ID   AL772294; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 144678 BP.
AC   AL772294;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-125F4 on chromosome X
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-144678
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Howden P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; c2be3bcb31454fa7c3ad570324d26067.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456200.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015214; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031337; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000035776; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035781; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035782; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035783; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035764; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035765; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035766; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035686; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035687; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035688; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035751; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035752; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035753; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035454; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035455; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035456; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036281; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036282; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036283; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034746; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034747; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034748; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035429; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035430; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035431; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035582; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035583; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035584; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035533; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035534; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035535; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035671; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035672; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035673; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035568; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035569; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035570; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036302; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036303; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036304; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034446; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034447; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034448; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034888; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034889; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034890; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772294.6:1-144678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025391; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000033700; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037391; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000061970; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000080035; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101501; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114586; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114587; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114601; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114617; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114621; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000130909; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146213; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149323; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156756; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171933; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096277; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096290; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096299; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096366; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096379; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096388; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096307; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096320; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096329; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096289; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096303; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096312; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095841; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095854; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095863; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096799; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096812; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096821; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096435; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096448; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096457; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095761; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095774; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095783; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095965; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095978; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095987; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095813; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095824; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095833; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0095999; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096012; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096021; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095774; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095787; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095796; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097143; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097156; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097165; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095852; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095865; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095874; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094820; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094833; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094842; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2AP74.
DR   GOA; B1AW21.
DR   GOA; F6T9H9.
DR   InterPro; IPR000387; TYR_PHOSPHATASE_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003595; Tyr_Pase_cat.
DR   InterPro; IPR004182; GRAM.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR022078; CD99L2.
DR   InterPro; IPR029021; Prot-tyrosine_phosphatase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR030561; Myotubularin.
DR   InterPro; IPR030564; Myotubularin_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR030587; MTMR1.
DR   InterPro; IPR037857; MTMR1_PH-GRAM.
DR   MGI; MGI:1858271; Mtmr1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2177151; Cd99l2.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AP74; A2AP74_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AW21; B1AW21_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6T9H9; F6T9H9_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-125F4 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..144678
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-125F4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    37411..37417
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_86577.1, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    62265..62311
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_68375, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    72463..72519
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    73168..73308
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 144678 BP; 42053 A; 30107 C; 29727 G; 42791 T; 0 other;
     tgtactcttc tagttagact caagagcagt gtaatgaagc ctgcagagga gtatataaat        60
     tgagacttgg atggctgagg caggaagatt gcagttagtt ccaaccaagg ctactcagta       120
     attccagacc taggctgcaa agcaaacttg gtctcaataa aagcaagaag aaatgtttaa       180
     attaaaattt cccaaaagaa agaagataga acaacagttt ttttctgagc taatattaca       240
     actctcagga gcaaatgcac ttcacagaat ggcagggttt ttacatgagg gtttttattc       300
     ttggacacat attttaaaaa aatcaagaga aactgttcca attcaaactc ttaggtctta       360
     tcaacagata ccctttgaat gagcatcgtt ttagaagact tgtttattgg tggtggggct       420
     gtctacatgt ttgtgtacca catgcatgca gtgttcttcg aagccagaag agggcatcag       480
     ctttcctagg atcacagtta tagctagttg ttaggcaccc tgtggatgct gggaattgaa       540
     cctaggtggc ctgcaagagt agcaagcact cttaactgct gaatcatctc tttgttaccc       600
     agctccatgg tgattctcag aggatatata tatcatacta ataaaaatac catttggtca       660
     cctgttagcc ttcatccaaa tttcccaaat gatataagta acatcttcag gtagaagcag       720
     tcactgttta gtggagacat tgtgagggtt ttgtttgggc tctagcagag gaagacattt       780
     taatcatagg aactgtgctt tgggcatgat ttcaaacttc catgttgctt cttacctgaa       840
     agatctagtg aagctagaac ataccatgca gggtaatcca gtcacttctg tctgtagttt       900
     tcattgtttt gtgttacagt gtggtatgtg gtatgtgtgt gtgttagtat atatgtaaat       960
     gcacatagct gtatgtacat aaatgtacac ataaatgtgg aggccagagc tcagcctcaa      1020
     gtgtcactcc tcaggatttt ttttattaaa tagggtctct caaagggacc tgggaccttt      1080
     tgcttgggtt tggatgactg gccagtgagc cccagggatc ctcctgtttg catcgcccca      1140
     gctccagtgt tacacaccag ggttgtggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggtttt      1200
     gctatgactt ctggaaattg aactcaggtc ctcatgcttg cctagctagc actttcttaa      1260
     ctaactaccc cacagcccct ccctcccact gaattgtcac tattcagatg gtgaaatgac      1320
     tccattgtta aaggtacttc tcacctcacc aggcctgact gcatgtgttc agtcctggcc      1380
     gctcacttta ggagagaatc aacccttgaa agttgtcttc tgacttccag acacatgttg      1440
     taggaatcag gcacatgtgc aaacaaatac acacatacgt gtaatttttt aaattgccat      1500
     tattatgaaa tcatctgttg tttctctgta tttccatggc aatattcata atttactgtc      1560
     tgagcttggt atttagaagg caggttgctg agttacattt taacattttg taagttatat      1620
     cctttctcta ttttatatcc atgaattaaa tcatcttcat caatttattt cagagaatag      1680
     gtcatggtga taaaaaccat gctgatgctg atcgatctcc tatttttctt cagtttattg      1740
     actgtgtgtg gcagatgtcg aaacaggtaa aaatgtatgg atggatgtac attcagtgtt      1800
     tgcatagtgt tataacatcc gaagtttgtc tacagaatag tgcagcacat aaataaagat      1860
     gacacaggcc aggccatgag taaatcctca tcgaatccca gcagtgggga cataagaagt      1920
     tatttcttta gttacgactg ctatggatgt ttagaaccct actcactacg gtttacaaaa      1980
     ttggattttg acctgaattc tttgttccag tgggcggtca gcagcacggc cagttacttg      2040
     gcatctctgt ggaagcgtgt ctgctaactt gtaatacttt acacagtaaa cttggccact      2100
     ttttcctttt tattccttga ctttacactt gtgtatatag tcttatatta agtaaaaaca      2160
     aacaaacaaa aaaataaacc ctctagggtc tgtgcggacg gcagctctgc tggcattccc      2220
     agacttggac tgtggcagcg cttagtcact cttgccattg atgcaggagt cttttcttgc      2280
     catggtgtgc atatgtattt gcatgtttct tttaatgtaa tgacttcctc ctttgacact      2340
     caccaaccaa catggtctgg tagaaaccat gcattttgtc ttccttgaga gaatagactc      2400
     gacttttcat gatcttcttg cttgtttgtt ttgaatctag ttccccacag cttttgagtt      2460
     caatgaaggc tttttgatta ccgttttgga tcatctgtat agctgtcgat ttggtacttt      2520
     cttattcaac tgtgactcgg ctcgagaaag acaggtgagc aaaacactac tgctgatcta      2580
     agaagaggat gagggtttga ggcactggtt tcgctctcaa caaataggag tgattcttaa      2640
     agtatacaag ttctcccttg tgaaaaacta agtaaaggga cttttaaaat gtattgagaa      2700
     ttatatagag tatattttga taacattctt tccaatcccc agtcccccct ggttcttatc      2760
     tcacttgaga ctaccccacc ctgaatccat cccatagaca accaccaaac ccagacacta      2820
     ttgcatatgc cagcaagagc ttgctgacag gatcctgata tagctgtctc ctgtgaggct      2880
     atgccagtgc ctggcaaata tagaagtgga tgctcacagt catctatagg atgggacaca      2940
     gggctcccaa tagaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc tgaaggggtc tgcagcccta      3000
     taggtggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt accccccccc cccccgccag ctcgtgtctc      3060
     tagctgcata tgtatcagaa gatggcctag ttgaccatca ttgggatgag aggcccttgg      3120
     tcttacaaag attatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaatgccag ggccaagaag caggtgtggg      3180
     tgggtagggg agcagggcgg ggggagggta taggggattt tcggagagga aactaggaaa      3240
     ggggatagca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa aatatctaat aaagaaaaag aaaagggcca      3300
     ctaaaaacat ggagtatggt cacactctgt tgaagaaatt gattttccct ctcccaacag      3360
     ctatcacttt aaaatagctt cttggtgagg gctgggtctt tgtgtccact tctcctcctt      3420
     tctgggattt tgtctggagt ttactgtttc ccagaagtca gccaccaact ctggctctta      3480
     cagactatct ctctaggaga tgtagaagta ttatgcagtt atacactgtt aagggaatgg      3540
     aaaacaatac agttttaaaa gggaaatgta gaattagcat ctaagttaga aatttcattt      3600
     cttagttatg tatatatata ttttttaaac aatgaaggga gtcggggaga gccagacatg      3660
     gtagctaaag tctataatcc cagcagttgg ggggctaagg cacgagtatc acaagtttca      3720
     ggccagataa gttacagcca gagttccaga gtaggctggc ctgaatatta agacctgttt      3780
     ccaaacaaaa taaatacaaa atacaagcat tttagtgtat agcctaaaat tcaattcagt      3840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgg catatataaa      3900
     acataattta atcctatgct ttgatgagat tccatctcta caatatctca ttatctatat      3960
     gcaaatattc caaaatcaga agaaaaattc aaaagacaaa tcccttctgg tcccaagaat      4020
     tttgggtatg agatactcat caagacaact tgggaatctt cgccgacaat attgtacaga      4080
     tgacttttaa ggggagagtt tcaagctagc ctttacagct atcaaactaa caactctatg      4140
     aaaggagaac agagctcctc tcagacacac atagtataaa taatgacctg actcatgtgc      4200
     tgaggagata gctcagttgg taaaatgttt accatgtgaa catgaggacc tgagttcaat      4260
     tcccagaacc catagaaaaa ccctaagcaa aggggaacac acatgtaatc ccagtactat      4320
     gcatgtggag tcagcaggac ccctagatct aactagccat tctagcacag ttggtaaagt      4380
     ctaggctatt gagagagccc aagccaatga gaaaccctgt ctttaaagag atggacagca      4440
     tttcttagaa taacacctct gattggtgac tatcctgtac acacatacac atgtgtctgt      4500
     gcacctgtat acacaaacac acatctgaaa aaaaatgacc tacttccctc attgtacctt      4560
     ccttgggaag tggccaaaat atgcactcca cgaaaacaaa aagtaaggct tcacagaatc      4620
     ttcagagtga gggctccagc acagcattcc tcaacgagaa ctgaccacaa agcacagaac      4680
     aacttgtgta ggttgaagcc cctatgccag agagaagttg gggtcatctg acgtgcttaa      4740
     gattctttag gggcatgtga tactctaagg agaacttggc gttgagttag tcagtgccaa      4800
     ggaaagtaaa cagacacttg tgaaatcaag agacaatcac tgagtgcagg agaaggaaag      4860
     caatcccagg ctggagactg gagagctaga gagcgcagct gcaaacagcg ggtgcttcgt      4920
     catcagaacc aacctgctaa atgctgagct aatcagagct cttctgtgga ttgggaatgt      4980
     gtggcagaaa aaaaaaatca agtctgtcca tggggcagga atgagggaaa gtcgttatgt      5040
     ctgtgtcagt agttaacacc tgcaactgaa tagctacgtg gtagtaatga aggcttgcac      5100
     ttgggggata aaaagacaag taccagataa atcaattaga aatccaagtt ggctcaggct      5160
     ttatggaaga cagtatgaag attcctgagg aaattaaaaa cagaactact ctatgatcca      5220
     acaagcatgc tactactggt tgggtatcca aaggaaatca aaggcaggcc tggtatgtca      5280
     ggcctgtgat cccagccgct atggagactg atgtaggagc atcataagtt aaaagactat      5340
     agagcaagat caaggctggc ctggtgactt ggtaaagact tgacctatgt tttttttaag      5400
     tagtagggga cagtgagatg ccttagtgaa tggataaaag tgcttacctc aaaagcttgg      5460
     gaacctgagt tcaatcctgt cttaggttat tactacagca atgagaccat gaccaaagca      5520
     aggtgggagg aaagaattta tttggctaac acttccacat cactgttcac cactaaagga      5580
     aatcaggaca ggaactcaca cagggcagga acctggaggc aggagctgat gcagaggcca      5640
     tggaggggtg ctgtttacta gtttgatcag cctgctttct tatagaactg aggactacca      5700
     ctcacaaagg gctcattcct ccccagtcaa tcactataat taagaaaatg caccctgagc      5760
     ttatggaggt attttctcaa atgagtttcc ctcctctcag atggctctag cttttgtcag      5820
     gttgacatga aaactagcca gcacagtggt agaaccgggt gattttaagt gggctgatgc      5880
     cctggatgat caaaactatc tagatggcca cacaaaaaga atgacccaca gcccaatctt      5940
     atgagacttt ttcttaattg aggcaccctc ctctctgatg accctacact tcagctatgg      6000
     catacctgtg cctgcactca aacatttcac taagtccttt aaaaaaaata aaagtaaagt      6060
     aaaacactct taaagtgggc tggtcctatc tttaaactcc tgtagcacaa aagggaacaa      6120
     ggaaaatccc gttggagtgt aggagagaca attgcactca tacttacaga aacagtactc      6180
     tcagaagcca agagagagaa tctggagtca ccttaaatac acatgggtgg atgaataacg      6240
     aagaaaactg gatgtgctcc gtgatataat agaatattat ttacccttaa aaacgaaatt      6300
     ctgccacttg cagtaacata ggtggaattg gagggctgta tgaggtaagc cagctgcaaa      6360
     aactttgcaa taagagtttg tataagttga acatacagtg gacagtcagc tgtgtcagga      6420
     tgatggtaaa aagatgcaaa actttgctta gagtatgaag agctcctgga aatatgctaa      6480
     tgtttgcttg tgaaatgttc ccttattggt tcatatgctg gaaccttttg gaaagtggag      6540
     ccttgctgga ggaagtggcc ttgttttttt actgcatgta ttttccacat tttcactata      6600
     aactatggaa aagccaaagc taagaaataa aaaaattcaa gaaataaata taccaaagtc      6660
     agaatctgat tcttcgatga taaatcatga ttgtaccatt tgagcccacc ttttaaagtt      6720
     catttgtact tttctggaca aagtctgcac tgggttgtgc ttcttctgca catttctggt      6780
     ttatatacat cgttttaaaa gtcaaacagc tttacagtta gttaggagaa aaagcagccc      6840
     ctcgtacccc tcagaaacta tgctttgact ttttaaagct agtttaagat gtgacaacaa      6900
     atgcaaacct atgcatcgaa agctatcatg atttatcatt tctataaatg aatgaaacat      6960
     gctacaggaa ttccatttcc ctgttaatgt tggatccttt gtcttctttt tgaagtcatt      7020
     actaggaagt gtcaaagttg aactttggta atttcatttt ctttgtgttt tctatttctc      7080
     agctttggct tttcatagtt tatgatgaaa ttttggtaaa atgtatgcat tataaaaacg      7140
     tataaatgtc ttatgagaac ataccagtta aaacggaaaa cttgatgcag ttatttatcc      7200
     agagtttttc agatatctgg atatggttat gctgcagatt aaaaatatgg atggttggtt      7260
     aaaataactg ttgaaatacc tgttgtcaag tagatatagg ttaaaatatt tctaacagat      7320
     agaaaaagaa ttggaaacta ggtatggtct cctaattttt ctttgagtgg aatgaaaaag      7380
     atggtgtggc ccatctgctc ataaggaatt gtctgtagat caatggtaca gcatcctgct      7440
     tccttgtatc ccagcagaaa cagtggctct caaactaggc agttatcagt aagtgaatgt      7500
     aagtcctcag tgatgctttt tcttagttat ggaggctaat ataagtaagt gtgtcagtga      7560
     agctaatctt aaatggattg ccacaggctt caggatactt tgttgagtgt attcacattt      7620
     ctgctttccc tctgtgtaga aacttacaga aagaacagtt tctctatggt cgctaattaa      7680
     cagcaataaa gacaaattca aaaacccctt ctatacaaaa gaaatcaatc gggttttgta      7740
     tccagttgcc agcatgcgtc acttggaact gtgggtgaat tattacatcc gatggaatcc      7800
     cagggtcaag cagcaagtaa gtgaagcggc tctcacgctt gcagggctga ataagcggct      7860
     ccaggccgcc ttctacggtg ctcttctctc acagtttgag gacaaacaca ggaaagacaa      7920
     tacttgcttt taaactaacc ctaatttaaa attgttggga actactaaac caggaatttt      7980
     gaagttaaaa atgtccctgt cgatgaatgt cgtaataatg taagtaattt taaagctcta      8040
     gaaagtttta aagttttcct agctagggat ttcctgtaat cacttcaaat gctcaggcct      8100
     cattagaaag ctctgtatgg atttccctgg catggtgggt cactgttgtg tttctaacac      8160
     ttaggaagtg aaaggcagga gaatcagaag ttcaaagcca gcctttgcta catagagaat      8220
     ttgaggccta catgagaccc tgtctcaaaa gacaaagttc tttgtactga ctaggcagtc      8280
     ttaagtgatc ttttctatgc tctgcttgac gtgtatatat aaagtgagct ggcgtactcc      8340
     ttactgaata tctctatatc taaaataaag gtaccagtat accagtggtt agtaaattta      8400
     gctagccatt tatcagtcaa tatgaaggca gatttttgaa gtgataatat gcatatttta      8460
     ataaagacat ttccatgtga gtttcaagca gccaggacta gacagtgaga ctctatctga      8520
     aaaaataaac aacaacacac acatacacag tgaaccatgt ttgtcttcta aaataagccc      8580
     tttctatctt tgtctttgag ccattggctg ggaggaacta ttggcagtgt ctgtgtagat      8640
     tctacaatta catctccatt tattcttgta ggaatttgcg aagtataagg aattttgaat      8700
     tattcatttc tgactattaa aagtaacaat gattattcga caaatcattt ggaaccttgt      8760
     tgattggttt tgtttcattt tgctgataag gaaagtttga agggacatca ccatcatcag      8820
     aaatttaaag tatacctctc cgcccctgta ttctctaagg gtttagcaaa atggtacctg      8880
     tacaaataga aatgtttgtc ctttagggga gccttttact ttcaaatatt aattgttcta      8940
     tatcatgatc cattggcatc tattcaaaac agaaaattac cttccctttg caaatttttc      9000
     tgacttacaa tattcctata taatttgatg tcactgagca tttcacattt tcttctacaa      9060
     aatgttgagt attcctatgt gtcctgcaat ggaagaacac aggtattaga aagacatggt      9120
     ctctacccac aagactcccc aggctggtgg aggcagccag gaacataagc tgatgattgc      9180
     agtgcacagg gatgaagctg ataatgaagg tgtgaattaa gtatgtgaga tgtctttaaa      9240
     gatctgctta tgtagaacat tatttcataa agagattaaa gccaaatcgc ataggacttt      9300
     ctaaattata taatgtatat aatgtaaaat tgaaagaaag tacttaactg cttaaaagtt      9360
     aagcgattat tcatttgtgt gatctagaaa gcattcagtt gctggccacc tacagtattc      9420
     acaacacaat gatctgctac ctgtgctgaa agataaaaga gcatacagcc cctccctata      9480
     atgagctctt agccttaatg aaggcagggt ggcctgttct taaacgcaga ctttgccagt      9540
     ccttgctgtg atatcaaact tcctaactga aagataacag cagggccaat gacatataaa      9600
     ccagctgaca tgtgtggtat ttaagtcatt tctactagaa gggttaaaag ccatatgaat      9660
     gcaagaaatc atttgaggct taaaatgctg ccatgatgag ctctcctggg gtgtgtatgg      9720
     catgctgagt tggcacacac tttagctcac agcttgtcgc cagtctttcc atcctatcag      9780
     aaatggactc ctctgctata ttctttaagg ttttttgtgt atctataggt taatgacgtc      9840
     tatgtatttt agactcatta ctccactgat cttttccatg tgtaagtttt taatctcttt      9900
     tattgctaat agtttagaaa actcattcta atcatatatt catgccactg caaaaagatt      9960
     gttattatgt ctgattcctt tttcttaagt atatgtgctg attctagtat tcaaactgac     10020
     tcaaatttaa tattcatatg gaagatgatt ttttaaataa cctaaacagt tttggagaat     10080
     atcaaggaag aacctgccct cctgtgtata tcaagttata tatgctccag acttagccat     10140
     tgataaggta gccacgttcc tataaacagc cctaattaaa tttatcaggt caccaggaaa     10200
     agggggcatg aaagtgggaa gcaatctcaa agctaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agtgggaagc     10260
     aaagagaaaa caaattagtg ggagtgggga gcagacagct tcaaagtaca ttgtcatgtg     10320
     tataaaaagg ttatgatgaa actattttgt ataattagtg catgataaca tataaaacaa     10380
     aacttgatat gacataggaa cagaccactg tggctgtgga gacttggtat agtaagaagg     10440
     tggcattatt tattctgtta ataatgtcag gatcctaaat taaacatcac acatccaacc     10500
     agaacacgta aggctgccct ccagctcctc ctactgtcat cttcatttca gctccgggca     10560
     tcacctctag tcaccctatc agaaagtcta gaatcatctt tgattccttc ccgtctcttc     10620
     accccacgat cagtgtgcca agagaaccca tttgactgtc acaatacata ggacatgggg     10680
     aaggagggct ggagagatgc ttcagtgttt tagaatactt gccgatctct cccagaggac     10740
     ctgggttcaa ttcccaggac ccacatagca gcttgcaact gtctgtaatt ctagtcctag     10800
     ggaatgtaaa gccttctgcc tctctgtgca taccaggctt atacattgtg catatgcata     10860
     catgcaaaaa aatacccata cccataaaat taatagaaca cacacacact tggtgtgctt     10920
     ctgccaccac ttcagggtgt ttgatagcag tacacttcta aatggactca tggggatacc     10980
     cttgcctcct ctgaatctgt cctcagaaga gcagccgaag cagtccttgt aacgtagaca     11040
     tctgactata acactttttc atactgccta ggaagttgct cacctcatgc cagactcaag     11100
     gactaagtct taacagtgac tttctgaggc cttatgtgac cttgtccctt ttctgttttc     11160
     cctgtctcaa ccctttgtga acagttttta gccatggtga cctctgttct tcctctattc     11220
     ctctcaaact tttcctctaa actcactttc ttctttagtg ttcttcattc cacaaatcca     11280
     aattagagtc ccagtgacag cgcacctgtc catactctcc tagcttgttc ggctctctcc     11340
     aaccagtctt cttcgtggaa ttggtgtttc tcgttggtct gtcgccccct gctggaagat     11400
     atacagcata caggaaatca ggctgttttg atcactgagc acctagacca gcacctggcc     11460
     ctatttgaat acagagaaaa ctaggcagag gatatttgtg agcggcactg catgagtgtt     11520
     ggttgctgca ccgggtgttc tgccttcttg acgagggcac tttggtaaat ctgtggaccc     11580
     tgaacaagca atccatattt tgtcaaaagt agcagtcctc ctagaaatgt ggaggtggaa     11640
     acattcacag ctctattcag ctgattcact ctttggaagc ctgcaatggt tgaatggcac     11700
     ctgctctctc ctcaaaggaa gtatatattc aaacactaca aatgtgacta ttagttattt     11760
     ttcttgttgc tgtgacaaaa ctacctgaca caaacatcgt aaggagaagg gtgtttattt     11820
     tggtccacgt gtgtgaacac agtgcagcat ggtgggagct taaggcccac agtcaggagg     11880
     gaggaggatg aacgctgagg cccgcctctc tctctccttt taattcattt tattcagtct     11940
     ggttcatacc ccccgccccc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acggcctgct     12000
     gcctctctta ttcacagtgt gtcctccctc ttcagtaaaa cctctcgaat ctcccagaga     12060
     catactgtgt gtatcctagg tgagtccaaa tccagtcaag ttgacatgaa gatcaaccat     12120
     tgcagttact tcacatttgc agttgtaact gagattgctc ctcaatctgc tgagaagcac     12180
     tctcctggga caggggagat ttgcaacatg gctacagcgg aggggaaaga gccatacaaa     12240
     agcagataga gagaccagtg tgaaattttc gtgggccaag ggggttagct ggagccacca     12300
     gaaacacaga gcaaggaagg attctctcct agtgcctcca aagtgtgtgt ggccctggtg     12360
     atacatgacc agtgagcttt taccttgcag aaacaaggtg agttactttc agttttaagc     12420
     caccaaagtt tctgttcact tgagatatgg ccccaagaaa ctaagtcaca gtgttacttc     12480
     tcaaggctca ggcttgctga tcttgaaccc tggtcatatc aagtgcctgg tgctggcagg     12540
     gaccattctc ctcagccttt accggcagta tctgctgccg cagctttgtt ggcacacgga     12600
     gcttggcttg acagtttaac atggactgtt ctgggagcca ctatatgtgc taaaggaaaa     12660
     cacttttata gactttagct tttatttctt cctgtttcat agtcactcaa gctttctcta     12720
     aaggcatctc tgatggcttt ggaacatgag tctcctgcag agctcttgtc ttgtacatct     12780
     tgacttgggt gatgattgcc taagtgtatc cttacataga gattcattga gctgggcatt     12840
     ttaggatgtg tgcactctga tttgtgtctc agaataaaga tttacagaaa tgaacatgct     12900
     ggcaaggatc ccattgtgcc tttatcaatc ccctgttgac tgctaaaaga aattacggtg     12960
     acacagactc atggcaccct cagaacacac ctggaagggc tgtgctgggc tttgggcagt     13020
     ttgtacggag agcttgatag agacatgctg aacctgttac acatctggga aagggcagag     13080
     taagaagtga ttccctgacc agagttagga gctctgctgc tctctgctct accttcattc     13140
     aggcagtaaa ctcgtgtgaa gaaggtcttg cagagcagta tgggcacaga aaagtaagat     13200
     acaccacatt atagccctcg agtcggtaca aactcttata tgggtgagaa tatggagcag     13260
     gaggaaatga caggtatcac tgccatggcc ccatgttaag ggcaatttga tagcatgtgt     13320
     tgaagtcaaa gagattgtac tctattcttc agagacccca tgcctaggaa tggtgcatga     13380
     atacatgtgt aggaagacac tcatagacca ttacatatag catagaggag ccctggatat     13440
     gagctctgta ttttaggact gtgtccacag tgcagtgtgt aaggaaagta tgtgtggttg     13500
     tcagttcttg ggagcttaat ctgaagacag tagacagata gcatggctaa cagaaaagat     13560
     gacttgtgcc tgtgattcct tatagcagcc caacccagtg gagcagcgtt acatggagct     13620
     tttggccttg cgtgacgatt atataaagag gctcgaggaa ttgcagctgg ccaactccgc     13680
     caagcttgct gatgcccccg cttcgacttc cagttcgtca cagatggtgc cccatgtgca     13740
     gacgcacttc tgaggggact cacttctggc actgcacttg aactctagat aagtgaaata     13800
     gctgactctc attctgggca tgtggacaaa gtagatttaa agtgtctgcc tccatttaga     13860
     agttcaacta acatcttaga cttttgagta tgtgccttct gtaatacata tcacaagaaa     13920
     tcgatggtgt ccgtgtggca atcataagga aggagtcaag agggggttct ggaaaatcct     13980
     catacttttt tttacaaagc acttttgcaa agataaaact taaatttaat ttacctctat     14040
     ataaattcta catatacagt atgtattttg tgggcttaat tgaaatatta ttttaaatcc     14100
     aggggggaga tttgtttgca aaatgtattt tcctccagct gcttataaca gttgctttgg     14160
     attatctaaa attaatccaa atgtgaaaga tgggtattac tgccaaagcc aaattgcact     14220
     ctgcttcttc agcaaattcc aagagcaagg cgtttaaata attgccaatt tttattttac     14280
     cataagtggt aaggtaaaaa gaaagatgaa catttcatca ttttgaattt ttgaaaataa     14340
     aaggttctcc catcattttt caagagaagc acatttttat attaagaaaa agtgataagg     14400
     tttgattttt ttttccctca acattctcag ctttgctttc taaattatcc catgattttt     14460
     gtctaacact gagtcatact caggttgaag gaaacccata aatagcactg tgcgaggagc     14520
     tggctggctt ctgctgctta gaggaatatg ttcgcaaaca tgcctctagt caattcgcct     14580
     tatctgctga agtgtagggg caccgccttg aatggatgag ctatggctag agcatctttc     14640
     tttacagtaa tgccccaggt gtattctgtt tatgtctctc tgtttaaatg gtgtgcgtgc     14700
     ataaaaactt gctctgcaca ttattacttg aagtactggg caatttgctt tttcaggttt     14760
     tttttcattt tgttttgtag tatgaaatgg aattttaaat gcacagttct atttgatatc     14820
     cgaactaatt catttagtaa atatatttgt aaaagctaaa gttaaatcaa ttaatgtttt     14880
     acagtgattt gtaaaggatt atttatagct aatatggttt tgttttcagt gaattaagag     14940
     agattacatt tatctttgta aattatttta tgtcatagct taatggccta ccaaatgaga     15000
     catctcaaat ataatagtat aatgtatgga ttttgtaagt ataaaaatta ttagatattc     15060
     gtttgctttt tgtaaacact gtaaatattt cataaattaa aatgtgtcac tccataagaa     15120
     gaaaaaacta atactaatag ttgacaggaa ttggtgaaat ttcatgaaaa tattttcatt     15180
     gcaataaata ttaaaagacc tgctgtaata aatatattaa ctaaaaccta acagtatttc     15240
     cagggctatg actgtgtgtt taagatgtgc atggtgtcca tcttacttgc ttacttgctt     15300
     tttctgaatc gactttactt tctttgtcac agtaacaata tctgttttct tttgctgttg     15360
     ttgtaattat tgtctgacct gaagtctcat atagcccaat tgtcatccag tgcactgtgt     15420
     caccaaagct ggcctggaac ccctgatcct cccgcgtcta tctcctagtc atgtactacc     15480
     cagccagctt atttccactc tgactaataa ctggtcaaag gaatgtactc ttcttgatgg     15540
     acagacctag aaacgtttag gaatgtgcac cccaagcatg cacacgccag gaaaaggagg     15600
     agagaaaaca cctcaccttg acaaatcggg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggagtctca     15660
     agttgccagg ctgtcctcca tgtagctgag catgaccttc ggcttcttgg tcctcctgtc     15720
     tctagttctt aaacactaga agatgctacc aggcccaggc ccagttttta tgcaatgctg     15780
     gaggtctaca ttctagagac tctactgact aagccacatc ccctaccaac aaaggacttg     15840
     ctaatcatgt atgtatgaga caaaaaagtt catggtgatt taaaaataac tggctatgaa     15900
     gacaaacatc tagaacttga aatcagttta catttatacc atagtgaaga taaataagcc     15960
     tgtagagtag ataaatccag aagtctaatg tacaacataa gggcttatta tttgaaattt     16020
     gttcttagag tagtagactt agaagtctta ttaaaaaaaa agcaggataa ttatgagatt     16080
     ttcttgaatg tgataaccat ctcattataa atctgtcaaa aacctactgt gtgccataaa     16140
     tgtataatat agaagaaatt tcgtaaagac tctgttcaaa agtcaaatga actcaagcaa     16200
     gcctttcatc aagagtatac attgaagcca cagtgaggcg ctctgctgca ccttttatca     16260
     taagccttgt tttgttccag gaatccaccc tcgggcctga gaagtacttt accactgagc     16320
     cacaacccca actttttaat attttacttt gaaataagat cttactaagc tgtctaagta     16380
     aatttgggat tttttttttt tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc     16440
     tggctgtcct ggcactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc     16500
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc acgcccggca aatttgggat     16560
     ttttataatc tttatgcctc tgcctcataa ataactggat tatagtcccc ccactcttgc     16620
     cccaggcctt gccatcttac aagcatttaa aagtctacca gtcagaagta ttgatgagta     16680
     ggagctctgg tgtaatactt ggaaaacagt tggtattacc tgataagtca aatggttccc     16740
     tttgacatag tatttctact tttgaggaat gaaaaaaatc catgccatgt ttagagaagc     16800
     attgtttggc atagccagga acaagctaag aataaggatc cacctacagt aggccacata     16860
     ggctatggca cactcttaac aacaaaatac tgcacactag gataaaattg ccatgtggtc     16920
     gtggccaagt atcatataga tgtattccat aagcatggca actgaaagaa accagccact     16980
     gagactataa tatcatttta atcatgtaag ttcaaaagtc ttgttcagaa gtagatggat     17040
     agtaaaacag aagcgactca tcacaacaca aaggacagag cagaagcacc tggtacgtga     17100
     aataggatgc agtggttaga gactgcaaag aaaattgacc tgcctggatt ttagtgcgcc     17160
     caagctgggc acaaaatgac aaagaagtag ctggggccat gtgagaaagg tggatttgaa     17220
     ggcactgggc tgaacatgaa aaggtagttt gaggctactg tgtatgggga ctgaaggtat     17280
     atgaaggcag gttacagatt ttagaaaacc cagtagcctg taaatagaaa gatgagatgg     17340
     agaaaaaaca gtgcagtttg agatctcagc ttttctaggt ttccagagta agagtgctca     17400
     gtgtagactg ggatttcagc ttccttttct gacacagggc atgtcaatag tgaagcaact     17460
     tggggtagtt ctaagatggg tttgagcctt tctgtattta atgaagtgtc tggcaccata     17520
     cttaaattta agtctgggct cacaaaagaa gaaaaacaca tggggagaaa atccaaagat     17580
     atggaaaatt gttcaggttg gatgctaggg ggtccctcac cggcatactg gaaagcagtt     17640
     tcattggggc agaagtcaaa tacaagtcag ttaaaagatc aggctacagc tgtgcacatc     17700
     tttaatccca gtagcctggg ggcagaggcg agtagatctc agtgtgttca aggccaacct     17760
     gatctacaga atgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaatcctg tctcagggat     17820
     gggaggaaac caaggggact aagaagcaac taaggagaac aaaactgagg gaccttcaga     17880
     tgggaaaatt attgctttcc caccaggaac cacattagca acattaagac tagaagaaac     17940
     tgaggtagcc catgctatag actctggcaa ggagctgtgg tactaagaac aaagaattta     18000
     aaaaagaatt aacacaactt cctaagtgtc attcagcaag tgacaccttc tacaaaactt     18060
     tccttccact tgtaactggc cagactgtta atcacacata tctcttactt tctatttaaa     18120
     ccctaccctc atgtcaggac cccaaagata gactttgtgg gcatgggctc ctggatgtct     18180
     ttgtccctat tgccagtgtg gccactttaa acatctcctt tttctgcttt tcactatgaa     18240
     tttggctctt ttgttggggg tggatagctg aaactgactt gttgggactg aggcccctca     18300
     atctctttct catcttagat cttctactct aagatccact cccctatggt atatgccatt     18360
     ctcagtcgaa actgtgtgct gtgtgtcttt cttcctcggc ttcttggctg taatgcacaa     18420
     cagggtatct gacatgtgat tagcgtgcag tctatattca tttgaatcca tacatggggg     18480
     aaaggatgat caggaagtgt gagagttgta aagaaaggag aaagaatgga taacttgtga     18540
     gcgattagac cagaaaacag tgggctttag ggagggaaag aagcccgtgg agaacaaagt     18600
     cacctatagg aaaagtggga gtgcataaga caaggctcca gagtgaggct gagctgtgga     18660
     gcacaggctg agaatcagca gaatagctca gcaggctatc cccacttagg ccagtgcaca     18720
     gggagaggaa tgggatttgt ttaattattt tttcttttat tgaaaataga ttttttccac     18780
     ataatatatc cctcccatga ctcccccaga attttcttcc ctcccctcct atccagatcc     18840
     ataccttttc tctctgccac agtctctgtg aggtcacgtg tgccaaccct gctgtgttta     18900
     gaaggccttg atccatggat atcctccatc ccctctggct cttgtttttt ttttttcttt     18960
     ttattcttct ctcatatatt atcccagttg caatttccct tctctctcct tcttccagtc     19020
     tccttcccca ggtccaccct tccttctcac agagaagagc aggccttcca gggacatcaa     19080
     ccaaaaatag aataataagc tacaatacaa tcagacacat accatcatgt caaggctggg     19140
     ccaggcagtc cagtaggagg atagcaaaag agtcatcccc atgttaggat ttccataaga     19200
     acaccaagct actcagccat aacatatatg catagggcct aggtcacaga cacctgcagg     19260
     ctctctgatc tctgagagac cacttcagtt catcaatcaa ttgattctgt gggttctatc     19320
     gttctggtgt tcttgacttc tctggttctt ctcatccttc ctccccgcct ctgcaggacc     19380
     tcctgagctc cacctgatgt ttggctatgg gactctgcat ccagatgaag tgtcttttgc     19440
     atctttgatg aggattctgc tagacattag ccccaacaca ctctgcaggc aggacatact     19500
     gtaggtcaaa ggttttgtgg ctcagttggt gtcccaatcc ctccacttga gcccttgtct     19560
     ggttacaaaa gatggaaggt ttaggctctg tgtcccacat tattagaagt ctttgctagg     19620
     gttcctctca tagattctat ggagtttcca ctgcactggg tttccacctc actcctgaaa     19680
     tgtccccagt gccagccatt tctcccagta ttttctctct ccctccccct gtcccacctg     19740
     atcacatctg ttcccatcac cagcggtccc atagtccacc catgaaatct gtttcccttt     19800
     cccagagaga tctttttgtt ctctcataag cttaacttac ttaacttctt tgggtctgta     19860
     aattgtagca tggttggtta tcctgtactt tatgactaat atccacttat aagtgagtac     19920
     ataccatgca tgcatgtctt ttcaggtctg ggttaccttg ctagggatgg gttgtttttg     19980
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttctactt ccatccattt tcctgaaaat     20040
     tttatgatgt cattattttt aatagctgta aatgttccac attttcttta ttcgttggtt     20100
     gaggaacatc taagttgttt ccagtttctg gctattatga ataaagctgc tatgaacata     20160
     gtggagcaag tgtccttgtg atagaatgca ccacagtttt ctgaggaacc accatactga     20220
     cttgcaaagt ggttgttcaa gtttgcactt ccaccagcag tggaggagag ttccacttgc     20280
     tccacatcct taccagcatg agctttcact tgcatttttt atcttagtca tcctggcagg     20340
     tataagatga aatctcagtt gttttgattt ggatttcttt gatagctaag gattgaaaga     20400
     acaatactca agctttgcat ggaaaaataa atctccaaga tagctaaagc agtccagaac     20460
     agtaatagaa cttctggagg tatcaccatc cctaaatctg tactacagag caaagatgat     20520
     ttaaaaaaaa actacatggt attggcataa aaatagacag gttgatcatt ggaattgaat     20580
     cagagactga gaaataaatc cacaagtcta tggacacttg atttttgatc aaaaccaaga     20640
     agctaaaacc acacaatgga ggaaaagaca gcatcttcaa caaatggtgc tggtgtaaaa     20700
     ggatgtttgc atgtagaaga atgcaaatag atccatattt atcacccttc acaaaactca     20760
     agtccaagtg gatcaaagac aacataaaac cagatacata gaagagaaag tggggaagag     20820
     tcttaaatgc attggcacag gagacagctt actgaaacag tataatagct caagcactaa     20880
     gaccgacaat taataaatgg ggccttatga aactgaaagg gttttgaaag tcaataggac     20940
     aagacagcaa cctacagaat aggaaagatc ttcacgaatt ctatatctaa caggactaat     21000
     ttctaaaata tctaaagaac tcaagaaact agacaacaac aaaccacatg actcaatttt     21060
     aaaagtagag tacagatcta aacagagtaa tctcaaatgg ccaagaagca cttaaagaaa     21120
     tattcacacc ctctggctct tatactcttc tgcctcttcc tcagggttcc ctgagcctgg     21180
     aaccctgatg gaaagcatta cttttagggc tgagtgttcc aaggtctctg tatattgtct     21240
     gtatattatt atctgtatat tgtctggatg tgggtctcta tatttgttcc tatctgctac     21300
     aagaagaagt ttctctgttg atggctgagg aagacactga tctatgagta taacagaatg     21360
     tcattagaag tcattttatg gctatattct ttaagtagaa cagtattatt tggtttcaca     21420
     ctaggtctct gcatgatcta gtctcggact cttggtcacc caagcagggt caagcatgga     21480
     ttccatctca tggagtggcc ttgagtcaga tcagatattg gttagttacc cccataagct     21540
     ttgtgctgcc attgccctag catatccttg aatgcaggaa accattgtaa gtggaagggt     21600
     ttataggtgg gttggtgttc atatttctcc tttgtagtat gcagagtacc ttttggtacc     21660
     aagaacacta gaatgtagag gtgaaggctc taggtaggta ccagacagac ttctccatgt     21720
     ttaggcattc agtgggttat gtaggtgtta tcttcagcca tgggacctga gtgtcagttt     21780
     gtggagagca acctattgta ggcatataca tttttttaaa aatatttttt attattacgt     21840
     attttcctca attacattta gaatgctatc ccaaaagtcc cccataccct cccccccact     21900
     tccctaccca cccattccca ttttttggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa     21960
     gtttgtgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat cttttgatac     22020
     atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttgcaccta     22080
     ctgggttgca gatctcttta gctccctgga tactgtctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc     22140
     tgtgctccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttatg tgtttgctaa ggccccggcc     22200
     tagtctcaca agagacagct acatcagggt cctttcagca aacgcttgct agtgtatgca     22260
     atggtgtcat cgtttggagg ctaattatgg gatggatccc tggatatggc agtctctaga     22320
     tggtccatcc ttttgtctca gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgatt     22380
     gtttccaatt ctaagaaggg gcaaagtgtc cacactttgg tcttcgttct tcttcagttt     22440
     catgtgtttt gcaaattgta ccttatatct cgctatacta agtttctggg ctaatgtcca     22500
     cttatcagtg agtacatatc atttgagttc ttttgtgatt gtgttacctc actcaggatg     22560
     atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttgcctagg aatttcataa attcattctt tttaatagct     22620
     gagtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttttgta ttgtaggcat atacatttta     22680
     caacctactt tcaatacgga ttcaacctct cctctagccc accacccaac agaggtagtg     22740
     gaagagaaac gttattagga tgtcagggaa gtgcacctgt tcagaaatag ttcattgagg     22800
     gcaagcttga tcttctttgg cagcagttta gtcccatagc aaacaccaaa tgtgactcag     22860
     cagtggcagt ccagtcctct aggcaggcag acaccaggca caaaacagct tcagtccagt     22920
     cctttcagaa ggcaaacagt aggcacgaaa cagcagctgt agttcaatcc tgaagaaaca     22980
     gccagtctct ccaactggcc tgaggcagca agctgctgca ggaatctgga gagcagtact     23040
     cacgtgagtt tttctcaatg acagcatcat cacaaattga attcaacaat gctatgtaag     23100
     gtaaaccaat acatgcatgt cagaagcaaa aaatcgtgag atggaacaaa tcaaaccaag     23160
     gctcagtgct cgtctcccac tgtctgtagg gtcatattta tattctttca tcaagctttc     23220
     tttcctgtgt ctgctccagg aaaacatcct ttcaccatgt ctgcttcagg aaaacattct     23280
     ttcacctgtg tgctccagcc aaacatcatt tgatgtaact aattttccaa agaactagaa     23340
     gtttgcactt cagcttatag ttttggcaat agccttggct atttagggtt tctcatgggg     23400
     cctctttatt caacaactca attagatgta acccatcctg gtactgaaat ctttatttgg     23460
     tgacaggaga tgtcacccct gctatttggt gatttcattt agatcgcctt catatatgta     23520
     tatatcttag gaaacttcta ctatattagg tttgcataag atggccctta gttatgtctc     23580
     ttcccatatt cctccctctt ccctctctgc ccttccccta cagacttgat cctcctgttc     23640
     cattccagca cgctgtctca tgcacccata actaagtgct ctatttccct ttcttaggca     23700
     gatccatctg cccttcaact agtcctttaa ttgaactaga gagctgctca tctaaaaaag     23760
     gagcagattc agatctttcc aaagcatcct tccctcttta gtgtccagca agttgataat     23820
     atatggagaa ggaggaggga caaaggtagt cgggaattgt ggagctcagg tagtcagcca     23880
     cagatctgtg atatcccatt gttgccatcc tttgcatgct tcttttttta ttagatattt     23940
     tctttattta catttcaaat gttatcccct ttcccctttc cccctctgaa agccccatat     24000
     cccatccccc tcccttgctc ccccacctac ccacccactc ctgttttcct ggcattcccc     24060
     tacattggag cattgagcct tcacagaacc aagggcctct ctccccattg atgttcaaca     24120
     aggccatcct ctgccacata tgcagctgga gtcacaagtt ccaccacgtg tactctttgg     24180
     ttggtgtttt agtccctggg agctctgggt atactggttg gttcatattg ttgttcctcc     24240
     tatgggactg caaacccctt cagctccttg ggtcctttct ctatctcctc cattggggac     24300
     cctgtgctca gtccaatgtt tggccaagag catccacctc tgtatttgtc aggtactggc     24360
     agtgcctctc aggagacagc tatatcagtc tcctgtcagc aagcagtttt gttggcatcc     24420
     acactagtgt ctgggtttgg taactgtatc tgggatggat cctcaggtgg gatagtctct     24480
     ggatggcctt tccttcagtc tctgctccac actttgtctc tgtatctcct cccatgggta     24540
     ttttgttctc ccttctaaga aagaccaaag tatccacact ttgttcttcc ttcttcttga     24600
     gcttcgtgta gtctgtgaat tgtgtcttgg gtattgcaag cttctgggct aatatccact     24660
     tatcagtgag tacatattgt gtgtgttctt ttgtgattgg gctacctcac tcaagatgat     24720
     atcctccaga tccatccatt tgcctaagaa tttcataaac tcattgtttt taatagctga     24780
     gttgtgtaaa tgtaccacat tttttgtatc tattcctctg ttgaaggaca tctgggttct     24840
     ttccagcttc tggctattat aaatatggct gctatgaaca tggtggagca tgtgtcctta     24900
     ttacatgttg aagcttcttc tgggtatatg cctaggagtg gtacagctgg gtcctcaggt     24960
     aatactatgt ccaactttct gaggaacggc cagactgatt tccagagtgc ctagttcata     25020
     gcagccttgc atgcttattc agtgtttggg ggctcaagct cttgttaaga tgatgagttg     25080
     atttaatttc tgctgttgtc agccttctat tcctccaggg gcatctgagc tgggtgagag     25140
     ggttaattca gaactaacag tgtgtataca ctgactcctt ttcacaatat ggagtacgag     25200
     gatctttgta acacagaata tcaatgtgtt acatctgtcc cttctgtcca ctatcagaac     25260
     catggataat ggccatttag aaaaaagatt cagatgaaga aacatttgta gagggctgtg     25320
     ttaggcataa aatacctccc caaagatgtc tatacaagtc ttagtttggg ttttactgct     25380
     gtgaagagac attatgaccg tggcaattat ttcataaagg aaaacatttc attgaagcta     25440
     gtttacagtt tcagaggttt agtccattat caccatggtg ggaagcatgg cagcatgcag     25500
     gcagacatgg tgccagagaa agggctgaga gttctatgtc ttgcagcaag caggaagaga     25560
     ctgaaacacg cataagtctg tgtgggccgt tcctattcaa accaccacag ggtcctagtt     25620
     tccagaacct gtaacaaagt gaggaaatcg ggttgcagac agaattaaag ttggtattat     25680
     ttgtatctaa actgccccta ctcccaacct caacccacct tgtttgtgaa aggcttggtc     25740
     ctcaatgcag cattgcttag aggtggggaa ttggaaggtg ataagatcat cagggttctg     25800
     ccctcaccaa gggacttatt ctattctcag attcatggtt gcatgggcta ccaggagctt     25860
     gggggaactt tagaaaacgg gggacattgt aggaaatagg tcactgccct ctttttcctc     25920
     ccttcctgcc ccctgcctcc tcctcctttc tctctgtcct tgctggctgc cttctcacca     25980
     tgaacttttg cttcaccaca ggtcaagata ccattgggcc tagtgagcat ggattgaatc     26040
     atgggccaga tgagcctcaa taagtcattt ttcctttaat ttccccaagt attttgtcac     26100
     agctctgaaa agctaaccaa agctaatcaa ccgactttga gatgaggtta ttctggaagt     26160
     ttcaagtgtc ctgacatagc tgtaagtgtt tttaaaagta taagagggag acagtctgtg     26220
     tcaatcttga cacttgaaaa agcctggcct ggccaggcct ggctgtctat gagaatggag     26280
     agggtgtgat caggaagtta agtagcatct agatgttaga aaaggccagg ggacagattg     26340
     cctctactac tcccaaaagg agtgcggccg tgcagaatcc ttaactttat ctgagtgatg     26400
     tatctctctt ctgccctcca gaacacacca tgctaatatt gctgtgattt gttagagcaa     26460
     ccacaagtac aaagcagaga gaagatagaa aaggcttctg cctgctttgt tcagtgctcc     26520
     atgcaccctc cccccccccc ccatccaact gcaatggcag agggcctcaa ggagacttgc     26580
     actggtttag agcagaggta gggaacttca cactgtctct agcaacctct gtgccataca     26640
     gttcaaattt gtatcacctc aggaaacagg ctcacaatga cataacatgt tctttaggaa     26700
     ctccaccaga acctcaggct agaaaaacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaagaaca     26760
     gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcgagaatc aacaaatggg atctcatgaa actgcaaagc     26820
     ttctgtaagg caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg     26880
     atctttacct atcctaaatt agatagagga ctaatatcca atatatataa agaactcaag     26940
     aagctggact ccagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggagctcaga gctaaacaaa     27000
     gaattctcac cggaggaata ctgaatgtct gagaaacacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc     27060
     ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accccgagat tccccacctc acaccagtca     27120
     gaatggctaa gatcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg acgaggatgt ggagaaagag     27180
     gaacactcct ccattgttgg tgggattgca agcttgtaca accactctgg aaatcagtct     27240
     ggcagtttct cagaaaattg gacatggtac taccaaagga tcccacaata cctctcctgg     27300
     gcatatatct agaagatgtt ccaactagta agaaagaaac attctccact atgttcatag     27360
     cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgcccctca acagagggat     27420
     ggatacaaaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg     27480
     aatttatgaa ttatggttgg acctggaggg cattatcctg agtgaggtaa cccaatcaca     27540
     aaagaactca catgatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acccagaata     27600
     cccaagatat aagttataat ttgcaaaaca catgaaactc aagaaggaag acccaagtgt     27660
     ggactctttg ccccttctta gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac     27720
     aaagtttgga gctgagacaa aaggatgcac catctagtga ctgccatatc cagagatcca     27780
     ccccataatc agcctccaaa cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa     27840
     ggaccctgat atagctgtct cttgagagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acaagtggat     27900
     gctcacagtc agttattgga tggatcacag ggcccccaat ggaggagcta gagaaaatac     27960
     ccaaggagct aaagggaact gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acattatgaa ctaaccagta     28020
     ccccggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagta ggccatcact     28080
     ggaaagagag gcccattgga cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaatgccagg     28140
     gccaaaaagt gggaatgggt gggtagagga gtggggggag ggtatggggg acttttggga     28200
     tagcatggga aatgtaaatg aggaaaatac ctaataaaga aaaaaggaaa aaaaatttta     28260
     aaaacatgtg tcttatatgc ctgaaactat tacacagaga ttgaaattcc cctcaacata     28320
     cacatgtgtt ttgctatgta gcccttgttg gctagcccat aacttgccat gtggaccagg     28380
     ctggccttga agtggtaaca atcctccttc ctttgccttc cataaagtga ggttatagac     28440
     atgtgccaac atgtgtggct tacaaagaac actgaagagt cgaaaataat ctaaccttat     28500
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttattcac tttacacctc caaatcagca     28560
     tcccctctcc tcccagtacc cctcacacag atcatcctct catttccttc tccccttctc     28620
     ctctgacaag gaggaagccc ttactcccac cctggcacat caagtcacta caaaactagg     28680
     cacatcctgt cccactgaag ccagaaaagg ctgcccagct aggagaatgg ggtctataca     28740
     caggcaacag agttagggat agcccacact tcagttgttg gggaacctgc atgaagacta     28800
     agaggcatat cagctacata tgtgcaggag gcctaagtct agcctgtgct tgctcattgg     28860
     tttgtgcttt aatctcaggt tagtggattc tcttggtctt cctgtggagt tcctctcctt     28920
     tttgggtcct tcaatccttc ccccaactct tccactagac tccctgagct ccatctaata     28980
     tttgaccgtg tctgtatctg tttcccttgg ctactgggtg gagcctctca gaggagagtt     29040
     acactagacc tgtgtctgca agcataacag aatatcatta atagtggcag gggttggctc     29100
     tctcacatga gatgtgtctc aggatgggcc agacattggt tggttattcc ctcagtctct     29160
     gctctatatt tgtccctgta catcttacac attttgggtt gaaggttttg tgtgtggatt     29220
     gctgtcctta tctctccact gggagtcctg cctggctaca ggaagtggcc acttcaggaa     29280
     ccatatcccc cactgccagg agtctcagag tcacctccat agactcccca gggccttccc     29340
     tcgttcccaa gtctctgact ggagttccat catagatttt aatgggaggt gaaagtattt     29400
     caggaagatc acctgctaat tattagcttg tcctatgatg gctcctgata acaggtctta     29460
     gagatgccct ctgcccaccc accgccaagt tctattctct cacctgatct ccctacacgt     29520
     gatccccccc caaattctcc cctttccctc tcccacccag atccctccct ccatccacac     29580
     tggatatctt ttcatatttc cctttctgag aaggattcaa ccatcttccc tttgaccctt     29640
     cttgttatct ggcttctttg gttctatgga ttgcagtcta actaacctga ttttttttta     29700
     ttatgtattt tcctcaatta catttccaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca taccctcccc     29760
     cccccacttc cctacccacc cattcccatt tttttttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac     29820
     tggggcatat aaagtttgtg tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccaatgatgg ccgactaggc     29880
     catcttttga taaatatgta gctagagtca agagctcctg ggtactggtt aattcataat     29940
     gttgttccat ctatagggtt gcaggtccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct     30000
     ccattgggag ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatctactt ctgtgtttgc     30060
     taggccccgg catagtctct caagagacag ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg     30120
     ctagtgtatg caatggtgtt agcgtttgga agctgattat ggggtggtgc aaggtaaccc     30180
     aatcacaaag gaactcacac ataactcaca catgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc     30240
     caaaacttag gatacccaag atgtaagata caatttgcca aacgcatgaa actctagaag     30300
     aatgaagacc aaagtgtgga cactgtgccc cttcttagaa ttgggaacaa aacacccatg     30360
     gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct gtgacaaaag gatggaccat ctaacctgat     30420
     tttttaagtg gaataaaaca ggtaaaatat ttgaatggac accttactag cacgcgcatg     30480
     cacacacaca catacacaaa cccagggttg gcatttatct atgtctacta tatataacct     30540
     gtatatgtaa tttcctaaca ttgcaggtag aatataatac actccactcc atgtgccatc     30600
     agggaaatga aaatacaatg atacacagca gagcacctac tagagtgagc aacagcaatc     30660
     ctagggagag tatgaagcaa taccaacttt gttttctttg ttgctgagaa aaaacatggt     30720
     gtaagcactt ggagagacag ttcagtgata tcttatgcag ctgatcatag ccttggcata     30780
     tgaatcagca atcataaatt tggaagctaa ccagatggat ttgaaaactt atgcccaggc     30840
     acaaccctta tataaatgtt tgaagcagct gtcacatgtt tatcagagag ttgccacaat     30900
     tcagtttaaa aagtataagt gaggaaatgt aaaagaaact gtggtacatc cacacaatgg     30960
     aatattattc agtgcttaaa agcaatgagc tctctagcca tggcagcaca taaaatccaa     31020
     attagtgctg cccatgtgca ctgttggact atccactaaa acatgattaa cttactaggg     31080
     tccatgcccc ctttaacacc accaactgcc aataactctt caactagggg tgaaagttga     31140
     ctccctcccc cctgttaaca gccaccaact gtcaataact cttcaactag gggtgaaagt     31200
     tgacttcctc ccccctgtta acagccacca actgccaata actcttcaac taggggtaaa     31260
     agttgactcc ctcccccctg ttaacggcca ctaactgcca actaggggtg aggacccctt     31320
     gcccctcctc gactcatgca gtaattttga ctggcttgat tgtgtgctag tcttgtgcag     31380
     gcaatcacag tacagtgtac tttctactct gttttttttt ctgaaacatg aaactgttta     31440
     aagacaaatt aatgattttt ctaaaaggaa tgttatgtgt ttagtctaaa ctgatgttta     31500
     gcaatgacta tttcagataa tcttgctcaa gtttttagtc caaatgcatc cttaggtcaa     31560
     ggtcactgaa tggcctctgg tttggaatca gtgttttagt ttgccctttt ctgttgttat     31620
     acagaccatg accaaaaaca ccttggggag gaaagatttt gtttgactta cccttccatg     31680
     taaaagtcca taactgggga aagctaaggc agtaaccata aaggctagag gccgtaaaga     31740
     agtgcttctc actggtttgc tcttcatggc ttgctcaacc tgtttttgta taccatccag     31800
     gaccatctgc cctggggaag cactggcccc agtgacctgg gtctacccac caaacaacca     31860
     ttaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cctacagagt tgcctacagg ccaatctgat agaggagaat     31920
     cttcctcttt ccagatgacc ctggcctgtg tcaggttgac ctgggtatgg gactaactat     31980
     cacaatcagc tccttctgca aacctttgat ttggggagtt tgcacagaag gactttttat     32040
     ttgcccctag acttgtagag gcagtgccta agagaaggaa gtcagtcatc atgtgggttg     32100
     gaaaatcaaa acataaacat tttagtgtgg cttctaaaac ctcaacatgc gtaagtgatg     32160
     ctacaccatg taattgcgtc ttttctccaa atgcacttct ttaagcactg tcaatgttga     32220
     agtaaggctt tgtggtaact ctgcctgacc agagtcacaa tgtaaatcct tgtcagtaga     32280
     gggctctgaa ggtacaatgg agaagatttg tgcagggttc ttctgagaca gagtctcatt     32340
     atgtatgcaa accaggctgg ccataaactg gtaatcctcc taccttcctt cctccacctc     32400
     tcaagtgctg ccattacagg cttgagtcag tacacttggc ttgaactgag ttttatgaga     32460
     ctctgatgtg cctcatcggt tagacttctg caaagccagc tttctccagt gctaggcttc     32520
     tatgagcaaa gttgttgcac atagaaacag tgctgcaggc atccctctct tcatttccct     32580
     tctcttccca ttcctggcct tttaagacag ggtctttctt tttagccaac attggcctca     32640
     aactcaagat cctcctgcct cagccttcag aacactgaga atgcagtcat ttttcactgt     32700
     gcctgcacat tatgtccttt aattactctg ttcggattcc ttgatacctt cggcaaaact     32760
     cagaagtcaa cagatcctca gtgggtgagt gaaattgcaa actacattag ttacatacaa     32820
     taaaatatta ataacacaaa gatgatgatc taccaactta tagaaaaaca tggaggaacc     32880
     aaactgagtg ctaggttttc tataaatcta aaagtttgcc tggggatcca tcgcataaac     32940
     aaccaccaaa cccagacact attgcagatg tcaacaagat tttgcggaca ggaccctgat     33000
     atagctgtct cctgagaggc tatgccagtg cctggcaaat acagaagtag atactcacag     33060
     tcatctattg gatggaacac agggccccca atgaaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggaa     33120
     ctgaaggggt ctgcaatcct ataggaggag caacaatgtg aactaaccag taaccccaga     33180
     gctcccaggc actaaaccac caaccaaaga atacacatgg ttggactcat ggctccagct     33240
     gcatatgtag cagaggatgc cgagttggcc atcaatggga tgagaggccc ttggtcttgc     33300
     aaagagtata tgccgtagta taggggaatg ccagagccag gaagcaggag tgggtgggtt     33360
     ggggaacagg gtgggggggg agatagggga cttttggaaa gaaaactaat aaaggggata     33420
     gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatatct aacaaaaata aataaataaa taaataaata     33480
     aataaataaa taaataaata ataaaagttc accattaatg atcaaagtga atctagagct     33540
     ggagagatgg cttagtggtt aagagtactc attgctcttg cagaggacct aagttcaact     33600
     cccagaaccc acatggcagg tcacaactgt aactccaaag atcagatgat ctcagatgac     33660
     tgtgtacact aggcatgcac atggtacaca catacacaca cacacatgca tatacaggat     33720
     aataaaataa atctagaaaa tttaaacaaa tataaaccca aatttcttag taactgaaca     33780
     attaaactct tgcctagtaa tctcagagaa ccagcaactg atttcacaaa aagttctgtg     33840
     tgtaccaaat gtccttcagt agttagagaa tagacaaaac cccatataca ccatccctga     33900
     tccctgggaa tattgcttgg caataaagaa aaaccagctc ttcttttata attttatatg     33960
     cacagtaagt cagataacca cccccacccg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     34020
     tgtgtgtgta ttaaaatgta ccagtagcaa agacattaca acacctggtg gtccctataa     34080
     aatgaatatt tttgaaatga cagaagtatg aaaatgaaaa aacagatcaa gggcatggag     34140
     aagggtgagc agggtttgtg ggcggactgc ggagggtgag cgagcagaag caacacagct     34200
     tctgggacag acccctttca gggctccaga catccaggta ccttccccgc cagaggagag     34260
     tgtctgaatg gtagggctct gactttaggg gcaggcaagg gagccatctt gtgtcccggg     34320
     tcccttggag accagtctgc acaggttggc tcacagactg cgaagggtga gtgagaaaac     34380
     tgcagaagca acacaacttc tgggacagac cccgttttgg ctccagacat ccgggcacct     34440
     ttcctcacca gaggagaggt ggccgcctgg gatggctctg acatccagag caggtgagag     34500
     agccatcttg tgtcccaggt ccctcagaga ccagtctgtg caggggagct ttcaggatgc     34560
     agaggcaaca catcttctgg gacaggccct gtttcaggcc ttcatcttca gccaggaggc     34620
     aggtctgaac tccagacctc tgtgtacctt ccctgcaaga ggagagcttg cctgcagaga     34680
     gtactctgac cactgagact caggagagag ctggactccc aggactgctg acagaggtta     34740
     acagaacaca ggaggaacaa tctgcaacca gagacaacta taacaactaa ctccagagat     34800
     taccagatgg cgaaaggcaa atgtaagaat cttactaaca gaaaccaaga ccactcacca     34860
     tcatcagaac tcagcactcc cacctcagcc agtcctggat accccaacac acccaaaaag     34920
     caagactcgg atttgaaatc atatctcatg atgctggtag aggactttaa gaagggcatt     34980
     aataactcac ttaaagaaat acaggagaaa actgctaaag aggtagaggt ccttaaagaa     35040
     ttacaggaaa acacaactaa acaggtggtg gaattgaaca aagccatcca agacctaaaa     35100
     agggaaatag aaacaataaa gaaaacccaa agtgagacaa ctctggagat agaaacatta     35160
     ggaaagaaat caggaaccat agatgcgagc atcagcaaca gaatacaaga gatgggagcg     35220
     agaatctcag gtgcagaaga ttccatagaa aacatgggca caacaatcaa agaaaatgca     35280
     aaatgcaaaa agatcctaac tcaaaacatc caggaaatcc aggacacaat gagaagacca     35340
     aacctatgga taataggtat agatgagaat gaagattttc aacttaaagg gccagcaaat     35400
     atcttcaaca aaattataaa agaaaacttc ccaaacctaa agaaagatac ccatgaacat     35460
     acaagaagcc tacagaactc caaatagact ggaccagaaa agaaattcct cctgacacat     35520
     aataatccga acaacaaatg cactaaataa acataaaata ttaaaagcag taaggggaaa     35580
     aggtcaagta acatataaag gcaggcctat cagaattaca ccagactttt caccagagaa     35640
     tatgaaagcc agaagatcct ggacagatat tatgcagacc ctaagagaac acaaatgcca     35700
     gcccaggcta ttataccccg caaaactcaa ttttccaagc aaatggtcca atgaaacaag     35760
     ctggagtagc cattctaata taaaataaaa ttgacttcca atccaaagtt atcaaaaaag     35820
     acgaggggaa cttcatattc atcaaaggta aaatctacca agatgaactc tcaattctga     35880
     atatctctgc ttcaaataca agggcagcca cattcattaa agaaacatta gtaaagctca     35940
     aagcacacat tgcacctcac acaataatag ttggagactt caacagcaca ctctcaccaa     36000
     tggacagatc ctggaaacag aaactacaca gagacacatg gacactaaca gaagttatga     36060
     aacatataga tttaatagat atctacagaa cattttatcc taaaacaaaa ggatatactt     36120
     tcttctcagc accacatggt atctcctcca aacctgacca tataatcagt caaaaaaaca     36180
     ggcctccgca gatacaaaaa tattgaaatt atcccatgca tcctatcaga tcaccacgga     36240
     ctaaggctga tcttcaataa cagcattaat aattgaaagc caacattcac gtggaaactg     36300
     aatgacactc tactcaatga ttccttggtc aatgatgaaa taaagaaatt gaagactttt     36360
     tagagtttaa tgaaaatgaa gcaacaaaat acccaaactt atgggacaca atgaaggcat     36420
     ttctaagagg aaaactcata gccctgagtg cctccaaaaa gaaactagag agagcataca     36480
     ctagcagcct gacagcacac ctagaagctc tagaacaaaa ggaagcaaat tcacccaaga     36540
     ggagtagaca gcaggaaata atcaagctct gggctgaaat caaccaagtg gaaacaaaag     36600
     aactattcaa agaatcagcc gaaccaggag ctggttcttt gagaagatca acaagataga     36660
     taaaccttta gccagactca ctaaaggaca cagggacagt attctaatta acaaaatcag     36720
     aaatgaaaaa ggagacataa caacagaacc tgaggaaatc ctatactcaa caaaactgga     36780
     aaacctcgat ggaatggaca acttcctaca aagataccac atatcaaagt taaattagga     36840
     tcagattaat gatctaaaca gtcccatttc ccctaaagaa atagaagcag tcatcaatag     36900
     tctcccaacc aaagaaaagc cccaggtcca gatgggttta gtgcagagtt ctatcaaacc     36960
     ttcaaagaag acctaattcc aactctccta aaactattcc acaaaataga agcagaaggt     37020
     actctatcca attcattcta tgaagccaca attactctga tacttaaacc acagaaagac     37080
     ccaacaaagt taggagaact tcaaaccaat tttccttatg aatatcaaag caaaaaatac     37140
     tcaataaaat tctcgcaaac cgaatccaag aacacatcaa aatgatcatc catcaagatc     37200
     aagtaggctt cacaggcacg actggttaat agtgcccacc cagttaggat gtggctctgg     37260
     cctctgagtg gagctgctgg gaagactgat tctcattggc cagggctcca agctcatgac     37320
     cgagcactgg aaaagctcct aggaattggt agtaatcata gacttcacag tccctgtgtc     37380
     actcactgga gagttagagg gaggggtttg acacccccca ccacacacac acacacacac     37440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgagttc ctccagttgc ccttgtcctc     37500
     aggtgcagtg ggactgttgt gagccccagg gatgggcaca aagagggctt ttattttgtt     37560
     agctcagaca gtgcagtggt gcacatcagc aacttgtatt tctttggtgt ttggcatgag     37620
     cactgtctca ctgtggctgt gtgtcatgag aacttaccag cagaaatcct tgttactaag     37680
     ctacagaatg accaaaagct gtcaagtcct taatgtttag aaactcctta aaatgtatag     37740
     tattttagaa caacaacaac aacaaaactc aataaacagt tgatcttgga aaaaaaaaag     37800
     atcaagtatg cttcatccca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatatggaaa tccatcaacg     37860
     taatccacta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcc ttagatgctg     37920
     agaaagcatt tgacaaaatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttttggaa agatcaggaa     37980
     ttcaaggacc atacctaaac ataataaaag caatctacaa caaaccagta gccaacatca     38040
     aactaaatgg agagaaactc aaaacaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc     38100
     cactttctcc ctacctattc aatatagtac ttgaagtcct aaccagagca attcgacaac     38160
     aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattagaa aggaagaagt caaaatatca ctatttacag     38220
     ttgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta caaattccac cagagaactc ctaaacttga     38280
     taaacagctt cagtgcagta gctggatata aaaataactc aaacaaatca atggcctttc     38340
     tctacacaaa ggatagacgg gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaataccc ctcacaatac     38400
     tcacaaataa tataaaatac cttggtgtga ctccaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg     38460
     ataagaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttgaagatct cagaagatgg aaagatctcc     38520
     catgttcatg gattggcagg attcatatag tcaaaattgg ctattctgcc gaaagcaatc     38580
     tacagattca atgcaatccc catcaaaatt ccaactcaat tcttcattga gttagaaaag     38640
     tcaattttct ggacatagta ctacaggagg atctagcaat acctctcctg ggcatatatc     38700
     cagagatgtc ccaaccggta agaaggacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt     38760
     tataacagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgcccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa     38820
     aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa     38880
     attcctagcc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca     38940
     aaggaactca cacaatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagccccaaa cctaggatac     39000
     ccaagatata agatacaatt tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga agactgaagt     39060
     gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagaattggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag     39120
     acaaagtttg cagctgagac aaaaggatgg accatctaga gactgccata tccagggatc     39180
     caccccataa tcagcttcca aacactgaca ccattgcata cactagcaaa aatttgctgg     39240
     aagaacccag atatagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgtcgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt     39300
     ggatgctcac agtcagctag tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa     39360
     gtacccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc     39420
     agtacccagg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat     39480
     cactggagag agaggcccat tggacaggca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaatgc     39540
     cagggccaaa aaaatgggaa tgggtgggta tggaagtggg gggggggggt atgggggact     39600
     tttgggatag catcggaaat gtaattgagg aaaataagta ataaaaaata aaaaaaaaga     39660
     aaagtcaatt ttcaaattca tctggaaaaa taaaaaacct aggatagcaa aaactattct     39720
     caacaataaa agaacctctg gtggaatcac catgcctgac attaagctgt actacagagc     39780
     aatagtgatt aaaacaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa actgcatggt actggtacag     39840
     tgacagacag gtagatcaat ggaatacaaa tgaagaccca gaaatgaatc cacacacctc     39900
     tggtcacttg atctttgaca agggagctaa aacatccagt ggaaaaaaga cagcattttc     39960
     aacaaatggt gctggcacaa ctagcggtta tcatgtagaa gaatgagaat tggtccattc     40020
     ctatctcctt gtacaaacct caagtctaag tggatcaaag accttcacat aaaaccagag     40080
     acactgaaat taatagagga gaaagtgggg aaaagccttg aagatatggg cacaggggga     40140
     aaattcctaa acaggacagc agtgacttgt actgtaagat caagaattga caaatgggac     40200
     ctcataaaat tgcaaagctt ctgtcaggca aaggatgctg tcaataagac aaaaaggcca     40260
     ccaacagatt gggaaatgat ttttaccaat tctaaatctg ataggggact aatatccaat     40320
     atatacaaag agctcaagaa gctggactcc agaacttcaa ataaccccat taaaaatggg     40380
     gtacagagct aaacaatgaa ttctcaactg aggaataccg aaaggctgag aagcaactga     40440
     aaaatatgtt caacatcctt aatcaacagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac cttgagattt     40500
     cacctcatac tactcagaat agctaagatc aaaaatttag atgacagaag atgctggcaa     40560
     agatgtggtg aaagaggaac atgcctccat tgctggtggg attgcaagct tgtacaacct     40620
     ctctggaagt cagtctggaa gttcctcaga aaactggaca taggactaca ggaagatcca     40680
     gcaatacctc tcctgggcat aaaccagaag atgttccaac tggtaataag aacacatgct     40740
     ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttaattataa tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cccagatgtc     40800
     cctcaacaga ggaatggata tagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag taatactcag     40860
     atattaaaac aattaattta tgaaattctt ggacaaatgg atatatctgg aggatatcat     40920
     ccttagtgag gtaaaccaat cacaaaagaa gtcactagat atgcactcac tgataagtgg     40980
     atattagccc agaaacttag aatacccaag atacaatttg caaaacacaa gaaaatcaag     41040
     aagagggaag accaacgtgt agatacctca ttcctcctta gaatagggaa caaaacaccc     41100
     atgaaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgta gctaaaacga aaggatgcaa catccagaga     41160
     ctaccccacc tggggatcca tcccataatc agccaccagg cactattgca tatgccagca     41220
     atattttgct atagggaccc tgatataact gtctcatgtg aggctatgcc agtgcctgac     41280
     aaatacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcatct attggatgga acacagggcc cccagtggag     41340
     gagttagaga aagcacccaa ggatctgaag gggtctgcaa ccctatagga ggaacaacaa     41400
     tatgaattaa ccagtacccc cagagctcgt gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagaagatgg     41460
     cctagtcagc catcactggg aagagaggcc cctacgtctt gcaaacttta tatgccccag     41520
     tacaggagaa tgccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggagca gggcaggggg     41580
     agggtataga gtactttcgg gatagcattt gaaatgttaa taaagaatat atctaataaa     41640
     ataaaataag ataaaataaa ataaggcagt gtgaagaatc cctgtggtga tagaaatgtt     41700
     ctctactttg tgtcaaggac agtatcataa ctaatacttt aaatatgttt gcagatcttt     41760
     cagtttatca ttggtgagag gcatagaaaa ttttataaat gatcttatgt tggttctttt     41820
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtagaa catgatttta atattttcaa ctgttaatat tcaacaaaca     41880
     gaataattat tttatgatat atttcattgt tatatctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt     41940
     gattaggata ctgtccctgt gccctctagt tagtctggct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt     42000
     gattttctca aagaaccagc tcctaatttt gttgattctt tgtatagttc tttttgtttc     42060
     tatttggttg attattttct gctgtctact catcttgggt gtattggctt atgttctaga     42120
     gctttcagga gtgctgtcaa gctgctagtg taagctctct ttagtttctt tttttgagac     42180
     acttagagct ttgaatttgc ctcttagcac tgctttcatt gtgtcccata agttttggtt     42240
     tgatgtgcct ttattttcat tgaattctaa aaagtcttta atttcttaat ttcttccttg     42300
     acaagctacc attgagtaga gcattgttca gcttccgtgt gtatgtgatc ttttcactgt     42360
     ttttgttttt aatgaagacc agccttagtc catgatgatt tgataggggg catgggatta     42420
     tttcaatctt cttgtatctg ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgg taaattttgg     42480
     aggaggtact gtgaggtgtt gagaagaaag tatattcttt tgcttttgga tgaaatgttc     42540
     tatagatatc tgttaaatac ctttgtttca taacttctgt tagtttcacc atgtctctgt     42600
     ttaatttctg tttccaggat ctgtccattg ctgagagtgg ggtgttgagg tatcccacta     42660
     ttatcgcatg gggtgcaata tgtgctttga gctttagtaa agtttctttt atgaatgtgg     42720
     gtgcccttgc atttggagca tagatgctca gaaccgagag ttcatcttgg tagattttta     42780
     ctttggcaag tatgaagtgt ccatccttat cttttttgat aacttttcat tgaaagttga     42840
     ttttatttga tattacaatg gctactccag cttgttttgt ttaccaacct tttattctga     42900
     ggtagtgtct gtctttgtca ccgaggtgtg ttttcctgta tgcagcaaaa tgctgggtcc     42960
     tgtttacgta tccagtctgt tagtctatgt ctatttgggg gaattttgtc cattgatgtt     43020
     aagagatatt aaggaaaaga gattgttact tcctgttatt tttgttgtta gaggtggaat     43080
     taagtttgtg tggctatctt cttttagatt tgttgaaaga tcactttctt gctttttcta     43140
     gggggtagtt tcccttcatg tgttggtgct ttccaactat tatcctttgt agggctggat     43200
     ttgtggaaag atattgtgta aatttgtttt tatcatggaa tatcttggtt tctctgtcta     43260
     tggtaattgt ttatattgtt tcttaatgtg aatatgcaag tgtactcctc tcactgcctg     43320
     caccaaggat aaaattgacc acctctactt ccacatcctt ggaagccagt ttctccttta     43380
     caatttgtct taccaagaaa gtggccaaat cagtgttgga tatagaacat ccaaatatta     43440
     tttttgtgct attggagatg ataataatac gatgatgatc cttctgagag gctttcattg     43500
     cctatgattg tagtgctgga tgcaacaaat ataaaatgag agctttgggg aaggctactg     43560
     ctgcatatac aacttcccac cccagggagc ttcatggtcc atcatgaaca cacagaaata     43620
     gcatcctctc tttcccctgt ggaacacaat gttccaggtg acatttgtct tcagtttcat     43680
     gtcatcttcg tcatcttcat catcagtatc atcagcatca tcagcatcat tcacttacca     43740
     tcctgatcag tatcctactt cccagtcacc cccttctaca atcctccctc attccccctt     43800
     cccttctcct ctgagagggt aggccccctt ggtatgcccc acccaagcaa atgaagtctc     43860
     tgccagccta ggagcatctt cttccactga agccaaacaa ggcagtccaa ctagaagaac     43920
     atatcccact aacaggcaac agattttggg atagcccctg ctccagttgt ttgagaccta     43980
     catgaagacc aagctgtgca tctgctacat atgtgcaggg ggtgggggtg ggggtgtcta     44040
     ggtccagcct gtgttcactc tctggttggt ggttcagatt ttgacagccc caagggtcca     44100
     gattaggtga ttctgttgat cttcctaccc ccttcagggc ccatgatcct tcccccagct     44160
     cttcgataag aatccccaag ctctatccac tgtttggttg tgggtgtctg tatctatttc     44220
     aggcatctgc tgggtggagc ctcttagagg acaggcttgc tagactccta tctgcaagca     44280
     tagcaaagta tcattaatat tgtcaaggat tggtgtttgc ccaagggatt agtttcgagt     44340
     tgggccagtt attggttgcc ctttccttca gtctctgttc catcccctat ccctgcattt     44400
     tttttttaga caggacaaat tttgggtcag aagttttgta agtaggttgg tgtccttatc     44460
     tgtcaactgg tgttcctacc ttgctacagg aagtggctcc ttcaggttcc atatccccaa     44520
     tgctgcgtgt cctagctaag ttcaccccca ttgactctca ggcactttcc ctatctcatg     44580
     tctctggcat gacttcaaga tgtcccccaa ctccccaacc ctgccagttg cagatttcca     44640
     ttcattctca tggccatctc tcctggggtg ttcaagatca gctccatatc ttaacctgac     44700
     ccctgtcaaa ctgagtagac tgattcaatt ggaacaatca ttctgaccac tctgctgcac     44760
     acatccatgt ctccctcctt tcccacacac ttgtgcctcc cccaaaacac acaccatcag     44820
     agaacacaga cacaaacatt tacttgtggg cttgatttta tttttacctt gtttgactat     44880
     tagttggtgt aataatttac ttcaggtaac aagatttctt ttttagtctg acttagccca     44940
     actagctttt ttaaaatttc tcttcaagtg ttgttggccg gatttttggg gccttcccct     45000
     cttggctttc gatgcacttg tgttagttct agatggaggc ttcctctctg atgtacattt     45060
     tgccatttct cctctcttct ttgtagggtg actagatgcc tagaaaggcc acagagagaa     45120
     aacagaaaga cttaggtttt gaagaataag aataagatgg aggagagaaa gaagcaggaa     45180
     cttaatagga aatgaagggg tgaggtcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     45240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgctgagca gatgagggct agagagaata tttgaatatt     45300
     tgatggcagg attcaaagac aacaacagag aagacttgtg tagctcatct caccttagat     45360
     ttctcattcg gtttcgtgct gatcttcctt ttgtacctat tatttattct tgtttgagtg     45420
     cctgtgctgt gctgtctaat ttctgcattt ggtgttgtca ttttagacgc tgccttcccc     45480
     atcttcgcag ccaacagcag actaccttag ccttcctaaa ctggcatatg tatacccctt     45540
     cccagacaat gagtgatcat acccttacat tgttaaatca gcaagcccag gagggagagg     45600
     tcttaaaggc acagaatatc atcctgaata ctctgtgtgg ataaggaaga tgtgtagtct     45660
     tgttggagaa ctagaacatc tatttagcac tcttagtgtc ttcttaacta acacttaaca     45720
     tgcttctcat ggtgggccat tgcaagtgat acattctatt cactcaaagt cttactcaga     45780
     ggtggggggc acatcatcca tggtgaaatg gccatagtta aataaatctc tgtggagatg     45840
     tgaattgttc tacttctccc ttaacccttt tttcctcaca taccttaata atgccacgtc     45900
     ttacttacca gtagggaact ttctcatacc aatcctttgc ccctcactca ctgaggttcc     45960
     cttgcccttg tttccagtct gaattcgtgg cctttaaggt gtcagacttt gctgaattga     46020
     gttgacaggt tggaaaatct agtccagacc acaatttgaa gggcctcagt aagcccatca     46080
     ttgaggcttg agtagtacta tagtcacaag ggaaaagaga caagctagaa atctgtgtgc     46140
     cagttgtgct gtctgtttac atgcatgaaa ttacaacaga aagactgttg ggttcacact     46200
     gttgggacgg ggtgtttgac taacagtgta cttggtagca gatgaaacaa ggaaagaaaa     46260
     ggggcaaagt caaacttctc atagtccatg cagacaccta tgtgacgcta acaaagaata     46320
     tatctcaagc taacaattga actctataag agtcacaaaa gattaatata tgtaagtagt     46380
     tctactttta tagatgaaca ataaagcaat ctgaaattga aagcaaaagg gccaaaattt     46440
     aaaaatgaga ttaaaaacat gatatgctaa ggaattgtct tagttttgtt tcctgttcct     46500
     atgattaaac accttaataa aagcaaccta aaggggaaag ggtttctttg ggtcataggt     46560
     ctaggttaca gtccatcatt gtagggaaat caaggtggca gaaacttgaa gcaactattc     46620
     acattgcacc tacagtcaag agcagagtgc agtcaattca tgtagccaca ctcctgcgct     46680
     actagatttc tccactctta caccattcag aatctccagc tcaggaaatg acaccaccca     46740
     tagtgggcat ctcttcccac cttaattaaa gtcatcaaga caatcattgt cacttcaaca     46800
     agccaacttg atctacaaaa ctttgcattg aaataccttt tctcatgatt cttaatctca     46860
     agtctacagt gaacaaacac agggataaac ctaatgaaat acttagaaac tctgggcatt     46920
     atagattaca aaacattgtg gaaatgaact tatgaagatc taaattaaaa gagacttgtg     46980
     cctcaaagaa ttgtgcctca ttcagttgtc aggaaagtca cacattcttc tcatagatga     47040
     accaaattta gtcctaatca aaatctcaga agtataaaac acacacaaac aggaaattgc     47100
     agaagacaat gttcacaaaa agaacatgac ttttaaagga ggacaaacct gaagaaatta     47160
     caaaacttac tataaagtca ccataatcag gagagtgtga aaataagata atagaaatgt     47220
     atcaatacag tagagcctag aaatatacct acatgtaaca tatgtaatag catacatatg     47280
     aagaactgat tatgaaaaaa gatacaaagg aatattgcaa gagaaagatt agacttggta     47340
     tcagctgagt ctctagcttc tgggtatcca tatgcaaact ataaatgtca atacatactt     47400
     ttgatatatc aaaaatgcac tagagaagtg tttcaggtta agagcacata ctactcttac     47460
     agttcccaca gtggctcaca gctgtctatt actctagctc cagatgattc aacaccctgt     47520
     tcgggcttca tagatacata cacccacgtg tgccctcact cacacacatg catacacata     47580
     ttattatcat catcattatt atttgttaaa taatgtatgt atgtatattt aagggctaca     47640
     ttatgacatg ggagcacatg gagagaataa gataattatt gtgaggaagc agatgaactg     47700
     gtccgtttca gatggctctt tgttgggagg atacacagta gcagcagcac acatttcttt     47760
     ctcaaacctt ctaatgtaag tccatgtttg tagccttagt cttctcctgt tcattggctc     47820
     cccaaatttg gtcacttcat gcatgcacat gattttttta aatttaaata aaactaagtc     47880
     tttgaaaaca gaagagtgag aatggatcat ggactcaggt gacacaccac aactgaaagt     47940
     ataaagcaga ttaaagaatg cacaggagaa attttgcttt atttgggtta tgtggtaaga     48000
     ttttgaggat cagggaagag acagatctgt ggaaggcagt aacatataat aagctttact     48060
     tgaacagctt gtatcagatc agaaactcct cccaggaaga catgttccag agatagtggg     48120
     ataaggccac caccaaaaga agaataggct gagggacctt ccagaaagaa aatgtcatgg     48180
     ataattttta gtgccacatt gatttgatta agaacaatca aacacagtaa taaggtaaat     48240
     ctttgggtat gttcatgaag ttgttataga atgctgtcct ccaggcatgg catgaccatt     48300
     gccttcttga gttatcaaca gatgtgattg accacaggac ctgcacaaga ttgggcccat     48360
     ttgcgttcta tcatgaaagg cgaggctagg tccacaaggc cccaacccca agagatgtat     48420
     aggcaattag caggtgctgg gaggaggggc tcgccaggct ttcctggaga ttcctgcagt     48480
     tcccagcccg tgagtcatga tccccaaaag acactggaaa acacagacat ctaaattatg     48540
     atttgtagta gtggcaaaat tatatgaagt agcaaccaaa ataattttat ggttgggggg     48600
     tcaccatagg aggaactgta ttaaagagtc acagcattag gaaggttgag aatcacattg     48660
     ttctagacag ttgacagttg ttggagggag gggctcatga gttcccctgt ccctgaaaat     48720
     atgtaggcag ttaacagttg ctaggagaga gtgagagaca tatatatttt ttaattgaga     48780
     tagccactca taagttgccc atacccccca taagtaatac caactaaatt cactggtcca     48840
     gtaagttagg cattattgga atcatttctc tgtctgccat tggtgctcta tctggggtaa     48900
     acagacattt gttcacctct ctaggaaaag ttaacacaac gcttggtacc aaaacagaga     48960
     aaccacaaaa ccatagatga gttttaaagg agtacttgga tcatttctgt tgtgggtgat     49020
     gagacatgtg attaaaacta aacttagcac attcaggagc aattgatccc ccatgtgata     49080
     cctgctgcag taggtgtttg cattgccctt gttaatggat ggaaagattt gctactctga     49140
     caactccatc tgaaaatggg actgtctgtt acaaagaatt ctaggatgtc tgccattgtc     49200
     tacatggtat gtgttggctg ttcatgccac ctcaagcttc cctggactct cgttgtaaac     49260
     tttatatgct ttataaacat tcaatgtcag caagtggcca ggccctgcct gaagagctcc     49320
     agcaaccagg ccataaaggc taaaacagct gtaattacca aggcaggaaa gtgtcctgga     49380
     cacttgcccc agatttctct aagggctgta attgtcagac cacataatct ctccaatccc     49440
     agaccactct ggaaagcttt acccctcaac ccccaagaaa ccctgtataa accctgtgct     49500
     ctgcccagtt ctttgattct tttctcccaa gcagaggcag ccaggagggt ctcctgagtt     49560
     tttccctccc aataaatctc ttgtgtggca tttgttgttc agtgtggctt tgttgtatgc     49620
     cttggctcct aactgctaag atacatttcc aagcagagct ataatgcttt cattggggaa     49680
     actttcccct gcctgagcat agctgttaca cttgcaggag ggaaactttc caagcaggta     49740
     gaggacaact tctgcagggg aagcctttcc cttcaggact gcaacactta cagtatggat     49800
     ggcagtcatc cttgatgaat ggggtctgcc atattagtat ggtattgtcc ctaaaatgtc     49860
     taataaacca gagaatatat cacattcata gaaacaactg tataatagaa ttggaagcag     49920
     gctatgccat tggttccatg gcctttcaag tagctagtaa gacatgcaac tgaggctgat     49980
     gtctgtccag aaagagtttg cctgagcaaa ggagggattg ccagggaaag gcatgtggac     50040
     agtatcctct gcactagtct ctggattggc agaaaaagtc agaaagacat agtatgagac     50100
     ggagtttctg gtctgctgtt tcatgctagt ggggtctgga gagcataata gaaaagggta     50160
     cataatagaa aagggtacaa ttttgatctg tgtcaaaaag tccctcttga gatactaaaa     50220
     ctaggaactc ttggaggaat ctggcaatag tgaggaagag agcaaggtag atgagctagc     50280
     cctcagatac agccttagta aagagggaaa gaacaacacc aaatgagaca tcctattaca     50340
     ctgtggctca tgaaactgtg ggacatagac acagatgggt tcagtctgag tgctatacaa     50400
     acataaaata caaactaccc acctacccat acaacaaagg ttgcgtgacc ttaagctata     50460
     ggaagaaacc cagtctttga tgcactggct catagcagcc attagggata cgtgctcatc     50520
     accaaccaaa gtcctcatgg atatgaggga ctgaagaaca atagaagggc aggcattatt     50580
     actgagagaa ctggaaatga gaaaagcagt gtttggttcc cagttcactg gactgatcag     50640
     actgtgttca caggagagct aagattgagt gaggtagatt cagtagggac cttgggactg     50700
     gtatagagct tagtggcttt gctaagaata acgaataacg taggggaatg tgatccttac     50760
     aaagtgggag aggctatggc agatatggta aagactattt tccatagact gatttataag     50820
     tcaagtttgt aaagtactaa ggcaattaag agaataagaa aaggcatgta aaaaggtctg     50880
     tgtggtcact tgaaagcaaa tgtgtccaaa atttgtgata agtcagagct ccaagggaaa     50940
     ggcatctaca gaaaagcaaa ttcagtaatt gtgagccccc aggagcctca aaaccctaag     51000
     tgaacagtta ataataaaac attcataata aagcaatgta ggtgaaaaag actaagcttg     51060
     ttccagaggt gaatagtcac catcccctta aagtgtacta ggagaagaaa ttgttcccca     51120
     gtggagaagc tacagctcaa gtgcagagac tgtcagatgc ctggaagcct gtgaggatac     51180
     aagaagtcag agcatagcca tgttccccct tcaccctatt taaaagtctt aatctctgca     51240
     ctggcaggat cttgttcaaa tcttgccaat tggtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca     51300
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct accaagtgag     51360
     tttcaggaca gctgggcata tacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aatctttcca     51420
     gttcaatgag ttcaagtcta ttcctcactt tctcttctat tttatttagt gtatcggggt     51480
     ttatgttgag atctttgatc cacttggact aaggtttttg cagggtgata aatatggatc     51540
     tattttcatt tttctacaag cagacatcca gatcgaccaa caccatttac tgaagatgtt     51600
     ttcctttttc cattgtacag tcttggcttc tttgtcaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa     51660
     aaaaacaaaa acaagtgttc ataagtgtat gggcatattt cagggtcttc aattcaattc     51720
     cattgatcat tatgtctatt ttcatgccaa taccatagtt ctgtaataca acttaagatc     51780
     tgaggtaatg ttaccttcag aagttattct attatttagg attacctttt atttttttgt     51840
     gtgatattta ccaaacgaac aaaccaacca accaactata tacagaaaac caaaacaatt     51900
     ttgaataaat cctgattttt ttttaagagt ccgtttccca aatattgaaa tagaattatt     51960
     ttggttaaac atagttcttt ataaacccag ttgctgtgaa tgtcactgtg ggcagttcaa     52020
     actaatgtta gagattttta aatttttttc ttttaaatgt tatttttggt ttgtttgttt     52080
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttattagttc agtgtgagtg ctgtgctgca     52140
     catacacctt cagtccagaa gagggcatca gatcccctaa tagatggtta tgagtcacca     52200
     tgtggttact ggaaattgaa ctcaggacct gtggaagagc agtcagtgct cttatacact     52260
     gagacaactc agcagcccca gcgttagaga ttttaataaa cattacttat cacacatgtc     52320
     ttgttgttca agttccatct tttattaact ctgtggggct tttgctttcc ttctattgtg     52380
     tgtttaagcc ctttctagtt ttgatcttat ctttcctatt taatccttat gacatatttt     52440
     ggcacaaaaa atccttcctc ttctttttaa ttccttatat ccaaacatat tcccatactt     52500
     gtatctttct tcatatctat ctaccactct ttctttttta ctttgtttcc tttcttagta     52560
     tcatgagatg tagcaacaga aacaagttca cttttgtcac ttgggtgttt ttaaaggctc     52620
     gtttagaggt tgcagagata gctcagtggt taagagcact gtttgctctg acagaaggcc     52680
     tgggtttggt tctcagtgcc cacgtggtgt ctcacaacca tccataactc ctataccagg     52740
     ggatctgaca ccttctgacc tccaggcatg cttgtggtac acagatacac atgcaaggaa     52800
     aacactcata aaatattaat ttaaaatatg aaaaataggg gcctgatggg atgactcagc     52860
     gggtaagagc actgactgct cttccaaagg ttctgagttc aaatcccaac gaccacatgg     52920
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtag tgggaactag ctccctcttc tggtgtgtct agagatagct     52980
     acagtgtact tacatataat aataataaat aaatgtttgg gccagagaaa gtgggaccta     53040
     actgagcagg gcaagagtga gcagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac gacatgcatg     53100
     atggctcaaa accatctgta cagctacagt gtattcatat acataaaata aataaaaata     53160
     tgaaaaataa ataactaata aataaaaatg ctcttctaca tcctctcccc tgctactctt     53220
     acaagttgta gagttagaga atatacatta cagcaagaac caactgggat gccaatgact     53280
     ttgaatactg aatactcttt tgtaaacaag gaaagaagtg gagcagggag ggaattaacc     53340
     aaacccagaa ggaacaagga acagagatca acaaaaggta gaaagcactc attgctcccc     53400
     tcaaaatggt catccctcca gagaggagat atttggtttt tgaaaggaca gccagtgaca     53460
     tttttaaatt tcaaatctta aattcaaatt ttccagagat gagctgtcag gcatgactaa     53520
     gagggcatga gcaaagtaag gttctctcct catgacatag tagttgagag aaatttgtta     53580
     gctgggtaat agtggcgtat gccttcagtc ccaacacttg gggagtagag gcaggcaaat     53640
     ctcttgagtt tgaggccagt ctggtctaca gaacgagttc taggacagcc aaggctacac     53700
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaac aaacaaataa actaattaat taaaaagaaa tgtttggcta     53760
     aggcctttcc agatatttca cttgatggta atttggggtg tggaggagag gccaagatta     53820
     cacagaagga ctgcaatcta gaagaaactc tacaggcttt acttcaacag ttatgtgctt     53880
     acagctcacg tctggagagg actgtccaag atatagacat taaaggcatt ccctgggctc     53940
     cttgagtcta tttgatttga ttgtttgctt gtttgttcac catcacagag gcctaagcat     54000
     ttagaggact ttggaaatga taacatctga acttcctcca gtagtctttc caacagatgt     54060
     attctcattt gaggtagccc ctctgaccac agctacaaca ggcaaaagcc attttccttt     54120
     tgtcctcagg acttagatgc aggttaactt acaatagtat ggccacagga gtataatttc     54180
     cctcttgatt tccttgtcca tttctttaat ggccccttga tctcccttat aaaagatcat     54240
     agtaggtgtt ttaaggaggt tatctaaaat ccattcaatt cccatgaata acattatatt     54300
     catctaggtt aaatcaaaga actgaataaa accctgcaaa catcaatatg tgtactgttt     54360
     aggtcagtct cagatcttgt aaggaaaagg ggatgttcag cagggtaggt ttccagtctg     54420
     agaaggagga catgacaagc atacggaggg aatgggggtg gggggtaaga aaaccttttc     54480
     tattagaagg cttgctgcag cagtggaagg ctactactga tatgggaggc ccttaggata     54540
     cgagcagtaa ggcccagaaa tgaggtctgt atataacttt tttcttacaa acaaatctat     54600
     ttattctctt aatgttttga ttaatacttc ccgctggaat ttatttttct ccatcttcca     54660
     gtttattttc aagccaggct tgaatgcaga aaaatagcta gtggttctgt tttatggttt     54720
     gagtggtcaa atgaacttca ctgacctata atacatccta aaggttcctt gttacctata     54780
     caacagaaag aatcatgttg ggatgactcc tatcatcttt tggacctttt accagagcat     54840
     cttttggaat tctcctgtcc ctctcatcat agatgactaa gagtggaggt gaaaattagg     54900
     ctatcagttg ctctcaccag catggctata atatctgtcc tttcctccct cattagtgat     54960
     catgaggaga tagagaacta tgggtttagt caccctcttt gacatgatcc taatgcccca     55020
     tgttcttgat taattcttct tacattttgc ctagttaact ctaacctgtc tgtactagaa     55080
     cctatgaaaa atatctctga agcaaatatt gacacttgtt atgtcaagga agtcagctaa     55140
     cttttattaa ttatatgaat cagcgagatt cttgtatgtg tcaatccacc aatctccaac     55200
     ttttaccttt ctttgaactt cttttctctc aaattcataa tctggcaaat ccatattatg     55260
     tacttcagcc tggaagagga cacaaagata acaaggccta aggtgaaacc ctcagttaag     55320
     gctgctggat caagagagag agattataat ttaccacacc taacttaatt taaaccccta     55380
     taatctagag aaatacaagg acagagaaaa caaagatatc tccaaaggcc aggaagcaga     55440
     tgatatacaa atgttctttt ttctttagcc tgtgtatggc acaatagctg gaaagcagaa     55500
     gtgagggtaa aagcttagca atgaagagga aaataagata aagcaggaaa gaaaggatat     55560
     gtggtctatg atagcctttt gtaaccgctt ttcttagcca attctccaaa attaaatgag     55620
     ggttgggagt cagaatgttt aacaatgatg gacattttat tgtcctgagt gggcttaagc     55680
     caaggactag gattctgggt gtttacaagt caccaaaatc tctgtggact cagtggctcc     55740
     tggtcctttg tctcaaaaac atgaccacaa atgaggtttt taaactataa agagtttaaa     55800
     actaatacag aggcagatac ttgaagccaa ccattggact gagcacaggg tccccaatgt     55860
     agtgcccaat tgtggagtta gataaagcac tgaaggagct aaaggtgttt gcagccccat     55920
     aggaggaaca ataatatgaa ctaaccagta tcctcagagc tccctgggac taaaccacca     55980
     acgaaggagt acacatggag ggacccatgg ctccagctgc atatgtagca caggatggcc     56040
     ttatctggca tcaatgggag aagaggctct tggtcctgtg aaggctggat atcccagtgc     56100
     aggggaattc gagggcaggg aggcaggagt gggtgggtgg gtgaacactc tcataggggg     56160
     agggtgatag gatatggggc ctttgggagg agggtaacca ggaaagggga caacatttga     56220
     aatgtaaata aagaaaatat ccaataattt ttttttaaaa agggaaaaaa agagtgagtc     56280
     taagaagttt cacttctaca aactaatgct ggcattcata gtgctggaag gtattataaa     56340
     tggtttttgg agaagaaaag taacctgcca gcaagataaa cccctaagtg caatgggagt     56400
     aaccaaccac ttttgaaata ttacattcaa ggctcattct atgaaagggc actgacaata     56460
     aggcctacct agtatctgag agcacataag tcacagacct aggggaaaac ctagtactag     56520
     ttcttatttt gctaaaggaa cacagtcata aagtgactcc tgatggcaca ttactctacc     56580
     catagaggac agcattgctc agctctcatc agagaagctt cttctgcact aggtgagaat     56640
     taacactgag atgtgcagct ggacagtatg catccagtgt ggtacaagca caggcttgaa     56700
     tgaatgccat actgctctcc ttcctcacag attcgggact gatgtggaag aggctgcaga     56760
     gagaatgtaa gagctagatg tggtttaaaa aaaataagga aataaggaaa cagcattttc     56820
     cagacataac agggctgatc cagtggatct acaatgaact cagagactga caacaaacac     56880
     aagacctgaa caagttcaaa ccaaacaaag ccctaagaga aggtaaaggg ggcacacagt     56940
     cctacctaac ttagaggcta tttgtgattt atagcttctg agagaaggaa atcatgttta     57000
     ttcaatggag tgatattgta tatatcaacc acacaaaggt caggcctcat ggtcaggagt     57060
     agttgtctgt tgggtttttt tttgtttcgt tttggttttt ttgtgtgtat gttcctgctt     57120
     tagtttggtt tgggtttttt tttaaggtag agaaataaca agaaattagg tgagtgggtt     57180
     tatctgggag gagttgggga gagggaaaga gtatgatcaa aatatattgt acatatattt     57240
     taaactataa aatgaaataa aatatttaaa aataaatttt atactagaaa tcaagcaggg     57300
     ctcttttata gcagcagagg ctccaagaga aggttgctag aaagtctatt cctctgaggt     57360
     taaaaaaagt agggacccca aaggaggata accactgagg catgtgatag ctactcctag     57420
     ttgacaattt gactatatct ggattgtagt tcattccaca tatagtcaag ttgacaactg     57480
     ggaatagcca tcacaatcca ccccttgtca acttaacaga aatcatatct catgtccaaa     57540
     tgaaaacaat aaccaggtca taaatatgtt caacataata taactattag agaaccctga     57600
     ctaattcaag gggcttttgt gtaagggtaa gatatgcttt gcatctaagg aagtaatttt     57660
     gaccttaaaa tttcttgtct gagatatcaa cattggcctg gttggaccat ctggttcaac     57720
     tgcagatgcc cagaaagtgt ccgtacatct ccccatcctg gtgacttggt gactggtttc     57780
     taatatacat cttgaagcac caatgaaatg tctgattaca catagcttcc aggctgctgt     57840
     gcttattatg tttctgtgca gaagaacagg acatatcaaa caacaacaaa aggctctgaa     57900
     agggctcctc tgaaccattt ctggaatttc tggtctctgt ctaggacaaa actgccaata     57960
     gaaccaagga cattgctgtc ttctggccaa gaaagaatcc tatgtttctg aggtccccac     58020
     ctaactgcct gacaagtgtc tgtctcctgt catcattgct aatatttttt ctttagtatt     58080
     tctttagcct cagactcctg aagtcaacta ggtcttgact ggaatggtgg gtggtaggcc     58140
     ttcagggagc ctgcccactt tttgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     58200
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaaaaa aatcccagaa     58260
     ccaggaatgg actacatccc tatgacttgt tgtccagaaa agtacccaaa ccacccaaat     58320
     caatacagtc tgttgccact gctgttgact accaccagaa ctagactata agaccctgtt     58380
     gctgaagggc attactttgc tacatgacat ggaaaaatca ggctagcatt gagctgaaaa     58440
     cttccttcgt gccaacaggc tttctttttt gggggggtgg gaggaaagga tttattcagc     58500
     tgatatttct acatcaatca ttgaagaaag tcagggtagg aacacaaaca gggtaggaac     58560
     atggaggcag gagccaacca accagacctc ccagagctcc cagggactaa accaccaacc     58620
     aaagagtata catggaggga gccatggctc caactgcatg tgtagcagag gatggccttg     58680
     ttgaacatca atgggaggaa aggcccttgg tcctgtgaag ggtcaattcc ccagtgtagg     58740
     ggaatggcta gaaagacact atgaaaattg ctggcataca aaaaccagca gcagctatat     58800
     tgttttagct ttttgtgtga tatcaactct ataaacatga caagcaagat gcaccagttg     58860
     gtctaatagt gccatgatta tcattggcac acagactgct ttctgttgga atatgagacc     58920
     tgttccacag tatggaaatc acatctggta ctataagcct ggtcaaaagc ccatggcagg     58980
     ggagaacatg ggtcggattg ataaacctac tgttttactg aattgacatt atgtacctgt     59040
     taaattgtat ttcaaatatt tgtcttcata ctcaagatta tttctgctat cttttgtcag     59100
     aaaagcttcc tgttgcaata aacagagact cataacttgt gaaagtactg agaataagtg     59160
     acattttctt gtagtttttt gtttgtttgt tttttgagac agggtttcta ggtgtagcac     59220
     tggctgtcct ataacttgct ctgtagacca ggctagtgta aaactcagag attttgagtg     59280
     ctcagcccta aatgggacat tcatatcact ccattcaaag gcccagagaa tactgtgcaa     59340
     cggcatgggg gactaaaaca atagaactgg aggacgtgag ggtgctgtgg aatgatctcc     59400
     tccaagcatg acatggctat gatgcccatc aagagacttc ataagattga gcccattaac     59460
     tgaagttaat gtgtgagttc acaaagctcc gacccaccat caaaatatat aggcacttat     59520
     ataagggagg ggcttactat actttcctca ctcacatagg tagttaacag ttgctaagag     59580
     aggatgtgag gcatttttcg cagtgttgct gtctataact tgcccatgct cctctaagta     59640
     accctaatta aactcaacaa gcttcagaaa gtgaaatttg agcagagtca tttctgcctc     59700
     cagcagcacc ctgcatagat acttgtggtt ttggagaggt tgtggttagg gatgaaagac     59760
     ccatccttca tgtgggtggc acaattccat gtgctcggca tctcaggctg aatgaaggag     59820
     aaagctggat gaacagtgac attcacctct gcttctagac tgttgagaca ctggaaccag     59880
     tatcctcacc atcttaatac tatatctacc tccacactat aggtgcaatg tgtgctttga     59940
     gccttactat agtttgagca tagatattca gaattgagag ttcatcttgg tagattttac     60000
     ctttgatgag tatgaagtgc ccctccttgt tttttttttt tttgttgttg ttgttgttat     60060
     tttttgataa ctttgagttg gaagtcgatt ttattcaata ttagaatggc taatccagct     60120
     tgtttctttg gaccatttgc ttggaaaatt gttttccagc cttttactct gaggtagtgt     60180
     ctgtctttgt ccctgaggtg ggtttcctgt aagcagcaaa atgttgggtc ctgtttatgt     60240
     agccagtctg ttactctatg tctttttatt gggggaattg agtccattga tattaagaga     60300
     tattaagaaa aagtaattgt tacttcctgt tatttttgtt gttagagttg ggattctgtt     60360
     cttgcagcta tcttctttta gatttgttga aggattactt tcttcctttt tctagggcgt     60420
     aatttccctc cttgttttgg tgttttccct ttattatcct ttgaagggct ggattcatgg     60480
     aaagatattg tgtgaatttt gttttgtcat ggattacttt ggttcctcca tctatggtaa     60540
     ttgagagttt tgctgggtat agtagccttg gctggcattt gtgttctctt agggtctgta     60600
     taacttctgt ccaggatctt ctggctttca tagtctctgg tgagaagtct ggtgtaattc     60660
     taataggtct gtctttatat tttacttgac ctttgtccct tactgctttt aatattctat     60720
     cttcatttag tgcatttgtt gttctgatta ttatgtgtct ggaggaattt cttttctggt     60780
     ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttcct gtatgtttgt gggcatctct ttctttaggt     60840
     tagggaagtt ttcttctata attttgttga gatatataag ctacagaaga aaaaaactgt     60900
     gggggttgga acattgtttc tggtatatgt gtatgtaaga tttgtatgag tgggagttgg     60960
     agcactgttc cttccaccca tcaactatat gtgtgtatat gtatatgtat gtgtatgtat     61020
     gtgtatgtat atgtataagg gttatgtgat ttgggggcta gatcattgtt ctttccaccc     61080
     attaacgttg aatatgtata tgtaaagctt atctgggtgt gtattggagc ttgatccatc     61140
     caccaattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     61200
     gtgtgtgtga aaatcttgga tcctgcttgc tggagctttg ctctaactat tctatgtgtg     61260
     aatgtgtata tatctgtcta tagttctcta tgtatgtatg catagtgagt gtgtgtgtgt     61320
     gtgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagt tttctctttc     61380
     cttttctttt gcattggccc ctaagagtta aaagagttca gagttttctc tggccacagg     61440
     gagtaccagc cccagtaaat taagctttgt tccctcagag aaaaaattgc cgaataacat     61500
     ctctaatcac tggctgccat tggcagcagc ccctgtaagt atctgtatac accccaatca     61560
     gtggttctaa gcactgaccc ccaacggcta tctacctcag tttacccacc aactggatgc     61620
     caaagctgtt cactggcagg gagagtgagg ggaaatctag gtggagtttg agaggaggag     61680
     tgtgatatga atatgattaa aatacattct atacatgaat ggaatcccca aagaacaaaa     61740
     atatatttta catatgttaa taaaagttca tgttttgttc ccttggactg tctttataaa     61800
     atgttataga tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgagcg cgcgcgcgcg cgcatgagca     61860
     ctcatgatgg gtttgtaagt gctcggccca gggagtggca ctattagagg gcgtggccct     61920
     gttggagtag gtgtggccct gttggagtag gtgtggccct attggagtag gtgtgtcact     61980
     gtgggcgtgg gctttaagcc cttcatccta gctgcctgga agtcagtatt ctgctagcag     62040
     ccttcagatg aagatgtaga actttcatct cctcctgcac catgactgcc tggatgctgc     62100
     catgctccca ccttgatgat aatggactga gcttctgaac ctgtaagtca gccccaatta     62160
     aatgttggcc ttataagaca tggtgtcaac tcacagcagt aaagccctaa gacggggggg     62220
     gggggggggg tcataaacaa caaatattga ttttcttaca gttctgaata ggaaagtcta     62280
     aagatcagga ttctgaccaa gctggtttca ttttatttat tattaattat atttatttac     62340
     atttcaaatg ttaccccatt cctggtctta cctccacaag ccctccatcc tgggccccct     62400
     tccccctgtt tctatgaggg tgctcccctg cccacccaca tactccctcc tcacccctct     62460
     agcatccccc ttcgatgggg caacaagcct ccacaggact aagtgcctct cctctcactg     62520
     atggcagatg aggcagtcct cagctttaat ttctctattg agtttcctac agttctgaat     62580
     aggaaagtct aagatcaaga ttctgaccaa actgatttct tacaatgtgt ctcttcctaa     62640
     cctatagatg gctgttttct tttgtgtcct ctgtgtactt acatggcatt ttaaagggcc     62700
     tcgtgaatgc taagcactac ctctcccacc acgtataccc atagcctctt gttttagttt     62760
     gatttcctag tgctgtgaag aaacactctg accaaaagca acttgaagaa gaaatgattt     62820
     atttggctca cttccaggtc atgctccata atgttggaaa attgagctca gaacctaaaa     62880
     gcaggctatc tgctattgca cacagaatta cctcccaagt gggaactctg aagtctatca     62940
     gaatccatga aggtatgcta catggtagct tgctcatatg atcttgcttc actagcattt     63000
     tttatatagc tcaggcccac ctgcccaggg aatggtgctt cccatagtga atcgggcctt     63060
     cctacatcaa cttatgacca agacaatccc ctacaacaga catgtgcaca ggtcagtctg     63120
     atctgggaaa atccttccaa tgagacagcc ttctcaggct actccaggct atgtcaagtt     63180
     gacagtaaac gctaactaag acactcctct ttggtttttt gttttgttgc tgtatgtgta     63240
     taggagcaca agctcaagtg tgtgttgttc ttcttcacta tgacattaat ctattctgat     63300
     cagggccttt tgccttcagg accaaaatag cacccaaagt ccccatcatc acattctagg     63360
     aagtcagaac tccaacctgg acatttgaag aaaatgtgac catttggtac ctaacaatga     63420
     actaaacatt tgcctgggtt gtagtgatgc atgcttgtag ttccagcact tagcagatgg     63480
     aggaagatta tagcatgttt gaagtcagct tggtatacac agtgagttct aggccaatga     63540
     gggttacata gtgagaccct gtcaaaaata aataaataaa acaaaaattg gaccctagac     63600
     acttgcagat gattttctac tgtatctgaa gacgttgctt taccccaaat taccacctct     63660
     tggatgcagg atgattactt aagctgagat gggcatgggt tactctatgt ccaggtctgt     63720
     ctttattcag agagccacca aatactgcct ttatatgtcc ttagtcagct ctgggttagt     63780
     ggtctccggt tcatgtctaa tgcaaccaca ggcaaaagct cttctttttt gtttgttttc     63840
     gagacagggt ttctgtgtgt agccctggct gtcctgaaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg     63900
     acctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaagcatgca     63960
     ccaccactgc ccagcccaag aagcgcttct tgatcctgta gccatgtaca aagccaagag     64020
     aaaataaatt ctgggtattg caaccaaagc aaaatgaaca gagtaataag tctatcctag     64080
     gaagtgaatg ttctagattt atcagatatt ggcttgattt tcataatgat gatttgcata     64140
     acacgttaaa tgttaaactt aacataaacc aagggcggaa gttctgaggg cgtgtttgga     64200
     gcatgtgctt gccctacaga tggttgggag gtggatttgt ggaattggag ttggggagag     64260
     taggatgaga gaagaacgga gtaggaattg aaaacacaaa aaaacaaaaa ccaaaccatg     64320
     gaattgttta tattttaaag aagtgttatc agcacttaag gacctcgggt tatccccatc     64380
     cagaaacttc cctggaacct gaaactaaga gtgggaaaaa tgtttgtttg tcatatagag     64440
     aacttcctcg gccttttttt taacccccta tgtccacagt gtagagcaaa gcttgccatg     64500
     catgaccaaa cctcagaggt tgtactgtcc tgattgctca ggctgggctg gttgagggta     64560
     gggtgtgggt tggcgacccg caggttcctg ggcacagcag gtgggcgggg aatccgtggt     64620
     gggaccgtgt ggctagggcg ccacgcaccg ccctcccgca ccgaccccgc ctctcccgcc     64680
     cccgcgcgcg tggccttctg ggtaacgcgg ggccgccagg tgacagctaa tggcggcggc     64740
     cgcttgacgc gagcggtcaa gcagcgaagc agggcggcag ggggcgcgtc ggggagcctg     64800
     gctgccgctg cactccggac tgtggctcac cggaggcgcc gggcttgacg cgtcatggac     64860
     aggccagtgg cggcggcggc cgccgcatct gcggcgagct gcgagggcgc tgggggcccg     64920
     gggccagggc cgggcgctag ctggagaccc tctcgggttg cggggggcgc ctcggccagc     64980
     tcccggcacc ccagcattga gacccttgac aggtaagtag ggtcctgggt gccacagact     65040
     ctcggtgccc agctcaaggc ccggcgtcgc ctccgggctc ccggctggga gccaaggcgg     65100
     gggtgggcgg cttgtccaca gccacctcta gccttcctgg gacttagggc cgctgctcta     65160
     ggacctgcct ggggttggcc acctgcttac ttccgcctag cgagcccaac agttcttggc     65220
     ttcagagctg tcaaacccgg gccaatgcct actgctcctt gaggactcct tttgtgtgtg     65280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggcca gagccaagga tcctccgggg cggggggggg     65340
     ggggcggcaa tgtcagttgg ctgcttttta gcttcaattt ctgtctaaat cgtgtgattt     65400
     ttaagatcca gttccgctgc cgctgcttgg gggtggagac tgggaggtga gaccccatag     65460
     gcagcagatt tgtcacagat ggtggtaaag atacagattt gggaaactga gatggactac     65520
     ttccataatc acgaggcaag aatactgttg tgtactttca gttctgtaca ctttgaaggg     65580
     cacagtattt tttttcctct tgggtgcatg agtcccctgc ttctgagata gatttaaata     65640
     tgtcagttca aggcatacct gccatgtgca actgggaaag gccaccaccc agtcgggtaa     65700
     tgacaagaga tgtctggaac atccagtttc cccacttaga cacttgggca aaagacagtt     65760
     gttatgtggc tcagtgggtt tgagctgttt atccctgcct gtcttagtca ttccagtgtg     65820
     ctgaactttc gggagtttcc aatgacaggc aggggagcaa caagcactac tcttgtcacc     65880
     tttctagctc agtttaatta cagtatgtaa tctcagatta atacattaat cacctagcaa     65940
     cagacttcac caaaaaccaa ccacagctaa gccatccctt gtaaacatga ggactttact     66000
     cacctgaaag tattcagcaa cacatgagtt cttgtctatt cacaaaatgc cacactatgt     66060
     atgactttat ggctctaagg ctgatgattg aaactgcatg tgttaagtgc taggctattg     66120
     gtaaaacaga aagatgatat tcatgtggtg gcataggcct gaatcattga agtagctgaa     66180
     agatattatt ccaatatgcc tcattcagtg tttattagga actacaagtg accatgtcct     66240
     actctcaagg atttggattt gggactttta gggcaggtgc aaatttgttt tttttttcaa     66300
     aaactcttta tatattatag cctcagttgt taaccactat gctttggctg gtaattcaag     66360
     gatgtaaagg tgttagtgat gtgggcagta aggaaggaag tcagacattt gaattgagga     66420
     aagaatgaag ttagctacaa catggactgg agagagcact ttgtccaaga gatcagaact     66480
     ttttgccttg tagggaaatg ataagaaaga tggcctggtg cctgtcagaa tgagcagact     66540
     accttcctat gaacttgagc tttcatccca tctcaggatg tgaatggttc tcttaacttt     66600
     catcagaatc atctcacacc agtcaagtga aaattcaggt tcttggggac cacgataagt     66660
     ctagtctgtt gaaaacttaa accaggaagt cttagacatc catctggggc ttcagttcat     66720
     gggacagaag gaggacacag aaggtggatg cagttcaggg ggaaaaaact agaatggtaa     66780
     taggactggg tggactttca aggtacttag cacttaccag agaagcaggt gcctgatttg     66840
     ctgtgagggg tgtgtgcatt gtggccacat gaggtcagct tggaaaaaac aaagctgctg     66900
     aagcagacgc caaagaaaag catggagggc agggagaaaa ggtcaggtca ggtcaggtca     66960
     ggtcagacat ctcaacatgc atacttttct ttgaggagtg acacccctaa agggaagttg     67020
     ctctctgtga gcttgtctta aatatgtccc atgaaccttg aggccctcct agtcttcaga     67080
     gtatttcact tctctcagag aagcagctgt ggtcctttga gaggatgtgg cttcctaaag     67140
     gttacatatc tagttggtga cagaaacagg acttgagcct agaccttctg ttggctagcc     67200
     cattatacca ctctgtgttc tgaaccaggc catttcctgc tgcagatgaa aagtaaatca     67260
     gcaacaataa cccacccttt tctcaaaaca gcataatcaa ctttaaggca caaaggagat     67320
     attttggttc acaaactgct ccagagagaa agagataggc atggacacaa ctggggctaa     67380
     ggactgcttt tgaaacagtg tgctagagct ctctatctct tgggtttgtg attttttaaa     67440
     aataatatct catttaattt atcctgtgtg ttctttaaag tggtagaaat aggcttctag     67500
     aaagcctgtg gtagaaccat acagcaagga tccaaaagga atcctgggac tccctgagca     67560
     actcatctac aaggaagggc aggaagaggt aggccaaccc caggaagcag tggatctcaa     67620
     gtctgcaaag taaagagaag tgtccttatt ggaagaaggc acggcaggat ctagtcagcc     67680
     gttaatttcc tctggttggc tttatgtgtt tgtaatcagg aatgggtgct tgtggtaaaa     67740
     gggcaaaaaa ggaaacttgg tgtggcagtc tctaccaata aacactgcac tcaaaatcag     67800
     gcaaaattgg tgcatataca aggacaatat agtggtaaac agtgagttcc aggccagcct     67860
     gtactagaga ataagactgt ctggaaaagg aaaggagcag tcaaaggggg gggggatggg     67920
     acatgtcagc attcaatccc agcacagaaa gatctctgag tttgaggcta gcctggaaca     67980
     ccaagctctg gaacagctag gactacataa gtatgtagag agagaccata tttcaacaca     68040
     catggaaatg tctttctcct ttccccctgc cacttagaaa ttgtgataga gttctaactt     68100
     ctactaagat catggaatct tagtgtatca tcgaacttta aacctattca gcaaatattt     68160
     tacatatatt ttcaacttta atgacttaac taccttaatc agagactaca aattagatgg     68220
     atgttctgtc cttaaaacac atgagtgtga atgtaatttg tgatgttttt gttttgtttc     68280
     cagacaaaag ctaactttgt ggtaaaaggt cctaagtaaa agttttgtcc tcttgcttga     68340
     tcttttttcc tgtattgaca gatctggaaa ggtgcctggc tctcgagggc aagttttaaa     68400
     tccctggcca cctagtttgc ctttgtagtc tattgggtca ggtgagcaga gaccaagatc     68460
     ttacagtgat atgaccatgg acaaaactgg aagctcagtt ttcttttcta taaaatgggt     68520
     cactgggggg gggggcgcta ggtaacactg ccttttacac tagcagaggg ttccatctcc     68580
     tttgcaaact gttgtatttc cgtattgagg cagtgtccca gcatgtgtgg tactgccttt     68640
     agctcagtaa gtcagtcatt gtgagctgtg ctgctccctg gagtggtggc catgttcctg     68700
     ggtatattgt ggcttcagca cctccatttc cttatccagt caagttggct ggtgtctatt     68760
     ctgccgtttt gtcacaactg gttataaagc tttgagttat tagctggaag aagctttttt     68820
     cagtcgttaa aacatttaca gaaatgtaat gcagcatcat tactttatat aaaatacctt     68880
     ttctagtctg ttctatatta actcaccatc agtttaactc tagtaaaagt acactgtttt     68940
     ctagatttga aactgtaaac gtgaatttgg ttgaatgttg tttgaaaatc atgttttaat     69000
     gtaaatattt cactttggaa ttaatttcct atatatacta tgttaattta tatatgtgta     69060
     tatatacata tgtgtgtgta tgtatatata cactatatct tccatataat tttgatagaa     69120
     ttctacaata tgttagagag taacatgctt aactaaatac ctgtaatcat tttaaaatta     69180
     tttattttat gtgtatggat gcatgtgtgt ctgtgtcaat acatgcctgg tgcccacaga     69240
     tgccagaaaa gggcattgga atctttggga cttgagttac agaaaattgt gaatggtcac     69300
     atggacaatg ggaacacgaa cctagttcct gtaaagaggt gctattgctc ttaaccactg     69360
     agctgtctct ctagacctaa catctctgat cttaaagttt tagtaaaagg ttgattaact     69420
     catctaaaac caacctagaa cctaatctta ttttctgttt tgtctattat tgattcttac     69480
     gttaagtaga aaggcaacca aatagtttaa aacattgggg tgcatatcta taatttcagc     69540
     acttgggagg tagaggctgg agcatgggga gttcaaggct atcctcagct acatagtgat     69600
     ttgaggctgt ctgggctgta catgagagac tgattttaaa aatgacatct atattatatc     69660
     tatatattcc tacccaggac acttttttct cattaggagt ctgtgtttaa agggttttaa     69720
     ccacactgtt tcttttagtc ctacagggtc acatgttgaa tggtgtaaac agcttatagc     69780
     tgctacaatt tctagtcaga tttcaggttc agtgacatca gaaaatgtgt caagagatta     69840
     caaggtaagc ggcattgagt gtttaattca ttattatata gaatagctga ttcgtagcca     69900
     agaatgttgt agtttagttc atgtgagctt ttgaccactt aatttttatt gtcctttgga     69960
     ggtggtgagg acaaaggttc tctagtgttc aatctgaaat acagatagat agagatagaa     70020
     atatagatag agatagaaag ttctacctat ttttcttatt tgtggtttta taattaacat     70080
     aaagaatgtc ctaaggtttt gatcaatttt tttttaaaaa atcaagctct attttatgag     70140
     aaatgtatag tgggcataat agtgcatgct tgtaaggcca atactactta caagggagtt     70200
     agaggccagc ccattgtcca tagagaaact tcaaggccag aggaggttac caagtgagat     70260
     ttcccatcga acagcaggca aacaaaaaga aacatgtttg ctttttttgt tactgtttta     70320
     tgtagcaatc aaacctggat gccagcactg tacttcacaa acatggtttt gtatttaggc     70380
     attgcacttg catagtcatc attagcaagg atactacaat tctaaaccat ttacagggct     70440
     caaaacagga cagcctcatt gttttatgcc ttactggagt gataaacttt tgttttaaaa     70500
     gttggattct ctgcattttc taaggttaag agtgaggctt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     70560
     ccgggcggtg gtggcacatg cctttaatct cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt     70620
     tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagtttca ggacagccag ggctacacag     70680
     aaaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa aacaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa ggcttcttgt     70740
     tggcatagac tgttttctag cactgttcta gttcttaaca gataggtggc gcttgccttt     70800
     aatcccagtc tacacagaga agccctgtct cggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccaaacaaac     70860
     aaacaaccaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaatag tcattgaatg aatcaactag caaaaatctc     70920
     agatgttcca tctttgttca ggctataaac tagaatttaa ttccagtatg ctgttaacag     70980
     atacacagtg aaactgcttt gatatgttct ttgtgtttgc ttgagggggt ttttttgttt     71040
     gttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gtttttgcct ggcaggcatg gtgaatacat tcccttttca     71100
     gtgagtagct cttagaagat ggcaaatctc acaaatagtt caagagcttc agccaacatc     71160
     ctaagcttgc ctaagattac caaagttaat agaaatccta taacctgtta cttcgaaaac     71220
     tggcagtata ccccttaaca gtggccctac cttttgcttt tcatgcatgg cgacaaggtg     71280
     gggggtgggg gcacagaagc tcttgatctc taaaacctag ttaggacgcc actctaggga     71340
     gatgatttgc cggagcagca ggatcccaca gatcccaggt agcatattgc ccccacttta     71400
     cttgaaatgg cccactggat gacccttctc agaagagaat gacactcata ctctggggtg     71460
     attattgcca attataagtt aactgtaaat ttttcataat ggcttaatgg tgtcctgtgg     71520
     gtcctggaaa agagtaaaca aatgcactta ggaagctgaa gcaggaggat caattctagt     71580
     ttaaggataa tttgagctgc atactgagtt cactgctaat gtgggctaca gtataagacc     71640
     atgtctcaaa atactaaaac aaataataac aagtaacaat ggaatgccga ctagctttct     71700
     aatgtattgg ttggctggat ctttaacatg aaataactaa attttatcat tttaatctat     71760
     ttaaaatttt tgtatagcag aatcagctca tattagaatg gttccctagg ttcttttcat     71820
     aaaaagtaag gttcttatat attttggaaa ttgaggttta agtccctata tcagatcata     71880
     gtcaaacctt tgatggatta ttcatgtttt ataactaaat ctacaaattt gtcattaagt     71940
     ttataatttg taagttatac tttcttcaga gaagtatatt ttaatcataa aagcataaaa     72000
     ttatcctaaa ctacacaaaa gtggtatacc ttctacaaat aaacttagag taacagtttt     72060
     gggccttgga gaccctctgg cataggagcc atggtatgga gctgagcata aatgtccaga     72120
     tacaatttca ggacgattga agttgtagct actaatagaa aagatttaaa attatctatt     72180
     gtgtaattat cttccttaaa acacacagat atttggtgca gacgtctctc cccttcctac     72240
     taccatcccc tcttgtccct tctcttcttt caagtgccct ccccttctct agttctttcc     72300
     tctcaaattt cctcccagtg ttccctccct ccttcctatc tcttccctcc cccttccccc     72360
     tttctctctc tactcccctc ctgtcttctt ccgtctaccc tgtcttcttt ctgttcccct     72420
     attccctagt ctctcctttc tcccagtcct tttgtcatct cttccctctt cttttctgtc     72480
     tcctcccctt ttcttctttc cccttgtctc ctgtcccttc cccctcccct ttccttcttt     72540
     gccccttttt cccatcttct cccttccttt cccctcctct actctccctg acctttctct     72600
     tctactcctc ttcatccttt ctcttgcccg cttctctttt cccctcccat tcctttcttt     72660
     ccttccattt cccactctac ttacctccct ttctagccca tttcctcttc cataggtctt     72720
     ctttctcctc ctttctcttc tctcattcct cctctcctgt ttctcttcct ccttctctgc     72780
     ttctccactt ttcctctaga ttcttcaaca cggtactttt ctcatctctc cactctttcc     72840
     ctgccattct tctcctcctg ctttctgtgt ttagtccctt ctgcacctct catttctctt     72900
     cctcaggcag ctgtcctctc atctatacct ttcccctgtg ctcttctcgc ttccccaccc     72960
     tcttctcctt ttcctgctcc tctctcttcc tatcctgctt cccctctcct ttttatactc     73020
     tcctctctct ctcctttgct tttttattcc ttcctctccc ctctacacaa actctacatc     73080
     ttcatgactc ttccctctag atagtcggga gtacaggtgt gctctgccat acagttctca     73140
     tgctcatgga aagacaaata ttaacacaaa tggtatgcag ttacaacaag ctcaacttgt     73200
     agaggtggag gtgtgaaatg gcaggtactt gccaggcatt gtcatagctg aaagcacaga     73260
     caggtggtac tagttaataa tacatcttta ctttattgtt acttgctatt aaataccaag     73320
     ccatcctaaa gattaacctg agaattaata tcattaaaag aaatataaga aaaggttttc     73380
     ttttgcttac tctctgcttg ctaactcaat tgctttcatc taactaggcc aacatacaga     73440
     aaaaaatcat ggggttgttt tatgaatatg atcaaaatac attgcacgaa gttctcaaag     73500
     aataataagg acattgtttt aaaattcttg cccttaaatt tatttttaaa aatatgaccg     73560
     ttatcttact gtatttttca tagattagat acaataatag ttagaaatta tactaaaata     73620
     tttctagtga ctgaagaaat gatacaacca atcatagctt ccattatttg caaagtacaa     73680
     cttggctcgg aagagggagt ttatagagta gtacaaacag tgctgactag ctctgtgatc     73740
     ttgtgtaatc cctgtgtatg accttgtata gtcttgagag tttccttgac tatatacggc     73800
     taagaggatt atggtcagat tttaagtgtt taaatgcctt tgtttctaga atgcttttca     73860
     gttatgtttg attctggcct gccttctacc aatgagtcta ctatgggagc atcttgcttc     73920
     ttctgctcta ggattaccat cgttacttct ctgtccctct gtggtgtttt gcaccccccc     73980
     cttttcattg tgtatgcagt aatagctaga tatattcttt aaatagttta aactacaaca     74040
     gaggagaaaa ttggaatggc agcatacaca ttttcttcct tttcttagtt tggactattt     74100
     agatcagaaa tctagctatt attgaaccaa aagaatgctg tattaatttc tggatcctca     74160
     acagaaattt ccagaagagc tttgaaggaa agggggtgac agtatatggg gaatacatta     74220
     ttatgcgtga cttaggtctt ggtttatgtt tatgtttcct gagtttggtg ctaacctttg     74280
     aaaagggaag tttgagcatg ccctttcagg attcactgtc ataatctatg gctgaaaacc     74340
     caactttatg agttacttat tatttgtaga ctgcagactc agatgcctac atgagacaag     74400
     catctcttta gcaaggaggg cagatataag agagagatgt ggagaattga aggtataata     74460
     tgcccccata gaagcatttt ttcaaagtct cattgctatc tgcttgagca atagctgtcc     74520
     agtttaaaat cacttaatcc tgacttaaag gcactgctct ctcctctggc ttacatcaga     74580
     atccaggtca agaaggaaat aagtgtctat atgtactaaa gggatcgttt caggagagga     74640
     gcaaagggag ccagaaacat acccacaaga ctttgaggca agcccctgca aacctaccac     74700
     tctcctgtct ggactgctga ggctttcctt agagtagctt aagaagcgtg tgagcagaaa     74760
     cactggatac tacactgtcc ctttctaaac tgcccagcca ttttcttagc aaaggcactg     74820
     gcagaaaagt ggtggccaat tatatgctgt tggcttcttc aacaaactaa agaaagttaa     74880
     gacatccgga aacttttact cccaaccatg tgtctttgtt catgataaat tactattact     74940
     atgtgtgggg cctggagatg atcttccaca tctatgtcag gattttcact ggctttacct     75000
     tgtataggtc ttctgcagat aaccacagct gctgagttca cgagtgtgat agccatgtca     75060
     tgtgcaaaaa ccagcatgtc acagcacccc ttctcatcct ccgctgctta cgttctttcc     75120
     acctattctt cacagtgttc cctggtggca gaaagggaga ctgtggaaat agatgtcaca     75180
     gtcaggacca agcacttagt atcttatttt cagcactttg atcagttata catctttcca     75240
     ttgactactg tccactgcaa acagaagctc ctccaaggtt gagagcagca aacatctatg     75300
     agtataaata taaatacata caaggcaatt tgatagcatg agcactgagg aaaagaacaa     75360
     gagtgatttc taccttaggg cttataaact caccagccat gtcttaagtc taataagaaa     75420
     gcattcagca ctctagagca gtcatgccac tatcacacca gtggacaaat ctcttctagt     75480
     aagttgatcc tttagtgtac tgggtccggt cctatataag aacttaaatg tcttttctct     75540
     gccatcagcc tacactgggg ggggggtttc tggtgagttt gagaatgatt tttttatgtg     75600
     ttgcagccag agtatgtggg tgttttcaac aatcagggat tgctatgtag ttatggtggg     75660
     taaccaaaag caatggcaat agcctgtggt agtttggtga cctgggacct acctgaccaa     75720
     tacttgtagg gaggtattcc ttgccttgta ctgctatttg cattcaataa ctcatgtctt     75780
     ctgggaacaa aattgtccaa ccatgtaggg taactccatt tgggttcttt tatttacatt     75840
     gttaatgctg aaacagggaa agctttgtgt tcatgttcct gttaaggtga tcttctgcct     75900
     ctttagtaaa tccggtaaag ctaataatct ggcaattgtc ctttttgatg aagtgtttct     75960
     tattcaacat ctagtggttg gatggattca acagccagtg tcgtatgtag tacagagaga     76020
     ttcaagttct ccccagaatg taacaacaat tcgttttcct agagtttttt gtccccatgt     76080
     gctgtttctt ctaactagag ctttcccaca cagaggctgc atgttcagtt aggattcttt     76140
     gaccacagac acaggaatat tacttctgaa attagtgttt cttgcttaaa taaagcatgc     76200
     ttttactttt ccttcagcca ctacctcttc ctccttggag cttcctcttt gctgccatct     76260
     ccatcagaga aggcacccag cttccagtag aggaaccaca ttagagaatt tcatgctgta     76320
     gtcccgatag gaattggaaa tgaatttaaa gagaaaccag gttaagcttt gtgactatct     76380
     cactgttagg ttattgaatt catacatagc taaactgggt tctggatcca gtttggggtt     76440
     tctggttttg tgggaaggcc tgagagcata actccctttt tatatcattg cttctatact     76500
     gaaaatacct tcaattttct aaacagaaac gtttactttt gaaatgcagc ctgttcacaa     76560
     tagcttgtga aagcacttgc cagaaaagat ttgtgtttaa aaggttggag atgagggaga     76620
     tacatttctt caaaacagat acttccctga aaattacagg acaaatgtgt tagacattga     76680
     tttgatagtg aataaaactt caagggttaa tatattatag aggattacac tatttcttag     76740
     ggactaggct gttgaattta atggcatctt tcacaggtca gtaagaatat ttccatgatg     76800
     atgatgttct gtattttaac taacaggttt tcaggaggcc tgataccagg gtaaggagat     76860
     ttggcttgtg gcagatgggc ctcctgcttg tatatgtctg ttttatgagc acttggtttg     76920
     tatgagtcac tgatcagttt gctgtgctgt gtcatagctt taagtgcttt ctggaaatgc     76980
     tttctttgct acaggttttt aaatgtgcag tttttaaaaa aaatgtgtca aggcagggaa     77040
     aattgttccc agtgtgctat actgactttc ctcagaccac atgaattctg acccaatgga     77100
     tggtcatggc cagcgctata actctagggc tatgttgtcc cttttttaaa aatatgcttt     77160
     taattgaaac agaattatat cactttcatc cctcctttcc ttcttctggc ccttctaaaa     77220
     acccctcact cttttggagt tgatagactg tttctttgat tattattgtt tcgtacatac     77280
     atatatacat atatacatgt gtgtatatgt acgtgcatat tactcatgct tgtgttattt     77340
     atgctgaaga acttagcaac caaaatagtg atcatttttt gtccatccac tctaagtatg     77400
     actttaagtc atgcttgtgt ttgcatgttc aatccaaaaa agcttaagca ctaatcttga     77460
     agcaagcttt acaaaaatga gtatttttat aaatacagct acagcttttc ttttcctcat     77520
     gattttcctt ccctctattt cagaatattc ataaagcaag acaaagattg gtaatttgca     77580
     tgcatctaac tcctagtgtt agacatgaaa aaaattaacc tattttcatt aaatggaaac     77640
     aatctggatt ttcatagtat gattgaactg cttctgtttg aaaattgcaa gcttattgaa     77700
     gccagtgcag tcatacagaa atagccgagt tgagtaaaac tcttcctcta ttagttggtt     77760
     taccatctta cctcattttc tttggctcgt gagaatcatt ttctttcatt gattcacaca     77820
     gttaaatatt agtgtttggc ttacacttgc atggagtttg aagtactgta agaatttgtt     77880
     ttaaggaatc actaattttt ctgttttaac attttaaaaa ccacacaatg aatggttctg     77940
     ttgtttatac atgtaaaaat tagaaatttc aacaaaacag gctggattaa aaacctacac     78000
     tgcctttgat ataggtagtt ataaattcat tctgagtata aaaatgtgtt ctgtagttac     78060
     tgaagtttat tgaccagttt gtaaatgtgt gaagtagtaa attcattcaa agctttgcaa     78120
     ctttttctgt tgccattgga actaatttca tattagtttt aatattttca ctgttagcac     78180
     tgttagaaat ttgatgctac tttaaaaggg ggttatattc ctgtcacatt ggttctatga     78240
     aaaattaaga atagcatgtc tttaaacaga tagaataaaa tgactatgca agacttaatc     78300
     ttgtctttga agcatgtttt tgatattgtt agaaatattt aatgtgatgt taattgtaag     78360
     tcacagtatt taattggtaa taagcaataa accagcacac atgtatttat atgtgtatat     78420
     attatatata aaatcttgag catgtgttac gtgcatgtat gcaatgaaat ttacccctgg     78480
     gtaatataat aatcctttag catatgcaaa tcctactctg gttaagctac tcatgtatga     78540
     actgcctatg tagtttggct tgacgttgcc ttttatgtgg tttctgtggt gtgctttatg     78600
     agcacatgat gtgcctgtta tgttctttgc tatttgctat ggtgttgctt agttttataa     78660
     aaatggtgca ttgtttgaaa tccatgatgt ttgtttgctt ttcatttttc taccccaaca     78720
     caaacacaga aaatagacac tacattttag gctgaggatg ctatagatgg tccacacgtt     78780
     atttccttaa ctcgaagggg gcaagtgtgg tgatttgcaa agccgtaaaa ggtgtgtcaa     78840
     cttttacatg cttactgtct cttaaagaaa ttctgtcctt tcacctgtct gtttgcacgt     78900
     gtttctcttt ctcttctctg ccctttcttg tccatgcacc tggtgctgtg caggagctag     78960
     aggaagaaca caatggctac ccttctgaag ctgaagctga tcaggtggca agttctacat     79020
     gttcatctgt ttgtagctac agaccgtgta tctagaagtc atttcatact agatatctag     79080
     gcaataagca aagcttgcca gttgctttta ctactataat agtgctcttc tgtctgtatt     79140
     tggtagattc cattgtgaca ttatttgcaa aaattggttt atccaacatt ttgtcaagta     79200
     gaaattggtt catccatact tcttggttcc ccaagatagg gttacatgac ctccagcact     79260
     ataagactat gaagtgtttt taacaaggac ctagaggggt gaacacaaat gccacaggtt     79320
     ttttacaagg gtgtggatat ttctgtactc aaagctgcac agtggggctt aaggttaaaa     79380
     gcactggctg ctcttcaaat tcccagcacc cacatggcat ctcacagctg tctgtaactc     79440
     cagttccagg tgatccagtg tcgtcttctg gccacgtggt ggcaaatata tacacatgaa     79500
     ggcaaaatac ccatacacat aaaataatgt aatataattt ttaaagttac attgtgtgtg     79560
     cctaacacag cacttggtgt ttcatatttg tggaatgagc atatatactt tatttttatt     79620
     aatcagaatt cagaatcttg ctgtttgctt catactttca gatgttctcc agattcatga     79680
     agcagcgatg tctttcccgc tattgatata gaaaccgaat aggcgagtcc tgtagaagag     79740
     cagttctggg gatgccttgc aagcctcaag tgtcagcctt gtatttgtcc tctatcgtct     79800
     gtgtagaacc acctcccttc attgacccca gaagcatctt ttaggactca gttagaaaat     79860
     cgctgtttgg gcatgcagct gttacataag ctgtccacct ggaagttttg attcacgctt     79920
     atgaaaaccg tgcaaaggtc agagtcattt aggtgggttg gaccctcggg gacaaagtca     79980
     ggaggttgta gatctcagct ggacactcag aagctaagca ccaaggttga gatgagctca     80040
     tagggaattg ctcaactggg caacattgtg aaaagaggca ccaagagcag ttgagtgtgt     80100
     ttatgagatc aaattcactc catcttttag ttgcgctata tataggttgg ataaatcaag     80160
     ggtcaaatca tgtcctgtgc aacctagtag ttgcagtgaa agcttaatac agcacaaatg     80220
     tgagtcccat ctcctaacac agcttcataa agggaatcta ctgtactcac caaaacatga     80280
     gccttctatt gtctcttggc ttcctatgtt taagctaaat gtataacttt ctcttctaga     80340
     agaatctgaa gcattggggc catttctttg tgttattcag atcgatgctt tttcatcttt     80400
     taaaaacatg tcccgtattt aatgatcatt agtgaaagtt ttgtctcaca gtgttcatca     80460
     acacattcat gcctcatgaa atgcacaaat gtttctagtc atatttgact atgaatatgg     80520
     gacaagaaga caaccagttg ttccttactc tttatcttga gagccttgtg catgctgcca     80580
     gggtttcatt ggctagccca ggcttgagat cttgagaatg gctgatgtgg cttgctctaa     80640
     agctgaaaag gcatcttctc ttcccaaatg ccatccagat gctactgctt agagaagctg     80700
     cttttcataa gcagcttcca aaataacctc tcctctgtta gctttaaata taaggtatgg     80760
     catcgcagtt tataggctat aatatttgct cactaaagta agccttaaca atgtaacatt     80820
     gaagtaattt acaattccaa cctcaattaa agtagctttt tcacttggta attaagttac     80880
     aaaattagcc tccacttcag ttaaagtagg ccctcaaatt aaggctcctg ttaagattgt     80940
     tggtatttta gtgtttataa aacaaattgt tgcagggtgg tgtggcccac gcctttaatc     81000
     ccagcattcg ggaagcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggtacaga gtgagttcga     81060
     ggacagctag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa agaaacaaaa aaaatgttta     81120
     caagtataca tattgtttta tgcctcattg aatgaaaagc atattcccaa atcagatata     81180
     gtaaaaagga atctataatt ggggctaagg gtgaagctca gtaatagacc atacttacgg     81240
     ccttgggttt gatacccagt gaccaaaaca agtataatga aatgattgta aaattggaca     81300
     ttacatgtaa aaagaaagtc aagtttatat gaaaatctta ggagtaatgt taagatggga     81360
     gtataactta gtgatatcat gcttgcttgg cacatctagt atcctgggtt tgatccctag     81420
     cactataaaa tcaaaatttt acagaccttt ttggttaaaa atatctaacc aatagtaaaa     81480
     attcaaattg aatacactac ttgtatatat gattttaact atacactttt tgataaggaa     81540
     acatggactg tgtaatcttc tgccttttgg gtagacgaga catacatacc gtagccttga     81600
     tcaacatagc acaccctgtt ttctgatgaa tgtcaatgcc ctcccaagtg ttaacaggta     81660
     tttcttctca agaggcactc cctgattaag gaggtatgag acatgtgttg tactttagcg     81720
     ccctcttgca gatttagtgt gcattaacgc gctgaagcct ggctcacttt tttcaaaagc     81780
     ctaatgtgtt gtatcacagc atttcccacc cactcctctt aagcctgttt acatgtcttg     81840
     ggaaattaat gttctatgaa atacagcttg gtaattgctg gaggttttat caccttattc     81900
     ttattcatga cacatcgtgt cagacatgcc caggagaaaa tgactggttt ccttggtagc     81960
     aactcacagg gtagcaatac cttgaaatag gccccaagtt taggctccta gcttggtggt     82020
     ccagaaactc cattttctgc tctcctttga gttatctggc accttacaag gaagcttaga     82080
     agaagctggt tcctgagtcc cagcatcagc ctgatcatag aagtatgggc acaaactgcc     82140
     tagccatcct agacaacttt tagtatcaat gtagccagtc gacctagcaa ctctttagtt     82200
     ttcttgaaga gtatgaaatt agttataaaa atgaattggc cctaagaact catgatgaat     82260
     acaccctacc ccacagtata tatacagtgt gatgcaggtt gagtattctt tgcctcaaat     82320
     gtttggtaca catgttccac attttggaat tttccatatt ttggagtatt ggatgaaacc     82380
     caagtctaaa catgaatttt gtgcatcttc tacatcttat acacataaac taaaggaaaa     82440
     tttatataat actttctagt gtatatgtgt ttttgtgcta tctgccagta taatctctca     82500
     tagcctagat gagtgaacat tattgacatt cccattcttt atgctccctg ctacacacac     82560
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag agagaaagag agagagactg     82620
     actcatgttt gcatgtatct gggactcagt gccgaagtgt acggctttcc taagttgtgc     82680
     actgttctga gactgttctc tggtcatttt cactcagcct tagggtttcc caaactgttt     82740
     cataggctgg atgatttcta ccctggctaa gcacctcact tctaatgttt ctatttgtta     82800
     gtctcatatt cagaaggtaa catttctttt ctggccttat ttccaaaatt aatggcactt     82860
     taaaatagct gtctgtgtag tgactgtagt acctatctgt cctgtcaagc catttctgta     82920
     ttaatgcttt ctaactgtta attgtaaata tgttgtaaca atttgctaga atatgcagca     82980
     tgatgtcctg tggtgctgag ctttgaaatt atcttttaat gggaggggca tacacttttt     83040
     gcacgcttct gtagccttat caaaatatcc cagaatatta gccttcccct caatatacag     83100
     atggaaagtg atatttattc ctgttggctt tcttgccagg ctctaaggga tggaaataaa     83160
     ctggcacaga tggaagaagc tccacttttc ccaggagaat caattaaggc cattggtaag     83220
     tttaatatgt accatttgct tataggaatc tacgaaatgt attgatactt tttgagcata     83280
     ggttatatgt atgttggaga tcagctagac tgatttaatt agggagaaaa gagatcaggg     83340
     gactggagct cttcattctt attggcatca tcctgacctg aagagatgga agaaattaga     83400
     ggatccaggt gagtggcagt tgaatgttta ccaaaagaaa tgagacctga ttggataccc     83460
     actacagtgc tggctcactg ctttgatgga ctgtttcacc ataaagaaat gtatcagtag     83520
     aaaaccttaa tgccatatct tagtaacagt tttgagaact tcacaaagaa cttttgttgg     83580
     cttctatgat tatcaaaaat ataatgtagt ggaagaaaag ggcacgtgtt gccattctga     83640
     cttataaaga taatggcatg agggttacca tacctctcag ggtaaattgt tatgcatctc     83700
     agagatagtt ggtgggtgag gggtctgcta ggtaccactt tttcatctca gttagctggg     83760
     ttggacagtc aactttgctg ggctattttc ttattccttc atggctctct ctcaacatgg     83820
     gtgttcagtc ctaatatagt catctcatat taggagcatt tgaatggttg ggctttccta     83880
     ctagagcctc caactaatta ctgctgaatg ccctagtttg tgactctgct attaacaatc     83940
     ttcattatcc attagtggtt ttgaaactct tttctttact tgtgggtctt aattctctcc     84000
     ttgtaggccc ctggccttgc cggctctttc ttctatggat gtttcctagc attactcctt     84060
     gctgtgttcc aaacaatctg cttaacatga cagacagcaa gttacagact taagtgtcct     84120
     atatgaaaag ggctggatgg atcacttggc ttttattagt aggccagaat tcacttagaa     84180
     gggattagag ctagcctagg tgactgattt atcactttgt acttgggact cgcatttgta     84240
     ttagaaggag tgccgtaaaa tctttagact ttggctatat ctatctgtgg ctctggaaat     84300
     ggaacattgg gagatggagg gtctcacaca gccccactcc tctcccagtt attggaaata     84360
     ttttacagtt acatgttagg gacatctgca catccctaag gtttgtaagt atgctttcaa     84420
     ttcctccagt agcttccaaa gggtaggtaa cttgacccct actattaaat aacatatgtt     84480
     cccgaggcaa tatattaaag taggtcattt aaagtaaaat aagccctact gagtagtatt     84540
     ttcgaatgga aagagttttg acatagtaga tatagtatat atttgggaag ccattgtctc     84600
     tcttatggta atgagcatat ccaaacctct aactgtagtt cttttttcat ctattctgtt     84660
     cattcctctc tcccccaaaa ctgtagacta gtttatattt cctattactt ttccaaagtg     84720
     aagttatagt atattttttg ctgaacttct tttaatcaaa taattgtttt gatattcaac     84780
     cacattgtgg catcagttag caatcatacc tttttgttgc tgaatagtat ttcatgtgtt     84840
     gatggatgtt tgagttgttt ctgctgcttt tgtattataa ataaaattgt tatgaacatt     84900
     tttacacaag cctgcctaca cgtgttcact ttctcttgga taaatgtcta aggaatagat     84960
     cagactagtt aagaaattga tggtactaca tacatccagc agggcagggg tgttccggtt     85020
     cttccttcct gctctggatg cctttgcttt ctttttcttg tgtaaccctt cagtgagaag     85080
     ttaaggagga gtgggagtag acatacttat tcctatgtgg ggaaagtgtt cagatgttct     85140
     ctattaaatc tgatgttgga tgcaggtagt tgctatcctt tattatctga gaaggcaaga     85200
     gttgtagtca ggaatttcat gagctgggga ttatcctctc tcagcttttg ttttggaaag     85260
     aatttattta ttgtttacaa tttgtagttt acccatgaaa ccacctggac tgtgacttca     85320
     gtgggcaact gtggtcattg atttgagatc tttgctgtct tctagtttgg ctgtttacat     85380
     ttcctccaat cactgcttaa caccacctca tgagttatga ttttgcactt taattttcat     85440
     gacattcaat gcttttgatt tctccttgac ccatgcatta cttaagacta tgttgttcat     85500
     accaacattc aggagtggac acaagaggat cgggtccaag ttcatccata actatatatg     85560
     tctatgtgtg tgtgttgttt tttcatacaa ggcttcatct agcatgatct gacttcaata     85620
     tatacatgag gtctgcatgt ttatgaattt ctcaaatgct cttctgttgt tggtttctaa     85680
     gtttattcca tttgtatttg ggaaacataa atttcatgat ttgaatttat cccaaaactt     85740
     gtgttatggc ccaaaatatg gtcttttgag tgctctgtat actgtagaac tgaacatgtg     85800
     ctatgctatt gttgattgga gtgttctata catgtcaact aggttgaatt cgttgatatc     85860
     atttgaacct tctgtgtctt tccttaccct acccttctct tctttattgt ggatatctgt     85920
     gtctcattga agataaatct ctttcctttc tgtgttttgg agttctaggc atataaatgt     85980
     ttgtaattat tatgtccttc tgaccaaatt gactctgtgg ctaatagaaa ataccttctt     86040
     aagctgggca tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt aggaggcaga ggcaggcgga     86100
     tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacactc aggactatac     86160
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa     86220
     aagaaaatta ccttctttat tcctggttat agtctttgct ctgaaagtct ttgtttaata     86280
     ttatggataa tatagctttc tcctaattaa cttaatatac ctattttcaa tattaaaatt     86340
     attcatgtct ttttttagct ttgtaaattt gcgtactaaa taataggctt cattaaggtg     86400
     ttttcataca tacttattct gagacagcat cttatgtagc ccaggttatc ctcaaccatg     86460
     taaaaaagct ggtcttgaac tcctgatctt tctacctcaa cctcttgagt gctgggatta     86520
     cagggtatac caccacatct ggtttataca gcagtagaag tcaaatctag agctttattc     86580
     atgttaggca agcatccaaa acctaaccct aactccaacc ccatcctcaa gtccaaccct     86640
     aagccatgct ttgttcttct agaccctctt ctgtatattg ctctaccatt ccacagtccc     86700
     agtccttttg gtcagtgcct tccctaccca cagtaggccc cattctgctt ctaggtcaca     86760
     tatttgctct cttttccact ctcgcccctc atgacctctt tctcctacct tttattttcc     86820
     catctagttt catggtctat atccgtagac acatgagcca cacagattgt gtctaggatt     86880
     tgcatatttt aggaagtatg tggtatttgt gtgtttctga atgtggctca ttttacttaa     86940
     cactctccag ttgcattcat tttccttctt tatgttaaat acagtactat tgtgtatatg     87000
     tgctatattt tctttattca ttcatttttc tatgtgaagt gggtttcttt cgagccacat     87060
     atagttgaga tcatgttttt gtctgcaatc taataattcg tgttttgtgt ttagatggtt     87120
     ggggttatta acatattata ttaatataat taattttaaa ttcctcatct tattgttttc     87180
     ttttgtctca tttagttctt gctctcttct ttgacttttt ggtcatgttt tagttgaaat     87240
     gagtactctt ttttttttct ttctttcttg ttgcagtgct gaggaccgaa ctgagagcct     87300
     aaatgcttgt caggcaagca ccctgccacc aagttctatc cttgttaatt agtactttct     87360
     cagaatgtgt tttttgtttg tttgtttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg     87420
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagacacttg attgataaca aacagaaagt taactttgat     87480
     agggaatttt tgttttgagg cagagtctca atatggctgt tttggaactc actctgtaga     87540
     ccaggctggc ttgaactcac agagatcctc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg atagttactt     87600
     aagattaaag gcatgcactg ccatgtctag ctgataagaa attttaaacg aaccctcctc     87660
     ctggtggata ataacttagt gtctgaggca ctgagctata ctctcggcct gtgaaagaat     87720
     gcctttttct acttcaatga aggtgtgcca gtttgcttca actgcaaagc agtttctctt     87780
     caaaaagaca gtgtttaact tttacaaact ttaggttaca ttttatagga taatagccca     87840
     gtgccttctg agtataataa atattttcag cattatcaac ttttcaacca gggaaaatat     87900
     taactacctg gaaaaaaatg acgaaataaa catcactata aggcatttta cttaaagcat     87960
     cataaagtag caaatcagag ttttgaacta tatcagaaga ctatccatct atgttattat     88020
     ataaagtaat aatttttata attccttaaa gttttaaatt cctagaagac tggatcatcc     88080
     atatgttttt ggaaagtcgt actagatgtt actaaagtac aagtccataa gagtcatcgc     88140
     tactttggtt ttgttctttc agtgaaagac gtcatttata tctgtccatt tatgggagca     88200
     gtgagtggga ccctgacagt gacggacttt aaaatgtact tcaaaaatgt agaaagggtg     88260
     agtttttaaa ttatgctttg tttttaagat cttatgaaca gtaaaagaag aaaataaagt     88320
     cccctgaact cctatcacaa agacactaca ggacagtgaa tttgaagaga cgttggttct     88380
     taatcaaaat tgttaaagtt gcatttagac gtgggggagg attagcactg tggtttgggt     88440
     atagacctcc tgaggtatac tatctctcag atgccagctt cttaactgca aagataactg     88500
     caattcatag taaacaaaca tctaagcctg cagcaactta aaacatgaaa actggtgact     88560
     gactttgata ggtgtttaat tttcatccct aggacccaca tttcgtcctt gatgttcctc     88620
     ttggagtgat cagcagagtg gagaagattg gtgcacagag ccatggggat aattcttgtg     88680
     gtatagagat tgtgtgcaag gtaggctgca aacaccagtg aacaccaaca cgaggtagac     88740
     cattctgaac tctttctgac tcgtggccct tacaatcttt ggatcatagg aataatttgt     88800
     actgtttaca gggtaaaacc tccttcaaat cttatgtcag taaatgtaat ccactgtaga     88860
     atttgatacc ctctctcaca gtcttctgat tgaagttttt ggctatgttg gaactttcta     88920
     tattgaactt ctaggctcat gttttttttt ttttttcttt tcccttcctt caagaagtta     88980
     gataggaatg tgtggaataa tgatggccac caaacaaatt agctcaaatg aataggtttt     89040
     atgcctagtg actttacctc atataagaca gtttactaaa aactaaccta atgtgccagg     89100
     agatgtatcc tgtctgcaga attgtcaaga tctcttccaa acttagaatt tgcatttttg     89160
     cttattctat ttgctttgct ggaatctgag gacatctcca cccctggttg gctcaagcac     89220
     acagtctaga ctcactgttg gccttacatg gcagatgttt cccattccta gacaagttct     89280
     acctgtgata ccagggcacg cagctgcata ggaaggtaaa cagctgccgt gtagggtcta     89340
     tggtgaattg aataggtttg tggtctttaa agctgttact ctcttgtaac ttcctccata     89400
     ctcactgagg ggagcttaga agccaggacc tcgtgaatgc tagacaagtg atctagcact     89460
     gcactccatc tctggcccct ttgcataatt ctttaggagc tttccactct caggctatag     89520
     gaagtactct tgtgtggaac tcccctctcc ttatccttgt ctgccattcc tgctggctgt     89580
     cctgtagatg ttcttatttg gcacatgcct atttcctcac actcactgaa ttcaataaat     89640
     ctcagtccct cccccttctc acatcctctt tcctgggtat gcagtacata ggctacccca     89700
     gcacattcta agctatatgc ttcattcatt gcacatactt tctcatggct tggaatactt     89760
     ttcctcccct ttgagtattt ctaaatgctc aacaagtaac ttaccacagt atgtgcatag     89820
     ccagtatggc ttgaaaagca ggcatgtcag gaaacgatgc tattgtagct cttttatgta     89880
     tcttatggta ttttaaggta ttttatggct ggcgtgggta tttgctgaca gctgatttaa     89940
     atacttggta gcctggaatt atgaagacca ggctcccaac tcatgcctga gaacctcaca     90000
     aggtatgggg ttttattttt atagattttt gttttgcttg tttgtttgtt tgttttcaca     90060
     tcatcagttt tcaccagatc ttagaaggcc tgaagctcac tatgtagaca aggctggcct     90120
     caaactcata gattgctctc tgcctctgct ttctgactgc ttggattaaa ggcatgtact     90180
     accacacatg gattatttta ttatttttaa tgtataggtg tcttgactat atggatatct     90240
     gcctggtgcc tgtgaaagcc agaagagggc atcagatcag atctcctgca actggagtca     90300
     cagacagttg tgagctgcca tgtgggtgct gggaattgaa tttggataca tcagaaagaa     90360
     cagccagtac tctaaacttc tgagtcaatt ctctagcctg cattttattt tttttttaaa     90420
     agatgattca taattccaaa gtacaaaagc tttatatagt aaaatgtcaa gtatttccct     90480
     cctgcacttt actccctata gacacagtta ccagtgccta atgtaacact gcacagatac     90540
     cttctgcatg gaaacatgtg gtggcacata cctctactac cagcacttgg gagacgggca     90600
     ggcagatctc tgtgaattca tggctggcct agtctacata gcaagctcca ggccagcaaa     90660
     ggttgtatag cgagacttgg tctcaaaaag gcagggtaga gggtggaggg aaggcaagga     90720
     tagcgtgtat atgtggttct gcccctttcc ccccgtgact gtgtatcttt gtacttcttt     90780
     tgaccagtgc atatatagct gtagtttctt tccagtcggt cttcagcttc cctgtacatt     90840
     atttagccat ggcccctaca agcatttggc ttgttaccat tcttttgctg ttataagtat     90900
     cataataagt ttacttccca agctgctgtt tctttgtttg tggttctatg tattttcaaa     90960
     tttcatttga tgctaaggaa gagtgtttta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     91020
     cgcacacacc ttggttactg ataagaaaat agatttatta ggagacaatg cttaaagtgc     91080
     tgccacagaa agaaatcaca ctgttaagag ctaggcttga tgcaatagtt tctgctaatt     91140
     tgtgcttgct tgggcatttg gccataagct tgtattgaga taagagaaaa cttttttaaa     91200
     aattgatatt aagaaatagc attctattga tacaagagct tgctgagagc tacagtctcc     91260
     ccatggtaca gactactttc ggggaatact gtagctggct cattcagcag cttagcctga     91320
     acaataaatt ccatgcgcgc ctttggctgg taagtgcaca gaatgtggtt gcacatcttt     91380
     tgtatgcaaa cattattttt aattctgttg actctcctcc ccaacatata cagtcccttt     91440
     tattccagtt ttcttaattt ttaaaatctc attggaagta tttttgttaa cttgtcttct     91500
     gtgagttaaa agaaagtaga gtacaaagta agggataaat aaaagtcttt tatgtaatta     91560
     tgtcagggca tctggctaac aagtgctcat tccatgttaa ataactgagt tttgttcatt     91620
     gtttactagg atatgaggaa cctgagactt gcatataagc aggaagaaca gcgaaaactt     91680
     gggatatttg aaaacctcaa caagcatgct tttcctcttt ccaatgggca ggtaagtaca     91740
     acgaagtaaa cttttgcata tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa ttccatcttt acacatttct     91800
     ttcttgcata tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa ttccatattt acacatttct ttcctgtata     91860
     tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa ttccatattt acacatttct ttggagtttt ctttacctct     91920
     tttctgtgat gtaactaaat tcaaatgttt gaattttatc tcttctttat aatgattaag     91980
     aaaagctttt agcaaggcag tggtggtaca catctttaat ctcagcactt gcgaggcaga     92040
     ggcaggcagc tctctgtgaa tttaaggcca tcttggtcta tagagtgagt tccaggacag     92100
     tcagagctat acagagaaac cctgtctgga aaaacgaatt aaagagagag agagagagag     92160
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaagaga gagagagaga aagagagaga     92220
     gaaagggtag gagagagaga gtagaaaaga aaagacagaa agagagctag agaaagaagg     92280
     agagaaagga aagaaagaaa gaaaaagaaa gaaaaggttt ctaacttatt actttacaat     92340
     gtgcagatta aaataggagt tctaacgtgt tcaactgata acagaataaa caaaggtttg     92400
     ctatctgtta tatgataata aatactgata tacattttct ggattttgta tacaggtgct     92460
     atttgcattc aactataaag aaaagtttcc agttaatggc tggaaagttt atgatccagt     92520
     gtctgaatat aagagacagg tagagtatgc cacttgtcaa atggactatg atagcttaaa     92580
     tgtctgtact aaaaggttag atatgtagta gtggagatga agctgtgcaa caaattgtac     92640
     ataggcctag ctttcaagct tgttggttcc tgatttcctg ggtgccctct tctgctgtgc     92700
     cagcctttga ctacattgtt gtctagtcat cattttccag agggattagt aggatgtgtg     92760
     cacaaagatt tgaaactcag atttctgagg aacaaatctc cctccctccc tcccttcctc     92820
     cctcccttcc tccctccctt cttccctccc ttcctccctc ccttcctccc tcatttattt     92880
     tcctccttcc tccctttctg ctattttctt atatgccttt tctatcccac tgtctgtcat     92940
     cttctttcct accttctttc ctctctcctt ctccactctg actcccagga ttatgcacat     93000
     actaggcaag tactctctta ctaagccata ccctatctgc ttccagatgt ttatatcata     93060
     ggtctcataa agaattgatg aataagaatc cagaatgcca ttaatttaat ttgaggcact     93120
     attagttaaa taacaataaa caagttataa attaataaac atgattcata ctttgttttt     93180
     ttttgtcaaa gtagagatga gtgtttcccc ttcttccttc tctaacatcc tacagggctt     93240
     gccaaatgag agttggaaaa tatcaaaaat aaacagtaat tatgagttct gtgataccta     93300
     tcctgccatc attgttgtgc caactagtgt gaaagatgat gacctttcaa aagtggcagc     93360
     ctttcgagcg aaaggcagag tccctgtgag taataaactt tgtcatttag acaggaacaa     93420
     tcacaacatt ggatctgata acaaaatgga aggtagaaaa atcagcttat aaacctgact     93480
     atatctttga ttcttaagaa atacatcact atataagcac tcatttgatc tgtctcttgt     93540
     atgtgtccta tttctaaatg caaaggttcc tcaaggtttg ccctcagggt acagccaaga     93600
     ggaatagagg aatgacaaga gtggatgtgc tggtgcacca cacctcatcg gttgcaccat     93660
     tcactctgga gaagatacat tctttcttcc cactctgtga atttttgtag ctacatggga     93720
     ataaaataat tgtgcccaga aggaagggat aacttttgct tagagtttac atctgaatta     93780
     ttttgtgtcc ttggaccact gtagaaaaat gggagatctg gtgatagact tatagatttg     93840
     tttttaataa gagacctcac cctgcttttt atgttattgt aaagatataa tttttatatt     93900
     agaaagatat aaatgtagcc agtcaaatag aaatgggact agattttagt aatagtttga     93960
     cttaagtttt attttattta gagtgataga atttcaaggg cagaaaggaa ttttagggta     94020
     tctagtcaaa ttctttcagc atgaccaaca cattaattct cttagtcact acagtaccag     94080
     gactagctta tgcactcata accgaggaaa ctctctagga gagattgttc tttttaacca     94140
     attaattaga taatatatta tattaggaat gatatctatc agcaagtatt tattatttgt     94200
     tgctttaaaa cattaggtgt tgtcatggat tcacccagaa agtcaggcaa caattacacg     94260
     ttgcagccag ccattagtgg gtcccaatga taaacgctgc aaagaagatg agaaatacct     94320
     gcagacaata atggatgcta atgcacagtc acataaactt actatctttg atgccagaca     94380
     aaacagcgtt gctgatacca acaaggtaca tgtttaatag ccttgtagaa aatttggggt     94440
     tggttgtttg cttgcttcat tgtttgtttt tacatgcttt ctataagtct tcatagtttt     94500
     agaacaggcc attgaattcc ttgtcatgtg aatattgagt ttctttgatg tagtgtgtgg     94560
     ctatctctcc ctctttagta ttctatggac aatgtttgcc atcctacatt gctggaatct     94620
     tgcctttttc attacttctc cacagtttag tctgatggct caattaagca aattcctaga     94680
     aagagaacta cataaattaa tgtctatttt cgtgaaacaa ccacaagccc ttggaagtcc     94740
     ctctagtaaa tttactgata atttaaccaa ttcatatctt ttaaaatata tttcatgtat     94800
     tactttcata tatttttaga atgcacttag ttatatgaaa gtgcagaaat ataaattttg     94860
     ctgtcatcat taatgacctc ttggctttca tcaaccccca tgttgttctc actattgagc     94920
     caggcccttg ctctctttca ttggttccac tttctttgct gaacttccaa tggtagcatt     94980
     acttgaactt ggtttggggt cccctttttg gttctacaac aatctcccaa ggtcatctac     95040
     tcagaggcag gactttaaac aatgtttcta tgctgagtta cacatggaag tatctctagc     95100
     cctgaaggta gcccaaatcc ccatcctatt ttatgtttga catctctact ttgctgtctc     95160
     cagggtcaca aaacctcagt gaactccaat ccacctaaga gagacctttg gcttagactt     95220
     ggatacccct gagttttgct gcaccagtta tttaacctga cccacaagat gagagatgat     95280
     agtagtgctt tgtgccaaca tctgtgtgat gattagaact aagtgagaac agtacctgtg     95340
     aaggcctcta cacccccagt actccatgca taaagctacg gagtcagccc cttctgtggt     95400
     cagcaatgtt acccaggatt ctgacttgaa gtctaagtta tggtgttggt tactaatatg     95460
     ggagaaaaat ggggtaggga ggatagcggt ttcctgaggc tgccctttaa actatcacaa     95520
     atccaaaaac ctcataaagt tgttctcttt ctaaaggttc caagagagag tctacttttt     95580
     atcatctcta gagtctcatg gccaagccag cactcctgag cttgtagcca caccctgcaa     95640
     tttacctcaa tttcacttgg cttcctcaag ctgtgtgtgt ttctatattt cttcctcctt     95700
     cttctaagga tattataatg accttctggg tcctcttgat gtaatccagg attatcccta     95760
     cagtttatgg tctttaatca cattttcaga gattttgttt tgtttttcaa ataaggttgc     95820
     attcacagtt ggtaggggtt tattgcaaat atcttcagtg agggctactt ttcatcctat     95880
     tttacaaagg catccttcat caggcagctg cctccactcc tcctgactgc tggattattg     95940
     ccagtctatt tctttgaatc ctttctgtta ccactgtact gctaatccaa gaacttaaaa     96000
     agtataagaa aactatatag aaaagacaga cacacaaaga caaaagaaag accttccttt     96060
     taattatttt attagtttaa aataaatatt tgtcgtactt ttaatcgagt aaagttgtat     96120
     atggttgtgg tgtgtgtgat gttttgaaat atatatacat tgtagagtgg ctaaattaag     96180
     gtagcaaacg cataacctca cagatatttt tttgaagtga agaaacttca aatctattct     96240
     tagcagtttg aattatacaa tataatatca ttctcaatag tcaccatgtt gtacagaaca     96300
     tactctgcac atactacacg catgaatcct ttccttcctc tctcacatat catctcctgt     96360
     aggataattt atttagttcc tcaagtacat ctcaaggtca ccacagaatc tttgctgtgc     96420
     tcgcatagct agccacttcc ctattcttca ggctggcgct ttctcagctc ctgaaactta     96480
     agaatctcag ttccccagct agctgcttca agcctaggca tatgctaatt tctgtttctc     96540
     agcaggcata gctgtggtcc tacctacctc tactgctcag attgcagact cgggcaccta     96600
     ttttgcctat atcatcagtt tctctcaaga actctggttg gccctgatag ataaggtctg     96660
     tctaacaaat ttttgttttc tagaactgtc taaacctcac actctggtcc ttctgaagta     96720
     tcagtgggtt tcctttctca ttgtctttcc tttttgtctt gagaccccca gatgactgat     96780
     ccctgtgttc tgctatagaa ttgatatgca gtgttctttt aactctatag ccttggttta     96840
     attaatgagc ctttgtcttc tgtacattgt tataatcagc ttgtaggcag aaaattgact     96900
     ttatgttccc taggtttatt ccaattctta gtgcacgcac gctgcctctg tgctgaaatg     96960
     ctatatagct ataagattcc ggctcatccc ctcacagagt ttccttccca ttggcaactg     97020
     gctctgcaga actgatttct gtgcttagct tatagcttaa cacaaagtag gtgcccaaac     97080
     aaagtcatca ctgccttgaa atccacttca tctctcctgt gtacctttct tggtgctgct     97140
     gggtggtggt cctctacatt tctccaacca gctcctgatt ctccacaaag gccatttcaa     97200
     cccattttgt gacaattcaa gtatatagtc ctgcccagcc cctcactttg aaaaactgac     97260
     tgcttcttca tagaggataa gctatatctg acagaaactg ccttcccttc ctgcatcttg     97320
     ttaaggtaga agaagtggct ttctccctga gccttgtctt ccttccctgg cctctcctgc     97380
     ctatccaggg actttagtcc ttcatattct ccttgcttcc tcttccctca cctcttctgc     97440
     cctttccact ctttccttcc ctgtttgtga cccctacctt cttatctgtt ctcttctatt     97500
     gtctctcctt tctgctctct ttctctcctt cctctcctgt gttttcctta aatattggtc     97560
     ttctttagac ttctggccta ctcttctgtc cgtacattac acattgttct ggaacaccat     97620
     gcagcatttt tctgtcttcc cttgtcatcc attcatatga caaatattcc acatcaatat     97680
     tcacacgtca cactttttct gagttccaga cctttgcatc ccttagccta gatatgactc     97740
     cagccaagtc ttatcacaac gtcatttggt cctcactgaa cttgacacca atcttcccca     97800
     tagaatgtag tctttcacca atagactctt aataaatgat gccaacactt catgtaaccc     97860
     aacagagaat cataggtatc acttgtccta tctattcctg cagttccaaa ttactactgt     97920
     gtgttgcctt ttaaatagct caaatcatat gtccatctgt accgtagctc cttcaaccag     97980
     atgattgcat ctctgtgctt aatccacctg cagaatgtct cacctcatag gccttcccag     98040
     taactctgtt cctctactgc ctgacccttt actcatatca tctagtctct gcatgctctc     98100
     tggcttcatt gatcattctt accgatgacc tggtataatt tgtgtagaat ttctcttcat     98160
     ttcaggaagc catgttctta cccgtctctg tgccctattt gtcttggcta ttcttgtctg     98220
     taccctaatt tgtgccttct ttgcttttgg ctgtccaggt atctggcacc tcctgtgcta     98280
     ccctagagca catgaccctc agccctgtgc tgttcttgat cttgttctct tctccctacc     98340
     ccagcctaaa gaccaaagtc tctccttact catcattgtc ccgggactga ggtagagcac     98400
     aacagttatt tgtatacact ggagagttag tttcagacta aatgaatagt gtgcctttgt     98460
     gttatacatg tttacttctt tatcaagata aaattcaggt aacataaaac tccttagttt     98520
     atacttcaag gacttccaat ctattcacaa tcctgcaaag gtagctctac tgtcccagtc     98580
     catcagccca tatggaactc tgtatccatt tgctgtcact ccccactccc cttgcccagc     98640
     ctctggcagc agttaatatg cttttatccg gatagactcc cctcagttgg atacttcata     98700
     aaaatggaat cctgtattaa gaactctttt gtgcttgtct tcttttcctc atttgaaaag     98760
     ttcatctatt tagtagcatc tgtacgtcat tcctttttct ggatgaataa tattcgattg     98820
     tattgaaaga caagattcta tttgctcatc tatctgtttg tggacattta aattgtttct     98880
     ccctattggc tattgtgata cagctcttct actcaagggt atatatgccg aagaaatcag     98940
     aataggtact taaataaaac atgctcacaa atgctcatag tggctggatg gcgtgggaat     99000
     gctttcacca gtcataactt ccaccaattg taactttgga ggacctgtca aattgtcctc     99060
     cacagaagct gtagctttgg actttgccgc cagtttctcg gagctgtcat ctaaatgtgt     99120
     tttgaatatt gacctctgta cagtgtaaac tagctacaga gcaggtttta ttataagatc     99180
     acctactccc ttttggttac atttattttc tcttattaaa ttgctaagat aaattttgtg     99240
     gtttcggaac tccaaattgt tttattatat agaaatgttg tgatagtatg acattttcta     99300
     ggtaaataaa tagctctagc agaaggaacc ttgtataaaa atcacttggt actgttttaa     99360
     aaaccatagt tggtgaaatg ggattgttaa ggcttaaatt gtgtcctcaa taaaacaaca     99420
     tgttgaagtc ctgcctctta gtgcttatga gtacattttg aaagaatcct tataagtcta     99480
     atgaagttaa accatccgtt aggttaggat gggccgtaat tcagcatgac agacacattt     99540
     ttattacatt tatttgtatg cacatgtgca tgcttctgtg tacaggccag agaacaagct     99600
     ggcaggattt gcttctctcc tacagggatt tttggtatca atcaaactca ggttgtcagg     99660
     cttggtgcca agtgccttct ccactaagcc atttcactgg acccgcaggt atttttataa     99720
     agaaagcaga gacagagtca gagacaaaag gggaatcaac tgcaaacata gaaatggaca     99780
     ttaaagtgtt gagcatataa acctagactg cctataggtg ctaggaacaa agagccaaag     99840
     aacaatattc tctgtgattg ttggtcttgt tcattaactg atgggattta gaatcctaga     99900
     gctacaaccc taggcatgac tttgggaatg tttttagaga ggttcaactt agaaggaaag     99960
     gctcacccta aatgtggata cctgcactcc ttagactggg gtctaaacag aatcaaaagg    100020
     agaaagtgat ctaagcagca ttcatcaggg tcaccttgca catctgtcac tactcttcct    100080
     ctgctggaat gggctgtgtc ctctcagacg atgagccact ttctttcctt aagtttcttt    100140
     tgccagatat tttgtcacag caatgagaaa agtaagtggc acactcttct agagacagaa    100200
     ttctaaggaa ctctgaccct ctggcacctg tatttcagcc tcctagactt gagatgtggt    100260
     gatggtggtg cactgcaatg agatggttca tttctgctgc tttgttctga cagttcgtgg    100320
     tacccctgtt gtgttctggc agttctaaag caaccataca gtatatagag atttatcagc    100380
     aagggagttt gatgcatctt tagtggtcta tgtctggtta cagtagaaac agtacaaaag    100440
     ttaattcaag aaataatgta tatcttttgc ttttttatag gcaaagggtg gtggatatga    100500
     aaatgaaagt gcttacccta atgccgaact catattcttg gagatccaca atattcatgt    100560
     gatgagggag tcacttcgta aattaaagga gattgtgtat ccttcaattg atgagtcaca    100620
     ttggctatcc aatgtggatg ggacacattg gctggaatat atacgggtag acaagttcaa    100680
     tcttttatct actttctaat tcacacatct aaccatctgc cataaatatt tctatttata    100740
     agtgttttca acattacata ttaatgcatc ttgactgtgt aggaaacctt ttggaaaatt    100800
     ttttctggaa acagactata gtctttatgg agggcttttc tgacaaaaat tcacaatttt    100860
     ttcattataa atcaataaat aaataacttt aagacagggt catgtagccc atgctagccc    100920
     acaaatttgc tgtttagctg aagttctttt gatcttctga tcctcctgac tccaccttcc    100980
     tatgctaggt tttctaaaaa gttacatttc ttttattaaa gctgtggctt cattttaaat    101040
     tatatgcata tgtggagatt ggtatataca catatgaatg gctatgcctg cagaagtcag    101100
     aagattgtat tggatcccct gaaggtgggg gagctacagg tggttgtgag ctgtctgact    101160
     taagagccca gaactaaaca ctgcacaaac aatatatgca ctctcaacta ctgtggcgtt    101220
     tttccagccc caagtttctt tgtttttaat gactgggtct ttctgtgtag cttggactgc    101280
     ctttgaattc accacctaac ccagactggc ctgaagttgc ctccccagtg ctgggattac    101340
     agttgtacaa tacacgtagt taggttttta acagaacttt tgaccctcca ataaatgacc    101400
     ccatttattt atgttatttt tataattaaa aaacatgatg ctaacacttc ctagtgattc    101460
     ttaattaatt ttgtgtttgt tgttgtgttt tgttttgttt gggatactgg gactggaact    101520
     taggaactta ctgaaataga gcctcagtcc tagatagcat tcttgtatgg cttattggcc    101580
     agaacatcca aacttttgta cagaattatc ttatacagca gttaaacact taatgtagcc    101640
     ttatctgttt tatcttcttt tctgaaggtt ctccttgctg gggcagtgag aattgctgat    101700
     aaaatagaat ctgggaaaac ttccgtggtc atccactgca gtgatgggtg ggatcgaaca    101760
     tcccagctca catctctggc aatgctgatg ttagacagtt attaccggac cattaaagga    101820
     tttgaggctc tcatagaaaa ggagtggata agctttggac acaggtttgc cctggtatgt    101880
     ttgtctggct tatgtgtaac tgttttatta tttcacgtac atgtgcctgg catttggtaa    101940
     catctattta catgcatcag caacctcttt tctctgcacc agacttgaag ccatgtgaaa    102000
     ctgttgcttt gaacttataa tgagcttata gagtgaaaca ctgttttgta ctgactatca    102060
     acatccttct atgactctcc ttgtgtgtca tattttatct atgaggtaat tttctaagaa    102120
     cttttgtcta taaaaaggcc agagaaaaga aataaagttg ttgacttgag ggggctccgc    102180
     tccatccatg tatccatcca aatgtagata tgcatatgtc tgtctgtctg tctatatata    102240
     catgtgtgta ggtatatgtg taaatatgca tgaacacttg tggaatagat aagacaggta    102300
     gtagggccca accagaatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    102360
     ttgcgtgagt cagtctgtgc atattgcctg tgtaaaagac tgaaattctt ttcctttctt    102420
     ctctctctag ttcacaaaga gttaatgagt gtaaggctct tgtctagcca gttagaggct    102480
     cctctacaag agagaaagga actctaacaa ttaatccttt acttaatgcc ctgctgctcc    102540
     cagcaggaat taattaccaa atgtatatct gtctgtctat aactatgtac acttacaagt    102600
     taaaatagtt cagagtttct cactgggcat tcttgccagt cccagataat caggtttgtt    102660
     ctgtcagtag tatttactct gtaatcactg tcaaggagac ctgtctgcta tcagcatgat    102720
     cccaatcacc aatgctgctc ctccattcac ggccttcccc aggaaaccct gtgatgccag    102780
     gaaggtcact gacatataca ccttcaagac attgcattga atggaataag taagacacaa    102840
     gatgttaaat attgttatgt tttccattta cacaaagtag ctagaatagt acaaagtagt    102900
     atgcttcttg ccatgaatta tgagatctaa ggtagccatt tactatttaa taagaacaga    102960
     gtttcaattt gagaagatga acattctaca atagatgata ctaatgatta tacaaagtat    103020
     gtaatttcat tgaactgtac agttaagaat tgttttaacc tttagtaact tttatgttgc    103080
     atatttttat cataattaaa aatgtaaaaa tacctaataa aaaaaagaga aaaatgtaaa    103140
     agaaggactg gaaatgttgc aactcaatca tctgtaacta caggtatagg gaatgcaaca    103200
     gcctctggcc tcacacacat aatgcacgta aataataata gacaaatttc taaagtaaga    103260
     taaaacagtc acccaaaaca aaaacactaa acacccacct caccaagtgg aagtaaggta    103320
     atatactcta agacgttttg tatagaggtt ttgtatagag gtaaggggca ctcctttttt    103380
     ttgtatagag gtagggggtt tcactatgta gccctggctg gcctggaaat aactatgtag    103440
     actaggcaag gctcaaagta acaaagatct accttcctct tcctcacagg ttctctgatt    103500
     aaaggcgtgt actacttact atgcatggca tctctgagat tctttttaaa aataattttt    103560
     ttctttcaaa tgtctataca tttacacaat gttttttgat ttatcccttc ctctctacat    103620
     ccctccgatt cctcctgcga cccactgctt gttcatttcc ttgtttttat atctttccag    103680
     gtggcagttt cagtgattat tttcttccaa gctctctatg tggagattga ataatctgct    103740
     tcataatcat ttctttctta accctttgct catttggaag ctgcttctag aatgctcatg    103800
     aaatagatgt ctttttaatc attaaacttc taatgcctct ggaaaatctc ttttaaggtt    103860
     atgggaaggt gccaccatac ccactgtctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc    103920
     atgaccaaga aacaagttgg ggagggaagg gtttattcgg cttacacttc catactgctg    103980
     tttatcacca aaggaagtca ggactagaac tcaagcaggt cagggagcag gagctgatgc    104040
     agaggccatg gagggatatt ctttactggc ttgatttccc tggcttgctc agcctgctct    104100
     cttatagaac caagactacc agcccagaga tggttccacc cacaagggac ctctccccct    104160
     tgaccactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagc tggatctcat ggaggcattt cctcaactga    104220
     agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagttgt gtcaagttga cacaaaacta gccaggacac    104280
     ccacctttta catgggtgct ggggtgagcc atttatgtag cttgcttcct gacatttctg    104340
     aaatatgtcc tactttgtga attactaatt aatcgctcta gacagatatt attggtttga    104400
     catagtagtg gcccttggtc ccatcatttg aactaaaaag tttgctggtc agttcttcat    104460
     ctttcttggt gtcaactgta ttaaagaaaa attataaaat caccaccatg taaatataga    104520
     gtaaactaaa aatttgcttt ctaaaagaag tgaaatccac ttagtttagt gagctcttat    104580
     ttttagttat atggtcattt atttttaagt catacaaagt agtacatttt ctttgacatt    104640
     ttaatattac atgccatcat gctctaatgt tctaactcat ccttgttata aacaattttg    104700
     agtgcccaca atgagcagga attctcttag gcagataaga catgactggg caatgtaagt    104760
     gacttttaag aggatcatag catgcatatg tgtgtgtttg cttcttttca gagagtgggc    104820
     catggtgatg acaaccatgc agatgctgac cgatcaccta tatttcttca gtttattgat    104880
     tgtgtttggc agatgacaag acaggtaaga gattcaagta tatttctcat ctattatagt    104940
     ctttgattca aatatatctc atagatgaaa attaaatttc cattgctgct tcattcaaaa    105000
     tgtgggtata tgtgttaaat atgccccctt ctattactca gtactgtttg attctcattc    105060
     actcaaagat gtgaacagaa aatgagaaac agttttcttc tgctagtggt tttggtcaat    105120
     gctcttatct atacttaagt gtgcttctac tttccacctt ttgtcagtcc cctgctgagc    105180
     gcttactcca agatttcctt ccacattaga actgctagta agcaagccag tccagggcat    105240
     ctgagaatgt ttacactaag agccagtaac agagaggaaa ctcggaacat ttttgtcctt    105300
     agctgctctt ttactttcct aactccactg aggagggcgc taataagcaa gaaaacttgt    105360
     agggagcctc cttccctgag ttagtgaggt tctgcagttt cattttgaat aaggcccact    105420
     cagattttcc cctaatctct aacatccacg tctgagtttg gagtccttag gataggagac    105480
     tgtgccagga atatgaactt ggaatcagaa agaatgaggg aggaggccag agagtttttc    105540
     ccagtatctg ctgttcagtc tagcttgagt gagagtaagt tggagactga gaaccaaggc    105600
     ctggaagctg tctttcttgt gtatctgtga gaagctcctg gacatctcca gggactcctc    105660
     caaatacctt gatgtttatg attgatgctt caaaaagcct tttcaaactt gtcagaggac    105720
     atgtatctcc tctctgtgga aagctgtgga ttgccatcct tgtttgctca cgctgggtta    105780
     ctgttactga tggacaagaa caagtgtgct gactctgctg tcctccccat cacagtatag    105840
     actacttccc agaagtgtgc cctgggaacc tggtagccat atcagctcta gacctacaac    105900
     acaactgctg gtgctcaaga gttagagccc aatattggga ctcccaagcc ctctaggcac    105960
     ttctaatgtt tgaaagcaca atgctaaacc agcccatctg aaacctgaac cagcatatga    106020
     atcctctgag tttctttttg aaatacaaga atatgagtca gtagtttgca gagctgcctt    106080
     gttaatgcta tgggttccca ggctggcaag gacagtggtt ctcaaccttc ctagtgctcc    106140
     acctccagca cagttcctca tgtggtggcc cccaaccatg acgttatttt cactgctact    106200
     cccttgctgt aaagttgcta cttttgcaga tcataatgta aatatttttt agagttacag    106260
     gtttgccaaa ggggtcacat tccaacccac aagtggtgaa cctctggacc acagaataaa    106320
     gacctacttt taaaagagaa acaaggggag atggtttgga atagatcttg aaggccatgg    106380
     cttagaatag actcctttag atttagcatc agaaagctga caggggttta tgttaactga    106440
     tttccatgtc agagagagtt aacaataggc agtctgaggg gagcactccc aagtgaaagg    106500
     caacagaaaa gacaagctga gaaggcctag aggctggctg gaagtccttt tcttctttgt    106560
     accctactaa taacagaact gagtgcttgt tacattctga tcaagaaaag aaatcatgaa    106620
     acacatttta gaaaaattat ctcgaaaatg aaatgcaaac aaatctggta accatctcat    106680
     tgacatgaac tagctccttt tcctcccatg cttctgagca agcgcactgc atacacatgt    106740
     gtgtctttct cttcaaattc atttccactc ctcatactga ttagtacttt ttttttacct    106800
     ctagtctgtt atttttgtac tgcttactgg tttttaagaa agaaaataag ggatttggaa    106860
     gggatagttt aggggccttt cacaactttg attctgttca ttaaacatgt ataaaatttt    106920
     ccttaagata acattagtac ctgagaagaa gagattagtg ataagtcttt ggctgtaagt    106980
     taataaatta attttatata acaaactagt aaaatatata tccatgtaat acaatttgct    107040
     tatttttcat ttgcctactg ctaaatcaag ttcaatcagt ataaagtcag aaaaaaaatc    107100
     tcaaaataca atgagctatt tcatatatag acaatgctac tttgtataga gacaaactgt    107160
     gacaaaagaa ctaggaaaag ggcctgaagc aatcattagc atcttagaaa cattttatag    107220
     catctgtagt gttaaggaac attacctttg atacttctgt ccctcaagca gtacagaatc    107280
     tcagtgtaca ttatgatggt tttttgagac tacatgttag gtaacttata tagtctgtga    107340
     ataaagacaa gaaagaaaac tatagcttgt agaaacttat cttctgtttg caattccctg    107400
     gcacttccac tatccctgct aaactgcctc ctaaattaaa tttactataa cagtgttctt    107460
     tgagcgattg tcatcttgac acagctaccg agtaggagca tttggaactt gggtttctag    107520
     ttttcaggag tgctgtgggc cttgaactga gcctttgcct cctttgacct ctcacaccta    107580
     gcatccagtt ggccacacta aagcttgtgg ttattggtac tagagtgcac ccacccaaac    107640
     tttgaaatct agaatgtaga ctcatagaat gggtataaat attcaatgtc tcattcttct    107700
     caggctaagg tcctacttat tagcctgaca atagttaagc aaatgtcagt gatcctggtt    107760
     gtcacacaga tgtcaagatt agacatgaga gcatgcagca tctttctgac tagataaaag    107820
     tatttgtttt agcagtgctc aggattgaat ctggaacctt gcatatttta ggcaagtgtt    107880
     tcaaaactga actacatgct ccctgcccaa gaatcagtct ttagtgtaaa ctgacttgta    107940
     cttctgttta tttgcttttg ttctagtttc ctttgcttca tttagtagag tgtatctcag    108000
     ggttttaaat tagaacttta gcacatggca gtcactccat acaggcctgc tgctgagatc    108060
     attattattt ccagatggct catggctgct aaatggctgt tacgactgta atctgttgcc    108120
     agtgctaata atcttcatag acattctgaa aaaccacatt atgcattgcc taaaacaatt    108180
     gaggtgacca tgtggttttt attctgtaat ctcttaatat gattaattat agtaattaat    108240
     ttctttgtaa cattgatttt ttttactgtt aaaccagcct tgcattctta tagaatgaac    108300
     cagactttat catgtaatat tacccttttt atatacagct agactcagtt tgcttacaaa    108360
     ctggtaataa tttagaagta tgagatcatg ggattctatt tgtgggatag ttcttaagta    108420
     tgagtaatct ctactatgta tagagctaat cacacattct gttcttctta aatcactttt    108480
     gataaatcct gaacctggca agtttcttcc cactctgtgc tctgcagtgt gcctccaggc    108540
     agaaagagct tcagcaatag tactctcttc attggcttgt attttctcag acgtcatagc    108600
     agttccatgt tgcctactgc ccattgctaa taagcctcct gtgagaaggg taaatctggg    108660
     ctttggtcta ccatgtgaga aaccagaaga tacctgtttt ggtgtacaca atgaagaaca    108720
     caacaaattt cgttggtgat agttgtttct ttttttaaaa aaaaatccct tttattcact    108780
     ttacatcccg attgcagcac cccgtctcct cccagtcctc tgtcccctat catacagctc    108840
     ctccccatcc ccagtcccct ctctgaaaag ggggagctca cccctcacaa tcacagcaca    108900
     ccctggtaca tcaagttacc gcaagactag gtacatcttc ttcattgagg ccacagaaga    108960
     tagcccagtt agagaaacag gtccacaggc aggcaacaga gtcaggaaca gcccctgctc    109020
     cagttgttgg gggacccaca tgaaggccaa gctgcacatc tgctatgtat gtgtgggggt    109080
     ggtataggtc cagcttctgt atgctcttta gttggtggat cagtccctgg gagccaccaa    109140
     gagtccaggt tagttgagtc tgctgttgtt cctgtggagt ccctgtcccc tgtgtccctc    109200
     aatcctttcc ccaactcttc cacgagattc cctgggctcc atctaatgtc tgattgtggg    109260
     tctctgtttt ggtcatttgc taggaggagc ctcttggagg acagtcatgc taggttcctg    109320
     gctgcaagca taacagagta tcattaatag tgtcagggat tggctctctc ccatgggatg    109380
     gattttgagt ttcggttatt ggtttcctca gtctctgctc tatctttgtc ccagcacatc    109440
     ctgtgagcag gacatatttt aggttgaagg ttttgtgggt ggattggtgt ccttatccct    109500
     tcacttgaag tcctgcctgg ctagaggatg tggccacttc aggatccata tcccctactg    109560
     ctaggagttt cagatagagt aaccctcata gactccctga ggctaccccc acatcaaggt    109620
     ttctggacag ttcctagaga tgcactcacc tgcctggtgc attccattct ctctccttca    109680
     tctccttaca tctgatcccc ctccaccctg ccctgttccc ctcccaatcc actttcccac    109740
     ccagttccct ccctccatct acttccgata tctattttat ttcccctaat aagaaagatt    109800
     cagcatcctc tctttggctc tccttgttat tttgtttcct tggttctatg gagtgtagca    109860
     tggtacctat aatttatggc taatatcaac ttactagtga gtgcatacca tgtatgcccc    109920
     tttgggtctg ggttacctca ctcaggctga tattttctag ttccatccat ttgtctgcaa    109980
     aattcatgat gtctttgttt ttaatggctg aatagtattc cattgtgtag atgtactgca    110040
     ttttctttat ccattctttg gttgagagac atctctgttg tttccagttt ctggctatta    110100
     tgagtgaagc tgctatatgt ccttattaca cgttgtggaa tggtagggca tcttttgagt    110160
     atatgcccag gagtggtata cctgggtctt gaggtagaac tattcccagt tttcggaaaa    110220
     accaccagat tgattgtacc agtttgcaat cccaccagct atggaaaaat gttcctcttg    110280
     ctccgtatcc tcaccagaat gtcctgtcac ttgaggtttg gggttttttt tttttatctt    110340
     aaccaattag aatagttaag ataaaaacat cttagattga tggaatctta gaatagtttt    110400
     gatttgcatt tctctgatga caaaggacat tgatgtgttt ctgggccatt atagaaataa    110460
     attaaaagat atatatatat ttttaaaacc caccagagct accagttttg tcttgaaatt    110520
     ctcaattagt taaattttgc atggactgtt tgctttttaa tctgaccaca ttccatattg    110580
     tagtccatct cttacataca caaataagtg atataacttt gttttagtaa ttaaacttca    110640
     agactaaact ttatttttcc tcttcattta agttcccttc agcatttgag tttaatgaat    110700
     tattcttgat tacaattttg gatcacctct atagttgtct ttttgggacc tttttgtgca    110760
     actgtgaaca acagcgaatc aaagaggtaa gtgtatatgc ttccctattg ctcagacgcc    110820
     tttcctagta aactcaatca gaagaggcct gaatagagtg aagacttggc tcctggccct    110880
     actgctgctt gtaaatggta cagggtagtg ggaaagatgc cctagacacc tttccagaat    110940
     tttagcagtc taagcatagg tgtttaatat aagcctctta cttgtagagt cgggaaccta    111000
     acaagatcac agctttccaa ggtgtatgac aaaattcaca cttccatacc tccgtttgat    111060
     gaaactttat taacttttta aaaaagattt taatttattt ttattttcta tgaacaaata    111120
     tggtacctaa gggagttaaa aaagaacacc atatctccta gagctgggat tctagaaagg    111180
     atgagccacc atgtagatac agggaatcaa actccagtct tctgtaagag tggcaagtgt    111240
     gtttaatagc tgagccattt ttctagccct ctgctaactt tttaatttca aagggaggaa    111300
     atatagtaaa tataatggca tgtgaattga atcttgataa agatgtttaa aggaaaacaa    111360
     aatgaaccca caacagcaga atacaatcca cgaactgcat ctctatcaat ttttgtaaaa    111420
     tagggaaaac taattaattc tccacttaaa taaatgctaa attaacatag taaaattagc    111480
     tcatctgaag tatacagttc agtgcaatca ctgatattta atttcatgag tattttagcc    111540
     acccctttgg gaatctccat attaccagtt actcccattt tcgtggtacc tagaaatcac    111600
     cagtctgcct attctgggca tttcctataa tggactcata caataggtgg atgtttgtga    111660
     gtggtctgct ttacctagtg taacagtttc aaggttcttt tttatagtta agcaatattt    111720
     ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttttctcgct    111780
     ctctttctca ccaccaacat aaaactaaca ggaattaaca gttattagtc atcaatatcc    111840
     ctcaatatca atgaactcaa atcctcaata aaatatatat ttgttattga tgagcctgct    111900
     tatactgtat agataaatac agtttccaga tgttgcctaa ctttagtact atttcctgat    111960
     acatcacaca tatcatctcc aggatgagac tgtatatagc cagaggggtg gggcttagta    112020
     aatgtgccta gatttttcag tgtttgaatt cagttcatta tctaaaaatc tatattcgta    112080
     tgaaaaaaat taatccttga ggctgtggag aacttaattc aatgtaatgt ttttattttt    112140
     tcaggatgta tatacaaata ctatatcttt atggtcttat atcaatagcc aactagatga    112200
     attctcaaat cccttctttg tgaattatga gaaccatgtg ttatatcctg ttgctagtat    112260
     gagtcacttg gaattgtggg taaattatta tgtacggtgg aatccacgga tgagaccaca    112320
     ggtaattttt tattttcttg ttttcataag ggtatgcctt tctttccaag tgaagatggt    112380
     gttataaaat gtattcatag tagatattga cttactgaag ttatattgct gctagaagtc    112440
     aaggctccat gttttgtgtt cctttttcag aaagttcctt ccatatacca actccatacc    112500
     atttactgag ttagagttta aactcttata tgtctgcctt ctactggtga aatggtagga    112560
     agtattacct cttgctgtgt ttggttatca atcttctaag ttgttgggag atatttggct    112620
     tgcacagtac ctctctctgc tagtatatat atgaggtagt aaaggcctgt gaaaagtgca    112680
     cccaagttca cttataatgt aatagaaaga gagggtatgt gataagttgt aaagcagata    112740
     cagcttgaag gagtaaaatt ctccccaaac tgctgcatta tttcacagta aagtaagatt    112800
     ggggggcggg gggaggcaca gtgcacaaca gagaccagtc aagcaggtct cctgcctcct    112860
     gcctgctggg ttcagtgact gacctcattc tgcatatcaa gtactgctag ctagcacgcc    112920
     ttgacccaat ccgccaagct cctccacata gggctagaga agtgacaggc agagtttaat    112980
     attctgaagc tttaaagggt ggccaacagg agcatgttgc taggtcattc tttaatagca    113040
     ctgattccat cagcctagaa cataaacacc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc tatccctttt    113100
     acctggtgtt ttcacaacct ccacttgctt cctaagctgc actggctagg gtaaagttca    113160
     aattgttcct tctccttttt acttgccagg atggaagtcc aagtggtagc atggctttac    113220
     taaccctccc tcagctagac agtgcactca ctcttagact cagctgtggg ccccagctgg    113280
     cacgccgggg actgagtggc ttctcagaga ctgcaggaat tgccctctgc ccatgttctg    113340
     tgctcagcat gttgcaaact tgaagtgtgg tgaagctagg taaaaagtat cctcatggat    113400
     atatggattc cttctgctag tgcttagtga cacgtcttta ttgcgtactc ctgggaatag    113460
     gggggtggga gtaggaaaca aagtcattca taaaacctat agcctgcaag agagtttgtc    113520
     tctaaatgca gacagtttcc tctacaggta agcaaagcag gcttcagtat ggtgagggcg    113580
     atcagcagac ctatcatagc tattacacat gagagtaaaa gagaatgtca gaactaaacc    113640
     ataagtcacc cagcaccttg ctgcctggta gatgtcatag aatgtccctg tccagggcca    113700
     aattccattt ttatcagtga tttactgcca gatctagaac aaggtcctga gcctcgctga    113760
     gccttcacag gggcatgtaa gcatgatctg taccaagtag tacccagcaa gcaccatggt    113820
     gtcgttctag gcaaatggca gatagggaag gcagcattcc gtgttgtccc tatacagtgc    113880
     tacacaaaag ggaaatctga gaaggctgtc tacaagccac aagttttccc tctaaatgca    113940
     ataaccacat atcaaacacc ttctaagtat gctgagcaca cagtgttttg ggagacaggc    114000
     agaaccttgg tgacagaaac ttctagaagg gcaggtggac atttgtatga cagggatgtc    114060
     tatgtgttcc tccactgaca gcattccaat gctgagaggg tagctgcact cgaggctgtg    114120
     gttggggaat atgcaggtag gtagtgtaga gagaaaattg taggaaaaga ctgtggggaa    114180
     gaaaggcagg ccagcaggcc actgcggacc tccatgtcag catccatcaa agaatgggtg    114240
     tggcattctc ttagtacctc atactatgtg cgagtgccct ggggcagaca tgactgacgc    114300
     tttatgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg ttcgttttgt ttttttcgag acagggtttc    114360
     tctgtgtagc cgtggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac taggttggcc tcgaactcaa    114420
     atccacctgc ctctacctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcttgt gccaccactg    114480
     cctggtggct ggctttttcc tgcgcatttt ctttaacata acttagcctc agagttttct    114540
     agacctttag gcatgccttt gcatacttaa aactgaaatg tgagaaaata aacaaaaagc    114600
     tccatgaaga tgtaaggtga tatcagttcc ctaagcagcc atgagtctca gaccctacat    114660
     agtgtttcgc agctcacata tgggttactg atgaaggctt gatcacagag tatgtattat    114720
     ctccggcaac tgagctgcat gatcccgtgg gtgtggcaaa taacaagaga actcctaaag    114780
     gatgaatgga gcatttccct agtgcacagt ggtctcaaga gccagccttt gctatgtaat    114840
     tatggcattt ctgtctctct cttcctgcag cctgccaaat ggagcatttt tttttaacct    114900
     ttctgttgtg ttggagacac ctggctgtct ttgctccatc ttcctcctcc tgtcagtctt    114960
     gttaggtctc tctcatccca ctaagattgc taatcagcaa caacactcag gcttcactct    115020
     agtttcatgt gtttccttct atagaagcag gacctggtga taggtgggct agagaggcag    115080
     actgaggctt agaggatatt actattagtc ctgaggaagt agccactgag gtgtgttatg    115140
     tagtgagcca tattggcatc ctgaggctta gggccagtcc aatagcagcc gggaatacaa    115200
     tgaatgggaa caaggctccc caaacctgcc catgcctcct ttgtcccttc tttgctgctc    115260
     agcattaccc tcagtctgaa aatctataag ggaaaatctg ggtcttggat ctctgggctc    115320
     ctagtaggta ttgaggaaat ctgctatctc agaaagctgg gtatgatgaa cataaatact    115380
     aggatcttcc catctctttg ttgtgctccc atactaccat cagggggtct aaaagacaat    115440
     cagggtgaag caatgaagaa gtgctaagtg gaaagcaaaa ggctggtctc tagggcacct    115500
     gtgccctggc attgccctct gagggctttc tgccagttcc tattccagtt gatgaaaaca    115560
     cagagctcta tggggaagaa agtgctgact taacacagtg tttgcagtca ctggagcgat    115620
     ttataaaaat gcacaagtat agggataatg gagcaggggt ctcatgaaca ctacttagtc    115680
     tgggaagaag ttacttgcat ttctaacaac tccaaacaca gcctggctct gaatctgcac    115740
     atggcagcct tagttggatt atggctacac ctgaacctgt ttgctccttc ctgggagcta    115800
     agagagtgga gggtaagggt gacctgtctt ccccaatgcc tttccatgcc taccttgtcc    115860
     ctaggaactt caggacagcc tgggtagcta tcaaaaactc ctaacttgtg ggaaaaaaat    115920
     gaatcactta tgtgggttag ttttatgtta gcatgacaca ggctagagtt atctgggaag    115980
     aggaaaactc agttgagaaa atgcctccat aaaattagct tgtgtcatat tttcttgatt    116040
     gatgactgat gtgggaaggc agtgtcaccc ctgggctgat ggtgtggggt actataagta    116100
     agtaggctat actataagta agtagtcatg aggagcaaga cagtaagcag cagtcctccg    116160
     tggcctcttc ctcagctcct acatctaggt tcctgctcgg agttcctgcc ctgatctccc    116220
     tcagtgattg tgacctgaga gttgtgagtt gaaataagct ctttccacct taagctgcct    116280
     ttggtcctgg tgtaatatca caataaaaga aaccctgacc ttataagaca atctttgtat    116340
     acttggtgat agattggtca gtagtctatg agactgggta cataggaatc tggccagtga    116400
     aagaaccatt aagctatgaa cctaagtact gaaatgctgt atttagaaca aacagtactc    116460
     caacgagagt caactaacag ccttgtctct gttcacttcc agatgccaat tcatcagaat    116520
     ctcaaggaac tgctggctat caaggctgag ctgcagaagc gtgtggagga cttgcagcgg    116580
     gagatggcca cccggaccat ctcatcttcc tctgagaggg gctcctcacc tacccactca    116640
     gctactcctg tacacacctc agtctgatga acaaagccag taccccgggc catccggctg    116700
     ctctattgtc ttccagcagc tcggggacct ggccattgat attatggttc tagcttgtca    116760
     tcttagctct taggactcag cccagggacc atttgtgggt ggtgaaagct cctattatta    116820
     acaagtactt cttttgtgtg aacagcctgt gccccttttg cgagcagcct caccctgtga    116880
     accacctgtg tcttgtacag gtagcttggg agaaaccaga ttgaatgcag tgcggtattt    116940
     taacttaaga gaatcttaca ccacttcttt ccaagttaca tcctttgtta cgaacaactc    117000
     gtttacttat agaacacatc accagccatg tggctcctct cagccttttg gcacaattta    117060
     aaaactgttt taaatgaaat gttagtgtgg caaatgaacc attgccacct gttctacagt    117120
     tatcagttat cttcatacaa gaagtcctgt tcaactggta caatatgtac tgctgtgtac    117180
     atataaggta ttttttaaag agaaacatgc ctttattttc ctatgtcctt ttttatgttt    117240
     agaatagcct gagaaatcat ctgctaaact gtgctgtagg agaaattctt tcccaacgga    117300
     gtccatgctg ccttttgcgc agcacatttg aattaagatt cgagatgtgt cagctcagtg    117360
     gcaatggagt gttgtcctct aactctggta cttgtctttt gagatggcac agcccattca    117420
     ttcattggtg gtagcagcag gttccctcag gatgcagcaa actatgaatg ctcagtcctc    117480
     tggccttgtc gcaggtaaac tgagggctca ggcagcaact ctgcatttgt tggcctccct    117540
     ctatgacagc tctctaaagg agcaagtctt gaaaattgct ttggcatcct accacctgtt    117600
     aagatgccca gcatctatgt caaatcaagt cgtctctcac ctgttagaca cctggacagc    117660
     ttgctttcat ttaccacgat ctcttctcag ttgatttaca tgactgcctg gccatacttt    117720
     aaggcaacca gtggctaaaa tactcatgaa attaaatatc agtgattgca ctgaactgta    117780
     tacttcagat gagctaattt tactacgtta atttagcatt tatttaagtg gagaattaat    117840
     tagttttgta ttccctattt tacaaaaatt gataaagata tagttcatgg attttattct    117900
     gctgttatgg gtttatttct atgggtctga aagcataaca tgctcttcca tggttttccc    117960
     ctctcggacc cagccctggc ttggcaggcc tctttccaca gttaacagtg ttgatctctg    118020
     ctactcaacc agtccttcta ggaatgaatc tcccatcagc ttcgacgtgt gcaatgccag    118080
     catagccacc accaccacca tgtccacttc tgtgtgtcac caggcccttc agagttggag    118140
     atgtgtttga ggctgaccaa gtgagcccct gaggacagat ggctcacatc ttcctcttgt    118200
     cagtgtcaaa tcactggatg ctgtgcagtc ctacacatta acctcggttt tcaaaagtgt    118260
     tcttaaaaga atttttacag ccaaatacat agaaactaga tgatttttca acttacagaa    118320
     aactacccaa ctataagata accagagaca tttattcaag gaagtttcat aagttatgat    118380
     caattctcca tttttaatca tctgggggat ttgtttctaa actacagttt aagtgatttt    118440
     agcttttgat ttgtgttcat catagatata aaaccttatt tgtagatgga taaactgcca    118500
     tatctgaggt aggagaagct gtgagttcag ggacagcttt ggctacatat cgagttctgg    118560
     gacagctggc ctatattgtg gagccctgtc tcaaaatcaa taccaaaaag aaaataacat    118620
     gaactataat attttttttc ttcatatact ttttaaaagt ggggacattt accaattttt    118680
     ccctagaaat actgtgtaat ttcccagcga cacttgaact attgaagata gagtggactg    118740
     gataatgttt tgacagaacc agagaagcca tggggatggc tgcttgttga ggtcagctag    118800
     cctggtacag atggctggta aactgtggct ctggctcctg ctcaagccat ggcctcccag    118860
     ctgccatgcc tgcagcaccc ctaaaaatgt ccactggatt ttaaagaagc acaacagagt    118920
     ctttcccttt gtatgtttct agcacagaac tgtttctaaa acaacttgaa gtatagtttt    118980
     cttatctaaa caattctttc atgtatgttt tatttaagta ctataatgta aaccctttaa    119040
     ggttcaggtt tttaaacaag tacaatactg tatttgcctc atctgaagca ctgtattcca    119100
     acatgtaact aaaatgataa tatgtttgct ccctggtctc tgttgtctct gtgttttcac    119160
     catttcagta gtttttcacc cctgaggaaa atgagtacta agaaagtacc atgtgttaaa    119220
     tgctttccct gtacctgcca cagttaatat atgtaaagtg cccaatagta gttgattaac    119280
     ttactaagtt gtcagcaatt tgttgtgagt cttgagtggg ctggaacagg taggtgatct    119340
     gattttcaaa tctgcaagtc cccttgttca taaccttgaa gaaatgttga agacagagaa    119400
     aggcccagag taacaagagg cagtgggtct ttcttataca aatgtataag tacttgctag    119460
     ctctgtggga ctgtggactt cttcaaggtt ctaaaagtta gtgtgaaatt acaccacctc    119520
     ctgtgtataa ccattcttta agggcctgac attgctcatc ttcttcatgt gaatcaaggc    119580
     tgtgttagca agaaagccca atattaggta taagaaggtt ggactgtctc ccagtatact    119640
     tctataatag tgcccccaca gtagaaagca cactccttac tggatcactt tttaggattg    119700
     agcagtatgt tctaaagctg ggtggtggag ccaatgctga tcctactaaa ggacttgatg    119760
     ctgtggcaag aaggctctgc tccaacctcc atctcctcat ccaagtatac cagacatgtc    119820
     ctgcggcagt tcctgtacta tggaggccca ccagcagaag cctgggatcg ggcacttggt    119880
     ggaaggactg atggaaaaaa tgctaacatg ccaaagacac acctttagct ggggagaagg    119940
     cgaatgaggt cagtactata tcacaaagat agtaggaaaa gacagatcac atcaggacat    120000
     aaggagctgt taagagtcca ctttgtttaa tgcaaacact agaccattta caattcacac    120060
     ttggacacaa gcacgtaaaa cgatgtacag ggattctggc agtctccaac atgtcttcct    120120
     cagagaactg gtactaacca cgacccaagt ggctgaggca gtgggcctgt cctacaccag    120180
     ggtaggagcc cctacatcaa gccacttgag actgttgagc atttttaaag ttcttcctgt    120240
     caagtttcac tgatcgagat ctgatcttgg caattggctc ttctgcttca tttggtttct    120300
     cccttctgtc acctgggact aacccaagtt ggccaactca gccttcaggg gggacacagt    120360
     tacaggacca gtcccaagcc ttctgcaggc cacaatgccc caccaagtat aaaatgccag    120420
     tgggaaggag gagcccggcc cctgggatga aactgtatga acaggaggcc gatggcccgc    120480
     tcaggcctgt ccagccactt agctagcgcc tgcgggctga gtgatgggtt ttatgcagaa    120540
     gggctttatg caaaaggcac cgaggtagct aagggagagc aaattagagc tctttttcac    120600
     tggaaccagt gctattgaga aaacagttta acaagagggc atttatttta catcatggcc    120660
     gtggggtttg agggctttgc catcagacag gcctcagcat aaaggtagac aaccctcctg    120720
     agattaccct agctagctac atgtcaacag accagaaata ctaaaatcct tcctttaagt    120780
     cacctatagc ccagcactgg ccaaatggtg gcaccatcat ctcctgttgt ccttggtgtc    120840
     agtaaggcac aatcctgaca atgttgacag caatccgacc agcaagttaa gaggttctag    120900
     aaacggacac atcttgcaag tgatgccttc tttgcttatt aacctcctga agaataaggc    120960
     gggcttcctg aggccatgag cttttttttt tttccatctt agtgtcattt tcccagtgct    121020
     ccagcttccc tattggatcc tcagacctgg accgtctggg accaaaggcc aagcaaaggg    121080
     ggcatctcat cgcccacagg tatacagtag gagttggtgt tcaggctgcc tggaaacatg    121140
     acaccaccag cagccctcca ccaagaatag tctttaaaca gcaaacacac tcaaggcatg    121200
     cattagacag cacaagagtt agggagtttc ttaaggtgag tgttgcctct tcccagctca    121260
     gcagaggtga aggagccaat tcacagctta tgggatatat ggggccaatc atgttgtcca    121320
     gaggagctgt agatcttgcc ttcacagtga cacacattgc tttcagaagt gccgtttgac    121380
     gtggcaaact attagttcat atggggtgga aactagctta gctttcacct gcagggttca    121440
     ctatcaagct cactggagcc aaagaaacaa tccaggaagc aggcagatcc agcccaaact    121500
     aggggtagca gtcagctctg gccctggccc ttggtttcct gtatttaccg ctatgaacat    121560
     ggtcagagcc cttttcagag cagacaggga ggacagctac acaactacaa aggcagctaa    121620
     gctagtatcc cttcccctac cttccccttt ccccatccac ttctaataaa acaacaagca    121680
     tgcttctggt ttccacgttc attctcagga tctgtagctc ttgctactta aataagatca    121740
     tgtacagggt agtgtaaaca cccaccctga cctgggagaa agttcatttg taggtgactt    121800
     ccaagacctg ttaaccaggc cagccggaga tccctacaca gtctgatagg aatccaaccg    121860
     caagtcacag ctcccatatg ctccttcttt ctaatcttgg ggtaagacta ttgtgagacc    121920
     atgtttgcac taaaatcact gaagagcctt cacctggaca agctctctgg aagctgacca    121980
     atatgaaaca tgaagttggg aagaacaatc gattttttaa aagtgcctag gtgttatgtg    122040
     tgtgtgcgca cacatgtagg gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtacacatgt atgtgtgttg    122100
     cagcttggtg ctgtctgatt tgtcttaaaa tgggttccat atgcaccaga tgcccgttga    122160
     gcatgctcct cacagctctc agtggtcagc accacaacaa acaacccact acagcatgta    122220
     ggcaaaggat ttcatagaac ctagagactg cctaaccaga aacgttctgc agtgctgccc    122280
     caaccatcct ctgggccacc cccaccttgg gcatcctcct tttcccatgc taaggctgaa    122340
     tccagctgtc tccatcaccc agaaactttc actgctggtg ctaggaatct gctgaatgtg    122400
     ggtctcaagt ctcagaacca agtctcttta gaggacccat ggcagagcag tcactgtagt    122460
     ctgcaggaca gggcacagaa accacactca tgaacaccta aggcttgtcc agaaaactca    122520
     ctacaataag cagccagtgg catgggaaga aacttgggga aaggattggc aaatgaaatc    122580
     cggagctggg tcacaagcgg tggcttcctt cagatgtacc tgcctcaaat ccggggtggc    122640
     tcgggtggtg ggggttctgc agactgcgtt tcttgttttg agtatgtcac taggaagaga    122700
     agacatgtgt taggagggtt tcacctctac tcttcccaag tcctgataga actttagatc    122760
     tatgctgtgt gagcagttca gcacatccca ggcctcctca ctgtcctctg taggactgcc    122820
     atgggccctg cgtacaaagt tcagggtacc ttggcctacc aagggaagca aaggcagaag    122880
     cctggcaggc tgcacaaaag agctctgcct ccattctcca tctacagaat ggacatgctt    122940
     ctgttgagac ttctacatta ctggatctaa aacagtccca atagtacatt gggtactata    123000
     cttccttggg tattcactca gtgttggttc cagtgttaaa attttgacag actatcctcc    123060
     tttagattcc aaacctctac atttgcattc aggatcattt ccatgcattt ggtcttgcac    123120
     taccagataa cttctataag cagtgacctg gagacctcgt tctccattat ggaacaggta    123180
     gagccagatc cttcctcggc acccaggctc cacagctgtt gtcctgtagc tgtggtctct    123240
     tctcatgtcc ttgtctgaag gggagcaagc ctacctccct gcctctccat cagcgttcct    123300
     gggtcacagg tatgtctccc tctcatttga ccttaccata tgcagcctct aatttctgct    123360
     agtccttgaa cctcaaaagt gctcaatgac cacagaggag gtaacagaac atctaggttt    123420
     taactgtctt cttgtctttg gtcattttct aataaaaaaa gcctaaagat agatgtggac    123480
     tcacacctgt aatcccagac tcgggaggca gaagcagagg atcggggatc caagggtacc    123540
     cacagctaca atagtgagtg ggaggctaac cttggctacc ttagaccctg tctcaaacag    123600
     acaacaatta aaaacagact acaggtctag aagcaaaact tcccgcagcc ctggatgagc    123660
     aagcccaggg tgcaggtagg tctgctggca acgtgctgag ggatctcagg ctcacattca    123720
     ggtgattcaa tagttgaggc tgagcagcaa aagctcccag aagtcatcac aatggcatgg    123780
     tgtccccatt ctcaacaaac agtcgatcag tcacagggtg caggcagacc tggatccctg    123840
     aagatttttt atgatggaca ttccagaggc agattcttct ggaccaccct aactcattct    123900
     attcagtgct ggggacactg aattgaaacc cttcatcagg gacagtgact gagaagtcct    123960
     taccttgggg ctcctcacac acaacagctt ccaggttctc ccccttcacg tagtctgcat    124020
     tgaggccctc tgcaaagagc aagagcaaag ctgaagaagc acaatgacac gaaggagtgc    124080
     tcctgactga aagccgctca ctgtgtcctc tgggacatga aggagccctc ccgactgaaa    124140
     gccgctcact gtgtcctctg ggacatgaag gagccctccc gactgaaagc cgctcactgt    124200
     gtcctctcgg acagtaaagg ctgccaggat gagctctgaa tcaccagaac atcatcttct    124260
     tcataaagac tggccactaa ggaatgcatt gcccaggact tccgtcacca tccttgcaaa    124320
     cagcatcatg catcaaaggc ccaacacccc atctgtaaag aggatgactg ggctctgaac    124380
     catcatccat aggaccacct gagtcccaga ggccagggag gtggagaggg agccaagagc    124440
     agagggagtg actggtgaac gcagcattag gaagggcagg tgggtgtgca gggaatcact    124500
     ctggaaatgc cagtagatgg ccttcccagg agcatctgaa cacaccagga agccaaccga    124560
     cttctccagg ctgtaggaat gactatccac atctgtgctt agagggccca gggtccacaa    124620
     agagctgttc tggtctagtg tgtgatctga attctcccca cccccaccct catgctattc    124680
     tcaaatgcta tgcagcaatt caataaggta tcttcttcac tcagccaaag gccatcatca    124740
     atcaaggact cggaatagcc ccacaccaat ggttgcttaa aagtcagtct tctgtgtctt    124800
     ctctctgaat aaccgagggc ctctagggaa aatgggttct gatgctaagt tatcaatatc    124860
     aaatcatatt cctggctttt acctgacctg atagctgttg ggctcaaggt gaaagccaaa    124920
     tggccctgtg aaaatgtagg tggcattctc cagcaggggg agttaactac catgcaaagc    124980
     cagccaggtg acagccccag tgctaatggg taggagctgg gagatgtgct ctgggcctcc    125040
     agactacagt ccttattcct acttggtgag caggagatag cccttttcct tccatgcttc    125100
     tgggaagtgt tcacccacag atatctgagt gtccccccct cccactccta tggacattca    125160
     taactccagc catcttggac ctgggagtag atgatatggc accctcacaa tatatcagaa    125220
     aaagctctaa atgatatggt cacaggcaag ttggtggata ccagggagag aggagatgta    125280
     gctagcaggg agggataatg aggggtccag ggccaaagca caagaaacag gagttaatta    125340
     aagcacactg ttacctggac cttctgctgc atctgaaagc aagacaggaa gcttagaagc    125400
     ctggagcaag aatttagttc caggcaacaa acctatcgag tattttatga gattcactga    125460
     cacttggcac tgagggcagg cagggaaacc gagtgttccc aaagtgaaaa cccctttggt    125520
     agcagcagag gctggaggcc aaagaggtga gatggcaggt cctcctagca gccacctgtc    125580
     acctccttgg ggctttccat ctgactttct tgactgccaa tcactgaagg caatagttgt    125640
     ctctgatcag caagccagcc tgaccgtgga gattacaagc aaacacccct gcttcttata    125700
     aagctagcca cccacatgaa caccctgggg acccttcctg attgtggatc agcacagggc    125760
     aagtggcagt cacattgctg tacagaatgg aagtccagac aggtgtgagc ttggtgtcta    125820
     gtcagacaag gaaactgcag actaatccag actggaacga ggtcagcagg gggcgctgtg    125880
     gcagcacaat gaagtatggc tgggagacgc cagagagaag gctccttgaa aggagacaca    125940
     gcgacctgaa caataagagg agagaggagc aaggcagaga agaaacagca atggctgtac    126000
     cctgaagaag gcagagcata tgggaaagga aaatgactct ggagaagccg aacggctagg    126060
     gcttggaatg ccatgctcag ttcagggcct gtgaccttgt gaccgaccag gttcagggaa    126120
     catggggaag tccaggtatt tttaaacagg tcctcctgga gaaggtgcaa agtgtaagag    126180
     agacagagtc agggaggtga gtaaggccta ctagtggaca gagaagcatg cttgtgactc    126240
     atggagagcg ggcactgcag ggctcccaga cctctagtgt ggaggacaga cacggattag    126300
     gagagacagt gaagtccaag ctccaagccc tgtataaatg actcagcctg cctagccagc    126360
     ttgttcaact tgtgagctgt cataactgcc atgtctaaca aagcaagtgg gctggatgag    126420
     ggctggagcc agactctccc agtctccctc cttcctgaga cactgtgact ctaactgaag    126480
     ctctgctagg cttcccatcc ttattgacac tctgtcacct cattcattta atctgtaaat    126540
     gttaccttat ttaggagaag gatctttgct gtcactatta attaaggatc tcaaactgac    126600
     tactcagaat ttaagttgga gacagcatta aaataatgta gtcgcacacc aaggaacacc    126660
     tggatttcct gaaagccgga agatgggctc tctgcaggga atgtggtcct acaggctcct    126720
     gtttgtaaga caaagcctga cattatagct caagctggct tggaacccac actgtagcac    126780
     aaactgccac gggcatcaca cagcaaacct cttgcctcag ccttactaat gccagggtta    126840
     caggtgtgtg ccagcgttct gactcaaaag acaaatttca gttgtttgaa atcacagcag    126900
     tctctgtcct ggaaaccaga gccttggaca gctgaaccgg gtaagatgtt cactaatgaa    126960
     gcgttctgtt gtagcctggt ggcccccata ctgagggacg gggagacttt ggtctgaagg    127020
     gttcacgacc ctttcattat taaggcccaa gtctagactg acttccacat atgaagagca    127080
     aaaatgggaa aaccatggca caaatggccc tggggtactg cttccagcca agctagcctt    127140
     tcagcaatgt gaagacagaa ccaggcctct agctgttctg aaggcatgcc catcactaag    127200
     agcatcactg cacaggacac tggctgaaat tatcaaaaag tatttgctaa atggcattag    127260
     tgactttgat cagtcataca gagtagtatg tttctcctag ttaatttcca acttaaccat    127320
     tttaagttat ctctttatct ttttacaagg ccatcttgag aacacttagc caaccttctg    127380
     cttccccctc tagccagcag gaagcagagt tgttctcccc aaataccctt agagcaggac    127440
     catattccct tccctgataa gattatataa agactgtagc cccaagagtg gccacctgcc    127500
     tgctggggga gagggcagga gaagagctgc caggcatctg gaacagaaac tccccaatct    127560
     tcaaaggcac caagaatggg gctggagaag gtgggaacta taactatctt cttatctcct    127620
     tgttccaaac acagcccagg agagtgacag acagagttat ctcccaacac tatgtacaac    127680
     ctgggccctt tgaccaatgt gtccaaaaga gtctccctca aaatactctt ccaggtccag    127740
     ggtcatcctt ggtccaatgt aagccatcag tgggtggggc acccatattt ttcatcaatt    127800
     agaaagtctc tttgctttat agttgagggg agcaggcaga ggtaagaaaa ttctagactt    127860
     catccccaat atttccttgt tcctaacaac cctaccacca aacttgtgga ctatgtgcat    127920
     gtgagtatcc ttgaggaaga atgttctaga agagcaaaag gaaaaggcaa taagatggtc    127980
     agatgaagaa acagttgtaa tgtttacact catagcacac taggatccag gttaattttc    128040
     tgggagtctc aggtccaggt gccacaaaga gcagagactc ataaccagga catgaagaaa    128100
     cagaagaaaa tggtcctagg cttcccagaa aaatcaaaga atctgaggaa ggttacaaga    128160
     ggccaagtat ggctgtgtca tgtcctctcc ctggaaggaa aacttgtcag ccctgaacta    128220
     aagccattcc acttaagcaa tgccatattg gtgctgtgcc actaaaatca acagattcat    128280
     cctcacaggc ttgctcccac aatgtctcaa taggcttctt agatttaccc acaggtgtcc    128340
     cactggtggc tacagctcac aagaaaagcc atctgttttc tagaattcca gcacatagat    128400
     ggcagtaatg aaaaaatcac tctatgactt ctctttcatc actactcctt aaaataactt    128460
     atgagttcat acagtttaaa tgatctgact ggtggaggag cagagaacac ccacatactg    128520
     acatatcaag aaatcaagat cagaaagggg cactgccaga atcataagga gcccaaagat    128580
     gctcactgcc ttgtcaaaga gactctggga gaccatagta ctctggttgg cagtgaaggg    128640
     ggctggtggc actgggcctc tgaagaccca acatcccctt gggtgaggtc tgaggcctcc    128700
     aggatttatc cgaattcctc ccattctagg gaaataaaac agcacagtgc tcattgagct    128760
     ttgtcccaac agaagtatag cctcttctag ctgagatgcc tataaaatca ggagcacata    128820
     gtatgacccc atgtgctctt ccagaacagg atcatcttta gtttgtccta aatttgcccc    128880
     taaggatgta aaagtgtacc tgctaggaaa cctactggtg ttgagtagcc tggggaaggg    128940
     atgagaactt gcctgagccc cttcccctgc tcagatgtgt acttacgctg aatgctgaag    129000
     caaaacttct tctgctggta ggagatgtag ctggatacag ctccaatcag ggccatagca    129060
     agggcactgg ccacacctgc aatggtgcca gtttctgtcg atatgcctgg acatggaaga    129120
     atgaatggaa ctgaagagac aaggccacca actccaggat tctgctgttc tgttagcccc    129180
     aagttatgct ggcttagatg tctataacca tcaagtccat gtggaagagc tatgccatag    129240
     atacccaaag catcataatg acatgggcca cctatcccac agctgagatc ttcatgatac    129300
     ttccactcaa tggctactcc tctctgctat ttgcctcatg atattattga taactatggt    129360
     ggtttggatg tgaatgattc tctccccccc cccaaaaaaa aagcttggga gttgaatact    129420
     gccccttatg cagcagtaga gaccagtaga gcctttaaga agtaattgga tcatgaggtc    129480
     tctaccctaa acaaggggtg ggattgcagt ggaatggatt tcagggattg ttatataagc    129540
     aatatttatt tctaggaacc gctgaggtga gcaggctttg cagcctcagt gttggccacg    129600
     atgacccacc tctccacagg cacaaaggca gcagggtcaa gtaaccatgc gctggaactt    129660
     ccaaactcaa gagcaacctg tactgcccgg ttttgtgtgt caacttgaca caggctggag    129720
     ttatcacaga gaaaggagct tcagttgagg aaatgcctcc atgagatcca gctgtaaggc    129780
     atcttctcaa ttagtgatca agggggaaag gccccttgtg gcgggagggg gggaccatct    129840
     ctggtagtct tgggttctat aagagagcag gctgagcaag ccaggagagg caagccagta    129900
     aagaacatcc ctccatagcg tctgcatcag ctcctgcttt ctgacctgct tgagttccag    129960
     tcctgactac ctttagtgat gaacagcagt atggaaatgt aagccgaata aaccctttcc    130020
     tcccaaactt gcttcttggt catgatgttt gtgcaggaat agaaaccctg actaagacac    130080
     aacctaagtt ttatcttctt ttaaattcta tagctttagt actttatggt gacagaaaga    130140
     ttaccaatag aaacattttg ggaagggcag gaagagcagc tctaagacca ggggggccag    130200
     cattattttt cttgttattc caacagaaac tttggaccac agatacccac cagatccagg    130260
     gtcatcgttg ctgccataac caccaccgcc tggagaaagg acaaaagcac ttaatgtctg    130320
     ctatgacccc tatggcccct atgaccccta tgacccctat gacctctatg acccctatga    130380
     ccccaggagc agcaggcgtg gactcccaga aagcctattg aaatggttac ttccatacaa    130440
     tgaacccttg tcacacacaa tattctctag gctctggctt caggtttagt tcttcctatc    130500
     actaggggca gttgtgcttc gggtgggagc caaggctctc atctgagaga tgagcaaaaa    130560
     ggagttaaat ctgactgcaa attacaccaa gcacttccta cacatctata ccaaacaaga    130620
     ggtggagcat agacaaatgc aaacatgcaa aaccatatct aatattttca cacttaaaaa    130680
     gttcttaacc atcatagcaa aaccagttaa tgctaacaaa ggttggggag atggatgcag    130740
     gaaagacatt agccctgcct ataagggtca taggagagag atcattgtga cagaatgttt    130800
     tatccaatta tggtgataca ctatcatcac atggcaaaac tacagggtta acacaaacac    130860
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaacttctcc agagcagcca    130920
     cccctcaacc cattccccaa ttcctggaga gaaatttcat gagaaacagc gaggcctacc    130980
     ccaacatgct aactggtcct gagtttatcg cttttatacc gtcctttttc ctggtatcta    131040
     acactcactg gcagaattgg ttggacgggg ctctcttagg agagactcat ctagaatgtg    131100
     ggaagacacg agcactaatg tgcccttccc ctgagggaag caaagagtca aggttttgaa    131160
     gtatagaaat attcccctgt agtgaggaca gtgtggggat gagcaagtgg gatgtgagaa    131220
     ctcagtcctt ttcatcattt ttgctatgag cttaaaacta cccccccaaa atcatctatt    131280
     tttgaagagt cttcagagag aaaatgaggt ctgttatgtt actatgtgga acagaatctt    131340
     ccaattaagc attttataaa aacctctaat ttagtattta ctaaaagagg agtttaagag    131400
     aactgggtac tctttcagag gacctaaatt caattttcag cacccaccca caagttggtt    131460
     tgcaatcatg tcactccagt tccaggggat ccaacatctc ttctagcttc ctgggcacca    131520
     ggcatacaag tggtccatgg acatacagac aaacaaaata cccaaacaca tagataatta    131580
     aacaattaaa taaaaatata aaaagaacag cagcagtttt ggtttggttt ggttttgagg    131640
     caggggatgt agcagaggcc cacctgaaac tcaaactctt cctgcgtcag cctctagagt    131700
     gagagactta caagcatgta ctgccttgcc acacctagct gagcaccagc atttagcact    131760
     gacatttcag cagtaagttg tgaccagtac tagcctgtca ccaatcccct ctgcttttct    131820
     gggagtggtc actgataagg gtaaagctaa gtatctacac aggcaccctt tgtgcatgtg    131880
     ttcaagtcac tagctttctg aagtttagac ttagtaattc aatttttctt cctttcatct    131940
     taagatagag tatggagagc cagccaaatc agtgagctgc aggctcagtg agagaccctg    132000
     tctcaaaaac acatcataga aagtgacaga gaaaaacact taacattcac atttagcttc    132060
     cacgtatgtg cataatatat gcacatgtac atgtgtgtgt gtgcttgaac tcgagcacac    132120
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactact cagcttaaat ccttttgtcc    132180
     acccagtcat atgaacctga accaaagtga gctacatggg tctatcattg caattactca    132240
     gaacaaaatc acgaccttca tccttcttta gcttctaatc tccactcatt tttctctcag    132300
     tattgactga accaggctat tctacaaaat gcagtgtcca aaagtggata tcaggacaag    132360
     tgacagaatc aacttgtatt aaacaattca atacagtcca tgaacctgaa tttccattaa    132420
     aaatgaaatg gataaaatca tatgcccata agacatttca ggacagtatt tatagtatct    132480
     taggggcagt gggtggattt taaatatgac tatagaggca gaaatgcaca gtagaaaaag    132540
     attctatcta aagtaagagc ttcaatagta aaagcaagag tgcaagagcg agcaagtgag    132600
     ggagagaaca agagagccag agaaagagac agacactgaa ttctgtcaaa gaacattatg    132660
     tagcaacgca atgaattgga tgtggtagca cacacataaa gtcctgccca gagtgggcta    132720
     aaatagaaga gttgtgagtt tcagaccagc cttagctaca tgatgagaca gtctcaaaaa    132780
     caaaaccaaa gagtgagatg gggagaaaat ggggagagcc agtatagcca tgacatcaaa    132840
     gttctgctgg gtacaatgtg cacctagtaa agagccagaa gccagcatgg gctacagcat    132900
     aaggtcctgc ctcaaaacaa acaaccaaga gacaaaggtg gaaggtaact cacgagatac    132960
     tggcaaatac ttatctgaga aagggctaac ttaatcagca gataaatgca aatgaagtca    133020
     gaatgccaac gcctccccac accttaggag ggggaggaaa ggaaaagaag ggaagagtct    133080
     aacaagaatg tggagaaact agaaccctca cctattgcta gcggggatat gaaatagccc    133140
     agcctctgtg gaaaagcttg gtagctcctg aaaacatgaa acataaagtt atggtatgta    133200
     ctaacaatat tacttctaga tcactatggt ttggatgtat tcctcagaat tcacatgtgc    133260
     aggaaacttg atccttggag tcctgtgtca atgatatttg aaagtgaggc ctttgggaga    133320
     taattattat taaatgaggt catggggatg gacctctcag actgacctct ggggttttat    133380
     cagaagagga agagagacac aagccagcat gtttgctctg tcttacaact gatcctccct    133440
     accacgtctt gacccagcac agaggcccta gcagatgctg agcagatgcc aatgcccaga    133500
     cgtactcaag acagttaaaa actatgcctg tggaaactct tctatgtact tgtatacaga    133560
     tgttcatagc aacatacttc attcattatg atctttggtc cagtggtcca tcaactggca    133620
     aataactaag taaaatgttt ggtaatatat ggaaaaggat tcgccaatat aaaataaatt    133680
     gttcaaaaca agaaggataa actgggtcaa ggacatgaac atgagatcac aatatatatt    133740
     gactttctaa aaacacacac attcaaggaa atgaaaatat gaccaggaca aatgccttgt    133800
     tctgattgaa ttcgccaaga tgacaaaact ataatgctcg ctggactgag gtatcgggaa    133860
     aactggatac ctgcttactc cctagcaggg gaaatggagg ctggtgccac ctcaatggga    133920
     aatcacttgg taatgacact tagagtcaca tttttaaaga tgtatgcatc ttgtggctca    133980
     gcaattttag tgctaggaat tgatctgaca gaaacaactg tggcttttca tatttggcct    134040
     gatggttttc aaaacactag gtatagttga caagctagag gaaccaccaa acaaaatcag    134100
     agacaggata aaacaagtgt cactgttata tttaaaaata atctacataa cagagaaaat    134160
     aatctaaata ttattgaata gacattggtt tttaaaaggg tagcatatgc gggtatggga    134220
     acacatacat acatgtaaat ctagcataca gccaagcttc ctgtgaggct caggcaagag    134280
     gccggccctg agtttgagga cagcctacac tttccttcta tggtatatat taaactgtaa    134340
     ttgatttcag aatacacacc tattcacaca ctacctaagt tttagggacc ttggctgcaa    134400
     ttacagtgac tgtcattgct atagagagta ccactacaat gatagtaagc actgctgtag    134460
     caggccccat aattatagag accttgtagc tatagcaacc acctttactt ggatggaccc    134520
     tgtagaataa aaggaattac ttcagtaagg aagttgtgct cagtggattg aataaatctt    134580
     gtccccatgg aaacttgtgg tgaaagttaa ttgccactgt ggcagtggaa cgcttttgtc    134640
     ctgggattgg gttagttgcc acaagaacag gctgttacaa agagagcctg cccttgtgtt    134700
     ttgtcttact ggtctgtgcc catttgccct tttgctcttc tgctatgtta ggatgcaatg    134760
     taaggtcctc accagatgta gccaccaatc tccgtcttcc agctcccaga actgtgaggt    134820
     aaataaactt ctttccttca ttaattactc tgccttggac atactattat agtgaaagag    134880
     aatgggttaa gacattatga ataagctctg ttgtcaacag aggtgtcaga caacaatgca    134940
     caaatagacg tcagccttga gtcctacgga gccacttacc gggagagaca gggacacaag    135000
     gcatgtgttt gcccttctct gacggcagcc cagctcgtgg ctcacagtga gtgcctgacg    135060
     catccggttg tcaaggacac agagaatcat ggaacagtag agtgattatc tctacaactg    135120
     ttggggaggt attcaagtgc ttaaggacac ggtgagtgtc ccagacttcc agcaagacac    135180
     agcaagagct tttaaatatt ttaaaatgtg cttttattgt ctcaaaaatg tagcaagaaa    135240
     agtatatata ttttaaagtc aataaataaa gctatgcatg gcggtgccac ccttgaacct    135300
     ggaaggctaa ggcaagaagc tcgtgacatc caggcaagca agggctataa aataaaaccc    135360
     ttctaagaag aaaataataa acaaaaaggg ggagagatat tgctgcaaat gacttacaat    135420
     tactaaataa agccaaacag aaaaacgatg tcaaaacata atatttgggc taacaaacag    135480
     ggaatgtatt cttgctgttg caaaaactct cacagccatg ttcgtccctt tcctaccaca    135540
     aaagttagac tagtctgtag ctaacatgct gttatctata tgaaaatacc caatggtata    135600
     cattaagaat agctcagcaa aaccccctat gttcattctg cactccctga tgtgttggag    135660
     ggactgtggg tgtctgatgt gtctctacac tatggaacag taagaccatc tggcatgtgt    135720
     ttccccatgt taaagccaga aatattatgg aaacaactcc aaagaaacct ctttggatgt    135780
     tatttcatcc gtactagaaa aagaatgggg ccattggaaa aatggtaaca gtctgagtct    135840
     aggaaggcca aggaaagggg aagaatggag ggcttgcaag ctactcactt caagagatgc    135900
     tagaggactc agttacaaac tcattttgag ccagacacag tctgtcaaaa atgttgtctt    135960
     gaggaaaaaa atacacaatg gataatgtat tatttcagaa atccactcca gaacaactga    136020
     agctatgtca taaagacttg agttggagaa gtgcgataat tgagtttcta atttatggaa    136080
     atgtgatgct cccccttcgc tccccatcat gagcttgttt tggtagaagg gacagtgtct    136140
     gtgaatctca cccatgttcc tgtttcaccc tttgatcttc tttcctgaca cctatggtga    136200
     tggagggaat aaccgaagcc aacaattgat tattctttac aagacaagct ccaatatgag    136260
     cctaattaaa gaatttccta acacttcctc cttgctaaaa caagtacatt taatgaagaa    136320
     aagcccctgg cctgtcattc aggctttcgt tcctgtgtat gcttacagac ataactactg    136380
     ccctcctctc cccatctgga aataccaatt gtcacccagg agtaattggc tcatttgctg    136440
     ggtttgccct ttaaatgctc catgttctcc tgacacctgg aagtttcatt tagaggcttt    136500
     tagggctttt tcctagagat gacaccatct ggaaaggtgt ttctggggac aaatgtgact    136560
     aaggtacatt ttaagtaaca gagaacactg ttcctatatg aaaggcacag tgcttgcaag    136620
     aatgaagcaa atgccagact tcagccagga cttgggaaga ggagtcttga cacactcaca    136680
     acttgaattc ttcaaaccct gctgcaattt tttccatcac aacaaggaat aataaacaaa    136740
     gggtttcaaa caccacaact tatcattcca acatcttgtt agaggtcaca cttgtagtat    136800
     gttccaacag gaacttgttt tgccacacca cacgactcag gcttctcacc ccatgcttaa    136860
     gatccaactg acaaatctat ctatggggga ctacaaacgt ggcttaggaa ggacatgact    136920
     attcagaggc agcatgcaga cgagacttta caagaatctc tccctggttg tggtaatggc    136980
     tattgaaatc tacacatgtg gtactcacac acacacacac atacacacag tagttcatgt    137040
     aaaatgagat ttgacacaat ttctataatg ccaatcggta actttattgt agagatataa    137100
     cttcatattt aggaccacct actctggttc tgcaatagag cctcccaggg aggaactgga    137160
     tgaagaacac ataggagttt tcctggacca ttttaaaact cttaccagta ctagcttatt    137220
     tttttaatac aaaggtcttt tccggttttg gttgcttggt tgcttttgtt ttgtgttttg    137280
     ttttgtcagt cagactagat cagaacttcg agagagtctg atcccatggt ttagttttct    137340
     tacacattta gacacagtca aacttcaggg aaggctacat tgaaattctg ttgcaaattc    137400
     tgtgatcttt acagtaagaa tgaactctat tggctgataa gcagtgctca gggctagggc    137460
     ctagtgggga aggatgtggg atttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttgtctt tttaaattga    137520
     aaatagattc ttctttcata caacacctcc caaggacagt ttccactgcc tctagtctac    137580
     caggagggaa gcatgaattt tcctgggaag gggaaataga atgcaaagat attttgtaaa    137640
     aatctgattt gctaggggct tctttaaaat gtttgccatg tttgcttaac atggcaaccc    137700
     tcacactgca tagaaaaatg gctctccaag catttgtatc aagggctgtc tccttgatac    137760
     tatgatgctc catgtgactg tcctactaca ggccactgtc cttgctgctg ccttataagg    137820
     tgcacccagg ttgtggggat actagctcat gaagtacctt ggtttaaaga acaacagggc    137880
     aaatggacag cttctccagg atggcttaca aatgggctcc cacccacagg aatgagagcc    137940
     ctctccacct tacaagtgca aatgactaag cctgattttc cagaggctaa gaatggcatg    138000
     ttttacctga aggccaaatg gtcaacattt taaggagaat ttggtctgtt atcagacaaa    138060
     gcaatactcc tacctttatt cttgtcaggt ttgtatcccc caccttccac gatgtcttca    138120
     agatccttgt ctgaccaacc tatgaaagaa accccataca tttcactggc aaaaaaaaat    138180
     ctttgcagca aatacttgga ttagtaaatg ttgtccatga catgtgggta ttcttcatgg    138240
     taccgggatt ctggttcagt ggtacagcag atagaaggcc ctgagaacca ggccttgtgc    138300
     ccaaactaag gagggattcg ggaagaagga agaggaaggg gaggaggagg agcaggaaga    138360
     tgaaaaagga tgatggtagt aggcaaaaat tccaactagc ccctcagatt gctcactgcc    138420
     agcgtatgtg ttctgccgaa cctccaatca ccttgagtgt gtgtgtggtc ccagagagaa    138480
     tgaatatgat cctagtgatt aagctcaaag tgatttttgt caaagtaatt aaggacctca    138540
     atcagccaag tgaactcttt cgaagctagt ttagggcatg cctaagctca gacactagac    138600
     gttaaagtct cttttctttc tctcgcttct cttaaaagag ccactcactg cctctatagc    138660
     tgaagagaaa gatactctat caacaaccac atgaccttgt tttgaagaga atctaagctc    138720
     agatgagact ccatccgagt accttgattg cagcggagac tctgacccta tagaaaactc    138780
     agcttcttaa gtgaacgaag gaaatcttaa cacatttata taaaaataaa tctcctcaac    138840
     tttcacatga tttgtgaatc atagataatc aatacaagaa gcagaatcac cattaaatag    138900
     ttcaactatt aagtacacat ctttctgaac atcctaatgc tttgtgtgca aaatgtgctt    138960
     aaagcctttc cactgtattc caaagtactg agggtgattt gcaaagtccc ttgggtcact    139020
     ggaccttttc ttagttggct ttatcagctt tgtgtcatga aaccactttt gtcaggcaga    139080
     atgaatgctg taccgacttg attatttggg aagcatttct tacaactgaa tgaaatgagt    139140
     ccatcagttg aggacagcca cctatagcac ttgtcaacaa gatttctact gaagccttta    139200
     taagctacca tgactctaat agtatccgac taaatacttt tgccagtagt attgatggtg    139260
     ttagcagcga attagatttt gttttttttt ttttttatta tagtgtgtgg cattacactg    139320
     acgtttgata aaccttaagc aaacacggtt ttccaaacaa ctaacgtgca atgttacaaa    139380
     acaacaaata ggcacaagtc cattgaatgg gtactgtagt tcaaatctga aatgaccctc    139440
     atgcattggg acacttgagc cctgtttttt ggaaatatgt cactggaagc tgacatttga    139500
     gctccgctag cccacttgct gtctctgtgt cgttgcttcc tggtgtggct acaatgtgaa    139560
     cagctgagtc agattggggc cccatcactt cggaaacgat aggctggatg gatccttcct    139620
     cttcccgttg cttgccagtc atgtgctcag ggcaaccaga aaaggaatta aaggggaact    139680
     gagtaaggta aggttactaa acatttgtta aaatgtattt ttcattcatg tttgggtttt    139740
     tttgtttttt aatatgtttt aattaattaa ttttttacac tccatatttt atcctccccg    139800
     tctccaccct ccaactcttc catatcccat cctcctcccc acccccttgt ctccacgtga    139860
     tgtagcccac cccccatgac acctgtttgt tttaaaaccc ttttaaatgt aatggcattt    139920
     aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag gaatgcatat gccacaatac    139980
     acatgtgtag gtcagaggac agctttcaag ctacatatct caatatgaaa atccaggtat    140040
     ctcctaggaa gattgacatt ctagaaattt ctaagaaatg taaaataatg ccactctctc    140100
     actaaactgt ttttatcttg ccacaaaaat ttctcataca atgtgctatt tatattaata    140160
     ttattattta gtattaatca ttttacacta ataatactga atttttaaaa aaatatatac    140220
     agatgttaaa ctcggatgga tatgatccac atagacaaaa gttattgaaa ttcccaataa    140280
     tttggagaat cccaagatca aaatatatca gtattactat tgtagggctc tcctacagct    140340
     tgaagtggcc tggatctaca gtactctaga tggctcagaa ttctattaca ggtaatagga    140400
     cagaccctac caggaactgt agcactggcc tgtgatatca agcatccaag catctagaac    140460
     ttacctcctg cttctcctgc acttggcttt ttgggaccat ctagatcatt tcgatcatcc    140520
     aaggcatctt ccaagtcaaa cccatctagt tctggggacc acagagcaaa agaaacaatc    140580
     accattgtgc tggctagttt ttatgtcaac tcaagctaat gtcatctaaa aggacgggac    140640
     cctgtttgag aaaatgcttc cataagctca ggctgtcagg cattttctca attatcaacc    140700
     attggggaag gacccagcct attgtaggtg gtgccatccc taggctggtg gtcttgggtt    140760
     ctataaggaa tcaagctgag caaaacagta atcagttcct tcatggcctc tgcaagagtt    140820
     cctaccttca gattcctact ttgttggagt ttctgtcctg attccccaca gtgatgaaca    140880
     gtgatgtgga agcatcagcc aaataagacc tttctctccc aattgcgcgt ggtttgtaat    140940
     gagcacagta ggatatccac aagctgatac agaaaatctt cccttccttt tctactcaga    141000
     gagcttgtct tacccatagg atttgatggt gctctagttg ttcctggcct tctagttgta    141060
     gtagtggcaa catggtccca tctctctaaa agtgggaggg aaaacaacaa gagtcatatg    141120
     cttaataaaa tgtatatcta catcatagtt taaggaaatc acaccatgaa tagactactg    141180
     ttagtactta aaactcctat ataacctcat aactatttgg gaacgatggc aaggagatag    141240
     aaaaggttaa gtgaaggaga ttccaatcgt tctcctttat aggttgggga ctgagagaca    141300
     aatgtagccc cacatctcac cactttacca gagctaaacc atgagcccag atctgctgcc    141360
     cacattgagc atggaattcc gagcttaagc atgatcccca agacctttga cctatacttt    141420
     cctccattat taatccaaga actggacagc aaataaaaat gcccagaggt gaataagctg    141480
     gcattttctg taatgaacag agaattgtct tataagctag cattttatgt gatgtacaga    141540
     gaattggcta acaaactgaa agaagttaaa acatacacac acatgcacag agagatacat    141600
     acacacacac actcacatac acacacagac acacacaggc acacacacac acacacataa    141660
     ccacagaaat atacagagag agagaaagag agacccagac atacacacag acacacatac    141720
     tttttgaaaa tggtctttga ctaaaacaag tttcctctag aagtatgaat tgccattgga    141780
     ttagttacat ggcactcatg agttccttct ttaaacttta ggatctgcca taattgttcc    141840
     tacttctgaa gacattcaaa gggaaaggta atgacaacgc taaagccaca acacaagaag    141900
     aaaataccat gagcacacat gcaaagaagc aaatttgacc atcatgctat accatatata    141960
     aaaccaacta aaagtggatc aaagatctaa agagctaatt ttttaacact cagcacaaaa    142020
     cattttggaa aatatttatg atattatatt tgtagataat ttcctggata tgaaagtaca    142080
     agcatcaaaa gaaataaatg gatatgagcc agagacctgg ctcagtggtt aagcaatggc    142140
     tgcttagatc catgttcaat tcccagcact cacatggcca ctcacaacta tctgttaact    142200
     ccagtcccat gagatctgac cccctcttct gtcctcctta gggcaccagg cattcacaag    142260
     gcacacagaa ttaaaaagca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aaggatgtag gagagaggag    142320
     ggaaactagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagagaga    142380
     gagggggggg gagagaggga gagagggaga gagagagaga gggagagagg gagagaggga    142440
     gagagagaga tatggcacaa tgaatgaagg gcaaggcttg gggtttcaat tgccaaagag    142500
     gaggggcaca gtgagggtta ttcagaccat gggaaatatg acactttagc tagataagat    142560
     ctgaaaataa atcaatacac aggctaaaga aaaaaaatca tataattagg caactggtat    142620
     gaaaagatct tggagttggt ggtgatgtac acctttaatc ccagcgttct gagaagcagg    142680
     ggcaggagga tctctgaatt tgaagactgc ctggtccaca gagtgagttc taggataacc    142740
     aagagaaaac tgtgccccaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    142800
     aaaccacaaa gacaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa ggaaagaaac aaacaacaag gttttccgaa    142860
     caactaacgt gcaatgttac aaaacaacaa gtgggcacaa gtccattgaa tgggtgttgt    142920
     agttcaaatc tgaaatgacc ctataggctc atgcattggg acacttgagc cctgcttttt    142980
     ggaaatatgt cactggaagc tgacattgag cttcgctagc ccacttcctg tctctgtctc    143040
     ggtgcttcct gagtgtggat acaatgtgag cagctgagtc atgtctagga taaaggacaa    143100
     ctactgcagt ttcaagactg tcctctagaa agcacttgtc agtctcgttg gctaaggact    143160
     ggattttctt tctgtatgat caggagcaaa gtgatctcat tgccaccact caaatttcac    143220
     agagtgcagt aagttctatt ttgtgagtgc tggattttgg gtgccgtatg gtcatcacta    143280
     ttacatgttg atgctattgg gctcacttca gcagtgtctc ggaaagcaaa gtatttaaca    143340
     cagaggtgca ggaaattatt atgttcaggt atgttcaggt aaagtaaacc aaggttgaaa    143400
     ggtataaaac aaagaggatc caaataaaca cacacacaca catacataca ctggaaaatg    143460
     caccagagtg acaacatcag ctcccacgct gctctctatg ttcaatgcaa gcctatagaa    143520
     gtcccactga ttgcttcttt ccagaaatag tcaaatttga tgtaaaattt tggggggaag    143580
     gcagaacctt agattagctt tttaaaacct taaaaagaat aaagtgggat gaatcactct    143640
     atctaatatt aaggctcatt ttatagttaa catttgtcaa agatgtggca gatagataga    143700
     tgcaggcaac agaacagaat gaagagctca aaagacctca gatctgctca agtgattttt    143760
     tatacatatg caaagaaact caaaaaagga acaaatcttt tcagaaaagg tactagaata    143820
     attagacttc tgaaatgaaa accaatgggt ttcattttat ataaaattaa ctgcaaatgg    143880
     ataaattata tttgcttaaa tattaaacca taaaatgttc agaaggaagt gtttcagaat    143940
     tgaatgcttg gtaaaaggtt cacacatttg acaacagaaa cgtggcccat aagaggaaaa    144000
     gctgttaaga agctagaaag gccgggccac ctagtgtggg ccagcactca ggaagctgag    144060
     gtggggagga ccttgcattt gagagtcagc tgggactact tgccaagata gtaagactcg    144120
     gtctcaaaag acagaggaag aggaagaagt ggcacaggac taggaggatg tggagaaagg    144180
     aggaaagaca aagaattcta tacaagaaaa tcaacaggaa gctttaatgg atttaaggtt    144240
     ccagtgggct ggaggcaaag ctcagaggta agcatacatt tacacagagg tcctaggtta    144300
     ttccacagaa ccaaagggga aagacaaggc cgaagagcgc aaaggaagga aacctggagt    144360
     tggctttttg aaaaagtaaa caagatggaa aacctttatt tctgctctaa tgactcaaaa    144420
     ttataaatgg gacaggagac actgcaacga atactaaata aatacaaaga atcataagaa    144480
     actacagtgg acaacaggtt ccaacaaatc agacaagcta gaagaaatgg atagacttct    144540
     agcagcacac aaactattaa gatgattatg aaaagtcaaa atataaatgg atgaataaaa    144600
     ttagaataat caaagacctc ccaacagaga aatatccagg taacagaagg ctataaaaat    144660
     gaattatttg aagaattc                                                  144678