ID   AL772232; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 157168 BP.
AC   AL772232;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-119F15 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-157168
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Ellington A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9ef796e69e1a7b8b8b11e9c1abe55804.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584272.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456103.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000007613; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028339; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028266; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028267; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028225; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028226; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028175; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028176; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028245; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028246; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027966; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027967; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028686; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028687; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027406; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027932; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027933; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028082; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028083; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028049; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028181; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028182; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028073; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028074; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028721; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028722; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027130; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772232.18:1-157168; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000007757; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107731; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065298; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066088; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066098; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0065608; mus_musculus_casteij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065371; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065297; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065306; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065475; mus_musculus_lpj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065280; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065289; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066260; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066270; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065154; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065163; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064495; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064504; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q418.
DR   GOA; Q9D5H8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003605; GS_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008160; Collagen.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016186; C-type_lectin-like/link_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016187; CTDL_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q418; E9Q418_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D5H8; Q9D5H8_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-119F15 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..157168
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-119F15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    53803..53804
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-300G1
FT                   (AL928652) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_208311, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    81694..81996
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_37715.1, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    91376..91692
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    91625..91653
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    105200..105333
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    107183..107552
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    107183..107217
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    107258..107552
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    120591..121244
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    129104..129223
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    138119..138870
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_37719.2, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 157168 BP; 41493 A; 35793 C; 37541 G; 42341 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctaa gtcacggagt gtgagttgtt gcccaaattg tgttgtttcc ttatacatgt        60
     cttaaaattt taacaatata aatttaattc tttaatttct atattactct ttactttcat       120
     tcaaaaacat ttgtgtgctg cctgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tatatgtgca tgtatttata       180
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tttaaaccca catagctttg atgattgttg tcttaaaacc       240
     agatcaggga agtcacctcg gtttattcac ttagacatgg attctttttt tttaagatca       300
     tgtatttatt tagttattta cttattgtgt gtgatatgca cacatgccac agaggatttg       360
     tggaggtcag aagacagctt tcttcttggt tctcctttcc cggggatgga cctcaagcca       420
     tcaggcatgg gtgcaagcac ctttacccca gagccatctc aatggtctaa gccatgactt       480
     ctttagtagg ttggttgtta gatcattgcc tcaggaaatg attgggctcc tggagtacac       540
     tggtgtgggt aagtgagggt ggacaaagct agtcagtctc acacaattca atgcgagaca       600
     acaatagctg aggagaacgc ataaacaaat gcagggcttt gtagttggag catgtgactg       660
     aggggtggga actggtgctg tcagcagagc ccaggaaaac caagatggtg tcaggggtct       720
     tcttcagagg agtcatgttt gctagctgac cagattctgc tcatcattaa tgaaaggaca       780
     aacagtctaa ggtaagagta gaacctacaa gaaggtccag gcctattcct gagcagcata       840
     gaatgaggag atgatggaac cagtggactt cagtgagtgc agcccacgtg acttctccat       900
     aagactttac tcagttctac tcaactaagc ccaacccaac cccatccaac aaaactaatc       960
     agttctttag tccaactgaa ccagcatggc ataactgatt ccatctcaac ccaactcaaa      1020
     ccaatccatc caaattcagc tcaagtcttt tcagttcaat ttaatgtcat ctcattcagt      1080
     acaagacaac acaactgtat tcaactcagt atgacccaac tcagacaact catcccaacc      1140
     caactcatca gactcaacac gtcctgatcc tcttcagtct gtttttgtat ccatggtaac      1200
     atggagacat aaaagaaaga gaactgttct gaaaggacta ctctaaagtg atcaggattc      1260
     cagctttagg acttagggag cacacttttg gatttgggaa gcttggctgg agtctggctt      1320
     gcaggtagta gttgtgggaa ctgacatctg ttttgatgag ggtctcaaag aaagaccagc      1380
     tgaaacgtct ctcaattata ttctctttaa actagcttcc tccccaaagg atctcctgac      1440
     aatgtcttca gatggcccgc ccttctgtca tagctgcttg tggagattac tgtcttctcc      1500
     ccataattcc tggctgtcct gttcttttag ggacctctgg agtggaggtg gggtagttag      1560
     agaggcagat tcactgtccc tcctgggaga gacccactgg aggcttgaat atggcaggtg      1620
     gcttgtatgc tgaaggcttg ttctgagtgt ccccataggc tgaaagaact cgcgtgcact      1680
     actaaactag ggacatccac ttccactgaa aatgggtaag atagaggggt ataaacagtg      1740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacata tggagattaa aggacaacct      1800
     taggtgtcaa ccccaggtgc catcattgtc ttttgtattt gttttgtttg agttagacag      1860
     ggtatctcac tggcccggaa gtcaccaagt aggctacgct aactggccag ggagtcccag      1920
     ggttccttct gtcccctctc cagcactgga attggacata ctacagtgtt caatagtcag      1980
     cctttaggag agaagaatgt taccataaaa agtaattaga gtgatacata gtcactacaa      2040
     aagcctagag tcaaacaaaa acaaacaaac aaagctgaaa acaaaaacaa aataaaagga      2100
     ttttttttgg ttttgttttt ggcttggttt ggttttggtt tttcaagaca ttttttctgt      2160
     ataacagccc tagttgtcca gaacaacttt atggaccaag ttggcctcaa actctcagaa      2220
     atccccctgc ctctgcatcc aagtgctggg attaaaggcc tgcattacca caccctacag      2280
     atttgtttgt ttgttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagt cctggctgtc ctggaactca      2340
     ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctggaat taaaggcatg caccaccact      2400
     gcctggctga ttttttttaa aataaagatc acataccatc ttatgactgt gacccagcaa      2460
     taaagaaagc ctacttacat gcgggagaat ctctttcaca attgttaccc tcatgtgaat      2520
     aggcccatct attagagagc agagtatgtt gttgattgct cttgtcccat aataatcatc      2580
     tagatacttc ctaaacagtc gctgatcatc tttgtgattg aactagcatt gcacggtata      2640
     gataccacaa ttaagctggt tctcttgtag gcctttagcc gctgctgctg gctcattgca      2700
     aaccctactg tgatgaccgc aacatcatct ctatttgatg actactgtgg ttattagtga      2760
     ccgcaaattc ctaaaacaaa tcgttggaga ctttgttgtg gtcttcggcc aggccatggt      2820
     aatttacaat caggccacag ccagggagaa agcctctgcc tcctgccttt gacctggacc      2880
     gctgcctctt caagcctaaa tgaaaaaata gcgacagcca aggggccagg gtctgcacac      2940
     ttcccccatg cttctgccag ggtctgcata cttcctcatg atcccgccgt agccaaatgg      3000
     attcacggct tctcttctcc atctattcac ccattttgca gtgccttgtg gtaaatgcta      3060
     aagtatttct cagaaaattg gaacgtgaat gtgcacaaac ttggtatcta caatccctag      3120
     aaactctaga gattcccaaa gaaccactct ccggttgttc ttcatctaaa ctgagctccg      3180
     gccaccagtg agttttaaga gcgtctggct caaccaatgc taaggagcag cagtgttaat      3240
     aacaaccaat ccaagcaggg catggtagct cccatctatg atccctgcac ttacaaagct      3300
     gaggcagaat taccaggagt tcaagaccgc cctaggctac atagtgatat cctgtctcaa      3360
     aacagcaaac aacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccccac      3420
     cggcacgtat acacgtacac acgcacacac aaattcatgt gtatacaaag tcaccctcca      3480
     gttcttttag aaggagatgg tcttgagtcc cagacagaat ctatatttga ccacaaccca      3540
     gggggcagag ctggcaccca ggaagagatt taggatatgt ggttcatgcc tctggtctcc      3600
     agggttccgg gttcaaatct tagctctact gtttcccttt gactgctaga tttgtctttc      3660
     tcatctttaa gctgggacag gatgagaagt gagtcaggag cctgtcactg atggcaaagc      3720
     tcaatgcctc attaacccct tccgtctcag tgtggattcc tttctaatac ttacctgttt      3780
     ccccagcaca ggccatggca cccaaaggcc acattgaacc cttgaattca ttgaggaatg      3840
     aatcttcaaa gcctggggct gaggggatcc cagagaaaac ccagcatcat aagtcctatg      3900
     atatgaatat ctgtgtgctg gaggctactt agtccttcct tctggttgtt ggaggtggtg      3960
     aggagctgaa agcagggctt acaacataga caaattagga agagagtgtg tttgcaggct      4020
     ggaaatgttg caaagtgtta gagagcttgt gcagcgtgaa caaaaccatt ggttcaatcc      4080
     ccagcacagc ataaaccaca tggtggttgt actccataga agttcaaggt ccgctacaca      4140
     atgagtctga gaccagcctg ggctaaacaa gatatttcct gaagagcaat ccctgtttgg      4200
     tttgtcatgc tgggaaatta taactgttct acccactgga atggagatac caagatccag      4260
     ctgatgagtc accatttcat cagtactctg tgcttctcca ccctcctctg cttctccacc      4320
     ctcaatcaca caggcttgca gctgcttgcc tctggctttc tgtccagccc agagaagtac      4380
     agtgacaagc tggaggttaa ggtgcaaatt gaaaacagag ccacatctac agggccttct      4440
     ggcttctagg ttagtgctct gggacttagc tgggacctgg atactgataa gtgtatggtg      4500
     ctttctatgc atttttatta aaatttgtca cacgctatgt tttaatcacg gtcccaccaa      4560
     ctcctttcag actctcaact ccatgtccac tccaactttg tgtttttctc tctcagtctc      4620
     tctttctcca aagaaaccaa aacaaaggaa aaatcaaaag aaaaagaaag ccaacaagac      4680
     gaaacaaaac aatctacaat ctggcacctt gtgatgtggt cagcgccctc tgcttctcta      4740
     cctccagcag agtttgtttt gcattgacca gtcgctctgg gcacaaggcc cgccttggtg      4800
     tggttggtat atccagtgac actccactgt agaaaacggg cttccccttt cccagcaggt      4860
     atggagtgtg taacttcctg atcaggagtg acactctgtg cttgcttccc cttctcagtg      4920
     ctgggagttt gtctggtttg aatctctaca ggttgtgtgt gtgctgccac gggccctgtg      4980
     agttcatatg tgcatcggtc ctgttgtgtc cgggagacac cgcttgctgg cactcatcgg      5040
     ccatctctgg ctcttacaat ctttctgcct cttcttctga gcctggagag gagggggttt      5100
     gatgaatttc tatggtttaa atacatactt tggttacaga aatgtacgtg tttaatattt      5160
     accaactata aatacatatg acatctgtgc agtttatatt tatcaactat ggatatatgt      5220
     aattatatgt tatatgtaga aattatatgc atagtaagtg tctatatgag tctatgtttc      5280
     atatataaat tgtatgtata tataagcttc taaatattaa gtgtccatgt gtgtgtctgg      5340
     catttagata tgccgagtgt acatataagt acactatgaa ttagcgagtg tgtgtgtgtg      5400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtaac acacctaagt cccaatagtc ctatggtggg      5460
     cgagagttga gtctcagcgt aacaggagca cccaggtctg ctccatctcc agtgtctacc      5520
     ctggtattct tctttataat gcaaccttca cagtctctgg catctttctg ttctgttgtg      5580
     gtctgtgaac cagcaccacc tggggactcc atagaaaggc agagtctcca ccccattggg      5640
     aacccagtaa gtcagaatct gcattctaat gacctcatgg cggagcttat taactattat      5700
     tgttgtttct gattatgttg tcccagacta aaatctttcc catgataatc actataatag      5760
     gcagagcaac ggtcttccaa aggcatccat atccaacccc ggtcctgtat cgggcaatgt      5820
     ggcaaagaag aattaaggtt acaggtgaag ggacagcacc ctggatgacc tggctggacc      5880
     gagttcatcc acaaggtcct tgagtggagg agagaggtgg aagtaaaggg aggctggagt      5940
     ggtgtgagga tgacttgagc agctgagtca caagccaagg aaagaatgtg gtcagcctga      6000
     aggaactgga cacagcaagg acacagatgt tcccctggaa gcttccagaa aaatccgtct      6060
     ttcctccctt attacagcaa gacctattgg ttctctaatg tccagctaag tctttgctga      6120
     cctgagccct gagttcatgg cgactgataa aagtagaact aggcagtgac tacaataatt      6180
     agtcctatac tccctctgtg gacctactaa gtgccactct agcctggtct ctcagacctt      6240
     ttgttctaaa tccttgggga gtcccacctg atgttctgaa ggcatgagat cagggtgaaa      6300
     agagcaaagc acttagcatt gggctggcct gtgggctgaa cttgggctac ctgctcttgt      6360
     tgaaggagtc cttcatgcaa ctttgccaca ggttagtccc aaccagggaa cccgtgtgcc      6420
     cctcaagctc accatgggca ggaggcagct atggccagga ggaggattgt aacagagact      6480
     agccagagcc tgtgttggca ttctcttgct ctttgtctgc ccaggtaagt ttctatacat      6540
     tcctgggtct cactttccca atctgggaaa cgaagaggtc agatcaggtg aattctgcat      6600
     caccagcagc aggaacactt tagcatgtct gtgttcattt tggcccaact ttgtgacaaa      6660
     tgagggcatc aatgtgactg agcagggccc agcccagctg tctggaccca agcacgtcct      6720
     ctctcactga cagtccattc atgagcaagg ctcaaatctg ccgaacaact gtgtatattt      6780
     ggtaccaaac agagacttcg gctgctctgg tcaccgagtt aaaatgccaa attactcatt      6840
     ctcctgcaga aagcacaagg aaaaaggaat catttctccc tgcacagttt ttccatgtga      6900
     caaattttct aattttactt caggttaagc cgactctagc tcatggctcc actccagagt      6960
     ctcctgaccc ctttcgtgat tcaagtttcc tgattaaaaa acacaattga ttttgccggt      7020
     ttaatatttg caaatgtgag ctgctatcaa attcgcaacc gaacttcttc atcttctcta      7080
     ctctgtgatg tccagcaatg gcttcttggt ccagttgttg gggtctaggc ctggccaact      7140
     cctgttcact ctgtgtgcac agacacttgt atctgcagag ggaggggaaa gctggcttag      7200
     atggagccca tgtggctgga tggtaaggag tgattactgg gtatgtttct aggggcggtt      7260
     ggttctattg agactgttgg gatgggagct catacctgct gtcagctgtg ggtctactta      7320
     gaggcaactg gagcactttt agcataggaa agagactggt agctatgttt gactgacatg      7380
     aattctgcct gtgtggcatc tactgcatgt catcactgtc ttccaccccc ttgccaccct      7440
     tggggtcatg tctctctgac agtcagacgt tgcctttctc tgacctctgg tttacttctg      7500
     tgcaagcaaa gaggcttgtc caaagctcat gccctatcgt gtcccttctt caaatccctc      7560
     tatgctttcc attacagcca cgatctctac actgcctggg ctgcagccaa ccctctcctt      7620
     tcccatctct cctggcttct ggctccagcc ctgctgaact ccttgctggt ctctgagatc      7680
     acaggcaggc tctttctcat ccttacaagc cttatgtttt tcatagactt gctccttgaa      7740
     ctgtgttggt ccctgagcca gctgcatggg cattaccctg agatagttag ggatgcaggg      7800
     tcctttcccc agatcaacag catcaggctt tgtgctttag atgcctctag gcaatgcatt      7860
     tgatgccaaa gtgtgatcca cagggcactg tggcctggag tgtgcaaatc tggaagagtt      7920
     gatttggttt caggctccac aagttaacag ttggtgacct tggatggctt cttaatctct      7980
     ccaaacctca gtttctccat ctgcaacagg agggataaga ctaggatgta tctcaggcta      8040
     cttgtgatca ctaaaagcag cactgaccgt cccagctcag cacagtgtat atggtaaaca      8100
     ctcaataaag ggcaataagc cttatagagt gggtgagaga gggacagaga caagctggga      8160
     agtgtggtgt tatcgtgtgt cagaagtgag ggtcccttct tataattctc tgaggatggg      8220
     gaagttttgc agcataagcc tggtggtttc tgattcctag gcaggatcag agaaggtggt      8280
     ggggagcaag atgagtggct accaataccc ttttgatgta aagccacttc tcaggggaga      8340
     gattgtggca cctgtaagtc tggcagctag ggactcacag tgcccatccc agagccctgt      8400
     tttaagaaga aatactgctg aaggcattgt ggcctgagca gccgctggat gctaacatga      8460
     catccttata ggtcacggga ccgaggccta agctcagtgt caccagtaag ccctcgtgtg      8520
     gcttcattcc acgttggttt actctgttag gggacagaat tcatctgcaa gttcttttca      8580
     ccaaggacct tgagtgggcc aggtcaacac cactcacctt tggaggttag ggttgttgag      8640
     ccttctggga cagggaaagc aacaactgta attacatgtg ggagagatga gtctgctaag      8700
     caatgatggg tggacagaaa tagttgtgaa gttctatggt agaaaaggct catctatctg      8760
     tggaagccta gtaggttttt caaattcatg cctctgttcc ttcactttca cttaaacact      8820
     tactgtacgc aaggcaatgt atgatgtgct gggtataaaa tgatggacag gcaggcctgg      8880
     ttccactggg ggatgctaag accaatgatt tatccaaaac aatcctttgg tgatgataaa      8940
     tggcaaacag ggttctgaag gataggagcc aggcatggta gtacatgctt ttagcttagc      9000
     actcaggaga agggggaggc aggcgggtta ctagttccaa gccagcctgg gctacaaggc      9060
     aatacctggt ttcatgaaaa actaaagtat agggtcctaa cacacacaca cacacacaca      9120
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact ggatactttc atctgtatga gggcatcagg      9180
     gaagtctccc aaaagtgtga cctgtaagat gtggtccaaa ggatgaatga atttactcag      9240
     ggaagggtgc tgggttgata gagctgaacc tggtgggtag agaaccatat tcaattccca      9300
     acaccacaac tgtctgtaac tctagaccca gggaatccag tgccacttct agtggccatc      9360
     acagatacca ggcacccatg tggtgcacag gcatacatgt aggccaaaca cccatataca      9420
     taaaataaga tttaaaaaat atttaaaagg aacagcctgc cttgcccaga gtgcatgaag      9480
     aaaaagggac agaaggggtc tctgggagga aggtggatgc accatcagta cctagcctag      9540
     gtacctggcc taggtaccat gacccccagg tcccatatga tgctcacagc ccagggattg      9600
     gcataggatg gaggccttga gtcctggagg agtgtagagt gagactctgg gtttgaggac      9660
     ctttcttgtt tctcttcctc tgcttataga agaacatact gattccagtg aaggatctag      9720
     gcatacattt tttgcaacct atttttaata aaggttcaat ctctccccta gaccagtacc      9780
     cagcagaggt agtagaagag aaaagttatt agcatatggg ggaagtggac ttgttcagca      9840
     atagttcgtt gggggcaagc ttggtcctct ttggcagcag ttcagtcctg tagcaaacat      9900
     cagatataac tcagcagctg cagaccagtt ctctaggcag gcagacacca ggtatgaact      9960
     ggctgctaca gtccagtcct tgcagcaagc agacaccagg cagctctagt tcagtcctga     10020
     agaaactgcc aggctggcca accaacctaa ggcaaggcca cagaagtgac aagttgcctc     10080
     atgagcagtt cttaggcaag tttctctcaa tgtcaaagtt atcacaagtt gagctcaaca     10140
     atgctatgta aagtgaatta atacattcct gttgctagca aagaataacg aaacagagca     10200
     aaccaaacca aggctcagtg ctcatctccc actgtctgtg gggtcagatt tatactcctt     10260
     catcaagcat cttttcacgt gcctgctata tccaaacatc ctttcacctg tgtctacttc     10320
     aggaaaacag tctttcatgt gtttgcttta gcaagacatc ccctcacctg tgtgccccag     10380
     caaaatatca tttggcataa ccgactttcc aaagaaacta gaagtttcca cttcacagta     10440
     ctagattcca tcctgctctt tccctctctg tggagggtgt tgttgagaat gtacatccag     10500
     tgtgagtgag ccttgggttc ttcttgctga gacagaggag gaagctaggt cctggagagt     10560
     gtctgggcag gaagactaag ggagcaattc ctccggacct gtcatgcctg tcccccatcc     10620
     atccctttag tggctcctct gactgctgtg cagaggttcc tggctgggta accaaggcct     10680
     gcaaagagcc gcactgttta ttccctggag catgcacttt attcagcagt tgggaagtcg     10740
     gggcaggaga ccagtcacaa ctggggagaa atccagagca tcactaagac aaacaaacac     10800
     ccgtgtgcta tgacatgaga actgaagggc tttgaagcac gaggctctcc tggagtttct     10860
     aagctcctat ggcttgtggg ctaagttggg cctacaggtg tggggtcctc tctctcatga     10920
     tgagcaactt gggtagaggt gggattttat gtagaactga ggttcctaaa ttatgggaga     10980
     gacacaagtt gttgtccaag gtgccagagt gttatttggg caaaatttta ctccttcaca     11040
     gcccatgtgg attaggacaa tgtactggat gacggtatgt agaccattgt gatccagagt     11100
     cttgcaagag aattctcggt tccaaaagga cttgtgtctg tcactgttgc acctccagca     11160
     tctagaatgg tgcctgccac acagcaggtg ctccataaat aatgcttgct gcatgaggga     11220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttgacggct tccagaagct     11280
     tgccttctca gcccatgttt acctttccag gaataagtga gtggggctgc tctcacatgg     11340
     gaagcttggg tggaatgtga aaaatcctct tcatgaatat gcatgcggga atccagccag     11400
     tgctgcccca agcttaagat ttcgaagaat caccctttgg aggcagcctc ctacgcagtg     11460
     tggtttacac ccacacattg ggtccttgtg ggcgaaggca cagtttatca ttcatgtacc     11520
     tcacccggct agccctccct tctcatgggt cctgcccatt tctagcatct gggtgttggt     11580
     gattgtctat atgggctttg ccaaactgca ggtgggaaaa ggtagagacc agccattgtc     11640
     agcaatacaa ggtttcagaa cctagtctag aagcgtttgc tgctgtctgg gtaagtgaag     11700
     ccccacccct ttcttgaagt ttccaagaac acttgagcac aggtaagttg tctgtctgtc     11760
     ccctatcatg gcatggctag cagcgagttc tgcaggcatt agatgaactt cagatcccag     11820
     ctcggtcact tattagtgct gtgaccaggg caccttactc aagtgtgggc ttcacatctg     11880
     gacagaggag caggagatat cctgatgccc agactacatg agatagtcag tggggatgct     11940
     gagtctgagg agagcatctg cccagcatgg gcgctcctga gaccttggtc ctcactcttc     12000
     tgggtagcag taggcctgga agcttcctga aataccaagg cctggggcat caccccaact     12060
     ccccttgggg ctgaggccag gcacctgtgt tctgaagctc acagtgcatt ggctcccaga     12120
     catgtgagga gctcaaggtg gacgcctgtg ctatgggaac aggatcacgt ctgacctgtt     12180
     ctctctgaat gtccaggacc agcagtggta ggccctttct aatcatgaca ttcaccttac     12240
     actgcaatcc tgagagcgag gtattgcatc atctcagtgt ctggatagag acttaagctc     12300
     agagaagttg aagaataaac gcaaggtccc cagctaggag gcgattggtc aggatcttgc     12360
     tggcagatca ctccggcatc cacttcccat ctcttactct ctgtagcaca ctgtgggacg     12420
     ctggttatcc tctggtccct gcaatgtgcc tgtctcttta ttccatttcc tggagcctct     12480
     agcaccttgc agattccctc acagcttctt agaggccaca agtccttcct ccggcaaaca     12540
     tttggagact gtcaagttgt cctttcatct gggttaaaca agagtcagtc tgtttcaaaa     12600
     tatgactctg gggtcaccat ctgtcctggc tgttccctta aactcaaatc ccaatgcaga     12660
     gacaggctct actccagcag ctttgtgagg gcagggtctc tgcaggactg ggccagagga     12720
     tttctacaaa gactttgtag tgtctttggt aacaactctg gagcacgttt cttttaaaaa     12780
     tgtgcattgt ttattgtccc ctcaccaaca gggctcaaat cattaaagag gaccccaagc     12840
     ccctggacag gttcagtgca ctcgtctctc cagcatgcat cttcttgctg tctaccatgt     12900
     accttgcatg gcattttgcc ttctctcctt tctctggagc cacaggtggg tgtggcctgg     12960
     gtcatttgga atcatgccat cagcccgggc cttgttttgc tcatcttagg gacctggtgt     13020
     cttccaagat ccttcctaaa tttcaaggtg tccctgcctt tctttttctt ttttgcttta     13080
     gagagtataa gtgccatctc accctgcctg ctacagctgg gagctcattc tgctatagca     13140
     gcttgtctgc cctggctgga tccacaccag cgcatctgtg gggacgcccc agagccgttc     13200
     ccagggcagc ttgatttgcc cagggcgtac atgccaagtt ctgagagaat gcaggcaagt     13260
     ctgccactgc caaactccca catgcactct gcattccaag tcccccagtc ccgccctctc     13320
     ctcagcaagg gaatggatgt gggggctgag tgtcagggca atcgctggag gagaaggaga     13380
     tattcctcct aaaatggtca ggggagcttt tctcagaagg cctttgaggt gccctgctgc     13440
     ctgtcatgta aagttaagtc tcccagatct gattctcgag tgcctctgct ccaaggagag     13500
     aagatgaatg ggcttcattt cctttgccct cagcctcctt acctgaggta gggaagccag     13560
     caggtcaaat gtgctcatgt gtttagtctg aaattgacct gcgggtggcc tgatagttct     13620
     gaccccgtag ctcctggcag ttctttgcca atctcttttg caccctcccc gaatcactca     13680
     aatcttagct ttcctcacat ggccttcctt ctggatgctt ttcaatgatt ccccctcttt     13740
     caggccactt cttagaactt ttaggaggtc ctgcaggccc ccttctgtcc ttgactcata     13800
     gtctccagac tcaggacttt taggtcagct ctatgtgtat tggcaactag gctgagaatc     13860
     aggtggagac caactctctt attttctcgt tgccttcgat gcttgcctag gccaagtcct     13920
     ggcagggttg catgagggct gcttgttgtg ggcagacacg ggcaggatcg ggataaagtg     13980
     aatggtgaga gtgcagctct tggctcctcc tcagggctcc catctttctt gtggctctgt     14040
     tccaaagggt ctgaggcctc tggatggcca ctcagaagat gtttgctgac tacttagtag     14100
     caactatgct atacccagag gttcaaggga cctaggacat gtttcactta cagatggtta     14160
     cactcaagaa agcttcaaaa tctcaaaact ttctcagact caccccatct ctccacgaca     14220
     cacccaccca atgcctgtct ctttcatgag ctcgggcttt atccatgcaa gaggaccagg     14280
     gatctcagag ttctgctcct ggcgcctgta gggctggaca gtctcatctg atcttgccca     14340
     gttgtccagt accacgatgg gccatgagca ccctccccaa cagaggcaca gagaagggga     14400
     agcatctgtt attcacaagt cccacccaga acattgttcc aaggagaggg aaggtggagg     14460
     cggctggaat ttcatctgaa gtctgagaag ccagtgtgtc tcaggggcac tcccagccca     14520
     gctggatgag agccctgggc agccatcttg cagaaggcta catttcccaa gccttcctgc     14580
     ttaagggtca agtgagagtg tgggactgca gacctttact gtattatgtc tggacagcag     14640
     gggtcagatg agggtggggt taaaaagtac atgttaacta aatgttggta ttggtgaaca     14700
     aagattggct tttataagag ttcttttttt aaattttgtt gattgattta ttgattgagg     14760
     tttttaatgg atattttgtt tttagaatgt aatacatgta ctcacgaaat gtgatcatat     14820
     ctactcccaa tattctccct ttctcatcct catgcccact aatatacctc ctctcatttt     14880
     tataactttt taaaataaca caccaggttc aattagtact tctcctacag gcatgggtgc     14940
     aaaaccatcc actatatttt tggaaaccta ccagtgatgt ctctaaaatc tcaccaaaca     15000
     ccttctgcta atggctcctt aatttgagtt tgggcctaga gatcacattc ctcatacacc     15060
     agaattttgg ctggtttgat ctatatgggt cttgtatagg caactaccaa taatggaggt     15120
     tgatttcctt atccatggcc acaaagcaat atttcacaac tcttgtctac atcctccaac     15180
     tcccatattc ttctgcctct tccaaaatga tcccagtgcc tatactagtt ctttctgatc     15240
     aatgattaat aaatatacag tgctaaggtg ggcatacagt tattcttgtc cagaattcac     15300
     taagttggtt cacttatgca ttatttgttt attcatttgt tcattcattc attcattcat     15360
     tcattcatgt attcatccac caactgtttg acctttgcca agtctcaggc aagactgtgt     15420
     ccagaagctg tagggggagt ctggaggctt tagagaaaag acaggagatt tcagctatcc     15480
     cctgcagcac ctgcaggtca gtgagggaca aggacaagtg aacagatggt gacagagtag     15540
     tgaaaaactg gggcttctgg gagaccaggc agggggagag agctgctcct gagatatagc     15600
     gtgatacatc tgtggatgag cagaaggggt tccaataggg agctgcaggc ctacttcctg     15660
     ttgaagctgg agtggcttcc cctggatgtc tgtccatctc taactatatg tgggacaaga     15720
     cagattggga tgaagctgtg gaaccaggtg cttctagact gcacagtcct tccatagagc     15780
     aacacagact cctcgtggct ggccacataa cccttgccca acagcgcctg gatctgccaa     15840
     gctccttctc tacccaccta cttccaggga catccctaca taagcttcgc gccagtcacc     15900
     ctccttctca tcagtggaga gcatgtggca gcctccccct ggccctggga caaactgctt     15960
     cctatctgta aaatctggtg attcacacag tcgacctggc tgggaagcca ctcagctgct     16020
     atgttcctaa gttacaggga aggttcagct ttcccagaaa gttctggggc acttcctcta     16080
     tagctctctc ttaggagaag ccgctggatt cttacccctg tactctgact ctgggtttcc     16140
     ggccatgcat aagactcctg cactgcctcc tgtccaagac tagatgtagg ccaccatgct     16200
     agcctcagcc acagagcaag cttcaaattt gagtgtgagc catagaccct tccaggattg     16260
     gtaaatgcat ggcattcagg gctccacccc caaatcggtg gtgttttgtg tagatcctga     16320
     gattcagtaa gttcccagat gctaccagtc caggtgacac acttggagag cctcgagcgt     16380
     cctaggaaag cagatgggct atggagtctg aatccaggcc ataaaggtcc agactcttcc     16440
     ttgggtggct ggatccttcc gtgcctccat ctctgtgtct gaagagcagg gttcactgta     16500
     atagctcttc gctaggttct tgtgagcgtt gcctgtggaa tggtgctggt gcgcatcagg     16560
     acatctatga ggtacccaga gagctgttag aacaaacacc acaaaagtaa gcgaaaacat     16620
     caatcattta tcatcgtgca gttgtggagg ccaggaatct gaaatggaga agtccagagc     16680
     ccttctcctc tgagctattt tccccctgga gtccccaagc tgagccctcc agaggagcct     16740
     gtggggtgga atggtgactc attacagctg atgtcatctt caggagtcaa ggccctgctc     16800
     acactcaaag agcctttgtt ccccaagtgg aaagcaaagt cctcgcactc agagaattga     16860
     ctgcaaactt ttccctcgtg cccttggcat ctctggtcca cttgccactt gtcccacagc     16920
     ctctgggggt gacatcacac gcaggttccg aatcaggtgt gggaaggcag gtgaaaagag     16980
     ggatcaaaga ctcacactgc agagccctcg gctcactcga tggggcacag atatcttgtg     17040
     gggaggctgc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg     17100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacaaatg tacatgctaa gtgaactgag     17160
     tcccagaaga ggaatttggc cgtgttctgc aagcttgctt tctgcagatt atttctttct     17220
     ggctctattc atccaatcac attctttcct tcctgtctca gagatgtaag atgcttgtga     17280
     ggctaatctg ggacatggta tgttgagttg ggggggggca gaggtcaaca agaaatcaac     17340
     ttatctaggc ctctgactat aacccaagtg atccatgtat gccaggcccc gtgtttatcc     17400
     tgatgttcac tgagtgacgg atctcatatt ctcagccagg gtccatcatg tccacacaat     17460
     acacactgga aggcctcagc tcagagaggc caagtggcta gcccttagcc acccgagtgg     17520
     ttagtggcag acacaggacc cagtgtatat ctagctgatg ttgaaactgg ctcttgcctg     17580
     tggctgttac cttcgacagg gcatcacacc cacccaggcc aaagcctaga gaattctact     17640
     tccttgagac caatcgggag gggaacaacc atcagccctt gtcaccctgc catttatatc     17700
     ctggttgcca gatgtgaagc gagactgaca gttctttcca ctaggtagag aatcaagcat     17760
     gaggaggagc tggactggca aactgttgag ttctgggcac agcacaagcc catagcaaaa     17820
     ggccatggat agtattgact cctgtcactc agttcattcc cagatcactt ttgttaaggc     17880
     tttgctgggg actgagaggt aagctagagt ggtccacctg gaagcccacg aaaagatgca     17940
     gcaagtgcat aggaagaggg tggctccacg gaaggacagt gaggtgctgg agcatagaag     18000
     gtgcttccat gggaaacgcc atgagaacag tggaggcagc gggatgcggc gggcgggcag     18060
     agccctcttc ctgtctcatg tctgatcctg gactgagtga gctgttccct tgctctctag     18120
     gaatctctcg tgagaagtga gagagtctga gagggacagg tggggggatg actgggaggc     18180
     tgaagaggtt accactgggc aggtctactt gccagtttaa gaccagagaa ataaactgta     18240
     gccctaaacc ccagatccta gacccttact aaccaacctc tctagaatag aaagggggag     18300
     ggaagatgga gggtctagag cagaggagag agggaaggag agaaaaggag agagacagag     18360
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag acttgcttga gggagtgctc     18420
     acacagtaac ttcattgaga aggaaaattc ttttgctata tatgaaaacc ggaaaaagga     18480
     agaggcgttc tcagtttact tggagaaaaa tgctcttctg taattcagaa aaatggggtc     18540
     tttgatcacc gcccggccag gtctcctttc taagtgggcc caggactttt ccctggcagg     18600
     aaaacattct tctaagaagt gctttgggag gtaggtttgt ctaagaacct cttgcaccgt     18660
     gctgtgttca tgtccctcac gtagggagtc aggtagtccc agggtctctt gaggctggag     18720
     ggtccttgca gtttccttcc agggtggggc tggctttctt tacaggcaga gtgtgatgac     18780
     attatcgagg gcgccgctgc ttcccagttc tagcgaggcc aggaagtctg tgggagaact     18840
     gttctcctgg cccctgcagg agtcatttct tccaggcctg aaggaatcgc tgcctagggt     18900
     ggttagaaaa actgggaggc agacgaggag gatgagggat tggaggcact ccgacctggc     18960
     aggggccttg ggaaaacatt taggccagac tctagttcgc agatattgag ccagagactt     19020
     ggaagaagca aagagacttc tgaagccatg tgtggagttg gtgattggag gctgtcttaa     19080
     aggctagtgc catttctagt acccttgtga catctgagag accaccgtat ggaagttgac     19140
     atttttgtct acccaggggc cagagctctg ccagctggca gggtggggca gccacaggga     19200
     ggataggctt agctcagcct gagcaaaacc cttgaagact tattattttc ttagggctgt     19260
     tgactaggag tgagctctcc agcagtggag gtgagcaaga agaaagcagg tggcctttga     19320
     tgggtgtgga ctgggggata ttgtccacag aaagagagat ttctttttca gaagtctgca     19380
     gctggttaaa ctcctcatgc cttttctttc cagacagtga gagccagaga aacgacgggt     19440
     gtggggtgtg ccttagtcct tggggccagt tttctgcata aatgttcaag gaaaaaaaaa     19500
     tcttagatgg acctgttacc agaggcctgt atgtggtttc agctatgggg aggctgaggc     19560
     cagcttgggc aatttagtga aaccatgtct tgagataaaa agtaaaaaag gctaagggta     19620
     ggcccagcaa tgcagatttt ccctagcatc tgtgaagaat ggagaatcaa aattcagaac     19680
     tgacaacaaa ctatattaat aatcctaaga aggatgggca ttgctgttcc cagtaagata     19740
     actgggaagt gacaagggtg atataggggt cctccttcag ccttagagcg atagttgagg     19800
     taaacacagg gaattctgga ctggaggagc catgataggg ttctaaagac agtcactccc     19860
     accttaccct gaacggcccc ttgattgctt gctggctgta gcccaggcta caaccaccat     19920
     ggagcgtcct tgaccagagg gactacacac accatagatg aagagcagct aagtgttctg     19980
     tcagctttct aggcatgaat gggaagctct gccaaacaga gaagaatatc tttgcctccc     20040
     caggcaatcc acgttggaaa acaggatgag agctcttcct ctgggttcta ggctcagcgt     20100
     ggtcacagag tactgcataa tgtcatgcct ctgcttccgg ggcctctgct tccggggcct     20160
     ctgcttccgg ggccgctttc agatctctgt ggttgggatc tgggttcctc atggttcctc     20220
     caagccaaga gcactcagta ttcctcggac cccggtctgt aagttctgag aagacgcggg     20280
     tccccgcgtg gccgctaggg gccgctgccg agcccagtgg tggagcgttc ctggctgtgc     20340
     agcaaggctc ttgggacttc tccatatccc agccttgacc tggtgccaga ggaaagcaac     20400
     taagtctctt gaggcttcaa atgctgacaa gcaagagccc tgggctcagg tcccagatgg     20460
     tcatctgtgg gatagagctt tgcaaagcca gatacggttc cctagggaca tcaggctcca     20520
     aaggccagac aggagacccc acagatggaa aggctgatcc aacccagtgc acagaaaggg     20580
     aaactgaggc tggagtgcaa aaggagatat aggtgtccag gggtctgtgg cacagaggag     20640
     ggatcttgtt tcttgcctcc tccaaatgct gaacctacca gtccagtttg tttcttcact     20700
     gttaggattc tttcctggtt tccatggaaa ctggcatccg gacccttggg aagagagtgg     20760
     caccctgtgg ggactgctca gattttcctc tgcagtgttc tctaaagcct tctgatgatt     20820
     tctccctatg ccctagggag gggccaccct gaaatcactg aggattctgc accgaacttt     20880
     ccaagggcaa gaggcccagg ctgtttctgt ctgtcttcct ttcctcaggc cacgttgcag     20940
     actaccagct ctgccaaacc ctgtgattgt acagggaggg atgcctgtag gatgaaagtg     21000
     gaattccttg tgttggggta caattgaccg agcctggaaa tactggtgag aagatgcaaa     21060
     agatagtatt agggttctgg agagatagat agctctgtgc ttaagagcac ccactctctg     21120
     gcagagcacc tgggctcacc tccctgcagc cacacagtgc cttgtagcca tttcttgttc     21180
     cagttccagg ggatcagaca ttctcttctg acctccgcag agattgcatg ttcatggtgc     21240
     agggacataa atgcaggcaa aacactcatg catataaaaa actttaaaaa ataatagtga     21300
     cttagaaaac agcatgagaa cagaagaaag aagagaagaa ggagggaagg aaagagggga     21360
     gggtaagaag atgataattt ctgtgtccct cacactccac tgaagataga tccagaaact     21420
     cataaatgct aggctctacc cctgacccca gatgtgccca gaatggaatt ttgactctgt     21480
     gttgaaggaa ccagggagct attgaaagcg ttggttgaaa agcgttggtt gaaagcgttg     21540
     gagctcgcaa atagcatgaa cagataaccg ctaaccgttc ctagataatg agcttctggt     21600
     ctgggttcag ctccctccac atcttcagca ctatacgagg cacagcatgg ggacagattt     21660
     tatttgagca atgcccaacc ccccacatcc cccatgaaac tcctatgcat taaagaaata     21720
     aaggagcaag actgaagtta aagtcaagcc catgaggtgt ttgagggtca gcagctatac     21780
     acagacagct catcttgttt aatccggtgc aaattggggt tctgagacag ggaggggtta     21840
     gctcatgagc agcacagctg agaacttgag tgaacttgag ccccacctct tctgcctggg     21900
     ggttcactgc ttgccctgag gctgtgtggc ttctgaagag gctccctggg atggaaggag     21960
     cttgcacatc tagttgatgg atgagcacgc aggtggttgt agggtgaggc tggaggctgg     22020
     aggctggccc tacctatgct cattagaact tcagactcag agcctggatg ttggtttagc     22080
     cagcaatccc atcttagcca aatcagagag ccccaggcca gggggaaacc cagtctcagt     22140
     ggctcctgag gagtgaaagg ttggccccta gcttctgcat atgcattcat tcaaatgtac     22200
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcacgg acaaggatgg     22260
     gatccattca tgccagtttg acctccaatt taaggactac atggaaaaat aacaaggtaa     22320
     ttataataat gagagaagtg tatgctgaat gttctagaca cacagttttg ttcaaattgc     22380
     cctatgataa atgttaaaat ctgtggagaa gtgtgagcca tttcaatgac cccaggccag     22440
     agagtcccat tagcagcccc caccagcaga gttcccagcc ttccaggctt tgtcgctccg     22500
     agatggagag atttcttccc accagctgtg acctccttct ctcccttgcc cccagcacaa     22560
     agccatccca ggacaagtca tggaccaaat tgccgagcct gtttctcttg gctcccaggc     22620
     tcctccttcc cgcccctcgt ggctgcctga gcaggtggcc tttccgctgg aagccaggga     22680
     taaatgagcc agcaggcaca ggcccagccc tgagtgtggg tcactccagg ccaggggtcg     22740
     ttccccgcca taccgcgccc gccgtgggac catgcctgtg gaggaaggcg gggctgctga     22800
     gagcaaggct gaggactaag gcttgtaaca gactctgtgg ctctctttct gagtcgatgg     22860
     aaacggagcc tgtggcccag cttctgcaca cttgtcctct cttgctagtc tgggatcttc     22920
     ggatgaaggt gggagcagag agggtgtgtg gagagagtct gcagactaca gcttttgcta     22980
     agtttatgcc ttgcaagctg cacagcttgc tgataacttg gacaccatgt cgccatccca     23040
     taggatctcc gtaagggaag tgggcaggaa ggccccatgt caacctggtc atctactcaa     23100
     aggctgcatg tttggtagag ggtagaggct agaggggaac ccagctctga ccaaagttaa     23160
     aggagtcctc cactgcagcc tgcttcctct tcatctcccc tttgccagcc ggcatactat     23220
     gggccagtgt ctagaaaggc tgggtagcca gggatcttgg gggatttatg atttggggtc     23280
     tgggtaaccc cagattctgc tgctatgcct catgaccatg tctcttcctc ctctccatca     23340
     gttccctggc ccataaagca aggaggttga ttgataggat tatggaaaaa cactttaaac     23400
     agatccctgg aaataggaat tcatgagatg gccatgtgca agcctaggtg agcccttatc     23460
     tgatccctga actctatgca gaaatagagc cctggatgtg agccagccca cttaccctaa     23520
     tggacccaca acttctgcag acgctgaagg gtcccaccag agagcttccc ctcctaccag     23580
     taaaagagag gggaggggat gaggggacaa gacaaagaag gggtcacata cttggggctt     23640
     ggtgttttat ctagagctgt gacagggagc ggggaaacct gagtaggtct ttcttccttc     23700
     ttcatttctt tcttacaaag atggcttcac cccaatgaaa aagcatgttg ttaaatttcc     23760
     ttcctttctc tctctttaag atagggtctc tctacgtaat cctgactatc ctggaaccca     23820
     ttatgtagac cagactggcc tcaagactca tagaaatcca cctgcctctg tctcctgaat     23880
     gctgagatta aagatacatg ccctatgtct ggcacaagcc cttaaatttc taaaaacaga     23940
     ttcaaggatt taagaatata taaatatctt tatttttcac accaggtgac tggtataatg     24000
     taaaggtacc cagtgaagag gcgagtcatc tatcctccat tctctacttc ctatctggac     24060
     atgatttcta gccccagttt cttggaaatc cttctggaga gatcctaata tattctacta     24120
     tataaattga ttatgcatgt gggaacttga cagatatact tgaattaaga gctttgaagc     24180
     ctctagacag caccatctct tgggctacct tacacatgta gctcattgag gctaagagcc     24240
     gtatgtagag catgactatg gccttcagcg tcctttgcat gcttatgtat ttgctacatg     24300
     ctgcttcctg ctgataatta ttcttttctt tttactgact gtatcctggc tactgctcag     24360
     atcattacct aaggactcac agcattcggg aggctacatc caattccctt gagtgaatat     24420
     attttatcat tcacactggg tcaaagaata catatgcatt ggtacttttg gaaggtgtca     24480
     gattgcatcc catggatgtg acacaattta ggatttcact agcagagcag gagatgggcc     24540
     catgctgcct cagcctcttg ccagcatttt cgattagcca acattctgat cgctgccaat     24600
     ctgataagga aaatggattg gccttgcagc tctgctcttc tttcattgtg aggtcaaaca     24660
     ttttccatat acttacatct gagccgcctt cgttttttcc tgctgtctat agaacttcct     24720
     agtcttcacc catcgatctg ctgacttatg gcattgccca tctgctttgc ctgttaaagg     24780
     agtggcattg tgacgtctgg tttctgcttt ttctgttggc tcttggtttt taagctgaca     24840
     ttgtgaggtt taatattatt atgattttta aaaaatgttt tggtcctcag atctttattt     24900
     ctttgtaggc aaatttaacc agatttatgt ctttaaatta tgaaatcact attgtgagcc     24960
     tttgctttgt ctagttacat ttaaccagat ttattgttct tttaacctat gccttgtggg     25020
     gcttgagcct caaactaaaa ttacttcaaa tggatgtctt gtcgtgctgt tttaaagcag     25080
     gctataaact ggagaggata gtattcagtt gagaattaag tctgggttca tgactgttgg     25140
     acactttccc tctattaacc ttggctttgt gctctgtaaa atgtggaggt cggaagtttc     25200
     catcctccct tccatccatc catccagcca gccagccttc tgttgactcc ttactttgtc     25260
     catttttaca ctcatcctca ctggcctagg tcctgggaac catgaacggt aaaatccttg     25320
     tcctcattat tcactgggag tagaaacaaa cagtcaatgg tgacatgagg aaggggctgt     25380
     gatagaagac cccagtgtgg atgcaggagg cttgcagtgc agctccacca agaagagctt     25440
     atgggcagtg aaggggaaat ggttgcaggg gaggagtcct ggactgagtc tcgaggagga     25500
     agaggaacag ggggagaagg aggagttatt ctgaaaggtg attgggtgga tggggtgagt     25560
     gtcataggga aagcattggg gtagatgtag gtctgtaaca acagaggggc actcaggggc     25620
     cgttgtagat tatcttagga gggcagggga gaatggctgg gcacagacag aaaaggcctc     25680
     tcaagtccct gggtggctgc ctgaccctgg agaccacaga tggccataga agatttctaa     25740
     gcaaggactc tatgtgaccc aattttctct ttaggtaaag agggtggtcg tcttcataaa     25800
     agttgtgaag tgtctccagt gaagtgtgtc ctaacgaatc cttgtggtca ccgtgaccac     25860
     attattaatc ctgtcactgg ggagcagagg caggcagatc tctgaaaact ttggggatag     25920
     cctggtctag agtgaatcac tgggccagcc agggatacct agtgagaccc tctttacaat     25980
     aacaataata atagcaacaa caatacagtg aatacttcct tggaaccaat gttaaaaatt     26040
     aaacatagtg aagctggaga gacggctcag aggttgagaa ggccatatag tgctcttcca     26100
     gaagaccgga attagattct cagttcccac ctcaggcagc tcacatgacc tgtaactcca     26160
     gctccagggt gctgtgacac ctctggcctt atgcatccac atccacacac ataattagaa     26220
     taataatcaa aataaacatt tcaaaaactt gaacataccg ctgtaattaa aatggacctc     26280
     ttgcaagtga gtctctgcct cctctcagcc tgggcatccg aggccacccg tgggtgtggt     26340
     cagtggaaca gaatctccaa agggcacttg agcagcagcc aatgaaactg taagtaaaca     26400
     gacccttgtc acccacaaat ccctgtcatc tgtacagtgg gatggcctgt acccataagc     26460
     agaggaggcg aggatgaagg aatctgtagc aaattggtct ggaaagtcac ataagcctcc     26520
     ctttccatca ccagaaaagc gaccttgtcc attgcagctc atgcacctgt ggtaggaggg     26580
     gggcccagct tcaacaagga ttaatcagaa aatgatgatg ttggggggag agaggaaaaa     26640
     gaagcaggga cggacgaagg cagcctgcca gtgtttgtgt gagggttgga gtcatctgtg     26700
     gtggccctgc actctgttaa agacaaggct tgcatagtaa atgcaaacag aggcacggga     26760
     gggaatggtg acatggagtc cccagggcct gggctgagga agtggactgg agagggtcag     26820
     caaagctgtc ggtggctctt aagaggagtg cagggcacgt gctgtttctg cctgctatcc     26880
     tttagtttct aatttttcac actgggacta gaatggagag cagatcttga gggccttgtg     26940
     cctgttggac aagtgtggat ccagggagtt ttaatccctt ctcctttctt ctctctctct     27000
     tgcctctcct ttggtttttt gagacagggt gtctctgtgt agccctggct atcctggaac     27060
     tttctctgta gaccaggcta gcctcaaact cagagataca tctgcctctg ccttctgagt     27120
     tctggcacta aaggtgtggg tcaccaggca tagccaccca atcctttctt ctgtttagtt     27180
     ttgaaacctg gccttattac ccaggatggg tttgaactca caacatatcc acagcagaca     27240
     tcaaacttgc catcttccac ctcagtctcc tgtgtaactg gaattatagg cctgcatcac     27300
     cagactcagc taaaaaaatt tgaaatgaaa taacatttaa ccctcaaact tccaaattat     27360
     catttgaaat cataaccaat atgagaatcg ttaattagct atgttacact gttttttccc     27420
     cccaaattga gtctttgata tccagtttgc ctttagcaca gcatgtttca aagggaagac     27480
     ctgcgatcca agtgttcaat ggctactttt agctagtggt tcccatgcca gaaaaggagg     27540
     agttagcaac acagcttagg tggagcttgt atcctttcca aacctgaaag tccatgacag     27600
     tgatgggaag ggcagaggtg aagggtcacc accacttact gctctccagc cctgtgccag     27660
     catctcacac tgtgtcgttt catcacctca gctatcctgc gtgatgacat gtgtttttct     27720
     ttttaaaagt tcacttgtgt atatgaacac atggacatat gcggtaagtg tctgtgtatg     27780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag acagacagag     27840
     acagagacag agacagagac agagacagag acagagacag aggggggaaa ggggggaaag     27900
     gggagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaca gagagagaga cagagagaga gacagagaga     27960
     cagagacaga gacagagaaa gagacagaga cagagggggg aaagggggga aaggggagag     28020
     agagagagac agagacagag agagagacag agagagacag agagacagag acagagacag     28080
     agaaagagac agagacagag gggggaaagg ggggaaaggg gagagagaga gagagagaga     28140
     gagactcaga ggccagaagt caaggttgag tggcttcctt cttctctcac tgaatctgga     28200
     gctcacagat tcagtctgtc tggaccggct ggccagctgg tggcaagctc taagcactct     28260
     cttgcctctg cttgccttgc actgggagca ccattacagc catgttttta tgtggaggct     28320
     gagatccaag ttcaggtcct cagattttca tggtaaacac tactgactga gccaactcct     28380
     cagctcgtgt gtcccccact gtgattaaat atacatagca tttgtcattc tgacctttgg     28440
     atgagtctcc atattactct ttatattctt ctatataacc aaaatatgtt atggcttaac     28500
     cacacacacg cacacacaca cagagacata cgcacacaca tacgtagaca tatacacaca     28560
     gatacaaata cacacagaca cacacagagg cgcacatact gtcaggcaca catgtctagc     28620
     tgctgactat gtgactgtgg cccttacctc ggggtcctgt tggtgttcgg gatctgcctt     28680
     cagcttagtt tcatccagga ctcttgtggc aacccccctt ctcatcaaac tccgatatca     28740
     agtcaactgg aagtcaggct agctgtggtt cacagatctc cccgtcactg actgtgtatc     28800
     ctcaggccag gatttcacgc cctaagcctc agttcttcat ccataaaatg ggttaggagc     28860
     agttgatttc cagggctgat gcaaggacga aggaatacaa aagatgaaaa aacagcagtg     28920
     accgctctgc acaaggagtt caaggatcca gtccagggaa gtcttgacta ttgtgtagat     28980
     gtaacagaaa ggattgttgt gtctactgtt tttgactgga ggctacatgg atggtactct     29040
     actttactct cctgttgtga caaaaagcaa cttgaggggg acagggttta tttcacctta     29100
     ctcttccaaa acactattta gcactgacgg aagttggaac agaaactcaa ggcaggagct     29160
     tgaagcagaa accacagagg aacactgcta aatgctccct aacctccgct cagctagctt     29220
     tcttacatag tctaggaccc cctgccttga gttgacaaac cccacagtga attgctgccc     29280
     tctacacaaa ttggccatca agaaactgtt cccccagagt gcagttatag agaatgcttc     29340
     aattgagact ccctcagata attctgggct gtgtcaagtt gacagttgac gctaactagg     29400
     gaagacagtc ttgatcattc atgtgggttt tcctttggct tcctcatgag atagagagag     29460
     aatcctagcc atggactagg ggcctctgac tgttagctat agtccagctg gccactagga     29520
     tatccgccct tctatctgtc tgccactgct ccattctgag gctcattgtt ctaggatctg     29580
     actctggccc tgaagccatg ccctctggct cagtggcact gggtgtgtcc actctacctg     29640
     agtcctgcat tcctctctcg ctcagttctg tcacttccga ggcagctcag ggaagtgtgt     29700
     cggtcactgg agcagcttgt agcttttgtt catggacagc agtggtctgt caaccccgcc     29760
     aagcttgctc gtgaagagca cagactcgag tcaggggaga tctcgttttg aattttgcat     29820
     gttgaatctt gcttgcaaat ttgctagctt ctagcagccg tggttttctc aggagtaaac     29880
     ggaaataaca gtacctaacc ttgtggagct ccagtgagga tgaagtaggt ttaattacgt     29940
     gagcagtgcc tggtacagag agagagctgg gatgcagatg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct     30000
     gctgtgcctg atgatgatgg tgatgacgat gatgatgatg atgagtgttt accactatga     30060
     agcaaagctc aattgtgctg gactccaggg aacacccccc cccactttgt gcctgcttta     30120
     cccctatgct ctgaggcact taaacagaag acctcattgt ttgtattgtt tgtaaaacaa     30180
     agcaatccag cccgattcca cttggttaag taatctccat taacttggag atttctggaa     30240
     acatactcta gaaacgattt gtgtttttcc aaactgtaga tcacctcgca ttagtgggca     30300
     gtacgatcaa ttaatgagcc ttcccagcat ggttttaatt tttagaagag aaaaacaaca     30360
     attaaagggg aggagaaagc agtggaaggc ccggtgagct ttcacagtca ccacgcagtg     30420
     ctttctaaaa tggtgtttct gagttacagc catgtgtttt tgtgcccagt gtacaccaca     30480
     caacagcact ggggcttgct tcaaaagttt gagaaactgc cattcagaaa gtctcctttg     30540
     agtggattcc catggcgccc acctccttgt tccagcatag tggactcaca gcctctctcc     30600
     ctctctccct ccctgcaggg tcagcctctc aggttcacct ggacctcaca gtgctcattg     30660
     gtgtcccatt accctcgtct gtgtccttta ccaccggcta tggcggtttc ccggcttaca     30720
     gctttgggcc tggtgccaac gttggccgcc cagccaggac cctcatccca ccgaccttct     30780
     tcagggattt cgccattggt gtggcggtga agcccaatag cgcccaaggg ggcgtgctct     30840
     tcgctattac cgatgctttc cagaaagtca tctacctggg cctgcggctt tcaagtgtgg     30900
     aggatgggcg ccagcgggtt atcctctact acacggaacc aggctcccac gtgtcccgtg     30960
     aagctgcggt tttctccgtg cccgtgatga ccaacaggtg gaatcgtttt gctgtgaccg     31020
     tccagggcga agaagttgct cttttcatgg actgtgagga acagagccaa gtccgtttcc     31080
     agcgatcgtc ctggcctttg acctttgagc ccagtgccgg gatctttgtg ggcaatgctg     31140
     gagctatggg gctggagaga tttacggtga gtttcagtcc actccccaca gaccagggaa     31200
     gtttggacac gaactcccac acactaagga ggagcaatga tcattattat tttactctca     31260
     tgctctcaaa aggcacgcac accatgtggg aaggactcta ggcctggaag ccagtgatcc     31320
     cagtactctg caataaacta gggctgcagt gttaggcagt agtgtatgcc cgggtctgtt     31380
     gtgctggctg aatgtggaca caaaagcccc tatccggagg ctgcgctttt tggcccatcc     31440
     tgtaatctca gcactcagga gagtgaagca ggaggatcac aaattcgagg ctggcctggg     31500
     ctacctagta aattataggc ctgtctggga aaatagtccg aactgcttta ttcactgaaa     31560
     gccatgactg aaagagtcaa gcctgctagt ctcaagtgac ttaatttcca catgtggatg     31620
     gtagttgtgt ttgtttctgt aatgctggac aaatctgaac aatcgcattg aggaatcact     31680
     tctctgtcct cttttaaaca gtatgtccta aaactaacaa accgaagact gacttgactt     31740
     accaaggtgc attctggaga aaatatccat tatcagaggc cctcgggtga ctcagatata     31800
     ctagggaagg caagaggcct ggctcagacc tgcaatttca gcactcacgt ttctgagagt     31860
     catgagttct aagccagcct gagctacagg gtgagtgcca ggttagccta cagactgaga     31920
     gatcccacct caaaatctta gcaatccaga atcaggcaga tctccgtgag ttcaaggcca     31980
     atgtggtcca cttagtgagt ttcaggacag ccagagctac aaaatgagaa catgtctcca     32040
     aaaataaaat tttttaaaaa ttaaaaaata gaattaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     32100
     aagaaaggaa aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaagaaa     32160
     ggaaggaagg aagaaaaaga aactcaaccc cgacaaccaa ccaaccaaaa ggaaatgaag     32220
     aagtcaccac tagagggcag aaattgaatc tatttgtagc tcagtgggga cgctgaggct     32280
     gtgtgtacat gctacacgtg tgtgcgctac acatgtgcgc atgctgccgt cggtgtcttt     32340
     tgaagagtga gctccagatc tggggagtgg ggttgggagg ccactggccg ctcaccacat     32400
     cacaacaaag tctagcaagg aagttttgat ctttgggggc agagggagac atgtttcagg     32460
     gcctgctgct gaccctcaga ggccctggag atgctaggaa gctgttgtgg ctgtccatat     32520
     tctgagcata tgctaagggg gtccatattc tttgagagca aacaaggaga gtcccttgcc     32580
     tggagagctg gaggggaggg ttgcagcagt cctggcacct ccgtagacag cacagtccca     32640
     ggctggttct ttgcaatgtc ctcgctcgcc gggacactcc tgtcctccgt gggcattacc     32700
     atgtacacct gtaacccatg actctggttt ctctcttcct cagggttcca tacaacagct     32760
     taccatctat tcagacccca ggacccctga ggagctgtgt gaagcacaag agtcctcggt     32820
     gagtctctgc gttctccccc cgccccaccc ccatctcacc cagggctctg tgcctccatc     32880
     ccccagtcag ccaggggaag gctggatgcc catgcaattc ttctccctca gcgtcatgcc     32940
     gccgccgtct aaagcctctc atcatggcca gcactgcccc aagtcctatt ttgggctttt     33000
     ggctttcttt cactttttaa agctcttcag ccatctcctt ggagtggggg ctgtgtgtct     33060
     tataaggtgt tcctcgggct gtggcagtca atggcctggt ttccagcctt cctgccaaga     33120
     agggtgtcag gattctaaaa tcagagctaa aatgctaaga tattctgggt gtaaagtcct     33180
     ataaaaatga acctaaattt aggttcattt tatgcttggc aagtgaatcg attcctaagc     33240
     tgggggtggg gtgggggcca gggaggaaag atgtctcctt ccttccttcc ttccctccag     33300
     gatttactgg tagtgacagc cccttgtagg ctggggataa agggctatac ttcaggggcc     33360
     gtcccctcct ccaacctatg acttagagac acaactcagt ggagagagtc ttagacctag     33420
     ctcagcaggt cagggaacag aggggcagga ggaggagctg gaagccaggg agggagaggc     33480
     cctgtctgag ggttcttcca ggcagacagg agcatcatgc caaagccaga tgcaggccgg     33540
     gtggcgaatc ctgtgactgt tgctctttaa gtgatgtcag cttctgaaca cattagaagt     33600
     tggtttcact aatttagtgt ttaaaaaaaa attctgcaca ccagaggtag catttatgcc     33660
     tgtttgaatt tctagactcc tgagccagtg ccattcaaga gagctgggag ataggatgag     33720
     gaagttgtca aatatttgtc tctgctctgc attcaagttg aagtataaat aacccagagg     33780
     tcccagaaca gaggaacctc tgcagacaaa gcactggctc ctgggcagac acaggggctg     33840
     gctgtgaagg ttaggtgaca gcaggaagac accttggatg agtgctccct gaatgggttc     33900
     cagggagcat cttgcacaaa ccaggagcaa agggagcctg cacatggtca gaaggtgaag     33960
     taacgaattg tagcaatagc agtgtggatg gaaatagaaa aaccaacaac gcactctgcc     34020
     tttcccaccg tgtctctgat ctcatgtttg catacatgta tacacacaga aaggcacaaa     34080
     caccacacat acatgtattc acatgtacat tcgtgtatgc atgcatacca cacaaacatg     34140
     tatatatgtg tacacatgtc ttcatacaca tatatgtatg tggatgtata tgtgcacaca     34200
     cacatgcatg cataccacac acagatgcac ctccacagat gcagtcaaac agatgcacat     34260
     atatgcatgt aagtgcacat atacacatac atgcaaatgt acacacatgc acatacagct     34320
     cctctgcagg agtctgcttg tcagtctctg accttctcaa gtaccataat ccagtgtaac     34380
     ctgctctcat gcctcatgtg tgttgtgact tatctcctca caggcgtctg gagaagccag     34440
     tgggtttcag gagatggatg aagtcgctga aatcatggaa gctgtcacct acacacaagc     34500
     cccggtgagc atgcatgctg cccccatgag tgagttgtgt gtctcaggct gttgtcagat     34560
     cggtgaggtt aagtacctct gggggagtca ggagggccct ttgctacctc acacccacac     34620
     ccaagcaagc tgccaatgtc ccagggtcac ctgcatgcat gactatgaaa gacatgccaa     34680
     ggcaaatgag ctttgtggcc ttggagaatt gactcaaacc cactgaactt caattctctt     34740
     ctaccgagtg atgatagcgt atagggtcat tggagaggta gacaaggcag tcaggagaga     34800
     gcctcagaaa gtccccggca tgagggaaat aaccctgaat gatactgagt gttgtgttga     34860
     acccatggca aagcagcccc cacctcatcc cagcatccac atttctccct cctgggactg     34920
     agttctgcag agaagagaaa ggggtttcca aagccttgag tcagaccatg gagttgcaag     34980
     gatctcccat cttttgataa tagcaaggag cgtctgagct gcaagcaaag acagctccca     35040
     ggctgggcgc agcactcagt gaaagcttct gatagagagc agggaaacag aagtaaggca     35100
     gggactgtac agtatagacc tcaggcagca gggatgtggg tgtggcaggt aagaaccata     35160
     gtctgctaac gctagaaaga cttagacaga tgtctatacc agaaagggaa cctgggcaaa     35220
     ctgagagcac aggtctcctg atatctaccc aaccaagggt ggtctgggtg ggattgtggc     35280
     actgcacccc caagaccttg gccaatcttg gctgagatgg ggaagctgag gatccaggag     35340
     tctgtgcact gcttgggggc agtattggag tcctgtgtgt ccattaggct tagccaccca     35400
     tgggcacatc ctggcacagg tcagtgggcc acatgctcag ggctcaaagc atgacgttgc     35460
     tttgtataga caagttcata acctagagag aggctaactc agaatactaa caacctggcg     35520
     gttcctagag tgaccagaaa gtgcagtagg gtctgagagg tgagagggtc acaggggtga     35580
     gaatggggca cggatttggg aggggaacgt ggagacagcc atcttaggac aagcatagag     35640
     ggcgaccagg agaggaagag agctcacggt tctgtggata cgatgtcttc cttgcaccct     35700
     gcatggaagg tgatccacca tgacaccagt gcttcagata tagggactga tgtggggagc     35760
     aggggacagc agcaacctgg aaagggtgtg acattgatct ctgaagacct ggagaagtga     35820
     tggaaagaga aatggctagt ggcgtggtgc acttgggtct ctgaggcagc ccgttctttt     35880
     ctttctccag ttcttagaaa cttgggagaa gggctgtact cagagaccta cccacagtag     35940
     gtcctagccc tgttgttcct ggctactggc cttcagcagg agacctaatg tctctaagat     36000
     agcttccccc attagtccag agcatgcctg ctccgtggat tggtctgaga ggtggacaaa     36060
     ccacatggtc caaacactca agtagacctc gatacacagc agtggtgggt aaaggcttgt     36120
     ggtggtcact gcaaactagc tggtgaagat ttcaagaagc caaggagctc agggccagac     36180
     tcaatgcagt tggttccctg ttcttttgga atcccctcca cactggcttg ctggtgtctt     36240
     gttgtgcaaa ccctctatgg ctgtcctctg cttaagagaa ctcccctaga cccaccctgt     36300
     tggtcccaaa gctgctggtt cccaacaccc acatggcaga caccatcctc aggattcttc     36360
     tgtccctcta cattcgttcc tccacctaca catgctcacc ctccagaggg cgctgctgag     36420
     ttcagattca tgtcagagag ggcttctgtg gtctgttcta taggagaggg cgtggaacag     36480
     cagtgttgtt gaggccacat ggcctgaagg tgacagagcc acatcttggg ccacaccctc     36540
     actctacctt aaagggcatc gtggctcttt tttggcacag ggaatttccc tcttggtctc     36600
     agacagccct tcctttctct gtctggcttc tttcttggtc agaatctcac ttctccattt     36660
     cagcctttgt agcttgctac cctccgggac atggactcta actgacaaac agagccagag     36720
     acagcctgtc cagccctccc tgctcgtcct gtttagggtc ggcacctctg ctgccccatg     36780
     cctttctctc ctgccgagcc agctcctgtt catgtgcctt tgcatatctg aaaaaaaaaa     36840
     aagtaccttc tgctgagtta gaattaactt ctgtttctca gctctggctg tacacatgaa     36900
     tcacctgtac ccaaatgtgt gtggaaccga cagagatctt tactaaagaa gccccagggc     36960
     tgcttccctg gggtgttcag cgtgtctgag caaagcaaga atctacactg gcagagagct     37020
     ctgagggtga ttcccagaca cagccaggac ctcttccagc cacacctaag ggctctcggc     37080
     ttcccagaca taccatctgg gacttccaat tccgacagct ctgtgcagtt ctgcttgcct     37140
     ggaaccccca ctccacccgc ccttccttcc ttccttctgg caaattctta tccacctcag     37200
     gatccaggcc aaatcctctc ccatgaggcc acttgcttcc atgcccctgt ttccagcttg     37260
     gctcttgctt ctgctgtcct gtgtgctctg tgataacagc ctgtgaggct gttctgtgcc     37320
     ccagggctca gcccacagcc gggcacatag tggatccaca ggaacctacc tgtgagtgag     37380
     cacatccgat tgtgactgtg agggtgggca aaagcaaagc aaagccacac aaacacacct     37440
     ccacaataac ttgaaaaggc acggaagtct tcagactaga tctgcctaca ctgtcacagc     37500
     ccacacttgg ttcctcgccc gtattccttc tgcagccaag agccgtgtgt ttgagatgag     37560
     gcacctcact ttctccacag agtgggatgc ctggaatctc acctttcccc aaagcagggc     37620
     ccaggcggcc atggctgcct gcctaagatt cagttagact ttggctgaaa ggctagtcaa     37680
     tgactcttcc tgagatctcc ttgagtaaca atagctcacc ctgtttcagg cttgtctccc     37740
     tgctttcctc agccttgtct gctcctgagg cccatgtgtc ttacaacgta tccttgcttc     37800
     cagccattgg catccgtgga ggccagtccc ggctgggttt tactgctttt cctagggtgc     37860
     tcactctttc agcacccctg cctagctcct gctgtttggg ttttttcagt gcctgactaa     37920
     aggctcctgg gctggtcttc agtatcccta gtctacaccc tttgagccgc tccctccctc     37980
     accactgacc tggttccttt tatcggattt atttttattt tatgtgtatg agtcttttgc     38040
     ctaccttcat gtttgtgcat catatgtgtg cagtgcccac agaggccaga agagggcacc     38100
     agctcccctg gagtaagaac cagttgcaca ataccaaaca ggtgctggga attgaacctg     38160
     ggtcctctgg aagagcagcc agtactctta acctctgagc catctcttca tcttctgtgg     38220
     aatatttttt attgtcccca ttgtacagag gagaaagctt aggcctggcg aggcagtatg     38280
     atttgtccaa aaataggtca gtcaactaaa tagaaagcag acatcccacc catgtctcac     38340
     agtaaggact gaactatgaa ctctgaagtc acagggctcc tcctaacagt cctccctgtt     38400
     atgatgggct gaacattcac tatttaccca gtggagtctg acatcaagag ttgtgcctga     38460
     tcttgttagg atgttcaagg agtgctgccg cagcaaatga gcctgaaaac ttagtgtctt     38520
     aacacagcag agatgggttt ctttcccaca cgctaagtac aacattaaac ccttccactc     38580
     aaccctccat ccttcccggt gacctgctgg agcttagaaa aatgaagaga ctgaaggctg     38640
     acaaccctgg ctttcacaaa ctgctcccag catctagggt tgatgtccag acatttagta     38700
     ccagcactga gtttcctgcc tgaatttctg aattgcttta tttccagccg ttgggttttg     38760
     ttttccccta gttagtaaga ctggttaaga cattacctgg ctttggagaa gctatacaga     38820
     tgcaggtctt ctgtagagga agaacatgga cacagccatc gctgtcagag ccttgcctac     38880
     cgttctgctc tggggctggg tttatccggt gttacagtgc agcctgactc actgagataa     38940
     ctgccacaca ctcctgaatc catcatctgc tctgtgctag cctgagaccc gggcatctcg     39000
     gaagtgtggt ctctgagctt agaagcctta ctctgagatc agcaatgtct ccctgggcag     39060
     tgagtgggat ggaatgacac ccagcccata cctctttcta acctgggagg tacgatgcta     39120
     cccagagaca cggccaatgt aggcattcgg gattattcag aattccaagg ataaattatt     39180
     ttcccgattc accgttaagt aaatcccttt ttacataaat ttactttttt aaaagtaaat     39240
     ttcatttctc tcttcagcct aaagaatcac acgttgatcc cataagcgtg ccccctactt     39300
     catcctctcc tgccgaggac tcggagcttt ctggtgagcc ggtaccagaa ggaaccccag     39360
     aaacgaactt gagcatcatt ggacacagca gccctgagca aggcaagtcc tgacacgcac     39420
     atgtgagtgg cggtctatca ccgagtgatc gacacgtatt caacacacag agttcacgtc     39480
     atcatccctt ctcccttcaa gggaaactga gtcacagaga aatcaggtag cccctccaag     39540
     actgtatggc ccgttagcaa cagagctggc acttgctctc caatgtctga gcttgaaacc     39600
     ctcttcagac ttccctctgc tttctctata ggaaagctta aaagaagcat tgcagctaat     39660
     tgtgtaccta ctgtgtgccg agtgtgtaca tacttctcca gttccacggt gccatctagt     39720
     cagtagagct agctgcaatt ttaccagtgg aaaaagtcaa cccctggaaa aggccaggga     39780
     gtgtgttcac aagctcacag ccccatctcc gaatctccac ttgttctgat ttctgctacc     39840
     tacgttctgg atctcagagg atctggtcag ctaactgatg gctagaaaca ggcatgggtc     39900
     acccagtggg taaatgacaa ccgaaagcaa gcctcagatc ccttcctgct gctcctctgc     39960
     ttctgccccc cccccccccc gccgccactg cagtgcacaa gcaaaagccc agagaacatc     40020
     tgtgactccc cctaagcagc agactgacat gcacccgtgg cctgaggata ccgtttcgtg     40080
     tagccctagc tgcagcaaag gccagagctc tgagatgtag aggcaaggtg atttccagca     40140
     gcactgttca tccaaattgc ctgtagcaag gatttgttaa gcaaacacaa tgtcctgtat     40200
     ccacgtgatg gggatgagct gatgagttaa agacatgctg tggagccttc accataagag     40260
     tggatttcaa aactactaaa gccaacgcta tgagcacatg ttattcgcat gtttggggga     40320
     tgcattagcc atttggtaca acatccagtg tggggtagga ctgcaggtgg ttttgattct     40380
     cgctgtttaa cttctgtgtt tcaaaacatc ttttacggta gtagtgttct tgatctcttt     40440
     gcttctgcca ttggctaatg agagttattt taacaacgga acttggggag tctatgggta     40500
     agacaccaag aggactagac agggaaatta taaataattt aataatgtta caatgaaact     40560
     aaggagtctt gaagatgtgg cagtaggaag ccgggagggc agaaggaatg ccagccagct     40620
     ttgagagaag ccctccgcgg ttgcctattt gcattggggc atggctgaga ttgcaacctt     40680
     tcttaattct cgttggtgaa ttgtaaccat ccatgcttcc tggtgaatga gagggtaggc     40740
     tgcactgtgg tttccatgct cctagcaaca cagaaacatc atcaggcatg gatactgttg     40800
     tgttggtctg agtagggcaa taggcagggt ggcttttcca gtctgagaag gcaagatcta     40860
     aatggaggcc gagacttcca cctgagaaga gcctctcacc gatacccagt aacagctttg     40920
     ctcctcatct agctgacaga cggccagagg gaaacccaga gctagcccaa gtgctccttt     40980
     tcttggtgag ttaacagccc ggatggtgga gagaaggaag cctgtagccc aagtaccatc     41040
     tgcctggctc tctgataatt gaggctttct gacagtgtct gccccagctc cagccagggt     41100
     agctgcttgt atagcacccc ctggtggtca gagcagggag gatccaagca caggccaatg     41160
     cgggacagaa cactcctgga gttctcagtg gtcacacagg ggctgctgaa gatgtgaggg     41220
     gacatgtgaa tgctacacgt atgaagaaag tcttgcatgg agacaagctt gtctgtctta     41280
     ccagctgctc ccagtcacta cttttgctgt gattttgctc ctctgcagaa gggtaatcag     41340
     gataagacag atttggtagc acaggcctgt aatcccagcc aattaggaga cgacaacagg     41400
     aatatatcat aagttcaagg ccagtctagg caacttagtg aaaccctttc tcaaaataaa     41460
     acacccgcac ccgcacacgc acacgcacaa agagggccag agatacagcg tagtaataga     41520
     gtacttctta gcttgcagga catccaatgc taagtcttta acactactac taatactagt     41580
     aattaataat aattattatt actattttaa agttgtgatt agagcaagat acctgccttg     41640
     gagtgttatc aaggaagctg agaatgagga aatctggtct ggcaggaggt tggtggcaca     41700
     gcgaatagcc attcagagcc ctctccacaa atgtgtattc agtcttcata gggttgtagg     41760
     aacagcggtg agaccgacga cgaaatgata atctcttctc tttccactcc tgtaatctgg     41820
     aagaagccaa cattcagcac tgtgatttag cggtatatgc acataattat ttaaacacct     41880
     acacaaacaa tatgtgtgct aggtaatatt tactacatag catacatatg taatagaata     41940
     atcacacaga atgatagaaa acacgtgcac gcataggtag tcacctttct cttccgtgag     42000
     tatagaactc caatgctaat gagtatttgt gagtgacttg ctatgtgcct ggcactgtcc     42060
     agtacacttt cctcaaatca tctcggtcgg ataatacaga gtcatcagaa tagtttctac     42120
     cctccgaggt aggaatcatg atccccactc atagatggag gaacttggga cacaggttaa     42180
     gtatctgccc cacgtcacat tctggggcat ggcaaagcat gatttcaggc agcaagaggt     42240
     gccagcacgc atgatggaag ccaccaggcc ctaggtcctt gtcccgttct ctaggctgcc     42300
     tcttccctcc tggtcctcta tctcggagtc attgacatct tcccaagtta ctatgtacaa     42360
     agttgccgtg ttctcttccg agactgcaaa gcatagttat tgacatcaca atttctgctc     42420
     cctgtagggt ctggtgagat cctgaatgat acgctggagg tccatgcgat ggatggggac     42480
     cctggtactg atgatggttc aggggatgga gccttgttga acgtcactga tggtcaggtg     42540
     agtgaatgag tggtaaactt tattcgatag cctaacgggg ggggggtgtt catggagagg     42600
     tcttagttga atgtcaccag gactgatgtc ctgtggtatg gaaagagcac agtggtcaag     42660
     ctccagggac acaccagcga gggtggagga gaaaccaccc cagcttgtct tcacccatga     42720
     ttggcgataa atacaaatgt agcatgctca tgatgtatgg gatccttatg aagaccgcag     42780
     gacaggacag ggtcaactgc aggcttgccc acgccctcct tagcaattgt ctttcatctt     42840
     tacaaagcca gtttgagaaa tggcttgatc tgataggggc agagcaccat cttctcaact     42900
     ccagcatttg tgtacacaca cacatgattt gtgtacactc acgcatgaag gcctgagtgt     42960
     ggatactcag cccatgaaag agctggtggc agtgacgggt ctgttacccc agtatgagtg     43020
     ccagggagtc aggtaaaagg atcctagacg cttggtagcc attcagcctc ctagaactgg     43080
     taagctccag agttagcaag agacgctgtc tcaaaaataa ggcggagagc catgggtgaa     43140
     gactcccatg cgctcataca tacatgaaca tgaccatata cacatgtgca ctcagaccta     43200
     attcacccca catgaaaccc tagaaaacaa aaataacatg ccatccccac atcctatgta     43260
     aaccactata tagaccaggc tactgtcttc aacctcacag aaatttgcct gtctctatct     43320
     cctgtgtgca ggggttaaat gtgtgcacca tcgttcctgg caaatatgtg gcattttatg     43380
     acaccggcag ctacagctgt tccatttccc catttgttct gagaccttgt agacatcttt     43440
     tcttttccca gaggaaacta aatgacagag aaagagagaa aggcaggtta gcactggcgt     43500
     gcactgggga cagagtcctg cctgcacata gctgaaacca caagagcaat gtcattatac     43560
     ttatgtctgg atagatgtac aggagtggtc acaggaggtc tgtgtgtcta aacagtgtcc     43620
     agagctggag ccagctgact caggaatcag tgacctatgg tcacccagtg tgtaaacaga     43680
     cgttggcatg aaatgtgaga catcaatgtc tcggagatgt cctctgtccc ctggattttg     43740
     caagtctggg actggtctga gacttctgtg gtgaagtcac aaatgtggag gttcctaagg     43800
     tcagggagct gcagggatgt cagctggcag ggtgtatgta ggtggaagac ccaggtactc     43860
     agttctctcc agccataggc ttgttgatca gagctaaggg accaacagca gggtctctca     43920
     ccatgtcctg ttttcagggg ttatcagcaa cagcaactgg ggaggccagt gtgcctgtca     43980
     ccactgtcct ggaagcagag aatggcagta tgcccactgg gagccccacc ctggccatgt     44040
     ttacccagag catcagggaa gtggacactc cggtgagtag cttaagcata cttcccctgc     44100
     tagggcttgt tcctggtaga agcaggcact agcctcctgt ctacacaatg cagagtagca     44160
     atactatggg gcgaatccag gtgggcacga gcaactggct gcagggcatt cactcactgg     44220
     gagaggcttg tagagcattg tgccacacca ggcactggtc ctgctagcca ggactgatgg     44280
     tcaataggat aggctgagtt cccaagacac aatgattaag ggacatagaa gtccccaaaa     44340
     caacttgtga gtatagaaaa ggggttcaga aaggtagaag gtgaacctga gagtctgagg     44400
     gaagtatcca ggccaatggc ataggtagat gttataggtg agggttagag gagcaaagac     44460
     ccagaggcca cacaagaact gatgaagtac agggtgcctt tggggtctgc aggggaatgg     44520
     gggggacatc ctgatgtcac ctaaagctga gaagatggat ctggagaggc ccagtacatg     44580
     aaggcttctg ctgggcagcc tgacaaccta tagtgaagtt gcagccattg aaaggagagg     44640
     gtggagagat cttcatagga ttaggattct agaacaactg ctttggccta aatggagaaa     44700
     ggacagagga gtctggcctg ggtacagggg cacaggtcca ggctgaatcc aggtccaggt     44760
     gaacatgggt ggccatggac atgtcagatc tttttaaaag ttccagtgag caagggtctg     44820
     gaaagcatcc attgattttg tcagcgtgtt tctgagtggc aatggagagg gcaatttgaa     44880
     atgtggaggt tctcagccag gggagcagga ggcaggaagc aatcaggtga tttggtggtt     44940
     ggcagttggg ggtggtgagg tcagagacta agggcagtta gatgtgcctg tcctttgaaa     45000
     gtgagcgggc acaggacaca ggtacaagag aggccttggc tatctgtccc ctaaagccac     45060
     aggcatgggt caaagtggtg gtccactagt ctggaccttc gggatatctt tccatccagg     45120
     atccagaaaa tctaacaaca acagcatcag gggatggtga ggtgcccacc agcactgatg     45180
     gggacacaga ggctgacagc tcgcccactg gagggccaac cctgaagcca agagaagagg     45240
     ccactctggt aaggagtaag gcgagctgga atagccttct tgcagtgtgt gtcttacact     45300
     caacaaactg gggcagaggg ggacacctct ctgaccaatg ctagttcaga ggtggaactt     45360
     gccaggactt ctaagtatac ggctcagccc ctgtagtcta gcagagtctg agaaaagagg     45420
     caggtaacct gtgtggttag aagagtagag gggagtccta ggactgtatg cagagccttt     45480
     tgtccccacc agcagaggcc aggggccagg ggtatgccct acatgtgagg ggaagagatg     45540
     atgctgttgc tgtgggttgg tagggtgcag acaggcaggc agagcagggt gaggtcaagg     45600
     tcatactgtc tgcagtgtag agaaggctga atataggcat cccaactgga cagtggaccc     45660
     atctgtctct gtgatgtccc catagaagct ctctacccat tagattcaaa cttgcctcct     45720
     catgccactc ctgggttccc gcctcatgtg aatggagata gtctcattcc agctgcttca     45780
     catgaagtta ccttccctct tccttctgtc tgatatccga tgagaacgga gtccttttga     45840
     cttttctacg taaacctgta attgactggt gtggatcctg cctgagtaat cttccccaga     45900
     cagacagtta ttcactcaca ctctgtagtc tctcacagag cctggctggg tgttgcccct     45960
     cttctttgag gcttttctga cctcgaccta ctgacccaga tcctctgacc ttgacctact     46020
     gacccagctc ctctgagacg ccaagtaggg tctggtccct gcccttcttg gctgcacctt     46080
     ggggcttctg tgtgccagac ccaagccacg gcctcctact tcaagctcct ctcagttcct     46140
     tcttgctctg cagtcttccc acactcctcc tcactgcaga gagactctcc ccacccctgt     46200
     cccttcattc atttgtcctt cagagttagc ctaacatggg ctgtgaaggc tgctggcctt     46260
     atccttagaa gacttcttca taatggactt ggtaaacagg ctccatgtgt agtgcaggcc     46320
     tggctcccta gcacgtcatg agcccggtgg ggatcaggtc caatagacct ggcttcccgg     46380
     gtctgctttg cctctctcaa gtggtgggtg ctggactaat ttgctgagtg gattcgtgaa     46440
     ggcagagggc agctccaagc tcctcctgtc tgtaacacac gggaaggcag ccttctgctc     46500
     tgctgtgttc tgctcttgta tccacacagg ctagtgacag aattccccaa ggccacctga     46560
     ctgttacaca gaggagttca aagttccctt tcctctcttc ttccgctttc ttctttaaag     46620
     acatagtatg tgtcacagca ggagaaaacc aggaaccaga gtccatttct accaagtctc     46680
     agctttaata gaagctggat aatggaggag ctagagaaat tacccaagga gctaaaggga     46740
     actgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacaatat gaactaacca gtacccagga gctcttgtct     46800
     tctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc ggtcatcact gcaaagagag gcccattgga     46860
     cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaaagccagg gccaaaaagg ggcagtgggt     46920
     gggtagggga ttgggggggt gggtatgggg gggcctttgg gatagcattg aaaatgtaaa     46980
     cgaggaaaat acctaataaa aaaaacacaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaagaca tatatcaaca     47040
     aatcttgaat aataatctat tattgtcgac actgaaaagc ctgtcattct ccaatctgat     47100
     tttcaccttt cagtgctaca cacaggttaa tacagtcact gcattaaatc actataaaaa     47160
     tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtagaagctg gagcttggct agcagaggaa ataggagggc     47220
     cgtctgcaga ggtgatgtac tccccaggac caggagtatg caaactaagc ctgagatata     47280
     tagcactgag cagagatgga tagctaggtg ggtggattcc agaggtaggc tgaggatgcc     47340
     caggaaggcg tattctgact ctgagcccca gcagcttgta cactgaagca cacagtcctt     47400
     gctcagtgag tacagcaaag aggcagagga gttgctgaga tctgattgtc cccgtggttt     47460
     cctttctgta gcatgtgcac agccaccgaa gtggaagtgg gggtcatgtg gcatcatctc     47520
     atgccagctc tcttccaggg ttcacacggt gaggaatggt taaccccagc tgtgtccaaa     47580
     atgcccctca aggcttttga ggaggaggaa gccagtggga ctgccatcga cagcctggat     47640
     gtcatcttca cacccacggt ggtccttgag caagtcagca ggagacctac agacatccaa     47700
     gccactttca cgcccacagt ggtccttgaa gaaaccagcg gggcccctac agacacccag     47760
     gacgctctca cacccacagt ggcccctgag caaatgttca ctgctgtaag tcccagctag     47820
     catcttctct gatatgtggg gacagaacgg tcagcattct gagccattaa ggtcctctgc     47880
     agagacacac acaacttcag ctctgttgtg agagcttggg agactccaac tggacaggga     47940
     aaagagacag tgtttaaaag gggccaggtt gctggctttt gtcccaatct gctacatcct     48000
     agttttgact actcattttc ctagaggtca atgtcccgaa ggtgggaagg attttaagga     48060
     agtcacttct gtgactgagc caagtgtgag gatgttggta ggtaacatgt tttgacattg     48120
     aacagccacc atagaagtga cacccccaag tcatgcagcc tcgtggactg gggtcacaat     48180
     gacccctcct gtgaatatct ttgacaggaa cccacagatg gaggagactt ggtggcgtct     48240
     acagaggaag ctgaagagga gggatctggt agcatgcccc ccagtgggcc cccactcccc     48300
     acacccacag tgactcccaa gaggcaggtc accctggtaa gtgtcctggg ggattccact     48360
     cggctagcag atctttcggt gtggagaaag gctgccccaa ccttctcagg gtcagttctc     48420
     atcttggttt gtaaagacag tgtttgaggg cctttggcca gacaagccag ggcagactgt     48480
     agcttgggta ggaaaaggcc aagagtaaag actttgctta ggtttccaat tgcctttgca     48540
     attgcatcag gattagcagt gtcacagggc ataaacactg agttaggact gagcagggtc     48600
     tgtagaggca tggagcataa atggcatgtg gaccttcggg ggctgggggt ctgaggctgt     48660
     gggctgccac tccgaccttg agctgtcctt tggttctgca ggctggcttc tggtctggag     48720
     tcagttcaga agatgttcag atccatccct gcacaccctt atggtggcct gatagggatt     48780
     gtcactgact cagagactcg ggcaactcag agtcaggctt gtgtgaatcc gggcgaactg     48840
     ctcttcaggg gggagacagt tttcaatgag aacctcctgc tggtgacaca cctcagtgtg     48900
     acactctgaa agccgcccct caaggtccag tcatgtgacc ccttcagctg cagtgctctg     48960
     gtggcctgtg ctcggggact gcagaggtca ggagagctct ctgagaatac tgaatggccc     49020
     ttgcccaaga gcgtctccca gtgactagct ggttaccatt tgccttcctt tctcagtggt     49080
     tagagttgcc ctcaccaatc aactgatttg ggacctttgg gttgtttgtt tggtttggtt     49140
     ttattttagt cagaatatca tctgtctaac aaaattaaca gtagcctctt tatgttctct     49200
     aatacttagg ttgagttttt aatgtccctt gtcagtttag tttgactctg aatcctcttc     49260
     attgtgcaca ttatgttgat actgtataaa ctgagggcat aatttttcca tggtatagtt     49320
     aaggtgtgtg tgtgtaacac acacacacac acacactcat atgtaatcta tatatattac     49380
     atgctactaa tccctcctaa gacaccaagt tttccaggag gggatatata tatgaaatat     49440
     atatatatat atatgcatat atatatatat atatatatat atgaatgaga tgagagagac     49500
     agagacagtc agagagacag agagagagag ggagaaagag agcagtagcc acatgcattt     49560
     ggaagagtga tgcgtttgga agagtccaga gcagagaaat aaagaaagaa gtagactgtg     49620
     tatatatagc cagcagattg gacctaggca ggactgtctg tgagacagga gaaaagaaca     49680
     ggaaatagaa aatcgagaaa acagagggga gagagggaga gaagggggga gagagaagac     49740
     attgaggcta gcaaggttat aagtgaagga gtagaattgg ggagggggaa gctcatgagc     49800
     tggagagaat ttgtggtaga ggagaaggtg agaaggaagt ttgaaatgag tgtcaggtac     49860
     ttgcgctact gaggagccat gaggccagcg tgcactttga tatgctaaca agcaccatag     49920
     ctgtaggtgc cttctgtcca aggtaaagga aatggttcct ttagttagag gggaaccagc     49980
     ttcacaagtt ccttgaggat gctggctttt atctaaccgc cagaaattct cctacttaga     50040
     cagagcctat ttctgggtat ttgagctgcc ttttggagtt tgaggaattg gagtctcctt     50100
     tggatctaat agattcatct ttcaggggtc ttttcatctc tgtctcccac cttctttttt     50160
     ctgtttgcca ttgatttggg ggggggtgga gaaactgggc caaccaccct tgtatccttg     50220
     agttttctgt tctgagaagt tgggctgttg gggccagtca tactggtggg ttgagggtag     50280
     gggtgagtgg gtggagctta ctgcttctgg gaaactctgt ccacatatat taatgaccac     50340
     aaaactgcat attaacagcc cgaaattaac caccacacaa ttgcaaccgg gaatttgggt     50400
     tcaagcatct tcctcaatgg agacagcctg atatgtaaca aaggattttt ccctagaatg     50460
     ttaacctcaa tatctgtcca taatagagga aacttgggac taatttaatt aactagccaa     50520
     aggagactaa ttgaattaaa gtctattcaa atcatgggaa cattagacat aattaaaatt     50580
     attctcattt gtacccagtg ttggagaaca tgcttaaggt gccatgctaa gtgaaagaag     50640
     atggctataa actcgagtgt gctgtgtggt cttaactgtt tggaaatacg tactctggaa     50700
     gggaacgctc tccttaaatg ttggcagtgt tgcttcagac tggtgggact gtggcagtgt     50760
     ggttaggttc ttcgtgtgtt tgttgttttt ttgctgcaga actgtctaag tttttgcagt     50820
     agatttttct tccactggtg tttgtctagt tttgtagtgt tgggggttga atctaaatcc     50880
     ttgtacacgc taggccagct tcctaccatg gagtgacatt cctagccttt atgacagaat     50940
     ttttaaagta atgttttaat tgatttattt atctggcgag ggtggcagcc atatgtacat     51000
     gagtggaagc caaaataggg caccagctgt cctctatcag actttagcta ttctcttgag     51060
     gcaaggtttc tctctgaacc taagccccct gccccctttt ctcaactagt cttgaagcca     51120
     acaagctgcg tcaacccttc tgtctcgcca cactcctaca aaacaaaagc aaacaaacaa     51180
     acaagcaagc aaacaaacaa acactacagt catgagcatg cgaaggatgc ccagattgtt     51240
     agcgagtgct gggatccaag ctctcatccc tgagattgtg tagcaaccag ttttatccgc     51300
     tgagacatct ctctaaccct agattctttg gtaaatctct aagaagagaa tgagaggaag     51360
     gaggtataag agaagcaggg agggagagga ggagtgtgga gaggggaaag agaagaagga     51420
     gacacaggag gaagacaatt aggaagagat ggggtaggcg aatgagcaac tgagcaaaac     51480
     acagcaccct ggcacgcaag tcgtaaaggc ggatcattgc tgagtgcttg tcaggcacct     51540
     gctaggtgcc ccggcttctg tgtggaaagc ttaagctcag ccaagagaca cctgccctgc     51600
     cctgggacag tctcagagtc attttgaatc acggaagcca tgaggttcag ggagtacaag     51660
     acgagcctga ctctgctgct cacctgcaac caagttcttc acgtctcttt gcttcatgcc     51720
     gctcgcaaag gtcaaggacc actgcacggt tgggtcctac catgacttgt gagattcagt     51780
     gagttcatgg atagagagtt tgctgagcac atcataactg ctcaatagat gagctacatg     51840
     caattatgta tcccatgaag ctcagggagg gctatgctca catagtttct ggaaaaaggg     51900
     atggagagag agcatggttg tgatttgagt atttgtgctg tctacagcaa gccaccatta     51960
     tcagacatga cccagatact agtcagcaaa gctcacccat tttaaaatta aatccttcca     52020
     ttggctgagt cctttgacct ctaagggccc tggctttccc tatggaaagt cctgaatcac     52080
     atgctttgtc cctggctttc cccttgagag ggggttgaag aagacgaaga cacagggcct     52140
     gggtttgcct ctcggcagat ggaggatctt agtagatatg tagtctgggg tgatgggggt     52200
     tacctgtggc tcagctgcca ggatgaaggg gtgcttagac aaatgctgcc cgaggtccag     52260
     gtaacgggtt gtcttctgga agaactgcta gggcaagcta ttccaacatc actgtgaccc     52320
     aactgtgatt cctcgggact cctgctctgg cccctctcca tctctgccct gggcctctgt     52380
     tttcatcttt cttggagaac agtctctagg gcagccagtg gtccgtgggt gaggtgtcct     52440
     ccttggtcca tctctgccac ttcagggaac ttccgaggca gggttcaaag gggattcggg     52500
     gagccctaag aagaagcctc ctgacaccca cactgggggg tcaatgtccc tctgcactgt     52560
     ccttttgttc ggctgaacca ttctttcatc ttatttgtca ggacagccat ttctctgcag     52620
     gctttctgac agctgagagc tcctcctccc ctccctccct ccttctccct tcctgtcttc     52680
     ctccccctct ctttctcctc ctcacatgga cacttgtggc atccacagac atttccttaa     52740
     caccgttatt ccaggctatg gactagaggg gctctctgga gaagtccatg gtttaaggat     52800
     gggaggagtc aagacctaga gaggctttcc ggccgtggta gaatgagcag ttcactggtt     52860
     ccagatgcca aacctctggc agggcccaaa caagggctgc aggaatcctc aggcaacacc     52920
     cgggtttgtg caatgtgtct gcatgtgcag cttatcctac gtgccccttc cagtgggatg     52980
     cgggaacaaa gggccaatga gccccgagaa ccagcaggtg ttggttgtag ggggcagggt     53040
     gacagggtat gccttgggcc atccttataa aaggaaatgc cttccttcag tttgtgttta     53100
     aagattaaag gtggacagtt tctacagaga ggaagggagc agtgagatat gtgtcattga     53160
     tcccgtgggt ctctttagga tgatgctgtg gaggaggggc attccctgga cctccagact     53220
     cgatggctcc ttcagtcaga cctcaggctt ccactgttct ggaggcctgt atagggttca     53280
     gttccatatt tcattcatat cattatattt tctgggcccc caatggagca agaggggtac     53340
     cccaattagt ccctggctca agacatggtt ctttctctgg gcttactatc tctaggattg     53400
     acaccccaga aacaaaccat gaatgccttc aatgggtccc tctctgcttc ccatttggcc     53460
     tcccaagttc cccaagccta gctgtgaggt actccctcct ctgtcagatg aaagcatcaa     53520
     ccttcagtgg ggcttcttac ctctagtgct actacctctg ccttgtttac tgttctattg     53580
     ctgtaaggag gcaccatgac caatgcaact tataaaaaaa gacatctaat tggctgcttg     53640
     cttacagttt cagagggcta gtctcttatc attaaaggag cacggtggca ggcatgcaag     53700
     caggtgctgg agagaaaatg agagcttaca tctatctgac cctcaaatta caggccaaga     53760
     gagactgaga ctgggcctgg tgtgggcttc tgaaacctca aagcccacac cagtgacatg     53820
     ccttttccaa caaggccaca cctcctaatc cctcccaaat gttttcacta tttggggacc     53880
     gagtatgcaa acataggagc ctatggaggc cattctcatt taaaccatcg caactccctt     53940
     ctgatggcca caggacagtg agtcctgccc ctgtgtctaa cctacaaccc tgatcctcct     54000
     cggaccttag tgaggtcttg gcatagatac atttgacaat caataaagct atacccaagt     54060
     ccttacctgc agaatgcttt cacactggaa gatacctagg agctaagtct ggagatacaa     54120
     cagaagggct tgaaaggaag ctgagtccag gccacctcta ggctgtaccc cagggaggct     54180
     gaggcaggac tcagctggaa aggggagtat ggccagaaga gaagttggcc atagacattt     54240
     taaggctata gaatatgaac acttgaggtg gcataactgt ctacagagac tggaggttga     54300
     atctgcatgt ggggatttct ttttcttcag gtaggagtgg aagccgaggg gtcaggccct     54360
     gttgggggct tggatgaggg ctcaggctct ggagacatcg tgggcaatga ggatctgctg     54420
     agagtgagta ttaaggattt ggagggctga tgttggggaa ctgggagaga agatcgtggg     54480
     tcaggcaaca gtgactgtag attggcccct tgggaactat tgactcttgt gtgtggcagt     54540
     tatcacacac tcccctttac atcatacatg tttgatattt acactgcatt ttcaatacgc     54600
     atgagcctgg atttgtgttg agaatcccct tcgccacctt cctccttccc tggaatcagt     54660
     tcctttctcc ctcatagcag gtttgttcac tgaccttcac ctctacccat gtctcccgcc     54720
     caccccttat ttatgaaaga attaccttgg tttcttctat gtttggatca cagctcacac     54780
     tcagcttcta gtgtaaaatc ctgcatagcc ccccagtctg ctcttggccc attcttggtg     54840
     cctatggcac atctggcctg cccaaggctg ggctctgcta gtcctcttta aattgctcac     54900
     agggaagtgt ggctggttct agatgcagct gttgccccat ccttggcccc aaccctctct     54960
     ccagcccttc ctctgagccc tgtgctaccc cagcgtgaag ctcgacttag ctgccctctg     55020
     accattactc atgcccaggg ctgggaaggt tctgggctct gtgaatgggt ggtgtgaaag     55080
     cccagtagat ctaccaagaa cattctcggc tggtaagatc tgacagccca gcaggaggct     55140
     aaggaaacaa tcccctttag taagcatttc aagatttggc ctcatcttga aggctgtttg     55200
     gctgacctta tagtcaatta gaaagctgaa ttagccaagg ctcctctggg actctagata     55260
     attggctctt tatcgtatgc accatttggg agaaagcatg gtgtgatctg cttggaaagc     55320
     tgtacattca aatgtcagct ccctgctttc caactgcgtg ggtgtgagcc cttgagccta     55380
     gtgtctcctc gagcctcagt ttctccctgt gcaaggaacc ccaatccttc tttatggctt     55440
     gtttcgaaga ttggaaagaa ggttaaatac atgcttggta ttcagcctct ctcattgatt     55500
     ctaataaact gtctttcagg gtccgccggg tcctccaggc ccaccgggat cacctgggat     55560
     cccagggaaa ccaggaactg atgttttcat gggacccccg gggtctcctg gggaggatgg     55620
     agctcctggt gagccaggac cccaggtgag caactgcagc cttctccctc accctatgat     55680
     catggaggtt tcaatggggc tccttttcac acacagatcc cagacccagc actacccaag     55740
     gctggaaacc aaaaccttcc ccatctgaac cattgctgag actctaggga aggacagcca     55800
     agaacgttct gtatgcacca gtttccttat ttgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgt gtgcgtgtgt     55860
     gcatgtgtgc atgtgtgtgc tcgcacacac acgtgctggt tggggttgaa ggctcatgca     55920
     ggttttggaa ttgaccacag cataccacag ttaggcctgg tatgggaaag ccttgcgtaa     55980
     tctattccta ctctgctcct gatgtccttc aagaacagag ctctgagcag gtaacctaga     56040
     gagagcagag tgggcttgtc ttggggcaca agctgcaagc caactggcct tgagttcccc     56100
     acgcttctct cctcctcgta gggttttgtg tggtttttag cagagattct gtgaactaat     56160
     tgtcactgat attccccagg gccccgaggg acagcctgga cttgatggag cctctggcca     56220
     gcaaggaatg aaaggagaga aggtagggga caatgtgagg ttcccaccca ggatgccagc     56280
     ctggccactc tctcaccata acctgagctt gtcccctgtg gtattctctt tcttcacctc     56340
     tctgggatgt tcccaccatt gggctcacag tccccttacc tgtttctcct tcccactcct     56400
     gtgtgccata gcatcactga acagtagtga caccatctac ctcgtgccct acctatgacc     56460
     ttgctgtgta tcctgaccag acatccttct cttcctgccc accctgtagc attaggacct     56520
     tccctgatgt cctctcctcc tacagtcatc ctctgactgt gcctgtccac cttcaggtag     56580
     cagaaactca ccgactcctg agaaaatatc tatggcaccc tgttgggcaa agccctaatg     56640
     catgtcgtgg ttggcaccag ctgtttctgt agcatgtgac tactgctcac tgctacagct     56700
     ctgaacaaca agccagttgc tgtatggtcc tctctagaag gttctaagcc gccacatgtg     56760
     gtatctgcct tgtcagaaat gccacttctt tttgtcatta atacctattt cagatacagt     56820
     gacccttctt tatcctaatg gttatgttat aagacccttc cccacacatt tatattgtta     56880
     aacaataaat tgttccttgc acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac ctatttagta     56940
     tctaacttaa gcacagtaaa agattaactg caatatctca tgatacaata aaccagtcat     57000
     aacaatatac catagtaaaa tcactggtat cactactgtc tactttagag ctatcattag     57060
     gtaaaacaag ggctaatgaa agggtgaatg acggtctgct gatgacagct aagatactga     57120
     tgagttggta gtatatagaa catggatatg ctggaccaag agattgctta tatcctaggt     57180
     aggatggagc aggaagctgt aagatttcat tgttctgtcg agaacagtgt gaactctaaa     57240
     acttgtgaat tgcttatttc tggaactttc catttaataa tttcagcctc tggctaacag     57300
     aaaagctgca accaaacaca gtgggacttg gataaggtga gggggtactg aatgtccttc     57360
     tcttcactct tttggggtca gtgttttgtt tgggatttgt tacgatgagg tcatgttacc     57420
     tcggctggat tagcctccac ccactgtcta gtgctagaat tataaatgtg ttccatcatg     57480
     cctgacttct ctcaacattt ccagttcctt cttcctcttt ctgagagtac agggagaacc     57540
     ttcttagcaa tgacacagaa gttgctagca ttcctgtgta cccttatcct gccttagagc     57600
     cgaaatatcc ttccaaccca gcacagcctc tattagtctt ttatgagtaa gtggaatatt     57660
     cttcaaacag catcttaagc tagcatttct ccttagcctg ctttcagtct tctgaagccg     57720
     cctactaccc atgcctgtgc tcttggggaa gggcaggtca tgcccctata gccttaccag     57780
     acataatgaa gacatgcctc tttatacaaa gagagataat aaataaaaac gagacacctt     57840
     gcactagcga tatgttaatg aaggttcaac aaacccactg tctaggaggt aggggccctg     57900
     tacctcaccc ccatgaacat gtgtgaagtg tttcctgccg gggcaccatg gccactgaat     57960
     ccaatcccag tttccgtcca tcggccttga gtgtgcttaa ctgaaagggt aacctgattt     58020
     ttgttgcaaa tgaatttttc tcagaaaaag aaacaacggt gcaaccttag ggaagtcatt     58080
     tcatacaaaa caacagcttc ataagaaatc taggtctgcg ggaagcccca ccaacctaca     58140
     cttaccttgt ctgctcctac aaagcagcgg ctaagcctcc cacactgtct gtgcttgcag     58200
     acaccctggg ctgcatactg acgcccctgt tggctacagc tggctcagct gcacagcaag     58260
     gaggaagagc caccctgccc tagatagctg ctgcagatct attttgctgg ttcattcctg     58320
     gcatttgcta agagatccac tggttgtcct gggggcatgg gatgctttgg ggttaagcaa     58380
     aggcagactc tagaaggact tggacatttg catttggaga gttgacggga aaacaaacag     58440
     tctggcatac agtcacatat atgacttcat ttgggaagga aacgagtgtc tcagggtcct     58500
     catgagacat cagctgtggt gatccatttg actcccaact cctgtcacag tatcttcttt     58560
     tggctcacaa atccttattg acaaggtcta gccaggacct cccatgactg gataaaccga     58620
     gttataagaa gtcttttctc atgctatcaa tctgggctat aagcccaggt aattacgcaa     58680
     aatggaggac agtcccatgc ctcccaggct ggcctccagc tccataagag ctgaggacaa     58740
     ccttgaactc taatcctcct gcctctccct cccagtgctg tgcactgtca tgcccagctc     58800
     aaagtgagtt gctttcccac catgcagaat gagtaagact ctatttattt gcctgggaaa     58860
     tgtaatactc atatataaaa ccagtattac caaacatgaa cctgtcatca aagtgtagat     58920
     ggtcattaag agtctatcta gtagattttt tatgatgctc agcataaaca gaggtacctt     58980
     ttatcttccc catgctaagc tgaacagcta accatgacac ctttatccca ggaaggaaga     59040
     agtgagaatg gcctattttc ccagctgcag agcagacctg ggagggcagt tgaggatcct     59100
     tctagaaagc aggatactcg gatgttattc cttttgcatt gacgcttctg cctacagttc     59160
     taccaggact gaggcatgaa gtcttcaggg ttcagggtat tcatggtacc catctgtcgt     59220
     agaaggttct gagacaccca cgcaggaaag agtctatact ctgaaatttt cttaactact     59280
     cagaatttct ggggaaactt gagcacccaa gagctgtctt tgagtcatct cactgggctg     59340
     gaaatgtcga cgtagactca gcttctgtct tttcttgtca gttagaggag aaatttgatg     59400
     atgtcgtcac aaatatctct tagatatccc aatctgcttt ggagcttggc tcgtgtgata     59460
     gcatcagggc acctttgaag actctgaggt agaactgctt ttgcctagaa tccataaacc     59520
     agctgtgttt gaagtccaac acaccacagt attggcttct tggcttctct ctattatcat     59580
     cagttggttt tggcatattt gtgtggaggg tttccataaa accaaagaga ctgtagtctg     59640
     tagaggatca ttactacgaa gcccactcac aaaccctgca gactacccta caaggaactc     59700
     cagcaggaaa aaaacgtcgt gtatctgggc ctttcatgtc tcctttatat tgacatcttg     59760
     tgataccctt gataattcag ttcaccacaa tgagccaaat tttctactga gttctgttag     59820
     ccttcatgat gctctgacta aatacctgag aaatggtaga aggatttgct ttggcttttg     59880
     gttcagagat ttcagctcat cgtggtggga gcccacagtg agtcagggtc agggctcaga     59940
     ggctccgggc atcacagtaa gagtcagtgg tggggcagta cagaagagct cgtgttagcc     60000
     agaaacagag tgcatgcctg agctagcagc tctccttttc ccaactgtag tccatctgga     60060
     cccctagtct atgggtcatg ccactcagat tcaggctcat ggcctccctc tttatttaat     60120
     ccacaccaca ggcatgccca gaagtgtgat ttactgatct tgacattctc aggcccatca     60180
     agctagtagt taaaatttat catcacagat tctaagctac aggacaggca tggtagctca     60240
     cacctttagt cctggtgcta cagagccaga agcaggagga tccctaaaag tgtgagggta     60300
     ccctggtctg tttgcatagt aagttctagg ccagccaggg ttacataact gagaccttgt     60360
     ctcaaagtgt taaaaaaaaa aaaactttaa aaaaaagtga agtacgatct tatgacacac     60420
     agcactgttg tgagtcagtc agctgtagag ttgatctctc catagcttcc tacctacaac     60480
     cacatatctc tactagttgg aatttccaag aaagtgctgg actcaatgca cacaagttct     60540
     tctggctaag gagtggtgtc tgctattgtt tcatttcgga agttcagcag atttcctgag     60600
     ctatttctca cagttctcaa tttttaccct attcattcag gaaagctcca gtaaggtaga     60660
     cccttctatc ccctggctaa tctgctcatg ttccaatctg atggccacca tgcctgcgag     60720
     gcagtggact ggacctaagc cctacctttt tcaagctgag taaaataacg agagagagag     60780
     agaggggggg gagggagaga gagagagaga gagggagaga gaaacagaga gagacagaga     60840
     gagacagaga gagacagaga gacagagaga cagagacaga gacagagaca cacagagaca     60900
     gacagacaga cagacagaga cagacagaca gagacagaca gagacagacc agagtgtaag     60960
     gtagtttcta gaacttcctc tcaatctgct acaagatata cttggcttaa atgaacttgg     61020
     gaaagctatt ggaaataatg cagtttcccc tttcatgata tagttctttt taacgggatc     61080
     aatcgcaagt gcagctgaac cttaccagag ttggggcaac cttaggtatg gttcacaaga     61140
     gccccgctgg tggttgtgtg tctgggaata gatagttttc ttaaggaggt actgaagcag     61200
     acagtgtgca ccatgtaagt gctcggccca aagggaagag aaataagaaa ctgcagctaa     61260
     atagggactc agtaacttga gacacatttc tgccccaggt cacacacatt tgctcagtgt     61320
     gcccctgttg gccattggtg aaagtgaggg tgggggtggg gtgagaatgg ggatgggatg     61380
     ggggtaggga tatgggggtg ggtgggtgct gtctttgatc atgactctgc ttagtgttcc     61440
     atttccttgt gtctccaaac agccaggaca tctctgatgg cttctgggct agggggcatt     61500
     tgagcttctg caggacatcc ttagggccag ctacagaggg ttctgactgt gaccattggg     61560
     tacactccag catcctctcc ctgccctggg agtgaggtgc cacctccaac agactcaaca     61620
     cttttcctgc tcaaatcctt agcccaagga ctgagcaggg tctcccaacc aaagagccgt     61680
     tactgcgatg tggggccttt cctctatgtc cctatactag gcacctgtct tccttcagca     61740
     ctgttggaaa gagagcccac acccatggaa tcctgagcct caccgcagga gcctgaggaa     61800
     ggttatcaac aggcccctga gcagagagca ctggacagag aagcctggtg cctgcctgtg     61860
     ggtctctggg tggcttgtct gtgtgctggg ctacccagcg atgctctcac ctttgccatt     61920
     tacctgaaga aagtcctgta ggctcattct cagtaaacat tcccagagcc agctggaagg     61980
     aacctgaaaa agtattcaat tcctggcttc ttccttatgc ctttcttggc agagccatga     62040
     gacaaggaag tgtgtcaggc tctgatggga ggtcagagaa gctctgcttt aggcagtctt     62100
     tgagtgaatt tgtagttata aaagtaggca aggtggacac acctttcatt gctttctatg     62160
     tctcatgctt cctcctccaa tattcttgaa ggatgatata tgctgtcttc agagcaggtc     62220
     tgtgcacagc aaactttcca gattttggct gtttaaaatc ttctgttagc ctagtggtgc     62280
     tagcacttag gatgcagagg gaggtgatct ctatgtgtct gatgccagca tggtctatct     62340
     agatagtgaa ttccacacca cacataatgc catcctggct tatttggttg cgtgtacaat     62400
     tttaggtttg aaaccatttg ccccagagct ttgaaggtaa gcattccgtt atggaggatg     62460
     agctcagatt tcactcccag tcccagccta cctaaagcca ccgcctcttc ccttggcagg     62520
     ttttaggagt cacttccctt tgcttggtgt gctgaaatcc cttggtgcat cgtctctgga     62580
     tgtggattct ttaaagcatg tattctccta cttggtgcta aagagccttg gggtggagtg     62640
     gcgtttaatc tgggggcctc tgggttgtga agcttctgtg atttgttttt ccagaaatgt     62700
     tcaacgtaga cctcagcctt ctgctaaggt caagtgcagg aatgtcaagt tactgtctgc     62760
     ttgcgtgctg cttcctccat tctctttatt ctttattctg tttggtcagt aattggaatt     62820
     cccgattatc ctcctagctc tatttgggca ttcttcctat gcattttatt catttgtgct     62880
     ggttttcaaa gcagttctgc atcctgttct ttggtctttt ctgctgtatt tctctccagg     62940
     atgtttctct ttctcttagt cctatagagt tcttcatttc aaccatcata agtttttatg     63000
     tctgtggccc ccactgttct cacctcataa cagttcgttc ttgttttgtg atttttgtct     63060
     cgtcttccct cttctcccgg aaagcatcag cgttcgtagc attcttgttg cgtggtgttc     63120
     tttgtgttgt tcctgacttt gtctcctccc cagtgttgcc tttcctcaga tccgggattc     63180
     tttctgcgtg ttggctaaca aaactggcat ctcatgtagt gcctaggcct ccgttggcat     63240
     tagaccatta aggaagtagg cacgggctac ttctgaggca tacaactttc tcggtgggga     63300
     tggaaacacc agaatgtcca tctcacagga cacctcagaa actgatctca ttttgggtgc     63360
     ccagggatct tccagttcca gagcactgcc ctccctttgc tcctgaacat aactcttact     63420
     gttcttatgg tgttaaggca cccccaggtg ctccttgaca cgagtatgca agaaggtgag     63480
     gggaactggg gaaggctgac ggctgtcctg aagtagaaac tcatcctgtc tccctgtcag     63540
     aggatcctgg gggcatccct acttcttgtt tccttcaggg ttacccctgg ttcttctccc     63600
     cacccaccct atgcacactc ttgctttctc caccaccatg cagggcattt cagtctctgt     63660
     ggttcctctc tggatgaagc cttcttagtt tcctgtctgt ttcactttgg catttcaggc     63720
     caggggattt ctgtcttact tgaggacagt aatatagact caccacctat ctatcctacg     63780
     ggtgacggag gctactgcta tgcatgggag ttagcccagg aaaaggataa gggaagatac     63840
     agtctttcgt ggctggcacg tcatagtctg agtcatagct tctgtgtggc cgtgtgatag     63900
     ctgggctatc tcctgccgga gaacagcctt tgataggttc acagcttcag ggtttgaggt     63960
     ccagttgcct agctccattg tttggtctgg gccatgtttg agacagaatc agggcagcaa     64020
     gatgacatga cagagcacag cttcaagctt tcttggcagt tgagggcaag gtggtggtgt     64080
     ggatgcagag ctgattggct ccctgtttct tctaacttgg cccatggacc ccccccccag     64140
     cctatgggat ggtgctaccc atatttgtgg cacgtcttcc ccccccttat ttgatgctct     64200
     ctggagactc ccttagagac acacccagaa gtgtgcatta caaatcctca aggcacttct     64260
     catcccaacc aagttgataa tcaaaattaa ccactacccc ttcccttgtt taaagttgta     64320
     agcacccctt acctctatca tgacaggagg cagggtaggg ggcagctgcc ttggtgtgag     64380
     tctccaagag actgctttga tctctccagc ttcatgccaa ctgccttagt ttaatctcaa     64440
     ggaggagggc ttggttaatt attgaagaat gggtttctct aggtttaggc ctgacttgtt     64500
     caagtagact gatatctatg gtaatgtgct cagcctggag acaccagaca aacccagaca     64560
     gaacaagcct gttgttatag cctgctattc actcgtctgt aattctgcat ttctctttga     64620
     gcaagcctag cacgttgcat tctaattggt ccctgtgttc gtgtgtttca gggagcaaga     64680
     gggcctaatg gttcggctgg cgagaaggta attgagaaca gctcttctcc ccctctactt     64740
     ccctctccag tgtacccttg ggccagaaga gcgaacccat aaatgtcaca gagcaaagag     64800
     aagcactccc cagagcggag gatcaggaaa gataggccag ctgggatggt agggagccaa     64860
     tccggcaacg ttcctccttc ctcaatactc tagtgagcac atcagccaag ggaaatgcca     64920
     attagtgaga cagctgttct gtgccatcaa gcatcgccca tcagacaatt tctaaactta     64980
     attagcttca aggagtcatt ttctgactca ggtgctcaca cggcttcttc tgggggaggg     65040
     gagaagttgc agctgttaac tatcctgtct tctccttaca gggtgaccct ggaaaccgag     65100
     gcttaccagg tcccccaggg aagaatggag aagttggcac ccctggggtc atgggaccac     65160
     cagggcctcc tggaccccct gggcctccag gcccgggatg taccacagaa cttggatttg     65220
     aggtatgttt gccctttctg tggctgaaga gtgatggagg gtaaagagca ctggaagcca     65280
     cacacactgg gtactggtcc ctgggtagag gctttgtcaa gtctcctgtg agtttcttgc     65340
     ccccagcatc ctgcttggtc caagtaggta gttgcctggc agtgaactct gaaatccttg     65400
     cttcttcctc ccctagattg aaggctctgg ggacgtccgg ctgctgagta aacccacaat     65460
     ctcaggaccc acctctccaa gtgtaggtag acttctatga acccttttct gagagctgtc     65520
     ctgatgttac ccctggggga ggaactcact ttgatgattc acacacactg tgcctccaac     65580
     cccatgctgt gctgcctgta aggtactgac tgcagtgagg aaacttgata gtcatcttcg     65640
     tccctattgg ccagttcctt actactgagc atctctgttt catgacttcc tgtcaccgtg     65700
     ttaggctccc accaggtgcc caccctgtcc actcgctcat ctccagcagg cactgccctt     65760
     gtcctgtgtg gtacacctgc atgaagacac tcccctggat attatgatca ttgtcacaca     65820
     gaacccagag ccaagtgctg agggagtaac ttctaatgta caagacagct tctcacacat     65880
     acgggatcta agggtggggt caggagggta ctttcatgct gggagaggac ctctgtggat     65940
     tgttgtgtgt ggggactctt ctgagtctgg aatgggaatt tcccccttgt actttgctcc     66000
     atcatctggg acagcatcca tcggagagct tagggagaga tgcaagaagg tagcatgcgc     66060
     cagcaaacag gaaaaaaaaa caaagaatgt ctagtcatct gtttgcttat tcttatcagg     66120
     gtcccaaagg agaaaaagga gagcaaggag ccaaggtaag taagcccatg ggaggcaggg     66180
     tctttctaga aggtcataga agcattatcc atggactggg agctttgctc tttacttccc     66240
     tctgctctaa ctagggtgaa cgaggagcgg acggaaccag cactatgggg ccgcctgggc     66300
     ccaggggccc gcctgggcat gtcgaggtcc tgtccagtgt gagtatcacc caggttgaag     66360
     ctttgccaca tgttttctgc tttgctaagg gggaatagca ggcaacctgt cacttcagga     66420
     ctttgaggct ggtggctata cagggtgtcc ctgcctgcac ctgccagcat gctaacctat     66480
     ctgttcctat cccctccatg ccaccacact tgaacataca actcttctac tgggcagggt     66540
     caggagtcag acaaccgcct ggaaagtact ggagtcttga tgaagcccca gattaagtgc     66600
     cccagaaagg ctcttagcca gttgagaagt caagtcaaag ctggagacac aggcctgaga     66660
     tcattttcac tgctggcaga gagagtactg atggctgtaa ccctatggga aagccactaa     66720
     ttccagaacc cagccgtact actgagcaga gtaattctag agtcagacaa gagagagaag     66780
     gacagtactg agcatgctcc aaactgccat caggaagcat cccccatctt ccagagtgga     66840
     ggtaaagaga ccaagaggag ctagggttat acccctgagg gccagttctt attgggaggt     66900
     gtcttcagaa gagctcattg gatggctctt tgtttaaaaa aatctgttag tagtcatatt     66960
     ccaaaatctc acttggaaag cttactatgt gggtgagtaa agtaagcctt gttccactct     67020
     gatcccccat ttctggggag gcatcgatat gcccccgatt cccagggaga cagtagtgtg     67080
     tggttttcat gtcaccatca atccctatga ggaagcaaag gctcggcaat gcctcccctt     67140
     ccacctgccc cttaccttct ccctgttcat acctgagtgt catttaaacc tctgtatctg     67200
     ccatcagcac tctgatgcag acactcgtgc caaaagaaaa agtccccaaa acctgggaaa     67260
     agaatggcca gggttaggag gagaaagagt aggatttaaa agtgccaagc ccgtggggat     67320
     ggaagtagac aatcttgagc acttgtgggg gaagtgtaaa ttgcatggcc cctttggagg     67380
     gctccctgac agtctgttca aactaaaaat agatgtcttc cagaatcgca catagaaagc     67440
     tccacacaag atgatggagt aggggagaat gagttgaagg ggaggggaca gggcctaatg     67500
     ccatttatct aaagtaatga catgcgtgag ttatattaca catgtacacg tgtacacaca     67560
     cacacagaca cacacacaca gacacacaca ctttatatgg gcacatgtat gtatgtatgt     67620
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atatgcttat aactttaaaa gagagaagga attcatctac     67680
     tggataattt taaagttaat ttaaaaggaa aagtgacagg caggctgggg ctgtttgacg     67740
     gggagtggga gggctgggtg tgtttggcag tgactttggg gtgtgatcaa tgtactccat     67800
     actgggtgac ttcaattaag gtctctttgc cagaagcaag gaggagcact tgtctttctt     67860
     tgtccttact gtgaattttt cctctttcag tctttgatca acatcaccaa tggatccatg     67920
     aatttctcag acattcctga gctcatggga cctccggttt gtatctgcat ctgcccttgg     67980
     gtgaggtctc tacccagatg ccccagtgga aagggttgga ttttagctcc ggaagcatag     68040
     agccagagtc tctcaaagtc ggaaagaagg aagcctgcat ctttgagttt atataacact     68100
     aagtctgtgg tgcagagttg tgttcaggga ggagaagtgt tcagtcctgt gcaccagaaa     68160
     tctgtgtgag atgggagagc acctggaacc accgcctctt gggtgggatc gtgggcctac     68220
     acgtatctgc tcagtctcat ttcttggaag aggatgctgc taatgggaca ctggagccag     68280
     aggaggactg acacccactt cacccctcct caacccattt tagagctaaa taaatcaaca     68340
     tatgggggaa ctcaatgccc acctcgaggc tcatggttga cagggtctca aaagaaggaa     68400
     ggcgttccca tggcacctga cagggaccag ggaggagaaa tgctggccat aggagccttg     68460
     aaggtccacc ctcatctcta atggccactc agatcccctg gttctctctc cagacgttgg     68520
     gacaatttat atgaggtaga ggagatgaaa gtgcttggta cctcatggca cttgacaagt     68580
     aactctggag ccagagatac atgcctatag ctttgcatag cggatgtctg ctggggcagc     68640
     ccaccccgca gcacccaggg aggtccgcca tccatgttgg gtggggggcg agggaaaaga     68700
     cctggaatat acctcaagat gtctgcagct atctggaaga tgcctctgcc tcagcagcat     68760
     ctgtgaggct caatctacca tgacctctcc tgcgctgtgt ctcatggggc tcccatccat     68820
     tgattgctac tgaaatgaat aatgcaaaga cccagtactc aaagtccaag gcaggcaagg     68880
     tactgggcaa aagtccattc acatggggtc tttgttctcc ctagaactgc tagagagagg     68940
     tttagggtgc tagtgggtgg gtagcagagc aagaggagac agcctaaaca tgaatgtctg     69000
     cgtctctgag ctgctgggta ccctgggccc ttggtagatg gatcccaggc ctcgccttct     69060
     gtactttctt ccccatcagc gtcctcctca tccttaaggc tggatcaacc ttctacttac     69120
     tctgtagcaa cttcctccta agagcactca agtattacat tcatgtctcc actttttttc     69180
     taactagttc tttttaaaat gtaatttctt aacattgtgt gtgtctgtct atctatctat     69240
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctattttc ctgtcaaact cctgtccctt     69300
     taatagcatc agcaacctgg acttgtgacc cagtggggtg aagtacactc tgcttgccag     69360
     accctctaaa aatccccatc cctttcataa aagtctagct cccagcgtgg acccacttct     69420
     cccctggcct ccagcctatc ttcaagccca tcttcagagc tgacttaccc aggttcccat     69480
     actgtccatc cctgcccctt ggaacttctc actgagtcat cactaagagg aagcttctgt     69540
     ggagaacagg gacagtgatc cacagtgggt ggaaatgggc ttagatcctt ggcaggtccc     69600
     tgggatcagt gacttaccca ggttcccatg tcatccctgc tggattaaac gggctcaggt     69660
     ctttgccctc ccgagagact gactatagcc catgaggctc agtactcctg actctgaaaa     69720
     ccctttgtct ttggtgtgtt gcaggggcca gatggtgtac ccgggctgcc aggatttcca     69780
     gtaagtactg cagtggctag cttccacctg tgctcagggg ctgggctcat tctgtttata     69840
     cccctgagat gctgttccct catccctcac gactgagccc tgctccatcg cacacactca     69900
     tatctttcat actctccgca gacatgtcct ctcctttgag acccataggg tttattttta     69960
     accatctcat gttcattttt tttctgccgt aagtgtcagg ttctcctgtg tgtatctact     70020
     tttatgatag ctacagaggg ctgggtctta tgtctctagc cctgggccat ccagccctgg     70080
     gcagtagctg ggtgacccca gcatatcaag aaacagtctg tgaagatgag agacatagga     70140
     agtccgtggt acacaaggac agaggagagc cgtggagtgg aaggctgata attaacagcc     70200
     tgtgtgtacc ttattggaag gcgacatgtt ttttgcatta gctatcggtt tagtcagagt     70260
     ttgtgcctat gcagaaggcc aagagaggcc ccagggggag agctgcgctg cttctttgaa     70320
     actccacaac ttggaaaggc ctgaggtgct gtgtccggaa caaatgaaga aaacagataa     70380
     aagccccgta ggagtgtgtt cctgatggct gaactgtggt tgatctccgc ttatcttttc     70440
     atactttttg gaacttttaa tacaatgacg cttttttccc ttttttaagt gagcataaac     70500
     tatgaagagg gtttaaaaaa taccatattc actagacatt agaacagaag agggagcgag     70560
     cagcaaacat ccttgtggtt agcgggggtg ggggtggggg aagaggtctg acctcttagc     70620
     tgcagccccc gaggtggctg cttcaagtct gagggcacat tctggaacat tccaacatgc     70680
     tttcctccat gagaatgatt gtgtgctctg aggggaacac tgcagaaagt tagggaggtc     70740
     gcaggaacag gagccaggcc acatacctca gacgtgagtc ttcatctgac agatttggcc     70800
     ctagttgtcc tttccttaaa attatttgaa aaagaaagat gaacaaaaag ttcaccgcta     70860
     aacaataaca ctcaaatgtt ttcaggacgc ggctgtgatg ggtagcagac cctttcgcct     70920
     atcttgctaa atagcaataa agcaataaaa cgccttgggg cagtgggcac catgagtggg     70980
     caagtcattg tcaggaatgt tctgtgtctg ctggagttgg ggatcatgaa ccctggctga     71040
     agtgtaggat ttggctctgc ggagggtgct gggcagccca gcaaggggta gggtctgggg     71100
     cacaagcgtt agtgcagggg caacaggtct ggtgtgagga ggtcaaagga acaaagtaac     71160
     ctctatgatg tgggagatga catgtgagtc ccagccaaga ttaatggcag gctaggatgc     71220
     tggatcccat cttgtgatgt ggatgttggg ccggcacgta gaggatgtcc agagcagctg     71280
     ggtgagtcag accaggggga ccaggtaaaa gcaagtccgg gtctgcccgc ctgaaggaac     71340
     caacggtcag aggagttgat gatgtctagg cgagcaggaa tttctctacc aaagagttaa     71400
     aaggcaggaa agaagtgtta ctgggagtct tggggagttc cagcagcggg aatcagggtc     71460
     tccgtatggg gttcccaccc ttattaataa aagaattaag aacatactta agtggaggca     71520
     caaggacatt ttattagcat ttagaaggaa accccagagt aggcaagctg taaatctcac     71580
     agctgcctgg aggaggagaa aggagaagat aaacatggag atcagccttc tggtggcagg     71640
     agaccaccca ggggcacgag tcttaagaaa aagcaaggaa gtcaaatctt tgattaggaa     71700
     ggaacttaaa aagcaccttt acgctctggc cagcatccaa aagaaaagga caggagaaat     71760
     agacctatct gaggaaagga tagttgacgg agtctccccc ccccccaagt gcctgagaag     71820
     gaaaagaggt ctgacctatc agctgcagtc cctaagatgg ctgcttcaag tctgagggca     71880
     caccctggaa cattccaaca tgccttcctc catgagaatg gttgtgctct gaggggacca     71940
     gtcttcctag ggctgttccc tagccagctc catgagatgc tccactgggg catcctgctc     72000
     caacgcaatg tgggctcttc aggcctccaa tgcccttggc ttctgcccag ttccttgcct     72060
     ccttacagtt aggaaaagat cagatctagt catgacttct gcctgcttga taagagcttg     72120
     ttctgagaga ggcttggggg agcgacagag acaaaggcac agagacagac aagacagaga     72180
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gttgttttct     72240
     gtttgaggaa aaaaaacttt taaccataac acaatgccct ccaatgattc tttgcagggc     72300
     cccagaggac caaaaggtga caccggtgtg cctggattcc cagggctaaa aggagaacag     72360
     gtaggggccc aggtggggat gtgcttggat ctggctggcc attcctattt ggccaactgt     72420
     ttccttctgg agacacaatc cctacagtgc aattcattga cgtttaaagg attcccaatc     72480
     atcactattc tctcatacct ggatgctttc tttaattgaa atttattgtc ttatttttta     72540
     tatgtatgag tgttttgcct gcttgtaact ctgtatacca tatgcatgca gtgactgctg     72600
     aggccagcaa gggccatcaa atcccttgaa actgaagata atgaaggttg ttaggagcat     72660
     gtgggtgctg ggacttgaac ccctgtcctc tggaagagca gcccagtgtg cttaacctcc     72720
     gagccatctc tccagccaat ggaaggtttt tgtgaagaag tgctgtgcct tttcacagac     72780
     accttctagc tgatggcgtc tctgatctca cacagaaggg cactgttgtt tctgcccttc     72840
     ccccgtctga agagtgtatg gctcaatgcc tcctagaatg ctgctctcgc atactgagcc     72900
     atcctatctg gtgattttaa gttgggacat tgtgtagtta gagtagatgt catgcagggg     72960
     atttctgggg aagttcaggg ttcagagcca ccctttgtac ccctacacag cctcttacaa     73020
     tcaacttccg ggtagttttt catagctgag gaggagggga gcatccataa gtagacagca     73080
     aagattctgg ctcctcctca tgcattccct tctccatttg tgtgctaccc ctctctcatc     73140
     ttttgatccc ctagggatcc tggcagtttc tttcttatac caagtataat aggaagacaa     73200
     agacagaagt gtagtgcaga tggtgaaggg tacccctcac ccccaccccc accccacccc     73260
     catttcagag gttgcacatg ggtggggcta tacctccctg aagagtctaa aaggagcatc     73320
     tttgagagga ctgaggattg gaagtttctc tgggctttct ttctcatgca ccacattgcc     73380
     cccaggacaa agaaagaggc cccagagact tggtcttcaa cactaggaag cagagagctc     73440
     agtgtgttgg gccaagtttg gaagcacgtg agagtggtga tgtctgcctc cctatggtgg     73500
     gctggcagag aaagggtggg attgggttga ctctcgcaat tcttgtttcc catgttcctt     73560
     tttctatgtg gcaaggtagg tagacctaag actctaggtt ccagaggcta ctcctgctgc     73620
     taattctctg tcactttaag tgtctgggac agccaccagg cagctctgct ccagctctca     73680
     cagcaactgt acctcctgcc gctctgcctc taatgctttt gtgcttgcct cttcctgctg     73740
     ctcaggactg cctttcctcg ccaacaaagt ggtaagaccc acatgtcagc tgcgggcttt     73800
     gggggatgga gagagaggct tccctgctca ctttgatgcc ctacctggcc actttcaaca     73860
     gtggaaatga ggttgctgta ttgccagccc aattgcccag ggctagtgca gaggcctaga     73920
     aggatgctag tttcaacaca tggcctttgt ttctacatgc gtcttttcta gggatggtag     73980
     atgagcctat tgagggcagg atttaagagc agtatcctgc atccttaccc ccaaatctcc     74040
     catcatctgt tgcccagcat ctaggataac tctaactaac caataagcta tttgcacaga     74100
     ggcttgaaga atggaggaca cctgcacatc aagacaggtg actcttgtgt ggcaagaggc     74160
     gggcaccatg cttatagtgt tgcctcttcc agtttcatct atttaaacaa caacaataag     74220
     aattcttgga ggggacaagt ctcaagtcat taggaaagca aactatcaga tttgatagga     74280
     gctagatgtc taggatgccc tggaaggaca tcctatggca agaagtatgc tggggtctga     74340
     gaatgagggt acagatctgt cctccttttg gagcccttga ggatgcactt gaacagttaa     74400
     cttagacaac tcatagaaga aaaatctcag aaaacattcc atcatgcaag aggcttttct     74460
     aatcctttag caagaaggct ttgcttgagt ggcggggctg gaggggtggt ctaaaggtca     74520
     gaacccatgg cagcaggacg gagagctctc aaacaaggcg gcaggaggag gctggacctt     74580
     aaaagattct ctgcattgca gggtgagaag ggagagcctg gagccatctt gactggggac     74640
     gtccctctgg aaatgatgaa ggggagaaag gtaattctgt cagcccaccc tgagtgcaga     74700
     catgctttgg cttgccatct ttggttgtat cttaagaagt gttttctgag tgacaagtgc     74760
     ctgtctcctg ttttagggtg aacctggaat ccatggtgca ccgggaccca tggtaagctg     74820
     ggggtctctc cactgggttg ggacaagggc tcaaactttt accgtgcttc ggctcactta     74880
     gattgagtta ctctacttgt gaaaatataa aaggtaatgc agtaacaggt ggcagagcat     74940
     gtgtctgttt gtgggagaca aactacagtg gttgccaggc ctacacaaga ctttcaaaaa     75000
     taaacaaaac agggatggag ggaagagaga tggggttcag tggttaagag cacctgctgt     75060
     tcttgcagag gacccaggtg cagttcccaa tacccacatg gtgaattagc tgtctataac     75120
     tccagttcca ggggatctgg cactctcttc tagcttcagt ggtcaccagg catggatcta     75180
     atacacattc atacatgcag gcaaaacact cttacatata aaaataaata aatctaaaca     75240
     gcaataaaca accccccact ggttgaccat aggagtgtcc cactttcact cctgcataat     75300
     ccactgtggg tacttcctgc tcaacctctg ccctccaaca gtgactccag catcttttgg     75360
     atccaaagtc acaagagttg tctagttgga agctgagaca ggagaaagaa gaaggaacga     75420
     taaaggggac tgggcatcac cctcgcatgt tccactggtc agaactcaga ttcttgggcg     75480
     gggggagggg gactcagata tgtagtgtag ctgtgtgtcc aggaagaaga gtagatctgt     75540
     gagaactgac agatgccagg gagccccaca aggaccctca catagtactg ggtctgctgt     75600
     gttattgctt tgggggcggg gtatgccctc ttctcacttt ctgggtttct tcctgcccat     75660
     ctgtatgata aatggattgg attcctgcta gatagtatca caggctcttt gactttgctc     75720
     ttttaaaaac aggtagcaca cttggacttt tgaacacttt ggagttcttt cttctaagaa     75780
     tgaactctaa acttccctgt tgagcataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     75840
     cacactacct caaatgaaga aagatcaggt gtggctcacg actgaaggtc aggctctgtg     75900
     taagcttcct aagggacatc tcttttcagc ctcacagtcc tctggtgtaa tcacatgacc     75960
     ctcccccaag tctatagaca aggacacagg ggttcaaaga agataagtaa tgcataagaa     76020
     agtgggagac ttgaggccaa cctgccatgc cctgtatctg gtgggactcc ctcccccacc     76080
     tccacccctc cacacaacct ccgagagata agctgctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     76140
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctattga agcacagtga gtgtcaaagt tcacatggca     76200
     tctgtttgac tgaagctgga cctcaggccc ggggagaaag gtttgcacgt gagtgaacgc     76260
     ctatgtgttc caagcacatc cttcaggaaa ccttctgagg cttttgagtc cctgaagtca     76320
     ggcagaaaag accaaatata gactacatgg gctgagagtg aaggcagatg ggagagtctt     76380
     gttcccaact ggttaaccac tcagtaacct ccagttctat gggaaatgca aacagttagt     76440
     agtggggcca gcaggaggct ccagatggct atggcgggtg tcccactgaa ggccagcttg     76500
     tgcacagctt gccaaacaca ggcaataagg gcacctttta atttgcataa tgcttccatc     76560
     tgggctaact atggccctag agaccagtgt agcttatgac tcttttacaa aaatgctaag     76620
     gcttgttact caaagtgtgg tctgtggatc agcatccccc cagcatcacc tgggagctta     76680
     gtaacaatgc agaatggcag gccctggccc atatactagc gcagacactc ttcatctgca     76740
     ctttcatgag acccaggaca ctccatgtac atgcgcacgt ggggaatgtt ccagagaacc     76800
     acctaccaag tggcccaccc atgccctgaa aactccctct acttttgctt ttcacttccc     76860
     tgagagtaat atatatcaga gatttttttc atgctgaccc tctcttaatg catcttttag     76920
     ggcatgctat ctatagtaat ggcggtgggc agaggggcac atgattatag ctgctattcc     76980
     tcaggctcca gtagacaagg tgattcctgc caggagcttg gatcagggca gtgacttaag     77040
     aagtgtgtgg acccagaaaa ccatcactgg agaagggtct gtgggtcagg gactctacag     77100
     gaggaccgag gcattgttct gaggctgggc ttcaagatgg gtgggggtgg ggcagactac     77160
     catcctccag cctgttcttg ggcacactgg cacagggagg agcagagctg attcagaata     77220
     gaggacatgg ggaccctgga atgaatgacc aatgcaaagc tccatgttct gtgccagcct     77280
     agcatgtgag cacctgggca cgtgaggcac gaagctgctg gcttcttgct ctttcttccg     77340
     ttctgactga ggtggtcctg gctgtgtagc ctttagaaaa gttgggagat ctgaaaatct     77400
     gagcaaatgc ttctaggtga ggagaggcag gagaccagga accgggcagg cgggtactcc     77460
     agggccattg ccaatgtccc ttcatcctgt ccctgctgct ctccctacaa gagcagtccc     77520
     agcactcccc tatctctgga ctctgagttt cgggcatttg ctagcctggt gcttgttttg     77580
     cttctaggga cccaaaggac caccaggaca caaaggagag tttggcctcc caggacgacc     77640
     tgtaggtatc agtgttcccc agactaaaag atggggcatg tggtggcaaa gctgacccac     77700
     agcaagagct cactaaggca tcttgtgtgt atctcagggt cgcccaggac tgaatggcct     77760
     caagggtgcc aaaggagatc gaggggtcac gctgcctgtg agtaccatgg ctacttctgc     77820
     acctcatgcc ctggggctgc agtgcagacg agatcctgtt agagtgtcca gtacctcgaa     77880
     gttcaatgag tggggcctgc agaatgtgtg ctcagggaag ctttctttct tcctccattg     77940
     cttccagagg tgcacacact cagccccgct cccccccatc tcactctcag gagggtcctg     78000
     tgtcccacct agaccattcc catgctgaag agtgtcagtc tccccaatgc agacaccaga     78060
     cagaaaggag aaggaaagaa aaggggttct atgcatcctg tgtcccccct ccttgctccc     78120
     acacacggcc caggaatgca gatcttaacg gagcattgct ccgggaacca gaatctgggt     78180
     tccaatttca gttctctgtg agctgctgtg tggctctgag caggttgtat cccttctctg     78240
     ggcctcatta tttgtgggtg tcagccagga cggcatagct gtccagctgt ctcccgcatg     78300
     ctttaccaac ccttttcagt atgccccaga tgagggagtg ctctggaagc tactccctcc     78360
     cagcttccag ctcagagtgt gtagcaaatg ctgtagctgc ctcccacatc cttaaacaca     78420
     gcagcggctt ttcttttctt ccttcagggt ccacctggcc tacctggacc cccagggccc     78480
     ccagggcccc ctggagctgt ggttaacatc aaaggcgtaa gttaggatgg ggttgggaga     78540
     agctttcctg gggaccctgc agtgagcacc agattggcct cagctggtgc taggtttcct     78600
     gatgccttca cccctcatat tctctttcca caggctgttt ttccaatacc tgcccggcca     78660
     cactgcaaaa caccagtaag taactctcat gtcttcatgc agcaggctaa gtaccagtgc     78720
     ctgttttagg aaacggatcc atcttgcctt gggcactttt ccattcctgt atgtctactc     78780
     tctgatatca tctatctaca tataggccct taaagatcta gaagtttcta gataatagac     78840
     cctggtaatg aaataccaca cactggctta ttttaacagt gagtcgtcta ttagtaaaac     78900
     aaacatttgg cctcaggggc ggaagaagca taaaattgca aaatagactc cttcttaact     78960
     aaaagaagtg accggaactc gtggcctctg agctgggaac tgggggttaa aatttgtaac     79020
     tactcagttc catcctcctc aaagattgag ttacccaaga ggcaagcgtt atctctccca     79080
     gttatcatgg gaagacagct acccacagaa gctctttggt tagcccaagg tcacggagca     79140
     tggggcagct gggaccacag ctcagatctc ctggtgacca ggaagcaggt gcaggcactg     79200
     tgatccttgc ccagcctccc cctcccccag gcagttggca gtaccgtctg taggattttg     79260
     ccagtatcat agggagacat ttatttctgt gaggaaacac ggggacaagg catgagtcat     79320
     ggatctgtgc gcaatcattc tctcattctt tcagtaaata tttactgagc tctccccagt     79380
     gccaaggact cttgctaggc cccgggggga acacaggaat gacctagaca gacgtggtct     79440
     ctgctttctg gagtttgcag atgatcattt caaaatattc tttgaagtgg gcttatactg     79500
     attcccgtgg gaatgggaat gctgctggtc gctgatgcct ctaactgatg caggccggct     79560
     ggctgtgtat tggcctaggc ctatgtccaa atctgacctt tgaggcgtcc atgtgggcag     79620
     cccacggtcc aagcatgcta gcctggaagg cagagcgcgg gatcccccag gggacagggc     79680
     tgaagctcca agtgagccca acagcagcac caagggcgtg tttatccaga taactgtagc     79740
     gaggcatctg ctgcaagtgc agcttctgga gataccccaa gaaaacactg catctcctca     79800
     tacaagggca gaggctgcct aggtcccact gtttcccaga gctcaaggtc cctcctctca     79860
     acacagagcc ccacctcctt actacctccc acaaacaatc ccaacacacc aagtatgaga     79920
     cagaagacca caaactttag actgttgtgg gaatgatact gcagttgtac aacctgtagt     79980
     ggaaccctgt gtggtatcta cactcggggg atggtggggc agttatggag tgacttaaac     80040
     tcaatgccag gctcaacgtg ttttgtcttg ttttaatttc ctgtggcata ctgggacacc     80100
     gtagcgtttg gaggcatggg tgtttcctac gaggccctca aagtagacat tatcaaacag     80160
     aaacacaccc agcacttcgc aagcatcttc cagtttcatc agtttaacat catgacagtt     80220
     tatatactcc taccaccttg cttaaccact tgtaaaggtc gtccttagat tttctttctg     80280
     gaaggttcct tcctcttccc aatatctttt catgatgacc cctaagcagc ttgcaatccc     80340
     cacttacaag cacagaaaga tcccagatct aggtggagca tcttctgggg aaagatggag     80400
     gcagagtgag atggttacct ttaattgtca acatagaaca aatcaaattg gccgagaaaa     80460
     gagtctcaat aaggagttgt ctagatcagg ttggcctgga attatctaga ttacctaagc     80520
     caagacagga aaacctgccc actatactag acaccatacc ctaggcaaga gattctaagc     80580
     tgcctaagag tggagaaagt gagctgacat tcacgtgcat acattaattc attgctctct     80640
     gctcttgact gtggatttaa tgtgactaac tgcttccatg cagtgctgcc ttgacttcac     80700
     agcagtgatg gactgtaacc tggagttgta aaccaaataa accctttctc ccacaagttg     80760
     ctttcgctag ggtttccaat cacagtaaca aggaatgaag ctaagacagt tgaacagtgt     80820
     tatccagaac tgcttggatt ccagacccct gtcacctaat gaagagtcca taaaagcccc     80880
     tccaatctaa tgacaaccct gctatttgtc actgccactg ctgcctgacc tgtgccttat     80940
     gcctgtctct gattacactc agtagcaaag cagacgattg gcccagcttc agaacttgct     81000
     cagagctggc ttggacactt ggcctcacat gtgagccaat cctaattgat aagaaaggag     81060
     gccaagacac tcagcattgg ctgcactcac gaatgcagtc tggaagcctt gtgtttccct     81120
     tctgcttaga tttttggcca gaaatctcaa tgctgtgtgc tcgaggccag ctacatcatg     81180
     ggtttcccaa atgaaggcct gagaagtctg tgttgagggt actgaggagt attccaaagc     81240
     caaatagaag cctggccagt gtcatttcat cctctgcgat ttgtccccag gacaaatgct     81300
     ggggcagggc ttcccatgtc tgactgggcc tttctctctc cccaggttgg taccgctcac     81360
     cctggcgacc cagagcttgt cactttccac ggtacacact cttttcttca tggtttctca     81420
     gggacattcc tgacctagtg ctggccatgg atgaggtggt caggaggggc taacggggca     81480
     tgggggaggg gtggcagctg agctgtggga catacctctg tctgctttcc tcatggacct     81540
     ggtgcatccc gggtagcggg aagcgctccc tctgttcatt cctttgctga tctgttcaga     81600
     agacagtcat ggacgcctgc ttggtgctgt cccttgatgt tcctgcctcc ttagtcctta     81660
     aaatagttca agtgacagga aaactaatta taggacagga aggatgtctc agctgaagaa     81720
     ggcaaggcct gagtttctgc gttcaatccc cagaacccac atccatcatc atcatcatca     81780
     tcatcataaa caataactgg gcttggtgga caacattggg ggaatgacag ccaagggcat     81840
     cctctagtct tcacatacat ttgcatgcat gggtattgca cctgtatata ctcacacaga     81900
     cacatacaca tacacgcata tacactcata cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagggaga     81960
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gctattccaa gaaaacacca tgagtactta gaagaccctt     82020
     gcctagtgtg tccatggaaa cgtctcaggg aagcatgttt gaaaggcagg accctaggcc     82080
     agagtgtagc tctgtggcag agcactcccc tagcatgtgt gagtccttag gtttggtcca     82140
     cagtgctgtg aggagagggc aaggcaagac acagtgatgc atagttataa ccccactact     82200
     caagaggctg agccaagagg atcataagtt caatgtcagc atctgtctta cattaatcca     82260
     ttggaacctg cctggtccta acctcctggt agagcttgtg agaaaccttg ttcaacctct     82320
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     82380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     82440
     gtgtgaagaa cacaccaaag agggacaggc ctgtaatcct ctttgacctc catactttgt     82500
     cacacaatgt ctggcttttg gtcacagaat tgaaatacag cataaataag ggaaagtctt     82560
     tatctgcaat cccctgcagc ttggctgtgt cacctggtgt ccctaatggt gtcttctgta     82620
     ttttttgtca ttttggtcgt caaatccaga tcatgttctg acttggtgca aggccccttt     82680
     ctttttggtg ctagggcaaa cctaagtttt atggggcgtt gttgtcattt gagaagagat     82740
     ctttctatat agctcttggt agcctgaaac taacagagat ccacctgcct ctgccacttg     82800
     acacctggaa ttaaaggcat gattgccttt ggcttattta taattcatat tatgacatat     82860
     attataattt gtattagctg ctggtggtag gccttgggtg ggaaggggag ctgggtttgc     82920
     tgtcatagat cttcgaggct cccctgggag gaggggcagg agcagaactt tttggatgtg     82980
     cttgtcctgg tgagaggtgg gattctataa acatgtctga gtgttactac tgcatcttag     83040
     gggaacactt atggttgccc tactccctag cttctccttc acggatggct gcagcctcag     83100
     ttggaacctt cagtgctatg catttagtct cagaagcttc ccagcatcag tggaactggg     83160
     acccatgtgg ttgtagttcc ctggtgctcc ctagtgggtg ccatcacacc tttggtgctc     83220
     ttggctcttc ttctacattg agtaagcctg tgcttacaaa ccttatgata ctacctctag     83280
     tctagagaac attggaagat ttagctgcta cactttttag ggttcatgaa ttgagaggtc     83340
     tcacatccac ctgtagctcc tatcaagggg aaggaaagag gccttccctc cctaaacact     83400
     gcttgcctat aagcctctgt cacatgtatc tctcttttga ggagtagaaa acaatggctg     83460
     gtgtagcagt cttgctcctc agactcatgg ctgaggcaca agtgggtgtt cattccatca     83520
     gccagctgtg ggaatggatg attcagcctc cttagttgca ctgtatcatc acccctggga     83580
     ggtttatctg ctcttcaaga caccaggctg cacagcccca ggggacatga gactggagac     83640
     ctgagtggga ttaggtctcc gtctgcattc acaaactgtc ccaagggagt gagaagccag     83700
     ctcctgcttg gtcataacag ccactgctag gctcaattct taacctttct attctctgac     83760
     aacactgcat tgctgtgaac tgagtcaaga tctggagacc tgtctgaggc agtgattatg     83820
     gtcttccgag tctctatctg ttggcttcta aggggccttc tagtctgatg gattttgctc     83880
     aagttgattt tctgcaacct atttttcctt tctcttaaat atttctgtgt gtttggtgac     83940
     aggtgttaaa ggagaaaagg ggtcctgggg tcttcctggc tcaaaaggag aaaaggggga     84000
     ccaaggagct caaggaccac caggtatacc tgcccctgtt ctaggcaatg ccgagtcagg     84060
     ctaactacac aaccatcctg cccacgagca cagtggtctc tggtgagaat aagttacagg     84120
     cctgacacat ccaaagcaga acatcgtgga gagagcaggg gctagggttg gatggctgaa     84180
     ggcagaacac tgcctggtat gctcagaccc tggcttccag ccacagaaat acaggctggg     84240
     gaaggggtgg agctgatttt ctatcattca tatgtaaaat atggcacaaa gagaatgggg     84300
     gcttgcctgg gatcctacag tccctgggta gtgggccttg tttaggtctg gagatgcctc     84360
     caagcctaga gtcaaatcta gtaaaccgat gcagtttcgc ttttagtaag tgaaaaccat     84420
     ggtttctaac ttggaaactc tttgaaacct ctgccattaa gttggtaagc ttacaaagca     84480
     tttttttttc tgcaggccct ccagtcgatc cagcttacct gagacatttt ctcaacagct     84540
     tgaaggtgaa tgttcattat taaacatggt ctattatcct agtcaatttg ttgttgctgt     84600
     aactgaatac cacagactgg gcaacatgga aagaataatg gtttctctgg cacatggttc     84660
     tggaaatcta gcaactatgc ttgttagtat tctgcagagt tgcgaggctg tgcaggaatc     84720
     atacagcaag acagagcaaa tatgccagag ggcctacttt tatagcaaag ctgctcccga     84780
     gattacaatt tactcctata acctatagac ttcacctctc agtaccagca acatacaagt     84840
     tcagggatga tgtttccaac acatggaatt tgggcctcct gaatactact aaaactatag     84900
     cagcctgtgc ctcagtttct tgagtttctg tgagaaagag ttcatgccag gcttactgca     84960
     accttccatg gtctcttcca gggggagaat gaagatgctt cattcagagg agagtccagc     85020
     aacaacctct ttgtatcagg gcctccaggc ctaccaggat acccaggcct ggttgtgagt     85080
     agtgactccc tgggaacctg tggcttttcc tgtgccccac ccccaacatg aataggtggt     85140
     tctggaatca aagtcagtgt tgtacatact ggaggccaga ctttgagatg agcaggctct     85200
     cctgtgtgtc gttgcttgct gggaggttag ctcagcctcc caggctgggt ggagtgagtg     85260
     aacctcaggc accagccata catactgtgg caaggtcact ctgtaaccag agctgtcaat     85320
     agtgaggggt tatcttagag gatgaaggga aagttctggt aatgtcttta gaaggattct     85380
     tgattcttct gatgtttgac tgaaggctaa gcctgtaaag attatctaca ggtctggtct     85440
     ttatagatgg gaggagggtc aggcagccat gagagaagat caaggtttgc cccacttttc     85500
     taacctaact tggcttgagg caagccctct ccattctgag gactcagttc ctccttgtgt     85560
     ggagtgagaa ggccactcta aatctccagg gccctctgga tgcctaggct tgctggtatc     85620
     tttggactcc aaacctgggc tgatgcttgc tggaactgac accacctggc attactagat     85680
     tttcacaaac atgctaagag gagagatttc tccataacta tgtgcttgcc tcaacaggga     85740
     cagaaaggag aggctgttgt ggggcctcag ggacccccag gaattccagg cctgcctggg     85800
     ccacctggct ttgggagacc tggtgttcct ggaccaccag gaccccctgg gccaccagga     85860
     cctcctgcca ttctgggtgc aggttagtac tgaatgatgt ctcattcctg ctgcctctgc     85920
     ctttgggctc agggtagcac attgggtgac atgtcagtct atttgtttga tagagggccg     85980
     gatggagcct cccatcttct ttaaaatgga tacagttcag atattataac atgcacctac     86040
     ttcaagtgta caatccagta atgttgaagg tactcacagt catcttcgcc agcacttgtg     86100
     gttacactgg ctcagtcctg atggctgtga ggtgctagct cactgtggtt tctcagtttg     86160
     cctagtgagt aattgtgttg ggcatctttc cacatattct agaaccttcc tggctgtttt     86220
     gtcaatgcct taagaatttg tctggtctca tggaagaatt ttcttgattg aggttccctt     86280
     ctctcagatg actttaactg tcaggttgac acaaaactac tcagcacagt ggcctaaagg     86340
     accagtatga atggtcactc ttggtatgga attccattca ggcttcataa cttctagagt     86400
     aaaaaagtaa aaatgagtta tgcaatcatt gaacaatacc aagtgccagg aagtatactg     86460
     accattttac tacagtttcc tgggaattca agaaaactaa gagcaaggcc tggggaggta     86520
     actcaataca taaagagctc catatgccag cacgaggatc caagatcctc agtacttgtg     86580
     caaaacattc agatgcggta cacacttata atcacagtgc tagagagata gagacaggaa     86640
     gatccctggg tctcaatgtc agccagcttc aggccattga aagaccctgt cttaaataaa     86700
     aagaaaccag gaggcagctg agagaaacta acatctgagg ttgtcctctg gcttccacac     86760
     accctgggta tgtatgcatg gcaagcacac acacacacac acagagagag agagagagag     86820
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaagaag aagaagaaga agaaggagga     86880
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga gagaagacta gtaacttcat tttatagcta     86940
     gttaatggca cccacagaat caaagcccag atacccatat ctctaaggcc tatgcttttc     87000
     ttaatgttca ctcagtggac attctgcagt gaacaataaa actgaacatc cctagaccca     87060
     aaaagctcaa cgtttgaagc actctggtgc ccaacacctt gtgagtactg gtatggtgcc     87120
     acatgtggaa actctgtacc ctgaaactgt ttaatgtcca aaattattat tgaaatcatc     87180
     gatggcttgg actttatacc agtgaaaagg tgtttctcca gcatatcaga agccctgaag     87240
     tcaatcccca gaaccataat aaaattaata aatgaaatat aaaatgattt ttagtttatg     87300
     attctgggcc tatccccaag atatgtcatg cacatgtaaa tattctaaaa acctaacaaa     87360
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa acgaaactct gaaacccacc ttcacatggt agcagctcta     87420
     agcacgggtg tttcttgcca attgcattgg catgagctgg gtgtggtgga acacatggtg     87480
     ggatcccaca gagccttgtg tcgaggagag ccttgcagag ggtggccttg gggttggctc     87540
     caacatggcc ttggctctcc tggctgaaag cagaaacaag gctcaaatca ggttgagaga     87600
     aagggatgct tgccggctgg aaggaggggc taagcaatca gtttgtgaga tgagtagacc     87660
     agcaactgga acccaagaac agcgtgaacc taagaataga ccatttaagg atgctctggc     87720
     catccttcgc ccctctctgt gtaccagctt catgctagct cttcacagac cacactcact     87780
     gcgcagaggg gaagagggct gctgaaggct tagttcttcc actgtgagct ggaaatcagg     87840
     ggcttctttg tcaacattgg tctgcaatgt cttgggatag gacagttcca ggacaacatt     87900
     ctaattggct tgtctcgagc taggtgtcga ctttggacca atcatctcta gtcaggaggt     87960
     aggaccactt gggaacatgg tagctcttac tgtcaggaaa tggttgtggg tgtgaaggga     88020
     aagacctcaa gagaaaacca caaggacttt gacaggcact gggtagataa accagatgtg     88080
     gctacagggc cttgttggat aaataggcag tgcagacgat acaggggttt ggcaggatga     88140
     acgcagaagg cagagaatct gttgttcaca gaagcgcgtg gctagaacca aaatccaagt     88200
     cttcccctga ccctgtaccc acgggccacc taccacctat gtgtggacac tcaagccctg     88260
     tgttggaact gaagagttgt tcaaagtagc ctaaagaatt aatggatcca ttttctagga     88320
     tttacaggga tatccttcta cctgccaaga gctctgcaga ttctggaggg gatgggctta     88380
     gagaggcaga agaaaaacaa aggggaaatt ccaagacttc tgcgtttttc caaggcaggg     88440
     gcatttcaat tgggccctcc gcctcctcat attttctggg gatcagtatg gcagccttga     88500
     gctgattttc agggatcctg agacagtaca ggaactaaga agccctgggc aatttgcagt     88560
     gtgcacaccc agcctgaatt tgcctggttc tcaccagcct accaatagag cattgtagtg     88620
     gcagggatgt ctgctggtgt ctcgcagaca acttttgagg tcctgcttct ccagaagtgt     88680
     gcagctggca attagcagcc tggtcttttc ctgtccccaa gaccagtgct tccaccaacc     88740
     tggtctcttc ccacagccca gccctttctc ttcctctttg acacccactt cctctaaatg     88800
     gtggtcacat gctttgtctc ttgaaaaaaa gttgtatgag tcagggtatt ttcaacgccg     88860
     ggacagaaaa attgactcaa cctggctttt tcaattaacc actaatgggt ttcacttaca     88920
     gtcctgacaa ataccaggca caattcatcc aggacaatag tgaagaattt catctcttcc     88980
     ccccaagcca gtcagtctgg ttttaatatg cacggtggat agcccatagc atgcaatgaa     89040
     ctgtgagcac ccctctggga gtcagcagag acacacacac aggcacccat accacacact     89100
     gtgctttgta tcacttctct ctttttgtct tgtcccagct gtggctcttc ctggcccacc     89160
     tggccctcca ggacagccag gactccccgg atccagaaac ttggtcagta ccttgtatag     89220
     tagcaactct acactggata gattcactgg ctactgtgtc ttggtagtgg gagggggagg     89280
     aaagggagag gggagcggga gggaccaggc tggaattcct tttattttca aattagaact     89340
     ctgccagggg ctgagatgtt cttcagttgg tagactgttt tcctaacatg caggaggccc     89400
     tatgtttggt ctctagcacc acatgaaacc aggcatggtg gcacatactt cttgccttaa     89460
     cacttaggag gtggaggcag gaggatcaag aaattcaaag ttgtcctcag aacataaaag     89520
     ttagagaccc tatgtctaaa taaataaagt tccatgacaa tagaaatgtg ctgtttcacc     89580
     aataatagat agacatttac ttccttttca ggtgacttgt tccataaaga gctacagaaa     89640
     acaaaatgac tcgttgacgt agcctatgag cctttaattg actaaaactc aactgtggtc     89700
     tatttttaaa aacagcacac acacatatgt aaacagcata cacacacata tgtaaacagc     89760
     acacacatgt gtaaacagca cacacatgtg taaacagcat gcacacacat gtgtaaacag     89820
     catgcacagg tgctttgctg gccacactcc tcctgggttg ttcagctaga gcatggccca     89880
     ggtgaattca ctgtctcaca gtgcagtgca aggggtatgg cttgcctgac tgttagctat     89940
     gctcagagag acagataaat gcccaccaga cctacaacca atccaagacc aaatgccagc     90000
     agtcctagga acctctttgc tggttactgg gtttcattct taaaaagatt gcctttcaaa     90060
     agagaactgt ccagcagaca agatttggct atttggggga tgggggtggg gaattcctat     90120
     gccattttga tgaatattat tattgtcaag ctgagataat tttttctttt ttctttttta     90180
     atatatttcc ctcagttaca atgagacttt cggctggtag tttcttgaga cttggtgcta     90240
     ttcagaattt tttttttgca gcttcagctt cctgaatctg ctcctagata tgctaagtgg     90300
     ctgccattct tattttaggc aactttttga gacagagatg ccgcaagccc ccgttttttt     90360
     aaacacatat ttaatattgc agccatccag ctagactaaa gactaagtgc taagtataat     90420
     tgcccacttg cttgcatttc ttatcccaaa tgaaaatgaa tttgaaagtc actaaggcat     90480
     gtgagctgac gccattagcc agcgtagctg ctgccgagct gtgtttaaaa tcaacacaag     90540
     tggcaaaaga aagcagcgta ttgatgattt tgctaaaacc aaaacccagc aaagacaact     90600
     ctgttgctac atctttatct tcacaggaaa ttatcatttg tgtttttatt catttttttt     90660
     ataatttaga tttgtggttc aaagcaatgc atgttttcat ttcatggaag aactccctta     90720
     gccaagcatg atagcatact cctaaagtcc caacactctg gcagccgatg tagacggatt     90780
     atgagttcaa ggcatgtcct ggctacatag tgaaaacttg cctcaaagcc taggggctaa     90840
     ggagacagat caggggataa agtgcctggc acacaggcat ggaaatccca gtcagacccc     90900
     agtatccact ttaaaaaata aaaagctatg tgtagttgca cactatagtt gtaactgtag     90960
     tgctagagga gtgggaacag agccaagtgg gtcaccagag ctcactgcat ccagtgtagc     91020
     cagtcggtca gtgctgggtt ccgtgagtga ccctgtctca aaatggtaag gtcagagcaa     91080
     gtgataatgg aagatacccc atgtctaccc tggcacctcc ctacacacac acactcaaac     91140
     tcacacacat actcactcac acacatacat atactcaaac tcacactcat actcacatac     91200
     atatacacac agcatgaata cacattcaat ctcttctcca gagtccattg aggtacaagt     91260
     aaccctggca tgatgcttaa atagctggac attgctaata agtaaagttt ggttttagtg     91320
     ttttggtgca gacccagagc ctgtgcatca ctcacacaca tacatacact caaactcaca     91380
     ctcatactca cacattcata cacacagata cacacactca tactcacgct cacattcatt     91440
     cacacacata cacacactca aactcacaca cactcacaca cacacacact catactcaca     91500
     cattcatgca cacacgtaca cacacattca tacacaccta cacacactca cacatacaca     91560
     ctcacacata cataggctca caataaacac acacatacac tcacatacat gcacacatac     91620
     acacatactc actcacacac ctacacatcc agagagagag ggagagagaa cagccagggt     91680
     ctgatgatgt agctcagtgg tagagcactt gcctagcgtg cacaggctct gggtctgcac     91740
     cgaaacacta aaaccaaact ttacttatta gcaatgtcca gctatttaag catcatgcca     91800
     gggttacttg tacctcaatg gactctggag aagagattga atgcgtattc atgcttttaa     91860
     agcatcattg tctgatgcaa cagacctttt tcttgagtga gggattattt atatagaagg     91920
     gtgggtgtat cacatttggc caccgtttga taacagtttg gattttaaat gatctgacag     91980
     gtcacagcgc tcagcgacat gggtgacatg ctacagaaag ctcacttggt catagaaggg     92040
     acattcatct acttgagaga cagtggggag tttttcattc gtgtccgaga tggttggaaa     92100
     aagttacagg taattcttaa ccttccttac agccctctcc cctccaaata ccctccaaca     92160
     caaagagcct ccgccccaac agtgccagtt cttacgagcc ctttcattgg catatcctcc     92220
     ttctcttgca gttgggagaa ctgatcccca ttcctgctga tagcccccca ccaccagcac     92280
     tttccagcaa tgtgagtagc tctcctgccc actccctgag cttcctgccc ccttagaggg     92340
     ccctgcacca agctacctaa gcctgttctg tgtgacttag tacttggggg aaactcagta     92400
     atttctaact aggacactgt caccacagag tggagagagc ctgacactgg agacctctgt     92460
     tcccaattta cccacatcat gtagaagagt ccctccttcc ctccctccct ccttgcctcc     92520
     cttcctcctt cacttacata ttttgagaca agatctcact agtagttctg gccagcctgg     92580
     attcacctgc tgctgcctcc tgaacgctag ggttaaaggt gtgttgcccc cacacctgcc     92640
     aggcaaaccc ttaactttta ttcactgcta taaatgagca taaacaattg gcataatccg     92700
     ctgttggatt ttattgcaac cctttgaggc cacaaccatc accccatttt tcagattcca     92760
     aaactgaacc tttgaagagg aagaaatgtt ggcttttaag cttcctcagc acagggatct     92820
     tagagatctt gaggacactt cctcctttgc tggtgacttt ttgtttggct gtaaaaggcc     92880
     tcccatgtaa gggtcacagt taaaggcaat gtccagctat ttaagcatca tgccagggtt     92940
     acttgtacct caatggactc tggagaagag attgaatgcg tattcatgct ttaaccttta     93000
     cctttcatgt cacagccgta tcagccacaa cctccactga accccatttt aagtgccaac     93060
     tatgagaggc ctgttgtaag tacaagtcat acatttcctt tacagataat gagagtgtgc     93120
     ctgtaagtgc taagccctgt gttcggtatc tagtttttta ttttgttttg tttatttcat     93180
     gtatgagtgg ttttgcctac gtggttgtat gtgcaccatg tgtgtgtctc tgatgcctgt     93240
     ggagatcaga agaggaaatt atatgtcttc taactggaat tataaacaac tgtgaaccac     93300
     catgtgagtg ctaggaatcc agtcctagtc ctttgctaga gaagccagtg ctcttaactg     93360
     atcaataatt cttaccaccc aacggcttac aaactagcca ggagggcaca cacccaaaat     93420
     agacagttgt atcacggtgt gctaagctat tgagtgagac caacccaaga tggtggggtt     93480
     accagaaaga caaaggaagt cactctgaag gaggtgaact ctagattcag acctaaagaa     93540
     cactggagtt caggagtgag ccaggcaggg acaaacaaaa gtaggaaatc caggcagagg     93600
     gaaagatgga tcatgggagg gtgggatgcg tgtgcacacg ggtccttcct gtgctgcact     93660
     tcaaactgac cagaggagta gacttcacag caaaggtaga cgattaggct gtagaagtga     93720
     acaagagccg gagttaggga gttttcccct ttcctgcagg cgatgggagc tgcccataag     93780
     ttgaaagctg agcaagggta tgtggtaaga tggtgctttg aaatgacttc ggtttgagtg     93840
     tgtaagagga ttggaaaggg cagaagctgg ggtacaaagc agtaagctgc agaagagggc     93900
     tggtcagaga gacacaaagg gacaggagaa gccagtttgg ttctggctgc gatgggaatg     93960
     agtgagacag aggtgacccc aaattcccac tggggtgatc cagtggtcac aagctcccaa     94020
     ccaggcgtca tctgacatga aggggttgca gactcagccc tgctctatct ctgctgtaaa     94080
     taaagatcac attcctgtca ctccagggac ttcatagaat ttgatcactc gaagtacagt     94140
     cagcctggga actctctttt ctgctctcag tcattttgct atttccatac acccccttgt     94200
     ataagacttt ctcttcctgt ccctatctag cccttgcctc tgcaggcatg gtacacatga     94260
     gcttgcacac agctcagggt tgtcccagca ctatctcatg ccctaactcc cttaccttgt     94320
     ggctgaaaag accaatctgc ctaagtcagt tcagagtctt gggagaagca ctccccatgg     94380
     tctatcttag atcaactact catttccaca ccaataaaga acagcccaga gatagagtca     94440
     aaggcataag gccttcagag agcaaggcat aagccacgcc gcacagaaac gtgccttctg     94500
     cagtgctgcc gtgtccagag aagatctcag gttcagcaga gcaagtctga agtggtccca     94560
     ggacattcaa ataaaagtgg gagtgagaga gagagagcac tagagatgtc tgaaacccgc     94620
     ctggagacct tcagcagtgc agtgggcatt gtaatgggaa tggggagtcc caaaaagaag     94680
     ctgtacagag agaaccaaag agaggctgat gggagaaacc cagaggcaaa tgagaagctt     94740
     tgccctccta agacaaagaa aaaaggccaa agtactcagg agtcaatggc tgctgggggg     94800
     acaaaaatga ctgaaaggca gatttataag agagagcaaa gtgtttatga aggcaaaatg     94860
     attctaggaa gctaaggaga aaattctcag ggggagagag agagaggtaa tttgggtaaa     94920
     cttttaatga gcccaagaag aagtcagtaa agtgaccaat ggagttttaa agcaatgaat     94980
     tggtttttac tttttaaata catctatttg tgtgtgagat gcatgtgaat ctctgtctct     95040
     ctctgtctct ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctctctgtct ctgtctctct ctctgtctcc     95100
     ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctctgt ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     95160
     gtgtaggagt gcatttggat gtcaatgcca acttgacacc ccttagacac agctagagag     95220
     tggcagaatg agagcatcct cagaccacag actgcacttc atatggaatg ccaacagaaa     95280
     gggctggagg gaggaaatgg gtgcctatgt gcaagccaaa ccaaattccc taatggcttt     95340
     ggtttggggc tgatgaacaa ggtgttagga atgggaggca ggacaaagcc accctagaag     95400
     ccacgcttgt gaccaggctg ggagcatatc cagatttctc aagcatggcc tgcacactag     95460
     aatcagatct ccaaaggact cctcaatccg aggagaatgt ctcatgcatc ttttattaaa     95520
     tctaagaaag acattctcac cccaacgtct gttcacgggt gctaaggctg tcttcactga     95580
     gggtggacag ctgcacctgg gtcacacctt acagtcgaag tgggcctctt cctcagaaca     95640
     ggaagaggag ggtggggctg ctaaccaccc tgtcttactc tttgcagctg cacctggttg     95700
     ctctgaacac accggtggct ggggacatcc gagctgattt ccagtgcttc cagcaggcca     95760
     gggctgcagg cctcctgtcc actttccgag cctttctgtc ttcacacctg caggatctct     95820
     ccacagtcgt gcggaaggca gagaggttcg gccttccaat tgtgaatctc aaggtaaagc     95880
     tgaacacctt cgccactgac gtcaggcaca tcaatcccca agtggcccaa gcacttgcca     95940
     cttcaatcac tgtcctcgct gagctgagga ctccagaagt agtagctggg tcacactatg     96000
     aagagggagc caaaccctaa atgtgtcatt tgtctttgta gggccaagtg ctttttaaca     96060
     attgggactc gatattttct ggtgatggag gtcaattcaa tacacacatt ccaatctact     96120
     cctttgacgg tcgggatgtg atgactgatc cttcctggta agtgcaggct tgggccctgt     96180
     gacgtagcac aagaggcgtt tctaggacat gttctaacaa tgagctacct ccctggaaca     96240
     ctgccagtgt gaagccacag taaggcagct gagtcacggg aaagccatgg ccttggagcc     96300
     agaagcctcg ggtctagtag ctcatgataa gacctgggca aagcacttca ctccatgagc     96360
     cacagtggcc ttgcctgtca aatgagtaca gtcattggta caccacagga cagttgtgca     96420
     tatgactgtg ggtgaaaaca cagtgatact cagtgcctgt gctacaacac atctgaatgc     96480
     aggtctgaaa ggcacagtag gcccccacgg ccctacgctt taagggctcc cggtgtcgag     96540
     gggcaataga taagagactg tgtataaatg tggacagttt tgtagtttta aaatagaaag     96600
     ctgataaaag gaacagaggg gaggatttca tttttgaggg caagaatgaa aaggagattc     96660
     ctgaaagagg gggcccctaa gatgtgaagg agtcccaagt ctgaccatga gagaggctac     96720
     ccaacaagtg agctcaggag caatggtcca gatgtgtgaa acctaaggat gccattggga     96780
     gatcgctgca agtgggtatg gctgccaaca tactctgtct agagtatgtc tagaaagcag     96840
     gtaacagcca caaggcacgg gagaggactt ggcattgaac tgtgggtgag gaggaacatg     96900
     tctctccctt tgctacacta atgctaactt cctcaccaag atataccaca aagaactgct     96960
     atttaggaac tagggtgatg gctcagcggg ccaagggctt gcagcacaag cacggcaacc     97020
     tgagctcagg tctccatcac ttatctcata gccaggtggg gcagcacgct tcagccacgc     97080
     cagcactgag tggcagaaat tggtaggtcc ttggtgtttg gtggccatca gatctaacta     97140
     aattggcaag ctctaggttc agtgagagac tgtgcttcaa aaaatagagt agggaatgat     97200
     tgaggaagac atgcagtgtt gaactctgaa acacacacac acacacacac acacaaactg     97260
     taaaataaaa taaaaagaaa tgaagaactt cctgttatta aaaaaatgcc atttaaaaag     97320
     taacactata aaattccttt ctaggcccca gaaggtggtc tggcacggct ccaaccccca     97380
     tggtgtccgt cttgtggaca agtactgtga agcctggcga accacggaca tggcagtaac     97440
     cggatttgcc tccccactga gcacagggaa gattctggac cagaaagctt acagctgtgc     97500
     taacaggcta atcgtgctgt gcatcgaaaa cagtttcatg acagacacta ggaagtgata     97560
     accttcccat gattcttaag agagtgttct aagatatttc ttatgtgaag agttgacact     97620
     gaagtctaaa atgttgtaaa tattacaagt ttggttttta tatatattac acatctgtca     97680
     aaagagaaac caaagaaaac atacctcagt atactcaaaa ggaaagacag aaaggactca     97740
     gatccaagtc aaatccaatc cacatattgg tgctagattc tgcaggaaga cccccccgcg     97800
     ccccccaccc ccaccccccg cagtgtgaac acattccctg acacagagta ggacagtctg     97860
     aaaacaggcc agcatgattc cccagtgcat tcttcagaaa gcgatttctt ccttgcaacc     97920
     atggctgttg agtgtaaaat gtgctttgtg tttgcttaca acatcagctt ttagacacac     97980
     aggcccttcc taagtcacga gtgatccagg cgcttggtga ctccacgcac gcgcacacag     98040
     ccagggaaag ggatccgctc agacgatccc gctcatgttt cctccggctt tggtgtggtc     98100
     cccactaaaa tagtattgcc atcatgctgt agagttctgc gtgtttaccc agtcatagct     98160
     gagcgtggca tctgttgatg taattctgac ttgctgggaa gttaaaactc taggagagaa     98220
     acagcacaga atccttccct ccccctctct actgtccctt cccattcccc cgccccggtc     98280
     ttatgatttc catttggcaa gccttgaatt acgactgcag ctgaaacaga ttggctgaga     98340
     ggaattttct gaaaagaaaa aaatctctgt atcattgtgc tatagacttt gatatctttt     98400
     tccatgtaag aacataaaga catcttttcc aggtgctttc tcctgtttac gtctttcccc     98460
     ctgggtcctt cattccttgg cactgtggca gaagagggct gggtgtgtgt gctaatattg     98520
     tcactagcac tggagacaag aggggtcggg gtgaggtagg gatgactctg agtgggaggc     98580
     aagctctgct gtggttgcct cagggtctca gtgcatggct ttgggctctt ctgtctctct     98640
     caaggagaac gggatagaca cactcagtga acaggataga cacactctca gtgaacagga     98700
     tagacactct cagtgaacgg gatagactca gtgaacggga tagacacact ctcagtgaac     98760
     gggatagaca cactcagtga acgggataga cacactcagt gaacgggata gacacactca     98820
     gtgaacggga tagacacact ctcagtgaac aggatagaca ctctcagtga acgggataga     98880
     cacactcagt gaacgggata gacacactct cagtgaatgg gatagacaca ctcagtgaac     98940
     gggatagaca cactcagtga acgggataga cacactcagt gaacaggata gacacactca     99000
     gtatctgctt cactcagtaa aagtttatca tcggtaaacg aggtccccag ctctgcaaag     99060
     tgggtacatt ctaaacctct actttacaaa tgaagaaaaa atgcaagtgg aggctcggct     99120
     ccttcctggg tccagtcatg tggctggcac gtgcagggct ggcttcaggc tcaggcccaa     99180
     agtcctctca aggcaccact ggatatggat gcctgttggt tccatctcca ctccaagtgc     99240
     atgattctgg aaacatcatc agtaggcaag aagcatgctg agctatttct tcccattcag     99300
     tggggactgg cccagaaagt catcggagtg actgcatcct cctaagtcct tgaagtagga     99360
     aggaaattca gaacaaaacc aaaacaatat aaaacaaaac aacccagacc gtccacttca     99420
     aaatccacag caggaagagc atagaatctt tctaatgagt cagaaacaga aatggctaca     99480
     ggggaaagtc ccagtggtag atggctgggg acagatccag tgctaagtta caggtgggga     99540
     gttcttggca tgggcacagt ggcacgagga agaggacagg agggtgctga gtcaggaagt     99600
     atagatgtca cccacaccag tcagagccca ccagaacaga gaccatagaa aggacacggt     99660
     ggagcagagc tgagggaagc caggaagaga gatgcccact tctcctgacc ctaggagagg     99720
     gtggtgagac tttccccctc tgcatgccct ggaggaccta cgttcacaga caagagtcaa     99780
     ctacagctac gtgcactctg accaatcatt ccaatcctgt gcttggcatt caagagactt     99840
     cactgagtgt ttgccttgct aatctttcct gtcccatgcc aaaatctacc tgtctggtct     99900
     ttcacagggt ctcttaggca aaccacatag actcttctga tgggccacgt catgtcctgt     99960
     accatcttag caaagcctta atcattgtct cttccttccc acaacactgc tgtgacatcc    100020
     cctaggctga catacctggt gtcatacccc tctcactggc tacctggcat acttcacacc    100080
     tgaaatataa cactcagcta gctaaaacat agtggctgaa gggtctccaa gccttcacta    100140
     cgcattggcc tggacgactt gggggtacta gaaggctgtt aagccaaccc tcacccaggc    100200
     caaacacagg aaggaatatg taggtatgta tggctataac ctctataagc tggagggctt    100260
     tgagggtgct ctgtgtctgt atcaaagacc ttcaggtctt aagcttgtgg cttcaacctt    100320
     cctggatctt ccatccagca atataaccag agcaagagaa acggctgcca acccacgtag    100380
     gagagggggc cgatcttatg aggacaacag cttgggaaga acagaatagc aaatgagcgg    100440
     agcagctcag ggggtgggaa ggtaggggtg gggatggcgg tgggagggtg tgcgggtatg    100500
     ggtggggatg tggggtggtg gtggtggtgg ggaagagtct ggtgtgactc catgatatgg    100560
     cctgaaacag acctggtaag atgaaaaaac tgggtcacag gaactaccct caggtctcca    100620
     gtgtcctctg gatcccttgg ctgagggctg tcatctgtac gtgaacagga tagaagcaga    100680
     attgtgggaa ctgtcaacag cctagtatcg tggctgagta ttagttaagg ttcagaaaaa    100740
     taaagagtaa aaataaaaag aggaatgagt ttgttcatga gaacaagaag tgggacagga    100800
     gtacagactt aatgtggtaa tgtcacactt gggttaaggt catcttccca tctggctgtc    100860
     tggctggcag gctgacttct gcttttctct gtgtatgtct ccttcctttc aaccaaagac    100920
     aagctgcctt cgtgggtcag ggtgcagaca gcttcagacc tgcattgctc tctgttaacc    100980
     aagagctcac acccacagag ggaaggggag gcttcctctc cccatggggg ttacgtcagt    101040
     tcctaaaaat gaccaccact ggcctcactt gagttgtgtg tccagtgtcc agggctgtga    101100
     tgggcagcct caccagagag gagacttgca ggagaaaaca aaacttcctc catccaaaat    101160
     gcctaaggtc tctgaaatga ccagaacact gaaaagatta aaacacagat tcatcctggc    101220
     cagcaagagg gatgggatgg tgtgggcagg caggcagaag tgagctcacg tcagcttgga    101280
     gttctacagt aaagcatcta aactttatct tacaatgaat gggcaggcac atcgggaaga    101340
     tctgaagcgc tggatgggat tggctctggg ttggttagtt tgctcattca ctcagaagtc    101400
     tctgggatac tcatcttttt tctcctgatc atgtttcatt gtggagacac aaacataaat    101460
     aaatggtggc tcctttttca agtccaccaa ccccttccat ttttttttaa atcattttta    101520
     agtttccttt ctccaactcc tttcatgacc ccttccaatt cctggcctcc tcctctttaa    101580
     ctgttatcct gtgcataaat atataaatac aacctgacca agacaactct aaatgccaca    101640
     gactgttctg aattccatgc acatccctcg gcactcagga actctccagt caagacaaat    101700
     gcattgtccc agtctccctt aacctagtag caagagagag acttttccag ctgcttctga    101760
     gctctgagtc accaggaaag cactgagtct cttcaaagcc ttttctagcc agtaataggt    101820
     ttccctgtct tgacttctgt cgggtcctct aattcgtgtg gcagtcaaat gctggagagt    101880
     tctttgcctc tgaattttgg ctctgccgct tgctgtccac gtcatcactg gcgagttttc    101940
     caagtcaagc tgagcatcat ccctgcattt aatccttccc tgcaactaac tcagtgtttt    102000
     cctttgacaa atagggaatc actgaaagtg ctcctcattg gatgagctta cttgtagtgt    102060
     tggaagtgat gttttagcac ttcggtgtgc ctgccattct tcgcctggcc aggtgtaacc    102120
     aggaggagcc gagctttctt ccccatgctg tgctagatgc tatctcccaa tccacatagc    102180
     ttttccagcc atcttcaagc ccaggactga ttccccatgt cctccctggt acaaccctga    102240
     ctgttgctag tgagtatccg ctttccccac atactctggc tgccctgctt tccactcctt    102300
     tttccaaact ctggcaacta aaatgctttt tatcatctta cttagtaaga gctcagtcct    102360
     gagactaggg gtagatccct ttgggttagc agggacacag tgtgaagtag acttcctatc    102420
     tcctgcatga gcctggccag tgtgccgagt tctaaaaagg acccagaact ctggtataaa    102480
     gaaacttctt ttttcttctt ttaggcttgc tctccctctc agtgaatgac acaaccatct    102540
     aacagggcct gaatggctga ttatttagtc attcactcaa gaaatatttg tgttattttt    102600
     acgtggtgca aaaacaattg tatatacatt tgatgtgttt gtagtgtgtg tgacatgagt    102660
     agagcgaggg tcagatcagg gtgatgacat tcacatctcc tcagacactc actatctctt    102720
     tgtgttgcaa atgttcacac ttctctttgc tagctatttc gttcagcaat tattgattga    102780
     ctgtcccatc agcagttata acatccagaa acactaagtg tttggaactt caatgttatt    102840
     tatggcttaa gtccaaaaag ttcccccaca ggctcaagat ctaaatgctt ggtccccagc    102900
     ctgtggcact gtttttgaag gttgtggaac ctttaggagg tggggcctgg ctggctgaag    102960
     gaggtcactg gagggttggc ctttgaaggt tatgtctgcc catgagccat gtgaacagcc    103020
     tctgcctcaa gctcctgctg ccacagatgg agcgtttcta accaccatgc ttctatacca    103080
     ccatgggctg aaacttctct ctaagagtgt gagtcaaaat aagggaacgg aagacagatg    103140
     ttccctttca gcaacaagga gaatgacatg gacagtgtgt agcaacttaa gtgaccgcca    103200
     tctggacttt ttaaaaagat ttatttaatt tttggttctt tatatgtgca tttatctctc    103260
     tgtgtttggg tgtagggcaa gcgggtcatg ccaccagaca ggagaactga taaggctgag    103320
     tgaactcaga ccccgggaat ctcagagact tgagatcagc aggagtcaat tccctcctta    103380
     tctatttctg ttcctgctct ggaacacata actccaatac cccactgaaa ggaccatggc    103440
     aatcagtcat agagcgtaaa cacctagagt tctccatgct aataaggtta tctaaactcc    103500
     gccccgcccc gccccctgct ccacccccgc cctagagttc agtcaatgag cttcccttcc    103560
     tgggcattcc ttcgtgcaaa aggtatttaa tccctgttca ccctgagtaa aatgtatgca    103620
     ttcacattca tcatctaata aagcagttta atcaagcaag ggccgtctct tcatcaagga    103680
     tctatatggg aaggccttca tcttaaagag tcacacctaa atctacccgg aaggccttct    103740
     cctctagccc ctctgcgctc atcgggaatc agactggttc tgcactcttg tcccaggctc    103800
     tgtcttccct ttcctgctca atatgtgaat gccctaagag aagtgtggac tgaggacacc    103860
     agctcctgac tcccagaggt tggcccgggg aacacaggcg accaggaacc acagcattca    103920
     tcccagcccc cactgtttct ccttccagtc ctgccaagga aaccatggaa tgtgggcctc    103980
     ctgtttcgga cttccttctc ccagtggtat gccagcaaca ttctgggcac cccagggcac    104040
     agttagacat atgggcatgt gtatgcaaac atccacaaag gccagaagag tgttggatgt    104100
     cccaagctgt aattacaggc agttaagatc ttcccaatgt gggttctggg atgtaaactc    104160
     tagccctctg aaaaagctgc aagcattctt aagcctatag ccatttctcc agtccctctt    104220
     gttgactttt aagtgtttaa agtaccagga atagtgcttc cccaaaccat ttatggaact    104280
     agacagggga agaagggcag ggcatgaagt acagccagct agtaagtaca gtggtagctg    104340
     gctcccagtg tcctctcagg agctctggga cctgtcttct ggaacctcag attttccacc    104400
     agagtaaggg cgctgtggta tttatatatt tgtggattcg gttttaaatg actgcagcca    104460
     tcttgagtca tagccaccat ggttgcccct agtaattcta gtcggattat tcctgcatag    104520
     ctttccagca aacgataatg aatggctcca caccaaccat atatggagct ttacaacaga    104580
     actattcatg tttccagaga tattcctgac tcttccacag atctgaagaa aacccaggca    104640
     catcccattt caccctggat gaagtcaact taatcctcac ccaccaatct acactctttc    104700
     tgacccagat tttgaggacc cagctgatcg tgctgcctgc gaggaccaca ttttcatcat    104760
     tgacataatg gttaatcaac tgtcctcttc gatcctccag ctgtttgcct cttctccctc    104820
     agtctcagca cactgggacc agtcttagaa caccagggct aagctattcc agaagcacag    104880
     accaattcta ataggttcct gaaaagtggg tgggcagggg tggagttagg gcaccatgtc    104940
     gaactccagc tggccgccca taagcagact gggctctgaa ggacagagca ggctctcagg    105000
     gcaagaagcg ccattacagg aatggagagg cctatgcgtg ctgcatgagg gctgcactgt    105060
     atcatgtgca gtttgacagg aaaccactca ggtttgattt caagataaca acttgagctt    105120
     ataacaactt cttagaacct cattgagatg agaagaccga agcggagaaa gggatggtgg    105180
     agggggaaga acgggaagat gtggtagagg aggaagtagt gaaggaagaa gaaaaggagg    105240
     agggggagga gggggaggag gaggaggagc aagggaggag gaagatgtgg taaggagtag    105300
     atggaagagg aagaaaagga ggaggagggg gaggaggggg aggaggaaga ggccatctgc    105360
     aagtcactgg tagaaaggga agcacctcat gagccagaac tgtgactgat cactgggaag    105420
     catgaacctg gtacggctgg atagctgata accacagcaa agaccaggcc tgggccccac    105480
     ttgttctccg actgctggtc cgtgcaagca ggggattgct gaggaagagg tgggggctca    105540
     cagacatctg taccacaggc cacagcctca gcagatctgc tgatgctcta tctctagact    105600
     ttcatgttca tgaacagcag cggcagcaat catgtcactc acctgaggcg tcctggtggc    105660
     tcccaagcgg gaacgagcac atgggttaga accaatggct tctatttaaa aaggatgcgt    105720
     ataacaaaaa aggagacaac ttggtaaatt cagatttgta attctcagtg aaattttaga    105780
     ggataataaa ttagataaat ttgggaggat cagcaacagt ccttggagat aaaataaggt    105840
     accactgagg tggctcaatg aggaaaactg tggctgagct ggcctggtga cctgagcttc    105900
     atctccagct ccatggtaga aggaaagaac caactgtaga aagttgtcct ctgacctaca    105960
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagata aagagataca cacatacata catgcaagca    106020
     catacataca cagaacaagc atacacacag agacacacat gtagacacag acacatgcac    106080
     aggcacacac atagatgtat gcattcacat acatacatgg agcatgcaca cacagaaaca    106140
     gaaacacaca gaaacacatg tagacacaga cacacagaca cagactacat gcacacagat    106200
     aaatacacat gcatacatgg aaatgcgcat acacacacgg aggtggggca tggatttcaa    106260
     aattgcaata tctaggtact caacctgtgg aaaaatcttt tgaaaaatta taaccaaatg    106320
     aaaatcgata gagaattgag atctcacaca gtagagagca aggaaccata atagaaatct    106380
     aatgagaaga aagtcacact ataaattcta gctatgttcc aactggtggt ttctaatgtg    106440
     taatatgcgt atgccatctg aattaaggtg gcatttactt tattattctg acatgttaaa    106500
     aaaaaaggtg tctgtagata tccaactcat aatttcacat ttattttcat ttaatatgaa    106560
     actaaaatga atccatgaaa aagttatagc gtgtttgttg atcttaggca actaatggca    106620
     caggccgtta tgatgttagg gtgtgtggta tgaggctcca tgttgttaga atgtatgtgg    106680
     ttagggtcta tattgttgcc atggtaaatg tgcttctgct tcttgacatg gaaaacatgc    106740
     cagcaaggat gtcttgaggt ggtattctag cagcaggagt taagtagaac cacgtatcac    106800
     aatggtggct gcagctggac taaggggcaa aggctaacat gggcagagtt tactacaacc    106860
     tctcagcagg ccacgcccag ccttgtcatc agggctccag gcaccatttt gttctgtcca    106920
     gtaattcctc ctgatctatg ggtgttgttt tctgtgattt ccattatcca tggtcaccca    106980
     ccattcagaa atattaaata gaaaatggca gtttaaagaa ttcataagtt ttacactgtg    107040
     catcattctt cacaccatag ctatcctcct tgggctggtt gcttttaaca gtcaacttaa    107100
     gacattctag gatcactgga gaattgtatt ggtgaggaac tgtctagacc agattggtgt    107160
     gttgtagttg tatctgtggg aacttctatc ttccttcctt cctccctccc tccctccctc    107220
     cctcccttcc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tcccttcctc    107280
     cctcccttcc tccctctctc cctccgttcc tccctccgtc cctccctctc tccctccctt    107340
     tctcgctttc tttctctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    107400
     tttctttctt tctttctttc ttcctttctc ctgtatgtat gtattatata tatgtgtgtg    107460
     tgtgtgtgta tgtatttcat atgtatgtat atatatctta gatctccatc tctatatcta    107520
     tctctaatgt gtattaattg tcttgcctgt atatatatgt gtgtactatg tacatgcccg    107580
     gtgcccttgg aggtccgaag acattgtcag gtccctgaaa ctgaagacaa gatgagtgct    107640
     gagaaccaaa cccaggacct ctactaacac aagtgccctt acctgctagg ccatctctga    107700
     ggccccattt ccttagtggc attaactgag accagaagcc ccgccccaaa tgtgggttgc    107760
     accttttcat gagctgagcc ctgaactgta tgagtggaaa aagtgaggta cacgtgcaag    107820
     gatttccccc ttgctgttga ctgtacatgt gactagttgc ctcaaggctc cttgatttcc    107880
     ccacaatgac actataaact agaagtgtaa gccaggtaaa tcctgtcttc cttaaagctg    107940
     ctcctgtcaa gaggatttcc ttaccacaag gaagtgaaag taggacactc ccattggcta    108000
     cttaatagcc atcccagtct tagagtgact gtcaaaacat ctgctaactt ttatgttaac    108060
     agcccaatgc agaaaacctc atgcaagtct ggcaagcata aattatagtg aaaatataaa    108120
     ccactgacat agaagccatt ttaaactaag aagagtctag aagggagagt cggaggcacg    108180
     tatgattaag ttacattata tacacatgtg aagtcctcaa agagttaagt aaaaggtact    108240
     gtaaaactat gcaagatcct atatacaaat cataatttta aattttaagg tgcagataca    108300
     gtgaataata tgctatgaaa acgtcacagg cacaattgat gcgggcagtc tgaacatttc    108360
     accacctata aattaaacca gaaggaatat ttttttaaaa catctgctca gctttccaca    108420
     ttcggcatat gtgtttatgg gtagtatcgg ggggcagttc ctcaagcaaa gaaagacgct    108480
     acagaaatga gaaaaatgaa ggggcaggtg acaattaata ttgcccactg aggctaggga    108540
     tgtaattttg ctggtaaaac atttgcttac tagccacaaa gtccaggttt cagtcactag    108600
     tgccacataa accaggagtc acagaacagg cctgtaatcc cagaagtggg aagttagctc    108660
     aaggatagct ttggctacgt agcaagtttg aagccagcct ggactacatg agactctgtc    108720
     tcgggggggg gggggggggg aagctaccca ttacatccta ctccttgtgt taaacactac    108780
     acatacagac acactataca ctgcctcatt aacaatttca agaatgtccc aactcaactg    108840
     cctctttaag gatcaccagc caaagtgacg tgcagctgtc cagtccagcc gaggtcctgg    108900
     tgtctgtgat gaggttcatt cctcttaatc aggtccttgg tgcagattag attgtgattg    108960
     attaattaat tactgggaag ggcagaaaaa gagcaacttc ccttgaggat tatgttcccg    109020
     tggagtatat agaatacgta tgtaaccaag tacgttgatg tggtaattca gacagtcctg    109080
     aaaactgcaa aaagacaaga taacagggct gggggtgggg gtgtgccctg gtgtgcagag    109140
     tctggtgtga aagttgacat ccagatcaag atgtgtgcag ctggcttagt gaggtgtctt    109200
     gctttaggtg taactatgga gtgacttctc atggtttctg tcactagtgc catctctgca    109260
     gcacagtctc ctccagcata gactgcaaag acccctggga aaggacatta gttaagtcca    109320
     tccaagagac aaactgcact ttaagtaatt gagcccaggg aatttgatgt gaacaattaa    109380
     ttatatggat agtagaaaag acacgacatg aatagagggc agtaatgtct gtccgggtat    109440
     tataaaaaga caggcaaatg gagaaggatg tgtctaagag ctcaaaggct aggactggaa    109500
     tacagaaatt ggcttgtgct aggcctgcag tcataaggga tggatagagc ccacagcaaa    109560
     agtgttactg gagacgggag gaggctgagt tcttgttcac aggacttatc tatgccaacc    109620
     accagtcagc tggcccagca tcttagaaat ttcagcctgt aggaaaatgc tccctacccc    109680
     ttagagagca tgggcaaaat aggggagggg ccagaggcac aggatggaca caggaagatt    109740
     gcataacttc ccagttacta agtgtctatc tcctgtaaga gccaacctta acagggtttc    109800
     ttccttgccc caccatcaca cagctgtctt gagtctgcat ccttttagga aggaaaatag    109860
     aagaggtgtg tgacctggac ccaaaaactc ccctcccctt ccttcttcat gcccagctct    109920
     tttcatgtgt ctgaggtggg tagaaaggga agaaaacaag actagagtct ctattcccct    109980
     ggctacaaag tcagtctttt ctgggtctgc agttgctgct tctctactaa gccctcactc    110040
     tgatgggcct tcagatggtg ggaggaacag attatgggct caggcctcac cacttcttgc    110100
     cttatcactg tgtctagcca gactctcctc cagttagctt ccttctctcc cccatcttca    110160
     ccttgacaca aagaccaatt atttcttggc tcatcccaaa gccaaataga atatggcatc    110220
     aatttgaaaa catcccctct gcccaggact gtccccaaca tgccagattt tggggactcc    110280
     atggtggctt gaatgaatgg cccagataag tacatctagt aatttgaata ggtaaggctt    110340
     ccatagactc atggttttga attcttggcc cataatgagt gacattatta gcaggtatat    110400
     ccttgttaga atagctgtgg cctttggagc aaatgtgcca ctgtgggggt gggcgttgag    110460
     agctcctagt actctagctc catgcaatgc agaagagaga atctcctgct gctgcctttg    110520
     gatcaagatg tagaacaccc agctccttct ctagcaccat gtctgcctgg atgctgccat    110580
     gcttcctgcc atgataatag actgaacctc tgaaactgta agccagtttt aattacatgt    110640
     tgtcctgtat aagagttgcc ttggtggtgt cgtttcaaag caatggaaac ccaaactaag    110700
     acagcactta tgtttgaata cttggtcccc agttggtgga actatttggt aaagattagg    110760
     gggtgcgacc agccttatca atatgccact ggggatggtc tctgaggttt caaaagtcct    110820
     tgccattcta gttatctatc cttctatctg cctccaactt gtggataaga tgtaagctct    110880
     cagctactgc tccagggcca tgcctgcctg cctgctgcca tgacagtcat agactctaac    110940
     cctctggaac tgccggcaac ccccattaaa tgctttcttg acaaattacc ttataagggt    111000
     cttggtgtct cttcacagca ttagaaacgt aactgagaca gtatcttacc aagattgacg    111060
     tcatgaggag ggtttgcact tatctagaat cctgaagtag tctcaaggca gatgaccata    111120
     actctgcctc tccctctaat cctgtcccag gcttctcatg aagattgggc agcaagccca    111180
     gggaactgca gtgggtgctg tggtgggtag gtgtaggcat tatttttctc acaactgttt    111240
     cttgttggtg tgaacaaata cccaacagaa gcaagctaaa ggaggagaaa attattctgg    111300
     cccatggctt cagggcataa agtctattat gacgttggaa atgcaaatgt ttgaaagatt    111360
     ccatttaagt gggaggagca caggaaggct cctctcgcct tgctgtgcca catcaggatt    111420
     caggatgcca tagccagaag cagaagcaca tatcaccttc agaacctact ctcagtgaca    111480
     cgtttctgac agctaggcta gaggacccaa aggttccaca gctcccccaa acagtgtgac    111540
     cattgattgg ttcaccatgc gtgaccacct ttcaaacaca tgagcctgtg ggggacattt    111600
     cagagctaac catgagagca gatagcactc ttgagaaggt gttttactga cagccaagtt    111660
     ttttggttga gctttaggtg gactttccag acaataggaa aagtactgtg gaacatccct    111720
     acttttgaac aacggcaaag aggaaggttc acaatagttg ctctaaaaag tgctattgac    111780
     aattggactt attttttaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    111840
     tgttgggagt gggggatggg tacctgcaga ggaggaaaaa aaaatctcca gatcccctga    111900
     attcagagtt acagatggtt gccagtggtc tgattagggt gctggtaact aaactagggt    111960
     tttctggaag aacagcgtgt atccttaagc acagagccat ctctctagct cttgattgtt    112020
     ttgaagtgtt gagcattaaa ctaagtcctt atggatgcta cacaagcact ctatcactga    112080
     aatatatccc tagaaccccc tcccttcaat ttaatttgaa acagtctttt actaatttac    112140
     ccagactacc cttggactct atatatagtc caagcagacc ttgagcccat gaaacctttg    112200
     cctccgactc tcaagggact aggattatag gaacatatca ccaagcatga ctttgtttta    112260
     tttcttaaag ttttttaggg actttgtctt agttagattt actattgcta tgatgaaaca    112320
     ccacaaccaa aaagcaagtt gctgaggaaa aggtttattt atttagctca cttccatatc    112380
     ataatccatc actgaaggaa gtcagaacac aaactcaaac agggcaggag cttgaaggca    112440
     ggagctgatg tagaggccat agaggggtgt ttactggggt tgttcctcat ggcttgatct    112500
     ttctgctttc ttatggaacc caggaccacc aagccaggat gacactaccc acaatgacct    112560
     ggccatcaat cactaactaa gaaaatgccc tacagacttg catacatccg aatcttacag    112620
     aggcttttta aaattgaggt tttctcctct ccagtgactt tagcttatat gaggttcaca    112680
     ttgaacatta cagctttctc cagagtctca tgtatcccaa aataaccctg aactcctgcc    112740
     cctggtcttc ctgcctcaac ttacaagtac tatgatgaca agcccacccc accacgccca    112800
     gctccttatg atattgtcta ctgtgagaga aacaaagcaa aactatcctt ggagatttta    112860
     cgcctggagg ccgtctcaca agtcacacac cttgataaca tgaattttat ttctgagaca    112920
     gatatgccaa tctggctgtt agatcttagc agatcctttg ggcttagtag aacatgaact    112980
     ggtgtgtgtt tgggggtgac ccgtgtgctg ctgggactgt gggggataaa tggaacagct    113040
     gattgatggt tgcagtaata ctccgagatc ttatgatgat atcttaggct aagatgaaac    113100
     agaggaggtg ggagaaatag agatatttgg gttaaatcgg aaaagaaaac ttgctggaaa    113160
     gtcttggtta tgatacaaca gtcctgggcc ttgggcctgg ctcactgcct gaattgtgat    113220
     gctatttcct ggtatggagt gactccacga gggtgaaatt tgctcatact tctgtttgtt    113280
     ttgtttatta tcctatcccc agggtctgga agagtgtctg ctggttagtt gctcaataaa    113340
     tagatgctga ataactggaa gtcatttgat caggatgtag tttgttgggc atatacattt    113400
     gccacctaag accaagggca tgttgaacca cttcccatgt ttgccaaatc cacttgaaag    113460
     gggtggtggt ggtggtgaat ttcagttgtt gtaactgaga accactatcc aagccttttg    113520
     aacaagaaca gcaaaaccta ctttgcttgt gggagagaaa gctcttcctg tctgcctatc    113580
     tgccctgccc ctgggaatac tggaagaatc cactaaacaa ccaaacactt acctgcatct    113640
     aggtgtaact cttggtttcc cctagagctc tagacgaggg cccatttccc atcagctcgg    113700
     tttcctggcc tctggtgttt cagagcttct gttgattact gacacaggcc atggtcttgt    113760
     tgattactga cacaggcctg ctaatgctac attaaaataa cgcattcttc tttgctccct    113820
     agaaacatcc cttccccatc acagaacagc aattctgcag tccttgaagg acagagatca    113880
     gcaatggccc tgcacttcag aaccttgctg cagggaggag cctctttatc cacctactgc    113940
     tccatcctgc tttcaagcag cctagctttc atcagagtcc tcatccttgg tgcctgggtg    114000
     tgatgttgtg tttgggtttt gtctatggtt ccttgcccat aatcctctgc ttgagacagg    114060
     ttatagaaac taggatctct ctttctcaaa gtaaatccta tgcccccatc ttcctctgag    114120
     catctggttt ggagcatgat ggtccatacc catcatacca gcacttcagt agtggaagca    114180
     ggaggatcct gaatcacagg ctatgaggag tgggtatgtg aaaggaactc tctgatctat    114240
     cctcctggca gcagatcgta atacctgaat ggagaatggg tcctacttca tacccttgag    114300
     caagagatgc aatagaatcc gacaggcagc ttcctgaact gccccaccca ggttagtcat    114360
     accagaatac cctttatatc cagctttgct tttacacagt tttttatttt tctgcttcaa    114420
     tagtacccat gcaataaagt ctccatgaaa acccaacagg acacagttca aaaagctccc    114480
     agacagccaa agaagacaca aagaatccca gagtgccatg ctacccaagg ctggggccat    114540
     ggaaactctg catccctctc ccatttcaag ccttatgcat ctcttgttta gttcacacaa    114600
     gcagtccata tatccagaaa ttagctcaag ctggactgca gaaggatttc tggtggttaa    114660
     gttaaaagcc agcattcctc tggaacttgt gaaacaggtt ttttctctgc tccctcaaag    114720
     gagtcatttc ctttacctct gtcacaaggg cttgatggtt ctcctgtgga tgtacacccg    114780
     tggtggctat cagcatatca aagcccatgc tgtcctccaa gtgtcctcag catcacaagg    114840
     acttggtaca catttcaaag tccaccctgg catcctagtg ccttacactt ccccctctgc    114900
     ctccccttag ctcattagct tccctccctc cagctactaa tccttctgat aactcaggta    114960
     gctgtgctat tctcttgctt gtccttctct tgctatgctc tgtctgtctg cctgtctgtc    115020
     tctgtctctg tctttctgtc tctgtctctg tctctctctg tctctctctg tctctctctg    115080
     tctctctctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac    115140
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcactatctc actatgctct attttcaatc    115200
     ccttgctatt tgctctcttg atgtctccac tattctcctc ctctgctcct tcacatatat    115260
     ctgatgccaa tctccttaat gtcttttacc tgcagccttt ggagtagtct tcataataag    115320
     cccaagtatt tccttgagtt ttgtgaaacg ttcgagcaaa ctaatgaaag ctgagtaggt    115380
     ggtggtgggg actccagttg atagggatgg gaagaaaaac ccaggtagcc tagagcttgc    115440
     agctgccatc tgaaggagag gttggggtgt cagtttgtga accatccttc aacctgtgag    115500
     atgtaatgct cttttcagat agataatatc agaaccatta aattagaggc caccagttga    115560
     aggatcggct gaacagttca ttgctagctt tctgattggg agagagccca taccttctgg    115620
     gctcacagac tgatctgtgt ggtaaccaca cagtagaaga aactgagtcc gagcctttca    115680
     gtttgtctcc taccaattct acagagcaga actgcccatt gtctttgtag cctagtatcc    115740
     agaatctgta attggccact gcatctcacc agggcccctc accagaggag cgggtcgggg    115800
     ttgtctaccg gaagaaggta aggatggcta tcttcccagg aagagaatga gaagccgggc    115860
     aggccgacag cagaaagccc tcttagaaca agtcagatag aatatggcat ctgggaacga    115920
     gtgagcaaat ttttgttttc ttctctaact taaaagagag caagttggtg aggagtaagt    115980
     gactgtagtc cccttccttt gaggggagct gccagaagag gggagcaggc cctgaattgt    116040
     catccagggc agaggcagag gtgcttggag aagaaatctt caggtggtga ctcagcctgg    116100
     cgtgccgcgc cttcctcagt cctgctctgt ccagttctcc aaggccaagc aaataggaag    116160
     tgcagcagac ggacccattt tagcagcggt ccacttgggg ttgttttgat gggcaagagt    116220
     ccactggaaa gtagttcttt tcctttgcat gtctgttgca gcagagcgct tctaaagaga    116280
     gttgggtttt ttttttataa aacaagtgat attgcctgag caaaacagac ccacacactg    116340
     ccaagtggat gggctaaatg tcatgacttc ttctgatcgt gggatttatt atagccctag    116400
     catgccagat tcagaaggca cttcaagacc aactctctca ccctccagag aaagaaactg    116460
     gacgctggat atgagcctgt ggtgacttaa aggatcagtg agctagtggt agagcagtgg    116520
     ctaactcaga ggtctttcag attgctgaag cactgcgtgc tgccatcttg ttagccagta    116580
     atgcttgtta aataaataac gaagagtttt tgtgaatttg cttcaaaatg tccttgaaaa    116640
     catggatgga aaattccaac ctagtgctac aagtaaaatg gttatgtgag ctcaattctt    116700
     atatgccaaa aatgtcccta caaagaacca gcaatataca gatgttgttt ggacttaaac    116760
     gtggagcccg tgaacttagc tgtcaaggtc aaggctttgt tcaaagtaac cttgtttcca    116820
     ctggtgtttt cagttcctaa atgtctgaag tctaaagttg tcttgacaga gtgacttctc    116880
     ttcctgtgtt ttctaccatc tctgatcccc tcacctccac cattgtctga tgtgctagga    116940
     cgctcaaggc tggtccttgc agctccccca aactttaact gtgagtcaga gtgtaattat    117000
     ctctctgtct ccaacttgac ccccatccaa tataacagaa ggttacttag tccgttgact    117060
     tccatgtcag ttcagtcaac tgcctagagg tgggagggag aaatgagttt agatttccca    117120
     gttatctgtc tgtgggacct tcaaggatgg cttgagaagc acagtctcac cctgcccaga    117180
     gctcgatccc caaaaccact cctttctcta ggcactgggg aagggaataa gacctgctga    117240
     tgctggtgct ttgatgagcc ctttgggttc tcccttgtgg cttcttctca acctgccatt    117300
     cctttttaaa ataacctctt tactaaatgt gcctcaaatt acctgccatc tgttcagttg    117360
     gatataactc caacctagag catcccctgc tcccagtctc tgtgtgggat aggggagaga    117420
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagactctag agaccacttt    117480
     aaagagtcac agtgactgta gggctcttga acttggactc ccccatcttc atcacaagtt    117540
     cctatcttac tcttaagaag gaactcgaag aactaagatg gagcctttga atgggtatgg    117600
     ccaaaggcca ggaaatcaga ggctctctga gccagcatta ggtgttcctt gcagcagagg    117660
     ggcacaggct gagtctgggt tcaacaggag tgtcttccct gttggcatca gaggtagatt    117720
     actttttcct tgggtgaaga gacctgggta tagagcatgt gtggcatggt gatgcatgtc    117780
     cagaactcgg gaagtggagg caggaagatg gagagtccaa tgtcctcctt ggctctttag    117840
     taaacttgag gtagacccag actacaagaa actctgtctc aaaacaaaag taacagtagc    117900
     atgaagcact gggggaggag gggaccttgg tgtgtgctta ggcccaggca tgaatgcagg    117960
     tgataatgat gaggggctgc taccaggatt gaagggctct tgacaaggtg aattatagtc    118020
     ctctccccca gaatctacca gttcaaactc atctcctctt gtctagtcgt cccatgttcc    118080
     cttaagcagc aagccccatt ttgacaatga caagctattc agcaatagcc acggtcttta    118140
     tttccatccc tcatcgtgct agacacaaaa tatgttagat tgagaataat ttatagtcac    118200
     ttacaacctg cttccttccg actgccactt gagtataaaa ctgtgtggat agcagtttca    118260
     caggagaaat agacagttag cggcaaagct acccagagcg ataatattat ctcacatttt    118320
     ttacagagtt tcacagtttg tcagacattt tctcatgcat tatgtatatt agttgattct    118380
     cataataaac ctactatata tgtgtgtgtg tattatatat gcatctatgt aaatgatata    118440
     cacatataca gatatatgta tgctctgcat aatgtgccta aagaataagg cttaagaaag    118500
     aaaatcacat acccaaggtc atggaagcag gcagaacgag tttctctggg tatgccttat    118560
     ggcctcattg tgtaacacaa tagctgtgaa gatgtctgtc tgcttgtgtc tgtgagctct    118620
     ttttgccata tacactgatg ttcatgtcta tgtatgtcag gtactgtgag tgattgtgta    118680
     tgctcaacta cagcctatgg cccatctctt agatcaggat ataaaagttt tcctttactt    118740
     caagactcac tcccttctgt gtctcatgct ttcacccctc tggaactccc aaccactgtt    118800
     gtgaattttg cctttaaccc atgaaaacac catgaatagc atagcatttg tttgtgtgca    118860
     tcactgaata ctatgggtcc atggctcatt cattctcctc cgctcctgtg ccttcgatat    118920
     acacagtgtt gtctaacagg gccctggact tccttgttca ctctcacttc ctagatgttg    118980
     aaaatatctc atcagagtga caaaacatct ttgaatgttc agtggtgttg cgtgcccagt    119040
     ctgccacctc agagagattc ttcaaagcca tggagctgac ctaagcagga ggaaggctct    119100
     agtgaaaggt ttcactattg gcctctacag ttctggtgag gaattcagat gtcttctgtt    119160
     gcaaggtctt ccttctgagc ttccagtgac aagtgccacc cactcctgtc cattaaccca    119220
     atttccatgt ctttacacac ttctctttca aatttctgga gtattaatgc tacattctta    119280
     caatttcagc agcaagcagc ttttgcagag gtaaaggatg gtgttagggg gagaggccac    119340
     cttgcccagc atgtgcagtg cccttggctc gatacccgga cgacatggga tgggagggag    119400
     gcatattcag attgtaagtc atgacccact tgtgagttat ggagttcaga atagaatcct    119460
     ttaaaaagtc attactttct gtagcagcca agagtacaaa aacatcagag tgtgttccca    119520
     atagcaggtg gcaagtaatg ttttgtgaca attttgtttt aggtatgtat atgtgtcaca    119580
     atgtaagatg tttctgtggt ccatgtacaa aacttcttca caagtcgctg ctcaagagga    119640
     acattgcaag gacagtggct actcacctac accatctatt ccttccctcc gtcatggtag    119700
     catggtctgt ggtttggacg gaccccaaga gcagccatgg atgacctaaa ccagcaacaa    119760
     tattcttaac tcagtgggca ccatgattgg ctcaggaatg agcattaacc tcacctaaac    119820
     caaccaggac atgtcattcc tgtccatggg ggaaaataca tgtgaccaat taatctagat    119880
     agccatcttt tggagaagac aaggatatcc tttcatgaga ctgtgattct tccaagcatg    119940
     cggtttagag acgctcagtc tggtcagaga cacagaaagg ctgttcgcca tttcaccaac    120000
     tcctacctga aagcagagtt gctgagataa gtgacaagat caatatcaag catggcttcc    120060
     aagcgacttc caagtgacac catcagaaac ccacttataa agtcataatc cccccaaaag    120120
     ctttgtcagc tgggcatggt agcgcatccc tttaatccca acacctgaaa ggcagaggca    120180
     ggatgatctc tgagttcaaa gccagcctgg tctacagaga gagtgccagg gcagtcaagg    120240
     caacacagag gaaaaaatct taggaaaaag caaactgtta gagaaagtat gcttagaaaa    120300
     gaataaatta cattaaagaa agaaagagaa agaaggggag agagggaaag agagaaaaaa    120360
     gaaaggaagg aagaagaagg agaaggagga gaaggagaag gggaagggga aggagaagga    120420
     gaaggaggag gaggaggaga agaaggagaa gaaggagaag aagaaaaaga agaagaagga    120480
     gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga    120540
     gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    120600
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa agcacacaag caagcaagca agcaaacttt    120660
     gtcagtgacc acaggtctcc ctcagtctct agccccataa aaaatagtct gaatgttgga    120720
     aagtcttgcg tatgtaggag gctgaattca gacttgggag tcaccagtgt gcccatgctg    120780
     gtagaaagca gggaagcatt tgattgttcc agaagaggta aagacaaaga gagatggcct    120840
     agaacacatt tgtgagaaga agagtgcttg gaggtggaca gaggggagaa cagtcaaaga    120900
     tcactccacc tgagctcttg cttcgtggtt catctgcctg acttccagag ctttcccact    120960
     ggagccctcc ctgggtggtg gagaagtgga gggaagaggc caactgcaaa gttcttacag    121020
     tgtccagagc cctgtctaaa ggaaagagaa ggcactgacc tagaccactc ctggacagaa    121080
     atcttacata taaactcttc tggaaccact agaatttttg tcttcatcaa cttaagtgac    121140
     ttcagtgctt ggggtgagtg agactgtcat tctttaatga gtgagcggag ggggtggctg    121200
     gctaggttgg cgttacaatg gtgagacaag tgattgtctg tggccatctg cctcgctaaa    121260
     aagaaagatg ggctgaaagg ggtatctgtg gatgctgaag ggagaaagga tgaagagatg    121320
     aacaggtgag ttctttgatt tatttggtcc tgtctctgag gagtattgtc ttcccttctt    121380
     ctcccgtgct cttgaagacc aaggaagaga gaaaagcact cgcagagagc cagcctcctc    121440
     cattggcttg ttttgttttg ttttttcata agcaagaagg aagacttcat ctaagagaga    121500
     taaataaatg gaactctaaa acaggatgca gtgcagaaca ttctagaagt ccaggcactc    121560
     attctgtaag gtcggtacag tcagtggacc tctggtagtt tcttttattt cctttagctt    121620
     cagaactaaa atcctttgga aagtacctaa actaaccatc tcaaattcat taccacaagt    121680
     gaggaagggc ttagggttgg ttacattctg gaactgaagg gagaggagag gaagacacaa    121740
     gctgttcctt ggggttggat aggatgactg aggagtggag ttagaggtgc cccacctgag    121800
     cagtgtggtc atctgtcact gagctgctct gaaatctatc ccagaaagtt atcctgccgg    121860
     ccttggcatt ttgctctact gctgtgggat tgtactcaaa cttagccttg gccccatgaa    121920
     gatgctggag ctcttcaaca gaaatctcac ctttcttttc tccccccccc cccccagaat    121980
     ccaaagatgg ctaagcttct ggcttttcag ggccttccta gaaatccaca tgacctagtt    122040
     ctgatgggct gatgggctca tgtgccccag atactgcatg cccatatata tattgccttc    122100
     tggctttagc ttggtctagc aaggttctaa atctgagggc tgagtcccac atacaatgaa    122160
     caccttgata ttcttggaga ttgtggggca tggagcacat ggagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    122220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgag aaagagagag agagggaggg agagagagag    122280
     agggacagag acagagaaac agagtgatca ggagacccca gggaccacag tgaatggatg    122340
     gctttcagct ggatgcaggg attagttgct gaaggtggtt ggtaggagag aggagtagtc    122400
     ctttactctt gggagcattc gctttccccc cagagtgtgg caatcagcag ctgtcagtat    122460
     ttgtctctag agcatccttt ctgaaatagg aaccctgtga cagttccttt gggaacaact    122520
     tcagttaact cctcagccac tggtgccact gggtctggaa agttaccaaa tacaacaccc    122580
     tatctgtgct gactctaccg aagagaaagc ggacacctgt gctcagctag tcacatggcc    122640
     tcaaacccct ggcttcagtg ggagttttca atgtgaagca gtgtggcact ctactcactg    122700
     ggcattagaa atggaggact gtttgggtga ctgttgtcac aagggtgata gatgtttctg    122760
     gcatcctggg tgaccaggag tatcaaatac caaacaacaa acagcagtaa tctaccctat    122820
     tcaagagact attagcttct ccatggagtt actctatacc aaaagatgga taccctgtct    122880
     ttgctgggcc aatctgtctg ttcctgggat ttttaaaata tctggcaagg gatggagaga    122940
     tcctgggatt tttaaaatat ctggcaaggg ctggtggtta aaaggacttc tgggctcttt    123000
     agaggactca agttgggttc gcagttacca catcagatag cttgaaataa taccttatat    123060
     ttaattcctt atatactagc tatatattat atataatcac taaaatagtg tcaaatttta    123120
     ttattaattt aagaatatat cacattataa tttataatac tatgttttat aataatactt    123180
     tatatcccag ctccagagga tctaacactc tcttctggca tctgtgggca caggcactca    123240
     cataagcata ctttaacaca cacacacaca caaataaaca taaacaaaaa atttaaaaca    123300
     aaatttcaga aagaaaattc tctacctctg ggttcaccag ctacaggaaa cctgaaacaa    123360
     cttggccatt tcccacctaa caactcaggc aataagatgt ttgaaggtga gaatatggct    123420
     agtacccaga aaaggctgag atgagccatg aagggcggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    123480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttag tcacaccatc tgtccttgtc attcttgtta tgaccgacaa    123540
     gtttaatttt tctattttca attttaaatt ttgtttatgc cctatttatc tcagtgcatt    123600
     tccaaagacc cttgtaaccc aaagactctt gacaatattg atgtttcaga aatcaatggc    123660
     cctcctctgt gggtgacaga tggtgtgaat gtgagactgg agagatggct cagtgattaa    123720
     aagcacacac tgctattgca gaggactcag gtttggttcc caacacccac atcaggtagc    123780
     tcccaattgg ctgtaactcc agctccaggc aatttcttct ggccccacaa gtacttacac    123840
     atgtgaagta cccatcctaa tgttcatgta agcacataca atgaaataaa tatcttaaag    123900
     gcagctttag ctttctctat tccttgcacc tctcccttct gagtatctaa aaatagagaa    123960
     aacagtccag ggaaggctca catatcaaat tagggacaga tgtagggtct cagcaccatg    124020
     tcatttaata agataatgct gaaactgctg ccactcaggt ggaaatgtga ctagtcttta    124080
     ctaccccacc tggcactctg gagaatacaa aaatcagatc ctctgggaat gtgtagctgc    124140
     ctgggatcac cacggctaca gagattccat cgctttgacc taaataaaga ctggaacatc    124200
     aactggaaat ggtagtatga gaactatgga tgaaagggca aagagatgct tgcccgctag    124260
     ctgggggttc cacgtggggt aataaaggaa ccaggcaggg ttgtctagag gaatataatc    124320
     agtgtatgta tatgtatata tatgtgtgta tataataaaa ggggatttta ctagaatgga    124380
     ttacatgata cggcgtggaa aatccaacaa tgactatctg tgtgccggag aacccaggaa    124440
     cctggtagct ggcaggccac aaaatcagat cagtggacat cagactgaca gcaattggct    124500
     cgatgcctta gctgtcccag tctggtgctg aagacgtgga atgttcctgt agagtcactg    124560
     gtcaatccaa tccaccttta tggccaggag ctggagtccg gagcagcaac agcatattag    124620
     atgcactcag cagcaagggg tgaaggcagg caggctgaga ggttttgttg cagactttta    124680
     tctgggaacc tgtcagaagg tgctgcaaac tctgagggag ggtctttatc cctcagttga    124740
     tcctctctag aatgccctca agggtctgtc cagaagggtg ttgcttagtt gattccaagt    124800
     acctgaagtt gacaatcaag attaagtgtc ctgctgctct ataggggctc ctatttccat    124860
     caggaggcag ctgccatctc tttccagcct acagcattct tagaggctcc ttgtagtcag    124920
     attctaccta gatggacata gagcttttgt ctttcctatt aggcatgcaa gtctggggct    124980
     tgcctgactt atctgttaaa atggggaaac tgatcacttc taattagctt cagtattgaa    125040
     ctattggatg catgggcccc tctgagatgc tgctcactat ttataacccg tctaccagct    125100
     ctcccctccc ctctcccttc tcacttctcc cctttccccc tctccttttc ccttttcatt    125160
     cctccctccc cctctctccc tctttctccc tctcccttcc tccctctccc tctccatcac    125220
     acagaccagc ttcaaagtca ttgtgtgttt ctctgccagc acacagtatt aactataaca    125280
     gatacaggag ggactcacat aaaaagcact gggtaactac aatacaaaga aagtctgatt    125340
     ctgatttgtc taaaattgct ctcactttct tctctttcaa gttgatttct ccaaatgatt    125400
     tagctactgc aatctttgtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttatatt ttttattacg    125460
     tattttcctc aattacattt ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tccccctact    125520
     cccctaccca cccacttccc ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc tctgtactgg ggcatataaa    125580
     gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggctg actaggccat cttttgatac    125640
     atatgcagct agagtccaga gctccggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttgcaccta    125700
     cagggttgca gatctcttta gctccttgga tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc    125760
     tgtgatccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttatg tgtttgctag gccccggcct    125820
     agtctcacaa gagacagcta tatcagggta ctttcagcaa acgcttgcta gtgtatgcaa    125880
     tggtgtcatc gtttggaagc tgattatggg atggatctct ggatatggca gtctctagat    125940
     ggtccatcct tttgtctcag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta actccttcta tgggtgtgaa    126000
     aacaatctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cttttgacta    126060
     tgctgttttc attcaaacat ttattaccca tacccagctt gaagcacacc agagacagag    126120
     gattagtctc ttcttggggg catttcttgg agtttgttaa tttatgattc cttttgtaca    126180
     tgtcccatga gtacttgaaa acaacaaagg actctgctcc ttggctactt gcactgtatc    126240
     ctgggagtta tttactcttc ttcatctttt tagttgctca ggtcaccaag ttcagcatgt    126300
     ctctgcagat cttgctgtgc ttctgttgaa ttctgtcagc aagtgtggga aactactgtg    126360
     tgagcataga gttgtgaacg tgcatgagaa ctgcatgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatatgt    126420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcttgctt gcaaaactaa acctgtgcag gtttccaaca    126480
     aagaggccac atggtcatgc acccctctgc cttctagtct gttctttgtc tttgtgcttt    126540
     ccagaatatg tgattaaaag ggaatttgat ccagaggaag gggtagtggc agtctctatt    126600
     gaaaaccttc aatttgtttt gaccacagga tttgttttct cctgattgag caggagaaaa    126660
     gccaggcgct gccaagaact atacaacttg ggatggggca gaatgataag gagaaagggg    126720
     ccagcattga agggagacag ggcatgcaat ctgagaggca ataaataaag ccacagtggc    126780
     agatgacaaa caggcagtca gtttcggaga ttctaacagg ggtgtaaggt gagcggagaa    126840
     tagcaatagt atttgagatg ctgaaagaga tagacattat ggaggtggga ttgcagagag    126900
     cacacaccca catcctagcc tggatctcag cctgtgattt ctgcctcaga aagaggaatg    126960
     gtaagaggca ggctgggcta gtctggaaga gcctgacatt atagacgatg aaaagaacag    127020
     cttaggtatg gactctttaa ggcatgagtg tgcccatgag cccactcagg gtctgaggac    127080
     agacctctgt ttggaagcag ctctctgagg tagggagaag ctacaacttg ccagccccac    127140
     gccctggcta agagaatccc agaggtacac atctcacttt agtccccaag ggagagtggt    127200
     gaagacagag ggactgtttc cagggacaca gggacagcgg cagggagtag ggtcagctta    127260
     atacatttct atttttggca gaccaaacag tcaaaaaaaa acaagcaagg attagctact    127320
     agtattaagt gcgcgcgtgt gcacgcacac gcgcgtgcac acacacacat gtacccacaa    127380
     attcacatgc ccagcaaacc aagttcactc ttgtttccag gtattcatgg agcatttatg    127440
     aaatcaatca taaatacaaa aagaagttcc ttgcctaaat taaaaaaaaa gttgttggtc    127500
     ataattctct gacaacattg tattttcaaa cgagacattc gtaagaaaaa tctgagcgaa    127560
     aacaaaacaa tacaaaacaa aattaaacaa aacattttcc taaagtaacc caagcatttg    127620
     gggaggcagc ttgagagtgg gggtgggggt gggggtagac agcctgtgag actatttcta    127680
     atgttagaga agcagagagg caacgccaga agcagaattc ctctggtact ctattggcaa    127740
     aatagctttt ctttcgatcc tctcggatcc ctagagtggc tccaacagta ttctgctaga    127800
     acaggaaaaa ctgctcgtga tttttaattt gtctgtgtga tgggtggagg ttgcacggaa    127860
     gagattttgc tcctggtcgt taatagattg acccagtcgt gaaaacgtaa gacaaaacaa    127920
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccaa atgaaacaga aacccccaaa ccacaaacaa    127980
     aaatcactga ccattcataa gaaatacgtc ttcttaattg catttctgaa ttggcagaga    128040
     ataagagatt ttgaggctaa cacgggcttt tgtgggaagg agctcagcgg gagggcacag    128100
     ctggctgatg ctctgatgcc ctgcgggacc catgctgaac cacgtcccct tgagctttgt    128160
     ggtctgttct catagggcac ggagactagg agaggaagtt cagggaccat ccaaggcccc    128220
     caggacaccc cctaccccag aactgaaacc caaaaggtgt acacctccag tggaagggtg    128280
     agcccgaagt aactcttaac ccccatcaag cctggaagtt tcaagaactt agggactggt    128340
     taaaatgaca agataatgaa atcactgaga atttgaagcc acagactggt gtagttttag    128400
     agggtttttt tttttgtttt gtttttaaca ttatttagtt cttgtgtgtt tatctgtaca    128460
     tgtgtatatg aaatggggca cacacactat ggcatatctc aaccctccaa tgaatgttgc    128520
     ttggaattga agttgaattc aaggaccaac agaacctcgg aacacaaaga ctacgatgct    128580
     cccgagccct tgattggttg gtactctatg aagttctgga gaacaaagag ttcgaagcag    128640
     ggacagagaa ataatgaaaa ccatacagca tgtttctcat ctctatgacc agatgtgttc    128700
     agtgtacagg aggtctcatg gcagaatggg ggctgtttgc atggtgacct tgggcctgct    128760
     aagctgcatt gctaaggacg ggagagaaga catcttagcc gaggcagtcc ttgaccaggc    128820
     aggtcgaggc attcctctag gggagtaaac aaggtgctgt gggaactggg ctcacacttc    128880
     atgatagtgt aggaaagtcc actatatgca ggctacagtg gcagttgtgt agatgtcaga    128940
     ggtcagagga ggagccacca gagttaattc ttcccttcca ccatgtgagt cccaggggtc    129000
     aaactcagac caccaaggtt tttaacagga gccttttccc tgttgagcca tctctctctt    129060
     aatttttttc tttttccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc tcttccttct tccctccctc    129120
     cctccttctc tccttccctc tttcccttct tccctccctc cctccttctc tccctccctc    129180
     tctcccttct tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctcccttct ttcctccctc    129240
     cctccttccc tcccttcttc cctccctccc tccctttctt ccttctttcc ttctttcctt    129300
     ctttccttct ttccttcctt ctttccttcc ttttgagaca gggtctcatt ctgtaggcct    129360
     ggttgaccta gaatgaactc tgaggaccag aatagcctaa agctcaaaga gatccccctg    129420
     cctctgcttc ctgagggcta gaactaaagg tataaatctt cctttcacat atgttaaagc    129480
     ccaaagtcat actaccagca tgtttcaaac aacaaataaa taaaaaataa gccaatacct    129540
     taatttgcac tcattataga ctcacaattg ttcaggtggc aaaaaacaaa agcaagcaag    129600
     caaacaaaca aacaaaccaa aaccaaaact ggaagccttg atataaaggc tgatctttgt    129660
     atcagatctc aaaagcccag gaaagtgagg agttttcgat gaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac    129720
     aaaaagagaa acctgacaca gggggactgt gaacaaaaaa caaaacacag tagaaatgat    129780
     caagtttaaa aatataaaga atttcaatgc aaaaacaaat atattttgaa aagatcgata    129840
     cagaacttgc ataaatttga aatataaaat aatggaaatt aagacatctt ggaaactgta    129900
     agaaagaaaa tttaaagata aatcttgaaa tttaagtctc actttccaat atttctaggt    129960
     taaggactta tctaaggata catttgacac attgccataa aagtctcatg ctaaaagaaa    130020
     ctccaaaaca ttgtagagga aaattagaga acagaaatat accatattca tggaggatca    130080
     gattgaatac tgtaaaatat gtcagccctt tctagagtga ggccctgact ccacccactg    130140
     agttctgcag ttatgggtgg gctcggcagc atagcctgta cctgtgtagg tgcaggagat    130200
     tcaaacttgg gtcgttgtgc ttgtgtcact gtacttgtcc acggagtcat ctctgtagcc    130260
     ctgtaaacaa ttcttgacaa aggcacctct gtggttcagt ggtggaaaag agtattcaac    130320
     aaaccatact gggaatagaa aaaaaaaact cgattattcc tcacatcata cctatgcatt    130380
     agtttaagac agcttgagga cttaaataca aatgatcaac atccagaata ccatgtacaa    130440
     gaatgtcttt gtgattgtgt cttggacagt tgacctattc tataagaaac tacaatgtgg    130500
     gatacatggg cttgtacctt tgttaaagcc caaggaatgt gcaagtgtta caacaattgt    130560
     ttcttccttg gagagataga aacaatgtat actcttcttc atgaggtccc actgataaaa    130620
     caaagtgcat cctgggaaac gactttaggc ttccttacag agcataagtg agggattact    130680
     tacagtgggt ggttggggta ggggtggggg ggactcccaa agtagccaca ctgtaaagtc    130740
     ttccctcaga aggagtgata gagtctcatg gccatacaga tggaattccc tccagttaat    130800
     ctccccagtc tatatacttc tgtacccaga ggccatgtcc aatagggcag aattgagtac    130860
     agagctggga ggagtggctg gaatgcagtg acctcctcca actcctctga agaaatgtgc    130920
     acagccaata ggccaacggc tctagtctct tacaagcaag cacagctgat ctgatgcaca    130980
     cagtggctgt tttgcttgga ggaccatgtt ctctaacata aaccaaatgt aaactgatgt    131040
     gagtgtgttt ccgttcaggc tcactgttag taacaatgta ctccacttta tgtgggggca    131100
     tggatagtga ggcaggttgt gtgtgggttg gggctggaga taaatgggaa ggaattccat    131160
     ggaattgcaa gtcagcttgg ctacaaacca aaatatgctc caaaaagtaa agtcaagggc    131220
     tttacttttt ttttttttta caaggggtgt ggttggggtg gtagagcgct tgcttagctt    131280
     gcacagagtc ccgaatttga tccccagagc tgtacaaacc cttagtggcg acagaggtct    131340
     gtaatcccag cacttggaaa ttaggagcag aaggatgtaa aattcacttt tggctatata    131400
     gtaaatttga gtccactgtg ggctacatga gactctgttt taatagatga ctaaataaat    131460
     agtccattaa aaaccaacca aatgaacaaa taaaaccaga cagaaaagaa agccaggtta    131520
     cctacaaagg agaagctatt tgactgttgt ctgatttcac accagcaaca aagggaaggc    131580
     agaaccactc ccgtattcca gttgcttaat gaaaacagtc accctggcat tctattttca    131640
     gtgaaaacat aatctaacaa tgacaatgaa agaaaaacat ttgtaccaaa cgagagccaa    131700
     gaagatatgt tagttaactt tctgttgctg tgataaacat catggccaag cactttatag    131760
     aaggaagggt tcattttgga cttacggttc cagagcatta gaatctatga cggcagcagc    131820
     tcctgctgca ggagcagctg agagctcaca tccccagcca agaggaaggc agagagcata    131880
     ctggggaaag taggaggctc ttcaagtcaa gccacctccc aaggccacgc accctctaat    131940
     aaagccacac ctttccaggg agtctcacca tctgggaacc aagtatttaa aggcctaaga    132000
     ctattggctg acaactaatt cgaagcacca caaatggttc cctccaagga gaccaaaaat    132060
     atatatattt taggcagaat ggaggtgatg caatacggat attcagagat ttaaaaaaat    132120
     gatcagaatt gttttgcagt gtgattttat ggattcttct attttaaaag agagtctatt    132180
     tcacctttga gtggggggaa ggtcagtgct ggctcatttt ctcctatttt gtttttcaaa    132240
     atgttgatct taaaaaagag gtatctggta tttttagtga catgtttaca tgtgtttact    132300
     gtgtatgagt gtaaccatgt gggtgcaggt ggcaaggagg caggagctgg agtttcaggt    132360
     ggttgtgtga ggttgggttc tgggaaccaa atgaggtttc tgtgtgtgaa tagtccggta    132420
     cacactcgga acccctgcag cctcttcagc cccctctcct gaccttccct ctgagcacgt    132480
     gcatttctaa ctgacttctt cttttatgag tcatatgggt cagggcccca caatgactta    132540
     tgatatccct accatatggt tgcctaagca agacccacac acccaacatg gataagaaaa    132600
     tgtttttatg gccctaccct tagatcaaga gccatgtagc tgctgagaga aagagaatct    132660
     gttttcttcc aggatgcgct ccatgataga ctattcaatc cccaggggct ggtcctaaac    132720
     atatgtacat ataaatggac taatgttgat gtgtgtgaca ataaaaatta atggagagta    132780
     ggttatgaat ttcagaagga gatgggggtg agctggtggt aaaagacaga ggggtagaaa    132840
     tgaaaaacat gaaattccca aaaaatagtt aaaaatgaag gggaataata acataatttc    132900
     tttaacaaaa caaataaata tagacttgca aggtagtatt aatataaata tataatgtac    132960
     atatctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    133020
     gtgtaaagca aataacttaa ggttgaaaga actgtagcat cacatagaaa ttggcaagat    133080
     aaaaatcagt tcgagtttga ccagaaattc ctcaatttag aaactgaata aaacccaggc    133140
     tgttatgtgg attcaatctg gggcctctga gtctctgcat tttcaaatgt gtgggcctgg    133200
     ggtcagtgtt tgtaaaatct ccttcaggct tcaaatgact taaaccacat ccttctgagg    133260
     tgagtttcaa gtcccagctt gtttatgctt acgcctctgg ccaactgact aaattagatt    133320
     gctagaaacg ctcacatctg aagaaaacac ctagacttag cagctgattg tgaagaatat    133380
     cacaaaaccc tcggatgaag agatgcctag gattcgctgt gggagaggga cacagagcat    133440
     ccatgccttg gaaagagcat caccttcaag gatcctccgt gtgtgaatct acccagaggt    133500
     ctcccatccc agccttgcac aggcatagtt gaaacatggc taaccatata aaaaatgact    133560
     ggacaagagg gtatgttcta gagtgcctag cctgggtaga gaagtttagc aagtctgtca    133620
     gcctgattct gctgcatctc tggagagtac agaataggac tctttcttaa gttcaggtat    133680
     tatgtcaaac aggatgggca agtttcttta tgtccagtgt ctccaagata gaaagggagt    133740
     gggggttact atctatgacc agcttcaggg aagaaacatt ctagttgtgt tgtgtggctt    133800
     accttaagga tgaaaaggga gctaagaacc acgcatggat tgtatatata ttatatataa    133860
     attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgataatt    133920
     tcacctctat gctttgactt tggtctctgc tcagtttttg cccaaatcag tggaaggggc    133980
     aatagtgaac ccaatgtgct atctctaaac ctaaaatatg tgaagtgatc ttacatattt    134040
     tctctcatta tcttagatct ctgcattgcc atcgtagcaa gtccaggcta gcctgctaga    134100
     ggatgaaacc ccccacccca ccccgaaagg gtctgcttgg tcctgacagc gtgctcatga    134160
     cagagcttag cagaggccag ctcacattgc tctagatcag agaagctggc tctgcctgcc    134220
     cacaatctct agacaataaa tgcagctatg attcctagcc actaagtcgt gaggtacatt    134280
     gtcattcagt taggagcaca aagagttggc aacatctaac caggacataa atcaataata    134340
     tttgcaggtt agaagagagg aaaggctagg acagaatagg cagaaatgaa gtattctagg    134400
     gcttaaaaca aaggcttgtt tttttcttgc gcaataggaa atatgcatta gagttgatgt    134460
     agttgatcac cacatttact ggagacccat tttccttcat tattaaacct aatatgagct    134520
     atcaccatta tgcttacaag aggctgttgt gtctccagag gttgcaatta tgttccagaa    134580
     agaaagaaag aaagtgagag tgatgtgttt gctccttgtt taaatggtgt attagtcctg    134640
     gtcctctaaa ggaacagaac tgatagacta tacatgtagg tttattagaa tgttttgcaa    134700
     gatgtagttt gggcggtgga acacttgctc gctcacactg gacaggcgga gattctagga    134760
     gtttctcagc cccatgaagc tgggcatctc agtagtctca gtctgctgtt caaagcctgg    134820
     aggacggctg gtctccagtg tgcatctgat gcccagagaa actgtttcta aagtgggtga    134880
     aggaaggcta cagtaatggg atccttggac ttgctggtga aagtgagggc aagcaggcaa    134940
     acaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa    135000
     gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    135060
     tgccatttag ggtgagtctt cccattgcaa ataatctgct caaaaaggca ctcgcaggag    135120
     tggctagcag cttgggtttt agtagattca agttgacagc caaggttagt catcacaggg    135180
     ggaacaaact tagccgggaa ggaaagcgat tcctgttccc gttttgctgg actgaaccct    135240
     gctgcatgct cactcaagtg tggagctgaa caaattgaac ccctccccct cccctcctgg    135300
     taaattgctt tccctgaagg agttaggatt ctgttaccaa gccactctag aaatggatag    135360
     agatgagaga actagaacct ttggctctct gtttcggaga aagtatcttc gttaagagaa    135420
     ttgcccaaag ggaaaagagc aatgtactca gcgtaaaggc tgagggttta ccgggtagag    135480
     ggcaaggggc tagagtactt ctctcagaca gagctccaga gccaacttgc tgaaagatga    135540
     tcctctttct cttccccttt aaatcaaggc actagagtga gcatcctatg agccttccga    135600
     gaatttgtgg agactaagat gggaatgaac ttttgtgatt gactgtctac aggcaaccac    135660
     tcatttaggc ctcacaacaa aactgtgtgt ataggtaaga taattcttac tttgccacaa    135720
     ggagggtgga cgggaggtgt gtgtgtgggg gggaggggta acagaaggtg gaatgagtgt    135780
     tgaggctagg gagtgagtag aaatcaggca gcccagaccc atatctagag aatgttagga    135840
     tcacgagggt ccagaagtct ctaaggctgg aggcttcgac ctttggctca acctttcaac    135900
     acaggtgggt tcattcattt tactatattt aagcaggtga atgtcttctg aagtggtcag    135960
     gtgccctgtg cagtagaacc tcctgagtag tttattagcg atgcatattc ttggactgcc    136020
     tccagaggag cttaagcagg cattccaggt cccagaccca agcagctgaa cccaaaaaac    136080
     tgtagagagt cccaaattta aatggacagg ttttgtttca ttctaacaca gcttgttttc    136140
     agatctgtag ctcatggaaa tttcccccta atatcagaaa gatataattt aaaaatagtc    136200
     tgtttctcct tcttgttcct cagtttccaa gtgaacacac ttcattccat ggaaaatgtc    136260
     ctggactagg aaatgtgtca cagaaaaaaa tcctcatgtt gatcagtaca ggcttcataa    136320
     ggcaaagcat tgggttagac tcaaggttaa catcatgcaa aggggagggg gcaaagtaaa    136380
     tggtattaac taaatattta ctatgtccca gacactgttc cagacacatt atgtcactaa    136440
     ggcactctgg acttgtgatt cagtcccatt tataagtggg atgggagctt ttaatatttg    136500
     caacccatta aagataacca gagaaaaaat tcctatgaga ttaattattc atgcatagca    136560
     taaaaatctc ttgagatctt atgcaagaca cagactagat cagaaaaaga aaaatagggg    136620
     gggcatcttg gcatgtggct gcaaccccag gcctggggga ggggaggtgg aggactaagg    136680
     aaggaggatt ccgagtttca gtctagcctg gtttgcatag tgagaccccc atctttaaaa    136740
     accaagggct gggggccgga gagataggtt aatagttaag agactgctgc tcttgcagag    136800
     gaagtggttc cgttcttagc atccttgtta ggtggctcac agttccactc caggtgtcac    136860
     tccagttcca agtgattgga cgccctcttc tggaccccac aagcactact tgcatacggt    136920
     gcacatagga gcacaagagc tgggggtata gcttatgagt agagtacttg cctaggaagt    136980
     acaaggcttt aggggtgggg gtgaggcggg ggcagtcact ggagatttta ggtgtgtcag    137040
     gctctttata tctcccagag agatttcatt agaagctggt caaatttagt ccctgtaacc    137100
     tcagggcatt tgagccaggg gggccagggg agccagggga ggcaggaact gatggttctg    137160
     gagtcccaga gagcaggcct gttcaggttc tggcaggttg aggacttgct gaagcgtgtc    137220
     ctagctggag ccgaggagca gtctcagacc ccagctctta gcccccacgg tttgctttca    137280
     taagcaggat caaactcttg gaaagtggct ataaagcaat ttaccaacag ctactagagg    137340
     ccggctgatt cctactacgg agctttattt aattccgagt tcaaatcaca cagaaaataa    137400
     cattttctcc ttaaaaggtt ctgcggaaaa atgctgtcgg tgccatgcgg ccgcctccgt    137460
     gactgtgttt gtgtctgaag aaaggactag tctgacagga agaattacaa atctggagct    137520
     cattttggcg tcccagaggg aaggtgggtg gagcgtctca cagtaaatta ggaattcaga    137580
     atgaaagcgg agctgagttt atttgggttt ttagtgacac ctcgaaatta ttacacagga    137640
     gtgtcggaga caactcaaag tacctatgac tgctcccgct tcgccccggg gcgggatgct    137700
     tcttcgtagg gcaatcctcc ctccttcgaa acccgtgggc ctctccgctt ccacgcgggg    137760
     acagcaaagg tgggagggaa ggagggcggc ggggaccctt agtctgggtc tttttacggt    137820
     gccgagacac agaggccact cgggggtgtg tctgagctcc accttgggat tccgaaactg    137880
     ggctccgact ttgagactgg aatttgggga gaggacgacg aggtctgggg cggacgtgga    137940
     gtgcagaaag aaatcggact gtctttgcgg ggaggctgga agccgcgggt ctagggtggg    138000
     ggaagttgaa ccccggacaa tattgagggt ccgagtggcg agagttgggt tttgcgggtg    138060
     caggactgtg caggggaagt cagggtgggg ttggagtaga agaaaagagc gtgcaacggt    138120
     cacagtcttt ccctgagcaa ctctcacagg cacaccctgc gctcagtcgg gaccgtgggc    138180
     tccctcgggc gcgcagactg ggaccctgcc cccacccgcc gcgggagcgc gagctgcccg    138240
     ctgtggctgg agtaaaggcg cccagcggtg agggggcgtg gtcagaggcc cagcagtgcg    138300
     ggggcgtggt tagaggcaga aacccacggc cgctcattgg tagcccaggg ccccgcgggc    138360
     ggggctctcg gctaggtccc gctagggcgc tcgcgggcgg cgggggaggc ggggtcggcg    138420
     ggagccgggc agccaatggg cgtacgcccc tcgagcagtt acaaagggcc ggagcgaggc    138480
     cgcggcggcg gcggggaggt ggggcgagga ggggcgaggc ttcctgagga gaagctgcgg    138540
     ccggggccgg gccgggccac aaacagtggc ggcgggacca tggaggcggc ggccgctgct    138600
     ccacgtcgtc cgcagctcct catcgtgttg gtggcggcgg cgacgctgct cccgggggcg    138660
     aagggtgagt ggcgggcggg tggctgcggg gcgcgcgggc cgggccgggc ctctggctcg    138720
     cttcagctct ttctcaaaca tggcgcgggg ccgggggcgc aggtggcggc gcccggccgg    138780
     ccgggcgctc ctgacccggc aggcgccacg cgagccgggg cggggaggag aggcggggcg    138840
     ggggcggtgt cgagcgcggg tggcggagca ccgagcagag gccggccctc ttgggctccc    138900
     ggggggcagc ggctggcgag cctgccgagg tcgggggctg cccttagggg tgcgaggccg    138960
     gccgggaccg tggccccctg attccactgc ctaaatgcgc cccggcctga agctgttggg    139020
     gcgtgggcgg gcaccggcgt ggaggcgctc cggggccggg cgcttggagg gctccccgga    139080
     gggtcgaaag gggcgccgtg ggcagagacc ccgggtgggc cgcaccgccg tgagtgccga    139140
     cgcccgccta gggcgacttt tcttcaacca ggggctttgt gtgagaagca ggcgcgaaga    139200
     tgcgcggaat gttctcgctt cgtgagtctg ggaagagttc agagtccagt aaccagaagg    139260
     ctgcagattg tcttcttgct agtagaaact tgaacgtttg ctcactctgc agatttggga    139320
     acgtttgaat gggaacggtt ctgtagaatt gatcaaatta ttccttttct cgaggggatc    139380
     gttgctttgg gtgtatcatt tccctaagcg gtagttttaa aaccagacct ctgtgtagct    139440
     ggggtttgaa gggaaatgtg tggtttccca aaatattaaa gccggtcgtg atactggttg    139500
     tcacctctgg agggaagatt gaaaaaaact ttgtcaggaa ccaattaaaa taggagaaag    139560
     caaaatactg aggctcggca ttagcaacct gcatacagtg aaaatacatt tttgttgcgg    139620
     aaattggata acaacatttt aaaaagcaaa acaagccaaa acaaaagtct ctccagactg    139680
     tggatgccaa ctatgattaa acttaatagt tactgtttat tgggagttga ttataatgca    139740
     gatgtaaaag acacagtatc agaaccctcg cagtaccagt atttgtcctg tatattgaca    139800
     tgaaaactga ggtgcagaag attaagttct tagtaagtgc agaaattagg atttgcactt    139860
     aggctttcag ggttcaaaat ctgtgcacct gttacaccaa agtagcatga ctcacttaaa    139920
     gaacagttga tatttgataa cataacttag ccatcagttt cttagtttac ttgaacattc    139980
     tctttacata ggtctacagt agaagataca atgggttttt gacattggct taggaaggaa    140040
     ataatggtgg acaaagtggg agaattgtta taattatgca tcaactataa gtgaccatat    140100
     ctaacagtta tttgggtaaa gtaattaatt cttttctacc taaaacaaag caggacacgt    140160
     tcatgcattt agcagtattg acgtggatgc tgagaaggct ggttcatgtc ctggaggact    140220
     ttatagccta cttaggcaat gatgtaatac aaaattagcc tagatgtttt tattgctcaa    140280
     aacctagact agtacttcat aaactttccc catttgccac cctcttttct caaaagattg    140340
     tatgtgccca tgagtcacat acaaaatgta aaagatgggt atataaatca aatgtactga    140400
     taatagagca taaataaaat tattttaaaa caattcattg gtatatacag ttttaccatt    140460
     tattaaagat taaagcacat ttctgtagta atgagatggg tgagtttatt ttttcttaaa    140520
     gaactgaatc atccagtgct ggcgactcca cataattaca gatgtttagg accatttcag    140580
     aaattgttgc aattctatct taatcacaag atgagattta tgtaataatt tttaaaatga    140640
     aatttaagtc agcaacttaa acagcagttt ttaaaatcag acattttaac acaatacaat    140700
     tggtcaagga tataccactt tgatatacat gaggaatgaa agtcttttct gtagtttgtg    140760
     tatgtttctg gaagaataga aaactttgta tattcaataa aaacattaaa actcataaaa    140820
     taatagtctg gactgtgtta gcactgcata gcacgatagc atgtgtgttt agaaccaaga    140880
     ctgtagtgaa gttgcatctt gcaacataag catggattgc cagaaacacc tcagattcat    140940
     tactcagttg attttgaatt aattttgggg tgttatacat tcacaagtcc tttactgttg    141000
     ccagattgtt atatgaccca gcatctctat gtggaattag gaatcagttt aagctatggc    141060
     ctgcagggca ctgtggctca tgcctttaat ctcagcactc agcagattct gatctcatag    141120
     tgagttctag gacatcataa tatagaggtc ttatctcaac cccacccccc aaaaagaaga    141180
     cgctagacct agataagttc accttgtctc atttcgttag gttgtttcag tgtagccttt    141240
     tatacattct gaagaaatgc acagcttttc tttataattt agcttctctt aaaacttgaa    141300
     attgctcttt actgtctgtt atttatattt ctctgctagc atatgttttc tccaatatag    141360
     atttttgtag ggaaattgat cccttatccc tggacaaata cacaatatta cttgtttata    141420
     tttgcatcac ttgttagaat gctgtttgct gcctgcaatt tcagggcttt cttggaaaaa    141480
     gtccctaaca tcctctcttg ctgagcaact accagcttag tactgctagt tatcccctaa    141540
     atctacatgg tttttgttgt gttctgtcat ggaggatttt gtatgaacag atgccaaact    141600
     atcctggatt ttccagtgag gtttgaaggt ttcccatgtg aggctaggaa ttacgattgt    141660
     tccattggaa agatgtctca ggactgcaaa ctcctgagtt ctagtgatag ctgctttccc    141720
     actagttcct gactcttcag tctttgctgc atgcttcatt ttatctcttt tgtaggaatt    141780
     tgaggacaga acttctcaga cctgatattc tagatagtgt tcatttggct ttctttgaat    141840
     tccatctctt ggaagtatat agtattaaaa agtttgtgtt atccattgtt actatcctgc    141900
     attgttaact aactgtattt gagtatgtat tgagtattca ggggtaaatt atgccttcat    141960
     gtcctcagaa cctactaccg tgtcttacag tctgttctac ataaatctgt gttgattaaa    142020
     tgaattctgt gtgagcagtt ctgtttatgt acagattatg ctatattgat ttagaattat    142080
     atatgtatat atataacgag aaagttgtat gatgtggcaa ataaaacagt tatttatttt    142140
     gtgatacttg ctttgtataa ttcatgagat tttaggaatt agatgagaaa atatgtgtat    142200
     ttaaatttga agttgctggt cttttagcaa tgaataggac ttgtgtataa ccactgccca    142260
     ctaggctgct taatgttttg attgtttaga tacatattct gattgcctaa tgcccttgta    142320
     gtacctgtta actgttttta ataatcacct tttgtggaga ggcatatcag tgtttgatag    142380
     ggaagtggta gtaccggctg aggtcactgg agagagcttc ctggactcat tctgactaaa    142440
     agattttgaa gggtctctag aacttagata ggcagagagg atgattccat gatttctaac    142500
     gttcttgtct ttatgttccc aataacctca tggcaagccc agtgattctt tactttagtc    142560
     tataccgtgt gtttggatta tcaacttgta ttatctttcc cccagttcta aaatctctct    142620
     aatatgtgcc tagaaatgag acagaatggt aatgtaagtg ggtgaagtca aggaggataa    142680
     cataaatgtg atgctggcct cttcagtggt gaagatcata ggtgtgtcat catttcagtt    142740
     taccataaag gatcctgaga gtaattgaat ttctcagggc tccactgcac caaactgaga    142800
     aagcaactta aatttcctaa tttcagatca tctactgtac tttaaaagta aaggccttga    142860
     agatgaagga ggaactgaat tagtggtgat ttccttaagt gaaattggtc ttgatgagca    142920
     gaatttaaga aaagtgagtt ttcaggaagg aggaagggtg attagacata agtcttccag    142980
     ggagaagtta ctttttaaaa atttgttcat tgaaagactt ggtatatagt acttactgat    143040
     tgagagatgc tggctgacgg tagtttttga ttgtcttggt taaataaggt gtagttggat    143100
     taggtataac tatgcaggta tagtgaacat gtttctaact gcagcaaatt gtgagccttt    143160
     gccgctcttt tcttgttgtg gcttacataa tgcaatgttt tctgaacaga tggactgtgg    143220
     tttaatatca tgtgattggg acacattctt atttcctgct tctgaaatta agggcagatg    143280
     atgcttgcat gtttctcagg gatgtttttg cttttcctca taaaactggc tctaggaaat    143340
     gttttggagt attctcaaat gtatagtaag cttgacctga cctgagtgca gtatttaggg    143400
     caacattgaa ggccccctac ccattttttg agacagggtc ttatgtagcc aaccaagcta    143460
     gtgttgaatt tagctaagaa tgaccttgag cttttgacca tactgctgct acttctacct    143520
     gagtgctgag ataacaagct tgtactgcac agattgattt attttactta atttttgggc    143580
     agtatttaga attgaaccca gagttgggtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt taacatgcta    143640
     agcaagtgct tggccagctg aaccacattc ttagcactga atgcatctct gaactttttc    143700
     ataatgtttt gctgaagtag gtccattttt taactgttgg ccttcagttc agacactata    143760
     ggttgctcta gtgactactt tattgtgaat ttgtaattgg ttgacttatc aactttttgt    143820
     ttttccttag atccattttt taaataccaa ttaagctgat tatatgagcc caattttatt    143880
     gctctgatat ggtcttttat aaagttgttc ccccatttgg cagcctgaaa gcatgacatg    143940
     taaaattaat ttctagctca aatacaaata acttccagac tatacagata ggctgcatta    144000
     acattcacta gaagaatata ttatgagagt gtgccaggca cttacttacc ttgtctcatt    144060
     taacttagta gccaaccttg aatgctagtt ccatagtagc acacaaaagg aacagattct    144120
     tgtttacaca ctgattaatt ccaaagaaga ctctagtgct accaatcaaa cccaggacct    144180
     gaatttgtcg ggcaagcctt ctatcctgag ctacatccct gagcttacag aatgactcca    144240
     tttgttccag gtctgggcag cctgtgctta aaagataact ggattttgat gacatggatc    144300
     cttttcagtg ctcgttatca ttgaccaaag atactaaggt tttgtgtttg accttccagt    144360
     aatagaggct tttataacag taagtctcta ctttggttaa aacagctcta gattaacaat    144420
     agtccaacta ctgagactca aatgttagca ttaacccctt gtgtctgggt agacagagct    144480
     gacaggagtt tgcttagatt ggtacctagt ttctttataa ggatgtgcaa atgaggagct    144540
     tctggtttct atttgacagt caaggaaagt catattgtta atgaatgacg aagcttgcat    144600
     ttgatattgt gctactttta tatattcatt gagtatattg ttagttactt cagcagcaaa    144660
     tccttccttc catgaaaata tgaatcaaaa ttttactttt tatttttcta ctttaaaaga    144720
     tatttatttg tatcagtgtg agtgtaaatt gtgtgcctgt gtgtgtgcag agaccagaag    144780
     ggtgcatcag gtgaccttct ctatcactct cttcctattc ctttgaggca gaatctttcc    144840
     ctgaacctgg ggctcatatt ttctcagcta ggtttgaagc cagtaagcta cagcaatccc    144900
     atttccctgt ttttcttctt tgtatcaagc tatcctaact actgagtcat ctcttcatcc    144960
     tccaccccac caccaccacg ttttaaaaat agttttgaga cttggtcttg ctattgagcc    145020
     tatgctggcc accatgtagt cccaggcttt cccagggctt gaggccttct ttctgcctta    145080
     gttacttgtg tgctaggatt acaggcatgt actaccatgc cttgctgctt cagcttgtct    145140
     taattgtagt ttggttctgc aactgcaatt gactcagtgt ttgatctttc cttaaagttg    145200
     tatttttagg taatttgaga atcacttatg agctcaatga tagttgatca ctttatttat    145260
     attaatttgc atagcccata gcaaactcct gctttaaaaa taagtacaga agtgaaaaca    145320
     actgaaattt cggattagag aaaagacaaa gtagatcttg ccagatatca taaaaatggg    145380
     tgctttatgc atccctgaac attaaaaaat acttgatttc agttgtttta agtgtgtgtg    145440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgcagg tgtatgcctc tgtatattca cttgcagatg tcagatgtct    145500
     ttttctgttg ctttttacct tctttaaaca ttctctttga tagaatctag agtttgctat    145560
     ttctgctaga ctggctggct agagaaaatt caggaaggac tccacctgtc tctatatctc    145620
     ccaaccctcc accaagtgct aggattacag atgtgtacag ctgtgcaaag ttttctgtgt    145680
     gggtgatggg agtcttaact caccttgtca tgcttgcaca gcaagcactt taccaggaga    145740
     gtcctctgcc atcccctgaa aatgctctgt tttgtttaga agtttatcag tgccaataaa    145800
     agtctttaca ctttgcagct tgaagaataa tttttcttag caaatatttg gtaatcacat    145860
     taaggtggga aatacaggaa gccttgatga ctggttttca tttagaaatt acagtgctgg    145920
     gatattacag actcagatat agcagccata gcagcagttg caaaggcaat agagctttaa    145980
     gtccaccctg cctggcagta gggtatagag gactgaaaga gaagtggccc tggatagggg    146040
     aagatggcac ttctggaaag gaccatggta aagttttaag aattttaagt gaagtaaaag    146100
     tttgtcatat ttgggatggg tggataaaag aaattgtgaa aattggactg gcagttttac    146160
     tgtgggaaaa gaatgtttaa ctaccacaga ggcagtggag caggacaact gtctagggag    146220
     actttggaat tggtttgatg atactggaaa tggagtggaa gaggggctct gtgacatttc    146280
     agtctaatca gaattattct ttctctggtt cctaaatggc ttcctcccac acctctcaga    146340
     agtcactctg atgtcccttt tacaaattgt tatattcttc tactttttct ttctgtaata    146400
     cttccttccc acatatttta tttacttatg taaatgctat atatagtttt catttctttc    146460
     tcttttctat taggaggtaa atttgaaagc agtatctttt tgttggttgg tgcataaaaa    146520
     gtgcatggta aataaagtgg cagactgtct tagcagtaaa aagtagagta tagaaatcaa    146580
     gaaggactcc atcaaaaaag actgactgaa gcctatgccc ctgaaaatgt cttctataag    146640
     gaatctggaa agagagattg aagagagatg gattctggct tgagcaagct gaattaggca    146700
     aaggtagcca agagcaatta gttgttcaga ggggaatgaa gacaacgcct taccactatt    146760
     ttcctttccc catgctctct tttccttggc tcctggtagt ctgaaaagcc tccataagag    146820
     gtgtcgtact cctgaatgtt cctcattcct gtgttggggg gccttactct gtatatttcc    146880
     tacctgacta acaaaagata tgtgcgttca gaatgtgatc ttttggttat aatgaactaa    146940
     ataaaaatgt ccagtcaatg taagaatttg ctttggttcc tggctgagat agaagacagg    147000
     aagctccttt tttggagctt aggtttccac ttctggtcac aggtcactga gattagagaa    147060
     atctttcttg gagttccctg atccctatcc tgttatatgt ttttgttgtt tgttttcctc    147120
     ctactcttct gcttcataag tcaaacactg gtgctggtta tctctggact gtttcatttt    147180
     tctatttgaa tttctctaac tgaagtttgt tttctttcca attctgaagg cagcttccca    147240
     gaaaattagt agtatttttg tttctaagag tagataaaca aaacctggta tacttatttg    147300
     taattatctt ttaatggatg tgtttcaatg gggaacattt ttcaaaggtt aagtgctgac    147360
     tcccgtggcc attgtgaaga tagtaacaca gctgtgtatg taactaatct cacatgagcc    147420
     tgccatacta ggtattcaat aaatggaaat tattacatat tttagtaagt gaagaaacag    147480
     aaatgttaga tacactgaag caaatttcag cataaaatac aaaagaactt tcttgatcgt    147540
     agctgtcata atatacctgt cattgcaaag aatgcaaaca gaatctgcag gcagggctga    147600
     aaagctacag aagaactttc ttgcattatg tggaaggttg gagttgatta tgtctatgct    147660
     gtttctcctg gaaaattctg tatatttagg tataacccaa actttcttgc ttattgtttt    147720
     tagctaatat accagctaac ccccttagct aacatatcag ctaaacccca ctaggattca    147780
     tagtttgaag atgagcatta tcttcatgag gctggaaata gggctcagca gctaagagtg    147840
     cttgctacat tttcagagga ccaagagttt ggttcctagc acccacatca ggtggcttac    147900
     taccatttgt aactagtttc aggggatctt actccctctt ctggcttctg aaggcacctg    147960
     tacacatata gacacacaca cagattaaaa aaaaattttc acaaagattt ttttttaagt    148020
     actattttct tgtaacttcc ttattgtatg agaatggttg tcttgtactc tggctattct    148080
     tcaaaagagg attaaatgac tgggaacgat aaggaagaca cagaggacag ttatctgtac    148140
     tgtagctgag gaagactttg catttgagca tgtagtttgc gcttaatttt ctagcagcaa    148200
     agacagatga agatgaagct ctcctattaa gaattcatga acaatgctcc ccctccatcc    148260
     cactccaccc caagcttata gtagtcaaag aatttccaag gggtaaagtt attgctggac    148320
     ttggcatttc tgatttcttg ttctgaggct caatcttcaa cactttcctc gggttcagtt    148380
     tagaacccac tgacactatc cttccctatt taaggctctg atccaagtgt ggacatttga    148440
     atgcctaata ccagtggaac agctgatgtt aaagctggga cgtctgaatt aagctttgct    148500
     agaggctaga ggataatggt tagagaacaa catgaaacta tttgggctgg cttataaaga    148560
     cgttttccta atgttcttaa attggccagt agccatctgg cagacatcat caaagaatgg    148620
     tcaccaaaga tgaacagaac cagacatgtt tttcttctaa caagtccagc gaggccagat    148680
     gctgaaagtg tctttgcttt gggtttcctg tttgaaaagt gacttctggg taatgggtat    148740
     taaaaatgat tattttagga gagataacat gtacccagag tgtgttcttc tgttttacca    148800
     gttttatagt aaccctggga tatgcacatt agcttgagga gtattctcta ttcggtgtat    148860
     cctaaaatct tcctgcttct tagtagaatc cttctttgtg taagtactct gggaaatgaa    148920
     tgtgattttt actctttgca atttacgaag atattgttcc cttttaaatt ttatgtatgt    148980
     atctgtttat catctgtcct ttattgattg attggttgta gttgttggct actttaagtc    149040
     cttgtcagag tttgctttgt ttcaccaaca ggatagacct aaagcttacc ttatttttga    149100
     ttacttgctt caggataact gttctatcta gatttcttag gtgtggacca cactggttac    149160
     ataatggtgt atttatagtt ctaggacacc ttgtacaggc atcctgttac atttctacaa    149220
     tataagatcc ttaaatatgt attgaaattc aaatcgatcc tgtgacaaaa gcaaaaatga    149280
     aaagcctttc tacgagaagc taggactaat atacatattt gagagcactg agcatggagg    149340
     atatagccag acctactcat aatatagaga caaaagaata ccaactgtgg ctttttattt    149400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatgt attttttgct tgatttattc atttccaaat tgaactgtaa    149460
     tgtgctctaa ttgagtcttt ttgtttagca catggctgtt gatttgaata ttctccaatt    149520
     gagaaactga cattttaatt ttgttattca gtatgcaaca gatttaaata aaacatcaag    149580
     attgtctatt gtagatttcc ttcaacagta attatatgta attattttta ccaaaataaa    149640
     caagttaaaa tagttttggt tattttatgt aattttatat ttggaaaaaa aattacaaac    149700
     caggggccaa tttgcttgtg ttcctcaatg agttaagata ctcttgacta caagctttac    149760
     agaggttcac aaaacaggtc ctggtactaa caaatgacta gagacaaagc atggtgtgat    149820
     ggatttcttt cttctgttct gtgaattaaa cttaggacct cactcatgat aggcaggtgt    149880
     tctaccactg agtttcatct atccttagct aagatacatc tactcttgcc cctttttaaa    149940
     aactgttttg ttgttgttgt tgttgtcgtt gttattgttt ttcaactttg gtaaaaacag    150000
     gctcttattc agttgctcag cctggctttg aactggtggt cctaccattt caacctttca    150060
     agtagctgga acctataagc caccaggcct ggcttatgga ttgctttcac atgaagaaat    150120
     acttttccct acttctatta ttttcttttc tttgctctat tttgtggtct tctttcttgt    150180
     ctttaccgta tattgtgctc tcacactcag tggtcaccat gtatcttcca tggtatcttt    150240
     ttattaagca aaaaaagcca gttaaatggc ttagttagat ctgatctatt cacttcactt    150300
     ttttttttta agacagggtc ttactatcta gccccagtca gtctggaact tgttatatag    150360
     accaggctga ccttgaactc acagagatcc atctggctaa acttcttgag tgctgggata    150420
     gaatcagatc cataaatgcc tttattttat ggtgggaagt ggaaagaagg aatgaggttg    150480
     gtggggaggg agtagacaag cagaaatagc agaattgggg gtacgttgca attagtgtgc    150540
     cctgaggata aagtctacct aagcagctgg atacttccct ctaatttagc ttggagtctc    150600
     tggaactggg aagacaagtc tcatggaaca cctatgatct atatattcta aagcatagct    150660
     agagcttagt aattgttgac ttgcatataa ctgtcacaat tctgtaagaa gaaacttctg    150720
     tgctgtatct ttacttctcc aagtgatacc aagaccttca tttctctgac cctagcaggt    150780
     cattatgttt ctcccagtat tgaaggcttt cttcaataac cacttgttag cagcagtagg    150840
     aagcctgtca tattcttatt gccaagtttc ttgacatcta ggtttctgga tctgaaaact    150900
     tactctcatc caggagtaag cctaaactat gtgtaagggg caagtgtgtt ccccaaagga    150960
     gttgagttac catgaggtgg ttgcttcctt accctgtaag ccagccccaa ttaaatgtgg    151020
     tccttttaag agttgccttg gtcatggtgt ctgttcacag cagtaaaccc taagatacat    151080
     ggcttagttt gttatgttct tgtaggagga gctgtgtagc tgcttgcttt tacactttgt    151140
     ttgctgaggg aggtgaacat ttcagctgag agaaggcaac aacatacagg cttgtgtaac    151200
     tactatgtgt tgtcattttc tgaattttca agctttctaa tcattcctag ctaccatctg    151260
     gttttgctag attcaataat aacatttcac tttgcaaata aatgggagct aagtaaagct    151320
     aaaatacaga gagaatcaat caaaggtaga atgagtttgc ttcagtagag cagggactat    151380
     gcagcattga ctattggaag tgctactttt ttatattaaa agttttggag aattaacact    151440
     ataatttgta catatgtacc tttaaaaata taattacagg tcaaatttaa gctgtgaata    151500
     cttaagaaat ctgaagggtt tttgaaaaac ttcttagatt ttattaatgt accaagagga    151560
     ctgcaaatct acctgcttcc cccaccccaa gaaatcctta tagtaccacc aaaataatat    151620
     aataaataaa aggcaaatct gataacaaga aaaggtagct aaaatacgat tgccagacaa    151680
     agtaacggtc aagctgcaca gccttaggta agaggtgttt tatgttaaga gataccattc    151740
     cctgtgatgc attattaatc attatatagc taataagata tgtatatatg actaaaactg    151800
     ttaaaatata agacacataa aacaactgta gattaagaaa agcaggattc aaattagaga    151860
     ataaagagtt aatgaattcc aattttgcaa tcataaatag cattctttca gaatactact    151920
     ggattttcca ggaattttac cattcagagg tctataaaga acactccaaa ttagaaatta    151980
     acgataacca aaaataaata aatcaataaa agccaaataa atgtgtttac ttggaatttt    152040
     tatattttct caataatcct ttggttaagg gaaatttagt tacataaatc tagaaatgat    152100
     tgtgtacctt ccatatcaga actggtagtt ctgataaagt aatgtctaaa ggaaaattag    152160
     aaggcaagaa gtttgaagat caagctggag atagaacatt ttggtaatgc aaagaaaaca    152220
     gaagtacagg aagaagattt gagcaataaa ctactaatgt ttttgttaaa cattaaaata    152280
     gatatttggt aaacttttaa aaagagatta agtgaataga aaaaagatag aaaggagaat    152340
     gggatagata ggtagatata aaaattaatt tatttttatt ttatgtgcat tggtgttttg    152400
     cctgtatgta tgcctgtatg tgaggatgtc agatcttgga gttacagata gttttgagcc    152460
     accatgtgag tgctgggaat tgaaccctgg gtcctctgga agagtaatca gtgctcttaa    152520
     ccacggagcc atctttccag cccccaatat attttaactt tagttctaag gttggtgcat    152580
     tttatttatt tactttaaac tttttattga ttcttcgcaa gtacatgaac tccagtcccg    152640
     ctcatctccc tcttcccaca tatctgccct tcactcttgc agttaaccac cccacataaa    152700
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acactcactc accaccacca tcatcaacaa    152760
     taccaaaaaa caaggcatag aaaacatctc actgtggaac tgtagtatgt cacagtgtgt    152820
     cctacagtat agtcctctgt ccacacatct ccacttgcaa atgtccattg ttatgagtca    152880
     ttggtctggt ttggtagttt ctgtaatacc atcaatattg gatcctcatt gggactcctc    152940
     ctggttatct tattgttctg tgtcatggag atcctgcagc tttggatcaa taggactggc    153000
     cctttcactt atcccaacca tgtgcagatg ataaaaattt tagggtggcc catttcagag    153060
     ccctgatctg ggcctgggca atagctaaga aggttggccc aatgactttc ctttatcact    153120
     ctaccagggc aagttctcca gcactgctcc aggtaggcca cccaatgctg ccatcagcaa    153180
     gaagcagggt cagttctctt gctctcatgt ccttggggcc aactcactcc cactcaagct    153240
     tccagagcca gctccactgt gctacccagt caagctgtgg ggcccattct cccaagggct    153300
     acagcctgtg aaccggactc tcaccctctg ggacaactca cctgtgccct ctccaccagg    153360
     gccagctcta ctgtgatgcc caggcaaggt acagggccca ctctcctaag tgttgtggta    153420
     ctcccagaac ctttgtgaat ttgggttgta agtaaagcta tatttcctgt agatacctct    153480
     ttgcttccac agtaaagttc tttagccagc ttggttcaga tgttactaaa agattccaca    153540
     aatggcaaga taataaggct tgtgaatacc cattgctttt gtgcctccag tttagattgt    153600
     gttctgtatt agtattgtct cttagagctg tcagaagatt atttgtgtag cttttaaaat    153660
     gggtaacagc atgaagtaga tgctctaaag aatatttttg aatgattgtg taacaaattt    153720
     ggattataaa gtgctttgag tactgctgat atttaatgtc caactctaca tttaactcag    153780
     atcttctgta attagtattg ttacagagca taagtcaaaa aatttaggct caaaataaat    153840
     tagtgacttt tttagattta ctttgtgcct gtctggtaga gttaggattt agtgtaagtc    153900
     ttttgtttct gatttctgta tgctcaacat ttatgttctt ataatgccag ctagtcaaat    153960
     tgaaatctgc caagtaaaag tgtttaggag aaaataagaa atttagatat tgtttcatca    154020
     ctcaccatca gaaacagaag ttttctgttt cttcttagga tctaatgtaa tgctgggtac    154080
     accagcctgc tttatgcaca cccagactca gaagtgtaga acaaaactac taagaacttg    154140
     gcagaactgt aattatgcca tgtggagctt tacttcctgt tctcttcctg cagttaataa    154200
     catgattatt ttaacatgat cgtttcctgt ccttaaacat gctggtaaaa tcagtcttct    154260
     gtatctgact gtctcatact taaggttctc attgccattg tcattgtctc attgtcattt    154320
     acgcaggttt ctcagtcata aatacagatg gacaaatatg tgtgtacatt tttgttctca    154380
     tctccataga tgaaattcta tagggtgaca tgaatggttt aaaaggtaac tgtttaaggc    154440
     tgtgtgtgtg cgcacatttt actttgtaga gtgaacaaaa gtttgagatt ggaatgaggt    154500
     aactacttcc taaggagaat atgctgatgt agagctgtga aggaagtata gagaaaagga    154560
     tggaacatag agaagcatct taatttgttt tcagtatcat tgggtaggta taatacactc    154620
     atccttttgg aacttcatac atctttcaaa tgtatatgta gtaaagtttt cttctgttca    154680
     tcttttagtc acccagtcct ttctttggaa gctgatgtta cttatttctt cctttaaatt    154740
     tattttgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtatgggggt ggggggcact ggtagaaagt    154800
     tgtctgttga gtgagggatt tatctccata tctccatggc cagagtatct ttctgttcct    154860
     gctttaaaat ttttgatgcc atgagagttt atattcaagt gactaatatg ttgtcactta    154920
     ctaatacagt tcattgagag ctgttgtcaa atttcccaaa cctgctgagt agatctttat    154980
     ctggtactag tataatttat ctcattttga acttaaagga agacctttgt attactccct    155040
     tctaatatct cctcttgtaa ctggatagtc tgttcctcgt gcccctttct ctgttaccag    155100
     ttaatactgt gttaggtagt ttcggagcct tgaggaaaat aagtcttatg gaaaaacaaa    155160
     tggttgagaa ttctgtaatg agatgtgact taaaattata aataatgcct aagttatttc    155220
     aaagtggtag aggtaaatgg gatttttctg ggaaagctag atttttatta cctacatttg    155280
     gaggtaaaat attttgtaga tcagagattt ttatttcaca tttatatgac tgcatatttt    155340
     tcaccaagct ccctttgcca ttcttgctgc agggtgaccc ttagggtgtt gatttaaaga    155400
     agattttagg gcctaaaaga acagcccaaa gggggctcga gagatggctc agcagttaag    155460
     agcaccagct gctcttccag agatcatgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    155520
     taaccataca gatggttgga ttagatgccc tcttttggtg tgtcagcaac agcatgctca    155580
     tatacataaa taaataaacc taaaaaaagt tgggtgtgat gccaactttc agtacttgga    155640
     agccagaagc aggcaaattt ctgtcacttc agggccatcc agagctacat gaccctgtct    155700
     tgaacgaaca aaaaactcaa ggcaataacc tggtcagccc tgtagtttct ttctctcttc    155760
     ttctcctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt    155820
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc ttaaatggtt ttagagcttt    155880
     attgtagaaa ggcagggaga aaggagagaa ggtagaaaga gagagggaga ggctggccat    155940
     ggccacgtgg agagaggggg aagggaaaga gagaaagaag gctagagagt aagagaggtg    156000
     agggctaaag agccagtcct gtagtttcat ctgtactaat agcagtatat tgaaaggagg    156060
     aagagaattt tcctgagaaa gaaagtagaa gaaaggggag agagaagaga ggggaaaggt    156120
     ctgctgagag agggaaaagg atattgggaa tggtgtgggc aaagtagatg gtgcagaaga    156180
     attggagtag aggaataggt ggaaagaaat gcctcaaagg atttgtcagg tacagatagg    156240
     atttatcacc ctcatattgt acagtaaaga aaaataccca agggaactgc tctcgtttta    156300
     tttgagtcac ttcatttgac acgctaggaa tttggtatct gataatcttt cacatcactc    156360
     tgacttactc tggaatattt gaaaacctca ctggaagtaa ttatattcct gatatcagtc    156420
     tgagtggagt tttttgtttt tgttttgttt tttttttagt gtggaatcga agtgaaatct    156480
     atgtacagac attttaataa ccatcaaaat tataacactt agttgcagga aaaagcaacc    156540
     agtgcaaata attaatgtga tgatttaatg aacaatacca tctgtgatca tccctataag    156600
     caagagtgca gtgaaaacag tgagctagac tactgctcta tgggtagaaa gaaaagttta    156660
     tttgggaaat tagaaccttc tatggctatt tcttttggtg ggttgcttga acagcctgaa    156720
     actaagagta gtagcgaggt ttgcaggccg gaagagccag gagctatcct ggggtctttg    156780
     gtttgtatta ggtgtgtgct aataaggaaa ttgttggctg tgaggcagat aaaggaaata    156840
     atggttcttc ctgacaaaca gagagatctg cttcacaagt ttctgaggaa ttctgatagg    156900
     cttttgttta tatcttagca attcttctgt ttcagtctga gtgcagactg aggtgtcatt    156960
     tacaacatta ccagtgccat tttgcaggac ccatttagtt ggaatatcca tcttatctta    157020
     ccttttctgt cccagaggtt ggactatgat ggtgtgtgtc ttgttccctc ctcctccatt    157080
     gttattttca taactttgat tgtgaagtat atctagattt cagaatgttt aaagttcaag    157140
     gaaatacact tctcagaatt aagccttt                                       157168