ID   AL772364; SV 21; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 210866 BP.
AC   AL772364;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 34)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-242C19 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-210866
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Andrew R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; aada780dbebcea420ee761a0decce3f0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456157.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051355; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051650; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000098650; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018079; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018080; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018082; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018052; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018053; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018055; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018016; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018017; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018019; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018020; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018021; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018023; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017834; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017835; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017837; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018472; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018473; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018475; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017395; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017396; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017398; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017808; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017809; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017811; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017918; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017919; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017921; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017910; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017911; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017913; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017989; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017990; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017992; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017936; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017937; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017939; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018513; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018514; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018516; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017176; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017177; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017179; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017449; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017450; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017452; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772364.21:1-210866; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057843; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000071068; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000160826; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173660; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028225; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028226; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028235; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028190; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028191; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028200; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028154; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028155; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028164; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028170; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028171; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028180; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027971; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027972; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027981; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028667; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028668; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028677; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027595; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027596; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027606; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027896; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027897; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027906; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028024; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028025; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028034; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028014; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028015; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028024; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028137; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028138; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028147; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027996; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027997; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028006; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028701; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028702; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028711; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027297; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027298; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027307; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027480; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027481; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027490; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; G8JL54.
DR   GOA; Q8VI86.
DR   InterPro; IPR002659; Glyco_trans_31.
DR   InterPro; IPR017920; COMM.
DR   InterPro; IPR033776; COMMD1_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR037351; Murr1.
DR   MGI; MGI:109474; Commd1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1889505; B3gnt2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3650030; Gm12057.
DR   MGI; MGI:5547784; Gm28048.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   RFAM; RF00092; SNORA63.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WR21; A0A087WR21_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G8JL54; G8JL54_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8VI86; Q8VI86_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-242C19 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..210866
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-242C19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    32696..32769
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-16B24
FT                   (AL732607) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_14877, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    33732..33821
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-16B24
FT                   (AL732607) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_14877, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    54141..54264
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-16B24
FT                   (AL732607) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_14876, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    59681..59686
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    75781..76062
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    76063..76063
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 130bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    76064..76082
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    85316..85356
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_53011, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    93314..93527
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_53011, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    108177..108229
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_53011, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    115873..115980
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_53011, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    125443..125452
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_53010, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    160317..160317
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_210551, version 2."
FT   unsure          207245..207245
FT                   /note="Unsure number of bases in mononucleotide run."
FT   misc_feature    207246..207258
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 210866 BP; 62433 A; 47430 C; 45742 G; 55261 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaaag ccaggctaat ctacatagct agttataggc cgggactaca tagtgagacc        60
     ctgtcatatt tccccctttt ggttcatgcc tgtaattcca ttacactgga ggctgagaca       120
     ggaggattgc tgcctgaggc tagtttggaa tttagaggag taagatgtgt ctcagctttc       180
     ccgtctcccc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtcc ccctatggca tcttgcactt tgtaagtaac       240
     ctttggcagt ggtctttaag gggagcctat tcttctttat actcggcaag tttggcaagg       300
     aaaggttgta gccctcagca cctgctccag ggtcccttgt gtctggctta cagacatatt       360
     catcaggatg atccattaga gctgtgtgag gtgtggtgct ggtgctccgt cagcctgaga       420
     gggaaaggta gtacttgccc acacactggg aatggcctgt gccagagcag agcctgagaa       480
     ctacaaacaa aaacatagta gaccatggtg ccaacgtgcc tttcagcaag ctatttatta       540
     atagtgaggg aaggcatctg gtgagtagaa ctttaaaatc cataaaatcc aaactagtct       600
     ccagcacaca gctgcccagt gtgttcttgc aggatgccct gtgaagcata aagtattact       660
     tgtggatgtt taacctgaat cactaacact agttgacaag aatgataaag aatcagggtg       720
     aactgcagca gagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga tggagggaag       780
     ggggagggaa atatggaggg agggggaagg agggagagaa ggaggaggga agctggacaa       840
     ctgtccccac tgggacctta actctagatc ttacttatta gctgggagcc ctgaggatga       900
     ctgagattct gcagcttaga cctgaccttg atgaataatg acagattaag aaagtgaaat       960
     gttattacac agtaaggacc aaaacagtca cttcagctta gtctttttag ttgtgtcttt      1020
     tgtgtttatt tatgtgtaca tgtgtgattg cgtatctaaa tgtatacctg tgtgtgtggg      1080
     taccttctga gttcagaact ccctggaact agagttacgg gctggcccgc atggtcttgg      1140
     gaaccaaacc taggtcatct gcaagagcaa cacatggtct ttcctgagcc tctctccacc      1200
     ccatctctgc agtgtcctca gagggactaa aaagatcttt tcttgctttt tttttttaag      1260
     atttatttat ttatttattt aatgtatatt agtacactgt agctgtacag atggttgtga      1320
     gccatcgtat ggttgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg cttgctctgg ccctgcttgc      1380
     tccagcccaa aggtttattt gttgttatat gtaagtatat tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca      1440
     ccagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg attgctggta      1500
     ttcgaactca ggaccttcag aagagcagtc agtgttaact actgaaccat ctctccagac      1560
     ctaagaggtc ttttcttgat ttatcaatac ctctaataaa aatggcaaat taggccatat      1620
     ttctggcatg agatctggca tccaacatca gaacacagtt gaaaaacagc agctcctctc      1680
     ttcagtttat ctaatttgcc tagctatagt ctggtgagac tgctttccct tttttccccc      1740
     cagggtccat tacatctgcc acactctcca ttcactgctt aataaagtca ccatctgaaa      1800
     tggtttgagt ctgaagagat ggcctaatgg taagaacact gactgatctt ccagaggacc      1860
     tacgttcaat tctcagcacc cacttggcaa ctcagaacca tctgtaacgt gtgctgttca      1920
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caggcaaaac accaacacac ataaaaataa ataaaaaaaa      1980
     tttaaaaaga aatggtttat atatacatat atgaaagttg ttaccaaata acaatttggt      2040
     tatttggtct gggttgtaag tttttaaaaa gaaatgtttt tttcagttct gtggttttga      2100
     cttgacagca aaggccatgc atggtgcatg ctaaatttgg ctgagtgttc ttgtatacaa      2160
     cacattctca actatagtct tgagaatgcg cacaaattct ctacaaataa caaaaaaaaa      2220
     agtggttttc attacatccg tagttttcct tttagagggt acaaaggttt tattttgcag      2280
     acactaaaga atgtatactg gagcttccgg tccatgccag caccgtggta cattgggcac      2340
     agagtctgtg gacacccgca aggtacacac aggaccctcc acgggatctt gagacctctg      2400
     tgagtggaac acaacttttg ccaggaggca ggttcaaaca ccagatatct gggcacctac      2460
     cttgcaagag gagagcttgc ctgcagagag tactctgaaa actgaacctc aggagagagc      2520
     taggctccca agatagaggc taacataatc acctgaggaa caagctctaa ccagagacaa      2580
     ctacaacaac taactccaga gattaccaga tggcgaaagg caaacgtaag aatcttacta      2640
     acagaatcca agaccactca ccatcatcag aatgcagcac tcccacccca cccagtccta      2700
     ggcaccccag cacacccgaa aagatagtcc ctgatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg      2760
     tagaggacat caagaaggac tttaataact cacttaaaga aatacaggag aacactgctg      2820
     aacaggtaga agaccttaaa gaggaagcac aaaaatccct taaagaattg caggaaaaca      2880
     cgaccaaaca ggtgatggaa ttgaataaaa ccatccaaga cctaaaaagg gaagtagaca      2940
     caataaagaa aacccaaagt gaggcaatgc tgaagataga aaccctagga aagaaatctg      3000
     aaaccataga tgtgagcatc agcaacataa tacaaaagat ggaagagaga atctcaggtg      3060
     cagaagattc catagagaat atcagcacaa caatcaaaga aaatacaaaa tgcaaaaaga      3120
     tcctaactca aaacatccag gaaatccagg acacaatgag aaaaccaaac ctacggataa      3180
     taggagtaga tgagaatgaa gattttcaac ttaaagggcc agcaaatatc ttcaacaaaa      3240
     ttatagaaga aaacttccca aacctaaaga aagagatgcc cgtgaacata caagaagcct      3300
     acagaactcc aaataaactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ccgacacata ataatcagaa      3360
     caacaaatgc actaaataaa gatagaatat taaaagcagt aagggaaaaa ggtcaagtaa      3420
     catataaagg caggcctatc agaattacac cagacttttc accagagact atgaaagtca      3480
     gaagagcctg gacagatgtt atacagacac taagagaaca caaatgccag cccaggctac      3540
     tatacccagc caaactctca actaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattc cacgacaaaa      3600
     ccaagttccc acattatctt tccacaaatc cagcccttca aagaataaaa aaaaaaaaaa      3660
     tacaaggaca gaaaccacgc cctagaaaaa gcaagaaagt aatccctcaa caaatcaaaa      3720
     agaagacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccaac tctaaaaaca aaaataatag gaagcaacaa      3780
     ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactcaat tccccaataa aaagacatag      3840
     actaacagac tggatacaca aacaggaccc aacattttgc tgcttacagg aaacccatct      3900
     caaggaaaaa gacagacact acctcagagt gaaaggctgg aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa      3960
     tggtctgaag aaacaagctg gagtagccat tctaatatca aataaaatcg acttccaagc      4020
     caaagttatc aaaaaagaca aggagggaca cttcattctc atcaaaggta aaatcctcca      4080
     agaggaactc tcaattctga atatctatgc tccaaataca agggcagcca catccattaa      4140
     agaaacttta gtaaagatca aagcacatat tgcacctcac acaataatag tgggagactt      4200
     caacacacca ctttcatcaa tggacagatc gtggaaacag aaattaaaca gggacacagt      4260
     aaaactaaca gaagttatga aacaaatgga tctaacagat atctacagaa cattttatcc      4320
     tgaaacataa ggatataact tcttctcagc acctcatggt actttctcca aaattgacca      4380
     tataattggt cacaaaacag gcctcaacag atacaaaaat attgaaattg tcccgtgcat      4440
     cctatcagac caccattgac taaggctgat cttcaataac aacataaata atggaaagcc      4500
     aacattcacg tggaaaatga acaacactct tctcaatgat atcttggtca aggaaggaat      4560
     aaagaaagaa attaaagact ttttagagtt taatgaaaat gaagccacaa catacccaaa      4620
     cttatgggac actatgaaag catttctaag agggaaactc atagctctga gtgcctccaa      4680
     aaagaaacta gagagagcac gtactagcag cttgacaaca cacctaaaag ctctagaaaa      4740
     aaaggaagca aattcactca agaggagtaa acagcaggaa ataatcaatc tcaggggcga      4800
     aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat tcaaggaatc aatcaaacga ggagctggtt      4860
     ctctgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc cttagccaga ctcactagag ggcacaggga      4920
     cagcatccta atcaacaaaa tcagaaatga aaagggagac ataacaacag atcctgaaga      4980
     aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa aaggctatac tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct      5040
     ggacgaaata gacaaatttc tagacagata ccaggtacca aagttaaacc aggatcaagt      5100
     aaacgatcta aacagtccca tatcccctaa agaaatagaa gcagtcatta atagtctccc      5160
     aaccaaaaaa agcccaaacc agatgggttt agtgcagagt tctatcagac cttcaaggaa      5220
     gatctaattc cagttctgca caaactattc cacaaaatag aagtagaagg tactctatcc      5280
     aactgattct atgaagccac aattactctg atacctaaac cacagaaaga tccaacaaag      5340
     atagagaact tcagaccaat ttcccttatg aatatcgatg caaaaatcct caataaaatt      5400
     ctcgctatgt gaatccaaga acacattaaa acaatcatcc atcctgacca agtaggtttt      5460
     attccaggga tgcagggatg gtgtaatata aggaaatcca tcaacgtaat ccattatata      5520
     aacaaactca aagacaaaaa ccacatgatc atctcgttag atgcggagaa agcatttgac      5580
     aaaatccaac acccattcat gataaaagtc ttggaaagat caggaattca aggcccatac      5640
     ctaaacatga taaaagcaat ctacagcaaa ccagtagcca acatcaaagt aaatggtgag      5700
     aagctggaag caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagacaag gctgcccact ttctccctac      5760
     ctattcaaca ttgtacttga agtcctagcc agagcaattc gacaacaaaa ggagatcaag      5820
     gggatacaaa ttggaaaaga agaagtcaaa atatcacttt ttgcagatga tatgatagta      5880
     tatataagtg accctaaaaa ttccaccaga gaactcctaa gcctgataaa cagcttcagt      5940
     gaagtagctg gatataaaat taactcaaac aagtcaatgg cctttctgta cacaaaggat      6000
     aaacaggctg agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac aaataatata      6060
     aaataccttg gtgtgactct aaggaagtaa aagatctgta tgataaaaac tttaagtctc      6120
     tgaagaaaga aattaaagaa gatctcagaa gatggaaaga tctcccatgc tcatggattg      6180
     gcaggatcaa cattgtaaaa atggctatct tgccaaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa      6240
     tccccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca cagagttaga aatgacaatt tgcaaattca      6300
     tctggaataa caaaaaacct aggatagcaa aaactattct caacaataaa agaacctctg      6360
     gtggaatcac catgcctgac ctcatgctgt actacagagc atttgtgata aaaaaaaaaa      6420
     aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaact gcatggtact ggtacagtga cagacaggta aatcaatgga      6480
     atagaattga agacccagaa atgaacccac acacatatgg tcacttgatc ttcgacaagg      6540
     gagctaaaac catccagtgg aaaaaagaca gcattttcaa caaagggtgc tggcacaact      6600
     ggtggttatc atgtagagga atgcgaattg atccattcct atctccttgt actaaggtca      6660
     aatctaagtg gatcaaggag ctccacataa aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga      6720
     aagtgggaaa aagcctcgaa gatattggca caagggggaa aagtcctgaa tagaacagca      6780
     atggcttgtg ctgtaagatc gagaattgac aaatggaacc tcatgaaact gcaaagcttc      6840
     tgtaaggcaa aagacaccat caataagaca aaaaggccac caacagattg ggaaaggatt      6900
     tttacctatc ctaaatcaga taggggacta atatccaata tatataaaga actcaagaag      6960
     gtggactcca gaaaatcaaa taaccccatt aaaaaaatgg ggctcagatc taaacaaaga      7020
     attctcaact gaggaatact gaatggctga aaaacacctg aaaaaaatgt tcagcatcct      7080
     taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtcagaa      7140
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgtgaa gaaagaggaa      7200
     cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaagc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tcagtctggc      7260
     agttcctcag aaaattggac atggtactac cagaggatcc cgcaatacct ctcctgggca      7320
     taaatccaaa agatgttcca actagtaaga aagacacatg ttccactatg ttcatagcag      7380
     ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaaag aacccaaata cccctcaaca gaggaatgga      7440
     tacaaaaatt gtggtacatt tatacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aagaatgaat      7500
     ttatgaaatt cctaggcaaa tggttggacc tggagggcat tatcctgagt gaggcaaccc      7560
     aatcacaaaa gaactcaaat gatatgtact caccgataag tggatattag cccagaaact      7620
     tagaataccc aagatataag ttacaatttg caaaacacat gaaactcaag aagaacgaaa      7680
     accaaagtgt ggacactttg ccccttctta gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag      7740
     ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagacaa aaggatggac catctagaga ctgccatatc      7800
     cagggatcca tcccataatc agcctccaaa ccctgacacc attgaataca ctagcaagat      7860
     tttgctgaaa ggaccctgat atagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccaggg cctagcaaac      7920
     acataagtgg acgctcatag tcagctattg gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc      7980
     tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg      8040
     aactaaccag taccccaaag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag      8100
     tcagccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacatgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag      8160
     gggaacacca gggccaaaaa gtgggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggg agggtatggg      8220
     ggacttctgg gattgcattg gaagtgtaaa tgaggaaaat acctaataaa aaatattttt      8280
     aaaaaatttt aaatgaaaaa aaaaagaatg tatactggaa ttaaaaaata ataccatttt      8340
     tactttatca tagaagcaat taattgtcag gaagataaag agcaggcttg ggccccaaaa      8400
     gtggctaaca cagcaggaag cagagagccc cacagaatac acaatatggt ggatgcagca      8460
     gactagtgga atcttattta acaataagga gtgcacattt gccttctaaa tgacatcaga      8520
     ggcctattgt tactttaagg taaataagtt aaagagttat tggattgaca atgactccat      8580
     gttattcaaa ttcagctggc tgtgctgaga agataatgta acacactgaa caacaaacaa      8640
     atagagtgca tgtatggcta tgtttcatag actgagacac agcactatca tctatgaagc      8700
     tcatgcttga gaatttcata actgacttat caaaaataag taaataaccc atgtcataat      8760
     gcttttaata agcttggaat tttgcattag gcctcattca tagctctaat aggcacatgt      8820
     ggcctgtgag ctgcagtgag ttgtgaacca aatacagtaa atgcattttt aactcacaaa      8880
     tatttctatt tacaaggggt tccttggggc atcacactat tataaactga gcagcatctg      8940
     taccttttga aaactgattg ttgttgctgt aacttgtcaa gatcattggc cagaactggg      9000
     taggaggcga agaatgatca ggagtccaag gccaatcttg gctattctcc aattcgatgc      9060
     cagcctgacc tccctgagag cctgtcaaag aaaaggaaca aagattaaca ctgggtcacc      9120
     tctgtaagtc cacactgaga ctagggtcac agttctcact catccagtcc caacatgaac      9180
     caggggtggc acagtggggg ctggctctgg gtcaagtttt taaactacta tctcattaaa      9240
     aagccaataa gaaaacaatg tctcaggtct gctctcctgt ctagaccaga gaatgatcga      9300
     taatataatt atgggttttg aatgagtaag tttattatgc attcaacaaa agaaagtaaa      9360
     aacaaatggt aagtagcaga tgaagagagg caatagacag caacaaaaca tggaagcagg      9420
     cacttggaac atccagcaga ggtgaccaga acgggcagat agagagtgca aacacagtaa      9480
     cagcactaac agccgatcag aaactaagaa agatccagca gaaacaactg gagaaagcct      9540
     gggctgtgga ctggagctac tgattaagcg ttctctctgg atgagcatcc aaagagtgag      9600
     ctgccggtgt cttgttccta ctgcaggcat ttttatacca gtggatacaa aattgtaacc      9660
     tctgataaac atcatttcct ttatggctct tctccaaaat acagtgtttt tagatgggct      9720
     attttagtgc cttcttctct gcatgccacc caattcccca aaagggcctt ggttgacact      9780
     ttgagataaa caaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaagtgtaa agtaggagag aagaaattct      9840
     tcttgcagag tcagcatgtc atgagtccaa ttatcatatg acaatttgct actgtaatgt      9900
     acattatagc tgactcaaag gtcaaacatc tccttaaaag atgtattctt agccgggcgt      9960
     ggtggcatat gcctttaatc ccagcactgg ggaggcagag gcaggcgaat ttctgagttc     10020
     gaggctagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct     10080
     gtctcgaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaaaccaaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaaacc caacaacaaa     10140
     aaaaagatgt attcttcctt gcaaaataag gggaaagaaa attagaaata tgatgagggc     10200
     ctagaagaaa atagtcaata agtctgtcag gagaatagag atggatggat tcacagaaag     10260
     acagacccac tttgcagagt tttgatttca ggaggtgggt gcattctggg agagaggtct     10320
     ttgtaaggat ggggcagctt ctttttcttc ttctccttct tcttctcctt ctccttctcc     10380
     ttctcctcct ccttctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc cttcttctcc     10440
     ttcttttgaa agatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca     10500
     gaagagggag tcagatctca ttaaggatgg ttgtaagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt     10560
     gaacttagga cctttggaag agtagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc     10620
     cccagggcag cttcttaaaa gccagtaagg accagtttga tggtgcatga ttttaatccc     10680
     agtactcagg atgcagaggc aaaagaagct ctgtgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacat     10740
     agcaagttcc aggacagtta ggagtacata gaaaggccct atctaaagaa aagaaaacag     10800
     aaaaaaaaaa agtgaggatg tctgctctac gcctggagag tcagggctgc tggaagtatt     10860
     aaggaggttg gaggttacat aaagtttccc atggatgtgg tctgctgatc tattgacatt     10920
     ttacaaattt aatcttgttc ttagaccatg gctggcattc tacttctgtg agtcacagaa     10980
     cagcttacct tctgttaata tggaagaatg cttgtttcat ggtggtaata agtcagattt     11040
     ttcttttctg aggccttaac gttgttgttg accttccaat ccttatttga ttcatgatca     11100
     tttgaaagag gaaaaggaat tctgacccag gccattattt tctgttttct ccaggttgaa     11160
     cagcaggctc tagagagcaa tgtattcgaa gctggatttt taaactcaaa aatcatcttt     11220
     ggagtcaggt acagtggccc acacttgcaa tcctgctact tgagaggcag agtcaggtga     11280
     tacagagttc aaggtgattg tgagctacaa agtgagttgg aggccagtct gggcaataga     11340
     acctctgact caaacaaaca aaaaaagtaa ttttattact aactacaatc tgataaaatc     11400
     ctgtttgacc aatgattttc tgtcaaatag aaatgttaga ctctgcaaag tgcactgttt     11460
     gcgaaccaag atgcctgggg ctagaatctc cgtgctctat ttagtatgtg tgactgccag     11520
     agctcacgta acttctctaa gatgccagtt taccagtttc ttcttcctct ttttcttttg     11580
     gctgtcctag acttgctttg tagaactcac agagatcctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagtg     11640
     ctgagattca tcatcttctt ctatttttaa atttgttttt attttatatg tgtgagcatt     11700
     ctatctgtgc atatatatgc ataccacatg ctttatgcag tacctgaaga ggccagaaga     11760
     gggctacgat atcctgggat ctggagttaa gagttgtgag ctgccatagc ccagagaagc     11820
     taatctgggt cctctgcaag agcagctgtg tcacctctca aagccccagt ccatgttctt     11880
     tcatgcttgt tctctcccac cccaccaggg tctcgctatg tagccctggc tggcctgggt     11940
     ctggctgggg tcaagatcac agagatcttc ctgcctgcag agtccacgtg ctagcataag     12000
     agtcatctgc catcataccc agacagtttt ctcttctata aaacaattgt atctgcagtg     12060
     ctgggggttg aactcagggc ctcaaactca ctaagcaaat gctagaccat tgatccacat     12120
     tcccagcagc tcagctctgg aactgtggga tactgatgta ttcaaaacaa aacaaaacca     12180
     ggcttggggg gaagagatct gcaatccaag attcagaagg attgagagtt tcaggtcaca     12240
     aagcaaataa aacacaaacc aaacagatga aaatctgact gtgaaatgcc aggacatctt     12300
     caacagtggc actagtcagt ggttttcttc cctccaccct atcctgaatc ttccttactg     12360
     agacataaaa taacatcctg ccaccgacca tatcttgcac ctgattgcat cttatataag     12420
     gtgaattatg acagattctc tgccaagttt ttcctggatg gggagctcgc accagaacta     12480
     aaaaaaatat tttcctctct tcttaccaga gattgccaac ccccaccctt tccttgtctc     12540
     cacccttact tttccttagt ctcctctttc tcccctactc tctctctcct cctttccagt     12600
     cttcctccac atctttattt tgattttgtc tttctctttc tctgtttcta taacacactc     12660
     tctttcttct ctttctcgat ctcaatttta gagaacaata aagatttctt ctagttggac     12720
     atggtggcac atttctatag cctcaggagg caggggccgg tagattccag gctccaggac     12780
     agcctggact aaaagcaaac aaacaacagc aaaacaaaaa caaaaatcaa caaaccaaag     12840
     ggctagagcg atgactcagc aattcagagc agttgctact cttgcagagg gtcagagttc     12900
     agctcccagg ccctacataa aggttcacaa ccatctgtaa cttagtccta gggagttcaa     12960
     agccttctcc tgaccactaa aggcaccagg catacacatg ctatacaggc ttacatgcaa     13020
     gcaaaacacc catatacata aattaaaaac caaccaaaca acagtaaaaa tttgttcttt     13080
     gctaggatat tctcagaatc tgaagagcag gaagaaaatt agattatttg atatttcatg     13140
     gtttcatgga taaaaatatc tatctcagat ttctgtaaag attcattgtc tgagcacatg     13200
     taaagaattc aataaatgct ggctgtaatt atttattatt cctatataca atgaaaccac     13260
     caacatcata tcaacagaga caagcgttta aaaagaccag agctaaaaca cagactcacc     13320
     tgcagccacc tcaccacctt gtgtcctggt tagaaccaaa cacatcatgg caaaatttga     13380
     tttagtgctt ttctagtgaa agggcatgct tatgaataat tgttcagaag tggaggaaca     13440
     aaggacaaac agtcactgtg catttaatgc attttgacat gtagcagcct gggatatctt     13500
     cagaacagca cagagggcag cttgatgtca gcatcttaga actttctcct ccaggaaggg     13560
     tttttctgca gtagcttcct tgaagacaaa ggaacacaac actccactgt tcttgggttt     13620
     cttcaaaaag cactgtcaaa aaccaatagc atccagggta ataattttag gaggcacttt     13680
     cttgctgcta gtcctggaag ataagaggaa agctggcagt gtttcagtta cccctggcaa     13740
     gcatgagtgg gaactggggg gctacccaca ggaaggcagg gagcccaccc tgctgtgcac     13800
     cctgaccgtt caggctggac tgctgactcc ttgtatttga caccaaggat ttgaggagat     13860
     gactctgggt agctgtggtt gtgacagtgg tgtcctcatg gtgggcttgt cccctgagtg     13920
     aaagaacttc aacagtgagc ccaactgtac tgtcttgatc cagcatcaac aatgagaaac     13980
     aaatgcctgt gttgaagcca ctcaacctga ggtatctgtg acaggcccag acagctgaga     14040
     caaggcagtg gcctctcaca gtcagaggca ggtggcagaa gggttaacag aactttctcg     14100
     ggttagccta ccatgagaag ggtagcagtg tgaccgttga gagcaggcag aagagatgga     14160
     cctgtgagca attctgtaaa accaaaggaa atctcaaatg tatttcaaaa ttagcaaatt     14220
     ttatttttag aaattgcaac acaaaacttc accgcctctt gatgcctttg ctgcctgaac     14280
     agtggagatg gacttggtgg cagtgcagga gtaattgctt ccttggcgac ttccacggct     14340
     gctgctggga caactattca aggcctctca ctttgtggcc ctgagtcctt aggctaagag     14400
     caggaagtag gacacaagtc aacaggaaga agccatcctg cctctaggaa agtaggcttc     14460
     cttctaacag gaagctctta ggctatgcag tggtctaaga ggaactaaac atatatgcca     14520
     ggcagtatgc cagtagcttg tgccgttaat cctagcattt gagagtcata ggcagacaga     14580
     tttctgtaca atcctggcca gtctggttcc atagtgagtt ccaggacagt cagggctaca     14640
     aagatcttgt ctcagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     14700
     gagagagaga gaacgatagg tttatatatg tgtgtgtgag tgtgataaat aatttaggag     14760
     caatttctca gagagccata tgacacaaca gtccctcttc tctccctctc cccttccagt     14820
     tgactatgtt atttattgtt gtttcccatg tacaactgaa aagaaaaact gtgattttaa     14880
     aaacaggagg taatggaggg tgtggcttgc tcccaatctt ggtcaagatc tgtttcacat     14940
     agctgccctg gaaatcagga gtgaaccatc caggaagaat gactcaggca gactgcaggc     15000
     caagtacggc acatccatcc cacccaagac tacagcctag agcagggtcc agttttggat     15060
     gtggtggagg gaccacagga aatgccttac tgtcctctca ggctactgaa agtgagccat     15120
     cattccgctc caggctacac aaagagagtt gagggcttct gggctcctag aagatcttgt     15180
     attgcagtgc ccagaaatgc agaagaaacc tttagttcat agggaccacc ctagagaatg     15240
     tggctgagag acatggaaga aagggagaag aaagaaaatc caggtagcca agccttaggt     15300
     ccatgagcag actcagcaag aggctctcaa aggcaggaag gcctgaactg tctcattgaa     15360
     cctggggaga tgagactgtg gaatgctgca gagacctctc tcaggatctt ttccagtcca     15420
     gccactcaca gctgttctgg gtgttgggaa atgctggcca cagaatgaaa agtccaggaa     15480
     gatgcaaagg ttaaagagca gctcaccact gggtgtggca gggcatggta gtgcacacat     15540
     gcttttaatc cctgggtttg ggaggcagaa ctgaaattaa ggccagcctg gtctacagag     15600
     taagctccag ccaggactac acagagaaac cttgttgata gatagataga tagatagata     15660
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagatagg gtaaaaataa attccccaag gctaaggata     15720
     tggctgtcac atctgagtca tatagtgaag acgacatgac actgttgggc tccagaagag     15780
     acaaggtcct gtatgagccc tgacaagagg ggattcgtga aggaagaggg cacaccatga     15840
     caagcctcta tagtcctggc tttggaggtg gcagagggct tgaagttggc agctaaacag     15900
     gtaccattgt ctatatagat ggtagagagc taggaaggga gcccaggagg gtcactgtag     15960
     cctcagcagc agcctttgga gacaaggcat gaagcaggaa acacccctac agtgtagata     16020
     gaaatctcaa cctgggaaca cctagggatt gtgtccgttt tttttagact gggtctcact     16080
     aagttgggct tgccttaatt tgtgaatcta gaatcaggca acactctgtt taagatgaac     16140
     aaaggtgaac tggagagatg gctcagcagt taagattact gactactctt ccagaggacc     16200
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaatca tctgtaatgg tatccaatgc     16260
     ccttttctgg tgtgaattga agacaatgta ctgtatgtat gtatatatgt atgtatgtat     16320
     gtatgtatgt ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaga tggtcaaaga cagaagcaca     16380
     gaacagggag ttggttgact acttacagag ccagaatagg acaaatagaa agacatcatt     16440
     atcctaaggt ttaagaaatt tatatctgtc ttgaagctgg gttcaaatct tctgagactt     16500
     tgtgggagtt aacagttaaa ggttccagga gattctgtct gttataaact tacatatatt     16560
     aataattagc agacttctga taagattgag ggctatatcg attggttata tctgaataga     16620
     gcacaccaca atttaatggc agtagtgaaa atcaagacag aataagaatg aaaatcaaga     16680
     cagaataaga atgaaaatct gaagtggctt tgacaggttg tgtaagtaga gagatagtgg     16740
     tgacagaaag tgagtttgcc caggtaggtt caggcctgtg atgaggactg tgcaggcagg     16800
     ccacgagaac aggccagggg cacgagcatg tatcactgac gaaacagatt gtaaagagag     16860
     caggccggtc ggctgagaga ggcgtgcaca tatggctgtt gctgccttca tttcaagaca     16920
     gcagcagcgg tgacagacag cagctgacct gatgtgtttg cttcagccaa gctggggtgg     16980
     gacttcctct cagcagcagg aagtcatggc ccagtgcttc cagctgttgg agcctgtggt     17040
     gggcgtggaa aaggaagcac ctgaagtagc accccagcaa cgtgcacgct attcttgtgg     17100
     cacatggagc tgcaagcctt cactttataa gtcccaggta gagagtgaga gagagggggc     17160
     gggaggggct cccgcgcatg catgggaaga tggattcttg gaaaaggcaa aactttttct     17220
     caaggctgca gccaagcagg acacccaaaa gcaactactg gcgggcacag cgcaggagtc     17280
     cctctctcga gaaagctcac aagtataggg gtagcaggtg gtcacacata cggggaaagc     17340
     aagtttcaca ggttccctgg caggacacaa gaggtggagc cagaactgtt ttttaggcgg     17400
     tgaacctgcg gaaccagcag ctgcagtggc cagtggaagt gggcaaatga gggagagagg     17460
     gaggcgaagt ctaagctaca aatcactagc gagaaagtgc cagtttagtg gccatgtaga     17520
     gatattgttt tctgttaact gtgaattaga ccaagacatt ccagaaagta tgtccaaggc     17580
     agcgaacaga cccataggtg agacacgtga gggctgagga ctatgctctg ggctgatacc     17640
     cccagagaac agtttatcca ggcctggcct aggattctca gcctcgagaa agaaactgtc     17700
     tcaaagggag agaggaagat ctcaccaaag ggaaaaagtc ctagtacaag ggtcagtgga     17760
     aagtctgaat gtctccattc ttaagggcag tataggggta gctctgagct caagaattct     17820
     cccctgggac catgcggaca tttactctga ccagagtgag gaggggacta acctgttctc     17880
     tcaagtttag gctagcaagt atggatctcc atgtgagagc aggggcgatg gaaacctgca     17940
     gagtttctaa atccgagtca cgacaacaat gttgtgttta taaaaagata ggttatgttc     18000
     tatggaggtg tagtcaggta tggggggagg gagtgcctca gcaggcccat gccaaggcat     18060
     cccttcccct tgagggacca gccacaggac agtatagtat agaatagagt ttattaaggg     18120
     tatggggagg ggagtcaaga tggttgtaga ggaagaaaaa ggcagagaga aagagagaga     18180
     gtagagaagt agaggccagc catgagcacg tggagagagg ggaggggtaa gggaatgggg     18240
     ggagagaggc gaaaagagca agggagcaag agagtgagag ggggcaagca gcccctttta     18300
     cagggggtca ggcctacctg actgttgcca ggtaactgtg gagcagaaaa taaacagaat     18360
     gctaacacct gtgggtacca agcacacaca tggtatacac atacacatgc agacaaaaca     18420
     ctccaacatg aaataaaatg aatctataaa tgcttttttt taaaaaaagg taaaacacaa     18480
     gatgaggggg caggttttcc ctgagatagc ccagtggctc aaggtgccag ctgatggaag     18540
     caagagaact gattcctgaa aattgtcccc taaactccaa ttacatgcac agacatgcca     18600
     agaaattaaa atgtaacaga acagtgctgt ttgtgttttg atgtctttta ttttaaagca     18660
     gaccaggctg ttacataaca ctgagtcacg aggccttgaa ccaccatgca ataatccttt     18720
     tgctgagtta ctgagttgag gatttttttt ttcttaagca ggggaattga gggactaaat     18780
     tactgtcccc aactaggaga actgaaagag caagggaagg agcttctgac agtcatttag     18840
     cctgtccttg ttgattgtcc cttctaacac tgtccttttt gctatcgatc ttgcatctgg     18900
     tagtatcctc tgtgcgacca ctcagggacc cttgagctaa tactagattc caaacattat     18960
     gggaaactgg aacacagacc tgtcaagtag gagtgagagg attagatgct agagctttgt     19020
     tgaggacaaa ctggaaatag ctaacatttt taattgcagt ttaagcatcc acttcatggt     19080
     agtaagtgtg tccgtgttgt gcaatcatcc ctgccatctc cctcatccac aatttcatct     19140
     ttccaaactt aaacatggat ggcaattccc attctgtctc ctggtcacca ctctattgtg     19200
     tctttgaaag ctcactctcc tgggtcattc tcataggtga tgagacaggc tgactccatg     19260
     acaggcttca aataggcagt tcaagacatt agagctaaaa acccaggctt caggcagcta     19320
     atcagaaact gccccatcac ctggccgaaa gcaaggacaa tgggtcagca gtttccagcc     19380
     agcccccatg tcccagtaat agaatgtcct tagagataga gtaagacaaa gcccacctac     19440
     tttgcaattt cctaatgtgc tttaaatcag gctcacttgg ttgtctctct atcttggtaa     19500
     agggagacca caaaatactg ggcttctgca gaataaaaca ctctttgcac ttacatccca     19560
     tttgaacctg gggtgtcatt cttcagtaag tcatagaccc ttacatttgg gggctcatcc     19620
     aggattcgat agagaccccc tggccaaata gtggagtgtt tttccgaatg gtaactctag     19680
     gtgtacagtt gtctttcgtc ttgtctatat ctttctgatt caggtttaat tctgtttggg     19740
     gtttaacctg aaggccaaga gggacaaagt ggacatgtat tttgtcatct ggccagggca     19800
     atggaggatg ctcctgaccc ccaaacagaa actggagaac ttgctagttc tcatctgaat     19860
     tctgaacctg ctttgggtct ctcatgcaca ggaagtaaga ctgtctgaga tagacttttt     19920
     gttttgtttc tgttttccct ggaacatcct tgtgtgtctg tatgtattct gtttgtgctt     19980
     tttttttttt tttcctctct tacagatttt tctgaactcc tagaatggaa aagacacaaa     20040
     gcacaccact gggcttggtc ctgaaccagt ttaaggactt ttgcagagtc acagaagact     20100
     cagtctggtt gttcatctct gaaaaccaat cgtctcttac aggaatgaat ggcccaccta     20160
     tggccaggac tttctatctc cccatcatgt atagggcaaa tgtttagttt ctgaggcatg     20220
     gggccatctg gaccaagtgc tgtggacgtc actgcttccc tcccaccctt gccgagctcc     20280
     tctctctctt cctgaggatc tgtgtcccct tccttatgtt cctgtttctg ccactgctgc     20340
     ccctgcccag ccagcacagg cagagggagg agcagcccct gactcccctg accctcctga     20400
     ctccacttgg agtccacctc acacttcggc ccatactgcc caaagggctg actctactac     20460
     agccttaccc ctccaggcta caggaacccc agatgctcag ggaagacagt tcataacatg     20520
     tgccattcac caataatgag tcttgcaatt agaagttgca gaactcccca tttttagaaa     20580
     tatatcagct ctcacaggtc ctctagattc agtcatgctg actcacctgc ccacctggga     20640
     tgactgttgg caactgctcc aggtcctctt catgatggat aagagaggat tatgggagca     20700
     acaaggagat tgattctggg agcaaatggg ctgcccactc aagttcaggc tgatacccat     20760
     gcagcttttc cttttattcg acctggcttg agattttttt tttaacatta aaatactagg     20820
     atgtttatta caaaggtaaa ccccgatcct tgagatgggc ttatcagtag gatttctggt     20880
     attgggcacg ggcaccagga cttccaaatt ttttggattc acagcgacag gggtcagcta     20940
     caagcagggt tggatcgtac tggatgagaa tatctttgat ctccttctta gaggcttcat     21000
     cgacatattt ttggtaataa accaccagga cctttgagat ggactgtcgc atggcataaa     21060
     tttgggccac atggccacca cccttcacac agaccctgat atccacacca gcaaatcgct     21120
     ccttgcccag aagcaaaacc agctccagga acttgtactg catcgtgcga ggctccatca     21180
     tctccagtgg gtgtccattc accttgatga gcccatttcc tcgtttgcag tgggccacag     21240
     ctgtggctgt cttcttcatc caaacacctg cacggactgc agcagaccct tggacggcat     21300
     agctacaagt atgaacaaga gctccttact gcgcgccacc gccaccgcca ccgaaaaggc     21360
     ttggttgaga ttttaacact gctgttaaaa ataaagacag gctctgggtc tataaccgga     21420
     ttctgaaggg aggcctccaa gaggctgcca gacagtccac aaatttatct aaggtgagcc     21480
     aggtgatgag aagaaaaaaa atgtccccag ggaacatcta gaaagacttt tgaagcctat     21540
     agaacccata ctgcttttta acccagaagt cagggagcac cagttagcgg tgaacatgac     21600
     ttttgttaac caaactgccc ctgacatcca ttgaaagttt cagccactaa atggctttgc     21660
     aacctgcctc tgacacccaa aactaacctc tattcacctt tgaacagcaa gacttggaga     21720
     gaggcttcaa ggaataactg acttggatat gcctgcctca aggattcaag aactcatcta     21780
     caacatttaa ggaggcacta catgaggact tgggtgagaa ctagtgagcc cacccgcaaa     21840
     taactgtgct ccagtgtaac caccagtggc catgggttac tgggttcctg aaaggaaagc     21900
     tgaggatgga tggtgagaga aataatgagc caagacaaag ttctctgatc aaggctcaaa     21960
     ttttaatgta cagcactgaa tatatatgga aaaacccatt gctttgtttc cgctgggttc     22020
     agttgcttgt tcagctggac tgagttacaa agtaggctct taagcaactc agtgggcaag     22080
     cagttctcag ttctctggca ggaagatgta actgtagcaa agccagacgc ctggctccag     22140
     tgtccaactt gttcagccag ctcaaggctg aaagtggggg gacactccag tatgtatttt     22200
     gggcccccaa cttgaagaca tggcagaaga ccacagaaga cctgctatag gagttaactt     22260
     ggcttttgag tatctgctaa gaaggccctg ctttgtcaac ttgagatcac ctatctgggg     22320
     tacatattca aggggggcta gccaatgcat gctgtctgat gccccagaag caaaccatcc     22380
     tcaacacccc agtccccatc aacctaaaag caagtactgg aatttctggg atctgctggg     22440
     ttctgtacat ttttggtgcc agggttcact gagatagcca aaccattatc tgaggccacc     22500
     agggactaag aagacaaaat gaaccctgag acagacatgg cttttaagac tctaagaaaa     22560
     gacatattag aagcaccagc ctgggccctc ccagacattc acaaaccttt ccacctatat     22620
     gtggatcaga gaagggagat agcaaagggg gtgctcgccc aaactttggt accatagaaa     22680
     agacctgtgg cttatttatc aaagaatctg gtcctggtgg cccaaggatg gccagcctgc     22740
     ctccagatca tagcttctac tgccctgcta gtcaaggatg ttggcaaaag aaccatgtgg     22800
     caggaacttt gttatcacca cccctcatgt tattgagggg acccctaaga attcacccag     22860
     ctgatggctg tccagtgtca gactggatta aaagatataa ccacaagact ctggaacttc     22920
     attggaaagg atctcacacc atgaccctga ctgcacctat ggctgttaag gtggacaaga     22980
     aaaggatatg gatagatcac ccccacatta cacctgtcaa gagagagatg atctagcagt     23040
     tgaggtccca gagaaagaga cttccagatg aactgccaca ggaagataaa aggtcacccc     23100
     acaccctgtc aatccactga aactgtgact ccagtgttcc tgatgcttgc ttgctgctta     23160
     cactttgcca caccagccaa tagccccctt acaatgcgat gcaacaatct tgtcatcaag     23220
     ttcacagtgg atagtaagaa ggccgattgt actgccagtt cttaactcct ctctacctag     23280
     acttagcgca gaattgttaa ttaccagaca gggaaactgc attggaaata aggacgctcc     23340
     agcctattcc cacctctgca acgacactgt aacccctact gtttcaggac acatgctgcc     23400
     cccagagaat gcttggtggg cttatacctc aggacttact ccatgcattt atgacctggt     23460
     tataggtacg actgaggatt tttatgttct agtacagctt gtacccaaaa tgaccttact     23520
     ttggggagga tgtcttcaac cagccagcac ctccaaacaa tcaagttaaa aggacggcca     23580
     ttactgctgt attacttact aggttttctc cttggcatag ggctaatggg agttcctagt     23640
     gtagaggcct cagccctaat acttcaagat aaaaattaca aagccctgtg gatagcaata     23700
     gatgtgtctt agttagggtt ttactgctgt gagcagacac catgaccaat gcaagtctta     23760
     taaaggacat ttaattgggg ctggcttaca ggttcagagt ttcagtccat tatcatcaag     23820
     atgggagcat ggcagcctcc aggcaggcat ggtgcaggag gagctgagag ttctacatct     23880
     tcaactgaag gctgttagca gaatactgac ttcccggcag ctaggatgag ggtcttgaag     23940
     catacaccca cagtgacaca cccactttaa caaggcctca cctactccaa aaaggccata     24000
     ccttctaata gtgccacgcc ctgggctgag caaaccagtg taggcaccca taagctcata     24060
     gatttgaatt cttggtcacc agggagtggc actgtttgaa agtgagggga actctgcaag     24120
     tgtcaagaca ggaaaatgta cctcaaacaa gaatgaaaac ttggttcaga ttgactttat     24180
     caacctggat caaacttggg gagtctgagg ccaggcagtt cattaccagc acatctaaag     24240
     acagtgcaat ttggggaaag gtttgtaggg taacaaccat tccaattaca ggtgcacaat     24300
     aaaacttagg gtatgactac atagaaaaat aaataataat aattttttaa aaagatagag     24360
     gtcacctacc ccttcctgga actcccctaa tgtgctttaa atcaggcctt cgagctcact     24420
     ttaaagtctc tccatctttg taggtagtag accccagcat gctggacttc tgcagaataa     24480
     aacactcttt gcatttacat ataatttgag tccagggtat cactcttcag caagagtttg     24540
     ggttcagagt aagacaacca tgggtttaaa ctctgctgct gccacttata gctttaaaga     24600
     cctttgagac tcagtttctc acctctgagc tctacccgca ggacacaatg aaaagtaaat     24660
     taggacacaa tagcacagat gcataatcat ttaaaacaaa tatcaaaaga ctcaaaacat     24720
     aaaataactc aaatagatag ctgaccatga ataggggtaa gccatggggg aggggctcaa     24780
     gaaaacgtaa agtgactcat agtgaagcaa aaagagggca gtcaaagcac tcagaagtca     24840
     tacaagaaca tggcaccact tctatctaca gataaggcaa acatgtagat gaaaaagaat     24900
     gctgtgtaga gagggacttg ggggtggggc tcccctaccc tctgattaaa tcacttggat     24960
     tactggggaa ccacataaca aatctgttat atcttaagag tttgtaagtc caccatgaaa     25020
     gctatcaaaa gggagtaatt cgagagacac caaggggtta gtcataagta caacagctct     25080
     ttgatcagag cccctggaac tgtgagccaa tgagtcccca ggcctacgaa tgacctgatc     25140
     tgagatattg ttatagcaac agcaagtggg ccaacaccat cactaaatgt gatggcttac     25200
     gactgtatca catgagatat gcttttagca tataatccat acaccataac tgtatcgatg     25260
     gcttatgact ggatcacgta tgagatatac aggtttaaca tggacagggc cgggtgtgag     25320
     gacactcagg gttctgcact gtcatcacaa cacacctaac tgctgagtat ctgtatccta     25380
     gaaaaacggc ctggctctct cttctccctt cttgttcgac gccaccttgc ccttctcact     25440
     ctcaattaac ctcacatgga actgaaaaaa agagagaaag aaagaaagaa aagaaagaaa     25500
     gagggggaga gagagagaag gagagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaaa     25560
     gagagagaaa gaaaggaaga gagaaagagg gaaagaggga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     25620
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaagga aagaaaagaa agaaaagaaa     25680
     gaaagaaaag aaaggaagaa aaagaaaaac ggcctgagta tccattagca gttgtggggc     25740
     cggaggtacc atggaaccag gagaagctgg ggtggaggaa gagtgaggcc gaggcacatc     25800
     caaactgttc cctctctgtt ctgggcctat atgtctagac acacgtagcc ttatgacccc     25860
     cactcaccct tagtcatgta acctggtgtc caagttacaa gttaaacttc tctctcctaa     25920
     taaggtcata tccagcaagc acctggaatt ctccttatgc aaatgaggca ccccagtgcc     25980
     tgctctgacc aaggatgtac actcacccct ccaccccacc caacccctac ataggttaaa     26040
     tagcctttgt cctccactca cacaccaatt aaatgagctg ctcaactaag tctctctccc     26100
     aagaagtctt tcttgtcacg ctcacccatg gctcacccat ggctcacccg agccaattcc     26160
     tgccactcct tcctcgcttt ctctttctgg ccaggttcag gccatcatac ctttaagaga     26220
     gaggtagcaa gcatgaataa gaggcatttg cctttctcac tagtcattaa tctacatcct     26280
     ttctctataa aatagcctgt tctgggcatg gggtaaatag ggttacacag tgtgcgacct     26340
     tttgtatttg gctggttttg gtttaatgta ctcaagacag agccacactg tggcatgagt     26400
     cagcactttc tttttattct tagacagcat gccattgtgt gggcattaat tggtcatctg     26460
     tccttcagct gattcacatc taagttgttt tactatacag attttttatt tatttacttt     26520
     tgtttgtctg agacaaagtc tcactctaga gcccagacta acaccaaaca tatgatcctc     26580
     ctgcctctgc ttcctaagtg tggggtcaca gatatgtacc agcatggatg gcttgatcca     26640
     cttttataca aacattactc tctgctcttt ggtgttttaa aaaaaatgga gttgctggac     26700
     tatatttatt ttcctccttt ggtttcttga tttgggtttc ctgtagttga gactgacctt     26760
     gtacttctaa ccctccagac catgcctccc aagtattggg atgacaggct tatttgacct     26820
     ttgtagcaat cctggccatt ctccacagca gcctccttca ccagtgatgc acatgagtcc     26880
     agaatctctg catccaagtg ctccccagaa ctggggctgg ctccccactt cctctctcct     26940
     ggtctcatct ctccacggat atttttttaa tcttattttt tataatgtat ttatttttat     27000
     tttatgtaaa tcagtgtttt gcccacatac atgtctgaat gagggtgtca gatcccctga     27060
     aacaggagtt gcagatagtt gggagctgcc atgtgggtgc tgggaattga acccaggtcc     27120
     tctgggagag cagcaatcct ctcaacctct gagctatctt tccagccact cccctatggt     27180
     tttgatctca ttctcttaag ttctaattat gccaagcact tttcatgagc tttttggtca     27240
     tttacggacc tttggagaaa tatctactca gatccttatg tgtgtgtttg gtttggtttt     27300
     atttaattat atttaaattt ttcatttggt atgatagagg ctcacatgtg ccacagcatg     27360
     gaggaaaagg tcagagtaca acttctttga gtcaagtctc ttcttccatg tggctttaga     27420
     gatcatctaa ccaatcagca tgcttggcag taggtacttt cccacactga gccatctggc     27480
     cagccctgct ctaattcctt ctcagttcat gggactgagt tgctttcctt ttgcttttcc     27540
     acattctgct ctgaatgcaa ccgtaagaga tgcttgcaga acagctcata aaagaacaga     27600
     ctaaggtggg catgggagtg cacacttgta atcccagatc ctgggaggag gaggtagaaa     27660
     gatcaaaagt tcaaaatcat cctcagttac atagagaatt tgaggccagc ctagacaatt     27720
     caataccctg tcttatccaa acgccccatg cccacccaca aaagaagagt cagataaagt     27780
     ggggtgtggc ttctcaatag cctcctctgg agctcttcaa gagtagatac attcactcag     27840
     ccatcccatg gaacacacag tgcataccca atcaactaat gctcctttcc aggaaaagta     27900
     taggtaggcc ttcctggctc tggctgaggc atgtgttagc aggaggagga acaaaaaaat     27960
     cattagaagt ggatcctcac tacagcagaa gaattctaag tctgacagag gaaaggagag     28020
     cagggctaga tctaatctag cagtgtgtct gtcagtggca gcagtgggga cccatgagaa     28080
     ggaggctgcc taaggcatag agtcctgtcc cagccctgca atttccccct caatggcggc     28140
     ctgatgtggg tcatacactt ctaaataggg aaggaatttt tttggaggca actctgcaat     28200
     gtctttgtga atattgccta tgatggtttt cctcctttct gtttgatgtg agttgacctc     28260
     agctcatctg aatttggcaa ccctcggtta tagtatccac caacggtcat attaacgtac     28320
     tcccagggga ctgctctact aaaagcaagc ctgaggtcaa catccaccaa acacaaccac     28380
     tttccagtaa acagggacaa agggcctcag ccatggatag aatgtcccct ctggggtggc     28440
     tgtcatattc tcctgacccc agagctaggt tacctcatgg agtcaaacca cagatatgag     28500
     gatgtcatat cagaataacc atattaaaag gggctcatca gtgatgatat ggtctgggtg     28560
     tttaccaact gggtgaaatc cttggagctg aagctgtgtc tcagtggtta agagcactca     28620
     ctgttctttc agagaaccaa gggtcagttt ctaacaccta cacagcagct taccaccatt     28680
     cgtaactcca cccttttctg acatctgctg gcactaggtg tacaaattca aacacttaca     28740
     cacataaaat acaaataaac taatcattaa aaagagaaat aaagaaacaa agctgtctct     28800
     ttgggcaaag gaaacccaag accctagcac atggctctga ctctccataa ggaggggaga     28860
     tgctttgtgg tggtttgaga aaaatggcct ccataggccc atagggagtg gcactattag     28920
     gaggtgtggc cttttggagg aagtgtgtca ttgggagtgg gctctgaggt ttcagagccc     28980
     agtgtcactc ttcctgctgc ctgctgatcc agatgtagaa ttctctactt cctccagcat     29040
     catctctgct tgcttacagt catgcttccc accatgatga caatggacta aacctctaaa     29100
     cctgcaagcc agctcaatta aatgtttttc tttataagag ttgccgtggt catggtgtcc     29160
     attcatagca ataaaaccct gactaacata tgcttcattt tgtcattatg aatacaacac     29220
     agaaaacaag gtacaattag tttcctagcc tgcttatttt atcagactgc agagactaat     29280
     gagaaaggca gagtacatcc accaagagtg aggtgacctt aaagggctgt tattaggaaa     29340
     gtatagtggc ctcataaggg aagaaccagg ggcagggagc caccagtttc ttaaatagat     29400
     accatgacag ctgacacctt gctgttctgg cattgtgctt tgcctatcca aagcaaactt     29460
     gtggtcacct aaaacatgtg attgcagaag acatgtcaca gcattgggtg acctagctgg     29520
     tgattcaggt gtgagctcaa agaaatcctg gctttggggc atctgaggga agtgacagcc     29580
     agagaatcag agtcagccct tacccagaag tgatgaggga aggcattaag aacccagcct     29640
     tggcctcctc ctgactgtgg aaggtagaat gtatgcctag tgtatagcca catcctgtca     29700
     ggatttctaa gaaacacatg gcctgcatgt agttgttgtc ctgggagcca gatgtataac     29760
     agtctggaca catgaagctt gaaaatgcaa aaacatcctt ccagctgctt cctgcttttt     29820
     cttcctgaac tagaatgatg tagagggagg tagcaattct gaaatcagat ggaaagtact     29880
     tctgtctatg atgctgggaa agggggatgg ccaaagggcc aaacaccgtc ctaagaaatg     29940
     agatgattaa taattcatag ccctgactga gatgacaagg agcaaacgtg aaggattcac     30000
     accctctctc ttcaccagtt tgcaaacatc ctggttgacc cctagttggg aagaaatagc     30060
     cagtgggatg ggctaaaacc agacctcact tactcatcac tcagcaaagt ctctgctcat     30120
     tgcatgccgc acagtgccaa ggctgcacac agggatggga taaggcagac agtctctgct     30180
     tcatgcgtct ccaggacaac aactacatgc aggccaagtg ttaagggccc aagacctgta     30240
     tcctgtacct caggacgaca gctggagggc tactgagata ggcagataat tctcttcctg     30300
     tcgggaaata gagcctggtg catgttgttg ccagccttaa ctgagcaacc ccagagctga     30360
     ggggtatcag tatcttaagg tactaaattc ctggggagac tacacagagg cccaggttcc     30420
     caccctgacg ggagaagaga cagcatgaga agtctctcgt tgatttctct gaaataatgg     30480
     cctttactca tccctgccaa gtgggagcct acacctttta gtgcccaggt ctgggctggg     30540
     agacaggtga gctccatcct tcctctacca tgtgcatact ggttgctagg ggtttctaag     30600
     ctgtgctgtc atgctcacac aatcaacttc agaacacttc catcacgcta aaatgaaact     30660
     atcttctgct actagtctcc tgacattccc agttacaggc aaacactaac cctccatcca     30720
     cagacttcca gcaattgata aaaatgtaat cacagtccat gctgtcatgc accttgtgtg     30780
     tgtgtgagag agagagagaa agagagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     30840
     aatacatatg tgtgtctcac atatatgtgc acaggtatgt gttgtggatt tggtttactg     30900
     cttgtattac attaattggg ttcctgaaat tatacaggtc tgtatgtagg atgctgaggg     30960
     tctctgcccc cagttggctt tgattgataa atgaggttgc cagcagccaa tagctgggca     31020
     gggagacaga ggcaggactt ttaggattcc tgggcaagag acacagggga agaaggtgtc     31080
     atgctgagga aggagaaggt ccaagcctaa aaaatgtagg acagagagac agagagactg     31140
     tcaacatgta agagtcgggg atcgtgccca ggcggcgtac aggcctggtt ctggggcagc     31200
     caagatggaa tataggttta gtaagtaata actcaggaat atcagaggag agagtgtgta     31260
     agccatgtgg aagtgcccag tcattgagct gcttaaggca tattaaacat aaggctgtgt     31320
     gtgtgtctta ttcaagaatc cacaacattg gtatggtagt gaggaacttg ggctgctgct     31380
     gctgggcaga tagagtggat taatctacta cagctgcaag tgtgctcatg tgccatgaac     31440
     tgtggagcta gagattgatg ctgagtgtct tcctcagttg tcgtcatcat tgtcaccatc     31500
     actatcaatc atcatcatta ttttgagaca aggatagaac tggcctggaa cttgctatgt     31560
     ggaccaggct ggtctcgaac tagatctgcc tgcatccacc tcccaagttc caagattaaa     31620
     ggtgtatatc accacacccg gcttattagt ctatttttag acagagtccc atcatatagc     31680
     tctgtctggc ctgagtttgc tatgtagatc aggctggact ccaaaatcac aaagatctac     31740
     ctgtctgtgc ctcctgagta ttgagactaa agtgccatcg tggttgtctt accttttatg     31800
     cttttaattt attttagatt tatttaatta tatataatat aatatattat aatataatat     31860
     ataatatata atataaatat attacaatat aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     31920
     tatatagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagg ttttaggaga gagctagagt     31980
     cccaaaacct agttgccaac tctcccacaa agcaggattt tggggtttgc actgtgaatt     32040
     caaagactga aattcatgga ccacactggg tgtgttttag agaaagattt ataaatttat     32100
     aagtaggaaa gggcatggct ctcagccaca tagctgacat tcccctgcat gtcagatagg     32160
     gaaaggggac ttcagagata gggtgggaag cccaaagtac cagaaaaggt acacttggac     32220
     tctggctgga acctgaaaga agagggcata aaagaagact cacaaaggtg ggcaaaccca     32280
     cagagcctca gagaggcttc tgaggactct cattaaattc ttaaattatt cgtcctacct     32340
     cttcagcata actcaaggta cacaggcctt cctccctagg gaagggaccc atgtggctgg     32400
     cctgcctgac tgtactacct cagtctccac ccagataatt ccattctttc tactaggagg     32460
     caagagcttt ccatttaatt gggccttcaa tgtttctgtt gataggctat ttctccagat     32520
     ggtgatatta aaggcatgtt tatttagaag ctgctcttgg atgagttcac catccccaag     32580
     gattaaagct aggggagttg ccatggggag tggggtaggg ggcgaaaaag agagaaaagg     32640
     cccctgtgtg tggagaggaa gaggagagag aaaggggaga gcagggcggg gggggggggg     32700
     cagagggagg aagggagaga gggaaagaga gggagagagg gagagagagg gaaagaggaa     32760
     gagagaggac ggaggcagac agggagaaag gcagagggag agagaagcaa aatgcctgca     32820
     ttctataagg agaagcctct gagggaaggg cagcccagcc ctgggctgga gagttcaggg     32880
     ttgggggcag gatatgccag gtagggactg agggatgctg ggagaacctg gaggccaggt     32940
     ctgctttggt atgtaaaata catacctaac atctataaca ccagcccctg gtcagccggt     33000
     tgcttctgtg gctgaagctg cttccctccg cagcctcacc tctccctgta gacatcaaag     33060
     cacagtggct tctctaatgt tcaaaccttt acctatccca atatggtgca tcatgggaaa     33120
     tccagaagtc aggtcagcaa cagatgtcac tggtttcaga ccccggaaca agggactgag     33180
     gtacatgttt tacatatcaa aacagacctg gccttcaggt tcactcagca tccctgagtc     33240
     cctacctagc ataccctgcc cccaactctc agtgagagcc agccttttct tcttcctcca     33300
     tggtgacttc cgtggcctcc atctttgggt ccagtcaact cgacagagag cagattgcca     33360
     acagacctgc ctttaatata ttcttatctg gtttgaattg acacatttca acaggagaga     33420
     aataacttac cactcactag ctttgaggag cctcccatgg gtctcttcct gttaaacctg     33480
     agacagaaat gccttgatta cactcagaag gaaagctgtc tctctgcctt gacccaccat     33540
     catctctgtg gctttcagtg cagttgcaga atacagtctg ggtgctcaag caaaggccat     33600
     ggctgaagtc ctgccctcgg ctatgctgcc tgcccgcttg taagcaagta gttcaggtct     33660
     gaagacagtg gagcagaagg tggaagattc aggtgtctgt gaggtcgtga aggacagtgg     33720
     gggtggcggg gggggggggc aatatgagaa catcacatag ttgaactgtg cctggggtgg     33780
     gagatggctg ccgagaacca gaactgtggg cacaggatcc atacccaccc caggtgaagg     33840
     tcagtcaatc gggtagaggc aaggagggtt gtcattagca gcacagttga gctcaggtgt     33900
     gaggaggcct agaaacaaag cgtagttctc tgcaggagaa aggctctggg cccagtagtc     33960
     tcagaagcct aaattattaa acctgtgaga ggaactggct tttgtgaatg ccacgaggga     34020
     cagatctgcc cttccctgct ctgctcacag cccataggag aaattcagct gcaacagtgt     34080
     gaccagaagt gtaaaccggg agacccagct ggcatgtgag gacagccgta cctggccccg     34140
     cccccacccc gcctgccctc ttgggatcct cagggctttt tgttacaatc ttgggctcac     34200
     ttccacctcc cttggctctg cttcctcaca cacattttta gcattcttca tccagcaaag     34260
     tagctttgtg tcgcctccct tccagccctc ccaccacccc ctaagcaaac ctgcagttca     34320
     ccaccagcac cccgcccctc gcacaaggaa agcttaaaac caccaaccag cagattctag     34380
     ggtggactac agaagcccct cctaccgtct ggaggtgttc caaggaggcc aacattgctg     34440
     attctgctgc ggctcactct tcctctgagt cttcacacac agtctcattt ccaatgtctg     34500
     gaaaagaaaa acaagaggaa ccacctgact ataagtcaga atggtgccat gaaaccagaa     34560
     gcaatcgatg ccagcctttc tagcttcacg acactggcca tgctagcttc tagactgccc     34620
     caaaagagaa ccctggtggc ccggggatga ccgagtggtt cacggagcta gttaactccc     34680
     tcctggcttt ctctcctaga ggctcttctc aaattccggg aaactacaga tttcctatcg     34740
     atattggctg atatgggtgg ttctgtggac atttccagaa aggatccagg ttcttgggtc     34800
     cccaaaagaa gaatttagca gagaaagaga taacttacta agaaagagta catacacttc     34860
     taaggacaga gctggagcaa ggctagagcc actcaggtgc tgtgctgtac agagttggag     34920
     gctatgtcag gtaaacatgg ggtttccaca catgctctgt tacctgtagt tttgcattat     34980
     ttgcttcagg tttccttcgc atcttaactt tccacccatg gtgtgctttt tagtagtaat     35040
     gagctgtagc ttcccttctg acagtccagg cactagtgcc tctgcgtctg ttgattttgt     35100
     tttgttttga gacagggttc caagtagcca agggtcttat tcagggtttc tattcctgta     35160
     caaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagtttgg gaggaaaggg tttattcagc ttacacttct     35220
     acactgctgt ttatcaccaa aggaagtcaa gacaggaact cacacagggc agaaacttgg     35280
     agacaggagc tgatgcagag gccacagagg gatgttcctt actggcttgc ttcccctggc     35340
     ttgctcagcc tgctctctta tagaacccaa gaccaccagc ccagggatgg caccacccac     35400
     aatggactag gccctcaccc ttgatcacta attgaggaaa tgccttacag ctggatctca     35460
     tggaagcatt tcctcaaggg agactccttt ctctgtgata actccagctt gtgtcaagtt     35520
     gacacacaaa cccagccagt acaactgatc ccttgtcaac ttaacaaaca catcactatt     35580
     aagcctcaac ccttactttt tattcatctc caagatctaa ataactttaa aagtcccaca     35640
     gtctttacaa gttcttatat gttaaatttt caatcccttt aaaatatcca atctcttgaa     35700
     atttaaagtc tttttgcagt tcaaagtctc ttaactatgg gctccactaa aataccttct     35760
     gacctcaaga gggaaaaata tcagagcaca gtcacaatca aaagtaaaat caaactgccc     35820
     aatgtctggg atccactcac aatcttctgg gctcctccaa gggcttgggt cacttcttca     35880
     gctctgcccc tccaagtata caccttgtct tctaggttcc agctgcctat actccactgc     35940
     tgctgctgtt cttggtggtc atctcatagt aaaggcatct ccaaaaatac tgctgtcttc     36000
     cgatgcaact aagcttcacc aataacctct cataagctct cttcatggtg ccaagcctca     36060
     actcctttgc atgacccctt cagtcctggg caatcaattg caactatggc tgcaccctca     36120
     ccaatggcct tccatggcct cttacagtgc caagcctcag ctgctcttca tgactccttc     36180
     atgccttcaa aaccagtacc acctgggtga ctcttacaca ttactaactc cagccacaac     36240
     acaaggtaca accttggtta tctctggaac acagcctctt tgtgctctca gaaaacactt     36300
     cccagaagat ttcacctcaa tgatgctgat ccttcttaat caccactaat ttcttagctc     36360
     cagctaacca gcatcagcag tcccagtaat gcaaaggttt cactttagta gttctggtat     36420
     cttgttaatc acagctgatt cttcagcccc agctaaccag aaccacagaa tcttcacaat     36480
     caaaacagca atggccctga taagagtctt taaccttccc tctggaattt tataagccag     36540
     gtctccatct agaattttat aagcactgtt ctcaacatta tcttccaagc tcctacagaa     36600
     catcccacag acacccaata gctcttctaa cccaaagtta caaagtcctt ccacagtcct     36660
     ccccaaaaca tagtcaactt gtcacaggag taccccactc ctggtaccaa tttgtcttag     36720
     ttagggtttt tattcctgca caaacatcat gaccaagaag caagttgggg aggaaagggt     36780
     ttattcagct tatacttcca cattgctgtt catcaacaag ggaagtcagg actggaactc     36840
     aagcaggtca ggaagcagga gctaatgcag aggccatgga gggatgtttc ttactggctt     36900
     gcttcccctg gcttgctcag tctgctctct tatagaaccc aagactacca gcccagagat     36960
     ggcaccaccc acaaggggac ctcccccctt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg ccttatagct     37020
     ggatctcatg gaggcatttc cccaactgaa gctccttttt ctgtgataac tccagcttgt     37080
     gtcaagttga ctcaaaacta gccagtacaa tatgtatatg tatatgtatg tgtatgtgta     37140
     tgtgtatgtg tgtatatata tatgtatatg tatatacaca cacacacaca cacacacatg     37200
     cacacacata tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacacataca agctagggga agcaagccag     37260
     tgagccgcac cacctctcca tggcctctgc atcagcacct gactccaagg tcctgccctc     37320
     actaagacac acacacacat aatttcatgt catgtgtatt tgcttgaata ctttttttta     37380
     agatttattt tatttacaca agtacactgt agctgtcttt agacacacaa gaagaggaca     37440
     tcagatcctg ttatagatgg ttgtaagcca ccatgtggtt gatgggaatt gaactcagga     37500
     tctctaagtc agtgctctta actgctaagc catctcttca gccctcagct tgtttcctta     37560
     tagaacccaa gactaccagc ctagggatgg tgccacctac aatgggctag ctccttcctc     37620
     ccccttgatc actaattgag aaagtgcctt acagctggat ctcatggagg catttcctca     37680
     agggaggctc ccttctctgt gttaactcca gcttgtgtca agttggtaca caaaaccagc     37740
     cagtacacca ggctaggttc ataggctcaa actcactttg caactgcaac tgaccttgaa     37800
     tttctgatcc tcctgattcc acttccagag agctagaatc acaggtgtgt ggcagacacc     37860
     acatgggtgt gcatgttaat ccagtgccac acccccaggc ctctaacttg ctggcattag     37920
     tgtgtttgtg agtgtacata tgtatgtaag gaccagaggt cagcctaaac ctccagtacc     37980
     atttttcaga tgccactcac ctttatagat ctttataggg tctccccctg gcctgtagcc     38040
     taccaagtag gctatgttag ctaatgagcc caggggccct cttgtttacc tcaccaaaac     38100
     aagggatcta aaacatgggt tctgaggatc caactcaggt tcttgtgttt tctggactta     38160
     tttaatgtgc taattttgtg tagctttcga caaggctttg acacctcact ctctgcacta     38220
     ctttcctgcc tcactattgt aactaagaca gcctaggtgg ctggggcaca cggcacagct     38280
     ctgggctcct ggttttcttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgtct taaatggtgt ggctcgccat     38340
     ttcctcctgg gcacagttct gcattcatat ttactttcat ctggaaaaat tgcccaagcc     38400
     ttggaaatgg gacagagatt ttggaactcc ctttgagtaa tgctggattt gggtactaag     38460
     aggcctggcc cagggaatta tctaattttc taagtagtac atctcttttt aacttgctaa     38520
     ttgttattaa tcaggatatt ttacaaaaac aatttttgtg gcccaggtta gccttgaact     38580
     cagcaccctc ctgcctcaga ctccagagat ggaattacag gcatgaactg acatttgcat     38640
     cctactggct cttatttgtt aaatatgttt ctgatgcatg tttatttgta taaaataata     38700
     aaaattacat attgaacctg actttttcat ataattgtac tctcacatac tctcacataa     38760
     cactactata acaaggattc agaacaggcc tgtcggctac aacttcccct gttctttcac     38820
     aatcagaacc atgcttgtga cttcttggca gggtacagat ggacatggtg agtgggcgta     38880
     cctgcatcta tgagccttcc agctaggact gtaggactcc ctggttgtcc ccctctgtca     38940
     agcccagggc aagactgcag tctcagaact cagttctgtg ctacttactg tcccttggct     39000
     gctcccctga cagcttccag gagccactga gtcagacaca agatcaggta taggaaaatc     39060
     cataaacact gtgcaatata gaaatacctc tcagtgtagg taatagagtt agctacagga     39120
     agattaacta ataattgaat taaacataaa cacctgtctt agttaaggtt tctattgctg     39180
     tgaagaaaca ccatgaccac agcagctctt ataaaggaca tttaactggg gctggcttac     39240
     agttcagagg cttagtccac tatcatcatg gcaggaagca tggcagtgtg caggcagaca     39300
     tggtgctaga gaaggagctg agagttctgc atctggatag gcaggcagca ggaacaaaga     39360
     gtgagccact aggtctggct tgagtttcta aaacctcaaa gtcacaccag tgtcatacct     39420
     cctccagcaa ggccacacct cctccaacaa ggccatacct cagattatgc cactccctat     39480
     gagccaacgg gagacatttt cactcaaacc accacaacac ccatgctgga tgtcctattg     39540
     tcttctagcc attaaatctc tgcctcctga gctggagaga tggctcaggg gttgagagca     39600
     ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac     39660
     catctataac aggatctgat gtcctcttct ggtatgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactc     39720
     atcatatata tagaatggat aaacaaaatc ttaaaaaata acaaacaaaa acaaacaaac     39780
     aaacaaaaac ccctctctct ccctcatcag tgtggcatct caggttggtg caaaagagaa     39840
     aggcgcagag ggaccttacc ttgtcctcaa agctaccagg atgttggcaa tggaagtctg     39900
     ggcagcctcc ctttggcttc atcagctagc ctgttccctc aggctgtttc tcttgtccct     39960
     ttctgatgcc tggggcaatg aattatggcc actttgagag gaagctatta tgcctccaat     40020
     aaagcaagta tcccttcctt aattttgatg gtttttcctt cagcagtcaa taatcccatc     40080
     tgctgtcagt gtaaatgtta gctatggctc cttttgccag ttttaaaact tgggttaaag     40140
     cctttagttc agctttctgg gctgaaattc tccaaggcaa agcagttgcc caaataacag     40200
     agtccacgtc cattaccact gccctgcata ccattctgga taaagctgct ctcattcgtg     40260
     aagtagatat gttctgtgcc tggctagggt atgtcagtca agtcttatct gatgttctgg     40320
     gtgtgcccca tgatgtatta ttaatatcaa tatatatatt tagcggatat actaaacagc     40380
     aaaccaggcc aaggtggttc catgtgagag aggtttattg tgcagagaca aaggggggca     40440
     gcaaggctag tagaggggca gagaagaaag agagtggggt ggggtgatct cctaatttat     40500
     acagaaaatg acgtcacaca gtgagggtgg gaagtgagcc aagtgggttc tgggattgag     40560
     ggtctttggc ttggcaatgc aggtcaaggg tcacattgtt aggcctgggt ttagagtgtc     40620
     ctggtactaa caccccagaa gtacagagcc gtcatgctgc atgtctgagg acgggtcagg     40680
     tagcagggtg gctgggttta gggcagatga tggttatctc ttatgcaaag gggaattcaa     40740
     aagtagagcc tgaaagtcca ccagcatggc cttggacagc cactggctag gtgaatcctt     40800
     agaagtcccc tcaatagtat gggggctggt gataagttcc tgccacatgg ttcttttgtc     40860
     agcatccgtg actagcaggg cagtggcagc tatgatctgg aggcaggctg gccatccttg     40920
     ggccaccagg accagattct ttgataaata agccacaggt cttttctatg gtaccaaagt     40980
     ttgggcgagc accccctttg ctatccacct tctctgatcc acatacagga ggaaaggttt     41040
     gtgaatgtct gggagggccc aggctggtgc ttctaatatg tcttttctta gagtcttaaa     41100
     agccatatct gtctcagggt ccattttgtc ttcttagtcc ctggtggcct cagataatgg     41160
     tttggctatc tcagtgaacc ctggcaccag aaatgtacag aacccagcag atcccagaaa     41220
     ttccagtact tgcttttagg ttgatgggac tggggtgttg aggatggttt gcttctgggg     41280
     catcagacag catgcattgg ctagcccccc ttgattatgt accccagata ggtgatctca     41340
     agttgacaaa gcagggcctt cttagcagac acttggtagc caagttgact cagctcctgt     41400
     tgcaggtctc ctgtggcttc ctggcatgtc tccaagtcag gggcctgcaa tacatactgg     41460
     agcacagtta tttgggggtg ggcctaccag tactcaccca agtcctcatg tagggcgtcc     41520
     tcaaatgtgg tgggtgagtt cttgaatcct tgaggcaggc atgtccaagt cagtgatccc     41580
     ttgacgcctc tctccaagtc ttgccattta aaggcaaata gaggaattcc agggtacatg     41640
     acctctaatg ttaatctgtt tggtccatct ctatggtcat tccattacca gggtgtgggg     41700
     actagaaact tgctggggaa gtctagaaat tgttgctgag gaagtagctg aggaagtctg     41760
     gaaactgctg cagacccact gtccttgcct cagagcaggt ggcagggtag cttctgagac     41820
     ctggaattat ctgggattgc ccagatcttg gaaacagaga tttaggccta gtcttctcaa     41880
     ctgccaatta gaagcctgtc atgcagtcag tctagccttc tcagtatatg tgtctcacat     41940
     tacttctcct ggagaaacat gagcaaatat ctcctcaccc cagaaagggc actggttaat     42000
     gaatagagaa ataatctcac ccaattgagg cttggtgagc caatgagtta atcaagctta     42060
     caggaacatg agtgaagact ttcttacagg aaagtgagtg acccaaagac aagagcattg     42120
     tgtccatgtc ccacctgtca tggggttaga tttcatcttg tatactctac cagggtatac     42180
     aactttttta cattgtcata tggcattatc agcaacaaat atgtagggct gcattcatag     42240
     ctatctcaaa acacaagctg caagctggac acatctgtac tttccaaaat tatatacacc     42300
     ctggagatag gagggggtgg tgcatagaat cttagatgag actctagtta caccaccaca     42360
     gtcttctact agggagtgct aataagccag gtaccattac cacagaccct attatggatg     42420
     caacttaggg cctgtggctc caataagcca ggttttgtcc cctatcctca ataagacaac     42480
     aaaaggagcc aaattattag tgaaaaacag aaaaagattc attcagtgta gtcacagtga     42540
     aaagagagtt aaagatatac attggctctc ccaagtctgt ctttgggggt cctaatgtga     42600
     ggataggatt taaatacaaa acagcaagga ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     42660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtattcac actaaacttt cacgcaagaa gatgtggttc cctgcctgcc     42720
     acttccatct ccaagtctct cctgcaaagt tatctgacaa attataaatc tttctcctat     42780
     agacaagttc ctcctccagg tgcttcagtt atatcctctc ccgacagatt cctgaagaga     42840
     ttccagctcc ttgggatcta ttctttcagt ctggtaacca aagtatctaa cagcacaatt     42900
     atctctttag aatctcttca ttcctcatag acaggaacgc ctggaggaaa ggtatcctgt     42960
     ttgtgtctgt ctctctgtgt gtgtctgggg agcagcaggt ggggcaggca ggggttgagg     43020
     gtagtctggt ctttgtttcc agacttctgg gtagggaagg gtacttttca tgtggtaaca     43080
     gaatgactgg gaatgggtac tttagatagc tttaagatgg agctgctccc cagatggagt     43140
     aaggcaatat cagaaggttg gatcagaggt gaagagctga tatcaggtta atgggacatg     43200
     acaatgattt aatcatgtgt gtcttatgtc tctataaagg cttctaagtg tagctagaca     43260
     tagtggcaca taccttaata caggactcag gaggtagagg taggcaggtc tctaaggaca     43320
     gcctggtcta catagcaaat tctaagccag ccaagatcaa taatgagacc ctgaccccaa     43380
     aacaaaccaa actagctgag ccagcacact gaaacgtatc tgcaacccca gcactcaggg     43440
     cagaggccag gccactggga gactggacaa cacagtgggt tcactctggg ccagccaggg     43500
     ctacatgatg agactacttc aaataaccaa atattctaag cattggagtc agagtggtag     43560
     ggttgatgac tgaggagtcc aggctggacc tggtctagag tcctgtgtgc tgaatggaat     43620
     gccagctttc aggctctgcc tagccttgaa tagttccgtt ttctaaagct gacttgacct     43680
     aagttactcc tcttagagta gcagtgacaa gaaagaacag ctcctgtctg ttgtaacttg     43740
     tttacaaggg agcagccacc agctgccagt actccaggaa gtaatgaaaa atatctgaga     43800
     atgtatcata tcatatcgcc agatggaagc ccctcacctg tcactacttt caagaggtct     43860
     cccaaggtca aaccgtgcca ggcatgctga ctgactagtc accggccacc agtcaagggc     43920
     catatcacag caaaggcctc ttcccagggt tctaggttgg gtacagtttc ccctgcctca     43980
     ctttaaatcc tcaaatggac gatcactgca accagcacct gacatctcag tgccttatct     44040
     ctgtggtttg taggacatgt tatctggccc ctacagactc ctctgcagcc tgtttcagtg     44100
     ctggccgcta gcttttgcag attccttgag ctgcagctgc tttaactcgt acacattctg     44160
     taatctgcac atttaaatat tattatatga agtataatat gtgatctgag agttaaaatt     44220
     aatagtaaaa ttggaatata agagtttatg attgcaacag ccaacttgac aaacgacact     44280
     cagagaaaat gtcaaagttg gtgaacttac tggttaaatc ctgacaatat ggagagacag     44340
     aaacctgtcc gttgatggtt tggacaaaac agggtactga gaggggagga cagcatgcat     44400
     ggaaagagat gcacactctg cccttcccac gcgccttgcc ctctgcatgt cttcactggt     44460
     tggaacacca gtatataatg agcagtaaat aaagtgcttt tctagttcta gggagcattc     44520
     tagaaaatca tctccttgaa gagggtccct ggaaacttgc catgggtgtt ctgaagggtc     44580
     agtaacctga gatctgtgag ttctgtctga agaatgaaca gcattatgga actcagctct     44640
     taccccgtgg gcactgcacg tactcagtta agatcagaaa tgaacggaca gaataggaat     44700
     gtagctcagt ggtagagtgt ttccctgata tgcacaaagc catgggtttg acctcaggca     44760
     gacagacaca accaacaaca aagagccagt atctgagagt cagatagttt tattgctact     44820
     gtggtgttac tgtctgcact ctggaggcta agaaagagag gattgtgagt tcaaggccag     44880
     actaggctgc aaggtgaatg caattatagg ctaccaaaca actggaagtt atcttagtct     44940
     tctgtatgcc atattaacaa gagaacagtt ctgggtgatt tatgaagaac ggagcaagga     45000
     aagatgtggc caagcttcaa taaccagtta ctccatcatt attaaattga cccattcacc     45060
     aaggcagtga ccttgtaatc taaccacccc ttaaaacccc aactttcaga cttgctgtgc     45120
     tccagattca acacaagacc tctgagggct cagtcaagcc acagtagagt ccatacctag     45180
     tctaccctga cccacacaca taaagatgct cttgtccaga gaaattcaat gcagcacaaa     45240
     tgtgaagaaa gcagattatt gattgaattc aaacaccata ttgtagactt ggctagcttt     45300
     gaggtaaata gcatccactg tgagtaaaca ctaaggagtc caggtggtcc atgggctata     45360
     aactggcata cccaaaaggg attctcagtg cccagtgtgc ttggaaaatg tggctgagct     45420
     gaccacaggt cccatgagag cagactgaat agacccctgg agagtatgct ggggtgggcg     45480
     agaagttcat tctaccatag aaggctgtag tttgaacctg taaggaagaa tctacccagg     45540
     gtggttcatg gtgattgaga ggatggtatc aagagaagta tagaactctg catgtggaat     45600
     cagaagactg tagggcaggg ctctggcaac agaggaattt ccattcatac tgcagggtga     45660
     ctcattccct taaggcattg taagcagggc aagtgaagag ctgtgggttg gagaatactc     45720
     ggcttaggcc atttgagctc tgcggtggcc ttacctggac ctgtttctct gcctagaagc     45780
     ttctcacagt tccccatgaa agaggcagat tggagctacc aggacctaga tctctgagca     45840
     caggggcctt gtgattctga ttgtgttaca gttctctgcc actcataaca cactctctgc     45900
     tctgtgggcc tctctctgga cttcagaagt cactactcaa ggatggctgc aacttctctc     45960
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cccctctctc tctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46020
     tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacatg agtgtgtgca cacatgaaag tgtatttgta     46080
     tgtctgtgtg gtcttttgta gcccaggctg tgccctttgt acttgctata tcgctgaggc     46140
     tgggcattaa ctcttcatcc tctttcctcc actttttgag caatggaatt acagccatgt     46200
     gctgctatgt ccagacagtc atagcgctgc atatagcctt ttgctaccct gcactaccag     46260
     ccccatccca gcttcccttg aatccataga taaaagacac acatacagtt agttgttcat     46320
     tttcaatgtg ccttcttggc acaattgctg ggtgctacta tgtcccacct ggaaaagcat     46380
     gccctaatca tagctccact cctcccatct gctctaaact ttagttggtc agttgaatca     46440
     tctctgataa acatctctga caacctgcct aaagaagccc acagcgtctc ctgagacctt     46500
     acatggttgc cagattctcc tctctccaaa gcatggtaag ctccctctcc cttccatgtg     46560
     gctccctttt ttctccaggg acttgaaagt cccgtctgtc ccttccaccc agcaattggc     46620
     ccatggcttt ctttactgac aggtcaagaa tcaagagggg aacaggacct tagcatcaaa     46680
     actgccccct acatcatagc ttttaaattt aaatatatct ctttggtgat tttaaaaaaa     46740
     ttacatctat tctgtgaaaa aaggaaagtt acaatatgca aagaaacaaa aaaacgaagc     46800
     aaatgagaaa cattctgagt ctactctgca ttaatgcata catgcaactt aatacatatt     46860
     ctgccagatt tcttctaatg tatgttaatg tctggatgca aaaactccat atagatagaa     46920
     agcacaaata agaccatctg tagtcatttc aacaattaca ttattattaa tattgtaaag     46980
     atttattttc tatttttact tatgtgtttg tatgggcatg cacagatgag catagatgac     47040
     cataaatatg actggaggca ttggattccc tgaaactaga gttataaatg gttgggagcc     47100
     acctgatgtg ttgagaggag cacttgggtc ctctgcaaga acagttaagc actctgatct     47160
     gctgagccat taatctagcc ctgcatttta cttagtaaaa gatctgcctt ttgttttggt     47220
     tttgtttgtt tcttcccctt cccccctcca aactctctca tatacaacat ccctgctctt     47280
     cctcaaattc ttggcctctt tttcattaac tgttattaca tgcatatatg tatatagata     47340
     ttcctatata tatcctgttc actccatata atgttacttg catgtatgtt ttcagggcta     47400
     tttggcactg gacaatggta tgctcttcac tagggaagag cacctctccc aatccaggtt     47460
     tccacagtag tctatagttc tttctgtagg gttggcacct gttctacgta tactatggct     47520
     attaattcat ttaattctct gaagccatac atgcatctat ctctccagca ccctttctgg     47580
     gcttccttga gaacagcgtg gttactagcc tcacatcttg ctttgagttc atctgacaca     47640
     ctccaacata agcacgtgat gaatggctca caggaaaggg tttcaaggca gtgccttaga     47700
     taaggctggc ttctaggagc tactctacag agagaaaccc tcatcccatc cattggttaa     47760
     ctgagctccc tcccctaccc atagagcctt ggtaagctct gcctcaaaat gaactccagc     47820
     cttctacatg aactggtcct tgtgcttata gacatacatc ctaattacac aggaaatgca     47880
     gaaggcaaat aggcattagc ctaccaccta accatctatg agttctgttc tctacactac     47940
     ttgttggact aaaactaata ggaagaagca tcgtaggagg actttctgtt cctgttcaga     48000
     gaggctttac tgacctgcac acagggctga gattgaaacc aaaacactag tgttgagtgc     48060
     tgcgggccac ctcagaagag actgagaaaa agatgtggtg ttctctgcgg agacaggctc     48120
     agaaacatcc tcatgtggcc agaaaaaact gccattatag agaaagaccg gaaactgtca     48180
     tggggcctaa cccttctttg tgcttgccct ctttgtgtgg gtggagtgct gtcttgagca     48240
     agtaacctca gcaaatgagg aaagtgacag tcaaaggcag agctcattga cccagacagg     48300
     aaggaaggac cagattttcc agatcccctc atccagtgag ggccaggggt ggaactgggc     48360
     ttccgtagag cattccctgc agccaacctt atctcagaca tagcctttga aaccctttcc     48420
     catgatccaa ccactgtaca tgcacatttt cacaaacacc atgaccttta cttcacagaa     48480
     cctggggaaa gccagagcac acgttcccac tttgaagtgc ttcagcacac aggatcacat     48540
     ggctagctca ctgcaacctg aatcattttt tccagatgta gtgagaggga aggcaaccag     48600
     ttaatgtcat ggggaaagtc ctggattcaa ttgtcagtca gaggcaggct agtcataaca     48660
     actgcagctg ctggtagtcc tgcctcctca tagagtcttc tcctctgtga taggccaggg     48720
     cagaatccag gtctggcact ttgcacaaaa gatgcatgca ctcttaaggt aaaagagtgc     48780
     ataggattta ctttagagat agagtcaaac tatataacct aggctagcct caaacttgca     48840
     atcctcctgc ccctccccac cgcccagagt tagaatacag gtagggacaa cacactgaat     48900
     gtgagaatca ttatcggcaa tgccctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc     48960
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctccc ccgcccccat cctcctcctc ttgttattat tgttgttgtt     49020
     tttaggcagg acctctctac atggtctgag ctgttctgga atgcctatgt agaccaggct     49080
     ggtcttgaat tcacagagat ccaccttcct atgccaatga actaagcagg gctcaagaaa     49140
     cggctcagca ttaagagcac tgactgcgct tccagaggac ctagatatgg atcccaacac     49200
     ccacatgggg aggctcataa ctgtctctaa ctccagttcc aaggggtact cttaggcact     49260
     ccatgcacac taaaaaggca aagcactcaa acacatgaag taatctaaat ctaaaaagaa     49320
     tggagggaag aagacagaca aaagcaacct actggtgaaa gaggtttggc tcacaatctg     49380
     aggctactgc tcttcatggt gggggaagtc agggtaccag gagcctgagg cagttggtca     49440
     caggacactt gcagtcatga aataaagagg aacaaaggct tgtgctcagc tctgttctca     49500
     tttttgttta attttatttt atgagtgttt ttcccttcat gtttgtctgt gtaccacact     49560
     tacacatggc acctgagaaa accagaagag gtccttggat cccctagaac tggagttcta     49620
     gatgtgagtt ctgggaaccg aacccaggtc ctccaaaaga gcagcaagca ctcctaacca     49680
     ctgaaccatc tctccaacct ctcatttctc cttttaatac agtcccaggt cctatcacag     49740
     ggaatagtgg gatccacaca gatcttccca cctcaacaaa ttgaatcaaa acaatcttcc     49800
     ataggtgtgc ccacctcaat ggatggttct cgatctcatc aagttgacaa ctgagatcac     49860
     acatcacacc agctttgccc tgttccactg agatgtggag taaatgagtc gggaagccac     49920
     caaagcatgg aagggcagag ccatcagaag ccactggacc acggagctct ttcaaagaaa     49980
     gagtagctgc tggttgtctt gggcacctgc attaaacagt tcctgcaggg tcctgactgc     50040
     cctaaacggc tgtgtttccc ttcttagctt ggcctgagcc agatgtgtgg tgggcgtaaa     50100
     cagtgttctc acacaggaac cctgcgcagc acacctgcct ctccccctgc tttgtggcat     50160
     agcagagatc gttagtcctg catctcattg gttttctgct ttctccttat gacacatttt     50220
     tgtcggagtt tcaggaaagc acatggagtc ttcttgattc cgtttcttct ctctgccagg     50280
     ctgatgttct gtgccttgcc tattctctcc agggatggaa caaggccagg gaacctggga     50340
     tcactagatg tctgtcctgt cccctcagga cttgggggtt aggtttcagc aatcttcagt     50400
     agtggggcct cagttactgc tgacccctgg caaaagtaga agccatgtct atccaaccct     50460
     tgaagagaaa agctcagctg agctttctcc cctggtagcc ctaaccttgg tgttctacat     50520
     caaggaaatt ctaggagttg ccttggcctt cgagaataac attgtgctcc cagagagtga     50580
     ctgtctctga tagttcacac tgctctctgg accattcata attcttttcc tagttatgaa     50640
     ctacagaatg tggctcacaa gcttatctag aggaaccaaa gtgggggtgg ggtgggggtg     50700
     ggggctttaa acttgacaga accactttgt cggtgaaggc ttctatgagg ggtgactggg     50760
     gcaagctcat gatgggaaaa aggcaagcct agctctgaag cggccttgag gagtggcctg     50820
     ggtggggcct aatcagtggg aaggttggtg ggtaatcctt gatctgtgat atccaaggaa     50880
     attaggcaga ggtacataac tctaatggat gggcttaaga ttagattgaa acacccttca     50940
     tctaagggtc agagaacaca gggataaaaa atatcaaagt ctgcagcaat catgatggtt     51000
     gtgctccctg ggaggtccct ctccctggca tctcacctga accagggggc aggcactaac     51060
     acataaccct cattttatag attgcaagca gttacaatgt gcatcaggca tcccagattc     51120
     aagtgctagg tcccctgctg ggtactgtct cagtaccagg gctatgaata caagtctacc     51180
     agtctaatct tcctggatat taaaaaaaga aacaaatgga aaacaaagaa acaaatgaaa     51240
     aacaaaaaca gcatctctct gatgctggag ttcaccagtt tggttaggag ctggccggca     51300
     agccccaggg atgtccctga ctccatctct ggcagggatt acagccttgc tttggttctc     51360
     aattctgtgc tggtcacatc ctaactcttc tacagtcagc actttacctg ccagtcacct     51420
     tcacgccact gtacctttct acctccgcag cagccgggtt aagttagccc tgccctccaa     51480
     ctgaccagat ggcaatttac caattagctt tgggtctcca ggacccatcc cacaccccag     51540
     gctgctggag ggtggtaacc ccttctgacc cagtctgctg ccttctgacc gctaaacaaa     51600
     tctcagtggg agggaggagg agggaatagc taggcatgga aggggcatga gcagactctc     51660
     tgtagcagga ttctcagccc tggagcttgt actgaaggta tttaagagtg accaggatga     51720
     atgtaagtat gtatgtaagt aagtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatggtt taatatatat     51780
     taaaccagag gtaaacttac cacctatgtg ctttctgctc tgttctttct gttttggggt     51840
     agcatcagtc aaccctgtaa acagaccagt agcaatgtcg gaagatggac tgactgtgct     51900
     tgtcccttag ccagtggagt cagcactggg attcagacct gggttgtgag acttccacac     51960
     tcaggagact tccgcccagt aattacccga gtcaggcatt atggctcatg ccttaattcc     52020
     agtgcataag aggctgaggc aggaggatcc ctttcaactt caaggtcatc catgcatcca     52080
     tcgggggcta cacagtgagt tccaggaaga aatagagtaa gatactatct taaccttgat     52140
     tttaaaaaat taaaaaataa aataaaataa aaagctggat gtagtagccc atagtttctt     52200
     ttctattgtg atgattaaac atcattgagg caacttataa aagagagtgt ttggctgact     52260
     ttgctgttcc agaaggaagg gagctgaaat accctctcag aggcaaaggg gagagaggag     52320
     tgggtgaaga actcgggagt gggggagggg agactgagaa gggaggcaat atttggatgt     52380
     aaataaagta atttaataaa taaaaattga aaacagtaca aagctcccat atactataga     52440
     cagcttcccc tttagcaaca tgccatagtt gtaggtcagt tatcctaact aaagggacag     52500
     agtggtgtta ctggcgaaca ccagagtcta gaggcatctg ccacatgttc ttgtgtccta     52560
     gaaagggaga ctgggcgtgc acatgtggaa tagagggtga gtgggccacg gctggggaaa     52620
     aggtcagagg ttaggttaca tttaggactt atttgcaagt caaccacatt tcctccgagg     52680
     gagatttcta gtcttcctcg ctgccacagg tttcacttct ctattatttt tttaaagttt     52740
     gttttatttt atgcattgat gggagtgtct gcatgaactt atttatatgc atgcctctta     52800
     cccaagaggc ttgatcccct gaaactggag ctataaacaa ttatgagctg ccaggtgagc     52860
     actgggaact gaacccaggt cctctgctag cacggaaagt gctgctagct cctgaggatc     52920
     tcccagcggc cccccccccc cccccccccc cgtcatgggg cttttaatgc ctttcagaac     52980
     tcctgacctc tccccaactc ttcacactgc aacactttta ttataaacta aagtctacat     53040
     tttatgtagt acctggttta tatctaatct tttcctattt cagggtccaa tctaggatgc     53100
     aataccatgt tttgtgctaa gcctccgtta ggcttcactt ggatatgata gtgtctccat     53160
     ttcctgattt ttgatgacct tgatggcttt gatgagttct agctaggtac ctttgagatt     53220
     agtcttcaaa tgaaatttgc ctgaagtttc cttgcaatag aactagggtc tgggaccata     53280
     gggaagaaaa ccactggaac aaagtctttt catcatactg acggaggctg acttctctcc     53340
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tccagagtct     53400
     agaggcacgt ggcagcatct ctatgttctt gggtcctaga aagggagatt ggtgtgcaca     53460
     catgagctag ggctggggga caggtcaaag gttaggtaac atttatgact catttacaca     53520
     tcaacttcat ttcctccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct ttcttccttt     53580
     ctcaagatag agtttctctg tgtagctctg actgtcctga aacctcaaac tcagagatct     53640
     gcctgcctct gaagctccca tccccctagt gctgggattg aaggtacaca gcaccacact     53700
     gtccttcatc atcttgtcaa gttcccactg taaggttacc cttgcttctg tggaggatac     53760
     aggttcagtt cccagtaccc acatggggca gctcacaact gtcaattcca gtcccatggg     53820
     atctgacttg ctcttctggc ctttgtagac cccagatatg cacacagtac acattcatac     53880
     atgtttgcaa aacatccata aacatagaaa caaatatgta aatctttgac gttactctct     53940
     gccttctttg cacacagcct ttgaaggaag tcagctcata tagctcagac ttacagagtg     54000
     aggctatgta ttacataagt tatcagggat ttcctgcata tggagagctg tgttataatc     54060
     tagcaccagg catctctatg atgcccaagc tagtctcaaa ctcacaggct caagtgatct     54120
     tcacatctca actttgtttt taatcacacc cagagccaag caggcaagaa tccacatggc     54180
     ctgtgcactc cctcacccaa tcagaaagtc actaagggga ctcaggggag gggtcctatg     54240
     tagtgaagac ttgttcacga cccatctggt attgcgcgaa cataccttca tgcctctgtc     54300
     cccctccccc ctcacacaca caccaggaaa aattaaaagt tagaaagctg cagagtgggc     54360
     aagatggctc agcaggtaag acacactcag agacccaagt tcaatcctta gaatccttgt     54420
     agaggtggaa gaaaagcgct gatctcagaa agctgtccta tggtctccac aaacatgtct     54480
     tccccaacat gcacacagag tgatgacaat gatgatgatg gtgtgacttt tgagaaagac     54540
     agcagaggag atctgtagac aactttgagg aagggtcttc tggagcagat aaggatatca     54600
     tcagtgaagt ctgctgtctg agtggctacc acacagggtg tgataaatgg acctgaaaga     54660
     cttatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa gattttaaag cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     54720
     tgtgtatgtg agagagagac agagagagag acagagacag acagacagac agacggacgg     54780
     acagacagac agacagagac agagagtgaa tatgtttgtg tgtgtgagtg cagtgcctca     54840
     ggagccagaa gagagtagga atcgccggga gctggactaa caggcagtgg tggatgctgg     54900
     gagctgaaca gggaacctct gagccatcta tccctcaatt ccctggaaga cttattttga     54960
     actcactttt ggttccatca tcttttgaca tcaaggagcc ttggtagagc tgaaatgact     55020
     attgtaaaga cagtgaggtg cccctcagat cagcccacac ctgtttgctc tctgtgcatc     55080
     tctttctata ttatagtgtc tttgttaaat cctgactctc cttcacaatg gctagtcctg     55140
     aaaccctctt ctgacccaat gccacaaatc tcaggcccaa gctgaagccc ctgagagact     55200
     gggagaagtc tgaaggcttc tgtaggtgac agtgaggagc tgtgcccctt tccctgccct     55260
     tcacaatgct gacaacccat gctttgtgcc aagcccacag actgctcccc tgagctgctg     55320
     tagtgaccta agggagggct cctggcacac gatttgggaa atgacatgcg cagagtagtg     55380
     cagctaatag ctaagtctgt ggtcactagg ctgttaacac tcctgggagg aagggcagat     55440
     cctgatagga cacctcttcc ctgccccagg tgcatgttgt cctggtcatc cagggggtgg     55500
     aaggttgaca gagggtgggg acagcggaac actgtgagtc agcctcactg ggactgggac     55560
     acagtggcag tgcagctgac cctgaagcac ctttactctg taattaatcc caataaattc     55620
     atgggcttgc caagctggat agagcactct agtctgttac tatcttcttt atcttcactc     55680
     taggaaatct tgtgacagtc cttgtgagga cagtgttttg gatgagaaaa ctggcacttc     55740
     ataacaaacc ttagttcact caccaaggtc taaaagctta ggttttcctg ggcataacga     55800
     cgcacacctt gatcctggct ctcactaggt agaggcaagc cgatgtctgg tattaaaatg     55860
     aggccccact gaaggttgag caggcccaga ccttaagcct aacaaaagtc tgcatatgag     55920
     ggagtattct ctctagcaca taataatggt actggaattc ctgtgcctgt gtctgggtgg     55980
     aggccagatg tcacccaatg tcctagtcta tcactctcta ccttttatgt ctctcactgg     56040
     gattgtaggc acaatccacc acactccact tttttatgtg gttgctggga actcgagttc     56100
     ccttactgat ggggccatct ccacagcctc gtttttctct ttcttatctg attttcagac     56160
     accaacccaa accctaagcc tacctcccca atagtttctc actctttctc tgaaggacac     56220
     tccccaccac aagcaatctc ttgtagactt ccctcacaaa gactgccttc ttggcctcta     56280
     acaaaggcaa gactttcccc ccacagctct atctgccttc tcttcacttt gatctgtctg     56340
     tctgtctgcc tgtctgaccc ccatcccatt tcaaatgaca ctgtccacaa gtttccttct     56400
     acatgttttt aaatcttttt ctttatgagg ccaagaccct gctgaggaga cctcatgtgc     56460
     ggacagtaga gaggctgatg ctctctcctc caccttacac accaagcaag agtctcactt     56520
     gaaccaagtc tacagcaaaa aatggcttgc agcctttctt ctcggatgtt taagcgaggt     56580
     tgttcagctt catgattcag cactggtaat cttatgcctg ttgttaatac ttctgcagat     56640
     ctgaggtcat tatcaggttc ctctgaacta ggagctctgc atctttaggg attgtctagt     56700
     gtccggtggc ttgttacaga tgctttccca agaccctact cttccactgt gctgttaata     56760
     tttcattgtg acttattctg agttttacag ccacgccaat atttcccaga aagacagaaa     56820
     taccttagtg agaatctcta cagatatggg tccagccgtg atgaaagttc catgtatgga     56880
     gtgaagggtt tggggtttcc acgtatgaat tgcaggggtt ggaaggcctg agtgctaggc     56940
     caggagtgaa gatgaggggt ggggtggggt ggggtgactg aggataaata tccactcctc     57000
     tatgtaaagg ggtcaaaact gccgacgaat caccgagact atgaagagta acctagtcta     57060
     cttactgcta aactcatgga ggatgccacc ctggctttga gtttaactct gccccatcta     57120
     gcagcctctt tatctgaaat gaagaccagc agaccctatc agcatttcta tctgacttct     57180
     gaaacttcta gaactcagct gcggggtcct aactctctgt ggtctgtaac caacaatgta     57240
     catacattga gatgtattta ctgtatgatt tatgttacta tcaggagtta agattggaat     57300
     gcagaacctg tgcgctcctt ggtcaggaca atcaagacaa gcagggaaat ctggcaaatc     57360
     gctgccaaag aagctaacat accttgtgaa tttactgtta aatacatttt gatattgtgg     57420
     agagacaaga tgtttgtctg tctctgacag tcccagcagg ctccagaaac aagttgtgtt     57480
     gtacaataat ttcaactcct catctggcag aagaagaaat accagattgt aatccaattg     57540
     ttcatgctga gactcaggtc tcaaaatgaa tcatgaaata tgggctaggc accaaagcaa     57600
     agcagaggca gcttgaagtt agaatccagg agaaccgtgc ggcctgaaga agctcttgag     57660
     gtaagggacc agggtccaca gctaaccatc tggctaccct gcaccagcag ctccctcaaa     57720
     caaagcaatg gggcagggta gacagaaagg atacaatagt gagataccat gcaacagaca     57780
     catccctcca cagtctgtca tctaacttca acaacagcac catgctcacc gagctcactc     57840
     aaggatcgcc tattggtcgc tgattactaa caagggatgg atgcagctga tctcaggacg     57900
     gaacatgact gcccctccgg gaaggagttt tcgttcactt tctcaggaaa actcaagaac     57960
     aaatactaga ttcaaattaa gtcagtctgt gtgacatctt aggaaatacc gtaggagttt     58020
     taaccaccat cgattcaact ctcatacatc ttttttctgt aaacaacact gtgcttgttc     58080
     attctgcaac taccaaccga gctagctggt tatgggctgg tcgctagcca gaaacaactt     58140
     cttggccctt atggaacttc ctaccacttt cacataaaaa ccaggggaga acaagctaaa     58200
     ctcaaaatca gcccatcaag ttgttatatg acattgtgag aaacacctta agaaccttga     58260
     actgttggaa caggaagcca ctatgcccag gaaatgactg ttatctgtcc cgcacagcac     58320
     tcctgcttcc atgcaaccat ctaatgagca ggcaggggct cacagtgtca tggaatcaga     58380
     aggctacagt tttagtgtca acggagacct tgggcctttg tcttgccacc agcactgcag     58440
     gtctgtgtac tggatccgcc aaagagttga gctctctgaa ggggagaggg agtccaatct     58500
     cacttccaac gctgcagctg ctccagagtc tgtggcaggc attgggatgc tggaagctga     58560
     ggggtgcagc acagctgaag gctaggagcc aaggtcaggg ccactgagca ggaagtgagg     58620
     tcgataggct ggagcagctt tcaacaatga aagcttcagg agagaactct tccccagtgt     58680
     tacagctcta ttcgacagac gagacactct tggactgtct ttgatgaaat agctcgtgca     58740
     ctttagtcct tgtggataga tagggtctta tatgcatttg ggggtgattt ggggtataaa     58800
     agcagaagct ttctcctggc ttgatttgag atgttagaga tgcctcatct gcgtgtggag     58860
     gggcttcggg tgttgcccct gtgtgactga ttgtcacagt cctctccatg gagtgtcgtg     58920
     gtcctgtgat ccaggacagg accctgatcg ggagtagatg gaaatgccta ctgtactcag     58980
     acatgagagt actgggattt ccgaatctgc tcaactttgc caagttttct gtctgatggc     59040
     atggtccact gccccacata gcactaggaa ggtcagggga agttcatccc attctgggag     59100
     acatagtaaa agcacatttc tgatgcccag tgaccttcag agcaactgat ataagaggag     59160
     cagtagccgg gcgtggtggc tcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agagacaggc     59220
     agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta     59280
     tacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaggagcagt     59340
     ataatttatt cagtgtgata cccttatctc aagaattgga attggggccc atggacattt     59400
     tattgattta gggtcaatta aatgttattc taatacaaat ttactaagat ataactttcc     59460
     tgtttttttt tttttattgt tctgacaaaa tacatcacag aaataaggga caatgtagta     59520
     ggacccagag ggggaatgct ttatgggtaa ttcagtgtct ctctctctct ctctctctct     59580
     ctctctctct ctctgagggg gaatgcttta tgggtaattc agtgtctctc tctctctctc     59640
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc ttccttcttt     59700
     tctttctaag atttattttt tacttatacg tatgcatgtg ggctgcatga gtttgtgtac     59760
     ataagtgtgt agatgcccac agagaccagg aggtggcatc agatctcctg gtgctagaat     59820
     tatacatagt tgtgagctgc catgtgtgtg tgctaggaat tgaataataa gtactcttaa     59880
     cctctgagcc atctcttcaa ccccactagc tggttttcta cattttcctt gtcattttat     59940
     ctgtggtccc aaactccaaa atggtgccac cataatcagc tcttccccca ctgcccctcc     60000
     cccaccccat taccacggcc cacatgtaat caattgtata tctgctttat tagccaccaa     60060
     aggcccttct caacccaatt aatttggtaa tagagcatct tgaggccacc ccgtcagcgt     60120
     gacaagcaag cacaagcact ctacgacata taacagccac cctgtattgt ttcacaggga     60180
     aaatgcaccc actcttcaga gtttaaagtc ccagcattgt ccaaaagtcc aaaatcgaag     60240
     cgtcctctgg gactcaaggt aaacccttaa ctgaactgta gaagtcaaag gtcacttagc     60300
     atgcttccaa gatatacaga gtaaacattc ctaataccag agcaaagcaa agcaaaccag     60360
     acggggtcaa gaattgtgga gagctgtgcc gtgagcaatc gccattataa gatggcgctg     60420
     gcttccactg cgcctaacta gtaaacaagc cttatgcgca tgtgcatgag tgaactcacg     60480
     cctagtcact gcccatctcg cggagtagta atggggtgat gggcgagcaa cgaatcagga     60540
     gctgtcacgc cacatcaggt gctgaaacgt cacgctgcgg gctatataag cagcgccatt     60600
     ttcccggttc ggggtcttcc ctcctgagaa gtaagcaata aaagctttgc cgcagaagat     60660
     tctggttgtc ctgagtgtgt tcttgccgga ggggacaaaa gctcgggata aagaatggtg     60720
     tcctgtatcc gattccgact tcagagaaca tgggcaaaac caagccttcc agcctcatca     60780
     tttgtaccct ctctggggct ggcacagctt gatctgtgtg gtttttcttg gcaggtgtcc     60840
     cacaatcctg gcatctagaa ctttctttac tctcacagct tcccacctcg tcccctcagg     60900
     ggatccccac aggaattcca acctgctgca tgctcacagg ctctcctctg aaatcaggca     60960
     gaaccctcca tggctgtaga actctcctgc ttgcctcata ctgcaatcca atgtcgtgcg     61020
     gaggatgagt ctaaaaccca gtgagaaatt ggatctcctc atccaggagt ctccagacct     61080
     gcccggcact catctgaaga aaaaggaagg gcatccccat ggcttcctat tttttgccac     61140
     ttgtgttctt tgattcaaga ccagtatatc tgtgcccttt ccaggaacca ggagtaggtc     61200
     acaagctgtc ctcactgtgg acatcttgga gcacctgcag ctggattcaa cctcaaactt     61260
     aggaaagcaa ctggactctc atggtctcaa ttatgatcaa aaccatccac ttccagctag     61320
     cttaagccaa aaaagggaaa aggaagctca cacggcagga agcccaggac aatacagatc     61380
     gaaagctcaa aggctctccc atgccttact tactgctcca gagatgcaca gctctgattc     61440
     tcagcttcat aagcttcctt aaggtcccca gaaagatgcc agtaactcta ttacccccat     61500
     ttaatcaagc aaaaaagtag ctttcatgtt gaagaccgtg ggcaagtcac acaggggcac     61560
     ttgtcattcc tcccagaccc aacccccacc cccatcccac atcctaggcg catctgtctc     61620
     caagcgaagg atgtaggatg gctacctggt ggccacagca gcagccacac aatcctctcc     61680
     atggcagcta tttgcaaaca tgagaatcat cccatctctg ggtaaaaata gagccaaacg     61740
     ctccaaagta ggaagagtgt ctgggagaag aaagctgcca agaacagcca tcctgtaaat     61800
     aaagttgtat gctggtacag aaggggcctc ctgaggagca gtcataattg ctgtgcttgc     61860
     ctgcccgctg gctgagacag cagagaggga ctcagctctg aaggctactc tgagagcagg     61920
     ccaaggttgc cttgctctgg aaggggcagc ttcccacagg ttttggggct ctctccaccc     61980
     aacctggccc tcctcctaaa gattactctt gcagcaactc tgtcctagcc agttgggact     62040
     tactcctgcc tcaagcactc agctatatgg gttctctctc tatcctgtcc agcagggtat     62100
     tgtccagacc tccagcaaaa gggatgtggt ccagcaccac accctcccta tgaggcaaga     62160
     cactgctagc ttagacacac agagcagagg accacctgct acttgcctcc tatgccccca     62220
     cattgagttc acctgtcttg gtttgcttgg ttgttttctg aagtgggatc ttgctatata     62280
     tagtcttgcc tggcggttct taacctggca gcaatcttcc agcctttgcc tcctgagtgt     62340
     tgtggcatat gacaccatgc ccagcctttc tgacccctta aggcatttat ccttaatatc     62400
     cacagatatt gggaacggat agccagtgat tattggagtg ggcccatttg agcacaggac     62460
     aatgggcagc gagtgtgaaa cagcagagca gcagatgccc acagaggcca cactgatgta     62520
     gaagcaagct aatcactgct gagcagttgt cacatgccag gctctggaca ctgcatacac     62580
     taatgccttt gtttatctgt acatttcaaa tgtacaaaca cccctcgtga cgtgtgtctt     62640
     aattacaaag tttcttactg tcttaattac aaagtttctt actgtggcga aacccagcga     62700
     gtactatcag taatctcacg aacctgatgt cacgcactgg catggctctg tggtattctt     62760
     gtacactaca caacacccaa gccactctaa cacaagctct cactgaagaa catgctatga     62820
     ataaccaata ctgaccaaaa acatcagtca tgaagacatg gaaagacaag actgagaagc     62880
     agatgggaga ccaaggagaa aacaaaatta aatgtcatgt ggggccataa ataaggtgcc     62940
     taagcaacaa cagacggacc tgagggtttg ccagaggcca accaagtccc cggtaagcaa     63000
     tgcagctata gcaatgttga tttcctgttg ctggctggtc tgccttgata attagcacac     63060
     agttaaagaa agctggagag aagcacacag atgttctgta ctgtttttgt gtcaaaaata     63120
     aaaaaaaaaa attttaaggg cagctggaga gacagtttgg cagttcagag cacttagtgc     63180
     tgtagcagag aagctgagtt cagttccaag catcttcatg ttggctcaca actgcaactc     63240
     cagttccagg ggagctggca cttcttctga cctacttggg ctcctacagc atgtggtgag     63300
     catccatatg ttcaggcaag ggtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtgtacg tgtatatgtg     63360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg tgtgcgtgta tgtacatgta tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg     63420
     cgtgtgtgtg tggggggggt gtgcatgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgcgtgtat gtgtgcatgc     63480
     gtgtacaagt atgtgtgtat gtgtgtgcat gtgtgggtgc gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgcat     63540
     gtgcatgtgc gtgtgtgcac gcgtgtgtgc atgcatgcac gcataagtat tttttaaaaa     63600
     tatacgggct gaatagatga ctctgcagtt aggagcactt gaggcttagg ctgaaaaact     63660
     aacttcaagg ttaagaaaat gtgttgttct tgcagaagac ctagatttaa tctctgtgga     63720
     tgcacagtag cttgcaaatg tctattaacc ccagtcccgt aggatctgac accttcttct     63780
     gacctttgta gactgcaagc atgcacatgg tgtgcaatca tacatgaacc caaaacactc     63840
     acacacataa gtaataacat aaataaacat tactaatata ttttaaagag catttcttgc     63900
     agagaaccag tttggctctt agcaccttgt aacttcagct taaaggctga tgctatcttc     63960
     tggcctgtgg gaacctatag agacacacgc atacacataa caaaaaataa gaggaaagtt     64020
     tacattttaa attactttta aggttttcca aatgaagtca cccaataagt cacttaggat     64080
     attcagctca ttgggctggt ctacggcaat gaagaggtgc cctggggtga aataaaacat     64140
     acttttacat tttctgatac attactgaac acatgccaca gggagtggtt tttattgttt     64200
     tgttgaaaca aagtcttgct tggtagctga ggctggcctc acagcaagtg ccagcacagt     64260
     gaccttgtcg gctttcagtt gctttgtcct cgggatcacc cctgtagctg agtttgtatt     64320
     tgactgcagg gtgggacccc acttacataa gaccttctcc cacttctgga ggtatgactt     64380
     gtctgccttc tagcacggca tggccctccc agctggagag acaactgaga agcagtgggc     64440
     tcccaggggg ctgctttgca tcttgtttgt cttattcttg ggtccagcag gtctctgtaa     64500
     gcttcctagc cttctagaca gtgcactagc accccacccc cttcattcct tccatagtga     64560
     ctcacttgaa gcttttgcag tgggataaat acagacattc ccaccgagtt taagccctat     64620
     aatgtacctt ccgctgccta ctgttcattt ctcatttccc acaagacaaa aacaagaccg     64680
     tgaggctgtt gctatgcgag cggctcatgt gtgcccacat ttgattacgg tccttatttc     64740
     tgtgtgcctg ggctcctcca tctcaccaga caggagaaca gatcctgcca ccagagagtc     64800
     tgagtgcagg ccttagcagc agcttgggat gcaggactga cttgtagctt gcccagtgcc     64860
     gggtctctga gcaggtagga ggtttcgcac agcttcccct ctgccagcac agctcgacgg     64920
     tttcagcggt ttcagcttcc cttctctctc catccagcaa agtgcagaca tgttcattcc     64980
     catctcagtc ctggccatgt tttgcaatgc ggaagaaggt attttgaccc cagctgcctg     65040
     gagcccttgg atgagagaga gggagagcta cagagggtca ctaaacaaaa gggaggcaag     65100
     acctggggtt ttctctgggg tctgagccta gccacttcca cccgtcccag caaggagctg     65160
     ttgaacggac ttgagtggct gtgaatgagc ccaggaatga gctcgtcttc tcagggccat     65220
     ccccagctac agcagtctgt gacacagctg cacagaggag aagacaggga cagagctctg     65280
     ctgctggtcc ttcctgggca attcagttgg caccaacagg gtaacatcca agcaggtggc     65340
     catctctgca agacagtcaa aggtgggtca gctctggggc atctctgtaa gacagtcaga     65400
     aggggcacag ctcttccact gtagaggaca gagaatgctg accctgacca ataggtcaaa     65460
     aaagaataca gactaatccc acagtcatgg acactgaact tagagaacaa gttattgcct     65520
     tgatctgagg ggacaatagc ctgagtcccg agctatgcag agctaaggta ttcaccccat     65580
     tccctgccta ccaggtaaga acactgttct gtggtagacc tgcaaaaaag aaagaaaaag     65640
     ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg aaggagggag ggaggaagga aggaaggaaa     65700
     agaaaggaag aggagggaag aggaggaaga gaacaggcaa attattgttt ttgttgttgt     65760
     tgttgttttt ccgagacacg gtttctctgt ttagccctgg ctgtcctgga gctcactttg     65820
     tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccca gtgctgggat     65880
     taaaggcgtg caccaccgcg taggcaaatt atttttaatc agaaaatgga cccttccatt     65940
     tctataccaa gtgctccttt gctacagagc attggaaaga gacccgctga ctaggacgga     66000
     gaaagggtca gaggccacca ctggactcca cgatactgga aaactcacga tagacacgtg     66060
     ggacctctca gtccttctgc atttcaggaa gaacccagac atcctgcaga gttatctatc     66120
     accaaggagt tctgggaaga gtaagatcag cgactctagg caggggggtg gagggcacat     66180
     atgaaggttt cctgttggct taacgaccca acggcctctc aggacagaag actaaacaat     66240
     gagtctgacc caaaggaaat gcacaatatt tttaaaaatg attttctaga aattgttaca     66300
     tgtcgtgtgt ccagatacaa ccccgaggag aaaggagaca ggaggtatct aaggataagg     66360
     ccgggattag ggagtcaaca ggagaacaaa gattccagat gatggatggt acatcaccat     66420
     gcagaggttt ctaggtgggg tagtcaatgc tgtaacccac tgcagaggtc aggacaacaa     66480
     gacaacacga gagcgttcca gctgaggaaa ataaatggaa gatttgcttc ccttcacagt     66540
     aaaaacaccc ccaggacacc cagcttgggc ctaaatggag atggtaccac cagtttctct     66600
     aagagttggg agttctctca gtgcactggt ggaagggaga acgttgggcg gaaggcacag     66660
     agtggccttc ccagagaagc tcctggtgtg caggcagatc ccagaaccac acacatacac     66720
     acttgcacac acacaatggc acacacaccc tggctgggcc gtgttaaagc tcagctgcct     66780
     tcctgtttaa gttcaatctg tagggtggga aggaagcaca agttgcagag cagagaaagc     66840
     agtgccaacg tttgagatca aagctgtggg gctcccatcc tgcttagtca aagacagtaa     66900
     gggaagatat cctcaccggg cgtggtggca cacaccttta aatcccagca ctcaggaggc     66960
     agaggcaggc agatctctga gttccaggcc agcctggttc acagagtgag ttctgtatag     67020
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccacag catgaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acacccaaaa     67080
     gactcaaagg gatccaccca gctgcagcct tcacgcttgg aagctgaact tggggtgcac     67140
     atcctttaat ataaaacatt tcctgagggg ccaacagggt cactcagtgg gtgaaactga     67200
     gccagactct ggaagccaca taaaggtgaa aggagaggac tccataactt tgtcttctgg     67260
     tgtcatggcc catgtgtgtc cacatacaca cgatacagaa caaaaactta agacgttatg     67320
     aatttttaca caactgtgtt cttcatataa cataccaaga tcacttaata tcccctctca     67380
     agaaaataac agcaacacaa tttgaaataa ctatgaaata ctaacagggc taattcattt     67440
     tcaactgagt tcataaacaa cagactcccg tagcacaagc aaccagaaaa caaaacatca     67500
     ctggggattt tttgtggacg ggaagtgacc agggcaggtt ctcgtgtacc ctggactagc     67560
     atgcaacttc ctatgtagcc aaggatatcc ttgatgttct aatagccctg cctccacctc     67620
     tggagagtgc cgggacacag gcccgtgtca ccacacccca tccaagttta tgttgtcctg     67680
     gggtttggtt ccaggtctct gtgcatgacg ggcaagcttt ctactaaatg atctacaccc     67740
     caggtcctgg aatgcatttt caaaaggcaa aaaaagggaa aagaaaaatg gccacagtta     67800
     ggcatggcgc cacaacctgg taacctcagc atctgagaaa ctgaagcagc gagttggggg     67860
     tggggtaaca ctttagagtc accttaagcc acaaagtaat atcaaattaa aaaaacctgt     67920
     catggttcaa ccaacatttt tcttctgtgg tagatgtgta gtgagagtgg cagtgttacc     67980
     ctgaagcctg tttgttttag agctagtgta caaactttgt aagaaagtat accatctcta     68040
     aagcagtctt agaaaaagac agctcccttg ggcttcagac acaaaccata tgcactcagc     68100
     acctcctccg gggttctgag cagatcccca gtcccagcag gcagctgcct tcacacactc     68160
     ctagccacct tagatcatgt tctcaaacaa tgcaatccaa ggacagaata ggagtttcta     68220
     ctttgtatac ctttcataaa gacaggcagc agacatgggt gctgcacacc agggtttctt     68280
     ggtctgggtc aagtcagtaa aatggtttgg tcgatctcag ggaggccttg gaggaagggc     68340
     atgaaggtgt atattagttg acaggtcgag aaagaagtgc aacccgtggt tggaaatgcc     68400
     tgggtccttc ttgcagacgc ttgggatgtg ggggtccagg tgctttatag ctggaatgca     68460
     tgtcttcaat tccatcatca caatggaggt agagggagga gcagctctag gaattccagg     68520
     ccagattggt caacatactg agccccagga cagccaggac cccatagaga ccccctcaaa     68580
     tcaaaaacag aaacaaaaaa aaccagatgg cacagctctc aggaagacac acataggtgg     68640
     gaagtgcttt taagactaca gatgcagtga tggctaaccc acggacacag actgttaata     68700
     taatgatgac tgtaatggtt tctgggaaag atagcccagg gagaatgtca tgaaacacag     68760
     ggaaacaaga acagaaagag tatcacttat tatacgtgat gattaaaaaa tacaatcact     68820
     ttatttccac tttttcccag tcccctgtag cacaggtgag aaccctctaa agcacaaaaa     68880
     tatttcaaga aagcatgtta caagatacta gtatatgcaa tattttggca gaactttatt     68940
     ttctctagca gttcataccc ccccatccaa attttaaaat tcaaaaataa gagttaactt     69000
     tatctaacat gttacagctt aacatttaaa acatcatgct ggatctggga ggagatgggg     69060
     aggtgaatac aatcaaaaca cattgtatga aattctcaaa gaattaaaaa tgagaaaaaa     69120
     taaaatatca tgctctagtt aaatatttca caaacactgt atacaaataa aatattacac     69180
     aaaatatttt ttaagaaaat gttttggtgt ttgatctgaa caataaataa aagcacaggc     69240
     acttctacac tgagacaggg aagtgtcact acccagaatt ttatctaagg aatacgtgat     69300
     aatatggcaa gaatagaatc ttggggtttt aactgactaa tcacgtccaa agctcagaag     69360
     tggcgaatgc ttcccagtct ctgaacactc acagacccat ggctgtcggg ctactcagtc     69420
     tccagttggc cattagggaa tcacactcat gatcttcaaa tactaaaaat aggttaacta     69480
     ccatgatgcc acccaggaaa ccaaacacaa gtaaaaagaa aatcccctct gtcctcatgg     69540
     ccataagccc tgacaagatg aactacacgc actgcgtggc tttccttgca taaaggaagt     69600
     aacggtttct agtaacaagg acaatactgc tgggtgacgg gagattgaca tcagtctact     69660
     ttctagacaa ctttcaaaat cttatgaaaa tacatagaat tccatttcac aaagccacca     69720
     ggttgtgtcc tacatatata tatatgtatg tatgtacaca cacacatata tacacacata     69780
     catacataat tgtggaggag aaagaaaaca aattagaaac tgaggaccgg cagccagagg     69840
     aagggtcata accactcacc ctgccatgct gagctgtctt cagccttccc tcttcacaag     69900
     gcaagggaag gactgagggc ttgggagccc aggggctacc tgctcatgaa ggctaatagc     69960
     ctcacacaga actcacctat tgtgagagca caccatggga actagtcagg ctaggccttt     70020
     ctgtgaaatg cagctcatgt ctatttcagc attttaaatt aggactttgc aactgagacc     70080
     agatatcaat catctcttga ggttttctgc tatgtactaa cattaggtct atataggaac     70140
     aaatattttt cttatttttc tcttcaatat caaatgtcct gaagcctttg tgcttctctg     70200
     gaacaaggcc cagtttctga aggcacattc ccgtataaac atcatcaata gggtagagat     70260
     ggacccggct agtcgcactg tacagcctca aggcaagggg gccggagtac aggaatccac     70320
     cacccccggc atacggtggg tagacgccgg tgtagaagac ttctgggatg tagtacttca     70380
     gtttcttatc ccggtgaggc ccagcattgt ggatcacgtc acctatgaac aagtctttgg     70440
     ctttgctctt ggataagcta ttcaagtaat taaggatgtg atgggtgttc acaaacacgt     70500
     catcatcgcc cttgaagaca aactctgcgt ctggacagga agtgctcacc cacctaagaa     70560
     acagcacttc cttcagggac aggttgaaga atgtgtctct atagttccac atgaggatgt     70620
     cctggtgctt gtcactctca aacttaagca tgtccgaaag gtcagggtgg ttgtcctctg     70680
     ggggtgtctt gcccaacagg aagaccctca ctactgtctg gttccctacg ttggtttctc     70740
     ggccccaaga ctcccgaatt gcttgccttc tggcaaaatg tggaatgagg gactttatcg     70800
     ccaatagtaa gaagggcttc tttgcacatt tcttcggttg atctataagc agcgagtaat     70860
     tccggcatct caaatacaag agaaagtctt taaatctgtc cggcagatta ttaaaatctg     70920
     tcacagctgt catgaccgtc gagtctggtt cacaatagct caggtgactt gtgtttggag     70980
     atgtggctag ctcccctgtc tgattggcca ccctgttcaa gatgggattg taccacctgt     71040
     tcagcttctc ctgttccctg ttccagtatg cccggggagt gctgggtggc ttccagaact     71100
     tctctttcgg gattattact cctccctttc catttttgtc ttggctactg tttttggaga     71160
     cttccacaat caaataaatg aagacatttg ccatcatcag gatgcccagc aacttgactc     71220
     ttcgacgccc cacactcatc tctcatacct gggaaaaggc agggaagtac gttagtgaac     71280
     tgtgactctg atgcccacag acactttagg cttagcatgg acacatacct ttacttccag     71340
     cactcaagag gcagaggcag atgaactgcc cagttccagg ccagccaagg ctacacagtg     71400
     agacccattc tgtattttta aaaaagtctt cctaagaata aatgttctaa aataaggact     71460
     cctgactcat cagctctgtt tcaaactaaa tcttcaactt ttccatctac aaagggggtt     71520
     ggttgtacaa aatatgcaat ttttacacac aggcttttga aatcctgcct ggcccattac     71580
     aatcactatg taatagttaa tgtattttag acacttggag ggcagaagca aatatcacta     71640
     agtaaataac cttgtaattg ttcaactact ttgcttaaaa aggtacatac atacaaatca     71700
     gagctttgca aactaagtca cttacaattc ataatagcac atttttaatt ctgtgatcta     71760
     atatgtacac atgcacataa tatcactata aattacatgt tacactaagt acagtgtcat     71820
     gtaattcgct cttaatgtct gtcatttaaa aatgcagacc caaccccgaa ttatttccta     71880
     ctctaccaat gtaaataaaa tgaaaattgg tggaatgttt taagttcatt ggcttccaac     71940
     agagaatccc gaagtgaaaa gggatttgct gtgaaacttc tactatgaac acttcagtca     72000
     aagaatgtca ggctacttgt gtctcttata tctagtagtg ggtaaagagc ctactataga     72060
     tagcttacag ttaagccctc cataactata gatacacaga ttgtgtaaat acatgaaaga     72120
     ctaggctgga gagacagccc agtagttaag cacccttgct gttcttgcag aggacccagg     72180
     tttaattcct agcacttaca tgtcagctca cactcactca taattacagt tctgggggtt     72240
     ctagtgtcct cttcaggcct tctcagacac ttggcaccca catgttacat acacacacag     72300
     ataaaaacac tcacccccac acatagtaat taaaaataaa aatataaaag gaaataaatc     72360
     ttcctgtacc atacattgca gagttctggc tttgcccgtc ttccttaagc aaccatgtaa     72420
     caactcctgg tatctgcaac catgtaacaa ctcctggtat ctacattgta gcccacgttt     72480
     taagcaaagg agggattacc agagcacaca ggagcctaca gcactgggat acatcctgat     72540
     tcccaatact tagagaataa ggaaggagac tgagagttca aagtcaacct tggctaccta     72600
     ccaagttcaa agccagcctg agccacaaaa cactcttcca aacaacaaac aaaatgtgcc     72660
     cccaggagaa tgtggtagat tatttacaaa tgcaccattt cacaaggctt gaacatccac     72720
     aaattttgtt atctgtgggg atcctagaac ccaaacctcc atagatacca agagccagtc     72780
     aataagttaa agagtttgtt tgggggtact ttatttttag gacacagggt cttgctacaa     72840
     acacaccaga tgcctcctgg gtgcttcctt ggtttcattt tttaagccac tgcactcagg     72900
     aaagggacag tcaaagaagc agccttctgt ccctcacttc cccaacctct gaacaagcag     72960
     ggaggaaagc tgctttatac ctcaagaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaaa     73020
     aaaacataga acaggtctta ctctttaata gttttaaagc atgcctggtc acacagcctg     73080
     aataatatct aactgttcac gtccttctca gatgaacttt taagtaaatc tttgaaaatc     73140
     taaccagtat ctgatggtgg ctgaagaatt aatcatttca cttagggaaa aaaaaatcat     73200
     agatacttta acagtttgac cattttttgt ttgtatgttg tttgtttgtc tgtttgaaat     73260
     aaggtcatac ataaaactca ggttgccttt gaacttacta tgtaaccaaa cataaccttt     73320
     taatttccca tctttctgcc tctacatccc aaggtctgag attacaggaa tgggccacca     73380
     tatccaactc agtccttcca aaagacactt ttcaaaagta agtggttccc attcttcttt     73440
     agaacgtttg tttgtatttt atgtatatga gtgtttacct gcatgtattc atgtgtgtca     73500
     agtgcatgac tgggcccagg gaggccagag aatggcataa gattcctctg gagctggagt     73560
     tacagatggt tatgagctgc cctgtgggtg tggggaacta cctggtcctc ggcaaatgtt     73620
     cttactcact gaatcatttc tctaggccct ccccaaacgg atctctttaa cttagcagtt     73680
     ctactgctaa aatgaggcct ttaaggggct gagggcgaag cacttgctat tcaagcagag     73740
     gaccttagtg tgaacatcta aaagccacac aaagctgcac agcatgcctg caatccctgt     73800
     gctccaacag gaagcagggt gctggaacaa caccaaagag accccatatc aaacaagtta     73860
     gaagatgaag cttgcattag tagttggtct catcctctac atgtgtgctg tagcagccac     73920
     gtgtcaatat gcacgcgcgc acacacacac acacacgagt gtgcgagtgc acttccctca     73980
     gaactactag tcttttggtt gtgagctctt tctcccattt ccacaagatg aaacaaggaa     74040
     aaacacagaa aacgaccatg aggcaaacgt ctggaaaggg tgttcaggaa aaaaaaaaaa     74100
     aaaacactgc cactgtgatg acaggcaaaa gctcaaggct acacatagac ttttcaattt     74160
     agtaagagaa ctgagaggcc agtaaataaa tgataacagt ttacagaaca gaacagaaca     74220
     gaacagaagc gcacacacac ttctttagca tagcaggctg tgaaatccta gcgctaagtc     74280
     tcctaaggtg cagtgcaaac agtaagaaaa tgactgcagg taaaccaatt aattacacac     74340
     cagaactgtg gggccaggga ttattggaat ccagtttgag ccatgtgaca tttctcctaa     74400
     gtctaccaat cctttttaaa aatcatctag ctaattaact acataggagt gtttgcccac     74460
     atgtatgtgc acatattgtg gaagccaggg gaagctgtaa gatcctctgg aacagcaatt     74520
     aagattgttg ttgctagggg ctggcaagat ggcacagtgg ttcaaagcac caactactct     74580
     tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa tcctagcaac cacgtggtgg ctcacaacca tccgtaacga     74640
     aatctgatgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa aacagctaca gtgtacttac aatataataa     74700
     ataaataaat ctttttttaa aaaaagttgt tgctagctaa atgggtcttc tggatgaaca     74760
     accaatgtgc ttcaccactg gccacctccc tagtcccatt aatccttggg acatgtgaat     74820
     ggacatgaag ctctctgagg aagtgtcctc ccaaatgcac ttgcttaaga ggtccagtct     74880
     actgagtatc ttcctagact gtgacttacc tcaaccccca gccaagtgcc caggatgcca     74940
     cttcatgagt aaaactcagg ggtggagaca gagtattacc taaaagtcag gagtgaactg     75000
     gatcctgaaa agtgtctgtc cttagctgtg tggtggtggt ggcagcacac atgatgaatc     75060
     ccagcaccca gaagcaggag atccaagatg agtgaggtgg ggtgggtggg gatgtgtctg     75120
     aaaagtgtcc atccctgctg gtcattctga ctcaggtacc tggtgaaatt ttaggagctg     75180
     gctcaagaat gaaaaggttg gaggcctgga gtctagcaca cacatctgtg gcctagagtc     75240
     ttcacagaaa aggaaatgag agagaagaaa agctccttcc aggtcccttc aggaagcctt     75300
     tctggacaga ccctaagtct ccaaaggctt ggaggaccct ttgcactatt tgcaaatggg     75360
     tattcttcct cacttacctt aggagagcgt ctcaagtaca catcccccaa agctcgacat     75420
     catttttact gtgacctaga cactgcctct tgtatgggaa ctctgctttt agactctgaa     75480
     agcaacagaa gttcacagaa agggagatat gaggcaaaga accgagtctt taaaaaagaa     75540
     aaagaaactg tgggcaaagc tctctctaag tagtttaagt cccattgcag tccattttgt     75600
     ggtttttggt gcccccccta cccccgccag gaagttacat tgcttaaaag gaatttaaga     75660
     aatactgaca ccaaagttag agaaatggca tcacccaaca ctatgaagcc ctgaactaaa     75720
     acagaaaagt cctactacat gcaaatacca gaatcttaac tttctcccca acaggaagaa     75780
     cacttctcag caccaccacc acccccatca cacacacacc tccaatcaca cacacacaca     75840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca cacacacaca     75900
     cacacatgca cacacacaca cacacacata tacatacaca tacacacaca tacacacaca     75960
     cacacacaca cacatataca tacacataca catacacaca cacatacaca cacacataca     76020
     cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacatg cacacacaca     76080
     cacacacaca tatacataca catacacacg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact     76140
     tctctgtgta gttggaactc tttctgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaaccca gagatacact     76200
     gcctctgagt gctgggatta aaggtatgtg ccaccactca actaaggaca gatacttttc     76260
     agacttctac aaaactgaag ttacttcaac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aaaaaaaaac     76320
     tcccttttta ttttgcagct aaaatatctg gaaaggcgat gctgaggcaa gaaaggggtt     76380
     actaaacata atcgctgtgc ttaagctatg tgagtactcg caggaagtac acttactatt     76440
     actattggtt cctggtaaca cgaactgtaa cagaggctgg gccccactgc cattcgtatc     76500
     tggagacttt gtggatcccc gaagcgtggc tcccactccc ccaacctcca cagcctcctg     76560
     aggctctgtg cacatcccat gcctagctcc aagcgcaatg tcacttttta gaaaggctct     76620
     cagagcgaga agtaaagcat gagtatgtct gttggcacct gggcctggca atccttccaa     76680
     gccattctaa atgttcttct aaatgtttgt tggccgagta tacactgagc acaggaagtg     76740
     actggaccgg cccaagatca cgcagctgcc gaatggctga gctgggactc tatgcaagag     76800
     gatgcgacca tgaggaaaga gacgaaggag cactagtctt atttccagtg attattttat     76860
     ttaaaataat tattaaattt ttatatgtat acatttcaac tcacaaaagt atcataaatt     76920
     agaattagat gcaagaggca ggttagatta gtaacattta ttactcaggc aaaatgtatc     76980
     ttatgctgac atgtcataaa tgagggaagt ttcagctggg gcagactgcc ctggaaccac     77040
     atcacgaggc cagaatcttt ctgtgtcctt cagatagcca gccagtttct tcttgacttc     77100
     atttcttaag tttctttttc cccccacaca aaacatggtt gtcaaaagtc accaatttcc     77160
     tgttgcacta accagcagct gtgtaatcct agcctacagc ctaccaacgc acaggagatc     77220
     atcacaccac cacaccctga cagtttaact gtaatcaaga gcaaaggaag gactgcagct     77280
     acccaggcca gccagactct ttcctttaag gttccaaaac actgggcaat tgcagcgttt     77340
     catagacaag acactggaag ctaccgaagt gcatgctgct aagaggttcc ttcatgttct     77400
     gaaagatatg caaacactta agcaaattca ggacaacctg ttctcactga gccatgacca     77460
     ccccacccca atagctaacc agggacagcg ccagcaacac atccaagtca cacctaaagt     77520
     ctgtactaag atgccctgca tctcccccag taccaaggtg ctaggagcct tggaccttca     77580
     atgtcctcca aaggcctggt cctctgcctt gccactacca agtagtagtg ggacctgcag     77640
     gagacatgtc ctagtggaag gaagttagta aaatggggcc caatctattc ctttcttcaa     77700
     ttcacttccg gtcatgaggt gactggttcc ctcagctgta tgctcccacc atgaagtact     77760
     gggccaccac aagcccaaat gcaatgtgac aaagtgacca tggtcaaaat catgggccaa     77820
     ataaatgttt ctacttttat ttaagtctag cacagacatt ttgtcacagc aacagaaatc     77880
     ttgccaacac acattaggag taaaagaaag taataaacta aaagtgacca acccagtcaa     77940
     gctagggtga ggctagaagt caggcttatg accgtacaaa agagaatgca tcctggttta     78000
     ctgccagtca agctagggta aggctagaag tcaggcttat gactgtacac aggagaatgg     78060
     agcctggctc actgctgttc aaatccaacc aatctcacag agagtaggag agagaagcaa     78120
     gcccaagccc gatgctttac cacaagactg gtcactgtac attcttgggc cctgctgctc     78180
     tgggagcctg gcttccctaa cacctttacc tcccaagatc caatctgtgg cctgatcctt     78240
     gctagccttt cctgggtcct gctcaaacaa acagaagcag acacagtgtg cagctaagtg     78300
     ctcctgtgga gagaacagct tccaacaaaa tggcagatga caagttatca ggaggtgatc     78360
     agcaggacca gaaggcctgg gccattccta gacttctgcc ctaattagta caagaggcct     78420
     ggctaggtat tgccagtgag gcaggagaac cccaggagtg cccatggcac cgggttagga     78480
     aagcctgtct gccagggtct tctgtctgca agccacaaaa gaactacagg cggagtctaa     78540
     ggaactgggt tcctagttac tagttactag ttttcccccc tctatgataa aaattaaata     78600
     ggaaaaagta tttctaaata ttctattcag ccacatgtcc tgacaggcag aagtatagat     78660
     caaagtgtct ggaaggacat gctctgatct tcaccttttc ctcctctaca acccattatg     78720
     gttctttttc tcaaatgaaa tttatcattt aaataaaatt aatcacagag ctaggctaga     78780
     gtttatctca tggcagagca cctgcccagc atgcaagagg ccctgaattc catctttggc     78840
     accacaaaca aaatgaaaaa gagaaatcta cctctgtatt tatccttcaa gtaaatacat     78900
     gcagaccatt cagaaagaga agagaaaaat aagcaacaaa ggtcgacttg ccctgtcttt     78960
     aatagagctg gaaacaatgg tacagtcctc agtggaaagg ttatgtaatt ttaaaatagg     79020
     acaagtgcca ggtaggggtg acacacacct ttgatcccag cccttgagag gcaaaggcag     79080
     gcagatctct gagctcaagg ccagcctgat ctatggagat ggccagggct tcacagagaa     79140
     actttgtctc aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa ccacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     79200
     aaaaaaactt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca cccagggcta gcagataaga tagcttagac     79260
     ccactgttca ggctgaaaac cagtctgaca tcttccaaca tcttccatcc gataatcagc     79320
     tcaactacta tttatttgac ctctcaaagc ctgttcttca gtgtaaaata gcctgataac     79380
     aatctgcaga ccagcttctt gtcttcaaca ccacatcatt caacagctct cctctggggc     79440
     tcctgcttct ggcaccaaat actaaataca gcacatttct ccagttttgt tcttcactga     79500
     ctaagacatt ttcatccacc cactgaacct ccaaaagaag gacacagaga ttaacacttg     79560
     taactcttga aactgaacag tttcagaatg tctaacagac acggttttct ctggtcctgg     79620
     gcatggggga aaacccagaa ttttctcttt ggcttctttt ttgctgctca ctacaacgcc     79680
     caactcccac attgatcagt cccctgcaca tgaagctacc caagtcaagc gcctcttgta     79740
     tgtatcctca caggacatct tcccacagga ctcctggagc tgaagctcag ggcccccatg     79800
     gaacacgagc tcaccctcat atcctgtcag cgaggcctac acataggcat ctgacaaagt     79860
     cactgaaagc agtgaagata aagtagaagc tagaccaata aatacatata accttttcct     79920
     gaaaaaaaaa atgggaaagt cacttacgct ggtgactgtg ggctggtgaa ttacatataa     79980
     gtatttatat tccgtaagtc ggcctcaacc tattattact gaagggaaca gggagcatag     80040
     actctctgga gttcggggac ctgagcttca gaaatagtga tcagtgtcca tcctgagcgg     80100
     aaatctcaga aaacatcaca atattgttgg agccaggaac tgacaggcct tccctcttca     80160
     ggagaattct aagttactac agggaccaga ccagtgcagc tcagggcaca gctgcttaga     80220
     tggctttctc actggggggg gagaagggct gtgcctggcg tcaaggagct cgagaaaagc     80280
     aaccccaccc gtttacaatt catagacaag agcccaagaa agaaaacctc tttatcctac     80340
     cagcagaaca gaaaccttca acctacagag agtgaagaga aatagctaac ggcccagatc     80400
     cattttcaga ggtcaggcaa cagcaggtgc atctgcagca gaagtggtaa ccaatgagcc     80460
     agtgcaagct gacagtctct gtgccatcaa cccaaaggca cctctaacca tactattgtc     80520
     cctttaacct ggagttaagg ggagaggtca ccaaagaaga gcccccagtg aaataagcag     80580
     aggcaattaa tggcacagct ttaactgaca gcaggggcca agacaggacc tgagggggtt     80640
     gtatagcagg gctaattctg gaagtatggc gagtggcagg gtgcacaaga actggggtgg     80700
     gaaggcaaag cagacagatg gctctggagc caccaccacg ggagtgcatg gggctggtgg     80760
     atgcaggggt tctcctagtt agaaactgac tgctggtgct gggctgggct gccagacaga     80820
     ttacatgttt tctttcacac ctctgcttaa aagtgaaaac agataggctg catcacatac     80880
     aaacaagaaa cagtctatgg tgagtataaa tgcagttggc atgcaggtac agttacaatg     80940
     tttcattgtc tttgcccctg cttaaagcat ttgatgcatt actatctctg cctagctcta     81000
     ccataggaat ggtttctaac attttcccct gtagcattag ctgaaagtgt atacaaaata     81060
     aacagataaa gataattatt actttctttt ttttaaaaaa atgcagttgg ctttggggtt     81120
     cactgaggca tgtcttctgg aaagcacaga tggtttgcct ccaccaggct ctgcttatct     81180
     ccgactacac aggactgttt ctctcctgtc gacccctcta acggaaaacg tgacagtgtg     81240
     ccacctaact tttccaacca tctgaatatt ttagtaaaat ggcaaagaag acacatgctt     81300
     tcaaagtcat ttagcatgga agtactgtga cctcacccac cagagagagg tcagactggc     81360
     ctctgccact gcatacccag aaacacaagg tcatcctctg acctccctcg gacactcttc     81420
     ttcacgccac cagaaaagaa catgtcttgg ttttctcatt tatcatcttc tcatgggctt     81480
     ctttcccgag tttcctactc tgtcctttgc ccagcactct gtccagatat tctcatgtca     81540
     tttaccgttc acaaccagct cccaagtata aagcaattaa gctgtggaga gctaatccca     81600
     gtaggattga gctttgacct ttgaaccaga cctagagcct gtgctcctgt gctgtgtatc     81660
     accatcaaca tcaaagagga cagagcacct ctaatgaaga gcagtcttta aatcacagca     81720
     tttgttgaca cttgaagggg cataaaacaa ttctcagaaa aaccaaggac tgagattttt     81780
     ataaaacaaa agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aaattgagaa agaaatgacc catagcaaat     81840
     ggtcaacgag gtactgaagc aatgctggtc tggtaacaag caccattcag gccatggctg     81900
     gaatcccctg ggtgttttat gactcacgag ttactcttga ttagttactt attcccacta     81960
     cagaatgaaa gattggcaaa ggctcaaact agccccgcca caaacatgtt catgcaatcc     82020
     tgttagaact tttagccttc cactccctcc agtagcagaa cctgacagaa gggaacagta     82080
     ccacaaccca ggctcccctg ccctgcaacc aacctatcag agacagaaaa ggcaatcggg     82140
     tagagcacca ggtacaactg cactcaactg ttcactcaac aacacacaca tgccttccca     82200
     cgggattgca gcccaactgc agaaggaaac agatttctaa tccaggcaac catatagatt     82260
     tccttattta cagaggaaaa ccaaagtccc cagaggcaag ggcctcacta tgctgaggtc     82320
     acccacaggg agaaccaaca tgtcactgtc aaccttcagg gagaattatc attggtgaca     82380
     aggtcttttt ccacagtcta ttaattctag ttcagtaaca aagtaaacga aaaagctcca     82440
     tgaagttgaa cctcttgttc ccctcaccca ctttggggca gctttattac ttctgccttt     82500
     ggcatctcct gcacatttat ctgacttatc actctctaac gacatgtgtg acaggacaac     82560
     agaactctta tttctaatca gtctgacact ccacagacaa caaagctgag gacaagaaac     82620
     tcacagggct ccaggggcag aggaggaagc agggggacag aaagggaaga cttttctgcc     82680
     gttttttcag gctgggtctt caaccagggg tcgtgaattt cctacacagg ggcaatttcc     82740
     tcaagggcaa ccctgaggtc ctggtcctca tgacttacct cccaagtgtg ctgaggtagc     82800
     aagcaggtgc agccaaccac gcccagcttt tagggaagct tccgctttct gatcaagtct     82860
     ctaacagtgc ttgcgacaat catccttgga tagattcata catgagccac catttctcct     82920
     ctagtccttg gctggctact tgccagttct tttacggtga gttttgtcaa aaaccttttc     82980
     tccttaatac cccacttgct aatactagga caacattacc cagtaccatc ctcaagacag     83040
     tggagctacc tgagaacact ctcaggaaac agtcacaact aagtaggtct ataaacaaac     83100
     acaggcccaa gggatgggga aagggaggaa gaaggcaatt aaaaattaat aaaaatgcac     83160
     aaacatagat tacagtactg gactagaaac agaatcccat tatataaagg gtgtaattgc     83220
     ttctggaaat aagcaggcca ctgatcttgg cttggtaatc ttggtgtaaa ggtaggctgg     83280
     gggctgggta cccatttcta tagattcata cagtaaaagc cagttaaaac agttagaaga     83340
     caaactttaa gtaactatta gaatgatcat gaccatagtg tgctccaagg gctctgatgt     83400
     cctctttaac ccctaggagc aaatgtgtat gtatgtacgt acacacacac acacacacac     83460
     acacacacac acacttactt aaaagtaaat cttctaaaaa atttcaatta agggatagag     83520
     agatggttca gtggttaaga acactggctg ttcttctaag aacccaagtt cagttcccag     83580
     catctcatga gaggcttagc tacattgtat gtaccttcag ctccaggcct tctggcctca     83640
     atgggcacac acatatgtgg cacgcacaca cacaaagtaa aaaatttaaa aataaaaatt     83700
     ttaaatcacc tatgtaaagt tagacctggt gtcatagtcc tataatccca tcacttgggg     83760
     agtcaggaga atcacaagta tgtatgaaga catctggact acccaacaag accgccttaa     83820
     agcaaacaca caaacaacac aaacctaagc tattctcagc acatactcta tgggcaaact     83880
     ctgtctttct caattctaac taactatatt tggtaattcc tatgctctat gaaataaagt     83940
     tcgagagtat ctcaaacacc gtgtttattt taagtaacct aataaattgc tttgggaagt     84000
     ttcaacttct ccgctgttag gacagaggct tccagtaaca aattttccca aaagagaaca     84060
     cgtccttgat tactgtgaag aagacaccaa gggaaataag agaccacagc ctgagactcc     84120
     acaactccta gacttactgt attacagtct cttaaaggac agctacctga ctcttctaca     84180
     aacaggcgtg agaactggga atgtgaccca gctagatgag tgcttgccta ggctgccaga     84240
     agccctggat ttgatcctta gcaccacaca tgcttatggt cgcattagga gtagaaactg     84300
     gaagaacaga agttcttcac tacacagtag atccaaggtc agtgtgggtc aaacaaagcc     84360
     ctgggcacgg aaaccacagc agagcctggt ggtgcaatgc agtagcagag cacatgccta     84420
     gaatatccag aacttgggct ccacacttag caaggcaaaa cagacaaaga taacggaact     84480
     cattacttgg tgtgttaatt ttagcccaga ttttctttag gtagaaaatt gtaaataaca     84540
     aatggcactc ctacatcctc attgtgctcc ttccagctgt aggtctaatc aagggcccac     84600
     agaatgcata agccaggaaa atggttacca agtctcctcc ctcactttag ggagaaactg     84660
     gcccctaagg ccagaaactt ggctgaggtt ctgacttctg agagaagcag gaggcagcaa     84720
     gaagcagtat ggagtagagg catggaggga agacagtcat cccatcgagc actctcaggg     84780
     acttgacccc cctccatcca gaagtgctac tgtcaatgcc tttgacgggt ctcttgcttc     84840
     ttagttctac cccatccatg aagggccagg ctcagtccct gctctctgtg ggaactgtac     84900
     aatcacctcc tgattcttag tgccccacac agagcagccc acccctctaa aagaagagaa     84960
     gatctagtcc cctcaatgta cctctcctcc caggtctgtt tgccaaacag aatggctcca     85020
     ggaaagctga gactggctct gagcccagag agaggcagac tacatgccac acctcaagag     85080
     ccctaaaaga tggatgcccc cctagcaccc caccaataag aaccaagtat cactcttccc     85140
     atgcatccag tcgcctctgc cctatggtaa gagtccatcc atccatctcc tcccagacta     85200
     ttcctaggac atctggctct ggggtgacac aaacaagcca ccctttccct caggcctcac     85260
     ttccaattcc tctctaccct cttggatgtt gtttagactt caatttactg aacagtatct     85320
     gcggactgtc ttggctacaa ttttaaaata tttgcacata gatttaaaac acatttacct     85380
     tcaaaatagt aatgtatctt tctctggcca ctcaccaaga aaaattagta ttcattcaat     85440
     atatgggcac actgaggaac tgactggaaa cccagtctct ttgaataagt aattcccatc     85500
     acctcagtac taaatcccag catgtactac tattatagga actagggctg cagcaatcca     85560
     ccctctaggg ctgaagggat ttatctgcct caccctaccc aggacacttc cctctcccct     85620
     cggcttagag cctgcagcag acaggatatg ggtagggtgg ggcaagaaca ggattgcccg     85680
     aggcttcaac acattaccgg atttgaaaat ttccattata aagagttttt ttttttttcc     85740
     tttttaacag aagacccaac agaaccttga gaacaaaaac tcaaaagaaa acactcggtt     85800
     aaaaatagga gtatattttt agttaaaaat aggagatatt ttaagttcat ttgaagagag     85860
     gtaattcctt atgtggcaaa gaatagtaaa atggttgcct ctcatttaaa caagcaaagc     85920
     aaacaaggta caactggtac ctatcaaggc ctcagaaaga tgcctctgaa acatggctgg     85980
     gcactcagct tgtgctacag agcctgccac actagcacag tgaagggcta gagtcacatt     86040
     gtatctttaa cttgtgttac ttttattgta tcattttcta ttgtttgggg tttttttttt     86100
     tctgtttttt ctaaatattt cccatctttg gttgaatttt ccactacaga gctccaagat     86160
     taagagggaa gcatctgttt ataaactcac tttgatcttt ttttgtatta gacaaataac     86220
     tcaaataatt cgatttttaa atgtcactgg gcttcccttg acaatctaag gccagaccta     86280
     aagcagacct aaaggattca tttaagggca caggcactta aaagccaggg atggacaaga     86340
     cagacgtctg tcggtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     86400
     acacacacac acacacacac atgtagtgca ttccaaagag caatttctta aaatcctcaa     86460
     catgaactct taagtgtgga gttcacgggt cacagaatct tcctaaaatg tcaggacctt     86520
     cacagaacag acttggagca tgcgttcaac ccatgtgtga atgtggtctc agagagcctg     86580
     aagacagtct caagcagacc aggctggact aaaactcaga gatcttcttg cctctgttgc     86640
     tcagagctgg gatgaaagtt atactcacca gccaacccta aggttttatt tggttgtttt     86700
     tccctcccaa gaagggcagg aaatactgcc cttaaccagt tgccatagtt accaagatgc     86760
     tcgtcatcag ccccagagtc aaaaaccacc atcaataaaa tctctactgg cctggttggc     86820
     catgctaccc accccaaggc tactgcccta gagtcccact ccagtaacag cagacacagg     86880
     cccctagggc cagggtcaag cagtggcctc aatttctgcc ctctctggtg gtcacagaca     86940
     tgctctcctt gctggtgctg ctagccctac gctgaccttc ccaaacaacc cccttcccag     87000
     ctagactgtc atagttcttg cattctactt acttacagcc caacacagct taccatgatt     87060
     tcagcaccac tctcctcctc tttctcctga ctggcagctt tggatcctag gcagagtcct     87120
     caagatgggg acaaatggca gtcccttagg tagagctggg ccaactctgc tgctgggctt     87180
     tcccttagca gacactctgg tccctgggtc tctcttagac accaccccaa actctaccca     87240
     gtcagatctg cctgaggttc acacttcccc acgtctgcct ttatgtttcc aaatgccacc     87300
     ccctcacaga gtcggttttt tcccacctct agaatctgtc aaatgaaacg tacactttaa     87360
     ccctggacca ctcccgggac cctcaacttt ccctttctaa aaccaatgag gtactcggac     87420
     aaataccaac atgcctaaaa cagacagagg ctggggaaca agctaacact gatggccagg     87480
     gacagcaagg cagcaccagc acccctaagg ggagtggtag gcacaagagc caaagggcag     87540
     gatggtaatg ggagggagag aagaacagag gtagatattc tagtagaccc cagaactgtc     87600
     aatacatttc aacagaaaca ggaggagtca gcccagagaa gtgacctcca gatatttcca     87660
     tttttaaagg atccctccag cttgtgagac cacatatgca gaataacagg aagcaggcag     87720
     tctgcagatc acaaactaca ccagcctccc agtgtgcctc ctctccacct catgctcatt     87780
     tcttcaacaa ctgcaaaatc attcaatggc tctctactac ctcctgtctc tacatggtca     87840
     ctaaggttgg tcacctcccc tgttctccaa agctggggtg tggagagggt attcctctga     87900
     ccttgcatgc ttgagcctct tgctgtgtcc tcggccctcc aactgctttc tccttttgaa     87960
     gcatttttca ttcatcattg tgaggtgaag tctcaatgcc acttcctcag gaagcctttc     88020
     ttgtctgctc ccaacatatg ctgtaaccgt gtgtggaaac actccagacc caataggaca     88080
     aaggggaccc agaccatagc aatctgcctg caaacacagc tgccacaagc agccatcact     88140
     tctcaaacaa tgtgccagct tctatgtgga cagtctcagg cctaggcttt caaagacttg     88200
     ctatctatca tttgctagca ccctctaagg cagatccaca agtgtcaatg tcacctaatg     88260
     cagcaacaat atgcttttcc tggttattcc agaagtgctg gaaaatgcag aggtgagccc     88320
     ttcgaagggg acaaatgaag tcagtgacag gaggttatcc ttaacttgcc gtgcaaccaa     88380
     aggcatttcc ctttaagata tcttgaatac tgtttctaag taaatgtaaa taaaaagatc     88440
     cttttaggag aaaataaaaa acaaagcaaa agagtgaagt atcaatcatc caagatgcag     88500
     ttaagaatga gacatgtgct aggcagtggt ggcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctgg     88560
     gttccaggcc agtccggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gtcagggcta cacagagaaa     88620
     ccctgtctca gacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaccaagaat gagacatgtc cattaacaca     88680
     tgagggtggt ttaaccagtc agagtgaagc atgcaattaa agcaactgca atgtgctctc     88740
     acttttggaa taattcactc acaaaacatg aagtggtaaa ggccgtctga gcacctgagt     88800
     gcttagtcac ggctcctcgg gaactctatc acctcacctg ttacaagcta gctcatacca     88860
     gccaggtgcc caaacagctc cgggtgagat agccaagtgt ggcccctcag agataaatca     88920
     atgaaaaaag aataggaggt catcaacttt aaagacacag cttatttcaa ctaaatgcca     88980
     cagagcaaga ccaacatttg ctaggcatgg ggaggtgcac caggactagg gaggcagagg     89040
     caggtgggtc tgagtttgag gatcagcctg atttacatcc tgagtaccag ggagccaggg     89100
     tggagagggt gtttaagact gtctcaaaat gatcggtgtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc     89160
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagacggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa     89220
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag agctatacag cgaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa agaaaagaca     89280
     aaaaacaaca acaagaaaag actgattcaa aacaagactt attagctttt ttataatgac     89340
     gtagattatt taaaccaaaa atacaattcc tttagctatc agcatctcag gtactggtgt     89400
     tttattaaat gtgcatgtat gagcacatgc ttgtgagcac cagtcatgaa acaaaagcag     89460
     aggtcagagg aaaacaagtg ggaattgctt ctctccttcc accatactca taaagtccac     89520
     gtcaggcttg atgataggta cccccaaact cactgagaat ctcagcagcc caggtatcat     89580
     tcactttaat tttcctatca tctcacattg ataaaactga ggttcaggga gaccaagcaa     89640
     cttacccacc atcacacagc taggggcaaa tccagctttc aaatctcacg ggttataaaa     89700
     cactacatat gctacagcag attccaatta actgcaggat agagaaaacc aatctatggt     89760
     gagcaccttt agaaaaggga cagagatggg ctggcgagat gactcggtgg ttaagagcac     89820
     tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gcccaaaacc     89880
     atctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttccg gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta     89940
     tatatctgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     90000
     aaaagaagca cagaaaccta gtgaaacagc tcagggtctg actgtgtaac ataaacagaa     90060
     cctcacactg tgcctcatca actaaaagga aaagcttagc taacagactc caagttcatg     90120
     ctcctaacta tcttacctta gcacagctca gggagccttg ctatagtcct agaactgatc     90180
     accatgacta ataagtttgt ttcttaaagg gaaagaaatg aacagctact aagcaatata     90240
     cattgttatt acaccagagt gaaggctcta cacaaaccta gttttaaatg taacaatgga     90300
     aagtggcaag tatcaattgc ttggctaatg ggaatttccc taccaaataa aaaaaaatta     90360
     aaaaaaatta agccctgctg gagggaatgt ctatagacaa acagaaaata atttcaaata     90420
     atttcttaca tttacataag gaaatgtgga cacctaacct tacataaatg ttaaaaatgt     90480
     gcattatatt gtaatcagat acaatgttgg ctctcaaaga gtttgaattt tgttacagta     90540
     attaagccac atcaagcaaa caaagcaggc agcaaaagag ttaaaaaaaa aacccaacac     90600
     caccaccacc accaacaaca acaacaaaaa actcacagaa ggggcaacat acagttgaaa     90660
     ggaatagaaa actcagtagg aataatgttt ccagtagtag ctgccccagg aacaaatcct     90720
     ccacaaacag ttggtgcctc atgcttccca ctcaggctct gttcagactg gcaaacttct     90780
     ccagcagtgg ctaatgatga aatcattaca tcaattctca aaaagcctca cctcacacat     90840
     gcgcacacct cttatacaaa cagtaattgc ctctccagag aggaatacat tcatcctacc     90900
     atttgaatat attcagcaag tgcccactcc gtccagaaag ggaaaagaga cagccagagc     90960
     tacatctagg gagggcaagg tgaggtgagc tggagcgatg cactatctcc tttactggac     91020
     gacttcagtt gttaggtaat acttatagct ttcaaatgaa gcgagcctca ttcaattcac     91080
     gatttaatcc gtaatcacta aaaaatgtca gacaactgat cataatgatt tttgacccca     91140
     gagcaattac agaagaccaa aagacctcta tgataatttc tgagttttgg taatttatgt     91200
     accactattt gtgtgttata acaggtcgta ttaccaaata ttagctttta gaccagcctt     91260
     ttagaccaac cagcatcatt tttaggttaa gcaacaatgt ttggatcttg tttcctaata     91320
     taacccttaa aaaaccaagc acacacattt gaaccaacag tatagggcag agtcaacagt     91380
     aaattatcgg ttcccctttc cctttttagc ctaactgtac tatgtgagaa caagggaaat     91440
     ccaaattatt ttaaaattgt tttttggttt tctgaaacaa ggtttctttg taacccaggc     91500
     tggccttctg aactctggca atcctcagcc tctgactctg agtactggga ttaaaggtgt     91560
     gtgaaccacc atgcgatttt ttttttaagc aagtatatct tcaaaaccgt aaaccatctc     91620
     tgtgctcagg ccttcaaaag caatgggttt ggggtaaagc aattcataaa caaattatgt     91680
     ttctctcaaa gactacctct cccttaggtc ttaaaaatct actatctctg tcggtcaagc     91740
     ttgggtgatt tcagactgga caaatctgac aaatctgaac agttccacca gatgactggt     91800
     ttttggcaaa ggtaagctga ggccaccaag aacttcgtta tgatctctat aagcgcttaa     91860
     gcatcttatt tgtccttaaa aacaatctta ctgtccaagt atcccattcc cgaaactaaa     91920
     taggggatac aagcctctta aggaaaaaaa cattgtcatt tatcagcacg tggcagagca     91980
     agcctctaga atggactcct aagtttagca gagaatccga catttacaca aaaacactaa     92040
     attaagaacg gcaggctgag tcctgagtgg ggaaagcagt attctacgcc gagaaaggag     92100
     ttccaagcag atctgctgat aaacatatct gtacacactg caaaggccgg aaattattcg     92160
     ggcgagttct acagggctcc cgcacacttc tttggtctta aaacctaacc gtataaagag     92220
     ctctaggacc ggcgtaaaaa ctccccgggg ttccatcagc tttcataatc tctattcaaa     92280
     agaaacagaa gttggactag aacaggaggg aagtgaccgg cctgcccctg agccggtccc     92340
     ctatcaagtg cgcggtccaa accccacaga agtgcgctac ggctgggccc cggtcccgcc     92400
     ctcctagctc cactcaggtc cagtggccct ctcattaacc atcccatcac tttccgaggc     92460
     acaaagaagt accctggaag aacctgtaat aacacgaagc ccattttcac ccattggctt     92520
     cgaaacctgg aaaaagctac ggcttggcgg ggagcggagg gggcagaaga acaggtttaa     92580
     tcgtttgaag cagtcaagtt gggagaccac agtgggcagg ggagcgaagg ccagccaccc     92640
     tgtatttggg gcaggagcga acatggggcc agcccaggtt acccaagtgt gcattacttt     92700
     tcaagatgac ctcgcacgca ctatgacact agagaggagt cttcagagct tccttcccac     92760
     acaagacccg ggagctcaga ggaccctagg cgagtgcatt tgagcaggtg ctaggtgtta     92820
     cgtccccaga agggtcccag cccctcaggt gcgcccacct gccagtcgca gggccagctc     92880
     cccaggcagt cctgagtcta gttaatcatt caacgcgggc ggcgtggaat attttttaga     92940
     ggtcaacgcg aaaggttctc ctgaagtttc acagaaacca gtctttgggg acccgaagat     93000
     aacagtgcca gcggatgggg gtgaaaagcg gcagccagcg gctcacaaac acctgatctg     93060
     cccctgcggc accctagacc agcgcagtgc gcgggcgggg cagaacaccg cccgcgacgc     93120
     tcccccgccg cccaggcccg cacctcgtgc gcggggtaca gcgcggctca gggtgtcgct     93180
     gccctctccc tgtgggtgca ggaagagcgg aggtcgagca ggtgagaagg tcaggaagga     93240
     ggtggaggcc gggagactgg ggagaaggtg aggaggctgt aaaggagggg agaaggacca     93300
     ggaggtgagg aagccggaca ggagaacgga gaccggtgag gatatccggg aggtgaggag     93360
     gccagggaaa tgatgtgcgg aggccaggaa agtgagactg ggagcggtga ggggaacccg     93420
     atggaacgta tgcgcagaca acgcaggagc cacagaagag cggcgagagc gcggggcgcc     93480
     cacaccggcc ggaactagcg cggcggggcg gggatgcagg gccggtgccc acccacccgg     93540
     ccctaccttg tctagggaca cctccagctc ggcggggcgg ggcggaagac cgcggccgca     93600
     tccacgtccc agccgctctt gcggctcagc cccgcgaccg ccgccgctct cgctccatgc     93660
     gcaatgcgcg gacgggcggc ccggcggggt ctgggcggct ccggctcgcc tcagctccag     93720
     cacttgttgc cgcggcggcc gctgagcctt actctcggcc ccggctcctg gcaccgccgc     93780
     cccctgccgc gtcccttcgg tcccgccccc gcccgattct ccaatcacac gccgcgccac     93840
     cgcgcgcgtc accgccggga aggccgcgct cccgccccgt ggcccaagtt tgggaaaggc     93900
     cgaactcgaa ccctcccgcc agttggcgcc caggtcccgc tgggactgcg cccccgggcc     93960
     cttcccgagc tctccgcccc tcgtagcact gagaaaacct aaggcttcac tggagcgcgc     94020
     ggtgtccaaa gattacagtc tcccccgctc cgccaggaag tagcctcccc cagaaaaaca     94080
     gctgagactt gagtcccaaa ccctgctgag atccagggtc tagtgtaaac tcttcagcta     94140
     ccagggcgtg gcgcttggtg agaatttgcc agccagcact ggcatgtagc taagtctaga     94200
     cggctccgag tggcttgtga gcgggatcca cgaggggagg tgagaagagg gaaacccaag     94260
     tgcacctgac ctttgctctc agcgtacata gtagcggcag ccacctagat agatgcccaa     94320
     ggcctgaggg tggtgcctat ctggcctctt cggaccttca ggttatgaag ccatcaaaga     94380
     cacgatgagg tctccacgtg gttccactcg ggtctcagga agtcaagaat gcaagatgcg     94440
     ggaggcgctg ggtgcggagt tcgctcggcg acttcagaag ttgggcttag caagacatct     94500
     gaacgctgaa cccccgtgat gccgctggac tgagcaccaa ccacacccaa gcatggatca     94560
     cgcgggaccc ggaacggtcc cccaccccca acccagcgcc tccccaggct ccccagagcg     94620
     ctacgtgcca aggtgaggcc caggaaaaag ccggggagac cggatggaga agttgctcta     94680
     gtttgtagag ctgggtgggc cggccgagtc ggcacgccct caacaccgaa cctagagcct     94740
     ggtccccaca acctgggacg cgcttggaag ctgcttcctc tcccctccat tcttattgct     94800
     aaggccttcg gtcgaccctc tggagataat cacactgaga agttaacact ctacacctgt     94860
     ttgctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttc agaaggctgt cagatggagt tagtcaaagg     94920
     gatgccattg actttcgagc gctggagatt gaatttcagc cagctcgacc aagaccacga     94980
     agtcttactt acagccgcag aaagaagtaa gtgcgagttg tttgggttga gcgcagagcc     95040
     acgtgtgtac ggtcatccac aagaaggaat tctgagtcag tggttctgga aatgttaaga     95100
     ttgacaatct gcagaccgat ctgttcttat gtttgtcact acgttcccaa acaacaacaa     95160
     caacttggat ttttatatgt tcacataaac tgttaaccac tgtcactctg aacaagaaag     95220
     gaagagaaat tgtatgcttt tcttgactct gaggaatttt ttcccacgat tatatttata     95280
     attcagaaag ccaataaaag aagcaaatta gaagttaggt ctgtgtactt gattaactgc     95340
     agactgccgt attgatattt aaacgttgtg acgagacaaa gctggattct tggtgggcat     95400
     tttgttattg tatttccccc ttaaatggct ctccgaagcc acagacatgc tttcaaggat     95460
     tgctaggcaa gaagttttga gtaaagtcag ctggcaagca acagggaaag aaagcttgag     95520
     tctttcagag ctgccaaaag ctgcccaggc catgtagttt tgtttttgtc tttttttttt     95580
     ttaaaggcgt tttctccttg gtgccattga gtgcagctgg aaatgttcca tccagcttcc     95640
     agtgtgactt tggggaaata actcaagtgt tggattccac acccacttag ctgtcctgct     95700
     tactcttagg ttatgaggga ttcatcatcg aaaggcagag ataatacatt caacaaatgt     95760
     gctgtccaac ccaggcgcag acgaccaaag aagtgcttaa taattaaata aattaaaact     95820
     atttcattac aattaagata tagaccaaaa gaactgtaag aaggtaggac cattttgagg     95880
     agtccaggaa aagtgcttag tttttctatt gctgtggtaa aacaccatga ccaaaagcag     95940
     ctgaagaaga gagggttggt ttggccgaca gttcataaag ggaaactgag gaaagagctg     96000
     acacagagac aatggaggaa cccagcttac tggcttagcc tgctttctta ttctacttgg     96060
     ggtgtgctgg gccctctcac accacatgta aaaaacaaac aaatgaacaa acaaacctac     96120
     agacctgtgg acaatctgat gaaggcgttt ctcagttgag tttcctcttc ccagataagt     96180
     ctagtttgtg tcaagttgac aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa taaataaata aataaaaata     96240
     aaaaaaacca cacacacccc agctgcttct ggctataagg ggaaggtatc gaaataagca     96300
     gagtttggat tttattcaat gaaacatttg aagtagaaat tatattctaa aatttgcatt     96360
     gtgggtaagt cgttctctgc catatgaagg atagggcagg ggcacagcta gggggtgtcg     96420
     gtctatacag cagtagagaa tggacaccac cacaagactt agccactcag atggtgagga     96480
     attctggaaa gtgcctaagt ggtacagctt caaccaggca gatagccatt tctgcattgg     96540
     ggaacctgcc aagattccag cttggccagg gcaggtgtgt ggcgcctgtg agatgccctt     96600
     ttgagcagtt gagtactaga gtaactggtg gccctgcggc aatgaaatcc ataagatagt     96660
     ataagggaac ttaggggtag ataaatcaag aggggcatgg acagggtgag ctatctcaca     96720
     gagggacagg atgaccagta gtgaggcagg gagaaaagtc agtcagcaga gggaacagac     96780
     acagtggggg aggcaggagg caacagctct taaaatggca gagacccatg tgtgatgtgc     96840
     ttgctctagt ggcttgaatg atgttgggat gtttgcaggt catgactggt ggatcaaaga     96900
     atggcctaag gagtaaatga gagatgaaaa aaagtaagaa cagggaagag agaaattgta     96960
     taattatatt ttaactttta aaaattgaag aaaaatccca cgcaaataag agcaagagct     97020
     atcacacaca tatatgaatg atagaaatgt gataggcatt atatatatat gtgtgtatat     97080
     atatatatat atatatatat gaatgataga aaggcactga gtctaggcaa ctcatttgac     97140
     tgtgaaaagt caaaaaaaaa aaaaataacc agaggcctgg agaggtggct caactgttaa     97200
     gagcacatgt tgctctttta gaggacccag gattaattcc cagttgttag agcagaagag     97260
     caaagaagaa cctggtccac agtgccgggt gatcagagag aaaggacaag acatcaagtc     97320
     actcaataag ggaaggaggt caggtctcaa atctgggtgt gcggaggtga actttagggc     97380
     cacagtaagc cagaaagtga tggagtaggg tagaagtgaa cacctagaag tgagtgttaa     97440
     taccaacgct gagctattaa gtgtcaaggt taatgcatgg accattggtg tgactgaagc     97500
     catctaggat gtgggcagga attaggaatg cattgtgaag acattgagcc aggagctaaa     97560
     tttctaagag tgctgccctg gagatcagaa gatggggagc gccagaaagg ggaagggaat     97620
     atggctggat gtcagtcttc tcaagggggt gtgtgcagga gacataggac agtaatgaga     97680
     tcaggtagaa ggttcatcca gcccctgggt ccttggagaa catgggtgag agccagcagt     97740
     gtcacctccc aggcccgcag gagaagcaaa ataggtgttt gattgtgagt ggcagctgct     97800
     gttgggatgg gtgcacagtc tcaggcacag actggcactt ggactgatga gacagccttt     97860
     cattcacttc gcttgctgaa gtctgcagtt tcccagagac acgtggaagg atgtgagctc     97920
     agccacttag caggagggat agtcaggcac cagaagggca gagcactttg tgacccaaca     97980
     tgctggagcg ataaacaatc tttggaggaa tgaagatgaa aagaacaaga ggcacagtgg     98040
     aattctgcct cagttgtttc tttttgaatc tctgcaaaca ggaccatacc ctatcacttt     98100
     tcctttccac gatatccatc agggtaagac atctgtgagc ctcctcctcc aaataagcct     98160
     ctgtgggtcc tttatagcac agaaccttga atgctaagct tatcctacaa tgtctgtcac     98220
     cttcttccag gcatttgtta acttcttgat cttattttca ctgtctataa aatggagctg     98280
     ttaaaatgca cctgtctccg atggtaaaga acagattaca agcaagcact tttcaaatgt     98340
     tgaaattttg tataaatgtg agtagtttcc ttgttcctat cccccaatgt gcctctggat     98400
     acacccacag ctctctcata gccttttaaa aaactgagtc tctgccccag aggagattat     98460
     aattttgctt cagagacaga caaacacatc caaaacaatt agagaggaat gcgcagctgg     98520
     gctgattaag tgctaaattg ttaggcgctt acaataggag agctgagagc agaaaaggag     98580
     caattagcca gggttggggg agcctgggag gcttcctgga gaggggagtg cggaaggcag     98640
     gcactcaggt tgcttactta gcctgaagaa aacacttaca ggcaggcctg ttctgtctgt     98700
     ctgaccacac tgtgacatgg atctgggaaa agaccttagg tccgaaattt cattctttag     98760
     accctatttg ttcggcctat tgctactttg tgaatccctg gcccctctgg ggacttacag     98820
     cttggcccac agagtaaatt gacacattgt atactgagtg tcacagagtt ggctcttgca     98880
     tcacatttgg tgaggaaacc aaagacgatc ttgcacacag gaactgtgta cctagtgccc     98940
     acttagtagt ttggcctcta cagaccggaa actcctgagc aagtaggtcg ggctgcctct     99000
     ccctagtttt tgagctctgc attttgcctc agtacctctg gctagcctac agcataccta     99060
     cagaaccaac accctgggct gcatgtacct cctttcctct tgactgccct tgcctcacag     99120
     gccaggaccc ccaacaaacc tacccgctca gagctacctt tttcttcctt ggttgtgtca     99180
     gacccagctc atgtgatcct ttgtgtaatg aagacctcag tggcatgcct cttagccctg     99240
     tggcctggtt ggtacttgta cctctcgcct tctcacctgc aagcatagaa aggggcccag     99300
     catggctaag ggacactcat agctggcata aatagccaaa attcccacac tcaaatatgt     99360
     tgtgaattta ggtcgtttta gatcaatggg tcatgactca taggagttga acaacctttt     99420
     gacagggtct taggatcact aaaaccatca gaaaacacag atatttcaat tacacagaat     99480
     cacaattcat agtagtagca aaatttcagt tacgaagtag caacaacaat aactttatgc     99540
     ttgggggtca tcagaacgta aggaactgtg ttaaagggta tggcatcagg aaggttcaga     99600
     aatgctgttc taaaaggata gcagtgtttc catagtttgt tactctgttt cgggggtggg     99660
     acactataca caattgtatt gagtgaagaa ctaattattg attgtacctg tagaatcttg     99720
     acagtggaat tcttagaaat ctattttgag tcctttgaaa ctggcaagtg aggaaaataa     99780
     gcctctaaag tagagacttt tcagaaacca caaaccttag taccgcagat gttatcttga     99840
     atggtggaca agaaagtcga aggctagaat caccagctct aaaacagatg atttgctccc     99900
     agggtgactt gcagcagagg aaaacagaaa gccccatcac caggtgcaga tgctggaaac     99960
     aaatgccatg atccccgggg gactccatag tgcacagttt ttaacaactc agaatcccca    100020
     ggtttgtgaa atctagtctg cacacgatat tgtgaccttg gtgcacaagg tcagccattg    100080
     gaaggggtat gagcaactgg ctgtccctat taagaacatc gtatttggga aatagatcac    100140
     tcagtaagaa gaaatgcaaa atcatactca taattatcat ccagccgaaa cattatgttc    100200
     aaggagagag gcctaaaatt gcagtgtgga gcctgaggca gcactgttaa tatgattatc    100260
     ggagcacagg cctattagag agcttaatgc ctgattttgg catcatctct tgcaaagctc    100320
     ccagggtcta gaaaccattt caattgtaaa cacaactgtt acaaagcatc catttccaag    100380
     gggggtagca aaaatctgct aacctttacc caaggccaaa gctgcctggt taagaagaaa    100440
     gaaaacgctt taggaaaaat accaactgat cggcaactct agttggccct tttggagaaa    100500
     gttcatctgg ctgcaagtct tacatagcag aagaacaata catttatgga ttgaggtcta    100560
     accaccatat gtatgaacca actcagatgc agaggtctga gtcttgactg ctactagtaa    100620
     aacatcgtga ttccaaactc agatcccact ttgtggaatt gatgtttcta gggtaatggt    100680
     aataacctat ctcaaagagt tcataggaag gagagatgtc ccttacgact gagcctcatt    100740
     ggggctccat tgcctctgct gtgggaccat cctcacaggg taaaatacag acagtatctt    100800
     caagtcaaat gggaggcagt ctcaacctct gtcctggacc cacgggtctt tctgccctta    100860
     ttccagtggt accagcatca tggggatggg aaaaacaata acgaccccca gaggaaccga    100920
     gtatcagtca tcaggatccc atgcctcttg aaactcaaat ggcaagattg tcccacagca    100980
     aacaatcata gggggacagg gcagcgatcc ctcaaacatg acagtagtca gggggaggag    101040
     agagcatcgg acgctcagac agtcttcgag caagaaagat tatgcacatg ttcacgttac    101100
     agaacaacac agtgaaaaaa gccaaacaca agaatcacat attaagttca agagcaagta    101160
     cagtccctct atgctgacag aaatcagaac actagttgcc tctggaataa ggacaggatt    101220
     aagtggaaag aaaccgagga taacattctc cccaccgcat gggaccccac cgcatgggac    101280
     aacaatcgcc acattcacac acaggcttct cctagtcttt tcccatgaaa aataacagcc    101340
     ctttaagtta gctaactgtg tgcatgataa cacatatcac tgtttgtaaa ttatccttca    101400
     gaatgggaaa aggaaggaca ggggaggggt gaccctcacc actcatccca cctctcagtt    101460
     taggcaattt agtgccaaac ccaggccgcc acagattaat taagctatgg gttgcagggc    101520
     ataggttata ttctgcctga gctaaacatt taaacttgag ctcctattcc tctaggtgca    101580
     gaaagcctcc gtcactgttg ccttcccttc ttgcctaagt tcatcctagg gagtgggttt    101640
     tcagagtcgg catccctccc agctagctca gtatgcacat tattgtgcaa gtttgggtct    101700
     ctagactcca tgccataatt ttatagaaaa aaaataggga agtgtgattt agctaaatta    101760
     caaaagacat atggctggtc atcaaaaacc aggaaaggag agtttgggtc cccaggaaac    101820
     acaagaagaa ggtgcggaca ggctttcaaa gggccagaaa ccaaggctgg agctacagca    101880
     caagttacaa actgtagagg caactccatc tttaagtatt tgtgtggtaa attccccctg    101940
     tactctctag gggattttat cccacaggac tgaagctcac aggtggggca ggccctggcc    102000
     tagcatttag tggctccagt tcagcttctt tgctgttctc ttagctttgc tttctgccta    102060
     caccgcttgc tttccacagc tacctcagac tcgtccttca gagcttcttc tcgacctttt    102120
     tttatgtcat aggaaaacta tcgacatagt tttcttatca tttcttccca tgtcttttgc    102180
     tgttgtggaa tcatatgact ctcctatgac catcactggc aaaaggcatg agacaagtct    102240
     accctctgca aacacagcca gagctctgct gacccagata gatggagcct tgcaggtaga    102300
     ttcctggccc aagggaagct gaaataggca gagagaaact gaatttctgt gctatcgtgg    102360
     ccgtggggcc tgagcagatg tttcagagag ctctgggact gggatggctc agagttggtc    102420
     caagctggat gagcgaatga gcccttttta atcctacatc agctagccat tagatatggc    102480
     tgccctcggt aatgcaagcg tgaccttaag caagttgttc tcttcagcaa agaacatttg    102540
     tctcagagag gggcttagtt gatagttgtg gccaccaaca ctgaagaatg ttggggaaat    102600
     agaacgccat tatctccgta gcccgcacca atttccttag aaaacatgta cctccaaatg    102660
     tcagctgcta ctctggtttt aaaggacaga gggaagatgg ctgtgtcacc tgagtttgga    102720
     acaggatcca aacccgcaga cacaggggtg tgatgcccac aagaatgaaa atccacggga    102780
     ttagtcttga gcaagctgag agtttgctaa gccctggcat ctgctgcact tcccaaacca    102840
     tacacatagg accacccagt tctccatctc cagatgcttc ctgccaagct tctcaacaca    102900
     gctgacacaa gaggagagcc aaggcggttg aagtaattac agatagacag gtcgtgctcg    102960
     cttcggcagc ccatatacta aaatcggaac aatacagaga agattagcat ggcccctgcg    103020
     caaggatgac acagacagac aggtaaaaga agctttacct ggggttgcca acttcaccaa    103080
     caagggtata atccaaagaa ttggcaaaac aaaagggaag acctttgcat ggaatttttc    103140
     ctgtatcact ggaaacacta aagtaacatg ttaccagccc ctctaggctg ccttgccccc    103200
     tgactcccag acgctactta tgttcaaggc atgaacgttc cccagctcta gtacagtcct    103260
     tggcttcagg gccagctcag aggaggggtt acactagcga gtgaagggaa ctggagaaac    103320
     taatgccata cacaagagtc tgtgtgcaca cgcaggaatc acagtcatgt gttgctgaaa    103380
     cctcatgtat tcctttatga gtttgtttgg cctttttttt ttttcttttt accataaaca    103440
     tctcaatcat attattgtgt aggactcctt caagccaaac agctgtgatc cttgggaatc    103500
     cagccgtgcc cgcatgcaaa gtcatccatc cctgctgggg tcctggtctg ttgacctccc    103560
     ctcatggaaa gaaaggttgg ggaggttctg ggatcctcac ctgagtgttc agtatcttca    103620
     tatcacttgc tatatgcaac tctgccataa ttgcagatgg cctctgagag gggctagatt    103680
     atgggggggg ggctgctggg taaagactct ccagagtggt cttttgggat aggaaacatg    103740
     cacattcctg taagtaaccc ctcacctatg ctctcttggt aaacctaata aactcgttgg    103800
     catccagtat gaactttggt ggcatgcaat cttggcttgt tgttggcacc ttagggaagc    103860
     aggagggcgt tatctatgtc ttcccaggga agaaatttta gccacacatg tgacttggta    103920
     gcttgtgaag cttgaattca gtactgccag ctgctgtaga gtcagaggtt ctcaaccagg    103980
     agttaccctt tcacaggggt tgcctaagac catcggaaaa cagatattta cattatgatt    104040
     catagcagta gaaattacag ttatgaagta gcaacaaaaa taactttatg gttggggtct    104100
     caccacaaca tgaggcactg tataaagggt cgcagcatta gggaagctga gaacactggt    104160
     catagtctcc atctcttctt tgtgtttgct ttcttctttc tggtgctggg gatggaacct    104220
     ggggcctcag gtacattcag acaagtgttg gaccctacgg gaccacagtt cgagctccat    104280
     ctctgttttc tcaggaaaag ctagtctagc aatagtggca ctggatctct tcagagggga    104340
     gaggcaaagg ccttctgatg tgtagcctaa caatttgttg ctccagaaag agggaagtaa    104400
     aaaaatggtc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttct ttccttcctt    104460
     catttctctt ttccatctct agcctgacaa agattattaa tttctacatt ttcaaaacca    104520
     tctctgtaaa aatttttggc tgcttgttgt tttttgtttt attggtggtg gtggtggtgg    104580
     tggtagtggt agtcttgctt cgaagcccag gcttcgaagt cctcaaacta tgatcctctg    104640
     gcttcagtct ccagagcact ggacgtacaa gtatatacca ccatattcag ctcctctatg    104700
     caattctttt tatttctatt ttagtgtcca catttccaca gatcaaatgg gagggtcttt    104760
     gcatgtaccc ctgagcctgt tcttagctca gatgggatgg tccttgcata tatgccctga    104820
     gcctgctctt agcattgagc tacacctaaa gccctcttgt cattctaaag cccacagagc    104880
     actgaaatat taaagttttt ttttcacaag atgacaccaa aatcagattt gctacaaaat    104940
     cctacagtta tctatcaacc ccattttatt tccaccatgt tccattacat atgtgttatg    105000
     tgtttgatca aaagcatttg ccaaaataga tgaatatgaa tatagtgaaa cttgagagta    105060
     tcaggtagta tatgggatgc ttgtctgatt ccttctctaa aactggggac atgctaactc    105120
     ttgaatgaag attgtgggcc agcattggaa tctgaagaaa ggaaatataa ccccagttga    105180
     ggtcagaata gtaggtcctt tggaatcaag gtttagttcc aaggcttgta ttgaccaaga    105240
     gcaaaaagca ttgtatacct cctactatga gcagtgaatg cctaatgggg agccacctca    105300
     catcttgtac atagggtcta caaaaataaa gtaaaaagtc aggaccccaa cctgtcatat    105360
     cttttggtgg ccagaagcac tcatttctgt tgtatgtgta tatgtacata tacataatac    105420
     atatccacat atacatatgt atttataatg agagaataga gcccttggaa attatagcta    105480
     gttagtgaac cggtcaaaaa ggcaaatcta gcaaaaggaa ccgaagaagt aggaagaaac    105540
     ctcagagtgt ggccaacagc cacagagagc tcacctcata gagagagatg agcatgaagc    105600
     aaagagggtt cacgctgctc agcccttgtc tcacagaggc ctggggacat gctgaagccc    105660
     cgtttatctt cttaaagcaa aactgaagag ttttcattgt aggttcccaa taaaggcact    105720
     ttcattcact tatcagtgac agccacagag caggggtgga tttgggacaa aaggctggga    105780
     aaagaacagc acagatatga gaagtggggg aatttgctca atccatgaac gttacttcct    105840
     gccaaatgga agagcgagag atctgggtaa tgagaacagg ggagagcagt gtgctgagcg    105900
     gaaacaggaa gggccgtggc agatgagaaa ggagattaat gcaatcaaca cttatcccag    105960
     ctttagagat ggagcaattt atagaaatga gagaaatgaa atcaattgtc ctatttcaaa    106020
     actatgagaa agaagggaaa gcgaaaccaa cagtgagagg atctctttgg agaacagctc    106080
     aataccaaca aagctgggac tcacactgag gctcagcccc cagtctggtg ctgtttcccc    106140
     tataaatata aaagctcact actgcctctt tctcatttcc tgcctgtttc cttccttgta    106200
     tgagaatgag ggttggcagc tgtctccatg tgcatgtgaa cttccaactg cctcagactg    106260
     aaaccttctc cctgtccagc ggtgcctgaa gtgggtgggg gatcaaggtt ggcttcctca    106320
     catcctgcgg gggaaggggc aaatctgaca gcacatttgt aaactgtaat ggtagagagg    106380
     acagcatgct ccgttttcca aatggtaatt attattttca taatcagcat ttattgtttt    106440
     taaatgacag cgtgggcagc cggggataat gattaaagag aaacaagctc tgtcagtgtg    106500
     accagaaatc agcaggatgt gccactgaaa aaccaggcaa ggctccacgg ggagtcagct    106560
     tctgcttcct ttaggcttgg tctggtctga gggtaaactt ctgtgtaagg ccacaacttg    106620
     gctaagggag acactgcact aaccaaggat aaaaattaga caccagaagg tgatgtggag    106680
     ggtcacatct gcaatcccag cattagagag actgaggcag ggggaccaag actcttcagg    106740
     aaagcttggg cctcatggtg agtagggggc cagcttacta tccagagaaa gaccctgtct    106800
     ggagatagaa aagcatttga gaacgagagg aagctaaatt cctctggggt aacactcaaa    106860
     gaaatagtac ctggttactt cccatgagca gacagaagaa cgaagctggt ccttaccctt    106920
     cacacatgcg gtgtttggtg tctgctttgt tctccttcgt agacgtgccg cctcacaaac    106980
     agcaagataa cggtgtgtca ggtcttctga gatcctgcac atcctttcca cgacattttc    107040
     agacatatta gtctcaatgg gtgttctgtg ttccaagatg tcacaagcca ctgttttccc    107100
     tttcctttag ccaatggtgt acagttagcc attacagaaa tgatagccag gcactgccag    107160
     aagaccagac ccttacttat agtcatcaat ggaacaggca tttgcctcaa gactggaaaa    107220
     tcctcaggct taacgttaaa acatgctgtt ctggatagac aagggcttca agggcagttt    107280
     cgcccttatt tggtgggaag agccttgctg ctgtgtcaag tcagaagcag gaagctatta    107340
     taatttgctt ccaaaaggct tttttttttt ttttttttgg tattaaaaag gagcgtgcaa    107400
     tgtctacatc ttagaaggca cttctcagta gctgaaaaaa aacctgcttt ggaaatatct    107460
     caggtgtgaa tttaaaccct tccctcctgc aagggtcagt gcttattgtt ccttccaccc    107520
     ctcctgctga gtctcttggt gaatgagtct tccaagaact ggagatttgg cttgggaaac    107580
     tgccctgttg aaagtgccag ctgtcctaca agggaagtga ttattttctg ctttagaaac    107640
     tgtaagccac aagcgtagga cacccagagg tatttctgcc agaagcattt cctgcaggcc    107700
     gtagttccag tttacatcaa cggaattctg tcccaaggca acccaggaac aacctctctg    107760
     gcactcagca gagaagcatg ctgctcacat caggagggcc atcttgctct gagcagactc    107820
     agtggtgtcc gttccctcca tccagtgtca ataagctcat gtcactggca caatatcaga    107880
     gtccccatag cactgtgacc acacatcact tgctctcttg ctagagcagg atatttctta    107940
     ggtcatggga ttgaacccag gcctggttca gctcccaagt gctaggaggc acttcaggaa    108000
     agaggaagcc attgtgccca acagaatgca cagctagatc acctatccca tcagcttctg    108060
     tatacatcaa caacatcctc aacaaatgtt aaaggccttt gtattttaag tgatccttat    108120
     gcacagttgt gctgaggtat ctaattgtaa tttaggattt atttcatcca gtcatagtcc    108180
     ataagtattg tctgagtggc tggcttgtat gctactatta actattatta tactatcaga    108240
     ccagagccca ggcatgttgg ctatggtcct gccctgtctt atatcccacg ttctaggagt    108300
     gactatctgt ttttcctctg tgttctaata ccttctgctc aacttgatca gcaaatgctc    108360
     atcacgtcac agaagcaagt ttaggaggac attttctaaa actggcctac taggagttga    108420
     gggtgatggg gtggcaagag ggaagggaat cactttctca aagctaagaa ataaagccaa    108480
     ctttgtggtc cacgctggga acccaggaag agtaaaattc aaaggcaact ggaactacct    108540
     atctagtccc agcctgccca tgcctgaagg cacacacgtg tgctcgcaca cacacacacg    108600
     cacacacacg cacacataca ccaaagccaa taaatgtctt gcataagagc taagtgagga    108660
     aagtttaact tgggggcttt cttcctcaga atgtaagtct ggctccaact gcttttaggc    108720
     aaggaagttt tccatctgaa ataaaactag ttttctttgg atagaaatgc attcttttcc    108780
     gtgtttcatt acataatcac aaaatactga tctaaaagtt tctctgggta aggagtcctt    108840
     ggcctgatca gcagtttact ggaactgacg gagcctatgc ctgacgggag aacagctttt    108900
     cttccattcc attttctctt tttaatcctg atgtgcttgc tctcagcctc gggctgtggg    108960
     cgcatcaagc tgtgctcctg cagctgtggt gtgaggctaa ggagtaaatg gagacagcag    109020
     gattattttt acagtaattt gccctttcag aacacgctaa tggggagaag cacatttcag    109080
     atccacccag aaggccagta agtggtctca gatgatccca agctttctct tgcctcgagg    109140
     ggtaaaatct tttctcagca atttggggca tattatctta cctgcctgag aatctgccag    109200
     gcagataccc ctctatgaca gaaacatcag atttcctacc tactgtgcag atgggaaaag    109260
     acaaaacttg aattctctgt gctctccttt ctcccctgcc aggataacat ttacaaagac    109320
     tgtttcttta gtcctggctt ctaacagcag ccatttgaag aaagagtcat ccagcaatta    109380
     ttaattttgc atgggatcaa ctcagctatc attggagatg cagttacatg aaaacagcct    109440
     gtgttaattt catccctctg gggttgcttg gcaacaaggc ctccttccag acagtctctt    109500
     cttggcctag ggtgatctct ttggggtgtc actcaagcta aggcaatcat caccctattg    109560
     ctgctgcttt tggatgtgtc tctgtgggtc ggggtagtcc agggccctgg aagctctgct    109620
     tcagccacgc tggccgaggt ctgtgtaagt cctggctctg tcagtacaga gaatgaattg    109680
     ggcctggggg atctgggatt tgtgcaatgc ccgttagata ggaaagagag aaagagcctg    109740
     agaatggcaa agggaaatgg ggcttatatg gaataaaatt agaataaaat agaatacatt    109800
     actacgttct tatgtgaaag tacttgaagc aagtgctcta ccactgagct atgccccaag    109860
     caggatatac ttctgaataa tcaacagaag gtccagtatg tacaacgcac aggatgctgg    109920
     attccaaatg tgtgcagaaa gggaattaaa actttaaaaa ataacaaaaa gaaaaacacc    109980
     accacctcca ccaacaacaa caaaaaccgt ggatgtggtg gtacatgcct tgaatcacac    110040
     attgactcag gagtcagggc aggcagctct ctgggagttc aagcccagtc ctggctacat    110100
     agtgagaccc tgaggctaga gagatcagcc tggagcactt tttgctcagg cagagaaccc    110160
     aggttccatt ctcaccacat tattactcac aaccatctgt aactccagtt ccaggggatc    110220
     agatgaactt gatgggcaca catgtagtac acatacatgc aggtaaagca ttcctataca    110280
     taaaagtaaa aactcactaa aagccgggca tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagccctt    110340
     ggaaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtg cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtggattc    110400
     caggatagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctgaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa    110460
     aaacaaaaaa caaaaccttg ttaaaatatt ttaaaaataa gacaaaaaca tttcgtttat    110520
     gtttgcataa agtacaggtg gccaactatg actgtgagtg atgtacaaag tgtagaggct    110580
     agaacaagca agaatttttg cctgctcttc ttaatactgt tttgctttgt aagcgagtag    110640
     aaaagttaat atgaaaactt taaaaataaa cataaagaag tttgcaagcc aatgcaagtt    110700
     cttaacattt ggggtttata aagctcacct gaactcacat gggagttctt tgttctagct    110760
     tcactctccc ctcagacatg gttcctctgt gtggtcctgg cagtcctgga ctcagtgtgt    110820
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcacagagat ctgactgcct ctgcttctgc ctccagagtg    110880
     ctgggactaa agacatgtgc caccatgcct ggcctcacta gtttcactct tggtggtggt    110940
     ggtggtgtgg gtatgcacat atgttgaatt attacaaaat taaaaatgaa aaacaaaaga    111000
     cggtttcagt attaacccaa acagagttta tacaaattcc ctatgctgtt taacccttcc    111060
     tgctgttgtg gttgaaggaa atcagtttga ctgttttgaa cattttgagt gactggataa    111120
     gtgagctaca gagaaagcct tgggctaaga acgctagctt tgtggaacca gagtgtgctt    111180
     tagtcctgaa gataagaagt aaatggcagc caccccaggg aacactcaga gtgcagaact    111240
     ctgataaaag caccactcca cttcagatga gccttgctgt acctttctgg ccatctcaga    111300
     atgctgtcca gttctgcctc agtgtctcca cctctcatcg cctcctttcc acttagctcc    111360
     cagaggctcc ttatcaccat atacagctca tctgatacat tctttttttc tcaggcttta    111420
     tttggaaata tttgtataca catacctaat tacaaacaaa agttctttgg ccacattgtg    111480
     cattccatcc tggaattctt caacttccca aagactttaa atttgcatct attaagattt    111540
     tcttagctga gcatggtgat gaaagccttt aatcccagta gaggcagagg caggaagatc    111600
     tctgtgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca tagcaagctt caagtgcttg caaagtatag    111660
     ggatacgcaa gagagaaaag gctcctcaga gtttatgggt cagctagcct ggtggttggt    111720
     gtatgctgtg gggagtaaga agagaccctg cctccaacaa catagaaagt gagacccaca    111780
     cttgaggctg acctctgacc ttcacatata cacctgcatg caagagtgag agtgtgagca    111840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatataca cacacatata caccctttta aaaagtactt    111900
     ttaaaaagaa ggtatttttg gctgggcatg gtggtggatg cctttactcc cagcacttgg    111960
     gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg aggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca    112020
     aggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aacaaaatca aataaaaatt ttaaaactat    112080
     aaaaattaag aaggtctgca tacatacaca cacacacata tgactttgag aatgactata    112140
     tattaacctc aaaattaaaa ctctaagatt attttaaatt caaagaaaca agttcttgta    112200
     agaccaaaag aacctacaag ctatgaggtt ggtttatccc ttttttgttt aaacaaatac    112260
     ttgccacagt gtttcaataa ggaaggcaaa caacatgaat gtgagaacta gcatttgcat    112320
     ggaaccatgt aacaacccaa tgagtcaatt agacagaagt ggcagtcatt ctagttaaaa    112380
     cagccagcta gccaacatct tgacaagttg ctttgcagcc tctaaaaatt atgggttttg    112440
     tcttgttttc tgggtttttt tttttcctgt tttgttttgt ttttgctttt tgtccttcaa    112500
     gacagagttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctagaactc attctgtaga ccaggctagc    112560
     ccctcgaact cagagatcgg tccacccctg cctcctctga atgctgagtg acagttgtgg    112620
     cgcctcccag cactgcagta cacatctcta aagctggaga tctctgttgg tggcatggca    112680
     tgtctgctgg tgacatggct tgtctgctag tggaatggca tgtctgctgg tgacatggca    112740
     tgtctgctgg tggcatggca tgtctgctgg tggcatggca tgtctgctgg tggcatggca    112800
     tatctgctgg tggcatggca tgtctgctgg tggcacgtgc tgcattgttc ttttgtatgt    112860
     gaagctctat tgcagttgta ctgtggtgat ctccaagaga attttgtgac agctagatag    112920
     caggcagtac tgtcccagca gcagcagtgt ggcacctggt cacagtattc tggaggcatc    112980
     cttacttttg agacctgtgc actagacacc gagcacaaac aggcacccaa gaacatgagg    113040
     cttacagtag gagaagtagg ctagggacac cacctgcttc ctttgaactt ttctttctct    113100
     ccctcctgta caatatattt ccccgaggcc catttgagtc attttctaca ttgtttgttt    113160
     tttaccttgt tacagaaatc tatgatgtgt gagtgccaga gtttacttaa ctcttctctt    113220
     gtgtgaaaga cagttgggtt gtttcttcat tttaacaact atgggaggga aatctgctat    113280
     aaaattcata tgcgggtttt tgcctaagta catgtcttta ttaggagtgc aattgcttgg    113340
     ttgtacatgg tagtaaatgt ttacatttgt aagaagttac agtttgcttt gcagaacagc    113400
     cataatttgt ataacgctca gcttacatca ttcaattttc ttcatactta ctagtaattg    113460
     ggaccatcac caattctgtt tttacttcct tctggaaagt tctacacact ttaaaagcaa    113520
     tggagacctg ttatgctaat ttgagttttg tttaagtaaa tctccttcaa caaggaaggc    113580
     aaatgccagg aataaaaggg cctgagacaa tcatctcaga gagacattag agcagaagcc    113640
     actgtcaagg taaaaccact cacctagagg ccagcaataa gagaggaaga ggggtcacca    113700
     cccaggtccc agtaggctct gctgcttttg gtttccactc caccctcgga ccttcctgag    113760
     gtgcagcctc cagtacacag gccttttgag agtttgggag agcaaaacgc gcgtaaagtt    113820
     caggaaacca ataactgcta tcacctggct ccaggttctg ctcttagaac atgggggagt    113880
     ccctctcctg cttgtgaagg atgcaagcat gtgacaggaa gccagttcct ccagtgtcag    113940
     cccccagaac tttaataatt catgagcagt gatgttggtt ggatgagccc tgaacccctg    114000
     acaggagctt acatcaggga cagcttggca tggaccaccc agctcaggga ggattcagtc    114060
     ctctgaaagg gaaaagaagg aaactgacta tctggatcag cggaggctca atcagctatt    114120
     tggggggggg gggaacaaaa cagcatttat ttattgtctc caaaatgttc agatcaggcc    114180
     tgtgtttcac agagaagttg gatgaggctg gaggagttct ggccctggag agcaaaacta    114240
     gatcggattt gaactttcaa aagcacctta caccttccct gtcagttctg gtaacaaagc    114300
     cccctgaggt acagcccatg gtcaactaca gcccgtggtc aactacagcc catggtcaac    114360
     aactacagcc tcgtggtgtc cagatcttag tctaagtcta gggtggggag ttccatttgc    114420
     tgacagttgt gaatatggac caaatttcat ttctgtaaaa ttaatgggaa tgggtttcca    114480
     tctctaagga gcagaagggc ttatatgaaa agaattcagc ttaaaagaac aaaaaactca    114540
     acttttccca caaaggtcag ttttgtctgg aacagcacag cactcttctc aggacttcac    114600
     agagcaagct tgctctcagg gaactctctg tcctccaaat gctcttttcc gcccagctct    114660
     tcctgccctt catcccaggg gaggtccatt gtctttattc taattggact tttaaaaagt    114720
     atttatttat actgcaccct actttgaaaa aagctttgaa gaaatttaaa aactaaaata    114780
     tcttcctcat taagcaggac aaaaaaaaat tattcaaaag ggaacagaaa aatagatgag    114840
     agtgaataag cacttgcttt caggagtact tctaacttct agcatctgaa tcagaaagac    114900
     acaacagtat gaggcagcat ttggcttttc ccatgtgatg ctgtcaaagt tcagtgtaga    114960
     ctcctatgtt tccatttcac tatcttgctt tgaattactg gcttatccac ttaacaaaca    115020
     tttggaaagg gcttttccag tcgtttggct ccatgtggac tggactttta tctaaggtga    115080
     agctctaatc caaagtatgg tggtgtttga aggtggggcc cgtggaaggt aatgttgagt    115140
     ggaaggtgag acagaggaac ccctcctccc aagtgaggaa cctccaaacc aggaaaagcc    115200
     tttccataat tgaaaagctg gtattttcta gatatcaaaa ctgtgagaaa ataaatatgt    115260
     actgggtaag ctacttagtt tatggcacat tgttacagca tttgcagcta agatggcaga    115320
     accaagcaaa gaataaacat actttgagtc gctcttgtta acgctgtctg agggccttgt    115380
     ctcttgtgca ctgccatcta tggtgtactg gagcctgaaa tattgaaata ttgagtgctg    115440
     atggtttgag cccctaggct catatatctg aatgcttagt caccagggaa tagaaaccct    115500
     tgatagggtt agaaggattc agaggggtga ccttgatgga ggaagtgtgt tcctgggagc    115560
     taggggaact ttgaggtttc aaaagcccat gccaggccca gcttctgtct gtctgtctct    115620
     catctctctc tctctctccc tctctctccc cacagatccg gatatagcag ctctcagcta    115680
     ctgttccagc atcatgcatg atgtcatgat cctgatcata ataataatgg acttaatccc    115740
     tgaaactgta agcccgccct caataaagaa ttgccttggt catggtgtct cctcatatca    115800
     agacagaaga cctggccatg ctacttgttg gcagaatgta gatttgggga ctttggacta    115860
     gaaaggctgt tcagtgcttt aagtggggct caatgtgctc tcagagatgc cgagagtaac    115920
     acagaacatg actccctggc ttgagaggtt tcagagagga agaacattag tcagtggcct    115980
     ggagactgtt cttgtgatat tttggtgaag attgtgggta ctttctgccc ttgtccaaaa    116040
     aaatatgcct gaggctaaat tgaagaaaat tttggattat tggtgttggc agagagattt    116100
     caagatagct tagtgttgat tgtatcatgt gatttttagt aatcatcttt ttttcttaac    116160
     agatttggat cttatgtact aggggtggga gggaaagcac atgttccatg gtaccttgtg    116220
     gagattagag gacaacttat gggagttgtt tctttccttc tagtcctagg gattgaactc    116280
     aagtcgttag gcttagtggc aagcaccttt acctgctgtg ccatctctcc agcccagtaa    116340
     gccctcttac ccagatctgt aaagaaaagg agaaagctgg acaatgaaat acaaaatgta    116400
     cagcttgaga agaaaaggag catcgagaat acaatttctg tgttcacgga gattaaaaag    116460
     ttaaaaacaa aaaagagcct gatgctaaat ggaataaagg gagaggtgac ctaagggcaa    116520
     gaccccaccc agctaagctt ctaactgtga aaagatttaa agaaaagtta aagcaatgaa    116580
     ggaatacaac aacaacagaa agctgctaca gatgtaagtg aacaagaagg ccatgttcca    116640
     gccccagcag gcagcaggac ttggcagctt cagccttgtc tttctggctt tagaggcaag    116700
     gatagaagaa gggggtcaca gaatctccct ctgcagctat ggaaagcccc tgaggtcagg    116760
     cttgtgtcag gggtgtccct gcatggaagc cctctgtgaa gctgtgattt ccctcaagtt    116820
     gctggagatg ccagagtcat tgaatacctg ctatggagaa ctgctaacag agtatagaac    116880
     cagcccaaga aagagaagtg ggttgtagtc aacaaagctg ataggagttg gagatctgaa    116940
     gagcgctttg acatcagaca tggagatgca gagtttagag tttgtcctac tggatcttgg    117000
     tcttgctttg tccagcattt ccttggtatg tttcctttcc tcccttttgg aaccatggtg    117060
     tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaat atatatcctg    117120
     tgcctttgta tgcaggaagt ttgtaatctg tatatcctgt gcctgtgtat gctgagagta    117180
     tgtattctgc actttcatgt tttaggggtt atagttatgc catgagtcac agagaccttg    117240
     aactttggac ttttaaacag tgttgagact gatagactgt ggggactttt tagatggact    117300
     gaatgcattt ctgcattttg atatggctac aaacctatgg aagccatgga atagaatgtg    117360
     tggtttgaat gagaatggcc tccataggct catagaagga acactcagtt atcagggagt    117420
     ggaacccttt gatagggtgt gatggcgatt cttgattggc aacttaacta catctggaat    117480
     gaactataat ccagacatgg agggcaaacc tgtgagagat tatttttgct tggtttgaag    117540
     tgagtgaacc cattctagtc cagacctttc aggtaggaag atacacactt ttgatctaaa    117600
     tcttgagtga ggaagacaga cctttaacct gggccagaaa gcctgcataa ggacgtggaa    117660
     gaagggagct tttgctcttt gcctgcttgt cctctacttg ccagcacatc tatcccttca    117720
     ctggcactag agcctacttc ttcaagattc catcatatac gaccagctga gatatggagc    117780
     cttgtggact gagcaactac tggattcttg gactttcctt tcacagctag tcattgttgg    117840
     attaactggc ctgcagcctg taagtcattc caataaattg catgtgtgtg tgtgtggggg    117900
     gggagggttc acagtccata gtcctctggc agggttgctg ttatgtctaa ggcaaggcag    117960
     ttgtatgagg agtgtctgta gaggaaagct gcttacttcg tggtaactgg gaagttaaag    118020
     agggcaaaga gcagaggtta gaccaatgac ctacttcttc taagtaggcc tacctcataa    118080
     aatttctgct gccttccaga agtaccatca gctgatgagc tggagcctgt ggggacattt    118140
     caaattataa caccaagtca tatgggaata aagtagtcct tcatccagcc tgcctgacgt    118200
     ccttatatag cagtggttct cacccttcct agtgctctga cccattaata tagttcttca    118260
     tgctgtgatg acttcaacca taaaattatt ttcattgcta cttcataact gtaattttgc    118320
     tactgttaag attcgaaatg taaatatctg acagaccttt aatctgtgga aggttcattc    118380
     ctccctaaag gggtcgcaac ccacaggttg agaaccacta tatgaagggc cagagaatac    118440
     catgtaatga gggggcagga ggaggggcag gtgtcagagt tccaccactg tgtgctgagg    118500
     aatgtcaagg ttgttagtga caccagaagc tcagagaaag gaaaggaaca gattctcccc    118560
     aatactttgg agatagtgta gccctcccca cagcctaata attatgagac aacaaatgtc    118620
     tgttgttttg aggtgccaat ttgctgttgt ttgttacaac agcccaagtg aaacagaaca    118680
     caaaatgaaa gatgccagac tcaaaggcag tagcttgtaa gcaccatctc tatgagaaga    118740
     tggaatggca aaggagacca accagaggtg tctggggcag gaggagggag attcgggtca    118800
     tgataaccac gtggagatgc gtgtggtaac cactcataaa accagactga ggctggcaat    118860
     ctcttgagtg ccgcctgggt ccaatccctg atactagcaa aagttataaa ttaatcttta    118920
     aactgagcaa gggtgaattt ctagtctatg tggattatat gtcagtaaag ctggttcttc    118980
     ttccaaatcc aaaaagcaaa gccaaagacc tactctctta cttcacatcc agatgcaaag    119040
     gcagctgacc tcacactgtt caattatata tacattgtac ataagtgatc atgactgagt    119100
     catttgaaat aagttgtagg catcaggaca gtttaatttc taaccatttc aatatacatc    119160
     tcttaagagt catattttat ggggctggag agatggctca gcggttagga gcactggctg    119220
     ctcttccaga ggtcctaggt tccatttgca gcaaccacat ggtgactcac aaccatctgt    119280
     accaggatcc gatgcccttt atgacatata ggcatacatc tgcagacaga acaaatagct    119340
     ttcttcatgt ctaagaagag cagtaataat accaattatt aattctacct tctcataatc    119400
     aaaatgtttc aggtttgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg tgtgtgtgtg    119460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta gttgcctctt tctagccagt ttttaatcaa    119520
     ggaccataag atacatttga agctggggtg gtgcgtgact ttggaaggtg acagtgtgat    119580
     tattatgagt tatgaaccag tatgtctata tgtagggaga cattatctca aaaccacaaa    119640
     agcaagtgaa agataaattt ggctgttagg tctcttcagt ctccttctga agcagtggtt    119700
     ctcagccttc ctaatgctgt aaccctttaa tacagttcct tatgttgtga tgaccccagc    119760
     catagaatta ttttcttttc tactccataa ctgttacttt gctactgtta tgaatcataa    119820
     tgtaaatacc tgtattttct gatagtctta agtgacccct ttaaaggctc gtgatccaca    119880
     ggttaagaac tgctgatcta ggccgggcgt ggtggtgcac gtctttaacc ccagcactca    119940
     ggaggcagag gcaggagaat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacat agtgagttcc    120000
     aggacagcca gagctataca gagaaactct gtctcgaaaa aaacaaaaaa ccaaccccta    120060
     cccccacccc cccaaaaaaa gaactgctga tctagaataa tgatctttgt atctttttct    120120
     ttccactacc ttggtctaaa acagttgctt taatgcccag aagtctattc ttgtctgaag    120180
     ttctttgtgg tgttatcaaa tgttttcctc tacccttgga ttccctacaa gataggtgtt    120240
     aggattaagg gtttgattag attcaagata aactttaggc aagaattatt cacaagtcct    120300
     aaagacattt ttgtagtcta atgctatcat catcatcact accactacca tcaccaccat    120360
     catcaccact gtcaccacca ccaccagcag cagcagcatt gtcaccacca ccactatcat    120420
     catcagcatc actacctttt gccttcctaa ggaccatttt cctacccttt cctctctcat    120480
     tgcagaaaga ctttgtttat ctgtgcaaat aaaccttatt agactgcctg gtctatcagc    120540
     tacatatgga ggcctcaaac ttcaataaga tagtcctgac ctagagaaga acggtaggta    120600
     aaattgcacc ttttatctcc caataaatcc tcagtaactg ttagaaggaa tcaatcacga    120660
     caatcatggt cctcgttgcc agtgaattta gacagacact cattaaaata ggaacatcta    120720
     gaaacagcct gtgatataca ttgacctagc tagtttcata ccaacttgac acaagctaga    120780
     gtcacctgag aggagggaac ctcaattgag aaaatgcctc tttaagactg agtataggca    120840
     aacctgtggg acattttgtt aattagtgat taatgtggaa aagcccagcc cattgtggta    120900
     gggacacctc tgggttctgg gttatggaag acagcaggct gagcaagcca tgagaagcca    120960
     aacgcagcat cctccgtggc ctctgcatca gctcttgctt ccagcttcct gcttgctttg    121020
     cgttcctgcc ttggcttcct gaggttgccc atgaggtaga ttcataatca tgagtctatg    121080
     taagccaaac aaatcttttc ctccccaagt tgtttttggt cttggtgttt catcacagca    121140
     aaatagtgat ctgaactaag acatacatgt tatttaaaaa aatagcttgg actgcgtgcc    121200
     aggaagcctg aactgaaggc cgggttcgtg cactgaaagc tgactggaag agcggtggaa    121260
     gacaaagcag ctggagaagg gctaaccaag ctcaccagag gacagagcat tgatttcaat    121320
     tccctggagt ggagcccaag aggaagcagc ctatgtactg ggcctggaag atgagagagg    121380
     ctgcttctat gagaaccatg gctaagctga aggctaagga gtgatcaaac cagaggaggt    121440
     gggctcaggg aggatgggga cacccacagc caaggagaga gctgctagaa ttaaatctgt    121500
     ataggaatta tgtctgacaa aatgatggca tgtttttgac agcagtttta atcgcacatc    121560
     tagtttctgg tttcctgagg atagaggaat tttaaatcat actgaaatga tgaagaacga    121620
     attgccagag gctcacagta tatagctcaa aaagagagta cctgcctgga ttgcaaaggc    121680
     cctggggctt ggcacacatt cccaagctcc acttgagaac ttacttagaa gtattgtctg    121740
     acaaaatcag atgccaggac caacgatcct gccaggcatg gaggtgcatg ctgttaatcc    121800
     cagtactagg tagacaggag tattacagtg agttcgaggc ccatctggtt tacatagcca    121860
     gttccaggac agccaggagt acatatagag acctctctca accccctctc ttcaaaaaag    121920
     aactatggat ccttaagaaa agagtgtttc tctggcccac tttcccaaat attcaggtta    121980
     cactgagtgg ttcaaaccag ttctccacta aaataaatag cctgaccgtt gttgcttgta    122040
     agagtattaa aataaaagac aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacttt ccctaagtct    122100
     taagagactg agagtcaaag gcagtcccgg atttctgatt agaagtaact gtagggcaca    122160
     gcaaggcaca gtgccactcc aatagccatg gaggtgctgt acaacgtcag aagaagaaac    122220
     agcatattct tgaatctcaa taaggcacag gagagactgc cccaggaggt taactgccag    122280
     gtttgagtgg tctggttatt tttagatact tgaagaaagc cttagtggcc acaatgtttc    122340
     atctccaact ttttcacttt ccaccaggaa aatggctgtg ctatgggcaa gaaacctagg    122400
     acctccgaga aaacacatgg agcagggagc acaagagaaa gggcccacgg gacagagatt    122460
     gagaggaggc aggagaggtt tgtggggtgt tgttggccag agattggcgg ttgtgaacag    122520
     tgccatggcc tccgtcctgg ttgcacctga tcttgcggct aaagagctta gagaatctca    122580
     aatgtccagg acgctcagaa tgtgattaga aagcttgagt cacccccttc caatgttctg    122640
     gttttcaata gccagctaga agctagtggt gttaagaact gttccctggt gggcttccag    122700
     caccttctgt taaaggcaag caagttacta gctgctcagg ataatacatt atctctaatc    122760
     ctctcaacaa cccacggaat gaggtcactg agggcttggg aggccactgg gatcacagaa    122820
     ctaacaaacc aaggctaaga gatcaacttt ggtacactga aatgttaaag ggtttgtgtg    122880
     agcagtgatt tttgaaccat gcagtgccaa actcagagag ggaaagcttt ataaaatgag    122940
     tagagcaccc tggttggcag tttctggctg ctgggtctct aggtagaccc agttactggg    123000
     ttttaagttt ttttccatct cagtcaaacc acctttctgt tattctaaac acagttttca    123060
     gttgttccct gtggttctaa taccacaaag tcaacacagt gcttgccaga ctctgtgaag    123120
     gatgcttttt aatttccact ctatcccaga ttgataactt tgtaaagtac aaaatgaaat    123180
     aaaagacaca gagaatccaa gttgacattc tgagttattg gacagttatt ctaaacacga    123240
     atgtagtaac catacatgta gcaccagaac tgacatgcta ggcaggaagg aaggtacatc    123300
     tgactcattt ccagagtttt cctccaaact tatgtgtctg ccttttaccc aagactttcc    123360
     tcagggtatt ctggtatcca cccatggtta agaattgctc actgggtgct gaagagatgg    123420
     ctcagcagtt gagaacatgt gggttcccag cagtcacttt gggtggctcc ccaccactcg    123480
     taattccagc tccaaagaga tctggcacct ccgtcatctg tgggcgctgt actcacatac    123540
     atactcccac acacaaacac aaagacacat gcacatacaa ttaaaatctt taaaaagaac    123600
     tattcattgc actaacacat ttccaaagct gttggttcca tcttggtgtc caaagaatct    123660
     agagccagta aaggacgaag aatgggaacc aggaggctgg agcagactgc tagagactta    123720
     ggggatttta aggtcattct ccctaacctc tgcattattg cctgctgcta tattaatatc    123780
     ttttcagctt aaaagtttct gatgtctggg gccatcagat agctaagcag gtaaaggtgc    123840
     gctgaactga gttggatccc taaggaccca caaagtggaa accaaaaccc aactcctgca    123900
     agtcaagttg tccacatatg cacacaccaa caacatagat gagtgtgata aaaattccat    123960
     atattgctgg gcgtggtggc tcatgccttt aatcctagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc    124020
     agatttctga gttcgaggcc aacctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    124080
     tacagagaaa cactgaaaaa agaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa caatatatat    124140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatca ttagtcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag    124200
     gctgatctct gagttcaagg cccaccctaa tctaaacatc gagttccagg acagccagga    124260
     ttacacagaa accctgtctt taaaaaaata caacaaaaca aaaccatttt ttatttatta    124320
     ttttatgtgt ataggtgttt tgcctgaatt tgtgtttatg taccacgagc atgcctggtg    124380
     tgtgcagagg ccagaagaag gcagaagagg gtgtcaggtg ccctgaactt ttagagttat    124440
     cacatgggtg ctgggaattg aaccagggac tttgcctctg gaagagcagc caagtctgtt    124500
     aaatgctgag ccatttctga aaccctagtc taaagacttc ttgatgaaca attgtttcca    124560
     ggctacaaca aaaggaaagg gcaattttgc aaggaagaaa tagaaacaat gtgaacagat    124620
     actcaacacc actgattgga aaatacaaag aaacttttgc ctcgaattgg caaaaatgtg    124680
     tattatcaag cactgtcagg agtaaagggg gaccctgtaa acttcttctg aaagtataaa    124740
     ctggcaggtt gtgtaacagt gctctctgtg gtctctatct gcacctcagg ctgcagggct    124800
     cctgtgcact tgtttctgat tcctgactgt gcatgaatgt cacatatgta gcttgcagtc    124860
     agccatggtg ggaaaacttc tcacaaaggc aagtagcaag ggctctagac tcccccactg    124920
     attttgggaa gacggatgtt aacatttatc agcatcccag aaaaagtttg taatccatgc    124980
     tcttttttgt ctctgagata ttctccagtg tttcatctgt tcaaacttgg tccacagctg    125040
     ggcaggcacc accggaagga ggtagaatct ttaaggggcc acaggaaaaa gtgctcctaa    125100
     agtgaactgt gcaaccccag agtacttgcc agctttctgt cactgtaaca aaatctccaa    125160
     ggcaatcaac acataaggag aaaaggctta gcttagctta gtttatggtt ccaccagttg    125220
     atggctgctt ggttccgttg cctttaggcc tgttgtgagg agaacagaca tggaggggat    125280
     tatttacttc atagaaaccg aggagcataa agagaggaag gggccagggt ccaatatcct    125340
     cttcccaggc atgttctaat accccagctt tccgtcacgg cctcctcacg cagctcttta    125400
     gaacatgcac agttaattgc atggttaaca atcaggtgca aagtggtcgt ggcatttgag    125460
     ccacaagagc ggcacagctg tggttcttgt ggtaaccact tctctctgag ggtttactca    125520
     aggctccaga tacttgctgc gtcttgccta accacaggtt cctgtgcttt tcccagaggg    125580
     attaaaggtt gattctccaa ggattggggt aaggagactt ctccagctct tgagggatct    125640
     tagaaccgaa tcccttagct ttttgctcac ttcttctcag cgtatacaga gaaagaaggt    125700
     gccatttgtt agcgattgca ctgtccctcc tcattttgaa ataatatcca taagcattgc    125760
     tgaaaggaca gcatccctgt atctctgaaa gggagtgaat ggccctaagg actctctggc    125820
     tagatccgac aaattagctg gccatcttta cctcctgata ctggtgacag ctttcttcca    125880
     aatttttctc ttcatctcag gtgtgataca gtgttcagaa aatagccata tctatggttt    125940
     aaattgatcc taaataaacc tgtaagatca ttggatcata gggatcgaaa ggtattcagg    126000
     aaccgcactc accacctttc cctccacagc tgctgagcta aaccccaact gcatggtcac    126060
     tccttggtca gtgtgggcca tctgctcggg aacgttagga gcgccatctg acccaacagc    126120
     ctgagtcagc ctggctctag ggaaggaagc gagttccaca cacagctggc cagcctttct    126180
     gtgccatcac tgccgctgtt gagaaatacc aactgagcaa agttcagttt tacacacagt    126240
     ggcaaccttc agtcctttta atttcacaac tcaattccac tttgaggaaa ggatcaggaa    126300
     ggagttttgt ctttggagac agggtctcca ggtacccagg ctggccttga actcactaca    126360
     tagctgaaga acacttgaat ttcagaccct cttacctgta cctcccaatt gtaatgctgt    126420
     gattacagta tgagccacca tgactcattt aggtttgttt tttgtttggg tttagttttg    126480
     gaatatttac tccctccaga aatttgcttg ggagttatag atatgaatct ctcaccagat    126540
     agcattaatt ccattttata tgatcaaagg ggtgggcctt ggcagttttc tttaggaaat    126600
     agataattgc gcttactgga agaacacacc ttccttgcca gtcgggctga aaaggccaca    126660
     cagctccgtg aaggcagcca tagagttgcc tctggtctcc tccccaggga ggactgaagc    126720
     cctgggggtt cacttaggtg cgtaacttca ttgttagcag ctgcgtgttc tcttagccag    126780
     ttctgtttag ctttgtttgt cttccatgga aacacaactt tttcttctct cagctctcca    126840
     cttataacag cttgtcactg aaatcccaag cctcatatgc tgagctgtat gtgatgcacg    126900
     tagatctgta aatatccatc aaggaaaaaa ggagccactt tcatgaacat ggtgacccca    126960
     ctcactgtgg ggaatgcacc ccaaacccaa aaacatcatt tccactttat gttggcttct    127020
     ttaccctcag atatgtccta tttttaaaat gttggcttaa agtctttcct gaaattctgg    127080
     gcatagttgt gttactagct ctctactaga gcacctgact taggatgtgc aagctcctag    127140
     atttgattcc cagagcacaa aaccagtcaa accatcaatc aaccatcaat cagtctaccc    127200
     ccctagcttc taaattaagc aggatggtgt gtgcttgtta ttcctgacct gggaggcaga    127260
     tggctagctt aagacctggg ttatataatg agaccctttc gaaatcaatt acagcctctc    127320
     ccagcatctg aggtcctgag ggctctgcag ctcacacagc tgctgtgcac agttcatcat    127380
     gtctctgagt gcttcatgtc actgcttcag ctacctgaaa acggttccta ccagtcttag    127440
     cagcagcagc aaacacatgt actgacgaca ggagagacat tgctcaagaa tgaaagtatg    127500
     ttcactcata gagacctcaa tatacacacg gtgagcactg ctgtgtgacc ttgttcttgg    127560
     ggtttttttt ttatttttat ttttaacaaa tgaagaccag gaggcacgga gctgttgagc    127620
     tgaccaaagt catgtagtag taagttaacg gccagaattt gacccggtta atcagttctt    127680
     gattctgtat gtaatgtgtc tttttagttg ttgacatttt ccttttctga gacagggtcc    127740
     cacaaatccc attcacgcca cattgtctgg ctctgtaata catgtaatgt aatgtggtgt    127800
     aatgtaatgt agagggactt gtcactcctc ttcagatgaa caaggtgagt ttgcctgaga    127860
     agcctgcaca gtgctgtgat agagatccaa atctactgga ttctgtgctt tctttgcctt    127920
     accaaatgga aaccatgaat ttagttaatg cccaactcaa ttacctgatc tcctgatgag    127980
     tatgtttgca gatcctctca ggaatttcag tgtaaaggga attctggtgc tcagtacatg    128040
     gagagaaggt ttttaatatc aagatgtgta agaaatgttc cttgccctta tgaagctcac    128100
     agctctaggg aaaacatgtg acaagaaaga ggtgctttga tgttgggcaa gttcagcaag    128160
     caaagaggtg aggttgtgtt tcaaagtgct tcacacaatc cacataggaa aattcagtta    128220
     ttgggctggg gagaaggctc agcaggtagg catgactact ggtcttctag aaacaacacc    128280
     cctgtcagga ggttcacaac cacttttaac tccaacccca gaggaatcca gtgcctctag    128340
     cctcttcagg aaccagcaca cacatgcaca tacccagaca tggatacata cattttcaca    128400
     taattaaaaa taataaaccc agctgggcgt ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    128460
     ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctgcaa agtgagttcc    128520
     aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaacctt gtctcaaaaa accaaaaata aataaataaa    128580
     taaataaata aaccttttat aaatttagat tagcttagct tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgc    128640
     ttgggtccat gtgtgaggta tgcacagctt tgcatgtata tatacatagg atagaaactc    128700
     agggtgttct ggtctattac tcttctcctt tacccttatt tctccctgac agggtttctc    128760
     agtgaacctc agtggtagcc agcaactcca tactcagctt tttatgcagc tgctcagaac    128820
     caaactcagg tcctcaatgc taatgttaat atgtgaatgt tagtatgtgg ggcttttcag    128880
     ttgaagagaa tgtgtagatt tcatcacact ttttaaaaat ttaaaaccct atctatctgt    128940
     ctgtctgtct gtctatctat ctatcatgtg tagatggaca ctggaggaca tgttttagga    129000
     gctggtaatt tctccttcca tcatgtgggt cctgaggatg gaccctaagt catcagactt    129060
     ggcagcaagc atctttatcc actgagcttt ctccctggat cttattggag tcttagattt    129120
     caattgcatc tgtaagttaa gaaccactaa aataatgcct taaagctgaa tccacacata    129180
     taactatata aatgtaacta ctaaaataag tccacacaca gacagacaga cagacacaga    129240
     cacgttatgt tctcatggac acgggctctc acagggacca ggagcattca ggacgaagcg    129300
     catcaattgt taagaataac tcctggggga gaaacttttt taacctaaaa atatttgtct    129360
     ttattttatg tgtattttat gtgcctgcag gtatgtatgt gtgctatgca tatgccttgg    129420
     tgcctactga ggccagagag ggtgttacta acagtcgtaa gctgtcatgt gggtgctggg    129480
     aactgaacct aggtcctccg ggaaagcatc cagtgctctt agcagctggg caatctctat    129540
     agcacccacc ccccttttta taaaagaaac ttactttttt tttactccat acatacaatt    129600
     cttttttttt ttttttgttt ttttttggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct    129660
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc    129720
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcgccacca cgcctggcca tacatacaat    129780
     tctgtgctga cttaaaactt taaaatcctg ttgtttcagg aacatgtgca gcttgataat    129840
     taaagcttca gaaaacctgg tcatttaatt gcatcacagg gaagtaagcc ttgttaggaa    129900
     atgagggtac agatgctaca gaattcacta ggatgctgct aggagtcatt aatagttgag    129960
     agttaaactg ctggaaagcc tgggaggaca ggcacaaccc acctgcctcg gtgctgtggg    130020
     ctcccaggaa gtcccattca tgttgtacat taccctccga gatgggctgt gggtctccct    130080
     tctctcccag gtcattggcc catgaagatg acaggtgcag agttgaagaa cagggtttgg    130140
     acggcccatg agtatcgaca gtaataatga cacactggaa ccagctttgg ggagacagat    130200
     caactttact tgggtgactc acaggttata tagttttgag gaagggggat aggaatatgc    130260
     agggtgggca aaggtcattg gccaaaagct aagatactgg ggtgattgag gtacctcatt    130320
     agcatgggga ggtatttcag gaatcccaga tgctagctga gcaggttctt cttgggagaa    130380
     aggaagctga acctataatc aaaccaaggc tatgtgacat tctgcaggtg tggggtcaga    130440
     gatctctcag attgagaaga ggaaaggctc actgccaaag ggaatctgct aaagggagtc    130500
     caccattttg ctccaagctc agaaggctat ctggacaatg gtagacttca accttagcag    130560
     cagagcaaca atgggtgact gagtgggaag tagacctagg ccatcacaaa tagaaccagg    130620
     ctgtctaaaa atcaatagga gcctcaagca cagtcagatc tgttatggac acagaacgca    130680
     catgacaatg ggctcatgcc aggccccatg tgtcagtaga catgttgtgc ttacatggga    130740
     atttgaaagt ctgctgtggg tccctgccaa caattggttt tttgactggt cagtaaagag    130800
     ccagtggtta atggctgggc aaggggacac tgatgggact ttgaggattc caggagagga    130860
     aacacaagac aaggagaaag agattcacca ggacaaaagg aaggaagagg atacaaacat    130920
     gagagctgtg gaagacagag acccaaccat ggaagaatca gggaagagca gccccttggg    130980
     ccactcctgc gatttggtct ggggtagcag agataaagtg tagattttag aaagtgttaa    131040
     tttaggaata ccagagggga gtgtgtgcta gctgagggga ggtttagaag tgcccagtca    131100
     ttgagctagt taaggcataa taaaatacat aggttttgtg tgtgtttaca tatgtgtgtc    131160
     ttttactcat gaatccaggg ctcttgaagc agagatccat gtgcactggc tgtgagcata    131220
     gtatcgagat acaatgagca aggacatcat ttagttttat aatcacgttt ttttgccaag    131280
     gccctgacat acagaaagac atggaagaca gcaaccctga aatgccttcc tggtcatcct    131340
     gcatgccctt gtacaagtct actgcctatc tatccagatg tttcctcatt tttgacagga    131400
     tgctaaaata acttctgtca gtttcaacat cagtcattct gagatctgtg ccaattcata    131460
     tccctggctt gtgaaagaat agaaatcaca taaaaccctc taatgtcttt acataaaagc    131520
     agttgcccag cagtagtgac gcacgccttt agtcccagca accaggaggc agagtataga    131580
     gtatgtctct atatttttat agaattttat agaataatat agcttattat ggcttatgtt    131640
     taataagctt ttaaaaatca gtaaatataa aatatcttgt ccaaaacatc tttttaatta    131700
     gaaatgtgta atatgaaata tggagactgt cttcacaaac cagttttctt tcctaaacat    131760
     ttaagaaaac tcaatataca ttaacagcag ttttcctaat gacccagagt ttggagaact    131820
     catgtttaaa agcccacacc acttgcgcag ttattgtttg caatggcgtg actcagcaaa    131880
     acagtacgca ggtgtgaatg gttctttcct gcttccacag accttcatgg cctgtgagtc    131940
     gacactagtg agatggctat tggtccttcc ttccaaggct gcctcaggcc tttatccaaa    132000
     gaaacactct tatcctccat ttcacagcag gacactttat ccaattctag accttgtggg    132060
     agtgccctgg gaacagaaag atgcttgtac agcttttagt ccctggatgt actctatgat    132120
     ttcaagacat tttctgaagg gctcttgagg gctacatcta aatctacatc taaagccatt    132180
     gtttccaaat tcctaattcc ttcctaaggg aaggagccag tgctttcaga tggggtgtcg    132240
     gaagctttgt gtctccacgt ttatttagaa agaagaactt ccagaagacc tagggtagac    132300
     tcctgagagc cagagtgctg ttaccacagg caagagaaca gcattgtaac acacaggcag    132360
     ctacgcttcc cacacttcag gatcagatga caaacacgtt caacaaggat tgaagccttt    132420
     ggctggaaga tccttgcagt gtgctgtggt ggtcctggat atgcccccaa aggctgtgag    132480
     ttaaaggttt ggtcatttgc ctgtggtgct gctgggaggt gggatccagt ggacagaatt    132540
     taggtcagta gggacacacc catggaggag gctgcaagtc tgcttctttc caatctctca    132600
     gagcttcctg gctgcaggaa gtgtgtaatt aggcttcact gctttctgcc aggatgctct    132660
     gcctctcagg ctcaaaacaa gggagccaag agaccatgga ctgaaccctc caaattggtg    132720
     agccaagatg aacctgtttc ctcaactggt gatgctccaa gcattgtgtc tcaacaaagg    132780
     aaagtccatt aaaatacttc tactcaaaca gttttcatta cattagtccc tctctcttac    132840
     tctgggtaga catgcatatt tgcatgtcct tgcgtacatc tgtggtctgg tgcacatgca    132900
     tgtggaggcc agaagttgat gttgggtttc tttcttgtgc gtgcgtgcac accctgtgag    132960
     aaaatcactt gctgccatca tgtatgacaa tcagagttca agccctagaa cccacattat    133020
     ggaaggagag aatgaaattt ccttgtcttc tgccttctac aggcattctg tagcatgtgt    133080
     gttctatccc acatacatac atacacatac aaactaagaa tgtaattttt aaaaagcttg    133140
     agtatcccta gtctgattaa acccaacctc tagatttata ccacacctat tcaactccat    133200
     cagctggtcc caggagaatc tcactagatt ccagtttaat cttgttcagg taggcaggtt    133260
     ctactacact gcagcttaga gcacacactg gtgagcacta tctacacgac tgtaatgcct    133320
     tcctcacttt ctgagggtga atatccagaa tattatatga tacacaatgt gtcctgtgtg    133380
     gatgactaac agctctccca agaacaaaca acagctggaa agaattctaa agtgtcaatt    133440
     ctgttgaccc tgaggctctg aggtgaacct gcctcacctc cttgcacact aaatgagtgc    133500
     ttaccctcca gcctcctgtt taatttcact ttttgtttgt ttttacttat ttgagacagg    133560
     gttactttag gtaaacctga ctgaactgga actcagagat ctgcctgcat ctgcctccca    133620
     agtgctggga ttaataaaag tgtgtgtacc accacttggc aaatttcagt atgtttttat    133680
     aaatgtccct cataatcttt atgcatgcta aaatatgaga ccctctccag tggaacagat    133740
     gggaaaataa agaacccaac aagcagagac aagcaagatt ggactttgag aggtttctct    133800
     tttttaccca ctttttaaaa tatattttta tttattcttg aagactttca tgcatgtata    133860
     caatgtcttt tggtaacacc agtgggcaaa caggactttc aaagggtcag tggagaaagt    133920
     ctgtgagcag cttcacttca aacgcccctt cctccagcct tcagttaggc tgcctgcatc    133980
     agcctattga tactctcttc agttaggctg cctgcatcag cctgttgata ctctcttcta    134040
     cctctgacag cttcttcagg atttgcttga ctttaacttc atcaaattcc agacacaaaa    134100
     attcagattc ctgtaaaaca caaaaagatg tttaaggaaa aacctgcaag acagcagtag    134160
     tggtttgaat gaaaatggcc cctaggcaca tacatttgca tccagatgat gagcaggatg    134220
     ggaaggacta ggagtggcct tgctggagga agtgtgtcac tggaaatggg cgtcaaggtt    134280
     tcaaaagccc aagaccaatc tccttcctcc acaccccctc tctgcctgct gatcaggata    134340
     taaagctctc agctactgct ccagcaccat gcctgcttgc ttcctgccgt gatgatcatg    134400
     aactaaccct ctaaaactgt acttaagccc ccaaatgtaa tgctttggta atagtgtctc    134460
     ctcacagtga cacaacagtg actaagactc gagctctagc taaggttctt tatctggcat    134520
     gagcaaggtg cagaggccca gggcctagca cagcaaacca gactccaggc ctttaagcct    134580
     gtgtgatatt ttaccataca aagcatatcc acagtatcca caataaaaca caagcgtaaa    134640
     cagagacaga tgcccttgtt ctcattatga gaggctcttc tgtctggcag ctcaattgac    134700
     atggtataaa tttaaggtag gtacctaggt attgctactt tgtggatgag aactctgagg    134760
     tcaggaaagg ttaacttcca tctagaaatc ttttaaatga cacaagtcag ataattgaat    134820
     tctcagctct ggctggcttc aaagtcagtg ctgtccctac ttatataata ataaaagaat    134880
     tgtgatttgt ctctagttat cctgggccat ctgcaactca ggctaaaaag aaattgtgat    134940
     aggttcactg ggaagtttta gatagaaaac tataaaggat gaccagattt tgaagtagta    135000
     atagatattt ctcaggtcct tctccacgca gtaagacctc tctcacaaga tctccctcca    135060
     ataaagtccc ttcagtcact caggattggt gagccaatct aggtagtatc aaaaagtagg    135120
     gtctttgatg tttgtgtggc agaaatctca catggcccag gtaaccctaa ctctatatgg    135180
     ccttaaacga gaagagcaaa tccaagatag tctttcctac ctcatgaaca gtaactttag    135240
     actaacataa atgcttacag gtcttacttt ctagaatatg aaattaagtt ctaggtatgt    135300
     caagggacat gcctaatggc ctcttgtctg ttacaggcag aatcacagga ttaatattct    135360
     tatctgtaca ttttcctctc taaacattaa aagggatcaa aatatcctac cccaagagtc    135420
     tctactctga taaacggatt gttctgaatt gaaggtaact gagaatcatg ggatcccttg    135480
     ctggagctgc ttctatctga ttaaagcaaa aaccttctga gaaacgagga gcatgggagg    135540
     agacacagtt ggcataaagt acaggaactc actgactaac ccttgtctac tgctgttctt    135600
     cttgtcacta actgctccta ggagcctcac ttattgcttt tcataaaaaa ggtgtataac    135660
     cttttcaagc ctgtgagttt tcagtttcag ttttcaggtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgagtg    135720
     tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgca cacacacatg tacaaacaca    135780
     tatgaaagcc agaggtcaac ctgtgctgtt ggtcctcaga catttacctt ggcttttgag    135840
     acaaaaatct cttagtggca ggagctcact gagggcaggg ctggtcttct gtctttccag    135900
     catggtgatg acaagcttat gctaacacac ttggctgtct caggtgggtt cctcagattg    135960
     aactcaagcc tttccatgca ctttactgac taaaccatcc cctaatccca taactgtgac    136020
     tccccccacc cccacagggc ttcattctct gtgaagttct agcttgccta gaacttgtta    136080
     tatagaccag gctggcctca aacttagagt gatctgagtg cctctacctc ctgaatgatg    136140
     ggggcaaagg tgtgaaccac cacatctggc ctttaaattg atttttaact gataatgaaa    136200
     acattaaaaa gtttagattt attgggtacc atgggatatt ttgaaacttg catacactgt    136260
     ctaatgctta aatcaagtca aacatatcta tctcattttt aaatggtgaa aacaccagtt    136320
     ctttcttcta gccgttggaa attgcaatgt attgtctata gacatttaac tgtgaaagat    136380
     cttgctccca cctataactt gggacccatt ggttaaactc ccccttccat cctctccagc    136440
     ctctgggtca ctgacaccct gctctcacct tctgtgaaat caactgtttg ggtgctcaag    136500
     actgaatcca gggccttatg caagtcacgc acgcatttta ctactgacct gcagtgacaa    136560
     cgagatggac ttgtatgcat gtgtgggggt gtgtacatgc cacgtcacac atgtggaggt    136620
     cagagaataa cctcacctgt cagtcctcac cttccatcat tttaaatatg ttttacatat    136680
     ttggggtggg ggcagggcac atgctatacc acaagtgtgg agattagggg acagttagcc    136740
     aggagctgct tctgcctttc ttttcattta tttatttccc tagcctgaga tgaatgtttt    136800
     gggtttggtt ttgtttaatt ttgagacaca gggtttcttc tctgtgtagg cagggctgat    136860
     ctggaactca ctctatagac caggctggcc ctgaactcac agatctgcct gtttctgcct    136920
     cctgagcact ggactcaaag gtgtgcacca ccatgcctga ctgagatgaa catttatata    136980
     tagcatttct gagtgactgg caggactttt ctcccaatgc ctgacttgtt ctaattaaca    137040
     tcatgtaccc caggcccaga gatgctgcag agatgctgca gtgataagcc ttttctcttt    137100
     tttgtctttg tggctgactc acggttcatg atgatgtata tctccctcga ccaattatct    137160
     gtaaacaagt acttaggttg tttccacact tgtctattct taataatact acagtaaaca    137220
     taggaacaca gatgtctctt taacatactg atgtcatttc ctttggatca tattactttt    137280
     tttttttaag taggtacatc aaaaatagtt attttgaagt gcagaatggg cttaagtata    137340
     gaatttggag ggggtacaat ttaggtaata acaatgtcca gtgataagag ttcttgggat    137400
     tatcaaggat ctggtgtttg tggacgatat gataatgtca acaacctcat acttaattct    137460
     tagtttcctg aacatactat gcaaataaga ataagtagct aaaccaaaaa taagaaaaca    137520
     aactcaaaaa acacatacac acatgcgcac acgcacacgc acacacagtg actggccaca    137580
     ttcttactga cctttatttt gaaacattat ttaacctgtg agtactgcca gaatcaaagc    137640
     tgccagaaag actagagaat agcacaaaag tgttctctat ctctactcct agatctggtt    137700
     aatcccttgc atgcatgttg tgtccctaag tcatgttctt gcataccatt ctctgagaga    137760
     aaatgtaaga ctgagggaag gagagggaag tcagacaggg gcttgctggc tctgcctgtg    137820
     ataagctttt ggaggcaatg ggtagaaggt gagcagagag gaaatagtat ctctgttttg    137880
     agggtgtgtt ctgacattag ttggtactgg acctttgttc aaatgcaatg atcagctctc    137940
     acattaaact agaaaccttt tcacatgcat gatctcattt gatcctttaa cagtccctgg    138000
     taactgggaa gagacaaagc cagaagtaag ctactttcaa caactgtaga attagcagaa    138060
     tttccccctc taacccaaag cagatggttt gagctaaatc tagcaaactt tgtcaggaaa    138120
     tacaattgat tttatgagct ttgatatatt atagtcccac tgatagaaaa ttaagatttt    138180
     gattacttaa aattgtccac agttctacaa gctggagttt caaagatcag gtttgtgtga    138240
     aagacaggca aaggcagcca gctcctaact ggggaagatc taagattctt ttgtggtcac    138300
     caccattcat gtagtagata ctgaaagttt tggaagtgga ggtaaggagg tgtgtgggta    138360
     tgggacacgg ggactcactc ttgcccttca gagaaggaaa agctacagag agagaaaaac    138420
     atgagtgagg acataattca gctggcagag cacttgccta ggtgcatagg gccccagctt    138480
     tcactgctag tgccagccac ataaacggga tggccacaga cacctgtaat cccagcactg    138540
     aggaagtaga gtcaggagga tcagaagttc attaccctcc actgcacagt aaactcaagg    138600
     ctagcctagg ctacataaca tcctgtattt ccaccacccc caaaaaaaga gcagagggga    138660
     ggattgtggg aaagtgctaa tgaacttgaa gttcagagga agacaatttc atgtttaaca    138720
     taataaaaca tggtaacaag actaagcaac aaaatgcgta atatatgcta agcatatacc    138780
     ttacttcaca ctggtgagga tcattttatc ccatttcaca gaaagataat gagtaatctg    138840
     taaagccaca gaagtagtaa gtaaaaaaac cattttaaaa tacacatctg gccaagcaga    138900
     gctgttcatg cccatgaccc cagcaataga gaaagagatg aaacaggaga gtcaccagga    138960
     attgaaggcc aacctggact acataatgac ttcaacctca gcctgggtta ctgagaaaga    139020
     ccttgtccca aaatcaacca accaaccaac caaccaacta accaagcaag caagcaagca    139080
     agcaagcaag caagctcagg tttggctggc ttcagaacct aaacacctgg tcatttcaca    139140
     atctcagctt atatttttac atttatagat aatgtaaatt ccaccattga tagttaataa    139200
     tgtatccaca cctgaacagg tctttgattc tgttaacttc aatgaagact caaaggaaag    139260
     tttgatgttt atatgatact caaagtcctc caccacttta taggggtgga gcacttgcct    139320
     agcaaatgcc aggtcatggg tttggttcct agcataggag gaaaaggaag aaaggttagg    139380
     ggttgagaaa agaaggaagg aaggagggaa gaaggggaag aaggggggag gaggaagggg    139440
     agggagctgt agatgaacat gtcctggctg tatctagaga actctgagca caggagtagt    139500
     catttcatgg ggagaaagca cagcccagtt agtaaggggc ttgggaccca ggctgcaaat    139560
     aaataaattc agttcctgcg gcattttatc ctgactcctg taggtacaaa ggtggcaggg    139620
     taggaggatt ggctacagac acctgtcctc aagagagcca gaaccaaagc tacctttgtt    139680
     ggtctatgaa ccaatgtctc aaacttccag aacgagattt cttctcacac catcctaatt    139740
     ttacaccagt agaaccaaaa tacctgcttg aacctgggtt gttgtgtttt tgtttttggt    139800
     tttgtttttg tttttttcta tcagtcacag gaattgtcaa ttttgtcttg ttatctaaga    139860
     aaatcaagtt actaacttaa aaaaaatcag atcgagtact tttggaatgt gagaaaataa    139920
     atgcattaaa ttttgaactt aaacttttaa tagctttcat ctttgaccca aatccatcct    139980
     ccaactaagc caagggtaaa gaggagagag agcctttgat aatgtcttga tcgtagaacc    140040
     aaggcttgac tggcaaccat gtgaaacaca gaacaggcag caggcagcac acacatacac    140100
     tattatgaat aaaaacaaac agccaaaatc catttatcta tcatctgtct gtctctttcc    140160
     ttaatagcag ggagcaaacc caggccctcg tgcatatgag gttagcacta tagctctgaa    140220
     ttatatctcc agcccgattc ttacatcttt aagaaatttc ctgattctac ctgccaagca    140280
     agctgtccct ctgaatgtct agaaaattta ataagcttga aaagaagaca actgccatac    140340
     tctctctgac tgtactgctc tcttatgtgt gcatatctat atactaatgc ctagtcaaca    140400
     cgggctttga aatcacacca atctaaacca agataccatc gttttacagc tgtcttaagg    140460
     ttacctggat tgtagtttct gagcttgtaa attcacgatt taaataggct taactgctaa    140520
     ggtttctgag actgttaaca aggatctcct agagtgactc agcactcctg agaagtgaac    140580
     ctctgcccaa cacctgcctt attttaccag tttttatctt atccaacaag ataaaaaatt    140640
     atattggtta cttacacact atttctgatt tttttcaaag gcacacacta ggcctctatg    140700
     atatagtctg gccaaggcct ttgggggcag cctgaagtca gcttcatctg gctgcctctg    140760
     ataccctact ctggggctgc cagtgttaaa tcaggaagca cacatccatg agtgagtgga    140820
     agaataccag aggtgcagca gctggctgtg acagtggcca cagcacagga caggagtctg    140880
     acagggcaga aacaagcaag gctccaggct agagttgcca gtgacgcggg tcccagctct    140940
     gttctagtct ggccatcatt gccagtcctt aggagaggaa gagcccccag tctaagcatt    141000
     tttcttatag tcaaactggg aaatgattct aatattcaac tacacagcaa aaaccgggtt    141060
     tgacagttta aatggcattc ggcttcttca cccgagctgg cgtgcagagc aacctcaatc    141120
     ccttgctctg atatgctaac cttatcatct ccactcttca gaaaacacta gtgaagttat    141180
     tcagttcacg ttaaatcgtc ccctgtgtca gagactggca tgagcaaaac aaggaccaag    141240
     tcgagagtgt ggaagtacca cccttgaggc atggagtcaa atttatttat ttttatgtta    141300
     ttaactgaaa tgttcagtaa tttcaaatga aagttaaata ctcccttgtg gcagggggtg    141360
     gttaagaaat aaaatgaagt tgggcgtagt ggcgcacgcc tttgattcca gcactcggga    141420
     ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccaga    141480
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaaac aaaacaaaat aaataaataa    141540
     attaaaaaaa tgaaataaaa aacttcttgt atccctcatt tcaagctgta aagaagggcc    141600
     ttgagacaag caattttgga tttgtatctg ttatctgaaa ggaaaaaatt caaatgcaaa    141660
     gcctgtatct tcattagtga agagtaaaat actaaatatg agcattaaaa ggaaacttat    141720
     aggggtagct cagtgggggc tcttccagag gacctgggtt caattcccag cactcacatg    141780
     ggagctccct cctgtctata actccagttc tagaggaact aacaccctca cacagtcaca    141840
     cacgcaggca aaacactaat gtacataaaa taaaaataaa ttgaaaaaaa aaaagagaga    141900
     gagagagagc atttgctgtt cttgcacaag accaggttct gttcccagga ctcacaacca    141960
     tctacaacac tccagtttca agggagccaa tgacctcttt tgaactctgc aggcatcagg    142020
     tgaaaatgag gtgtagatac acacaagcaa gcaaaacact caaatacaac aaataaaata    142080
     ataactctaa ataaaacagt tttataagaa tttctatact tctgttacag agcaaggaac    142140
     cagggttgag actgattctg agagacacat tacaatagtt gtatttaatt taacatccac    142200
     cagaggttaa acctaaacat ataacaatga aaaatgctat acacaaaagt gctcctaccc    142260
     tgttccttga actataatga ctcaatggaa attgccagaa aaaaaaatat gcatgctttt    142320
     gaggatatat ttaatgtggg agaatagctc ttctcagctg tctgtgctat gctaggactt    142380
     aaaacattac attctgacat gctgacacct gctcgtgcag tcctgtcttt caattttccc    142440
     agagaatagg aagaagcact tcctggaagt tctatctacc tataagatcc atcttccaag    142500
     agattaattc ccaggaggaa aagctacagc tgcaaccaca tccaaagacc tggtgagatc    142560
     tggcccagga cactgttcat cggcaggttt attaccctac ctgccccccc ccccccgccc    142620
     ctaactccgt cctgccccca cacataattc tttcatctct aacctacctt tttcacccat    142680
     cttccctggc cctgtgaaaa aggtttttac gcctcaacca tctggtccat ctttgagttt    142740
     tatacacaca gacacagaca gagacagaca cacagacaaa cacacacaca cacacacata    142800
     cacacacaca cagacacaca cacacagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    142860
     aacacacatg gcaatccttt gtctctgcct tttaactgct aggctaatag gctgctgcca    142920
     tgtctgccca gctttcatga gggacaagcc actgcccaag catcagtatt gtatcctgta    142980
     tgcaagtgtc tggctgttat tctgcttctc catcctgtcc tgagctacac atctcaccag    143040
     cctctttcct ttaaaagaga cactctgccc ttaatagtga gaaataatca tgtgaaagac    143100
     ttctggaacc taaaactgtc atccataaaa acaaaaacag acaaacaaca acaacaaaaa    143160
     atgttctcac atgaggaaag atagcgacca ctgcatctga ccactactgt gtccagcaac    143220
     aacagagaac aaacagcaaa ttcctttgtt tttacagatt taattcccaa aagcctttgg    143280
     agcttctaag agtctttctc cttgcaagaa tcagacacac tgtgtctgat catcataata    143340
     gaggtctcta tttaataaga ccacccactg gattaaaata ttaagaactg gaaaaggcca    143400
     ggttcaacca taaggaaact ggcaggttct caggactaaa cagtaagacc ttcttaccct    143460
     tgataatatg tattttcatg ttttctgttc tgaaaagtag caaaatgtag tagtttgaat    143520
     aaaaatagcc cccataggtc cacagggagt gacactatta caaggtgtgg ccttgttgga    143580
     ggaagtgtgt gtcagtgtgt ctttctgctg cctgcctatc cccatgtaca cctctcagct    143640
     ccctctccct caccttgtct ccctgaacac taccaggctt cctgccatga caataatggg    143700
     ctgaacatct gaactgtaag ccagccccaa ttaaatgttt tcctttacaa gagttgccgt    143760
     ggtgtctctt cacagcaata gaaactctaa gacagagttt ctatttacaa cttatttctc    143820
     tcacttatgt cttctaacca cagggaaaca tggcagaagt ctattgcctc tgaccgttac    143880
     tacaagttaa taaggtagta ctcgcagtca tttccacctg tggcacagac agaccccagc    143940
     acctctgtaa agctctgagc caaagggact tgaaagcaaa ggtgctactg ctgggggcat    144000
     agaatatgcc acctccaaac tgatggtgag acccagtgta tgccattttg aaatatgctt    144060
     ctttcacata aactttaaac ttagaagccc taaaaacaca tatcgttttg gggtttctaa    144120
     tgaactaatt tgcatgtgtg tttaactgcc ccataatagc atgttcagaa gttgagacag    144180
     caatatggaa gtcagttctc tgcttccatg tggatcctgg aactcacagg taggttatca    144240
     ggctcagcgg caggtgcctt tacccgccag ccctgaaaga tgatgctttt ataaggacag    144300
     tttacattta caaaggaaat ctttttctgt gaggatggaa agacgatcaa atcactacaa    144360
     atttggattt aaatctgcat agtaaatcta acatttgttc tatgtacttt gccttggctg    144420
     ctcttagaca gaccttttcc tacttccttc tttgtttctg agaataaaat gggttttaga    144480
     ccttgttacg atcaggctgg gccctgccct gagagacccc attttataag cagcatttga    144540
     atcagtacta gacactggag agtcagcttt aaacaagcag tttctgtcct tttcccactt    144600
     taatggggga aaagaaaaca aaatgacttt aagagcaatt tgaatgcaac atgttcagaa    144660
     ttgctcatca acagcagaac actttttttt tatttcatga ggaaactgtt agcccctctc    144720
     aggtagttta ttaagggagt gagggaggtt gactgaatta tagctagaag ctgacccaga    144780
     tacaaaattc acattactgt cagtcctcca gtgtcagcgc caacaccgct gtcctttgat    144840
     aacacacaaa agcaagatga catcatttgt tgggagataa tgaaagccta gtataaaatt    144900
     acagaccaca agacaagaaa ccagagatct gggctctgtg tccagttctg cctcttaata    144960
     atactcctgg gagttcaggg gtcacttaaa ctttttggag cctgacattc ttcatctatc    145020
     acatttcaaa gatgtttttt tagaaagttt taatgatcca ataaaagaac atgaaaatat    145080
     ttaaaacacc gacaaaggta actattattc cataatcaaa tattgacaga agactcaaat    145140
     gagcacacat acaagataag tcaccacata cataccccat ctcccatagc ttaccttttg    145200
     gaggaaatga atcctccaaa gagccctttt tagtgataac cctctacctt gctgagacca    145260
     aaccccactt tttgacaaat attttatcgg gattaaaaag attgttcggc tagtaaaagt    145320
     gctcgatgct taaacatgaa gaccttcgat ccccagcagc caagtaaaaa ccaggtgtgt    145380
     gagccgggcg gtgctggtgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcag    145440
     atctctgtga tttggaggcc agcctggtct acagagcaag ctccaggaca gccagggctg    145500
     cacagagaaa ccaagagaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccatgtgtg atataaactt ctatatatat    145560
     atacacacac acaccttaaa aataaaaagt ttcattttgt aaaactatat cctatgacag    145620
     tttcttgcac atgtgtgaca cattctgcca catgcatccc ccctccctcc ctcatccctc    145680
     caaccaaaac ctgcccccag tccttatccc actttgaaat tttgtttttt taatatttca    145740
     tcttaaaaat aaaatgattt tatttcttga tattccataa ttaaataccc ttattttatg    145800
     agttcctctt gatttgtatc tgttgaagag ccctttcgca gctattgaga cactgatgac    145860
     taagccatgt agatgacttc ctctgctttc ttggatgtct ttacagccac cacctttaat    145920
     tccagtccct gtggggcagg caggtaggcc aggggtgtta aagttgggca gttgggctga    145980
     agacaatgaa acgctgaggg gggaatgagc agacatattt aaagggatga ccacatttca    146040
     cttcatccga ttatttatag aacagtgagc tcgctgagga atgagaggca aggagatagg    146100
     ggttttgcag ccttctgttt cccatgaccg ctcaggacat atgaacacca tggcccatgg    146160
     ccgataacat cccttccaag ttagacagca ggtgcctctc gtgccacgac tcctttgggg    146220
     tgtatgagca ccaatatgct gacattctct gataaaactg agtacctgat ggtctgtaat    146280
     ccccttacaa actgcttggt cagtgtctga taatatcctt tgatgtagac tgaaggcgct    146340
     catcttgcat aaacaagtcc taggccttcc tgggatttac aaacccagat gagcctgaag    146400
     ccagaatgga acacacgcac ctccacgtaa tggaggggta agaatgggaa gaggagttac    146460
     tcctttgacc agatgagtat ctaaatgcgc cccctccccc aagcctccca tctgcagacc    146520
     tctccagcga ggcctgccag aagtgctccc accatattca gcagctggca cctgcactgc    146580
     cgagcctgcc tgcttcttat gggaacacac tcttcttcac ttttcctggc ggatgctacg    146640
     actccagctt atctggcctg ttacattctt ttaaaaccca ataaaactgt cctggagttt    146700
     ccatctttta aaaaaccttt tgttggggct ggagagaggc tcaacggtta atagcactga    146760
     ctgttcttcc gaaggccctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccttc    146820
     tgtaatgaga tctgacgccc tcttctgtgg tgtctgaaga cagctacaat atacttatat    146880
     aataaataaa taaatctaaa aaaaatcttt tgttaatgag attgccaaag ggaactggca    146940
     agactagtca gtagttagag cacttgctgc tctttcactc ttgtggggga cccaggtttg    147000
     ggtctcagca ccctcagagc agctgtgtgc aacaccagtg ccagggggga tacaacactc    147060
     tcttctggct tccagagcat tatacacacc taatacatac atacatacat acacacacac    147120
     acacacacac acacacacac aacttctatg acatataaat ggctattgat tactacctga    147180
     gccaaactct gtggggcctc tcagttacaa ctctcttcac catcttacag ctttcctgta    147240
     ctagtaactc agattctaaa ccatttatca cttaaaagct aaagctactc atgggggctc    147300
     acaactatga acccagtagt tggaaggtag acgccaaaag atcaggagtc aaaggccagc    147360
     tccagtcaca tagtaagttt gaagtcagag tggattacat aagaccctgt ccaaaaaagc    147420
     aaacactcca aaattcaaaa taaaagtgat tatctctttt taagcaatgc ttattacacc    147480
     aacctgtgtc acgaatgcct gtgtggcctg tggctaggcc accctcactc aggcttctgt    147540
     tcatttacca aactgagcag agttgcaaag ctgacgcagt ttgctgtcca cacagcagga    147600
     acatagggaa agtaggtttt ttggtttgca tagagtaggt ttagggctgc tataacaaaa    147660
     tactgtgcac gtggtaatgt atacaaaaga aatagttcaa actagcaagt ctgatgctga    147720
     tgctgagggc actcacctct ggcaccatca catggcgcaa gtgtcaagtc cagaacactt    147780
     ctgcaaaggc agagggaact caaacctttt ataatgggag ctaatacctt ccagagaata    147840
     gaccttcatg gtctgaaaca tcctcacgtg ctgctacact ggagattaag attccaaccc    147900
     atggtctggc cctgcataca cattcaagcc atagcagcag ggcaggccat gacatgtctg    147960
     ctatctctaa gagcagacac tgaagctgcc ttgagaactg gtagagttga tggccactta    148020
     caagcagcaa gcgtagaagg ctagttggtg ataataggat tacactgaat acttgccaaa    148080
     ctggcatgcg ccctgatcta agaaagctgc cttggtttga taccagtggg attcctgact    148140
     gcttcccttc taagggagtt cgtggatttt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttaaaata    148200
     cactctcatt agagccagaa gagtatctgt gcagcatgct tgggcctgtg tttggttcct    148260
     agtagaagaa aagagtaaat ataatctctt ctatcaaaaa actaaagttt cagagacttg    148320
     atgtttgatt tttctaggaa cttgtgcttc tataataatg ttctgttaat aagtcatgtt    148380
     taaacttaat attctattta gctttaattt ctatatgcta ctatataatc tataaattca    148440
     gcataagcaa ggaaggtgaa agacagcaag gatttcagtt ttgacttaaa cttgagcagg    148500
     tggttcagcc aagactatga agatcaagtg ctttcttagt gacttgaaga agtcacactg    148560
     tcgatggtct gtatggttgc ttccttcccg tgccttgcag gcagatcagt ctcctgcagg    148620
     cagcttctga cttgtccttg ctggggtggg cttcctagtg atgaaactgc ctttgagtta    148680
     gccatgtttc cctgggtagc tccaatggac acatgctttc actgaactgt actctggtgg    148740
     tattgttact ttggtctgtt ggtagttccc cacttgaggt gagtagagtt tgctagtgtt    148800
     tcctaggaaa tttgaataca acaactatca gtctttaata agattgagac ttaagacaat    148860
     acagttagct atttgtagaa catgacttaa gaaaacaccc ttagccaggc agtggtggtg    148920
     cacacctttg atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca    148980
     gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga    149040
     aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaga    149100
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    149160
     aagaaagaaa acagccctag attagattgt tggtttgtat gcaggaatac ctctttattc    149220
     aaaagttaac actataaaca accagtatct caacaagggt tggctcctac gtgcactgtc    149280
     tattccagga atgcttatgg aaaagttatt tccagtgagg gcactgggta aacagtgcgt    149340
     ggtggttttg tgaagcctaa acgattctga agcaccctca ctgactaggc acccatgaaa    149400
     atgtttagct gggcacaaaa cgcatagaat ttcatttaga aaatgtcaag ctgtgcatgg    149460
     cagcagtatc atagccaatg aagttcaccc aagtgcagtt actgctaatt gaaaaggggt    149520
     gtgactacag tataaaaacc catggttcta ttaaaaacac tggactgcaa agatctagga    149580
     agaaaactga cacactggtc atacatcatt cccacctttg cctttaactc cgtgtgaagc    149640
     tcatctctca tttctaaaag accacaactg cttctgtaaa ttggggtaat ggcgtttgcc    149700
     tcaccacttc aaaggcaatt tgggaattat gaaacaatat tctcaaaggt ctttgaaagg    149760
     cacagataaa agatcttaat tatcactgag cagcacaatt attctgacac cagctttcct    149820
     actcagagtt ttctaaggtt tatgcctagc aaccaacaga agcaaaaaat taaaatataa    149880
     atcagcttat ctatactaga tatgggccaa ttacagtccg tgagatgaga tgctgtcaaa    149940
     caatggttcc caggtgagca acagaaaacc actgcaaagg gtctcaagaa gacataatat    150000
     caccagatta ttcagaaatc aaatacatcc ttctgttgtg ttctgttttc tttggcggca    150060
     aagtttgaag cttgcagtca tctttctccc tcagcctcct aagtgccagg gttgcaggtg    150120
     cgggtgtaag ccaccacagt gggcaaagga gcctctctgg gggatgatgt ggtggctgag    150180
     acagggtttc tctgtgcagt cctgaaactc actatgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca    150240
     ggaaggaaga cctgcctgcc tctgcctctc aagagctgag atcaaaggtg agaaccacct    150300
     caaccagcca gaagagcctt ttggtcacag gttttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaag    150360
     gaaaggaaaa agggaacaat gtttttcaac tatttttatt ttatgtgtgt gagtattttg    150420
     cctgtgtgtt tgtctatcca tcacttgtgt ggcctggtgc ctataaagac tattagaggg    150480
     ctttgtatcc cctgggattg aaataataat agatggttat gagtcaccat gtgggtgctg    150540
     ggaactgaat ccagagcggc ttgaagagca accactgctc ttaactgtgt agccatctct    150600
     ccagcccctg aatattttaa aattgaaacc ttctactttc ccaacaaaca caatgggaat    150660
     atagttatca aggtaataaa aacaaaaaac aaaactatga gccaaaagtt ttatttatgt    150720
     ttaaagttat atttttcttt atttttattg tatgaatgtt tctcctgtat gtatgcctgt    150780
     ttaccacatg taaacttggt ccctgtggag gtcagaagag ggcatcagat cccctggaat    150840
     aggaggtaca ggcaagtata aagccactat ttgggcactg gggaccgaac ccgggtcctc    150900
     tgcaagagaa gccagcacct ctgaatatcc ctccagcctc agaagccaaa gttttaagtt    150960
     ttgctatact cagaagaaga tagaaagaca ctattaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    151020
     acttgagtag ctaatcagac tgtgccatgt gatggttctg tgaaaaacaa gtattcatat    151080
     tccatctggg aatatttcct gctacactcc tcctgccttg gtctcctcct cccagaggct    151140
     actaccttta aaacctatgg aacaaaactt ctgtttaaaa cattcattta taacgttctt    151200
     gccaaagaag ttcaaagcta tgttctactc cataggaaat ggaacaaaga gagtaagtta    151260
     aatgactgtc ctgatttttt tttttttttt tttttttgta tgcagaggcc atggaggaat    151320
     gctgcttgct ggcttgctcc ctcaggtttg ctcagctagc ctttttatac agcccatgct    151380
     ccacctgcag ggatgatacc tctcacagtg gggtgagtcc tcctacatta attagcaatc    151440
     aagaaaatgc accacagaca tgcctatggg ctaatctgat gcaggcactt cttcaaagta    151500
     gtttaaatta tccaaaaaat aagacatcag taagaacact ggcttagata tagagacagt    151560
     aggtgagaga gagacagaga cagagagagc ctatgtagat tagaaattgg cagcaggact    151620
     ggggaggtga cccaatggtt gggagcactg gctgttcttc caaaggaccc aggtttgatc    151680
     tccagcaccc acatgggggt gcacagctgt ctgtaatttc agtcccaggg gatctgatat    151740
     cctcttctgg tctctgagta tgcaccattt agatacatat acaggtaaaa tacccatatg    151800
     cacatacaca cacatgggac aatgggctat gcactgacag cctggtctcc agtcgagctg    151860
     aggtcttgaa ccccggtgtg acccggtggg taatttccac ctacatggga cagaaggcat    151920
     tcgatcatgt ctcctggacc ctggctcctg ttgaagttac tgcccacaca gctcccccac    151980
     aggagaggcg tgtggctagc agtcatatag acaatgtccc aagcttctgg cattctggct    152040
     agactccgcc ccacagttac ctagcaactg caagatagcc aagcccacta taagaggggc    152100
     tgcttggccc caccttgctc tttctaagct tttacctctc ttactctcta gccttccttc    152160
     tctctctctc ttcccccctc ctctctctac acggccatgg ctggcctttc tctctctctt    152220
     tctaccttct ctcctttctc cctgcctttc tacaataaag ctctaaaacc atagactgtt    152280
     tctgatcatg aaggcccttg gtgcttgaac gatgggatag gctttctcct aacaagccac    152340
     cacaaggcct tcctatgctg cagccacaga ccagactaag gactctcact tgcgtgggga    152400
     ccacccagtg cctgcccttt cccctgccct cttcccttat ctctgggcca agtgttgcct    152460
     attctgttct ttgctcctct gcagtatcca gcatgggatg ctggagactg agaacctagt    152520
     acctggggct gccccttgtc caccacccgc cgtgtgggat cagtggctaa cacagccagg    152580
     tgcccacctg gggccacgtg gaaagcgtac agcagtcctc ccgcgtctgc ccacccagag    152640
     cactggaact ctggcaggat gcgggtttcc tcccattccc cttttcccct atacccacgg    152700
     ccccgcacac acatatttta aaaggaggaa aatataatag aggaagaggg ggagatggaa    152760
     gaggaggtga agaaagagga gggagaggtg gtggggagga ggaggagaaa gtaaaggagg    152820
     agatgaagaa ggaagaggca gaaagatgtc ctttgctatt aaaaaaagaa aagaaagaaa    152880
     ctgacagcaa acttcaacct ttggatcaaa gctggcttgc agctattttc tttatcaaag    152940
     tttgattgga atatagtcag gcacattcac ttttatatcc atgactgctt tcaggctacg    153000
     tggcagagat agtatggcac actgagctta aattatttaa tctacagttc tttatagaaa    153060
     atctgttatt cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaat ctgtgtctca    153120
     cttttctata tcacagagaa ataaaaacct cagtatagaa ttggagaaat ggctcagtat    153180
     tttagagaat tgactgctct tacagaggac ctgggttcta gttccagaat ccatgaggca    153240
     actcacaact acccagggga cttaacagcc ttttctggct tccacaggca ccaggcatac    153300
     acacatacac acatgcaggc aaaacaccgt atttataaaa aaaaggcaaa accaaaatag    153360
     catcacattt taaaaaaata tataaacttt tacaatttgt tcttttgtgc agggaatcct    153420
     atatccaatt ctcaactctc atcctggtga caactacttg tattaaagtg atgaaaacat    153480
     taactttgag atccaatgat aactatgatt gtctgtctgt ctgtctctcc caaccaccac    153540
     cacaaaaggg aaagtagaac agtgggatgg tgcatcagat aaggcacgtg ctgacaagcc    153600
     tgataacctg aattcaatct ttgagatcta catagtagaa ggaagaaaaa ttgactcctg    153660
     caagttgtcc tttgatctct acatgtgcga gtggcattta cctcaccccc acaaaataaa    153720
     taaataagaa gaatacaaga gcaatgatgt tctgattatt actacataca aatgaatttc    153780
     aattagacta caaattcagt gttaatgcag aggaaacaat ccaaagggag ggggacttaa    153840
     aagagtaagt aggatgtttt tagaggggct ctatcataca agaccaagga aacctaagat    153900
     aaatgcataa gaagactaac acattaaata cacaaaatta aaaatcctga agaaaaattg    153960
     catcattaat aaagtctaaa tggtaatccc taggtttaaa ttttctctaa caaaaagctg    154020
     taaattgatg aaaacttcta aacaattcaa tagaaggtaa caggcacaag atgtcagcat    154080
     aggtaactga gaagagtcca tgtcaacaga tgctggacat atgacaacac tcccactaac    154140
     agacaaaaga atacagagca aaataatcct aagaatctgt ttatgactag gctgagagaa    154200
     atggaagtct tcagggatgg caaggatgta ggcaaaggaa cagaatgcac tgtggataga    154260
     gggggagtga ctacagcctt ctgaacaaca gcccaataat cagtaattaa aataaaaata    154320
     tgggatagag tgcatgttct gtgtaaggaa gaccctaatt cccactgcaa agcccaaaat    154380
     aaaatatgca aaatcagctg ggtgggggtg gcacatgcct tttaccccag ctcttgagag    154440
     gcagaggtag gtagatctct gtgaattcaa ggccagcctg gttaacagag ttccaggaca    154500
     gccagagcaa cacagaaaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaacaaaa gaaagccgag tgtggtggca    154560
     cacaccttta atcccagcac tcgggagttc gaagccagcc tggtctataa agtgagttcc    154620
     aagacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa acaaatcaaa acaaaccaaa    154680
     aaaaccaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaga aaaacaaaac aaaacagcat actgtgcaat    154740
     aaataaactc ttgctttggg ggctaatgaa aacagagcac aggtatccaa ggatacacac    154800
     acacaggagc acaatatttt tctgcgttgt ttgcagtagt gcaatccaag aagaagcatg    154860
     ttaaatgtat taatgagaca acagctgact atgtgagcaa catatattat ttggctgctg    154920
     gaaagattag tcatgtgtga atctaacgag aggtggtgct gccctagtat agcgcagtgg    154980
     caaagccaca gacaccaaca ctacacaaaa tgttactgaa gacacccagc cagaccacca    155040
     aaccttgtgc atctttatct gcaaggaaca cggtaggaaa gaataatatc actggtaaga    155100
     cttggaaatc ttattaatgt ttcatatgtt tttataattt tctctctttt aaaaaaataa    155160
     agcatgaggg ttttttttgg gtaaatttta aagagcaacc taataaataa catttactta    155220
     agatgggagc tcttcaactc atttggtggc tgtgtgtaaa gaggatggca ataataaacc    155280
     accattccca ctgcaagtca ccacttattt cttttgctaa tttctcatcc cacaactcat    155340
     ctcagacacc agtgaacaaa tattaaatgt gcaggtaacc acagagtcca gtcatcatca    155400
     gaggctctgc tggccactgg ggacagaacg gtgacctaag gcaggcaggc ccctcctact    155460
     ttttatcctg gaatttttgg tggttttacc tgttttggtg ctagagactg aaccaagacc    155520
     ctattcatga taaatgcgca ccgccacaga gctactgtct cagtttcttg tgctactgct    155580
     gtgataaact atcctcacac acacacactt aagggaaaaa gggcttattt ctggtcacag    155640
     ttcaaaggta ccaagtctgt ggtggtctga atgaaaatgg cccctataga ttcagcaagt    155700
     ggcattactg gaggaccttg tgaagtgggt gtccttgcta gaggaagtgt gccactggag    155760
     gacaggcttt gaggagtcag aagcttaagc caggcctaat ggcacactgt ctcttcctgc    155820
     tgcctgctga tctagatgta gaactctcag ctacctctcc agtagtacca tgtctgccta    155880
     cattcacgtt ctaataatgg gctaaacttc tgaactgtaa gccagccaca atggactgtt    155940
     tccttataga gttgctgtgg tatttattca ctctggacct atgatagaaa cccttggcta    156000
     ttttatcttc atgatttgag tcagtaatta caatcagtaa tttcagtaag gttaactagg    156060
     gaataaaaga tctgcactcc aaaaagaaaa aaggtaaagc atcggggagt catagtgtct    156120
     cttcacaaca gacaccctag ctaagaccgc agttggtacc agtaactcgg gtattactga    156180
     aaggcctgac tatggttctg cattgggggt gggggggggg gttcaggagc ttctgcacac    156240
     caagcagaga aggatggagc agagccaagt tctgaaatcc aagtcttccc ttggggtgtc    156300
     cagaccccaa tgtacatggg gcgggaaagg atgaaaacca agtccccact ttagcaggat    156360
     ccagggtctg cagtaaatac gagggtgagt gtgggggtgg gggggaaaga tgtctcctcc    156420
     aaagacttca gtgttacagc tctcttagag aactgtccac aaaacagctt gccttgttta    156480
     tttgatttga acaaaaacta tataaaactt gaaaattggg aaggatgaag tttcattggc    156540
     tgaggtttaa gtttctgggg atacctcatg gagaggggtt ccaggaaatt gaacctgtaa    156600
     tcccactacg tgacattcct caggtaaagt atgggattgg gttccctaga taaagtaaag    156660
     aagaggaagc cctgctagga agggagtcct ccattttaca cggagctcag aggagctgtc    156720
     cagacatggt agacttccac cttaagaagc aggatttccc agcacctgat catatttttg    156780
     tttggaggaa tgtggactct ggaactctgg attgggcaag cagtgaaatg cttttagtgg    156840
     gccatcctag tagaagcatg ggagacagtg gtgctgaggg agatttaaac tgtggaggcc    156900
     cagctctaga gaccattctt gtgatatttt ggtggagact gaggttgctt tctactcttg    156960
     tccaaaaata tgcctgaggc taaattgaag aggtttggat tagcagcttt ggcagaggac    157020
     attttctaac aacctagcat tgactatgtt gtatgactat tagtgcccag tcttttacag    157080
     agctatactg aaaaggaaca agttgaaaaa gaaaaaataa gaaatacaca gttgaaggaa    157140
     aaaaggagaa gcaggaaatg taaaaagaga agcctgatgc tgagtggaaa aggggggtag    157200
     tgacctttaa gtaagacttc acccagccaa gcttcctact tgtgaacaga attaaagaga    157260
     ggcttagggc cagttgtggt ggcacacacc ttgaatcgca gcactcagga gacagaggca    157320
     gcagatttca gagtttacag ctagcctggt tttacagagc cagttccagg atagccaagc    157380
     ttgggcagtg aagggaacca gggaaaatat aaggctggca aaaatgtatg tttggcagtg    157440
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagctcttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg    157500
     aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagtgcca ggacagccag gactacacag agaaaccctg    157560
     tcttgaaaaa aaccaaaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag    157620
     aaaggaagga aggaaggaaa gaaaatgcct cacagacatg cccctaagcc agtttgatag    157680
     atgcaactct ccagttgagg ttccctttcc catggaatag taagttggca cccaagagta    157740
     agcatcacag aagtcaaggg gggcagaagc aaagcaaaag gcacatcaca cccgcaatga    157800
     acagagagca atgcctgctg cccagctggt ctctccagga ctctagccag gggctggtgt    157860
     gaccagaatg agtgggtctt cccatcttaa ttaactaaat caagataatc cctgaggcct    157920
     agctcccaag agattcgtga ttctgccaag acaacaatta acactagcct tctgaatgct    157980
     taatctagca tccttgttgg acattctttg gaagtatatt attactattt aaagattcat    158040
     tattcaatta acacattaaa aacatttgta gtatgattcc ttcaaacggt gtttcaatta    158100
     aatacattgt tttgctaaaa tgcatccatc gagaaaaaaa gatattgttt atgtattaaa    158160
     tctgatctta gttgctccta acactgttag gtccaaagta tcccaaaatg gcagtgctgc    158220
     tggcaatgcc ctggtgactg ttgtactctg ctcagactgt actgcagctg ggtagacaga    158280
     cagaaggact gctagtggat aaacaaaacc taaactcaga attcctcaaa aatcttatga    158340
     ggtgggtttc tgtttgtcag gaaaagccat tactttcctt atcgtcagca atcaagccta    158400
     taacagatca aagtctccat gctggttccc aggctcttct ggttcatagc ccctccccca    158460
     cctgtcctcc tcaatgctgc cttaaaatga tcaccttaaa actggcaagg tttcccctgc    158520
     ttttttgctc ttttctgccc ctgggaaata gcctggcaat ttgaagctcc aataaacttt    158580
     tcttctacct acagagagtg gcctagtgtg gtagtttcac tgtgcccttg cttacaaatt    158640
     tgaaactcca ggtaaagcaa gtgagctatg agaacaaaca gcaagtataa acattcttta    158700
     aatgtattat tgattctttt gctaatatga atattttctt tttcgctgac attttacaag    158760
     gacaatgaaa actaggtgtg gtagtgtgct tgtaccacta cgtaggaggc taaggcagga    158820
     ggactgactg aacctaggag ttcaaaacta gtcatgggtg tggtggtgcc tgcctttaat    158880
     cacagcactc aggcagatcc ctccgtggga gttcaaagct agcctggtct acatagcaag    158940
     ttcttgacca acaggggcta caaaatgaga ccctttttca aaacatacaa aatgacaaca    159000
     gaaagacaaa accaaatgtc ttttagtcct ggtcttacag agcattgaag tgactcttca    159060
     ttcatgcctg tgatagatgt ggacatacaa gcagacataa atgaaaaaca aaatggctaa    159120
     atacccatag ccctggcaga aactgtataa cttctctgtc actgccagct ctagctcctt    159180
     ctcactgctt agcaattcgc agagtttgag cttcgtgaag ctaaagcata ttgtccaatg    159240
     tcaaagcctg tgaccttctc ctgagatttt tgattttgtc ataaaagaac tgccattaag    159300
     caagagaaaa taaaatagga tctttgatta aatattgcca gttatgacta gggaattact    159360
     gttcttctga gattctgaga aagaatctca ggtttcagta gagtgtctcg agcacttgat    159420
     gtaccatata ctgtaagttt tcattcttct tctatggtcc ctaggctatg ttatttctga    159480
     gctgtaggaa gggagaacat ctgaaccatt tcctgatgca cggcttatct tcatatgaat    159540
     tataggacac tggtaggtac ccgagcagaa cacacagagt gacagccatt tctacagaag    159600
     gggatagatc tgaagtagat gactatttat agtccctaag agaggaattc ttaagacttt    159660
     tacattttat gtgtatcagt ggttttcctg aatgaatata tgcacaccat ccatgtttgt    159720
     gcttggtgcc tgcagaagag agaaaaggtc cttggatccc agggaactgt agtcacagaa    159780
     tattgtgaac cagcatgtgg gtgtcaggaa ccaaacttga gtcctctcca agagcagcca    159840
     gtgctcttag ccaccaagtc agctcttctg ccatggaaag tggaattact tggggtgctt    159900
     tcttaaggtc ttttggaaag attatatcct gtctgaagtg tcatgcttta atgacaacaa    159960
     tggaagaaaa tacacaagag ctgagattat tgtgtagcag cttcctggat cccttccatc    160020
     taagtgtaag caagggcttg gtgagaccac tcaactggaa catcagcaat aaatggaaga    160080
     aagcataaag ttccactggg gatccactgc cgaggagtct ttggggaggc agagaggatc    160140
     ggtcagcagg atgggggttg ggggggaggt taagggtggt tccttgtaaa cacacagaaa    160200
     gcccacaaac ctctagattc ctgaggaatg ctgaatttta gacttctgtt taggacactg    160260
     tcactagcgc tgcagttttg ggggcccatt ttggatctaa cactaggagg aggttaaata    160320
     atacaaagaa gctctttaag aagtaatagc tcatggggag aaggctcagc aattaagagc    160380
     actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattctcagc actcacatag tggctcacaa    160440
     ccatctgtaa tgggatccag tgacaccttc tagtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact    160500
     caaataaatc ttctcaaaag aatcagagac aaactcagtc taagcaaaga cctgccatgt    160560
     agccaggaag aaacagagcc tagccaaatc acatacaagg aaaaaagatc aacagagctg    160620
     ctaggcgtat accaactgag ccacatggaa agaacactct acagcttgtt gggcttctac    160680
     aggctgtgca gtgtgctcaa acttccagct tacatgagca gtcacgaatg caggggtggg    160740
     ctttagtgat acagctgttt tgagtcattt ctcctcctat aagtaactcc ttacctatat    160800
     ttctataagt aattgaaata aaattcatta gtttgccaag ttcaacttgg atggtattca    160860
     tgttccatga agccttggtc tgctgggagc tccccacctg gggtgagtca acatattggt    160920
     tcacatctcc cccaggaaaa tctgtcacac aagtaaagat ctatgcaact gtttacaatg    160980
     ttggaacagg gctggggaca tggctgagtt tgtagggtgc ttacctagag tttcagcacc    161040
     acatacacct tgtgagcagt tcatgtctat aatccccaaa ctttagggat ggaaagaaga    161100
     gaatcaggag ttcaagttca taatccttgg ctacatggga gtctgagact gatctgagcc    161160
     acatgagacc ccgtttcctc cattaaaaca aagtgtgaag cccagcagtg gtggcgcatg    161220
     cctttaatcc cagctcttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgggttcg aggccagcct    161280
     ggtctacaga gtaagttcca ggacagccag ggttacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa    161340
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca caacaaaaaa acaaacaaaa aaagcgtggt    161400
     ggtggggaat attagcattc tgtctaaact ccacccccac agttacctgg caacaaccag    161460
     gtaggcctga cccactataa aaggggctgc ttgcccctcc tccctctctt gttcctttct    161520
     tgctctctgg ggctcttgct ccctagttct tcccttccca tcctctcttc ccccctcttt    161580
     ctccatgtgc tcactgctgg cctctacttc tctactgtct ctctctctct ctctgctttt    161640
     ctctgcctct actaccctct taactcccct tcccatgtcc tgaataaact ctattctata    161700
     ctacattata ccgctgtgtg tctggtccct caggggtaag ggatgccttg gcatggaccc    161760
     actgagatat cccctccccc catacctcac tacacgccca cagaacatat tctctctctt    161820
     tatcttttta taaacacatc aggaaacaaa gcataaaatg ttggaacacg ttccccctat    161880
     tggtaagcca attttgatgc cttaccactg acagtagtaa gtcattcttg ctcaaagcaa    161940
     gaaatttcac ttgggattct aaaatcaatt tgttctcact gattgtgcct tttgctatag    162000
     taagattgag gcttatagat ccttgttaaa ctttgaaaaa ttgcaatcaa cccttgaaga    162060
     caaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaataaca ccccaaaaca    162120
     aaaacaaaaa caaccaaacc ctgtggggca gggtctggga cgtaagaagc acagctgcag    162180
     cccacaatgc taaacttggc tgaggctccc aggaggcagt ggtccctctt cctgtttgct    162240
     ttgggctggc tcctttgtcc tcttctaaca aaattcatac gtagatttat cacagatgag    162300
     gaaaatattt agctaacaaa caagcatttg tgctattaat ttaaaggttg tacaaagaat    162360
     gttgactttt atctcaaagt caaatccctg aagtctgttc catacacacc ctgatgtaga    162420
     aaacacccac tgaggccctg acagagtagc agccttgtca gggaccctgc gtgtgatggt    162480
     ctaccttgat tgacaactgc actggaaaca aaactctggg catgactgtg gggcactttc    162540
     taggttccat tcattgaggt gggaggatcc accctaagtg tggccagcac catggtgagc    162600
     aggaggagca ggctactgta aaaagtgagc tgacaatgtg tgctggcaag ttttatatca    162660
     gctttacaca gctgaaaaaa aaaatgtccc caaagactgg cctgtggaca ggttcggtag    162720
     gacatttttt tacttagtga ttaatgggga gggcagagcc cattgtgagt ggagccactc    162780
     ctgggcttct ggcaaaagca ggctgaggaa gccttgggga gcaagccagg cagcagcagt    162840
     gccctgggac ttttgtttag gttcttgctg ccttgacttc ccaacccgat ttccttcaga    162900
     atatgagaaa tgaaataaac ctttgctccc caagttgctt tcggtcatgg tgctttatca    162960
     cagcaccaga aacctaagac agtgagtgtt cactgctttc tgcttcctga ccgtgggtgc    163020
     aacgtgcccc gctgcctcca ccactctttc cttgcactga caagctgtga gtcaaacctt    163080
     cccaccctca agttccttct ttccggtact ctgtcacaga gcaggacggt caccaataca    163140
     ttgaggaact caaggctaat taaagtaaat ttgactttga caaactactc tgatattgaa    163200
     acagttcttt tctccactga tacactgata caataccaag taacgctctc aaaaagctga    163260
     attttggaga aatagtatga tttgtaacaa catggcactt gaggatcagc tcttcccact    163320
     gggctccttg ttccctgtgc atcactccct gcagaagtcc tgagtgattg aatgtgtgct    163380
     cttgacacca gcaagaccac acatcaagga ccctagcctc agactcaaat ggcaaacccc    163440
     atcctgcccc agctcaggaa aatgctaaag ccttcctgaa gggtctgagt acggaaattg    163500
     aaggtgtctg caggaaatgc ccaccaatag ctccccagac cctatattta tggcccaaag    163560
     acttttctcc taaagagact gctcctacca agattagcta agcctgtctc ctgatccaga    163620
     tgtattctat aaacctgcct ccttgtttat ctatgtaaac ccacctccct ttctaactct    163680
     acataacaaa acactgagct tctgggatac agtttcccaa cagagagctc agtccaccta    163740
     ctaccagctt gtctgtatgt ttgtctttta tttctttgcc cctgtcaagt cagatctatc    163800
     cctgtacagg ctgcactagc acccttagtg tatccagatg acatactgat gacagaaaag    163860
     aggcgtgtca cactggaacc agctgcttgc agctcagtct gactttccac cttttctttc    163920
     agaacaaatt ggaagccacc tgcaactaat atagatactc aaaacaagtg tctctttatg    163980
     atcagaatat tttaaagctt tcaaggggag aacactttcc cccaagacag ggtttctttg    164040
     tgtagttctg tcctggaact cacactgtag accaggctga cctcgaactc agaaatccac    164100
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaggag ctgggattga aggtgtgcgc caccactgcc aggcagaaca    164160
     ctttttaaat ggtgtggtgt ttgaatagga acagccccca aagactcaaa gtgtttgaat    164220
     gcttggccca cagggagtgt cactaccagg aggtgtggcc ttgtaggact actggccttg    164280
     ttagaggaag tttgtcactg tgggggggtc tgtgatgctc aagcttcagc cagtgcagca    164340
     cccaggctcc ttctgctgcc tgtagatcaa gatgtggaac tcttagctcc ttctccagca    164400
     ccatgtctgt ctgcacactg ctaagattag ccatcttctg gctaagcatg ctcattattc    164460
     attccttact tccccaaaga aattactatc cgtgcagtca acactcttaa ctccatggtt    164520
     cctctgacag ttttcttttc accgtgacta acatccactt agatccaatc tgctttccca    164580
     atccaactga aatagccact ttgtccacag gcactgcact taagcacatg gaatagaaag    164640
     aagaattaag acacacaatc tgcctttcaa gatcatagtc agtcagatct gttactgagg    164700
     cgcacaggct gcttgcttct gagaggagag tgccttgcag caaactcagg ggttctttct    164760
     acctccctgg ctggtctgag aggactcaag gagtctcata agacaaatga caaaaactcc    164820
     tcagcttcgg tggcaccaag accagcactc tcctggataa ccaggtgtag ctggtgcata    164880
     tccttgaaga aaggagatta gggtcccacg tttaagtcat agaaaaaaaa atcagaggtc    164940
     acagacagtt atggccggcc ataaaactag ttcctgatag ccccacaaag gacagtcttt    165000
     aatccccctc ccagcctcgg gattctgccc caccaaatgg tatcatgtct gagctatgac    165060
     ttacctgacc catcttccct ccccttcacc ctaagcattc aaggaacttc taactgccct    165120
     gtatataagt gctaaaacac tggagctggg ggtcacagac tccgaaccta tgctgtaggg    165180
     ggtttgtgat ccgagtcagg actcattttc agtaaaaagt ctttcatgcc cacttgcagc    165240
     ggactctgca cttcctgagc tcgcctgggc ttcctgagga atcagggcat aacatcacac    165300
     aactgtaatc ccagcattgg aagcaaatgc agcaagatac tatttgagtt tgaaactagt    165360
     ctgcatttat aaagcaaacc tagtggaacc tgaactacag tgaggactaa acaaggctta    165420
     aggatcaggt gaggaaggct tgcctgtcac ctcaagattc tgagctcaat tctcagaact    165480
     ggggcacatg gggaactggg gagagccagt gtattcagtg tatttatctc tccacattga    165540
     agtcctatga tctgttcttt tctctctgct gtgatagcca ccggccaaca cccagtcttc    165600
     acagtcaaac atcagaacta aatgttaatt tcttagagag gtgcttgcca ctcctttcca    165660
     gatataaatg tacaagtcac tttctatgaa catgctggcc ataattattt cacttcttca    165720
     cttgataatc cttacactgc ctttcagata aggtctaacc aacttctgtt ttgttttgag    165780
     acaggccatg tagcccaggc tcaggttggt tttaaattcc taatcttttt gccccgcctt    165840
     ccaagtactg ggattacaga catgcactgc ttcttctatc tttagtctaa caactttgaa    165900
     acttccatct gactgttaag gtacctcaaa ttccctacag ataccccatt aacaaacaac    165960
     ttgatgtttg ttgtgcctgc tttctgaatc cttttctttg ctctcaatac tttggcttct    166020
     gacttccata taccatgtgt acccaatctg caatgcttag accaaagaca tcctcgttta    166080
     tacaatcctc tcagctgcca atgccatcct ctctttcctc agtttggtct ccatcgctgc    166140
     tctatctgcc catttttgtg gaacccattg gttcctatca aaggctgtca ccatggacat    166200
     cacgcctgac tttgctcccc aagactctga tgtattattc tgaacatggt tacacaaatt    166260
     actgacccac tgatacaaag atgagtttgt tgcaaccaga gtcagagaca ataagagaag    166320
     tagagtccat catgtagtcc ctaaatgaat gactaagaca gtggtagaga taaggtagct    166380
     acaggattgc actagttatt tttttctcac ttctgtgacc tgatatctat ctgagcagaa    166440
     gcagctgaga ggagaagttg attctagctc atggtgcagg agatacagtc cattatgaag    166500
     caaaagtgga gccagctctg cctgctcata tcccacaggt cagagagcag aggggagtgc    166560
     tggtgctcaa ccttcttaat tccatttaga acctcagact atggctgaaa tgtctaccct    166620
     actccccata attctctctg aaaacaccct aatagataca cttaaagccc catttcacta    166680
     acaccctacg tatttctttc ttttcctttt ccttatttta aaagacagaa tctcatatag    166740
     ttcaagctgg ctttgagctc atcctgtagc caagaatgac tttgaacctc tgatctttct    166800
     gtccttactt cttgaatttt gaagctacaa gtatgcccca tcactcagtt tacgtggtac    166860
     tggagaccaa acccagtata gggagaagag gaagccctga ctgagtgaag tcccaagtaa    166920
     acatgtgctg ttgacatgag catggctatg tccactgtgg cctccgaccc atggaaacat    166980
     ggccaagcca cgctcgcgtg tgcacacaca cacaccaggc tgaagctcag taggaaaatg    167040
     gaaacgcctt cccttctggc ccaggtggat gctgataatg tgtgcaggat atttgcagtc    167100
     agaagactac tccccttcag agacaactcc tactgagatt agttaacctg cctccttgat    167160
     gcagatgtgc accacaacct ctgcctgatt tatctggaca taataagcat acctccttgt    167220
     tcaatatgtg caaaaacctt gcccttgtat ttaacatgta gtaaacatgc tgagcttcct    167280
     ggatgtggag gtttctccag cacagaccac tggatcccag cattttgtct gtccatcttt    167340
     tctccattcc ctcacagtca cagttagaaa tggccctggc accatgctgg gcagcatccc    167400
     aggctttgat ataagatagg caagcaagta ctctaccaac tgctacaact ctagccctct    167460
     gacatttttt aatccaatca aattaacaat accgaacatc acaaaggtcc ttttcactcc    167520
     ctttacctag tggaattcaa aaggaaagtt ccagagaatt ggaacaagaa tactatcagt    167580
     ctaggagacc atccagctat cagaacttcc aaaccatcat cttgccgtga gacaacacat    167640
     ggtttgtatg aatcacatat tgataacttt actgcctagt ttcatttcaa cagactacta    167700
     ctgcactggg caagaagtta tactagacac ctaaatatgc attcttagta tctgaaaatt    167760
     cagcctttag aatgggcatg cagataggat tggtaaacag agctataacc agtgaggaga    167820
     atgagattca gccccttagt ggtggtgcat gccagcaacc cacacacagg gagtctgagg    167880
     ccagcctagg ctcctgtaca gagaacacag agtgagtacc aggccagact gggatacaca    167940
     gtgagaccct gatcaaaaat aaaataaaga tgcagtaaat ttagttcttg tatatattat    168000
     gaagcctaag agagaggaag aggctccaaa tcatttttca aactactgct aggtatgaga    168060
     gttcccatgg ctcgtcatct tcatcagcac taggaggatc aatttaatgg ctctagccat    168120
     gccaatggta gatggtgcca ttcctcaatg gccgatgctg aggaggatct ctgtatgtgt    168180
     ttgccaatca tgcattttct ttggtaagtt ctgtatcatt gcccatttcg ccctttgctt    168240
     gctattattg aattttgaca actccttatg caatctaaat ataaatagtt tattatgtat    168300
     atcctctgca aatactttct ccctatgttt ggcttttttt tctaatcccc ataacagcat    168360
     agcgaataga tgttttcact ttgatgactg ttactcatct tccctgtgtt acagtcctaa    168420
     gatctaagaa agcacatctt ttcactagca taaaacacaa tcactctgtt tatgagcata    168480
     aaagaactgt ttcttgtttc attgctcatc atttacatag atatcttggt tttctttgcc    168540
     taagatcttt ttcccctctc cctctccctc tccttcctct ctccctctcc ctgccaaaga    168600
     cactattagg agaagggaag gacaagccca gaaactgggg tagacattta ggagaggctt    168660
     cataatttat gacccctttg aactggctgt tttatgtggt aaagattcat tttctagcta    168720
     tcacacagat ggacagcaaa ttgtctcacc tccatttctt gaaaagaata atcattttct    168780
     attgaatcat tttccattga gtcatctttg cggaaaatca attgaccatg cattcatgga    168840
     gctcaatttt gtacgctaac ccctccctct ccttctcatc ttccctttct cctttaattt    168900
     tcacatcgca tttacttatc tgtatgtggc gcatgctaca gtgcatgggt cggaaggcga    168960
     cttgcaggtg tcagtgccac tgagtggggc ccagagaact caggccctca gacatggtca    169020
     caggtgcctt catctgctaa gacatcttga tcgccctctt tcagttttct gaaacagggt    169080
     gtcagactag cctcgaattc actaagtagt ctaggcttgc ctgaaactca caattacttt    169140
     gtttaagcat caaatacaga gattataggt atgggccagc atgcatggca ttatgtgctt    169200
     ctcactaact aggatttgag aaaataatca acaatctatt tattattctt tctccccaca    169260
     taatacataa tatgtatggg tatcaggcta ttatgtatag aaaatattac tgttaggtcc    169320
     cagatctttc agatgctgct ccaaagggat ttacggactt gaccacaccc gtacccagac    169380
     gcagcctttc tgttctcata gctctcacaa gagctgcctc gactgcacta tgaccaagtc    169440
     cttacagaca gcagagcccc aaacagccca gtgctacact accacagtct ccccaatgcc    169500
     tcctcagccc agatctagga atgttcctga gcctttaaac agccacttca gccagaagta    169560
     taaataaaca ttgtgtttct aggtctacct gaatgatatc agatgacctt ggaccatctc    169620
     ctactcatgc acagccccct tgcccttact ctctcaccag ggccttaaaa gaacagagtc    169680
     tgctctgctt gagcaggctc agcttcattg aagaccttgc tgtttgttct gacaactcta    169740
     ataaaccttt tgcctgatgg tcaatctaat tctcattcat attcatattc tcccccactc    169800
     cccgcctctc cagccctaga atctaataag cattacattc tagcacaagt tctataccac    169860
     tgatgaccct gttgagcttc gacctgggaa acctagcata ttactacaca ctttaagttg    169920
     gaggaagact acaagctcaa cagcagacca ttctctgacc gtgtcaattg gcaggtatcc    169980
     tgccctgagg ccaagaggaa aggagcaggc aaaacagtcc cggaattaag tccgacctgg    170040
     agagttcggt tttttacctc cgtttttgtc taactgtact tgtgtaaacc cttttcctca    170100
     tcaactgtaa atataaacat acagttttct ctcagtttta ggtcttcatt tctgagatat    170160
     acttttatgg atttctgttg ttagtcttct ttttaatttt tttttaaatt ggagtatgag    170220
     ccatgtacct agcagtgagt gaggaaacat tttgcctttt gtactcagaa gtcacatccc    170280
     ttccaaggct ctctgggaat tggagcctaa caagagctgc tgaaggtgag atggggaagt    170340
     cccttgacta agctacagaa attagttcat tcatgctcat ctttatattt gggaaattaa    170400
     tggttaacat tggctcattc ttactttgtt tagaaagcaa gtactattat tcagtactct    170460
     gctgagagca gtgggtgtgg cagcaacagt aggagactga aaagttcgac cttctttgca    170520
     tctgatatgg agttcaactg aggactgcag caataacatc aaatctgtag agatttcatc    170580
     ttgatttgca tccccatcag tcattatgta aggaaagcac ctgtagtcaa atttcccctc    170640
     cccacccccg gggttaggca ttttcataac catggagaca gttgcccttc ctcctccatc    170700
     tacctaatag atatgtaaat gttaaacaaa gctctcagta agtgtcagag tgtgggggag    170760
     gagtcttaca agtcatttta ggaaataact gtgaaatcag aaatgataag taattcaaga    170820
     atctactgtg ttctctccaa ttttatcttt caaaagaaat aaggacaagt actgtcatgt    170880
     caattcaaat taaacctaag tgatgttagt ttcatcagct ataatcagcc acactgagtg    170940
     ggaaattctg ctgcagttct ctcgtgggtg gtaaatggaa agatccagca caggcacctg    171000
     ggcacgccag cccccttata ctgcagcagc tacttcctgt tcttattcct ctcttctcta    171060
     ttcccttttg cagcttttaa attgtacttt agtaattaaa gtgggcagca gaatccaaat    171120
     ctccaccgag ttgtttagtt acagctattg tttctcctaa attattccag aaatattgga    171180
     atcaaaggca acttggagct gcagttctct gtcactgtta aggtgttcag agtgcccttg    171240
     ctgcacttct ctagggcgtg gcaactgcag gggtaaatta gttttgattc atgtattttg    171300
     aatcttggaa gtctattaat taaattagat ttaccatata cttgccaggt aaaatcagaa    171360
     aatatttttg caatggtgag ttcttcaaca atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatgggt    171420
     agatagatag atgagccaga tgtggtggcg caagcctata atcctcacag ttgggaagca    171480
     gaggtaaatc aggagctaca tagaaaggct attctgaaat acatgacacc atctttttat    171540
     tttttttaaa tatttattta tttatttatt taatgtatgt gagaacactg ttgctgtctt    171600
     cagacacacc agaagagggc atctgatctc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt    171660
     tgctgggaac tgaactcaag acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca    171720
     tctctccagc ccagcatgac accatcttaa aagtaatagg tttaataata ttatctttgt    171780
     taaagtaact atagtcatta gtttctgaaa tcacaattac caacatctcc tgaaagatac    171840
     ctcttaaaaa tgttggataa ataaaacaca tatttttttt ttaaatagat ggagaagaaa    171900
     cacacacaca caaagcataa acctagaggg cggggcctga aaatcaacag ttcttgatca    171960
     cacatctgaa gaccaagcct ggggcccata cacaatgggt gatggagaca cctgcagctg    172020
     gcagacagca ttctcctcag caagaagact taaagtaaag ctcaacccaa aatcaagagt    172080
     gcaggaagca aaaattgtag ctatgaatga gattaaggag agacaactta gaaacaacac    172140
     agatctcctc cgcactgcac taaagggatc gtcagccaaa caccgaagaa caacatgtat    172200
     tccagtcaga tgctgaaaga tccaaacaca attcaaagga acaaaaatat aatcaccaaa    172260
     gtcaggtggc tgttctaatc tcaaagaaaa atggtataaa tgcccacact gaagtgggag    172320
     tttataccaa agagattctt catttaatct gtgaatagaa aatccaaaca agcacacagc    172380
     ccaaatgttt catagacagt gctctaagca gcaaggctgc attcagggat agggctgtga    172440
     gtgcctgcac gtgatagtct gactctgaga aagccatctg ggtcacttca atgttttaag    172500
     agtttccact ctgtacctac tatgctctag gcaagtatcc ttttatcatc tgtcaatatt    172560
     aaagttagtt ggtaatactt gtttgaaaag aataattcaa tattttgtat caagcttcaa    172620
     atagattaaa tgaccacaaa acataagaaa atatgaaaat gtattaattc tacaaaaagc    172680
     taaatggaaa tcagaaaata ttatgtagct aaggaactat gtctcaattt ctcatctgca    172740
     aaatggtaat accaccttct cttcccactt cgaaaaaagt atgagggtag tagaaaacaa    172800
     aacaaaaccc atgaacttaa atgtgttaca agatataagg aattggccaa gtaacatttt    172860
     taaagaaaac agaacacaga cataaatcaa aaagaaaaaa aaaagtttat atgatctgtc    172920
     ctagaccagt tggttatgta aaattaaaaa tgtcttttca aagaagatgc tgcacaccag    172980
     cactgagagc taatgctcac tggtgcactg tatttccgca gtgctcgtgg gcagaagcct    173040
     ggcctacttc tctgctgtac tatctttggg aggcagtggt ggccactttc aggtcagagg    173100
     tcagatctat ctactgttca gtgtagtact gttctggcct ggactcagag tacccctcct    173160
     gttaacaccc aaatgtgagc cacatcactc tagtataagc aggctccgcc aaatggtgca    173220
     gatgcaaacc aactgctacc aggactgata aagccacttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    173280
     ttttttgcaa caggatttcg ctgtgtgtag ccctggctgt cctgggactc attttggagg    173340
     ccaggctggc aggctggcct tgagctcaca gaaatctgcc tgtctttgcc tcctgggcac    173400
     tggaactaag ggtgtgtgcc accacaccta gttaaagtca ctcatttcat tttgctccta    173460
     actggtctct actggcatcc cagttctcct atgtaccaac tctgaggcca atataaaaat    173520
     cacaaaagtt aggtcccaga tttaagctta taaattatga tttatgataa cagagaagaa    173580
     aacaacagct tgatgtaaat aaaatgtgcc aagttctgaa acatttgggt atgtacagtt    173640
     tccctcacag acatattcta ccagatacaa aaatctagag atccataggt atgttcctca    173700
     tgttggaaaa acaactcgaa agtgcagttc tcaaataaag gaagccagga gtagtccagg    173760
     tatgatgtga ctcaaccaat gtcaaagcag gtgtgtctct tatggtctgc tgctgccgcc    173820
     ttataatgtg agtgcggctg gtagctttac tttactgtac tagcaggtag aggtgacaca    173880
     acagtccagg cagcagttgt actgtgagca atgctgccca gaacaccgaa cgaagccctt    173940
     cacaacctca tcatcatagc cctgcctctc cctgtctctc actctcaaac aagctgtaat    174000
     ttttcactgt tgtttacctt taatgaaact caagtaactt gggcctaaaa gttgactaga    174060
     ctacttagaa acaaatttta ttggttgggt gcacacatgc tttggaagag tgagactgca    174120
     gcacccacaa tcctgtgctg tttccacttc ccaggaagga ctacttctca tttttcactg    174180
     agctatctat tttgttcttc tgttgttgaa actgaaattc tatggattta tcacaagggt    174240
     gtttcaccat taacacaaaa aggccacaag aggctcaata atacagttcc cagcaccaca    174300
     aaacaagtgg aatttaacat taatgtaatc taacatttaa aaaagtccac catactacta    174360
     gcaggtttat agataaagcc atatgacagt gctgctaaaa cttacagttc aatgaacatg    174420
     cacatttctg gagttttaga tgaaaataaa aagttaaaca ggggtcgggc gcggtggcgc    174480
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgggt tcgaggccag    174540
     cctgatctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtatcaaa    174600
     aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaaa gttaaatgga cctagaagtt acaaaaaaaa ctttggtata    174660
     aggactgatg atagtttaga tctctctaga cctatgctcc agctctctag aatacgatgc    174720
     atctaactct actttctgat aatggattgt aaacaccaag attatctgtg tttagatttg    174780
     accaaagaaa tggtgaccat atatgtttaa cttatctccc acaaaggaaa gctttaagaa    174840
     ctacagattc agtatagact ggatctattt accaacttaa tctaattgac aactccataa    174900
     aatctatcaa agctgttcct tagtatctat gggaggttcg tttgttcgga gtacctagac    174960
     accaaatcca tagatgtttc aagtctctca taaaatagcg ctgtacttgt atataatcta    175020
     tgcacatcct ctggtatagg atgttttaaa taatctctag agttttaaag gatttgttta    175080
     ttttgtgtat atggatgttt tatctgcatg tacacctgca cctcagaaga gggcatggga    175140
     ccacagttac agacggctgt gagacaccat gtcggtgctg cgaattaaac tcaggacctc    175200
     tggaagatca gccagtgctc ttaaccactt gagccatctc tccagccctt aaagattttt    175260
     ttttaagaca gagaaagaga gaatgggggg tgggggttaa gaaagagagc gagcgagaga    175320
     tcgagagaat acatatgtga gtgttgatgc ccatggacac ttgagtaatc aagagctccc    175380
     tggagctgta gttacaggca gttgtaagca gcctgataca ggtactgggt atcaggtcct    175440
     gggcaagaac agtacatgct gtcagccact ttcctgcctg tccctggatt ccttacaaga    175500
     cctaagacga tgtatattac acataaatag ttgttagatc ttattacttg gggaataaaa    175560
     gtggggaggg aagcctggat atatttaata ctgtttttaa aaagatttat tttattttta    175620
     ttttatatgt gagaatgttt tgcctatgta tgtgcatgca caccatgtgt ttgcttggtg    175680
     attgcagaag tcaggagagg gcatcaggtc ccctggagcc ctatttataa cctaatagtt    175740
     gtgagctgcc acaggggtgc tgagacttaa acctgggccc tcagcaagaa gagccagtgc    175800
     tttaaactgc ttggaccatc ttgctagccc tggtctcaag ctcttgagcc tgtctctgcc    175860
     tcccaagcac taggtttata ggtgtacacc aacatgccag gattcgtgta tactacagct    175920
     gactatatga tgcacgcact aatgtacagt ccagtcagcc acccagagaa tggactactg    175980
     agctgcagta tgttcttata atgaataccc agtaatgtca caaacagata actacaaagt    176040
     cctcctttat ctggttttgt tttctggagt ttcagctacc tgcaactccc aaatattgaa    176100
     aattccagaa attaacaatt catattctct tcagagtagc atatgatatc tcctgccatc    176160
     ccacccctct gtcagggaca gaagttgcac ttctgatcag tatattcatt atatatacac    176220
     gtatataata tgtataatac tgtatatatt atatatacat tagtcactta catcttggct    176280
     attaaatcaa ccatttcagg attgcagttg ttcagtaact cttattttgt ctaacaatgg    176340
     accaaaggta agaaagtaat gttgacaatt ttaatatagt acattgttta actgttttat    176400
     aattgttgtt attgatctct tactgtcccc taatttatta taggttttta cgtatagaca    176460
     agcatacata tagtgtgtta ttatccgtgt tttaggatgg gggtcatgga atacattctt    176520
     aatagatact agtatactga taaatataat atacttgaaa ctcaaacatg ctgagataag    176580
     cttttcccta aacaataggc tgtgcaaatt tctaaggtat gaagtgctct gtatcttgta    176640
     aatgtaaggg tatatccagt atatccattt tccaaaagat acatctaact aagacttgag    176700
     cacttagctg agcatggtgg tgcatacgcc tttaatccca gtactcggga ggcagaggta    176760
     ggtggatctc tgtgagttca aggccaggct agtctacaga gtgagttcct gggcagccag    176820
     ggtttcatag tgaaactctg tcttaaaaaa caaaacaaac aaaaaagatt tgaagacttt    176880
     attatataca aattttaact ttaaaatcat aaagaaatat ggtcataaaa tatataaaat    176940
     acatgtcagg ctggtataca acccagtagt aatgtgcttg cctaccatgg gaaaatccta    177000
     cagcaataca aaagaaatca atcaatcaat cattcattca ataaataaat aaatgaaatg    177060
     ggggtaaaga gagcaatagc agagggaaag atttcagagg agaaatgtaa tggtgtctgc    177120
     acactagttt taaaatataa gaaaacagta agaaatgttg tcaggtaaat agacagatgg    177180
     gaagatagtg attaaaaagt aacaaaactg agcaacaata gtcatacaga tgccagaaat    177240
     atactagtta cagtacaact atttcctgta tttgaaattt ttttacaata aaatatagta    177300
     tggaaattac tttttttttt tttaaatcag gggttagaaa gattggctca atgattaaga    177360
     gcaatggctg ctttccagag aacctagatt caattcccag catccacatg gcagcttaca    177420
     accatttgta gctctagctc cagataatct gatgctttct gctgacttct acatgcacta    177480
     agcacacaag ccactcaccc acccactcac tcaccctccc actcacctgc ccatacactt    177540
     acccacccag ccactcaccc accctcccac tcacccacta actcactcac ccacccaccc    177600
     actcacctac tcacccaccc actcacccac cctcccactc gcccacacat gtactcacta    177660
     ttcaatcttg aatctcctta cagtactcct ttcaatcaac tgctagaggc ctaaatggaa    177720
     ccaatgtcta gatataaaaa agcctgggtt caatccccaa caacacaaaa ctggtaaatt    177780
     atcaggtgct gtttgtaccc actgaaaagc aaaagttttt ttttttaagc accatgtcaa    177840
     agcatagact aaagtaattt tttctaaaaa ggttgcagtc ttatgactag aaggtcctag    177900
     atttgcatga gcctgaccct cagcttggtg ctgctgagct gtggtataaa tttgtggtat    177960
     ataacccaat ggaaaccttt gggtcactgg catttgcccc tgaaagacat tatgtagcct    178020
     tattcccttc ctccctacct gcccctctcc ttcactctcc ccatctctcc tgtccataaa    178080
     gtaagcagtc ctgctccacc acacacttcc aatacaatgt gccaccctcg tccccagaca    178140
     atggtgccaa ctgatcacgg acccaaacct ctaaaagtgg aagcccaaat aagcattctt    178200
     tataagttta ttgtctcagg taagtaacag ggggtggggc tttctgaatt atgtaaagag    178260
     aaaattaggt ttctgatagt attaactcac agattttgtg taactttttc acaaaagtta    178320
     tccctgcact ttaactttac agttgccact gagcatccaa gagaggatgt tcctttaaga    178380
     aaaagacact gaagccaggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag    178440
     aggcaggtgg atctctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    178500
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    178560
     aaagaaaaga aaaagacact ggattcaaat agctatggtg cattccttga ctaggtcaag    178620
     ttccagaaga gcagtcaggc atctgcaagg acattcctaa tttaaagact attctcttct    178680
     ctgagtctcc tcttctcttt ctgaggccct gagattgaac ctcggctcct gtgcaggcca    178740
     ggccactgtt gttttaaatg aagttcactg cctcgcaaca taagccagct tacaaagtga    178800
     actcttcata agaggtcctt gacctctctc aaagggcctc ttcctgagtg aaaagttctt    178860
     tgctagagtg aattatttca aagctaaatg aaaataataa tatgcaagtg agaaaaagta    178920
     aatattttct tccctttctc atcccaacaa aagtaaatat aaaattgtat aatgtataca    178980
     atgttttgag aggtctcttt tctttgataa aataaccaaa atgagcggca tagagtgcta    179040
     gctagcagct gaactagggg ccaggtatgc ataataaagg tttctctctt atgtcttttg    179100
     aaagtttctc caatattagg tttatttttt acctttataa aatttttaaa taattttatt    179160
     attctgtgtt ttatgtgcat gtgttgccag catgtactac atgcatgctg gactctatac    179220
     ccagcatcac aaaaccctgg catgattgtg cactcctgga gaggcccatg gagcaggtca    179280
     gacattcttc accatgaccg gctgtatagt gagttcaagg ccaggctgat acatgtaaga    179340
     ctttgtctat acaaacgatt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttttgagaca    179400
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct gactgtactg gaactcactc actctataga ccaggctggc    179460
     ctcaaactca gaaagccacc tgcctctacc tcccgagtgt tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc    179520
     accacgcccg gctacaaaag aattttttaa aatggaagaa aaaaaatctg ataagagcta    179580
     caaactttca ttgtagaaaa tagcatttat ttgctgaatg gatctcaagg gaattccgaa    179640
     acaccccagg ctgttgcctg cactatgagt tgttctctga caaactgaga gtagggtccc    179700
     tctgctgaag aaaaacgcta acacaactca ttagacatgg aggcggtaag ctggttccta    179760
     catagagcct ttacccgtat cccagcatct ttggtggggg aagggactgt gcatgctatc    179820
     aaaagagagc ataaacagtc cccacttccc ccatatccgc tccctctctc tatcgctctt    179880
     cccccttctc tttccgctgc taccttgccc ctctctctcc caataaacct cacgtggaag    179940
     tgtttggcct gttatagtcc ttctgaagcc gcgcaacatt caagatcata acaaccacta    180000
     agtctgatac tgtcattagc atccatgatt caagaaggaa tgagatattc aaaatagcat    180060
     agtgtctgct tttatgtcct ttaatttcat gtaagacaga tactaaacaa gcaaatatgg    180120
     gttcatcagt taagagtaaa tactactctt gcagaagacc tgaatttggt tcctagcaac    180180
     catatttagc aactcacaac tgcctgtaat tccagctaaa gggagatccg ctggtctcca    180240
     tagtcatgag cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaataa acctttttaa    180300
     aaaaacacaa tcaattacaa atattctggg ccttataaaa aaggaaaagg aggtgctatg    180360
     gtaagtagtc taacaaggta aattacaaaa ccagaccaac caagaaaata cacaggaagg    180420
     agaaaaggaa ctgggggttt ctttcatgtc ccaggacact cataggaaga atattactat    180480
     tctttcacat tcttttattc caatttgcca cctttattcc aagttcactg tacatcaaac    180540
     cttgccatat tctgaaatct aagtgcttgc atctgggcaa ggagaggaaa ttatagcagg    180600
     gtctgtctta ttccacaatg gccatacatt taatcagtaa atttagttag acctatcttc    180660
     caaaagtaaa attaaagtta attaaaattt gaagtgaaga aagagaaaac agggcaaact    180720
     ttccatatat ggagcattac taaaaataca aaacatttta aaattcttta taatgacatt    180780
     gaaaaattat tccaaacatg ttataagaag taaaaatata aagaaattaa aggaaaacca    180840
     ggagttgtgg cgtgtgcctt taattccaac actcaggaag caggggcagg cagctctctg    180900
     tgagttcaca gccatcctgg tctacataga aactggacat ccagggctac aaagagagac    180960
     cttgtctcaa aatgggagga gacaagggtg gggagctaat aaaacagtat gagatgtgga    181020
     catgaacttg caaaccattt aaaaagagac atccctagac cttgccataa cagagtagaa    181080
     cggcttcttc agtgaactgt aattctttat tttttttaaa gactttattt attttgtatg    181140
     cattggagtt ttgttggcat gtatgtttgt gtgtgggggt caaatcctct ggaactggag    181200
     ttacagttgt gaacgtccat gtgaaattga acctgggccc tctgaaagag cagccagtgc    181260
     tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccaaatgg taattattaa tctctagctc gacaaaatat    181320
     aaactattct cttgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaagca ggcagatttc    181380
     tgagttgtag accagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ttacagagaa    181440
     accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac caaacaacca aaaacaaaaa aaaaatattc    181500
     tctttgccca aggctatcca ttatcaccag cttaccagcc atttccaaag gctctgactc    181560
     acaggccact gtcagtgtct ttgaaagaac aatgcacatt tagtagatgg aagttctgaa    181620
     agttcacacc ttactttaaa actggaggct tcctgatagt ctcagaaaaa aaatcggttt    181680
     ggagaaacac ttggccttgg aaagaactgt ttccacttcc tatggacacc attggaggta    181740
     gggcctctag taaccaacgt accctgcatc atagcaccca cggcaagggc tgttttcagt    181800
     tttcagcatc attaccccac taccagcaaa caacatttaa actctctaag tatgtaacct    181860
     gacaaaacag aacctgtcaa ctctacaaat ataatgtatc aagaaagaaa cccacaagtg    181920
     tttttcattc tgaagaaagc tagagaggca ctagacagac agctcagttg ttggctactg    181980
     ctcacaactg cctgttaact ccagcttcag gaaatccaat gcccttttct gaatcatatt    182040
     tacacacata aacacacatg tggacatata attaaaaata aaatcaaata taaaaaatta    182100
     gacctggaaa ttttatttta tccacagaga ataaacagat tcatttaaaa tacactgtaa    182160
     tcatgaataa ggaaatttaa aggtgaattt tatcatatgt tagttcggca gttctgaact    182220
     tttggggttg aatgaccctt tcatggggac tgcctaagac cattgaaaaa cagatattta    182280
     cattacaatt cataacagta gcaaacaaaa ttagagttat aaagtagcag taaaataaat    182340
     ttatggttgg tggtaaccac aacatgagga gctgtattat aaaggactca gtaggttgaa    182400
     aactactgtg ttaggtactg gaatctactg acttaaatga actatcacat cccagcgtgt    182460
     acttatctgg aggaagagct aagctttgca aaacaccaca ctactgaggg agtcaacctc    182520
     tctaagaaag gccactctga tgatatccct ccagtgaaaa ggaagagcac agctgtgctc    182580
     tttaaagctc tgagaattac ttctatattt ttgaacacca actttgttat tttgtttaca    182640
     agttgtacaa tttaaataca caagatagga atagttgcct aaagaagagc tcattggtcc    182700
     aaagtgtaac aatatcctca tcaaaggtta tcctcagctg ggcagtggtg gcacatgact    182760
     gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggcgaatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt    182820
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ccacacagag aaaccatgtc tcagaaaaaa gaaaataaat    182880
     aaataaatac atacatacat acatggctat cctcctgact tatttcccaa aggaaatcca    182940
     tgaaattcca atccaagcat aaacaaggtg aaagatcaac aaaatgacta cttccacagc    183000
     tactgtattt aaggctttca tagttgatga tggaaataca agttataggc caaatgaggg    183060
     cagttactaa agggctctta ggcactgcat ggtaggggtg acaacactac catctcattt    183120
     acaactctga ctttaaattt ctatctaacc catttgtttc caaaattaac tatagatccc    183180
     agtcttcatc tggtgtatgg aaggcagcat aagaattact ctaattaatg ggggaaggga    183240
     gtggtagttt gaataagaac agccaccaca agctcctact tttgaaagtt tagtcatcag    183300
     ggcgtggcag cattgaaagg gattaggagg tgtggccttg ctagagggag tgtgtcactg    183360
     gaggtcagtg gttctcccag tggccagtgg atctggatgt agcaccaaga ctgcctgtgt    183420
     gctcccatgc ttccagctat gacaacaata gacacagtca tggtgtttct tcacagctgt    183480
     agaacagtga ctaggacact tctaccaagc cagtgctctg aaacattaga ctgggaacac    183540
     agctggctaa agtaagttta ttcttgaaat gcaaatgtag gccagcactg atgctaatgg    183600
     gccagcatca gacgaggaca aacagacaaa ttcggattta cacacaggca aatggactcc    183660
     aatgccgtgc acagcacaga cttcctgtcc accactatct catagacaac tctgaaaaat    183720
     aaaggattat tctaaaaatc ttacatcaga ctttccagga ttgaaacaga aaccaccagg    183780
     agactgagtt tattaatcca ggtgacaaat ggaagccaat ctcaaagtaa tttacaagta    183840
     gactttaaat tcaaaagtct ggtggagggc tggtgagatg gctcagtgag taagagcact    183900
     gactgctctt ccgaaggttc cgagttcaaa tcccagcaac ctcatggtgg ctcacaatca    183960
     tccgtaatga gatctgaagt ctggtggagc taatttatga tctgcattca aaaccctata    184020
     gaatgtgtct tcaaagaaca ttaggaaaac ttagaattgg ttcaaagttt aactaagaag    184080
     actctgctac aaacaatggc catacatcag ccccagagac gccattatca gctctacttt    184140
     aaagaaatta cttgtccagg tgtggtagca catgcctttg atccaagcac tcagaaggca    184200
     gaagcaggca gacctatgaa aagtctgaat ccaccctagt gtacagagca agttccagga    184260
     caacacaggg ctaaacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaagaa caaaaacaac aacgtctttc    184320
     tatttttctt tctgtatcta tgtctgtgcc tgagtatgta caggagccca cagagccagc    184380
     agagggcgtc ggagcccctg gagctggagt tatacctacg tgctggaact gacatggttc    184440
     ctgtgcaaga acagcaagga cgcaactgcg gagccatctc tccatctccc tccacttctt    184500
     tccactacca catacaacct atccactgaa ttagcttttg ttcccacatg tttatcttga    184560
     agtggtaaca gacaatactt taagacaatg ggaccttcag aaaaacacag taaattgaaa    184620
     catttgttgt cttctaactt gagtaaagaa ttacttatgt gatctacaga acaagtaaat    184680
     attttatctt cttcatgtag taaaaaaaat cctaaggtct accttacaac actgttgtta    184740
     cgacaataaa gtaacatata taaagcagga tttaaataca gtgctaaaca ttatcaactt    184800
     ataatgcaaa gctctaccag acaatcacag cagtaaagtt taatttgtgc agctaactga    184860
     atatgaaatg aaaatatgaa tatgaagagc ttccatattt accaaagtcg acactggaga    184920
     aaagtctaca cctttatact aagaaagcat tctattcagg tagttacata gtgtccatac    184980
     actctgtctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgacaagaa gcaagtgggg    185040
     gaggaaaggg tttatttggc ttacacttcc atgctgctgt tcatcaccaa ggaagtcagg    185100
     actggaactc aaacaggtca ggaagcagga gctgatgcag aggccatgga gggatgttcc    185160
     ttactggctt gcttcccctg gcttgctcag cctgctctct tacagaacca agactaacag    185220
     cccagagatg gcaccaccca taaggggcct ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc    185280
     cttacagttg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc ggtgataact    185340
     ccagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaactaac cagtacacac tctggttctt ttaaactaac    185400
     agactgagac ctgagagtcc tcctccacca caggtcactt acatagcaat gcattgcagg    185460
     catattctga gtctcttcta ctgtatgctc agcataaagt actgcacata cttcgtgtac    185520
     tcaaaaaata aataaataaa taaaacttag agaagtgaaa tatatgggag ggggtagaga    185580
     gatggcttgg aggttaagag tggtaactgc ttttctagag gtcctaagtt caatccccag    185640
     caaccacgtg gtggctctca accatctcta atgaaatctg tgactcttct gatgtgcaag    185700
     ctggagaaga accttattgt ggcacacagt ctatttgtac tgattacata gcaacagtgc    185760
     tcacaggagc tcagagagct ctcttaatga gacaacacag gaaagggaaa catctcagct    185820
     ctgattttct tttttttttt tcttttaatt ttttttttaa gatttactta ttttatgcat    185880
     atgagtacac tgtcgctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcttact ccattacaga    185940
     tggttgtgag ccatcatgtg tttgctggga actgaactcg acctctggaa gagcagtcag    186000
     tgctcttaac tgcagagcca tctctccagc accccagaag ttcttcttga ttgaaccaat    186060
     gcaaaatatc tgtttccatg ggacacaact gtgaatacag ggaccatggc tgtcaatcac    186120
     tagttgtgaa cttgcctagc atttgggaga tttgggactt aactccagta ctgcaaatga    186180
     aacacaacaa aagcacaaca aagtgcactg tatagtatat ttaactgtag gttataatca    186240
     taatgttata aaattcattg ggatagtcat aacactacca atcttgtagg cattctgttt    186300
     aattgaaaaa ggtcttatgt ctagcttcac tttcagcaga atacaagaaa agtaaagtag    186360
     tgcctctaac agatttaagt tcaaatactt catcccagac ctgtaagcgg ggtttgctgc    186420
     caagtctgat gatctgagtt tgattcccag gacccacgtg gtagaaaaag agaactgact    186480
     tcagaaatgt gtcctctgat ctctacatgc acactgtgac acaaggctgt acctcaatct    186540
     ctaagttttg tccccaagac cttcctgagg ttggtgcctt cctgctactc aagactcaga    186600
     gcagccttga gcagagtctg aggcagagtc cagcagctgt gagcctcagg gcccctcggg    186660
     aaagcctgat atgcaaaggc accgaggatt ctagcacccc agttctgctt gtgttggctc    186720
     tcctgcccac ctacctgcct gagggtggga aaagggagaa agaacatgta cgatgtgatg    186780
     aaaaagaacc agcgactgca ggaacctttc ctaagtcacc acccaaagtg atgagcgtgg    186840
     taaatgctcc aagaactgat tctgtctgta ctgactccat tttgtaagtg tgtgctctgg    186900
     atcagaaagc agaagttatc agaaaaaaaa aaaaaatccg atgcaaacgt ctagtcagct    186960
     cctactcttg aagcctggtc tgcccacagc ataaagcaaa ccactccgat gaagctcact    187020
     ctccaggaaa ggaagccagt gggagaatac aggagaactg aggctctgcc tctccgagga    187080
     tggaattata ggcatgtaca gctgaaatgc cactattttt catttgtatt ttatgtgtat    187140
     gggtattctg ccttcatata catctgtgta ccacgtgtgc ctggtgctct ccaaggcaag    187200
     aagagggtat tgaatcacct agaactggag ttaccaacag ttgtgagcca ccatctaggg    187260
     actggaaatc aaacctgggt cctctggaag agcaggcagt gcccttaacc actgatcttt    187320
     ctctccagcc ctaagaagcc taagagacct aaaagatccc tgctaagtca gcagcagtga    187380
     aaccagaggc aagcatccct ctcttctgta attttatcaa atatattttc aggtcactct    187440
     ggaaattcac agggagtatc attgggcctg aggactgcac agagacaggt ctcacacctg    187500
     ttcccaaaaa agaaactaca tgtacacacc atactacatt ttgctccttc aaaagttatt    187560
     ctaactgaag aggtgactgt ttttaattgg cttatactgt acatcatatt ggcatatcga    187620
     attagcctat aacaccagct gcttgggaag cagagggagg ggaccatcag ttcaaggcct    187680
     atctgagctt acagaaggtt aaagcaagcc taggtagctt tctgaaattc tatctcaaaa    187740
     acacaaagga caaaagaagg gaaggccagt gcatggctga gtggctgaga gctttcccag    187800
     tgtgtatgtc ctgggttcag ttcctgacat cacagaagca gaaatgacaa agacagaaga    187860
     gagggagaag ttatttaact tagaggtaca gaaaatatat ttgataaaat tacaggagac    187920
     atttcccaaa tatggggaag agatggctac ccagacacag gaagtattca gaaaccaagc    187980
     caaacagaaa ataccatgtg tgctacagtt cagtatcata tttatgaaaa aaagtattga    188040
     gaatcataag ggaaaatatc aaatcacata gaaaggcaaa tccatcagaa taacagcaga    188100
     tttcctcact aaaaaatcta aaggccagga gaaaggagtg gtccatttca attgctgaaa    188160
     accaatggcc aaccgaaatt actatgtcca gcagaactat tcttcacaat tggagagggg    188220
     gaaaaagttt ccatgataaa cacaagctaa aggaatgtat taccactaat ccagcagtac    188280
     agaagctact ggaaggaatg ctacacatca aagaagaaga agaaaaaata acattcatga    188340
     gacacaggga acaaggaact atactgaagc agaaagcaag caaatatgag gaaaacagca    188400
     aacattataa aaatcaacaa aatagccagg tggtggtggc tcacaccttt aaatcccagc    188460
     actcaggagg cagagacagg cagatctctc agtctgaggt ctacagagta agttttagga    188520
     cagccagggc tacacagaaa ccctgtcttg gaaaccaaaa gcaaaaacaa aacaaatgga    188580
     tgctgctgag aaaggcaagg agacttttgt tgagaagtgt gcccagtgcc acactgtggg    188640
     gaagggtgac aaccaaacac aaagcagagg gctcctccag ccaatgcttt cttttacaca    188700
     gtccccaaca agaacaaaag ggtcatctgt tgctatatag ggaactggtt acacagaaac    188760
     aagaaaagcg ctgtgcttga gaaagttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttttt tttttttaaa    188820
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct    188880
     caaactcaga aattcgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccat    188940
     catgcccagc ctgagaaagt tattttctaa aatacaatgt attgtagcac aaccaaattg    189000
     ttcacattac caaagcaaca tttccctgta tgttctcata tcccgggcac atattaagta    189060
     cttaaagaca acatgaaata cagtagattc ctggcaggct ccacatctca agatttgacc    189120
     aaccacaaca taaaaatact cacataaaat atctgtatct accatgtact gactttattt    189180
     tgtcattatt cagcataata ataattgaca tagagtttac attgttttag gaagtataag    189240
     taatctagaa ttatgtaaaa taaaggagga tatatgtaag tcacatgcaa atgctacaca    189300
     acttcatgaa aaggagctga gcgtaggtgt tgggtatgtg cagggacatg gtgtcctaag    189360
     ggcagtcttc tcagagacag acacatgtgt gcactcacta ttgccagaat aaaaagtaga    189420
     tggcctatgc acggaccaga aaagctccga gtccacctgc tactcctctc ttgacttttt    189480
     ttctcagcac actttgtttc ctttgtcctg ggggaagcac aggcacattt ctatagagag    189540
     cacaattgac tgactagact tcacaattaa ataagcccaa gcccattgct acaattaaca    189600
     ctattctaaa ctaaatgagt aaaagggatt ctaattttct taattaacaa agcaccttta    189660
     attaaaatca aatggaatta cattggaaaa gaaacaaaaa aaacctaaag aacagcatgt    189720
     gtgaagaaac cagccagcta aagggactgt gcttaccatt gagaaggaaa atacatttct    189780
     agtgcaggat ataatgaaag cccttatttg attatttttc aaaaataaat gtgataactc    189840
     agtggtctgg atagtctcta attaccagtt tgtttcccct cttccccact caaaaaacca    189900
     taagccaggc cacctgaagt ctgatttagc aggagctgga gcaggagctg gatagcttta    189960
     agagaatctg catagacact aaaaccacct gttatgtgat tagcgactcc agaggtgagc    190020
     agcactggct cgtgaataat caagatccag ttgaaaatga tttgtgagct tgaggccaga    190080
     gatggcacac atggtcttta ggaacaatgc atcgatatgg ttaagagatt aggacttatc    190140
     acctcccata ctggattgac tacacaaata acaggatagg aaaggtttgg tgtgcaccca    190200
     ctaaccttgg ctcctgctct ttgtgtctct atcattgcct gggagactgc agtcaaaact    190260
     gtccgactct gcccttttga gacaactgca aagacatgta gctgcttttt taaactctgt    190320
     atataactga aaacatcaaa atgttcacat gattctacct ctaaaagtga ttttagggtt    190380
     acctcagcaa actctgttaa ataaaagtaa aataagtgta tgaaaataca caatttacaa    190440
     agggaaattg aagctggact cacctgtcca ttttttccaa attccagctc tattatggca    190500
     acagggctgt gtatctgagt tgagtgccgt gactgagact tgccatcgac tctccagctc    190560
     aggccccgaa ggccgttgtc ccagcggctc tgcttcatga gactctctcg gatttttatc    190620
     ttgtggctct tccaaaactt ggagatgact gcagcttgct cactggtgat gccaccttgc    190680
     tttttggttt gagcagtcag gaatgcctct aactggttga aatccatgtc tgcagatgca    190740
     atagactata aagataaaag aaaaagcaat atatttgaac ttggtagata actagacaaa    190800
     gctagctgcc tagctacaga acatattttg attgaactta gtttcaccag gactcctctc    190860
     ggatagcctg ctgttgccct gtgtcatgga gatcctgaag ctgtgggtct gtaggaccgg    190920
     ccctgaatct gggcctaggt ggtagttaaa tggatcagac tgctagttct cccacacacc    190980
     accaccagag ctaactctct ggctggccag gcaaggctca gagccagctc ttcagtgatc    191040
     agtggggcca gctctccaga gccagctctc ccaggctgcc taggtaaggg gcaggggcag    191100
     gatcagctct cccatgtggg cagggcgcca ctgtgtggta gcaaatcaac accacctccg    191160
     gaggcatggt ctttggtgag tccagacatg accctgagca gcagcacagg catgagacat    191220
     caccatggtc tcagatggca atgcaggcct ctctcacatc aggctgttcc tcaccgccag    191280
     cctgtctcca gttctctctt catagtcaca aacttcttac cttctctgtc tctcccatct    191340
     ctgcaactac atacttgctc attgcaatgg cacctactgg gcccacactg ctagcctgtg    191400
     gtctgtggct gtcttcaatc cagcccatgc tgcacagcct agacatctat tacttctatt    191460
     gagtctcata ttctagtttc catttcacag acaacatggt cgtcagaagc actaagtttc    191520
     cataaaacca gagagccaaa gagtcctaac tgttgagcca tgtttctctg gctggttgtc    191580
     ctaagtgact gcacacagat atggacactg gcatcgctgc tgctgctgct gctgattaaa    191640
     aagtcaaact gattctttct accatcaatg atataaaaat gttaccaccc aaggattagc    191700
     tattaaagct ttatttatat cccttagaga gtgattttca tcttttcaag atttagctgt    191760
     tacaagtgag aaatatgtat tgttagacgt aagccaacta gtttagttta acaatttgca    191820
     ggaaagttga gaaggtggtg taaatcaaac cagtgtgcca aaactcgtaa cactgttatc    191880
     cataggcaaa aaggagccac caaatgctgg acacatggat aattatgatg caaagctaaa    191940
     tctgaggaca aaagtagctg aggcgaagtg ggaatcccag aagcttcctt ccttggccag    192000
     atgttgctgt aggtacacca aaccaggttg agggcagctg cagtcgcaca ggccaaggac    192060
     agctacagat ctactgttgt tgatgtctct attaatataa aagttgtgtg gacggattgg    192120
     tgagatggtt cagtggtgaa gatcactggc tgctgctgtt cttccagagg tcctgagttc    192180
     aattcccagc aactacatgg tggatcatga caatctgtga agggatctga tgccctcttc    192240
     tggcatgcag gtgtatatgc agagagagca ttcatacatt aaaaaaaaaa aagtaaaaaa    192300
     gaaaacaaaa atgataatga taaagtaaaa taaataaaaa tttaattttc tttttaaaat    192360
     tgtgtggcaa acacccaatc atcctgatag attatttcac attacagttg aacacattta    192420
     ctgcttaatt gccatattac atagaaatag aaatattact tttaagacta gcctgatggc    192480
     tcatgactat aatctcagca ctcaggacat aaagtcagga aaatagccaa gaataaatct    192540
     ggcctgttta tataagttct agggcaggta gagctccatg gcaagtcccc aaggagaggg    192600
     aatgattact gagcatgtta tactagaatt gagttaaata ttcctattag catcttcttt    192660
     tacgacactg aaactctgta ccatttctgc ctcattccac tctgggattt tactctggga    192720
     tgtgtgtggg gatgcgcccc tgtaccgaca gtctgaaagc agtagcagca cccacatcct    192780
     cagctcacca ggagttccat gacagcatgt cttattctga cataactctg tctagaacat    192840
     aaaagctatt ttggttgagt ttcaatcagt atcttgatct ggggtcaatc catccttttc    192900
     ttaacacaat tcaaacataa acggggaacc aacttagaat tgaatttaaa aagtcatgca    192960
     ttctcattta ataccagttt tttaattcaa gaaaggccca catcagcttc attgcagttt    193020
     tcttctcatt tttaaacata taaaaatgta aaaagcattc tcagctggga ggtacatgct    193080
     tttatcccag cattcaggag gccgaggcag gaagagacag cttggtctac agagtgagtt    193140
     ctaggcagtc aggactatac aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa caacgaaaca ctatctcgaa    193200
     aaacaaacaa gaggcaggca gatttctgag tccaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt    193260
     tccaggacaa ccctatacag aaaaactgtc tcgaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa    193320
     cagcaaagaa cgaaaacaga aataattctc ggcttatgaa ctatacaagg acaggaaaca    193380
     tggtcaagcc ctgctcaaga acataccaca gaataggctg acccaagtcc acgtgactgc    193440
     agtgtcctat gcacctgacc ctatacgaga aaactggttt ataacaacca cagcctagaa    193500
     attaactttg tttacttgag aaagtacctt agaacagttt tagtaaacac taagtttttc    193560
     agaaatgtga ctaaaatagc tttataaaca ggatgctgag catttggaag aagcattgct    193620
     gagtgtaaag tgtatgagct gccaaagcag ctcagctgta cagtaagtgc atttgctgct    193680
     atttgttcac agcgattcca catatatgta cgacaggaac acatactgac tgcttgaatg    193740
     gttacagctt acaaaatctc aggttactgt agcttttcat ttatttatgt catgctgatg    193800
     ttttaaaaaa tacaaactat attttgtgtg tgcatatgtg tggtaattgt gtacatgtgt    193860
     gggctgtgta tgtacatatg tgtgctgtgt gtgctttgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtacatgtg    193920
     tgtgtacatg tgtggtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gcatatgcat ggtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg    193980
     tgcaaatgtg tgctatgggt gtgcatatgt ggtggagggg gggagcgatc atgcatgtct    194040
     gtacataaat gtggaggcca gaggtcagtg ttagtgtctt ctttaatcat tttccatctt    194100
     ccttttgagc cataatatct cagtaatcct ggagattact gactaggtct gtgtgtcacc    194160
     attaccactt ccacactgga gtgagttaca catgcatgct gctgtgcctg gctttttaca    194220
     tggatgccgg gaaaccaaat tcagctcctc atgtgcgagt atcaggcact ttacaactga    194280
     gtcagttccc cagctccata tacttacata agaacttatt ataaggatat aaaatcagtc    194340
     gtaggaaaaa tgtttattat aaaaagtaaa caggggcttg acagatggct cagctgtaaa    194400
     gagccctggc tgccctagca gaggacccag ggttcaattc ccagccaccg atatggcagt    194460
     tcactgtgac ttcagtctca gggatccaac gccctccact ggcctccctg ggcaccaggc    194520
     atgcaaatgg tgcacagaca ctacatgcag gcaaaacaca cacatacata agagaaataa    194580
     taataaaact ttaagtgaat acaaacacag gctcagaact actatgtata tagtattcag    194640
     aactactcct ctctccagac ccccgtttac tttttatagt aaacgttttt ctaatttctg    194700
     agcatcaagc agaagctcaa cgttaaacca ggcatatctt cagtacctag gtgagcacaa    194760
     tgctcctgct tcccacactg agagcaagca gcactaacct gctcacaagt cccactgcta    194820
     cattcccaaa ggcagttcct ttctgtgcct ctgtgatact ggggctgcca gaaatgccct    194880
     tcacccacca ctcgcctcat tagcctcttc tacccagtca aacatgtttt tcccagtgtc    194940
     ttcttcccta gtaaggtaat tgcccctgtc actgtacttg cctcagaaca aggaagagac    195000
     ctgcttgcaa gtctctttaa cccattgatt ctactctgcg agagtaacac atctgacacc    195060
     attctctgac ataggattca aactgtaaca ggcagcctgt ctgaatgaca aggcaccaga    195120
     gcaaggtgtg cctgtattta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gcctctcaaa    195180
     ctgtaaaccc ccagctttta ttaaatttaa aatgaaacac aaactcgtaa acaaatgtat    195240
     aactgtgact cttagacatg taaacataaa taagaaaatc tttgggatct aagactacgc    195300
     aaagtgtctc ttgacaacaa ggcacaattc aaaaagaaaa actaacatac tcacactcat    195360
     caaaattagc tttttctggg gggagggtat gggggacttt tgggatagca ttggaaatgt    195420
     aaatgaagaa aatacctaat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaactcc cattaaaaaa aactagcttt    195480
     ttctctgagg aaggggcaag cttgcttcag cagcacatat acaaaccttg gaagaaagga    195540
     tgactgggct gagggacaca acataggacc agtgtccaag acatagaagt tttccacact    195600
     cagccagagc aggcaagata gtccagtgag acaagccagg tgacctgaat ttgatcacta    195660
     gagccaatac aaaacagaga gagaacaaac tccacagagc tgtctcctga gttcttcagg    195720
     cataccctgg catgtacaca ttgtgtgtga gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    195780
     gtgttttaat tgtatcgtgt gcagccgggt gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact    195840
     caggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctgatctac aaagtgagtt    195900
     ccaggacagc cagagctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaata aataaataaa    195960
     taaataaata aaataaaaaa ttgtatcttg tgcacatggg tgttttgttt gcatgtaaat    196020
     ctgtgcacca catgcatgct gtacccctga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaataaata    196080
     aataaataaa taaataaaat aaaaaattgt atcttgtgca catgggtgtt ttgtttgcat    196140
     gtaaatctgt gcaccacatg catgctgtac ccctaacccc agaggtcaga aagagcacca    196200
     cataccctgg aactagagtt acaggaagtt gttcacctcc atgtgggaaa cctcagttga    196260
     gaaaatgccc ccaccagact ggtctgtggc aagctttcag gcaatgttct tgaatggtga    196320
     ttggtgtgga tgggcccacc cagcccactg tgggtggggc tgcccctagg ctggtggtct    196380
     ggggtgtata aaaaagcaag ctgagcaagc catgagaaac aagttagtaa tgagcatttc    196440
     tccgtgacct cttcataagt tcctgccttg atttcctgcc ctgacttccc tgcatgatgg    196500
     actataagct gtaagatgaa agaaaccctt cccaagttga ttttggtcat ggtgtttatc    196560
     acagccatag taagtctaag aaatgcaaca tgaatttatg aaatgtcaca ataacactca    196620
     caactttgag aaagccatag gtaagctgtg gtatcttagg cattgttcgc gttgtaaata    196680
     cacattcatg gtagcctaca cccaagttat tctcaacctt tcacatgttt ggatataatc    196740
     aaacattgtt tacatgacca aatataaaat tctgtgacta tgtataacaa aaacaaatac    196800
     cataaagact tcaaaaatac cctggactct acctaaaatc aattcaaata tgaaatattt    196860
     caacagatcc acccagccct tcttttatca taacaccata gctaatgaga attaatccta    196920
     cacccaggtc gctctccttc cctctacttg ctttctacct gggaatcaca gttacagtta    196980
     taatacatgt atagtttcaa actacagaga tacttaaaca cataaaaatt cacatcttag    197040
     gcactcacaa ttagatccta ttcttgataa acattgccag tgttcaaaaa atattaaata    197100
     attattgcat acaatcagta gtctctaggt ctctaagaaa caagtcacca tatcgaaaat    197160
     taagaccaat tcacatgcta caaggccaga attgataaca aggtccatca aaggatgtaa    197220
     ggccatgaca actatctttg caaaagtagt agagcttctc tgggagacgg tctggcagct    197280
     tctcacaaag gtgaatgttc tgaccaccca ttcaaaccaa tgcttccctt ggcattcacc    197340
     caaattagtc gaaacttctc tccacatata acctgtacaa gcatgcttac agaaacttta    197400
     ttttcagtta ccaaaacttg caaggaacaa agatgtttta cctccagaga gtggaatgtg    197460
     tttgttcatt tgtttgttta agtttttgtt cttattattt gcacccaggc tttctactac    197520
     tgaactaaat ccccagctca caaacaatgg agtattattc agtgctaaaa agaaatgggt    197580
     tatggcatta aagactacag ggtatctatt actaattgaa aaaagaagtc tgaaaacact    197640
     acctcctgga tgattccaac tattaggaca ttctgggaaa ggtaaaagca gggacacaaa    197700
     aaagaaatca gtggctgtgt gtgtatgtga cagtacagct gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtga    197760
     cagtacagct gtgtgtgtga gagacactac agctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gacagtacag    197820
     ctgtgtgtgt ctctgtgtgt gtgtctctgt gtatgtgtgt gacagtacag ctgtgtgtgt    197880
     gtgagacagt acagctgtgt gtgtgtgaca gtacagctgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagccagt    197940
     acagctgtgt gtgtgtgtga cagtacagct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaca gtacagctgt    198000
     gtgtgtgtga cagtacagtt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacagt acagctgtgt gtgtgtgaca    198060
     gtacagttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaca gtacagctga ttaaggttgt gaagctactc    198120
     tgactacctg tcaaaatcca cagaacatac agtgccaagt gtaaatctta aagtgaacat    198180
     agactttggc caacaatctt agtttcaccc attttaataa atgtacaact tcagtgtgag    198240
     gtattgataa tgaaaaagat ctacactcgc agtaaagaag tctaaccaag catggtggcc    198300
     cacctcatta acactagcac gcaagcaaag gcagggagat ctctgtgggt tggttctagg    198360
     acaaccaggg ctgcataatg agaccctgtc tttaaaaaac aaaaagtcta tttactgttt    198420
     ttaataagta acagcaatgt gtttctgtga tcttattatg aagaaagaga ctccatcagt    198480
     tttcacgcta agaaacattt agtctcacac acacacacaa atttttagtc tttttttttt    198540
     tttttagtct tatttttaag gtaagcaagg cacaagttac ttccctagga tctgacctct    198600
     gtagtagagc caaaataaac aggagtgggc cagaaccaaa gctaagcaca gccatggctg    198660
     tgctgtttgc gtgctctttc tgtacaaaga acaattcaga ttcagaacaa gacttcagcc    198720
     ctcagcatga gcatccagtg catgctggtt atctaaacaa tgttaacctt gtgcgctgaa    198780
     gattctgtgg cagctcggag cagtgacaca cacctgagaa cacagcactc aggccagcct    198840
     atgctagaca gcaagttcca ggctagccta aacaacagag ctagacccta tctcaaaaaa    198900
     gtaaaataaa ataagtaaaa tctgaggggg gaggataaaa tatcttagag gtagtgtgct    198960
     tgcctagtaa gtgcaaacct ctgggtctgt tctctagtac tgaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa    199020
     aaaaggaggg ggattctgat tgttaatttt aacaagtaag cttaatgatt catttcttct    199080
     tcaaacctgt gctattgaaa caacttatca tcacagggga aaaggggctc caatgtacta    199140
     caaatggata tgtatgtcct actcacatcc aaattcctaa cttgaggatc tggggatcac    199200
     ctgagaggtg atcagtgtta gaagttatgc agacaggagc ttcctgatgg tattacaact    199260
     tttacaagtg tgtgtgtctt ttctacatca cacacagaga aataagttct actgtttaag    199320
     ccaagcagtc cattgttaca aaagcagggg taaactcaga tataggagaa actaaaagca    199380
     attacagcct acctcaatta gacacagatc taaactgact aatcaggcca acacttctgc    199440
     taagacttcc aaacacagcc atttgttttt aagtgaattt gccatcaaag agtagaaatt    199500
     cataatagga gaggaagaaa aagcaacgac aacaagtaac aacaagggag ctcatgattt    199560
     ggggctatga agatcaactt catcactcag gctaagcctc tcacatgcag ctctgctgtc    199620
     ccccgccccc agcggcactc acatgcctat catgttactc actggagacc tcagtaaatt    199680
     tatactgact catcctgatg cctgtaggcc actctacttt ttaactttat tattatcaat    199740
     gtggaggagg ggtgcatatg ccagagttga tctacggaag tcagaagaca tctttttttt    199800
     tttttaaaga tctatttatt tatttcattt atgtgaatac actgtggctg tcttcagaca    199860
     tgccactaga gggcatcgga tcccattaca gatggatgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg    199920
     gagttgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taacggctga accatctctc    199980
     cagccccaga agacatcttt taagaattag tccttcaggg gaaggggaga taggatagtg    200040
     ggtttccgaa ggggagacct ggaaaggggg aaacatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat    200100
     ccaagaaaaa aaagcaaaac aaaattaaaa aatggaaaaa aaaaaagaat tggtcctttc    200160
     tttccacctt gctgagaagg gtctctcttg tttctgcttt gttggatatt ccaggccagc    200220
     tggtccaggg gttctaggag acaagagtct ccatctccgt cttgctgtgg gagccctggt    200280
     attacagatg cacaccaaca cactttctgg ccttctacat gggtttgggg atagagcata    200340
     ggacatcaag gcttacacag caagtacttt tacctgctga gctttctcag tacttctacc    200400
     attttaattt tttaaaaaag tcattacaga gaagtggaga ggtggctcag caattaagag    200460
     tgcttactgc tcttgaagac cagagttcag ttcccagcag tcacatcagg cagctacctg    200520
     ttactccagt tcaagaactc tgacccccgg tggcctttat aggcaccagc acaaacatgg    200580
     tacacacact ctcttacaca catagttaaa tataaataaa taaacaaata aacccaaaca    200640
     cagtacattc tcttacacat atagttaaat ataaataaac ccttttttaa aatcactgtc    200700
     ttagttaagg ttttactgct gtgaacagac accatgacca aggcaactct tataaggaca    200760
     gtatttaact ggggctggct tacagattca gaagttcagc ccattatcat caaggcggaa    200820
     gcatggcagc acccaggcag gcatggttca ggcagagatg agagttctac atcttcatct    200880
     gaatgctact aggagaagac tggctcctag tagccacgtg gttaggagaa aggtctcatt    200940
     gcccacattg atgtggtggt ttaaatagga atgaacccca tagattcctg tgtttaaatg    201000
     cttggcccat agaaagtggc actattagga ggtgtggcct tgctccagta gatttggcct    201060
     tgttggagaa agtgtgtcac tatggaggca ggctttgagg tggagctaca ccagagacac    201120
     tcacagtctc cttctgctac ctgtagatcc agacaagtca gctccttctc tagcaccatg    201180
     tctgcctgca tgctgccatg cttcctgtta taacgataat gaataaaatc tctgcactgt    201240
     aagtcaatta tatgttttac tttacaagag ttgctatggt catggtgtct gttcccagtg    201300
     atggaaatcc taaataagac ggtcactatg tgccaggtat ggcagcagac tcttcattcc    201360
     agcacaggag gtaacagagt caggaggttc tttgtgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca    201420
     tattgagctt cagaacaacc agtactaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    201480
     cacacaaagt atatttttaa aaaatgagaa atggaggtta taaaaataac ttttattcac    201540
     ctgatataat tgtctcagag gcttactgtt gaataatctt atccttttta gttctttctg    201600
     aactctggct ggctagttca actctgccgt tctggctaaa actcctctcc aagttgactg    201660
     actcaatctg acttctctcg gcttctaact gaattgctct gtcatcaaac taactctggc    201720
     aatttattct aatcttctag ctccttccta ttgtctggct tctgctgcct ctgctgacct    201780
     acactgactg catgaactca ggaacaaact caagtccact gtgctgcact cactgcactg    201840
     acccctgacg gactcctctc cctgcactgc tcttaaatag cttctatttc ccgtgcgttc    201900
     tcacaggagt tgggaatatc ctatctctga ctcattccgt caaatctttc tctgattcac    201960
     cactttgcct ctcaattaga catcactttc aaacactagt gctgcttcct ctgcacacta    202020
     atcttatgtg cattgtttgg gattgaaggt gtggagtgca tctgcattct agccagagca    202080
     cacagaacta ggtctttgga tgttatccct tcccagagca gccatgttgc tggattaaaa    202140
     ttcttctaca ggaggcaaag aaagttgtaa aaaggctaat ttatattttt gctttcatct    202200
     ttatgtgcgt attcatattc actgtcagga tgctcccata tgtagccact ccttgaatat    202260
     acaggtacaa ggggcaagga aatagtctgt ctcactgatg ttcacaaagt ccagaggtat    202320
     acaatgatgt tgacttgaat acatggctat atttcatata aactaataat aatttgtttt    202380
     ctaaaatgca aaatatgctc tggataaaga aaggtaaatt taaagtcgta aatggtaatg    202440
     gcaggttctc tgttaagaaa tagtgtaggg ctagagaaga tggttcagcg tgtaagaacg    202500
     tggctgctct tacaaagaac caggttcaga tcccagcacc cacatgatgc ctcacaacca    202560
     tctagatcca agggaactga agctctctgt gggtaccagg catgaatacg gtacacagac    202620
     atacatgcag gcaaagtact catacacaca tagtaataaa aatgactttt taaagctagg    202680
     ccatggtggc acacaccttt gagtacaaca cttgggaggc agaggcagga ggatcactat    202740
     gagttccagg tcagccaggg ctgcacagag aaacaaaaac ctgagagaaa gaggggtgtg    202800
     ggtgtgtgtg tggggggggg gggattttac atagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaacatagat    202860
     agatagatca atagataggt aggtagatag atagataggc aggcagtcgt ataaataagc    202920
     aagcccaggc tgcagtctag gatgactttc atcttccaat cctcctcctc cttcctcccc    202980
     agttctagga ctgcagccgt gtacaagcac tgtgcctggc tatgcaaaat tctgtggaat    203040
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttttt aatgaaagaa ttagttgaaa caatttcttt ttctaatttt    203100
     taaatttgtt tatttcatgt gtatgaatgt tttgcctcaa ttggagacca gaaagacctc    203160
     tgatccccta aaactgcagt aacactgggt tgtgagtcac catttgtgtg ctgggaatca    203220
     accctggctc ttctagaaga gcaacaagca cttttctttt cctttctgtt tttctgtttt    203280
     tgtagaccag gctggctttg aactcagaga tccgcctgcc tctgcctctc aagtgctggg    203340
     attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ccgtctggct cccactcttt ttaattttat aattaaaaat    203400
     tctactatat taatttatcc atctgtatgt gacatgtact tgtcatccat gcatttgtaa    203460
     agcttgtgcc gccactgcca gcctgcaaaa agagctccta accactaaga catctcgcca    203520
     gacccattga aacaaatttt ttattaaaaa taattttaat ttcaaaatgc caagccaaat    203580
     gtttagatgt ttttatacac aaaattatta ctgttgaata gccagcaaaa gtattttctg    203640
     cctcgaacat tccagaataa ggaaacattt agacatcttt atgcagtcct gcagctatta    203700
     gcaaaccaat attctactgc cgcctacagt agaaaaataa aattacagct aaaacctaaa    203760
     cgtacgccca tattttacct caggactgtg tcatgccaag agactcgtgc aagatagttg    203820
     ctgcaagttc acatcctacc tgggctaccc gtggagtccc aggccaatct atattaaaga    203880
     ctgagactgt atcccaagta attaactcac aggttttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt    203940
     ttttagagac acagtttctc tgtatagcct ggctgttcgg acacttttac agaccatact    204000
     ggcctcaaac tcagagatct gcctacctct gcctcctgag tgctgggatt aaaggtgttc    204060
     accaccactg cctggatttg tttaattttc ttgtgtgtgg gggggtactc tttaaatcta    204120
     tttttactaa tgtttaatta cattatccaa accatattgt aagagtaaaa tctttctcta    204180
     taagagggac ccagacctta acacaactga ctccatgatg gaagtgccat tcaggccata    204240
     aaactcagca cacagacagc accacctgcc aaaaattaaa acaaagattt aatcagttaa    204300
     agcccataag ctatgggaaa gattctaaat gaactgacct tgcttctgac tagttctgct    204360
     tctggctaga tgttcttgtt aactgaaata tgtcaaccta ggatatggtt ttggtgctta    204420
     aaaggtcacc ctgagaaagg ctcagtgttg cactgcagtc ccaaacacac agtgtagtac    204480
     cagcagccta ataaagattt tctagctgag tgacagcatt gtagcccttt aatcccggca    204540
     ctcaggaagc agtgtaatca gtatagtatt tttttaaaag tctttacaca tgtaaaaata    204600
     gcttagtcag gacctccact acagccaaca ctgtgtctga tacccagaac ccagcaactt    204660
     cacacactca agagaacctg atacaggtat aaaccccatg atgcggactg ctctgcatat    204720
     ctggagtgat acctcctaga tgaaccctgt ggctggacag tctccccagg atcctgaccc    204780
     tcaaatcaga gacttctgta agactggacc tgacctccag ctaagataca tcacacaggt    204840
     gagcaccttg gggataaaga cttaggacca tatttagaaa tttaaagtgt gaaccttgta    204900
     tgatgaccct cagcataaaa tataactttt gctatacaca ggtatctacc ttctttcttg    204960
     tgacacagag gcaggcagag ctttcttctt agttagggtt ttactgctgt gaatagacac    205020
     catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaaggacaa catttaacta gggctggctt acagattcag    205080
     aggttcagtc cattaccatc aaggcaggaa cacggtagca cacaggcatg gtgcaggaag    205140
     agctgagagt ctgacatctt catctgaaag ctgctagaag actagcttcc aggcatctag    205200
     gatgtgggtc ttaaagccaa tgacacactt actccagcaa ggccacagct tctaacagtg    205260
     ccactcccta tacaaaccat cacattctac tccctggccc ctataggctt gtgcaagcat    205320
     aagagcctat ggggatcata cctaaacata gcatgatgca aggccagtct agtctacaga    205380
     gcaagttcca ggacagccac agctacacag taaaaccctt gtctctgaaa aaacaaacaa    205440
     acaaacaaac aaaaataaaa gatttttttc ttggcttaaa cacttgtctg agcagtcttc    205500
     tctggtgaat accccacaaa actacattac agaacaaatg aaaggaatgt gtttgcaaaa    205560
     aacaaaacac attcaatttt ttattccctt ggtttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag    205620
     ccctggctgt cctggaactc acactgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc    205680
     tgcctttgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgac accacaccag gcccacattc    205740
     aatatttaaa aaacaaaaca acaacaaaac caaaacccct tactttccac aagagtgagg    205800
     agctgaagcc agaaaaacgg tttacctggt aaagcccttg acaaacaaat ataagaactt    205860
     aatttctatt cccagcaccc acataaacaa gcccgggaag gtgagctgcc agcaccggca    205920
     tggaggggtg ccctgcagtg agacaagcct gccccggctc agggctgagc attcttactg    205980
     caggagcact cccactgcag ggggcggaga caaaaaaagc agtaaatcgt actgcgcagg    206040
     cctgcctttc ccggagtaaa gacgtaactg cagattacag ggtaactgcg cagatcagac    206100
     atactgcgga taactgcaga tacctggatg actgcgcagg cggaccgtac tgcagataac    206160
     cacccgcaac tgcgcaggcc ggtcggtaag gcagataacc actgttccag ctgtaccatg    206220
     gataaccggg taactacgta ggctgatcat actacggata accaggtaac tgcgcaggcc    206280
     ggccatgcca cggaggctgg ccttaaagcg gataaccggg taactgcaca ggccagctgt    206340
     gccatgcata accagtaact gcataggctg gccgtaccac agataaccac ggatacctgg    206400
     gtaactgcgc aggcaggccg tactgcggat agccaggtaa ctgcgcaggc tggctgtacc    206460
     acggataatc gcggataatt ggtaactgcg gccgccccac agataattgg gtaactgcgc    206520
     aggcaggcca taccacggat aactggatag acggataact gcgcaagccg gccataccgg    206580
     cccggccggg taactgcatg ggcaggccta tgtactgcgg ataaacggat aaccgggtga    206640
     ctgcccaggc aggccgtact gcggataact ggataatcgg gtaactgcgc agaccatccg    206700
     tacctccgaa aactgggtaa ctgcgcaggc ctaccacgga taagtgggta actgcgtggg    206760
     ataactggat aatcgggtca ctgcgcaggc aggctgtgcc acggataacc ggacaaccgg    206820
     gtaactgcac ggataggctt tatcacgggt aactggataa ccgggtaatt gcgcaggctg    206880
     gcagtaccac ggataaccgg ataactgcgc aggcaggcct acgtactgcg gataaccgag    206940
     tgactgcgca ggtaggcggt acagcccaca ttccaacgca aacactggcc ttcgactgcg    207000
     catgcgcaca ttcaactact ggttgctgca ttgcgcaaac acgccggtga ctcagctggt    207060
     tcaagctttc taggctggtg gaaaggaaag tcaactgggc tgaatggtgc caccctgaag    207120
     ttgctgtcca ggaaggtaac gaacattaaa cagcagaaca acttagcagc gggcgacatt    207180
     ttcaatccac agcgtgagaa aaagagatta tcgcgagatc cgggaagagc cccccccccc    207240
     cccccccccc cccccccccc cccccccgct ctgcggtaaa atggcatcac ggcagaccgc    207300
     gattcctgag aaactcagcc gaaaacaata caaggcggca atgaagaagg agaaacgcaa    207360
     gaaacgtcgg cagaaaatgg ctcggctgag agctctggaa gccccaccag aggaggacga    207420
     tgatgtttct gctaacgaag aacttgcaga gcgattactg gagatagagc ggcaaagatt    207480
     acatgaagag tggctgctga gggaggagaa ggcgcaagaa gaattcagaa taaagaagaa    207540
     aaaggaagag gccgctagaa aacagaagga agaacaggag agacaaataa aggccgagtg    207600
     ggaagaacaa cagaaaaaac agagagagga ggaggagcag aagctacagg agaagagaga    207660
     gagggaggaa gcggtgcaga aaatgctgga ccaggctgaa aatgagcgca tttggcagaa    207720
     cccggaacca cccaaggatt taaggctgga gaaatatcga cccagttgtc ccttctacaa    207780
     taaaacggga gcgtgcagat ttggtaacag atgttcacgg aaacacgact ttcccacgtc    207840
     aagtcccacc cttcttgtga agagtatgtt tacaacgttt ggaatggagc agtgcagaag    207900
     ggatgactat gactcagacg caaacctgga gtacagtgag gaggagacct accagcagtt    207960
     cttggatttc taccatgacg tgctgccgga gttcaagaac gtgggaaagg tgattcagtt    208020
     caaagtaagc tgcaacctgg aacctcatct gcggggcaat gtgtatgttc agtaccagtc    208080
     ggaagaagaa tgccaagcag ccctctctct ctttaatgga agatggtacg caggacgaca    208140
     gctccagtgt gaattctgtc cagtgacccg gtggaaggtt gcaatttgtg gtttattcga    208200
     aatgcaaaag tgtccaaaag gaaagcactg caacttcctt catgtgttca gaaatcccaa    208260
     caacgaattt agagaagcta acagagacat ctacatgtct cctccggctt ggactggctc    208320
     ctctggtaaa aactcagaca ggagggaaag gaaggaccat catgaggaat actatagcaa    208380
     gtcaagaagc taccactctg gttcatacca ctcctccaag agaaacaggg agtccgagag    208440
     gaagagtcct cacaggtgga agaaatctca caaacagaca acgaagagtc atgagaggca    208500
     cagttcaaga agaggaagag aagaggacag cagtccaggt ccacaaagcc agagccacag    208560
     aacctgagcc cagctaaggc agcaccactt ggacccaaga ctgatatcag gcttggcaag    208620
     ggagttcatt ttacaaatga acaaaacttc attacagaat aaaaacctaa cacagtatcc    208680
     ttcagattcc ccaaaatatt caaaacgaaa ctgattacaa aggaaaggca tggtgactcc    208740
     atctaattcc caaccaagtt acaaaacctt gtggctttaa gaaacagaaa caggtattca    208800
     gtatttcttt gtctgttata atgcttataa tgctgttata atgcttagta tcatgttatt    208860
     gatgttattt tccatacagt ttaagctggc ttcccatgtt gttttcctgt aataacttta    208920
     cattgtgatg ctttgtcatt aatatattta ttaacatcgt ttttatattg tctgaatctg    208980
     ttttacaaag aacacataag agtacagaaa cactaatgct ccttgttttt atagaaaggc    209040
     tctcactatg tatccctggc tggcttggaa cttgctatat agactaacta ggctggcctt    209100
     ggattcacaa agatttgccc atatcagctc ctggggtcac agaaatatac cacctcccaa    209160
     atccaatggt cagatttttt ttaaagcctt ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgcac    209220
     aaatgctgta acccctgaac catctttcta gctcataatg atattttctt aatcataggt    209280
     ctcatagtct tgagaacaaa ttagtgaaaa ttttaggttc tctactaagt aaccaactta    209340
     atataattta cacatattat ttccaaatac aacattgtaa atttaagaat aaatgtttga    209400
     ggtaagagag ttatctttat gtaaatgttc agattttaaa tactataggc tcttaatatc    209460
     aaacatctgt cacagctact gttactattt tgccaacagc tgctaaagat aggaagcaaa    209520
     tgaatgaaca tgttaccatg ttttggcaaa gcagtattta tcaaatcatg aacaatgagg    209580
     agtgtaactg agctgcagag cacttgccag tatgctcatc tcatgcctgt gggtctaatg    209640
     acccccagta acagcaaaca atgaaaacag taagggtgcg aatacagtga ggggcagaat    209700
     gggagcccca ggccacatca gtcctgcagc cagaatgcct gacttggact tggagtatca    209760
     gattttctcc acactggaat tgtactttta cattgcccaa gctagctcta aactgtctca    209820
     gcttcccaat agctaggaca caggcatatg ccactgtgcc caactatgct gaccttttca    209880
     atgcaactgg cacatttaag cactacccat tcattcaaat gttctacaga tctttaccaa    209940
     gtgcctatcg catgccagaa ataagtatta agggtagggg gaaaaaaaaa gtttgccttt    210000
     tttacaaatg aacaagctag taagaacagt ataaaaactc aggtaatatt attaattctt    210060
     caaagcaaat tataaatgtg agcagaaaga attatataaa aattagacag tgtgctgtga    210120
     ctggtggtac atacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggatc tctgtaaatt tgtggccagt    210180
     ctgatctcat agtgagttcc aggcacatag tgacactata tttttaaaaa ccaattaata    210240
     gaagctggag agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactagcta catataccat aactactttg    210300
     ttaattttac agctccttgg gcagtaccca gaaatcaaaa ctagagtggg ggacagcaag    210360
     atagttcatc ggataaaggt gcaagtgcca agcctgaaga tgcgggtttg atccttggaa    210420
     cctacatggt agaaggaaaa cattgactcc tataattcca acatccacgt gtgcaccatg    210480
     gtgtactagt gtgaatgaat gggttgcttc atatagccat aagcagatta aatgtttgcg    210540
     cttttgtgat taacaggtaa tagagtacta atgtcccaaa caaggaaagt ggaggactcc    210600
     gttgtacata gaaaagagca ttcagtacaa atgtcaggga aacagacata acatttggga    210660
     acaacgtgaa agtcaggttc ctgaaacacc ctgcacaaca aatagccagg tagttggcaa    210720
     taagagaact ggtacctggg ctcaggcttg ggtttagctc agcatcataa ccttacctag    210780
     caagcactag atcctgggtt tgctccacag cacatcaaaa ccaggggcct gttaatgaga    210840
     atacccactg tattctctag gaattc                                         210866