccacactag cctggaactc agtatataac     20340
     ccaggctacc cttaatatgt taagaccttt atgttaatac ccttaatcct tctgcctcag     20400
     tatttggagt gctggggttg caggcatgag ccaccactca gggttcatat tctctattgt     20460
     atcttcctgt aattctttgg ttactacaac caattgattt tatcttttgc atcgagagat     20520
     tcaacgctgg ggaagctctc tgcctctaac ccacatttcc aggtcattga cagttactat     20580
     gacatcaaag ggttgttctt cggacaggaa ccccaagtat cctccctcca tcacatttcc     20640
     cactgtccct tcacacacct ctcccgccac ccatgtgtgc tcacctgaag gtctaaggac     20700
     aactttgggg agttggctct ttccttccat cttgctgagg cagggtcctt cttgctgctt     20760
     ctatcgttga agctttgaac tgtagtctag ctggccctca ggcttctgga tggttctcct     20820
     gttgccaccg tctcaggatg aggtgcagag attacagaca aataaattga tgttttacat     20880
     gggttctaag gatcaaacgt gggtcgttgg gcttgcatgt caaattcttt cacccactgg     20940
     gcgatctctc tgcctccctt catattctga gacagggttt cacggatctc atctggccat     21000
     gaactcactg tgtagtcaag atgaccttga actcctgact ctcccaatct ctactgggtt     21060
     tacaggtgca tgtcaccatg cccccaccat gcctgatttg tgccatgccg gggattgaac     21120
     ccagggtttc ttgcatgcca ggcaaacact ctatcaactg agctactact caccgtagat     21180
     gggagatgca agagagaaga cactggccat ctcatgtccc tctgatattt ttaattttat     21240
     tatatatatt tattatataa taaatgcatg tggctgaaca agcttctcct cccaccccct     21300
     caaccctccc tagacccagt gaacagaaag gaacaataca taagactaag acaggagaag     21360
     ctagtgtctt acagtgacac actgtgtcac cctgggctgt gtatgtgcta gcttatggaa     21420
     tctcacccac tcagagagcc aaggctgctt tcccccagct actagggtat tgtccagatg     21480
     tttctcactt gcaggaaaca ggaatccaat ttgacttgac ttactgtgaa ctggggggat     21540
     gggtgggggg ctaggtacaa tccaggcaca tgaggccttg gttttgagcc ccagcactaa     21600
     gaaaaaagaa aagcacattt cataaattaa tataactgaa aaatctgcag ataaatttct     21660
     agcttcaggc atggctggat ccaggtacaa aaagatcgtc ccacagcttg accttatttc     21720
     tcggcaagtt ctttgtacac tgtggccttg tccccttgca cggtgtctta gttagggttt     21780
     tattgctgtg aacagacacc atgaccaagg caagtcttat aaaaaacaac atttacttcg     21840
     gggctggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattatcatc aaggtgggag cacggcagta     21900
     tccaggcagg cagggcgcag gcagagctga gagttccatg tcttcatcta aaggctgcta     21960
     gtggaagact gacttccagg caactagggt gagggtctta aagcccacac ccacaatgac     22020
     acacctactt caaggtcaca cctattccaa caagaccaca cctccaaata gtgccactcc     22080
     ctggtccaag aatatacaaa ccatcacaca cagggtttca tccttaagct tggaaaccca     22140
     ggagaaaacc atcaccgccc cccccagccc ccactgcaac acacacacac acacacacac     22200
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gttcccatag aagccccaga gtccaatctc     22260
     attggtgttg cttaaatcat gtgctagacc agaaccaata attgcagcca gccagatgga     22320
     atctcacacc atcagtcagt ctccaccctg aatcccatga cgtgtccccc atcctgtccc     22380
     cattccccta cctctctagg aacctgccca ccaccgcatc tccctcagac caatataaga     22440
     gggtttgggg gcagcagtga tcactcaaag tgaagacagg ccactgtcat ctgaaaacat     22500
     tctgtacaca gacacccagg gctacggcca ggagcctttc tacgaacctg gtagaaactg     22560
     gggtagaaag aaatccccgc tgacccagcc taaggcagaa agaatggaaa ctggggctgg     22620
     gatccagagt gaggggaccc tgagggggga acaaagcaag aacaggcagc ctctgcctgc     22680
     tggaggctcc acacacatag actgaacctg tggcaggcac agcccctcgg ggtagaggga     22740
     agggtttaac ccaagaagct tgacaccagt agccactgac aagccatctc tggattcact     22800
     gtggtgctag ttgttgttct tgttttttgt tgttgttgtt gtttgttgtg agggaaggga     22860
     catctatccc agcttgctct ctctctctct ctctctatat atatatatat attataaggg     22920
     aaataaggga acaccattat cacagacccc attacagatg gttgtgagct accatgtggt     22980
     tgctgggaat tgaactcaga acctctggaa gagcagtcag tcctcttaac tgctgagcca     23040
     tctctctagc ccccatccca gctctctcat tccaggcatg gtgaggggga cagaatttca     23100
     tgactgccac acttcgtccc ctctaccatg ccacatggag tcctaccagc ttaagccagc     23160
     cacccagagg ccaatagaat cttcatggat tgacatggct gagttccacg agactgggaa     23220
     ccagaccttg gacatggcaa gatcctgccc ctgtggtagg ccccttggca ggcagccaac     23280
     aagccaacac cctgcccctg tgcccagacc tttcttacag agctggcatt ctaggagacc     23340
     acaggtgagg acccaggccg ggagagctgg ctcttagaag acccaaataa cagcagttta     23400
     tgcttatgcc tgggtgccta gagccagggg tctgttcccg cggtgcactg acaggagaga     23460
     taaatacctg ggaaccggaa gctgctaatg cagctgtgag gatgacaaga aactgaatgg     23520
     gccaatgtgt gcttgttagt ttcggttttc tgttcagact ttcctgtccc caacacttcg     23580
     cccaatctct ctttctcttt tttcctaatg ccacccattt gcccatgttt tcaaggcaca     23640
     aacactctct tctgcattga gtctgaaatc tagaaggtct ggaggccttt ctcagaggga     23700
     tgcttcccag tcaccctcat caggaccaca gagatgttgg agagctttac agttgtttac     23760
     accccatccg ggcctgacac atctacccct ctgtgcctcg gagcctggta ctctgcattt     23820
     ttaaaggctg atgagatgtc tcagcaagta tgccagcaat tgtgacaccc taagttctac     23880
     cccgcagaac ccccctcgtt acacaagaga actgactctt tcaagtccct tgaccgccac     23940
     atgtggacca tgaagacatg tgtcacatgc ctacaccggc acacacagag aataaatgta     24000
     atttctaaag ggttgtgggg tttctgctca tttccctaca ccagggcttt gattggccag     24060
     gggtggaggt ggaggtgggg atggggtgtc actggtgcgc tccagagcgt agtagtagag     24120
     acagcgtccc tgtcggttgt catgtagaca ctcaccaggc atggccccaa caggaaagtc     24180
     ctgattcatg agactccacc cactttggcc cttctatcag gtaattcaaa gtctccaggt     24240
     ctccaagtta ctgattaacc ctgggtttcg agtaaagaaa taataataac tgaaggacca     24300
     acataagcgg agaaacaagc agggcaacca agggagcaag atgccagaca tcggttgtca     24360
     gcaggtaccc gcagagagca gaagggagac tggaagcgtc cccacaggac cggaacccat     24420
     gcaagtcctg gcagctccgg tggatgtcgc atgcggatgc ccgtgcgcgg atcagccttg     24480
     tccctccacc tctgtaccca gaatgtcctg cactgaggcc ccacagccta tcccagcggg     24540
     taccaccacc accagcacca tcattgcctt ggggcccacc gggcggctca gcatctctgt     24600
     ggagggtgac ctggaatgct tggtgtgccg agagccctac aactgtgctc ggtcccccaa     24660
     gctgcttagc tgtcagcaca ccttctgtgc cgtatgcctg aagcttctgc tatatgtgca     24720
     ggaagacacc tggtccatcc cctgtccgct gtgccgaaag gtcactgctg tcccgggagg     24780
     cctcatctgc agcttgcgag accaggaggc gatggtgggg cgtctggccc tgccatgccc     24840
     agaggtgcgc ctatgtcctc agaggctagt gggttctgcc gcttcagcaa ctcggccagc     24900
     caactggaca ggagaagaag aacaggacac tgtaagtgtc aaccgtgtag ctgcccggcg     24960
     cctggctgta cacttgctct tgttggctct tgtcattgtc cttatcctgc ctttcatcta     25020
     cccgggtgtc atccggtggg tgttggcctt tgtcattgct ctggctctcc tgatgtccac     25080
     cctattctgc tgtcaccccc agagccagaa cagcaactgg ctttgcccca ggactctgtt     25140
     ctgcagagag caaaagcaaa cccagatcac ttctattgcc tgagaactct ggatccctac     25200
     aggcccagtg ctgccaaggt tccctcctcc cccagacctc acagtctgca tgggtaaggg     25260
     gctaggggcc gcctttcaaa atcacattcg aactggactt gcgtgtcaaa gccagactgg     25320
     ccatgttgga tcaaggattc tgtgctggaa cagtgggatc gcacctgcct gttcctgtgt     25380
     agcataggaa ggaaaggggg aaagagagga gacaccccct gaatgagtga ctcaagggtg     25440
     gtggggtccc tacccctatt ccagagctcc taagttttgt atatatccct ttgtacacat     25500
     attgggacat tggccttact acaaagcaaa tagaaccagg tctcttttgt aatccatgta     25560
     gctggcttca ttttttttaa atttgggctt tgatgttttg tgtcctggga agtttgtgac     25620
     catctctagc cattgcccac tttccctcct ggggtgccag agcccaaggg gatactgcca     25680
     ggttttcccc agggttgctt gctacactga tcccaaacct tccatgccaa aagtctcctt     25740
     acggtttccc acagggtcca ccccagggtg gagtacacat ggaattggaa ttgtaaagtg     25800
     gggagagggt atccgaggat cagcagacag agatggggag gtgtggagag ggtgggtcca     25860
     ggaattgtcc ttaggatcta cgctgagatc accagttgcg taccatgagg gcttgactca     25920
     gagaatctca ggggacatgg acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agacagagag     25980
     agagacagag agagagagag agagagagag actcagctct ccatcagact cccagactca     26040
     catgacagaa cgaaagcttt ccagatggcg cctctcttct tatcacatct acggccctat     26100
     ttgctccttt gtcataaaga taaaacatct cgtaaatgca acggtcctcg gcggtgtcac     26160
     cccacctcag cctcagagcg gcagtcgcta gaaaggtcct tgggtcatct cttcaggact     26220
     atttgggctt cttttttcat gcagcgcggg gggggggggg tgggaatcca ccctcagaaa     26280
     tgagccctgg tgggttcaag caaagaggaa gtgggagagc aagaagccca gtgtgggagc     26340
     tggaagtttg tctcggagag tccctgtgat cagacttaaa actctggagg gactccccag     26400
     gccttgtgca ctgtcctttc ccattcaccc catttcctgc agtaggagac taacaggagg     26460
     gcacagttca tggtgacagg acctttgtca ggagagatga gaggactctg ccactggatc     26520
     cttgggtgcc tggccctggt cagtggtcac atgctgttga gcaaggtctt tggctctctg     26580
     cttccctttt ctcagactga gttaagtctg actccgttag tcctaagatt ccctggatgt     26640
     cccaactgct cagggcctgg ttgagccaca agccgatcga tggaggggcc atatgcttct     26700
     gaacgcctgt gaggaggtca catcaagggc tccttctgtc tgactgtgtg tcaggctgag     26760
     ggtagagttc agcggtaaaa tgtttgcctg gaatgtgtga agccctaggt ccagtcatcc     26820
     ccaatgcaat tcacaaaata aataccaaag cgagcaagaa catgagtgca gtatactgcc     26880
     ttgaaaaagg cagtgacttc ttatttttct tataaggcca gacaattccc agtgcagcga     26940
     gagtgttgag ggtgtgcatg agctccggtt ctcacaggca gccagcatag tcctgaagaa     27000
     caccctttcc cagagggtga acagacggca tctctcctgt tggcctcttg tgtgtgacat     27060
     ttgggatgac tgccaggcag acagcaaaag aacgttgtct ccccacctac tcctccaggc     27120
     ccgttttact tcctggagac aaaatccacc ccagagtttt cagttggtca aggaaatact     27180
     ttgttaccat ttggtgggag agtgtttgcc cagtactcat aagacaggca ggcgtttccc     27240
     taactgacac gttatggctt cctgacagcc ttgtggcgct gaaccactca ctgtgttccc     27300
     tctcgtgcag aggaagacac tgagatcaga caggtgaatc tacctgctta aggttgcacg     27360
     gtcagtctat gctagagatt ttaggaatta gcccagattt agcaatgtga atcctccttt     27420
     gtgaatagaa cgaacctaaa atctgatcgc tgcctatggg tgtgggagaa atgtcacaga     27480
     aaatatgaaa tgaactacag gaaccgtggg gattcagaga tgagcaggtt gctgaaggaa     27540
     gaaagattaa aaagcaggct gggcttgctg actacccctc tccaggcttc gctgcttgga     27600
     atcccacagg tgagaacact ggagtcccag gcttgaagaa tgccctcatt tgatcaaata     27660
     actactgccc cgtgtcttag cttgggacct agacccacag cccctgtcat tcctggctta     27720
     gggtgggtcc cagccaaggt atctttgggg tccctgggca aagatattct aatactactg     27780
     tctctttgaa gatgacctgg tcccaaccat cttctggaac atcagagctt ggggacaaga     27840
     gtacaggcaa ggtcactgct gccctggagt gggcagagaa gtcaggcagt gctgcagggg     27900
     gatgtgagtg gaaaggacag gcaagaggcc tcgagtgcag ggccaggctc tggtccacac     27960
     tgaaggtctg aaccttcttt catccccttg gaaatgagag ggtagctcta ggttcatgga     28020
     gagaccctgc cttgaaggaa aaagtggaaa gtgacagaac tggatacctg atatcctcct     28080
     ctgacctaaa aagagggacg gggctatact tccaaagttc aacactcatt ccagatcctg     28140
     gggccaacct ccaataaaga caagagaacc tttgacatcc ctcccgtaat atgatacatt     28200
     ttaaaagtct gagacaaata ccctggtgat acaaaattca ttattagcta gtacatagcc     28260
     acatgttaaa aggccttaaa tcactcaggg agaacactat cctcacttct ttctgtggag     28320
     aggcccgttt gctgccctca gactctaaaa gcagggcccg cagggcccac tccttcatta     28380
     tggatgtcaa gggaaggaac ctgccaggcc agggccctgc caccgagctg tagccttcct     28440
     cgccttttta tttttgagac atggtctcac taaattacct aggatgacct ttgactcatt     28500
     gtaaagcccc cagaaggcct caagcctgtg atccccctgc ctcagccttg gcaccacgct     28560
     gcaacaagga gctgtggttt caccatcagg ccctgctgat ccttttaaac aaaggcaaag     28620
     cagggcttag ctcagaggca acctgtaact acagtaagga tgcaagctgt cacttgctta     28680
     gcaaacgtgt gtgacaaggg ctttagagcg accagcggac aggagagttt cagaaatagt     28740
     gcagagtcct cagcaaaaat ccatgtgacc tttgccttac tttccaatct taacactgat     28800
     acattggaca agattttttt aaaaaatcaa tattgatatg tggctatgga ctaaaagcag     28860
     aggagtcact cgcagtgttc tccctgcgtc tttactgtcc ccaaacccca cctaagcgat     28920
     cactttgttt tgagtatgtc ttcttttcta aaactatttt ccatattgat tttctttatc     28980
     cattgtgatt ctgttttcca ttagagaatg accgtttttt tttaactttc agagttacat     29040
     ttattttttt ttaatatcaa gaacttacta aaatcaactt atgctgaaat taaaaaaaaa     29100
     aaaaaaacgg cagctgtctc acatctgaaa ggctaaggta gttagttgct caggctgagg     29160
     ctggctactt cagctcagga ccgcttctta atcggtggcc tctggtcact ccaatcctcc     29220
     attcctcata gacaacaata ggatctttta aaattccatg atatttgcgg ggggcggggg     29280
     gagcgtgcca ccttggtatg gttatttccc caacttagtg atgcccagaa tctcagctag     29340
     aatccttcaa ccctccacaa ctgtcctttt ttgacctaca ataacctcct agctcttcta     29400
     ggtcctgatt ggccgataga gagatcaggt gatggaggcc ctctagcgtt ccagtcggat     29460
     cctgagtcat aaggctccct gctggaatgc cgcacgtctc atctgtccgc tcgagaactt     29520
     tttccatttc caactccagc ctatcttctc caggggaaag agcaacgacg tcagaggtca     29580
     tggtgactca gattccagcc ctgaccagga tggccaccta cttcctcacc tgtagattag     29640
     gtgtgatgaa atttcacagg ttgcctgggc aaccaagagc cggctcccaa atgaggagag     29700
     cggaggatga ggcatgggag acaacccccc cttccattct tggggtcttt aagttctagt     29760
     gtgggatacc cagattataa attggcaaac aggaaaacaa tcaacttcag tgttaaatac     29820
     tacgattaaa atatgggccc gaaggcctgg tgtgctaatc cataaccttg ctggcacgta     29880
     gtaggtgctc agcaaatact tgttcaaaga ctagagctga gtgggtggct agtctaacag     29940
     gaatggaacc ccaaaacgga ggcccgtggg acggaagagc cacgggtgca acgactggcg     30000
     agcattagag aaagtgaaag aacgatcaga aggcgtgggt gttgcaaatt tcaccgagca     30060
     gtgtgcacag gagggggagg caccttctgg gacaggctct tttcaagtgt ggcggcaaaa     30120
     tttggaagct tccccttcaa gtgtctgctc gaactcccct catgccagcc cagcccctgg     30180
     tgagcactct ctgcagaccc ctcctgtgcc ccgcgctctc gcttcctggg gagcgggaga     30240
     cacagaagtg cgggtcccgt cccaaggcca gcacccgggc gatggctttg gtggcttagg     30300
     tggcggtgcg cccggcccag cccggaaggc ccgggcccta gggctgcgca ggcgggaccg     30360
     gcccgggccg gtgtggggcg gctgggccag ggagagaaca ggcggggagc gccagggcgg     30420
     gagctgcggg gctgccagaa gttctgccgt cgtcccatcc gtcgctgccg cctccaggta     30480
     agcccgcggg gagccccgat cgtccccacg ccgcctccac tgcgcttccg aacccggaag     30540
     tgctctcggg actcctgagt agctggaggg gaaactgatg ccaacgagca tgccagcggc     30600
     ccccgcctgc cagcacagcc cagggcaccg gtcgctgggt ttgaagggaa gaaaggacct     30660
     tgctcaaggt cacgcagggt cactggacgc cccctgcgta ctgggagctc caggcaccca     30720
     ctcccaccct ctgtgtctcc agactcagtt ccccgaggcc tgggaagccc tagagtcccg     30780
     gaaaggcccg gccccttcct gctgtgacgg gggcgtggct tctcgccccg ctgcgggttt     30840
     ttacagagta ggggacattt cacattacag gtttttacat ccgggaaaac tgagtctggg     30900
     aacaatggga tgattttggc caggaccagg cagtcagagc aaagaggtta actagggtga     30960
     gctgacttca gagtttgacc cagtgttagg ttcaaaactg gcctccatga tgtccttgtc     31020
     cttgccaggg gtgacccaga gtagaagctg gggctggcta aatctgcagg tttgatcctg     31080
     aggccactgc tgccttcaag taggagggaa cacacccctg tagggcttcc caggacgcca     31140
     ctcacggggt atatttattg agcacctact atgtgtcatc gtgtaggctc tgaagacaca     31200
     gtagtgaaga ctcctcaggg tgaatcagct aggcagaaag acaaggccac caaaatcccc     31260
     aattacccag tatgtttgag aagtcaggaa ggaacccagg gccccatcct cctagttaga     31320
     accctaccaa accgcctgaa cctctgggca tcaccgaaga tgctgcttcc agcctcagtt     31380
     tcccactccc ctggacttaa aagatgccct caaggaactt gagcctggct ctgccacttc     31440
     ctctctgtgt caccttgggt gtcaccctga accttcattt ccttataaca caagaggatc     31500
     atggattata attcttccca gtgctgaaga tcgtgtcagg atgcttcatg aattggaaag     31560
     cacagtaccc aaatcaaaag taaattaaag ccaggcatgg cgatggtggc atagaccttt     31620
     aatcctggtg cttgggattt aatctcaaac tgtgagttcg agactgactt ggtctacata     31680
     gtgagttcca ggggacaatg agggctatgt agagaaactg tctttaaatt agatagatag     31740
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     31800
     agatagagat atatacacct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatctct     31860
     gtgagtttga ggctagcctg gtctagagtg agttccagga cagatggggc tcaaagaaac     31920
     cctgttttga aaacaaaaca cggggctgga gagatggctc agcggttaag aacactggct     31980
     gttcttctag aggacctggg ttcaattccc ccacatggca gctcacaact ggctgtgata     32040
     cctgccccag gggatctgac atcccccccc cacatccccc cccacaaata tacatgtagt     32100
     caaatcacca aaatacataa aattaaaaat aaataaataa aaatttattt gcttgggatg     32160
     ctgaagacaa aactcaggct tttttttttt tttttacaaa aaccactgag ctatgcctca     32220
     aacgagcaga gatgcctgcc ttttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     32280
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     32340
     tcttttctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctagaactc actctgtaga     32400
     ccaggctggc ctcagagatc cacttgcctc tgcctttcaa gtgcacaacc attgcctgcc     32460
     tcagagatgc atttcctcac aggtctagtg acttgacagc ctgttctcct cagtagagaa     32520
     accttagcca cacacagagc tggggtggcc gacttccagg tgaggaggct gaggctccct     32580
     ccagggctgg aaacataaca cccacctcac acccagcatt tcctgtttgt tttcctccag     32640
     actctcacag gctcagacag tcagggtgta ttcctcagct tcctgaaagg cccccagcaa     32700
     gctgtgacct ctcgggaaca ccttgacttc ttttacaaaa caccagtctg caagcttgac     32760
     acgggactga aggaacattt cagggtgaca gaactcttgg agcctttgta ggcccaggct     32820
     ctagcgtggc tagggacaca actgactggt ttagcttgct gcttctcagc ctgaacttgg     32880
     actgggaagg ccagacccaa cccaagcctg ggcttggtgg atgtgggacc tgaaggtggt     32940
     ctgtacatta gattgttgat agtcctcttg tactccttca gtggtttttc agactcatgt     33000
     agcccaggct ggccttgaac tcactatgta gccaatgatg accacctagg ttttctgatc     33060
     cttcagcctc cacctcctgg gataagacag atggaaaagg ggggtgcggg tggggacaca     33120
     gagcttcatg catgctggtc aaacactctc ccagcagaga tcctgggctc tgaaatactg     33180
     catttcagcg tagactcctg gtacagagga gtagacagcc agagaatgtg ttatggaagg     33240
     cagaattgag tcttttccat ttgaccttct gtgctgacag ctggatctat gccagggttc     33300
     tattctctgc ctaaaacctg gcttggcttc ctgtttgggt caagagcaaa attctgggtt     33360
     gtggactcta aggtccttca cccatgtctg ctgtagccta ccgagcaccg cagagtgctt     33420
     ggtcaacagt tctctgcctc acctcctccc tacccctctt cctgataaat atctcactca     33480
     tcagattttt tttagcccag cccagctctg cattccaaat gtcccagcca cacgagtcat     33540
     gggacctgtg tcagaggtta agcccaactg gaaacgatct cagattgcca gcccacgtgt     33600
     gcctgcccga gacttctaga atagaatcag aggctgctcg ctagatgtaa tttcagtaat     33660
     gaaagctacc tgcagaaaga acctcttggg aaaactgggg gtctctgttg tatataaaac     33720
     ccattgccct tcacaaagat atactggaat catttctcaa ttgtagagag aggtatccat     33780
     catccatcca tccatctatc catccatcta tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc     33840
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccattat catccatcca tcatccatcc atccatccat     33900
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatttgctc agctgcatct ctgccagatg ctatcacagg     33960
     gtacctcaaa caacatgacc agaatgccac tttctcgtca gacatcatct ggagcagaca     34020
     catcaagaca gaagagttag ctaggactgg ggtgatagta ctagtgtgaa cctagagctc     34080
     tcgtgaggac gtggggacct ggggtggagc gacagggaca cactagtgct ctggacttca     34140
     gctactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     34200
     tgctcctggt caaggaggca gacacacaag gttattacat tggaagggat agaactcaga     34260
     ctatggcttc agaggcaaag gccctgcatt agctctacaa acggaggaag gctcgtgaca     34320
     gctgagtcca cttagtaaaa catcagaaga aaatgtactc ggggttccat tttatttact     34380
     tttttaaatt ttttcagtgc cgggagcccg tgcatgtgct agacaaacca ccctgtcact     34440
     gagcttggaa tctgaagtca cactggccta gggtaggact acagcatgcc agtgatgtga     34500
     ccttcacttt tggtaagtgt tggcttcctc aggtcaagtg gggaccagga cagtgccttc     34560
     ctcccaaggc tgctgtgaag cagaatgggg gtggggttga gggttgtggc agtctgcccc     34620
     agcgaacctc agaagatgtt gttagcaaca tggtttgtta tgtagaaaga gcccctcttg     34680
     catgtgagga ctgcataagt tagggctgga ggcagagtga cttaaatagg gagttagttg     34740
     tcacccccac tccatcccaa cccctaccgc catggttatt tggggggggg taacatccca     34800
     tcggagggac agagagcaca aaggccatgc tcccacagtg cctgggggac ttgggaacgg     34860
     agtagagggg tacagagtga ctgccttgaa atggtgctgt cttcatggtg tctgatgaat     34920
     ggcagaaatt cacaaggggc tggtgaagag cctcctctgt gacccctgtg gaaatgtggg     34980
     tggcttgtgg cagggcctca gcaggaggga agagagcagt ggcaaacgtg gacatagacc     35040
     acacagagca ggtcccgcac ccatcctccc ttctgtccac cccccagact gctggctgga     35100
     ggggtggagg gtggtacctc tccttccggg ctcagcatct tctccttctg gtgtttaagg     35160
     aggttgtccc aggctctctg ggttcttctg tggtggaagc gttgctatgg agatctaaca     35220
     tttctcgttc atctctagct ttcagttaga ctttgaggca ggggcagtga gtgaatatta     35280
     tgtgatgggt ggggcaagca ggggaagcta gcatccttgc ttccagaagc atctaatgat     35340
     tgtctgtctg tctctatgtc tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgagac ctagacagac agacagacag     35400
     acagacagag agacacacac acatgcacac acacacacac agagagagct ttcaactata     35460
     ctctaataat tgaagcatct ttttcaaatt tatttatttt tattttgttt gcattggcat     35520
     tttgcctgca tgtatgccca cgagagggtg tcagatcttg gtattacaac tataagctgc     35580
     catgtgggtg ctgggatttg aacttgggtc cttatggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc     35640
     actgaaccat ctctccagcc cctcagtcat actcttaaag gtttgaagaa cccactgcag     35700
     ttcagtgttg ggagggactt ttgggataaa tgtttattct tggtcctgca ctccaagttc     35760
     ccagccctcc ctagatgctg taaccatctc tctgttgatt acctgagaga accatctaaa     35820
     aatttactca tgatcagaat aagttgagaa acacctcctt ctgtgcacag aaacacacag     35880
     acacacacac acatgcacac acagatccac agacagacac acacattctt attatgttga     35940
     acattgattt tcacagactg cttcagggga tcgagagagc tgaagctaga aaaacaaagt     36000
     tccttcttgt acggggcctt atccaggtct gggccgtgca gagtctgatc caggcctggg     36060
     ccatgcagtg ttctcatgac ttaaaacatg ctattgatca tgcttaatgt ccttttccat     36120
     gctggctttg ggattttttt tttcttctta ggagaaatcc cactgccttg tgtttggtgc     36180
     cagtcaacaa acgcccactc ggagctctca aggcccaggg ctgctatttg tagaatgcct     36240
     ggctctcagt cccacgagtg acaaaaagcc acttgagcag cattctcctt agtgatagct     36300
     aatgtgcttg gttggcttca agtcacaatc actgaggatc agagtgaggt ctttccagaa     36360
     ccatccctgt ctgtcacgag tttggacaca cagcctctct gtgggtgtgg tggctctcag     36420
     gttgtaaaaa ttgttaccct ggcagatggc attcgtctag atcaaacatg gaccttgttt     36480
     ggagtccctg gatgtctttg cagtacctag aaaaggacag gatcaccagg aggctctagg     36540
     aaacagtggc tactccctcc atcatgacct cctgcccctg gggctgctgg gaaacgcaga     36600
     acacagaggt gctggcacca acagcaagtt ttccttgcca caggaatcca aggcttcctg     36660
     gcatcaatgt gtcctcacac gcactttaga acctcagttt aactttgggg tgggggttga     36720
     ttttgatcca cagcaagggg tggagagacc tgggggacca gagtacacag ctccggtggt     36780
     gccacctccc ctaccccaca ggtgccaccg tcctccttag atggaaggga gggggacagc     36840
     ttcatgatca cataacccca agctggatcc acaggctcct tcacccgtac actgtggatg     36900
     gctaaagatc ccctctctct gtgtaactgg cctatccact ttatgactga caggacctgt     36960
     tggtcaaaca gtggatcatt tcggtgaccc gggctttagt tggttggacc acatggagcc     37020
     agagttctaa gcccaaatac tcccttccaa ggagaaagta acaggactgt tatttgaatt     37080
     tgtctttttc tggcccaggg agatggatca gcaggtacaa gtgcctactg ctaagcctga     37140
     ggtcctgagt ttgattctgg ggatcttcca tagtaggaga gaaacattac ccaccagttg     37200
     tcctctggct tacacacaca cacgcacgcg cacaaacaca cacacacaga gtgtgatttt     37260
     taaattgatt ggtctctttc cattataata atcaatgagc tcattacaat atgctagaaa     37320
     attaaaagcc agtaacctct agttccttag ccaagagaca aggctcatca acatttcagt     37380
     gaagtccgtt cagatctttt tactctgtaa acattttgta atacataact agagggctgg     37440
     agagacgcct tggcagctaa gagcactggc cgctcttcca gaggacccaa gcttggctcc     37500
     cggcatccac atcaggtggc ttacagctgt ctgtaaatcc agctctcggg ggtctggtgt     37560
     ctctggattt ctcaggcacc tgcacctctg tcacatatgc agacatgtcc cacacacata     37620
     aaaaataaaa gtactttaag aagtaactca aattatatat atatacatat acatatacat     37680
     atacatatat atacatacat atatgtatat atatatacac acacatatat gtgtgtgcgt     37740
     gtgtgtgtat gtatgtgtgt gtatacatgt acatatacat atatggtaat atgctggtta     37800
     gccacctctc tagggggaaa attgcaatat gcacatttgc cattttctgt ggtgtaaata     37860
     tccccaccgc cagtcccagg ctgacagcag cactgaacac agtagcaatg agagctgatg     37920
     ttcacaggcc agcacatctg gaccagcaca agccagctcc atcctcccgt ctgctagtca     37980
     cgataatcta atgagggaaa aggggtcatt ttgctcaaag attcaagttc cagtcaggat     38040
     cacttggccc tgctgcctgg aacctgtggc cacagtagcc aagaagcaga gagatcagaa     38100
     gtggcagacc caatagaccc caatgacatc atcacttcct cccactgggc tccacctctc     38160
     aaaggtggag ccatcacccc acccccacac attgtaacag gctgaactcc aagccctctc     38220
     tgccgggaac ttcgaggggt gttttataaa ctgcagcaat attgtaaact ttaaatgtct     38280
     atttttctga tcttaaaatt ggtatttact catactgata attcacgaga cacaaacaga     38340
     aaaggaaaat actaaaatca ccctgagtcc agcttctctc cgcccggagt gggccatggt     38400
     cacgtgccac gtggtcacgt gtcccaggag ttccccgccc aagtggagac agacacacgc     38460
     agcaccttct ggagagttca aagggatttt atgacagaaa acaggttaag ttaactctca     38520
     tctctgacag ttcaccttgc agaggtgatt ttggaaaatg tcttccttgt caagattttt     38580
     ctctctgcat ggtttcccca caggtttcat ttcaattcaa attctctcac ttttaggaac     38640
     tcttgcgcag caatgaagta tttaaaattt cggttagctt ttaaagaagc aaaagtaatc     38700
     ttcctggttg ggtgtgtgtg ctggctagtt ttatgtcggc ttggcataag ttgaagtcat     38760
     ctgagaggaa ttgagaaaat gcctccgtaa gatcaggctg taggcaagcc tgtagggcat     38820
     tttcttaatt agtgatggat gtgggagggc ccagcccatt gtgagtggtg ccatccctgg     38880
     gctggtggtc ctgggatgta tgtaaaagca ggctgagcaa gccatgggga gcaagccagc     38940
     aagcagcatc cctccatggc ctctgcatca gctcctgcct ccaggttcct accctgctcg     39000
     agtctctgcc ctacccgctt tccttgatga actgtgatat ggaatgatga gtgaaattaa     39060
     cccttccttc tccaagctgc ttttggtcat ggtgttacat acaccacagc aatagaaaca     39120
     ctgacttaag acaaagatta gtaccaagag tcggacgtcg ctgtgacaga tctgaccgtg     39180
     ttttggggag gattgtggca gcactttggg acctttgggc tagaaaagcc atcaagcatc     39240
     cttatctaag tgagctgttc tccaggatct tggaagataa gtgtattggg agatgtacag     39300
     cctggcgtct gaagttacag gcggaagtat gagagtccct taaagacttg atcaagacca     39360
     ttacgtattt tgaagtaaaa acctgtggtt ctggtcatct ggggctgaag aattgactgt     39420
     gagtaaccac taaagtgaaa cctttgcttt gctgggacaa ttgatgctgg tcagctgaag     39480
     ctgggaaatt ggcagtgatt aagaagaaac caacagcagt gaggtgacat cttctgggaa     39540
     gtgtttcctg agactcagca cagatgcacc agaggtggcc aaggtcacac ctcatgctgc     39600
     agctggactt ggccatgtgt aaatgtctcc caggtgatac tggttttaaa ggcacaaagg     39660
     ggtcatggcg agcagctgag gctctgctct ggaaaggcca ctggtgcagg tgcagcctca     39720
     gcagcccttg aaggcccggg gctgaagggg tcatggagag gattaaggct ttgacaccag     39780
     aagagcccag gagaggctac tggtgaaagt atagcccagt tgaagaacaa gatcctggca     39840
     ttttggagat gctagtacca tagcacacaa taatttttaa gtaagggaaa aagaaaaaaa     39900
     aaaccacaaa gacaaagttc acactgcctg ctgtcaagac ttctaacact acattaagac     39960
     acaaaagaca gacaaacaga gcatcagata aagcagggcc acaagacacc tagacataca     40020
     gacagctgat ttccacagag gtgcaaaggc taatggccaa gcatcgtaag cagtcaggag     40080
     accagggagg cagaggcagg tggattgctg tgaatttggg tccagcctgg tctatgtagt     40140
     gaattccaag ccagtcagct tctatctttt aaaaaaagac ctcaagtttg agggcagagt     40200
     aagcaattta gtggactctg ccttgtgtgt gagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     40260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtggg tggtggtggt ggtggtgatg gtatgtgtgt     40320
     gacataagtg tgtaaggagt tcttgcctcg cacgtgtgaa ccaatgttgc taacaaatgg     40380
     acagaaactg gagttcaaat tgtttgaagt ttgggggcag cctgggttgg gacatccctg     40440
     agtagtgatg tcatacactt agacccacct tccctttcca tctggtgccc cgttgggatg     40500
     tgagaagttt cccgtctaga cctagctcct taactggttc acccgtaagt attttctgag     40560
     tagtggctct gccagatcca gcaaactgag tgcaatacag agagagaact cctgcctgtg     40620
     gagccaaggc tagcccaggg cccaggtatc atcacagccc aaagcacaag gacacctgtg     40680
     agctggactg agctctgcct ggcactcggt gaccactaag tgggggctgg ctgctgctct     40740
     gctgggacag gctcctgagt gagtgaaggg gcatagctca ggctgactgc cccttcttcc     40800
     cctgctccag gttccacacc ctctggaccc atggctggtt tttctggttt agtctgtaga     40860
     gcaatttgca tatttccttg aagaactctc tgaagcttta cagcctgtcc ttggactcac     40920
     agagagggac gcccacgttg gttctccaga attgggtaag gaccactggg gtttcctttg     40980
     ctgcaaatcc ttggcattgt ctgtctgtct ctatctacag tccccatgag gggagccatt     41040
     gtctctctct gtcatggcat ggtcacctct acgtccccac cagacagcct ggtgtctgct     41100
     agccagcaag caccaataca agcgtcttaa atcactagct ggttagtttg tggtgggatg     41160
     gatacttatg gctgacttga gacctaagaa aagaccttta tgtgtctcta catcctccta     41220
     atggaattct tttgactgtt atttcaaaat catgtccact ataaagcaag ctacagaact     41280
     aacacgggga ggtcccatat ctcctcatcc ggggtagcca ctgcctttga acatgagaaa     41340
     agccttccct ggacctctgg gcccagtcac catgacaacg cccacccaga gtctcatcaa     41400
     ttgagccatc ctccatgccc agccattaac agaactttgg ctaccctgga catctccttg     41460
     agttttcaaa accctagtct ttcttctgcc ttagggtctg ccacatactg tcccctctgc     41520
     caagaacata ccccttccag cccacctacc cctctgtatc ctctgcccag gacacacccc     41580
     tccaacccac ccacccctat gttactcgct caggttggtt cttcaggtcc catcctgatc     41640
     cttctctctc tctctttttt ttaactccag ttttgtttta gtaaccttcc atctctcatg     41700
     tttccctgta cagtgtttat ccagccctct agttgccgta tactttcttg tctatttctc     41760
     tctctccctc tctctctccc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     41820
     tctctctctc tcctttgtgg gagaagccct ccccacatcc atcccctccc cccatccatc     41880
     cacacaggtc tcctgtatcc cttcccctcc taaccaccca cgccttgtgg gattgcactg     41940
     ttccccacct atccttttca aatgttttcc aactttagtg cagcattaat gggtgtagct     42000
     ctgagtatga gtcttgattc ctccccattc atttcttttt taagatttaa tttttttttt     42060
     tattttatac atgtacatga aatgtatgta tatgtaccgt gtgtgcaggt gcccacaaag     42120
     gccacaagag ggcgctagat atcctgggct ggagttacag gtgctgagga tggaatttgc     42180
     gtcctagaca agagccccaa gtgttcactg atccgagtca accatcccgc cagccccctc     42240
     cccttctcac ggccctgacc ttgaccaagt tacttgacag ttgtgtcact gagtgtctgt     42300
     atgttgtctg tatccccgca gaatgaaagc cccttcattc ttcagtgttt gatgcatgcc     42360
     gtagtctaag ccagtggaag ctcggggcgt aagcaaggac tccacctgcc ctgagactta     42420
     cattccttgt gtgcacacag gtaagccagt ctgcagaaac acactctgta gtaaaaaaca     42480
     ttaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa cgacacagag gtcctgcctg ccttagatca     42540
     tttatgttcc aggatgaaag acacacagcc ttatgtctta ggcagcccaa tagctgagca     42600
     gctgcctacc ctccatgttg ttagaatcta tgtcgataac cccaagttat cactatttac     42660
     tgtgttccac ctgggctgct cctaacccaa ccgggcagcc ctctgggcca tattctcttg     42720
     gtccttagcc catggcgact ctccttctct ctcctgcttg ctctttttct attccatggt     42780
     ggcttttctc ctcttcctct ttcctctctc cttccctctc agtctcctcc ctctcattac     42840
     cggtccccac tctcgaacct ccagccccac ctttcctctc cactgtccaa tcacaggctc     42900
     tggtatttat tgaccagtta aaatggggag aagggtcaca ggacatcacc taagtacctg     42960
     atggactgct caaggggaca acccctctag aggaagcaga atcaacatca aaatacaaac     43020
     aacatcaggc caacccacta caacactctt ttatttataa gtaagcatta ttaaggtaga     43080
     gcggggtgct ggctgagagg agctaagatg ctttcaggtg gtcactgaag gcttcccaga     43140
     ggaggtgaca ttcaggctga agccagatgt gatgtcaggg gaagggagtt ccaggcaggg     43200
     ggcggggcct gggcagaggc tcagagaaga gcagcaggca aatgtgagag cagagaggca     43260
     gccagcatgg tgagggagtg agggacaaga caggcaccag gccacaagat aaggttctgc     43320
     agcagaagca atgggggtag tgggtagggg agagcatgga agccagtggt tctcaacctg     43380
     tgggtcgcga ccccctggag gcatatatca aataatttac attatgattc ataacagtag     43440
     cacaagtaca gctatgaagt agcaacgaaa taattttatg gttggggggg ggttgtcacc     43500
     ataacatgaa gaattgtatt aaagggtctc agcattggga aggttgagaa ccactaatgg     43560
     cagccattgt tgggaagctt ttaaacagga gagtgacagg ttgggtcctg gtcctgatgc     43620
     aaaggtcagg agtccagtat gtagagaatg ctttgcacag cagggcactg cggcgattga     43680
     gccagtgtgt tcagcctgag ctcggctttc cctgtgccta gcgcactcct ccccagcggt     43740
     taggagccag caggcacatg cttgtctgct cccaggcttg ccttttcttc aaacagagaa     43800
     cttaataggc tccccagata ccagcttagt acagtgccat cttgggctag ccctggatag     43860
     taggtgtaat tatcactgcc tgcaaatggc acacagtaga gactgctgac cctgctgact     43920
     gtgtggacct cttaccccac ccccatgctg acagcggatc ctcaggacca ggccgacctg     43980
     cttgcagtct ccagcccagg gtcctggagc agccactgga ggccagtctt actgggtgac     44040
     ttcggttgag gtcttcacct ctctgggctt cagtttctcc atctgaaaca agggaaggtg     44100
     gattcataat ggtagaggag aggagagaag aagaggttta aaatcaaaag tccaagtcag     44160
     gcctattcgc tcatttatct tgtgacattg gggaaggacc ttggcctccc tgtgcccacg     44220
     cctcagctct aagaaggaat cctcctgcct cactccctac ttaactgtat gcggtacttg     44280
     tgagaataaa atagattaca aagtgccttg ccaaccatga ttcactgttt aaaaatagaa     44340
     acattacaaa gaccagagac taatcagtat ccaatttacc ctaaataaag ttgatattta     44400
     agtatatcca ttttaaaaag ttggttgctt ttaataattt gcaaacattg gttgtggaca     44460
     tatgagagat agtttgtaaa aaaaaataca tacatatata tatatatata tatatatata     44520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa caaacttagg ggctaaggac tgtgggatta     44580
     gctgttagac tcagaagttc ttagactcgt ggccattatt taaaacagtc aatggcccag     44640
     agcttagcct gggttctctc agtctgccat tgttggctgt gtgacccagg cccagtggct     44700
     cccctctgag gctgattgca gatgtgcaaa ctgtgtattc tagcccttct tgtaacctgg     44760
     agacagaatt atagtcctgg cacccaggga cagacagttt ttcaagacaa ggtctgtgta     44820
     tcccaagatg gctttcagct atctcgcctg aagtgacttt aaacttgggc ttctcctgcc     44880
     tcttcctcct gagggctatg gtttcaggtg catcccccca cacctggttt gtgtagtctt     44940
     ggggatggat ccagggtcag gtgcatgcag ggcgggcgct cagctatatt cccagcccag     45000
     tattagattt tcttgtttat tatacccata ctctgtactg agcaccagcg aaacagttct     45060
     ttgctgagtg ccctaagcat tctttttgtg ttgttttgag tcagagtctc attgtatagc     45120
     tccagctagc ctagaccagg ctggccttaa acccatgaga tctgcctccc tctgcctccc     45180
     aagtgctgtg actagagagg cacatgccat catgattatc agcattcatt cctttaacaa     45240
     gccatatata gcgtgagccc caagtccagc ttggatcaca catgggctct gttggtgact     45300
     gtggagtggc tttcctgggc agctgcatag tcatttgtca gtgacgaaca tcaaagtatg     45360
     gcaaggctga actatctggg tttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     45420
     cttccttcct tccttttctt ccttccttcc tcttcttcct cctcttcctc ctcttcctcc     45480
     tcctccgcct tctttgtttt ttgtttgttt cttgagacat gatttctctg ttggctggcc     45540
     tggaactctc cctatagacc aggctggcct ggaattcgca gagatccaac cgcctctgcc     45600
     tcctgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgtacc accacaccca gccaccggtc tcctttttat     45660
     caggtggagg gggctggacg tccatcaggg tctgagccta tgttcttatc ccagacacag     45720
     acgtctgggg cacatcattc cctgaatccc ttcttctgct ccttgcttag atgcctggct     45780
     gggcttggct tgccttgttt ctttcccctg cttttctatg cctcccctct ccccaaagaa     45840
     ccagggagaa cttctgtctc caccatcctg ccttcactca tgcatgtgtg gtacacacca     45900
     ggtgcacaga tctgaggtat acaccccgtg attgttgatc atattcacac acatgtaacc     45960
     accacccagg tcaagatagg gaacatttcc atcatccaga agcctttgca gtcctttgga     46020
     gacacggttt ctccttctgc ccttttcttc ttccttcttc tgctgtttac tgttttgcct     46080
     atgtgcctat gtcctatgca tgggacccag tgtatgcatg gcctcctgtg tatgcatggc     46140
     ctcctatata tgcagggact cctgtgtatg cacaggaccc agtgcatgca tgaactcctg     46200
     tgtttgcatg ggctcttgtg tatacacagg acccattgta tgcatggcct cctgtgtatg     46260
     catggcctcc tgtgtatgca tgggacccag tgtatgcagg gactcctgtg tatacatagg     46320
     acccattgta tgcatggcct cctgtgtatg catggcctcc tgtgtatgca tgggacccag     46380
     tgtatgcatg gcctcctgtg tatgcatggc ctcctatata tgcagggact cctgtgtatg     46440
     cacaggaccc agtgcatgca tgaactcctg tgtttgcatg ggctcttgtg tatacacagg     46500
     acccattgta tgcatggcct cctgtgtatg catggcctcc tgtgtatgca tggcctcctg     46560
     tgtatgcagg gactcctgtg tatgcatggg acccagtgta tgcatggcct cctgtgtatg     46620
     cacaggaccc tgtgtatgac tctcggctgg ttctgtgtag tttgtggcct gtgtctgtta     46680
     ttatggttct ctccagggct cattcttttt cattgctgtg tagtggtcag tcgatggtca     46740
     tggaacttag tctacaccct ctgctgtggg tggtcatttg gtctctttcc atttggggac     46800
     catggtgaca ccttggtgtc cacgtgggga ctggtgctag aactactccc tagacactca     46860
     agtgtgacaa tgctcaagtg cccttgtcta aaacagcata gtagtcacac gtaagctaca     46920
     tagcacatct aagggggact ttgagtctcc tctaaatagc ctatgtgtgt agttgttact     46980
     ctgtacacgg ttggaggata atgactctgt gtgtatatat atattcatcc cagtacacaa     47040
     ccagctattc tgtgtgtatg tggtaggtat gtgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     47100
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacaatg tattcttgtg actgtacatg taaatgctta     47160
     tgtgtggacc tcaggtattt tccttaatcc ctctcaacct tgttctttga gacaatgtct     47220
     ctctcagtga acctggacct cagcagctta gagttaggat gactggccaa tgacctccag     47280
     gtacctacct atctttgccc ctacactgct caggctggcc ttgaactcac agagatctgc     47340
     ctgccgtctc ccaaacactg gtattaaaga cgtgcgctcc cccaccccta gtctgtgtgt     47400
     gaatagagct gaccatagtg gcctggcttg taatcccagc attggacgca gagatagaac     47460
     gcatgaattc aaggtcacct tcagctatgt agcagctttg aggtcagcct gggctacatg     47520
     agaccgtctc aaaacaaggt atgaatagga aatcctcatt ttagtgacac tcatgtgtta     47580
     gtctttgctg gctgggagct tcctccctca gctgtcctag tgctgggatt acaggcacag     47640
     cctctacagt tagtttataa gagatgactt ctgtgtcttc taggaacctc caccgtcccc     47700
     tggaagcctc tcactagcat ctctcttgca ggggctggga atggccacat ggaacaggcc     47760
     acacccaagg cagcctgtgg caccagagcc agctgcagaa gacgattccc agcagcccct     47820
     gggccgggag ctctcggagg ccaatcgctt cgcctatgcc gccctgtgtg gcttctcgtt     47880
     gtcacagctg tttccagaac ctgaacaaag gtgagctttt ctgtctctca aagggggaag     47940
     gccaggcccc tttcagggag gtgactccca acaaccagtc agctccacag acccacagat     48000
     aaccccaagc ctgggaccca tccttgcctc ttgaatctca gcctcatagg aggatgaagt     48060
     gccccttgtt ccgttatctc tcatgtatgc ttttctcaag catcttctgc gctcctaccg     48120
     gatgccaggt gtgatttcag ttcaaggaag gcattgtgta tgtgacaaat gaaacagacc     48180
     ccatgcccct ctccagtagg tcactgtcca tagaggacaa gaaatctatt cattcataaa     48240
     acatgtgttt attgggcact taccatgtac tgtgcatagt gtcagccata ttgatgaaat     48300
     gaaaaagtgt gatctctctg aatgcttcat tccgggagac atcccttccc cccacccccc     48360
     acaaaagatg tgacagtggc gagcagaggt gtgggacatc gtggggacaa aggaatgtta     48420
     agtgcctgta tgtatttaat gtctgtcact gatgctattt accaggtgcg ggcttaaatc     48480
     acacattggc gacagtttag ttaggtggtt aggagcctgg gcttcagtcc gcaaggatcg     48540
     gggtggggca gggatggggt actcaaaaaa aaacgtgtca tggggggaga gcacagcagg     48600
     gtccatcttt gtcagtagag tggtgtgaat atgggaacct tcttgctgtg aggatgagac     48660
     agaacagtaa cttaggaacc ctaaagtctg aggaaggaaa gagagcccag aggggagaga     48720
     tgttgcagag aaagcagtaa cagtgtgcca tttccccaaa cactacgtga ctcttgaatg     48780
     taccacctgc caggctgagg ttgcctctga aagggcttcc ccaacctgcc ctcaccccat     48840
     ggggcaattg ggcatcttcc ccactgatct tcataggcca catggctact ttccccagtc     48900
     cccagtagaa tgcttcccag acctgccacc cctgcacctg agctcctcgg aaggcagata     48960
     ccacctttga attccaggac cttcccaaag ttcagtgagc cctggctttc aatgaagtcc     49020
     ctgagaaaat ggcagcaact cttggctctg ggagcaacgg agccttccat gacttcacgc     49080
     tcagctctcg tcacatcctg actctgatac tttccagtct cctgtgactt tgagaggttg     49140
     acttaagctg cgcgaggacc agcagtctgg ctctgcatct ctaggataaa cagcacaatg     49200
     cccagcacac agtaggtgct caatacctgg taatgggtgt ttacaaactc taccattggc     49260
     ctccatctag cagtgagaaa catcttggat agtctgtccc caggtgtctc agtcacttcc     49320
     ctgttgctgt gataacatga ccaaggcagc ttataaaaga aagtgtttaa ttatagtttc     49380
     agtctcagag ggttagcatt ctcaattgca acgcagagac aggatggcaa gaacagctgg     49440
     gagcccacat ctcagagctg cgttcaggag gcagagagca cacaggggct gtcaggaggc     49500
     tctgagacct caccgtccac ccccaacagc acacctcctc catcaaggcc atgcccccta     49560
     atccttcccc agacgccacc aaccggggac caagtattca gatagatgcc caagggacat     49620
     ctcattcaaa ccacctcacc aggcaagccc ctatccatct cccagagagg tcagtgcaac     49680
     actttctctg tccctaactt gtacctagcc tgggaagtca ccatctttct gaaagctccc     49740
     ctaaacagat aagctgggta ccccactacc acctcataag ctgagtgcat cctgagaagg     49800
     acctgatgag cccgaccgct gttctgacac tgctaggagg ataccaggga tgtgatttct     49860
     gtcccatgtc ctgcggtatt ctcctcgggc tccctggttc ctcacctcag tttcctgtgc     49920
     tgtgtgccag tcactaccca tctgaatttt aaggcagaac acatttaaaa aaacaaaaca     49980
     aacaaaacaa aaaaaacctc tgtcttttta actcccagat agactgctgt tggtttccat     50040
     tatctttgca gaacagttgg tggccatttt tgtcctcatg ggacatcaaa gctagtgtct     50100
     ggactattta tttctcatct gtcctgtgag catcctggag gctgctcctc acaatggatt     50160
     tgatttattc aaatgtcgag ctggggccat gggatgacgt gctgcagtag ggtgccagga     50220
     ggctcagtcc cagcatggca aaaagaaaga aatgaatgaa taaaagaaag acagataaaa     50280
     ataaaaccaa cgaagcaatg tagtgccaga tgcagtagct ctaggcccag acctctatct     50340
     gctgcacact taacaatttt taatgtcagc tctcaggagg ctgaggcagg aaaatcacaa     50400
     gttcaagacc aacttagact atattctgag accccttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtca     50460
     aaactggttg ggtagacaaa gttcagcaca aactccttct gtcaaggctc aggtattttt     50520
     gattttcagg ctgtggtctg tgtcagttac ttaacttctc tgttgtagcc ccacggtggc     50580
     tacaacaaga gcatggctat gtgtcaataa aactttattc ataaaagcaa gctaggggcc     50640
     aggttcctga aggctatctt ttgtgatcct tgaggggagg aactttggag gaagcatgag     50700
     gaagccaaga ttccaaggaa gccttgaccc gttctccttt gggatgctgg agagcttgaa     50760
     ccccagaaac cagggtgtcc tacttataag gataatcagg gtatcctgct tataaggatg     50820
     atcttagtgg gtgacaagca catgatgacc ctgggtggca cagttgctag agaggaaatg     50880
     gctccacaat gggtaagcat ggcacctggg ggtgcaagac aaatgtgtga gtctagaggt     50940
     acaacttaac atgtatgaat gtaggttgtc atatccaggg agcaggggtt gatctaagac     51000
     ctccctgacc tcatgggact gtagtaagaa ttcaacaatc tgtgtataga aagacctcac     51060
     acaggtggac ttagctgtat gagcatcact gcctttgctg ttgttgactt atttcatttt     51120
     tgacggtgct agagatggaa gctgaggcct tgcacacacc cacatgcaca gattttcact     51180
     agatcctttt gtgctgttta aactgtcaac ttgacacaac ctagagccac ctaagaagag     51240
     tctcaatgag gaactatcta gatcacattg acttgtgggc atatctgtgg aggactgact     51300
     ccatggttga tataggaaga cccagcccac tgtgggcagc accattccct caacaggaga     51360
     tcctggatag caaagagagc tccattatat agctgagaac aaggaaacaa gcaaggatct     51420
     gtggacttgt tccacctctg actaagagtg tagatctggt ggtgtaagtt cctgtcttga     51480
     cctccctgag ctgatgagct gtaacctggt gaattgtaag ccaatgaaac cttctttccc     51540
     taggctgctt tttgtcaggg tgtttcctca cagccatcga agtgaacaga gagcaaccat     51600
     tagggaaata tgtcagtaga tagtgcctcc catgagccat cctttgccca ggacagatag     51660
     taacattgtt aatctttcca acaaccctaa gaagtaggtt tcatcactat cacaactatg     51720
     tcacatattc aaaatcagac acagagaggt ggagtaaccg atcccaggac cacacagcag     51780
     gtggcagtgc tggtggctgt gctctttaac cctgtgctca taggacaagc tagttcttta     51840
     ggtctaagac ttccccaaca tccggcaggc tagactactc tgttggccct gagccatccc     51900
     tgtgtactca ctgattgctg tctgttcacc ctcttaatca ttcctgaaac catccccgtc     51960
     cacacccacc tgcaaccttg gctcagtccc cgggatgacc cactgggaag tgaatatcta     52020
     tctatctatc acaggccatc tcaggagata acatttactg caggcctgca gatgccatac     52080
     actgctcctg tcattttatc tttttatata actcttgggg tgggtcccga tgtcacctac     52140
     attttatagc cttagaaaat aagagaggtg aattgggaac ttcgaagatt ccccaggaca     52200
     gttgtcaccg tggccagact ctcacccttt cctccattgt ctccctcagt tacctgtcaa     52260
     tagttaccac atcaactagc accgagcact gtcagcatgc tgtgttctgc cttataaagc     52320
     tgctctctta aacccatttt acagaggcac agacaatgag gacaaactac tttcccaagt     52380
     tgctgtggca ctctgttctc cttataggga tgaaggaggg gctgtcagct cagccctgcg     52440
     ctgtctataa cctttgtggc tcgccccagc tacacaggac cacattccca agatgtcacc     52500
     tgactcccca agatagctgg catagagtca ccacttgaag ccaccggggc acctcatttt     52560
     cagaactttc ccccagggtc aatggcagtg tcagcttagg tgtccctcag gatgttgaca     52620
     aacagctcag ctgccctcca ccctctgccc ggctctgttc cctccttccc atctgtaagt     52680
     tctggttccc agggaagtcc caatgatctc tacttcagac tagcttctgg tgacagcatc     52740
     gcccagatct agaccatagc tcccacccca ccatgcaata ccctggtctt acgggcctct     52800
     ctgctcctca gaagctgtaa ggaatgggat gggatgggtg ggctgtgctg tgtaagggtc     52860
     tgggctcctc aggttctttc accacgagga agctctaaat atcgccagga gtccaacctg     52920
     gtctagccag tttccctgtg gggagccggc tggaaccagt aggcttcaac cttttccgtt     52980
     tctctgcttc ctaatgaatt ctcccgttcc ccatgcccca tcaaccctcg ccaaaaactc     53040
     agccctgtgc ccaagggcag cctacatcaa aagccagcat tgactctgcc acggtcccca     53100
     agatacagtg cacttccctc tcagatcaca gggctcctgc ctctccacag tggccccatt     53160
     gtccccttgg cagcacacct gctgaagtta ggatcccacc tttacagtgg acaccatacc     53220
     agaaatgagc ccttggtgac atccaggcgc ttctcgactc cccagggttg ctgcccaact     53280
     ctgcaggtgg aactggggct gcttaagccc ctccctctgt cctcacacat ctctgttccc     53340
     tggtccccag catggctcca ggtcacatag gcagcagctg ctggctacct tctcctctgt     53400
     ggttcttggt aaaaagtctt gatggggact gaaggtagga gctgtgtcac ctaggattct     53460
     gtttgggcca cctctgtatt tcctggactc tagtcacagg ttgacatatg tgaccccatc     53520
     catccaccat tggcatttcc aggccacgtt ccccagaagg tctggatcta actatatctc     53580
     tttctagctc cttctgcaca gaatttgtga cgggcctggt gaaatggctg catctgtctg     53640
     aaagtgtcct cccaaccata atggcctttg ccagtggcct gggaggcgaa ggagccgaca     53700
     tctttgctca gactttattg caggacccca ttctgagaga caacccatca gcagtcagtc     53760
     aggtacgtca gcccctgtgt ggccattcat aaccatctac aactccagtt ccacttacag     53820
     cgccctcttc tgggctccat gggtactgca cacaagtagt gcacagacag atgtctgcag     53880
     atgcatccaa aacacccata cccatacaat aaaaataaat gttaagagaa tattccagcc     53940
     tccccctccc aactggaagt gttgaaggga cttctggttg taagcacttt ggacattggt     54000
     tattcagttt atgtcaccta ctgcaggagg ttgtttgaga atcaatcatg ttaacgtcta     54060
     taaatgcgct ctctgtgcat taatgagtag taaaggaagt taccataatg aatcaggctc     54120
     tgctataatc atccccagaa tatatggtga tggagtgttg ggctatgcag ccacctcagc     54180
     ccccaggact gacttggaag ggaagtgact tagtctctgt ccccagcagc ccacagctgg     54240
     aatacttaac gtacacataa tctttaaggc atctttagat gggacatgag ttctacacac     54300
     aaaactggta tttgtttcct gtgtgtctta cacccatagt ctgaaggtaa ttttatatga     54360
     tgtttacccc tttctgcatg gaaccacagt tcagtgtatg gaattttttc acttgaaata     54420
     attttggaaa tggaagtagg atgctggagg gacagctcag ccattaagag cgcgtactgc     54480
     tcttggaact ccagttgtgg ggatgcagcg ccctcttctg gccttctcag gttcctgcat     54540
     gcatatggtg cacataaact tacaagtgtt catatgcatg cacacgaata aatctttaaa     54600
     tatatatgta tagcttatat acacacatgt atggatatat acatatacat gtgtacatac     54660
     acatatatag ttttacatat acatcattca cacatatcta tgtatctatg tatctatcta     54720
     attgggattt ttaaattagg catgtttaat ctgtagaatc acccttactt tatattgagg     54780
     aaactgaggc acagagagat tttcttgctc aaggtcaccc agctaataag tagccaaagc     54840
     caggatttga accttggtgg tctgacctca gagcctgcat tctatcaagt tatggtgacc     54900
     ttttttctga agcagcagct ttgctgtgtg cccttgaaca tgtcgctcac cctctctgag     54960
     tgcagtttca gtaggcagag cttgtggcac caacttctga tagccacgtg cacaggcagg     55020
     atgtagggcc tttccctcct caccgcggcc tgcatattca cccacgtgcc cagttggcac     55080
     ctggcttgcc actgtactgt agggtggagg gcttttgcca tctccacttg gtaggagtta     55140
     atacttagct gtcccatgag ctgggtggtg gcgtgtcagc acctcaccga tttctgtctc     55200
     ctttttccca caggacctcc tgagcttctc actcaagaat ggtgagtgga tttgctgcct     55260
     ttgtggtgtg gtccacacgc agtgaggctg gggaccctgc cacacctatg tctcgcccaa     55320
     tgtctttgat gagcaccatg tgatattgac ccggcttgtt tgatttctgc cccctcaccc     55380
     tcaaatctgt cccctcctca ccacccagca tccttgagct tagcagtgtc atggcctccg     55440
     aggtaacagc tggggtttcc tccttgctgg cactccagcc agttctctgc tgtcctctga     55500
     gatctcaatg acgtttccag aggcctgtgt ggccaccctt gtctccctgc ctcacaccca     55560
     gcaagggatt ccagcccctc cagtgtggcc cgaggccctg ggggaggggc tgctcatcct     55620
     ctttcctacc tcctcattca atagagtcaa gccccaggtg tggcggcttc tcccagctgt     55680
     ggctccttgt agcttcttgg gtgtccccct ccacttttgc atttgatccc taggctggac     55740
     actataactt tctgtccttg gtccatctgc ttgctctgtc cctacctcat tccattcagc     55800
     cctcacttgc cgggtgtgtt ggtgtgccga acaaaatgcc gcaaagatgg agggtttatt     55860
     ttagctcaca atttgagggc atagcttatc tcagtggaga aggcgtggag ggggcagggg     55920
     aagccagtca cactgcatcc acagtcagga ggcagacaga tgaaggctgg ttgcctgtcg     55980
     gtgctctcct ttttatgacc tcaatccatg tgctgctgcc cacgtagggt gagttttcct     56040
     tcctcatgta acctgtctgg gaacacacag ccatgccctg agtcactgag ggtgagtcat     56100
     tacacctccc acccaccacg cccccgttca acgtgatacc ctgacacata atttttagtg     56160
     gtacattcta cctgcgtcga cttcagtgcc tgcagccacc tcctaacgca atgtgtatta     56220
     gttcatctta acagtcctaa tgctgtccaa aagcccaaag ccttttctga gactcacggt     56280
     gaccttttaa ctataagtcc ctgtaaaacc aaaagtgtaa gttgtttatt cccgacatcc     56340
     gaaggcacag agtaggcagc ccaatccaag aggaagggat ggaggcagag aaggaacaga     56400
     gaacatttcc tgcaaccctg aatctgacat ccgagctcta ggtggtccct ccgcacatgc     56460
     tgggctccga gctccagcag gctccagcag ccccactccc cagttctgct gcctgcacac     56520
     ttcaataggt gtttgtaatt ttctgaggca cgcttcccgt ggtcttggtt tctccgccct     56580
     cttgggatcg ccattggatt tcatgcctca ccttcacagc ttcgtccaac ggtctcttga     56640
     ggcctccctc cttgcagggt ctctaactct gccacatatt gcccagagtc ctcaactttg     56700
     gtgcaagctt ctatgacctt gtaagtcatg cattgtgcac acctgctgtc cccgttaggg     56760
     tttctattgc tgtggtgaaa caccgtgacc aaagagcaag ttggggagga aagggttaat     56820
     tcggcttacg cttccacacc ctaattcatc actgagggaa gtcaggatgg gaactcaaac     56880
     agggcagaaa cctggaagca ggagctgatg ctgaggccac ggagggatgc tgcttactgg     56940
     cttgctcctc atggcttgct cagtctgctt tcttgtagaa cccaggacta ccagcccatg     57000
     gatgagcctc ccccataaat cactaattaa aacgccttac agctggatgg atattataca     57060
     ggcattttct taattgagga tccctcccct tagatgactt taactggtgt caagttgaca     57120
     taaaaccagc cagcataact gctaaacagc tgtagctggc cctgtgcccc ttagtgcctg     57180
     atctggggaa agcacttcct gggaagttga gttcacacag agaaagcgtc atagcttaca     57240
     gttctttttt tccaaataca tttgcatttt tcacaagttg gagcctttta tgggtggctc     57300
     tccagaacag cccattaagc tctgggtaca ggcttctaga atcctctagc ctgcagctca     57360
     gactcttcca cgggcctaca atccaccctg acgccacact ggcagggaca gctgtggccc     57420
     tccttgccac cacatgtttc ttgcactgat cgcctttctc atcgctgtga ccaaggacac     57480
     tgtcctggcg gacagacact gcaggaaggt gcttttccgg ggcagaggcc catccactgc     57540
     agtaagtaag agtgatgtgg gaaactcagc tgcataattg atggtaatag aggactggtt     57600
     tcccctgatt ttgtttgtct gtttatttta acttaaaaat agactatcag ggctggagag     57660
     atggctcaga ggttaagggc actggctgct cttccagagg tcctgggttc aattcttagc     57720
     acccatattt ataactgcag tctcaggtaa tccgatactc tataccacac gtggtacaca     57780
     gacactcatg caggcaaaac acctacccac attatcgcat taaaaaataa agtctttaag     57840
     aatctaccag cttaagaaag aaagggttta ttttttaata ataataataa taataataat     57900
     aataataata ataaaagaaa tcaaaaggaa ggagcctgac tgctccaagc atggtggagg     57960
     aggttcattg taggtctgag ggagagcaga gtcagaggca gggacatctg agagagtcca     58020
     gagtgaacac aaccctgagc tgggccacat gagaaggtgg gggaggggag gggagagcca     58080
     ggagagtaca gagcagacaa aaggtccaga tagccaaaat ggctgaatta tacagggaag     58140
     ggaggctggg ggaagggcag cccaccctgg gctggaaaag tttagggtag aagatgggca     58200
     gtgccagcca tgcccataag aggtaagggc tgagagatgc agggagaacc tggcagccag     58260
     gtctgctttg agatgctaaa taggcacctt ggccatttgt cctgggtttg agatgtaaca     58320
     attgtggctc atagtttctg ggtgagatct atcctagagg ggacagcatg gggacagaaa     58380
     gcttttctgg ttgtagtggg aggagcatga ggcaaggtca cgtgacactg gcggtcagga     58440
     agcaaggaaa ggtgggtgtt cactcaagca ctagctggct cactctctcc tctctccctt     58500
     tattcaggct tgctccccag tccttgagat gtgactgctc acatttaggg ttggtcttcc     58560
     ttttccaccc ctgggaagct tccagtaggt caagcttagg accaggcagg cacttagcga     58620
     agtcctgttg aatgagttca ggagagacct gctgattttg taatggagga aggcatctca     58680
     gagataaggc taaccatgcc atctgccaaa gttactctgt gagtggcagg gccccattct     58740
     gcccgcgtta gtttcctggg gctcctgtta gccacctgac ttcgctgtgt cctctgtgaa     58800
     acccagagtc tgaaatgcag ccagcaggat ggtgctccct ctggaggctc tggcgggatc     58860
     cttcctgcat ctccattcca gagctttgct ggaaatttgg agtcttggcc ccagcaggct     58920
     cacaaggtca tcaataacgg tctttgatcc cggaagacta ctgtaggctc tggtccagag     58980
     gatactttta gtcctttatt tatattttca gttgtgggag gagcatgcta cagggcatgt     59040
     atatattgtg tgcacatgtg aaggtcggct gacaacctca ggtgtcggtc ttcacctttc     59100
     atcttgtttg ggacagggag cctttgttat ttcctgtgtc actcaccagg ctagccagcc     59160
     caccagcttg cagagattct cctgtctccc cgtcccgttt ctccttagtg tccaacttta     59220
     cttgagttca ggggatccga acttaggctg tcatgcttgc acagcaaaca ttttacccag     59280
     tgagtgaact ttccagctcg gtgtcctctt aaactgtgtt gtgtgtgcta tgccagaaag     59340
     ccggagacca ggtaactcgc agagaacaaa gatcaacttc ttcaagttct gaaaggccgg     59400
     gtccaatatc aagggacctg cacctggcaa gagccttcat gtcaaagtgt ccggaggcag     59460
     aaaatgtaag agtgagggag ggcaggaaag agagaaagaa agcagaatgg ggctgggacc     59520
     cactctggct gtgtcagcct tcatctctcc agacttaatc tactcttaaa ggtcccacca     59580
     cttaacgaac aggcattagg actaagtttc caacttgctt ttgatgtgca tatttaaccc     59640
     agagctgata gtataatccc agtgactaga aagacattgt gtgttgagca cgcactctgt     59700
     accaagcttg gacctagggg ctcatgtggc cacctgactc ccctgccccc agtaaagcac     59760
     ttcagacaca tgcctcagtt tgcagacctg agtctcagga ggtctcaggt caatttggat     59820
     gatctcatgt caccaggaga gaccaaagtc aagaaaggga agggagcctt ctaggagaag     59880
     gacagtgaaa agttggctca caaccaacac caggtctcca gcctcttagg ccaccgcttt     59940
     ctcccgttgc ctctccactg ggtagacggg cctgacttgg ccttgctcct ccatctgcct     60000
     cagtttcctt tctcaccaga aagccatgtg actactcctc atttcatcag caaacttcaa     60060
     accaccatga gcacatgggg gcaccaacat acaccaccac actatgggca accttggcac     60120
     aggctctgac aggatcagtg cgtgggtttc aaatggcttc cttctctctt aggggcatct     60180
     ttgaatgtag tgtctcaacc agcactgctt ttgtgtttgt attaagaaaa cccaccactt     60240
     actaagcacc cttactaagg tggatggatg gatgggtgga tgggtggatg gatggatgga     60300
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tgggtgggtg ggtgggtgga     60360
     tgggtgggtg ggtggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggtga ataggaagaa     60420
     agagggaata gaggaatgat aggcagatgg tctttcttca gaaaactcac ccaatcagag     60480
     ctgggcagac actttgagca tccttctcct ccagaggctg gctgcagttg cccagcaggg     60540
     agactaaatt gccccctgtg ttgggcagga tgagcaccca tgcaatcctc ccaggaagtc     60600
     accatggaag gccacatttc tcagaacttc ctggaagact gacctatatt gacattctgg     60660
     ggatgatagt tacaaagcaa tcccatattg gcaacagggt gggctgccaa tcatttcctt     60720
     tatgctatag caacccacaa tctatttgcc cacacaactg tgaaaaccag ccatgcagca     60780
     catgtaaacc accctgtgct ggcagctctc acagctggct ctgtggaagt ctggggcagc     60840
     ggatcctctg tggaagggtg tcctgcctgc tgcgggattt caggcagcct ccctgaccgc     60900
     catatgttat atgtcaatag catatctcat gtgacaacca acagtgtctc cagggctgga     60960
     gagagagctc actcagccaa gtgctcactg tataagtgtg aggctctgtg ttcagatcct     61020
     cagcacccag ggaagccaag cacagctgta atcctctata actctgacac tggggacatg     61080
     gagacaggca gagccttgga gctcattggc cagccagcct ggccaagtca gtgagctttg     61140
     ggtccagtga caggaccact gagggagaca gccaaggctg acctctgacc tcatacgtgt     61200
     gtttctgtat ccacccccac actaatagca gtgcaaaatc aaattgttgc tatctcaggt     61260
     gagacctgtt tatttgctct cagtaatcct tataagtcat tcaagctgct ctttgggccc     61320
     tttatataga ttgtgagtta tcgcctagta tgttacctca tatagtagtg tgtattgtta     61380
     tccccactta cagggaagaa atcgcagccc cagaagtgaa acaggtaggc cagggttgta     61440
     tttcaaagtt ccacctaagg tagcgtggac tttggtgtga actctgaatc agggccaggg     61500
     cagctgaacc ctgagttttg ccctatgcac tctctgtgac tcttacgcac cccctgcgga     61560
     tcgatacaaa gccagggtcc caggcacgtg cacacactag agccgaagca gtgtgtgcct     61620
     cacactcttc ttcctgaggg aagtcctcct ggagagactg cacccctgtc ccctaagaat     61680
     cagagctctg gggaatgagg ctagcctggc tgaaatgttc ctcctgggac ccaattgctg     61740
     agttccctgg ctgtgtcctt gagatacagg ccattgatgg ttaattttgc agcatccggc     61800
     aaataagtgc tgaagtgttg ctgtgagcac tggcctggct ccgggcacag ttcctgtagc     61860
     agaactcgct gggtgcctgc tggatgcctg gctcccagct cagggcttcc tttccaagca     61920
     cacaatcctt ggtggaagcc acacaatccc ttaggagaca gatgcaatga ttgtcctcac     61980
     gttacaagag aggacaatat gggttggcgg acatgataac ctgtctgcgg ccacatagct     62040
     ggaagccagg tggtggagtt ctagtcccaa agcatcatcc acagcccact cacgactgct     62100
     gtgccgcctc cagtgacata ggcatgtata tgtgcaggca cgtggctggc attgtgtctg     62160
     aggaggcagc tctggggaca gcctctgaag tagatctctg cgccctctgc cccggccaca     62220
     ggtaattcaa ggctgggcct gaagcataat gtgacttctc tttcattgat ttttcattag     62280
     agaaagagca gggataaata aggaatgttc caggaaatta attatcaggg gcactggtgg     62340
     acagggaggt agcagcacaa tgggtaggct ggtggataca ttatgtggcc tgtgaggact     62400
     cggggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     62460
     gtgtgtgtgt taaagcacgc agctcttgca gagcagcagg cagctcccag ccttgccccc     62520
     agccccagct cagagggcag ccgttaccat gacttattaa agaggatgtg cacgtgtgcc     62580
     tcggtcttgg cagaaccatc ttacaactgg taggatgacc atgacatcat gaagagtaat     62640
     tttagggaca gtccagcagt gcacgggtgt aatccagcac tcaggataca gctggggtgg     62700
     gggagtggcg actgagaatg tgagaccagc ctgggctaca gagaagcctt cacctttaaa     62760
     caaaacaaaa cagagcaata ctaaaaagag tctttgtgca cttcgtgcat ctagtgctgg     62820
     ctggactcac agtgtcctcc tggtacagct caatagtgcc aagtgtcaag catttctggg     62880
     actggtgtag aacatttgcc tagcatgccc aagaccctga gctctatcct ggtgtacctg     62940
     cgcgcgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ccacagttgg     63000
     gctcacgagc atgggccact tctctcccaa gttgttaaga gtcctgggca tgtgacccag     63060
     cccagtgctg ttctctctga catgatggtg tgagtcgcca tggctgcctc ctcgggaagc     63120
     tgagagggtt tgagaaggca gggtagaaca gaagtgcagt ttagaatgtg gctccgttgg     63180
     taggggagag ctgaaacttc tggattagtg tggttacgag tcataggtta gttggttgga     63240
     ttctctttcc atttatttac tgcagacgga gtgcggcgtc tgtgtgaagg gcagggaacg     63300
     acttgtggga ctcggttcct ccttccatca tatgtgttct ggggagcgaa ttcagattgt     63360
     cctactggtg gtgagcaccc atatctcctg aaccatctat ttgcccacaa atcataggat     63420
     ttttctgcag aaaagagcaa ggacttcatc cagaccaacc ctccacagtt tgggtctctc     63480
     ccaacagtgg accacctctc cattcctgca gagtcctccc ttcatccatg caggttataa     63540
     acctctcttt gtttcaagca gggccagaca gttagggatg cacagtgggt ttggaatttg     63600
     tattctagaa agggaggtag acagtaaaaa atagtaggca gccaaactac caacatattt     63660
     atttttattt gtttgcttga gacaaagtac cagggtgatc ctcccgcctc tacctctgaa     63720
     gtgctaggat tctgtaatcc accatgcacc accgtgcacc accatgcttg gtttgtgcag     63780
     tgctggggat ggaagccagg gcttcgtgca tgctaagcaa gtgctccgtc tgagctccat     63840
     ctctcgctcc aaaactgccc ccgtctaaat ggtgattggt aggaatcgct gctgccaaga     63900
     caacacaggt catggggtgg catttgcaag aacttcccca aggaggtgac ctctgagaag     63960
     gactgagcta agcgtaaacc tcagagagac tgttctaagc attgtcagag ctcagttcat     64020
     aatcagggtt gaggggaagt tagcaagtta gcttgtctgc ccccctgccc cttccgcacc     64080
     atgtctcctg agaaggaaag actccaagtt cctgaaaaca gatctcatgg agagatgaca     64140
     aaggtctttt gcaccatgtg gggctgtgga tacagcagag aacttagtag gccaggagga     64200
     ctgtggtgca cagggggacc tattgcactg cggtgcacct actaagcaca ggtatgaaaa     64260
     gagccaggag caggctgaga gctctgccct tagggaaaca gaatgaccga ggcttagccg     64320
     ctcttggtga ggagccaatg gcctgttcaa agagttgatg ttttaagtgg aagcttgact     64380
     agtaggcacg ggccagccca gcagcacact agcaaaggga cttttccgga cagcaagcct     64440
     gcaagtaagg ctctgagctc agcatgcatc tagcctgtag cagagacagg cagcagagga     64500
     tgccagacag gggcctggga gtggacaggc cacagtgggc cttggccaga tgtgttgatt     64560
     ttattctaaa gacattggga gctgttgcag ttttaagctg agatagaaaa tgatcggaca     64620
     gaaggtttta atggatctct ctggctacca tggggccaac agagcgcatg aggccagaat     64680
     gaaagaggag ggacaggcag ggtaactgga ggtcagagaa caatggtcac acccatgtca     64740
     ggtggtagca gcagaggagg cagagcaaag agctcaaacc aagctaagaa ccagtgccct     64800
     ccttaggaga agcagccctg gtcttagctg atggcctgta tttgggctgg gagagtcaga     64860
     agactccagt gcagcgattc tcagccttcc taatgctggg accctttaat cctcatgggg     64920
     tggtgacccc caatcataaa attatttttg ttgctacttt gtaactgtga ttttgctact     64980
     gttatgaatc acaatgtaaa tatctgtgct tttcaatggt cttagcggac tcctctggga     65040
     ggatcgtttg atccccgggt gatccaccca caggttgaaa aaccactgcc ctagaccaat     65100
     gcctccgatc ttggcccgag tctcaaagtg ggtggctggc tgggccactt cttacaagtg     65160
     aattggtcat ctgataagct ggcaggaaac ctgctccaaa atatctgaga tagcccagga     65220
     ctcaggaccc acccttctgc cccaaacaga agctctgctc ccagtccagg agcccagccc     65280
     ccatagtctt tgaaatgacc cttcccaaag gctacaggaa ggagccttgt gcctgatact     65340
     gcccctgaat attaatcacc catgcacgtg gcagcctgaa tcactgcagc cttgaccttg     65400
     gagtattatt actagctaat tacattcacc acccattaat caccctggca aacccttctc     65460
     tgcagcccga ttatcacctg ggagtcacag gctttccttc aaagaaaaag gagtgccttt     65520
     gtctgcgtta acctagtgac ccccaagacg ggacacatgt ttgtctgtcc ctgggcacgt     65580
     aggcagctcc catcataaca cctgtgcctg ccagctctga ggaccttccc ccccccccaa     65640
     cccccaccag ccaaggcagg aactggtttg tgtgtgtgca catgcatgcg tgtgtgcatt     65700
     ggttcatgtg tgtgctgctg aggctggacc ccagtgtgtg ttaggccagc actgccactg     65760
     aaccgtgtcc ccagccagga atcctcatcc cagccatgtt cctcaaacaa cacagatggg     65820
     cagcaggaac tgagacctgc atctctgaca gcttctatct ccacggggcc aggagatggc     65880
     agagcagatg aataccaagt cctggaactt tctctctgcc agaaaataaa taaataaata     65940
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataat ctgattttaa gctcttacgc tgcaccccac     66000
     tgaaggcagg tgctgggaca ggacattagg atgaatcagc tgtgtctaat ctgacacagg     66060
     caagccagtc actcagaggg atgctgagag agagggtgcg catgcaggag cacagggagt     66120
     gagctggaga gggtccagac atacggtgtt ggccaagcct tatcttaggg gaaaataaag     66180
     gttcaaagct tgatagactc tgggtccctc ggttctgtgg gacgcctgac tttgctgccc     66240
     atgtgataag gtgactttgg agctgtgtcc aggtaaagca tcttgggatg ggagctggtt     66300
     ctagaccatc tggatggcat ggtggagtcc cagggtccct ggagtaggga gaaaggagac     66360
     ccagtaagaa gcagaggttg gggttggaga gatggctcag tggttgagag caccgactgc     66420
     tcttccagag gtgatgagca gacacacggt ggctcccaat catctgtaat gggatcggat     66480
     gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtatattc atatatatga atataatata     66540
     attcatacat acatatgaac atatatgaat gtatatatgt atatatgatg tgtgtgttta     66600
     tgtatgtgta tgcatgtata tgtgtatgta tatgtatata tctatatata aaatcttaaa     66660
     taaaaaaaaa aagaggcaga ggttggagtc atgtggccaa gagccaagga ctgtgtgcag     66720
     cctcaagaac ccgggaaaag agttagcgat ggcagttata tgaagtagaa ggattggaag     66780
     ttcaaagctg gcttggacta cttagagaat tcaaggccag cctgggctac atatcaaacc     66840
     cgtctgtgca gacaggagca ggtgtgtgag aacctggtga ctgggagaca gtgcttgtca     66900
     tataagtgct cgtcatataa gtgcttgtca tataagactg aggacttgag gtcaggcccc     66960
     agccatgctc agtggcacgt atttataatc ccagcactgg ggaggcagga actggcgtat     67020
     tgccggaacc tgatggtcag actgagcaaa ctttcaagat cttgcaagat tcaggttcag     67080
     agagagagag accctgtctc aaaagacaag acagaaatgg ctggagagaa acctgttgac     67140
     ctgtggccat acatgagcgc acaaagacat atgtgctctc acacaaacca cacacacaat     67200
     taattaaaaa aagattatgc ctggcagttt cttgcagcag caaaaacaag tgaagagaac     67260
     attctgacgc cctgctctgg gacactgata tttgttatct aagaattaga ggatgaaact     67320
     ggaccatggt ggtgcacacc tttaatccca gcactcaggc acaggcagtc agatctccca     67380
     ctgtcctcaa gattgtcccc tgacccaagc acaccaggtc atacatccct gtgtgcctgt     67440
     aaccctccag gtagactatt cccatttcct atcctagtgg cccaggatca tgtgacaatc     67500
     ctgaggacag tgggaactgc caagagccgc cctgaggctg gcttccctgg ggctgttact     67560
     tctgcttcca ggtttagggt ttacgctgtg tgcacccctg ctagcatccc tgacttaaaa     67620
     cctgcactga ctctttgccc attctgtttc ctttgaagga cactatgatg cccgggccag     67680
     agtcctcgtt tgtcatgtga cctccctgct ccaggtgccc atggaggagc ttgacattct     67740
     ggaagaggtg ttcctggaga gcctgaagga cgccaaagag gaggagtctg agtaagacag     67800
     tcctgagccc acccccaaca cccggcagaa gcctgaattc cacctgaggg atctctgtcc     67860
     atctcaagcc cccatcccac gtagaaacca tgtggtgagg tagacagagc attagacaat     67920
     gagtcccagt caccctgact caccacgtga ccttagcaag tcacctgcca ccctctctgg     67980
     gcttggctgc ggttgcaaga agagatggtt gttaaaggtg ctagatgtgt gaccaccatc     68040
     cagtggtcct ccaccatccg gtggtcctga aaactccact ccacctttag cttttatgac     68100
     actttctcta actacgatat ccctggatac aaaatggctt tcaggatagt tcaacatcac     68160
     caccccaggg tcactacaga aaagaatgta atcacagaag aaaatactca gcccaggctg     68220
     gcacacagca agggcttgat agacgtgaac cctcccctgc cctcataaac cccatgccat     68280
     gtgtggtcag ggatgtgagg gatatgggga gatagctcag tcagccaagc actcaacgtg     68340
     gaagcactgg gcctatggtt gatcccagaa ccagaaaagg ctggttgtgg gggtgcacac     68400
     ttgtaatccc agcactcagg aggcagaaat gggtgggtct ctgggtttgc tagttagcca     68460
     gcctgaccag attggtgagt tttaggccac tgagagatcc tatcttaaaa ttaaaaataa     68520
     gaagtagtgg atagtgtctg agaaatgcct atcagaattt gtcctctgac ctacctgcgc     68580
     acgtgcacac acgcgcgcgc gcgcacacac acacacacac acacacagac atcacgtacc     68640
     ctgctgccac cgcccatata cacattaaga atatggaaaa gaaaatcatc cttgtgactt     68700
     ggccagagcc cagctctggg cgtcatctaa gcccagtatc ataaatcaac tccagccccg     68760
     tcttgatcct gagctgctgc aacaggcacc aggcactggg cgtcaagcac tcctgctcag     68820
     cacaggcacc aggcaccagg caccaagcac caaacaccaa acaccaagta ccaggcacca     68880
     agcaccaagc accaggcacc aagcaccagg caccaagcac caaacaccag gcaccaagca     68940
     ccaggcacca agcaccaggc accaggcacc aagcaccaaa caccaaacac caagtaccag     69000
     gcaccaagca ccaggcacca agcaccaggc accaagcacc aaacaccagg caccaagcac     69060
     caggcaccaa gcaccaagca ccaggtatct ggcactcctg cccagcacag gcaccaggta     69120
     ccgggcactg ggcacaccta ctcagcatgg gcttctcttc gtcccccaca gccatctctg     69180
     ggaagcccag ttctatcaat tgcacccagt gggatataga aacctgaagc acagtgcaga     69240
     ggcagagccg gctccctcca gaacacacag gcgaaaggac aggagacagc ggcaagggta     69300
     gttttcagtt ttggtttttg ggtttgccag ttttgtttta agacaggatc tctttatgta     69360
     gcccaggtct gttctggaac ttgttctgca gagcaggctg gccttgaact cacagagatc     69420
     cacctgcctc tgcctcctga gtgctaggat tgaaggcgtg tgccacactc tggcaacttg     69480
     ttgaaatcac ctaaggggag ggtgggaaga tggctcagtc agtagaattt gcatgtgggc     69540
     ctctagcacc cgtgtgaaag ctgggcacac tagtgagcac ctgtaccctt agcaatgagc     69600
     aggtggagac aggagtcgct ggtgctagtc attgagccca gggtccgtga gactcggtct     69660
     caaaaaatca aatggagagt gattgaggaa gtcacttgct ctcaactcct gatcttcaaa     69720
     tgtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaataatc tgaaaatact tatgctcaga     69780
     actattccag gcagcaggca gcaaacaggc agacctgaac cagtggtttt aatcacgagg     69840
     actaccacct agttcttctt caactatgtt gaaaatgggt cagcctctca ggtcttgcga     69900
     tgagttggtg cctgaggatc ctgttagcgg acaggactgt gtgtgatcca gaggagtctg     69960
     ttctgactct gtcagactca tagagtcaga gaagaggaac cccagaagtt ccaacacaac     70020
     ccagctccaa acttcctcag cgttgccatc ttgagaacgt tattgatgtt ctctgggctt     70080
     cagtttcctt acctgtgaaa tggggatagc aataaagacc ttttgcctag gtttcccgtg     70140
     gggggctgaa aggaagctga cagtgagggg gcccatacag ctcaccatct gtcggttagc     70200
     agttaggatt ataacatcat tgtatccgaa tgtggagttt gagggactgt ggagaactct     70260
     gttctccaga gggatctgaa acaaagggaa ggcaactccg ctgaccatcc atcctgctgt     70320
     ggcccagttt gtcacccctg ttttaaggga tcaggctgtg tagagatccc ttctaatgct     70380
     gaggcttttt actgggccta tgtgcagtgt ttctttgtag gtaggatcta caatgtggca     70440
     tgtcacccag tgtgcttggt cctcacctga ataccgcccc agcctcctcc tctctgatag     70500
     ctgaccgcac ctctccgcgc cttggctcct tcagttctgg tgtgggttta gtggtagttc     70560
     tccatcagag gctgtgggag gattaaatta attacctcac atcaaaaact tgggaccgtg     70620
     cctgttatgc aacaggcctc ggtgaccctc ggctgagaca aggctggagt tcataaactc     70680
     ttacaagaac gtggccattg tccgactcct gccaagtgct tgctgataca agcccggagg     70740
     gctgccccat cccactctct tatcatcctt gtgaggagtc agttggccca ggtcacttag     70800
     ctagtccatg gcttcctgat tcaatcacca agtccagcct tagcccgagt gttatttttt     70860
     ttcttctccc cccccttttt ttccttggag ggggggagtg ttcaagacag ggtctcacta     70920
     tgtagctctg gctgccctta ctatgtagac caggctggag tcaaactccc gagatctacc     70980
     tgcctctgcc tccctggtgc tggagtcaaa ggcatgaacc accaccacct ggcttttgtg     71040
     ttattttctt gaggcccagt ttgaaacctc agattctctc cttgcaggct ttaactaggg     71100
     atagatctca gggtggactg gggttagggc acacatctgt ctgcctgtaa attgctcata     71160
     catatgtaag cacacgagga cagacatgga cattggagag ctttctctat cactgcccac     71220
     ttacttcctc gaaacaggat ctctcactga agctggagct gggctgatgg ccagcaagag     71280
     tggtggtagc aagcgtggtg gtagcccgct ggcctagcat atgcgggacc ttgagttgca     71340
     ttggagatag gtggaaggga gcggctagag agatcacact cccacgggag agcagatgcc     71400
     ttggattggt ggctgcacac tatgaatagt gtcggtaccc tcttcttgag ctgttttccg     71460
     cagtttagga gtctgacctt gactcacaca gaaatgccat ctcaagttca tgcctattct     71520
     agaaagtatg tgtggctgtg ggctgactga aggtatgggc tgccatcatg tctagtcaaa     71580
     tggcaaacaa agtccgtggc aggaataaaa ccatcttgta gatttggagt tcccagaatt     71640
     tcaacaccca agggaaaagg aaggaagcac catagctgtg actcagagcg gatgcctcct     71700
     ctcgggctct caatgttgaa attcaaccag actaattgca agggtaaaat gctgtgatta     71760
     tcagtaaaga taaagaaagg aaacaattgc ttacagggaa agcagttatt aagatgtgtg     71820
     cacataggga aatcaagaag ccatgtcaga cagaagtacc ttttaagtaa aacacttcct     71880
     tgggggctgg caagatggct cagcatgcag aggaacggat ctctgggacc tgattcacac     71940
     aagttatcct ttggtctcca tttatatcta cgtatataaa caggcagaca tatggacaca     72000
     catacacgga catacataca tatagacata cagtaaaaat gtaataaaac ttgaaaaagg     72060
     aaaatcacat tgatttcact tttaaaagaa aaaaaggggg ggaggagtgg cgagatagct     72120
     cagtggttag gagcactggc tgctcttcag ttcccagcac ccgcatggtg gtgcccaacc     72180
     agcttaactc cagttccctg agctctgtcg ccctcctctg gcctccactg gtactgcata     72240
     cgtgtgataa accatgcagg ccaagacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca     72300
     ccaaagtaat aaagctcttt taaaagaaag aaagaaaaac cccacctttt ccagtcaaaa     72360
     aaataatgtt taaatgataa cgtagaggaa aaaactggta ggggtcaggg cacctcgtgt     72420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tgtgggtctc     72480
     tgcagaacca ttctgatgaa ctagcttcat gcatttgagc cacacaggcc tgggggacct     72540
     tattgatttt gtggtcattc tactccatcg agccaagcta agccggcttc ccgtctggta     72600
     ccattagtat acagacgtca ctgtgggaga aatctagaag ctgtcagtgg cacgtcatgc     72660
     cactggcact aacttagaag tcttagtaat tcttactaaa agacatttgt aggaattatg     72720
     aacattttgt ttatccattc acttgagaca aggtctcact atgtagccct gactggcctg     72780
     gaacttgcag tgtagaccag cctggccttg aactcgggca ttttctgcca gttcccagtt     72840
     ttctcttgtt ctgcaagttt cttactgggt gatggctggc ctgaacttca cctacctgtt     72900
     ttcttttagc ccgtgtctgc tctgtttttc ctacgtgaaa caaagtagca tgtagttcct     72960
     ggcgttattg gaggccttta tgagatgttg caaaagccat gtggggctgg gagatgtctc     73020
     attgggtgat tgctgtgcac acatgaagat ctgagtcaga tccctaacac tcctgtaaaa     73080
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaacccac atgcggtggc atgagcctag agccccagtg     73140
     ctcagggtgg ggattggata gagacaggca ggcccttgaa actcactagg cagctagcgt     73200
     agctgaatca gtgagctgtg ggttgacaga gagactctga ctcccaaaat gtgataaaga     73260
     gcgattgtag gctatacctg actttggcct ctggcctcca cgcctaccct taatgggcga     73320
     atgctcctgc acacatgtgt tctcctaccc aaaaaagaaa cctgcctgga ataccatcca     73380
     ggcccagggc aaactgcaga gggtggagag ccaggaatgg acgagcaagc agtgctgggc     73440
     ccctgagcct cttctctcag cttccggctg ctccccagtc tatgactgca gtatggaagt     73500
     gtgccactga ccccgagtca tactgctgga ccccactgtg tatggtcagc caccccactg     73560
     tgtgtggtca gtcaccccac tgtgtgtggt cctgcttctc ttgggccttc tgttgagaag     73620
     ccagcctcct acttaaactg atgaaatggt cattaatgaa gggtcaaagc cattaagggt     73680
     cagaagagtg tatcactgcc cctgtgtagg aagaagtggt cacagcaatg agacagacac     73740
     ataagaacat cagcaaacat attgaatggt gacagttagg gaggccatct catacaggcc     73800
     tccaaacacc cacatacaca cacaccacaa acacacacct agcccccccc ccagggtgct     73860
     tacgtgaaaa ggttcaggtt ataatctcta cagagtcaca ggctcagtga gtggctctgt     73920
     tcctgaggta gggagatttt gctgctatga cggatatagc ccccaaatct ccatggcttg     73980
     cagcaccaag gtctcatttc ttgctttggg catcgaatga agatcggctg tggattgtgc     74040
     ccatgttgcc ctggtttggg gctctaagct gatggatccg tgcctgtctg gaacactggc     74100
     agtctcaggt taaagcaaag gagacctgtc agcctcctgc cctggctttt aaagattcta     74160
     gaaatggcag cattgtgccc cctactccca cccccaccct atgtttcact gaggaaagct     74220
     ggccagcagc tggcagctgg gcacacagga gtgcacagtc ttcaactatg acatttctat     74280
     gccttccaag ttgaccaacc acgaaatatt tttgtttgat tttttttaat ttttgaaaga     74340
     aggtataatt atgaaacaag gtgtaatatg actcaggctg gccgagagag agagagagag     74400
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaagagaga gagagaaaga     74460
     gagagagaaa gagagagaga gagaaatagc taaggctgta aaagactaac cttctgattg     74520
     atccttctgc ctctatgtcc ttagtaccgg ggattcaggc aggctccatc atgtctagcc     74580
     taaaataatt gtttatttaa aaaaataaat tctatattga aaatactttt taaaatttac     74640
     acaaacagaa taaatagtga cacatgacat tgctgtattt tataaaagac ataaaatcta     74700
     aatatctcta aagcactcaa gaagatatga gaagttatat gcaaatgtac acagatgtgg     74760
     ggaacgtgag cccccgtgga ttccggtgcc ctgtgggaca cctagcatca atactgagca     74820
     gcaactatgg aatcccacaa tttagagcct gacaccagac ccccttactc ctagtcacct     74880
     ctcaccttcc acctagtggt tatgtgcacc agctccggat tcaatggtca gcaaagatcc     74940
     ttaccattgg tttctggtcc tctgcaggga ggcagctgag aagggctgcc ctccactcag     75000
     gggcctctca gtagaggtga gctggtgctg gagagaagcc tgctccttgt tcctcacgtg     75060
     aggaaggata tgggcacgtt ggttgagcaa ggatggaggc agggaatttc agcccacagg     75120
     tgtgcaaact ctgggtgggg gcgggggcgc agtgcatttg cagtaaccgt gttagctaaa     75180
     tcggataagc ttcatcttca caaagcaagt tgtcactggg ctactgcgat gctgtggcaa     75240
     ggaaaggcac ttgctgccaa ggctgatgac cctaagctgt cactaggacc tatgtggtgg     75300
     caggagatag ctgactccca taggttgttc tcaaacctac acacacacac acacacacac     75360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actaaattaa tcatagagga aaatgtcttt     75420
     ttaaggagat acgtagtatt gtcttcattt tgtagaagac tgaggcttaa acctttgtat     75480
     ggcacaagca accactgtta cctccaagaa catgcactcc ataaagattt taagtagtct     75540
     gttagcgcgc gcgcacacac acacacacac acacactgcc cctctggaat aaccactgtt     75600
     atctcttttg gggcgtgagg ataaggtttc tggctctcct ggaacttgtt ctgtagatca     75660
     ggctggaact caagagatcc gcctatgtcc gcctccggga gtactgggat taaaggtgca     75720
     taccaccatg cccagctcta ccgctattat ctcttaaagc atccggaccg tggggccgca     75780
     atgtgcagtg tggagtctgg tgtagaggaa gggctcacta aatattaacc gtttctcgtc     75840
     atttatgatc gtgctgcgtt cggttgtcca aattccagct tcagttcaga gttctcccgt     75900
     aatggcccct ccacccaccc tccacctctc ttcttgtctc tgatcacctt aaagcagcca     75960
     agggctaaag gtctgtcagg agagctgaga atcttgtctc tgaacattga gatggtcgtt     76020
     ctcaaagggg ctgttctcac tgaacgttct ctgggttcca tgtctgaatc acacaaactg     76080
     ggcatggtgg tacatgcctg taactccagc acttggaaaa tggaggcaga aggatcctaa     76140
     gtcggaggtt atcctcagct acatagagac ttaaaggcct gcctgggcct tgagaccctc     76200
     tctcaaagag ctaagaatat aaattataaa cactccaaac attctccctg cagataaccc     76260
     tcttaccttt gactgggctt atagcatctg tgttttcagt ctggatgagc tcagctgtta     76320
     ccacaaggcc ccatctctcg tacacgtgtt tttccagtct attgtacgca taattgctct     76380
     ggaggagaca gatttccaaa ccccctgggg aagtggaatc tgctggcaag atgagggtac     76440
     attctgtact cattctgggc tcatctgttc tgtgaaagcg attgtttgcc tcttttgcta     76500
     ttgttgctat gattattatt attactgtta ttattattac tattattatt attatctttt     76560
     cattatttaa attgcaccca ttaggatgga tctgctgggt aagtagtatg ctccattcac     76620
     tgagatttcc cccaggcact gatgggccca ggaccgacct acctacctac cactgatctc     76680
     tggtttaggg gttggtatag tgggaagact taagggatcc tggcccatag ctagcagcca     76740
     tagaccggcc tcttatctcc aggaccgcag aggcatcccg gaagaggaaa gaaaaacgga     76800
     ggaagtggaa acgctatctt ctgataggcc tggccacagt tggaggcggg acagtgattg     76860
     gtgaggcccc gctgcagggg atagatcatg gtctgtgtat cagtggtggg gggaggggtg     76920
     gccccagcac gtgacaggca cctaagtcag tagtaaatat gctcactgat agaagctgcc     76980
     cgtgcgtgca cggtggttca cgcctgtcat cccagctctt aggagataga ggcagaagga     77040
     tcaagagttc agggtcatcc tgggctgcct agtgagtctg aggccaccct cagctttgtg     77100
     aatcggtctc taaaagtcaa ataaataaat aaatttttaa aattgattta aaggcattgc     77160
     tggaagctct atagaaggca gcccgtggga aaagaacccg ttaagccacg ccctgattga     77220
     gttcctaccc tgcaggtgtg actggggggc tagctgcccc acttgtcgct gcaggagccg     77280
     caaccatcat aggcagtgcc ggggcagccg cgttgggctc agtggctggc atcgctgtta     77340
     tgacttcact gtttggtgca gccggagctg gcctgacagg taaggttaaa aaagaacggg     77400
     gacttggaaa agattgtcat ccagcttgac tcagccaaaa ggatgcccca gatggcttct     77460
     tgcggggggc tgggggaata aggaaatgtg gctttgccct ttctgagtcc cagccaagcc     77520
     aatcctgcag caaaccttag aagctgttgg acttgcaatc agcgtagcca ggctcaggac     77580
     aaagtttgga aaactaagtt ttcccatgtg taccccatga gtacttgctg cagcggaaga     77640
     gtccagccca gtctgttgct atcacccagg aagtacccag gcaccatccc tcagaggctt     77700
     gtggtgtctt tgtgtcctcg ccttggctgt gcccgtggcc cccagttgca cacaggcatg     77760
     tggaaggctg ccaagaatca cagttggtat cagctgtagt gaaggttaag gcttagtagg     77820
     aaatgcagga gagagatagc aactgaggca ggacagggca ataatacaga gcctgagttt     77880
     agaccctggc ctgcagatct agtggccttg ggcagtgtct tcctatcctg taatcaggga     77940
     caacagcctg tcttagagtt cacagatgaa atgcatttgt ccaggagcag agcacataga     78000
     cttgatgtgt gagtatgtaa acacatttgt ttgtgtctat gtcctaagga tacaagatga     78060
     agaagcgagt cggggccatt gaggagttca tgttcctgcc tttgacggaa ggccggcagc     78120
     tacatatcac cattgccatc actggctggc tcgggtccgg cagataccgt gaggatcagg     78180
     gtggagaggg actcagatgg gaaccgggtt tgcctctgtt ggtttgaccc tgggctagtt     78240
     tgttccatgt atctctaagg ggtgggaatg ggaggctcat ttcacagaga gggagtagac     78300
     caagagaggt gagaaaccca tcttctatcc atccacctgt gcactcaacc acccattatc     78360
     cagattagaa tccacccatc tatccattga tccattcacc caaccatcca tccatccacc     78420
     caaccatcca tccacccatc catgcatcta tccatccatc catccttcca tccacccacc     78480
     catccatcca tctatccatc catccaccca accatccatc tacccatcca tccatctatc     78540
     catccatcca cccaaccatc catctaccca tccatccatc tatccatcca tccacccaac     78600
     catccatcta cccatccatc cacccatcca tccatctacc catccagcca tgcatctatc     78660
     catccatcca tctatctatc catccatcat catctatcca tgcagcaatc tttatagatt     78720
     gccatcctcc attcacctgt tctgtgactg gggcacctgc tgctacagcc agtaaagggc     78780
     gctacccaca cctatctgtg ttctcttcag gcacatttaa tgccccatgg atggccctag     78840
     cccgcagcca ggagcagtac tgcctggcct gggaggccaa gtacctgatg gagttgggca     78900
     atgccctgga gaccatcctc agtggcctcg ctaacatggt agcacaggag gctctcaagt     78960
     acacagtgct ctctggtaag catccctcac tgaccagcca tggtaggaca ccatggcact     79020
     aatccttgca tgtctgcaat ccaagggagc ctggctctgt gctagagaca aagggcgcaa     79080
     acaaacgtag ggtcacgtgc atgctgtgcg agcatgccag agatctttag ctcatctcca     79140
     gctctgcatt ttctttcttt ttgtgtgctt tttattttga gtggcaaagg aaaaaaaaaa     79200
     gccaaagttt tacagtgtgt ttaaagacaa gacaaatggt tgtatcaatc tcaatctcaa     79260
     actagaatgt ttttattatt atttaagaca atttttaaat ttaagtatat tccgatcata     79320
     ttcttttccc aagtttgtgt ttacttttta tcttaaggca gggtttcatt aattttcctc     79380
     ggctgacctt gagcccactc tgtagcctag gtagacctta cacttgcaag tctcctgcct     79440
     cagcttcatc tgtgagaagt ttgtgacttt tgtgtcaaaa gacaaggcaa cagccaacca     79500
     tacagtatct ccattggcta ctgctgtatg acaagccacc cccaaactca tggtgtaata     79560
     atcctctatt ctaacagctc aagagaggca agactagagt tggcttatct caactgggcc     79620
     tattcatgga tcggtgggtc agttaactgt cccctggctc aggccagcct gagggaactt     79680
     aaatggcttg gctctgtccc atgtgtctct caaagacacc aagctgggcc atagcagtgg     79740
     gagagatgca gcagagatgg tctcataccc aaggctagct caagcccccc agctactgtc     79800
     tctttgccct aaataaacaa gtcacttgag ttgggcaggg tagtgggtct aggataccgg     79860
     atgaatgact ggatggagct gtctatggaa tctcacaagg gcgtgcttgg gcaggagatg     79920
     tagtttgtgc atcagaatga tgtctcaagt ctcctcccat ttgctggtta gagtctatca     79980
     ccagaaagcc tttcagattc ctggttacac agaccccacc cacatttcct agagcatcca     80040
     tcagccacac tgccctagca aagctcccca cccccacccc accccattcc tgcttcatct     80100
     gtgggatcct atctcctcag gtatcgtggc tgctctaacc tggccagcct cactcctcag     80160
     cgtcgccaat gtcatcgaca acccctgggg cgtgtgcctc caccgatcgg cagaagttgg     80220
     caagcacctg gcgcacatcc ttctctcacg gcaacaggta cccaggaatg gtgggggtgg     80280
     ggctgggaag gcagacgggg aagcttgtat actgatgtat acaccatgtc taccgatggg     80340
     aaccccaaca gtaagtccat tggtagaagt ccagccactt tggggaagaa agtcatctcc     80400
     gttgccactc aagttcagat gaggaaagta tcctgagata cacaaaacca cccacactgc     80460
     agctctggga actcagactc cttccagcct tcctcaggca cctgcacata tgcacggggt     80520
     ctacacacac acaagtaaat aaaaatagac ctttttaaaa atagctttaa aataaaattt     80580
     ggatccaggg tcagagagat ttaataaagt gcctgtcccc agaacctaca tttaaaaata     80640
     aaacagaaca gaaaagtgct gggcttggtg gctcacgcct gtaatctcag cattcaggag     80700
     gcagaggcag gctgatctct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctaggacagc caggactaca     80760
     cagagagacc ctgtctcaaa aatcaaaaca aaacaaccaa aaaaccaaaa accagatgtg     80820
     gtcgtataca cctttaatct catcgctggg gaggcagaga caagtagatc tctgggactc     80880
     actggtcacc aagactacca aaccagaaag ccccatggcc agtgagagac actgcactgc     80940
     ctcataaaac aaggcaggta gactctgagg agcaaagcat tctctctgtc tctctgtctc     81000
     tctgtctctc tgtctctctg tctctctctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tctctgtctc     81060
     tctctctctt tctctttctc tcacacacac acagtgtata taaatgtata aacatacagg     81120
     tacatgcata caaacataca tatgcataaa cacatacctg cacaaaaaca tacacacata     81180
     aatgcacaca tgcacacata catacataca tacataaaca cacagtgtgc atacatgtat     81240
     atatacacat atataggcac acatatataa acatgcatat gcacatacat acttccacaa     81300
     acatgaacac atacacacct gcacatatac acacatatac aaacatacac aacatatact     81360
     catgaatata caatatattc tcattctctc tctctctttc tctctacctt tcaaggtaga     81420
     agttaattat cactgcagaa gcctagggca acaactatta ggcactctga tggtgtgtgc     81480
     catgggagag aggccccttg cgttgagcag gaattcatag tcacaccact atatcccttg     81540
     gtatggcttg aattcttgct ctgaggtgac agtatttgag ctccaggagg caagaagaag     81600
     agctgaggag caaaagcaag tgccaaacag actctgttac cctttccttg gccagagact     81660
     agtcatatga ctacactaca ctacccaaaa agccgggaaa ctcagtcttt attctgaaag     81720
     ggcagccagc tgaaattcaa ttactgtgga caaaggggag aacagctact gacaggccca     81780
     gcagtttctg ccaacgtggg aatgttgcct gggaaactgc taatgccagc caatccctgt     81840
     atcttcccct cccaaaatga acaggaaaac cctagtagcc ctttggcaga tctggctggg     81900
     aggcaaagac tgaagtggct ctggctaagc aaggtaaact atatcacccc acacactgca     81960
     gtcaggtatc aaagaccaag aagggcgatg attggtaaca tccacacctc acacacagcg     82020
     tactcgcctc acagtataga gagcagaagt caggcctgcc tccgcaggct gccttccttg     82080
     tggagactac caggaagcat ccatttccca atctcttttc cctcccagag gcctatgtcc     82140
     tcctctgtgg gtggaccctc ctccatcttc aaaaccagta gtgtctggag catccacaag     82200
     cttcttctct gctcctcctc ccttctgccc acctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc     82260
     atccctctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactc ctgcatctga ctcctgcatc tgactcctgc     82320
     atccctctga ttcctgcatc cctctgactg actcctgtat ccctctgact gactcctgca     82380
     tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg catccctctg actgactcct     82440
     gcatccctct gactgactcc tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgcatccct ctgactcctg     82500
     catccctctg actgactcct gcatccctct gactgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc     82560
     atctgactcc tgcatctgac tcctgcatcc ctctgactga ctcctgcatc cctctgactc     82620
     ctgcacccct ctgactgact cctgcatacc tctgactgac tcctgcatcc ctctgactga     82680
     ctcctgcatc cctctgactg actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac     82740
     tcctgcatcc ctctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgcatctga ctcctacatt     82800
     cctctgactg acttctgcat ccctctgact cctgcatccc tctgactcct gcatccctct     82860
     gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctcctgcatc tgactcctgc     82920
     atctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg catccctctg     82980
     actgactcct gcatccctct gactcctgca tccctctgac tcctgcatct gactcctgca     83040
     tctgactcct gcatccctct gactgactcc tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgcatccct     83100
     ctgactcctg catccctctg actcctgcat ctgactcctg catccctctg actgacttct     83160
     gcatccctct gactgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc atctgactcc tgcatctgac     83220
     tcctgcatcc ctctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgtatccct ctgactgact     83280
     cctgcatccc tctgactgac tcctgcatcc ctctgactga ctcctgcatc cctctgactg     83340
     actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga     83400
     ctgactcctg catccctctg actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac     83460
     tcctgcatcc ctctgactcc tgcatctgac tcctgcatct gactcctgca tccctctgac     83520
     tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg catccctctg actcctccat ccctctgact     83580
     cctgcatctg actcctgcat ccctctgact gacttctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc     83640
     atccctctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactc ctgcatccct ctgactcctg catctgactc     83700
     ctgcatctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactc ctgcatccct ctgactgact cctgtatccc     83760
     tctgactgac tcctgcatcc ctctgactga ctcctgcatc cctctgactg actcctgcat     83820
     ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg     83880
     catccctctg actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc     83940
     atccctctga ctcctgcatc tgactcctgc atctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactgactc     84000
     ctgcatccct ctgactcctg cacccctctg actgactcct gcatacctct gactgactcc     84060
     tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgcatccct ctgactgact cctgcatccc tctgactgac     84120
     tcctgcatcc ctctgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg     84180
     catctgactc ctacattcct ctgactgact tctgcatccc tctgactcct gcatccctct     84240
     gactcctgca tccctctgac tcctgtatcc ctctgactga ctcctgcatc cctctgactc     84300
     ctgcatctga ctcctgcatc tgactcctgc atccctctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactg     84360
     actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tcctgcatcc ctctgactcc     84420
     tgcatctgac tcctgcatct gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga     84480
     ctgactcctg catccctctg actcctgcat ccctctgact cctgcatctg actcctgcat     84540
     ccctctgact gacttctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctcctgcatc     84600
     cctctgactc ctgcatctga ctcctgcatc tgactcctgc atccctctga ctcctgcatc     84660
     cctctgactg actcctgtat ccctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc     84720
     atccctctga ctgactcctg catccctctg actgactcct gcatccctct gactgactcc     84780
     tgcatccctc tgactgactc ctgcatccct ctgactcctg catccctctg actgactcct     84840
     gcatccctct gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc attcctctga ctgactcctg     84900
     cattcctctg actgactcct gcatccctct gactgactcc tgcatccctc tgactcctgc     84960
     atccctctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactg actcctgcat ccctctgact gactcctgca     85020
     tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctcctgcatc cctctgactg actcctgcat     85080
     ctctctgact gactcctgca tccctctgac tgactcctgc atccctctga ctgactcctg     85140
     catccctatt tatttgtttt ggattagaca gtttctcact ctatagccca ggctgcacta     85200
     gaaatatgct ggcctcgaac tcacagcagt cacctaggct cagtgtcctg tgtgctgggt     85260
     cataggaatg ccactgagcc tagctgagat tcttgactac acatctgcaa agtccctatc     85320
     gtggacagca gatgacattc acaggttcca ggacctaggt tgtatatgca caccccaaaa     85380
     gaagccatga ctctgtctta gttacttttc tattgctgtg acaagatacc atgaccaagg     85440
     aaacataaaa ggaaatgttt actttgaagc aggcatggca agggctcaaa tctcaatcca     85500
     caaacatgtg agacagacag tgctcactgg gaggaccatt ctcatccaaa taactgcact     85560
     gtcttctggg agccccacct ccttcgatac tgtggcatct cgtgccaagc accggcttct     85620
     ctgtgtctga gtatgtcccc caatattctg tgcacattcc agactttcag ggatacatgg     85680
     aaatgaaagg catccctgga agttgtggct gtccccagtc ttcagccacc tggctaggac     85740
     tcccaccctg gggacactct tagctacagt ggacttccgg aagtttcctc tctgtgtgcc     85800
     tagaaaggct caggacaaag agggaaggaa gggacaccag gagcattaga gcttttagct     85860
     gcccgctcct tcgcctgtat gcagctggac cctttttctt cggcatgttc catgatacct     85920
     cgtctttctc tgtggggcga tgcgctatgc ataggcagcc tggttcccgg ttgggtcgag     85980
     cataggcttt gaaccctggt gacccagtag gtgacttcta cctgcaaggg acagcaagtt     86040
     tttggccatg cctcctggct tctgtcacag ctacagcctc ccacaacgct cccccccccc     86100
     ccccccgcag agaggtgtgt ggccatcagt cttgtaggag cagcaccaag ccctcccaca     86160
     tgcaaataaa gtttccctaa gctctcagac caagccaatg agaagtactt attgtcagat     86220
     cctgactcac cccaaatctg tatataagaa tcctatccgg aaggattaaa ggtgtgcaag     86280
     aactactcca tcacccaaga acttctgtcc ttagagctgt aacacttggg aagaggtctg     86340
     ctctcctgaa atgctgcctg aagctccgcc atactcctta ctggctagtc agcctcttgt     86400
     aggcccagcc ctacctgact cagcacaggg tggtgtggag gggaaacaac ttcccctccc     86460
     tgctcatact cactccccct tgctggaact ctcgcaccag gccagaccag agatctccat     86520
     ggaaagcctc cgatacacgg gcccacattt ctccaggctc cccagacact gctctatcat     86580
     ctacagcctt cctctccaga aaactaagcc ccatcccata cctccctact catcacatcg     86640
     catcttgtgt ctaatctctg catccccaga gggaccccca catcactgca gtccttagcc     86700
     gtaggcagat gagtccaagg cacgagtcct tgtaattaac atattctgtg tccccgggag     86760
     gaggagccat ggccaatgat ggtttgaaag gaaaaggaat tagccaagtc agagaccgag     86820
     tgcgctagag gaagccaacc cctgagctgc taactcctgc gtacgcaagg gtcccgatac     86880
     taatgactga cacttcagag cgtggaaact gtaatgtgca tacaggcaag ggctgagcga     86940
     gtttgcagtc catgcaagaa ctgacttgct taaacttgct ataacctctc caaacacctg     87000
     tgtcctgttt cccctcaggg ccggagacct gtcaccttga ttggattcag cctgggagcc     87060
     agagtcatct acttttgtct gcaagaaatg gctcaggagc aaggtaagca tatgcattga     87120
     caaacaagag cccttctcaa gttggtcccc agggcactgg ttctgggcct ggggtcatga     87180
     gttttgcaaa gtacattccc ggtccttaaa ataacagttc aaatgcatag ttttaaatgg     87240
     aaaggctagt tctgtatata cactagactg catgaatgga aggctgtccc atcatgatgc     87300
     cagtgtccct gcactctggt aaatgttctt gtgtgacaga gtgcacggtg tctgcagcac     87360
     cacactcacc atgaagctaa gagagagaag gaaccttgct tccagtggct tggcagtctt     87420
     ggctgtcctt agtggccctt ggctcttgtt agcagttcgt taaagttatt ggcatccctt     87480
     gttggttctt gatggtcctt gctccactct taacgatctt tggcagtcct ggaggtcctc     87540
     agtggtcctt ggtgtcctta ggtggtcctt ggcagtcctt agcattcctt ggcattcctt     87600
     ggaggtgctt ggtagccatt ggtaaccctt ggtgaacttc ggcatctctt ccctgcattt     87660
     ggccatcttt ggtggttctt ggcatccctt ggtgatcctt gtaaggtatt tcactccact     87720
     ctccgcatcc atcttctgta gcacatcctt tgttcctctt cttccaagaa cagggagagt     87780
     cattggcttt agggcccatt ctgacccagt acaatcgcca agatctttaa ttaaatcttt     87840
     gtagatcctt ttccaagaaa gattatattc acaaattcta gctaaacaga tctgagaggc     87900
     cacattcaac ctaccttaga taaccatgag gtctgtaagg ccctgtgtca ttttctctgt     87960
     actaatgcag ctgaggggcg gggccactgg caggagagaa cctcaggaca ttatgctggc     88020
     tctgctcaaa tccatcagcg gaagctgttg gggaggaagc tgtttgggga gtgagtgagc     88080
     tgcagagcac gctgggtgtg tcactcctgc taggacacag gctgctccct gactgcctga     88140
     tggcacatag agctaaagac actgacaaca agagaaagct ctgaaacaga gctcccgaac     88200
     acgcagcagg gcagataggc ggagtagctg gagtggtggc tgctgtcccc aggacctcag     88260
     tgagcaccat tctgagcctc actttcccag ttacagaact gagggccctg ccccatgctc     88320
     tgagggtcct gtcccatgtt cttagggtcc tgccccatgc tctgagagcc ctaccccatg     88380
     atctgagcag caagtgaagt gcccatacag catttttgcc caaccttcaa accagtcggg     88440
     gcaaggatgt catgggaagc ctcagcctgt caatcactgc tcatccaaag ctacccctca     88500
     ccccagtcag cccaagcaca tgacacaatt gctcctcatc cagcaagaat acggaaagat     88560
     gggatgcctg ctatcagcta aatctgaaga ggtcagggtc catttcaatg ctgtcattac     88620
     cagaggtccc taagatcagg agtgtggttg atcccatctt gttcttttta ccaaagcatg     88680
     tctccaccac cagcctgaca gcagaggcta tttttctggt tacagacaac gtggctatac     88740
     cactcttggc actagcccca gaaggtcaac acctgggccc ctaccccttc cccactccca     88800
     atctccttta gcttgcagca acctttctcc ccctgcttgt gtctagccag tgcatgcaat     88860
     gcaaaggcac tgtggcccta tttcaagtag ctctggtcta tctgcaacca ttatgcaaaa     88920
     gggcctggct ggttctgggc tatgcttgcc aggaaaactg aagcagaggt cagaggtaag     88980
     gcaagaacca ggaagaaagt agggatgaaa attagattaa agatgaagga cattgaacat     89040
     ccttttctat atatattctt ctccttctta ggtaccacag acagacagac agacagacag     89100
     atagacaggg tcaatccatg tatctctgtt aacccaccta ggatgctcta gacagctaga     89160
     gagcccccag agagccagtg tccctctttc ctaaaacctt tgccaacctc cccctcctac     89220
     catgacactt ttttgagtcc cagcaacttt gaagtgctgg gttctgtatt gctgctttat     89280
     acacatgatc gtggcacagc ctgtctctct taggaaaaag cagggaagat ttaccaagtg     89340
     gtaaagttgt ctatgtgaaa acacacattc taaagaggtc gaaggcgtgg accagtcagc     89400
     tttgcataac agagtagccc tagacatgga ggggtgcagc acgaatacac ccaggagtga     89460
     gtagctgcct gtggtctgtt ggtctgacat gggctctact ttggctgtga aggctcgctg     89520
     tcagctgctg gctagattta ggtcatctct gtgtgtattt gtccttagaa ggtggcaagg     89580
     acagtggcca cctaggatgc gctcagcgtc tggtagctcc ctagagtgcc agcatcaggc     89640
     aaacaggcag atacacctaa gaccccctcc tcatgtatgc cagaccccgg catcatctta     89700
     gagcctgctg tcaaaaccat gtctccaaac actggagctt gagatggcca agtctgacca     89760
     tttcccatga tcccctgcag gccaatacgc tctccatccc gcccccaccc cgtgctctca     89820
     cgcacctgat cacagccccc cacctcagct gtgcatgtgt ctgttcatgc tggctgccag     89880
     ccacccaggc tcctcgatgc tctccgaggc tgctcctcag gaggcctgtg gaacaccgcc     89940
     atcctttata tggttgtcat ttccccacct catgcgcaaa ccctgcacct ggctcgttac     90000
     ctcaagtgat gtggtcttgt caatagaatc agttcttcat ggagacaaaa agaaaggcgg     90060
     cctccgcctc cagatggtat aaattacatg ttgccttcag atccgtcctc tcaacctccc     90120
     taaagctgct gccctttaag ataatttctc atgtgtggag gcccccccct ccccgagcca     90180
     taacagtatt gcattgctac tttagagctg tatttttgct actgttatga actgtaatat     90240
     aaatatctga gatgcaggat acctgcattt taaatcttta aggggtcgcg acccacaggt     90300
     tgagaaccac tgggctgatg caaggcaggc tttggcttca gttcccctgc tgggtatgtg     90360
     aaattcagtt atcatttaac atggtccctg ggaatgagac tgcccagcag ctccctatgt     90420
     tgaggctgga agctggagag agaggggggg gggttggtgg gccggggcat gatccttgga     90480
     tggccttgca cacagcattt ggtagtaatg gtgcccaaaa caacttccat tgtctttcct     90540
     ggctttcctg gcctacctat aagaacgctg agcatactca gctctgtcac agatggcatg     90600
     ggactgtggg ccacttacct aatctctctg tgcctctgag tcttcagcta aatataggac     90660
     tttgtatatt taccccaaag gatggttaag ggattaaaat aagatcacaa gtgctgaagt     90720
     agctaggtct gacacatgtg ccgagccaag acttaattct atctgtgcac tctaacatga     90780
     gattgtgcag ggcacaggaa atgctatgca tatgcgagac cttattctct gtgtccttga     90840
     gcttcaaaaa gtcctagcac catgatggac aggaactccc gatgggcggg gcctggcctg     90900
     tacctgacta tcaccccact gcctggcatg ttggggtgct cagctcaggc ttgacttagg     90960
     gtgagggaca taagcaaggt ggcctgcatg tgagctggta tagactggca actgccgtgt     91020
     tctgagcttg tgcgaacatt tcctcacttc agcccccgac acagcaaccc cagggtgtgg     91080
     gtgtagcagc tctctctctc tctctgcttc acacgcgaga gactgagaga gagtaaccca     91140
     caagggtctt agtgcagagc cagtggcctt cctcagaact gcagtgctgg acagagagga     91200
     cacagactct agataatggc aggtgtcatg cagtgggggc ttgcagagac gtcttctggg     91260
     gtagtcgtca gcacagataa aggtggcgtt ccagagaaca tctgggagtg gcagagtcta     91320
     gggtttccac agcctataga agaagcctga tgggggatgg agggagatgc tgacacatcg     91380
     ggaggtgggt ggatctgggg ctggaacccg gaagtctctg catcgtggaa gaaatgagca     91440
     gttgggtcaa ccccacagat gaattgcagg aggggtggac cctgggcagt ctatagccta     91500
     cctgtgtata ctcgatccca tacctgtaca cacacagagc aactttccag atcccggggg     91560
     gcctacagag cccaggggct tccactgctc tctacacaag gtgcagactt ctctcagtaa     91620
     cacccaaggc ccacaggtga cctcctgtcc agaatcctct ctgtcacctg ccgccccctc     91680
     cgtggagctg tggccacact ctgctgttcc cagacaacct gtgtagcctc cactgggaag     91740
     gttctcctcc aagagtagca gcagtcacat ttacattaac tgtacttaat gtccctagaa     91800
     gcgctaactc tccccttaca gtaacctatg taatcagaga gctcgattag tgtgactggt     91860
     ccacagatga ggtcgctgaa gcaaagagcc tgaggagcca ggtcccaggc cagcaggtgg     91920
     cagggcaggc agcctgacag aggccatgtg acaccagact acctgcaact tcaggctgct     91980
     ctccacttcc caggtgcctt ccctactgct tgcttctttg cacagctgtc tcacaggccc     92040
     gtgagtaact gtgaccttgg acctcagagc cacctgggta cagggccagc aggatagctc     92100
     agtgggtagg gtgtctgtca taaagccttg acttcatttc tcataataat aaaaggtgag     92160
     acccaactcc tgcgagatgt cccctcacct tctcctgcgt tgagaatgtc cctggggccc     92220
     atctgtcagc tggctgtgac ttgcttcaga aggctgctgt gctcagcctt ccactctcta     92280
     ttctcagggt ttcttctcag aatagaggaa ggtcccctct gtgcaggtgg ctacccagat     92340
     ggtagcacta ccagactcct tggagatgtc tagcagtggg gacatctctc ctgctaattc     92400
     tgagagttgt ttggacttcc gctctgtccc ttttttgcta gaacataatc cagagatccc     92460
     caagaagttg aaagtaacac accacccact gaggagggaa actgaggatc ccaagtgtcc     92520
     agagcccagc ctttgtgtcc agcctccttg gtgaccctgg agggacaaaa gcagggtctt     92580
     tccttgctaa actgctttga cccaccccac agagcagaat gagtgggagc aaggctctcc     92640
     atatattcac aaacaacctc gctcatgctc gagcctggcc catgcccagc tgtggcagaa     92700
     tggcaggatt tggggtgtct gcatcattag gggagcggct acctggctct tcccacgcct     92760
     ggcctactag caagtccatc agctgtgggg ctcaaacttg tagcgtgagt cctagcacta     92820
     ccattgatcc tgtgagctaa cgtccctgag ctgcagttaa cacataagca agtcacaagc     92880
     agggcaaggc catggtgagg ctatgtcaca tgcagccacg tagctttcag atggtgtgac     92940
     aaaatccccc aagtagtcaa cctcagagga gggaagacaa tttcggtcca ggatatggaa     93000
     ggtttcggtc tgtcatcagt tgactggtta cattagggcc tgtggcatgg ctggagcaca     93060
     tggcagagaa aacaactctc acttcacagt ggcctgactg gttccaggca gccctgattc     93120
     tttagcactg attaatctgt acacagagag accgctccta atcccaggca agctgccatc     93180
     atctgagcac tggagagaag ggtttactct ggtggactgg aatccagcca tcatttccca     93240
     gagtcccttc agagcaagta atgatcagtg tctataaata ccagagtcac ccaaagccag     93300
     caccatctga actgtctgag tcttacatct acgctggatc ctcagagttc cacaaaaaat     93360
     aatattccag acaggttctg tttcctgaac ccatactagg agccagaaga cctcagtggg     93420
     attctggcct ctgccatgag ttctcaacta aggctcagtc aagacaatat gggccctgct     93480
     ttagttactg ttctacagta atgaggagac agtatgacca aggcagctct tataaaagga     93540
     agcatctaac tggtggcttg cttacagttt caggttagtc cgtgatcacc atggcaggaa     93600
     acagagaggc acagcactgg gacaatagct gggagctttt catcctgatc tgcaggtgac     93660
     agacagtgac acaggcctga tgtgaaacct cgaagccacc ctctagcaac acacttcctc     93720
     caacaaggcc acacccccta atgcctctaa tccttcccaa acagttccac gccctgctaa     93780
     ccaagcattc aaatacatga gcctatgggg ccattctcat tcagacatca caggcctgag     93840
     cctcagcttt ctgctctgca aaaggagaat ttccttccct agctctccct cattaacagt     93900
     ccttccagct tggaaggtgt gggaaactct tacaggaagc ccaaacaaag caagtcccga     93960
     ggcccttaga gaagagcctc attggttgat cccaggagct cagaaacctg gctaccagct     94020
     ctcctgtagt tcccagggca tcaaagccag tgcgcagcct tgagcccgag agattgggag     94080
     tgggacccgg cagatcccag gcaaagtgag ggttgctttg atagtacttg gctctagact     94140
     gtgcccagta tgtaggcaat cagaggggat gggctggcag tggtgactgg agagagggga     94200
     aggcactaag gttaggaagg agtatataac aggaatggct gctacagtcc cccaggatgg     94260
     tccaacctct gctctttcct ctgatgagaa tttaatacat cttttcctca agtcccatcc     94320
     aacccatggg acaggttttc tacatgcaaa ttgagattta gagactgtga agtaatggct     94380
     ggggagatgg catgtggagt gccgagtctg ccacaagtgt gagcacccga gtttgatgcc     94440
     ctgttcccac ctaagaagcg tttgaccatg gaggtgtgta agcccagtgc tgtgtaggca     94500
     aagctggggg gtggggagcc tcattcataa ggccagtcag tctggctaat taccaagttc     94560
     aagtaaaaat gaggtggaca gtgcctgagg tgtgacacac aagcacacac acacacacac     94620
     acacacacac acacactcaa gcaggaaggt agagaagggg gactcgcttg tgtctctctc     94680
     tgactctgga ttttactgca gcccatcctg gttgtgtgct ttcagccaca gccacagcca     94740
     catccaggat cagatattcc agttcattgg ctcgttcatg gagtgcctac tgtgtgccaa     94800
     gttctatacc aggctgtgga gagatggcag cagcagtctc accctcctga aacttagtca     94860
     gctgaagtaa actgccctcc cagaggcatg ggctggggtc tctggctcag acctgggcat     94920
     gttaataact gacttatgaa tgaggtaggt gaagcatgct gggagttctt cctaccgaag     94980
     aaaacactcc aggtctttgg aagaggggag cggggtcatg agctgcctta acccaaagta     95040
     caaacaccac agtgcacagg acacctgggc cgactgatga gccattgtcc aagcctccca     95100
     gtgaccctgc agcaccaaga tgcttcaccc tcgactgccc agcagcccac ccaccctgct     95160
     ccaccaccac cccttcaaaa cccagacagg aagcacatct gtcaagcgat caggaaatga     95220
     gcagagccaa gattacccca agttaaatag ccccccccca aacaaaagtc tgtctcccag     95280
     ccaaggacat caatttgctt tgggaatgat gccagctggt ggcaggggaa agggtgacag     95340
     tgcccgctgc caagaagaac ctccgctgga gccctctctt aagagactcg cggccccaaa     95400
     gcataatgga ccgttccttt tttttttttt tcctcttttt tccctgtgta tttgctttga     95460
     aaagattttt taaattggac atttggagga gctcagttca gactgactca tgctagctgc     95520
     ctcagctggg aaaaagccct ctgaacccag aaatcagttc ctgcttcagc tgacgtatgc     95580
     gttcatccat gggtgcattt gttcaggcgt ggatttattc tcctcttcat cccagaggga     95640
     ttgagggaat taattcggtg cactaggaat cgtctctgcc aggtggcccg gtgcatgaag     95700
     tcagggctgg gccagcaggc cttagggtgt atttgctgag tgattaaaaa gcctgcttct     95760
     gctgggccct ggggtccctc gcttctgtcc acccggctgg ctccccatcg ctcccggatc     95820
     cacagactcc ttttgtcatc cctccgagtg tcttccagat gcaggataac aggggacagt     95880
     aatgggcaaa ggagcaccag gtgtagactc tagagacctg aatccagact cttttgatgc     95940
     ctcttcagcc ttgggcaagt cacttcaacc ctccagactt taggctgatt ggtgaaagga     96000
     caccggagcc tgccctagtt attctgtgtt ttaacagtgg ccacttgttg actgtggact     96060
     atgtgacagg ccatgtatga agggctttgc tgttttctct cgctgtgtag aactaccatc     96120
     actgagacag aggcattgcc gggctccatc ttgcctctga cgctgtgaaa gtcagaaaaa     96180
     tacacccatg tgggtatcga gctggtaaag tgcctgccta gcgtgcagaa tccctgagac     96240
     cacagagaaa aggctgggga ggcataggag atataaagcc attaggaagt ttccatgtca     96300
     gagagctgag cctcgagcca gcagatgtgc tcacagctaa gcctgcgtct actcccagcc     96360
     gagtaagcaa actgcacgtt tggtatgtaa ggcttggtct cctgagaaat ggacccccgt     96420
     aatgctttct tcatggggct agccatagga tagagattgt ctctaaggcc gttacggggc     96480
     tggtcaggaa gccgtcttca tgtaggaggt ttaccactgt cctgagtgag taccccaggt     96540
     ctcagcactt ctgtcaccgt gatgggaacc ctgaccaaaa gcaattaggt taggaaagag     96600
     tttatttctc tttacattta tggcccatca ctgagggaag ccaagacaag gattcaaggc     96660
     gggaacatag aggcgggagc tgagacaccc gtggcggaac actgcttcct gccttgctcc     96720
     cacgcgtgtt tgactgcttt ttgtttggtt ttgctctgtt gtttccctct atgtaatccc     96780
     agctattgct ccatggacca ggtcgacctt gaactcacag agacccacct gcctctgcct     96840
     cctgagagct gggcttaaag gtgtgcgcca actccctcga gccttactta acctgctttc     96900
     ttagatgacc cagagccacc tgcaagggtg gccccaccca cagtgggctg ggccttctca     96960
     catcgatcat ctatcaagaa gatgccctcc ctatatagac ttgcctatgc gctgattgtg     97020
     ttttctcagt tgaagttctt cccagatgac tctagcttct gtcaagttgg atgggaaaac     97080
     aggggcacag gacactctgt ttctctatta ttagcctgtg cagtaattga gctatggatt     97140
     tagctattag cttcctcttg gtcaaatcaa aaaacaaaag gtacagagca ggggattcgt     97200
     ggggacatgg agttgccggc tccgcagaga gcacttagac cttccatttc aacccagtct     97260
     gcattgggca ctttctttaa agtgcctatg tgcgctgttc agacttaatt aaccagccaa     97320
     gcttcagcgt ctctgcccat tgctcattag aagggtcaag ctgaggctcc tgagtgggag     97380
     ctgtaggcag catgttgggc tggaaagatc tttatcagct tgaactgaga gctgcactgg     97440
     gaaccacagc agggatgtca gataattacc gctgcgattc cggcgggagc ctgtagactt     97500
     aattaggcca ggagtctgga gtctcccatc cctctggtta gctttgcatt ttgtaatctg     97560
     gtggctggtg gctgatgcgg ctctgttgtg tggtctgatg ggtctgttgt gtgcgaatca     97620
     cagactcaga gagagatccg cagtggagtt gatatgtcct gcctcctctc tgcagaaccc     97680
     tgatggcgaa tactgtcccc catctagtgt gccaaggagg ggacaaggct gatgatcctg     97740
     gagcacagaa ccacaggggg cagccatccc ttcctacctg ccccatctct agcagaaatc     97800
     ctctccccac ttcctctccc ccttccccct acctctgttc cattacccag ctcctccctc     97860
     tctccctcct ttcccctctc cccctcctcc tccctcttcc tctccatctc ccactctcct     97920
     cccccacccc caacctctca ccattatccc agttttcaag agaatagtct cagaaactca     97980
     gaggctctgt cacagagtat tggtctagga tgagtgtggc atgtccacct ctagctgaca     98040
     cccacatcag gtccctccta gtaccccatg aggttttctg ggaggggcca catctagggt     98100
     acctttcctg taggctcctg aagtcctgcc ctacttggag acacacttca cagaagacag     98160
     cagcagccac tggcccggag accagcttct agggcggtgg ttctcagcct tcctactgct     98220
     gtaacccttt aatacagttc ctcatgtggt gacccccaac cataaaacta ttcttttgct     98280
     acttcataac tgtaattttg ctgttaagaa ctgtaatgta aatttctgct atgcagatgg     98340
     tcttaggtga cccctgtttg ttcgaccccc accctagggg tctcaacagc ctgccttgct     98400
     tgcattgaga gcctgtgcaa aactcaccag atgttcggga ttcctgagaa attgccacca     98460
     atattatcct tgctttcatt ttcctgtata aacatttagt aggcaccaaa tctacaaagc     98520
     agaaaaggga ttgttagtta gctgcttgac agctgtttcc cggcagcctc tcctggattc     98580
     atcccgacag cctgcgagtc cagggatcga gatgagaatg ggggcagaat ggggcgcttc     98640
     tcctgtttct catctttgtg accaaatacc tggtgggcag tgctttatgg gattaaaggc     98700
     ttattttttg gctcatggga tggggcatgg tccaatcaga gaagaggaaa catcaaggat     98760
     gaggtgtggt ccaatcagaa aagaggaaac atcaaggatg aggtgcggtc caatcagaga     98820
     agagaaaata tcaaggtagc attgctttgt ctaggcttag gggaagccac tgtcactggg     98880
     gacccttcta agatgggagt ctaggcttaa gaggcccatg gacgttccag ggatgttcgg     98940
     agatgggttg tgctggctct cagtcattct actggcatcc agagctctca gacacagggc     99000
     cgttgaagca aggcagcatc acagtccatc atgagcattg ctctctgccc atagccatgg     99060
     cagccattcc agatgtggag taaagactcg cagagcttct gccttgtaca gtcccagcta     99120
     ttcaggcagg aggctgaggc aagagcaata tttgagtcca agagttcaag gccaacctgg     99180
     acaacaaact gagaccccat attctttaaa aggagaacga gagccaggca tgatggtgca     99240
     tacctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tctctatgag tttgaggcca     99300
     gcctggtcta catagtgtgg tccaggccag caaggctaca tggtaaaatc ctgtctcaaa     99360
     gaaaagagaa gaaaaaagaa aagaaaagac aagactaaat aaaaataaaa tatatacaag     99420
     gggaagaggc tgtgcatatt acagtggtag agaatttgca cagcaggtat gtgaccctgg     99480
     gtttaagcct cagcacctcc aaaataaaat aaatataaat aaatagatag tagatagatg     99540
     gatggatgga tgggtggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     99600
     gatggatgaa tgggtgggtg ggtgggtggg tgggtggatg gatggatgga tggatagatg     99660
     ggtgggtggg tggatggatg gatgggtggg tggatggatg ggtggatgga tggatggatg     99720
     gatgggtggg tgggtgaata gatagataga atactggttg ccgtagctaa tgcttgcact     99780
     cagtaggaag aattagcaca aactcaaggt cagcctgagc tacacaagga gttccaggcc     99840
     agcctgaggt acagatgagc tcttgtctta aaagagagag caaaagaaag agcgagagac     99900
     ccagaaagtg agggggcagg cagaaatagg tctatattag catatttcta gtgtggcaat     99960
     tgtgcagact aattagcttt tccactaatt agcagtgtaa attctcccat tacagatacc    100020
     ccataaacgc taattaagtt gcagcagatt ctccttgaag tgctgagctg agcttccaag    100080
     gagtagagaa acaaaaacag aagagaagag gtgatgggag gtgttgggag gtgatgcgag    100140
     gtaatgggag ggtccaggcc tgtgacccag cacttcgagg ctgaggcatc cggctcagac    100200
     ctcatgctta gaaaatcagt atgttacagt tgtttaaaac ataggttaaa aactgcagct    100260
     gagtagagag gagctagagg tggcatggca tggcataggg tggcacacgc ctttaatcca    100320
     agcactggga gagaggcagg cagctcttct tgagtttgag gccaatctgg tctacaaatc    100380
     aagtttcatg tcaatcatat ctaataagga aagaagaagg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggagaa    100440
     ggccggaggg gtggcagcac agccttttga ctccagcacc caagaggctg aagcaggagg    100500
     gccatgagtt ctaggccagc ctgggtttta tatagagatt ctctcagaaa agaaaaaaga    100560
     tagaagaaac ccaacagatt aacaagacac tagaaaaata aaaaaaataa tgggcctgat    100620
     gatagctgtg cacaccttta atcccagcac ctgggaggca gaggcaagag gttccctgag    100680
     ttcaagccca gcctggtcaa cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagaaagac    100740
     tctgtcttag aaaaaccaaa gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    100800
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga ataacaagag atttgaatat aaatcaaatg    100860
     aaatttctgg acatgagaag gcagggtgtg aaatccatgc ctggtgcttc agtaacagct    100920
     tagacagagg aagagagaaa ccacagcaag atctatttgc agaaattgcc cacaatgcct    100980
     ttgtgggggt aaggaagtgg aaaacgggaa tgaggaagtt ccttggttgc ctaatgcaaa    101040
     atctgagaga agagccaagg tgggagaggg agtttaatgc ctgagaattt tccagaagtg    101100
     agtcctgcct gagcttcagg gagcagctat gcctggttag tagactcttg ggaagaaaca    101160
     ctgttcaccg agagccactg agggtggatg gtttactgca gagcagggaa aactgccttt    101220
     actcaagtat gcgcatgctc ataatcagtc catctagtcc caactagatt gcagtcctca    101280
     gtttaccaga aattgtattc ccaagtgaca cgccctcaat gaaggaccca tggggttcat    101340
     gcctagaatc ccagcacctg agaggtggga ggccagcctt ggctacatag tgaatctggg    101400
     gccatctaag caatgtgaga ccttgtccat aaataaatta catttctgat gggaaagcca    101460
     agaccctgtg tatcaaaata taaacaccag ccaatgaaat tagtagaaaa ctctagagca    101520
     taagaatgtt ctctagccct gttgctaata ttgttcccct gtgatatctg tcgagctggg    101580
     cctccattgt tcacatttcc ctcaacaact attgtcttcc aagcttctac taggatggcc    101640
     cagtaagcac agcttatagc atttggccac cttcctagtc caaaatccca aagtcttcct    101700
     ctttcctcca aagagtagcc tggtcgggcc tgttctgtga tgagacacca tgaccaaggc    101760
     aacttataaa ataaagtatt gaacttgaga ctcacagttc caaagggtta gagtttatga    101820
     ccgtcacact cgggagcatg gttgcaggca agcagaggtg gcgctgtagc agttgctgag    101880
     agctcacacc tcaatccaca aacacaaggc ttttgaaaca ccaaagccca cccgcagtga    101940
     caaaccacac ctcctccaac aaggctatac ctcttccagc aaggccacac ctcctgcagc    102000
     aaggccacac ctcctgcagc aaggccacac ctcctccagc aaggccacac ctcctccagc    102060
     aaggccacac ctcctgatcc tcctcaaaca gttccactaa cggccaatat tcaaatatgt    102120
     gagcctatgg ggccattctc attcaaacca ccacagtgtg tgttaaaaat ccaaaggtta    102180
     gggaaatagc tctgtagcaa agtgctcgcc tagtatacaa ggcccttggt tccatcccta    102240
     gtaatgaaaa ctatcagatg gaaactttaa taggtcatga gcccctcttt ctccttcttg    102300
     actatctatt catatacttg gctctgttca tacacttctg tttgacacgt ggtacctacg    102360
     cacctcagcc tagtcatcac atggtgcctc ttgcacccac caaactgaaa gtagtcatct    102420
     ttgtgggtac ctgtgatctg tttgtaataa ctcaattttg gaagacacca tagttgtcaa    102480
     aacatacttg attaaaaatt gtatcagatc acaaagggaa gtgtggaaag gaaggagggg    102540
     atggaatgta aaaagaccca aaccctacat ggtactcgct gtgtgtccca ggacagcatt    102600
     tgtaggtctc tgaggctgaa tgcccatggt aggatggagg tgttctgctc accttccagg    102660
     gtcacttggt cctaaacttt tcctaaagga ggaggtggta atgctaaaaa ataaagagag    102720
     ccaggcatag tggcacacac ttggtatccc agcatgcagg aggctgaggc aggaggatta    102780
     caaattcaag accagcctga ctacatatat tgagactctg tcttacagga aaaaaaaaaa    102840
     actttttaaa agggtatagt aggggtgctg agatgtctca gtcaggaaag tacctgtatc    102900
     ttgcatggac ctgagttcag acccatgtaa gacagccaga catgatgtgc acatctgtga    102960
     cctgggcaca agtggaggat gggtggagcc tccgagttta ctgaccagaa agtccagcca    103020
     actagtaagc accaggctta atgatagatt ctctctccag agagaaagga gacagtaact    103080
     gacaaagata cccagcgtca acctccagcc tccacgcaca tcacatgctt gtacatgtgc    103140
     tacatgcata ggccacgcac acagttcccc taaagaaaac aaagggagcc aggcatggtg    103200
     gtgtatgcct ttattcccag cctcctggag gcagaggcag gtggatctca atgagtccca    103260
     agccaacata gggctgcata gttagaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaatgagga agggactgga    103320
     gagatggctc agtgttaacc atgaagagca taaagtgctc tttcagagga tcccactttg    103380
     attcccaata accatgtctg acctctcaga acttcctata actccagctc caggacccaa    103440
     taccttcttc tgtcatccac tgggcactgc gtgcatatgc acatacatct agacatacat    103500
     atgtataatt ttttaaaata ataataataa tataaagtat tttttaaaga tttatttgaa    103560
     cagccaatcc tggagtccct acaatcccag ttggctgaaa atgagcgtag ctgtcaccag    103620
     acaccccaga agtacacagc agaccatggc tcagccagat ggtgctttca tctccatgat    103680
     aacacacaat cgcatgtgat gcgatttatt tcccagccat taaactgtac ccaccagttg    103740
     cttgaaccaa gtcaaaccta gcatcagcct gcctgggggt tgggggtggg gagcgcagcc    103800
     aggagaggcc aggtggaaca gattaatttt gagattcctg gggtgcagta acagccgtct    103860
     cactctgtgt gggcatcaga gggtagaact gaaggcttag ttatcccctt gaagaattca    103920
     tcttaaatcc tgatcagaag gccaaagagg ttcctaggta attttctggc agtgtgagcc    103980
     tcccttaggg gacagcgtct gcagtcagga cccctcttcc cccgttctcc caattcatct    104040
     tcctcccctt atagtttttt gcttccttta ccaagtgcat atgtgagtat cttttcaatg    104100
     gacttggttt gtgtcagaca cagctcatag catcttcttt aaggcctttc ttgcagatct    104160
     gcagctggtg gatgctgccc cctccccatt ctcaccttat cactctctgc acatgtgagc    104220
     ccctgatgga agggagagga tcagccactt tgcaggtaca gccgagagag tcttattact    104280
     gacaacgtga cagggatgca ggaacgtgtt cgcgcctctc tggctgtttg gggagatatc    104340
     agaagccctg tgcacactgg tttcccttta acaaggcctg atgtggggag accagcagag    104400
     atcaggtcag ctatgctggt ttccatgggt gaagctgggc ccctgggaca tagtctttaa    104460
     atttcagttt tagagtttat acatacacag ttttcgaggc tgttattgag aagaggatgg    104520
     ggtcccacct gggtcctgga tgggttttgg gaaaagtgaa gccatctcta gtcttgtggg    104580
     agtgctgggt gatgaaaatg ccatcccagg agtctagggt gagcctccag aaacaccaga    104640
     aggacagcag acaggagtaa agctgatagc acgatgtcgt caaaagtaaa gaaagaactc    104700
     cgtacgacgt ggatcttctt gaggctacag agcaaacctg ttattttttg agttattttt    104760
     attttttcat tttatgtaac gttgtgagtg cagcctctta tgcaagccaa aagagggtgt    104820
     cagatcccta gagctggagg tttaggtggt agtgaattgc ccagcatggg tgctaggatc    104880
     tgaaccatgg tccttggcaa ggacattagg cactcttaac cactgagcca tctttccagc    104940
     cctctgacct gaacttttga aagtgataag ggactggaga tatgactcaa ttgatagagt    105000
     gcttgcctag ggtgcatgaa gccctgagtt ctgtctccag tgctcataaa ctcagagtgg    105060
     tgatccacac ctctaatccc agcagtgggg aagtaaaagg aggaaagtca caagttcaag    105120
     accatcttca gctagtccta agtcagccta ggataagtga gatcctaagt tacatgtatc    105180
     tcaggctggg cttgaactag caaaacagcc aacaatgacc tttgtcttag ttactgtttc    105240
     attgctccaa ggagatacca tgaccaagac aacttattaa agaaagcctt taactggggg    105300
     cttgctttca gtttcagagg gttagtccat gatcaacatg gcagggagca tggcaacagg    105360
     caagcaagca cagtgctgaa gaagtagctg acaactacat cctgatctac aggcagaagg    105420
     cagagagaga aagagagaga gagagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagagagcct    105480
     ggaagcccac ccccccagtg acaaacttcc tccagcaaag ccacgcctcc taatccttcc    105540
     taaacagtcc accggttgag aaccaaatat tcaagtatat gcgcctatag gtgccattct    105600
     cactcaaccc accacagcct tgaacttctg atcctcttgc ctctagctct cagatgctgg    105660
     gattatagac atctataacc acacccaaca tgtgtggatg aaacacaggg ctttgtgcat    105720
     gctagacaag cgctttccca actgagcctc atctccagcc ttgacttcca tccaaaggga    105780
     tcactcctgg actagagaga aacagtgaca gaaagtcctg gagtggaggg cgagggcttg    105840
     actgacaagc ttccctttcc aaccagaggc atgccgcccc cttactgcca aagttacagc    105900
     aggatggagg accgcccact cccatagtgg aagcagagta taaataaaat ctaaggagct    105960
     gtttcaaatg gagaggcaca aaagctgcct gtgtctgtga cttctgaact tgaagataat    106020
     ctcaccccat ttacataaga atatgaatat gcataagtat ttgagggcgg gggatggaag    106080
     gcccgtgcta ggcaagtgtt cttctattga gctgcatcct cagccctgtg ggtctgtatt    106140
     taatgcctca aactttcaca ggatggaagg accagaaagt gacttttggt agacactgtt    106200
     cccacagcaa aggaatgtca gggccactaa atgttcatct ctggcatctt tataatttta    106260
     tacttattta atgtgtgtat atgtctgtgt atatatctgg tgtatatata tatgtgtatg    106320
     tatgtatgtg gatatatctg ttgtatgttt atgtatctgt tgtatgtgta tatatgtatg    106380
     tgtgtatata tgtgcatatg catttacatg tgtgtatctg ttgtttgtgt gtatggtgtg    106440
     tgtgcataca agtgtatgta tacacacatg cctgggttcc catatggagg tcagaagaca    106500
     acttgagttg atctttcctt ctaccatgtg tgttcctggg ttcaactccc gcacctttac    106560
     acactgagcc atctcattgg ccctctggca tcttttgtca gtcttgagca gtaggtgcct    106620
     tctatacaga ctccacatcc tgggggctgc tggacactgg aggtataacc tgataatgta    106680
     ggaacagaaa cttaggtcct cccacatgct aaagagagca agccttttgc aaatcccaca    106740
     cagtgagcag atcttttgca aatcccgtgc agtgagcaga ccttgtctgt gaacgcagct    106800
     tgtctgtgag tagatggacc ttggtgaggc agcttctggc tgggcttcag caacggcaga    106860
     attcatgtcc aacccaacct ggtttgcact cattttgggc tacacgggag attcgctggc    106920
     tagtctcagt tcagagtcac agcagctgcc tctttcagct tttctccgtg gctccctaga    106980
     tctgaccctt gctcagaatc cccactgttg tccctgctgg tcacaaggag atgtagcact    107040
     ccactccact ggctgcccat ggcagaaagg ccactgacag agttcccttc agcaaaggag    107100
     tggtggctcc agagatcctg gccctgagat gaccagaggt ccacgcagtt tggccctctt    107160
     ggttattgta acagaaaaaa gaacggtccc ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga    107220
     gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccgaag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    107280
     caaccacccg taatgagatc tgatgacctc ttctggtgcg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt    107340
     acttacatat aataggtaga taaataaata aataaataaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa    107400
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaacggtc ccagggaacc cacagctatc tggatacctt gggttgtggt    107460
     cctagctgga gtgtctctct ggctatgtga ccttgggctg gcaccatctt ctctctaagt    107520
     ccatttcccc atcttccaag ggaagggctc agaatgaggt ctcactggtt ttctgaatac    107580
     cccacccagg acagggttga ggcaatgtgc taattggcac taacttcaca cagattttaa    107640
     aactccccta ggaccacgag tgaggtcacc ttctgtgcca gagtcttttt tattttttta    107700
     atgtgaatgg atgttttgcc tgcatgtatg tctgtgcacc acctacatgc ctgctattta    107760
     cagaggccag aagaggacat cggattccct ggacttggag ttacagacgg ttgtgagcca    107820
     ccgtgtggat actgggaacc aaacctgggt tctctggaag agcagtcagt tctctaacca    107880
     ctgagccatc tctccatcct ctcagagagt ctgagggtca gagcttgaga atactcagat    107940
     aacttggtac tgtaggggtt cctaaactac aagcagcctg gaacccttca cccaaactct    108000
     ggcatgaaat ccagaagggc taacagaagc accttagtta gcaccaggtc cagagagggc    108060
     aagccacctg ccctgtgtca ctcagcaaga ggttggccga agtggggaaa gctgcccctc    108120
     ctggcacatt ttccaggacc tgaatgagtg tgcagcttct ggggtgcaca gagattgcta    108180
     aggaagagcc ataagtggga gtggggatgg catagacaat caggaacccc attgtgtgct    108240
     cacatggatg gcctattgct gtaccttgac ctaatcttca aagagcccca cagcctagca    108300
     tgtcactatc atcttcttct tttaggctca gagaagttca gtgacttgac ccaagtcaca    108360
     gagcctggaa gtggctatgt tgggatttga acccaatgtc aaagcccaaa tgctcctatt    108420
     tgtccttttg gggggggttg ttttgtttgg ttggttggtt tggtttttcg tgacagggtt    108480
     tctctgtgta gccttggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc    108540
     agaattctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgaatg ctgggattaa aggtgtgtgc caccacgccc    108600
     agcttcctgt ttgttcttga gtgtgtgctc caatagttct ccacacagcc acacagatgt    108660
     gacaggttca ctgaaccctg gggttagagg aggggacaga ttagtaaact ttgtgtgaca    108720
     aaaagaaagc agaagggtct ggctgatggt ggtgcatgcc tctaatcccg gctctccgga    108780
     gccagaggta ggcagatctg tgagttaaag gccagcctgg tctatagagt gagttccagg    108840
     atggtcaagg ctacacagag aaaatgaacc gtgtcttgag aaacaaaaca aaaaggaagg    108900
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    108960
     aaggaaggaa gaaaaagaaa gcaggaaagg acagtactag agagagggga catgcacccc    109020
     catttgccag agtagttctc agatagtaac tgtgtgccct tctgcagact gccagtttcc    109080
     cgtgtgtctg agctccaagc aagactccaa gcctacagga catacaaaca cttctagtag    109140
     agcagtccta aaatattctt gaatcattat gtcagagtgt ctgatgacat aatctacatc    109200
     caaaacccat cccccccatc cctccaggct gccaagctcc caggagcttg atcaaagaag    109260
     gcttcagtgt ctcccgactg ctctgcaatg cggagggcct tcggggtctc tctgaagggg    109320
     gcgtgagcaa gtcatccatg gtcgaagccg gtctgagctt tcgcgtgatg ccgagacagt    109380
     ttgttcccta ctcggactgt gccatgtgct gtctatgtgg ctgtgtgctg cttgccttaa    109440
     ctttcacagt gacactttgc aggaatggat cagacatgtg agggtcgact tggcctggaa    109500
     ccctgtgtca gcctccactt ctggtgtgtg tgtgtcgggg gggggggggt gtatgtgtgt    109560
     gtgcacgcgt gcgcttgtgt atgtgtgtgc actaccccct tcctttcccc atctcaatcc    109620
     accccatccc ttcccatcag gaccactgtg tgcaagaaca ctgacagact cttctggggt    109680
     ctctcaccag attgccaagg gatcatcgag gatgtggtcc ttctgggcgc accagtagaa    109740
     ggggacccca agcactggga accattccgg aatgtggtgt ctgggagaat catcaatggc    109800
     tactgcaggt ctgtctgaag ctcatgccac gggggaggaa accacatttc ctgagctccg    109860
     ggtgtgccct tccccaccct ttctggagac aagaagtctc tatgctgaaa ggtaccagaa    109920
     gctgatcatg ggcgtgtcag cactgtgcct aggcccagag gttcagatct gggaggcgtc    109980
     ccaccctgca ggatggcagg ggagggtctt gtgggatcct gtgtcatccc ctgcaggatg    110040
     actctgaagg aggaagcgtg gggtagcacc tgagacgaga gctctttggg gctaaggcat    110100
     gcccgtgtgt gccattggca gtgctggcgt ctgggctccg tttttggagc gtgatttctg    110160
     ggcatgggtg ggaagataga agcagctggc attgcagagt cagtagcctg ggcaacaggc    110220
     cttctggcaa gtggtggggc ctgggggtca ggaggggagt gggagagcag ccccatttgg    110280
     catttgtaga gaggccctaa gagttccatt ctgagttaaa tccccaagcc cccaaaaagc    110340
     agcccccacc ccaagcctca cgagacagtc ctgaatcagg gagcccacag gctggttagc    110400
     tgtaaaaact tcaaacctca tgagttctca actgccacag ggcccaaagg ttgtggataa    110460
     ggcacatgca aacacatagg atgatcacca agtgacctgg aggtgacact ccaagctcag    110520
     agtcaaaggg caggctacag ggatgagtgg tgacctttat tttgttgagg caggctctga    110580
     tatagctcag gctggctttg aactctctat atagccaaag atcctctgct tccacctccc    110640
     gggcgggcgt cgtgatgcac agacaggcac cctccgattc tgacttacac agtgctaagg    110700
     aacaaaagca gggtttgtgt atactaggca agcaccctgc agagctcaga gaccagaggc    110760
     cctgggtgac agctgaaggc cagggaggga cagtcaataa agggcctgtg atggatgagc    110820
     ctacaggaaa agagcaaggt tcccttgtaa agggattcat ctctggaggg gaaggaggag    110880
     gtaccagctg gaggccagag ccctgagagc atctagagac cactctggtg cccacatgcc    110940
     atcctagcac ttggaggctg acatggaagg attgtgagtt tgaggccaac ccagtctgtg    111000
     tagtaactat gcccagttgg tcagttgccc acgggtcaaa ggcccaacct gcccgggctc    111060
     aggctgatgg cccctctttc tgcctgtagg ggagactggc tgctgagctt cgtgtaccgc    111120
     acatcttccg tgcagctccg cgtcgccggc ctccagcctg tgctgctgca ggaccggagg    111180
     atggagaatg tggacctgac ctccgtggtg agtcttggtc tgtcccattg gcctgtgtat    111240
     gaggggcacc aggtcactcc agcacttgga gatggtacct gcacatacct gcctcttgcg    111300
     agctgagctc aatcccagcc gttccctggt ggctataatc ctcaagctac cctccaggca    111360
     gggactgttc tacctcattt acagatgagg aaatcaaggg ttagaaaact tcctgtctcc    111420
     taacaagcaa ttcacagggc tggatccaaa cccctagagt cctcaaatta ccaaaccccc    111480
     tcaacacctt caccccagat gaccagtcag agctgtcccg ccaccaccac caccaccaca    111540
     cttcccccat atataaccaa agcacgcaga ggacttcggg gcaggacatg ggctgcactc    111600
     aaagcagtag accctggtgc cggccaagca agaacataat atagcactgg cccattatat    111660
     gggatgttta ctgaagatgc aaggcctagg gctctgggct catgagtgct ccctaatatt    111720
     agtcccctcc tcttcagcca ggtcaccact ctcacttctc caccctggag actaactgct    111780
     cccagacctc tccctcctca aagaccttgg ctttggctca gctttgtagc tctgcctaat    111840
     aatagctctt tatcacatta ggggcctcag caaagcggtg cttccctcct ctgactaatt    111900
     agaggtaatt agcattgcct ttgtgtccct gcctttcctt ggcagcttgc tggaagaggg    111960
     gctggcaggg ctccctctgt aggacttgcc tggcagctcc gtttgcagca gagactacag    112020
     acctgtctgt ccgtcctccc tgtggcaggc gtggacaatg tctgggatgg ataaagggac    112080
     cctggctaag atgccggttt gcctgtcagc ctgccccact ctaggctgca ggaagtggag    112140
     ggttttcacc atcgcagggc tcaccgagtg aagctgtcca ggacaaatct ctccatgtcc    112200
     cagaggatgt acctgatgtc taggacttaa caaagaacct gtcacagagt tcacagtcag    112260
     taatagcacc agcagtgaca acagccaccc tgtgtcagga gaccctacaa aaagtcccag    112320
     gaaggcatac tgatccactg tccagatgtg gaaaccgagg ctggagtggc aaactcgagc    112380
     ataccagtga ctttctgctc cttggcagaa ataccttaag cgaggaatta tctgcgctca    112440
     cggcttagtc aggtttcagt ctgccaggga gggaaaggtc caacaggaag cagttcacag    112500
     agggatagct tgaaatcaaa gggcgaggga ggagccaggg tctgggtgtc ccattgaaag    112560
     cccacttcta gtgacctact ccacccacag ggcgctagca caggtttcac agcctcacaa    112620
     caccaccagt tagagaatga acctgagcct gagaggacat tgtagattca agccagaaac    112680
     ccagggaact gcctcagagc ctgggccctc tgccagaatg ttgcctgtgt tcctaaacct    112740
     ccagagcctg gtcagccatt tgcagtcctg ccaaacacgc ctgtatcccc atggtctcct    112800
     gcccatgcca gcccatatgg ggctgcggtt attgtcagct tcattttaca gaaacaagtg    112860
     gcactgggga acccagggcc tagtgggcat gggaaggatc atcggcatag acaggtgggg    112920
     tggtggcagc caggccaggt ctcttgtaag gcaggaaagg ggaaatgttg gggcccattc    112980
     ctgcccacat ggacctggta actggagtcc acagtctctt ggccaatagt ctaataagcc    113040
     tttgctggtt gacagcatgt gctgggagct gcctggtgcg tcctggggct ttttttcatc    113100
     agtcatgaaa gatggctgct ttacattagt gatgcctgac tgtaccaggc agcaggcaaa    113160
     gctcagaggg acagctgggg aggtggtcat gggctgaaaa cttcagtgtc aactgtgtca    113220
     cacccaccct tgccccacct tacccctggg agacctcccc tccactgact gtaaacatgg    113280
     ggtaccagca acaacatcgt gggtctttat agaacagcag ctggcggact gtgtgtggcc    113340
     aagacagtag cagaggaagc cagagctgtg ggcagtaggt atgagggcca cttggggtca    113400
     gctgcagtaa tgacactgct ctgcccttct gcctgccttt tcccatctag tccttcccgg    113460
     gatccaaaat gctcaaggaa gcagcttttt atttgttcat agagaattgg ttagtgtttg    113520
     tccccgtggg tctgaagttt ctgttggctg gaattcagat gtgataacta gagctaaagc    113580
     agccatcttg ggctcccgaa tggatcagcc cagctatctc tccaccttca tatcctctta    113640
     gaggcaaact aaagtaagga aacctaaatt tatacagcac ctactaagtg gcagtcaagg    113700
     tgggctgtga tttctgtgta cctctctgat tcccttgaga gactatgcat ttcaagggga    113760
     tgagagggga tgtcttggct cactcagcaa agtgctttcc acaaaagtgt aaggatctga    113820
     gttcaggtcc ccagaaccca ggtgaaaaac attcagatat ggcagtactg ggggtacgga    113880
     ggcaggagga tccctggagt ttgctggcca gccagtccag ccaaatagat atgttccagg    113940
     gtcaatgaga aaccctgtct caaaaaataa ggtggggggc tggagagatg gctcagaggt    114000
     taagagcact ggctgctctt tcccagaggt cctgagttca attctcagca actataaggt    114060
     gactcacaac catctataat gggatccgat gccctcttcc agcatgcagg catacattca    114120
     gtatacagaa cactacatac atagtaaaga ggaggaggag gaggagaaag gagaaggaga    114180
     aaagaaggaa gggaaggaag gaagggaaag agagaaagaa atagaaagag agaaagaaag    114240
     agagagagag agaaagaaag agagagagag aaagagagag agagagagag aaatggtggg    114300
     gagcgattga ttgagggaga tacctgatct ttgatctaca cacaaacgca cgcacacacg    114360
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtacaca cgcgcgcaca cacacacacg    114420
     cacgcacaca tacagggagg gggttaagaa aagacgctca tagtcttaca caagaactca    114480
     agaagcacca ggaaacacta ctgctttctc ctcttctcgg cccatatggg acggccatga    114540
     gccaatacct ggggccagat tatgtaccgt aaacagaatg ttatctggct tctaacagtg    114600
     acagccgaca tccaaagcca tagcactgac ctggtggcaa ctcctggcta catggtctca    114660
     tggtggcgag gcaagctggc tttgtaccca gtctgccctc agggggacag ctctgttcaa    114720
     gcttgagaca ggacacttgc tctgaccatc tgcccagggc ccctcctgtc aacactgcta    114780
     tttagggagt taactttttc agtacccaat ggggaggcaa gtgggaaagt tcctaaaagg    114840
     aagatggggg gggtgatggg ggaagggctg tgagctgtga agaaacagac ccttactggc    114900
     tgagacaaag ctttattccc aacttgggat gttttcctgg ggaatccctc tcagccaccc    114960
     tctggaagag ccactcctaa tgttggggac agaaagcccc ccgacacaca caaggtcctg    115020
     aggctactga agaggaaaca ctgagcccct cccctgcctg ctagtcatca gaatgggcct    115080
     tcgtgctcag gggacccatg cacttggaga agctttctct aactttccct gcctcagatc    115140
     ctatagcccc acctccatgc cccattctag tgaactctgg acttgagaac caataacagc    115200
     tgggatcctg gatctgaggg gtagagctta gcttggattc catggaagag gtgagccctg    115260
     cccacctacc cacatggtcc tcgttcacta tctccctgca ggtcaatggc cacttggact    115320
     acgccaagca aatggatgcc atcctgaagg ttgtgggcat ccgcaccaag cctggctgga    115380
     gagagaaggg actcccactg gcccctggca gcttgcccca agaagagcct ctccagacag    115440
     ccatagtctc tacagatgag ataatcctcc aggatggaca aagccaggga cctgcctcag    115500
     aagacagtct caaaaccacc ataccttcca gtgccagcca agcccagatg ccagcagggc    115560
     tgaaccagtc cacagaggac tcgctctcta ctgctgctgc tccggcagag ggacacctga    115620
     tctgcagcca tggtgtgggt cccaacccac tgggctgccc tgactgcacc catgggaccc    115680
     aggagtcctg tacagaactg gactgaccca gcaggcatct ggactacctc tccagacttc    115740
     tgtatgcaac tttctctaac ccttgctgac ttcccagaga gctctagggg tggggaattt    115800
     ccacaagtgc cttttttaaa cagataggag ctagaatgga gaggtgaggg agaaagcact    115860
     ggctttagga ggcaggacta gcagtatgac ctgccaggtc aacccagcgc taaaccagtg    115920
     taggctcctg ccctgcaggt cccatccaaa ggcccaaacg tttctgtggg actagaggtc    115980
     cccgtgctcc cttttctcca acctcagtgg acccaagtgt cttccagatc ttccatcaac    116040
     tctcccaggc tgcccactga tcccaggctc caccagcgag cgttttcagg tgccaatgag    116100
     acactttgct cccctgccct tggaaggagc agctctgtcc agtacattta tgcaggctgg    116160
     gtgcactgga caacggcagg cgtaacaggc atcgatgtga tgtatgtggc agcccaccct    116220
     gagcttgtga aacatgtgac cctggataga attgtagcaa gaggaataaa ggcagaagtc    116280
     acagtcaggc tctcaaggac tgggccttgg taagcatgga ttacatgagg ggggaccaat    116340
     aaacactgat tatcacaccc taagggttct tcttttcacc ttcataactt cattttatgc    116400
     tggggaaact gggcctctgt gtaattagga aacccactga aggctacgca gatgatcaga    116460
     gatggaattg ctatcaagtc tagtctcggg acctctcacc tgagctctaa ggccttgtgt    116520
     ctgcatcttt tctgttcctc ccacctcccc tcggtggcag ggacagaagt ggcctgtccc    116580
     cattgtgcat gtggagaaat aagtcccatg gaaggctgtg ggtgccacag tattcagaaa    116640
     ctcagtgccc ctccattctg tgtcacttat ccactttaca aacatatatg ccattcatgc    116700
     tacctttact acaaactact gtgtccccat agaaaagtga cagcgattca ttgtgggagc    116760
     tagggagagt gtcacagaac atgctaggca caaaatcaga tcagagccca ggacacttgt    116820
     ggtggagaga cctttacaca actgttttcc aagcacctgg ggcttcagta ggagatagtc    116880
     caccacacat ccacgtcctt cagcttgtgt ttattgagtc cctcaggcag gcccagtggc    116940
     agagaaagcc ggaagcacca gagccttgct gccagggccc agttgagcac ggtcagcacc    117000
     aaggagagct cctggccata gggagagagt ccgggagccc gggtcgctgg aacacaggct    117060
     caaagaaaga cctgcagctg ctgaagggga attcagtgtg gagcagcatg gagtaaggga    117120
     gtcccctgcc cttacccaca aatgcaagcc ccgtgccaaa ccagagccca cctgcctgtc    117180
     tgtggcttca cccccaagcc aggggcacac atccctcttc agctgtatgc tgcctaccca    117240
     agcagctgtt ctttctttca gtgaccctag gaagaaccaa aggggacagg caggatgagg    117300
     ggctgctctg cctccatcag ctggggaagc tggggtagag gaaacccaca cttaaggttg    117360
     tacaggatct gtcaccatcc cctgggcctc tagaggcaga agaacaggat gggactagaa    117420
     agagtccctg agtggtacag tctccaccca gcaaagcaag gaggctggga gcccaatctg    117480
     ggctggaata gacaatgggg ctgagatgtg gccccgtgga gagcgcttgc ctagtatatg    117540
     tgaggctgac ctaacagaaa acaggaggcc ctagggacac agctccactg gtagagtgct    117600
     ttcccagaat gcatgaagcc ctgagtttca cccccagcac catataatct ggtgtgtggt    117660
     gtatccctgt gaccccagca cttgggaggt agaggcaaga ggattacaag ttcagggtca    117720
     tccttggcca catagggaaa catgagttac ttgagagcct agaacaaatc aaaacaaaag    117780
     gaagagaggg agggagggag ggagggagag agggagggaa ggctggaaga aggagggagg    117840
     gacacttgct acccttctac cagagccaga atccggctaa ccaagagtta aagcaatagg    117900
     atttaccacc cactggcccc tcacaggttc tgggcatacc atccacattg tcttacaggt    117960
     ggtatcactc ctactctacc ttgagacctg tgccaagccc aagaaatgca gcatacagct    118020
     gaggaaaagg tcatatttct ggctgcccag cctccagcct aagctacttc ttaaagttgc    118080
     cacccccctc ctaggggctg gcaggtctga aagttcagca aaggcagact tggcaaagct    118140
     catgaacata caatgtcgat tgagcccatc tccagagggg tgggcacttt gaataagctc    118200
     cccagagcct acaggaaccc caacaaccca gagatggcac tttggataac aggattgggc    118260
     cagtcaggaa ctggggtgtc tagaggaata cgttcttccc acttaacaaa aagggctgag    118320
     gactgattgc tttcctgctg aactgaacca aatggcacag ctccgagaca ctgcccccca    118380
     ccccccgcca gccacactac acaaaccaca agcaacattg tactggaata ccctacgatg    118440
     tttcagatta tctctcatgt caaggagcct tcaagtagaa gatgggggct agccgaggat    118500
     ccctcaggac actcggcatg ctctcgggag acctaccacc tcccactctt agggagaatg    118560
     ggctgaggcc tctgggaatg tggcctccgc tggccagctc ttgacctggt cagttcatgg    118620
     gggaaccaag tggatgctgc cgtatctcag gctccacaga gtctgtgacg aagaagttga    118680
     ccacagtagg ggccctggtg ggtggcgggg ggtcccgggt cgcctctcca ggcagcaaaa    118740
     gctgggctgt gagctgcagg cccgaggtgc cccctgaagc tgagtctgaa tctgagttgg    118800
     gtggcagagg caggggcagc acctgctgca ggctgaggcc tggcctggca ccactgtgag    118860
     aggtccacat ggagggggag gcggggctgg cccggtgctc cgggggacag tggacacacg    118920
     gcacgaacct gcccagggcc ctcttgaagt cccgcatgaa gaggggatag atgatagggt    118980
     tcatggtgct attacagtat cccagccatg tgaggacatc gaagagacct ggagagatgc    119040
     agtcacatac ggcctgtgga gagaagactt gtcacacttt gtcccaggca gggactcagg    119100
     ctaccccacc cagcagggac aggacagaca cacagacaca actagcacag atgagccatc    119160
     ctcctccctc ccacctttgc ccagtgaagc atggcatctc tctctctggc caggcctaga    119220
     ctaattccat cttcactgtc tttttttttt tttttttttt tacctgagct atgctggcca    119280
     caaagaaggg cagccaggtg acaaagaaca tgctcagcag gatgccgagg gtcaggctgg    119340
     ccttcaaggc cttcctgcta tgcttggtgg tcagacgcct actgtcagca gactccatcc    119400
     ctgggcgtgg tgtcctgggc acctgtggaa aggaaagcca tataagttgg ctgatcttag    119460
     tcacagactg aacctcaacc ctaacactag actgagtcct agcataccag caattaactg    119520
     agccctgatc cttgactggt ccccagctga ggcactaaga ccaagtccta gaataccagc    119580
     aattaactga gccctgatcc ttgactgatc cccagctgaa gcactaggcc taactccagt    119640
     tccataccaa actgactgaa gaccaagcct gaccaagtca gtgctaagaa cagtacagcc    119700
     ccaggctgaa cactgatact gcccatagat ccttgtgtaa tgactccagc tgggacctct    119760
     atggagccct gatcctagtc ccacactata ccttggccat gcagcatctc acaagtttga    119820
     ggtagttcag atacagagga agagagctcc gagtgacctt tgtataacgc caatactcgg    119880
     ttacatggag gagtcagacg tagcttagtt aaaagaggac ttgcctagca tgcacgaaac    119940
     cctgggttcc atttctccta cctcacaagc tagggagagg ggtatgtgcc tggaatcaaa    120000
     gcgagctcag aagtttaagg ctaccctcag ctgcaaaatg acttaagacc agcctaagct    120060
     gtaggagact cagtctcagg aatagataaa tggaagctgg gcggtggccc aacgtttgga    120120
     aggcagaggc agggggatct ctgtaaattc aaggccagct tgatctacag aacaagttcc    120180
     aggacagcca aagcgataca gagaaaaact gtcttttaaa aacaaagaac aacaataaaa    120240
     agagaagaag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    120300
     agatagatag atagatagat agatcgatcg atcgatcgat cgatcgatcg atcgatagat    120360
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atggatgata aagataggta ggtaggtggg    120420
     taggtagata ggcaggcaga tagacagatg ataaatagat aaatgataga cagataggca    120480
     gacagacaga tgataaatag atgggagata gatagacagg cagacagaca gataggtgat    120540
     aggcagatgg cattctccat agacagacac acagcacaaa aagccccacc accttccaag    120600
     atctcagcaa ttcaaggacc agttgcagtt gtacttgtag aagaccaccc acggcagaag    120660
     ggcagcttat ctgtgcagcc cacagagtct ctgcccaatt tggaattatg gttttcccat    120720
     catgttccac agagcagaaa catttctttg atgaaacctt gtgtgggtaa ggcagggatg    120780
     gctggtgaca tgagcgctgc aaagctcctt tccaatacag actgacaccc tactccgttc    120840
     tcctcctgga tgctggtggg aacggggaca ggagggaagt gccactcccc tggaagccac    120900
     caagaaggga caagcacatg gagaggtctg agctgccacc tgcgaccaac tgtccagatt    120960
     atgaggcatg gaatgagctc tgtgacccct ttgaaaatac gaggaacctc tccacaggaa    121020
     aggctactca taaaagttta ttttcacaca tatgaaaggg aaaaacacgc agccttcaag    121080
     tgagatgact gccaccgagc ctgacagcca aggaaatgaa cttaaactcc caattttcca    121140
     agatctactt cctgaatgtt gggattacaa gcatgctcca ccactcccag tttatatagc    121200
     actgggaatt gaacctgggc catctcgcat gctcagcagg gaccctacca attgagctgt    121260
     acttctagct acgttcttgc cttacccacg tacttcggtt ttggacccaa ggatttgccc    121320
     agcttcattc ttttcctttt cttttgagac atgtagtcca ggctagcctc aaactggaaa    121380
     tacccctgcc gcaggctcac tggtgctggc atgacaggta tgtttcaaca tgcccagctg    121440
     ggttctaaag gcagcccaaa gcaggatgca tgtggagaaa tgcaaagttc aggcagagat    121500
     aggaaggaaa ccagactccc cgtgcagtcc tccacagatg gagactgggt ggaagaggca    121560
     aaccccgggt ctgtcagagc caggaagctt taaagccagg ctcacacagg agccctcctc    121620
     tgccttgcac cctgccaact ggggcttgca gagcagaggt ctgtccaccg agctggacac    121680
     ccagctctga gctgcactcc tgcaggactc agagcctcgc tctggaatgg gagttgaaga    121740
     acaaagcaca ttgtaacaga ttttctcagg tgaggtctga tggtgttact gtcaggggca    121800
     aatccacaaa aaagcagcca cagagagacc ctgaccttct cccccttggc cttgaaaggg    121860
     tgacagagga caaaggtgta agaggggccg tgtgctgtaa atcacagccc caccccactc    121920
     tagctctgtg aacttgagaa agagcccctt gtgttcaaaa ggagagaaag acagagggag    121980
     ggaaggaggg gaggaggaag ggagggaggg aggggaagag agaggagggg ggagagagag    122040
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagga gagaggagag agagagagag    122100
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag gagagaggag agaggattct caactcccag    122160
     agctactgag acagtgcgga ctgtacacgc atgcgcagtg ctgatgccag aactctagct    122220
     tctctcttcc cagtagtcac gcccacccaa gctaggcctt gttctgtaat ctgtatgtct    122280
     cctttatttc ctttatatat ctgcggcaca tgccaggaac agagggtggc ttgtcttcca    122340
     gggcaacctg gcagtgccct ttctagccag aaactctaca ttggacactc ctgttcattg    122400
     gttcctggtg gaaaagacag aactgagctg agaatcgtga aatgcaccct taatcccagc    122460
     acttgggaag cagaggcggg cagatttctg tgagttcaag gtcagcctgg tctacgagtg    122520
     agaactccag aatagccaga gctctatagt gggaccctgt cttgaacaca ccctgcccct    122580
     ggggaaaaaa aaaagataca actgattgcc acaagttatc ctctgacctc cataggcatt    122640
     ctatggtgtg ctagaacaca cacacaaata tacacacagt gaataaataa atataattaa    122700
     aatgttaatg ttcttggcta ggggctggga agtacctcag ttggcacagt gcttgcctgg    122760
     cgtataggaa actctgggtt ccattcccag cactgcataa accaggcacg atagagcatg    122820
     tctttaatct agcactcaga cagtgaagcc aggaggatta gaaattcaag accatcctct    122880
     gctacctaat aatgccagcc tagtctacat gagaccctgt ctcaaaaata aataggcaag    122940
     cactttatct agagagaaga tcttgtgtat tgtatggatg ctttatctgt cagttaaaaa    123000
     gatctatgac acatctatca aatgagccac atcctcatac ctagtattca ttcattcatt    123060
     cattcattca ttcaccttca gacaggaact cattggttaa gagcacttcc tgctcttaca    123120
     gaggacctgg gttcgggtcc cagcacccac atctatcaat agctcaagtt ccaggggacc    123180
     caagaccctc tttgggcctc tgcaggcacc aggcatgcat gtggtgcaca gacatacaag    123240
     gaaaatacta aagcatatga atccatcttt ttaaaactta aagtgaatga ataaataagg    123300
     ggtgtgttgg acaaaggggg atgtgtgaca gagcgaatgt ggcagccaga cgggcagcac    123360
     agacagagtg cctccgttgt gtaaacagca tgaaaaacac acattcttga ggacctcaca    123420
     cagcacacgg aatgacatca agaatgcacc cttagtgggc aagagtgtta ccaatgatga    123480
     agggaccagg tccaagggat cttttacttt gccttgcttg tacctcttgg actgtgtagt    123540
     gtattttcct cgaaagtgtg aggtcctggg ctccacctcc caacaccgtg gaacactaaa    123600
     aggatgagca cgtatatatt cccttgttat tcaaattgct aacaaaggat ggggagagag    123660
     atgtcggctc agcagttcag agcactggct gctcttgcag ccgaactaag ttctgatccc    123720
     agaacccacc ttgggcagct cacagccatc tgtaactcca gctcccggga gtctaatggc    123780
     cttttctgac ttctgtgaac attgcagaca tgtgcacata cagacaagca agcacacata    123840
     ggcacacatt taaaaattaa aataaggggc tggagagatg gctcagtgga taagagcact    123900
     ggttgctctt gcagaagacc tggttcaatt cccagaaccc acaaggcagc tcaccaccat    123960
     ccataactcc agttccagga ggtcccatgc cctcttctga cgtctgtcgg gaattacaac    124020
     acatgtgatg tacatacatt cgcatgggca gaacactcat gcacataaag tacttaaata    124080
     tataaaataa ataagtaaat gaatctaaaa ttttaattaa aataaacacg aaaaacaatt    124140
     caatagtctt cccatcatag agggaggttg gcaagatgga cttgagccag accacagggt    124200
     ttcacaccct gactggcttc taacagccga ctggcattag gcaagccact gtgcctctcc    124260
     tgtctcttct gtaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacatgcc atgaatccca gtgcttaaga    124320
     ggcagagaca ggaggatctg agttcgagac cagcctggtc tacagagtta gttccaggac    124380
     agccaggact acacagagaa accctgtatc agggggaaag gagggggcag ggcacgtttg    124440
     ctagcatcca tctcacgggc ctatgctaag gaatagatag agtaccacaa acctgttgga    124500
     acagctccca accctgtaag taccttgcag gctcgctgtt gttacttacg ttgtaagcat    124560
     cccagagttc tcgcctactt aataataatc acgatgctgt tggtgacacc ttggtatcat    124620
     gttggtggtg ccatggtgat gctggaagac agaggtccct ataatcatct attctaccac    124680
     caacagtaga ggagggggac ctgttgagca cctactctgt ggcagagaca tctccctgcc    124740
     tcatagatag acatctttat catccctgag atacaggtag gcaaaatgac ttctccaagg    124800
     tcatccagct gtggcaggag caggcaggac ttgaaggggg agatgctgga tttttatgcc    124860
     aagtccccag ctcagcacag ctattctaca gtcaccttcc ccagcaggta tttctgtgac    124920
     tgtcacctcc tctgaggagg aggaaggatg ggggtggagg gaaggcttgt cactaaaaca    124980
     gacggatatg cagctaggag agaaaggcag gggtgggagg aagacaggag gaggtaaagg    125040
     agggggaggt gatggggggg agagggaaga ggagggagaa gagcacccag agggagggga    125100
     atagagcaga acaggagctg ggggtgagag aggaaggtga gtctgaggag aaactcctgg    125160
     ctcaccttcc tgtctctctc tgtaaggttg cattcacact gcagcctgac agtgcccagg    125220
     atggataccc gcccctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    125280
     atctatctac ctacctacct acttacctat ctccctccct tcccacacag ggcctcactg    125340
     taattcacaa ttccctggaa caccctaagt caatcgcact agcctcaagc tcacagcaat    125400
     cctcctgcct cagcctttct cccatgctga aataacggac atacacttcc acacctctat    125460
     tgttttttct ccttcctccc acaactccct ggcttggcat tatcccacag agataccttt    125520
     ccctgtgtaa atctccctga tattccagtt ctaagcacaa ctcctatctc ccagcccctg    125580
     ggaatgctgg gaagacctgg tgggaaacac tgccaacagc gggctttttt ttttttttta    125640
     gagcccagtt tcacacagag gcatatgtag atcagcagag agatcgtgct ggccagctcc    125700
     cacgttgccc atgccaggga ctgggggcct gttcccgcct cccttccatc tgcagggagc    125760
     tagaggctac actggcaaag aaagaggaga gaaaagagcc agatcctgga agggaaggga    125820
     ccccatgcag ccttctctgt atccatccac actattgctg tggatctgag ctctgaggcc    125880
     gtctccagct gcaaactcgc tctgtgtctg tttgtcagtt cattgagaca ggatctcact    125940
     atgtagctct ggatggccag gaactcccta catagatcag ggtggcctta aactcacaga    126000
     gattgacctg cctctgcctc cagagtttga gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg caccaccatg    126060
     cctagggagc tgtctttctg gatagaccag ctcagaagga ggaacagaaa caaacctaag    126120
     aaaacaggag tgccacagca cacacaagcc cccaaaggta ggcgctcagg aaacaagtct    126180
     acaagcggct ttgaaagccg ggtagcggag ggtctgacgc ttcagctgcc aaaagagcag    126240
     gctttgggct ggactgatag ttcagcagtc tagagcatgc actgctcttg cagaggaccc    126300
     cagttcaatt ccaagtaccc acatccagtg gctcccaact gatatactcc agaaccaggg    126360
     gactgaacac ctctggcctc cgaagacacc tgcactcaca tgcacgcgca tgtgtgcaga    126420
     gacacacaat tgaaagtaaa ataactgttt ttaaaagaga acgaggccag gcatggtgac    126480
     acactcttat gatcccagta cttagaaggc agaggtatgt ggatctctgt gagttccagg    126540
     ccacagggct acaaagaaag actctgtctc aacctccttc ttcctgaaaa aatgggagtg    126600
     ggggaagata atgagcaggc tttcccgaag gtgtatggtg gaaggagaga tatggaatag    126660
     agaggcctct ggcttgagaa ctgggtggat cgtcttgtcg ctgaggtagg ttgatggcct    126720
     tgggaacaga aggagccata aacacaggct gagcagttga gagaggtttg gtatggctct    126780
     ggatgcttgt actaggacag cgaacatgac aagctcctgc cctcttaaag cccgattcct    126840
     acccaggaga gtccatcaat caaccataca tccactggca agatgtttgc agatgctgct    126900
     gagagggaac agcaggcctg aagagaggac ctagcctggg agggtagcac ttcccactca    126960
     gaagcctgag aacagaaacc agaaggcagg taggaccgaa attgagagaa gtccatgtgg    127020
     aaaggaaaga cagaacagct ggtgcaaaga tcctgggaca ggaaagctct tgatgctcaa    127080
     cgaatagcca ggaggtcaga gtggctggaa ggggaaaagc aaccaagggg aaaagagggc    127140
     aacctagatg tgggtcaagc agtcttggga caagagctgt aaggtcaaca gagcattgca    127200
     acaggactgg acctgtcagt tagaaggtta ctatagtaac ccaggcatcc ataatggggc    127260
     tcagccccag gatggcagtg gtacctagag cctggctgtg tcacaggtag agaagagggg    127320
     actggataca cagtgtaagc atccaggctg ctccccagag ttcctggcct gcaaaaccag    127380
     aaaaaaggag gtcaccgttc actgacatgg agaagacact gagggccaag tctggagtct    127440
     ggaaagatca gagttctgtc tgtactaggg cagggcttga cctagcagca cctaggcagg    127500
     atttccaggt gtgagacaaa acaaaaccac cacagagaga atgctggtta aaagcgagag    127560
     agccaggtca gagccgcagg gtgcaaactg ggctggcaga tcaacgctca gggaggaccc    127620
     ggaaagcagc agcaggggac atggtataat gtccctgagc aagtgtcgtt cagccatacc    127680
     tgctctccct gagcctcagt ttccctatca tcaagcaagg ctgagagagt gttgctcact    127740
     cacaggggtt ttggagacaa agcttggtgc ccgacagcgt gtgctcaaga caatggtgtg    127800
     gctgtgggag gtggctcctg tgcaggccct gaggtcacca ggtgccattc tggtagcagc    127860
     tgatttatgt caccaaaaga acacctgtgt tggccctgct gagaccagag cacccaactg    127920
     acagcccagg atctaacctc cttgatctct gtacagagtt ccctcaaaga tggacgttca    127980
     ggacttctca gaagcaggtg aacattttaa aaactcacgg agtcagtgag aaggcgcaga    128040
     gggtgaaggc cctgactaga cccctagctc ccacgtggtg ggagaagaga tcagacccct    128100
     gagccttatc ttctctccta taatgtacac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt    128160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtac acgcacacac acacacatca tcatcatcat    128220
     cataattaca taatactaat aaattaaagc cggatggtga tggcacacac atttagtccc    128280
     agaactcagg aggcagaggc agatgaatct ctgtgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag    128340
     actgagttcc aggacagtga tgacacagag aaacccagtc ttaaaactcc tccccaaata    128400
     ataataatga tcataataat aaatttaaaa ataataacat agggtgtgag ctggaagctg    128460
     tcttccatat tctttgttct tccaactcat aatgagaaag ctagcctcag gttccgggca    128520
     taacagatga aagctcttca gatactgctg ggccccttct gacatccctg ccctgtgttt    128580
     cctgtgactg tctgaggcaa gggttactgg tttgtctttt ctggaagaga ggaacttttc    128640
     cttctgaaca cattcatgga agtaaagaga tgggagtagg agagataccc cactcctacc    128700
     ccccacccca gctgattctc tttccttttc agaatctctg agagcaaggg tggagcttca    128760
     tggtagaccc aggagagtct gtgccacagt tgaccaatag cttcaagaac gcatgaactt    128820
     ccatttggat ttaatattgt ttttctttgc gcgctcgcgt gtgtgtgtat atatactagc    128880
     catctcacac ggaaggggtc tggggtggtc cagaagcagc cgtgcagccc ccatgcccat    128940
     gccagagcac acaggtgaaa gtcagaggac atgaatggaa gtatgttctt tccttctacc    129000
     atgtaggtcc cagggataaa acttgggtct tcaggcttgg tggcaagtgc caatacctac    129060
     tgagatttct ggccagtccc ttatcttttt aactttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt    129120
     ctgtgtgtgc acacatgtat gtgtgtgtac atgtgtgtgt gtgcacatgc gcacttgcat    129180
     gctcaccctc acatgcacag aatccaagag acagaaccca atgccttgga gtcccgagtg    129240
     cttgtggaat gcctggcttg ttatgtgagt gccaaggtcc agactccact cttcatgatt    129300
     ttgctgcaag ctctcttaac cactgagcca tctgacatct ttgcaaggta agaaacaagc    129360
     ccctactgtg tgcagacatc agatattatc tgtttacatc acaaacactg acttgtaggt    129420
     cactcaattt gggggatcct ggggagaagc caccagcctt tgaggccagg aaattcacac    129480
     aagtgagaat caagtgcagt cacctcttac cctcagacca acaaaagtca ataaaaccgt    129540
     gacaaggcag gagcaaatca ccaagcaaga gtgaagtctt tacaaagaaa aaggataaca    129600
     ccagcggtgg tgatggtggc tcatgccttt agtgccagca gtcgggaggc agaagcaggc    129660
     agatctctgt gagctcaagg ccagcctggt cgacagagca agtttcacgt cagccagagc    129720
     tacgcagaga aaccctgtcc tgtaaaccaa aagaaaatac caaagttctg agaaaagagc    129780
     gtggaaggcc ctcattcgac ctgactgaat caggcctact gacagcttgg gaaagagagg    129840
     gtcacagcca gaactcctgt ccactccaaa caccactgtc ctaggtgacc agaccttgga    129900
     cgatcatgtc tccctcacag cattggagcc cagctgctct gggggcccac ctcaccaagt    129960
     cccttgctgc tcagtgacac acccacccac cccaaggcta ccaacctcac cccaaggcta    130020
     ccaacctcac cccaaggcta ccaacctcta cgaacctcct tcacctgagg ctatgagatg    130080
     tccttgcaga gagcagctgg gacctttgcc aggggctcag ttcacagacc taagtctcag    130140
     gagcccaagc ctagagagcc tacatctcac ccgccacggt ggacctcagc caggagccca    130200
     gtaacctgta tggcaagagc agccatgctt gctttgagat aaggggcctg cacaggtaac    130260
     tattgagcta tatgtactgg gagtcaaaac tggcctagcc tcacacagtc cccaagccat    130320
     ggaggcagtg tggctaaatc aacacataaa caggggttgc gatggcaaca gcatcaggga    130380
     ggccgtgggc cttcagaccc agaagtcagg gtcagcaaga gcagctccag acagaggcgt    130440
     tgaggcagag ggaacagcaa acacaaagac cttaagccag gcatggcagg gcacatgtat    130500
     agtaccaaca acttgggaga cagattcagg gagatcacaa gttcaagatc accttcagct    130560
     acatagggag cttggagtcc actgaagcta catgaggcct tctttcaaag taaggcccga    130620
     aatcttggca cagagtgaaa catgacaact ttgaagactg tcctcggggc cctgaggctg    130680
     gtgtaggcag agaagaagag gagagaggga aagggagggt aagagtttgg cctggaagga    130740
     tcctcaaggg ccataattga ggtgggattt tgccttgtgg agagctaggt ggggtttgta    130800
     gcaagaaagc aaatggccaa cttcttttca gtcactttgg ctctgggaaa gtgagctccc    130860
     tggtgagagg tgacagtggc ttagactagg gatggacagc aaaggcatgc ttatttcgaa    130920
     gacaggacca acaggcccag aaaaaggtgt gtgaatacga ggggaagagg gtgctttcta    130980
     agttccccag atgtgataca ggatggggcc cgtcacagag aagcatgcca gcttcctcct    131040
     ccatacccag ctcaccacag cccgcatatc ccaccacagt cagagcttga aattcatccg    131100
     aaagccatag ccaccggcct tgggggatta gcaacgactg ttaactatga ggcagtcacc    131160
     cagtggtttc ccaagggcgg tttatttctc cccatcccga aagccaggtc tcccaaaccc    131220
     accccgggta cctgcaaggt ttccaaggcc tggccagccg tagccgtgcc cgtggtgagc    131280
     gaggccactt gcaccgcctg cttgcgggca gccagcaaga tcctgcagta ggtgaagcag    131340
     atggcacccg aaggcaggaa aaaggtgacg ccggacgcca cgaggacata aggcaggctg    131400
     gccaataggc ggcactggcc cggggcagat gttcgagctt tgcccagttc atgccagccc    131460
     agcaagaggg gcaggaagga ggccagcgcg gcgaggctcc aggcacccag gatgagcgcc    131520
     agggcacgcg gggctgtcat gcgcagcttg tagcgcagcg gcgagaggat gagcaggtag    131580
     cggtccaggc tgatgaggca gaggttgaga atggaggcgc tgcagcacat cacgtcgaag    131640
     gcggtccaaa gcagacagag gccgcgagct agcacccagc gcccatacag cgcgttcagc    131700
     atggctgggg gcatcaccac caatcccacc atcaggtccg acgtgaagag cgacaccagg    131760
     aagaagttag acgtgttgcg cagcgcgggc tgcgtgcaga tgagcgcgat cagcagcgaa    131820
     ttggcggctg ccgtcagcac gatgaccacg cacagcgcag cggccaccca gccgctgccc    131880
     cctggggctg gcggtggccc ggggccccag gctggggtgc tactgttgac agggccgggc    131940
     tctggaacca tggggactag ggttgaggac caggacagga tatggtgaat gcggatacag    132000
     ggtgaagcca aaggaagaga aagcaagatg ggtaaaaact gcacctcaga ggagtaggtg    132060
     gcaaaacagg gttcttaggt caccgagcaa ccattacaag aggtcgggga gagattgtag    132120
     gggcgcctcc tatggcgggg ccacctggag tactcgggta agaagtttgg ggaggggtac    132180
     cgatgcgccg agtccatgaa agttgggctg gggctggatg agagccctgg aatggaatag    132240
     agccaccggg gatgcctaag gatgggggtg gggctcctgg ccagaggcac ggctggggag    132300
     gtgggagcag gaggcgaact cccgccttcc ggtcggggca gtctctctga ggagggtggg    132360
     cgtgtgagta cgcttgatca cgagctgtcg cgcgtggggg tcgcaatggg gtggcccaag    132420
     aacaggagcg cagctcggcg gcggaaagca ggtctccttt ctcccctagg cactgaagga    132480
     tcccgggtac cggaggccgc ggaccgggcc gggccagacc tggtggggga gagagggctg    132540
     gcagaggagc gcagcgcggc gcggcgctcc gccctcccgg ccgcgccggc tcgcctggcc    132600
     gcctcccgcc cgcgctccct acctgggcgc tcgcgggtga tccgctgccg gcgactgcgg    132660
     caagcgccgc ggggctggag actacaggca gcggctggtg gcgcggcggg catagggctc    132720
     ccgagccggg gagatggtgc gcaggagccc gcgacgcttc agccacgcgc ggtcccggag    132780
     gctccgagcg tgcgccccgc cccgccccgc ggtgggcggg cagagtcgag cccctcttag    132840
     ctggcgagcg gggttgtggt accctaggcc tggagaagga tgctccaagc gctcccgggc    132900
     gcccgcagcc cccacacctt cgcctgtggc tcccctgccc acatgtggtg atggcgcagg    132960
     cagaagtcaa ggaaggggga cgtgacctgt atgtacccgg agactgctcc ccaatggggg    133020
     tcgagccact cactgtaaga atcaccgagc tttcaagaga agtcagctgg gaaataccga    133080
     gcaagtcctt tgagatccct ctgagcctca gctgctggat ctatacaatg ggtaaataat    133140
     ttctaccaca cttcaccttt ggatcaaccc tgccagttct ctaacaacac tgagtgattt    133200
     tggtgaaggt ccccctccct gacctgttgg cgctccaagt ctcagtgtga gggatttggg    133260
     aatctccaag ccattggaag ggtagtcact gcaaacaggg gtagggccta gcgcctccta    133320
     gtgatgacca agttttcttc acaccttgta ggtaccaggt actgctctgg accatctatc    133380
     tggacaccac gacattagat gacgcttccc atctgtgaac ttccattcta gtggaaggaa    133440
     atggacaaga aatgggcaaa ggaaacgtaa agtggtcatt tctataggaa aggggggagg    133500
     aagaagaggg aggggaggag ggaaaggagg aggaggagag aaaatgtaca gcagtgtgaa    133560
     gagaacctga cacgtatctt ttttgaaatg gaaatacctc ccacttagaa gagcccactg    133620
     cgttcatggc cttggtttgt cctggaatat ctctacccag attcctaccc ccaactataa    133680
     agccagaata tacatgccag aaatataaat accaggaaga aggtgttacg ctgaggctca    133740
     gagaggtcaa gagcctctac cgaggtctcc agcaccaggc aaccaaggat ctggtggaac    133800
     cgagttccgc caggtgctca aggcagaagg tgcttaagat gcccggtgtc caaatccgca    133860
     gatcaacggt atccactcac acccaaaggt gggtgaagtc agccgcagca cccaaaagac    133920
     ggaccctgtc tttcactcca cactgtgagg cctgaggaaa cagaaggtca cccctggatg    133980
     gagcgtcaga gacccacttg cgatcccagc tctgatgctc agtaggttct gcgcattcag    134040
     ggccggtggc ggctgatccc ttggccttct tttctctcca gccacagtta gcagaattcc    134100
     gtgtctgact cacggggtgt caggggagat tagatgacac tgtgtgctcc aacagcttga    134160
     cagtcctatg tcggtgctag ctgttggctt ctgtgtctct cactggcgtt tcatcctgag    134220
     gtgcctctca tagccctggt gtgcctaaca cagcagcagg agatatgttt gcagcatggg    134280
     aatcagggct tatcgtcata atctgttact tgatctataa tgctggcaaa ggtttctcct    134340
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcgtcctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    134400
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    134460
     cttcttctcc gtctccttct tcttcttctt cttttatttt ttctcctgcc tacgattgtt    134520
     tgcctacatg tatgtctggt gcctgtggag gccagaagag agcatcggat cccctgggac    134580
     tggagctaca aatggttgtg agctgccatg tgggtgctgg gaattgaaca cagcttctct    134640
     ggaaaagcag ccagtgttcc taaccactga gccatctctg caatcctgta gcaaagggtt    134700
     tcttttgttt tggaattgtg tgtgtgcctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    134760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatggtgt atgtgtatag tgaagtgtgt gcctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    134820
     gtgtgtgtat tgtgtgtgta tggtgcagtg tatgcctgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtatggtgc    134880
     agtgtgtgcc tctgtatgtg tgtgtgtggt gcagtgtgtg cctctgtgtg tgtatgtgtg    134940
     cctgtgtgtg tgttgtgtgt gtatgtatta tgtgtgtgtg tggtgcagtg tatgcctgtg    135000
     tgtctgtgtt tatgatacaa tatgtgcctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgcag tgtgtgcctc    135060
     tgtgtgcctc tgtgtgtgtg gtgcagtgtg tgcctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    135120
     tggtgcagtg tgtgcctctg tgtgtgtggt gcagtgtgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    135180
     tgtgttgcag tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg taagaggagc gaggacaact ttcgggcatt    135240
     ctctcctatc agatggtacc aaggatggag ctcaaacaca ggtcatcagg tttaactgca    135300
     ggcgccttcc agatcagctg tctcctcgga atgggtcttg tttgcatgtg tttggtttgt    135360
     ttgcttgctt gcttgttttt ctgagacaag gtctcattat gtagcccagg ctagcctcag    135420
     cttttccatt ttccagctca gttttctgag gactgggtta gcggcatcac caccatgcgg    135480
     ggctacaaaa gactcttcag ttctccatgc tgtgatatca gacagcagag atgcaaatgg    135540
     gatggccatt tgagactctt ccttgcagct tacaaaacat gactgcttta tttatttact    135600
     tacttattta tttacttact tttatgtata tggctgtttt gcctgtagga atatatgtac    135660
     actgcataat gtagtgttca ggaaggccag aagagggcat cagattccct ggaactggac    135720
     aggtttgagc caccatgtgg tccctaggaa ctgaacttcg gtaagagcag cccttaacta    135780
     ctaaatgctt ctgtaagtgc tcttaactac taagccacct tctctccagc ccctaaaaac    135840
     atgatcattt taacacttgc taatcccagg tgaccaattc ttcacgcatg tttgttatat    135900
     tacgatctgc actatgctat aattaaaaag tttcttttca gccggaaaag tgatggccca    135960
     cacctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga gggaggcaga tctttgagtt caagactatc    136020
     ttggtctata gccagggcaa gagaaaccct gacttaaaaa atgaaaaaag aaaaagaagt    136080
     gagtttatat ttaagactgg ccctgggggc caccttgtgg tcacactgtt aatacctgga    136140
     acttaaggac gttcttcatt tgtcctttgt gtcctggaat ggatggtaaa gcggaggcct    136200
     ccctagcgac cacaggtgca aagggacttt tgagaatgtt taaccctttc ttagctgcac    136260
     ccagccatgg tgagctgcct ctctctagga gggaggcagg cagtaatgcc accttggata    136320
     atagaccaac tatctcagga agtcagacgc ctgctgcact ctccattccc ggagacacag    136380
     aggaccaaga cagctcccca ctacaccgag gggaaagcca agagctgtgc aggttgtgag    136440
     tcctgctgga agctgctctt gctgaaggtg ctgggagacc acacaggcag gtcttgggtt    136500
     ttgttcacta ttaaaccgta acgagcacag tctagttgct ttttttttta atttatttat    136560
     ttttatttta tgtgcattgg tgtttgaggg cgtcaggttc cctgaaactg gagttgcaga    136620
     cagttgtgag ctgccgcgtc gttgctggga attgaactga ggatctctag aagagcagcc    136680
     agtgctctta accgctgagc catctatttt ggcccaaagt ctgggttctt aatacattgc    136740
     tgtctaatga gagaatgaat aagcagacaa atcatccatg cagctgctca aaatgtgggc    136800
     ctgtcactca ttctccatga tcacagcagc tgatgcttcc tgaggtatga cctaatgccc    136860
     gtcactgctc ccagctggcc gtgtgcacta gctcacagca agcctaccgt caccctgaga    136920
     gcagacttga ccgtgagcaa tagttcccac tctgtgatct ctcgagaatc gaagtcacga    136980
     agtgaccttg ccaggatttg aacccaggtg gtgcagatct gcccagaggc caggagcagg    137040
     ggaaggacca tttgctagcc ggtcccaaac aagactggga agccagctct agcgaggcag    137100
     ccatcttgtc tcgattgcta atctgtaaag atgctaaagc cctcactgct tgtgcaaagg    137160
     ggtgaggagc tgctgtgttc tcttattggc ttagttcatg cttggtggag gcaaaactct    137220
     aaaatcacta ccccatacat atatatatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat    137280
     acatacatac atacacacat acacacacac atacacacat acacacacac acacacatac    137340
     atacatacta catacatgca catatacatg tatgtacatg tacatgtaca tatacatgta    137400
     tgtacacaaa tacttcgagt ggatgcagct cgtgagattt ctcaaattct attttctgca    137460
     aatttgatgg cacatacctg taaccccagg acctttgaga ctgaggctgg aggaccacaa    137520
     gtttaaatca acactaggct ctagaacgac atcttcccaa agacagagaa tagggtcaac    137580
     ccattcgtag agtgcttgcc tcaatgcatg aaggcttggc ttccatcccc agcgctagat    137640
     aaatcgggca tggtggcaca ccgctgtagt atcagcactc caaaaataga ggcaagagag    137700
     tcacagtcgt aacctgccta ggctaaagac ctggtcacac acacacacac acacacacac    137760
     acacacacac acacacacac acactgatgt tggggacggg gaaggtaaga tggcaggtaa    137820
     gggcatttcc caccaagcct gataatcttt caatatcttg tgcccccatg atggagagaa    137880
     ccaactccca aaagttttct gacctctaca tggacacaat ggcaaacatg tggctacatg    137940
     cgggtgcaca tacacacata aacctggtgt ggtggcacag gttccaggtc tggggaggtg    138000
     gaaactggga gtcctggtac tcagtgacca actatcctgg cctacttgct aagttctatc    138060
     taggtcaata agagactttg tccccggccg agcggtggca gtgcacacct ttaatcccag    138120
     cactcaggag gcagaggcag gtggttttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    138180
     agttccagaa cagccagagc tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca acaacaacca    138240
     aaaaaaaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag actttgtccc caaatcaagg    138300
     tgaatggcat ctgagaaatg acactcacag ttgtcttctg gcctgtgcat gtcgctgtgc    138360
     acccccaggt gcatacgcac aaaatttttt tttcatccct gagatctggg tcctctccct    138420
     ggcaagacgt ccacatccca ccagaggttg attttcctta ggtccctatc tctctcagct    138480
     ggcctagcct ctccaaccgc actgccccta gaaaattgct ggccgttgta ccggtgccac    138540
     cggccagccg tcctgctgcc ttcaggcctt tggtctccag cttctctttt cccatttacc    138600
     ctaagtcgtt ctgacaccta gctccgcaga gcctacgttc ccatctccgg ctgccattca    138660
     gggtgtgcca gcagcctgtc agtagtctct ccactgcatg tctccccact gtctccgtga    138720
     attatctttc cacaagctaa gaagctccct agagaaagac agctgctggc aagacagctc    138780
     tcagacccga ggcacggggc ttcagaggta cagcgctggg gacctctagg agcaaattca    138840
     ttgctggtga tgccggtgac tgccacgttg aagtgacatc gggagacctg tgagctgctg    138900
     cgggtcaagt tgacacccac agcctaaatg gagagcactc tgaagagaaa aggagcgagt    138960
     tccactgcaa gctgctgaat gaatgctcat gccaaacttg gcatggatgc tggcccagat    139020
     tgtctggggt tgattcttgg tggcatttaa caagatggcc ctggagagat gactaagttc    139080
     tctgcaccaa gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggac aggatccaaa tggctgggta agatgatcta    139140
     ttctgtgcga actttctagc gcatgggtac aaccttatat tcatttgtaa tcgttgattt    139200
     gggggttcat ctgtttcatc tttttctggg gcttggccca ggctggtgac aagtaccaag    139260
     gctcatgctg ggtcactgag agcaaagaga tggcgagaga gatcccaagg gatcaagtgt    139320
     ccagatctag ttggctaggt ccagccacgt gtaagcaagg cagaaatgca gacacaaacc    139380
     caagagagga ggtgacccgc actgcccaga ccaaacccag cctccatccc tgggcccaca    139440
     accagcttgg attcagagag ccagtccacg aggaagagaa tagaggcatt gaaggtattt    139500
     attcatgaaa acactcgggt ccaggggaga tggctactag ttacaagctc taaggctctc    139560
     gtcgaacagc cacgggccgg ggcaccccca gggaggtgag ctggcatccc ctggacacaa    139620
     acaatggtac cagcatatca ggggacagag ggcccttcct tgccacctgc cctgccctag    139680
     ggttaaagtg cagctgggaa ggaggagtgg ctagactagg gagctagaga aagctgaggt    139740
     cagtgggggc cctatgcagg ggcctcctgt ccactatggt cccaggtgat ggagatggac    139800
     catcacctct ttcagaaaga ccggccccaa agacagcagg gctggctgca gctacttccc    139860
     taaagggtcc agaacacggg gagcagagag ctaagatctc cagagggaga gatgggaggg    139920
     atcttctttc ttcttcagtg acactctggc acttgagtca gcagggtcct gccccagcct    139980
     gactcctaag ccactccatt gaaggggtta cttccctggc actggggagt gagggaggtc    140040
     gttagggaaa cctatgggac tggagcttcc gacctctgca agcggtcttc ccacataggt    140100
     ccttcagcaa aggacttgat tcccactctg gacccatcac tggggatcct gcccccatca    140160
     gttgtgtggg tcctggcctg ggcctgccct gtttgaggat ctcactcatc ctcagcagct    140220
     cagcccattt cctctctatc ccgggtgggg gtggggggct catctctcta gaaggccgaa    140280
     aggaaagacc acacttcacc ttccaaaaga aaagtcctgc ggatgtctgt ctgcttcctc    140340
     ccccatcttg catatattaa attgtgcagc ttggctccag cccctccctt cagatctcca    140400
     tgacaaccag gcagcattcc aagtccatcc agtgccaaag ggggaggggg gcttctgcct    140460
     atcccctccc tcttccctgg agggtgggac cgacattcca cagggaacaa gaggggagga    140520
     agagttgggg gccctcagtc ctcagccccc tcttcctcaa cctgaggggc tccaggaggc    140580
     tcttcgggct caggggtctg gcccccaggg tggggatggg catgggagtg tggtccaggc    140640
     tgggagcccg ggctgtcttc accctgcaca tagacgttca ggccctcgtg actgggctcc    140700
     ttgccgcaag cctggcagct gcagtgtaca atcttctcta ccagcttgtc caccctgggc    140760
     acctcctcgt ggccagggca ctccaaggtc acctgggagg agcaggagga agaaaaggga    140820
     tgtttcctga agtctgggca gtggagagac cccaggaata acaacacatc tttgggaacc    140880
     aaaaatccac cctgcaacag cccagtgtgc tctgtgaacc catctggagg ggcacgaggg    140940
     gactgagccc ctgcaagggc tcctcttcct cctcctcccc ctcctcctcc ttctctccct    141000
     tctcctcctc tatctcttct tttaatgtac tttttaagaa agattatttt acatgtggtg    141060
     agtacactgt cactgtcttc agacacacca ggagagggca tcagatccca ttacagacgg    141120
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaacttagca cctctggaag agcagccagt    141180
     gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc ccctctctca tcttcttaca cacagcccta    141240
     cccctcctac ccattccccc gggcatagga gtgggtgtaa attctctctc tctctctctc    141300
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctctctctc    141360
     tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcacac acacacactg    141420
     tgctcttctc aggtcttcag gaccttcagg ctggtcctgg ctgacctcac catgccagac    141480
     cctggtgcac caacagtaac tctaactgcc tgatctgccc ccagagactt ggctgatgtc    141540
     cttccttctt catagaaagt tctggctcaa cccatcctcc cactgattcc aaactctgca    141600
     caattaactt ctgggcaact tttgggtctg agctccatcc caagctcccg acacagtgag    141660
     gcttacttta tagcaacccc cttagcaccc caactcttgc cttgtagagt tgtttccaac    141720
     tgtcttcctc cctccccctc ctttcttcta cagagcatct actccatgac cgcgggcaca    141780
     ggtgcaggtg gggcacaggt gcaggtgggg cacaggtgta ggtggagctc aggtgtctga    141840
     tatgttggga aaactgttca tgtgacaact gcccaaagca aaggcacaca gggcttgaga    141900
     gcctatggca caacttgact gggtcagagg gtttgaaaga gtgccctgag gaaataatac    141960
     ttgagccaag agccacgaac cagtagaagt taactagctg aagaaagggg gaaggtggag    142020
     gggtggcagt tcagagcaaa gcaaagatca tatgcaaaga tcctggggtg gaaagaacag    142080
     agcaggtaaa agggctaatg tgaggtgagt ttggtacgtg ttaagctgtt gaagaggtgg    142140
     caggttctaa gataatgcca ggaaactggt gagcccaacc aatagggctg agtggggcag    142200
     agaaaggcat agattctggt aacagtgtgt ggagactgaa gaactgtgat gtctgtgaca    142260
     tgggtggagc ctcagacgta tctagaatct tctacaggtt ggtgtcagac tgaaaagccc    142320
     tggagcaagg accccatgcg tatccccagc agtagaactc tgcagcctgc acgcacggta    142380
     agtatccaag tcctgctgct acagttcggg gattgggcag ctgtactcac aatctcccac    142440
     atggactggg ccggcatgca ggagtcacag tgcaccaggg actctgtgga ctgcgggaag    142500
     gtgttgggga cgctgtaact gaagcattgt cctaggcacg ccctgtggga ggagatgtca    142560
     ctgagccccg atctccaggg atgggaagtc ttcaaggctc cctcggtccc tgtcctcacc    142620
     ctcctcctcc ctgcagagcc cacctgttct ggatagactt ggcctcacag ccgctgtggc    142680
     ccacaatctg cgtgatgttc ttggcttcac accaggcact cttgtccgga aacagggcca    142740
     gcttgttgat aggtggcggg gcagccagca acatgacagg gaggacggcc cccaccagga    142800
     cccaaagcat tgtgcccgtc acctccggag ccctggaact aaacacaggt ggcaggtgag    142860
     gtgcagtata gcctcggagg ttaggtgctc aggagcagag gtgccttcca aacatggact    142920
     ctgatcccaa gagtcaaagt cagatctgca catgtagccc aggctgacct tcaattaagt    142980
     ctgtacccaa ggatgatttt gcactcctaa ttctcctgat cccacctacc ctatggccag    143040
     ctccaaatac acctcagacc tctctaaacg tcagaagcag ctatatgtag catcgcacct    143100
     gccagcgctg gggagactga acggtcctca gtaggatagt tactaatgtc agactgggaa    143160
     tgcccctcag tggtacagtg tctgcctagc ttgcacgacg gctctggatc gaatccctca    143220
     aattataaac ccgaagtaat cctttgatta cagccttaga gacggctggc tattgtccat    143280
     gcctcctaaa aagacatcga tactcaactc tataccactc agatatgttt cttcttatga    143340
     ttctccacca gggtgtagca cacatcatta tccccagact atttacagag ttctctgctt    143400
     caggagtaaa acactaaatt tcccagtcag ccactagatg gcgctgcagg acagaagtct    143460
     gtgtttaaag gaaacactca gagggggact tctgccacct tccccaactt tatcttctgt    143520
     aggcttcacc caatccccta ccccacccca cacacacctc agaaatagtg gacgggggag    143580
     ttcagagaga cctataccaa ggaaagtgct tccaaaggct ccatccccct gacccctctg    143640
     agacaggaca ctgaagaaag ggatggatct gtctgtctag tgctttgtga ccctccatct    143700
     tcaagtctca gttcctctct acctgtcctc cacctgtaaa ataaatggca ctttcacacc    143760
     tgatagtgtc tcagaattcc ctggggactt acagtgtgaa agctgccagc tgcgataaga    143820
     ttcacgcttt cccagggtgg ttcggataga ctcagccagg gactataccc agctcagttg    143880
     ggaactgtgt cttagttcag tccccagagg ggcctggatg cgcttgcctg tggggcagag    143940
     gagcagggat gtattcctct agtcctctgt aagccaggta ccaggagtgg ggaagcaggt    144000
     attttgaaaa gtatctatgg aggggacagt gagaatccag gggcactgag ggagtggaac    144060
     cccaataagt ttctgctgtg atctgcacaa tccaaactca ccaacaagat ctacagcaaa    144120
     cctatattct tagagcaagc acaccctaaa ggaactgact ggactcctta actgcaactc    144180
     aacagcatca gcctcctgct cccgatagag cccctgcatc cccctcctcc cactcccagg    144240
     aactaacctg agccaatgta tgaccttggc cttctaaagc ggtccagaac ccatagaaaa    144300
     agaccagaac tccagggccc tccctgtgcg gggctagcct ctctaggcat cagaaagtcc    144360
     ctgctgtgtc acctgactct gtgacacttt cttgctcatg acaggcagga agtgagtaag    144420
     acccaggtag gaagggaagc aaaagtctca gtaggagtta ggtttgaggt ttgagctgag    144480
     tctcaacagc agtcaagatg gatttgggag tctgacttgg acccagaact cggagagggt    144540
     gaggcttaag gctgccacaa catggggact ggctaaagtg aagatcagcc tggaggttga    144600
     ccacaaagct acctggagac aggataaggg gacatttgca gtgtccctgg cccagagagc    144660
     agtctctgtt gttagagctg gcagaagtta aggagaaacg agtcttcctt ttcagatggc    144720
     ccatggggaa ctaggattag ccataccctt cagaagagtg gtatgcccca acccaccaca    144780
     ccctgaccag ggcctggcag cagaacactg ggatcaccct tgacctcccc aggacagcag    144840
     ccagaacacc agtagaccag cccgctgtcc ctggagttct cagtgttcag attctgcagc    144900
     ctaagagctg tgtggctgta agaaagactt catctctcac agcctacttc cctgtgtaaa    144960
     ggagaaacac tgctccttcc cagagctggc atgttcctag gacagtaccc agcatccagc    145020
     acccattata caatacccaa cattcaacac ccagcagcca gcatctaaca cccagcaccc    145080
     agcattcaac atccaatacc caggacccag catctagcac ccagtatcca atacccaaca    145140
     tccaactccc agcattcagc acctagtatc caacactcag catccagcac ccagtatcca    145200
     acactcagca tccagcaccc agtatccaac atccagcact cagcacccag cacccattca    145260
     gtaaccagca tccagcaccc accaccaccc tcactttcca ggaccatgag taaagctggg    145320
     caatgtggga aggaaggcaa aatttgccat taggaaagcc cctcctctac cgctcacacc    145380
     ctacccagag accatggtgc cctccacctg cctaccaccg catcttctgt tcatttcact    145440
     tgtttatgtt ctcaaccagc aactcagtgg ctcgtgtctg tctacacagt ggttagactc    145500
     tcccttcctg ggccctcaga gcctcaccca gcttctcata gcttccaccc tgaaggtcac    145560
     acagagtgcc agagagccag ggcaggaccg gagtcagtca gtcatctgtc caatcaacac    145620
     ccaggctctg cagagcttgt cccaagacac ttccagcacc agagaagagc catgtcctct    145680
     tgtgggccgt ttcattccct gtagctgaca ctccctttct gggtaccttc gaggaaggtg    145740
     agagagaatc tcaagggtag agcccgaggg ccctacattt acccacaggg gaaatgcaga    145800
     catgtggctg agtgaggggg gtggaaggcc ataattctgg gctgaacaga gggttacaga    145860
     tgggtactgg tggaggttga gggaggaatc tcctgattgc taaaacaaag accagaagag    145920
     gggataacat gcgggtctaa tgcagccgct gtttctacat gaagaacagg aatacatggg    145980
     gtgtagggag cagggcagct ggaatttgtg tgagctttta tgtcctgaca gtaggaaaag    146040
     ccaaggcttg atcctgagca aatcaggtgg gctggcagtt accgggcagg tgggtgcggg    146100
     tagaaggctc acggaaatga gagaagggga aatggggaga gaggtgtcca gggagcgggg    146160
     agctgggata gaaccctcct ctccctgtca gaactctggt gctcggccac tgcttcatct    146220
     gaaacctggc tccatagaca agagtgagag ccccaaagat gagcatatgg tcacagcgaa    146280
     cctggttcct gggatctggg tgtgggaggg gagtgtcccg cctgtagttc agtgccatct    146340
     ttagcgcagg tggactttac acaggtgcca cacctcagac ccagggatgg ggcggatatt    146400
     tctagtgact ctcccagggt tctagattct gacaggggta ggctttcttt ctagctcccc    146460
     acagggagca ccttgccttc cctgaattgg cactcatgca gaaaggaagc ccccacaggg    146520
     tgacccatgc atctcacaca ggtcgagaag agacttgccc atctctccca ggcaggaagg    146580
     gggcagagag cactgtggta gcttcccttg actgacaggg cccttcagga atgccagggg    146640
     cggagctgtg aacacacagg gctgagctct cagcacacct gccagactct tgcagctgcc    146700
     ctgacactca ccagggagat agaagcccgg ggcctagcct gcagaatcaa aacaccaaag    146760
     accattcaat ccgttcaggg gtatggcctg aacaggctgt ctatctgtgt tccccacatg    146820
     actctgaggt ccagccagga gctataccca catgtgcact cgcgagtgca cacacacaca    146880
     cagacacaca ccattcccag aaaaagaagg cctcttaatg tcatgactga cagcgtcccc    146940
     ttggtcacac gactgggttc taatgcctgt agcaagatgg gacttagctc tcaaggactt    147000
     aactaccgcc aataacactc acaaaagcct tttgtacagc aaaggggtga cttgaaatgt    147060
     ggagggaata attgccccca tcccctatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    147120
     ttattattat tattaatttc aagacagggt ctcactttgt ggctccggct gtcctagaac    147180
     tcattatgta ggccaggctg gccttgaacc cacagagaac tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa    147240
     gtgctaggat taaagtcata aaacactgaa tgcctggccc ctcatttcct cttttgctta    147300
     atatgaaaaa tcaggaccat tcaattccca caaggatttt caaggtaggt tgtacacaca    147360
     cccaggctta caacacacgc acacacacag tctctcctcc actctccaca actacctctc    147420
     aggttcagat ctcagctcaa ccacctgaag gtttatgtgt ctcggttttc tcatctgtaa    147480
     tatgggaaca gtagaggcca ctgccccagt cagctgtaag cgttaaactg aagagtgtgt    147540
     atagggttgt cactgtgggg ttacagcttc aggaagtcac catgagtaaa ggcttgccct    147600
     caccccgggc ctcttatcca tcttagcctc tgttcctccc tccagatccg gtttaatcct    147660
     tggtgtttct caatccggga agcatctgcc aagtgatagg gatttagtgg ataccttgag    147720
     ttggaactta agcaagcagc aggatggctg ggaacggttt cacaagctgc caagtgtcac    147780
     caacacacct acttgccagg gcaggagctg aggcaagacc tcaccaaact ctacccctgg    147840
     aagtacagcc cctctagatc tagctgccga gaaaacaggc tatgcctggt gcccactgcg    147900
     catgcggctg gtggagaggg tgtggtgctt gtggccgctg ccctgggctt ggggatcagc    147960
     agggtggggc aaccctccag gtcttggaat gggtacaggg acttccttga atggatcaac    148020
     tgaaaaaccg ctgctgggga gtgggcaaag cagtgtaaag gcccgaggtc cagctcacac    148080
     tggtcgggct cggctctgga ttcctgggtg cggagggaga gcggtatcct ggaatgagtg    148140
     tcgtaggggc agggctgttc atatcgaccg tgtcagtgac ctgtacttca cctctgtaag    148200
     cctcacactt acttaccacc tgtgaaatag acgtcggcat agcctgggaa catctggctt    148260
     agtagagtcc cttggggaga gtctggctcc agtgtgctgc ttgaggccac aaggattcca    148320
     tgaccccagg agcaccacag ggtggctttc cttccttcag ctccagggcg acgcctgaac    148380
     aaactgtgcg gtgggttgat agccagggtc tgtctcatgc catccaggcc tacctcctag    148440
     ggccaggcag ctccaccgcc cagctctggg tatccctatg caaacagtca ggccccacag    148500
     acccttgatg cccatagacc agaaaaagtc tccaaaacaa atgtatgcta actaccggct    148560
     gcagggcaga gctacacatc tgctcaacag aagttcccct cagacttcac caacaaccct    148620
     gcccaccccg cagcctccga cccctggggt tgccagtagg aggaaggagc tgaaatttca    148680
     ctttaaggag gctgtacctc tggctaagat acagcatcca ctcccctgtc tacccctcca    148740
     gcacacaggc ccaggagaga ggtctggctt ttcagggaag ggtggagagg ggtggggggt    148800
     caccaaggaa acgccccggc cttgtctctt ctttggctct aagtcaaggc aaacccgccc    148860
     aaatagttcc agcatccgtg ggagtctcag gaggctggct gctcagtgac aaagagtggg    148920
     gggctgcctg ttgacaactt atttccccac cctcagcctg tgccaatagg ctgttttcct    148980
     ggggtgttcc gagttgcagg ctggtggctt ccagctgggc aaggccttgg aaagcctgga    149040
     aatgtggctt tctcccttga tgcctcccaa cttcccaccc ccacccccag ccaggccaag    149100
     gcaagcagct gcccccttta gtgacgcttg taaaagatca tcgcctggcc cgggagccag    149160
     agccggctgg agggcaggtg gccggcaaca gagccctgcg gtgaacactg cctcactggg    149220
     gtggaatgct tacaaggctc tccccgctgg aaacgccagc tagctcaggc aggcgggcgc    149280
     tcacgcttgt tctctctccc tctctgcccc tgcaagtggg ggtgggtgac accggccaga    149340
     ctttcgagca gggaagaaga ggaattgggg tcttttgtag tgccagaggc actctccacg    149400
     aacccagctg ggggaccgcg cctcagaagc tccggcagga tgctttgatt tggagagtgg    149460
     aggtcgggag gctctgcgcg accgagagaa aacagagaga caacacgaaa gtagagacac    149520
     aagcccagag aaagtgaaaa tcgaggcgag agggacagaa taaaaaaagc acgggggaga    149580
     ggaaatggag cgatggagag ccagaaacct gtggatggga gacagggacc aaatgagcag    149640
     cagctaagaa gggaccagga tagatccaga ggacgcgtga gtccagtgta ccagcgctgc    149700
     ccggcgcctg ccgggcgacg ctctccctcc tactctcagt cctggcggtg aaactcctac    149760
     aagaaacgga gccccggggc gcggctggcg accggctccg gacgccgccg gtgccccctg    149820
     gccaccgggg agccgcgccc acgtccccag cgcgggcgat cggaggcgcc tggctggccg    149880
     ccgggctgcg taacacgagg gtcgcgagct ggaggggagc ggagagggac tgccggactc    149940
     gggggacact gcgggtcgcc ggagcaaagg ggctccggtt gccccgctcc ggcatgcggg    150000
     cccgggcgag acttaccgcg cgcggcggcc gcggggagcg cggcgcgtcc tcctgggggt    150060
     cctagaaagt ggggtgcgag ccgcgggggt cgcaggcccg gggtcctcgg gctggggcgg    150120
     ccccgcgagg ctcggctggg ctgcgctgct ggccgtctgc ggccccgggc gggcgcgagg    150180
     cgcgggggag cggcgggccg agcgcctccg acgtcagggt gtctcagctc caaataggga    150240
     gtgagggcgg gggcagcggc gacgagggga gggacgcgcg ggcagggcgg gcgagcgagc    150300
     gagcgagggc cgctccctcc actcgtgagc aggggcgccc gagccatggg ccccgctccc    150360
     cgacggccgg gacagggatg aaagggcacg agccaagcgt ccggccgctt cccaggcttc    150420
     gattcccctc cgcctggctt ttctaggcag tcagatcttg ccaggccttg gagtgacaat    150480
     agtgggtctt tggaactctt ggagtgggag cctggctttg gacacgagct gagtgtggcg    150540
     ctccaaccta ttgggggttc caacacccgg gatccatcct acgctgtgcc tgttcttccc    150600
     tcgggaggtt gagttctgat ctccgctgtg tccttgcccc ttgaccttca gttgcctcca    150660
     aacaacttag ccggagcatc cagagaaagg gctgagaggc caaaacacag actcactagg    150720
     gctccttgaa aagaggacag cacggttccc ctcagggaga ggctagctct ctaaatccaa    150780
     taaggtggat tgcactggtg tagcctggtc tattggtgta agaagagtgc tctggattgg    150840
     agctgtagct tagtatagca gtgctttcct agcatgcagg aaaccccgac ctccatccct    150900
     agcatcctct atactgggtc tagtggtgcc cacgcaaggc ccacagtcaa ctaaaatagc    150960
     aagttccagg ccaccgtaca aagaagagaa agacggtatt ggggcgcctt tgttccttga    151020
     aggtgatagc ccactgcacc atcaaacaaa atgtccagac ttagagacct atccgtatca    151080
     gttacacacg cctgaatgca ctcagccctg ctcatctgat gtctccaagg tgccaagcat    151140
     ggagagtggg gagtggcaag aaagcctcct agtgacttag tggccacacc atggctgccc    151200
     caggcgatct gctcttcaat cctagctgct gtgctgttct tcagcctaga gttttctgcc    151260
     gcccttcgtc tccctttcaa tgcatccttc atctaccagg tggaaaactt tcccaagctg    151320
     ctcaggtgac gtacacttcc tcctcctcca ggagtgatct tgcagcctgg gatacatatc    151380
     tgctcgtgct aatctctctt tatgatcttc tccatcggct ccctgagggc agagcccttc    151440
     attttgtttc cgtgttatct cccatttaat aaatgcagag ggcccagaga caacttgagt    151500
     agttcatcaa aaagttataa agtgcagaag ctaaggtttg gcagaaccca gccttgctac    151560
     attgtggcat gtgtaggcca ttttacagcc aaaggttgcc agccatctca cttcagacct    151620
     tggacaggat aagagtggat gtctacattc tgtagattct gtaagagccc aacccattcc    151680
     cagcagacat gtaatcccta catttgaaag gtagagacta aagggccagg agttcaagac    151740
     cagcttctac tagttacatg ctgacctgag caatgtgaga ccctgactca aacaaaacag    151800
     gagctgataa gatggctaag tgagtaaggt cactgacaac tgagcctaac aacgtgagtc    151860
     caatccccaa gacccataag atcggagaga actgacacct gcaagctgac ctttgacccc    151920
     cccccacatg tgtgctatgg cacaagtgtg agcacaaaca cactcacact aactaactac    151980
     ataactaact aactaactaa atatataaat aaatgtaatt ttgaagccaa gcaaatagga    152040
     aaggacttac tcccaccctg taggaagctc tgtggagtaa tatgcttgtc aaatcacaca    152100
     tacaaccatt ggagaaggct ggaatcccag ccaacaccct tggcaggaca gttcagcacc    152160
     ctctcaaaca caggaaggta ccagagcaaa ttagacacct aatcgaggac ataggatctg    152220
     aagctgagtt atatcccata gtagtgatga caggaagctt cagtgtggac agaggacctg    152280
     cctaggaaag aactcagtat cttttagcag ctactgtttt atacccagct aagcagtctg    152340
     ttgtatctca tctactcttt cccataatcc ccttgctccc attgtactag tgagaacaga    152400
     agtatcatta gccaccaccc ccacacaaga ttacattaat agtggctgac aaaggctaga    152460
     tttgattgca cagcccatgg tgctcaccac acactcttgg ctgcctcaga gcccctcctg    152520
     ttgagatgat gcacccctgg gatccaggat aatggggccc cagcaggaaa ggcagaacct    152580
     gtcaagtcag agtctccaag ctccaggaga tacacctggt tggcagcaca gctccagctg    152640
     cccaggcagg cctggctggc acagggcatg ggctcatggc cagagcctgc tggccctggg    152700
     ccagtctctt ggggccaagg taaagtgggg cccagagcta agagctgaat gcccctctcc    152760
     ccagctcatt agcaaacatc tgggctcagg aaaatgactg acctggaatg tgactgagct    152820
     gccccctcga gagtccctgg ggaatgtgag ctccctcctg caggacatgg ggcttcagcc    152880
     agctgtttcc tctaatcctg tcagcctggc ctccttgggg gtccaaacct ctgcaatctc    152940
     atggagaaag aagagtcaga acaagccaaa agccttcctt cttgctcagg cccacagcct    153000
     gaaaaacatc cacaggaccc ctgtcagcat ggttaaggaa gagtcaggct ctccctacat    153060
     ggtgtgactc catgttcttt atcattcttg gactctgggg ctctgtgcaa actattgcgt    153120
     cctcgtgcct tggtttctca atctgcccat cacagttagg aagaacatat agtccaggca    153180
     tgtgctaaca ttcattcatt tatttaataa gtatttatcg tgtctgctgt gtgccaggca    153240
     gccatgagat gctgagcacc tacaaggact acaccaggga agagccaatc ttccagaaac    153300
     ctaaaaacag agaggaagac atcacagaca gtcaatggac gggaggattt tattatgctt    153360
     gtgaggaagg cggtgggggt gggggagggg agagttgttg agaaacttcc agaaaacaag    153420
     gcaaagaggt gatgtttaag gtgagatcct gagaaagagc caggattgaa ggagataaat    153480
     ggatgcaaag tgctgggcac agttcctgga aaatagcacg tgctccataa aatgaaagct    153540
     attttaggga ggattgtata cacagtgcag gaaaggcgct gctcttagat tctctggatg    153600
     gagtccaggt gttagcacaa agcgtcctcg ccttactcca gggatgtgct tgcagagcct    153660
     cagttttccc atctggcaat taggaacacc agtgatttcc tgagatgcaa ctgagaggta    153720
     caggcagttg aaggctgggg gagggagtcc cagtcctccg tggtgttggc tctgctgaga    153780
     tgtccttgct caagtaagaa gccgcaccta tgttcctgta agcaatccta cttaagcggg    153840
     tcagggttgg aggggtggag cagtggttac aggcatgggc tgctcctcct gaggacccac    153900
     gtttgactcc cagcacccac atcagagttt gttttccagc acccacacta ggagactcac    153960
     agccacctgt aagtccaagt ccaggggagt ttgatgcttc ctctcttcgg ggttatttgc    154020
     attcacatgc acagactccc tcatattcat gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat    154080
     tatatacttt ttcctaattc agtggatcac aaaaatacat acatacatat gtacatacaa    154140
     tatgtacata catacatagg acatgaaggt aggaagggta ctgagaaggg agattcatca    154200
     gtaagagaaa ggaaatgaga gaaaactggg agaaatatgg ccaaatcaat tacatacacg    154260
     cgcacgcgtg cacacacgcg ttcacacata tatcacatat acagatatat accacacaca    154320
     cacatagata caacactacc cacttataca cacacacaca ccacacccat cacacacaca    154380
     cacacacaca cgatgtgagg gaagaaaagc atttaaaatg tttcatttta ttgtgtaagg    154440
     atgttttgcc tttgcatgta tgtctgtgaa caacacatat acagggtcca cagaagcaag    154500
     aaggggccat gggactgggt catgcgactt catacacctg gaggtatgga tggttctaag    154560
     ccaccatgtg ggtgctggga attgaatcag gggcccttgg aagagcaact taacctccgg    154620
     gtcatcgttc cagtcctgag aataaacaga taattttgtt tttaattttt agacaggatc    154680
     tatgtagccc tggctgacct ggaattctac gtagataagg ctggcattga attctcagag    154740
     atccacctgc ctctgtcttg aaagtactga attagccagg tgaagaataa tatttttaaa    154800
     agttccactg aggggtgggg tgtgcacttg aaacagagct ctgcccccag aaatgctgtt    154860
     gcatagtccc gtccacagag gaaaaagatt gggccacact ccctcgcaaa tcagtagcag    154920
     gaagatctgg gctcagaacc agatgttctg atctgggtcc tattcataca gtttgactgt    154980
     ggcttctggg tctaggaaag tgaaaaaagg gaccgtggac aacagatctg tcctccaaca    155040
     gtgtgggaag taatgcctta gtcagtcctg gggagtagca atgaaggcct tggacaagtt    155100
     tgcttgcttt tcttccctca catcttgtgt gtgtgtgaaa tgggtgtggt gtatgtgtgt    155160
     gtataagtgg gtggtgttgt atctgtatgt gtgtgtgtgg tatattatct gtatgggtga    155220
     tatatgtgtg catgtgtgtg tgtaatgtat gtgcggtatg cttgcgtggt gtgtgtgtgt    155280
     gtgtatgtgt atagtgtttg tacctgtatg tgtggtatgc atctttgtgt gtggtatgta    155340
     tgtgtgtgtg gtatgtgtat atagtatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgg    155400
     tctatgtgta tgtgtctgtg tgatgtgtgt gtgtacacgt gtagttctct tcttccacaa    155460
     tgtggttttg gaaatggaac tgaggttgcc aggctgggtg gcaaacccct ttaccggata    155520
     agccatctct ccagaccaca agagattttg ttggtctttt tagggtggga gatgaagaag    155580
     taaggtgagg actccgttgt caagaatgag aggagtaaga actagcttaa agaacagaga    155640
     ctgaagggtt ctgagatgga aatacaaacc ccacaactgt ccgtttcctg cttcccagat    155700
     gagcctctcc agcacaaatc agcttggata tgcctaacgg ccagatgcca agccagggag    155760
     gagggtgaag agagtgagct gtgcccactc ccctcgtgct cccattatgc cgtccactcc    155820
     aactgtcagc tctgagttct cagtactgct cagcctagca gtgacacaaa ccggtttctg    155880
     cttcagtctc cacattctcc ccttgtttcc cccatttttc ggctcccagg gccccccccc    155940
     ccagcaccca gactgagtgg gaggaggagt ctcctctctt ctcagagtta gcctaatagc    156000
     ccacagggca gggtcttcct taacatttct gtgctctaga caaattcacc agggaaaaaa    156060
     gtaaggcgcc ccatcctgac cggccgaaca tagctaagtg gtaaagtgct tgcctagcac    156120
     gcccgccatt ccaggcttgg tcccagtgtg gcagaaacaa aacctctgta gacgtggcta    156180
     ctgggtgatg tgctctgtgt tttctagtct gtggctctcc tggccctcgc tcgagagggt    156240
     ctcagtagac acagaggatc tacaatcatc tctatatcca acagaacaag ttttcttggt    156300
     agggcaagca gaaccaggtt ttgtttgtaa taaagtgaga gaggcaaagt ctggagggca    156360
     gcgagtcttc tatttcccag gcagagtcta tcgtttgagg taaaaacaga ctacctacag    156420
     tctatatata gggaaagcaa ttctttggat ggcatatgtg accatgttat tagctcactc    156480
     gccatttaac tttcttcctc gataatgaag tgttcaacct cccatctgta ctgtgatgct    156540
     ccaagagaca gggctcacca cagtccagga gatcggatga gtgatcacac agtgaaccag    156600
     gtgctgggat gaacagagaa cacgctatgt caggcagggg ctctaaacct gtggggttga    156660
     ataaaccctt ttccaagagt tgcctgagac cactggaaaa ctcagatatt tacattactc    156720
     atgacagtag caaaatcagt tatgaagtta taacaaaaat tactttatgg ttgggggtca    156780
     ccacaacact aaaaggttgt agcattagga aggttgagaa ctggtgctct ataatcaagg    156840
     ggaagccttt ttcttcaggc tgaaagtcac tgaccggtag tgatcagtaa aggccactca    156900
     ctgaacgagc aagttagttt aggggcttca aagtattact aaaagggagt ggcatgcctt    156960
     taatggtagc acttaggagg cagaggcaaa cacatctctg tgagttggaa gccatcttgg    157020
     tcagagtaat tgagttccag gacagccaag aaaacatatt tatgagacct tgttttagaa    157080
     aaaaaaaagg ggggggagct agggaaggct gtctcacagg ataaggaagg atggttttat    157140
     aaagttatat ggatgctaaa gtggatggtg gtttaagaga caggatattt agggtttcgg    157200
     aagtgtcact ccaagacgct gtggagacat ggaactgtag agatggagtg gtcagtaagg    157260
     agcctgccag gcaagcatga gaacctgttt ggatctccag acagaaccca tatcaaaacc    157320
     aagcatgggc cccgtgagac ggctctgcag ttaagggcac tggctgctgc ttttggagag    157380
     ggccctaagt ttggtcccca gcagccacat ggcagctcac aggcacatgt aactccaaat    157440
     ctagaagatg caatggcctc ttctgatctt tgctggcact ttatacatct gtatacataa    157500
     actctccctc tcccccttcc aataaatcta aagaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa cagaactatt    157560
     tctgaataaa tggacccaaa gaagaccata gctaatttca agctattctt accaatttca    157620
     agtcaatgat aggccattac caagtacaac tggcttaaaa gtgtgtcaaa tcaagtttaa    157680
     actggtttca actggtttaa gtcaaatcaa gtttaaacac aatgaaacca cttggcaaga    157740
     acccgtggca gtgtttttga ggcgcacagc ccggggaaga gcctgggctg tgggtcaagg    157800
     ccaaaggctc ctgcattatt acccactgcc ggcttgtttc ttgagtttat gtagctccca    157860
     aacctgtctt catcgacaaa gtgaggacaa cgctgttctc tcacgggatc gctacgggaa    157920
     ctaagtgtgg tatacgtgtg cacagtaact agtccgtaag atgtgctcaa tcaacgttaa    157980
     ctctatgatc atctaaggca attcaagcaa tggtagctca aactggctag acacagaaaa    158040
     tgatggtaat aaagtgaact ttttccctac ctttgcaaac cctgtggact ttttaatttt    158100
     tttaaagagc cagggtctta ctatgtagcc ccagctggcc tggaactcac cagctgagat    158160
     cattccggcc ctccctcctg agtattaggg atactgtcac tagggcggct atttcttcac    158220
     tactgaagaa tagtgggtcc tcacttatcc cacctcccca agagctgttg acacctcatc    158280
     ccccaccccc accccttgag cttccagcgc taactcccca aagtgagggt cgagcaacca    158340
     aagtctataa tcctggacac acacactcag tagccgtcat ggttcttagg cggggggtgg    158400
     gggtgggggt gtgtgttgct ttgtggattt taactctaac agttctctga aacaagctac    158460
     ctgtcctaat accatataat gtctgtgtgc tgagtgagga accctgagct ctgccctaga    158520
     tagtattttt ataccccatg ctaaaagcac acccagataa accgcaaagc ctgtggggtg    158580
     ggaattgtct ctgatctccg ctacagatga agaagctgaa gtttgaagac tcggaccctc    158640
     cggctggtgc ctggcaggtg aggggttgaa caggcgtttg ggttgattgt ccagcctgta    158700
     ggtctgcagt ttcctactgt atggccctgc ctctccctcc tgctgcccta tctcacacag    158760
     agctgcttgc tagacacagg acatcttccc tgcctgcgcc tgcccaggac atgtgcccgg    158820
     ataccacccg ttgctctcag cacacttgaa ggaagtggtg atggcttcca gatgagctta    158880
     ttctcctaaa tttaactttt tttttttcag cacttagaat ttccactctc ccttccaccc    158940
     ctttgcatgt atgcaattag aaagcaacag gaaaccattc agtccgagga aggcagaccc    159000
     agctccatgg actccatcct cgtggaaacg ctctgcagag tttatttgga caagctcaaa    159060
     aataggcctt ccaacaatgc aatcagattg aaccatgaca agcaaaatgc aattatgggt    159120
     tggttacatt aaaaaaaaaa tgtaaacaga ggtttgagaa ccaacagcaa aaacaagagc    159180
     catctccctt cttagcccag tgtctgtttc ctacagcagg gttgtgggac tgcattcttg    159240
     ggtcttttga aagcagggag agggtgacat tcactcaaag ggacagctca gcaaaatgct    159300
     ccaaaagcca cgtctcagaa caaaggcctg cctctgtaga cagtaaatgt gctccaatga    159360
     aggctcccca gccactcaga atacaaaagt catccatcta aatgagttca aaatacatat    159420
     tgttctgggc taaattatac agtgtcaagt tcaggctgta tgtatttatg tatgttggca    159480
     gtgcaggcca cttctggggc gccacagctt tgctctagcg tcctgtgccc agctgggtgc    159540
     ccatcactga tccttaaacc catgaatttc cttgtgtttg actccaggag ggcaaaggag    159600
     agatgaagcc aaagcgtctc aattccacag tggagcaggg cctccagagg atttcaattc    159660
     cgagtgaaac ttcaagtaga acagaatgct tcccctcgcc aacaagctct gaggcttctg    159720
     caggctcatc tgaggtgggg gcagggacgg gaggacaaga tcaggctttg tgtctccgat    159780
     ggatgccctc tgcaagagct acaaggtggg aatacaaacc gctctgggac caagacaaac    159840
     agcgggcctt cctttacctg gtcccaaatc attccctcca ggagtgggct ggttcctggg    159900
     gcacttctgc agaacccaag ggtgctaagg gaccagatcg gtacaacaga gatgtccctg    159960
     tccattccat gttcctgtca ttttctacct agagacttgg ggacacagtc ttccctttgt    160020
     gtttttggat tggggagggc tgtcacttaa ctcttaaggc agaaaggtag ggggaattag    160080
     gggctactat atagaaagct aacatggaga agagctggag ggaggaaccc agccagctgc    160140
     gggagtactg ttctactgtc tcctaacggc atggctgctc tgcacgggtt aagagagccg    160200
     tatgaaacac agccaagcag ctgaggcgtg ccatgaccat gacttgctgt cctgggcaca    160260
     gcccatcttt ggcagagcac ccctgttgcc tgttcggatc cacggcccca aacatgtttc    160320
     tggaaaggaa aatagaataa agaataaggg agaaaaatgc agagggaggg gagaggctac    160380
     cctgaactta ctcactaaag gactgaggtc taacctacgt gccctgtgtt ggttgatgcc    160440
     ccccgccccc gagctgctcc ccctgccctg gatagctcag gaactgcttg tttttcctag    160500
     ctacaagcac ttccgtcact gtgagagcac tcacagtaga cacctacaaa agcccgagct    160560
     cacatgtgct gcacacatca aaagtaactg gaaaacggtc tacgtcatgc ctcacaaacc    160620
     cacaaggaca gagggtactg cagtggccac ttgtgctcag acctcagcat gtccttccat    160680
     ccaggctggg gctggccacc agctccacac tgtcagtcag agctccatgc agcaggggac    160740
     agacatcagt gaggcagact ggtgcaccca tcaggagtgt gctcctgaag acctcaccgt    160800
     ggccatcatc acacacagtg gggtgccacc agtcttggga tgggggtggg aaggtcaact    160860
     gtgcattagg ggagtgcgtt ggacatgtct gtgtcttcag gaggtcacag aggccacagc    160920
     taggccattc aaatagaagc ctcctgcaac ataaaggaat aaaggcattg cttgcattgg    160980
     gcttcccgtt tttaatttat ttaagacctc cttacaattt ccaaagagat aatacaaaag    161040
     caacagactt ggtttcaaac acaaacagtg gctggagttg aaagcgttgc tgatggcacc    161100
     atcacaggat gtcagcgcac tccgggcact tcagtattcc tgaggaataa acatggtttc    161160
     tctttcctcc cgctgggatg ttctcagcat aagtcactgc tcctatgaag caaggacatt    161220
     ggttagaaca gacagcgatg ctctgactcc acctgctgca gcctcaagca accccaggac    161280
     caatggtccc atcactgcaa actttctgtt tccatctccc tcacaagcag agtccccagc    161340
     ctgcgaggga gaagaccgga aggggcagcc atggacagtg agagctaacc caggaggtca    161400
     caggtgagtg ccaagcacag ctgagacagc agctgctaac tctggtcact ggcagctcct    161460
     cactctggac aactcttgtc ctctgctgag tgaagacaca gcacctctcc cacaatctac    161520
     tgagaaggga ggaagaagac tatgaagaaa gtccccaggg aggtatacag gacctggcca    161580
     tttcgtgccc agcagttatc acaatatagc catcccacac aagcctccaa tgggatttgg    161640
     ttcccgggca gagagagaag gatgacaaca tccaggcaca gactcaagtc caaatgaagt    161700
     tacaaggcca ttttagagcc gcatgtgcaa agctgtagga actgtaacat tttccacagt    161760
     ccctcccagc cattaaccat ctcatatgca aatcactgag gacccatcgt ccagcacagc    161820
     tcagctggaa caatggaaag acccaaggct ctgcctgctc cttgctgcca ggagggtgca    161880
     gaacacagca gtggagcagc ctgccaccag gctgatgcag cagtcagccc cttgctgaca    161940
     tcaggcagaa gcactgaatg ctcttacgga ggactctggt gcaacaccca tatggtggct    162000
     cataagcatc tataactcca gtcccagggg atctcataca ctttttttgg cctctgtggg    162060
     taccagcata cacatggtac acagacatac atgcaaaact cataaaataa acacaaacaa    162120
     caaaactagt aaaattttag agaattctgt gaagggaaag acatggattc tgtccttact    162180
     ttgacgtatt ttccatgtag aagatacgga gcctgaaagt catgctgaca gttggagtag    162240
     gccattccca atcccacgcc agaaccaaag gctaatggcc acattcttcc tatgagcaga    162300
     aaacaagaaa tcccaacagg gaactgttaa gagcacataa atcctccgcc ccagatgtgt    162360
     gcccagcaaa cattatattg ctaacacgtg atgggccagc agacaccact gtaatccagc    162420
     acatttatta ggtgcctggg ctgctacatt tgatgcaaag agcccagtct gtcatttgtg    162480
     cactgaacta tatagtctta gcctcgtcag aggaacatct attggtcagg tgcctgaatt    162540
     gtttattatt aatgtcaatt tacgaatact caccaacttt ggttactcac agaacaccat    162600
     ggggctccct cacacaagtc tacatccctc tagttccagt cattgtcagt ttttcatgaa    162660
     ctgaggtcaa ggtgacctgt ttggctttta gtcagtactc aaacttcaag ttttcccaag    162720
     aaggggatcc tgttgctcac cgctcagact ctcagggaga agcaggggca tttctggccc    162780
     acttgccttt actaccagca agctctatct ccaggtcact ttagaaatat gtggccatgc    162840
     agcctggcca gcatgaaatg gaggcttttg aaaggatgtc atgcttaaga caccagacaa    162900
     ccctgactca ctgcctctag ggaacactgg agatgtccaa ctcatgcaga cttcatccac    162960
     actctccatc tagctcattc taaggtggac aggttggcag ggtttacaca gacactgtag    163020
     tgaggagcca gtcaaagtca cttactctta aagaaggtga gggagaaaac aattcctaat    163080
     ccaaacccag tacctgtgaa aatggaaaac agtgttagtt agagtgcagt gccagcgagc    163140
     ccctaacaaa gctgaactaa cagatctctc ccaaatgaac ataacagacc agtcggatta    163200
     cttggaagtc tgtggtctgg gtcgctaacc tttcttactg tcagggatac tgtagatgcc    163260
     ttctgtctcg ctgctcacag aggaaatgag aaactcgatt ccctatcatt tgtcttgggg    163320
     tgtggatgga gagcctaagg tactgctcta gattctttct gcacctctga ccagcagcct    163380
     cccccttcac aggggctcac tgagtcacct gccttgtcac ggtggttctc aaggtgatgc    163440
     ggaacacgtt ttgagtggaa gaaatgatct agagaacgat tgcaaaaggc caaaggctgc    163500
     actatcacac aagtcagtgt tgagagaggg agaagcgctt ctcgcccagc tgaggatcct    163560
     cccctgagcc ctcacacatg acaggcaagg gctcagcatg gagctgcatc cccagccatg    163620
     ttcatgcctc actctgacct cagcttggaa aaagctctgg ttttaggata aattgagtca    163680
     gaatttataa aaccctagtt tgaatgccaa cattagaact tctgcttagc cacacataac    163740
     ttacactgtt atttagttgt tttcttttaa gagagaaaag gacacatgtg tgtgtgaact    163800
     gaagtccacc ttaataactg ttggtgtgat caatgctggc gctagctatg tgttcccatc    163860
     aagtgcatga aaaatgtcta cagtcccact gtataaggga cgccccaggc tatctactga    163920
     catgatcctc acttgtacat caacctacat gaatttactt ctccgctaga gccaagctct    163980
     ggttgttttc cttttcagac ccgcagacca tcatgttcag ttcatctgat gctctgtttt    164040
     tggttttgag acatagtctg actctgtagc ccaggatgcc ctccaatcct cagtcctcca    164100
     acctagtcct actgggatta caggctgcac taccatacca ggcccagatt attctgatgt    164160
     tctgtgtgtc tgctccatga cccagcagtc ttggtccaac cttcttatga gtaagccaca    164220
     taaagcactg gttctcacct gctaaaaacc tgtagtgccg aaatctaagt tgttgttgct    164280
     gttttgcttt gtgaagcagc accttgtaga acagccctgg ctggcgtggt actttggggt    164340
     ccagcatggc ctcagcctct caagtgctag gatgataggt gtgcccacac acccagcttt    164400
     gtgctgctgg gattctaagt tccttcttac tgggctaggg atatggcttg gtggtacagc    164460
     acctacctca cacaaggccc tgtgcttagt actcagaata tcacatacat acatagagac    164520
     atcacagggg agggagccaa ttctctaggt agtgcaatac aacacctcag agcattcctc    164580
     aagcaggcta acatttctgt tcatgaaaac agtgtgagca agtgaggggt gtagttctga    164640
     ccctgaaact ctcttgtcac tcatgccgcc tagatggcgt tagttaagaa agtatatatg    164700
     ctatcacaca aaatggtttg tttattaata tacttattct tttggtgtat atgtgtgtgt    164760
     gcttgcactc atgtgtggaa gccagagaac tacctcaggt gttgttcttc aagaaccagt    164820
     aacgttttgt tttttaagag atggcctctt actggcctag agctcagcta cgagagagct    164880
     caagggattc acccaacatc acctctccct gctgggatac aagcacacct ccaaagctgg    164940
     gcttttattt ctttttaatg taggttctta aaattgaggt acagttctca tggctgaatg    165000
     gcaggcactt taccaactga atcatctccc cggtcccagg aagattatta gcattttttt    165060
     gtggggaggg gagtggagac agggtctcac taagtagtcc tgactcgcct ggaatctcta    165120
     tgtagacatg gtctgcttct gcttcctctg ctgggttaaa gacatgtacc accttgctca    165180
     gcaggttttt ccatcagtct atcacataca tgaccgtgat gtgtttcttt catagacaga    165240
     caagtaccta acatgtggtc aatgacagac tacatgtgtg gtaggaccac aaatttcctg    165300
     gggttgaaac aggaaccagc agtggaggga gagaccagag aaaggcaagc gcagaaggaa    165360
     aagcccagag aattcccaat gaagggccta gcagatactt ctgaagactc gacgagctct    165420
     gtacaaagtt aaacaggacc ccacaccaag agggttttgt tgccagagag gaatgttcat    165480
     ggtgcattcc ctgccaccaa caaacctggg gagaaaagca gaaagcaaaa caaaacaaaa    165540
     caaagctcca ggctggttct gaagaggtcg cctcaagcag gctgtccagg tgccctgcag    165600
     tgactgtcat ggcaggaggg gacagttctg cgtgctttac tgcagctcgc cttccagcga    165660
     ggtgtgacgt ggagctggaa gaaggtgcta tgaatgattc tgaccccagg aataaatgcg    165720
     ggcctaggac attacatgtg tatatgtggg agtgggggtg gggtgggggc aaattttagc    165780
     aaaaaaaaaa attaaatgta aaaaagaaaa attaaaaata gaaaagatta cagaatatga    165840
     atataaaaga aacaccataa aatgtttata tttcaagcta aatgcaacta caaaagaata    165900
     aaaagtttgc caggaatggt ggccatgcct gaaaccccaa cagaggtagg aggatctctg    165960
     tgagctcaga ctcgtctggt ctacacagtg agttggagcc agagctgcac ggcgagcttg    166020
     tgtgctgtat tcatgtcact ccccgtcaca ctgactttac ttatagtata ctcaataaac    166080
     ctgttttcta ccaaaaaaga aacaactaaa aaccaccaag ataagatgag ctaaggtaat    166140
     ttactgttga tgtttaaagt gtagtctagt cagttggtaa tggcccacat tttaacccca    166200
     gtacttagaa gtcagaggcg ggcagatctc agagtttagg gccagccgag tctacaaaaa    166260
     gagctccaca acagtcagag ttacacagag agaccctgtc ttgaaaaact aactcaacca    166320
     caacaaaccc caagtgtagt ctgagtatga catgcccatg tctgtctctg tgacagtcca    166380
     ggggtcacac ttgccgagag caagcgcaca tgctagacgt attacctgtg ttgtcacaat    166440
     gctgttatgt tctgatggct ttggacacag actcttgcca ctgtgtcaga gccaccagaa    166500
     cattcagtat atcagtgatg ggctggagca cgtgaccatg acttgactcg ctgtgtgctg    166560
     acctgccctg tttaggcctg agttcaaagc gtgatgaaac agcaagctca ccaaggatgc    166620
     gtttctgtga atgcacgcac agctgacacg cacaggatac atggctagct gatgccatgt    166680
     aaagtttaac gaaattaaac atggccctgt acaacatagc ctatgctatg atctagtttg    166740
     gtacaaaatt taaaattcag tatctaaaaa aaaaatcagt tatgctgccc caattttcac    166800
     tttaaaaaat cttggggaaa tagtttgcca aacttggttt ggtaagtagt caattgaggt    166860
     tggcaaaatg aaaatgaaag tgaattaaca ttgaatgtta attcaatcat gaatatccag    166920
     cacctccttt ccaagaaagt cttcatttta ttttacggta tgagtatttt gcctgcagtt    166980
     atatttataa accttgtaca tgccttttga ccatggaggc cagaagaggc tgttggagcc    167040
     tctttccaga tggtttcctg aagttacaga tggttttaag aggccatgtg ggtgctggga    167100
     attgaacctg aacaactaac cctaccttca ctgtcaccct accaggagga acaaccagtg    167160
     ctcttaacca ctgagccatt tctcagccca agaaaattct ttttatctca aatattttca    167220
     ggcatgctag tacactccta taatcccaat acatgggaaa aggatgcggc aagaggaccg    167280
     gaaggagttc aaggccatcc ttatttacat agcaagctca aagcaagcct gagctacatg    167340
     agaccctgcc tcaaaaacta aaacttctat ggtagtatgt cctagttttc cagatgtaga    167400
     aaataacttg ccaaaacaac ctatcactta taaagtagtc cagtggggcc aattctgcca    167460
     gtctcattat gccactgtcc ccaggacatc cagaaagagg attctcctct actttcagcc    167520
     caccaacact accttctatg gggaactgga gtgtcccgat gtctaggagt gaagatgcaa    167580
     ttagaacatg agccatgttc tcggcgcacc agcccagagc actaggcagc caggctagta    167640
     acaaggaggg cttgctcagg tttcttcctt gactaacact accacatata tcacacagac    167700
     tagcctacct ggcaggactg tagaacttca gaggctagac actactgtca tcgctacacc    167760
     aagccctgga atctgccact gcttgcttgg cttacaaaat ggcaggaggt ttggtttcaa    167820
     ggcaacttgc ttcacccctt gcagttgcag agtgagtagg aagcagcaca ttggtcctag    167880
     agcatggggc aaagggtttg gactggctca cagaggcagg tcagtgaaag caggtaggct    167940
     acagctaggg cctttgcggg tctccagctg gaggcaaggt tttgccaaag gagtcaaaag    168000
     cccagaggaa actaatgtgg catgcttctt gtccctttga ctacaggtct gctcttacat    168060
     ttttcccaaa gaaagcaagc tctctgacgc tagctgcttc ctagtgatgc ttgagcccac    168120
     agctatcagc accactcaat caaaagatga gccacgccca caccaaccaa gaacgggcca    168180
     tcaagagttc agtttaccaa ccaagctagc cagctcctgc caactgtatt catctgaaag    168240
     tataactgag ctcaaagccc cagccaaacc cagttctcaa ggaaccttaa ttagactggg    168300
     gctgctacat ttttaattcc taactgagac tccaccctcc atctctggat tactgagaca    168360
     caaacaggac tactctgtac aagaaaaggg ttcctatctg cttcacctgt aatagctagc    168420
     acacttgcag tcagagatgc caaggctgga atgctgagct ccccggagtc aagccctcgc    168480
     tcgctccttc tctttgaaaa ggcagcatgc tgcttcaaag acagtcccac ctggcctggg    168540
     gactctgcag ctgcttccac tcaagcctgg cacctctagg ccaggtttaa ctttagaaca    168600
     attggacagg aaaggtttgc cttacaataa aaacaaagca gcacagagag aagcgtcttc    168660
     tctgcctttg gccacttctt gttgttgcat gacaagctct gctggaagaa aagccaaagg    168720
     gaaaagtaca aagcattttt tcccctcccc tgaaagcaaa tatttaacta cgaatgcagt    168780
     ttatataact ttgtctccca gcttggtgct ctcaaaagcc catgctgtct gaaatgacaa    168840
     agaaccctca ggttcagagt gtggcttatc agcacacatc tccacacgca cagccaagac    168900
     cagtcatcag ggagaggggg acaaggggga aacaacacaa gactgacatc aggcccagag    168960
     cccatgtttt ctgcagccag ttcttttaga gaggaaaaag aattggcata aatctttcca    169020
     aagacattat ttcaaattac tctaaccatg caatctggtg cacacttgct gacttgtgtg    169080
     tcagtaatcg gcaaagaaac attttttggg agtggagcag ttccttagct ggtcatttgg    169140
     ttcattattt atctatctat ttactcactt atctatttta tgagtacact gtagctgtaa    169200
     tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcgaatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc cactgtgtgg    169260
     ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtga gtcatctctc ttaaccactg    169320
     agccatctct ccagcccctt gccttggtgc tggtttttaa gttgctatta ttccatctgt    169380
     gtgtgtgaat gtatgtgtgt gtgtcacaca cgctttacca gctaagcact tgctggcttc    169440
     tctgacactg tttggttttt taacatgaag attttatgat ttattttgtg agtatgggtg    169500
     tcttgccttc atttatgtac atgcaccaag tgtgtgcctg gtatccatgg aggtcaggag    169560
     aaggaattag ttacacatga ctgaatgacc atatgtgggt gctaaggaac agaacctagg    169620
     tcctttgcaa gagcagttaa gtgctcttag ccactgagcc atctctctag ctcctgacac    169680
     agagaatgca atttctaaca actacacata tagcatggat ttatcttgtg cctaaatgca    169740
     tgcttttaag taactttaaa ggtagaatgt acgctgtaac acagggtaat cacggggtga    169800
     aacattcaga cacagaatct gctcccaggc tacagattag gcacaaagtc cacgttactg    169860
     tagatgaaag aaaacccaac ctgcaggaat tcccaagagg ctccataagc tgactgctgt    169920
     caccatcagg ctctgcagaa caagctggag caaagcatga ccctgtgtgg cccactctgt    169980
     ggaggctgaa actgcatcac actcccaaca agggatgagc agtcccagag aaagaacaaa    170040
     aagtcataca gagattccct gtaggacatt aaaaaaaaaa aatcactggt tggggggacc    170100
     tggagagatg gctgagcagt tgagcactgg ctgctcttac agaggaccca tatttgattc    170160
     ccagcactca catggtggct tgccaccatt cttaactcta gttctagggg gtccaatgcc    170220
     ctcttctgac ttctgcgggc accaagcaca catgtggtgt acaaatatac attcatataa    170280
     aatagagtga acagatgtaa taaacaattt gttaatgttt attgaaaacc attggggggg    170340
     gctggagaga tggttgagag cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcttgagtt caaatcccag    170400
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca cccatctgta atgagatcta actccctctt ctggtgtgtc    170460
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaacaaatc tttaaaacaa acaaacaaaa    170520
     aacccactgg gttgcaagtc tacagtccca gctacttctg aggccgaggg aacaaggaga    170580
     cccaggtgtt taaggccagg tggtacaaca gagcaaaatc atcttggggg gaggtcatat    170640
     ggtggggagg aacctatcac agattctttt tattaaccaa caacaaaaaa gctttttgtt    170700
     tgtttgtttg gtttttgttg gaggtagagt gtcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg    170760
     gctctcttgg tactcactct gtagacaagg ctggcctgga actcagagat cagcatgcct    170820
     ctgcctcctg tgtactggat tacaggtatg tgccaccact gtccagtctc acaaaaaact    170880
     tcttaaatga ctattttcta agacctcaca ctctagtgta catttaacat tttaaaaaag    170940
     gattcactat tcataagact ggaaccagca agttatcagg gctaaaactt aatctgtatc    171000
     taaaaataaa actggagagc atctccactc ggttttgtac agctcccatg gtgttacagg    171060
     agagcccatg cccactcagc tgcttattat acacgtgaaa aggcttggaa acccccagtc    171120
     cttaactgtg tgcccaccag tgtctgacag aagagacaag cagtaaacac tggaggacca    171180
     ctctcctgcc agcgggcggg cggcatgaag gcctcaaggt aatccccaac tttatgtcaa    171240
     tcacttacca ggcccagccc cagcctgctc agccccaggg aaaacaatct gccctggagg    171300
     gttgcttact gcagcggcgg ctctaggact gacagcgaag agctcagtaa caagtactaa    171360
     actctgttgt tgtcattgta gaactcaaaa gatgtcaaaa gcatactagt taatcctctt    171420
     acagtacagt cactggctca cgtgttcacg gtcatcaggt gagctcaaaa tctattattt    171480
     cctactcaga gcaactgtct atgtttcatt tgtgtgaact catctggagt gtgtgagtgt    171540
     gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgcgcgc tcatgcgtac acaaccttgt tatgtcactc aggctggcct    171600
     tgaaccctca aaatctggga ttataaaatg tacatcacca cacccaattc ttcttgtctt    171660
     taacaaagaa tcccttcaga tttattgcaa ctagatcatt ttgctttaaa atataatgaa    171720
     gatttccctg gttaaataaa actgtattta cacactagga tggactaagc caaattgacc    171780
     tatgtataac agacatgttt tcctgtcagt catatttcta tcgatattac acagtcaaaa    171840
     agcatgtgtt accatagaac aaacaagagt gtgcttttat agagaagaac acttgggact    171900
     gacctccatg agaaacacat ttccaagaaa cattcctcat ttatgaaaga tgctctaagc    171960
     ccaatttatg atagaaaaca atacagttgt acgtcagctc tgcatggtgc ttacttaatc    172020
     ccaaggccaa gacaggctgt cccaagtgtc ccaggtaatg ccaagtccta tggaatagcc    172080
     aagaaaagat accagtgcca gaccaaagat caaacactgg tggctgaggc tgtgggacag    172140
     cttcctggga ctcagcctcg cttgggctct gcaggaaaag gactgaggag gcgtctgttc    172200
     atgggatgtt gctggcgtgt cctaaggggt tttctgggtg aatgtcaatc acaagggttc    172260
     tgatcaggga aggcagagca gggtgcagag aggcatggag ggtgagtgtg gacgtgatta    172320
     tgggagcaag cactcagaag ggctttgaaa gtagcaccta tagctcgagc gcacttcaac    172380
     agaaagctgc acagccttca ggaagacaca acgtaagaaa cacagctgca gacattttac    172440
     tgacagttaa ctcattcctg tgtggaaaca ctatgtggga aaatgagaag cagctcaaag    172500
     attggttatt aaagggaggc tgaggaaaat aacaaacaga attatataga aacacatcaa    172560
     atgctctctc atggtcactg gtgtgccttg gtcctaacat cagcgtggtg agcaccttgc    172620
     aagctttact atgaacccat ctcacaggaa gacaggaaca actcagaggg ggtcagtgac    172680
     tcactcaagc acacacacaa acccaggctg tgtgactgca cacacccagg agggcagatg    172740
     acactctgga ggggaatacc aagtcactct acagaaacag ttctcggcac agacagtcct    172800
     agaggaggaa aggagtaaca tgactgaagc taaactctgg ttcatctgag agctgtgcgg    172860
     aacaccctgg agggcaagag atactttcca gacagaagta cactacctaa caactgatgg    172920
     aagaaggggt ggggaatttt cttaaatgtg accaagtttt caaagcatct acgctgggct    172980
     ggagagatgg ttcagcagtt gagagtaact ggctgctctt ccagagacct ggattcaatt    173040
     cccagcactc gcatggcagc tcacaatcat cggtaattcc agtcccagag ggatctaact    173100
     agtgccctct tctggcctct tcaagtactg cacacatgtg gtatacagac ataaaacagg    173160
     cagaaccccc gcccccctac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa    173220
     atacaagtta aaaaagattt taacatctac accgtgctca agaactgcac agcagcagag    173280
     tgaaaagccc tcattaggta gggcttgtgc tcctgggttt cctcacttca tctttacata    173340
     aacttctata taagccccat ttcagagaag ggaaactgca tcacaacaag gcttaattct    173400
     tgccctcagc aacactcggg taaactagca agtctttaac cattataatt aaactagact    173460
     cagtacaaga gactaactcc tttcagatgc attcaggcca gtaattcagg catttcctta    173520
     attatacaaa gggaatgcct aatgtgagct gttcaaagct gtgggaaatg acatctccac    173580
     ataagggcac ttggggttgg gataggtaat gaccagaaag cagaagtgta aggcacaata    173640
     gcagaaggaa aggaaagggg tgagagttgg ctatcatgag ctccctgctg ctatatgtta    173700
     tagagctgag ggaaaagata aagccaaccg gccttcatgt catacccaca gccaaggcct    173760
     catggctgat gccagctgag caatggagca gtaaagggct caccaagggg gaagaagcca    173820
     agcccatcag atgtgcactg tatgcagttg attggcagaa tgagggcaag agtcaaaagt    173880
     gtcatagagg aggagacagc acttagagga gcctacagca ggagacatga tgcaaacttc    173940
     agagtctctc catagtgtag atttgttttg aggtacctct tgtggagctc agggcctgag    174000
     cagctgggta aagtccctcc cctgtgctgc atgcagcccc gaggtgcagt tttcagcctc    174060
     ccttctctgc actgctgttt gcactttgtc ctctcctatc ccagtacttc aggctaggca    174120
     aacctggagc ctgctgccac aggcaggcaa tatgcggaag gcaaaggcag cctttggtag    174180
     cacttaggaa cttcttagga tccagagtgg ctgtttagct aagagatcct ggacaaagat    174240
     taatggagat gggaaaagaa caattttttt ttaaagattt atttatttta tttatattag    174300
     tacactgtgt cttcaaccac accagaagag ggcataagat cccattacag atggttgtga    174360
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctctg gaagggcagt cggtgctcgt    174420
     aactgctgag tcatctctcc agccccacaa atgttttctt aaaataaata tgtattttaa    174480
     aaatgtgttg tgtgtggata tttgcacaca ttcacatgta tgagtatatg tacctcaaaa    174540
     gctagaagag ggcaacagat cccctggagc tatctatggt tataagtgtc tgacctgggc    174600
     tctgtctagg aactgtactt gagtcctctg ggtttggttg gttggtttgg ttttttgagg    174660
     tggggtttct gtgtatccct gtctgtctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ttggcctcaa    174720
     actcctgagt gctgggatta aaggcatgga ccacaccgct cagctgacct tgggtcttct    174780
     gtaagatcag tgcatgcttt taaccacaga gccttcttct ctagccccag gacagatact    174840
     ttttggcacg aatcaatctt ttttaactta acacacacag aggtgattgc aaaggtgctg    174900
     gatggatctg aatgaatttc agggcttctg ggagcttctg ccagactgta agttgagata    174960
     gcagcagcag cctgtcctcc agcagagctc tgccacctta actacacagc actacaagcc    175020
     tcaccaacaa gaatccaaga acttagttct catagactaa gtgaacggga aaatactctc    175080
     acataaacgt tataagcaga tctaaagttt gaagttgtac ttagaataca ttttctttgt    175140
     gaaaagctaa agttgatggc atttattctg atatttagac tgtcatctgc acgatgacaa    175200
     gaagctggcc attttctagg acaaaccttc ccaaggatgg aacttaagtc acctgcttca    175260
     ggttcaaacc tatcaagaac gaagtctgag tggcatgttt gcgaaggttc tgacaacaaa    175320
     ggaagaagag gaggaagaag aggagaggga gaggaagagg agacagaagc atttatctga    175380
     actcacaaaa gcttgccaaa gcactatgaa aagaaatgtg tccaccatta tgtcagcaca    175440
     ctgcaaaacc aacagacaag cctaggcatt atgacgtagt tagtttagac gccaacacta    175500
     aagcaagcac tgggggccaa cttctcccaa actcaactat gaaccagttt ccctatccta    175560
     ctaaaaggaa gagacatggg aagacttcac aactttacac aattcaccat gccaccctgc    175620
     ctctgacctc cacacacaag ccatggcatg tatacatgga tgcatgggca aaaagtgtca    175680
     aactttagaa gttcctgtat ctgtacatgc ctgtgcagcc agcactgaga tcagcaaata    175740
     ccaccatcac ttgtactctc tatgtccatt cctccctctc cccttagcct cctgaaatca    175800
     tccacctact tcctttcatt atattagagt atcttttcta ggattttata tataactgga    175860
     actgtgatgt cacagatatc agcagtgagt ccttcccatt gtgagtttct tggtgtaaag    175920
     cgtgttcaca gctgttggtt cactacacaa cagcaggtag acatctgagt tgctcctagt    175980
     ttgggtttag gaacattcat gtaatgcctg tgtggccatg ttcccattct tcttagcaaa    176040
     gaaacagact ctcaggcaaa gtaatcctac ctgctcacac ttccccccat ggtatacagc    176100
     gtcatatcct gctccatatc tcagtgatac tactgtctga cttgtaaagc ttggcgattt    176160
     taatggcttt tcagggtacc tcataatctt acttcaagtt cccactgtga gtgctgatgg    176220
     agctgttctt tcctgtactt agttaccgtg agtaaaactc cctttcaaac accctaccat    176280
     agttcttatg attcagagct cccatgtgct gcaaacaagt cctccgtcag ctgtatgcac    176340
     tgctaagaat ccccaacatt aaaaaagaat aaaaactggg tgtttgtggt gcacaccttt    176400
     aatacttgtt gagaggcggg tagatctctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tatagatcaa    176460
     gttttaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtttt gaaaaacaga aatgaaaaca    176520
     acaccaagaa ttcccaatag agtctttcag aaatcagttt tccagtgtga gcaaacccag    176580
     tgtgtcttct ctgtaggcac tgctgtttct gtcctaggcc ttctccagcc caggcacaga    176640
     cactctctgg tctgcttcct tctaaaggtt ttgcggctgc agcttttaca ctcagatctg    176700
     ctccgctctg tttctgtgtg gacacagctg ttcctgtagt ttgttgaaaa gattttcttc    176760
     tccccattaa attgtgtttg tcaaaaatga actggccaca cattcttgga cctattttgg    176820
     actccgtact attctatgtg tatatccttc ctccaatgct gccctgcttt gtacttaagt    176880
     agggtaatgt aagtccccag ctctgttctt gttgctaaca tctgtactat cagtacttgg    176940
     ggtcagtgct gggaagatca ttctaagttc aaggccagcc tggactacag tgaaactgtc    177000
     taaaaacaaa gcaacaacaa aaatcctctt tgtgaacttg tagtgcttat aatttggcac    177060
     agatttttca tttattttat atgatgcgtg ttttgcctac aagtatgttt accacatgca    177120
     tccctggtgc ccaatgaggt cagaggaagg cattgggccc cctgtaactg aagctataaa    177180
     gggctatgaa cccacaatgt gggagctggg catcaatcta gatcttctgt aagagtaagc    177240
     agggcccctg accactgagc catctctcca gcccctcgtg gggatgctac aagcaggagg    177300
     tgtggctcag caatagagca gattctgcct gtaccatcac agcaccaaaa accaaaccaa    177360
     caagtcagcc ttaatctcca cacacgcttc aaacagtatt tctcttgcta gacaaacaaa    177420
     caacaacaaa actgaggcag gaaaatgtct gtgagctaga ggccagagtg gacacacagg    177480
     ctagttacag ctacaggact acttctcaaa gacaaaagta ttatcaattt ctctaatgaa    177540
     ttactcatca aacaaacaca acaggtaacg tgtccgagta cccagcgtgg caatatggga    177600
     cattctgtaa tgttagctgc tgctgcttcc ctccctcaga ctcagacagg ctccaatagc    177660
     cacagtaaaa atattaccac accaaacaac ttctataagt aaatatttaa attttttctt    177720
     ggactcaatc ctgaaatgca cttgccaaag aaagcaattc agcatattta ctaataaact    177780
     gtttcagatc acatttcagg gaagtataaa accacagcag aacaaaattt aaatgtttcc    177840
     aagttccata tatcacctaa ttacattatt ctgtaatgcc tgcaggacat tcttctccag    177900
     caagatcaca atgtccgtta tttacaccac tgctacaaac aggaaaaaaa gtttgctcac    177960
     attgttttga aaaaccacag caaacaaaac atgactacta attcaacagt taacatagac    178020
     tatcttgaaa cctcaactag acagaaccaa gagtctttca agtatatagt ttagcctgac    178080
     tgatagtggt ccctgaagag ccaggcgtca gcttgcaaat gtggagtacc aaaaggcagt    178140
     ccctggtgag ccaccgaacc cattagatgg actggtactt taagaaaaaa cacgaaccgg    178200
     ctttcctttt ccatgacttc attcaaaggt ctttcagtga aacgtttagt aaacagcttt    178260
     aaacaattaa tctaaccaga cttgattgct tactgctctc ctggctaagt gggaagcagg    178320
     ctaagtcacg gagtatcctg ttttcatgaa caagatactg ggcaacttcc ccctctagga    178380
     acgcactcta gccatgccac aaagccacaa gtcatcaacc acatacaagt tcagcacacc    178440
     actaccttgg gtcagcttgc tgtccttggg ctcctgctaa attctgctat tcgcctcatc    178500
     ctctcacctt agtggaattt ttaccatgac acaataaccc acgtcccact ttccttttgg    178560
     acccacctcc taccaattta ttctcatgta cttgagtgat ttttccgata tctgaaattc    178620
     tgtccctctt aagggccaac agttccatcc taggcacata cccaagagaa atgaataaac    178680
     cttgtaggct tagatttcaa aaaaacaaaa acaacaaaac accctacttt taataagaat    178740
     tcttatacac tttgactccc cttctagccc actgtctaaa agtaggggag aaaagatggt    178800
     aaaaaggaca aggggattgg gcctgtttag aatgatcact ttggggcaat tttaatctcc    178860
     atttgtcagg atactagcac tccagtttag tacagtcagg aaaacacaca aatcacagcg    178920
     gttggatgat ccagcagaaa cagccaggcc cccaccaaat caacaggagt cagcaggagt    178980
     gaccagagcc aactgggaca acagcagaag ttctctgccg tgtctctcaa ctaagtgaag    179040
     atcagtgaag actccagacc aaagaagtgc tgcaaggcta gctatgcaag atgctgtcac    179100
     tgtccattga gtcctattta tactttctcc aagtatcaca tattctccca taggctttac    179160
     cttagcaaaa caccacagga gtctatcagc aaaacaacaa gtgcatctac atcacctgac    179220
     atagccactt caccttgtca cttaactata gcaacactat tcacaagact caaacgtatc    179280
     agcagaattc tggggaacag ctctatgagt agaaagcact tgctgctcaa gtctgggaac    179340
     cgaagttccc aattcgatgt ctagacatgg tatcaaactg gacatggtat caaattagca    179400
     gtcctttggc aagagggaat acagagacag gagaatcgct cagaagttgg cagatcagaa    179460
     gtctggctta cacagttgag tggtaaaaac aagagagact gcctcagaac aaggtggaag    179520
     gcgaaccagc tcccaaaagc catcttctgc cctctatgtg catgctgagt ttgcagcatt    179580
     ctctcaacac tctctcttct ctttctcttc ctttctcttc tcccccccgc ccctcacaca    179640
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cttaaaagta ataaatcatt    179700
     aaaagagcaa gaaaattgaa ttaacgaact ggcccagtca ccagagacca catgtgtcgt    179760
     gttttgtttt gtttttagac agggtttctc tgtgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga    179820
     aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaaga catgcgccac caacacccag    179880
     cgtgttttgt tttaaagagt cttacactgt ggcttagact ggcctcaaac tccaagcaat    179940
     catctaactt gtgctatttg actgttgaga taacaggcac atgccacacc ctatgccaca    180000
     aggtatatat ttaatatttt cattatgcac aatgtccgaa atagcataga ttagtagctg    180060
     ctggggctgg actgggggga tccaaatggg aacagctata tcctgaaata agactgaggc    180120
     tgactgtaca attttgtgaa tactttaaat agaatgaata ctgcttgaga tacacctcaa    180180
     caaagcaggt tggtttgttt gggggttttg tttgtttgtt tttgcttttt ggctgtactg    180240
     ggactcactc tgtagaccag gaaggcctcg aacttaagag atccaactgc ctgttcctct    180300
     ctagtactga gattaaaaga gtgtgccacc tatgaccagc aacaaagcag ttctttaaag    180360
     atagactgct ttctggaagt tagtattaga atgataacaa aatctatttc tacatttcaa    180420
     gttcacttga aaccatcaca agagtttcta cagacacaag aaaatgcatg catgcacaaa    180480
     tgctctctca tgccagttag atggttcaga actgctctgt ttttgtagca gacccaagtt    180540
     tgactcctaa aatccatgtt gtatgttcac aactgcctat aactccacct gctgcctctg    180600
     gactccctgg gcacttgccc tcatgcatac atacccatgt ccagacacaa tgttttcatg    180660
     acatgtgcca ctacataggg cttaaaaata attcaaagaa atcttttaag ctgggcatgg    180720
     tggtgcagcc ttttaattcc agcactcagg aggcagaggc aggtagagct ctgtgaattc    180780
     agggccagtc ttggtctata aagccaattc cagaacatcc agagggaatg ctctcttcaa    180840
     aaaaaaaagg aggggggggg gagaggaaag aaatctttaa aaaccaccac caacaacaac    180900
     aaaaaagaaa cttagtaggg acagaacagc agtgtgtgta ggctacacaa caagattcta    180960
     ggggtggagg gttatgagag ggaggtcttt aaaatgagat ccaaaacttc ttagtaggtg    181020
     taaagacacc catcagtgac ctccctccct tttttgcctc aattctgacc cctccccacc    181080
     tgagttcttt aacccgctcc ccatgccccc tgctttaaga aatggtagct gcaatatggg    181140
     cttaggcagc tgaggagggc tatgtgctaa gtgcagctcc agctgccacc cactcctagg    181200
     agatagccca ccccatctca acaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg aactatgtac    181260
     accaggctag cctcaaactc cgagactgtc ctgcctctgc ctcctaagtg ttgggattaa    181320
     aggtatgtgc caccaccgcc tggcttagat tttctctcct ctaggacaca gggcaatttc    181380
     tgggcactgg agcacagtcc tccaaatgta ccttctaaaa gtctacatgt atattctcaa    181440
     gctagagctt gaatgttacc cctttttccc agaccctcat tacatgtgca cccaccaccc    181500
     agcttatgac aattactagt attaaaatat ttgggaaagt atactctatt tttgagacag    181560
     tctcattctg tagtctgcca ggtatggtag ccttgtatgt ccatccttcc atctcgcctc    181620
     cacatacact tgaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    181680
     cacagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagagg tgggggggga gagaatgaat aatctcccat    181740
     gcagcccaga gtggttaaga ggggctgaga gcaccagctc tgcagagacc aggacaacca    181800
     ggcctcctcc aatcctgggc actctacctt ctatgcccca acagacctaa gtgctggtga    181860
     acgcctttga ccccagcacc agagaggcag accaggcaat gtgtgtgatg aagccagcct    181920
     ggtctacaca gtgagttcca gaacagccag ggctatacag agaaactctg tctcagaaat    181980
     taaaatctaa acacctgtgt gtcttttcac actctgtcac attcaagggt gtgcacaaga    182040
     taaactatgc cgcacataaa aggaaagcga gctgcacagc cctggaactg agtggagaga    182100
     aacccataaa cctgataaaa cttaaaaata aatccataaa atcagcaaaa accattaatg    182160
     acgcactcac ataaaactaa tggaacatgc cattcataaa atgtaatatt tctcactcct    182220
     ttttaatttc ctgcagtaag gcccgggcac tgcccttgaa gcaccaccgc ctctgcttgt    182280
     taaacaccac tgcgctccct gcgctcccag acagtaatta tgccactttg tattgtttgt    182340
     ttgtttgaga taaggttttg ccaatgtagc cttggccagc tcggaaatca ctctgtagtc    182400
     cagactggac ttgaacttgt ggcaatcctc ctgcctttgc ctttcaggct ttaatactac    182460
     tttaaatgct aagatctctt gaccataact catgtccaac aaggaaataa aagttggttt    182520
     aaaaaaaaag tcctggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcgggt aagagcactg actgctcttc    182580
     caaaggtcat gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccttaataag    182640
     atctgacgct ctcttctggt gtgtctacag tgtacttaga tataataata aataaatctt    182700
     aaaaaaaaaa gtcctactgg gaagtggtgg tggtacatga cagaagcagg cagatctctg    182760
     agtcaagggc agtc                                                      182774