ID   AL732521; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 207223 BP.
AC   AL732521;
DT   21-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 35)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-134A17 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-207223
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Wallis J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9d665228c34c2ebf30880a8cc2bee1bc.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584272.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456103.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039579; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028286; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028287; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028288; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028246; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028247; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028248; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028195; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028196; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028197; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028265; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028266; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028267; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027986; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027987; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027988; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028706; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028707; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028708; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027425; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027426; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027427; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027952; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027953; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027954; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028102; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028103; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028104; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028069; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028070; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028071; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028201; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028202; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028203; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028093; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028094; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028095; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028741; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028742; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028743; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027150; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027151; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027152; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027503; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027504; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027505; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL732521.18:1-207223; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029989; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000076674; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093859; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140341; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146547; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156314; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167496; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0065707; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0065717; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0065719; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065763; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065773; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0065775; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0065651; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0065661; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0065663; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0065689; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0065699; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0065701; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065360; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065370; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065372; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066160; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066170; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066172; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0065676; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0065687; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0065689; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0065307; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0065317; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0065319; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065442; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065452; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065454; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065368; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065378; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065380; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065544; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065554; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065556; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065350; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065360; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065362; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066333; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066343; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066345; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065231; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065242; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065244; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064565; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064575; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064577; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR001320; Iontro_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001508; Iono_rcpt_met.
DR   InterPro; IPR001828; ANF_lig-bd_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR019594; Glu/Gly-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR028082; Peripla_BP_I.
DR   MGI; MGI:1925927; Rnf20.
DR   MGI; MGI:1933206; Grin3a.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-134A17 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..207223
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-134A17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    98832..99057
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlaping clone RP23-104D24
FT                   (AL807392) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_54138, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    167818..167820
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlaping clone RP23-104D24
FT                   (AL807392) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_54135, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    192767..192837
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction digest
FT                   data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    193424..193481
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 207223 BP; 59963 A; 42524 C; 44107 G; 60629 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttaa accaagatat caccaattca caaacatctg acattcatat aaggatttgt        60
     tgccagttca tcagacagag ccttggttca aggaccagca atccctccct agttagaatc       120
     ttggacaaat cacaaaagga ctctgagttt tattataata ttaattgctt ggcacgaata       180
     tctgctttga ttatctggtt acagatgact cacaggcgac ctctgaatac tgtggttgct       240
     caaatgtaag cttgttgagc agtatgataa gtatggaggc gttttataaa tgatagggaa       300
     acacaaagta ttagtatttc tgttttttta acttttggac agaatagtca tgttcaccta       360
     aagagcaccc tgtctctgtt gctgccaggc tattttctcc atcctgggta tgcagactca       420
     acaagaatta cagtcttaaa taaaagtcaa gtcaaactca tcctgtttac aggaagttaa       480
     acttctacaa agggactaaa ggtctgtacc acatcagcac aaattttgcc cctccgttaa       540
     tcataaaaca gagtcacggg tcaatgttcg tcactgggag acagaacacc agcctggaat       600
     actcaacaat agtgaacttt actcctttaa acttctgatt tctaaggtcc caagtcactt       660
     tatttttaaa agtttgatgt gggaaattct cattaattat caaatgaaaa acttctagag       720
     aaatatctaa tgaatactca ttgtcctatt aaaaatcagc aacaaaggaa attacagcaa       780
     catattatgt gttagtcttt ctaaactaaa agaggccact ctactgttac ttctgcagag       840
     cgaagtagag tggggtagag tgggtagagt ctcacagctt gctgcacaca ttctttgcca       900
     tgtttgattt cgtaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg       960
     ctgcataggt aaaccatggg aaaggatata tgtactaaca tttatgagga gacacagtaa      1020
     atatagtgag gcagagcaca agtgcctcga cttatttttg tataagtttc tgaaaagcag      1080
     gcatagtgtg agaatacgtt gtctttttta tatgcccctc ttcagccagt tgcctagggc      1140
     tccgtaggcc aatttggctt agccacggct tccactctgc tgctctggta catctgggaa      1200
     gcacacagat ccagttcagg ttcaatgggt aggataggaa atgaggtgta aatgctgaaa      1260
     acctcagaga tatttatatc aaacctacca acttagagat ggggagactg gggctcaggc      1320
     agccccaagt tatgttctgt gactgcgagt cacattctag tggcttctga cctaggtgtg      1380
     cggtctttct gcaaatggat gggtagaatc tttaggtgtg gttcttcctg cattccttga      1440
     agaggttctg cagtcagcca tttgtaagat gtgaatattt aactcctgga gaaatgtagg      1500
     agcagagcaa aagcttctct atgctcaaga caggtggatt tttcaaggca aaccacaggg      1560
     gtgaggctgt aattcattga acgtctgtga ttaccatgct gtacccacat cacttatatt      1620
     tatgagagca tgaagaggca cacagctttg ttgcccactc tgctgctaca gaggcacatc      1680
     tgatgagcta gatggcttag ggctgccctt tcctggtgtt cttctgccaa aattgtccca      1740
     aaccacagag actgtcaggt ttttagcacc tataccccat tctctgtctt acctggacct      1800
     gtatgcttcc cagatgtacc acagcagcag agttcaaacc ctgactgagc caaactggcc      1860
     tatggagtcc taggtaactg gttgaagagg tatttataaa aaagacaaca tattctcaca      1920
     atattcctgc ttttcagata gtagagaaaa tataccaaaa taaatcagga gaacttaatt      1980
     cctaacatct gatgctgcat ggccctaaca gtgtctgctt caagtagaat atactaggga      2040
     cagtatcaag tatgttggaa ggctcagaaa tccacaattg aagatgataa ctttgaagtg      2100
     gccaaccttg cttcatttga gcaatagaag gcaaaaggca aaggctcgga ttcatttctg      2160
     tgagaaagaa acgccagcat caataccaat aggggtggga agagaacaga gaaaatgagg      2220
     aggcagtaga tatgtaaaca aaacatcata ataagttgtt aggaaaaaaa tagagaagaa      2280
     atgaccagga atctaacctg actagaactt aagaaataaa agtgtttgta gtattcttcc      2340
     aagacaagga ctcaagaggt gcctcacaca ggcgaacagt aactggctgt ccatctggag      2400
     caatatttgc cacctccagg aaaggtgtga atgggtattc atgctcagag aaagaaaatc      2460
     agctagtgca gcagatccat caaggtttta gacaccccca gacaaacata catttccctc      2520
     tctaggtact atgttatcat taacccagct tgctggtcca acccaggttt cagaggaaat      2580
     ccttttactt acacagcaaa ggggaagagt cctccaaggt atcagaagct gtgtgaggtg      2640
     gcagccgcca aatacgatgg atctgctcag agagcacggt ttttatagcc ctcttatcaa      2700
     ggtctggtga ttttttttta aacttttgcc ctcccccctc ctaccatgac ccagtaggag      2760
     gtgtttattc aataactctg attggcttgt gaacagccaa tctttataat caggctcaca      2820
     cactccttac actcatagaa tgttagagct acaagggagt cttaaggtta cacagctccc      2880
     aacacagacc tgactctgta caggtgagga aactatgagg cttcccctag atcacacagt      2940
     gagggacacg gactgaaagc tgaatctgtc aagaggctct ggaagggtgt tggctgagct      3000
     ctcatgtttt ccaaacaaat ccactcctca aggaaattac atttatgtat tttgtttaat      3060
     cttagtcctc tgagccttaa tttcttcctt tggagagtga gactcaccct cacaagagca      3120
     ctgggttcgt agcatctaca aactcaagac agtgcagaat tattaatttc aaattaaccc      3180
     agtgatgtga tatttatgtt gcttatctct gtgctggttc agtagccact tgctgcatgt      3240
     cctctaaact ttatagttaa tagagatgat ctttcagcaa aggtgaactt ctggctctta      3300
     gattcctatt tgttgtttta ttttgatgta tataattatc aatttattta ttcgtttatt      3360
     tatttggggg gacaccatgg tgtgaatgtg gatgcctgaa gaaaatttgg ggcgggaggg      3420
     taggggagga taggttctct ctttctaccg caggggaccc agaaatgaaa cccaggtatt      3480
     aggcttggca gcaggcatct ttacccatga agccaccctc ccacctctcc aaattctatt      3540
     taaaaagaaa tgattatttc cccacacatt gtccccatct ccaaaaaatc cagtatgcgc      3600
     ttcgatgtat ttcatgccaa accccattca attgttcatt gttctcatcc tacctcagta      3660
     tccccacctt aaaaaagaaa aaagactttt cactcattat aagttctata catgaataca      3720
     atgtatgttg atcaaatcca tctaccacta ttcctgcaac tctcttgtat ctccatctca      3780
     tctccttcct agtttaatgt gctctcttta ttcacttgtt ggtagtagta accccaagtc      3840
     cacactatgt gcacatgggc gcatagccat ccttggggca tgaccccata taccagcatc      3900
     catatccccg aaggacagta acattctctc tcagcagcca tcaactacca gtgacttctc      3960
     tgatagtagt agagcctccg gggcctcttt cccatccaca ctggattggt gacttcttga      4020
     tcttgtacag gttgtgcgca ggtagccaca cccgctgagc attgaagagt ataagagcca      4080
     tgagatgtcc agaagtcatc acttcacagt tcaccttttc gtccacagtt cttagattct      4140
     ttctgaccca tactctgtca agttctctgg aacctggaga tatgctcaag gttaaaggtt      4200
     taagtgagta taggggaatt tgagagagga aagggtaagg gctggttagc tgaaattaat      4260
     aatacatgag gacatggata tctagtttat aagctaatta aaagcctatg atacattttt      4320
     aaagggggaa tttgaacaga agtaccatgc gtggatggag aatgatgctt ccagaagata      4380
     tgagttatga aatggaaata tcaataccag acatgaaaaa ctttcctaaa agttgttgtt      4440
     cagggaagcc tcagaggact ccaaaatgac acaggatact gttactgctc ttggttgact      4500
     tccataacca gacaagataa tattgttgaa gacaccactc actttgaacg aaggacatag      4560
     tggcatcaac cttgagctga ccagaaaact caatacataa tgtcactaag tactttccat      4620
     gatgccaggg gagaaaagac atcaatagtc ttacccagcc cttcacttat ctgctggcaa      4680
     gatgtgtcca ttggtacaaa gaatgttgaa agggtagcca accactgtct gatcagattt      4740
     gaatccacag gagggatttc atgttgagac tgtaaaccag gttgaaagcc catgactagg      4800
     gagagagttc gtaggcttta cgggacaatc tctattgttt tgttaaatga tcttgccatc      4860
     agattcattt aaaattttat atttttatcc atagatttat gctgctctca actttggtca      4920
     gaggatcttc tttctgcagt ggtcagtagt taatgcagag attcatagct attaagcaga      4980
     gagtataaat aaagtagaca agtcatcact ctcaaccctt ctacactgtc ttcaaagtca      5040
     gtaaaaagtt gaattgaact taatgttgtc ccaatctgtc agaacgtccc aactactgta      5100
     caaagtgtga gttcattgta tagatttccc cactgagtag tagatctaaa tccaatatta      5160
     aagaaagtac aaagaaaata ttaagtatgg ctccgtggta aagagcactg actgctcttc      5220
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaact acatggtggc tcacaaccat cagtatggga      5280
     tccaatgccc tattctggtg tgttcacata tataaaataa ataaatcttt tcaaaaactt      5340
     gctttaaaaa gtaagtactt cctgaggcaa atgataaagg aatcacaaat ctagacatag      5400
     tggaattacc atgacatagg aagatataag ttctttgaac cacattgctt tgatgtaact      5460
     cataagatgg aaagccaaac caacgtgctt agtgttgcag agcctgatgc tagaattcat      5520
     tctagccaaa aggagagaca gcatgtttag aggtgactca aggggtaaag ggctttctgc      5580
     acaagcatga gaagctgact tcagatccct agcacttatg taaaaaagca aggtacagaa      5640
     cggacctacc ctgggggccg tccacaaatt ctaggttcag tgagaaaaac tgtatcagaa      5700
     aataagatag gagagtgata aagaagacat cctgtgttca cctcggacct ctgcattcac      5760
     acacagtcaa gtacatgcac atgcatatgc acacgcagca atgcacaaac tacacacaca      5820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca gaggagaaaa tggagttgaa atgagacaaa atttctaaat      5880
     ggaattaaag cttggacagc ttctaaaaat agtaaatgta agacataaaa ctggtaattc      5940
     aaggaaaatg aggtgtttga atttggccag agatgttttg atcaagactt atcctaaatg      6000
     cttcagagag ttacacggaa tgagcccccc cccccaccat caacctcctg actccattgg      6060
     ctacccagtg gcacatgttt tggttcccac atcttcacca ggttcactac tcatcaaagc      6120
     atttggtttt aaactcatgg caacaagatg acctgggcta gagatttgtg aggttgcatc      6180
     atccacgatt cttcttaaat gaggatggag ggggctggag gtgtagctca gtgtagctca      6240
     gctctacagc acatgtttaa catgcagcaa cacctgaaaa gagaaaaagt caagaaagag      6300
     ctgagtggtg acaaaggaat tgtgagttct atcataagtg tgatgacact cataaccccc      6360
     catctctcct tttttaagac tttctgatac accttgctcc ttgcatatat aatctgcatg      6420
     cttttgcaca ctttttatta ctgcacattc tgaaggcaga tttttttggt cactatttta      6480
     tactcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccctaag agggagcaag aagcttgtcc agactcacaa      6540
     ggcaggtaca tggagttgct cttggccata gtctgaagca gactcagcca cattttggtg      6600
     gccagagaca gcctgaatta gctcattccc ccattcgctt ctaagcggtt tatgaccttg      6660
     gacattgaac ctacataatt caaagaggaa tgacttacgt tggcaggtag gtatcctgct      6720
     tagactgggc atcgtttcac gtgaacagct gcctggccag gcatgtcaga ggagcaggag      6780
     tacccctgcc cctgaacagt actacaggat gcacttctgt ggcctcagca tgcccaccac      6840
     tggggcctgt agtgaggctg aaactcaaag ttcaagagag caaagctaac acttgtcaaa      6900
     ccttagggga aaaaaaccaa ctgccaacac aagcagattg tctgcaggat gactgtattg      6960
     ctgtttggtg gtttgttttt tgtttgtgtt ttgtgttgtc cctgaggatt tttattgttt      7020
     ggttccttta tggctgggag aactgttgtc ctttgtaaaa gtctcctaag tatacaatgt      7080
     tcaaagttaa cctatgatct gtattggaag tctagtggac tgagagactg tgggacactg      7140
     aggaatgtcc tattgtaaat agtatttaat aactctatta attcttaata tgatccagcc      7200
     agcccccaat aattgaggca agatccttag gatttattta atccatttta gcacaatcac      7260
     tgggtatatt acccctaatc tatctttcta catgctagac tgttaattcc tagcagagct      7320
     ccccatgtac ttgctgtttg agtctcacct gggttatttc tgctccatca gtctgtcctt      7380
     aggaagcact tctgtcatgg ttcatctcct ctcatgacaa ccccctcctc tctgtgtctt      7440
     cctttttctt ccctctttct ttctctctct ccttgtggtc cctacctgtg accccccccc      7500
     cagtctgaca actgaaaccc gcctacctct attctcccca gcagttggct gtaactattt      7560
     ctatttaacc agtcagagca gattggcaag caacatttgt acagcttcat ttggtgtgtg      7620
     tgagaatgtg ctggtcagac tgcaagcaga tcttgggggt ggagggggtg gtatttagca      7680
     tttgaataca taacaacacc acatcaaccc cagccatgtc ccaatctcat ggatacacat      7740
     ttttttttac cacaaatgaa atgagatagc aatgcctcca gcagaacttg attatgaggg      7800
     ctaagggtgt gatgtgtcag agagtgcttg cctggcactt gcaaagcccc agattcaatc      7860
     tccgctagca caaaaacaaa actaatcaac tacacgacaa aacaccagaa actgatgatc      7920
     aagaatgaat ttaataacat gagtaggggt ctagcagaga gcaggacttt tattaaatat      7980
     ctgacttata tgccaaactc ttgagaggtg tccaattaca gattatttca agaggcaatg      8040
     taatatcatc cataccccac accatcaatg ccttcgatgg ttctccctgt attatttcct      8100
     tgctgcctca ctcaaaatac ttgtgatttg aatgataaaa atgtcaaatg tattcataga      8160
     caacatgagg tgtgagtcac aaagaagcta gcacccgtaa gcatgggcca ctgccacatt      8220
     aatgatattg agggcaaaga actctaaaag agtgaccgcg tctgcatatg gcagctggaa      8280
     taatcaaaac agggctttaa aagaatgtct ttgcagaaat gcaatggaga tattccctta      8340
     ttgttttgct atctactttt gaggctaggc tggttcagga ctgtcattgt tttcaccatg      8400
     aagttgtgtg ctagtgttat cagctcagtc tgcccagtct ttattgagtc tgtagttggc      8460
     ttttggttag ctgcgtggat gttttgtaga ggatgtactg tatgtgagag tataggacga      8520
     acaatattgg tctaatctta aggagctcac aaccgcaggc ataagagaag gctgagaccg      8580
     caaatcaaat caaatggaac tgcatacaaa actgctaata aattgtaaca gtaggggtgg      8640
     tggtgatgtg tgtggtagca gtggtggtgg tggtgatgct ggtggtggca gtgatggtgg      8700
     tggtggtaat tgtggtggga aggaggttgt ggcagtgtcc atgaatgact ctatgaagta      8760
     acatgaagga agagatctaa gaaaggcatg agtgttacag ttttgtacat ggccaattaa      8820
     tacttcatgc tggaagtttc agctagcctg ttagacctac aagggttgga tcagtgagct      8880
     tcaccactgc ccccctcccc cggcatctag tgccttgact ggagtacact aggtacctaa      8940
     tcatatttgt tgaataaatg tattaatagg atcatggatt cattcataca aatctcaaaa      9000
     tgtccagagt atctactggc ttacttgttt tcattccctg tgatctttga aaaaactgac      9060
     agtagaatat gatcttcagc accctagatt ttgaaagctt ctattattcc tttgctgttt      9120
     tacaggaatc ccctgtcatg ttacacaaga gccacaaccc ccctacttct aaaacaatat      9180
     cccgataaaa tacacatgac gtaacgcttg ccgtcttgat catgttaagc atccagttca      9240
     ttatcatcaa gacattgtta ggcatcagat ttttacaact tgcacaaaac tgaaactcta      9300
     cccatgaaac actgctccat ttcaccctct ccaccaagcc tgacaaccat tcttctcttt      9360
     tctacttcac aagttgaact actctagcct ttatataatg ggattctaca gttgtctcat      9420
     agctggtgtg tttcatttag catatatcct cgtttcaatc atattgtaga acccagactt      9480
     catgcagcct catctgggta ctttgcttct ggcacacaat gcctttccac tcaaggctga      9540
     gtaggtaata ttccattgca ttattgtgtc acatcttgtc catctgctta ccagcgaata      9600
     acctttgacc tttggttact gtggataatg atgcatcaac ctaagtgtgc aaagatctcc      9660
     ataaaaatca cgcttgcctg tgatggagag atgactcagc agagaggagt gttttctgtt      9720
     attctagaag attaagtttg gagctcagca tgtaagctgc gtggctcaca actgtctgca      9780
     gttccagctc cattggacct gatgcccact tctggtctct tagcacacca acacacaaag      9840
     gacagacaca caaacacata agacacataa aataagagta atacatcttt taaatgtttt      9900
     gcttggttag catgtgaaaa acctgagctt gatctcctgt acctaaaaaa caaaaacagc      9960
     cccccccccc ccgctttctg aaataagcta ggctcagaag gatacatttg cacactttct     10020
     ctgatatgtg gaatccaggg aggggaaaat atataacata tacaaaaata gatgttggtc     10080
     tacaaatgaa gaggagtgaa aagagagtat tatgggtgtg aatatgatca aagtttataa     10140
     caaacatcca ggaaggaaat gtcatagtaa aacttattat tttgtgccat taatatttgc     10200
     caacaatgtt taaaattttt actttcaatt catgttcctt ttcttaatgt ttctgcttta     10260
     ttgagataga atcataaaat catatcatta agttcaccat gttcaaaaag gatttattta     10320
     tttttatctt atgtgtatga atgcttgcct gaataaatat gtatgtgcat tgtgtgttgc     10380
     ctgtttccca gaagagaata tcagagttcc tggaactgga ggttacactt tgattgtttg     10440
     tctttagttt atgtgtttta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgtatgtgtg     10500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg     10560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcacgcg cgtgcgcgca tatgtgtgtg     10620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtaccaagt gggaagtgcc catgaaagcc aaaagaaggt gtcagatcct     10680
     ctggaactgg aattatagaa acttatgagc caccatatgg gtgccaggaa caaaatctgg     10740
     gtcctctgta agaatagctg atgcttttca ccactaagcc ctctctccat cctctcagtt     10800
     cactgcttcc ttaaaatctc agaactggaa ggtgtaagag ccttacatca ccataataag     10860
     gctcagaggc cagcattaaa ataaaagtct tccaaatgtt ttgatggtct ccattgctaa     10920
     tcaatcagag atgttcattc tgagaagacc agagtctgtg tgggaagcta tctggggcca     10980
     gtgaattgaa gagtgtctag tctaagtctc agaaatcaca cttccctaga cactaaagac     11040
     gaaaactgat agtagaatat ggtcacagac atagaacttt ccccaaaggg gccatatcta     11100
     catggttcaa ctggaagaat ctcggctgga gttggaatat atcttctcca gtctccatta     11160
     gagggatttc cttattgaaa cctgtgctgg tgagttttta agactctgaa atcaccagta     11220
     attattgaga atttgaggtt tttcttgtct aaggaaatgt atcccatcac ttaagatgtg     11280
     gccaaaatag accaaccaga aaagaacttc agaattacta agagaccaaa ctacctaaga     11340
     ggaagtgtta gagagcagtc gtcagtggcc accaagctct ctgttcccat gtccccttgg     11400
     gctatgttat ttaccacctt gtctgtgttt tctctttgcc agttgatcaa tcatctcaaa     11460
     gtccaatcct tccctcacta tctaatctgg cagttggcct cacatgtcat ttacgaatcc     11520
     aagcctaata cttttttcac tgactttatc tcctagcaaa gctgttgtat ggtggaaggg     11580
     ctctgtgtgc cagatgcagg tcacccaaag gaggaagtat gaagcctgga ttctggggct     11640
     agatctgtct ctgactagcc acaagatgga gaagcactag tttcccagat accatctccc     11700
     aagtgtgtaa aatggactta aaaatgacac cttatccact ttgctgggct attgcctagc     11760
     tcaaaagttg ccatctaaat gtgacctcta aaaataacga agctcttcat aactacaaag     11820
     cgctatcaat gctacctcac cagagcaggt atcacggtgc tcctgtggtg cacacaagca     11880
     ctcatgcatg cacacataca gacacacatg cacacgcacg cttaagaatc agaaaacatc     11940
     actccctaac tctgtctcta gcaactagat gatattactc acaggagata taagcatttg     12000
     ttgagcacat accgcttaca tgggcttctc taaacacagc acagaatgca gcactcaatt     12060
     ttatccacca gtggggtagg tatcttgtcc agcggtaagc atcgcctgaa atgcaggcca     12120
     tctttgacca taaatatcct ctcctagaaa tacttctgat atggattctg cattgaccct     12180
     tacctaagaa tcttcacagt gctggcacgg gtggaagaaa cagggtgggc ctaaccccct     12240
     acccacaccc tcccactgta gattacttca ccatgtctta gtgctcttag gaataaagaa     12300
     tatcactcgg atctgaccca ggatgcattt ccctgaaggc caaagactca gactggccag     12360
     ggagatgtcc ctcaggcatt ttctcaccac aataccacct tcatacccac tgcctttcta     12420
     aagatccagc catacatttt cttgataagt caatgtaaaa aaacaaaaca aaagaaaaca     12480
     acagcaacaa caaaacatat gtatgtgtat ggatccatcc tgagtatggt ggtcacacct     12540
     gccattccca tggcattggc tcctctgtca ggcattatgt tacccctttg agccactatt     12600
     gaaccaaatt ctccaacatt gtagattgtc tccaaatcct cctctccaaa ggagaggtac     12660
     ccaataccat tatgtctggg gtcccttctt ccagaatcct cccatctgac tacaaccttc     12720
     ccaagatctt ttccatgtca catggacaag aattaagcgg gatctgaatc catctcaaac     12780
     ttgcatagcc gcacccccaa acatgcccct ggaaaggcag tgagggtagc cgcaccccca     12840
     aacatgcccc tggaaaggca gtgagggact gtaaataagg tcagcccacc tcctccacac     12900
     acaccaatat gagctaacaa gggaacacaa gggggagaag caggtttgaa gtgaataaag     12960
     agaggaccat attaatcgtg gagagtgacg agaggaatgt aggaggaggg gtgatcatga     13020
     atttaagcca ttcttctgtg ctaatgagtc acaagatgac tgagtagcag aagggccacc     13080
     tgtccaccct gccactctgc caagcaggca cacaggttga catctgccac cacactgcac     13140
     caccacgtca ccaggagagc gcagccagac tgcgtggaca cagcctgggt ggcacagaga     13200
     cttccagctc ggtgccctgc tgccctgtct catggggtgt tatacgaagc tggaacaagc     13260
     tgtctctgtg gcaaggagcc agggagcatt tgcttgccac actgcaccca gcgcgaggag     13320
     cacgtggaat gaccatgacc tggaggctat tctctcgctc cagtagcacc tagtgtgggg     13380
     acgaggggag gagttgtcct ctttgaatta ccctgtttcc cacccagacc tggggcgggg     13440
     ccagcctgca catttgctac tcctctaggt gacttgtact ggaatcactt gccaagagag     13500
     aatctagttc cttggaacta ggattaaagc tgtcactcca gagagggtgt gaagactgaa     13560
     aaagccacac actacttatt acaagatcat catgtccttc agtgtcccag tcagaaaaaa     13620
     cacgtggctt tctcagatct cctgctaacc ccgtaggaag gtaagcatgc cagtcatgtc     13680
     cgcagtgcct cagcctctct tccaaaccat cactcagatg ccaagatgct cattctcacg     13740
     cccccaccgc cgataggtga gaaggatagc tgcctgtagt gtttctatag agtccctgtt     13800
     acacagatct gcagggaagg gaaggccatg tcacagatgc agacggagct cagagctcaa     13860
     tggggcattc ctcgttggtt tatatccaaa gggaacaacg gatttagatt tccattccag     13920
     aatctccaca aagtgcagtg cattccctca aatttggggg agttgccagt gtgcgtgcac     13980
     gtgagtgagt gagtgagtga gtgagtgagt gagtgagtga gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt     14040
     gtgtgttata cacacacttt gcacctttaa acaaactttg cacctttaaa caagtcaact     14100
     tactgagctg caggccaggg ctacctgctc tgccagcaac aagccactct cagaagcctt     14160
     gagaattcct gtggccagaa ggtggcctcc tccatgggca ttggtattac agagaaattt     14220
     tagcttctct cgttagtact cgctaaggtt gtaggaggag gatcccaaga gagacaaggg     14280
     agaggtttgc cagtgtgcta cgagaaaggg aaagaataag aatgagggac ctgtgaaagg     14340
     agttggaagt cttgactgca cactcactca tgtgttcatg ttgtatgcat gtgtgatgga     14400
     aggtggagga tgaagcatgt tgagatatga tgaagaaatg atgaagaacc gtctttcatg     14460
     gctttgtttc cctctttccc ctgggactat gggaatggaa caggtttaga aaacaagaga     14520
     gaagaatcaa ccagaaacta gcatctctgt cttagtcagg gtttctattc ctgcacaaac     14580
     atcatgatca agaagcaagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt cggcttatac ttccatgctg     14640
     ctgttcatca ccaaaggaag tcaggactgg aactcaagaa ggtcagggag caggagctga     14700
     tgcagaggcc atggagggat gttctttact ggcttgcctc tcctggcttg ctcagcctgc     14760
     tctcttataa aaccaagact accagcccag agatggtccc acccacaagg ggcctttccc     14820
     ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac agttggatct catggaggca tttcctcaac     14880
     tgaagctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa ctagccagta     14940
     caattgaccc cttgtcaact tgacacacaa aaacatcact agtaagcctc aacctttaca     15000
     atcttattca tcctcaagat ctaaataact ttaaaagtcc cacagtcttt acatattctt     15060
     aaaatttcaa tctcttaaaa ttcaaagtct ttttacaatt aaaagtctct ttaactgtgg     15120
     gctccactaa aacagtttct tccttcaaga gggaaaatat cagggcacag tcacaatcaa     15180
     aagcaaaagt caatctccaa ccgtccaatg tctgggatcc aactcacgat cttctgggct     15240
     cctccaaggg cttgggtcac ttctccagcc aggccctttg tagcacacgc gtcatcctct     15300
     aggctccaga tgcctgtact ccactgctgc tgctgctctt ggtggtcatc tcatggtact     15360
     ggcatctcca aaacactgta tgaccccttc agccctgggc cttcaattgc aactgaggct     15420
     gcaccttcac caatggcctt ccatggcctc tcacagtgcc gagcctcagc tgctttgcgt     15480
     gaccccttca tgccttcaaa accagtacca cctgggtgac ccttacatat taccaagtcc     15540
     tgcagcagca ggagtacaac cttggccatc tctggaacac agcctctttg tgctttcaga     15600
     aaacacttcc cagaagatgt cacctcaatg atgctggtct cttcttaatc accgctaatt     15660
     tcttagctcc agctaaccag catcaatagt cccagtaatg caaagttttt gctttggtag     15720
     ttctggtatc ttgttaatca cagctgattc ttcagcccca gctaaccaga actacagaat     15780
     cttcacaatc aaaacagcaa tggccctgaa aagagtcttt aatttttccc tctgaaattt     15840
     cacaaaccag acctccatct tctgcagtgt tctcaacatt atcttccaag ctcctacaca     15900
     acatctgaca gagcttttaa caatggatgg atcttcaagc ccaaagttcc aaagtccttc     15960
     cacagtcctc cccaaaacat ggtcaggttg tcacaggaat accccactct gctggtacca     16020
     atttgtctta gtcagggttt ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgatcaagaa gcaagttggg     16080
     gaggaaaggg tttattcggc ttatacttcc atgctgctgt tcatcaccaa aggaagtcag     16140
     gactggaact caagaaggtc agggagcagg agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc     16200
     tttactggct tgcctctcct ggcttgctca gcctgctctc ttataaaacc aagactacca     16260
     gcccagagat ggtcccaccc acaaggggcc tttccccctt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg     16320
     ccttacagtt ggatctcatg gaggcatttc ctcaactgaa gctcctttct ctgtgataac     16380
     tccagctgtg tcaagttgac acaaaactag ccagtacaat ctctttaccc tcagatggta     16440
     caacttcatt ctcttgagct agacatggcc aaaagtaata gagttcgata gtaattgaag     16500
     aagctacaaa ttttatgaag tctggtgaaa aaaaaaagtg gggctcttgt tgaaaaagaa     16560
     ggggaaggaa cgtggtgcca ttaagggcag taagctaatg ctcggaggtg aatcagctgg     16620
     tgaacgggtc agcctcccat gagaacccga gctcagtccc cagagctcat gtaaaaatct     16680
     gggtatagta ttggttttta gatacatttt tgttttctaa tgatagagag aaacagtatg     16740
     gatttgggtg agaggggtgg ggagaggatt tacttcatct ggaaaaactg ccttccaaga     16800
     attgttacaa agatatttgg ctgcctccaa ggttgctaac attgaccccg caagctagca     16860
     gggacccaac gaccccatgc tgacacaaaa ccagggtcct acccatgtga acaactaaac     16920
     attgtcttta ctaacacccc agcagagggt atggatactt gctggttatg tgtacatctt     16980
     caggctgggg agcagctttt cctactctca cagagaaata atttggaact taaacacatg     17040
     gttgcatatg caaacttcag gccagattat gaggttgagt agtagtaaaa atgaccttgg     17100
     ccaagaaaca gaactttgtt ggccagaaag tatgtcattt gtatcagtgt atgccccata     17160
     aatgtggtat gatggctata cttggttgtc aatttgactg catatggaat tcactaaaat     17220
     ctcccaaatg gctgggcata cctgtgagga attttttgct taattaaatt attagaagtg     17280
     gaacaatcca cttctaacct ggatctctga ggtgggaaga ctcatatcta acatgggcta     17340
     tatcatctcc tggaagccta tataaaagac atggaagaag gaagccttgt tctttgctgg     17400
     attgctctta ccctcactag caagtccatt ctttcatcag aatatatttc ttcaggattc     17460
     aagaatataa tgaagaccag ctgagacctc tagcttcatg aactgaacaa ctactagatt     17520
     ctgaaccttt tattcacaga cagcacacac acacacacac acacacacac atgtatgtgt     17580
     gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atacatatat atagagatct acataaaatt     17640
     tctgtacaaa tatatgaatt tacaaagagt ttttatatgc atatatgtat atataaatat     17700
     agagagacat atgccataga catacacata tatagacata tagagagaca tatgtatata     17760
     tggagataga gattcattct ataagttttg ttactctaga gaaccttgac tgatacatgt     17820
     ggctactctc cttttgagtt catggttgct gcccatctcc actgctccca aaggatcagg     17880
     gggcttctga gactatggac acacctacct ccagcaattc ttgaaagact tgaccaacct     17940
     gaacaaagca ttgctcatca actcaaatta tgctctactc taacaatcca gggtcccaca     18000
     aatccccaac acctaggaga ttgggttgaa gaagaagggg aagaagaatt gtagaaacca     18060
     gaggcgtcaa ggacagcaca gaaaaactca cagaatcaac tgacatgggc tcaaagattc     18120
     aggattctcc aagctctgcc taatgtttgg cttgggtgct tgtttccatc agttcttggg     18180
     taaagcctct ctgaggacga ctgggccagg ctccagtcta taagtatagc agaatatcat     18240
     taggaataat tttgattgtt gttggttggt tggttggttg gttggttggt tggttggttt     18300
     gctgttgcca ttattgttgt tgttgccact cgtgtttgat tctatctctg ggttattcag     18360
     cctctggttc cttgccatct aggcagtgtc agggatgggt tccctctcat ggcatgggtc     18420
     acaagataga ccagacattg agtggccatt ccctcaattt ctgttccatc ttaactccaa     18480
     cacatcttgc aggcaggaca aactattgaa agttttacgg ctgggttggt tttccaatgc     18540
     cttcactaga agccttgctt gtttaccgga catgaacagt tcaggctcca taccccctca     18600
     ttactaagag tcttaggtag ggtcaccctc ctagattctt gggagtttcc attgcactag     18660
     gtttgtatct caccctaaaa tgcctcccaa aagaagtcat ctttcccagg accatctcct     18720
     ttcatcctcc cccatcctga acccttctgt tcccatcccc acattcctca agtccacctt     18780
     caatatgtgt tcttattagt aaatgtagga ctgttggata tgcttacatg caagccaggt     18840
     cacttatgct ggagtagaga tgactaacca aagcctaact aacaacacaa agggagcata     18900
     tgtaattagt cctcctgttc aggtaatagg aaaagtccaa tatgtgggaa ataaaacaag     18960
     ctgtatgcag ctagatttta aaaaataaaa taatatagta cttcctaata gtacatattc     19020
     catctgcccc aagggtattt atacctgcta tcaaggagat acttgaagac taatattatt     19080
     ggcccccaac ttagaagtac tctcagggaa ggagatacag ctcctgttgt atccctcaga     19140
     ttcaagaact aatagagccc ctgtgccttt cctacacctt ccaggaacag ccccatcagg     19200
     gtccatgact accagttcca ttgcaatagg tatccaacaa aatcagcata gacagctctc     19260
     tattacacta tcagtcggga atcatatgag taaaggccaa aaagttattc aaagggatta     19320
     aggctggagg tacaaatgag agccaacaga tgatatgcca agagtacctg ctcatttctt     19380
     caatatcgat taataatatg ttatgaaagt gaagaggaga gaatgaaata gagtaagttg     19440
     agaaaaccaa tcattacacc ccgatttatt gattttttta agtgatttac gtaaagcact     19500
     actgtgctgc ctgtttgcca accatgacgt cacttgctac ctaaacagaa tgatctgggg     19560
     aaactgataa aacaatgggt ggttggcctt gaggacctga tgactgagta tatttctgta     19620
     aaatcttgct tgctcgtccg ccccaccttg tagctttaga gtataaaagg agaatacaca     19680
     ctggacctga gagcaaggcc ttgcaggagc tttcctggct ctgttgtact ggtgcatctc     19740
     accatatttt cactggtgta ggagtgctta ttcagaatag ttcccgtgat gaacgtacgt     19800
     cacagggagt gagctttgag agtcaagacc acagtacact tagagtttgt catctctgct     19860
     tcctgctcgt ggttcaaggc aagagctttc agcttactgc tccagctgat atgcttgccg     19920
     ccggctacca tgctgttctg accatcatgg actcttatcc ctctggaacc ctaagtcaaa     19980
     ataaactctt ctttaagttg ggcatggtat tttatcacag cgacagaaaa gtaaccaata     20040
     cctagcttga atggcaagct tggtctgcct gtattatcag catctttcca caaatcctta     20100
     cttaggactc tccctgaact cccatctatt aatgagctgt ggaaagcctg tacttacaaa     20160
     cattgccaag agcccatgca aacacaggag caaggagtga cagacacgtg tctttcccat     20220
     actgttgttc acacgcatgc tctattgtct catggaactt ttgttgttgt tattgttttc     20280
     tgaaattcac tctgtaagtc agcctggtct caaacagaga tctgccttcc tctgccacca     20340
     gaattctggg attaaaggtg tgtgtcacca ccacccagct ggacttttct taacacaaat     20400
     tcaaatatat tttcaagttg ccaacagcag agcataaacc aaacactgaa cacttctgaa     20460
     tgtggatctc tgggtgatca cacaggtaaa aaaacccata aagcaagggt aagcaactgc     20520
     ttcctgactg gacctgaggc tcactctcag ggagagaata aatgttctct tttttttttt     20580
     ttctctaaaa aacgcaggca cagacatatg ccttcatgac ttatgagtac taagtgcatt     20640
     aagacttttt tatgatacaa caatcataaa aatcataaaa ataggagaag aaataagagc     20700
     atcggaagat aaaacaaggc ccttcaagta acaggcccca ttgtaatgga cggaggacac     20760
     ctaaaaacag tcttgtcaag ctcaagttac tcacacacat aacaacagag tgatgaactg     20820
     tcacctgact tgctgtgata agtggtgtaa gacaggtagg gcagaggcta taaagagact     20880
     gcattcaata tctcctgagg aacagacata gtcattacac agcaggcagg tcctaatggg     20940
     gaaatgttgt gacctacact tccctctaga gggagctcaa ggtcttctcc gatgatatca     21000
     tgaaggaact tttgtctttc cagtgagaag agtaggcacc ttagaattgg cttaaggcgg     21060
     gtggctggcc catccctcaa caggggacag tgcctatcca ctggatatgg tttctatagg     21120
     ttctatctcc cctttgttgg gtatttcggc taaagtcttc cctgttaggt ccctgctatc     21180
     tgggactttc tagtgactac ccccagttcc ccctccccca ctgctataca cctattttca     21240
     aattcctgac cctctgtact tctcccccat ttcctcccag atctgaactg acttcctttc     21300
     tctccccctc ctctctctct cccagatccc tctctccctc tacttccgat tattctcttc     21360
     cccctactga gaagtactgt agcatccaca ctttggtgtg atcatctttc ttcttcagtt     21420
     tcatatggtc ggtgagttgt atcatgggta ttctgagctt ctttttttgg ctaacatcca     21480
     cttataagtg agtacatatc atgtgtgttc tttttgtgac tgggttacct cacacaggat     21540
     gatattttca agttctatcc atttgcctaa aagtttcatg aagtcattgt ttttaatagc     21600
     tgagtagtac tccattgtat aaatgtacca cattttctgt atccgttcct ctgttgaggg     21660
     acatctgggt tctttccagc ttctggcttt tatagataag gcatgaacat agtggagcat     21720
     gtatccttat tatatgttag agcatctttt gggtatatgc ccagaagtgg tatagctggg     21780
     tcctcaggta atactatttc caattttctg aggaaccgcc aaactgattt ccggagtggt     21840
     tgtaccagct tgcaatctca ccagcagcca ggcatggtgg cacatgcctt taatcccagc     21900
     actcgtgaag cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttccaggc cagcctggtc tacaaattga     21960
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaaaaa atctcaccag     22020
     caatggagga gtgttcctcc ctctccacat cctcaccagc atctgctgtc acctgagttt     22080
     ttgatcttag ccattctgac tggtgtgagg tggaatctca aggttgtttt gatttgtatt     22140
     tccctgatga ctaaggatat tgaacatgtc tttaggtgct tctcggccat tcgatattcc     22200
     tcagttgaaa attctttgtt tagctcttta ccccattttt taatagggtt gtttggttct     22260
     ctggagtcta acttcttgag atctttgtat atattagata ttagccctct atcagatgta     22320
     ggattggtaa agatctttac ccaatctatg gattgctact ttgtcctatc aacaatgtcc     22380
     ttcactttac agaagctttt caattttatg aggtcccatt tgtcaattct tgatctcaaa     22440
     gcataagcca ttggtgttct gttcaggaaa ttttcccctg tgcccatgtg ttcgaatttc     22500
     tttctcacgt tctcttctat ttgattcatc atatccaccc acctcaaaaa aaaataatct     22560
     agaactcctc cagtcaaaag gaactgcagg gacaaagcag caactgaggg aaaggccatc     22620
     cagagacttc cccacttagg gatccatttc atctgctgac accaaaccca gacactattg     22680
     ctgatgccta gaagtgctta ctggcaggag gctggtatag ctatcccctg agaggctctg     22740
     ccagagcctt accagtacag atgtggatgt acacaaacat tggaccaagc ttggggacct     22800
     caacggggaa gttagggcaa ggactgtagg agctgaagga gtgtgcaacc ccataggaag     22860
     aacaacaata tcaaccaacc agacccttca gaactcccag ggactaacta aaccaccaaa     22920
     caaaaagtac aaaaagggta cccatggctc cagctgatat gtagcagagg attgtctgat     22980
     cactgggagg ggagcccctt ggtcctgtgg aggcttgatg acccagggta ggggaaggct     23040
     agggcactga ggcaagagtg ggtgggctgg tgggggagca ccctcattga ggcaggcgga     23100
     aggagaaggg gaaaggcggg cttgtggagg ggaaactggg aaggggagag catttgaaat     23160
     gtaaataaat aaaacaacca ataaaaaaat taaaaagtaa aaaaattggc ttaaggctct     23220
     ggtgtctgct ggtcttggga aatctcttct ttcagatgtt tggttttgga ttgctcctca     23280
     ctccgttccc atggtgctgg cacatgcagg tagcaggcac atgctgctac taatctggct     23340
     ctcctgagcc ttgaaaaagc tgctgttcca cttagaagac taagcaagaa ccagagtgca     23400
     gcctcttggg cagaaaaata cacatctagg aaatgttttg agcttaagac agattataac     23460
     atggtttggg gtgaggtttc ttttgttttg ttttggttgt ttagttttgt ttttgtaact     23520
     tgtcttgtgt ttttgctttt tgtttgcttg ctttctaaat tctaaatgat ggtgtttgcc     23580
     aaggtactga gaggaaatgg caggatggag ttcagaagtt tgagactgaa acatatccat     23640
     ggctccacag tcaacagaag gttctagatt ttgctttcac taatgtttca ttactatacc     23700
     ctggatctga agttgcaaaa ctctcctgaa tcttggaaaa tcctgcatga gggatgtgct     23760
     gaaatttctc ttattcacaa aagcaagtat attccattgg aagatatttc cctggttcct     23820
     aaattaagcc tcattttcat ctcttgcacc ttttcatatt tataaactta cggttgtaca     23880
     gtctagaata gaaggagtcc tacggtagtt tctggctatc ttgatggaaa gcgaaagaat     23940
     tttctagagt tgtctcaccc tcttccccaa agtgacacag gacctaagtt tgatttaaat     24000
     gtagttttcc cttgtcaatt catgaatcaa actgtctagg gatggtatga agaaatccag     24060
     acctgaagga agcagtggct aggaaattca cctgtttaac aaggaatttc aattggttcc     24120
     ttgctgtatg aaccaaaatg gctatgccta tgcctccatg ccctttgttt tgtttatatt     24180
     ttgtttgctg gggaagccga ttctgttgga tatcagtgtt ctgaaacaac ccagtcactg     24240
     tacatgagaa atgacttcaa tgacaatgca gctggactga agagaaagca gatccagctt     24300
     tacccagagt gcaatttact gagaagtgtg attttgctcc cagaggtgtg atttggggaa     24360
     gcagaaagat ctggtaaact cttacagttt ggatcagaaa gaggtattta ttagttagga     24420
     caaaggtaac ttcatcttac ccataatgta cctggtttac attagctaat ataaatgagt     24480
     cagggacatt cctggtacta ctctctatat aatgctaaca gattaggata gatgatagat     24540
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agattatagt gacaattttg     24600
     gaattttgtt ttctttaaaa gcacagaaat attataagaa tatgtgtttt aatcttagtt     24660
     gtgggatatg gggctgcttc agattattca cagcagttga ctctgattgg cctcatgctg     24720
     tagcaaggat gtgattttac cagtgacaaa tagtttctgc ggttatgtaa catttggaat     24780
     tcaaagggct tttcagggat tatataaagg ctaaggccct gggtgtggac atattgttgt     24840
     tgggttggtt gatggttgct gttggtcaca gggtgtcttc tattcctgga caaaacatca     24900
     cgaccaagaa gcagttgggg aggaaagggt ttattcagct tacacttcca tactgctctt     24960
     catcaccaag gaagtcagga ctggaactca agcaggtcag acagcaggag ctgatgcaga     25020
     ggccatggaa ggatgttctt tactggcttg cttcccctgg cttgctcagt ttgctttctt     25080
     atagaaccta agactaccag cccagagatg gcaccaccca caaggggacc tccccacttg     25140
     atcactaact gagaaaatgc cttacagctg gatctcgtgg agtcatttcc ccaactgaag     25200
     ctcctttctc tgtgataact tcagcctgtg tcaagttgac acaaaactag ccagtacata     25260
     gggtgtgtta agtagctgtg cacaaagaag aaagaagtaa ttagatatcc tgaaggccaa     25320
     gaccacattg ttccctttcc tttctatcct tttatttctc tcctttctag tattagaggg     25380
     ttgaaagggg gagaagggtg gaagaaagaa gaagaatcca caaagtagca aaagatggct     25440
     taaaatagtt ttctggggaa aagctgactg tggctacaga gacaacggca gtgttgtgat     25500
     tcaccgtggc tccggtcatg taaggctgaa tccatacaac cagccacaag gcagtgcctt     25560
     ggatatttgc caagcagact accaggaagt aatattgaaa gaacttgcta tgtatgaggt     25620
     gctgtatgag gcaaattgtc ccagagtaat tagtggaagg tctagataga gaaggtctca     25680
     tcttgtagaa agctttgtac agcgaatcac ctaactcatc aagataatca aggacattag     25740
     cttctttaag cttgaaatac agtttcaacc atgggtcttc aaaattctct gagctctcca     25800
     ggagggagag aatctggaga ggtttcagta gtcgaaggtg ctggtgaatc aacaagccaa     25860
     ctccagattt ttaaaagatt catccttata cttctgctcc tctagaaccc ctcccagtac     25920
     caacttctgt attagtcagg gttctctaga gtcacaaaac ttatgggtaa tctctatata     25980
     gtaaaggaat ttgttgatga cttacagtct gcagtctgac tcccaacaat ggtcagcagc     26040
     agctgtgaat ggaagtccaa ggatctagaa gttgctcagt cccacaaagc aatcaaggca     26100
     aaggagagaa aaaatgtctt ccttcttcca gtgtccttat gtaagtctcc agcagaaagt     26160
     gtagcccaga ttaaaggtct gtgccaccat gtctttaatc ccagatgacc ttgaactcaa     26220
     agatctccct gtcttaatct tctggaatcc atagccacta tgcctgaaga tctccacacc     26280
     aagatccagg tcagaaattt ctatcttcca gcctccagat tagggtcact ggtgagcctt     26340
     ccaattctgg attgtagttc attccaaata tagtcaagtt gacaaccagg aatagccact     26400
     acaccctctc gttccccacc tcttcttgtt tttgcaatta atattatatc ttgcagaaat     26460
     tcccatgaac ccatatagca agcgattgtc ctcttacctt gatttctagc acaaatgtgg     26520
     ttttctttct acttttatat ttaatggttg gaactgagga aatttgtatc catgtagaag     26580
     aggctagatg actatgttgg tctcagtttt tgtacagata tttccttcac atctccttct     26640
     gaggctcact cagggttcag aacattgtca ccttccttaa acatttctgt cacacttaga     26700
     atataatacc aactccataa ggggcctaaa agagcttgct ctgccttccc cttcttatgg     26760
     ttctccttca ctctaacctt attctcctta aatagtccag aaagtatata cctcaggatc     26820
     tcatagcagt tgctggtctc cctgcctggg aacttaaact ttatattttc acatggttca     26880
     ctcacccatc tcattcatag ccctgtataa ctgttattcc agagctgcct tcttaattca     26940
     gtatcagaaa cagccgacaa gctgtccaca catcttagga gatgtgcccc actttaatag     27000
     cactcagagc tatctaagct cagttttcct gcctcccttg tagaatgatg ctctccctgg     27060
     tagaaaagct gggaccagaa cttaatggcc actgtgatct aatgctgcca ctcccctttg     27120
     cctatctgat agaagtatgt tctttgatat gagaaagggc ctaactggcc agatgtggtc     27180
     cagggatgtc tccttctgtt ataggaatag gtctaattga tggtcttagc atttctccag     27240
     caacctaaaa cttttattac aggtgtacat ttcctgctct ttttagaaag tctggtcagt     27300
     agctactcat tcttgagtgg ccatttatag tctaaagtct actttgtgta cctcgggatt     27360
     tcctaagcaa ctttagcaga tccgttgtaa catctatcta ctgtacttac ttccttttat     27420
     gtcaatagag attctgaaga cctaaggggt cctgcaagca catcactggg ttgagactgc     27480
     cactcactca gaaccaggtt tgtattgttg cttcttggga aatacttgag gctggctgag     27540
     aacatcactt gggaaccttg aacttaaaag ctggggtcct tcacccttct tcccacaatc     27600
     ctacaaactc ctcatacatg gactgtgctg aaacacacct ttgaacatgt ttttccctgg     27660
     gaggtaactt gtgaaggatg tgctcttaac acatttctgg ttcttttgtc cctgggtaaa     27720
     gctgttaaaa gccagggaca gggtaagact tttataattg aaagcaactt caaagctgtg     27780
     tgggggtggt atactccttt aactccagca cttgggtggc agaggcaaga ggatctctga     27840
     gttcaaggcc agtctggtct acagagttcc aggacagtca gggctacaaa gaaaaaccct     27900
     gtctcaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa gacaagcaac ttcaagtaag cagctataca     27960
     ttgacaaaat taatcaatag acttttgcag ccaaaaaatg tgatcgatag tgtgtttcac     28020
     cgattgatta cctggctggg ttttaaaacc tttcctctcc cctcctcctt ttccctaaac     28080
     ctgtcctttc atgtaaaaca atcactagag aaggtatgaa ccaaccaata gatatgatca     28140
     tagtgtctcc ttgacctttt aagaaggctt ccagagatga cttgaaattt catgaaaaat     28200
     atgcaaaacc aaacttttca tttttgcaga tccaaaaatc actacactga aaccctcata     28260
     gaaatcaaga ttgaaaacca gagcttcctc atcaggtatc taggtataag cagtgttgac     28320
     ttggcaatca ggtgacaaag cattctccca ttccctaaaa ctttatagta ggtattagcg     28380
     ggcacccaaa tctttttctt tccacagaga aacctcttgc aactgacctt ctagcagtta     28440
     agcaaggctg ggtgctttgt tctgaaacaa agatctgttt atctctttta gccttaatta     28500
     attggccatg aaagattcag gttcctgata agacagttag aacatagtgg aaggaacatt     28560
     cctcaacagg tatatagaag atgcctgctg taaagtcacc cagatccgta ctaggttttg     28620
     gtggcagtta gaaacaggct ttactgtggt accactgaga tgttggcatg tggtcacagc     28680
     acaccatggt ttatgttggc ctatagaagt ggtagctgag gagggactga aaggatagcc     28740
     accttgacac acatactgag atttggcaac cataagcaga agcaagaaag gagccccttc     28800
     cccttgctct gcatgattac ttggcatgca gagtcaaaac agagcaagag gtggaaacgt     28860
     aagctagctg ctgtgtaatg attacaacta ggaagcgtct ctatgaattc aaagatgtac     28920
     tttttttttt tcagactcct aggaatattt gagtgagttt tgggaggttt tgattcaacc     28980
     caaagtaaat tatcttcaaa acagtaatag tctactgtct cgaaataaaa tatgaagtct     29040
     attaatggaa gacttccgtg ggccacgtta tccttagcaa cagaacatct cctaggaaca     29100
     tcagaagcta cacctataaa atagaagtgt gactacccaa atgtgagcta aacagagagg     29160
     acgtcaatga atgtgtcata ctgcactaga aaagacctca accctacaca aagaactaca     29220
     ggcaactgtg taatgctaga agcaggagtg ggggcccccc ctcaagaaga ccataccaac     29280
     tggttgtcca gagccaaata tcactgaaaa catacatatg agtaacatta tatgaactca     29340
     gcaggttatg tttggaaata tatatgtata tataaatgca tgtatgcatg caataacaat     29400
     tgatggaaaa agagaccata aatctgaata ggggaccata tgggaaattt tagagtgggg     29460
     aaaaggaggg agaaatgtaa ttaaaataca atctcaaaaa ggaacaaaca aaaaagagta     29520
     gcagagttac ctaaatcacc taaaattttg gtaatttgaa ttgattcata gtctgtaccc     29580
     tgtgatccgg atgcccccaa aatgagtttc agtaaaccta ctgtaagcat acccagaaaa     29640
     caatggatgt aagacaagct caaccaagcg cctttaatat aagatcagaa agaaacctgt     29700
     gctaaaggct aatgatacaa ttctgaattt tagtgtatgt ctgcattaga atgaaaacta     29760
     atgattttag tatgacaata agggatttga ctgaaacagc tcttcccatg gtgctatttg     29820
     ttaaaatcaa tggttaatat ttaattcctc caaggatctt ctctttcaaa gactggagta     29880
     tattcctgaa gactgggaca tttagctaac agtctaacaa gacaggaaga aagaagaaaa     29940
     aaaaggaaag aaaggaagga aggaagaaga agaaggaagc aaggaaggga agaaatagaa     30000
     agtgtgagcc atctgactgg atgtttctaa cagtatgcaa gcattcatta agatgaaaat     30060
     gctaaactaa attttacctg tgtttgtttg ctgtatttcc ttgaagaata atatataatc     30120
     tataatcgct cagttatgac acacagatgt tattgatttc aattacataa ctttaaagac     30180
     atggacatta gtatggttag gatcttaagt gtctgccaaa aatgtttgtg ctagaagctt     30240
     ggctgccagc ctgtagcact aggggatggg ggatacttct aggaaattgt cctgggggaa     30300
     gtgggagtca gaaaattgag agtgtgtcct tgaagggata gtgggacccc agggtgctgc     30360
     cattcttctg gctgccatga agtcagcaga ccattgtgtg ttacattacc acaggcccga     30420
     ggcaacagag ctgaccagcc agaagctaga caccctgaaa ctatgagcct aaataaactt     30480
     tctgtctttt aaagtttatc atatcgagca ttttgtctca gtgatggaaa gctgtatttc     30540
     ccttcttttg ttccaaagaa ggaatactcc acgtgtgtgt ctatggagaa gtcagaggct     30600
     agtctctttc atcaaagcag tcacaggaca ggaagcccac cagaagccaa actttcacag     30660
     aagcctgata gctgtgcatt tttgacatat ttgaactaca gacatacctc attgagaaag     30720
     acaagaggaa ttgaatacgc atgttgctag agagaaatcc acatatactg gctggcttgc     30780
     caaagggcac agtagtagtt tcttccctga ttagagtaat actagaaaaa gaaggcccca     30840
     cttctataaa taatgtgcta ttaggaaaat cctgatttcg tgtattttgc acccaggagc     30900
     attagaaatg attctgattt ttacagaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaatg     30960
     tatatatctg gccacttaaa cactggtaac tgattttgct gtttcttaaa aagaactctt     31020
     ttaaaaatgt atcttttttt ttactacagt gcacccagag aatacaaatt tgacaggatg     31080
     gctctaattc accttagatg ctcacctcct ttagaaaaat ttatttaatt ggtaacataa     31140
     tttgaagggg agaaatttta gtcaaaactg ataactatga ggtgttttct attcactaca     31200
     atgcactgtg agttatagca aacacagcat ggtataaagt tgggtattta atccatagga     31260
     accctgtagg catatcaatc ccaggtatgt ttgcttatta aagggaacaa atttccaggt     31320
     tggaaaacct ttggaatggg taaaaaatta atcagaagtg tggtataact agagaataaa     31380
     ggtacttaat aaattagtgc tacagcggtg atgtgttgtg ccttgcttgc cgttatagac     31440
     aaatttcctt ggaattgaaa cattccatcc aggagggaaa agtgaagact catgagactc     31500
     aggaggcaaa caaactgccc ctgtctggga aagctgaaac ttgcaagatt ccagaaggtt     31560
     ccttccaagt tctatagagg cagtgaacag ctgctgtggg aggagactct gtacagctaa     31620
     tctgcctcca agtagtacag agaggtccag ggacatagcc tccatcatct gtattggggt     31680
     ttctggtgag ttagctgatt ttgagtcatc atcagtattc ctattagtaa ccccccccca     31740
     aaaaaataaa aacccattgg ctcacaaaga taacagagat aaaatattga aggttcaatt     31800
     gaccaagctt gttctggggc tgggaaataa tcccctcagg gaaaaaaatt atgtggacat     31860
     ttggtacttt gctgcaaagt agcatgttag aggtgaaaat tgtttgctta gtttggggct     31920
     atcccagaca ccagacttgg ctgagggaga gagaatatga gtgactatag accctggatg     31980
     gggtacaacc aggaccagaa atacagccat cccccttggt ctcaaaccaa atcaaacagc     32040
     ttgagctgat ctcaccaagt ccatgggatg gggagaaagc acaaaggtcc catagaggta     32100
     actcaagacg aggaagccag acaatcaata gaaatgatta aaccttttag tgctgtgtta     32160
     gcctttacta atgtgatttt agtgttctct tggctgatta actcccaaac taatttatat     32220
     tcacttagaa tgtcagtctt ggacctttca agcaatccta ccaagattat gttcaatttc     32280
     ccactatgtg tcatgttata gtgacccagg cctttctttg ttatcctgtc caacctctgt     32340
     tccattacag agatggtgta aacctaaccc gagtgttttt gcagatttag aaaagtacct     32400
     aaataacata cagaggtatt gcgattcttg gctgtactgt caacttgctg caaattatta     32460
     tcacccactt agggagcctt ccctgaagaa ctgccctggt tgcttaactg atgtgggaag     32520
     acccaccctg agtgagtgca gagtatgggt ggctccttat ggtagcattc cagacagaac     32580
     agagcagaaa ggagattatt caccttccgt ggccttccct cttgctggct agttgatgga     32640
     tccagatgct actgctgcag ctcacatcac tgattctaga accagcgttt ccaggcttcc     32700
     atcactgact aaggaccagc agcagcctgg gaacatttca aattctaaga gccacattgg     32760
     gtctgtggag gtacccaacc ttgtgggctg agccactgct ggctgccagc cccttgggag     32820
     tgagacagga actgtaggac taactactct gccagctgaa gcacgtaggc ccaaggacca     32880
     agtagctgct tagctctcag tctcctcgaa cttgcgtttc agacagctgt cattactatt     32940
     ttagcatagg ctgagttaat aaacttcact atatgttcag cctgccagct ctgcttctct     33000
     agaagaacca cagctaatat atgcacccaa aggaatgaaa acagaagatc cattcacagg     33060
     gtgcaaggaa gggtaaggca tagctgtaaa ataccaaaaa atattatggt ctggtaattt     33120
     tatgatacct gacaaagtta ttgagagaat tctaccacag cctgtgccta taaatgtgaa     33180
     ggtgctgcag ctataagtag ggaacctgag atattggcat attttcatat gccatcttgc     33240
     ccaagttgtc tgccgtttgt aatcttttaa agctcaagag gtttatgaac aggctaagat     33300
     ctttgtgggg ctggttaaaa agcaatgtgc cctcattgcc taatggagac aacagttgtg     33360
     gacagggcac atacatacac caacttgccc agtaagatac taacagatga attatatagg     33420
     gtccatgcct gtcagtgagg ggtacaaata caccttcatc tgagtggaca ctaccatggg     33480
     ccatctacaa gcatttccat gcaagctagt aacaggggaa gccactataa gccactatca     33540
     gggatctcac cgaactccat gacatgaacg gacactcacg gagaactgcc agtgacaggg     33600
     gtaatcactg cacagcactg atgcacagag ctgggctgaa gacaaccaaa tgcaatgata     33660
     cttccggtac cttataacgt accttacaac ctcctgggtc tggtttaggt tgttgttgtt     33720
     tttttttttt ttcaacagag tcactgagac aacagctaat gaatttagga agcacactaa     33780
     acaaatggaa acaggctctc ccaaaggcta taaagatgtt aaatgaaaac tggcccagtg     33840
     ccagaagcag gctagctccc tatggatggt tagctagaga tgcccctggt gcctcacaaa     33900
     cattctaaag gctatcatca ccacggttag tggcattaca gacctagata gtaaacccct     33960
     attactgaag acacctcatg ctttggcttt ggagcctgga tggtaaagcc gggactaagc     34020
     tggaagctcc atccttactg gttggttttc acagtgccac aaggcggttg gtatttggta     34080
     tacgggcttc tgggggagaa atgtcactaa cattcccgct tggctatgga ccctacatgc     34140
     tgaagtaaag aaggcataca gaatgtgcct acttgtgtaa tcgtagcaag acatcaggag     34200
     tacaatccag ttttcgaatg gatttaagac cagctccatt ggaggcagtt ctcgggtatt     34260
     gtaagccagg gcaaaaacct gtgtctgcac aggtcacagg cccagtgccg ggagtcacag     34320
     ggattgtttg ataaatggat atggtatgcc tatcaaaatg ccttccaaac acttatgctt     34380
     acacccatac atctctgttg ctgtcctctg aaatcagtta tggaaggaaa tagatggcaa     34440
     tagatggcat ataatagaga cacctaacca ctgctgacgc ctaaaaggca gagactattg     34500
     ctgtggcata gaggcccagt gcttagccac atacagacat ctctatcatc ctctccaagg     34560
     ctcagagagt attgtcaaac aggaagctgg agagaatgat aagagtcaga agaggtggag     34620
     gcctgttcaa cagttttctc caaactgaaa catttcttta gagaagcgag gtggagggtg     34680
     gggacaggat cattaggctc aggaggaaaa cgaagttccc tgtttgggaa agctgaaacc     34740
     tgtaagattt aggagcacca ttctccagtt tatgggagca gtaaacgact cctggggtag     34800
     gaacctggcc agcagagctg tgtgagaggt ctcttggacc cgcaagctgt gcgagagctc     34860
     tagggatgcc aggaaccccc tctcttgagt tgtctgtcac tcatgttggg tgggcttctc     34920
     tgagatgcaa ctgcttttga gtcacttaaa aaaaaactaa ctagatttat tttatatatg     34980
     tgagtacact gtcactgtct tttttcacac caaaaggcac atcggatccc atttcagatg     35040
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaattcaga acctctggaa gagcagtgtt     35100
     cttaaatgct gagccgtctt tccagtccct tttgagtcat tcttatacga gtaagtagct     35160
     catcacctat actcctgtta gtgaccccaa tcaaaaatca ttgtttcacc aagtgcaatt     35220
     actttggctt gtgggttcca tttctgggct gatgaggtta atggatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tgtgtctcct caggaaaact     35340
     gcacacaaca gatatcatcc cagtatctga actggaacgt cactgtgtaa ttttctaata     35400
     tcatttgcaa cccacagaaa cattatataa aagaaaatga ttcccaacaa aagcatcttt     35460
     ggagaaatat ctgaaaactc aaaagcaaat gatgaagtta ccaaaaagaa ccaaggaaca     35520
     gatgccgtaa gtaggaacag gatagcttta agctgtcgaa aaagatgaca gcagagatgc     35580
     tgtgtgaggc gctctctcca cagtcataca cacacttctg tgtcctacac tcttacatca     35640
     tacgtctctt ctataggccc cactgccatg caatctgcgg aatcagagaa tgcaaaggac     35700
     tgtccacgtt ctgcaaaaat aattaacttg ctacaacctg ttctcagacc tgattctatc     35760
     tgaactctgc acacactggc tttgcgtcct gctatcctca aactcgaagg aactggcttt     35820
     ctttcaggtc cttgaaaagt ctatagtagt tgttatttca agaccactgc attgtctgca     35880
     aagcttttcc cttggctacc atcttcccat atatttaatg taagttcaat ttaaacccac     35940
     cccgtcactt cctggtcaat gtatcataca acccacttcc tgcatgtttc ttagtcactg     36000
     ctggaaattc ttgtttgctg tctcagtttc tgccttcatc ttctcccaga gtatatgatg     36060
     cctatcaggg ggtcttctgt gttttaggca tggctttgtc ttatctgata cctaggagag     36120
     gaatggaaaa caaacaaaca attcagagta aagggatcca caatggaaca acctcaaaga     36180
     aggtgtggat ttgacaaaga aaaatgggac taaagaagaa agttagggag aggcgaaaac     36240
     ggtaggagtg ggaggtggtt acggtgaaca cctttgcgta acttttagat gccccctccc     36300
     tctgcagagg gggattgtaa ggagggcctt ttgtacacag ctacttttcg atttgctgtt     36360
     acagttttgt tttcagtgtg ctgaaggcac cagtccttaa gatttctctc ttgggctgta     36420
     ggtttttgta catcttcctg gggtttcagt gagaatctct tataatcact gtctctgggg     36480
     gctctacagc ctgcttagag ctgcctggac aagccaagaa agagcgaacg ctgtaccagg     36540
     tttattagtg aggactgaga tggttgggta agcccacttt atctgaaacc aatataagct     36600
     ctagcattgc tcaggactaa ggttgctgac tagcaagcgc tgttctccag tttgtgttga     36660
     tgctgcataa tgtaaatgtg tacgtatggt aacggtgatg gggatgctgt ttgacacata     36720
     agaaaaatgc atacataaag agaatgacag agttggagag atggctcaga gaggacctga     36780
     gtttgattcc aataccaggt caggtagttc acaaggacct gtaagcccag tgccagggga     36840
     tcttctggac ccaaagcctc tagcttccat ggatatgtat gtatgtgtgc atgcacgtgc     36900
     acattcaaaa agagtcatct tttaaaaact taaaaagaga atgataaact aagcttagta     36960
     cctgtctata atcccagcac ttagaaggta aagtcctggg caacatatca acaacctgta     37020
     taaaattcaa agaattaaaa aaaaaatagg tgacagaatt ctcttgagga agccgtagta     37080
     gaaccagtag cttcatttta actggtgtac taatgcgcgc acacactcag tggcttcttg     37140
     agcctcatga tgctaattta aattctggaa gatgcgcaag actactggag attttcactg     37200
     ccccccataa cctgtgcctg tcttagggac tgagaacctc agctctccta cagcccttaa     37260
     gcccttaagc tcagcactta aacgagcctt tagccctggc ataaggctct tagctgcctt     37320
     ctccacttct cagaccggct taacatctct gggtctgaac ttgttcaccc ggagagcaag     37380
     tgtaaccaat cattctccct caatgcttgc gaacactctg ggaatttaac agcaaacaaa     37440
     atgtgacatc caaactgggc aacggcttaa atcctaatat aattatccat cctcaggaag     37500
     agagttgccg gctgcgaatt tactatctgg gaacatttgc tgtaagactc aagagaagga     37560
     agtttcagaa gttagtcctg gaatcattcc aacaggagtc ttggctaatt tccagaatga     37620
     acaactggtt tggttttgtt tgtttctttg tttctttttt tattggaggt ggggctagat     37680
     gtaagctgaa ctgtaaataa ttagaaacca caatgaaaaa ccagtcactg tttttagcag     37740
     tggttgggct caaacagcta ctattcagtt gaaagccaca cgccctaagt ccccattaaa     37800
     cacaaatatc ttactaaaat gtacaaacgt gggctaggta gatggctcag ttgatacagt     37860
     gcgtgccaca gaagggtgag gatctgagct tgttccccag caggcaggca gagtgccaca     37920
     tatctgcaac cgtgtagcag ggaagcggag gcaggggatt ctctggagtt tgctgcttag     37980
     ccagtcgagc acaaactggt gaatgatgcg ttcagtgagg ccccctgtca gcagagaaca     38040
     actgagaaag acaccagatg tcaacctctg acctccgtaa taacctacag atacaggaac     38100
     gtatttccac acacataaac atgcctcctc ccacatacaa ttaaaatatt ttagatataa     38160
     aaatctctca agcgtgtctc cctgaagcca tgaatataca agtcaggagg tttttcactt     38220
     cccaggccat acttggtctt ctatgctaca ctgtcaccag taaaaaatgg aatgagggtg     38280
     aagcttcagg tcacaaatgt agggagaagg ctacgctcct agtatggagg tcattcttct     38340
     gtctccttct gaaatatcca cctgccaagg aatcacacta tcacagaaat gttctgcatt     38400
     agctgtgtat ttaacagaag caacccgact tgggttattc agaaagcgca cggagattct     38460
     gctgtgctta aagccttcat ccatagcatt tactctgaat acacaacagg tactgggaaa     38520
     agaagtcact gtatctcaga agagccagat caccacctcc aagacaactg acacagaaca     38580
     actttgacac ttttattaca ccaggccaag gaaaacaaat agaatatggc aacatggtcc     38640
     tgccttcttt gggcatagat tctcagcaca catccgctct tgaaccgtgg gaaaggaatt     38700
     tgttcaaaag cgtctgactg ttcaccatac tctaccctta aaatcctaat tcaagtctcg     38760
     cagcacagtg cacaagattt ttggcagtcc tgggctctgt cacgagccag aacttgcaga     38820
     cacagagaag ataactacca ctgactttca tcctcacgga gagaggcaga ctgcatgagg     38880
     cagtgtggct gtgtagaggg agagagatcc aacttgtggc aaactcctgc ttcttctgga     38940
     ggtttcccag tcagggcttt tcactcgatg cattcctccc ctgtcccagt gcctgcaaca     39000
     cctagcaaca ttgaccaatg aaatatctgc aagcaaccac atctaaataa agaatccagt     39060
     gtgtgcctct cccagagaaa tagctaatag cagaaaagca tttcttggca ctcctacagt     39120
     aggctgggat gaaaattgta ccgtaggctg gagaagagcc caatgtgttt cacaaggttg     39180
     ggctccacca cataggccct ctcccccttg gctctcagca gagagtacag tgccatgtct     39240
     ttgccaaagc ccttgtggca gtacacctgg gacaggtagg tgagggtcct gcgggcagca     39300
     ggggcaggga agagcatagc cggggtacaa cactgagagg caggaaccac actgtacaag     39360
     gagggactca ggcgccgcag ttccagaaaa tagtgtcggc ccaccagttc caccagcccc     39420
     atgctgtaga gacagaagaa aagcatgaca ggccagctga agcctgggcg gcaggcaaac     39480
     ctcatgtaga tccaggttag cacaggcccc agcagcatgc ccacaccaac ccactccagg     39540
     atccgcatag gctctgggtt gatgtagtgc tgtagcctct ctgggtgata gagctttaga     39600
     tacagggcat cttggaggtg tggctcagag aagcgagcac gcaggaggtg ctccaatact     39660
     gggaagatct gttcttctgg aatagcatca tcctccacca tcaggacata gtctggattg     39720
     taggtttgca gcgatgactc caggcaatac acatagtctt gcttctcttt ctcaaatgag     39780
     ttagtggaag ggtcatcacc gtaatcgtct tcggtgccct cgtagcggtt ggccacaggg     39840
     acgtacttag agagcagctt agcatcaaaa tggctcacac tccgttccac attgcacagg     39900
     aagagctggt gcccttcaca ctgggggccg cactgctgca gaagccgatg gaactgggat     39960
     actacctgta agacataatg aaagccaggc tgcctatcca cagtgattat ggtaatcacc     40020
     agccaggggc ggggagtggc ctgccagacg atgggcacag acccattggc agagggcagc     40080
     tcttcaaagt agtgaagggc agcttccccc tccttcaggc tctgctgcag gaagtcctgg     40140
     ctcatctggt ttagatgcca atgacgcaga tagaaatatg agtggaggag ccggtggcag     40200
     gccagcgggg ccagtaagcc aaatgtcacc acggttagaa tgaagagctg cacagctgtg     40260
     ctgccccagg agagtcgccg aagcctccgg agaagcatgg cagctggaga ggttgacgtg     40320
     gtcatggtgt caacttttgg tcatgtctgg tcccaagaac aaaccatcct ggatctcagg     40380
     gcagtagcat gaagtcaaac ctaaggagaa aaggtagagt cagaacacaa tacttcaaaa     40440
     acttccaaca ctgcagccca gcacacaccg aatcagaagt cccagttcaa ggtcttgtag     40500
     ccactagaga cttgaaaaga attttctgca ctgattgttt tcttgcattc tgtccaccag     40560
     tgaagtgagc cttgccaatg ctcaccctgt ttatgattag aggtagccag tgcattcaac     40620
     caactctcca tgcctaagga tgtgacatta acttcacagt gtgtcataaa ataaccagca     40680
     gttggtaaaa ctattatttt gattcacttg ctacaaagac atgggtgtta acacagggcc     40740
     acaaaacaaa aaccaaccaa atgaaaaaaa cccaaggctc cacacagaag acatagagtt     40800
     tgagtaagct gcagcataaa tgcacagtac ttgaccgcgt gatttctgag atccttttct     40860
     gcatatgcca acggtgtggg agggagggaa tagttggtgg tgcttgttag ttaatgtcat     40920
     ctttgatttc tctaatctca tttagtctaa tcatttaatt ctgattgtcc tcctaattta     40980
     ttttgatagt actatcatta gaaccagtag gaattagtat cttccttatg caagcaaact     41040
     gtggactaac agcctggtcc aggaaggaat gtcttgggac atgatgcctc agaaaatgag     41100
     tgtaaggtgt gaactccaga tctactcctt ggttggtagg aagtcacttc acctctccat     41160
     gtcctggatt cttcggctct aaaataaaat aatctgtttt gtggttttat tacaggtatt     41220
     aagaaatacg ccagagagaa aagttacaca ggataaaaat gtcattaaaa tatgtcctgt     41280
     gaagctagag tcttgctttg caaacagaga accccaattt aaacccgaag accagcctct     41340
     cccccaaaaa ccatatatgg aagcacatcc ttataatccg accacgggga ggtggagcca     41400
     gagacaagca gctcccggag ctcactggct agccagctta gcctgctggt cgaattccct     41460
     gccagtgcag agatcctaga ctaaaagcaa agttagaggc tggaaaagta gcataataga     41520
     aaagagtgct tgctgtgtaa gcataatgac ctgagttcaa atccccagat cccacatgaa     41580
     agctggccca ggtggcattt gcttataatg ccagttgttc ctatggggag acgggaggca     41640
     caaacagaat ttctgaaagc ttggaggcag caagtctggt gtgggcagct gtgaaaccat     41700
     ctcaaacaag acagaagaga aggtctgata ttaacggttt gtcttctgac ccgtgcaatc     41760
     ccccatggca catttgtata catgaacagg aaaacacata aacacacatc aaaagggaca     41820
     aaagcaaagt tgacttgtct gagacatttg aggttcattt ttagtctcca catccacatg     41880
     cacacatgta catgtatacc cactcaatct gcatgtgtgc atgcacacat gtatatgcac     41940
     acctacacaa actgcgcatg tgcatgtacc cccaccctca ccccacacac tgaaaaaatg     42000
     gggtgcaaat ttgagtaata tttgaggagc aagaaattct aacattctga tggaaaacag     42060
     attcacacca aacaacaaag ttaaaaataa tgaaaccagt ataagagcag taggctgaag     42120
     gcaaaactaa ctgatagcta tagcgtcaaa agtatactct tgcctcgtgt cttagtcagg     42180
     gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaagt taaggaggaa agggtttatt     42240
     cagcttacat ttccacattg ctgttcatca ccaaaggaag tcaggactga actcaagtag     42300
     gtcaggaagc aggagttgat acagaggcca tcagcttgct ctcttataga acccaggact     42360
     gcctgcccaa agatggcacc acccacaagg ggcccacccc ccttgatcac taattgagaa     42420
     aatgcctgat agctggatct catggaggta tttcctcact tgaagctcct ttctctgtga     42480
     taacgccagc ttgtgtcaag ttgacacaaa accagccagt acacctcgga agtgtttgta     42540
     gtcacttgaa ggaaagcggt ccagcttgta agtgatgagg gctctccatg tctcctgagg     42600
     ttcagctgta ttgtctgcca gtactcccat atctgcattc tacctttaca ctgagcttca     42660
     tttcctgccc ttcagggtag gggtcatatg actagggcta gccaagaaga aaggagatga     42720
     atagatgaat agagcacctc tatggatcta gaagagagtc tgctccaact gctcacctct     42780
     cccctcccga caccgacact gcttagtgtg tgagctacat gtagacaact gtatccagcc     42840
     actaatgatt tttggacttt tttttttcct gtagggtagt tattctgact tgccatgtac     42900
     agtcatgtag aacagcaaac atctctcttc tatgttgtga cacatttcaa agaagtagag     42960
     tcaagtctgc aacagaagac aatggtcctg agaatgcagt tgtgagtcaa aggagtttag     43020
     taatgtcaag agacctggag aacagcccca aaggaaaaga agcaaggagc ttttggtagc     43080
     atatgaccct gggcttggtg atttgtgaac atcacaatac tataaacttg ttctgtcttc     43140
     ctctgatctg ctgaggtcca aagagttcta gtacatcaca gactggtgcc tctcctggcc     43200
     tcattagtct ctcatcacta ttgctggaca cccagtattg gaactggggc aatcccatgc     43260
     ctctagttca gaagctctgg ccatttaggt ggtttcctgc tcctattact cttctgtcct     43320
     ggttattacc ccagggagaa agaccatgca gaggacgaaa ttaggtacaa aggcaagaag     43380
     ataagacaat cagcttggaa aataccaggt gtacagtaag tgctatggct tatgatggta     43440
     caggtggcgc agaaatggtg tgcccatgtt gacataaaga ggacctttaa tcccaggaac     43500
     tttttccact gtaggaaatt caaatacaga ggacaggctg gagtcaggca cccaatgtgt     43560
     ttctcctcat ggatcaaagt gcagaggaaa tggctaccag ggctgggctc ttgggtcagg     43620
     gaagctaagg tggagtcaga tttgcaccct tgttggtctg ctgcacatca agtctacaca     43680
     tgccatccac tgggtaaagc aaaaggggca agaaaactca ctcttctgtg agggggaagc     43740
     tcacagttag aaacaaagac ctgtaggcag gtttctagac cctcagaaga aaagaaaggc     43800
     tctcacaatc tgttcagaga aatccccaaa ccctcacagg gcataagctt tgtcccccaa     43860
     tcatggggaa ctgaagggtc agagcaggct tccaaaatga tcccccaaac tcagtggttt     43920
     ataagaacta aggtgtttag atgtttctgt tttcatatgt ggagttacaa acacttcagg     43980
     tacatatgac tatagcaaaa agcagtgaat atctttagtc tgaatattct gaagaaataa     44040
     aaaaacacat gacagtgaat gcctaaaatg tgcctgttaa gcattaaagg attagattct     44100
     ggggtacttt taaattacct tcaatgttct ttatatgaga gaagagagat agagggagag     44160
     tgaggaagag acagtgacag agacagccac agagaggtac atgaagtagc aacaaaaata     44220
     attttatggt tggtgggtca ccataacatg atgagccata ttaaaggatt ccagcattag     44280
     gaaggttgaa aaccattggt ttagatgatt tctctgacac ctttttccag aagccaataa     44340
     gactgccgcc gaggctcaca ctccactggc actgtagtct gactggtttt ctgagtcagc     44400
     agttaacaac tgtttcagct ctgtggaggt aagtactgca atgcaaggta cagccattcc     44460
     ctaagctaga ttccaccgaa tcaccacatc ttgggtatag gactcagaaa actataaagg     44520
     ataaaggcac tgggacaaaa gcatgcatta ggacttctat gaacaggttc atagagtgat     44580
     agcagatatt gtgttttagc caaggagctg aggggatttg ggagacagga cgcctcacta     44640
     tgtgtcagga agtaagaact tgggaactgt ctatttcccc ctagtccacc ctccttcata     44700
     aaagacacca ccacttcgca ggcatcagaa tctaagagcc tagcaggttc ctacttctca     44760
     cttccttcca ggctcttccc aattccaggg cctggggcct gaagagagag ctctcaaaag     44820
     aagggaaatg tctaaggaat cccttctaaa aaaaaaatta gcaattaggg aaatgcaaat     44880
     caaaacaact ttgtgattcc atcttactcc aatcagaata aagatcaaca aaacaaccaa     44940
     caacaaatgc tggagagagt gtacagtaaa gggaaccatc tttctctgct ggtggggttg     45000
     caaactggtg cagatactat ggaaacctgt gtggagaaca ctcaaaaaag ctaaaagtaa     45060
     atcctactct atgacccagc tataccaccc cttggcttgt gcccaaggga tcatgttcac     45120
     tgttcctcta ttcacaatat ctagcaagtg gggaaaagtg aaatgttccc caactaccaa     45180
     aggcagaatg aaattgcagt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactatgaa     45240
     tactgttcag ctgtaaataa aaatgacacc atgaacttcg caggtaaatg gatggaacga     45300
     ggaaagatca tattaagtga ggtaacccag atccagaaag acagacatcc tatgttctct     45360
     ctcacctgag gctcctagct ctaagacctc aaacgttagt gtctgcccta tggcaactgg     45420
     agaaaccaac aaagtaaaga gggggcatag ctgggggagg gagtcgggag ggacagagag     45480
     agaggaagag caaggtacaa atgattgggt aagtgggtaa aatggtgggc ctttaattag     45540
     ggaggtgggg gaagtaaata tcgaaggtgg gcaaaataac tagtgagctc aggcatcaga     45600
     tcagagccta caactaccac tttaccaaac cataatgcct agctacactc taaatatttg     45660
     tccttatccc ccacagataa gtttaatctc cacccgtcat ctagaaaact tcccttagcg     45720
     acagaaggtg actgttacag aaagccacag acaattaaaa tgccaggttg tggagcccag     45780
     tcccaaggga tacacacaca aaataattcc cacacctaag gctcaggcaa cattgtggaa     45840
     gaagaggcag aaaaaaaaaa ttgtgagagc cagaggatca ggaacgttgc tgtgagactg     45900
     tgctccaaat agcatcagaa gttacagcca taaagtctca ccaacaattc tgcctaggca     45960
     taaagtggaa caagaagggc aattgatgga caagagaaag tcctcgaggc ctaaacccaa     46020
     cacaaagaac taagaaagac aaagaaagag acggctaaat gctctgagga aagttggtct     46080
     agcagctttc agatgaagat gtagagctct cagccctgcc tgcaccatgc ctgcctggat     46140
     gctgccatgt tcctgccctg ataatggacc tctgaccctg taagccagcc tcaattaaat     46200
     gttgtccttt ataagacttg ccttggtcat gatgtctgct cacagcagta aaaccctaac     46260
     taggacagca actgagcagg ctatacttag aaacattgga actatctgca ttatcaatgc     46320
     agcatgggat ttttattatt tttacctaaa gatgtctctt tttttttttt tggtaatgac     46380
     aaacatgctt tttaagggaa aaaaaaggcc tggtttttct caatacacct ttaacagttt     46440
     ttaaattgtt ttataactgg tcaagttgag attttttaaa acctcatttt taatttgtaa     46500
     taaagtttac cacttgattt tttcaaaaag aaaaagtcaa caaactgcaa gccatctgtt     46560
     aataaaggtc tttaataata ataattataa aaagtatttt aaatgttcca taactatatt     46620
     ctgaatgcta aattaaaaac cagtttaaaa aatctcagag ggagacactg agggagaagc     46680
     ctttcctcag gcatggggca ggatgctgca aaccatgatg acagtgtccc ttcccatctg     46740
     accctctcaa gcacggtcag tacagcactc ttttctgtag acctggtcga taacagttcc     46800
     cctgtatctg cagaggacag tccaactgct ttgccaagac cccccagaat tcagctctga     46860
     tagtctttcc aacagcacat tccttacaca tagcaactca accatggaaa aacagatcaa     46920
     gaggtacagg tcccttctaa acaacagcct ggtttccccg acagaactga ccaccttttc     46980
     cttacacatt ggggctttcc tcagagcatt tagctgtcac tttcggcttt agattgtaca     47040
     gccgtccctc gggatccaag gtggattggt tctagaactt tcactcctca gaataccaaa     47100
     atctgaaggt gcttagattc tttatataaa ctgtcacagt ctttatgtgc tcggtctgca     47160
     cttcttaaat acattacatt agctctaata ctggtcagaa cgcaggacgc tatggttttt     47220
     gtttagggaa gaataacaat aaaaattaat acaaacgtgt ttgatttaaa gaaaatttca     47280
     tttcttggat cattttcgat ctgaagttag ctgggtccac agatacgaac cccgaggtac     47340
     ggagtagaat atctactttc agagatttat tacatcctct ctgcacactc cagggtgtgt     47400
     tagacccttg attccatttg gaccaattgg ctctcagata gcaatatgat ttaatcctgt     47460
     ttaggtggaa aaaagattct atcaatccat aagcaggaaa ttcaaagccc acacactgcc     47520
     cgtgttgcct gatgcctttc acgactttac tcataaccct tcactcaaca accctttaag     47580
     tcccttcttc ttttttttgt ttgttttttt gtttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctcttta     47640
     taaccctggc tatcctgaaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc     47700
     acctgcctct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccatgcccag     47760
     cttaagtccc tttttactgg gttcagtgtc atttgtcttt gatttgcctc acaggcctgg     47820
     cacagtaagt actctatacc aagaagagat ttaatgactg tattttggcc accatggccc     47880
     tctttatttc tctgctataa aactgggagc agcatacagc ccagtcacat actgggcaga     47940
     gaacaactta tttctaactt tgcccagcat ttatgtgaca gggactcttt taagcattga     48000
     gtggatctgc ataaaaagcc tataatagtt attaaattca ctttgtaggt gggcaagcta     48060
     aggcagaata aacttgaagt ggttaacaaa gattttggaa tgtagtagta aaaaggtcaa     48120
     tccaggatcc ctgctcttac ccaacatgta cgagagcgtc tgagcccaag aaagtgaaat     48180
     gaaaacccat cagcaacagt aagaaccact tttacgacac ggtaggtaac aacataaaac     48240
     aatatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcatggaacc actggttacc tctgaagaga catacatact     48300
     atgtatttat aaaacacata aaataaatta tttcatccca tccatcaaac ttcattgaca     48360
     gaattaaaaa ataaactcag gtaaagtgga aaagaaatat atttagaata aaaatgaaat     48420
     atacaaataa tttggagaca tgggcagact atacacataa aattatacta aaggatattt     48480
     taaaagtcac taataaatgc attaaaagaa cactttccta ccggaaagtc tcagttaata     48540
     gagaggtggt cctttttcca aaacaagttt tgagaattaa cacaatctca aatcagttta     48600
     ctccaagagg aagcaatatg gcttcaacaa acaagcattt gcacaggaat tggtaaatct     48660
     tacaaggtaa ttccaaggca caccttttga tgtgggatag caagtaatac acctggcagc     48720
     aatgatgatt tatgcttctt agaaccagta agaatgtctt ccttaaattt tgttcgtaat     48780
     aggaagggct gagtgataaa tgggacgaga agggcagcta tgttgattca aattatagaa     48840
     aatgtacata gtatgaccat tttttattac atatagggaa tataatttaa tgaaagtgag     48900
     ctgagaggca tgagagaagg tttcctgctg gctttctaca tgtctgcaaa gaacatgtat     48960
     gacctcagtg acctgtactc aaaatttcac tccacaatga gtcttgtgcc agacacatgg     49020
     acggtgagca gggcagcaag taagcctaaa tcccctttaa tccctaattt aaattgctac     49080
     atttatggtg tattagatat cttatatttg tgagtttgtc ccttttcatt attgttgttg     49140
     tattaattct tatttattat attgagacaa ggtcttgtta tgaagctcag actgacatga     49200
     aactagagat tctcttacct caacctccct agcactagga ttgcgagcct gggccactat     49260
     gccagtgtgt gccatggctc ttgttatttt aattactgag actttatagc atgttttatt     49320
     atcttattaa gcctattttt tttctcatga cccagtataa ttctcctagc ttttaaaaac     49380
     aactttggtc tacagccaca ccaccctcaa tgcccccaat cttgtctaaa aacaacttta     49440
     ttgaggcaca tttagtacaa caaaatgtac catttaattg ttcaaatagt tcaaagtttt     49500
     gacaaattga tagtcagatt actatcaaca cattaaaaaa ttaacgaaag cattttaaag     49560
     aatgttttga attataatta gaaaaactac tccaattaaa atatggatcc atataaatga     49620
     gcaagtcaaa cacaggtaat taggtatggg ttcctatgga taaaggcaag caaattaaaa     49680
     ctacatacca ttattaatat aattacatta ttaataataa ctacattgtt aatattaact     49740
     tcaaatatag aaaaatttaa agctaaacag agaatctcaa caatctaaaa gatgtagttt     49800
     tgtttatatt tttctttttt ttttttcttt tttttttttt tttttctttt tgctccatgc     49860
     ttatcatttc catttctttt tttctggttc tcatcatatt aagcattaga cgaaccttgt     49920
     ttgctcttct ggtctcataa actatgtggc gcataaagac cccctagaaa tcctccaata     49980
     aaactatttc ccatacatgg tttatttctc tcagggaaac cggcgtgcac ttgcgcgcac     50040
     acccacacct gcagtttctg gtgataatcc gcatggtgag atcatcactg aagccgcatt     50100
     gtggtcccgc agggagagca agggtcgagc aggagatgcc aggtcactgt gacctgcggg     50160
     ggttcaggtc ccgcgacaac ctcctgaacg cagtgcggca cgggcgacgc ctggcacaag     50220
     aacctgagcg aaagctgcga cacacccatc catccactct ggggaaaata atagtgactg     50280
     aaaaccccta gcttggcatc tagggccctc gctgaccttg gggagtcccc tctgcccacc     50340
     ggcctcagtt tgcccacctt caggcagaga ctgcgagtcc agcgcagtgg cgttccaggc     50400
     gcgggcgttc ccgggagcgg gaggggcgcc ttcctccggt caccttcgct ggaggacgcg     50460
     ccccgccgag gacgggcgga ggggcccccg ctcccgggca gccattaggg ggtagcgctc     50520
     aggccggccg ctgtgtgggg ctcccgggct gcatcctcgg gcctggtgac aacccggccc     50580
     ggccggcgac agccaaagag cgaggcgacc cgcctggtgc cacagacgca ccgagggcgg     50640
     ggccgcggcc gagccagcct gcggggctca gggcggggga cgcaggcctc gggagcacca     50700
     ctcccctcat cggccgtcgc tcccacatcg cgtcccctcg agggcgcgct tctccgcgac     50760
     accagcccgg caggaaacct accccgtgga ggcgtcagct acgtcctggc ttgccaaggc     50820
     caccgccgct gtagcccagg ccaccgctgc tgtagcccag gctggctggt ctcgatggtg     50880
     gcgccttggc agaaccctgc cgggcggaga gtagcggaag gctcgcctcc tccagcattc     50940
     gctccggtgc agggctcccc tcgctctgcc aggccacgtg acctgagagc tgcggagcaa     51000
     ctgcagcccc caaagctggc ttgggggtgg gggttgcggg gcggggtggg ggagaggcaa     51060
     aaggcgccaa ctgatgggca gcgagggaaa agcagggtcg ctcccaagtc aggagaacag     51120
     gatgatgtcc cttttataat gtgaatgcaa gcctaggttt tattccatca ggtgggcaca     51180
     agaagaaaga tgtattttaa taaagcatct cgccctttgc ggaagcgttt gtgtagaaac     51240
     ctatttctct gtttctgaat gggctttaat cttctaaacg ccttctgttt aaatgcaaaa     51300
     gcccctggga gacataactg gagagggaga aaaatatacg cactggggta gagtaatcct     51360
     gacgtgcaac acagggaaag cataggaaat gactcaagga agggggaaaa aaactgcatg     51420
     tctgactatg agaaggtaaa aaacagccag cttagtaccc tggcctcacc agggctctca     51480
     ccaccataca tctttgtggc catttttatt gcttctattc catgtcagtt tgccagtgta     51540
     ggctaggact taaatgagta ttttggatgt acatataata ggaatttttt ttttggtgat     51600
     cataatgttg tattgtctga tcattatcac ttaaatactc aggatggaaa caagttgcaa     51660
     gattaggagg caccgataga aaatatccag taaaaccctt tctgtaacag ggtacatacg     51720
     agtttacagg gttaaaaaga ggaaattcca taagtaaatt atttgatgca aaaaatgaga     51780
     tcatcatctt gtttccagat gttctagctg ctttctacta cagaggcgaa caatcctgag     51840
     ctcagcctat tgagccaagt tcctgctgtt gaagcctctc agaactcatg tcactggggt     51900
     tctttgtgtc cacttgaagg agccttgagg tgatcgcaga aaaagacaac caactacaag     51960
     aaaggccatg atatctgcct gatttaggtg aaaatttctt gtcatttgct tgtctggttt     52020
     gtatgtttta gctgtgtgta ctggctggtt ctgcgtgtca acttgacaca gctagagtta     52080
     tcacagagaa aggagcttca attggggaag tgcctccatg agatacagtt gtaaggcatt     52140
     ttctcaatta gtgatcaaga ggggaaaggc cccttgtggg tggtgccatc tctgggctgg     52200
     tagtcttggg ttctataaga aagcaaactg agcaagccag gggaagcaag ccagtaagaa     52260
     acatccctcc atggcctctg cattagctcc tgttgtctga cctgcttgag ttccagtccc     52320
     gacttccttc agtgatgaac agcaatgtgg aagtgtaagc tgaataaacc ctttcctccc     52380
     caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgttttgtg caggaataga aaccctgact aagacagcgt     52440
     gtgtttttaa ctttgttggt agtgcttctt tcagtgtttt attcccagtt cttttgagat     52500
     tagaaaactc acccgtaaga ttttgttcac taagtctgtg gagagctttt ctttaacggt     52560
     ccagaataaa gcctgtcttt gaggagtgtt ccatgtggcc ttggagcgat acatgctggg     52620
     caactgtttg gttttacagt ggtttcatta ttttaaagcg tcctgtcagg catagtactg     52680
     ttgacactgt ctttcctggt tttgactttc tagctttgtc agctgtggaa aactgtctgt     52740
     gaagattaat gaagctgtgc atcatccact ttcttctcac tttaaatgtt cacacgtctt     52800
     atcatatgtt ctattgctct gtaatcaggc gtatgtacac ggatgacggc tctcccctct     52860
     accaatacaa agtgcctcta cctttggcag tatgtttata acgcatctga taataaacca     52920
     gctattccgg ctttcttctc ttttctctag acgtatctaa tgaatgacaa aacaaaacag     52980
     gccattgctg gtattgcatt aactctgaag tctacaactt tctccaagga ctattgggtg     53040
     ttgctctagc acacaattta cttgcctgga ttcagtgttc aatttcacac tgtgtgtttc     53100
     ctgcaatagc tgatatctcg gatcattttt cctcctctcc ttttacccct ccccatccat     53160
     ccagcttctg ttatacttgc ataggctccc cactccccca cggtgtcttg tctgtattcc     53220
     agtagatttg caatcacctg aagatttgag aagattctaa atccagtttg gggggattta     53280
     gtttatttct gttttcttgt attacacctc cctatctaaa tttctagcct ctcttccgcc     53340
     tccccctgag ctgatgccct gatgcttcaa agctgagtaa ggcttcagct ctgagcttcg     53400
     tggactttat ccaattgcac acacacagca aagcaaaaag tatgaatctc acccagggca     53460
     gttttatctt tcaaacatag accctctttt gatgtgtatc tggggtattt tgtttgattt     53520
     gttggcctct ttgcctgggg cattgccagt gagtttgaga agttcagaag tcagcggggc     53580
     tgtggctgca gtttatacta aggtgaatct cagtcattct gctgctctct ggcttctagc     53640
     attttcccct catttcccag ttctcctagc agtgaagtgt gtctaaagcc actgtgtact     53700
     tggaatcctc ttttttctgc ttcagtagct gtgaagatta aaacaatggg aaaccaacaa     53760
     aaacaaaaat acaagtagaa aatgtcacat tttgttacgg tttgaatctg aaatgtcctt     53820
     gcacacgcat gtgttgacca tttggtcccc atctggtgac agtatttgga taagctctgg     53880
     aagccttgga atggatgcct agctggagga gggaggtaag tcagacctgg cctttgaaag     53940
     ttatacctgg tccctagtcc ctcccttgct ttccttcttt caagtggttt ctgtctgtca     54000
     ttctatcaca atgtggagaa aatcaggcaa tacacaattt atcaagtggc tgcctccttc     54060
     agattgcttt ttggttcttt ttacatctgg ccagaattta taaaggtctt ctgcagaaaa     54120
     tgtaatgcat aaatccaccc aactcctacc agaaattgga gtattaatta attaatgaga     54180
     taatctataa ttacatttgt ttgttcattt gtttttagta ggactggctg gaactgatta     54240
     tgtagaccag gctagcaatg aactcacaga gatccacctg cctctgccta ctaaggctgg     54300
     aattaaagtc atccaaaaac atgcctggct gggacctcca tttcatttat gtaccatgta     54360
     ggcagaaaaa taggcagatg attttcagtt gtatgtctag gtaattgtta cattctgtct     54420
     ccttccctta ttttcccaca gatgcagtta ctcacacgca catcaaaaaa gaatatgtta     54480
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa tcgattctgt aagcattgtt tatgcaaact     54540
     tgaaaccgga gatttggaaa aagcattaca atgctctgtc aggaatgcaa caagatatga     54600
     ggacagagaa attagcattt gaataacagg agggtaatct ttaatcttta cacactgcac     54660
     agagacatca tgcctacaat atttcaacac ataaatgctt tctttttaaa attaatttca     54720
     gatttagaat aacacattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttatgtgt atggcccgaa ctgttcgaaa     54780
     gggaacattt accctcttag gctcatcact ctgtctttac ttctgtgtct tatgaatgtt     54840
     tctgtgtgaa tggatggctg cttgacagta acttggagtc ctgccccctt ctcctgaaat     54900
     ccttccacat ttattttata aatacagaga cagcctgccc aaccccagca cacatctcaa     54960
     aattggaaaa tgaaccttga aagactattt atctatttca cagcttttat ttaaatcgaa     55020
     tccattgtca cagtaatgtc catttcagta aacaaaaagg aaaaaagtct agtttggatg     55080
     cagatccaga atcatagttt gtggttttgg ggttttctgt ttgtttttgt tttgttttgt     55140
     tgtcatatct cttgaatttc tcttaatcat tgtctttctt tgcatcagtt tctcacttta     55200
     gacatatata tatatcacag ttttagtatc tgcaggtctc ggtgactcac tgggcaaggg     55260
     cgtttgctgc caagcctgac agcctgagta tgatacccag ggctctcctg gtggagtccc     55320
     ctgacctgca cacacacaca cacactccaa ataaaagaaa ttggtgtaaa aggaacctca     55380
     cttattacct cacagttctg gaagttaaaa gtccaaagtt acgtcaacgt cagggcactg     55440
     gcaagcggtt tcttctctgg ctgctctgag aagagagtcg gtttcctcat ctttcttcag     55500
     tcttccgatc ctgtttatgt tctctcttgg gtgagcatct tcctgtgtac tttgagctgg     55560
     ccgcacttcc ctctgttact gacgctggct ctcctgcctc ctgcttacta agcacagtag     55620
     tgatcgtacc tggcacatgt ggataatcca ggagcatcct cttctcaagt tgccccgctt     55680
     aatcacattt gctgtggacg gtgaagggtg cttaggttga cggggatcag gaaagcagtg     55740
     ggtcagggga tttgtcatcc tgccgcagtg ttcatcacct acagtgtttc tcaaagtcac     55800
     tgtcagtcct gttgagaaga aggtaaatgc acatgcagag agataggaag gtgataatgg     55860
     gtagggagtg tttagaagct taggagagaa aggaggcagg gaacagcaac tactcattta     55920
     gaattttggc ttgttgagtt gcttaatgtc tgggtccccc ttctgcatgg agtggagagg     55980
     aacccgggtg tctttttggg ttttcttttt aagtgtttaa acgtagcaga aaagcttgac     56040
     acctttgtca gaagactgtt cataaaaagt gaattcctgc cgggcagtgg tggcgcacac     56100
     ctttaatccc agcactaggg agggagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg     56160
     gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacccccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac     56220
     caaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtgaatt tctcttctct aacttctaat     56280
     gtattggtta ctcccttcca aagaatatat gcagtatatc ccctctggat catctctgca     56340
     aggaatgtca gcatctcctc cagagttatg tacagaaacc agttgactgg atttatgtga     56400
     agcagaatga agtgaccaag ccagctcagt cagtcaacag gtttcaaggg aagaagtgag     56460
     gattagagaa aaaagagact ttgtaacttg actccagcaa atgctgaggc gggtttaatt     56520
     tttttccagt ccagttttat accattctag gtacatgcaa agaatagagt cagttctagg     56580
     tcaaagacaa agtagttaaa gaacaaacaa ggcataaaaa aagtagttaa gggccaggca     56640
     tggtggcgca tgcctttaac cccagcacta gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt     56700
     ccaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggaaagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc     56760
     tgtctcgaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aagtagttaa ggaacaaaca agttataaac     56820
     aaaggtccca tgattacagt atttagggtc ttaacaagaa gatcaagaca caaagaacat     56880
     atttatcagc tgtattcatc ttgagcctac tttcttgtcc tagcctaatg taaatatttt     56940
     ttccaatatc cttgatgcat caagagttct tcacaatgaa gctcagaaaa gaaaacaaca     57000
     acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacacttgtt ctttctctag gatggccagc aggaagtaac     57060
     aggaatatgc ttctatgttt cacatgcaca tctgatgttc tccttggtcc acaggacata     57120
     atttaattct gcttaggtct tcacagtctg tgctatactg ttaccatggt gatgttgtag     57180
     caataacaga aaaatagact catgggctta gaaaaggttt agaaactgag ctgagctgaa     57240
     cctgatggct aaacaacagc agaattggaa ttgatagcca tcattaagac agagtaagag     57300
     gcacattaaa gacagagtaa gaggcacata aaaagggaag taagctcaga tctcagcact     57360
     cagggttttc agcacctaca taaataagaa cattcatctt ggatcataaa gcaagacatc     57420
     catacagata atccaatatt tttttccctt cttccttttt tatcaccata tgtcgttctc     57480
     acagttgcct gtaggggtag ttctgatgat gtcctgtttc ccaattggtt cttgagctgt     57540
     cagtaaagaa gtcatgggcc aattgctggg tgaaaggaat aggtagacct tccaggtccc     57600
     tggaggcaag tggacagaag caagggaaga aagagagagt ttcaccatgc ttctgatgga     57660
     gcagggttga agagccatgt aaggtctcaa aatggagtgg ccacacaggc cactcctaca     57720
     ggcaggtggt cagcagtagg ggagattagc aggggctcga tgtgactaaa ctgctaaagt     57780
     ttaggacagg tgggaggtgt ggaaataaga atatacataa gggcaagctt ttccaggctg     57840
     gagatagtag cgcccagcaa ttgtgccaag aaggcaagtt gaaaatgaac gtgtgtgtgt     57900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtta tctgtggatt cacagggagc     57960
     tgggtggggg ctggaacaca gatacaaaaa ctgaagcaga ggccgtggag aaacatttct     58020
     acccggcttg ctttccatga cagctcagca tgctttctta aacaacctag gaccacctgc     58080
     ccaaaagtga aggacaattc cccacagact tttctacagg ccggtctgat aaaattatct     58140
     ctccaattta agttccctct tctcagatga ctgtggctcg tgtcaagatg aaataagtga     58200
     cctgaacacc actctatgta tagtgtgttt tctccataag aattcctcag attttagcaa     58260
     tctactatgt tgtgcctcct aatgctcctg cattttggat taagtggcta tcacataaat     58320
     ttgggggaca catttaaaca tcagtaggtg gtttagaggt tctacccttc ttgttcaatc     58380
     ttaaataatc tgtcactagc cttcgtctat aacttcctct tccagggagc agaacctaaa     58440
     atttcatccc cattttagta ttgaaattct tgttaggaaa ctaccattat catctgtgcc     58500
     gttttctttt tggtttggtg caatatctca gaaagtccaa attaggaaac ttacaaatgg     58560
     ctggtatcta gtgaaaacaa cctcgaaata cttgtgctat ttaaaacagt tgtctctctc     58620
     tggtaccaaa gatgaatctc ttcctctcta tccacaacca agtacttcca atagcttgaa     58680
     aagtacagaa tgagactgta cactgtacat tgcactataa aaccagagtg tagtggtttg     58740
     agtaggcatg gatcccagag actggtgtgt ttgaatgctg ggcttatcca gagtggtact     58800
     gttaggaggt ttggccttgt tggagtaggt gtggctttgt ggagtgggtg tggccttgga     58860
     ggaagtgtgc cactgtgggg gcaggatttg aggtctaaga aatttagttc atttctgctg     58920
     ccagtggatc aagatgtaga agtctcagct ccctctccag ctccacgtct gcctgcaaat     58980
     caccatgctt cacaccatga caataatgga ctaaaccttt gtacagtaag ccatccccaa     59040
     ttaaatcttt tcctttgtaa gagttgtcat tgtcatggta tctcctcaca gtaatagaaa     59100
     ccccaatcaa atcaaagtca ctatttcagt actacacaga tatagtttta caggagagga     59160
     tcaggaaact gtgatgagtt cagagaataa gttgtgcctt tatatttcat gatgtaaaga     59220
     cagatttaac tttgcatttg attttctcta ttactatgcc tcgctcaggg tcctgcccat     59280
     accaaatggc atcctgtaaa tcagagactg gaggaccatc aatcctggct ctgtcagatt     59340
     gtccagagaa gaacatctaa gatggacatt atctttcttg cctcttttga tcaaaattct     59400
     caaaattcta actttgatgt accttgggac aagaattcct tttcttcata aagaatgaaa     59460
     gtgtgagtgt agagcaggtg gtgggtggat aaataaaatt ttatttttca atatagacca     59520
     atatttgtgt tatcaggtat atgatacaaa tagggactga aaccatataa ttttaaaaat     59580
     agatggaagt agaagtcact atgttaaaaa ttaatcccga gtcagaaaaa cagtaatcta     59640
     catttatata tgtcatcaaa gtggaaaggg gactattcgg agggagagag gagactaagt     59700
     ggagggaaag aaaagtaata ggagaggaaa ccaatacaag taatgagcag tgacaacaag     59760
     ggttaacaag ggataaaaat aaccaagtat aatgatgcac ttgtataaaa atatcatagt     59820
     gaagcccatt actttgttgg ccaattaaaa acaaagaaat gaaaatatag gcccttgtca     59880
     ttcttttttg gtgtcttcca gaactacata caactatatt gctaatgata ccaccaactt     59940
     tggttgtaag acagcaaaga caagttagtc ctgagctgga aacttcagcc ttgttcgctg     60000
     gattttatag tgttggaagg tgctacacag gctgtttcga gagacaaggc atcaagtcta     60060
     accaactttg agccctacaa acttttgtac tagcctgcca ggcaagatgt gcccagggct     60120
     gcaatagtgg catgactgtt aatgggaata atcaatcact ctcttatggg attcaggctt     60180
     gatacataga aaagaatgta tcggtggccc agtaaatcag accaaagcat tatattaggg     60240
     aagtcacagt ccctagtaag gagtttgcaa ctgttcaatt aaattgatat aatgttaaac     60300
     tgctttctaa ataactgtct atatcataga taaattctac tcttggcttc actgagtgaa     60360
     gcctctcttt gcaatgaatg gtggtgaatg cagagactca tcctgctcaa ggttctaaga     60420
     ataaataatg ggtgagtact ccaccctaaa cacaacttcc cctaagataa taattcccta     60480
     aataatactt cctctaagac tcaagggaca ttgtggaaga ggaagcacaa agaacatata     60540
     agccagaaga tgagaagaag ggctgcaaaa tgatatattc tgggcatgat aaagccattt     60600
     cagtcttgaa ctcgtagctc tacttactgc gctgggccta tacaagactg cccctgtcaa     60660
     ccatcatgga tgtaggaggt gttcatgcac ttgtaccaca atctgctgaa ctattagcta     60720
     gtgaaaaatt ctgagagagg ggaagtcttt atttttagtt gtgtatatat tagggaacct     60780
     atcaagctcc aacatatagt tctaaaccca tggttgcaca ttaaactcag tgggtcagag     60840
     aacaaaacag aaagacaatg aatgtgggaa aaggaagtat agggagagca gagggctaat     60900
     aggaatggaa aatgagacta attgattttc atttttataa atatggaatg ccataggata     60960
     aatgtaatta aaatgtttac tgatgggcta gagagatgac tcagtggttg agagaacttg     61020
     tttgctcttt tgggggacct gggtttggtt cccagctccc acatggtggt ttgcaatcat     61080
     ctgttactcc agttgtatgg tatatggtac cctcttttga cctgtgtgga caccaggaat     61140
     acaagtggtg tgcatgtgta catgcaggca aacataaaag aaatctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     61200
     atgcgtattt atttatttac ttgggagtat gaggtaaatt catgtgtcta tgtgctgatt     61260
     cagacacttg aatgtgtgcc tgaggccatc atcaggggtc ttctttagtc attttctcac     61320
     gtgttttctc tgacagagcc tctttactga acctggagtc catcaactgg atcgactatt     61380
     aatccagtga gctccagcat cctccctttc tgcatggagg atgcaaacac atgtggccac     61440
     acgtggcttt tttgtgccta gtgtgaatcc aaactcgggt cctcatgctt gtgcagtgag     61500
     ggctttaccc actgagagca gaccactctt caggatccct cttccagttt ttttcaaaag     61560
     agtatatgtg tggtggtttg catacgatat cccccaaaac ttttggatgt ttgaatactt     61620
     ggccttcagt tgttagctgt ttggaaaggc tcaggaggtg tggccttgct caagaaggca     61680
     tgtcaatggg gaccagcttt gatatggcat ctccaggttg ttccttccct ttcctgtttg     61740
     aggcttgaga tgtgagctct cagctgctgc tccagcaact tgccacctct gctcagccac     61800
     catggactct aaccacctga aaccataaac caaagaaaga gaagctcttc cttctgtaag     61860
     ttattttacc ccagcaatag aaacataacc aatacaatat ggcatgagac tgctaggttc     61920
     taattcaata ggaaatactc ctttcccccc ttgatataga tttctgagaa atgttccaga     61980
     tgaaaaccta taatcccagc tactttccag ggatttgtga atgagatata agctgaagga     62040
     tattggtgga ggtttttttt gggggggggg gggcagggag gagtggggaa gcttgcttct     62100
     gcttcctaga atacagaagt taagtctggg acttctacgg ctatattgaa ccaaaaggag     62160
     atcttggtaa taaaaggcct atgcttaagc aatctccagt tggtggttgt ttgaaaaggc     62220
     ttaggcagtt attttgccac agcaatagaa agggccatgt atctctgatc tttactacta     62280
     tagaacaatc ctcagacctc tttttacatg agacagtttt gttgttattg tttagttatt     62340
     tgctattaca tttaatacag tataaggaat acaagattat ttgaagttgt ttcacaatta     62400
     tcttgcttaa aatcatatga taaggttcta atttctatgc tgggtgttgg attcaaggtc     62460
     ctttactatc attttctcta attataaata tatattatat atattacata gtaatatata     62520
     tatattacta attgtatcct ctaccacagg agtaagaggt agccagattt ctcatatcaa     62580
     atcctgaagt tgtaaaagcc actgagttct tttatttaaa aaatattgaa gcataaaact     62640
     ctaggagaag gtaagagggt tcatagttca ggaaggctag gaaagttgct tagaagatag     62700
     ttctatagga ctcaggttct cacctagtaa ttctgctttg cattctactc tcaactcttc     62760
     ccttccccag agcatcccct caggttctac tgagatcaga aaactgttat aaattggact     62820
     ttggagaaaa tgatataaaa tttatatcat agtttcggta tgaaatcctg cactaggttt     62880
     caatatacca accaaaatga ggttactcat ggcaagagtc atgaaatcaa aatggaacct     62940
     tggtcaggga tgacatgcat tgcaattttt gcatcttaga ggccaaggca ggaggactgt     63000
     cagctgtggc tacttagtaa gatcctgtcg ataactaaaa cacaccaaac aaaacaaaac     63060
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa caacccaaac caacaaacac acactcaaac     63120
     tttgatgaaa taagaaagta acaaggaact accctcaacg cagccaagtt ttcctaaatt     63180
     ataaagggcc taattacccc caagacaaca tgatttaaaa ctaaaacaac tccccactgt     63240
     gttcctctct ctccctctct ctctctctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tacaatgtcc     63300
     actatcaggg agcagaaaac catgcctgtg agcttgctag tgctcagctg acattttcca     63360
     ttttatacaa tccaggatcc ctcacacagg gaatggtccc atccacactt aactagggta     63420
     tttctacatc aattaatata atcaaggaaa cccctcccag acattctcaa aggtccaact     63480
     ccccatgatt ttaaatttta tcaagttgat aattcaccat cacaccaagt ttgattactc     63540
     tctgcaaata ccagtcttgt attcctgggt gcggtgccac ccaggctgag gacagactaa     63600
     aaacaaactc accattaata gtgtgtacat acatagacag tgtagacaga aacaaacacc     63660
     acagtgctgt tttgttcccc ctccctgcaa gcatagcttt attgtagatg tacaggagta     63720
     ttgtaggtga gacaagagac atgctcaaat ttgactcctt gcttgacagg taccaaagca     63780
     atttaagtga tcttgactga ggggacatgg agagctaact ggtcacaacc cggaacctgg     63840
     gaggaatcct aaagtgtagt tgagatgagg tggaatttgt tgataattct ggtttgctgt     63900
     gcagttactg ctgacccctc tgccgtctgg tctcatggta ccagggcctg ccactgctcc     63960
     tcatgttcca ctgaatggaa actgttggtt ccatctcaag gctgtttggg tcataaggga     64020
     actaaagtgg gtcatttata gccagctgtt tcccaggcaa catttgagat aggtgtcctc     64080
     tctaatgtag acaggaagtg cttcccatgt tggggaacct ctttggtaca tataaatagt     64140
     accacttttc aacctctcac aaagatagga tgattgatgg tcagtaattg tagttatagt     64200
     ggtttgggct gataatggcc ttttgattaa gattcctagt gctccctttg tcctgataaa     64260
     ggcatagagt tcttctgata agtagaaatc ccattttaag gatccaactt aaggacaaaa     64320
     ggtgaaacaa atgtaacaca agcaaagaca aatctaacag ctgagaataa ctattgcttt     64380
     aatgtgttat gtctcaaagc ccctcccctt tatgcatcta cttgacttgc aaattttcac     64440
     caaacctgct cctttttagt tctgagagtg tgactctccc ttcctctctc tccatctcca     64500
     gacccgcaga tcctaaacct gctactcctc cgagagcact cctatactga attccctagg     64560
     cacctacttc tggatgcagc tgcttacagg cttccattgc tgcacctgcc tgccttcttg     64620
     ctttctaact cagaaagcaa aacttggttc tttctcccct ttcccttgcc ttctttccag     64680
     ccattgtcaa ggtctccagc tttcatgatc aggatctttt aaaaaattct ttagccatga     64740
     gacagggaat gtgcaaaagg aactctgtgt ctcatggtga cattaggttt ctgtgcttgt     64800
     gtcttgacaa taaccatcaa caatttgggg gagcccaaat ttcctttatg tgcttcaact     64860
     ttagaaatat aagctggtat tttttttttt taatttatct gacttcaagt catactaatt     64920
     acagcttcat gttcctatag gtctgccatt gaatccagca gagttgcctc ttggtgggaa     64980
     tccagatgtc agtagttgcc atatagaata aagtttgtct actacacata aggagacttc     65040
     tgagaatcac ttccaaagct tgggcagaga gcagtctatc tgggcaggga atgtgtactc     65100
     agggagggag cagcacacct gggtgtggat gagtccaccc aggaacatgc tccttcatgc     65160
     tctctcttct tcccaaagga atttggcatc aaaatgaagg aaagttttct tctggcaaac     65220
     tttcagagtg atgcatgctc tttaggatgt tttgtgggaa acaactttaa aaagttgtgt     65280
     tagaaaagta acttcatttt ggggaacagg gtactgaaca ggaggcaagg cctgcacatc     65340
     ttctttcttg gggtgttagt ggataaaaag ttaatttgtg acaatttgtc cagttttctg     65400
     aaaagatatc aaacttggtt agcatgtatc ttcttaaaac ttcctatgta aatataatag     65460
     cagccccatg agctagatgg cacaacagat aagggcactc acctccaaga ctgaggagag     65520
     agcctacttc ttggagttgt cctccgactt tcacgtgcac cctacacata tacaacacag     65580
     cttagttaaa tatagagagc atgccatcac agttttccaa atgtgatttt gattcctttt     65640
     attgttgtta taattttgat gtgataatgt tttttgctct tctttgtttt ttgtttgttt     65700
     gtttgtttgt ttaggatggt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     65760
     gcttagaaaa ggttattttc agtcatgtgg atttttttta ctccagaact agagaaacat     65820
     ctcagtcttc aggtgaggct gcctaatgtt ggagatgcct cccttacagc aactttccaa     65880
     aagtgaccaa aggagaccag aaaaaaggtt ttaggaagct ttttaaagaa actagagtag     65940
     gagaaggaca atagactttg catgggagaa ggccagggca agccagagaa gaacaaagga     66000
     atgctggttc agtattttga gctgcttgta acttttattg aagtgcgtat gaaaactgta     66060
     ctctcttcag aatgatttaa acactgggct ggggtgaaac cattctccta attcttggac     66120
     caacagagga ggaaacagta agtcacctgc tggcactgct ggctttggct ctgtaggcat     66180
     ttaagactgg tgtgtagcct gacacttgga tgtgttttag ataggacata gttaacagca     66240
     tttactcttg tcagtgtaag tcatggcctc ggatcagctg tgagctgtgc agggctgtcc     66300
     gatgtttgat cactcatagg aatcaaagca ctcggaaaag gttacaaaca gattagggaa     66360
     ttttccagca cgtaggggaa aatgaacagt tagaagttct tacctgcctc cttgagaatc     66420
     tgcctctttt cctaggtcct aactccctgc cttcctcaac atttaaaaaa taataataat     66480
     agtagcagtt attggaaatg gcagtttcaa ttttttcatc aattaaaatc acatttagat     66540
     gtttaaatat attttattat ctccttttca acccctggta atagagtcaa atccttagta     66600
     agcattaagc aatggtcaga tgtgggatgc atttctgact cttgaacaat tcagggtggc     66660
     gtgcccatcc cccttatccc aacatctatg tatagtttta gactccttgc ggtggtatgg     66720
     ggaactcggt gtgataatta tcacagtgct gaggaatttg ccacacttaa ctttaaggtt     66780
     gcatactaca gccctacatt tatttatcct ttttgctcct tcaaggggca ccacaaacag     66840
     tttgcaagtg tctatgtgca gaagttttga tagattttaa ttcttttttt tttttttttt     66900
     tttttttttt ttggttttgt tttcaataca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggttgtcctg     66960
     gaactcactc tgcagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcatctc     67020
     aagtgctggg actaaaggtg tgcgccacca ccgcccggca gattttaatt cttaagatta     67080
     gatttgcata acatttgttg tgacaagtgg caaatgaact tctttctaca tgttctgtga     67140
     gttcatgcct ttatggtgaa cactttatac atttgtgatg ccatggaaaa gctaaatttg     67200
     tctcaactaa aaaaaatatt tctatgttac ttagtgggtc acaattgtga aaaagaaaga     67260
     aatcaagggg gagggaggga aggatgacgg gaaggatggg gttatactgg gcccgcataa     67320
     ttcattcctg ctttttgcaa aggcaatgtg gggatgtctc taagcctcat caatgtccaa     67380
     tgcagtttcc ataccaacac atgtcctaca tccttcaatg tacaaaggac gaagtgccag     67440
     attttctaag acattttaca gacagatttt taccaattaa atgaaagtgt tgctactctg     67500
     tgcctacttt aatctatttt gctctcaggc taatagctgt atcttcccaa aattgaaaag     67560
     tcatcaagtg aaaggaagtt attttgcctg tcaaatcagc caagtcaacg tttggggaaa     67620
     gtggctatgg agatggtgca gctgccatct cctgctgcta agccttacag actgatacag     67680
     tctctggaac ccacttggtg caagagaaga actaaggtcc tcaaattgtc tttctgatct     67740
     tgacacccgc accttggtat gtgctgacat acttgtgtac acatacacac tcacacgcac     67800
     acgcacatgc acatttacac ttacacaatt aattaaggct ttaggaaaaa gaattattgg     67860
     gtttgtatca gggactgagg accttaataa ttcaccaggt tacagactct caaagttatt     67920
     agttttcaat gccattttga tctctgggga ctcgaacatt tgtgcttctt agtaagaaat     67980
     tgagttgcgc cgggcggggt ggagcatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     68040
     ggcagatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagctccagg acagccaggg     68100
     ctgtacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaacccc cccccccaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaattgagt     68160
     tgcctgttct agtcggttat taatgcccat taccctgttt gtgatcagct tctttcctct     68220
     ggtgattgga atatactcat gtgttttctc agatcttagc aaaaatccta taaatatatg     68280
     tcataactga tgaaagtatt tattttaaaa tcctaactga cttattttac aaataactta     68340
     cacttgtggg aagattctaa acatgatcaa ccaaaacaaa aatgcaaatt ttctaattta     68400
     ataagtgatt attaacaccg tatgtgtcta ttttgtgcta taataacaaa atgcatatga     68460
     ctgggcaggg ttttttgttg tctcttttcc aaaggagttt atttagttca taatactgac     68520
     agttccaaga acaaagcgtt agagcctatt agcttctaat ggggcatcat aatgttctat     68580
     gcatgccaga atgagagaaa ggcagaggaa tgatggcatg atttatagcc attggccaac     68640
     tagcttccaa aataaccact ctagtctcat aagataaaag acgttaatac ctgctgaaga     68700
     ttggtggttt catgacctaa tcaactccta catgaacaag gtcccactac ctttctgctt     68760
     tattttatgt tgagatattt gtaactagag gagagcaaag gagcttggga caaagactgg     68820
     gagcagggat ggggaggagg gaaggtagat tggattccaa gcactgatca gaggtatgtt     68880
     ggctaatctc atcaactgca caggatttgg aaacagagac aagtgtcagg gagtgtcttt     68940
     gagagtgtgt tcaaagaggc ttaactgagg catgactacc catcctaaaa gcagatggca     69000
     ctagcccatg agctgcagaa ctggatggaa aaccaaaata agacaaacag acaaaataca     69060
     aaaccaaaaa tccaagaaag aattcatagg atttctgtga ggaggttgct ggccacacag     69120
     tgttcacagg aagcacatac cttccatacg ggatgggtct cagttaactc aggctgcctt     69180
     tgaacttgcc atttacagaa gaatagtgtt gaactcctgg ctcccctcct tctactactc     69240
     aatcacttgg attatatgtg cttaacacca tgtccagctc ctgtttctgt tgtcatgatt     69300
     ttgttacaac actgagaatc tggggtcccc tccaagtaac tatggacctc tcctctgagg     69360
     gttaagtttc tgcaaagtgg ggaggtggct cagaggtcct gtatttgtgt acacacacac     69420
     acacacacac acacacacac acaccaaaaa accaaaaacc aatcctttca taaattacca     69480
     ttgttcaact taggatttgt caacattatg atggtgtgaa gatgtcaaag agatacgcta     69540
     gatttatatg ttgacgtttt cccaggctac tgatatgtgt taaaactgaa gattcatcat     69600
     gggatgagct gcagccccaa gtcagcctta caatcacagg gaaaacaatg cataatataa     69660
     taaagtactg ctgccagcat tgttggatac tgttttgtgc ttttgtatct cattacaaaa     69720
     tccccatctg tatatataca gatgacataa actctcgtaa gagaggcttt gtgttaggtg     69780
     actttcccaa ttgtaaaaag acatgtaaaa agacataaat cagaccaagt tacaatgttc     69840
     agtatgttgg agtagttaaa tatatttcaa cttacattgt atttactttg tgataggtat     69900
     atcagaacac aacctcatca taagccagcg attttaggct atttcacatg tattcatttt     69960
     ctagtctttg ttgaatgcta tattagtctc ctattaacat ttttaaatta cccaagttaa     70020
     aaataacatg tctttttcat aactgctggg gtcagaaatc caaagtgagc tttacaaact     70080
     aaaatcaagg ttttggcaga gcccatttct ttacttgttt gggatctaca agtgtccaca     70140
     taccttggct ttagttccac atgtcatcaa ctgttctttc tttcttctat cctcattgga     70200
     cattctcact cattggctct tttcaagttc ctctataaac gcttttgtgg ttacactggg     70260
     gtctaccaga atcacacaga aaagtttccg tttcaagatt cttcatccta tcacaaatct     70320
     gaggtctacc gtgatgtgct acagtcattt ctcaggggag tgttggacgc agattaaaga     70380
     gattaaaaat ggaatggagc aacatcagta tcgcggcaag tagtccgtgc agaggcgaga     70440
     ccggcagaag tgggagcttg ggacgcatct aagaaagggc agcgtggaaa tggctaggct     70500
     tcgagttctg ctcagccttt gaccaagatg gtaaagtagc aatgtctgct tctttcatgg     70560
     agggagaaca atcttggaga aaggagaaac agagaagccc cagatgcagt gagctaagct     70620
     gtgttaaatt aacatatgga catgggataa agccttctgc tgcttgggga gaaaagtaac     70680
     caggcatcat tgtgagaaaa cgaagcccaa gaggcactgg gagaactctg cgcatgcctg     70740
     cgttgctttg gaacaaacct gctctgtgtc catactggag gtaacttgcc ctgactcatg     70800
     tttcctcagg gtacaactga gcaatgttgg ctcagctctc gtttacattc attcagttta     70860
     aggctcagcc catgaagggt gggtcttccc accttcatta cccaattagg aaaatcactc     70920
     ataggcattt ccactggaca acctaatcat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     70980
     atatatatat atatattcct tcattaagac actttcccta ggtgattcca gaaatgaact     71040
     tccacagggt ttagtgaaat tgaagaacag gaaagaataa ttttaaaagg ctacagatca     71100
     aataccagga aacacttacc agtcagaatt ttccaaggca attgggttca gtagaaaaat     71160
     ggaggaaggc ttccatgtta ttaaaagaag aaaatttaga acacagtatt tcatatctgt     71220
     gaagttgttt ttcatgtttg gcaacggtaa aatgtttctc aaatatagtg tttctcactt     71280
     tctatggtaa tgtgggattc tgaaaggctt tgcttaaacc atgcaaagcc acctctaatt     71340
     gttaacttgt aggcaattct attaggcccc ttctggagac ctagtaaagg cttacatttt     71400
     agaacagata actaaaaaac ataggtggtt taactcagac atgtttagta ggtactagcc     71460
     tgacaggaga tttgctgaat atggcattaa atgtttaagc ttactatgac aaacagagat     71520
     ttccaaaact taacagtgat ccccccccac caagatctca aaaaagatat gggcatagtg     71580
     acaaaggact ccatctggat tgtggtacac caaccactgg tggagactgc cccaatgcct     71640
     tgttcaatgt cagggcccgg cctgaactgt gaacagagaa cacctggaga gttaattgtc     71700
     tcctgttgcc aggacaaggt tcctcctcca caggaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa     71760
     acctctcatc ttctgtgcct gatggccaga ctgcctctgc tggtattgcc atggagacca     71820
     cagggagctg gtacaactgt ctaggtagtg gactatggac taatctccat aattttaatt     71880
     aatatatggc atttagatta taacttatcc tcaagtctct gatcatattg acagctaaac     71940
     taactgtagc ttgacagcta gagaacaaca ggcaactagc tccttacccc aaggtaatcc     72000
     acgaccacgt tagttcatta gttaatttat tagctagtta aaactactag agctgggtgg     72060
     tggtggatta aaggtggtgg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg     72120
     gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac     72180
     acagagaaac cctgtctcag aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaat ccccccaaaa aactactagg     72240
     tttcttattt taaaaagaca aacaggtttg ccttgctcac gggattcatg ttaaaagata     72300
     aacagatttc aggtctgact tttttattat tcctttatct aaaggaactc attttgtaga     72360
     aactgctccc agtaatcaac cacctgtgtc tcgtggtcaa taattgcaca gaaaaaagta     72420
     caaagtttat gtaagttttg aggattctaa aagcttaagt tatgagagtc taagaaagtg     72480
     ttttagggtt taagaagggg ctttaaggtt ggtaaatgca agtgaaaact taaaaagtga     72540
     tttaaggcat ataaaaggaa tgaaaatgtt ttaggtttct tcccctaact atgctactaa     72600
     tattgtacca ggactttgaa agatcagagc tttaacatta atcagtgaag ttctgataag     72660
     ttattagtct aactcgggta aagctttcca ctatatgatc cactatcata gtcacttgct     72720
     caagaatttc agtttctttt ggttgtcttt tatgaataga ctaagggtgt ttcccactgt     72780
     gctaagtcta tataagccca gacttctggg tagagggaag aagccccttt tcatggtctg     72840
     tagtcacact gaaaacccag agcaagtgag cttttgcccc tttcaccact gaaggtttaa     72900
     atatggtagt ttaaatatgc ttgactcagt gagtggcact attaggaggt gtggccttgt     72960
     cactgtgact tgggctttaa gaccttcatc ctagttacct ggaagccagc ctttagatga     73020
     agatgttgaa ctctcatcta ctcctgcacc atgcgtgtct ggatgctgcc atgttcccac     73080
     cttgatgata atggactgag cctctgaacc tgtaagccaa ttgcaagtaa atgtccttat     73140
     aagcactgcc gtggtcatga tgtctgttca gtaaaaccct acccaaaaca gtccctgaga     73200
     taacttcgtc cttagccaac aggaagtagt ctaaagaaca cagcaacctg actcctagtt     73260
     cctcattttt aattaaacga aaaggaatgt tcttgtgtgc acccaactcg ccagcaagaa     73320
     tgacgctgca acaggatcct tctgcacacg tttattggga gagcttgatt gcagaggcaa     73380
     agagacccca agcccagaac tggtgctgct tatataggcc taggagaggc gtgtctcaca     73440
     cccggattgg ttatgcatgg gttatgctta ccacctcatt tgcatgtcta catctgattg     73500
     gttaacttgt ctctcatctg attggttaaa ctactgttta tgtatgcatg gtagccagcg     73560
     gtaaccagcg ccaccctgca atggcacatg tggcttccca catctccccc tttttgtttt     73620
     aataaaatga ggctggacta ggcctgtgca attatgtcca tccaccgtgg ctcctgtttt     73680
     aggtcattcc tctaatgtca cagccttacc cgtcataggg taaccctatt gccactgggt     73740
     cccgtgtctt aggttggtct gtgcatgagg aaagttgccc atctctggat accgcagtgc     73800
     tgtgtgacag taactgctaa atgacctagg gcgaactcta caaaagaggc cagccaattt     73860
     ttaaaaatga attagtaggg aaatcatgat caccctatcg catgcaatga ggaaacctca     73920
     gcgatgtgca agggctgatc aatgatcgct gagtctctct catcccagtg caatggattc     73980
     ataaatccgt ggggtgcaag agcagagaac tcagatgctg actaaatctt aagcatagat     74040
     aaccaaattt caggggaggc gccgtttttc aatagctaaa agtgcctgag ttataatcac     74100
     cttgtcacgt ttttgttggg ttctgaattt gcatatcaac cagagcatga acaccagtcc     74160
     acagcatatg gtagcaccaa acaaaatcac tcccatccat tccttaaagt aagaaaatgc     74220
     agaggtaagc caagaggtaa aattgtcaac aatgatgggt tctattcgag ttccattaag     74280
     gcttaaaatc tggcattaga tgtaaaggat tgaggaaaca cccgaatgcg tcaacgccat     74340
     ggtttcagga acacagagct cttcagttct cactagcggg agcaccccta gccacaggaa     74400
     catccacgtc ctcatagctc tgcttgtttt gaattgctct ggtcagccgt tctgggaccc     74460
     acagctgttg tcggtgatcc tggggaaaca cacaaacaga ccctctctcc cacatcaaca     74520
     ccggtgggca atgatttcca cgcccttatg gcaatctgat tcacctgctc aaacacctgc     74580
     actggatatc ctgtctgttg ttgtgcaaag tgaccttgat caagcagcat atctctatcc     74640
     catgctggat ttcctgcagc agagttagcc gctgcctgtt atttgcaaat tcaataagga     74700
     aggctttcca atctaaatac tgcccaggtg aaaggcatgc cttcaccaag actgcccaat     74760
     cggacagtgt catacagtgt ctattcaagg cctctacttg agccatagta taggaggcag     74820
     ttaagctgta cgtccacagg gactcagcca aattcctgat cactttgaaa tctagaggct     74880
     cataatatct ctgccctgct tgatctgtga aaaaaaggac atcccagcaa ggagaatcta     74940
     acctctctcc aaacctctgg acagaaggtc tgcctatagg tggctgccga ggaggcatag     75000
     ggagggggcg cagaagctaa ttcgccttcc tcctctgcct cggctctttt attttgtcct     75060
     ttctgtccac ctgataacac tgtgtctcct ttctttttct tttttctttt taagcccttc     75120
     tcctcttcca acatactttc ttgttgctct gtaaagattt tctgacctgt cttgactgcc     75180
     tctacacaca gtttcaaaca gtaacagagt ccatatatca gaacaaacaa gaccaaaact     75240
     atcagaccta cccacaaagg gtcaatggga gaaaaaagcg taactcatga accttaactt     75300
     gtcccaaagc cgggaacctt atcgtctcaa acatatcccc ctttaacctg gggatcaatt     75360
     tgggagactt acaggtacca ccgttcctca gctgaagagt tctgaatcca cgcagttgga     75420
     tccttctcag cagtctgttt tgcaggaaca cttcattact accatttccc agctgatcct     75480
     tctcagcagt cttgtttaca ggaacacttt attaactgct ccttccccgt gatgcagttc     75540
     tgaatcctcc ctcaattaat gcattatcgg cttgaagctt tgtgttcctg aatacaattg     75600
     catatatata gcacactgag tttacactga cttctgaagt ggtgaaacca gttttgcagg     75660
     tatttgaagg tttacctgca gtccccttga agttagttag attttctctg tagcaagtaa     75720
     tttcaacacc aaggcctgag tgcctatgag actgatgagc acttttagtt ttaaatctaa     75780
     agtaggaata gatgccaatt ttaaacacaa aggaatttat gttcatattg tacttaaatg     75840
     taaatgtttg atgtgattaa tatttcatgc ttatcactca cattgaatat ggcttggatt     75900
     gtagctttgt gcaagttatg ccttggctgt tgacattttt aaatgttata attccaccca     75960
     attttgaatt tggctttatc acttttcatt tcttctgaaa gttcatcttc gttagctaat     76020
     tttctcttgt ggttatccat tttgtgaaat accatgagaa ttgatccctg aaagatagag     76080
     aggcaactca gactaactgt cttgtccact gtgcttgaac taacaggtgc acagacacta     76140
     gtcaccaaga gactttgaaa ggagtgaagc tattggtcac ttctcataat agctatgtta     76200
     tattcatggc catttgaggc cgatggagga gccacaaagc tggtattgtg tggaatcaca     76260
     ggtactacaa tggttaacta aagccgaacc acagttgggg ttaggtgcca ctgcattgtg     76320
     gcaaatgaag cttgcacatc agaactctgc aagacgcaaa ctgcttgtgc acaagatcat     76380
     ataaagttcc catcccacat cagtccccac gatgaaggca gatttgagga taattactta     76440
     agaaagaaaa gaacaagaca gatataatgt aagaagtttg taaaggaagc tagaaagaac     76500
     catcagtctt aagagcactt gttctttcag aagacctagg tgtggttccc agtacctgca     76560
     tggcagttca caatcatctg taactacaat tacagagcat ctaatgccct cttctggcct     76620
     ctgtggacac agggcacaca tgtggtgcac acatacatat atactgacta actcatacac     76680
     acaaaataaa atctttttta aaagtttgta aaatagagat aatcatacat tggtcttgtg     76740
     tgaaataaat attaagacac acacacacag aaaatatgac tttgggtaat gtgacataga     76800
     attaagtgtc taaagataag actctgatgt gatagaaggg agaagaaaag ctggtggaga     76860
     taggtttagc tcattgtccc atgaacaaaa caatggtaaa acaaatacat catgtgctgt     76920
     gttgaggtac acacccagat ataagaaaat cacacatgta aaataaaaat atcaaaggca     76980
     cgatgaactc atggttaaaa gccatggtgg ttgagcagca agaggtgatg gtaggtggag     77040
     agagaatgca caggtcgtgg tggaattccc acctcctgtt tgaggagttc tgggatccag     77100
     ccccagagct ctatgtgtct cacccctcac ttgttgctgc atccatcttc tgcagaagct     77160
     tgaactagac tgatcaactt cacgttttta aggggacgga agactttaag cattggcaat     77220
     agtgctgggt ttactattaa ctatttgtta agctatttat tgagacgaag gttgtactat     77280
     gttgcccgag ctgattttga acctttgcac ccaagtgatt ctcttgttcc cacatttgaa     77340
     gttctaggac tacaggtgta taccactgag cctagctttg ttgaatttac ttataaaatg     77400
     ataagtaatg taattggttt agaagataga gtgaatgaga gattaaatgg acaatacaag     77460
     aggagctaat ttgtgtaagt cctaaaataa caatttttgg ctttaatatc tttaagtcat     77520
     ttttgtgtaa actgaacaca atacttatat ttcttcagtc tactttctgt aagaatattt     77580
     agtttcaaga aatacagttc tttaataatt ccagttgcta tataagcctg tttttgtttt     77640
     tgtttgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcatt ctgtagacca     77700
     ggctggcctt gaatctatat aagcctttat tgtggactta gaataatttc ttgaaaatta     77760
     tttcatttaa gtaaatttaa aatttgtttt ataagtaaat aaatttgaaa atacgtaatg     77820
     ctgtggtaaa cagttgtata gccatgtttt ctttggaaaa tttatgtctc acatatttta     77880
     agctatgaat acaaattaga aagttggcat tttttttttt tttaacaaag agtggagcag     77940
     agactgaagg aaaggccatc cagaccctgc cccacctgcg gatccatccc atatacagtc     78000
     accaaaccca gacacttttg tggattccaa caagtgcttg ctgacaggag cctgatttag     78060
     ctgtctcctg aaaggctctg ccagagcctt acaaatacag agatggatgc ttgcagccaa     78120
     ccatcgggga ccccaatgga ggagttagag aaaggactga aggagctgaa ggggtttgca     78180
     atcctatagg aagaacaaca atatcaacca accagaccct ccagagctcc cagggactaa     78240
     gccaccaacc aaagaataca catggtggga cccatggctc tagccgcata tgtaacagaa     78300
     gatgatggtc ttgctgtgga agctgttgtg ggtaggtgag taggggaaca cccacataga     78360
     agcaggggga ggggcgatgg gatagagggt tttcgaaggg gaaaccagaa aagggagata     78420
     acatttgaag tgtaaataaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaaa atttaaaaag aaagttggca     78480
     ttcctttaaa agttagacac tctttataag aaaaacccca cggtgttcag tacttttcgg     78540
     atactttggt acttaccagc ttaaaactat gggtctcttt gctgttaagc taaatgtcaa     78600
     ggtcaggaaa caagaacaga acctgaagaa atgctcttaa ctgataagct atcactctag     78660
     ccccaatgat gaaatattaa tacacgcaat tgagcggagt caaaacatgt ttaaatctat     78720
     atataacatt atatcaggct atttgacatc aattctccca cattgatctt agaataattt     78780
     aaaaggcatg tagtgataaa aaatacaaga cagtttgtac ataattaagt aacagttctt     78840
     ttacaaactt aaatgtatag acccctcttt aaaggaaact aattctttgt ggatatattg     78900
     aattattttc attatagtat taaaatacag taacatacac ttgagacatg cctgcccatg     78960
     tagatataaa agctaagaca tacccacagc tacaaagcca aataacattt aatttgacgc     79020
     ttgacattat tttgctgacg gtccttctgc accatagtat ggagagaaac tcaaacattc     79080
     aatgccatgt agtacaaaaa catacaagat caaatctatg aagaacataa acacccctct     79140
     ggctattagg agagtctaaa atgaggtgca ccatccttaa ccacttatta gctcctctgt     79200
     tttcacacac cctgctaaca ctcctctttc ctgaacatac atagtacagg ctatgtatgt     79260
     atgttgcttg gccttcatgt gggtcccaaa caactggatc agggcctctt cccaaaacct     79320
     gttgcctgta cgtgggatat gttcttctag ctgggctgcc ttgtctggcc tcagtaggag     79380
     aggatgtgcc cagcctcata gataggatgt gccagggtgt ggggatatcc aggagagccc     79440
     tcacctgctc agagggaaat ggaagtggga tggtggggga agattgtggg atggagtgat     79500
     cgggaggtgg gcatgtgtgg gatttaagtg aatgaggaaa aaaaacaaaa aactccttat     79560
     cttctctctc ctggaagaag aggaggcctg gctctagcag acacagttgt ctataagcac     79620
     acagtgagca ttgaacatag gcatggttga cctggtgatc tggggagggg gaagtgacag     79680
     tgtggagaca gaagagtgtg ctgaatggct gtaagttagg gaaagctaag gaaagagggg     79740
     ttggacttct acagagtact ctcaagtggg gctggatacc actgtgctcc gcagctcctt     79800
     ctttccctcc tctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc ctcctgctgc     79860
     tccccctgct cctcccctcc ccctctctct gttgttttag gcaacacagg ggttctcagc     79920
     tcagcagttc cttttaaata tgccccgaca ggaagcataa cacaaaagtc acaactccca     79980
     cttcctaaga gctttctcct gaccattctg agtctaaggc ggatctggtg gatttctata     80040
     tagtaggtga tgccatttta ggtactatac aatttttcta aaaaataata agcaattttc     80100
     agaatgatat ggaggtcaca atcaaactca atgcagactc tgtggaagac tgtaatggag     80160
     gagacagaat aacagtggtt caggaaaaaa catttgcaga gactagggaa aaaaatcaag     80220
     caaaagtcca tacaaagttt caggtttttt tttttttcct tgagagcatt gaggcacctt     80280
     aagtagctgt ccaggtttct cagtgtctga gatgactgaa gcagttcctt gttgccaccc     80340
     aagctgtaaa atagggacta gcgtgttctg ctgccacctt gtggcggaat tgtgccatta     80400
     ataaagacac attcaaagtt acatagggct ctttttcaac aaatactaac ttggaaaaac     80460
     tatttgaaat tcagccgact tctcccttaa aaatataatc aagctaggaa ttgtggcaca     80520
     tgtttgcaat accagaactt tgtaggctga ggtaaatggg ccataaattc aagaccaacc     80580
     taggctatgt agtcagcctg aagcacatga tgaaacgctc aacgcataga cagacagcta     80640
     ggcatggtca ctcatgtcta tgatctcaac attcaggaga ttaacacaca agtctgaagt     80700
     aatcctcatg gtgtttgagg ttacatagtg aattccagtc cattccaggg cacagtgtga     80760
     ggccgtgcat caaaatcaat ttttaaaaat cccaataagt gaaaacattg gtatttatta     80820
     aattataaca ttaatgaaaa tgatgagaca tttataagtg gagtcatatg aagttaccat     80880
     ttaaagtggt ggtttaaaga ttatcattaa agttgctagg caccatccaa tcagatgaag     80940
     tccttaatgt taaggaagaa gaacggtgga taccttttcc cgtctagtgg gcaaggattc     81000
     tgccagtgga gtccaactgc agccatttcc ctggtttgca aaatctgaac taaccaagcc     81060
     ccatgacttc atgagccaag ctgttctttt ctcatccatc ttcctgtgtg tgagtgtgtg     81120
     tgtgtttggg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtgtgtgt     81180
     gtgtttctgt agaaagcctt gccatgtgtg aagatgacag atgacttact aggacttctg     81240
     agaaggataa cttcctccgt agctggatgt ggggggaggg cactcacagg gtgagaacgt     81300
     aaactttcag gaaaggcttg ttctcctctc agtatttcct cccggcactc agaagttaag     81360
     gttggaggtg gctttgatct ctttccatct tcctgagact cccttacaga ttctaacccc     81420
     attttgctgg ctttattctt aagaaacaca gaggctagtt tgggtcctca cacaagattc     81480
     gtggaagaaa gcagatgaaa ggaagagaca gagacaagac aggtaggtag ctcagaacaa     81540
     ggacttgaaa gcagaaaccc tttgatcctc tggccaggaa tgccagaagg gagcttgagg     81600
     gttttaaaat ctcctcctaa atgagcacca cgcatggagg ctctacccaa aggtaggaac     81660
     tgaaaccatc gtgcagacat taaccctttc tgtctaatag ctatggaact ggctctatat     81720
     tttcataatg aaatggctct ctctatatat ctattcccca atattagcct ttgcttgcta     81780
     ttcagtgacc ttatggtaag ctgtaagaca tcaactcttg tcagagtagt gtcttttatg     81840
     atgcttttca acgggtgggc caaggaaact gaagtggaaa cttaagggtt ccttggaaag     81900
     ttggttggat ggtgttttgc tggggcaaac acataaagga aagtttctct gaagcagaca     81960
     caggagagga cgttctgcta aaggaagcac ctgaaaggac acatggtgaa agattctttg     82020
     ctaatgacac acatgtattg gtccacatta cattgcatag ttgagtagca tttgttggga     82080
     tgccatagag agaaatgcac caaaaaaccc ttctggtagt gtgctgcagt ttgttggcgc     82140
     ttccaaggac tcaagctgat tggatgcaca tgctgaggca aggcatgtgg aggacacgtg     82200
     atgtttggag ggtagaaata ggattccagg gagacagagc ttggcttgct ggttcagcta     82260
     gctgtacaat gctctcaagg ttttgctgac ctttgctccc tgagagaggc acagctgaga     82320
     acttctcctg gagttcagtt ggtccctcct gctgatttga atcaaggctg aggcctgact     82380
     gtctctgtta ggtcgtgtca ccgctgttgc taacccgact ctactgaaat gaactgctgg     82440
     tatatccatg aggtatttgc aagtgggtca agctgccact gcctgctaat ctgtgaactg     82500
     aaccgccatt ttccagacaa cacagatgga aattgttcca aagaaccttt ctaaacaggt     82560
     ccacacacac acgctgcccc ttatccttcc ttttacatta cccctggtgg gtggtaggtt     82620
     ataaggaagg tttaaagcat ttaagaccta ccattaaaaa taggatttga gccgggcagt     82680
     ggtggtgcag gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtagat ttctgagttc     82740
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gaaaaaccct     82800
     gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggatttgaaa aaaattaaag     82860
     gtacagaaac aattctcaca cttcattttc accacactgc agggtcaagt gcagggtcaa     82920
     gttcatttac agacaatttt ctctggaaca ggttagatac tgcactccaa attttctctg     82980
     gaacaggtta gatactgcac tccaaggcac caacaaaaca agtttttcca cagttgactt     83040
     ttgtagtggc tatttctggt tgtcaacttg attatatctg gaatgaacta caatccagaa     83100
     ttcgaaggct cacctttggt ccagatcttg aggctgggag acacatttct gacctggatc     83160
     ttggcatgga gatcttgaga catagtggcc acgaaaagca taggatcagg cgaggtagta     83220
     catgccttta atccctggag actgaggcca ggtgatctct gagttcaagg tcagcctggg     83280
     acaagcaagt cccagatccg ggagtggtgg tacaccacac ctttaatctg ggacacactt     83340
     tctgctggag gcctacatcg ggacactgaa agaaggaaga ttcactcttt gcctgcttgc     83400
     cttgtggaac tgagcaactg ctagatcctt ggacttccat tcacaactgc tgctgaccat     83460
     tgttggggag ttggactgca gactataagt caccaacaaa ttcccttact agagactacc     83520
     cataagttct gtgactctag agaaccctga ctaatacaac cttcttgtct catgcacagg     83580
     taagactaat caagtacaag aacacccaaa ttctttctac tgccagaaat tcggtgtggg     83640
     ttaggttttc ctccaaacat atttacatgt attttttaaa aagggtatag cagccattct     83700
     tacatccctg tgcctttatc tgctgtcatt ggttaatttg ccacaatttc agaagccaca     83760
     ctgcttttca agggcagatt agatcgattg cctttttatc attaaaatgc atttagtaaa     83820
     attgaatgat gtagtttatt tctaacgtaa aaaaaatatc aacgctcaat aaattttaaa     83880
     catcctggta ctggcctggc aagatggttt agtgggtaaa ggtgcttgtc accccgagtt     83940
     cagcccttga gacccgagcc ttcgaagtac gacctagctc caaaagttgt cctctgagct     84000
     ttacatgtgg gcactcgaac acctatgcac acattaaaaa aaaatcatat taagacgggt     84060
     actgagatta cagactaatt gacttgttct taattaacac cctcctcccc ccccccgacc     84120
     cccccccccc catccccagt gtctctggtc agtatcttat cctctccaaa cactaaagca     84180
     gtagtttcca aacctgtgat gagaatccat agggggaaga tgggatggga tgaaggtggc     84240
     tttatttttt tttttatttt ttatttttgg tttttgagac agggtttctc tgcgtagctc     84300
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacta tgctggcctt gaactcagaa atctgcctgc     84360
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc accgcccggc gaaggtgact     84420
     ttttaaccct acaagagact aaagttctcc agctgagtgt catttgcagg tagtgctaaa     84480
     tagagacccc gcttatttat tttggccttc ccagacagga gtttctctgt gtagtattta     84540
     tttattttga ggcagggttt ctatgcatag tatgtatgta tttatgtgct tatttatttt     84600
     ggtttttcaa gacatggttt ctctgtgtag ctccggctgt acgagaactc gctttgtaga     84660
     ccaggctagc cttgaactca gaggaatcag cccgcttcta cctcctgagt gctgggatta     84720
     aaggcgagtg ctaccatcgc cgtgctggaa tcccctttaa ggaaactaca cagaactaga     84780
     aatcggtcaa attccttgag ttttacgcag gctatttcat ctctttaaag agtgctccac     84840
     ccacacctca ggtaagggcg cttgcccttt gggagatgga caggaccatc aaccaattag     84900
     cagcttggat gagataggac cgccccccca acacaaaaca taaacaaaac gctttccgtc     84960
     agtaataata atggacctta aaaaaaagaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaccg tacacaatgc     85020
     ttcgcgttga agagaccggt cactttggga ctggagtctg aaacagtccc cgcccatccc     85080
     aacacagagg cggcagcgca cacgcagaac tgactgcgcc ccctcctcac gcgtcacttc     85140
     cgcctggcgg tctcccacac gtcacttccg ccctctcctc gccgtgcctc gggtaaagtt     85200
     gaagcaactt ccttttcctt ttccctactt cctctccgtg cctccgcctc cgtggagctc     85260
     agtccctctc gcagcggatc ccaagtgaat cccttggagt ccctctcggg ccttcgtgaa     85320
     gaagcgctgg gagccgcgcg ctccctgcgg cgggagttgc cagagcccag gtttgctctg     85380
     tcgtctgctg ctcccgggcc gtgagcggcg aggactctcg ggtcccatct tcccggcctg     85440
     tagttagcca cgccggagcc agcggccagc gctctccagt caagctgcgc tctctcctca     85500
     gctcccgtct cctctctttg caggcgaggt ccaacccaga ttgctgcttg ccattgacgc     85560
     ctcgtcccgg agtttggatc ggaagccggc tggatgtaga cccctgatgg ccgcggtgct     85620
     cgccatctag catccattcc acctccttgt gagtttcgga accagagtca ggtaggaaat     85680
     actgaaagag catcccgtct gaacagataa agaaacgggg attgttggca ggttcggtct     85740
     ctaaaggcag cccggctccc caaaggaagc gctggggtgc tcacctacgt ctgacatctg     85800
     gagaactaac tgctcaggga gcgtttacaa ggctctgcaa agagaacgct tgcatttctg     85860
     ggtgcttagt gttcatctga cattatgcta agttgtttct ataactatgc catccatttg     85920
     ttgcagtaag tctagcaaca tgttgttgtc cttcgtttag gaaaccgaga ttcagagata     85980
     actgacttgt ataggattaa tgacttagct aatgtttccc acgtctcttg ccccaagtct     86040
     cctaatactt taaccttaac ctctgtcata aataaactct ccttctttta gttttttgtt     86100
     tttggcatct caggaagtga gaatcctgaa atttattcat agcttctcta ttatttgagt     86160
     agaattttat ttgttattag catcttgtgt agaaatttat aatcctgtca atcccattcc     86220
     tcaacagttc ccctccccct tctctcttga tttagggttg atgggttttg tcgtagaatt     86280
     atttgattta ggttaaagag ttggcctgaa aaaaattact agtttttata tacaggtact     86340
     ttatattgtg gcatgtctgc ttatcttgat tcagttcatg ttttctattt ttgtttctgt     86400
     tttttcattc agaaaaatat aactgtcatc ttataccaag atgtcaggaa ttggaaataa     86460
     aagagcagct ggagagccgg gcacatctat gcctccagag aagaagacag ctgttgaaga     86520
     ttcagggacc accgtggaaa caattaagtt aggaggtgtc tcttcaacgg tacgagaaaa     86580
     cgaggctgca aaagtgtgct tggcttctgt cagttgttcc tgaaagtaga aatttatgga     86640
     agcttcttga attaagagat aagcattagc aaagaagagg gaaatagatg aattgatgtg     86700
     gtggtcagtt cttgaagtga ggtgtattaa tttatgtttg atctgtattt gcaagctgtg     86760
     gtgtttattt tattttattt tattgagagt ctgactacag tagtctttgc tatagttaat     86820
     tggcactttt cccttactga aaaataggtg ccgtgttctg agaggcaccc tagcaaagcc     86880
     tttgagagtg ctagtgctga atgagagtca gatcagtgcc cggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     86940
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgt gtgtgtgcgc gcgtgcgtgc tctctgccat atctcttggc     87000
     tgtatggcct gtattatctg tcctgtgccc gtttgattgt gaaatgaatc tgtagtacct     87060
     gtgtgtgaca ttgggttatg atggaggcaa aatgggagtc cttgtaaaga gctcaaacgt     87120
     tgtaaaagca atagcatgca ctcataagag tgagctgtta ctgggctaga taatgtggta     87180
     gacgaattgt gtgtttaatg gttagtaata ccttttagac acgagaagct ttggtgggga     87240
     tgggtttctg tatttggaac ttggtcaagg cactgtaatg tgtagacaat ttccagttgt     87300
     gtttcttgtg tatattgagg ctgaggttca gagaagttga ttttattttt cagtcagaat     87360
     aagatcctgc ttactaaatg gatgaagtgt catttaggga gatggcctgt ccatcttgct     87420
     gccagaaggt ggctttgtct tagcagtgtt gattttgtgc atcctaaatg catttatgcc     87480
     aatataagta tttgttgagt atgtcttttg ctggtgctgg ttgctgtgct tacagccctt     87540
     atactctagt ttccagtgtg gtactgacaa gaaaataggt tgatgaaagg aaagcaaaac     87600
     acatattcca gcttggacgc tagccagagg ggaacaagga gccccggaag ctcctgtggg     87660
     aggggaaaga gaatcacgag cacttagcag aatttttcct ctcattctcc tcctctcccc     87720
     attcactgac agcctcgtgt ttccaaggtg agcatctgct tcttacctct gctgaaagca     87780
     cttccgtgca caaagaagag tagtatctga gggctgaggg tgggtctcag tggtagagaa     87840
     cttgcctagt atgtgttaag ggcttgggtt taatccctgg ccctggagag gggttggggg     87900
     gagtgcttac atgcatgtgc taggcaaact ggaatctcag actttcctgt aaggctccac     87960
     gtacaaggaa aatagttgat atgtgatcac atagatacca gtgcacagct ggttaaatag     88020
     atacaaaatg acccagtgac tgggtctgtt gtctcaactg taaccttgac tgcagagatg     88080
     ctcaggtcac taagaagtat agtctaaagg tgtgtgaatg tgtcctgatc gtttaccacg     88140
     gagctctttg tgtgaatgag tgcagggaat tgatgccgct gtactgggtg ggagcctggg     88200
     tgacccggta tgattctgag gtctgtttgc tgtcagcttg agtgggagag ggtggttgta     88260
     atgcagtgaa caaaggctgc acagtgaagc agttgtcctt aaccaggagc aggtacagtt     88320
     tatgcatgtc agcagaggaa aggcaggggg tgcagagtca ggttgaggct gatcattagc     88380
     agtagtttga agaagtgggt ttgtgcattc ttttctgatt gcttctggga tttcagagaa     88440
     atctgagagg aaaattgggg tgtttgaaga aagagaggaa gatagtagtc actgtgcaga     88500
     gaggttgtcc tagggagtgc agtagagttg cttactgggc aacactgggg ctcacttgga     88560
     tttctgagca tgtactgtaa gtgaatctag tcaacatggg atttagtttt tcttattaca     88620
     gttagctgtg tgagtctaag cttggaagta ggtggagagt tggatattac agggattgaa     88680
     ggttttccag gataaacatg ataaagaagc aagaaaagag gagcaggtat ataaacggtg     88740
     attgtgacaa ctcatcatag aaggtgtgtt tggaaaagca ggaggtgagg aagcaagagg     88800
     cctgaggcac agaggaaggc ataaatcaat aggttagatt ctgagaggcc aaagaattgt     88860
     tggaggcagg aaacagaaag gtactaagaa aagtgctgct gcttatggca ggtgagcttc     88920
     tagaaggcct gcaggtacag atagagctga gacaggagct gtggaaactg atgacaggga     88980
     ttaaaaaaaa acagatcttt gacagagaag gggctcacat atggaatgat cacctaagtg     89040
     ggaattaaaa cttttaggca atataatggg aagtggaact gtagcaagtg atggtaagct     89100
     aggttctaga tctgggagat gggacgtgag caatgtatgg gtaaggccag caacagtggc     89160
     aggtgatacg atctaaatgt cctaatctga taagtagttt tgagcaaggg aatggcaatg     89220
     gaaaacaaag atagcatctg cctttaggct ggggcttcta ggagtgtagg aggaaaactg     89280
     cagggaaatg gttttctcat aggttttagc tatagaattc aaaggcagct ttccgtctta     89340
     gaagagcctg ggtgaatggt ttaatgtttg ttgatgttct agttggtgtg agtctaggag     89400
     agcaaggctg aaaaatgagg cagacgaaag tctcatgcag tagccaactt tattcagagc     89460
     agcaggcagt ttgtactctg aggattaaga agaatcaaca tgagtaatgt gtgcagtcac     89520
     aaggacaagc tacacgtggc aaatacatgt ttctccttag aggcacatga agaacagctg     89580
     aagtaactac tcctatctac tacatcggcg aggaacatga aaacacattc caagaacagt     89640
     tctcagtttg aaaccctgtc ttgttttatt ggaattttct catgagcact cagaattctc     89700
     acatgactcc atactgagac tgtgttctga ccatttacta atagtacaag taaggcagag     89760
     cggagctcct agtcacttcc ctgacatagc aagtgtttta attaaaaatg gaagaggaga     89820
     aataaaagtc tctaagcagt tcttgcttta acgctcattt tcaccaattt ctgcataaaa     89880
     caagattttt agttgacttt ttgcaaagca gcctgctcat ccatctgagt ttactctgct     89940
     cccctttgat aaactttaat ttttgtataa gaaaaacaac aacaaaacaa acaaaatttc     90000
     tacctgctat tgtgatattt tcctctcact gctactctcg cactccacct ccaggcttct     90060
     ccaggggcag aaactagaaa gagtctcaaa ggcctgggga attggtgatg gttgagagta     90120
     ttttgtttgc tttgctttat gtttgagaca ggatctttct ttaatccagc aacatggatg     90180
     ctctggcaga tagacctcct aggtctatct gatctggccg gaatgttgac acaccctgga     90240
     ttacagtatg cacgttctat tgtgccaaca tgagatactt ggagagacat gttttatatc     90300
     aggcaatggg aacctggact ggagcagagc tctggatgat tcctttagta tatagtttat     90360
     aataaaattt atccctgaag cctagtcatt tgccattaga gtccaaaata ctgacaaact     90420
     ggatgctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ttaaatggtt catctaaacc     90480
     taggtttaag tcacccaata actagcagta tggtggagcc tcaggattca gatacttggt     90540
     gaagaatcct attagagcag tgaggtggtc agcttgagag tgctatactt gctgttacca     90600
     tacatgatca tacacctgtt cctttatttc ttctgttccc acttcttact taatcatttg     90660
     ctgtaagagt tcttaatgta tgtatgcaag gccaagtagt gtttctcagt tgccatccac     90720
     tttgtctttt gagacaggga gcccactaat attaggctag gctggctagc cagccagcta     90780
     tcctcaggga tccacctgtc tttatctttc ctgtgctgag gtgacagcat ttgctaccat     90840
     acaaggcttt cttagaagca ggttctattg atcaaactta gatgctcatg cttgtgtgac     90900
     aagccctgag cacctgagca cctgagctgt gtccttagtc tcggttaaga ttgttttttt     90960
     tattttcttt atagaaaaat aactaatgaa ctaatgtgaa cttagtgaat ttaatagctc     91020
     gtctgttttt ttgtggagac taatgattct gtttcctgag gtaggaggaa ttagacattc     91080
     gaacactgca atccaagaat cgtaagctag cagaaatgct agatcagcgg caggccattg     91140
     aagatgagct tcgggaacac attgaaaagc tggagcgacg ccaggccact gatgatgcct     91200
     cactgttgat tgtgaaccgg tactggagcc aggtagctac tttgtctctt cacccctatt     91260
     cagatcagcc ttctcatcct tagagcgctc ttagtttctc aacttttgcc cttcatggtt     91320
     gtttactgca tgtttccttc tgtagtttga tgaaaacatc cgcatcatcc ttaaacgtta     91380
     tgatctggac cagggtttgg gggacctact cacagaaagg aaagccttgg ttgtgccaga     91440
     accagaacct gactctgata gcaatcagga acgcaaagat gaccgtgaga gaggcaagtg     91500
     tttgcaagga agtctgtcac tgccttagtt acctgggttt taaggttgag ctttgctctg     91560
     aggctctcca gttgagcggg acagtggatt ttgctatttc tagctttaaa agaagattaa     91620
     gggctccttt ttctctccct gtgttgttgg gaggtattct gtaactgtat tagttactag     91680
     atttttgaag ttgaactttg ctttgaggct ttccatttga gggaaaattt gctatttcca     91740
     gatttataat ttgggggggc tttttttctc cccatgttct caggggatgg gcaagagcca     91800
     gctttctctt tccttgctac tttggctagc agttccagtg aagagatgga atctcagctt     91860
     caggagcgtg tagagtcctc ccgccgtgct gtgtcccaga ttgtgactgt ctatgataaa     91920
     ttgcaagaaa aagtggatct cttatcccgg aaactgaaca gtggaggtga ggagaagacc     91980
     aggagacagg gatcaatggg aggcaagaac tcagctctag gaggcttggg gtgctgctca     92040
     gtagtaaggg agaatgtggc taggtgtgtg gcttctattc cagcaccaaa acgagtaaga     92100
     gaggaaaact cagtttaacg aagctccctg gagttttaac ccttgtgact ctcagtgtaa     92160
     ttcccatgac atgctaacga tatactttca taagtagaag taaacttctg acttcagatg     92220
     gtgagtttta atgtgttcct tttcctttgg tgtatttaaa gacagttaga tgaggtagta     92280
     aagtaataag atgactcctg tgtttgaaga gatagaatag gaaaccagtg gatgaaaaag     92340
     ccttaaagta aaatgaccat ttggaatact tattgagttt tattactgaa attatgtttg     92400
     tacagtatag gaagtatact aaaattatta aagatcttta gtcatttgtg atagatctct     92460
     ttcttaaatg cagataaaat gcctttattt caggttttca acattagcca tgatctggtt     92520
     acagtatctt ttaagaagtt ttattgtata tgtatatgtg agtgtataat tatatacaca     92580
     tgagtgtagg taactgagga gttcagaaga gggcatcagg tccccctgga ccttgagttg     92640
     ttggccacct gacatggatt tttggtaact aaactggggt tccctgcaag agcagtacat     92700
     tctcttatcc tctagccatc tccctaaccc tctgttgtag tattttagct gccgtgatta     92760
     tcatcaagat atttaatgtt ttaatctcct aaataaatta gttaactata atgtgcttta     92820
     tttactaggt gagcaaataa gaactgtatt attctagaat tttattttca agaaaattct     92880
     taaaaattgc ttctttttta gtacggtaat taatatgctt gtttatattt tattttttaa     92940
     ttaggatact acagttgaga gtggatgggt atgactactc cttcctattg ctataaaact     93000
     agctgtgtga tacttctgtc tcccatggct ctaattgact gcctagaggg tattgttaaa     93060
     ccactctaat gtggggaatg tacaatgtgc agaggttatt ttgatgctac atttgatatt     93120
     ttaggtgaat gtcaagtaca ttatttgcta tatttgtaaa ggaattagac tgaatagaaa     93180
     ataaaactga actaagaact gttttggggt tctgtgtcta caagattgct cagctttgaa     93240
     ggctcttgca caagcctgat aacaagcgtt taatctctgg ttcccacaag gtggcaggag     93300
     acaaccaatt cttgagggtt atcctttgac ctccaaattc acgtgcctgt acacacagga     93360
     cagacccatg catacacaga aacaaaaatt attttttgta agtgtgtttt aagatcaagt     93420
     ttaagttaaa aaaaaaacac attttatttt aaattctaaa tagttaagct gtttgtgatc     93480
     cagaggaaat ctgtgttgat aaaaaaagta aagatatata tctttatatc tatatgaatt     93540
     ataatgtata ttataactca taacacatat atgtatatgt gtgctatgaa ttataatact     93600
     gagtaataac tttttagaag ttcattttca cccatggttt cattcttgtt tagatttatg     93660
     gcttatttat taatttacta acactcactg ggttttaatt gaattttagg gcctggcttc     93720
     agaacttagg gtattgaaga atgaaaattt aggcattagt ttttaactca ggttgactca     93780
     gtcgccgttt aattatgtat ttattttgcc atagctatgg agagtcttaa ctagagggtt     93840
     ttgtatgagt ccctgggaat tgtctatctt gaaagtctga taaatgattc aggtgggcaa     93900
     tcctacatgg aaactgggaa cccgtgactt gactgatctg ttgcatgagt actgagagca     93960
     gtaataacaa gtggtgtagg aatgcttttt cctggcaact ctaaaggata atgtgtgtct     94020
     ggagactaat tggttccatt tatagcacat agattgagct gtaataatta tgactaattt     94080
     taaacacctg aattcagcat aagaaattct aaagatgtaa cttgtaaatt tgtaaatatt     94140
     atgtacattt ttgactttga gcttcaggaa ctttagaccg tgtacaactg tgcttaccca     94200
     aggctaccta ctctccacct tgatgccctt cccccattgt gtttgatgcc attggatatt     94260
     cattccatta cgaacagtgg ccagccaggt gtggagtcca aactgtcaag tccagcctgt     94320
     gcaatgatgt agtgataatg caaagtaaag cctttatgtc tggctttgag taaaatgttc     94380
     cagcagagcc tatgctttgt ttgggttgat ccatagaggc tgagaaactt tttttgagac     94440
     tgtttgaact taaagaagaa acattgtgtc tcttgaaggt ctgcacttgg tgctacttga     94500
     gagcttgcca ctgcacaaac cttgatccta agacactcga ggcaaacctg gagttcttcc     94560
     tcctgatttt tggctagcca tgatcaaagg gactgagatt cgtatgggtc atttgctctc     94620
     tctggtagca aaggaaagaa aatcaacctt gatagttgga accttttcca gacccaatta     94680
     attttgtact taacataata ttgtgataag tgagttctgt gtttttatct ttgttcattg     94740
     ggatttttat atgtgattat ttgaagatag aaattatgct tcctgtctct ccaccacaaa     94800
     agagagatgc ttcatgttgt tattagttaa taataggagt ttgtgattac cttataaaat     94860
     aaaattgtat tgctttaatt tggacactgc ttagaaatct tgtctgttct aaattctaaa     94920
     gtatctattt ttggtgatgg taattgtatg tgaatacaat gatatagcct tcatttattt     94980
     gttcaaggca tttgtcttaa cagagatgag aataggtgat ggttgcaggt tgactcattt     95040
     atataaccaa ttacctatca cctgacctgg gtgcttcctg tgtcctgtga gataacacac     95100
     taggttactt tctgacattc tgaggatagt gaggtgagcc atcaggttga tgctttgatg     95160
     caatagatga ttgtacaact taagactatt gatactaaac taaagtgcag ttcttctttc     95220
     tcagataacc tgatagtgga ggaagcagtg caggagttga actccttcct tgcacaagag     95280
     aatgtgaggc ttcaggagct gacagacctc cttcaggaga agcatcacac catgtctcag     95340
     gaggtacttg accagaagga ataacagcca ttcttcgtag ctctgggtga ccacaccaag     95400
     tcagaactgt gagaactttg agaggcccct taattttaca aggcatactt acattgagga     95460
     gagtgtgggg cagtaacaac agtcaactct gagagagcaa cgtccatgaa aaggttaaag     95520
     aagaaaacaa ctgaaccatt cctctttgtg cctttgttta atagtagttt aggatcttca     95580
     tcattgtgaa gaaatgccac aacacaacaa aattgtaaat cctaaatgat tcactgccct     95640
     aaatataata gatcgtcaac agtggtactg agtgaatagc caagtgagag tagagcagag     95700
     tatggtgagg agggaggctt ctgcaatggt gaagccatag gaccttgggg aatgtgaatg     95760
     ttcaccccag agtagctccc agacagtgcc atgattacta tcccatgcta gatttcggca     95820
     tctgtctatg taacatgctt atgagaaagt gaaaagcttt ggatctttcc gcacatgctt     95880
     ctgattactt tgttagctca ggtgatatgt tatctgttga taatgaccta ctttggtttg     95940
     gctactagac ttttgtgctg attagttatt tagttattgt cacttagtca tttggtaccc     96000
     agttttaagc actacatgaa tattactact aatggcaaaa cagcttccat tttactggtg     96060
     aggatacaaa tgaagggtag tgtacagtcg gagcaggtga ttaaaaaatg tgatttgctg     96120
     agtttgttta atctcagagc catgtttacc ctgcactgtt tcctgagctc tgctgttagg     96180
     ttctttgctt ggatgctcat ggacttttag cagcatttac aaatagatgg gggtgtcata     96240
     ttttagggaa ttagctcggt gttaccaaga tagaaatgtc tcctgttgag gcctttccca     96300
     aatctcagca agagtaagca agggcctctc tgttttgctc tctgggctcg tgtgtagaac     96360
     ccatgtcttg cattgctatt tcctttcatt tttaaaaaca acatcagagt aggatttaat     96420
     ttcctggcac caagtacagc gcagcttctt catgcaacaa tttatttatt tttccattag     96480
     tttatttatt cacttcacat ctgatctcag ctcccctctc tcctcccagt tcctcttaca     96540
     cagcccctca cctctcattg ctggttcttg atgccgactg tctgctggga ggctgtcaat     96600
     tgcagcggag ggcctgaaga cttcttagca tgtcagctga actacattga gtgttctaag     96660
     aaacaaagca gatcctgcct gagcttttta gtatagcctc agagttatac actatatata     96720
     tatatatacc actaaagttg tctgggatca aggggaggaa cagattcatc tcttagtggg     96780
     aagattgtca gaggaaaaaa aaataagctg aagggtctat acagagtaat gggaacatgg     96840
     ggcagtttca taattgagat gctatgtagt aatatcccgt tgatgcaaag ttgagatcct     96900
     cagtatctac atacagttga atgcagtagt attgattgta atccccaaac tctactccgt     96960
     aagatgagat gagaggcagg gactgggcat acctggaagt ttgagggcct gacatatgac     97020
     aagaaaatct gtctcaaaca agatggaaga aaaggactga tgcctgaggt tgtctggtca     97080
     tctccacata caagctatgg caggcgcgtg cacacgcaca cacacatgca tgcacgtgca     97140
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cacaaacaca     97200
     cacacacaac ctgattgtaa actgctcaag agtcagctta aacacagaag aagtttctat     97260
     cttgttctat aaggattatc atttctggat atgtagctag agaaagttgg tagtaagaga     97320
     tgtttctgtt ttaaattctt attttctaaa gtatttgata aaggttgttt tctttttaaa     97380
     aaaatcttca ttttctgatg gttgtggtct ttctagggaa atgatgcttt tcatggatag     97440
     attattgagt cttaactgat tgtccttgtg aaagttctta gcaattgcct gtagcagtct     97500
     aagaactttt ctttttacat ttgggtgttg aatacatttt tttatatata atggtatgtg     97560
     agcaaggact aattttatgg aatttggaat gcttgactca gtccttttgt tatgtttctg     97620
     aatgcttgtc tttgcgatgt agttctgtaa gttgcagggt aaagtagaga cagctgagtc     97680
     acgagtgtcc gtcttggagt ccatgattga tgacctgcag tgggatattg acaaaattcg     97740
     aaaaagagaa cagcgtctca accggcattt ggctgaagtc ctagagcggg tcagtgctga     97800
     ttatataggc ttaaaaatga cttaggaatg tatattttat tcatgtgtat gtgtgtgtga     97860
     gagggaatat gccattatgt gtacagatgc ctgtggaggc cagaagaggg tattagatcc     97920
     cctggagcta cagttatata gggttgagta gccaagcatg agtgcaggga gcttccacct     97980
     ggactcctgc aagagcagca agtgttttta actgctcagc caccatctct ccagtctttc     98040
     ccaccccaat ataatctttc tttttgtttt tgagactttc ataaatgtat accatgcatt     98100
     ttaatcccat tgatcctcca tccaattttt ccagaactcc tctccatatg ttcccctctc     98160
     atcttttaat atcttttttt tttttttaaa taacccactg actcctattt gggttttaca     98220
     tgcttgtgag tgggcaacat accaaaggcc acaaccccaa attaaaatga ctttccctta     98280
     gcagctatca actgccagta gctcttcagt caggggaagg taaactcctc ccttttccat     98340
     gctagtatat tgattaattt gatcttgtgc aggcagtcat aggtactgtg agttctcata     98400
     agcacagcaa ccatgtcata tccaggaaac aactgtttaa cagcagtcct tccctcctcc     98460
     tagcacttaa cagtcttccc tgagccgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     98520
     gtgtgtgtat tgtgtgtttt ctcccatgtt tagctgagca cttgattgac acttgttctc     98580
     agaacttcaa ccattttact ggttgtatgt ctgtggtaac taacatccac tacaaacaaa     98640
     agctttttaa ggagtcatct ttctcagaaa gaatcagcca gatgctgcta tttgaggaag     98700
     aaacatcatt tgaatgtccc tggtaaacaa ctgaagcctt gcagcctctc agtaaagagt     98760
     ccttgtcttc tctgtaggtg aattcaaaag gctataaagt atatggagcg gggagcagtc     98820
     tctatggagg cacaatcacc atcaatgccc ggaaggtaac atttgctccc cctgggacat     98880
     ggtgcttccc tgggaatagg cctcgtgcct agggcctgcc tgcattggtt cccaggggac     98940
     agtggcattt gcaggagtgg agcagtggac atgggaaaca tgaagtggga tgatgtagtt     99000
     cttttctctt tattctcact tgctgttttc ctggtccttt gtagtttgag gaaatgaatg     99060
     cagagcttga ggagaacaaa gagttggctc agaaccgaca ttgtgagctg gagaagcttc     99120
     gtcaagactt tgaagaggtc actacacaga atgaaaagtt gaaggtagga ggcacagctc     99180
     tgaaggacaa atgatttgtt catcaacttg tgaacctgca tactttatga ggacaagaaa     99240
     aaatgtggcc aaatttagcc tcttccatga cagctcaaca catgaggtgt accttaacac     99300
     agcagaggcc atttgtgacc tgcccattgc taacatgctc ggtaaagagt tgcaagattt     99360
     aggatgtcta ctcttgcttt tctggttggt atacagaaac ttaattagaa gagatgggca     99420
     agaatgggaa aacggctcca gattagaacg attggagagg aagaagcaaa gttgtctctg     99480
     tctgcaggcg ccatgatatt gcgtataggg acctgagaga actagaactg agctccttga     99540
     agttgaagaa tgtaaaatca ccaacaacag acttgataga aactatctca tttcatatag     99600
     cattaaaaat agtacattta accaaagatc agtgtataat gaaactgtag atgtacagtg     99660
     gaatgttatt cagctttgaa aaaggaaatt tagtcatttg gggcagcatt gataaacttg     99720
     gggacattat actaagtgaa ataaagcagg tagagataga catagtgttt gaaatatatg     99780
     gttgctaaga aaggggatct catagaagca gagaatagac ttgagaggaa acattggctc     99840
     aagaccaagt tctcaacaca aagggcttta tttgcctcag agggacaaat gcaaggaata     99900
     agagacaaag acaggagata gagaatgagg gggaagggga agagaataag gaagagggaa     99960
     tagtggtttt tgttccagag aacaaagaac tgcctctgga tagagaggag gtcttgggaa    100020
     agtgaaaact ttaaaaagta agcagggaaa cccagtatta gtatgaggtt tttattttaa    100080
     ttgggcatgc taattagatg agccaaaggg gcttttgatt gttgaacttc aatactttga    100140
     tagctggacc atggcagtca gccttaggag gaagacgtgg ccaaataaag gataggcttt    100200
     ggtggctagc tttaggaatg ctatctaatg aggcagaggg gacagaggga gaagggcaag    100260
     gcctgccagg tcccttcatt cccaccgttt tgttttatta ttggtttgat gggctttggg    100320
     tatgtaggtg tttttctttc tggctgcttc ctgctgacat tgggacatta ttggtagagg    100380
     acacaaggaa gttaagttgc tggtaaagat tggaaagaac aggctctatc agttaatgtc    100440
     taggttctgc ggaactatct gaagctaggg aattgtagtc tgtaagactg gatcaggatg    100500
     tagattccaa agaaacagct ggggctggca ctagagtttc tggagtagtc tgtagttgag    100560
     ttgagatctg ctggagaggc cggttctcct gcatttgagc ttcgactcct cctcaccagg    100620
     ccaagctgga ctgataatgc agagtgggca ggcactgggg aatgagtgta ggtgggagga    100680
     tggttgtgga gaagggttgg gggcgggggg atgttggagc cttaacagag tttaggtaag    100740
     gccaaaagaa agtgggaagg tattttggca gctgtgggga gtgggggaaa tgggcagctg    100800
     ctcagtcagg cctgatggat gtggcctgca gcctcagtgc tgagctgaat ctgtgggcat    100860
     tctgggctgg tgttatttct gcctattaga attgtccttt gcaggatctt aggggaacaa    100920
     agaagaatct tctggaagtc ttcctcatct ttctttgatt catagactat catttataat    100980
     ttatttctag attaacaaat aataaggata cttgaactaa aaggaaaaac ttcattaaca    101040
     ttcttgggga gttaaatcaa atggttgctt aggaaaaaca taaccatttt ttgctaccag    101100
     tcagaattat tttctctgtg gccattaata aagaacagct agttactggg gtcttcatct    101160
     gtgacttaga acaaatgtcc tggtcaggtc aattccactc agctcttcta gtggcttata    101220
     tttgagttga aacaatgtaa aacacatatc aaaatagttc tgggtgacct ggtttactca    101280
     gggattgggt tttactcaga agtggtagtc tagacttcat aattttctga gtaatggttt    101340
     caagtatgtg gaacattggt gagttactct cccatggctc tgacttgtgg gacatacatg    101400
     tttcactctg attctgactt gccttttcgt tgggccttcc taaggtggaa ttgcggagtg    101460
     cagtggagga agtggttaag gaaaccccag agtatcgctg catgcagtca cagttctctg    101520
     tcctgtataa cgagagtctg cagttgaaag cccacttgga tgaagctcgg accctgcttc    101580
     atggcacccg gggtactcac cagcgccagg ttgaactcat tgaggtaaca gcgaactttt    101640
     ctttgtttca ctgcatatgg atcttacatg tggggagatc aggcagatac tgtgccattg    101700
     tgtgtgattc aatggaacct ggctggcact cttatcacaa agccaaccat tccctctcct    101760
     gcattgtctt ctctatatga ttgcctgact aatggatttt gtggttttac tttcatgtat    101820
     agctaatatc ccattcatcc agtgggtata tgtataagac aacagacctc ttcctgatga    101880
     ggaagtgagt ggaaagtgaa aagtttgtcg atagaagtag gcatgtgctc caacagtgac    101940
     agccatcatg aagctgtgca tacggatctt acatgtgggg agatcaggca gatactgtgc    102000
     cattgtgata ttgaatgcac atttaggcaa attattttga aggaataact tttactttgg    102060
     tatttatgtt cacttttgtg ttttctatac tccttaaagt agtatttagg gaagttagtt    102120
     tttatgtatg ttggctaaat aaattgatac tagtttatgt ttacatctgg acagtttatg    102180
     gttagttctc taactgaatt gtaatctcag agctcaaggc catttttctt tttttaattt    102240
     cttcagtgtt ctgccaggtt ataaagtcat gcttctaaat tgcatctggt gttcttttaa    102300
     gtcatgaaat ggaaaatttt gagacagcct tcttttctta gcagtgtttt atcttttcgg    102360
     actgttacag attgaattta gagatagaat aaagttgtat gaatgtctta ctggttcttt    102420
     atctgcagcg agatgaggtt agtctgcata agaagctgag aactgaagtc attcagctgg    102480
     aggatacctt ggcccaggtt cgcaaggagt atgagatgtt gaggatagag tttgagcaga    102540
     cccttgctgc caatgaacaa gcaggtataa tcattcttgc cctaccctgt gttctgtctg    102600
     ttgtaaactc ctttgaaata aaacttgatt cttgagcctt gttaatgcta acctcagaag    102660
     acacgaagta gtacctggga tggaatcctg taattgattt tgagccacag cctgggtgtt    102720
     ggttttaact cattcaagca gtttgatttt catcctctga gcaggagcat ttcttttagt    102780
     agtaccctca cttctattca gaagttcctg atgtgctctg agctttctct ccttgaccct    102840
     tacccctttt taaggctccc aatattgttg ctgctgtttt tcaggcccca taaaccggga    102900
     gatgcggcat ctcattagca gcctccagaa tcataaccac cagctgaagg gtgaagtcct    102960
     aaggtataaa cggaagctga gagaggcgca gtctgacctg aacaaggtga cctggagcag    103020
     tggataagca ttgtttgcca tggtgatggt aagggtggta tgagcgaggg aagcatcttg    103080
     ctccatagag gtcatgtgtg tctttccact ttgtctccta gacacgtctg cgcagtggca    103140
     gtgccctcct gcagtctcag tctagtactg aggaccccaa ggacgagccc acagagctga    103200
     agcaggattc tgaagaccta gccactcatt cctcagcgct gaaggcatct caggaggatg    103260
     aagttaagtc caaacgggat gaagaagaga gagaacgaga aaggagggag aaagaaagag    103320
     agcgagagcg agaacgagaa aaggaaaagg agagagaacg agagaaacag aaactgaaag    103380
     agtcagaaaa ggagagagat tctgttaagg ataaagagaa agggaaacat gatgatggaa    103440
     ggaagaagga agcagaaatt atcaagcagc tgaagattga acttaagtaa gtgatgttga    103500
     tggggattca gagcctggac ctaagaatga aatgtttgct ttatggtatg gctcacccaa    103560
     gcattacaca gtattttaga tgtagctgaa tgtacaatta atgtggtctc aactttcaat    103620
     ctgatgtgta gctgaatggc ctgcctggcc gttgtacagt gctgcctagt ggttaggtgc    103680
     cagtcaaccc ctggttgggc atttacttct catgagtcca tattaagaga acagataaca    103740
     cattgaagta gcacacctgg aaattattgg aagttgacta ctgcttttaa tttaagtaaa    103800
     ttatgatatc acttttattt taaattaccc tatatctcta atcttagtgt tgtctggtaa    103860
     tttatttgta gttggcaggt ttgcttatat actagtccaa aactaagaat tccttaggca    103920
     gtttcctcct acagaattta gacagaagga cacacttaat tggatgcaac attacttttg    103980
     tcccaacgta atcctcctta gccagggatg ttctgctgaa actagctctt ctgactctga    104040
     cttttctttt atcctgtgtg acatttgaat ttaagggttt gatgtactta aaaagtttga    104100
     gctcagatgt agttacactt aataatttag taagacatga agtgttagtg ttcagctgat    104160
     gtttacagct gccattgtca atcctaggat taggagttta ttttaacctt tcgaaatttc    104220
     cttctgtttg attttttttt ttttttaagg taaactcatt tccccctata aaaatcatct    104280
     gaactctcag tttctcaggg gcaccacttg aatgtgccta tgtcataagt gccacagtta    104340
     cttacgttac aactttatgt tgcagaatta aacagaggat gtatggctta tatatatggc    104400
     tttcttttct gtgctttcca actgcattct gtaagtctta tcagtgatta tgtaaaatgt    104460
     gtctttcctt tataacatag agtaaacaga ctgttgaaat gtggttgcag catccaccca    104520
     aatgtcctcc ctctgacgtc ctttgttttc tcagtctgtt ggttcttttc ctctaccacc    104580
     cggtcatagg aaagcacaag agagccagaa ggagatgaaa ctactgctgg atatgtaccg    104640
     ctctgccccc aaggagcaga gagacaaagt gcagctaatg gcagctgaga agaagtcaaa    104700
     ggcagaggta agcaagcctt ctgttacctg tcatcctggt gaaaatcttc agttgtgagg    104760
     ttgtccttta tattttttca tatcaaatgt tcaattttta aaaattcttt aaaagaggag    104820
     ggcccctgac tctgaaatca gtctcttaaa attccttgcc gggtagtaaa atatgtcaaa    104880
     attacaagaa tgtggagtag gtttgtaaaa attttcattc cttaattagt cctgagaaat    104940
     tattaccact ttacatgtat tattactata gtaattctct ttttctggtt gcattttaaa    105000
     ggaatctttt tttgctagtt tttattgttt tgtgtgtaag gatgtttcct tgcctgtata    105060
     tctgtgtatc acatgtgtgc gtggtatcca tggaggccag aggtacctgg tgcttttgga    105120
     gccccggaga ggacccctag aactcactta gagatgcctg tgagctacca tgtgggtgag    105180
     agaaattgaa cccaagtcct caagaagagc agccagtatt cttcaccact cagccatccc    105240
     atcacccctg agatgaatga cgttttgttt tgtttggctt tgtctgtgta gccccggctg    105300
     gtctagaatt cactagattt gggggccagg ctgcccccaa aatcttggat ccacctacct    105360
     ctgcctccta agtgttggga ttaaaggtgt gcagcaccat gcatgtcctg aaagaaaggt    105420
     ttttatcctt gaacatttga ggccttcgtt cccaaagaag actatgtaat aggcacaacc    105480
     gctggctata gataggtgca tgaaaggcta taggtctgat aagtggtgtg ctggactatg    105540
     tcgttttcag tttatcattt atcctgttct acagttcttt gatacttggt tatgtgggcc    105600
     ttccatgtgt atataatgtt ggttgaattt tggaagtgtt tgctgactta gttttttaca    105660
     tgatcctttt cctcctgtag ttggaggatc tcagacaaag actcaaggat ctggaagata    105720
     aggagaagaa agagaacaag aaaatggctg atgaggatgc cttgaggaag atccgggcag    105780
     tggaggagca gattgaatac ctgcagaaga agctggctat ggccaagcag gtgggcacta    105840
     ctcctctata aacactttca aatctgcaag gtaagtcact gtcagtgcag gttgacttta    105900
     gtcctactgc tctttgttgt cataaccttt atcctttgtt attacgttga aatccttgtc    105960
     tgccatcctt ctcttacttt attctgtgta tttgggcggc agaatttact ttgagtggaa    106020
     tagctgttgt ttcagacatt gtttactgag ggacctcttc tttctctgct gactgggact    106080
     gatgcatata ctgattagaa aatgaaattt tttatactct gattatagac atatgaaact    106140
     aatgcaggct atcagaagga aggtctagtg tcctctgctc atcctttgac attggcatat    106200
     ttgctaattg atcctcgtgt taggaggaag aggctctcct gtctgagatg gatgtcacag    106260
     gacaggcctt tgaggacatg caggagcaga acatccgtct gatgcagcag ttgcgggaga    106320
     aggacgatgc aaacttcaag ctcatgtcag agcgaatcaa gtctaatcag atccataagt    106380
     tgcttaaaga ggaaaaggaa gagttagctg atcaggtttt gacactgaag actcaggtaa    106440
     ttgagagttc tccattatgt tgaagtaggg agctttctgt gtgaaggcat gcacaatact    106500
     gatcattgtg gcttcatttc tttctgagat agaaatgctg caaactaagt gtatgttaga    106560
     gtctgggtaa atacatttca catgcttaca cgcttacctc aaaaatatgg gctttcaggc    106620
     aggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcact gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc tgagttcaaa    106680
     tcccagaaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cccataatgg aatctgacac cctcttctgg    106740
     tgcgtctgaa gacagcgaca gtgtacttac ttataataat aaataaataa aaatctattt    106800
     tttttttaaa aaaagggctt tcgttgacct ggttgcctct ggatattggg atgggagttt    106860
     gtgagtgaga ggtcagaagt ggatgtgtga ttttactttt ttacctctta gttttgtttg    106920
     attctatttt gtggattaat tttaagaaaa agtttacttt agaacctcta gctgttctga    106980
     aaaaaaaaat ggagttgagt ttggtttgag ttaagtgttt aatttctggt tggaaaggcc    107040
     tcgttttggg gattagtata cctgcagaag atgaatatct aaagataact ttctattctt    107100
     ggcagtttgg aaacaggtct ttttggtagg ttccttaact atgaatatcc atgaattatt    107160
     ttatgtgaaa atttgaagcc ttcgctaata tcataatctt agatatatct taaaaggttc    107220
     atgaaaaagt cagcaatagc ttgacgtttc tgacatgctg taatttttga ggatgtatag    107280
     gtaaatggaa cataactgat tttattttcc tacctcctta cattaaaatc tgatttttgt    107340
     cctacacagg tagatgccca gttacaggta gtaagaaaac tggaagagaa ggagcaccta    107400
     cttcagagta acattggcac aggggagaag gagctgggtc ttaggactca agccttggag    107460
     atgaataaac gcaaggtgtg ctgctctctg taacaacatg gttgggcagc ctccagaacc    107520
     tgcctggagt ctttccagtt cacctaatct taggctatca ttcccctcct tagaagaatc    107580
     aggtctgttt ctgtgttcta cataggcaat ggaggcggcc cagcttgcag atgacctcaa    107640
     agcacagcta gaactggctc agaagaagct ccatgatttc caggatgaaa tcgtggagaa    107700
     cagtgtcacc aaagaaaagg acttgttcaa tttcaaacga gcacaggcaa gagcagttgt    107760
     ctttggttat atatttacct tctttgtgag ggctgtggtg agtgtggcac accatgaact    107820
     gctataccga aggaccttgt gggaagggac tggcattgct gtatgccatg ttccctagtt    107880
     gtgaaataaa tactggtaaa ctgtgtaacc tggtaactgg taagtagtca caaaacgagg    107940
     ggaaggttaa aatctcactt gttctcattt ttctcatgcc acctattttc atgatagctt    108000
     ctgttctttt ccataggaca gtaaattatt taatccaagt ctaccctcac aataaattag    108060
     ttaccacaaa ataaagcatc ctgctctctg agtttccagg ttgtgttttc attggactga    108120
     aagtgctctc attgatgcag ttcttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattta ttattattat    108180
     ttattatata tacactgtag ctatcctcag acactccaga agagggcatc agattttgtt    108240
     acggatggtt atgagccact atgtggttgc tgggatttga actctggacc ttctgaagag    108300
     cagtctgcgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct tgccagcccc attgatgcag ttctaatttg    108360
     gggataagat tagggttgtc ccttctgaaa caaaagtgtc tggtaaccag gtatttgtaa    108420
     gtgcttacat tcctaataag ggaattggac atggaaggac tggaagttct ttgtttttat    108480
     agtataaaag gtcaagttgg ataaattcct tctgtcagaa atgacaggtc tgggaagtgt    108540
     gtgtggctat gtctattttc ttgctgcagg aagacatctc taggcttcga agaaagctag    108600
     agaccaccaa gaagccagac aatgtgccca agtgtgatga aattctgatg gaggagataa    108660
     aggactacaa ggtaagaaaa actgacttgg tggtgtttct gtgtttgctg gggctggaag    108720
     tggtccacta atgccctgag acagtgagct ttaccccaag gcagaagtgg tctacttgaa    108780
     gacctgagag tagacactga ccttcacctc aagtctagca gagaatggtt attttcaggg    108840
     taaaatggca ctcttcctag agcaccacag ttgccttgtt tatttgctta tatatcatga    108900
     ggtttattta tagttcctca ggcactgatt tttttttttt tttttttttc tatttctagg    108960
     cacggctgac ctgcccttgc tgtaacatgc gtaaaaagga tgcagtactt accaagtgtt    109020
     ttcacgtttt ctgctttgag tgtgtgaaga cgcgctatga cactcgccag cgcaagtgtc    109080
     ccaagtgtaa tgctgctttt ggtgccaatg atttccatcg catctacatt ggctgattgc    109140
     agtcaagaaa gaggactggc taggcaagca cttactcatt aatcaccagg cctctacctc    109200
     ctctctccta gacagctggc catctccctt gttccccaga ctttgtccgg gttctcttcg    109260
     ccagtagcga gagaacatag tgaggaagac tgcaagtctt gggacttaga atgaactaga    109320
     aattactagc gtttgtcttc ccttcagctt tctttgtgtc cttctttcgg atttttcagc    109380
     attttcttct tgggcctagc ctataaactg gttttgccca ctcctcttga agaagtcagg    109440
     ttgatagttt gggcactgag aagggaatgt gggtagagtg aacatatact attatggagg    109500
     agtgaatttt tgataagtta tctatgggcc caaaattctt gatttgggta gtaaaccttt    109560
     ctaaacttag gttataaaat ggtatagttg tgttagtctc tcctggaagg tttgaagcct    109620
     taatgaaatt atatccagga tacttcattc tatttctcac ttctaggaga ctgacttttt    109680
     gggtcagttg gacttcttgc taaagttatt tatgttttag gtattcaaat attaatagtt    109740
     tttttttaat ttcttaaagc cagaataatt tcaaatgtga tagtccctat ggtgtgtgtt    109800
     tttttttttt aatatacatc ttttctgaaa tcagaattag tattaagaag taacaggaat    109860
     gcattgattg tgaagagatc tcggtagtct gggaatgaga tccagggcga tgttggggaa    109920
     ttatgaatta ctgtcccctc ctctccagag ggagtctttg ttctctgtgt tcctgaagat    109980
     tctcagtaat gtttctgtag gattttaata ttccatgtgc ttcaattaaa gcaggattca    110040
     ggttgctctt gtgtttgtgg tgttctttgt tatgactatt ccaaaactga tttttttaag    110100
     ataaagactt ttgctattta atgcaggctg gccttgaatc ataacagttc ccctttctga    110160
     agattgggga tgtgtgtcac catgcccagt gattggggat gtcaccatgc ccagtgaatt    110220
     ctttaaacag aattaaaatt aagaggctgt ctttgttgac agcatttagt ttgtttgttt    110280
     gtttatttgt ttgtttaaat atgaattaag gtagttttct cccttgctaa ttgtttagag    110340
     tctctactga ggagagagac tacttagttc tcttctatag cttactatgg aggtaagaga    110400
     ttgtctttgg gtgagaactt tgagttttat agaaactagc acagtagaag cctaataaaa    110460
     ggtttgtatt aagtgactcc ctcctgataa tggtcaaggg catgttccct gtctgtcctc    110520
     agcaggtttt gtgatgaatc ccaccattct gtgatgggga ttaaagaatg aagtctagtt    110580
     gtttggggtt tacttggtta ccaagagagg ccattgatct gttaattttg ctgccaagaa    110640
     tatacactta tgtgttgatg tacacacagc catgctaagg ccctactcct agacatgacc    110700
     attcatccac taccaggaca cactcccctt gctgctggca ctcagaaggt aagctggagc    110760
     ataacaagga accaactagg ctgcttgggc agcaggtggc ttatgacatt agcaattctt    110820
     ctcaattggc ctgcaaagtc agctgcctgg taccagatag cattggcttg tggtgtgatg    110880
     tagagggagg aaagcattca ttccctggaa agctggggta agaggaagct agaaattgag    110940
     gtccaggtaa cacagggtgt cattttcagg aaatgttcaa aaatggtgat tgattcatcc    111000
     cccccccccc acccccttcc ctttgcactg gattttcttt gcctacatgg gtagttgtga    111060
     gtggctttca agaatgtacc tggaatttca tgtcacattt tgttttggtt ttaaatacat    111120
     ggcttaacag ctcttcagat cctgagagga acttcaaaac tcgacattct cctaaagtta    111180
     gaaataacag ctccacatct atagaaaatt acaaggtaat atcttttatg ggaaagtttc    111240
     tcaatttaaa atagaaagtg ttttatatgg tagaaaagtt cattatctcc tttactccac    111300
     tctccgccct tcctcccctt tccttccccc tgctttctct tagaaacgtt taagtaatat    111360
     taaccagaat cagggatgct cagtctgagg cttgtgtctc atacaaggct tatctctatt    111420
     tactctcagg atccctttca aggtttttag ctatttctga agctaactat tcttcatgga    111480
     tatctgttgg gtactttgtt ttttcttatt ctcagttcag attaccagct atccctgtcc    111540
     tccaaggaca ggggagtgct acacttagag aataatgtgc atactattgg aatgatacat    111600
     gactggattt gatagtgtca aaataaagtg attgtcttcc agacctacta ggatggcggt    111660
     gtttattctt gtaagaagag atacagcctc caggcccatt atcatttgtt ggttggaata    111720
     cctttacatt ttgttcaata tttttttggt tgggatgtgt ttgtttgctt gcttttgtct    111780
     gaggacaaca aattgattga taaatccagg tcttagtgca tctaaagaaa tactttgact    111840
     tgtgtagtac ttgaaagaga atgactctca taggctagta tatttgagtt cccagctggt    111900
     ggaactgtgg aatttttgct ggtggaactg tggaattttt gggaaggatt cagaagtgtg    111960
     cccttattgg aggaggagga ggaggaggag agctttgaga tttcaaagtc ccataatgtt    112020
     tctagtaagc tctgccatgc ttgtggattg agacgtgaac tctcagcacc atgcttgcct    112080
     gctgccatgc tcctcaatgt gatagtaata gactttaact ctctggaact cagtcccaaa    112140
     ttaaatgctt ctttttcata agatgtcttg atcatattgt tttatcacag caatagaaaa    112200
     gtaactaagg caactagtta gtctcattac attttgagga tttctgctga acttctgtcc    112260
     cttcctaaca ttagctatta aggtcttata atcagtctca caattcctaa catttagatt    112320
     tggaaggggc agtgtcttaa cattgtaatt ctcaacatgt agcagactca tgtagtactc    112380
     agtaaagata tctgtataat tgggctccct tccttctgcc aacttttcag aagtctgcct    112440
     gactgtacct gtgtgtgaat tcaacccccc tttttttctc tttcaaactg cttttcttta    112500
     tagagtatct ctttacattt caaatattta tgactgagag tagtaactaa aagaattatt    112560
     gggaatcttg aagttaacat ttctttagag acagcctgga acaattggaa cctctcttgc    112620
     tatagactag cctttctttg aatgacagtg tagacaatat tgaagccata gacttgatag    112680
     atataataat gatgtgctta gaggatttca agttactgac atcagtgaaa tgagatgatt    112740
     tgaaaggtca gctgtgagaa ctggaaagga gcccagactg ttctttagag atgaggtagc    112800
     aggctgtggg ccactcaagt gagccagcta ctcaatttac atgtcactct cagactttta    112860
     cttctctttt attctcattg gaggggagtg aggttggggg gatataagaa tgaaaacttc    112920
     tgagcttacg atcctttcat gtatgtgccc tatcaactta gggatatatg cagtgtatca    112980
     gggtgatcgt ggctctgcct ttctcttctt actccataaa gcttgtactt aacatttgtc    113040
     atagtgaagt cctccaggtc cccgattgct atggttcccc atcctggacc tgtgcccatt    113100
     tatctaaaga tgcttgtcac cctccaacta tgtctctata ctactagcac atgcatgttt    113160
     gtacctgtac acacatgaag agtagggtgt catctttgct gctgtagcac ttaatgtata    113220
     ttaagaaaaa tttatgggta aatatgtgta taaaaagcac atatgtgtgt gtgtgtttga    113280
     tgtgtgtgaa ggttagagaa cttgtgtcag tttttgcttc ccaacttgtt tgagacagat    113340
     cttttttttt tttttttctg tgtttcaagg ctagttgacc tattagcttc tagagattcc    113400
     cctatttctg cctcccatat tgccttggga gccctgggtt tatacataca tgctattaca    113460
     cctggttttt acataggttc tggaggtatg agctcaggtt ctcatgcatg cactgcagtc    113520
     actttactca ccaagtcatc tccctggcct tgatgtgtat tcctttatca gagtacacac    113580
     cacattgtat cgctagattg tatatcatat acacaactac actgagcctt atgggtccct    113640
     gagattagaa tctcctatta ccttgctatc tctccagcaa cttgtgttaa tacctggacc    113700
     tccagaatga atgatgcaaa atgtcttggg gaagttggca gttttattag gttatagcaa    113760
     gctcatactt ttatgagatt tgactcggtt atatttcaga gaatgtgtca agctagaaga    113820
     ttcatgaagg caagtttgca agctgctgaa attgctcggt ttgtcagaaa ctgcctgcat    113880
     actgtagggc tgctgagtga cttgaagctg tttgcaccaa tgcttggcag gacttggaaa    113940
     gcagaacaaa tgcagattta gttatttctg agacgcttct tgggtgctag agtgtgagtc    114000
     tcaagtctga gggagcaggg caagtgcttc cctctgatct gtagagctgg ttggtcaagt    114060
     tgaggcttgg gtcagagtaa gacagattag agatactgga gaaggagcaa gaggcaggca    114120
     ttgtgcaaaa tactgacagt actgttttat ggttgtgctg tgtacacact aatctctact    114180
     actgttatta gctgtgtgac cttgggcagg tcacaaaatc tctgacatgt ttcttccacc    114240
     tgtaatctct ctgacttgtt tattctacct gtaaactatt tgtgtgtgac tattgtagac    114300
     tgcatcggaa gtatttagaa tcacatggtt gtaatataat cacaggatta aaggagactt    114360
     cattatatta tagtaaatgt ccataagtgt tgactgttac agtatgttta taaaacctgg    114420
     aaagatcaaa ttgagagaag gtcccccagg ctaagaccat acctgccctt tccactgttg    114480
     tggtttagct attgatctgt aaatggaagc taggatgtgc atgttgaatt actaaaggag    114540
     tataattagg acagagttct tggagaccca atgaagaggg cttttttttt ctccccacaa    114600
     tgtctttctc gtataaagat gctcctgctt cctgacgccc aggctctacc ttgtgctgct    114660
     gtcagacaga gaaacatgca taagtctgca tcgatgggtc cctgtgagga agggctgggg    114720
     tcttggaagt attctaatcc ctagtgaatg ccagcaacac aacggaaagt gaagtttctg    114780
     tctgaacatt tattccacag tcatagaaag cgaagatgga aaagaccaga ggacatctag    114840
     tccatccccg tagttgtaca agaaaagtgg ctggagcaaa acagcctgtt cacgccatgc    114900
     tcacaagaca gcggtgcagt tcttggagcg gagcagttgc acacacacgg aaatgaagac    114960
     gcagggcaaa tactcttcac agaccttaag gaaatactta gaagcacttc attttcataa    115020
     aatgactggc agctaaatga aagagagtga ggaaccccta gaccggatgt gcttggtggc    115080
     aggagtgggg agtagggtcg ggagaaatat ataacaaaca gtacggatgt taagtggttt    115140
     taatgtctag aaaaggaatt tctgctgaag gctcagtgga ttttctggct tgctttttca    115200
     aaaactccaa agtagtttct tctcttcttg atccacacaa ggtggtggtc aactttgctc    115260
     caaggctgta atggacccaa cactgaggag ttacctcagt gatacagttg tgttctgagt    115320
     ggctccacgt acatttcagg gaggtggaag ggaagcatcc attccggtat agggtttgta    115380
     caaatctcat gaataataga aaatccaggc atactacaga ccccaacttc ctaggtccga    115440
     atggctgcct ctttggctat ccagcccgtt ctaacttgct tttatttgct ggagggatac    115500
     tctcctcttg tggcaaatac tctgtggaac cgtttcctag tcaaacaaac cagcttaccc    115560
     aattcatgct tgaagtgctt actgtgccag gcccccttgg agaatggctt ggagtgtggg    115620
     acagtttgcc acattccatg tttcccagta ctggagcctg gttggcaagt ggatgatttc    115680
     ctgatccaat gaaatagaaa ctcaggacgc aaaacagtct cccttagctc attctaacag    115740
     ccctgtccct ggacatttcc actgtgagcc tgaggatagg tgagggagtt gcggtggagc    115800
     agaatatagg tttagaagga ctctcccttt cgtgaaatct ttgtacaaaa cacagcacac    115860
     tgtttcacaa attgcaaaac actgttcaat tactaccatt aatttttttt tgtttttgtt    115920
     tttttttttt tactatttat catgaaactg cttcacaagc aattatgttt tttctttacc    115980
     taggacatga aagcatttta agcagtgttg acagcagtaa gcctgctttg ttcctgctgc    116040
     tgcttgctgc gtcttggcca gtttggccaa gtagtttctc ttaagagcgt gcactggttc    116100
     tctgctctgt gggcaggcag gagactctga tggccactac tcagaatgcc tcagtagaga    116160
     agcttaagat aaaccagata tacaaaaatc caaacttaca aaacagatac cttcagggat    116220
     aattggtttg cattacaaaa ggattcttta caaaagaatt tacctctgtg ttcccttaaa    116280
     tagctagcct ctcgggtaca gttgaaatat gagtcgttga acagatgtcc atgtacggca    116340
     ggagcatggc tgtcgctgtc gtgtgaattg aggtacacta tacatcggcc ttgcaggctg    116400
     aacaggtaac cagggatgct tggagccgag ctcccagatc attgttacag atgggtggga    116460
     atggctaagg gatggaacct accaaaggca gctgaggccc actgggctga gaatgtaata    116520
     gggcatgagg atgctgcaga gctctttgtc ctgttttcag ggcttccctc agtgaaatgt    116580
     tgaatctgtg aagctgaagt ctgtttttaa agcccccctg cctccccttg agtgtttctt    116640
     gagctttctt gcactcccag gtttactcct ccatttaact ccttgctcaa gtgttctgat    116700
     tacaacttag ggcactatct ttatgtggga atctgtgtag ctcttggtgg agtgtggaca    116760
     gtgtgtccca aagtaagagg aattgggcca ctgatgctcc ttttagtgat ctgagcactc    116820
     cattgtgcat tccttgtaga cattacaatg actggagaag tgagaaccta agcaacactg    116880
     actgataaac aaggtatact tccaaatgga accctggtgt agggtgggga tatggaaacc    116940
     agtcagtagc tgggtgctga agtaaaagga gaaaaggcaa taggctttcc ttccttctca    117000
     catgcctaga ggtagccaaa cttccagagc agtgcttctc tgagaataac tggtgtgtta    117060
     gggctgtggt gtgtcctagg gtgttaccta gcactagaat tctgagccca cctctaggcc    117120
     ctcccagatc ccttctggtt aagtcttgga catcagcact ataatgatag cctcagatga    117180
     ttatctagcc aacagttggg aacatacagg aagtctagag agctcatgtt tcttttcttc    117240
     gtgccaagca attatatgac tagaaagtga tgcctaaaca aaggggaagc taggctaatt    117300
     gcattgatct ctgagggcct taaatggaac caggaggata atcagactag aacttagcat    117360
     aactcatcag agacagtata agggtgggag atggtgaagc agggtagact ccggtatttg    117420
     acatttatga tggtctctgg ttgcttctgg gattcctcag actaaaagag gtggccactg    117480
     atctgaaaaa agcctcacct gtggtgtgca gaatttccct taatacagag tcagctcaga    117540
     gaccctgtta caggcattca ctaggtggct agcaaaggtt cctgctaagg acatggcctt    117600
     gctgctttct cctttataga aggcacacac tatggtggag atgattagtt ccattagaag    117660
     tatagtgcaa tacattcttt agccacattg cctttctggc ccagggcttt attttaaaag    117720
     caccctgtgc tttgttggtg tcccatcagc atgttcctac tcaaggttag tcaggggagg    117780
     ctcagagatc cagagctgca caagcacatg gtgccagctt ggccagtcaa cccttgcctg    117840
     tgtgaattct gagctccctt cattattatt tttttttaat gtatcttttc tgtcccagtt    117900
     tgtgtggctc ctaccctgtt cattcagaat gttaggtcaa atctagattg gggagttgta    117960
     tcaaatctgc aacactggat cattctattt tgtaataata ttaaaaacaa acccagtaag    118020
     atacgggtat gagcaacagt ttttttttat ctcttgttga ggtgcagaga aagggctaaa    118080
     aagcagaaat acttttgtgg caccaggtga aaaggttgac aggagccaga gttgtctggc    118140
     agcttgccga tccccttaga cagactttac tcctgactaa ctctaggttc ctactgttgg    118200
     aaagatttct accctggaga cctgggggcg tgtgtgggaa gagctgctgc tgcatcttag    118260
     gctgagaaca gcacacttca tttgccagac cccacacctt tgtcaataga tataaaagag    118320
     ctttacaaag agcctcaagg gcctcagagt accagtggct gagaaaggag agcagagaca    118380
     cagcctagga ttcacaagtc cggttcgtcc tttgatactc ctcaagctct gtcttcctgc    118440
     ttacggccaa ctgcagctcc tggcggatca cttggatctg cttctccaac tcggagagtt    118500
     cctgcatcac ggagttccga gctacattga gggagtctgc tttcccattg gtggtcagtg    118560
     aagcagggag ctctcttctc cttggaggga gagggatgtc ctgatgggtc tgggtaccca    118620
     gctggttttg tccttcctca tcattaaaga tgtattttcg ttggttgtcg tgactcagat    118680
     tggaagtatt ccataccatg agctgctggg gtcccatgtt ggacctagga aacagagaca    118740
     attcagagtc cccttctgtc ttgcaggtcc atcttctcca tctgctatgt gaacagcaga    118800
     gaactagtta cgtttgtaga actgataaca ccaagtcatg aatggactac ctgcttagaa    118860
     tgtcatgggg acaataggag ccatggactt agttgaaggt cttaccaagc cttatgttgc    118920
     tttgaaacta gaattggatg tcttctgatg aaatgggaaa tgttacattg tcttacgaat    118980
     aatttaaaat acctgtgtgt gtacaagaga gacagagaca gggagacaga gacacacaca    119040
     aggtggagag agagggtggg gagagagagg agagagagaa tgagaataga caggacaaac    119100
     acatgttgag ggcacagtat gacatcctgt attttcttct attgtctttt gtcttatgct    119160
     ttagataagg tctgcaaagt caccttttag ctagctagct aataagctct caggatctgc    119220
     cttaccccat tccccaatgc tagagttaca ggcagacatc atcatgttgg gctttaattt    119280
     gagtgctcag gattcaattc agttctaatg cttacagagc aggcatacct gctgagtcat    119340
     cttttccaca cctaggtaca tttttatacc ttacctatag gcaagtttag aaagcagtgc    119400
     tgcctggaga catcctatga ctagagattc ttaagcccta gtaagaatga aagatctttg    119460
     atgagaggta gtgcttaaac actggttggt tggttggttg gttggttggt tggttggttg    119520
     gttgtagatt agtaatactt taatggctga cgtttagccc ttctgagcca tactggactc    119580
     caggagagaa taaagacatt aacaaaggtt ttagtgaagt gtttctcatt acagaggctt    119640
     tatgtaggtt gagaatgacc agtcaagttt gatgcttaca aacaagagca tccttgattc    119700
     ctgctgagtt gataatgact agaaatagat ttctaattcc ttcaggcttg catattgcac    119760
     ttgccactat catggagaga gggctataca atgttagtga ctgtgggagg gagggagctg    119820
     ggcacgtttc taaatacacc ttgaaagttg gatgcaatga gaagtttctt actgtgagaa    119880
     cagcttaatc taagcagcgt gactgctgat tccttccact ctggaggagg aagaggagga    119940
     agattatgac cacttttgca gtttaccaca tggtacagca cagtaggaaa tccctattaa    120000
     gtccctgtgt tttgttccca taaaactgaa tcagctttat ttctggactc ctaattgcct    120060
     gagagtggaa gtggaggccc tggagtggga aagacaaggg ggggggatga ataacaaaac    120120
     acagagactt agaatgattc tgtgttgctt tgcccagaag tggattgcca aggtcttcta    120180
     agtctttatt cctttttagt ccatggcctc tttccttggt ctatgaggtc tagcttaata    120240
     acactgtttg agaaaaggcc tcattctctt gcccaggctg gtctggaact cattatatag    120300
     tccagattag tcttcaattg gtggcaattc gttttggttt tgtccccgaa gtgctggaat    120360
     ttatagccat ggctttggtc tcattgtttt gggcattagg aagattgaga agttctgagc    120420
     ctaagtttta aggactcagc acattgtcat tttcaaatct cttcaggtac agtgcaagcc    120480
     ctcgttgacc tattgatggg tggcaaacct ggagaaagtc tacagggttc ctggttggcc    120540
     cagcagagga caattgatca gactgctcct acctgctttc ccctttcccg aacctggcta    120600
     cagatatatg catgagccca gctgatccat agatcagtaa gcagttgaat taatttttgt    120660
     tattaagtat ttgggtgact tctcacacag cagaagctca ctgaaacctg cccagggcat    120720
     taacataaac acactccaaa cctcctgatc attccacact gttgcccttg ttgaaatctt    120780
     agatctagag agcaccaaag ctcacttaaa ctgtgtcatg gtccgggggg aaattataca    120840
     gtgattctgc ctacagctgc ttcccggact atagaatcag aggtgacgtg gttagaagtt    120900
     ctctttcagc ctcttacttt tcacattgag taaatcaagg attacgtata aaaactctct    120960
     tgaaatattc attccttgca ttaaatgtgt gttagatgtg cattaaggtt gtctcagtcc    121020
     catgccctag aatttctcca agccaccaat ctcatgttaa tcttccattc atctatctct    121080
     ccaaactcat tcggtaaatg tggagaacag agcaggagga tgtgtcatta tggcatggac    121140
     atttgcatct tattcttccc cgagaagaga gaaaggcagc aaacctgact ccagtgctac    121200
     cgagtaattg acagtcagac aacacagaga gttgtctgcc cattttatta gactacaggt    121260
     accatagtaa tctgatactt agaagcaggc agtctagtca tccaaacctt gcaacaccta    121320
     tgtggaaatc tagcagaata ataagcaaac gctggacttc tttgtaacat attctagttg    121380
     ttagtatcac tgctctggta atccattgga tggctttgag ctaccaacga atacaaggtg    121440
     gttgatgctt aaacagataa ggtagctaat tagaagaaat gagtatttca taacaaaatg    121500
     agcaaatcag gcttcactgg gacagatctg taagattgaa gtgacctcag acagtgagtt    121560
     tagaaggttg caggctctga gttgtgggaa cattgccata ggaaacagtc attcacaata    121620
     tctttcatcg cttgcagccc agtctccaga gcattgccag tgtaccagaa tcatttccat    121680
     tgttttctaa agtctctcca gtcacagagc acctccaaca gccccactca gtctgtggtg    121740
     tcctatgtgc tgtcacaagt ctgttagtga caggttgagg cttgattggg tcacagtgat    121800
     aaaggcattc tatcattaac tccttgccag agcaaggaag gggatctgca agaagagtgg    121860
     gtacgtgaag agactcattt ggctttcagc atagctgagg taggtaaata agagtcccat    121920
     taaagggaca agggccactg gcttcttgtt tctattcctg aaaaaaaaaa agttctgtaa    121980
     ttttaagaca gtattttaca gctatgtgtt tttatgtttc ctctggttaa agaattatag    122040
     aaaaatttct ctagggtaac agaacagctg tgacctgact agtctgtagt ttgtcactaa    122100
     cagacttgca ctgtgacaaa gggataccat actgacagcc aggtgtcaag tcattctgtg    122160
     actggaaagg agccttaaga gattataaat gattctgaca agctagatgt aatccagaaa    122220
     gaagggacta gaacagccac gctggagata taagctagac aagaatccta ttggatccca    122280
     ttgtccttct gttaggaatg agaggtgtta gtgtcagatt ttaaaactac ccagaaatcc    122340
     cagctttgag ttgaagatgt gccaatgccc tgtctgaggt ctcagggcac gtgagagatc    122400
     caggagagca gcctggggaa gctacagcag aggcacaaga agcaggtgca aaatgcttct    122460
     aacaattttc agtcaccttg gatgcggaca gagccatcca caggctggtg gtgatgaagc    122520
     tgtgggcttt tgaagcattt aattcttcct attggtgaag acctttccca gggaatctta    122580
     agagttggac ttatagggca tctctttagc acgtttctca tattcttagg agtgtcggag    122640
     aggtggggaa ttgaagcatg cctaggaggc agttacaggt ggaaaagact gccagctgtg    122700
     cccaccaggg atgggttccg tgcattgggt acatgacact tgctagtatt tattaggcat    122760
     ttgctttact ttcaggactt ttagctgtct catttatgac ttataactta taacaactct    122820
     aaggagtgga tactgttttt ttcccccatt ttacagatga gtctggggca tagatgttaa    122880
     gtaacacata ctggtaaatg ttggagacag gacgggcccc agatgccagg ctctgcagcc    122940
     cttagttgcc cttttgccta tgttgtattc caatgcacac atatgtatat ttgcacagat    123000
     gtatttattt tctgttttat ttcattgtaa ctgaaaatcc atgtatgtgc attgattttg    123060
     tttatcaaca cagatggctc aaatttggtc agaatactta ttcagaggtt aagttccttt    123120
     ttgaataaca ggtagtgtca cagtttattt tatcaaaggc agagacaggt ttgacttctt    123180
     acctcttttc cacacgtttt gtcttggaac atggctgctt ttcttctaca aatgatgtgt    123240
     ttaatgctct gtgaaacctc tggtaggaag aagagattcg taagatcatt tgaactgtgt    123300
     cagggaagag gcactgctag cgatttcgca gattatctag tagttacaaa ctttggtttc    123360
     ttttaaaaaa attcagacat gcatgaaatt aggtcaacat tcagccacag cttgcaaggt    123420
     aacaaggatt ctaaattata gctaattatt tctggaagga caaatgcttt gggtggtgaa    123480
     atggtatctg gtagaagtga caaccaatac ctcctgtgta gtacaaagcc ttgtatagtt    123540
     gtcagagttc agactaacgc aaccaaaaca agaaaggaaa gctggtttca tgagaatttg    123600
     attatattag cttagaacag agactatcac ttgtctgcag attttaagga aagcaacgac    123660
     tccttcagaa attatgagga acagagatca actgtgagaa aatcggttgt ctgtctagaa    123720
     aacaacaaaa gcaaaagtaa aacaaacaag aaaaacacag agcaagaaga tgagtaagag    123780
     agtgggtgag tgtcaaaagc agaaacctat ccggcctcac ctttaagagc cgaggcaagg    123840
     cagaagaagt gccaggaggc agatcaattc caacactggg gaggtggggc ggatcatcca    123900
     tcttccatgg tcagacgaaa ccatgcaatt tgctaaagtc tttcctcctg acacaccctc    123960
     tgactgcacc atggatatcc acattgggtt tccacaaaga gagagatgat ttttcaggca    124020
     aatggatgga actagaaaat atcatcttga gtgaggtaac ccagactcaa aaggacgtgc    124080
     atggtgtgta ctcattgata agtggatatt agccaaaaag ttcagaatac ccatgataca    124140
     ccccacagat tcaaagaagt taaacaagat gggaggccca agtgaggatt cttcaattcc    124200
     acttagaagg gggaacaaaa tagtcatggg agacagaggg agggagggat ctcagtggga    124260
     gaggggagag gggagagaga atagtgggta ggatcaggca tggagaggga caggacagag    124320
     gaccaggaaa atgaatggaa atatgtagct gtggggggtg ggaggaatct ctaggatccc    124380
     agagacccag gatgaggagt aaatgtggat gaccttagct gaaatgccca acgggggata    124440
     tggaacctga ggagaccacc tccagtagcc agacaggacc cccagtggag ggagggggac    124500
     accagaccac ctacaaaagt tttgacccca aattggtcct gtctaaaaga aattcaggaa    124560
     ccaagataga gcagagactg aaggaatggc caatcagtgg ccaggtcatt ttgaaaccca    124620
     tcccatgggc aggcaccaat ccctcacact attaattata ccatgttgtg cttgcagaca    124680
     ggagcctagc atagcaggct tctgagagct gctacccagc agctgactga gacagatgaa    124740
     gatacctacg gacaaacatt ggatggaagt tggggactgc tatggaagag ttaggagaag    124800
     gattggagga actgaacagt atggcaacct cataggaaga ccaacagtgt caactaacct    124860
     ggggccccga ggcagagcca ccaaccaaag aacatacatg ggctggtccc agatcctcag    124920
     cacatagtat cagagggctg ccttgtctgg cctcggtggg agaggatgtg cctaatcctg    124980
     tagaaacttg atgcaccagg atgggaagat atttgggagg ggactaccct ctcggggaca    125040
     aaagggagga gggaggatct ctgcaagggg gtactgggag gggcagtgtt tgggatgtaa    125100
     ataaataaat gaatactaat aaaaaagaaa tgtgtccaaa tgatctgtgt caacagtttt    125160
     aattacctct gtaaattagg tgttggtgtc tatcttacaa gagaaaacct tgcttctcca    125220
     agacatggcc tcatgcaagc aggcctcaga actcttggca gagaaacaaa gaccagggaa    125280
     atgggagaca cctaaaagca aataggaact tgagactctt actggctttc actttgtcgt    125340
     agaaaaatct gtgcagaatg gaattttcac atcatctctt cagatgattt ttgttaagtg    125400
     aaactgggtt caaaatagtt atattgtgtc ttctatggac agtagtagtg ttccaggaaa    125460
     gggaagtatg ctatgagtcc tctgtctatg gggagatgtg gactagaggg agttccaccc    125520
     ctgagggccc gaccatttct ctctatctct tgccattttc tggttgacga acttcctcag    125580
     gaattcttaa gtatgggaac accagcacaa agaagtactg gcagaactca cctgactggt    125640
     gtgcagccag tactgcagct tggatttgtt tttgattcgt ggtagcagca gtctgtacac    125700
     tatgtgttca ccaatggttg tcaggatgga gagaccgaat cctatgcaca gcagcacgaa    125760
     gagtccagag aaatgcttga tgcccatttg caaagtctgc aagacaggag aggccttgag    125820
     cgccatggcc cactctcatt tgctcctttg attcactgtg tagtcctagc tgacctccct    125880
     gggtggattc caccatgccc tgcccccctc cccatgaaga catgccagtg tcactgaggg    125940
     ctgctgctga gaactgtcct gtagaactgt ttacacatgg atctcactgt gtgccatccc    126000
     tgtagttgtg caaaggctcc gagtctgggc tatgcttcca tttcgtagaa gcagaggaat    126060
     aacgaagtta gcagttggct atgtgaaaag gttgaatggc catgaaagaa cctctttcag    126120
     gagcagagga aggatagatt taaggagaaa agaccatacg ctgaataatc acggaagtta    126180
     gacctagcag ggaatgtcag gaccctttag ttaaaggtct gaatggctgc tagctgttga    126240
     aatataccag tggcatacag aaagttgagt ctggccacaa agtgaggcag ctgtggagaa    126300
     aaaggaaaag gagcattgcc tgctggcttt ttgcgagcag gtttacagct taagagctaa    126360
     ggaaacatac tacaaaaggt tcttgtatga cacagtaata ggcctatgtg cggtatcatc    126420
     attattaatt attattaata attagtgctc aatatatcat tgctacagat acagtgagaa    126480
     ctacttttgg gtttcaacat ttgaaccata aaacattcag caaaaactct gagccatact    126540
     tttttttttt tttaaataag ggactttcaa gatgaggaaa atataactca cactgggtca    126600
     ccttgccaat aaacacacag atcttctgtt ttcttgtata taacaaaatc tcgtttttct    126660
     catattatcc caatagttac tacgttgtct tgggcttata tatatgtctt tactaaattt    126720
     tttataccta tgcattttta ggccaacaaa aggttttatt ttattttatg tatataggta    126780
     ttctgcctgt gtgagtgtca gtacatacac gaaagtgtcc acagtcagca gaagaaggtg    126840
     ttggaccccc tggaatggag ttaaagatag ttgttaactt acacataggt gcagagaatt    126900
     gaaccccggt cttctggaag agcaacaagt gctcttaacc tctaagccat ccttccagtt    126960
     ctgtttgttt attatttatt ttctgttttt ttttttcttg gcggggggaa gacggggatt    127020
     cactgtgtag tcccggctgt cttgtttatt ttttaactag gcatttcata ggcatgccag    127080
     agtctatatg tatatattct tattgtaatc ttataatact cctttaaata ttaattatct    127140
     ccatttcatg tatgaggagc ctattattat gttttcacaa atccaacaca ctaatatgtg    127200
     aaggaagcag gctgcaaggt acaggctgac atctgtgctt tctgtcaaat gaacccctct    127260
     tgcaggcatc ctttgctatc tgatttcttg ctatgtattc tctataaaaa gttgccaaac    127320
     gtttttattc aaaaattcag cagctgagtt gaaagtcctc tgtactttgt ttgtgggcat    127380
     caacacaaat gtttgtgtct gagtctgagg gataaggtat aaggccagag ctgtaattca    127440
     gcttttttcc cgttggtcat agtgcttgtt agtttttgtc aacttgatac aaagtagaag    127500
     tacctaacag catctcagtt ggggaattgc ttccaccaga ttagcctgtg ggaaagtctg    127560
     tggagggatt tgattttctc cagcaatgac tgatgatggt ggtgccacca ctgggaaggt    127620
     ggtcttgggt tttgtaagaa agcaagctga gcaagccatg aagaacagac cagaaagcag    127680
     ctttatttca tgattcttgc ctctgttcct gctttgagtt ccctcactta tatgtaataa    127740
     accctttcct ccccattcat tattttatta cagcaatgaa aaataaatta gattagccac    127800
     attctcttaa atatgctgtg catttttttt tttttttttg gtgtgtgtgt gtgcctgcac    127860
     cctagtagga gagcacttgc ccaggtacat aattccctcg gctccatctt tagcataata    127920
     aataaataga taagtaataa atatctcagg ttaaatgctt cagatgtatg catccatctt    127980
     tggtggatta tgatgtcaca gtccacacat tgtgcattag gaatatacac acatagatgt    128040
     ctaaacaaga gaatttttgt gataattaag aaatgcagtt gtggttttga attaaatggg    128100
     ggcataattt gtgttttcct gtgagaataa cgaaaaatgc tgccaccacc tgcacatact    128160
     ggtcatcaca attttaagaa taaactagat ccagataaag ggagatgcct gtaattatca    128220
     aatgtgtggt ttctgcctag actatggatg ctttcaggag aatgcagaga tgaccattgt    128280
     gtgtctctgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtccaaac tcggttttgt gtcttactca tatgtggaca    128340
     cttggaacag ccattcccaa gctttcagca aggaatgcca tgagagtatt tcattcatcg    128400
     tttgaatctt acgtgttgcc gatgcttcca tgcaactcat ccttcttccc gctcacagtc    128460
     cataacacac agcaagcacc ctgcctagtt cccctggttc tttgccccag ttactctcct    128520
     ctcattctga cgtggactca ctgtaatcag attgctgtcc agctgcctca ctgtgaagca    128580
     ttatatagtt tgggggatac ttctctctct tggtgcaact tcaatcccca ttgccaatcc    128640
     tcatctctct gactgtaatt gatgacatga tttcaattcc ttgctatact tactttttat    128700
     ccagatttat gactttatac actgctgata tgctaatgat ttccaagaaa taaggacttt    128760
     attcttcaat tctctactca aactatttgg ttatcccaaa atatatcaca tttaacacat    128820
     taaaagcaaa ctctttcgag aggaggtacc ctatgtggat ggataatact gctattagaa    128880
     gccataaact agtaagtaaa atcccagtga gtgggttaca tccctgtggg tagttggtaa    128940
     aggaaacccc agaggccttc tgaacaggct cttgccactg ctctttattg tcaaacacac    129000
     tacacccttt ggtttcagga catagagaaa acacacgaag ctgagcaaaa gcttactccc    129060
     tgctgacgag gagaaatatg tctggcacta taaacctgat caaagtctat gggcatctac    129120
     tgttattatt ttactaagtg gacatgttgt taagttatct tcttaacatt tatgtttttt    129180
     ttttactttc agccttggtc aaggaagttt gtgcttgtag tgggtgctgg ttaacgcaga    129240
     cacaaaattg gtcggagtgc ggagaacact cttgggtgtt cagctctaag tgggatatct    129300
     atatcatttt ctccataact ctggaaacac aaccaaaggg gaactggaaa agctgtaagg    129360
     gcctgagaat gaggcgtgct gttgtgcaag ccttttctgt acatgcatgg ctgagatggt    129420
     tgcctggaga aggctgggcc catcaacatt ccatcgagat aagtgaagaa gtcacgaggc    129480
     tccacctcct tcttaggagc tgtaagcagt tggagattac tgtactcttt taatataaag    129540
     taattttttt tttttttgag acaagagtct catattctag cttaggctgt cttggaactc    129600
     actgtgtagt tcaaactgtc agttaactca aggaatcctc ctgcctctat ctcttgaggg    129660
     attacaggca tgagcaacca tgcttggccc cacacaatta ctttaaaatt ctcttttttc    129720
     ctctgaacta agataattgg catatatata tattgtatat aatatacaaa aacatatatt    129780
     tatataaaat atttttctac agtggtaagc aaatacacac tatttttgaa cacttctttg    129840
     aaaaatgatt cttttaatct ctaaaaatta gtcatctatt cattaacttc aatggattaa    129900
     gtccatttct tcttttatca tgatttactg ttacaaaaat gctacgataa atattgctgc    129960
     agtaaaaaca tgtctgtacc aatttcaggc caatagttac aattattttg gtaagcaaca    130020
     atatctgaaa tgacccttaa aaagcggtag aaaccagacc cagtgccacc cgaggtatga    130080
     gacgttgcaa agctcccgat cctcacaacc tcaccaacct tgcttcataa ttagtctctc    130140
     tggccccgcc cctttctggt gcaaacatca aacccacgac cacatgtgtg ttgtgcaagc    130200
     accctgccac tggctgtacc caagtccagt ttgatttaaa tgttgtaatt agtattattt    130260
     ggtggttgaa tattttccca tgcttatttt ccctgccttt tgtgtagatc atgtttgcat    130320
     tttctgcatt tatgagtttt agacacgaga cttaagttga aaagctattg actttttcct    130380
     ttctatgttt tcccacttta gattttacca tagggtcttt tttttttttt tttttttgga    130440
     ttttattcca taaaagtttg gaatttcatg tgtatgttta ttttgtcttc ttcacaaatg    130500
     tctattgttt caattgtttt gaacaaaaat gtattgtgtt cggtggtgat ttggaagaat    130560
     gctgatgtcg tcagtctatc ttgagctttt gtgctaggga acagagagat gttttcttca    130620
     ggaccttcaa tttcgtccca atacttcaga tatactacca tgccaggcaa ttgttgggtt    130680
     taagaaaagc ttgcaaaacc atattctaaa gctgccacta taagcaacat agatgcatct    130740
     gtatggatta gattgagctc atcagagaac gtcctcgcat ctacacagct ttactgctat    130800
     gcatatgcac tgctaatttt cactacaaat aatttaaaga tattgtgaca tagtttataa    130860
     gtcatagtca ttggtatagg caattctgaa aaggatccca gattctggct atacagccta    130920
     gcatgcgtgg cagctaggtc ctgtagcatc ccaccctctc accccactcc caaatagcca    130980
     atatctaatt ctcagtctag cgccacattt ctacttcttg atgccacttc taaagcacga    131040
     ttgacttgga atacaaacca acttgctgag gcaactattc tccctctgtt tggaaaagag    131100
     ctatctagtg gcatggaaac tgtaacatat ggtagggagc agacacaatc cattaacaca    131160
     ggatcatagc aatatgttgt tactaatgtg tgtatacctt tggagcatat tgctgttatc    131220
     agtttaattt aaatatggtc acttgttctt cgagctaaga tgaaatggat ggtagtttaa    131280
     tactatgtcg agggctggag tgataccctg gtaactgacc tgagttcaat tctgggaact    131340
     aatgtaaaag aactgggtgt ggcggggcaa cactcgtaat cccagagtgg agaagatggg    131400
     gacaggagag tctctggagc tcatcaaaca gccagcctag tctcaatagt gaccccagat    131460
     cctggtgaga tgctttctct tcaaatacaa ggtagatagt ttccacagaa caacactcag    131520
     ggcagacctc ttgctctcac gtatacactt gtacacttgc tcatgcatac acatgcatcc    131580
     atacacacac cacacacata catgtatata cacatacatg cataaataca cacacacacc    131640
     acacacatgc atgtatacat acatgcatac tcacagaaat gcatacacac accacataca    131700
     tacatgcata tacacattca tgtatgcatg cacacacttt taaaaataca tctgtttctt    131760
     tgcaatacat gatactgaag aggtctgggc ctcttgctca ttgacagtta gtttgttagt    131820
     tcttggtttc tctcctctta tgaaaactgg attgaggcca gattacatta ataaggttat    131880
     tctgaataat ttgagacaca tgaatatagg aactataaaa atgagatgaa tttaatataa    131940
     tagaaagcaa actcagtctt tgtggccttc aatctttctg ttcttcttac caggttcatg    132000
     tccatggaca agattgtctc tgtcacttgt aaagctgaga tgagggcacc acctcagtgt    132060
     tgatcaaatg acatcacgca agttatgaca aaagttagga gctgattgcc ccgcccacac    132120
     caattcttac tgtcactcta agaagttgta tagaactatt ggttggtgag aaattgaaag    132180
     ttagctggaa aaaaaaagca ttctaacttc gaaatcaata taatacattt ccccaaatat    132240
     ctagccagat catttttgtt gtcaaaccag aaacaactac tcagtccaaa gttttatgta    132300
     gctatgatat ggttgatcag gtaacttatt ccagctactc caaaagagtc ttcttattaa    132360
     atatgaacag ctaactaagt attcttcaaa tccttggtca taatttcaat tttttttcta    132420
     ttggaaggtg tgcatgtcca gagctgtcct gtggctaatg gctgtctaat aatggctgtc    132480
     ctcaggagac ctgtttggat ggtgttcacc tttctcacta aaatttcctc tcagagtcag    132540
     atatgtcagg ctaggatgag aggctctctt tcaagtgttc tttatgtctc agtttgagaa    132600
     gtctgtggtg tggtctgcgc atgcgtggtg aggagggact tggggtctgc tcctatcatt    132660
     cattcccttt cttggtcagg attccataga tgtccattta atttcagaac agtggtagct    132720
     tgatatcagg aagtgaggat ccaaggaccc cacggtcctt tccacactgg tctcacagat    132780
     acagggagag agagaggcag ggaagtctgt acagtaaacg ctttacacat ttcttctctt    132840
     tgggtcctca gaataaactt agatggaaag acacacaggc cgaggtgctc atattcacct    132900
     aactcataag tggtgtggct atactgttct acctgaatcc ataccctggg ctatttggct    132960
     ctcaaactgt cttaactatt gagaaatgtg tttgactcca ctgttacagg gacggtatta    133020
     tttgtacaac ccaaatagat actttcaaat ggaaaaggaa gaatagagtc aggggttcct    133080
     attccttgtg ggtctgaagt aaagtataat atttaaagtt ttggccttgg gattaatggg    133140
     caccttgcca gtaatgaaat ctgtggattc ccactcccca agactagttg gcagcttctt    133200
     taaaatatga caataaacta ggagtagtta agtggtgttc tttgactgag tatgtgcagt    133260
     aattgtttat ttcactgtgt cagtatttgg agtctcaggt agcttattac agggaacagt    133320
     ctgtgaaatg gacgctagca catggacgtc aggtgttcca aggacatctt atactctatg    133380
     aattggcaat agtctaaggg gcttcagaga gctagacaca cgtatgggga taaactgact    133440
     ccaaaacaga acagagcttg ttcctttctg tgctgtacta tccaacactg ctgagctcag    133500
     gccaccgaca agaactaagt gacttggcga gagagttgtg taacatttct tgtctagaat    133560
     caacaagttc aagcacttcc aagggtatta gtttaatgat tcagacatga ggaactctga    133620
     gttggatgtt acagtagggg aaccttcctg ggataagaca gctcttggct tctctgctag    133680
     ggaccagatc tgattctcaa aagcaaacca cattgatgtc attaagtttc attttgcttg    133740
     gaatctgtat ttctcatcat ccagaacaat ggcacttccg catcctgcga aagggtacgt    133800
     cagcctgtat cttctcactc cacccggtgg gaaaatggac tctcccattc tctcctactg    133860
     ggtattggat gagaggactc tttctgggga ggatgttgcc ctatctggcc aaaatcctgc    133920
     ttttctgaac ctcaaatgct gaaaagctgt tgtaccacac cgggtgggcc ggccatgtgg    133980
     tccagattta gctgttttca catgaacact gaagctactt tctggtggac tgaagcactg    134040
     agacagaatc tcccgttcag acttctatcc ctcaaacata ctcagggatt tctgggtgta    134100
     tcctgctatg gagttctttg tgccccgaga gagattaaag gacactaagc aaagataaat    134160
     atatttttgc tagttgttac aacatgaagt taacaatctg ttaaaagtct gaatgccaca    134220
     gggaaggagt tcctaatact ccacatgaga actgttgtct tctcccacat acacaagctt    134280
     gagaaagaaa ggcaaagatg tgcattttct tagttttaag cttttaagtc ttcttgaccg    134340
     tgttctctaa aacaaagaaa aaagcattta taagaatcat ttcaatttct ggtttccctc    134400
     cctgctcccc tctttgcctg tgtagtcatt gagagttgaa ttagtaacac ttcctgggtg    134460
     atagcggtag agagaaacac ttccgggtta gtcggctagc cagctggata tagagcttga    134520
     aagagagaag aaaactaaat atgttgaggg gagcccttaa gcaaaacaaa acaacacgca    134580
     aacaaacaca aaactcacac aaacacgacc aatttcttgt ggatctccat ggtcttgacc    134640
     acatcactga actcttcaaa ggatatccgg ccatcgccat ccttatccag gaccaagatg    134700
     ctcttgtcca ccagctgctg cagctgccag tccttgaggt tgtttcccac catcatctta    134760
     agcacctgga agagctcccc attggagatg aagccatcat tatccatgtc gtagattctg    134820
     aaggcgaacc ttagcttctg ctcttcatca cccttgacgc tgaactggga ggtgcccacg    134880
     atgaactcgt ggaagtccac ttccccgttg ccgtctgtgt cgaagatgtc gatcactcgg    134940
     cccaccagcg gattctgctg cagctcaggc agcctcatga actcttctat gctcagggag    135000
     cccgatttgt ccaagtccag cttcctgaag cttttaccca gccttcttat ctcttcctgg    135060
     tcgaagtggt tgcacagctc agtttggtag ctggcctcat ttcccatggc gaggcggtag    135120
     ggctggcaaa ggagggagga gacggcaggg caaaccgtgc taccgttggc ctgggcagca    135180
     cgcgagagca cgagggtggc acaggtgggc agcagggagg gaaggtgaaa ctcagctaga    135240
     acagcaaggc aggaaataga ggctggaggg gaccggagga caaagtgggg ctacccaggc    135300
     gagggatagc tgtaactggg ctgtcctctc taatgcggtt tccctgataa tttttatctc    135360
     tcctggaaat tattactctt tcatctccct ttcccaagaa atttgagcct tgagggaatt    135420
     agaaacatat ctagataatt cacatagctc gacagacatt acatacaaaa cagacatatg    135480
     ttaaatgggg tgaagctagc accagactgc tgcttccttt ccaggcctgg tgtaactgtc    135540
     agataaaatg atagtccaag cactgatatg aggtgtatta cccataattc tccccagggg    135600
     aagccagatt ggcatcctcc tggacctttt tcagggcccc gaggttcaga agattcttaa    135660
     gaaaacagaa tttcttactc aggtatacag acatcaatgt actcttgaga aattaaaaaa    135720
     gaaccttatt aattcagaac acttaaaaaa ataatcagag tttcctagaa catggtctct    135780
     attgctctgt gatttatgtc cctgactgtg gtctgtctgg tgcctggggc tggctgtccc    135840
     acagagcaca tagagagatc ttctgtagag tatcccagga aggtctgtgt gtgcagctta    135900
     cattagtcac accctcctcc cttgcttcca ctaggtttgt tctttcagcc aaaattaatc    135960
     tttcttttct ttggagtagc aactccaatt ctcaaaaatg tataaaaaaa tacatgtggt    136020
     ccaagaacaa tccagtttga aagggacttg ggaaaacttc agggggcgaa atcaaaataa    136080
     gggaggcaaa cacccactca cttccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcatttca tgtcgtatgt    136140
     tctttagttt agaagaagat cagctgggtg gttaccaaat gaaattgctg caaatgagtc    136200
     actggacatt ctaccattag gtttggccat ttaaaaattt ctttgtaaga agataataat    136260
     tgtagtggtt tgaataaggg tgtggtgctc tctgccccac cccttatggt ttggcctttg    136320
     gatccttggt ccctagaggc tagcattgtt tagggaggtt tagtggctgt ggccttgctg    136380
     gaggaacttc ctccagcgag gttttaggtt tcgaagactt gtatcatccc agtttgctct    136440
     ctgcttcctg tctgttgctc agcttccagc tccagtgtct agagctacac ctgcttgctg    136500
     ccctgccact ccactgtgat gctggtggac tcttattcct ctgaaaatga aagccccaca    136560
     tacatccctc ctcctatagg ttgcctttgc catggtatcc atcacagcaa tagaaaatta    136620
     gctaggcact agttaattct aaagaattta aaaacatttt aattatgtgt atgtctatgt    136680
     gtaggcatgt gcatgtgagt gaagatgtct atggtggggt tgggtcctct ggagctggag    136740
     ttgcaggtaa tggtgagtca gctggtgtgg gtgctgggaa ccaaactcag gtcctctgaa    136800
     agagcagagc atacactaag ggctgggcag tctcttgagt gctcaaattg gctttaaaaa    136860
     atgaaaacaa aatacctttt acccagccta aactgtgata ttttgctgga gatgcatttg    136920
     ctcttatttg cctgttttct agttgctcag aaaaattaaa aggatataat ttgtgtaaga    136980
     agattttgaa cttgtaacat taaagggcat cactaagctg tcaaaactcc atgtaatctt    137040
     cgaacatggg ggattgaggc aggaggatta ggagttctaa ctcattgtgt gttacatagg    137100
     gcgaccattt caagaagggg atgggtagag agcaccttaa attataagat gttgtaatca    137160
     ttgctactct cctcagcact ctgcttaatg ccccttctag agtgccaaga tttttctaga    137220
     tgtgttgggg gtgatggggt gtggataggt aagccctgaa aggacttgat gttagtttta    137280
     tcctatgaaa agaaaattga gttaatagtg cctggtgtag gttcatgtgg attagggcgg    137340
     aggttggcca atatgttcac tgctgttttt attaatcaat tttattttta tatactctgc    137400
     tactataggg aacatctaaa atcgagagta tctgggagcc ctgggcatgt tatcatacat    137460
     gcacatttat caaatgtttt agaaaggagg tataacagat gctaagtcac cagcacagat    137520
     gctaagttta gtggataact tggtgcattt tctggtgtag gtcacaggtt ggcaagaatg    137580
     acctctgact tcagcatcac tagcaggggc agcacaaatc tttgtccaga catttccagt    137640
     aagaaggctg gacccaaagg agatgaaccc atatcaatgg acatacctct accagagaat    137700
     tacagactaa gttcctcgag accccagtca aggaagcaga cctatggcca ccctacttgc    137760
     tctgctctct gttcctatgc cacatcaaag gcaggtatga ggacctgagg gatcttagga    137820
     aagggtatag atctggtggc caagacacag aggtaaagtt aagaagtggg ggacaaaaag    137880
     ctgagggcta gatgaacaac agctagagct ggtagccttt cagaacacat ggccacatga    137940
     gctcagactc tcatctgagt gtcaggttct catcagcaaa gaaggaaaga aagaatgaag    138000
     ctagagattt gttggaggtg catgggtata aaggatacct tccaaaggga aagtacttaa    138060
     aacacatcta aaatagttgt agcacacaca ccatgggcac tcactgtatg tgtctgtctg    138120
     ctttctttct tattttttta aattacaaat tcctttctcc ctttcttcct tcctgtctct    138180
     gtctctgtct ctcttcctcc ctctctccct cccttccttt ctctctctct ctctctctct    138240
     ctctctctct ctctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctgaca tgacttatgc ttttatttta    138300
     tttgaatgtc aagcttaaac tcattcaaca catcctacat gttggctgtg tgccacataa    138360
     tgggctttct gtacttaaga tggcacagtc cctggagtaa ctgagtattg ccactgagaa    138420
     atctagttta atgaacatgg tttaaaggtg taacactatt tacttagtct tttatattta    138480
     tcttgtatat ttgtcaggag ctgtctagaa aaggctaagg ctaccaggta gcctttctgg    138540
     aagtggccca tctttttatg catggcttca gatgcgtgag ctctgagagg caagatccct    138600
     agagacttca cctcaggatt gcttctcgct gcctttcctg tcactatcat gtagcctaac    138660
     aattcctggg catcagccca ccctattggg cagatcacct gcagatcaac ataaagatga    138720
     actttcatga tttaatggtg tttagatgag ttaatgattt tttatagagt tcctgatttg    138780
     attcaaataa tcataggaag aaagtataag aggtggtttt ggttgttttg ctaaaaagat    138840
     gtaatagaat tagactcaag aatagaatgt gcacactcct cataaatagc aagtaaagac    138900
     tgcataataa ggagtacaat gagctttcgt aattatacta aaaagagaaa taggcttgtt    138960
     acaaatttgt gatcaaggga aaatattcat tctaggtcag atccaatgat gaagccacag    139020
     gtgtgcacta tgataagaca cagccatatg aaactgtggc tttgaacttg taatgagctt    139080
     acagaatgaa ttactgctct gaatttaata tcagtgtgct tttgtaactc ccattgttgt    139140
     gtaacgtttt aactatgagg taattttcta agaacttttt gtatttatat acaaaaaggc    139200
     tagggaaaag aaagatgttg ggttggtgac ttggggggct cttccaaatg tatgcgtgtc    139260
     tgtttgttta tatgtatgtg tgtgggtata tgtgcctgta tgtaactatg catgaacatt    139320
     tgtggggtcg agtgagacag gtggctgggc ctggctaagg tatgcatgtg tgtaaatgta    139380
     tgtgtatcta tgtatgcatg tttgccatat aaaggattta attcttttcc tttccttcct    139440
     ctctggttca caaagagtta accagcctgg tcagtgaggg actcctggct gcctggtcag    139500
     agatgggaac aatacctacc tctccatggt aagcaacagg tgttaatctg tctgaagcca    139560
     tggcttctgg ccccagaagg accaagaacc aacgagagta aatattatta atactaaaca    139620
     acttttactt tggcaaagcc aagttttgca cctccttgcc ctctgctggc accccccccc    139680
     cacagctact ttccagagag aactgctcag gcaggctccc cagcatatat tccagaaaat    139740
     tagaaatcat atgcttggct ttcttctgtc atgctgggaa agtttttaaa atataagttc    139800
     tgacgtgtat agttttaaat taaagttctt gctacttaac aattctccga cctctagcag    139860
     aattaagcat ttgattcatc gttcgtttgg aaagtgagat ggtggttgct gattcataga    139920
     ctcttcccca ggttaactaa gggagggcat ggggagcagg cttaatgcct ggcacaggat    139980
     tggtagaagt gatcatttct gcccacggta gacttgcctg aatattttaa tagactatca    140040
     gaacactgat gactagttga atatatgtgt gtttctatgg atgcaagtat ttcctgagca    140100
     gctaataggt gagacaaatg caacagttgc ctaaagcagg tgtgtagggt ggatatctag    140160
     aaaatgatca catcctgaga cacaaaggag cctctctgtg gtatatattt gtatatatat    140220
     gtatatatag gagcctctct atgtaattat agatgagaaa tacctggtac ccaaagagtc    140280
     cattctaaag ggaactttta tttggaaagt gatgctacag aggaaatctc aaggagtaga    140340
     agaggttaag tagatgttgt tggaataggt aggcactcca aacagaagaa acacatgtgc    140400
     aaagacactg gagcaagggg aacaggcagg tagtgggcac ctaaataaga ctgcatatcc    140460
     agagcagaga agtgaaggga cagcagtgac atcaggtgga ctggaatgaa gccccaccat    140520
     gccccaggca ttggagatca ggcagtgctt attcagttat ttcttacgga tacattgatc    140580
     atgtttcaat gtgcaaagca ctgatgacat ccagaggcca tccctgttca gagagattat    140640
     ggactcctaa atgaattaaa acataagagc attgtagcaa attgaaagag atgatataaa    140700
     atgaaagata ccatcaaagg tgtgaagtgt tctttttttt tttttttttg gtaataaaca    140760
     ggcaactcct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    140820
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcctcctcct ccttttgcaa    140880
     gatatgttca atcctgctag acacaaggta gacaagtgtc acagctatag acgtgggaac    140940
     ttcgatgtca tccaggtgcc ttagggaggg ttgactttca gtgctggaac tggagtccta    141000
     aataaagaag ctggcttgct ccctctgaaa cctgcagggc cattcttctt ttcttcagag    141060
     gcccaactac tgagacacag taaaaagatt ccagaggtag ggcccagtgg gaggtctgtt    141120
     cactgaggac agggttctta aagggaatgg tgagatctca ctctctttat cctgcttgta    141180
     tctcagcatg aagcaaacag acacattccc catcttaatg tgccagctta ccatagaccc    141240
     caaaacaaca ggggtacctc atgatggact gaaaaaaaaa acccaaactg caagtaaagt    141300
     tttccctgtg acaagatgat ggcctcaggt gtcttgtcac agctgtgcaa gggtgaccag    141360
     ctggcaagtg gacttggctg gcagctgctg gaatccagtc tcatcccctc acagcccagg    141420
     ctttctgtag gtatctattt cacatggata ctgtcttctg ataaggatac tagtcatagt    141480
     gtgtttgggg cctacctcac tatattgtaa ctaaatatca aggtggattt gtatcttata    141540
     tgcaaaccag accacactct gaggtactgt gtggttaagc cctcaggaat gcaacatccc    141600
     tttggaggaa acagtacact caactctagg cctgaattcc aattgtctgg aaggacagag    141660
     gtaggagtag tagcgatgat actccaaatg gtactgcccc ggcctccttg accaatagct    141720
     ctatgtttag atgttgcagg gagacatttc tgttaagggc tccaaggctc ctccaaaaca    141780
     ttgtttcctt atctagtata tccctcaaat tccactcact cacactgctc acacggggaa    141840
     gaagtgtcct taggacccta acagtctgac ccatcctgcc actagtccat gcggatcacg    141900
     catttctgcc aggcaaagcc tttttttttt tttccctgat gttttgtaac acctcacttt    141960
     agccactagg tggcattcgt tctccacctc ctcgttttgc tttcttcaag ctggactctg    142020
     cagaacctgg aagccagggc tgtctgtaca gaaagtagat gagggaggag atgccacaca    142080
     ggcttcaatg catgaaaatc tgaaaaaaat gggaggaagg ctgtctctca caacagctct    142140
     aatcagtttg agcactgctc agacctgcta gttgcacagt aaatgacatt tcataaatat    142200
     tcattagttg gaggaattta ggagaaaagc aggaactact aacagtatgt ggtcttgggt    142260
     gtaatttatg cctgagcctc tctggaatgc aaaagaggag acccttattc cacaagatct    142320
     gtttattcgc tcattagcga ggtgaagacc acacttgctg cattgctgtt ccttgtatca    142380
     gaatccaaac tacactagcc agaaagcagc agaggggcag ccctgtcttt ctgcggtcgg    142440
     gtgaggggaa gaaaaccctg actgaaggct ttcccccaga gtactgaagg aaatagttgc    142500
     tattgtttgc ctagaagtgt tttaagtgct attgttcata tataaatgct gtatggtttg    142560
     tataaccttt cttcatgctt tctcatggaa acctgaatgc agaattgcaa agaagggaga    142620
     gaaacaacag caccgtagtg tgaaagctta ttcagtcagc tcatacccag gtgaaggttc    142680
     agaatcaggg gtttcactcc ccaccattaa aagtctttgg tttcacgtgg aagcaattag    142740
     gtactcagcc ccggaattgt aagcagttct ggacccatgc ttgtctgtat ttggagttgt    142800
     gagggtgact ccgagataag acaactgcag cgtcttctgg aaagtgctct gttgtttacc    142860
     aagctgtttt tttctatgca catagttttt attttcaatt ttagcatcta tttgttgttg    142920
     ctttgtgttt attattttat ttttaaattt gtagatggtt tcttcctgtg tagcctagac    142980
     tggcttcaaa tgcatgatgc ccctgactca gttcccgatt cctaggatta taggcctctc    143040
     ctaccaccat gcttggcttg gccatagatc ttacttaggg aaagaagacc actgactagg    143100
     ccacacattt ccacagtcag tttcagtaaa tagactgcac atgttgaaac aagccctatt    143160
     atatccctgg ctttgagggg gaaagtctga gttttaagtt ttactttaat ttatttatta    143220
     gattgactta tttatctgtg gttgtgcatg tggaatgcac acatgccaaa gcatgcacat    143280
     ggcggtcaga ggacaactca taggagtctg ttctctccct ctgccatgca gtccagggat    143340
     ggaacttggg tcatcaggct tggcagctgt cagggacaaa tggctatctg tggtgccagt    143400
     tagcatatca aagtgcatgc cggcctcagt attacaactg cctttggctt ttctcagccc    143460
     tacttacccc tgccccaaaa cttctccagc tcattggtgt catacttttg ccagcttctc    143520
     attctcatat aactctgcca tttggccatg tactctcttt tgtcttcctc tcttaaactc    143580
     ttctttcttg cttctctctc ttcatcctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    143640
     atctatctat ctatatctct atgtatctat atgtatgtat gcatgtacct atctatctat    143700
     catgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatcta tctatctatc    143760
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatgttct ctcatggcca gtatagtctg    143820
     ctggccgtgt ttaatttaat gctttctctt tctgatctgg actcttccag atggctctgg    143880
     ctatattctg tcttatagct acaataaaaa tctttccctc agtgtacctt ggagcagtcg    143940
     tgtcctcagt ttatacaaat ggtgccaaac acccagttca tacagcagca agtgctataa    144000
     cccactgagc aatcatgatg gctcccagac ctgaaatttt ataggttgtt tggcttactt    144060
     aagcacacag tggcaagccg ggagtctacc ctgatgtagc agtccctttt agagctgaaa    144120
     ttctttgtta gtccacagtg tgctatgaat gaaacctaga acgatggatg ttcctgcctt    144180
     aaggaggtat taagtaatcc acaaagctag ataaaggaaa gttaaagacc tgtaatttgc    144240
     ttgtgagttt agctgtgtct atctaccata tgaactcggg aaagtgtccc cctgcaattt    144300
     tagaatccct aagggatgcc taattgagtg cctttttggg ggtaggtata ctttctgtat    144360
     ttattatttc atacctccaa tgtctcacgt ctaccttgcc taggtaggat atttttaatt    144420
     ttaattttaa ttttaatttt ttatctctgg aagtatcacc tcttctgaga agacagcttt    144480
     gactcttgat cttctgtgac ctgtgacctt atttttgtca ctgttcccac atgtcttcct    144540
     cagccccagt ggccatgcag gatatggaat ttgttcattc tctctctctc tctctctctc    144600
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcctccctct ccctctcccc ccccccatct    144660
     ctgtactcat ttctattcag tactggctac acccacagag cctggcacac aggggttcaa    144720
     catgtgtgtg ctgatggaca gacagactag cagatgcatg agggaatgtc tgggtttgtt    144780
     tcagaagccg accaggtgaa ggtgaagctt ttctccaact gctttcttcc tgcccggttc    144840
     aacctcatat tatgaaagga cacaagcaca gctttgtgct tctttaggag cccagaaagt    144900
     gctacctggc taggttccac ctgaccttat gcttggctta aatattaaac ctaattactt    144960
     aggctattac aaaggacgta ctgagctggc aaggtggctt cctacatgct cagggtttca    145020
     atttaaagta atctgcagtc attaactctc tccctcacta tgactttcaa caggttgact    145080
     agcagacaga tactttaaat tgaaacggga aggggagagt tgagagaggc agacggccac    145140
     tgaactgtga catccctgtc aagaacagaa gacactgctc taaaatccgc ctctcccacc    145200
     gtctcaacca cggcttttaa gttgttaata tattaaagat tagctgacag cgatgcctcg    145260
     agatgtgact tgtgggatct cctttggctt tcagtgtata gttggctgtg ttggttcctt    145320
     ctctcgttgc tgagatcaag tgcctggcga gaagcaactt aatgcttttg ccacacagtt    145380
     ggagggatac agtccctcct gacctggtgg cagtgggaag aggcagatgt tcccgctgta    145440
     tgtgcagcca ggaaagagag gcagtcagaa aatggggcca gagcacaaaa tctcaaagcc    145500
     tgttcctagt agcttctttc ttccagggaa gctccacttc ttcagggttt tacacctttc    145560
     taaaatagta ccaccagcta gagacccggt gaacaaatgc aagagctcac aggggacact    145620
     tcacatccaa accatagcat ccgactaacc cttctttctc tttccaaaaa cagacagaag    145680
     gacaatggat ctactgtggg gaaactggac cttttttttg ttttttgttt ttttgttttt    145740
     tgtttttttg tttgtttttg tttttgtttt gtttttgtct cagtgagcaa ataccaatat    145800
     tttagcagtt atcaccataa acaaatgcac agtctgtgac tttgagaagt tagtctggct    145860
     catggacaga aaggctggag gctatccatc ttagtatctt tctctgtgtt cctctaacaa    145920
     tcctcatagg aaactactgc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg acacactaca    145980
     tggatctttt atttaagatg aggaaaccag ttcagatgag tggcaaatgt cacataattg    146040
     tctcatggcc gaatccagac acatgtataa agtactgtcc atgttcagca ccttccacat    146100
     gtcatgacgc tcacatgcat catctcttac ttctaagctg gaaatgcaat aacatctgtg    146160
     ttttcagagg gcagcaactc agagaggtga agtaatttgt gtttgtgaca tcttaatgca    146220
     cccccctcct tttttaaaaa aatatttttg gttgtgagcc tagtctttaa tggctgagct    146280
     gtctctctag cccagttaat gcacctttct tgatgtggct atttcaatac catggttatt    146340
     tttcttgtag ctacccatag agtgctccta aatgacaacc tgcagataaa cttcaggttt    146400
     taaaattgcc tcctaagaaa tttaacagac tgtcacttca ctccttcctt gaagacccat    146460
     cccttagagg acagcatccg aagcttggga aggtcaagga cagagaagga tgtgagattg    146520
     gaaggccagg ttagggctag tggtcaggag gatgtgaccc gagagatgga ggaagctcag    146580
     gaaggggcag gcagagattc caggtgcttg ataacaggaa gttagaaggg tagggaggtg    146640
     tgatggagga gctggaaggc atgatcaaaa tacactgtat gaaaacaatt taaataataa    146700
     aagaaaacaa gtagatgaaa ttaaaataga acccctgaga agcttagcaa tttaactttt    146760
     gttatgttct gtcatctaca tgttttcccc aatcccaggg tagaactcct ttctctacaa    146820
     tgttgagcct cttgcttgtt aaggtctgtt tcctttagtc cccattagca acctttgcat    146880
     tcagttagat gcccttgtag caacaagata atcatcagcc tgaagcttgg aataggtgaa    146940
     gtatatttcc caagcactta gggctgcctc ctcacagcga tagaaccagg atgatcttca    147000
     gagaacttgg cttgtacttc tctctccgtg ctgactaagg atggttagat ctcttagcct    147060
     gcaactggac ctgtctgaaa gtctgccctg ctgatgttca gatggccatg catgcttgct    147120
     tccctggcct cgtccctttc atttctgcca cagaggggcc tgctaggtga ccttctctct    147180
     tccagattca tttacaccct ccccccatcc tgatttgtgt cctgggaatt gacttccagg    147240
     gaccacatag atggattcct tgccctaaga cagaggtaga agagctgaga gttgggaggc    147300
     acggcaggga gacagaggaa aaggtatttg ttccccagct ctcttatggt gaggctaggg    147360
     tgacgggtga gcccccaaat aaatgaccat ctcctccttc tttgtggtac tgggtgattg    147420
     accctagggg cttgggcatt ttggtaagat ccttatcaaa tttatatcaa atgcctccaa    147480
     gtaaatggcc aatttcctag aaagccccat cttcttactt gctaggttct gagaatggct    147540
     cccctccccc attttctccc tacagccggc agtggtaatg gtgacctctc tttatctaat    147600
     cttggaattg tgctgacttc tttaaacaat gtggtctcaa acaattttct taaaactcct    147660
     ctctgtctct gaggatgctt tctgctctct gccaagacca ctatttgctc ttcctttcag    147720
     cctcttatag ataaaaggta caattattca aaacattatt tagaggagac ttgcaaagat    147780
     atgtctcatc atccatctta ataatgcctt ggtgaatttg gggagcttgt taaactgtaa    147840
     tctgctgcct tccttccctg gttcgtaaaa agaagtttca cagaactgtt tccctggagt    147900
     tcttaaattc actcagggac ttaaaatatt gtattgtttt ctgctgattc aaaggaagat    147960
     ggagggagtt tatatcctgc catatgttct ccccagtaga actgataggc aatgagtcta    148020
     ctgtgacaga acacagttgg gctgtgagga ctgttgggac acaccagagg tcaatttaaa    148080
     attgttctct gaaagttgtc agagtctgac ctggagagcc agacttgtag catcctaggt    148140
     gactctaggg aggagataaa atcttggatt tttttttttt caaaatgaat ttgccttcca    148200
     gagaaattat agctaaacag ttctgggttt ctgaagagac aagaggtgaa tagatcaagg    148260
     ttcctacttg aggccaaatg tgaattttca actcccagaa atggaggacc aaaggatctt    148320
     tcacaatttc ataccaggtg accacataaa tcattgtcca aacgcagaca tctttcagat    148380
     ggaaagaatg catctaatta ccttgaggaa gagacattga ctgaaactgt acttggaaca    148440
     atagagtgtc aaaagcactt ttagaaaagt gcagtcaaga gcagatctac tccgtgatgt    148500
     cctgtgcccc tgtccgagga tgctgtgggg agaaggccca tgttgattaa gctgttctta    148560
     cattgtaact cattagaact gctggagagt tgaagctgag ctgatgtgga tgacgtgact    148620
     tccctaagat cctttctctc tgcacaaaca cactgttgca gtgcagggca ttcagcacaa    148680
     agagtaggta ctagaagtgc taatagcgaa ttttcctcta ccaatttttt ccccctggga    148740
     gaacattgca aaacaggaca aaaagagcaa aaccaagagg ctgagaaccg tgtgtaggta    148800
     aagagaacaa agggaaaccc agcaagcaga cgggggaggg tgctttacag aggagatcca    148860
     gtgtagccaa agagcagagg attgcttgtg tttggtaaca tagtatctgt tggtggtgca    148920
     agagtgctcc taacagatct attaggaatg agaatatgct agtctggccc aagggtggaa    148980
     tgcattgcta tttaaatgta tacacagtga atatcttata gaaacgtttg taattgcata    149040
     gacaaagata tttcgtagtg tagaccatcc attagagcag tggttctcaa ccttcctaat    149100
     gctgcgaact ttaatgcagt tcctcatgtg gtggtgaccc caaaccataa aattattttt    149160
     gttcctactt cataactaat tttgctactg ttataaattg taatgtaagt atctgtgttt    149220
     tcctatggcc ttaggtgacc cctgtgaaag ggtcattcca cacccaaagg ggttattacc    149280
     cacaagacaa gaaccccgct ttagggggaa tgacaaagct atgcagattc ataatattct    149340
     tagaccccag tgttgccttc tttctctaaa tacagatgtt accagaatta tctttacttc    149400
     tgtggctgaa gtcccagtta agagcctatc tttcccctat tctttttgac ttccttctcc    149460
     cttccaaatt tagtcaacct gggaagtgag cccacattgt cttaacaaac acaacttgat    149520
     ctgagaatag tttctacccc aacacttccg gctgactaca ccaaagattt ctaaagacca    149580
     tttccccaat ctggcttgct aaaactcttg attaaaggcg gttgagatgg ctcagtaggt    149640
     aaaaagtgct gctcttacta ttgataacct gtgttaaatg actggaaccc atatggtaga    149700
     atgaaagaac aaaccctagc cagtcatttt ttgacctacg tacatacacc ctgctgtagg    149760
     accgtgaaag gtagtcttgt gcccagttga gctaaggctt gaaaccctca gtgaccctca    149820
     agggacagta ggcatttcac ctgttcccag gcaccaggct cctggcatga ggcctcacat    149880
     ctcccataga tttgtggtca tcagtcccat aagggcaatg ccccaagtcc cttcacatgt    149940
     cgaggacaag acctgtggtc atgtagactc aagacagatc tccattttaa tgaggtacct    150000
     aaaaggatgg aggacttaac caataagctt tccttctcag acactcctcc ctgcaaaagg    150060
     tatttaacct caggcccacc ctgagaagtg gggtatggtt ttacttttcc actctcctcc    150120
     aggacagtaa atgtcttaaa accatggact gcctcttttc atccggatcc gctgagggga    150180
     gccatgaagg ccttcgccta tagagctgtt gtctaatctc ctgtagaagg cctctctgcg    150240
     ctcccagaca tggctaccat caagccaacc caagcctaaa tctgccgcct gcaagccaag    150300
     aactcttctt gcgggaccag ccggagctct ccccttaggt cccgggctag atccagcgct    150360
     cgaaccccta ctccgttctt agctcttcca tggcatccag tggctcctga gaaccataca    150420
     gccccaggcg acagtgcggg ataatcttgg tcgaactccc gtgtcctgcc tccctggcgg    150480
     ccaagccttg tggcagagca gacgtagtac cccataaccc tacacactgc catacatggt    150540
     gagtgtgcat gtatgcaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    150600
     cccctaaagt aaagaaacaa ttacagaaaa aactccaaaa tatttttgtc aaagaagtat    150660
     tggtgtattt tgcatgtatt ttatgaataa cttattattt ctgtttagtt tttgaagtct    150720
     atctttgtat atactattac tttgatttcg tttaaaaatg ttgataagtc tatatagacc    150780
     tggaacactt atggtaaaaa ctcataattt ttattattaa atctggctat attcttaata    150840
     ttttattctt agatttattt attttatcca tatgggcatt tgcctgcatg tgtgtctgtg    150900
     caccacatgc atgtatggta tcttaggagg taagaagaga gcatcagatt ccctggaatt    150960
     agagttggat ggttgtaaga cactgtgtag gtgctgggaa ctgaacccag gtccttggga    151020
     agaacagcaa gtgctcttac ccactgagcg atctctccag cacctgctca atattttaga    151080
     ggcttgaatt gactgcagtt ttgttttttt tttgtttttt tttttaccat aatctatgaa    151140
     gcatgcatta ctttcagtca gtttacagaa gaagaggagg cccagagtgg tcaagaacta    151200
     tgccctgtat ttcacagctg gcagaactag aattcaaatc taggatgcct ctaaagatga    151260
     cgctctcaac tacttatgct atacagaata ctagacattc atactgcagg aggacattga    151320
     cagaagttgg ggtcactgta gcagggccct tacagaaaaa taatcttgat gatgatgatg    151380
     acaatgacga tgaatgagaa cattttgtag tataaatggc ggagctgggt gagatgagag    151440
     aagtaacttt tcagagtctc cagggtatgt gtagaagagt ctgttggttg tctgttctac    151500
     aatcatttag ctgcctccac tgtctcaagg caatgccttg ttcaggtctt cacccttctc    151560
     tatgtgccta tgtgctgtaa ggaaagttgt atcattactg gtcccagagt tctgattggc    151620
     ctaatccagt atgctgttca catgatctca ccaatgattg gtttagatac aggcacatag    151680
     ggttttcatc aacagaccat gaagaaattg cagctctctc cacatgtttt tctgtgacta    151740
     ataggatgtt ccctctgatt agagaaagaa gaacaggatt tctgttattt accacttact    151800
     ctaccaggtt tcttgctaga tgcttccaca aatgatcttt tattctcagg aaaaaaaaaa    151860
     atgacccgtt ttgtcaaacc ctttctcagg tggagaaacg ccgattcaga agcagttaac    151920
     tagctctact tgacagattc agcatctaaa ctcagcaata cataggtagt ttcagataca    151980
     tcatttgact cagtctttga aactgtgttc aagtggggct aggctatgag tctgcagagc    152040
     cacatgtatc acaaggcttg gtttgtctga tgagcctctg aaatggcagt cgcttgaatg    152100
     tgagcgtgtg accaggatgt gacatttatt tggtgatgct ggctggagaa tatggctgag    152160
     gggttcctct tggtaacgcc ttactgtcaa gttggaatca tttggagatt ttgatttaag    152220
     tcagcgacag acaccagaaa cagagaactt caagtgattg ttatttcgct caacttaagc    152280
     aactgacttg ctttctttct tggctgcatt agctgcctgg tataaaccca ggattatttc    152340
     ctttaggaaa agctactcac caatagggtt aaaatgccat cagctatcca gaggagagat    152400
     agatgtccat gtagaaaaca ctgttaatgc tggtattttg aaaagaagac ttatttaaaa    152460
     aatttaaagt cagatttccc tgttctgatt ataaggcttc ccaatgctgc cacctcctgt    152520
     atctccctcc cctaggcaaa gtcttactgt gtgtctcaaa ctggtcttga gcttgtaatc    152580
     ctcctgcctc aatgtcccca gctcagtgat tacagctatg taccctcatg tctggcttca    152640
     gccatcttcg ttcatttctc atcatagctc caaggaagag cctatgtgaa tttaatcttt    152700
     gagggattgc ctgttttatc ttatcctcta gttggagtta ttctttccaa attgtttcgt    152760
     ccactttatc ggtcatttac ctaacattgt acctaccact gatctcttct ttgtctcatt    152820
     tcatttacca cctgcctgta ttagtgcttc aggaatgctg taaagatgaa cacgagttgg    152880
     atgacttaaa gccacaggat tgtatcctct tatagcttag gaatcattcc gccaaataaa    152940
     cataaaaaaa gaaacaaaca aaaaaccctg aaatgctggt gccattggga ttgcctctga    153000
     gaaacaagta aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaataaa tcaatcagtc agtcagtcag    153060
     tcagtcagtc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaaac agaagagtca ataagagaat aaactcacag    153120
     ctagtatctc taatttcaaa ttccaacaga gactgaccaa tataaatcac ccttttggct    153180
     tgtgtctata tcccccaacc tctacccctt ctagcaggta gacctctttc tctgtgaatc    153240
     tacatacttg gcctccttat aatgacacca gtcattgggt ttagagccca gtgtgacctc    153300
     atcttaatta ctccttctaa gactcctttt gcaaacatgg tcaacgcctt aggttctgag    153360
     gaaacatgaa tttgtggtac actgttcaat gcagtgcact gtgagtatct gccctgcttt    153420
     agtctctgaa ctttgctcat gcttagtctc tagattcttg aaaaattttt tttttctata    153480
     aggtacctgc attttctctc cctctcttta gaaaacaaat aggtaaaaaa tcaccatcac    153540
     catcaccact accactgatg gcaacaacaa caacaacaac agcaacaaca gcaacaacag    153600
     caacacagag gaagcacaca ctcatacatc ctaacaacat aaaatagcaa accattatat    153660
     acaagcaaaa gaaccgtaag ataaaaatgc ccaaacaaag caatatgaga caaagtctac    153720
     aaaaacatca ttgagttcct tcaatgtttc ccatccactt ctggccatgg gacccaccct    153780
     taagtatggt ttatataccc agggagactc aattaggggg aaataatttt ttctttgcaa    153840
     gctgtagtga atcagaaata gcttcttggt cagggatggg gacttgtgtc cacacccctc    153900
     tcagcattgg gaccccatct gtcttaaact ggtgcaggct gtgcacacac tgccacagtc    153960
     tctgtgagtt tctattgacc gtgtttcttt tcaggtacat tgtctagttt ttctgattta    154020
     tctacgtgac ttctcgagtg tctactttat ttggaggcac tggaaattta agacaggttt    154080
     ttcttttttt ccctagagtt cttatagttt aatatacatt aagaagagat gcattaaaat    154140
     actctgatta aaattatgtt taaggccgta atgtttatgt tattactgag tgctattaag    154200
     taatatgaga tatatgagat cataaaagga ggttgattta tattggtcag cttctgttgg    154260
     gattcgaaaa gagagatact agctgtgagt ttgttctgtt gactcttcgg tttatttatt    154320
     tatttattta tttatttatt tattttgtag cattgggatc aaatcaaagg ccttggacat    154380
     gctaggcagg tactgtacca tactgaacta catctgcagt tccttcgctg gggctttgta    154440
     atatgaaggc attagctgag caaatgccag tggagaagag catttgagag ggaagagaca    154500
     attgcaagtt tagggaatcc aaggcaggga acccatggat ttatcttcat tctatgagaa    154560
     acatggcaca gctgggatga accagagagt ggcccaagag ggcactgaga agtgatcaag    154620
     gccaggtatc acagggcatg tcgccgtttc agccatttca gattttgtcc cagagaacat    154680
     ggctgacaaa cagaagaatg agtggaaggc aactaaagga aggcaggtgc aaaacagacc    154740
     tcttagcaga cgtctgtagt gagccaggtg agggatgaca gcttggacag agcggggaca    154800
     ctggagttga caatagacgg ctattatctg aggcctaatt tgtagaagat tcggcttgtt    154860
     ggtgattgga aaaggtggac aagagaggtg tgagcacctg tggcagtctg aatgtatggg    154920
     taggtgcgca gaagtaccac cgccaagact gcaaagccca ggaggaaaag caagcaaaga    154980
     gggaacactg cggcttagac ttctgacaag tgaaatctga gatgcctgta ggatattcaa    155040
     gaggagatgt caaacaggca ggcagagctg catcctgttg ggaattcttg ccaaatagag    155100
     gctatttgag caattattgg ctttagatgt gttttcttct tcctttttaa tgtcaggatg    155160
     gccttgtact tgtttatttg gctcttccct ttagagtatt tgggctatgg cactagttac    155220
     actttccagt ctcctatttt aatcatccaa attgtgctct attttgcaaa ctccttttta    155280
     attacaccat aacgacgcaa tatttcaacc ggaagaaaat tttgactatt tgtgtgcctt    155340
     agcccaggca cataggaact ctggctgaac aataaaagca gtgctattgt tttctgctct    155400
     gaaaagttat tgtgctttaa tctgacaatt actagtcaag gtgtggatag atttaaaact    155460
     gacagtgttt tgagttagac tttaaggtat gatgtgaaat tcacagcaaa accatcaacg    155520
     gttaaagcaa acagtattta ggttagtccc agaaattctt gctataattt gtaaacattt    155580
     ctttcatact taacagattt ctcaggatag tttatagaac agaagtggaa atttagattt    155640
     tttttaatcc atcagaataa aatcacattt aaatctaaaa cttgtatcac tgaccagtac    155700
     tataggaatg gacacttttc aatcaaatcc aaatgtcatg gagtatgttg gtacattgtt    155760
     gatcagagag taaaactgaa ggtgtgtctt gtggtttcca agggggagct atacaaagca    155820
     ccagcatcat cagcatcagc atctttcctt agcatcatca gcatcatctc tccttacctc    155880
     agtgacagca aagcttctct ttccgcaggg aaccaccttg taccacttgt catgaagcac    155940
     atccataaac ccatgagact tgtactgact gatgagctca gatatgttag aggtcaacgg    156000
     agagttggga gggagaccaa tgccatagcc tagaagaaaa tgcaaccgca tatgagttct    156060
     tcatgctggt ctgagaggtg ccaccatcct tgtatgatat tgcctctgga tatggtagca    156120
     agggcatggt gagtctgtat tacatttccc caaaagggct ccacagaatg cccctcgaat    156180
     cagccagatc tctgagaaga tgcaatgagt ctgcccttat tttctgtttt ggtttttttt    156240
     tttttgtttt tttttttttg aagcagtctc tgaaagtttg gagctaagac gaaaggatgg    156300
     actatccaga gactacccaa cacggggatc catcccataa tcagccatca aatccagaca    156360
     ctattgcata tgccagaaag atattttgtt gaagggaccc tgttatagct gtctcgtatg    156420
     aggctatgcc agtgcctggc aaatacagta gtgaatgctc acagtcatct ataagatgga    156480
     acacagggcc cccagagaag ctagagaaag cacccaagga gctgaagggg tctgcaacca    156540
     tataggtgga acaacaatat gaactaacca gtacccccag agctcgtgtc tctagctgca    156600
     tatgtagcag aagatggcct agtcggccat cagtgggagg agagaccccc ttggtcttgc    156660
     aaactttata tgcctcagta cagggaaaca ccagggccaa gaagcgggag tgggtgggta    156720
     ggggagcagg gcgggggggg gggagaatat agggaacttt cgggatagca tttgaaatgt    156780
     atataaagaa aatatctaaa aaaaaagaag cagtctctga gtcccccccg tccccccgtc    156840
     cccccgtccc cccccccagg tctgggattc cctagccatc tttcccagtg aaactgcatg    156900
     tgatggtgaa tcttaattgt caacttgatt ggactgagca gtgcctagga gactaggaaa    156960
     gtacaccatt gggtgtgtat gtgaaggcac ttctagagag ggttagttga tggagaagtt    157020
     atatactttg gctcatggta tcagagtttt cattccatat acatggggga agaaatagaa    157080
     aaagagtcta ttttgacaac caggagacag aagggcatac aagaatatct aggattaata    157140
     taaatagtcc ccatatatac acctctcaaa aatagtcata ttaatgaatt catcaaggga    157200
     ttatccattg attaggtcag agcccttagg actcaatcac ttctccagag ctcataattt    157260
     gcaaccaacc ccccaacata agagctgtta gggaacatta taaattcaaa caccacatgg    157320
     acatataata caccatgaga aataaaagag ccacaaggac ttaataataa ttaactttaa    157380
     ttgtcaaaga aatggtaatg tcaaatgttg gagaagatat ggaaaataag aatgcatatt    157440
     gatttaatta ctttggaaaa caatttggtg atattttgcg tagttgaaca cttatattaa    157500
     aatccaagaa cactcccaaa caatttctcc acaaatacat caagaaatat gataaataag    157560
     gctgttcata accacaaaac ttggaaagaa ctcaaatgat gtttgacaaa acctttaata    157620
     cataaattgt ggaatagtta catgaatagg atattacata acgaagacat atgtgttaga    157680
     catagagtga tatatgtaca actcttagca atatgctatt ggggggaaga gccattcctc    157740
     caaacttaca gagtaaattt attttgtaca tgtaaacaca ctcatactaa aacaatgcat    157800
     gttttaagaa tacgtatggg gggatgaaac tacatttaga aaaaataaat caaggatatg    157860
     ataacttcga gattcaagat ggcagttatg gaaagcgtga agaagcagga gaaggggtag    157920
     agaaagagag caaacatggg cataattgtc agcattttat taatcacttt agactgtatg    157980
     ttcttacatt gtacagctct ctggctttga gactgttaac acactgctaa tctctttgag    158040
     gagtcatgtg aaagagacta attaactaca tcttgttctt agttattaga tctcacagtc    158100
     aaaacaaaca aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa gatttctcta tttgccctca agatgattga    158160
     gggagataaa tgaaaaaaaa tgcagctagt tccttcttca cacataaaga ctaaaggctg    158220
     tcaaagattc aaagatactt agtgagacaa atacttgttc caattatttc actttatgac    158280
     tcaattccaa aggtattagt ttttattctt tttcttaggg caaatccaca aacccttttc    158340
     aaaatatgga gctcatgatg tggagtagaa aatatgcagc accaaacagg ttttgagttt    158400
     taaagagttg tgtgtttgtt tttatgatca ttttatttgt ttcttaagaa ggtgtcatca    158460
     agaaaaagat gacaatgtca aaagcataat ttggactttg cattccagca gctatcatga    158520
     aggcccactt tgtgactggt agttttgatt tgaaaggtga gactgatgat aatagaattt    158580
     taatgggttt ctgatgtttt tattaagtag tccttggtat ggtaacaact atgctttttt    158640
     tttttaatag atgtattttc gtttaaattg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ttatgaatgc    158700
     ctgcatgtat gtaagtgtac catgtgtatg cctggtaccc aaggaagcca gaagagggca    158760
     tcagatcttc tggatctgta ctcaccagtg gttgccaacc atctgatgtg ggtaggaact    158820
     aaacacaagt tctctgaaag agcagcaggt gctcatttgt aagttttcta aggaagtttt    158880
     tattttctaa tagttcagtt tttgagtcac ggtttcagta tttattatca ggatggatgt    158940
     aatacaaggc ccacatataa taacgttcat taatctattg attcttatcc actcatccgt    159000
     ctatctgttc attcatcaaa tgttttattg agtaaacagg tactatgtca agtggtccag    159060
     gcatgttagt ggggagacat agtaaacagt taactgcatg aagctaattt cattacaatc    159120
     taaacagaca ttgggaggga gaagaaaagg ggcgttagga acataggtgg atttggaact    159180
     gtgcgatgga aataggttga cacataaaga taattatctg gggttaactt tgctgaatat    159240
     taacacattt tttttctcat ggaagaaata gctttcaaca acaacttgta acatttatca    159300
     aggactttct gtattgctct caggcactga tccttaatag tagcatattt caccccataa    159360
     tgtaaattat gcatgagaaa taaattttga ctgtctatga caccacagtt caggaaaatc    159420
     actttgggat tctaataata ataaagctta gggtattcca agttcctctg tgtgcctcat    159480
     gtattcccca catatgggta gatgacagag tatatagtac ctaaagagac ttgaatcttg    159540
     agtgattaaa ctgccaaggt cacagatagc aaaaccaatg tttgaaaata ggtctgcttg    159600
     attctaaaaa gcaatattca ttccactaca tccaatgtaa gtcaagggac tagtaggcct    159660
     aatatttgta agcatgtgga tgctatcctc tccaaatcag tcattagttt attaggaaag    159720
     tagtcatgga gttgtagtgg ctcaacagtt aaggtactta atgctcttcc agaggacctg    159780
     agtttgtttc tcagcactca cattggcagg ctcacaatag gatataattt cagcttgagg    159840
     acttccaatg cctctgcctc tagtctctgt gtggatccct ctatatacaa ccaaacacac    159900
     acaaagacat acatacataa acaagtgaaa aaaacccaat cttcaaaagt aagttttcat    159960
     tagtcaaaac cattgttcat gggtagattt ttgtttacca acttaacaat aagttctgta    160020
     gagaatgtag gagtaggtct actacacgcc agaaaaacca ctaggaaagg cccccactaa    160080
     aaatgcaaca cttctcatga cgatcccctg gaagctaata acttcgatct acaccagtat    160140
     aacacaccgt gggatagttt ccacttattt ggaaaacatt gattttgcac acgtttatct    160200
     gctcataaat cctaccaatg tgcatagtgt tatggggtgt ctgtgttagt ttagatgtgg    160260
     agcctatctg tgggaggcta agatgatact cagtggctgt gcagcatggc agaaagttat    160320
     atgacttttc ttggaaaaat gataggtgag gaatacattc aatacaggta acacagagca    160380
     accaaaacac agtgaggaga gcacagcaca tttgctggag tttagaggaa agagaaattg    160440
     ctcctgaatg aaacaacaca gaaacatctt agatggagtt ctgatagggc catttttgtt    160500
     ttgttttaag cagaggagac caaaattcat aaaaaagtta gaaaaatgtg aaattacaac    160560
     ttatgattaa gcctacatat tttgaaaata taattttggc actgtaacaa aagcagaaag    160620
     agtcatcaag tgaaggctat gttgaagcta caaagacatt tataaaaaaa tggctaccca    160680
     ggatataatg aatattaaat cattctactc catcatgcct agattaattt gcaatgaaag    160740
     ctaaaaataa attgacatcc ttttacattt ttattttaat acatgtcctg gacattgatg    160800
     tctcaatgat ttctagcatt aataataatt attaactaat taagacaagg aaagaataaa    160860
     aaaaaacatt atgtgtccgt gagaggggaa tatactgcag acataaaagt ccatcttctc    160920
     cagaaacata agatggtaaa tcttgaaggt ttcacttcta ttcttttgtt ttattagttg    160980
     cttttcaaag ttgatcgtgt tcattgtcaa agagctcatt tttaagttgc tgactcgact    161040
     tagtcagagt tgcctatatt atcgttagaa ctgggacttc gcggtactga caggccagac    161100
     tgttttgtgg ttgatgaatg aggcaagatg gaatccttca accctataga tgaaagcacc    161160
     aggcaccctg gaaattggat acagcttaat agcccaagag aacaatttcc caaatagaat    161220
     cctgatcttt tctccatgga taagtcagct taactcagct aggagtagtg gaaatatact    161280
     ttgattagca aatttatagt tagaaagttc atagctgaaa agtgtctccc caaaatgtgg    161340
     atggaaatag atattttgaa aagaagaact cgaaaatagt tttttttttt tttttttttt    161400
     ttaaataaaa agctccagga acaaagagtc gttctatttt gtgtctgtcc tggaatatcc    161460
     tgtttattta ctctgagata agtgttcaga gcatattgtc attgtcccaa tttgaaaaat    161520
     ggggttccct tacgaagcac atcaagttgg gaagagaagt gtcttggagg agctgagatt    161580
     catgaaggat atcctgggaa gatttttgtc atgtatggtt ctcaacttga tatcctcaat    161640
     attattaact tatcgaggca atcttgtgta ctgggtgtgt ttctgcatac attgcatgca    161700
     ctattttact taactttggt agcagcttta tgctaggtgt tcatttcata ttctcattat    161760
     gcagatgagg agctggaaga acagattgag atgtttgcca gtgagtgaca gcaattctat    161820
     tttcatccaa gggccagact ccagagttag tgctctaagc actgcattaa ataattattg    161880
     gaaagccagt aaaagaacag ctcagacaga gtcaaaggct tctgatgaaa ggtcacagat    161940
     cattattgtg cagttacatt actccttttc tctgcttgac ctttattgtc tgctaactcc    162000
     aatgcataaa tttggggcat gtgttcattt atcttaacac gttccttttt actctcaaga    162060
     acataatatg tctttgtgcc tctgatgcat ggtatttaat ttgaccagac actttctgta    162120
     taccccttga cctgacaata tatttttaaa aatcatattg tcatttattc tttggatatt    162180
     ttatatatta tacaatatat cttgataaca tacccccact tcctctttcc aagatccttg    162240
     ggcttacaca acacatcaca tctttctccc aacttcacaa acatctcact tttcttttct    162300
     taataattca gagtctgtgg gagagggggc tgtctcagac tctgttgcct gcctttggat    162360
     ccccttctcc tacctgtact gccttgtctg gcctcagtgg gagaggatgt gcttagtcct    162420
     gcttcgactt gatgtgccag ggcaggttgt tacccatgga tgggcttccc tgtttctgtg    162480
     gagaatagga gggtgtaacg ggagaggaac atttgagggt gggatttaga ggcgaggagg    162540
     gagcgggctg tgattgggat gtaaagtgaa aaaaaatcat tgaaagaact tcaagcgcaa    162600
     ggaggtaaag gcaccctttc tctcataggc catactttta ttttaaaagc gaaacaagag    162660
     cggaaagctg agattgggtg gaatatttag caatgatctt ggctagtttg ggctactgaa    162720
     acaaatttca aggacaggtt agcttataag gaacaaaaga cacttatttc tcgtagtctt    162780
     tattcttgga agttcaagaa tgggcagatt tattgtctta tgaagatctc ttttctggtt    162840
     catagatggc ttctagctgt gacttcatac tgtgagaaga attcaagagc ttccatgggc    162900
     ccatgatagg ggtactaatg ctatctattt agaatccccg agatgaccta atcactatcg    162960
     aatcaattcc ctactaccat ttcagtaaag attaggtttc atatgaattt tgggtggcta    163020
     caacctctag atttgagagt ctagaagaga gcagtggtca gattattcag tgtgtgctca    163080
     gtattatgct gatccagtat atattcagca tgacggaatc agtagactct tttttccttc    163140
     taagaaatta tttatacatg ggaaggtatg tgcatttcag ttagtgaatt attaagtgaa    163200
     ccaggtactt atctgaattt aaactgaaag gttacataat tagaaataca tcatttatta    163260
     cacagttagt acatgttagc attgttccag atcccatggt taggcacctg taatcttatg    163320
     tgccaaatgg gtaatgtgcc aaaaattgct ttgatgaatt ttttatatga atgtagtcta    163380
     gcctgataat aagtctcatg ttttttataa attaaaaaac tatattttat caaaggtttt    163440
     catgaaaaaa tgaagggaat gtatggaaat tcttgagatg aacattgaaa aaacaatctg    163500
     ctttcaaaag ccaggcatgg tgctgcctac actcccaaca ctgaaggcat aaaggaggat    163560
     gagcaagaat tcaaaaccac ctactatcta catatgtgga ctgaggtcag cctgccctat    163620
     atgagactca aatatcaaaa cagaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaac    163680
     acagcacaaa acaaaaaaac ctcaaaccca acaacaacaa caaaaccaac caactcctca    163740
     aacaaataaa caacctacaa acaaacaaac caaatcaaga acaagaagtc agaattaaaa    163800
     acaccaggtc tgtttttctt tcttgcaatg cttgggatcc aacttgaggc tctatgcatg    163860
     gtacataggc aattgccatc taactatact cacagctcat tgactttctt taatagcctt    163920
     tcctctgctt tgtgtataac ttataaatag tacctctttg tagcgtttaa aagtcttgtg    163980
     ctagagtttg aatctaaact gttcctggag agctcttgtg ttgagggttt ggccctcaaa    164040
     gcagccttga tttgaggtag ggcacttggg agttgactga agcatgaagg ctctgcctta    164100
     atgagtggtt agactgtgtt cttgttttga agaagtaggc gattgttttt gttctttttt    164160
     ttaattttta atttaactta attttaatta ggtattttct tcatttacat ttccaatgct    164220
     atcccaaaag tcccccatac tccccccccc cactcctcta cccacccact accacttctt    164280
     ggccctggca ttcccctata ctggggcata taaagtttgc aagaccaatg ggcctctctt    164340
     tcccatgttg gctgactagg ccatcttctg atacatacgc agctagagac acgaactccg    164400
     gggttactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc acctatagag ttgtagaccc ctttagctcc    164460
     ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg gaccctgtga tccacccaat agctgcctgt    164520
     gagtatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatatcct cacaagagac aactatatca    164580
     gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctagtgtg tgtaatggtg tcagcgtttg gaggctgatt    164640
     atgggatgga tccccggtta tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atcctttctt ctcaagggtc    164700
     cactttgtac ctgttctgct ctttcctttt ttggtttctg catcatggtc accatgaagt    164760
     gagcaggctt gttcttccat gttctttttg caatacgttc tgccttggct cagccccagg    164820
     aacaccaagc caagcaaccc tggactgaac tcttggaact gtggacccca aaatcacttc    164880
     aagtagtcag tcaccatgat ggagagccga ctgacaatat tttgtgttta gaatgtgaac    164940
     ttgttttggg gatcaacatt tattacatct tctcacttgc attctgtttt tgttacattt    165000
     cctgtatgac agaatgtcag aaaagaaagc aacttaggga accaaaggtt gattttggct    165060
     cacagtttaa gggtacagtc taacatggtg ggcagtcatg ggggcaggaa cttaaagaag    165120
     tctaggactc cagaccagga gatggtctgc ttacatttag ggtgggtcct tccctcagtg    165180
     atgccaatct aggtacccct cacagtatgc ccagaagctt atcttccagg gggattctaa    165240
     gtcctgtcaa gtggatagat aatcagtact gatcattata cattccattc attcagaggg    165300
     gtgaccgaca gtgatgataa agctctctct actcaagtct ttgatttctt cttctttgag    165360
     cgtgtcattt tgtgtttatc ctttttgaga acaaagaagt atctagaatg ataggaacta    165420
     caagacactt agtctcagga gcacagatgg aagtgtagac aggaagctgg tggggagtta    165480
     attgtgtggc atctggcact gatgtccagc agaggcaaac aagccatctt accaagactt    165540
     tttgacaaaa tggggctgct ccctggagac ataggcggaa gatagggccc ctcattctta    165600
     tttcctccac aaatgatttg atgttagcaa ctactaatgg gagaaggaac ctcatttact    165660
     ccacacatcg aagacataaa taaaatgtaa catctctctg tatccccaga tgctgcataa    165720
     aatggaattt tccattgtta tattaaaaca gccaactgag ctttctaatg ccccccacat    165780
     ccccacacag aaagatttgt attctaatct taacagaata tgctactacc aactatctct    165840
     tatcctgacg tcctgagttt catcactgtt atcttgcttg tagaggaaac ttgtagctcc    165900
     tatgaaagtc tcaaaaaaaa aaataacagc agatgcttaa tccttattca tcaagaagca    165960
     tgaagactga agaaaaaaaa atcccctggt atatttacag agaccaacta cagttgtgag    166020
     attgaaacca gtcttatatt ctagctaaca taggagcata tacaacacac atgtacagat    166080
     ttctgaacgc aaaacttgag aactgcatga gattgtttta aaccaaaatg ctttgtgtca    166140
     aatgtatatg gctgttttga gtgccagcat gtgctatcaa gaagaggaag ctgaagttgg    166200
     gaggtatgga atttgctggt tcaatctttg tagtccacat gtcagctgta gttcaggatg    166260
     agagaaagta ctgacaaaac aatgcatctt tggccctgaa gtttgattga tgagttgatc    166320
     tagtcagaag caaagcttgt tgccagcagg aagaaaagca atcctggatc tcaaataaca    166380
     ttattttaag gccccaaagg gtaccaaatc tcagaaattg gtgtttttca tttatttcca    166440
     gattggaaga taatattctt tgtaaaatac ttggtttgaa ttttaatttc aacatcatca    166500
     tctaattata tggttataaa atatgatata agttcttggc ttttttgtgt ataactgagt    166560
     agactagatt tcatcaacag tgggactctt ctcacagcac tgcattatca tggcaagtaa    166620
     agagttctac gaataggact gtgccacctc cataggattg cttcaagacc aaacacacag    166680
     gaaaatctgg ataggtctcg tcagaaattt aaaagagaaa gctatctcct gacacccatg    166740
     aaattcgtca taaagcaggc aatattagtc cacacatgat tgactttgtc tggtgtattc    166800
     atatagagtc ttatcatatt tctctctttt tttttaaatt aactagactc attatggtat    166860
     ttgactcttc aaaaacaccc attaaataga ggctgggaca gatcaatgat acagcagttg    166920
     cctagtaact acaaagccta aggtttgaac cttaccacaa ataaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    166980
     acaaccagac aaatcacaaa tacaaattca cattaagtag tattggaatc cttatgacca    167040
     tcactccctg atactggaac attaccattt aggaaactat tatttttttg ccttaacgat    167100
     ttcacaaata aaattttgtt gagttggtga aaaataaatc tctggtgtca acaaagttag    167160
     tagctgaatg cttatgagtt gaaaatgaaa acaagagaag atgaatcact ctctgcctct    167220
     ggcacctgta acttgctagc ttagcaaaca gtgcatctgg gcaaaagtga attaagaatg    167280
     atagatacct tcaatggcaa atggctttcc tacggtcaga agcttgcagt cagcatctat    167340
     tgacacttca taatccagaa gggctttgtc catgatgaag gcatctagtt tctctggatc    167400
     attcctatat ttaaaatcaa cggaagaaaa gagaaagtgg tcaaactggt ccattcctag    167460
     tcaagaagct gtagcctgac agttggcttt gtgtagggga cagaaacttg gataccaagg    167520
     ccagcacaaa cttggcagct gctgacattc gttggcatct tgttgacttg gagagtagat    167580
     accagggaag taggcattca ttttagactg cacaagttca ttcctgtggg tttatctacc    167640
     aacctcattc ctaacagcaa aatctaacat caaagccaga tgtaactctt catggaatag    167700
     gaaggtgcac tgatttctat tatattatca aagtaacttg tattcagtgc tgcattcagt    167760
     atcttacaca catttaatta ttcataagga ctgtgaaaca aataatgatg gaaataaggc    167820
     ttagagagtt gaagtatttt gatttaggct acacacctgg ttaagtgttg gagacaagtg    167880
     ttcttgtgaa tcagatgttg attgtttctg tcacattcac cactttgtta ttcagaaatt    167940
     cactataatt ctgtatttag gaataggtac taagaagata cttagaaaag atccagtctt    168000
     tttggagaaa aggaatttat ggtctcttta agtccatcgt ataacatcca aaacatcaaa    168060
     gataaagctt atgtaatagg ttttagtggt ctgatttagt aatctatctt cagggaatcc    168120
     tgtttctttg cactacatag gtagttcaaa taatttaagt taggtatact agacttgtat    168180
     tagtcaattg acaatggcac taggtttcca tcaaaagtct ttggtgtcct ttatgagagt    168240
     cctgtgttgt tttgaaactg tgtatggata tggtccagtg gaaagctatg tttatcacag    168300
     gctgggtaac ccttacagag atgacagatt ttgaaaggga gccagcttgg agacttcttt    168360
     gattttagtc accccaaagt ttcttttttt tttttaaaag agaagtatag aagatacata    168420
     cttaagaaga attttcttct ttttttatta gagcatatta attataaaga ataatgggtt    168480
     tcactgtgaa atttctttcc ttcaccactt tctccctccc acctttcctt cctcctaacc    168540
     tccctgtttc ctttcctttc ctttcttttt ttctgtcttc ccttccttcc cttcctcatc    168600
     tctttcaggg agacttttta aaaaaaattt tttttattag gtattttctt catttacatt    168660
     tccaatgcta tcccctaccc acccactccc acttcttggc cccggcattc cctgtactga    168720
     ggcatataaa gtttgcctga ccaatgggcc tctcttccca ctgatggcca actaggccat    168780
     cttctgctac atatgcagct agagacacga gctttgggag gtactggtta gttcatattg    168840
     tagttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctccttg ggtactttct ctagctcctc    168900
     cattgggggc cctgtgatcc atccaatagc tgactgtgag cattcacttc tgtgtttgct    168960
     aggccccggc atatcctcac aagagacagc tatatctggg ttctttcagc aaaatcttgc    169020
     tagtgtgtgt aatggtgtca gcatttggag gctgattatg ggatggatcc ctgggtatgg    169080
     cacctttcat ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc    169140
     caatttcagg cagactttta acacacattt ttcttgcttc catcccagac atgagccatc    169200
     ctctcattca tttcaatatt ttcatgcatt catgtaacag tttgaccata ttacccctct    169260
     tgcacttccc tgttttctct ctccaatcta cttttcttct tacatagaat ctccttatta    169320
     ataaccatat cctttctctc cctctttctc acatcctttc ctcttttttc ttcccatttc    169380
     attttcccct taaatatttc tctttactac ttttccacca ttagaatttt ctgaacagca    169440
     ttacatgaca actcctttca atttagtgtg gcctcagtca ttctacttgt aaaaaccaga    169500
     gtgaggctat gaagatctaa ctcagagaag ttacttgtaa tctcagagaa aaatatggtt    169560
     agggttcatt aacaatttga aagagagggt tagtcataga cacaggtaaa atttaccacc    169620
     aggcaagaaa ttactaacag tgcctgggac atacagacat aataaatggt tctctctttg    169680
     gcatcagttg ccactaaatt gttttcccat tcttccagga agtgagtcac ataatgcaga    169740
     atgcatctat gtttccagga atatcgtact taagttacaa taacttaatt ttgatatgtt    169800
     taacatcaac taaaatgaaa atgtttcaca gatcccaagc aagagtaagt tcctttaagg    169860
     gatggagagc gtgaattatt tcctaggggt tgttgatgag acaccttaat ggaatctggg    169920
     taataaaatc aaactctagt ctgaagatgt atccttaatc aaaattccat tgccacagcg    169980
     acagaatgca ccttgaaagg gctccatagc aacatgccaa tagcctatga atgggaaaga    170040
     agtggactgg tgtgatctag ccataagtag ttctaggttg gcagatcctc cagtttatcc    170100
     tattgtagaa acgtgtctta cagagcatcc atttaacact atgtattaac tactacaaca    170160
     ttagtcatgt actaacataa tgaaataaat gagggtacta tatagatgac tctcagtgtt    170220
     gtaggtcaga gctctagaat tctgagggtg tgtgatagca tgagaactgt agttgattgg    170280
     agtgttgcct aagagcatac acagtgacta ggtcaaaagt ggtgacaggc ccagactgaa    170340
     atgagaagac attggtgata aactctgcct ttattcctgt tctcacgatc aatgggtcac    170400
     cttggaaggt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttccgag gcagggtttc tctgtgtagg    170460
     cctggctgcc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct    170520
     gcctctgact cctgagtgct gggataacca tggtgaattt gggatgggtt taggattcta    170580
     tactcctgtc tgtgatccca cacaccaaca gcaaaatggg tgttgctgga ctatcatcaa    170640
     agtctactct tcctttatgg tttctgaact agcatgaagt gagaatctta gtttttgtat    170700
     agactctgcc acccgttagc catatcactt taggaaatat cctacttttg tgacactggg    170760
     catcagacga aggctttcta acgtagagcc actgggagaa acgaaagctc atcatgaagg    170820
     attgcttctg gggactcagg aaagtttcaa cccatcctgc catgctgctg tcccacttgt    170880
     caaccactgc cagctagctg agagctgtta ctgtctgcct gactctcaca gctgtgcaat    170940
     tgcctgggga gagaaacaaa gagagtctgg gaggcaatgg agctctaaac tatgtcatgg    171000
     aggggctcta acgttttgat gtttttgcca aacttgagtg ttgttttgca gtatttaaac    171060
     ttcataaaca attttgtgaa agttatgtgc gtacagcttc ctgcctctct gagctctagt    171120
     taaaagtcca tgaaatggtt aaagtgggtt tgtctctcaa ggaacatgaa gcccttgtgt    171180
     cctatgaaat cctttcttta tttctctttt gaaaaagtta agctggcttc atgttcactg    171240
     agaaaattct aataggttaa gatagaaaaa ctgttttcct gatgttgaac taaggcaggg    171300
     cttagcaggt cgtatataaa ttcttgttct aatgccatca ggtaggagag aagaggacag    171360
     gttctcctct tacagacatt taaaactgtt catcctctta ggcagaccag accagcagac    171420
     tcatcactgc actgcttggc atttgattcc actgaatttc aagctctgat aatctgtcat    171480
     ggcaacatga ttgtctctga ttgcctctca taaattctga tgagagggat tcaggcacag    171540
     gagtcactgc cttctatctt atttctttcc tacaggaaat ctttgagata aatttccatt    171600
     tccctatggc aaaatgaggc attccacagg attagggata cactttgaag agaaaggttg    171660
     ctttgggaca ctttattctt tggccacatt tcctctgtgt tgaatcatct cagcattgtt    171720
     gtttaagcca acattctctt cccttgacat ctactccact aatagcccta ctggctcttt    171780
     gaccaaatgc atttcaaact gtagactctg taggtaacta gctatctagg tcacataatt    171840
     ttatacacac cattctatat tgtcttttgg atctaacatg gtatgagtta tttctttatg    171900
     tgtacatgtt tacatgtccc ccctctatat tgctctttct ctgcttccct ccccatgccc    171960
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctttgtc tctctctccc ctctttgtgt    172020
     aggctagaag aagttgacac ctgctgtctt cctcaatctt gctcttcctt attttttgag    172080
     ataaagtctc tcactgagtc tgaaattcat tgagttggtt agactggctg gccaacaaga    172140
     cccagggatc ctcttgtctt tacctgcaca gcactgaaag tgtgtgttta cccttcttga    172200
     gtcttaccca gatgctaggg acccaaatct accttctcaa gcttgcacaa gcattttact    172260
     gactaagata cttgcataga ccctggatgt gttatttgtg aacataacaa taggaatttt    172320
     tgtccattat attgaaaaaa aaaagcaaag cccaaactat ttctctttca tgggaacttt    172380
     taaggtccaa gaggctgtca cttacttcag gtactgcact ccatcagggg tggctggtac    172440
     attgtacctt ctcatgtact catgcatctc tgggaagctc tgccgtacat agtcctcagc    172500
     actgctttcc cggacagttc caaaacgaaa accttgagaa ggatgatgaa gctaccaggg    172560
     agaaaaagaa atggctctaa tattcagtac tcatttaaaa tctttgaatt tcccattatg    172620
     attcacaatt caacaactga gcatatttca aacacctgga ggcactaaca ttcacacaaa    172680
     gagtgcagac atacagatat atgctttatt gtatttgtgg gcacaacagt ggttgttcta    172740
     gcctcagaag gaaagagatg tgaatgacaa actgaatgta gaaacagtta ttttgtttca    172800
     cattgaaaac ccagtgaatg tttttctatt ttttcaagaa tgtttctaca cttacataca    172860
     tgttttgttg ttgtttgatt gttttgtgtg gtttttgttt ttgctagggg ggtaaggtgg    172920
     ggagacacac agtccatgat atgcatttgg aggtcagggg acagcctata ggaatcacgt    172980
     atttccttcc actatgtggg tcttggaaat taaattcagt tcatcatggt tggtggcaat    173040
     ttcctttact ttagtcatct tgttgactcc ctagtagaat tctctaggca ctgtccaaat    173100
     tgacatgtag aatcagcatc atattgagaa gtgcatttta aaatatatct ttgcgattac    173160
     aaacctcagt agttagaact gtacaaagat caagttaaga gtgctctgga agggtaacat    173220
     acctggccca atgctatgag tactttcatt ttatgttacc atctttgttg tatatcatgt    173280
     taaatgtggt gaacttattt ttggtgttct tttgaattgt tccctttcct ttaagtcatt    173340
     gcagtaccca gtgatgagtc atgctgtatg gtttttcaaa tggactacct ccttacaaag    173400
     gaataaggga ggaagggata gctagaatgt cccaggtctc caggatgcaa gaccttacaa    173460
     tgagggggca gtacactgag ggccctgtgg agacatctgt cactaaggag agtgaggata    173520
     ccacatatga cgtcttacta agtgaaggta cagagacata ctgatattgg agtctaaaac    173580
     attcattttg tcaaatggaa gagctggggt tgcgtcatat catagatgta ttcacatatg    173640
     ctttgtccag ccccacttca gagatggttc ttctccacaa ttgttccagt aaggcattta    173700
     accttctgtc ttctgcttca cattgatata ttttacatca ttggtattga ttgacctgaa    173760
     gccctggagc tgaggctatg gatggcactt atagacttta tacaccgcct gaaatttcgg    173820
     caatgtttca cataggcatg catttgcaat tgtcctggaa gaagacaaca cagagcagtt    173880
     ttttaatgaa aacaatcagg ttttaaagtt gtttacagcc cccaaactaa gaatttacag    173940
     gatttaggaa catttggtat attcgaagat caattaattt ttactcatag taaaagtcta    174000
     attaatatca acagttaaat gagctgtatg tcatatcctt atagaatgtt atacaatgta    174060
     tgcattatgc ttgtgagatt taattaaata gatgctctca cagaaatgga aaaaaaacgt    174120
     aaggtgcttg acaaaaatca cctatgtatg cgtttgatta aatgctacca tttcccacaa    174180
     atttaattta tttattcagg gcttactgag cccctatcat gggcaactct cgaagtcata    174240
     ctctgtaact tgaattctca tcacctggct cttcatgcta tttctactgt cgagtatggt    174300
     aatatggtct atccttgtgt tccatgtagt tagcccacgc actgaacaag ttgttaataa    174360
     ccttagcgag gcataaacag ggagaatggc taatactgaa tgcttatgtt gtaccaaaca    174420
     tggaacagaa ctctttacac cccttatcct gtttagtgct caccagggct tttgggcaag    174480
     agcactatac cttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaatgac tgctgtgctg aagctcagtg    174540
     aagggaagta accagtataa aatcactcag agagaccaga cagaaatggg ctagaaccca    174600
     atctgtctga tttcaaggct ggtgctgtta tttgccacat tatcctgcct ttcagctccc    174660
     ctgactgtgg ggatgaaaca ttcattagta gcaactcatg agtccctatc ttctttttct    174720
     ccctctgtgt tcatgtccat ggatgtgtgt gcatgtgtgc atgcaggcta gagctcaaca    174780
     ctcagtgtct tccttaatca ctctccatct tctcttttaa cacagtgtct cattgttcct    174840
     gtagctcatt gattggttga gtttggatgt tcagcaagcc cttccaatcc tcctgttttt    174900
     gcatcccagg ctgggattac ccatgcgtgt cactctttct gagttttgct tggaagatct    174960
     aaatctagga ccttgttgtt aggaagcaat actatctcag ctccttggca gccttttctt    175020
     actgttctcc tgagtgttca accccaggcc aagcctcaca ttagcaattg ctgctctgca    175080
     gcttgagcaa aggtttatca gtctttcccc tgtgcaacac ctgctcatct cttgaggcct    175140
     ggatcaagat tctctgtgtg aagcttttgg tcttatctca tttcactctc ctatgcagag    175200
     agataagaag aaaaataaca atgatctaca tgtttacctg tgcaaaaccg acgtcttata    175260
     catacaaaac acttggccta ggcctttgct tgatcccatt ttctcatgct gatgcatttt    175320
     ctccactgac cctcccagga aacctttgaa ttcaacattc ctattatcct cctatcagag    175380
     agaaagaaac tgaagggcag aaaatttgtc atctgcccag agtcacaggg cctgcaacta    175440
     ctggtcctgg tgtctgaccc cagagagtct agtgaaagca tttaggttca gatccctgtg    175500
     gaatcccatt tttcacacat gccatatgat tctctagctc aggtcagcgc aaaatttact    175560
     acttatgcag caggtggtga gccaagggct taaaacactt ataataacac catacgacaa    175620
     ggtaaatgtt atttcctttg tttctcagac tgagatgaag ataatgtgca cattctcatt    175680
     attagtaact gacaagattt ctccctttag cttgcacatt tgatttaatt ttttcatgta    175740
     tcaagttatg tatcatgaca ctggcacctg caaaacttct gcagtttcta gttaagttag    175800
     ttcatttgat caccactctc tagtttgtct tctttcacca atttatccac atttctactt    175860
     tccctttggt ctgtactctg taacttactg cttattctat aatctcattt tatagttaac    175920
     agcactattc attataatac tatggggccc acaaactccc cttctatatg tgtcatacat    175980
     agcacacact acagttctga ttctaaagtt aatgatataa ttacttgatt aacatctaga    176040
     atgtctgcct ttcctcagaa ctagaaacct atgtaaatca gacccatgct tattttaatt    176100
     aatctttgcc ttctgcaatt gtttccctca catagtttct caatacaaag gtctcatggt    176160
     tggccagtaa gatggatcag cagataaatg caggctgatc aagctggatt cctgagttta    176220
     gtttctggaa cccatgtaaa ggtagaagaa gcaatccagc ttcacaaatc tgtcttctga    176280
     ccgctacatg catatgtagt gctcttgtgc atgcttgtac gcatgtgcac acctatgtgt    176340
     acatgtgcac acacagtggt acacatatgg ccacatacac atgcatcata cacaactaca    176400
     catatagcca taaataaaac tcaaaatcta catatgactc aagaaaacat ttttaagtgt    176460
     atagatttct cattgtagca cttttttgaa cttagagaga ggtgagagct ctgtcttcct    176520
     acttcataaa atggtgctca cagtccagct tactactcag cctttcccag tgagtcctgt    176580
     ctttaatgta aaagagctac aggatcatta actattagac ttttgcctta tatatgaaga    176640
     gaatcatttc tgggcatgtg tttcaccaca cttcactgca gtgatatctt catgggtcat    176700
     tgactgcctg taggcaacta tgcctctctg ggcctccatt tctctcttga ctgcttcaga    176760
     gcaccatttg tgcctaggaa ttatgaactc tgagccagca gatccaggct tggctttggt    176820
     gtttttcctt tctctgctag ctactgctgt ttctcactaa cacttacatt ggcttcatgt    176880
     gaatctgaga aagcagtcga tttgaggttt tgagaatgga aaattacatt caagcattaa    176940
     caaacaacca ggctatagga tagaaagtgt ggtattagcc agtctaactt agatgtgttt    177000
     cataaacaca ttcacttctc cagtccaagt agccatgatt tgttcccttc caacccattc    177060
     atggtcagca tagaactcaa atattgtcac gctactctcc ccttaatgct catcaatggt    177120
     tccccatgct tttggagtaa agtccggtgc ctatgtggcc accaagttgg tgcataggtt    177180
     tgatcctgtc tcattttcag acttttcttc acaggcaggc actagatgct tcagtagttt    177240
     ctccaaatta ttcatttttc tttcacttct ctttttgact caaaaccatc cacttcttgc    177300
     tttataatag cttctgcata tagtcctcac ttcctaggaa gacctctcct tattctcatg    177360
     ccttctttgt ctagataact cctgcatgtc acatatacaa gaaaaccttc cttgactcct    177420
     cccccatttc acctaaaggt aaagaagtac tgataatagt tgaaaccatt tgttacaaat    177480
     gttggcaaca tacacatgcc catgagaaca ggacccatgc ctttcctatt catttggtat    177540
     gagtcttcaa cacatgtcaa ctgctgtcgt catcatcgtc atcatcatgt gaaaacccac    177600
     tgctcagtac agagggaatg tttggaatgt ctggggatag ctgaaacatc ataatcaaca    177660
     tgaaattctc tcaggtttag tgcattacaa attttgtgct ttttcctcat gcttctttat    177720
     aaacctgttt tttttttttt aattgttacc ttgatgcttt caaaacaagg cattctatat    177780
     tttctgtgtg atattctaat gggaaattac agtggttttc tctgtagtag cagaataata    177840
     gaaccataaa tgaggtctaa gaagtgattg atgcatccca gtggatcagc atagtcctcc    177900
     cgtgtataat tcacacaggc agaaatatga gaaagcttga gtcagggaga ataaaaaggt    177960
     ttgcaaagag ctacacagaa ttccagctac ctccaggaag gcccagagag agggccatta    178020
     cttttaagtt tccactaaat actctacccg ctcacccaat tctgtttata ttataccaac    178080
     atcttcaggc ttcggggaaa taacctaagg ttaaactatc tctttgtgtg tgagttgttc    178140
     agtgttaatg gaatactaaa ctctatctgt agcacctaga gaacaaccag acagacagtt    178200
     ctcagaacgg agagaaatgt ctcaaaacaa atgcacgcag gatcaggaaa gagcttccat    178260
     gtccaaggta ggttcaatac tacaatactt caggtttaaa ggagggtaca acactacaat    178320
     acttcagatt taaagcaatg tcagtgaagt ctcctctaca gttcacatct gcacctgcct    178380
     gagatcagaa cttaagatta taaaagtgag gtagcactgg gcttggtaca gtgcctttca    178440
     acttgggtag ataggccatt tttaaaattt ccctcaatga gcaatgtata ctagagattt    178500
     ctagttgttc ccattgacat tgttttatat gtgtaaaccc tatggattct gccatattga    178560
     attgtctcag ggttcaggga aggttttgta tgatctattc ttcttatcta acaatgtaca    178620
     aaattcattt tagagattgt attaactgtg gtttcttaat aatgaagatt tttactcaat    178680
     tcattatgtt taggatagaa cctgtgattt ttcgtagtct agactgggag gaacaagact    178740
     ttagttccaa catcaccact aaatgtgctg aatctgcttg aatgtcttca gcgaccacaa    178800
     tgtcactccc agttggtgga tgtcctagat gtgaagtgtg actttttccc caccagccag    178860
     ttattccatt tatatataaa atgatagcaa taaaacaatg taatatttac tatgtacaag    178920
     accatctatg tgtaacaaga ttactatttt catcattcat tattgcatct gagtggatga    178980
     gatgcaggca gggtaaacat agtatttaag acctgcaaaa ggggataagg caggatttga    179040
     ctatagctct cacttggagc tcagacttgt ccttatgtgg gctttcacac ctttggcatt    179100
     ttggctttca cacctgttgc attccttagt atggcatcat atttaattta tgagtgttag    179160
     cttaggttca tctgacaatt tgagttattg catcagatcc aggaatagac tacaggtcag    179220
     caaactatgg cccaggggcc acatctggtc taccacctgt tttcataaat catccaatta    179280
     aaatgtttta ttagatcaca gcagatacat gtctgtattt atagatgtgt attactgctc    179340
     aagtttttgt gtaaagttaa actcataatt acttgtgcta caattttaaa atcacctttt    179400
     aaagtggttt tggttacaca tttcagataa aggatggctc tcttctaaac aggacactga    179460
     tgataattac acaggcacat gaatatacca agactgtcac agacaaacaa ggatgaatat    179520
     ttatcccagc tactattaca catgctttaa attaggaaat agaaaaacaa agtaaaaagt    179580
     attgtttcct ggctctttct atcattctcc taagacaagt gcaagtattt cttattcccc    179640
     aattcctttt ttatgtatta ttttcttctc aaaagctgct ttctccattt agaggtaatc    179700
     agttaatctc tctcccttca ctgccagtcc aaaatcccta tattgggtca actaaactct    179760
     agtcaacaat gttccctggc atgatatcat atttatttta tatgagtgtt agcctaggtt    179820
     cttttgacaa tttgaggcat tgcatcagct aagaatagat cacagttcag caagctatgg    179880
     cgaggggcca catctggtct accacctatt tccataagtc atccaataaa aacattttat    179940
     tgaatcacag ccaagcccat tcatttatag acacctattg ctgcttttgc tttctgacat    180000
     taaagttgag aaggtgtgaa atagaccatc tgatcacaaa gcctgagata tttactatct    180060
     gcctcactgg atagagacaa tatgaagtct gatcagctct tccacactca tatttccaat    180120
     tttcttctag tctgctccca aatctcagtg gccactcagg gagaacgaca gttaggaaga    180180
     accacagctg cagggcagtg agcagaggta tgacaaagtt ccatgtactg ttgatgtagg    180240
     taggcttttg tgtgatggaa ccatacgctc atctgggtat tgatcttcca ggtccaggct    180300
     cccatgccta cagtccttcc tttcttccta tggctagtta taatacattc acaatagaag    180360
     ttgaagcagt agcacaagac aatttgtatc ctatcctatc ctataggcat gtgcgttggg    180420
     gacagccatc acaagcctga gtttaatggg atgaggccag tgacacatct acacctgtgc    180480
     actcattatt tgttcatttg atctttcttt caacactcct ctattccttc tgactgtacg    180540
     tattccatct catcagtgct ggagttattt cttatttcca ctattttaat aatgatgata    180600
     gctagtgctt attggatatt atattgctta tttcagcaag cagccaagat tttaaatcac    180660
     cttgtttaac ctcccccctt tttaagtttg attttttaat tagttattct cttcatttac    180720
     atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtcctctat cctcccccgc cccctcgact ctgctaccca    180780
     tccactccta cttcttggcc ctggtgttcc cctgtactga ggcatataaa cactcatgga    180840
     aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttggagctga gacgaaagga tggaccatct agagactgcc    180900
     atacccaggg atccatccca taatcagctt ccaaacgctg acaccattgc atacactagc    180960
     aagattttgc tgaaaggatc cagatatagc tgtctcatgt gagactatgc tggggcctag    181020
     caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc tattggatgg atcacagggc ccccagtgga    181080
     ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa gggatctgca atcctatagg tggaacaaca    181140
     atatgaacta accagcaccc ccggagctcg tgtctctagc tgcatatgta tcagagaggc    181200
     ccattggtct taatcccctt tttaacacat gcaatgacac atacagtcat cacccccaat    181260
     ttaaaaaggg agaaactgaa gcaagccatg attaagcagc ttgcccaagg ccacacatcc    181320
     agaaaacatc agatcaagga aatgaaccca ggaactggag agctttcact attgatctct    181380
     agttccttta tctctggcac agcacatact gttgctagta tattattccc tatttttttc    181440
     taggacacag attcttttag ggagatttct ttgaaaagct agagataagg cacccgttcc    181500
     acaaatctga tgatcaattt tatccaaatg actagtggca gcttacaaca ataggacaat    181560
     gtacggatac cctttgggtc tttaagtagg atgtttatca cagacaggag caacatttgg    181620
     agtgtgttgc ttacaaaagg caactgtaca tattattcat tcatgagaca caagaagtat    181680
     tatggttcca gcattctgct cttaaaagct agatggattg tctaacttct ctatgacatt    181740
     catcctggcc ctctgaggtt caaagacatg tattcaacat ccagcaatct tggcaggaag    181800
     tgtagaactg aacacatctc tcttcttcct tacaaacaaa attttccatt cctgcattac    181860
     atgactgcac acacatttct attgctgtac tggttgcctt agcatttgtt tatttttcta    181920
     attttatttg ctttgcatac aggtgaaagc tagaaatgaa ttaaaaggga gatattaaag    181980
     tcaagagact gtaataattt gatgtccagg ctaatgggaa gatgagtagc tggcatgtta    182040
     gagaccattt aatccattca cttattttta ttgatgacaa cacgtgtctt ttatgtattt    182100
     agcactcttc ctgtgtcaag tattctgata atgcctcaat gtggattatg taatttaaag    182160
     cacatgacag caacaataaa tcaaaacacc tgctatcgtc atcaggatta tcgtggcaga    182220
     ctgagtttaa acacacacgc caatagaaag tcagtcagta agcctaggct ttacacgtca    182280
     tctgattcca gatgctctgt gtctataagt actacattac ttcttcatct aatcacactt    182340
     aggcccataa tgagagaagt gaatgacttc cttcatgaca cacaaataat gccgacaagc    182400
     ttaggaaaaa aaaaattcca actctaatcc cagtatcatc tgttactttc tcatgttaat    182460
     atggctgata aaataattgt tctttataat atctagtgtt caaccacatg ccctcatctg    182520
     ctgtttatga gagtataaat ttctggtctt tattccatcc tctaaggaat aatttcctga    182580
     tttaaaattg ctgtacaaca tctacagaat accacagtgg gacccattta ctgagcctct    182640
     ggaagtctca gtgtctttct gtttcattaa tagcaatacg agagtgaggc ccattgccat    182700
     ggtctccgag ttacatatct gcctttagac accacacaga gaagtcagag tgctataggg    182760
     tttctgcaga gcagtcattg ctactctgct acagcacttc tgtgcttttc tttatttcct    182820
     gctcttcttt catgcaagtc attcggctct gcttgttctc tgtccctggc tctaaagcct    182880
     tctttttctg cttatctgac acagcttatc cttttcaatc caatgagcct ctcccaattg    182940
     tcttattgaa aaatctcccc ccaaacccac ttaaaactga catatagagc aatggaacag    183000
     aataaagagc ctagaaataa atccatggat tacagccaac cagttctcaa caaaggtgcc    183060
     aggagcacac aatagggaaa aggataatct ttaaatagtg ttgggatgaa tggacaaatg    183120
     tatgcagaag actgaaatta gatcactatc atattgcaca caaaattacc tctaaatgca    183180
     ggaatactta aaatataaca cttcaaacta tgaaacaact acaagaaaac acagaggcta    183240
     tgccttgtaa cactcactca gttacttatt ttttgggggg atttttaaat ttctttttaa    183300
     aaatttacat atatgagtgt ttaccttatg tctgtgcatg acatgtgtgc attactcaca    183360
     gatgccagaa gtgggtgttg gatcccctag gagtcggagt tatagatgat tgtgagtcac    183420
     catgtggatg ttggaaattc tgtcctgcaa ttggttccag gccttcttta ttgacacaat    183480
     caagaactaa ttagggaatc actacctccc cctacaccca gcataaactc taacaacaat    183540
     ttacaaacat ttgtccttat atccacagat aagtatagta tttgtatttc atcaaggaac    183600
     ttctctttgc aaaagacaga gactaataca gaaaaccaca accaatcaaa ctgctgaacc    183660
     cagtcccaat ggctacatct acaaaacact cctgcatcta aagctcagac aatactgtgg    183720
     aagaggatgt gggggttgta agaaagagaa gagtagggtc tttactgtta gatcatatct    183780
     cctaatatca gaggctccat cctttaacgt cttatcaaca tggctgccca aatgtgagtg    183840
     agaagacacc aacaaacatg ccaaactact gggggtaggg gaagcctaca gtcctcaaat    183900
     ccacatacaa aactaaggtc aactgagtaa agctgggagc aggagaagga gcaggggtgg    183960
     gggcaggggt gggggcggaa gtgggagcag gagcagaagc aacagtggcc ctccccaggg    184020
     aagtacacac caattgtttg tccagtgcta aacattaagt cctgaaaaca tacatataag    184080
     taaccttaca tggactcaac aggttatatt tgggacttat atacatatat ataaatacat    184140
     atatacatgc agtaaaaatt gatgaataaa gaggccatga acttaaagga gaaaaagaaa    184200
     tgacatatag gaggattttg agggaggaaa gcaagagata aacattgtca ctaaattaca    184260
     atctcaaaaa tcaataaaaa tattaattaa aaaaggtgta ggcaaaagca aacaaaccag    184320
     acatgggatt atattaaact atatacaggg agcgaaaaac catcagtagg aggagatgag    184380
     ttacagaaag ggaggaaatg tttgtaacta tacatctcat aagaggttga tttatagaat    184440
     ataggaggaa ctaacaaaat aatcagaaaa tcaatattgt taaaatgatc aaaaagactg    184500
     gaatagacat ttatcaaaag agacttacaa atggccaaga ggcacatgaa acatgctcaa    184560
     tatcattaat gattagggga gtgtaagtca aaaatcacag agatggatct ggggcacaag    184620
     tcccttccgc tcgactcgag actcgagccc cgggctacct tgccagcaga gtcttgccca    184680
     acacccgcaa gggcccacac aggactcccc acgggaccct aagacctctg gtgagtggac    184740
     cacagtgcct gccccaatcc aatcgcgcgg aacttgagac tgcggtacat agggaagcag    184800
     gctacccggg cctgatctgg ggcacaagtc ccttccgctc gactcgtgac tcgagccccg    184860
     ggctaccttg ccagcagagt cttgcccaac acccgcaagg gtccacacag gactccccac    184920
     gggaccctaa gacctctggt gagtggatca cagtgcctgc cccaatccaa tcgcgcggaa    184980
     ctcgagactg cggtacatag ggaagcaggc tacccgggcc tgatctgggg cacaagtccc    185040
     ttccgctcga ctcgagactc gagccccggg ctaccttgcc agcagagtct tgcccaacac    185100
     ccgcaagggt ccacacggga ctccccacgg gaccctaaga cctctggtga gtggaccaca    185160
     gtgcctgccc caatccaatc gcgcggaact tgagactgag gtacataggg aagcaggcta    185220
     cccgggcctg atctggggca caagtccctt ccgctcgact cgagactcga gccccgggct    185280
     accttgccag cagagtcttg cccaacaccc gcaagggtcc acacgggact ccccacggga    185340
     ccctaagacc tctggtgagt ggatcacagt gcctgcccca atccaatcgc gcggaacttg    185400
     agactgaggt acatagggaa gcaggctacc cgggcctgat ctggggcaca agtcccttcc    185460
     gctcgacttg agactcgagc cccgggctac cttgacagca gagtcttgcc caacacccgc    185520
     aagggcccac acgggactcc ccacgggacc ctaagacctc tggagagtgg aacacagcgc    185580
     ctaccccaat ccaatcgcgt ggaacttgag actgcggtac atagggaagc aggctaccca    185640
     ggcttgatct ggggcacaaa ccccttccac tccactcgag ccccggctac cttgccagct    185700
     gagtcgcctg acacccgcaa gggcccacaa aggattccac acgtgatcct aagacctcta    185760
     gtgagtggaa cacaacttct gccaggagtc tggttcgaac accagatatc tgggtacctg    185820
     ccttgcaaga agagagcttg cctgcagaga atactctgcc cactgaaact aaggagagtg    185880
     ctaccctcca ggtctgctca tagaggctaa cagagtcacc tgaagaacaa gctcttaaca    185940
     gtgacaacta aaacagctag cttcagagat taccagatgg cgaaaggcaa acgtaagaat    186000
     cctactaaca gaaatcaaga ccactcacca tcatcagaac gcagcactcc caccccacct    186060
     agtcctgggc accccaacac aaccgaaaat ctagacccag atttaaaaac atttctcatg    186120
     atgatgatag aggacatcaa gaaggacttt cataagtcac ttaaagattt acaggagagc    186180
     actgctaaag agttacaggc tcttaaagaa aagcaggaaa acacagccaa acaggtgatg    186240
     gaaatgaaca aaaccatact agaactaaaa ggggaagtag acacaataaa gaaaacccaa    186300
     agcgaggcaa cgctggagat agaaacccta ggaaagagat ctggaaccat agatgcgagc    186360
     atcagcaaca gaatacaaga aatggaagag agaatctcag gtgcagaaga ttccatagag    186420
     aacatcgaca caacagtcaa agaaaataca aaatgcaaaa ggatcctaac tcaaaacatc    186480
     caggtaatcc aggacacaat gagaagacca aacctacgga taataggaat tgatgagaat    186540
     gaagattttc aacttaaagg gccagctaat atcttcaaca aaataataga agaaaacttc    186600
     ccaaacataa aaaaagagat gcccatgatc atacaagaag catacagaac tccaaataga    186660
     ctggaccaga aaagaaattc ctcccgacac ataataatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat    186720
     aaagatagaa tattaaaagc agtaagggag aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggaaggcct    186780
     atcagaatta caccagactt ttcaccagag actatgaaag ccagaagagc ctggacagat    186840
     gttatacaga cactaagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc tactataccc ggccaaactc    186900
     tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaagta ttccacgaca aaaccaagtt cacacaatat    186960
     ctttccacga atccagccct tcaaaggata ataacagaaa agaagcaata caaggacgga    187020
     aatcacgccc tagaacaacc aagaaagtaa tcattcaaca aaccaaaaag aagacagcca    187080
     caagaacaga atgccaactc taacaacaaa aataaaaggg agcaacaatt acttttcctt    187140
     aatatctctt aatatcaatg gactcaattc cccaataaaa agacatagac taacagactg    187200
     gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattctgctg cttacaggaa acccatctca gggaaaaaga    187260
     cagacactac ctcagagtga aaggctggaa aacaattttc caagcaaatg gactgaagaa    187320
     acaagctgga gtagccattt taatatcgga taaaatcgac ttccaaccca aagttatcaa    187380
     aaaagacaag gagggacact tcatactcat caaaggtaaa atcctccaag aggaactctc    187440
     aattctgaat atctatgctc caaatacaag agcagccaca ttcactaaag aaactttagt    187500
     aaagctcaaa gcacacattg cacctcacac aataatagtg ggagacttca acacaccact    187560
     ttcaccaatg gacagatcat ggaaacagaa actaaacagg gacacagtga aactaacaga    187620
     agttatgaaa caaatggacc tgacagatat ctacagaaca ttttatccta aaacaaaagg    187680
     atataccttc ttctcagcac ctcacgggac cttctccaaa attgaccata taattggtca    187740
     caaaacaggc ctcaatagat acaaaaatat tgaaattgtc ccatgtatcc tatcagacca    187800
     ccatggccta agactgatct tcaataacaa cataaataat ggaaagccaa cattcacgtg    187860
     gaaactgaat aacactcttc tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat    187920
     taaagacttt ttagagttta atgaaaatga agccacaacg tacccaaacc tatgggacac    187980
     aatgaaagca tttctaagag ggaaactcat agcgctgagg gcctccaaga agaaacggga    188040
     gacagcacat actagcagct tgacaacaca tctaaaagcc ctagaaaaaa aggaagcaaa    188100
     ttcacccaag aggagtagac ggcaggaaat aatcaaactc aggggtgaaa tcaaccaagt    188160
     ggaaacaaga agaactattc aaagaattaa ccaaacgagg agttggttct ttgagaaaat    188220
     caacaagata gataaaccct tagctagact cactaaaggg cacagggaca aaatcctaat    188280
     taacaaaatc agaaatgaaa agggagacat aacaacagat cctgaagaaa tccaaaacac    188340
     catcagatcc ttctacaaaa ggctatactc aacaaaactg gaaaacctgg acgaaatgga    188400
     caaatttctg gacagatacc aggtaccaaa gttgaatcag gatcaagttg accatctaaa    188460
     cagtcccata tcacctaaag aaatagaagc agttattaat agtctcccaa ccaaaaaaag    188520
     cccaggacca gatgggttta gtgcagagtt ctatcagacc ttcaaagaag atctaattcc    188580
     aattctgcac aaactatttc acaaaataga agtagaaggt actctaccca actcatttta    188640
     tgaagccact attactctga tacctaaacc acagaaagat ccaacaaaga tagagaactt    188700
     cagaccaatt tctcttatga atatcgatgc aaaaatcctc aataaaattc tcgctaaccg    188760
     aatccaagaa cacattaaag caatcatcca tcctgaccaa gtaggtttta ttccagggat    188820
     gcagggatgg tttaatatac gaaaatccat caatgtaatc cattatataa acaaactcaa    188880
     agacaaaaac cacatgatca tctcgttaga tgcagaaaaa gcatttgaca agatccaaca    188940
     cccattcatg ataaaagttt tggaaagatc aggaattcaa ggcccatacc taaacatgat    189000
     aaaagcaatc tacagcaaac cagtagccaa catcaaagta aatggagaga agctggaagc    189060
     aatcccacta aaatcaggga ctagacaagg ctgcccactt tctccctacc ttttcaacat    189120
     agtacttgaa gtattagcca gagcaattcg acaacaaaag gagatcaagg ggatacaaat    189180
     tggaaaagag gaagtcaaaa tatcactttt tgcagatgat atgatagtat atataagtga    189240
     ccctaaaaat tctaccagag aactcctaaa cctgataaac agcttcggtg aagtagctgg    189300
     atataaaata aactcaaaca agtcaatggc ctttctctat acaaagaata aacaggctga    189360
     gaaagaaatt agggaaacaa cacccttctc aatagtcaca aataatataa aatatcttgg    189420
     cgtgactcta actaaggagg tgaaagatct gtatgataaa aacttcaaat ctctgaagaa    189480
     agaaattaaa gaagatctca gaagatggaa agatttccca tgctcatgga ttggcaggat    189540
     caacattgta aaaatggcta tcttgccaaa agcaatctac agattcaatg caatccccat    189600
     caaaattcca actcaattct tcaacgaatt ggaaggagca atttgcaaat ttgtctggaa    189660
     taacaaaaaa cctaggatag caaaaagtct tctcaaggat aaaagaactt ctggcggaat    189720
     caccatgcca gacctaaagc tttactacag agcaattgtg ataaaaactg catggtactg    189780
     gtatagagac agacaagtag accaatggaa tagaattgaa gatccagaaa tgaacccaca    189840
     cacctatggt cacttgatct tcgacaaggg agctaaaacc atccagtgga agaaagacag    189900
     cattttcaac aattggtgct ggcacaactg gttgttatcg tgtagaagaa tgcgaatcga    189960
     tccatactta tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa atctaagtgg atcaaggaac ttcacataaa    190020
     accagagaca ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtggggaaa agccttgaag atatgggcac    190080
     aggggaaaaa ttcctgaaca gaacagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga gaatcgacaa    190140
     atgggaccta atgaaactcc aaagtttctg caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa    190200
     aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt tacctatcct aaatcagata ggggactaat    190260
     atccaacata tataaagaac tcaagaaggt ggacttcaga aaatcaaata accccattaa    190320
     aaaatggggc tcagaactga acaaagaatt ctcacctgag gaataccgaa tggcagagaa    190380
     gcacttgaaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct    190440
     gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg acagcagatg    190500
     ctggcgagga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtgggagt gcaggcttgt    190560
     acaaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt cctcagaaaa ctggacatag tactaccgga    190620
     ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagat gccccaacag gtaagaagga    190680
     cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc    190740
     tagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca caatggagta    190800
     ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta gccaaatgga tggacctgga    190860
     gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacattc acaaagaaac tcacacaata tgtattcact    190920
     gataagtgga tattagcccc aaacctagga tacccaagat ataagatata atttgctaaa    190980
     cacatgaaac tcaaggagaa tgaagactga agtgtggaca ctatgcccct ccttagattt    191040
     gggaacaaaa cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacggagt ttggagctga gatgaaagga    191100
     tggaccatgt agagactgcc atagccaggg atccacccca taatcagcat ccaaacgctg    191160
     acaccattgc atacactagc aagattttat tgaaaggacg cagatgtagc tgtctcttgt    191220
     gagactatgc cggggcccag caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc taatggatgg    191280
     atcatagggc tcccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtagcca aggagctaaa gggatctgca    191340
     accctatagg tggaacaaca ttatgagcta accagtaccc cggagctctt gactctagct    191400
     gcatatatat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc catcactgga aagagaggcc cattggactt    191460
     gcaaacttta tatgccccag tacaggggaa ttccagggcc aaaaaggggg agtgggtggg    191520
     caggggagtg ggggtgggtg gatatggggg acttttggta tagcattgga aatgtaaatg    191580
     agttaaatac ctaataaaaa atggaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa    191640
     tcacagagat gtgatttcgc cccagttagc atgactgtta tctcaaaggc caagattaac    191700
     aagtgctggg gtgaacggag tgaaagagag cccctttaca ctttgacaga gtacaaatta    191760
     atatgtttaa tatggaaagc agtatgcagg tgcctcaaaa atgaaaaaca aagctatcac    191820
     atagtaccac tatcaagtat acacccaaag aaaatgaagc cagcatctgc tacctatgtg    191880
     ccatggatag atcaatggat aagaaagtgt aacacaagta catgtgtaca catgcacaca    191940
     cgcagccccc acgttgagga atactatcag tcacaaaagg tgaaatcttt gttctttgta    192000
     acaatgtgga aatctagtga acatactttt tttttttttt tcttttttct tttttttacc    192060
     atgttgtttt ggctggcttg gaatccactc tataaaccag gctggcctca aattcagaga    192120
     aatcagcttc catctgcctt ccaaatgctg ggactaaagg tgtgtgtctc tgtgcctgac    192180
     attttttttt tttaagtatg gtgtactaat aattcacatg atggtattac tgctgatagt    192240
     gtatctcatt gtgtgttaga cagtgtttaa atgcttggtg gatttcatct tttgtaaatt    192300
     gtaacaatcc tgctaagatg gttctatata cctacctccc ctccccccac ttttcaatga    192360
     agtatttcca tgtggaccac actggttttg gacatctaga cttaagggag tgtcttgtct    192420
     caacattccc agtagttgga aacaggtgta accttcatgg ctgcttttat acctgtactg    192480
     cagataagaa tctgaggctt gctactgcta attaacttgt ttgcactttt ggagccagta    192540
     agtgatagag ctaggcaggt ctctgagtat ctcctgttga tgttctggat tgctatcatt    192600
     tgcagttcaa agcttgttgg cttttccagc tagccccttt attgttgtaa gacccagctc    192660
     tattatctgc aacatggcta attgaaagag ttcagccaat gaacatgtag ccaagggtct    192720
     tttgagggaa cttagtaagt ctcctaacaa cccgttaata ctagtagata ccaattattg    192780
     tgttgattat gtgccttagc cctttacatt tatcacctct gttaggtcca aaaggaactc    192840
     caattcccca aactccaaaa ggcagaaatg agctgtacct gtactatttg tgtttggata    192900
     aaagccagaa ttcctcagga acttgtgaaa ccagttcctc tctgttcaat gacttatttc    192960
     cctttttaaa ggcagaaagg acacacagct ctctactgac atatacctat ggttgcatat    193020
     caaaacacat gctgggatcc aggttcccac aatagaccaa gtatctgtta tatatttcaa    193080
     agcccccaca ccagtctcct ggcccttctc ccccaccccc ccagccactg ctctccttta    193140
     tccctcccac tattctcact gcaatttcct tttttctagc ctgatatccc cacctcccca    193200
     tctcacagat agcccaggcc atgtagagtc tacttctttc tctgctctag aatcttccag    193260
     atgcctctga atagtccctt tcagtctcag tctcagtctc ggactctgtc tcttctctgt    193320
     ctctttctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt    193380
     ctctgtctct gtctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc    193440
     tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc    193500
     ttctcttctc ttctctttcc ttctctcccc tctctgtctg tctctgtctc tctcccttcc    193560
     cctctctctc tctgtctctg tctcaacatt cttcttaacc atagcatgga atgattgatt    193620
     atgtctgcag tttctttact tcactcccct gatacaactt cacttcagcc ttgttgcacc    193680
     cctgggaggt cagttttgtg aataacttga tttcattgat gaccaaaatg aaattcagag    193740
     gcatgaaatc gccttcctag actctttggc ccacacacga agagctatat ttacatatat    193800
     agctgattct aagccccaaa tatcatgtaa gatgatgtca tgcttgggat tttcaaagat    193860
     aactatgatc ataatgcaat cactatagtg ccataatcct tttaaatatg ctattctaag    193920
     gtaagtagca gactggggct ttgcaggagg taaagagggc ccagagacaa ggctaggagg    193980
     ctacagagtt cccaaagggg ctgggagatt tctttaagct caggtgccag gataacccta    194040
     gcttttttgt ttatgtaatt ggatggcagt acaggcgaat agcaaggtga ataatgactt    194100
     gtggactgtg gcactcaaac ctttcccttg agtcattgcc catcaccagc agtgtactgt    194160
     agcctgtggc ctgagcaggc agtgaggtcc ttgctgaacc cagagtcagc aattctggga    194220
     tgattaaatg caaatgaatg aaaacagcta tacatttact ccctcctccc accccagtga    194280
     tgtaagcctt ttggcacaag tctacccaca tccttatgtt tttatttcat tatataactc    194340
     agaagaatta aatatcaaaa cctgtccaat ttggccttca ttcaaggtgg gctggatgca    194400
     aaatagtcaa cagaaggtcg gcgaatccct cagcagagac cttagggagt cagcctcgga    194460
     gcaaggctgc ttcagcagaa catgggtcag acagaaagac aaagtgctgg gcagtggcta    194520
     gaaaagacaa atttgctcat gctttttttt tttttttttt tctcctaggg tagccctcag    194580
     catgaggact gaatgtcatt atttcacttc ccatggctga agagtctgtc catggaattt    194640
     gcaatggagc cactgtgatg gagggtttct caaagactca ggcatctgtt ctgagcaagg    194700
     gtatttagaa cagaatgcct ctcctcttcc cttcctccca gggcagcctg ccagtcaggg    194760
     tcttcccagt tattttccct ggaggccaca ttgaagttag tgactgggct agcatttgat    194820
     tatctttttt tttattcagc acatttgctc cagttagaag aatcacaaga gcagtacaag    194880
     gagcattttg ctttgtgagc caagcatcag agggggcgct ggctttctcc tgcgtctgca    194940
     agctggagta aatgtgcaca tgtcgtcaaa attgcagtaa ttcataaagt ttgcagttga    195000
     gggacagaat gaggactgag caatttggtt aaggttggat accaagggag ccatgtcata    195060
     cgcaacacat aacatttatg cttgcatgcg acctctcagc acataaactg agaacatgaa    195120
     ttgaaaagtt cttaatttct gtgcagagac aggataggta aaatctagaa gagtaggtga    195180
     gctgcaagat ctctctccct gaccacaaag gaatagagat agtcaggaag tgttactaca    195240
     actaatacgg ttgtcgtgta gagaaagaaa aagtggaagt tggctcagag ctatgatatg    195300
     atttgagtta cacaattatg taagttaaat gtatttcact aatttaaaaa tgtgattgtg    195360
     gggttgaaga tgcagttcag tggtagggta gttgctaggt gcacatgagg tcctggattc    195420
     atttccagct tcaaaaacaa aagtggaagt gggtgggtaa gagagagtgt gtgtgtggga    195480
     gggtatgggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgaggaaaat acctgaccaa    195540
     aaaaatatta aaaaagaaaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaccccaa aataataaaa aactcattgt    195600
     gtgtggtaat ttttcaagca gttgaaaacc attacctatt gcacaaaaat tcattaaaaa    195660
     tgacaatatt ttccagtaaa atttattttg caacccagaa acatcccttg agagctaaat    195720
     taattttcag gaagatgaaa aaagctagag gtatcaccca ccaaattaaa aacatagcac    195780
     agagctatag taattgaagc aggatggcac tatcattaaa aacagacttg tgtaccaatg    195840
     gaacagaaca gagtatttat aaataaaatc acgcacgtga tattaacgtg tttttaagga    195900
     agatgccaat aatacacaat aatggaggag gaatctcttc aacagtgaac tggaaattgg    195960
     tcattatctt atgtcatgac aaaacctgac taaaatggat tatggactta aatgtaagcc    196020
     tggaatgata atcattctta aaagaaggca taggggaaaa gcttcttcac attaattttg    196080
     accatgaact tttgaatata attctaagtg cacagttaaa aaagtagaag ttaccaccag    196140
     gaactgcatc aaactcagga gtttctgcac aacaaagcaa taaatcaatg agacggaaga    196200
     aaaaggggaa gcatttgcac cgacatagat agatacagat acccgatgga ggctaagatc    196260
     caaagcagga aaacacatac gcacggaaaa ctaatagcca gaataaaaaa tgagcaaaga    196320
     cactaaatag gtatttttcc ccaaagatac atgaactgtt acaaaagagt gctcaaaatc    196380
     atggatcaac ttataaacat atcaaactca aggaaatgtt agcttgtatc tgttaggata    196440
     ttgtataaaa gccaagcaat agacattggg gagggagtaa agggaaataa aaacttgaac    196500
     aaggttggca aaattataaa ttgagtagcc attgagtttc ctaatactta tcaccaaaca    196560
     caaaaagttc aaatcataag caaaatagca ccacctggta atctagacac tcctgagtcg    196620
     gtattcaaag gaagaattag gatactccgc tttcatttct gcaatattct ctaaatccaa    196680
     gaaatgaaac tcagctttct gttgaaagat tatgagagat ttctggacaa agaaaatgtg    196740
     atatggtgtg tgtgttatta ttcaacccta ttataaaaga aatgcattag caaggaggac    196800
     atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtataa tattaatatg ttacacacta    196860
     tatatacaat gtatcaagga aggaaatgct gccatttgtg agataacgtg actcagttta    196920
     aaaaatatac tgggtcaggt aattcaaaca tggaaagaaa aattctatat gaccccacat    196980
     ctatgtaatt ttaaaagaat aaaaaataca aatgaatgga atcagagact gtaagggtgg    197040
     ctgctagggt ataggatgag gaactgtact gataagatga ataaattcag ggagcttagt    197100
     gtacagcatg gtaatcatgg ctgataactc cgtggtgtat ataaatgtcc ctgagaatag    197160
     atcttaagtg ttgtcctccg ctccccctaa aagccctctc agactattac atgaggtcat    197220
     aaatgtgtta attgtactca tcatgcccca gtgtacacaa tttatcaagg tgtcatgttg    197280
     tacaccttat aaacatttat cacaatatgt attgtcacaa taaatgaact aatttgattt    197340
     ttacagattt gcttagttat taactaagaa ctctcagttt gggtcaactt tttgtttttt    197400
     gttttttttt tgttttttct tttattcctg ccagtatgca tgtcatctct ctattacact    197460
     tgtggctggc ttcggtcact ggaaggttag cagacatgac atcagtgtag ttttaggaaa    197520
     atgtctgtgc cttttagtct gtgtaatagt ttctgcaccc accatgagaa ggatgcacct    197580
     agctcagcct actgcagaat gacacctgcc gagcagagga gcatgagttc aacaaatcac    197640
     tgaagccacc gggtgttatt caaaagtcag gtcaccacta caatgtaata gctccaagta    197700
     aaaacccaga tactgagcaa agaatcagta gctactcccc ttgcctatgt ggcttagcct    197760
     tatcttgctg tctcgctttt tagcatctgc agaccctgtt aacctcttaa attcccttct    197820
     catttggtgc gtaactaaat gttggtcttc ccttaagata cagttagata ccatttcttt    197880
     ctttgaccct ctcaagaaag ctaattactc tcaagggtgg caggtacgta ttcagacctt    197940
     ctgcagctgc aatcgggtat ggttagttgt ttgttagtat tgtaatttgt taagaaagta    198000
     cgtttctttg gagactttta gcgttgaata cagggctttg ctattacttt tggaatatta    198060
     ttaattatta gaaagactat ggaccaagaa atgaatagtt tcttgaaaaa tttgcagcat    198120
     atttcttatt gttcttactt gtaaccttag ggtgtctgga tcatgtgata tcttcatgaa    198180
     caaaattcag tgcacacata cacacaaata tatatataca catatatata catatatatg    198240
     catatacaca catatatata tatatattca cacatgcata cataaataga taatacacat    198300
     gggacattgg tataagatga tagcaagcct gttggaaagc cacttttgat atacagaaca    198360
     ggaacactga gacacttatt gggagatagc tctgctcatc actatactac taacaattga    198420
     agaatttatc agatgttcaa aactaagtat ttttctatct atcatgtctt taattttaac    198480
     ttcattgtgc attttctgtg gacaatagct ttctgcatta ttttttctat cgttctgtct    198540
     tcacacactt ggttggctta ttagtcagct aatgagggac acaaaaaaac attcattgtg    198600
     tgtatacatg tgcgtgcttg cctgtgtgtg tatgtatatg tgtgtgcttg tgtgtgtata    198660
     catgtgtgca cgtgtgtgta tgtgtgcatg tgtgttatgt tcatatctgt gtgtatgtgt    198720
     tatgttcatg tgtgttgtgc atgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt atgtatatgt cttaattttc    198780
     agattgaaaa tttagggact gcagaaagaa tggaaacagg caaccttggg aggtaggagg    198840
     tggggggacc ctctagaatg taccagagac cagggaggtg agagactctc aggactcaag    198900
     ggagcttttg ccatcccaca gtcaaaagct ctgacccgga attgttcctg tttgaagaaa    198960
     ctgcaggaac aaaaatggag aagagcataa aagaaaggag gtccagtgac aggtccaact    199020
     tgggatccag ctcaagggga ggcctgaggc cctgacactg ttactgatgc tatggtaggc    199080
     agataggagc ctagcatggc aggcctctga gtagcccaac aagcagctga aagagtcagg    199140
     tgaaaatact tgcacccaac ctatggaccc ttgctgttga attagggaag ttggaagaag    199200
     ctgaggaggg tgaccccata ggaagaccag aattctcaac taacctagac ccttgagata    199260
     actcagacac tgagccacca gccaggcagc atacgccagc tgatacgagg cccctgacac    199320
     atctgcagca gaggactgcc tggtctggcc tcagtgagag aagattcacc taaccctcaa    199380
     gagatttgag accccagaaa gtggggaggc ctggtaggat ggtggtggag ggtggggaca    199440
     tccttttgaa aatggggtgg ggggagttat gggattggca gcagttgggg ggcagaccag    199500
     gagggagatg aagtctggac tgtaaaaaag gattaaagaa tataaataaa taaatttaaa    199560
     aataaaaagg aaaaggaaat tttatgctgc tttgtctgga gaattattat tgtaagtctg    199620
     tcaagtttca catttctcaa aactacctct aggattttct gagaggcccc attttaaaat    199680
     gacaatgagc tttactctga agataagcat ccaagtgtga attcagaatg ttgtgaatgt    199740
     tggctgtcat tcttcctgga gaagtcagga tgcatttcgt cttgacatat ttattgtttt    199800
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgc cacataaagt agaacttcca ctttattttt cgacggtagt    199860
     tttccttcca cccttacaaa accacctaat tagatgggct ttggtggagg tcgccgtgca    199920
     gcgccagcag gtctgaatcg tgatggggat gtcccgtcct gctgggcttc acggaatcta    199980
     ttcctggtga cctcactatt aatggcacag ctcactcagt aatgcagctt gacgtagagc    200040
     tggggaagca cataagcatc gaagatgctt gcttcagata tgtccctgac agcagcggct    200100
     tctacaatgt tccgaatggc aaacttcttt ttttcttttt cttttctttt ttttctgaga    200160
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgttc tagaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct    200220
     tgaactcaga aattctcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac    200280
     cacgcccggc caacttctta atggccttat ccttgggcac caccggggcg cagttcgtgc    200340
     agcgaattgg ctacacatga ccgcggacct tttttggcac gaccattgtt tctttttttg    200400
     gtaatcttgg agccaagact caaaagaacg acatatttat tgttaaaggt ataaccaata    200460
     actaaactga gatccttagc tcctatattc aaagtaacct attcttcact aatttgattg    200520
     ttaactctga aattacagga aagtggggca gtttagattt agtaaataat tatggagtat    200580
     atataaacct aaacaaccag tgtttcagtg agttctttga gtctcaaagt tgaattattt    200640
     ggcagagaca aaatccaaac tcaagacttc tggcttaaaa cttcgattta gatcttaatt    200700
     tttttatttt cataataaaa tcaaataatt gcttctttat ttttactttt taaggatttt    200760
     taaaactttt gctttatgtg tgtatgtgtg tttatgtgtg tgtgagtatg tatgtgtgag    200820
     tgtgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatgtatg tctatgtgaa tgtgtgtatg    200880
     tatgtacgta taaatgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg tgcatgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg    200940
     tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt tgtgtaatgt ttacctgttg agaacagaat    201000
     tcagttactg gagttggagt tataggtgat tgtgaaacat cccatgtggc ttctgggatc    201060
     tgaagtctgc tcctctggaa gagcagaaag tgctctaagc actgagccat ctttcctgtc    201120
     cctaaaacaa atattcacca agtgtgatgt tcttcactgt tgttaacata gaaagtagtc    201180
     aagatgacgt ggagtggttc tcactgggtg tgttctatgc tacccagtga actttgtaag    201240
     aagagggaga aaaggggaga aagtctgctt taggggctcc acataccaat ttgtgtctac    201300
     agaacagcac cttctacact gaggtctcag gagagctggt ggttcaccac cttctcccac    201360
     taggttccta ggtattgctc ctcagtgatg gattgacagg gttctcaagg agtagaccct    201420
     ggacaatgcc ctgcagctgt agctgcatac agggagtaga ccctgtacag taccctgcag    201480
     ctgtagttgc ataatttttt gaacatcttt ggacttggga caccttgaaa tggacagtct    201540
     agctagtttt tacatttgcc ttcagggaaa actagtggaa ttaaacttgt cttttatgag    201600
     gcctgacttt ctatcagcat ttacttttta tgtattcaaa ctttcctcta atatacataa    201660
     ttgctgaaag gaaaggctgc agaacagtta tgaattatgg cttttagggg aacgtgcacc    201720
     gcagttaatg ttgcaaggca gcttctatta taatcctctg ttttcacatc cttgtgattt    201780
     ttcttggtag ggggtggagt gaggaagaat tttcctttga gctaaaattt tccatgactt    201840
     gactcagccc aaggtgattt tataaagcaa aatatttgca caaatacttc catttattat    201900
     tgtctttgga aaatgcggct cattttcact ctaaatatta atgcataaat gttgcaagta    201960
     tgaatggtca ttaaagctgg ccctcagatg cgtctttaaa aatattagtt ggagcaatgt    202020
     ccaactgatt tattaaaaga attacaatta ccagtggtaa ggctccttct tttgataact    202080
     atgtcagaat ataacaatgg ctgaaatggc ttagcttttt tataacttga tggtaatgtt    202140
     tgcttatgac atagcttttc aatggggaag taaatattta ggataatttt agataatttc    202200
     gaatctgtga tgaacacttt aaaatgttct ctatcttttt ttacataata ataatcaagc    202260
     ttttaacttt ttaggtgaga tctccattaa atgtgtttat tgtaaatggc atattgttga    202320
     ggcttttact aaaaatattg ttccaaaaat tgaagccaac ttttgggaag cagaattaaa    202380
     aatacttaaa aactagcttt tcctttaggt aggatcttta tctaggtccc agaagcccat    202440
     atttaagtta gggctttgat ctattgtttt gtatctttaa tttgcattct ccttcaccta    202500
     ctactgacat agttttgtgt cctgaaacac aatctcactt gtgtctgttt tgttctttgc    202560
     ttatgtttgt ctttaatgat ttattcatat ctaataatgt taaaactatg ttagtttatc    202620
     taggtctctc aactaagaga tacacaaaat gttgatataa taaagggtgt gttgccacta    202680
     atgtaataat acaacttgca caatttggct gctttaaatg atagagatgt tattgagagg    202740
     tgacttgtgt gtttactcac tgcgattttc tctttggtga cagtctttgt attctcctct    202800
     gaatgaatct gcttgtcccc ctaggtaagt gtttcaaatt gagcaacctc ttttagagtc    202860
     ctgaacctat tgttctcttc agcacagaat tttatgatct tatctggttt tgtcatcata    202920
     attactcttt gaatattact tctgcagtct ttgaaccaat ccttttcctg tgagactgta    202980
     agtgaggcat ttcacacaaa tggatttcat cactgaacat tttggtctga cacacatatg    203040
     taaaatatgc ataacttata atctatatta caaatagttt gtatgtttca ttacatatca    203100
     cacatagtac atatatgata tacttgtata atatatgcat acatggcaaa catgataagt    203160
     ataatgcact tagattatgt gcatgaatta tgagtatata taatgagaaa tgtatataga    203220
     tagccattta ttttatcacc tctccacctt catttctgcc tttttcctcc tttatttttt    203280
     ttctcaaggt agggtcatac tacatattct aggctggcct ttaactcaca atcctcctgc    203340
     tttcacctct atctgttttt gagattatgg aagagcgcta tcacgcccag cttactccta    203400
     ccttcgaagg ttgagatcca ttatttcata tacaactttc ccatctttac ccctgttccc    203460
     tttagcgtct ttctatagct ctttttatca gttgaaggga gtctgtgctg tgtcttcttc    203520
     tatagaccct ttacttttta aaaagtcttc tttacctgct tgcaatggtt gtgcttctat    203580
     ggtttccctt acgattcaga ctcgcatcct tgtttggagg tgtggccatt gcagggttgc    203640
     ctgtgcttca gtacatggcc ccacactcat acacacaggg acaacactga ctggacttgg    203700
     ttagttgttt ttatttttaa agcaaagaaa gtgcaggatg tgaagtcaga aaggagacac    203760
     gttgagtgac atcgagggag agctgaaggg ggagaatgag ggacgaatgt gattatgttt    203820
     cattgtacgc gtacatgaaa ctctccaaga agaaaagttt cagatacatc actcagtgat    203880
     cagttctgag ttgacttcca caggaagcct tcttattctt ctctataggc cagaggttgt    203940
     aagccacttg gccgagagtt ctaaccatgg tcaggatgct cacctcttgg tgatggcaat    204000
     gtcatgtcaa gttcccttgt aaaaacaaaa gtttctggag agtggaatta gagatctgac    204060
     ttccctcctg atgtaatcct tgtcattatc taagggccag acatctggcg acttatacat    204120
     atttatggag tggatgaagg aatgaattgc ctgcctgcca ttctcgcttt gaaaaataat    204180
     ttctatgttt aaagtcatta gtcaatatga ctaggcattt aatatagctt tctctataat    204240
     tgctatagag gacatggtag ttatgtactc ggtggctgaa agcctttcaa caacttttgc    204300
     ccacgggaag ctataatttc accttatgct atcataaacc actgaaggac ttcatgtagt    204360
     taccagagcc ttgagcagaa attataaccc cgagagccct caatgcctat tagtcacttg    204420
     gaacatgaca caaagcaaaa tacgttttgc attcttgaac ttcagtttgg ctcttggttt    204480
     actgactgat tgaattcatg cttgacttaa agcaatcagc atcctgaaac tcaaaccatc    204540
     ttaaaaaaaa aaacccataa ctcactaacg ctagatatat acctaccaat agtcagctgc    204600
     gtaaattatg cagttattat ttgttttgaa gttattattt gttttggtaa ttgatttttt    204660
     tttcagacaa tgcttttcaa atgctgagca aagttctggg gggctgtggg catccttatt    204720
     gttgttgtct gattaatatc tttttggaaa ttatttaaca acaacgacaa acacagaaca    204780
     ctgggtgatt gaaatggatc tgcagttaga aaacccggac ttgattatca gcttgaacct    204840
     tggaaaacaa tcacgttact cttctaatcc ttagtctcct ccattttaaa tacatttaca    204900
     gcctcacaag gatgaggctg atcaaccggg gtcctggagg gaaggaagcc atgaagagtt    204960
     tcacagtgga gtatgtcatt attaatgata ggtatcatta gtgaagtgaa atcatcaatt    205020
     tcctaagagc atgtacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccaaaaggag ctcactgggg    205080
     tgagctagaa gatggtactt cttgtatgta atgcttttta ttatttaaca ttcaatcaaa    205140
     gacaagaacc agtgtcaaag tgtgctaata gtaaaattag ggagtgtaga ggtagcagct    205200
     ttaatttctc ctgaaaagct gaaaacagag gtttgtcaac tgatgtacaa gttgggaaga    205260
     accaggtgag aaggggttaa taatagtcca acagggaacc tgatgaagcc agctactatc    205320
     tccacaaaag agaggacaag aatgaagcag cttacaaagg gactattttc tgcgattttt    205380
     tttttttttt ttttttagaa gatgagccag catgtagggc acagaaaaaa gagtggattg    205440
     ggttggcaga atgatgggga aattctgtgt gaacaatgaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaattgct    205500
     tggctctatt gtctataatg tcaagaagct gtgctaatat tgtagctggc aaggtaggtt    205560
     tcagatactg ggggatggct agagctaagc agtgccaaag aatggaagcc actggaacag    205620
     tgagcttgtt ataaagagaa ccaatgcaaa ggcagcaagg tagagcttag tcccagctag    205680
     tgtcatggac tcaagggtaa aggagaagaa tgaagccagc accaaaggaa gcctgttaat    205740
     cacgtgatag ctgattaatg acatcattcc tccttttgct tgcgctgtac aaacaaaaca    205800
     cctagagatc ttgtttttta attaattaat taattttatt gaataatttt ctttatttcc    205860
     atttcaaatg ttatcctctt ttctagtttc ccctctgaaa atcccctatc ccttccccct    205920
     ccccctgctc atcaacccat cctctcctgc ttcctggccc tgacagtccc ctatactggc    205980
     gcatagaatc ttcacaggac caagggcatc tcctcccagt gaagtgacta ggccattctc    206040
     tgctacatat gcagctagag ccatgagtcc caccatgtgt tttctttggt tggtggttta    206100
     gtcccaggga gctctggaga tactagttag ttcatattgt tgttccttct atggggctgc    206160
     aaagcccttc agctccttgg gtattttctc tagctccttc attggggacc ctgtgctcca    206220
     tccaatatat tactgcgagc attcacttct gtatttgaaa ttcttagaca aatggatgga    206280
     tgtggaggat atcatcctga atacaaaaga acacacatgc tatgcactca ctgatgagtg    206340
     gatattagcc cagaagcttg ggatatccaa gatacaattc acaaaacacg tgaaactcaa    206400
     gaagaaggaa gaccaaggtg tgtatatttt ggtccttctt agaaggggga acaaaatacc    206460
     catggaagga cttacagaga caaagtgtga agcagagtct gaaggaatga ccatccagag    206520
     actgccccac ctggggatgc accccatagc aaccaccaaa actagacact attggggatg    206580
     ccaacaagag cttgctgaga ggagcctgat atagttgtct cctgagaggt tctgccagta    206640
     tccagagatc ttgttaagaa tgcagattct aataaagaat atatcttaaa aaaaaaaaag    206700
     aatgcagatt ctggttcagg tctagcgtag gaccagagat tctgcaatcc tgcatatgtc    206760
     ctggagatac caacaccgct gatcctttga aacacacttc tgagaagaaa gggtctatat    206820
     aaagctttat gaataaaaac ggggcggggg ggggggggga gaaaaggtaa tggatgacat    206880
     ttaaacatga gggagaggca gcctccacca tgagactcag agggcgacag ggagctgagg    206940
     cttgcaggaa gctgtgctgg ctgccttcta ctttggtttc cttttcaaca aaactgatgg    207000
     tttgtgtctc cataaaattc atcacagtgt tcagcagtac atagtctttc actctcaatg    207060
     taagcagaat catctagcct aaattaatga cctgcctagt aaaccaacag aactctcacc    207120
     tctttcaggg accatttgtc ttatcttgaa atgtatgcag tataagtagg ggccttctgg    207180
     aagaacggtt cctaatataa accggtggct gttagaggaa ttc                      207223