ID   AL732543; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 195272 BP.
AC   AL732543;
DT   23-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-13D22 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-195272
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lovell J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 043be17993816ec3dc5943fc7d007496.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456106.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028523; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028524; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066090; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028502; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028503; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028465; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028466; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028412; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028413; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028484; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028485; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028198; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028199; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028924; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028925; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027634; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027635; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028167; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028168; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028315; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028316; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028282; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028283; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028416; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028417; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028309; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028310; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028959; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028960; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027360; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027361; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027714; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027715; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL732543.8:1-195272; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030248; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106869; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000116317; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156596; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169211; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0066565; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0066569; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0066623; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0066627; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066512; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066516; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0066541; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0066545; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066208; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066212; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067016; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067020; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0066575; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0066579; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066156; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066160; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066291; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066295; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066213; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066217; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066394; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066398; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066202; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066206; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067197; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067201; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066111; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066117; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065409; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065413; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q9D5I4.
DR   InterPro; IPR005334; Tctex.
DR   InterPro; IPR016179; Insulin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR018808; Muniscin_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR022353; Insulin_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR028565; MHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR036168; AP2_Mu_C_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036438; Insulin-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037984; SGIP1_MHD.
DR   MGI; MGI:1346085; Insl5.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914594; Tctex1d1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1920344; Sgip1.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9D5I4; TC1D1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1Y7VP18; A0A1Y7VP18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1Y7VP38; A0A1Y7VP38_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-13D22 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..195272
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-13D22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    85461..85583
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34132, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    91111..91378
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34132, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    99340..99395
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    99340..99341
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    100138..100143
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    103290..103300
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    116533..116584
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    117276..117302
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    118460..118494
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    120160..120207
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    121298..121443
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34133, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    143639..143757
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34134, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    148149..148168
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    150630..150662
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    158862..159132
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    164578..164726
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    164967..164984
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    176937..177247
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_34135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    182245..182277
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 195272 BP; 56391 A; 42444 C; 40157 G; 56280 T; 0 other;
     tctttgagag caattttggc tgagctagcc atgattctga ttgaagtgtc tctacttctt        60
     gttcagccaa gatgtgcaca gccatttcac tgtccactcc tgtccactca gactgagctg       120
     ttgtttctgc catgccttct ccagcttggc agggtgactg aagtccccag aaaccatgac       180
     ccaaagtaaa tacctccgac ttaagactgt ttctgtcggg cattttccac ggcaatgaca       240
     ggagtaactg acacattgag cctggagtga ctgtatcaga atcatttggg gaactctctg       300
     ctcaagagct ctgaacacta gagataagac cttggaacat agaaacttca aaagctccac       360
     tcatgatcta tacagcattg gacagagagt gtggtggtca gctctcattt agcatgtcct       420
     cctcattgac ccagaaaata atgcctagga tgatgatgat gatgacgacg acaatagagt       480
     atctgaaaag atgaaagaca gtgctgggaa ttttctagaa cccaggcttg ggaagattca       540
     tctggggttt tagaatcatg atcaaatgaa acctgccatg aactactgat ctttctaaac       600
     taacaggttg gggtctagat gttatctgta agaaatagta gcctttgtga atattgacat       660
     ctccctttta taaatcatct gggttacact gtgctggagc tgggatgctt attcaaaaga       720
     accttcactg aaagtttaat ctagggctga gcaggcagct ccgtggtaga gcactcgcct       780
     agctagcatg tttgaggttg tgggttcaat ccccagcaca aggctacagg gaaaaagaaa       840
     caaaaagttt gatataaatt tttagagcag gaaagcctaa tctttgggga gcaaaatata       900
     tctgtggaaa gatctagaaa tgaagaccaa atgaaatagt aaataaagca atatggacca       960
     ttacgttttc tttcatagac ctgtatctaa ataaccccaa atcagtcctg gaacagggtg      1020
     gtgtggcaga tggaaggggc ctggggacac tgtagctctt catcacctcc ctgttactca      1080
     gttcttccca tagagtaata accgcacacc acgagtgaga tacactgtct gacagctcag      1140
     gaatccctct catgcctgct gctttatttg acctagtact ctggtaaagt aggtagattc      1200
     tgtgtctaca caataactct aagataaaat gcaagtcaga caagacacag tgctggggaa      1260
     agaaaaaaag gaaactttac tgctaaccaa cgttactaag accatcaacc tccttccttg      1320
     ggtctatttc cagcactgtg acctgtatct cataatgtaa catattattc tatgtaagaa      1380
     gccactaggc tccagaagcc taccgagtct gaaataatta atgaaggagt ggcctatgtt      1440
     tccatcctga gcattctaga caatgagact cctctactgc agaccggtgt agacagtgtg      1500
     ggttaaagca tttgaacttc ccaaaatagc cggagtgagc tactttgtat ggtttattgt      1560
     gaaaaaacaa ttcctggatt tcggtgggct aacctgagtc tgagccctca atctgtagct      1620
     gcctggtaca cgaccctgat caaggccacg aactcgaatc cttgcccttg caaggacata      1680
     acaaaattaa tgttgttgca tagaatgatt gggaggacaa actatgtgat gggattacta      1740
     cccaatgcat aagttattat cactgtgtaa tcgtgtgatc tacttcatgg acaggatggg      1800
     tgcacccttt gtacagttta aaacagttct gtctttggcc agcccagccc ttcccactgt      1860
     gataggttct gagttctttt cactccttca tctcaacata gggttatctt tccgctgtgt      1920
     gtcctaaatg attacttaaa ctcctcattt tctgaccatt tttatagcac ggtcttattt      1980
     cagcgtgcca acaagaattc ttaattcttg actagatggt tttaaggatc ccaaaaccta      2040
     atcttcattc tttaaccaat cttcattatt aaaattagat taactgggta gatgtttctc      2100
     taaagtttgt atttgcttcc caggaaccta caggctgaat tacacatcac tatagtgaca      2160
     taaagaagct cttgacgtct aatctttacc aagctttgct gcattatcgc ctgtcactgt      2220
     ctccttgtaa tttaataaga aatagcaaat tgctttttct atatatacca tccagttcat      2280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgagacttag gaagaaattc tcttacaacc tatagctctg tatcagtagt      2340
     tccccagcac aaaccctgta tgcagtgttc ctaagctcaa gaccctgagc ctcgcaattg      2400
     ccttgcccac aggaaagaga gacagacaga catggggaga tgtcagaaaa taaatcagag      2460
     ctaccacatt ccccagacat ctccatgaag aatcgtaatg tggatttgtt tttgacctga      2520
     ctacttgaat taaaggagac tgattgcccc cactagccca agctgtgtct aaaaggaatt      2580
     ggctgtgcag ggaagcaatc agtggaaata aaggtgacaa aaatgtactg tgtgacctgg      2640
     catatcccag aacccttaga agatatagcc caactacagt tcccaacccc tttatatcca      2700
     aatataggct gatattcttg ctaggacagt ttgtaacagt cactattttc atctaaagga      2760
     aacacaggta aggctaattt ggtgactgaa actcaacaga aaaaggatat ggagttttga      2820
     tgtctgacac cactttcagt ctctggctca gttagctgtg ttttagcgga gagcagcatg      2880
     tgtcatactg tgtctggatg ccttctatca ctttgtgcct caagcccatg taacaccaga      2940
     gttcgaatcc acctgactct tctagatggt ataggtttgt cactcactcc acctccattg      3000
     ctttgagacc tctcacaaat gtaattaatt tcaaggtaca ggaactaagg agttagatgc      3060
     cagccttttt cccagaaagc acttttaatg tattagaggc tgacatggtg gcacacacct      3120
     ataaccccag cacttaggag gctgagacaa ggttgcctta gttcaagggt agcctgggct      3180
     tcagagtaag gtctcaagcc ccaccccctg agatgcacaa gtcactgtat atctaaacac      3240
     taaactgacg caagacacac tcagattaaa tcatgctgtc attttaagcc ctaggtttta      3300
     tgtgagccct gggttctctc agacccttta gcttcccaca ggtaaaatgc aggtggaggt      3360
     tcttctccag caggactgac ttcagggctg aacagataag tcctgggaga ctgcccagct      3420
     ctagaacagc acactatagg cactgtgggt ttttttttcc ttcatcatca ttactaatgg      3480
     ccaagctctt tatctctgtt acttcaataa ttgaattttt aatctttttt ttcacctcct      3540
     actccagttt gaaagcttca ggcccagcaa gattattgta gctatttgta atagaaacag      3600
     aaatatgaat gactaagcca gccagagaaa aattaggaag gttccctggg gagatgtgac      3660
     agaagcgctt gataattgac tccaatccag agcattcatc ttcatgggtc cagggacaga      3720
     cactgcatct taaccctgac ttggactgat tcctccaagg tgtaaagtca ctgatgactc      3780
     tatgatgagt caccagatgc ttggtgcacc tgggccatct ctgccaagat agcttgttac      3840
     atgttgttat acagtaatgt aaatacggca tcactggaga ctaagagact tgggtgatac      3900
     tcatagatcc atttaggagg cctgtaaact ccctgcactt aatagacaaa ggttgccaaa      3960
     tatccgttca tgcctgtatt ttctgaggac aggactaatt ttttttttat tattattaaa      4020
     ttctcaaggg tgtgggtgag aaaaagatga agagagccac tgctccacaa agaaagacca      4080
     tgactgttgc agtgtagaga gaccatgttc atgagtatgc ctttcctgca atctcaagat      4140
     aggcatcacc aagaagacaa ctctgtagtc ctgcattgtg tctaaaccgt aatacgtcgt      4200
     gctgcaactc gtgactgtgt tcatttctga agagaattca cggatattcc aaaatccctc      4260
     ttacaagctg gtaaaactca tttgagtttg gaatatgctc ctaaccataa actcatcttt      4320
     gtcagtctct taacatttca aatggatgtt acctttttct caaatgccta gctctgtgcg      4380
     actgaggagc cacagcgtgg cgtttcctcc tgctttatcc agtacattat gtttgttatt      4440
     tatgaataaa acctgctgaa tcctggagaa tgcctttagg ctgggggaaa gcacttgcca      4500
     ttgggcatgt ggtgagtggt atcagcacac catcgtgctg agggctttgt gctggacttt      4560
     gatgacaagc agaatcaaag tgaggaggcc aaagttacca tctctgttgc taaaattaaa      4620
     aactgaaaat tcagagatgg aaataggaca tcctcttccc ctagcccaga ctgcaaggct      4680
     gagtccagtc tccactgagg cctgcagtgg caccctcccc cccactaggg gacccttttg      4740
     caaactctag tgctttgaga ggagaaggca gcttgaaaag ttagtatgat aaaaagagca      4800
     atttattttt tttccagcca ttccaaccac tgacagttct ttctacactt ttgtttcctt      4860
     ataaatttaa atttccttct ctgtaataat tatcaagaag acaaaacata gcagacaggg      4920
     ccaggaatat tggaagagga gagtaagtct gagggtctca gcagagagca ggaagccagt      4980
     tcagctcctg tatggttggg gtgctgtgta cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct      5040
     ccttcttctt ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct      5100
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc agccacttgg caaaaagaac ataagtgctt agcacacaag      5160
     cccacgggcc ttgaagattt ctaccactta gatgctgtga ttttttttta aggtgataat      5220
     taatgcttgc acagagtgtg gtgtatctgt attagcccaa ggctatgtat tctttttata      5280
     gtaactcatg ttactgtttt tgaagtattt gttgtgcata tgaattgtac atgatattgt      5340
     gttacatgag gacattttcg tttgagcata cattgtacct tgtgcattct tatttcacag      5400
     aagttagttt tggaaaacta agatcttttt ggagttcacg agccatagta gtatttctaa      5460
     aaggcaatgt gcatacaatt atatccacag gtttatgcat gaaatatagc aatataataa      5520
     caaaaaaata taaattaaaa acaatataat gacatataca ttgtgcttac atagtatcag      5580
     gtcctctaaa tactataagt aatccagaga tggtttaggg tacataggaa ggtataagtt      5640
     agataaaact aatatactat tttatataaa gcagttgggc atctgtgaat tttgatatct      5700
     gaagggaatt cgggacctaa tcctcacaaa cactaagaca tgactgtgaa gttatatgtt      5760
     catacatgta tagtatggac atacataatc ctatcttgat ctaaagtcat gaaacgatat      5820
     gcattatttt tatatcactg actcaaatac ttgacagaaa cttcaaggtg ggatgctaac      5880
     tttggctccc agtttcagag gaattcgatc cattatagtt gggactgcat agcagaacag      5940
     ctccatcagc tatgacaaga gcatgttcgc atggcatccg acaggaaaca gaaagcaaac      6000
     cagaactggc agtggataga acctgtgaag accaacccct aatgacttcc ttctgtcttt      6060
     caaagactcc acagacttca aattagcact gcagtctagg gagcaagaat acagaatatg      6120
     agtctatggg aggcactcta gactcaaatt gtaacacctt tctttgttct ttggatctgt      6180
     cttttgagaa gggtctcctc tgtaggcttg actggcctgg gactcactct cccagagtct      6240
     agcctggaac tgatggagat ctgcctgcct ctgctccctg ggtattggga gaaagtgttg      6300
     gttaacacca ccatacctag ctttaatctt ccatggagaa gagtgtcatt tttgtaactg      6360
     tgttaaataa cttaaaagtg ctttttatat atatcattgg ttagaagagt ggttctcaac      6420
     ctgtaggaca tgacccagtt gggggtaaca catgaccctt tcacagggat tgcatctcag      6480
     atatcctgca taccagatat ttatattgta attcattaac agtagtaaaa ttacagtttt      6540
     gaattagcaa tgaaaataat tttatattta gggtcaccac aacacaagga actgtattag      6600
     agagtcacag cagtaggaag gtggagaacc attaccttag aatattaatg aatgctctat      6660
     gaggtcattc acagagatta gggacactgc tgctacactc tgggctggta caggggccat      6720
     caaagccttt ggttctctaa ggcacaaaat gtaccacttc ctctctggca gctgctattc      6780
     ctacagatgt ttaactttgt ccctttgaaa ccctctaatt tggagctgca tttcctatct      6840
     gaaaagggag attttacaag gacagaagcg ccaagggcag gttatctgtt cttaaagaaa      6900
     gggcctggca tgagtctgat ttagaaaatt taatcaaaat actgagacaa agttcaacta      6960
     taaaggtatt ggcatcactg gaattgcgat ttacattgtt aggataatgc tattcagcta      7020
     aattggggtt tggcatgctc ttccagacat ttcaaaagtg atgagatgca tttagctcaa      7080
     aaatagaaac aaacactata ttaaaacaat accactcagt acagtagagt tctatggaag      7140
     gcagacacat tgttctttcc acccttatta ctctgttcat gtttcataga gaaatgttta      7200
     atgtggaaca tggtagaaag acacagttgg tccgtccaag gggatgagcg agtggagact      7260
     gcccctggtt ttctaggtgt ggccttctgc tgtcatcacc ctggacttcg gctttgctcg      7320
     tccgttatca acccacacct tgtcccacat gctgatgctc tgtacactga ctacctgtag      7380
     gttgtgtcac gctatttccc ccttctcgtg ctttcttgga ggctggtctt agaaaagtcc      7440
     atttccaaga cgaaattttt cttaaactgt cacttgggac agggacaaaa atttgtaaag      7500
     tattcttcat tttccagagg aacgattcag taaactctac tacggatgtg tggtgttttt      7560
     aattccagaa aggatttatc ctaatgtcca ttttatattc agacttgatg tctagaaaat      7620
     atcgattgtg atgagctatt tatgtcgcta agcttgctac atgcaaggat aatttgctcc      7680
     ttgttgccga cccatgtgaa aagatccatt ttatggattt tacttggaga gagccaggca      7740
     cggaatctcg tgacaggaag gtgaggaata cagcatggag ttttccatga acacgtgtga      7800
     tcatggagtc attcattcat caggattcgt ggcaccttat agtgtttccc agcagcgagt      7860
     gccagatgtg atgtcatcac atggcccctg aggggaaatg gaactcccct ctgtgggtct      7920
     aatgaagaaa gagcccttgc tgttggaact gaattctata ctttcctttt acattatatg      7980
     cacctctggg gcttactatt ttcttaccct tgataaaaat gataataaaa ttacataaat      8040
     aaatgatggc ttgtactcag gcagctctct ctatatacaa atatatcttc tcatttacta      8100
     gtgtagtcat ttgatgcata taatttacag tcacagaaat tcaattctta agaaatgatt      8160
     tttctgacat atcgcataga tagtcagtgg tgaagctaga atcagatttc agatctgatt      8220
     ggcaaagtga gacaaaactg aaggagttga gtctacaagc tatgaggggg gtccataaga      8280
     cgaaccacat gggactgcca cagttgacaa cattacacat cctgtcacaa cccaaaagtg      8340
     cttatgagat aagaaatgct ttagtgttca gctgtgccag aaaattaagt gttttactgg      8400
     gagtttgtgt ttcttcagga agacagaact caaacacttg ttttcaaata attatgtatc      8460
     acagtactct gccatttgat gaactaggaa acactagttt cttgcttatc aatatggcca      8520
     cactaccaat ggattcctat tattctggag ctttttggtc ccaggtaata gatattgctg      8580
     gggaattaaa cagactcctg atacattttt cacgtctaat gctttcaaag aattcccttt      8640
     acatttaaat tacaatatct taaactctat cctcaatagt ttgcatcaca aacccatccc      8700
     attgtactct caaaatccat gaagttgtgt gtagctgtta ttcgaaaagt agataaggtg      8760
     cagagtgagt gacaggtgcc ttctgagaag gggtgttgag ggtgtgagaa actgagctct      8820
     tgtctcatgt aagtcagagg tagtagaata ccaagcttag aagaacctct gttgcatgat      8880
     agatgctctc caggtcccct ttccatcaac cactgagcaa gaaggtggag agatcttcag      8940
     atagcgatca cccaggctcc acagtctgta tgactagcac tgaatgaagc acacatccct      9000
     gcccagtact agaaaaatag atagtaacac taaaatagaa aataaaactc accggagact      9060
     ggaaatttcc attctgagac ttccacatat atgcgtatgt gtgagtgagt gagtgagtga      9120
     gtgagtgagt gagtgagtga gtgagcatat gtaccctgat ttgtcttggc acctgcaaac      9180
     cctccccaac ctacctgtga catacagata gcactgattt ctatgtcttt gcacagataa      9240
     attctggttt tgaggcataa acagaaaact caattgaatg ataagtcatc atatatctcc      9300
     ttttgaaaaa gaaacaaaca gacctcattc aggtaaaaaa ttaacccaaa ggaaagcaaa      9360
     ctggacagta atgggaaagc tttctgtcag ccctggtcct atagtgtttc atccagggta      9420
     gaagaggctc tttggcagaa ataaaatctg ctaccacatt tatcaactta ggctttgaga      9480
     taagtttctc agaggttcat taaaagcggg tgggacaccc agagattgag agtgactttt      9540
     gattggtgat gactgttgta accaaggcaa atttaagatt ttaaaatttt aattattttc      9600
     aatttttgct attatttttt tatcattatt tctagagaaa tagagctata gagctgctgg      9660
     cagtggtgaa attgggtatt tagttaccct tgtgtcatca tttagagcag cagacttgtt      9720
     ttagaacatc aacatgtcaa gatgggcaag agaaatatgc acaaagtaat acccagtata      9780
     cttcaggttc tatttggttt tcttactgca ctaaaaattc taaaacttac aaaacactgt      9840
     ataattatta gttgaggaag tggagactca gcaagattaa gcacccatcc ctgatgtcag      9900
     cgaaggtaag cagggaaccc aagtctggac tcaatgtccc cacttccttt ccagcaaagt      9960
     atgcgctgga gcatctgggt acagtgctgg cagctcagtc agtcatccac tgcttcaaat     10020
     cctggtcacc gggcccccca gttccattaa cactggcaca gcaaacagga cctttggaat     10080
     caaatgtatt ctgagactat cttctctaat atgtccttct atgtcaccta agggtcaaag     10140
     agttctcact caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccatttagcc cttgaagttc ttcactgcca     10200
     tctgttagga ttctccattt cagtgcttaa acttgctgtt tgatcattcc agatttttac     10260
     gacccactgc tgttggatgg tcatgggatt cttcccaatg ggcttagctc agaatgtcat     10320
     gtaaacaggc tttgcactta ccaagtacaa aggtcccttg ggcttccttt gatcactgaa     10380
     atgtcaaact acagtactca gaccaaaaca gaggcctgtc taccaactct gaataattcc     10440
     ttcggttaaa actgcaaata tatagagcag ccagtaaacg tgtaactgaa tgtcacaagc     10500
     tggaatactc caaaacactg gccgcaactc ttcctgcttc ctggcattca cttttaataa     10560
     acatctccca cattccaggc agcactgtaa gccttggaaa tcagaaatat caaaaactca     10620
     tgggagggac tggcttgtgt cttaagtgac ctggagaacc ggaataagac tttttttttt     10680
     ttctttgaac agtctgaatt gaaacacaga acttgtgctt aaaactgaag ggagggctga     10740
     gaatttgact gggtgccatt cccaacctta gaagagatgc tgtcgtgcaa agcccctgcc     10800
     tgcatctttc ctgagataca gccgtcgtaa tgaatactca ttgctatgct ggagtcgcca     10860
     tctgcatggg gcatcatgcc cagggcaatt agatttgcct ggtttttatt cctgagacta     10920
     aatgcttggc ctgggttcat gcagaaaaca agtaattcca ttacatgtgg ttcaccttta     10980
     agtaaccctc aacattgatg aagactccag ctgaaaattc acattcgttg cagaaataat     11040
     ccacttatcc agacttgatt aagcttccct tctgttactg ggaaacacgc aaagatttcc     11100
     acatgcaaaa tatagtcttt atgtttaatt aatgtgcagc ttaatttgcc tagaaatgtc     11160
     tttcctttaa aaaaaatcac attggagagg acattacttt tggtaagcag gcgaaaatag     11220
     ttgtaaacac taaaagaaag atattccaag gaaaagagga agccaggact cagtctggca     11280
     gagggatctt tataatgtag tctgtagacc tgcctctgct tcttctcatg tgccgtggtg     11340
     tgttccgggt aggcatgact ctaattgccg ccctctagca ctggggccaa ggcaaagaag     11400
     ttccttcctg ctggatttct tctctccatg cttcatatcc aggttggagg agaagacacc     11460
     tggaaaacag agtcctgaga gtcatcctct ccggaactag aatcccaagt gcatgcctgg     11520
     ctgctttgtt ttcttttcct tgtggattgt ttgtttgttt tatgagttct ggagattaaa     11580
     ctcaggtcct catgtttgca ggacaagcgc ttgactaact ctcctaatgt ctactcttaa     11640
     ggccagaagg ttctggtatg tgttgtatat gtttattttc acatattttc atcagtaacc     11700
     ggtatataca ataccagtaa gatgaaacac aatcatcttt tattataact aatcagacca     11760
     tgacattttg ttttccatct tcaattttta tgttgcattt tttaaaaatt aaaggcaata     11820
     ttagacccat tcataagaga ggattgttgg ctttaacata gcatttcaag caaataccct     11880
     gtttttaata ctgtggctct gcattgaaca aagactgagg gatttttttg ttctgttttt     11940
     gtttgtttta gtttggcttg attttggttg tttcaagaca gaggttctct gtgtaagagc     12000
     cctggctgcc caggaacttg ctcgctttgt agaccagtgt agcctcaaac tcacagaaaa     12060
     cagggcctag agaccccaga gttggaactg acccaagtgc ttccctccta aggactagat     12120
     ttcatagtac tgaaaatgcc atggaagctt ccaaatgagg gagacaacca acagttctac     12180
     tcatctagaa cacctgtgaa ccacaaaaac agccatcttg gcaccatcac cggaaggatg     12240
     cacttgtggc acatactcct tggctagaat caacaattct ttaatttgac ttaagacctg     12300
     ttcaacagac agaaaccatg tctggtgctg gaaacctagc taattattca gtgttaatga     12360
     agtcatggca aacctgtcct taaagccata gattggtggg gtcttcatcc ctattcaagg     12420
     aaatttctct ttgcaacagt cagagaccac tacagaaaac cacaacaaag agaatgcagc     12480
     tttataagcc agtgccaatg gatacataga atatttgtta cgattttatc tcagggtatg     12540
     catctagtga ctgctcactt gactacagtg agagtaatat gtgtaaggac tactcaggac     12600
     tgtggcagaa gatggacttt ccagtgtgca tgcagagcat cttaatattc aattgtggga     12660
     agccacatga gctgttgcaa ggtggcactg gctactgctg gccaccaagc ataagtttgg     12720
     gcaaataacc aatgtgtaca tatgcagtaa agttttttgc caagacactg cctggcccgg     12780
     gcatgataat gaggttctga gagtataacc aatcagatgt gagacatgca aatgaggtat     12840
     gttaatgagg tcctgtgagg tacagagaga gagagagtaa ccaatcagat gaggaacatg     12900
     caaatgaggt atagtgcata accaatccgg gtgtgagaca cgcctctcct aggcctataa     12960
     aagcagcacc agttctgggc ttggggtcac ttcgcctctg caatcaagct ctcccaataa     13020
     acatgtgcag aaggattctg ttgcagcgtc attcttgctg gccagtccgg cacgcgcaag     13080
     agtcaatgac aaaatggaac tctcaggacc aggtttggtg gtgcacacca tccatctcag     13140
     cactcagaaa gcagaggcag gtggatttct gtgagtttga agccaatatg gtctacaaag     13200
     tgaaaaagtt atttttttta aatttggttt tgctttttaa attagttagc gagtactaca     13260
     gagaagacac caatcaacat aataatttgt gtttcaaatt taatttttac aaatttgttt     13320
     ttaatccata acctaccata aggggtgtgt ttaaggatga tggagaggcc ttgttctcta     13380
     gctgttctgg tatctgagga gaagaggagg agatagtctc tggcacatga catgtggatg     13440
     gtgcaaatgc tgatccacgt gtctgcacac ctcaagacat acagtgtgtc ttcccttcca     13500
     tccaggcttg gcaaaacaag ttttagagtg atttctgcct gcacctgtta taggacatga     13560
     ggaaaagaac cctcaggcta caaagtctgt ccctcctgaa gagccactgc ctgagaagag     13620
     acttaggcaa aacactaagc cttcaggcaa catgaaatgt tcataagcag gttagtagtg     13680
     atcttttaga aggacactag caaatatatt ttgtctggct tagatgatgc caagttagta     13740
     gttagtgatg ctcacagcag aaaggctttg acaacaaatc atccaaggca ccaggactta     13800
     acaagaacaa gatggagagc agcatcccta tgtgtatcta atgtggagaa cgtcagttat     13860
     gtaccaagaa ggtttggagc agcagcttat ttaggactct ggagatgcag gaatcagtgt     13920
     agctcagtat atgatgtaaa tatatgaaag atcagcaagt ggctggcatg agaactacag     13980
     ggactcatga aagacaagaa gtggcaagaa tgtctgctca ctctatagac tcatcttacc     14040
     tgcaggaaga catctctgta ctgcctcgaa gataatcaag agagtctcag taactatgca     14100
     aattacatat tttttcaaca gcacttctta acactctttc tcaaaaggag aaaccaagac     14160
     agtacagtgg cccccagtta agtgttaaag gcttcatcgt ggttgttcag atactgatag     14220
     aagagcaatg aacaggcatg agatggagag tctttggtgt agaaagttgg catgaggaag     14280
     taagtacagc tgacaagaga cagaggatgc aggatcttga cccaaatcat tctctttcaa     14340
     cagtaatgat atgacgagcc cccaaccagg tgagtttgaa ctagaaaacc aggttgtttg     14400
     ttctagaaaa cagagggaag accctcacat acaaagaaac tgaccttgat aggtatgaat     14460
     gaagctgagc agcctaaagt tctacaagga aagaagcctg caaatctgag cactgggagg     14520
     aaggtttggt gccacagaga tcagtgcaac cagcaaaagg agccactgaa acaagtgctc     14580
     ctacagaaag aagatgcatc tgaggaaggg acatctgtag aatcctcata caggtaccgc     14640
     atagttaaat aggcttatgg tggagttgtt ggattccacc tcagaagaag tagtaactgg     14700
     agcactaata gtacctgcaa gtagaataac ccaccttgtc tgtaaaggcg aggaatcagg     14760
     aacactggag caaattagta gtagacttct agaaacacaa ctaacaccaa agctacgtct     14820
     ccatcccaaa ctgaagctgg ccgttatctc accaggcatc atcaaccaca gactctgctt     14880
     gccaggacca cagtccacgt cctggatgca ggacgttggg caggagctgg acggtgatag     14940
     ttgtcttgtt attgccatat tccattcccc tttgagtgca aaagaaatga atggaagagt     15000
     tcaattattg gaccatttaa agggccactg gtagaaatga gacataaggc ctttgcaact     15060
     ttatggccct agagcttcta caaattctcc tgtctccatc cagggtgaac actactgcat     15120
     ctggctttat acaggttctg gggactcaaa ctcagattct catacctaca cagcatgtcc     15180
     tttatccact gagccatgcc cagtgtgaac atgagctcct cagacaagat caaaggacca     15240
     agcaacggaa taaagtgtgt ttgtttctag aagctctgca catacctgac gaaggaaaat     15300
     atgtgttctc agtaaattct catggaaaca ccgttcttca cagtggaggt cacgaggaac     15360
     acaaacgtgt aactgtcttt cctttgacat cacagcatga cagtgtcatg taacaagttc     15420
     acagtagaga ataacacaat tgaattgttt ttttaatcac aatcaccaaa aattgcgtca     15480
     aaacatttta aataatgaat gatttttgtt gtcatatgtc attatcaaag accataggcc     15540
     tcttatgaca atctaccttt tacctttttc tttccctttt tttctctcct tttgcaaaat     15600
     accctggcct gaactcttcc atatcttttc tattacaata aaatgcacat gacatacagt     15660
     ttttcctttg tgtcgtttag catacataac tcatctcatt tcatatactt tcaatccctt     15720
     gaataagcac caccatctag attcaggatt ttccatcatc agaaaaaagg gcccctgtca     15780
     ttcaagtctc ctcatcccct ccttccagcc agccctgtca acattactct gatttctatg     15840
     ttgttgaatt tgcctttgct gggtattttc tataaataag aatgaataat aggtgatgat     15900
     gctctgtcat ggtgaattag ttaatctgtt ttggctcccg gtgggtctca cgcatgctgc     15960
     acccgcccaa gaggtctctg tatttgtgaa tgaaagatgt acacatgcca gctaattttg     16020
     atatgccttg actagctcag tggctgggca tttctaaccc tccccatggc tagcatacat     16080
     ttccctctgg tattcctggc ttatcatctt ttaaaatcta tattttatct ttgctgccct     16140
     gttacctttt gggcagaccc tgcccccata gggctgcatt ccttctctac ctacattgtg     16200
     gatgctttct ctcctgcagc aatttttttt gatattttat ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt     16260
     atcccctttc ccaatccccc cccagaaagc ccctcccatc ccctgtcctc ctgcttctat     16320
     gagggtatgc tcccactcac ccaaacactc cctcctccct gccctcacat tcccctacac     16380
     tggggcatcg agccttcaca ggaccaaaga cctcctttcc aattgatgcc tgacaagcat     16440
     atggctggag ccataggtct ctccatgtgt actccttggt tggtggttta gaccctggaa     16500
     gctctggtta gctcgtattt ttgttcctcc tatggggttg caaacccctc cagctccttc     16560
     agtcctatct cttaactcct tcctctgagt catggcaatt ctcctcttcc tccaccttct     16620
     ccccatccct tgtctacata atctaaaagt ccctcctcca tcttctgctc agccattggc     16680
     tgtatggaac cctttattat cacttgaagc cagcttgggg cagagaccct caggtctgga     16740
     agtgtggctt tgggagccaa attaagacaa agcattagaa tcaatttcca acagtgttct     16800
     atgtgtatct gccttcagac attaagatgt tttaaggtct atgttatagc agatatcagc     16860
     acttaattcc tttcaaggct gaataatatt ctattgtata tatatagcac atttcatctg     16920
     ctcataggga aatatttcat ctttatttta cttaataata taaactaaac gatgagacgt     16980
     gtttagaggt taaaggtttt tttttttcca ttttttatta ggtatttaac tcatttacat     17040
     ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccatat ccacccaccc ccactcccct gcccacccac     17100
     tccccctttt tggccctgga attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat     17160
     gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatatatatg cagctagagt     17220
     caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagctcata atgttgttcc acctatagag ttgcagatcc     17280
     ctttagctcc ttggctactt tctctagctc ctccattggg agccctatga tccatccatt     17340
     agctgactgt gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctgggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac     17400
     agctacatct gcgtcctttc aataaaatct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg     17460
     gatgctgatt atggggtgga tccctggcta tggcagtctc tacatggtcc atcctttcat     17520
     ctcagctcca aactccgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc caaatctaag     17580
     gaggggcata gtgtccacac ttcagtcttc attctccttg agtttcatgt gtttagcaaa     17640
     ttatatctta tatcttgggt atcctaggtt tggggctaat atccacttat cagtgaatac     17700
     atattgtgtg agtttctttg tgaatgtgtt acctcactca ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc     17760
     atccatttgg ctaggaattt cataaattca ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt     17820
     gtgtagatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg aggggcatct aggttctttc     17880
     cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta     17940
     cctgttgggg catcttctgg atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ctccggtagt     18000
     actatgtcca gttttctgag gaaccgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcctg     18060
     cactcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctcgcca gcatctgctg     18120
     tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt     18180
     ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttcaagtg cttctctgcc     18240
     attcggtatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg ttcagttctg agccccattt tttaatgggg     18300
     ttatttgatt ttctgaagtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttggg tttttataaa     18360
     atgcaacatc tctgggcaag ccacgatagg agaaatggcg ttcattcaga gcctatgact     18420
     tacagctgca ctatagattc aggatttatc tgccacaaca ttacttaagc cacccctcaa     18480
     gctcattgcc taaagagaaa atgccaacta cattttcata tctgtaagat gggctagtga     18540
     aatggctcag tgccaagaat gtgcaatcag gaggacctaa gttcgaatcc ccagcaccca     18600
     tgtgaaaaag caagcttgcc tgtaatccca gcattagggg gtgaagatag gcagatactg     18660
     ggagctctgt ggctagtcag ccttgctgaa atgtcaatct tccagatcag tgagagacct     18720
     tgtctcaaga taatcagtag taggccataa aaggagacat ttgatatcct cttctggcct     18780
     ctgcatatac actcacggca catggatcca ttcactaatg tgtatacaat acacacactc     18840
     acacgcacac acacacaaac acaaatacac acaaaattta aagagtgttt taaacaaaaa     18900
     aaaaggttta cttatttatt ttatgcatga gtcctctctc tgcatgtaca cctgtctgcc     18960
     agaaaagggc atcagatctt atcatagttg gttgtgagcc actacatagt tgctgagaat     19020
     tgaactcagg acctctggaa aagcagccaa tgctgttaac cactgaacca tctcttcagc     19080
     cccttgtaaa acattttaaa gagataacat atgcagctgg tacctgacct atagacaggg     19140
     acagtttttg cttacttgcc ctggagtttt gcatgagcac caccaattcc tgtatccatt     19200
     gctcagttta attattcagg agcatcatac tcagagtttt ctaaataagc atctaacatc     19260
     ttttaatagt atatctcttt aatgttgtct cttcagaact tgactggctt gtctcaggac     19320
     accagaggaa agaacagaaa ttaagtcaga tagggggcac gcgccagctc accacagctc     19380
     agctaagaca tcagttctgg ggctgcccag aacttggcct tgactccatg gattgaaagg     19440
     aacccttctc accttggacc ttcacagcag agaaatcctc ttgctgtgga cctcagcacc     19500
     tgagaggggg aattgttttt taactgaaac caaatgtaac ttttgcatgc ttccattcat     19560
     gtgtggaggc cagaggattg cttgtgggag ctggttcttt ccttccacca tgtgggtccc     19620
     agggaatcaa actcagttat taagatcggt ggcaaacttc tttaccctct gagccatctt     19680
     gcttacccag tgtttcttga gcttattaca gtatgacaca aaatgtcttt accttgttat     19740
     tctgataata tcctggataa ccgtttctcc ttcctatgac tgtgggggct gggatggggg     19800
     agctgcagtc agttttattc tatgactgtg ggggcttggg tgggggagtt gcagtcagtt     19860
     ttattctatc ttaacatgag tttgggggac ggaacttgta gtgccaggtg aacgcctcta     19920
     ctcactgagc catctcactg tcttactcct cctaggagaa ttttccaaaa tacttttttg     19980
     gaaagttctc aaaaggtgtg actgactgta cctcatgttt agcagaggtg ttatgatttt     20040
     ttctgcttgg atctttaaca gatccaggaa catacaaata gcttacaccc tgcgttctgt     20100
     tttaatcaaa gttcgccttg cacgttcctc atctcctcaa gtcttgttcc tgtcatggag     20160
     ggatacaact tcattaatgc ttgacttttt tcctgaaatg tcacatattt gtgtgttcct     20220
     ttttatgttc tatgtgtacg tgtattctat gtgttagaaa catgactttc agtgacaagg     20280
     gagctccgga ggattttatg agagtgtgcg attcttttgc ctcttactgt tacttgcttt     20340
     ggtctaaact gaagactgga agcccaaaga gaacagagat ggcagtgacc tctgcagcca     20400
     gaagtgacgc tgtacagact ctctgtccca caattctggg tctggtgcac tttttcctgg     20460
     aaaatagata actgggacat tcgtaacctg gttcacactg gctgttctcc aaatgtgttg     20520
     gtccaaggct tgactgtctt gtttgcgaat acagcattac ctggaatctg aaagctgtgg     20580
     tgtttcttgg actgttctgg cggacatgct gtctctaaca gggagagtta ccaatataaa     20640
     gaacttgaaa atacaaggta ccaatggttt tgttatgtgg tcctaaagtc atcaatagtg     20700
     attcaggagt aagcaatcat tgtgaaccta cagagaaact ggaagcagca agaagctgaa     20760
     accgagggta aatggttaga agaaaaccaa tgattatgta accagagcat ttgtccctat     20820
     gtgggaataa gacagaatag agaaggacca gagactttta aaaaagagaa ttacaaatgg     20880
     gatgggatgg gggcgagcat tcctaaatat tatgaatcgt ttgaaatgtc agtcagctcc     20940
     ccctataaac ccatcatgtg aagagtaatg gagaatagtt ttgtgtggga aatggttttt     21000
     aaaaagagca ttgacatttt aaagacctaa acaccttaaa tagaatgact attaaatgca     21060
     aaaatcgagc tgcacaaaga cattttggaa actatatttg agtagtatcc ttagagacaa     21120
     ctaatgagtg actcagagag tcttggctga ctcacaggtc ttgagaaaga tatcaaatgc     21180
     ctgactcagt ggttgtgctt tgtaccaaac aaatcctaca aatatatata tgtatgtatg     21240
     tatgtgtata tatatatata tatatatata tagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     21300
     ctggctttaa agtttcagta gtccccctgt ctcagtctcc caactgctga gattattggg     21360
     ctaagtcacc atgcccaacc atatcagatt tttcttttta aagttcctat ctctcaatac     21420
     agctttcccc aaggctctga ttgtgggacc acttgctatc ataaaatagc acttgctgac     21480
     atagaaaggt cagctgcatg tatacctgtg gtgcatgtag gagatacgaa ggctcaaccg     21540
     gtccttgttg gagtaagaat ggagcccaaa ctgtggtcca ttcacaagaa tgaaagaagg     21600
     gagacttctt ccactcttaa aagatgggca gtcagatggg ggtggggtgg gcatacaggc     21660
     taaccagaca gaattctagg ctgggaggtg ggagctcaca gtcaccagag aatctgaaat     21720
     ttcagatgag tggcaccact aatgtacgat tcacacaaga gcatcactaa gactggtata     21780
     ggtcctatcg gcatgcagta ctggggcctg acctccaagg atgaatagca attctgatca     21840
     ctgacaaaat aagcagtgag tttcaaccag agatgaggat gctgcggaag agatgctgga     21900
     gttgcagtgt ccagaaaata gttaatatcc cagcctgacc atgatactga agatgagaga     21960
     ggaatgtaga gtgagagatg ggaagcaggg tgtgcatagc tcttctcgta tggctcatag     22020
     tctctgcatt tcaggaccca ccctggaaat ggctattcta agtctgtgac tccattactt     22080
     ggcaaagtct tgatcttact gatggatgac agtaatctaa gaaaagcctg tgatctttcc     22140
     caggcacagc atccttaggc acagcatcct tctgttgctt aggagtctaa gaacctccct     22200
     ccccggggct cacaaacacc tgttggaacc tcaacaatga atcacactcc catattcata     22260
     tgcatatgca tacgctgaca ctgctctatg caaagttaag agctatgtgg cagctttcct     22320
     tattctcttt agcactgggg attgaacccc tagggcctgg tctgtgccag gcaggtgccc     22380
     aaccactgag ccatgtcctt aataccccta ggccttattt tttctttact tttttttttt     22440
     tttaaatctt tgagacaaga aatcgcaaag ttgcccaaac tgatcttaaa ctcagtctgt     22500
     agcaaagaag gggccctgga ttagaaatgc cccagcctct ggggcgctag agcagtgtcc     22560
     actgtaccag gtctggctga accttccctg atacattcac ttgctctgct ggttgttttc     22620
     tgaccatttg ctgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttttaacca caggactgaa aaaacgtaca     22680
     aggaaggcct ttggaatacg gaagaaagaa aaagacactg actctacgta tgtaccttag     22740
     agtttgcccc actggcttca gtctaagtca ctgatgttgg tttaaagagg gcctgcccca     22800
     aaggctcttc tgagagcgga tgctcatttg tttggttttc tgggctttcc ccatttctgg     22860
     gtcaactgcc actgttcgtc atagatactt agatttgtgc ctttaaaagg tagacattat     22920
     tcatcacaga ttcaaaattt tttatcatgt attttcactg tctcatatct agtctgttac     22980
     ttccaagcag aggggcagaa aatgtgatta tttcatttgt agaagtaaaa aaagaaaaac     23040
     taaaaaaaca cccagttaca cttccagagc tatctgtatg agatcccaag agaataacat     23100
     aatacctatg taggcagatt caccctaaca caacccctag atgacacccc aaagctctta     23160
     tttgagatcc taagactggg caggcagaac cgtatggaca ggaagctcag ttcatttcac     23220
     tgccagaaag aaaccaatgc caaaacaaat ataggcttgc tttgatgtag ctaagtgatc     23280
     ctgcccaaga aattggactc tctgtgtccc ccgggagagt agaccctgga gagtgctagt     23340
     agcataacac gttcacttgg ttcttattta accatattga gtgttcattt tgaagctggc     23400
     cctgacacaa aattttagta acatcatccc tggccgggag catggactct cggtctagct     23460
     cagtgagagg agagcagcag caagcagcta cagctggctg taaggtgaac tgcaggtctg     23520
     cgaaggcctg ccgctctgag attccattcg gttccatcag aatggaatcc agcagaatcc     23580
     ttcacccagc gtacatgaaa aagaacaatc tagaaaaatc acagctatgt gtgaagaggt     23640
     gaacacaatt cattagttcc atcttcaagc ctttaatttt cactttaatt aaatataaat     23700
     cttatcatag gacagttagc attttcttgt gtccttccat gcaagaatat aaaattgagt     23760
     caataaagta ttacacaaat taaaaagtat ttcctgcatc taaaggcacc gggtaaagtg     23820
     cctagtgggc tccttcatat ttaataagca tcagctctga cgactctcct gactggtata     23880
     aactggcagt gatgagttcc tcgtgagcaa ttcccatgga atttcagaga aagttgaagg     23940
     taagaaaggc cacatttggc ctgatgcttc ctggcaggag gacattgagt ctagctttct     24000
     aaaaggtgag gggctttctt tcacacaaat ggaatgaaaa aagcaaaggc agagaggtgg     24060
     gaaaggtatc gggcatcagg acagggccag acagtgtcac acgcccgcga gccgttggta     24120
     aatgtggtct cgggaggcca ggatggaaag tggatgtggt aaaacaggaa gggccttaaa     24180
     tcataagctg agggccatcc atccttggca gtgggtcacc ttggacccct gaaatgtaaa     24240
     ccagagatgt gaggcactga gaagggagct tacctttctg tgtagatgct agatgttaac     24300
     tcagttgtta cagttgacgc ttcctctttt ggtaaatatt tcttggaaat tacgtttact     24360
     gtggtcctga agcaatttct aaatgattaa gttaggaata ttttttttcc tgagcatcta     24420
     atactttata atgcttcttg ataagtttgc cattttctaa atattaacca tcaaaataaa     24480
     ataacatccc ttactctccc ttggatacct gtctgtgttc ttgccccagt tcagtcagga     24540
     gagtcttcag aacttggaaa tcatgcagtt cgttacttgg cctcagtttc cttacctggg     24600
     acaatgagct ttctatgagg tgacgtccag gtcccctaga aggccacaca ctgagcagtc     24660
     ggccacacct gggggcgggg gggagggtgg caaagagatg gaaagggaga gggagaagaa     24720
     aagagagtgg gagagaaaaa gagagagtag gaggggggct aaatgagccc cagggcaagc     24780
     tcagctaatt tgtatgtggc caaagccttt ctttcccatt gccaagtcta ttaaagtaag     24840
     ttattcctca cacctttgcc tcagatgtcc cgtctctctg aggtcttcta atgaggcatt     24900
     actttataga gtctcaagtg tctttactta acttctcttg agtacagaat tacttacagg     24960
     agagcaaatt aataacctgg ctccccccaa cagcgatggc taaaggacag gctgtcttgg     25020
     gaaagctttt gttttcatga acccctgttc tcaaattgaa tcatggatca tacttggaga     25080
     aggaaccatc cacacaaaag ggttcataga acgctcgggc agtgtgctgt ccctccagct     25140
     ttagataatc cttatattag cctgcaatca gtgagacctt gttggtgccg ggcctttttc     25200
     agaattgttg caacctgctt agggttgcta ggcaacgcta gggtagcagc cagcatcaac     25260
     ttcaactgat tgaacctcct cagagagagt ggggcaaaaa ccagagcttc ctgatttgat     25320
     catcattaga gaggctgata gagagaggaa gggagggaga gccttgctaa gtggcagaat     25380
     atgtgactgc cctgttatcc ttcattttca cataattcaa taaggtcagt aacaatacct     25440
     cacttctaga gatgagacat cagtgccagc cggggttagc aagttgcaga aggccttgat     25500
     gtaagcaagg ctgagaacag aaccctgctc tagaaaagac gggaaagatc tgtaacccag     25560
     acagaccatt aaagagaaat ggcaaccgtt ccaggaaacc aacatttaaa attagaggcc     25620
     acacaaagat gatgaataac gaggtttaaa atagaattta tccaatataa agtatctcat     25680
     taagaaaaga agaaaactta ttaaaatgaa atacaggtct aaggcttgat tggttctctt     25740
     atggaatgca gtataaattt ggcattgtgt agaaaatggc gaattaaaag ctgcctctgt     25800
     gtgtcctggt gaagaacccg tctgtctaat tctgaaagag aaagaataga gaaacgtcag     25860
     aaactcacag aggggatggt agggcagctg gagagtgtgc acaaaaggaa agaaaggcag     25920
     tatatagaaa gaagcaaaag ccaacgagat ccacagaatc ctccgactgg aagcagcctg     25980
     aagcagccat cagctagcac ccacacacag agagctgctt tgagtcacca gcgggagcct     26040
     aaagctgcag tcttctgcaa gcacggcatg tggctgtccc ggagaatgtg tggaagacca     26100
     tagatgaaca gcagcatggg aacacaagaa ctgtgctgac ccaggcccgg tcctgcccag     26160
     cccgtgaatg cattttcaga ctttgtgggt cactcatcag ggaaggggcc aggaatcaca     26220
     aaggaaaaga atgtccagcc acagaggtaa acacaagcct gccagcgccc cctcaacact     26280
     aatgcctgaa tggaaagcag gctttccaag cacaccggga agagatggga ttagatggct     26340
     tgcagccccc atcgtccccc attaggacat tctaacagaa agctgtcccc agcacagacg     26400
     ctcactcact cacaaggggg gacatctaag tccaacttgt ctggatcact gagaacagga     26460
     cctcactccc catctgtagg gacagctaca agaaaaaaac taacaaagga atgggggcag     26520
     ccatgttatc ccacctaaga aaagtacaag ctagtggtat acttcccatt tcattttaat     26580
     tttctttgtt attttaattc acaccttttc atctctctta tatagttcct tttggtctga     26640
     atcttgcctg aacaggcttt tccatctctt ttcctgagtc tcttcctttg tattttctct     26700
     attagtcctc acacttctaa ctcacatact ggggctctcc catagctcac atcgctccct     26760
     gaagatcttc cctcctcctc ctcctctctt ttctctcttc ctcctccttc tcttcttctc     26820
     tttttcctct tcctcctctt tctctttttt ttttttttgg tggggggaga gggttgcttg     26880
     tttttcaaga cagggtcttt ctgtgtagcc ttggttgtct tggaactcac tctgtagacc     26940
     aggctggcct caaactcaca gagatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tggcattaaa     27000
     gacgtgcatc gtcaccacca gctcctttta cctaactatt aactctagca gctctaaaac     27060
     actgtaaact gcattttttt ttcttaaagt accctggtgt ccctgtctcc gaaccttact     27120
     gggaacataa gtttttggtt ggttggttgg ttttgtttgt tttgttttta ttctgtatgt     27180
     ataccaagat tgccataaat cgccatgttt gaatatatag tttgcttcac ccaaaaaatt     27240
     gtaatgaggg agaaatccaa gcagaaacca tttgaccaga agactcccat aaattacatt     27300
     aaacaaaaaa gtgaaaagaa aggacaaatt aaaacctgga gttcataaag atcccaataa     27360
     atgtacaaaa aagaaaaatc aagaaaacag aaaccacatg ggaaatcaag ccactctagt     27420
     acttttgcaa gctcagaact caaagacaga agcgccatct tgtagcgaga atgccagaag     27480
     acttcagact cttgctgtta aacacagagg cctcatccag tagataagta aaagaagaaa     27540
     gtgagcttag aacctacgtg agaaagttag tcgaggtaat gatggtgagt ggtatggaag     27600
     agatcttcag aaacacagag gaagtcagat ttggaagaaa aaagaaaaca aaaaggaaac     27660
     gttggaaata agagtcatca acaaacaagg atgagtggaa gaaagctttc cacgtctgga     27720
     gaagatcagt catatgcgga ggaaagtaaa tgaatgaata tgagcaagtc ttcctagaac     27780
     tctggcccac gttcaagaga ctacaggagg tttttagaaa ggcatagaca atctagtcca     27840
     tgaggttata gcagaaaatt tcactagaga agtgggcata tgaacaatag gaatgtagaa     27900
     tactgtctta gtcagggttt ctattcctgc atcatgacca agaagcaagt tggggagcaa     27960
     agggtttatt cagcttacac tttgcacact gctgttcatc accaaaggaa gtcaggactg     28020
     gaactcaagc aggtcaggaa gccagagctg atgcagaggc catggaggga tgttatttct     28080
     ggcttgctca gctcgctctc ttatagaacc caagactacc agcccaggga tggcaccacc     28140
     cacaaggggc ctttccccct tgatcactca ctagtccaca aaggcaaaca caacaaacta     28200
     atgccagatc tctcgtcgtc taaaatccag ggatgcatgg aatatgcttc aagccccaac     28260
     aggaagtaac tgccaaagag tctgctatat ttaacagagc agccttttaa aactgatgga     28320
     gaacttagga catttccaaa caagctccgt taaagcaatt catggcaacc acaccagcac     28380
     tgaaggaaac gctcacaaga ctgtgataca aagggttaga aaaaaatcat cccaaccaca     28440
     ggagcacaga aaggaatgat gatgatgatg aggaggagga cgacgacgat gacgacgata     28500
     gaaatagagg gaagagggga cctactgtga ccacacagta gccgctcatc ctaaccgggg     28560
     agaaagaaaa gaacacctaa tactctgaca aaccagaaaa atagccaaca gcatgaaagg     28620
     aatttctaga gattgctctg taatgacttt aatgtaaatg gcaccatcct agctaaccag     28680
     ggctggagag gtggctcagc agttaagggt ctgaaaaaca cccacctgga gatccacgac     28740
     catctgtaac tccagttcta ggaggttcaa taacgccatc tggtttccac aggcaccagg     28800
     catgcacaag gtgcatagac atgcaaccaa aacgcccata ctcatgaaat aaaaatacct     28860
     caatcattcc gtactaaaac agggctctac attctagttc ttgctaatag tgtaacactt     28920
     ttaaattcct tcctaaaagt gctacactac taaaaccatg ttcccatgta acagtgacta     28980
     ccttctcgct tccctctctg tattagtggc actgcaaaaa cggccatgac caagacaatt     29040
     tacaagagac tttacttgag cttacgattc taaagaatta gtgtacatgc tggcagaaca     29100
     cagagttggc aggcggagta cttacatctt gaaccaaaag caggaaagag agggtactag     29160
     gaatgtaaac ctcaaagccc caccctcagt gacgtacttc ctctagcaag accacgcctc     29220
     ctgaaaagag agggtactag gaatggtgta aacctcaaag ccccaccctc agtgacgtac     29280
     ttcctctagc aagaccacgc ctcctgaaaa agagagggta ctaggaatgg tgtaaacctc     29340
     aaagccccac cctcagtgac gtacttcctc cagcaagacc acgcctcctg cgcctacccc     29400
     aacaattctg cttagtattc aacctgaaac tatgtcattc aaaccactcc accttccctc     29460
     gcttagccag tacagtttcc acctgtaaca agaaaaacaa cttgctttca ctgtattaac     29520
     gcacagagtg gctggaagtg agcagtttat gttccccatc aagaaatgtc aatggataag     29580
     aaaagaaagt aaaatcaaca cttgaatgcg taacatctgt caggaactag aatttgttca     29640
     ttctttgtgc tatcaggttg gataatgagt tcaaggtgac agaatttaga aattgcaaga     29700
     actgaacctc caggttcatt tactctaaaa ggcctggcgc atcacagcag gtcaccacca     29760
     cagaactgct accctagggt tcagcagcag agggcgccac ttagcacaat tccaacctcc     29820
     atttcctgtc ctatatttga aagggatgta attacagaaa tacgaaagaa ggtacagatt     29880
     ctcaaactgg ttggaaacta ccagaaaagc tttaacttca taaaagacaa ttcagaatca     29940
     ctcacaggag aaaattaaag gagcacacct gtctgtatac atgttttatg atagatttaa     30000
     gtgaagccag caagaatgag ccaaggggac aggagagcta gctcagccac taagagtaaa     30060
     tactgcttgt gcagagtcga gcagacaacc cagttcaggt cccagcacta ctgtcaggtg     30120
     gctcacaact atctgtaact ccagctcttg ggggagctga cacactctct ggcctctcta     30180
     ggcgcttgca cttacacgtg cacatgccca cacacagtca tacacatata cacataattt     30240
     aaaattaaat aaatcctttc agaaagagcg gaccagactc atgaattatg tggaacaaac     30300
     tccatcacgc caatgcgtgc ctttggactt cagttccttt tgagaatatc gatcactgcc     30360
     taacacacat gtccagctca cactcagatg tcacccagcg tgataggttg tttgtttgtt     30420
     tgtttcctta gtgaggtttg cagtgcagtg ggaatacaca gaggatgcag gtgatggcca     30480
     atggttcttt attcactgca accagagtga ttcttccttc ataactgcta ccaatttctt     30540
     tctcttgcag aggctcgcca gaccgagatg gaatggtaag tatttaaacg accattttta     30600
     gtgagcttgc accgcgatat ctgctatgct taaatttcca caaggccagc ttctctctct     30660
     ctctctgcct cctctttttc ttcttctttt tctcctttct tctccttctc ttccttctcc     30720
     ttctcctttc ctcctctttt caaaaattca actattttaa ttatctctag taaatgtgca     30780
     tgagatataa gtgtggtctt cgtcaagtta gaacttatat attgcactta cctaaaactc     30840
     agccccagag cacacgcgca aactagccag ggagatggca agtcaaaaat aaaaaaataa     30900
     aaaataaatt gtacaggcat agttggtaca ggggctgttc ccatctccag ttcagtgtct     30960
     tagagctcat tatgtgagaa tgttctccag tggcaccacg ggcataaagg agcagcttcc     31020
     ccataaaact gaaggaaact tttcccttga gtagctgggc tgcaaataca ttttctatat     31080
     taaactcaga aacagggaac ggtcttcaaa ctacttatgc ctgactgaat tttacagccc     31140
     gaaggagcaa aaatgtatcc accgggcttc gatttaacag aaagtgactc ctagctggct     31200
     gccagatttc ttggttttta aagagatctg ggatatgcca gcttagacga cagacttaac     31260
     gggagtctgc tctagctccc aaaatgactt ccttcccatc taatcagatg cctattcaga     31320
     gagttcaaaa gaacagctgt tactcggggg aaatggacac acattaagct ccccggggcc     31380
     agaataagaa ctaaaataaa cctggtgatt aaaaaaatat atatatatat tttttaaaac     31440
     tgctctttat aatagtctac ctaatggggt gctaattgaa gccatcgcag gagtttttct     31500
     ccttcttctg gattaagagt tttcagcttt ggggtgcctt ttgcattcat gtgattcttg     31560
     ctatgaaatg ttcttttaag aaatagaatg aaattgatca gacttcgggt acctctataa     31620
     tcaaggctct attcagcagg ggaaaaaaaa ggctcagaag acacagcttc tcctcacctc     31680
     ttgcttctgg ctcagagccc tctccttaac tctgtctcag gtactctctg cttctgtgtc     31740
     ctctctctgc ttccagcttg gtcctctccc caggtcctct gtcctcccgt ctctgcctct     31800
     accaggctct gtcaccacca gtgccctcgt tgagttgctg ctcctggctt ctctcactct     31860
     cccactctct tagtcttgtc tttttttctc ctcctccccc ctcaaccccc cgtcaccctc     31920
     ctgctcattg tctctgaggt cccatggcta actcactagt ctctgctttt ctaaggagcc     31980
     cagtttacat atctgctgga atatgtacca cagtagctga tgttgaagat gcccatgaac     32040
     atgtgttgca ggcatgggca cgatgccatc cagatctccc tgagttctcc ttacatcatc     32100
     ccaagtcctg taaaatcatt tattagcagt ttgtgtcctc cctgctgtta gttagaaatg     32160
     ccataaataa aaatgctcat gagaaaaagg aattatttaa ttttaatttt tccagaagta     32220
     aaacaaccct attctagaaa aggccacctt cagaaaagga ggttcgcctt catggatcat     32280
     tggaaattat aatttagcta taagctctac tggaaaattt tcaaatttct ctcaaacact     32340
     tggccaccaa attcgaaggc ccggtgttgt gggctagcgt gaatatgtcc gttattaatc     32400
     tgtagacacc tcagcccgaa cttctaaact caaaatgatt ttataagccc ttgaatctgt     32460
     gggctgaaac cactttgacg tggttgagac agcttccaga gccgctgatt gctttttcaa     32520
     ggccaggagc tggtggtgtt tgtactttca caaatgagat tctacaagct acgggtgtgc     32580
     tgagcttgta aacaagtcgg aaaccgaaga gtctgtgctg aaacttcaat atggccgtac     32640
     ttaggttcag tttctcagac tcggacagag cccatcactg atgaggctgc atggcagggc     32700
     tgcatggtgt gaaggtgggt gtgtcttgct gctcactggc tgagtgtatg cccatccatc     32760
     attggcagag ctgtttgtca caacgtctag acctcaggga gctgtgtgtg acaacacgtt     32820
     ctaacccaga gacaaactct aatcgctgca gagtaactgc aactttccct aaggggttct     32880
     aattctccac actccactgg ggtaccaggg tcagagcccc tggctgtaag atctgttctg     32940
     cttgtctcta aacatgcagg caggagaggg cacagttctg gaactgccct ctgtgagccc     33000
     tgacgctctt ttttgacctt tcgaaaggct ttgtttgatc agggggggga agagaggagc     33060
     taggttttac actcacagat tagaaatgca atcagaaact gcccagttcc tttccgtatt     33120
     gtcttggtgt ctattctcta ttcatgggct aagtgccatc tgaatgagga tccaaatggc     33180
     ccctggtgcc ccagaccatc tccctccttc ccacttcctc tcttggctta gccaaactgg     33240
     cctgctgaat agagcctcat tatgggcccc aaagtccgct ctttgcttac agaaccctgc     33300
     catgattggt aggctgaaca atttggtcta gaggttgtct ctactgtgat atgtttgctg     33360
     actccgtgtg attctttatg tgtcttgaag aacaaacaga tcctttaaca acttttttct     33420
     acatgaaaac aatcaattcc agcagcccag cccacacgag ccaccctacc atagcaaagc     33480
     agagtgtgcg cgggaaggag ggaagaaagc ttcggtaagg acacagactt cagtttcaca     33540
     tttccgaggg gttatagaaa cagtgaggga aatccccact tcaactctgg aaagcacagt     33600
     atccctattc agtcaacaag gtaactccag attacttctt gactagccag gtccaggttt     33660
     taaatcagcc atacaaacat cgcatgctga tgtctgaaga ttctgttaag agaataatca     33720
     agcctaaaga cttgcattgt ctttggtcta aggcaaaggg caagggttta aactttccag     33780
     gtttttaaaa gaatctggta tctgtacaga tgattttgac tatatagtac aaatatcaac     33840
     atgcaattcg agttagattg cacttggtaa aataaatacc aactctgtta tcaattatat     33900
     caggagttcg gcaggatcct gtcctgtgga aaccagtaat cttgaccaag aaatatggag     33960
     tcaaggatgc tggttctggg ccaagctgtg cattgactac agctttgtag ctctaggaag     34020
     ctatttcaaa ttcagtccct tggtctcaca cacaccatgt ttcaaatact gtatagctcc     34080
     tcgtatctag tgggtacata cagaacagca cggagagtgt tttcatgttt acagggagtg     34140
     tcattggaga gggctgtctt gtgagattcc ttagaaagta acttaagtct atttaggaga     34200
     agagatgata acattttgac agtatatcac atatttttaa gatcactgtg tagctataag     34260
     ctgacctcac taaaaagggg ggaggggcat tcacagtgga aacatataac tgttgagtgc     34320
     tcattactat agtattgatc taactcaatg gttctcagac ttcctaatgc tgcaaccctt     34380
     taatacagct ctttgtgttg tagtgaaccc caccccctac cccaaccata aagctatttt     34440
     ctacttcata actacagttt tgctactgtt atgaatccta atgtaaacat gtaatgtgca     34500
     ggctatctga tatttaaacc ctgtgacagt gtcgtctgac acctcagggg gttgtgaccc     34560
     ataggatgag aaccatggtt ctagctgctc acattatcca aagttaaatg cctatgaaaa     34620
     caagatgact atgcccaagg gtgtcagtca cctttagaca cagtcaaata ctcaggttat     34680
     aaaaataatg ctaaagtttt agaaaagaga aaagggggga aaaaaaacaa aagagcatat     34740
     gactcggact ccaagatgaa aagtaaccac catttaggtg ttgctgtcaa cctttggtcc     34800
     gactgtccag tcatggttct tcaccactgc atccctccct gctttgatgt cttccactga     34860
     aactgataca tctggtagct atgaactatg ccatgtttaa aaacaagaat tattttccct     34920
     tgtgcctaac cagaaaaatc ccagtgaata cctggcttac cttgttcact tgagaaacaa     34980
     acaaacacac acacaaaaat tgttgcaata aatgtaagag agcaaattac caattcctct     35040
     aataaggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtat gtgtgcaggt atgtgtgtgg gcatgtgtgt     35100
     acatgtatgt gtgcatgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtatgtat gtgtgcatgt     35160
     gtgtgtgcat gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtggt atatgtgtgt gcatgtgtgt gtgtgcgcat     35220
     gtgtgccatg tgtgtgcgca tgtgtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt gcgcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     35280
     atgtgtgtgt gtgcacatgt gtgtgtgtgc acatgtgtgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt     35340
     gcatatgtgt gcagtgctga atatcttacc aaaataatgt actgttatga tatgttgttt     35400
     gaatttggta tttgttttta atattgctgt aagagaaaaa gaaatccctt agatttttgt     35460
     tttcctttgt ctcaatcttc cattggtttc catagaaaca agggaacatt tactaggccc     35520
     aaatctagac atttagtaaa ttctttatgc aagtattaaa tatatgttgt caagaaaaat     35580
     atatagtagc acatgcatat acatatgtta tatacatata gcttatttat atgatctcgt     35640
     agagcatctt gaatttaggg agatttaatc ccagagaata ataacagaga agaaagctgt     35700
     agaattggac aaactttgaa gtctttaatt tacctaattt ctttgagttt atactagcac     35760
     tcctttgtat gaagaaccat taaagagcga aaggcagact ggtggcaggg ttacgctggt     35820
     gacggtatcc atgggcttgt gtctctggag tcagtttggc ttatttgatt ccctattagt     35880
     acgtccagtt ttgtgctgag gttagttatc atatctgctc tcttaggagg agttgaagca     35940
     ttttgcagta aaaccatata cagtcaaatt ggtaaagcag aaactatata tacgaaaatt     36000
     ggaaggtctt ttcccaatag agtattgaca cctaaagtta atcaaattct catagtggca     36060
     ggtttttaaa gacctttgac agattgtgca aactgccact gaatctcaaa catcacaaag     36120
     gcagttctgt gggaagagta aaatgatgtc tgcatacaag taatctttgt acggaaaaag     36180
     agcaaccagc acagacctca cctcgctgga tgcaaggctt ggtgaactct ctatgcaagg     36240
     atagtctgta gcaagtggag cacaccactt acacctgtgc tctctacccc tcgctgagtc     36300
     gcacagcctg ttcttagccc agacaacttc agtaaatgtt aatggttggt gacagttctc     36360
     ctgggctttc tagaaatcct ctgtacatag gtgaaaagct tcctctactt gtccactcag     36420
     atagctacca gcaacaagta aaactagagg ccttacatgt gattgcaaaa tgaaaggccc     36480
     tgtcctcaag ccccgtacgt caccatatgt gttgttctga ggtctgccat tgctcaatga     36540
     cttagcattg ctctgtgtgc taaatgcaag aatgttattg aatggacctt catctctaac     36600
     cttatttgtg cttttgtcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaagaag ttagagaagc     36660
     ttattaattt cctcttggag ggtgccacct ccttggtcga gtacttgtgt tcgtgtgtca     36720
     caattctact gggagccaaa ataaaactta tataagtgag acaaaaccat actggcttcc     36780
     catcttgcaa cagtgtgtat tcatggaagc acagaatgca tgaaaggaca aactcgccct     36840
     taatcttcaa attatatttt agtaaatttg ataagaagag ccatttggaa agaaaagcca     36900
     tgcaattttc agtgagtagg ggctgaacga atgaatctaa agctgatcgc atttatattt     36960
     taccaatcga gtcatggtga aaataattcc gcagttagtg agtggcctca ctgaatactc     37020
     tgagcatata ggaactgttt tatgtcagta gcacagaagt caaaggtttc tgttttatat     37080
     ccatatgatt ttaatcctca agatacagag aattaaatca taatgtaaac cctacaagtc     37140
     catcagtgat tgaataaacc ttcagtgcta gctataccta atttgtgttc ttgtgaaata     37200
     tgtgcatagg cttctcgttc agtgccgtgg cagctccact tacctcccag ttacaccagt     37260
     gtgcttctta ccgtaggatg ccctaatctg tcttttgata gctcaagcaa agttatctta     37320
     cagataagag ttaagtggtt ttttgtgtgt tttgttccat tgtgggtttt tttttcattt     37380
     aaatgtctcc ctcgtaattt atttttcaaa tttgttacag aagaaaagca atggggcacc     37440
     aaatggattt tatgcagaaa tcgattggga aagatatgta agtataagaa tatttttctt     37500
     tatatacaac tttaaaatga attgaggcac ttaggtacat aacaggacat ggaaattggt     37560
     ggaaagttgt aggcttcact aggaaatgtc catcatgctt aggatggaca gacgttcaca     37620
     gcactagaat ctatcaaacc tggcttcaag acctagcctt tccaagtacc agctatgtgt     37680
     gttggaatat gatcaatagg tacagcagtt acctggtgcc tttgttgtga ggactctgag     37740
     ctaatcgttt gcactttcca aggaatatgc taagcccaca gctgtattca gaaatacttt     37800
     ttctcatatt aaatctaggt agttcccttt ctaagcagct ttggatgtag aggcaaagaa     37860
     gttaactcct aagcctggga tatatgatga aaactttgtg gtacgaactt ttcccagggc     37920
     aagcaataag tcagttgatt ctcagggact gaaggtagat tcctggctga gatctaaact     37980
     ttccccataa ttcttagtac cattaccaca caggttacta accaaacata cagccttttc     38040
     atccaaccta ccctcagatt tctaatggta tagaacatgt aagtcatttt tgcatcagag     38100
     atctctcact gctgcctctc caagcccaac ttcagcaggg ctcggtcttt ccttcatcag     38160
     ctgaggattc agtctcaaag cacatggagt caaggagaaa gtcagactca tgctgacaca     38220
     tcatctggtt acactgtcgc ctttttacgt attgagcttc ttcttgccaa gtggggttgt     38280
     catgttattc agtgagactg tgccacacat ttataacagg agcaaagatg tgatatatga     38340
     accccaaata tgcaccctgc cttttatctt ctccagcttt cccctaaaag gattgcctct     38400
     ctgctgttag attcatctgg cagtcagact cccaggactt gagggtagaa accttaaaat     38460
     cttcttgaaa cttccctcct ctttttcctt ctatcactga gaactgacaa ccagttcctc     38520
     tagatgggct tggttcttcc tatcccatca ccaaaacttg agctacagtc ttagcaagtg     38580
     tgtctgagtt ggcacacatc ttttaagtga gtcatccttc tcctgccacc aatctcctta     38640
     ccattctgtc cccaacatgt tctactgtaa ctaagaactt cagcagccct agtaagacaa     38700
     agcctccact ctagtacaca gttgcctgtg gtcagttgcc cagccccccc cacaccccac     38760
     tggaaaaaag cgtactttcc agtcatgctg ccctcaatac ttggatactt tagcacctga     38820
     gtcacacagt gtctgctcct gccatggtgt ctcaaccaag gcttttccca ccaatatgga     38880
     aaagccccat gccccaactc taccctctct atctacattg aaaggctcca gcagcgcccc     38940
     ttactcttaa aactaatcta ttgtcatccc ctcattttta atacctaaca ttgctatatt     39000
     gtgctatttt ctctatattt tttttgcctc caagaacatg ttttaatttc ccttagggca     39060
     aatagtttgc atttcaatca acagtgttgc ttagcacagt ctgaggcttg tagggaaggc     39120
     ctggtaagtt ctctttgagt gctttctttt gtgggtcgta cattggggtc cttccaatat     39180
     ccttgaataa agatttaaac acagactgct tagcatctac ttccaaatgc taaatcctca     39240
     gccctttaaa ctaagaggct ggtctatatt tttgagtgga agattctaga aggaaaacat     39300
     ttcctccatc attttggaat aataatcact tcacatgcat ttatacctta ttttttgaga     39360
     atttgaacag gagtgttgta atgatataat ttaccctcat tctagcctcc agctgctcac     39420
     acacctccaa cttcctctca atttctgaat aatcattctt tattactgtt acatacatgt     39480
     gtctatagat atatgcatgc aataggtgta tatatgtgca tttgtgtctt acagaactca     39540
     cctgagctag atgaagaagg ttacagcatc agacctgagg aaccaggcta tatcctttct     39600
     ttttaaacgt tttaaatgta tattttctaa ggaaccagta gcaaaattca ggtctcacaa     39660
     aggtggcaaa ataaccaaag ctcctatact tagtctcaga gatgaataat tctccccgag     39720
     gacagcctgg tgcctgacaa gcatggatgt gccctgatct agtcgaggaa cagagataat     39780
     gcgatgggtg gagcaaatgt gctgtaagat ggtctgcaca ctgtgacctc cagatgacct     39840
     gctgcacact aacgtggcaa tgctattaac agtgagcagc agagagcttc actgccctct     39900
     tctttcagct cttccctgaa agactcaagc acccttgcct tatactagcc aactcccaaa     39960
     cccttcagac tcttcatagg tgtcccttag agttgccttc ccatgtctgg agatgagtaa     40020
     tctcctgaat tcttatctgt gagctaggtg tgatacacaa acttcaacac acacacacac     40080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa atgtaggatt ttgactaatg cccctcagcg     40140
     ttcacagtcc ttggtaagct tctgaggaga gtgaacctaa ccttgtcccc cctcagtttt     40200
     gttggttttg ctttgttttc ctgccacctg aggttacttt tgctttgccg atgggtagtc     40260
     gtccttttct tgccctcacc catacctccc agcagaagaa agagctaagt gtctttaact     40320
     gtgttctacc taccaaagga aagcactttt attcctcaag tgaatctgaa gaggaagaag     40380
     agtcgcacaa gaaattcaac atcaagatta aacccttgca atctaaggac gtcctgaaga     40440
     atgcagcgac ggtagatgag ctgaaggctt caataggcaa catcgcactt tccccttcgc     40500
     ctgtggtgag tgaagtctca tgttaagctt tggtaaggca gggcagagag ctatgttctg     40560
     ccacatgtgc taagaatgac atgtgtccaa tctgatgaac tctgcagccc tcgagtaacc     40620
     tgctcttcac ctcttatatt gcaattccta tgcctttcaa accagcaaag gcgcatgaaa     40680
     ctgtgttttc ttttattttc taataagcat caaacaaagg aaaaataaca aaaagatttt     40740
     ccaaacttac caatgatgga gaattatttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     40800
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat atatatacat acctatatac     40860
     atatatacat acatacatat atacacacac atacacataa atttcactag ccatttctat     40920
     cttcatgaaa atatacaaaa gccaagaaaa ttacttttaa aacatacttc tccttgggat     40980
     gctccaaaat catagtaaat aaataaaatc tcactagatt tctaaaactc ccattcttta     41040
     ttattttatt ctcaaatcat tttaaatact ctcggcattg agacccctcg catagagctc     41100
     ttgcctcgtt tatattactg gttttctccc acagtctggg ctccctctcc ctctcctgaa     41160
     tacttaattt ctttagtggc tgagtctgag tgctaatatt tcaagtattt tctccctggg     41220
     gtttgaaaat gccaacatta ttttctaaga atagctgtga gcacagatgt agactcccta     41280
     atgagattct cctggcttct ctgctgagct tccccctcaa cggcttagtt aataagtgcc     41340
     actttctagg ggcttctaga aatatcccaa gtaatctttt taaaacaatt gtaattgttt     41400
     atcctttgag aatggacttt tgcttttcca ggattaaaaa aaaatccaaa atcaaaaaac     41460
     ttagattatt gtgcttacag tggccttgat tccatctgtc tgtgaaaatg aagatgattg     41520
     ctaatagtaa accagccatc ttggatggac tttgcagtaa ttttttatca tgcattcacc     41580
     tgctacctta atcaaagcat gaaatacagt ttctttctct tctgcaatgg agggtgtggg     41640
     ttttaactcc catcccagcc taggagttgt aggccaggaa gcactgtggc ctgcctgccc     41700
     ctctgacttc attttcacgg ttcagccaag acctttctcc tctcctttca tttcctgggt     41760
     ttgtttgctt attttaagaa aatcttcttc aatggcagaa acaagtttat atccacttct     41820
     ctgtgggtca tgataaattg agtgggtatt tggaaatcat atggggagat ggaagaaggc     41880
     aaatacaccc aattaaaagg atgactgtgt gggaaagtgg gctctctatt caggccccag     41940
     aaatgtagct aaaagcccac tgaatctagg caaggtggga tccactgtgt cgaaatgaat     42000
     gtgtgcccaa atcactgggt gcgttttctt ccaacccgat acgctactga ggcacagcag     42060
     gaacagtgcc tggaagctgg aagcttcctc aagaagctat ccgtaaggta agccattgcc     42120
     atcaggtggt taaggctgaa gagatgagaa aggacacatg gaaacaaggt agatgaacat     42180
     actctgagac tacagcagag aaagctgctg aatcttgcca cagcctggat ggctgctttc     42240
     aggtcccact ctgatttgtt ccctctccca ggatcctttc tttcactaga gtcactccct     42300
     catatttgta attttaatat tcagaatagg aatgagttct tgacactctt tttggggaca     42360
     gatgagcaca ggcacattct acgtgtacat acgtgtacat acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     42420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtag agagagagag ggggctgaac atatgtggtc ttagaatccc     42480
     tgcccttttc tagatactct gtgtagaaac agatggaatg ctgtatctta tcagaagcac     42540
     gtggacaaaa ataactttat aaaattcaga cagagtcatg atggaagaac cagtgaccct     42600
     ggcaacgctt tggatgtttc cagtcaagca gtcagacttt ccttcagtgt tagagggaac     42660
     ggacttccta agtcagtgaa tgctgcaaga aggagacaag actccaaatg ggtcatagca     42720
     aggcttcagc gggcgttctg actcgtcttc attttacgaa ttttatgtat ttatttgttg     42780
     gtttattgta tgtgtatgag tgtttttcct acatgtgtgt tcctacacag tgtgcatgcc     42840
     atgccctcaa aagacaaaag ataattcctt gggactggaa ttacagatgg ttgtgggtca     42900
     ccatgtggtt gctgggaact gaactcaggt cctctggaag agcaactggt gcttctaacc     42960
     actgagccat ccttccagcc ccaattttga tatttttaat tagaagttgt atttcacata     43020
     tttctttaac tcatctctga atttgccttt cttgactgta actcactcga cctcttttat     43080
     tgtgaattgg tttttttcct tttagttccc ctttataaac tagtcaaatt gttcattaaa     43140
     taagtaatac aaaataagta acatcaccat gtgcagacac atcatgtgca gacacatcat     43200
     gtgcagacaa attgcacact tatctgaaaa tgattcttgt caaaacaaag cttcagcaac     43260
     aaggaaaatt ggagaatttt taattttttt cttttttttt acatttttaa attattaaat     43320
     aaagtgacag atttcatcat gcatttgtag acacacatgt ccaaatgctt ttttatttat     43380
     tctccttcac ccctctgttc ttggtggttt catttctttg cccaaatatt cctctccact     43440
     gtcttcatgt tgtatgaatt ccattactgc ctgcctccat cagtgctcct ttatgatctc     43500
     cttatcgctt ctcatggtcc cccttatact tttattttac acacacacac acacatctgt     43560
     aacctgcata tgaaagcatg aagcatttta tttgaaatga ccttttatct ccataaattt     43620
     tcctgtaaat gccataccac catttattct tatgcccaag cgaagctcca attgtccaca     43680
     tgtaccacat tttcttcgtg ccttggtctc ttgacagaca tctatgctgg tttcattgct     43740
     gagctcttgt gaacagtaca tcagtaaaca cagatgtgca cgtgtctcat ggaatgctga     43800
     ctatacacat acacccggcg agcatgtcgc tgagtcagat ggtacttcta ttcttgagga     43860
     atcttcacat tgacttctag gacgactaca ccagttttct ttcccagtgg cagtgcctaa     43920
     gtgttcctcc ttcccttcat cctcactatg tcttcgaaca ggggtaaaat ggtctcaatt     43980
     ttttagtggt ttttagtgtt taaactttcc aagtttattt attcttttac aatttcatac     44040
     atataatcct tttatcaaaa tctcccccac acccattatt atgtctgcct ccatctccca     44100
     ccaaaccctt tcttttcaag tgtacttcct gctttcatgg gtttagggag gtgggtatat     44160
     agggtaatta cactgcatgg aatacgttgc tcgcatgagc acggatgaac agttatttgc     44220
     ttaaacagtg gaatgtactg gctacaagac tgaggactat ggctcccact ttcttgtata     44280
     acagtcagtt gtacagagcc ccttgagaag agcaggatct taggagccct ttgcccattc     44340
     atgatggggt gtttgatgga ccaagtctta tgtagttcaa gtgaagcagc catatcatgt     44400
     ccagaggaca gcaatggaca gtactacttc ccatcctcca gttcttagtc tttctgtcca     44460
     cctcccccac ttctatgaag ttctttgaga ctctgagaac tgatacagac atctcattta     44520
     gggataagca ctcaaaagtc aagtgctccc tgaattaact gtcactcatt gtgaacagaa     44580
     gtctctctga cagacaatga aaatcatgca cattttggat ctcacatttg tataagatag     44640
     agcactgggt ttcagctgct tcatcagaga ttttttaaaa atcaagtctt taataatata     44700
     aagggtttta tctctctcct gtattaatgt caaaattgct agatagccca gaaagctata     44760
     gagtcctatt cctaagtgtc actcaaaagt ccagaaactt tctacatcat tgctctgcct     44820
     tcctgggttg ttacatcatc aagcacttct ctatccagac tttgagatgg aggagagaga     44880
     aaatggaaac catgtatttt ctttaagggt ttaactcaga aagtacacac atcactacca     44940
     ctaatagtaa ttcatttcca tggaggtgtc ggctgcaagg gagtctggta aatgtagtct     45000
     ttccccctgg aaaggcatgt gactgactaa tattctgatt ctgttaccaa aagacagaga     45060
     agcaaatgac aattagaagg acactggcag tttctgtcac tgtatcacaa acaatcccag     45120
     attatttggg aaacatcatt agaaaccaag tgaaaagtat aagaagttct cttttaaaaa     45180
     tgtctcatta atttttaaag aacagggatg ctatgctaca cattagctac catcagattg     45240
     agtggacaca gctttcagtt caggcatctt gtgtggcaga atcagactga ctcctctgtc     45300
     ttcacagctt tttttccttg ttttatttga gacaagatct tactgggtat cactagctgg     45360
     cttggaactc acgatggaga tcaggctggc ctcaaattca caaagtcctg cctcctaacc     45420
     tctgggatta attgtgcacc actgttattc gtcgcgttct cacgaccggc caggaagaac     45480
     acaacaacca gaatcttcta cggcaaagct ttattgctta catctttttg ggggccagag     45540
     tgtaagaagc aagagagaga agcaagagag agagaaaacg aaaccccttc tattttaaag     45600
     agaacaacca ttgcctaggg cgcatcactc cctgattggc tgcagcccat ggccgagctg     45660
     acgttcacgg gaaaaacaga gtacaagtag tcgtaaatac ccttggctca tgcgcagatt     45720
     atttgtttac caacttagaa cacaggatgt cagcgccatc ttgtgacggc gaatgtgggg     45780
     gcggcttccc acagttcccc ctttttcttt taataagagc aaataggcca cccatattaa     45840
     tgagagtgga gatagaggtc aaatccccag tgtgtaggta aaggagccat gtacaggatt     45900
     agctcttagg ctcacaggct tttacccaga gcaaccctga cctgctcccg tgtcgttttg     45960
     cctgggggaa gggaactagg acactgaacc ttcatgaaag atgacatgtc tccctagaat     46020
     aggctcatat atgccgcaga gcctttccat tgcagtgctt agccttgcaa ctctctcggg     46080
     ctgctgaagc acactcactc tatctcgtgc aatgagacta gcctcgtgag atataagagc     46140
     tgagtggcca gcgacctatt gcctaagcat agatatatca ggggaagctc catgttctag     46200
     tcctgcaagc gcctgggcaa taaccacctt gtctctctta gtttgggcct taagcttaca     46260
     gaccaatcaa agaagcaaca ctaatccaca gcaaagtgta tctccaaata atattaatcc     46320
     cacccaattt tttaaagaaa gaaaatgctg aggagatcca attgggtaat cctttggtca     46380
     gcgacaggtc caagcgcgtg gagttgacct gaagtctcaa ttctcgaagg atctgttcaa     46440
     attcagccat ccaattctgt aacatatact gaaaaagact ttttgacaaa ttagctgccc     46500
     tagtaaattt aacatactga atggaaataa cacacaatcc cggaaactat tgttcacatc     46560
     cctgctgagt tatttgtcat aatacatcta gttgtatctg gacaagatct atgagttgat     46620
     taaccagcat gagacctctc tgtatcttga cattagctga ggcctgttca tctatgactg     46680
     tagtcactga ggctgacaaa gtgttaatgg tgtcagtcat ctggacctgt ccagacagag     46740
     ccaaggctgt ctgaattaag gccaaaccca gttcctagtt agtggtaaaa aagcaggaga     46800
     atacttgagc attatacatc accgtcattg ggagtggaaa tgtcgacatt atcccccaac     46860
     gctgctctct ctttattatt gacgccctgg acatcaccaa gacgagggac attagtattc     46920
     ccttggtcag tctggatttt tcgggtgagt ctttctggta cccaaaatgg gttgtcttca     46980
     ttctgtggga aaacacagat agctcccctg gatcttatca agataggatc cgggccatac     47040
     catttattat caagaacatt tttccattta accatctcat tgggcctatc tggctctgaa     47100
     caatgacgtt cagccgcagt atggccatga gcatcaatat ttaaaaaatt gagtgtaaag     47160
     agtgccaaag acaccgacac tcttggtgct cggggtacag tctcctcaaa agttcccctc     47220
     ttctgtttta taagataggc tttgagggtg cgatgcgcac gctcaacaat accctgtcct     47280
     tgagggttgt atggaagtcc agtcaggtgg gttacgtcca tctgacggca gaactgctga     47340
     aatttttggg acgtataagc tggtccatta tcagtcttaa ggagtctggg tttcccccaa     47400
     gcactccatg cctcaagaca atgttgaatc acatgtgagg ctttttctcc agttaacgga     47460
     gaagcaaaca tgatgccaga acatgtgtca atggacacat ggagatattg aagttttcca     47520
     aaggaagaaa catgtgtaac atccatttgc cagacctgta gaggtcgaat accgcgtggg     47580
     ttaattccca catgaggaac tggcaagaac tcacagcagc tttgacattg agtaacaatg     47640
     tcacgggctt cttttcttgt caaggagaaa cgactgcgta atgtttcagc cgtcacatga     47700
     aaattattat gaaaatttct tgcagcctct accggggatg atagggcagc agccaccact     47760
     ttagtggcct tatctgccaa atcatttccc agagccatgg ggccaggtag gcctgaatgg     47820
     gctctaacat gagtaatata aacaggagat cttctagata acaaaactaa ttgtatctgc     47880
     tgaaaaatat tggcaactct actggaaggc ttaatcactc cagccacttc taaaagattt     47940
     actgcattta ccacataaca ggaatctgac acaatattaa ggggttctaa aaaggttttt     48000
     aaaacttcta agaccactaa acattctacc acttgaggtg aattttcatt atactgtttg     48060
     gataccactt taccattagc cacataggca cctatgccag tttttgatcc atcagtatat     48120
     accacaatcc catttttaag tgggtttctt actgttattt gtggaaacac aacagattga     48180
     ttttgggcaa actgtaagat tggatgtttt ggataatggt tatctatttt tcctgaaaag     48240
     gaggtaacta aaactgccca atcattagat gcggctgcca aggtttgaac ctgtgcagcg     48300
     gtataaggta caattaaaag atatggactt tgcccaaagt gggtgattgc tgcttttagg     48360
     cctttaaggg caagctgtgc aattgcatca ggataccaat ctattatttt agctggggat     48420
     acgtttggat ggatccacaa caatggccca ttctgccaca aaactgcagt tggcaattgt     48480
     gctgtcttaa agacacacaa actgaaaggc tgcgaatcct caatacgttg taattgtgca     48540
     ttctgtaagg ccttttccac tttttgtaag gcctggttag cagctagagt aagagtccta     48600
     ggggaggaga tatgaggatc tccttctaaa atactaaaca aaggccttaa ctcagcggaa     48660
     ggaatcttta aaaaaggtct gagccaatta atatctccca acagcttttg aaaatcattt     48720
     aaggtatgga ggtgatctct tcttatctct accttttggg gcacaatctt atctggggac     48780
     accacagagc ccaagaattg tcctgtatca gaaatttgga ccttttctgt ggctatctgt     48840
     agaccccact gacttaaagt tttaagtaga aaaggatatg ccttttgtag catggtaagg     48900
     tctttatggc acaggaggat gtcatccatg taaaggagca aaattaaaga ggggaattgt     48960
     tccctcactg gcaaaagagc ttcttgtaca taaagttgac acatagtagg actattggac     49020
     attccctgtg gtaagacctt ccattgatac ctcttatcag gttccatgtg attaatagag     49080
     gggatggtaa aggcaaatct gggcctatcc cttggacaca aaggtataga aaagaaacaa     49140
     tctttaatat ctataatgat taaattccag ccacgtggta aggcggaaag tacagggaga     49200
     cccctctgta ctgggccaaa taagttcatt tgctcattaa tggctctgag gtcatggagc     49260
     agtctccact ttcctgactt tttcttaatt acaaaaattg gagtattcca aggtgaggta     49320
     gagggttcaa tatggcctaa ttttaattgt tcctctacca gttgaatcac agcttctagt     49380
     ttttcagagg ataggtgcca ttgaggaacc cacactgggt cccctgtttt ccatggtatg     49440
     ggtcgtgctg ccccaatggc cgctaaggaa aacccagacc ctgtctgtct tggtttccat     49500
     taggtgagat gggctctatc cttccctgtt cttgatgtcc taaccctttt ccttctttat     49560
     aacccatctt tgccatgata ttttttgctt tagctgaata ccctcctgat ggggtgtttt     49620
     cattggacaa aataaggccc aaatgctgca taatatccct tccccagagg ttaaccggga     49680
     gtgggagcac ataaggtatg aatttccctt gctgcccttc agaggattcc cacgtcaagg     49740
     caacggagct tatagtggga catgattgat atcctaggcc ctgtaatgaa tgagatgact     49800
     ctgtggtggg ccatgctttg ggccaccaat gtgtagaaat tatactttta tctgctccgg     49860
     tatcaaggat gccttcaaac tcttttccat taatcttaag gcggagctta ggtctatcat     49920
     ttaaagatac aaccaaatag gcagaatcat ttcctgagga gcccattttc tttatctcag     49980
     gtcctgcaga tttctccctg gtattatcag ggaggagcag cagctgagct atcctatctc     50040
     ctttactaat agaaaaaacg cctttagggc ttgagcacag gacctgtatt tcaggggaat     50100
     gttgacaatc cataattcca gggtggacta ctaagccctg caaggtgagt gaacctcggc     50160
     cgagaataag gcccatggtt cccgggggca aggatggtat aggctccacc ggcaccggct     50220
     gaatactcat ttgaggcatt agtaggaagt cggaggcggc acgcaggtcc acccttgtgg     50280
     gtcttcctgg gtcgtctctc tgactgcttc ctgggtcctg acaaaccggt tcccatatct     50340
     ttgagggccc tgggaccgag ggcccgatga cccgtttttt ggcacatcag ttgattgact     50400
     atcaggtggg ggaagaattc tgccctttat atccctcaca gagcgacact ggtcagctct     50460
     atgataaccc ttgccacact tagagcaaag agtgagagtc cctccctgtt tatctggagc     50520
     tctgcaatct ttcttaaaat gcccaggctt tccgcaatta aaacatgtcc tctgattatt     50580
     tctgctcatg gagcggtttt gggattgaag gatggcagcc gctaaacctg cattgctgag     50640
     aggtccccca agctctcgac agaccctgag ccagtcttgt aagcctttgt tctttcttgg     50700
     ggctatggcc gctcggcact cctttgtggc ttgctcgtag attagctgtt ctatgagagg     50760
     cgcagcttgc tctgactctc caaaaatacg ctctgctgcc tctgtcattc tggccacaaa     50820
     atctgagaaa gattcctgag gtccctggat tatctttgtt aactgaccag tggtttcacc     50880
     tgctcgagag agcgccttcc aggccctaat agccgtggaa gaaatctggg cataagctcc     50940
     ccaatggtag tttgtctgat cagcagaata agctccctga cccgttaaca agtcaaaagt     51000
     ccaatctctc tgctctggag tcaaagcagc tgcgtttgct cgggcctgcg cctgtgccgc     51060
     ctcctgccac agagctcgcc attccacata tttggccata ctagggagag cgacttttgc     51120
     aatcatttgc cagtcggcag gcgttagtgc cataccagcg agcctgtcta actgcaccaa     51180
     ggtgaaatta gcattggttc cgtatttacg aaccgactcg gcaatttcct taatctgtac     51240
     gtattctacc ggagcgtgga cacgcccacc ctcggctcct tcaaagactg gaaatgcctg     51300
     ttgtattttc ttttgttcct ctcggggaat gaatgagtct gcgcactgcc tctctgcgca     51360
     ctgcctctct gcgcacctct ctgcgcactg cctctctgcg cacctctctg cgcactgcct     51420
     ctctgcgcac ctctctgcgc attgcccctc tgcgcattgc tgacgcacta cgcagggcgg     51480
     gggctccgca tagggcggac cttgaaaccg actgccggga ggttgaacag tacgctgact     51540
     ttcgccagcc gcttttggct tttttcttga ccaattagct ggctggtaat gggctgcttc     51600
     ttcctcccag tctgtttcct cagaggagga ttcttcactt gcttcagagc tactaagagc     51660
     tggcttcctg agctcatcta gtgacgagta tctcctagag acctccgcta atcgatcttt     51720
     tttcttctcc ctttttcctc tttttcttct aatctctctc caggtattcc tacctaacct     51780
     taacttttcc tcgggttcaa gacccttgga aaggcctgta tacttatttt gtgtaccata     51840
     cttcctcttt gttcctactc tctctccccg ctttacttct gatagattgt cctgaatttc     51900
     ctctagaatt ttcagcccta tcttaatcac ttgatagcat gtgaaaaaga acaaaagggc     51960
     tcctaacacc agaaaaaatt caaggccaaa catactcact ggtactctcg ttccccagct     52020
     gaaaagttct gaattcatac agttgaatcc ttcttaacag tctgctttac gggaaccttt     52080
     atcaccgtcg ttccccagct gatgagttct gaattcggca gttgaatcct tctcaacagt     52140
     ctgtgttacg ggaaccttta taaacgtgat ccgcagttct ggttctggaa tgaagtatcc     52200
     ctcctgcgcc agtccggagt tttttctcgt cccggatttt ctcgtcccgg aattcggcac     52260
     caattgttat tcgtcgcgtt ctcacgaccg gccaggaaga acacaacaac cagaatcttc     52320
     tacggcaaag ctttattgct tacatctttt tgggggccag agtgtaagaa gcaagagaga     52380
     gaagcaagag agagagaaaa cgaaacccct tctattttaa agagaacaac cattgcctag     52440
     ggcgcatcac tccctgattg gctgcagccc atggccgagc tgacgttcac gggaaaaaca     52500
     gagtacaagt agtcgtaaat acccttggct catgcgcaga ttatttgttt accaacttag     52560
     aacacaggat gtcagcgcca tcttgtgacg gcgaatgtgg gggcggcttc ccacacacca     52620
     ctattcctgt tcaaaatgtc cgctacttct tagagcaggg aaattcattg ttgaatatgt     52680
     cttatgattt ctatccttgg ttatagttgt gcaaagataa tgccaactgg ctttctgcag     52740
     agccatctag gtctaattcc aagttgagtg agcaggatgt ttcctggtgg agaccttgag     52800
     cttaacactt gtgggatgct gtgggcagag agagatgaat gcttgtgtgc atccagcagc     52860
     agcctgaatg atgcctctgt gttatgtttg gctgaggaga accatatacg cccatatcag     52920
     tcagtactct aggagccatt gtaagacatg accttgagct acgaggttct ctgcagttga     52980
     ggtatgcaca gctgaagaca tctgactgcc tccaagttgg tgcaaacaat cctctggaag     53040
     actatgcatg acatcccaaa tctcttgcat ttgacatgga actttatgag tcattgcgag     53100
     tcaataaatg ctcctgagtc aacagagtaa atgggagcag agcaaggaga ggccagtgtg     53160
     ggatgtgtca ctgtgtcgct ctctcctcct acattcttca ctttataccc ctttgttgag     53220
     ccaatggttc acccagccat gccctcatgc tagccatgta cttcctttaa ttccttgata     53280
     tacaaactag ttacagtgtt agaaatcata aaatactctt tggttggtgg tttagtctct     53340
     gggagctgtg ggagtactga ttggttcata ttattgttcc tcctataggg ctgcaagctc     53400
     cttcagctcc ttgggtcctt tctctagctc ctccattaga gaccttgtgc tcagtccaaa     53460
     ggttggctaa gagcatccac ctctgtgttt gtcaggaact ggcagagcct ctcaggagac     53520
     agctatatca ggctcctgtc agcaagcact tgttggcatc cacaatagtg ttctgggttt     53580
     ggtgactgtt tatggaatgg atccccaggt ggggctgtct ctggatggcc tttccttcag     53640
     tctctgcaaa accaccaacc aaggagtaca catggaagga cccaaggctc cagctgcata     53700
     tatagcagag gatggccttg ttggacatca atgggaggag aggcccttgg tccagtgaag     53760
     gctcgatgcc ccagtataga ggaatgccag aacagggaag caggagtggg tgggttggtg     53820
     agcaggggga gaggggatag gatagggggt tttgggaggg taaaccagga aataggataa     53880
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcac cagacgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca     53940
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt     54000
     gagttccagg acagccaaga ctacacagag aaaccttgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa     54060
     aaaaagaaaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaag aaatcataaa atacagagtc gtatttggaa     54120
     catttagctt ctctaaaagc tgtgtgagaa ggagataggt gggagtagtt accatgacac     54180
     ctgagtcttt tgcttccata tgccttctga aaatacttct gtttgaatac ttggctggag     54240
     aatgtaggtc actagggagc agctacaatg gaacagagag aaagcatggc ttttgagccg     54300
     gtctggcccc cgtggtcttc ctatgtctct ttagagaagc cctggggtgg agagcttgtc     54360
     tcctcttcta taaagtcaag gtcataattc agtcctgggg tgatttggat gctgattttc     54420
     atagacgtct atcttagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca gacaccaatg accaaggcaa     54480
     ctcttataag aacatttaat gagatttgct tataggctca gaggttcagt ccattatcat     54540
     caaggcagga acatggcatc acccaggcag gcatggtgca aaagttgaga gttctatatc     54600
     ttcatttgaa ggccactagg agaaaactgg cttccatgta attaggagga gtgtccaccc     54660
     ccacagtgac atactttcta caacaaagcc acacctcctg ccagtgccac ttcctgaacc     54720
     aagcatatac aaaccaccac agcatctgtc aggggaaaaa aaaaatctca attgtcactc     54780
     tgtctgtcct ccatgcttaa tgggatgagg gacacagaga catgtcataa tggtgcacac     54840
     agaatccttg taacagtacc tgattgtcat tggtgcttgc agccatgagc tttctcgaca     54900
     ctattctgtg ctgtttttgt ttgttgtttt tgtttttcct ccctcttgag agccatgtgc     54960
     tgctcccaca tttcctcaga gcacaatatc ctcatgccct gacatgtgta tgaggcattt     55020
     acagttcaag gctcaagtta gaagcacagc aagtctgcct acctcagact ttgcttcaaa     55080
     aaaatccaac ttgacatcta gaggaacttt gaagtgcaat ttctctcttc cagacagata     55140
     ggacatagaa aatgcacttg ccaccaaggg aactgagctg ctgtgagaaa ggggccccac     55200
     ctgagttcag cttactagct ctgctgttca agcaaggtgc ttaaacctgt ctgagacccc     55260
     agtccttggg ctctgaaatg ggactgataa acatgggcag cagctacagt gtcatttctg     55320
     atcttcccag aaacatgaga ccagccctct gcaaactcag agcggatgaa cagctccatt     55380
     acaatggtca ggggacagct ttgttcttaa aaagttaaca ctgaacttta agaacagaat     55440
     tcaatataca attgaatttc accaaatgta gttttcttta aggtaactgg aaacaaatga     55500
     atgcttaatg cagtaatgtc acagttgctc aaatgagtca tttccaagat gagaaccctg     55560
     ggaagttcta aaccctgccc tgggtttctt catctgaaag cactaatgat tcccatccta     55620
     actcattggc ttgttgctgg gggggggggg ggatgcaaga gatgatgaga gacttggact     55680
     gcacatggca ttcagagacc atctcaaagt tcttagaact gtctacagag tctagagcac     55740
     atttttaaag aatatcatta atactgatat tcaggtaacc caactactca aaagtcattt     55800
     agacccaaga tcaatattta attagcctaa gcaccaaact gggaaaacat gtttgtaatt     55860
     ttcccttacg gtaattctag aagccatcct aaatcatttc aagtatggtc cttcaggaca     55920
     cagcactgaa ggctggcagc tacctggaaa ataaacctcc tcactctcct tcaatgatga     55980
     ctttctatgt agcaggcact gagtttatgc caaaagtacc gaacagacaa tgctgcccaa     56040
     ccttcttgac aatgctgcct aaaatagtta gcagaaagca gcatgcaacc agtgttgctt     56100
     tcagtagaca cacagacact cccctatgtc ccaaacccat ctttcttcca tttggttttc     56160
     tgcagctgtg atctgtctct ctccctcctc ccagggtctc tggggtggtc atctctttct     56220
     ttctggaacg cgcagggagt agacactggg agacctgggg cttctgtgaa cacatgtgtt     56280
     gctcctcata cctctggtct tcagtgagcc gaggcattgc aggctagcct cgaggaggtt     56340
     tgtttttata cacatttagt tctgcagcag ttcagggatt cttttttttt tttttttttt     56400
     tcctctccag attgagtcaa agctaaattt ccattgtgat tcatccaggc cttgctcacc     56460
     catgtgacct tgggcaagtc atttaactct atagcttcag ctaccaatta actggtgcta     56520
     aagttagatt agaaatactc catactttgt aagttcttgt aaggaatttt taattaattt     56580
     atttatttat ttaggcatat aaagtgctta aggcctttta ggcaaggtcc caaagtggcc     56640
     cttagaaaat gataactact attaaccaga acaatacagt gtctcgtggc agtggctata     56700
     aatcctcctc taaggctagg gaccagttta agagtgtgca gtggtggcaa tgttgccttt     56760
     gaatgttgat tgtgtcagat gcttcacaca cattctcatt cattttcatg gcagcctcat     56820
     ggagacagta ctgtaactag ccccactttg cagatgaaag cctgaggcac caaggaagtg     56880
     actcacccag cacgtcacca gtgatgaaga tgctgggact taaatctagt atgactgatt     56940
     tgtgattcag aacttaaccg ttacattgtt acattatact gcttcttaac tgttgtattg     57000
     ttccattata ttgcttttga tgaaagccgc tctacccagg agaaaaaaaa ttagctcacc     57060
     caagacatgc tgtacacaat ttccaggtgc tcataaatgt tttgaaggct acaatcccag     57120
     gccttcggcc cagagagtct ccctctacag aaagttcctt ctagaatgcc tcatgcgtca     57180
     tccctggtga caagtgagtg aggagcagct gccatcttgc cagtcctcat ttaaacactg     57240
     cagtgtcata agtgatgtcc aacttattaa aatctctggt tttatatcca gggttcccac     57300
     cagttgtgtt ttcagtggta aaagactgac acctcttgtt tcagctgccc cagtcagttc     57360
     atcagtgata agtatttctg cgtcacgagt acattacaat caggccttac attttgtaaa     57420
     tgcccagtca tggtctaaaa tctgaatgag cttcggcagt gttgggcagc cccatttcac     57480
     aatgaaccta atgcagaaaa accaagagac tgatggaggt ctaaggagca agacccaaac     57540
     tctagtgtct gacccatttt ttgcttggct aaacggatta aagccaatgt tttgtgaact     57600
     acagagccag ctctctttaa ggttgctctc agcttagcac tgtcctatgc tggcctcctt     57660
     gtcattatgg gaaacactct gctgtgggag cagattgggt gtgtaagctc tgcctccaga     57720
     ctacatctcc agctcaccct ctgaagacca agagcatgtg agaagaaccc tggccacagt     57780
     ctgtgtatcc tggctgagtt ccttaactgg gagtctctgt tttccggttt gtaaaacagg     57840
     aacacaatag tagcagtctt cttagggttg aggtcagagt tacaagagga catgagaaat     57900
     gtccaggtgt gcctgagcag ccagcagggg cttctgggta attagatccc ttcagcggca     57960
     cttttccttt tcccttagtt gagagacttg tgggagacag aaggaaataa aaatagccag     58020
     gaaggatttg tgtgaagtca aaaatagttc tgtagaatag atgagaatac gaggcagtta     58080
     agagttaggt ttgtacctct tcccccaacc ctgagaatct cggaggcatt gtcgtatgcg     58140
     ttactgagta tgatggaatg atttgggtag tttgagcttg ttcttggaca cgtgcactcc     58200
     ataacggaat tatttatcga aagctctgag gctgggggag ataagctttg aactgtagac     58260
     agtctggtgc tcattgccga ttccaggtgg cccacccacc ttccgccccc aaattaccct     58320
     gccagggagc aaactccaca aatttgctgc tgcttggtaa caccgccccc ttccctgtct     58380
     tcgctttggc agaaggttca gcaccccatt gaattcagtg gaaaagagag tcatcagtgg     58440
     tggggaggag agctccaggc tcctgcacac caagagagac gaaccacctg gttctatgcc     58500
     ctgtacagac ctcctgcact cagagatcta aagggtagat gcgcaacttg cattgctcac     58560
     caagtcagct ttaggcaaac tcgatttgga ttggtttagg gatgccaagg gtgggacatt     58620
     aaagcttcca gtcctttctg ccaaaactct gcagacattg caatagatcc cagaggtagt     58680
     ttaagaatca acagcaccca gacccaacag aacaagttac aactaagaca gtggtgctgt     58740
     tttggttttt tgtttcaagg ccctgaacaa aaaggttgag aaaatgagtc aaaacttttt     58800
     caaaatatgt cactgccttc tctacatttt aagaaatcac tatgtgtaat gtctaaaatg     58860
     cactgggggt gggggttccc cttcactact aatttttttt tcctcctgga gaattctgtt     58920
     gcttcccttt gctgacctgt agcacagtat tgttttccaa accacccatg cctaccttat     58980
     tttattaaga agaaatcctt gcattgctct atgcttcggt ctgaaccatg agcaaggtgt     59040
     ttggtattca tcctggcact ccttagcaat tacatctccc aaggatgcta gctgcactta     59100
     gtacaaagtc ctgtttcccc atatgagctc tgataggttt tcctgtggaa ctccagattc     59160
     ttacactttg ctctgctgat ataggcaagc tgacctactc tagctgagta ggtcgtggta     59220
     gaagtaacca cagacatata ttgacttata aacattttcg actagcttca ctggaagtag     59280
     caaattcttg aattaccttt aattatgtca cttgcaattt ttttacaagg tagaattttc     59340
     tgcctttcaa attctccttg gctgtgttag tcctccctct gtgaggtctg gaatctgagt     59400
     tctttttagt agctaatctc caaagttgaa ggacaatgaa tcccaaagaa gcaatcagtt     59460
     tattaaacaa cctctagacc tgtacatcat ttgtgaacag ccctagcaac tatttctgca     59520
     ctcagaggag gtaagtttaa gtctccccca aggagccact tcctccagcg caggcagcaa     59580
     tgagtgacag tatatgtgct gggttctctg gaagaacagg agtgacagaa tggatatata     59640
     ttgcaaaggg caacttgtta cattcactta cattatagtg ggggggtggt tagttcataa     59700
     atagcttgtt atatcggctt acattgtggt ggtggggtta gttcataaat agttctttgc     59760
     atactgaaga gggcaaaatc tcagaagcct cattggtgcc agcctgtcac tgaagaccca     59820
     gagggttctt ggacagtgac tgatgggcca caggccaaag acgctggagt ccaatgtcag     59880
     tgaatgatgg cagcagcagc agcaactgct aggtagatgc actccgtgca ctcatagcaa     59940
     ggagcaaagg caaccgagcc agcagaagca acactgcttt tccctcagac ctcttacatc     60000
     tcagcggctc actctggggg agggtatccc taccccacac ctattaaccc tgcctagaca     60060
     ttccctcata gacccacaga gggacatggt tttgtggtgg tagtgatggt ggtggtggta     60120
     actccagatc tacaccagta gaccatatta gccatcacag atggaaggta gaaaatactc     60180
     actgataaca tgggtagatg tataattcca ttatgagaag ttatggagaa tttgacatct     60240
     agccataata taatatgact tacattgtgt tgttttgggt gttttgtttt gttttttaat     60300
     atttatggtc cccagatttg tggctctttt ccattttgcc atccacaact tcctggtccc     60360
     ctaatgagtt ccaggttctt tcatcaaagc ctatccatgt gtttcctttc ttgagacttc     60420
     ctcccaggtc ttttctgctc caatccttca cattccagta ggaagtctgt attctcttct     60480
     caagctgggg ttttctgatt gtgatcctta acactgggaa ttcaagcatt tgaaattatc     60540
     ctccttaaac atacttggtt ttatcctttt ttaaaaaatc tgtaacatat gaaaaggtaa     60600
     aagattcaga caacagtgag aaggtaaata tccattactt gtcctttgag ggatgtatat     60660
     tagtggcaga aacccctagt gttgaatgtg atgcaggatg tgttgttttt gctttgtagc     60720
     tcaactgatc tcaagagatg tgtaggccaa gatgtcctca aatccacaat cctggctttg     60780
     ttcactaaag gctcagatta taggggtgtt ttaccacatc cagcaggaaa tgtaattttc     60840
     aattgcttta aaaaaaaaaa aacggcgact cactcaaatt gtatcaaaaa taggactaca     60900
     tgtgtcaggc taggcttcat gtcccactgt ggacagcaca gactgaaagc aagatgcact     60960
     gtgcccattt tgttttgtct atttggaatt tcttacccac ttcttacctt acttgaagac     61020
     tacttttata ttttctaaca tggagaacca aaacaagctt tcaaagaata atatcaaata     61080
     gtagcatgta ttacatctac gtgtttcctg gcattgtttc ctgtgttagt gtggtggttt     61140
     gaatatgctt gacccaggga gtggcactat caagaggtgt ggccttgtta gagtagatgt     61200
     ggatttattg gaggaagtgt gtctctttgg gcttgggctt tgagactttc ctcctagctg     61260
     cctggatgtc agtcttctcc tggttgcctt tggatcaaga tgtagaactc tcagctccta     61320
     cagcatcagg cctgcctgta tgttgtcatg cttcccgtca tgatgataat aatgactgaa     61380
     cctcagaacc tataaatgtt ttcctttgta agagttgcct tagtcatggt atctcttaac     61440
     accagcggaa accctaagac agtttctctc tgtctcttgt aagccaacaa acttgacccc     61500
     catactacag agttcataag tgacaggtat aagtcacact ggaacagagt gaagtttttt     61560
     ttaattaggt attttcttca tttacatttc aaatgctatc ccaaaagtcc cccatactct     61620
     accccccccc ccactctcct acccacgcac tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt     61680
     actgaggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaag gagtctcttt tcccaatgat ggctgactag     61740
     gccatcttct gctacatatg cagctagaga catgagctcc gggagtacta gttagatcat     61800
     attgttgttc cacctatagg attgcagacc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct     61860
     cctccattgg gggccctgtg ttccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt     61920
     tgccaggcac tggcatagcc tcacaagaga cagctatata agggtccttt cagcaaatct     61980
     tgctggtgta tgcaatggtg tcagtgtttg gaggctgatt atgggatgga tccccgggtg     62040
     tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atcctttggt ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc     62100
     ttccatgggt attttgtacc caattctaag aaggggcaaa gtgtccacac tttggtcttc     62160
     gttcttcttg agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ttgtattttg tatcttgggt attctactca     62220
     ctgataagtg gatattagtc cagaaactta gaatacccaa gatacagagt gaatagtctt     62280
     aacagccttg tgaccccagg agccagaaca gccctccatc cccacaccca cactgtttac     62340
     cagctgccat tcttccccct tgtcccactc ctttttatct ccctacaaac tctctcccag     62400
     atagctgtat tgtgccttta ccagtcactt caaccatgtt actgaaataa caaagcattc     62460
     taacttggta tttctaagct cctttatttg ctccagtttt aaaataaatg tttttatcat     62520
     cttctaaata ctaataccag gcttatttat tatatgtagt attggtacat gtctccttcc     62580
     ccagttctca aaagtgagct catggcaact ttctcattgt ctccattggt cacaaacatt     62640
     tctagactag agtctggtac ttactgagtg cttgttgtct attaatggtc aagtgaatga     62700
     atgaacccca ttttgcttct tataaatatc cagctagtca caaatgatag gaaatggttg     62760
     atttgaagta taatcccatt aattggaata taaagatcta taatttagcc acctgtgatg     62820
     gtttgtaaat ccttggccca gggagtagca ctattaggag atgtggccct gttggagtag     62880
     atgtcactgt aggtagtgtt gaagtggtat gggcttaaga ccgtcaccct agcttcctgg     62940
     aaatcagtct tcgactagca gccttcagat gaagagggag aactctcagc tcctcctgca     63000
     ccatgcctgc ctagatgctg ccatactccc accttgataa tggactgaac ctctgaacct     63060
     gtaagccagc cctaaatata tgttatcctt tataaaactt gccttggtca tggtgtctgt     63120
     tcacagtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc taactaagac aaccacctta tttttaaagt     63180
     tgaacatttg taaaatctta agaggcctgt gacttaaacc ttactgtgta aagtctctat     63240
     ccagctctgt gatttttgat gccccaagaa caggggcagc ttggttcctt gtatcaggca     63300
     tggacctaga gcaccaagct tccagtgagg atcagcaaaa tctagggtca ttttctgcat     63360
     acaccactgt caagctcagc tccagtcttc acagaattca gtttcaaata ttgctgattt     63420
     tagcccctta tgaaaacaaa gaagaagaaa aagtaggact caatgagacc aaacttgaat     63480
     gagtgagtga atgaatgaat gaatgaatgt ttgcattatt gtctcactta tctagaatag     63540
     taacagctag aaagagactc tgcctctgtg gtctgtgtgt ttcttgaaaa gtcgctgatc     63600
     ttaaggttga gctgcctttt agaaaggctt gcaagttagg accaggtttt ctttgtctat     63660
     gggaaaataa aatatgtttc ttagattttc tccaatccat aaatccattt atactacatt     63720
     gatttacatg tgagtctgtg agatacatct gaatgtgagc ctatagcata catcttgtat     63780
     tagtcagggt tctctagagt cacagaactt atgggtagtc tctatatagt agggaattta     63840
     ttgatgactt tcagtctgta atccaactcc caacaatggt cagcagcagc tgtgaatgga     63900
     agtccaagga tctagaagtt gctcaggccc acaaggcaag caggcagaga gagtaaatct     63960
     tccttcatcc aatgtcctta tgtaggtctc cagcagaagg tgtggcccag attaaaggtg     64020
     tgtgccacca tgctgttaac cccagatgac cttgaattta gagatctccc tgtcttaatc     64080
     ttctgggatt catagccact atgcctcaag atctccatgt caagatctag gtcagaaact     64140
     tgtatctccc agtctcacga ttaggatcac tggtaagcct tccaattctg gactgtagtt     64200
     cattccagat atagtcaagt tgacaaccag gaatagccac tacacatctc tttctggata     64260
     aattttccca tgagtttccc aaactcaact ttgatgttac tagcttagtt taaaccaaga     64320
     agtgtcttta ttttgtattc tttttaacaa acctaagaaa ctcttacatt aagagactct     64380
     cagtgatgtt aatggttgct aacacaacaa accaacatgt tgactgaggg gatttaaccc     64440
     atcctattgc ctggcatgga gaagtacagg gagaacagag gaaccggtat catctgcttt     64500
     catgctcgtt cttctcatct taatgagaag aaatgcattt gattctagaa aagtctaata     64560
     aatatgcctt acactcagag tttaatcccc aactgaaaga ttaaaagttc acaccaagct     64620
     gcttgcatca ctgctaggga gacagcataa tttactttat ccttttcttt gggtattaca     64680
     caattttgtt ttggctcaca gtgctgatcg ggccttgaac aatgattcca tctagttagg     64740
     agatgtgggc ccatctaagc tttttggagt tatgtggtct gggacccagt ctcagatcct     64800
     ttgtaacctt gtggccttag acctccgatg acccttcttt tcaccgttat agctgaatta     64860
     gagagtgatg tcaccaacct cttaaggcaa agctgtggta agttggttct cttggttgat     64920
     agcttccagt atcactcttg tctttcaaat atttccttaa aggaaatcaa taacctgtgc     64980
     catttcacat gaggcccaga gtgatttgcc aaaaggcatt gagcaaagaa cagtttgggc     65040
     taatttgagt atgtggaaca tacacacctc ttccactgtg ctaacccttc tacagctacc     65100
     tcttttaacc ctaaaggtgt atttgtctac agattgagaa cctacactca tcattttcat     65160
     ctctctgtcc ttcccaatgc tttttatatc tgacaaaggc accaacgaca gccttctcct     65220
     ggtctctgga ctacaactct taggcagctt tgtgtttcct gtaagagaaa tcccacccat     65280
     gatacgtagt cctataatgt tcctttaatg tgtagtgagc catgcttcta tagaggctat     65340
     aacatgtcag actcagggtc actaatggca gagaaataaa catccaagaa ggagcaaagt     65400
     gaagaactga taaagctgtg tgaaaggaac catttcagat aaggccacat gccttggctg     65460
     tccacaattc tgccttagag aacaatatag atttttacat tttagaagac tgtgccagcc     65520
     ctgccagtgc aaagttgaac agtcctttga gggagaagta agaattaaag ataggacgcg     65580
     gtgggtggtg ggggggcttc aggtcaatac cacaccagca gcacgtttac ttttcttaga     65640
     ctttttatac ctttacagtg ccatgggaag caaagccata agctaacaga aacaactaat     65700
     aaaatataca cataaagaca tctgttccca tgcaaaagct tccctgttcc ttccaccaag     65760
     gtcagtaaaa tcttcagtcc tctttcctgg agcctcaagt gcacctcctc ttattgttcc     65820
     atgcttcagc agggtgggaa atctgccagc agaccttgac ctgcctttac tctgtctggc     65880
     aggcaggctt ttctctttct ttctcctttt ttcattttat acaagccaaa gctgtctcag     65940
     ctattggtgc agaaagattg tgcctgtctt agtgtcccct caagaagagt ggaccttacc     66000
     cgtcattggt gcgtgaatcc tagcattcat accctgtctg aggccaatct acctctgaga     66060
     gaatcttacc tgtctttgac tgtcagcctc tgcaatggag tatacaacct actagattac     66120
     agttttaagc tatatatgat ggagatctgc acggatgttc aaaaagaaat ggagggcacc     66180
     gttagccaca agtgataaca ggcataatac tctgtctata atagatacca taacaagaat     66240
     cccagcaatg atcaacctga tcattctcct aggtctactc aaagcttttt gaattttatc     66300
     caacacttgc aagcctctat ctgaatatca aggttctgaa atattaactg gaagcttaac     66360
     aaatgaaggc tgataaagaa ccataacata gttccttgta caatgtcaga tatacaatta     66420
     ttcaagttat agtcatagca agttacattg aatccggacc cataaaattt acagtgcaat     66480
     tgtcacaggg tacattaaac aaatctccag acataaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     66540
     aaaaaaaaca ttcgtttgcc caaccatcaa cccatgagtc aaggatacat aagccattat     66600
     aaaacctgac aaggggcaag ggttgttttc atagtataat ggggtagggg tggggtcttt     66660
     ttttgactca gcatttctgc ctatagagta ggacacaatg gctgtagtat ctctcttcta     66720
     tatctgcttc ctgctgacat tatgatattg caaaggggcc caggaaggcc aaaatacctg     66780
     ccaaaggctg ggcaatgggg cattatcaaa acatctggct aacagggagc aatcacatca     66840
     gctggacttg ttaatatcac cttcagcaag tccagagttc agcagctcca cagctgatcc     66900
     ctgggtgtag tctgtcagcc agtgacaatc tgatgagaca aatataaact aggaacataa     66960
     attaaaattg tctagcaatt ggggaaggta agaaatccca agaccaaggg aaattcccat     67020
     tttgaataac aagcaggtat acttatctgg aatccatttg atctgtgacg ggtgggtccg     67080
     cgtcttagga ctcttgattc ccccaagctt atgtgaactt tagcttacaa ctgtattgaa     67140
     attcatgttt tagaaatatg gttaacagat gtctgttaga caatagaggt agattcatgt     67200
     tctaccaaca gagcaggctc tttcagcatc ctgcagaaaa acacaaatct gcccacattc     67260
     ccatattaat actggatcag gaccacatca tatgccagta agtaagtccc tccatttcac     67320
     ctgggcataa gttgctgagt ggtagggtac catagacact tagcagcaga taatccttta     67380
     gcatccaagg tcaaaagact caaaataaaa agtgaaggag tatataactc cccattttta     67440
     tttcatgtaa ctgatttttt tagagctctg tgggcttgtg tcatagttct ttgtccttga     67500
     ggacatgtaa aattatgtat tttatataga ttataactca ttttatagtt tacttatatt     67560
     taatttatat tttaacatat ataatttata tttaacattt atttaaacta tataaataac     67620
     atttaatgtg tgatttattc attgtatata atgtatatac taatgtgtat aaatcatatt     67680
     cagtgtatat tttatattta acttgtataa tttatattta atgtggataa tttatatata     67740
     catatgcatg tagttatcaa ggatgggtca tcttctgagg acatgtgaat aaaatataca     67800
     ttttatatac atgtttcaat gtatataatt tctagcttgt ataatctatg ttaatttata     67860
     taatctaaat ttgggagcgc ctgtgtgaaa accaagaatc ctaactcatg agtccacagt     67920
     gatgtctgct gcagtgctcc atgttagtag ctgagaggag ggacaggagg gggcaagctc     67980
     caacttccag cctcttcagg acactggatc atccctcatc atccctctcc cactgccacc     68040
     atcttctccc ctccagggtt tggcgggtgc tccttcaggg ggtgctggat ggaggggcca     68100
     agactgggat aagtaaggga ctgccccctg gacgtggcca gctgcctcca ggactccagg     68160
     gctgctcact ttccactttc cttctcagaa acccacttct ctctactagc cctaatccag     68220
     gtccaaaggc taaaagtata ttcagtcacc ttacctagtc cacgcacatc atgcatggtc     68280
     tttcttggac cttcttccag gttactaaat ttattggacc ttcctcagga aactaaggac     68340
     aaatcttttc tacaaaatct aaaaagtgat gtcattgttg ttgccctatt ttttagtgaa     68400
     gcatattcct aagcattggt acaaaaagca taagactgtt tccatttccc atttctaatt     68460
     tttcttgttt tctatttctt tttctttttg acttttactt gttctgagct cccttatctg     68520
     tgttttccca agaaattttc actgcacttt taccttttac aagggcttgc ttttttcaag     68580
     agatgtccac cactttaatc ccctactcac agagtgccac agttcgggct ccacctatac     68640
     tggacccacc agcacagggt cgaatagcct ctgaagaggg agtggggatt aaagacagga     68700
     aagaagatgc aagagacaga tatggaaggg ctgcaggtca ataccacacc agcagcgagt     68760
     ttacttttct tagccatttt ataatttaca gtgccatggg aagcaaagcc acaagctaac     68820
     agaaacaatt gctgaaatat acacataaag atatctcttt ccattcaaaa gcctccctgt     68880
     ttaacccacc aaggtcagta gaatcttctg cctccttgcc atgagcctca agtgcacctc     68940
     ctcttgctgt tccatgcttc agcaggccgg gaaatctgcc agcagacctt gacctgcctt     69000
     gactctgcct ggtaggcaga tctctgtctc tctgtctctt tcttttttct gcgtcagaga     69060
     agcagcaaat ggcttccaac attgtgcttc aaacgtttac ctaatgcttt aatggaccca     69120
     aaatgggaat ccatgaacct gagggcaaag catacacgca ccatgtttgg cattagagga     69180
     ggttcacttg tagccactgc tgtggagtgg aggagagatg gcagctaata cagaacaaaa     69240
     cgggaactgc aaagcatact atgagcatct tgttttgttt agaaaggtgg ctgatcgttc     69300
     ttgtgcaaaa aagactcact gtgaacaaag aagagaagga attgggggtg gggctcttaa     69360
     ctttgggaaa gacctcatgg tctcatggga attttttttt tccttctgga cttaaaaaga     69420
     atgaagaacc gttttggctg gctgaatggg agacaccatt gaggctgata gcaatggaga     69480
     gagaaggcag aaaagccttc cgtgtatgcc acactcgtat caagaatacg cctttaaatt     69540
     cagacagcgg ccctccccaa gaaaaacaag gaaagggtgg gagccagtag gcagcagcag     69600
     cccatcagga aggcattatg ctagagagaa gctcacactc tgttctctga acagacagga     69660
     aacttttggc tgacattttt cttggaaggt gatcctggag actgtcacca ctggaagtag     69720
     actcacaggc cagaagaaca tgtaaaacag aggactgctg tctgcaagag ataatgggct     69780
     cttgctaaga tgttgctgag gaaataagag tgtcctgagg gccaagggac agaagattta     69840
     gctgtccgca gagaccagaa ggaaatgaac tatgggatca gagacaagct agctgtagcc     69900
     aggatgactt aagaagagac attgtcaggt ttttctagaa aattctcatg ttgtcttata     69960
     atggccatgc ctacctgtaa caaactaatg acattttcca gcgacttcca acatcctgtt     70020
     ctcaagacat aaatggttga gcaatgaaca ttgtgaatca ttgaaaagaa agcttaaaat     70080
     gtgcttgggt ggagctgtgg agttaggtct ctgccctcca gaatcttgaa gtaaagacaa     70140
     taacctagga gtgactgtgt cagacacaaa caggaagcgc gtgcagaagc agtgccttgg     70200
     tgggctgctc taaatgaggt cgttctgagt cttgagtgcc tccttttgag gtgcttgtca     70260
     actctctcac tttctctatt tttcttccct atgccttcgc ttttagagga aaagtccggt     70320
     aagagaaacc atgtcctttt cttattttgg acaattacat gtattccact catttttacc     70380
     atctgaatgt ataatgacta tttaacatta aaacaaggtt tccaatatta aaacaaaact     70440
     ttgtgagcca gaacaaagcc aatttgggga taaggaagtc agttgctaag agataccatg     70500
     ctcattgtta tgggctagaa ggtagatttt agggagttac ctttgccttg gtcacaggta     70560
     tatagctcaa tacatttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgggttt tcgagacaga     70620
     gtttctctct gtagtcttgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa     70680
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgtctc tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccact     70740
     gcccggctca ttttttaaag atttatttat tttatgcata tgagtacact gtagctgtac     70800
     agatggtgtg agccttcatg tggttattgg gaattgaatt tttaggacct ctgctcgccc     70860
     tggtcaactc agctcgctgc ggtcaactcc cgcccaaaga tttatttatt actatacata     70920
     agtacactgt agctgacttc agacgcacca gaagagggca tcagatctca ttaagggtgg     70980
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcaggg ccttcagaag agcagtcagt     71040
     gttcttacct gctgagccat ctcaccaccc ctagcccaat acttttcatc ctaagtttta     71100
     cttcttacag cttccacgtt aactggtcaa gctacgtcaa aaatgaaacc atgagcattt     71160
     tttttaatgg acagcctgcc agaatccgga atgtttatgg agctggcctc tgaaggggga     71220
     acagtagatg atataggatt attttgtttt tattcattca tatttgtttc agtacatcaa     71280
     aataccccat cttgggattg ctggagacca gagagagaga gatctttata aagtgggtaa     71340
     caagtgtgtg ccaccaagcc cgatggcctg agtttgaatc ttgggaacca cagggcagaa     71400
     ggcaaaaact gactcccaca agttgtcttc tgactaccgc acaaaccatg gcatacatgc     71460
     acccacatgc agacacatcc tttgagaata ataaaacata tatcaccttg ctatttgctg     71520
     gtgccagtgg gtggttttta gtgatggcac aaatctgata caataggatt gcattcttta     71580
     tcttggagca aactagattt aaaaacaaat ttttcaaaaa agaagaggaa agaaagaaaa     71640
     gttcgttcta ttggcatggt ttcctggaat ttgagaacat gttcatagca tgcccacccc     71700
     aagactgatg tggatgatgc taatgtaaaa tacaaacgtg tttttttcat atcagcacac     71760
     actaagaggt ggttgactta ttccactaag tttaactcat gatgggagca tgtgcttact     71820
     taccttgtac cctgactcca tctctacctc atgagagaaa ctgcactcca agttcagatg     71880
     ttaggaggga ggcagaatgg gagacacgga aaaaaatgag tccaaataat aataaaaatt     71940
     aaaatcaacc aagtgcaatt ctgtgttctg ttgttactaa gctgaacttc tgtgaatgtg     72000
     catgagctga gggtcacaca gtatgcaagg cacacgacac tatacacaca cacacacaca     72060
     cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tatcctcatg tggggccaat tttatccaat     72120
     tttatctatt ctccttgacc ctagattgtc ctctgagttg agcaaagttg gccaattctc     72180
     attaaaattt gtcagtagca ctgtcaaaac tcttcctttc tccttggttt tcctcctaag     72240
     agaaaacgtt gttgtcctta cagcaactag aactaacata tgccttcaag acattgtgta     72300
     actcttagtt ttgaaatgtc catcatgctg attccttagt cagctcccct gtgaatgaac     72360
     tgttgatggc taatgggatc tttgtttcat ctccccagtg gggtttcaga agaccatcta     72420
     tgggaacaat agatagctga tgtagccaac cttgttattc acaagaacaa gcttaaagga     72480
     ttgacaaata caatagcaaa gataatagag gcctaccata tactttagcc tgaccctaaa     72540
     gcgtttaaaa gcaacacagt ctgttggcca tggtcatagt aataacttaa tgttaatgaa     72600
     ttctaattct ttccaagaaa ctctgcaaca catgaggact ggagagatag ctcagttagt     72660
     aatgtgcttg cttacaagga cctgagttag agtcacagaa tatacataaa aaaaaatttt     72720
     ttaatcccgg tgccagtgag acacagatag ggggatcaaa aatatcaggg cttacttcaa     72780
     aaatatcctc aaaatacaaa acaatgatta cctcaaagag aaaataaaat tgatcctcag     72840
     agccttctcc agggtgcaac agatgaccaa gggattaaaa taatgattaa ttatgaatgg     72900
     aggaaatatg tccagagcac aagcaaatgg gtcacagggc ctctgaatga ttcaggtatg     72960
     gccaacatta tgagaacgaa ttctgtgtgc tacaaatgtc tgcaatcact agccacctgc     73020
     aggctctgta caactgaatg ggtgtgttat ttggttatgc agttaaaaat aattttggcc     73080
     cacatttaaa aactagacca atttattttg taaaatctgg ttattcattt ccctttaaag     73140
     gggaagctgc agtgagccca tctcctcaca ctgtgggtcc agtggccaac acagcagagc     73200
     ttggtgatac acagtttcct gactacatgt cttcctatcc taagagcatc tagataggtc     73260
     tccctgtttc tagaacagac cagcaccaga tcctaaattc gttctcacct acttttgatg     73320
     caagttctat aatccataaa acacaaacaa aatgttaaat gttttgaact ttaggtaaaa     73380
     ataatttccc ttttcagtgc acagaaataa gtcagggcct cacacataaa actgattagc     73440
     tggcaaaggc tccaccccca ccccagctgg tgatgaacct tcctggcctt ttagtcctgt     73500
     agagatctta aacagtaatg agttatgtaa atcctctcca cttgacttct aggaaaatct     73560
     tgcttctaag ggcttcagga gctcttaatc acagaccttg aaactgtctg tgtctgtatg     73620
     tggcacagct tctcgtcttt gggggtcttg ctaaccagcc tgtaatggca tatatttgga     73680
     cagctaatct ttgatggaaa aaaaaatgtg aacgaagttc ctaaacatta tcacgggagc     73740
     tttcagaatg aactaattga taaaatatac ttttaactca ttgaaaatta aggtatggct     73800
     taatttgaag ttaaaatatt tggtgatatt ttgaaaatgt tttgtttcat tttaaatgga     73860
     gaaagtctta cttgtaagat tctgcctctg gccacagtat acattttatt ttgcatgatt     73920
     tatcataatc tcatactggg ggagtgtgtc aattacagtg ttttatttac ggtatttatc     73980
     ggtttttgtc atgtaagctc catattgcct tatttaaaga actttagtca ggtgactaaa     74040
     caataatgta gccaaaatag tcactaaaaa gtgatatttt caccctcaaa cagtatgata     74100
     atctcaaccc aaggatacat actgtatcct tttgctctaa tgctacttaa gttgcattca     74160
     catagacaag ggtcagtaag aaacatggga tgaacatgta gtggtttaat aaagtataac     74220
     aacaaagtct aaactactag gagtcatgtt ggctagccta tgtctagtga actcccttac     74280
     aaacctgacc agtctcagaa atgaccatgc ctggatgcta gcccaggcct cagtgccagc     74340
     cacaactcgc cccaggactt ctcccacaat ggcatactca aaatcacagg aatggaggtc     74400
     caaaacctgg tcccagttcg gctgactcac taactgggtc tcagacctca ctttgaacta     74460
     agtgtccaag gcagcctccc aagtataaag gctacattcc caagatcggt ttatctttgt     74520
     ctgagcccct tgcctgtcct atgtttgtgc tcctggcctc tactgtggaa gtccctaact     74580
     tctaatccat cttaaaagca aatctttgtg tacctccttc acctcccaca ttcaagtctc     74640
     ttctgttgaa gcagaaagat cccaaaggag gagactgctg gggcacattg atggtagctg     74700
     tcaccgaggt gggaggagtc aagagagagg tgtggtgtgt tccccagaca tcatcatgtt     74760
     tactgtcacc aggcagtttc ccagttccta tatacttgta ttgggagtta tccataagaa     74820
     ggtggctcac attcccaaag gttgcatgtt aaagcaacaa catccacagc tactactccc     74880
     atgaaacgag cattctaaga acaatgaaga gaaattacag agtaggtttt ctatgtcctg     74940
     atacatcttt ggaggctccc tcaggccctg cttataggaa tacagggaat ccactgttta     75000
     tggaatattc tgtcaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaccctg cttttgacag gacattctac     75060
     catcaatgag gattctatac attcctacct tgttcttatg gatagataca aaaaactgca     75120
     ccacattagc aaaaacattt ctccaaagcc acctgtggct tcacgagccc taatcacatg     75180
     cctcatgagc cctaacccca cgcgcgggtg gctggctctg acctggtgat ttggagtgtg     75240
     tggttggtag ctgtttcatt gaagtcttct gttacccacg cctgttgact gatccatcat     75300
     tctctgacta ggtgtctgtt ctctcttcct ttttgctgat cacagaggcg cagcccggta     75360
     agaactctca acgttttaac ccttaaatgt gtgtagagaa agttgctgca aaaaggaggt     75420
     ggccaggttg gttcccgtta cctttgtgat cacccagtgt acaagaagcc gatgaactgg     75480
     gttcactggt tggaagcttc actggctgtc taaatttgaa ggcataattt agaattacca     75540
     aagcatcttt ccataacaaa ctgaattagt gcttagtagt gttcatctgg tgtatgatat     75600
     aggggtatat atgatgttcg tgatgatgat ggtggtggtg gtggtggtgg tgggtgataa     75660
     gagaaatttc tttagatata atgatgttgt tgatgatgat gatgtaaggc taaaaaaatg     75720
     gctcaatggt gaagagcctg tagagaactt gagttaggtc cccaaagcat acataactgc     75780
     ctataactcc ggggaatctg cccttttctt gactctgcat gtacctgccc tcacacgcac     75840
     atacatacct aattttaaaa taataagtct tttaaaatat taatgaaatg aaagaaatga     75900
     atttttaaac attattttta tacccaaatt caagatatgt ccttggactg tagcttacat     75960
     tggtcaatac acactaatac agactcataa ctcaccctga gaaagggaag catgctccta     76020
     agatgtcaca ttattcaaaa taccatcatt ttagacaact tttgcatagt catcatggta     76080
     gtccatgttt ttcaaaggca aatcagctgt ttcctcaggt caaaaaatca ggagagttta     76140
     tagcgatata ggaaacactt tgctgtttgg aataacccag ctacctaatc tgtcccttca     76200
     gagctggtat ggtagtgcat gcttataacc ccagcacttg ggactctaag gcaggaaaat     76260
     cattgtaagt tcagagccat cttgactaca tagtgaggtc aagtccactt gggaatactt     76320
     agcaaaatcc tatctctgag agaagagagg gagaagagaa ggggaagcag agaggagatc     76380
     tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaagctc tctaagcttg     76440
     caccaatcaa taatcaacta tttgaggcaa ataccaccct acacagggga aatgctgccg     76500
     gttttcaatt taaactatga gacagtatct taaaatccag agtgtgataa ttctgatcca     76560
     gtcattgggt gctttctgag attgtgagaa gtaactgata tggaatgaat tcattcaaaa     76620
     tgacaagtaa ttcactaatt catatatgta tgtttatata tatacatata tatgtataaa     76680
     tatgtataca tgtacacatt cattgaaatg aaaacatgat cacttgagat ttcagtcaat     76740
     gggtatcctt cctgggtgtg gactctgtgg tgacagtacc tcagcctcat tcttgacttg     76800
     tcatgctgca acctcgggtc ctcaagggct gtgccacaca gccagctgac agtgagactc     76860
     cttcctattg ggctggcttg ttgctgcagg ccatttaaaa tctattcctt tgtaattgct     76920
     ttattccttc tcatttcaaa ataaccaagc ctttctgtac atttcttccc tgtctggctt     76980
     ccacttagct cacccactgg ggaggtgaga tagttacagc agctcccttg ctgactgact     77040
     ttcagtgata agtgtctatg gaagggatgc atacacatgg tacttggtga atactgaaga     77100
     ggtgcccttt ttgtttcctt gtgtattgca attttaatta agtgggcagt gtagatagac     77160
     ctaaaggctc tggtgtctcc tatctgctgg atcgcagttc tcacagtaca actgaagccc     77220
     cgctccttcc ttcagctcat taatgtcgga gttcagtact tgaaccgctg tccgctttaa     77280
     caattcattc ttcagtcatc tgtctatctg tctcctgtat tcagactccc ataatgagca     77340
     aagcaggttg aaatcagcct tttcgtttca ttactaatca tgggatcact ctctatgtag     77400
     cacgcagtaa gaccaaacat attgcctttt ttttttcagg caaaataaac taggaaatgc     77460
     agtctgtgag attaagccac ccaccaagaa tcatctaatg ggtctgttgt gactcaaact     77520
     gtcctgtcat aaatggattc gaattgggac aggaaaaaca tctgattggc tagctctagg     77580
     agagatgggt cttctgtaga gtactaaatg tatgccctgc actgttgaga ttataatctg     77640
     agagaacaaa gcccagcagc tccctccccc acagtgagaa aagtgggaat gggtgcgtgc     77700
     ctcttggacc ttttccttgt attccatcat ccccaacttt ctcagaaggc gagccatgct     77760
     ctgcctcatg gtgctacctt ctcgatgtct tacctttcta gaaaggccta tgcaaagaat     77820
     ctttcacagt ttctaacttt tagtcagaac ctttccgtga gtcacttttt cctgttatct     77880
     agatccgttt atgccctaac ttggtagctc tagagttgat ctgcatggaa tctctccctg     77940
     ccatatctgt ttacattccg accatgcctt gcaggaagag agagttcccg gttggctgac     78000
     tggtggcaaa cagagacagg aagtcaaaga agatgaatag agagggtgga gcttctgggc     78060
     tccctgagta aacctctcct gtctatggga catgagtaaa ctttaatagt caccattcat     78120
     cagttctgat gactgtttct actgaccact tcaggatccc atctgactag gagccaacag     78180
     tactcacaca ctctacaaat ctcagatact gaacatttaa taagtttgga ttcttattgc     78240
     tagagttcaa agggatcctt catgtaagag acaagtttgt gtccttacta aatccaccca     78300
     ggtaaggggc ttgctcattt tggtgactta tagatcactc tccctcttct cagtcacaat     78360
     agaggtgcat gagaagctgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     78420
     tgtgtgtgtg tggtataggt tccaactttg atgtggtttt gagacaaatt tccttttccc     78480
     aatctggggt atctcagagt tcagtttaat tgaaatgaca gaaataatac atattgtacg     78540
     taacatatct gtggtcttaa gccttatagt gtttatttct aattctaggg tgcaattaaa     78600
     aggaacttat ccagtaagta tatcttagct cccagaaata gagtgtgcct tggcagaagg     78660
     aatagttcct tggatcttgg agtatatttg cattcaaatt gcagtttggg gaattgattt     78720
     ttaaggttta aaaaacattt atagtgaaga tttctttttt gatgaagaga atctggttct     78780
     gaataatgct caaattgtca aaacgaatat gtttttggaa aaacactggt gcttccttcc     78840
     ttatatttgc cagctctggc tgtatcatta agcctagaat tgatttaatc aaatgtgttt     78900
     gattagatgc tcttgctaag ggtggggaga gggggactat agaaataaag gcagatacaa     78960
     tttatccatt cttatgttat tgactataaa atgtccagcc caccaaagtg agatatgata     79020
     gtttatcatc tatagggtct gctatccact cctgccacat gcagtgtatc cttggaaaat     79080
     ctaaattcat tcttaaaggt gcaacagttt cttgccatga aaagagcagg ctgaggactg     79140
     aatctgtgta ctatgggcat gtggcctgga ttcttattcc cttatggtaa ctgagaacca     79200
     gaacccatct aggcagcaag catttggaga atagtaggct gttcctctga gctctatagc     79260
     atacaatctt caactgttgg cttgtttatg gttgttcttt ggttaatgag gttttacaaa     79320
     tgccagagaa atcctactcc acgtggcaga tatatggctg ccacattgcc aggagaaagg     79380
     gtttgttttg ctctttccat gttaagttga ttattgatga gacttaaatc tctaagtgtt     79440
     ctcaaacata gctcatatga cacaccagaa gagactgcta aagatatgcc taaaaaggtc     79500
     ctttgtccta tgtgtcaggt gaagaagttg caagacccag gcgttccacc ccaactccag     79560
     aacttacaag gtaagcatgg aagatactgg ctgcgtttca ctaaccatga acttttaact     79620
     attcagcaaa tatcctgcag gcctttgtga atgaagggcc taacatgtgt gtgagttcat     79680
     atatccctag catgggaaat atttctcata tatgcagcca aaagggaaaa ctgtaagtgc     79740
     ctgcatttgt ctatagtaga attatggtct actcactgat gagaagcctc gagttcttca     79800
     taaagaggac ttttaatttc aggggtgttc atctgagata cattatattg ctgatgcatt     79860
     ccaaattcca taacaaaaga acctcatatt ttgtggttct ttcttttctc cccacaaatt     79920
     attgtattgc atcgtggatt ctttgagtga agtgttatat aggtaatgtt tcccaaagtg     79980
     atagttagct acatctcttt aaaatttgga ctctgccgtc acatcttcta ccagcctctc     80040
     ctttttcctc ttcaaccttc acctgcatga gactcacaca gaaatcatta gtctccttga     80100
     tgagagtcag gtctagagaa ggaatggaag caattatgca acacttgctc aataatcaga     80160
     ctagattcat agttaagagg aaagatgaaa tatcgcaata ccctctctaa gatgcactcg     80220
     gttcgggaca ttactagttt gttaggcaga agggggcaag atgaaattag aagctgagta     80280
     tcccaggctt tttgtttttt ttattctaag gcaaacttcc tgggtaccac ttaaatagcc     80340
     cagtgcctga ctttcatcaa ctgcattatc tacaagaaat aaggtgttgc gttggttggg     80400
     attgtgattg ctgtgataaa ataccctgac caaacagaac ttgagaagga aaatgtttaa     80460
     cagtccatca acaaaaaaag tcaaggctgg aactggaggc aggaactgaa gcagaggctg     80520
     tgggggaatg ctcctgctta cttggcttgc tctaactatt taattccagg acccaagatc     80580
     accagcccag agatggaacc actcacaata gactgggccc tcttatcaat tatcaatcaa     80640
     gaaatgaccc cacaaaccaa tcatatagag acattttttc agttaagatt ctttcttccc     80700
     cagtgaccct agcttatatc aaagtgacct agaaactagc cagcacaagt aatgacaagt     80760
     atagattttt aggccaagca tgttggcaca aacctgtagc cctagaacaa agaatgcaaa     80820
     ggcataagga ttgtgagtta aatttaatac agcctgggtt ttataagaaa ctgtctcaaa     80880
     accatagaaa gttcatgtga cagaaaagtg ccttgtagta aactggcatt tgtaatatgt     80940
     tacttctatg tgtaaagact taccctttgg cagcattttc tccattatgt ttctgttggc     81000
     cctgcccatg agcctctatt aggagcacag gctatccccc accatgaacc ttttgcacat     81060
     gacaccttca tgctctactt tctaagccca gcagaagctt catacacacg tgtgcattcc     81120
     tgtgcacaca aatgcacatt tgtttaaaca aggaaagtga gagtttgtat tatggtttca     81180
     agcattaatt tttgatcctt ttctctgtat attctgcccc ttccaaatgc atggtttagc     81240
     aagaagcctc tggatgacac tctggccctt gctcccctct ttggtccacc attagagtca     81300
     gcttttgatg agcagaagac ggaaggtagg gaactgcatg tccacagcac tgctatcccg     81360
     tttcttgtcc aaggtaaaca tacacagttg aagtgtattg tgagtgtaca atcagaccgt     81420
     catggtggaa caaaagctct gagggaattg tgctttctcg gtttagttga aagcatctat     81480
     tttgggattt gaaattgtac tcccagaata actaatggct aacaaattta ctcctgaaaa     81540
     taggtcagta gaagtgaatg cagatctatg caaatcctta cagggtaaat gcagtcggag     81600
     agatgtgagc atgagtgcaa atggacagtg ggcttctcac cctcgggcgt gctcatcagg     81660
     gcggtgtcag tgggatagct cacaggtcta ccggctcaag acccaggaag cactgccaac     81720
     cattcagcaa tgctatgaga gaaatatctt aatttctgtt atgaacttga ggttacctac     81780
     taaatacata ctgtacaatc aggtatttaa atctttaaaa taaaccatgt ttttgaaggg     81840
     ctatgaataa tatacaattt gttgatataa actaccacct ttaatagatc tattctatat     81900
     tttaatttta tttatgccca atgtatatat ttccaataaa tggccttgat attattgaat     81960
     gtcattttaa aagttatttg acttaaaacc tctaagttag agctagctat agccccacat     82020
     ttatggaaat gtggttaaga acacatgcta cacttgcaga ggattcaaat tcagttccca     82080
     gtacttatag gaaacagctt acaactgcct ctaactccag ctccagggga ctcagccctt     82140
     tcttcttaat tccaaaggca cctgcattca catgtgcata cccatagaca gatatacata     82200
     tacacatatt aaaatactat ctttttgtga taagatagta actctctagg ctccattaga     82260
     caaacgtcct taagacttac cagatatagt agagcatgcc tttaatttca gcactcggga     82320
     ggcagaggta ggcagacctc tgtgagatct agtctagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     82380
     ggacatccag agctacatag ggagatcctg tcacaaaaga ctcatgtgga tggtaggtag     82440
     acaagtggac taagctaaag taacgaagag gtttcaaagt gcagtaatga agacagaatt     82500
     tatttcttgc taatgttatc gaggtaacca cagggtatca gggctagtct ttagctttca     82560
     gtggttacct tcctctctga gtccaaggac ttgctccagc tcctatcatt ccagtaggtg     82620
     ccaaagacac tgacatctgt tacgagaaca aactctaaat tctaaacaca tcacaaagtg     82680
     cattgcagag aatttggtgt aacatggcca actaaaactc cttcttctgt gaagactggc     82740
     tctgcagcag caagctacgc ctgggtgatt tcaatgatgt agtgagacaa atttataaaa     82800
     tgcattccta aatcccatct tggtggcatt acacttgtaa cctagaactg tagccttagg     82860
     ggaaggcctt catttgtatt actaaatcat ctatggtcag tctcattttt catttgtata     82920
     aggtgacggg ggtgagagct ggtatgttgc atttgaattt gcccatttaa ggaattccat     82980
     aagcatacaa aaatatcttc actgaaaata gaaacagatt tttaaaatct aggttatccc     83040
     cctacattga gcctatggaa gcaatattgt tcccagcact ccctgcatgg aagcttgtga     83100
     tggggcagac atatatctgt gctcgctgag aagtcttgct tgaccgccct tctggcttta     83160
     gccactggac ttccgccaat ttctggcatt tgcaccaacc acaccagccc ttcccctggc     83220
     caatcccctc tttcttacca gctcagacaa gataatctta ctacttcaga ctgatactac     83280
     tatcagtata tgcattgggt ataaatagaa ttcaaatata gaatagatct ttttaaagga     83340
     ggtatcttat atcaaaataa atcttattta tagtccctca aaaacatggt taattttaaa     83400
     gacttaaata cttaattgta gaatatgtat ttagtaggca acccaatatg tatttaatgg     83460
     cagaaatgaa gatatttctc tcgtagcatt gctaaatggc tggcagtgct ttctttctgg     83520
     atagtaatgt tagttgctta ggagacctag gaagcaaaga gctgtggctg catcagatct     83580
     tggctcctct gctctttcta tggtcaagtg tttgagaata ttagtcattg ggtttttgct     83640
     ccccaaaaca gcattgactt ttaccacgtg gtggtgctgt gagaatgaaa gacaaaataa     83700
     cagctactgg cctcagatga gtgcttcatg taccattttc atgcatgcat gtgtttgtac     83760
     cctgccacct tcttcatccc tttcaggttg aataatatcc tcctgaggta ttattgtctc     83820
     cccctcccac tgcgggaaga atgctcagag gggttaaatg ccttgcccaa gattctacag     83880
     taatctagaa gctacagtga aatccacatt caacttgttt cctccattgc acaatgaata     83940
     gcagtgcact tgctgaaata gactggtgat ttacacgtga acagcagcaa cacaacaaag     84000
     aaaaatgttt taaattcaca gctcttagac caatacctag ctgccttgat ctgcttcaca     84060
     catctaaaga actgttcatt ttctgatcag tgggctggcg agatggttca gtggttaaga     84120
     gcactgactg ttctttcaga caacctgact tcatttccca gcacccgcat ggtagctcat     84180
     aaccatctgt aactccagtt ccaggggatc caattccctc ttctggcctt ttctagcacc     84240
     aggcacacac atggtacaca gacatacatg aaggcaaaag acccatacat acaaaataaa     84300
     ataatttaat taaaaaaaat ctggttctct cagatgttca acaagcatct ttagggtaat     84360
     tattcctctt tatgatgctg tgaagggtta agagcgtgaa caatctttaa aaataggaac     84420
     cactgtagag acttcagata ttttcaacat tgagatatat tcatagaact ctttaaataa     84480
     accagctaac aacaaaataa cccttgaagt aacttctaca attttggaaa tggggacagt     84540
     acgtgtagtg gtatctggaa tgtccttagg tgaccaacca ggaagaaaat gtaggttcta     84600
     gttgggtttt ggcttaactt atctccatgt acatacacac agatacccct tactcacaca     84660
     cacaccatgc ttctaggcct gttctctgtc taaagagtgt gtgcagcata ggcacactcc     84720
     gaaattaaac ttctagggtg agtggaggcg tggggatcat gtttggaaac tcaactttaa     84780
     tggaacttct aagctcttgt ttgaacttac cctgaggaat tctattttca tgtttccagt     84840
     tcttttagat cagcctgaga tatggggttc aggccaaccg atgaacccaa gtacggagtc     84900
     gccagagcta gcaagacctt tccccactgg aagtaagtta atgtatctac tcaccttgct     84960
     cgctgactgc atagtaaaaa ctttagccca ctcctagaag gcctgggtta atagtacttg     85020
     aatttaaaaa gaggcattac tatctaacag actagatcag gttctctaag ctgggataaa     85080
     ataacagaat gaagtggcac agttagactt gaggtagccc ctcttatgac aacttacatg     85140
     ttccattgtt caaccatccc tcctgtgtga ctgtgtacaa aagtgtgtgc atggaggaag     85200
     ccaggatgcc agatacatat gtaggagagg atggccttat ctggcatcaa tgggagggga     85260
     gggaggcttg atgccccagc gtatggggat gctagagggg tgcggaggga gtgggtgaat     85320
     gggtggaaca ccctcataga ggcaaagggg agagggggga tggaatggga gatttgtggg     85380
     ggggtacctg ggaagggaga tatcatttga aatgtaaacg aataaaatga ttaataaaaa     85440
     aagaaagaaa aagaaagaaa ttaagctgaa ggcatggaac aaccacacaa catgagtact     85500
     gaacaagtcc agctgggtct cttctcgtcc caggtgaaca actgagactg cacaggacag     85560
     aaggaaccca tagacaggaa agaccccccc acccccggaa agcaagacaa acaggcttgc     85620
     taacagagag atactgcagt gagaccaagc cacttgtatg tcaaggctgc tcgttctagc     85680
     ccatgtgact ggagagggtc ctaagaagcc ttgaaacccc cttacctgtg atgaactgga     85740
     tgtgctgagc tgaatgggtt cctcactagg tcaagcctgc tgcccaaggg cttatgaagt     85800
     ctccatcagt agaaacacgc agcaggatgt gtatagtggg gactccttag aatagtcatg     85860
     ggaggaatgg tgtgtctagg gagtaaagaa gttctgaggg ccttgtttat gcatggatac     85920
     tcaacaagta ctttctccag cccaggatct ccagggcttc ctttttggtg tttaaaatta     85980
     accataggaa ttagccaagg ggattcagaa ttaaaggcta aaagggaatg ttgttgggaa     86040
     tgttgtcact ataaggccat gtaatccagt ctttttttaa aaaaaaaaag tattttcctc     86100
     aaaaagaggt gggaaaggca agagtcggca gctcttctca aacctctgaa ctctggaggg     86160
     tccatcagag atggcttgaa ctgtagaggc atgattctga gtgccacttc tctatgcact     86220
     tggaatacaa tctacattgc caatgaaaag gtcccgtgag ggggggtggg gggaacagct     86280
     tcctttacag atctgaatta tcctagaaat tattcctaga aaagtggcaa gaagatttaa     86340
     aaagtcacat ttggcaataa tgtgttggaa cttgagagtt gcaaactgta gattctgcat     86400
     gtccactcag cacagccaag actgctgctt aaagttctgc ttgctttgtg gttacagtgt     86460
     gcatgctcct cttcagtgtt gggccttatg gcatctagcc atctgatttg tgttatgata     86520
     tctagggatt accatcttga catttaatag aggtgatgag taagaggcag aatctctgat     86580
     tggctcctaa cttccacagg aaaaatattc acttgcagaa ggatttttga cagctcatag     86640
     ctaaaattac gaacctctta tctggctgga gagatgactc attggtttta aagcacttgc     86700
     tgttcttgta gaagtcctgg gtttggctcc cagcaccctc atggttgctc acagctctgt     86760
     aactccaacc ctgtaggact ggacactctc ttctgactgc cagaggcact cacactgttg     86820
     acacacatgc aggcaaacaa ttatacacat aaaataaaat cactatacag aatcacttat     86880
     tcatgagctt taagaaagga gggatataat atatagttat atgatattaa tatatattat     86940
     attataatta tataacatta taatatatta aattatgtac tatatcctgc ctttctatct     87000
     tgaagcatat atgaagcatt tatgtataaa atagtgctgg gagtgaagag gggaggaatg     87060
     tcaggaagac ctcttcctgg atgcaaaggg tgcagaggac tcatcagggc ttcctacctt     87120
     tgggcccacc tggattattc tgatcttaag atatgaaaga tgagtctaca cttgggtgaa     87180
     gttggggaga gcttatgaca attgtgtgaa ctcttgaatc taccaaacat atagagaaaa     87240
     taatgtatat ttaaagaaaa aagaaaagaa catttacctg ttggaagaag aattcctaaa     87300
     ttttatctac aaaatgagaa acgctgttca aagggatgaa tcttttgata ggggccaaaa     87360
     ggttctgctt tttttaatcc tgaggtttta ttccataaga gtaactactg ggaatattta     87420
     taattgatat ttattctttg agccatgact caattcctca ctttctaaga catactaaga     87480
     ttgttgaagc tccaggcagt ggtggtgcat gccttttaat cccagcactt gggaggcgga     87540
     ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt ggaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc     87600
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaacaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaagattg     87660
     ctaaagcata gtgctgcaaa gtctgtcaga tacactgtat agagcctgga tataacgtcc     87720
     tctgtggagc ccccttggga ccagtactgt ttccctgacc acgccctgca ctggagttct     87780
     gtgtgaccag gattcatgtt cagtcacaat tcctcctgag ggtttactca gcacagtgcc     87840
     ctggctctta gtaaaggaat tgaacataac cgtggcgtga tgtttgttaa atgaataaaa     87900
     tgttgtcaat gttgtttagg gccgtttgaa gaactatggg cataggatgg aggagtctgt     87960
     atactgtatt ctgtctcttg gtgtcctagt cagggtcatc actgcttcga tgaagcacta     88020
     tgaccaaagg caacctggaa ggaaagagtt aatttggctt acaagtcctg aatcaccttc     88080
     cactgagaga agccatggaa ggaactcaaa cagggtggaa atctggaggc aggagctgat     88140
     gtaagaggcc aggggcactg cttactggct tgcttcccat ggcttgctct gcctgctttc     88200
     ttgtaacacc caggaccacc agctcagggg tggccctacc cacaatggac tgggcctttg     88260
     cataacagtt actgatttaa aaaacaaacc aaaccaaact ttacatgctt gcctgcaacc     88320
     ctatcttatg gagccatttt tttcaattga gtttcctctt ctcttctcca atgattctgg     88380
     cttatatcta gttgacataa attagccaac acacttgctg ttgccatttt ttaacattta     88440
     gatcatgact agcccatttc caagactaag ggtatagata aaagcccaaa tcatgtgtct     88500
     tttactttgt tgtataattt tggaagaatg cgatcactga catgttattc tctctttata     88560
     gcacctccac ctctgcctcc aaaaactgta ccagccactc cgcctcgaac aggctccccc     88620
     ttaacagttg caacaggtaa actagaatct ttacggctct gaaatgatgt ggcaaacaca     88680
     gccacggcct tggactgcaa cgtgcccttg atgttggaaa gtgcaggctg tgctaaaacc     88740
     acacagtatc ggtgttgagt ttccatttca ctgcaagttc ttgtgctgat ttaccgtaag     88800
     gtatactctt ggtcttcacg agtactcaaa cgctcagttt tccttcaacg tcattttatg     88860
     tgatgagggc cacacaagtt ataaagtaaa atagccataa gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     88920
     aaaaaaaatc agctgtttgg tttactccat gtctgactgt gttggctctc atttgaatga     88980
     tctgaaaatg aagtctcgaa gcatagtctg catctttctt caagtcttta agccttttgt     89040
     tagaactaac atttatgaat ggttagtgtt taaaagcctt agtgggtccc aggatgaggg     89100
     gtggtgactg gtggaggagt tattgtcccc agtggccatt cacgtagtca tttccctgca     89160
     aaagctggag tcatcattgc aaaatatggc aaggaattgc tgtaaactat ttatacataa     89220
     cacttctgag gcaccacttt tccttcctat aaaaatcaat actgtgcatt catgcaattt     89280
     ataatctgct aggtcttatt ggacaagcaa ttcaaaaatg gtgatggtga ttttatttac     89340
     ctgggcccta gaatggggct ctttatcacc tttggagtcc tatagcagca tttacgcttg     89400
     gctgtctctg cagcctggtg agtttgatag agacagaaca gtgtatttat cagagaagca     89460
     gaaagtgagg cacagtcatt ttacgaaatt tatactgact caagcccagt agagagactc     89520
     atgaaaacca tcataaacaa ggtatttgtg aggtcagctg tttggagacc ctgtgtttcc     89580
     acataaattg tgacagcaac aaaattgtaa cttattgcca gccgtgcaca atgctgcccc     89640
     atttatctgt ggctgtggag ccttggaaag taactccttt ccaaacagaa gaatggaaat     89700
     accagccagt gcttatagcc catgagtcat ttacaagtaa aatggggtct ggccgtgcct     89760
     tccacctatt taggtagcaa tttctaattt aaataacctc ataatcattt aaaaagaaag     89820
     aaaaaggact attctccaaa ttgtaattat caaatatttt atacttcact aaagaagtca     89880
     ttttttttat ttttccatac tattgatata tattgaaaag aataccctgc taatatttaa     89940
     gcaaaatgaa atttccttca tcatacttga ggaagctatg catctcagtc actactggtt     90000
     tgttaacaag cccagctttg tgagaaaaaa aaaaatctaa aaatgtttcg atggtgtttt     90060
     tctcctctgt taagcaggta cacatataac atttctaatc agtagcaaat gccttgctgt     90120
     gccccctgtg cgtgttgtgt gtggagtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtatatatt catgtggggt     90180
     tatcatctta agtacacttt tttgtgttta tggtatattt aaagtaaatc aatagctaaa     90240
     tgtgatgtcc tgttttgttt ttgctttgtg tcttttcaat tagcagagat tatcattagt     90300
     tccaccaaac atttgttaac accctagact ggagacactt tgtaaagatg aggacggttt     90360
     tcagagctca aatctttcca gcattatgcg tattcagcag accagctttt cagaagtgcc     90420
     ctccctttgg gtagctgccc tttcagagcc tgaaggtctc tgtgaccctc gtactaactt     90480
     ttcaaaatga tcaccgctac tccacttgag aggtgtatca tgctcagcat ttttaataat     90540
     agggaggtgg tcagccacag tcaccttaca aaggagggga cagtggccca ggaataggac     90600
     gctcatgtat tgaattgagc gtccacctac ctttcacctt tcagtgctta agtcaataag     90660
     ggtattttta caccatgaag gtgtaaaatc tgaggcacct tacaaggtgc tatatgtaag     90720
     ttttgcctcc tccctccttc tagcccctat acagataata gtaagagtta ataaaattta     90780
     aaatcaacta ctttaaccac aggaaatgac caggcagcca cagaggccaa aattgagaaa     90840
     ctaccatcca tcagtgacct ggacagcatt tttgggccag tgttgtcgcc caagtctgtt     90900
     gctgttaata ctgaagagaa gtgggtccat ttttctgatg catccccgga acatgttact     90960
     ccagagttga ctccaaggga acaggtggtg accccaccag ctgcatcaga catcccagct     91020
     gactccccag ctccagcccc acctggcccc acaggctccg caggtccccc agggcctcct     91080
     ggtcctcgcc atgtaccatc tccgctcaat ttagaagaag tccagaagaa agttgctgag     91140
     cagaccttca ttaaagatga ttacttagaa acactctcat ctcctaaaga gtgtgggttg     91200
     ggacagagag caactccacc tcccccacca ccacccacct acaggactgt ggtctcgtcc     91260
     cccggacctg gctcgggcag tggtacgggg accaccagtg gtatgtctta ctatttgagt     91320
     gtgcttcgtg tgctggggaa tggccgtggc tgctgcgatg tgagagcaac acccccctcc     91380
     tgcctggcaa ctggctgtag ggcttctgcc attcctcctc tggtctggtg tcctgtggcc     91440
     ctgtggcatg ttctagtccg ttgaatgctc cagttgagtc caagcctgtg aatgtgtcct     91500
     gtcctgcact cctagtcctg ggagtgccct gactcctacc ctacagttag gaggtatgga     91560
     agggggttgt ttggtttttt gtaaagaaag ctgtgatgtc attgtttaga attccagaaa     91620
     gttctagaag gatagatgtc acagcaaata gattacaggt tacatgtctg attttttttt     91680
     tctttttcct tttggtcaga tgcctcacgg gggccctaca gtttataagt caaaatgtgg     91740
     aaggagatac ttgagaacaa ccactgggtg cctcccttgt acctgagcct catgaccagg     91800
     cttgacgtca gacatcagag tctgacattt atcaagctac catgccacca tgtgatagac     91860
     agtgggactt gggatgtgaa ctcagccgtt gaatttcttt tttttttttc ctctctttct     91920
     ccattcttat ttgaaactgt attttgtgtt tcctgattat aacacaatag gaacacttgc     91980
     tgtatacacc aagaaaatac caggattttt ccataccagt taccccactg cccagtcact     92040
     cgacgagagc ctcggttccc ctttcctctg tatgagggct cagtctcagc acatcccagg     92100
     aggtcgtgaa tgccactttg atattagcct ggaaaggggc caccaagtct gagggacttt     92160
     agaacaagac aaaggggaag ggcattgact gctatcttaa tcccactgtt gcatcttttc     92220
     agggtgtcct ccggggctta ctctgtgtct acaaatacac ctgtgttttg taaagtgaca     92280
     agttctaagg acatcagagt gggctggatg gaccacgtgc tcccctaaga aaggaaaaca     92340
     ctcaacactt acagagcagt aaacagccag ccagcacctt tgccagaaga actttaaaag     92400
     cttttaatac ccaataataa gaacaactag tctccagtca taaacacctc acttcaacct     92460
     cacaatgacc acctgtcttt ggtagtaaaa tatcccccgt tttacataca ccaaaaccgt     92520
     tgacacagtt aacagtctca gatttggcat ttagacattt gggctagcta aatccagcac     92580
     tgggctggtc ctaaccactg tgatcttcag gtacttccca aaagtccaat cacaaacaga     92640
     ctaaatgtgc tttactactg acgccctcct gtactgcaca gtgctatgac ctcccaaatg     92700
     atctcaaaag accccactct atgcttctct ctctggcata gaagcctaga gcagcctctc     92760
     catgcagaca ttaccttgta aggtcttgtc cagacaaagc tacatgctta cctgtaaagg     92820
     gagtgaatag cctcttgaac acaatcctga agaagtccat ttcaaagagg gctgtacctc     92880
     catcagttcc tgagttgctc ttgttcgtgg cctaggtcct tagggttatg aaaggatatt     92940
     tcaagaaagc catcatcagc caatgccttt aatcagggga gtttgctgtg cacctgtgtt     93000
     ctcccttacc tgtcgcctgg catatttaag ctaattggcc actgatctga tgaagagaag     93060
     agctttcctt tctgttatgg gatcttggaa agtatggtta ctacttcagt gattagcttc     93120
     catgccctta tttgaactta gttttaaagt gttaccagta gagactctta attcttgcta     93180
     agtgagctag agaacgctac attcacttgc attaagggac tgaatttata agtggaaatc     93240
     tgaactcggc tagtaaaacc cacgaataaa taaaactgta aaccattatc tccttaatta     93300
     agtcccagtt aattcatgac ttcatctttt attggtagaa tgtagacaga cagcccaaaa     93360
     tgaaaatgta ggttctcaac actaagatgt ttgagttcta ctcttcgtga cccttagcct     93420
     ggtccgacca ccttttccta gacatctcaa agtgtgctta gccataccca gtaaacactt     93480
     atcccagggg tctgctgctg accaagtgta gaccccagag catgactcag gagagttgct     93540
     tgctgctgaa acatctggcg cccaataatt tgctccaata gccttaactt ctttcaagca     93600
     aaaagtccct aagcctcaca tagagcatag tttcactgaa atgcttattc ctggcatcta     93660
     tgtgatattc tggaaacatt ctgctggcct gcagcaagtg tggaagccag ggaaagataa     93720
     gagttatgtt cagagagtca ggaaactagc agactgccaa actgtgttac tcaaaatcac     93780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatgacttt gagcacctag agttgttact     93840
     gttgctgtga tgaaacacca tggtgaaaag caacttgata aggcttgagt tcttttggct     93900
     tctatgtcct gagataaact aaggcaagaa ctcaaacaag atgggaacct ggaggcaaga     93960
     gctgatccag caggcatgga gggatgctgc ttcctggctt actactcata gcttgctcat     94020
     cttgctcttg aatagaatct aggagaacca ctggcccaag gtggtactcc caaaatgggc     94080
     agagcactcc catgtaggcc tggctacagc ccaatcttat ggaggcatta tctctgttga     94140
     ggttcccccc gcctcagatg acaatatttt gtgtcaaatt gacataaaag cagccaaagg     94200
     aggttgaatt gatcaaacta attgctgatc ttagggaaat agtgattagc ttcgtctggc     94260
     agaacaaaaa ccaacactca aagaagtaac tcagtcctgc tcacaaacct tatgagtagc     94320
     agaactcaga tctgctaaag atctgttgga gtccatgacc tctgcctctg cctctgccag     94380
     tttctgtcag ctgcctccac tgccccaacc ccctccaaac tgatgcatag gaagacacac     94440
     aacgcatgca cctgtggtct tcagaaactg ttaaaaccgg ggttgagagc agcaaatggg     94500
     ccaggagcat gtgagggttg ccaacatcgg tagcacaact tacatcttaa acaatggatt     94560
     ccccagtgta tgtcacatca tccttcttga gagtaaaccc taattaaggg taaaatgaaa     94620
     agatgactga aaaatcagag aagatggaga tatacaacta tgatcctgca gccataacac     94680
     ctgaagcccg tgagcaatgt cacagaagga tttggagcac tggttcagtg cacatatcct     94740
     gctagatctt gtggttctag ccaggaggga ttatccaatg tgtcctttag ctcctataca     94800
     ttcctgtact gtctaccgac atatattaat cctattactt taataaaaat catgtgactt     94860
     aagtaaggag tttataaagg aaaaggaaaa caactttttt aaattttttt ttttttttta     94920
     cttttggcca tgccttcatc aaaagacagt ctttagcttt atgtgcagca tcccttgcct     94980
     tgtgttagat aacatcttag tgtttagcaa actcagaagc tctttcagtt tgagttgtta     95040
     taagtacctt gcaaggtaga acatttataa atctttgaga cacaaaagct gagtctcaga     95100
     gaggtaaaga tcccactcat agctcagaaa aaggcatcag ggccagaact ttgttttttc     95160
     gcccagccat atggccctgg tgacagtcct atggccctgg tgacaagtcc tcagcccgag     95220
     cattgctaaa agtgggtctt gaatttcttt tctgaagctt gtgttttcct gatctcaatt     95280
     cagactatag acacatgaac aaacatttag gaacactcct atagcaaaaa gatagtccta     95340
     agactggatg aaacacccct gtccccccaa aaaagttcta tgaaaacttc ctacaaagct     95400
     ctgctgtttg agaacgtatg tctatctcta cactgtctct tctgtcttct aaaaaatgtg     95460
     ttagtcataa catctactta gtactcaaga gaaacttttg taagtgggcc ttcgtcttta     95520
     aaaagactat ttaccaaatg ctaagaacat ttagattaag aaagacgtgt gcaagatgtc     95580
     aagatgcagg aggaaggcag attgtatgca aatcgtggca gtccatagtc tatctgaggc     95640
     ttcaggagac atatatcctt tggagttaaa cacaccattt gtgctttatg atcatggaca     95700
     tgctgctaaa agaacttcag tcttcactga gatgtcaaag ctaagcatga ggataatgtc     95760
     acctatgtaa agccctagca cagatcctgg ccaactgagg caagaagaag agtagaatta     95820
     atgtatgcag ttggcggtag aaggggagac atgggagggt atggaggaga agcagtaaca     95880
     gtgtctccac acttaggagg tagaagcaat gcagagacaa ggctcaagat ttcactcttt     95940
     aaacaagaga agcaagactt gcccccagag gctctcttga gatgaaaaat gattctgaga     96000
     tggatttggc ttctaagatt caaagttctt tgagactctc agaatctgga ctgaggtgct     96060
     ggtctaggac tctggtgata ctggttttat gttgtgttgt gtaaaggaag tgggtggaga     96120
     agggtagagg atatggcggt ggggatgggt ggatgtggag acaactggta agctaggggt     96180
     tatggaagtg gtggggtgtg gaggcagctg cgggaatgga gactatgaaa gcaggagaaa     96240
     agtggaggca gctggtgggg ggaatgtgga ggtgggagtc tggaggcagc tggtggggga     96300
     aggatgtaga ggcagaggag tatttttcta aagcaagatt tcctggaatt tccttggcat     96360
     gattttacaa cctgctgttt ctaaccaagt gacagttctg aacaagaact gtcagaatat     96420
     cagtttcacc tcctaaggtt tgggaccagg tagttctcca tgcatttatg actcaagata     96480
     gacaggtccc tgagcgccat gcttggtgtg catgccagcc tctgtgtgtc agccgtgttt     96540
     catatgcttg tcatggacag ccagaaaagt aaatccaaga gacttttcaa aaaccaccaa     96600
     agagacaata acaaccccta ctttaacagg cccccccggg gacagtccgt tcaaagcact     96660
     tgctgtgttt ccgatataga gattcaacac acaaagaact cgtgtccttt attcatgaca     96720
     catatgtgag atagtgatga agttagcact cggggttgac atagagtcaa cagcataatt     96780
     ctctacctgt gtttaaaaaa gaaaaatcta gtgtgggggg aaaaaaaagc attcagcttc     96840
     cttcgagttg aaacttccat tttcaacttg gacacaaatt ctgactgtaa atcaaaacca     96900
     agagaatgta tcataagtcc cttgtgtaca tgatcaaaat gaagcacccc tcccggccag     96960
     ccaagagtcc ctccagttca ccttccatca aggatttacc ttccactggg tgtcacatga     97020
     caacgcggta ccaagcttca gcttctgcca tcaaccatag ttcaacggag gaactttctt     97080
     ctttatcgaa agaaaaagaa atgtgttgtg caaaaggttt agcatagtaa ctgcaaagaa     97140
     aaaaggaaaa aaaatgcatc catgccagac attgccctgt gcactgccgc cttctggctg     97200
     cctgtgtttc ctgctgcttc taatgcccgt ctgttttcca ggtgcgtctt ctcctgctcg     97260
     accagccacc cccttagttc cttgcagcac cactccgcct ccacctcctc cccggcctcc     97320
     atcccggcca aagctacctc caggaaagcc tggagttgga gatgtggtat gttcctccct     97380
     gccctagctt gctcagaatg agatccccaa atcccttgac ctgggccatc ccaacatcag     97440
     gtctaagcag tacagcactt atacaaatga ccatcacagg ggccagctga aaaggagtag     97500
     ctgctgtgtg gggatgcctt ttccgcccac ctcagattcc tcccagcttg caagccatga     97560
     tctaaaatgg tagcaatcgg gtacttgggc catcagctct gaggcagcag ctggagacat     97620
     acataaatag tggtggtcag tcatgtgact cttcagagag cgggaactct ttttacaata     97680
     attgtcttag ttactagaaa actgtgagag gaaaaaaatg gctcctgggc tggaaagatg     97740
     gctcatcagt taagagccct gactgttctt ctagatgtcc tgagctcaat ttccagtgcc     97800
     tacatgatgg ctcacaagca tctgtaatgg gatctgattc cctcttctgg ggtgtgagag     97860
     gacccagcat atatataaaa gcatttctgg cttctgaccc cagaagccag ataagtcagc     97920
     agcagacatt cagcaacaca aatgtagagt ggtgccctgt aggtgtgcca cagttgcttc     97980
     cttaaatgtt atcctaagat ggaggtgtgg gaacggtctt ctcaatggtt cagttaagaa     98040
     gcttgtggca gaagtaaatc tcattgaccc ctgtacaaca gtctcagaat gaatggcatc     98100
     ataaccttca gatgccgtct cgcaacctct ctatgtagga gagcacccat ttaggtcctg     98160
     gaacacctgt agacaccgca tgtaagccag agtgcctact gagctcacag gctggggctg     98220
     ggcctcctcc gcctagatcc agcacactgg cttgtataaa cacagaccca tccagtgaaa     98280
     atggtaccat ggctttcaag aaccttgttt tttatctcca gggctgcgac ccaataaaga     98340
     tacagaaatc aggcttggca agatgactca gttgacactg gctgccaaga cctgatttca     98400
     atctctgtgg cccacacagg aaaaggctgt catttgaccc tcatgtgcac tccatggcat     98460
     gtatacacac atgaacacaa aataaataaa gcacaataaa cattttaaac tactaaactg     98520
     aagtattttg gctgtctaac ttccttctct tttcttctcc ctacagtcca gaccttttag     98580
     cccacccata cactcctcca gccctcctcc gatagcaccc ttagcccggg ctgaaagcac     98640
     ttcttcaata tcgtcaacta actcactgag cgcagccacc actcccacag ttggtaaaaa     98700
     gatctctctc tctctctctc ttttcatgtg tttgtggttg ttgactggct gtccttcatg     98760
     atctaagctc cccaaagccc tgtttctagt cttaattgtt ttgctgtgtg ttctaccatc     98820
     acctggttct tctctcgaga gcaccttctc agctaaggaa gctagagctc tagccgtaca     98880
     aattagcaaa ctgcagaatg ggagagcgca tgtattttgt aggagttttc ttatgttatc     98940
     ccatgcagat cgactcacag aagaactcat caaggaagat gctaatattt ggatctttct     99000
     cgaaacaaga agtattctcc tttgagagaa aatgcttaga tcagaagtaa tatattttgt     99060
     ctctttttta aaaatcttgg aaagttcgct ttcttgaaac tttcgattct tcatcatttt     99120
     ttggttatct gaggtagaca ttggcatcgg gatacttggg aagttttttc acattgcttt     99180
     tcagtgatat gtggtcagtt tcccccgggg cgggggaagt atcatttcca gcaaatgccc     99240
     cctgtacctc tgggtgtgat gaaagtgatg ggggtggaga agggtgactc agggtggctc     99300
     cccaccatca ccaccaccca cctcccttcc cccccccccc cccccccgct gcctctcttc     99360
     tttactgcat gctgtctgac ctggagtttt ccctgcccac ttccctgtgt gaccttcctc     99420
     cctccccaac tctccgacct gctctccagt tctcccatgc tgtaagccag ctggcccgtt     99480
     ctgcactgct tgggggaatc gttcactcag ctcagtgaat tcctgctgct acttctggaa     99540
     gagcacatca cagaatcact catttgagaa ggagctagac aaagccagaa gcccttctag     99600
     ggaataactg cccatgtctt cccagaaaaa caaatgaaac tgtgcctcta agaaccacaa     99660
     agggaatttc agctctatca tatattctat actttaagtc agaccatccc caccccaccc     99720
     tccatccact acccccaccc ccacacacaa accttcaagt ttgggttaaa ttaataaact     99780
     ggaaatataa ccactttccc aattccatgt gatttttttt ccttttactt tttcaagaca     99840
     gtcatatgta tcccagctca tgtaacttct taaaagacag atttttttat aggatttctt     99900
     atatagctat aactgctcct tttctgtatt cattaggaca atctgagagt tcctgatttt     99960
     cagtgtatag taatagtatt agctcacttc tctgaatctt tgtttttatt aaattttgta    100020
     actactaacc tccttccccc cacccacccc ctatcttatt catgatttca gcagtcattt    100080
     gcccaaatcc tgtcctaata ttaggcttcc tcaagttcat ccattccata cactccattt    100140
     gacttcattt gtcaagaaaa gaattaaagt gagttgtcgc tcagaacata gccacactct    100200
     gcctcagatg ggcctcagtg tgttctttcg gctcgctata attcatggag aaaactgagc    100260
     acacggaatc ggaatggtgt tcatgctttg gggcagtgtt tttctatact gactgctgca    100320
     gagatctcca gttacagcca ggaacattgg tcctactcga acctcgtgta ttttatttca    100380
     agatgaacca tagagggctt gaaaactgga gacaagtagg aagcttgtca aaatgtctcc    100440
     tgccgaggtc cctaggttct gttgttttga tttggtttca tctgcccact taagtcctcc    100500
     cggacctggt ctttacaatc ctgtctgctt tgagtcacat ggccgccatt tttctcggca    100560
     gtaactccgc agcagcgtga ccagccagct tgtgtgctgt tgtttctgct tttccccaaa    100620
     agctgtgttt tgcctaaaat gacaactgac cataagcagt ggattggagg aggttgaaaa    100680
     ttcacagcaa gttccctaaa ttggagaatg agcagtcccc tcccacctcc acaacacttg    100740
     cctgctgttt cctgtgccgt ttgtgttgca gcaattacat gggtaccgat gaactggtct    100800
     caaaagcata agtgaactaa catttttaga gcaagtctgt gccacatttg gtagtgtacc    100860
     tcaagaaact gaggcagagt gaatcgcggg ttcctgaact acagagtgag actctaactc    100920
     caaaaataaa atagcagcaa ctctaaactc tcccccacac aataattcat aggaaaatat    100980
     ccataaagaa cttttaagtg tgaatatttt tacaagagct atgatcatag agtatagacc    101040
     caataaagca tgagaagata gatgtttctg tgtaacatta ccccaaaata atgaagagtt    101100
     tttacaaact gtataatttt taatttaaga atttatcaaa ttttaaaata ccattatttt    101160
     ttcacatgac taaaaatttt acatctcaaa tgtgccaggg tagaactttt cttacgtact    101220
     aactgtgtaa tctgccccaa ctgtagacag ctgaggatgt ggaaagatgc acttctagaa    101280
     tggaggagat atctagatga ctcttgtgct agaaaatggc cataggacca gcactgtctg    101340
     atgtagggga ggaataaacc tattgctatt aatgaaagaa agaaagtgaa gttgtaagaa    101400
     tcagatgaga gctagcggga gagatagcaa agccttatct ctccttgcaa atatccacct    101460
     gttacctgct tcttagttca attcagtgag tgtgagaagt tttgtttctc tgtggatctg    101520
     tttagatgtt tgtaaactat ttcctagaat accacgggcc aaatgatgaa agacaggcat    101580
     ttgtttccct gttatttata acagggcaat ttccctggca gttatgcact atgatttgca    101640
     tctttaatgt ggcaggaatc tgtaaccaag tgagtgtcgc agggactttg atgtttcctt    101700
     gggtccgtaa cctgagtaaa agtgacttat tctaagtaat gaaatataaa atatttttct    101760
     ctagtggtag caattctaaa ttttataaac tttcttgctg ggggagttag tctgcaatgg    101820
     aaacaaaaga tgctgtattt tgtgaagcgt ctgtatccgt atgcctattt gatgggacag    101880
     acgttctcct gagtcattcc accagcaagg aacctaaaag tacagttaag tattgacaag    101940
     tagcatccta gagcctaggg ctgcagagaa gcctcagtgg ttaagactcc agttccaagg    102000
     aatcccgtgc cctcttccag cctctgaggg agctggcata tatgtggtac acctgcatta    102060
     catgcaagca agacacatac aaaatatgtt aattaactgg ttaatttatt tttaaaagtg    102120
     cttgctgttc tcccagaagg cccaggatta attctaaaca aacttaatca gatggtaaac    102180
     aaccctaaat cagctccaga aaacccagtg ccctctggct gccgtgggca cagcgtgcac    102240
     ttgccttccc aacacccccc ccacacacac acacatacat actctaatac acacatttat    102300
     atattcatat acatacactc acacattcac acataggcac acactcacaa gcacacatag    102360
     acacaaactc acattcacat acatacttgt tttttaaatc ttagaaccta aagaattgaa    102420
     aaagaaaagt ttccctgcca tataccataa gtctagacag caggttaata gaatgacttc    102480
     cagaagcatc actgttcatg aaacatttgc tggatcctaa tttctgtgct tctctgcagt    102540
     gagaataggt ttccccatta ctggttttat ttgcttaatc tattaagggt ctaataacac    102600
     ctttaaaact tgtggcatta tattttgatt tcatatagta agaaaaaaaa gttttttgta    102660
     tttgtaattt ggtaagaaga gagattgagt aaggatccaa aatagttgag gttcgaagac    102720
     ccagctcata aagctggggc caacttccaa agatgttcag ccacatttgg agccatgatc    102780
     agaaatacca gtgtgatgct accattcaaa attaatgatt gttaactgtc aaaggcaggt    102840
     acaagcaaat taatgacact gctcacaaag gaaccctgga tttattctgc tgctttgtgg    102900
     tcaagttaaa agctaactcc tttctcctag gggagatgta tgtgccaggc gatcttgttg    102960
     agatgtcagg gctgtgctgg gatttatgtt gacatacatc tagccccttg agaagtgcat    103020
     tggagagaag tatttttgca gaaatcaatt attaataata gtccctgaga tggtagggca    103080
     tagccccttc cctgcagctg atttccacca cattgataga tgctaaaccc tgactctttt    103140
     taattcagtt tttcctcata gaaccatctc gaatatactc atcgatttcc atcttcatcc    103200
     taatcccaat gtcttgacct taagttcttt ccttttgcca tgaaaatcat ccctgccttg    103260
     gtcggtaaac tgtgcttctc ggtttccttt ggaatctgtc cttgtgtttt tgttttccat    103320
     tcgtttatgt ttctttggtt tgtagtgtca gaagatgatg ttttttatga caaactgccc    103380
     tcgtttgaaa ggcgctgtga cacgcctgca ggtatggtgc tagctgagtg atctctagac    103440
     acttagagtt ttcaaatcca agctattttc catctgactg ctagaagctt catagacatc    103500
     ctcctcccct catgagtccc agtgcctctc agatgcaccc tgtacatgtc ccgaccattg    103560
     cggaactcat gtcactgaac ctattttaag tggacatttt attataaagc agcaggttgc    103620
     atgacagttt ctcaaaagag aaaaggctca aaccaggtga gagtcattgc tgtgtgaatt    103680
     ttcagaggaa ggagtgattt aggtacccag aatctattgt ctgctttcta atttagcagt    103740
     taacaaggca ccattggaag tgtctcttct ctttggtaca gaagtaaagg atgtgttgtg    103800
     actgggtgcc taaggcagtt cccagaaagg gacaggaggt ctctgacatc atctgcggac    103860
     tttaaattga tatgcaatgc taagcgaatg ttgcatataa accactagcc aagtttatcg    103920
     tttgtgccaa caagcaagag gatgacactg aagatgaaaa cgatacagca attgctgaat    103980
     gaaagtttgc ccaaattaat gcagttgaaa tatgctgaca cccctgcatg gccaggaaga    104040
     catctgctcc atgttttcaa gtgcctagcc ctcaagctac ctacatgcgt gtccatccct    104100
     tcagtctcca tagcttcgat tttgctttgt ttgctcaatt ttaaggaaaa agaaaaacca    104160
     aacagctcta gaccgccagc cttccctttt tcctgcacgc taacggcatg cagtgccccg    104220
     cccttccccg tagtgagatt aattacctgc tctgtgactc acatcgtgtc cttctctctc    104280
     cctttcctta accttcccca tcccgcttca actcctggcc aaacagagaa tgaacagccc    104340
     tccctcgttt ggtttgacag aggaaagttt tatttgactt ttgaaggtaa gtagtgcata    104400
     gcataccaga ttctaatcca tagtcctgtg ttgtttttat tctcatttaa aaatccccag    104460
     tttttcctca aaatttctga tcttgctttc tccattgaaa aatgctatgg ctacttagaa    104520
     agcatcaaga actaaagaag gcatttcatg aatttggttt gtatgtgttc ttcaattatc    104580
     cacattgaac aaattaaagc tgatttgcag ttgacctcag ttacttaatt aacgatggcc    104640
     aattaaaagc agaacaaaat ggaaccttct ttggctaagg aacttgactc tgtcaaccag    104700
     gctcttgcct aacccttttg caagtatgtg tggcaaactc aagtacgttt ggggttggtt    104760
     tagaaaactg acattccaga tatagaattc aatcttgtaa actgtaaata tgcgtgtacg    104820
     tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgta tgcgtgcata catgtgcata ttatgaatgt taacaaggga    104880
     atcagacaaa gagaagcaac aaggagtgtt agaggaaact tccatctgca cctcctgaaa    104940
     ttgctactgt aataactgca ataaagtaga caaccactgt tgaacctgcc attctagaag    105000
     gttaagaaaa aacacataaa aataatgtca aattttttaa ctcaaggttt gaccatctat    105060
     tatatcttcc atcaagggta gcagttaaac ccttaattca gtctgaccct tagttaagtg    105120
     tttaacttct aactcatctt cacgggctgg aaatttgatt aagtggcaca cttaaactac    105180
     cagtgtaagg aaatgaagca ctttacctta attactcagc cattttatgt gtaaggattt    105240
     atcatataag gtcttatttg cgtaatttta aatagtgaag ttttatacca gggtcaaaag    105300
     ttggttaaaa aaatgacaat aatatgtata tataattttt tcttcttaga atagatatca    105360
     agatagaact tgtctttgtg tttcatgaca acaggaactt gagtgtgttt tagtgcagtt    105420
     tttaaaatta tagtgactga aatatatgaa cagtatgaaa cacaggaaag tgaaattcac    105480
     ccaacagtga atttttcttg taagatggga gcccttaatg cagagtagct tgcagaaaac    105540
     atggtctatt gttgcgggaa atattaaaaa ggtcaatctg ccatctctct tgccccactg    105600
     gtctgtattc ccgctctagt acagtactgg tgggcctcaa tattatgtcc ctctatggtc    105660
     ctgctcggtg tgttctctct ctcccagcta gcgagttcac ctcatttcca cacgacaacg    105720
     ccgcacacac cccacgatca gccatctcaa cacctagtta cacagtagaa atatgactct    105780
     taagacttaa ttatccaacc agatttatat aacaataaga tcacaattta caagatgcca    105840
     atacaatact ttcagagcca atttataaag ataaagcttt aacccaatta ttctaacttt    105900
     gtgaaaatct tagctacttg tgactgcttg aaaccacacg gaatcatgat cttcttcctg    105960
     tctgtctgcc tccatgttgg cctctcccct tctcccctcc tgctacctct ctatctctct    106020
     ccctgtcccc taaactccta gctctccctc ccttttcctg tccaatcaca ggcctgccac    106080
     tgccctaatg tgattggaca gagaaaatcc tgcaacattt caccctttct gtttaattaa    106140
     aacaaacaaa caaaaagcaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaatgac tttctctcaa attacaattt    106200
     gaacacaact attaccatat tgtattggta taagatagac ataacaccca gtccaacatt    106260
     tttgccaata aaatggaaca ctgtcctcta tcctaactta aaggctagag ttctgcacct    106320
     ggctatgtcc tgccttaaga ttgaatgtca actgaaacca ttctcttaaa tctgttcctc    106380
     tcaaagtaaa aagcctgggt tggctagact atatagtttt tcaaccccat cataaatcca    106440
     agaatgactg ataataactg aaaatatata ggaagcgtaa cacagcttcc aaaactagcc    106500
     atttgataga gactgctgaa cacctggaca gttctttact tcaaaatgtt ggagcatcag    106560
     tctttagcct tctgggccag ggccatctga cagacctaga gaaacaggaa tattaaggac    106620
     tagcctactc tgtcacagca gaattaagct atcctaaacc tgtaatttta taatcagatc    106680
     tgattataaa aacagcaaaa gaaggactag gtctaatcct tgtattttca aatatttagt    106740
     gtcaatagaa gaaatttata ctagataacc ttgattttgc atcataataa aatctgtacc    106800
     aaatgaactt atgacttcaa cttagtaaca attataaaga tttctattaa atgatgctat    106860
     ggctatacaa tcaattctag ctatttcctc cctgttccaa atatgagcat ttttacattc    106920
     cctagaaaga caacaactta ttaataaccc tctccagccc caaagcccag ggaactgagt    106980
     tagcaactct tcataacttc ttcaagctga atataggcat tgagatatta ttaagggggt    107040
     ggggaagggt agggaaaaca ggattgatcg gtctctgata tctgtgtttt cttgactggg    107100
     tccagctgaa gtccaggaca tcattgagtt caaaacaaaa cttcagtatc atcaagatat    107160
     attttttgtt tgattttctg gaatctagtc ctctggaggt ctctgttcat catatctgat    107220
     ccatataact ctggaagatg taaatacctc aatcaccttt tccaaaaaca caaagacaaa    107280
     accttttttc aaaatcagca tatccttgag ccagtaacca gaaaaacctt cattttgacc    107340
     tctctcccag aggaataata taaccataaa actcaacatc acacctattt tgaaaattaa    107400
     aacaatctaa aacaaatgaa ataaactaaa atattgtatg tgcctatatt tagacctttc    107460
     ctatgttgcc aagaggatat aaaacccaat attcctgtaa agtccacatt agacagaata    107520
     cgagtatcct gtgaggcaag gagtctatct ttatgccatc ttaatacaat tgagtcacac    107580
     ttctatccgt acccgcttat aagcaggcag ctagtcaaag caggaacgaa acccagaatt    107640
     cccatggagc ccacattaga cagaatttga gtatgctgtc atgacatatt agagcaatat    107700
     atctttgtac catctttctg ttcagctctc tgcctggaga cacagacatt gataattaat    107760
     acctgttcaa agcaggcaat ggttatcact gcagtctcta ctctggagtc agtgactaat    107820
     attccctatc ctcgttcaaa ttaaatcaaa acaaatgaag taaattaaaa cgacaaacca    107880
     aaagagatgg cagattgacc attttaatat tttccgaaac cgtctatgta aacctttctg    107940
     atgccctgaa gccttttgcc agtgtgagct gagaacgggt actaggtgat ttttttgagt    108000
     tgcccttttt ctcatgtgcc ttatcacctg aagccgttag ttttctaata agaaagatgg    108060
     taagcccaca aacccgtaac cccctaaatt ttctctctca atcagctgaa actaaagggt    108120
     ccaggtgaga ctggtgggct gaggcacccc tgtaattcca gcacacagag agagtctgat    108180
     gcatttgaga gtagtcaggg atagtagcaa gctccatgct ggagagaacc tgtccaaaac    108240
     caaacaaata caaaatgtac aggcatcttt ttattgtaga gtacatcagt aaagggatcg    108300
     aagcagcttc gggatgggtt gcttcaagtt ggaagctaaa gtgcacacaa gcccacacct    108360
     gagcctgcca aggctctaac tcttgttcag ctgagccgct aacaaagtct gcactccaat    108420
     ttttaagcca ggaaattaac taatgtaata gagcttcata cgtacaaatc agtctctggg    108480
     gggttcgcct aggaaaccct gaaaagatgg caaagattat cttttgttgt cgtgataaaa    108540
     tgacgtagac atggctgtat aacaccttga aaacgtggcc ccaccacatt agtttacact    108600
     ccaaaactcc atccaaccca ttctgttgaa gagcatttta acagagtctc cgggacgttc    108660
     atgtttgttc acatttattt ttattaatca cacctttctt caatgcttca tccagagaaa    108720
     gaagaacttg aaggttctcc tgtcaaaaat cttcgcttgt tttaagaagc tttgcattta    108780
     tttactgact tctgaatacc atttttgtgt ttaaagcttc actgttcttt ttttttttct    108840
     gctcatatgt gttcttaatc atgattagga ttctacactc attccattaa tgtttgagtc    108900
     attgaccagt ctgtcatgta actaatgaac tagtgagttt agtttgaaaa gacatgaagt    108960
     acctcagatt tgctaacaca tgaggtacaa agccttagac cagggttaca aattacagtg    109020
     cttctaaata tatctcaatg cttctaaaaa taaattttgt aaatattttt gctaaaaaat    109080
     ttaatgtata ttgcgcttat taagaaaatt attcaaatgc tagtaacttt taagtcaacc    109140
     aaaagaaaat cctgggcttg agaccagtgt cagtttagtt tatcacacaa gtatgaggag    109200
     ctagcaccca cctaaagacc caggtaccac cattcacact ataatcccag cactgtggag    109260
     gtgaaaactg aaggatctca ggagtcagtc tagccaaatg gtgaatttca gcttcagcaa    109320
     gagactctac ctcaaaagta gggagcagag caattgaaga agatacctct gacctttgcc    109380
     acatacccac aagtcatgcc catccacgag gcacacacct gcatgaacac tcacacgcat    109440
     acacacacat gcacacgcac acgtgtagct gactgctgaa gccatcaagt atcctcaggt    109500
     agaatgaaat tatatttcca tgacaaatca ctgtgcctga cagatatttc aattctgtag    109560
     cgccttttaa tgtcaagatg tttccaaaaa tgcactgcct ttctccttca tggctcttta    109620
     aactataaaa gcatcttgca tctggcagtg aaaatcaaca acaacaacaa aaatccttgt    109680
     tgccacgagt catcttgtgt ctcagacgta tcacactgtc ctctgtgacc ctgcttccat    109740
     tggcccagca tccttggcac ccactctcta cattttcact ctctttgctg aactcgcttc    109800
     agtgaacaca ctcacttccc taactgaatc ccagctctct ccagggaccc acatctctct    109860
     gaagcagcct ccacagaatg tgtttcactt tcctgggggc cacatgccat gggactgaaa    109920
     atcaggctta aattcccaca gccctgcttt gcatgtcaaa acctcctgat ttagatattg    109980
     gtcatttgac catctatccg atcacttcac tggcttccct cgttattcct tgacccctga    110040
     cctcagggcc tccctctgca cttatctgtg aagtaccagc aacttcgttt gaatcatctt    110100
     cattttcaag catcatctct tctggttctg tggggatgac ccatccaaca catggtctcc    110160
     agggcctcaa cagtttcttc atccccaact tggttcctcc actctgctca gcatcagcac    110220
     cttggaaaca acgcttcctg gcagggctca gtttagccat ttcataacta aagcttgtca    110280
     caagtcttat ataataggaa ctatgttaag cactaattct ctctcattca acagcatcta    110340
     ttgagcatga gattcataca agcgccttgc tgaccactcc acactaggga aaaaaatctc    110400
     tgttgctaca tagcttactt ccagcatgca aaataaaaaa taaggagaga aataagtacc    110460
     atctatagta gggggatggt aatgagttct atatgagaaa taacacctgg aaaaggctgg    110520
     agcatattag gagaagagag gaaatgaata aaaatggagc gatgcccaag cactcactct    110580
     gcgggaagca cctctgtgct gccatttcac ctacaccagc cactgctcta gaaaatgaga    110640
     tttgggtaac agctttccag agccacacag ccagcagagt agaggtttaa atttcagctg    110700
     ctttgtggga aacaccctgc gccactccct cagcccacag tactcaagag tctcaacacc    110760
     agagcaggat tttccctcct cctctcattc cagctctcca gctcttttct tcccaggcac    110820
     agcttgcctg ggcctcccag aaacctcctc tcccaccctt tccactctga ctctgcccac    110880
     cagcccagtc tgccattcgg gttcttttct atatcctgac cagatcccag agagtgaata    110940
     tatgtttctg gaagcaccct ggtcatctct gcaataagat actctattct ctctgaactt    111000
     gtgttgtctc tgagaaacag cactccaaat gtctgaccta agcaggctat ttagtgttcc    111060
     taattgatca ctggtaagtc ataatttcat gcaggaaaca caggaccatc cctttgtctg    111120
     tctgtgtgtc tctttcttgt ggttctaggg attgaaccca tagtttacaa ccagtaggca    111180
     cgtgccctgt cgatgacctt catcccagca ctactcactt ctcttcacac agacttgtat    111240
     tgaaaactgt aagagtttgg aaaggctcaa aattcttctc atcacaaaat gtctaattaa    111300
     ctcacttgga agtcattaag gaaaggaaaa ttgaaaggtg tggacggttt tctgggaagc    111360
     atttgctttg ctaaattcct aaagttcttc tggtgggaag ggttccccag ttgtaccttc    111420
     cccattcagg gtaggtacaa tattttcaat agacaaacat gaaaacgaat gagcactcac    111480
     tgcaaaagtc gcggcgttgg gttgtcaggg tggtgaaaca gcgccggaac ataaaaagca    111540
     tcagttcaaa tcagtcttca ttccaaatgc aggcatagtc cgtacccttc tgagactgtg    111600
     tgctgtctgc catatgccga tgaactatcc aatcctttca ctttataata aagctcacac    111660
     aagggcttgc tgctttgctg taacatacta actcagttta aaagattaaa gtgcaattga    111720
     aaaatgcaaa atgtgctacc agggaaatct gcgaagattt aaattttccc attttctctt    111780
     cgaagtaaac tcgtcgcttg gctctaaaaa tccctcagaa taaacatgtg gatgttgact    111840
     tgttcttgct gtctgaagac atcaccccac ctcactcaca tttagtgtaa tgcaggcatg    111900
     ctgcagacag aatgggcaga gcgtgcctta ttcgtcttgc ttgaacaaga tatataggcc    111960
     aaatgtgtgt aggggcacct gagaaggtca tgaatgtcca gaactcatgt cagaatctct    112020
     ctgactatat aattgtggga aattttaatg tatggtagct tctgggccaa gtgtgttgcc    112080
     aggcagggca tacctggata gtgaaatggt gacttatgta tttatttatt tagcatatct    112140
     aagtgccact atctttgcca gtaatggtgc tgcaggatgt catggctagc ccatatcata    112200
     gtgcacttct gagctaccac tgcaatagca ttggctcagg ttgttcacac catgacctaa    112260
     ggctgtggca ctctactgct aacatctcaa atggtgagca gagatacagg aacttgggaa    112320
     atgtcttcaa ggtagcacaa agtcctgtga ttaaaccatt catgggggaa ttgttaagtc    112380
     ctaacagtta tgttttaatc gccatagtat tcaagtccct gttgtgcccg acaagactcc    112440
     taatcttgag ggcttaatgt cacttagccc gtgttttata aacttcagaa tggaagggat    112500
     ggtagccacc cagcaagata attaagaaaa ccaaaaagga ccaacttgtc ttttgtttgt    112560
     taaattatta tatcacctga aagggtttgg ttttggtttt taattatcaa tgctttgagg    112620
     tgcattcaaa cagagtaagg aaaaaaaatg aagcaatgtg accaaaaagt tgctgagtcc    112680
     cagacactgt gctttctaga ttctggcatt ttccttctct ctgatgtcat ctcttacctc    112740
     cttgtcagta gttaggccag gattttcttg tgtatccatc atattcagcc cgtggtgtct    112800
     tttcctcatt ttaagacaat gatggtccaa agtgcagatc cctgaactgt attgtgctca    112860
     aaagaaactg aacacaatcc aacagatgga caaatatgcc caaaacagga gacctcctgc    112920
     tttactgata gagactttca cccttcagag aagagatgag ccccaagtgt acattgcact    112980
     gcctgggtgc agaaggaaat tgtcaaacag gaagatcaca aagccataag tcctagaaga    113040
     agagttatta cacggagaca actggaaatc tgaagcatga gttctacact tccctagata    113100
     aggaaaagga aatagcccat aattaataga tcagaaaaac taacaaagat tcgcttgttc    113160
     cttcccttgg tgtatgcaac tattccatca gtcttcttgg ctaaaggccc tgtgttggaa    113220
     cattatgaag atcaaacaaa atggcgtctg ctttctagaa acacacaaac accagaagtg    113280
     aagtacttcc catgaggtgg ctttagcaaa ggcatgggag agttgtgaaa ctctagaaaa    113340
     gcacaagggg ttaactgaga agaatcaaga acatcttctt agagggaagg ggacttgccc    113400
     cagctgacat taaagaacca ggattcacaa agctaagtgc acaggcttga aagagtgact    113460
     taaacggagt cggagtcgag gtgagaaaca cccaactggt actcggcact gataaatcct    113520
     gggcaagtga ggaatgtttg caaagatgga ccaagtaaat caggaccata gtctaaagtg    113580
     ctttgcctgc ttggagaaag aatctgtaat gcaaccctgt tcaacgtgaa ttttaatacc    113640
     taatagtatg gaagaaaatt ggaaggctga gtctgccttc agataaggag tcatctaagg    113700
     agccatggac agtcacacct ccggcactgc cacgtgtcgt ttgttctctg gagttaagca    113760
     ggactctgcc tgtttagtac ttggatggga gaaccaggga gaagtctgtc attaatcagg    113820
     aggaagaaat caataaccgt gatgtgacca ggaagaagga ctgaggttcc tgtgcagaat    113880
     ccattgaaga taagtccaag aagaaatgga ctgtaaaaac agggagctgt ctgctgagtg    113940
     tgacaggctc tggatccatt cacaggaaga tttagagcac ctgcaacaga agttgctcct    114000
     ttgtggtttt cttaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaagaatca gcgattaatt ttgagtggac    114060
     cagtcaacag ttacattttt gtagaaccta ttaatggcct aaaagacttg ctgtcttctc    114120
     tcggttgcct gttcctgact gtggcaatgt ctaaaaccct gtggcattct aagagtgaca    114180
     acctgaccac tagaagggaa aactgcagaa gaaaagtgtc agcttcctcc tggctgctat    114240
     tacgaataca agttagcgtg ggacttgtgg gatgtttctt cccctcccga cctgctgcct    114300
     gtcagtgctt ccagcactct cttgagcctg tatcgttctc tatgatataa tcttctttta    114360
     cttctgcttt ttctcccttc tgactctcac acacgaatgc ttacatactt gagactgaag    114420
     ggatatttat atttgttgga tcatatcaaa tgaaaatgaa atggttcaca ataaagtaac    114480
     tgagtattaa attgtacagt tctttattag taaaaagagt tacttttata taatacttca    114540
     tttttttttc ttttccatgt agcaggagct cttgaggaaa aaaaattaag ttcactacct    114600
     accccacaat aatcttaggg acatataagt catgttgaag aagtttgctg tcctgttagg    114660
     acagccagga ttacagagtt tgactaacat acccccttaa ggtagattca gcatgcaaat    114720
     gcctgctggt aggctcacag ttatagctgt gagaggagtc aagactcttt cagtaggttc    114780
     tcaggattaa ttataatgga agtgtattga ctaattttct catgcttact aactgtaaca    114840
     ggtaggcatg tggcagggaa aacaatgatt aaatttgtag aacttggctt aggtactgtg    114900
     catttgttat caatattatt acagctgtgc tcattcagcc agtgattgtt tactgggtac    114960
     ctgctatgtg cacgggtact gtgaaagcta tcgggacaca gcagtcagga agaaaagcat    115020
     gtccttacct ttatgatgta cagaacccag acatcaaatg aacggtgaca ctaacatgta    115080
     aagaatatta ttagtaagga gctacagtgc cctgggggca tccatcagtg tcctgtgcta    115140
     ttttctcctt taacctaagg gcagtggaag aaataggagt gatttaggtc taggtagagt    115200
     tctctgaata ctgttcactg ttgttgtgtt agcattctga aacatcgtca tatgccatag    115260
     gtgtgttact gtaactgtaa gttggtttta tcctaaatac tagagaggaa gcccccatta    115320
     atttatatca gtgtacttgg taataattta cacatgcata tatacaatta catatggaga    115380
     gaagtgaata gacatatttt atatcttaaa taggggtgtg gtggtgatag tggtatgtct    115440
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg agtacacata    115500
     ctgtttagga tctgtaataa accttggggt tggaacgaca tcctcagcac actgtgttat    115560
     aatctaagtt ttgcattctt gctctggaag ctggataata atggcacctt tctatgccac    115620
     tgtggtcagg atgaaagccc agcacagtag caagggttca ctgtgaatgt ggggcattca    115680
     gtatatctta gcttttacca ccattgtcca acctcacaca tccctggctt gtgacacgtg    115740
     ctgtctctgt gtcaattttg cttgctttca agaagtctct agcatttcag tcttctacat    115800
     aaataatccc acaacatgat cttctctgag tagctacctc actttccttt ctatggacag    115860
     caagcatttt ttcccttggt tgcttatgga gcaagaggat gattggaccc ataataccac    115920
     ctccctctgc acccgcatcc cctgagccaa tccttcaggc tgactggaga ctaatagtct    115980
     agctgacggt gagctcctgt attaaagctg cggggagaca ggcaggaaaa ctggttttgt    116040
     ctcattcgtt cataaacctc agcatttggc agatttgaca agtaatttca aacctcccca    116100
     gaagaaaatg aaaggtaaga aagcaaagaa aatcacttta ctcttcaatg gccctgagcc    116160
     tgcatcagac aatggctggc caataatctc tgttgctttt atgtttgctg tgagtttttt    116220
     aggaaggact agccacaatt ttaggttata tacttccata acagaatagt cttttaaggg    116280
     ctgttaggct tcagcagttt actgcatgcc tagcatgtat gaggcccagc actacagaag    116340
     gaaaaaagaa ggaaaaaggg agaaaacctc ctttatgagc ctctagctac cctatgatgg    116400
     gggagtgcca taaataagtg gagaaggtac actggtgata taaagagatg tagagactcg    116460
     ggagacactt ccctcttaaa tcctttctgt ctctgggttt gaaacatatt taattcgcat    116520
     tacctccaaa ctgactttag actgttggtt atgaaacatc ctttcaaaat gtaaaaccga    116580
     aacacaaacg taattacacc atataataac tactaacata aacatatctt tcacactttt    116640
     aaatataggg aagataaata acaccgggtg tatactaaca gttgtgcact aattgcttca    116700
     ctgcatccaa gatggctctg acggtctcag gaggaggagt tttcagttgt cactgttagg    116760
     agttcatcaa tgatttttgc catcatgtgt gtggctgtca tttctccaga gcctgtcagc    116820
     ccatgggacc tggggtagaa ttgtttttct cttctactgc tctgcttagg agtcaccagg    116880
     acgctaggaa acacaaaagg aatgaggttg cttttgtggt tggcaggtga tcaatgatac    116940
     aggtgctgtg tgtcttcaca gttacggttg tctgctgctc agcgtgatga gaacaagcct    117000
     ttgtttcccc tatgtgatga cagagaagcg tgaagatggc ctctgataaa gccccagggt    117060
     tactccagga agcctggtga gggagcaggg cagggtcgtc tttgcaggat actatggtgg    117120
     cactgtattg ctgagaggac aggaagaatg gttactagtg acagaactca cagctcattg    117180
     tcaatgaaac tggccactca aactgtggac tttcagggag tcagttccaa gcagcttcct    117240
     cttcctcctc ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct cctcttcctc ctcctcctca tcttcctcct    117300
     ccttcttctc catacataca tacatgtcag ccccattggg aaaataactt tcaatagttc    117360
     tcaaaattgc cagtatccat tttttaactg taaggaacca tggaagaaat taaaaataga    117420
     aatgtagaca cctcggtgta agatttccta ataaatccca tttgattatt ctattacttg    117480
     tggacattat agaagagaca aacacgtaag aacgtaagat aatctgtgat ctaataaccg    117540
     cagataatgc ctattattgt tcctctgtac ttcagttagg atatttttcc tgtgactgcg    117600
     actctgcatc tatggcttgc ttatatgacc aaacagcaca tacacggcac cttcttcttt    117660
     taactaccct cagtgccatt actaagcacc tgagaataac tcacagtttg ctttcttgtg    117720
     attattatat tgacttaaac actttacctg taaaaatttt ttaaaatatc aaaaagcaca    117780
     aagtaaaaat ttggggtgcc aaatcacact tttttatatt gatacagaaa atatttttaa    117840
     tattttgtta aattcttgaa gaagcacctt tctgtacaca cacacacaca ccagtgtatc    117900
     attttgttga taccacaaag ccatctaatg atacactctc cactggttta ttttgagatg    117960
     caaaataagc ttcaatatag agacaagtat ttgtttacta accaatgaca aaggatgata    118020
     accaagccac tgtcttccac ataccatcag aagtcacagc ttcagacacc tgagttgtga    118080
     ctggaatcgg cacttgatta ttaactcagt gatttagatt tgttaaacat atttataatc    118140
     ttgactttgt atactgtttt aatttatttg aatgtgataa cattgatagc ttaattttac    118200
     aatacataaa aaaagaactc caggatttta gcaacattta ttttttttcc aagtttattt    118260
     ctaagtttct gcaaagcaaa cagcatccct gaaaatcagc cagaagcttt cactacccaa    118320
     gtattagtcc atcgagctgt cagtcagcct gtttgtcccg gttgttaagg ttacaggata    118380
     tttttaaata tttttttatt acgtattttc ctcaattaca tttccagtgc tatcccaaaa    118440
     gcccccatac ccccccccca cttccctacc cactcattcc catttttttg gccctggtgt    118500
     tcccctgtac tgggatatat aaagtttgcg tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccactgatgg    118560
     ctgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagtcc agagctccgg ggtactggtt    118620
     agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc    118680
     tctagctcct ccattgggaa ggttacagga tttaaggtcc aaggaaggtg catagccaca    118740
     taaatgagct aatctctgca taaaccgagg tttcacattc ttgctgcatc aaagcataac    118800
     attttttttt cttttccaaa cattttcacc ggaagtaaag tttccgtgtg ttgaaattca    118860
     gtcagatagg ttaagggaaa ttaatctaag tacctcagct ggagagatta tgaaagaagc    118920
     tgggaaagct cgcctgagct cgattcaaaa ttagagggac aaagggacaa aggctcggtg    118980
     agctgccaca gctttccttt taagattagt tgtaagatgc atctggttaa aacgtttcca    119040
     gaagtatgtt tttgatacta agggaaatat tacatagaat ttagtccaag tataatctgc    119100
     aatagctctg taaacctcac agtagctttt aaactggtta cattcagtga actatatcca    119160
     tacatggaca catataaatc taaacccttt ttccgcaaat gataatactt cataacaaaa    119220
     aagaagggta cagagtgtca tattttattt aaaaagagta aacacaaaat aactaggcag    119280
     aacttcccac catttttaga agaaaataca ttcagaatca ggacacaaat gtggcctctc    119340
     ctgtaaggcc tgggtgtggc tttcccagcc cactgtggca gtcttaaacc acttccaaat    119400
     aaatggaggc aagaaaacac attaaacagc tcaatagaca ttcttaagtt ttgactttct    119460
     tttgatagtt gataaaaaaa acaaacaaaa aaaaacctat cacatctttt ttttttaaac    119520
     tatcacattt tatgacagca tttgagttag ctttctacta aagaaggaca ctgcagtatg    119580
     gcttgcaaag tatgtcccct tcccaggctt attccataac atgttcagag tctgcattag    119640
     atagttatcc ctcacccctc cagactcaat ccagttccat tgccgagaga cggagcaagt    119700
     gagatcacct ggtacagggg ctagctttag agagttggtg gtggcaggag cccaagagcg    119760
     tgacctggcc ccgctgagag ttggtgggtt cattttttta aatatttccc acaacaggta    119820
     cccaggaatt gctactactt ggctggccct tctaggagta ccagaggtgt gttattgtaa    119880
     taacaaatat tgcacctacc ttgagtcttt tgcaagctaa ccataatata atgattgtag    119940
     ttttaaataa gtaaaaatta aaatactttt ttaaaattaa ttttaataaa acaagcattc    120000
     caacaagttt tatagcctat catgatacaa atactacacc aagcaattta aaccaataca    120060
     gtagtcacct actatataaa tatatgccaa gttaaacatg tatgcacaga aaccatcaag    120120
     aaatctggta gaaagatgaa aggaacctgc aaattccctt tgtacaggaa tctctaagcc    120180
     tccctttgct ttctacctaa aaatctattc taactcaaag actaaactgt agttctataa    120240
     ccttaccaat ggcagcaaaa gcaccatggt cgtcaagtgt ataccacatt aaggacttca    120300
     gaaatactgc ctctagtggg taatgcaagt tgttagtatt ctctttgtag tgatgttata    120360
     ttgaagatga ggaaactgag ccacagagat atcaaacgcc tgtcctagtg gaaaccaaga    120420
     catcatacct ggatggatgt ggctgtagag cccatgctct ctttgttaat ctcgtgatca    120480
     tatctcctca cttggaagtt caccttgttg tcaattaagc atttaatgga ccactgttgt    120540
     acactcttag tgcagtggct ctcaaccttc ctaatgctgc gaccctttaa ttcagttcct    120600
     cgtgttgtgc tgatccccag tcataaataa aactgtttcc attgctactt cataactgta    120660
     attttgctac tgctgtcatg taaatatctg acatgcagga tacctgatgt gtgacccctg    120720
     tgaaagggtt ctttgacccc ccaaaggggt tgagggttcg cgtgcttggc ccacagattg    120780
     agagcgactg tcttagtgtt aagttgttca tttgcttatg tcttatattt acatgtttgt    120840
     gtcctcgcct ctgtcttgta cacagcagaa cctgtatgtg tactcaacct gctgcgaggg    120900
     gaagctatgt tcagagcatt tgttctctgt tttaaagtta ttctcacagt gacaacctta    120960
     aatatctaca aagcacctga tactgcaaga cagagagctg agtgtgcact gtctgttacc    121020
     cctgtcctcc caagaggagt ataggtaacc tgacttccct atggtcacaa tgctgttttc    121080
     ttacagattt ttggccttaa aaattctgat cccttgaagt cgtaggacaa cacaatttca    121140
     gatgttttta aattttaaaa gctcttcttc attctcttag gccataactt tgactttctc    121200
     accatcgtta acattatcct agtttcagtc agtaatctca ataaacaaag actctgaggt    121260
     tttatggggg acgtggaagc actcacttat gaccaaccac actgagcaca gcatctatgt    121320
     gatatagcct ggcactcttc acaattaaaa atgatctata tttgatctta caactcaata    121380
     ggaatgattt tttttcttat cttcaggaaa taatgcaaag ggaaaagatc aatgaatata    121440
     cagatgaatt tagattacta cctagaaatt acctgacatt tggaaaactt ttgtagaggc    121500
     attaaatagc tgttggaaat tatacacaga ccagaatgtg atgaccaaag aaatacataa    121560
     aaaataaaat taaattaaat taaattaaat taaatacaaa gatgctctat ttttggcaaa    121620
     gttcaagcct atgaaagaat tagaactgta aattgtgggt gctttaaggt aaaagtgttc    121680
     tctgtaaata tttatcttat atatgtttct gcttttgtaa ctttattgat caaatccata    121740
     ggaatgatta tagtgtccaa gaagtggaca cagcaacagt agaagatggt aggggccact    121800
     aggaggggtc aggtgacaga aagtgataga tctgagttag agctttgtcc tcatggtatc    121860
     ccagagtttc atctaactgc tgaagtgctc ctgggacctt cttacaaact catcaaccaa    121920
     ctaaatcccc cagttggttt tatttttcca catattcatc tactgagata gttttctttg    121980
     tcaaaaccac aaatggttgc cttatttatt ccaatgtttt tgttttgttt tgacttttga    122040
     gacagtctca gtatgtagcc cagactgctc tcaacttgtc atcctcctgc ttcagcctcc    122100
     tggatgctgg ggttatagat atgcaacacc atgtccaaat tgcttgacaa tttttcaatc    122160
     ttaatatata ggaatttcat atttattttt gctacttttc tcatcagttt catctcaata    122220
     tcccaagttt ttaaaaattc ttgagcacat cagaaagcct gtcttactca gataatctcc    122280
     atactgtgtt aagttgtgac aatcatcata aaaatagcta atttgatgct gttacagacc    122340
     aagcactact ctaaatgcaa tacattttta tcctcacaac aggcctacaa aacgttatga    122400
     ttgaatcatt cctgcccaaa aatagttcag acaagtatca gaaaaagaaa ccatcccagg    122460
     ctggatgcca aatcccattc tcccagactc tacgcagtgt catggctgaa tgtctattct    122520
     agtctccaca ctggtaccat catcatcact ggtactgcca tcatcacccc catcacccac    122580
     ccctaacaat tctggtaata aaaggccagt ctgtgagcag agctccagac cacttaccag    122640
     tgatgccttc ctcagtaaac atcttccatt gattcatagc atgactcatg taattgtcca    122700
     ttcactttaa aagaccatta tccacctaaa tcatatcact ttactcacaa aattatcctg    122760
     gctattcaaa tgttttgcaa ttttgaagaa taaaatgccc atgatattct ctttatctgt    122820
     taacatctgt aattcttatc gattttattt tctttttaag acgagtcctc ggactggata    122880
     gatagctcgg tgggtaaagg gcttggctac atatgcttgt ggatctgagt tcaatcctca    122940
     gtgccaaggg caagccaggc atggctctgt atgcctctgt gactccaaaa ctgacgtgag    123000
     gcaggtgggt cccggggcct gctacccaga tgatttagtg gaaaacagtt agctccagct    123060
     ttagttataa attcttgtct cagaagatgg aacaaaaggg actgaagaag acatgcaatg    123120
     tcaacctctg gtccctacag gcacacacaa gggaagtgag taggctacat tatactgaac    123180
     atgatctaaa tgtagagtac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    123240
     accagatagt ctctcatttt ctaggggact tttcttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct    123300
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    123360
     aatctgcctg tctctgcctc ccgagtgctg aaattaaagg cgtgtgccac cacgcttggc    123420
     tctaggaaac ttttctaatc atctcagttc caggaacccc aaagaactca agaaaccgat    123480
     actgctactt cagattgtac aaatcttgta tatatgtgta ctttgctctg tgacatatgc    123540
     ggagattttc atatagattc tcaaaggaaa attattttag tgtatgtttt cacttacaaa    123600
     ttttccaaga taatttataa aactcttcat cactgaattt ctaaccatcc cgttttcttt    123660
     tcccacacca gccttttaaa gcacttgctg aattactgta tttgatgcag gtgttttgtt    123720
     ttgttttgtt ttattactac ctcaccaaag ctctaagttc cgatcacgtg gaaacatgat    123780
     cttgctataa tgataacagc ctaaacccct ttccactctg acctacttgt tagtatcagc    123840
     tagggaacct tgtcttcagg acttgttaat cattccataa atatccaagt aagcaaatga    123900
     attgagcaac actataaaat cacttcttcc gttcttatct aattatctat aaatgagtgt    123960
     agacatcacc tttctcggat ctaacaatag gtgattctta aggaaaggtt ggtatgatct    124020
     tggttctatt tcaggaaatc tgcaatcccg tggcatgcac actccaattg tctgaaattg    124080
     ttttcttgac ccatatggcc ctataatttt ccactaggga aacaaaataa tatagtcctc    124140
     agagcctaca ttttgaattc acacatactt tagtagcaat cttaaaattt ttgcattccg    124200
     gctagacaaa aactgagcaa gttgtagaaa ctctttgagc cttggtcctg tattaattgg    124260
     ttttctgtta ttggaataaa atgtttaaga tcttcaattt agggactgga gaggtggctc    124320
     atcagttaac tatttaatag cagttaagaa cttccagagg acttgggttc aattcccaga    124380
     acccactggc atctcacaac tgtctgtaac cccagttcca ggatctgaca ccctcacaca    124440
     gacatacagg caggccattg cacattaaat aaaaattaaa aaaaaaaact ttttaaaaaa    124500
     gatcaacata aaaggaagaa aggtttattt ggggtgacag ttccttggcc ctgggctgta    124560
     ggcctgtggt ggcacagtgt atcctgtcaa aaatgtgtat tggagggggc atttttgtct    124620
     catagaggcc agaaagcaaa gagttattca ggaaagaggt agagtcatat ctccttcaat    124680
     agcatactgt caaagactta aattctttcc atgagacccc aatatcctaa ggtttccaac    124740
     atcccctgga agtgttgcat gctgggagcc atgcctgtaa tatagtctgc taagtgagta    124800
     tcataacgca gatagtaaat gtgaagaaaa gaatgctgag ggaggcctgt gctctcggaa    124860
     atggtaatgc cagtggggat gctgttgtat gaggatggcc ataactacac actgaagtgt    124920
     cgctccccgg gacaaagacc atgtttaact catcttgagc atcctcagct gagggacccg    124980
     aggacttgat acatgatact aacaaatact cattaaattg atgaccaact accaagtaca    125040
     agatactaag agctgaatga agtagaaaaa agtaggggag agaggattgc aaaaatccat    125100
     gacggtaaaa atacaaactt tacagaaaag caaatctagg tttggattct tgttttactg    125160
     cttggaaaac tgtattatct tggacaacgc tctctaaact tcagcttcct ctcctgtaaa    125220
     atgtgacttg cctatcttcc ggactaaggg gaaggtggag tgaagccctg catggtaggc    125280
     actcattggc tcgcctggtg cacggagata ccgctttggt ccgaggcatg agtgccttct    125340
     tttgtcaatg tgtacgtttc ggtggcacac gcttcaggca aggagcttga cctgctgagt    125400
     ctgagagcaa ctgagctttt taaaagagaa ataatgcaga aacatagctc tgagctctgt    125460
     aacaccacgc gaccatctct tccaaaggaa ggcgtgtgag ttttcaatct gagcacgtga    125520
     ttggtggaag gctctaacgg gaaataggaa actaacactt ctctctttta accacctgct    125580
     gcacaaactg tcatgcaaat actgcctctt gctttataca ggacgattgt aaacccttgt    125640
     gactttgtta tctgcttgga ttttcttctg tacgtttgtc tacaagccag ccaaatattt    125700
     cctcttaaat acttgtgctc tgagttgaac acacagctac tgtttaatca cattcttagt    125760
     gagagtcacc ccaccctccg atcctttagt gaactttaat gcagtgtatt tgtattttga    125820
     catatacagt gtatttttac agaagctgaa aataagtgga agtctttcgt ctcccacagg    125880
     ttcctcccgg gggcccagtc ccctaactat gggggcccag gacaccctcc cggtcgcagc    125940
     agctttcaca gaaactgtca acgcctactt caaaggagca gatccaagca agtaagcctg    126000
     ggatgaggcc tgcggtcttc taaaagcctg gttctatcta gtgtgggggt agggtgggga    126060
     ggacactgac agccctgcct tctgaaaaag agttctatgg atcagatcca taaatctaaa    126120
     aattctctga aattatagtg catatccttt tttttttttt tcaaagacaa tcttactatg    126180
     tagctggttg gtctggagat ggcaacatag aacagactgg ctttgaactc acaacgatct    126240
     gcctctgcct cccatgttct gacgttacgt acgtacgtta cgtacgtgag ccacatctta    126300
     tgtgtgcatt tcttcacaga gagatatacg gctctcagca ctctgttcca atgggaatcc    126360
     tggctccaaa ctgttgacag gaatcattaa tctaccttgc acaccaaaca cttgcaccag    126420
     aagtgtgcca agtgcatcat taatttaatt ctaggcctga gtcccatcaa taaacaaaaa    126480
     gaagcctaag tgagcgatga atggctctta gttctatctt cactcacaag aaccgggctt    126540
     taaaaacaag aaaaacttac aatctaggac aagcctcgga tgtgctcaca attggcatta    126600
     ctaattttat taaacagtga gaattaaata ccattggagc aacacattta agtgggaatt    126660
     cacctggcaa cgtatggatc cattctcccc ttctgaaaca ttgtttcgaa acatcatgac    126720
     tctcctgatc cactcctaga aagccaatat aattagtaat ccagcccccg agtcatccta    126780
     cccagtcact cgatctttcg ttcttcctgg gcggcatagc tttttcaaca gcaactaggt    126840
     tttattctag atctataata atacaaagaa gcaaacacta caagcctggg gttgatccag    126900
     agaggtgggg catgagagaa agagagagaa tgggggagaa aggagagggg ctcatataag    126960
     gcacataaac actgccagct taggctgaca aatacttact acatagatat tagtcctgta    127020
     gactctgtta gaacaacttg accaactacc tgttatagga gttggaagag tcattggtcg    127080
     ctgactgatg ccttgaacac tgagactgat aagaactaag aaaacagaag catatttatt    127140
     cttaaaaatt aataaaatgt ggagagaatg tgtactctgt ggtggaaatc ctgggggaat    127200
     cacacagcgg gtcctctacc ttaccttctt actggctttc atttattcac tcactgacat    127260
     atttagagat gtaactggtg ttctcagctt ctactctggc ccctctgaag tccatctccg    127320
     cacagcacac cactcccttg ctccaaactc tcatctgttc ccagggaaaa cacttcccag    127380
     ggatttctga ggtcctgggc gctctgtgtt ctgttgatga agagctgcca gccacaccca    127440
     gttgccccct ctctgatcta acctggattg ttccctcctt ccttgtctat atacctccct    127500
     gttctctcca cttccaccac attagcctat agctgtttct cttctctgcc tcattctgtc    127560
     tcccactcag tctctctctc tgcttcactg aagttttctc ccatgtacat gagcagtttg    127620
     acccctcact ttgggttttc aacaaattta tcaaacagaa tttcttatcc agccaacaaa    127680
     cagcagcccc ttcctctccc ttcaccctcc ccaccacctc ttccatccct ccctcccttc    127740
     ccccaccacc tccatacccc taacacccca cacatacatt tttcccccag ttttccattg    127800
     tctgtctctc cctgtccact ggaatggagc ctccagcaga tgaattttga cccctttctc    127860
     cattgctgtg tcttcagcat ccaaacaagg ctggggatgc tcaagtgact aaatgatgct    127920
     aaatgactcc cgctgactcc ctcatctaag ttctaccaaa ccattacact gcactgtacc    127980
     agaccggaag caataggtga agacacctag ggtggaaaat aaggtttgtg ttatgagata    128040
     atccagagtc tggtgaagaa ggggtgtaaa tatgattcgg tagaagacaa gaccttaata    128100
     ttttgactac acattttttt ttaaaatctg tccatatatc taacctagaa aagtgtgaag    128160
     taagaaggct aaaagatgag gatggtaagg aaggctacag aaagggtcct ttgaactgag    128220
     tgttgtaaga ggggaaagac ttttcatagt aaataagccc aagtaggttg attaagcagc    128280
     tcaagggtat gcacacagag cttgctcaga ggaagctgtg tgctgttaac agtgcagtgc    128340
     aatcgcaagg gagagatgtg tttctcatgc ccgccccttt cttgagactc acacagcgcc    128400
     tcactagaac aggctgcaaa tctggtagcc cagctagaga attaattgct gcctatggca    128460
     agagggaagg aagagctgat tttttgttca tttttttgtt ttttcgagac ggggtttctc    128520
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa    128580
     atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc atgcccggct    128640
     gagctgattt ttttaagcca catgccacgc cacttggctt ggaaatttct tcattctctg    128700
     taaatgcttc atttgtaaat gcttcatggc tctaggcttc attcaagaat gcatttcttc    128760
     ttccattttg cattatttta aattttcata attcagattc acattacaca ttgatgctca    128820
     ctcacatcaa atgctcatag gaaaagttat tatggttaaa aatattttcc taaagaaata    128880
     aaaccatgtc aaacaatgga atttagtaat ctatatttac aataatctta aattttcatt    128940
     tagagaatat ggaggatatt aaggcaaagc aaactccata cactctcttc atcaccctct    129000
     actaacaaag ctttacctga tgctgtaggc aaagaaaaac attgtttttt aattctaatt    129060
     ttcccaaagt aggtagtaga gaatgagttg gaattgagtt tgtaaagtga gtttatgctg    129120
     aaattgatac tgtgattcta tattcaattt ggaaatacaa agtgttgtga tcataaaaag    129180
     agaaagagct ttaagaatat gctctggcgc agtgtgcggg aatgtgtgcc catgccgagg    129240
     catcccttcc ccctgaggga ccagccacac actggtatag tatagaatag agtttattta    129300
     gggcatgggg aggggagtta agagagtagt agaggcagag aggaaggcag agagaagaga    129360
     atagagaagt ggagaccagc catgaccaca ttgggggggg gaggaaatgg ggagggagaa    129420
     gcgagatgta agagagagca agagcataag agagagagga ggggcaagca gcccctttta    129480
     tagtgggaca agcctacctg gcggttgcca ggtaactatg ggggtggagt ttagacagaa    129540
     taccaacaca aaggacccat tcctaaaaga actttgggaa agaacaaagc caggaactgg    129600
     agagattgct gagcagttaa aagcatttgt tgctcttgta gaggactgaa cttattatgt    129660
     ttagaacatc cacatggtaa ctcacaacca ctcttaactc cagttctagg ggacccaatg    129720
     gcttctcctg ccctcagagg gcaccagaca catatgtgta tgagtggata gtaatacatg    129780
     caagcaaaac acacatatac acacacacaa taaagtaaat ctcaaaaaat atttttaaag    129840
     aacaaatttg gaagacaaat ataatgtgat ttcaagacta tcataaagct atagtaaaca    129900
     agacagtgtg cttcaaatag ctaaacgatc tcaatggaac aagataatgg atccagaaat    129960
     gggcccctat ctagataaca actataaaca caatttccaa tttcctttag gaaagaaaag    130020
     atagagcttc cccaacaact ggaagaggag aggtgtaggg agaagaggaa agatgtaaaa    130080
     taaagaagga aatgaacaga aaccaactga gctctgcatc tcacacatac aaatatttag    130140
     taaaatgttt tatgaaggta aatgacaaag taaatgatag aaattagaag aaagtacagg    130200
     agatactctt ttggtcttgg gtttagcaaa gacttctgag gtagaacatc aaaagattcc    130260
     tgaattcttg taattcttaa aaaggaagtg taagttaaaa cctccttgct cttccaagtg    130320
     ttccggggcg ggggagaggg gaacagatcc ccaaatctga gaaaagattg caaagctgac    130380
     accggatgaa caatatcctt ctggaatatc tgaaagaaaa taacttggaa ttcagtaaga    130440
     gaaaaaaaaa agtgatttaa aaacttgtca gggaatctgg gaagatcacc ttcaagttgc    130500
     taaggacaca tcagcacagg aaaaggatct gggggggggg gggggcagca agatgacaca    130560
     gcaggaaaga aagacacctt tgccaaacct gatgtctcag cagaggggta tatgttactt    130620
     cccaaaacag aaagtcaaat cccctaaaga tgagttgaaa cttctagttc ttgaagaagc    130680
     caccagtttt agaaacaaac tatatatttt cttacaactg tggctcttaa aaaaaagaaa    130740
     gaagggttag ggcaaagaaa caaaggccgt tggactgttt cattaaaagg taaggctata    130800
     cccgacacaa gccacagtaa tccctcctat ttagcaagaa aaattagagc tactcccaca    130860
     caaagacctc cgtatacatt gaccacacat tgtgagagat gaagactgga atgaactcta    130920
     attttttcaa tgggtgaatg gattcattct tcttaaaata tgctatattc actcaccaag    130980
     agggaaaaaa tgaactactg atgcacagaa ctgcatggac aaccgtgaag ctaatctgtc    131040
     tgggaaacag agtctgaccc cgccctcaaa cacaagtagg ttaaatggca ttctagaaag    131100
     tgcagagcaa tacagagtga taaaaacaca gagaaagtac ctggggttgg gaagtgtaaa    131160
     gctgggccag agaggttaca gaaagtcagg aagaaatgcc tggggataat ggaaacatgg    131220
     tgcttggtgc tgtgtggatt tcataacatg caaatgcatg aaattctacg tgatgaataa    131280
     ctacaccata tcacctttat acctccagga aacctttaaa aacgattagt cttccttcca    131340
     tgctatcatc taactggatt ttaatttcta tgactaactt taactgtgcc aaaataggca    131400
     agttaatggg ctgaagaact aataaagtag atttttacct tggcacatat aaaggacctg    131460
     gccatactac ccagtgagct aaagcacctc ccagtgagct atgatgataa cattcaaggt    131520
     acaatctcca aatacacaaa aatcacaaca ctcaatcatt ccatttgtaa ggtcaaccat    131580
     tagatttcgt gttggtcttc tacaactcaa acatttaaca aaatagccag cctcttttgg    131640
     gccaacaaga tggtttaact ggcaatggct cgtacccatg aggctgatga tctgagccga    131700
     tccctagaac ccacatggtg ggaagagaaa accactcccc caagttgtcc tctgactgcc    131760
     acagatgtgt gtgcatgcac ccacacacaa taaatatgac ttaaggccat tttttctctt    131820
     tgcttgtgat gtctcagcag aggggtatat gttacttccc aaaacagata gtcaaatccc    131880
     ctaaagatga gttgaaactt ctagttcttg aagaagccac cagttttaga aacaaactat    131940
     atattttctt acaactatgg ctcttaaaaa aaaatcagga ctggagttct caagcaagct    132000
     agaagtgact tggcggtagg aagcataatt ctaactgtct ttaactctgt gggggtttta    132060
     ggttgtcaat caaacctttt cttctgcacc gcactttgca tcccagcatc ccgactctgt    132120
     atctgctctt tcctctcatg tgtttggtat tccaggtgca ttgttaagat cacgggagaa    132180
     atggtgttgt ccttccctgc tggtatcacc agacactttg ccaacaaccc atccccagca    132240
     gctctgactt tccgggtggt aaattccagc aggttagagc acgtcctgcc gaacccccaa    132300
     cttctctgct ggtaagtatg attctgtata cagtcttaaa gagatgattg tcttgacacc    132360
     ctgtgtactg tgctgacagt acacacatgc ctttttgcta tttaacagtt gataagggta    132420
     gtaggtgatc aacccaataa ttcttgtacc aagaaaactt cttgtaccaa gaccttttta    132480
     gatgaaataa tattggaact gtgggttatt cttccacgtg aatttgaaaa ccttaactgt    132540
     gaaacacaca actttactat aatggtcatc tgttggcatg tgtcacatcg gagaaggcca    132600
     ggtgcacttg tccctgtaag tgcacacctt ttcatttcag acctgaagtg ctgccttaat    132660
     tatatacttc tgcacatgtg tgctgctttg tggtgggtgt gacaaaggcc actcctgtcc    132720
     atcataaagc gtggcttaaa gtctctctcc aaaatggcca cactcctcct ttatagcgtc    132780
     ttcccttggt ctagtaccaa catcatgtcc ctgagctatg gcagccatga ttgctttctt    132840
     ccctgacccc agcctggcct gctcagcaca ttttctacag ccaacgaact tgatgaggtc    132900
     atagcttttt gctgtttgct cgaagctgac cagcagcttc atgtggtcca tggcccagaa    132960
     tctcagcttg gtgccattgt ctctagatcc atgtgtcctc tcactagtca ttctcctcat    133020
     tagcccctgt atgtcaaaga cgagtggagt caggtctcac tcaaagcttg gcgtgctaat    133080
     ttgcccatct tctaatacta ccctccccct tcctatggcc ctacttcctc tcagctcctc    133140
     cacctcccct gatcatctcc ttgccctctc ccacccctct gaccatcccc aaagtaatcc    133200
     tgtccccctg ccattctcct ggaaaatccc cattcttttc attaaaaatt tcccatccac    133260
     gtgtttgttc attcaccctc ctgtcgccat gagatagcac aatccagagg gcctgggacc    133320
     tggctgttat ccttcatctt ggatgaagca gcagctgcag gatagatgag gcgtgtggtc    133380
     attgaacaag ctgatgaacc ctgtcaagaa tactgagctt tttagagggc caaggctgcc    133440
     ttctgctttc ctatgaatat gattaccacc attaaactcc aagaccatct tgtttataaa    133500
     gctagttgtt gttggttttg ttttgttttg ttttttaatt agttcagcag ttcacaacct    133560
     gtgagttctc caccctttgg gtgaggagtc aaacaaccct ttcacagggg tcccctaaga    133620
     atatcagaaa acacagatac ttacattatg gttcataaca atagcaaagt tacagttatg    133680
     aagtagtaac aaaaataatt gtatggttgg gggtcacaac aacatgagga actgtgttaa    133740
     agggttgcag cattagggag gttgagaacc tctgagctag atgctcttgg gtgaaatcat    133800
     gcatgctggc agaggatctt ggtgacgtta gctgttagac caaatcttca ctttttcaat    133860
     tttaagataa ggactcaccg agtacaccag gctggcctca atcttgggat ccaaatgcta    133920
     ggattgcaag tgggtactac tgaatctttt aactggttag tttctgaaag cctctactag    133980
     ttaagccagt ccaaaggaaa atcaatttac tcccccttag ttgtgctgac tgataagttt    134040
     ggctagaagt aagataacgt ggggagagct gttaagtatg gttgaggaaa cagttagctg    134100
     gcagtcagtc tgctgggtta acacacaggg cctctcagga atgtctgaca gcacagcggt    134160
     gcctccctgt gggaacccaa aaccacactg gtgatgctat cctgcgctga ctatcaaagg    134220
     caggtgcaga aatcagacat ggtctgctga gaagtttctt gtgcaggtga cagtaccaat    134280
     gagatgctgc tcaattgttg attttcttcc catcttacta gtgataatac acaaaatgat    134340
     gccaatacca aggaattctg ggtaaacatg ccaaatttga tgactcacct aaagaaagtc    134400
     tctgaacaaa aaccccaggc tacatactat aatgtggaca tgctcaaata tcaggtaagc    134460
     cgattgtatg gtcagggtta tcttgttttg cattataaaa cttatattct aaattaccta    134520
     atattgcata aaagtaccat ttcttttact attactgaaa tggctgtggt tctaaaaacg    134580
     gaagccttaa ggaatcatga ggggactagt gaggggaata ttaatcatac ccataaatac    134640
     aaagtgagat attttgtttt acttattata gaaacatggc ccaaaaatga agttgaaaat    134700
     tcacatacac aattaataag tgttggagct gaaaaatagg tcagaggtta agctaagcta    134760
     aggaaagcac ttgttgctct tgcagaagac acaacttcag ttccaactcc ctagtggcac    134820
     acacacatac aaataatgaa tctattttta aaatgtggta ggaattgcta agttagctca    134880
     gcaaaattgt ggttacagca taagtgttct aatactttga attttaaatg attaaggata    134940
     actaacctaa tttttttttc tagggtaata attctaatca tgtaatagtt ctaatgaaac    135000
     ttatgctaag aaataatgca atgatggagg agccgctagc caaagggcta ttagcagctg    135060
     atgggtgctg agggaatggg gagaggtgaa ttctacacta cacaccagga actgatgtca    135120
     ctgtcctaag gcaatgtttt attatttaaa cctggctttt tcttgttccg attccctcac    135180
     tgttggctct aactagactg catagactgt agttttccag gcagagaacc tggttcaggt    135240
     cctctgaact taaggaatcc tagggaatct ccaaggaaac agatctcaaa ggaataatga    135300
     caatgcccag cgttgtctgt ctcattggtt catcatgaag aggaaacacg acatgcatat    135360
     tagcagttaa caagtatcaa ggagtcgctc cgatgttgta tgctagacat gatgcatgct    135420
     atgtgccaga catggtgctg ttcctccttg gactttcctg acagcctatg agctctgttg    135480
     tttttataat tcccatttag cagatgagaa agccattgag gctgagcagg tttagtgata    135540
     tgcccaagat caatcaggtt gctaagcaac acaaccagac ttcgtaccca agactgttca    135600
     gtcttgtggc cgcagcttct aaccaacatg ctggctcacc ttcctaagta cagaaaatgc    135660
     ctctgtggac ttgaacgtgc tgtagggatt tccacagctg accttgtgca tctaattgtc    135720
     acagttacct caaggaccca acactcccac ccgtacgcca cctgtcacct gcgcatcacc    135780
     accctttccc tgggatccca tttgtgagca tcacaaacaa tagtgtgaca tttggacttg    135840
     taagcccaga ccagtgggag ccaaccacag cctctggttt tagatcaaca gttgagactt    135900
     acgcgttctc tctcctgtcc tttggcaagg tgtctgccca gggcattcag tccacacctc    135960
     tgaacttggc ggtgaactgg cgctgtgagc ctgcgagcac tgacctgcgc atagactata    136020
     agtacaacac ggatgccatg tccactgcag tggccctcaa caacgtgcag ttcctggtcc    136080
     ccatagacgg aggagtgacc aagcttcagg ctgtgcttcc tccagcagtc tggtaaacag    136140
     cttcactttc ccctcacccc ccaccccccg cccctgctct gtcctctaaa aggactcctg    136200
     cttaagggac tgtagagttc ttagcaccag gcttccctgt gggaagagac ctcagagggc    136260
     cagtccgagg acttgggtgg aaacggataa ctactacaga tcagttgagc ggaaaaggct    136320
     ttagtcagga gagtccaatg tttagctgac catgcaagca tggagcagag gctttcctct    136380
     ggatctcagc tgaaagtgag tgtttcccag tgcactgcag aatgtacagg gcctggggaa    136440
     ggagaggagt tggctaccag gaaaatcagg ttggtttgcc tcctaagagt ttgattccca    136500
     ggatcagaaa acacgcctgg cctaactcct tctcagcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    136560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ccctggggcc caggctggac cccgtgtttg aagattcttt    136620
     ccatcccagc tgctggctag ggaaacgggt tcatcagcct cctctgcctc ccaaacctga    136680
     gcctcccttg gagctagaac cttaactgca agagagtctg gggaatgcag tgttccattg    136740
     agcccctaaa ctgtagaaag actcgctggt gggcatcaga tggtactgga ggaaatctct    136800
     gagtgctaga atcatctgta atgggagaat gtggaggact tcagtttttt tcacgagtac    136860
     cagcaaaatg cagagtactt ctttaaaact aatgtggggg gctagagaga tggctcagcg    136920
     gttaagagca ctggtcgccc ttccagaagt cctgagttca attcctgaca accacataat    136980
     ggctcacaag catctataat aggatcccat accctcttct gtcatgcagg cgtacatgca    137040
     aacagagcat tcatatcctt taataaatta atatttaaaa aataaaacaa atgtgagcta    137100
     gcgctaacca gcatttgcag tgaaagttac ctaaacacca caattaccaa ccgcttcgca    137160
     tctgctttct gggtagatgt attgtaagga ctgtgttacc ctctgtttgt ctcacattgc    137220
     tgtggctcct tagaataggg aaacggaagc acattacgca cgtaggggaa cagatacagt    137280
     taggcagagc taaacgtttg gagtacgttc tagtttagca ctatctggaa atgtggcatc    137340
     tgttgagcaa atcctttgtg tgtgagaaag cccttccttt tattttttta ggaatgctga    137400
     acaacaaaga atattatgga agattcccga tatctcccag aagtcagaaa atggaggtaa    137460
     ttgtagtcac gggcttaaat ctgacataac ttacaggtat tggccaacta tgaacccaaa    137520
     gccacgtacc cctagaagct ttgttagtct ttctttactt actaacatct atcaaagcaa    137580
     gttggctttt aggggacctt tctctctcct ttcccaccaa gccctcaact cccacgtaga    137640
     ccacggcatg agtccgccct gtgtcatgtc cccgtagatg cttttctttc tccctctgat    137700
     gtaaatcaca ggctggaaag gatgtagcca tccttgtagc acgtcacaaa tttcaaagta    137760
     ccgctctgct gacgtgcccc gaccagctgc tcaggctcct caaagatgct ttgctcactc    137820
     tcattttgca aacaaagaat acgctgcttc ctcggctgcc cagtcttgca cagttcacct    137880
     caagtgtgac ttcaaagttg catgcagagt gctgccaact gctgtcttgc ggtaacgctc    137940
     ttcttttaaa ggcgtaggtt ctttactggc gagatttcag ttatccgaag gcccgagcaa    138000
     accttccccg ctggttgtgc agttcacgag tgaaggaagt actctctctg gctgtgacat    138060
     tgaacttgtt ggagcaggct accggttttc actcattaag aagaggtttg ctgcaggtaa    138120
     gtgggtagct ctccctcctc gaacaggaac tggctgtgat ttctctgcct cctcacagct    138180
     cctatcccca cagcccatta gagagcaaac tgatcactga attaagtaca gatgaactgg    138240
     caattccagc acaaaggttc tggctgcttg tgcagggtct gtttctcgtg gtgggctgag    138300
     ccaccattcc cacctggttg atctgtatat tgattgaagt cagtgggata agtcctgcca    138360
     ctgtatagac aaacaagatt gacagactaa gttttgactt gaacatgtat ttttgaaaca    138420
     ggaaagaaag cataaaaatg tgtggcggaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag    138480
     ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag    138540
     aggcccattg gacacgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa    138600
     gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca    138660
     ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaatg tgtggcgtac    138720
     caaaggcagg ggagcattag attcctaaga agggattttt ggtttttttc cacgtaccta    138780
     actttctgaa atttagacag gctaagctaa ggcctgggaa gatctgattt tttttttttt    138840
     tttttttttt tttttacttt aaaagcaacc tttaatgtgt ctatgagatg gctcagcaag    138900
     ttaaaggcac tgacctgacc atgtgaacct ggaagcatgg gttaggtccc aatgtgtaag    138960
     gagagaaagc aacttaaaat agttgtcctc tgacctcccc atgtgtactg cctcatacat    139020
     tctcacacac acgcacatca tgtatacaca tactataata attctttaaa aaaaaaataa    139080
     gaatatgtgt agttttgagt tggtgagatg gatcagtgaa taaaggtgct tgccaccaag    139140
     cctgataacc cagtttgact ccttagaagt tgagacaatg gaagaagaaa accagcaacc    139200
     acaagttgtc ctctaactct ctaactccca catatgcgcc aaagtatata cattctccct    139260
     ccctccccac ccccaatagg aaggtagata gatagataga tagacagaca gacagacgat    139320
     agataaatat ctagtctaca gatatgaact gtttgcccag gaaccgggta tggcacaaac    139380
     aagagtgtat agagggcagg agctccccag aaatagcgac tgctcttgtc agtggctggc    139440
     accagtagag ccttacacat ttgaagccag tatattacca ctcccctcct cctcctctgg    139500
     gacctgtttt ctgtgcctgc tgttctgatg taattcatta ttcattatat ccctttcatt    139560
     ctcaaatgaa ctaagtccaa aataaacatg agcagcttct catatttggg gacaaatccc    139620
     tgacccacct gagcaggatc cagaatgctt ggcaaactgt ctgcagaaat agaaatggtg    139680
     attatgggtg tggagaacta agaaacctga aaacctcacc gcatcgtagg agcgcggcac    139740
     tctgagcctg cagggtttgg ttctgaggta gagcaggagc aatagatcat ctatagagct    139800
     tgtggatgac atattgatct gtgatcttgt tttgcaggaa agtacttggc agataactaa    139860
     taaaaggtca tgcaaggatt tggaagatcc atgccctgga gaactgttgt ttgagagaca    139920
     tgttttaatc tggcttgatg aacacaaacc gatgtccgta cttggggtct gtcagctgga    139980
     aagtcccggc attcagcagt gacttccggc acccagtact gtgctgctca gttctgcagt    140040
     atttacttat aggtgtaata tttgttaatg gttttaaaat gtaattattg tatttgtaaa    140100
     ctgtaccttc attccagtaa ggcagttaga cacttgggtt ttagcatttt ccattcctga    140160
     aacggatgta ataatttaat agtagtactg ttgaacggca caatgcttac agagatacag    140220
     cgcattttgt caatatataa aatttaaata taatgttgat agttatcata aagggggtgc    140280
     cacacatcga gaaccttaaa cagaaccaga aacaaaacac ccagctaact ttccttcact    140340
     ctttactatg tttccctcta gtgctaaaga aaacttctag cttcagttta gtgggttaaa    140400
     ttcacaaact atttcagagg aaaaaaaatt ctaaagttac agcctattca aagagaaaca    140460
     ttaattacca ctttttaaag agcttttttt tcaaactgca aatttcataa aaatgcaaac    140520
     tgtgtaaaca gggcctctta tttttataac ttgtgtaaaa agggaaaagc aattcatatt    140580
     taaagtttaa gtatattaaa ttatatccaa gagggcagag gatgctgaag tctgacctga    140640
     ccccagcccc ttctgtgccg tttagcaaat gtggagattg ctaagtcatc gcattaaagc    140700
     caacatgatt tttaaagttt gagactttat gtagctgaac tggttaaaac ttttgcacaa    140760
     ttgctcggga cacaggggcc tctctcgtcc agcatccagg ggtgggtacc ttgtttcttc    140820
     tttactcatg agaatcaaaa cacagagaag gatggaggaa aacaaatagt cccctggtcc    140880
     atccaaaagg agaattctaa acttatcatt tacatctttg gggggaagga agaaataaac    140940
     tttataaatg aaattctatt caccttgtta tgaatatttt tgaatgattt taagattcat    141000
     catatacaac tgtgaatctc tgccgctctt ggggaattga aagcagagtc gggacagtgg    141060
     ctttgaacat agtaaatgcc acagttctgg gagtggggga cggtgtctgc cccaccggag    141120
     ggcaatcaaa gcagtgtcgt gtgaggccta aagaagaagt cttccagtaa accacaagtt    141180
     attttaaaca gaaaagttcc tgtttggggc tctcccactg agttggcctg tgtagcattt    141240
     gctgctgaat cacattttgt atccactcaa atctgacaag gagtggtcaa ctccttttca    141300
     attttagaat caaattaaaa attttttaag tcttacttca acagtgagat tgtggttggc    141360
     agttgtttct agtgagctct gtagatttat ctatgttctc ttcgatcaac gcttgctacc    141420
     aaaaggatgt ccaagaggat ttttacctgc aaacaattca tttatttaaa ataggctcct    141480
     gcctaattcc ccaaagcagt ccggctttga aggttttttg aacaaactaa tttgttgacc    141540
     aaaaagtttg gctttgaaac cgaaatagag aaataaaatg taaattttaa atctaataga    141600
     acaagtggaa atgaaaacac ttaaaccaat ggagagtatg aagcagaaaa aaaaaaatga    141660
     agctgatcta aaatgtgatt atacaatgtt tttaagtagt cagttcatgg aaaaatattg    141720
     aatattaaca caaagcatat taaaaatatg taaatattac tgtttctcat gtctttctct    141780
     ttatatctta ttttgtgaag ttttagaatg aattggtcat taagtatgca gtgtttcttt    141840
     ccaaagaata attttgttga tattgtaaaa atgtaattaa agatagagat ttgagtagtc    141900
     tctaacatta ttcaaatgtt tccaggaacc aaattggaaa gtatgaagaa atcttgtaat    141960
     cccttaattg actattgtga aatgaaacga cagttggtga tctcaaaatt aagacgtgaa    142020
     aattcagagc ttcagtgggg aatgggtggt tccttccagt tcagataaca acagttgctc    142080
     atttcagaga tggagatgtt ggtgctgttt ggttttaagc ttgtgcaatt tcatcttctg    142140
     gtgaagctct gtgtgcagca ctataggata aaaattcata ttctgagaca aggtccaaga    142200
     ctaggcagac caggtctcag ttatcagtgt caatcgggtc aggttccctt ttgtccaaac    142260
     aaaatgggtt agctcataga cagatggttg gcaggacagt aagctaaatt aagacaatta    142320
     agagcaattt cctaaacact ctgactttta aggctgatag aaagtatgca tgttttattt    142380
     tggtgacatg gaaagtatgt attcctcttc aaaccaatcc catattttta tgaaattttc    142440
     caaaataaat tcctgtttaa actagtttcc attttatcat aatggggact tgccactgct    142500
     tatctgaaac tctctgagat ccaccgacgg ctaaaaggag cgttccctgt atgccatttg    142560
     ggacgccgct tgcctcgaaa gcctgttcct gtgcaaatgg tgactggaaa gtccaagagc    142620
     agatgcttgt gcatttcggc agtgtgtata cttctcccct gtctcagtct gcaaagtatc    142680
     cgagccgtcc tcacacacat ttgcaccttt aattcttctt ttgaaggaag caaatctacc    142740
     tttgctctgc cagcgatacc tgatgggcaa acgcagatgt gcccctgcct tcttctcacc    142800
     tttatggtga gagtggatcc atatgcaatt ttcacatttt ccttaatggg acttctaatt    142860
     ttttttttct aacaagcttg tgcctagaac cctatatagc agaatgttgc caagcaggga    142920
     aggggcttct ccagaccctg aaacattgca tcacaatatg taaatgattc caaagtaact    142980
     tctaactctg aagacgtaca cttctactta acccagataa actaccttct gagactctaa    143040
     gaacatgtgt aataatagtg gttagctgct gtacaataaa aaatagcaaa atggctgtac    143100
     agtacggtgt actgtgagcc ctcctcggct gccagacact gcagatatca ctgcattcta    143160
     ccttagactc caaaatggca aaaagccttt tcagtctgtg ttttcccagc gatggtattg    143220
     aggcttgggt tgattcattt cccccaaagt gtcatcacag ctagtaatga cctcaattat    143280
     cctgacaata gaatgagtac cttgctgttt catctggttc cctttgataa aaccatcaac    143340
     ttgaatgtca agacaagtgg cactctgtaa agtctgcatt gaaagtgtta aagagaaact    143400
     tgataagata atcattttaa aagaacggat gtttctcttc aaaggatgaa ctgtgagacc    143460
     ccttgtttcc aaccaatcat agtaatgatt taaattgagg cccttttaca ttcagaacct    143520
     agccagactg cagtgagtac cagcaagtct tcatcaatct ctagggataa aacttgggaa    143580
     tctatacatt gagaagttcc caaaagctga gcattgtggc cctaataatt ctctagagca    143640
     ctttttactg ctcacattat agtggactta agcatttaat ttctacgata aatgctattt    143700
     ttctaatgtt ttctcccaat tcagtccaat taatagtagc tcctggcttg caagacacac    143760
     tcagacagta aacctggaaa ctgactttat ttcacaaact cttggcttta taaacataga    143820
     taagcctcac gctgagaaga attttaccaa tttttgcttt gctttgtctt tccttaaacg    143880
     aagtacaggt tgccagagaa agctgaatga tagtaatata tgcaaatata cactagaaag    143940
     agagagatta gagagagaga aagagagaga aagaaaatat gttagagatt tctcttctcc    144000
     caaagaggat gtattttgca aaatcccagt caaatatatt tattttgtca tgtgaccttt    144060
     ttctgttgaa ttacttctaa aacctaaaat tgaggggttt tttagtggca tcagcgtggg    144120
     ccagaatata gcttagaaac ttaatataag gcaatgtgat ggtcccatga tgccccctcc    144180
     tgacgtttac cttaaccaat gagtcaaatt gttagtgtaa atacttaaat caagccaagt    144240
     ggcattgatt aaggagactc ttataacgaa cctccacgat cactctctga attgatctca    144300
     gctttattcg acttgccccc ctccttgacc tttttgcttg tgttatgttg gttttgtttc    144360
     ttcgtttggc acacagtgta gaacacaact ctctcgctta tgaattacct atggcttctc    144420
     tcgtgtttca tgttaatccg tagactgagg aggaggaatg agaccagact gctctcttta    144480
     catcttcaaa tattaaaaag gaacaaacaa aaagtactgg ccttcttcac ccatcactgc    144540
     tctggggctg tgctatctag agtaagccag agacacattg ttaatgtcca actgaaataa    144600
     cattccttct tgaaacactg tcaattctta tgatcagcct tttagactgg tcccatgttt    144660
     agtttctgcc ttctatccta aatatgtgta gtgccggggg caggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    144720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcac agattgtgga catgtatcat ggatataata    144780
     atttattctc caaactgaac ttctgtcttc ctccctttat tcccggagta catttagcct    144840
     gtgctaaaca catcttttgc ctcataagaa aaaagagatt tcagtacaaa gccagtgcag    144900
     attaaagtga cccttaatgc tgttttaaag aaaaagtggc atattcgata ctacatccac    144960
     cagtattttc caaatcatgt ttgatttatt agcacaagca aacattcatt gtgttctgaa    145020
     acaacgtggt cctgtgtcac agctgtctct cttcagatat gggcaataac tttcaaagtc    145080
     ctcatgaaac ttagagtgtc cctaaactgg tcagggtctt tttaagtata agagtagccc    145140
     ttaaaaagct ttaggaaacg ccccgtctaa ttataattca cagctccatc gaaggatatg    145200
     taaatcaaat tatataagaa agatcattgt agctttaagg gaattttgcc cattggaagt    145260
     gagttgttat gtgtgctcac taatatcttt cagtgagttt taattttatt ttctaaagaa    145320
     ctcttaaccc cacgtggaaa ttgtttcact ttttaaagat ttgaatctct gatcaatact    145380
     tcaagccccc attgttgaaa ggttgaacat ccttggagta attgactcta gtgaagactc    145440
     tttagttatc gtgtcagaat cctgttagag ccatgctgat agttttacgt aacttttgga    145500
     ctgctatgaa aacattctcg ttagagccaa atgcagtgca ctgttttctc agcatacact    145560
     cagaggacta accctgaggt aggcttcggt ttttggtttt gttttttttt tttttttttt    145620
     gttattgttg ttgttggttt ttttttgggg gggggttggt ttttttttct tttttacttt    145680
     ttaaaaaaaa ataatcattt ttacataaaa tcaaatttaa aagatgttta tttaaaattg    145740
     tttgtagcag acagaaatga catttatgtt ttctgaacat aattcaaaaa ctttaatccc    145800
     ctcagagtct gtgagttatt acctgaaaga caagctaccc ataaatttcc cgcttcctag    145860
     actaagcata tattaattcc acctgactca gccaacttca ttatcttatt ggcatctttt    145920
     ctggcaaaat gaatctcatg tattcgtcat caccttaagc tagttaaaat aataaactgc    145980
     aagactgcct cagaccaccc aatacctggt gtttttcttc ggagtggctg ggatgacatt    146040
     tcttaaagct gcattgactc cacaggttgg tgtttaatta ctgcttttta aaatgaacat    146100
     gcatggaaga gatgggtgcc tctccctctg tcttcctacc ccttccatcc tcctgcatcc    146160
     tcctcccatc tcccccacac acacccccac cccacttggc cccttaactc agtcaaaggg    146220
     acctggataa ttgctgttga atgatcattt tggaacccag caggagctgc agcggtaaca    146280
     ctagagccct ccctactagc agaggaggaa tttccagggc tgattttagg ctgtttgaac    146340
     actattgtgt ttcaaatgaa aaggttttct cattagtttt tcccttgtgt agggcaaaac    146400
     ctctgaatga aatgaccagt ttgaatcatc agttcctaac aagtggcagt gtaagccatt    146460
     tgggttttac tgttaacaat aagaaactaa gaaaggcatc acagagaaat gttgctgtgt    146520
     ttctaactta gagttatgca atccatcggg tcagtgaaga tgtttatcag tgtgtacttt    146580
     gacctggtag tggcctttat ttcagattat ccgtgaccca cgtagcaatg tacactgact    146640
     ctctgtataa tcctctgcta catgtaccat cgcacaaaac atctcgggca tcaaatattc    146700
     acagaagaaa cggtgtgttc aaatattcaa gtatatttaa attttagtca gaaagtcagt    146760
     gcctcgtctt tcttccctcc tgctcatttc aacagtgtgt gacttactgg cccagtatgg    146820
     cttactgctt cctgtgagct cagcccggca gcagcagagg cttgctccct ctgacgaccc    146880
     accgctatga gctctctaca gggcaagcag gacagaaatg cggctgaact gattgaagat    146940
     aataatcatg ataccatctc catatcactc accttatgag ttagtaaaag tgtggatatc    147000
     attttttgta actggtgatt tttataaatg tccttgcctt catagtcctt ccagtcaccc    147060
     atctcacaaa atcttgaata tgcaattatt cttcatgaca cattactgca aatagggttc    147120
     ccatttgaaa atgcagttta atgtaagttg ttattgaatt gtgatttttt tttcctggaa    147180
     aataaatgga aaaaatatga aaataaacca agctgtgaac cttttatttc ctgcacctta    147240
     aatttttacc tacatttctg gaaaatgtaa tttcataatt aaggaaaaga tggtaggccc    147300
     aaggtctagc aaaggcaaga gctttcaagt gagaggaatt caattccatg cttagagacc    147360
     caagcatgtt acatcatagt tgtaaatatc ctcataaaaa taaaataata taaaataaaa    147420
     tataaaataa aatgaatagc ggggtgtggt gctagagaga cggcttagct ctagctaaga    147480
     gaagagcact agctgatttt ccaaaggacc caggttcaac tctcaggacc tacatggcag    147540
     ctcacaactg tctgtaattc cagttcctgg ggatctgaca ccctcacaga aacattcacg    147600
     taggcagaaa accaacgtgt gtaaaataaa aataaatcat aaaaatgttt taaaaatgaa    147660
     taacgggttt tctacaacaa caggtcttta ggtttaaatg aggtagcagc tattggtcac    147720
     tgagcagata tcaacctagt tggtagtagt cagtgggcaa ttctttcctg ctcttatctt    147780
     tgtgtaaaca gggctaggga ctggctttag agcccttaac accttgctgg agtcccgatg    147840
     ctaattaccg tcctagctcc ggcggaccaa gagaacattt gtcaagcatc ctgctgtatt    147900
     ctgtgggcgg cgtcctgtct tcgttcctaa ataccttcac cacagcgctt ctgcagcttc    147960
     agtagtctgg ggtcctccga gggcttgaag gagcgcagcc tgcttctgta accagcagag    148020
     ttttaaatcc tgtgctccta ggtgcgtcct ttaacgttct agttctcggt gagctacttc    148080
     tataaaatca ttttgtgaca gagttttgtg gcaactgaac ggctgcacag catctgttag    148140
     cagcgggggg gggggggggg gtgaagagtg tggggggggg ggatgtggga gggggaatgg    148200
     gcagcttcta agtcttcagg tctgttcagg tctgggttgt cctagaaaat ttgcacgttt    148260
     cccactggca tccctgacgt cctcaggggg agaaacatga tacagggctc tgggggcaca    148320
     tgttcacagt cagacctggc aaccgtacaa ggcagcagga ctgggaaggc tccagaagac    148380
     agagatggtg ggattcctaa gatggctcgg aggcccatcg tgcaggggag gggcggccct    148440
     ggcagtgttt gaggaggtca ccctggagac gccctaggtg cccacaggga ctgctcgacc    148500
     aagcgatgcc ggaggcagca accggtcttc tgcagctctg ctgaggacga tcccaggtcc    148560
     tggtggtccg acctgccacc cagtgcagag caggtatgtg caggctcttg gggacaaagc    148620
     gtccaggaaa ggaggctggg gaggaaacag cctatgtggg ggaaaaggcg atctcttcat    148680
     ccagcccaag aaaaccagaa aaagtggtcc caagtttggt cttcaaagcg cggtgagctc    148740
     atctcatctg caaatgctgg tcgccaaagg tctttgctac ttccctgcac ttctggggac    148800
     ctctgaattc ccatctgggt tctctctagg gagaactagt ctgaaagccg agttgggacc    148860
     cgctaatttt cgcgaactga caagcatggg aggtaccctt acgttaggaa tggagcgctt    148920
     agttcttctg gaagggaaga ctcagtagag gcacgcttta ctattgagta aactactcaa    148980
     ttgagtagcc gactattgag taaagcaagg tgaatattcc aaagagacaa gcacaggttg    149040
     tgaaggggtc cggagggcgc aaagggctcc tcctagagga attcaaagtt tatgaatatt    149100
     tatgagatag atagcatatt catggcgtta ggtgataggt tttttgtttt tgttttttct    149160
     cccaacttat aataaacctg acctcccttt tagggaattt cttcctatga tttctagaaa    149220
     gagccccaaa gaaggtcaaa atcacaaaac aaggccatgg tcttaaagtg ggtacacact    149280
     tcgatattgt gcatgtgtaa gtcgataagc tgatgctttc acttagcgct ctgactatca    149340
     ggagactcca ctatcataat acagctgtcg ttctcttggg taatagacct ctggttcccc    149400
     cttaaggctg ttttagtgcc acaattgacc tcatagctct gttccttgca attttttttt    149460
     taaactgaag tttcacgatg aaagatgggg ccaggttttc caagactggt agtctccaca    149520
     aataggaagc aggcccagct ctctgaggaa ctgggaactc ccagtgccac ctctccagac    149580
     tgtctactgt atccaagcac aaacgctccc accacgttgc ctccaacacc acgacagcaa    149640
     atattaacta gcgagcttat aacaagatta gattcagaga aaaataaaaa tgttggcttg    149700
     cagcgcagga cagcatcttt ctatagttgc ccatctttcc agcgtgactt tctcccactc    149760
     catcagttaa gcatttgggc tacaaattag tctccttgtg tgaatgatat acactactga    149820
     atagaaattg tcctatttcc agttgtactg gcacaacaaa ataattactt acactacaca    149880
     ttattgctct ccgggaaatc tcaggacccc cttcgaaagg gtcatacaag cagcggggtc    149940
     ctccgcctag gatgaaatct aactacaaaa actaaaaggt tttcatattt ttcccctttt    150000
     ttgcagcatc agtttttcct atagtctgtg acaatgtcag cattggctaa agagaaactg    150060
     tttcttgcaa tgaagaaaag ggggagcatg tgttccccaa ataatcgtga gttccgacag    150120
     aaggaaggtc actggcgcat caaacagtga gtacctggat gtctagcatg tccaactgtg    150180
     agcaatgttt accaagagcc aaaaacattt tcctaggaat ggaacaaggt agaaactggc    150240
     aaatacgggg ctccactggt ccttggagcc ataattaaga tgaaagagga ggcttacatt    150300
     gatgcttaga gcatgtttgg tgctttcaaa actacctctc accatgtaaa aaacaaaagc    150360
     aaaatacaaa catctatact gcagaccagc caccctcaca agccccttaa attcttctca    150420
     atattatgaa actgcatagt tgtatagttt gtaatcatca tcactgattt aatacaaatt    150480
     ttgtactata ttttcagtct ttatttatat cctcttaaat ggctatataa tattttatga    150540
     atgtgtagcc aggatcagtt tatcatcccc acatgattgg acattttcaa tttgtcgtct    150600
     tcttcttttt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    150660
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tctcactgtt ttgctttgca aaacagacca    150720
     aggttgatta cagttgtgga agacaaatct ttttattatc aaagtgcttc agctggcgcc    150780
     catgctcatt tacaatttga ccaagccagc tcagtcagtc aacatgttct ccaggaaggg    150840
     agggaggatt aaaaagaaaa gagacaatta cacaacactg tagcatgacc ccatccagtt    150900
     ctgaggctga agcgggttta cttttttcca gtatgctttt atatcattct aggtacatac    150960
     gaagaatatg gtcagtccta aggcataaac agaggtgtta aaggaacaaa caaagcacag    151020
     acagggtagg taaggaacaa acaaagcata gatggaaggt cccaagatta ctgtcgtcag    151080
     ggtcttaaca agacccatca agatacaaag aacacattcc tcagctgtat tcatcctgag    151140
     cctacttcca agtcctagcc caaagtcaga ttcctgccaa gtttctagaa gaggccccaa    151200
     aagcgctcca cagcagttcc actttcagtc ctacaagttt gtagactgct aacacagtct    151260
     tgtttttatt tttatttttt ttacatggtt ggaaaactga gtataccaga acagaaaccc    151320
     actgcaggtc agaggaagga tgctacagct acagtaatta attcctgctt ctgagcctca    151380
     gcaattctgg ctgttccttc ttaaaccact acaagtgttc tcccatgcac tctctctgtc    151440
     ttttgaggtt ggggcattgg tgagtaaacc cagagcctct ggcacattct accactgagc    151500
     gacaccccag ccctccttct gtgtttacct catggctgct aacttgccca gactggactt    151560
     gggctctctt tgttcttcca aaccacggta gagaatcatc tgaaatcagg gtgtggtcaa    151620
     atttaaagaa ctaactttgt atctgtgcag gaagggagag ctcttatgtc atgcacagca    151680
     cgtgtgtgac ggccaaaggt cagctttcag gatgtggtct cacttccatc atgaggatta    151740
     ggggatcaga tcgtgccagg tcatgagact tgtcagtacc tgtctttaac cgctgagcca    151800
     tctcatagct ctagtttgtc cccagcaaac cacgattctt acagtattgg tgattctctt    151860
     tcatgtgcgt cttcaactgg taggaaagtt atgaaatatt agtggctctc tggtggagat    151920
     gtgatttgac attgacaatg tgtctggaga tgatacatct ttttcttgaa aattaattga    151980
     aagcaccttt tcaaaaacta atgtcagcat tataagtcat ctcctgaagg acactcaaga    152040
     cctgaacatc atctcgttta ccacccccct ccccaccaca cacatataca cacatacaca    152100
     catacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca tcctgctagg tcctttcgtt    152160
     ctttctgttt tactgtggaa tagctgagtc tttcaggtca agcaacttgt tacaatggca    152220
     aacatccagt cccaaattca gagagaggct ccagggaccc caggcgctgc cccatcctcc    152280
     ccactcctgt gggcatgctg ccctctgtct ggccgtaccg tgctctccct cagtgttctg    152340
     tctggcccca gccactgttg gaaccctact ccttgtatga aaggttcccc tgtcttctgc    152400
     tttccttcct tctccttcct acctcttcag gaagctcagt tcctatcctt gaccacaccc    152460
     atctgtaacc tgaggagcca cttttctgtc tgtctgtctg ctcctccttt tcttcacagg    152520
     cctgtgtgtg gtgggtttgg tggtggtagt ggtgaaggta ctgctgctgt tgtagctgct    152580
     gttgttttgc tttgctttgc tttttgttgt ttcattttgt tttgttttta aatctggctc    152640
     cctcaataca ctgcaaactc acttgtcttt gtagcagtag acacagtgag aaggaaagaa    152700
     aagaagaaag agtgcgggta gatctaccgg ggatgtggtc agcgtggatt tattctttcg    152760
     tcttgatttt tatgtcttca gttctctgaa ttgtgactga tgtctaactg tcatcctgat    152820
     aaatgtgtga acgcctcctg tgtcatgaga ggaagactga gtgtgtattc agcgttgcca    152880
     ctgtcatctg ttttcagaat tggatcttgt ttgttcaagt tataatttat aatatatttt    152940
     taatgttttc tgaaagaaaa aggaagcatc tctttaaggc tgtatttttg ctgctcaggc    153000
     tggtcataaa gtcgttagtt attttgtgta gcttggatca agaaggaccc cactgtaccc    153060
     agcagcaaaa taaaacctct taagctaggc ccccttatcc taagacacac atctgggtac    153120
     atgactttcc actctctgtt tttatctacc ccactgggaa atctgaactt gacttttcac    153180
     ctaaacaatt tattagaaga gaggtggtaa cattcgctga ggttttagca tcagtctcag    153240
     ctctgcttcc aggaagtttc caataacagg gtctggcaag ccatgaccaa gcaccaagtc    153300
     tagtctggaa cacggatggc tatggtttcc cagctaggag cggttatttc atagctgaaa    153360
     acaaaattta aaagagtaca gttttgtggc atgcaaatat tgatagaaat ccaaatttca    153420
     ctgtccataa attatggatt gtagagcatg gcctgcctgc tcaatgcagt gtctccagcg    153480
     gctttgcgat cgcagcagca gcagcgtcta cccacagcag caacagaaag catagggcag    153540
     gcaaacccca aagtcccact cttggacctc ttccagaaat gttggtcaac atcttctcta    153600
     ctaaacaggt gcaggcatca tccccatttc caaataaaga aacagcagct caagcaggtt    153660
     gagatgttaa aaccaccaag atagcaaata gaaagaagtc ttttattacc tgcatatttt    153720
     cattgcacag aaagtggcaa atccgtgtgt aatttgcaca tggctccctt gttcactgag    153780
     atcttgtgtt tttcacgcat gagtccaggc aggcattcat gctgatggtt tacttgctgg    153840
     aacctcaccc tcaggtagac attgaacagc atttgcacag atgctgtcat cactggtcct    153900
     taaaatggaa acagaaggca caaggttgag tcactttctc cagctaatgc ggcaagctat    153960
     ctggacatat tagctccaaa gctagcagct ctactgtggg tttgggcaaa gaacaaagac    154020
     taaacggtct ttcttttgcc tcaaagcaaa gttctcacga tgccacagaa caaaaaccat    154080
     gtgtggaccc caccattccc cacagaactg tattgaaggc acccagcaca gcaggtcagc    154140
     cacactatgt tgacttccct gtgttattta ctcaagatcc agggagcctc tagtacccgt    154200
     cagctactgt gtcatgtatt aggcgtgcag aataccagag gggtctagcg tagagatcac    154260
     tgctgttcca gcaaactgag agctacttgg gaactccttc acagtccact gggtatttca    154320
     gtgaatgatg gaaaatgcaa ccctcgtgaa ctttgtgcaa acctgcaaac ctgctcaggt    154380
     aaacaagcag ggccaagtaa attgacatgg actaatttat tccaggattc caagccatga    154440
     gcctgtgcat cagaaattag gttgggctat cctttctttg gatccctgat gggaaaggct    154500
     aggagacaga ataccaaagg gatagcatgt gttatactga agtttgcatc gagctgaaat    154560
     gcagcgtagt cccagaaaga gagagagaca gagagacaga gacagagaga cagagagagt    154620
     gagagagaga cttggagaag ataaaatgtc actttccaag tgaaaccaca ggaaaatgtg    154680
     acagcctcga tgtgcttctc agacaaaata tatatattga atagaggaaa ttctatttta    154740
     cctaaagtta tttccataaa tggggaaatg atgggggttt ttgtttttgt ttgttgtttg    154800
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttaa gacaagctag cttgtaactc aatatgttga tcagactggc    154860
     ctggaatttt cagtaatcct cacaactgcc cccttagctc tgagaaaaga gccactatag    154920
     ccttggattt ttgagggctt ttagttcttg tgtctgacag atggttttag agaggaagca    154980
     ggtctggtac ctggtaccat ttacacaggc atagtccaga aggaaggcag agaatgggaa    155040
     gctggaaagc gtaaagcagg tagaaaaaag cataggagag cctgtctgga ctgcgagtaa    155100
     ggaagccccg cccccacgca ctacagacca ccagcactgc tgccaccgcc ccatcctctc    155160
     cttgaatctt gaatccatac gcctccacct cagcctccca agcgttgggg tcgtaattac    155220
     acactacgaa tcccaacacg aaaacataaa ccacaaaaga aaactaaaac ttttttggta    155280
     agtagaacat caacaaaatg aagtattttc acaacgtata taataatata gttagagaac    155340
     tgctagaata tctatccaca ggtatagcgt tgcatgttaa caataaaagg ggaagccagt    155400
     tttaaataga gtcagaggag atggcagtgc ccacaagggg agtctaaagg ccaagcagag    155460
     taagaagagc tacacaagca cactggaaaa ccagagatgc gtaacttaga gcaaggtgtc    155520
     ttctacaccc gtgctgatag caaaatgctg gcagacagaa tagcaaacat tgctgagggc    155580
     agtgagaata aaaatagatc cagctgttta gtgcacacat catctggaca ttaataatat    155640
     ataaataaat aaaataaaaa taaaacatta agttctgtag aggcagacag cttaattcct    155700
     ttcatatctc ctagtatgac atctcaaaga cagaacagca cctgcgcaca aaactgtcct    155760
     tcatggacta ttttgatcag tgagtgagca gttattattg cattatgtga attcttaagt    155820
     aattaagtct tttttgctct aaaataaatt ctgcttacaa gtccattata tagtaagtcc    155880
     ggagtgactt gtaagatgaa tttacaacct aggaaaagtg tttattcaag tgtttggtac    155940
     aaagcaagct ttattttagc tttcttattg aaaaagtcca tttgcatcta ttccaaaaac    156000
     gaaaggaagg gagaagaagg aaggaagaac aaggaggaga gtaagggttt cctctgcact    156060
     ggaaatatgg cagggctggc cacacccctc gttaatgacg tcacagtcat gtgacatagc    156120
     caggcctcaa acacatccag catcacctct cctgattgca gtgtggcttt gaaaccatgc    156180
     ctccttcagg ccctgcagga gatgtctatc gtctggcctt gaccatcagt tccgttcctc    156240
     tcagatgaac agtagcccac cacgtcaaga gctggccctg cgcttttacc cacacctatg    156300
     attgttctgc cagtctcctg tgctaggttt tacatctgtc agtccagggc ttgactgttc    156360
     atgggaggta ggtatattct gtgtccttcg aaaaacaccc ttactcttgg ggaaaaaaaa    156420
     aaagcttccc acaagacgat accttctact gttttctcat ttctttaatt tgtgaaggtt    156480
     ttcaacttct gtttccacta tagccttcta aaaagatagg ccaattggga taagatatca    156540
     tgaaactgca tgacttccac aaagacgcac catttactgc taggaaatga gctggcatgc    156600
     tttaggtttt aaacataatc agaaggggaa aaaaaatcca tagatagtct tagtccccag    156660
     ttaagcaagt ctctgtatat tgtatctttc tctatatatc atattccagg agcatattta    156720
     attttaaatg catcttttgt gtgaccatca ctctggactc tgacacatca taggccataa    156780
     atttttgttt aaaagctttt ttaaaaatta aaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacccacaga    156840
     acctatagcc ttcttttctc tgtgcactgc aatgtctatc tatccactag agggcagcac    156900
     atgactttaa tgacgcgctt ccccatcctt cctgaaggcc ctcttatgga catgggtggc    156960
     caccagttac aaagcccagg aatttatgtt tgttctcaac agtaactctt atttcaagaa    157020
     acctgaatac aattctgtcc tcaaaagtag ctcatgtact tccaagcaca gcctggattt    157080
     ttacatgaaa ctatacatat tttgatttta aaataccttt atataagata tacttctctt    157140
     ttctcttttc ccctactgtg aatgtgtttg ttgaatgctt acaccagttt ttagatcaga    157200
     ttctcagcac atgcctgatg ccagtacttg aggaacaaag gtggggagga tcacagagag    157260
     ttggaggcca gcctcgtcta ccgagcaaac cccaagccag tcagcactgc acagcaagac    157320
     actgtctcaa ttaattaaga taagattgac tgcagcattc tctaggcaat gagactaggt    157380
     gtcggaaagg attagctcgg caggttggat cacagaactg gacttcatcc acttgtagtg    157440
     ttgggacatg tagccaatat gtttattgta tttatgcctg cagttgaaag cttaaatgca    157500
     tttaataagc agatcacgtg cttgtcttta gcaatacaaa tgcctcgagc ctctttgtgt    157560
     aagccagtgt tctggacttc attgataagc ccatgctttt aaaatatagg aactcctcaa    157620
     tttctaaaaa ctgtaccaag gggctagagg gataactcag tgcaagaaac actggctgct    157680
     ctttcaaaga accagggttt gcttcccagc acctataagg cagctcacag ccccaagtga    157740
     tctgacaccc tcttctggcc tctgtgggca ccaagagttc gcatgactca cacagacata    157800
     cctgtagact aaagatccag ctaccaaaaa taaaaataac acagaaaata aaagtaaaag    157860
     gaaaatataa ctagcccata ttatacttcc atgtttcttg ctcatgctgc aaccactgtt    157920
     aatacctctt aagtcaccca tcactcaagt gaggaatata ttttaaattt tctgtattct    157980
     ctttcttttc tttttttttt ctgggtttct ctgcatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac    158040
     tctgtagacc agactggcct tgaactcaaa aatcctcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgcta    158100
     ggattaaagg catgtgccac cactgcctgg ctccatattc tcttccagct ctccatgtcc    158160
     agtctctcac atgctaacct ataactatca gaccttggct ctttaggatg agtaaggggc    158220
     ttgcttagcc tcagggaagc cctacctcct atccttgagt tatttccttt tctgttgctg    158280
     tgctaaaaca ccttgatctt atagaagggc aggtttatct gagtttgtgg ttccagaggg    158340
     gtaactatcc atcatggcac agacacatgg gagcaagcag caggcacagc ggctggagca    158400
     gggtgctgaa agcttacgtc atggagcaca ggcacagagc agagagaaca acgtgtgagt    158460
     atggccttag ctctcaaagt cccatcagca gtgacaggcc tcctccacca aaggccagac    158520
     ctcctcaacc tccccctaac actgccacca gctgggggcc agaggttcga atgcctctga    158580
     gcaacattct cattcaacac actacagtct tcaatctgga aaagaaacaa acataaacac    158640
     gaagctcaaa agtaaaaaag aatcaggctg gagaaatgga gcacgcactg gtctgccaga    158700
     agagccaaac tcagttccca gcacccacat cagctcacag ccaccttcca ctgccgtttt    158760
     agtgggaccc aatgtctccg gcttccatgg tcacctgagg acatgcacac acacatacat    158820
     acatacacaa acaccacttt aaaaattata aagttaaact ttaaaaaaaa aaagcttcct    158880
     gaagttgtag tccactggag acatggtcag ccttgaaaag gcaaaaagaa agcaagaggt    158940
     tacccaggca ttttcctctc tgtgatcaag gcagccaggc ttctagtaaa gcagctaggg    159000
     tcttcgctag gcctcatctc ccccaacaaa actgacagca agctcccttc acacagctga    159060
     ccccactgat cttctagtgg agtctgtttc aacagtgtct atcagtaaca tctaatgttc    159120
     ctggtaatac cattttaaaa caaatacaaa acagtctcct aagccaaatg gaattttttt    159180
     cctacataaa agaagggcag ttcagagacc taggccactg ctgttcttat ccagtctagg    159240
     aatcaagcag cctctgggat cctgccctcc tccgtcactc attttagtca tggaggaaac    159300
     tgaagaccag ctcctactgg ttaacttacg tttgtcggtt tggggttttc ttgtgttgtt    159360
     ttgttctgag aaatcgttct caaattccta cccagtcagt gctggctgca tcacactggt    159420
     ttgtaagcca cagaacttca gctgcacaaa aagggaccaa gaatttgccg ttcttttagt    159480
     cagaaatgtt cccaccattt agggctctgt taccaagaaa ggagatgagc aacactggaa    159540
     agaaactgac aatgcctacc acatgttaat tcaaagttcc ctgataatag tgacatactg    159600
     ggagcaattt aaatggtctg gagaagaaat ggttaaggga aatgcaaaat gtttgtatat    159660
     taagctaata ttttaactct gactaagatg cagtgtcaag caaaatagga ttatgaatgt    159720
     aaaatcaaat atctgaaaac cttcttttaa tactaacagt cattacctaa gcactctggt    159780
     tagtaaggta attttactct gcacctttcc atgtgttttg catgttttac aaagagcata    159840
     cagtatttac atgattaccg tgcaaagaaa aagacactag aggcttggga gaagcccagc    159900
     aggtaaagcc cttgctacac aagtgtaaga actggggtaa gccagatgga tgtgagaact    159960
     accttgtaac accaggggac cggcagggaa agcaaagaag agggacgccc agaacaagct    160020
     ggctagccag cctggatgac tcaggaggct tcagcaaggt ggagaggatc aagaatgaca    160080
     gctgacatca acctctggct tctacatgca tctgcatgca cacacccaca cacaaacaca    160140
     cgcttatacc tacacattta tacactcaca cattcaaata cacacttatg cacacacaca    160200
     tacgcctata catatacaca gttacacact cacaaataca tacagatgca aaacaagact    160260
     ccgagaaacc atctttaaca attcaaaaac agaccagcct ctaaaacttc taatctatac    160320
     gtcagacttc aacccctggt ttttgaaagt tccccagtag acgtcatttt cataccaata    160380
     atagcacagg gtgcactggc tagtagactt taatgaccct aagaacagta gcaagagtgg    160440
     ttgttccctt tgtattttaa agccagctga tatgaactgt gcatcaactc tgtttcctgt    160500
     gaattttcag tatgatacca gaagacagca aaggcttacg ccaatgcctc gtgcatgctg    160560
     cacactgcac acacgtatat ctgaatcgca gccacaactt ccactagtca ttgccccctt    160620
     cttattctgt ctgctgtaag cacacattaa gcttttctac tgccagatag atgaaatatt    160680
     tgaaatcaaa gacagccttc cctacaggtg tgacagtaag tccttggcct cgtttcttct    160740
     tctctctaaa atggagagaa tgatgacttc tttacagcat caaaggacgt tgaaaagatc    160800
     aaataaaaca gctgagagga ggtattttga gatgcacatg agtaacgcta ggtacataga    160860
     ctcgtcacag agtcacaagc ttctgcacac gtgtggtcgg gtttcatagg cagaagccga    160920
     ctatcatctc tggtgctgcc cacaacacct gtagccacaa tggcctaact ggttggctgc    160980
     tacttcaaac acagcaggaa actgagaaaa gcaggtgtta gaaggaagag ggtggaatca    161040
     cccccacaaa gatgcatcct gacaaaggca gccagaatgg taccatgctc ttggatattg    161100
     tgagtgaact ggaatttgtc cccaaaacta tattttacta aaggactttt aaaaatagag    161160
     gaatgtgatt tttctcaaag tgtcaggttg cagatcccac taatgtcaaa catctgcaaa    161220
     ctaaatattt taaacttctc acagacagaa aaagaaagaa aaaccctaat gactaaaaac    161280
     aagtaagctg gccacggtgt acgcctttaa ccctgaccct cagaaggcag aggcaggtga    161340
     cctctgtgac ctatatagcc tggtctaact ctttcttatt aaattagaga aaaaagatag    161400
     cctttacttg gagaaatggt cactctgaat acacattcac acccataaat acaaatacac    161460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    161520
     agcattgcct ttgaaatggc atctatctta acctccatct tcacagatgg agggaatttg    161580
     gggtagaatg ttgtagctca ctagtcccac ttggtttttg ctgagctggg ttgaattaca    161640
     cacagagccc atcaggggct cctccttgct tgggtttctt gttccacacc tggatcagat    161700
     cagattgccc tgaagaccaa tccttttcaa tgctaagaaa aaggtggccc gcactgattg    161760
     acttcttaga gtttaggtga cttgcggttt ctctcaccac gtagagaggt gagtgtctca    161820
     tttctttttt tattctgaag ggatttggtg gaacttacca tggtgatctt tttataatac    161880
     cctttgtctg tatggatttg tttcccaaca cattaagctg ctttatacac ccccaaaccc    161940
     catttgtgag ctttgtttac tgtgggggat gcttttgtgt tttgttagag gactccattg    162000
     acaatggctt ttgaaacact cactgcacta tcccatagac tcaggttagc acctgctctg    162060
     acttccacat gaccctgaga ctctgctagt aacttctcta cagctcagta gtcccatctc    162120
     taaagtgttt caggctttaa ataagccatt gggccactta tagggttcat tagaaacttc    162180
     cttacagtag atttttcatg tataaatgca cttgcttaaa gcaatgtttt gtagatcttg    162240
     tggctaatca ctaatgttta ctccttcggt cttagttccc tcagtaccgt gtcccacgcg    162300
     gatgagccca gccagcgtga tgaatcctct cgcctcacag tccggatgga aaacacctac    162360
     cagttaggtg cgctgctttg tcattcatcc acatgctcaa aaccttgact tcagtgacca    162420
     atgtgggctt agctgtagcc tgtcattgtc tccagtccta gacaagggac cttaatttga    162480
     gaaagaaagt gggaggccaa ttacagagtt acagtgttgc tttgaaaaca aaaaacaaaa    162540
     acaatgaagc aatacttact tcctttaaaa caaaacaagt cagggctacc taaatctcaa    162600
     atgaatctct ggataccaca aaggtgtata atatgggatt gaattcaggt tcactgggta    162660
     tttcttggtg aagttagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    162720
     gtaagagaag tgacatgcac ggatgtttat ccttcaaaac caaccaaggt tgttgatagt    162780
     gtagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac cctcactgca gaggcagccc actgcagtcc    162840
     cctgttgaca gtgctgttta tctactgcca ttgaggtttg gggtctctga aaacaaaggg    162900
     tttcacacct gccctcatgc tcccaggtgg agtccacttc aaattccttt tcccactcct    162960
     gtttctttac aggcctactt gttttcttta agtgcgtacc tgcctatgat tatctgaatt    163020
     cagatataat tgctgcccta cataaattcc accgaggctt accaagaagc aagaagggac    163080
     tctgtgggcc agggtaattc cacctgtggc ctgttaaaac ccaagaaaat tataaaccta    163140
     ggccttgtag ccagttttct gcagcgatcc caataccatt tgagtaagaa acatagcgtc    163200
     cctctctgtc ttctcgtgga cagccctcgg acgtcattct gagaagttgt aattacttag    163260
     ataaaggagg acaaacacac tgtaactcta gatgtgtttt cgtgatgtgc atattattgt    163320
     ggcggttgac tgacacactc aatccaatac tacgggctcc aggttaggct gctagcattt    163380
     cgcactgctg tgaggcagac agtaaaggtc cctcccatcc attttgcttt aattgtgtac    163440
     ctaagtctgg tggctgctct tagcttctcc agtcagcagc ctgaatttgg gtcaagtttt    163500
     ctccaatttg cagtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttgagact gggtttcttt gtgtagtcct    163560
     gactgtcctg gaactagctc tatagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaga tccacatctc    163620
     tgtctcctga atgttgggat taaagggatg ggctacccct gtctggctta tcaatcaaag    163680
     gctcttagtc attggcagcc catgcctttg agtcaagtgc taggaagaaa gacctggaat    163740
     ccaatagcat caagataaag cagtttaaat gggaatccct gtgtttcttt catagttttc    163800
     ccccacaatt acttcaagca aataaactaa ttctacgttt cagaagtgct gatctttgca    163860
     taaaggcgat tggctgactg tcaccctcac tccccactct cctggccagt actacatcaa    163920
     gttgatataa gacaatcttt actaaaggct catcagtacc tttcacaagg caaataaacc    163980
     gaagggcaag tagaattgga aatacagttt agttattaat agggctgatt ggctgctttc    164040
     aaaagcagac tcaatctagc acaaagacct tttattatta agactggaga ggtggttctg    164100
     tggttaagag ctcaccacca ctgcaccatc taaacccaac ttatgtgtgc ttatcctttt    164160
     atctaaagga ttacagctac cgtaaataaa gggacacatg aatatagttc atgagggaaa    164220
     ttagaaaagg gaagctgtgt ttcttagaat aaagcaccac ttgacccttg ctcactaagc    164280
     acagagagga gagaatggga gaccatagca gcagcctatg acagctgctc tgtctgaacg    164340
     tggatgctag tttagatgtc tcccaggaag gtgatattta agcaaagcat cctgaaatca    164400
     tggctttctt tgtgtgtaaa gaacacaagg tctacaagtc gaagggatgt tctgagagcc    164460
     ggtgaggcgg tttacgttag ttgcttctca ttccctggaa ctgctgctga gagggacaga    164520
     ctagagcctt cccacagatc actaacattt cttgttttat ccaacgtgac ttccataaat    164580
     aatagagtaa gttttgcact ggactttatt tctagagctc aggttaaatt taggtagtgg    164640
     gttttttttg tttttttttt ttttaagatg gtgactatga acatcacact agtgaagagt    164700
     ttcaatcaga ttcttttctt ttttttttct ttttttgtaa agatttattt tatgtatctg    164760
     agtacactgt cactgccttc agacatacca gaagaaggca tcagatcccg atacagatgg    164820
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt ggtggaaatt gaactcagga cctttggaag agcagtcagt    164880
     gttcttaacc gctgagccat ctctccagcc ccagtttttc ttgttatact atgacaaaat    164940
     agcatacaga acaatgtagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    165000
     aaggaaggat ttctttcggc tcacagtttg agggtgccct ccatcatgat aaggaaggcc    165060
     tggcaggaga tggctgttgg ttcatatctg ggcagatcga ttagaaaaga tagacaaaag    165120
     tgttcccttt ttattcagtc tgagactgta gccactagga tggtctaacc acttaaaata    165180
     atgtcctctc cttaaatcat agcacaaaat aacctaaaat aattctttca catctttgtt    165240
     ttggtctcag acggcttctg ctggcctcga attcactaca ttgccaagga cagcctgaag    165300
     tgctgaccct ctagcctgca gctcccaact gtgggatgcc aggcctgact tagggtaatt    165360
     cttgttatcc aagttagggg aaaccatggc acagacagtt tactgctttc actaggtttt    165420
     gttttgattt ttaagttttt gttcttgttt ttcagatctt ttgaaatcca taacattttc    165480
     ttccttggga gggggcaggg ggggatatct caaaatgaag gggacaaggt ttgttgattg    165540
     catagttgtc actgaacttc aggagcctgc cttgcctctg cctctttgag tgtccacatc    165600
     tgagtctgag caaggtgaca ggtgattctg gctgtgtaag gaaaaggccc taggatgtgt    165660
     ggagtgaggc ttcagtgcta tatagaaaaa tagttttaga gatagaatca catttgtgag    165720
     acaaaagggg atgtagtgtt tgaaagatgt tggtacagca gaccatggca gtactgggaa    165780
     ccaggctccc cctatcctgg atgctctttc tgtccctaag gtataccaac tttcttctcc    165840
     tgctgtggcc ttccttccaa ccccggagca acttggcctc tggcagttcc caggggttat    165900
     aaaccacagc ttttgccata aggaagaggc tgacttggtt tttttgtttt tttttaatcc    165960
     acttctactt tgtaataaag ctttaaagac agttcttttt tggcctgtct agagctgtgc    166020
     cacccctgag ccaatcacct gtgctctgca cttgggctcc tgagtggcag tggtaaatgg    166080
     tccagtgttc catgactaca agagggagag aagctattcc agcttggcag atgctgctcc    166140
     catgggtggg aggggacagg aagcacggca ctaaccaata gatcttcact agaagaatta    166200
     cccactttct gaatgtaata ataaggacag gtactttaat gtaaggcaaa acagagtccc    166260
     cggggaatga tattggccaa gtaaggtcat gtgatgtgag tgcttggtaa gatagggtgt    166320
     ctatctgaat gacataatcc atttaattta gtccacgata gtggcataat cttttttttt    166380
     tttttttgga tattttattt acttaaattt caaatgctat ccccttccct ggtttcccct    166440
     ctgcaagccc cctatcccat caccccttac cctgcttcta tgaaggtgct ccctgaccca    166500
     cctacccact cctgcctcac cactctagca ttcctctata ctggggcatc aagccttcac    166560
     agggcctccc ctcccattga tgccagataa ggcccttcag ctccttcagt ccttccccta    166620
     acttctccat tgggatccct gtgctcagtc caatggttgg ctgcaagcat ctgcatctgt    166680
     attggtcagg atctagcaga gcctttcagc agacagctgt atcaggttcc tgtcagcaag    166740
     cacttcttgg catcagcaat agtgtctggg tttggtgtct gcatgtgggg tggatcccca    166800
     ggtgaggcag cctctggatg acctttcctt cagtttctgt ttcactcttt gtccctgtaa    166860
     ttcccttaga caggagcaat tctgggttaa aaatttggag atgggagggt ggccccatcc    166920
     ctcaactggg gggccatgcc taacctctgg atatgttctc cctccccttt gtggggtatt    166980
     tcagctaatg tcatccctgt agggtcctgg gaggctcttg ctttcctggc atatggaact    167040
     ttctggttac taccccaaat tctgcattgc tacacacctc tgttcagttt cctgaccctc    167100
     tacatctcct ccatctcctc tcatacctga ttcttccctc ctttttctgc ccactctata    167160
     ctcttcctcc caagtccctc tcatcctcta cttcccttga ttattttgtt cccccttcta    167220
     agtaggactg aagcatccac tctttgatct tccttcctct tgagcttcat gtggtctgtg    167280
     agttcaatag tgggtatttt acgctatttg cctaatttcc acttaacagt gattacatac    167340
     catgggtgtt cttttgtgaa taagttacct cactcaggat gatatttgcc tgcgaatgtt    167400
     atgaagttgt tgtttttaat agctgagtag tattccattg tttaaatgta ccacattttc    167460
     tgtatccatt cctctgttga gggacatctg ggttgtttcc agcttctggc tattataaat    167520
     aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cagttggggc atcttctgga    167580
     tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgcaggatcc tctggtagta ctatgtccag ttttctgagg    167640
     aacctccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt accagcttga aatcccacca gcaatggagg    167700
     agtgttcctc tttctccaaa ttcttgacag cacctgctgt tatctaagtt tttttatttt    167760
     agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct tggggttgtt tgagttactc tagtgtctgt    167820
     ctttgtcact gaggtgggtg tcatgtatgc agcaaacgtt aggtcctgtg gggggaattg    167880
     agtccattga tattaagaga tattaagaaa atttaattgt tggttcctgt tatttgtgtt    167940
     gttagaggtg gaattgtgtt tacgtggcta ccttcttttt ggtttgttaa aagaagatta    168000
     ttttcttgct ttttctaggg tgtagcttcc ttccttgtgt tggcattttc catttattat    168060
     cctttgaagt gctggatttg tggaaagata ttgtgtaaat ttggttttgt catggaatat    168120
     cttggtttct ccatctatgg taattgagag ttttgctggg tatagtagcc tggactggca    168180
     ttagtgttct cctatggtct gtatgacatc tgcccaggat cttctggctt tcatagtctc    168240
     tggtgaaaag tctggtgtaa ttctaatagg tctgccttta tatgttactt gaccttttcc    168300
     ccttactgct tttaatattc tctctttgtt ttgtgcattt ggtgttttga ttattaagtg    168360
     atgggaggaa tttctttttt agtccagtct atttggagtt ctgtaggctt cttgtatgtt    168420
     catgggcatc tctttcttta ggttagggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt tgaagatatt    168480
     tactggccct ttaagttggg aatctctgct catttctgta ccttaggttt ggttttctca    168540
     tagtgtcctg aatttcctgg atgttttgtg ttagcttttt gcattttgct ttttctttgg    168600
     ctgttgtgtc aatgttttct attatatctt ctgcacctga gattccctct tctatctctt    168660
     gtattctgtt ggtaatgctt gcatctatga ctcctaatct ctttcctagg ttttctatct    168720
     ccagggttgt ctccctttgt gattttttta ttgtttctat ttccattttt agattatgga    168780
     tggttttgtt caattccttc acctgtttgg ttgtgttttc ctgtaaatct ttaagaggtt    168840
     tttgtgtttt ctctttaagg gcttctccct gtttacctgt gttctcctgt atttctttaa    168900
     gggagttatg tatgtccttc ttaaattcct ctatcatcat tatgagatat gatttttaaa    168960
     tcagagtctt gcttttctgg tgtgttgggg gcattcaggg cttgctctgg taggaaaact    169020
     aggttctgat gatgccaagt agccttggtt tctattgttt atgttctttt ccttggctct    169080
     tgtcatctgg ttatctctgg ttttagttgg ttttgctgtc tctgagtgtg gcttgtccct    169140
     tcctataagc ctatgtgtca gcactcctgg gagaccagtt tcccctggga ggaatttggg    169200
     tatggagagt tgtggcacag ggtcagctca ggggtgcaga tggaaacctg aaggatcctg    169260
     tctccagtca ttccttggtt cctgtatcct gagggctctg ggtgggccct tcttgggcca    169320
     ggaatttgag cagaaatggt gggtttactg gtgctcccaa gtgtgtcagc actcttggga    169380
     ggccagctgt ctctcagtgg gacttgggtg tagagaactg ttacacaggt cagctccagg    169440
     cctcatcaga tcatggcata atcttttaat attttcaata caaaggagaa agtcaccttc    169500
     atctgtgaca ttttacaata ggagtacagt gggaatcttt tgaaaagtac atttattagt    169560
     tctctgagca tttcatcatg cactgtattg caaaccccaa ctccttcccc taacctcttc    169620
     ctagatccac cccaccccaa accccaataa tccattgatt gtaatacgtg ttgtctgtgt    169680
     attcctgtgt gtgggaccat ctagaaggag catggtggac aagccaaggc ttgttcctcc    169740
     cccagaagcc atcagctatc cacagctacc caggtaaaga taggagcaca gtgggtatct    169800
     tatacaaaat gcacacagag accggagggc acccaagctt gctgtagagg aatttgtctc    169860
     tgacaccgta tctctggttc ctgggatcag gagcaggccc agccattctc agattggtaa    169920
     ctgcttgaga tttctgctga gcagatgtta gctgttagag tgattcctat catgtttcct    169980
     ttacttggta ccgacctgat tttctttttt ttttttcaaa gtcactcagc ccaggctggt    170040
     ctcatagtga ctatgtgtcc taggctggcc ttaaacctcc acagtactta cattaaaagc    170100
     atacacctcc atgtctgact tcctagcctg atttaaattg gactaaatca ttcttatatc    170160
     atctaaataa aaattctctt aatgagtctc aggaggctga cctcactgga ttgcagtcat    170220
     acactgtaac ccactcttga gtaaagccaa tgaaacttca gcaaaaatga aaggagtgta    170280
     aggcctgggg gatttaccgc catggaaccc tgccatggcc tcatctcaga ctggttgcat    170340
     ctttcaggca agggacagag cgctcttaag ggagccattt ccattcagcc acggtgggat    170400
     ctagtccaag ctcccttccc ggattgctca ggcctagggt ggcaggcttc tactggtgga    170460
     aggggacaac cctaccgctt gtaagttcct tttctctctc agacctcccc aaaggaactt    170520
     cattaaatcc tcttattata atctattagt gtttattcat aatgcctata tcaggcagag    170580
     gctaaggaag caaggtacac catcgttagg acaattctaa tagataatgt taactactaa    170640
     aagagaattg gatagcattc ttgattcctc tgtagtaact cagagattac ccagacccta    170700
     gacaccaagc cttggcacct tgagtatgcc aaatagtggc aagggcagat accagaggct    170760
     aatgcaggta attccagggg tactagagag cagcccgctt atccaaagct ctgatctgaa    170820
     tatggataaa atgtggtccc agctctgacg ctgtctcccc atctgtggaa catatataac    170880
     agtgagagtt tcctcaaaga tctactggaa gatactataa ggtaaatacg tgcttattac    170940
     agtccctgac acacggactg tggtcagcaa aaggtaacta ctatttgtgt agtgattttt    171000
     atctataaaa tgtttaaatc cacaaaaccc agaaattatt ccttggcatg aagttagact    171060
     ctgaggagga taagacccca tcatacttac cattgctttc ctccttttta aattttttga    171120
     acagtttatt atttttatta catttactcc tgtgtgtgca tctgtgcata caagcctgca    171180
     aacactgcca cagccctccc gtggaggcca gaggacatgt ggaagttgtc ctctcctccg    171240
     tgtgggtttc aggaatcatc aggtttgtca gcaagcaccc ttatcttctg agccacctca    171300
     ctggccccga tcttgcttct attacaccgg agaaaattgc agacatgcct cacctgtttt    171360
     catgtataca gaacagcaaa agggacccat gtgtcttgaa taagtgagag gtgttttgta    171420
     cctggggtga gatttgagag aaaaaaaggt gcctagaaaa ggcatttgag ccagaattga    171480
     aacttgagtg aacatgtctt aaatgagtag atgggggaac acaggacagt actccacttg    171540
     aaagagcgga caagggtaaa gacatacaca tatctctttt tttgtttgtt tgttttgggc    171600
     tttggttttt tggtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact    171660
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ctccgaagtg    171720
     ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccactgcc cagctatatg accggtgggg ccatgagact    171780
     ggagcagcat gcgcttgggg aactgtggtg gctggaacaa ggtcacagga ctggtaggcg    171840
     cacataggca gccataagga gaatgccatt ttcaggacta ggctctccaa gcaagttttc    171900
     tggctgcagt gggagggatc agagcagcgt gggtggagtg taaacaccga ggagccaatt    171960
     agaaaggtgc tgaggctttg aagtcagcag ccacctggag aagttggtgg tgtgaactca    172020
     ctgcattcct gtgggagcct ggtaaattcg gactttatta tcctctatcc ccaatctctc    172080
     cagaaaagcc tgaccctaat tgtgacttct atcttcctta gctggaggtc acccagatga    172140
     ctaaagggtt tcatggttca gtattctttt tatgaaccta taaggtagat gggtatgatt    172200
     agaaatgact tctaaagaaa ttccgtgtgc atttctaggt cccaccaaac ctttccccgt    172260
     ggccactgtc aatcatattt tggaagatgt actaactacc tacctacaag aagcacaata    172320
     tgacccagag ttctgcagac aaatgactaa aacaatttct gaggtacagt gcaatttgcc    172380
     cagtgttagc tagaaccaca atatttgccg gaagatagaa aatttcattt cattttcagg    172440
     atcagttcaa tggcacacct atattttata gaaatagtta ttagatcata tacttagtct    172500
     gtgcataggt atatgtgtat atgataagcc tttgtctaaa actatcattg tgtgtgtgat    172560
     ttataacaaa tctattgctt gtataaaact gttccacttc tttttctaaa acaagattta    172620
     tatttctact tatgtatatg tgcactcatg tgtgcacaca catgctaaca aagtatgcat    172680
     gccacatgtg tgtgtaagtg ccagggaagg cagatcccct ggagttagag ttacaagcaa    172740
     ttatgaactc cctgctggga atgctgggaa tgaaacagta agagcagaaa gtgctcttaa    172800
     ctgccgagcc agcaggtcca tgccacttta aaaacaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca    172860
     aaaaaaccat cctatacatt tgtatgatgt atatgtatag tatgtgtgca tgcttctata    172920
     tgtgaatgtg ggcatgcaca tgtagaggtc agaggacaac cttgcgtgtt agccttcaca    172980
     tttcacctca attaagagtc tctactgttc accacaacat atgccaagtt agctgggatt    173040
     gtcccatgtc tcccccattt ccctgtagga acgctgtgat cataaatgcc cactgttata    173100
     cctgactttt acttgggttt gggggacttg aactcaggtc ctcacacttg tatgagtgtt    173160
     ttacccatga gccatcacct cacccaaaaa ctatttccct tatttttggt aaatacacat    173220
     tttaagggct gttttcttct tgccacagga acttttttga gtactgttga ttgtacgtat    173280
     cgaggtcttt aaatacattc catgttttat caactacagt atattttatg atactttctt    173340
     ctactttagt ttttatatct aactctggga taaatgttta tgtctattat gttgtggaag    173400
     atttcggaag aatatctttc cctcattagt catgaaaaca aaaaaataac tctagtcatg    173460
     gcgttcttta aaaggaagcc atcctttaca gactttcaaa ggatgaaata atcacttgaa    173520
     ttctgtccta tagatgacaa gctttctgca tgtcttagaa aatgccgact tattgctaat    173580
     attgttattt tgttcctgga ttcctgtccc acaagaactt aaagtactta aaggaaagtt    173640
     tacctatggt tctgtaagat actgaaaatt tctacagagt accgtgctat tttctttaaa    173700
     cattttttaa ttcatttttt aaaaagttag cctacaaagg aatgaacttc atatagtatt    173760
     tttacacact ctctcctctc ccattgggct ctccctcctc cttgccctcc tccccttggt    173820
     cccctccatc cttcccaaat tatcctccct tctgctttta tattatatac tgtgtttaac    173880
     aattttgcga tttacccttt atttttttta tcattttcta ggttattaag acccaggtca    173940
     aggaattagt gattccgaga tataaactaa ttgtcatcgt ttacatcgga cagcgggatg    174000
     accagagcat agttattggc agcagatgcc tctggaatcc taaaagtgat actgtctcgt    174060
     cctatacttt caaaaattct acattctttg cacttgcaaa tgtctatgca gtttacttcg    174120
     agtgattgaa agtggtcctt gtgtgttaaa atcatgaacc aggctgtgtg tctctattca    174180
     caaaagttct actggcaaaa cctgtgggaa agagacaaga tgaagatttc aaacaactgg    174240
     aagctttggt cgctctcgtg aggactggtg gagggggacg ggagcctaag aaacaggtcc    174300
     tgtttgttca aagcagaagt cagtgccatt cacataaatg tagatgctga caaaatatca    174360
     ctctgagtgc taattatttt gatttctctt ttagttggag agctagaatt tcctggacca    174420
     ctttctggta aacttctaga aataaatggc aacatactct ggatatatac cacacaggat    174480
     atatccacat aggataattc aacatgacac acaaaaatgg tgaatatgaa taggccttag    174540
     tactgcatat aaaataatac cggttttcat tttacattta ataaattgag cagcactcat    174600
     tagctgcaat tactgttaca tgtacctgac agttgaaagt actgacatag aattaatgat    174660
     ttcgtaataa ttaccatggt cccgtggggc cactggctaa atctagacgc tcttgtgggt    174720
     tgccagcact ttacaaaatt acaagagaac tgaacattgg ctcttcaata atggaaacta    174780
     taaagtggat acaggctttt aaggacacta aagtagacat tgtgctatta aatatacatg    174840
     atgcttaata gtaaatgtgc ctgtagcacc taataccatg cattggaaag agacactgcc    174900
     tttaaataca catagcccat gtgcttttga ctagtttttc ctgacctacc ttttacccag    174960
     aatacaaagc tggcagctta acaaataaaa catgtgtgtt tgccattttg ttcctctgag    175020
     tttagcacta aaaacgaccc agtgaggttt ctgaatgtat ggacattgac gtttacaggg    175080
     ctgaaatagc tcttctgttg gcggatgcct cttgtagcat ggatcgttta tctttatggg    175140
     gctttcaagt ctttgtgtgc atgtgaaatg acgctgtgcc attgctctag gatggcaagt    175200
     catctgccta gaggacattt gttaaaggtc aaacacaaat tgttcacata tggagagaat    175260
     tagcgacgtt ataatcttaa gggggaaatt gcatgtaatt cgtatcagaa agattataac    175320
     aaatgaaaat cccagtcaat gcttcataat ttcaaaatgt tttgatgtct tacttttcac    175380
     taaaaccaaa tgtagttttt aaatgcattc ctgggctttt tctgagagtg ctttaggggg    175440
     tctacgtaga ataatgacca catccaggac tcgcctgtct ccaaacccca gttttgcatc    175500
     tggatttgat tatcagagga ggaaggaatg agaggtccgc acttttgtca acggtttctt    175560
     tctcagacaa tggctgtgaa atcgcacagc agcatgggag gaatgagtca attgaagaaa    175620
     cagtttttac ctacagaaag tctgctgtcg agacggcttc ctctcagtgt tctaacttct    175680
     agtcagtaga atttctcact gttcctcctt ggttgtcttg gtaaatagaa ccttaaaata    175740
     cagaggccgt tcgaaatgga aaagggagtt tgcaggccta atgttagcat gtgctgtaac    175800
     cgagattagt tcagagatgc accccagcag tggcagcagc ataggagtag agagtaggaa    175860
     ctcacacaca cagctcattt tcaggagagt gttattcacc actcaaagcc tggagacaaa    175920
     gaaacagctc ccctccatga gtggcggcct tcccactctc ccactgtaga acatcctgtg    175980
     ttctttacct gcaaactcag gtctcaccta ctcggatccg tctccatcca tctccatcca    176040
     tctcctccct cccactctcc tcctctgacc actcttagtt catctctcgg ttgttctcca    176100
     gctcttaagt tttattcttc cctatcaatg aaatctaatt ctttacttac aagcaagact    176160
     cgtgagcact gtgctaccca acttccaact gtccagaaaa tagcaatgca gatctgaacc    176220
     cttgaatact agagtcttag gggaatgaca gcagggcaca tctgtacccc agaactccag    176280
     ctgtggagac aggaagattc ccatgtggcg acagcacaga ttagaacatg ttatcccaag    176340
     agagatccag aatgtcgtta tccagtgaag gagcgtctgg gaggctgtgt gaaaggaagt    176400
     aatgactact tcttgactgt gatggaggca tagagaattt caaaagatgg gagaatagag    176460
     gaagaaattt acaagggcta agagggccca caaagatgga agggtgctgt ctcctaaagg    176520
     aagtccactc agaccatagt gagccagtag cagcatttct ctaagtgaat agcactaagt    176580
     gactctaaga aggcatgtca aatggggtat gcagggaaaa ggtctgcatg attaggcaaa    176640
     aggaggctaa atcaattaat acacagagct gttgacattt caagtcctgg gtgaatgtga    176700
     ccccccacgg tcctggcacc ttaactacat tactggtttt acagaggagc agcttcccct    176760
     gatgtgataa tgataactct ggtgccactg gctcagggtt gtgtaggatt aactacaagc    176820
     ctgctgaatg gttcacagct taatgtctaa gagaagtact tgtggtcaca actgaaagtc    176880
     tgagcatcta gagccaattg catggtgctg ttctgcagga agaagccatc agtggaaata    176940
     gtttgaagaa taaaaccctg agtttgattt tgcaccctcg tttaagttga ttgtgagaca    177000
     tttcggccac aggcaactga acaccgagct ggaacatcaa agaaagagat ttagacttgg    177060
     cagtcatcca aaccgcaccc cccccccaga cctccctcct ccctcctgtc ttatgaaata    177120
     ttcactagcc aactctccag caagtatagt cagaaacagc cagctactgg ctttaccaga    177180
     aacctcccca aaccaatagg gctctactgg ttatatgctt ctaccttcct cttcctcttc    177240
     cttctcctcc tcctcccttc ctcttcctcc tcctcttttt ctcttcctct ttttccttct    177300
     tcactaaaac agtttcttat atcatccctt tctgttgtta gccatcaaaa gaaatgttaa    177360
     gttttcctca aaaaaataac cttgcaattc cagtgcatat gatcaactgc agtcattgtt    177420
     tgctaggtga cttttcagac agcacaaagt aggaaggagg tcaaagtcca acatatcgtg    177480
     ggttcaaaga cgaaatgcta agtcaatgaa ttcatttttt taagtcagga gaattagcta    177540
     gtgtgtggga gtgattttta aaaagtcaac aaatcagaca tttataaatt aacactccta    177600
     aagagtgaga actctcctcc ttgggacatc atctgacctg tctttctacg tgctctaaaa    177660
     aataatagat aaaactcacc atccaacagt tatctggttg tcatccctag tctcgctgat    177720
     gcccccatcg tcagcaatcg ggttctcatc caccaatctg gggctgtcac aagcactcaa    177780
     atgttctccc gggtcaaatg tgtggaccac ttcacccacg tggcacctcg gctcttttga    177840
     agaccttcct tctgaggggc tgcatacatg taatgtatgt cgtttaaggg aaggggtgat    177900
     gctttcttcc tcttctcttc aaaataggtt tgtcttcaaa ctttttaccg cttccaaccc    177960
     ttgagggtta tgtgaatttg gcaagcaccc aatgccttca gcctgtttca tgaaaagtca    178020
     aagaggccat gattgtgttc tcaggaagac ggtatatgta aaagagctga accagggctg    178080
     aagagatggc tcagtgatta agagcactgc ctactctccc agagaacctg actcctaaca    178140
     ctcacatggc tgctaacagt tgtctgtcac cacagatctc agagatccaa tactctctcc    178200
     tggcatcctt gggcacctat ggtgcacaca tgtgtgagca aaacagcaat atacataaga    178260
     atattttctt ttaatttctg agacaaaatt aagatagtta aaccaagcag gatgtgatag    178320
     ggcacacctg taagtccaac acttgagaag tggaagcagg aggattggga gttcaagact    178380
     agcctcagat acacagaaat cagacaccaa cctgggttat atgaggctgt atctgtaata    178440
     gtaataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatagtagt agtagtagta    178500
     gtagtagtag tagttgttgt actagtagta ataataaata gtaaattttt aaaagctgcc    178560
     ctcttataga aactttcaac ctctgatttt cacaatgcgt gttagctaac agcagtatga    178620
     tagagaaagt ctctaatccc agaactctaa aggctgagcc tggcgaatct ggaattccag    178680
     gccatcttta gccacataat tagaccttgt ctcaaaagac catgggctgg ggataaagct    178740
     ctgtcagagc acttgcctag tgctcagggc cctgggttta atacttagca ctgtaaaaag    178800
     aaggaagaaa gaaagggatt gagcaaatac ttctgtgttg taaaaattct aatcccgatc    178860
     tgggctttct actctgcctt agaccattca gctcctagat aaaagacaca cacaaccttc    178920
     atatttacaa taagccttaa acaacacatg agctgggcag atatctaccc tctatgctat    178980
     tagaatttac tttcctatca ctaaccccga atcattacta tctttcatct gggctgctct    179040
     gagctctagc tggccagccc tcagggccac acttttcacg gctcacctaa ctcatggcag    179100
     cttctcctct agtccctcct tactctgacc ccaagcccag gaatcctcaa gccagtctac    179160
     gtctcttcta tccagctctt ggctgtcagc atctttattt accaatcaga aataacttgg    179220
     gagcaaggtc acatagcttc acttggctct atgtgcagac tctctggggc aacacactta    179280
     gcattataat acacagcaaa aaactgaacc tcgacacttc tgcaatttct tatcaccata    179340
     atatgcctgt agattttttc ttccaaatat tcaaactacc atctttcagt ggcagttttc    179400
     tcttaaatcc acatctttca tggtactatc tgttccaaat tttgcttcca gggctatctc    179460
     tctttgttct tatgcatctt tcgtgcagag ggctgggccc gcatcaggac tttcctgttt    179520
     cctgacagtg atgttgccta ccactgccca ttccttgctt ccttcttaac catttggact    179580
     taagagttca ttcagaaatg tgcaaacctc cggagggtga actgagaaga accaagtctg    179640
     ctgaaagtct ccgtaaagtt ctggggtagc tttcagcttc tttccctgcc agctccacta    179700
     tgctgcagtc ttttctcttt taaaggcagg ctctaacttg aaacctgtgg ttctccatcc    179760
     aacaccaact tatttctgta cctaccaagg caagaaacca gtataaccag aaaggggagt    179820
     ccactttgtt tccaacacat gaccatggtg gagcatctaa ctacaaaaca tactcggtct    179880
     gattttgctt cgtgggtgct gggaagtcac tttataaatt tatatgaagt aagtcatttt    179940
     gaaactaaag aaaaagatgg tatatctgcg aatgaattat acaaatacat tcactttagt    180000
     tcactttact ttgagagtat agatttaaaa ttgttaggaa acatagctaa agtgcttgct    180060
     ggcatctcag tttacaagca caagtcaaat gttgcaaagg atccacttac tgaatgaagt    180120
     agagtctaga gtttaagatg agacttttcc taatccatat gatggggtta actcagtctg    180180
     agatgagatt caagtaagaa cactgtaaag aaataatgac aaatcaaatt atatatatat    180240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatataaca cacacacata catatacttt gtggggctgg    180300
     agagatggct ctgttaagag cattggttgc tcttccagag gtcccaggtt cagttcccag    180360
     cacccacatg gcagctcacg tctgtctgca actccagttc cagggcttct gacaccccat    180420
     agatttacat ccaggtgaag caccaatgaa cataaagtaa aaataagtta tacatttctt    180480
     ttaaaatgct ttgaaacaga tactaggaat gtcttttgca agaagctccg actcttggat    180540
     ctactgatgc ccagcagatg agaaagtagg agaaagctat cccttctgct ttaaagctag    180600
     gttcagattt gtgcccattc acccaggcgt gtcaaccact caggaaacac cacatgatga    180660
     gtggcctata tctgtgacct atatttgcct gtcttgtccc ccttcaaggg taaaggcatg    180720
     gagacaggag gaggcgatgg gcagagatga gagctggcag atctgctcct gctccagatg    180780
     agcggagcta gaccctggcc catgagcaac tctcagcagt gcttgtctta ctcagaagca    180840
     aacagaggca agtcaagtgt gttgttttta tacttactgt gttttaaact cctttctgtt    180900
     tgcatttcct aatcttaatt ataggctatt gtttttcccc tcaaaacaga atcctatggg    180960
     gtataagtaa aaagactagg cccaactttc tttgttttgt ttttaatata cttaaattat    181020
     acatttataa caataaagtt ataattatga caaatattta ttatatgata aatggtaata    181080
     aatacatact ggataaaaaa tgtgcatgtg ggccatcaag atggttcagt gtgcagaagc    181140
     ccaccctgac aaccagagtg taattctggg acctccatga tgaaaggaga gacctgactc    181200
     ctcaggttgt cctctgaccc ccatatgcca cgacagacac acatccatac acatccccat    181260
     gtatgcacgt gtgtatgcag gtgtgcacgc acacacacac acacacacat atatatctag    181320
     aaatttcaaa gaatttcaag gagcatttgt ttatatggag aaacctatta atatttaaaa    181380
     tagaaatttt ttaaaaaatg acattttaaa ataacaccat tacatgttat tacaaatatt    181440
     gtatttcatc aaaactattt tacataataa aaacaattag taggtggagc aatgttgctt    181500
     tgcattttgc caagtgttgt atgactcttc ctagggagac tggaaagagt ctatgcaaac    181560
     ccaaatagac aaacaacagg ccaaaaaaaa taaataagta aataaagtca tcaaaaccca    181620
     gctggtgagc caaagacttg cttggtacct gctatcacag cttgagcgag gggtgacttc    181680
     caggcagctg catcaccatg acaacacact agagctacat tccctgcata gcttcccacc    181740
     ttctgcagca tcagatctcc tcccctggca tttatttacg gctacacctt caggaagcgg    181800
     cttcatgagc cttataagtt cctgccactt acctgtaagc ttcttgtttt tctgcatccc    181860
     cttccgcgag gggatgtttc agccctgaac aagcagctgc acagctgcaa cccacactgt    181920
     ctggctccat aaaatcgtct gctgctgctg cacatttcgc tggttgacat ataataatgt    181980
     cagcttgtca taagcatcaa gttgaaaatg gaagattatt ttaataacct tttaagataa    182040
     ctttagtatt tttgttttgt gttttaaaga ttaatttgag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg    182100
     tgtgtatgtt tgtgcatgtg tgtgtgcatg tgtatgcatg tgtgtgcgtg cgtttatgtg    182160
     tgtttgtgca tgtgtgtgtt tgtatgtgtg catgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtttgtgca    182220
     tgtgtgtgag tatgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcacg cacacacaca    182280
     cacttatcat tatgcccatt gaccagtgca tctctcaacc ctcaccagag aagcttgctt    182340
     tggcactaga tgccaattaa tatggagacc cacagctggt caaggtgtaa aaaatgaggg    182400
     actttggagt gcttggccat taatgggaca tctatatcat agctcttcct ccaaaggctc    182460
     aggggacatt gtagaaggag cggaaagagt gtcagaggca gaggaggtag gtgactataa    182520
     ggaaacagtg ttctggggac aaagcagagc agttacatgt gtgaacacac agcagttgac    182580
     acagcatgta caagactcaa accaaaattt cagtgtggac atggtaggtg ggcaaaaatt    182640
     cttcccttcc catggtcctg tgaaggttct atgccccagg ataggggaat gccagagcca    182700
     ggaagcagga atgggtgggt tggtgagcag ggggagggga gaggggatgg gggttttcgg    182760
     aggggaaacc aggaaagggg ataacatttg aaatgtaaat aaagaaaata tctattaaaa    182820
     attgaaaaaa aatcctcccc ttaactaagg agctattggc aattaatggt catacttttt    182880
     aaaggcttga cccctggaag gtcaactgca tgccagtgaa agatcacatg tccaagagtg    182940
     gtatatgagc agcacaaata tatatatgag atctgggaag aattagggga ggtgggtaaa    183000
     aatgatcaaa atatattata caaaattctt ttaaaaaact aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc    183060
     aaataaagca cacatagtgt agaacacatg cagtttactg gacatgaaag cccagtctca    183120
     gggggtgagg ttggacacag cctgaggaat catcgtgtgt gcaaaagtag ctggggtcaa    183180
     agtctctgtc catgcagccc cgatggatga acgaggctca aactccccct ctattcccaa    183240
     tatgtccgtt caagaaacaa aacaaaaagc agagaaagga ggtgtgttca gtgtggccac    183300
     actgggagga ggagcagata agcagcctga gtctgccttg gggtacgtga gggttagggt    183360
     tagatggggg ggacaggtag aggaatgcat atgaaactgg aagagacgtg atcctgttca    183420
     tcagctgaca ccagatccac tgtcaaagct ctgtaacatt cctcggaagg aagagcctcc    183480
     gctaacagca gggcttcaga caacagcaag tcctgcaagc tcccttcctg cagcaagccc    183540
     tgcctgagaa aatgctaatc ctttggcatt cattgctcaa gaatctgata gccagtggga    183600
     ggagagcaag tatttcttct cttaaaaata tcttccctcc agccaggatg gctgcaacta    183660
     tactggccta catttcattt caattttaaa cacacaatat ttgtgctttc tttgggaatt    183720
     tcatacttat gtgcggtgaa ctttgatcac gagctccctg cttccagctt gaactcttct    183780
     ttggctctgc ccctcccctc ttgtgctccc ttgtaacttc ttgcctcttt ctttctttct    183840
     tttctttttt ttaataaccc actgaatcta attagtggtg tccataggca catggctgtg    183900
     agggccgcca ttggaacaca gtcaagcacc taagacttct gtgagctata attcaggaag    183960
     gcttttacta cttacaaagc ctctagccag gcagcttttc ctgagggact tatcctatcc    184020
     aggtgattga tggggtcgct tggattgacc ttctttcaaa aggccaactg tattttcatt    184080
     ctctaagaaa gtctcttaca gatcatagtc ttgagattta tttttatttt atgtgtgtgt    184140
     ttgctgcacg tatgtttgtg taccatgtgc atgcctgata cccacagaga ccagaagagc    184200
     aatggattct atagaattgg aattgagcct aggtcctctg aaagaacagc cagtaatttt    184260
     taaaccactg acccatcttt ctaatctcta aatcatatgc ttataagttt taggaagcta    184320
     tccatgaatg gtcttccgga cagttcaaaa tgacacctcc gtcgagggta agagctatga    184380
     cttagagccc attcttctga acaatgagca gccttggatt ttcattttgg tttcacaagc    184440
     tgctgattaa gaggaagggc tccatctcca aagacctcct tctctggtca tttctaactt    184500
     gctaccttag gaatgcctaa tggtcatcga atttgattca cactaagtaa gtagtagttc    184560
     actgtgtatc gggaaacatc cattcagctg ttcagcttta gacacatttc tttaactctc    184620
     tcctgactgc tttctcctgt taaagatgat gataaagtac tgtccctccc ttagaggtta    184680
     actgcagctc aagggtgaag gtgatgttta aagaccaaac gcaatgagca cccaacctgt    184740
     tgttgatggc attcatagac agcattacta agatcagcac tagggctgaa cagaccctat    184800
     tatcacaacc cacaagagga ctcagatgac agtagtataa tagttgaaaa ggtttttgcg    184860
     atagccctat tttctccttt tatctaggaa gacatccaat ggcataacaa tggctttacc    184920
     agctaggcct tggtttctca agtgctagga taaaaatgaa aaagtccttt tatctctgta    184980
     agacagaggc aaaataaagg aagcttaggc tacaagaagg agaacatccc tcatcctctg    185040
     aatgcctgca gcttagagga actggttgat gagtatatga cccctgacta ttctcggaat    185100
     catggaaggc aatgtcagga aactcttatt gagtattctg aagtcctttg gaaacaaaaa    185160
     aacaatgtgt ttagattgag aacatcgttg ttcagtttct cagtaacaat gtacagctat    185220
     tcaaaagtta cgtgtttcaa gaaaatcaag aagagggaag accaatgggt ggatacttta    185280
     ttcctcctta gaacagggaa caaaataccc atgaaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga    185340
     gctaagacga aaggatggac tatccagaga ctacccaacc cggggatcca tcccataatc    185400
     agccaccaaa cccagacact attgcatatg ccagaaagat tttgctgaag ggaccctgtt    185460
     atagctgtct catatgaggc tatgccagtg cctggcaaat acagaagtgg atgctcacag    185520
     tcatctataa gatggaacac agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagc acccaaggag    185580
     ctgaaggggt ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacaaaatg aactaaccag tacctccaga    185640
     gctcgtgtct ctagctgcat atgtagcaga agatggccta gtcagccatc actgggaaga    185700
     gaggcccctt ggtcttgcaa tctttatatg ccccagtacg ggggaactcc agggccaaga    185760
     agcaggagtg ggtgggtagg ggagcagggc aggggatggg catagggaac tttcaggata    185820
     gcatttgaaa tgtatataaa gaaaatatct aataaaaata aataaataaa taaataaata    185880
     gtcacatgtt tgcttatttc tgagtgaaga attagcatct ggttctattt tctttgtaac    185940
     cacattttta tttttttcct gctgtgcgag gcatagatga gggtccagaa ggacccacta    186000
     ggatttccat gttcttatgt caaagagcaa ggaactggac cagggacaca ggataatggt    186060
     agaaatagat acagcttggt ggtggtggtg gtggtggtag tggtggtggc agcaatggta    186120
     gagtgaggtg agcaagtggc cagaccacac ccccagatta ctctaattgc cccagctcta    186180
     gagacacagg tgacccagct ctgccctaca ggaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa acccaagatc    186240
     catccataaa attccaccaa tcccatgtca ccctggaaag caccatccca ctttcccaag    186300
     aaaccctata taaagcctga ctcctgctta gttctttgct gctttccccc ctcccaaagc    186360
     agaggcagcc atcctcttgt gactttcccc ataaatctct tgtgtgaaat ttgttgtgca    186420
     gtgtgtgact ttgtggtatt ccttggctcc agactgccag gatacctttc ccttcagagc    186480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtagaacag    186540
     agtctcatct ggaactcatt atgtagacaa gggtggtctc aagctcacag acatcagtct    186600
     gcttcttcct accacgtgca ggattaaagg cgtgcagcat cacacctgac ttagacacag    186660
     ttgattcaaa aacaaagcat ttctgaaagt agaaatgggc cagagagctg aaaaagtcca    186720
     aggctcaaag gcactggatc acaagatttg tgaccttata tcggccattt agacagtcca    186780
     ccttcttctg tatttgcata ttgtgtgtgc tctgtcccta tcatgtatct cttggtggtg    186840
     gaaagtcttg ccttcccccc acccccaccc agataacaca tctcttccat gtgcttcatg    186900
     ccattctctc tgccctgctc tcccactaca gatgccacaa agagcggtgg tcccagaaat    186960
     cttttggagg agctgaaggg tgatgatcca tctttcaaac ttcatccatg cttaagagaa    187020
     gcacagtccc tgtctatgag atggcacagc agtctttccc atcttaccac cattagaatg    187080
     ggaggctttg aatcccctgt agtaaaaact ggctagattg gggctggaca gatagcgcag    187140
     tagtttgttt cccagaaccc acctgtaact ccagggtctc cattgctcat atgatcaaga    187200
     agaatgtaag attgcaaggg ggaccattat ttttagtgat gcatgacttt tgctttaatt    187260
     ttgtttaaaa tatttgttat tcatctctcc agtccctggt ataaatttgt ttgttggcac    187320
     atcctcaatc attgactcta acattttttt tagacttatg ttattttaca tgtttactca    187380
     tacatatttt acatgtatga gtgctttgcc tacatatata tgtctgcata ccacatgcag    187440
     actgagtgcc agtgaaaacc agaagagggc atcagattcc ctggaactgg agttacagat    187500
     gagtgaaaca tttgtgtggt tgctgggaac tgaacccacg atttgtataa gaatgaaaca    187560
     aaaacagtgc cacccattat tcatgctctt aacccctgag acatctctct agtccctata    187620
     acaatttttt aagggaaaag aatcacagtg agtttggatt caggcatttt tttttattgc    187680
     aattttgcac agcactcgaa acttcaaagc agtagttaga atttagaaag aaaagtagat    187740
     tgacctcagc acagggagaa gagtggcttt aagccataat agacctttaa ggaaaggatc    187800
     aaaagccgtg gttgtagtga tagaagctga acagggaact cgatggtaga acattgagat    187860
     gcatgctgaa gcctgccaag gggttgggcg catcctaaca gagggtgctg agttccttca    187920
     tggagcagcc ttccctgcag cacagagctt gcagatctcg tctggatacc actgagtgct    187980
     tcttcagttc ccaaagacct tccttgggtg cctgtggatc tcgaacaagc tcctgtcctg    188040
     agagatccgt cttgggaagg ctgtgctcca gagttttctt ggatggctcg tgcctgtcta    188100
     ggagctggag gtagtttctt gtctcagcta taagagagaa aggcaccaca ccttaacaaa    188160
     ctaacaaaga aagcaccaaa gaccagcact tcaggaagag ctgggtcatg ctggctttcc    188220
     attttacaga ggttgaaaga tagcagtgtc agttggttag cagcaaatgt taccagccac    188280
     ctctggttca tgggaaatta gatatttcca aagatattag ttgtaattag caataagcta    188340
     tataattagt cataagaaat gtaattaatt agctagaagc aagacaacaa cagtaacaaa    188400
     aaccctgggg gatgcctggc agagctgata agtgggattt ccattccata tctgatactg    188460
     aagcatgggc cacattgttt aatctaaatg ttgttcccag tgtctatatt caagcccctc    188520
     tggcttgtgc ttaaacaaaa gccatgagaa ggaatggtag ttgatcaact agtaattgat    188580
     cagataaata atgttaagga aaatacatga cttgagcccc gggctacctt gccagcagag    188640
     tcttgcccaa cacccgcagg ggcccacaca ggactcccca cgggatccta agacctctgg    188700
     tgagtggaac acagcgcctg ccccaatcca atcgcgcaga acctgagact gcggtacata    188760
     gggaagcagg ctacccgggc ctgatctggg gcacaagccc cttccgctcc actcgagccc    188820
     cgggctacct tgccagcgga gtctcaccca acacctgcaa gggcccacac aggaatcccc    188880
     acgggatcct aagacctctg gtgagtggaa cacagcaccg gccccaatcc aatcgcgcgg    188940
     aacctgagac tgcggtacat agggaagcag gctacccggg cctgatctgg ggcacaagcc    189000
     ccttccgctc cactcgagcc ccgggctacc ttgccagcgg agtcgcctga cacccgcaag    189060
     ggcccacaca ggattccaca cgggatccta agacctctag tgggtggaac acaacttctg    189120
     ccaggagtct ggtttgaaca ccagatatct gggtaccttc cctgcaagaa gagagcttgc    189180
     ctgcagagaa tactctgccc actgaaacta aggagagtgc taccctccag gtctgcttat    189240
     agaggctaac agagtcacct gaagaacaag ctcttaacag tgacaactaa aacagctagc    189300
     ttcagagatt accagatggc gaaaggcaaa cttaagaatc ctactaacag aaatcaagac    189360
     cactcaccat catcagaacg cagcactccc accccaccta gtcctgggca ccccaacaca    189420
     accgaaaatc tagacacaga tttaaaaata tttctcatga tgatgataga ggacatcaag    189480
     aaggactttc ataagtcact taaagaatta caggagagca ctgctaaaga gttacaggcc    189540
     cttaaagaaa agcaggaaaa cacagccaaa caggtagaaa tcattaaaga aaaacaggaa    189600
     aacacatcca aacaggtaat ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac tagaactaaa aagggaagta    189660
     gacacaataa agaaaaccca aagcgaggca acgctggaga tagaaaccct acgaaagaga    189720
     tctagaacca tagatacgag catcagcaac agaatacaag aaatggaaga gagaatctca    189780
     ggtgcagaaa attccataga gaacatcgac acaacagtca aagaaaatac aaaatgcaaa    189840
     aggatcctaa ctcaaaacat ccaggtaatc cgggacacaa tgagaagacc aaacctacag    189900
     ataataggaa ttgatgagaa tgaagatttc caacttaaag ggccagctaa tatcttcaac    189960
     aaaatagtag aagaaaactt cccaaacata aagaaagaga tgcccatgat catacaagaa    190020
     gcctacaaaa ctccaaatag actggaccag aaaagaaatt cttcccgaca cataataatc    190080
     agaacaacaa atgcactaaa taaagataga atattaaaag cagcaaggga gaaaggtcaa    190140
     gtaacatata aaggaaggcc tatcagaatt acaccagact tttcaccaga gaatatgaaa    190200
     gccagaagag cctggacaga tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg    190260
     ctactatacc cggccaaact ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaaagt attccactac    190320
     aaaaccaaat tcacacaata tctttccacg aatccagccc ttcaaaggat aataacagaa    190380
     aagaagcaat acaaggacgg aaatcacgcc ctagaacaag caagaaagta atcactcaac    190440
     aaaccaaaaa agaagacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccaac tctaacaaca aaaataaaag    190500
     gaagcaacaa ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactcaat tccccaataa    190560
     aaagacatag actaacagac tggctacaca aacaggaccc aacattctgc tgcttacagg    190620
     aaacccatct cagggaaaaa gacagacact accacaaagt gaaaggctgg aaaacaattt    190680
     tccaaacaaa tggtctgaag aaacaagctg gagtagccat tttaatatcg gataaaatcg    190740
     acttccaacc caaagttatc aaaaaagaga aggagggaca cttcatactc atcaaaggta    190800
     aaatcctcca agaggaactc tcaattctga atatctacgc accaaatgca agggcagcca    190860
     cattcattaa agacacttta gtaaagctca aagcacacat tgcacctcac acaataatag    190920
     tgggagactt caacacacca ctttcttcaa tggacagatc gtggaaacag aaactaaaca    190980
     gggacacagt gaaactaaca gaagtgatga aactaatgga cctgacagat atctacagaa    191040
     cattttatcc taaaacaaaa ggatatacct tcttctcagc acctcacggg accttctcca    191100
     aaattgacca tataactggt cacaaaacag gcctcaacag atacaaaaat attgaaattg    191160
     tcccatgtat cctatcagac caccatggcc taaggctgat cttcaataac aacataaata    191220
     atggaaagcc aacattcacg tggaaactga acaacactct tctcaatgat accttggtca    191280
     aggaaggaat aaagaaagaa attaaagact ttttagagtt taatgaaaat gaagccacaa    191340
     cgtacccaaa cctatgggac acaatgaaag catttctaag agggaaactc atagctctga    191400
     gtgcctccaa gaagaaacgg gagagagcac atactagcag cttgacaaca catctaaaag    191460
     ccctagaaaa aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag acagcaggaa ataatcaaac    191520
     tcaggggtga aatcaaccaa gtgaaaagaa gaagaactat tcaaagaatt aaccaaacga    191580
     ggagttggtt ctttgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc cttagctaga ctcactaaag    191640
     ggcataggga caaaatccta attaacaaaa tcagaaatga aaagggagac ataacaacag    191700
     atcctgaaga aatccaaaat accatcagat ccttctacaa aaggctatac tcaacaaaac    191760
     tggaaaacct ggacgaaatg gacaaatttc tggacagata ccaggtacca aagttgaatc    191820
     aggatcaagt tgaccatcta aacagtctca tatcacctaa agaaatagaa gcagttatta    191880
     atagtctccc agccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagacaggtt tagtgcagag ttctatcaga    191940
     ccttcaaaga agatctaatt ccagttctgc acaaactatt tcacaaaata gaagtagaag    192000
     gtactctacc caactcattt tatgaagcca ctattactct gatacctaaa tcacagaaag    192060
     acccaacaaa gatagagaac ttcagaccaa tttctcttat gaatatcgat gcaaaaatcc    192120
     tcaataaaat tctcgctaac cgaatccaag aacacattaa agcaatcatc catcctgacc    192180
     aagtaggttt tattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat acgaaaatcc atcaatgtaa    192240
     tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa accacatgat catctcgtta gatgcagaaa    192300
     aagcatttga caagatccaa cacccattca tgataaaagt tttggaaaga tcaggaattc    192360
     aaggcccata cctaaacatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa accagtagcc aacatcaaag    192420
     taaatggaga gaagctggaa gcaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa ggctgcccac    192480
     tttctcccta ccttttcaac atagtacttg aagtattagc cagagcaatt cgacaacaaa    192540
     aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaaag aggaagtcaa aatatcactt tttgcagatg    192600
     atatgatagt atatataagt gaccctaaaa attctaccag agaactccta aacctgataa    192660
     acagcttcgg tgaagtagct ggatataaaa taaactcaaa caagtcaatg gcctttctct    192720
     atacaaagaa taaacaggct gagaaagaaa ttagggaaac aacacccttc tcaatagtca    192780
     caaataatat aaaatatctt ggcgtgactc taactaagga agtgaaagat ctgtatgata    192840
     aaaacttcaa atctctgaag aaagaaatta aagaagatct cagaagatgg aaagatctcc    192900
     catgctcatg gattggcagg atcaacattg taaaaatggc tatcttgcca aaagcaatct    192960
     acagattcaa tgcaatcccc atcaaaattc caactcaatt cttcaacgaa ttagaaggag    193020
     aaatttgcaa attcgtctgg aataacaaaa aacctaggat agcaaaaact cttctcaagg    193080
     ataaaagaac ttctggtgga atcaccatgc cagacctaaa gctttactac agagcaattg    193140
     tgataaaaac tgcatggtac tggtatagag acagacaagt agaccaatgg aatagaattg    193200
     aagacccaga aatgaaccca cacacctatg gtcacttgat cttcgacaag ggagctaaaa    193260
     ccatccagtg gaagaaagac agcattttca acaattggtg ctgacacaac tggttgttat    193320
     cgtgtagaag aatgcgaatc gatccatact tatctccttg tactaaggtc aaatctaagt    193380
     ggatcaagga acttcacata aaaccagaaa cactgaaact tatagaggag aaagtgggga    193440
     aaagccttga agatatgggc acaggggaaa aattcctcaa cagaacagca atggcttgtg    193500
     ctgtaagatc gagaattgac aaatgggacc taatgaaact ccaaagtttc tgcaaggcaa    193560
     aagacaccgt caataagaca aaaagaccac caacagattg ggaaagaatc tttacctatc    193620
     ctaaatcaga taggggacta atatccaaca tatataaaga actcaagaag gtggacttca    193680
     gaaaatcaaa taaccccatt aaaaaatggg gctcagagct aaacgaagaa ttctcacctg    193740
     aggaataccg aatagcagag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg    193800
     aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca    193860
     aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgtg gatgtggaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt    193920
     gttggtggga gtgcaggctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa    193980
     aattggacat agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag    194040
     atgccccaac tggtaagaaa aacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa    194100
     tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatgt    194160
     ggtacatcta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt atgaaattcc    194220
     tagccaaatg gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga ggtaacacat tcacaaagga    194280
     actcacacaa tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc ccaaacctag gatacccaag    194340
     atataagata caatttccta aacgcatgaa actcaagaaa aatgaagact gaagtgtgga    194400
     tactatgccc ctccttagaa gtgggaacaa aacacccttg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa    194460
     gtttggagct gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg ccatatccag ggatccaccc    194520
     cataatcagc atccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt atcgaaagga    194580
     cccagatgta gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg    194640
     ctcacagtca gctaatggat ggatcacagg gcccccaatg gaggaactag agaaagtact    194700
     caaggagcta aagggaactg caaccctata ggtggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac    194760
     ccgggagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg    194820
     gaaagagagg cccattggac acgcaaaatt tatatgcccc agtacatggg aacgccaggg    194880
     ccaaaaaggg ggagttggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg    194940
     tatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aaaaataaaa aaaaataaat    195000
     gtagagtaac ttgaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggttg cccactctct    195060
     ccctacatat tcaatatagt actcaaagtt ttagcaagag caattagaca agaaaaggag    195120
     gtcgtcaaag ggatacaaat tggaaaggaa taagtcaaaa tataactatt tgctggaatt    195180
     acagtcattt cttagctgcc taacatgggc ctctgagtca tatctccaac cctttacctc    195240
     ataattcatt acaaagtttg cagaaagaat tc                                  195272