ID   AL772303; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 202001 BP.
AC   AL772303;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-185P20 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-202001
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0019782d2f484d8a95cd1af892372c41.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456090.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026723; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026728; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025356; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025357; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025358; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025333; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025334; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025335; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025302; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025303; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025304; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025329; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025330; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025331; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025089; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025090; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025091; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025771; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025772; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0025773; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024552; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024553; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024554; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025068; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025069; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025070; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025200; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025201; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025202; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025162; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025163; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025164; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025286; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025287; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025288; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025194; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025195; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025196; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0025829; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0025830; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0025831; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024303; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024304; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024305; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024622; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024623; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024624; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772303.11:1-202001; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141365; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144957; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000193675; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0052647; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0052650; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0052656; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0052653; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0052656; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0052662; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0052602; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0052605; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0052611; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0052600; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0052603; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0052609; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0052333; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0052336; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0052342; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0053085; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0053088; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0053094; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0052491; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0052494; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0052501; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0052279; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0052282; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0052288; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0052380; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0052383; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0052389; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0052340; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0052343; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0052349; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0052499; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0052502; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0052508; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0052333; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0052336; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0052342; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0053219; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0053222; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0053228; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0052103; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0052106; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0052113; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0051614; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0051617; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0051623; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR001525; C5_MeTfrase.
DR   InterPro; IPR001664; IF.
DR   InterPro; IPR006821; Intermed_filament_DNA-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR018039; Intermediate_filament_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027699; Vimentin.
DR   InterPro; IPR029063; SAM-dependent_MTases.
DR   MGI; MGI:1274787; Trdmt1.
DR   MGI; MGI:98932; Vim.
DR   RFAM; RF00109; Vimentin3.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-185P20 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..202001
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-185P20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    18690..18794
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-14I24
FT                   (AL773538) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_19082, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    30528..30534
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-14I24
FT                   (AL773538) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_77171, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    46542..46627
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-14I24
FT                   (AL773538) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_77171, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    48021..48359
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-14I24
FT                   (AL773538) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_77171, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    65295..65318
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_77171, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    82874..83004
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    91786..91863
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_185853, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    119411..119464
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_213367, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    121638..121692
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_213367, version 2."
FT   unsure          131662..131662
FT   misc_feature    149309..149328
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_19083, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 202001 BP; 61073 A; 40920 C; 40164 G; 59844 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacagtcat ctctaatggg atccgatgcc        60
     ctcttctggt gtgtgtctga agacagctgc aatgtactca tataaataat aaataaatct       120
     ttaaaaggac agatggatcc tgctgcaatg ataatgaaat gtgttcagaa aaagacacca       180
     aattttatga atgctttcag atgtagtgtt cctctttcca aaacaggttc attaaataat       240
     agcaataaaa tctttacttg taatactagt gcatttctga aaggaaggcc actttagtca       300
     cattacaagc atccttcaga tatgcttctg atcaatttgc tcacgtttta tttatagcta       360
     tgaagcctgt acttacaaga caatggtttt cctatcttgt agcatagaac tgacaaacaa       420
     tggaaacttc cagctggcta cttctatccc atccttccct gtgaaagtat tttatacact       480
     atatctacag caatttgatg tcccctgagg actataccag gtggcatgct aatctcttgt       540
     ctgaagtcat ttatcagtgt cagctgagtc cctttcatcc tttatccaca ttttccttca       600
     tcatctgttc actttataag tacaatatgt tccttcattc agcaattgta ccatttacat       660
     ggcagtcatt gtcgtattca acaatgaaca agctcagtga agtgtctgct tgtgaaatct       720
     atacactagt cactagtgat tttcctcttg ttagctagat aaatgaactg agtactctga       780
     ttttatctat agctttttga ctaaggagtt ccacctatat gtgatgtttc agctcaaccg       840
     cagatgataa cagacttctc tggcaggctt tctgggaaaa gctgcctttt tcaaggccac       900
     cctggtacac agccagaatt gtatcaacgt gtctgaaggg agctgcagtc aaggtcttgc       960
     tgccttggac aatcatgctc ttagcacagc tatcttcccg gtctcagagt gtccattcat      1020
     tctaaatgaa cccatttctc catccagaaa ttttgcctat cagaagtcac ctgctactgc      1080
     ctgctagagc cgagggaaga gactgaagga caatcctccc cacaatatct cagtatatag      1140
     cacacttcca gtcctgggcc tcccactcac cctggcctca cgccactgct ccctaagcag      1200
     ggaaacagcc tccacctgac tcaaggtaaa tccgttcagg gtctccttag aacctggctg      1260
     atactttctg acctaacctg tatacgttaa ctgaaaaggt cagactcata gaggcagaat      1320
     gaactggttg aaaacagtag ttgaagagta cccagcttca ggtaaggccc aggagtgagt      1380
     ccaggcaatc tattacacag catggtgatg gacactgtac ctgaaactgc ccagcaggct      1440
     cacacaaagt aggaatgtag gggaggaata tgccagtctg ctcagtttaa ccattttgct      1500
     gcatcatatg tgaatatata aaaatcacat gccataaata gatataaaag atactcttcc      1560
     atggtcctta caaacacaca cattaacaaa ctgacccttg tttaagtgag ctggaggtgc      1620
     cttccccggc catttccctg tgtccaataa tttcatggtt accattagct attacaacta      1680
     gcaaggaaca taattaaagt ttgagtcctc agccatctcc tggtgcacat ctgggatctc      1740
     aaccgtccca aacacacaga gttcctcacc gtttctcttc aagagtagag cagaagaata      1800
     ccgaattgtt ggaactaaaa cagtcagtgg atactatatc gagaattagt tgatttgggt      1860
     tgtatctggt tagatgtgct ttaaaatatt tacattaaat taaaatttta ataaaaattt      1920
     taataaaata ctcagggatg ccacttgcta ttttacagaa attttggaac ctaaacatac      1980
     ctaagtttgg agctggatta atccagaatt atgtagtttg ggtattcttt ctgtgaacat      2040
     attcatactg ataccttcac gacgaggagg ctatactgac tggccatgat gcttctgaaa      2100
     tgcagttatt atcacacttg gcactataat caaggccaca gttttgtagc tagagagagg      2160
     tcattggcct taggtgagaa cctagtactc tgcttaactg actcttggtg cgttgtttac      2220
     ccatagtagt gcgtctctcg agcctcatca gagaagctgc tttttgcagt agacagagat      2280
     taacagagac ccataaccag tcatggggca gagaatgaga ctgtgctgtg cggtgctgtg      2340
     ctgtgctgtg ctgtgctgtg ctcagcctta aattggaaac ctgcatatat ctgtctccgt      2400
     ctccctccct cccccagggg ccatggattc ctttagtgga ggtggcagaa aggttgagag      2460
     agccaggcaa tggatgacta caatgaagca atgtttctag acacaacagg gcagctgtgc      2520
     atatgaacca tagttgcaca tataaactca cagcagtggt aacagcatac acaggacttg      2580
     caaagctcag ggcagacaaa accctagcat ggagggagct aggcgccaag agccactcca      2640
     aactgagtgg ctactggtaa ctagtaacta atggcttgga gtgggtgggt tagttttctt      2700
     taagcatgtg gctcctgata gatttaccct gatccagtga ggggccacct atccaagagt      2760
     acaaaggagg cacaaattat acttgatgag gtgtttcttt aactaggaca cacagctggg      2820
     ctactgtgga aggaagtcaa tgcaggagga attaggggag gggtgaatat actcacagta      2880
     tatgagattc tcaaaggata aaagtatttt taaaaaatga catggctcct ccctataatg      2940
     tgcatggtgg gtgacatgtg ctctcagtga taagtgttct tcagttataa gcactgccgg      3000
     ccacttctac acactgaatc acagggtcgg acattttata caggttccaa gttttttcaa      3060
     ctaatagttt taaatatttt gtttttcttt ttaattctgt acatgtatgt ttgttggggg      3120
     taggtgctca tgggtgccga ggctgcagag tccataaggt gtgtcaggac atctggagct      3180
     ggagttacac gcaattgtga tcctgagagc tgatgtcgca tcctctggaa ggagagtgtg      3240
     aaggcttaac tgctgagcaa tctctctgac actcagggtt tggttttttt tttttggggg      3300
     ggggggcttg atgggagaag ggagcatacg taactgtgac gtgttcatgt aattaaatta      3360
     tacttagggg taaaaggaaa ccaagtcctg agtaacactg cagtgtgagc aaaccttggg      3420
     aaaagtatgc taaatgaaga tggtagaaaa agctcacatc tgattgttca tgtcaagttt      3480
     ccagagcagt caaatccata cagacaaaaa gtaggtcatg gttgttaagc tagaagtgaa      3540
     taggaatggg gagtggctgt taacagtctg ctattacatt ttagcattgg aaatattctg      3600
     gaatcagaaa atgttgatac acagacaact ttgtaaaaat actaaaatcc acaaaatata      3660
     tgttttaaag gtaggctata tggaacttta aggtaggtta tatagtatat aaagtatatc      3720
     tcaatttaaa atttgcatct ttctatattt gagtacaagt tctaaggacg aaccttcata      3780
     caaaaacaaa acaaaacaag acaaccccag aaatccttaa aagctatatt aaatacaagt      3840
     aaaagtaata gctacttttc ctcctcctac tatagtagac ttcagttagt gcagaccacc      3900
     attgctggga agagactgaa aaattaaagt gcaaccgtat gaccgccaca gctttctgct      3960
     aagtaatcat aattagacgg cagtgaaggg agggaactcc caaataggac caaggaaact      4020
     tcataagtgc agaggaaaca gtcgttccgg gaaggagata aggggactgg agtgtgtcat      4080
     gggatgaagg aggctaccta tctgcacagc tgtcccacag ggtctctggg aatcagtctg      4140
     tgcacacagc agtcaaaata tcaaaagatg gagcgataag caagtgccag ggaaagcaca      4200
     attgctgaga agatgcaatt tcacactttt cacaaggtca ggatcacttg gtaccaagca      4260
     gagggaccta tgtacgtatg gtgataatcc aacagggaat ttatagtgtc tgaattcagt      4320
     atgtattaaa aactctaact atcaggccgg gcgtggtggc gcactccttt aatcccagca      4380
     ctcgggaggc agaggcagga ggatttctga tttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag      4440
     ttccaggaca gccagggata tacagagaag ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa ccaaaatcaa      4500
     aaccaaacaa acaaaaaaaa acctctaact atcaaagaga catattgttg atgtgagaac      4560
     tgacttttgt ataccactga gaaaagagcc cagaaataca cccatgaata cgcgatctat      4620
     ttcttgtaac attccaagga aactgagtag gagaatactg tcttagtgaa taatcaactt      4680
     tacgttccct tgagaggaaa aggggttgga actcattcgg cagactctac acaatcagta      4740
     actctgaatg gatcgtagat tcaaatggaa aagtaaacct acaaatttag aaaaacaaaa      4800
     aacaaaaaac aaaaaccaga aaaatttgga gaatgaaagg gtttcataca gtacactgaa      4860
     aaatgttctc atgtcgggga gaaaaatcct gtaatttcta caccttgatg gaaacagcta      4920
     aagaaataca aagacaagct atagaattag agaaaacact tgttatgcat atttctgagc      4980
     aaataagttt aatccagaaa ccatacataa ttcacatagc taagcaatac aaactgcaca      5040
     cacttggcct gagtgccact tcatggcatg taacttatgg cttcacgagg actctatgca      5100
     aaaatttcac aataagaaag tgaagggcca gatgtagtgg cgcatgcctt taatcctagc      5160
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga      5220
     gttccaggac aggatataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      5280
     aaaagaaaaa aaaatgaagg ccaattttca caagaaacat tggtctttga tgtgtttccc      5340
     tttccttccc tacggataaa cagctaggaa tggaatcact ggaccacata acacttatct      5400
     tcaaagctgt gagatgacaa gtgtttcttc caaaatgttt ctatttcaca tgacctccat      5460
     caatgtctct gagaaaattc ccataccagc caacacttgc ttctgctagt attccacaat      5520
     aataacgtgg gtcacttgtc cttaagcttc aagttcaatc ctcagaaggc acagggagga      5580
     aataagacaa ctacaaactg tcctctgacc tacataccac accacaccac actataccac      5640
     acacaccaca catacaccac tgtatgcaca gtttgtcgct gtctcacaca cacatacaca      5700
     cacacacaca cacacaccac attacaagaa acagggtgtt tatttcatat tctttttact      5760
     tatttatttt tattgaaaat aatttttcat acagtttatt gtgatcatgg ttttcttttc      5820
     ctcatctcat ttcgatcctc ccaacctttc tacccagcca aatctatcta tctatctatc      5880
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatctt ctttctcttt aggaaacaaa ccaggacaat      5940
     gataaaagtt tttttaaaaa atggataaaa cagaacagag gaaaaaaaaa aagaatggaa      6000
     agaaaaagca caagaaatac agatacagca cacatacaaa ccccataaaa acaaaagctg      6060
     ggaactatga tatgtgagca aaagacaagt aaggtttcaa aagaagccca accaaagcaa      6120
     tataggacaa aatgtcaaaa ctgtgaccga gttcattttg tattggccat ctttgcccat      6180
     aatctttgaa acgggccacg gtaggtgcag ggagtcaact ctggcaagtt tgctaatgag      6240
     cattcgagaa gaaacagcca ttgagccttc cttgctgttg ccagctgctg taagtactac      6300
     ataactactg agtgtgaccc actgacgctt acatcaccac agaaccaagc atctaagggc      6360
     agcatgctcc caacttgtca atcttttctt tcagaccttg ctctttaagt gaaaaaagta      6420
     aagaactgat tgtgtcttct gatagaatgt aaaaggtcaa ttcttcttct acactttcat      6480
     ctgcattatt tattttccag gtaagccata agaactggta tttaggaatt gttagaaata      6540
     tgcattttca acgctttaaa tatattaaaa taataacata tacttacttc aattgtcttt      6600
     gacagtaagt gagtatgagg aaaattatgc ttgtatactt cattagcaac agtattcaca      6660
     tcaatagcag ccaccacatg tgcagggata tgactttctg taatgacaga aaatatcttc      6720
     agaggtcttc agtatcagcc catcatcaaa aaaagccaaa acagcagaat ccagcagtgt      6780
     gctgactcct cctcagctgc ccagctggat ctcagagcat aaggacgact gaggcacaca      6840
     gcaaaggttt tcagtactac ttctagttcg tctctctggc agcattccga gtactaagaa      6900
     taagactttg actttctttt tcttttcttt ctttctttct gtccccatta attagtttat      6960
     tcacttcaca tagctcctct cccatcccct tccccttttc ctctgataaa gggaaccctc      7020
     ccccacaacc ccataccaac ctaccctggc acctcaaatc actgcaggac caggcacatg      7080
     ttcccccact gaggctcaat aagtcagccc agttagtgga acaggatcca caggcaggaa      7140
     acagagtcag ggacagccct caccccaggt gttggggaac ctgcatgaag accaagccgc      7200
     acatctgcta catatatgcg gagaggctta ggtccagtcc atgtatgttc tttggttgat      7260
     ggttcagttt ctgggggtcc ctaagggtcc atgctagttg attctgttgg tcttcctatg      7320
     gggtccctgt cccctccaag tacctcagtc cttcccttaa ctcttccata agactcccaa      7380
     gttctgtcta atgtctcact gtgggtctct ccatctgttt cagtcagctg ctgggtggag      7440
     cctctcaaaa cttcaacttt tttaagttgt cttaggagat tgctttcctt tcttattaag      7500
     ttacatgctt aggccaaaaa cagttttcca aattaaataa aaaccaagaa cacataaaac      7560
     actctaaaag ccctactatt cagaagttca taagtaaatt acaatgtgtt ctcaccttcc      7620
     tatgttaaaa aaagctggtt caaaatacca cggaaaatgt tactatgttt attttgtagt      7680
     aacagtttaa tgagatacaa tttacacaca aaagaatcag cctgtccaga gttcaatgtt      7740
     taaatgaagt aaatgcatta gtgtccaaat ataaaaggtt caaagtctac aaacttacat      7800
     ttctgacaga gttgaagagg acagagagaa gaggcgcatg tgaaggttcg ccttgctgct      7860
     aaggaaacac gttttcaaag aatcttaacg tatttttggt tgtaataaaa gttagaactc      7920
     tgcaaatatg gctgttgctg tacctcatga ctaccaacct gttacctcaa aatgtacaaa      7980
     atcagttatg cacagacact gttcaaactc tggaagaaac atagggaatt ttaaacataa      8040
     aaacatctga aacttaagaa aatcactggt taacacaaga ttacacagta gatcccaaac      8100
     agctctcact atagtaggca attgttgatt aacaaccagc tttccttggt ctagacattt      8160
     aaagagaagg aaaatcaggg tctaaggagc taaactcaca aagcaggcac ctgcacagac      8220
     cataggacaa aggcagagaa agacttacat gctcagaaag ccgctgctac cgtacactaa      8280
     gtcctaggaa agatacgttc atgaaaaaag agggacttaa atgtctccaa gtgaatattc      8340
     cctgtctgat agccccgagt cactcagcta tccccacagg cacttcctgt ctgtggaaaa      8400
     gaactgtcct ctgtgcattt cacgtgggac tagactactt aataccacgt ggctgcctct      8460
     ggctgaattg aaacttaata actagtttct tgatttagaa tatttgaggt tataaattat      8520
     atctttgttt aaaaagcatg aaagacctca aaacctaaaa cacaaagacc tttaagccaa      8580
     aaggtataca aagattaatt tttaaaaatc acaaaacgta ttaattgaag ccactagtca      8640
     ctctgagaac tcagaatttg gctttgataa atatgtaaac tgcagtcttt ctggtacagc      8700
     ctgcttgctg ctctccacag agacaggcag ggtgcccggg agtgcttact gtgactttca      8760
     tcttttttca ggttgactga aaatctaatc aagtgctaaa tctagatcat aatcaataat      8820
     taattttatg ttcttgtatt atatgcctgg aggacacaaa acctgacaaa acacaatggc      8880
     caaatgaggg tttcatctgg ggattcaaac cctgatgaac tgattctcag ggagcaatgg      8940
     agctttagaa tcaataagta agtgcactgt cctcatggac tgatgcacag atttacactg      9000
     ttataaagtt agaacctact gcattaccag aagaagtcat ttccattagg taaacgcacg      9060
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatata      9120
     tatatataga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa ggtgaaattc agtgttaagc      9180
     tgacatttca cagtttgcta tttggatgag gatgctcacc cagtaccaaa acattactaa      9240
     cttcaacttg attttcaaac aatgtttagg tatagctatg cttctaagag gaaatcaaac      9300
     tcatagataa cagtgggaaa agctttgaat ggcagagaca agtttttaaa atgtgaagct      9360
     gaacatgtca aggtagacag aatgcactag aattttgccc atgtgacctc cttcacctga      9420
     gacacaagag taattctcga agcagcaaga accgggaaag gaacctagca ggattttgga      9480
     agtagtagga gggacgtgct ttttggcctc tgatccagtg ctgggtctgg attttacctg      9540
     caattttttc agtccatatt ctggacctca tatttattac caggaaacac ttctgttgtt      9600
     tttaagagga gacagtgagg tcagagaaac acaatgcaca cagttgcaaa ggctgtctgg      9660
     cggggtctac atggaaatga gaactccatg ctaccatttc tgaggactaa cgtctacaag      9720
     gcaagtttac ctttgagcag cagtcatttc cttgcttttc tgcccgctgc ttatgaagac      9780
     actacaggga agaactcagc tggcagcaga agttacaatt tcattctcta cccagcctaa      9840
     taaataaact ttttatgcat agttactaag taggagaaat accaataatt ttttacgtaa      9900
     aatggcaaat tcattcaagc agttcatggt gaaataaaca gctcttaaaa acttttgtct      9960
     ttcttttttt attagatatt ttcttcattt acatttcaaa tgctatcccc tttcctagtt     10020
     tcctctccaa aagtccccta taccctcccc ctgccctgct ccccaaccta cccacttctt     10080
     tatcatctac tttctgagct ggcccatata aaggctgggt aaatatttga atgacctcat     10140
     actcacacct gagacatttt accaggtaag tatgttaaca gtgacctcta gttgtgaaac     10200
     agtagatcag tgagtatatc aaaggtctat tctttcattc agagtaacag cctaactggg     10260
     agtaaaaaca ctaaatacaa gtgacctgta aagattttta atgtaaaata tttgataact     10320
     gggaccactg agacaggtaa aggcatctct gctaactgag cctaacaata tacacttgac     10380
     ctcagggacc gcgcagtggg aagaattgac ccaccactgg aacgaacatg aaggatgtgg     10440
     cacatgcacc ccccaaatat gtacatacat acatatatat gtacatacat acattcacac     10500
     acatatgtgt ataaaatcac ttttaaatgt tcctattcct attagcaagt atgcttcctg     10560
     gcgtttctta aaagttgttt acatctagat attgctaaga aatgattttg acacataaaa     10620
     tgaaaacttg ccttccaccc ctcaatgatc catttagtgt cctctgaaag tgttgcaagt     10680
     ttagctaata gtcaaccatg tttactttgg gtcaagacac ttgccagagt actgctccca     10740
     acaccccact tagtacagta ggctctgcat gagtatgctg agatctgtga actgagatct     10800
     aattattccc ttgacacttc atcttagaac tgaaacattg ttttcaacaa aatatagaaa     10860
     gacatagcag atgcagagaa gtgacacaag agagagatat gacaagttac tgagtgaaaa     10920
     ggaactcatg agggaagcat aaaaggtaaa gttgtcacat caggaaatac agttcaaaaa     10980
     agaacagatg aattttgaag gggacttcag aaaggaaatt gaggcacaag aactgttttt     11040
     ctaggaagag ttgccaggaa gcagccacta cagtgccttt caatacagct gccttcaagc     11100
     agcctcctgt ctgctacagc gccccctaca gcgccccctc tccacacagg gcttcctgtc     11160
     tgctcctcag tctacactca agcttccctc agatcagcag agaaaggcca tttgagagtc     11220
     acttttgcca gggccacaga gtgaggcaga cattaccctt ggtccttaga cataacctgg     11280
     agggttaagg agtgttgatt tcccagggca agcactgccc taaaaactgt gtttctcaat     11340
     agaggtgctg aaattaagaa ctaagctata gcagctcctc cgcggatggg gctccatgat     11400
     ggccaacagc agggagattc catatttgca tggtctgaca tgatacactt agcctgtggc     11460
     cagcacaact gaggaactga atttctaact ccatcttaat ttaaatctaa atagctgcat     11520
     gtggctggtg gcatctgtgc tgagcttata gtcacccggc tcatcaatac aagtcccagt     11580
     cccagtcagc actgtacagt ggggaaacag tggaagagaa cctcatgttg aaatcctcac     11640
     aagctacaga gcattgggaa atgtactcat cctcgtgact tcaacttcct cattaatgaa     11700
     atggatatgt aaaatagttc ccataaaggg ctcctatgaa aaataaatga agtcaataaa     11760
     atatctagca acaggagata ctcagtaatt attaaaattt ccactcacta cttagcattt     11820
     atctgaaata ctgtaagtta caacaaaatg gtgatggtgg tttaactttt atcaatatta     11880
     aagctaggag attagaccaa tgagaaattt cagaagtatt tttttaaagt tttagagtag     11940
     caaaggcagg aagcctcaga agagtaagga gaaggcttta acctccatta aaaacagtaa     12000
     ggaaactgac taaaatgtga cctaagaaca gaccaagaaa tgaaggattt tcctggcctt     12060
     gctatcagcc cacggggtga caagagggaa cagggatggg cgaggcaatc ctgtccctcc     12120
     ctccccagta tgaattgcgt gtctgtctaa cttgcagaaa ggtagtccaa acaaaaaaac     12180
     ttctcaagat acttcctgtc ccagtactta atgagtgttt aggtaaagag ggtgaatctt     12240
     cagaccatct ttcatgatct gtcatcttcg acccagacct cagtgttagt tttttgttag     12300
     aagcagaaaa ctactgcaag aggaagactc ctttactttg ttctctattc gctttttcta     12360
     actgtattgt tatctacatg gtggggtggg agggctcagg agtggtttac ttggtaacag     12420
     tgcgtgctct gaagccagga ggtcctgagt ccaaatcact agctttcaca gaaaaaccca     12480
     ggatggctgt gcattctccc aatccacaag gagtaaaact gagacctacc caaaaacaaa     12540
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac cactaattcc     12600
     tggtgacatg atgaatcagt attttaagtt ctacacaaaa atttacaggt agctttaaat     12660
     gagtttatat ttacaacttt aatgccaacc agtctgtgat gagttttgtc atttgcagaa     12720
     aacacttcta ctagtcagtc aggtgactgc acactaacac atctttgctt ctatgaagaa     12780
     acgcatttca aacgtcagct tcagaagcag acaatagcaa tgcagcaccc tgagtcatca     12840
     agtgctgcaa acaaaaaata tatctaaatc aacattccgc aggtgtcctg aggtaagaag     12900
     gaaggattcc tcaactctgc atgcaggaac acttcttaca gcgactctat taactactcc     12960
     tacacgcaga tcctaaatac agtaaacaga gagacggctg tttgtaaatg gcatccccag     13020
     gattttttat gaaacatgta atattttcag ctctatggtc tacaaatttt ctggttatta     13080
     ggcctagtta tctggaaatg tgcactaaag aaaaatgtgg acaagtgggt agatacacat     13140
     gtaaactaca tgtgtgtatg ggaacagata tatttaaaag acaatccaca tctattagta     13200
     caaagtaaaa accatgctgt tctctgacca agctaattac aaaagatctt gttgagtcat     13260
     gcccaacagt tgcaagtgtc tctgtgtggt ttacacagac accagggaag acggcatgtt     13320
     gtcaaagcta tcttcataat gaaatttgga ggagatgcaa actttgcttc tttgcattat     13380
     tcaatttctt aaagataata agggtgacct gcttcttggt ttgtctgtct gtctgtctgt     13440
     ctgtctgttt tattgggtct aattggtttt ggagacaggg caccaccatg aagcccacac     13500
     tgccttacac ttcagatcct cccaactcag attctaagtt ctgggataac aggcatgcct     13560
     caccaggacc ccagagagtt actactttta caatcagtac aagtcaaact tcaaataact     13620
     tttcttgtat gtgaataaaa ggattcaata ttctttttgt aatgagactg agaaataaca     13680
     ggaaaatatc aaagatgaat aaccaaggat actccataaa ccacaactgt taggctgtga     13740
     gcacacatat gactcaaaga aaacaaaaac aaaataagag ttaaagttct ttacagaaag     13800
     aaaagcaatt agcacatgcc ccaaaatgca atgcttacat gaagaattca agggaaatga     13860
     actatttaaa taatgaataa gtaatacaaa cacatgatac agctgattct gtatgtgtca     13920
     cttgtaaatt tactttgtgg aaacagaact agttggtaaa tgtcccacca ttataaaata     13980
     gttacaatgt tctttgctgg tatttctcaa taattaataa ttttacaatg cttgacatat     14040
     tcaggtaaaa gtcagtgaaa actatgagag gacaattaac agtattctaa ctctagttaa     14100
     ttatcaaaaa ctatcacaaa aatttaatta taggggatgg agagatggct cagtggttaa     14160
     gaccacttat tgctcttcca gaaaaacccc cagttcagtt cctagcacct atgttgggtg     14220
     gctcacaact acctgtaact ccagctccag agaatctaac agtcttttat ggtcttgtcc     14280
     agtgcttaca cacagacaaa catatacaca tatatagata catatatagt atgtgttata     14340
     taatatatac atatatgata atgtaatata taattacata atgtgtatat atacatatac     14400
     acatatggca tagataatac atggcatcat tcataaagat ctcccaaact aacatgaaaa     14460
     tcctgtttga atgtgtcatt ctgagtccag tttgcttaac agttcattct ttttggaagc     14520
     atataccttt cattgatatt aacgtagaat ttcaaccact acactataaa tgttataaag     14580
     ttagcataat tattacctga tttttaatca ctgagaaaga ttaaagtgaa accagttaac     14640
     taggaaaaaa aaagaggata ttacttaata taattatact tccttcatct ttttcttaac     14700
     tcttacaatg catgtccatc tcacagataa ggcatgtaca cttagaaatg ctaaataact     14760
     ttcaaatttt cacacaagca ttatgagtca accatcactc atctgacttc aaaataaagg     14820
     caggctttta tctctcaaag aaactgacag cacttgaagg ccaggcagct tcaaacattt     14880
     atcaatttct tccaaaggtt attttaaaca atatataata actttctata gctttacaat     14940
     ttataacaat aagtgcatac atgtgtccat gcacacagag accacaacag gatgctgggt     15000
     gtcctcctcc attactctct gtgttaatgc tttgagacaa ggtcccctaa agaggtagac     15060
     accatttcca tctgagcagt gagctctcag agtctacctc tacaatgcta tggctgcagt     15120
     acatgtaact atgtctagag tcttacatgg gtgcttgggt ttaaactgca gtacatgtaa     15180
     ctatgcctag agtcttacat gggtccttgg gtttaaactg cagtacatgt aactatgcct     15240
     agagtctgac atgtgtgctt gggtttaaat tcaggtccat gccctctgac ttaaagaaca     15300
     agtgctctgg cccactcctg gacctataaa tattttttaa tttaatttaa tgcatactct     15360
     ttttttgttt cgtttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gctctggctg tcctggaact     15420
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagta     15480
     ctgggattaa aagcttgtgc caccaccgcc cagctttttt ttgtttgttt ggttttggtt     15540
     tttttgtaat gcatactctt accactccct tttgatatat tattgtgtcc tcattttata     15600
     gaagataatg aaacagaaaa tgtttggagt ttgaccattt tttatgattt attttcttac     15660
     tttatgtata tgagtacact attactgttt tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcagatgc     15720
     cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gactctggaa     15780
     gagcagccag tgctccttac agctgagcca tctctgcact ctcagagttt gcccattctt     15840
     aagcatatac ccaagagaat acaaagcaag aatccaaaca gatacttata ggccaatatt     15900
     cagagagaga ttattcacaa tagcaagcag gttgaaaatc tttatctagt aacaatgaat     15960
     aaatagacaa tactgttatc tatacagcaa tatattattc agccataaaa aggaatgagg     16020
     cattgacaca ttctacagca cagatgaact ttgtaaacat tgtgtaaatt gttaagctag     16080
     acatcaaaga acagattatt ctacttatga ggtacctaga agagataaga ccaaagtaga     16140
     atagaggctt taatatcttc aggaagagag gcgctaaaat atttttaagt gggtgcaatg     16200
     cttctgtctg tgatgatgaa aatgtttgaa aactaataat gtttacaatt gtatgacttc     16260
     gtaagcacac ttgctgttga ttaactgtac actgaaacac aaaatgacac attttatagt     16320
     gtgtatatat gtgtatacac acatttacaa caataaaata ttccattgca aatattatct     16380
     agaagtggac aaattagcag ccaatattct tactactgct cttcatctaa gttagtgaat     16440
     gggaccaatg gtagtaacga agtgtggcta agagatctgc tagacagatc taggttaggc     16500
     ttctggctct accaccaagc tagcttatta cagactcaga acaggtcctg acatgtagat     16560
     gcccttaata aaaggtaaag ccagctgtca ctgttattaa tctttattag ctgcataaat     16620
     aaagaaaaac accaggatgt actacttcct tacagataaa tttaaaacca aagtttatct     16680
     aacatacaaa cactaaaaaa gattaataat taaatattaa ttgttattaa ttaatatgat     16740
     taagacctct tctataagca aacctcaaac cgaagatgta gggagctttc ggtaaccaga     16800
     aagttacttt ggataacagg gaaagtattt cttaacaggt catatattaa ctaacataag     16860
     gcaggttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagctatcgt agaaaagttt gaatttgcaa tctctgagag     16920
     gcaacagaag caaaagtaaa agtaaaggct agaacttagg gactttcaag agtgaaggaa     16980
     tacaaaaatc ttgctccact tagcttcttg ttactctagt taataaaaag agaagcaaag     17040
     tttccttttt gcatttgtct tagtcttagc aacttcagga cagacgtgct tgcacatgtg     17100
     cacagacaca cacacacaca cacaaacacg cgcccgcaca cccactgtca cttcatatcc     17160
     caagtgccta aaatacagta ctggtcaatg gagttcacca agtaaatatt tctgagttat     17220
     cacaaaagtg ggtagagacc aaagaaatta cgaagcttcc aaacctaagt gacagcaaac     17280
     taatttctaa gctgctacag tgtgtcaagc acattactgt ttttaattct cccccttcac     17340
     actaatactt gtacatttct atcttgaact gcagttatcc ccctgctcca acccaccccc     17400
     gcccgctttc gtgacttcct ccaagcccag tgacagccag tctagaattt ggatcttggc     17460
     tttgggcaaa gggctcgccc ttgccttaac tttgtctgaa gcaacttagg ttcatttggc     17520
     tgcacacgaa tgcagcctca caaacagtac catggggagc cggcctgctt aggctccaag     17580
     gattggggcc agagtagggg agtctcagcc tggaggggcg gaccagggag gctcactaaa     17640
     gtggtttcca gggcaaccga ggtcgaccgc accaggtccc gccccaccgc cccgccgccc     17700
     cgcccctccg cggcgcgaga gccggaacct gcggccccaa gtgaatccaa gagaagctgt     17760
     ctgtccgctc acctcgcagc gcgtggtgca tgccaccaat gccactgtac agctccagga     17820
     cacgcagagg ttccatcctc tcgcaaccgc gaccgcggcc tggaaactag gcctaccggt     17880
     tctctgcgtc tcttactccc ccatgtccgc tccgttccct tcgcttctgg ttccgcggct     17940
     tttcagttcc cccaaccccc tgttcctcta gctgcagatt aagatcacag tttggagccc     18000
     gggggctagc agggctagga aggggacaaa ggacagacaa actattaata aggcctccca     18060
     agtgagagac tgccgctcct tagcctgatt tgtgcttttt cctccttgtt ttgtgttttc     18120
     tgaggccttg agtagagagc tgaaaccacc cttggctttg aagtaaatta ctgattagaa     18180
     cacagtcttt ttgtttgttt ggttttggtt tttttgtttg tttgttttta actgcaggtt     18240
     ccttttgttc ttttaaagtc tgacctgatc aagcaattct ttgaggaatc ttgggcacat     18300
     atctatatgc tctctggtgt gcctgtgcga gagtaagaag ttaagtccta ccaggctctt     18360
     tcctaaagaa agctccagaa ttacaagtac ttaaagccga tccctctgag cccattcata     18420
     atagggagga tgcctgctat aaatgaaaat aggactcatc ctatttaccc cgacacatgc     18480
     tgtttctttt tattgaaaac agattttctt cttcacataa tatatcctga ttgcaattcc     18540
     tcctccttta ctgaagtacc cctagctcct ccccacccca tcaagatcca cccagtttct     18600
     gtctctcatt agaaaacaaa tgggcttcta taacaatgaa ataaaacaag acaacaaaaa     18660
     ctaacacatc ggtattgagc aaagcaaacg gggggggggg ggcggggggg ggcgacggga     18720
     gacaagaaaa ggcccaagaa atggaaaacc catttgcaca ctcataaaaa cacttaactg     18780
     gaaaccataa taataaatgc aaagagcagt agggtaaaaa gagagaagaa aatatataaa     18840
     taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaacataa gttaaaaatt     18900
     gaaggaggag gagccctggc acaacattat aagacaaaga ctctccaatg atgctattga     18960
     gttcatttcc tgttggccat caactgctgg gcccacggcc tactcttaag agtagtttgt     19020
     ttccccagtg agattccctt ggaggaaaac aaatcttcat ttgcaggagg ttatcaacca     19080
     gatattgttc tgaattaggg atgggatgtg cccagttctc cttgcagctc tagggcccca     19140
     cacggtgcag gcctgtgcat gctgcctcag tctttttgag ttcaatatgt gttgatcaca     19200
     ttgatttaaa gggccttcgt ttcttggttg tcctccattc cctctggctc ttacactctt     19260
     cccatctcct cctccatggg gttccctgag cccttaggga agggatttga tggagacata     19320
     ccatttatga ctgagcattc cagtgctctc tacagaatgt ctggctctgt gtcgctgttt     19380
     ttattcccat ctgctacagg tgaaagcttt ctctgaggat gactgaacaa gtcactgact     19440
     ctcaaactct caaacaaccc aagctgttgc taaaactata agttgctctc cacaaaccaa     19500
     cagcaagtcc gaattgctga agacaatacc tgcacaactc attgaacatg aagaagttaa     19560
     gttggttcct acataaagcc tcagcatgct aacctctttg gtctaggaag ttactctgca     19620
     tgctagctac caaaggagaa atgtaaacac catcctagtc acagaccctt tgatatacac     19680
     tgctgttctc tctgaaagtt atgttagtac aatggtggcc taaaccctgt gaaaatagcc     19740
     aaccaatatc aattggactt aaggcccaat tttttaaagg ccaatataca ttgtccttta     19800
     tgttttctgc actcgttagt cacttatttt ggtaagaaag gatgttgtat ggtagaagga     19860
     cggttcaaaa ctagaattta gcctttagta actggttgtg tgactttgag ataacctgtt     19920
     ttcctcgtca tgaagaggaa gagggaagaa atggttactg agtgtttcgc agtcccaaca     19980
     aaccatcctt gggttagtat ttgatagagt agtctctgat ttagccccac attcgaactg     20040
     aaacgtctag acagaaaact ttatatatat atattattag atattttcta tacatttcaa     20100
     atgctatccc aaaagttccc tataccctcc ctccgccctg ctcccctacc cacccactcc     20160
     tgattcttgg ccctggcatt tccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa taccaagggg     20220
     cctctcttcc cagtgatggc cgactaggcc atcttctgct acatatgcag ctagagatac     20280
     aagctctggg ggtactgttt agttcatgtt attgttccac ctatagggtt gcagacccct     20340
     tcagctcctt gggtgctttc tctagcttct ccattgggga cgctgtgttc catcttatag     20400
     atgactgtta tcatccactt ctgtatttgc caggcactgg catagcctca ttcaagacag     20460
     ctataacagg gtcccttcag caaaatctga cagaaagctt tttaaatgtc ttaggaaaat     20520
     agaatattta gccaacccag cttatagaaa ctacatacac actaatatat ttaatgaaaa     20580
     gtttttctag cactaattat gcaatattaa tattatcaat atatattcat agtaaaatgt     20640
     aaaactataa ataggaaact acacagtctc agatatttgt atatatactc aacaatcaat     20700
     atattaaata aatctagaac agtggtcctc taccttccta atgctgggac gctgtaatac     20760
     agtatctcat gttgtagtta cccccaacca taaaattagt ttcttgctac ttcatcactg     20820
     tgattttact attgttgtga attgtgatgt aaatatctgc tatacaaccc cccaaaggag     20880
     tcctgatctg caggctgaga attgctgatc tagaatttgt tcagctataa attgaagtaa     20940
     ttatgaccaa agatcttact ccatagggaa gtcaatacat acacaaatgg cagagttaag     21000
     ataatagctt cctggggggc gggggtgggg ggagcgggaa agaccagacc tcacacaggt     21060
     tggtgacatt ctgatggcag aaaggtttaa gtgtcttcac actgtggcct caatatcctc     21120
     ttctttcttc attatatttt cttttctcct tgatctctgc tataatacct cttgccattc     21180
     cccatacatc ccgtctcttc tctgcatata ttgtttgctg tgttctttgc cttgcctaga     21240
     aattctgtgg aaccttctta atggactcct aggataaaaa ttcagctcat ttccattact     21300
     catgttgaaa tggagatctt cttgtttcta gaactacact ctttctattt tctgtggccc     21360
     agttttcagc tcacagaaaa catgtctttt ctttaacgta atatttcctg tctaaagtta     21420
     accacacatg atggttactt caaagatgga aactagggct agagacatgg ctcatggtta     21480
     ccccatgatt acttctgcca ctaagcttga tgatctgagt ttagtgccca ggccccacat     21540
     ggtagaagga gagaagagga ccccttgagc tgtccccttt atgtgcatac tatgacactc     21600
     atgctcacac actgattcat ggataccatg cactttcgta catttcagca aagaaacttt     21660
     acaatgataa tttacaatga gtaacacttg tagatgttaa ggccttctag aatccagttg     21720
     atggtactga ctgtgttctt tgagaacaat aaggaggctt ggacagtggt ggcacagtgg     21780
     gaaaccactg actcagactg tcacattagt agatagagag aaaaaatgga aaatagaaac     21840
     aaataccaaa acttgtcatt tgtagtgaat tttctctcaa aaaggaaaat caatttctaa     21900
     atcaatgtac atgaacacca tgaaagtaaa ggtacatatg taaaatatat cagaaatagt     21960
     tgacacaata taataccaag gaatacatta aaataataat agcacacttt tgatcattga     22020
     ggggtttcat tgaatgtctt ggaatctaaa cacgtgtcct tctttctctc ttgcctgcca     22080
     ctaataactt ccaaaactca gcgaagtctg ccaaatgctt aaaatattct tggcaggcat     22140
     ctttgagttt cttttatcca agtgagtctt tattcacaag tgaaatgtga tgtggattcc     22200
     tacataggct caaatctgaa gagacaatac ctagcttatg ccagcttctg aaatgaacga     22260
     gcagaatgtt ggcttacata gaaaaagaat ggctcttata aattgcagag gaaatgaaac     22320
     agtaatcatt tagaataaat taacaataaa tgtcctcagg agaaaaatta tattcagaag     22380
     aaatgttcag agttactttt agagtatgtc tctgcactga ctttgaagaa atggttctat     22440
     aatgaattgt gtcatggata aaatgcaatc tcaagtgcca gaatatagat ggagttacgg     22500
     gcctgaattt ccagccagtc tggtctgagg aaagtcattt aacctctgag acttattatt     22560
     tttaagaggt agcaataata gaaagcatgg ctctaaagat taagtgagga ttaaaaatat     22620
     ttagcctaaa gttatagttt agaaataaaa tgccccctaa tgtcatgtgt agaagacttg     22680
     cgtgttgata ttattgagaa gtgatgtgaa catgagggtg ctaattttgt caatagactg     22740
     atcataggtg aatggactgt tgggttgtga ggactaagtg ggagaaaata ggtcactggg     22800
     tttcttcatt tgatgtgcac atctcattcc tgtctttcct atctttcctc tttctatctt     22860
     tcctctggtt cctcaacacc ataaaacaaa cagcttcctc ataaccctta cttccacgat     22920
     gttgcatctt acctcagagt caaagcaaca gatctaagtc agctttggtc tgaaattgtg     22980
     aaactaaatc atatttccta ttcaaaccat tagttaatag ttgaacactg attgtcagct     23040
     gaacacttag ctgtcaactg gacatagtct agaatcacct gaaaaggagt ctcaattgag     23100
     gaattgccta gataagactt gactgcgggt ctttctatgg caggactgtt ttgattattt     23160
     gttgatgtag gagggtctag cccactgtgg actgctccat gccctaggca ggcagctcta     23220
     atttatattt aaaagtcagc taagcatgag tctgacagca agccagcaag cagagtttgc     23280
     acatggttaa tacttccagc ctctgctgat tttcctggat aattgactgt gaactgaaac     23340
     tgtattatat tatatcctct cttcccctaa gatactctaa ggcagcgttt tcacacagca     23400
     acagaaaaga agctaaatat tgaattaaaa tagagttctc aaaaaattcc ttttatggag     23460
     gaaaagaaat tcacaagcaa aaattttaga caaacattcc atctcctttc cagtgtccag     23520
     tcaccttggt gatagattgt cacctaggaa aagaaacagg gaaggaaatg tgttctctct     23580
     ggaacaggat aagctatcaa gagaaaaaga ccagatggaa aatgaacttc ctggcaactt     23640
     taaagagaag taatttcctg ttgaaaagta tattctacaa catacagctg tacatattat     23700
     tatcttcagg ttactaccaa aagaaaagtg atacatttta aaaggcagaa tccaaaggaa     23760
     acttacagtt tctctaaaaa tgtagaagct atgagctggc ttaattatgt cagttatagg     23820
     taataacact gattttcttc ttttggcaca tgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga     23880
     gacaggcaga tttctgagtt caaggccagt ctggtctaca agtgagttcc cggacagcca     23940
     gggctataac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     24000
     ttttgggaaa aaacttcaag attgtgtttt agttaaagat aataggattc tgtctttgaa     24060
     atatctttta tggtcttata gacagtttga gctagaagga accttaacaa ttatttgccc     24120
     agtgattttc atactactct ttggagatag agcatttttt ccaaatacct tttatttaga     24180
     atcggtgtag agagatacgg taaaacagag cacatgtaca caaggagaca tacactcaca     24240
     catacataca cgtatacaca cagagatgcc cacacagaag catacatgtg tgccacacac     24300
     agatacacat gtccttgggc acacatgcac acagatacac aaatgcacat agacacatgc     24360
     acacaagtgc atacacaagc acacacacag atacacatgc acatatatgt acatagatac     24420
     acacagagaa acaatgtaca caaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa     24480
     cacctctacc ctgctgttga agcacagata ctagcagact aacaaaacca cctgctcatc     24540
     tcttctaccc catccatcct gtggctacct ccaaatgact tcatggagcc tggattttaa     24600
     aatgctgatt tgtggagact tagaaatctt gtgaatcttt gcctaatgct gcagctttgt     24660
     acagaactgg aagtccagct catgatgctt tttctatacc cattttttaa atttatactt     24720
     atttacatat ttgtgtgtga atgtggatat atgtgaatgt atatatttgg gtactcacac     24780
     atgtggcaat aagatgacaa ccaggaagag ttaattctct cctcccatta tgtgggcttc     24840
     tggattggaa ctcaggatat cgggcttgga agcaagctcc ttgcaggtcc tctttgcact     24900
     ttacaaaaaa cgttgtcata ccacgtgatt tagcacattc tttcctaata atactatacc     24960
     agattcccaa aagggtatat tatgttctga gagcacagtt cagtgataga gtaagagctt     25020
     gtctagtata tataaggacc tgagttcagt tcccagcatg tacttgtgag cacatgcata     25080
     cacatgcaca cacatgcata cacacacact gctccaaaga gtgtatcacc aagaggtcaa     25140
     cctgtaaatt ccttaagagg tcaatctgtg agctacttaa caagacatca ttccttattg     25200
     tttcctactc cagcctttat tcttccaagt ggaaaaagta tggcaaatgt tggaactaga     25260
     ggaaacagtg tttaatggca ccaagagctg ttacctcttt gctctagtaa attcacttga     25320
     gaatttagaa ctcactagag gtaactaaca tacaagcaga ccaagggata tgcagaaaaa     25380
     gaagcatgtg tgcacacaga ctccataaaa gccttctatt cttctcagtc agttttgatg     25440
     gttaaatcat caaaatcaat aaactataac tcgaagaaag agcctataca agaattgcct     25500
     attttacgct tggtttttta ggtattagtt tggatataca ccagtgttat ttgcttattt     25560
     gccaccattt gcatataccc caagagttat atcaaaacaa ttgaaatgca atagtgcttc     25620
     tttagaccca gcttcagtac atatgtctat tctatataag aaaagctgca tgtgttctaa     25680
     tttgttaaga ataatgtgtt catctttcca agtaacttat atgagtctaa aacaaacaca     25740
     ccttttccgc aaaactctct ttcactgttg ctacagagag accatcaact cttattgcac     25800
     agaatagact ttctcctgca gatggactct gagtgtctcc cttccatcta aggtaatcag     25860
     tactaagcta aaatacctaa attccccaaa gacttgtact gtgtttggtt agtcaaaaat     25920
     accaagtggc taaaagcggc tacattttta tggatggcaa aggaatgttc tactaagatg     25980
     atattaagtc aggcaatctt gactaatcta tttcaagaag ggtggagatg tttaaaatgt     26040
     ttataaacaa ctgtcgatct ttataacttt tataaatatg tgggctttaa aaagaaaaaa     26100
     aggctgcacg ttagtgtgaa gcctgccatc ccagcaatct gccagctcag gccatgaggc     26160
     ataggcagtc tagcaaggtc aacgtcaacc taggctatga gactctgcct caaagaggaa     26220
     taataactag agactcatcc catgggcaag caccaatagt tgacactatt aatgatactc     26280
     cattatacat gcagacagga gtctagcatg gctgtcctct gaaaggctcc atcaagcagc     26340
     ctactcagac ggatgcagac actcacaggc aaacagtgaa tggagcttcg ggactgttat     26400
     ggaggaaata ggaaggagat ttgcaggccc cacaggggat aggaactcca caggaagacc     26460
     aacagagtca actatcctgg actcttcggg gctctcagag actggatcac caactaaaga     26520
     gcatacatgg ggtggacctg ggtctccctg cacatatgtg gatattgaag cttggtcttc     26580
     atgtgagtcc agaacaattg gaggcagggg tggggtggag tatgctatcc caaagctgtt     26640
     gcctgtacat gggatatgtt cttctagcta ggcagccttg tctggtctca gtgggagagg     26700
     atgtgcctag tctcacagag acttgatgtg ccagggtagg ggaagaccaa ggggggaatc     26760
     cctacccact caaaggagaa agagaggggg aaaggagaaa gagttgtgaa agggaatgat     26820
     gggacgtggg cagtatgtgg gatgtaaaat gaataagtaa aaaataatta aattttaaaa     26880
     attaaaaagg agtaataaca gtaatagtag taacaacagt aaatacacat aaaaatataa     26940
     aagaatgata tttggtatgg ttgtgtgata cagtgcttgt gtgtgtgata cagtacttgt     27000
     gtagtctatg caaggccata ggtttgatca agagaacctc aagagaacaa aaaggaataa     27060
     gagaagaaag aaataagaaa ggaataagag aagaagaaga gtgttggctc agggtcataa     27120
     cagttgacgg tcaccaggtg aaaagactta tttgcaaatc acatggttag atttttaaag     27180
     aaggaaggtg ataaaatagc actagttttg aaaaaatatg aaagtcatcc agtaacaaga     27240
     gaggaggagg tagctgtatt ttgaggaaga atttcacact aggagttaaa aatgattctg     27300
     gttaggaagg aatgtcagga atctgcaggg cacagctctc ttcacccctt tcattcaaga     27360
     actgaatgct agaacagggt ggggaaagaa tgaaacatag aacaatgcct atatgtcctt     27420
     gcaaagttga gggttttgaa aatgcaaaca ggtaatatcc cgttaacctg atccatgctt     27480
     tttaaaattc tcctaaagga aaggggatga taaacaagca tcggaaatgc ccagagtgtg     27540
     ggaagctcct gtctgaatga cagcctccct tctgcccagt ctttctcccc ttatgtagcg     27600
     ataaagcact catgccaatg tgcatagttt agaacacaaa gacataaata taaaaacaaa     27660
     agtagaggtg agaaggccat gactgacatc tggatgttgc ttcttagttt ttactaatta     27720
     tcttttaccc cactcagagt cgtgggcata ataacacaca cacacatctc agtctcttca     27780
     cattttatca ttatcagctc tgcacttcat tagacacgat gactttttta aacggcatct     27840
     ttcctacctg tcatgagata aaacaacaca agtgtataaa tcaaaggaca tctgctaaac     27900
     cggtactatg tcccgtctgt cccctcacat accaatttca cacactctgg gcatgttttt     27960
     catcttcttt ctatggccta taaacaacaa aaaatgtatt ttcctatttt ctttgtttta     28020
     aatacttaga aaatgcctca gtacaaaagt caatataaat gaacattcct gcctattaac     28080
     atttaaagct ttctgatagt ttcattagag actctaaact tggggtgact gtttaaaagt     28140
     tacataatta tttcctaaac ttttgatcaa acctgatttc tagaaaggga agaaccccga     28200
     atcctaccag caatgccggg gcctgttgtc ttctgcatcc ctcacagtaa acaaatgctt     28260
     tcctttacag gctaaagggt gaaaagcctt attttccttg ccgtgtgttg tattgctatc     28320
     aaggatggtt attcttttac tagccatgtg aaattatttt gtcaattact tgtgatattt     28380
     gtaatttctt tgctgaaata aaatgtactt cttattaaat catcccattt tattttcatt     28440
     tgttcacact gttctttttt ttatattata aacaatcccc attctatcat tctttccctt     28500
     aggtttgcta tgcttcataa agcacaaaat atttcagtct ctgagtcaag tagatgtatg     28560
     tcctgtttct tggctggcta cttctctgct gacccagcac aggagaccct caggaagatg     28620
     agcacagtca tatctacttc acagttcatg tctccttctt gcttaacgaa atgtgcaaaa     28680
     aaagtaataa aatgaaacaa actttttaat aaatatctac ttttctcttc catattggtt     28740
     tacgataggc tttttgtttt ctgagaatct tacattctta atcagatagc ctaaaggaga     28800
     cttgttcttt tcttctaatg tgtcaggaat atttgtatct gtatttccct ttgaactcca     28860
     ctcctgtgtc ttctgatttg gtttgaaatc catcttaagc ccctgagttc accctgaaag     28920
     aatagatggc atatttccca cttgaaacaa tacaaatttc aggctctctg tatttaatga     28980
     aacaaatgtg gatcttcccc atttcatgag aaaattgaaa cattccatca aagctgaatt     29040
     agtatacaaa taaacacaga taatccctgt aatcatgaaa tctgctgatc tactctcaac     29100
     tcctgggtga tgtcattatg tcaacattca tgaaccctct tcaacccaca catcaaataa     29160
     caaagatccc agggatgatg cctaaaaatg gtaatgtctg cattttaaaa actctggatg     29220
     gggagggggg agtgggggga gggacaggga gaagaggagg aagggaaaac agcggtgaga     29280
     tgtatgaata aataaaattt aaaaactgcc gtctcaactt agctaatttt atttttacaa     29340
     taattccgtg catatctttc actagtgtta ttttgagaga gaaatgaaag ttagaagttc     29400
     atagaattat gttaaaaatt ttaaataaca catgaccaaa taaaacccaa aagtcatata     29460
     gatgacaggg aaattagaat aagcaggtat ttttttctgt caaattctaa ctactccctc     29520
     agcaacagtg tctatttgaa tcattcttga tccttatggc tttcatttct tgttattcac     29580
     aacacttcac agtgtctcac acacactgaa gcccttgtca cattccaatg ggagaagtca     29640
     tgcagaatgg cagtgcatat ggtcttcaga tgtagatgct ggggtctcag gagacagatg     29700
     cagttggcta agtcagtgga atataagaat agcatatgaa tttataaagc tgggttgaat     29760
     ttctgtctta atatggaaag gaatgtattc tcttaataga acaattactc tagaaattta     29820
     gaagcatgtc atagtgtatg ttataataac cactcatctt gattgccctt cttggagatt     29880
     ggtgaaagca attagtctac aaattaaagt ccagactttt attacatgtt ttctattttt     29940
     aagtcaagta ctaatgcttt ctaaaataca tgttacattt ttgagatagg gctttggagc     30000
     tgagggactg tcactgacag tgtttgccct gcaagcctga agacctgact ttagatatct     30060
     aaaatcgggt attgctgtgt tcactggagg tgaaacgcct aagacgggga gatgcttggt     30120
     gcttactgat cagcctgtct agctgagtca gtgggtttca gtcaatgaaa gaatctctcc     30180
     tacaaaacct aaggtggaac gtcattgagg aagatacctg acagacatcc tgatcctcac     30240
     atgtatgtgt gtgtgcgtga gagcgcgcgc gcgcacacac gcacactcac acactcacac     30300
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actcacacac tcacacatat gcaggcacac     30360
     cagagggaag gtgctgtcta atatagtcca agctgacctt taattcacta tgtcgtgaag     30420
     actgtctttg aattcctgaa tctcttgtct ttagctctca agtgccgaga ttacagacaa     30480
     gcactatgac agtcagttaa agtctgcttc ttaaaaagta atttcctcct ttcttaacct     30540
     caatctccaa ccactgcatg attcatatgc tacatgccca caagcacgac tgactgattc     30600
     actacaatca aagttctgga aatcactctt attcttctta aaacacagat tactgcccca     30660
     cccaggcttg ctgactgaca ggataccact cttgagaacc actctactgg catctcctcg     30720
     gggtaccatt tttttgagaa ccactgtact agcatccccc accccctaag cgtgctttcg     30780
     tagctctctc cagaaagtgc ttcagatggc aagactcagg cacgtatcaa ccatatgact     30840
     tggcttctca ctggactctt ctatctggaa gaaaaagaga aatatttatc gtgactcata     30900
     gcctctttca aaactttcca gtcaccaaat tagaagcaga aaagagttac agggaaatca     30960
     caatgatgct gagaacactg tcaagttctc aggaccttat gcttgggttc tcaaaccagc     31020
     tctactaggt ttcagcagtc caagtcacac tagaggtggt accacgatgt tcctagcaaa     31080
     gccagagcct aagctggagg attcttggca gggagctcag aagccagctc atttccttgg     31140
     ttttggcttc tcagggctgt cattggtaag atcttttctc ccttgcaatt atacagatac     31200
     attattggag agccattctt tttttattgg ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt gttccccttc     31260
     ccagttttcc ctccacaacc ccccccccgc ctctatgagg gtactccccc atcctatccc     31320
     ccccagcctc tatgagggca ctcccccatc cacccattct tttaagcaat acctttccta     31380
     taacttcttc ttttccacag aaaagtatca attgtcaata agcaacatct gtgaaatcaa     31440
     gtaggttaat cttgaagaga ctggcgaggt tcttgcctta gtttctttac ataagcatca     31500
     cctctcaaca tgacccagga gagtttctta attccatttt tatctctatg gaggaaaatg     31560
     aggcatttta tgctatgcta taaaacaatt ctgtgtccat atcataattt taaatagcat     31620
     atagcattca gtaaatgatt ggtgagaagc atttatctca ttttatttct tgttaggaaa     31680
     taagctgcta gcaacaccat taacacaatc acatacagca cggcgggagc cactgacctt     31740
     ttattctgaa catgatgagc ccattgcatt ataatgcatg ggtcagccaa tgaataccat     31800
     accatacaaa tgtaggcttt tttctgcctg agtcttaaga gtagaagaca gaagcagaat     31860
     gtcacagata ctgtatgtaa gtcactctgt gtgaggatga gtcacaagta cttccttagt     31920
     gataaagttg tctgagtaac agagatgctt cactgagtga acgggacagt atgttggttt     31980
     caaacccaca gtcatttcct ttacttaatt gctagctgca cttccctggc tacagtgtag     32040
     ggcttgtgtt tgagctggta acccagcaac gaagactcac actgccgctt gcaaaggaga     32100
     acaaaacagt aaagttcata tttccatgga ttttggggga gtaaaagtca atgttgtttc     32160
     cccagggcct ctgacctcat gaagaaattc acttggatct cagggcagcc acatcattat     32220
     gcaagccttg gagaagtagg agacccagcc tctcagtgct ctgagccccc agcagggagc     32280
     ttggaccatg taagtcctta aaatgcatca gcagggacgg ttcctggttc tctcggagca     32340
     accccatcag ttaggaatca tgcagttact gctttagaat ttcaagggca ttttaatgta     32400
     tgagttttaa tatacaagcc tgtgcttttc cttttattta caccctggta ctgctgtagg     32460
     tgctgctgct gtgtgccctg tcccctcccc atgctcaata ctctaagcat gctctagttt     32520
     ttaaatgaag aaaatattga taagcatccc ttaggaaaaa atatgatatg aaactggcta     32580
     cgaaaaattg gaagacttaa ttatcagtag cgctttggct tgtccttgaa cactccagat     32640
     tgccttggcc ttgaacactc cagattgcct ttggacttca agcttcctat cacttcctgc     32700
     agctcttgca ttattcgtag attgcacaat gtttcgtcca gaaggactga aatgctaaaa     32760
     ctcttccctt ccattcaagc taacagaaag tgcacaagca acaggagttg ctcttgcttg     32820
     tagaagggat acactgtcaa actctactcc ctttatccga tttccaccag caaagagagg     32880
     gtagcatttt tattcactga attatttgga agggtcaggt ggcatcacta tcaactcatg     32940
     ttgacagtca agtcagaagt agagaataag ttttacacag aaaaccccta aaatgttcgc     33000
     aatcctgtga tgattcagta aggccacaac attctctgaa ttaaaattag gccccttgct     33060
     ttctcagaac agagggaaat gcagagacag acactctact aagaatgcta aagggactcc     33120
     agcatcaccg cccgtcccct tgccgatgat gagcatacat cctaccacaa aggggatgtg     33180
     taggctgggg gagggggaac tcatcaacag tctcaccaag ctacagaaaa cgtgaatacc     33240
     actctactgc tccaacaaac aagatgtaag tactggtatg gtagtggcac tactatggta     33300
     gacaattaac aacattgtga ctagatagga gtccttccaa atgcaaagga attcacacct     33360
     gatattataa acctgtgcaa atgtctgtac ctgaagatcc tataggctaa agggtgtggt     33420
     aagacttttg tagccataaa aggatgtact gtcaaactgt cttctaaata tgcttgtagc     33480
     catagacttg tgtccctctg aatctggagc agaaaagctc cattaggcaa aaaaaaaaaa     33540
     aaaaaaaaaa aatgacagtg actgcagaaa ctatagacaa agtgctgaaa ttaagcaact     33600
     gttgaatgca cagtcccaaa tgggacattc atatcatctg tatcacctaa ggcccaggga     33660
     catcacagaa caggaaactg aaagaattaa cagctaggag atggagaact ccatgaagtg     33720
     ctgtcactca gatatgatat tgtgaccatg aataccaggc agctatggtt acctgaatga     33780
     gattgggccc ttccacattt catcatggat gaaggtgcca gtgaggtccc atctctttct     33840
     aagaaactat tgacttgtca ccgaaggaga gggtatgttt ttctttcatg ttgtagccac     33900
     atgaaggggt tcagatggaa aggaaggcgt gataacagag ggtagtgagg gtgttgatat     33960
     aatcacagta cagtgcatac ttgtatgaga ttttcaatac taaagaaaag taacaagaat     34020
     gttttcagct ctgtaaaaca aaatggtgct tcaatttttt tgtttgatta ttacttgatc     34080
     tctcacgtaa gtaattgcag gaaaaataat agtaacttcc caccacctgg gaactacacg     34140
     acctctgcaa atgagcagtt tcccagaata ccaatgtatt tggcaaattt ggcaaatttt     34200
     ctaaagctac aggacctttt tccccaatct ttaaaaagta ataaaaacaa cattataagc     34260
     cactggacac atgtgtatta gttttgttaa ttctatcaaa aactgttttt acttcccaaa     34320
     gttgaaagac atctctacaa gaacatcttg gagttcattt gttgcctatt cttttaagaa     34380
     tagcatagag atactgaaaa caaccaagat tttatcatat tcatagaaac caaacacact     34440
     gaaagccaat agcaggaagt aacagacaac catcaggagc tatccctgtg agtagtctgg     34500
     ataagtaact gtactgcaac aatttctcat aggactctgg taaatggcac ctcaatttcc     34560
     taagtagact ggcagggatt tttgctcccc tatcttcttt ctcttctact tccccacccc     34620
     ctctcaggaa gtgaactggg ggaaatccaa agagtgcagc ttcacttctc catgtaacat     34680
     ttgctggagt tgttttggtg tctacacaag gattcccttc tgcacattag ttaatggttt     34740
     agttctttat acccacttct tactttcttt ctctatttcg tatcacaaga ccattaagaa     34800
     gttagacttt atgtataatt ctatcaaaaa ctgttttttc cttccgaaag ttgaaagaca     34860
     tctctaacag aacattatga agtttattta tctcctattc ttttcagaat accatagaga     34920
     tactgaagac acccaagatt cttttttgct tttgaatttt tattagatat tttctttatt     34980
     tacatttcaa atattatccc ctttaatcgt ctcccctctg aaaatcccct atcctccccc     35040
     actttccctg atcctcaacc cacccactcc ctcttcccag cccaggaatt cccctatact     35100
     ggggcataga accttcacag gaccaaggac ctcttctccc attgatgacc aactaggaca     35160
     tcctctgcta catatgcagc tagggccatg agtccctccc tgtgttttct ttggttggtg     35220
     gtttagtcca agtgagctct ggggttactg gatagttcat attgttgttc ctcctaggag     35280
     gctgcaaacc ccttcagttc cttgggtaca gttcattgag gaccctgtgc tccgtctaat     35340
     ggatggttgt gagcatccac ttctgtatta gtcaggttct ggcagagcct cccaggagac     35400
     agctatatca ggctcctgtc agcaagctct ttttggcatc tgccatagtg tctgagttta     35460
     ttggttgttt atgggatgga tcctcagctg gggcagtctc tggatggtca ttccttccgt     35520
     ctctgcttgg agcattgtct cggtaactcc atccatgggt attttgttcc ctcttctaag     35580
     aagaataaaa gtatccacac tttagtcttc cttcttcttg agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa     35640
     ttgtatcttg ggtattctga gcttctcggc taatatccat ttatcagtga gtgcctatca     35700
     tgtgtgttct tttatgattt gattacctca ctcaggatga tatcctccag atccatccat     35760
     ttatctaaga attttttttt tttggctctg tactccactt tttaaaaaaa tcttttatta     35820
     ggtattttct tcatttacat ttccaatgct atcccaaaag tcccccatat cctccccccc     35880
     agtcccctac tcaccgactc tcacttcttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tgaggcatat     35940
     aaagtttgta agaccaatgg gcctctcttt ccactgatga ccaactaggc tatcttctga     36000
     tacatatgta gctagagaca tgagctctgg gggtactggt tagttcatat tgttgttcca     36060
     cctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct tgggtacatt ctctacctcc ttcattgggg     36120
     gccctgtaat ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggccctg     36180
     gcatagcctc acaagagaca gctatatcag ggtcctttca gcaaaatctt gctagtgtat     36240
     acaatggtgt cagcatttgg aggctgatta tgggatggat ccccgggtgt ggcagtctct     36300
     agatggtcca ttctttcgtc tcagctccaa attttgtctc tgtaactcct tccatgagtg     36360
     ttttgttccc aattctaagg aggggcaaaa tttctacact ttggtcttcg ttcttcttga     36420
     gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tgtatcttat atcttgggta ttttaagttt ccgggctaat     36480
     atccacttat cagtgagtac atatcatgtg agttcttttg tgattgggtt acctcactca     36540
     ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc atccatttgc ctggaaattt cataaattca ttgtttttaa     36600
     tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtaaatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg     36660
     agggacatct gggttctttc cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag     36720
     tggagcatgt gtccttatta caagttggag cattttctgg ttatatgcca agaagtggta     36780
     ttgctggatc ttctggtaga actatgtcca attttctgag gaactgtcga actgatttcc     36840
     agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc agcaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac     36900
     atcctcacca acatctgctg tcacctgagt ttttgacctt agccattctc actggtgtaa     36960
     ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgaattgca tttcactgat gactaaggat gttgaacatt     37020
     ttttaggtgt ttcccagcca ttcagtgttc ctcacttgag aattctttgt ttggctcttt     37080
     accccatttt aaaatagggt tatttggttt tcgggagtcc accttcttga gttctttata     37140
     tatatttaat attagccccc tatcagatat aggattggta aagatctttt ccaatctgtt     37200
     ggttgccatt ttgtcttatt gacagtgtcc tttgctgtac agagatttgc aattttacga     37260
     ggtctcattt gtcaatcctt gatcttacag cacaagccat tggtgttcta ttcaggaatt     37320
     tttcccctgt gcccatatgt tccaggttct tccccacttt ttcctctata aatttcagtc     37380
     tatctggttt tatgtggagt tccttgatct acttagactt gagttttgta aaagaagata     37440
     aaaatggatc aattcacatt cctctacatg ataaccacta gttgagccag caccatttgt     37500
     tgaaaatgca ggcttctttc cactggatag ttttagctcc tttgtcaaag atcaagtgag     37560
     catacatgtg tggtttcatt tctgggtctt caattctatt ccattgattg acctgtctat     37620
     cactgtacca atatcctgca tttttaatca caattgctct ctagtacagc ttgatgtcag     37680
     ggatggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat tgttgagaat agttattgct atcttaggtt     37740
     ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ttgcaaattg tcctttctga ctctgtgaag aattgaattg     37800
     gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgatctgta gttgctttcg gcaaggtgac catttttaaa     37860
     atattaatcc ttccagtcca tgagcatggg agatttttcc atcttctgag atgttcttca     37920
     atttctttct tcagagactt gaagttctta tcatacagat ctttcacttc cttagttaga     37980
     gtcacaccaa ggtgttttat attatttgtg gctattttga agggtgttgt tttttaaatt     38040
     tctttctctg cctgtttatt ctttgtttag aaaaaaagcc attgatttgt ttgagttaat     38100
     tttatatcca cctacttcat tgaagtcgtt tatcaggttt aggagttctc tggtggaatt     38160
     tttggggtca cttatatata ctatcatatc atctgcaagt agtgatattt tgacttcttc     38220
     ctttccaatt tgtctccctt tgacctcctt ttgttaacta attgctttgt ctaggacttc     38280
     aagtactaca ttgaataggt atggagagag tgggaaacct tgtctagtcc ctgattttaa     38340
     tgggattgct tcaagtttct ctccatttag tttgatgttg gctactggtt tgctgtatat     38400
     tgcttttatt atgtttaggt atgtgccttg aattcctgat ctttctaata ctttcatcat     38460
     gaaggggtgt tgggttttgt caaatgcttt ctcagcatct aatgagatga tcatgtggtt     38520
     tttgtctttg agtttgttta tatagtggat tacattgatg gatttccata tgttgaacca     38580
     tccctgcatc cctgggatga agcctactgg atcatgatga atgattgttt tggtgtgttc     38640
     ttggattcag tttgcaagaa ttttgttgag catttttgca ttgatattca taaaggaaat     38700
     tggtctgaag ttctctttct ttgttgggtc tttgtgtggt ttagatatca gagtaattgt     38760
     gacttcatag aaggatttgg ttagagtatc ttctgtttgt attttgtgga atagtttgag     38820
     gagtattgga attaggtcct ctttgaaggt ctgatagaac tctgcattaa acccatctat     38880
     ctgttcctgg gctttttttt tttttttttt tcctggctgg gaaactatta atggcttttt     38940
     ctatttcttt aggggatatg ggactgttta gatcgttgat ctgatcctga tttaactttg     39000
     gtacatggta tctgtctaga aaattgtcca tttcatccag gttttccagt gttgttaagt     39060
     atagtctttt gtagtaggat ctgatgatgt tttggatttc ctcagattct gttgttatgt     39120
     ctcccttttc atttctgatt ttgtcaatta ggatactgtc cctgtgacct ctagttagtc     39180
     tggctaagtg tttatctatc ttgttgattt tctcaaagaa ccagttcctg gttgggttga     39240
     ttatttgaat agttcttttt atttctattt ggttgatttc agccctgagt ttgattattt     39300
     cctgtcatct actcctctgg ggtgaatttg cttccttttc ttctagagct ttcaggtgtc     39360
     ctgtcaattc gctagtgtat gctcacccca gattcttttt ggaggcactc agagctatga     39420
     ctgttcctct tagtactgct tttattgtgt ctcatcagtt tgggtatgtt gtggcttcat     39480
     ttttcattaa cctctaaaaa gtctttaact tctttatttc ttccttcctt gaataagtta     39540
     tcattgagta gagtgttgtt cagctatcac gtgtatgtgg gctttctatt atttatgttc     39600
     ttattgaaga tcagccttaa tctgtgttga tctgagagga tgcatgggat tatttcaata     39660
     ttttgtatat gttgaggcct gtttggtgac agattatatg gtcagttttg gagaagatac     39720
     tatgaggttc tgaaaaaaag gtatatcctt ttgttttaag ataaaatgtt ctatagatat     39780
     ctgttaaacc catttatttc ataacttctg ctactttcac tgtgtctctg ttcagtttct     39840
     gtttccagtg tttgtccatt gatgagggtg gggtgttgaa gtctcacact attattttgt     39900
     gcagtgctat gtgtgctttg agctttacta aagtttcttt aatgaatgtg gatgcccttg     39960
     catttggagc atagatgttc agaactgaga attcacgttg gtaaatttta ccttttatga     40020
     gtatgaagtg tccctcctta tcttttttga taattttagt ttgaaagtca attttattcc     40080
     atattagaat ggctactcca gcttgtttct tgggaccatt tgcttggaaa attgttttcc     40140
     agccttttac tctgaggtag tgtgtgactt tgtccctgag gtgggtttcc tgtaagcagc     40200
     aagatgttgg gtcctgttta tgtaaccagt ctgttagtct atgtcttttc gttggtgaaa     40260
     tgagtccatt gatattaaga gatattaagg aaaagtcatt attgcttcct gttatttttg     40320
     ttgttagagt tggaattttg ttcatgtggc tatctccttc taggtttgtt gaattattta     40380
     ctttcttgct ttttctaggg ggtagtttcc ttccttgtgt tggagtttcc cctttattat     40440
     cctttaaagg gctggattcg ttgaaagata ttgtgtgaat ttggttttgc catgaaatac     40500
     tttggtttct ccatctatga taattgagag ttttgctggg tatagtagcc tgggctggca     40560
     tttgtggtct cttagggtct atatgacatc tgcccatgat gttctggctt ttatagtctt     40620
     ggggtggggg gcagaagtca ggtttaattc cgataggtct gcctttatat tctacttgac     40680
     ctttatccct tactgctttt aatattcttt gttttgtgca tttggtgttt tgattattat     40740
     gtgacaggag gaatttcttt tctggtccag tctatttgca gttctgtagt cttcttgtat     40800
     gttcattggc atctctttct ttaggttggg gaagttttct tctataattt tgttgaagat     40860
     agttactggc cctttaagtt ggaaatcttc cttctcttct atacctatta tccttaggtt     40920
     tggtcttctc attgtgtcct gaatttcctg gatattttgg attatgatct ttttgcattt     40980
     cacatttgct ttgattgtgt ggcaatggtt tctatggtat ctgcatctga gattctctct     41040
     tctaactctt atattctgtt ggttgtgctt gcacctatag ctcctgactt ctctaggttt     41100
     tttatttcca gagtggcctc cctttgtgat tcctttattg tttctacttc catttttaga     41160
     tcctggatgg ttttgttcaa ttcttacacc tgtttggatc tgttctcctg tatttcttta     41220
     agggagttat ttatatcctt cttatagtcc tccatcatca tcataagaag tgactttaga     41280
     tccatatctt gcttttctgg tgtgatggtg tatccaggac ttgctatgaa gggagagttg     41340
     ggttctgatg atgcctatta accttggttt ctattgcttc cgttcttatg cttgcctcct     41400
     gccatttgtt tatctcaatt gctccctgcc cttgatattt ctgattggat cctgtccttc     41460
     ctgtaatctt agttgagtca gaacttctca gagtccagct ttctttgtga acctatgatt     41520
     ctaggatcct gtgatgctga gattctgggt atgtcagagt tcttggcagt caagcttcct     41580
     ctgagaccct gagatcctgg tgtggccaag cttcttggat cctgggatcc tgagatccta     41640
     agatcttccg aatgttagag ctcctggaag tggtacctcc tctgggaacc atggggctgt     41700
     cctctgcgta ggaaaccaag gtagagcaga gctgattgga aggaacctga gccactggtc     41760
     aggtggggtt cctgtttccc tgctcctgct ggccccaggc actcctagtt ctgttgtaac     41820
     agatgttgtg ttccacttac cagtgatcct aagatcctag gcatgctaga gttcttgggg     41880
     tgtgtgtgtt gggggggggg agagtcctct ggggaccatg ggactgtctg cagagtttgt     41940
     gcccaaggtg gcccaggcac tcaacaccaa gatttattgt atccatagga accaacacac     42000
     tgaaaacaga tagcaggaag taatagacaa ccagcaggaa tgagctatcc tggtgagtgg     42060
     tgttgagcat gcatacagct ctgcctcacc tctatgagat gttaatctgc attaaggaga     42120
     gcagtaaaca gccagcttgg tgggtgacct taataaagaa tggtttgcca caaattaatt     42180
     tcccacctaa attgttctgc ctagaatatg ctaattttaa atggctctgt ctggaaagcc     42240
     ccaaggcatg ttatcttctg tctttcctct aacttcagcc tctaagaaac accttccctt     42300
     cagtttcctt taatctccta caaacagttg tcaagcctgt ctctccagtt catcctggaa     42360
     aacatgtagc aacaagtgct cctttctcct cagaaaccac agtgaattcc ctctgcccac     42420
     tgcatcaatt accaactcct ctccctggca tttggtcttc caacgcatgg tcccatgttg     42480
     gcttccattt cccttccccc atccctgctt cagcatctag caactctgag attcttggta     42540
     ttccttaaaa gttcccagca ctcttctatc tgagcaatct ttgcttatac tgattggtca     42600
     gtctaggaaa tcctttctct gccatgacct attgtagtat tcttcaaaca tctcttctac     42660
     acaattcttc aaacatttct tactacatac attttctgat ctccatccta ttgatataat     42720
     ttctccatct aaaccttcca gcattttatg catatcccat gattctcagg ctaaccttga     42780
     acttgctgtg taacctaatg actccattat tcaagtgctg gaattattag catgagccac     42840
     cagacctgac ttctcaccag cttcttaagt ccttcctaca ggtaggaaaa gtgtctgact     42900
     ttcttcactc tactaagatg tgtggaacac aatggagaaa atgaatacaa attatctttt     42960
     ttttaaatct atgggcaaca tggtcttaat tacaacttaa aattttgttg agtactgtct     43020
     ctcttgtacc atatgtacat tcacacagac tcaatataat tttgcaagac aacatggggt     43080
     acacctgcca tctccagttt gtggcagtat gcatagcact ggctaaatac tcaatgaata     43140
     tattctgaat aaactaataa aaaatattga tcatgacatg ccataaagtt tgaattctat     43200
     cacatcagat gtggcaagca tagtgtacaa acatgaaaaa tgacacttga atattagcct     43260
     cattcccttt cctttcattt gcagactctg cagacattct tctcttgcca ctggaaaaat     43320
     aatagtgaaa aaaggagtga aaaactttca tctcttggag ctcccatgtc ctggcaaaga     43380
     ggtgaatgat cttctctaga ccagtttgga gtttcaaaag caaaatcttt aagaaaaggg     43440
     ggttgtgacc cgagataggt gctttggtag aaatactgaa catctggatg aaggggaaat     43500
     ccagctgtgg taccacagga aggaggtaaa aaggaacttc cgaacttgaa cagatgtgtg     43560
     gctatggata tcagtgggac actgtccctg ctggaactaa gagatgccaa gtaagggggt     43620
     agtgatgctt aaagtgtcca atcctgtttc ctcagggtgg tgccccaaca agaaaagttg     43680
     aggaaaatgc tgtggatgtg aggtgagcta tgtctgattt tgcttagaag actacttaag     43740
     aaacatggca aagtttaggt ggaaatgttt aactcctaag taaaggtacg cctatagagt     43800
     aaaggtgaaa acatccctat cattattgac tatgttcagt gacataaagt acctactcta     43860
     tgactgggcc aaatgtctct agggatatgg cacctacaag caagatattg aatgattacc     43920
     ctgcctgttt ggtttctagg acattgtaaa tgtctagatg ctagccatga attggatggt     43980
     tgtatgctaa ctatcaccat gcaatcaaac aaaagagaca ctatcttcct gaaattgatg     44040
     gtcaagcaca gcttgatgga tgctatggca atattaagtt aaattcgatg tacataaagt     44100
     acctatgatc ccataagaac aaagataaag cacttgtatt actaccttca ttctcatgac     44160
     ttagggtttg ccttgatttt agcctctttg attttaatgt ggatacatta aacttacatg     44220
     tgtttgtagg atgctacatg atatttatgt gtctgtgggt attttgtttg tttggatgga     44280
     aaacagggtc ccagggatcc ttggctgtcc ttgaaatagc tatgtagaaa aaattggcct     44340
     caaacttctg atcttcctgg ctccagtttc caagtagtag gattacaggt ttgcatcacg     44400
     ttgtctgttt tacccaccat ctcagttcta atattcaagc agaagggtct gctacctgca     44460
     gtactcttga catgacttcc tgtaggcagc tcttccaaaa ctcgataggc cactaagctc     44520
     ctgtccacac ggctggctgc cctgtcagct caagtcacca tgttaaactg acatggccag     44580
     agcttgcaaa ttccaaaatc actctgttaa gtactctgat agtatttgtg cctgacctac     44640
     aaatcatatg accattcact tacttatata caaacttgca tcacaaataa gtccagattt     44700
     aaaaatactt ctgagatagg ttttcattgc aatcaaaaat aaatatgaaa actaagaaag     44760
     ctatgctcat agactgtttt tttttcttca aaaataagca cacagtgaat gatcgcaaga     44820
     atacacactc caatatactg atttctcttt tctgtgaata tcatatagta gagaaagcgt     44880
     gctgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaagagag     44940
     agagagagag gagtgtgtgt ggtataagta tgtgtgtgca agtgtacatg tgtgcatgta     45000
     tgtaggcatg tgtgcatatg tgtgtgatga agcaaacttt tttccaagtc taatgacttc     45060
     tcctcttctc catgaatgac taaaaatatt tttgtagcag tttttacgtc tctaccctct     45120
     aaaaactttt taaaaggaag aataacgtga agataaacaa accggttcat ccattaccat     45180
     atcagcaata aaaggagaat attcatcaat gtccctgaag ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     45240
     aggccaggaa gggaccccct tcaggtgatg aagaggagca gagcctactg aagaagtcat     45300
     cacaacctga ggaatttgct gtggtgccca catggcatac tgccacaccg taccacaacc     45360
     cattcctctt tttccacagt gactcattaa gcaagagttc cctgacaaag ccactgcact     45420
     gccctgggat ctacaaacta tgtaggagga aggctagcct ccctcctccc cacagggaaa     45480
     tcactttcct catcctgagc cattccgagc aatctcacaa tggtgacatt tgctgaacca     45540
     tggcttgaat aaaaggctct cagtgtgcag aatggtaacg tgaggcacag gctaaccctg     45600
     gcagtgctct ctggaaagga cccacagcct ctctttgaaa ggagaataaa gaaaggcaca     45660
     gcaggagagc tgggtcccag agagtcctgc aggcaacctt gaccgcagca ttcccagaac     45720
     tgactgagat gaggtgcaca aagggttgct tcaaagagtc ttgtacaaaa aagctagcat     45780
     aaatcctgca cgtgtctcta aacggccttt cttaattgcc aggtaagctg ggaacactct     45840
     gtgctccaaa gaaaaacaaa agcaaaaaca aaatacaagc tccttttcct tccctattca     45900
     ctaatggacc catctcccag tttgtttgtt tttgtttcag tactccacaa atcccaaacc     45960
     aaaagaaact gtaatttttc tatccgtgct taatcacaaa gggcctaact tccctttctt     46020
     gaaaagtcct tttcccttgg agaacggaga ccccttagtc ttgcctagaa gcaaacgtga     46080
     agcaatagcc ttgagctggt cattttccct ttgaaaaggt gacagtcgct gcatctcaac     46140
     actctgaacc ttttgttttg tggacagttg tcgccatttc aagttagatt tcatgatttt     46200
     tctttgtgga aaataggatc tgtggcgttg cccagacaag tcactagaat cttctcccct     46260
     gcatcgctgc tctaaaatct acagaaatct gtttcttcag tttatcactt gagctacata     46320
     actgcctttc ttccgaactc attcaccgaa ttggattttt tagcaaaacc caatggtttc     46380
     ttgtccgact tgcttatctt ctaatgcagt ccactttcag aaaggccgag atcactgggc     46440
     ttgcttttga aattaccaaa gtagtttcct ctttcaccca gaacttaggg tgtggtttca     46500
     tgcaggaaag agagagagag aaagaaagag agaaaggggg agggagggaa ggagggaggg     46560
     agggagcttt tgtcgtcagg ggtggggatg ggggtagggg tgtgtggatg tgttttgtgg     46620
     ctctcccggg tctgcaagag tttctttcta aggagaactc tccacacttc cccaacaatc     46680
     acaagaacgg ttattctcaa agttggttta aaacttcgga caatgaatga gcttagcgct     46740
     cttggagtct ggagtcaatc tcaactaacg gttttcctga accgctagac gatctcaccc     46800
     tcagggctcc atgagtcata tccactgact cagcgacccc accccgtccc ctgggcttta     46860
     ctccagaggc agtggctcct aatcctctct agttgaactg agtccgttag atcaggggat     46920
     atgaccacgt caaacaagcc ctctgcaaag gtcttgagcc agatatcttg ggctgtgtgc     46980
     ttctccaccc ccaatctcgg gccctctttg tttctctctc cccggcttcc gatctgcagg     47040
     actgcttttg caggctcttc ctgctcctcc gctctcggat ctccccaccc acccagtccc     47100
     agaagaccgc agatctgcga ctgcgaccac gcccctccta ccagcgcgcc tagtcccacg     47160
     cccctttggc ccagtgccag ggatcgcttt actcaacttt ccagagcccc ccttccttcc     47220
     cccatgaatc cttcccgcga tcccttcttt ctcagcaccc aagggtgagt agagagttcg     47280
     ggtgatcacc aggaaagccc ctgaaaggcc tagcacttcc aattagtaac aggactgtgc     47340
     ttgataccct acagccctgg aggaaggctc gaggggagct ccctccccca ccccccttcc     47400
     tcacttcttt ccgggtcccc attggctggc tcgctcggcg gctaggatgg cagtgggagg     47460
     ggaccctctt tcctaacagt gttataaaag cagcgccctt ggcgttgtcc agtcctctgc     47520
     cactcttgct ccgggacccc agagacccca gcgctcctac gattcacagc caccgcgccc     47580
     tcattccctt gttgcagttt ttccagccgc agcaagccag cccaccttcg aagccatgtc     47640
     taccaggtct gtgtcctcgt cctcctaccg caggatgttc ggtggctccg gcacatcgag     47700
     ccggcccagc tccaaccgga gctatgtgac cacgtccaca cgcacctaca gtctgggcag     47760
     cgcactgcgc cccagcacta gccgcagcct ctattcctca tcccccggtg gcgcctatgt     47820
     gacccggtcc tcggcagtgc gcctgcggag cagcgtgccg ggcgtgcggc tgcttcaaga     47880
     ctcggtggac ttctcgctgg ccgacgccat caacactgag ttcaagaaca cccgcaccaa     47940
     cgagaaggta gaactgcagg agctgaatga ccgctttgcc aactacatcg acaaggtgcg     48000
     cttcctcgag cagcagaaca aaatcctgct ggctgagctc gagcagctca agggccaggg     48060
     caagtcgcgc ctgggcgacc tgtacgagga ggagatgcgg gagctgcgcc ggcaggtgga     48120
     tcagctcacc aacgacaagg cccgtgtcga ggtggagcgg gacaacctgg ccgaggacat     48180
     catgcggctg cgagagaagt aaggcctgac ctacgcgagt ggtggggtgt gggagggagg     48240
     ggagtcctgg gccttgcact ggggctgcca cgcccttggg gatgtggctg gggtggcggt     48300
     tgtctggagg atagcagagg aagcgggccc caccctgaac ctaaactttg cagtgaacat     48360
     ttctcttttc gcctcactca agcacttcca ttgaactttt tagaaagttt cttaggtcct     48420
     tcttctgggc ttacagttac cagacaggag gaaagaatgg gtgtgaaggg ttccagacaa     48480
     agagatggca aaggcatctg ggatattggg acaggggatt ggctgtaatt gtaagggaag     48540
     ggcagtgatt gtcttttcca gtgtgcccca actccagcta acacctgcag agagctgcca     48600
     cctcgacaag ttgcagtaac tactgtgggt ggaggtgtca cagcagctct ggactcaagg     48660
     cttggcggca tttgtggttg ggtgtggccg ccccgcccct ggcggttttc cagttcccct     48720
     ttgattaatg tgctgctgct tcagattgca ggaggagatg ctccagagag aggaagccga     48780
     aagcaccctg cagtcattca gacaggtttg tagacttctt tttcacatgc agccagcagc     48840
     ccaatggagc caacccgcga gcggttctaa aagttacttc ccttaggttt taaaaggtgc     48900
     agaacttcac gtctgcttgt aaagccccct ggcggcggaa agcgcacaga ttgaaaaact     48960
     ccactattta gggcagtctt tggaacatga aggctttatt ttctgcttcg tttccagatt     49020
     tttctgatcc cccacacccc cgaaacattt ctcctttcgt tttttgaaac atatcgacat     49080
     tcggatattg aatggttaca atttgattac attgtggatt gtgaaggtga aattggctaa     49140
     ctttcacaag gtcataaaaa ccacagttgc ttcctccagt tggaaatgta gaatactctg     49200
     gaggatgaga aagtttaact ggaattaagc caagttccct ttcttccttc gaagttcggc     49260
     actgcgtgaa agttagcaga agagtcattg cacaaccatt tttgaaatct aacaagggtg     49320
     aaaagaagcc atctgttccc gtagctcaag ggtgttaaag gtttctatgg gcttcactat     49380
     ggaatgtaga tagggacgtt ctggcaaatg cggtggctct ggacagaaag aataggggcc     49440
     tttgtgttcc cagagcagct ttgcaacagg ctacattctt attgaatatg taatgatgta     49500
     accacagttc caattggaca caagtatttg ctaacatcca ttatcttgtg tctgggccag     49560
     gcttgtgagg tatgccgtgt acaaagttct taaagctaaa gtcctccctc acatttggaa     49620
     aggccccctt ttaggggggt ttgtagactc attagcaccc tccacaaaca aaattaaacc     49680
     ctaaactgaa gaatggagta ttttatggag ggaggatttg tttgtttgtg tttgttccag     49740
     ggttaggcat taccttagca tcccgaagtg gacagatggc cagttcagtc ttgtttggaa     49800
     cacttgttag gatcaacagc caaactctcc agatgaatgt tctaaggtag cattctgaag     49860
     gcatttgcat ccttaatggc agtagacgaa tatgcagccc ctttcagtca ctgggcattt     49920
     tcagtcatca ccaaaggaat gttttctaca aagcactgag ttaatacaca ccatctctta     49980
     tttgtggact aaaaattgtt tcattcattc atttaaatga aatgacacat ttagctgaac     50040
     tttttcgaga aggttagtcc aatatcattt atatattttt tgatggctta gcagaagtca     50100
     gaaatgaatg atactactat ttaagttctt atattctttt ttaaattagt attttctttg     50160
     ggactgatag agtaactcaa cattatagtt ataaactata ctgcaaatac agttgcttac     50220
     aagggaagtt tccaaacatt tccttgaaag gaaacaacat ttcacatgca agattgaaca     50280
     gtctgtctta aaatagatca ctttataaaa actctgcaga gaagtttaag tatagtttca     50340
     ttgtaagtgt tttgatctgt catcctaaaa cagacaaagt cattgaaata acactgtgac     50400
     agctgggaca ggcagaaata ccctataggc tgagccaggg tgttttacac attaaaaaaa     50460
     ttagagaagg caaaacaata tagttcagga ttatatttct tttccttctt gcccgaggag     50520
     catatctctg caaatgcaag acctggattt tgaacaatga attactactt gatacgaggc     50580
     tagcctggga acctggatgc cagataactg agtgcttatt ctaaattcca aagataagca     50640
     tctgaaggtt tgaatacagg aaacaaaaaa gagcatgcat atatgttaac ccttctgagc     50700
     tcaattttaa atgattttta aaaaatatgt aatgtgtttg tgtctgtgtg agtgtatagg     50760
     acatttctgc aggcttgcat gaggccagaa gagggcacct gatgccctgg agttggaatc     50820
     ataaaccttc atgaactgct ccatgtgggt gctgggaacc aaactaaaat cctctgaaag     50880
     aacagcattc tttactacta agcctcactt tagaaaacat tttaatttta tttttgaagc     50940
     tctcattttt atattacgtg tactcaagca aacatgaagt tggacaatct catcaactac     51000
     tatcatcaca aaattacaga cttattaaat gtgacagagg tttaaaactg aaaatgaatt     51060
     tttccatata gttcaccata ccatgtcatt gtgcatatac atgtgtttat ttttaacttg     51120
     tctactagtt agcttcaata caaccaaatg gtttcctatt catttttaaa gctaagaatg     51180
     aatattggaa tgtgacccta aatgatttat aaatttatca agggtcatga aattttcagc     51240
     accttttcta caataaggag aatgggttta catggttaat ttttgaacaa ataaataaat     51300
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ggggctgtag agacaggtca atggttaaaa     51360
     gcactggcta ctcttttagg gcacctggaa ttcaatttgc agaacccaca gggctgccca     51420
     cactcttctc cagttccagg gcatcttttg ctctcttatt gcttttgtgg ataccacatg     51480
     ctcgtggcat acttatatac atgcaggcaa aacaccttta tacacaacat aaagtgaaaa     51540
     agggattaat ataaataagt tagataaagg acagacttta tcaccctcca catcatcttt     51600
     tctcttttcg aaataggatg ttgacaatgc ttctctggca cgtcttgacc ttgaacggaa     51660
     agtggaatcc ttgcaggaag aaattgcctt tttgaagaaa ctgcacgatg aagtaagtga     51720
     caccaatttc tgtgggtgaa caaagctgcg accgtgtagt ctacgacctc tctgtgtctg     51780
     ttctttctcc aggagatcca ggagctgcag gcccagattc aggaacagca tgtccagatc     51840
     gatgtggacg tttccaagcc tgacctcact gctgccctgc gtgatgtgcg ccagcagtat     51900
     gaaagcgtgg ctgccaagaa cctccaggag gccgaggaat ggtacaagtc caaggtatga     51960
     aatgagccag agtggcaaga acctctagct ctcagacacg tgcctctaat tccattagta     52020
     acctccagct ctactcagaa gctggcttaa agcttggacc gccattgttg tttcacagca     52080
     ccccttcccc ctcatctcca ttcacagttt cctttagtat ggcagactcc ctttccactc     52140
     attgtcttcc ctgacttcaa agaatacctt actctcatgc tcttgactgc caccacttgg     52200
     aaagcattgc agtagagcaa atactgtttg aaaacgcaat gctggtgttc tgcttctctt     52260
     tccctggttt tccaaaagac gttcagacaa attctaggaa acacacaggc aggatgaaga     52320
     tgcctctttg ttctaagtga gtgaaaactc atggaagtga acaatctcta cttcttttct     52380
     tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct ttctcctcct     52440
     cctcctcctt ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcttcttc ttcttctact tcttcttctt     52500
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     52560
     cttcttcttc ttcgactaag ctcacaacca aaaacaacct ctatttctga ttccttcttg     52620
     acagtttgct gacctctctg aggctgccaa ccggaacaac gatgccctgc gccaggccaa     52680
     gcaggagtca aacgagtacc ggagacaggt gcagtcactc acctgtgaag tggatgccct     52740
     taaaggcact gtgagtacta cagcagcaaa gggggggaaa taccgtgctc agtactattc     52800
     tgctgactag gttaacaatg agacctgtac aaataaatta aacacacacg gacacacaca     52860
     cacacactta tccaaagaga atgaattatc aagatagttt taaggattat ttaatgagta     52920
     ccttgaaagt cttagtttac atatgttatt gattgtaata agaggggttt tagaggttac     52980
     tcctgtaacc tcatcactct ggagaatgag gcagggggat tataaattca cagttaagct     53040
     aggctgcatg taaaagtgtt atttcatcaa agcaaaacat ggaactgggt gcttgtgttc     53100
     tctgttcaaa gctagtgggc acctaccatt aaaagaatta ctgtacctta tttatgaata     53160
     ttttggggga cagccgggtt ttctgggaaa tcacatgaga agccattttt gctttctgca     53220
     gaacgagtcc ctggagcgcc agatgcgtga gatggaagag aattttgccc ttgaagctgc     53280
     taactaccag gacactattg gccgcctgca ggatgagatc caaaacatga aggaagagat     53340
     ggctcgtcac cttcgtgaat accaagatct gctcaatgtt aagatggccc tggacattga     53400
     gatcgccacc tacaggaagc tgctggaagg cgaggagagc aggtatagaa ggcaaacgtg     53460
     catgtgtgaa ctaactcaca gtcgtctttc taggaagatc tcatttaacc cagacaccat     53520
     atatatgagg aacttaacgt tgcagagagt aacttgctgt ggtcagagat aattaatagc     53580
     agagtagatt tgaactcaca gccatgcaaa agacaatacg ttctccctct ataaattctt     53640
     ctggttcatg tttctgtgtg gaaaaaaata tcttccgaaa tttaaatggg ccaatgagac     53700
     caagcatggg tagaaagttc ttaaacaagt cactaacagc aatagatttt catttggtgg     53760
     aaacaagaac tgcgaaaact tgttcctgct tcttgaagtg ctttgttctc aagttttttg     53820
     tgtgtttctt tctcttttta taggatttct ctgcctctgc caaccttttc ttccctgaac     53880
     ctgagaggta agtacattgt ttcatcttat gggaaaaaaa tgtcacaagg ctgtcaccag     53940
     tcactctgcc tgtagcatag cttccacatt tttaaaaata ttttttatta cgtattttcc     54000
     tcaattacat ttccaatgct atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctccccccc actcctctac     54060
     ccacccactc ccacagtaat tcttgattga actgtgcttt tccaaagaaa attcaatgaa     54120
     acatgatttc tcttttataa atacatgtgt atagccattt tattttctga atatttcttt     54180
     tgggcttctg aggttctgat agagttaagt cactttctcg cttccgtttc ttctctcgaa     54240
     accttccatg tactgccccc tgacatatat ggctgtcttt tcagttcatg gcttcctttt     54300
     gtttaaatgc tgttacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactg     54360
     tgtattctta catacatgag tacaatggct cattctgtat aatattactt acatgtatgc     54420
     tttcaggctc gaccatctgg tccctttttt attatagttc tcatgactgc tggagaccaa     54480
     acccagggca atcagctaag ctaaacccac agagctccac ccctagcctg ataccctcag     54540
     tttcaaactc gagtacattc ttgcctttgc taccctgtta agtatagact cagtctactt     54600
     cctgctaatg gcaaagtcag tgaactacta cctcagcctg aatgaaggag cccttaggtg     54660
     ctgtgtactc aaatggatag tgctatgtag gattatgtat gagtagcact ttaaataacc     54720
     ataaaaataa agtcatgatg ctttgggtaa aatggtaatg ttttaaactt tttcttatgt     54780
     tactgccttt tttttttttt ttttttttta attcagaaac taacctggag tcacttcctc     54840
     tggttgacac ccactcaaaa agaacactcc tgattaagac ggttgagacc agagatggac     54900
     aggtcagtat tttttagtta aaatatggga aagtttaaaa gaaggaatga tgaataaact     54960
     atacaaccac tttaaatatg tgttggtccc ctttaagtca gcaagcagat atatcagata     55020
     tggcagctaa cttaaggagt ccccgtggat actggatgaa tagcccccaa ttccaccaat     55080
     gcaagaacca acagtctatt tggtcttgat taggacagta aacttcctgc acaccatagt     55140
     ctgtgcacta aacaggagta aaacaccctt aaggcatctc ttacattggc tgcattaaag     55200
     tgtgtcactt aatgacatcc gtgatatcag ggatagtttg acattggaca tacagttctc     55260
     tctcagtgat tgtcacctgc ttatatagta cgaggaccca tatgtggtca atcactttct     55320
     tgttgccact ccatgccagg gaagacatag ttacaatgag ttataattat aaaagctcag     55380
     ccttgcatga ggatataaaa tacatttgcc atacctctac atatgcctta gttgctttta     55440
     agctttgttt ggaattgcaa aggccaactt cctaaacaca gtttcaaagt attcttttgt     55500
     cacacctttc cactggatac ttgtattgtc tgcaggaaga ggccaccctg cctatgcttc     55560
     tccttagggc ctcgttctgc agagtcagca taaactccca gtctgctcaa ccaattctgt     55620
     ctgattaggg ccatatctcc ttaccatgag ttgatttttg tttctttttt gagcaggtga     55680
     tcaatgagac ttctcagcat cacgatgacc ttgaataaaa attgcacaca cttggtgcaa     55740
     cagtgcagta ccagcaagaa ggaaaaaaaa atcgtatctt aggaaaacag ctttcaagtg     55800
     cctttactgc agtttttcag gagcgcaaga tagatttgga atagaaagaa gctcagcact     55860
     taacaactga caccccaaaa gacgtagaaa aggtttacaa aataatctag tttacgaaga     55920
     aatcttgtgc tagaatactt tttaaagtat ttttgaatac cattaaaact gcttttttcc     55980
     agtaaatatc tgaccaactt gttactgctt caataaatct tcaaaaatac tgttttggtg     56040
     tgttatttta taatatctaa acaactctct ttacttctat tggttaattt gcaaaaatca     56100
     tgtttagatt tttgagttca atttatttat gcttgcgata tagttttcac gttagccttt     56160
     taagagggag atcacttctt tttcaattgt ttattgtttt aatttgatgt gggtatatga     56220
     cttagaggca tgcttacaca cacaggccct gggttcaacc tttagtaaat gaatacatgc     56280
     atctgcacat gcttatgcac acacatgtgc acacccacac aaaactgata taaaactatg     56340
     tggtattggg gaaatggctc acttgataaa atgctgcttg taaaattatg aggatttgag     56400
     tttggactcc tgaaattcat gcaaaaagaa catggtgttc acctgcaatt ccagccctgg     56460
     ggaagaaaag aaaccaggac ccctgggact tactgaccag cctgtttaga ccattttcga     56520
     actctaggaa cagtgagaga cccccttttt ttattagata atttctttat ttacatttaa     56580
     aatgttatcc cgtttttatt tacatttaaa tgttaacccg ttccgggttt tctctccaaa     56640
     acttccgaac acctctcatt ccccctgctc cccaatccac ccacccccac ttcctggccc     56700
     tggcattccc ctacactggg gtatataact ttcacaggac caagggcctc tcctcccagt     56760
     gatgaccaac taggctatcc tctgctacat atgcagctag agccgtgtgt cccaccatgt     56820
     gttttctttg gttgatggtt tagaccctgg gagctctggg gttactggtt agttcatatt     56880
     gttgttcctc ctagggagct gcaaacccct tcagttcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct     56940
     tcattgggga ccttgtgctc agtccaatgg atggctgtga gcatccactt ctgtacttgt     57000
     gaggcactgg caaagactct caggagacaa ctatatcagg ctcctgtcag caagaacttg     57060
     ttggcatcca caatagtgtc tgggtttggt ggttgtgtat gggatgaatc accaggtggg     57120
     gcagtttttg gatgttcctt ccttcatttt ctgctccaca ctttgtctct gtaactcttg     57180
     agtttttgat cttagccatt ctcactggtg tgagctagaa tctcagggtt gttttgattg     57240
     gcatttccct gatgactaag gatgttgaac attttttaga tgcttctcag ccattcaata     57300
     ttcctcagtt gagaattctt tgtaaagctc tttaccccat ttttaagtag ggttatttgg     57360
     ttctctggag tctaacttct tgagttcttt gtatatattg gatattagcc ctctatcgga     57420
     tttaggattg gtaaagatct ttttccaatc ttttagttgc ctttttgtct tattgacaat     57480
     gtcctttgcc ttacagaatc tttgcaattt tatgaggtct catttgtcga cccttgatct     57540
     tacagcacaa gccattgctg ttctgttcag gaatttttcc ccggtgccca tatcttcgag     57600
     gcttttcctc actttctcct ctataagttt cagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagttcctt     57660
     gattcacttg gacttgagct ttgttcaagg agataagaat ggatcaatat gcattcttct     57720
     acctgatacc tgccaattga gccagcacca tttgtttaaa atgctgtctt ctttccattg     57780
     gatgctttta gctcctttgt caaagatcaa gtgaccatag gtgtgtgggt ttatttctgg     57840
     gtcttcagtt ctatcccatt gatctacctg tctgtcactg taccagtacc atgcagtttt     57900
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgttttttca caattgctct gtagtacagc ttgatgatgt     57960
     actacatcag ggatgtacac aatcagggat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttattgtt     58020
     aagaatagtt tttgctatct taggtttttt gttattccag atgaatttgc aaattgccct     58080
     ttctaactca gtgaagaatt gagttggaat tttgatggag attgcattga tctgaagatt     58140
     gttttcagca agatagccat ttttgctata gtaatcctgc caatccatga gcatagaaga     58200
     tctttcattc ttctgaaatc ttcttcgatt tctttcttca gagacttgaa gttcttatca     58260
     tacagatctt cacttcctta gttagagtca taccaaggta ttttatatta tttgtggtta     58320
     ttttgaaggg tgttgttttt aaaatttctt tcccagcctt tgagttgaat atcctttgag     58380
     tagaggtagg ccattgattt atttgagtta attttgtaac caatttgctg aagttgctta     58440
     tcaggcttag gagttctctg gtggattttt tttttagtca catgatatga tactatcata     58500
     tcatctgtaa atagtgatat tttgacttct tcttttccaa tttgtatccc tttgaactcc     58560
     ttttgttgtg ttcttgctct ggccagaact ttgagtacta tattgtacag atagggagag     58620
     agtggatagc cttgtctagt ccctgatttt aatgggattg cttcaagttt ctctccattt     58680
     agtttgatgt tggtactggt ttgctgtata ttgcttttac tatgtttagg tatgggcctt     58740
     gaattcctga tctttccaat acttttatca tgaaggggtg ttggattttg tcaaatgctt     58800
     tctcagcatc taatgagttg atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt atatattgga     58860
     ttatgtggat ggatttccat atgttgaacc atccctgcat ccctgggatg aagcctactg     58920
     gatcatgatg aatgatcgtt ttgatgtgtt cttggattca gtttgcaaga attttattga     58980
     gtatttttgc attgatattc ataaaagaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctttc tttgttgtgt     59040
     ctttatatgg tttaggtatc agagtaattg ttgcttcata gaacgaattg ggtagagtgc     59100
     cttctatttc tattttgagg agtgttggaa ttaggtcttc tttgaaggtc tgctagaact     59160
     ctgcactaaa cccatctggt cctgggcttt ttttttttgg ttgggagact attaatgact     59220
     gtttccattt ctttagagga catggagtgt ttatattgtt aatttgatcc tggtttaact     59280
     ttcgtacctg gtatctgttt agaaaactgt tcatttcatc caggttttct agttttgttg     59340
     agtataggct tttgcagtag gatctgatgg tttctttgga tttcctcaga ttctgttgtt     59400
     atgtcttctg agagcccatt tcaaaaagtg tagtatgaga tcctggtctc catatacaca     59460
     tgtgcacata tgcatgtgca tatacacaca cctgaccaca tatactccag gcacaataaa     59520
     atcaacagat accatataaa tgattctcag tttatgacgg atcatcttcc aactgctgac     59580
     ttcactgtgt gtcaggatga tgggtatcag tagaagctgt gctttgctga atggtctctt     59640
     tctggcatag atcacaatga cacaggagat gttgccatga ctcctacaca gccacacagc     59700
     cacacagcta catacccaca tagggagcca accagtactc tatactgtac tggtagctta     59760
     gctaagtagg tctgattttt aaatgcactc tcttcttatg ttttgattac atgatgtatg     59820
     gacatatcaa aataacccca ttgcaaggag aaggactgtt gataggtctc ttgaaaatca     59880
     gctaagcagg atttgggccc agatcagact tcagttgcaa caaataagtt tcctactaaa     59940
     gaagaaagat gtaaaagtaa tgcaaagtaa agcccaagct catctcacac gtttcactct     60000
     gaaagtggac aacggaagga atcacttgcc tgttagcatg ctgttgtttg tcaactgaaa     60060
     tgctgaagaa attctgcttt ctttgcaaaa ctcaaggttt cctggttgac tgagcacatg     60120
     aggtgagctg atggtcttag ttcagaatga tctgactgtg tgaacttaca gtctgtgtgc     60180
     tgctgggaaa gtgtgatagc tcctagagtt ctgtgtatga cccgtgggct ctcgttagtt     60240
     accggactct taaaactggt attgtgacat tacaacaata ttttgtgcca attttataaa     60300
     cctttacagt gcaatatgtg ttacttttct gaggcaaacc aaaggtatat ttctcaaggt     60360
     tctgctgcca tcagcagcat ttgatggagg attttttata caaagaaaga tgaaacatat     60420
     ttatacaacg aagatgaaac agattgcagt ttgttttttt gttatcattt tttttattgt     60480
     aaaccatgtt ccatgtttct ggtcaagatt gtgtaggata agttaaacat aattgcattc     60540
     tattaaccat tatgaatgta tttcttatgc atatagttac attgaaataa agttctaaaa     60600
     actatcaaag taaaaaaaag gaaagctgta ttttagccct gccacatata catagcagaa     60660
     actccagcat atgagttaga atttcacaaa atggctgaga tgtaaatcca gtctttctgt     60720
     agtgagacac agatgagcca ctagatgtgg gtgcacacct gcaatcccag ctcctgtaag     60780
     gtggaggtgg gaggaccagg agctcaagtc tctacaacat cctgcgttca agtccatcat     60840
     caactacaca agtcactgtt ttatagaaca ataggaaaga tgtaaaggaa tagagttcac     60900
     caagtttaat ttataaaact ggaatatttt atgtatgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtatgcatgc     60960
     atatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtgtat gtatgtatgt actttttaca gcccagctta     61020
     attgttattc aagatagatt ctctgataaa tagacatgct gctgtgaata cattttcatt     61080
     taacaaaatg aaacctttat cttttcttct gaggagttga gattattgtg tgggagtcat     61140
     atgttaagct gtgctaactc aaagtacata tggtttcaaa ctccggggtc gtagaaaagt     61200
     agtccaaact caaaaggctg cctcttggtc atgctaggag aacaggcctt tggagggtgg     61260
     gtagactgag gtagaaagaa gatggaaggt attgtctgca gggagatgag ctgtcaacaa     61320
     cgtgtgttct agagtagaag acctcctaaa cttctgttaa gtttcaaatt actgtaattc     61380
     tatgattatc cactctctct ttgactaata agtaggcact agaagtgatt ttttctttgt     61440
     atctatctgt atttaaagtc aagggaattc tctcaaaccc ttttccatag gctgtgatat     61500
     gagctgtgat ttatgtcatg tcatagttac agacactgca aaggcagaga aagcataggt     61560
     cactgaagtc atagtttttg tctgttgtaa taccacaatt tgtgtgtctg tatgtgtttg     61620
     tgtgaatgta tgagtctctg tgtgtttctg tatgtatatc tctgagtgtg tctgtatgaa     61680
     tgtttctgtg ggtgtatgtg tgtttgtatg tatctgcatg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtctcta     61740
     ggtgtatctc tgtatatatt atgtatatgt atattttatg tgtttgcctg tgtgtatgtt     61800
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt ctctgtgtgt ttgtgtataa ctgcatgtat ctctgtatga     61860
     gtgcatgtgt ttgtgtatgt ctatgtaact ctgtatatat tatttgttca ctgtgtatat     61920
     gtgtatatat tatgtttgct tgtagatgta tgtatctccg tgtttgtctc tgtgtgtaca     61980
     cctatgtacc tttgcctttc caacactaga attacaagcg agccacccca ttcaggattt     62040
     tttttcctag acagggttgc attatgtaga caaggcttgc ctgaaacttg ctatgtcttg     62100
     aatgcactgc tgtgatctgc ctgcttctgc ttcctgagta ttaagataaa agccatgaac     62160
     caccacacta aaacgcttgg ctttatgtgt caatgaaact caggtgttca tgctcacaag     62220
     gcaagcactt ttccacctga actatgtcct gccctcagtg tgactattaa tagtacttct     62280
     tttctaactc acatgccttc tatcttcgat atggatgata tctggtcatc ttgtctctag     62340
     aataatctag gaggaaagag accatgaatg tgcttcgctc ttcaacaccc cgtgttacaa     62400
     ctactgtatc aaatgctaat tgcaatggct ggtggaagcc ctagggtact tttgtctgaa     62460
     tggtgcttca tgtccataat cccagcactt ggaggcagat ccaggaagat tgctgcaacg     62520
     ttgaagccag cttcagcaaa aagtaaaaac gaactctgtg agtatcccag atccacctca     62580
     gaattgtaag tcataacata atataatgca tggcgataat aattctttgt caatgggctc     62640
     atagtgaatc gagtacataa acagcattgg aaacacaaat aagcatcatc tctaagcaac     62700
     cttttctgcc ctttatccac tttgcaatgt tctctgagcc gtaatcctac cctttccatc     62760
     tcgtctctcc tttctaacta acacttgcct tgtgagactt acgagcctgg ggctccctcg     62820
     gctgcagatt cactttcttc atataggtct agcactcagt accatttaaa gtcacatttc     62880
     ttcacagatg gtgaggtaag aaggaccaag ataataagga gtgctgccaa tacccattga     62940
     gagtaatagc tccaagcctg caaagtccct gacaactgtg ttaaaaatca catcccagga     63000
     attgagggtc tggacatgag attcatctcc tttatctgtg actgtcagaa atgagactta     63060
     atggaaagcc tcctaggaga acatctcata ggaattcaaa tctcactaag tcttctttta     63120
     tttttatctt taattacact gttagcattt tccttatctt ccactttgga aaactaataa     63180
     acggagccta cattttcccc acctagggtg aaagcagaga ttaatgtttg gttcttttat     63240
     gtataacatt aatccaagat taaaggacat tattattttt tttaactagg ggatggggag     63300
     aaagaatgat gacataaagt gtaagtctaa acaatttacc aagaggattg tagaagccag     63360
     gagagtatac aactgtgagc cctcctctcc caggccagtg acagacagaa gagacttctg     63420
     gccaagcaag tgcatttatc ctataatgca cagcagtcag ctgccttccc ttgatgagcc     63480
     cttaacacag acaccaagga tccacagcct cttttctatg gctacagacg gacatgagaa     63540
     gtggagaggg gcataagctt ctactctagc tgtttacctg aatgcttaca cagcccaata     63600
     catagggtga agccttcttc ccagcgtgac taatatgcag aaagtctgcc tttgggagct     63660
     agcttagccc tcattggtag aatgtgagtg cttacttaac aggcctggag aatttatttg     63720
     ccactctgtc tggcaggcca cagtaagaag aaatcaccat ctacaacata aaaacagtag     63780
     aaacagtttt tcaccagaca cagagtctgt tggcacctta atcatgaact tttatcccat     63840
     ggaacagcaa ctgtggggtc agagctgtat caaatcctac ccacacaatt cagggaatgt     63900
     tttctttttg acaagctgct tctatctgat gtaaaatata aaactggaca atgatgcccc     63960
     ccccacacac acacaagaat tgtgaggatg aaaagataca gtgtatgtga agtgctgtca     64020
     tttgtagagt ggtccctatc caaactcatt aaagtgtaat taccattgca acagtgttgc     64080
     tgtgagacat ttaagaaagg tgtatgacat gaagcttccc cactctcaat gagatcagtg     64140
     ttgctatagg ggcttcttgt gcccccgttg ccctttcttt ctccattatg agatgacaag     64200
     gcaaaaagtc cgtcacctgg tactaaatgt tcaattctgg tctttctatt aaccatacac     64260
     aactataaaa cacatctgtg ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aagcctaaga     64320
     ctttagagcc tagattctgc ttccaaaatg gtgacttgtc attgtatctt caggagggaa     64380
     cagaagtcat gtcctcagat ggtacagggg gtagatagag tgaaaaggga tgagctcttc     64440
     cagattccct ttgtgcaagt ggggacctcg tggcacactt ctcttctgaa acccacactt     64500
     cctaatgcta cgtgttggga tgtttttgtc aacatgaatt gtggagagat cagaagccta     64560
     acttcaaaca ccaaattagg acacagtggg aaatgtacat tgtaatccaa ttttatacat     64620
     tgatacagaa gcacatatta taatgaaaaa tcaaccatcc aagttgtgct gaccaaggtc     64680
     ctgccaaagg caagtggtgg gttagacagg acaggtgctt tattcgaagg atgaatggaa     64740
     gagcggagta gacaggtgac ttgagttcca ggcatgtatc ccaggtaggt ctgacaacag     64800
     aaaaaggaag gaagaaaaga cagaacaaga gttgttgcag agagcagaag agagaggttt     64860
     caggcaagcc aatgaggatc ctcggatcac ttgcacagca aagcggcctt gcagccatgg     64920
     ttcagaccag tgtcttcact gtatgcatgc agtggttggg gatagcagaa gatcctgaac     64980
     tatacacatg gtggcaggtg caaatgtcaa ttcattatgt tcctgaagca gttattaatc     65040
     tattttcctg ccactagaca catttgatga tagaatgctt taaatatttg tatgtacttc     65100
     aaagatgcta aattatttgt atgctatgca tgtcttagac atttaagatt aatttaagat     65160
     taatcagagg ctaacattta acaggctgaa gggaaatgaa aaccatatga tcagattcac     65220
     aaatggaaac actctgctta actgatcatt taatcattat atatactgtt agaatgaaaa     65280
     tataagaact tttcttaact ttttgtcggg aacctataca caatcaagag caagaccagg     65340
     tacagtggta catgcctgga cccagaactt gggagcccaa gacagagaga ttgtgattgg     65400
     gggccagctt ggactaattg ttcctacaag accaaacaga acaagcaaga atagttacta     65460
     tcttctcttc aaaccatact acactatagt aaaaaactta agccaaaata aggaagagat     65520
     ttaaaaatct tgaattataa atgacattat tgatgatttg gtaaacccaa aacagctctg     65580
     tatgaagcag aaggttaaga ggagatgtgt cattcaggac aagataaagt gagatgagat     65640
     gagatgctaa tacttaggta agagaccatg tcctgctaag gggcattaca ctagaatgat     65700
     ttgagcatca aagccataga gcacccccag atccacatat ataaaaacta tttctgatgg     65760
     cttgtggtaa cagagcccta ttttttctga ctacttttac cccaaacttg aagcaatagg     65820
     cagcacgaca taacagtgat gtggttctaa catccatttc taactttcca agcttttaat     65880
     aacacataac tttcatatct aagtgctcat ttttaacaaa ctttatttta tatcaatagt     65940
     ctaaagctaa tttggggaat tttgtaacag taggtaatta atccacaaca gcattctgcc     66000
     ttaaaattat ttctttttcc attcactgac ttttcccttg ccacaatcca gtccatgttt     66060
     caattaaata tgggtacaga atctccagtt atgtaatcga atgtgtttag ggtcatgagt     66120
     ccaattagat aattgaacat tctctgcacc acctccagat aaattctcat gccctctgtg     66180
     attcatcgat catgagttag tttactgtga gaataaaggc atggattggt tggagctgtc     66240
     cacgggtggt agataggatg aactgcctgt gaaacaatgt aatcagctct cggcagaatt     66300
     catttcaaaa tgtctctccc cttgggctgt gacagaatca ggcagttttt gttccaactg     66360
     ccatgagctt cagcaaatca ttcttcatgt tctccattgt catgttctcc actgtcacct     66420
     ttaagcccaa gtcacattca cctgcttttg ctttcagacc ggcagagccc aagggaagca     66480
     agaggtcatc catatagttc tagtgtgttc tagaaagaac tggatacagt caaataatcg     66540
     ggaagaatta cagcatatct atgtatatgc atgcatgaat ctgtatccac acatgtatga     66600
     agacgatgtc atgaaagtga tcactctgta tgctcaacta agctaaatag taaaggaaaa     66660
     aaaaaaaaag aattgggtgt ggttaagtct gtgcctggcc ttcaggccat gggatcatga     66720
     cattcttcag tttgactgta agtgctcttg acaatactat agtgatgaga ttttactttc     66780
     tctgccaaag tcaacagcag acaggaaatg ttcgaggtaa acaaaatttc atagaaagaa     66840
     cgctttatga ggaagactaa gaggtgagtt acatcaaagc tactcaaaag accttgatga     66900
     atggcccttc atttaatagg tcatgtgata catatgatcc aaaagtaact aatctgaggg     66960
     tcataaacag agactcttct taatcattct ctctttgcaa aacgttaaac acccactgtg     67020
     gtcctatgta gtcccctgtc tgttcctctg cagctctttt ctctgtcatt ggcactttat     67080
     ctaataagtg tttcctttat taattaaggt tgttatgtaa cagttccatg catgtataga     67140
     attctattca ctctcttcta tataccttgt gttgattctc tcacatttca atcaatctct     67200
     ctttcttcgt cttgatcaat ctctttccca gaatcatgac tttttgggtt tgttttgctt     67260
     tcttttcgag tctttgcccc atttagttaa tcagggctac ttgtgtgccc actggcttgg     67320
     aaccgttcac tggaggagtc atcatggaag acaatgcctc ctcctctccc caactctatc     67380
     agtagcaaat aacttagcag tgaggggtga tgtcccctga gcctcactcc cagtcatacc     67440
     taggtaatct ttcatacaac aaatagaatt tttaattttc cttagaagac ctgagaagcc     67500
     accactaaag cagtagtgga ggtagacagc tgaggtctgc aggccaaagc tgatggtggt     67560
     aaggcaggca tagagtagac gttgtttcct agcctgaggc tggggccatc tgctatctct     67620
     taactgttag aatccaggga gccaccatga tcataataac tgcagggctg gaaggacatt     67680
     taaagccact gactcacagg aagctgggga tgtcagttat ataccctgac ttctttagga     67740
     aagaaatata ctcagccatc aagagtgctt cttaactcct acaagcagag gcaggagtgg     67800
     aagaggcaaa aaaggctggt agcaatttgg tcacacgaag ttgcttaccc tttgatgagt     67860
     tctcaccctt gagctgattt tcaggttcag aacccagcag gtagtgtcca ggaaaaggct     67920
     taaactgtca caaccctagg tcctgggttc taataccttc tgccaaggtg actcagtgat     67980
     ggaaaccatt tcctgaaata actgtgtgga agcccaaatc ttctgaagat tcttggacac     68040
     caggtctttc agttattttc acttttcaga ctgtgcctcc agaaagaaaa aatcctttat     68100
     cttttagttc ttctgatggc ctctctcttc atttctcaac accccaaagt ttcaaaatcg     68160
     tcattgtctt ttaaagttat ttttaactta agtaaaatat aatactatta gttctcccat     68220
     ctctcctgtg tcctacctgt ctgtgtcgat ctctgtccct ctcaacctca caggcttcct     68280
     cttcttgaac cattattgat aaattatctt tttcttttaa tgcttcctca tacaagtaac     68340
     tgttcttgac ctcattacta tctgtccctt tgctccatct ttctttttct caaaacgaca     68400
     tttgctgtaa cacactcatt tcaacctgct attgcaacct tatgtattgg gtcacttgac     68460
     agtttttgtg gcctccctag aatgtaattg cctgagttca ggagtcccct ttgtttgttc     68520
     attggtctgt ccccagaatc tgcaaatact gcttgatcag tatcaaataa gaaactccat     68580
     tcaaaggcag gccatacatt catgctctaa aggaagttcc tgaaattgaa aatgggcata     68640
     gaaaaaaagc taccctatga cccacacaat cctcaatcag tcaagcattt gtaatcccca     68700
     cttcatagat aggaaaactg aggtttacag atggcaataa ttaagcaata ttgacaaggc     68760
     catccagata gcaaatcagg aaatagagat ataagtccac ttccaaagtg tggactgtag     68820
     aagcctaatg aaaaggaaaa cagaaattaa taataatagt agtaataata ataataataa     68880
     taataataat aataataaaa accctctacc ttgtaatggg ttgaagctct gagggaacat     68940
     taaactatcc aatttctaga cattttgagc ataacaactc ttgccatcaa tcttcatatt     69000
     ttctaaatta taaactaggc cttgggagta gccctcagtc ttccagcctt ccgtgggtcc     69060
     taccatcttt tgccttgtgt tgctaatcag gcctcagaag tgcagaaaca ttcctcacag     69120
     ggtcagagaa gtctggagaa gcattaagtc attaccagtg ccaagtggag tgctacagtg     69180
     tgtttttctg gtatttgaac ccatctagtg tctaatgact cagaaaatgt ttctcttatt     69240
     taatccctct caggacgttt cccttattta gaagcttcta atgacctccc tcgtcagaga     69300
     agtgagtctc ttcagatacc tgtcaaatga ttttatgtgc ttaatataaa gcaaaggttg     69360
     ggggtgggtg ggtgggtgga gggggtggct cagggagagc aaagtcattc tggaaagcaa     69420
     acaaggaaaa gcactcagtg gggaagaatt aaattgttac tcgtggaaat agtgccagca     69480
     gagccatgaa aaagccacac aaatcaaaga ccactatcta aatcaaatgc atgccaattt     69540
     aaatcctagt ccttggtgaa cccgattcag cctccttata cactgaataa cgaataatgc     69600
     tctgaatcag gacctagaat acattgcatg taaaacacca tttgaaaaaa taaatacagc     69660
     ctttggagaa agcatagtga agcccaggta actgaatttc ctcaaagctg ccagttcatg     69720
     ctctgtggat tagtgattca cctcaaacag cccttccttt taataggcat ttagcactgt     69780
     ggggttgtta aaacctgtga tagtggagtc tggtttatcc accaaagagt gttacccatg     69840
     tcttttgcca acatctttat aaaaatattt tcataggaga aaatcatctt ttacataaaa     69900
     aaatgaaggg gatggggcag aaacggtgta aagatgaggc agaaagaaag gcaaaagact     69960
     ggagaaaaaa caaggagaca gagagagggg gagggaggga ggagtggaga gggaggaaag     70020
     gagggaaggg gagggaggga gaaagagagg aagggagaga gagagaaaga ggagggaggg     70080
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaggagaga     70140
     gagattgaga gagagagaga gagaagattg gacaaagact tgttctttag ggctgggatg     70200
     tagctcagta gtagaatgtt ctgggttcta tccttatctc tttaccatac acacccctcc     70260
     ataagaagga tttcttcagg ttctctaatg ccattgaaga tgtttgtctg agaagatggt     70320
     tctaaataaa aaaaaagtat ctaagaaacc actatgacac ttgcccttat gacaaagaat     70380
     ggcaagacca ttgtagtgtt caaagaaata ctgacatcta ctggcacata caaaactcac     70440
     atgccctttc taagggccat tgttaatttc tgggaattgg gattaaaata caatgggtat     70500
     aactcaacct tcctggggac ttgaggtgaa aaatatccat taatattttc tatggttatc     70560
     tattgcagat atacagctgt aaactcagtt actaaaatag ttagcaagag cagcaaccac     70620
     cccaggaaga gcagcagcca ccccaggaag agcagcagcc accccaggaa gagcagcagc     70680
     agcagcagca gcagcagcag cagcagaagt ttccatttgc ttcctgaact cagaacagac     70740
     tttgttgaaa ttaacacttc aaaacacaca tgagtaagaa gcaacacttc tcattcagaa     70800
     gatagacatg tccctgtgaa ctgaaagctg cagaataaaa agccacattc atgtcgaaga     70860
     ccctacaaag ttgatgaaca ggttagacct ccatgatttt ggtgacttgg aacgttaaaa     70920
     aatctagaac catcctgggc tatgtgtagt cctcctcatt accattcatt ggtcacctcc     70980
     cagtctcacc taacatcttg gtgaccatca cacagaaacc ttcagaatgt actaacttag     71040
     cagagcacta gtttttccac tagacccaaa gctaggaagg tcattatgta aaaaatataa     71100
     cagagtcctc tccactttac tcaccctacc caaggtcacc accgaccaaa gtctttacct     71160
     atgactttgg ggttttgttc tcctaaatat tggtgtaata agtccatttg cagcacgtca     71220
     ttctgggcaa ctgaggccct gctcactcat tttggcttag aatgaagtct cctgttccct     71280
     ttgaagtgag aactgtgatt tactggattt gtcaattctg ccaaattact tcatttctct     71340
     gatgctgagt cttttttatc tgaaaggtgg aattagagat agctgccctg gctgagtcca     71400
     ctgacaatta gcagtggtta acagaatacc ttgttcacat caaacgctca acagtgggag     71460
     cagtttttac atttaaagaa tagagacacc ctggaaccat ttcgtcttca ctgtccacgc     71520
     tgtgacttag aagggtattt ctcaaactcc aaccatgcat gagtcaccag agaatcttgt     71580
     tatccagctc gtactgtcaa cagctctttg ctggggatct tctgagataa ttttaagccc     71640
     agcgaatcta tggggttcaa cctcctctag tggaaaggtg aatcaagata tcttctaaca     71700
     gattcttttg tacatttttt cttcttggtt tcttttactt taaaaaatgt attttttcat     71760
     acattacatc cagaccacag tttctcttcc ctccacttct cccagtccct ctcccaccta     71820
     ctctcttccc cagacccact cctctgtttt ccttcccaca aaacaaaacc agaacaacaa     71880
     acaaacaaat aaaaacaaaa caaagcagcc ctaccaagga aatcaactaa acatgccata     71940
     acaggttaca ataagagcag gcacaaacag tcctatcaag gctggacaag gcaaccctgt     72000
     aggaggaaaa ggatcccaag ttcaggaaaa aagtcagaaa cagtcctcag tcctaccgtt     72060
     aaaggtcccc agaagagcac caagctacag aaccataaag taaatgcaga ggacctcgcc     72120
     cagaccaaac aaggttctgt gtttgtccct tcagtctctg tgagctcctg tgagccctgc     72180
     ttagttgatt ctgttggaaa tgttttcatt gtgtcctcga cccctctatc tcttacaatt     72240
     cttcatctcc atcttctttg gggttcctgg ctctgcctag tgtcaagtgc tttgggtctc     72300
     tgcatctgtt tccatcagtt gctggatgac tctgcctctc tgatgacaat tacactagga     72360
     tctgtgagta tagcataaca gcattaggaa tcatttcatt gactcttttt tttcccctga     72420
     cagtcatgtt tggttgtatc ctggctcact gggttgtcca gtcaggcagt gccaggcttg     72480
     agaactctct tgtagcatga gcctcatgtt gaaccagtca ctggttggcc actcacaaaa     72540
     gtcctgagcc accattacct ttgcacatct tgccaggggg atagattata gttttttttt     72600
     ttttgtctgg tttgatgttc agtcccagtg ttgggagctt tgcctggtta tggaagatgg     72660
     ccagttctgg atctgcatcc tccattacca gagcactcca caatggtcac ttacacaaat     72720
     tccagggcgt ttacacttta ctaggtttct acatcacccc ccaactgtgg attccagtca     72780
     cctctcctcc cctctctctg tatcaattta tgaattagat ttatcatgag agaaggttgg     72840
     attctagtca gaaaggccct gtaagaggag tgttgcaatt aagcgtgtca gctaaatgtt     72900
     ctacttctgc tctaggttta gtgcagaatc caacacttaa gaacaactga gatcaacggg     72960
     tttggggtta tctcttttca agtgattggt caaggtagtg ccatgggtgc ctacaggtct     73020
     ctactattgc ttttagttac tctccaggac ttgaggataa gacctcattg ctgatgaaaa     73080
     tcatattctt gagtcataag acatggagga atcaagattt tatcaatctg aaaacttcat     73140
     ccttaacggg atagccttca tggtgctgga aagttctagg tatcatggca gtgaagaaaa     73200
     acaataacag tcttaccaag ttgtgaatcc ggagagctac aaaaatgact ggcctagaaa     73260
     gataagtcaa ctaatgcaat agtagaagaa aagtatggga acaaccaaca agtttcttag     73320
     tggatgtaaa gcccatgcca caagatggac ctcatgtctg ctaatgttaa ctagtgttgt     73380
     tattatggta aatagacatt gtgatactat tatgtccctg tacccataga ttaatgcatc     73440
     tcttaaccct tcttagggaa gcttcttttt gcagtagatg gtaattaata tagtgactta     73500
     caattcctcc ctgtggataa aataagagac tatgggatat caatatcaca atcctctcca     73560
     cctcaaggct tagggatcat catggaaaag gtaaccaagg gagtagacat ttatagcaag     73620
     catgacaggg cagtggtaca catgaactca tggcaactgg aacttcatgc tcaagatcaa     73680
     gtaagacaaa aattcaagaa tgggtagggc aaaggtcaag ggcctttctg aagagctatt     73740
     ggcaactatg gctgctggga aagggataga ccattttctt ctggaagtga gaagctccta     73800
     tgccccaaga aatggacata accacaaata tgcaggcagc actagggact cagtgggttt     73860
     ggttttgttt gcttgtttgt tctggaaaac acacaaagtt atgagggaaa attcgcgctg     73920
     ctatttccgt tgttgtgcag gtttttaatt tcatgcaatc acacttcata ctttctgtta     73980
     ttttctgagt tattgaattc attttgcaaa aagtccttgg ccattgttat aacttgaaat     74040
     tatttcccca ttttcttcta gtagtttcaa agttcttttt atattagggt cttttttatc     74100
     tgtcttaaat ttatttttgt atagggcaag agagatctct aattccacta cattgtaaac     74160
     agacatcctc ttttcctgga gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt tttttttcca aacaaatagc     74220
     aaatgctagg caaatgctct ttcccagtca taaagaacaa aattatgtcg tttttcataa     74280
     aaaattaatg gagctgaaga ttacaatgtt aagtaaaaat ctagctttct caagaaaaat     74340
     gctaaacttt tgctcaaata tggaatctat acaatgattc tagatctatg atgtaaatac     74400
     acaaggaatc tctctggaaa gaggcaaagg actctttgtg agaagagagg gaagggcaga     74460
     gtggataatt gtggggtaat atgagtacag cccatggcaa tgggtctgta ggacatcact     74520
     acactgtggg atgaaaacat gattgaagtc atgacatgac tagtgatggc caaacctctg     74580
     tgctgtgtgg catttgttgg ggagacatga acaaacacct gttcacttca atgggacaca     74640
     gcctacagac cttaaaatct gatttaacct tggttctagt tcagcagtaa ttttactggc     74700
     aattagaaga aaacaggaat ataggtaaaa tgttcctcaa aggaatttag gtaatacctc     74760
     tcaaaatcag tatatgtaga cagttgagac agttaaagag tctcttctcc ccagtaatta     74820
     attgttggga aggaaccttg aaaaatctta caacttttaa attctatctg aaccttgcac     74880
     atttactggg ctttgtctgt ttcacttaat tcccaagtct taagtcttct ttctccccta     74940
     caggagatga tttaatttgg agaagtagat atataccact ccagccctca tcctgttctt     75000
     acatctttct gcctcctctt ctgtgatgtt tgattggagg gtatactatg gctaggtatc     75060
     atgccactgt atcacatcta gagtcatttg ttcttaagag cttgaccagt tacaaatctc     75120
     tgtagtacag ttacattgca aaaatacatc tccctcaagg atgatgagta ttagcaattt     75180
     ggcagcatat cacatttatc taacaaagca atagcagtta cttccccaac tgcatagtat     75240
     gacctcctta gtcacagaca tttatcatgg cttctattcc cagatgtgaa ttcttttcta     75300
     ccaggctggc cttaaatcga accagaaagc agttggttgc atgtataaca accatgccat     75360
     ttattgtgcc agtgggtaca ttttccctaa tatgttgcta gcacagctca catgaatcta     75420
     taatcaagca agattgttgg tgacaattcc tagcaatctg tacagtccct ttcaagtacc     75480
     atgaaatcca ggctccaggg gcgatgcttt cattttagtc ctccttgatt tctacatgtc     75540
     ttttagtcaa agtttgcagt atctttagga atagaaactt accacctagc tcaggaatat     75600
     ggctaattgc aatgacaata gcctttttgg atttgggagc ttccgagcta tgttggctaa     75660
     caactcacag aaaggtagcc cactccaaca accatctgtc ttctggggac atcctttcta     75720
     cttatacaga gtgcctttat tcaaactctg ttgttttact attcctccag atatgtttaa     75780
     aaatcacact caatgtataa ataaatcttc atttacctgt tctagaattt atttgtttta     75840
     cagaggatga aaagaacttc taaaggccga acaacatgca ttcaaaaatg tgttggctct     75900
     tctaagcaga taaaaatact tacagagaat gttagaaaag tttgttactg catgaaatga     75960
     tctcatcgtt tgtatcaatt attttcaagg ttggaaccag caagatgttt ctgcaagaaa     76020
     acctacttgc taccaaaggt actttgtgaa gacctgacat atattcccct gcacccatgt     76080
     ggtaggagag gattgaatcc ttcaagttgt cttccaccct ccacatacgt gctgttgtaa     76140
     tacctgggcc ggcggacact tgcgcgcaaa cacacacaga gggcgggggt agggggagag     76200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     76260
     agaataaatg tttagaaaag gaggtactga aagcatcagc atgagtccaa actctccttc     76320
     aatgtcccta acattgaggt aacttatctg caagttagca ttgaaggctg tggatgttgg     76380
     gaagcccttg actaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaat     76440
     ccaaactaaa gattatcagc tcctttgcac ttcttcctcc ctgctgctac tgtcaatatt     76500
     gtgttcatta ttgcttgagg tgcacaaggc agtgagagcc tgagagtaag gagttaaaag     76560
     gcaattatcc tccttaaaaa aattttaatt tgaatatcat ttccttctct gttgagtcag     76620
     gcaaatagct atctcctttt ttaaaaaggt gccagcacat tataaaagca agctcaataa     76680
     atttatttct atcaataata ccccacaata ctgcctagct gaaaactgct atttgctttg     76740
     taaacttaaa acagcatttc ctaaatgtca agtgtttatt acctggaaaa aaagaaaaac     76800
     aactatacat ttttttaaaa aaaaggttct gcagcttcct tgatgagaca ttttaaggat     76860
     cattagttgt ctaaatagaa attgtatttc tgagagggaa gaaaatgaat gattgttctc     76920
     tctagtttcg gaaatctcct ttaccttgta ctagagacaa gctataaact tgtcagtcgt     76980
     ttggcactca ctcgtttggt gagtctaagg cctcttgaaa tttccttctc tgttctaaaa     77040
     gcaagcacac ttcaaaaaca tctagctctt atctctagct gcatatgtag cagaagatgg     77100
     cctaatcggc catcactggg aagagaggcc ccttggtatt gcaaacttta tatgcctcag     77160
     tacaggggaa tgctagggcc aagaagcggg agtgggtggg taggggagca gggcagaggg     77220
     agggtatagg gaacttttgg gatagcattt gaaatgtata taaagaaaat atctaataaa     77280
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaaacatc tagcaggcac     77340
     aagtactgaa taggtcttga tttgatttcc tttttttttt ttttccaaat gggcagaaag     77400
     cttttattaa tgtcctctta atgtaatgta agctatctct ggtttttaca gattttctgt     77460
     atctgatacc gtcctttccc aaatagactt ttgtcagatg ataatgatca ctgtgaaaag     77520
     attctgctca agggttcagg agaggaaaat gacaatagtc gtaactatta ttgttatgta     77580
     taaatgtttt ctatctggca aactacagga tagcttctca ttggcttcct ttccatcctt     77640
     cctgcttttc tttagccgtc taaataatat aaatatccaa ttacctcatg atcaacttta     77700
     cagatgccag gcctcacaga ctttcttttt cccccacatt ttttaattag atattttctt     77760
     catttacatt tcaaatgcta tcccaaaagt cccctaaacc ctcccccacc accctgctcc     77820
     cctacacact caatcccact tcttggccct ggaattcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt     77880
     ttgcaagacc aaggggcctc tcttcccaat gatggctgac taggccatct tctgatacat     77940
     atgcagctag agacacaagc tctggggggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta     78000
     taggattgca gatcccttta gcttcttggg tgctttctct agctcctata ttgggggccc     78060
     tgtgtttcat cctatagatg actacttcac agactttcta tttggttttg tatgatcatg     78120
     gagaatatgg atgttgaatg aattctcctt tctcatctgt gttcttcatt tttctctgtg     78180
     aagtctgggg tgtagtcaga ttccaagttg ctattatgtg attctgtgag acatggtccc     78240
     agaagaagag caaggagaac tctttctagt ggacacatac actggacatt cataggtaag     78300
     aaaacatggc atggcttcag agaagaaact tgcacctccg ccttctgtag aaagaagagc     78360
     cacaagtaca acagaatggg ccacaggtgc aatgaatgat atatgtcaga gccctggaaa     78420
     ttcttacaaa cttctaccca ttcatcagtg gttcattatt attgatgttt aatatatcga     78480
     gaagaatggg gtctgattta caattcacag aagagaaata tgcaaggaaa gtgatgaaca     78540
     ggagtgcttt aaataattaa ggattcccca gcacagcagg ctcttaggcc ccttttgagc     78600
     ctgtgaggct gtattacata aaggatccag gaaaagagag aaaatccact gtactgaggt     78660
     aatgtaaaac gagaaactat ttcctattaa atacacagag aaaatctggc cagcacttcc     78720
     aaccagagca caatgctgct ctactgctgg ataaatgaag gggattcttt gtgacaccac     78780
     caccaacaag gaattggggc tgcagctcag ttttagagca cttgccaagc atgcacatcg     78840
     caaaacagaa cagaacaaat gcaggactca tattaaacat ggagaaagta tgtatttaat     78900
     atgcaaagta gtatagaatt tgaggcagta ataaagaagg gtcagtatga agagtttgtc     78960
     tttcttcaag aatagagttt cactttagtc caaggagtaa aatcagggta atatgacata     79020
     atctatggtt agcagaggag gaactataaa aaaattattc aatattttga gaaagcctga     79080
     aagcaactgg acaatggacc atgttgccaa gagattaaat ctaatttata gcactcttca     79140
     ggaggaaatt ggccctgtca aaaatcgcca tttcctgcct ctctcttaaa tactctaatt     79200
     gctttcttaa ccttgagctc cagtcaactg agagtgattt ttattagaag tttatctgaa     79260
     aaatcttcaa agtttgaggg agatgaactt taggatattt tccccccaac tcttcacatt     79320
     tcagagttta aattttcaga gagaaaaccc cagcctctca aagcagagcc gttccctctt     79380
     tcttttgatt ctccacaaag gactgagcca aaaaacggtc acagaaatca aaggaaagca     79440
     acagaataag ctgtggttta gaaatattag cattttatgg tgttttattt gaaggaaatg     79500
     agagccttgg ctaaatcatt attttttaaa ttccatgatc tctaatttaa tctcacaaga     79560
     aaacagtctt agttttggtt attttctaat ctaaactttt acccacttga tgacctaaga     79620
     ctaagtaaga cagggccatt cagtgcttat ctctactcat tggtgaattc ttgctccttc     79680
     cagcttccta agcagtaact aggaaatgtc aggataatgg gtgactggag atttgaagat     79740
     acgttaatcc tttataaggt tgcaagacaa aaaggttgcc ttttgcctgc tgggtcatta     79800
     tatttgtcac ctctttgtga ccacaactta gaggatgaag tgtttataac tgcacaccct     79860
     cagttccaca gtggtaggta aggcatggca ggtagctcat gagaccaggt ctatgtgaag     79920
     aaggatgatc acatcattgc agactaggag ctaaaggcca agtagaaccc caacgtctgc     79980
     tcctaaagac ctactaagga ccacccacta atggctccat agtcatggct ggctggggag     80040
     caaggattca aaacatgagt ctgtcaagga catcacagga tcaaatgatg ctttttgatg     80100
     tatagcattc cttctgcaga gcctaaaata cctgtggctt gcagtagatc agagttgtac     80160
     agctcatttt caatcttata cttactttaa accctttgaa atgactttaa tggtatggaa     80220
     aggtgtacta tttcttttac caaagagata gaatcatagc agccctaaaa cactacttta     80280
     gtgtaactat cacttaaata cacttacttt ttggtaaaga cagaaccatg agaaatagtg     80340
     aagatgtttt tgagacatga gaacaaaatt tagattttcc ccaatgttac atcatatcct     80400
     tgctgtatat taagaagtcc tcatttagtt tttctgtttg tttctcttaa gtgaatatca     80460
     gctacccaaa ccctgaaact acaaacactg gaaacaacat ctttcaactg acattgcaag     80520
     atgacaaaag atgttattag atgagatgta ataaagtcag agaaggaaat gaaagtttat     80580
     cgagaaatca agtatgtgca cctataattt accactctgt tcttatttta ttagtagcta     80640
     aaactgcatt tgtacactaa catctggtgg agagtcctcc tcagtgacag aaatatgtta     80700
     gaaaagtaaa atagttggct caactactta aagctctatc aagaagagga cagactccca     80760
     aaagtaaagt acctcactta ttcagacgac tctgtgtcct aggtggtttt attgaaggca     80820
     ccaagaattc aactgaacaa atcaaagccc ctgttctagg ctgtgaattc acttccatga     80880
     tagagtacct ctctagagtg tacaaggccc tggattccat ctttagcctc acaaaacaaa     80940
     ataatcaaaa caagcatttc tttaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     81000
     ccccccaaaa cccagtcttt cagaggttta cacagtaaac agcaaattac caaaagcatg     81060
     ctacatattc atgtgtgttt gcacatgttt gtgggcatat aaacaaacac atacacactc     81120
     acacatacgt acacacactc tcacacatac acacaaacac acactcacat acatacacac     81180
     aaacacatat attcaaatac atacacacaa atacacatat gcacaaatgc tatgcacaca     81240
     aatatacaca tacacacact cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatccaaata     81300
     catatacaca aatacacata tacacaaata ccaactcaca caaatataca caaacacaca     81360
     aacatacact cacacacaca tacaaataca tatacacaca tatacaaata catataatac     81420
     atatatacaa atacacacat acacaatata tacatataca aacacacaca catacataca     81480
     cacagatact cacacacaca ttcagacaca cacacacata catacacaca taaacacaca     81540
     tatcaacaaa tacatacaca tacaaacaca cacatccaca aacatccaca cacatataca     81600
     aatacataca cacaaataca caatatacaa gtacttatat gcacaaatac acacaaacac     81660
     atacatattc acacatgcat acagaaacag acacatacac ttaaaatttt ctttttgagt     81720
     ctgtgaccat aatatgacaa tttgaaacaa gataatggct gtatacacca acgatttctc     81780
     agatcttact gaatgaagta ctactaccac tttcttctaa gagtgagatt cctgctatat     81840
     ataaacactt gcaaggactg accaaatggc catttgttac atatcagatc acttgcagtg     81900
     tgtcacagac gagatatgaa agatgttttt aggaatccta gacttaagga atttggaatt     81960
     tatacctata tttggattta aaacaagcca aggttcacat ctgacagctc aagtcccttt     82020
     atcatatgtg agaatatact ttgaaaataa gaactctgtt ttggtgtaaa gcataactcg     82080
     cccttgtcca gttgaaagta aagagacaac aggccatata atcactttct tcacactttc     82140
     tctctgtggt ctggcacctg tctttcacac cttcttatgt ccagcttgga agaacataca     82200
     gatgtccttt ttatttactt atattagggt ctgactgtgc agcccgtgct gtacaaactg     82260
     gctggcctca cactcatctt ctcttggctt tccaagcacc agggttatgg tatgagcccg     82320
     tgccccacat gtatgctctt ctggcaacca gtatgatgtt agtcttttca ctgttctgtc     82380
     tctgcactaa ctcatgattt ctgaaactgt gggccatgac actgtattgg gctgtgtaag     82440
     aagcggtggg gtaatgaaag aattggcaat agaaatagat ttctgagtat accacagcca     82500
     aaaattaatt caacatcaaa catgtaacaa acccaaggtg tttgtgtcag tgccccatgt     82560
     tgtgtctgtg acttcactgc agcttaggct cttttaaaaa attaattcat tcatttacat     82620
     cccaaacact gtcccagatc caagtcctcc ccttctagag tccctccccg tccccttctc     82680
     ctctgagagg gtgacatccc ctttgagtat tcccccaccc tggcacatca agtctctgca     82740
     gggttaggtg catcctttcc cactaggttc tgatcaccca gcacacggtt gttcggtgat     82800
     ctccacaggt tttcatctta acaccagaaa gtactgctgg aaacatcttg gctcagctgt     82860
     tatagtctac agtgctagaa ttatttcaaa attacacttg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgta     82920
     ttcgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtt aatgtatgtt tgtgtgtgtg gatgtgtgaa tgtggatgta     82980
     tgcgtgagta tgtgtgtatg tatgagtgtt tatgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtatg     83040
     tatgtgtgag tgtgtgagta tgagtatgtg tgtctgtatg agtgtctgta tgtatgtgtg     83100
     aatgtgttca tgtgttcata tgtgtgtatg tgttgagtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgagtttga     83160
     gtgtttgtat gtatgtgtga gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtatgt atgtgtgagt     83220
     atgcctatat gagtttgcat atttgtgagt gtatatgtgt gggtataact gtatatgtgt     83280
     gaatgggtgt atgtgtatgt atgtgtgagt gtgtaaatgg gtatatgtgt atgagcatgc     83340
     atgtgtgtgt ctatgtgagt ttgtatattt gagagtgtgt atgtgtgagt gtgtgtatgt     83400
     gtatgtttat gtgtgagtaa gtgagtgtgt gtgcatgtga atgtgtgtat gtggttgtga     83460
     gtgctgaaga atatctgagg gtcagagaca acttgcagga actagtttct agggatcaaa     83520
     ctgcagtcct tggctgtgga ggcaggcact gtcacttgat gagccatctg actgcctcat     83580
     acaactgtgt cttttatggt atgtacaaag ttttctgctc tgatagaaat ggtggtttaa     83640
     ttatggctta attgtaggta tcaaaaacta ccagttgttc ccaattacca cttctcaaca     83700
     ttcaagtatt agattagctt gtgttgtgtt caaatgtttg gatttaaatt ttgctattca     83760
     aatgactggt ttttgctttt atttaaaaaa atcaaatgaa gttgacttga gattcatttg     83820
     ttgtttcaaa tttttctgaa atggttccag gcatacgtta tcattattcc attttgtgag     83880
     gtatatacaa gaatatatgc atatatgtat gcatacacac acatacattt gtgtgtcatg     83940
     tatatatatg aagtggcatt ctcagtatta atgactctaa agccaaaaac attgttgatc     84000
     tctgaaaaat gttaaagata atctgttcat taaatattca gcccagatct ctataatatc     84060
     tcatgattat tcaaatgtag ctttgtcttt aataaatggt gaactatata tgtatcaagg     84120
     aattattttt acatgaatta ccctgagtta ctatcagtaa gtgttggttt gtatcttatg     84180
     ttagatacct atatacctgg ggtcacatac agtttctcgg gtaatgcagg gtgtcccgtg     84240
     gaaaatctta agagggcctg gtctaatgaa ctcttggcag tctcatctcc actgactcag     84300
     ccatatctgg gcttcgctca taggcctttc ccttacacaa tagtatgttc tttcctggac     84360
     atgtgatgac attttacttc attccttaaa tgcttttttc tttcaggctg gcaacctaaa     84420
     gcataaccct aagccttcta cttattcctg cctgtggtaa tacatctttt tttttttttt     84480
     tccatttttt attaggtatt taactcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc     84540
     atatccaccc acccccactc ccctgcccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggtattccc     84600
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga     84660
     ctaggccatc ttttgatata tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagct     84720
     cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttggct actttctcta     84780
     gctcctccat tgggagccct atgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt     84840
     gtttgctggg ccccggcata gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgcatcc tttcaataaa     84900
     atcttgctag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagca tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg     84960
     gctatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaactcc gtctctgtaa     85020
     ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaaatc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt     85080
     cttcattctc cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattatat cttatatctt gggtatccta     85140
     ggtttggggc taatatccac ttatcagtga atacatattg tgtgagtttc tttgtgaatg     85200
     tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa     85260
     ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat     85320
     ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctaggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc     85380
     tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttacctgtt ggggcatctt ctggatatat     85440
     gcccaggaga ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccagttttc tgaggaaccg     85500
     ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcactcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt     85560
     tcctctttct ccacatcctc accagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat     85620
     tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa     85680
     ggatgttgaa cattttttca agtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc     85740
     tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga agtccacctt     85800
     cttgagttct ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat aggtaaagat     85860
     cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgacg gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa     85920
     actttggagt ttcattaggt cccatttgtc gattctcgat cttacagcac aagccattgc     85980
     tgttctgttc aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc ccactttctc     86040
     ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgac     86100
     cttagtacaa ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacacgata acaaccagtt     86160
     gtgccattgt tgaaaatgct gtctttcttc cactggatgg ttttagctcc cttgtcgaag     86220
     atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatt tctggatctt caattctatt ccattggtct     86280
     acttgtctgt ctctatacca gtaccatgca gttttttatc acaattgctc tgtagtaaag     86340
     ctttaggtct ggcatggtga ttccgccaga agttctttta tccttgagaa gactttttgc     86400
     tatcctaggt tttttgttat tccagacaca tttgcaaatt gctccttcca attcgttgaa     86460
     gaattgagtt ggaattttga tggggattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat     86520
     agccattttt acaatgttga tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt tccatcttct     86580
     gagatcttct ttaatttctt tcttcagaga tttgaagttt ttatcataca gatctttcac     86640
     ctccttagtt agagtcacgc caagatattt tatattattt gtgactattg agaagggtgt     86700
     tgtttcccta atttctttct cagcctgttt attctttgta tagagaaagg ccattgactt     86760
     gtttgagttt attttatatc cagctacttc accgaagctg tttatcaggt ttaggagttc     86820
     tctggtagaa tttttagggt cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat     86880
     tttgacttcc tcttttccaa tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc gaattgctct     86940
     ggctaatact tcaagtacta tgttgaaaag gtagggagaa agtgggcagc cttgtctagt     87000
     ccctgatttt agtgggattg cttccagctt ctctccattt actttgatgt tggctactgg     87060
     tttgctgtag attgctttta tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccaa     87120
     aacttttatc atgaatgggt gttggatctt gtcaaatgct ttttctgcat ctaacgagat     87180
     gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tgagtttgtt tatataatgg attacattga tggattttcg     87240
     tatattaaac catccctgca tccctggaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgc     87300
     tttaatgtgt tcttggattc ggttagcgag aattttattg aggatttttg catggacatt     87360
     cataagagaa attggtctga agttctctat ctttgttgga tctttctgtg gtttaggtat     87420
     cagagtaata gtggcttcat aaaatgagtt gggtagagta ccttctactt ctattttgtg     87480
     aaatagtttg tgcagaattg gaattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga actctgcact     87540
     aaacccatct ggtcctgggc tttttttggt tgggagacta ttaataactg cttctatatc     87600
     tttaggtgat atgggactgt ttagatggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg     87660
     gtatctgtcc agaaatttgt ccatttcatc caggttttcc agttttgttg agtatagcct     87720
     tttgtagaag gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt     87780
     ttcatttctg attttgttaa ttaggatttt gtccctgtgc cctttagtga gtctagctaa     87840
     gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggt taattctttg     87900
     aatagttctt cttgtttcca cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgccg     87960
     tctactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt tttttctagg gcttttagat gtgttgtcaa     88020
     gttgctagta tgtgctgtct cccgtttctt cttggaggca ctcagcgcta tgagtttccc     88080
     tcttagaaat gctttcattg tgtcccatag gtttgggtac gttgtggctt cattttcatt     88140
     aaactctaaa aagtctttaa tttctttctt tattccttcc ttgaccaagg tatcattgag     88200
     aagagtgtta ttcagtttcc acgtgaatgt tggctttcca ttatttatgt tgttattgaa     88260
     gatcagtctt aggccatggt ggtctgatag gatacatggg acaatttcaa tatttttgta     88320
     tctattgagg cctgttttgt gaccaattat atggtcaatt ttggagaagg tcccgtgagg     88380
     tgctgagaag aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgtcag     88440
     gtccatttgt ttcataactt ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca     88500
     caatctgtcc tttgaagaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaagtgc     88560
     aatgtatgct ttgagcttta ctaaagtgtc tctaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg     88620
     tgcgtagata ttcagaattg agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgagtatgaa     88680
     gtgtccctcc ttgtcttttt tgataacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat ccgatattaa     88740
     aatggctact ccagcttgtt tcttcagtcc atttgcttgg aaaattgttt tccagccttt     88800
     cactctgagg tagtgtctgt ctttttccct gagatgggtt tcctgtaagc agcagaatgt     88860
     tgggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc agtctgttag tctatgtctt tttattgggg aattgagtcc     88920
     attgatatta agagatatta aggaaaagta attgttgctc ccttttattt ttgttgttag     88980
     agttggcatt ctgttcttgt ggctgtcttc tttttggttt gttgaatgat tactttcttg     89040
     gttgttctag ggcgtgattt ccgtccttgt attgcttctt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa     89100
     gggctggatt cgtggaaaga tattgtgtga acttggtttt gtcgtggaat actttggttt     89160
     ctccatctat ggtaattgag agtttggccg ggtatagtag cctgggctgg catttgtgtt     89220
     ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtccagg ctcttctggc tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa     89280
     agtctggtgt aattctgata ggccttcctt tatatgttac ttgacctttc tcccttactg     89340
     cttttaatat tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct gattattatg tgtcgggagg     89400
     aatttctttt ctggtccagt ctatttggag ttctgtatgc ttcttgtatg atcatgggca     89460
     tctctttttt tatgtttggg aagttttctt ctattatttt gttgaagata ttagctggcc     89520
     ctttaagttg aaaatcttca ttctcatcaa ttcctattat ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca     89580
     ttttgtcctg gattacctgg atgttttgag ttaggatcct tttgcatttt gtattttctt     89640
     tgactgttgt gtcgatgttc tctatggaat cttctgcacc tgagattctc tcttccattt     89700
     cttgtattct gttgctgatg ctcgcatcta tggttccaga tctctttcct agggtttcta     89760
     tctccagcgt tgcctcgctt tgggttttct ttattgtgtc tacttcccct tttagttcta     89820
     gtatggtttt gttcatttcc atcacctgtt tggctgtgtt ttcctgcttt tctttaagag     89880
     cctgtaactc tttagcagtg ctctcctgta aatctttaag tgacttatga aagtccttct     89940
     tgatgtcctc tatcatcatc atgagaaatg tttttaaatc tgggtctaga ttttcggttg     90000
     tgttggggtg cccaggacta ggtggggtgg gagtgctgcg ttctgatgat ggtgagtggt     90060
     cttgatttct gttagtagga ttcttacgtt tgcctttcgc catctggtaa tctctgaagc     90120
     tagctgtttt agttgtcact gttaagagct tgttcttcag gtgactctgt tagcctctat     90180
     gagcagacct ggagggtagc actctcctta gtttcagtgg gcagagtatt ctctgcaggc     90240
     aagctctctt cttgcaaggc aggtacccag atatctggtg ttcgaaccag actcctggca     90300
     gaagttgtgt tccactcact agaggtctta ggatcacgtg tggaatcctg tgtgggccct     90360
     tgcgggtgtt gggcaagact ctgctgtcaa ggtagcccgg ggctcgagtc tcgagtcgag     90420
     cggaagggac ttgtgcccca gatcaggccc gggtagcctg cttccctatg taccgcagtc     90480
     tcaagttccg cgtgattgga ttggggcagg cactgtgatc cactcaccag aggtcttagg     90540
     gtcccgtggg gagtcccgtg tggacccttg cgggtgttgg gcaagactct gctgtcaagg     90600
     tagcccgggg ctcgagtctc gagtcgagcg gaagggactt gtgccccaga tcaggcccgg     90660
     gtagcctgct tccctatgta ccgcagtctc gagttccgcg cgattggatt ggggcaggca     90720
     ctgtgatcca ctcaccagag gtcttagggt cccgtgggga gtcccgtgtg gacccttgcg     90780
     ggtgttgggc aagactctgc tgtcaaggta gcccggggct cgagtctcga gtcgagcgga     90840
     agggacttgt gccccagatc aggcccgggt agcctgcttc cctatgtacc gcagtctcaa     90900
     gttccgcgcg attggattgg ggcaggcact gtggtccact caccagaggt cttagggtcc     90960
     cgtggggagt cccgtgtggg cccttgcggg tgttgggcaa gactctgcag gcaaggtagc     91020
     ccggggctcg agtctccaat acatctttta agaagtgtgt ttgaagcacg tctccttcat     91080
     taagaagttt tgctgtgaat gtgcattttc gagtcagcag taattattgc taaataaagc     91140
     aagacttcta attaacaatc aaactctgaa ttctacatta tacgccaggc tccttaattt     91200
     gatttgttgc tttccagttc catgctggac gtcttaagca tggctttatc ccatgaagtc     91260
     agattgtttc tctatcccaa tcttggttgc actctgaggc atgttattta ttcacaccca     91320
     ttctgcccaa gaccatctta acacactcag gtcagggaat gtcaaactct ctccaacaca     91380
     aacatccagt gttacctccc agacaacaaa atcaatacca gaactgggct tcctctgtct     91440
     tttctttaaa aaaaaagatt tatttattta ttatatgtaa ctacactgta actgtcttca     91500
     gacacaccag aagagggtgt taaatctcat tacagatggt tgatggccac catgtggttg     91560
     ctgggattta aacttagaac ctttggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg ctgtgccatc     91620
     tctccagccc tgtctgtctt ttcttaatta cactgtactt acttatttgg gtgggggcaa     91680
     ttcgtgtcac tgtaggagtg gagatcagag gacagcccca gggttaatcc ttcccatccc     91740
     tccacagatc ctccatgtca ctgtaggagt ggggatcaga gatggcccca gggctcatcc     91800
     tctccatccc tccatggttc ctgaggatga cattcaggtt tggtggcaag tgtctttttt     91860
     tttttcaatt ttaattactc tttttttatt agatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt     91920
     tatccccttt cctattttcc tccccgaaaa tctcctatcc tccctccccc tgctgcccaa     91980
     cccacccact ccccttcttg gccctggcat tcccctatac tagggcatat aaccttcaca     92040
     ggaccaaaag cctctcctcc cattgatggc caactaggcc atcctcagct acatatacag     92100
     ctagagccat gagtctctcc atgtgttttc tttgattggt ggtttagtcc cagggagccc     92160
     tggggttact agttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatag ggctgaaaac cccttcagca     92220
     ccctgggtcc tttctcgagc tccttcattg aggaccctgt gctccgtcta atggatggtt     92280
     gtgagcatcc acttctgtat gtgtcaggtg gtgtcagagc ctctcagaag acagctatat     92340
     caggctcctg tcagcaaaat cttgttggca tctgcaatag tgtctgggat tagtggttgt     92400
     ttatgggatg gaagcccggg tggggcagtc tctggatggt ccttccttcc atctctgctc     92460
     caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg gtattttgtt cccccttcaa agaaggatcg     92520
     aaggatccac actttggtct tccttcttga gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tgtaccttgg     92580
     gtaatctgag cttcttagct aatacccact gatcggcaag tgcatatcat gtgtgttctt     92640
     ttgtgactgg gttacctcac tcaaggtgat attctccaga tccatccatt tgtctaagaa     92700
     tttcataaat tcattgtttt taatagctgt gtagtacacc attgtataaa tgtaccacat     92760
     tttctgtatc cattcttctg ttgagggaca tctgggttct ttccatcttc ttgttattat     92820
     aaataagact gctatgaaca tagtggagca agtgtcctta ttacaagttg gagcattttc     92880
     tggttatatt cccaggagtg atattgctgg atctcctggt agtactatgt ctaattttct     92940
     gtggaactgc cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtatgagc ttgcaatccc accagcaatg     93000
     gagaagtgtt cttctttctc cacatcctca ccaacatttg ctgtcacctg agtttttgac     93060
     cttagccatt ctgactggtg taaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgaatt gcatttccct     93120
     gatgattaag gatgttgaac atttttccca gtcattcagt attcctcagt tgagaattct     93180
     ttgtttagct ctgtgtccac tttcttaata gggttagttg attttctcga gtccatcttc     93240
     ttgagttctt tatatatatt ggatattagt cacctatcag atttaggatt ggtaaagatc     93300
     ttttcccaat ctattggttg cctttttgtc ttattgatag tgtcctttgc cctacagaag     93360
     ctttgcaatt ttatgaggtc ccatttatca atttttgctc ttacaacaca agccattgct     93420
     gttctgttca ggaattttcc cccagtgccc atatgtgcaa gggctttccc cactttctca     93480
     taaaagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgta gagttccttg atccacctag acttgagctt     93540
     tgtacaagga gataagaatg gatcaattcg cattcttcta tgtgataacc accagttgag     93600
     ccagcactgt ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt tttccccact ggatggtttt agctcctttg     93660
     tcaaagatca agggaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat tctatccact     93720
     gatctaactt tctgtcgctg taccagtatc atgcagtttt tattacagtt ggtctatagt     93780
     acagcttgag gtcaggcatg gtgattccac cagaggttct tttatcattg agaagagttt     93840
     ttgctatcct aggttttttg ttattccaga tgaatttgca aattgccctt tctaactctg     93900
     tgaagaattg agttggattg tattgaatct gtagattgct tttggcaaga tagccatttt     93960
     gactatattg atcctgcaaa tccatgagca tgggagatct ttccaccttc tgagatcttc     94020
     aatttctttc ttcaaagact tgaatttctt attatacaga tctttcactt ccttagctag     94080
     actcacacca aggtatttta tataatttgt gactattgtg atgggtgttg tttctctaat     94140
     ttctttctca gcttgtttat cctttgtgta tcgaaaggcc actgatttgt tggagttaat     94200
     tttatatcca gctactgggc tgaagtattt tatcaggttt aggagttctc tggtggaatt     94260
     tttggagtca cttatatatc ctatcatatc atctgcaaat agtgatattt tgacttcttg     94320
     ttttccaatt tgtattcctt tgatctcctt ttgttgccta attgttctgg ctagggcttc     94380
     aagtactata ttgaatgggg agagagacag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc ctgattttag     94440
     tgggattgct tcaagtttct catcatttag tttgatgttg gctaccagtt tgctgtatat     94500
     tgcttttatt atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaata cttttatcat     94560
     gaagggatat tggactttgt cgtgtgcttt ctcagcatct aatgaaatga tcatgtggtt     94620
     tttgtctttg tgtttgttta tattgtggat tacattgatg catttcagta tattgaacca     94680
     tccttgcatc cctgggatga atcctacttg atcatgatgg atgatcattt tgatgtgttc     94740
     ttggattcgg tttgcaagaa ttttattgag tatttttgca tcgatattca taagggaaat     94800
     tgatctgaag gtctctttct ttgctgtgtc tttgtgtggt ttaggtatca gagtaattgt     94860
     ggcttcatag aaggaactgg ttagtgtacc ttctgtttct attttgtgga atagtttgag     94920
     aagaattgga tttaggtttt ctttgaaggt ctgatagaac tctgcactaa gcccatgtgg     94980
     tcctgggctt tttttggttg gaagactatt gctgactgct cctatttctt taggggaaat     95040
     gggactgttt agatcattta tgtgatcctg agttaacttt ggtacctggt atctgtctag     95100
     agaattgtcc atttcatcca ggttttgcta ttttgctgag tatatgcttt taaagtaata     95160
     ggatctgatt tttttttaat ttcctcagat tctgtttatt atgtctccct tttaatttct     95220
     gagtttgtta attagactac tgtccctgtg ccatctagtt agtctggcta agggtttatt     95280
     tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct cctcatttgc ttgattcttt gtataattct     95340
     ttttgtttcc acttggttga tttcagccct gagtttgatt atttactgcc ttcaactcct     95400
     cttgggtgaa tttgcttcct tttgttccag agcttttagg tgtgttgtca atctgctagt     95460
     gtatgctcac tccagattct ttttggaggc actcagagct atgattttcc tcctttaatt     95520
     tctttcttta tttctccctt gatcaattta tcattgagtt gagtgttgtt cagcttccat     95580
     gggcatgtgg gctttctatt atttatgttg ttattgaaga tcagccttac ttcatagtga     95640
     tctgataggt tgcatgggat tatttcaata tttttgtatc tgctgaggcc tgtttgttgg     95700
     tcagttttgg agaaggtacc acgaggtgct gagaaggtgt aaccttttgt tttaggatga     95760
     aatattctat agatatctgt taaaaccatt tctttcataa cttctgttag ttttactgtg     95820
     tctctgttta gtttctgttt ccaggatctg tccattgatg agagtggggt gttgaattct     95880
     cccattatta ttgtatgagg tatgtaccgg ctagttttgt gtcaacttga cacaggctgg     95940
     agttatcaca gagaaaggag cttcagttgg ggaactgcct ccacaagatc cagttgtaag     96000
     gcatcttctc aattagtgat caaggcggga ggtccccttg tgggtggtgc catctctggg     96060
     ctggtagtct tggttctata agagagcagg ctgagcaagc taggggaaag caagccagta     96120
     aagaacatcc ctccatggcc tctgcatcag ctcctgcttt ctgacatgct tgagtttcag     96180
     tcctgacatc cttaatgatg aagagcagta tggaagtgta agctgaataa actctgtcct     96240
     ccccaacttg cttcttggtc atgatgtttt gtccaggaat agaaaccctg actaagacaa     96300
     ggagtaatac atgctttgag tttttagcaa agtttcctta atgaatgttg atgcccttgt     96360
     atttggagca tagatgttca gaattgagag tttatcttgg taaattttat ctttgatgag     96420
     taagaagtgt ccctccttgt cttttttgat aagtttaggt ttaaagtcaa ttttatttga     96480
     tattagaatg ggtactccag cttgtttctt gggaccattt gcttgcaaaa ttgttttcca     96540
     gccttttact ctaaggtatt gtgtgtcttg tctctgagat gggtttcctg tatgcagcaa     96600
     aaagttgggt cctgtgtatg taactagtct gttactctat gtctgttttg gggggaattg     96660
     agtccattga tattaagaga tagtaaggaa aagtcattgt tgcttcctgt tatttttttt     96720
     tgagaaggct tttttttttt tcattttatt taaaatacat tttttctcac tttatacatt     96780
     ctaattatgg tttctcctcc ttatactctt tccagttcct tcccacattt cttttttttc     96840
     ccatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa aagtccccca     96900
     tacccacccc caccgcttgt tagaatttta attctgttta tgtggctatc ttctttaggt     96960
     ttgttgaaag attactttct tgcttttttc ttgagcttag tttccctctt tgtgttggag     97020
     ttttctcttt attatccttt gaagggctgg atttgttgaa agatattgtg tgaatttggt     97080
     tttgtcatga aataccttgg tttctccatc tatggtaatt gagagttttg ttgggtatag     97140
     tagcctgggc tggcatgtgt ggtctcttag ggtctgtatg acacctgccc aggatcttct     97200
     ggctttcata gcttctgggg agaagtcagg tgtaattctg ataggtttgc ctgtatatgg     97260
     tacttgacat tttcccttaa tgtttttaat attctttcat aattttgtgc attttgtgtt     97320
     ttgattatta tgtgatggga ggaattcctt ttctggtcca aactatttgg agtagtgttg     97380
     gcttcttgta tgttcatgag catctctttc tttaggttag ggaagttttc ttctataatt     97440
     ttgttaaaga tatttactgg ccctttaagt tggaaatctt tcttctagtc tatacctatt     97500
     ctccttaggt ttggtcttct cattgtgtcc tcaatttcct ggatgtttgg ggttaggatc     97560
     tttttgtatt tcgcattttc ttttattatt gtgtcaatgt tttctatggt atcttctgta     97620
     cctgatattc tctcttctat ctcttgtatt ctgtttgtta tccttgcatc agtggctctt     97680
     gacttctttc ctaggttttc tatttccaga gtgatctccc tttgtaattt ccttattgtt     97740
     tcctaattcc aatttttaga tcctggatgt ttttgttcaa ttctttcacc tgtttggatg     97800
     tgttctcctg catttcttta aggatttttt tctttcttat agtcctccat catcatcatg     97860
     agaagtgact ttagatacat atcttgcttt tctggtgtga tggtgtatcc aggacttgct     97920
     atggtggaag agtttgattc tgatgatgcc atacatggtt tctttgcttc tgttcttatg     97980
     cttgcatcct gctatctgat tatctcaagt gctcactgct ttcaatatat ctgattggag     98040
     cctgtccttc ctgtaatcct ggttgagtca gaactcctca gagtccagct ttctctgtaa     98100
     ttctgtgatt cagggatcct gtgaacctga gattctgggt gtgtcagagt tcttggcagt     98160
     caagcttcct ctgagaccct gaagtcctgg tgtgaccaag ttcatgggat cctgggaccc     98220
     tgcaattcta agatcctggg cgtgttagag cgcctggaaa tggtacctcc tctggggact     98280
     gtggagctgt gcactgtgtt tgaaaccaag gttgaccagc actgaccaga aggaacctga     98340
     gctgttggtc aggcagggct cctgtgtctc tgctcctgct ggccccaggc actcccagtt     98400
     ttgttggaac agatgtgttc cacttaccag tgatcctaag atcctgggca tgctagggtg     98460
     tctggggtgt ggagagtatt ctgggaaccg tgggaaccct cgtccactga gttcgtgccc     98520
     taggtggcct ggagctggcg ctgtcctcca tgatgacctc ttcttttaac ttttgtcatc     98580
     tagaaaatgt gtacattttc acatgtgtgt gcatacatgt gtgtacatgt atatgtgtgc     98640
     atgtttctgc atgtgtttgc atatttatgt gtatatgtat gcaggtatgt gtaagtatat     98700
     gtatgtgtat atgtgtatgt atatatggtt tgtatgtgta tgcatactgt atgtgtatat     98760
     gtgtgtatgt tgtatgtgtg agtgtgtatg tgtatatggg tacgtaatgt ttgtatgtgc     98820
     aagtttaagg tatgtgtatg tgcatatgta tacatgtata gttcatgtat gtgtttatat     98880
     gtgtgcatgt atatgtgcat gtgattgtgt gtgtatgtga atgtatgtgt gtgtgtaggt     98940
     tatggatcaa tttcacattc tattctttag gaactgttta cctttatttt tgagatagag     99000
     tctatcactg ggcctcagag ctcactaatt aggctggctg accagtgagc ctcagggatc     99060
     tttgtctcta cactcccagc tctggcatta gaagcatgca ctatcatgac cagatatttc     99120
     ttatgtgagt ctggggactg aacacaggtc ctcatgcttg cacattaagc actttagaga     99180
     cagagacaca tctccagcca ttgtattctt cttctgactt cagtttacat cactttattc     99240
     ccagcttgga gactatagtc atgcagatgt gagaaatatg tataaactct cagaccaagt     99300
     caaggctaag atacatgcaa gatccttttt attcttttat caactataat aatttcctat     99360
     tactgtcact gcaaatattc atcaatttag tgacacaaat aacctgtctt ttttcagtcc     99420
     tggtgttcag atgcccaaac tgggtctcag tggctaaaaa ttagtgtcac atggatgagt     99480
     tgcttctgga gtgaaaaacc cagttcctta attattccag attgcagagg ctgtcttcat     99540
     tcgttgggct tggatcctgc tctccatctt taaagctggc ttaataatat ttttaaatat     99600
     ttttggaagg actggagata tgctgtgaag acagtgtgct gttcttgcaa aggagtgaag     99660
     ttgcattccc agtaccacat aggtagagtt cacaactgcc tgtaactcca ggtttaaggg     99720
     atccagtgat ctcttctggc ttgtgctggc acttacacac atgtgtgtat gtgtgcacat     99780
     acacagatac tcagatatac atataaataa aaataaagta cacacacaca cacacacata     99840
     catacatgtc tctgaatttc tgggcttctt aattccattt ggagaatcca tatagttatc     99900
     agatccaccc acatagtcca ggataatctt cccatctcag aatcatgtga ttacagcttt     99960
     aattccactc accactttac tgactcttgt gttttatcat ataacatatt tacctttcta    100020
     aaaatgagaa catttatagg agttcattgt tttgcttgct atagcaactg aatctatgat    100080
     tcaacagcca aatctcttaa cacacacatg cacacatcct tgtgtatata taacaaaaat    100140
     cagtgtgcac ataaggtcag aagataactt ttggaagttg gtttctcaaa ttgtcagaca    100200
     tacaggggga ggacttttat tcactaaaat attctcaaca gaaaatttaa cttacagaca    100260
     aatcacactg gtattaagta gtataatgta tgatggaaga ctatggtcgt ccaaatgtat    100320
     ccatgtacca accaacaaaa ataaagatac ttctagatat gtgtggtcca aacaacaaat    100380
     atattaagtg agcttcagaa actaaggaac agcaaagaga aaacagattt gtggctgtta    100440
     tgatttgaaa gggaaagttc cacaggaggt gtgctggata cttttctttc aatttgacac    100500
     aagctaaagt tgtttgagtg aagaaaatct caattaagaa aatggctctg ccatcactgg    100560
     aaagagagac ccattggaca cgcaaactgt atatgcccca gtacagggga aagccagagc    100620
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaatggg aatgggtggg tagggaagtg gggaggaggg tatgggggac    100680
     ttttgggata gcattggaaa tgtaattgag gaaaatatgt aataaaaaat attaaaaaaa    100740
     agatatagct ctcacctaca actctgtgcc atgctctctg ccatgatgat aattgactgc    100800
     acctctgaaa gtgtaagcgg ttaagaactc tggtgtgagc aggagggatg gcttagtgaa    100860
     tgaaagcacc tcttgccaag tctgacaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa    100920
     tggctctgta agacacaagc ctgtagggca gtgtttctta acccgtgggt cacgggggtc    100980
     atctgagacc attggaaaac acagatattt gcattacaat ttataaaagt agcaaaatta    101040
     cagttatgaa gtagcaacaa aaataatttt atagttggag tcacacgaca tgaggaactg    101100
     taaagggtca tagctttaga aaatacataa agtaatgcta tagggctttc tcttaattag    101160
     tgactgaaag gggagggtcc atcccattgt gtgtggtact atccctgaga tggtggtcct    101220
     gggttctata aggaagcagg ctgagcaagc catgaagagc aaaccagtaa gcagcagccc    101280
     tcggtggctt ctgcatcagc tcctgcctcc agattcttgc cctcatgttt ttgaatgatg    101340
     agctgttata tggaactgtg aatgatataa acccctttcc ttccccaaat tgcctttggt    101400
     agtggtgttt catcagcaac agtaacccta gctaagacac aaggactctc atgttttgga    101460
     tgcttgttcc tcatttgatg gtgctactgt agaaaagtga gggcccagct ggggaaagag    101520
     atgcacaagt attccctgct ttcgatggtg gtgaccaatc cctgtcccta agaacagtct    101580
     ctgccagatg gcctagtcag ccatcattgg gaggagagcc ccttggtctt gcaaagatta    101640
     tatgccccag tacaagggaa tgccagggcc aggaagtggg aatgtgtggg ttggggatca    101700
     ggtgagggga gggtataggg gactttcgga atagcatttg aaatgtaaat gaagaaaata    101760
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataattact gtctctgcca    101820
     ggcttttgct gaatacgcta agccactcag ccatgcctcc tgccatgaca ggctgaaacc    101880
     ctcagccaaa actgatctta actttaaata atttttatca ggggttttag ctacaagtag    101940
     ctctaaacta gtaatggatc ttgaaattta aatggtattg aatttaatta aagaatggta    102000
     gactctggat attagaagtc tgagatttat tccatttatt ttacagatat ctaacatcac    102060
     ttgatattaa accccaggag aaaatgaatc ttagaaccct gaacccctat gcacagatgc    102120
     tgtctctcct acaaagataa gtaagaggaa ggtgaagaat gtctttaccc tgttgaccct    102180
     agagcttgtt aaatagcaaa caagcaaaca acatttgaat acttgctaga agcatccagt    102240
     cttcaaggtt aaactgcaag ctaaattagc tgttcctaaa tgaggtaatt ataaggaaaa    102300
     caaggaacaa aacaagactt gctgagaaat atgtatttga caaccaggct tataatacag    102360
     tggcttaact ataacacttt acaacatttg ttacaggaag ctgactttct tcatgtcagc    102420
     tgtaaatgaa ctcattctcc atgagacaaa tgacctgctc aggctgggat tgtctgacct    102480
     tgtgacagcg tctaccacac ctcctttgct cttcagtttt acagttgttt aagtcacccc    102540
     cccccccaaa cctctcacca cccactgctt ttccctaact ttataaatca ctcaacctgc    102600
     ctctcaaaaa cctgagctat gtgtgtactg tacataattg ccttcttcta cacaccctga    102660
     gggaaaggcc agcagaaaag ccaaatctgg gtggggctgg cccaatgcct cagtggccag    102720
     agcacttgtt cttgcagagg atctgagctt catttacagc ctctataagc agttcacagc    102780
     tgtctgtaag tgcagttcca taggacctga tccttcgtgg gcattaggaa tacatgtggt    102840
     atacatgaat atatgtgggc aaaacatgag tgtgcacaca tgggtatgtg catgtgtaca    102900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaag atatgaataa atataaaatc aaatcaagtc    102960
     aaatctggga ctggtgaaga ttagaagaaa tcaaagaaaa ataaaacaat tttgaatttg    103020
     ttttatttct gctaccttgt gggaagcagc agagaattaa tgtcttaagt atgtaggcat    103080
     tgctatggtg gtttcatata atgataaagg gaatatagta ttagattatg aaagtatttg    103140
     tccacagaca aagaaaacca gcacattttc aaaaaatgaa aaatgttaag aaatcattct    103200
     ctgattgctg tctgataaaa ttgaataagc acagaatgct cccccttcat ctggaggaag    103260
     gagacctact ccagacactt ctcaggagaa agcacgtcaa aagaaaagca agatctgtag    103320
     ggaacgcaaa aggaggaagg gcctgcactg tagaatcggt gaccatggtg aaaactgcac    103380
     tgggtgaaag atgggaacct tggagcctga gtacaggaag ctcaaggcca cactcagaaa    103440
     agttattgtc ctcagagctg tcatttattg caaggacagg gtttgtatta aatcagaaag    103500
     gcaggaggcc cgtggggcag agtccatgag aaaccaggtg caaactgcag atgtttgcgc    103560
     ccagtggagt cacatgggag cgcttaattc tctcagaaat gatgggaaac actgctctga    103620
     ggtgttagta gtagaggagt gcacctgagc ctttgagcac caggtcttta atgagagtct    103680
     gtctgtaagg aaaatttagt gtttaagaga atgccttcaa ccatgcagaa taaaagcagg    103740
     tttccccaga aatcctgctg ctagcataat tatctcttta aactactacc atatgactca    103800
     agaacccagt atgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acctaacacc agtcagaata ttccaacagt    103860
     tcagagttca tttcccagca gccaacgaag ggccaaacct gaagacaaca ttcgggatca    103920
     gcaggtagat ctgtatgccg agcttagact ttcctggcca agtgacataa tggagtctga    103980
     agcacaggcc agagggacac acaactgttt gttacatagg gacacaagtg tcaagggaaa    104040
     aatatggtag cattgccaat atttgagaag gaagaaaaga ggaaagggaa gaaagggggg    104100
     gggcaaagga ggaggaatga agcaaagaaa acaaggacac taaggacagc ccaagactga    104160
     ctgaataatg ttctaatatt tacatgtcat tttatatgtt tgcatgtata tgtttatatg    104220
     tttgcatgtc tttacatgtc taaaaggcaa gtccccaaac ttaaatggtt tagagttata    104280
     cgatactagg atatagatat tatcattaat ttatttgcat agtaccttac cccatcaccc    104340
     catctcctct atgggggtgt ccccctgggt atccccctac cctggcacat taagtcgctg    104400
     aaggtttagg caaatcctct cccaccgaag ccaaacaagg cagcccagct aggcgaacaa    104460
     attccataga caggcaacag ctttaggagc agcctccatt tcagttgtta ggggagccac    104520
     atgaagactg agctacccat gtgctggggt tctcagtcca gcctgtgtat gctctttggt    104580
     tgtttgttca gtttctgaga gcccacaagg gaccatgtta tttaactttg ttggtcttcc    104640
     tgtggggttc ctattccctt tggggccctc aatccttccc ccaattcttc cagaatatgg    104700
     atttttaaaa aactttccat actttgttaa tacaaggaaa atagtaatat ttgccttccg    104760
     tggatcagat tttctcaaat aaagctggtt ctatgagata tttgttcagt gaactggatt    104820
     ataagtttga aataaatgaa tgtgagtact tttactttgg ctcttcatat gctaatagcc    104880
     acagtaagtt ctaccagtgt aggatttagt acaaatgttt ctagatctta tttcttcaga    104940
     gtcttcctca ctcccttctt ttggtggtgg tgatggggac acttttgaac tcttgtgttc    105000
     cccatgtctt cctagggagt aaaagctact gatgaatttt aaaagagtaa atgtttgtgg    105060
     taaattaata cagaaaagag atgctagaca ctaatggctg tcttcctgaa gtcataaatc    105120
     ctccctggca gtggaatatc tcaaggctga gatcattagg agaacatctt ttcctcattc    105180
     tgtcattggg ctgccctcag tgatttatgc aactttacag cttttcagtt tttgcctctg    105240
     cggaacatgg ggagggggag agaaaaaagg actgaaatga tctgcttgtt tacagtggaa    105300
     aagaggaccc cagaatcaca attatgaact ttactctaat tggtattgga gtgaatggcg    105360
     catctctgag cagccttgaa aaatggcact gacactcatc gtcataagtc agttcagact    105420
     tggttataag tgtgctgatg acttcatttt aattttactt gtttttagga tgtacacagc    105480
     tcagatgttc ctttcagtgt gacatataaa taaatagcct gatcacgcct ctgaatctcc    105540
     aagctgctgt atctttaaat attggctcca gtgctctagg agagatatca cgattagatt    105600
     aagtatgcaa gagatttaga aggtttagca atgagaagca aaggggaatt tgaaacctga    105660
     gtgaggattc ttcagaccac gctcagagaa tggcatctgc aacaggagaa aggagagcag    105720
     agggaagcag agtaaggtgc cttcaaactt caaggaagtc tcatcaggac cataagaatg    105780
     cccagagtac cttagagtct tctgctagta gaaaggattg ctttcggcta ccctagcctc    105840
     attagccggc agcagactaa gacgggcagg gcctgggtga aatctcaaca gggcatcctg    105900
     aactccttac taaaggcact ctgtgtgtgc tcagtgaggg acagagacat aaggagagct    105960
     gtggcacatc caatggcagt cacacttttc acatgccagg tttcactttc acgtttatca    106020
     gcattcttta ttctacatct ctcctgactg cctggtttgt catattctcg agcacaggaa    106080
     ccatggttta tctttggata catgccaagt ggccatatac ttggagacac cacaactctt    106140
     gtagcagtaa acaaataatc agaagttgat atttttcagt aataagtgtc cccataattc    106200
     atgatgcctt gtgatgtgaa gctgattctc tgctactgcc attgctctca accccttttg    106260
     agtgtgacac catgcccatg ccgtccccac atccctctac tgacttatcc ctccatactt    106320
     tgatttcctg acagtactat ggagttgatc taagccactc agctgtagag ctttctctat    106380
     gccacattcc ccagctctag catccatatg atgcatattg aatatgattt tctatgtctt    106440
     acaaagttta ccatgtgcga tgtaagggtt cagcttacaa gtttagctga tattggctat    106500
     gggaggtgcc tgataaatag tagcagcttg aacaaatgac atagacaata aataattaat    106560
     ttggacaaca ccagataaat ctctaataat ccctttgtgt aatattgaat gagttttgtt    106620
     agggtgtgta cttagctttc tgtttttcaa tgaaaatata aaagttgctt gttggaatta    106680
     ctgctgaaga cctcattaaa aaaaacctta tatgctcagg ggtcataaat ataaatatga    106740
     gttttacagt aaaaggtcaa atgctcattt tggctggtgg tacctgtata gcaatccaga    106800
     attcattaca atcagaatgt aagttcatag gtattcaaac atgcatgtgt atctacaaat    106860
     agagacattc cctttgaact accgtatctc aggatgctgg aagcatcgga ggattactgt    106920
     gtacctgaga aaggagagca agtttgggga aatggcttag tggataagtg cttgattcac    106980
     aaccctgaca atctgaattt ggattcttgg aactcacatc aaaaggtaga tgtggtagca    107040
     cacatctgta attctagcat tcccaaagga gtgatctggg agacagcgga aacaatggga    107100
     ttcggcctta ggacaagctg cgaggtgaga aacaacttct gaaatggcct ctgcatgtgc    107160
     accatagcat gggcatgtcc aagaaaggga gagagaaggg agggggcagg gaagaagggt    107220
     gggaggcaat gagggacaga gagatagaga cagagacaga aagagacaga cattcttttc    107280
     atcactgagt gttattttag tttaaaaaga aacagttctc tgtgggcaaa cctccctgaa    107340
     tgtgaccaag cttatctaaa aagaaacacc attctttatt tttccgagtc actcagacca    107400
     catagatgaa attatgaatc aatcagttcc cccagattat ttataattta gaagactcac    107460
     tataaacaag atacagataa gagagcttag aattatcttc cctagtgctt atgtgggctg    107520
     agattcacga gtgctggaag cttaggctag tgctgagcca atgaattgga gaaacttctc    107580
     tattgcacat ttttagggtg aaatattgtt cctacttaaa agctcttaaa gattaggtgt    107640
     gggtgaatat tactaccagc tctggccacc aatcagcttc attcataaat gacctgggct    107700
     tgtgatctat aatctcttaa ttttgcagca tttataattt gtttatagca ttccacatat    107760
     aagaaagaag agctgtctat tagagtgaat gctgttccat gtggctgtat taagcattcc    107820
     actgggcatc tctggggtca ttcagttcca accattctca gctctatcaa actgcagaaa    107880
     atagaagctt acatcaaact gccatttcag tgcctgcaat tccactaatc cttcatttca    107940
     gcagaggacc aaagctgatt tcactgcagt ttgagctgtc atgagatgat agtgattgca    108000
     agacttctgt cccatgatag ctgctcttga ctaaaagagt aataatcctt taagaaaata    108060
     tgatggttcc tccttccttt atcccacaga tattagcctg gcacccagag gatgaagtca    108120
     aagaacacat tgaggaagag ctgttgatgg caagaatgag ccagagcctg catggtctga    108180
     acatttgggt ttcacctcag gttctaggac ctgattgaaa tgtgtttcta tgattgcagt    108240
     tcagtcccta gagggcccta caggatagta aatccacatc aaaaaagcca ttgtatgttg    108300
     tatttgtgct gattttatgg gacagcctgt ttccacttag ataggttcaa gctccacaga    108360
     gtgggatcac ttcactcctt gagaggttac aagcttatgc tttcccgagt ggaatccctc    108420
     atctaggatt gccctcatta cctagagctt tcccagtatc ataaagcctc tgttcctttt    108480
     gacagcaaac atttcactgt ctgtagcttt ccctttgact cgcaaaccag aagtgccaga    108540
     gccagaaaac aggctgggtc ccagtggctt ccctgtttct gtcttagcag agaagtggga    108600
     acttctctgg tttccactgt caaggaaccc tcatcccaag gagcaatact tcacagcatc    108660
     ttcctgaggg actgcacatt tcgacttctc catggcgtta aaggttttac atatgtataa    108720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    108780
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatc ctgtcaatct tgattgtggt aaataggtca    108840
     taatgcttat gaatacaaaa acagcacatt gtacacctca aatttacatg cttacttgtc    108900
     aatcaataaa attttatttg gctcaatatg cagaaaaaac ccatagcttc caacatttta    108960
     ctgaagaagg catgagaaga ggaggcatga gatcattctc tctctctcta tctctctctc    109020
     tctccccata tatatatata tatataattt ctgtgctatc cattggattc agtgggacaa    109080
     taaattcatg taaggcttta aaatcttgtt tcttgaatgt gtgtttagtg ttgaggaaat    109140
     cctatgaaag tcagagctaa ctgaaaattt attaaaacct ctgaattaac tgaggattat    109200
     gacagtaatg agttttctat ttatttgaga ttcataacca tctgacacca gacagcaaag    109260
     gcacaagatg ctgattccaa gaactatcaa ttaataccaa acatgatgtt gaccagccaa    109320
     gtcaaacaac ttagcctttg gattcatatg aatccgaaca ttctgctggg gtctggtgtc    109380
     tagatttagc agcatcacct gaattgttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    109440
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtctca gtctctatct ctttgtctcc ctctcccttc    109500
     cccttcccct ctcctccctc cctctatttt tcgctccatc tgtctctctg tctctctgtc    109560
     ccctccctct gtccctccca tctctttccc taagtccatt ttgtgatgct gggcatgcat    109620
     gttacttttc tcagtgctgt gacaaagcca acctaaagaa atatgggttc attttggctc    109680
     aggtattgag gacacagtgc atcaaggcag ggaaccatga tggcaggacc ttgagatggc    109740
     tggtcacatt gtatccacag ttaggaagca gatagtgatg aatgctgttg cttagacccc    109800
     tttctttcta ttctgtccag gatcatgtag aactgtgtca gctactttta aggtgggtct    109860
     acccacctaa atgaatccaa cctacaagct ccctttccaa catgtctagc aatctgtctc    109920
     ctccataatt gcagatcctg tcaggttgac agtattaacc tcacacttgg gagggatctc    109980
     aagcaatcac tcaaccactg agctacaccc ccagcctcca gatgcttaaa gtggaagctg    110040
     caatatctct ctttatgctt cactcagtgt ttttcctctc agtagtctcc ttgtctcatg    110100
     ctgtcatcaa tatagtgttg aaagctatgt ttttatttct gcatattgag gcaaataaaa    110160
     tttaatcaat taacaaatat gcagatttaa agtatacagc atgatggttt tgtatttata    110220
     tccattgtga gatatttact ataatcaagc tagtcaatac atacccacac atgtataaaa    110280
     tctcatctat atggtaacca ttttatgtat atgaacattg ctgagaatac ttgaataaat    110340
     tatcttggca atcaccaaat aagcaatgac attgttaact agaatctact atatcacaca    110400
     ttaggtattt tgatatttta aataaatgct gataattaat ttatttattt attaaaaaat    110460
     ctcctatatc tggggctggc cttgaattca ccccacagct gaagatgacc ttcagttggg    110520
     gtcctgtgca gctgaagtgc tgtgatttca ggcatgagcc actatgcatg gtttatgtgg    110580
     tgatcaaacc tagggtcttg tgtacactgg gcaaacactc tactaactga gccacacact    110640
     cagcccatat cttaatttct ccaaattagt ttgcattctt tgatcagtgt gtgtttcacc    110700
     tctgcccctg caactaccat cccagcatcc acaagtgtga gttagactgt tttctccttt    110760
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga    110820
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagata actcatcgtt tctctaggac    110880
     tgtgtacttc ctggttgttt ttatttattg agattaaatt attttcatat agtgttgttt    110940
     ggttttcttc atcttcctcc tccaactcct tattgattct tcccatctcc ctgtctactc    111000
     aagttcatgt ttttttctct ctctttctca aaacaaaact ccaggaaaat caaaacaaac    111060
     aaacaaacaa acaaaacctg caaagtaaaa atacccaacg aaacaaaagg aggtagccca    111120
     gaaaggcctg gatcttgcta gataatagcc cagtcctgat cctcctgcct cagactcctg    111180
     aaatactgga atgacaggta cacctagcac actgtttttt gttcctctct gtctgtctct    111240
     ctttttacat ggtgctttcc aggtttatct atgttgtcat agatggcaag atttctattt    111300
     ttgaaggctg aatcatattt tcaattgtgt gtatatacat atgtactgtg tatatatcta    111360
     tctctatctc tatatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctaatcctt    111420
     ttatctgtct gtggactctc aggttgtttt tatattctga ctttggtgag tattttggca    111480
     gccatgtttc atactgtgtg actaccacct acagtggata cttgacctaa agtgggcctc    111540
     aaatttcttc tctaagagat tagaattgag aaatattagg ggaaagagag acggttcaat    111600
     aggtaggaac tcttgctata caagtctaaa gacttgaatt taaatccaca taaaaagcca    111660
     ggcatgtatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa attcctagcc aaatggatgg acctggaggg    111720
     catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca aagaaactca cacaatatgt attcactgat    111780
     aagtggatat tagccccaaa cctaggatac ccaagatata agatataatt tgctaaacac    111840
     atgaaactca agaagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagaagtggg    111900
     aacaaaacac ccatgggagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagat gaaaggatgg    111960
     accatgtaga gactgccata tccagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca aacgctgaca    112020
     ccattgcata cactagcaag attttattga aaggacccag atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag    112080
     actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctaa tggatggatc    112140
     atagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtagccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc    112200
     ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc agtactccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca    112260
     tatatatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca    112320
     aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacac cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggcag    112380
     gggagtgggg gtgggtggat atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagt    112440
     taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa agccaggcat ggctgcatgg gcctggaaac    112500
     ctaacacttt gaaagagaag ggaagatccc tgagatgttc tggcaacatg ctcagctgca    112560
     ggctcaggca gaggacctct ctcataggag taaggtggag agtactagat cagggcaccc    112620
     caaataccct ttcctttgca tgtgcaaagg tgtgtacaca tgcactgaat gtgagcgccc    112680
     acaaatacac acaaacaggc aggtagctac atcaatttgt ggaggaagaa gtgctattcg    112740
     ttatacatgt ttcgccatta aaagtcacat gagggaacaa agaaaaagag actatcagcc    112800
     aatatctttg tttatggctg gaatcaggat atgatggggt agagcatgtt taaaggaaag    112860
     cagagaagtg aggcagtaca cagaaatgac ataagaaact aggtgcacag taatgtcact    112920
     gtagtcccag aaagagggag catggctaag gtggtgaatc accacataca tgaagcccaa    112980
     cagctctgga ataggacttt aagctctagc aaattccctt ttttggtgtg aggtattttg    113040
     aagtgaattt actgttaaca gaaaataaaa tgcttacaca cactcaaaag ataataggat    113100
     gtagatacag agggaattgt aaaagttagg taagatataa atccttagta agtatcttca    113160
     ataaatggta attattaaca ttatgctttt tctgtgagta acttgggatt atactcaata    113220
     aaatccaatg ttggagagag attttgaatt acgttaaaat gttaaaggca gtgaattggt    113280
     agaaaaatat gattatttat ccatgctagc atacttttct agaaattcag gtctgaaatt    113340
     tctataacgt ctctttaggg gcacagctga tggatcacag ggctctgcat aaaagtgttt    113400
     gcgtgtgcat acacacatca taatatgcag atgtaaatta ggtgcatgac ttacaaacga    113460
     aaagatattt tcatttctta ttgaattctg tttgcaatta tgaggacatt atcatctaat    113520
     gaaaactata atagatttaa ttcgatgctt attccattta tgcaattatt aaccaaataa    113580
     gctggaaact accagttaca ttcatgaatc ctcacaggct acactacggc taagcagtga    113640
     tcagactcac aagccttaga gtcatggagt gacaatctca agacaaaggg agacttggtc    113700
     tcctttattt gaaaagaggg acaggactgg atgggagagg ggaaggaaag agaaagaaac    113760
     tgaatttctg aatgtgacag cagcaaacaa aatgtaaata tctgatcttt agagaccgct    113820
     ggatgatcag tggaacctgg ccgttctttt cctacctact tgctagtttt gtgattagtc    113880
     aagggcaggc agctctgtca acatgtagag gtagaagtat tattctttat acatttttat    113940
     tttaaaaaac aaaataataa catgaaacct ctcaaactcc tatttgtcca tgtctgttct    114000
     ctttccatgg ggtgagtatg gatggggcaa tttagaaagc ctgtcctgac ggcagacatg    114060
     tcctcagatg ggaagagaca aaggcccagg gctgacgctt aggggatgat ctgccagcca    114120
     atcacagatg cctagcctta acattcctga gatggaaata atcacgattg gaatcgttgc    114180
     agatattgag agctattggt gacacttcct ggctttattc taaggtgtac atttaatgtt    114240
     tatcaatgct ttcgactttt tgctatcatt ttctaggtgt ttgccttttt atcttcggag    114300
     aaaatggctg tgctccgttt caagaatctc ctcaaatcaa aacgacaaag agtgtgtggc    114360
     caccgagtcc cagtccatga agtgaaatat ctggggaaag tcagtggaca aacagcctac    114420
     tttaacgttt gcatgtgttt gcatagtaat gcacccagcc catgttaaat attatacaac    114480
     ataaacaagg gaagaccagt aacaaccata gagctctgag gaaatgacta gaagccacat    114540
     acatctttaa gcccaaggca tagttaccaa aaggcacatt aataatattt aacttttact    114600
     ttaaaggcaa caccaatgca ttaattttac ctctctcaaa tgttaacatt ttcaaattta    114660
     ctatttcttt gtaaccagtt gccactaatt tattttgagg gtaaaatatt tcttggaata    114720
     taaactcctg aaagctatcg aaggcaacat tgcactagaa cagtatcatg gcagttaaaa    114780
     gcaggacagc tactgaaatc tcatctgcct cagaggcaaa gggcttggga caatttgtaa    114840
     taggctcagc ttaatttctt ttcttttaga ctatggtttg gttcctcaga ttttcaaagt    114900
     tggtataatt catattaata atggaattta tctccctaga aactgcattt gctcatcatc    114960
     agcatttagg attttcttcc aggggcattc gctactatac acacacacac acacacacac    115020
     acacacacac acacacacac acacatcttg aggtcttagg ggcagactta acatccccaa    115080
     acagctctat agataaacat ggtccataat agctgcccag tttttggagg taccattcat    115140
     gcacaatggt tgacctcagt ggaacttcct agacctgtac agtatacagt ctccacagct    115200
     gtctgtggtg gcacaagtta ctgcccttct cacaacagag ggtcagagca taagaaggac    115260
     aaaaataaag atttaagtaa agtttgtgcc aaagactctg cagtgaggag gcaggataaa    115320
     caccaacaaa ttaagaaaaa cgttgttaat aagaatgaaa gtaaaaaaat taagtttggt    115380
     gagtccaaca tataatctct gactactcct gggtatctgc ctttaaacag atgttgaaaa    115440
     tccctcattt accggccaat aatcagacat ggtgaggggc atccctttta aattcccatg    115500
     atcctcaagg cctagctctc ttttgagatt actgaattgt actgtatttt gtaatttata    115560
     tttattttag gaaactgtcc atggtgtttc tcccatttat taatactatg ttgtaaattc    115620
     tcttacagtt aaaacatatt agccttgatt ctagaatcta aggttatttt atatcttggt    115680
     gcagctactg aacccagggc cttgaacttg ctgtgaacac tgtattattg aactttaact    115740
     tcagcagagt ttcttgagca tgcattggat tgcattggta tatctagtca ctagcacaga    115800
     gtagacattt tattaacatt tgaagaatta acaaagagag catttgtttt catgccatag    115860
     aacatgatag atttttaaag tggatattca aaaaccacaa cttacttaag aagttaagcc    115920
     aagaggttgg gaatgttggt caattgacag agtgcttgcc cagcatacat caagccttga    115980
     gttcaaaccc caacgctgca caaactgggc atggtgggaa acatgcataa tattatccct    116040
     caggacatag aggcaggatg accaagagtt cacgatcatc cttgactaca caatgcattc    116100
     cagaccagcc tgagacatat gtgaccttct cttaaaaagg gggtggggat ggaggatagg    116160
     agtctggaga gatgtctcaa aagaaccgtt gctgcatttc ccatcacata caagactgct    116220
     caaaaccatc tatcactcca gctccacagg actggacatc ctcttctggc ctctgcagga    116280
     actatacaca tgtggcgtgc agttataact tacgggcaaa acacccatac acacaaaata    116340
     acaaaaattt ataggaaagc tgaaaagaaa tggagtaaac catgaattaa ctccaaatag    116400
     tcactttcta tcttaacctc atcatgaaat cctaggcgtt gaagttacat cgaatatttt    116460
     ggcaacaaac aataccacat agccaacatt aagaagaatt taacagtaaa aaaacctgtg    116520
     ctctcttatg gcaatccttg ctgttcattt cctccagcct ggactaattg gacttctcag    116580
     attatttaat gttaaagaca aacatattta tttaaagttg tagtcaatta ctgtagaata    116640
     ttttcatggc aaaataaatt atttttctga cagaagtaat tagctgtatc tgaaattctt    116700
     ccaagagcta cctgcttcta aagtggactg ttttccttgt ctctatcaca agcaaagtat    116760
     tgcccatggg cttcttggtt tggggagtag aggagagaaa tttagaggct agataggcaa    116820
     acttgcacaa gtaggtgttg ctaagaactg gctgcttgtc aagtaccatc tccttctcca    116880
     gcaaggaaaa taatctagct tcattaatca agtgggtctg atgtttagtt gaaacactag    116940
     aaacttcaag aatatgatag tttgggggct agagatatag ctaaatggta tgtacagggc    117000
     tctgggttta atcccagcaa cacaaattag taaacaataa aacatctttc agtttggaaa    117060
     ctacaggaat gccaaatgac aatgacatca tgtcttagga tgattcccca tccccacccc    117120
     cccagtaagt acatagtgca gatagcgtaa atttcttcag gctagggaaa ttagctgcca    117180
     gaacacacct ggcagctcct aacagttaag aggcctaaag atgcaaacag gcccagcaat    117240
     ctaaaccttc tcacagctgc gaagttctgt gaactggtga agagcaggcc acagtgggta    117300
     caggagctga ctagtgccag gcacacacct ccagctcaac aggaaggaac taagactttt    117360
     gagatttttt ataaagagac ccagggagtg tatactgttt aaatatttac tctattaata    117420
     taactaatga aggcatttaa tttttcaaaa gataactaca gtatgatttt aggaaataaa    117480
     ccaaggctat gtgcagagcc agttataacc tgaatatcaa attgacagaa ctttatttgt    117540
     atttttttaa tccatcaatg tgcgttaaaa taatgtgttt tcattaaata tttttattgc    117600
     atttaaaaaa gaagttggat ttttttagta gcttctcaaa aatcaagagt gacagatcaa    117660
     aagaaagaca gaaagacaga aagaaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    117720
     aaggaaggga gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaga aaccccacat    117780
     agcagagaaa gccatttctt tgttttccta gatgcagccc aaatgctagt aattattttc    117840
     aacatgtgca gtgaaacttt tactttccat cagcattatg taagaaacat tttatcaata    117900
     taaaaaatag gcattgggct aggggaagga ctgaaggagc tgaaggggac tgcaacccca    117960
     taggaaaaat aatatcaacc aaccggatcc ctcctcccag agctcccagg gactaaacca    118020
     acaaccaaag agtacacatg gaaggaccca tggctcaagc cgtatatata gcagaggatg    118080
     gcctagtcgg gcatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccttggtcct gtgaaggctc tatatcccag    118140
     tgttggggaa ttccagggca aggaggtggg agtgggtggg tgggtagagg agcaccctca    118200
     gagaggcaaa ggggagaggg agagtggcat gggatgtagg gtttgtggag gggtaacaag    118260
     gaagggggaa tatcatttga gatgtaaagg aataaatgct taataataat aaaaaacaag    118320
     cttggagaag cttgacttga ggacgctgta attcagtact gtttctcaca ctgatatttt    118380
     tctttttttt ctttctcttt tcctgttctg gtgcttatga aagttgtata atttctctag    118440
     cagcgttaac atctaacctc aatttcacct tgaatcattt tgagaatggc aaaggttaaa    118500
     caaatacttt gttggatggc aggtgctctt gcctttaaaa cactgaaaac atttaacgta    118560
     tgatggtaat ccatggagca tactttttgg cacaaaggaa aagaaaaata agtgatatta    118620
     aaaaaaaatt caccttcccc aaaggaatca tgatttagag aagtgtgtaa agcactgagc    118680
     caactctggc acagtcaaag ccccaaatcc actccccccc acctcgtgta gacaaactac    118740
     actgaaaaac ctccccaatt gccacaacaa gccaatactc ctgttcttat tccatttctg    118800
     ttgctgtatt tacctacact accaagaagc aactcaggcg agatgggtcc ctttcaactt    118860
     gtgtttccag gtttcatttc atcattgtgt ggaagccaga gaaggatcta gaatcagttc    118920
     gtcatatccc atcaatggcc aagagcagag agaaataaat gtatagatgg atactgctca    118980
     tcctgctcta ctcttacaca acccagggcc caagcccttg gaatggtact gccaactttc    119040
     aggctgtgat gtggagacac atcaactaaa gacatcaaga ccatcttcca cagacaagcc    119100
     aatggtgctg gggtccaggt tccagtttaa acttttagtg gtagatattg acacagtcaa    119160
     agcccaccta gcatctgttc tattgcttct ccttttccag cataaacctg ttatccgtgc    119220
     acacctgccc tccttggaca cctatgcaca ggaatacgac tgtcaaagtc gtatataaat    119280
     tccttttgtc aatgacacac acaaatgtcg gtgttaaagt ttattgagat caccaaaaga    119340
     cagaggatac ggtaatagtt cagtgatgct ttactagatc tctctctctc tctccctctc    119400
     cctctccctc tccctccccc tccccctctc cctccctccc ttcctctccc tctctccctc    119460
     cctccctctc ctcctatcgc tttctctccc ccccatctcc aacacacaca caaatacaca    119520
     tatacacatg taactatggg ctcatgaaca gtttgaatca attagaaata aggaagggtt    119580
     tgctggagtt tttgaagaat gttgattttc tttccttctc tgaactggtc caaaggtgac    119640
     cctgtccagt tttcacgttc atggacattg gcatcaatgt ataatttaac tcctgaaggg    119700
     atggcacttc tctgacagct ctagacttag attaagatca atacacagag ctaagctggg    119760
     ctgagacact catgggaaaa tgaggccagg accagaggat tagctgttct gtttttggac    119820
     ttctaggtca gtggacaaag aatgccaaag agctcagccc acattagtgg ggcttttgat    119880
     attttcagtg gaaaggagtt gagtctttta tggtttctca tctgtgaaat cagatagcta    119940
     ctttgaaacc ttgagaaaat tcacagtaat acatgaaaag cattatatag aagagcttgg    120000
     cacagcacac atctttagtg catgataaca aagtttgaaa ctggttgtct gtatcctgca    120060
     aacttgtgat tagtttcgtt tacagccagc tttgattttt gattgtttat atttacatat    120120
     cagatgaaac cagcagtatt aaccaccaaa gaacacagta gtagctgagc taaagatgtt    120180
     atagtgtttt gacatataag acaaataata taataaacaa cagatacata ttgttcagtg    120240
     atactttact aagtatcaca cacatatgat acatatatat caattcagga atatatatat    120300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat atatacacac acatatatat    120360
     aaatagttat attatacaaa tgtgtttata ttaaatatgt attctttaat gtttacatat    120420
     attatatata cacacacaca cacacgcaca cacacacaca tatcacacac acacagtgtg    120480
     ttatccttaa atgatttctc aggctagaaa attagaattt ggaaactttg ataaagaatt    120540
     tgatggtaaa agtacaactt caatacaatg atggtaaaag tctaaatttt ttttcagttc    120600
     tgcattatat tttttctttt tcttttttca aatttttctg ttagatattt tcttcattta    120660
     catttcaaat gctatcccca aaccccccta taccctcccc ctgccctgct ccttaaccca    120720
     cccactcctg cttcctggcc ctgacattcc tctgtactgg ggcatataat cttcgaaaga    120780
     ccaagggtct ctcctcccat tgatggtgga ctaggccatc ctctggtaca taggcaacta    120840
     gagatacaag ctcttaggga tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttcctcct atagggttgc    120900
     agaccccttc agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgttcca    120960
     tccaatagat gattgtgagc aaccacttct gtatttgcca ggcactgaca tagcctcaca    121020
     aaagagagct atatcagagt cctgtcagca atacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag    121080
     tttggagctg agacagaagg aagaaccatc cagagactgt cccacccagg gatccatccc    121140
     ataaacaatc cccaaaacca aacactattg cagatgccaa aagtctaaaa ttttaaacac    121200
     tgtagaaata ttttttcaaa caagcgttac caatggcagc agaactacac aggatcaaat    121260
     gctgcctgag ctcacagcct ttgggcatac attctgtact tgaatcttgg ctctgacatt    121320
     tgaatattat atgttcttag gtaaatttct tagcctcaat tttctcattt gtacaatgga    121380
     aataataagg ccaggtgtgg tggcacatgc cactggggaa ggtgagggaa gagatcagga    121440
     attcagggcc agaatgagct atgtaaaacc ctgccttaaa accaagagag tataagtata    121500
     gatgtacctt taaaagcatc ctaaagagca tgtcagaatg gcataagaaa aagcccaaag    121560
     actttagttt taaatgaggc agtaaaggct gagattggtg tctttgccaa gcagaccacg    121620
     acaggagcca gctgtcccac ctttgaatat gaatcgcaag gtcagcagca aactccaggg    121680
     ctgcacactc ttccatgcta actgctactc tggtcacaac aagcagaata cagagcaagc    121740
     ttagcgtcca tcagcaatga atggataaag agaaagtaat acatacacat aaaggaatct    121800
     taggaagcca taagccaaca caaaggaatg gagttttgca gaaaaaaaaa gtgtgaagct    121860
     cgaaatcacg attttaaaca gataagcctg gctcagaaag gcaaatacca tgttttctct    121920
     catatgcaga atttatactt aaatttatag agaggtgtat atataaatgt gtttacatat    121980
     gtgtgtaagt gtaggttgtg gacagagaaa gggaatcaat ggtgatgagg agactgtaaa    122040
     gttgagggtt gtagaatgta tgtgacatga aaacttagtg gtggatcgag gatggcagag    122100
     aaccagccag ccgagggcat ggagtaggat agtgaagtgg ggagtgaatg agaggggaga    122160
     ataatgatac atatgtatga aaatgccatg atacatgtct tgtatactaa cctaaaatta    122220
     ataataaata aatacataag taaacaaata tattttatat atacatatgt cctaaatatg    122280
     tatatacaca tgtttgcata catatatata tgacagatta aggagaaaaa aaacaagtaa    122340
     caatgtattg tgttatctaa tacatgtgga aacaagatgt gtgcaattag atacacctga    122400
     agtgaatata caaatgaaaa ggaaactttg agaatataat acaaaaccta ggtacatatt    122460
     ttctctaata aaataccttt aaaatataaa gagacacaag taaaactcag aagttggaac    122520
     agacacagaa aataccagat aaacagaatt tagagtaaag gaatattact agggcagaga    122580
     caatgacttt ggggtgataa ctgggctgtg gatgaagagg atctgcatgt gtgcggctaa    122640
     cagtgcttca catgcatgaa tcgggaacta atagcgctag gagaatgaag agagccatga    122700
     cactagctga agaatttaca gtcctgtcca tataattcac ttgttcaaga agactgcgat    122760
     aaaaaagtct tgaaatagaa gtaaaagaga aatagaaatg aaaatttgaa atggattcga    122820
     atcatgcaat gtataatcac tagtcactga tattatttta aaagatgtat agtaacagat    122880
     ctgggggaaa gttcagaaat atttgaaaac tagagatttc tccatcatct gtggtagagg    122940
     gaagacactg aaagtcagaa ggtgtcctga agcacatgaa aaggacacca gaacacacta    123000
     aacttgtatg gactggggtt gcagctcagt ggaagagcat ttgtctaacc ccaaggttaa    123060
     gctccagcac caaaaaaaaa aaaatggaga acagtatcta gagaaaaaca tacatgtgat    123120
     tcccacgtta aaaagtctat aaaaataaat gaaaatgaaa cagaaagaaa aaataaatat    123180
     caaagatcaa ttcagagatc caaaagctgg ttctctgaga cggtggatca gggaaaagac    123240
     tagacaaaaa ttgtaaatag taatgatgat gataataata ataataataa taataataat    123300
     aataataata ataataaaga atgggggaat cacagcagac aatacaacat tactggaaaa    123360
     gaaaggttat aaacaatttg tgacattcag tttcatcatt tacaataaga gggcacattc    123420
     tttgaagaac acaaattaca atcatgctct agaaggaaaa aaaaaaccca aaagctgaaa    123480
     tatcccgttt attcaagatt caaactgctt gatattaaat atttcctcat gaaaaattac    123540
     acttcagctg gttttgctgg taaattttat caaacataca agggtaaaat agcaaactta    123600
     gaccatcttt tgtaatagca acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    123660
     agagacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agcccagagt    123720
     atttgtactt tcttattcaa gatttatgac attctacaat ggtaaaaatg aatattggca    123780
     taaaaacaga tatatccatg gaggtagata aaattcacaa gtaaataagt ctgaatatct    123840
     tttcagcaag tttcttacaa aattttagat agatatatgt aaagtacttt tgataggttc    123900
     aatatactaa ctttgaactt tacctcacac tttaaatata tacaaaacat aattatttaa    123960
     aaatggctca cagacctaga tagaagcact gagttgtaaa tctcctacac aaaaacagga    124020
     aatcttagtg atcctggatt tggtaaagtg tttgtaattt tccacagaaa gtataaaaat    124080
     tcaataaact agaattcagt aaattgtaaa actttcatta ttcactagtt gtgaaagatg    124140
     ttagatacgc attgaccaca tgatctagcc atttccatag atcttgttcc caagaaataa    124200
     caatgcacac tcacaacgat gtgtccatga ctgttggtga taactttatt agtagcatcc    124260
     acaactatag atgacaaagt tgtgtataaa caggtgagtg tgtaaacaga ctttggtaca    124320
     cttacattat agccagataa aatttaaaaa tgattattga gacagaaaca caaattgatc    124380
     ttaatgtttc atttcgagaa aaagagcaag acagcacatg gatatacata aacatgattt    124440
     catttatata aaatcctaaa aaaatgtaaa cagtctatat tgtaaaaatg taagctagtc    124500
     tatagaaaaa gcagatcggg aattctgagg aagtagggta aaaacatcaa gcagttagaa    124560
     ggattaaatg attacaaatt agtacgggga atattttggg agaaatttga cacgtgttgg    124620
     cagtggcgat ggcttcctga tcatgctcag gtcagaactt tgccagtgta cacttggaac    124680
     gcccttggcg tacgtcagtc atcgagactg agtttcgttc tcttccctct ttgtgtttac    124740
     acactgggga aatggcttga tagtcagaca tgagagtttg aatgctacct ctgctcctat    124800
     aatgcaacct tacgtaaatt acagttttgt gtctcagatt ctagttcaat gttagtaaaa    124860
     tactttgtgg gagataagaa tggatgcgtc cctggctgca gtaaagctac tgatgtatgt    124920
     tttatcacta agcccatccc atttccctct tctaagtgga tactcttcgt gaatttgatg    124980
     cgtgattgtg atatgtgtgg aggaatgtat atactttaag gtgacagaat ggcactgttt    125040
     tagcttattt ctcctttatg ctaaaatgtt aagactatta ttattctatc tctctatagc    125100
     aagttgctcc taattgctgt gttagtttct acattatgta tctggcaaac ttaactcatt    125160
     aacttcccaa ggtgaaaaga tccttgtcta atcgtctgcc ttaatatttg tctcctggaa    125220
     gttctctcac tcagaaatcc tgaagtaaga cgactgggcc aaaggagaac tgtgagacaa    125280
     atttcactca gcacttccaa agtgttgaat tcctaatgct gggaattaat catattacta    125340
     ttaccaagac aatggatgta gcatttactc caattttcac ttctcagttt actaataaat    125400
     ttgagcaatt cttgttatta gctacccagg cttttccttt gtaaacaaca tctgtattga    125460
     tattttctca tttaaaaaat tttacatttt gatgggcagt cccttgaaat gtctgtcctg    125520
     agcctatgag tattgagatg acatttcctg agaagaaata cttcatttta atatgtcaca    125580
     cctgccattt ctcagcttag ttacttaaaa taattatctt tgttatgtgc agaagtacaa    125640
     cctgtaacaa tgtgtttacc ccccttggaa tttatgctgt gactttgtag tccttgagtc    125700
     tctctggagt ctgcttctca tctgacatgg tgctgtgcag gcacgtattt cttcccatgt    125760
     aatgatctta gttccaacac tctctgttaa aaagtttgac tatttccacc acacaagcag    125820
     tgacatcttt atcatatgcc actggagtat ttttataaag ccaaacatta ccctagaaga    125880
     gtaatgacac agagtaataa aaggtcaaga ggtattttat ccgcccttca gaaccacaca    125940
     taaacaggaa atactgaaca cacctggatt tgggggttaa gtatagagaa ggactcttat    126000
     taggtctatg agatataaca gattttcaca atgtcttcaa tgtttaatag caaaataatg    126060
     cttttatata atactacata aataaaatat tgaatatgtc acatcaaaac tatacttctg    126120
     caatagtcat aagatcatag catgttatat gcatttttct caattttccc aaagttttct    126180
     gaatttcctg gaatgattaa gaatataaga caagatacag catttattag caagattttt    126240
     tttttggaag caagtaaaaa tgttcaagca gaaatgagtc tgatttatgg cccaattcag    126300
     tattccatgc aaagaaagtt ctcagggaac aacggtcttg ggtatctgtt gaaagtccac    126360
     acatttacta ggtttaaatg tacatgtaca gtaaaatctg tcttgaaact catgctctgc    126420
     cttctctttt ggctgggagt ttaaaaaaca agcagctcta cttttgtcta cagagtcctc    126480
     ctcttttgca tggagcactg tggatgatga acttggatat gtattttcct tcagatttgg    126540
     aaagaaacta tttctgagtt ttattgttct gttacattgt ccagtgatgt caaacaaaca    126600
     aacaaaaaat acagaaaata aaatcaggca agctggtatc tctcttagag cctagaagca    126660
     tgtggcatcc taaaactcct aactgaaagt ctaccactac ctagcaccag tattcagact    126720
     acctctcttt aatggctatc aatgaactgg aatttaatag cataatataa gattcatccc    126780
     ttctaccagc agttacacaa tgctcgccac acagagagtc ttcgacactg ctttcagatt    126840
     ccatgtggtt aatctacaag tctacaagga gttgatggtt acttttgtgc ttggatcttg    126900
     atggaaggtt gagatattat tatccaccat tacgaaacaa aaagaactga gcttcgcttt    126960
     acaatttatg tagctaaata tactgacata ctgaattatc ctaattcata tgctagcaca    127020
     ttttagaaca tgtttagtca tgttgggttt tggttttggt ggcgggggta ggtaagggca    127080
     ttatggcaaa tctctggggg acaaagagaa agccatgctt gctcaggtag gaagcatctt    127140
     gatgtgaata agccacccac ttctgttaga tgtggattcc tctaaagaga gcttgagtaa    127200
     cagccagaag tctcaaatta tgttaaatca caactacaga cccatctggg aaggaaaatc    127260
     aaaggaggaa catgttggag acatgcagat ggtatacaac gcatccagtt cacagcacca    127320
     agcaacagtt tttacaaaca gcatgtcagc tttgggaact gtgaaccatc agtcacagta    127380
     ctttttgtgc catggcagtg atttgctgga agtgtcacac tataatcaaa ggaccaaatc    127440
     atcagcatca tcatcagcat cagcatcacc accaccacca tcatcaccat catctccaaa    127500
     ttccactttt agctctatag actaggcaac atgagatctg accacagcac acaggaaatc    127560
     tcagggcgtc ttctgactac tgtctatgtt aatccaggta gagttgtaaa atttcagatg    127620
     tgctcaggtt tggcagcaca agcatgaaac aagaaataaa ttgatgatat gcatatgtgg    127680
     ggaagtctgt gcttttctag aaatttcaag aattcctttt tctactgatt tatgttgaaa    127740
     cagggatgtc atcgtgacat taacctcaca ttattttgag aatttctgaa acccatgtat    127800
     gtgacactgg agttgtctgt ctgtctgtct tgatattcta gagaaaaaag tctctggagt    127860
     taaaatagca tcttatatag gaaaacacta agtaagctcg aaacttcctg acaagatata    127920
     atatttccta gaataatttg taacatctcc acatagacta tttaataatt tatgtcactg    127980
     tagtctccta ccttcatttt tcagtcatat tttgccaaca ccatcaaaaa gactttgttt    128040
     ctacttagca caaaatactt tgagaaacat ttttgttaac tacaaaaata atagtattct    128100
     ggtgtacttt taaaaagttt tttttctttt ttttttcttt tttgctaata gcatgattga    128160
     aacgtgacca atgttgctag gagataattt aaagctaatt aggttcatta gcagcagcat    128220
     aaaagagcct ctattcatca gaagaaaata ataaatttta ttttatttaa caaaaaagcc    128280
     ttttaccctt tgcaaaatat ttatatatga acttctgata aatttctgaa gctaatacgt    128340
     ttgatttgct ataaaagaat gaaagagatg taaacttgaa acaacattac aaatgttaaa    128400
     tacaaggtga cactgtatca gaatgaagaa ttcacagggt gctgtctctt caaaaaagca    128460
     cttgataaac aacaagctgg ctcaagtaag aattaaagag taaaatttat agttttcttg    128520
     gcatgtaggc ctcatctcct atgctcttac tttttgggaa aatcgatgga tgaacagaat    128580
     atacagacat aagcatttaa tgtcaagtaa cttaataaat aaatgtgctt acattaaaag    128640
     gtgtcggtgg gacattagta agaggtataa aatgttcata tttaacatct actcaaattt    128700
     tactcaaaac tgatgcttag cttatgagtg taatttctca tgaaagcatt catctccccc    128760
     tgaagtgatg agttaggtgt gtccatcctt gtgatgtgat tggctctgaa ttactcaccc    128820
     ttcacgagtg tggacaaaag ccgccacact catgcactgt actctctccc tacgcagagg    128880
     ttttagcgta gcctcacaac ctccttccag catgctcatt tgggtaatca gaaccaagcg    128940
     aacagctttc tcctgctgtt ccctttcttt tactcagaat ccacttaatg tgcctaagaa    129000
     ttggttcatt tactagtttt aattgtgaaa ttaactcttc cctgaaatag gtacactgaa    129060
     gtttattcta ctgggatcag atttaaccac ccctgtctat gatcctttca gcactgtgtt    129120
     cataactggc atgatgatgc ttgtggtatc ttatcaatta atggcacaca cctgcttttc    129180
     tgccagtgac aatatcttca tattctccaa tggaggatgg tcctcgggtc tgatatcaag    129240
     tagatgttca ctattttaaa taaaatcaga tgagtaactt tatggataaa acatgtgaga    129300
     agcaatggat gtttgaacta ctttatgtca ttgagttgat cctgtcagtg ggagagagaa    129360
     ttgcagaatc ccaaagcagg aagctcgaat acaaactgat aaaggtaagg aaaatataga    129420
     caaaagaagt gaagaaacgc cccaaatcca accaaaaccc caacccagct taatgtcaca    129480
     agcgaactga atcagaagca ggcacattgc taagtaaaaa agacttttct tcctgaatca    129540
     tcaagggtat tttgtttctg tactctacta ggagggagaa tgggaaggat ttatttataa    129600
     aggaagagct gtgtgtaaaa actcggcgca tgattcagac attctcttca gaaagggtct    129660
     ttggcacaat tgcacagttt cattaccact ctgataaagg tgggaatggc tatcatggat    129720
     aggaacaagg aagcattctg agagaccctg gctcaaatca aattctatga tgatttgaaa    129780
     aattatctca ttttacttat ccaagtctga tgttttggtc tctattctca gagaaagaac    129840
     gttgaaggtg agaatgagtg actcgtggag gctgcaaagt gagtgggggc gggtggcttt    129900
     ggtctagaca agtgggagag cgcctttgta attcatgctt tctctgtgcc ttcttctatt    129960
     ggctttttgg agatgctgtg acacatccac tccacctcct gaaattattc tccttctaag    130020
     aaacgttaag ccgtttcaca tttgctgaat tgcagtttga ggattcctct catatggagc    130080
     tggagcattt ggctgtattc tttaggcatc tggtggaaac catgcttagg taacatgtta    130140
     tcatagtagt ggtgactgag tggggtgtct tcgatagtct tagagaaagg ccagaatccg    130200
     tagagcttca cgttttcaca cagttccaca gcgacacttg caatcatcaa gcctgtggac    130260
     aagcggtatg cagtcacccc tttagttctc cagaaaagag cgaggtgtct caggtacctg    130320
     ggatggaaga agagaacctt ttgcctcatt tttgactctt tgagtgtttg gtagacttta    130380
     aaagagatgc ctgtgttggc ccgataggaa aatgctggca ggaggaggaa tgcatctcca    130440
     taggtggaga tgtcctccaa aaactgtgct ttcttctcct tcaaattctg gtacctgccg    130500
     aattaaaagg aaaggccggt cacagtacag aagtaataat aataataata ataataataa    130560
     taataataat aaataatact ataataaagg ccactcacag tacagaaata acaaaaataa    130620
     tagtaataat agtaatgata atgatgataa taataatagt aataattttg gttatatggt    130680
     attgaatata catctagtca aattgcaact gcttatatcc attatattaa aaagtcaaac    130740
     cactgagtta aaaacattga tcaagtatca agtaagtatc aaaggcctgc cttcattctt    130800
     ctttcttgag ccacaaagac ttattgctag acagacattt cttctattat ttcatattac    130860
     cacacagcaa tgttacctaa taccgttaaa cttacaccta accaaatacc atagcctata    130920
     tgtatctatt atttaaaagt tatagtttat acattttata catatttact caacaaatag    130980
     aagttttgtt taaaaagcct atgcatgcct gaaataatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    131040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtac tggctttagg ctatcatttt cttatccttc    131100
     acacacctta ggaagaactc ttttatgtaa catttcacag ttagcttgtg gagacagcta    131160
     cgctgttttt ttcactctga gattctagaa caatttaagg agtctattaa attacaaatg    131220
     gatcttggtc cgggacccgc cgaacttagg aaattagtct gaacaggtga gagggtgcgc    131280
     cagagaacct gacagcttct ggaacaggca gaagcacaga ggcgctgagg cagcaccctg    131340
     tgtgggccgg ggacagccgg ccaccttccg gaccggagga caggtgcccg cccggctggg    131400
     gaggcgacct aagccacagc agcagcggtc gccatcttgg tccgggacct gccgaactta    131460
     ggaaattagt ctgaacaggt gagagggtgc gccagagaac ctgacagcct ctggaacagg    131520
     cagaagcaca gaggggctga ggcagcaccc tgtgtgggcc ggggacagcc ggccaccttc    131580
     cggaccggag gacaggtgcc cgcccggctg gggaggcgac ctaagccaca gcagcagcgg    131640
     tcgccatctt ggtccgggac ccgccgaact taggaaatta gtctgaacag gtgagagggt    131700
     gcgccagaga acctgacagc ttctggaaca ggcggaagca cagaggcgct gaggcagcac    131760
     cctttgtggg ccggggacag ccagccaccg tccggaccgg aggacaggtg cccgcccggc    131820
     tggggaggcg gcctaagcca cagcagcagc ggtcgccatc ttggtccgag acccgccgaa    131880
     cttaggaaat tagtctgaac aggtgagagg gtgcgccaga gaacctgaca gcttctggaa    131940
     caggcggaag cacagaggcg ctgaggcagc accctgcgtg ggccggggac agccggccac    132000
     cttccggacc agaggacagg tgcccgcccg gctggggagg cgacctaagc cacagcagca    132060
     gcggtcgcca tcttggtccc gggactccaa ggaacttagg aatttagtct gcttaggtga    132120
     gagtctgtac cacctgggaa ctgccaaagc aacacagtgt ctgagaaagg tcctgttttg    132180
     ggccttcttc ttcggccagg aggaggtcca aatacaagat atctgcgcac cttccctgta    132240
     agagagcttg ccagcagaga gtgctctgag cactgaaact cagaggagag aatctgtctc    132300
     ccaggtctgc tgatagacgg taacagaatc accagaagaa caatctctaa acagagtcaa    132360
     ctataactac taactccaga gattaccaga tggcgaaagg taaacggagg aatcttacta    132420
     acaggaacca agaccactca ccatcaccag aacccagcac acccacttcg cccagtccag    132480
     ggaaccccaa cacacctgag aacctagacc tagatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg    132540
     tagaggacat caagaaggac tttaataaat cacttaaaga aatacaggag aacactgcta    132600
     aagagttaca agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacacaat caaacaggta gaagtcctta    132660
     cagaaaaaga ggaaaaaaca tacaaacagg tgatggaaat gaacaaaacc atactagacc    132720
     taaaaaggga agtagacaca ataaagaaaa ctcaaagcga ggcaacacta gagatagaaa    132780
     ccctaggaaa gaaatctgga accatagatt tgagcatcag caacagaata caagagatgg    132840
     aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cggcacaaca atcaaagaaa    132900
     atggaaaatg caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa atatccagga aatccaggac acaataagaa    132960
     gaccaaacgt acggataata ggagtggatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaaggtccag    133020
     caaacatctt caacaaaatt attgaagaaa acttcccaaa tctaaagaat gagatgcata    133080
     tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctccc    133140
     gacacataat aatcagaaca tcaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatacta aaagcagtaa    133200
     gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca agcctatcag aattacacca gatttttcac    133260
     cagagactat gaaagccaga agagcctgga cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca    133320
     aactgcagcc caggctacta tacccagcca aactctcaat tatcatagag ggagaaacca    133380
     aagtattcca cgacaaaacc aaattcacgc attatctctc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa    133440
     ggataataac agaaaaaaac caacacaaga atgggaacaa cgccctagaa aaaacaagaa    133500
     ggtaatccct caacaaacct aaaagaagac agccacaaga acagaatgcc acctttaaca    133560
     actaaaataa caggaagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat ctcttaacat caatggtctc    133620
     aactcgccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca aactggctac acaaacaaga cccaacattt    133680
     tgctgcttac aggaaactca tctcagagaa aaagatagac actacctcag aatgaaaggc    133740
     tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtatg aagaaacaag caggagtagc catcctaata    133800
     tctgataaga ttgacttcca acccaaagtc atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg acacttcatt    133860
     ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc tgaatatcta tgctccaaat    133920
     acaagagcag ccacattcac taaagaaact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cattgcgcct    133980
     cacacaataa tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttcac caatggacag atcatggaaa    134040
     cagaaactaa acagggacac actgaaacta acagaagtga tgaaacaaat ggatctgaca    134100
     gatatctaca gaacatttta ccctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcat    134160
     ggtaccttct ccaaaattga ccacataata ggtcacaaat caggcctcaa cagattcaaa    134220
     aatattgaaa ttgtcccatg tatcctatca gatcaccatg cactaaggct gatcttcaat    134280
     aacaaaataa ataacagaaa gccaacattc acatggaaac tgaacaacac tcttctcaat    134340
     gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa    134400
     aatgaagcca caacgtaccc aaacctttgg gacacaatga aagcatttct aagagggaaa    134460
     ctcatagcta tgagtgcctt caagaaaaaa cgggagagag cacatactag cagcttgaca    134520
     acacatctaa aagctctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag    134580
     gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caagtggaaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga    134640
     attaaccaaa cgaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct    134700
     agactcacta aagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga    134760
     gacataacaa cagatcctga agaaatccaa aacaccatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta    134820
     tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggacaaa atggacaaat ttctggacag ataccaggta    134880
     ccaaagttga atcaggatca agttgacctt ctaaacagtc ccatatcccc taaagaaata    134940
     gaagcagtta ttaatagtct cccagccaaa aaaagcccag gaccagacgg gtttagtgca    135000
     gagttctatc agaccttcaa agaagatcta actccagttc tgcacaaact ttttcacaag    135060
     atagaagtag aaggtattct acccaactca ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct    135120
     aaaccacaga aagatccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttctct tatgaacatc    135180
     gatgcaaaaa tccttaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat taaagcgatc    135240
     atccatcctg accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa    135300
     tccatcaatg taatccatta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg    135360
     ttagatgcag aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttctggaa    135420
     agatcaggaa ttcaaggcca atacctaaac atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta    135480
     gccaacatca aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga    135540
     caaggctgcc cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca    135600
     attcgacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattggaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca    135660
     ctttttgcag atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta aaaattccaa cagagaactc    135720
     ctaaacctga taaacagctt cggtgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaagtca    135780
     atggcctttc tctacacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc    135840
     ttctcaatag ccacaaataa tataaaatat ctcggcgtga ctctaacgaa ggaagtgaaa    135900
     gatctgtatg ataaaaactt caagtccctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga    135960
     tggaaagatc tcccatgctc atggattggc aggaccaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg    136020
     ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccattaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac    136080
     gaattagaag gagcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaaaccgag gatagcaaaa    136140
     actcttctca aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct aaagctttac    136200
     tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtggaccaa    136260
     tggaatagaa ttgaagatcc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac    136320
     aagggagcca aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac    136380
     aactggttgt tatcatgtag aagaatgcga attgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag    136440
     gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag    136500
     gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca    136560
     gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcgagaatt gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt    136620
     ttctgcaagg caaaagacac tgtctataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ctgggaaagg    136680
     atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag    136740
     aaggtggacc tcagaaaatc aaataacccc cttaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa    136800
     gaattctcac ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc    136860
     ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtgaga    136920
     atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga    136980
     acactcctcc attgttggtg ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg    137040
     cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc    137100
     atatatccag aagaagcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca    137160
     gccttattta taatagccag aaactggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg    137220
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa    137280
     tttatgaaat tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagagca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca    137340
     caatcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatacta gcccaaaacc    137400
     taggataccc acgatataag atacaatttc ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aaaaatgaag    137460
     actgaagtgt ggacactatg cccctcctta gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag    137520
     ttacagaaac aaagtttgga gctgagatga aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc    137580
     cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcatata ctagcaagat    137640
     tttatcgaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac    137700
     acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc    137760
     tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat cttcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg    137820
     aactaaccag tacccctgag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag    137880
     tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaga ctttgtgtgc cccggtacag    137940
     gggaacgcca gggccaaagg gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtaa    138000
     gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaaggagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga    138060
     aaaaaaaatt aaaaaaaaaa taaattacaa atgattagta gtctcttttt gacagaaagt    138120
     gtatgtgtaa cttgtatgaa tgaatgaatg gatatcctat aatagctaca ttgcagaaga    138180
     gggccatgaa aaattattct aaataacaaa ctatccaaaa tgaaagcaag cagtgccttg    138240
     tcaggctatg tgggggcttc ccccaaaact tcttaaaaga cagttttgtc atgaaagcac    138300
     tgaccaccaa ggaaagggcg taaataatcg gaaggctgaa agcaaatgga agaaaccgac    138360
     ttctctactt ttaagttgaa gagataaatt ctcctttgat tagaaacacg tagctcatga    138420
     cactaaaggc acaactgagt cactcttctg atagaacgca tgctgcatga ggtgtcaaac    138480
     tgtggatgta ttcttttgtg ttttccccag aatccagctc agccgtgtgt cacaccatgt    138540
     ggtgtgtcag cctcagcagt gggagggttg tgtgaagtga tcagaaagtg ttctgaggag    138600
     tggtggaact tgcagtcact cacttcaggg ttataatgct gggattgaca gtcacaagat    138660
     ttgttttgct tccaacatct ttactagcgc tccctgtgat tggggggagg ttacacctgg    138720
     aataaagaag aaaaatatgt tcaaaataca atctgcaaaa tgcagatgct tacacacaca    138780
     tatacataca tatacacaca catatacaca cacatacaca catatactca cacatacatg    138840
     tacactcata cacaaatata cacacacata catgcacaca catacacaaa tatacacaca    138900
     tacagataca cacatgtaca cacatactca catacacaca catacacaca tacagacaca    138960
     cacattcaca catgtacaga catacaaaca tatactcaca catatacaga cacatataca    139020
     cacaaatata tacatataca cacacatata cacataaaca aacataccca ctcatatata    139080
     catacacaca tatatacacc atacacacat acacagacat acacacatac acagacatac    139140
     acactcatac acacacatac agacatacat acccacacat acacacacgt acacacatgc    139200
     acacacatac ataatacaca aacataccca ctcatatata catacacaca tatacacaca    139260
     tacatacaca catataataa cacatccaca ctcttacaca tatactcata cacacatata    139320
     acacacaaac actcatacac acacataaac acacatacac acccattcac acatacacac    139380
     atgtgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgcac acacacacac ttgataactg    139440
     ttataatctc agaggaaacc agtgctgtga caagaacctc agagcccacc tgcttgccac    139500
     ttgaaaataa ccaagtacaa gatgtacttg tttcaacatt gcacaacata catcaatttg    139560
     ataagtgatt ttaatatttt cattggcatt tgtaagtact aagagcagag attttgaatc    139620
     tttcccacca tgcttctgaa ggattttcaa gttttttttt taattgaagt tgtgacttag    139680
     accaactgta tagatgaatg ctgattccat tcatgcaatg gaatgatccg tacagagtta    139740
     aagaagccaa ggtactgaaa atgtaataat aaagtctccc agaataaaac ctacatagga    139800
     acactagtat ctcctgatct ccatatggat aaccaaatta ggttatttat gaaggaaact    139860
     ctagtgtttt gtagcaattt tcttcctgct atcctaaata tttttcattg ggaagacatg    139920
     aacaatgcta atttgagtat actccaatca cattaaaatg agggtattct ttaaattccc    139980
     attagagcat ttttaaaagg aggagcatgg aaagtaaata ctgagtgtcc ccaggaaagc    140040
     tgtgtacagc tcacgccatc tgcaatgtgg atgcagctgc agggctctgc tccacacctg    140100
     atgaaacacg gaataaatga aatatatccc tctcactttg acataaaata tacatcagaa    140160
     aaaaatgtat tcattataga caggggtcac agaaaggacc ttatcagtgg cctcgtgtaa    140220
     caaatcacag acacatattc ttttgaagta tccaaagtgg ttcattgtgg tttgagacag    140280
     gctcttcctt tgtagcccag gccgactgga gcttactctg aacgctaggt tggccttaga    140340
     ctctcaaaga tccttctgcc tctgtctctc aactgttgag attacatgca tgagccacca    140400
     tgccaagctt aaaagtggtt tctaatataa ctagagacat cgtggaaaac gtgtgtgtgc    140460
     atccttttat atgcatgtgt gtataataga tgtaagatat ttgtgtaaaa cacacacaca    140520
     gatgtaacat tatagctata gcatactata taatgtagtt acagccatat gtgttcctta    140580
     aacacttaat atgtagctcc caatgtttgg aataaaaaca aatgggcaac ttctctgtgt    140640
     gatgagcaag cacaggcaaa atacgtacag gcctaaacac taactgcatt ttaatgacat    140700
     ccaccatatg tagccctaat tttgcttcta ggttgaatgg tcaacttcag aagaaagagc    140760
     atgttcagaa aaatcctatt gtcaactaaa gcagaacctg gaaagccagg gcttgtcttc    140820
     aagttataaa tcaactctct gctgagacgt tttcctagac tgtaagccta aattgttctt    140880
     tctatggctg ctataaagta aaattaatgc ttttgcataa tactctccac agatgtttgg    140940
     gggattttaa gtctataaag ggcctatcac atgaaccatt atttatcttc attgtgacca    141000
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc acacacaaac actgaggatt tgaagaataa ataatgcatt    141060
     ctgatagtga tcttgtcagt gagaaacctg aagagtacaa acattgttct gtaaagaatt    141120
     caatgagtgt tcaatgattt ctagaccatc agatcaacta ttgtgtagtt attgccaata    141180
     taaattacaa acacaaggta agtgagggag gaactatttt tttgaacgct gttttgtggc    141240
     tgatgttaat ctgtagaaca gtagcattaa atccacaggg accaaagtat ctcaacaaaa    141300
     ttgatgttct cagaacagga agatgtagac ttcttctgct ccctcttcta agtcatatta    141360
     cagggaagtc acctctgtca tatgctaaag taggatgttt tataccaaat attagcatgg    141420
     agcacacaca agccaacttt atgtctgttt tcataaatta ccttcacatc aggcaaaaat    141480
     actttacagg gccagaattg agcatatatg tgttatatac attatttttt tttcaagctg    141540
     gaaaatggtg gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcacaaaac    141600
     gaataggtca gcatctttcc cagtgttact gaagagcaaa atcccttgca atggtctgtg    141660
     agaacaaaga tcttcaaggc cagagaaatg ttcctccttt tccaagggaa ccctgacacc    141720
     ctctataggc tgaaggctct gatacatacg ctccagagcc ccaaacccta ctgtgatttc    141780
     agtctctcct tgcgtgtcct tactgatgtg aacctgctca ggaactcatg agtcccatga    141840
     ccttcaagaa ggcaacctgg gcaacctgta gatgctagca atgcaatcac aaagacaaag    141900
     gcaaaattga cacaggatgt gctcctggta ccctttaaag cagtcaatag ctcctgggtt    141960
     cccaagaaac catcttagca atactcacct gaagacgaag tcagatttat caatttctgc    142020
     tccgcagaga gacttgttga gaattccccc attaccaacc actgcacact ggttataggg    142080
     atagtccaca aaaggctgcg actggtggga gagaggggaa accaatcaac acaggtttgc    142140
     ttaacaacta gaagcaaggc tacaatgtgg ctcagtagaa gatctccaat tcccaggacc    142200
     cttacagaaa agaagccaca aatgccatta gctgggttcc agaagcttgg cttttcctgt    142260
     gtgtttagga gaaggaaaaa gagtaagaaa aagaaacaga agcagacttt agagggggta    142320
     aaaaacagaa aagcaccaaa ggggctacag agatgactcc tttagtaaga gcatttgctg    142380
     tgaaaagata actgagttca aattaccagc tcccatgaaa aaccatagac aggtctgcaa    142440
     tctagcccag ggcatgaaga ggcaggggaa tcctgggagc tccagtttct ggtcatccgg    142500
     tctaacctaa gcaataagct ccaggttcca cgggagggtc gtgggagtct gaagacataa    142560
     ggtagagagc agtccaggga gacaccggga tggcttctac atatatgtgt gccttcacag    142620
     tatgcatttc tcttactgtt ctatagtcac tgaagtaaaa atgtgtcctt gagccctgga    142680
     ctccgcaccc ttcagttatg gagtccattg gtttgttatg ttatagtgtg catcctcaca    142740
     ggcagagaac gtgtttcttt atttgtcatt ttcccgaatc tctcatccca tggctagaac    142800
     aattcagtgc tcatagtgag cttttcataa gcacttgctg gctcggtgtt tcccccaccg    142860
     tgcattccca gctgtgtgtt agaactggct catttgacat tgcaagagcc gactgggcag    142920
     cactcagcaa ttctgtgagc tggcagttaa atcaccagta acataaaatt ggccatgatg    142980
     ttagtatcta aaccacagag catggggggg ggggttacaa caccaaggct ccctgtcctc    143040
     aaagctaagt ctctggcccc actggtctta ggatggctgt ggttctaaga tgctcaaggt    143100
     atccacacat ccctgagcca cagccacaac caccagctcc tgagactgac tgcatcagcg    143160
     agatgtttca caagcacaca gaggtttctg taggcttgcc tttaaatttt aattgtcata    143220
     ttatgtttat tgtatgagag gcactgttcc ataggtataa ctttctaaca tatttaactc    143280
     acacaccact gtgtgagcat ttcacagatg ggaaagtaga ggggcatact gaagcagagg    143340
     ctctagacag acaggtctgg gctaggaccc atccaggctg ctccaagcca ttccccagcc    143400
     ctgtttgtta ctagtcagta cattaacttg tccatgatac acttcatttc tctctatcca    143460
     gaaggccggc gtgaatgctt tccagatagc aaaagctatt tcttgactct gaaattcaaa    143520
     ctcaggatgg ctacagagtc tttactcagt ggtgtctcaa taaattctga attttataga    143580
     ctgggtggga tgcaataatg caaatatgct ctttatggca caatagcaaa gattactaag    143640
     ggaaacatag ctcaaataaa gccctcaaaa taatgactgt tttctctggt ttcttgatca    143700
     gttgggaaga aacagccata tgtttgggga accagaattc actaggagca gaaataaatt    143760
     acaaacctca atattcccta aaaataaagc agttttttgg aggcaggtac ttcatagttt    143820
     tgatggaaag gtttcatggc aagctgctct ggaggtccta gggagctatg ggctcagagg    143880
     agcagagggg cgtgtgggcc ttgggtaggg gctgcttgca tcctgaatcc cagccttgga    143940
     aggtaaatgg aagcagcaca aggtgacatc attttaccca ggtcactgca gcatttcttg    144000
     ttttccaact aaaatcaaac aattcaggat aacaggaaac gcatgcagtc attatcatac    144060
     aaaattacca actcttgaca gttcttttca agatgctgca cgaaaggcag atgcactgcg    144120
     gcctctctga gctgagcagc agaaggcatg catgtgaaca tctgcagcct agatgaagag    144180
     gcactgctta caagactatc ctaggcctcc catgtacaaa gaaatacttg gttattagca    144240
     tggtttcact actggtagtt tcgggacaca ataggatgtt ttatgagggt cttggctttg    144300
     ctttgtatgc cttttgtatg tttttgtagt aaggggatgg agcccaagat cttgtgccta    144360
     ttatgcaaga attctgtcac taagccatac aaagttccag ctcttggtat gtgggacagt    144420
     ctcattatgt agtccaggtt ggcaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac    144480
     aaagctacca ccccactaaa caacaacaaa accagacaaa aaacaaaaac caggaccatc    144540
     ttgactctac cttcccagtg gaaggattac atacataagc tataggttcc actaagattt    144600
     ttttcccctt aaaccttctt gaagtacgct tatttacaat aagctgtgct ctttttttat    144660
     cacttaaaaa caccaaattt gtttacttta aaaaagattt tatctgttta atgagtacct    144720
     tttctgtcct tttcttctag aatatttcca gtactttatc attttctagg tatttctcag    144780
     ttattctcaa caaattattc ttcctctgaa gtgcaataca aaaaaggttg aaataactta    144840
     tgtttcgaga agtcaaataa tgaacaaaga gggagttaag cacaaaacta taactattgg    144900
     tagtatgctg cataaatata ttgatcccat gcttgtcata tcaatttggc ctcattgctt    144960
     tttttttgat aaaacacacc tatgaatgca tgaatataag tgagagattt ttttatgata    145020
     aaaatttctt caattttgta tttgtaatcc ataaaaagtt tttttctcac tgcccctagc    145080
     atcagagtat gtatcgttta ctcatgttta tttacagacg tgtagtgagt gtacatatgc    145140
     actagggaat gttctaggca cttggaatat agcagtgaac acagtagaca ataagcctcg    145200
     tcttgaggac gttatgtgac ttgaccgaga cactcacata gtcatgtaac aatgctaagc    145260
     cacaagaatg ggtgtaagtc atctaaaatg gcaattggaa cagtgtgatt ctaggcaaag    145320
     cacggtggtc acctccctac gctcggtcac tacagctctg aaactccaag tgtttcagga    145380
     cattcactga aaagtcaggt ggagggctga aagcacttat catttactgt ataaaccctc    145440
     ttcagagggg gccacactgc agccaaaatt gttttcatta gggcccagct ggggatggag    145500
     tggtagagtc ctgcctgatc aagtttgggc aaggtcctgg gttcagcccc aagcaggaaa    145560
     aagataaaat tccttcgttc tctgacaggc caccactcta catgtcccat atataacatt    145620
     cacatgatag ctttaaaatt atactctcat tactgggtgt tatgacgtca cacaatcctc    145680
     actcaccact ggaaacatgt ggaaaatgtt ctctcgaatg gggatgtgtt tcttgctttc    145740
     cacctcgtag ctcatgttag tccccactgg agtgttgttc tgggaaacca cgaagtcttg    145800
     aatggcatcg caacaggaag ccagttttgc tctataacgg atgagaatga aagtaagcag    145860
     aagacgacaa cgaagagaca aactcggact taacagatac agcgagagga gctgcgctgc    145920
     cgagtttcaa aaagaagtca agtcaggcag gcaagagttc ctctgcagcc ctgggtgggg    145980
     ggtggtgaga aaacatacac acccttaggc agtagcccac ttcacagcag gtaacagtcc    146040
     tgaacacagc cgtggcaaag gttaaaaacc tccacgcaat cagacggcca ggacagacag    146100
     agaaacgaga gaatccatca cagtaagcca tcataagctt gggacgtttc aatcacccag    146160
     aggaaattct gatccaagaa aatttcagta caaacccact tcacataact ttaatatagc    146220
     acattgttat ggttgtattt ttaattatta ttatttttta atgtgttgtg ggggtttgat    146280
     ttcctcctat gcttcggcac catctgtgtg cagtacttgc agagaccacc agagggcatc    146340
     agctcccccg gaactgaggt tgagatagtt gtgaatcgcc atgtgggtgt tagcatccaa    146400
     cctgagtcct caggtagagc accccagtgc tcttaaccac tgggccatct ctttagcccc    146460
     agttttaact atattttatc atgagtaagt attgttaatc tcttactgtg taggatttat    146520
     cagctaaaca tgtacatgta taatattcta tgtatgtata tatgtggtat acattaacaa    146580
     tgtatctata ttcacctata tactatgtat actatgtcta tttaataagt actatggata    146640
     tataccatat acatattata tatctactat acatatatta tatgtgcaca tacataaaat    146700
     acatatacat cattcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag    146760
     gcccaacact gtctggggtt tcagacagcc atgggtaggg gggaggttat gtaatggatt    146820
     tttcaagcaa ggatgatgaa ggaaaatatt atacagttgt tttgtaatag gctcctcctc    146880
     atctctgtcc ccttgagact tggccttgtg gtgaggactt ggggttcggg gttcggggtt    146940
     ctcctagctc tttctcacag accttgtcaa cattccttct agctctcctc aattcctttg    147000
     tcactccctg ccaacctgca gaatcgctct ctatgaaggt cccacagcat cctactcttg    147060
     gctgggactg agaacagaac acccatccac caaggtgaaa ccagagagct acatatagat    147120
     acaccagata ctttgatccc agggcaaaac tacaaagatg aacagccaag acaacatgtc    147180
     tccccacaaa catatcagct aaatgtagca actgtggata gaaagccatt ctgctgatta    147240
     acagggagtc acaaagagat ggacatgggt gagagtggat ggctcacagg ggctgcatga    147300
     agaacctggg ggaccaagag gtgtattgta acaggctaaa gaaaagcaag ttagctgaag    147360
     caattatgag tatgttcaag gacattaaaa aggatatgat aatgccttaa ggaagcttga    147420
     gaaaacacaa ttgaatggaa taatgaagac aattcaagat atgaaagtag aatttaacaa    147480
     ttgttttgta ataattataa caatacaaaa aactaagttg agtagcagta tagccaccta    147540
     agcaataatg tatagccact tatttgagaa tagtcaatcg atatgatgat ttttaaagtg    147600
     gaaaattact ataaaacagg ccaatgtcaa aatttcatga cttatccatt ttgtttgtgt    147660
     aactcctcat ggatggtgat gccaaagcac cttttaataa ttaaattact ccagggttta    147720
     atcaccttat aagtcaagag agacttctat ttacacaact aagctatctc cttgctgaga    147780
     tctgttttct ctattcattt tcttagcaac tctgaaagca actgaactca gtaaccaacc    147840
     atcagattca cctttccacc tggcaggacc ttgcagaatc cccttcctcg gtgttttctg    147900
     agtagagccc agttaccacg atttccatca tcctggtact ctgtgagctt gtccctttta    147960
     tattacttat gaaatacgta tgcacttgga accacccact acagaaaagg cactgtctct    148020
     gtgtgggacc tggctgtggg aagagtactc acactgctct tttccagccc catgctttta    148080
     tgttgggtct tagttttgaa ggcgtccttt cagacacatt cctactgagt tctgtgcttt    148140
     tgaagtaaca cagtgcacta atttgttttg atcatttaaa attctatcct tcaaaattcc    148200
     agtaattctc aggttacaga aaatgaaagt caatcataca aggtcaaact ttctactcat    148260
     caggaaactt gttcattaaa aaacaacaac aacaacaaaa aaaaactact acactcttct    148320
     tagttgattt ctgttagctg cttattcctt tccatctttc tgtcccttag tatctaccat    148380
     ttctaaaagg cagttcatag agataaacaa acctaataat aataagtaat aatgtaaata    148440
     aaatacccag tagtttgtaa ttataaactt aactaacaat ccttttatca ctctgcaagc    148500
     tcataaccat gtgtgcttct cagtttaaat gtatcattaa tactgtattc taagaaaggg    148560
     caatataata atataataaa ttcttaccta ctttcaataa gtaacttaat aaagatattc    148620
     agtacttacg agaatactac aaaaccataa agaacaaaca tcaaccagga tcctctatta    148680
     gtgctttctt gtattaatag gcatttctgg aattatacta tttaagtgtg ttataataac    148740
     acttttaagc ttacaggaag gttaaaagtg ggacaatggg cccttcagta accaccagct    148800
     agattctgca actgtttact aagtacatct gtcatccatt tacatggctg taggcgtttg    148860
     catcaatctg aactgtaggg aactctactt tcaacaacac cctccatccg gtgacaaaca    148920
     ctcctgcttt caagtcctga ttgctacatt tattggcatt cacttcagac cctggctttg    148980
     ccactagaat acaaactttg tgtgcttttc ccattccgca gtgtgtgtgt ttctttcctt    149040
     cattgagagg tattctctat ataccaagtc tgtttagcca ctggccttat gttcttcagg    149100
     aaatcacaat aaaaaaagat tatcattaga tgcatggtac atggtagccc agttgtatat    149160
     tcctataacc caagcactta agagacagaa gcatgagaat ggagaatagc cagcctgggt    149220
     tccacagtga agccttgtct ccaaacaaaa ataaaaccca cttaaaaaaa agcccaatat    149280
     aaacatctaa tggtgcaaaa tgatctccaa agaacagaac agaacaacat ttccagtgcc    149340
     tgctttaaat gcaagctgac agaccttgca agggtgatat ctgagcatgc tccgtttcag    149400
     cccagcttgt ctatgcatag agaagcatcc agaagtaaca caaaactaag ctgcttgtaa    149460
     ccaccaagga aaccaggaag caaacaaaga aaaacataat gaagcaaaac accttacagg    149520
     tcacatcata tgctccttca ttccaaatgc ctgcatagcc aggcatacct taaaggctac    149580
     cactgcagag cctatgctca ttgtgcatgc atgcatgcct gttcaggcac accttactgg    149640
     ccgttgtaca gcttacgcat attataaggc tcaaactctg tatgtaactg cagctgtcaa    149700
     gttctttcac attgagaaga tacaaaggct tgtaccgaat cagcattgtc aagtgaccct    149760
     gtcagtgtgc cctacactct tgatgggtcc cacctacagc tacttcctcc atacaaaatt    149820
     aaaagaaaag agagtgtgct gtcccacacc tgtgcgtgtc tacaagtcag gagcttcttc    149880
     tcagcagagt ttaatttcca aggctcaggc tggtcctgga agaatcaagc ctaacatgtt    149940
     tagtcttgat ttctaaaaat tagtctgaaa atgtgcaaac tcatctttgc ttttcagata    150000
     gcctcataaa tacacttttg agaaaagagt gtgtcttcaa ggtggtttaa atcttttttt    150060
     cttttccaca ataggaacaa tttccttctt tttaagttta ttttattagg gtccttcctt    150120
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    150180
     cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgccttcctg    150240
     ccttcctgcc ttcctgcctt cctgccttcc tgccttcctg ccttcctgcc ttcctgcctt    150300
     cctgccttcc tgccttcctg ccttcctgcc ttcctgcctt cctgccttcc tgccttcctg    150360
     ccttcctgcc ttcctgcctt cctgccttcc ttccttctag gtctgaaaaa ggagctacat    150420
     ttccaggatt cctttgttct ctataattct aatgagactc tttaggaaag gtattttaaa    150480
     atagaaggat cctcacaagt gcaggggact tattatttat cattccaacg attgctaact    150540
     aattatccaa ctctgttttg ccttcaccca gggcaagcag tcctctactt gccactttct    150600
     tgtttattct cactaaaaaa tatttatctt ttagtttttc aatctatgga tgtctctttg    150660
     tgtatatgct gtatgtccct acagaggcta gaaaagggca ttgatttcct ggaactggag    150720
     ttacagaagg ttgccagctg ccatgtggga gtgggaaacc acacttactt agatcctctg    150780
     caagagcagc aagacttctc agccactgag cagtctctcc agtccatctt ttcatttatt    150840
     taaatttata atgagaagac atcaatttga cacctatttc ttgttgcctc ccccatcctg    150900
     ccacagacta caatgtacaa ttccatggca aggcaataat actcaccaat agaaatgcca    150960
     atgtttactt cagtcttacc atgtgcctaa tggtttatgt gctatttaag tccaacagag    151020
     atcctacaaa ctgcatacag ttaatattgt ttctacagat gaagacaatt caaattccca    151080
     aagttaaaga tgtcacaaat catgctcatt caatcttaca tattgagtga tcattctttc    151140
     agtcattcac atgtatttag aacatattaa ttctttagta ccgtgaaagg tagtctatat    151200
     acttgtgaat aaaacatcac tgtctcaata tttctagtgt tcaggggcta ttaaggagaa    151260
     atacaaggac aagttaattg taaggtagta aatgacaagg ccaaaattaa aattccaaac    151320
     tcaaagctat attcttcagc ccactgccta tctgaaacca cagtgtgcga tccttccccg    151380
     caaagtattt gtgcaaattc acatgagtgc actttttttt ttttctggtc taaatcgttg    151440
     tctcaataga ttagtctaga atcctcaagt tcatgtttgg aagcatttcc taacaataaa    151500
     gaaaaccaca tgagttcaaa ggactttgaa tataagttca agccatatgc atcacacatt    151560
     aaagatccac tcagcctcta cacacaagcc tcatgactca ggattggggg accatgtgtc    151620
     tgtatgaggg cctgtatgtg cagtggtgag agctgagata caggggaggt aggaggaagg    151680
     aattatttag ccctggaagc tgacactaag tgatctccaa ggccagtttt ggaatgctaa    151740
     agcctgacaa attttagtta tctcgctgta aatcagcatt gtagaccact gtcacatttg    151800
     aatgtggtct taaattacat aattaaagga agattggcta agaggagagg gaaatatgtg    151860
     ttgtattgtg atgaaccatt gttgctgtgt agtgtctatg tggaagcttt tctttcaaag    151920
     gcatattacc taaggcctgt ctggagagaa cagggtaaaa cccaagacaa ctgaatcaga    151980
     cacaataact ataaggggga agaattagtg aacccacgaa gcttcaaggt acagagggat    152040
     gtgagtgtct gaatccccca aaatgtgtag cccccaataa gatggtgtta ggagaaggag    152100
     tcgttggaag atgactatgg atagataagg tcgtgaggat agagccatca gcatatgaag    152160
     ttggttccca gagaaaggat ctaatctgac ccttacagag ctatcctgga accccaatct    152220
     tggacaacca gcttctagaa ctatgctgtt taaacaaccc agattgtgac attttgttac    152280
     agctaaaaca agagccatta caaggcagca attcaacaca cattttaacg ggcagccagc    152340
     aggtaatgtg cagagcccaa aatcactgaa attagaactt acaaattatt aaatacaaac    152400
     atggacaaaa cacagcctgc cttctgggaa cttgtttacc taagggagtt gtaattcatt    152460
     tgttggtata ctctaacata gtatagattg gtgtgagaag gccttaccct aggtacatgg    152520
     ggaaaactcc aggttagtgg ggcttacaaa agaacctata aaggcatagc atggggacca    152580
     cccaatagat cagaggccct gcaaatgttt gttgaactaa caacttgtgc ttgggaatga    152640
     cagtttgttt tgtcagagga cagaaagcag caggtgacga gagaaaggaa gtagctggct    152700
     gactacaagg agaaaacttt ctaatcaaac atttaggtga tttcacgttt atttttgttt    152760
     gttttcctct tggaacttgc atgctggatg agtttacatt tccattagca gtgatgtaat    152820
     caaactaagc aactcctgga aatataccca aaggagtcta ggtcagcctg ccatggagat    152880
     actagcatat ctatgcttat tgctgcacca ctaacaataa acaagatgga accaacctag    152940
     atgtccacca actggtgaat gggtgcagaa aatgtggtat acaaacacag tggcatttta    153000
     ttcatgaaga agaaagaaat tgtaccattc atagaaacat ggatagcact gaatattgtt    153060
     ttagtaagca agatagccag acccagaaga aacaaatcat gtttcttttc atatgtggaa    153120
     cctgaactgt gtgtgtgtac atatgtgcat atgatatata tggtagacat gcatccatat    153180
     atatgacatg gaaatagatg agagaaaagt aagaggacta gctatagtga caacaggaaa    153240
     atgaacaggg ttgaaaacag aggtcatata gaggcaaata aaaataccct tatgaagcac    153300
     atcacttcac acaatgacat attctaataa aacatttcca gatgtggggt tggaaaaatg    153360
     gctcagtagt caagagcact gactcttctt ccagagaacc agagtttgat tcccagtacc    153420
     tacagccatt cataagtcca gttccatggg ctcagacacc ctttctgacc tctgtgggca    153480
     ccatgctttt gttccgtggg aaccaaacat gcgcatggta cacagacatg cccatgagca    153540
     aaacactcat acacataaaa cacatctttt acagagtaag ctgacaccaa gaaagtggta    153600
     tagggtacaa aggggagaag ggacagattc aagatacatt tactgagttc agaaaacaaa    153660
     gataaaggct gttagtggac aagtcaaatg ctaagtgaaa agtgttcttt tagactctct    153720
     ccaaagacag gtggaatcca ctcatatttc acagatattt atcaagagca tctcccgtgc    153780
     atgggctgct ctggccagtg aacatgtcaa gctcatctct gtctcaatct ggcaaccgtc    153840
     acagcacaat ttggatgaaa agaaaaactg ggaaagcccc agagcagaga aatggaggta    153900
     atgaatagtt tgttactcat gttagctgga aagtataccc aaatgagcaa tcatttattt    153960
     cctccatagg gtcacagaac cacagcgaac aaaatcaata gatgtcagtg taagcaaaga    154020
     gcaaattgat tctgccccca gattcataga gaatagtgta ttcataaaca caatacattt    154080
     ttgaaaaggt aataaaaagg actttaatga attcaggagg attttatttg ggtagttaaa    154140
     ggttcagttc tgctaagggc agaagacggg taaagcaaac gaaacctgta gagaagccaa    154200
     gatgggacaa agacgatgga ttggcacagg atgtgacaga gaaggaaaaa aggagagaca    154260
     tggcaagagt tagaggaaaa gtacaaagaa aaccagtaat agaaaagcag cagataaaag    154320
     aagacacata aaacagagag aaatgaaaac atgcacagca ctactgttct atagaggcaa    154380
     agccacccac aaacaaacag acagacacac agatacacag gaacagcgaa agcagggaca    154440
     taagtctctg gctcccatat gtaaataaat attaatagct aattcaacat ataatccctc    154500
     caagcattta ccatgttaac ttgtttaatt ctcaaaacag ccccagaagg aaacaaaaca    154560
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaactgttc ttcccagttt ccaggtacag    154620
     cggttgagtt ggaggagaca tgatttgcct caggtcatgt gacttgcctg aggttttaat    154680
     ccaaggcaga tccaactcag gggagattac ctgctagttt ttagcttctc cttgatggct    154740
     cctgacataa aggcaaacct attagaatca tacctgagtc agaagggcct ggacagaaga    154800
     tctatagatt gtaagcaatt acagatgtca gcccagagta ttatacctag caaaactttc    154860
     aatcatgata gatggaaaaa gactttccaa gataaaacta aatttaagca atatctatta    154920
     aaaatctagc actatagaaa gtgtcgaagg aaaactccaa cttaaagagg ttaactacat    154980
     tcaagaaaac acaggtaata aataatccca gaccaacaaa gttaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac    155040
     aaaagcacat atacaaacac accaccatca tgatcaacaa caaaataacc ggaatcaaca    155100
     attattggtc attaatccct caacgccaac tgtctcaatc cctcaataaa aagacaaaga    155160
     ctaacagaat gagtgtgaaa atagggccca tccttctgtt gcatccaaga agcacacctt    155220
     aacatcaagg agagacatag ctgcaggata agaggatgga aaaagatatt ccagccaaat    155280
     ggacctaaga agcaagctgt tacagccaat ttaatatctg acaaaagagt cttcaaacca    155340
     atactagtca gaagtgtcag gagccataat ggggcaagct aataactagc aggtgatcat    155400
     cctgaagtgg cctgcctcgg attattatat aatctgtgac aggtgagccc tcactaagca    155460
     tggctgtgag ggactaattt taggaaagat tcctgctatt aatatgcttt ttctgttatt    155520
     attaaacata tataacaatc actaggtagg agcacacctg tctggagcag atctctgcag    155580
     atccacaaag atgtactatc ttggagtgat gctatattga caaatagatg acttaattct    155640
     taatgatgat cctataagaa ttcctaaaat tatatatgtg attattaagc tcttttatta    155700
     atgggactgc tattagcttc ttttctgata gtcaaagctg caatgagaac tctgccagtc    155760
     tctcaagtgt caccagttaa ttgctcttag atggtaacca gactttctcc tactcagagc    155820
     acattccaag aggttgtaaa acaattaagc aaaggtcata aaaaggaaag taggtttcta    155880
     gggatttgaa cttagaactc aacaagtttg ctcaacaggt ttgctcagca agtgtatttt    155940
     gtccactgag ccaattccct ggtcctagga agcattctta ggataaatag tttggtttat    156000
     cttgtgctga tgctatttcc tttttcaaaa gctctcatta ttttatgaac ttgcacagac    156060
     tagaccaagt ctggattgca tgtacctgta aaaagcatcc aaaagatact ggaagaccac    156120
     atctttcaca ggtggaggat gaggtagcca gactatactc acagtccttt atgaaagctg    156180
     gctcacatcc acaactctcc tctaactgct cctagaaagc cagtactcaa ctccgacggc    156240
     aattttccaa gattccccga ggaattgatc gtctgttctt ctggctttag tcccaaacac    156300
     agcttctgtt tctgcctggc ctgggatata tacacatgtt cctcctttga gcttgcagct    156360
     tctgtataga tcctgacttt tcaaatctgc cctcaggctc tgcccaacag catttcaaac    156420
     atgaatggcc aatccccatt ttgtgttttt ctgtcttgtt tctattccca cttgtggggt    156480
     aattagtttg tgctcacaaa attctaggat cttcccataa ttatgctgat taaatttcag    156540
     gcacttcatc gacactgctg tttaggcctt agagcatggg atttaatgat ccatatcgaa    156600
     gaggagggac aaacagctag tggttcctac agaggtatgt cctttgctgc agaaaaggaa    156660
     aataatattc aatatgattg ttgcttagag agctggggct ttgtacttgg tgttcagtgt    156720
     gacctatttt ccatcatgaa aggttcaaag aaagttttaa tggaacaaac tgaataagaa    156780
     gtgctggtcc ttacagcagg tatggaaaaa tctatgtgaa atgatcacag aagaaaaact    156840
     gcagcctatg tgtgtttata cttcttcata ggaagaggat tggatctgaa gttatttaat    156900
     tattgctttt tcttctacat catagacatg ttttatcagt tacagatatc gagagtgtta    156960
     catattctta gtgaaatgtt aatggtaagc taaaaaatat tttaaactgg aaataacagc    157020
     agctgtcatg taggctaagc aatcaccaac ctcctattaa gcattttatt ataaggaaaa    157080
     tatttttaat aaaggtaagt atcatctcca ttttacaaaa caaagagact agggtgagaa    157140
     gtaggcttgc ctagtgatga cagtgatgat gatggtgatg gtgatgatga cgacgacacg    157200
     aacagccaag agtcaaatag aaaaatgtgc ctttgcaata ttttagtgga agatgggcac    157260
     agtagtctac atagaaaatc ccatgccagc cagagctata tggcaagacc atgttttaac    157320
     aaaacaaaga agcaaaaaac aaagcaaagg aaaaaaaaac ccacaacaac aaaaggaaca    157380
     agttcaaagc ctgtacttct actggctatg aggtaccgag cgatctcact ggcccacaaa    157440
     atgattttcc aaaaggcttt caagacaatg cagtgataat agttgtcaac aacaaatggt    157500
     aatcaggtta atggatatga aactggagac ctattttatg ccacaaataa ttaattcaaa    157560
     atagatcata tggaatcaaa tgtaaaggct taaactgaaa ctctttgaag aaaccataga    157620
     ctgttttact ttctttccct tcactgtgac caaattacct ggcacagaca agttactgag    157680
     agaaagactg atttcattca cagtaaagtt tctttatcga agctagtgat aacggtgagc    157740
     acagaggcat gctagaatcg ttcagtttat atcataggag ctcaggaggc cgagagacag    157800
     ggagtggcca ggaagggccc aagagcagct gccagtcact ggaaagtttt cacattccct    157860
     aaagcagaat taccaccctg ggcccagcca tcaaatcatg attctctgat gaaatttaca    157920
     tattcaaacc ataacattca acccctgtca tccaaatatt caaggccacc tcataatgta    157980
     aataccttta atttttccag tgtcttactt ttcttgctat cctgataaac atcatgacta    158040
     aaagcaactt agtggaagga agaaagtgtt tcgccttgag cttccaggtc acagcccatt    158100
     tctgagggaa actggagtag aaacccaagg aagagtgtgg cttacagatt gtctcttatg    158160
     gcttggtcag cttgctttct taaacaagcc aggaccatct tgtcaagggc aacaccccca    158220
     gagtgagctg agcaccccta aatcaatcaa taaagaaaat gctccacaga cttgcgtgta    158280
     ggcaacgtga tggagacatc ttcttaactg gggttctttc ttacctgttt gacaggtttg    158340
     gtttaaggta acaaaattaa ccagcaccca cgtctaagaa ggggcacagt gtccacactt    158400
     tggtcttcat tcttcttgag tttcatgcgt ttagcaaatt gtatcttata tcttgggtat    158460
     cctaagtttg gggctaatat ccacttatca gtgagtacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtt    158520
     attgtattac ctcactcagg atgatgccct ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca    158580
     taaattcatt ctttttaata gctgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac caccttttct    158640
     gtatccattc ctctgttgag ggacatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct attacaaaac    158700
     acccatggaa ggagttacag agacaaagtt aggagctgtg acgaaaggat ggaccatcta    158760
     gagactgcca tatccaggga tccaccccat aatcatcttc caaatgctga caccattgca    158820
     tacactagca agattttgct aaaaggaccc agatatagct gtctcttgtg agaccggggc    158880
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctagtgg atggatcaca ggactcccaa    158940
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcatcccta taggtggaac    159000
     aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag    159060
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgcaaac tgtatatgcc    159120
     ccagtacagg ggaatgccaa ggccaaaaaa tgggaatggg tgggaaggga agtggggggg    159180
     gagggtatgg gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa ttgaggaaaa tatgtaataa    159240
     aaaatattaa aaattacaaa aaaattaacc agtaccatct attcatttcc aaattgttcc    159300
     aagtttcaag gtcttctgaa acccaaggca aactcttagc tgtgagcctc tctgaagtga    159360
     aaaagttaca tacttccaac atttccaatc ccgaagggga aaagtaacat agaaaggaat    159420
     aggctcacat taagatgaaa acttaataaa gtaagactat tcagcactga agttccatga    159480
     gcaacatcag aggtacatgg tattgtgatg ctacttagca ggaacttggg tagcaccatt    159540
     cctatggcca tagtattcct atcaggtctt tagcttaagc tgtttccact tttcccctgc    159600
     taccctcctc agttgttctt tattgctaga agtccaacat cctggggtct ccactgacat    159660
     gtttcatgca tctttctcag ggtctccatg cagggagtct gaccttgtca attgctgcca    159720
     gacatctcag acatctcggg ctctttgctg gaaccttggt ggaagcctcc aagacactaa    159780
     cccctgcatt ctcccaggct gcaaaactag cattacacgg ataattcgaa gatctgtttg    159840
     ccatcttgag aagtaggtgg atacccttag acaacagcta ccgagcacag tgattacatg    159900
     ggtggctcag tgtctcagaa aaccatttcc ttaggctgct ctgtatgaag agagggctct    159960
     atcagctttc ttctcaaggg aaagccttta aaatgagcct tctgtgaggg ctggcaaatt    160020
     cctgttgttg caatgcaaaa tgcacagctt ctcttcactg gccctaatct ctttaacaac    160080
     aaggactccc ttgcccagta cttacaactt tttttttttt ttttgactag actttaggtt    160140
     ttcaaatcta ttcactctgc tttttgactc gaagtttaac tttaaaccta cctaaaatca    160200
     gccagcaata atcatgccac agcctgaatg ctgtgtcgtt ttggaatgtc ttccgtgaac    160260
     ctaattgttt tgtcatcttt gaagtcagct ttcccccgga ttttaggata tgaacaaaat    160320
     tatctgccag catataatac taatagccct agtccagtac tcagtagagt cccttttccc    160380
     gtcagaaata tcacaaaaaa tcttcacact ttctacattt ttgtcagaat cgtggtcttg    160440
     agtcttgcca gcattattga ttcagctcta gttccagtct agagtgtttc tagcctatat    160500
     ctatctccaa acatcaccaa attcctccct aaaaatcagt ggaaagatac aggagctaca    160560
     tgatactggt tagccatagg catgagcaca tttctctggt atcaatttcc tgtattagac    160620
     acatttccat cactgtatca taacactgac agctaaaggg aggaagagct ttagagggct    160680
     tcagtccatc atggcaggga agatgcggta gagcaattca gagcacaaca tggtattcca    160740
     ggacacagag agtgaaactg gaagttgtta gggacaatca atattctctc gaggagctgc    160800
     acctaaggag ttcacctcct ccagctagta cagaccttct aatgcttcta taattcctca    160860
     aataacatca tgttgggact gatctttcaa atcatgagcc catgaggaag ctatttcata    160920
     ttcaagccag agcatagtca taaagattcc gtcagggaat attttctctg aaaccaaaaa    160980
     tatcagtgac caaagaagga taaatcagat tgcatcagaa tttaaatgtc ttcataggac    161040
     agtcaagaaa gaggaaaatg cagcctacag aatgagtgaa aatcctccca gatcatttat    161100
     aagatcagaa atttgccacc aaaaatctat aaattatagc agcaactcaa aagtaagatg    161160
     aaagctcaag tttaaagtga gttaaagact gaattagaca ttgttctact gtagacataa    161220
     aaaggctact gagcacatca aagatatctg atctcatgaa tgactaggga aatgcaaatc    161280
     aaaaccacaa cacagagata ttattgggga gaaagagaaa tttcgacctt aacatggtgt    161340
     tagggctgta caatgcagta gacactttgg aaaagagatt tagaccctca aaatactaaa    161400
     cacagagtta ccatgttatc aatattttta ttcctaactg tatactaaaa gaaatgaaaa    161460
     catatttaca aacaaaaaca aatgcttctc atgtaatgaa cagatggcag tctcaatcag    161520
     taactgaata agacctagaa tcacccagga aaaaaggtct taggcaaatc caaggggcac    161580
     tgacacccct tggggcaagt ctgttggagg tgatgatctt gactggatta atggagttgg    161640
     aaggacacac ccactgtggg tggtcccatt cccttggctg ggattctcaa ctgtttaaac    161700
     atgagaaagt gagtggagca caagcatgca caggtctcta cttcatgact gtgagtgata    161760
     tatcactaac tgcctcaagc tactgctgat gtaactactc caccacagcc aattgtaacc    161820
     aatgagtcaa tacaaaccct ttgcccttaa gaagtcttag atgaactatt ttatcacagc    161880
     aataactaaa gtaactgaaa cacattagca aacacaatag catatctaca taataggaca    161940
     ttgcatggca acttaacaga ggtaaatact taaacatgtt acaatgggta gatcttaaaa    162000
     gttcttaaaa gccagtaggt aaaggaaagc atgctgacca tgttgtataa ttccatatat    162060
     attaaattcc cagaggaggc aaacatatat agccagaaag tagatcctca gctgccgaag    162120
     tcatagagaa gggaaaaata ggaagttatt gttgatgggg ataggtattt agaaataatg    162180
     aaaatattct ggaatttgtt gttgtataga tatgcaaata tgctaaagac actgagttat    162240
     attcaattat ttttaaactt tttaaaacaa gttaaaaaca tgcctttaaa atcataaatg    162300
     cctgtacact tggcatatgt ggaccaggtg gtcagtgtgt ctgtatttcc cccatctcct    162360
     tttcagagaa ggccaccaat cccttatagg tgacaagaat tggtgtatca gagtccagtg    162420
     agttctccac agagtaattg gaatttttaa aatgagaaaa atagtatttg gagcatgaaa    162480
     acttaacatg gtgtggtggc cttgccttcc aactggggca ctacattgat aagcaaaaca    162540
     gaaggacctg aaacaactta tgactgatta cagaagcagg attgagaaat ggaactcaag    162600
     aaccagacag agagcagcaa atgctcacta ctgctatgga caccaataaa atataaagta    162660
     caatatggtt tatagttttg ctgagtgttc aacctcataa aaactcaatc cactcaaagt    162720
     tcttcacaac ccatcagcca cagtccaaag ccatactagc gacatggctc aatgggtaaa    162780
     gcactttttg cataactctg atcagacctg aagcctacat aaaggtggaa atggacaaca    162840
     gacaccacaa aggttttctc caatcccatc ctggtgttct gacatataca gccccccaca    162900
     caccatgacc caggcagact aagagcccga gcacttagtt caggcagttt acaactaacc    162960
     ataaccccag tcctgggaga ccttatacca ttttctggcc tccacaggcg tgtgcacacg    163020
     tgtgtgcgca cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatt ggtttttttt ttttaatgtg    163080
     agccaaactt caatagaatt atttcaaggc tcagtatatg acgagaggat gtataaagag    163140
     caaagtgata agcaagagat aacggaggtt tcccttcatg gcttgtatat gcactggtat    163200
     ctttaagttt aagaaagatg agctcatctg tttgggtaat ggactcaagg caaaataaaa    163260
     catgagagag tgtgattatt caagcaaagg aggaaaaatt tattgcgctg agagtcctgt    163320
     tgtaaaggga cattgtcaaa acactgacta gccaaatctg cagggatgca gtagccatgc    163380
     ttaaacaggc tatgcagtgc tgaagttact gtaggcaatg ctataaagac aagaggattg    163440
     actggtgggg cagcctacag ggaggcctag ctgatatcag taagtgaagc aatgtggcta    163500
     taactgagtg tgatctggca gagaatttta aaacagaatt tagaggccag tgaatctcac    163560
     atatgatgca tttttatgga aaacttcata ttctaaaagc taagaagagg aactatctcc    163620
     catgtacaag acctggttcc tattattaag tgctgcagtg gtaatgacat ggtgtggggt    163680
     ctgttgcttt tctaaatgca caggcatgct gaatagtgtg gcagagagaa aatgatatga    163740
     cagggtatta atagtgaaaa atggtcctga tgctgaggaa atggaaaggg gcttccttgg    163800
     tctgacaact gatccagaac acctagcata aagtgcatgc ttttgcttaa atttgaacag    163860
     gaataaaata tgcactgctt ttagctgtca tcacagaaat catgcacaaa tcataaataa    163920
     caaacattta aggcaatggg aaggaaaaaa acagtggctc agaagaatga acacggcctt    163980
     gtataatcag aagcatataa tggagatgat ggttgcttct gaccacgaaa tctctgcttc    164040
     agaacaaact gcctggaaca ggatatgaaa tactggaagt accacgaaga ataaactcac    164100
     aaggtggtaa tgagaagaaa tgctactgtt gcttttgaat aaagataact gaaaacttgg    164160
     tttcaaaact cagtctggtt ttccagctca aggatttctc tccagatacc aagtgacttt    164220
     ttgtctgttt atttgcagac tttatttatt tacatcaagt taaatttaat gaaactgcct    164280
     taacaatgtg aataggtagt tctaaaatta gtatatgtaa cactttatat aagtttattt    164340
     tgtttaacac tgtacttttg gggacctgtc aatgaaacta ctaaatgact ttagaatctt    164400
     taaaaaaatt taaagtgtat ttatttattg tggattctgt gtttatgtgt atgtactctg    164460
     ccacacatgt ggaggttggg ggacaactca caggagtctg ttctctgctt ccacctcaag    164520
     ggtcttggga attgaactcg ggtcataagg cttagagtgc ctttaccagc tggcccatct    164580
     tgctgtcacc agccctagga cattttctta tatattcagc ccaagtatag gaatggcttt    164640
     taagaacgtc caacataagc aaagctggga gttagttcaa gctttaataa atttgtacca    164700
     tgtaattaat acaattgtta ccataattct tgttggtaac aaaataatag gcacaaaata    164760
     tctattttac aaatcactgg aaagacattt catttacatc agtcttaaac gccaacattc    164820
     caaaatagca ctgttttcca acattaggtt ttcaccttat gtctcagaaa catgagtatg    164880
     ttttaataaa tcaattgatg ctaaagagct tcccccaaat ctgaaatcag tatatggatt    164940
     tctgtgagag gaaaggtgac agtaacatga gaattaagca tggttgctgt gctcagtaat    165000
     ttctgtaact gatgacacaa acaatcaagt tcttttaatg tgggaaagct aatgtggtaa    165060
     ttatcatgca agtaacatag caaatcttaa gactaatggt gggaactcaa agatatgtgg    165120
     ggatgaaacc tgcttcaagt ttctagagct tcacagagga tttttagtgg gtgagcttga    165180
     acatgtgagg gcaaacatgt ttaatttcga tgaaacagct cagtgtcctg ctcaaacatt    165240
     ttggtgtcct gctccaatac cacagtatcg tttaacaagt tgaatagaga ttggtttacc    165300
     aaagagaggg ggaaagatgt gaagactggc aatgccttaa gtttaaatat gggtggattc    165360
     agtgcattgc cttggagtac tggaaagact cttaatcaac aaatagtttc aaaagtagga    165420
     atggtaggat tctcaatatg gttggaatca gaggtcaaga gaaaagggac acagagcacc    165480
     ttcaattttt gcttaaatat ttctttaact aggttctgtt aagacctcat aaatatgatc    165540
     cacggctatg acactgacta tctagaggag aggaaggagt aaatgcttgt gtcctataat    165600
     aaacatgtct atgcagaagg gggaataggc aatcaaaccc cacatcaaga agaatgtctg    165660
     atgcagacgg ctgcttagga atggctcagc ccactaggaa agaagcttaa ttatctgatg    165720
     acaatttgat aatcatgcat ctttgctttt aagataggct ggactgacat ttgctgtgta    165780
     gaccaggttg gcctggagcc tgcctctgct accccagagc tgggatgaac agctttggga    165840
     aaccagtaac atggacattg cataaagaaa ttttcctctt aacacttctc acttccaggt    165900
     gaattcaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagagatgtc aacccaggct tcaaatttct caagcccata    165960
     atgatatgct gagtgagtag aaggctggac acctataaaa gaagaaacaa agcctgctga    166020
     gaaaacagat ttttctgtac ttatttttct tgcttggtga gcacattttc tcttagcatt    166080
     gatacatttc cagaataaga aaaggttttc tatagctagg tgtcccagga cttcaaacac    166140
     agccttccca aacccagctt atcgtctgaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca    166200
     aaacacccac tttcttttga aagctatgtt ttggtcagta gcatcatgat tatccaaatc    166260
     actcagatct caagttttta tatttaactt ttttctcctt taattacaga cctgaaatcc    166320
     aactaaatca aaacaaagga cctgtgattt ttaatcacac agatataaat gatagactgt    166380
     gagacatgga taagacaggc catgtccaga agagctcaaa gtcaagtgtt cccctttaca    166440
     tgtcatagat acctctggta tttgagcccc acagtcttct ctggtcactt ttctccaacc    166500
     aatcccttaa ctgctctgac tctgcacgct cacccaatgc tccagctcat agaatagtat    166560
     gctaactgaa tacttaggta ataaatggac tgtgtaactc ctctgctagg aacacctcta    166620
     ttggtcctta gtttccacag aatgcccatg aacctgtctc tactgaccac tgctcctcat    166680
     catatgacct tcccaactct gcctccaagc agtctcttat accaaggtcg tgttacagct    166740
     cccacccaga cagacttgaa attaaggtct ggcttcgtca ttcccacatt ggtccctagc    166800
     tccctgtcta tccaccctca gggttaatgc tcaagatatt tccttccaca gcacatatca    166860
     agaaattata cttacagtga gtgatcttac actgacatat aacagcattt gtctaaaata    166920
     atcattctga aattaagtca tgaataaatt tatattttat ttatttattt atttatttat    166980
     ttatttattt atttatttat tgtctgtagg aacctaagat tctttgatgc caataaggaa    167040
     agtatatttt tcttgcttat ttcatgtatc ttatcactga gctatttatt aaggccctcc    167100
     ttgtgcatag cactatacca ggtaatgaag gaagctactg tactttggca taataagtcc    167160
     taaacaaata tttgtgggtg aataaattat accccttctc ttagcaagta gcctgcttat    167220
     ttaagagggg aacaaaaaga cttttaagct ctcttatttt tagctcattt gaccacagaa    167280
     atcctataat ttttaaatag tccccaggag tcaaccagag aaagtttcaa caaatgggtt    167340
     tcagatagat tttattatat attcacttgc tcatattctt gagaatttaa tgtcactttt    167400
     gtaatggctg ctaaaagaat gttattgcct tttttaaact atacatttta tccttcagtt    167460
     tgacataaaa tgctataaat aaatcagatg gaaaactgtt tagctacttg acatctataa    167520
     taacaggggg gtgtttctac aatgccagat ttataaatag gcagaggctc ccagatctgg    167580
     ttattatgat ttaattgcac aaacttctgt tgagtgttta catcatttag ctaacaaata    167640
     tgcccataaa ataagcgtta taatataata catattcaag caaatgaata aatgtcactg    167700
     tgactattct gttgaattgc aacaaacaat aaatgtatag ccacagatgt ttgcttcaat    167760
     tggccctgaa gggatggata ggctgcaggg taatcaccat ggttactgat gcactcttta    167820
     tgtgggaatg gtactgaggc aaaatggtac catctatcat atagctctca cccatcataa    167880
     tgtacagcag ggatgctcat catcagcttt aggtttaaag agactgctga ttcttgtgta    167940
     aagtaaggat ggtcggggat gcaactcact tggtagaatt cccttggtta gtatgcatga    168000
     aaccttgggt tcaaaatcct ataccacata aacacaaagt agtggtggta cacacctgta    168060
     atcccagcat ttgtgaggta gaggcaggaa gatcagaagt ccaaggtcgt tcttgagtac    168120
     atagccagtt taaggccagc ctggaaccta cagactttaa tctttaaaag gaagaggata    168180
     aaagggatat ttttaaaaag aaaatattat tttaattgtg ttcgattgtg tgtgagaatt    168240
     tgcaaagcca atttaagtct ctgaataacg ctcctttctt ccagagagga tttactttct    168300
     gcttctatta gttatctagg ctaagggcag atctcttaaa tccagctgag gatggaaata    168360
     attctacttc aggctctatt ccttttgaga gctgtccttt gcaatggatt ctggaagccc    168420
     tgcataactt ttctgctctc aaccttttga cattcagcaa gcatcttgtg agaaagagca    168480
     gtctcagatg ctgggttcct tcctcttagg ctcttaggcc ccctgcctcc ctgtctcctt    168540
     ggctttcagc aagggcacac aggcgacctt gccccttgct tttcttccct cactctcagg    168600
     aggcttgctc tgaatcaatg ggcagaagca gaaaagctca cagtactatc ctgattgccg    168660
     atgtcacttt acctgtcctt tagcaaagta gcttagattg atctttaata gctcaatacc    168720
     cagtatcttc tcttgcccat ccttcctata taaacaggtc tctcgaaatc taacttttct    168780
     cactcagact tggctcatga ttgtacaact ttctatcagg tgtcaaatct agtcttgaac    168840
     tggatgatgt aaatacaaaa atatcttaga gctcaaacag ttaaacaagg accccatctg    168900
     aatctatatt ccgtacatcc ggtgaataaa atacccaaca aggcccatta aagtcaagaa    168960
     tttctctctc tcttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    169020
     ctccctccct ccctccaatc ctcccttcct ccctttctcc ttctctccct ctctctgtct    169080
     ctctctgtct ctctctctct gtctgtctct gtctctgtct ctctctctct cagtctcaga    169140
     tgatttggtc aaggactcct cctccccatg ctctggatgg tgcatcatgg tgactggtag    169200
     aagcatttct tcacctcatg gctgacagaa agcagagcaa aagagacagg accactacct    169260
     gtgacctact tctcccaact gggtccttct cctgaagttc ttagtatctc ctttctccca    169320
     ccaagcagca agagcattga gaacctagca ctcaatgtgt acatttgtag agaacacttc    169380
     ttactgaaac cacaacagag cctctcactc tgaaatgaca gaaaaaaagg ccaatatggg    169440
     aggatgtcct ataggaaacc attacatgtg catgtctatc caacaggaag ttaaatgacc    169500
     ctcttgtctc cacttcccac agcgctgggg taagtgcaca gaaccacacc caccttagga    169560
     tatgggccct aggcaatgga caagctcctt atgtttacac aacaagcact tgaagccctg    169620
     actcagtcaa gttgttctaa agtgaggcat catgggagat tatcttcttt ccttctgtgc    169680
     tttctcaaat gtccctgatg ctacagcatt ttatttatga gataaatatt gagcaactgg    169740
     aaatgacaca aagagctgac atcaatctaa ctcacagtaa acaatataat aaaagctttc    169800
     ttttggactt ggatttcttt ggagttgatt ccatagcaaa attatgaatg tctctatcag    169860
     acattggcat agaatactgt agtttcacaa acttgtagct tttagctgtt attactgatt    169920
     gacagtgagc cccttccact ttctttttaa caacttgctg cctttctccc ctaaaaatta    169980
     aaggaattaa gcatgttttc acatattatt tatgaaaatt cggtgtttta cctaaaattg    170040
     tcatattctt ctgcttgccg gttccatggg catctctgta tgtttgtgat ggtctggagg    170100
     tagtcatcct cagagtacct aggagttgaa tattaacatg attagtcaag aaagtctcac    170160
     ttctagaaga tcctcacttt agccctgaaa tcaagcagaa atcaataaat atcagacttg    170220
     ctcttgaata tctaggaaca tgtagcttaa aattattatt actattgtta ttgttgttat    170280
     tgttattatg ctgggttatg aatatgtgct tttcatcatt ataaactgtg aacatgtttt    170340
     ctctgcgtgt ctacttttct gtctctattc tccgtctgtc tctctctttc tttctcttgt    170400
     gcacacaaaa gcaaatttat attaacttta actcaacaga taaagacttt ctaaatggtt    170460
     agcatgaaca tacaggtttt tttcagattc taaattaata gcttaaaatt ggaatatgta    170520
     gtaaggacac acacatacac acacacacat attcatctgg ttttaatttt ctgcaataca    170580
     taagaaacct agattgcgct ataatgagaa agctgcatac aggcagaaaa agctatagag    170640
     agtgatgcag tctgatagga tgggtatgga acaaaaatcc cagctccctt agctccttct    170700
     caatctgaaa ttccaccatt aagtattaat tcctaaagca gagaatgctg tttcatcttt    170760
     aagggtgttc atttgaaatg caaatatccc tctgaattgg gaaaaaaccc accttgagtt    170820
     tcctttaggc tctcagccat cagttggcag ccattaaaga tcaaagctgt gaaacataca    170880
     cacacagagg gtggggatgt gttggccaat gtgtaaagaa gaaaaaggta agtgcacacc    170940
     cttgcctggg agaatgggcc ctttacccat aggaatgcaa agaagattct gtaaggtgat    171000
     ctgtaacaaa gcatttctga caggtgggtg tggtcaacca cagaactcct ttgtaggtga    171060
     gatttctttc ctcttgggtt tctctccctc caacaatgct agctctggaa tcaacttgtt    171120
     tcccactgac tctgcagatg aactcagaaa aatttcccaa gaacacagta aatactaaaa    171180
     gcaaagcaaa gaatttccac cagaaggatt caaaatagat gtgagcacac agttcccaag    171240
     cacagcagac tcaggcagat ttctctatga gtcttgtact catcttagta cactaagtca    171300
     ctagaactcc atgctgtgac cccaaactgt ctagatcaga catttcctgg ctgaagtaca    171360
     gtgcctgcct ctacaggatt gaagacaacg aaagaccttt tgcaaatgac ttaaactaaa    171420
     attgaaaaca acaacaacat acccatccaa caacttacct aaagcattct caagtctgga    171480
     tccttaagaa agaggcactg atatgatatt gcctgtctag agaagtgtaa ctaattacca    171540
     agacatggct ttaaattttg tcagagtatt attaagacaa ccagatcagt gtacaaacaa    171600
     gagcccacaa accaaggtaa gcaaacagct tttgttcact aaacttcacc aaatagaaag    171660
     tgtgagagaa aggagggcca agcacttatc taattaagtc aatgagaatt gcagttgcat    171720
     ttgaagtcaa tataaagcat aactggaaga tgaaagaaat aggaagttat tgtcagtcag    171780
     aatagatgta tcagagttta aattttattg gcatgctatt tataagataa gaaaaaaatg    171840
     aaagtttttt atgatgcatg gctcagatta gccaacttga atattaagca ataaaaacta    171900
     ttgaaaatta aaaacaaatg ggaagagctt actgaaatat gaacaagcag agccttgtat    171960
     ggcaaacctg tgatttcagt atgcaggggg ctaaggcaca aggacaaaga ggtaaaactg    172020
     acccagactt cacagcaaga cactgtattg atttaactta ttgtcaagta aatatgaact    172080
     tttaaaagaa gaggaaaatt agcagcagac aacatcaagt ggtttgatat gtgtagaatt    172140
     acagtcctca taagagagag gaaaagcatc tttgaagtct gatgggatct atcaccaaag    172200
     ctaatgaaaa ctgtaagtcg aagacctgag aaggccaaca aacacaaagc acaagcaaca    172260
     tgaaaaaaat gacaacacct aaatgaattc ttagtggcag caaacagcaa aaccttaagt    172320
     gtaatgaaat aaaacacaac tatgcacaaa gaagcaatag cctgcaatgt gcttcttgtt    172380
     agagctgaaa ggcaggggat taatgacata aactgcagaa tggggctggg ggaaagatca    172440
     ttccagaatt ctatactagg aaaatccttc aaaaaatgaa gtaaaaaata atgacattgt    172500
     cagcagcaat gtcagaggga gtgtccaggc agaacagcaa tgaaagcaaa tggtgtctgg    172560
     gttgacagaa tataatgaac agctccagaa acagaatata gaaatacaca ccaacacaca    172620
     ggaaccgggt cctttctttc ctacatttct ttaaaaggcc ctgggcttag aagctagctc    172680
     agtcagtaca gagtttgcct ggcaagcatg cggacctgag tttgattccc agaaccctgg    172740
     taaaaatgac aagatggcac atatgtttgt aattctggca ggaatgtgaa gacaggagag    172800
     gccttggggt ttgctgacca gacaatccag tctttcaggt gagaccaaat tcatgagaga    172860
     acccatctca aaggaggcgg acaatcttcc tcaggatgat atccaacact gacctctgtc    172920
     ctctggcata tgcacacccc ctacccctac ccccataatt caccaacaca cgttttttaa    172980
     ataaaaaaag caaagaaaag attgacagtt taaagtaaag atagaaatag aaatggttac    173040
     agcatttgta aaataaatat aatcgcaatt atgaaacaaa ttatgtaaca atttgaaact    173100
     tgaaacgttg tgtggtagaa gctagaacct aagatttata aagcatttga aggcagattg    173160
     cagtaagaaa agagatgttt gctctatcta aagtaactag tgagaaacaa ggaaagccac    173220
     acatatgtaa tcataaaaat actcaaagca agaggaggaa ggggaaaaaa agcaaagaac    173280
     aggcaaatca aaagcaaata gtaagaggtg gagtaaacac aactaaatga actataacat    173340
     taaatataat gacatagata tgcccatgag aaggcagaga atgatggacc aaagtcttta    173400
     gaaaccaaca tcatccaaac aaggaagtgt gtaaaagaaa cagtagaatg atgatcacag    173460
     gagagataat gaaaacaaag tttgactgac tatagtcaca gtagaattca aaccagaaaa    173520
     aaaatcacca tataaaatca atattaatga gcaaggacta ttgtgaaatt agtgtaagat    173580
     cagaaataaa acatgaacct gttgctaccc tggccaagga agagtgacag aagatacaac    173640
     tgggggctgt ggagaatgag agcctggata gtgactgccc taatgatgtg ataatggatc    173700
     agcaaccatt tggctgtctt aaatgcaatg gatgtacttg caaaaaggta aaaccaccaa    173760
     aacccactca aggaaaagca gttcatgaat atgtcactgc tattttaaaa ctgtacacaa    173820
     acagctttgt tgattttagc caacatttta ggactgctaa tacaaactcc aagaaacccg    173880
     aagggctggt tagctcccaa cttactctat aagaacagtg tttccctgat cccaaagtcc    173940
     aagtaaaaat attgctttat acatacaaaa ttgttcaaga attaaatcca gtgctacaca    174000
     aaaaagaaga ttccatgaac aggtggggct atgtattggg aatacaaggt tggaggtgag    174060
     attagtgacc agtgcaactc actagattaa tgtaatagct aagaagaacc agtcatcatt    174120
     ttaacacatg agaattaaat cagcactcag ccctgcctaa cattcaacct cacaaaattt    174180
     tcaacagttt aaaaaaaaat cagaattttc acagtccaat gataagagct cacaaaaaga    174240
     gtctatggct cagatcatac ttcatggcca aagttccaag gtgaagagca tggaaggatt    174300
     acagtctctc cagctgtcgt ccactgcatc ggaggtgcaa ccagtgcaat aagacaagag    174360
     agagaagcaa gggcaccctg cctggaaaga aggaagtaga attgtctcca cccagagatg    174420
     acacggtcat ctactggatc tacagaaaag ctgttaaaat gaataacagc aaatctgaaa    174480
     gatacaaacc cagcacactt aatcagttac attagaagtg atgactggaa gtaaaaatta    174540
     ataacattta ctttcatggt acaacagcct gaaataatca gaactaggac tagcaatatt    174600
     cctgtgtatg aacattaaaa accatggaat atgcatagaa aagtacaaga cattgtaaag    174660
     agaaattaaa ggagcaaatg gagccatatc tcatgtcctt tagtcagaaa actcaggacg    174720
     gtcaaatttc aactttactt agaaatttgg tgacattaag taaaaaatat atcagtgtta    174780
     tgttatttct taaaataaat tagaactagt tatagtatgc tagagagaag aggcagaaga    174840
     cccccaagtc taaggccatt ctggattatg tggcatgttt gaggatagtc aggggtatat    174900
     agtacgatcc tgttgacaaa atttaaaaag gtgggtctaa agtttctatg gaaactgaga    174960
     gattaaacct agcctgcaga atcagaaaac taatagcaaa gctgagtggt cctgcccaaa    175020
     ttcaggatgt agtggattgc tccataatca ggggtgtctt attttagtct ggacagaaaa    175080
     atcaattatc aaaagaatag aaaatctaga aataaggatg ttgaacaagg cagtgcatag    175140
     tgcaaatgga aaaagaatct tttcaacaat gattgcttca acaactggat ggttatacca    175200
     acaacaacca tcaactctca ttttgcccaa aatacaaata ttaactctaa atggtttgtt    175260
     aatctaaata taagagctgt gtgagaaaaa aaaaaacctt tgtattactt ctgtatgtgc    175320
     atgtctgtgt gtgtatgtgg ttcatgtgtg tatgtaatat gagtgtgtgt gcatatactc    175380
     tgtgtgtatt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcatttgttc tgtatgtggt    175440
     atacatgtac atgcttgtgg gtaggtatgc ttgtctatga gtatatgtgc agaagccata    175500
     aatctacttc aggtgttttc aaagtcactt tccaccttat ttatttattc attcattcat    175560
     ttttgggaca gagactcact gaacttgggg cttattcttt ctgctagact ggctgagcag    175620
     caaggccctg catcatcctg ttctcatccc tagcacagga ataacaggct tgggttgcct    175680
     ttcttgcctg tttagtgtgt gttttgagat ctggattcac agagcaaatg ttttatccac    175740
     tgagttatct ccccagaccc aggttagtgg gttttacaca tagtatgtac actaaagaag    175800
     aaatctataa attaaacatc aaataaaata ctacgtttag gaaacattac aaagaaaaat    175860
     ttaaaaggca taaattgagg gaactatgta cacagcacac acaggaacca ggatgtacag    175920
     tgaaccctca gaacgcatga tgagacaaat aaacgtatca aattgtgcca aaggtttgaa    175980
     ttgacacttt gccaaagata atagacagcg atgaaacaaa atatgaaaag aattttagct    176040
     actacgaaat ccaaattaaa atcacaatga tagaccacag cacatcaaca aaatgcctat    176100
     gattgaaaat atggacataa aaagtttggt gagaacagag caactagaac tctcatgctt    176160
     cttgtgggaa tgtaaaatag atagatgact atgttagtaa actgttttgc agttccttca    176220
     aaagttaaac atatacatac catgaaaact ctgtcataat tttcctagaa tattttaata    176280
     ttcaagagac acaaacacat atccacaaca aacaccaaaa cataattgat aaaatcaact    176340
     ttatttgtat cagaccaaaa aaaattgaaa ataacccaat gtaatctgaa agggcaacag    176400
     ggaattgttt tatctacatc ttaatggaga atgttgcttt tgttcagcag tacaaaggaa    176460
     tgaactatta ttgtggtaga ctatagacag tcatcagacc tcagaatgat tataacaaag    176520
     gaaagaaaac agatacaaaa agagtcttgg cacggattac tctggaaaca tgcaagcttg    176580
     accaagacaa caaagtaatt cagcagtcac ctggggatgg ggttggtatg aagaggtgga    176640
     gaagccagag aagagaggga tggattaaaa atggcccaga aaactgcagg ttattctcag    176700
     gttcagagcc ttcattacag tcaagatgca tgtgtataca aagatccttc aaaatgtaca    176760
     cttaggttgg ggtattcata acattactta ctcctttaaa atctttatgg tgttcataat    176820
     tgatctacag ttatagcttg aggtacttgt agagatggct cattaggtga agtcacttgt    176880
     tttacaagcc tggtggcctg agtttgttcc atagaataca tgtaaggtgg gaggaaatgg    176940
     ttccatgaag ttgtcccctg attccacatg catgccataa cttgtgtatc tgtacatgtc    177000
     cacaaatatc atatgcgcag taataaagta aaaatgttaa gaattgtttt tttcctgtga    177060
     caatagagaa caatatacag tgctctatca gaccttgttc tggatcaaat atctacaaga    177120
     taagagtttt tttttttttt catgaacttg gaatatattt taaatgataa aatttttaat    177180
     gtttcatgga caactagtga tggctctcat gagttgttgg atgaccttga ccaatgtttc    177240
     tcaatggccc tctcacattg tttttttaac acttgtattt aaacacttgc ttcctaaggc    177300
     aatgagaaca tcagtatgtc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggttt ttcaagacag    177360
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga    177420
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcaccaccat    177480
     gcccagccat cagtatgtct tagggacaca aggcaatcaa ctactctgaa gaagctcaaa    177540
     gcaatatttc ctggtctcac actttatgat ttctacttaa taatgtccct agtactgact    177600
     ttcactgact tgtccgatcc ataagtctct cgtgcgttga ctgaatgtag cttccttttg    177660
     gaattccaaa caaccattat agaatgtgct caactcttca cacagcaaat ggaggagtca    177720
     tttctgctgc tatgcagtag ggatctaacc tctagcaact ggagaataca ggaaattctt    177780
     tttccatgtg gcaaaatacc tggccagaac aacttacagg agatagcatt tatgtgtgct    177840
     tatggtttca gagagaacta gtccattatg ccacaaagaa catcaaagca ttcatgacag    177900
     caaaaacatt tggtagaaca gcttgtgcat ctctcaatga acccggaagc aaagaagaca    177960
     tagtaagaaa gccaaaatgt cccaaaggct ccaaaacttc ccacagtgac accatccagg    178020
     gaccaagtgt ttaaatatgc aagccagttg gggacattcc ccattcagct catgacatct    178080
     atatcagctg gtctgtcatt tggaattgct ggtaagtaat atttcttgag gctcactgtt    178140
     gatgtagggt gactatggac agtctctttt ccctgactcc gtaatctctc actaactgga    178200
     gctagatcat atgattttag ttttagaatg aacaggctgg taaacaactg gtggctggaa    178260
     atggactagt gtgggagcat ttacattaca ggaattggca aatgtgaaaa aagggggcgt    178320
     gtctctcctg tgtgtggcca agtttgctat attttttata cttcctccca attgtgtaat    178380
     gttagcctaa ctaacaatca ttcactctct ttgtagtttg agccttagag agccaggcca    178440
     aggaagccag gcgtagctat acctacttca tcaagcaaac tgatttagag gtgtccaaag    178500
     actccattaa gcaaaactac cctaaaaaaa gatccaaatg gtaatcataa ccctgggata    178560
     ttaaaggtga ttttgtgtct actaagatgt ggtgtaaatt ctcttgagtt aattacattt    178620
     tacttgggtt tattaaaaaa agcaatctgt gaagcatttt taaaaccttc ctgcctccat    178680
     atcaagttgc catttattgc taaaataaag gtatgacaga aacctgtgta tctgaaggaa    178740
     gtgtgtcatt gcagtgggct ttgagatttc aaatgcccag gctagaatca gtgtcactcc    178800
     gtccttctgc tgcccgagga tccagatgta aaactcacag ctcctctcca gcaccatgtc    178860
     tgcatgcatg ccatcatgtt tcctgccatg atgacaatgg gctaaacctc caaactgtaa    178920
     gctatcctaa ttaaatgttt tcctttataa cagttgctgt ggtcatggca tctcttcata    178980
     acaataaagc cccaactaag acagtattca aaacattcca actaagacag tattcaaaac    179040
     attttgcact ttgtgatgca aaccttttgt taaattggag ctggctcaaa tttaactcaa    179100
     tattgaaaga tgccaatcat cgtgtatctc attttgcaga aaaagtagct gcatggaacc    179160
     gtctatgact tatatgggtt ttcagtttag acagtagaaa tgctacacta aagtcctgag    179220
     aagcagctcc gtggtttcca tttttacaaa gctcagatgt ctgcggaggt aaacagcttg    179280
     tccagtattt cactgtaagt gggtgagcta agaattaagc tcatgactct gggtttacat    179340
     cccatctctc tttctaatat atcatgccat atctcatcta ctttataatg aaactgaaaa    179400
     ttaatctcac cagaaacatt ttctggtccc aagacgcaca gtaaatcaca ctaaataatg    179460
     tagcaagtta tttcaataga ataaatacta tctacttaag tcatcattaa taacactcaa    179520
     aatgagacac attctaaata agagtaaatt gatattaaat aaatatcata ttaaatgtct    179580
     cagtattttt tcaagaaatg tctctttgag gacgaatatc cacatgctgt gactagtttt    179640
     atgtcaatta agataaaatt gggcctttaa aatgctttaa tttatgggta attaattgaa    179700
     gcattaaata tttattgggc acttactagg tgccttgaag ttatcctggg gatattcatt    179760
     tattagtgct gttcagtcat ctatgagtct catttaattt cttatagtgt cttttcatgt    179820
     atcaggctaa cctaccttgc ccactgtagg gacagctcag tactatcatg aggttaacct    179880
     attctgccca ttgaaatggg tagggacagc tcagtactat catgtcagtt tctgcatgat    179940
     gctatttgac tcaaaataat tcacagtcat taccagagct cagtctgcat gaaataacac    180000
     ctgtaggtct agaaacatga ctagtatgta aattgtttgg tacccaagca caaggaccta    180060
     tgtttgatct gcagagccca tataaaagct agggatggca gcacacactg caatcccagt    180120
     gccggggagg tagaaatagg aggatccctg tctaatcagt gagctccagg atccatgaga    180180
     gactctgtct caaaataata agatagaggg tgatggagga ggtcatagaa tgttgacttc    180240
     tagcctctgt atgaacactt cctgatacat gcataaaaac atgtacacat acatataaat    180300
     acatacagaa ataactccaa attaatacac tgttgtaaga tttttagtcc actcatctaa    180360
     tcatttgtac tgaaagatag tttttaaaag cattatttat gagtgcatgg aagctaaatg    180420
     agaaacatgc accaatgtat gagtggaacc atgcaagtgc actgtgattt catacacctt    180480
     tatccacaaa gaaagacttc aatttacatg gcttttccac tctgtaggat gccagcatcc    180540
     ttagaaggct gtgcatagta ccaaccgaca tggaagggaa gtatccgaac ttgtattctc    180600
     gccttacctc ttaacgtttc tctgacaaat taagcaaata atacaggcaa gcttcagagc    180660
     ttgactctaa aagtacttgt ttccagccct ggtaaagtgt ccaaggcact ctatcactgc    180720
     atttgaaaat gtctgataat gatttttttt tttaaatcag gaaagaatgt tttctctatc    180780
     ctagaaaatt ttaggggttt ctttacttac tatgtagata catgggaggt aatgctaaaa    180840
     tctgggactg gcaaactgaa gggaatgttc cttcttgtgg ggagggtgta ataatgctac    180900
     actaattggc gatgcacagt agggctagga cagaggtaga ccaagaaagc tgttaacatt    180960
     tcacacccat atgtccccag aaagagttac agacagtggc tctttctgaa gatggcttgt    181020
     cttggtttgt gataaacacc atgatcaaag catttcgggg agtaaagggt ttttttcagc    181080
     tcacactttt gtagttcatc attgcacaaa ctcagggcag gaactggggc agcaacctga    181140
     cggcaggaat tgaagcaaaa gtcatgggga aacattggcg gctggcttac tcccaggatc    181200
     ttgctgagcc tgttttctta aagcgcctag gacaacctgc ccaggggtca ctgtccacaa    181260
     tggactgggt cttcacacac tagtcacatc aatcactcat cacgaaaatg gcccacagtt    181320
     gcctatagat caatttgatg gagttgtttt tttccagatg acctgacatt gtgccaaatc    181380
     ctcctacttt ctctgcttct tgctatttat tccttggctg accctaacta gaataccatc    181440
     taatgtagtc agtgcaatga agccagcctc caggagcaat ataaaaggta gaataataga    181500
     gactaactct ggacggatgg acagcaaaga ttccagaaga ggaatccaag ctcacagggg    181560
     tatttctcag tattacttag gaacagcgga attttgcttc agtggaaatt ttttgataca    181620
     atgtaaaaat aactcagaac ctcacagagt agagtgaagt gtaatcttca gtctctggga    181680
     agagttctct ctgcagagat atctgcaaca tgcaaatacc tcaccaggat atgaagaaaa    181740
     aggaagcaag caaagaataa gcagcctatt taatactttc atatttactc ttaaaaatag    181800
     gactactatc agattttgga agatgaaaaa aatgatgccc tacttttcaa gcttgtagaa    181860
     aggaatttac agatatttaa gtggatatcc agagctgaaa ccagcaggct agcgatctta    181920
     tgatgtcaaa tggatattgt ctaagagaat caataagaca tagcatttcc tatcctttga    181980
     gcaccatagt ggaggaagtg tgagctacaa cagtcaagaa gccagagtgg ctggagtatc    182040
     agataagatt tttcagcctc gtgtgagtga ctagcaatcc tttgcctttc acattcatct    182100
     gagtcacagg agcagaggtg aaccttccct tcccttctgt atctattaca tcatttgttc    182160
     accacatata tgtatatata cacccacagt tcttatcatt ttattttcaa atatttatag    182220
     ggtaaatatt tgctgggcac ttgctgtgga ttagtcactg ttccaagcat ccttaataca    182280
     ggaaactaag cataaaaaga tctatgctct catgatgttt gtattgtaat aggagatgac    182340
     tgaagtaagt cctgtaaaga tggggattag tatcatggta aggttttgta tgcactaagt    182400
     aatctgaaga aaaacgagaa agatgatagg caaagaaagt agaacagggt gggaattttt    182460
     gcagagccgc ccgggaaagc tcttgaggag gtaagggttg aggggagatt tgaagcaatg    182520
     tgaaaggcaa agtgttgtga agagggaatg tgaaaggcaa agggttcata tccggggtgt    182580
     ggatatgaag aggacattct ggacaaagag aagagggctg aacaggtaca gccaaggacc    182640
     aagacagtca aggtgacatt taccaaaaat gtcaatagaa gaggtcagaa agaagaactg    182700
     gtatcatgga cctcacttaa agactagcaa tcttccatga cacagcacag atttcttgga    182760
     agttcagaac ttcaggtttt acaactagaa gctgtgttaa aaccaaaccc tggtataatg    182820
     tgcatatgtg attcagccat gcaagtgtac cagtcaagat ttttattata ttcacatata    182880
     tattcaacag tgttataagt gtacagtgct tatatcatcc tgcaagagaa atctttgctc    182940
     ctttgcctgc catttcttat ttttcataaa tttgggttat tgtcttcatt ttcattcatg    183000
     ccaaatatgg attgtttctt tatcaatttc ttcttgggtg cattgggtat ttttaaaaaa    183060
     gcattgttta attttcacat atttgtgaat ttcaaaaaat catttttttc tgcggttgat    183120
     tttgaacctc accccattgg gattagctag tgcactcggt attgtttctg ttttaaatat    183180
     gccgatcgtt tatagagatc tttatcggca ctttccccat gaggttgagg aggttcattt    183240
     cgttatggtt ggggattcac aggcatctga tcaacttcac tggtttatag tgttctttga    183300
     gcatgcagtt ctctttgact tatccatcta ccagtgaaag gaaagcatca gagtctttct    183360
     attggcagga gagaaaggtg cagttctgag acagggacac tgtagtcagt gtcctagaat    183420
     tcactatcca acccaggctg gcttcaaact cacagaaact ctcctgcctc agccttgaaa    183480
     gtgctgagtc actttattac atacatgagc cacaatgtcc agctccaatt actatggttg    183540
     aatagccttt ctcttctgtc tgtgtcattg atgctaagca tcaacataga cgctcattcc    183600
     taggcaagcg tttgtgccat atactttaat gctctgcgat gagatgaata tttgtaatta    183660
     ttatataatc atgagagatc ggtcttttgg ttgttatgat atccttgtct tcattcatta    183720
     acttattttg tttgaaaaga ctgttttgca tttaatgtgg ttctggacac aatggtcaga    183780
     tagctggggc aggaggatta ctactttgtg cctatttgga gctacattag gacatccgct    183840
     ctccaaaaaa ggtgatgttt gtctgatacc actgaaactg ttaggatgac atcatctgtt    183900
     gctttcagtc tgtttcacat atgtctcttg tagacaatag aacattgtgt ggtgtctttt    183960
     aatcccagct agaagatctc tgctccattt aaatggagtg gaattacatg gttatatttg    184020
     aggctgctat tttacatgtt tgctgtgtgt tttatgactt tttaggttgc tgtctgtgca    184080
     ttattccttt acagctttct tgccttgggg gaaattgttt aatctaatga tgaatcctaa    184140
     tgaccttaat cattttacca tttcaacact aaaatcagct tcatatttat attatgtgtt    184200
     tcacaatggg tagaaacatt attcctatat agatctactt ccaattttgt gacttattac    184260
     taaacaaaac tattaatgtt aaactctaac cacatattgt gttaattatg attatgcaca    184320
     atcattttct tagcacacta tggctttgtt ctgctattac tggtgcacaa tatgtatgta    184380
     atatatatgt acatgtaaaa gtgtatatat actcatatat atatatacat atatatatga    184440
     gttttataaa gaaaaggttc ttgtagccta tataaaagat tgacttttat tttgagtgaa    184500
     attaaaggta ttagaagcaa atatatctaa tcttgcttaa aaggaataag gtttctctgc    184560
     tgtatttgtt aagaatccct aagggtgcaa gaactgaaag acagaataat taaaggagag    184620
     atgaagtggg tgtggtgata agaattcccc gttttctgga tgtgatgtag tggtggccac    184680
     gaaagctgaa tggcaagaca agtgtgcttt tataagaaga gaagatccag aaataatgcc    184740
     aagtttataa acctgagact gtgccaggac agaggagtta gaaataagac tgaaggcagg    184800
     gatgactgca gcatgctgga agtccaggtc agtggagaac atgctgggtt tgttctggct    184860
     ttggttttgt ttggttctgt tttggtttta gttggttggt tttggtgatt ttgataatgg    184920
     tagtttttga ttgtttgttt gtttgatttg gtttgaattt gagataggat cttactatac    184980
     attcctgact tgcctaaagt ttttatatag gcaaagctgg actccaactc atagatttgc    185040
     ctgtctttgc ttcctgcatg ctggtttaaa agatataatt caccacaccc atcccaggac    185100
     acactgagtg tccaaagtga agacaaatga gaagagaaat ctgcaaacgt aagaaggaaa    185160
     accaatgtac tgcaaatatg tttaacaagt taactatctt aatacactct gcactgagaa    185220
     gaatgtggct gagtgataga tcaccagtct aagactctgg gttcaacacc tattactggt    185280
     ccttactcaa gagctcttaa ccacatctac ttggagaaag cccccaagtg actagaaggc    185340
     atactgacag gatagagagt gaaaacatct ctccacatgc ctgcaataga accagaaaca    185400
     tgctctttgc tatgtgtctc tgatattaaa atgtaataga tgacaaaaac atagttcaaa    185460
     atattaattc tgaactatga cgataattga caaacaacca tgttctaacc aagagaaaag    185520
     aattttgaga tccatggctt ctgagtatct ttgcattata aaatcaaatg cctttctcag    185580
     ttaaaatctg tgctcactaa gagtggtacc atagagatgt taagaacaaa acctacacaa    185640
     acaaatcctg gcttagccac ggtaactagc tgatggtata ttaggcaaag gaacgcttgg    185700
     agctcactgg tcacatttgt aggtttgcaa taataaaatc tactctggag aatgacctca    185760
     agcatttaaa atagctggta ggtaatggag ccaataaata ggaagttgtg gttatcactg    185820
     ctgttgacca tagtcataat aactattatt atgatgaaaa catgaaacaa accattatga    185880
     attgagaaat taattggttg tctatgaata tgtggtcaat taatacaaag cttagtcgtc    185940
     atttaaaata ataaagtcaa gtggtggttg cacatgcctc tagtctcagc acttgggaag    186000
     tagaggtagg cagggctctg tcaattcaag gtcatcctga tctatagagc tagagctagt    186060
     agtagtccta ggatagctaa ggttacacaa agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa aatgagagag    186120
     agaggggggg ggagggggag ggggaggggg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    186180
     agagagagaa tacgcatcta tggttgctca ggtcagaaat ttgtgagcag tttagcagag    186240
     tggccatgaa ttacttttca atgggttgca gccttgaggt gttgtttcga gctgaagaat    186300
     ccactgctaa gcatctgtct cacattgctg ataagatgat gttatccctt gatagtgggc    186360
     ggcaggtcct tgcaagagga ccatcatccc aagtcttcat ggcatggcag ctaacttcta    186420
     tcatgttaaa cagtcaacag ggcagcaagg cagacatccc aacctggaaa gtcaaccatc    186480
     ctgttggttc tataggtcag caggtactga gaacagggca ggtggcgcta agatgacctt    186540
     tgtgactatc ttagaggtct gactatcaca agtggtacat aagtgataca gtgaaagatt    186600
     ttgaaaagta acatttgttt cttttgtagc tattttagtt ctaatttgct ctcgatgact    186660
     ttacatgtaa ttatttctat tgtcatagtc ttcccactaa aggcgtttat caagtgactg    186720
     atgtgagcac acaatcaacc ttcactagaa agtcaagttt tccatcttct tttaaaacaa    186780
     atatttaaaa ctatacagtt tgcattgtgg aaatgacagc aagcaactat gacggagtat    186840
     tgattaaggg acttgacagt gtggtggtta tctttcaaaa tcagaaacac acgcacacag    186900
     aggccatgga ggggaaaatc ttatttttac ccttcctgat taggtcggct gatttggaat    186960
     aagtcacaat cccattttcc ctttcttttt aatcttagga aatcagattt tatcaaatga    187020
     taagcatatg tactacaact aaacactgca tatgggttag aagaacttaa ggaacaattg    187080
     cttcaagctc ttgagttgtg attgttcgtg ttattgtcct catgaagatg cagcatatca    187140
     ttaagcaccc tgtgaatagg gttggtgaaa cctgttttgt tgcaagtgca gaaaaatgtc    187200
     acaaatgcca agaccaatcc acatgcctcc caacataaaa ttggatgtca ggagaagcat    187260
     ctcttgcttt gactcctggg agatatgtga agtatggata ctgttttgat agtacctgca    187320
     catgtgtggg gggtgcctgc ataagtaaaa ggagggcatt cgatcctttt ggagctggag    187380
     ggacaggcca ttgtaaggag cagcaagtac tcttagccag ggagccgtct ctccaggctc    187440
     gtaaggtatg aattttatat tctggtcact gataagcttc ttggtctttc ttgctgtttt    187500
     ctgatccagt tcttttcacc aatgaccaga agacttgcta gaattccagg tccttaaact    187560
     cggaccagaa aggaccagct taaaaggtca gagaagaaca gagaaccaaa agggtgcatg    187620
     tcaccttcaa aagcaacttt aaagttgaag ggacacatac ccaaaagatc ttgcaaatga    187680
     ctaaaaatca ttccttctac aaggcgacct aagatttaga aacccttgct ttgttaacag    187740
     gctgtcaagt gaaatgctca cactctggct gatctgttgt aatttacacc atctcttttc    187800
     acacagtaat tcaggtcatg ttgttctctc cagggtaatg aagcatgaca acgttttagg    187860
     gcccgtcttc aatccacttt ccatgtcacc tgcaatgcag ctcctggtaa agagctcctt    187920
     tatgctgccc catgaagaag acatctttca gggaattctg ttgtagttga aaaccgagtg    187980
     gcatgcaaaa gtaacagata tactgactaa gtagcttatg gaacagccac agaccaacag    188040
     tgccagacag aagttccgaa tcataattct gagcattgca ccttacccag gaaaactgtc    188100
     tgaatacaaa gtgggccgtt catgctttaa tgattttgca gaaagttaca aggcagggga    188160
     tacacttact tctgaagaag aagatctctg atcctcttac tagagatact ttataaaagg    188220
     ctcaaagatt cgaaagatgc tcaagattgc tgttacactt attctttgct ttaaaatttt    188280
     actttatttt ataactttat gaatgtaggt atttttcctg catgtatgtc tgtgttcctt    188340
     tatgtaccct tggaagacag atgagggtat tgaatcaaat cctctgggac tgaattacaa    188400
     atagttgtgt gtcaccatgt gtttgcttgg gtttgaacca gggcttgctg gaagagcaga    188460
     cagtgctctt aaccacttgt ccatctctcc agcttagttg tgtgtgtgtt tacttgtttg    188520
     tttgtttggt tggtttaggt ttctttgttt gttttttgtt tgttgttgtt ttggctttgt    188580
     ttttgtttgc tagttagctt gtttggtttt gagacaaggt ctctatccag gcctcaaact    188640
     tcctgtggag ataaaaagaa tttagaactt ttcattctct ccattctgcc ttccaagtgc    188700
     tgggattaca aacaccactc ccaattttat gtactaatgg tatcaaatcc agagcttcct    188760
     ggacatgcta agaaagcact ctatcaatga gctccctcaa cttttatgta gaagaactgc    188820
     atttttcatt tgagagatga tttaaggagc ctgtgttggc gagttttgtc agcttgacac    188880
     aagctagtca tctaagagaa gggaacctca gtttagaaaa ttcctccatg ctaaaaccat    188940
     ccagtggaaa aaagacagct tgttcaacaa atggtgctgg cacaactggt ggttatcatg    189000
     tagaagaatg tgaattgatc cattcttatc tccttgcaca aagctcaagt ctaagtggat    189060
     caaggaactc cacataaaac cagagacact gaaacatata gaggagaaag tgcaggggtg    189120
     tggggggggg ggacttcaaa gatatgggca caggggaaaa attcctgaac agaacagcaa    189180
     tggcttgtgc tgtaagatca agaatcgaca aatgggacct cataaaattg caaggctttt    189240
     gtaaggcaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aaggccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt    189300
     tgccaatcct aaataaggta gtggactaat atccaatata tacaaagaac tcaagaacct    189360
     ggactcaaga aaaatcaaat aaccccatta aaaatggggt acagagctaa acaaagaatt    189420
     ctcaactgag gaataccgaa tggctgagaa gcacctggaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat    189480
     catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaacctt gagattctat ctcacaccag tcagaatggc    189540
     taacatcaaa aattcagatg acagcagatg ctggtgagga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact    189600
     cctccattgt tggtgggatt gcaagctggt tcaaccacct ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc    189660
     ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actaccagag gatcccacaa tacctctcct ggacatatat    189720
     ccagaagatg tcccaacttg taataaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat agtagcctta    189780
     tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatggccct caacagagga atgggtacag    189840
     aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaacaa tgaattcatg    189900
     aaattcttag acaaatggat gcatctggag gatatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacacaatca    189960
     caaaagaaca cacatgatat gtactcactt ataagtggat attagcccag aaacttagaa    190020
     tacccaagac acaatttgca aagcacatga aactcatgaa gaaggaagac cgaagtgtgg    190080
     atattatgct ccttctttga agagggtaca aaatacccat ggaaggaatt acagagacca    190140
     agttcagagc tgagacggaa ggaaggacca tccagagact gccccacctg gggatccacc    190200
     ccacatacaa ccaccaaacg cagacactat tgcatatgcc agcaagattt tgctgacagg    190260
     accctgatat agctatatat catatatata tatatgtata tatatggata gatagataga    190320
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata tggctatgct aaggcctggc aaatacagaa    190380
     atggacgctc acagtcatct attggatgga acacagggcc cctaatgaag gagctagaga    190440
     aagtacccaa ggtgctgaag tggtctgcaa tcctatagga ggaacgacaa tatgaaccgc    190500
     tccagaactc atgtctctag ctgcatatgt agcagatgat ggcctagttg gccatcaatg    190560
     ggaggagagg cccttggtct tgcgaagatc atatgcccca gtacagggga atgccagggc    190620
     caggaagcag gagtgggtgg gttggggagc agggctgggg gagggtatag ggggctttgg    190680
     ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatctaataa aaatatattt ttttaaaaaa    190740
     aaaagaaaag aaaatgcctc cataatatcg ggctgcaggc aagcattttc tttttttttt    190800
     tttaagtttt ttattgggta tttatttcat ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc    190860
     ccacacgctc ccccacccac tcccccatcc tcccactccc acttcttggc cctggcgttc    190920
     ccctgtactg aggcatataa agtttgcaca accaatgggc ccctctttcc actgatggcc    190980
     aactagattc atacgcagct agagacacaa gctccagagg caagcatttt cttagctagt    191040
     gattgaaaag agagggtcca gctcattgta gatggtgcca tctctcaatt tgtcatcctg    191100
     ggttctataa gaaagcagac tgagcaagcc atggagagca agtcagtaag aagcaccctt    191160
     ccatggcttc tgcatcagct tctgcctcca ggttcctttc ctatttgagt ttctgtcctg    191220
     acttccttca aaaaatgaac agtgacttgg aagtataaac caaataaact cttttgtccc    191280
     caacttgttt gtggtcatgg tgtgtcattg cagcaataga aacctaacta agacaaggcc    191340
     tataattaat aggatgatca aaatggtaaa gttattaaat atatatggag taaagatgct    191400
     tagctgacct caactgacag tattctcttt ccatagcctc aagttttgac tgaaaacagc    191460
     tgcccataca gacaccatat cccaaacact gaggccacag cagcagcagt cacagtctac    191520
     tgcctcaaag tagtcagcag agtatgagta tggctgaagt ctctgtatag tgtgtaaaat    191580
     acaggctttc actttgtctt tccagggcat taactgttag agatgactct cagaaccact    191640
     gagtcaatac tcagaatgga atatgcctga gggaattatc ccatgaggaa ggaggatgta    191700
     tgcaggacaa gtcttgattc aaggccttga gttctaagag atttcactag ggcagttcat    191760
     catcctgact gaacagtgga gactaaatat cacaactcta atttgggaat gaagtcctga    191820
     agccaaaaag aggagattgt tcaaaaattg ctagcatttg ggtgttaaaa atgtccctca    191880
     gaagtcatat gtaaagggct tgctcccatt tgccccgttg agagatggtg gaaactctga    191940
     ggtaaggcct ggcaagaagg tttcagttgc tggaggtgaa cctttgaaga ggattgtggg    192000
     attatcttgg gtttgcattc tagccatgtg ggtgctgcct tcccaccaga gacctaagag    192060
     cttcctatct gtctgatcat atacaaaagc atctaagatt ctagccccag aaagtacctt    192120
     tttcttcata agctgattcg tctttggtat tggttttagc aaataaaacc tgactaacca    192180
     caagaggcag agaaacgaaa ggaagggaca agtaagactc cgccccacca gcgcctttga    192240
     agcagctgct ctgaggtaag tgacatcatt tgtctgaagc agtgaagatc acaccagaca    192300
     actcggatac ccatacaact atttttctaa acatacaagc aaaaactgta aatagtaagt    192360
     gtgccataat gagaaatgtg cagactaaca atgataagct tgtattttta atacagttta    192420
     atattgctgt tgagtaggga gggaaatcct agtgaaaagg attatagtga agacacctgg    192480
     gaaggcagtc agggacaaaa aatcagttag aaaatctacc ccagagaaag cataagccca    192540
     aaacaacaga aggagtcaca taaagaaata ctggcatcaa aagagttaaa acttagggac    192600
     tgactgatga cgatttttaa tacttataga ttttatggaa tagaaagcat tttacaaact    192660
     taagaaataa atgacttcac tttctcattc cataaatatt tatggaatta agagggtcta    192720
     attcatgtac agacaccaga aacagaacta aaaataagac acttctcacc ttggagatca    192780
     aggttttaaa ctgagaataa agaatcttgg agttggggga tgaaggtaaa gtgtccattg    192840
     tataagcatg aagaccacaa tgtggttggt ccccagaatc ccctaaaagg caagaggggt    192900
     gttggatatt tggacccagt tgcaaggaga ggaggaaaca gacatccttg aagcacggtg    192960
     accaaattgg ctagcaactt tgatgagctt caggctcagt gaaagacttt gtctaggact    193020
     gaaaatggaa agggatttac agacattcaa catgaacctc tggtcttcgt ggacaagcac    193080
     ctgcatgtac acatatgtcc acccaacatc attaataagc atatacaaca tacatgcaca    193140
     cacacacaga catatataaa tatacataca gagagaaaga cactgacaga cagacaggca    193200
     gacacacaga gatagacaca cagagagata aatagacaga cacacagaca gagacacata    193260
     gagagacaga cacacacaca gacagagaga cagacagaca catagagaga gacagagaca    193320
     cagacagaca gaaatggaga gaaacacata gacatacaca cagagacaga gacatgtcat    193380
     caagatatag agaggcagat agacacacac agagagagat acagacagac agacagatac    193440
     acacacacac acacacatac acacaagaga gagagacaga gacagagaaa gaaaattgcc    193500
     acacataaga ctcattctac tgattgtcct aattctactg cttaattgtc cttttattca    193560
     aaaatgtagt caacactagg cagaaataaa aaaagagtgc tatttccttc ccactgtaac    193620
     tctgtctcct aaatcctatt ttagcaacct gaaagggaca aataacccaa tgaaagagaa    193680
     aattctaact ctttaacaga ccatgacaaa aatagggcta aataattatt tctaagaaaa    193740
     tgaaattgcc tttttttatc accatgcact gaatggcttt cccaattgtc ccctgcaagt    193800
     ttcttaattg tcccctggtt ttagaactca gaattcttga caatagacaa tacaactgaa    193860
     aaaattagtc tcccatgtgc cagaataata ctttcctagc agtgggccat tcgtgcctgc    193920
     tctctctaga ccttccctgc acagaatact agcacaggct aattatatga gctaatcaaa    193980
     cactgtttgt ataataggaa ggcaagccct agaagaacag ctgaggaaag gtctcaccat    194040
     caaaccccaa acaacaggac aaggctgaga aaatacccag gagagcatga gcctgggcat    194100
     tttcattagc atgctgcagt taaccgtctg tccctgctca ccaagcatcg tcagacgcct    194160
     cacctcaggt cagagcatta gacagctttc ccgtgctgac tcagtacttc cccaggatga    194220
     gcaaaagctg atcatcctcc tggtgaagac tttatggaga aaacatggac agcatgagtg    194280
     aaaaagtcag ccagaggtta ggccacatgc tgacatgtgt tcgggagaag gagtagacaa    194340
     gagtactgca gggcatgcta aagcagtttc agctttcatg tttcttggtg tcacgtgtct    194400
     gatatgtgaa gggtacatat ctgatatgat acatgcaaga ggtttagaat ggagagctag    194460
     agcaaagcat tgtaacagcc accggcctac aaacaagaca gttctgccag gatcaaagca    194520
     gatgtgaagt gccacgtaca atgctcgagc cattctgagt ccagtgagtg aactgtgcag    194580
     gtgagaagcg ttggaatatc tgtccaatcc atctacaggt ctgttctcaa gagtgtatgg    194640
     tcagattata ggtactatta acaatatatc actgaaccaa aagagggaaa gagagcgatg    194700
     gagagggagg aagagaggga aggaagacag aagggagaaa agaacaaaga gagaaaaaga    194760
     ggtagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagacagatc gtcagtcata aagtcatatt    194820
     catctttttg gcaatgatgt attgcagtta acctggaaac ctggaatggc cttgtatgga    194880
     gaacatttct ttttctccct cactcttttt gatcctttat gtatgttcca aggtgctcaa    194940
     atccaacaaa taaatagtaa aatagtaaaa gagcctacag tctgcaaagg aagactgtgt    195000
     aggctcacct ctctgaagaa aaacagccaa aacttggaga tctacaaagg actagaagtg    195060
     ggaacagagc atctggggtg gcaatggagg ccacacagta caggtgcttt ctctaggaag    195120
     cttatcacta atcatctgga tctaaagaga aggtgataag tcctaatagt cctaatggtc    195180
     ctaatagtcc atctgttgtg caggattagg ctgtccaact gaactgactc aaatcagagc    195240
     ccacatagca ttgttatgtt ttccagtggt ttcaagaatc tgggctgtct atgttttcca    195300
     gtggtttcaa gaatctgggc ggtcagaagg ctgagtcaaa acagagagag gcatgggaca    195360
     tcaagggttg ccatgttggt ctggccttcc caaggaggat ttagtctaga acagtccatg    195420
     agatttctat gtgagctgca tcagattctt cacacagcag gctccattgt gaaacagctc    195480
     cctattgtat aaagaaagtg ctgaacattc tcaaagggga cctgcctcct gcacgctggg    195540
     gagcacttag ctctatcata gtctggaagc tactactagg gagctcaaag catttagtag    195600
     aagtcctaca ctggcttgtc ccagcgtaca gttgcaaagc aggctggacc agttcaccta    195660
     caccctggct tctcttctca ggtcagcctc ctacacacac ggaaagagaa aatggattac    195720
     ctgctcaatc ccttccttct ctgtccacac cattttcaca gttgaaaagt aagagagggg    195780
     tattagcata aagcatgaaa gaaaagcaca gagaagaagg accctgggtc agtctcgctt    195840
     acacagccgc ctacaaggaa attaactctg tctcctgcct gttgccagct tctccatttc    195900
     tcagccaagc actcagcaaa tgaaatatag aaacttcttt tcagaagatt ctcttgccct    195960
     tcccactcca cacaccccct ttacacactt tttttttgtc agtcctggaa ttgaaccttg    196020
     ggccctgtat gtgttaaaca ggcccctaca tcttgagata tgtgcccagg ctcctttaag    196080
     gagctaacaa acacagcact actccacact ccacaggcag agtcttacta gattttctca    196140
     gctacaatcc aagcagcacc ccagatatca gaaccttggg ccaccaacac ctcttccttg    196200
     catagagatt agacatgttg gtttgccttc tccctagttt gaagaagagg atgtagggga    196260
     tcattgaaaa gtatgagatt ataaactcca gtcagtgagt gatgggtgag ccacagctgg    196320
     ggccaggggt aaaccattaa cctgaaattg taagcaaaat tttgtgaaag ggaacatttt    196380
     cctaggataa tgcctcaaac acatatcaaa atttcagaag ggtgtgcagg ctttaagttt    196440
     tagccagaac acatagagca taataaatgt ggatctagga cagtgaagct gagtccttcg    196500
     gccagagcat gaccttgatc tgcactgtgt ccctgctcct tcctcctcaa ctggaggggc    196560
     attctcagag ccaaatccag cctgaagtga gcccagcctg attttccaaa tcatttcaaa    196620
     tatgctttgg gaagagtgca acttaccgtc tcgttttgtt agataaagag ttcaagctat    196680
     attgcagatc tttgcatttc tctgttattt gggttgtctt ctcatccaga tatgtgctgt    196740
     ttcaggaaaa agattggaaa aaatgattta atatcaaagt atgtaagata ttattaatat    196800
     aaatcagatt taattgataa ggggttgtat ccaaatgaag cttggatttt attcctttat    196860
     tgaatttctc cctgggaaac gaaattgata ttgttacctc tgatagatct aaaatttaaa    196920
     aatgaagtta aactaaaaaa aaaaaatcca tgcagaaggc tttttatttc catttttgca    196980
     tttttgtatt ttcaggttag tatttataat aaataactga ttttaatcat tgcgtgtaaa    197040
     tagcctttaa aaaaaaagaa gagctgtctt gggtaagaag cctagagaca caggaaatta    197100
     atgttttctc cataaagaac acaggtgtat ctgctttctg attgttgtaa tacttctgat    197160
     atgttagccc cacatgttgg tttctatgaa ctcagaaaat cagaggtgga atacaagcaa    197220
     accaaaaatc agcattagga caaaggcaat ggcgtcttgc actaatgagc tccatgggca    197280
     cactcatgtt attatctgac tctctgatat aacaaatctc ttggacacag acatgtcaag    197340
     taactaactc ctggacacag tgagggtcat ggacatagtg taaacacact gtgcctggat    197400
     ccaccaggaa agacaagcaa acagatctga gatcttctct ggagtcagga cttcttgata    197460
     cactgggcat gaggggtgat agagaaggag ggggcatgaa ggtaaagaga taagcaagat    197520
     aggttcatgg ataagtcgac aatatttttc agaggggctt cctaaaagta ctgggtgtgt    197580
     gttacctatg ggctcacaaa atctcaccga cggccagcac tatgactccg agtttggtga    197640
     cctgatttca gttcttgtaa cacacagttg aaagaacaca ttcacacaag ttgtctgacc    197700
     ttcacagtat gtaagcatca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    197760
     cacacacaat ctatcatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    197820
     tctatctatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc tatctatcta    197880
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tttatctatc tcatgtacac    197940
     tcaccaaata ataacagtaa taatacattt gataaaacaa actctgagtc ccaatataat    198000
     ttctttccct acttcttcct tcccacctct catcctctct ctagaagcac ttcttgtgct    198060
     agtctaatgt attatcgtgc tcccaagcat ttgtttattt ctaatttgtt gtgtgtttta    198120
     tccaggcagc actgttaatg aagtgaatta cccagccagc agtgctttga attatgatgc    198180
     ctttgtaatg ctcaattgtg ggccggtgac aaccagagac caatagaact gtcatataca    198240
     ccttccctta aactggaaag tatctttctt aataaaaaca aaatagcttt gcccagccat    198300
     aaaccaggca tgcggtgtgc aaattagaga agagtgtctg atgcagagtg gagatgaaga    198360
     ggcaaagggg gtctttggag tcagtgagga tgaccttgcc tttgggcttc agtctggcct    198420
     tagccttcag caggggagtt tctctttaat ttttaccaat aacacagcta acaggattaa    198480
     atggggctgg ggtgggggtg ggtatgtatg aaaagacctg acacatagaa gccaataaat    198540
     atctgttgag ttcttgctct aaactcattg ttgaacttga cttcatgtca gtcagtaatt    198600
     cctctaggcc aattattctg ttcttataga ggctgcctac atctctacct gcagggagtc    198660
     actcaatccc aagagaacag gcaaggagtc ttttagtttc ctttgccttc tgtgtctctc    198720
     caaccctttt tttcacttga aatcttcagt ttctttcctg acctctacct ttctctggtg    198780
     taagaaaaca agaaacgtct gtagctctga ggtgggaaaa ctcatgacca gcaagcagat    198840
     ccatcttgaa ggtgagcatg caaccttgag gggatgcaat ggcaagcctt ctttaacatc    198900
     caattgggag gcaagtttct gctaagttaa cgggaatgga gaaaggggca gtcatgagga    198960
     aaacaggaat gccaaagact ctgagtcaga tacaatgtgg taaaacaaga gactgctatg    199020
     agtcaactgt gggttgatgt gtaagccttc ccagggatct agttagaatg atccaaccca    199080
     aaggaccagg gtacaggtga aacagactgg atattgcaag ccacagaaaa aggcacagaa    199140
     gcaaacgaca tcacagtctg ctgcaaggag cacattttaa acaagatgaa taatgagaag    199200
     acccatctgg tactaactct caatgggacc tgagctgtta gtgaagggaa agaaagcaga    199260
     acaggattcg gatggctcct aggcactgtc tgtacaaaca gattctgcaa gctccaagta    199320
     ccatttctgt ttctgtcccc ttccaagtac ttactgttgt ataattccag gtcattgcaa    199380
     tttttggatg aaaccctctt acaaaattat atcaaagaga aaataatgag cttatataat    199440
     aatcaccaaa ctccacacca agggcctcta gcctctgcca ccaaggagat gtatcttaga    199500
     tagcactgtg atcctccctc tggagatatg ctagaatttg gggagtaggt tggcttttaa    199560
     tgcttctcag acaagcaagc tgagattact ccaactgtcc ttcctgtcca cgtttctctg    199620
     aaaggtgacc atccttgctc agctgtccct gagcaagcct gcctcactat gcatctgagg    199680
     catttgccac ctctgccaca tactgccagc tccctagatg ccttcctcca ccaacatcct    199740
     ctcacttgtt gcaaaataag caactgaaac aataaagctc ctaccataca tatccctggt    199800
     cctgatgcct taggactggt gacttgacaa attcatggtg tccagttggt ccggccctct    199860
     atgtgcctta acaactctat ttcaagcctc agttctctca gtggccactg taggcgttcg    199920
     gttctagtgt cttgaccact cactgccctg ctaacatctc attcaatcat gctgcccgtt    199980
     tcagaggata cggtgctgct gggtgcgatt aatccgtagc tgtcagtcct gaccttctga    200040
     ctaaaagaaa gacctcctca ctcacatgat gataatgtat ctgccacccc agccttctct    200100
     gtctcctctg tgaccaggtc cctctctact acgttttctg aaagcatctt tactctctgg    200160
     ctgtgtacta ttgccacgat caattcacta ctgtctggaa ataaaaagca aaatatgtca    200220
     ccttgctatt cactctctct tcattgccca tcctaattac aagccacagc tgcccacttc    200280
     ctttatttat aaattcactg actggctttc agcaaacatc actatgtcaa aggagatctc    200340
     agtgccttgc ctttgcttcc caactttcag ggtatctggt ttcacccaca gtcctccttg    200400
     ctccccagct tctgactgct agtcacaacc cttctgcagc tttttattct agactgttct    200460
     gcatgtattg gtatttcctg tcattcattt tctgatgtga ctttaaagta atgactggtc    200520
     tttagctaca ggtcttctgt acattgcctc tgggtctcct gcctttgaaa cctgccttct    200580
     ctccccaaac ctttccacag acctctattt ctatcatcct ttctcattat cccccagtgg    200640
     tctgtctctc aggaacactt gatctgagca tgccacttct ctgctccaaa tcatccccct    200700
     ttgggacatg tagcccactt cctggtggga tatctaaaac atcagccacc tatctggcta    200760
     gcctttgact atgagtttaa cgatggtttg ctaaccacta aatggtacaa atttcctttt    200820
     ctctccattt cctgcaagtc ttataccatg aattctgacc acctttgtta cttaataata    200880
     gaatttgttt ggtgccaaca gacaagccat taggcatatt ttcagcatgt aaggaggaag    200940
     cactctttaa taagactgtg ggttgatgat acaaaaacaa gcattttgcc tatcattgtt    201000
     atccctgtgg atgctgggct ttcttgaaat tctgttttga taggtcatcc ttgagttgaa    201060
     agtgattact ttacaagtcc acctgacaag atttcactag aaagcaagaa gttgggagac    201120
     tgtactctct cttgccaggt aatagacagt aagactctgg tactgcagag gctctgtctc    201180
     aaagaaataa tgttacacaa atatgcagaa ttctgccttt ggtccttagt atccaccaag    201240
     gcctctgaag aacagactga atgtgacctt ctgtgtgtga cctgcaatca tgcaatcaga    201300
     tccccggcca agtaaaacat tccaaggaac aattggcatg caagaatctc aggaacagca    201360
     agtgcagcta agttctattt atggtaacat aatcggtgcc acaacataaa gcttaaagtc    201420
     taatcaattt tactctctga ggaatggatg cattaataaa cagcagagca tagtttctaa    201480
     acacagaaag ctcaaataag gatttttaaa aataattatt tttaatatcc ctttcttcat    201540
     ccaagagtga taagaccaga aaccatgctg accagcagca gaaaacccta tggagagggg    201600
     tctagcaggc tggccagcct cttggattca ggccatggtg atctcctgag tcctaattct    201660
     aagctcagca agcaaattgt ttatagtgtg ttccccaccc catgcgggct ttctgaaaag    201720
     agaagagcaa gtgtgatgat taatcaaatc aaccaagaga catgtctctg ggcagtctgt    201780
     aaggggtgct cttgggaagg gggaactaaa tagagtagat ccaccatgag agtaggcaga    201840
     actttccaga agatacagag ttgcacgggg atatgtcatc cgtcctcagt gtttgcatct    201900
     tgctagtctg tgcatatacc cttttgttgc tactgctgct gccatgtttt gctaacatta    201960
     gaatccagat tcttctgaag acaggagctt ttcaagaatt c                        202001