ID   AL772271; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 204136 BP.
AC   AL772271;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-17P12 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-204136
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 6a30e54fcc6d1da49e0d1f1b1eaad013.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456091.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000009551; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000009555; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000009563; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000009566; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026797; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026811; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026814; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026817; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038987; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039021; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000059013; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000079442; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025613; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025614; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025615; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025616; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025617; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025619; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025621; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025622; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025624; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025590; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025591; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025592; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025593; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025594; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025596; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025598; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025599; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025601; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025560; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025561; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025562; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025563; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025564; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025566; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025568; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025569; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025571; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025587; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025588; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025589; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025590; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025591; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025593; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025595; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025596; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025598; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025347; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025348; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025349; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025350; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025351; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025353; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025355; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025356; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025358; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026031; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026032; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026033; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026034; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026035; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026037; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026039; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026040; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026042; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024809; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024810; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024811; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024812; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024813; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024815; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024817; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024818; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0024820; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025325; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025326; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025327; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025328; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025329; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025331; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025333; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025334; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025336; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025458; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025459; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025460; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025461; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025462; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025464; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025466; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025467; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025469; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025420; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025421; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025422; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025423; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025424; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025426; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025428; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025429; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025431; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025544; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025545; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025546; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025547; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025548; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025550; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025552; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025553; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025555; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025451; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025452; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025453; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025454; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025455; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025456; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025457; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025459; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025460; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025462; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026089; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026090; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026091; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026092; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026093; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026095; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026097; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026098; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026100; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024557; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024558; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024559; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024560; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024561; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024563; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024565; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024566; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024568; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024878; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024879; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024880; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024881; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024882; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024884; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024886; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024887; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0024889; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772271.11:1-204136; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000009695; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000009699; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000009705; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028148; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000066478; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000068271; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000072111; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000074248; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000081879; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091059; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095044; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095045; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102813; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102818; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113242; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113272; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113277; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113278; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113290; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000120105; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123170; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125891; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000126636; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127812; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000128811; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129165; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131229; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140983; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143743; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146498; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154131; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000155205; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156578; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156617; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161089; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161430; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161958; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167841; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000175763; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177382; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179989; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000183538; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000195721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208840; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054153; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054158; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054169; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054175; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054181; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054199; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054208; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054209; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0054225; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054167; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054172; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054183; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054189; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054195; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054213; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054222; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054223; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0054239; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054125; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054130; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054143; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054149; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054155; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054174; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054182; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054183; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0054201; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054114; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054119; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054130; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054136; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054142; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054161; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054170; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054171; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0054187; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053842; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053847; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053858; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053864; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053870; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053889; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053898; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053899; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0053915; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054597; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054602; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054613; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054619; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054625; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054643; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054652; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054653; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0054669; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054012; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054017; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054028; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054034; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054040; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054059; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054069; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054070; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0054086; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0053788; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-17P12 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..204136
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-17P12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2171..2206
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-255P20
FT                   (AL928710) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_57241, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    21935..22166
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_57241, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    22232..22271
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_57241, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    46177..46235
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_57243, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    78463..78546
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_57245, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    104913..104936
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    128107..128159
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    150023..150078
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-320N1
FT                   (AL845471) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_224260, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    156215..156306
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-320N1
FT                   (AL845471) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_224260, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 204136 BP; 48496 A; 53007 C; 52628 G; 50005 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttct tggttggcaa gattatgttc atcttctgat gccacccaga ggtatctagc        60
     cagggacata ggaaggtagc agggagacaa agtaggacct gggatctgct gccacatctt       120
     ctgaggtctg gctcccacgg gactgaccct gaactcagag ccctgaggtc ccccacaaag       180
     gtgacaactc tccctgcaac caggaaccct ggcagggcct gaggctatga gggaagtcac       240
     ctgagacctc agagacccag cagtcctggc tcgctcatct cattttgttc ctgtcgggtt       300
     tcacgtgggt ggtgaaggcg acttgagaat gtcaccagac agagatgagt ctaatgggca       360
     catgggcatg agaaccaggg aagtgactca gaataattcc acagtgccct tctgggaagg       420
     gtgtggctaa tgcctgtaac cccatcattt gtgaggttca gacagaagga tcccgggcta       480
     gcctggactg tgtgattcac acactagggc catgtgggta gagggatgaa gagttgaaga       540
     gctgcctatc attgacctgt tgtgtgtctt tggcgctgtt ttcttttctt tttgattaat       600
     gatgtgggaa agggatgcct actgtgggca gtgccacccc aggcaggtgg tctagatggt       660
     tataagaaag gtagttgaat gtgaggctag ttagcagcac tgctccatgg ccccctcctc       720
     catgccctct gctccagttc ctgtccctag gctccagccc tgacttacct cagtgatgga       780
     ctgtgatgtg ggagttgtag actgaaataa aacctttccc tcacgttgta ttcggtcata       840
     gtgtctgtca cagaaacaca aagctacata gaaagatcct gtctgaaata ataacttgta       900
     gtgtgctgtt catgttggca agggtctttg agctgagaga taaggagtcc cactaggaaa       960
     gtgactagag aatgcagcca gtggaaggtc ctgaggcagg aatgcgcttg atgtgatagg      1020
     tcagaaagta gccgaaaggg agggattcca tctgaatcct cagaggatca caggcagggg      1080
     gacggccaca ggaaccaagc agaagtacga ttttctggtg gtgccctgag ctgtctgtct      1140
     ctgccctttc tcactgggac agggatattt ttcccactta acagaaaaga aaggtggggt      1200
     gtgggggagg gacctgcctc aggcatgggc tgcattgaca taaccaatac aaagtggctg      1260
     ttttaaaaac agcctgctgg gcagtggtgg catacacctt gaattccagt acttgggagg      1320
     cagaggcagg ctgatctctg tgagtccaag gcctacagag caagttccag gcaagccagg      1380
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaagcc taaaaccaaa tcaaaccacc aacaacaaaa      1440
     caacctgagc cactaatccc agctcccaat tctctagcag agatagctgg atctcggtga      1500
     gtttgaagcc tgcctgaaaa atgtggggtc ctgtctcaaa aacacgtttc ttcattgcct      1560
     atctgatatt catagtcaag ttcacatcat ttgagctgac aacccaacaa ctatcctgaa      1620
     actcagggct gcttagtttg aagcctttgc ttcatttcct atcccctgtt acttcccggg      1680
     taatttcaga aatggagaac ctcaattctc cacggccagt agccatcaca cgggtggctc      1740
     tcttactgtc ttccttccaa tcacacaagg actagagtgg gaagacaaac tagacaggcc      1800
     ccgccctcga cgtcgagacc tcgcccccag cccggaggtc tctgagacat ccacgcgccg      1860
     ctagccggcg ctgcgcaggc cccgccccct gagcgcaaag cctccgcccc tcccagaggc      1920
     ccctcccacg cccccggctg cgctgctcta gcttcaggct tcagaagctg cggccgcagc      1980
     accgcctcct acccggggcc cggttccagc ccctctggcc cggcgcactg gacatggagc      2040
     tccgagcagc gcatcctgag cccccagcgc actccaatcc gctcgttcgg ttagcgccca      2100
     gcttggggag gggacggtgg aagctagccg ggtgaaaacc tcacatcctg cccgccccag      2160
     gcctctccat caccccgcgg tagagagttg ggatggatgg gaacgatgtt ctcctggctc      2220
     ctggctttct ttgcctgcct ccgaccgaat ggatgacctt gagccgagag cgtctcctct      2280
     ttgcctctcc ttccccatct gcacaatggg aattggtttg gcaaggtctc tgaactcacg      2340
     gcctttagaa tgggacacgt tgtcacatgc ttggagactt aaaggctttt ggttcctggg      2400
     cccgtttttc ttgatctgga tttgtctctt cccttgcctc agtttctctc atatcctggg      2460
     accagcttcc agcctttctc atcccaagca ctggagacag cagcctccag actgctaaga      2520
     gcagagacag catgaaggcc ccggtaagtg acagggaaga gaaaaagttg cctggggatt      2580
     tgggggtgac ctgggtagag ctttacagcc gcctcccaca cccggagtta cagtgatccc      2640
     ctaacccctt ttggtgtcgg gggatgaaac tcagagccag gcacatgcta agcacatgct      2700
     ctagcatgga gtccctccca cagcccttag tagttgcttc tgcgccagcc ccctgctcct      2760
     ggggctgtgt gaccccaggc cggtgtcttc cccttttggt ttcagtttgt ttttctcacc      2820
     tagaaatgga agtaacccgg tgtcacttag ttgggaggga ggtgtgagac tgagtgtgac      2880
     gctctggtct ttctgtcttt accagtgagc cccctgagtg ctggagtggg gaggttaatt      2940
     accactgccc aagtcaaggt ctctggtccc ttgtgggcag cagaccagtt gttgtgtaga      3000
     gccggaggcc ttaggagctg tgaacccggt ctcctggaca gctggccaca cagagaagac      3060
     ttatttttag aaactgatgt ggcttatgga cagacaagga agggtgggcc cctggcagga      3120
     tgtgctgggg gctgttctac acctctgcct ttctgggtac actggctagc tcctagtgtt      3180
     tcttctggaa tgactttggg cctagaaaac tggagttctg agagtcacag gtactgagat      3240
     ggatggccca gcacacagtg gtagacacct tgctgggtgc tttcagtggg tgtgcaggag      3300
     gtcaccccca ggtgaccgac ccagagggct tcttcaagtg gctttcggtg tatttcttct      3360
     agaagtggga gaggctgagc ggaagcatcc caactgttgg aagcattttc tgtttatttg      3420
     tttcagtttt tgaaacaggg tcttggtctg tagtccaggc tagcctggaa ctcactgtgt      3480
     agcccaggtt ggcctcacac ttgtaacagt actgcctcgg gcaaggaatg agctaccatg      3540
     tttattatta gattagacat ttagattatt agattattat tagattagat ggagatagct      3600
     atctaatcta ttttatctac ctatctaaat agtgggtggt tgtgtggcgc cctgcctggg      3660
     ctcttggaac ctggctcctt tgcaagcaca gaaagcgtgc cactaccacc aagccagtcc      3720
     ttgaaagtgt ttttaaaaaa gatttattta tttatttatt ttatgtatgt gagtacactg      3780
     tcactctctt cagacatacc agaagagggc atcggatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc      3840
     acaatttgat tggtggctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag tcagtgcctt      3900
     aaccactgag ccatccatct ctccagcctc tgaacgcatt tcttaagtga tgctttcctc      3960
     aaagtccccc tccacctcct ggactgccca gccagcccag gggacacact gggtcagctg      4020
     gggatagggt agtggaggta gcagtggcct ggggtgactg catagtgtat ctgggttcta      4080
     gataagagtt tgggttctgc catttgaaat ttgcaccctt gctgtgtggc tctgagcagc      4140
     ttcaccccaa ctgagtgtcc tgacctggaa agaggggaat tgggggactt gtctctagat      4200
     tcatccctga agtaggtctc accaatggag ctgcagaggt tctccatggg gaggctgggt      4260
     gttatttgca ggtaccccgc aggcacgtga cctctgtctc cctcagggcc gccttctgct      4320
     cctcacactg tgcatcttga cattctctgc tgtctgtgtc ttcctgtgct gctgggcctg      4380
     cctgccgctc tgcctggcaa cctgcctgga ccgccacctc cctgcggccc ccagatccac      4440
     tgtgccaggg cccctgcact tcagtggcta cagcagcgtg ccagacggga aggtgagtca      4500
     gccaggcaat gctacgggag ccagcgggtc cccagctcta ggaaacagtg agagctgggc      4560
     tggtggcaag ccagcctgga ctctgagctt agcttccctg ctcaccagct gtgtgacatc      4620
     tgccagtcac ttgtcctctc cgagtactca aggtctagga ggaaatagga ttttcactaa      4680
     gcagatactg cctgggtacc cccaactaca tgctgggaat gaaaaacggg gtggggggct      4740
     gcccactggg gataacctgg gaagacaaga agtcttcaga cttctgtgtc tccataccat      4800
     atactcacac aaacatggct tagctcctgc agtaagtgtc attgtgtggc agctgagcat      4860
     aaagagccag cctaggtcca ggttatgtat ggtcccagga gtcatgaaac tgggacacca      4920
     gggtccgaga cagccatgac tcccgtccat actgtctgtc cacctctcca tatttgctcc      4980
     acctggtgtg gcagagggac attcacaacc tagaccttga tagcagaggt cctgtgagtc      5040
     acagagctcc ctaaagccac cctgaggtta gtggcactac agttccagtt cttagtttgg      5100
     tggccctagg gtcatgctca ggagccctgg cttgctggag acctgtcacg tccccatccc      5160
     tgcctctgtt gggctgtgcc aaggattcaa agggtgactg gcagacagca cacagtgccc      5220
     agtgcccagc tgcggtgtga ggatttaatg gagaaatgaa acccctgagc tggcctggcc      5280
     tggggcttca tttcagctca gtcagcatta gcgaggtcaa gggctaagtt tattctccag      5340
     cgccaacacc aaacggaaac gagggcacca gaactcccgc aagtgtgagc tctccactct      5400
     ccaagaacgg cccagtggga cagcgccagc cagggtgtcc tgggtgaaca ctgtccagtc      5460
     tgccacagta cggccagagt tcttcagaca cttgggccct tctggaacgt tttctttctt      5520
     ttgtgtgtgg attggatgtg tggacggtca gccttgggct ttgtttctca ggcatttgat      5580
     tgattgatga ctgattgatt gattgagact ggttctctca ctgcttggaa ttaagtggct      5640
     agactggcga gtgccccttg gggatctacc tgtctctgcc tcctcagtgc tgggctcaca      5700
     ggctcatgcc acagtgccca gcgcattcac ctaccctcct ccctccctcc ctccctctct      5760
     ccctcctcag ggtctgagat ttctttcttt aaaggtttat ttatttattt tatgtttatg      5820
     actacactgt agctgcactg atagttgtga gccatccatc atgtggttgc tgggaatttg      5880
     aattcaggac ctctgctcgc tccgacttaa tggtttattt tattattata tctaagtgca      5940
     ctgtagctgt cttcagacat accagaagtg ggcgtcagat tccattacag atggttgtga      6000
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc atgacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt      6060
     aactgctgag ccatctctcc agccccattt gtttttctta agtgggaaat ccaggttttg      6120
     aatgtcaaca cttagacctt ttcctctttt gcaataaagg gaaacagttg gccttttgag      6180
     ggccagtctg acgacaagcc ttgatggggc tgattgtcac tagagacagg acagcccgcc      6240
     attgccagga cagggccaga ctgagggcac aagaaggaca tatttccagc tttttcggga      6300
     gagggtctca cgtggccctg gctggcctgg actctgccgt gtggcagatg gctttgaact      6360
     tatcctgcca aatgcccagg tcccgggatt acaggcttgc cccactattt ttttttttaa      6420
     tactgtagta cagaaaatgg atttatgagt tcttaaatca acatcttatt aaaaaaaaaa      6480
     aagctgaggg ggatttcaca gtgtctttta ttgagtggaa ctaatctttt acatggctct      6540
     ataaacttga gttcctccag gtgagagccc agcacttttg tgggagccgt ggcaattttc      6600
     tctgagtgtg tgcattcagg ctgcctagtg tctacctctt gggtggtata acaaatacga      6660
     gatggggccc ttaatgggcc tgaggtctgg gtagcagctc acatctgcgg ttccagcacc      6720
     taagtcccag gacagtctct gtacacaaga ccttgtctca aaagaagcag ggcgggatct      6780
     gggaaacaga gcatttgtgc cctgtgtgca agcttaaccc acaaaaaact aggttggcct      6840
     ggtaacttgc tgtaatctct ttggggagac agagatggaa tccttggagt aaattagcta      6900
     gccagactag ccaagcaggg ttcttggtgt atggtgacag accctggctc aagatacatg      6960
     gtggcaagtg ctcgaggaag acactatgta tcaaccttgg gcttctacct ggatgtgtat      7020
     ccacacagca tgtatgtgtg caaattgaca gattataaca gaattcacca gttaaaagga      7080
     acagttcagg gtctctataa cagaattcac cagttaaaag gaacagttca gggtctcact      7140
     agatagccct cgctggcctg gaacttgctt tgtagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcaccag      7200
     gatctcagag cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg aaactaaagg tttatacctc tacgtccagc      7260
     cagtgagtgt cgacagaagt aggagagtat ggatagcctt caccaaggcg acacagaact      7320
     ctttctgacc ctcccagaag tcctctccag cccctttgtg accctcatgg cttttagaag      7380
     tgctaggagg gcttggagct tagggaggga attgttctgt tccactgtgt tccagcctcc      7440
     tgacttgggc agcccgtgcc caagaccatc ctgtgccccc cacccctggc tccttatttc      7500
     cttgtacctt ttctattggg ctctcacgag agggttaaag caggtgtttt cacacccatt      7560
     tcccagatga ggggtggcac ccccttacct tgggccaagg gatggagctg ggattcacat      7620
     tgagaatcag actagcaaaa ctggcctggg ctggccatgg aagacccctc taactgaaga      7680
     cccttccgtt aacaactcag tgcagtatgg gttgggcacg ggcagggcag gaagggacct      7740
     gggtgcttcg gaagagcttg tagttcctgt gtacttagca aacacatgaa catgccgtca      7800
     gtgccagaga ccgttctaaa ggctttataa atatttgatc ctgtaacttt aataaggtcc      7860
     cagtaaggta gggacatttt agggcttaga gagagcaagt gctggatgtg gctgataagg      7920
     aagcttggga aggtcgtttt cctgtgtcgg gcttgccagg tgggcagaca tggctgttgc      7980
     cacctgtggt cccagcattt gggaaattga agcagaagaa acgccacaag tccaatgcat      8040
     gcctgaacaa gagagtgaga ctttatatta caagtgaaaa cagggaccag ccaagtgacc      8100
     tgactggtga aggcacatgt cacagaatct gatgacccga gtgctccccg tggaacacac      8160
     gtggtggagg ggactgactc aagcaagctg tctttgggcc ttcacgtggg ttctgtggca      8220
     tgtgcctcac tctaaagaca aaaacaaaaa caacctgggt ctagggagga ggttcagttg      8280
     gttagactga tccatggaac atgaggacct gtatccagtc tttttttttt ttaaatatgg      8340
     aacgcttcac gaatttgcat gtcatccttg cacaggggcc atgctaatct tctctgtatc      8400
     attccaattt tagtatatgt tctgcagaag cgaacaccct gtgtccagtc ttaagcatcc      8460
     atataagagc caagtaccca gcatgcacct gacataatcc aaagtgaggc tgggtctgcc      8520
     tcgccagcca ttttggcaga tttagcaaaa tcctggttca gtgggagact ctgtctcaag      8580
     acaatagtga ttgaggaagg catctaaagt caacctctgg cacgtgacca cgccccatgg      8640
     atgcctgtgt acacacacat gcacatacac aaatttaaaa aactataaca aaacaaaaaa      8700
     accacagtag agcttagtcc ttgggactga tccagctatc agacagatta gtggacatga      8760
     tggaggtggg agtggggagg caagggggag gacaggtgga taccagcctg agtggggggt      8820
     ttctgatctc tctctccttc cttctctgta gcctcttatc cgagaactgt gccacagctg      8880
     tgcggtggtg tccagctctg gccagatgct gggttcaggc ctgggtgccc agatcgatgg      8940
     cgcagagtgc gtgctacgca tgaaccaggc acccaccgtg ggctttgagg aggacgtggg      9000
     ccagcgcagc actctgcgcg tgatctctca cacaagtgtg ccattgcttc tgcgcaacta      9060
     ctcacactat ttccagcatg cccgagacac gctctacgtg gtgtggggcc agggcaggca      9120
     catggacagg gtgctgggcg gccgcaccta ccgaacgttg ctgcagctca ccagaatgta      9180
     tccaggcctg caagtgtaca ccttcactga acgcatgatg gcctactgtg accagatctt      9240
     ccaagatgag acaggcaaga accggtgagc tggagacccc tggcccctgg agtttgcatt      9300
     ctctaaaagc ctctttctgc taggaagtgc tttaaggtct gaggtggtct ctgaggtcat      9360
     tccagataac tgaagtaaga gtgacttcag gctggggatg tggttgtgtt ggcagaatgg      9420
     ttgcctagtg tgcatgaggc cctgggttcc atccccagca ctgaatgaac tggccttgca      9480
     tgcctctgta gtcccagcac tctggaggta gaggcaggat ggttaggagt tcaaggttag      9540
     ggagttcaat tcacttaagc ttaggcggcg tgagcctgtc tcagaaatga gaaggaaaac      9600
     aaaacaaacc aaacaactgt ttttgagtcc taaggctttg agctgagcac tctgcatcag      9660
     acatctctaa tccctcagca cttcccgagg cacctcacta catacctgtg ccctggccct      9720
     cgtcctcaga cttgtcccca gctgcagtcc cttgcacatg ctctgttcct tctgcctaga      9780
     acattcttcc aaaagttccc atgattggcc ccttccagcc gctccggtct ggataaactc      9840
     tccacttcct cagggaagcc cctccgagac catccctctg cagcagaagc agcccgcctt      9900
     ggcgacctgc atctcgcctt tcccttttca gctgctgaca ccatctgaca ttacagttta      9960
     tgtttcctcc ctgaaactgt tagctccagg tggggcaggt gctggctgtg cacagcttga     10020
     atagttgagc tggcctgtac tctcaggaga ggcagaggag gaggtggcct tctacttgga     10080
     gggtacccag agctgccacc tcaagagagc tgaggcctgg ggctgttaca gcacctttac     10140
     gcaggtgggc tgggtgcagg gtggaatggg caaagctgac agggttccct ctccaaaaac     10200
     accttcaaat ctccatgttt cacagccggg tctctgagac tgagactctc aagagtgagt     10260
     taggtgccct acgggagagg caaggctaaa agagaagaca gagccctcaa ttttaccctc     10320
     tgtgctctct tgtacctgtg ggctctccgg gtctagttct caagaaccct gataccgtcc     10380
     tctgctcggg cagccagacc gaacaagccc aggtttgtgt ccagcaccac ctctaaccca     10440
     ctgccgatgg caaactgcct ctccgctgct tcccccttcc tgggacctct ttcaggttgt     10500
     caggtgggag taggggatgc tggtggggcc actgacggtg tctcatcctc ctcaggagac     10560
     aatcaggctc ctttctcagc accggttggt tcaccatgat tctggccctg gagctgtgcg     10620
     aggagatcgt ggtctacggg atggtcagcg atagttactg caggttagac cggcgcccag     10680
     gctgggggta ggggacaggg aaggaggggg aggtgtgaag tcttgagcca gagggtctgt     10740
     gagccgtgag ggcttcatga tgggtgaccc gggcacagac agcccccaag ggcaggcctt     10800
     tgggaaaaag accaacattt agctgggcat agtgatcctg ctcaggaggt ggagacagga     10860
     gaatgagaat caaagctaac cttggctcca gatcaagttc aaggctaccc cgccccacac     10920
     cttctgagag cccctctgaa aaactcaaac caaaacaaag ccttgtacac ctctcaggtt     10980
     ggtgaaccgt ctatgtaact atgagacttt gctacgtgac atcatctaat acagaggtca     11040
     tacttaagaa ccaggaggtg gtgcacacag ctctaatccc agcactcagg aggcagagtt     11100
     cagggccagc ctggtctaca gagggagttc cagggcagcc cagagaatcc ttgtgtcaaa     11160
     caaaacaaaa catcttagga tccacgtggt ggaaagagac cctgctctca aaatgtcttt     11220
     tgacctccac atgcactttg tggcagcttc ttacccccca ccccccaaat aatgaataga     11280
     tgcaaaaaaa agttaagttg ccaaaaagat ttggcaaagt gagccttggg ttagacccac     11340
     ctgatggagt gctcaccccc tggaccctat atctatttta atgaaacatt acagatagat     11400
     ttagttgact taaatactgt gagttcagat atggatatgg aattctatta taagcatgtt     11460
     atattcttat atttcagtat tactataact aaggagtctg ggaaaggccc cagattttca     11520
     ccctttccct tcagaaccta tgtctcgggt gtatgagaga aatggtcaca gcagcctagg     11580
     cgcacactac ttcctagcag gagggcgtgc cgctggccct ggctacagga gttaggcatg     11640
     ggccgctcct gcctagagtt tatccattga ctccatttcc agatggcctg ttgtaggggt     11700
     gtttttcaga tccaaggtca cccagcttgc aaggagcaat ttctgaatcc tggccaatgg     11760
     gctcctcgcc tgcccggtct ctgccatctg tctccctcct gcgcagctga ggcctagtcc     11820
     cagaggctgg cagctttgag gccttgttcc acctgaccct gttccctcct aacagcgaga     11880
     agagtccccg ctccgtgccc taccactact ttgagaaggg ccggctagat gagtgtcaga     11940
     tgtaccgttt gcatgagcag gctccaagga gcgcccatcg cttcattacc gagaaggctg     12000
     tgttctcccg ctgggccaag aagcgaccca tcgtgttcgc ccacccgtcc tggagggcca     12060
     agtagttcct gttgccagtg actgccaggc ctcagccagg cctgtgaccc attccaggcc     12120
     aacacggctc taatgtgagc atttatgact caccttctac ctgacaccag gtagaacatg     12180
     aagtctctat tacccaacac tgggtacact cggaggaacc tcaggccttg tgacttgaag     12240
     aggagtcgag aagatgccat ttacaccacc cctgcttcca gaagaatcca catcttcatc     12300
     ttggggtttg tcccactgcc aggttgttta agtgaccttt gccctgggtc cgtcgatggc     12360
     cccacctcac cagcattatg gctttatacc agtcttgaac ctttcctcta cctggctcca     12420
     gccacatggt gccacattct caggctggtg gccctggttg gtgcaccctg gaacttggga     12480
     tttgatggat gtgagggcct ttgagcctca gcctctcagg actgactgtc ttgggagtgt     12540
     gctggtaaag gcagattttc tggacactgt gtctctgtgg taacggatgt gggatggggg     12600
     ttagttagga caaggcctgt agcctgttcc ctggagggct gactgagcct tccagccctt     12660
     ctctaggccc acaactgtcc tgctcttccc gcattgtctg gacatcagcc ctacagtctc     12720
     ctgccccagc atcccacaag cctgaccttc tgatggtctg accacaggac tgtgctggcc     12780
     caggacagcc accctgccct cactcaacag gcacagagcg gggcctggga ggactcgggg     12840
     tgaggaagaa attccaccca acgccacttt cctgcctcat gagtcagatt ccaaagtctt     12900
     tgccagtcag gctgtctctt aactgtggga catgattcct ttgtaaaaca gagggcagaa     12960
     cgaactcagc gcggggaggg tgctgaccag aaaggagtgg tctcggggcc agccctttct     13020
     ctgagttttg cttttcagta ctaaaacaca gccaccacct agctgttaag gagggtgtga     13080
     ggccaccctg cggagggagc tggtgctcat tacagatgat atagcccagg ctagctttca     13140
     ggaggtgtct gaactaggat gctggcagcc ttgagagctc actacccagg ctctgcctcc     13200
     ttcccccttt ggaagactga agaatggcac cctgggcttt agctctctgc ttcagagttc     13260
     gggaccctct gggtgtaacc tgcgcggtcc ccagagtccc gtgcttagtt taacctctcc     13320
     tgctacaaac ttgaaattcc ttattttagg tcttggtttg aaacaaggaa cctctcagtt     13380
     tccttaccgg atcccacaaa gggcagaacc cgtcatgcta agggctctgg tggcctagcc     13440
     cactctccct cctacccatt ttcccaggag tgactagaga cctggcacct ggcccacaac     13500
     actgcccttg tccctgtcca gtgccaggtg gaccggaagc ctcatatgtg ggaggggaag     13560
     cagagaggga aatctctgag ccagggttac aggcgggaag ccaaaccgtt tccgcaggcc     13620
     tggaggggct gaggggctga gtgtagggat aggccatgag tgggtcgtgg gtgagacgaa     13680
     gggtcctggc atcaggcctg accccatgtt cccaggcaat aaagacagta gagtagttcc     13740
     tgcctcacca gattgtatga gctcagagat gctggggtgc cccttggggc ttacttagaa     13800
     cacacttggc tctcagtatt cagaagccac catttaaata gggtggccct ctgcctgact     13860
     gatcctgttc caccctggca taggtggcat cagtgcaaaa taataataat aataatgatg     13920
     atgttctcat cctaatgaga atagtgtctt ctggtgccat tttgagtgac tgtgactcag     13980
     gaacagagat gtatgttacc ccgaattcca tgttccgttg cggaaacagt ttcatgaagt     14040
     tttatagttt tgcggaacat aaagtcctaa gtccaggcaa gtctaaaata cattggtggg     14100
     gacatcagaa aggtgggtac ggcaagctgg ggaggacttt cctataaggt ctgagaggtt     14160
     gagagctttg ggttggtaga agctatgttc tgacaaaggt agtcaggaaa tggctgtgtg     14220
     aagctacagc tagcccaaga tctgctgatt ttggcctctg ggccatctcc ggaggcctgg     14280
     tttctttcta ggactttttg ctcatggtag agagctggct ctccatccca ttagaagtct     14340
     ccgcacctgt gcccttctcc gtgcatgtcc agggtcaaga gactccctgg tcctggtggg     14400
     atctagacta ctcctttctg agagtcagtc ttcctgcttt cagccataag gaaatgctga     14460
     cccaaccctt agacaaggca cacagagatg cttctgtcct ggcttctggg tgaggtgttt     14520
     actgctgggt tggcctgaat aaattgtatt tctcagggaa gctgtcaacc acttcctcca     14580
     agcacacaaa gatgcccact gacaggtctg gctgttggca cagcgtctac tgaagactcc     14640
     catgatgaaa ctcaggggcc ccctccttgg acactgtggg tccggtacct gctggaaggt     14700
     gagaaggggg tagaagccat gtatagtctt gaggtgttgt gggggccact ggggtttaca     14760
     gactctggcc tcttgtgttc cttttcctcc tccggttctt ttgtctcagc cagttctgcc     14820
     taagcccggg gaggaaggga ggcaggtcct acagacacgg gtggcttagg actccttcat     14880
     caggaatctc ggctggggta tgagcgtctc tatggtgtct attgcgggag gaatggaact     14940
     ccacgattac ggggaacagt tgagcactcc tgtctagccc ctgtctgtgg agacccaggt     15000
     acttcccagt tcatgtccac ggcaccaggc tcagagcgcg gcttaagtct ccatctccgc     15060
     tcactgtaga ggttgaaagt tggagtcccc aggcctggct tcagctgagc ttggcacaaa     15120
     tctgtctgct gaacagaact gttgctataa gttgggagct gaggggctgg agagatggct     15180
     tagcggttaa gaacactgac tgttcttcca gaggactggg ctttgaatcc cagcagcctg     15240
     atggcagctc aaaactgtaa ctccaagatc tgacattctc acatggacat acatgcaggc     15300
     aaaacaccaa tacatacaaa ataaaatttt aattaaaaaa aaaagataaa gacatgggaa     15360
     ctgagagagg aggggaggaa aaggctctct gggaatatca caagagcaca gagaagtttg     15420
     ctgaatgaag gatgaagttg tggcttagtg tagagtttgc caggcacact caagacacct     15480
     cctccccctg ccgctgccca ggttccaacc ccaacagtgt atagggcgat tgttaaggtg     15540
     cagaaaacgg gagtgttttc cctggggagg aaggaaggaa gctccttcaa agatgatcag     15600
     gcctggcctg aggccccgtg tttgagttct ctgttgcgtc tggaccgtgt gcctaacagc     15660
     tcagccagta ttaaatggac aggctaggtg agtttagcct gtcacccaca cattctccaa     15720
     gctggggttt cacctggaaa gtgggctcct agtagctccc tgccacagtg agggggtgct     15780
     tgaaaaaagt gtaatgcaga ggtgagcacc ctaccaacag ggtgctgtgc ttttgttatc     15840
     cacgcccacc cccttgtttc ttttggttgg tctcttagtt tttctagatt gggtttcttt     15900
     gtgtggtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagagcag ggtggcctca aactcaagag     15960
     atccctctgc ctctgcctct ctgcctctgc ctctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct     16020
     gcctctgcct ctctgcctct ctgcctctct gcctctctgc ctctctgcct ctctgcccct     16080
     ctgcctctct gcccctctgc ccctctgccc ctctgcccct ctgcccctct gcccctctgc     16140
     ccctgcctca ctcatacccc cactactggt accacaaagg aggctattac tgttcttgga     16200
     gtcaggaaga gaagccaggg caggaatctg acaggcttga gtgagggtct ccagctctgc     16260
     tttggtctgg gtccaggctt aagcatcctt gtggttttca gagtccctag cagggcctgg     16320
     ggtagggagg ggcctgctgg ggcacaggag ggcttccttg tctggcacag actcaccccg     16380
     ctcactgtgc ttgcagtgag agccctctgg tctccatatt agcagcttgt tcacctgccc     16440
     ctcccttctt cctcctcagc cccaccctct gtggttgcct ttctgtcctg caggcagggc     16500
     gtcaggaggc cagggtgcag atgagcaccc aggatgcaca gaggtggaca ctagagggca     16560
     ggcttccgat gtcttgtgtc cactctagtg ggatgcctgc ttttccatgg gggcgggggg     16620
     gagggggcag gagtttaaca cacacacact tttttttcct ctaattttaa aatcaatgtt     16680
     atgtgtgtta tgtgtttggg cattttgcct gcctgcacat ctgtgtacca tgtgcgtacc     16740
     tgctgtcaag ggaagtcaga gagagcattg gatctccctg gaactggagc tacagatggt     16800
     tccgagccac cacgtgtatg ctgggaatct atgcagcttc attacatttg ttttaataaa     16860
     ataactttta aaaagttatt gctggacgat ggtggcacac acctttgacc ccagcacttg     16920
     ggaggcagaa gcaggttgat ctctgagttc agagccagct tggtctgcag agtgagttcc     16980
     aggacagcca gggctacgca gaggaagaag catgcctcaa accaagccaa acaaaacgag     17040
     aaagtgttct taacttacca aagtagcttt ggcatgcagt acattgcttt tgaagtacac     17100
     cttgaaggag gactgtttca aaccaagcaa gcaagcaatc ataactttct aaattaatgc     17160
     aatgcaaata acttagacat ttataaagct aaaagtgatg gtggcactcc cctcctacca     17220
     agctctagtg gagctgtcgg ctccgttcct tgtagattct atctcacatc ttttacgtgc     17280
     ctttacagac atggtaattg tagtaaaaat ggggtgggta acaaaaaatg taggagaggg     17340
     aaaagggtgt cgcgaagttg cggggatagt tcacttgata aagtactgtg ttgggcaagc     17400
     cagtggagga tatgaatttc gtcctcacaa tcccgacaaa attcctaggt gttctggccc     17460
     ttggtctttg ttcccataga ggaaggaggc acagactgtc tccgaggctc actggacagc     17520
     ctggagaaag cagccagccc caggtcctag caggaaaccc tgcctccagc aaccagaagt     17580
     gggtggagtt tctttctgtg tctttcctac cctcttaagg gaggcttatg aagagcagca     17640
     gaggctaacc cctggctcta catcaacacg tgttcactca cgagcacagg caaacacaaa     17700
     agctgcattt gcaattcagt ttttaaaaat gtaattccgg gggcggggga gagcgagcaa     17760
     gcacgctttt acttttcagt taggaacacg ggctgctcct gcagacaggg tggcttacag     17820
     ccattggaac tcctgggcca ggggatcccg cgccctcttc tggctgctga gggtactaca     17880
     tgcgcatgat gcacaactaa ctatgagcag gtaaatcact catacacaca aaacaagtaa     17940
     atagtcttta aaatctaagt ggttttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat     18000
     ttctgagttc gaggacagcc tgatctacat agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca     18060
     gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaataa aataaaataa     18120
     aataaaataa aaaaccaagc cagacagtga cggtgcatgt ctttaatctc aggactcagg     18180
     agatggaggc agaggcaggt ggagctctgt gaatttgaga ctagcctgtt tacagagcca     18240
     gtaagctcaa ggacagccag ggctaaatga aaaaatcaaa ccaaacaaac aaacaaaatg     18300
     attgtataat tattctgtta aaacttttga aaaatataaa tcccaaagtg gaaaaaaaaa     18360
     agagcagcct agaccctaac attccagaaa tgaccacctt gttctgagat ggagtctcat     18420
     atagcccagc ctgagctcca actctgtgta gcccagactg accctgaact gctgttcctc     18480
     ctgcctcacc cttcctgagt gctgggacta tatccatgga ccactgtacc tcacatttta     18540
     tttgggggac tgtataagtc cagaacttga gatttccggc cctagtttcc cctgtagctg     18600
     agatgacaag cccatggctc cacacttgtc ctaaaataaa ctccttgaga tcagactctc     18660
     gaaggttgaa ccaacagtgg ctcccaagtg acagcgaacc ttccagccta ccacattacc     18720
     cttcaagggg cagtggtggt ctcagagacc aggcattcac acacacatta tcataatgaa     18780
     caaaaaaatt ctccttttaa atctttcttc tgccaggcag tggtggccca cgcctttaat     18840
     cccagtactt gggaggcaga agcaggtgga tttctgagtt ctggtctaca gagtgagttc     18900
     caggacagcc agggctatac agacacacac acacacacca aaaagaggaa aaaaaaaaag     18960
     aaacatttaa gcccttttcc tttgtatctt tctttttgtt acattgtatt tgtacctttc     19020
     ttttgttaca ttatatttgt atctttcttt tgttacattg catttgtttg tttgctcatt     19080
     tgtttagtgg gaggtggtga caatgccaca ggtcagagga caacttccaa gggtgaatgc     19140
     tctccttcct ccaagtggct cccagggatc aaacccaggt cgtcaggctt ggtggcatgc     19200
     acttttacct gctgagccag ctcccttaaa ttgtgatatt ctaattttgt gataggctga     19260
     tgtgtttata ttattttagt aagttatagc acatatgaag gctatgagcc tcttgaacac     19320
     agtgtgcatg gatactgtaa tgtgcggtct ccctggtgct tttaaaactt taatcagtga     19380
     tacgggcaat ggctatctcc tgcccttggc aatgccaagt aggtttcttt ttggtttgtt     19440
     tttgtcctag ttagtgttct atttctgtga agggacacca caaccaaggc aactcttaga     19500
     aaagaaagca ttgaattgtg ggttatagtt tgtttatagt tatagacgct tagtccatta     19560
     tcatcatggt ggggagcata gcggctggca tggtgttgga gcagaagctg agacccacat     19620
     cctaatctac aagcagggga caggatgaag gagggggcgg ggtgagagcg ggaggcgggg     19680
     cctcggaaaa ggagccgaag aaaaccaggg tttccatttc atttggctgt ctttgaactt     19740
     ggtatttagc agaagatagc cttgactcta ctacatccac tcccctagcc gtgtgctggg     19800
     atcacaggcg tgcctctgcc aggctacatt tgttattttc actccttggg tctccaagat     19860
     tcaccagcgt tcctatagct tatcattgcc cctgccgtgt aatagtccac agtgtaaata     19920
     ttccttaaaa aaacaaaaac aagccgggca tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcactt     19980
     gggaggcaga ggccggtgaa tttctgagtt caaggctagc ctggtctgca gagtgagttc     20040
     cagaacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaacaaa caaaaaacaa     20100
     aaacaaaaac ccttgccagg tggtgatgac aaatgccttt aatcccagca cagcagaggt     20160
     ggatctgagt ttaaggccag ccaggtctac aaatcgagtc ccaagacagc taaggctacc     20220
     cagaagaacc tttgtcttga aaaccaaatc aatcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt     20280
     tctgagttca aggccagctt ggtctacaga gagagatcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     20340
     agaaacccta tctcgaagaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     20400
     aagaaagaaa gaaaaccaaa tcaaaccaaa caaacaaact ttccattctc ctgttagtag     20460
     atatctggac tatttctact cttgtgtttc aaactgtcca gctgtgacct tcactgtgta     20520
     catctgcagg acctaatagg tacctagggt ggggaatgga aagttttact atgatgtttt     20580
     cctaagtaat tacaaaacag aactctttaa acatgctttc tcttcctaaa tctccccatc     20640
     accctctcag gcatgcacgt taaccctcgt tcccagcctc ttagaacact atgggtaggc     20700
     agtctttgtt tatgtaacca gctttctaac aggctacata tgcacatccc tgtgtccata     20760
     catgcacatc cctggatgtc tggaggccaa aggtcagcct ccaatgttct ttccttgacc     20820
     tgggaggccc agaaagggta agctagctgg aggggtctcc tgttcttccc acccccagaa     20880
     tggggattac aaacacgtga cgtcgctggg cgggggtagc acacggcttt aatcccacca     20940
     cttggggagg cagagggatc tctgtgagtt caatgccagc ttggtctaga gagcaagttt     21000
     caggacagcc agggctacac caagaaaccc tgtttcgaaa gacagaagca gaacacggca     21060
     tcgagtctga catattgact atctccctag ccctcaggtt gcatttttct ttaatttttc     21120
     attttatttt atgtgtatgg atgttttgct tccacatgtc tgtgtaccac atatatgtgc     21180
     agtacccatg gatgccagaa gagggcgaca gatcctccta ggactgtgct gggagtggac     21240
     cccaggtcct ctagaagagt tgccagtatt tgtaactgct gagccatcca gttggttggg     21300
     tccagattgc ttccttttag tcacataaaa tagtgcaacg aatatttgag ggtaggatga     21360
     agagagttga gccaagatct ctccatgtac ccctggccgg cccggtactc actatgtcta     21420
     tcaggctggc cttgaacttg caacagtctt ccgccctctt ctatctccta agtagggtgc     21480
     aggcctctaa gctaccaggc ccatcaaaag ctacgttttc aaacgttgct ctctccattt     21540
     tccggagata aggagatgaa gtaccaagct gcctagggga tggttactgg gtctctacga     21600
     gggggagtcc aggtaattaa taaccagagt tcgaacccag tgatctccgc gtttcggatt     21660
     ccccatccga ggtcctggtg tccatttgga gagagagaaa tggatgagat ttgggatggg     21720
     gcgcggggca cgagggtgct gtgggagagc gtctctcctc tctggcacct ccctggggcg     21780
     gggccatccg cagcctgagg ctccgccctc tcgctcggcc ctaacgggac tgcgagcgcc     21840
     ggcgctagga cccggcgggc tggagctgcg gcggggcctg ggcggccaga gcggcgcgga     21900
     ccccggttct cggctcccgg cgccatgtga cggggtgcgg gggccgcggg gggccgggcg     21960
     ctccccggcg gaggtgagcc ggtgctgcgc gggggcgggc agcagagcgg gagggggctt     22020
     gtgcttgcgc ctcggcagtg gggagccgct gataaggggg gagccccagg gctccccgag     22080
     acccactctg cttgctaact gcaccccgag atctagcggg attctttggg cctctcgtgt     22140
     tggagatggg gcgaccctgc cgcggccccg cacccctccc ctgcagagcc ggggtcagga     22200
     taggatgctt gaccctaggg tgcagcggca gaagatgggg agcggggctg agcctctcac     22260
     gaggcactcg ggggtaccct gctcccgtca cctggagaag ccccagagcg agctcagggt     22320
     gcggccctca ccctcagccc agagctcagc ctccgcaggt ccagccttgg agctgagtct     22380
     aggcttctgg gctgccacct ccccagcgga gtcagcagct ccccaccagg cctggccact     22440
     ccgagccgaa ctagatgtct ggcgcacgca caggctacaa ggggaccctc ccgggagacc     22500
     ctttcaggct ccgccctgta aacaaacact acaagattcc cccctccccc gcttgctcct     22560
     gctccctgcg aggcgcgttg cctctctgat ccctcagtct cctcatctgt gaaatgggga     22620
     gcaagagcac ctaccaggcg ttgccttgaa aagtgtgtag gcaggcgatg ctttgcgtag     22680
     ctccggagca tgtttcgtaa tataagggaa gtccccggct tggggtcaag agggggagga     22740
     ttgtttctgg gacaggcttg tgcaggggcg ggcattgaac ggagtaaccc gaaggcttag     22800
     gatttctgat atagtacttt caagccttcg gctctccttt tcacaaatgc atgcatcttt     22860
     ccagtcgccc caggagttac cagttcttat tcccatttca cagatgagga aactgaggct     22920
     cagagaggtc acatggcttg ctcgaggccc cccagccagt aagtgtggac ccgacattcg     22980
     cactggcacc tgatacgctg ttctgaccat ggcgttctca gagcaggacc gtgacgggcc     23040
     tgaccggggg aaccgtagtc ctggctgagg gcactgctca ggcaaaggtg ggaaagtggg     23100
     gcgtgggcct gggacctgga gtgctccaag tgtctggagc acggggcatg cgcaagacag     23160
     ggtagtaaga cggtggtctg tctgggagct gtggccagac ccaggggagc tttgaatgct     23220
     ggaggtgtca gggttaatgg gggcgactct aggattctgg cctcctgtct tctgacctaa     23280
     cggtttgagt ccacggacaa gccacgcctc ccttccatta agcctgtttc ctgaactgcc     23340
     cgctggggac agacagaagt ctggggtctc tgactgaaga tactgggatg gcacagggga     23400
     accatgaagc ctggggatgg tagtgggagc tgccacgggg tggggtcgtg cttggcaatg     23460
     ggaggagcca ggcctggcca atcaggagcg gtgtgtgtgg cactctagcc tggaggtttc     23520
     tagctattcc tggagtagga gtaaaccgca gctaggtcag ggggcggaga tagtgaccgg     23580
     agccgagagg ctccccgggg agcgcgcgct ctgatctggg gatccccttt gaggatccag     23640
     cctagttttc ttcctctcta tgccagccct tttttgcgtt tttgggctgt agctgccaga     23700
     ggaagtgggc tggatgccct cttatggcct gcttacaggt tggggcttgg aagtgtagaa     23760
     gggccaggcc cagtggtggg agggaaggga gggttataga gtgaggcaca cagctgggcg     23820
     gggcaggaag gcttgccctt gaccccaaga tcacattgac caatgaccga attcactgag     23880
     ccctggggtt caaaggcctg tgaggagggt gtcaggacct aggaaacttt tggaccatcc     23940
     ctgcttgaag tatgagtggg aaccaggaca aaacagaaac agccctgaac cttaaacttg     24000
     ggagagctgt tgggtagagg cgcgacctga gatccagccg catccagggg agggcctccg     24060
     gccataaccc tttctggtgg cttgcaggtg tgaccccaca accctgcccc ccgggccacc     24120
     tgccggacgc tggcctctac ccttcagcag acgccggaga gagatgagta gcaacaaagt     24180
     aagtccttcg tttctcaccc cagtttgagc tgctcgcaca accgtctgtg aaacggactt     24240
     cttttaacct gcccaggctt tggcgtcttc acgccagccc acacaggaga gtgggtaccc     24300
     aggaggtctg ggttcaaact ctgcttcagc cactgagtgc actctcgcct ctctctgggc     24360
     ccaaggtcct ctttgatatc caaaagcttg gcttatgtat cagtgggaaa gcattgactg     24420
     tgaatggttc tggggagtgc cgtgcaggat agggatgggg aagtgaacag gggccttggg     24480
     ggaatggcca tgttcaaaat cagagtacct gaatccccat catgtatttg ttcctgtttt     24540
     ctttcttcct tccttccgtt gttgttgttg ttttgttggg cttttttgtt ttgttttgtt     24600
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac tctgtagacc     24660
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg     24720
     catgcaccac cattgcctgg ctgttcctat tttctgagca cctactatgt gtttgacccc     24780
     cctacccccc aaacctttcc acaggcttca tggcagagtg tgagatgctt gtgatagcct     24840
     gagtctagga gggcagcaca gtcctttggc agggatagtt cagtacagaa ttctcaatgg     24900
     cagcagggca tggagcatca ggaactggaa tgattaagaa atggttgtga ggcaggcggg     24960
     catggtgtct agtacacaga gtcccagcac tcccggaggc tgagatgggt agatctctga     25020
     acgttcctag tctacataat gtattttagg acagccaggg ccaagtggag aaacttatct     25080
     caaaaagcaa acaaccagaa ggaaatatgc agctctctaa tttgtcatgg ttagacttta     25140
     aaaaaaaaaa caaactgtgt gtgataggtc aggtagatac caggctggtc tcactgtgta     25200
     acctaggatg acctagaact cctgattctc cggcctctac cttctgagtg ctgggacttg     25260
     agccctttcc tcccgtgcct agtttatgta atgttgggac tcaaaaccag ggcttcccga     25320
     atgctagttg agcgctctta acaactgaac acacccccag ctcctagact tggtctttct     25380
     gaattttggt gatgcagaaa tgctaaaagc atttagtggg acctgtgcgt tgaagtttga     25440
     ggttttgatt atgatactgt agtgatagtg gacgagacca aggccctcag ctcccagtga     25500
     gccgttcccg ctgagaggag acaattgaca cactctgtcg tgcacttgtt gctcagctgg     25560
     gatgtcgctg agcaggctgc gtgtgctaga tgccttttct cccttccaat gtttctactt     25620
     gcagtgagtg ggtttaagga cctggtgtag gccccgcccc atgggcggaa ccacaagccc     25680
     cgcgggagac agcatagctg tagcccactc gccttctact acacggcctt ttaaaggggg     25740
     aagttatagc ttctgggggc tagctgtagt tgaatgctct ggaggagctg agcttcacat     25800
     aatctatggt ctccataata tgggggtctc agacccctaa agggacttag gggatcctgc     25860
     ccagtttgtt gatattcctt cagtgtttct ccggcgccct ctaccgagaa accttaaaac     25920
     gctttggcga gggaaaatat ttaaaagagc ccagatccat tttcaccaag caggcaaaac     25980
     acaggaacat ggagcgagaa gtgacaaatt ccttcgtatt tataagaggt tgcttccggg     26040
     atttccgaga aaacagaaat ccaaggatgt aatctcaagt tcttcgcacg ggatggctta     26100
     gtcactgcat ataacccagg caatgctctc tatagtttac cacctctaga taacctataa     26160
     tgcctaatcc ggtgtgtgca gcagaagctg ctgatgtagg cgcacagact tgccatccca     26220
     gcacttagga gtgggggcca gaggatcagt agatcagagc caacttttct tacacagtga     26280
     gttggaggtg gtctgggctg tgtgagacac tgtcttaaaa tcaatcaatc aatcacaaag     26340
     ttaggaacta ataacaaggt aggaagccta tagatgttca gtgctggtac aaccattata     26400
     ggcctgacga cactgttgat gcttctttgt tgagtctaca gaacccaaaa gtgtgttgag     26460
     ccagctgtac actgacaact catggagagt tactattagg ggaagacatg aacttgcatt     26520
     tggatgtccc ttcccccaac ctgtgtctag gcatctccta tggaaccttg tcacccaatt     26580
     caatccagca aagccttctc agacactcat ttcctgtacc ctgtagccca ggctaacatt     26640
     aaacttgcag caatcctcag gcctcagcct ccagagccct ggggggtggg ggggggtgtt     26700
     aactgtgcga caccatgttg gcctctcttc ttgagaacct tctgcgggcc tcagccaggg     26760
     gcctgggatt gagatagacc cagctctagc actcagtaca ggtctaacct gaaggggcag     26820
     cagcaacatg actggactgg aaagatagtt aattggttaa gaggttaaga tacggaaaaa     26880
     aagatggagg ttaagaagag gttaagataa gaggttaatt gcctcgtgag gccctaggct     26940
     caatcctttg caaataaaaa aaagagcatg gtaggggtga ctgccaggtg aagatgtggt     27000
     gtctggggca tgctgggctg tgggcagctg aggcactgag cctcttgtgt gtgcctagac     27060
     ccacaatggc ctcttccttc tccaggagca gcggtcagca gtgtttgtga tcctctttgc     27120
     cctcatcacc atcctcatcc tctacagctc caacagtgcc aacgaggtct tccactacgg     27180
     ctccctgcgg ggccgcacgc gtcggccagt caacctcaag aagtggagtt tctccagcgc     27240
     ctacttccct atcctcggca acaaggtaga gcagctcctg aggggcgttc cctgacctct     27300
     gctagccccg ccccaaactc tcggggcgtt ccctgaccgc tgatagcccc gcctcccaac     27360
     tctcggggcg ttccccgaac actgatagcc ccgcctccca agtctcgggg cgttccctga     27420
     ccgctgatag ccccgcctcc caactcttct ttccaatacc cgtatgcctc ctcttagagg     27480
     cgaggacgga tgaggcccat gagttaagat catggctctt tgctcaggat gggatcttgg     27540
     acaagtgttc tgtagcaggc cttagttctc tctaggatcc tacccttagt gttaaaaagt     27600
     ttcattttag ccgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc     27660
     aggaggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagctccag gacagccagg     27720
     gctacagaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa cctaaaaaaa aaagtttcat tttttttggt     27780
     ccagtgagat agttcagtag gtaaaggtgt ttgttgccaa gcattgcctg agttaggtca     27840
     atctctggaa cctaatagtg gaaggaaaag actgactgca gcaagctgtc ctctggcctc     27900
     cacacgtgtg tgttgtggca tgcctccccc tcaaacacac atgcacatgt aattctgaaa     27960
     aataaaatct tctggctgga catggtggtg cgtgtccttt aattccagca ctcgggaggc     28020
     agaggcaggc gaatctttgt gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacgagtaa gtttcagata     28080
     gccagagcta cacagattcc ctgtctcaaa acaatattca tcttctgagt tggacttctg     28140
     gttttcatgg ctctctgggg acacacccca taagcttggg gggagaacgc taaggttctg     28200
     gagaaacaaa atcaggaaca atactgggta ccttgtgtcg agtgacagct gagccatgct     28260
     gctttctctg tagaagcgat gaggtgatca cggctaaaac cacaggcatg ggagggtcca     28320
     agtctcctag cccatgctga agtgcagcta ctgagaaagg tcgaacgact agagtctaat     28380
     aggattcagc actctgacct ctatggacat ggtcaatgtc atggccaatg tcatctctgg     28440
     ggatctctct ttgcccgagg tacctgtgag attcacacat gcaggctgcc ctcccttgct     28500
     agattttctt cagaggcttt gtgtatttag tggaggaccg ttggctctgg gcacaccctc     28560
     cctggcaaag gacccgtaat aggtgttacg agagatggga gagaagggga gaaagttgaa     28620
     ccgctgagtg taggaggttt gaaggtgagg acgtctgagt ctggcttgtc acttctccca     28680
     gcctgatggt tagaagacga ggtagaggag ctgtgtctcc agtgttggac cttgttagag     28740
     gctatggaga atttgtatgg aggcttggtg cgtttggagg aagcgttctc tgcacagggc     28800
     tgggttccag cccgtctgtc tcctgtttct cagtgtgcta ccccatgtct ttgtgcttgc     28860
     tggtctggta acttgttctt cagatgtgac tctacagaca gttctgaaga cgtcccaact     28920
     cttcattccc cccaccatgt tttttcctag tgtatattac attgtctgtt tccccaactt     28980
     aagcctcttt cttgttttgt tttttagttt tttattagca tataataatt aatgggtttc     29040
     ttttttttct ttttttaagt tatttactta acagattgat ctcagcttct cttgctacct     29100
     ctcccccatc cctccctgtc acctcccctc ccccatccac tcctataatg gctttcttac     29160
     gacttttttt ttctttttct ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttttgggtt tctgagacag     29220
     ggtttctccg tggccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     29280
     tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgccggctac aacattttta tgatacatat     29340
     aatatgtagt tcgatgatct cactcctccc ttgccttctc ttcctcagtc tctccctcct     29400
     tcagccactc ccccagcgtc cataactgcc tcaagaaggg gtggaacctc tagagcctct     29460
     gctgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtcctta     29520
     gctctgttcc tagctagtta ggaatatctg cagaacctaa attaatgtgt tttgaaagat     29580
     tgcaacggcc gcacaggacc ctgcatagag catccctgat agtgtccctc cttgctccac     29640
     agacgctgcc gtccaggtgc aaccagtgtg tgatcatcac cagctccagc cacctgctgg     29700
     gcaccaaact gggccctgag attgagcggg ctgagtgcac catccgcatg aacgatgctc     29760
     ccacctctgg ctactcggct gacgtcggaa acaaaaccac cttccgcgta gtggcccatt     29820
     ccagtgtatt ccgtgtgctg cggaagcccc aggaatttgt caaccggacc cctgagacgg     29880
     tgttcatctt ctggggaccc ccaaacaaga tgcagaagcc ccagggcagc ctcctgcgcg     29940
     tcatccagcg ggcgggcctc atgttcccga acatggaggc ctatgccgtc tctcccgccc     30000
     gcatgcagca gtttgacgac ctcttccggg gtgagacggg caaggacagg taccagcctc     30060
     ccgcctgccc actgcggtca cccctggcct gatgctccca gcatgcactg ttgaggctct     30120
     agtcacttct tgccaccctc tggtcaggtt cccccagctc tcttcatctt ttaacatgag     30180
     tgagtcacct tcagggtgtt ggccatggcc tcagcatgct cccttctccc cccagcatgc     30240
     tccactccaa gggaacaggg gctcccagaa tgctctgtgt taaatccgtt cctaagtctg     30300
     tggttctcag ccttcttaat gctacagccc tttaacacat aaagttcctc atgttgtggt     30360
     gacaccaccc acccaccccc gcagccataa aattactttt gttgctactt catagctgta     30420
     actttgctac tgtcatgaat cgtaatcgga acatctgata ttcaggatat ccatcggtga     30480
     cccctgtgag gtcatttgac cccaaagagg ccatggccca caggttgaga accattgttt     30540
     aggcggtagt tccttcccat aatgccgcac ttaatgcaga gtctagactc tagactattc     30600
     ccagcatgcc ttgcttccag catggtctgt tcttaggaaa caactttcct agcatgcttt     30660
     ttttctctga cagccctaga agcctagtcg tccctcctat ataaacacaa tgtgggccac     30720
     atgtaatttg cagttttatg gtagctatat caaaaagcag acaaaataat aatagtaggt     30780
     acatttaaat ttaatgttat tttaaaatat gttcgccgtg cagtggtggc gcatgccttt     30840
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct     30900
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagtaa ccctgtctcg aaaaacaaaa     30960
     caaaaaaatg ttcaacatac agcttctata catgtggtgg gagttttata cctttttttt     31020
     tttttttttt tttgacactg tgtatgagcc ttttgcctgc atgtgtctct gcaccacatg     31080
     catacccggt gccttacgag gtcagaaaag ggtgttctgc ctcctgaaac tggagttcca     31140
     ggcagctgtg agctaccata taggtgctgg gaagtgattc ccggttttct ggaagagcag     31200
     taagtgccct taaccactga accatctttc cagcctcctt ttacacctaa ttatttttaa     31260
     agatttgtag ctattacaag tgattctttt taattttagc ttttggctca cagctattcg     31320
     ttgttagttt atttttcctg tgtgtatgta tgtgtgggtg tgtcccagtg tgcatgtgta     31380
     cagatgtgca cacgtatgtg tagagtgccc aagctgaggt cagatgtctt cctgaatcac     31440
     tctctgtttt atatactgag gcagacgctc tcccttgaac ccagagctca ctgctctggc     31500
     taggctagca agccagtttt tctaggtatc ctgtttgtcc ccacactcag cacttgaatt     31560
     acagatgggc accgtgccta cctgggactc gggtggatac tgggagtctg ataacgtagc     31620
     acttgcacag tgtgtcaccc actgagcccc ctccccagtc tattggaagt gtggaatttg     31680
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatgagtttt ttgtttgttg actgttaaac     31740
     tcactagttt tagacttgta gattctttgt gatgtttttc acatattaat agtcatgttc     31800
     tctgtagata cagtttcctt tcttcctccc caatccctgt cttttccttg ctcctgccca     31860
     ttgcactggc tagggtttca ccccgggctg gtttggctgt agttgttctt tctaggtttg     31920
     agcatcggcg tcacacattg aagagcgccc tgcttctgtt ttgtgtgtgc gattgtgcag     31980
     agcttgtttc tttaagtctt gggtagagtt cgctgctgaa actgtctggg cctcaggcct     32040
     ccctttctag atgtttagtt tagttgtttt agtttttagc tctaggggtg ggagtcaggg     32100
     cccaaagaat tctaagcaca cattctatca ttagagctgc atccctatgc tccaggatta     32160
     ctgctgattc agcatcttta atgttctagt tgtagaatgt gcaggcaacc ttgctcatct     32220
     tgggtagttc ccaggtttgt aggagtcagc ccatttcatg taggatatca gattgatata     32280
     tgtagttatt ggtggactcc tcccttagca tctgtaaggg aatgcacaga tagagataga     32340
     gatagttatc tgtggactcc tccttagcat ccataaggga atgcagtcat ttcctttctt     32400
     ctggtctttg gcaactcttg tcatctttgt tttctttaac agacttgtca gattttacat     32460
     ttccttgtaa atgtctcaaa agagccactt tccaccaaat acatgcaaaa catttccaat     32520
     ttaaggtgta aggggtgggg agatggttca gtggttaggg gcacctgcac tcttccagag     32580
     gacctcagtt tggttcccag cacccacatc aggacagacg gctggctcac agccacctgt     32640
     aactccagtt ccaggtgatc tgatgccctc tgctggcact tgtgagcact gcattcatac     32700
     gtgtatgcac acagacatac acaaggcacg aatttcgagg acagccaggg ctgcagagaa     32760
     agaccctgtt tcaaaacaaa tgagtaaaat gtaaagtaaa acaacaatat atatgtttat     32820
     atatgcacac acacatatac atacatatat tttttggaaa gatgtaatca acattaaatt     32880
     ctgcattctg cttttcacac tacccaagga ctccagtgca aatgtgacag cactgctcag     32940
     acacatatca agtgcttcct aagtcaccag gcctggtggc tgctgtagcc ccagggtctc     33000
     ggctgttttt catgccttgc tctgtgttca tctccgaatc atcttctctg acttgtatcc     33060
     acacaggagt tttgtcccag gggaggaaca gctgctgcta acaagcttta cggtcacggc     33120
     tgctcccagc ctgccctgtt taattagcct cttgagttca tgccctgttt cctctgtgcc     33180
     ctcccgtttg ccagcatgag tgcccccaca gtgggtggta caccggtgtc tgatatagag     33240
     gcagagcctg aacagacggt gggtagagct gggaacctcc gtggggttga ccgttcctcc     33300
     ttgcctgctc cctaccccgc ctgattgtcc cttcattgtg actcctctct gcccccaggg     33360
     aaaagtccca ttcctggttg agcacgggct ggtttaccat ggtgattgcg gtggaattgt     33420
     gtgaccatgt gcacgtgtat ggcatggtcc ctcctgacta ctgcaggtga gctcccctgg     33480
     ccactgtccc ctggggaccg tgcccagttc ctgactacag ggtaaagctg ggaggtttgg     33540
     agacatgggt ggggtacctc tgagggcctc tgtgggatgg tattcatgtt gatctccaga     33600
     ggtgggcttc ttggagatgc cccaggggct tccactccaa gctgagttga gtttgttggt     33660
     aatgactgga tggagagcca tggggtgcta gctgtgttct gccgaatgct gaccttgcag     33720
     cgagcatcat ctcctgcctc attagtcctc acacaatgct gcagcaccac caccaccccc     33780
     atttcctgag tgcaaatgaa tcgagaaggg tatttaatga ggggacctaa gggctcagaa     33840
     gctatcaggg taccaggctt cccagccccc agttcttaac cactgcctca cccccagcct     33900
     ccactgctgc tctgtagaga aaagaaaaag gttacatttt gtttaaaaga aactgaatgg     33960
     ttttgaaaac ctaatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca     34020
     cacacgcacg cacgcgcatg tgtataatat gcccatatat ttattagata gggaaactga     34080
     ggctcaggga agggcagaga tcgaccccac tgaggctctg gagcaggtaa ggggtagaaa     34140
     agacccctaa caggcgtcca ccttgccctc ctgtccctga ttccccgttt gctatgccca     34200
     gccagcggcc ccgcctgcag cgcatgccat accactacta tgaacccaag gggccggacg     34260
     agtgtgtcac ctacatccag aacgagcaca gccgtaaggg caatcaccac cgcttcatca     34320
     ccgagaagag ggtcttctcg tcctgggccc aactctacgg tatcaccttc tcccacccct     34380
     cctggaccta gttatcctgt ccaccgatct cggacagata caaacgaagt ggctctggcc     34440
     cagccattta accatggcca tcttccagcc agttcaggct ggctggagta tttcccagcc     34500
     aatcaaatca gggccttgat gagggttttt tttttcctcc agccaatcgg ggctggggtt     34560
     atctcttggc caatcaggga tttggaattc tgtatggttt aatcgggtgt cagggggtct     34620
     ttctcgtcta gtcagggtct gagcatagtc tatcagggta taggggtctt tctgagtcaa     34680
     tctgaagctt aggacatgtc ttttcccata aggctttgct tcagagcccc aggaatgggc     34740
     ccccaaatca ctccctcctt agctgggaca atgaggtcct gtcctaagga tctgaggact     34800
     tggtgttgcc ccacagttgc cagaatcaga gctactgtag gggggagggg ctgccaggag     34860
     gccaggccaa aggatttgtg gagttctagg agtggtaggg aagcctagga ggtaagaggc     34920
     ggtgtccagt tcccggtttc ttcctgagtg accttaaaca gaccctcttg tctttctggt     34980
     atgctgtgat gacatcatag ctccgtatgt ggagaccctc actctccgtt atacttaagt     35040
     gtaaattcct cagctaccat tcctcgctgg gggactcagc tccctgggga tggggagcct     35100
     ggggtaccct tccctgcctc cttctagaaa ctttagggta tttttgtgca agtgcccccc     35160
     atggttgggg gatcctgaca gaaatggggc aaacatgaag ctgtttctct agcccctcaa     35220
     tccagctgcc gttagcctgg ctctagaaag gccaggcacc tcttcctacc ctccagcagg     35280
     agagcattcc ctgctgcccg aaggagcctt tgggactgag gaaggggtat cccagccaca     35340
     ccagggcttc gtgaagtttt tgtctggaga tgctgagggc tttggggaga agtatcctcc     35400
     cccaagtttg ggatgagact agagatgggg actgggttct gtcccttgct taagcacttt     35460
     attaagggca ggactgggtg ggggtgtggg taacccccat tcttccacag cctgcaaggg     35520
     aagggcttcc agaaaggctg tggactgggg gttgggggag actagccagc agtgagccct     35580
     gcacagcaag gtaatggggg ttgggcagtg acagccctag atctggtttt gtaatgattt     35640
     atacagaaat aaacacgcct aagcccaact cagtgttctg tgtctttagt ctgaactctt     35700
     tgcttgtgcc cctctcccac ttgggagtat cctaaggacc atgctgcagc ctttgggttc     35760
     ggagcttgca agagggggtg tcagatttct gttttagctg cctggagagt cttgggtcca     35820
     gactggatag atgtatgtga tgttgagcaa gggcttttgt ctctgagacc acagtgggca     35880
     gatgcctgct ctcaaacagc ctgagttctg gggagggaag gataccagag ttctaggggg     35940
     aattctgaca agttgaaaga agttgacgcc ttgcatctgc cactaaagag gaaggggaag     36000
     gcatgtaggg aaagagccag tctgggacca aaagtcaaca cttgggaccc agggcctgag     36060
     ggcaggaaaa cacccttcta ggtagagtga gtttggcagg ttgtataaat agctgctggc     36120
     ctcttagcac aagggctgtt tagttagaca ggcaggaggt gaagggtccc tgactccaga     36180
     gaggaaatta cagcctgcta cagcagataa gatacccttg ggagcagagc ctaacaaagg     36240
     gtgactgtgt aacagaggca ggctgctggg ggaagggggt gggggttagg tcagaaagag     36300
     agctgtcctg ggctctgcgc caggtaagat ggtgggccac cagggcagga aggcaagaga     36360
     gatatttatt tgttccttgt ctcgtgtggc tcatcagatg catgccacag attcatatga     36420
     ggttgcctca gtgagacagt gtcagctggg accggttact cagggtcggc agccagaagt     36480
     accctcccga gggtggcaaa gctgtggccc tcaatgaggc agcaacaggc tgctagacag     36540
     gaggtcagaa tgtggtggga ccaggagcct ggcaaccatt gtgatgcagt tattgaggag     36600
     gtgacaggaa acttccagtg acatactagt ggtgtcgcga gcccctgtgg gcacacttcc     36660
     acctccatgt aaaggctgct gggaaactgg atcctgtgtc tgcatagaat ttcttccacg     36720
     agcctctgct cacccacagg tgggtgttct gcctgttcca cccgtccacc tggggcgtaa     36780
     ccgtcctgtc ccttttcagg tgctgaccta tggaggatcc agctgtgagc tgcagtgtgg     36840
     ctggcctagg gtcatctatc cctcccccac tctcacccca gtggggtttg cttccaagcc     36900
     ctgggattct ttctgtattc aaaatattta attttttttc actatgcgtc tgtgtgtggg     36960
     catgtacata ggtgtgcagg tagccaagga agccagacgt gtcggcttct cccagagctg     37020
     gggttattaa ctgttatgag ccatgcagtt gtgattggaa ctaaacccgg ttccttggga     37080
     acagcagtgt gtacttttaa ctgctgagcc atctccccag ccctcaaaag atttttcagt     37140
     attttaaact actttcactt ttatttgctt gtgttttaga attttctggt tataaaatga     37200
     ctgaaactga gggctggaga ggtggctcag tggttaggga gtgcttgttg ctcttcaaga     37260
     ggacttgggt tcaattccca gcacccacct caggacatct gatgccctct ttggccttta     37320
     cagatacttg cacacacatg atacacacac atacataaat gaaaaataaa agccagcagg     37380
     gtggtgcatg cctttaatcc cagcatttag gaggcagagg caggtaggtc tttgtgaact     37440
     ttgttagttc caggacagcc agggctacat agacacacct tgggtggggg ggaggaagaa     37500
     aaaagaaaaa gacgttcagg ggaggggtgg gagtgagggt ggctgctggg gatacggatt     37560
     ggtggttata agcacttgtt cttacagagg acccgagttc gagtccaaat acccacgcgg     37620
     tagctcacaa ctggggctgc cacttggtgc ttaagagtca cctgagattc catttccaga     37680
     gactccaaag ccttctcgtg acttctgtgg gcactacact acacatacat acatgcaggc     37740
     aaaatacaca tgaagtaagt aaatctaatt acacaaaaaa aaaaactttt taattaaagc     37800
     acagagccgg tgagatgacc cagtcggtac tggttgcttc ctgtcaaggc tgaccatcta     37860
     aattagatcc ctggaattca cacagtggaa gaagaggacc ggcccttgca agttgtcctt     37920
     tgatctccac gagtgtgcta tagcacatgt gagcccacac attcatgtgc ccccacacac     37980
     acaatgaatg tgaaagagaa aaaaaaatag aagagagcct gtggatacag cccagttgat     38040
     atagagctta cttcgcagaa agaagtttct ggctccatcc ttagcaccaa gaaaactggg     38100
     catggtggag tgtgcctgta atcccagcaa cccagcaggc agaaggatcc aaagagatgt     38160
     gtgagattag gtctcaaagg gaaaagggga gaggaagagg aaggagaggg gacaggaagg     38220
     gggaacacgt ctggtctgcc cagctccacg ggggacacgg caggagaggc accctgagcc     38280
     aaggcacgtc catgttaggg tgcctcttct ttatctttta atttttttta gatttttgtg     38340
     tatatgagtg ttttgctggc atggatacct gtgtgccatg tgtgtgcctg gtgctgtcgg     38400
     aaatcagctc ccctggaaat ggagttaaca gttgtgagct accatgtggg tgctgagaat     38460
     cgaattagag tcctctttaa gatcaagtca gctttttcag atagagcgtc tctgtgtagc     38520
     cctggctgtc ctgaaaccct ctatatacac caggctggtc tgaaattgat acccctagga     38580
     tgaccttgaa tttctttttt tttctttttt ttttaaagat ttctatatta tatgtaagta     38640
     cactgtagct gtctttagac tacccaaaag agggcatcag atctcattac agatggttgt     38700
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac ctgggacctt cagaagagca gtcagtgctc     38760
     ttaaccactg agccatctct ccagccccag ctcactcttc ctttgacctc atccttccct     38820
     cttggctttg ttactgtttc ttctccttga gctgagggct tgcctcagtt ctaattctcc     38880
     agcctttttc tttttccaac cgctgagcca tctctccaac cccagacctg gaatttctga     38940
     tccccttctg tatccctcta gtaccaggat cataggttca agctgcctta tccagtacac     39000
     atggcgtgag cccagggctt cctacactgg gcactactct caccaagttc catcacctct     39060
     atccagcctg cattcagaat catttttatt caggtgagat tggacctggg caggtgtgca     39120
     tcatgtctct cacaggtgcc tgctacccca gcaagtgagg tttcccttct cacccagagc     39180
     tgctctgagt gagtagcagc tcccatgcac ccttctgtgc tatggcccca gtcagtcccc     39240
     gccactgggc ttaagaacct tcctgtgtaa atcctgttcc tgaatgggtt tctgatgtag     39300
     gagctgataa aatcaatctg ctttccccga aagttgtgca atgcacacac cagcctaagt     39360
     attgggagta gcctttcagg ccagcacagg acagatggcc cagtccatct gcccccacag     39420
     tggcaggacc ttggtatgca ggctgctact ggtgttcagg caccacccaa actggttgtc     39480
     tgtggctccc aagcatttac aaaagtttcc agtttcaccc tattttgctg ttcggagcca     39540
     tgctttggag gccttatgtg agccgatccc tctgtcctgc tatgctttga gcaccagcac     39600
     cctgtaccac ttctcctgta gagagctccc taattaggca catggctttc cacacgggga     39660
     gtctcaggtg gcctctgggt cctgctctgt gcttaggggt tccctgggca cagctggagt     39720
     ctgctgttgg catcatcgtg ctccaccggg tactcagaaa tgagagtcct cattcttagc     39780
     aaaccccaat ctggatacac aaagctttct gagtgttctt tctccatgtt caaccatgga     39840
     gagttcaagg ctggcttatc atctacctag ccaccagata gtcaggatcc aggaggagct     39900
     caaagagtca tttccaatag gggagatgtc tcagggtagg gggtctcaga gcctgaggat     39960
     ggtgaccctg gaacaacaaa gtttacaccc tggtccccct ccctccttac ttccctggtc     40020
     tggtctcctt gattaaacgc tgagattaaa cacaccaact tgtctgagca tcagctgacc     40080
     cagctaaaga acccttgtct gtggagagtc gtgcgggcat agagtggtgg cagacacact     40140
     gtgtgcaggt ttagtcccag ggagtgcctg gtggggacgc tcactcctaa gctttccatg     40200
     agagttcctg ctttcttctc tctcctcctc cttcccccgg ctccctccct cctcccttct     40260
     ctctgccatc tcgccagagt gctggctccc agcatgccat gcgtgcgcgc tgacagcctt     40320
     ataaatagtc gcctttgcag gcggctgaga ggacaggcag ggcactcact ggccccagcg     40380
     cccaccacac cctcccccag gtcagtgtgt gtctgctcca ttgtctgccc gcgtggaagc     40440
     ctctaagagg tgtggggaga catcacctgt gggaaggtgg ggttgctggt atcaggctac     40500
     ccttgggttc tgtgtgtctt gaatgtttgt atccatggtt atgagctgtg tgtgtttgca     40560
     tgtgtatcct atcagctatc agctctgggt gcatgtaccc tgtggcaatg tgtgtgcatg     40620
     tgtgctcaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcctggtact ctcagcttcc cagaccctct     40680
     ttgtcccagc tggtattcct ggggcttcag ttccacccat gcccttggca attctgtgct     40740
     gaggccctaa gggacaaggg aaggacagag gcctatctcc ttgtcccaga ggacctggat     40800
     agggtcagcc tgtgtgttca caagaattgt aatgccacca agtgttgtga ggatctgggg     40860
     ctcctggatg ttggagctct gccagcacct cctgcccaat caggggctcc gcaggaaccc     40920
     tcctgcctga ctcacaggtc cactcagctt acccaggatg cttcagcatc agcaaggctg     40980
     gccagagagg ggacatcagc tgcccaaggt cacacagctg agtgataggg tttgacttga     41040
     accctgtctg atagctagcc tctatgaggg cttttgctga gcaagcacct gggacaaaca     41100
     ggcatagaga ttggggaagt gtgtcccctg gggcctctgc tccttgagcc acctagaaga     41160
     cagtcatatt aggagcactg gggccctgac ccagggaacc ttataaggcc tggctgcgta     41220
     gtcctgtaac cttactcttg tctgggaccc ctggctttcc ggaggcctcc tcacgaccca     41280
     agttatttta gaccaaagaa gcaggtgtct gtgggacaga gggactcagg ttaccaggag     41340
     gggtggggca tgtagagggg agtgatctcc taggacatgc tggtggctgt ccaggccctg     41400
     ggacactcct ccccccctgg gcagctgccg aaggacttgg cagccccatg cctcctcctg     41460
     cacactctgt aggcttagag gctgcagctc aggccatggg tctcaaggtt cttgtgtgtt     41520
     tgggggtgcc aggcttgagc ttgaccccag ccagagtctg gagctagtct gtgtccctcc     41580
     cccaagccca attccctccc cagatggcag gcagggtgga atgagagtcc caggccagtg     41640
     ctatcctctg ccaggcccaa tcagggacag gaacaagatc catggtgcta atgagtgtcc     41700
     tgacacctta agctgggtac cttgcaactt gaagttcaga gacagcacct gtcaatgtgg     41760
     gaccctaggg tgcaatctag gaaggcatcc tgaaagaggt gacatttgag ctggggcctc     41820
     cagtagcatt tggaggaaga catcccccca agcatttggt gtgtgacgct gcaaaggcct     41880
     ggcaggaggg aggcattaaa gtggatgaga aaggagggga cagattgtcc agacctggcc     41940
     aggtaggttg aggggttcag ttttggttta gggagccaag aggaccacac atagaagcct     42000
     atgagcagga gggtcacacg attgttgctt gccaggggaa atactattgc cctgtctgcc     42060
     cgtgcatgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     42120
     tgatttagag gctctgtgga ggtgggctaa ggtctcggtt ggagagaaga cggttgggat     42180
     acaagtgtga tgggcagagg tgaggtgggt tgtgggagca tgcatgatat aggactgacc     42240
     gcacagtggg ggtggggagg tcccttgggc ctgaacccag ggtgagagga ccgaagcgtg     42300
     cacctgagac acagaccaga acggcatggg tggtcttggg atggcgggac aggtaggggg     42360
     tgaggacata gttttgaaga ggctggaggg tgggtggcta tgaagaaaga atgggcaagc     42420
     tgggggcggt gagtgaagta aattcccccc gggggggggg ggtgagtggt agagccacgt     42480
     gtgaggtgga cttgggcctg cttcaggcag gagtcaggaa ccagcttaca ttcagaattg     42540
     gaaaggggct acagggctag agaggcagct gcgagcactg ctgcttctcc caaggacctg     42600
     tgttctgttc ctaagatcca caaggtggcc gcagcaacca cctgttaact ccagttccgt     42660
     gggactccac acccctttct ggcctctttg tcagtcaggt ggtacactta catgcacgca     42720
     ggcacaccgc catacgcgta aaattaaaga caacaaagag aaaccacgca gggccagtac     42780
     ctgcacacct gcaggcccag gtagtgaggc tgaggctgta ggacggctgt taatctgatg     42840
     ccagcctggg ctacggagaa ggagctctgt ctcaaacaac aaaacaaacc ttgctggatt     42900
     gagcaccagg agtgtctctg ccacctgtcc tgtctgtccc caggcaagga ggagacgcct     42960
     gcctgccagc atcctgtccc ctggggagtg ttgtcaaagc gaggcagaca ctcccctcac     43020
     acactaggga ctcacctgag agattccctg gagttagttg ttcacgccct ctttgacctc     43080
     taccaggtgt ctgcagcaga ccaaagcaca cactagaggg gtgacagagg caggagaagc     43140
     cagcaggaag gtgactttcc caaggtcatt ctgcctcctg ggtatctctc tacactctta     43200
     gtttggaaat tacaagccgg agcctgacac ttattgctgt gggtggggct tggtggagct     43260
     gagtcagggt gggaggagaa cccctcaacc ctgcctgggc cttgtcttgc agagtgctga     43320
     cctagctccc agatctcagc aggatggaag gtatgtggtc ccctcctggc cttagggtcc     43380
     tgggtgttaa ggaatgggct ctcagagatt gagagggttg gaggaggccc caggcttcct     43440
     ccccctgcct gttaggatgt gctcggatcc taatcttaga agcaacaagg cttgcctgag     43500
     gtttctggaa ccccagagct cacctatgct ggtatttata gccaagcctc cccttttctg     43560
     gggaaggagg gtactgggga ggggctatac cggacagcaa ttccagctaa ctgccgagca     43620
     gtgtgggatg gggtgggggt ggagggttga ttggagcagt gggcaggctc atgtctggcc     43680
     cttgctggga ctcagtgtct ctgtcagcta gtggggtgga ccctaaagtc ttgtcttcct     43740
     ggcttctatg ctctaggatg tgggcagagt gcctggaatg ggtgggccct ggcttctggc     43800
     agcgccatgc cctggcactg ggcctctgcc tgagtggctc tttaaagaca gacgctgcta     43860
     ccactgctac cgcctcaact tggtggtcaa ggatctaccc cttagctgcc acactcagcc     43920
     ttaggcacac tcagccctgg cagtgcctca gggccttaga ccctcagggc cttcaagccc     43980
     acctcctcct ggaaaggctg catcccaatg gggtccccgc ccagcaccct aatgggaggg     44040
     agctcaggag aaagcccggg ataatagttt gggctcagat gttcccttgg ctaagcccct     44100
     ccctccctcc ctaggccttg gtttccctct ccctttttca tagcctcagg tatggggccc     44160
     agggcctcac tccccctagc taggtctgcc acatagcttc tccacagcag gccaccaggg     44220
     ctgtgggtcc taaggaggca gtttgggaag tttgcttaac tccctgtctg agtaagagtt     44280
     ccatttgccc acagcagccc tcctccctgg caaccatctc tatggcaaca cgttgtggtt     44340
     gccacagtac tgctgggtca gagcagccat ggcagggcca aagccagaga gaggggaggt     44400
     gacagcggga acaggatagg atcatgggct gctgtgtgtc tagtgaaccc caagaagagg     44460
     gaggcagaaa gactggaggt gactgacacc tggggtctct cgtctggccc tcccccactc     44520
     aaggcgccca tctctgtccc ttaacctctg aatccttggc tgagttctta gcctctgggc     44580
     tttgtctggg cctgtccaga acacccactg tctgtcccag ctcactcagc ccaagtctgg     44640
     gtcacacgtg ggctctgcct gcttgtctag ccagtgactg attcgtgctt cccgttcatt     44700
     cttcccacag agaagctgaa gaaggccaag atcatctttg tggtgggtga gttgtaggca     44760
     ggcgggcagg cggagggtaa gcagggtctg agggtctgag caggcactgc aggatttgga     44820
     gggttttgtt ttgttgtgtt gtttgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt     44880
     tttgagacag ggtctttcta catagttctg gctgtcctga aactcactgt gtagaccagg     44940
     ctggcctcaa actcacagag ctctgcctcc caagtgcagg gatgaaaggc ttgcttgcga     45000
     ggtttcttct ctcattgagg accgtggtgg tgtctgcctg gggctgtgtt gttttgcagg     45060
     gtggggtgaa gtttctgaat gcatgggtgc ttacaggcgg acctggctca ggaaagggca     45120
     cccagtgcga gaagattgta cagaaatatg gctacaccca cctgtctact ggggacctgc     45180
     ttcgggcaga agtcagctct ggatcggaga ggggcaagaa gctgtcggct atcatggaga     45240
     agggagagct agtgccactg gtgaatgagc gggcctgcgg gggggggggg gggggaattg     45300
     gtggagggtc tgagcctgag ccccaggggt cagccattct ccacccccta gtgtcctgga     45360
     ctttctgtct ctaccacact cctttatggc tggccctaac tccccagcct tgatctcaga     45420
     ccccctagat taatactgga gtggcccctt cagttacttg atttatttat ttgttgggag     45480
     gggtatgcat gttctgtggg atcaacatgg ccgtcagagg gcaatgtgaa gggattggtg     45540
     tgcatcctgg cagtggaact ctggttacaa ggcttaaagg caaatgccac ctttgagcca     45600
     ttctgctgac ccgtttgtcc ccttctttac cttactttac cccttcattt tatgccatgc     45660
     ttagagtcac cagctcattg tacctcagtc tgtcccctcc ctgtcccctg ccctggtgag     45720
     gatagggaca gcaaaggcct gtagaagctt tgtgtccagg cccaggacat ttccgggctg     45780
     gaaaggggtt tgctgaagcc caagcctgga gagaggggct tgctgggact tcacacgctc     45840
     ccggaaagag ggcaagcttg ggtgggctaa cacaggtcgt gctcccgagg ggcccccggg     45900
     gagagaaggc tcaagggtcc cctgtgctgg acaacaggac acggtgctgg acatgctccg     45960
     agatgctatg ttagccaaag tggattcttc caatggcttc ctgatcgacg gctacccgag     46020
     ggaggtgaaa cagggagaag aatttgaaca gaaggtaaga cccttgactg gtcatcggcc     46080
     tagagggagg ggtgatggag gcggagtcta cagtgtgcag gtgggaaggc cgcacaggac     46140
     ctaccataac caccccaaag aaaggcggga ggaggaggat ttgagagact ttatcctgtg     46200
     gggcttgtca ccccacatgt acacaggcag acatttgcgc acatgatcca tacctataca     46260
     agcaataggc aatgtaggat gcacacatgc acatgtgcac atgtgtgtgc acctggatga     46320
     agctcacact acacaggtgc tgaggagaaa ggggtagtag gtgttgagga ggggagggtg     46380
     aagggctgac tggcaccctg gtgggctggg gcagagtacc tccagcctca ctcctgccca     46440
     cctctgcgca gctcagtcag aataggagag atggcatgtc acaacctcta agtgaatgaa     46500
     agacctcaag aaaatgtttg tcttgctctg agtctcagca tgccaatcat tgaaatggga     46560
     gttggtctag cttcctttag gcgcaactct gaggcacatc ttggttttcc tcagctgcat     46620
     gaagtcattt gccaccctca gggccacatc cagcaaacca aagtgcctcc tgtcctgtat     46680
     tagggagttt ccccacctcc ctacagtcag ggcttggagg cagcctctgg gagtccgagt     46740
     agttgaagtt ctcagatgtt ggcactaggg ggagccagaa ctgcactgac agagaagggg     46800
     ctggcctgga agtgacttgt cctactgctg acacaaatcc ccagagcttc cttggggtgg     46860
     gcagtcttca gggcccactc ctctagttag atgcctattt ccatactgag aaactgagct     46920
     ccagccaggg gtgcgttgct cagagacaag cctcactacc tccacccaaa gtgtggatcc     46980
     agagtctgtt gtgtttggcc ctggggactc agaggacctt ggcagctgat ggccgatgga     47040
     cagatggcag cagccttggt ctggcctttg ccactctaaa ctggtaaacc gtctacggtc     47100
     agcagatact gtcacactga atctgcaacc acccaggaga cagacaccag actcagaggg     47160
     cccagtagct tgccctaggt tacacggttg gacagaggca ggagaggagc tgtgagtgac     47220
     aagcttatgt gatgttagct gcgtagaggc tggggctgac tcagctgtgg actaaagaac     47280
     agaggtccca aagctgttag acctcctggc ccaggcccaa ggctaggaag acccagaatc     47340
     ctcctgcctg ccctcacaag cccagcctag actaggccag gcttagggat ctatcgatga     47400
     cccctactct gaggggtcgt gtagccagaa aaggggaagg aagccgttgc ctgcttcaat     47460
     gcaaggccca gcctgggcag ggccagtgtg tagggccctg gtggccaaac cgaggtctgg     47520
     aacactcagg ccctaatcct ttatacctct tcaagccatc tttgtgacga gtggcttatg     47580
     acagtgacag tcatttagat gtccttaaag tcctcacctt gtccctctga ttcctttcaa     47640
     tcaagtctta ttcagccctt agctcccatc ctggctgagg gaagaggagg tcgctaagta     47700
     aatacctaga ggctgtcaag gggagactaa gggaccagga atagtggagg tcacatctgc     47760
     gaagaccatc tggaaggagt gagggtctag ctgagactcc cacagtctca gttgtgagaa     47820
     agggtaatgg gacctgtgct ggcctggcgt gggatggaga cagatacaag catagatcaa     47880
     tatggtggaa ggaaggaagg agggttgagg gtggggatca ggagagcagc tggggggggg     47940
     gggaggacaa gggcacaaca cataggtgct ctagatctgg taaggatttt gggcttcctc     48000
     ttgaaaattc taggagcccg tggaagaggt ttgacctgag tgacagagga gttactctag     48060
     gaaggcgcgt tctgggtggg tctcatgtag gtagggcttg ggagatggag gcagggatga     48120
     tggagtccca atgatccgat ttccacccta cgcagattgg acagcccaca ctgctgctgt     48180
     atgtggacgc aggcgccgag accatgaccc aacgactcct gaagcgaggg gagaccagtg     48240
     gccgcgtgga tgacaacgag gagaccatca agaagcggct ggagacttat tacaatgcca     48300
     cagaacctgt catctccttc tatgacaagc gtggcattgt gcgcaaggtg gggagcgcct     48360
     ctcttttcta gctgcagctc acggtgggat cttaggccat ccctctccct ctgcctcagt     48420
     ttctccctca gtttactgag ttggggctgt gtggatcctg ccatggcgtg cgtctctgcc     48480
     ctcatcatcc ctctccccac aggtcaatgc cgaaggcacg gtggacactg tcttctctga     48540
     ggtctgcacc tatcttgact ccctgaagta actggatccc ttggccagct cccagcccgc     48600
     cccacccttg ctccctgacc ccaggcagcc tggctcaagc ccagcacctc caccctgccg     48660
     ggctgtgcac agacacagga agccatgtta tcctgtccca tggacactaa agaaattgcc     48720
     aaggagggtt aggattgctc ctttcctttg cttccagtta tggtgattca tgctgccaca     48780
     gccggaggcc ccagcgtggc cggcccattc ttccctgtgc ctcagcccag ctgtcttgtc     48840
     tccctctggc tctgctggga tcctaggccc ttccttagcc aggctgtgtc aaagcctagg     48900
     ggtccctggg ttggcaggct gctctggggg gtctggtgtt caccctgttt ctcatagcct     48960
     cgttgtgtgg ctttggccct aagccattgt ctctctggag tgagttttct ttttttcttt     49020
     ctttcttttt cttttttttc tttctctgtt tctttctttt tttttttttt taagacagca     49080
     tctcgtgtga cttaagctgg cctcaaccct gttatgtaac taagggcaac cttaatcctt     49140
     ctgcctccac ttgtcttcct gtgtgctgag attacaggtg tgtgtgtgga cctccaccac     49200
     tcctggtttt gggggcactg ggaatcaagc ccatggccct gtatacgagg ccagcacgct     49260
     acagagtgag ctgcatcccg ggctgggcag gttttctgtg cctgactggg gtctggcatg     49320
     ggcaaagggc aaagggccat gggctcacca gctggggcca cgtggtcact gggtgccaag     49380
     gagctgtgca atgggcatac agctaggtgg gaagctgggg tcaggggtgg ccttcctgaa     49440
     gaaggctccc ttggtataga cctgccaggc cttgccatcc tttggctggt tttaaagctt     49500
     gtcctgtcac gctatgtccc aacccttatc ctcggcgtta agacaagagc atgcagatta     49560
     aggagtgtga gctgccatag acaaggatgt gggatcaagg accaggcctg ggacccggag     49620
     aggacaccca gggatgccaa gaagagctgg catctctctt ctgctcttta ttctttggtc     49680
     tcattacaca ggaagcctct gttggtactc acttgtcctg gggccccgtc tccatcccta     49740
     gtgacttccc ctgtaagccc agatagcctg taagccagca gccatggctg tcccagggac     49800
     acctgcccct gggggtgacg gtgctcactc ctttctgttt actaccagtg gggccacctt     49860
     tccttctgca ttgcctattt aagctgtcct ttaaaataaa taaatgtatt tcagttataa     49920
     gaagtgagtg tattgaaaca cagggaggtt cagaggaaga gggcaggcat caccaggcac     49980
     agccttctgc ctgatcaggt ttgcctctgt cccccagggt gacttcagga aagcaaaagg     50040
     ctctggagcc ccgcaccagt ctgtgacagc tctgctccaa tgctgtgtgc atgtgcatat     50100
     acacacagac acgcatgagc gcacataggc atgtgcacac atgcacacgc acactgcagc     50160
     cccgctgaac atggatctct taaggccggc ctaggagcag acagaggatg cacagaagag     50220
     gggaaagctg gagaaaacgg cctgaaaaat ccccattatc ttaatgtgct aattacagct     50280
     caattaattc aagtgggtcc cagtttatga agacctggct gattaaacta gaaaattctc     50340
     cagaatcaga tcacagagtc cattagtatc tgaggggacc tcattccggg acccccaaac     50400
     atacccagag ctcagtaacc ctaaatcccg tatagaatgc tgcaggagaa aaccgcaggc     50460
     actcgcctgt gggcctgcat agggataggg atgtagagac aggaggacca gaagttcaaa     50520
     gttaccctca atgagagaga gagagagatt aattgctggc ctggtagctt atacctctat     50580
     ggaaaggcag ggggatctta caggtcggtg ggggccagcc tgggtcataa tgtaagaact     50640
     gatgtaaaag gaaagaaaaa aggaaggcca gctggcctcc cttttatatg tccagttcta     50700
     ggccagccaa agtaacccca gcattttgga tacagaaatg gaaggatcat ggaaaattca     50760
     aaccagccag gtaaacctgg atctctaagc agctagacaa cagagtgaaa gtcactctca     50820
     aactccactc cctgttaaaa taagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     50880
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaaaaaaaa gacagaaaca agaacaaaca aaacaaaaca     50940
     acaaacccaa gctagaacct gcacacacct tccagtatgt tctgcatggc ctctcgatga     51000
     caggtaatcc ataagacagt atagatagta tacgtgctat tatactgtaa ggagcagaac     51060
     gtcatctcca tatagatatc agggcggggg aaatcctttt tttgtttgtt ttgagacaaa     51120
     gtcttgtgtt atgtagccct ggccggcctg gaacttgcta tgtagaacag aatggcctcg     51180
     aactcacaag agatcctccc gtgtttgcct ctggaatcct gggattaaag atcggtgcca     51240
     ccaccccctg ccaaaaggcc actcatttga gatgaggctt gctgtgttgt caaggctggt     51300
     cttgagcttc tagctccaac tcccttttcc tcccaaactc tgaaattcca ggcaggtgcc     51360
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caactacagg atttgagcca     51420
     ccaaagacac ttcaatccta aaggatgact tgaagtgact tggaggaatt aggacatttt     51480
     ccagaatgct catagccatt gtgaccatag caggatccct cactgttacc ccaccagtac     51540
     accgtacttg tgtggtttcc ctcttcttcc caaatttcct caaggcaggt tcgctgaagc     51600
     caggggtgat gcaggaccac actctgcatt tgaccttgcg ggacctcacg ctcacattct     51660
     gcaggcacgc tgcccctgag ttccggctgg ctggggccag acctctccgc attgaggact     51720
     gctctgcctc tcatcttact tggtcctata ataggacaac tatcctgatg aagttcctcc     51780
     ttccaagtca tcctctggct tctcctggag tccaagctgc tttctgcact gctgttcctg     51840
     catacccaca gctagctagg gaggatgtaa gtgctcaagt ttgagcctta agaacaagga     51900
     gttcttgtag gtagggcccg tgggagggtt tacagccagg caagaaggtc tgacctgcag     51960
     tttttccagc ataccggaat cctgaaggag cttggggaaa gccggttggc taggcattgc     52020
     gctgcacact tgtaaaccca gcccttggga ggctgagaca ggaagacatc acgaatgcaa     52080
     gatcagccag ggctacaaga aggaacacca gacctagtgc ctggagagat ggctcaatgg     52140
     ctaagagaac ctttatagag gaccaaagtt ctgtttcagg gacccatgtg ggaaggaggg     52200
     gatgagggct cacaattgcc tctaactcca gctccagggg accccaaacc cttctggatt     52260
     ccaagagtac ccacattcat gtacatgaac acacacatat aaaaatagta tttttttttt     52320
     tttttaaatc agggctaggg ctggggctac agttcagtgg actgaatgtt tgtgtagcac     52380
     acaaagttct gggtttgatc cccagtgctg tgtaaactcg acatggtggc acatgcaagt     52440
     cattgtagca tttgagctta gaagcaggag gaggagaaat ataaggacct aggagcctat     52500
     aggaagtttg agggtagcct gggctacatg agagcttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     52560
     ctaattaaaa aacaaagcag gtcaggtgca gtgatggctt ccaggcagct ggccgccagg     52620
     tcacactgcc gtcagctcag gaaaaccagc tctgctcttc agcggctgaa gcagaggtca     52680
     gaggaaggca gtagcctgct ggtgcggagc agggtcttct ctggcgtcac tggggtgtgg     52740
     tgggcatcag aaggtcaccg atgctgtcat tgtcttctgg tctctaggga cattccaggc     52800
     agctgtttgt tgcagtgtgg ggggaatgtt ctctgtagct tgtaagattg atgctgctat     52860
     gcccagagag tgtcagagaa agcatgctgc aggcaggcat tgcagggggc ggggtggcct     52920
     cagatgcctc ccctggactg cacccccatg ccttggcctc agggccccct gagtgcctgg     52980
     gccggaggca ctgaagtggg agaggaagga agtggggagc agaggaggcc aaggctgtcg     53040
     cctcccagac ccgagagggg cctcgagtaa acaggaaggc ctggcggctc cacggtgggg     53100
     gtgtttggag ggctgggggc caggagccct tctgaacatg tgcagactgt gaacacaggg     53160
     cttccttgct ggggaagtgg gcccagagag gttgtaaagc ttcacctaga ttgcagagca     53220
     gtaacacttt catctgcctc cccgctaccc ccaagtcaaa gtcatctatc tctcaggcct     53280
     tagattctct tagtccctgg agacctgcca ggagcccaaa aatcctggat ggttctaatg     53340
     tacatatgaa aaaatatata tttattcaaa ctgcttagag ttaagaagga agaatctact     53400
     ttcttctttt tttcctctct ttctctctct ctctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     53460
     ctttcttttt ctttctttct ttctttcttc ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttcttttgt     53520
     ttgtttttcc aagatgggat ttctctgtac agtagctctg gctgtcctgg aacttgttct     53580
     gtagcccaga ttggccttga aattatagag atccgggact ggcgagatgg ctcagtggtt     53640
     aagagcgccg actgctcttc caaaggtccc gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc     53700
     tcacaaccat ccataatgaa acctgatgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagactttc     53760
     atataataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaatta tagagatcca     53820
     tttgcctctg ctacacaagt gggcttttcc accactgccc agcaagaacc cactcttgat     53880
     tttgttccga gacaggttct ccctgtgtat tgcatgctgt cttggaactt aaaattctcc     53940
     cgagtgctgg gattacagac gcactgtgat cggatcttgg ggtacaggtt gccacaggaa     54000
     catggctcct gccattggaa acagaaggtc actttgaagg catctgttct tctaatgcac     54060
     gggtgcctga cccctggcac cagctgcatt ttggggacat tgtcccctct ctgggaggct     54120
     gtccttaggc tcacatgcct ctctgcaccc acattctggg gcttcagact gtcacttaag     54180
     agacatggca ctgtgcaagc aggtaacaag gcccatcatg tccctctagt gtgtctaaca     54240
     tggctgctat tcccaccacc cacaccaggc agttcacaac cattcataac tccagctcca     54300
     ggagacccaa tgcttctggc ctcctggggt attacatgca gacacacaca cacacacaca     54360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctaca cataatttaa aaataataca aatttagctg     54420
     ggtgtggtgg tacatgcctt taatgctagc acttgggagg cagagacgtg gatctctatg     54480
     agttcaaagc caccttggtc aacagagttc tggggcagcc agggctacac agagaaactc     54540
     tgtctcaaca cccccactct cagctccacc acaaccacca ccccccaaaa aggaaaaaga     54600
     gataagaaag aaaggaaagg aaaagaaaca aacatagccg ttgacctaag gaagtgtctg     54660
     tttgtgatgg gaaaggacac catatcagct agtggcccaa aggcctgctg ttcatgtgag     54720
     agaggtatct tatttttatg tgtaagggtg ttttgcctgt gtgtatatct gtgcaccata     54780
     aatgcctggt gcctgaggag accagaagag ggcataggat cccctggaac tagagtgaca     54840
     gatgtctttg agctgccatg taggtgatgg tcctttggaa gaacagccac tgtttttaaa     54900
     gactgagcca tcaagagagg ccattgttaa agagacagtc aggggctgga gaggtggctc     54960
     agtggttaag agcactggct gttcttccta aggtcctgag ttcaactccc agcaaccacg     55020
     tggtggctca caaacttttg taactccagt tccaggggca tctgacgggt cttgtcacat     55080
     ccttgggtac tgtacacaca tgatacatat acctacacat aggtccacac acatacacat     55140
     aaaattaaat gttaaaaggg acagtcagag ctgggcgtgg tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc     55200
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag     55260
     tgagttctag gacagccacg gctacacaga ggaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     55320
     gggatggtca gagggagcct tgctttctga gaggagactc caaaggggag gaaaactggt     55380
     gctccctaga cacaaaggga tgtgcagagg cctggaagta agcatggtca agacacactg     55440
     gagtcagtgt cactggggtg gcatgagcaa gggggaaagg gagatcaaag aagggaaggg     55500
     tcctcgtcgg ctgcttgaga agtcttggtt ataggacaga gtaaggctac cactggactc     55560
     cacttgaaca ggcttcctgc ctagagcgga gatggggctg tgtcaaagga agaaggaagc     55620
     agaatgcggc tacatgacct tgatctccca gaggggacag ttacagaggg ctggatgagg     55680
     cttgctaggg cttggatgga gtggcagccc aagggagagt gacagactga ggcagactgg     55740
     aaccctgcag taggtgcagg cagtcagagg catcctggag ccctgagctg tgagagtcct     55800
     ggggggaggg gggaggggcc agtgcccacc aggcacggaa agctttctgt gtgacagtgt     55860
     ccccaggaac aagtttccag cctcgaactg gggaagcatg cagaacagtc cctggagaga     55920
     ctgagaaggc acgggcctgt ccgatgaatg tgatttgggc tctgttttgt tttttttttt     55980
     ttaaataaag cctcatgaag gctaacctac tcagtgtgta gttgaggatg gacttgaacg     56040
     actgatcctc ctgtctcaac tggctaagag ctgggactgc aaatgtgtgc ttcctcacat     56100
     cggcactctg tcaactgagc tactccccag atccagtttg gctttttttt tttttttttt     56160
     tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttattaat atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga     56220
     cactccagaa gagggagtca gatcttgttg cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct     56280
     gggatttgaa ctctggacct ttggaagagc agccgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct     56340
     caccagcccc cccagtttgg cttttaaaaa aacattagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     56400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaaa ggccatgtta cccatatgag gatcagaggg     56460
     caacttgtag gagttagtgt attctgtcca ccgtgtaggt tctgaggatc aaactcgggt     56520
     catcaggctt ggttgcaagc ctctttatcc cttactcccc ctaatttggc ctttcttttt     56580
     tttctctttt taaaaattgt gccgggcgtg gtggtgcact cctttaatcc caacacttgg     56640
     gaagcagaga caggcggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctagaga gtgagttcca     56700
     ggatagccag ggcgacacag agaaaccctg tctcggaaaa aaaaatcgtt ttattttgca     56760
     taattttttg cctgtgtgtg tctggtgccc agggcagcca gaaaaggatg tcagatctct     56820
     agatttggag ttacaggtat gtgagccact gggaagcacg ccaggacccc tgtagtagta     56880
     gcaagggctc ttagctgctg aattatctct ccacttctgc cttggctttt tgggactagg     56940
     ctgactctga cctcatggag aaccacttct gtgtatcagt gctagatgac tgcaggcctg     57000
     tgccacccag ttgagggtct gtccttgtaa ctagttccta gaagagactt ggccctcact     57060
     ctccgtctag gaagaagctg atacactttg tttcccagtc aggacccgtt ggtgggaacc     57120
     aaaatccagt ggtttgtggt cagagcacca acaagttcac agaggtctgt ccctgtcccc     57180
     tccttacctg agcccaagtc ccccaggtga cttgtccctt agctatgaca tgatgtcatg     57240
     ggttacatgg gtcttctgat ttggaagtaa gagtgaacag caaaggaaag gcacaaagac     57300
     tgcggagggg gccgcgaggg accagggaca aataagatga catggattgt agcgaggaga     57360
     ctaggacaga aggttctaga aacaaggaaa caacgccaga tccaaccctg cacctccttt     57420
     gcctctctcc agcccagtga ccttgcacat ctgggccttt ctcccactgt taaatgagga     57480
     tggtctgtga agcggcattg gatattgggc cccaccatgg gctagcttgg gctagctggc     57540
     tgccttccca ttgagcaggt aaagatacca aggctccaga aagtcaaagg ccttgcctta     57600
     ggctccctgg ctagcacagg gcagagtcgg atacccagac tcctggccta gcactcccct     57660
     ccccatgccc aaacgaacct aaccttgctg ttactaacgg cccctggctg caggcctgta     57720
     ttggagactc accgccgcct tggggtcctt aggggctgcc tgacattcct tcagtggcca     57780
     ggggccaagg tagacgtgct ttaccctttc ctgctgctca ggccttccag gccccaccag     57840
     gaggaggatg gagcccactg tgcgggccag acacaggcct ggccaggggc catatctctc     57900
     ttggagtgtt gcacaggatc cacgggagaa catctacatt gggattaggg cctctgcagg     57960
     aaacagatgg caggctccca agggatcgct ttgacaggct gtggtgaggg gtgtattcac     58020
     acaggtgtgg tcagggtgca tggagctatc tctatcaccc tgtgcagatg accacttggc     58080
     ctgaccggta aagggaggag cctagttccc cggtatagca gtataggata gaccctggct     58140
     ggattatggt cctcaggaag gggagaccac caatgcaggg tcagtctttt ggggacaaag     58200
     ccaagggatg tatccttctc tcttgacctc gtctgtccct caggagcagg ggagtggaaa     58260
     aacagacgta cccctggctg gagagagcat gctggaagca aaccacagct tgctcggctc     58320
     tgtcccttgt tgcaagatgc tagggtcaat gagcttctgg ggacagagga accagcacgg     58380
     aactggtttt tatttactac agatgagaaa caagacagtc ttctctgtgc ctcagtttct     58440
     ccattcccac aaccctcagt tccaccttgg cttccagggc acctcatgct ttcaatatat     58500
     ttgtcttgct gggcatagct atgcacatct gaaatctcag cacttagtct gaggcagggg     58560
     gattacacat ggaaaacctt ctcaaccctt atagaaaaag aaaaatatcc caagaaacac     58620
     attcccttgg ctctgaaggg acaaagcatc agaggccatc aaggcccctg gcctcctggg     58680
     acatttagtg aaatacacca ggtattgaga caccacccag actgccaatt ggcagggaca     58740
     tcatctttgc tcaaaacttc caggctggtg gtcccagacc cttcattccc ttaggggggt     58800
     ccctgctggt aaacttcccc ctaccccctg ttcttttctt ttaaaaaatt ttaagctaca     58860
     ttttatgtct ttacttaatg tgtttttgta tgtatatgca tgtgacatac atgtgccatg     58920
     gcctacatgt ggcattcaga ggacagtttg ggggaatcag atctcttctt tctccacata     58980
     ggccccaggg tcaaacgcaa gcacttttac tccctagacc atcttgttgg cccctctttc     59040
     ttttcctttt gggtgtctcg agacagggtc ttgctataaa gccccgagca ggcctagacc     59100
     ttgttgcata gatcaggctg gccttagcct tgtggttatc ctcctgcttc tgacggtgcg     59160
     aagaggggat tgtaggcgtc ccattagctg ccactccaca gttcctgctc ttatcagcct     59220
     ggagcctccc gtgtttcctg gagagtgcat taggtctcgt ttatgatctg aatggcaacg     59280
     gcttgtgctg cacagggttg gtttaggaag atcttttaaa agggtccttg ggaaccaggc     59340
     atggtggtac acacctttaa tcccagcatt taggaggcag aggcaaagag atctctatga     59400
     gtctgaggcc gagcgtggtc tatgaaacta gttctaagcc agtcaagcct acacagtaag     59460
     gccctgtttc aaaactaaaa accagaaaca aaaacaaaaa aggctgggat gtgtccaaac     59520
     ataggctaag gcatggactt agaaagtact tagatcaccc tgggacacag ggtgtggaaa     59580
     ggttaagaca actggagagg cagaacacag ctagaagggc ctggaacaca aggactttgt     59640
     cctggggtcc cagaggatcc cctgcctgtc atctcgccct gatgttttgt ctttgtgtca     59700
     gctgactctt ctatccactc agctcaggtg gagtggccgg catggggccc gggttgagat     59760
     caggccctga ggtgtccact ctgggtgttc cctgtcaagc tggtctccct ccacctgtgt     59820
     aaaacaaagc ctaaggcgca ggcctcttgt caatggtgac ttgagactga taaggtgaac     59880
     gcccagggtg ggccctggtg tggcacttag tcccagggct gactgctccc aaaaccccaa     59940
     aacagattct gttagggcat gaagggagaa gctcacagcc atgctaccac catcccatct     60000
     tgccctctag agttctggta tctacctgct atctccatgg ctgaaggaaa agggcagagc     60060
     ctgccacccc caagaggcct ggtgaggcga tgtctcccat gcttgcctgg gtgagagcag     60120
     gctgaccttc ctccaggctg ccttaggaac cacacccacc ctccctgcct catgtcagcc     60180
     ccccacagag acaaactgct gaccttgcct ggtcactgag gcacaaagac tggagggcac     60240
     ctagaagcca ggcctgaaac gccaggtcaa cgtctccttt cagaggttct gcttctcagc     60300
     cttctcaaga gagatgactc ccactgcccc ttatgttgga gtgggcagag ataggcatct     60360
     taacctcccc acatccttac tattgccccg ggatgatgca aataccactt acagctttag     60420
     cctatgcttg gttctttgct tgctgcatct ggactccccc agtccctgac acctctctgg     60480
     gcagctcagg tttcttcttc aagcttccct gggcttgacc ctaaatgcta cccagcagca     60540
     cagtggggac acagtatgtg ttcactgttt gcagaatgag caggggtctt tctgggattg     60600
     ttgccttggc tgaggaaggg agctggattg agaaccggct cctgcagacc tggcccaggg     60660
     ttcagtgttg tagcaggcta gcatctggcc ctcagggatc tcccaagagc ctggctgtga     60720
     agaggaccca gctgggccct gcgttacaaa caacaacaga gattagggag ttacttggaa     60780
     ataaataagg caggcccaga cccagggcta tcagacttca gaaatgccat gaaagtttgt     60840
     gcctgtccct ctttggatac atagtgtccc tatgtatcag cccaggctga tctgcaagtc     60900
     agcgaatccc ttctgccatg gcctgcaggg ggcaaaaatt ataggtgggt gccaccaaag     60960
     tcagctgtgt ttcccttgcc tttgggactg tgtgggccct gaccatctcc atgggaacag     61020
     tctcagctgt tctactatgt taacctggga acgcatcttc ttcatgttgg gcttcagttt     61080
     ccctgtctat aatacaaagg gtgcaaccaa gggcgatgct tctgaaagtc tgtgttgatg     61140
     ctggcgggga ccagctagaa tcccaagttc catcttccca gaaggctgtc ccagtttgtt     61200
     ttctcatctg tagaatggaa cccgagctac agggacttca accagacctt gtcccctata     61260
     aggttgccag atgtgtcctc accagccagc cttggcaagg gtaggtggag ggtggggtgc     61320
     atgggggagg tctgttgcct gggccctccc atcaccctac ctccccatcc cagggccccc     61380
     cacccagcga caaagcctgt ggcacttcct ctactcgcct ggcaggcagc ctggcccggc     61440
     cccttctcta aggaagcgca tttcctgcct ctctgggccg ggctggatga gctgagctcc     61500
     ctgccctgac agtcagaccc ctgccttcat ctgtgtcccg tccccaggcc aggaccgccg     61560
     acagctgctg cccgaaagag cccagtgact ctttcccacc acccagtcag ctagagactc     61620
     ctgccctgct gtgagtctcg agcccacttc tcctgacttc tccgccgcca cctcagaagg     61680
     ctggagcagg gacgtggtcg ctccggccgc ctgctccctt cggatccccg cgcgaaccca     61740
     cgcaggcccc ggcgcccgcc cgcagcctta cctctggata ccggataagg cccagcgcac     61800
     agactcccgg gtggacagca tggaccgtgg cgtgctccct ctgcccatta ccctgctgtt     61860
     tgtcatctat agctttgtac ccacaagtaa gtgtccagcg cccctgggtg ggaacaagcc     61920
     caggctagac cctgggtgtt acaggtctta ttcccatgtc ccaagctact agctgatgaa     61980
     gccaccccca atgtattagg aggtagaaat gggatcacca actattttgg ttcagtggga     62040
     gtaaaatgtt tcataggatg ccaaacttaa gcattagacg tctggggaga agtgggataa     62100
     gctatttaag ttagcgttgg caccttcctg ttatccttcc tgctgtgttc agctatcaag     62160
     aaggccagga gctacactgc tatgcatcac tgagagtatt ccctcccatc tctgagcctt     62220
     gagtttccca tttgaggaag tttaggaagg aggatgcaga agtaaattta ggctctgggt     62280
     ccaactttga cctccttgtt ttcttgtatg agccttgagg cctccgtgcc agaggatgct     62340
     tagagcaaag actggtgatg agatcatttg tccgaagagt ttctgtttca ctagcttcaa     62400
     gttctcccag cattcccggg ctttgcccgc tcccggaacc ccccaagggc acatgctctg     62460
     gccttctcca tttgcctttc tgagaagggt acaggctcca ttagggactc tgtggatctt     62520
     ctcagccagg gtgactattg aaagtgatct gaggagggtc ggtgaggagc ctggacccca     62580
     gtcctactca cgaagggtca cagcagggcc tggtccccag ccacctccct gaggatcccc     62640
     gcctaccaac ctgcagattc aggggcatgt tcaagggttg gggtgggcag cctggaagaa     62700
     agagtatggg aaatgatggg gccatcctgg cactcaaagt ccacaattga tgggaaatct     62760
     gtcatcgcgg gttaaccgga aattgagtct cagaaacact gagtgactta tcagggattt     62820
     gactcaaggc ctgtggcccc tcagaaccct tattctgacc acacatgacc ctgcaagatg     62880
     gctgccccaa ttaccccatt tcccagaaga gaaaatgaag gctctaacct tccaaatcca     62940
     cctactccaa cagagtctga ccccaggctg ggacaggatt ccaggccctc ttccccccgg     63000
     cttggggaaa cctgccttgt aggatgggaa gtggggtgtc agtgtctagg tgactgttca     63060
     gaggatagac cagtagactg tggtggtatg catatttcct cagagctgat ttcaggtcac     63120
     aaacactcag ttcttatttg gaaatcagag tacagtggca cacagcaatt gcctctctcc     63180
     cctacagagc tgagaggtac aggtgcccgc aagggtacct gagggtaacg tggctaaaag     63240
     aattaggaaa tatgagttct cattgtgact agctgggtgt gtagtgccat ggtagggctc     63300
     ttacccgcca tatggaaggt cctgaatttt aaaaaaaatt atacacattt atatttacag     63360
     atgcatatgt atacatatat acatatatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat     63420
     aacttatttt ctttcttgaa accaggtttc actatgtagc cctgactggc cagggcacag     63480
     aatttagctt ttcagtgcat agggtgaggg actgggcaca aaaaacaggc ccagtctccc     63540
     agaacacaac acagcagaat tttctaaatc tgtaacttgt gtgtagcgcc ttaccctcac     63600
     aactcaaagc cagccctaag ctgggtgtgg tggtacacag ctgtaatctc agcacttgga     63660
     ggtttgaggc catactgtcc actcaagtcc tgggccagct tagattatgt ggtgagttcg     63720
     aggccagcct gggctacata gtaagactct atctagaaaa gaaaagaaag caaagtcagt     63780
     ccttgagagt tacctgtcta ctccactgta aggatatgtg gcccacaggt accagattct     63840
     acccaaatgt ctgtcagcag gggtatcatt gaagaagtct tgtcacagaa tgtcatccag     63900
     cagctaccac aatggatcca atcaccatga cacatgtgta tgggacacat cacaccgtaa     63960
     aaaccttaca cagacatccg tttctactga taaaacagca ctgatgccat ttgcacagag     64020
     aaacttctgg aaggttgtgc actcagtgtg gccgcgcatt cggtgtggct gttttccagt     64080
     gtgcgatttt ctctagactc tggagaaatc gaagacgtgg atttgtttta ttagtttatc     64140
     tgtatgtttg ttttgcctgt atgcatgtct gtgtgtccag ggaggtacag acagttgtga     64200
     gcctccaggt tggtgccagg aatcgaaccc tggtcctctg gaagagcaag tgctcttaac     64260
     cactgagtca actctctggc cctggaattc ctttaaagaa catgcgtgtg gagattctta     64320
     aagaacaact taaccatgtg tctgttcccc aaggaaaaca gatgaatgag gggctctggg     64380
     gtacagctat gtggcaaagc acttagtagg ctaggaggac agagggaggc atggcggcca     64440
     cacctgtcat accagtagtc agggggtaga ggcgggatca gaaagtggat cacaagctca     64500
     aggccagact ggactagatg aagacctgtc ttgagagaag tggggggcag gggagcaagg     64560
     gaatggagtg ggggagataa gaagagatgg gggaaatgaa ttttaaaatc ttaggtccag     64620
     gccgggtgtg gtgacgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt     64680
     tctgagttcg aggccggcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccaa ggctacacag     64740
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa aaaaaaaagt cttaggtcca tgggccaaca aaacagctta     64800
     gcgaataaag acctgccgcc aaggctaata acttgagttt gattccccag aatttatata     64860
     atgggaagag agagccttat gttgtcctct gacctttgca tgcggtggta gacacacaca     64920
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactca cactccttct gattaaggct agcatatcaa     64980
     tggcagtgtt tttttttttc tagaatattc catgtccagt cttcagtact gcagacaaac     65040
     actccgagct ctgttggcat ctataggcag cctccagggc ttcaccaagt attctggtcc     65100
     ttcagatgag catgcgagag tcctgtggac ccttctgaac tgccgtattt ttttcatggc     65160
     attatttgga ctctatcaca gtttgtctgc agttctggaa tattctgttg catctgcacg     65220
     ccaccatttg aacagcaagt ccctgcttga atatctaagt ggtctccctt ctgttccagt     65280
     ttggcgcacg cacccatccc cgtattttgg cttatggcat ttggaagctc ctggcacttg     65340
     tggcatgagc ctggtgactg gggttaggca cctgtggctg agcagtgtct caaacagtag     65400
     gtgtcatttg cctgcggctg gggcggagaa tgacctgaaa cttccttacc gatggctggg     65460
     aatcttggat tcagtgcaga aggagctggt ggcaaagggc agagattgaa tctatggttt     65520
     cgaggtcaca ttccagaagg aaagagggat gaacaaagaa ctgcattagt caggacagta     65580
     gctccctgag acctatgagg acatgaccac tcctgcgacc actattggga cattctctct     65640
     ccacacccag attcaactta ttcacattaa aaccacctgt aactccagtt ctagggaatc     65700
     ccatgtcctc tggctgccac agtcacatgc acacatccat gtagtgcgca taagctcatg     65760
     caggcatgca cacatacaca cgaataataa aataaatctt aaacagttaa aaaaaaaaag     65820
     attttctctc acctcagcca gagagacaga gggacagagg acttgctctg tgtcacatgt     65880
     ggaccagtgc tgggaccttg gaggacaggc ctgctccgtg tgctctgggg tcttcaggca     65940
     ggtctggcag ttctcagtga caggccctga tttccacccc aggctgtctg ctctaaccca     66000
     gcctcctctc tgggccgttt ggtggctagg cacaggagat ttagaactct gggggcccag     66060
     ttctgggttc taccttttcc tccagaccag gcgttggggc agcaattctg caagttgagg     66120
     tggggtgccc attccagagt aaattggatt taacatggat gtgtaagtag ggtgctgggt     66180
     atgccagttg gcatttatgt ggcgcttact gtataccagc actggcacta gtctaggctg     66240
     ttacccctct gttgcagatg aggagactag gagataagag caattgctaa gtaacacaaa     66300
     ttagagtgga tagccatgtc cctgaacctt ggaccagccg tttccatgag ttacctaagg     66360
     ggatggacaa gcatcttcct gtggtttgag atttgccccc gtgcccccac cgtctcagcc     66420
     cggcaatggc cgtccctctt agacaaagct aaacagctgc aaccaagtat gggtgcactt     66480
     gggagactga gacaagagaa tcaagaattc tagatgcgtt ccacatccat agtcagtttc     66540
     agggcagcct gggctgtggg gaatcccgtc tcacaaagca acccagcact ggggagcatt     66600
     tggaggacat gagttgggtt cccagaatcc atatcacata gttcgcaatt gtctttaact     66660
     ccagcactag gggatccagt gcaggcacct gtacacatac acacacacac acacacacac     66720
     acacacacac acatacacac acacacatta attgaatctt aaaaagagaa aaccagaggt     66780
     tgggagatgg ctcagtggtt aagaacactt gttccttcag aggacccaga ttttgttccc     66840
     atggttatgg cgcacataca tacaaataca tacacacata catacatatg tacataatac     66900
     acatacatat aaaaataggt acatatatgc atacatacac atgcatgcac acatatacat     66960
     atatacacac atgcatgcat acacacaata catgcataca tacatgcatg cgtatataca     67020
     cacatgcata cctatataca tacatacata catataaaag actcatacag agaaaaataa     67080
     atgcatgtga aacaacacaa caagaacaca ggccaggagt ggtggcacac acctctaaag     67140
     ccatcactca ggacaaggag atggcaggtg agactgcctg agaggtcaat gaggtcagcc     67200
     agaactgcag agtgagaccc tgttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagacggggt ttctctgtgt     67260
     agccctggct atcctagaac tcactctgga gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagagatctg     67320
     cctgactctg tgtcctgagt gctgggatca aaggtgtgca ccaccgctct ctggctaaga     67380
     ccctgtcata aatggggaga atgttcatct agtaagcatt tgctatgcaa acactgagga     67440
     cctgcattcc gtgcccagag ctcactcagt aatgttgatg atgatgatga caataataat     67500
     aataaataat agtaataaat ttaataaaaa caaccgggcg tggcgctggg cagagcaatc     67560
     cacatgctag tgagtaggag ctgggaagct ccctgggggt cactggctat tcagctcagt     67620
     ctgcccagtg agccccaggc tagtgaaaga ctatctccat cagcaaggag gtggtgctga     67680
     ggatcctggg tgtaaattgc acacatgcac aagcacgcat acacccttac acacttaccc     67740
     acacacacat gagaaacaaa actgcccaaa ccatcaaaac agataaaggc agtgaagtac     67800
     cacctgactc taagacatcg gggagagggg gggcccacag acctaaggaa gtacctctcc     67860
     cctctcccct tcctctttct ctcccttttg ttttggtggt ggtcgtcgtg gtttgggttt     67920
     tgttgttttt gttgtttgct tgtttgtttt ggcttttttg agataaggtt tctctgtgca     67980
     gccctggttg tccttgaact caccctatag accaggctgt ccttgaattt agagagatcc     68040
     atctgccttt gccttccgag tgctgagatt gaagctgagt gctgtctccc cgttgctacc     68100
     accagcagga ggctaggagg cacctgcttc aagaagaggc cacagtgggt ttttttgttt     68160
     gattattttt gtttttgtgt ttctttttgt tttttgagac agagtttctt tatgtagccc     68220
     tggctgtcct ggaactcatt ctgtagacca ggctggcctg gaacttagaa atctgcctgc     68280
     ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gactaaaggc gtgcgccacc acacccggcc aacagtggtt     68340
     ttgacagttg agacaagttg gtcaggctat caataaaatg tggtcactag ggtctagaca     68400
     ggtgactctg cagtagccag cacttgccat tcttgtaggg gacccagatt tggttcccag     68460
     agcccacatg gcagcttaca actgtccata gctccagttc cagtggtcct gatgcccctt     68520
     tttgccctct gaggggcact gccagcacat ggcacacaaa cacacatgca ggtacacact     68580
     tatgcacatg acactaaaat aaatacatct aagaggacag ccgttggcct gagaaggggc     68640
     agaggcaggc agggtgtgtt tggaggaaat gttcacctct gactggaagg acacagtccc     68700
     cacagcagtt cctgagccat ctccattcat tagcggatgg cttagcgctg tgcatgtgac     68760
     cagctctctg aaggtgacag agggttttta ccacctcagt gtagggatca taattgggag     68820
     gcataaaaag gagcctggcc ggcggctgcg gcacagttag gataggaatt tgtggaatgt     68880
     gtcaacctcg ccatcctttg acctcacttt agaccacagc ttgtgaattt gactcagtgg     68940
     ctgttgggaa attctgggaa aggcatacaa gcggggatct gtgtcttgct ggtggcctgg     69000
     ctgggagatg ggacagctat gaggttgtga ttggactctg aagagagtag agggtgcctg     69060
     agtcgggtga ctgaagaaga ctttggtctg aaagtgccct cctcggtgtc gcagacactc     69120
     atagcaccca tgggaaccac ggagatgagc atcagaactg acttacagaa agcacacgct     69180
     ggggctagaa ctagaccctc agagttcacg accagggcct gttgctgaaa gtctgggtct     69240
     cctagggaaa ttctttagcc tccctaacta cccatgagat gggcataaga accccccccc     69300
     cactgccctc caaaggctgc tgtaaggatc caaggaatgt agtcatacaa agcttccaga     69360
     cagggatcgt gatgggactt actgtgtggt tattatgcct accaataagg agagcgaggc     69420
     ctttatgacc aggccatcgg gccccagagc aacttgatga cctccgggag ctatttgggg     69480
     tggaatgggg actggctgtg taaggcctgt gattgtgggg tgaaggagga ggaggagtag     69540
     gaggatggtc cagacgtttc ctcgggaggt cagggtcacc cagttctcca aaggtgactt     69600
     gtaggccccc agcggccctt cctccaacag ttccctggag gccccgggca gttcccttgg     69660
     taccagggga ttgttttcag ctggcctggg cccgccttgg gctgctggag acaggctcag     69720
     gcgtcacact ccctcctgtc tccccattct cgtctgtggg gtgggggcaa ccagtattcg     69780
     aaaaggcccc aaaataaatg ggcctcttat ctgatctccc agcctggcct gttatctgat     69840
     cattacataa tggccaggcc cgcggcctct cctgctggcg ctggctgacg gcatggagga     69900
     ggcggcccca aatgccagag gaactggggt tcctggaagt ctggggaggg ggggtcagga     69960
     aaagtccgaa gatctgtagg ccagatggtg ggccatgtgg agggagtagt cggagaccca     70020
     gagggcagcc atacgcatgt atgaccttga tgtgagtgtc ctgtctcttg aggttgcagc     70080
     ctccccttct aggtaggagt ggggacagac cagatgggag actgacaaga ggaaatggtg     70140
     ccaaccctta gtctgttggg gtgagggaaa cctcaaaatt agtcctgtcc tcagcttcac     70200
     ccccaccctt aaatgcagac aagaaaacta cagaaatgaa actaccacat gccctgtctc     70260
     acaaatggct cccaacaacc tccagggccg ggtgctttct cttcctattg ccattgtaga     70320
     gatcaggaaa ctaaagccca aagtcctgaa atcattccct caaaccacac agctagtcag     70380
     aactagttgg gcctgggata ctgggcctgg ctcccaggga cttgctttga accaaactcc     70440
     cgtattgctc aaacacacag atgtctcttg caagttgcta ctgcgactag agtaatggct     70500
     gctaagtttg ggctcttaca gcagcagtag atacctgctc ctattctcct cccaagatgg     70560
     agatatctga gggagggtgt tggtggggtg taaggtagcc atcttacctc cttctctgac     70620
     ctcagtggct ttgggcccaa caagctagct acaaaggtgg gggagaaggc tggccaggcc     70680
     acaggcgcct ggggttcagg aagagccggc ctgcccccca tcctcagcac tggcgtcagc     70740
     tggacgtgaa gcctggccct cctcgcccat ctttgatctc caagaaaaca ggaagtgaac     70800
     acgacaagat ggagacataa acttccaaac agcctcccct tctctgtccc tcctccacag     70860
     ccccccttcc cctcagcaca ttccttagga cgaggtgtag gggcctcatt tcctcttcct     70920
     cctctgctgg gtcagggtga aattccattc ctctcccttg ggacccgtgt ttccgggccg     70980
     ccctgcagcc gactgtgagg cctgctctac atcaccgcct ttaacctggg ctgctccccc     71040
     tgaggcagga aattccctcc tcagaaacgg cctctcagga atggacacct tgaggtctga     71100
     agagggaaaa ccgtttttcc tcctcaacgc cacccggtac acacactcct tcctttggat     71160
     tgaactggcc ttaagacttg gggtccacca tgggccctac cccttgggtc accctgccag     71220
     caatagatag ctgggcacgg tggcacttgc ctttaatccc agcactgggg aggcagagac     71280
     aggccatctc tgtgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga atgagttcta ggccaactga     71340
     gattacacag tgagatcttg tctcaaaaat acaaaaagaa caaaaaacaa acaaatactt     71400
     ctgaaaatta gctaaaattt catttcaggc aaactgtttt tgcaatataa gtatataatt     71460
     atatatttaa aattatacct tgaaaaagga ttcccgttta tctgaaattc agacttattg     71520
     gtaccctggc tcttaccttc cttccaacat tatacctact aacactatga tcctaggaga     71580
     gactttctcc ggctgtgtct cagtttgccc atctgtggag agtatgaaat gatatctacc     71640
     atgtaaggta gctatgaaga tgtcatacgc cttgagctct gggctcatac gtgtacctgg     71700
     gaaatgttca gaaagtgaac gtggttgtat ccaggcgtgg tggggaatcc tagcattagg     71760
     gaggcagagg ctggaagacc tgaaggtcaa aaccatccct ggctacattg aagccagcct     71820
     gggctaccac agctctgcct ccaaataaca acaacaacaa caacaacaat aacacaacaa     71880
     taattctttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttt tctgtagccc     71940
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc     72000
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcaccacc acgcccggct agcaacaata     72060
     atttttttta agatttattt attattacat ctaagcacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca     72120
     ggtgttagat ctcactaagg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc     72180
     atgacctttg aaagaacagt cagtaatctt acccactgag ccatctctcc agccccgcaa     72240
     caataattct taaagagact aggaatacaa ttagtactct tccctcccag tgccagggac     72300
     tgccttgccc acactagaca aacattcctg ccccatcctc ctctgaccta acctgctttc     72360
     ccactatgct ttcccagcag gtctcgcaga aagagtcggc tgtgatctac agcctgtgga     72420
     ccccacaagg ggtgaggtga cgtttaccac cagccaggtc tccgagggct gtgtagctca     72480
     ggctgccaat gctgtgcgtg aagtccacgt tctcttcctg gattttcccg gagtgagtac     72540
     ctcaggcagg tttggcgggg tcccttaaga atcggagtag actgggtgaa gggtgacttc     72600
     ttacagcttt actagcacct cagccatggg gctgatgggg caagtcctgg gagggccctt     72660
     aagaggtaga aggtatgatt ttctggaaca catcacaaga gccagctgga gggccggtga     72720
     catggctcat gggtaaggga gcttgtggct caccgggtga gggcacttac caccatacag     72780
     gatgacgtga gttcaagtct ctgaacctac ataagcaaag aacatcttcc tcaagttgtt     72840
     ctctgactct cgtgagcgca cacacacaca cttttttttt caagacagag tttttctgtg     72900
     tagccctggc tgtcttgaaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct gtccttgaac tcacagagat     72960
     ccacctgcct ctgcctccag agtgctggga ttaaaggcat acgccaccac acctggcaaa     73020
     aaacaaaaaa ggaaaggacc cagatagaaa agagctagtt aaatgtgtta gtgtgaacta     73080
     gggaagcttg tgtctagatg cagctagtga cagggctctc agagcttttc agaggacatg     73140
     actccactct aagctgggct ttggagaaag ggttgagttc tagtctacct cacctcaaac     73200
     atctgcgagt ccactaggca tcctttgaga tccaaacccc gcaagccagc ctcaagtctg     73260
     atctccagcg gcttgcctcc agtttgtcta gatgtagagc agccatagcc catttgtcaa     73320
     atgcttgctg catgctaggt gttaggctgc agcctaccgt cacctaggaa gccaccagct     73380
     ttgtctggtt gattagttct ttttttgaac taggattcat gtagcccagg ctggcctcgg     73440
     ttttgctata cagctaagga tgactctaat cctcctatct ccaaagttct gggattatag     73500
     gtacgtgtac cacatcagac ttacatgacc ctgggcttca gggtcagagt ctcatgcctg     73560
     ccaggcaaac attctaccaa ctgagctaca tccctagcca tggatacaga catggcgggg     73620
     gctcattagg gtcccgtatt attctcattt cttggaggag gaaactgagt ccacccttga     73680
     gaagtaaaac atgaactgaa agtcagagga cagacacacc agaatcctag ggacctcaga     73740
     gccaaggtca ggttcactgg cctgcctggg ctgcagccca cgcctagctg atgtagacta     73800
     aggccacaag aatgaattag gagcatggga tgaatttgta gccaacctgc ccctaaaact     73860
     gttgagttac tttgcatttt gtgtagtgat aagaaggtgc ccagaccacc aatatcgggg     73920
     ggccctgcct gccacaagga ctgtgggctt tgataacccc caaggtacag atagtaccaa     73980
     atacatttta tttggctttc ataagcatag caattgtttt tcaagtcagt aatgatatgg     74040
     aaaaataaga agctttcctg taagttcatt ttgttctcag gtttaggccc ttgcacctct     74100
     tctgggtgat cctggggtct cctgacagca aagccaggca gaggaagatc ccagccagat     74160
     ggccaggtct ctgggccaca ggtgtgtaga cagttccagc caggacacag gagactggtg     74220
     ttgtggcagg gtacttcagc tgctaagctt aggcagggct tcctggagga cgtgacaaca     74280
     cagaggagct ggaccctccc aagtgtgggc acagccgggg agaggatgta agcagaggga     74340
     gggagctgcc cgctcagact ctgacaggac cttgaggttc acctaggagc agaactggag     74400
     aaatggcagt tattgagaac ttggttttta gtctatgagc aatggtgacc actgaaggag     74460
     ttttagggct gtgttgtgtg tggggtgcca cagtaactca tggcatagtc caaggattcc     74520
     agcatctgtg acaagagaat ttccttgtag ccctctgccc cttccagaga actttataga     74580
     tcatgggaca tttttatttt tacttttttt ggtgttttgg agacatggtt tctctgtgta     74640
     gccctggctg tccgggaact cacagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat     74700
     taaaggctta gggagctgct gccacctctc ttcccaaccg accttgtgac atctaaccca     74760
     tcaggccagg cctccagccc taggactatg aaggatatgc attttgaagg ggtaggaaag     74820
     agagctgggg tcccagggtt cagtcctgga cctgtcattg gcctgcacct tgcatagagc     74880
     ttgagctgct gaaggggcac ctcttatatt tttcttgggt tcagaggctc gctcaagaat     74940
     tatgaaacta tggaacctgg ttcaggacct ggtctattcc aaataattaa tatattccat     75000
     aaatgaatgc atatttgtgt aataaatgca ttcaaatggg accacgatac agtgtttagg     75060
     agcacggctt ttagtcaggc attgtagtgt gagactgagc tcccagttac tcaggagcct     75120
     gaggcaggag gatggcttgt aacagtacac gttttaggtc atcctggcca acgtagtgag     75180
     agtttgctca gaaaacaaac caaggaaaga ggacgtagcg tctggagcca gtcagtcctc     75240
     atctgaacct cagctaatct cacggccaca tcgctttgtt ggcaaagctg tctgaaccct     75300
     ggtcttccca cgggaaacat ggagacaatg ataatctttc ctacctcaca ggttactgtg     75360
     agactccagg ataaagaaag cagaacacag aacacagaac ctgcccacag tgaaagctct     75420
     agtttggctg ttataaattt tgtcattatt actatgtctc ctggactcca tttttcatct     75480
     gtaaatactt ggacatgacc cagtttccaa acatcttcca tttagtttat tactctttaa     75540
     acctcacact agttcgaact caatggagaa gaggcagaga ctgaagatcc attttcaggc     75600
     aggctaatgg aggtggaggc tcgtggagtt cctggcctat ctgtccgtga tcctggtcag     75660
     tcttggtgct ttgaccacca agagcctgtg acctgctgag cactgacttc ccttcctggg     75720
     agtctccaag aacgagatcc atgccactcc ctcactacca actctacaag ggtgcttgct     75780
     gttgtcaagg gtagagatag gaagtaaagc tgagccaatc acaggccaag aattgatatg     75840
     agtgagtgag tgagcgagtg agtgatggag ttagccatct tgggaaggat gagaggctgt     75900
     gggtgacagg gagatactca cccgttgtag agaggaaggg atttgggggc tgcacatgga     75960
     gctcagttgt tagggtgctt gtccatcatg aggccatggg tttgatcacc aacatctcat     76020
     aaacagcgag tagctcagca cccaagaggc agatgcagga gcattagaag tccaggttag     76080
     gcgagagcga tcgctcagca gcaaagaaca cttgctgccc tttcagaaac cccatgttct     76140
     tttcccagca cccacatcag gcagttcaca cccgcctgta actccagctc cagaggcccc     76200
     aacaccctct tctggcctct atgggcaccc acatacagac acatacacat aattaagaat     76260
     aattgttttt aagttcaagg tagcatggca cgtgtaaagg cctaaaggcc aattgcgtgg     76320
     gtgaacaggc ctagtggggg aggcactgcc tctcctgacc tttggcctcc tttgtcagtc     76380
     cctggcacag aaagatggct ttctcgtcca tccccacatg gctttataac catcagattt     76440
     cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gcagatgagt     76500
     ggtggcagcc aagaacccca ggaaagtgac atttgaagtg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg     76560
     tgtgagtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgttgaggaa gtctgtagac aaactagggg ctgctgggca     76620
     ggggttatct cactgggtcc ccaaaggaca ggccggagcc tggattccgg gaggggccta     76680
     gggtcacatc ctgaccttca agacaggaac aggcctggtg cctcagcgat tcccatcagc     76740
     tgactaccct gttctgctgt cccagaccta ggcagccaag cttgtttggc tgctgatttg     76800
     ctcccccccc cacctccccc tgccctcggc ctgggcaaac tcagggagct ccttcctcaa     76860
     gataggagcc agccaggctc tgactcacgc ctagccagag ggggcatgga gacagcgagc     76920
     caggggaacc tccactgatt gtcctcagct atcatgggag acagtgaggg gctgggaagg     76980
     cagggtggct ctgagaagtg gtatcacact gaacagcctc tctgtcaccc atttccggcg     77040
     acacctctgc tccacagtgg gaaacttgca gcactgaagg gatgtaccta gaatccttct     77100
     cttacaccgc agagcctgct cagggtgccc agaacccctg agtgtcttgc tcagttgtgt     77160
     ctgagcctat tgtgcaggct gcaggggagt ggcttttatt attgtcccca gaaaagaacc     77220
     ctgcccggct gatgtgagtt cttctctacc tgaagagtgg cagagctggc tctgggggag     77280
     gcagcccaga ggattctggg ctgggtttct cccatctgga cgcatgagca cactcacttt     77340
     gctctcagaa gctgaagaga ccaaggggcc ctggagaggg agcttccttt gtgtctttgt     77400
     gccttgcagg tgatgagcag ggaagggaac cggtgtagca gggtcaggtg gctgcacagg     77460
     ggctctcatc atctccccgg cttcagcact gagtcaccct gagaggacat atttattgga     77520
     tagacagaca gataggtagt agacgatcaa aaaagggggg gtccataaag cctggagaaa     77580
     atcaaatgaa gtcttttaag tcctgaaagt aaacagctgt gaatcaagaa cactgtactc     77640
     gcaaaactat cttccaacac tgaagaataa aaaaaggcat tttgatgctg ggcagtggtg     77700
     gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gaggatttct gagttcgagg     77760
     ctagcctggt cctacagagt gagttccagg acagccagga ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     77820
     tccgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aggtaggtat tttgagacag acacaaatga     77880
     aggtaagaca tgattagtaa ggacagcagg cagtcctcgg tgggatactt tacaggaaag     77940
     aacctggcaa ctcagcaagc cctaaacctt gtatgaaagc aagaaaagaa ataccaataa     78000
     cttcacaaag cagaacaaac ctagcacatt taaaggaaga agcaaaaccc ccccttacaa     78060
     ttctcttaca aataaattgt tttggcttat agtttagtgc atcacagtta aataggacac     78120
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtctc tttctctctc     78180
     tctctctcat ttgttgagtc ttgacttgtg tcctaaggct ggtcttggag gagaagtttc     78240
     tgagaaaatc tgctgaggaa gacatgtgcg ttcccttccc ctttgggtgg aatgttctgt     78300
     ccgtatgtta agtccagttc atccacactg ttcttggctc ccgagtttct ttgctagctt     78360
     ttagtttgga agacttgctg agtaggagag tgaaggattg aagtctcccg gtgttactgt     78420
     atcaggacct ggttggtctt tgtatcttgg agtgtttgtt ttatgcaatt ggaggctcca     78480
     atgtttggtg catagaagtt agaattgttg catcgtcttg aattgtttct tttattaatc     78540
     tatgcctggc atagtggccc gcatctttaa tcccagtact caggaagcag acataggcca     78600
     atctctgagt acaaggccag cctggtctac aatagttcca ggacaaacag agcttcatag     78660
     ttagaccctg tctcaaaaat aaacaggcaa acaacaccaa aaggtagagt cctttttatc     78720
     ttctttaact agttttggtt tgaagttgac tttgtttagc ataagaataa atttccattg     78780
     gcttggcagt ttgttttcca tgcttggaga tgaagttttg gggtatcttt gttgactaag     78840
     tatgcttctc ggagagcgca tatagcttgt tcttgttatt tatccagccc gttagtctgt     78900
     gtcattgaac ttgcaggagt tcttgtgcct cctgagggcc agactcacag gcatgtgcca     78960
     ctgtatgtag ctcaaacaca ttgtgtttaa atatatttaa acattttaaa ggtttcagac     79020
     tagacatggt ggtatatctc ttcagtccca gcaattggga aacagaaact tgaggccagc     79080
     tatgtctaca tagtgagttc taggccagcc atagttaccc agtaagacct ggtttcaaaa     79140
     aagaaaaaaa aaaatcagac ttgggcttgg agagatgggg cagccctcaa gagcacattc     79200
     tggttttgta agaattccag tttgattcct agcacccatg ttaggtggct gtgagccggg     79260
     gacctgactc cctattctgg cacattcgtg cacacataca catacacact atacacacac     79320
     cgcatacaga cacactatat acaccacaca catacacata cacacactac acccaccata     79380
     aacacacaca tacacacact acacacacca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc     79440
     atacacactc acatacacac atactgaaaa catttcattc agaaatcagt catgatggca     79500
     catacctgtg accccaatat ccaaagactg aagatgttga gtttaaggcc aaacttgcac     79560
     acaatgagat tctatctcaa aatggggtgg tggcacatcc ctttagggct acatagagaa     79620
     accctgtctc aaaaacaatt attattattt tattaagtta aaatattggg gtcaacagca     79680
     gtgtcacatt cctgcttccc agttctatgg gaagttgaag caggagaatc acttgagtgc     79740
     agggcaaggt gccatctctt aaaataaaaa taaagaattt tatctgcatt agtagaatct     79800
     atcagtggac ccagaggggc tgagctaggc atcgtaaaac cagctatgag gccggatccc     79860
     tgcatcttca cacgtacgtg agcaggtagg ttgtctagct cctgctccag atcaggccca     79920
     gagaggaaga cagaacgtcc agactcacag agccacgttt aattcaggtc tgtctggctc     79980
     tgaactcttt gcctgcgaca ctcttcctgt gtgcaccatc acagtctgct gaggccgact     80040
     tgggcctcct ctgggctggc cctgggaggg tgggggctgc aggcagaccc aaggctccac     80100
     tcctagaaga attgctggaa acggctttct ataagtggct actaatactc agggcctctt     80160
     caccgaaatc cccctttccc gacaccaacc actgggctaa caatggcatc taagggacag     80220
     ctggtaccaa aatagcaact ggtctcccac ccacccactc agggaaggag tcacacaggc     80280
     ccgtgctggc aggcctgggg tcaaggaact ggcacatacg tcatccttgc tgggcctcca     80340
     gatgcccagg agcccatgct gaagacgggc agcccctcag gggacgaaag agggaaatca     80400
     gcatgcatgc gtgcaaatgg ctggcgtagt gactcagggt ggaggggaag ggaagtgttt     80460
     actgtggaaa ccctggctga gtgattctgg taactggtcg tcatcagtta ggcctgggag     80520
     cacagagccc ccagaagctc tgctttccag tctccccgtg tctcacactg ctcactctgg     80580
     ggcctcagtt tctctcagcc ccttcctctg tacataagac cctggtgaca atggagtggg     80640
     aatttgcctt atgaattcgg gaagaattgc tgaaacttgt cacaagtgtc ctgaagccac     80700
     agcctcttga cccgtggtac agcccccaac acccccaccc cccaccccac cccctgcggc     80760
     atgaccgtgc cctgccctcc gatttctttt cttcacttcc tctatccagg gcccctcctg     80820
     gtcttggttt ccaacccttt cctgccccca tttcacagat gagtaaaggg aggcaccaag     80880
     ggatcagagc tacggtaaag tagctgcagg gttcatgtcc agggcacttt ccaaatcctc     80940
     ctcatagttc cagctgtgtc aacctgtggt gtcctcccag agtgacattg cctcatctcc     81000
     ctgtctgcgc gagtctcctg gcatagtctg ccagataact gactccatct atttgctctc     81060
     tgggtggagc tggtagcagt ctgtttgggg ggacagagaa aaggatctac tactgggcag     81120
     ccaagtgccg tacgctccac tcaagtgctg gtcccggact gtgggctcca cactctcttt     81180
     gggtgacttc cattctagag cctgggagct gagaaatccc tgtgcctgct ttagtcagcc     81240
     tgcacttgct gtgcgctcag cacagagcat agcatgaatt ccattggacc ataacacatt     81300
     acaggcacac aattgcttta ctgaggtaaa acccactgat ttgaagtgtg cagtctaact     81360
     gaaatgagaa gttttaggtt cagggagaga ctctgtctaa gaaaatatag acacatagct     81420
     gtgtaaccaa cctgtggtgt tcaagctact ggtacacaga aatcaatcag ggtgatatgt     81480
     tgcatgtgaa tatattttcg gagacagagt cttttttttt ttggatatat gtagctatcc     81540
     cagaactcac tatgtagatc aggctatcct tgaacgtaca gagatttacc tgcctctgcc     81600
     tcccaagtga ttgggtcaaa gttatatacc acttcagcca tcttaaaatg tataattttt     81660
     aagattaata aaacaagata cttatgaaat taaaatgtaa acccattagt aaacattatg     81720
     tgggctggag agacagctga atggtaggat gtttgttaag catgcacaag actgggtttg     81780
     ctccataaca ctgtaaatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattgg     81840
     tggtagtatt tccacatgtc tgaaatgcat tttttcatta tactataagt tactgtgagg     81900
     atacttattt aagaataata acctaggggg ctggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac     81960
     tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa tcacatggtg gctcacagcc     82020
     ttctgtaatg ggatccgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga acagagagac agtaagaaac     82080
     cctgcctcaa aaactaaaat ggaaaatggc agagaaaaat atccagactg gatctctggc     82140
     ctctacgtgt gcacacacag gcaagtgagt ccgtgcgtac gcacatgcac tacacacact     82200
     actaagataa aggggctgga gtcttctggc ctccatgggg tccaggcatg cacataatac     82260
     acatacatac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     82320
     acgtttaagt ttttgttttt gttttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     82380
     cctgaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gtctctgcct     82440
     cccaagtgct ggaattaaag gcatgcgcca ccacgcctgg cttacgttta atttttaaaa     82500
     gaattaaaat aaagatcacc taaagggatc gagcaccatc aggacaaaac cactgggcac     82560
     acgttgaaaa caaagcgaga ccgtttgctc ttctcctctg tggctgtaaa gagtaacccc     82620
     gaacacaaag agtgattaag agggtcgttt accgagtagc ggaaatattt ctgagcagat     82680
     ttttccaggg actgaaacgc ttgtctctgg ctctgtgaca tcagtcaggg aaacaacagt     82740
     gagtcgatta gaagccagac cctaaaactt tccactgatg tctctgtgct aagcccatgc     82800
     tctgctttct gacagaggac agagcttgct tgcagtccgc tatcggactt catgctgctg     82860
     gcaggaactg ccagagaccg tgtctgggag gatttccact tgtctttgtt ctctgagaca     82920
     ccacaaggtt tctgaggcac cgatctgggc caggcgcctt tgtctcctgc tcattccccc     82980
     tccctcacca tctcatgggc ccagaaagct ctcggaatag ctttgatctg gccatctttt     83040
     cttttcttct tagtcttctt gacagagctg gacattgcca gccttccgtg tgatcatggg     83100
     gcaagcaacc tcacttctgt gactcggttt cctaatttgt gaacgtttta ccagtaccca     83160
     cttcttaggt tgtttccatg gagctcatag gtaaatgtgg gtggaaccag gtcatgcgcg     83220
     tgtgatctgc cactgagccg ccatgccagc tctaggaaca attgtgaatg gttggagtga     83280
     gctggcatca gagtggcctc ccagagacaa ctagaaaagg ggagaggaca gtgagagaag     83340
     gctcgctgct tccatgcata gcttaacctt cagacattta caggcccagg ttacagcaga     83400
     cactcagtgg aaatcatcct gactggatgt gctggcatgt gcctgacatt ccagcactga     83460
     actaggtagg aagagtcaag agttcgaggc cagcctgggc acaaagcaag aacctatgag     83520
     gagaaggaag tggaaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaaaat gaatctcgca atcctgaatg     83580
     ttacgtgaag cacagatctg acttagtttg tcctcttttt tgcttggttg ggaccaagct     83640
     cattcattca tgcatgcatg catgccttct ttcctttttt aaaaaaaatt atttatttat     83700
     tttatgtata tgagtacact gtccctctct tcagacacac ctgaagaggg cactggatcc     83760
     catacagatg gttgtgagcc atcacgtggt tgctgggaat tgaattcagg acctttggaa     83820
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctctccagc ccccagcctc ctttccttat     83880
     taatttactt atcttttgtt taatttgtac ttatttactt agcgtgtttg tgcatgcatg     83940
     ggtgcatgcg tgtgtgtgcc tgtgcatgtg cgtgtgggca catgtcacag ttctggtgca     84000
     gagctcagtg gataacctgc aggagttggg actctccttc caccaggtgg gttctgggaa     84060
     ttgaactcag gacctcaggc ttggcagtca tgcttgctga accagtccct cttatgtttc     84120
     caaggggtgt gagggatagg tgctactttg cagatgggta actggtgaga gggtgggtag     84180
     gtcaagccac agagggacag aggaataacc atcaaccata aagcatcgct gccccactgg     84240
     ctgcaaacct gactgatata tctacgtcca tggttcttct ccagatgctg tcacatctgg     84300
     agctgactct tcaggcatcc aagcaaaatg gcacggagac ccaggaggtg ttcctggtcc     84360
     tcgtttcgaa caaaaatgtc ttcgtgaagt tccaggcccc ggaaatccca ttgcacttgg     84420
     cctacgtgag tgtgtgaccc ttaactccag gcaggctgtg ggaaatctct gcctggtgtc     84480
     cctctctgtg agcaacatgg cacaccagaa aggcagaggc agataggaac aggaccagaa     84540
     ggtgccagag gaggcagagg tgggcagtag aggtgaagat ggctcacaga tggacacata     84600
     gaccagcatg gtggagacac catggaaaat cccctcccaa gttcaagggt ccggcctccc     84660
     ttcccagagt gctcttctcc ttctcattga gaggggaagt caggtcccag agatcttccc     84720
     atggtgcctc tccaaccagt cccttcccca cttgctaccc agggttgagg agctgccagg     84780
     gtcctgaatg acacttggaa tgcaagctct ggctgtaggg ttgcagctgc agcctagcct     84840
     ggttgcatct ttttacttgc tctgaacaca cacagtgaca gccctgaatc atctgtgtgc     84900
     agatcaccac tcagaggcca gaggccgtaa accaggggcc tgatagtcac ggctgtaacc     84960
     ctgttttaca ggggttaatg cctgcagagt aggcagtgtg cgctattata tctcttctga     85020
     ctgtcatgca gtcctcctta atatctaatc tgaagccctc ctgctgctgc tgctgctacc     85080
     tcagctcaaa gtagcttgga gtcaatagtc ctagctgctt cctctagatc acctcctcca     85140
     ggaagtcctc ttcatttcct tccttagccc aacagacccc agaggagcct aagggaggta     85200
     gtaaggtttg ggatctctcc agactccccg tccccagaat aaatttaatc taattttatg     85260
     tataggtgtt ttgtctgcat gtgcgtctgt accatatgtg agccttgggc ctgagggggc     85320
     cagaaaaatg ttgcattccc tagggcttta gttacagatg gctgtgagcc accatgtggg     85380
     tgctgggaat tgaacctggg ttctcatgag agaagagtca gggctcctaa ccactgagcc     85440
     atctttccag accctctttt tgcttttcat gatagggttt ctctgtgtag gcctgggtgt     85500
     cccagaactt gctatgtagt tcaggctggc ctcgaactca cagagttctg cctgcgtctg     85560
     tcactcaggt gctgggatta aaagcacgag ccaccactac ctggctccag ccttggtttt     85620
     tgttatttat taaataatgt cctctatctt ctattacttc aactaatgat gtctctctag     85680
     tttcttaatg gtgagctccc agagttggca gaaccccatc tgtcttcatt catttactca     85740
     ttcatttttt tctcacacct ttcttccttt ccccttccac tgtccccttc cccgtgcatt     85800
     gagagtacct aatatgtggc aggtctcaag gtgcagctgg cgtatcagat ccccaatgaa     85860
     caaaggctca gagccttcaa tgagtcaagt gctatgggca ccaagatttc cctcccatac     85920
     cctcagagtg cagacagtta cagacagtag ctacattggt gccattatat atggtttgaa     85980
     tgagtgcctc atggtgaggg taaagcaagg acagacagac gaacaaatgt gtgtctctgt     86040
     acagccatca catgcaggag ggagatggag cagatctggc tatgctagaa gaggtaccgg     86100
     gggctctggg ctgactgacg acttccgagc cttgtcattt gaggtcccgg cctctttgct     86160
     gccagattgg taggaagtga cccagcactc tgtgtctcca caggactcca gcctggtcat     86220
     cttccaagga cagccaagag tcaacatcac agtgctacca tcccttacct ccaggaaaca     86280
     gatcctcgac tgggcagcca ccaagggcgc catcacctcg atagcagcac tggatgaccc     86340
     ccaaagcatc gtcctccagt tgggccaagg tcagctccct cagttgcttc tgagttcagg     86400
     ttcacttgca gaggagactg agcaaactcc tgatatgggc actaccagct tgtggtggca     86460
     tgtgatttgc ccacagtcaa acgtgactgg ctggtgccct ttgcagttag cgactgcttc     86520
     tgcatcatat agcagatgag aaatgccaga ttttttactt gggatgtggc ttggttggta     86580
     gagcctgtgc gtagtgttaa gccctaaagc cctagaaccc tagagcatgg tggcatggac     86640
     ctgtggtgcc agcactcaga gggcagaggc aggagaatcg ggagttcaag gtcatcctct     86700
     gccacatagc aagttcaagg cttccctgga gcttgctggt cagccagtct agccaagtct     86760
     tcgagccagg ttcagtgaga cactgtgtct caaaaaaata atatggaaaa aaaaccaaaa     86820
     aaacaaaaaa ataatatgga aagcaattaa ggaagatact tgacctgtgc tggcgtgctg     86880
     ggtgggggtg ggggaatgca ctcttgacac atgccatggg ctcacttgct atgttaaccc     86940
     tgtgctgaca caggcggaaa caaaggccgg ctactcagtg gtgagtcatc ctcagccctg     87000
     ttaagctttg tcctgaatgt cctcatcaat gccttgtctg gaagtggggt aggaccctct     87060
     gatatatctg tctccacaga cccaaaggca ccattcttgt gcttgccaga agctcacaag     87120
     gacatgggcg ccacacttga atggcaacca cgagcccaga ccccagtcca aagctgtcgc     87180
     ttggaaggtg tgtctggcca caaggaggcc tacatcctga ggatcctgcc aggttctgag     87240
     gccgggtaag ctagcctttg tgtgtattac ccaatcagat cctagtctcc aaatgcatta     87300
     cccaatcaga tcccagcctc caggcgtatt aactttccta ttgctgagat aaaacaccat     87360
     gaccaaggca atgtgtagaa gagtttattt tgggcttgca attccagagc atcagttctg     87420
     catcagcatg agttcacgac agcagagtga aggttgcagg cagcaggcag ctggagcagc     87480
     agctaagagc tcacatcttg aaccacacag ataggaggca gagagctcac caaagcctac     87540
     cccttgtgtt ctacaccctc caggaaggcc cacttcccta agccttccca gactgggatc     87600
     aagtattcag atgctcatac agatgatgtc tcatccaaac cagcacacca ggtctgtccc     87660
     catactaaag ccacaaccca tctgcccgcc cgctgcaggc cccggacggt gaccgtaatg     87720
     atggaactga gttgcacatc tggggacgcc attctcatcc tgcatggtcc tccatatgtc     87780
     tcctggttca tcgacatcaa ccacagcatg cagatcttgg tgagccttgt actcccaccc     87840
     cagccgagac cttacacaca caccttcccc agctttctac cttcatctaa gttgttaaag     87900
     taaaggccac ttccaggaag cttgtcttga tgggccaggg aatccgttaa cctagcctgg     87960
     taggccaagg aagactcctg gagatacaaa ctctgagctg ggtcagaggt caaaggggaa     88020
     atggagaagg tgaggggaag ggacggcaag gcacaggcga agggcagggg tctccgtagg     88080
     taagatgcca gctctctttt tctgccttca gaccacaggt gaatactccg tcaagatctt     88140
     tccaggaagc aaggtcaaag gcgtggagct cccagacaca ccccaaggcc tgatagcgga     88200
     ggcccgcaag ctcaatgcca gcattgtcac ctcctttgta gagctccctc tggtcagcaa     88260
     tgtctccctg agggcctcca gctgcggtga gccacagccc tgtgcccctg tcccagacct     88320
     gttgctcctc ctccctttcc attactttgt gcctctctgt tctttgagct tggctggttt     88380
     ctctgagcct cactggcctc atctgccacc cgtagtgcac acccagtgac ggtctactcc     88440
     acccactcca taggtggtgt gttccagacc acccctgcac ccgttgtgac cacacctccc     88500
     aaggacacat gcagccccgt gctactcatg tccctgatcc agccaaagtg tggcaatcag     88560
     gtcatgactc tggcactcaa taaaaaacac gtgcaggtaa gtaaagcccc gcccctccac     88620
     cttgagatgg catggacagc tggtcccttg ccaagaatgt caggggccca gcccaggcag     88680
     taagagcaag tcacatccct gtgcaagcct cggttttctc acttgtgaaa tgcagtttga     88740
     acagagcaca gagccgtgca ctggtattct cagaacctgg gaggctgagc gaggaggatg     88800
     gtgaatttca ggtggactag gctacataga aggtataaaa tagagtcatc ctcaactaca     88860
     tagggagttt gaggacagcc taggctacat gagccccaat ctcaaaacac aagtaataat     88920
     cataccaaca ttaggtagtc attattaatc tttgtttatt tgttttcttt ttaagacagg     88980
     gtttctctgt gtagctctgg ctgtcttaga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa     89040
     atcatagaaa tctgcctgtc tctgccttct gggtgctggg atcaaagctg tgtgccacca     89100
     ctgcctggct tagtcattat tattaatctt aatggtggtt gagccaggtg gtcacagaaa     89160
     tttgtattat gtggcctttg catgattgat aaatccaaaa gacactgtgc agggctgggg     89220
     tggtgcccag ggaataacgt gttcgccgtg gagtaatgtg tttgtttgcc gtggagtaac     89280
     gtgctcgccg tgcaagcaag agggcctgag tttggattcc cagcactagg aggcagagaa     89340
     aaggaagccc tggggtctct ctatccaggc cagccaatcc gtgaggtcca ggttcagtag     89400
     gagaccctcc ctgtcttgcc aggtgtggta gcttgtgggt ccccaccccc cttggttttc     89460
     tttggagaca gggtttctct gtgtagtcct ggctgtcctg ggactcactc tgtagaccag     89520
     gctggccttg aactcagata tctgcccgcc tctgcctcct aagtgtggga tcaaaggtgt     89580
     gcaccaccac gcccagctag cttgtgcttt taatcccagc acttggtcgg cagaggcagg     89640
     cagacccctg taaattcaaa ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gccagctaag     89700
     gctatgtagt gagaccctgg agagaaagag agacagagac agagagacac agagagagac     89760
     agagagagac acagagacag aaatcaatgg aatgacccag tggtgaaaca tttgcacaca     89820
     gcctgcttac ctgagttcaa gccccagaac ccacaggaag gtggaaagaa gaacagctcc     89880
     attaagccgt gctctgacct tcacctgtgt accctgccca gggcacacac tagataacca     89940
     taataggtta gttttaaaag caaggtgctt tgcactgcat ggtatctgca ctcagcagtt     90000
     ctttcctgtt gggtgttcaa aagacagtgt gatagaaact cactatctgg catcgttggt     90060
     ttcttggctt tgtgcgtgtt aaacctggta tttctaatga tacagtttaa aaaaaaaaaa     90120
     aaaaagcaag gtgcagtagt aaaagatgcc cgatgcctga tagcaaactc tgtgctccac     90180
     acatgagcac ctatgtgggg gtgtacatat ggtagatagg ccacacacac acagagtata     90240
     taaactgcac acacaacaca catagagagt atataagctg cgcgcgcaca cacacataca     90300
     cacagggtat ataaacttca cacacataca cacacacaca cacacaaagt atataaactg     90360
     cacacacaac acacacaggg agtatataaa ctgcacacac atacacacac acacacatgc     90420
     acgcagagag agaggcagag agaggtacta ataccttcac tatgtattcc ttattggact     90480
     agagccttaa actcacagag atccccctgc ctctgcctcc cgggtgctgg gattcaaggc     90540
     gtgctccacc ctgccctaca cagaatggag gaagtcttca tcttcccttc tgaacttgtg     90600
     accctcctga cctcccctcc tggatgctgg attatattat attatattat attatataca     90660
     atgctggatt atattatata ttatattgtg catgcggcac tgtgccattc tcaatttgct     90720
     tttgagcaaa cagaacatat gtacgcgccc actccgattt gtttcactca ttcctcccct     90780
     cccccaccca cctcccagtg ctgggggtgg aacccacctg gagtcccaaa aaagtctcgt     90840
     ctgttctgta cctactcagt agagctgtgt ccccaccccc ctacaataac ttgcttttat     90900
     ttggggagtc tgaatctggc tatgaaccat atagtgtgga atttgctata tggaccaggc     90960
     tggtcttaaa ctcagtagag atctggctgc ctctgtctcc taggggatgg gaattaaagg     91020
     tacacaccac cattcctaac ttttaactta taagaaaaaa cccaaataaa aaaaattaaa     91080
     tattttttaa tgtatatggg tgtttttcct gcatcaaagt ctattcacca cacttgccca     91140
     cagaggccag aagaggccat tggatccctg gacccagagt tatagacggt tgtgagatgc     91200
     catgtgtgag ttggggactg agcccaggtt ctatataaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaggca     91260
     ctgaacagtc tctctagatt cttattttaa cttttgagct ttttgttgtt gttgtttaat     91320
     tttttttgag acagggtttt tttttgtttg gtttttgttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct     91380
     gtatagccct ggctgtcctg aaactcactt tgtagaccag actggccttg aactcacaga     91440
     gatctgcctg cctctgcttc ccaagtgctt tgattagagg tgtgtgctgc taccacccaa     91500
     cttaaaaaaa aatttttttt taaatgttag ataggagctg ggcatggtgg cgcacccctt     91560
     taatcccagc attcgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttctaagc cagcctggtc     91620
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaacccaa     91680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaaaaa     91740
     atttagaaaa agttagatag ggtggagaaa tggctgagca gctaaaagct gttcagaaga     91800
     cctaagtttg attcctagca cctatacggt ggctcacaac catctgtaac tctagttcca     91860
     cggggtctaa tgccatctgc tggcctctga aggcactaca tgtatgtggt gcatacacac     91920
     acttaggcaa aacaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc acgtgccctg     91980
     ggttcagttc ccagcaatgg agaaaataag aagacattct agttgcccat ccactactga     92040
     ataatttttt cctggttttt ctgaagtctc tgtcagagct ttgatgtccc cttggaaagg     92100
     tttcaataag gattcatttt acttattttt aaactatgtg tagggtgggg ggggggtatg     92160
     tgcacgtggc tacaagtgtc tacaaggcca gtagtcatac tcccgagctg gagttacaat     92220
     cggttgtgag cattctgaca tgggttgggt gccgggaact gaactcgagt cctctgcaag     92280
     aatggccggg gctcttaacc gctgagctat ctctccagcc cccatgagcg gtacttacag     92340
     tgtttcagta gtgacagcga ggcctgaggg aatgccgggc ctcctgatga ttcagccctt     92400
     ctcccctggg tcagactctc cagtgcacca tcacaggcct gactttctgg gactccagct     92460
     gccaggctga agacactgac gaccatcttg tcctgagtag cgcctactcc agctgcggca     92520
     tgaaagtgac agcccatgtg gtcagcaatg aggtaaggcc tgggagtagg aaggtgtcat     92580
     gtccagcaga gtcggtgtcc cctcagacac ctcactgatc ccggggctga gggacatttt     92640
     ggggagcggg aagcagcagt gagtaggagc caaaacatag atgctgctag cttggccctt     92700
     cccacccatc agtcaggcct gggagacagg atatcctctg gggtctttct ggctctgacc     92760
     ggcttcttgg ctctgtcttt gcaggtgatc atcagtttcc cgtcaggctc accaccactt     92820
     cgggtgagat ggacggtcct acaaggctct ccaactggtg cagggtggcc tgctggggtg     92880
     gggccacttt ctggcctacc agggagcaga cctcaggaaa ctcaggcctg aaccctgaca     92940
     aggcccgtgt ttccagtgtg cctcagtctc cccttccata caatgggagc agtgctgctg     93000
     agggttaagc tttcggcctc ttaaatccag gcaaccagct cacagtggct gtgtcacctt     93060
     gggcaaatca tttaactctc cccggggctc aatggtcatt ggctataaac tgtggcataa     93120
     aaaaagtccc caccccatag gggtctttaa ggagcagtac cgagaggtgt gaagtttctc     93180
     tccactagcc caatgccaag tgatttcttc ataaatgtga gaactatgag tttattattt     93240
     aaaaggtgag gatggtggtc aggcgattcc tgctgtcact ccgttcagac cgcccgcctc     93300
     ctcgtgtcct cccacagaaa aaggtacagt gcatcgacat ggacagcctc tccttccagc     93360
     tgggcctcta cctcagcccg cacttcctcc aggcatccaa caccatcgaa ctaggccagc     93420
     aggccttcgt acaggtactg tgcaccccac ctaactatct ccttgagtct tctatgggcc     93480
     tttcttccca acgttgctaa agagaagatc ggatgccacc ttccagagga aggagaaggc     93540
     cagcccgggt gtgtgtgtgg aaggcacaga gagaaaacga cttgcacttt ggaatgtcac     93600
     tctgtcctgc ctgcttgttc ctggagcctg tggggctcct tcttgtcttt tattcagagg     93660
     ggtccctttc taactgacgt caagagggcg agggcgtcag tgaagagcca aggatacctg     93720
     cgtgtatctc ctccgtctgt ctgtctgtgc aggtgagcgt gtctccattg acctctgagg     93780
     tcacagtcca gctagatagc tgccatctgg acttggggcc cgaaggggac atggtggaac     93840
     tcatccagag ccgaacagcc aagggcagct gtgtgacctt gctgtctcca agccctgaag     93900
     gtgacccacg cttcagcttc ctcctccggg tctacatggt gcccacaccc accgctggca     93960
     ccctcagttg caacttagct ctgcgcccta gcaccttgtc ccaggtgagt ggacatggct     94020
     tgagactagt ttcactgaag ctgtgatgtc agtatataca cacacctgca actatccacc     94080
     tacacgttta tcctctacat attttaacat ccatccatca cccatctgcc cacatatcag     94140
     gatcccaacc atttatccac atacccatca atctacctac ctattcatgg actccaccta     94200
     cgcacccacc agaagcctag ccattcattc atagacctac ccacataccc agctatttac     94260
     tcacccaccc aaacaaccca catacccaac catccaccta cccacacaca cagcatttac     94320
     tgcctgtcaa tccatgtacc tatccaccca tccatcatct atccaccaat ctacctacct     94380
     atccacacgc acactcctgc atccacctac ctcccctctc cctaccagcc gctcacccat     94440
     cacccaccac ttgcccttct atctactcat ccacaagcat ccattattct caatactttc     94500
     actagctcac ctagttactc acttactcta gaatcccacc cacccactaa ccacccacct     94560
     acccacccac atggcgatca ccaatgtgac tgatctcagg aaacttgaca ctctgccctg     94620
     ctggtatcac acgttgccct cagtcctgac acactcacaa gaacactcca ggtgtctgca     94680
     cacagatttc tttctttttt tttttccatt ttttattagg tatttagctc atttacattt     94740
     ccaatgctat atcaaaagtc ccccatactc acccaccccc atgcacacag atttctagga     94800
     ctcaaaacct cctgaagctg ggcccccaca cagacagcta tacctgtctt ccaggccctg     94860
     agcctccaag catctgggct gacctggctt gtggctcacg gcttgcacag gctaacagat     94920
     gctgggctcc tactggagac catttacagt agccgcaggc taccctgctg ctctcgcaca     94980
     ccatgtgcct ccctaggatt tgcctgcagc ctcccagcct gaaaatagcg gacaaatgac     95040
     tcagccaagg gctgggatgg cagcaaggga gagctgcaga cagggagaac cgcatgctgc     95100
     cagctgaagg ctgggtcact taccagactc ctccctcctc aggaagtcta caagacagtc     95160
     tccatgcgcc tgaacatcgt cagccctgac ctgtctggtg agcagagaac agggctggga     95220
     atggagccca gatatggggc ccttgggagg agaggagggt ttctcaggcc cagcagcccg     95280
     aggagctcac agtaagatgc caggtgccat agacagccct ccactctcag acccctcctg     95340
     ggcctcatct ctgtcccgtt agtcactggt tgccatgatg gaggacttaa cctcctggac     95400
     agaacataag gcaccttagc tatggtataa gaccccacat tccttgacat ctcaagggta     95460
     gaggaagccc cttgagccta acaccctctg gtctctattg ttcccctggg cccaggcact     95520
     accaggcaag agagtcctgt tgctaggggc agatacaagc ggtgtagcct aggatgggcc     95580
     tagcctaggg ctgagaatgc agggctccta aactccctgc acagacagta agtctaagga     95640
     gactaagggc ccagaactat gtagaaacag gagggaagcc tgcagtaacc cgagcagcac     95700
     tggttttaaa aagatgctct ggcccatttg aatctggtgt aaggtgcaga ggtggggcgg     95760
     ctggttggag aggtcacaca gcatggcaga gcaggcccct tcattctttg cacccacaac     95820
     accatccata aaggaattac ctgctgggct ttggagacag gagggtggcc caaagagcct     95880
     ggccggctgg gccctcggct tagtaccgaa ctagatgaag agacctctgt ccagagaagt     95940
     cgagtcactg acccagttga atctagctaa tacccgtgac caaggccagc atgagagggt     96000
     agggacaggc ctgaggccac aacacactga ctatcttggc cctcctttgt cacacaggta     96060
     aaggccttgt cctgccctct gtactgggta tcacctttgg tgccttcctg attggggccc     96120
     tgctcacagc tgcactctgg tacatctatt ctcacacacg tgagtatccc aagcctccac     96180
     cccattccca cagcaagcgc tcagggcccg tccacaccac cccggggcac acccagtgga     96240
     gcctctgaag aagcggggag tcctggctgg ggccctgacc ttcacccacg cccctcaggt     96300
     ggccccagca agcgggagcc cgtggtggca gtggctgccc cggcctcctc tgagagcagc     96360
     agtaccaacc acagcatcgg gagcacccag agcaccccct gctccaccag cagcatggcg     96420
     tagtgcccag cctggagcct cggggagccc cccagccagc ccttgccctg caggagagac     96480
     cgagcagcca caagctggaa accaccggcc atgaacttgt cccaggaacc aaacacctcc     96540
     cctgcacctg ttcattcctc ccagtggaga cttcagattg gaataccttg ggatctcctc     96600
     accccacttt acagaactgc ccaatccagg ggctctggga tatggctgcc cgggattaca     96660
     gaaagacacg gcactgccgt gcacacccat gctgcttaga agcctaagcc tctgccttca     96720
     agctggatcc tgtgcagggt gggcaggcaa gaactcagac atgcccagcc tagcccaggg     96780
     cggcctgcat ctggccccag aagcctcctc acctggactg gcacaacttc ggttggggaa     96840
     acagaagctg agggagctta gatggggtgg gggatccaag cccctcccag cccacccatt     96900
     ggccaggcag caggggggag tggccaggcg gctggttgtg ggccaagtcc tgcatattca     96960
     ctaataaatc agacatgaaa ccagtgcccc tctgggttgt atgggagaag aggaagatgg     97020
     gcaattatgt cacagaacaa gggtgcacac ccctttggtc ggcatggtag cagacagcca     97080
     gagcccatgt gtggaggaag tcagttctct ctgctgcttg ctcatttggt agcccaacct     97140
     tgggtcagag gggacagaaa ccaaacacta aaaagccctg tctacagtct ctgggacaca     97200
     gctaccccta taaagttctg ggttctaatc ctgtacatga ctcttgtggg caatgagcct     97260
     gtggacagct ccaaagtcag ccaccctccc tcatctgtaa gatgggcgtc caacttgaat     97320
     gcattgtcac caaggaggct tgcgatgcag tgccttggtg tgtgacacac agtgtgccag     97380
     tctttcatga catgagagga ctaatcctag gccatactgt gttaaactcc aacccccaaa     97440
     tgtctgatga gggagctagg agaataggag tcaatcaaaa gttttgtcat ttatttacaa     97500
     aaaataaaaa ataaaagggt ttaaaagctt caattagttc cagcaacaca gtccccaaat     97560
     gccaggcaag ggccctctct tttgccagaa agcattggga gggaggagga ggtctctggt     97620
     ctaacctcag gcaggatcca ggctgctcag gcagctgcaa cagtaagctg gacctgagcc     97680
     tggaggcagc agggagatgg gccaggctga aagcctgcta cgatggtggg gactctggga     97740
     agcaccctgc tgtctctgcc agaggaagga gaggccgagg tacagagagc ctctcccatc     97800
     cctacactct accaagagcc caggaccctg ggccagtccg aaaaaatctg agagcagaaa     97860
     tcacaaggca ctgagtataa gagtctgtgg aaaggcagac cgatgtagga tggtccttgg     97920
     ctactgggac atagagggat ccagcagttt cagaaccccg cccaccaggt gcaggcttcc     97980
     tgtaaccagt acatggatgg cagcagcctc acggagaatg ctggccccgc tgttggctgt     98040
     ggggtggttg agaagattcc ttggaaggct ctggggctga aagatgggat cccggccttg     98100
     gctgatccac agcaaggcgt gggagatgca gctgaaaacg agggagctcg tcctagtagg     98160
     ctgaggtggg tgcggggcca gcagcaggga gcctggccca gcagggtctg ggccgcagct     98220
     gctccagagg ttggagctgg cctgtttctc agccaggccg ttccaatgct gctggtgttg     98280
     gaggcagcgg agcagcacct ggtccagagt cacagtgaag ttctgctggt ctgtggggtc     98340
     cagaaccagg catgtcagtg gagggggaag ggaaagggag cacggtgagc atctgcttaa     98400
     cccttacaag cacaacttca ccagactgct ggctgtctgc acgatggact gtgaccagtg     98460
     caacctgctc actgtcatgg gaagcacgct cacctttaca aactgtcccc tggggtccct     98520
     cacgtgtggg catgagtgtt tcccaggaag cctgttaaag acacaggtcc cagatctccc     98580
     cagttggtcc aatgtggaac ctggaggtct atctgcatgg ttcacacaca cgcttttaaa     98640
     atacaatgca tacaaaaagc attctgggag tcagtgagat ggtttagtgt gaggggtgct     98700
     tgccaccaag cctggcagcc tatatataat ccccatggcc cacgacccac atggcgccag     98760
     gagagaactg actcccccag gttgtcctct ggccttcacc cacgtgcccc aacccaaatt     98820
     aattaatgta ataaaaaaac agcttttaag ccgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc     98880
     agcactcggg aggctgaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag     98940
     tgagctccag gacagctaga gctatacaga gaaaccctgc ctttctcaaa aaacaaaaac     99000
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaacg tacttcacac tgcaagctag ttctacactc     99060
     ttccataggg acccagagct gagtcttcag caggcagtac ctgcccatct tcgtgcagcg     99120
     cacactgggg ttttctattc tcttccagtc aataaatctt agttgagtct cactgagctg     99180
     atttcagtag gtgtcagtgg gctgtaacct gccctttaaa aaaatgctat acctgataat     99240
     tctttcacag tgctgtgact acatgccata actttgaaaa tgtaccaaaa ggtgtttcta     99300
     caataaaatc tacataccct ggggctggtg acgtgactga gttgttaaac atcccttgct     99360
     gctcttgcag agaaccgggg ttcagctcct agtacccaca tggtggctca ccaccatctt     99420
     aaccccactt ccaggggatc taatgacttc tggcctccac aaagctgggc actcagacac     99480
     acacaaacaa taaaaataaa tcttaaaaac caaaagccgc tgtctcctag catgctttgg     99540
     aagtccctgt tcctcactga gcagtctgcc atgggtgcct ggcattagcc ataccatctg     99600
     ccccctctca cctgcatttc ctatggatga aacctctgtc acgttggggc agaagacagc     99660
     gtagtcaaac tggcagggct gggagaccaa ggggagacgt tattagtatc agtcttctga     99720
     aagatgtccc tcacccccac ttgacttcca aatactcccc aggccacacc tctggagaca     99780
     accgcccctg cactgggatg tgtagtaacg agccacagcc ctccacagct gccccatctg     99840
     cctcagtgca ctgcctgctg tacaggaagc tcgtgcatac atgtactgtt ctgagtgcag     99900
     agtcaggtgg tacctactta gggcagccga gctgaggagc aggccccaaa cccaggctgg     99960
     agtagtctct ggatatgaac cactccagcc tcctgtcctg aagtgggaag tgattcgagg    100020
     agccactctg gccctggcag cctagcactg acgcagcccc gcaagcaaag catgacaggg    100080
     attggctcca tttacaggtg aggacgtcca ggcctcggcg cccaccagag ccagggccac    100140
     ctgccgcctg cccaccctcc aggtgggtcc tttacctgca gcagcttcag cagggcagca    100200
     gagtccctgt caccagtaga gttgaagagc aagatgtgta cttcggaccc tctgcatcag    100260
     gaagaaatgg gtgggatatg ccttctgccc ttcctcctac accattccag ccatttcccc    100320
     agaatctaac ccatgtgggt tctctgtaag agcagcgatg taacagccat ctctccagcg    100380
     ccagggtata gactttatcg tagaaacacc atttaggaca ttttcaaatc tgtaccatgt    100440
     agcggcatca ctgctaaaga attatcagta gagcattttt ttctaagagc aggttatagc    100500
     ccactgatag ctactgaaat cagccctaag ggggttatta cccaccctgc atgctcagac    100560
     agacttgcaa gagagctcac ccatcggtgc gtttgctgcg ctccaatgac tggcggtacc    100620
     agtgcacaca ggcctgcaca ctgctggtgg tatgggcgcc atccaggtac caggtaaggg    100680
     gtccccgctg gagtatctgt gtccggccag gccacactgt gtcccgaagc cctggcaaag    100740
     gcagatgaga cagtgctctg ggatccacaa caaggcctgt gatctcctgg ccctacaggc    100800
     agatccactt actaatggct gtctctgggt tcctggaatg agctgtcctg ctgtgaaatc    100860
     ttccagacag ccctgagatg gggctgctat tacacaatca tacattcccc aagtgacagt    100920
     cagtgttgtg ctcacacagc aagtgagggc tagggctgga gtttgaccca agatctgctc    100980
     cagggctgtc cctgacagca accctggcac actgaagctg ttctacaggg gtctaacagt    101040
     ttgagcctta ctctgggatg aaagcagttt agaggactga agcaggggca ccctccctca    101100
     atctgactgg cactctgctc caggcttccc ggctctgggc tcacacctga atgatgtcac    101160
     accaggaacc atccaaacag cccctggcag tgggtgttat cagcatctca tttggcaggt    101220
     aggaaaactg agctgtgaac tctaggccag agaggaatgc tcaccccgag gcactaccta    101280
     caactgcccc aacccccaaa caggaaacca aaagagacat ctgaaagggc acacagatac    101340
     aataggaact caacatacac ctcaggggga acggaggtgt gcagactccg gattggggag    101400
     gaaattccaa cttaccacgc ctcatgtgag gggtagggcg gaacacaggt gccaggggca    101460
     gctgccaccg tatgcttggc ctggatacct tcagctcctg gatgtctgta gggtgtgagt    101520
     ctggattcag acccctccaa ggcaggctcc actcatgcct tggagctgcc cacctgcacg    101580
     cccacactgg cccacctacc ttggtggtcc tgccgctcca gccaacagtg ggccagctgc    101640
     aaggccaagg cagcattaga ccgctggtgt gctccctcca gacccaggct caatggcagt    101700
     ccaacctcct ccagggcttc caatggcgga cacaggtaca acgggcactg tggggggagg    101760
     gggagagctg gtcagctgac ctgccaccac cactatgtta gaaagcctct gaccaccagg    101820
     gcccatcacc aaccaccaaa accaccaggg cctaccaaga cctgcttcca gaaccagatg    101880
     cgtcctggag ccacaacagc tacccccgct atcccctttg cacatgagga acccaaagcc    101940
     caacaggaga ctgtgttctt ctagtcagca cacccctcca ccccaccaag ccagccagtc    102000
     actcactcca atctgctggg ctcgatccct cagcacagcc aggggacctt ctggctgcac    102060
     cacagtgaag gcagggacac caggctgcag gcacaccaga aaaaagggac aggggctgat    102120
     ttcaactgag gccacagagg gagaaggagg agaagccagg ctgtgcagct ggctaggacc    102180
     tggtaatgac ttgccacagt cattcttcag taagcggtaa aaggacagac cctgggctcc    102240
     catgaacctc tcctgccttg gcccgctatg ttaccttaaa gatgccccct ttctgccatg    102300
     ctattttctc cactgtatct cctagtagac tggtgtggtc aatgccaaga gaggagactc    102360
     cacacaccac tggctttctg aaaaagacaa gaaagtcctg ctccccagtg ccgagccgtt    102420
     gcgcaggctc cgggtgactc cacagccacg gcggctacct tacctgatga tgttggtgca    102480
     gtcaaaagcc ccgccaatgc ccacctccac cactgccagg tccacctgta ggagagcaga    102540
     aagcacacag ggagcaggga acccctccac tcatgctctg ctccccaagg actcagacac    102600
     agggctagga aagacactca ccttctcttg gaggaagaca tggaaggcca tgagtgtgag    102660
     gaagcggaag taagagggca tggagacatg gctgtcgtcc tgcacacaga aggagccagt    102720
     cagggccaga gccccgtacc ccacacgggg atgggccctc cccagtcccc agccacagta    102780
     ccttgaactc ctccagctgg ttatagaggc accagaagtg cttggtgaag agctcggggc    102840
     tgattggttt cccgttgatt cgaatccgct cccgcacctg caccatgtga ggagagctgt    102900
     ggagagacct ggggtcatcg ggactcccca cttcccaggc cttccttgcc ctaatcagac    102960
     tgtgtctgcc ctgttcccga ggctccatga cgtacgtcct caagactctt gagctcctgc    103020
     ctagggcctc cagagcctgt ggaggctgag ccctgcccca gcagcttggc ggcccctcca    103080
     gtccctagcc aggcctaccg tctgtctgtc ggtgggttca tcctacgata ccactctcaa    103140
     ctaagacccc cacctcagaa aggagggaga tagccctgtc cccacgatga tctaacagag    103200
     tctctgggcc ccaaaggatt agtaactctg ctaacacatg cctattaaca gccgtccgcc    103260
     tttcagtctc aaagcaataa atccagagga aggaactgtc tggagtcatt cccctgccgc    103320
     atccacatct gtaggctggc tggctggccg cgtaggccaa ggtcagtggt tagagcttta    103380
     ttatcaggga ccagcgacat ggcacatgct gccaacgttg atgatctacg gtcatcctaa    103440
     gaactcacgg gagaaacttc tcctaaaggt tgtctcctga cctctcacgt gggctacagc    103500
     aatgcacacg ggcaaacaca cacgcactaa agcttgtctc ctgacctctc acgtgggcta    103560
     cagcaatgca cacgggcaaa cacacacgca ctaaagcttg tctcctgacc tctctcgtgg    103620
     gctacagcaa tgcacacgca ctaagacacc caaggtaatg aaaaagtcat tacatgtttt    103680
     caagcttcaa aagtattatt ctttggtcaa tgacacatat actgtgtcct atcgatgcgg    103740
     tggccacaat cacacaagcc tcctaagaca tgtctgcatt ttaagtcctc aaagaccctc    103800
     tcacaccaag tcatctccct ttcttttctt ttgttttttt ttttttagat ttatttattt    103860
     attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca gaggagggca tcagatctca    103920
     ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctaagattt gaactctgga cctttggaag    103980
     agcagttggc actcttaacc actgagccat ctcggcagcc cttgtttcat tttttaaggt    104040
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctgaaac tcgctctgta gaccaggctt gaactcacag    104100
     cctgtctcac ctactgagtg gtgggatgaa aggtgtacgc caccaccgcc ctgcccagct    104160
     tccatgtctt tattttgaac aatcaccagt tccaggaaac tgacatgtca gttgatctga    104220
     attggcccca gccaactggc ttcaggtgct tatggaggtg gcctgacaga actgacaaag    104280
     ctaatgtcgg atacgcttct ccctcaaggg acaaatcccc aggagtatac tcatatgcac    104340
     tcctctgaaa cgtcctctgt ttaaggtgac aggggaggag aggctcgcat cagtaagcca    104400
     gctccacatc ttgtgggctt ctgatgtctg tgagtcacca caagggggcg ctgctccaga    104460
     agaaaccaca gctatccctg gcagagctct actgcctccc tgtggagact ctgacatggg    104520
     ggccatagcc aaactggctc tgcaccttta tgagtcaggt ttgtgttcct tactgcagag    104580
     acatcttagc caacaaatat ctctatgctt aaaaactgga tctggagagc ctgggagatg    104640
     gtttagtcag taaagtgctt gccacacaaa tatgagggcc tgcgttcaga tccccagtat    104700
     tctcacactc catcctcacc caccccaacc gctgcaaaaa gaaaccagcc agcggctgtg    104760
     aattgattac cccacttctg gggagcagac acaggagcat ccctggggtt gctaatgcat    104820
     agttatccag ctgaatctag gaactccagg ttcagtgaga gacccaatct cggaagaaga    104880
     cagagaggag agggggaggg gaagggggga gggagaagga ggggaagggg ataggaggag    104940
     gaggagggga gggggatagg aggaggaaga gaggagggag aggggatggg gataggagga    105000
     ggaagagggg agggagaggg gaggcagaga ggaggagagg gaggggaggg gaaggagaag    105060
     ggggagaggg cggggggaga gggcgagggg agagggggag gggagaagga gaggaggagg    105120
     gggagaggaa gagggggaaa gggggagggg agggaaggga gagtgggaga gagggagggt    105180
     agagggtaag ggagaggggg aaaggaagaa ggaaggaagg aaagacagaa aaacacacac    105240
     tgagataaac atatgcttgt gtgcccatgc acacataaat catactcaaa ggtgggtaaa    105300
     gtggtgcaca actttaatct cagcaatcaa gaagcagaga caggttagac tgtgaattct    105360
     tcgccagact aatctataga atcccaggcc agtcagagct tcatagagag acaccccacc    105420
     ccccaaacaa aacaaacatt aaaaaagcag acaaaaccaa gttgtgcagt gcggtggctc    105480
     acacccgcaa ctccagcagg agactgaggt aggaagagcc caggttgtag gcctgcctga    105540
     gggacaaagt gagttccagg tcagcctggg ctagagtgac acctgcctca aacagggact    105600
     ggatcgatgg ctcagcaatg aagagcactg aatgctcttg cagaagacct gggtttcatt    105660
     cctaacacac acgtggctca gaaccctgtg taattccaat actagcacat acatgcagca    105720
     aaatacacac acacataaag caagaagaat aatttaaaaa tttaacgggc aaaaattaca    105780
     tttggaactt aaattaataa aaggtcacct ggttcttcca gccaggtact taggccacac    105840
     cttgagacac aggtcgcctc tctccctcca atttattcct tatggaaact gatggctgct    105900
     attagtgggc taacactggc actgtggatt taatgtttgc tgaatcaaca aataccgggg    105960
     gagaggcaga gaggctgacc ttggctctag caccatagcc ttctagagct gagacacaga    106020
     cacccacacc cactcacaca gagcccagta cctaaagaag ccggtcttca ggccgtaatt    106080
     ccgcaggatc cgttcggtga aggcacaggt ggagccctgg aaagcattgg gtaggatgaa    106140
     atgatgggta ctgctggttg tcgcccagaa tcaccaggga gacgtgccgg gcaggcctgg    106200
     ggaggagttt ctcgacaggg ttgaccgagg cacacaagca cacatcaatc ccttcctgac    106260
     tgaggatgca atgtgatcat gtgatcacct gccatggggg accacatctc ccagaactca    106320
     cagccaagta aactctcttt cctacatgcc cgacatgaca gtctgatgtc agcttggcaa    106380
     aagctggcca tccgagaggg ggaaacctca gcgatccagc ttatgggagc ctccataagc    106440
     tccagcatga ggtgccgggc gtggtggtgg cggcgcacgc ctttaatccc actactgggg    106500
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag    106560
     gacaacaagg actatacaga gaaaaacctg tctcaaaccc ccccccctca aaaaaaaaaa    106620
     aaagcaggct gagaaagccc tgatgactaa gccaatatgc ggcatccctc ctggcctctg    106680
     tatcagctcc tgcctccagg ttcccaccct gtttgagttc ttgtcctgac ttctttgggt    106740
     gagaaactgt tctatggaat gcaagtgaag ttaacccttc cctccccagg ttgcttttgg    106800
     tcatggtgtt tcagcacagc aatcgggacc ctaacaggac accctaaggt gctctttggt    106860
     agcagcatgt agagaatcaa ttaataaagt tggacaggca ggggctggag agatggctca    106920
     gcagttaaga gcactgactg ctctcccgga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacgt    106980
     ggtggctcat agtcatctat aatgggatct gatgccctct tatggtgtgt gtgaggacag    107040
     cgacagtgca ctcctacaca tacaataaat aaatacatct ttaaaaaaat aaggtgaacc    107100
     gagcagtggc ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcatatttc    107160
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag    107220
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaccaaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaaggtgg atgggcacca    107280
     gtccaccaca tggactcctg gattgctctt accttccctt tggtcccagt gacatgaata    107340
     atgtttagcc ggttcaagtc ctccacctac aacagacaga aaggtcctcg cctcagccac    107400
     tgggctcgca cgcgcagata gggtcgagat gtcttgcagg atgtacaacc ttacctgcag    107460
     tccactccgt gccaggtaca tctccatagc ctccagctgc gcctgggggt cactccgttg    107520
     gcgctttacc tgctccaggt agctggcatt ggtttgcagg gtgttgagcg tgcgcacagc    107580
     atcctagcaa ccatagtccc agttcagtga gggtccttaa ggacagagag acccagccca    107640
     ccagtggcaa aaccagggca acaggcccgt tataccagcc acgctgcctt tgccgacagc    107700
     tatttggtgg gacagccctg gcatatctcc agttctagca aagatgggag ccatgggcaa    107760
     gctagcccca cccagggagt gccaggtaaa gctggcaaga ttaacggacc ttcatttcct    107820
     gggctgcctt ccccaagctt ctatgccctc agccttcaca cacaagacca accctggaag    107880
     gaaggttttt tccttaatct ctctaccact atactggaca cccactgagt gggggccagg    107940
     acgttagaaa tctaggaact ttgaattttg gaatatttga gagttccacc ttctaaccct    108000
     aagacaagac aatgtaagta agcaattaga tctggaagag gaggtacaga gggagggaaa    108060
     gtacactcaa gagttgtcgg gccagaatcc acaggtgggt acagacagcc tcaggagacg    108120
     gctttggggg atgggagtgg aaacagaaaa taaacagaga ggcctaaatg agaggcattt    108180
     gaggatataa atccagtcgt gtgtttcaat taccctacat tctgagaaac ctgtgcttag    108240
     gcagttcctt tcgggcacca gctgggtcgc ctgccctctt atcctcaagg cttggctgga    108300
     agcctcacag ccctaaaccg gtgccacctg cctggccagc attaagttct ggtcattgac    108360
     aactgaccct ggcacagttt gtaatctaca gtttgttcta gattcttggt ctctttattg    108420
     cctctttttc tgcctgcccg ccggtcaatt ctgaatactt agattccagt cttcgagtct    108480
     tggagacccc aatcccagat cctcctgggt acttccactc tgtactccag aactcctccc    108540
     ttcccttcat cctgcattgc cctgcattgg aacttctaaa actcaattca gattctggac    108600
     gttctggtgt gtcacctgcg cccattccct ctgcaacacc ggacacgcgc tctcagaatt    108660
     cccacatcgg gccacctgag ctcaactttc cggtctctgt cacctcccct gggctctggg    108720
     atgtccccgc ctctcgagcc ccgcaacttc atgctccggt gcccccagca gctggcggag    108780
     agcggagcaa ggctccggtg ctgcccacgt gtcagtacgg gaccgtttgc ccgcgggaac    108840
     ggtcagaaac ctgatactcc atgcccggct cctgtggcgc tggccacgcg ctcatccccc    108900
     gccgcgccgc gccctccgtc gttgcaccac gcgcagaaac agctgccagg gacagagtcg    108960
     agcacagtcg gctccgcgcc cacgacatag tcttaatgcc accgcaagct aggcctgggc    109020
     cggagccgcc ccgcttcgcc ccgccccgcc ctgacgccat cctaagaccc accaatccga    109080
     gtctctagat tttcccggac caatgagaag cagcgcctta tcacggccat ctttgtgagg    109140
     ggcagatggt ccggaggtgc gctgctctcg ccatgcttct agggggcgct ctgccgggga    109200
     gggtggaggg aagagggtgt tcctgggagg gggtcctcca tcttaaagga actctgtact    109260
     cttttcgtcg ctatcctcca caggtctgtg ccaggtctta aggacttcgc tgtacatcca    109320
     aaaatagcca atccgagcca gcagttctca gtcccgactc cttggcagag aagctctgag    109380
     ctggaataga attacagggc tggcagatgc ctgtgtcatc aattcccagc accgaaatgt    109440
     cctggctcac gcagacagtg gggatgcagc cttttcggtc aagaatatga ccccgtctct    109500
     ccaggctttt tttttttttc cccttcggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtacagccct    109560
     ggctgaactg cagctcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc    109620
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca cgcccggcct ctccagactc    109680
     ttaactcact ctagaagcct aggaagactt cccggaagaa tgacacccct atcgaggcct    109740
     gtggggttcg ggggggggat ttccaggcta agaaggagac agtgggaaag acttccattt    109800
     ggttggaccg ggttgctccc gggatgcttc atcagcaggg acctggagcc ccgtatgaaa    109860
     ttaggtttgg agaaatggct cagtggttaa gtctcaaggt tcaagtctta ggacccacac    109920
     tgcggctcac aattgtagac tccaaactgg ggatctgacc cgactctggc ctccaaaagc    109980
     acaatgcaaa caggcaaaaa tattaagtaa agataaaaaa attttggctg ggcagtggtg    110040
     gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagtttgagg    110100
     ccagcctggt ctaccgagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tgtacagaga aaccctgtct    110160
     cgaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa taaataaata aattggagta aatttgctgg    110220
     ctttagggga aggtgtgtaa tcttattggg gcgttggaaa ctcccccgtg gtagaaagtg    110280
     gatttgaggg ccctctgggg gagggaacag tagtctcacc ttattgtagg tgaggtactt    110340
     ccatttgtgg aaggcactgg acaacagcaa tgggttttca atctctcctg cttttctaca    110400
     ttgggcttaa atatttagca gagatttcta ttttaaataa gcaaggactg ttcggggaga    110460
     aatctagaca tttgctctct gaaagtactc ctggcctcaa actcacagac atctccttgc    110520
     tctggcctcc tgagtgctgg aatcaaagtg tccaagcata tatttcagtg aacagcctca    110580
     ctcattcttg gcccactccc cccacaccgc ccccatggag tttcatctgt aacccaggtg    110640
     gacctgagac accatagctg cacctagcca gtctcagagt ctttatgtgg caaaagatca    110700
     ctttaaactc ctggtcctgc tttcacttcc acagctcagt gctcagagga tcccgtctac    110760
     accagcaggg ctggtttcat accctactgg gatctcatcc agagcctcac gcatctgcca    110820
     ctaagctata gtcctctgtt ttgagacaag atctcatgca acccaggtct acctctaatt    110880
     cactatgtag cccaggacaa tttaaaactt taattctctg cctccaccac ccgggtgctg    110940
     ggattacagg catttgccat tttgcttgtt ccccaagtgt ggatttcagc gaacagcttc    111000
     actcattctt ggcccacttt cctctcagtc tttctagttt ttcccccctc tatgggcttt    111060
     cagaaccttc ctctacccac tgactggaat tataaccctt gtgccccccc cccttttctt    111120
     ctctctgaca atcacaaaat cagtttgtgc ctctaggaga acctctatcc cagaagcaaa    111180
     ggcaggtggg tctctgtggg ttcgagacca ttctggtcta cagagtgagt tctaggacag    111240
     caaagactac acagagaagc tctgcctcaa aaagtggggg ggtcctgcct agcatatgca    111300
     aaggcaccgg gattggtccc ttagtgctac taacaataat attaaaataa aagcatcttg    111360
     tacctggttc tgtcctccaa agggtcagac ctgtaagaag tgccactgga ggtatacagc    111420
     atcccaaggg agaacttatt tctgtgtatt cggtggagtg aggcagaacg cgacttagct    111480
     ctcttcctcc ctctttcctg tctccttctt tgctcttttt gttgtttgtt tgtttatgac    111540
     tggatctcac taaacagcca gaactccctg tatggcctgg aactccctgt atggccaagg    111600
     cttgcctcta actctcagca attctcctgc ctcagctccc caagtgctag aaatatatct    111660
     aaggctcaag gaatacagtt gtaagccagg ttactcaact tagtttcttt tcccttttaa    111720
     tttatcccct ctcttatgcg ggtgttttgt ctgtatttag gtctgtacag cacctctgta    111780
     caatttcagt agagggcaga aaggaggaca gggctcagac cccctgaaac tagaattaca    111840
     ggcagctgtg agccatgctg ggggccctgg aacctgaacc tatcctctgg aagagttaag    111900
     tgctcttagc tgctgagcct tctctgcagc cctgattcct tttgtctttg gctaagcagc    111960
     agaatccttg cctggcagac aggagcttca gtacctgcca caggctttct ctagagccag    112020
     ggctgaggcc ctgagtcctt ggacggtaga catcagctct gactggaaac aaatgcagac    112080
     acagagcaga atggagcact ggaaattctg ccaatctaaa ctggttttat tccagttgta    112140
     acaggaaatt ataagtggtg ccttggttct gggcatgtca cctgtgcctt ggacctgtgt    112200
     gtcctttgtt gtctaaggac acttttcatg attttctact tattaatttt attattttga    112260
     ggtagggtct catacatata taggtgactc tataccatac tgtttctgta ttctctttcc    112320
     tccctggtgc tagggttgca cacatgcaca tgcacacaca tgcactcgag cacacacaca    112380
     tacatgccat tgcatatctg tggaggtcag gggacaactc ttcaggagct ggtcctttcc    112440
     ctccactatg tgggccctga ggatcaaatt tggcagcaag tgcctctcag ccacggagcc    112500
     atcctgctaa cccatccaca aggctttgta tctagttctt actctggact gtgttgatat    112560
     gtagatgtat gtccctgagg ctgactggct tttctgagcc ttgttgtgct ccatgtggtg    112620
     gaaggctgtt gaagactggt tcctgttggc tgttcccggc tttttgctgt cacgtgcgat    112680
     gatgtaacgg tatcatttac attgtttatt tcttctacac atgagagaaa ctccagacta    112740
     agaagtgcag tgactaactc aatgcagtcg gcagcacaca tgctcataca cattgcctta    112800
     tacccagcag gggagatgga actagtttcc taatttccag ggcatcctta gagcttccca    112860
     gggcagtgct aacactaccc tgggcatcag aagtctcata acccttcggg gaattagaga    112920
     ttgtccttat tttataggag gagaaattga agctcaggga gattaatgca cacacccagc    112980
     aaacccaaac ttgccgatta acatctactc ttgttcaaca atccccccac cccacacaca    113040
     caccccagtc tgtcagctcc acgatgctct ctgcagcccc tggatttgct gtgtgatgct    113100
     aagaaaagcg tcccctgtct ctgattggtc tcctctatag cacactgaga tctgaatgaa    113160
     gaagtctagc tgtcccttcc tcacctgggt ctctatacct ggactgctat aaagaacaag    113220
     gagagggctg gagagatggc tcagtggtta agagcactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg    113280
     agttcaattc ccagcaacca cgtggtggct cacaactgtc tgtaatggga cctgatgccc    113340
     tcttctggtg tgcctgaaga cagcgacaat gtattcatgt caatgaaata aaaatcttaa    113400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat aaggagaggc aaacacatca ggaggttttt gaagaagagt    113460
     agtattcaga agtgggatgc aagctgggca gtggtagcac aggcctttaa tccaagcact    113520
     cgggaagcag agatagacga agctctatgt atcttgggcc agcctggttt cctgagtgag    113580
     tttcagaaca gttgaggcta cacagagaaa ccctgccttg aacaaaatga aaagtggggc    113640
     tggagagatg gctctgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggta    113700
     gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatcttatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga aaacagctac    113760
     tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta cctacctacc tacctatctg atacataaaa    113820
     tctttttata aaaagaaaag aaaaaacaag cgagtgcatc tgaacccctg gtacagcaag    113880
     gatcctccat gttccaatgt ctatactaat ggactacaga gacacccccc ctcagcacct    113940
     cccctttctg atattcagac cttcgctttg cctgtggcca caaaggagtt aggacacttg    114000
     caagcatgga tataaggtat ttgatcccta ctatcctctc tcatcctcct ccaatccccc    114060
     tcctccctcc ctcttcccac ctaatccacc cccttatact ctcacgtctt tacatttttg    114120
     tttgtttgtt ttttgttttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgt ctgtcctgga    114180
     actcactttg tataccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgtctc tgcctcccaa    114240
     gtactgggat taaaggtgtg caccaccacc accccccccc cccggcgcgt ctttactttc    114300
     ttaattattt cctgttgtgt gtatggatgt tttgcctaca tgcatgtcta tgaactgtat    114360
     gggtgccaat accagaggaa gctaaaagga agcgccagtt tccctcaact gcagtcacag    114420
     atgactgcag cctgccatgt aggggctggg aattggaccc aggtcctctg gaagagcagc    114480
     cagtctctta accagtgagc catctctcca gccctcatgt cttttcatcc tttttttttt    114540
     tttttttttt ttttttggtg acccatgcat gggtttaact agggctccca caggagcgtg    114600
     agtgacatgt tacagtagca ccagcagatt agcagtgttt gcaccactga ggagactgtc    114660
     tcccctcttc cgagggcaat gatccgctaa aaagtaggtc ctgcattcgt gccttctaga    114720
     atgactgggg gcggggcatc tagcctgtgc ccagagccat cctgtcctaa gggtatattt    114780
     tgctggcctt gctctctctg ctctgtcatc tcaggcctct ctggcacact ggtgtcctag    114840
     gtcctgtgat aacttcaccg tgtcacaggc aggtccatcc agcagccttc tggtctctca    114900
     cccacagtgt ccacagtatc ttagattggt atgctcatga caatgacatc tgccttctga    114960
     aattgttgaa gcttgctcaa gctggcccag gccaatctag ctgaggaaca cccatccatc    115020
     ttagagccac tcagagctca ctcgggatcc ctattgtggg gcagtgggct gtgtacagac    115080
     agccaggtcc acagtcgagc acaggcctgg aacccaggtg accttaaggg acagaaggtg    115140
     ttaggctatg ccctccgggc ccctggctcc agcctcgcac aaccctccac cccccataga    115200
     ggtgtgtggc cataagtcac gtaggcaatg ccccaagctc ctggtattgt ctggactcca    115260
     cccccacagt tacctggcaa aagtcaggat ggcccagctc acaataaaag gagctgcttg    115320
     ccccctcctc gctctcttac ctcttgattc ttgccctctt actccccctt tctccatctt    115380
     ccctttcctc ctctctccat gtggccatgg ccagtctcta cttccctact ctctccctct    115440
     ctgcctttct acaataaatg tctaaaaacc atcgactgcc tcttctcttt gggatccgcc    115500
     atgctggagc aatggattaa gtctttcccc taactggcag cccgtataac accccgccag    115560
     taggcctcct tgagctccag ccacggctgc cactaaccca agacgcccat caagcaagcc    115620
     acctgagcca gccaagaccc tcctccccac ggtaaccatg gagctctccc cctgcccttt    115680
     taactttggc ctccaggcca gagttctacc gtgggccccc acctattctc aggtcttctg    115740
     cgacatccag ctgcgtctgc agtgtccagg actgagaaca tgacgtcctt ggcctccttg    115800
     cggcttaggg accccagaac tgggtcttcg cggtacccag cagcttctgt ggtgccctag    115860
     agttggagcc cgactctgac aagtatgtgg ggaccccaaa ctgcaccttc ctcacccccg    115920
     gagcagagtc ctggtagtgc catggcatgt tcgcagtcaa actgcccaca tccaccttgt    115980
     tcagtagcct gagccctggg ccagatccca tttttttgtc ccacacccta tgccaagccc    116040
     cacccactct aggctctcca ctcccctacc ggttttccct cgtagatcta tccgacggtc    116100
     ctcttgctgc ctttcctgag ccctgaaagt tctcattttc agtgcagttc agtccttgtg    116160
     ggttctactg cccgagtgat aaactcttaa ctctgcatgt ccccaacttg gaccatcagc    116220
     caggcccctt tggctgatgc tcacacttca tgatcactta gcaccaacag tttaatcctg    116280
     ttagcagcct ggatagcagt aataccactc tcactacaca gagcagcaaa ctatggtaca    116340
     cgaagttgcc caaccagcct agggtcacac agaaaatgaa tgtccctctg ccctggacca    116400
     ttcaaacatt tgcacgactg acccctgttt cagggcatac ctgacgcaac cattcccttt    116460
     gcctgttaac cttttgtact gttgagattt taaagtacac ggttgtgttg ccatttcaaa    116520
     agaaacattt ttctgggcca ggcaagtggg cagatgtacc tgcagtcatg acagaccaca    116580
     taatacttgg gaggtagagg caggtggatc tctctaagtt taacggcagc ttgatcgaca    116640
     tggtgagttc caggacagct agggctacat cgagagaccc tgcctcaata ataggtgtta    116700
     cagtcagggg tttggcactt gagaggtgga ggaaggagct tcaggaatcc aaggtggttg    116760
     tagaaagcag atgcggctgg aaataataca aagcaaaata ggctccaccc acaaggactc    116820
     actgcatgct ctgctttcct tgtgggatcc aggcgagtga tcacaaagct agaaagcaga    116880
     tcataagaga gagcttcaag gaagagggaa agagaggaaa atggaataca tatgatgaaa    116940
     aagcagaagg cagggactgg ggagatgatg caggtgtgtg tgggggtgat atgcttgctg    117000
     cacaagtgta gggagctgag tttgatcatg aaaaaagcca gcaccatgct acacagcata    117060
     aaacccctgg ctgtaagctc tattgactgc cagcctctca gaaaggtgag gtccaggttc    117120
     aacaagagat cgagagtctt tgagggaaga agagcgctgg cctcctcctg ctctgctttc    117180
     cttgtgggat ccaggcgagt gatatgcata tgcatataag atcacataca cataccacac    117240
     tcaggtgcac atgtatgcac acacagatac acatacacgt gtgcacatag aaagcaaagg    117300
     atggtgcaca tctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg    117360
     aggccaacct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacgcag agaaaccctg    117420
     gcctaaagaa aaagaaggca gggagaaagg aaagaagagc aacacccctg agtcccaggc    117480
     cagcacttta gtctatattg ttgtgtcttg tcttttgcaa ttgggtcacc ttatgtagcc    117540
     caggttgcgc ctcccgacta ctgagatcaa aggcacgcac cgccatgcta gtttgagtta    117600
     tttacatttg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgcaac atatgttgta tgtgcaacaa tcatgttcag    117660
     gcatgtcaca gagtccagga gagggcatca caagccctta ggaacatgaa tgacaggctt    117720
     ttgagctgcc tgatgtgggt gcaggaaagc aaatcttgtt ctgcaagagc agtaggcaca    117780
     tcctcgaagc cactctccgg cctcgagttt tcttgttctt tgttgagaca gggtttctct    117840
     gtgcagccct ggctggcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaga    117900
     tccgcctgcc tctgccttct gagtattgag attgaaagcg tgggccaccc caacctggct    117960
     gtagttaatc atctgtacgt tgagtttccc taaataacag caaagtgctt ttgctgtatt    118020
     tgagacaaga tcatgtagat tggatggaga tgaccttgaa cttcagacat tcccacctcc    118080
     atttccggag cattttgatt gcaggtatgt gccacacctg gttttacagt gcgtggtaga    118140
     caagcgatca cttgagctac agaaatcctc cagtcccagt agcaagtcct ttctagacaa    118200
     tgccctgctc tgggagtagc acacatgtcc ggtctcattt aatccttatg gttgcttcgg    118260
     agaaaagttg tgtttggaac cccatttact aaggaagaca acggggccta cagcaaacag    118320
     cggtttagtg attgacaggg tgttaaccca ggctctgccc caggccctac ctgactcctg    118380
     ccccacctgc tccaagatgg ctgtcagcag ggatctggcc ttgagctggt gtctcacctg    118440
     cctcctgtgt aacacaggag acactagccc gctcttgaga ctccagatca cctagtgata    118500
     tagcgggcag ggtttctgag gaagtcccaa tagagtaggg ttcctaacat cacctgctca    118560
     ggagagagct cctggtgaca tggccttttt ttctagagcc tgcagtgtct gctatccatg    118620
     agcctggagg tctatttacc cacaagaaag caagaggagc caccatgagg tccaaggagc    118680
     tcctacctga aaggaggcag tcttagcttc gtaagcactc cctgatgggt ccttccactc    118740
     catggctgct tcccaccaga acttctcagc cacaggccag gacataggca ggcacctggt    118800
     gcttttcatc atcacttggc ttcctaatgg gtagggcaca aatgactcca agtacaggag    118860
     cttccggctg agccagctct gcccagctgg actgggactg cagggggctc ccagggccct    118920
     ctcaccctct acaccaggag tgtttacctg agaggttcgc atttccatcc tgtgcacagt    118980
     ccagtaactt tctggtgtcc ccactacagg gctagctagc tgtaccccct tgtgagttaa    119040
     ataacaactg gattgagggt aaaggtcagg agtgggggtt ggggggtggc aggaggcagg    119100
     gatatctggg agatgtccaa gtcctggggt tggccttgct gcccaggtga gactggctct    119160
     ccctggcctc tcctagccct ccaggtcaca gcccacctcc tcttacagtt ggccccatct    119220
     ggctggcatc ctacctggca ggaccaatag agcaagacaa agaaacacag gggcagcacg    119280
     ggaatgaggc gaccttgacc cagttcaagt ttactggaga agaggccctg ttttaccaga    119340
     tcaattggtt ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtca ggatgcatga caaagtcctt ggactgcaaa    119400
     tgacatcaag aaaatgagtc taggccgggc atggtggcgc atacctttaa tcccagcgct    119460
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagct    119520
     tcagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaaaaaaa gagagaaaag aaaaagaaaa aaaaaatgag    119580
     tccaggcctt cttccctagt gtttctgact cagtctaatg tgcatcagac tggcacacag    119640
     gggtgacagt gtctaggagc tgggaacaag acccacgtta cagctgggca tcgggtctgg    119700
     atactgaagc aagcccagct ccttcctaga gggaggagtg ggaggcttgg agtcagctgc    119760
     ttcagggatt tttacagaaa cattaatttc acgtgtgcag gtgtcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    119820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgcttg cgcatgcgca ccacagagct    119880
     cctgtgaagg tcagggtctc ccaccataca ggtggctgag cgggaactct ggtcatgagg    119940
     ctttgtcctt agggcacttt caccatggag ccatttcagc agcccagctc cagagtttta    120000
     ggccggctct gtggcttacc acacagatat aacatccatt aggaaacaca gaggcatgga    120060
     aagtcagagc tacgcacttt caccaagttc taaagctggc cttgtgtccg ttccagcctc    120120
     accagcctga ggcctttgtc cccacaccta cccttgcgtc ctcagctgct ctgcacattc    120180
     ctcattctgc attctgagtc catgactttg taatgaacgt aaatgttcac acacacgctt    120240
     gtgtgtataa tgttcatgtg tgtgtgcaag tgtgtgaaaa tcagaggttg actggtgtct    120300
     tcctcaactg ttcgtttttt cctttttaag acagggcctc agctgggcag tggtggcaca    120360
     tgcctttaat cccagcattt gggagacaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagct cgaggccagc    120420
     ctggtctaca gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccgtctc aaaacaaaca    120480
     aacaacaaaa agacagggtc tcacactgag cctactgact cagcctgact agctggccag    120540
     aaagccagac ccctctcacc tccttagtgc ttccttgtgc ttggacagca agcacttgac    120600
     tgacttgcca tctccccagg ccttcacttt tttttttttt tttgaaagat ttatttatta    120660
     tcacacatag taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacatac cagagagggc atcagatctc    120720
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggaatt tgaactcagg acctccagaa    120780
     gagcagtcag tgctcttagc tgctgagcca tctctccagc cccaggcctt cacttctaat    120840
     ggactctact ccatcagagt aattaattgg aacctactag agcctgaatt cccagccatg    120900
     aaacttaacc ggaaaatggc gactggagaa agtcccctgg gctatggtga agtctaaatc    120960
     caacaataaa tctattatac acagtgactt ccaggaagct gcggagggag tcagtgaata    121020
     caaaccctga gactgggcgt ggctcagtgg tagagcactt acccggttct gggttcaatc    121080
     tctagcaaag ggctgaattc cttgaatact tcaggggaga tattctgaaa cagaacagct    121140
     ctattagttt gtcttcatgc cactgagcat ttgaaacctg ctggtagcca caaagacttt    121200
     tctaagttct cgctatagcg ggttgaataa tgtcctctcc aatcatgccc taagcacgtg    121260
     gccttacggg gagacagtct ccgcagacat aactgattaa gatgggatta tcccgggcag    121320
     taaacccaac gacagatatc ctcacagata catacacaga agatgctgac ggatggtttc    121380
     caggaccaag attgctgtgt aagtgatggc gcacacctgt aaccctagct ccctaaataa    121440
     aggaggaagc agggagacct gcagttctgg acatcctagt ctacatgaca gctttgtctc    121500
     aaaataaagg gctgagagat ggctgcatgg ttaaaagttc tagctgcaaa tccagaggat    121560
     cctggttcaa ttcccagcac atacacggca gcagcgcaca accaccttta actccagttc    121620
     cagggaatca gccctcttct ggcctccctg ggtaccagga atacataaga gcataaacat    121680
     gcaaggaaaa aagaaaatac aaaatcacag gccaagtact gtatcagctc ccagagctag    121740
     ctagcggact aaaactgtcc ttttcaggca gctctgtgag aagactccag gaaactcttg    121800
     gggaatctac cgcctaggtc agtgccctaa gggtccctac cctgcatcct taggaccatc    121860
     ccatctccac actggccttc catcctgccc tcaccccaac ccatgccacc tgaccccact    121920
     ctggccactt ctgtcctgct tcccccaagc cctggagcta caggctacac ttgtcactcc    121980
     atgactgtaa ggctgcagtg ccctgcttat gagtccagtc tgaggattta ggagccaaag    122040
     cagcccgggt ccagcagctc actccagctc agcttacagc acttgccaac accaagcaca    122100
     ggacactggc accgtggaca cgccttcagc gggggtgaag agcgcagtgg aaggtaccca    122160
     ggaggagaag agggcaaacc ctgaacgtct ccagagtgtt gggtggtaca gaagaactgg    122220
     cagtgtcctg gctgaccaaa ccctagcttc tagctgagac aagagctgag ggaaggtctg    122280
     aacacaggaa acgcagccat ttactggaaa aaaataacca acttttaatt taaccaatca    122340
     aactgcgtcc aggaatgtct ctaaacttaa caaaacaaaa taaaattctc cttttaaagg    122400
     aaccaggagt tcacacagcc ccacgcccct aaggtccaga ccaaaagtag cccattttgg    122460
     aggcgcctct gtccctcaaa ctctcatcca gaggaagagc tggcgatggc gagggacctg    122520
     tgccttcctc ccaccatgca agtagttctt agaaagtcac agtgggtgag cctctcccac    122580
     ctcactttgt gtccacgctg agacctccag agaggggcag gcaggatagc tccaccccag    122640
     cccactcagg cagctgttcc cagtgccagg gtgggagtta atatgtactg gaggagaaaa    122700
     tctcaaatgt cccatcatgt cacatgttcc atgcaaagga agcaatccac tcctaaccta    122760
     agaacaacac cggccagttc cggcctcaga agacacgttc aaattccgtc tggttggtgg    122820
     tggcgggatt tctgctctgg ttggtggact gctgggtgat ctggctgccc ttccgccgtg    122880
     gcggtgccag gtactcaaac atagacgtca agtgagtaga cagcatgccc ttgaggtccg    122940
     agggcatggg gtccgaccag aagaagtcgt ggttgagggc atcgtcactg tcaatccgct    123000
     gcgcggggtc cagcaccagc agcttgtcaa tgaggtccag agcatagggg tcgcgcacgt    123060
     aggccttcag acggtccttc accttccgct tctggccctt cacaagttcc agcttttcaa    123120
     acagctcata cttgtctacg tttggccaca cctaagagag gcgttgagga gagaacggag    123180
     ttggagtaag actgctatct gagatgccag gggagtgggt ttctaaaaca atttctctca    123240
     gaggttccct gagctcccct ccatcgcaga gatcatgtct tcaagttaaa agcaccagtc    123300
     accagatgga gcacacccct agtgcccgaa cacaagtcag ctgcgataaa tgtgccagcc    123360
     cccatccagg cacattccca ttttacaaac aaaaaataaa caaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa    123420
     ccacacgagc tgggcagtgg tagcgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc    123480
     aggcggattc ctgagttcga ggtcagcctg gtctacattg agttccagga cagccagggc    123540
     tatacagaaa ccctgtctcg aacgaaatac caagaaaaaa aaccccaata aaacaaaaca    123600
     aaacaaaaaa accaagaaac tctgtctcta gaagcttgtg ctgatgcttg gtctccagca    123660
     ggtggcgcta ttgggaggtg gcagaaactt ctgggaggag aggggaccac ccaaagggga    123720
     aggaaccatg aggcctgctg aatgtgtgct gaagcctctg gggttgagtg ggccaccact    123780
     ggagctacac actggaccct gctcttctgc tccctccctg ccatggccac accctctctc    123840
     cagtggactc tctactatga catttagcag catctctgca ccaaagcaaa ggctaaacaa    123900
     cctctctgtt tttctgaaca aaagcaactc ttggcgcttt tgtttttctc atgtacttac    123960
     tttgtctcgg caacagagag ctcatacaac caacattaag agtggtaagc accatgccag    124020
     gcgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt agatttctga    124080
     gttcgaggcc agcctggcct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cgcagagaaa    124140
     ccctgtctca aaaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa aacccaaaca aacaaacaaa    124200
     caaacaaact gaacagtaag cctggcctgc agcaatcagc ttcctctaca gaaggactcc    124260
     actctccact actggccaga ggccctgggt ctctgcatcc cccaggaaca cccagttcgg    124320
     ttactcacct ctggggtgat ggagccacag agctggctga tgagggcgag ctggtgctgc    124380
     tctgtgttac cctgcatgat agggctacga gtccacatct ctgccatgat gcacccagca    124440
     ccccaaaggt caatgggcgg gccgtagtcc cgctctcctg agaagaagag ggtaccggga    124500
     gtgcctctta agcccaaggg cctcctgaga ctccacgtcc cagagctgat ggctcaaaag    124560
     gccccaggca atgggggctg tggccaggta ggcacccggc ccctgccccc ctctgcccgc    124620
     tcgggagtcc tcaccgagca gcagctccgg aggccggtac cacaatgtca ccacacggtt    124680
     ggtgtatcgg ttgggctggc tattcttagc taggctgaag gcacgggcca gcccaaaatc    124740
     tgccagcttc aggaccccat cccgggtaat gagcacattc gcagccttca tgtccctgtg    124800
     caggatctga agggaggaca cacaagagct cagtcaggtt tcatagcatc ctggagcctg    124860
     gcctacacag cagtcaagag cagagaagcc ccattctgcc ccaccttgtt cctgtggatg    124920
     tagtagaggc cgttcagcag catctgcatc actctcttga tctcagacaa cgtgaacttg    124980
     actaagacgt tgctcagcag cccagcaagg tcatgctcac agaagtcaaa caccagatag    125040
     atgctgccct tgcagcggtt atacggtgag gctgatacag aaggggcaga gagaaaaata    125100
     aaaaataaaa acctgcatcc acctcatttt ccacagccaa ctcccagccc tccaacccac    125160
     agacacccaa ctccaaacaa gaccagagaa gatggggggc cggcactcgg gaggcagagg    125220
     caggtggacc tctaagtgtg aggccagcct ggtctatggc gcaaggtcca ggacagccag    125280
     ggttacacag agaaaccttg tctcaaaccc cccttttctc ctgaggcaag caacacacct    125340
     ttggtccgac aaatctcaat taggttcacc acattctcat gttttaggag ctgtagaatc    125400
     ttgatttccc tcaaggctgt gatggggaac tagggaggag aaagaggaag tggtcaaaat    125460
     tgagagcaca acagacggag gaactgtggg tggggtgggg gtgtgtttgg ggtctatact    125520
     gagggacaga ggttgaaaga caggcgagag aatcgttcct gtgtgatggt tcctatctgg    125580
     aatccaattc tcgtatcagg agacagagac atcagaacca ccaagttcaa ggccagactg    125640
     cttagttgag ctcctgattc aaaaagaagg gagaggggaa gatatatcta tatttatctg    125700
     tagctagcct ttgcaaaata taaaataagt gcaaacacac acatatctca aggagctgct    125760
     aaatgttgcc atctagataa tggtggcctt gaacttgttt atgaaccatc ttttttcccc    125820
     agtctcataa gtgctgggat tataatcaca accctttact ccagactggg aatttatttt    125880
     agacaaccca aataaggata aacattttgt cactaacact tgtgagttaa gatcaagaaa    125940
     tttgtggggc agtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg    126000
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctagtcta caaagtgagt tccaggtcag ccagggctac    126060
     acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaccaaa aagatcaaga aatttcctgg gaatggagat    126120
     agttgaatgg ttaaggaaac tggctatggt cacgtgtggc agtccagccc tttatttcca    126180
     gcagtcagga aacacaggca gttgatcctc tgtgagtctg agaacagcct ggaccaaaca    126240
     gtgagttcca ggacagttgg ggctacagag agattttgtg tcaaacaaaa catagagtcc    126300
     ctgtttcagg gaaacacaca caccacagca ctggctatcc tcccccagga cccaggttca    126360
     attcccagca cccacacagt ggatcttttg tcccaaatga tccaaggcaa cctggcacac    126420
     ctttctggct tcctcaggta cccaggtact ggagaatagt gctgtacaca gacatgccag    126480
     aaaacagaag accctataga cgcaaagtaa gacaaacagc attttcctta caaaggcaat    126540
     gctgctgagg ctgatggaaa caacaccttt cagaacatca ccttaagctc agcggccttt    126600
     taaacggctt gtgcacaaat ggtctcttca tacaaaacaa aattcaacgc caagctaagc    126660
     tgaaagtttt ctagagtcaa cctgcactcc atgggaaaag cacaggctcc ctcccgtggc    126720
     tcccacagaa ctctgccact aaagctcaac agtgtaaatg gaaagccaaa ttccttgttc    126780
     catggaaaac cgaaaaacac taggtcgaat ctcagcacaa aaccctttga agtagcggtg    126840
     tggaaaccca gccaggttag aagaaggtcg gcccagtggt ccatatactc accccctcct    126900
     tctcattctc catcaacact ttcttcagag ccaccttctg gcccgtctga cggtgcttgg    126960
     ctttaaagac ttccctgcag gcacagagaa agacccaagg gacccataag gcatttccgc    127020
     agggagtgcc cctcccccgc gcgaagggga gcagcaggag cccagaccca cggcgggcgg    127080
     ggtgcggcct cggatccggg acgcggtcat tccacaccgc gtgtcttccg tcctcctccc    127140
     ggcctctgct tactcctact cagcccctac tcctccccta gaggtggccg ctcacattcg    127200
     gagtggctct cagcaaccct acccaacccc catcacgggc cccaggctcc tccccgccag    127260
     tcggctcggt tgggccggga acgtctgcgc cgcggccgag caagaccggg caacagccac    127320
     gaaaacagaa gcttccggac cacctcggcc cgggctctgg gcgacccgac gtcggccctg    127380
     gaaagtgcag gtcccgggct cgcggtccca cgcggcctaa tcttacccga atgtgccttg    127440
     gccgatcttg gcaagtttct cgtacttggt gacctcatcg cagaacgggc attccaccga    127500
     gtcgtactgc ttggccatgg ccacctccag cgcgcctccg ccgccgccgc cgccgccgcc    127560
     cccagccgca gctcccgccg ctcccggtcc cgccacactc caggcccctc cgcggccgcg    127620
     ccacttccgc ctccacggcc acttccggcc tcgaggtgcc gagcccgcct cttccggtct    127680
     ccgcccgccg ccaggccccc tgggacttgt agttcccggg aggccagggg gagccggagc    127740
     tgcagaggag cctccgccgc cgccactgcc cccgcctccg ccgccgccgc cagcgctgtt    127800
     ggcggccccg atcgggggcg caggaagccg tggcgctggg gctggggctc gcggcggtgc    127860
     gtcccgctgc attggcccgg gccgtgctgc tgccgaagct gctgccgctc tggctcccga    127920
     tccggggcca gccgcagtgc cctgctcctc ctcctccgac ggcgccgcct ccgccgggct    127980
     gcgcggggcg gcgggtggtg gtggggggaa ggcctggggg cggaggctcc ctggccaagc    128040
     ccggcccggg gcggcagggc aagggggcga gataggcaga gcagacgagg aggcggcccg    128100
     aaagcccggg agggggcgcg ttataaaggg ggaggtgccc gtcctggcct cccctccccc    128160
     tccgcccacc ccctccctcc tcctcccacc cttcgcagcc gcacctgccg ccgccgcctc    128220
     ccgccctccc gctcccagtc cagcgtccgc cctcggcgcg tcactgctcg cagcccctcc    128280
     tctgcctttg gaggtggggc tccgcactag acacctgcct gcggctccct cctgcgtgcc    128340
     tcagtttatc ccccgaatgc cagctgctac agaatggccc ttcttccagg accgggagtg    128400
     tgctcccggt gaggcgaagg caggaggtgc cgtgggagcg gccttgaggc caggggaaga    128460
     gagaactgcc cccgctgccg cctccgtcgt ctcagccacc cgccgttgac atggcaactg    128520
     acggccgcca gggggcgcgg cgacactgtg ggcggtgagc gatcaacgct caggcctaaa    128580
     cccttggatc ttgtgttgtc aggatggatc tactacaacc ttccttcaca gagccgcgcc    128640
     aaagctggtc tgtccagagt caatcatccc caaaactgtt aacattgagc cggcactcct    128700
     gatgcttttg aaatgggcgt gagccgggcc ttgatggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact    128760
     tggcagaggc agatggattt ctgagttcca ggccagcctg gtctacagag ccagttccag    128820
     gacagccagg aaaaacaaca ataacacaga gagacagaga ggagagtctg aagtctgttc    128880
     tgtcttcctc tactgtcttg aaattctgag ctgatcatgg ccgatttttc cagcgtttac    128940
     ctcctggtct gtggtcctac aagctccctt ctgtttcagt ttcccaatcc ctcctgtctt    129000
     cagagttgcc accccactct ccagggtcag ctgcaggctt cccgtttgct tccccctctt    129060
     gtttgatgga gacaagtcgt ggctggtctg gtgctcacac agtagtctag gctgaccttt    129120
     gaactccagg catccctccc aactcaccgt atcactgtgt ccagcagtgc tttccaggtt    129180
     tatcccacat tgtctgggct tgaagattct tggaaggagg actggtttcg gggaccctgg    129240
     agccccagag tacctactat gagaagggtc ctggcagcaa gatttttcaa gaccctccat    129300
     agagccaggg ctttaaagga gatcaagcca tatgacccag agcctacctt cctggataca    129360
     ctgcttacct gaaacaagaa gtggtggtgg ggggatgcca ccaggggtaa ggagagagta    129420
     cgtgcattaa ttatgatgac aggatgtggc taagtcctcc ctttagccct gcacaggagt    129480
     tatttctatt atcagttatt cacggagcac tgctcttccc tccactgtac ataacgaccc    129540
     tgacactcag aggtgagatg actgggccat ggtcacactg ccagtcagtg gccacactag    129600
     ctttgaacca ggtaagtttg gcataaactc ccaacagtcc tcctatgtca aggcccctcc    129660
     caatctgggc tcagcatgaa agcgtgacaa aacttgggag tgatctcacc tggcactcac    129720
     tgcccccggg ggtgtgtgtg aggagtagtg gggggggggt gaggaggtgt ggcaggtaac    129780
     agtagcactg agggccgagg actttgcagg gcttatgtgg agttttaagc cgtagctggt    129840
     gcctgtttct catgagccct ccctaagtca catcctgtgg gcagagaggc tttagcaggg    129900
     tttcctgtga tgttgtcacc tctggcccca accagagccc tgacatcttc cagtcacttc    129960
     ctcagagtca tgggccctca gctctccaca gggaagcagt ggtggtctgg aggctttgta    130020
     aggctgccca gttctgaagt ccgggttctc caccactggt aaatccagga ggggactaga    130080
     gagggggact agcctttcga atccactttg gctaccgctt tgttggctgc aaataatgcc    130140
     tgcttcctgt ggattgccca aaccaccaag gcccagcatg tgactcagcc tctgtcaaca    130200
     cctgctgact ggctggctga tgacacaccc tcaagagggt ctggtgtatg gccatttaac    130260
     agctacggaa gccaagcctg gtggcagaca actggaatcc cagctactaa agaaactgaa    130320
     acaggaaagt tcaaagtcta gggcttgtct gggctagaga gtaagttcaa agccagttta    130380
     gagtctctgt gagacctggt ctaaaaaaac gaaaaaataa agccaggtat ggcccacaca    130440
     tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagagtca ggtgagtctc tgtgagtttg agaccaggct    130500
     ggtctataca ttgagttcca gatcagccag agctacataa caagaatctg tctcaaaaaa    130560
     taaaataagc tgggtggtgg tggcacacac ctttaatccc agcacttagg aggcagaggc    130620
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg atctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg    130680
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac caataaataa ataaatttaa ttaaattaaa    130740
     aaaatacaaa gccttagagt gcttttctag actaactttg aactcacaaa gaactccttg    130800
     cctctgcttc ccaaatgctg gaattaaagg tttgtgccac tagctcaact ccagcttttg    130860
     accttatcca ggatcgtggt ttgaatatga atggcatcca tggatgagtg gtggtagcac    130920
     acacttttaa tcccagccct tgagaggcag aggttgatgg atctctgtaa ctttaattgt    130980
     ttcaaaacga tttttttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc    131040
     ttcagacact ctagaagagg gagtcagatc ttgttaggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg    131100
     ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctttgga agagcagtcg gtgctcttaa ccgctaagcc    131160
     atctctccag ccccaaaacc gatttttaat gatggttctt aaacacttta acgttccttt    131220
     tagcccacta cccaccagag atagtgggaa agaaaggatt cggggcagga atttggacct    131280
     gtttagaaag gttctttgga gcaactctca tctgtgttgt ctggaaatcg gcagctgagt    131340
     tcactggtta gcagcggcag ctccatccac tcacacatac ctcatggata caccagcagt    131400
     ctagtttggt agagtcggga tagcaaacac gaatcagcag cggtggcact atctagcaga    131460
     gacaggcaga cctcagcctt ggctcgagtc attaggaggg accctgaggg atgccaggag    131520
     aagttctcag ctgtgtctca gggaagcaaa gatcagggaa gacctgagac ccacaagtgt    131580
     cacacggcta gctcgataag caagtcatgc tcagcctccg tcactgtcca tcgagtcctg    131640
     tttatcccct ccaaacatca catgtcctcc accagtcttg cctcagcatg ttcgtctgtc    131700
     tcagctgaca tcactctgcc aatcagccag agtctagcat gctaccagaa ggtttttttg    131760
     gtgtgtttct ctctatagag tcccgacaaa tgcaggtcaa ttacgcaatg taaggtggac    131820
     taatacatgc gtgttgttag caaagaatcc ttcatcacgt gcccttttac atgtttgctt    131880
     tagcagaaca tcctcctacc tgcttcagtg aaatcttgaa atcaagtcag ccttagttgt    131940
     tcgttgacct gtgttcacct cagctaaaca ttccttcata tgtttgcccc agcaaaacac    132000
     catcaaacca actttccaaa gaacccttaa gtttccactt catatctctg tgagttcaag    132060
     gtcagcctgg tctacagagc tagtttcagg aaagctagag ctgtactgag aaactctgcc    132120
     tgggggggaa aaatggcctc tatatatttg aatacttaat caccagagag tggaactgtt    132180
     taaaaggatt agaaggacta ggagctggag ccatattgga atgggtgtgg ccttattaaa    132240
     ggaaatgtat ctctggggtc aggctttgag ttttttgttt gttgtttgtt tttgtttttc    132300
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctatg gagaccaggc    132360
     tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgccttccaa atgctgggat taaaggcgtg    132420
     cgccaccact gccctgcagc tttgaggttt caaacaccca aaccaggccc agtatgtgcc    132480
     tgtctgctac ctacagatca agatggggct ctcagctact gctctagtgc cagcatgatg    132540
     ccttggtcct gccatgctcc ccactatgat gttaataaac tagccctctg aaactgtaaa    132600
     caagcttaga cttaaatgtt ttctttcata agagctgcct tggtcatggt gtctcttcac    132660
     agcgacagaa cagtctatag acacctggac cctgcttttc ctctcccaaa cctggatagg    132720
     gttagggtct gtggagggga agtgaaaaca ggctcataag atgtgcacat gtgagctgtt    132780
     agctgtgggt cagctcagta gctgagggat acggaacaga gaacggtttg tgatactggg    132840
     gccccccctc taatcatgga agttctgctc ttattggtct tgctgcctct gcctggccct    132900
     gtgttgacat acattatctc cctacgtgtt actgtagtcc ccttaggagc ctgctatgac    132960
     tggatccagg tgaccggaga agaaacgggc tcagtagcct ggcgagggtc acacaatcaa    133020
     agaactgggg agctgggatt gaaattcggt ctctgctaca ctgccttttg ttttgttgat    133080
     tttggttatt tgtttttgtt gttttgcttt gttttgcttt tctgaggcag ggtttctctg    133140
     tgtagccctg gcagtcctgg aactagctct gtagtccagg ctggcctcga actcacagag    133200
     atcctcctaa ctctgcttcc tgtgagctgg gattaatggt gtatgctacc acagaccagt    133260
     tttttttccc tttctttact tctttcttct ttctttctct ctttctttct ttctttcttt    133320
     ctttctttct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctctctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    133380
     ttctcccttt ctccctttct ccctttctcc ctttctccct ttctcccttt ctccctttct    133440
     ccctttctcc ctttctctct ttctctcttt ctctctttct ctctttcggg ggaggggtgg    133500
     cacttggtct atcctgcact ggaaggacta gaggaatcaa aagactgagg gactggagga    133560
     aggctcgtgt ggctgggagt gcgggtcaaa cctaggcaaa agcctttact ctggaggagg    133620
     gaaagctcta ggtaggtggg cagggctaca gcagagggct gactgggtgg acctccaaga    133680
     ccagctgtgg agggactgca agacagccac gagccagcag gtctccctaa ccacacttcc    133740
     aacggccact tgaagcagca caaagggggc tctgagcaca gctccctcac tacactgagc    133800
     gccattcatt ctcccgggga caccagcaac taccctggcg cctgggccaa cggcaagccc    133860
     agccctgacg aagcgcctgt gccatagcaa cagatgctct gagattcagc tttccaggtc    133920
     tcagagcctg cctacccacc agggtctgcc tggcctggcc tggcccactg cactcctggc    133980
     ccttgtgccc tggaggcagg actcgctgaa ggccacagtg tgccgggcag aggcttctcc    134040
     cacgaagtag ggattgcggt gattcccatt tcacagataa ggaaaccaag gcccatagaa    134100
     gcacaataaa cagcagttgg ggagctggtc tgtccagaaa gccagcacta gtctggtcag    134160
     ctaatgccat agcctaggtc accagcccaa ttcacactgt gaccgtctcc caggagagaa    134220
     gccaggggtg tatgctttgc cttcccctgg gaagaccctc agctctttcc aggctatggg    134280
     ctccttctcc ctatctcctg acaacaacct gaagaggaga agggggtacc accccaggag    134340
     tctgctctgg aatcatatga cccaatgaac gtttctaact tgccttggtc gtggtgtttt    134400
     gtcacagaaa agtgactaac ttcctcttta gccattgagc accggtcact gcaggcctac    134460
     ctacagatgc aggaccctgc tgccacaacc tggcaggact gggtctcttt ttctcaccgg    134520
     actttggggt tgtcttcact gcatcgggag aatcagtctg acctgtcttc tgccaacatc    134580
     atcctgacag gaggctgggg cgcagatggc ctggaaatca gctcccagga ctgctgtcag    134640
     agcgtcagtg tccgatgatt ttttgatgat tttattgatg gaggacacag gacaggaccc    134700
     atgtgtcctg gattgcatct cccacagacc agatcaccag ctacgggacc aggtggcctg    134760
     tctgcacaca tgtaaccccg gtacttggag gctgaggcgg gaagatctca aattggaggt    134820
     cagcctgggc tatgtcagat ttttatctca aaaccaacaa aaaggtgtcc actctgggct    134880
     gctgggcgcg tggctcagtg ggagtgaact tgcttagcga gtgaaaaccc agtgtcctat    134940
     cctaagcaca gaagaacgaa cagaagacca agagaaagag aggcttggga gggtggctgt    135000
     gtgtcttgtg ctgtccctat tgtagagatt tggtcaccac agctgcagat gtggccacac    135060
     tcagaactag atttgacctg tggccctcca gtcccagcaa gtgctactaa caccccaccc    135120
     ccacccccaa ctatagctgt acctggaggt ttcatttcct tatacttgtt ctgtgtggac    135180
     acaaaacaca tacacgcaca tacatgtttg tgtttgcaga gcaccaacct ggatattact    135240
     ggaaagacaa cttgcaaccc actgtgtgcc accaactctc tctctgtgac ctggggaaat    135300
     ccccttgctc ctctgtgcct cagtttccct atctctgccc aaaggatata gaagacctgt    135360
     ccccacatgc ctccgctgac tcagacaagg acaatcacgc ctaagcaggt attggcttta    135420
     tacctggcta tgctctgtgt tctggccact gggcagttag catatcctgc tcgccaaaaa    135480
     gaaacccagc ctcgggcagg tgaatcatcc tgtccgtaat cacacagtga caaagtagcc    135540
     aatcagaagt tgactttggg ccacaggccc actcacagca ttctcttctt tattattgct    135600
     actccatctc ctgggtacca gggcttagaa taaactgccc taaccatgag tctgtctcct    135660
     cgacttccca tcctgtgggc caggcccctg acagctgttg gcaggtcccc agtggccccc    135720
     agcctagtgg gctctgttcc caaagcctgt ggtttgttcc tcaggccttc taggtcccaa    135780
     gggtttgcgg tgtgccccct gcccctgctg ctggctgggg aggccccagc ccccgccccc    135840
     tgtggagacg gtgggagggt ggggctgtgg gagtttcgct agtttaaaaa tacacagagg    135900
     aagccagtga gagggcaaga gaaaggggaa ggggagcggg ggaggcccat cagcccctgg    135960
     tgtcttgagc ctggagcagc cacatgctag caaaccagag actctgcaca gcttgcaaag    136020
     atgacagaga tgcccaagaa aacaggcaga aagttcagtg agtacagacc agccaccgtc    136080
     cgtccatctg tctgttcagc ttagcctctc tgcatctgtg tctcacgatt gtcttctttc    136140
     tctttctctt tctgtccatc tgtctctctc ctcggtgttg gtgttgctat ctgcacatgc    136200
     tgtggccccc ggtgatctct gtctctgtct gtctttgcat ttctgtcttt ctctctccct    136260
     gcccaacctc tgcttccctc ttactacaag tcagcccctc agcctttctg tcttccggat    136320
     catcctggtc tctctgacca tgagactgtg catggagaga cccccaagta ccccatgttg    136380
     tccagaaccc actcaacacc agatctcagg gagctctcta gggagtgagt ggatgtgggg    136440
     accgtggatg ctgtggtgtg ttgggagcag tgaggctgcg agagactagt accaggtact    136500
     tgggtgaact acacccacct atttctttct ccaggtcaat ccattttggg tcccaaactt    136560
     ctgtcccagg ttcctctgac tttccagttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    136620
     tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaaa tggagataca cgcatctgta    136680
     atcctagcac tcagaagtca aaagcaggag gcgggtgagt agactgaagc aggttagagt    136740
     gagacattgt ctcatataaa catacaaagc aagcaaacaa aatctgcagc attgacaaag    136800
     gaggcagtca gtgacccttg tgttacaaag atctctgtcc cagggcaacc tgtctagaag    136860
     gagggcggta gccagcactg tccgggatgg gaccaggggg actgggcagg gatgaattct    136920
     gaagtgcaga gccccgtgct tccacccagg atcagcgagg ttctgctgtc gggtgctagg    136980
     ctgatccctt cccctctctg ggcctcagag tctcaggggc gtagacacct gaggatgcag    137040
     aggagttggg aagagcaaag gccaatgtgt tctccttttg ctcaagtcat ctagaggcct    137100
     aaggaagtca gagacgggac agtcccacag tcttaggggc cacagggagg agggagcaaa    137160
     gagatacact tccgtccctg ctggaagatt gtatcacagg agtttgtaag gcaggttcag    137220
     cccactggga ggaaagaaac acccacagac aggggcccca attctcaggc agacagacag    137280
     cctcatccat gtcctttcaa ccccagtgcc agagattgcc ttggacacta ctctttgtac    137340
     acaccccccc cacacacaca caccatacag attcacacac ggacaccata catattcata    137400
     cacacacacc gtacacattc acacacagac accatacaca cacacatacc acatacacac    137460
     actatacaca ttcacacaca gacaccataa acacacacac accatacaca ctctcacaga    137520
     tacaccatac atacttactc ataaactaca cacactcaaa taccatatgc actcacacat    137580
     acttatacac acacacacac aaaccccaca catacccata acacacacac acacacacac    137640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgc acatctaggc tttggggtaa gctgtgggga    137700
     gctcagaccg tccgtttcac ccttctgaat atcaatttcc ttataaggaa agcggtatgt    137760
     ttgcatattc taagaattca cagtttgaca agtgggaggc atttttggtc atcattgtca    137820
     tcttcctttt gtacctcctt ttgaggatat tttatatgcc agatagcaca tgaagcaagc    137880
     atgttatcta caaggtttgc atgtatgctc atgtttatgt tcatgttcat acatgtatgc    137940
     atgggtatgt tccgatacaa cagcaggcat cgtctttgat cccttgtcat cttactttaa    138000
     aacagatttc tttagaattt gcatttttta caaaatacat tgctggggtt agtaatgcac    138060
     acctttaatc ccagaacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat cttggtgaat tggaggccag    138120
     cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccagaacagc cagggatatg taaggaaacc taccatacat    138180
     acgtacatac atacatacat tcgtatatac atacatgatg atcatggtag tatacctctt    138240
     taatcccagg actaggaagg cagaggcaga tggatctctg tgagtttgag gccagcctgg    138300
     tctaagtaag ttccagggca gccagggatg tgtggggaga ccctgtctca agaacaagtt    138360
     acgtctatct gtcatgtttc tctgtccacc acatgtgtat agtccccacg gatgccagag    138420
     gccagaatag gacactggat cccttggaag tggagttata gacggttgta agccgccatg    138480
     tgggtgctgg aaagtggatt cgggtctgga agagcatctg tcctcttaac tgctaagcac    138540
     ctctccagct tcagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacagatg    138600
     tatgtgtgtg agagggtgtt cacagaggtc agaaaggggc attggatcct ttggagctgg    138660
     aggcggttca catgatgggg gtgctgaggt ctgaactcca gtcctctcgc gcagcagtga    138720
     gcccctttac ctgctgaatc acgcttccaa ttcctctctg tttttgttat tttttttatg    138780
     gtttatttta ttttattttt atttttgaga ctgggcctct gtatggaatt cttgctgtgg    138840
     gattcaccat gtagatcagg ctggccttga actcacagag atccacctgt gtcagcttca    138900
     tgagcactgg gactaaaggc atgtaccacc atgcccagct tctatatggg tcctagggat    138960
     ttgaactcag gttgtcatac ttgtgtggct cacatttttt caaagtcatc tccctaaccc    139020
     tttatttacc tacttttctc cagtcctctt gctgcatata gggagggtcc ttgtgttact    139080
     gatgtgggtg aaggagctca gagaggtcta atgacttgcc taaggtcaca cagctagcta    139140
     gaatgtggaa gaagggcttg agctcagcac tgtgactgca gagctgcatg tcgctgcact    139200
     tccgggagca gaggaatgag gagggggtgt ggagtgatag ctcctcttgc agaagatgag    139260
     ttccgtttcc agcacccatt ttgagcagat cacaacctgt aactacagcc ccaggtgatt    139320
     tgatgtcctc ttctggcttc caagggtatc cacgctcagg atgtatgtac cctgctccca    139380
     cacacataca cataattaag aattaaaaac aaaaaacaac ttagatgggc tggagagatg    139440
     gctcagcggt tacgagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaag tcccagcaac    139500
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtagtgg aagctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa    139560
     ggcagtgaca gtgtatatat atatatatat acacacacac acacacacac acatacacac    139620
     acacatatat ataaaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaacttaga gaaagaaaat agtgaaaagc    139680
     ctcccctggt gtgtcctgaa ctttggtact ctcgccgtgc agactgtagg ggtttttaca    139740
     ttattccatt cctgctgaca ctgtgattaa ttcttttcct ctcctcctct cttgccagag    139800
     ttcttcaagt tcaagggcct tgggagcctt tccaatctcc cgcggtcctt ttctctgaga    139860
     cggtcttcag cctctgctag tatccggtct tgtccggagc ctgacacctt tgaagccaca    139920
     caggatgaca tggtgacact cccaaagagt cctcctgcct atgcacgttc tagtgacatg    139980
     tacagccaca tgggtaccat gccccgccct aacatcaaga aggctcagaa acaacaggct    140040
     gtccagaagg cccaggaggt cagccgagag tcgcacctgg tttctcgaag gctgccagag    140100
     ccaccagact tagaggcagc caaggaggca ggggagggaa ctgaagccct actggaggac    140160
     acggcacctt cagcagtaga agtggaccct atgagggaac tggaggatct cacagtagac    140220
     acagagaagg agcaagtccc tggggatgtg agcccagaaa ggtaggtgcc aacagggcac    140280
     agacatctgg actgaaaaga aaaggcttgg gcttagggag tggtacatcc tgtgggccca    140340
     gtatggaggc agcggaggct gggggattgc tatgaatttg aggtcagcct aaactacaag    140400
     aatgaaaccc tgtctcaaaa cataacagga aatgaaatac aaaggaaatg aagtgagaga    140460
     gggagctagg tgtgcagatc agctggccaa gtgctttcct agcgcacagg aagccctggg    140520
     tttgatccct gcctgaatgt gggtttctat tgttgcagag aaaccccata accaaaaaag    140580
     cagcgtgagg aggcaagtgc ttatttggtt cacacttgca catagctgct cacatcacta    140640
     aagggagtca ggttggggaa ctcaagcagg gcgggaacct ggaggcagga gctgatgcag    140700
     aggccatgga ggagtgctgc ttactggctt gctctccatg ccttgctcag cctgctttct    140760
     gatagaaccc agcaccaaca gaggcaggca ccacccacaa tggactgtgc cctccaatca    140820
     ctaattaaga aaagctccta cagagccggg tgtggtttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag    140880
     aggcaggagg atttctgagt tcgaggctag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ctatacagag    140940
     aaaccctgtc tcaaggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaaagaaaag aaaagcaaag    141000
     ctcctacagg cttgcctaca gccccaatgt gttttgtttg ttttgggttt ttggagacag    141060
     ggtttgtgtg tgtagccctg gaagtcccag aacttggtag accaggctgg cctggaactc    141120
     acagagtgcc tcctgcctct ccctccctag ttactgggat taaaggccgg caccaccact    141180
     acctgatcta caaccagatt ttatggaagc attttcatca ctgaggctcc ctcctttcag    141240
     gtgactttag cttgtgtcac gctgacatgt ccagcaccat ctctgtcacc acataagttg    141300
     gtgtggtagc acttgagagc tgcaagccag aggatctgca gttccgggcg attcttggct    141360
     ttatatgacg ctccaggcca gcctggaaaa cacgagagga agaatgggag agagaaatag    141420
     ggcagaagaa acccccaaga gctttccaca actaggcact ctctggaaac atttgtaact    141480
     aattctcaaa agaaacccag ctagagaaat actgtttcta cagcagagaa ggaagcaggt    141540
     tcagggaacc ggtttcatct gggccagcca ggctcaacac catcctgtta gcaaccaagc    141600
     tgggtttgaa ctgcggccca cccaactcag cgcctttagt tctgggggcc aacatgacta    141660
     atgcattttc tttctttctt tttttttttt tttttagatt tatttattta tttattctat    141720
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gagtcagatc tcgctaagga    141780
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactct ggaccttcag aagagcaatc    141840
     gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc agcccgacta atgtattttc tagaaagcca    141900
     cttgtaaata aggatttact tattgggtcc tatacattga gtttaggaaa agatataaat    141960
     aaatagcgag cctgcaagat ggctcagttg gtaaagacac atactgccaa gtggtagagc    142020
     aagcttgatc cccagcgtcc acaaggtgaa gggagagggc tggtatatgg tggcatgtgc    142080
     acctgtccaa ttccccccac actcccacaa aaaaccagcc ccccaaaacc aaaccaccac    142140
     ctcctggctt gggaaatggt actttcataa ttaatacaat taaggctttc cccactattt    142200
     cttgctgcct tctccatcta ccctctccaa aattcgtctt cattttgcag ttaaggatgc    142260
     aagaggtcca gatccttgag gctgtaaggt ttcttttccc tggtcagaga tttcacccgt    142320
     agcttggctc ctcccactta gagacactga ttggttcgcc ggagagctgt gtgctcggaa    142380
     agaggaacct ccttctccag cccagattgt gactgacagg gaggggagga ggagccagag    142440
     aggagcaagt ttgaggagga tttgtttttc tttggatcct acgagcggga ggcgtgtcta    142500
     gggcgtggtc ctcgggtctg gccctgcccc tagggtccta ctctgagctc agtaactcct    142560
     agccggagtc ttagcgggag tgttagactg agccggttcc tgggcttcag gttgtgatca    142620
     cgggatgact gcagtgggcc gaaggtgctc tgcgctagag ccccgaaggt gagtgaccaa    142680
     actggctcta gagagggcaa gcggacagca ggagtagacc agtggggaga tgctggttgc    142740
     tggagcagct gacacacact gctatggggt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ggtttttcga    142800
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc    142860
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc taggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc    142920
     accactgccc agcttgggtt ttgttttttt taacatctgg gatttttctt tctttttact    142980
     tattgaggca gggtctcatg taacacaggc tgtgctcaaa ctttttcccg tagtcctgac    143040
     tgtcctggaa ctcactagac tgttcttgaa cccaaagaaa tctgtctgcc tcccaggtgc    143100
     agggattaaa ggtgagggcc atcgtcctta gctggtactc aaactcttga tcgtcctgca    143160
     tccacctgta gcgatgcttc gccttgacct gaccaagaga aacagtggaa cttctgcctc    143220
     ccatctcctg aagcgtttgg gagttctagg gtgggtttag caggccagat caagccctgt    143280
     tctggtgcgc taggacccag tgtccccacc ccaacctcaa cctccagggg gactttttga    143340
     gtggggctct cgggctaact ctgtcccgtg ctgggcctct gggtctccag gagcccacat    143400
     gagtctgaga tgctctctga ggagccatcc agttaggcag aaggctagct cagagcgcca    143460
     gtgagcagga tgggacccgc cttcctgagt agatgtcaga atagcccgag ctaaggagct    143520
     ggtgtccctc ccccaccctg ggaaggcagg gtgcacctgg agcaggagga aggaagggga    143580
     agaggtgagg ctgcagggat ttcctggtgc cctgtctctg ctgagatcat gggggatgag    143640
     gcaggagggg ccgaccttca gctggccgag tggagcacag cagccctgcc tgcatcctct    143700
     gcccaagaaa cacagccttt tggggggggg ggggagtgag acagcagggt ccagagaact    143760
     cccctcaccc ccaaatcagt gtgacacagg gggaggccag gcctggagaa ggaaggggaa    143820
     cccccatacc ctccctaccc acacaagtgt caagccaagg tccctttaag ctgtcaagca    143880
     cccatcaggt gcttgactct gttgctccat tttcccagtg gttaggctga ggctaaaggg    143940
     gaggtctctc ctggggttag agggaggact ctcctgagat gatagggagg actgtcctgg    144000
     ggttatacat tgagcatttg tgagaaccca agtttactct caggcctgag taactcttag    144060
     ctcaaatctt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg    144120
     tagccctggc tgtcctggag ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    144180
     acttgcctct gcctcccaag tgttgggatt aaaggcatgc accaccaccg cccggcttct    144240
     tagctcaaat cttaaccacc aggccctcaa agaaaatttc aagactttct accagtattt    144300
     caaatggctt tccacagtgg cctggtattg gggcatactt cacacacaaa agggcacatt    144360
     gaagcagagt tagtacttca ttcattttat tattttacac atttttcaac ttgtacttat    144420
     gattacattg gtgtaggtcc tgttagaatg tgtgtctatg tggaggccgg aggacaacta    144480
     tgtggctctc tgctgtgtgt gggatccagg gaccatgttc caatcaatca ggcttgcagg    144540
     acaagcacaa gtcttcactc cctgggataa ttcaccagcc tatcattcat tttaatgctc    144600
     ccggaggcaa tacccaggct tcacagagag cagtgagcac agaaggttga atctaatgga    144660
     gacctcctcc cagaggcaga gggtcagatg gcaaagcgga ctgatgagtt acaggggcaa    144720
     ctaaagaaga tcaagcaaat ttacaatcaa gcgctgagat tggccttggg ggaaagtgct    144780
     agggaggcaa ccttagaaaa gttagaaagg agcaggaagt gctggtagca gcagccgcct    144840
     tcaatcccag cattccagag gcagaggcag gtggatctct gaatttgagg ccactttggt    144900
     tgacaaagtg agttcaagga cagccaggac agaaatccca tctccaaaga actgaaaaca    144960
     aaccaagcca aacaattagg gaggaaaaat aattggataa tgaaagaagc aaacacattg    145020
     ctctccgggg aagtgagcca agctgtgaca gcgacctgca cgaagtcctg aaccgggagt    145080
     gtcttcagcc aattggctca tggtagagat cagaaagtct ggagcagagg ataggagaag    145140
     gaagcagaga gcgaatgggt tcaggtccca ctcagtcttg ttcaggagag tctttctcct    145200
     tgcaggtatg gtaaatttaa acctttttgt tgttaatttt tttgagtcag gggctcatag    145260
     cccaggctgg ccttgggtga tcatgaccat ctgaccctgc tgtcaccacc tctcaagggc    145320
     tgggattttg ggtgtgcacc accatacctg gccttatggg gtgctgtcga tggaacctag    145380
     gacctcctgc gagctaggca agcactctac ccacaatgca tctcctgccc gtgcccagcc    145440
     tttggacatt gtggcgtgaa attgtcatca gcaaagcaag tttacagttg tgtgttgggc    145500
     tttgttcaca gctatcctca gcctcgtata agttggtcac atctgcaggg ggacgtgaac    145560
     ttagctctgt cctgctctgt aatgcccgcc ttgaatgtcc cttgctatcc tcccagacag    145620
     ctacttggga agtacttcat tcattttatt attttacaca tttttcaact tgtacttatg    145680
     aactgggata aatgatatcc taaaacagag gcagggcacc ctaaattgtc ccagtcccag    145740
     tgccaggcac tgcaaacaga ccaggacacc ctctcccctt ccttatttcc ttttggaatg    145800
     ttgattctgg ttcaagaatt tccaagtctc cccagagtcc cacgaccctt tcggccctga    145860
     agagtgacgt tagctgccgg gcatctggta gtgattaccc gattacccgt ggagggggag    145920
     tcactggggg ctgggggcgg ctggtccatg tcttctgaag gggcccagct gctcctggct    145980
     ctcatttcct gtggagattt tctcacagtc tgagagaccc caagatgcct tgggctgtgg    146040
     gaacctgact atcttaaaga tgagctgcgc cccacgctga ccttccactc acacgacatc    146100
     acttgcagcc ctcgggggac cggtttgcag gttgctggac ctgtgtggag tggggcccaa    146160
     gtaggactgg gtcagacacc cagtgaatgt gtgtcattga gtaagtccct ttctgcctct    146220
     gagccttaat ttcccctgat ggtgaagact agataggagg tcaggtagaa ggtgtggaca    146280
     tgaaccagtg atgtctagta catggcagtt gctcatgcta taggagggga aactgaatcc    146340
     cagggaatga atgagtctca ctcaggatcc cagcttgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    146400
     tctctctcct tctttctttc tttttaaaga aacatttatt tattttatgt atatgagtac    146460
     actgtagctg tcttcagaca caccagaaga ggtcactgga ttcccttaca gatggttctg    146520
     agccaccatg tcgttgctag gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag tcagtgttct    146580
     taaccactga gccatctctc cagcccccgg gtcccagctt tctacttcct gtttaggtgc    146640
     ctttcagaat ccccaaggaa cttccccaag tgctactcac cccatttcct gttcccagtc    146700
     aggtctcttg gctgtctgag taaaatgcta tctatctcct gtctcttccc cagcttcctt    146760
     ctgtttccac ctgggattgg ctcctctttt ccagggatgt cactccatag gagggacaca    146820
     acagacacag acctcagacc acttcagctg tagtctgcgc tctgtgcctg gggccgggca    146880
     ccctgcttca gctgggcttt ccctgcttac agtgttgcac tcacagtcag cggatgctct    146940
     atcctccgca ctctctaagg gcctctctct agctctcagc tctctctggc aggctcccag    147000
     ccacctttgg tagctcaggc tcagcatcct tgactctgcc cttcctccta ggccagtgcc    147060
     tttcctaatg gctcctcaca ccaggaggac tggatcaggg atgtggctga cccagtggta    147120
     gcctgtactt tgggccaggg caggtaataa atcctggcag agactctcag ctcccgtggc    147180
     tgttgctgtc tcagaggaga ccctgctttc catcccagag ttctctgctt aggccactga    147240
     agctgaaggc acgcagcaga aggtacccac tgccagtctc cacaatgggt gagaaagatg    147300
     gccctgggga ttgtgagttc aaggccagcc tgagttacag agaatgagac cctgtctcaa    147360
     aatctaaagc caagccaacc acatatgatg atagcaaaca cctgttataa tccaacatag    147420
     tacttgggaa gttggagcag gaaggtgagg agttcaaggc cagctttggg tacacagcaa    147480
     gtttgagaca agcctagacg tttattttga aaacataaca aaactgagca aaacaaaaac    147540
     agggtctgtg taaggaaagg tctaataccc caggagagtg gcaccaggat ctggaaccca    147600
     ctggggtgag gggacccggc actgacggtc acatgagcat catggccttc caggcacaca    147660
     tgatgtcccc tcagaagatg aggaagccaa gcctcagaga gagggaagca ggtgtcagag    147720
     ctgcgaatct cttctcgggc cttatgacca gaccctaagg cccaaaggaa gaagctcagg    147780
     acagagggta aggccacgcc tggcagaggg gtggggcagc ctccttctcc acttcttcag    147840
     gatcctagtg gaagttcact cttccttctg gtccaggcca gaggttcctg aaggtgaagt    147900
     tctgcttcca acccgcatta gggaaataaa ggataatggg tactaattac tactcattaa    147960
     tgcaattaat taaactgatc tatgcagctc atggtgtcag ttatcagaac aaatcagtta    148020
     atacaggcaa ttacagggtc ggttatttaa ataatgaatg ctgcctccga atgggcctga    148080
     tttagcccag tcctcactgt tgtctgttaa ctgatctcac cactaatatt agaggggaag    148140
     tgtcttttaa gcatatagtg taagaaataa tgaattaatt ctcgaagctg agttgtaagg    148200
     aacactttga tttctggatt tgatcgttgc gatgaaaggg agcatattct aaaaagatct    148260
     ccgaacaaat tgacagctgg aggctgagca ggacttaccc cggcccgtgg ctgtcaggca    148320
     gccacagcag cccagaccaa ggggatgtaa cgtcaggtgc aaaggcccag aggttgcaga    148380
     ccctggagtt ctttggaaat agtttttgga ggccagagat ggagtaagag tgaagaggga    148440
     gaggaggcat gtccagagat ctgtgtagct cagtggtgga gtgtttttct ctctctctct    148500
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    148560
     aacacagtgc tgcagccagg aggatgtctc agttactaca gcactccttt catagctgtg    148620
     ggtacctgag ttcccacaga gcagccagat gtgtaatctc tgtgttccta atgtgaagtg    148680
     ggagacagga gagcctttgg aagcttgctg gccagctgcc atggtgaatg cagtaggaag    148740
     ccaacacaga gagcccaccc cagtcaaggt ggaaggcaag gattgacact aagcatggtg    148800
     ggagagtctc tgatctccac atgaggacag tggagatcag catgagggta tggaacatca    148860
     gcgaacccca ggccccagcg cagtgccagg cagaagagac tagaatatgc agcgtcatag    148920
     tatacatgga gtatacatgg aggaccagcc aacagccatc atgcagtctt tctcttaggc    148980
     tgaacaattt gttcccagac aaggacctca gatttcccat ctgcaaaatg ggactgcatg    149040
     ggtctgcatt cacaaacttg cacacacaga cacatgtaca cacagacaca cacatgcaca    149100
     cacacagaca tgcaaacagt gtacacacac tcacacacac acacacatac aaccatacaa    149160
     cacaccagat gactgttagc ttctcaacac tgttgtaagc tgatgtctga tgtccagagg    149220
     gaaaagaaca agcaaagccc agtggggcac agtggctcaa gcctttaatc ccatcatttg    149280
     gtaggcagaa ttctatagcc tggcctatag agtgagttcc aggacagcca agggctacac    149340
     agatagtccc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaacca accaaccaaa cagcacagag gccctccgga    149400
     gttggtgctg gggcgtgaag ggggtactta ccatctggcc ttggccggag tagctccatg    149460
     tagtgagtgt gtgtgggcgt ggccataagg agcccatccc caggagtctg ttagtaacct    149520
     tgcctcccag gctggtgaag ctgggcccct gctgccagac agggcaaagg gaaactgaac    149580
     tccagctttt attttaacag agctactagg agttgatgag tgtgtctcag ggccacaaat    149640
     ggaggaaggg tggcctgtgg taatcttcag gccagtaatg gccataggtt atcagtggcc    149700
     atagtcatgt tgtgtactgg aatgactgag ctatgactgg caaggtaggg gaaggggttg    149760
     aagttccttg ggctgtggct ctgccttgga caacctccct ggctctgacc acccatgtaa    149820
     gctgggcagc accccatctt tagggctgta ttcctgcccc aaaacctaag aggaagtgga    149880
     caggaaacag gaggaggcac agggctaatc ccagtgtgtc cctgacaatt tgttcccagc    149940
     actgggagga tttccgggcc tgaatggccg gaaatgttgg gatgggacac ctcacccggg    150000
     aagagtggac agagcggaca ggggaggggc tccatcctcc accccctccc ttacagtgtc    150060
     actgggggag gggctccctc ccccaccttc ctcacagagt cactggccag ggagcactga    150120
     agagacttta gaagcctgtg ctattgcaga ctgcagctta aggggcagag ggtagaggcc    150180
     aggaaggatt ttgtagcggg caaagttaat aatagaggac tgcagaatgt cagaacagga    150240
     gtagctacag ggagctggga gccttggcct caggaacttc ttcttttcct tccttttttt    150300
     ttcttctttc agctcatctt ttgttttgaa aattaggctt ctgtgtttga gcatacactc    150360
     cattcccatt ttgcagatgg gaaatctgag gtccttgtct gggaacaagt tgttcagcct    150420
     aagagaaaga ctgcatgatg gctgttggct ggccctcttc ttatccatgt atactatgac    150480
     gctgcatatt ctagtctctt ctgcctggca ctgcgctggg gcctggggtt cgctgatgtt    150540
     ccataccctc atgctggtct cttgttactt tccagttgag aaataaaagc gatatggttg    150600
     ttgcaggtag ggatcagaga gacgaggggg acagaagtag gtgggagaca gagaataagg    150660
     ctgaagggct gttgtacgtg gggtggccag gcaaggcttc tctgaggagg tgactttaaa    150720
     ctgagccctg aataaagtag gggagaaaaa agccttgtga aagtctgggg aaagactgtt    150780
     ccaagtaagt gcaaaggccc tgtggcagga acaagcaggt gaggccaatg caactggggc    150840
     aggagggaca gcatagttga ggtagacatc gtagagtgtt ggtgtggtag gcaggggggg    150900
     gagggtgcca gcagcacaca gagccataga ggtcagggag ctaggtccca gttttctgtc    150960
     atagtaacag caccccttta ttctcaagta ggtgagaagt ttggtttgga tgataaatta    151020
     cattgctgtg gaggggagtc cagattttat tatttagcag atggggtctg aggtcgtgga    151080
     tcggcataga gtacttgctt agagtatgca aagcctgggc tttcttcccc agaactggaa    151140
     aagagggaaa gaattttaga caggcctgca gttgttataa tttctgctac tccagaggct    151200
     gaggcaggag gattgcttga gtataagaat cagactggac agcagcatag tgagccttgg    151260
     tgggtaggga ggggtaggga gagcgctggg gactgaggcc acctgctgta cactgagtcg    151320
     ctgtctggtg tcagagctga agctgacagt aagggggtag tggacatggg aaaccacaag    151380
     aaagccatgc aagcgtcagt ggcctggctg cagggacaga ctctgccttt cattctgaag    151440
     ggaggagtcc ctcctgggta gtgtgtggcc tgttacatgg atcaaagtct gctgagtggg    151500
     gtgtagtctg ctggcctggc tggtccaggg tagaaagtga acctgaagct ttggctgtct    151560
     cagcagggag gagggagctg gtacccagct gtgaaggaag atagggagga ccaggagctg    151620
     cttgtgcata gcaaactggg gatgcttctc acatagagga cactggaggg gatgggtgtg    151680
     tgtgtgcaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaaggtg    151740
     ctgtggctag gagaaagaag tgactcacaa aggggaaggc tctctgttca gcatcctgga    151800
     aaaactgcca cctctggcct ctctaggctt cattcctacc accctgaagg cagagagaat    151860
     aggtgtgtgc tcgctgtaac cagcagtagc caatacactg gcaatgtaga ccaaagagtg    151920
     aagggccagg gaggggctga gcctcagact aggttctcta gtgtatagac tcaggccctc    151980
     tagtgtagac tcaggccctc tagtgtagac tcaggccctc tagtgtagac tcaggccctc    152040
     tagtgtatag actcctaagt agggattatg tggaagaggc agaaagagga aactgacatc    152100
     aggaaaacgc gtgtcatgag ctgggtgaac actcatcccg agtgctttca gacaactcca    152160
     ttaggcagtg gctgtctttg ttcctcattt atggagagga aactcgggat cagagagggg    152220
     aaggaactcg ttcagggctg cacagctggg agtggtggag tagccatagg attaagcatc    152280
     ccgggctcca aggccaggac caggcctcac atcagctggc aggtggacat tcggcatctg    152340
     agaagtgctg atggtactca cctctttttt cttcttccag gactgctgca gagctggagg    152400
     ccgctgggga ctatgtgaag gtaggctggg ggttggtcac agtatgctag atatgataga    152460
     gcgctcgggg tctgctgtga accaggcttc ctcctgggag gagaaggaga aggttggggg    152520
     tgggggcagc ccctggggac agctatcatt ctgggaagct attccccatg cctcctgcct    152580
     ctctgctagc cccaaactca gctggacagg atcccaaggg tgtccccctg cagtggccac    152640
     cataatgaga tcccagtcag cctgggtatc tgagggctga ggctgggagg acacagcagg    152700
     acacagcagg agtgactcag atctttagca gacactcagc acaactcaca gacaagagct    152760
     ggatttgggg actggggatg ggatatgggg cggtaggtga gcacttgcct agtatacaga    152820
     aggccttggg ggtcagtccc cagctccaca taaactgagt gtggtcctgc atgcctgtaa    152880
     ccccagtact catggggcag cgggataaat tcaaggtcat cttcgtctac atagtgagat    152940
     ttgaggccag cttatcttgt cctagaaatg tttaagatgt agtttgtgtg tgtgagtgca    153000
     cgcttgcatg tgtgtctttg tgtgtctgtg gaagtcatag gtagatctca cggttgtttc    153060
     tgtccatggt gggtctcatt gattggggtt cactggcagg cccatgagct cccaggttct    153120
     ttttgtgttc acccccaaag ccgaggtttc aaagtaacca tcacaggtgg catttttatt    153180
     ttttttaaca tggctgctgg agcgtgcact cctatcttca agcttgtatg ccaacacttt    153240
     acagagtgag ccagccacac agtacagggg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgcttgct    153300
     cagcaacttg ggtggttgag gcaggaagat tgcaagtgcc aggccaactt ggaccacggt    153360
     taagtccctg ttttaacaag aaaacattgg ttttgaaata atagtaataa caataaggct    153420
     aagtaacatt ttgaaagcca attgtttgca aaaccatgct gctgtttatt tatttgtctg    153480
     tctgtctgtc tgtctctctc tagatgtgta tgttggagtc agagggcagc ctgtggttct    153540
     ctgcttcccc tgtgtgggat ctgggggctg agctaggtct tcaggcttgg cagcaggggc    153600
     cttgctcact cacccatctc ctgaagcctc tgtggcttct ttagagaagc tgaactcaga    153660
     tttagttttc cactgcagat tagaaaccta tgaaaggggg gctggtgaga tggctcagca    153720
     ggtaagagta cccgactgct cttccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    153780
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa caagatctga ctccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    153840
     tcagtgtact tacatataat aaataaaaaa ataaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa agaaacctag    153900
     gaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcctggtgt ggtggcacac acctttaatc ccagcacttg    153960
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc    154020
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accagaaaga aagaaagaaa    154080
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagacagaca gacagacaga cagacaggaa    154140
     ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaga gaggggagag ggagggaggg agggaccacc    154200
     cacccaccca acaaacctat ggcttcctca tagtcaaaag ggatcttgtg gggcagagct    154260
     ggtaccaagc cccaaggcgg aggctcagac tcaggacaat gtccttggcc ttctccagtc    154320
     agaagctcca ccagagtcag ccctagatga gcagcagctg ctgcagagag caggggagag    154380
     gtgccagctc ttcgtgtaaa gggttctcag gccaggcagg gaaccagaga attgcacagt    154440
     ttggacatat tttataatcc aacagaacta ggatttatct atttatttac ttgcttgctt    154500
     gcttgcttac ttattcagtc actaccctgc ttggttcctg tggtgctcgt cttcctgcag    154560
     gcgaggctag tgctctatgc acaaagccat atcccttgct ctagatttta gtttcaagtc    154620
     tgacagtgac ttgggtggct tgcttctctg acacttagca tttgcttatg tgaaacaggg    154680
     gactttgggg gctcagtgag actgtgccac gaggggatgc ttgagtctgg gccagggcag    154740
     ctggcctggc cccagatttc agggatactg agtcactgag ctgttatagc acgggagggg    154800
     ttatgtgagg gagttgagct gaggtaggag atgaacccca cagatctgct ctgtctggca    154860
     aggcagcgtg agccttctga ggatttgtgg ctctctcgtc tttttatgga gttaagatat    154920
     agattttagg gctgtggata tagctggggg tctaaccttt gcccagcttg catgaggccc    154980
     tgggtgccat ctcattacag agggtaaaat actttaaaca attataaggg ggataacacc    155040
     tgctctctgt acccagaacc cccagttctt aaaggagtcc tagcttctgt tcttaaagtc    155100
     tctgcctatg ggggttggga tcagctattt ccaaacgcca ttcctgccct gaaagtgttc    155160
     ttctttgaag agtgtccaca actccaaaat ccaaacaatg tcagggatcc tggactctca    155220
     gggtttcaaa agaccaaaga cagaaagttt cagtcacggt attcagagct tccagtatat    155280
     ctacatctgg ggaccagaga tgtggactca cctgcttgat gtcgcatagg ctgtggggag    155340
     agtttggata ccagatttat ctagatgatg atgatgacga tggcgacgac gacgacaatg    155400
     atgatgaatc tcatgtattc ccagaatggc cttgagttta ccatgtagcc aaagatgatc    155460
     ttgaacttgt aatattcctg gtttcaccat ctggctgttg agattacagg tgtgaaccac    155520
     caggtctccg ttatgaagtg cttgggattt acttgctggg caagcagaca ttctatcagc    155580
     taatgtggtc catccagatt ttgattcttt ctgtgttgcc attggactcc atgcctatcc    155640
     ctcggtaggc aaacactcta agagccccaa gtctaggttt tgtgatgcct agttatgaca    155700
     cagtagagca tctttactgg ataattatct gtaccgggca actttttttt tttttaattg    155760
     ggcgtggtga cattcacaaa gttcaacaca ggtcttcacc gtgcattcca gacatcttca    155820
     cacaagccag tcggggttta aagagaaggg ccccagggtg ggaagccccg cgagttagag    155880
     aggcaggtga gccgcacttg gcactttaac agccttagga gtgtggtaca gtcagagtga    155940
     gcctgccagt ctaaccctgc tattctcaat tagagatgag aaacccaaag ccacaaagga    156000
     ttgggttaaa catggggatt tttgtagctt tagatcgaat tgaattcaaa gtccctgccg    156060
     gttccctcca ggtctggaga ggtgcgagag aggggaaaag caggaggctc tccgcgtccg    156120
     ccctgggggg gcccctactc caccccactg ccctgggtgg caacctcttg gcaggtcctg    156180
     gggaacccgc acaggggaat ggggtggtgg tggagggagg aacaatggtc ccctcccctc    156240
     cctctcctcg ctcccctccc tccccagctg gctggagggt ggggtctccc cgccccgcct    156300
     ccctgctcct cccccgacca ggcgatgagg taatcgcgcc gctgagaggc acgcgcagcc    156360
     ggtgcccagc ccggtcggtc cccgcgcccc tgccccttcg gccgtcaccc ctggtacgct    156420
     cgggggaccc gggtctcctg gccgcaccat gaccgagcgt tgcagcctgt ggagtgcgct    156480
     gtccgccgcc gcctgctgct tctaccgtgg ctcgctggta caggtgcagg tgagggggcg    156540
     gcatggggac ccgggtcact gcgccccgcc gctgagatgg ggacctcagt ccaagagcat    156600
     ccccgcaggg tcgtgcagtc cggacagcca gcgaagggag ggggcggggt cgccatagct    156660
     cacctcgggg tgaccagggc gctccacggg atgcgggtgc agggtgccat tccttggact    156720
     ctagactgca ggagacgtga tagggagttg gagctggaac tcgggctagg agatggggtt    156780
     ccttctgtca cttatgaggt ccctgctgct gaccccaggc cacctggctc cctattgtac    156840
     caggaacgca gggctggtgt ctagaggctg aatgagaggc aggatgcgca gtgcacgctg    156900
     aggacaccac ggtgtcacta ccttccttcc atctgggtgg gctcgaggta ctgggttgta    156960
     ggtctcccag tccagctggc ccaggagcgc aggagcgcac agcggcggtg cgagggttaa    157020
     acggaagggg gtggagggga ggacccggac cccgcctctc tgcagagcat cctctggggt    157080
     ggctgtgcct ggggttggga tacctaaggg agccagggga gtggtgggaa accagctggt    157140
     aggaaggggc tgagaccctg acagaggttc tctgcactcc tgcctcttgg gcatcctggg    157200
     agatgcgggg cacctcacct ctgagctccc ccaacctcac acacacactt gctccgagcc    157260
     cgcctgaatg acggccccgc cggcggcgga gcacagcatc cctgcacggg ccaatcaggc    157320
     gtgcgcaagc cgggaggcgg tgagatcatc tctgaccaat cgcagtgctc tgagcgcaag    157380
     gatgctgcat tcgcaccccc cctcccaact cttgggagct aaggaccctg aggcccaggg    157440
     tgaggaagag gtcacagggg gtcctagggc ttcctaccct agatgtgtgg aggaccatcg    157500
     gtccttttaa ccccagttct gacctaagct ctgcttaggg ctggaaatgc ggtgccagtt    157560
     tccagcatcc tttacagatg aagctactca gacctagcca ggagaagtga ctggtccaag    157620
     gtcacacagg ctgtgtcctg tcttggggcc acattcttta gtatacagtc tgtccctact    157680
     ttgcttcgga actgggaggg gagtttcagt gtgtgcaggg agtggtgtgt gtgcaaggct    157740
     gggtacaggt tccatttcca catgccgctc acccttcttt cccagaattc tgtgcaattt    157800
     gaagggagag gccagggctg gtgtgagcac tgcagaggga aatgggagag gctaatgacc    157860
     ctaaaaaatt agggaactgc aaaggcccaa aactcggctt ggccaagacc actctgccct    157920
     accatggcat tgatttttgc tgtgttgtgg gtggaggcct tgcattatcc aatcccggcc    157980
     cttgccttac ccttgtgcac ccagaccatt ccgactgtct gtctccagaa ctctgaaggc    158040
     ttctcaaagc ccacgctatc acaggcctta cacttcttct aggttgctag gctggtgcct    158100
     cgggctgctc tgccattgac tgagggcctc agctgactcc acactgcagt gttctgagac    158160
     ttctggttga tctcccagct ctccaggcag tgtcgcagcc ctgccccacc tgctacacca    158220
     tccatagact cggatctgcc cacagggccc caccctggcc tcagctctta cctgcttatc    158280
     catcctccac ctcctgacca ggcaggggac actgcatctc tgaagatgcc tgggattgag    158340
     tgtaggggtc tgcatgggct ctcctagggc agtgactatc ctgatctctt tgagttccaa    158400
     ccccagctta ggacccaacg tgaggctggc ccatgttgaa tgaatgaagt tggagagtct    158460
     agccatctct ggagctagaa ttatggtggt tgaaaacagt ggagatgagg gtggaacctg    158520
     tgtggagtgt gcgtcttaga tctggggaag tctgaggcgt gacttgccag actccaggag    158580
     tactcaggag agactgttct ctggctttac ctgtctgttc acttctgacc agttccagaa    158640
     tgggagtctt ggagtagcca tctgtaggga ctggcaaagc ctcccaggga gaagcgtagc    158700
     tgtgaggtga ggcagatcct ggagtcccac ccattctact gggcagagag ttaggcgagt    158760
     tcactcattt tactgaggaa agagttaagt cccagactgc tcacatgggg tgggcttgcc    158820
     tctttgatgg gggtgtgcct ggcaatggga acctcctctg acaataggat gcctgggatt    158880
     ggtaacctct aagcctacga ctgcccaccg tgggtagctg ggagggcaga tttctgggca    158940
     ttgactctag tgagtgacct ttgacttcac tgcagggctg cagtttccaa tctggcagga    159000
     tcactctagc ttgcgtgtgt ttggggggca ggagtgtaga ggattacagt aggcattgaa    159060
     gatgcctgtg aggcccacgt ccctgctgat ggctgccttt gggcccttct gcagggttca    159120
     tattcctgtc acctcgttgg cccaggcact cggtgcctct cagactgacc cgtagatggc    159180
     cttccttcac aatagcccta ctacctctag aaggtttcat acgatagtgt catcctggaa    159240
     gtctctagac cctcacctct cacagactta atgccctggc ctagagcagg agatggcact    159300
     ttgccgctgt ccagcaccct ggtgctgatg gcagctgctt tgcctggccc ctttggctat    159360
     ctcttagcct gtgggcttcc cggaggacag gacttgactt aggcttcagt gcactcacct    159420
     tgcctaggta cattctgata gaataagctg gggttttact ctagctggga tgaggaccca    159480
     caggtgagga ccatccagca ggacaagtgt tttagcattg ttgacaatcc cagggtgaca    159540
     tggggcagaa tgagttggag gaagagagat ggggccgtgg aaacagatgc caatctcgct    159600
     ctccccgtgc agttctccaa ggagaagtac attcttgact cctcgccaga gaaactgcac    159660
     aaggagctgg aagaggaact gaagctcagc agcacggacc tccgtagcca tgcctggtac    159720
     cacggacgca tccctcgtga ggtgagcaag ccccaggcct attcattggc aaggctgagg    159780
     ttttagtctt accatttact gtgtgacctt gagggaatca ccttgcctct ccaggctcca    159840
     gcatcctcat ctgaggaatg gagagatagt tcctcaaaag gcagtcatgt tctgcataga    159900
     gagacccaaa gggagggact gttgtgaagg tgagatgagc taaggcagat agggtaggat    159960
     gcctggtgcc ggtaaatgca agcatgaggg gtgttgttcg aactgtgttt cgttattcct    160020
     ggtttataga tcagcctcct gtggatttgg ctagagaata tccatttttg ggctactcag    160080
     ttttggccaa gtttgagtat ctggcctgag ataactttat aagtcacaga cctgaaccgg    160140
     tgggtcacct ggccctttgc cccagcacag gggctccagg atgtagagaa gagatgaggt    160200
     ggcagcttcc ttagaggatg ctaacccaga agggcacaga gtatcaagcc tttcacaaag    160260
     gtgtaagtat agaggagtgc tgcacagatg tgctgtaggc agagaaagca tctcgaggga    160320
     gcagacaccc agagctgtgg ctggggcctg aatggctaca ggagagtgcc tggaacttac    160380
     tttgccttgt aggaaccctg agaggggctg ggtctgagac ctagatctct gatcacagtg    160440
     atttcagcat ttcctgcatc cctgcatcca atcccaagtg ccacctttgg ccattcctgg    160500
     gcctctgtgt ccctgaccca tggcctcagc tgaggtgcca ccttaggctc cggtcctaag    160560
     cattagatgt ctgatgtcta ttaaccagat cctctacgct ctagatgctg tcttggtgtc    160620
     ccaaattcaa agtcaccatg tcccctaacc ctttcttctt tagccaccac gcctaatttc    160680
     tccgttcctt ctgtaggtct ctgagactct ggtgcagcgg aacggcgact tcctcatccg    160740
     agactcactc accagcctag gggactatgt gctcacgtgc cgctggcaca atcaggcctt    160800
     gcacttcaag atcaacaagg tggtggtgaa ggccggagag agctacaccc acatccggta    160860
     cctcttcgag caggagagct tcgaccacgt gcctgccctc gtgcgctacc acgtgggcag    160920
     ccgtaaggcc gtgtccgaac agagcggggc tatcatctac tgccctgtca accgcacctt    160980
     cccactgcgc tacctcgagg ccagctatgg cctgagccag ggcagcagca agactgccag    161040
     cccagccagc ccctcaggct ccaagggcag ccacatgaag aggcgaagca ttaccatgac    161100
     tgatggactc accactgaca aggtcacccg cagcgatggc tgccccaaca ggtcagccag    161160
     atccccactt ccctctggct tgttaatgaa aatgctggta tggaagggag tcccagcaga    161220
     gaggaggctc ctcctctgag actctgtggg gagacctggg aggttgagct tcagtgtgga    161280
     cacagggctg cactgggtga gggcagcagt gagagggggc tgtcgacaca agagagtagg    161340
     gtccatggtc tgatttacag aaaccataag gataagctgg gctctggcct gtgcgtctct    161400
     tcccatcatt ttcctaggga taaatgagag acagagagga ccctgagcaa cctcagccta    161460
     gctgggtatc cccaagttgt gtctctgtgt cttctgatcc cggaagaaga aaatgctggg    161520
     tagagatgga gagggagagc aggttaattg agggagggag gtgactagaa gataggcaag    161580
     tggaagccga tagggttgtg ccccctgagg gtcagggtcc actgggggag tgtctgggag    161640
     tcagaacctg ctgtgcgatc atccgaggtc aaggtcagct gtgggagagg actggaggag    161700
     tcacatctat cccaccttag cccagctctg ccttctccag cttttacatt catccattga    161760
     gagacagaac ctgaccagca taccttttta gcatccgaag tttagggggc agggagtggg    161820
     atcgtacagt gaatcaagtc ccctgatctc tgacctctgg gctcatggaa tctctgtcca    161880
     cagcacctca ttaccccatc ctcgagactc catccgaaac tgtgccctca gcatggacca    161940
     gatcccagat ctccactcac ccctgtctcc tatctccgag agccccagct ctcctgccta    162000
     tagcactggt aagctagcag ggggtagtct gtaatgctgt tgtcgttggt gggggacatc    162060
     ggttacctga ctgtttctgc ctctgggctg ggagcagtgt ccccacgaat gttctagaaa    162120
     agcctgtggc agaatcgctg gtgttgacac acaagcaaca tccggtgaat agtgttccca    162180
     tgggtgccag gcaatgggca cagaatgggt tctcagtgag agtggcaggg taaagtctgc    162240
     tgggggtgca gcttgtcacg gggccaggcc ttggggctgt gatgtgcaca gtgtttgact    162300
     ccagcagaca aagttcccac tacagctgcc ttaccaaggg cgttggtaac aagagcatca    162360
     ttcctaccta ggtcctgctt tgagcttaga ccaggctagc tcaggctagc tcaggctagt    162420
     gtgctttgct gctctttttt ttttttttta aactaacttt tagagcagtt taagatttct    162480
     gaaaaacttg aaatcatggg atcctgtgct tataaataca aataaagtaa aaatatgtcc    162540
     ccagtttatt tctcaaaaca aagcaaaaca aacctcagac tgttaagcaa aatgtcttgc    162600
     cccgcaaggc agtcagagca ttgagagggg tggcttcctg gaagtctcgg cctggaggga    162660
     gcactccatg cctctggagt gttactatgt gcccccagaa gtctttcctg tcgtcacata    162720
     cacttgcttt caaaacagca tggtcatgtg aaaacattta tttacttatt tgttttatta    162780
     ttttagacgg agactcagta tgtagccttg gctggcctgg agctcactat gtagaccaga    162840
     ctcagagctc tgcctgcctc tatctcctaa ggactggaat taaacatgcc taccaccaca    162900
     cccagcttat gggtttgttt ttgttttttt tttttttgtt gttgttggtt tttttttttg    162960
     gtttttaatg ggacaatttc cagtaatcac ctaggagata acggcttcta tcctagccct    163020
     accaggttga gtgacctcgg caagtctcta agccctgagc ctccactttc tcagctcaag    163080
     actgaggacc ataaaagtcc ttactgccat agaatgggac acttggggta ttgtttgttt    163140
     gtttttgaga caaggtctca ctaagtagct ctggctgcct ggaacttgtt atatagatca    163200
     ggctagctca aatctacaga gacctggtca tccctgagcg ctagggctgc aggtgtgcac    163260
     caccccactg gctttgctgt tttgcttctg agttctttta catcccttta cttatttgtg    163320
     tgtggggtat ggggggacac aaaggccaag tgacaacttc cctgagttca cttggtgaca    163380
     gcttcaccag gcatcatact tcagcagagc ttagcttccc tggaccgcct atgtggcttc    163440
     tgatgttcta gtctcttggg gcagcggctc cactgataca gggaagtgct gaggaccata    163500
     gagtacctcc ctctacattt tgggatgtgg gacattactc tatacacagg atgcagacta    163560
     ttctttgaga gaacagggaa gggaggcccc attaaaaaaa aaaaagattt gtttattatg    163620
     tatacagtat cctgtctgca tgtctgcctt caggagagaa gagggcacca gatctcatta    163680
     gagatggttg tgagccacga tgtgctcgct gggaatcgaa ctcaggacct caggaagaac    163740
     agccagtgtt cttcactact gatgtatccc tccagcctcg gaggcccctt tttttttttt    163800
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccttggctg tcctggaact    163860
     cactctgtag atcaggctgg cctcgaactc agagatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtt    163920
     ctgggattaa aggcgtggga ccaccacgcc cggcgggagg tcccattttt aagggtagag    163980
     gagataacta gttttctctt tctcctctct gtagtaaccc gagtccatgc tccttctgcc    164040
     accccctcta cttcagcaca gcctgcctcc ccagttgccc gccgctccag cgaacctcag    164100
     ctatgtcctg gaaatactcc aaagcctcct ggggagtcag acagggcccc tcacgcaagc    164160
     ccatcccaca ccctctgcaa ggcctcgcca tcaccatcac tcagcagcta cagtgacccg    164220
     gactctggtc actactgtca gctccagcct ccggtccgtg gcagccgaga gcaggccgca    164280
     ggagagactc cccggaaggc taggggctcc ggagagaggc aaaaggaact gttagaaaat    164340
     ggagtctctg acggggagtg gggcaagacc ttcacagtcc ctgtagtaga agccacctcc    164400
     tctttcaacc tggctacctt ccagtcccag ctgatcccca aggagaaccg gcctctggag    164460
     gtggcccttc tgcgcaaggt caaggagctg ctgtctgagg tggatgcccg gacactggcc    164520
     cggcatgtca ccaaggttga ctgcctggta agtattagga atgctcacag aggggacaat    164580
     acctttatca tctggctttg gggtcaggag tcaagcaaga tggtgaggga ctgattccca    164640
     aatcccctaa gtacagtgaa gccagtagct tgggttttga catcccgggt gtctttcttg    164700
     gttctgggac tatggattgt catctggcat gtcagtctcc attttcttag tttagattgt    164760
     tttgctttgt tttattaggg tctcactatg tagccttggc agggctggaa ctatgtagac    164820
     aaggctggcc ttgaactcac agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccagttg ctgggattaa    164880
     aggattatgc ccccccccac ttgcagtcac cgccttctcc tccgcccccc ttctcctttt    164940
     catttcagtt tttaatgtgc attggtgttt tgccagtatg tgtgtcagta ctggagttat    165000
     aggcattgtg agccatcata taagtgctga gaatcgaacc ccagtctttt tggaagagca    165060
     gccagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctca ccagcccgat tttcttcttt ggaaaagtaa    165120
     aaaccaagac atttctacag ctgcagatgt ggaaggaggg ctgatgtttt gggagtaact    165180
     taaagaactt cttggttcta gtctgcagaa agtgaacatc tggttggggg ggggcgggga    165240
     atctgcctgc ccccttgccc cctaaccccc tagtggacaa caagcaaaat gttccttgac    165300
     ccaaaaactg tccagatgcc agtgtgaggc tttgactccg tacgaaccac agctctttcc    165360
     ataccccagt ttctcgctat gtagtttggt atatacgctg gtctgagaaa tcaggaagtg    165420
     aaaagaatca tgtggggatg cagctgcggg agaagaggga gaaactgagg tgcaggctca    165480
     agtgtacaaa cttggacaag aaagttcatt cccttcctgg gccttgggtt ggcaatcggg    165540
     gataatggga tcttggctct tgattttaag tatttaacat ggcacacacc tatgggcttc    165600
     tttctactcc ccattttaca gatggggaaa ctgaggctca ctcagaaagg gggaaatcac    165660
     ttgctccgtg tttgcagagg agctgggatt caaccaccca ccccaccctc tggacccctc    165720
     tgccaggcga ccctcttaga tgaagctctg actcccagat gggttggact aaccctgaca    165780
     ggaaattaat cagccctttg ggcgtctttg caggttgcta ggatactggg cgttaccaag    165840
     gagatgcaga ccctaatggg agtccgctgg ggcatggagc tgctcaccct cccccatggc    165900
     cggcagctac gactagacct gctggaaagg taaggtgcac tgcaccagcc cacggctacc    165960
     ttacgggctg tcccagggtt tctgaccact cttcctatcc cactagccaa tcgcagcttc    166020
     gtggtcctcg gctcaaagcc agtctgattt cccaaagact gctgttttat cgaccgcttt    166080
     agcctctcgc ttccccacgt ccatcaacct tggccccgcc caccattcct gtccacagtg    166140
     ttctttctaa aactctgccc tttggatttt gctgatcaat tacaagtttc tcctcctgcc    166200
     atccagattt tgctcctaac ttatattgtc caaccaggct cccttctctc tgcctgttac    166260
     tttggctgcg ccccttagtc gctgtgacct actctgtttt ctgtcatact taacagcgtc    166320
     cctgttggcc ccgccgccgt atgtcacgcc ccctatgatc caacctctct cacaggttcc    166380
     acaccatgtc catcatgctg gcagtggata tcctgggctg cacaggctcg gcggaggagc    166440
     gggcagctct gctgcacaag accatacagc tggcggccga gctgcggggg acgatgggca    166500
     acatgttcag cttcgccgct gtcatgggcg ccctggagat ggcccaggta ctgtgggcac    166560
     ctctggacaa ccactaggct gtctgcataa ggcccggggg gggggggggg ggggcgttcc    166620
     ctgggggaag acatttgcat ggaaaataca agagctcccg gagtctctag gcttcctctg    166680
     ggaaggacca gaccaggaag cagaggtctc ccaggtgttg cgctctgatt cctgccctgg    166740
     gcctcagttg acccgcttgt aagaggaacc agaaaccctg aatttaaaga atatatagtg    166800
     cttttggtgg gacgggaatg cccttgagac ggctcagcct ttaagagagc gtccgattca    166860
     tgccaaatga tgcagggttc attcccagcc ccccatacca agcagttcac aactgcctat    166920
     aacaccgact cccccttcta gtctccacat gccctagcat gcacatgtac atatactaag    166980
     gcacacacac ataaaataag taaatctttt aaaatataga acatggttct ttacattgac    167040
     ctcgggaagg ggaggcaagg gaattagaaa ttcaagactt aacaccgcgc ctcaaaacaa    167100
     agacgacata gaatgaccat cagttgatgg acttgctgta tgctaggtac cagcactgac    167160
     tcttcacggg ggaggggagg ggggggaggc tgctggatgg tcctgtgtca cagagtggcc    167220
     accagaggca gagcggtaac gggtgaggtc acacagtcca gagctgagat tcaagatttg    167280
     taaaatgtgt tgcaacagct tcagttaaca gttgacgctg tttccatttt ctgactgaca    167340
     gccatactca gctgtcattg tgtggtactc agggacagtg taccctaacc ccacagcctt    167400
     cagcagggtg acctgtggcc agctgctcct ggaggcgccg tctctagcca gtctcttata    167460
     gtctgctctt cccagatttc aaggctggag cagacatgga tgaccctgcg acagcgacac    167520
     acggagggtg ccattctgta cgagaagaag ctcaagcctt tcctcaagag cctgaacgag    167580
     ggcaaaggta ggtgatgtct gcatctcaat gtgacattta cagaggtgtc ggcctatggg    167640
     ttcccaaaga cttctgaggt ggcgaggata atagcgtgac tgtcccatgg ggtagccagg    167700
     tatgctctgt catggacagg atagggttac cagggaaaga agggactgtt tagggtgacc    167760
     tcggtggtcc tcctgaggcc ccagacatct ctggggttgt agtgggtgga agggtcttca    167820
     ggtctaagag cctgccgccc ctctccacag aaggcccacc gctgagcaac accacgtttc    167880
     cacacgtact tcctttcatt actctgctgg aatgtgactc tgcccccgcc gagggtcctg    167940
     aaccttgggg cagcacagaa cacggtgtgg aggttgtgct agcccacctg gaggccgccc    168000
     gcactgtggc ccaccacggg ggcctctacc acaccaacgc tgaggtcaag ctgcaaggtg    168060
     agtagctgtc atgtccccag gatcctgctg tccctggctc ccctccatct gtctctacct    168120
     atgcctctcg gtccgcaagc atccactgac atcttctact cctctgtctt gactcctggc    168180
     tcctttattc catctgtctt gtcactcata ggcagttgtt agcgagggta tcaggtgagg    168240
     tgggctgaga gacactgaac acctttgcca tgtgtttcaa tcgcctgcac ctcactgttc    168300
     tcatggaagt aagcagctgt ctttccgtag ctggttacaa ggtgcccagc caaggtccag    168360
     catgaagaaa gacctgcctg gtcttcaggg agcctctact ggggaacata gaattctggg    168420
     aaaggagtag aggaagtggc ttcaaacgat gactctttta ctgctttggg cattatttaa    168480
     accacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaatctgg gggactgggg atgtggctta    168540
     gtagggtgct tggctagtgt gccaagccct agacttcatc cccaggactg tgtgcatggc    168600
     ataaactggg agcatgagcc tcacagtcct ggcactctga gaggcaaaga gtaccagggt    168660
     tcactatcat ccccagctgt gtaccgggtt caaggccaag caggtctctc tgacttcaag    168720
     accagcgtgg tctacataga aagttccaag ccagccaggg ctacataggg agactgtctc    168780
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa aaaagattta gaaaattatt cacttgccta gagatatata    168840
     gtatgaatat tatggtatat ctcttttcat tttttctcag agaattatat atactttata    168900
     aatgtcttta agaaaaatgc aacttacaga aaaatacaag aaagctcttc tgagatctca    168960
     cctcagattt accggagtgt gtgtgtgtta catcttaagg gctgagatag cagagcaaag    169020
     agtgtctgcc tagatgcaca aagccctgtg ttcccgtgcc agcgccacat gcacaaacac    169080
     cagttatcat ctagtccttt aaaaatcata tgttgcaaat agatgaagaa agactaggta    169140
     ccacctgcaa ggtgctgttc ttcgtacatt gtgttgtgtc cctgcggggc tggggaggat    169200
     ccctgtgagc aggccctgaa gcttgtgaag ccctgattac ctctttccac cccgcagggt    169260
     tccaagcccg accggagctc ctggaagtat tcagcacaga gttccagatg cggctcctct    169320
     ggggcagcca gggtgccaac agcagccagg cctggcgcta tgagaagttt gacaaagtcc    169380
     tcactgcctt gtcccacaag ctggaacctg ccatccgctc tagcgagctg tgaccccgga    169440
     gatctcgcct ctctgcagct gcgggcagca tcggcggcag aggggctcag gacattccct    169500
     ccagagcacc acagggacac tgtgatcagc ccaagaatgt tctgggttca aatccaggat    169560
     ctcccttgca cttccagggt cctgaatgga ctctgagctc cattcttcca tcacacacgc    169620
     gccaagtctc ccttccaaat ggacaggaac ctctgctcct cccaccggct tgcgctggcc    169680
     ccccttttgc tgaggttccc tgtttttgag ccatgggagg ctccccaccc ctcttccttc    169740
     ctgcaggcat ctatgcctag aggtgccaca gcctccatct tactgtaaat aagtctggtg    169800
     taaatgtatg tacagaagcc atgctctctt tcatataata aactttaatg actctttctt    169860
     ctgtcccatg aggccttggt agaaagaagc aattccacag gtgaacggtc cacaacacca    169920
     ggaaatacct ggttagcgcc aaagacttcc cagatgatat ggggaaccag gtttacagca    169980
     gcccctccct gaccgccatg agctcaggta ttagcagggg agacggtcag tccagagcag    170040
     tgtaagtagg ggcctcagtc ttctctgagc ccagggcttg tcaggagaaa ccatagttcc    170100
     cccccccccc ggccctcacc ccatccacaa gaagtccaga gtttgaggta aaagggcttt    170160
     taaaaatcta gagaccagaa gagatggctt agtggccaag agcactgagt gatctttcag    170220
     aggactctgg ctcaatccca gcactcacat ggtggctcat aatctagaac tccagtgcta    170280
     aggggtctta agccctcttc tgacctcctt gggtaccggg cacacatgcg gtgtgtgagc    170340
     aaaatagcca tacaaataaa ataaaattta aattaaaaaa aatctttaaa ctggatctag    170400
     tgactcatca ctttaattcc atcactttgg actcagaggc aggcaaatct ttgaggccag    170460
     tccaagctgt ttagtgagcg cccccccctt caaaaaaaat ctttaaatat gaaacctaga    170520
     atcccaattc cccttacacc tggtgggtga ggtgactttt tctgagctat aatagcagaa    170580
     caagcaagtt tgctggtggt gatcacaggc taggcctggg cctcaggaat ctgcttactg    170640
     aattagagac acaggggttc tttgctctga gctcttgata ttagatcttc gaccacacct    170700
     ggaggtgggt tgagttcaat ggctcagtga ctaggaaact tggataagaa gcttaatgtc    170760
     ttgggttcca aattcaatag aaccaagaca ataagggacc ccctctcctt ggatttatat    170820
     tagtctttag cgtgtagtag tagctggtaa gaaagagcaa tactcattta catatatatg    170880
     caaatttttt taagctctga gaaactttta ttagggttta aaagaaaaac cctggggcag    170940
     gcaagcttta aatctcagat gctgcctgga ggaggaggat ggagaaagaa aaaaagccat    171000
     gtcatttgga ttagttgaca aagaggctag cctcgcgata gtcagagagg gctttaggga    171060
     gtgacaccca aagtgttaga gaggtgtgct tagaaaaaag aaggggccgg gcagtggtgg    171120
     tacacacctt taatcccagc actcagaggc aggcagatct ctgagtttga agccagcctg    171180
     cctcagagct agtccaagga cagctggggc tacacaggga aaccctgtcc cgaaaagaca    171240
     gagacaaagg aagaaaagta aaaagcacac ttttggagtt ccttagactt gtgaagctgc    171300
     atcactgcct tttgatttac ttatttatcc attttgtgag tgtgtgtgtg aactcacgca    171360
     cgtgtagaga ggttcaagga caatttgcag gattggttct tgatttccac caggtaggct    171420
     ctggggattg tactccggtc tttaggccgg ttggcaagtg tctttgccta caaaaccagc    171480
     ttttttttgg gggggggggt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga    171540
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa    171600
     gtgctgggat taaaggcatg caccaccacg cccagctcac aaaaccatct tgaaggttct    171660
     attttctgag ccaaaaacac tttatgtgac cacatctcat tgagctgacc atccctgggt    171720
     atagagtagg tactgttgca tcccatgtaa ggcgcctgcc tgacactggc agagacattc    171780
     tcaaaaggcg gttgtgagca ctcttccgtc acatttttaa aaagagcttg gaaaaggctc    171840
     tcaggaaagt gtaaagtccg gctcaagttt ttgttattat gttgtttcac tctcttaatc    171900
     ttttattctt tctgaggtaa ggtttcgggc cgctagttac ccgtgaccat ggcaacgcgg    171960
     gactgggtgg ttcgcgggct cccccaggag gcctatttgc agtactgctg cgagacaacc    172020
     tgtgggtttt agagccccaa ggaaggggag ccgggagttg taggcaatgg gcgtggctgc    172080
     ctcggagcgg tgcacaccgg gagctgtagt tcacaggttc tggcggtggg cggcctctga    172140
     ccgaaatcgg gcctcaaccg gatggcggtg gcgaggcacg gctaccggcc ctggggctcg    172200
     atcctcgggc tgctcgggct ggccttggct gccgccgccg cctgggacgt ggcttctctg    172260
     cgctgcacct tcggctcgtt ctgcgaatgc gacttctggc ccgacttgcc gggtgagggg    172320
     tgggagccgg tgcggacggg cgggcagccg gcagttcgca ggggctcgaa acatctgccg    172380
     ccccgccggc cgccggcgga ggtggggatc cgagagcctc tggtgcaaac ctgaggagag    172440
     ggtttggagg gggcccggtg gagggaagcc tttgacagag gggcgcccag tggcttgtgg    172500
     taggcctccc ttgtgcggac ttgtcacacc gggggagaaa cctgccgtcg cctgaacctg    172560
     tagacagctg tcgtctactc ggggctggtg caacccggag aaccgcctcg agggggcggt    172620
     gccgcactgg cccttgccga ggtgactgat cctgtccctc gtttggacac aagtatccca    172680
     gaggtcttag acacatgcct tcgaccctct gatgcttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    172740
     tcccgacaga atctttctac actgatttga ctgttctgga cctcactatg tggaccaggc    172800
     tggtctcaaa ctcccagaga tccacttagc tctgcctcca gagtgctaag agattaaggg    172860
     tttgcaccac catattctgg ctctttttgt tttttgtttt tttaaagatt tatttatttt    172920
     tttatttata tgagtacact gcgactgcct tcagacacac actagaagag ggcatcagat    172980
     cccattacag atggttgtga gccacatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctttgg    173040
     cagtcagtgc tctttccatc tttccagcct cccccttttt tttttaatat ttatgctttg    173100
     cctgcaagta tggttacatc catgtgccca tggaagtttg aagacggtgt tggctcctct    173160
     gggatggact tacagatagt tgagagctac catgtgagtg gtaggaatcg aacttaagtt    173220
     ctctgcaaga gcagccagtg ctgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgagacaggg    173280
     tttctctgtg tagccctgct tggctggcct ggaatttact atgtagacca ggctggcctc    173340
     gaactcaaaa gagatctccc tgcctgtgcc tcccaattgc ctggattaaa ggtgtgttgg    173400
     aattcaccat aaacccaggc tggcctttga ttgggaggat tactgctgcc tctgcctccc    173460
     aggggctgag ctgacagaca tgagtcaaca gcctgtcatc tgctttgata tgcgttcctt    173520
     ctgtggccct aggtctggaa tgtgacctgg ctcaacacct ggctggccag catttggcca    173580
     aggccctggt ggtgaagtca ctgaaggcct ttgtacagga cccagccccc agcaagccgt    173640
     tggtcctttc cctgcacggc tggacaggca ccgggaagtc ctacgttagc tccctgctgg    173700
     cacagcatct cttccgggat ggccttcgca gccctcacgt ccatcacttc tcccctatca    173760
     tccatttccc acatcccagc cgcactgagc agtacaaggt aggccagatg tgtcctggtc    173820
     ccttttctcc atcctaatcc agagagggct ccaaaacaca cagccagttg gaggctcagc    173880
     cttcagaacc tgttaggaac aggggtggtg gcagtcttgt tgcctgtgag tccgagacat    173940
     catgagcctt ggggattacc ccgggcagat attacacagg gtacctgtgt ctgtgttagc    174000
     atcctctctt aagctcttag ccccatatgg tgctttggca agcattccct ggtgactgtc    174060
     agctctgata tctgttgttc ctgatctgtc ttagctgtca acactggggg gcaggtctga    174120
     cctcccctgt cagaagtcac ttagctctca tgaacagaca attgagtaca tatttgtacc    174180
     cctgttctcc tgttgactgg ctgtgtgact ttggacaagt ctctgcacct ctctgaacta    174240
     cccttttacc atctgtctca aggggttggt gccatctgga tatagattgt gtctcttcgg    174300
     aaatttttct tggcttggga agaagttccg ggttgcgggg agtggagtgt cttggactcc    174360
     tttggaattc ctgtctctac cctcatagaa ggagctcaag agctgggttc aggggaacct    174420
     cactgcctgt ggccgatccc ttttcctctt cgatgagatg gacaagctgc ctcctggcct    174480
     gatggaagtc ctgcagccct tcctgggccc ttcttgggtt gtgtatggga ccaactatcg    174540
     caaagccatc ttcatcttta tcaggtctgg cctctattgc aagcaagtgg gggtggaggg    174600
     gcacttgtta gaggtctagc tgtccagcgt gggcctgtgc tcccagcagg gtgctctccc    174660
     aggagcgcat gcatgctctc ttgactcctc actttttttt tttttttttt tccagacagg    174720
     gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcaacttt gtagaccagg ctgaaattcg    174780
     cctgcctctg cctcccgggt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccacgcc tggctctgac    174840
     tcctcacttt atctctgatg actctcattt gcagtggctg acttctcctt tgacattctc    174900
     aaagcccttc tgggctctga cttttagatc cttgctgctg tgtagaatcc cagcctggtc    174960
     aacagtcatc cctccttggt agttgagagg acacatgcct gagagaatgg gactgtgtgt    175020
     gtccctactc tccgacctca gccccatttc ccagctgtga gtccttaggc aggagcgttg    175080
     agcctctctg agctctgccc tctctctgct tctgaagctg gagcgatggc aattcttccc    175140
     tgccctcctc aggaaagcta gttagaggat accaaaggat cttgtagcct gagggtggta    175200
     acactttatt cgcagtgctc tgaaaggtgt gttggaggat ggcttcagag ttgaaggtag    175260
     cctgggctgc agtagtgtca gccccaaccc tagatggctc tgtgaattgt aaagtgcatc    175320
     ccacatacat gttacagtga cgtggctgtc atggggagaa ggaaatgggc cactttgctg    175380
     actctgagtc atgttacgtg tgaccctcta gttcttccat gaatctcagc ctggcttctt    175440
     gtgattttag caatgctggt ggtgagcaga tcaaccaggt ggccttggag gcctggcgca    175500
     gccacaggga cagggaagaa atcagcctac aggaggtgga gccagtaatc tcccgagctg    175560
     tgatggacaa ccctcaacgt aagttggctc ggggaccaat gtcggtaggg ccttcacact    175620
     taagtacacc tgaatctgaa gcactgtcca ctgcactgta gtcccatctc tcccgccaca    175680
     ttgtccactg caccatagtc ccattccccc cccaccacca cattgtccac tgcaccatag    175740
     tcccattccc ccccaccata ttgtccactg cactgtagtc ccatctctcc tgccacattg    175800
     tccactgcac catagtccca tcccccccac caccacattg tccactgcac catagtccca    175860
     ttccccccca ccatattgtc cactgcactg tagtcccatc tctcctgcca cattgtccac    175920
     tgcaccatag tcccgccccc cccactacat tgtccactgc accatagtcc cgttcccccg    175980
     ccacattgtc cactgcactg tagtctcatc tctcccacca cattgtctac tgcaccatag    176040
     ccccgtcccc ccaccaccgc attgtccact gcaccatagt cccgtccccc accaccacta    176100
     cattgtccac tgcaccatag tcctgtcccc tcccccacca cattgtccac tgcacagtag    176160
     tcccatctct cccgccacat tgtccactgc accatagtcc cgtcccccca ccatcacatt    176220
     gtccactgca ctgtagtccc atcaccctct gccacattgt ccactgcacc acagtcccgt    176280
     ccctcgccac actgtccaca atgaagcctg gattcccgac tagaaatgct caccatggcc    176340
     tctgtgcctc cctgcagatg gcttctggcg gtctggcatc atggaggagc acctgctgga    176400
     cgctgtggtg cccttcctcc cgctccagcg gcatcacgtg cgccactgcg tactcaatga    176460
     gctggctcag ttgggcctgg agcccagcga ggaggtggtt caggcggtgc tggacagcac    176520
     cacctacttc cctgaggtag aacagctctt ctcctccaat ggctgcaaga cagtggcctc    176580
     ccgactcaca tttttcctct gagaagccca ggtggcatcg ctgcctcctc tgcctggtca    176640
     gagcaaacac gaaaggcctg ggtggctcct ggaagaaatc tttcctaagc tggttggcaa    176700
     gtgggaccca gagcacaatg ttaagatgaa gaaaggtgtt ggccaggcca aggaagaaag    176760
     gtctagaagc atctttgcta agaaactcct gggtaccccg caacctcaca gccgtgccat    176820
     tgccctgcag tctgagcctg agccttctca atgtgaacgg caactcaggg acgaaggctc    176880
     ctggctgctt ccagctgggg actcttactg gcatgccttg tctggctcct ttcccagacc    176940
     tcagcccaca gactgtggct ggacccagca atccagctag gccaggctag cacctcacag    177000
     gttccccaaa tggaaggact caagctacta catgggcctg aatttcaaag tttttaattt    177060
     tgtacaagag aacagagatt aaataaactt agccttggta ttagaacatt gaccaaagtt    177120
     tcttactgtc ctgggaggag gcagcttggc tgaaatctgt tcattgctca ggaagggctt    177180
     cattggccct ttgagggagt agttaatcgt cagaggtgag cttctctctg tctcctggga    177240
     tctgttggac ttcctgagtt aaaaggttag tcagttccaa gaagctttca ctactgctga    177300
     gatctgttga cgagatctca ctgaagctta agctatcagc agccttgctg ggccatggag    177360
     tctggcccgg ggtatcattg gcactctcac caatgtcact atgggtcgtg ctgtgggtca    177420
     ggctgggagt ctttgttact ttctggctgc tgcgctgggc cttgagtttc cagccctggg    177480
     cgcgaacagc cttagctctt ctgattctct cctttacgct cagggtagac ctggacttgc    177540
     taggccttgg gccctcaggg gcttctgtcg tgctggtgct ctggctagga tccttgggat    177600
     cctctgtctt cttgggcttt gggacttggg tggccttttt ggagtccctt tggccatagg    177660
     caggtgtgac ctcagtggcg ttctggatta ggttctctgt gactgcctgg acgaccttgg    177720
     ggctccaggt cagttcctgg ctcttcctgg gtactgagag ctgaggcttt agcagtgtgg    177780
     actcagagga ttctatagcc gtgtgggaag agctcttata ctcctgactg gttgacatct    177840
     ctggccccga cgtgctgatg ctcacaactg gaaaagtgtg tcaggagcag tcactgacct    177900
     ctctaggcgg ctccgggaag acagaacttc tggacagcct ccaggccaca accctgaggc    177960
     ctactaactc ccaccaggcc caccttctca atatgtctgg gctgtggggt gacaagacgc    178020
     tgctcaaaca gtactgagtc agcctgccct ctctctgggc tctcccacag gcctctgaac    178080
     tctgtatatg cagctgattc cagcacttcc ttcagctcat gcagcccacc ctgatccctc    178140
     taaaggtcta atcacactct gccctctaag ccccactccc atttgcccag ctggctgctc    178200
     tcccctccat ctaccccacc ccccagctga cttagcattc acttcctggg gccaggactg    178260
     agtcagtcac tcatcaccag tggttggtac aggcctacct tggggaggtt aggggatgat    178320
     aaccaaatga aaggaagggg actaattctg gccccctcca ccaagaagca ctgggaacag    178380
     ccttttctgt cgatgtcacc cccacaccag gggacgctag agagcagcct tcttgcttta    178440
     ctcttttatc ccttcttggc tggtgatagc aaaagtggga gtcaaaacct gttggatatg    178500
     tatgaggtat gtggctttgt tcagggacat actgaggaga agagagaaag aacgggcctt    178560
     ggaaggagag gcagaaatag taacaaccag gaagggcctg aaggtgatgg tgggactgtg    178620
     aaaagcagcc tgttttctgg tcgagctgga ttcaaaccct ggagacccag cagattaatc    178680
     tgcaagggac agaaggcctc ttctccatgc tcccagacat aggctcctga catgaggacc    178740
     cagctccatc attctgtggc catcagtcac gtaggctgtc cagactcctc cccacagtta    178800
     cctaacaata gccaggtgtg ctcctcccca cagttaccca gccccaacag caaggtagcc    178860
     cagcctacta taaaaggggc tgcttggccc ctcctctctc tcttgcttct cttgctttcg    178920
     ctctagccct cttgctccct ccctcccttc cccttctccc ctctctccac agcctcttct    178980
     ctctctctct ctctctcttc tcctcctctc tctctttctc tcctttctct ttgtctctct    179040
     ctgtcttttt ctctctctgt ctctctctct ctctgctttt ctacaataaa gctctaaaac    179100
     catggactgt ctgttcattg agacctgcca tgttggagca ataggccttc ccctaaagag    179160
     ccgcatttaa tctcccgtgg gaaggcctcc caacgttacc agccaccaga ccggaccaaa    179220
     gactctcacc cgagtgggaa ccacccaatg tcttctcccc ctgccctttc tctgttcaac    179280
     cctggggctg actgagccgc ctccagggcc cccacttctt tctcagctct tctgcggtgt    179340
     ccagcgacat cctatgatgc ccaagggcta gaatctgttg tccctggact atgtgagacc    179400
     cagggacccc agaccgctcc ctctccaccc tcgaggactg aggttccgtg gcttcccaca    179460
     gccagacgcc cacctggcgg cgttgagagc acaaggcagt ccccagcatc tgcccgacca    179520
     gtctctccga gctctggcag gactccggtc atctctcccg ccccttctac ttccccatac    179580
     ctggtgccca acaggtgact ggtctctgcc ctgtgctggc caccatccca ctaggtcccc    179640
     accacatccc ttggggttgg gacaaagctg tccagggcag aaccttagga catgctcagt    179700
     acttggcttc tctgttgctt tctgctaggc ttagcaggaa cagcaaggac ttactgctaa    179760
     agacggagcc tgaggaggtc tggtccgcat agctgtctgt cagggatgtc cttctgcgag    179820
     cggttttcac ctatagcaag aatcagactg gggagctgca gactggtaga ctcctgcacc    179880
     cacactcata tgcttgcaag gttacagaac agtctagcca tttttttttt tctaagacag    179940
     tgtttctctg tgtaacccag gctgtcctgg aacttcttaa gactaggctg gcctggaact    180000
     cagggatctc cctgtctgtg cctcccttgt gccaggatta aaggcatgtg acctccacac    180060
     agctagcagt cattttaaaa aggggtttat tttctacttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt    180120
     tgttttctga gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga    180180
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa    180240
     ggcgtgtgcc accactgccc agcttctttt ccacttttta agatgtttat gcatgagtgt    180300
     ttgtgtgtac agcagaatac aagtgcctac aaaggtcaga agagggcatc ggagagatgg    180360
     agctggagtt ccaggcattt gtgagcagct cagtgtaggt gctggaaacc aaactcaggt    180420
     cctctacaaa ggcggtattg acttaaccac tgagccatag cttctcccaa cccattttga    180480
     tgatgttgtt ttgttgtgtt tttccaatcg aacattcttt ctccccgttt aagagttctt    180540
     cacagagact tggttaggat gggtgggaag gccaggaggc taagactgca ggcagggcat    180600
     ttagccaggt cagatagcca tcctatccta gagacgtaga acattggttc acatggggcc    180660
     aggcttctgt aaactaaagc gctgagcccc gggaaacgca agttcacccg ggggactact    180720
     tctgctatgc ctgtttcaca gtgcagagaa ccaggtctct gagcactgaa gtagcctgct    180780
     gaggagggaa gaagctttgt gcccagccgg cctggtggcc tcctgcaccc gtgatcacat    180840
     ctgtggctgg ggagaaaagg taaagctgac aggtacctgc taggccagct atggagttgg    180900
     gcccacctca atttatctag cagagagagg atgctcacag cgacgtcaag gccacgcaga    180960
     tgcatgttct ttcctatgaa tgtgaactag ggagggcacc ggggcagctc tcacttcagc    181020
     tgcgtgaccc ttataaatac aacacttagg gaaaggaccc agagatcaca tatagcgtta    181080
     ggaatcgggg cagccttgtg cagaagttgg gggtgggtca ggggtctaag agggtgcatg    181140
     cccaaacagc cttctgggag ctgagaatgt gtttgttgac ttgggtgttg aggccatagc    181200
     acactccttt tgtgaaaatt cagctatccc ttcacttgtg cacttaaaaa tgggtgtggt    181260
     ggctcatgcc tgtagttcca tcacttttaa ggcgagagga ctgctgtcag tttgaggcca    181320
     gcctaagcta cataagttct aggtcagctg agttacatag caagacactg tctcgaaaac    181380
     aaatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaggggtta cacacctttt atcctggccc    181440
     tagggatgta gaggcaggta gatttctgtt gagtttaaag ccagctttgt ctatatagtg    181500
     aattccaggc aagctagggc tatgtagtaa gaccctgttg ggaaaagcaa tactaacaga    181560
     cagggaagat gtgtgggtca agcacctgct atgcaagctt gagcgcctga gctgacattc    181620
     ccagcacata cacataacct ggaatggcta tatgcacctt agccctggca ctgtcatgga    181680
     gaggaggaag tggagacagg aggtttctga ggccgcctta gtctcaataa ggcagaaaat    181740
     gatagggaag gaaggacacc caacatcccc ctgaggcctc cacgtgggca tacgtcctgc    181800
     acagacaaca cacatacagc acgagccatc tgctctcccc ccccccccgc ccccagtgtt    181860
     ttttctatgc tagacaatgg aaagaccata gggccagttt agtaaggagg gcaaggcaga    181920
     ccccgagcag ggtctgatca tgcacaagca cagggccacc cttacttcta ggtctccatc    181980
     tcagatgagg gtagggcagg ctcacattag actccaggcg cctcaggcct tccactcacc    182040
     tttttttcct ctgccagctg cggagcctgg taaagagtca cttcctcttc aggggtccca    182100
     agacgttcct gcttccagag cttcaccagg acttgggctt tcctgcgttc caataaccgc    182160
     tgcctgtcaa gtaagttatg gtcccggggg ccctttatca gtctctggaa tctgaactgc    182220
     tgtccccaga gaccaggcag tgcaagccct tcagaacagc tggaccagag gcgttctgag    182280
     tccccaccag ttcctaccct tggccacaag tctccgttcc acacacaagc ttacaccaca    182340
     gtgctctgag ggtagatgtt cttcggccca ttttctatca tccgacttag ctggagcttg    182400
     gccagttcgg ccacttggga cttaagcaca ttctccacag tcatgctagg aaagagggtg    182460
     ttcatcactg cagccatctg ccgggtcgga acagcgcaca gaaggttagt gccaccgtga    182520
     cctcggatga acacaggagg cctccgtaga cttcctaagc tagggccttt taacccagga    182580
     ggaggagagc atgagcaatg gacagctccc cagtggggag gcagacagga cagttctgaa    182640
     ctgcttctga acaacagagc ttgagtctca ctgcacccga ggggcaggag ggggaaggta    182700
     acatcagtga ggaggagggc tagtaggggg agcagctcaa tgccaccagt ctctctcggg    182760
     gacaggataa gagcctctct ggctcgtcag gagcccacct tgggatactc gggattgaga    182820
     agcagtacag tagcgacatc caggcgggcc cccagagtgt tctgcaggaa ctgtcggcac    182880
     ttggcccggt gcaggtagta ctgtggtttc tgagggctgt gccttatggc ctccgagaag    182940
     tgctcctctg ctgtctggaa ctgcctgagg gaaatgccca aggctgccat gaacctccag    183000
     gaaagatggt ggctacaggc caaggaggga aactaggggg ccccactcct ggtcgccttt    183060
     gcccacccac ttctgtctct tcttgatgga cctgacagtt gagtactata actttggtat    183120
     accctaattt tttttgtctt atttaaaatt tttgagacag ggtctcccta tataggcctg    183180
     actttagtgc aactcaatat gtagaccagg ctagccttga actcttaaag atctgcctgc    183240
     ttctgccttc caagtagcat gggccactcc acctggccct aacatttaca actgtatggc    183300
     tgttttgcct gcaagtatgt tgtgcaccat ctgcatgcct aatcaatcac ttggaaatgg    183360
     gatagcagat aactgagtgg cctcgtgggt gctggaaacc aatctaagtc tttagaggag    183420
     tctttagagg gaggctagtt gggaaggtag gtaggccttg aaaataacat tctgaatcac    183480
     acatgcatga atattttttt ttcattaaaa agcttaattt actaaaataa tcaaattatt    183540
     tttgtgtgaa gatgtgaata aaatctctgt ccagaagaca actctgactt ctggtgagcc    183600
     ccacccccca ccccaccccc gccccctcag cactgccctt agccacgccc tcctaaacca    183660
     cgccctcctc agccacgccc cctgacacct gcctgtggcg cacctgtgtt tctgctggca    183720
     gaagcccagc ttctcctgca gcacacccat gcgcaagttg gctccttcat ccagcgggct    183780
     cagggccagc gcttgcttgt agtcagcctc cgcgaaggcc aggttgccca gctggaagaa    183840
     gcaatctagg agccgagggt gaagtttgag tgcatcccca actccctgag caaagctagg    183900
     gcccagcctg gactcttcgg gcagttagca ggggcctaac cgcccgccac ccagctcacc    183960
     cccacggttg atgtacaagc ccttctcatt ctgctcgtct ctgatagcct tgttcagcag    184020
     cagcacgccc tcctgatagg caccatggtt gtagcagtgc acagcaaagt cattgtaagt    184080
     cagcagcagc tgacgctgcg cctgcttcac taggttgtcc tgggtgtcag tcaccatgtc    184140
     cattgccttc aggaagtctt ccacagcatg gtcaaattgc tggagccgtc tacgcaaggt    184200
     gcccctatcg tattgcaggg caggtagcag ggagggacat gagaactaaa gcaatccatt    184260
     tggctagaag gctactgtcc accctggacc ttctgacccc atggccttga ctatattcat    184320
     aaattctgcc tcaaacccta gatctgtcct ctggagctgg cctgagattg ctacttagat    184380
     aagcttttag tcatctggat tttgttattt ctcaaggatg gttttccagt ttggaagtgg    184440
     tatatgtgct agtgtctatg ttcagtataa cttcatgtac ttagtttatg ggaatcttat    184500
     gggtttctgg aaattgaact caatcaagct gacagatttg ttcagcaagc tactttaccc    184560
     gatgagccat cacatgcccc tgttcaggcc tttttgtata catactttag ccaactatct    184620
     agaggagaaa atccaggatt agggagattg aatggcacca aatccttggg ggaccagata    184680
     caatttctac tctcatgtcc tcccaacaca aactactcag caggcctggc tggaggccta    184740
     agattcccag gttaccatgg aaaccacctc tatggtgcca tgaccacagt caaaagcagg    184800
     gaaaggttac taggggttag agagagagag actgaagtct ggggaggttg agagaccctc    184860
     ctgagaccac gaagcaggtc tgcaggaggt ccagcccctt tgtaccccag taccggaaga    184920
     agaagaagtt gggatccagg ggattgttct caatggcaca gttgatgcac ttcagtgcac    184980
     ggtgcacctt gccctgcacg gccagggtgc tggcatcttg gagagactgc ttggcctggt    185040
     ccaccatctt ctggagtagc cctttggcct gtgcgtgcaa gggatctagg agcaaggcgc    185100
     ttcgaaggtc ctgatagcag agcttggcct gcaagggtgg aggggtggca ctgtcccagt    185160
     agtgggaaga ggaaggcagg cctctaggaa acaggctact cccacagcat cccttctgtg    185220
     tccccggcac cagcattact gttctacatt tctggcctct tgaataggca gtccccagcc    185280
     tccacatcaa tagctccttt ccaggtagaa cttcggagag gcaggtcagc cttggtgatt    185340
     tgtgctgatc ttatctccta gtaggagtcc tgtggtgagg gggcctcatc tcctgcatcc    185400
     tttctccact ccctagccct cccatgtacc acagcagctg tgaccaaggg ctgaccgagg    185460
     tctgggtatg agcagagact atccgtaggc aaatgccttt cacccgtgtg cagtataccc    185520
     cagtcaaccg tcttagcaag cgcctcactg ccccatgggt aactggttgg agggtaacct    185580
     gggaggactg ggggatggct ggggtgggct tggactggag aactgactgg ctggccttgg    185640
     tcaagtcacc tctgggccat tttactgttc accttccttt tagggttcct ggcagtcttg    185700
     gggatgaacc tgggcaaagg tctgggttcg gaacaatcct ccacagaagg ggaggtaggg    185760
     ataaatatga agaatagact cttgcctttg aaggggactt ccactgagtc acctgtgtga    185820
     cactacagcc cagcctctgg ctagaacctg cctggccacc cttattcaac cactccccat    185880
     cctggcctgg ttaaatgaaa tgaacctacc cttccccctc tcattctctc tggctcctct    185940
     ccatcttgtt ggtaccccac cccatttacc tagactgctg cacactgttc agaaacctct    186000
     tccgctccat caggactttg gacacacttc cacatccccc tcaccccttc ctctagcact    186060
     ctgcctcctc ccaggacctg tctgtccaac tgacaaattc catagcagct gggagcaccc    186120
     ctagaggtca aagtctgttc cagagagtac cctactgcca agactgttct cttctccctt    186180
     cagtgccctg catcccctat cccctagctg ttccctgtat tctctgttcc catactcaac    186240
     aagagaggca ggagcttgag aacttgtcca ttgcacaagt atgaaaggat ggcaagatgc    186300
     tgggcgtggt agtgcacgcc tttaatccca gcagaggcgg tggatctgtg agttctaggt    186360
     cagccaaagc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaccca aaagaactat ccccccaaaa    186420
     aaaccccacc accaccacca ccaacaccaa caccaactca aaacagaaca acaaacagaa    186480
     aagaaagaaa aaaagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggcaagagga agaagcacga ccgctaaggt    186540
     ctatggtgtc ctggatgcca cacagctgag ggctggggac atggctcagc ttcctaccag    186600
     agtcagggct gagtgatgaa gggggggagg ggccttaggt actgtgtgga gagctggcct    186660
     tgcctccttt atcaacttgg gacacagagg gtctggcggt aggaagtgca gctccccagg    186720
     cacctgcttg cctcgcccac tatgcattac cttctggaag aagttgtaga gccgagcccg    186780
     gaggatgtag acatcagcgc tggccctgcc ctgcttcacc tccctagtga tgagggcgag    186840
     gcagtcgtga taccgcttga gggccagcag gcaggccatg ctgggggcag agggcagagg    186900
     gcaaagggca ttcagcctgg ggctgtaaga ggctgctgcc aggagagggc gtggtggtgt    186960
     gagacactca ccatcggtaa ctgaaggaag cgttttgggg ctggaggtcg gaggcttgca    187020
     ggaagacaca gagggcttcc tggaagtcac acagctcata caggcactga ccctgaggag    187080
     acacggctgt cagctccgct cagaactcca gctctgatga cctccacagg tggcagagga    187140
     cagggagagg gacttgaaca gagacagaga cttcaagaga cagagatgga aacaagatac    187200
     agagcagaga gacaccaaga aacgtggagg aatacagcaa cacagagatt ccagacagaa    187260
     tggggcaaca ggtgagggca gcggggctcc ggccaaaggt ctagaattca caagtgttcc    187320
     ccatttcaga tgaaggaacc caggatcagg gaggtgaagt gactcgccac aggtcacaca    187380
     ggaagtgagc tagcacgaca caggccctca acagttctat cagttatctg aatgcctcga    187440
     gggctctcct gccttgtctg gtatatttgt cttattaacg tttcacagtg taactcatac    187500
     tggccgggaa ccatgcaacc cagacagacc ttgaactcat gagactcttc ctgcctcagt    187560
     ttctggtgtg cagagtgtgc aagcctgagc caccatgtct ggcccaatgt ttctttttta    187620
     tgatgtgcat ttattctgtg gtgtgtgggg gcaggcacat gccgcagcac acgtgtgaaa    187680
     gtcatagcta actgtggcag tctggtttct tcccaccgtg tgcatctcag ctatcacacg    187740
     gaggtagtca ggcttaagaa gcagatgctc ttacctgctc agtcgtgtca ctggccaccc    187800
     aagcttcttt gtaggaactg aggggcttgg tgttttgtgg cactggtgct tggactcaga    187860
     ccctttccta ggcaaatggt ctaccactgt tgcactcaac tcaacttcta gccaatatct    187920
     gactttcaaa agaactttca aaagacactg acggtactga gatgactcag tgggtacagg    187980
     cacttcatca tcaggcctgc cgatgcccag ggcccaccca catagtacaa ggagacatct    188040
     gacttctgac ctccctaggc acacagatgc acacatacac acaagcacac atgctcaagt    188100
     caatgtcaaa ataaatgtta agcagttaaa attccactta gtactaggga cagcactcag    188160
     agccctctgt gtgccaagct gccatcctac cactgagtca caccccttac ggacccaacc    188220
     cacccaaatc gaatttaaaa tttagttcag tcatacttgc cacactgtaa ggactcaaca    188280
     tttccatgtg gccagtggtg accctattgg atagtgtggg taggtcagag ccttactgca    188340
     gaagttctag acacctccag ctaaattaat aaatcagcga tgggggcagc tggtgtaaac    188400
     aggtgcacag accgggagtc cccaagaact cagatcctat cccaggaagg ctccctgtag    188460
     gtgaagggca agccagtagc tggggataag gtgagaagtc ccctgcgggt ggggcagctg    188520
     aggcacctgt aggtagagca caaaggccag ccggttcagg tacttgttat tccctgggtc    188580
     ataggagtag gccctgcgga ggttctggag ggcagaggag aagtcacaga gttggatgaa    188640
     ggcctcagca cggaatacat agaagtctac ctaaaggcaa agagaccctg gctgttattt    188700
     cctctccaac ttcttccctt ccaggtggtt ccagaatctg atggtcctgg gaggaagggc    188760
     taagcaggtt tgacagtgac agggggtggg ggacttatgc ccagccagtt gctccctggg    188820
     gaccactctg actctcctct taccagtttg gggtccaggt ggagggcacg ggagaagaac    188880
     agcacagaca tctcccagtc ctcttgtagg aggcactgat ggccttggtt atagctgtga    188940
     ggacaggaca ggacaggaca ggacaggcag tggatctggt attgatctgg gaccagccca    189000
     ggaccttctc agggctagaa tggggtatgc aggagggagg gctgaggtaa agaggctgca    189060
     aaagccatca gagctccaca gaggccaggc tgaccttcct ggagctcttc cagggcatca    189120
     gccccttatc cctctaccct cgctgttcac tgagacccag agagggatag cagccagctt    189180
     gcagctgaac ccagtattaa taatggtttt gtagagtagg aacctggagt tggagacaaa    189240
     gaagtcactc actactctct gactttggca ggcactgttg atcctatcat ccttcgtttt    189300
     gtaggatctg tcataacata gaacacatga ctggtcccaa agatgcgtcg caggatcttc    189360
     tctggggctt caggaacctt tagctttgga gttttctggg aacgggcact gtgaggctcc    189420
     tggaaccaag ccaggggcag taagctcaga aggcctcagg aacacttccc ccaggagctt    189480
     tgcctactgg aagaggtgtg aagaggcctc ctggtagaag gcacacctag tctggggttc    189540
     aacagtcccc cagggctcca acatttctct agccctgcct ctctccctgt cctgtggtca    189600
     aggtcaagga accactgcac cctctgctct cctcttgggc tttgtctgct ctcaccttgt    189660
     gctctagctg ctcatcgttt tcagaccctg ctgcacaagg ttccttgtga ctcccgccct    189720
     gggattctca cactcgtcag gtcacattga gcaagcactt cacctgactt cttcccaggg    189780
     cttctcacct ctgtgtgatc acccttccca tagtcaccag aatcggggaa cctatgtctc    189840
     atcagtcctc aagttctgtg tttcactcct caaaatctct ccacttgggc tgggcacggt    189900
     agtgcatacc tttaataacc ccgttctaga gctagaggca gatggagttc tctgagtcta    189960
     taaaacaaac aaacaaaacc ccaaaacgtt aaaacaacaa caaccccccc aaaaaatctc    190020
     tctgccctct ctctccctta ggactgggag gccagtcacc cttctcccct accacactac    190080
     aaatgatgac ctctgacctc tcccagttcc cctgaagggc ttgactggct cttcctcaag    190140
     cccttcttgc ggccccgacc tctgcctcag ctttcccctt ctcagccctc accttgcttc    190200
     tgtctgtcat ggccaggttt ctaggctaac ttctgggcta agcatactct gaggttccct    190260
     agctccgttg ttgctaggca ccaggtccac gatgtccata ggccccgccc acttggcccc    190320
     gcctccgaga gtcactagaa actcagcaag gcaagccaag gcctaagtca aggaaagaac    190380
     ctatgggcag tgcacgccga cgcgggccag ggtagaaact taacgaggta ccagccctcg    190440
     agcaaaggcc gagcaaaggc tgagccatac agggtgacgc gtcgcggagg aatgcaccca    190500
     gacactcgcc cgggcccgcg atccacccac ttccgccccg cagagacatg gcggacgcca    190560
     aacccagcct ggattgggcg tcgctggaca tgtcgtgatg ctattggctt agggatgcct    190620
     gacgtcaagg ggcggggtcc tggctgtgaa tgggagtcgg cacgttgaag tccggtcttt    190680
     ttagtccagg gatgcggcgg agttgggcct tgagccggca ggtttccgag gctcggttcc    190740
     ccgggaagcg gtggctggtg agtggggcgt gggtggctac acagggacgc ggggcttggc    190800
     tccgcagcta cgcttacatt taagtgtatg cgttgtatgc atgtgccctg tggctgtcag    190860
     agggcaactt aggagagggt tctttccacc atgtgggttc tggggatcga acccaggttg    190920
     tcagggttag cagcaacctt accttcggaa ccatcttttc gggatagttg tccctttttc    190980
     tacttagtca aataggcgca atactaactg gctccaaact tttagttttg ctcttgcacc    191040
     agggagcggc atcctctggc tggtggggcc tccaggagtt cccagaccct taagtgctcc    191100
     ttcccaatac tgtcgcttct gtttcctggt caatgttttg ggtcctgagt gagtgttgcc    191160
     tacaggtggc tggcctgggg aaccacggaa tgcccggcac ccggcacagt gtgggcatgg    191220
     cggtgctggg gcaaatagca aggcgactgg gagtggcgga gaattggact cgtgactcgc    191280
     gctgtgctgc tgacctcgcc ctggccccgc tcggggatgc tcagctggta ctgctccggc    191340
     cgcggcgcct catgaacgtc aacgggcgca gcgtagcccg agctggtgag ttgtaggttt    191400
     catggataag agggcacagg gaccagagag agggttcaat tgtgacaagt gcctggtgag    191460
     ccccaattac tacagtgaag gcttggggaa gcctgtttac atatgggggt tgttgtgacc    191520
     cctctgagca gatatgcagt aactagagtg ttgtttccct gtgccaagcg gagctgtttg    191580
     ggctgactgc ggaggagatc tatctggtcc atgatgaact ggacaagccg ttgggaaagc    191640
     tggctctgaa gctggggggc agcgcaaggt gaggctctta tgtgcgtagg tttgggtagg    191700
     gatgctggcc tctgttggag tggagtaaga ttgttgagac tatctatctc gataggctgg    191760
     gctgctctga agaaggcctg ggcaagggaa tggaggaagg gcactgcctc agaaagtact    191820
     aactgctctt catatcccct caaggggcca taatggagtc cgttcctgca ttagctgtct    191880
     gaactccaat gtgagtctac ccttctgccc tgccctgggt gggggtggct agcattgaca    191940
     ttgtatctca ccaatgcatc ctcattcccc tgggacccta caggcaatgc caaggctgct    192000
     ggtgggcatc gggcgcccca cacaccctaa tatggtggag aaccatgtcc tgggctgttt    192060
     ctccccggag gagcaggagc tactgtcccc attgatggat caggccactg acctgctcct    192120
     ggaccacatc cgtgctcgaa gccagggacc attgtcaggc ctctaatacc agtggatata    192180
     tctacctgtt tgactgcctg ccggtgccat gaagccaaga cagggccaca gaactgcaat    192240
     gacacagtgg tacccaatgt ttatataact tccctgggtt tccccaggct acttgcagat    192300
     tcaaggaggg actgtggcca catcagtctg tttctgcagc agcttggtct ccccgttcgc    192360
     tatttgcggt gtaggaaagg tctaggaagg gtaaactttc tgaacctttt gagagctcca    192420
     gatgggtaga tctgcaagat taaagatacg aacttgaaat tggaagcttc ctgtggggtt    192480
     aggcaccagt gggtagggac aagagggtct ggcaaaccct attcctaagg gatcatgggt    192540
     ataatgcttt agcctttttc cattgggtca ttttctaggt ggggaggagc aaagagattc    192600
     caccatatcc ctgaggctac ccaactatag cctggcagaa ccagggacag ctgtcagctt    192660
     gctgtgccta gggttcctgg cacccctacc tcattcgtgt tctggcagat ccccattcgg    192720
     gtgatatagg agaggggcct gagatcctgg ggtttgagtg ggatgcggac cggacgtcga    192780
     ggcaccagcc caagatcccc tggcttatag gttgtgatgg tcgagagctg ctgcagcaga    192840
     gaaacagccc cttccttgga tgtctgggtg atgcgttggc tgtggagagg gatccagggt    192900
     catcccctcc atccccacaa gaggaaaaat attggagagc cagggtctgc tgaggccccc    192960
     acagggctat ctgctcacct ttctttggat aggccctggg gctgcttgtc ctggtgggaa    193020
     cccatgtccg gctgtgtttt caaaaccacc cctgagctga gcaataccag cagttgctgc    193080
     agcagctcct tgcgctgcag ttggaacacc acatcaaagt cgccgtcctc cgcctctgtt    193140
     tgcatctgtt ggtatgatgt gaggtgggtt aaatcaccac aggggcccag atacccaccc    193200
     acctccacat gagacgctcc agggcctgct ttctcagtgc acctggtttg tggtggaaca    193260
     caagttatca ggctgggaag actgaggctt gaagccctct ctttggaggt tttttttttt    193320
     tgttttgttt tttttttttt tgtttgtttg tttttagaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc    193380
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggccagcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg    193440
     cctctgcctc cccagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cacgcccggc ttcttatgag    193500
     ctttgaatgg aatcttctgt tcttcctttg tctgccactg cctcccaggg attaaaggtg    193560
     ttcactgcca cacctctata ttttataaga cacttgagat gcccactatg gccttctcat    193620
     tctatagctc cagtcaggtc ttgaatttgg aatcctcctg cttccccctc cttagtccct    193680
     gctatgatta gacccaactc atttagatcg agaatgagaa aaggagtctg gccatcagcc    193740
     tctccagaaa gaggccctct acgatttgcc ctggcagcct cttggtatct cccacactgt    193800
     ttgcttacgt gcacaatgtc ctgtagcatg gaggtcgcct ggatcaggac tgttttaagg    193860
     tttgcccgaa ttttctgttc cttggtcagc tcctcctgta gccgatttgc ctctgcctgc    193920
     ttctccttca gttgcgcttc cagctggtct ttctcactcc tgctccggga caaaacagca    193980
     tgcagcttgc cccatctttg tgcttggggc aggcaggcac cacctcttcc ctgtgccccg    194040
     ccttttctgt gaagcctttc taaatccagg cttcaacttg tctgacagtc caaaccctga    194100
     ggctctaggc aaaggcatcc ccaggctgac ttccacccag ctccggctcg cctcagggtc    194160
     tggttgtccc tctgcacatt ctggaagttc tgctccagtt gggacagcag gaggcgcagt    194220
     tgctccgtct cctctgtgcc ctttctctgt tggcggcact tctcggtcag catgaggata    194280
     atctgcaggg gtgggcaggt gtcacagacc catcgtggga ccctagccca cccctagctc    194340
     acttttgaag atatgacata gggcttgctc ccacatacag gcaggccaac accacctctg    194400
     gacaacagct aggcaggagg tgggctccac ttagttatgg ggcaaataga ctccagagct    194460
     agggccagca ccccaatgag gaaagcctgg gacctcactg taaactcttc ccactcatga    194520
     cttggttctg gcataggtca cacgaggagg gcatggcatg gtggtcctac cttcttatgc    194580
     cctatgttct ttctggccat gatctcttgg gtgttctcca gcatctccag ctgttggcac    194640
     agcttgttct gggtgccctt gagctgctca ttctcctgca gcagctgcac accatgcttg    194700
     gacaccttgt ttagctgcag agtcacgctg ttgttctcta ggatggcccg cctggtcgtc    194760
     tcccacatct ggttggtggc catctttcgg aactctgtgg ccaccaggtt cacacgctgg    194820
     ataatctctt tcctcagcct tgccaggagg gtggggttgg gagtcaagta gatgggtata    194880
     agtcttggta tcccttattt tggggcggta gtcccagggt acccagactc ttccccaaag    194940
     aatctctgga cctttgaaat ttgaaccatt gaaacattct aggttttttt ttttcaagac    195000
     agggtttttc tgtatagcct tggctgtcct agaactcact ctgtagacca gactggcctt    195060
     gaacccagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc taagagctag gattaaaggc atgtgccacc    195120
     accgcccggc aaaaacttat tctttttgtt tgttttgttt tgtttttttt ccagacaggg    195180
     tttctctgtg tagctccagc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac    195240
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gccacccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc accaccactg    195300
     cctggcccat tgaaacattc ttacctatta aataaacacc ataacaagaa gtgacaagaa    195360
     ggcagggagt gtccagtgcc agcttgggca ctttcatccc cacccccata catcccagtc    195420
     agggttctgg gggacagagg ctgtggagtc catggctccc ttctagaaag ctgaggagag    195480
     ccgtgtggcc ccggcctgcc cacctgtcct tgtccagcac agacttcttc tccaggttgt    195540
     acacgtattc cttgtactcg ccctcctgcc tatggagctg ctcctccagt gccaagtact    195600
     tctccgtgag ctcctctttc tgcagccgga attcttccag ggaactcagc ttgatccctg    195660
     cccatcaggg gccacaaggc tggtgaggag cggctgctga gagccttgac ccacacccct    195720
     ctgaggtcgt aaactttctt cttgtcttac ctcgccacct tccccaacag gactggtctg    195780
     cacgtgccat ggctggcccc gcacagccac tgcatttctg ccttaccaca tactctaagc    195840
     tcagcaaacc ttgctcagat cctcctcaga aagtcccctt tgaaacctcc ccacataaga    195900
     gtgaccgaga cagcagcagc tgaccctggg cagacaagtc gcaacctccc ctttcagatg    195960
     ggtggcatag ataaaatcct ccattgtttt gaagcatttc ctcatctatg agctgcggga    196020
     gggagagcat ctctggcctt gggaatgcaa ggacaattaa ggcagatagt gtttgaagtg    196080
     gcatacagct cttattaccc aagggagctg tggtatccct agttcccagg tgaggccccg    196140
     ccgcagccag tgacagctgt ggatttgggc cttgctgcct ttagtgtgtg cccataggtc    196200
     ccctggcccc ctcaccgagg gcgatgttct ctgtggtgag ctggtccttg atttcctgga    196260
     attcatggcg cacctgggcc agttgggcct cgaacgcgtc cttctccata tccttggcca    196320
     cctccaggct ctgcagctgg tcattaaggt ctgtgatctc atccaccttc tggttcagcg    196380
     tgcgcttgag gaaggccaca atctccttct tgttgttggc cagctgctcg aactcctgat    196440
     ggaacagctt ctcccgcaca gccagttcat cccatttccg ctgatacctg gggtgggtca    196500
     gggcagagac gcagggtcaa gccagggcct gctctcccag acccttcttc cataaggggc    196560
     cacctgaagt ttcccatagt ctgcaccccc cattgtgctt cacgcctgga ggcctgtgct    196620
     cagcattcag actgtctttc tgttttaaag gtgtgtgtgt aagtaaatct aaggtgtaac    196680
     agtttggcta ggctgggtag ctggtgagcg gcagagagcc ccacccccat caaggtcagg    196740
     gtgaaggaca cctgagtatg tgagcacact gtagctgtct gcagacacac cagaagaggg    196800
     cactggattc cattacagat ggtcgtgagc caccatgaac tcagggcctc tagaagaagc    196860
     tgggcgtggt ggtacacgcc tttgatccca gcaatcagga agcagaggta ggcagatctc    196920
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tccacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag    196980
     aaacctcctt ctcgaaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa caacaaaaaa aaggacctct    197040
     agaagagcag tcagtgctct taactgctga gccatttctc caggcatcgt ttgtaaattt    197100
     taagagggcc ttatttactg gtttcaaaca agattactga agcatttgga gaattgcttt    197160
     atttgtaagg atttcttgat aaaccttttg aatgagtagt gcgtacaagg tgtttcaggg    197220
     tatgggtgcc tttgtgtgga gaggaggcag tctgccataa gaggtgtcaa aggtcaggac    197280
     tgtcatcctg ctgcctcttc ttcctggggt gatttcccca gttccccgtg tgtgcctttc    197340
     ttgtgggatg gtgttaagca gagacgcacg gccctgcctg ggtacacaac tgctcagcgc    197400
     cagctgtgat ttttctcagc atcaaccata tgagcttcca ctgccttgtt gtcttatacc    197460
     cattttatag ataaggagat agaggttctc ttctttatac attgaaccca tatataatta    197520
     aacccagagc tcccgagttc accagtctag ctagttagcc tgctctagag cagtgattgt    197580
     taaccttcct aacactgtat tctttaatac gtagtttctc ctgccatggt gatccccaac    197640
     cataacattg ctttcattgc cacttcatag ctctaatcct gctactgcta cagactgtga    197700
     gtatctgcac tttctggtag tctgggggtg tcaaggccca caggttgaga aacactgctc    197760
     cagggggacc ttttatttcc acatcccatg cactgagact gcaggtgggc actacactta    197820
     tttgtatgag tgttggggat ccaaattcta gtcctcacgt ttgactggca ggtgtcactg    197880
     ggccatttcc ctgcccactt actttcctat ttaagtgtta cactttggga ctggggcagg    197940
     tgcttcctgt cagcaagtta cctttgtgtt gcttgttttt ttgaggcttg ttcttttgag    198000
     gtcttaccct atagtccagg cgaagttcct ttccttctgg aacttagaac aaaccttctg    198060
     agactgtagg catgtgccac catgcccagg ttagatgata tattcttttg ggggagggga    198120
     tgttcaagac aaggtttctc tgtatagtcc tggctgtcct agaactcact ttgtagacta    198180
     ggctggcccc gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc    198240
     atgcaccacc acgcctggca gaaactatat tcttacagac atttttgttg tgtctgattt    198300
     attgattatg tgtgtacatg cgtatgtgtg cgcagcagag gtcagaggac agcctgcagg    198360
     aattggttct attcctctac cttgggagtc ctggtgatga ggggcaagtg ccactgagcc    198420
     ttctccccag ccctaaagct agtattaaag tagggaaaac aataagcaaa tagtatctct    198480
     aaatgctaag aaggacccct ccctgctatc tgtcacaaag gaacctagcc ccaagaggga    198540
     gtggcacgag taggaaaatc cccttcctta gttcccattt gggaacctat aatggtccac    198600
     acttataatt tcagcacttg ggaggctgag gcaggtagat caacatgagt ttgaggctat    198660
     cctgggctaa agagtaatat cctgtctcta aaacaaaaca aatacttagg gaaacagacc    198720
     cagcctggag aaacaagacc agggtcttgg cataagggac tagggaatga ggtgtcctcc    198780
     tgggtcacca gggaaaacca ttttcaattt cttccaccaa ttaaactaca cttttctaat    198840
     gtttacagtg ccgtcctgtg ggggtggacc agagtggggg tggggtgtta cttgggattt    198900
     agcagtgtgc tccccgagct ctgggaatcc ccttaccctc tcagcactcg cagggttacc    198960
     tggttacttg aggtaaatga agcagggaag gatagggcct ggccagagcc caggtctaag    199020
     gcccttatct gaacctgtgt gcatttggcc tggtagcact agcttccctg ctggccaccc    199080
     accgggccag cctgtcctcc aggtcttgga tctgtttgtg gtagaattcc ttcagctcct    199140
     ccaccatggc caactctgga gtcttggtcc cactggcatc cttcttgccc cctatcttct    199200
     tgccctgcat ctccttgcct cctttgtttg gcttcttttt tggagccatg gctgatggca    199260
     accacttttt aaagtcccct ttaagaagcc aggtagttgc taaggaagtt gtttccatac    199320
     atagcaacag tgaggctggg ttttaaaggg ctactgtcct cttcctgaca ggatcctgtg    199380
     tccggcctag gcctagcttt ttcagagcag gataccaggc tcttgagtac aagtttgggt    199440
     tccaggaaga cctttccttc cctcaaatgg aaataaatta gaatcataaa ggaccttagc    199500
     ctttgggact ttgggataat cagaaacaat tgctgagccc ccaggctagt gtgtgcctct    199560
     gcctagacca acctgccaat tctttggtgg cacagccaca cattttgtat tggaggctcc    199620
     catgctgggg tctcgggaga tctttacttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    199680
     tgtgtgtgta tttgtttttc gagacagggt ttctcagttt aaccctagct gtcctggaac    199740
     ttactctgta gaccaggctg gtcttgaact cagaaattcg cctgtctttg cctcccaagt    199800
     gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccaggcc cagcttggga gatctttaaa gcttagtggc    199860
     agggatcaat ctgtccagtg ccatcccaag tagatgaagt tcttctgaag ctttgatctt    199920
     gtcccctgga gtcaggggtc agcatacagg tatgggatgg gagccagtgg gcatcctgct    199980
     ggcagctgct ctagctggct cctcgcgtct ccagcctctc agcactgagc catcatacca    200040
     ggcacactgg gctttttttg gttcatgatg gtgtctgctc tttggtcccc aggctttctt    200100
     ggggacggac catcactata ctcagtgatg actggacact tggtgtcact ttgaggatgt    200160
     cacagaaggg aatatctatc atatgcaaag ccctagaggg gatgccgctc gggtctgcca    200220
     gattctctca gcccctgtaa ttccgactcc atgggagcca cagcttatgg tttgggatcc    200280
     agggctactg ggctagcagt ttctgctttg actgtgcttt ggcctgctgc agtatcttcc    200340
     acactgaagg tgtgctacag cttttggagg agcggcccca ggtttcctct gagctctggg    200400
     acactaagag ctaaggcttc cagaggacag tatggtacag aggacagtat ggtacagagg    200460
     acagtatggt acagaggaca gtatggtaca gaggacagta tggttctttg ctgtttggtg    200520
     gaattacggt ggagaggaat aaagaaagcc tgggccaata gatgtcagaa aagacgagga    200580
     tagcccagca tggccatgaa tacctgtagt ctcagcttct ttgagtgggg tggggggtgg    200640
     gggcacaaca caagttcaag gtcagtttga gcaacttagc tcgagtctgt ctcaaaataa    200700
     gaaaacatgg gccagcaata tggctcactg ggtaaaactg cctgtaatgc ccagaacagt    200760
     ggaagaagaa aagttgttct ctgacctctg catgcacatc actgcacaca cacaagtaca    200820
     gtgataataa aacagaacaa ggaacaagtg aacaaaagcc taaacagcag aaagaggcta    200880
     gaggtccact cccacagtgc gagggagaag gaataagtgg tatttatgct gctttcttac    200940
     tcagtttaga attcaagtcc gcagctggag agatggctta gaggttaaga gcatagctgc    201000
     tcttccagag gttgtgaaat cgattcccag caaccacatg gaggttcaca accatctgca    201060
     gtggaatctg atgccttctt ctagtgattc tgaggacagc catagtgtac tcatatacat    201120
     aaaataaata ttttttaaaa atagaattca agtccctgtg ttggatccca ttccaggcat    201180
     tctgatgacc tgacattggc ccagttatct gaagtctccc aggagtgagc ttgaccaaag    201240
     cctgcatccc tccgagcccc agcttcctca tctgtagtgg caggggaccc acctaacacc    201300
     tatctatgag aggcctggcg tgattgctcc atggctgtct tcaccatagt ctgcttagaa    201360
     agggaatctt ggaggagctg agtgggatgt tctacaagcc acatttgcaa ccatccacat    201420
     gtgttcaact gggattgcga agctcacttc agctgagctt gttcactgtt gaccttccct    201480
     tttaggaagg gatgggggca gtccctgggc ccacctgtgc atccagctgc ccctcccaac    201540
     cagctgtatg cagttctgcc ctaactgcat gtggcttcag ggtttggggg agggggctgg    201600
     tatatgtagg ttggggaaga agaaggaggg aacaccatct ctgtagacat caaatctcca    201660
     gcgacacagc tttgggcttc cccaggctcc cagttgtcgc cctcactcaa gctccgagcc    201720
     cagtaaactc tcattggttc tccaggggaa cctttggtgg aatcaaactt tggtttgtct    201780
     ttaggaccta agaaaggtgt gtatatgtta ctttcctctg ctccccaaca cactcccctg    201840
     ggcaaaaatt ttggggacag gtgcaaaatc tacaaagtaa cctcgagttg atacattcct    201900
     tcctgcagtg aaagtgtcat tttctgttac tgtgacaaga gagctgaggc tttacagagg    201960
     tttagttgac ttaaaaaaaa atgtagctgg gcgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca    202020
     ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctagtct acaaagtgag    202080
     ctccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa    202140
     caaacaaaac cccccaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaatgttgt gtatatctac atgtagttcc    202200
     caaggacgcc agaagaggga gtcagattct tggaactgga gttataggcc gttgtgactt    202260
     cttatcctgt gggcatcaaa ctccagtcct cagaagcgct cctaactgct gagccatctc    202320
     tccagcacta actaggtttt ttatgtttta caagacaggg tttctctggc tgtcctataa    202380
     ctcaatctgt acaccaggct ggccttgaca gagacccgcc tgtggcagag gcattctaga    202440
     cggttgaaaa gaagctcttc atgtcaaggc aggtccttat ttatttttat ttattcattc    202500
     atttgagaca gtgtctccct atgttgcctt ggctaggcct gtaactaatt atgtaggcct    202560
     gactggttga actcgagaga tccccctgcc tctgcctccc aagtcctggg actaaagatg    202620
     gatgcccatc gccgaggcag catctttttt ctgcctgagg ctagagccaa gctttgtacc    202680
     ccagatggga gataggtaca gatgcaatgc aagccacaac cccctggatc cagaagcctc    202740
     caagccccag ctgtggggtg gctggcctcc tctatagtcc tcaaagtcaa accagctctg    202800
     cagtgggccc aggcaccatg agtgagagct gacgtcttta ttagactcaa atgctgcagt    202860
     acaggacggt acagagcggt acacggttgt gcttccatac tttaaacact gagattcaag    202920
     agtttcaagt taacaagttt caagacagac tagctttttt ttaaatatcc atttgagaaa    202980
     ttatttatat aaataacata aaggaaaccc cacatgttcg acaaacaaga tcctgaagca    203040
     tgagcattgc ttgaccggag gaagggatgg gagaagcgct acagaagaaa tcaaccggtg    203100
     ctagtgtggt tcagtcctaa gggaaaaggt tcactggaga ggagcagggg agaggcctga    203160
     gaactaagga gaagagagac tctagagtca gggagggaga agggcacagg acacctgcgg    203220
     caggcgtaca ccacgtttgc gaagacagca cgagacacag taatacgtac aaatctgcgg    203280
     gagggagggg cggggactgg gctggggaca tttttgtgac ttccactgtc tttgtttcac    203340
     gactacagca gcagggtgag cagcatgctc agggggctgc tgcgtcctga gggtggagac    203400
     catccttcca gcatcggctt ctggaatttc tgctttatag ctagctatgt tttatacagt    203460
     gatgactaat acaaagaata aaatgatcct tttcatacaa ccacaatgac acatgactgt    203520
     acactacaca aacttaagat tgatgaagta tcttaaactg aggggactct gactaagcag    203580
     cagggccccc attcttcagg cctagctcct acagcaaagc acccttgacc agagtgccaa    203640
     actcacagct tccagcccac ccctgaccct tggcctctat ccaaactgtg ttcaagcagg    203700
     gggctggtca gacctaactc tggaggctcc gagggcacta ggcaggctga tttagcctga    203760
     agggcttaac ttgttacaac agtatggaca cagatcaggg aaagcagtgc caggctctgg    203820
     agaccacact ggccggcact cagactggct tcctgtggac accctaagcc tcccccatag    203880
     gtgcaaagag gaggctcgtt ccacgccagc ctccagaggt gtctgctcat cgctgagaac    203940
     agggagcgag caggggctag cgagaacatc actccctcag catgtcctat ccggggaaca    204000
     aacaccaaca aggacagaaa tgaatccaac caagcttgga gagacaccca cacatctacc    204060
     tttccatatt caagcaatgt gcacacgcgg gacagggcta tatacaggtc acggggtcat    204120
     aaataaggga gaattc                                                    204136