ID   AL732490; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 84919 BP.
AC   AL732490;
DT   20-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-17C2 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-84919
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; b3d90276e84328adf8143403ec1c72e1.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456159.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038845; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018986; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018954; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018924; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018927; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018741; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019379; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018295; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018712; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018820; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018809; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018890; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018836; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019419; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018066; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018344; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL732490.10:1-84919; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000036374; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125172; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0031841; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0031786; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0031771; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0031775; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0031572; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0032295; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0031356; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0031487; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0031626; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0031618; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0031746; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0031601; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0032314; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0031072; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0031051; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; P67778.
DR   InterPro; IPR000163; Prohibitin.
DR   InterPro; IPR001107; Band_7.
DR   InterPro; IPR036013; Band_7/SPFH_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:97572; Phb.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P67778; PHB_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-17C2 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..84919
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-17C2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    6390..6526
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    10350..10581
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63669, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    16288..16372
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_65674, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    18523..18668
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_124009, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    29691..29828
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63670, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    31852..31915
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    41362..41595
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    49451..49691
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_159705, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    49692..49715
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    49933..50030
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    50031..50031
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 360bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    51571..51690
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63671, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    64377..64402
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    69273..69419
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63672, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    70899..70920
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63672, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    72887..73031
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63672, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    73739..74055
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_63672, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    78328..78397
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    79457..79484
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads only."
FT   misc_feature    80646..81712
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction digest
FT                   data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    83146..83151
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 84919 BP; 20939 A; 21072 C; 20978 G; 21930 T; 0 other;
     ggctaattct taactcatca ctaaccacac aggctttgga gtgagaaact ttatgggtca        60
     cataggggcc ccatgagctt ttcttctgca ttctttcacc cagtattgag tgcacaccta       120
     ctgtgggaca ggcagatacc aggtgacttg ccccagcccc tgcattcaag gaaggcagtg       180
     tacagggacc acagacactc ccagcaggag tatagcaagg gagacttcaa gctgtaaatg       240
     gaatggctgc agtggccaca aggagataac tactgggctc tggggacagg aggaagggag       300
     tcccttctga cggcctatct gtgtgacctg ggcaactatt catccttgtt aagtgtcagt       360
     ttctgcccct ggcctgtggg aagagccttc acatctccct gctaggcttt tgggaaataa       420
     atgatgtttg ttgtctgggg agagtttgag atcctgttcc tggtacaagg aagactctca       480
     gaaagcaagg caggccttta caggagagat gatctctaac ttaaagacca cctaggaatg       540
     tgatggataa ataaccagga taaagcattt cctgcccgaa aagccagctt gggcaaggca       600
     ctgtgggctg agatatccat gacctttagg gggtaaaaaa aaaagcaatg aaatttagga       660
     tctgagtctg aagtagctga gagtcaagag attcttgcct gggggagata cggaggttac       720
     caaggaatct tctggcatcc caagatcatt ttatgctgaa attgagaggg agccactgaa       780
     ggctggtgaa aacaaaatga tccgatcaga ttgtatgttg agaaaaagac ctttttctta       840
     tgttgatacc aaaaagacaa gactcgggtt ggggggaagg agtcattcta atttaccttg       900
     gtgggagata ggaacagaga ggatcaccta gaactcttga gagatctcca aggaggtggg       960
     ggggggggcg gcttcagaac cacagcaaac aagagaacaa gacccagtgt ccatacaaag      1020
     aaattgagaa cccagagagg gtcatcgtgg caggacccgg ccctcgggtt tttcgattcc      1080
     tggtccagtg tttgttccaa ggcaccctgg cagccaccat gactggacag gagtccaccg      1140
     agccctagcg ctgtatacag agctggcttc tactgcacca gctctggaga gtgttcttgt      1200
     cagcttttct ggagacctgg tggttgcctg atctgagcag agaagtgaaa ggagttgggg      1260
     ttgggggcaa aatgatggtt tatcttccca tgaccagagc tgcagagtgg gggaggggag      1320
     gggcagaagc agggaaatgg gggttgaaag ggaaatgggg tcctgcctcc agttagcaga      1380
     acttcggctt ccctaagtgc agggatccag acctttgctg acataacaga ctgaaaaatg      1440
     acctggtcac actgcctgcg ctccagggac acgtttcttc gtttgcctcc caagaccccc      1500
     ccaacgagcc agcaggatga ctctgtgctt ctctagggga ccagtgctga gaccgtcaag      1560
     gccacctgtg agggttgaag aagcaaagaa gtgccatctg accgcatctc aaaccgtgtg      1620
     ttaactcctg gcaggaagca agaggaagcc aaaccagcca gagtgcctgt ggagtcagct      1680
     acgcagagtc tgctagagca ggggagcaca gcaagccaga tatggcttct ctgctatgga      1740
     gagtccctgg tgagtttccc acccatcctt accatctccc acgtgactac aagctcatga      1800
     ggacagagac cccgatggca aggcaggggc tttcctaaga tgctggccag gatctcggac      1860
     tccttaagtg ccgatgggac tcttcccagc tgcacaagtc tttcatagtg tgtgtcttgg      1920
     ggctcaccag tgccaagaga cgctccagaa gaaacagtct ggggccagat aaggttggga      1980
     aatgctcttt cctggaattc cttggggatt catactctac atgaacataa gaaaggtcct      2040
     gaagtatcct gcaagacatt agcatgttgc cagattcgat ctctaacaca gctctttcac      2100
     actaagttca ccacacactg cctcttctga aagttacctg ctagcagcac aagactgggt      2160
     cccacagaaa cactcttgga aacaatacat tgaatggtga agctgaagac ccgctgagga      2220
     caggacggac agcgatggcg tgccaagtgc ctcactgcag aagcgtccag ggttaaagtt      2280
     tactgttcat gtattcattc attcattcat ttcaaatatt tatcatggcc agcagctacg      2340
     aaagcaatgc tgagttgaaa caggctggtc tctgtctgct cagtgctcat agtctggtgg      2400
     agtcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattt tatacaggat agccactgct      2460
     agccagtcac catggtaacc aagctcaagc acctggtatg gtgtctatga catgtatcta      2520
     ccattatcag ttgtttgatc cttatgtcaa tctagtgaca ttacacacct agaagccact      2580
     atcccactgg aagatgtctt tcaaacattc aggaagatgg tatggaaagt tcattagaaa      2640
     ttcactactt gttctggccg cttgtggatc ctacagctat ttgtgtgcct gcgtgttggc      2700
     tagtccttct tttgctctga gcctctggac ctccctcttc aaggaagccc tcagctgtaa      2760
     ccttccacac agcatggcac acaggaatgg atggctagga tcacccacag aacccagaga      2820
     ccatttctgc tgtttgaatc tatatatctt taaggacaag gctgcctctc ccaccctggc      2880
     ccatgggcct tccttgggtg gagaagtgct caggggccct gagaggatct ggtcctccct      2940
     tgggtaccag ccacccatgt gattgccgca gcctggcagg agcttgggag ggtgcagaat      3000
     gagaatggct ttcaaaacca gtgagaccag aggctgcact ggaaagggaa gaggaacaaa      3060
     ggggtcggtg aattggtgcc cacaatcttt tttttttgtt ctggtgactg gaaactgaca      3120
     gtaagatcct ggagggaggt gctgtgtggg gagggtgaca tcactcaagt tgtcagctta      3180
     gatgcatccc tgtcacagag aggactgacg gacggacgga cgcagcatcc cctaaagcta      3240
     ctctcaacac tggctgctgc ctcttcttcc tcctttccta gaaagaactt tcatcccctg      3300
     taccctggca ctccctgtgc ctgtctggct gtttcacccc tctgagtgtt gagctggccc      3360
     tcccacagag catggttcat tgtatagtgg ctggctgtag agaccctaat gcaggctcaa      3420
     tgtggaagct tccctggaga tccccaagct ggggcgtcct atctcctgaa ccacgcttgc      3480
     tctctatgtc ccgaacagct tcacaaagtg tgtacagtgt gagttccaga cacggcaccc      3540
     tccacagacc ctgtctcctc ttccatcccc tgctcttgct tctgctgaca tccctccagg      3600
     cctgctggca gcaagctcta ggctctcagg cacgctgaag gggcaggggt tctgtcttcc      3660
     cggttctgga ggggatgtat gtatgaaaga accatagtgg aactggctga ctggaatggg      3720
     tgagcagctt ctccggctgc ttccaaactc tggggggagg gggggggtcc ccgtgaattc      3780
     atctgtggcc aggagaaagt ggcacagttc tccttctctt ccaggggagt cacattctgg      3840
     gacaactcgg cagtctgctc ctcttgatgc aagccaaggg ctaaagtcag ttctcacctg      3900
     tatccctgcc ttggccccct agtgagctcc tctctctttc tgaccttgct gtgcagactc      3960
     cgctcctaca ctgggaatcc aacctgacct agaagagctc gtccagccag ttcccgaccg      4020
     accaagcctc tcctcactgg tgccccttat tctcccactc cagcctcatc ttctcccaac      4080
     agcttgtact tgactcttgt ctgcttcagc atccttgaag acatcatccc catctacctg      4140
     acagttttcc catcccctcc ggtctcacct tgagcattca ttcctaggac aagactctca      4200
     gattccccat gctggtcaga tctgagtgtt tacacagcgt cgtcttattt tctttgcccc      4260
     ggtccaggct gtcatgctga ctccagctgt ggacctattt gattgacatc tgcttgccac      4320
     tgagctgcgg gctgtttatg ggtagaagcc aaatttgcat tgctctctca gtgcccccaa      4380
     ggccggcaca atttctggca tgtagagttc actcggagaa taagtgttcc aatgagcaag      4440
     actcaagtga gcgagcgatg tgcctactgg aaggtcaccc agttaggtct ttggagtctt      4500
     gggcttctgt gggaagggag aggttagctt tcaagagaca actgggaaag aggaattcca      4560
     gctttgtctt aggccagcca ttggctacta ctactcaaag acagggtttt aggatagcca      4620
     gccagggccc cgaattccac catagctatc ctgtggtgag tccttctaag tatctaggtg      4680
     ctgggagttc aatacttctt tgcttttcga ctttgaaatg gtcctaccca aacccatccc      4740
     gcatgggaga agagaggtct tcagcccata ttcagggggt ggagaccatg tgggaaagaa      4800
     gtgggggggg aaagacaaca tctttgagaa actcagggtg gaaggaagaa ggcttgtgga      4860
     agacagtatg ttgcctggga tgttgggggt gggtgtagac agccccattt ttctactctg      4920
     gaaaaggaag agaaaaagaa aagaatgcct aatgtccaga cgcacccaga ctggttcctc      4980
     agagcaatcc caggggactt cttggagtag aggaacttta tagaagcctc aactggactg      5040
     gaaggagcat ggggagggag aaccacattt aagagcggct gagaaacagg aggcaaagaa      5100
     aggcaatttg accagggtga gaacgagtgg gaggcaggca ggtcttaccc tgccagttaa      5160
     catgtctggc tgaggttact cagctccgca cctctaggcc agtgctcctg tggtgactct      5220
     ccaaccacaa gattattttc actgctactt tattgctgtg actctgctac tgttatgaat      5280
     cataatgtag atatctgtgt tttctggcgg tcttgggtga cccctgtgaa aaaggtcatt      5340
     tgaccccccc aggggtcgcg acccacaggt tgagaaccac tgctttaggg tctccagctc      5400
     actcaaagaa attgtcatca tcctccctgt tcccatttcc agcatcactg tcaccccacc      5460
     cctggagccc atggggtccc catgcatccg aggccatctc ctctgcctcg aagggcttcc      5520
     ttacagaaac cacagctctc tccttgcctc ctgaaaactc tgctttgtga agcccctgtt      5580
     tctgccacgt aatgttgcat gtcagtgatt ccatctctcc ccattccctt tgcccggctg      5640
     gcctttctgc cacagaagca ccttctagaa cattctatcc tccctcaaga aaaaagtcag      5700
     cgatgtcagc aggcatgcca tcagcattcc ggacagtacc tggcccactg cgggtgctca      5760
     gtcactaagg gtaaaagaca gaaggtagct gggagcctgc gactggagag gaacatcacg      5820
     actttccagc aggttccttg ctcagctgag agaaagactc acaaggatgg taaccctaag      5880
     tctgccccat acaccaggaa cacagttggc tcccctggct gtctcttcag ttgaggctca      5940
     ccctcctccc ttcctccctt ccttccttcc tccctccttc cctctggagt cctcctaggg      6000
     tgagggtgct cccagcatct ggcatccatc agccccttcc agaagtccta gtgaaacaaa      6060
     gggggagggt gtgtgtgtga ctaaagcgat cccagattgg ggcaggccaa gcatgcctgt      6120
     gtgctgcccc tgtcccagag cctctcccac cccagccctg cccagagctt cccatctact      6180
     gctctccctt cctctctttc ctccggcctg ggggaggttg tggccagcct tgcaggactg      6240
     ctggctccag atgtgaggga tgcggagggg agctggcagg agggagcggg caagcaaatg      6300
     ggacctgaca ggggccgggc acctcgggca aagaatgtaa ataaaaaatc agtaaatatt      6360
     taggggaaat ggagcgggaa gtgggagaag gcagtgggga ggggaatgtg ttagatttcc      6420
     aacaacatct ggagggcagt cccctcccct accttctcca cactcggtcc cacccattgg      6480
     gactttcagt tcagtttggt ggcccttggg agggctggct atcggactgg acttgggggt      6540
     gtttgccatc attaaagcac cccaccccac aaggccttgc tggagttagg taaggggttc      6600
     tcagatggaa acatggagtc cctgccctta gaaacttctt agagaaaagc cgttggcaac      6660
     acctaagcag ggccttgaca gaaggctgga atggtgacct ccagagcagg gcgggggggg      6720
     ggggcagctt cctgggggag gggctaggga gatgtggggg tgaggatcat tttcagagac      6780
     cagtgggaga tgagacacct gtgagcaagg tgggtgaggg agaagataaa gtaggcacaa      6840
     aaagcagaag cggtgggcaa gggatgggca ggcctgtggc actttcaggc ccacatccct      6900
     ctcccccatc tcaccccaag gagattccac tcttctagga gagtgcatct gaagggccct      6960
     ctcacatgtc tctcagggac tggaaggaaa aggaaggccc tacccccagg ccaattctgt      7020
     aaacaaagaa aagcagcaag cagagaggtc cctgcacccc cactattggg cggtgtgctc      7080
     attgtccaga ttgaggttag gcctaggaga gcccccaatg gtcttttctc atgtcttatg      7140
     ccgatggaat ggtggcttcc ttcagctggg cctcccagag tccaggctgt actgtgtaga      7200
     gcagggctct acagagggtc acaggcctac agtgtcatct ctgcctcctg cttccaagcc      7260
     cgagaacaac cggccttttg tccagctgag gatgcccaag gggtgaggtc acccccaaca      7320
     tggctctctt tgtctcctaa ccagtgaaac atcaaggctg agtccgggct gtctgcctgc      7380
     gttctctgtc ctcgaggcct ggctacctcc catgggcttc ctccaggtca cagggagaca      7440
     ccctcatagg gaaggtggct actgtggcag gtaccagggg agatgaagcg agtacggata      7500
     gagccagggt ggggctgaga aatagtcccc agtgagtggg cagcccttcc tcacaggagc      7560
     tccaggcaca aatgtggctg ggtcaaaaaa gcatctcaga actcaaaggg aaaaagcaaa      7620
     ggatctggga acagaggttc tgggggttgc tctaacttta gaccaagggc tcctcagaaa      7680
     actggtgaac cccagttata ccagagagag aagagcttga aacagatatc caaggtccct      7740
     tccccaggaa ggcaaaaacc cctccctgca gagtctgtgg ggcctaactg aacagagagg      7800
     ccctggagtg gaaggatgag gcctagagaa aaagccaggg cagggtcttc taaatgcagt      7860
     gagatgtccc cagtgagtcc tgggacctca tcccgccctt cctcaaactt agggccaggg      7920
     taggtttacc agtctgactc agtcgtctag gcaaagaaat gctaaattct accaagagac      7980
     agaaggctag ggttagagga tcctagtcac ccagtgagca ggaagtggct ccctgaggcc      8040
     tgcagctact ggaaaagctg cctctgggga gagagcatgt ccctgtgtgg ctctgatggc      8100
     tgtccatgcc actgaaagaa cttactgctg tctgaagact gaggggcctg cggagggttg      8160
     ggtccaccca aggagctgaa tggatcaagt cagagaggat gatgggaaca tgggttagtg      8220
     acagggcatg atctgaccag gtcatcctct agctgtggat tctcaggctg cagtgtcttc      8280
     tgtcccctat cctgcctacc cccaccccac tctgttcact ctggacccag gctccacccc      8340
     atctgggtag aatgttatgg gagccaagaa tagcctttgc tggggtcaag gaagggaggg      8400
     acactgggga ctaattgccc taaataaatg agcaattaag gctgttagaa gaaatagcta      8460
     gaagccccca ccaccaccct gaattatcac catggcaacc ccagccagct cctccccaga      8520
     aaaggctgag ccactcgttt ggcccacata actgtcattc agactgaagg ttggccagaa      8580
     tggcctcttt ctggagaacc agaaagagta gaggaaaaga tggcatggaa gggaggcagg      8640
     gggatgactg ggatgacctg ctgcttaagc tcggagtcag accatggagc aaagggtatt      8700
     cctcggtggc ctcatagcta gggcctccaa tcccaacagc actgcagcca gtgtggcagg      8760
     ggtttaggag tagatgttgc caggagtaga ctttgccagg tccccatctc ctctcagcac      8820
     ctcaccccac cccccacact tcctgtaatg gcgtctccaa tggggagccc attagtcctt      8880
     ctcagggtag cgcctaagta ctgtggctga taaatataac atgagcccat cgattagaac      8940
     cctcctagtc ctgcacagct tgactcccta atggctcccc ctcccctcag cccagactcc      9000
     cacccacccc tccacccagg accgtttttc ctggcttact tggaacgtgg aagcagctat      9060
     tactggagca gaggtaagga gacataggca aacccccagg gtccagtcag aaaggcctcc      9120
     tgcttcaaga cctacttggg caagtctgga tcccaaagtg gcctggaagg cccttctttg      9180
     tcagtcaggg aaccagagtt cctccctggc tgtcccagct cacagagaac ctccgcctct      9240
     atgaggtgca gaagtcaaag gggccccatc aatcaaggct ctgagggctc ttccggttac      9300
     tcttagacaa gtctgcagca ccaccaactt tgaccttgtc accgtaccct ttcggaaccc      9360
     tgggcatagg ctagacttgc tgtacctgtc ataacccact aagccttcct gccttccccc      9420
     gactcccccc aactctggca ctgacttttt ctgtcttgct tcagtcaact gtgggctacc      9480
     acacttatcg gattagagtc ccagaggaaa aggagggacc atctgcctca tggtggggtc      9540
     tacaaggcat aaactatctt ccaaagtcaa gcagggaagt tccatgggtg ggacctggcc      9600
     cctataaggt aatcaaacca attagacctc gttagccacc agtgctggga actaaggtcc      9660
     ctagcatccc tccccacagt ctgctgcata agccctcttg ccactggagc ccactgctgg      9720
     aggcagctgc atggaagggc tttgacagag aagtcaacaa tagctcttgc ctgggtgcca      9780
     gagggggctt agtgggtgga tggtggccca ggcctgggag ggggctgtgg ttttataaca      9840
     ctgtggctct gggtggaggc tgcccacaga atcctctaac aggaaggctg agccaggctg      9900
     gctgcagcca ggaagttaat ccttaatgtg cctctggcct tgctgctata caaactcacc      9960
     gcttaaacag gccgggtggg gaccagccac agagcttaca ttcctctggg tggggcttgg     10020
     tgccacagca agttgtgtac caaggatgct gcggggttgt gtgtgctcta gggatggctg     10080
     tctgctggag aagcttgcta taagagggtg ggtatgcaag aggccatgca tgggtctggt     10140
     ccattctctc ttgtgtaccc caccctgacc ctgtgcctct cttaaacttc tagtaggcac     10200
     cacaaagacg tgggctttgt gtgtgtggct tgtgtacaca tgtgcatggg gtatgcatgc     10260
     gtatgcatca ggcttggaat caataccaga gctctccctc agtcactctt tatctttttt     10320
     ttttttaaga tttatttatt ttacgtgagc acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa     10380
     gagggcgtca gatctcatta caggtggttg tgagccacca tgtcaccatg tggtttgctg     10440
     ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca     10500
     ccagccctat cttattttta aaataatatt tttattaatt ctttgagcat ttcatacggg     10560
     tatacggtgt gatttgattg tattcacctc gactcctctt ggctcctccc acatctaccc     10620
     ctcccccatt cccttcctga agttgtgtgt atgtggagaa gggggtgtat gtggagggag     10680
     tggaggcaca gtattctgag acagacacag tttctcagtg tagccctggt tgtcatggaa     10740
     cttgctctgt agagtaggct ggcctagaac tcagagatcc tcctgcctcc gtcgctggga     10800
     ttaaagatgt gcacagccat gcctgacttg tcttcccttc ctcctccccc ttcctccccc     10860
     acccccctgc tgatgtccag tgaggctggg aagggttaac taagagagca tccagcatct     10920
     ctccagtagc atcaagtctt tcctcttgtg accttcttta acctgacttc cctgttaaag     10980
     gcccttttgc taacctggtc aggttgcagg tcagggtttt aacggttcaa ctgcagcacc     11040
     agaccaactt catcctttct gtattgcacc taagctgtaa ggatgaacta cctgggagtc     11100
     ccctttcaag taaactgacc cctatccttt ctccacccca cccccactcc ttcctccctt     11160
     gcccccagct cttccattgc tagaattctc tgtgggtcca gagcatccag aggcctcaat     11220
     agcctgaatt cagcccccag cccgggatat atttagccaa gaacttcaga cactagacaa     11280
     agccacttcc aagggtctgg tgggaaccta gttgggggtg gggggttgcc cttcctgttc     11340
     cttccccttt ctgatatggg gacccctcag ttgcccttgt agagttacta ggaatgccat     11400
     tctcagggca agcgcctgaa tgtgggtgaa ttgctctcta tttctagacc atctgctaag     11460
     aaggtctgcc cctgcctgaa tgggcacatt ctagagtttt ctttcatata ttcactaccc     11520
     agtctggtaa ccaagggaac tttgagagat ttaactggtc ttgggtgaga ctctggtatc     11580
     catctatctg tatgaccata tgtatgtcca tctacccacc tacccatcca tctctccagt     11640
     ttctcctgtt tgttttctct ctgtctctct gtctctctct gtctctctgt ctctccctgt     11700
     ctctctgtct ctctctctgt ctctgtctct ctgtctctct gtctctctcc ttcctccctc     11760
     cctttctctt cccctttttc tctctgtctc cttctttctt tgaaaagcct gcgttgactg     11820
     tgtactacag ataattgtag gatcctgggc ccacaggcag aagcacaaag gaggaggggc     11880
     ttgctggaat cttaggtcct gcccagccag ccgtggaatc agaatctatc aagaatgtat     11940
     ctcaacaagc ttccccaggg gattcccatg gaaactacag tttaagaatc actattctaa     12000
     ggctgaagag atagctcagc caaggtcttg agttcaattc ccagcaacca cagggtggct     12060
     cacaaccatc cctaatgtga tctgatgccc tcttctggca tgcacataga gtacttgtat     12120
     acataaaata aataaacctt attaaaaaaa aaagaggaat cactatttaa ggctcttcca     12180
     ttgtaatgga cagaagtcta gacctagact tcccaaaggc tggtcaggaa gccaactatc     12240
     cccacctcct actaccctgc aacacaacta aggaccctgg tttatttttt tcaatttctt     12300
     tttatttgtg ttggagtcac ttgtgtcact accagagggt gacttgtgga gtcagttttc     12360
     cctcttcctt tctgtgagtt tcagggatta aactcaggac tttaggcttg gccagtaagg     12420
     atctaatact gagccattcc acaggcccaa gggctctgac ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     12480
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc     12540
     ctggctgtcc tggaaatcac tttgtagacc aggctggctt cgaactcaga aatctgcctg     12600
     cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg agattaaagg cgtgtgccac catgccgggc gggctctgac     12660
     ttcttaagac cccattatgc tttcccccac tattaggtcc agatgtgggt gcagggtcat     12720
     atctaggttc ctgcgtatgt tcacatgcat tcagttctct gtccctgtct ccaaacaggc     12780
     acacccacac tcatcacaga gaagcctggt aggtgtattg ggtccataac tggactctcc     12840
     tgtctgcacc agctcagctc cacccagagc tgtccaatgt tcttctccat cagctgacac     12900
     ctctgccacc ctccatgaaa tctcaagagc cgccatcatg gaatttctta ggacccagct     12960
     gacatcatca gggtccactt ctggaatgtc ttagacagcc tacggttctc agtcgtcccc     13020
     agctcttttc tggttaccca ttgtctctaa caacatataa agttctcaga ggagcacgaa     13080
     ggccctgctc tgcataatct tgctcagatc actctgccgg ccccactcct ggtaccaaag     13140
     ccagactcag cctctcctgc tcccctagga tttcccctcc ctgtcctctg tgtttcacca     13200
     ctctcctctg ttgctccctc agctggggat gtattcaccc cttcctttcc tgcgtgctaa     13260
     taatctccca cttattcttt gagtcacagt aaagtctctc tccctgagat gcctctggcc     13320
     ctgtgaatgt ccccatggct atgtttatat gaatctctcc tgctttgaca ttgtgtctga     13380
     tggtgtctat ccccttgtga gtctactcaa gcagaatggc acctgctaag gtattgaagc     13440
     cttaatgaca gctaacattg ctgccaaaat actttttttc ataaggctcc acataagtca     13500
     ttctctatgt gatgtagcac gtgttcccca caatgctaca gggtagagtc ttttcttatc     13560
     ctctgtttat gagtgtctag tactcagaga agcgaagcaa ctttcccgag gtcacacagt     13620
     gaatggtggc agagctggga cttgaactca gtccatgaag ttccagagct catgttctct     13680
     gcacagaact ttttggatgg atgatgggat aaatgaacga gcgactgaat aacctttcca     13740
     caggagctgc agtcacctct tcatcagcac actcttcttc gtcgtgatta agcccatctt     13800
     cctctccacc ttgccacgtt catcagcgcc cgccattagg agctgagcat ctgattcccc     13860
     cagccctgag tggagaccac actgtatttg ggaggagaga accagatgac tccctgttca     13920
     gaccttcatc ctcatcttca tcttccgaga aggtggggag tggctgcacc tgtgaatctt     13980
     gatttccact agaagaaagg gtggcgagag atgctggaat ccttttcccc acactctgtg     14040
     aagctgagtg aagttttcct tgatttggga tgttcctgag gggcaagcag aacagggaac     14100
     ggcctgagat gtcccagaac agctaatgag agtactagaa ggcgtctgag gcatagggtc     14160
     tgtctgcagg gcctcacaag ctccagcaag ctctccgaag atggttgaca gactcacctc     14220
     atccagcagc acccacaagg gaccgctatc aaaccctagc cccatgtctc tctcctggtc     14280
     cctgaggcag acctaagttg gcatcacttc ctaagtgggc accaaaacat acagaaactt     14340
     caagaggggg cctttgtctg aaaccagcta caaatggccc ttgggtcaga gctggaggcc     14400
     agggggccgt gctctgcccg gacccttcct ccctccctgc tccctaagga atgtgtcttc     14460
     agagcttcgc cagctcagca gctggctctg gttcacagag gggctgtgtc ctgaccccgg     14520
     ggcccctctg aagctcccat tgtcaggcat ggtgtaaagg caagctggga actgttgtgg     14580
     taatttctta ccccaacaag ccctataaaa agcacacaga ggcaggaagg gcaggggcac     14640
     actgggagaa tgagactgtg cgacacctgt gctctttttt tttaactttc attcagctct     14700
     gagcctctgt tgaccagaag gagaggtctc caggggttgg gacagtccta gggacatctt     14760
     ctacatttgc ctgccttgaa ccaacctttt ccccacagca gggcaggtga acaagaaaga     14820
     attcagaaaa caaaagtcaa acaataaaaa aaaaaaaaac ccagatgact aaagtaatga     14880
     agctgatggc atggcctcca ggggcccctg gatgatccca acttgagaag agctttgcca     14940
     gggagcacag gggaagaacc cattaaccag gggcccggca tggtgtccta gacttgggga     15000
     ctgtcatagc ccaccagaga ttgtcatttc atgggaggct tgatggtccg cttaggttta     15060
     cacagaagag agggcttgtg ctccaaagag catgcaaccg ggacattggg acacgtatgg     15120
     aaaagattaa ggtagaaggc gcaaccttta cccccaacac ctgcaaggga actgtggtct     15180
     ctaaaacaca gctgaaaata cccaaaacct tctcccttag tgtggtctcc aacccctact     15240
     tctttgcatc tttagtctta ggcacactta agggcaaacg agagtccaaa gctcatctgc     15300
     ccaaactgct cccgactttc cgcagttctt cctgaggccc ctcctggcat agcggggggt     15360
     ggggtagggt gtgtgtgggg gggacacttg gttccccacc ccccaccatg gggcaccagg     15420
     ccagcactgc tggaggaaat aaaggcctga aaggaaaaca caagatgtca ctgatggttt     15480
     tgatgaaagc agcaggcctt gcttgtctca ccacacactg tgttctcccc aaaaatcttc     15540
     caggagcccc caacagtggg aagtgccttg tctggaccag tcttagagct gtcactcacc     15600
     cgcctggctc tctcagcaaa gctcttctca agttgggaac atcctagaga gcaagataag     15660
     tatctgagca ggcgaatact gcagcacaca agctcacagc aatggatcag ggatctgtca     15720
     atcccatgct gcaagcctga agtgacagag gaggccgctc cataaccaag gggttgagga     15780
     tgcttgcagt ccagcaggga gaataagacc caccctagag aggcctaggg aaatgtgtga     15840
     gacacatttg ggacctcctg gggcgaggcg gacggcttac cctccaggga ggctctgata     15900
     cagctgccaa ctgtactcca gcatactgga ggggatttta cagaatccag gctaactttc     15960
     tggaggaagt agtgttgttc tgggattaga aggatgggta gaggggtttg gggaaatgac     16020
     tcagagggta agagttcttg ctgcataagc atgaggatgt gagttcaaat ccaagtcccc     16080
     acctaaaaag ataggatgct ggtgccgaca tccatgtgta aacccagcac tgagggaagg     16140
     tcggggacaa gaggaccact agagctttct gggtatgcaa tgacagctgt gcctatgata     16200
     agaacctgca tagctgagtc tcaaaaagtg gagggataga tgagatgtct gctttgcccc     16260
     tagcaggatt agttagcaag ggaagaggta gcctttttaa ctgtcttatg aagtctttac     16320
     tcacagcttg atataatcgt cctggggtgg gggcaggggc tggggggctg ggggtggggt     16380
     gcagggtgag tactgccctt caacatcaca ggttctgggg tggagggaga cttgcttaac     16440
     ttgctcatcc ctcttctcag cccccaacca gaggcatcac tgtctctatg ccctgcggtc     16500
     ctggctcctc ccctccgcaa tcctcatttt ccccaagcag aacagattgt gtgtgtcccc     16560
     caactcaaca ccttcctagc tcccactgcc tgaaggaaga gactccttag tctggccccc     16620
     aaagctagtc ctctgttcag cagccccttc ccaccaccca cattgacaga ccctggagta     16680
     gcactgcata gtcacctttg gatccctgag agcctctata aggggactgc ttattcctgt     16740
     ctagaatgtc ccctttccct tttctgagag ctaaatcttc tttagctttt aatacctgaa     16800
     ggacacctcc tccagggagc ccttccagat tttcctcctc agcaggggct gtggttcaag     16860
     gttgcctttt aatttaaaat aaacaattat tatttgtata tgtgcacatg gcctgagtgg     16920
     ggacatatgt gtggaagtca gaggacgact tttgtggagt tggttctctc acctttacgc     16980
     aggttcaggc aatcaaattc aggttgccag ccttgagtgc ccatgccttg gcccactctt     17040
     ggctagaatt ttttggtaac tgggtgtgga atatcaatga aagctggggg ccacagtagg     17100
     ctgctgccaa ggactcctgg agaccgccca tcctcagggc tgacattgtt gctgtagatc     17160
     acagcacccc tggaagagag agcagggtgg ggtcacagaa acctctactg agcctggcac     17220
     agatggatgc cagcagcccc ggatagagcc caggcactga gttggcatgg ctctgctgcc     17280
     ggagatgagg gtgagacaaa cagcaattag tggagcccag gcttgggctc ttaaggctaa     17340
     ttaccaatta gatggggctg ggcgattagc aacatgaaag agacagtcag caaatagtca     17400
     ctgcctggca aagcggaagg tgggggggtg gccagcggct gggtctccta gtggttagta     17460
     cggttcaaga accagcaagg agtcctcaag ggtagattcc ttgtcgtttt ggttcccagg     17520
     attagcttca gactggaact ggatggcctg gcttgctgat ggctctgggg tggtagcagt     17580
     tcgtactttg ccacacttgg ccaggtgatc tctgcaggac agagccttta ggagccttca     17640
     tggcagccac ccaatcgccc aatcggatgc atttgtgtct ggaagggtgc cggcaaggct     17700
     ggagggatgg agggagggag ggagggagcg agggaaggag ggaggccaag gctgatggct     17760
     tccttcctcc ctgttcctgg ctcagcactt cttcactatt gctctccccc ctcccccacc     17820
     ctccatcctc cctcctgcta tctcctctcc tctcaccccc acatcttttg actgctggct     17880
     ttgctggctt tcctgtctca ggctcttgct ctgtgggtct ctctgtctcc tttcttgaat     17940
     cccatagtcc ctgctgtcac ttggggtggg aaataggctg caacaggaag acctgaggct     18000
     agacacagat acaaagatca tctgatagca ggagtgagcc aacccgggga aggtgggtgt     18060
     agggaccgcc tctcactacc aggccatgtg tggatgaccc catagaggac tccgctgtag     18120
     gctcccggca gcaagaacca aatgagtcct gctggagcat ggtcacaagt ctacccctgg     18180
     cacatccctc ttctcacaag tgtctggtag aaccttgacc agacctggag ggccaaaaag     18240
     ctgaagggat cccatcttct gaaatggctt ccttttcgac ttttcctagg ctggcctggc     18300
     tggctgcagg ggctgagggt gatggtcggg gcatcgagtc tctgtgtgcg tgtgtgcgtg     18360
     tgcgtgcatg tgtgtgtgag agagacagac agagacagac acagagacac agacagagac     18420
     agagagaaac ttatctcagc cactgtctat gtctctttgt cctctgggtc cacagaggac     18480
     aaaaggatgc tgctgtcctg aggggatact ctgtggagta cagaggggtg ggaggagggg     18540
     ggaaattggg gaaagttagc agaaggccca ccaggggagg cctgtttgga ggagaaggag     18600
     gcctcagacc agaagacaag cttaacagtg ggcgtggtct aaagcgctcc ttggccgcat     18660
     ctccttgtct tggcagcttt gaccataaat gtgctacaca ggagatcaaa gcatgctggg     18720
     ctcctgcccc agtgtcagtg gggttgcagg gactgcccag ggggccccta gggacaggtg     18780
     tcacaccccc agcttcccct ccaagtggct gcgttggagt cctcccagat ggggagagtg     18840
     acctggcgta ggggaaggaa agaagagcat ctgccggtag gaatgtggaa ggaaaggaag     18900
     ggccatctcc agggctggag cggggagtgc cggggcccct gttggggctt ttggctctgt     18960
     gtgctttgta ctgccacccc tacagtgggt actttcctgg gccagagccc tgccgtggtt     19020
     agaagacgat gaccaagcca gtggtcttct ggcctctgaa ctcacccctc agctatgccc     19080
     cccagacaat ggggttcttt ctgcacaaga tgggcacgag aggacccgtc atggacttgt     19140
     gacctgaggg acaggcctgc cccaggccat ggttaggctt gctcacactt gtggtcacta     19200
     gctggcctta ggccagggtg gactaaggag aatgtggggc tctcctcact ctctggcaag     19260
     ccaatgcccg ggattccagt tggcatgaga tggccctatc gggcatagct ggagcctaca     19320
     ggcacaggcc agggctgagc tgtttctgac cccggcagta ggtgcctaat gaacagatac     19380
     ccagagcagg gctgagagga tggaggagag agaggatggg gagacagaga gagagagaga     19440
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aaggttacac ctggactggg     19500
     tttgaggaag gagtgctcag agcacaccct tactggtccc tcaggaagaa ggttcagtct     19560
     gaagaaaagg tgcttgccaa acagatgccc aaaaatctca gaggcagaga ggcaaaagcg     19620
     aaagacagag gggacgttat tgaggataaa ggctcagaga aaaagcccat ttcatcaaga     19680
     gacgatcaga aggcttccga agggactagg ggcattggag gggggattgc tctggcaggc     19740
     acggcttgga tctggaaagg ggcttaccgg ggagggaatg tgcagaaaag agcacagaga     19800
     ggccaatctc agctgtaacc ttagcacagc acagggtggg ggaggcccag gtttctgtct     19860
     cgagctcaaa gccctgtcct gccctcttag ttctcttgca gcccacaccc ttgggcagtg     19920
     gagagatggg tggggggcag gaagcacggt tccagccgcc cctcgccctc ggtggccgga     19980
     cagctgttgt gcgcagctgc tgggggctct gggggctgcg gcggatttga tttgattcag     20040
     gccccaaaat aactagtgta gcaggaagcg gccccttccc ccatcccctc caggacactc     20100
     catccggggg ttgggggggc tgcgttgaca ccttagaggt tctaccccat ctccgcctcg     20160
     tccctgatct cccgagcccc ggtcctttct tcccccgctc agcctgcagc gcttcaccaa     20220
     cgggtgctga gctccctgct gccctgctcc acaccccttc ctccaggaag cccgccgggt     20280
     ccaggccgcc agagctggct ctgcccacac acgatcccag ctccgcccgc agccctgagc     20340
     atcgcagccg gggcctgtgg ccaggcacgg gcgggttgcg gagggcacac aaagacgcgg     20400
     gctgccccgg cctttgatga gtaatggcta ttccctggag ccacgattcc actcggctgc     20460
     tttggcgccc ccctgcccct ccccactcca gctcctcaaa taagactcgt ttttgttcgc     20520
     aggacacaat gcgagaaaat gtcacccagg gggcgtgccc cctggcccct atccctgaca     20580
     accggagctc ttaatcactg ggcctccttc ctccccagcc tccctcccca gcagctgggg     20640
     gagctgaggg agcgggcagc agtcagggta ggggtggcca gttaccacct tcttgctctg     20700
     agcgctcttc cagctgtagg ttctccccac tccccaacac acacacacac acacacacac     20760
     acacacacac acacacacac acaccatctc ctgtactcaa ctggttcttc tcttgccatc     20820
     aaaacctgcc aggacctcta tacaagtgtt gcatcagaaa actgtaggaa gctttgaaaa     20880
     gtgcagtacc aagagaaaag gcgtcatcaa gagtggtagt gcgtgaggac cgatgtctgt     20940
     cctttctaca gccactgtgt ccaagctggc ctgcccaagg ggactttcag gctgagattc     21000
     cactgaagag atctctcttg tttggataga tttagggcaa gaggctttct ttccatgcaa     21060
     gggctctgtg gccaatggtg gcattaaggc tcagagctga atgtgatgac acctttaatc     21120
     ccagcactgg ggaggcagag gctagtggat ctctgagaat tcaaggccag cctcgtctaa     21180
     agatccgagt tctaagacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaacaaaaa     21240
     caaacaaaag gattgactga aagagacaga actgtggctc tccccactta cctccctgag     21300
     aatctgttca tctccaccgc catgtgagtg agtgctctac ctgagaactg tgtgccttgc     21360
     tctgcagacc cagcctctct ggctcaaccc acccttaact tctatataca cttctggagc     21420
     cttctctgca gaggtctcag ttaccaatca catcatctct ccctctaaag cgtgtgtcta     21480
     cctgctcact ttcctccatc tcttcagtct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct     21540
     ctctgtctct ctctctcttt caagacctct gtaccaggaa tctgggaaag gactctctgt     21600
     ctctgtgtgt ttctctctgt ctctgtgtct gtgtctctct cttgctctct gggtctctgt     21660
     ctctctgtca tctctgtctc tgtgtgtctc tcttgcttct gtctcactct cttgctctct     21720
     ctctttctct tgctctctct gtctctgttt ctccgtgtct ctgtctctct gtctccgtct     21780
     ctgtctctct ctctctgtct ctccctcccc ccctcctctc tgtgcctccc tccgcccctc     21840
     cctgcttcca ctcttgtccc cctacagtgc atttgccaca cagcagacag agcaatcttt     21900
     ataaaatggg aatcaaatca tgtcacttcc tcacttaaaa gcctccatag acttctcatt     21960
     gccctgagac tgaaagggaa agtctgctgt cagtgaggtg tggaggcaga aggatggaca     22020
     agaaggcact tttccctgtg tgaggaggga ccctcccccc cccaaccccg ccagccaggt     22080
     ggtaattgca gtgcagaggc caatgcccct cctttgagga atatgcttag acttataaaa     22140
     cttgtgtgcc cgaggcccca cgacgacaga cggagccaca ctgcttgccc aggtctccca     22200
     cctcatttgc tgcccatctt ccctttccct gactccaagg aattcaggga gacaagggaa     22260
     gattatatcc cagcgtgtga cttccaggac tatttctgca agcatttaat cactcagcac     22320
     atgtactgaa tccctccaca gagtcagagt taggcacggc gattcataaa tagggattct     22380
     ggcctatcgg cgagggcaga cagattacag agaaacataa gatgtgtaat gggaagcctg     22440
     tctggaaact ggaggggagg gacataggga ggacgaggag gacgcaaagg agacaaatgt     22500
     ttgtccttga ccccagcctc tgcagaggag tctgagttca ccaggcagat gtccaggagc     22560
     ccctggaaga acacaggctg gctgatcaga gcatggagag aagtgtggtg cagacaggtc     22620
     aaggagcatg ctgggaactg agcttaggcc gggcaagcaa gggtcagacc atgaatggac     22680
     tgggaagtct cattaggact tggcttcatc ttcagaccac aaggctacag tggggatgct     22740
     aggacagaaa tgtgcataat cagatttgtg cttcagagag cactctggca gcagagagat     22800
     atgatagacc ggagagggga caggctggag tcagggagac ggactgttcc ggaagaaacg     22860
     gtgatggtgg ggtgggggtg ggggtggggg gtggggacat tttcagggaa agcctgccca     22920
     gacttcgtga acatggagtg ggacacgtga gacaagagag ctcgatgtgg acacctggat     22980
     tgcaagctta ggtgattggg ggaagggaag caggggtggg ggtggggaag acatgtgagg     23040
     tagatatctg agggacaagc aagtagagac ctggaaacct tgtctacact tagagatgaa     23100
     atgtgccctg gggcaagggc ccaggggtca tatcaagagc atagagatca acagatggct     23160
     ctctcagtgt ccctaggagg ttgctgcctc tcatgccttc cagaggaata gcctcacaca     23220
     ggaagatgaa gtcaggccag gaactgatgc ttgcctgcag aaaccaacac cagccaggag     23280
     ttacatggcc gtgccaggaa tgggtgaacc tctacccccc tccccccatg attgtgcttt     23340
     agaaaacatc tgacgaagca aatcctcatg tttttcagat gcagaaatgg agactggctt     23400
     tcccacccca cctcaccccc taaaaaaaaa aaaattacac attggggtga ggatggagaa     23460
     tctgcaatta ccagtgaacc atgcacagtc tatttccatg gagcctgtgt gtgacagggt     23520
     caaagggaag gtgtctggaa gaggcctgga gaccctgcaa ttgctgaccc tttcccatgg     23580
     tagatggctc ccaatcccta gagagcgcca ccctgtactc aaggacactg gctcctccta     23640
     gtggccatgt ggagcattgc ttttgattcc ccattggcta gagcagtccc tagagcatca     23700
     atttccctct gattcatttc caaattgagc ccagtcccag tggccttcac cccggggcag     23760
     accttcctcc tcacagggga ctcggtcact ctcaacaagg ctgtgagctg acccgcagat     23820
     gctctcttcc tcggggactg gacagaatgt ttccacactt atagcaaggg acaggagaca     23880
     aagagtcagt ccatgttggt gcctctcaca gcccacctgg accagaggca ccctgctgcc     23940
     tcctccaggc tggacacagt gcttgcaatg atggtattca gtgtccatgg gagtcagaag     24000
     cccacaccac cggtccaccc cttgctcctg gttggaatac ccacactcat ttagtgcctg     24060
     ctgttcaatc cagcaccacg ttagtaactt atttatttag gtgttagagt ctagcatgtg     24120
     ctagcatgtc taggcaaggg gtctatgctg agccacatgt ccagccattg tcgtgtagga     24180
     cttaaataaa taaaaccgtt tccaggacca gagtcgatgg ctcaattgat aaaattcttg     24240
     ctattcaacc atgaggtctg ggcgaaaagc aaaggatggc tgtagatgcc tgtaatctaa     24300
     caccaggaag gagacaagag gatctgaggg ccagtctatc tcaatcagtg agctctaggc     24360
     tcacttgtct aggctcagag accttgacat agagataaga cggcagagcg tggtgacacg     24420
     tcactttcag cactttttct ttttcttttt tttaaagatt tatttattta tttttatgta     24480
     tatgagtaca ctgcagctgt cttcagacac acaccagaag agagcatcag atcccattac     24540
     agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tgggagagca     24600
     gtcagtgctc ttaacagctg agccatctct ccagccccac tttcagcacc ttcatcccag     24660
     cacttaaaag gcagatgcag gcctgcctct atgagttcaa ggccagtctg gtctacatag     24720
     taagaccctg tctcaaaaaa caagaacaaa gacaaaaata aggtagaagt gtgattgaag     24780
     aagacaccca aggtcaacct ctggcttcca gatgccagga gcatgtgtaa gcacgcctgt     24840
     gcttgccagt gcacacagag cagggaggga atggaaggga ggggaggagg gagggggaga     24900
     ggagagagag aagctgactc caggttcctc tggtgacatc agcggttatg cagcccctct     24960
     ctaggataca accagtcttc agttctctgc tgggatctgc ctgcagcccc cagcttcttc     25020
     gctgctcttt cctttggagg gcagtaagta gcagccacac ctgggggctt cctcagcagt     25080
     gtcaagaacc ccgcttttgc tcctcccacc cccgtgtcca agagcttaag atttttcatg     25140
     cctggcagcc ctggggaaga ggtgggctat gccatttctg agattttatg tctttttccc     25200
     aggacgaatt ggttgcatgg gtgtccacct gaggcaccgt gtctcctcct tccagctggg     25260
     gctgcacttc tgggataaca aaaagagagt ggtcctgagg agggagggca gcctctgctg     25320
     gaatagccct tggagatgat cccagcccta gctggcattc acttgagccc tgaggtgctt     25380
     ctgtgcacca cttggggggg ggagctccat cacccccatt ttgcaaaaga ggaaacaaat     25440
     caaagacgca actgtagtca cagaatggcc aagtgtcctg actggagttc agtgtccttt     25500
     cccacaacag ctcaccctgc acagcctgag acgtccaaga gacctgtttg gagatggctt     25560
     caggctcggc gacctggaga gatggattcc cgggattgac tccaacacag gtccgcctcc     25620
     ttctccctcc ttcccttcct tcttttttca gtctaaagat caggagaccc tagaaggtaa     25680
     gagctcagct tctgtcactt ctgaattggc cgcagcacag gatctgacag agcacaaccg     25740
     aacagtagct gtgttggaag aagggtggag ccaacgttcg gggcctgctg aactctgact     25800
     cactcttgag gagtcctctg tggagttggg ccaagctccg tgccctggaa caatcttcat     25860
     ggtgttttgc tctctgtgag cgctgagtag tggtggccag ggaggagtaa tgagtgttac     25920
     agtgtcccgt gagagctagc aatgtgcagg tggtgaccct atagaagggc aagtgtgtca     25980
     cagcaaggaa ctcagagccc agcccagagc aaggacaatg ggggtgaggg gtcctccagc     26040
     tccctctacc atcacctgag ctaaccactg acacaacctt cctgacagga gctggtagct     26100
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctaacacgc cctccccatc accatgagag     26160
     agccctggct tcagggtccc caagtcccac tctgaccctg ttccctccca ccattctgca     26220
     catctccaaa ccaacccatc cgttcccttc acagcgccct ggtctctgat gctcaaactc     26280
     ccttctccct tcccagagga ctccttgttc cccgaagtct tctttgcagc catcctgggg     26340
     gtaatgggtg ggaggatgga aaaggtagtt ctcacataat ttttttttcc cattcctacc     26400
     ctctgcctat agaagacaag ccctcagtcc cttccctttt ttaatgactg tctccaacct     26460
     tttgaaggac cattgacttc cccctacctt gtcaccaccc aaacatctct aaagcctctc     26520
     gttcccaacg tgattatctc aaaaagcacc tcatgtcctt cttgcccact cactcaggtt     26580
     tccttagcaa cccttcctca gggcctccca ggcaggtacc attttctgct acccgatagc     26640
     ccgtctgaga ttctaaccgc tccacctaac ttcccctcct ttttaatttt attttcactt     26700
     tgtgtacatg ggtgtttggc ctgcacgtgt gagggtgtca gaccccctgg aacagaaact     26760
     tgtcctggct ggttttgtgt gtcaatttga cacaagctgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag     26820
     tctcccttga gaaaacgcct ccatgaaatc cagctgtaag gcattttctc aattagtgat     26880
     caagggtccc cccttgtggg cccagcccat tttaagtggt gacatccctg ggctggtagt     26940
     cctggcttct aagagagtaa gctgagcaag ccagggggag cagcaccctc catggcctct     27000
     gcatcagctc ctgcctccag gttcctgccc tgtgtgagtt cctatgctga cttcctttgg     27060
     tgacgaacag caatgtggaa gtgcaagctg aataaaccct ttctccccaa cttgtttctt     27120
     gctcatgatg tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactagga cagttgtaca ggcagttgtg     27180
     agccatcatg tggttgctag gacttgaacc tgggtcctct ggaaaagcag ccagtgctct     27240
     taactgctga gccatctctc cggccctctt ttgtgctatg acaagtgacc aaacttcagc     27300
     tggatcagtc tgctatttac atactccagc acctggcttg aagagccagc cattgctgca     27360
     ggggacttca ggacctgcta acagccatca ttattcacag tcacaaacct gaacgggtgc     27420
     aggttggcca tcaagtctgc cctgtcttag aagtcttgct tcgttccatc tcgtggctca     27480
     cgcctttcct ggaacctgcc cagtccccca acttcctctc ctccaactca accttagcta     27540
     tcatgaagct gccacgactc cacctctacc tacccctagc ctcacaccct cctgtctttg     27600
     tattgtcatc cctgctctgt gacccaggtc tcctctctgt tccccagtca acatctttgc     27660
     ctttttgaag gttttgctcc gctcccatgc cctttcctaa acccaccctt gcaacaccag     27720
     ataaagtagc tcctggcagc ctccacgtcg gtggaggggg gtcccagtac ctgtgggatg     27780
     ggctacccct cttttctcac ttcattctcc accccctact tcactgctaa tttcctatcc     27840
     ctaaagaatc attgacacag tcaactgcca cttcctcctg tcctgttctg tcaccttccc     27900
     ctatgcttgc aaaaacattc aggggaaagc caagggaatg gaagccaggt gctccgtcgg     27960
     atcccaatta tctgtacatt aaaaaaggat gccaaaagtc ttaatagcgg ctgtttctta     28020
     aggttcgctg gtttttattt cagtttttat gatccaaaaa aatagtatta tagagaaaga     28080
     aaaacatcgc tttagctaga tgtcttgtgc ttgtgcctaa gaagtatagg caccttgtgc     28140
     tgtgtaatta tcacggcatg ttcttggtaa ttaattaatc aatgctgtat gtaattattt     28200
     tgatatacac atattatgaa atgatgactc caatcaatcc agttaacaca ttccgcttat     28260
     ttttagcagg ttaggaaaac aactttggtt acatacagag ttggtttttt ttttttacac     28320
     taacaatagg gtttcattta cacaaaactc tgctactttt cctgtctgtt ttcttcttat     28380
     aagcatctgt ctctccttct cttcttcctc ctcctcccct tctcgtcttc ttcctccctg     28440
     cccccacttt tagagactga gtcttgctat gtaaccccgg ctgtctcaac cccatgatcc     28500
     tcctgcctca gcctgctgag tgctttaata caggcatgag cctgtatgct ctttttattg     28560
     ttgctctttt tgtatttatt gtcaaggata gatacctatg tagtatagat gtatatagaa     28620
     ctcagagttc cagccagctg tgatggcaca cacctttaat cccagcacta agaaggcaaa     28680
     gaccttggat ctctgtgagc tcaagaccag cctagtctca aaatttttaa aaatgaacca     28740
     agttccagaa ggtgcttaaa gagtgaggag caccctcccc tcttcttcac cattgcaaaa     28800
     gatcacactt ttgttagtta gtaactagct aataggcaag gtcttgctaa ttctaactcc     28860
     tggtctctaa ctcctattct atcccctgcc acaaccttgg gagtgctgag agattataag     28920
     tagacgccag gactcccagg tgctttcaaa tcttcatttg tgtgtatttt agactgggcc     28980
     ctcagtagct cagattggtc ttaaactcac tgtctaggca ggaataacct tccttggact     29040
     cctgatccca ttgcctccac ccacaagtgc tgggattacg gctttgtgcc accacatctg     29100
     gcttcactct gtccctcttt tatctgttgg ctctgatgac cccttcacat ttctaaacat     29160
     aaacacacta cctactctac ttgcagaatt ccccacggcc aatacttacc tattcccttc     29220
     cattgaggag atgaatattg agcccatgca caccgtcctc cctgccccct ctgacccaga     29280
     gcagctatct cataacacac ttccgggagc tttgaagtgc taatctttca ctatgagcac     29340
     agtccgcaca cggagacctt tcctatggtc atatactagg aatgaaatct gcctctcttt     29400
     aaattctgac tacttttcta tgtacctatt gctaactcat gcgcacactg atagaagtaa     29460
     catcttcttt tagtatttca ttcatttgtt ttatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     29520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcaggt acatgcatgg acgcatgtat gtgtggtctg     29580
     gaggtctacc tcaggtgttg ttgtctaaag gttattatgt atgtgtgttt tcatgagttg     29640
     gtttgcacca caatcatgca ggagcctgag gaggtcagaa gagaccctgg agctggagtt     29700
     atgggagact gtgagcaatc gtgtgggtgc cagaaaccga accaggtcct ctacaagagc     29760
     agcgtgtgct cttagcactg gagcatcttt ccagcccctg ccttgttttc tttcctggat     29820
     ctctcactgg cctggaactt gccaattaag ctagggtgct ggccagtggg tctcaaggag     29880
     ccttctatct ctgctttcct actgctggga atgcaaactt tgtgtgtatg cctgtgcata     29940
     cttgcacaat aaccagggtt tgacttcagg tgtttcctta gtcattttcc accttactgg     30000
     tatgtgtatg tctatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     30060
     tgtgctggtc aaaggttaat gttaggtgtc tttttttttt gtggtttttt gagacagggt     30120
     ttctctatat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctggaact     30180
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatca aaggcgtgcg ccaccaccac     30240
     ctggcaatat taggtgtctt aataattctc tatctagggg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg     30300
     ggtaagagta cccgactgct cttccaaagg tccagtgttc aagtcccagc aaccacatgg     30360
     tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa caagatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct     30420
     acagtgtact tacatgtaat aaataaataa atctttaaaa gacaaataat tctctatcta     30480
     ttttttttca gagaaaatga tctcagagtg aacccattat gtagattgac tagccagaga     30540
     ccctcctctc ttcacctccc cagtgctggg agttcaggca ctcacagcca cacccatctc     30600
     ttacatgggt tctgggagat tgaactcagt tccccaagcc tgtgcagtga cctcgtccct     30660
     ggatgagctg tttccacatc ctcctccccc tcaggatctt caaccatctt tcctagtcac     30720
     atctcctccg gctcccatct gctccttgtg gtcttcaggc tcctgcctaa ctttcattac     30780
     cactgtctta gacacctttg ccctctctca cttgggtgtc ttatttgggg ggtggggttt     30840
     cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct     30900
     agcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatc aaaggtgtgc     30960
     gccaccatgc ctggctggtg tcttattttc tgaaccctca ctctttcagc ttttcttcct     31020
     ctttggctct agggcatcct taagtcattt cttgagaaat gcacaagcta aaacactttt     31080
     gtgaccttag gtgtagagct cttgatagct ttgtcagagg acaacctggg ggactcagct     31140
     ctgtcttccc accatgtggg ttctgggact ccaactcagg tcacctgtct tggtggcaaa     31200
     tacctttacc cactaagcca tctcagtgtc ctgtaaacat tttacatctg ggtttttatt     31260
     ttttacagtt gagctcttta tgtatactgg atgaagccca ttcccataca aatagatcac     31320
     tagcatctct ccacttaggt ctcctttaac atcatttaac gacggttatc attttatcat     31380
     acaggtataa atgtgtattc ctaaatatgt tatcgttttg aatgtcatag ttttgatggt     31440
     ataataagtt ttttaaaaag atgtatttat ttattttatg tatatgagta cactgtagct     31500
     accttcagat acaccagaag agggcatcag atcccattac agatggttgt gagctaccaa     31560
     gtagttgctg ggaattgaac ttaggatcta tgaaagagca gttagtgctc ttaactgctg     31620
     agccatctct ctagtcccct ataagtgata gtttccaaca ttagtttcca aatgcctctt     31680
     gctcttgcat cttctaccat ttctaaatgt aatcactgct tataatagtc cttttgtgta     31740
     ttccttagga ttttttacat atgtaatcat gtcatctgct aatggagttt tacttctcct     31800
     ctaaatcata tgctgtcttc ctcctcttcc tcttcctccc cctcctcctc tccctcctac     31860
     ccctcctcct cctctccttc ctcctccccc tcctcctcct ccccccccct tgcctgttgt     31920
     aggcaactgc actgactaag gctcccccag cccatgatga atgaagactg agcatcgtct     31980
     ttagggaggg gatagggagg gaatgagagc tgccgtggga tgggacaaca cgggtacagg     32040
     tgtgagtgca catgtgtgtt catgtgtgtg gaggccagcg gttcatatag ggtgttttct     32100
     ttggctacca cgcactttat ttactgaggc acgacatcat gctgaaccca gagctcactg     32160
     atattgatag tatggctagc cagctcactt taggggaatc ttccttctaa gaaccagatt     32220
     acaggaagat ggccacgccc acccagcatt tctgtgggcc ctggggatct aaacccttac     32280
     tcccttactc ttcctgcttg gcaagggctc tagccattaa gtcacctccc cagcctcagg     32340
     catcttcttt aatttagaag aaaacagttg attttctatc tcttcctctt tttcttaatc     32400
     ttgttctggt ttcaggaatg gaaaactctt tctctgaata tgtcaattac agcaaatggt     32460
     ttgtttagat cttttatgcc tttgtctcgg gctctcctac gctttttgtt tgccttgttt     32520
     tttttgagtt agtttttgtt tgattttctt tcttgcttct cttctgctga atttcgtcac     32580
     ttgactgctt gctcagacaa gtaagacccc taagatggct ggttagcccc ccagatcttt     32640
     tcttcctgtg tatttagctg tccagccaca aactacattt ccaagcccat tttgtgacca     32700
     catgagacca agtaactgca tagtcaccaa aaagaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa acagggcaca     32760
     aaatatgtgc tgtttctgct tcgtttgcca aaaataaaat cactactgtc tgttttctct     32820
     gttctctctc ctgcaagtca gaatacagat gtaacttggc tggaggaaga tcatcattta     32880
     gggggtggtt tcaaaaaaag agagagagaa gacaaaatac agtaggaggc tggggacatg     32940
     gctcagaggt taagagtact ggctgctctt ccaaactacc tgggctatat tcctagaacc     33000
     atttataact gtagttccag gtggtctgat gccttcttct ggcttctgtg ggggcaccag     33060
     acaactgcat tatatatatg tgtatatata tatgtatata tatatatgtg tgtatatata     33120
     tatatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tgcgaaacat     33180
     tcctacagat aaaatagaaa aaaaattaat ttgtagaaac ccagcacaat aaaaagaaat     33240
     tgaagctgtg attgagctgt agggcaaaac taaattaact tctgctaagc atggtagcac     33300
     acacctggaa tccagcttca agagaatttc tatcttcttt tgtatgtgtg tgtatatggg     33360
     ggtatatgtg tatgtgtgtg tttgtgtaga ggaaaacatg aggaagctgg aggtcactgt     33420
     catgtgactt cctcagttgc tccccaccta cctcattttt tgaggcaggg tctctcactc     33480
     aacccagagc ttgctaatcc agccggagta gatggccagt gagcccccag gattctgctg     33540
     tctccatctc atcagcactg ggcttcagaa cccctggaag agcagtcagg gctcctaacc     33600
     actgagccat ctctccagcc ccctttattt gttttctttg aaatagaatc tcactatgga     33660
     agtcaaacag gccttgagtt tgtgattctc ctgacttagc ctgccaagct taggacatgg     33720
     tgacatatac cactacatct atctaccaca tctagctcat tgctattccc ctgagttttc     33780
     cagaggctgc ttgacttacg atagcccaga gattaaacga aggatccaag atttacaatt     33840
     ctgtgaaaca atgccaccct cctcagcaaa cagttttgag acaccatgag tttccataag     33900
     ttgtatcttg tttgatgctt tgctattttg tttgaaacac attcttgcta tgcaatcctg     33960
     gctggcctag aactcattat ctaaactagg acaggcttga attcatcaac atctacctgt     34020
     ctgtgcctcc ttaacacagg ttcagcatgt gtccccaccg tgtcctgcgg ctgtttgctt     34080
     tttgaggcag gatgttgtcc tgtagccctg gctggcctca tgaaccccat gcctcagcct     34140
     gagtcctcaa attactcctg tgtaccacac ctggctaccc ttgttatttt taaatgggtt     34200
     cgaagtatta agtttctcat ttttattttg agtgtacgga attcatattt taaaactctt     34260
     tgaggaactt gatcgcttta aaaatagacc ggtgccctat aataaaataa ttcaagacta     34320
     gctggagatg taactcagga ttagagtgct tacctaatgt gtgtgaggtc ctagggtcag     34380
     gtcttagtgc tgtcaaaata aaaatcaaga ctcaggagtt gcaagtgatt gctgcccttg     34440
     tagaggacag agtttagctc ccagcaccca tatcagactg ctcacaacac aaaaaatgcc     34500
     agctccaaca gctctgatgc tttccagctt ctataaacac cctcatccca tgtacatgtg     34560
     tgtgcatgtg cataaccata cacacaccac acacaggcac acacatgcac agccatgcac     34620
     acacacatat acacaaccac atacatacat acaaccatac acaccacaca cacacataca     34680
     cacagctata tgcacacata caactataca cacgcaaata cacacacaca actataccac     34740
     acaaatgtac acatacaacc atacacacgc cacacacatg cacaaccatg catacatata     34800
     cacaaataaa aataaaataa atacttaaaa catttcaaat taaaaatttt ttttaaattc     34860
     caagatccgc tgaggtaggg tggtctgcct ggttcttttg ctggggaatt ccatgtgctg     34920
     tattcatgtc tcttgggtcc actattctcc cccaaaagaa tcacccatcc tggtgcttca     34980
     aattttccag aactccccta tacccttaaa ataaagcaag gattccctgc caagcctaca     35040
     gtaactggcg cttgctcacc tcctgctgta gcctggggac cactttccca cccacaaact     35100
     acactctgct gtaaatttaa ttttttaaac ctacttttaa tgatggttct taaatgcttt     35160
     aacctccctt ttagcccacc atccaccaga ggtagtggga aagaaaggat aggggaagcc     35220
     gggcggtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaaaccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg     35280
     cagaggcagt cggatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtaa gttccaggac     35340
     agccaaggct atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaactaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     35400
     aaagaaaaga aagaaagaaa ggaaaagaaa gaaaagaaag gataggggaa gtagatccat     35460
     ttagaaaggt tctttggaca actctggtct gtgttgtctg gaaattggca attcagttca     35520
     caggttagca gtggcagctt gatcgactct caaacacttc acagtcaagt ttggtagtgt     35580
     caggatagca aacacgaacc agtagcggtg acacaaccta gcagagacag ctaggcctca     35640
     gcctcagcac aagtcagcag gaaaaatcca gagggatgcc aggaaaagtt cttggctgtg     35700
     cctctctcag caagttgaag atcagtgaag aagagagacc cacaagcatt gcacacctag     35760
     ctctataagc aagacaagct cagcctccat cactgtccgt cgagtccttt tataccctgc     35820
     aaacatcacc tgtcctccac agctcttccc tcagcatggg tcttgcctca gccagtgcat     35880
     ctgtctcaac tgacatcaat cagcctgaag tggcaagaaa ctgcagcaca ccaccagaag     35940
     gtttttggtg ctttctctct atggagtcct aacaaatgca gctcaactat gcacggtaag     36000
     gcaggccaat acatgtgtgt tgttaacaaa gaatccttca tcacatgtcc ttttacatgc     36060
     ttgttttagc agaacaccct ctctcttgtg tctgcttcag ccaaacattc cttcacaagt     36120
     ctgtcttagt ctttcacacc tgtgtccact tcagctaaac gttccttcac gtgtttgccc     36180
     caacaaaaca ccatccagtc gactttccaa agaacttctc tctggctatc ttcagcttca     36240
     tctgatgtct tcagtggacc aagcttgatc tgcctcaagt tctttgcact gtagggaaac     36300
     agctacctaa catagccaca caatcgccct aaggaagact agggggaagt cagtggaatc     36360
     acagtcttgt cggaacaaca caggggtggc ttgtgagacg atccaaggcc ctctcaccct     36420
     cacctgctct gcctccagac acattgccat gaggcagatt ctcatcggct gccatcctgt     36480
     cccccaaaga gacacctgct aacagcagcc tggcatggca tcagcttcgc agaaatgatg     36540
     tcacacttgt ctgtctgacc ctgttgttgt ggttgttgtt cttgttccca ggttcagggg     36600
     tcagcagaag ctggtacgtt aggctattct tttttcactg tctttgcgtg cctaactcct     36660
     ggtctgggtc ctgtcctcct tggtgtctgc cacacatact ggtcctttca accgggtgct     36720
     ctctctctct ctctgccctt cccatgcctc actgcttcat agcctgcctt caatgccatg     36780
     tcctcgtaga ggtttcccct ttgctagctt gtccaagatg gatcattctg gaagatgctg     36840
     ctggctccat ttccaatatc caatctccca tccctccttc ctcgctggga agaatgcttg     36900
     ttttgatttg ctagggtact ggcaatcctg aggtttagaa gccatgccct cttgctggag     36960
     tttgcctctc gagtccttgt gtcccaatgc gtcaatggtg tttgtttacc agtaagtggc     37020
     ctagaaatgg acagggacac acttctgccc agagacaaaa gtgaaccatt tgattgaaat     37080
     gagaaaccat atctgggaaa ctttagttca ctcttataaa aagaccccga aatatggtat     37140
     gccctgttcc tgccttctgg tgtttggtta tactaggaaa cggttaggct cagacctcct     37200
     atagtatctt gtgacctgga ggtgccaagt gtgagagcaa gagtcagcac ctaaaggttt     37260
     caggactgat ggatggaggt ttccctcatc tatgagatcg gtgggtacat aagttttgac     37320
     tgtcccctag cctagatcta gaatcacaac agaaacacac ccccaggtgt gtgcgtgaga     37380
     gtttccagag aggtttaact gagaagacca acactgaatg tagatgacac tgccctatag     37440
     gctgtgtctt ggactaaata acaaggagaa agtgaatgga gtggtaatgt tgatctgttt     37500
     ccttcctgaa gctgcaatga cagctgccgc ccagtactgt tgccccaccc ccagcacgtc     37560
     cttcccaccc agtggactaa ctacagcttc aaacagtgag ccccaaataa actcctcctt     37620
     ccttaagttc cagagatctc ctcacagcaa ttagcaaaga aatgaacagt gtgtgagcca     37680
     ctgaatgaac tgccctcgga acagctctcc tgagacttct tcctgcgcct ttccttctta     37740
     ctcaagacag ttgagtccac gtgaccgctg ctgcagccca gagcggccac acaaaatttc     37800
     cacatcctcc gtcacattct ttattatttt tatcgcgttt actgttttat gtggagggta     37860
     tttgtgcacc aagtgtgtgc ctggtacctg tggaggttag aaggtgttag atatcatgga     37920
     accggagtca cagatggtta tgagcctctg tgtgcacgca gggaattgaa cccaggtcct     37980
     ctggtacagt agccagtgct cttagccact gagccacctt gccagcttca cacatcctcc     38040
     aattgtttgc tcatatcctt caggaaacta tcaaactttc atctaaatgt tcgctcctgg     38100
     tttgtttttt tctagaccag tggttttcaa cctccctaat gcttggaaca tacaatacag     38160
     tttctcgtgt catagtgacc ccacccccag ccataaaatt atttttgttg cttcttcata     38220
     actgcagttt cgctactttt atgaatagta atgtaaatat ttgtggagac tgaggtttgc     38280
     caaaggggtc tagacccaca ggttgagggc cggtgctcta gacacttcat ctctacctga     38340
     gtgtgagtac tatgcagcca gagtcccctg acttcctcat ctagctcatc acccagcatg     38400
     cctaacaggc tttctgtaca tgtgtgttag gtgaagaaag taaaagagac actcttcagt     38460
     gaccatttat ttaatgaccc acttctctgt gtgttgagct ccaaatccga cattgctaag     38520
     gtgttactta ctgaccacgc cctctcaaag cttggaaaat gacaggttgc agtaccagca     38580
     atctgccgtt tgtctgctgt gtggctatag cctgcacttg acttctctga ccaagctcca     38640
     cactggggcc agtgagatgg ctcagtgggt taaggcactt gctgccaagc ctgacaactt     38700
     gagtttgatc gtcggactca catggtggaa ggagagaacc aacgcctgtg gattgtcttc     38760
     tgacctccac acgtacactg tggccacaca tgaccacgca catacaccct caaatgaata     38820
     aagcaaagtc tagattttta tttttgtttt ctgtatatgg gtgttttgcc tacatgtatg     38880
     cctgtgtcct aactgcatga ctggtgctcc cagaggccag aagagggcat cagctctcct     38940
     gaaaatgaag tttcagacag ttgctctgta cgtgctggga gctgagcctg agtcctctgg     39000
     aagagcagcc aatgctctta cccctaagta atctctccag cccatgaatg tatttaaaaa     39060
     accaaatata aaaacctcct tttctcattt ccacatggaa atgtaaaaat ggagctgaaa     39120
     aagacaactt attattaata aatactcagt gtttatcaaa taggtgtaat gccaaatatc     39180
     tttaagcaaa cattaatttt ccatacattc tgaatttgtt gttcttgttg ttgttgtttt     39240
     tgtttttgaa aacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt ccttgaactc actttgtaga     39300
     ccaggctggc cttgaactca gaaattctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc     39360
     gtgtgccacc atgcccggct tatattctga attttttatg gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     39420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgccaca ccacatgtgt gttggtgctc cagaggggag aagagggcat     39480
     tggatcccct ggaactggag tcacaggtct ctgagagtca cctgccatgt gctggaaacc     39540
     aggcttaggt tctcaggaag agcaccactg attttaacag ccaaccagcc acctctccag     39600
     ccctctgccc attttgaata ttttataagt actgttttgt tttacagtgc tgaggttgga     39660
     actgaagacc tagcgcactg taggcaagtg ttctgcctca gcaatttcac ttgctgtgcc     39720
     ctccttctct tcctttgtga agccaacaac ccttgcaaac actaagtttc aaaatctgtg     39780
     gttcacctat ttaatcgttt attaggaggg aaagctcttc gtatgttgat tgattcttgc     39840
     ccatttgagt tatgtaacat cattcacact tttttttttt ggtttttcga gacctttctc     39900
     tgtgtgtcgt cctggctgtc ttggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag     39960
     aaatctacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcatgcacca ccactgcccg     40020
     gccatcacac tttttttttt ctaacaaaat gtatttgttt tattaatttt aagtatttca     40080
     cttatattca ccaccttatt taccctcccc aggcccttcc agtctctctt ccaccccaat     40140
     agtcttcctt gtgtcttcac attctctctc tctctccctc tctccctctc tctctctctc     40200
     tcagatgcca cctgcttctg cctcctgggt gctgggattg aagtcgtgca ccactgcacc     40260
     tagcttgctt tcatgttcgt tcgttcgttt tctttcttcc tttcttttaa atgtatatct     40320
     ggcttcttat attttaataa gaaataaata ccgattgcaa atttaaaatt gcattttatc     40380
     ttttaaataa aagttaagct aagaataagg agcaggtctt tcttagaagt ccaatgcact     40440
     atccattgcg ccacagtgcc aggggttttc atgttcttta cagatattct caggagagtt     40500
     tgtatttcgg gagcaacaag cccaaaaaaa taaactactt cattttagat ttgtgtcatg     40560
     gagaggaatg ctataaaagt cactatttgc ttaattggca aaattggaat gcagacatgg     40620
     ataatattta cttaagtaaa aggatagtag ccgggcgtgg tggcggacgc tttaatccca     40680
     gcacttggga gccagaggca ggcggatttc tgaattcgag gccagcctgg tctatagagt     40740
     gagttccagg acagctaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaacaa acaaacaaac     40800
     aaaaacaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaagt aagaggatag atatccttga tcttagagaa     40860
     tagtaggaga aagagaaaag tggagggagg cgaggagatg gaacaaaaac aacaacaaat     40920
     acgcaaattg ttgacaacag gtgaacttga gaagccatac acatgatctc cgtccctttt     40980
     ttgcaattcc tcgaatataa cttggaaaaa aagatgccca gagatttaga ccctaaatca     41040
     agagccttta ctgaagtatt gcaagacctg aatgaccgac tcccttcctc ttctttctaa     41100
     gccgttttta aggttatgga gtggcttgga agatcaacat cttacgtccc tgagggctgt     41160
     ccttaacttc cctagcagtc tctcagtgca tgaattattt tacctcacct ttatccaaaa     41220
     tgcccaccca ttccttcacc accttgtgat ttcctctacc aagtggaagc ccaactcctt     41280
     tccgatccag tctgcttccg gcttctggaa ccacctcctt gaggaatagg cacgtgcata     41340
     tattaccaag gaactacaac tcccgaaagg ctttgcggca acatcccatc cgttctcacc     41400
     agtcagaaac gggtttcctg aaagagcccg ttgctgcatg atcttttggg agttgtagtt     41460
     gacctcatta aagccacaga gcccgcggaa gactgcaaaa cacgtttccc agaatgcacg     41520
     tcgctcggct tcaccaattg aagggtcgga tcttgaagag gcgggggtcg gggggggggg     41580
     aggagctgcc tggcgcacgc gcagtatccg gagctgggga attcatgtgg aggtcagagt     41640
     gaaagcaggt aagcgtggta ggagcggtag aggcctctgg tcctatgtcc ctgtagcctg     41700
     cctctgcttt cctatgtaca atgagggcat gggatgcatg tgtgggtacg cctagtggag     41760
     aagggggaaa tctcggtcca gaaggagtta ggaatgtgca aggggagggg acaggatgag     41820
     gaaaaatcca gaagctggtg gagtaaaaag agctggatgt cagagacaga ggataaatgt     41880
     gcatggagaa atcccgatac acaagcagtt gaagtctgag aaaggggagg gcgagtttga     41940
     ggattgtacc aagggtgacg caggggcggg acattaaaaa gttcaaggct aactggtttc     42000
     tagtttgtca gctacgtgcc cccacccgtc ccgccgcagc cccacctcca gtccttcacc     42060
     gctctgcctc gctgcacccc tgccagcccc tgctttccta ttaactggta tggggaggag     42120
     ttctacaatg tcttctagaa ttcggtcttc tcattctaac cctggttcta ctacttaaga     42180
     gtataacctc tctatgcact tcagcagtca taaccttcat aaagtaactg aaggttaaac     42240
     aaggctgtcg gagaccgtgt aacttaaatg ttaacagaaa ttgccctttt tgttgttggc     42300
     ttcagccgtg tagcaccggt ctcgcttgtg gcctattggt ctaggaaaag ggagtgtggt     42360
     ttttctgtgt actaagttcc tcgtgggtac aaagcaccgt tcctacgctg agccaagtgt     42420
     cgcagactct ttctctgaat ggttgtaaag aaacacgtcc acaaacgcag acatgatcta     42480
     cagtttgcaa ggtggtcagt gttatggggc gttcagtgag tgagtttggg cccacaggtg     42540
     tagacatatg aaaatgtatg ttgagacatg aactctgtgc ctcagagcgg gctttctctg     42600
     agaatctggt gtcaaagtgt tttatgttta ccccgtgttt aggtgtgagt ggaagcaaca     42660
     gaaggagtca tggctgccaa agtgtttgag tccattggaa agttcggcct ggcgttggca     42720
     gttgcaggag gcgtggtgaa ctctgctttg tataatggtg aggcgcggaa gagctttctg     42780
     catagtttct gttgatctgc atagcccatg tgtcattcct tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt     42840
     tatttatttt atttatatga gtacactgtc gctgtcttca gacccaccag cagagggcat     42900
     tgaatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aaatcaggac     42960
     ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctttgccatc tctacagccc atttgacatt     43020
     cctgatgcta gctgctgtct gaaggtgtgt gaggttaagg gggactcacc tgctacccca     43080
     catactggtt gtgagtcatc agaggcctat gatcacttag gcaggggttc tcagccttct     43140
     gatgcttgga acatttagta gtttctcact attgtggtga tacacctcca ccaccataca     43200
     gttcttttcc ttgctgattt ataactgtga tttgctactt ttatgaatcg taaattttgt     43260
     tttccgatgg tcataggcag cccctgtaat agggtctttt aacatccccc ctcatagggt     43320
     tctgacccac aggttgaaag ccactaactt agaggctttg ttcaagggga gccctcctgt     43380
     ccaatgttta gcactttagc cactttgaaa tgatgaggta ttacccagat gacaggaggt     43440
     gacaggagcc cattggttct cttccttatt tgcatgaagt atcttggcaa catctctaga     43500
     ccagtttgag agactgtgtc ctgagaaaag ttttgctcag ctggttgcag agagaatagg     43560
     tttttgtttt taaatttttt tttaaggatt tatttatttc ttctatgtat gagtatacta     43620
     ttgctctctt cagacacacc agaagagggc atcagatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc     43680
     accatgtggt tgctgggagt tgaactcaga acctccggaa gggcagtcgg tgcacttaac     43740
     cgctgagcca tctctccggc ccaggagaat agtttttgcc aggtattgaa tggtgccaca     43800
     gtgcaaagct gggttttctt tgactgtatt acatggcctt atttgcgagt ccctcctttt     43860
     agtccccagc tttctcattg gtcaaacaag gggactgaac tagtttttct cttaagattc     43920
     cctctaaggc cgggcgtggt ggcacacccc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     43980
     ggtggatttc tgagttagag accagcctgg tctacagagc gaggacggcc agggttacac     44040
     agagaaaccc tgtctagaaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaaagat tccctctaag tctgatactc     44100
     ttttaaaaca gcaacagatt ttgatgtacc tcctgtatgg tttttgtttt atttgtattg     44160
     ggagggttgg ttttgtttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttgagacaga atctttacca     44220
     tgtagctctt gactggcctg aaactcacag agatccacct gcctccactt ctcaagggct     44280
     gaaattaaag gtgtacacct gtctacctag ctcaactaaa gcagttgtaa gtaactcaga     44340
     cccacaccca gctgttctgt ttttaagaca gtgtctcctg tagtcccagg ctggctttga     44400
     actcctggac ctttggctat atgatgtttt gatgagttat tttcagagtg aaggttttta     44460
     gatcaactct aaattcaaac aggaaatgag aggaagtgac tacttcagcc tgggcctggt     44520
     ggcgtactcc tgtaatgcca gcgttcacaa ggctggggat cttgagttcc agtcccacat     44580
     gggctaccta gtaagacctt gtctctaaaa cgttagagga gagggaagga gggagggagg     44640
     ctcttccctg ggtgcacaag acatctccac aacacctcca aatgttagag aaacagctat     44700
     tagatcctgg gcaagctgcc cgtggtggta tataccagta gtcccagcac tcggaaggta     44760
     aaggcaggca aatctcttga gttcaaagcc agcttggttt acatggtgag tccaggatag     44820
     ccaaggctac atagtaagaa cctaccttga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaac aagccaggcg     44880
     gtgatttgtg cataggttta agcccttatc ctcaggaagc agaaacaagc agatttcttg     44940
     agctccaggc caacctggtg gacagaacaa attccagggc agtccgagct acagagtaag     45000
     aacttatctt gaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac acagaaggat gccaggcaga gtgattgctt     45060
     ccttatattc ccagtgctgg caggggaggg atgaggctga gttctgggct gatctgaacg     45120
     atagcctggg accctgtctc aagagaaaga aaaagaaaga aggaaagaga ccagacagtg     45180
     ggaacgtcta tgttttaggg ttcctataag gatcctgctt ctgggaacat caggttcagt     45240
     tagagccggt atgtacatgt tggcccagga tgatctccga ttatagaact ctggggaggt     45300
     gattcctgga agtgtgctgg tgggagttgg gggtggggtg gggtagttga tcagaaattc     45360
     aaaggcaggc cggctcttta gaggagaaag gttcctaggg ggctgcctgt tactgaagtc     45420
     cctggggtga catacggggc aggaagtgac tgtcaggaag acagcacaga agaggaaacc     45480
     taatacgtga gagaaaggga caggagtttg aactcttcag ggggctggcc atctcaccag     45540
     cttagcttga aaccacgcac agcaccaacc aggtgacctg gggtttattc ccaaagcctg     45600
     tgtaaagaca gaagaaacaa acaggctcca gaaaattgtc tctaggcgtc cacacatgca     45660
     tcgtggcatg cacactgccc cacctcaccc caccccccag ttatatgaaa ttatttctaa     45720
     atgtaaagga gaggattgtc agggtggctc agtgggtaaa gacacttggc tgtcaaggat     45780
     gacagcctga cctctgcagt tgtcccgtga tctccacatg agtgtcacgg cacgcacaca     45840
     cgtgtgcaca cacacacaca cagagtaaaa taaagaactt ttacaaatgt taaagtacag     45900
     aaaagaaaga ggcaaggatc ttgaagagat aggtttcttt ttgttagaga gtgacagggt     45960
     ttttctgacc tgtcattatt attcctttct agtggatgct ggacacagag ctgtcatctt     46020
     tgaccgattc cgtggcgtac aggacattgt ggtcggggaa gggactcatt tcctcatccc     46080
     ttgggtacag aaaccaatta tctttgactg ccgctctcga ccacggaacg taccagtcat     46140
     cactggtagc aaaggtgagt cttgcctgtg gctgtataag ggagatgtgg aggtataccg     46200
     tgctgtcgtg cgcattctgg agacatctag gatacagagg ttacacttca ccttatataa     46260
     ggatatctgt gctgtgtgat gttggtgaat gcctttaatt ccaggacttg caaaggcaga     46320
     tgaatctctg acttatcagg gtagcctagt ctacttaatg agttccaggc caagcaaggc     46380
     tatgtagaga gatcctgtct tttaaaaaaa agttgggtga cgatgcttgc ctttaatcgg     46440
     gtggatctct gtgagttcca tgtcggtctg gtttacagag cgagttccag gacagcctgt     46500
     ctccacaaac agagggggtg agggagggag agggaaaatc tctaggcaga taggcaggag     46560
     tacctggggc gttggaagtg ggggtacagc aaagcacagt gacccacatg agaacgccat     46620
     cctgggtatc tgggaatctg gaggaggcgt agctcatttg ggagagtcca cacctagcat     46680
     gctccagtcc ctaaagttgc aggtcatctc tggctgctca gcgagttcag cgctgacctc     46740
     ttatatgtga gtccctgttt ttaaaaaata cggaaggaaa ggaaaagaaa cgtaataaaa     46800
     ctcactgctt tgcatactaa cttaaaaagt taatttaaga ctggagagag gccagctgac     46860
     aacctggcct ctggtaggtc agatgcggta agagaagaaa actgcaagtt gccctttgac     46920
     ctctacacac accctggctg tacacaccta cacacaccat acacaatgca taaatcaata     46980
     aattttaaag gttaatttaa aaaaataaat tgtagaggcc cattggactt gcaaacttta     47040
     tatgccccag tacaggggaa caccagggcc aaaaaggggg agtgggtggg caggggagtg     47100
     ggggtgggtg gatatggggg acttttggta tagcattgga aatgtaaatg agctaaatac     47160
     ctaataaaaa atggaaaaaa aaaataaatt gtaggctggt aaattgatcc tggtaccaag     47220
     cctgagttta atctccagaa cccacattgt agaagcagag aactgagtcc tgcaagcagt     47280
     cctcggatcc cacatgtgtg atggtgtgca ctcatacaca agcacataaa ataataaaaa     47340
     ttgtattcaa aaattaaaaa aaaaaaccat agtgtgactc tcctggaggg gtgtgtgtat     47400
     gtgtgtgtgt agactgaaat atatcaaagg taaacagagg cagcaggata cattcagaga     47460
     cgactaaagg gttagcataa gagtttccta ctgtgcgctg gggggatggc tcagtggtcg     47520
     agagcacttg ttgctcttgc agaggacctg ggttcagatc ccagcattag gggattgggt     47580
     ctaaccccag ctgcaggggg atccagaaag cacacatgtg gtgctcatac ttaaacgcag     47640
     gcaaaacatc atacataaaa agtaaaataa aagccaggca tggtggcaca cgcctttaat     47700
     cccagcactc gggaagcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgagggcagc ctggtctaca     47760
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaagccc tgccctgtct tgaaaaacca     47820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtaaaataaa tctttggggg gaagttctaa ctttgaggaa     47880
     atctaactgc gtcttttgct gctgtggttg acccttcccg tcagttcttg atccccagag     47940
     tgactgtcca aaccagtctt tggcagtttg tcttgctttc cctgtggctg acagctttcc     48000
     ctttgccttg ttttccacgg cctctgctcc agcagggcag acctcagact gctctctcgc     48060
     aggctgggcc tcgcagccct gggcctgaga tacgccgctg gatttctagt tcggcctgaa     48120
     gtgaccagcc cttagcattc ccctcccagt cagcgtgcag gcagcaaagg gagctaactg     48180
     gtgggaagaa gagggattct gtgggactcg cagcactcga tgccctcagg gctgttcctg     48240
     ggcatgtctg ttccttgtgc tgcgcaaggc tagtgccagg tcgatggctc tgtaccagga     48300
     tgaccaaaag agaatgaact agtaaggacc ccagtcctct gccggtcgtg gtggcacacg     48360
     cctttaatcc cagcgctcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttgg aggccagcct     48420
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag agctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     48480
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaggtgg gggggacctc agtcctcagg agggcaagca tgagaaccag     48540
     taacagtgtg aggaggaaga agaggaggag gaggagatgg ccaggggcgt gtggagcaca     48600
     gaggagatct gcctgctctc cccagttcgg acctcctgat tggagaacct tatgaatgag     48660
     aagttaggtc agaaagagag gaggggaata ggacgtctgt ctgctgctcc tgcagagtgc     48720
     tgggcctggc ttgcctactg acaagaggaa atagaaggtg ggacgggggt gatggggaag     48780
     agtgaggctg gacttaaaat cctgcttcta aactttccgc ccttgggctt cctgtccctg     48840
     ttgtctcaca gatgtgctaa gttgtatttg tacctttgct tgttaaagag acgggcaagt     48900
     ccagagatca caggcttgtg tgtagttgtg aatttcccac ttctccgagt ggctgggtca     48960
     ggactcccaa ctcatggcgg ggctggtggt gctagtggta gctgtgcttt agctctgcac     49020
     cgacctgagc tgtcagggag tgggtagggg ctgactgtct cctggatgca tgtggatatc     49080
     gagccttttg aattcaccct gccattggct taatggcctt tgtttagact ttatcagaaa     49140
     tccttacaca tcagtgtgct gaggtgccac tttctctcgg gtgtcaggaa ccaggccctg     49200
     gatgagtctg ataacctagc cgtagtctgc tgtctactcg aaggtgctgt catgattgct     49260
     cttcactctc acagcccaat acactcagtt tggctaagac tgggtcctgc cattcgtgcc     49320
     agcacaatgg taccccatcc caggtcagtg actctggatg ctgttgccac cagatcccag     49380
     taacccaggg cccctgactc tgatgcaagc acacacgcca gcccttaggc tcactctaga     49440
     atccttggca ttagcttata tgtttcttaa ggtgttcaca gtcccaaacc ctctttggtc     49500
     acatggccta aactgctctc atcagagggc attcagagtg tactgaaccg ctaatgtatc     49560
     cccatcctgt cagtggttcc tgactggtgc tgagtgctat gctgggctct gctgaggaac     49620
     tagactctct cctctagggt ctaactgaaa ttctgaatat ggcttatagt ggacttagag     49680
     taggaaagtc atagaaaagc ccacctatag tgtttgtgtc taactcccat atactcccta     49740
     ccctaagact tgcagaacgt caatatcaca ctgcgaatcc tcttccggcc ggtggccagc     49800
     cagcttcctc gtatctacac cagcattggc gaggactatg atgagcgggt cctgccttct     49860
     atcaccacag agatcctcaa gtcggtggtg gtgagtgaac agggtgccac ctacaggtgg     49920
     ctgggtggcc aggagagcat gggagtagtg gtgggtaggt agctgggtgg ctgggagagc     49980
     gtgggggtgg tgggtaggag gctgggtggg caggagagca tgggggtggt ggagagcgtg     50040
     ggggtggtgg gtaggaggct gggtgggcag gagagtgtgg gggtagtggg taggagggtt     50100
     atagccatga gtgtgccgct tgtttctcct tcctcagtaa cctgaccaga tttctgtcca     50160
     tccctctgtg gccaggctcg attcgatgct ggagaattga ttacccagcg agagctggtc     50220
     tccaggcagg tgagcgatga cctcacagag cgagcggcaa catttgggct tatcctggat     50280
     gacgtgtccc tggtaaggtt cacgggggca ctgggggaag ggctgcttct cttgcttcag     50340
     agactggctt agtttctggg cacacagggt taggtcccat gtccacttaa ctgggtgtag     50400
     ggcttgaaaa tctgaaaacg tctcagcgtc tgaagccacc gtctcaggtc tcttttgttg     50460
     agcattcttt aggtttcgtc tgccgcacac attgtcctct taactctgat tgcccccatg     50520
     ctccctaacc actgaactgt ctcccacgct ccctagaaag tgattcctat aggctttgtt     50580
     gggcacaggg aatggctgac tggtcagcct gggagcgact ggcagttttc ctgtctagag     50640
     taggactggc tcagggattc ctcagcaagg gagtcctggg agcctctggt gaaaggcaat     50700
     agaaggccag tgagtgactg ttcctgcgcc tggagcagag gagagggcgg gagacacctc     50760
     cgaggcgtaa gcaacagtca cctcccgaga ctatactctc tgtattaatg tgaagctggg     50820
     tgtcataact tcaacggaag gcaatatagg aagtatagtg tttcagacca aggtgagggg     50880
     aaggggtcgt gtttctagag tctctgggaa aagtcttgga gtgatttgtc aggtaacgag     50940
     gcagagtgct tcctgttctc cctgtggcca gcctgggaaa gaaaggccag gcttcccctc     51000
     gcatccgtgc agctgttcaa acagccattc tctgaatgag catccccctc caggcacggc     51060
     ctccttcctc tgtctctcct aggggaaggg catgtggctc cctcttctgg cagcatgcca     51120
     ggttgcagcc cccgactgca gcaagccttg ctccaggctc tcccagttaa cacaagcacc     51180
     ttggcagtga gaacacacta gtaaaaacct aagagaaact tggcatcttt ctagactctg     51240
     accacagact ccgtcctggg gaaatgtggg ctgaccacaa gaaaccatag ctaagaggtg     51300
     tgagaagaaa attagatttc ctggggaatt tgctgccctc agctggccct ttcagaaaga     51360
     cattttattc tttaattaca catttagctt ttcaattctt aggattgtat ttccgaatcc     51420
     aagcttcaga tgagagtcca ggagtggatc agggagagtt gggcagctgc agggtaagat     51480
     ttagctggcg tattggccca tgcctgtaac tgccgtgcgt tccagcctac ctgggctaca     51540
     gggtaagact gtctcacaaa aagaacagaa acaaccccaa agacgtgtag tgtgagaaag     51600
     atgtggggcc aagatttttg cttgtattgt acaaggcaga gattgggggg gaggggtgaa     51660
     gcaaatcgca cttgaaccta aagtaattag caccgtgtga acttttttcc tagacttact     51720
     ttttttagct cacatttatg ttttatctgt gtatgtaagt gtgccacatg catgcaccag     51780
     ataccctgtg actagagtta cagatggttg tgcactgaga gtcaaacctg tgccctctgc     51840
     aagagcaacc ggtgttctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccctgcgc cttctgcaat     51900
     aaaaagttgg gtacagtgac tcgctctagg ctagaccttt agagtgccaa ggtctgttcc     51960
     ctcttctgtg ttatcctcag agagtcgctt cggccaaata gtcccagcta cttaagtgat     52020
     tagggaaggt ctgtggacat tcaagctggg gctctctccc tgaccaatgg ctttacctgc     52080
     ctttctttta aaccctttac cagaactacg tgtgtgtcag ggatgccgtg acttgcaggc     52140
     caccctctgt cttcctgtct agggtggaag cgctatgaga aggaaggggc tggttaatcc     52200
     ataagcagag accgtcgggc tcgcatccct gggaaccagc tgcagcccct gctctcaggg     52260
     gctcggcttc ccatctgcct ccccccaccc aagtcttgga acggggcatc aaaagctctt     52320
     ggaagagcaa tagtcagtga tgggggtcct ggaacccctg agttccttcc tctggggagc     52380
     tgattgattg cgtagatccc ttccagtgtc cctgggcccc atcaaagctc caggtgccac     52440
     tctcctcatg gcgtgactga agtctgtgta agcactgtgt gaagggctaa gagtgcagag     52500
     gtgtgaacat ggcgtgaacg aggggaccga gatggaaggg catcttcttg cacctccagc     52560
     cgccgctagc gccattcctt gcagtggcca ggagccctcc cagcaatgct gtctaagcca     52620
     ttactgcctc agcttgtact cactttctcc ccacagacac atctgacctt cgggaaggag     52680
     ttcacagagg cagtagaagc caaacaggtg gctcagcagg aagcggagag agccagattt     52740
     gtggtggaaa aggtgagtgt tcaaccagat ggcagaaaca gcctttccct cctagtgctt     52800
     ggctccccca tctgccgggt ggcctagaaa ttggtcatct gtctgggata agcagaagag     52860
     gattgagggg tccttacccc tccgatcagt tccagagtct gtgggagctg tcggggttat     52920
     gagcttatgg tcctaaatca ctgaagggtc acttacttcc tacttcccaa gatcaaaaac     52980
     cctctcctac acataaacat gttccccctg gcatgttttc agcctcgctg aggagttact     53040
     tctacaccga ggttacatag tgaaaccgac agcagaggag atcaaacatg ccagatgtgc     53100
     ttggtggggg tttttttttt tcccctgttg tcgaatctac ccagatgttt cagagagtga     53160
     cggaacacag tgtatgtgca tagtagcctc ctcttcctgg cgaatgtaaa ggctttttgc     53220
     tgtctgcctc ttcctgccac tagctctcct aatctaagga tgtttaatcc ttaaaatgca     53280
     gaaaaggcat ttggttgtgg ggagcacgcc ccctgagtag gcaggaatgt ttccctttgt     53340
     gtctactgtg gctccgaacc ttaacaggtc tagtgctgct gggtgatgtt gggcgtgtaa     53400
     taaacatttg ttgagcagac ggcttaatgt ttcgaactga gcactaaaga tgcagctcgg     53460
     tgacaagagg gaaggctgcg tgttgagttc agagtcttaa agccaaactc tcctcccatg     53520
     ctctgaaaat catatatcct gatagatgtc gtcctgctgg ctttggtagg gtgagccaga     53580
     gacatctttg ggtacatgcc ggagtcagag ttttctacgg gtaactgcaa agggcagtca     53640
     ctgctcttag ggtgcttaat ttgtttattt gtggtgcccc agaggtcaat ccctaggaga     53700
     tgtgtcactg agctacaccc agcccagctc tgctagggtt gttttggagg tttgcttgct     53760
     tttttttttt tttttttgtc tgtttggttt ttgggtcgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt     53820
     tgtttgtttg ttttgtttgt ttgtagccct gggtgaccta aaatgtcctg tgtaagccag     53880
     gcttgcttca ggctttcagt gagccgccca tctgccatcg ccacgttagt gctaacatag     53940
     ttgttagcca ccacaccggg atgtcctggc tttgatggaa gtcattttga cgtggcactg     54000
     gaaggaaaga cggacctaaa gattgatttg attcctgctt tccctttctg tttccgtggc     54060
     tttggatcag catataagtg accatgtcca tatagccaag agaagcatgt cctatagtga     54120
     cacgtggaca tgaagggaac gaaggagact gggaggacag ttttgacccc attgtaaggg     54180
     aagaacgctc ccaggggacc tagtaggtcc cctctgaagg ggcctggctt tgtcctggtt     54240
     aggccatggc ttgatatgaa cgctatggag taatctcagt ctcccctcct cttctgtagg     54300
     ctgagcagca gaagaaggca gccatcatct ctgctgaggg tgactccaag gccgctgagc     54360
     tgatcgccaa ctcgctggcc acggcaggcg acggcctgat cgagctgcgg aagctggagg     54420
     ccgccgagga cattgcgtac cagctctccc gctctcggaa catcacctac ctgccagcgg     54480
     gccagtccgt gcttctccag cttccccagt gaggccagcc gggccacggc ctccatcatg     54540
     ctgaatgacg ccttccttct gccccacccc agaaaatcac tgtgaaattt catgattggc     54600
     ttaaagtgaa ggaaataaag gtaaaatcac ttcagatctc taattatcaa gcgaagcttt     54660
     tattgttaca cttcttaccc tctttcatat ccaaaattgc caagtgcctc tgcagactgg     54720
     ccttccaccc taggcgcggg cagttggcag aagaaaggca gggcagtgtg tagtggatgg     54780
     gcagcctgct ggcagcctgc ataggcctag ggcctccatt ctgccgtata ttgaagattt     54840
     aaagacagtg gcacacacac ttgaacaaaa gcaagccctc agtgtttcca gccatttgaa     54900
     cctggacaga tgcagctggg gagggccaga ggaagtggtc tatctcaact gtaaggccca     54960
     tcccctctta accatgacca gcggaagcag gtgtgtgtga ccagggcacg gggtgaagaa     55020
     tctgcccatc aaggtgggtg ggcctcatgt cgctgccccc accagagtcc taaaacctgg     55080
     atggacttgg acgggacaag aggcctggac tgagatgtga gtcccatgga agacttcctc     55140
     tccacccccc acatcggtcc tctcaaatac ccaatgggat tccagcttga aggattgcat     55200
     cctgcaggga atgagcacac ctgccaagga cacgtgcgcc tgccttcccg ctccctctct     55260
     ctcagagatt gccctttctt cccgagggct gtgggccagc gctccgaagg aagcaatcaa     55320
     ggggagaaaa cacagtgtaa gccgctgtca ataaatgaca cccagacctt ccagctgcac     55380
     tcggggtgtg ttttcaattt gtgggagcga gaggatcaga acagagtgtc ccagcagtca     55440
     tgcgtgcgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtc accagatggg gagggatgtc cagcaaggct     55500
     agaaatgctt tggttttagg aaatgcctag ctgtgtgagg tgggtcctac cccatcctga     55560
     agtgaaccct ggtaccaaac tctgggtaag tttttcatga aatgagttca taggaagtgt     55620
     gtgtgggggg gggggttaat tttcttctgt ggtttttttt gtttgttggt tggtttttgt     55680
     tttttattta tatgagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcagat     55740
     cccattacag atggttgtga gccgccatgt ggttgctggg aattgaactc gggacctctg     55800
     gaagcagagc agtcagtgct cttaacctct gagccatctc tccagccctc ttctgtgttt     55860
     taatatcatt acaaacaggg ttgctccgcc cgccagagtt gatcagttct ctcctggcag     55920
     gagggatgca gttggtatcg gatgatcaga cccagttccc tgctgttgtc cacttgtaga     55980
     catgaggtgg cttggatttc tctgcagtgg gttctgcttc actttgctgg ccagcttggc     56040
     agtctcttgg catctgagga atcccaaata cgttcattta gatcgtggag tgagagctga     56100
     cctgggactg agaaatgacc aggactgacc tcttacctta cttaggaaca aggcggaagc     56160
     aagcactttc tcctctcccc gcctgacctc acagggaccc ttaggaaggc acgaaggccc     56220
     tgtctaaccg ggaccctgca gttcctctcc cgcagggcca ggctgatcag caggacagat     56280
     ttggggtgga gctaaaggag gggatctccc aacatttgta cacctttcac ctttcaccag     56340
     acctacgcag gctctagtct ctcacctccc aagaagggga aggtcccctc caagccaaca     56400
     ccgaaactgg gtgtcctcac actcccaggc ctcctatctc ttcttactta tacatttgct     56460
     tataagaccg gggaggcctg caaatgatga ggtgcctgac tcaggcacac tgaagactgc     56520
     agcagaaaga acctaatttc taataagttc cagaccacca tccactctcc agccatcccc     56580
     ttttcctgcc atttattact ttggacaccc ttgggaggag gaggcaggag gctcccctct     56640
     ctccctcagg cccttttaag gacccttgtg tttcctgcat ttggcaggag attgggtttc     56700
     gtttccaggt gtctgggagt ccggactgta aagctgcctg ttggtgactg gatccctcct     56760
     gcttcagggc agcccatggg gtgatgggct ggctaggccc ttgctggctt cgctgtcggc     56820
     ctccctatca cagatggcag aggtatatcc cggtagcaac cttggggcct ctctctgcct     56880
     tcacttccgc agaataaatc ttttcacaaa tgttcaagag ctgttaagtg gcttctcagc     56940
     ccctctgatg gcctctgggt ttgtgagact atcacaatgg gcctttatca acgccattct     57000
     acccgcctgg gatggagagc catggcctgg ccttgcctgg ccagggagag aacaggaagt     57060
     ggcttcctcc ctgttggctc cacagggatg aatggtttcc ttgttcgggc tcaaaggctt     57120
     acatgctaag atgtggacct ggatgaggga ggaacagaaa cctcaaaggc ttgctgccat     57180
     ctttctcact tctgagaact tgatcacttc acaatggtgg ggcagggttc tagtcacttc     57240
     tatgtgggtt tcttcaaaaa atgaggaaga cgatggacca tttgtcaaat agtggtgaat     57300
     gacatttgtt attttttaat ctttgattag aggcagtctc ccatgtagca taggctagcc     57360
     cggatctcct ctttctcctt tctctggcct gagtgctaag tcacaggcac gatgtgccac     57420
     catgtctgct ttgtagatgc catgctattc taatgaggcc tcccagcacc tgcaagggga     57480
     gttgtgtagt taggacctcc ccgggacctt tgccatctgc catcaatttt gggtgaagcc     57540
     accagccctg tgggaagtaa cctgggtaag gaggtggctg tgggacaagg cttgtttcat     57600
     cagtagcacc tcccctgaaa acactgatcc tcaccttcat ttgcccctcc ccccatacct     57660
     gtgctacagc tcttctcccc tcctattgga cagcctgccc ttcccaacac ccacagctcc     57720
     aggtgccctg acctttgagt cttgattcgt ttgcttctct tgggcaacac atggtccctt     57780
     gtcccctatc cccactgtct cttcctggtc tgagcaacat gcatccacat tcctgggagg     57840
     cgcttggcat tctgcactgg agtgcagttt ggtgtacatg tttgtgaaca tacgtatgtg     57900
     tattctctcc tctgccatag cttaggccag gaaaccctcc ctcttcttgt ccctttgttc     57960
     ttatgggaat ccgtgttggt caagtaaatg gaaaaaggaa ccgagctcat ggtgctgagt     58020
     tagaagacca agctgggagc taaggctcta gctctgggtg agtgtggttt tgttttgagg     58080
     caaggtctca tgtatcccag gctggcctcc aacttattat gtagctgagg atggctatga     58140
     catcatcctt ctgcagtcta tgtcccaagt actggaagca cacagatttt gtggtctctc     58200
     agttaggcag gatatctgct aacagtaccc cttcaattct tgggggttat ccctccctcc     58260
     ttatctgtgc tcctgagtgc tccagccaca gcatcgaagg ttgcagcaga gcccagtggt     58320
     ggcccacaga acctaaaaca ctatccctcc ctagggacta ggaaacatgg ctgacccctg     58380
     acttgggaga tcggatcgtc tcaaagggaa gacctctgga atctggaggc cttgggcccc     58440
     agggagagtt attagataca gtgtattgtg tccaaggccg cagtggtctg aggagtagtc     58500
     acactgaggc tcttacgtgt ggcatacacc ataccacctg tttgcacact tgttcactga     58560
     cttacacaca tgtccaaggc acagaaggag aatgggggag caaatggggc tttggaagga     58620
     agaggaacgc catagtcgcc aacggatctg aggaggtcta gatgtcaaac acctctactt     58680
     tcctggcttt gtcctctggg aggtatttgc tgctggacca tcctgtcaat gcaagaagag     58740
     acaaggaaag tgatgagccc tcttgacccc ccaaaatcat ggcttctagc ttaggtcatg     58800
     tcaatcctcg acagtcagag actcaaagag aacctgcaga agctctttgt ggtagattgt     58860
     gccaaacctg accttttcca gtttgaggga ttgtcccctt accctgagcc accacctctg     58920
     actttgtcaa ggtcctcttt agcgcgtctt tcctccaggc tcctttccta tttaatggta     58980
     ctccactaac atcccagaca gcagggaaca gcggggagtt ttcagctcct tgggaatgct     59040
     tcttccttta ggtgtggagg gccaggagtc ctgctgggcg tcccacagga tcaggtaggc     59100
     ccaggtctcc acactctgta gtgctgtcct gaggctcctg ctcagctctc agttccagtg     59160
     ttgacactca gcttggagat cctttctttg cactcacagg tgccttacag cctcttcttc     59220
     atgcctctca ccagtagttt tgttaccagc tagactagac tagtcaggaa gccaaacacc     59280
     accttctcct ttgaaagccc ctcctgccag tgaactcagc agtgctcact gccaggatga     59340
     agatggccac tgggtgggac ttcccatggg ctcactcaac ggtgactcaa agtagaggga     59400
     aagttgtaga accagagaga tctgggtttg aattctggct cttgagagaa ctcttatcag     59460
     ttacataaat tctacactct gggtttgttt gtttttttaa atatgtgttt acacttttta     59520
     atgttttctt tatgtgcatt tatgtgcact ggtgttttgc ctgcctatct gtgtgtgggt     59580
     gttggatccc ctggaactga agttacagac agttgtgagc caccatgtgg gtactgggaa     59640
     ttgaatctag gacctctgga agaacagcca gtgttcttaa ccactgagtc atctctccag     59700
     cccctgggtt gcttgtttgt tttaattaat acataaaaac aaaactgaga gagctgggga     59760
     tgtagctcaa ggggagaaca cgtgtctagc atgcacaaac tccggggggg ggggggtccc     59820
     acctgcagta actcacaata aaaaacaact tcagtttcaa caacagcaac ccccctgagg     59880
     ctatgactct tgtcatttgg atacaaaagg attaaaggct tagtttctaa tgcaatgccc     59940
     cgtggtatga tttggggaaa ctgggtggat catgggggct ctgacctaat catgagccag     60000
     gaagagtgga taacaatact ctctacataa gcatcaaagc ttgagttcac atgcccagca     60060
     cccatataaa aaaggcaggc atggttttta gtgcctgtaa ccccagtgtg ggcttggatg     60120
     aagacagaag gattgctggg cttgtgggcc accagcctag tcagaaaaga attcacaagc     60180
     tccaggttca gtgaaacatc ccactttatg gaaactcaga gtaatagagt aggagactgg     60240
     acttagacat ccccctttag tctctgcatg taggctgata aatgcacact ttatatacat     60300
     gcacacacac acaggattga tccattgatg gattcccaag ttaatgacat tgggaggcct     60360
     cgttggagga agtcactcag cgtggccatg tggcctttgc ccctcctctc attctctgca     60420
     cccccaacgc ccccagccgg tacgaggcaa gcagtgaccc tccacatgct ccctctgtag     60480
     tgatgtttct gaccatggac tgaggcctca gaaatcgtga acccgactaa acctttcttc     60540
     ctttaagctg attttcctca ggtaacgttt cgcagcaaca aaaagttggt taacatctcc     60600
     gtatgacagt gctgttgcag gatgagctgc gaggcaggga agctctcgct atcagagtgc     60660
     tgagggatgt ttccacctcc cacggaggcc ttagacactg ctgtggtttg tgggaaggct     60720
     ctgtgatggg caggcttgga atccagtggt ttattctcag gagttattca ctcatagggg     60780
     ccaaaccctg agccaggcgt gactatacct gcttttctcc accaggtggc agcagcctga     60840
     ttgccatcga gagttccagt ctgggtgaca tgaacaactt gttcagaaaa agatccatct     60900
     gttctggcct ggccaacact gaagataagc aaataggtta aggtgaccct ctgaatattg     60960
     agttcctgat agagaacccc ttggcatctg tggttgtaaa tatactaaca agttctaacc     61020
     acaggccaaa ctggtgttat ccatgtttta ccaggggaaa ccagaacctc taggcaggct     61080
     ctggtctcac ctgttgtgtg tcttagacca gtgaggcttt cagggtgctg aatgcgcagg     61140
     ttttagtggc ctgaggtcag tttcgggggg gcggggctta tccagttgtt aataaattta     61200
     taggacacag aagggacatc ggattttctt tctgaaaccc ccaaagattc ccttgcagtt     61260
     tcccaaaata cttgggagcg gaaggaggat ccatcatgaa atctgatagg tcaagtgttc     61320
     agggaggctt gacctgcaga cttgaaggtg tttttaatga gtggacaggc ctgaaaaggc     61380
     aaatgttaca cttgagtttt gtttaatcca ttcatccagc aagtatgtgc agtcctaggt     61440
     cagatgcctc aggggataaa aatgcagata ggacacaggt cctttgtcca aaggctccat     61500
     ccaggggctt ggagaggtag cctagcagtt aagggcactg gcttctcttc caaagagtcc     61560
     aggtttgatt cccagcccca caaggtggct cacgtccatc tgtaactcta gtcccagaga     61620
     atcagatgcc cttttctcca ccccaggcac caggcacaca cagtggtgca cagatatatg     61680
     tgcagaatca aacagcaaca gccaaacccc cacacacaca tacataaaat aaataaaatt     61740
     tatccccgca tgaagggtga gctgggccat tttattaaaa aactttacat taccgatttt     61800
     cttcttcttt tccttcagct ctctgctctt cattatctgg ttcaggctga aaattaaacc     61860
     acgaggcagt gaaataggga agaaacggaa agggggtggc tggagccttc agacttgtca     61920
     cagggatcca caaggcagaa tgtggatcct cggcactgtt tctagtgtgt tcggatctga     61980
     aagggaagca tcggcctctc ctcctccctg ccagagcctc agggaaccct ggccccagcc     62040
     cctctctgca cgtcttcaca cgccagaaga gggcatcgga tccctttaca gatggttggg     62100
     agccacctcc ggacttagga cctcttgatt gtcaaagaca cagagaaatg taaaaaaaga     62160
     aaatagacta atgtctcttt gccctcaggt aatattatac atatacatac ataaataata     62220
     atgaatattt gttttgagga gaaggataat caggtgctct aaatatgaac tgttttctgc     62280
     aaataattac aaaaagacac atagaggcta agagttatgt gcactactga atgttttgtg     62340
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt ttttttggtt tcgtttggtc agagagggaa atttaagaaa     62400
     tcaaacaagt tatttgggga ggaaggaccc atgagggaga aatggtcaag agtatttcac     62460
     ttttatgatc cttctatgct atttgcatta cactggtgtg tgtggggggg gttgtgtgtg     62520
     gcacagcacc cttgtgagga ctttcaagag ccagctctca cagggcagtg gtggtgcagt     62580
     ctttaatctc agcataggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagtttgag gccagcctgg     62640
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagctggga ctacacagag gaaccctgtc tcgagggctt     62700
     ctatagagct gcagaatcaa tcccaggttc tcttttcctt catgtggatt catgaagagt     62760
     ttttgctttt gcttttgctg tgttgcctct aattggcttt tacgactgcc gacaaatctt     62820
     aacccttgtt gtctgcttct tcagaggacc cccagaggtc cctgcgcttg gttttagcac     62880
     agtaaccgat tgtacccaga aaagacctct gtcttaagga ggacagttgc tctgggccct     62940
     tagcattccc agggacttag cattgagaat ctatgccttt ggcttctttg gggaagttgc     63000
     tgcctctctt tccagatctg cgggcttagc tgcttggggc ctgctctccc gagtacccat     63060
     tgctctggaa tggaacccga ctcccaaccg tggaaagtgt gctccacagc aaacccactc     63120
     ctcaggactc agactcctca agaccagatt gttctgtttg actgcttgct gtacgcgctg     63180
     tgccatgcgg ctctgagagt cacaaacaaa caggaagcca gtccacttcc tctttgctga     63240
     ggctggccgc aagtctttat cagcttgtta gcccagaggg gaaggagcag ccaggattca     63300
     gaaaacaact tcctgctaga gatcataagg gattttggtc ccactgccag gaagggctcc     63360
     ctacttcatg gacccgttgg cccaggttgg ccagacttcc tgacaatgaa agtctagctg     63420
     ctatctcccc cagtgggaag gcttttctga taaacgcaac cctgcctggg tccccttagc     63480
     ctccaacact ctgacatgaa acacctctga actttcatga agcagctctt taggggacag     63540
     tcacaagaac gtgctgtccc tagaggcagc actgacatat tttcttgtgc ctctctcagt     63600
     gtctgcccca cacagctctc cctgttcact gggatgccca gttcatgctc acagactata     63660
     caagcagtct caaaaggggg caccaagcag aactggctcc cgatgcggca ggaaagcact     63720
     gctgcatgag accgtggggc ggctgacgca gagggagtgg tggggacagt tccaagagtg     63780
     tgaaactgtg gtgtggccag ggtggaggct ggagatgagg actacagata tatttggtgc     63840
     agtcaacaag tcctgcatgc cactggtgca cgtgggagag aggctgccta actgaacagt     63900
     ccctaaggcg tcagacagag agacagggta cattcaaaag gaactcaggt tattacaaat     63960
     actgccagag gggctgagag atggcttcca gttgaaagct cttgctgctc ttctggggaa     64020
     ctctggttcc attccccgtg cccacgtgtt ggataagaac cctctgtaac tccagtccta     64080
     ggggatccaa cactttcctt ctgtcctctg tgggcataca tgcatgcagt gcgcaaacac     64140
     aggcacacac acacaaaaca gccatacaca taaaataaat aaatcaataa aatgtaaaaa     64200
     gccactgtca gacataaaca caatgttaaa catcgatcta atccttctta gtgtgactca     64260
     gagtataaag taggatacct tcaagccccg ggcaatcttt atgactatca gctacttggg     64320
     agaacattag atgtgggctg agtcattgcc atttactaaa aaaagaagtg ggggaggagg     64380
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga gaaggaaaaa cctctttgct     64440
     accaacctgt ttagttgtta ttgttttggt ttttaagaaa actgtatgca gaaagagaag     64500
     aacgcaagca cacacacaga gacacacata ctacaaaact ctaaataccc agtcatcttt     64560
     tctttgtggt tgtttggact ttgaataaaa gtttctttat taagcacctg ggtgcagaga     64620
     agagagacag gcgtggaaga gtggggacca ggtgtggcag ggtgaggacc aggtgtggaa     64680
     ggatgaggac caggtgtgga aggatgagga ccaggtgtgg aaggttgagg atgaagtgtg     64740
     gaagagtggg gaccaggtgt ggcagggtag ggaccaggtg tggaagggtg gggaccaggt     64800
     gtggaagggt ggggaccagg tgtggaaaag tggggaccag tgtggcaggg tggggaccag     64860
     gtggggaagg gtaaggaccc catgcagatg gggatggagg acagactgca gtagaaaatg     64920
     accagcatgc caggatgggg ctgggatagg acaatatgga agcagatgta tgcagaggga     64980
     acatggtgtt cacggagcta ggtcactaaa aaatggtggc aggatctagg tgtgtagctt     65040
     ggtgcaggac cttgagctca aggccgtagg taggctcaat tccccagcac tagagaataa     65100
     aaggaggagg tggggtggag gggtcctgga ggcaattgct ctgctaagtc ctcaagggta     65160
     ccgctctcat aatgaagatc aggagagtgg acaaagacat cctggtgact gtcccaagga     65220
     tgcatatgcc catgaggttc aacgtgttcc ttggtctttt acttcgctgc acatacagtc     65280
     ttgccaacaa caagtttgca ctttggtacc ctacgaggtt tccaaagctt tgcctcatag     65340
     ccatgtacaa aagctctgtc ccaggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agggcctgag     65400
     ttcaaatcac agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccaccat ctgtaatggg atctgatgct     65460
     ctcttctggt gtctgaagac agctacagag tattcacata tataaaataa ataagtctaa     65520
     aaaaaataaa aaagctctgt ccagacactg tcagcgtgcc agcaccccac actcagccca     65580
     gaccccatta gacagacaag gcaagataaa tggaaacctc aggttaaaaa tacccggctt     65640
     gttgtaaaga gaaataggca cagggaggaa ggaagtgtgg ggaggcagtc tagagcaaaa     65700
     gccccaaaga agaaggtggt attaaaggct gagagtgaag cgggtagaga ttctgaggca     65760
     tgctctttgg atatccttag tgggcaggcc attcaggcag gtcctcgcag agaaatggtt     65820
     tgtgttcact gagaccagga ttcgaatccc catgaaaagt ctcgacccag gtttgagacc     65880
     gacaagcaga caccttcagg ttggtgggac tcagaggctt ggaggaaacc tcgtcacgct     65940
     tgtctctggg aagagtcact gaaccagcag acctttcacc ttggagaggt tgggaagggt     66000
     gtttagctgg cctggaacct cacccactct ttgggagaag gaagaacagt gaatcagaga     66060
     gcttagtgcc acagctctgt gccgcagaga tgtggatcga ggctctgagt gcaggagtcc     66120
     tggctcttcc catcctagct gcagtgacct gcctgggtct gtttccttat atgtggaaag     66180
     cagatggctg taggtggtgg cctggtagca tctcggagcg gattgagtaa gccaatcaaa     66240
     gttactggtc cctacaagtt gcttcttaaa gctgtctatg gaaggtgtga tggtgatgta     66300
     caagggagag atgctcttaa ccaacgccca tgggtggcct ttcacaggaa acctgctctc     66360
     cacctggcca ggagggagca acaaagaaga tgatgtctta gtcagggttt ctattcctgc     66420
     acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg gaggaaaggg tttattcagc ttacacttcc     66480
     atattactgt tcatcatcaa aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc aggaagcagg     66540
     agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc tttactggct tgcttcccct ggcttgctca     66600
     gcctgctctc ttatagaacc caagactacc agcccagaga tggcaccacc cacaagggga     66660
     cctccccgct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagt tggatctcat ggaggcattt     66720
     ccccaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagctgt gtcaagttga tacaaaatta     66780
     gccagtatag atgacctgtg atacagcaca gccccaagtg ttcagaaact aatgcccagt     66840
     ggcagataca gacatctacg cagtcatctt ttagtgagag gagagtatgt ttgtgccaac     66900
     ctccagctaa accctttgtc catagtgtgg gtaggggagc caggctagct ggagggagtc     66960
     ctggcaagaa ggaagcggag ggaacacagc taagtaaaag ggagtgtaca caccagatga     67020
     cgtctctgga gcggcaggag caagagggag agtcaacagg aacaggctca gggcactttg     67080
     ttaggagttt gcttctgtgg atcgcagcat ttgggagact gaggcaggag gatcatgatt     67140
     tctggagcag cctgagcacc ataccaagac tctatcctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcaaa     67200
     tataaccaca catggtggaa tataccttta atgtcaacac ttgggaggta gaggcagatg     67260
     gatgtctgtg agtttgaggc cagcctgctc tacagaacca gttccaggaa aaccaggact     67320
     acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaagacaaa ataaaacaac aacaagtttg cactttagca     67380
     gctaggaggt agctcaaaga cagagtcccc tcccttaaca cactaacaag cttgaggtct     67440
     gacaaagaca acagcacctt atagttcagg catgaggtga aaggaaggga tctgcgtgct     67500
     gaacagattt cattggtaga gctgcggagc gtaattgaga gggggaaagg cttgtggcag     67560
     ggaggccagc aggtcaaacg gcccctgata tggccaggca agagacaaaa agaaagctct     67620
     tggcaggcag agtgactgga aagatgacaa ggagagagaa gacatttcga tgtgtggtcc     67680
     cttgcctgga catgtagtag tgtccttgag tggagtcagg ggttttataa agtgagagaa     67740
     agggttacaa agaatctttg tatagaatag tacatctcag gaggctgaga tgaccaggtg     67800
     cccagggtag gtggggggca tgccaagggc ggaagtgata gatgtaacag cagaagtcag     67860
     gtgagctggc agactgctcc cttcagttga gcaatagtta ctttcgttca tttgtttaag     67920
     acagggtctt tctaaatagc cctggctgtc ttcaaactta attaatttat ctgagacagg     67980
     gtctctctcc acatagccct ggctgtcttg gaactcacca tttagacaag gctggccttg     68040
     aatttacaga gatctacctg cctctgcttc ttgagtactg ggattaaagg catgcttcat     68100
     gtctccatgc tcagctgcta tttttttttt ttctcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc     68160
     tagctgtcct agaactcact ttgtagacca gactggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc     68220
     ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc accacccggc tcaatagcct     68280
     ctagttttaa agattagttg tataactcat aaccctacca ctgagcccct actatgattt     68340
     tattgtatag ttggatattg tcactggctt tgtatggtag ataaagcttc ctcaggaaga     68400
     ggagatggga ggcatccggg gggggggggg ggtcaacaag gctcccttgc tctttaattt     68460
     gtagtcagaa agatgataaa gcaccatagt ttacactgca tcctaaatga catatgcatt     68520
     atgattgggc ttgagctaaa tcaattattt ttacaaaata gaaaaaacga cttaagacga     68580
     tcttgcccag acattgcaga taaagatcat ggaaattcag gaaatgctcg cactcaacaa     68640
     atggcaagct acgcgtggag atgcacgcct ggactctcct ctcgctaccc agagaaaaag     68700
     ggagcactac aaagtctgag accagcctgg tcgatacagt gaggctcagg ccagccggag     68760
     ctacaggata agaccctgcg aaaaggaagg aagagtgggg gaaaggacgg aaggaaagag     68820
     agagagagaa aggctgagga gacagctcag tgagtggagc actaactgtg caggcatgct     68880
     ggccctgaat ttgattccca ggacccagta aaggggggca gtgacacagg agtccataat     68940
     tccagcaccc aagaagcaga catgggagaa tccctctgtt ttctggatag tctggctgag     69000
     tctgcaaaca ccggggtttg agaccctgtc tcaaagaata aggtggagag tgactgagga     69060
     agacgtccag tgttgaactc tgaccttcgt atagcccctc cacacgcatg tgtacctgag     69120
     cacacaaaaa gaagaaagaa aacgcaatgg gagctgggga gatggcttac taggtaagcg     69180
     tgtttactat gtggaggcct gagtttagaa cccgtcgtct atgtaaaagc tgtaggctcc     69240
     tgtcatcttg gtgccatgag cgacagagac aggagagtca ttgaagcttg ctggccacta     69300
     acctagctcc aggttcaggg tgggatcctg tctcaaaaga ataaggtgga caggaatagg     69360
     acaggacacc cagaatcctc ctctggcctc caggtgtgca ctggcacctg cagacacatg     69420
     tgcacatcac acacacacac acacacacac acaccctaca tatgccacag aataaatacc     69480
     ttttcaagtt aagggggaga taaagtgatg agagaaggaa agagcaaagt tgacctcctc     69540
     tccctccatc tgtctccatc gatggttcca ttacgatgct aggatagtga gtgtttagtg     69600
     aggtctaaca agaatgtggc agaaataact cttgacactg tgaaggccac aatgcgaagt     69660
     ggacagttgt gccactgttt ttaaaaaacg agactcagcc gggcgtgatg gtgcacgcct     69720
     ttaatcccag cactccggag gcagaggcag gcgaatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt     69780
     ctacaaagtg agttccagga aagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaacaa     69840
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aagactcacc tcaaatatat actgtggctt     69900
     gagatagcag gccgagtgtt agaaagagct gagctgggtg tgatgcatat cttgtggggg     69960
     ggtggggagt gaaggcaaga gagtcaggag ttctgggcca gcctcggcta cagagcaagt     70020
     gtgaggccag cctggagtac agaaagccta gggaaaatgc acttgctttg aaagcacaag     70080
     ggctgttgtt tggatccggg cagctctgta aaaagctgag cctggctgag tccatggacc     70140
     ttggtgctgg agtaggggta tggagacggg tggatcacca gggcttgcta actagcaact     70200
     gagatctcca ggttcagtga caactttgtc ttgaggggga aaaatggaaa gtggtgaagc     70260
     aggactccca atgtcctcct ttagcctcta ctaactaaca agcacacaga catgtaactt     70320
     gtgcatgcac acacacacac acacacacta catatatgca cacacgttca ttcatataca     70380
     tacatgcaca catacacaca tatgaaataa ttaaacatat attaaaggtt catgttaaaa     70440
     tgttattgct gggctggcca ggtggctcag cagttaagaa cactgactgc tcttccaaag     70500
     gtcctgagtt caaatcccac aacaacatga tggctcacaa ccacccgtaa tgagatctga     70560
     cgccctcttc tgatgagtct gaagacagct aagtgtactt atgtataata ataagtaaat     70620
     ctttggtccg gagagagcag ggactgaaag agcagggttg accagagcga gcagaggtcc     70680
     taaaaattca atccccaaca accacatgaa ggctcacaac catctgtaca gctacagtgt     70740
     actcatatac ataaaataaa taaatcattt taaaaaatgt tattgctgat aaaatgtaat     70800
     gccttagctg agcatagtgg ctcattcctt taatcccagc actcaggaga cagaggatct     70860
     ctgtgagttt gaggctagtc tgtgagttcc aggacagtca gagctaatag tgagaccctg     70920
     cctcaaaaca acaacaagat gttagcaagt actttgctat gggggattgc cacctgacaa     70980
     tgactgtaat tttagcaacc gttttaaaat cctgggtctt ggatcccaga gcacgagcta     71040
     cctttctact tcctcggtgc tccacatctg aaacactaag ggttgtattt atcctgcaga     71100
     acaaaggatg cttgtattcg ggagtgaggc tgcaatgcct cacctgtctt tcattgcttt     71160
     ggtccttccc ttccttctgg agatgagaga aagattagtc cagctccctg gagaaaagcc     71220
     ttaggtaaat acaggacgtt gccggagtta ttgttactat ttgacaacac tagcagctgt     71280
     gtgctctgtg agcctctgag gggttccact gaacatctgg accaggggtc aacagcaaac     71340
     actccagtac ttgttctttt tgacaccata tgaatctagg ggtctctgag gaatatgagt     71400
     cttagggggc gtggaggctg ctggggctta gaaaaaccga agcccgaaag gggaaacggg     71460
     gggaactgtc cttttctttc tttttttttt ttttttttta gaagacagtt caacatgttt     71520
     atttagcaaa aacaaaacaa caaacaagca aacaaacaaa aaacagtagc aggttcccct     71580
     ctaggacata cggcctcccg agcaatgggc ttctgacagg tttaaatatg aagcatgagc     71640
     tccttccatt ggagcagacc tcagatccaa tcagaaagtg actgcaatac ccatagtctt     71700
     cactccactg tggcactggt gggcacacct tgtctagcag gtcagtactg tagccttcct     71760
     agcccagagg aactgtcctt ttctatggaa ggaagagtct acctccttct agacagaggc     71820
     caagagtgaa ttgggccagt gactggtcac aaaaagcgtt ctatgtgtca gcctaggggc     71880
     ccaagctgtg aggatgaaat cttcagtggg gcttgggtgc ccacagacta cctgccaaga     71940
     aaactagaat ggggttcttc tgccccccac accccatctc tttccatacc aattacatgt     72000
     tatagtaaaa taagtatgcg ttctatttaa aagtacattc gtgtgaggaa tttaacaggc     72060
     taaacgtgat ccttcttcac agtttatgtc cagcacatat tccttgagct tatgccttga     72120
     cttcgaagtc acgttccaag gaagcacggg ggagacacgg ggggagacgc cagggcaccg     72180
     atgacctgtg ggtaagttaa gatttgcaga taactgtggc acaaatggag agggacctga     72240
     gaggttcaga tgaggaggaa ccagagtggg acgaagagtc ggacagggtc atggctcaag     72300
     gcctagcctt gaagggtcag agaatctgac caagtccaga tggaggtact gacatcccaa     72360
     agaacgagcc agcagcccca caaacggaga agcgtgggac acacgtggtg aactgagtag     72420
     ttacttcacc ctggcgagga cagcatacgg gagattagga ttgtagatgt gtattggaaa     72480
     cgagagaggc tctctcctgc tccccctccc cattgatcac tcgtgagcac tacaagcttt     72540
     ggaaagattc tgggtgagta aacgatcaaa aagccgtcca gtgaagttcc ttgggaacag     72600
     cgattcagat gcaaggcctc aggcctttgt actgaccaga cacagatggg tctgtgggaa     72660
     agcgccctgg gccaggctgg gcaggtggat tgcttctctg agaaacccaa gtttccaagc     72720
     ggctgggcgt ccttcacctc tgttggcttg ggtcttgtta agccaaatct tcccatggaa     72780
     gctgggtggt ggatgaagct ggtggctagg ctgaagctct tggaaactcg gatgggttgg     72840
     gctgggaatg gctgagtgtg ggatctctgt aataaaaccg agggaaagga gcccatgcag     72900
     tgtcctgggg tgtgaggcac agggcgtggg gccctgcatt cccaggtggc tgagacgccg     72960
     ccgacgccgc cactgatgag tgtcattatt atccctgcct gctccggctt cttggaactt     73020
     tcatcctgca ggaccctgcc tggctgggca ggcgtcacca actagcaagg ggtggggcgg     73080
     gcaggtagtt cctggcagca aaggaacggg acataaccag ggtttcctgg ccgttccaag     73140
     ctcccttata accatggacg catgggcagt ttcactaggg gatgagacac accaaagatg     73200
     aatgagttgg tgaggtccct cagcggaaga ccccctcctt ccctcactct gtccttcata     73260
     aagtcatgct tattctctgt aagctggggt tgctcttgca gggctggagg agagccagag     73320
     aaggtgtgga ttctagaaga gagaactggg ctggggccag gacatcagag ctggtaccct     73380
     ctgtgccagc tgcttcgggc atcatgaggt caggctcctg gtttcgagtc tctctggaag     73440
     gttctgccat atgggtggat cttccacaag cccccaaggg agggcaaggc tggagacgtg     73500
     caaaatgccc aggtctgtcc caggggaggc tagatacagc atcctgggat aggaagagcc     73560
     tagatctcat aaagatgggt caggcccagg agcaaaggac cagacaaaga ctcatagact     73620
     gagagaggtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgttgt gtgcacccga gtgtgttgtc tgtacatttg     73680
     ttaacaccag cttccagtgt ggacatgtct ctgcttgctg agacagatca aagggagaag     73740
     ggactggaag ggaacatgaa tggcagactg atgacttagg taaggggttg aatggaatcc     73800
     tacaaaacac atggattctg gcccactggg cacccactgg ggaaggaagg gagcggtcca     73860
     atagtctgca ggctgaggcc ctttctctac ctgcctgtcg ctgagagagt agcagcctct     73920
     ggaaccatct tctgacttca agggaaagtg ggtcaacacc gaataggcca tgggcactgg     73980
     aggagagaag gtgataagca gtattccagc agcctccacg agcgatcccc ggatcccatc     74040
     agtcacacat tcatgaagca agcatttata aagcaactgc tatgagcaag gcaggctact     74100
     tggctctgtg gtgcaataca tgagatacat cctctgctct caggaggctc tctggagaaa     74160
     gacaagtctt tctctttgat gaacttctta gttgagtcct gagacatctt tgcccttcct     74220
     ggtggtggtt gtgccccctc tacccatgcc agcagtctgc cagttctctg gagttacaca     74280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca agcaagtttc actaaaactc ttcctggtgt     74340
     cttgacaccc acccagccaa aacctccagc cttcagctat aaaagtcatc tcttgagctt     74400
     cccgttgtgt cagaccacat aaggctcact gtgaccctat tagatcgaac acacccttct     74460
     gcctacaatt cctcccctac ttgctttctc tcagtgatcc aaagaatcca gagcagaccc     74520
     tcgaggctga ttagatacaa caggagcttc tgggggattt tcagggccct accacaagtt     74580
     tttattctga ttgcccaata gtgtctctcc tcatccccaa aagcatccct tcctgtcccc     74640
     agtagtgtcc cttcccatcc tcagcacaca aatctcagga atgtcactgc caacatctga     74700
     acaacagcat gaaccttttc aggagaaacc ttttcatgtt tatagccaat tcatttgaca     74760
     gacatatata gactagaggc tatgggccag gtacagcgac agtcgctgaa atagctcttt     74820
     tgatgttggg ggaaagatag gcctgttgcc gtggggtgag tgaggggcac gcgtgagcag     74880
     ggcaggtaga cagtgacgga gacagatgta ctgagggtca gatggagcag ggctcagggc     74940
     ttccccaaat cccgctctgc cacccaccat gctctcctcc agctttcctt cctgggttct     75000
     tcacatcacc cagcgtgcct tgctgggagg aatggagaat ggtcacatgg catgttccca     75060
     taggcaccac attgttcttc tgcagtggaa aaagttcctc catccctgca gtcagcatcc     75120
     tctggaagtg atacaggaaa cagacaacag aaatcagaga ctaaagaatc tgtgttttgt     75180
     tttgttaaaa aacaaaacaa aaacagctgg gtggtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     75240
     atttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg ggtttgagga cagcctggtc tacagagtga     75300
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaacca aaccaaacca     75360
     aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaaaaccctt tggagactgg gcttggttag taaaatgtgt     75420
     gccaaacaag cctgaggacc tgaattcaat ctcgagccca gaggctgtct ggggtttgat     75480
     ggtcagccag tctagccaag tcagtaagcg ctaggttcaa tgaaagaccc tatctcagaa     75540
     actcagatga caaatgacag agaaagacac tccgtgttga catgtggcct ccacacacgt     75600
     gtgtgcgcat gagcatgctc acctcacaca cacacccttt aaacaatgga agttatgaag     75660
     ggctacacaa ggcccccact attccacctc tttaggaagc aatagctctc atcccctgac     75720
     ccaaagggca gtcatcttgt ggggcaagaa gtctgctgtt gggctggtga gatggctcag     75780
     tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttctgaa ggtccagagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat     75840
     ggtggcttac aaccatctgt aatgagatct gactccctct tcttctggag tatctgaaga     75900
     cagctacagt gtacttacat ataatcaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaagtctgt     75960
     tgtgcttggc ttccgctaca ggggcgagtg gctctcctgg gtgagacctg ttcatgaagg     76020
     aaggctctaa ctcccagtgt ggttgcttga tgtggggtgg atatttaacc aagctaatca     76080
     gaagaaaagt cttccaactg cctcaccaag gcaagatgct acagatctct ccttctctct     76140
     tatctgcccc agaccacctg gcaagttatg agacattctc tactctgaat gcacagctcc     76200
     cgtaaaccaa cgtaagcaag tcgcctttgg gtctgatcac cccatttcct taagcataaa     76260
     tgttcagatg gataattttg aaaggatgtg ataacagggg agaacgtggg agtcagaaca     76320
     tgcttgactg gtctccgagt cctctcataa ttggggctgt cccccacaac ttggtgactc     76380
     tgcctccagg gaaccttggc ccaggggtag aattcctggt catgaaactg ggatagctct     76440
     caaaaatgct aagagagacg ctgctatgct taggaaagca atccttttta gggctgcctg     76500
     gcaacagcaa aaagtggggc tatgcagtga gataggtgtg agaaataaca cggaggaaat     76560
     gctgccctac gtgtggagtt tcccaaatca aagggtaggt cattacaagt gtagagccct     76620
     tcccctcctc tcttcccttc tccctttttt tcttctattc ctcttttctc cttcctcttc     76680
     ctctccccct cccctggcat tttgcttccc tgtggaattg aacagagtcc ctacatgagg     76740
     aaacctcttt gtcgttcaca gccaagcaca ccctttacct atctagcttt tattccagca     76800
     cgcctcagct cagcctcagg ccttttatat caccttgccc agctagtcaa gccctggttg     76860
     catgctcctt tctcggaact ctagttccat tgcataaata aggcttgcct tttgatatgt     76920
     ttgacgacac acacctgatg tttgtgtgga tggcaagacc atttcatttt agtcccttaa     76980
     agcactgagc acagggatga gccctcatag gacttgatgg agctcattaa actcgggaga     77040
     atgtgtcctg aaaggtggcc gccagaacag tgaaggtgga gaaacatctc atacaacatc     77100
     agttagattc ctgatagaca gaatccacac cttcagatgc accacagtgg ggcaggctgg     77160
     aggctggagg acatctttca caatgccatg gaattcaatt atctgtgggg aagccttcgg     77220
     tccaggcaat tccaaacagc agtgtgcacc ttagtcttgc gcgcgcccaa ctcgaccagc     77280
     aagaatgaag ctgcaacagg atccttctgc acaggtttat tgggagagct tgattgcaga     77340
     ggtgaagaga ccccaagccc agaactggtg ctgcttatat aggcctagga gaggcgtgtc     77400
     tcacacctgg attggttatg cactatgcct catttgcatg ttcctcatct gattggctac     77460
     tctctctctc attacctcac agaacctcat taacatgcct catttgcatg tctcacatct     77520
     gattggttat attctcagta cctcattaac atgcccgggc caggcagtga cttggcaaaa     77580
     agctttactg catatgtaca cattggttgt ttgtccaaac ttatgcgtgg tggccagcag     77640
     tagccagcac cactctgcaa cggcacatgt ggcttcccac accttaggaa gaaactggga     77700
     atccgaagca cgtctgaaag ctttctgtag gattgtcaac acggaagaac tcacccgaga     77760
     ctaaagacca gcgtgaatgt tggcgacata aggaacatga cagatattgc tctttatagt     77820
     gaagctgtct ccagaatcac ttctcagtcc gaggaattga gaattggaga ggaagttgta     77880
     tatacattgg ggactgttgg attattataa tctcctcctc ctcctcaccc gccccctcct     77940
     tctccttctt tggaatggat ctcatgagtt ctgatcctcc tgcattcatt tcctaagtgc     78000
     tgggattaca ggcgtgcacc accacactta gtttatacac cattggggac caaacccaca     78060
     gctttctgtg tgctggacaa ggattctacc agttgagctg catcccagtc cagaaccttt     78120
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttcttaaacc tgaagcacca tctcctttat cctcatctct     78180
     tgttaaagaa gaaagtagta gtttacccag ggaacattat tggtgggagt atcacactaa     78240
     tgggccaggg cacagtggaa gtcaaggaag agcccttgta cttggtagcc tccattttat     78300
     ggcggctaaa ggataccaaa gaggaaagag gaaaccctag cctcctcaaa tagcctataa     78360
     tccagggagg ccctgcttta accagactga atacaagatg tagcagaaca caaaggaagt     78420
     ggcccaaggc cctgtggggg aagtagggaa ggcttcccag aggaggcggt cattggagct     78480
     ctcagccagg taaacaagta cagatggggt gttccaggtg gaagatgtgg catgggtgaa     78540
     cacttagaca aaggagcatg gcctgttgca gatgctggag atgttcaacg tgtgcagcat     78600
     tagaggagtc aggggtaagt gaagttgacc tcacatttgg gcacgtcccg aaatgccttg     78660
     caaaagagtt tggatttcca cggtaagcta tggagagctg gatgtatttc ctatggctgc     78720
     tctagcaaat cgccacacac caggtaagat gagaagacac acatgtgaag tctcactggg     78780
     ctgccgtggg ctactaggga gaactgattc cttgctggct cacttctgct tctcccggca     78840
     gcccacaatc ctcagctcac atcctccatc ttcacagcca gcatcacatg gtttcaatcc     78900
     tgtttcccta actgtatctc agactccagc actcttctgc ctctgtcttc acggggctcc     78960
     agggatggca ccaggtccat tagaattagt acaagcacca cacccgtgaa ctctgtcacc     79020
     ttgcaaaatc ccttttgcaa tgtaaagtgg cagatgtaaa ggttcagaga agtgggtgtg     79080
     ggcctttggg gggggggtca ctattctatg catacacaac aggaaacagt gaagaaacca     79140
     gagtgaagct tgaggtgtct ggtagcacag cagggtggct caatgagatg gttgtacggt     79200
     ctagagggat ggctcagtgg tctgctctta cagaggtctg gagttcaagt cttagcaccg     79260
     atgtggtaag tcacaatcag ctataattcc agttccaggg ggatctgagc ctctcctctg     79320
     ggcaccaggt atgcatatgg tgcacatgca tacatgtggg cactcatggt atccacacta     79380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtc ttggggaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaacc     79440
     actggtgtgg gctatgacga caccagtggg ttgttttttt tctttcccca agactttttt     79500
     cggagtatgg tctctgtact tgggttttct tgtctataaa acagacaaaa ataccttgct     79560
     ttctccctag ttattcaggt tatatggggt agcagtgatg aaagttagga caggaggaac     79620
     ccttcagtaa actgcaaata tcttgctcag tgctaaaaac agaacctagc ccactataag     79680
     gctcatcagc ataggaagga aggagacact cgagcagagc actagggaat ctctgcatga     79740
     gaacacgaga tactataatc ctccggatga ggctcgcctg cttcctctgt tggcagaagg     79800
     aaacaaaggc tggaagctgc ctacatctgt tctcctttct gctgagattt gttctggatg     79860
     ttaaagagta aatgatttct ttgtttgtat gttgagacag ggtttctctg tagctctgtc     79920
     ctggaactca ttctggagac caggctggcc tggaactcag agatctgcct gcttctgcac     79980
     actaggtttg cctggagcta caatgtagcc caggctggcc tcaatctcct ggtgaccctc     80040
     cttcctcagc ttcccaagtg ctgggattac caacataagc tgccactacc agctatggat     80100
     acttatttaa ttcttcaatg ctatttattt atcccccacc ccacccggag atttctgcaa     80160
     cactgtgggt gacattccgc cgggctgttt gaagacttgg taatgtttca gccagatacc     80220
     cagtgtgcta atttatactc gactggtttg gtagtgaccc gttctggttt cctagatgcc     80280
     ctttcacgcc ttcggtcatc tactctactt tgtccccact atggcaccaa caggctcctt     80340
     gttctctttc ctttttttgg tttgtctttc aagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct     80400
     gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg     80460
     tctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcctacg ccaccactgc ccagctctct ttcctttgtt     80520
     gatttcttct ctaagttcct ccacggatac agatctaggg gtttgcctat cagtagggtt     80580
     ttcaaacaaa acaactcggc cagtgaagtt tggatttcag acaaacaatg cataatttta     80640
     gtgtaagtat attccaaaca gtactgcctg tcaaatagtg cattactaac ccgttattgg     80700
     attaagtgcg actttccatt ctgtagcatc accatgtaac ctttcactct gttctctgat     80760
     accgtttaca aggcaaactg acactcaagt ccagacaatt tcagtgtcct cattacatag     80820
     taacccagag gagagaggga agaggatggt tctgaaggga tggtggccag attgggctct     80880
     ggtccctgtg gtctcatgac acagaccctc tgctgcccgg ctctgtgctt cacaatacac     80940
     acaggcaagc cccacttcag cctccctacc tgaagtctaa agagcaccca ggatactcat     81000
     tctgttgaag tatattgaga ttgctgcttg gctttctttt gtaaaagaaa catggcacat     81060
     atgtgtaaaa tcccacactt ggaaggctaa ggcagaagga tttcacgttt gactccagcc     81120
     tgaactgcac agaaagacca tctttcaaca tggaatcaat caatccatct gtatgccata     81180
     caaagcatgt tctacattgc agcctggaat aatgccgact ctccccgccg gtgggctatg     81240
     cattggatta gagtatgtga tctgttgtaa caagctattg tttgaatata caagactggt     81300
     ctttctattg acaaaaaaaa gctttctcac cgaagatcca ttccaggtgc tctcctagtc     81360
     tagcatcctt ctccccactg cccccctcca ctgacacctc atccccaatt cctcattcta     81420
     aatttccttc catggtctgt ggattagtta cctgataccc ctcctatctc aatatggttt     81480
     tttaatcttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttctttcc tttctttttt tctttctttc     81540
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcttctt     81600
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     81660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gtttctttga     81720
     caatatttcc tgcctgctcc tgccccgtct cccaagtgca gggtgtaaag gcgtgcacca     81780
     ccatgtctgg cccagattat ggtgactgaa ggccaaagct cagtactggg ccagccaaga     81840
     cctatccctg cagcccgtca gcccctccac tcccaggagc actttttggg tatccacgcc     81900
     agtcttagtc ttgtctcact gtctcagaca gacttccatt catatcagtg tcgtccagcc     81960
     atcctgtggt gttgacatct tcatttccac ttttaagtat cctttccgag actaaatcat     82020
     gcagaatatt ttaacagctc aggaaatatt ttttttaact ttttttaagg tttattttta     82080
     tttcatgtgt atgtggaagt gtctgcatgt atgtatgtgt gtcctgtgag tgcctggtat     82140
     ctgtggaggc cagaagaagg tatcagaaac cctggatctg gaattggcaa gtggttgtga     82200
     gctaccatgt ggtgcgtggt gggaatcaaa ttctagttct ccttaaaaac aataagtgtt     82260
     gtgactgagc catccctgca gcctacaccc cgactcccac ccctcactga ccccctcccc     82320
     cctagcatga agtctttaaa gaaatcctgg gatgttattt tgagtaatga acacagccac     82380
     ctaaccaagg cggtaggcct tgggggctgg caagggattc cagctgtatc ctcaggtgca     82440
     caagggcaat ggatacactt tcaaaccctt atttactttc taggaaacat ggccctgagg     82500
     ggccagggga gttaaagaca tactggaaca acctctaaga aaaacttgct ccagataagg     82560
     tctccgcatc cttaattgtt attgttatta accaactcct atgaaaagct gccacaggtt     82620
     tgttaacaac ctcaggtctg agtttaatta atacctctga aggctgagcc ctcaggcaac     82680
     ttgttgtcca cccccacaac tcctcaagca ggctccacct cctctgactc cggtcaccag     82740
     gccctcttag tcagattggc ctttattctc agttcagcca atccctgctt ttccaggccc     82800
     cttgctccca ggcttggtaa tcacacctat ctcctttgac cttctttctc catttttgca     82860
     gctaccaagt ttcctcttca agagtcaagc ctctgggggg ttgaaatctg aggtgcccag     82920
     aattccctag cagtccccag ttcctgccct gcttccccat cgcctcctga gaacttccgg     82980
     atgcttctca ggtggtacag ccggttaggt gggttggctg gtttagggtt acagaatttg     83040
     gcactgactc tagcccctct cagcggccct ctttaattaa ttccaattaa aagaaacctc     83100
     cattggacct cagtgtgtgc ctctggggca catgtcacat caattacaaa aaacaaaaca     83160
     aaacaaaaca aaacaagcca taaaaacaat taatcctaaa aggtgcatga gcctctttga     83220
     agagtcatat acaactacag actaagggac ttgaaaacct ttgctataaa taaacctcta     83280
     ggacaaaccc taaggaggaa ggaacttagg tccaatttct gaaggcattt ctcttagcac     83340
     aagactctca aatgtctttt ttttaaaaga tttatttatt ttatgtatat gaatacacag     83400
     tttagttata cagatggttg tgagccttca tgtgattgtt gggaattgaa cttaggacct     83460
     ctgcttgctc tggtcaaccc cacttgctcc ggccaaagat ttatttatta gtataagttc     83520
     actgtagctg tcttcaaacg caccagaaga gggtatcaga tctcattatg ggtggttgtg     83580
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgagct cagtaccttt ggaagagcag tcggtgctct     83640
     tacccactga accatctcac cagccctctc aaatgtctta acgtctacct ctccattcta     83700
     ggaagtgggc catttggcaa aagcaaggat gaatctttcc tgtgtgctcc cattgagttc     83760
     atctatcatt ttaccatcac tatatgcaag gtctatgaag atgttaccga ctggggagag     83820
     agaaggaggc agagatccat cctccttcct ccccacctct tcccttttaa tttatctgtt     83880
     gtctttttat tattatattc ctattattga ttttggagaa agaggtctca ctgtgtagat     83940
     ctggctggcc tcaaacctca aactcataga gatctacctg cctccgccta cctaatgcta     84000
     gaattgatca aaggtgtgag ccacctcttt acttttatag actcccattt atttttattt     84060
     tatatatatg ggtattttgc ctgcacgtat gtctatgtca tgtgcgtgcc tggtgcctgc     84120
     atgagtcctg agaatcaaaa cccaagttct ctagaagagc agccggtact cctaactgct     84180
     gagctgtctc taccccctac aaatattttt cctctgtgaa aagtaagttg gcagattgag     84240
     ataagttcta accctcagta ttactaatat tgtccttttt gcctgactgg aattaaaata     84300
     atattggtag accagataaa catagctctc cttatctgtt gaactcattc atccattggt     84360
     gtgtgttgac tacaaatcac tttgttcttt tatgtttatc agcatcctgg ctgaccattt     84420
     gagtccaaaa tttcagaggg cagagaccac gtctgttcca tttgctttgt atggtgtcca     84480
     gcaaagagct acagggtggg gttagagaag tcttggactt ggaccctggc agcccaggtt     84540
     ctagctctgc ccatgtgact cttaaaatta gggcctttgc cgggcagtgg tggcgcacgc     84600
     ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg     84660
     gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaagca     84720
     aaaaacaaac aacaacaaac aaatgaacaa gcaaaaagaa agaaaggaag aaaaaaatat     84780
     gtgaggggct ggagaaatgg ctcagaggtt aagagcacca gatgctcctc cagagggaac     84840
     ccggggtgca attcccagca cccacatggc tcactgtctg tgactcccgt tctagggtat     84900
     ctggcacccc cacacagac                                                  84919