ID   AL713853; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 178652 BP.
AC   AL713853;
DT   22-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-63C10 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178652
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Collins J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 4de36b855168e2e546b331b8bc9bde01.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027130; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041358; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000049758; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050776; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096764; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000109033; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000109801; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026283; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026285; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026288; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026246; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026248; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026249; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026225; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026256; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026259; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026261; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026262; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026004; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026706; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026708; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025468; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025981; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025983; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025984; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026120; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026122; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026123; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026082; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026084; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026085; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026219; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026221; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026223; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026224; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026101; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026103; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026104; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026761; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026763; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026764; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025203; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025536; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL713853.7:1-178652; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028549; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000043970; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000053666; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000058176; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000060098; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000099596; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110987; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110991; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141047; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000207542; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208654; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213696; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214063; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214801; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000216988; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000217078; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000217533; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056668; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056673; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056676; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056701; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056703; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056704; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0056652; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056636; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056642; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056645; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0056347; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057126; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057128; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057129; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0056569; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056302; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056304; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056305; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056411; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056413; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056414; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056377; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056379; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056380; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056532; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056537; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056539; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056540; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056353; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056355; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056356; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057284; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057286; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057287; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0056165; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0055634; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHX2.
DR   GOA; A0A140LI66.
DR   GOA; Q3V0N8.
DR   GOA; Q6P6P5.
DR   GOA; Q8VF84.
DR   GOA; Q8VG12.
DR   InterPro; IPR000076; KCL_cotranspt.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR004842; SLC12A_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR018491; SLC12_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR024309; NUT_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR024310; NUT.
DR   InterPro; IPR030364; KCC3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2661384; Nutm1.
DR   MGI; MGI:3031149; Olfr1315-ps1.
DR   MGI; MGI:3031150; Olfr1316.
DR   MGI; MGI:3031151; Olfr1317.
DR   MGI; MGI:3031152; Olfr1318.
DR   MGI; MGI:5439454; Gm21985.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BHP2; NUTM1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHX2; A0A140LHX2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LI66; A0A140LI66_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8VF84; Q8VF84_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8VG12; Q8VG12_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-63C10 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178652
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-63C10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    5988..5988
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 178652 BP; 53775 A; 36751 C; 37025 G; 51101 T; 0 other;
     gaattctaga aaatcttgaa attctttctt atttctttcc tgacacagtg atcattaagt        60
     agagagttca agttccctaa gtttgtaggc tttctattct ttctgttgtt gttgaagtcc       120
     agctttaatc catggtggtc tgataagact catagagtta atttaatttt cttgtatctg       180
     ttgaggcttg tttgtgaccc actatatggt cagttttgga gaaggttcca tgaggtgctg       240
     agaaaaagat agattctttt gtgtttgagt gaaatgttct gtaggcatct gttaggtcca       300
     cttggttcat aacctctgtt atttttatta tttccctgct gagattctgt ctcgatgatc       360
     tgtgcattag tgaaagtggg gtgttgaagt ttcccactat taatatttgt gtgatttaac       420
     ctttagtaat gtttctttta caaatgtcag tgcccttgta cttggggcat agatttttac       480
     aattgagata ccatcttgat gaattttttt ctttgatgag tatgaagtgt tcttcccaac       540
     ccttttgatt aatttttgtt gaaagtttat tttaatagat attagaatgg ttatttcagt       600
     tttattcttg gttccttttt cttaaaaaca tttctccttt actctaaggt aatatctatc       660
     tttcttgctg aggtgtgttt cttgtatgca gcagaaagaa tcctacttca tatccattat       720
     gatacaatgt ggctttttat tgagtccatt aacgttggga gatattaata acaaatgatt       780
     gttaattcct attattttga tggtggtgat gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat ttcccttcgt tggatttttc tggtatggag ttattaattt       900
     tttctgtttt cttgtgttgg agttttcatt caagtatctt cttaagggat agatttgtat       960
     atagatatca tttaaatttg gttttgtcat ggaacatatt gttttctcca tctatggtga      1020
     ttaaaagttt ggctgttgct ggcaaggatg tggagaaaga agaacactcc tccattactg      1080
     gtgggattgc aagccggtac aaccactctg gaagtcagtc aggtggttcc tcagaaaatt      1140
     ggacatagta ctacctgagg atccagctat atcactcctt ggcatatacc cagaagatgc      1200
     cccaacatgt aataaggaca catgctacac tatgttcatt gcagccatat atataatagc      1260
     cagaagagag ggatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacgtttac acaatggaat actactcagc      1320
     tattaaatac aatgacttca taaaattggc aggcaaatgt atggatctag aaaatatcat      1380
     cctgagtgag gtaactcagt cacaaaagac cacacatagt atgtactcac tgataaatgg      1440
     atattaggca aagagagtgg aatacccaca ctacaactca tggactacat gaagctcaag      1500
     aagaaggaaa accaaagagt ggatgcttca gtcctactta gaaggggaaa aaaataacca      1560
     agggaagtag agggtgggat ggagtttgga gtaagaaaag agggatgggg taaaagaggg      1620
     gaagaaccag gtatggaaac agatggagga gatgaacaaa ggatcagaaa tttgaacata      1680
     ggtgtgtagc aatgggggat ggtgagctgg gggtagcaag cagaaagtcc cagataccag      1740
     aaaagcaagg gcctcccagg accccatggg gataacattg gctgaaatat cccacaaagg      1800
     ggagggggaa cctgtcgaga ccacatctaa aggttccccc acccaggttg agagatggga      1860
     ccacccaccc atctccaaag ttttaaacca gagttgctcc tgtctaaagg aaataaaggt      1920
     acaaagagtg gagcagagac tgaaggaaag gccatccaga gactgcccca cctgggaatc      1980
     catcccacat gcagatacca aacccagaca ttattgtgga tgccaaggag tgcttgctga      2040
     caagagcctg atatagctgt ctcctgagag gctctgccag atcctgacca atacagtagc      2100
     agaggctcgc atccaaccat tggactgaca cagggacccc aatggaggag ttagggaaag      2160
     gactaaagga gctgaagtgg ccttacctag catcaattgg aggggaggac cttggtcatg      2220
     tgaaaacttg atgccccagt gtagagaaat gctagggaag tgaggcagaa atgggtatat      2280
     gggtagggga gcaccctcat agaagcaggt taaggtggga taggataggg catttgcaga      2340
     gggaaaactg ggaaagtgga tgacatttga aatgtaagta aataaattaa ttttttattt      2400
     tattagatat ttactttatt tacatttcaa atgttgtccc ctttcctggt tttccctctg      2460
     aaaactccca tcccctccct ccaacctccc actgctcacc aacccactca cacctgcttc      2520
     ctggccctgg catttctcta cactggggca tagaaccttc atgggaccat ttaaaatttt      2580
     taaatttaaa aaaaaaaatc ttttgctggt gagcatgtcc agaatgagat atgacaaggg      2640
     aaaagggaag tacctaaaaa tcaataaggt gaccttagct gtgactcact acactgagga      2700
     tatggaacct gaagagacca cctcctgtgt ccaggcagga acaccagtga agaaatagag      2760
     acctcaaccc acctacaaaa ctttcagcac aaaatttatc ctgtctacaa gtaatgtagg      2820
     catggggaag ggagcagcaa atgagggtgt aaccatccaa attgagatgc atcccatggg      2880
     caagtcctaa tccctaacac tattaatgat acttgattat gttttcagac aggaacatgg      2940
     tattctccaa gaggatctac ccagcagcta acttatacag atacagacac ccaatgtatg      3000
     gaacttgggg actcttatgg aagaatagaa ggaagaactt gggctccaaa ggggatagaa      3060
     actccatagg aagaccaaca gagtcaacta acttagaacg ttgaggctct cagagtctga      3120
     atcaccaatc aaagagcata cacagtctgg acctaggcct ccccactcac atgtagcaga      3180
     tgtgcagctt gaccttcatg tacgtcctga acaactgaag tgggggctat cccaaaaact      3240
     gttttctgaa tgtgggatat gttccagtag ctaggctgcc ttgtctagcc tctgagggag      3300
     agaaagtacc tagcctcgaa gagactagta ccaaggtgta tgggatacct aagggggccc      3360
     ccacctatcg agaagagaag ggaagggaaa tggagaaaag actgtgggaa ggggtgattg      3420
     gcagggggca gtgagcagta tctaaagtga ataaatgaaa aaggtaattt aatttcaaaa      3480
     aatatgttta agtagtttta atgggtttag tagtctgcac tgacatctgt ggtcttaaga      3540
     gtctacaaga tatctgccca ggtccttctg gcttatagac ttaatataga gaagttgggt      3600
     gtaattctaa taggttacct ttatatgtta ctttatatgt tacatagctt tttttccctt      3660
     gcagcatttt atattctttc tttgttctgt ccatttagtc ttttgattat tatgtggaag      3720
     gagaattttc tttactgggc caatctgtta tgtgttctgt aagcttcttg tatatttatg      3780
     acatctcttt ctttaagttg gggaattttt ttttaatttt gttgaaacta ttttctaggc      3840
     cttgaagatt ggagtcttct ccttcttcta ttcctattat tcctctgttt ggttttttat      3900
     ggtgtcctag attttttttt agatgtttta tgtcaggaac attttagacc aatgtattga      3960
     tttcttcaat tgtatattct acatctgaga ttttctctcc catttcttgt attttgttgg      4020
     tgatgcttgt ttctgtactt attacctgtt taattttaga tagggcaaaa gctatgccta      4080
     aatgtgagtg ctaaatccta attttagtat gagcaaaagc aactaaatat ttgaagtcac      4140
     agaatactta atagaagcaa agatcgttgg ctactattgt tggtttttaa aataatttct      4200
     aattatacac ggtgtttgga tctattctca tttttaaaat taagacatga ttcataaagg      4260
     caaatatgtt tttatcatag cctgtaatcc atgtccccta cctttctata ttgaaaagca      4320
     tcctctcttt tagactcttc tataccttac ttgtgcttta catttatatg taattgtctt      4380
     tttaaatata ggtggctgca cattctttcc acagttttca gattgtacaa gtaatttgtt      4440
     aaaatctggg aaggagacat attaacagtc agctatacac aagtattcat gtaggaccat      4500
     aagaactaat aaagctatca aaacgaatga attccaaaac aaaggaaaat accatttcct      4560
     ttgattaccc tccatagcta catgggaaga gcctattgtt gaagacatcc cttcatttgg      4620
     ccacagagta ttgaagaatc aatcttgaac tgaagaggaa accctcctga tagattttac      4680
     aatgccaaaa ggtgctatgt aggctcatgg ggattaaaaa aaaatcaatg gtcttaccca      4740
     gtgctgagcc ttgcatattg taataatgat tgatcaggca gtggtgtcat gttgacacaa      4800
     ctgttagatg agtaactaag gaatctctga tggctatgag gcatattcaa caaaagaaat      4860
     ttacatgcag cagacttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacacag atgtccctca      4920
     acagaggaat ggatagaaaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtactg ctcagctatt      4980
     aaaaacaatg aatttaggaa gttcttaggc aaattgatga atctggagga tatcatcctg      5040
     agtgaagtaa cccaatcaca aaagaactca catgatatgc attcactgat aagtggatat      5100
     tagcccagaa acttagaata tccaagatac aatttgcaaa acacatgtaa ctcgagaaga      5160
     aagaaggcca aattgtggat aaaataggga acaaaatacc catggaagga gttacagata      5220
     caaagtttgg cactgaaatg taaagaagga ccatccagag acttccccac ccagggatct      5280
     atcccataaa cagccactaa acccagacac tattgcatat gccagcaaga ttttgctgaa      5340
     aggaccctga tataagtgtc tcttgtgagg ctatgccagt gtctggcaaa tacagaagtg      5400
     gattctcaca cccatgtatt ggatgcaaca cagggccccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag      5460
     tacacaagga gctaaagggg tctgcaaatc tatagaagga acaacaatgt gaactaacca      5520
     gtacccccag agcatatgta gcagaagatg gcttagtggg ccatcattgg gaggagaggt      5580
     ccttggtctt gtgaagatta tatgccctag tagaggggaa tgccagggcc aggaggcagg      5640
     agtgtggggt ggggagcagg gcgggggagt atataggggt tttaaggaca gcatttgaaa      5700
     tgtaaataaa aaaaatctaa taaaaaagtt aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaag aaagaaaact      5760
     gaatggaaaa ctgaaaacac gtcacactca ataaaatgaa ttggaaaacc atatagaaaa      5820
     agagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa      5880
     agagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag      5940
     ggaggaagga aagaaaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga      6000
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gggaataatt tacatgcatg cctgagagca taatcctcct      6060
     cagaaactca agcctgagga gctcatgagt gctacagtac agcttgctac tttatttcac      6120
     tccatgcttc tgctttcaca ttaacttcta aatagttatt tttatatcca tagacatggt      6180
     cagagaagct tctctttata gtgggcaaaa gcaattcaga gatgcataat tggtcaaagt      6240
     ggtagaataa aagacaaaga gatcagtctt acatggagca ccattatcaa tatccacaac      6300
     cctgccaaag ctcaaagaag attgtagagg aagaagctga aagaatgtaa atcagaagaa      6360
     taagagtgca atggagtttt ctgaacattg caaaactgtc ataatcatga actctagcca      6420
     catgtagtta cttggacatg ttgaacccaa gagtcagcaa accaaacttt aaaaatagat      6480
     tgaaggcatg tttttcatgc ctcattcctt actgagaagg tattgacagt tgatagctcc      6540
     tagggaaagt agaactatct tttagagaat ggtcccactg ggtggtttct catactattt      6600
     tggatggttc tacacccata catatatgaa acacaaacaa aatttagtaa attatcaaaa      6660
     aaagaaaaaa gaaatgaagt tgggagggaa acccgtttga gagtggaaag ggaacaatta      6720
     aggaatagat aagatcatat ttcattgaat atatgtatga aattcttaag gataaaaaat      6780
     atggttaaaa gaaagacaag tattcccagg aagtacttcc agaattacta taagtgattt      6840
     tttaacatta ttttgtctgt tttaaatgtc ttctgtaggc ttccggcttc tttatatcca      6900
     aatttttttt actttttttt tattaggtat tttcttcatt tacatttcca atgctatccc      6960
     aaaagtcccc catgtccttc ccccccccca agtctcctcc ccccccccct cccaattgtt      7020
     ggctatggca ttcccctgta cttaggcatg aaaaaaattc cttgggaatt gaggttcagt      7080
     attattatag tatttacttt gtaaatacct gtaacttttt tctatttttg aaagtgattg      7140
     tcttgccctc ctaagcagaa gaaaatagat taaatattaa tgtatataga cagagtgtag      7200
     aaaggcagta tttccactga gattagtgaa aatacacctt atagtcacaa ggcaagcact      7260
     taagatatct ttccataact cattagatgt ttgaacactc tcttcattgc catcttcatt      7320
     tcttgattcc tgaatgtata gatcacagga ttcagaaaag gagtgatgac tgtatcaaat      7380
     atggccagaa atttatccag gtgtacggag ggagaagtcc atgtatagac aaatatcaaa      7440
     ggaccaaaga ataaaaccac tactgagata tgagcagaaa gtgtggacag ggctttagag      7500
     aaaccacctg aagagtgctt ttgtacagag attatgatga caatatatga aactatcaat      7560
     atgaagaagg agcccacaga gatgaatcca ctattggctg tgaccatgaa ttctagttta      7620
     tgagtatcta cacaagcaag cttgatgaac cggggaaggt cacagtagaa gctgtccaac      7680
     acatttggtc cacaaaaagg taagtttatg acaaaaacca gctgagccag agagtgtata      7740
     aggccaacta tccaagcaat aactacaaag aagagacaca ttcttgggct caaaatggtc      7800
     aggtaatgga gaggtttaca tatggctaca tatctatcaa aagccatggc gatgagtaaa      7860
     accatctcca caccaccaat aacatggatg gagaagatct gaataacaca acctgtaaag      7920
     gagatgactt tgtgctttct aaacagatca taaatcatct tgggtgaggt aacagaagaa      7980
     acacctaagt caatgaagga gaggttagcc aacagaaagt acattggagt gtgtaagtga      8040
     gggtctgaag ccacagtaaa aatgatgagt gagtttccca tcatgcttgc cacataaaac      8100
     acagaggaga acacaaagag aagaagctgg atgtcccagg agttggtgag tccaagaaat      8160
     acaaactctg ataccacaga gaggtttgct ccccccatta gcatgtatgt cagtactacc      8220
     tggagaagga aacaggaaaa tataaattat attaatataa tataccaata gctgatatta      8280
     atagaatata tcaagaagaa atatgaaatc ctgtttaaaa tctaacatta aaaccaaatt      8340
     aaagacagat atatgaaaaa tgaacactgc ttaatattga ggaatgaact ttaaaataaa      8400
     agtaagtatc gctttatacc tgttaaagac tctttatcca aagctcagag tagatgtaaa      8460
     aaaaaaaata gatctatctt taagttgttg atatgcatat aaactaagac tccattacaa      8520
     aaaaattgta tgaggcatcc gtaaaatttc gaaatatggt agctttgaaa tagcatacac      8580
     acttattagg cattgaccat gttttcggaa tggagaggaa aggagggagg gaaagaggaa      8640
     cagagggagg aaggaacaga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagagaga gagggaaggg      8700
     agggagcaga aaggaaggta aagagggaag gaaggatttt attaaagcta ccatgtgatt      8760
     aagcaatact cagttttcca caacttatgc aacctgagga aattacacca tcatatgcaa      8820
     atgaattctt cccattttcc ttgcaacatc acttacagta atcaatacag aaatatctaa      8880
     attctcattg acttttgact gaatagtata taaacagaga ctaacatata gacacaatgg      8940
     aatattcttc agttttttta aaagaaggga atcctgtttt gtaaaaatct gcctgttcct      9000
     aggagtcaat ggtacacatg aaattaaaga gacacaaaag tcagtactgg cattctcaca      9060
     attacataga acccaaagac accatgatca gaaaagaagt gaatatatgt tataccatgt      9120
     atgtcttagg attttccttc tgtgaatagc catcaaaagc aatgcaaact tataaggaca      9180
     acatttaatt aaggctggct tacaagctca gagattcaat ctattataat caaggctgga      9240
     gcaaggcagc atccaggcag gcatggtaca ggaagagctg agagttctag atcttcctct      9300
     aaaggccact aagagaagac tggcttccag cttccaggca gtaagaatga gggactcaaa      9360
     gtccatggcc acagtgacac actttctcca acaaggccac acctcctgca acaaagccaa      9420
     tcttcatata gtgctgctcc ctgagccaag catattcaaa cactaaaatg ggaagaaaaa      9480
     aaagataact ggaaagtgga aagagaagat gttggttaaa agatacagat attctgctag      9540
     gatcctctgt ttctgaagat ccatcatgga tcatcataac tgtggttgac tgtgtttcat      9600
     acattgagtg ctgtgctcaa tgtttgaaat gagattgtca atgttctcac aggaaataaa      9660
     tgtatgagac atctaagttg tttggtttaa ttgtttcaca atgcacatac acatcaaaac      9720
     atcacactgg attctacata gaaataagag tcagtcatta gtaggttata tcttaataaa      9780
     actggagaga ggaaaccacc taggaatcgt gaaaagttgg ccaaccacac agggaagtgg      9840
     gtggcacttt gcagtgttat catattatgt ctctgaattt caagttcctc tgtttccctc      9900
     acagtgggta cagatatatt ccttttgaga gagaaggctg gccaacaggg aaataattga      9960
     tttttgtttc aagattaatt tacagcctgc tccacacatg aaaacaacct ccttttgaag     10020
     tccagtaaca caatcttatg ctggcaaata agcccttctt ccacgctcat acttctggaa     10080
     gacagagaac atcaaggttt attaaatgaa taaccaaact atgaggtctt tgtattatta     10140
     gcatttatta tttattttaa gtttgagatt ataatccagt tatatcactt ttcttaatcc     10200
     ttttctccat caagccctcc tgtacacatc ttcttgctct cttttaaact catggctctt     10260
     tttatttttt tctgctatcc ctaaaattga ctaaatcttt tataatacta accaaatact     10320
     aaaaaacata ttgaacacaa atgtcatggc atatgtgtat ttgtattctc tgaaagaatt     10380
     aacaagtgag gtgtaagcct ttctgtaact gtcagttccc agtgtgcatt atgtcagaca     10440
     cagaaatcgt aggtgcttag aaatatttct atcataacac aactaaaatg cctcaattta     10500
     aactcaacac attggcccat gaaacagtag gggtaagtta gaatcactac gctggagtac     10560
     acagtatgtg cctggaaaac aacaatctaa aaggaacaat gtagttaact acattatgtt     10620
     ccaacaacat attttattat agttacttag tgaagaaaca taatacaata aacatgatat     10680
     gagctttgaa ttctggtcaa aaaattacca tgtggttcat ccaccatcaa attagtagta     10740
     ggtataagac cctgactctc agtctgtttg tctattgaac atatttttaa atcaaagatt     10800
     ttataataca attagtaata acataattaa agaacataat cacatatcca gcatgtaagt     10860
     attccatata aaactgtttg gtaaaagtta atcttacttt atattttcca tttgcacatg     10920
     aatgatctgg actcatggta taaaaaaatg aatagaaaca aaatattagc aagctgtgag     10980
     tatcaaaaaa cttcactgaa agacattcca aaatatatta actttttctt tttattaata     11040
     tattaataaa atgtattatt atgtagtcaa aaaagataca gaaatcaact gaccattatt     11100
     ataaagtgat aattaaaaat tatgggatta tagatgtaaa gacttggaga aaaagtagaa     11160
     ataagtgaga ttaaaagaaa atctaagaga tttttcaaaa tataaggggc tcctatttga     11220
     caatatataa tatccatatt atcttagtaa ttaaaacatg aacttaaatc tgaaattatt     11280
     tgctttcaaa gaacattagt gtgcctcttt aagtgtttac tacaaatcta actcattaaa     11340
     atcgcttccc aaatagacca taatgtccat aaacctaaag actgcaacat tcttctagcc     11400
     aatgtgccac agaactcata atcacagaac atgatatgaa gttttgttgt aacataaaaa     11460
     ggacatgtta atgcttaaaa caataaaaat gtgttattat gtagtcaaag aagatacaga     11520
     aatcgaatga ccataattaa attaaaaatt atgggattat agaagtaaag atttggagaa     11580
     aaagtagaaa taagtgagat taaaagaaaa tctaaaaaca ttcctgggga aattgaatag     11640
     catgtgtaca actatgagga gagaaagaaa ccagatagct ttagaaaaat aatggataat     11700
     ttatggggaa tgacaagcat agatttttca gagctatcct ttagaaacta tgtaatttta     11760
     acaataatat atagtaactt cagttatgtt atacataagt atatattggc atatgttcat     11820
     tacacatagt gataggtttt tagcaagtgt caatgacact cttcacactg gaacacttcc     11880
     aataacctta attctgttct agagatgatc agaatatgcc caactctttt aaaaagtcaa     11940
     tagataggaa aatataactt ttatgatttc agtttttgta tcaataaata cttcctaatt     12000
     tttcaactag aagaggctaa gatcattaat taatcatcaa agaactgaat aggtaattat     12060
     caggtatgcc aaataaaaat attataaagc tgtttggtgt ttactaatgc cttttacatt     12120
     tccccaggta acaagatact tcagctcaaa ctaaagatca acaatgtttc tagcaataaa     12180
     atagcaatct taataaagtt tttacaagta gatccgtgct gttcagttga ttttgctaaa     12240
     tgctatctat ttgctttaga ctcgctcaac cagtttaata tacaactcaa atttatagca     12300
     attctaaaag cagagtcaca tctataaata agttactatt cttattgcta aattccttcc     12360
     agtgaccact tgcctgcata gaatgaacac gaacctcatg gatccagatt tctctatatt     12420
     ctccaatata aagtggctgt gatatggaaa catataaata tataaaacta atcatatatt     12480
     agtagccaat gaccaatgca gctttaaaat gcttatagtc tagggagttc ttccctggag     12540
     gaccatttga ttcattcagt gcaaccaaag aatttcagaa cccattatgc aatactgaaa     12600
     atataacagg aagcaataat ggaaggtgtt gtacctcagc tacagtatca gagcatcact     12660
     aactggaaaa cagatgaact ggcaccactt tttagagcca actatgtcaa cgcccctctg     12720
     aaatattgtc caaaggcata aacactggct tctgtcttga acttcagaca ataatattga     12780
     aagagatttt gcatatataa catactaatg agattgtcac ttccccatag agccctggaa     12840
     cttctgcttg tattgatctt ggcatagcta gtaaatctta gttgcaaagg aaacctacat     12900
     tctgcttctt ttttgctgga ctctgcattt tattttgtcc tggtttaatt gctgtcagct     12960
     ttgatttctt gttttacata tgcacacata caggcacaca cacatacaaa aacacataaa     13020
     acaagtacct tctggtccat gccagcacct gggcaccttg ggcacagagt ctgcggatac     13080
     ccccaaggtc cccacaggac catccacaag atcttaagac ctctggtgag tggaacacaa     13140
     cttttgctcc aatccaatcg tgcgggtcct gagactgcat taattaggga agcagaaaac     13200
     ccggcctggt cagagtcaca agtcccttcc actccacgcc agcactgggg caccttgggc     13260
     ccagagtctg tggacacccc cgaggtcccc acaggagcct ccatgggatc ttaagacctt     13320
     tagtgagtgg aacacacctt ctgctccaat ccaatcgtgc gggacctgag actgcattaa     13380
     ttagggaagc agaaaaccca gcctgatcag ggtcataagt cccttccggt ccatgccagc     13440
     actggggcac cttgggtact gagtctgcgg acacccccaa ggtccccaca ggactctcca     13500
     caggatctta ggacctctgg tgagtggatc acaacttctg ccaggaggca ggttcaaaca     13560
     ccagatatct gggcaccttc cctgcaagag gagagcttgc ctgcagagag tacaatgaac     13620
     actgaaactc aggagagagc tagtctccca ggtctgctga tagaggctaa cataatcacc     13680
     tgaggaacaa gctctaccaa agacaactct ctaacaacta actccagaga ttaccagatg     13740
     gcaaaaggca aacataaaaa tcatactaac agaaaccaag actactcacc atcatcagaa     13800
     cgcagcactc ccaccccacc cagtactggg caacccaaca cacccgaaaa gatcgtcccg     13860
     gatttaaaag tatatgtcat gatgatggta gaggacatca agaaggactg tagtaactca     13920
     cttaaagaaa tacaggaaaa cactgctaaa caggtagaag acattaaaga ggaagcacaa     13980
     aaatccctta aagaattgca ggaaaacaca accaaacaag tgatggaatt gaataaaacc     14040
     atccaagacc taaaaagaga agtagacaca atagagaaaa cccaaagtga ggcaacgctg     14100
     gagatagaaa tcctacgaaa gaaatctgaa accatagatg cgagcatcag caacagaata     14160
     caagagatgg aacagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcaa tagagaacat cagcacaaca     14220
     atcaaagaaa atacaaaatg caaaaggatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatccaggac     14280
     acaatgagaa gaccaaacct acggataata ggagttgatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactt     14340
     aaagggccag caaatatctt caaaaaaatt atagaagaaa atttcccaaa cataaagaaa     14400
     gacatgccca tgaacataca cgaagcctac aggactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga     14460
     aattcctccc gacacataat aatcagaaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatatta     14520
     aaagcagtaa gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca ggcctattag aattacacca     14580
     gacttttcac cagagactat gaaagccaga agaccctgga cagatgttat acagacacta     14640
     agagaacaca aatgccagcc caggctactg tacccagcca aaatctcaat taccatagat     14700
     ggagaaacca aaatattcca cgacaaaatc aaattcacac attatctttc cacgaatcca     14760
     gcccttaaaa ggataataac agaaaaaaac caatacaagg acagaaacca caccctagaa     14820
     aaagcaagac agtaatcact caacaaacca aaaataagag agccacaaga acagaatgcc     14880
     aactctaaca acaaaaataa taggaagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat ctctgaatat     14940
     caatggactc aattccccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca gactggctac acaaacagga     15000
     cccaacattc tgctgcttac aggaaaccca tctcagggaa aaagacagac attacctcag     15060
     agtgaaaggc cagaaaacaa tttttcaagc aaatggtctg aagaaacaag ctggagtaga     15120
     tattccaata tcgaataaaa tcgacttcca acccaaagtt ttcaaaaaag acaagaggga     15180
     cacttaatac tcatcaaagg taaaatcctc caagaggaac tctcaattct ggatatctat     15240
     gctccaaata caagggcagc cacattcatt aaagacactt tagtaaagct caaagcacac     15300
     attgcacctc acacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacacac cactttcatc aatggacaga     15360
     tcatggaaac agaaactaca cagggacaca gtgaaattaa cagaagtgat gaaacaaatg     15420
     gacttaacag atatctacag aacattttat cctaaaacaa aaggatatac cttcttctca     15480
     acacctcatg gtaccttctc caaaattgac cataaaattg gtcacaaaac agacctcaac     15540
     agatacaaaa atattgaaat tgtcccatgc atcctatcag accaccatgg actaaggcta     15600
     atcttcaaaa acaacataaa taatggaaag ccaatattca catggaaaat gaacaacact     15660
     cttctcaatg ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaaggaaa aaattaaaga ctttttagag     15720
     tttaatgaaa atgaagccac aacataccca aacttatgtg acacaatgaa agcatttcta     15780
     agagggaaac tcatagctct gagtgcctcc aaaaataaac tagagagagc acacactagc     15840
     agctttacaa cacaccaaaa atctctagaa aaaaggaagg aaattcatcc aagcggagta     15900
     gacagcagga aataatcaaa ctcaggggca aaatcaacca aagggaaaca agaagaacta     15960
     ttcaaagaat taaccaaacg aggagctggt tctttgataa actcaacaag atagataaac     16020
     gcttagccag actcactaga gggcacaggg acagcatcct aattaacaaa atcagaaatg     16080
     aaaagggaga cataacaaca gatcctgaag aaatccaaaa caccatcaga tccttctaaa     16140
     aaaaggctat actcaacaaa actggaaaac ctgggcgaaa tggataaatt tctagacaga     16200
     tactaggtac caaagttaaa tcaggataaa gttaaccatc tacacagtcc catatcccct     16260
     aaagaaatag aagcagtcgt taatagtctc ccaaccaaaa taagcccagg accagatggg     16320
     tttaatgcag agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa ttccagttct gcacaaacta     16380
     ttccacaaaa tagaactaag aggtactcta cccaactcat tctatgaagc cacaattact     16440
     ctgataccta aaccacagaa atatccaaca aagatagaga acttcagacc aatttctctt     16500
     atgaatatcg atgcaaaaat actcaataaa attctcacta accgaatcca agaacacatt     16560
     aaaacaatca ttcatcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag ggatgcaggg atggtttaat     16620
     atacggaaat ctaccaatgt aatccattat ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa aaacaacatg     16680
     atcatctcct tagacacaga gaaagcattc gacaagatcc aacacccatt cttgataaaa     16740
     gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaagatcca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc aatctacagc     16800
     aaaccagtag ccaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg aagcaatccc attaaaagca     16860
     gggactagac aaggctgcct gctttctccc tacctattca acattgtact tgaagtccta     16920
     gccagagcaa ttcgacaaca aaaggagatc aaggagatac aatttggaaa agaagaaatc     16980
     aaaatatcac tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa gtcaccctaa aaattccacc     17040
     acagaactcc taaacctgat aaacaacttc agtgaagtaa ctggatataa aatgaactca     17100
     aacaagtcaa tggactttct ctacacaaag aataaccagg ctgagaaaga aattagggaa     17160
     acaacaccct tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc ttggcatgac tctaactaag     17220
     gaagtgaaag atctgtatga taagaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat taaagaagat     17280
     ctcagaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaacat tgtaaaaatg     17340
     gctatcttgc caaaatctac agattcagtg caatgcccat caaaattcca acttaattct     17400
     tcaatgaatt agaaagagca atctgcaaat tcatctggaa taacaaaaac ctaggatagc     17460
     aaaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc accatgcctg acctaaagct     17520
     gtactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc tgcatggtac tggtatagtg     17580
     acagacaagt ggaccaatgg aatagaactg aagacccaga aatgaaccca cacacctatg     17640
     gtcacttgat ctttgacaag ggagcaaaac ccatccagtg gaaaaaagac acattttcaa     17700
     aaaatggtgc tggcacaact agcggttatc atgtagaaga atgcaaattt atccattcct     17760
     atctccttat actaagggca aatctaagtg gattaaggaa ctacacataa aaccagagac     17820
     actgaaactt atagagagga aagtagggaa aaggctcgaa gatatgggca caggggaaaa     17880
     attcctgaat agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatcg aaaattgaca aatgggacct     17940
     tataaaactg caaagcctct gtaaggcaaa agacactgtc aataagacaa aaaggtcacc     18000
     aacagattgg gacaggatct ttacctgtcc taaatcagat aggggactaa tatccaatat     18060
     atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tggactccag aaaatcaaat aaccccatta aaaaatgggg     18120
     ctcagagcta aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccga atggctgaga agcacctgaa     18180
     aaaatgttca gcatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcca     18240
     tctcacacca atcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat gctggcgtgg     18300
     atgtggagaa agaagggaca ctcctccatt gttggtggga ttgcaggctt gtacaacccc     18360
     tctggaaatc agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat agtactaccg gaggatcccg     18420
     caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag aggtcccaac cagtaagaag gacacatact     18480
     ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa taccagaagc tggaaagaac ccagaatccc     18540
     ctcaacagag gaatggatac aaaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagt actactcagc     18600
     tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaattcct aggcaaatga ttggacctgg agggcatcat     18660
     cctgagtaag gtaacccaat cacaaagaac tcagatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat     18720
     tatcccagaa acttagaata cccaaggtat aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca catgaaactc     18780
     aagaagaaca aagaccaaag tgtggacact ttgccccttc ttataattgg gaacaaaaca     18840
     cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagctgaga caaaaggatg gaccatctag     18900
     agactgccat atccagggat ccatcccata atcagcctcc aaatgctgac accatggcat     18960
     acactagcaa atttttgctg aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcctgtaa gactatgccg     19020
     gagcctagca aacacataag tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacagggccc     19080
     ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctaaagg ggtttgcaat cctataggtg     19140
     gaacaacaat atgcactaac cagtaccccc cggagctctt gactctagct gcatatgtat     19200
     caaaagatgg cctagtcggc catcaccgga aagagagtcc catttgacat gcaaacttta     19260
     tatgccccag tacaggggaa cgccagggtc aaaaagtggg agtgggtgtg taggggagtg     19320
     gagggagggt atgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat ataaatgagg aaaataccta     19380
     ataaaaaata ttaaaaacaa aaacaaatac acacacacat atacacatac acactcatac     19440
     acacataaac atacatatat atatatatac ataaacacaa tcacacacgt aaacacattc     19500
     ataaaaatgg ctatgataaa tgacatgctg gattttttta attttataat tttttatctt     19560
     ttctttttat tattttcttt atttacattt aaaatgttat ctcctttctt ggtttcacct     19620
     ccaaaaatcc ccactcccta tcccctcctc ttgctaaaca acccacccac tcccactttt     19680
     tggccctgga attcccctat tgtggagcat ataatcttca aaggaccaag ggccactcct     19740
     accatttatg actaactagg ccatcctctg ctacagatgc agctagaggc attagtacca     19800
     ccatatgatt tctttgtttg gtggtttagt cccagggatt tcttgttagt tcatattatt     19860
     gttcctccta tggggcagaa accccttcag ctccttggtt actttctctg gctcctactt     19920
     tggggaccct gtgctatgtc caatggatgg ctgtgggcat ccacttctgt atttgtcagg     19980
     cactggtagg gcctctcaga agacagctat atcaggctac tgtcagcatg tacttcttgg     20040
     catacataat agtgtctggg tttgatggtt atgtgtggga tggatcccaa ggtgtggcaa     20100
     tctctggatg gtcattcctt cagtctctgc tccacacttt gtctctataa ctccttccgt     20160
     gagtattttg ttcccccttc taagaaggat caaagtattc acactttggt cttccttctt     20220
     cttaagtttc atgagttttg cgaattgtat cctgggtatt ctaagtttct gggctaatat     20280
     ccacttatca gtgagtgcat atcatgtgta ttcttttgtg attgggttac ctaactcagg     20340
     atgttatcct ccagatccat tcatttgcct aagaatttca taaattcatt gtttttaata     20400
     gctgagtact actccattgt gtacatgtac cacaatttct gtattcattc ctctgatgag     20460
     ggacatcaag attcttttca ggttctggct attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg     20520
     aagcatgtgt ccttcttaca caaaagagca tcttctgggt ggtatagcac aggagtggta     20580
     tagctaggtc ctaaggtagt acaatgccca atttttctga ggaatcttca aaatgatttc     20640
     cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac cagcaatgga ggagtgtttc tctttctcca     20700
     catcctcgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgag ttttttaact tagccattct gactggtgtg     20760
     aggtggaatc ttggggtggt tttgatttcc aaatgaattt gcaaattgcc ccttctaacc     20820
     cttgaagaac aaagtttgaa ttttgatggg aattgcattg tatctgtaga ttgcttttgg     20880
     aaggatggcc atttttactg tattaatcct gccaatccat gaacatagga gatctttcca     20940
     tcttctgaga actttgagtt cattcttcag agacttgaag ttctcataaa tttttttact     21000
     tctttagagt cacacaaagg tattttatat taattgtgac tattgtgaag ggtgttgttt     21060
     ccctaatttc tttctcagcc tgtttatcct ttgtgtagag aaaggccact gattggtttg     21120
     agttaatttt atatccagct acttcactga agttgtttat caggtttagg aattctctaa     21180
     tagaattttt gggatcactt aagtatatca tctacatatc atctacaaat agtgatattt     21240
     tgacttcttc ctttccaatt tgtatccctt tgatctcctt ttgttgtcta attgctctgg     21300
     ctaggacttc aagtactata ttgaataggt agggagagag taggcagcct tgtctagtcc     21360
     ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct ctccatttac ttgatgttgg ctactggttt     21420
     gctgtagatt gcttttatta tgttaggtat gggccttgaa ttcctaatca tttccaaaac     21480
     ttttatcatg aatgggtgtt ggattttgtc aaatgttctc agcatctaac gagatgatca     21540
     tgtggttttc tttgagtttg tctatatatt gaattacatt gatggatttc tgtatgttga     21600
     accattcctg gatccctagg atgaagccta cttgatcatg atggatgatc atgttgatgt     21660
     gttcttgcat tgggtttgcg agaattttat tcaatatttt tgcatcaata ttcatgagga     21720
     aaattggtct gaagttctct ttctttgtta ggtcttcatg tgatttatat ataagagtaa     21780
     ttgtgtcttc atagaatgaa tttgatagag taacttctgt ttctattttg tggaatagtt     21840
     tgaggagtat tggcattagg tcttttttga atgtctaaaa aaactctgca ctaaatccat     21900
     ctggtcttgg gctttttggg ggggggcggg gggactatta atgactgttt ctatttcttt     21960
     agggaatata ggactgttta aataattaat atgatcctga tttaactttg gtgccttgaa     22020
     tctgtctaga aaattgtcca tttcatccaa gttttccaat tttgttgatt ataggctttt     22080
     gtagtaggat ctgatgatgt tttggatttc ctcggagtct gttgttatgt ctcccttttc     22140
     atttcagatt ttgttaacta ggatattatc actgtgccct cttttagtct ggctaagggt     22200
     ttagcttttt aatcttctca aagaaccagc acctggtttg gttgattctt tgaatagttc     22260
     tttttgtttc cacttggttg ttttcagccc tgagtttgat tatttcttgc catcttctcc     22320
     tcttggatga atttgcttcc ttttgctcta gagcttttag gtgtgctacc aagctgttag     22380
     tgtatgctct ctccagtttc ttttttgagg cactcagaac tttgagtttt cctcttagga     22440
     atgttttcat tgtgtcccat aaatttgggt acattgtagc ttcatgttca ttaaactcta     22500
     aaaattcttt aatttccttc tttatttctt atcattgagt agagtgtttt tcagcttcca     22560
     cgtgtatgtg ggatttctat tatttatgtt gttattgaag atcaccctta ttccgtggtg     22620
     atctgatagg tttcatggga ttatttaaat attcttgtat ctgttgaggc ctattttgtg     22680
     actgattata tggtcaattt tggagaaggt gccatgaggt gcttagaaga aggtatatcc     22740
     ttttatttta ggacgaaatg ttctatagat gtctgttaga gccatttgtt tcataacttc     22800
     tgttaatttc accatgtctc tgtttagttt ctctttccat gatatgtcca ttgattagag     22860
     tgggtgttga agtctccctc tattattgtg tgcagtgcaa tgtgtgcttt caatgtctcc     22920
     tgatttcttt cctaggtttt ccatctccag agttgtctcc ctttgtgatt tctttattgt     22980
     ttctacttcc atttttagat cctggatggt tttgttaaat tctttcacct gcttggttgt     23040
     gttttcccgt aattttttaa tggatttttg tgtttcttct ttaaggactt ctacctattt     23100
     gtgttctcct gtaattcttt aagggatatt tatgtttcct ctttaagggc atctacttgt     23160
     tacctgtgtt ctcctgtatt tttttaagcg agttattaat gtccttctta aaaccctcta     23220
     ccagcaacaa agtttggagc taagatgaaa ggatggacca tccaaagact accccaccca     23280
     gggatccatc ccataatcag ccaccaaaca cagacaatat tgcatatgcc aacaatattt     23340
     tgctgaaagg atcctgatat agctgtctct tgggaggcta tgccagtgcc tggcaaaaac     23400
     agaaatacat gctcacagtc agctattgga tggaacacag ggcccccaat ggaggagcta     23460
     cagaaagtac ccaaggagct gaaggggtcc acaaccctat agatggaaca acaatatgaa     23520
     ctaaccagta cccccagatc ttgtgtatct agctgcatat gtagcagaag gtggcctagt     23580
     tggccatcat tgggaagaaa ggcccctagg tcttgcaatc tttatatgcc ccagtacagg     23640
     ggaaagccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg aacagggttg gggggagggt     23700
     atagggaact tttgggatag catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaccatcta ataaaaaaat     23760
     tttttaaaaa tcctctacca gcatcatgag atatgatttt aaatctgaat cttgcttttc     23820
     cagtgttttg gggtatccag gattcactgt ggtgggagtt ctgggttctg atgatttcaa     23880
     gtattcttgg tttctattgg taagactcat gtgtttgtct tttaccatct ggtaatctct     23940
     ggtgttagat gttccttctg tctccggctg gagcttgttc caattgtgag tctgtaagcc     24000
     tgtgtcagca ctcctgggag accagagggt tatgccacag tcctacctcc tgggtgcaga     24060
     tgtaggcctg taggaccctg tccagctgct ctgtctcttc tgcggcctgt gcactactgg     24120
     gtgggcccat taaatagtca ctaggaagaa aatggcgatc tcacctgagt cccagggtca     24180
     gacactttct tgaggcaagc tctcctctgg cagggaaggt gcacagaggg ctaaaaacag     24240
     cccatagtaa cagggctgtc ccagctggag tgcggcttct gtagcatgtg caatcctgag     24300
     tgaatgggca ttagagagtt gccagagaga aaatggtgat ctaccctgag tcagggggtc     24360
     agagcacttc ctcaggtctt cttcttctat ttctattatt cctctgtttg gtcttttcat     24420
     agtgtcctag attttttttt ttagatgttt tatgtcagta acattttaga cttcgaccga     24480
     tgtattgatt tcttcaatta tatcttctat atctgagttt ttctctccca tttcttgtat     24540
     tttgttggtg atgcttgtct atgtacttat tacctgctta attttagata gggcaaaagc     24600
     tatgcctaaa tatgagtgct aaaacctaat gttagcatga gcaaatgaaa ctaaatattt     24660
     gaagtcacag aatacctaat agaagcaaag atcattgggt actattattg gtttttaaaa     24720
     taatttctaa ttacacagag tatttgaatc tattctcatt ttttaattaa aacatgattc     24780
     atataggcaa atatgttttt atcatagcct gtaatccatg tcccctatct ttctatattg     24840
     aaaaacatcc tatggtatag actcttctat accttactta tgcttcacat tatatgtatt     24900
     tatcttttta catatagatg gctgcacttt ctttccatag ttttcagatt gtgcaagtaa     24960
     tttgttgaaa tctggcaaga agacatataa aagtcggcta tacacaagta ttcatctaca     25020
     tgaaataata tccataagaa ctgataaagc tatcaaaagg aatgaattcc aaaaaaacac     25080
     aggctaatga cattgccttt ggttaccctc caaagctaca tgggtaaagc ctattgttga     25140
     agacatcaaa tcatttggtc acagagtata gatgaatcat tcttgaacta aaaaggaaac     25200
     cctcctgata gctggatttt aaaatgccaa aagatgctat gtggtctcat gaagataaaa     25260
     aaaaaaaaaa atcaatggtg ttacccagtg ctgaaccttg catattgtaa taatgattga     25320
     tcaaacagtg gtatcatgtt ggcacaattg ttatgtgagt aactaaggga tctgtgatga     25380
     agttgaggca ggtttaacaa tagaaattta catgcatgca tgagagcata atcctcctca     25440
     gaaactcaag cctgaggagc tcgtgagtgc tatagtacag cttgctactt tacttcactc     25500
     catgcttctg ctttcacatt aacttctaaa tagttatttt tatatccata gacatggtca     25560
     gagaagcttc tctttatagt gggcaaaagc aattcgggga tgcataattg gtcaaagcga     25620
     taaaataaaa gactaagaga tcagtcctaa atggagcatc attatcaata tccacaacac     25680
     tgccaaggct caaagaagat tgtagatgaa gaagctgaaa gaatgaaaat cagaagaata     25740
     aggcagagtg caatggaata ctgccttctg aactttgtaa aactgtcata atcatgaacg     25800
     tctagttact tgcacatgtt gaacccaaga gtcagccaac caaacttcaa aaatagatgg     25860
     gaaggatgct tgtcaggcct cattccttac tgagaaggca ttggcagttg atagctccta     25920
     gggaaagtag aattttcttt tagggaatgt tcccaatggg tggtttctca tgctatagta     25980
     gatggcccta aacccacaca ggaggcacta acaaaattta gcaaattatc aaaaaaaaag     26040
     agagagagag agatgaagtt gggaattaat cctgtttgag agttgaagga gaacaattaa     26100
     gggatttaca gcgcctagga ggaacaatat gaactaacca gtaaccccag agttccctgg     26160
     gactaaacca ccaatcaaag aaaacacaat gagagactgc tgcatatgta gcagaggatg     26220
     gcctagtcag tcatcaatgg gaggagaggc cttggtcctc tgaaggttct atgccccagt     26280
     accaacgaat gcctaggcca ggaagtggga gtgggtaggt tggggatcag gaggagagga     26340
     tagcagattt tcagggacga aatgaggaaa ggggataacg tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa     26400
     aatatataat tacaaaaaaa gatcaaattt cattgaatac atgcaggaaa ttcttaagaa     26460
     tgaaaagtat ggttaaaaaa caaacaaata ttccaagtat gtacttccag aattcctata     26520
     tgttatttat ttttttaacc tatatttctc tgttttaaat gtcttggtat aggcttccag     26580
     cttctttaca tccaaaactt tagatgaaaa aaaaaattcc ttgggaattg aggctcagta     26640
     ttattatagt atttactttg taaatgactg taactttttt ctatttttgg aagtgattgt     26700
     ctcaccctcc taagcagaag aaaatagatt aaatattaat atatagagac agagtgtaga     26760
     aaggcaattt ttccactgag attagtgaaa atgtacttta cattcacaag gcaagcactt     26820
     aagatatctt tctataactc agtagctgtt tgaacactct cttcattgcc atcttcattt     26880
     cttgattcct gaatgtatag atcacaggat tcagaaaagg ggtgatgact gcatcaaata     26940
     tggccagaaa tttatccagg tgtacggagg gagtaggcca tgtatagaca aatatcaaag     27000
     gaccaaagaa taaaaccact actgagatat gagcagaaag tgtggacagg gctttagaga     27060
     aaccacctga agagtgcttt tgtacagaga ttatgatgac aatatatgaa actatcaata     27120
     tgaagaagga gcccacagag atgaatccac tattggctgt gaccatgaat tctagtttat     27180
     gagtatctac acaagcaagc ttgatgaacc ggggaaggtc acagtagaag ctgtccaaca     27240
     catttggtcc acaaaaaggt aagtttatga caaaaaccag ctgagccaga gagtgtataa     27300
     ggccaactat ccaagcaata actacaaaga agagacacat tcttgggctc aaaatggtca     27360
     ggtaatggag aggtttacat atggctacat atctatcaaa agccatggcg atgagtaaaa     27420
     ccatctccac accaccaata acatggatgg agaagatctg aataacacaa cctgtaaagg     27480
     agatgacttt gtgctttctg aacagatcat aaatcatctt gggtgaggta acagaagaaa     27540
     cacctaagtc aatgaaggag aggttagcca acagaaagta cattggagtg tgtaagtgag     27600
     ggtctgaagc cacagtaaaa atgatgagtg agtttcccat catgcttgcc acataaaaca     27660
     cagaggagaa cacaaagaga agaagctgga tgtcccagga gttggtgagt ccaagaaata     27720
     caaactctga taccacagag aggtttgctc cccccattag catgtatgtc agtactacct     27780
     ggagaaggaa acaggaaaat ataaattata ttaatataat ataccaatag ctgatattaa     27840
     tagaatatat caagaagaaa tatgaaatcc tgtttaaaat ctaacattaa aaccaaatta     27900
     aagacagata tatgaaaaat gaacactgct taatattgag gaatgaactt taaaataaaa     27960
     gtaagtatcg ctttatacct gttaaagact ctttatccaa agctcagagt agatgtaaaa     28020
     aaaaaaaata gatctatctt taagttgttg atatgcatat aaactaagac tccattacaa     28080
     aaaaattgta tgaggcatcc gtaaaatttc aaaatatggt agctttgaaa tagcatacac     28140
     acttattagg cattgaccat gttttcggaa tggagaggaa aggagggagg gaaagaggaa     28200
     cagagggagg aaggaacaga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga     28260
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagagaga gagagaggga aaggagggag cagaaaggaa     28320
     ggtaaagagg gaaggaagga ttttattaaa gctaccatgt gattaagcaa tactcagttt     28380
     tccacaactt atgcaacctg aggaaattac accatcatat gcaaatgaat tcttcccatt     28440
     ttccttgcaa catcacttac agtaatcaat acagaaatat ctaaattctc attgactttt     28500
     gactgaatag tatataaaca gagactaaca tatagacaca atggaatatt cttcagtttt     28560
     tttaaaagaa gggaatcctg ttttgtaaaa atctgcctgt tcctaggagt caatggtaca     28620
     catgaaatta aagagacaca aaagtcagta ctggcattct cacaattaca tagaacccaa     28680
     agacaccatg atcagaaaag aagtgaatat atgttatacc atgtatgtct taggattttc     28740
     cttctgtgaa tagccatcaa aagcaatgca aacttataag gacaacattt aattaaggct     28800
     ggcttacaag ctcagagatt caatctatta taatcaaggc tggagcaagg cagcatccag     28860
     gcaggcatgg tacaggaaga gctgagagtt ctagatcttc atctaaaggc cactaagaga     28920
     agactggctt ccagcttcca ggcagtaaga atgagggact caaagtccat ggccacagtg     28980
     acacactttc tccaacaagg ccacacctcc tgcaacaaag ccaatcttca tatagtgctg     29040
     ctccctgagc caagcatatt caaacactaa aatgggaaga aaaaaaatat aactggaaag     29100
     tggaaagaga agatgttggt taaaagatac agatattctg ctaggatcct ctgtttctga     29160
     agatccatca tggatcatca taactgtggt tgactgtgtt tcatacattg agtgctgtgc     29220
     tcaatgtttg aaatgagatt gtcaatgttc tcacaggaaa taaatgtatg agacgtctaa     29280
     gttgtttggt ttaattgttt cacaatgcac atacacatca aaacatcaca ctggattcta     29340
     catagaaata agagtcagtc attagtaggt tatatcttaa taaaactgga gagaggaaac     29400
     cacctaggaa tcgtgaaaag ttggccaacc acacagggaa gtgggtggca ctttgcagtg     29460
     ttatcatatt atgtctctga atttcaagtt cctctgtttc cctcacagtg ggtacagata     29520
     tattcctttt gagagagaag gctggccaac agggaaataa ttgatttttg tttcaagatt     29580
     aatttacagc ctgctccaca catgaaaaca acctcctttt gaagtccagt aacacaatct     29640
     tatgctggca aataagccct tcttccacgc tcatacttct ggaagacaga gaacatcaag     29700
     gtttattaaa tgaataacca aactatgagg tctttgtatt attagcattt attatttatt     29760
     ttaagtttga gattataatc cagttatatc acttttctta atccttttct ccatcaagcc     29820
     ctcctgtaca catcttcttg ctctctttta aactcatggc tctttttatt tttttctgct     29880
     atccctaaaa ttgactaaat cttttataat actaaccaaa tactaaaaaa catattgaac     29940
     acaaatgtca tggcatatgt gtatttgtat tctctgaaag aattaacaag tgaggtgtaa     30000
     gcctttctgt aactgtcagt tcccagtgtg cattatgtca gacacagaaa tcgtaggtgc     30060
     ttagaaatat ttctatcata acacaactaa aatgcctcaa tttaaactca agacattggt     30120
     ccatggaaca gtaggggtaa gttagaatca ctacgctgga gtacacagta tgtgcctgga     30180
     aaacaacaat ctaaaaggaa caatgtagtt aactacatta tgttccaaca acatatttta     30240
     ttatagttac ttagtgaaga aacataatac aataaacatg atatgagctt tgaattctgg     30300
     tcaaaaaatt accatgtggt tcatccacca tcaaattagt agtaggtata agaccctgac     30360
     tctcagtctg tttgtctatt gaacatattt ttaaatcaaa gattttataa tacaattagt     30420
     aataacataa ttaaagaaca taatcacata tccagcatgt aagtattcca tataaaactg     30480
     tttggtaaaa gttaatctta ttttatattt tccatttgca catgaatgat ctggactcat     30540
     ggtataaaag aatgaataga aacaaagtat tagcaagctg tgagtatcaa aaaacttcac     30600
     tgaaagacat tccaaaatat attaactttt cttttaataa gagatttttc aaaatataag     30660
     gggctcctat ttgacaatat ataatatcca tattatttat gtttaagtaa aacataaact     30720
     taaatctgaa attatttgct ttcaaagaac atttgtgtgc ctctttaagt gtttgctaca     30780
     aatctaactc attaaaatcg cttcccaaat agaccataat gtccataaac ctaaagactg     30840
     caacattctt ctagccaatg tgccacagaa ctcataaaca cagaacatga tatgaagttt     30900
     tgttgaaaca taaaaaggac atcttaatgc ttaaaataat aaaaatgtgt tattatgtag     30960
     tcaaagaaga tacagaaatc gactgaccat aattataaag tgataattaa aattatggga     31020
     ttatagatgt aaagatttgg agaaaaagta gaaataagtg agattaaaag aaaatctaaa     31080
     aacattcctg gggaaattga atagcatgtg tacaactatg aggagaaaaa gaaaccagat     31140
     agctttagaa aaattatgga taatttatgg ggaatgacaa gcatagattt ttcagagcta     31200
     tcctttagaa actatgtaat tttaacaata atatatagta acttcagtta tgttatacat     31260
     aagaatatat tggcatatgc tcattacaca tagtgatagg tttttagcaa gtgtcaatga     31320
     cactcttcac actggaacac ttccaataac cttaattctg ttctagagat gatcagaata     31380
     tgcccaactc ttttaaaagt caatagatag gaaaatataa cttttatgat ttcagttttt     31440
     gtatcaataa atacttctta tttttcaact agaagaggct aagattattc atgaatcatc     31500
     agagaattga ataggtaatt atcaggtatg ctaaataaaa aatattataa agctatttgg     31560
     tgtttactta tgccttttac atttccccag gtaacaagat acttcagctc aacctaaaaa     31620
     tcaacaatat ttcttgtaat aaaatagcaa tgtttataaa gtttttacaa gtagatctgt     31680
     gctgttcagt tgattttgct aaatgctatc tatttgcttt agacttgctc aactagttta     31740
     atatataact caaattcata gcaattctaa aagcagtcat atcaataaat aaatcactat     31800
     tcttattgct gaatttcctt ccagtgacca tttacctgca tagagtgaac acgaacctca     31860
     tggatccaga tttctctgtt ctccaacata taaagtggct gtgatatcaa aatatatgag     31920
     tatataaaac taatcatata ttagtagcca atgaccaatg cagttttaaa atgcttgtag     31980
     tttggggact ttttccctgg aggaccacct gattcattca gtgcaaccaa agaatttcag     32040
     atctcattag accgtaatag aaatataaca ggaagcaata atgggaagtg ttttatcatt     32100
     gtataatttt gttgtatgta tttataaata gtgtaattaa tttctaaaag taggtaatta     32160
     ttgactaaaa ataagtatac accaaagaaa ctccaaaagt tgctttaaca atctccttta     32220
     ataaataaaa atatatttga cttcctttta atatcgtata taactataga tttctacata     32280
     aattaattgt acaaagcttc attctaaata ctaacatttg aaagtgaaaa aactgaaaac     32340
     aatagtaaat ttagaaatta tgctatacca aaaaagttaa atttttgaat ttaaagccat     32400
     ttaaaagaac gctcacattg ttatataatt aaagatagtc aaaaaacact gcacttctca     32460
     gaacacctga aaaaatgttc aaccacttta atcatcagag aaatgcaaat caaaacaatc     32520
     ctgagattcc acctcacgcc agtcagaatg gctaagataa aaaattcagg tgacagcaga     32580
     tgctggcaag gatatagaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gctggtggga tcacaagctg     32640
     gtacaaccac tctggaaatt agtttggagg ttcctcagaa aattggacac agtactacca     32700
     gaagatccag aaataccagt cctgggcata tacccagaag gtgttacaac ttgtaataag     32760
     gatacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaaa ctggaaagaa     32820
     tctagatgtc cctcaataga agaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag     32880
     tattactcag ctattaaaaa caatgaattt atgaaattct taggcaaatg gatggatcta     32940
     gaggatatca tcctgagtaa ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga acacacatga tatgcactca     33000
     ctgataagtg catattagcc cagttactta gaacacccaa gatacaattt gcaaaataca     33060
     tgaaactcaa gaaggaagac caaagtgtga atacttcgtt ccttcttaga atggagaaca     33120
     aaataaccat ggaaggagtt acagattcaa agttcagagc agagcctgaa ggaatgacca     33180
     tccagagact gccccacttg gggatctatc ccataaacaa ccacaaaatc cagacattag     33240
     gcagatacca acaagagcct gttgacagga gcctgatata gatgtctcct gggaggttct     33300
     gccactacct ggaaaataca gaaatggatg ctcacagtca tccattgtat ggagcacaag     33360
     gttcccaatg aaggaaccag agaaagtacc cacggagcta aaggggtctg aagtcccaca     33420
     ggaggatcat caatatgaac taagcagtac ccccagagcc aatcaaagaa gacacatggt     33480
     ggaacttgta actctagcta tatatatagc agaggatggc ctactcagtc atcaatggga     33540
     ggagaggccc ttggtcctgt gaagactcta tgtatagggg gatgtgagtt ccaggaatga     33600
     gagtgggtga gttggggagc agagggaggg gagaggggat tttcagaggg gaaattagga     33660
     aaagggataa catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta aacaaataaa aataaaaaag     33720
     aaattaaaaa aactgcacat ataaaaatga acagcaaaac agcatacagt atggatttcc     33780
     tcctttgggg tcaccttcaa tccaaacaca gctggttagc tctgtaacaa caggtcatta     33840
     ttgcatgagg aaaccaatct tacatagcag accaatattg tagctcataa cattcaagct     33900
     gggtaagact gttgatgcct ttattctcct agcagcctcc ataaaatcat ctctcactgt     33960
     gaaacctaag tacatggagt aacctttcaa cctaattcca gtttcatttc tctatattgt     34020
     tcaagcaagg tatactgact gggggcttct aggacctttc tggccaacaa tccgcaagaa     34080
     ggtaccctat gcttggtttg catttttgtg aaatcatttc ttttttggct taatattaag     34140
     tttttgtgtg ttttgactat tgattctctt taagacgtag ataggtcaaa gctctcccat     34200
     tctgggttct gcatcttcac tctgtataga aactatatat ttgatttagt tccatttctt     34260
     ctactactct aatttttcct ttgctataga gatcatattt taaaattcaa tgcctgtgta     34320
     tatatcttga atatatatat atatcatatt ttcctctata agtttcaatt gttaaattaa     34380
     tgcctttcgt tcattttaaa ttgatttttt tacaaatgaa aaaaacttga tctacttcaa     34440
     gtattcttca tggagatatc tagtttttca agcactgctt atttaaaaaa aatagggagc     34500
     aatatttctt ttattttatt ttttggttat tttatttatt tacatttcaa atgttgtccc     34560
     ccttccctgt ctccctgctt caaacctccc atcccatccc gcctcccctt tgcctctatg     34620
     agggtgctcc ccaacccaac cacccactcc cacctcaccg ctctagcatc cccatgcact     34680
     cgagtatcaa gcctccacag gaacaagggc ctccccattg atgccagata aggcaatcct     34740
     ctgctacata tgtagctagt gccatggacc catccatgta tactctttgg ttggtggttt     34800
     agtccctagg agctctggga gttccagtta gttgatattg gtgttcttca atccccctca     34860
     gttccttgag tccttcccct aactctttca ttggggttcc caggctcagt tcaatgaatg     34920
     gctgtaagca tccacatctg tcttagttag gtgctgacaa agcctctcag agaatagcta     34980
     taccaggctc ctgtcaataa gcactacttg gcctctgcaa tagtgtcagg gtttggtgtc     35040
     tgcagatggg atgcatccct aggtggggca gcctgtggat ggccttttct tcaagctctg     35100
     ctccattttt ttgtccctgt gtttcctata aacaggaaca attctgggtt atttttttta     35160
     gatgggtagg tgaccccatc cctcaactgg gggccatgcc tatctactgg aagtggtctc     35220
     tccaggttct atctcccctt tgttgggtat ttcgattaat gtcatccctg ttgggtcctg     35280
     ggaatctctc acttccctgg catctgggac tttttagtgg ttcctcaccc caccccaccc     35340
     ccactgctac atatttctgc tcattttctt gaccctctgg acttctctct cttcccatac     35400
     ttgatccttc cccccttttt ttccctcccc ctccttacca cgtattaaag aggcttcttt     35460
     ccagggtgtt ttcaccacca ctattgagaa tatttgctgt tctataaata gatggatgat     35520
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatggat     35580
     ctattcatat acctgaaaat agaattattt ttacttcttc cacattaata caatgttatc     35640
     tctcaagctt ttgtagaaag ctgatcatac tctcaagtat atttttttat ttctaggttt     35700
     tttcaggaat tagctttaag atgggatgtt atattttcaa agacaatttt catgttcgca     35760
     aattataagt tgttcatatt ataattcctt tggatttctt ttcagtgcca tttttttaca     35820
     tttttgcttc ttgaacaaaa agaacaaatt ggttaaaatt tcctttgttg tgtccttctc     35880
     tagttttaat attaggataa tactaacttt gaacaaggat ctgaaaatgt tcttgccatt     35940
     tatgttttat aaaatagtct gaaacacatt ggtattaggc cttcaataat ggaattatag     36000
     gatacatcag tgaattcccc tggctttgtg catttcatag atgggaaatt ctttattgct     36060
     tcaatctcat tgcccagata tttacctagg ttgtaggcac cctccaggtt taatgtcagt     36120
     aggtctggca tccctaaata ttttgtcatc ctatattttc tagtgtattg gaatatatat     36180
     tttcagaata tttcctacag tttctgtata tatatttctt atctaaaatg tggtcaaata     36240
     attgagtgct aatttctaag tggaagaggt attgttatgt cacaaagttt tctaccaact     36300
     ctttgtgacc atatttaaca acagttatgt acattctatc attttcctaa agaaatgttt     36360
     cctatgtttc tataatttcc atcattcttc agatattact gttccaagat aattcctata     36420
     acaacataca attgtcaaac ttcaaggcca ctgccacatt ctcctataac ctaaattgtg     36480
     aaggaaagca agaagtagca tccaatgtag aacatatagc caatacttaa taaattcttt     36540
     ctttctacta gttacaatgc attgtaattt taataattca gcaattgata tgattatgta     36600
     agcatcttat tgacattcca atattatttg aggaatctcc acatattcac ttagcatcta     36660
     aactagtctt tatttccacc aactctgtat gagtttccat tactttgcat ctcataaaaa     36720
     ttggtgatca tttatctgtg tactgataga aacagtattt tatctaaata cactgttgtt     36780
     aaatatggtc acagagagtt ggtagaaaac tttgtgacat agcaatacct cttctactta     36840
     ggaattatca ctcaattatt tgaccatatt tcagataaga actatataaa acctaagttc     36900
     tggacttggg actgtaagga actggaagac atagattgcc aaagtgaatg acagcttggc     36960
     ctacccttgt ttcttattta atgagtcttc attgctaatt cttgaattag tagttgactt     37020
     tttgtctagc atctctgcct cttagatttc tgaggtgttg gctttctcat cagttacttt     37080
     aatcactcat tctggggcaa aaattattct gaacatctat gtatgagctg cttttgttct     37140
     ttatgtcttt tgtccttttt attccctggg tgacagtgta gactcagtgg accaaactaa     37200
     ttagaagctt tttacttggg aaaaacaaca taaagctctt tgttttggaa aaggtgatgc     37260
     tctcagtcag aatgtgaagt tatcctcccc caaacctgga gaacttcccc acttaaagca     37320
     ctaccacgta aataaaacac gagtgtgaac acatagttca taacaaagca gacatcagtt     37380
     caacctacct atggacagag ggtctgccta caactattgg tcataaatta tttgacctca     37440
     tattaagcta caatttattc ttgacatgtt tcctttgtat gttgtagaag cagagagaag     37500
     aggatcaaat gagcatgtgt gacgtttgct catgcttttg gagaagatgt tcaggaggct     37560
     ccaagctggt tataaaagaa aggtagaata cttatcacaa aaaggcatta catgggaaaa     37620
     gtgcataata ttttcatatt ttatgttcca tattcccttc ttatttttct taccctttta     37680
     gttttttata actatatttt ctactgttat tagcttctgt gcttcgtagt tttcattcct     37740
     gccacttaac agtttttcct ttagggaatt aaaagttctc acgtgattga agtttctcat     37800
     tttctcttag ttctttgaga gagtggttcc catcaactga ggacagattc agttgactaa     37860
     ctcagggaag agcttcatta tctttttcac aaacgagact gacatgttta ttcttcagag     37920
     ttgtttctgg agctcatggt aaagttgtat atttatcttc ttttgtattt tggggggcag     37980
     ccaatcaggt cattgggtcc cagactgacc ctgaatataa ttttcatgga aagatcagag     38040
     acttttaggg tactatttat tggcaattga tagatcctag gaaaggaagt gtagaaaagc     38100
     aaataccccc acttgtctgc gctttagtga gcacaccagc ctctaaaaaa gagaacttca     38160
     ggcacatagt tacacatgtg gacctgatta aaatctgggg tgtcacaaaa caaaacaaaa     38220
     caaaacaaat atatatatat atatatatta acattaaaag aatttgttgg ctgtgtgaat     38280
     gggatgggtg gaatatgata agggatgggg atgagtggtc agtaagcatt gtacacatgt     38340
     ataaaattat ctaagaaaga atttaattaa ggaaaaggca ctagtttaac tgagaaaata     38400
     tttttaatat ttttgatatt ttttcattta tgaaaatatt gaaaaactag gaaaacaaga     38460
     tgtatcagta atttaaacaa aataaattcc agaaaaaatt aaggaagtaa ggcataggag     38520
     ctgaaagcac aaattccagg gaaggaacta atttctcatg tggaaggtag tgaggacaag     38580
     aacctgtaca gcttgtttga ctcaccttag atgttcaagt actttgcttc tattttttcc     38640
     tctcttagtt gtaaactata atagtaaatt taggtttaaa tgatcaactc accctaaata     38700
     tgtaagcata gaaaagttct gtacctcatc tctctgtgat tctgtatgat accactgtaa     38760
     aacaccaggt tgttttagtt tcttgtattt ggctcattac tttataatca agaaaactct     38820
     tttgcataaa tattaatttc ccctcttgtg cccttcaggt gatagtcaac tcatggtcaa     38880
     acttgcacaa gttgatggat ggaggaaatc actcagtggt atcagaattt ttgttactag     38940
     gcctcaccaa ttcatggaga attcagattc tcctttttct gttcttcaca gtattttatg     39000
     tggcaagtat gctggggaac ctgctcattg tgctcacaat catctcagac caccacctgc     39060
     actcccccat gtacttcctg ctggcaaacc tctccttcat tgatacaggt gtgtccagca     39120
     tcgctactcc aaagatgatt tatgacctct tcaggaagca caaagtcatc tccttgaacg     39180
     gatgcatcac tcagatgttc ttcatccaca ctgttggggg aacagagatg gtgttgctca     39240
     tagtcatggc ctatgacagg tacattgcta tctgtaagcc cctccactac ctgaccatca     39300
     tgagtctcag aatgtgcatt gttcttttgg ctcttgcttg gatcattggc cttatccatt     39360
     ctgtggccca attggctttt gttgtaaatt tacccttttg tggagctaat aaaatggaca     39420
     gcttttactg tgattttcct cggttcatca aactcgcatg tacagacaca tacagactgg     39480
     agttcctggt cactgccaac agtggtttca tctccatggc caccttcttc atcctgattg     39540
     tgtcttacat cttcatcctg gtcacagttc gtaaacactc ctcaggtgct tcctccaagg     39600
     ccctctccac tctctcagct cacatcactg tggtcgtttt cttctttggt ccttgcatta     39660
     ttgtctatgt gtggcctttc ccgactttac ccatagataa atttttagca attttcgatg     39720
     ccattatcac tccttctatg aatcctgtca tctatacact gagaaataag gaaatgaagg     39780
     ttgcaatgag gagactcttt gctagggctt taagtttcat tgacagctta agagattcaa     39840
     attgaagtta aacattctgg aggataaaac atttttattc tgtactgagt agacttcttt     39900
     agacaaatat acatgcaaac aatgttgaat agactcagca tgttgtatgt acattttata     39960
     tagtatgtat acatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat aatttatatg tacatgtgaa aatagtaaaa     40020
     gaactgaacc cttgaatttg gtatggaaga gttgtcagac atgagaggga tacaaaggag     40080
     aaaatggaag aaataaataa tgtagttgta gcttaattaa atatatattt tattaaatat     40140
     ttttaattta caaaaaaact atttgaaaag tctcttcaac ttaatgtttt aaatatctac     40200
     tgtgcagtgc ttcttcaagt attctctgca gacctgatca tgttttgcta aagaatttct     40260
     ggtttctgaa agtactgaaa agcagtaaat cgaacctaaa atatgatttc tgtcagatgc     40320
     catatgaaag tgacaacaac tgctgaaatc tcacacactg aacatgcttt gttatcatca     40380
     caaatgatgg aaacttctct ttggcactgg tcctcagaga cagagatagc tctttctaat     40440
     ctgcacaacc accttaattc atgccttgtg aaatgctcag tatctgtaca gcaacaggaa     40500
     tatacaaaat aaagatcttt agctggatga attcaagaat tcaagacttt tatcatctga     40560
     attagttaat ggcaggcaga tttgactatt tctagcagtt ttacatgtag ttataattga     40620
     aaagtaagct ttgtggtcaa ttacagagga aaaaatctaa taattttaga tagtacatat     40680
     ttttgagact agaagatgta ggttaatatt gcacatatgt atatgaaaaa tattacactc     40740
     cctctttttc tagttttttt ttgcaaagaa atatgtgcaa cctgtaagtc attataaatg     40800
     tttttaaata ttttctagct aaaatgtgaa aatactgatt tagtagtaaa ctacaaaata     40860
     ataatatttt ataaaccttg tttagaacta tataagaaga aaaatgaaga aattataata     40920
     taaaaagcat gacaaactat taataaatag atgtataaaa tgaggaagaa atggattatg     40980
     cttttcatat aatatattgt ttactttaca tatacttgtt ataattaata caaaatttag     41040
     ggagagtatc tcccaactta tgttaccaat gattcaaacc aggtgtcacc tgaatatact     41100
     gaattttcaa gtttgggtta cacaactgat ataaagcaga cctgtcatgt atggactccc     41160
     aaattaccta cagctcttct tgcaaaaaat ctatgagaaa gacagaagaa aagcaatgct     41220
     aagagcttca aacagtatct ttcattaatg tcttgcacaa acactccatt gactctcagc     41280
     tacagtatca gagcatcatg aactagaaaa cagctgcact gacaaaattt tttagagaca     41340
     attttttcaa aacccctctg aaatatcctc caaaggctca atgctggctt ctgtcttgaa     41400
     cttcaggaaa taataaggaa agagaaatta catgtatagc atactaataa gattgtcact     41460
     ttcctataga gcgctggctc ttctgcttgc cttgatcttg gcataactaa tccgtcttag     41520
     ttgcaaagga aacctagatt ctgctccttc ttttctagac tctgcatttt attttgttct     41580
     ggtttagttg ctgtcagctt tagtttctta ttttgcatac aaacacgtat agacatacac     41640
     acacacaggc ccacacataa cacaaacaca tacatataca tacacacaca tacatatata     41700
     cacacacaaa cacagtcaca cacatacaca cataaccaca ttcatataaa tgactatgta     41760
     tgataaatga cacactggat tttttttctc ttttttcttt tttttaatat tatttttatt     41820
     acatattttc ctcaattaca tttccaatgc tatctcaaaa gtccttcata ccctccccca     41880
     cttccctacc cacccattcc cattttttgg ccctggcatt accctgtact ggggcatata     41940
     aagtttgcat gtccaatggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc caactaggcc atcttttgat     42000
     acatatgcag ctagagtcaa gagctccgag gtactggcta gttcataatg ttgttgtacc     42060
     tacagggttg cagatctctt tagctccttg gatactttct ctagctcctc cattgggggc     42120
     cctgtgatcc atccaatagt tgactgtgag catccacttc tgtgtttgct aggctccggc     42180
     ctagtctcac aagagtcagc tatatcaggg tcttttcagc aaatgcttgc tagtgtatgc     42240
     aatggtatca tcgattggag gctaattatg ggatggatcc ctggatatgg cagtctctag     42300
     atggtccatc ctttcgtctc agctccaaac tttgtctctg taactccttc catgggtgat     42360
     tgtttccaat tctaagaagg ggcaaagtgt ccacactttg gtcttcgttc tttttcagtt     42420
     tcatgtgttt tgcaaattgt atcttattat cctgagcttt tgtccccacc ggcaagaaca     42480
     cgctcaggac aaccggaatc ttctgctgca aaagctttat tgcttacttc ttcaggagca     42540
     agaggagaag agggacgaat ggcaaaaccc cgtccctttt atggaggatt gtcctccgcc     42600
     tcagacgtgt tgctccctga ttggctgcag cccatcgacc gagttgttgt cacggggaag     42660
     gcagagcaca tggagtggaa aactacccgg tacatgtgca gattatttgt ttactactta     42720
     gaacacagga tgtcggcgcc atcttgtaat ggcgaatgtg agggcagctc ctcacatctt     42780
     atatcttggg tatactaagt ttctgggcct aatatccaca tatcatttga gttcttttgt     42840
     gattgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca tccatttgcc taggaatttt     42900
     ataaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag tattacattg tgtaaatgta caacattttt     42960
     tgtatccatt cctctgttga gggacatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc tattataaat     43020
     aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cagttgggat atcttctgga     43080
     tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgcgggatcc tccggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg     43140
     aaccaccaga ctgatttcca gaatggttgt acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaatggagg     43200
     agtgttcctc tttctccaca tcctcgtcag catctgctgt cacttgaatt tttgatctta     43260
     gccattctga ctggtgtgag atggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttctctaatg     43320
     attaaggatg ttgaacattt tttcaggtat ttctcagcca ttcggtattc ctcaggtgag     43380
     aattctttgt ttagctctga gccccatttt taatggggtt atttgatttt ctggaatcca     43440
     ccctcttgag ttctttatat atattggata ttagtcccct atctgattta gaataggtaa     43500
     agatcatttc ccaatctgtt gatagccttt tttgtcttat tgacagtgtc ttttgccttg     43560
     cagaagcttt gcagttttat gaggtcccat ttgtcaattc tcgatcttac atacagcata     43620
     agccattgct gttctattca ggaatttttc ccctgtgccc atatcttcaa ggcttttccc     43680
     cactttctcc tctacaagtt tcagtgtctc aggttttatg tgaagttcct tgatccactt     43740
     agatttgacc ttagtacaag gagagaggaa tggatcgatt cgcattcatc tacatgataa     43800
     caaccagttg tgccagcacc atttgttgga aatgctgtct ttcttccacc ggatggtttt     43860
     agctcccttg tcgaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat     43920
     tctattctat tggtctactc ttctgtcact ataccagtac catgcagttt ttatcacaat     43980
     tgctctgtag taaagcttta ggtcaggcat ggtgattcta ccagaggttc ttttatcctt     44040
     gaaaagagat tttgctatcc taggtttttt gttattccag atgtatttgc agattgccct     44100
     ttctaatttg ttgaagaatt gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat     44160
     tgcttttggc aagatagcca tttttacaat gttaatcctg ccaatccatg agtatgggag     44220
     atctttccat cttctgagat cttctttaat ttctttcttc agagacttga agttcttatc     44280
     atacagatct ttcacttcct tagttagagt cacgccaagg tattttatat tatttgtgac     44340
     tattgcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta ggcaaatgga tggacctgta     44400
     gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaac tcacatgata tgtactcact     44460
     gataagtgga tattagccca gaaacttaga atacccacga tacaagatac gatctgcaaa     44520
     acacatgaaa ctcaagaaga acgaagacca aagtggggac actttgcccc ttcttagaat     44580
     tgaaaacaat cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttggagctga gatgaaagga     44640
     tggaccatct atagactgcc atgtatgggg atccatccca taatcagctt ccaaatgctg     44700
     acaccattgc atacactagc aatattttgc tgaaaggacc cagatatggc tgtctcttgt     44760
     gagactatgc cggggcctgg caaacacaga agtgagtgct cacagtcagc tattggatgg     44820
     atcacatggc ccccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtaccct aggagctgaa gggatctgta     44880
     atcctatagg tggaacaaca atatgaacta tccaataccc ccccggagct catgtctcta     44940
     gctgcatatg agtcagaaga tggcctagtc tgccatcagt ggaatgagat gcccattggt     45000
     cgtacaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg gaaatgccag ggccaagaag tggagtgggt     45060
     gggttggggt gtgggtgggg gagcgtgtgg gggacttttg ggataacatt ggaaatttaa     45120
     aagaaataaa tacccaatta aaaaaaaaaa gattcaagtg ccagtggtga ttttacctgt     45180
     ttttggtttt tggtttttgg tttttttgtt tttttggttt gtttgggttt ttttgttttt     45240
     tttgtttttt tgggtttttt tttttttgtt ttgttttttt tttttgctgt caataaaatg     45300
     tagcttgtat tacaactgca ttgttatgtt gtgtatggat gatactttta gtaataaaat     45360
     gatcagcatg taagtaataa gcttgtccta aatagtgttt tgtcattagc aaaatggttt     45420
     tgttttgtgt agtatagtgt agtgtagtgt actgtagggt tgctgttgtt gttgttgttg     45480
     ttgttgttgt gatttttatt tgatttgact tgaattggtt gacatgctgg ttatcaaagt     45540
     caaggcatca aactcactta gtaagcaagt actgtatcat gcattatatc ttcaacaaag     45600
     agtttttata aagcatcata ttagttttat attaattata ccctaggaga ctttacccat     45660
     tttctgaact agaaaatgga ggattataga aataaaatga tttctttaaa tggcatggcc     45720
     ttgtagttcc catgggaact gattcctgtg ggctgacctg gcatactatt cttcacagtg     45780
     caagaatttc ccagcaagaa ttttaaaagt taattgatgt agtgtggtta taaatatgaa     45840
     atgaatggac ttgaattttt cttttcttac taaaattcta aatcatataa acctttattt     45900
     caaaaaaaaa ctctctaggg gagcattctt ccttcagtta ataaagttta tttggcattg     45960
     atcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccatgaa attcaagaac gaagaccaaa atgtgaacac     46020
     tttgcccctt cttagaattg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttcaga gacaaaattt     46080
     ggagctgaga caaaaggatg gaccatctag agactgccat acccggggat ccatcccata     46140
     atcaacctcc aaatgctgac actattgcat atgctagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccca     46200
     gatatagctg tctcttgtga ggctatgcca gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca     46260
     cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagca agtacccaag     46320
     gagctaaagg ggtctgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacaat atgaacaaac cagtacacgc     46380
     ccccccaccc ccaccccaga gcccgtgatt ctagctgcat atgtatcaga agatggccta     46440
     attggccatc attggagaga gatgcccatc ggtcttgcaa actttatatg cctcagtaca     46500
     ggggaactcc agggccatga agtgggagtg gggggagggg agtggagagg agggcattgg     46560
     gggtactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta aatgaagaaa atacctaata aaaaaattat     46620
     taaaaaatat tcaattttct atcctatttt agtctgttta aagctttgtt cttaactcag     46680
     tgtctattct aatttgcatt atcatcctaa aaacatcttt tttaactttt tattggtttt     46740
     ttttttattc gtttacattt caaatgatat ccctcttcac ggtttcccct ccaaatacct     46800
     cctaaccaca ccctcccccc tgcttctatg agagtactca cccacctaca cacccactgc     46860
     tgcctcacca ccctaacatt cccctacact gaggcatcaa gcttttacag gaccaagggc     46920
     cacccctctc atttatgcca gataaggcca ttctctgcta catatgcagc tggagctatg     46980
     agtccctcca tgaatacact ttggttggtg gttttgtccc tgcaaactct ggggggtccg     47040
     gttggttgac actgttgttc ttcctatggg attgcaaact ccttcagctc cttcagtcat     47100
     tcccccaact cctccactgg ggtccccatg ctcagtccaa ggattggctt aaaaacatct     47160
     tcttaaacct aaaacatttt cttaaatcct aaacaattta atctcatagt aagactttga     47220
     ctatctagtc ttcaattcct tctcagcctc tgaaggaata aatattatct agatataaag     47280
     gaagtgcagg aatgcagcat ccaaatatta tagaaatgac agaaacagtt cattgcctgg     47340
     atagtcccca aattctatga cattggagca tagatctcaa ggcttctggc ccagaatatc     47400
     ttaaaaacat tttgtgaagc agtaattatg aagtacttgc ttaccctgtc ttggaagagc     47460
     ttgatagtca acttccctgt gtccatttgt cctttctgga aagtatttac ctgcaattga     47520
     aacataggcc ttttctttgc ccactggcta gcatgccata ttgaagcaac tccctatgga     47580
     ggttagtagt gctcatcatc ttctttgaag tggagagggg gtactgtcaa gagcagccct     47640
     ttctcataaa cacaagatct tttaataatg aaacaattta tatgccatat tctgtgggtc     47700
     tctgaagttt ttgaagacca acttctgatc tatagtatat ctgaattgtc aaatattctt     47760
     tattcttaat gatttgttat ctgatttgct attgtactta attaaattaa tatctaaaat     47820
     gaccatgaga ttgactatct gaatattaat tcatattgct aaacctctct aatagtttgt     47880
     aacttgcatt tttattggat attttcttca ctacatttaa aatgttatcc cctttcacgg     47940
     tttttccccc atgcctggaa actccctatc tcatcacccc tgcacctgct tctatgagcg     48000
     tgttccctca cccacccacc cactcctgcc tcaccaccct aacattcccc aacactgaag     48060
     catcaaacct tcacaggacc aagggcctct cctctcattg atgcccaaca aggctatcct     48120
     ctgctacata tgtaggtgga gccattggtc ccttcatgtg tactccttag ttggtgattt     48180
     agtccctgag aagtctggga ggtgagtctg gttgattgat attgttgttc ttcctatggg     48240
     actgaaaaca cattcaactc cttcagtcct ttctctgact cctccattgg ggaccccatg     48300
     ctcagtccaa tggttggcta tgagcatctg cctctgtatt tgtcaggctc tggtagggcc     48360
     tctcaggaga cagctatatc aggctccttt cagcctggac ttcttggcat ccacaatagt     48420
     gtctgggtgt ggtgtctgta tgtgggatag atccccaggt ggggcagtct ctgaatggcc     48480
     tttctttcag tttctgtcta gactttgtct ccatatttat cttgtgaata ttttgttctc     48540
     cttctaagga ctgaagcagc cacactttgg tcttccctct tcttgatctt catatggtct     48600
     gtgaattata ccttgggtat tctgagcttt tgggataata ttcacttatt agtgagtgca     48660
     tttcatgtgt gttcttttgt gattgagtta cctcactcaa gatgatattt tatagttaca     48720
     tctatttgcc taagaatttc atgaactcat tatttttaat agtaatccat tgtgtaaatg     48780
     taccacattt tccatatcca ttcttctgct gagggacatc tgggtacttt ccagcttctg     48840
     gctattataa ataagggtgc tatgaacata gtggagcaag tgtccttatt acatgtcggc     48900
     atatcttctg ggtacatgcc caggactggt atagctgggt cctccagtag tactatgccc     48960
     aattttctga ggaactgcca ttctgatttc cagaatggtt gtaccagttt gcaatcccac     49020
     cagcaatgga ggagtattcc tctttctcca catccttgtc agaatctgct gtcacctgag     49080
     tttttgatct tagccattct gactgatgta aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc     49140
     atttccctgg tgactatgtt gaacagtttt taggtgcttc tcagccattc tatattcttc     49200
     agttgaaatc tctttgttta actctgtatc ccatttttaa aagggtcatt tgattctctg     49260
     aattctaact ttttgagttc tttatatata ttggatatta gctccctatt ggatgtaaga     49320
     ttggtaaaga tattttccca atttgttggc tgctattttg tcctattgac agtgttcttt     49380
     tccttacaga agctgcaatt ttataaggtc ccatttgtca attcttgatc ttagagcata     49440
     agccattggt gttctgttca ggaaattttc ccctgtaccc atgtgttaga ggctcttccc     49500
     cactttctct tctattagtt tcagtgtatc tggttttatg tggaggtcct tgatctactt     49560
     ggacttgaac tttgtacaag gagataagaa tggattggtt tgtattcttc tacatgctga     49620
     ctgccagttg agccaacacc atttgtctaa aatgctgtct tttttccact ggatggtttt     49680
     agctcctttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtatgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat     49740
     tctgttccag tgacctgcct gtcactgtac caataccatg cagtagatct gtggtagatg     49800
     atcttccttg tgctcttgca aaagctctgt gaagaatttc tgttctagtg agaaagaagc     49860
     aatctcaacg ttaacactga agcagaattt ttacacataa tgttgaaaat gtagcaatgt     49920
     agtttcttgt tgttatacta aaactcatgc ttacaccaag acaaagtttt atgtattgta     49980
     attagaaata aatatttcac aatctttaac tatatattga tttgtagtta atcactatgc     50040
     tttaattgtg ttaaatgaaa atatatcctg taaagcagat atttacagta ggattcataa     50100
     ggttaaaaaa atacaatttt gaagtaacaa tgaaaatact ttatggttag ggtcaccaca     50160
     atataaggaa ttgtattaaa gggccacaca ttagaaaagt ggagaaccac taaggtacaa     50220
     ggagtacaca tggagcgacc cctggctcca gccgcaaggc agagaatggc cttgttgggt     50280
     atccatggga ggaaaagccc ttggtcctgt gaaggtgcga ggccccaatg taggggaata     50340
     ccatggtggg gaggtgagag tgggtaggtg gatcagggga tatcctcata gaagcagggg     50400
     gaggggagat gagatagagg atttgggggg cagagaataa ggaaaaggaa taacatttga     50460
     aatataaaag aaaatatcca aggaaaaata atttccataa ttctcgaaat aaaatttgtt     50520
     tacttgcaat gttatgaaca tcctaataaa attttggttg tatgtaaata agataaaata     50580
     taatgtaata aaataaaaaa agtaagagag gcccattgga cacgcaaact ttatatgccc     50640
     cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga gtgggggtgg     50700
     gtgggtatgg gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa     50760
     aaatgggaaa aaaaaattta aaaaagtaaa ataaaatgtg gagggaaagt cttcttaaat     50820
     atagtcacag agttgtctga aaatattgag gcataacaat actctactcc ttaataatga     50880
     gcactcaatt atttgactat ctttctgata ggaaatatct acagcctaag gtctgggact     50940
     tgcaactgta tggaactgga agacatagat tgccaaagtg actggcagct tggcctaccc     51000
     ttgtttctta tttaatgagt tttcattgct aattctacaa gaggtggcag gctctttttt     51060
     ctagcatctc tgcctctcag atttctgagg tgttggcttt ctcatcagtt actttaatca     51120
     ctcattctga ggcaaaaaat tattctgaac atctatgtat gagctgcttt tgttcttcat     51180
     gtcttttgtc ctttttattc cctgggtgac agtgtagact cagtggacca cactaattag     51240
     aagactttta ctgggaaaaa caacataaag ctctttgttt tggaaaaggt gatgctctca     51300
     gtcagaatgt gaagttatcc tcctccaaac ctggagaatc tctcccactt aaagcattgc     51360
     catgtaacta aaagacatgt gctcggttca cagccgagca gatatcagta caacctacct     51420
     atggacagag aatctgccta caactattgg tcataaatta tttgacctca tattaagcta     51480
     caatttattc ttgacatgtt tcctttgtgt gttgtagaag cagagagaag aggatcaaat     51540
     gagcatgtgt gacgtttgct catgcttttg gagaagatgt tcaggaggct ccaagctggc     51600
     tataaactaa aggtaggaca cttatcaaaa aaaaaaaagc tttagagaag tgcataaaat     51660
     tttcaatttt atattccata ttcctttctt tttattaccc ttttagtttt tcatagcagt     51720
     attttctaac ttctactttc agcttctttc ctttgtacag tcttcatttc ttacttcgaa     51780
     tcatcggtca aaggaattcc tgtttttccc tttgagaatt acagctctca catgattaga     51840
     gcttctcatt ttctcataat tctttaggaa agtgatagat taagtaatat ctttttggca     51900
     aaaaataatg acatttttac tcttcagtgt gagtcattgt tcaggatcaa aataaagttg     51960
     tatatttatc ttccttagta tttgtattct tttggtaatc aatcagtcat ctgcagtggg     52020
     cctcagacta atcctgcaca caacctccat ggaagggaga gaaggacatg ggacactact     52080
     cttactagct attgatagat tccggaaagg aagaatcatt gtctccagct gtgtacacac     52140
     tgctgagcac actgacttcc aaaacagagc accagaccta tagctaaaca ggtaaaactg     52200
     attaaactaa gtggatcaca aaacaaaaca aatgtatatg aaaatgaagg aatttgttag     52260
     aagatatgaa tgggtggata gaagatagta agagatggga atgagggtgg ccaatatgca     52320
     tttgcgtaca tgtataaaat tatcaaagaa aatttaatta ctgaaaagca ctaggttaag     52380
     caaacagata tttaatattt ttaaatgtat aattttcatt tatgagaata gtgcaaagcc     52440
     aggaaaacaa aatgtatcaa tcatttaaac aaaataaatt ccagaacaaa ttaaggaagc     52500
     aaggtacaag ggctgaaagc acaaatttct tttactgtgc atccaggtaa agtactaatt     52560
     tctcatgagg aaagtggtga ggacaagaac ctgtacagct tgtttgactc accttagatg     52620
     ttcaagtgct ttgcttctat ttttcctctc gtagttgtaa actataatag taaatttagg     52680
     tttaagtgat caggtcaccc aaaatatgta agcataggaa aattctgtac ctcagctctc     52740
     tgtgattctg tataatacca ctataaagca gcaggttgtc ttggggtttt gtatttgagt     52800
     cattgcttta caaccaagaa aaccctttag ttaaaactta attttcctct tttgtgccct     52860
     tcaggtgata gtcaactcat ggtcaagctt gcacaagttg atggatggag gaaatcactc     52920
     aatggtatca gaatttttgt tgctaggcct caccaattca tggagaattc agattctcct     52980
     ttttctgttc ttcacagtat tttatgtggc aagcatgctg gggaacctgc tcattgtgct     53040
     cacaatcatc tcagaccacc acctgcactc ccccatgtac ttcctgctgg caaacctctc     53100
     cttcattgat acaggtgtgt ccagcatcgc tactccaaag atgatttatg acctcttcag     53160
     aaagcacaaa gtcatctcct tgaacggatg catcactcag atgttcttca tccacactgt     53220
     tgggggaaca gagatggtgt tgctcatagt catggcctat gacaggtaca ttgctatctg     53280
     taagcccctc cactacctga ccatcatgag tctcagaatg tgcattgttc ttttggctct     53340
     tgcttggatc attggcctta tccattctgt ggcccaattg gcttttgttg taaatttacc     53400
     cttctgtgga gctaataaaa tggacagctt ttactgtgat tttcctcggt tcatcaaact     53460
     cgcatgtaca gacacataca gactggagtt cctggtcgct gccaacagtg gtttcatctc     53520
     catggccacc ttcttcatcc tgattgtgtc ttacatcttc attctggtca cagttcgtaa     53580
     acactcctca ggtgcttcct ccaaggccct ctccactctc tcagctcaca tcactgtggt     53640
     cgttttcttc tttggtcctt gcattattgt ctatgtgtgg cctttcccga ctttacccat     53700
     agataaattt ttagcaattt tcgatgtcat tatcactcct tttatgaatc ctctcatcta     53760
     tacacttaga aataatgaga tgaaggttgc gatgaggaga ctatttatta gggctttaca     53820
     tttcaaaaat ttttttatta gcagtttaag agatttgagt taaactaaaa cattcttgag     53880
     gataaatcat tttttatact gtactgcatg ctcttctgaa gaaacatata caagcaaaat     53940
     tgaatggacc cagaagttta catgccatat ggcatgtata catacacata tatacatatt     54000
     tatagataca tatgtatata catatagata tatatgtctg tacgtgtgtg taaaatttat     54060
     gtctatgtga aaataataaa agaagatgag gcctttaatt tgatagtgaa gagttgtcag     54120
     acataagagg gtatgagaag aaattaaata tgtatctgta gtttaactga atatatttta     54180
     attaaatatt tttatttagt gcttaaaaag tttcaaaagt ctcttcaact tagtgtttta     54240
     aaaagctact gtgagccggg catggtgaca catgccttta atcccagcac ttgggcggca     54300
     gaggcaggta gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctagtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag     54360
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaattaaata aaataaaata aaataagata     54420
     aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaaaagctac tgtgaagtac     54480
     ctcatcaagt attctctgca gatctgatta gattttgcta aagaactttt gaatgctgaa     54540
     catattaaaa agcagtaaat tcatcctaaa atatagttta catcagatgt tgtgtctttt     54600
     atggaagaga tggcaacttc tggaacctca cacactgaac acgtgttgtt atctcaaatg     54660
     ttagaaactt ctctttgaca ctagtcctca gagacagagg tagcgcttct aaactgcaca     54720
     gcaacctcag ttcaagcctt gagaattgtt cggtatctgt acagcaacag aaataaacaa     54780
     aataaatatt tttttaagct ggataaattc aagaattcaa gacttctatc atctgaatta     54840
     gttcactgac aggcagattt gaccatttct aacagtttta catgaagtta taattgaaaa     54900
     ttaagctttg tggtcaatta cagagaaaaa caggaaaaat ctaataattt tagactgcat     54960
     atttttgaga ctatacaatg tagattacta ttgcacgtat gtatatgaaa aatgttacat     55020
     cttctctttg tctagtcatt gttttgacaa agaagtatgt gtgacttgta gggtccgtat     55080
     gaatactttg aatattttgt agctaaaagg tgaaaatact gtattatcaa taaaatacaa     55140
     aataatattt tgtaggcctt gcttataatt atgtaaaaag tacagaaatt aggatagaaa     55200
     ataattacaa actattaaaa atagaaatat taaaacaaga tgagaaatat attatgcttt     55260
     tcatataaca tatgatttct ttacatataa tctttgcagt taagacaaac ttgagggaag     55320
     tttcctcact aattgtatta ccaggtgatt caaaccaggt gtcacctgaa tacactgttt     55380
     tgtcatgttt gggttataca actgacaaga aacagacctg ccatgcatgg gttcccaaat     55440
     tacctgcagc actccttgca agaaactatg agaaaatcag cagaaggaca atgctgagag     55500
     cttcaattag tatctttcat tgatgtcttg tataatcact ccattgaacc tcagctacag     55560
     tatcagagca ttgtgaactt ggaaatagat gagctggcac tcctttctag agccaactac     55620
     ttcaacattc ctctgaaaca tcctccaaag gctccagtgt gggtttctgt cttaaactcc     55680
     aggcaataat actgaaagaa aaattgtatg tatagcataa taataagatt gtcagtttcc     55740
     cataatgccc tgactcttct gcttgtctcc aacttggcat aactatcaac cttagttgca     55800
     aaaaatatct agattctgtt atccatttcc taggttcctt tttccttgtt ttggtatgat     55860
     ttggattttc ttggatctgg ctttttgttt tgcagacacc tacatgcacg cattcatgca     55920
     tgcatacata catacataca tacatgcaca tgcacagaca cgtacataca cacaaataca     55980
     tatgcaccta cactcacaca tacatacaca aacacacaca gacacacaca agcacactca     56040
     caaatgcaaa cacacacaca aacacacagc acaatacaat agacacctag cacatcacac     56100
     tggacacaca acacattgga aattaatccc agtatttcta agaagctaag cattcattta     56160
     gacaacataa taaatcccta gcactctgaa ttaggaattg aacttcgctt gcattggaca     56220
     agcagtgaac tgcatcgtca gtcttctgtc agttctttct aacattgcat tgtgtcgatt     56280
     aatctcactt ttcttagtta ctctcttatc tttaatgtcc tgattccatc tcagaattga     56340
     gcctcttggt aaatctacca aagattctct gaaaatctga ccatgcaact cctcttgatg     56400
     aaccatctac catagaatat tccaattctt cctctacatt tcttctgtag gagtggcaag     56460
     gcactgatgt ttggattaac atgaatatat tatttcatgt tagtgaaacg tgtgaattct     56520
     ttgccaattc tttgctggta tttgtggcaa aagtgagtag ttttaagaat cagtgttttc     56580
     aagactcagg acgtcccacc tgagatacat cttccttctg atccaaaact gtgcccaatg     56640
     gcagattgta tgctccagcc cctccctccc taatgcctag cttaacagag acacccccag     56700
     cccccacccc agaggacaca ggacctccca cctcgacaga gacacatact tcttccagtc     56760
     cacaactgtg ccctgaggca aatactgtga tctggcaccc cacacccatc cacccacacc     56820
     cagagacagc ttgaaaccca ggaggtccat cacaacaagg ctcacaggtg agatacccga     56880
     tcccaaccca ccctacccga cctggcctaa gaggtactcg cccccccttc ccagggtgca     56940
     gaggacacag gagctcctgc cctcttgccc tgctggtgac acatgttcct tctgatctgc     57000
     aactaagccc agggagcaga tcatgtgccc catcaaatct gggttcacag actctcgggc     57060
     tcataggctc acaggaggaa caggttccag tcagagccag caaggccagt taacaccaga     57120
     gatagccaga ctggaagaga cacgcacaag aacataagca acagaaacca cttggcacca     57180
     tcagaaccta gttctcctgc cacagcaagc cctgcatacc ctaacatact tgaaaagcaa     57240
     gatttttaaa tagaaatccc atctcataaa gatggtaaaa gactttaaac aggatataaa     57300
     taactccctt aaagaaatac agggcagagg cggcgccatc ttcagctcca gacagccggc     57360
     caccttcctg gtgagagcac aggggtctgc ccggcctgag aggtttgtgt cacaggggcc     57420
     ggcgggagcc ttcttggctc cgggactctg cggagggcag gctgcacggg tgaccgtgtg     57480
     gaatacagag gccagccgtt tctggtacgg gcgagagtcg cagagcctct ggggcggcgc     57540
     catcttcagc tccagacagc cagccacctt cctggtgaga gcatgggggt ctgcccggcc     57600
     tgagaggttt gtgtcacagg ggccggcggg agccttcttg gctccaggac tccgcggagg     57660
     gcaggctgca cgggagaccg tgtggaatac agaggccagc catttctggg acgggcgaga     57720
     gtcacagagc ttctgaggct gcgccatctt cgtctccaga caaccggcca ccttccaggc     57780
     gagagccaca gagcttctga ggcggcgcca tcttcggctc cagacggccg accaccttcc     57840
     tggcgagagc cacagagctt ctgaggcggc gacatcttcg actccagaca accggccacc     57900
     ttcctggcca aagcagcaca gcttctggga aagatcctgt tttgggcctt caccttcagc     57960
     caggaggagg tccaatcacc agataactgt acaccttccc tgaaagagga gagcttgcct     58020
     gcagactgct ctgacaactg aaactcagag gagaaagctt gtctcccacg cctgctgatt     58080
     gagggtaacc aaatcaacag aggaacaatc tcttaacaaa gacaactata acaactaact     58140
     ccagagattg caagatggcg aaaggtaaac gtaagaatcc tactaacaga aaccaggacc     58200
     actcaccatc atcagaaccc agaacgccca cttcgcccag tccaggacac cctaacacac     58260
     ctgaaaaggt agacctggat ttaaaagcat atctcatgat gatggtagag gacataaaga     58320
     atgaattcaa taactcactt aaagagatac aggagaacac tgctaaagag ttacaagtcc     58380
     ttaaaaaaaa acaggaaaac actgctaaag agttacaatc cttaaagaaa aacaggaaaa     58440
     cacaaccaaa caggtagaag tccttataga aaaacaggaa aacacatcca aacaggtgat     58500
     ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac tagacctaaa aagggaagta gacacaataa agaaaaccca     58560
     aagtgaggca acgctggaga tagaaaccct aggaaagaaa tctggaacca tagatgccag     58620
     catcagcaac agaatacaag agatggaaga gagaatctca ggtgcagaag actccataga     58680
     gaacatcggc acaacaatca aagaaaatgg aaaatgcaaa aagatcctaa ctcaaaacat     58740
     ccaggaaatc caggacacaa tgagaagacc aaagctatgc ataataggag tggatgagaa     58800
     tgaagatttt caactcaaag gaccagcaaa catcttcaac aaaattattg aagaaaacgt     58860
     cccaaatcta aagaaagaga agcccatgaa catacaagaa gcctacagaa ctccaaatag     58920
     actggaccag aaaagaaatt cctcccgaca cataataatc agaacatcaa atgcactaaa     58980
     taaagataga atactaaaag cagtaaggga aaaaggtcaa gtaacatata aaggcaagcc     59040
     tatcagaatt acaccagatt tttcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagag cctggacaga     59100
     tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg ctactataac tagccaaact     59160
     ctcaattacc atagatgaag aaaccaaagt attccacgac aaaactaaat tcacccatta     59220
     tctctccacg aatccagccc ttcaaaggat aataacagaa aaaaaacaat acaaggacgg     59280
     gaaccatgcc ctagaaaaaa caagaagata atccctcaac aaaactaaaa gaagacagcc     59340
     acaagaacag aatgacaaat ttaacaacaa aaataacagg aagcaacaat tacttttcct     59400
     taatatctct taatatcaaa ggtctcaact ccccaataaa aagacataga ctaacagact     59460
     ggctacacaa acaggaccca acattctgct gcttacagga aacccatctc agggaaaaag     59520
     acagaaacta cctcagagtg aaaggctgga aaacaatttt ccaagcaaat ggtctgaaga     59580
     aacaagctgg agtagccatt ttaatatgag ataaaatcga cttccaaccc aaagttatca     59640
     aaaaagacaa ggagggacac ttcatactca tcaaaggtaa aatcctccaa aaggaactca     59700
     caattctgaa tttctatgct ccaaatgcaa gggcagccac attcattaaa gacaccttag     59760
     taaagctcaa agcacacgtt gcacctcaca caataagagt gggagacttc aacacaccac     59820
     tttcatcaat ggacagatcg tggaaacaga aactaaacag ggacacagtg aaaccaacag     59880
     aagttatgaa acaaatggac ctgacagata tctacagaac attttatcct aaaacaaaag     59940
     gatatacatt cttctcagca cctcacggga ccttcaccaa aactgaccat ataattggtc     60000
     acaaaacagg cctcaacaga tacaaaaata ttgacaatgt cccatgtatc ctatcagacc     60060
     accatggcat aagactgatc ttcaataaca acataaataa tggaaagcca acattcacgt     60120
     ggaaactgaa caacactctt ctcaatgata ccttggtcaa ggaaggaata aaaaaaaaat     60180
     taaagacttt ttagagttta atgaaaataa agccacaacg tacccaaacc tatgggacac     60240
     aatgaaagca tttctaagag ggaaactcat agctctgagt accgccaaga aaaaacagga     60300
     gagagcacat actagcatct tgaaaacaca tctaaaagct ctagaaaaaa aggaagcaaa     60360
     ttcacctaag aggagtagac ggcaggaaat aatcaaactc aggggtgaaa tcaaccaagt     60420
     ggaaacaaga agaactattc aaagaattaa ccaaaggagg agttggttcc ttgagaaaat     60480
     caacaagata gataaaccct tagctagact cactaaaggg cacagggaca aaatcctaat     60540
     taacaaaatc agaaatgaaa agggagacat aacaacagat cctgaagaaa tccaaaacac     60600
     catcagatcc ttctaaaaaa aaaaggctat attcaacaaa actggaaaac ctggacgaaa     60660
     tggacaaatt tctggacaga taccaggtac caaagttgaa tcagtatcaa gttgaccatc     60720
     taaacagtcc catatcacct aaagaaataa aagcacttat taatagtctc ccagccaaaa     60780
     aaagcccagg accagacggg tttagtgcag agttctatca caccttcaaa gaagatctaa     60840
     ttccagttct gcacaaacta tttcacaaaa tagaagtaga aggtactcta cccaactcat     60900
     tttatgaagc cactattact ctgataccta aaccacagaa agacccaaca aagatcgaga     60960
     acttcagacc aatttctctt atgaatatcg atgcaaaaat actcaataag agggctggtg     61020
     agatggctca gttggtaaga gtacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag ttcaaatccc     61080
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taacgagatc tgacaccctc ttctggagtg     61140
     tctgaagaca gctacagtgt actttacata taataaataa ataaatcctt ttaaaaaaaa     61200
     tactcaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacatat taaagcaatc atccatcctg     61260
     accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg     61320
     taatctatta tataaataaa ctcacagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag     61380
     aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttttggaa agatcaggaa     61440
     ttcaaggccc atacctaaac atgataaaag caatatacag caaaccagta gccaacatca     61500
     aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcagtcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc     61560
     cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac     61620
     aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattgaaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag     61680
     atgatatgat agtatatata agtgaaccta aaaattctac cagagaactc ctaatcctga     61740
     taaacagctt tggtgaagta gctggatata aaataaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc     61800
     tctatacaaa gaataaacaa gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag     61860
     tcacaaataa tataaaatat cttggcgtga ctctaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg     61920
     ataaaaactt caaatctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc     61980
     tcccatgctc atggattggc aggatcaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa     62040
     tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattagaag     62100
     gagcaatttg caaattcatc tgaaataaca aaaaacctag gatagctaaa agtcttctca     62160
     aggataaaag aaccgctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacat aaagctttac tacagagcaa     62220
     ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa     62280
     ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcta     62340
     aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggtttt     62400
     tatcgtgtag aagaatggga atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta     62460
     agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataagaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg     62520
     ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcattggctt     62580
     gtgctgtaag atcgagaatt gacaaatggg acctcatgaa actgcaaacc ttctgcaagg     62640
     caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct     62700
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatattca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtagact     62760
     tcagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac     62820
     ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca     62880
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggataaga     62940
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gtggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc     63000
     attgttggtg ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca     63060
     gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccaa     63120
     aggatgcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta     63180
     taatagccag aagctggtaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa     63240
     tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat     63300
     tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcattctgag tgaggtgaca cattcacaaa     63360
     ggaactcgca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gccccaaacc taggataccc     63420
     aagatataag atacaatttg ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aagaatgaag actgaagtgt     63480
     ggacactatg cccctcctta gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac     63540
     aaagtttgga gctgagatga aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca     63600
     ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa     63660
     ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgctgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg     63720
     atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt     63780
     acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag     63840
     taccctggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca     63900
     ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca     63960
     gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtat ggggtctttt     64020
     ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa ataccttata aaatgggaaa aaaaagaaat     64080
     acagaataca gatgaacagg tagaagccct taaaggggaa acaaatccct taaggaaata     64140
     caggaaacta atccatccat ccaggaacta aaaatggaaa tagaaataat aaataaatca     64200
     caaagggaga tagccctaga gatggaaaat ctaggaaaga gattgggagt cacatatgca     64260
     agtatttcta acagaataca tgagatagga gagagattct caggcacaga taccatagaa     64320
     aacattgaca caacagtcaa agaaaataca aaaatcaaaa agctcctaat ccaaaccatc     64380
     taggaaatcc tggacacaat gaaaagacca aacctacgaa taataggaat agaagcaaga     64440
     gaagattcca atacaaaagg ccagaaaaca tcttccacaa aatgatagat gcattgagta     64500
     actgacaaac ttatacagat gcacatagaa gttatgctga ggtgtattgg ctttatgcag     64560
     gaatgtgtta cagtttgaaa ctgatacaat tactaactcc acacagagct tcctttttca     64620
     cttcaatgcc tttttcaggt tttcatggat acaacttcgt tctccacatc aatggataaa     64680
     agagaatcac tctattgtgt ctgagtttgt gttcttgaga ctctccaata gatgaggaat     64740
     ccagttttgc ttctttttct tttctatgtt ttacatggca tgtctgatgg gaaatctcct     64800
     cattgtgttc atgtgactgc tcactccaac ccccatgtac ttcctgctgg ccaatctctc     64860
     attgcctgac ctgtgagatt gctctattat agcacccaaa atgatttatg atctttaaag     64920
     gaagcacaaa gcctcaggat cacaggatca caggagcttg gccacaccag gatctcagga     64980
     aacccagagg tagcttgaat cccaggagct ctgacacacc caggatctca ggatcacagg     65040
     atcccaaaat cacagaatca cagagacagc tgaatactga ggagttctga aacaaccagg     65100
     atcacaggaa ggacagaccc cagtcagatg tagcaagggc aggtagcatt agagataatc     65160
     agatagcagg aggcaagcat aagaacataa gcaacagaaa ccaaagttac ttggcatcat     65220
     tacaatcgaa ttctctcatc atggcaagtc ctggatacac catcacactg gaaaagaaag     65280
     atacagatct agaagcactt ctcagagtgg tgataggaga cttttaaaaa gttataaata     65340
     actcccttaa agaaatacag gagaggcatt ctgcacaggc ctcagacatc cggccacctt     65400
     cccggccaga ggaaaggggt ccgagcagag agggagcact ctgcctgagc atcggcagca     65460
     gacatcttgg ttctgggacc ccaccgagtg cattctgcac aggccccaga catccggcca     65520
     ccttcccagc cagaggaaaa aggtccgagc ggagagggag agctttgcct gagcatcagc     65580
     agcacacatc ttggttccgg gaccccgcca agtgtattct gcacaggtga gagtacggaa     65640
     tacagaagct aaaagcttct gggacagggg ggagccacgg agcttctaag gcagccccct     65700
     tttcgggccc agacagctgg ccactttccc agccagaggt taaagatccg actggcccgg     65760
     gaaaggtttg ccagagcatc ggcagcagac atcttggttc cgggacctcg ccgagtgtat     65820
     tctgcacagg ccccagagat tgccagatgg cgaaaggcaa acgcaagaat cctactaaca     65880
     gaaatcaaga ccactcacca tcatcagaac gcagcactcc caccccacct agtcctgggc     65940
     accccaacac aaccgaaaag ctagacccgg attttaaagc atataacatg atgatgatag     66000
     aggacatcaa gaagaacttt aataactcac ttaaagaaat acaggaaaac actgctaaag     66060
     agttacaaat ccttaaagaa aaacaggaaa acacaaccaa acagatagaa gtcctcaaag     66120
     aaaaacagga aaacacatcc aaacaggtga tggaaatgaa caaaactata ctagacctaa     66180
     aaagggaagt agacacaata aagaaaaccc aatgtgaggc aacgccagag atagaaaccc     66240
     taggaaaaaa acctggaacc atagatgcga gcatcagcaa cagaatacaa gagatggaac     66300
     agagaatctc aggtgcagaa gattccatag agaacatcag cacaacaatc aaagaaaata     66360
     caaattgcaa aaggatccta actcaaaaca tccaggaaat ccaggacaca atgagaagac     66420
     caaacctacg gataatagga gttgatgaga atgaagattt tcaacttaaa gggccagcaa     66480
     atatcttcaa caaaattata gaagaaaact tcccaaacct aaagaatgac atacaagaag     66540
     cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc ctcccgacac ataataatca     66600
     gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagatagaa tattaaaagc agtaagagag aaaagtcaag     66660
     taacatataa aggcaggcct atcagaatta caccagactt ttcaccagag actatgaaag     66720
     ccagaagagc ctggacagat gttctacaga cactaagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc     66780
     tactataccc ggccaaactc tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaagta ttccacgaca     66840
     aaaccaaatt cacacattat ctttccacga atccagccct tcaaaggata ataacagaaa     66900
     aggagcaata caaggacgga aatcatgccc tagaacaagc aagaaagtaa tccctcaaaa     66960
     aaacaaaaag aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactc taacaacaaa aataaaagga     67020
     agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg gactcaatac cccaataaaa     67080
     agacatagac taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattctgctg cttacaggaa     67140
     acccatctca gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtga aaggctggaa aacaattttc     67200
     caagcaaatg gctgaagaaa caagctggag tagccattct aatatcgaat aaaatcgact     67260
     cccaacccaa agttatcaaa aaagacaagg agggacactt catactcatc aaaagtaaaa     67320
     tcctccaaga ggaactctca attctgaatt tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg gcagccacat     67380
     tcattaaaga cactttagta aagctcaaag cacatattgc acctcacaca ataatagtgg     67440
     gagacttcaa cacaccactt tcgtcaatgg acagatcgtg gaaacagaaa ctaaacaggg     67500
     acacagtgaa actaacagaa gttatgaaac aaatggacct gacagatatc tacagaacat     67560
     tttatcctaa aacaaaagga tataccgtct tctcagcacc tcatggtacc ttctccaaaa     67620
     ctgaccatat aattggtcac aaaacaggcc tcaacagata caaaaatact gaaattgtcc     67680
     catgcatcaa tcagaccacc atggactaag gctgatcatc aataacaaca taaataatgg     67740
     aaagccaaca ttcaggtgaa aactgaacaa cacacttctc aatgatacct tgatcaagga     67800
     aggactaaag aaagaaatta aagacttttt agagtttaaa gaaaatgaag ccacaacata     67860
     cccaaaccta tgggacacaa tgaaagcatt tctaagaggg aaactcatag ctctgagtgc     67920
     ctccaaagag aaactggaga gagcacacac tagcagcctg acaacacatc taaaagccct     67980
     agaaaaaaag gaagaaattt cacccaagag gagtagatgg caggaaataa tcaaactcag     68040
     gggtgaaatc aaccaagtgg aaaaaagaag aactattcaa agaattaacc aaatgaggag     68100
     ttggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga taaaccctta gctagactca ctagacggca     68160
     caggtacagc aacctaaata acaaaatcag aaatgaaaag ggagacataa caacagatcc     68220
     tgaaaaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt ccacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga     68280
     aaacctggac gaaatggaca aatttctaga cagataccag gtaccaaagt taaatcagga     68340
     tcaaattaac gatctaaaca gtcccatatc ccctaaagaa atagaagcag tcattaatag     68400
     tctcccagcc aaaaaaaaag cccaagacca gatgggttta gtgcagagtt ctaccagacc     68460
     ttcaaagaag atctaattcc agttctgcac aaactattcc agaaaataga agtagaaggt     68520
     actctaccca actcattcta tgaagccaca attactctga taactaaacc acagaaagat     68580
     ccaacgaaga tagagaactt cagaccaatt tcccttatga atatagattc aaaaatcctc     68640
     aataaaattc tcgctaatgg aatccatgaa cacattaaag caatcatcct tcctgaccaa     68700
     gtaggtttca ttccagggat gcagggatga tttaatatac ggaaatccat caatgtaatc     68760
     cattatataa acaaactcaa acacaaaaac cacatgatca tctcgttaga tgcagaaaaa     68820
     gcattcgaca agatccaaca cccattcatg ataaaagtct tggaaagatc agaattcaag     68880
     gcccatacct aaacatgata aaagcaatct acagcaaacc agtagccaac atcaaagtaa     68940
     atggtgagaa gcttgaagca atcccactaa aatcagggtc tagacaaggc tgtctactct     69000
     ctccgtacct attcaacatt gtacttgaag tcctagccag agcaattcga caacaaaagg     69060
     agatcaaggg gatacaaatt ggaaaagatg aagtcaaaat atcacttttg cagatgatat     69120
     gatagtatat atgtgaccct aaaaattcca ccagagaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct     69180
     tcggtgaagt agctggatat aaaattaatt caaacaagtc aatggccttt ctgtacacaa     69240
     agaataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttctcaata gtcacaaata     69300
     atataaaata acttgccgtg actctaacta aggaggtgaa agatctgtat gataaaaact     69360
     tcaaatctct gaagaaagaa attaaagaag atctccattc ggggccctgt gatctaccca     69420
     atagctgact gtgagcatcc acttatgtgt ttgctaggcc ctggcatagt ctcacaagag     69480
     acaggtatat ctgggtcctt tcagcagagg agctagagaa agtatccaag gagctaaaga     69540
     gatctgcaac cctgtaggtg caacattatg aactaaccag taccctggag ctcttgactc     69600
     tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg     69660
     gacacgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaatgcca gggccaaaaa atgggaatgg     69720
     gtgggtaggg aagtggggga gggtgtgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg aaatttaatt     69780
     gaggaaaata cataataaaa aaaaaagaat tggcattttt taaaaaatct tgctagtgta     69840
     tgcaatggtt tcagtgtttg ggagctgatt atgggatgga tccatggata tggcaatcac     69900
     taaatggtcc atccttttgt cacagctcca aattttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt     69960
     gttttgttcc catttctaag aaggggcaaa gtgttcacac tttggtcttc gttcttcttc     70020
     agtttcatgc gtttagcaaa ttgtatctta tatctcgggt atactaagtt tctgggctaa     70080
     tatccactta tcagtgagta catatttttc gagttccttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc     70140
     aggatgatgc ccctccaggt ccaaccattt gcctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt     70200
     aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctga     70260
     tgaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctatgata aataaggctg ctatgaacat     70320
     agtggagcat gtgtccttct taccggttgg gacatctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat     70380
     tgtgggatcc tccagtaaaa accacagttt cttaagaatt gcacatttaa tatccaaaat     70440
     tcttttagtt caggatcatc taaaagatgt gcctacaaaa ttttatatat atatatggtt     70500
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc     70560
     aagtgctggg gttaaaggtg tatgccacca ccatctggcc aaaattatat ttttaaaata     70620
     taacaaatat gtttttccaa gtacattaaa gatttaactt tcagtatact atatgagaag     70680
     catatcaatc gctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg cctggagaaa gcactttttt     70740
     atattttttt gaggtttctt tttctttaat ttcctctttg tgagtttcac atcatgcatc     70800
     ccagttccac tcatctctcc attccttcat atctgcccca cccacgccct tgcaacctct     70860
     tctctaaaag agaaaaagat ctcatggaag ctgtagtgtg tcacagtatg tcccattttt     70920
     gtcccaccct tttgttcaca tttctttgct tgcactgagt cactggtctg gctttaggct     70980
     tctggcctct tctacaccat cagcactgga tcctcactag gactaggact cctttcagat     71040
     atgcctgtat aatggagatt ccgcaacttt ggatctttag gactggcccc tacgtgggat     71100
     acagcagttc atcaatgggg tagatttggg ggtgggcaaa ctcagagtcc tgaatctaag     71160
     cctaggtgga agctggtcaa cccaccagct ctcctgcacc cacactagca gggtgagctt     71220
     tccagcactg cacgagctag ctcactcaat gccgcaacca gaaagagaca gaactagctc     71280
     tcctgctctc atacacttgg agctagctcc ccagagtctg caccaggctc tgctgtgctg     71340
     cccagatctg gtacagggcc cattctcacg agtgttgcag cctcccaccc cagagttaca     71400
     gctccccatg aagaacagga ccagctttct gctctcatga cctccaggcc cactcttccc     71460
     actgccttaa gtggcaagag gtaaggagta aggagggcat ctctccttgc tcataccacg     71520
     gtccaacaga caagttgcag agagccttgg gtcagctctc ccatgcccca cacacagtaa     71580
     ggtcagcttc acagtgctgc ccagtgatgt gcaatgccca ctctcccaaa tgctgcggcc     71640
     agtgaggggc agagccagct ctctcaagtc catgacccgg ggaactgact ttttcacaat     71700
     ccagtaagaa gacactgcca aggaccatgt ggcaggaaca acaaatagct ttagaactca     71760
     tggaatgtag tccacccatt agcccacttt caatgagtga acctctaaga aagatgaccc     71820
     ctaaggactt catactgttg tggagttctc ctctgcttgc tgcctttgca tccctcttaa     71880
     tctaagaatt gtataaaaac tctaaggggg tttcctgcct ctcattgggc agtatctctg     71940
     gcactcacaa tgattggtct ctttcaggca ttgctgatgg agcagattaa tgattcaatc     72000
     accaccctag agaagaactt aaaaatgtag gttatcagct atgaccacca cttttagaaa     72060
     gtatttggac aaataaaatt gttagtgaag ctaagctaaa atgttttgct actaactaga     72120
     aaatcttagg gaacaatttg aagttcagaa aggcacagtt ttaatagtta agctgggaac     72180
     tttttaaggt cagggaacaa gaacaatggc agcactggca gacacgactc tcacagatgc     72240
     tagaccaatg atgattgatt tcttatacca atatttgccc tcagcttcct gatatgattt     72300
     aataaaaatt gctgatgagt agatgtgggg agccgccctc acattcgccg ttgcaagatg     72360
     gcgctgacat cctgtgttct aagtggtaaa caaataatct gcgcatgtgc caagggtagt     72420
     tctccacccc atgtgctctg ccttccccgt gacgacaact cggccgatgg gctgcagcca     72480
     atcagggagt gacacgtcct aggcggagga taattctcct taaaaaggga cggggtttcg     72540
     ccattctctc tcttgctttt gctcttgcac tcttgctctc ttgcttttgc tcttgcactc     72600
     ttgcgctctt gcgctctggc tcctaaagat gtaagcaata gagctcttgc actcttgcac     72660
     tcttgctcct gaagatgtaa gcaataaagt tttgctgcag aagattccgg tttgctgcgt     72720
     tcttcctggc cggtcgcgag aacgcgtgta agaagtagat tgcatactga agatttaaag     72780
     aagatatgac tgatatttgt ataagtttag atttgtgatt cttttaaggt tcttataaga     72840
     ttactttaaa gataagtagt aatataattg ctcctttctt tgtaaccaca aattgttgct     72900
     tgcctgtgag agaaactggc tgagaaaaat acctcgctag cttaatctgt aacaagttgc     72960
     ttagttacaa caaaacatgg gctcttggga ataatgtgtt ttctttacat gtactatgta     73020
     attttctttc actcaaagaa aaatagaatg taatcacatt gtaattttac ctgcttgaaa     73080
     gaattttgtg ggatacataa gctatgaaag aaaaaacagt tttggagctt gctccattca     73140
     ccagggatat atgtgtatat gtgcatatat gtatatatgt atatgtgtaa aatgcttgga     73200
     gcctatttga tggaaatttg ttctagccat tcaatgtgcg actgtataca tttatgtcta     73260
     tttttaggtc tgtctgcatg tgtgcatgta tgtgtgaatg tatgtatgca tgcatgtatg     73320
     tatacatttg tttgtgtgaa gttattggag tctgcctttt gcttcatccg ctcggagtgt     73380
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcattt tctgtttctt     73440
     tttctttctt gccagcccct aagagttaaa aaattcagag gtttttgacg gccacaggaa     73500
     gtgaaagtcc caatgaagca agcttttttc cctcagagaa aagtctgttg agtaattttt     73560
     ctaattgctg gtcaccatag actgaaccca tcttaaatct atttggttca taacttttta     73620
     ttattattag atatttcctt tatttacatt tcaaatgtta tcccctttcc tagttttccc     73680
     tccaaaaatc tcctatcccc tcccccctct ccctgctccc caacccaccc actccctcct     73740
     cctggcccag gcattgccag gagcaatggg gcacagaacc ttcacaggac caagggcctc     73800
     tcctcccatt gatggaattt cttggtttct ccttctatgg tgattgaacc atccctgcat     73860
     ccctgggatg aagcctactt gatcatggtg aatgtttgtt ttgatgtgtt cttatattca     73920
     gtttgggaga attttattga gtattttacc atgatgttca taagagaaat tggtctgaag     73980
     tactctttct gcattgggtc tttgtgtgat ttaggtataa gtgtaattat gacttcatag     74040
     aactaattgg gtagtgttcc ttctgtttct aattttggaa taatttgaag agtactggta     74100
     ttaggtcttc tttgaaggtc tgatagaatt ctcctctaaa cacatctcat cctgggcttt     74160
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggttgg gagactttta atgacggctg     74220
     ctatttcttt agggaactgt ttagatgatt tatttgatcc tgttttaact ttggcacctg     74280
     gtatctgtct aggaaattgt ccatttcatc cagattttcc aatttggttg agtataggct     74340
     tttgtagtag gttctgataa ttttttgatt ttccacggtt tctgttgtta tgtctccctt     74400
     ttcatttctg attttattaa tttggatact gtctttgtac cctctggtta gtctaggaaa     74460
     gagtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccagctc ctagttttgt tgattctttg     74520
     cctagttctt ttagctttct ttttctcttt ctttcttttt tattattgct ggataatttt     74580
     ttattagatt tttttcttca tttacatttc aaatgttatc ccctttcctc cacaaacctc     74640
     ctatcccatc accccttccc ttgctcacca acctatccac tcctgctcct ctgtcttgag     74700
     attcccctac actgggcatg gagccttctc aggaccaagg gcctctcctc ccattgatgt     74760
     ccaacaaggc catcctctgc tacatatgca gttggagtca tggatccctc catgtgtact     74820
     ctttggttga tggtttagcc cctgggagat ctgggggtac tggttggttc atactgttgt     74880
     tcctcctttg gagatgcaaa cttcttcagc tcctttggtc ctttctctag ctcctccatt     74940
     ggggaccttg tgctcagtcc aatggttgtc tgagaacatc aacctctaaa tgtattaggc     75000
     actggcaaag cctctcagga gacaactcaa gaagttggac tcctgagaac caaataacct     75060
     tatttttaaa ataggtacat agctaaacaa tgaattctta actaaagaat atcaaatggc     75120
     taagaagcac ctaaagaaat gtgaaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgt aaatcaaaac     75180
     aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag gtcaaaaact caggtgacaa     75240
     cagatgctag cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg aatactcctc cattgctggt gggattgcaa     75300
     actggtacaa ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcagttcctc aaaaaattag atatagtact     75360
     accggaggac ccagctatac caatcctggg catgtaccca gaagatgctc catgtaataa     75420
     ggacacttgc tccactatgt tcatagcatc cttatttatg ataaccagaa gctggaaagt     75480
     acccagatgt ccctcagcag aagaatggat atggaaaatg tggtacattt acacaatgga     75540
     atgttactca gccattaaaa aacaatgaat tcatgaaatt cttaggcaaa tggatggaac     75600
     tagaaattat catccaagtg aggtaaccca gtcataaaag aatacacatg gtatacactc     75660
     actgctaagt gaatattagc ccagaagctt ggaataccca agatacaatt cacagacaac     75720
     atgaagctca acaagaagga agaccaaagt atggatactt cagtccttct gaggaggagt     75780
     aataaaatac ccatgggaga agatacagag acaaagtgtg gagaaaagac tgaagtaaag     75840
     gccattcaga gactgcctca cctggggatc cattccatat acagtcacca aatctagata     75900
     ctattgtgga tagcaacaag tgttcttttt gtttttattt ggttgatttc agccctaagc     75960
     ttgataagtc cctgccttct acttcttggg tatatttact tcttttcgtt ttagagtttt     76020
     caggtgtgct gtcaagctgc tagtgtaaac tctctccagt ttctttttgt aggaacttag     76080
     agctatgagt tttcctctta ccactgattt cattgtgtcc cataagtttt tgtatgatat     76140
     gttctcattt tcattaaatt ctacaaagtc tttaatttct ttcattattt ttccttgaac     76200
     atgttatcat tgagtagagc attgttaagc ttccatgtat atgtgtgctt tccattgttt     76260
     ttgttggtat ttaagaccag ccttagtctg tggtgatctg ataaggtcca tgggcttatt     76320
     tcagtctttt tgtatctgtt gaggcctgtt ttgtgaccaa ttatatggtc ggttttgaag     76380
     aaggtactgt gaggtgctga caaaaaggta tattcttttg ctttaggatg aaatgttcta     76440
     caactatctg ttagatacat ttggttcata acttctgtta gtttcactgt gtctctgttt     76500
     agtttttgtt tccatgatct ttccattgct gagagtgggg tgttgaagtc tcccactatt     76560
     agtgtgtgtg gagtgatggc atgctttgag ctttagtaat gtttctttta tcaatgtggg     76620
     tgcccttgca tctagagcat agatgtccag aattgagagt tcatcttggt agatttttcc     76680
     tttgaccagt atgaagtgtc cttccttatc tttcttgata acttttagtt gaaagttgat     76740
     tttattcgat attagaatgg ctactccagc ttgtttcttg ggaccatttg cttggaaaat     76800
     tgttttctac tctgaggtag tgtctgtctt tgtcactgag gtgtgttttc tgtatgcagc     76860
     aaaatgctga atcctgttta tctatccagt ctatcttttt attggggaat tgagtccatt     76920
     gatgttaaga gatattaagg aaaagtgatt gttgcttcct gttattttta ttgttagagg     76980
     tagaattata tttgtgtggc tattttcttt tgggtttgtt gaaagattaa tttcttgctt     77040
     tttctagggt gtagtttccc gacttgtgtt agaattttcc ttctattatc ctctgtaggg     77100
     ccaggttaat ggaaagatat tctttaaatt tagttttctc ttagaatacc ttggtttctc     77160
     catttatggt aattgagagt tttgctaggt atagatgcct ggactggcat ttttattctt     77220
     ctagggtcta tataatatct gcccaagatc ttctggcttt tagagtcttt gctaagtctg     77280
     gtgtaattct gatagatctg cctttatatg ttaattagcc ttttccttta ctgctttctt     77340
     tgttttgtgt ttttggtgtt ttaattatta catgatggga ggaatttctt ttctggtcca     77400
     gtttatttag agttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcgtggg catctctttc tttaggttag     77460
     ggaagttttc ttctataatt ttggtgaaga tactgactgg ccctttatgt tgggaatctt     77520
     cactctcttc tatacatatt atccttaggt ttcatcctct cattgtgtcc tggatttcct     77580
     ggatgttttg ggttaggagc tttttgcttt ttgcattttc tttgactgtt gtgtcaatgt     77640
     tttctatggt atcttctgca cctgagattc tctcttctat ctcttgtatt ctgttggtga     77700
     tgcttgcatc tatgactctt gacatctttc ctagattttc taactcaagg gttgtctccc     77760
     tttgtgattt ctttattgtt tctatttcca tttttagatc ttggatggtt ttgttcattt     77820
     ccttcacctg tctgattgtg ttttcctgta attctttaag agatttttgt gtttcctctt     77880
     taagggctcc tacctgttta cctgtgttct cctgtatttc tttaagggag ttatttatgt     77940
     ccttcttaaa gtcctctatc atcatcataa gaagtaattt tagatctgaa ccttgatttt     78000
     ctggtgtgat ggtgtatcca ggtcttgcta tgatgggaga attgggttct gatgatgcca     78060
     agtaactttg gtttctgttg cttgtattct tatgccttcc tcctgccatc tgattggctc     78120
     tcgtgtttcc tgtgcttgct atatctgact ggagcctgtc cttcctgcga tcctggctgt     78180
     gtcagaactc ctcatagtcc agctgtctct gggatcctgt gattctggga tcctgtgatc     78240
     ctgagatcct gggtgtgtca gagcgcctaa gaatccagct gtctctgaga ctctgagatc     78300
     ctggtgtgac taagctcctg tgatcctatg atcctgggtg tgtttgagtg tctggaagtg     78360
     gaggcttcct ctgggtatta tggggctaac tgcagagttc gagcccaagg tctgctctgg     78420
     gcaccccaga ccagaagcaa cctatgccac tggtcaggga gcgttcctgt gcctctggat     78480
     cccactggtc ccagttactc ccagtgttgg gacagctatt gtgtactcct cacctctgat     78540
     cctatgatcc tgggcgtgtt agagctcctg ggagtagagc ttcctctggg tgttgtgggg     78600
     ctggccaagt tatttatttc ttaagggagt tatttatatc atccttaaag gcctctagta     78660
     tcttcatgag atgggatttt aggtcattat gttgcttttc agatgtgttg gtgtatccag     78720
     agcttgctgt ggttggagaa ctgggttctg gtggtgctgc attgcactgg gttctgtagc     78780
     ttatgatctt atgcttgcct ctggccatct gcttatcatt ggtgttaact agcctgggtg     78840
     tctctaacta gagctggcct ccttgtaggc aggcagtgct atctctggtt aggatatctc     78900
     ttgtgtctct ggttagagca ggcttccttt gtccctgatt actgcagaca tcctgggagg     78960
     caaacaggct gtaggcccac tgatctggcc aggtagagaa gtggaccaga aggaaagcgg     79020
     agctcagctg ggctctgagt ctttggttac tctggccctc ttgggaagca tgcaggctgt     79080
     atcatgaggc tgggtaattg gctgctgatc tgccccaggt aggaagcaga gcagaagaaa     79140
     ggtggagctc tgaggaggta gcgtggggca agggtgtccc acaccaactg tgccccatgg     79200
     ttgtctcagc tagtgtgggt atttgggtga ggttcttacc tgtgcttttt attactgcag     79260
     gcctcctggg aagcacacat gggtatcaga cctggaaagc ttgtgggtgg gtatcaggtc     79320
     actgattgtg atcagtttgc agatggtttg tttccaagaa aaacagaaca aatctcagga     79380
     gatgaaagga aaaagcagag caaatataaa gtgaaaacat ctgcttcctt aatttgtaat     79440
     ttttctctga ctatagaaaa atattctata tttctgctca tgtagctaac tttctaagat     79500
     catcagatca gtcactacac aaggaagggc ttctcaatta tagaattaca aataaaaacc     79560
     aattatgtct caaatcaaat caattaaaat gacttgttag tttttaacaa gtattgagta     79620
     gctacttgaa aagtgtaggg ttctgggtga gattcccatc tgtgtctttg atttctttgg     79680
     acctcctgga aaataaacct atgatcacag atttggcatt tttaagaagg cagaaagcag     79740
     aatgtacatc tagatgaagg gaaataaaaa taaaggatcc gaattactaa aacttaaaaa     79800
     taaatcagcc aaatgattaa aagcttgaaa tttgactgat ggtttgagct gtctggtgat     79860
     actagtgtct cagtatacag aacaagaaac atccctgagg catgggttcc aacacccagt     79920
     gtgtgcccct gatgctgctt tgaggtggaa tgaagaaaac tgaagtgaca catagttgtc     79980
     ctagaatcta aaacaaggaa ctgccaagaa aggaaaattg gcaaaacagc acctaattcc     80040
     aagagaagga tggaaagttc cttcaaattg gaggattctg tgaacagtgt agtttctcag     80100
     aaaaccatct aacttaaagt aggtcataga gttttgtgtt tcaaaatcag ttataaactg     80160
     actgagtatt tctttgttga agtaaatctc agctactgga aacctaagta tttgctccat     80220
     ggtgaataaa gtatcataca aacagtccaa actctgaatc tatgttgaca gatttggctc     80280
     tcgcttgtta ttccaagtga catttcctta ggcagacatt tctggtgctg tccaactgtt     80340
     ttatcattga catgaccacg tatattattc tccttgtgtt tttcatgtga attaaatact     80400
     gaattccaac aaatgctcaa tttggttttt ctatataaat tttaatgatg tttagttaga     80460
     tattacttcc tttacttagt ctgttgttaa gccttattgt aaattatttc agactcataa     80520
     atattcaaag ttggtgcagt cgacttatat cctttaccta aacttagatt tccctgatat     80580
     tgttattata tactggcctg gaacactttc aaatcagaaa acaacattac tctaaacgcc     80640
     acaatttttt cagatttcac tcatcttttt ttatttatat ctgttttctg gcatgttcag     80700
     tactagctac tacatcatac ttattgtgtg atctgagttc cacctgatag tacttagtct     80760
     gattctttcc atagctgtga gttttcaaaa cattgggcat tttaaacttc actgaaagac     80820
     ttgagtttca ctaggcagtg atggcatatt acattaatcc cagaaattga gaggtagagg     80880
     ctggtggatc tctaagttca aggttagcct ggcctacaga gcagattaca ggatagaaat     80940
     ggctatacag agaaaccctg tattaatagg aaaaaaactt tagtttctct aaattttttc     81000
     atcataagta gacttggttc atgaatttgt aaggaagact caagaaaaga aaactaactc     81060
     tctattgaat aatatttggg tctatgacaa ctatatgata taatattgtt gttgatcgtg     81120
     caaataaaat tttgcctaac aaccttaaaa gaggtaaatg acttcttaga tgttacatgg     81180
     aattttcatt ctttactact gtttaaataa tccatctttt tctcttgttt acctataaac     81240
     ttcatagttc attatacttc ctaaatatta tcacttgaat actttgagta caagcaaggg     81300
     ttaatttcaa ctcgaactca gttttttttg ttttattttg ttttgttttt gtttttttat     81360
     tattacatat tttcctcatt tacatttcca atgctatccc aaaagtcccc cataccctcc     81420
     ccccaactcc cctacccagc cattcccatt ttttttggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactga     81480
     ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttccg gtgatggcca actaccccat     81540
     cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctcaggggt actggttagt tcataatgtc     81600
     tttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccatggg tactttctct agctcctcca     81660
     ttgggagccc tgtgatccat ccaatagctg actgtgaaca tccacttctg tgtttgctag     81720
     gccccggcct agtctcacaa gaaacagcta tatcagggtc ctttcagcca acgcttgcta     81780
     gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcata gtttgaaggc taattatggg atggatccct ggatatggca     81840
     gtctctagat ggtccatcct tttatcttat ctccaaactt tgtctctgta actcctttca     81900
     tgggtgattg tttccacttc taaaaagggg caaagtgtcc acactttgat cttcgttctt     81960
     cttcagtttc atgtgttttg caaattgtat cttatatctc gggtatacta agtttctggg     82020
     ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtatatatc atttgagttc ttttgtgatt gtgttacctc     82080
     actcagaatg atgccctcca ggtccattca tttgcctagg aatttcataa attccttctt     82140
     tttaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac aatttttgta tccattcctc     82200
     tgttgagggg catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa     82260
     catagtggag catgtgtcct tcttaccggt tgggacatct tctggatata tgcccaggag     82320
     aggtattgtg ggatcctcca gtagtaccat ctccaatttt ctgaggaacc gccagactga     82380
     tttccagagg ggttgtacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccaataa tggaggagtg ttcctctttc     82440
     tccacatcct cgccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgagtttttg atcttagcca ttctgaatgg     82500
     tgtgagatgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatgatta aggatgttga     82560
     acattttttc aggtgcttct cagacattcg gtattccttg ggtgagaatt acttgtttag     82620
     ctctgagccc catcttttaa tggggttatt tgattttctg gactccaccc tcttgagttc     82680
     tttatatata ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttaaga taggtaaaga tcctttccca     82740
     atctgttggt ggcctttttg tcttattgac ggtgtctttt gccttgcaga aggtttgcag     82800
     tttcatgagg tcccatttgt caattctcga tcttacagca caagccattg ctgtcctgtt     82860
     caggaatttt tcccctgtgc ccatatcttc aaggcttttc cccactttct cctctataat     82920
     tttcagtgtc tcaggtttta tgtgaagttc attgatccac ttagatttga ccttagtaca     82980
     aggagttagg aatggatcga ttcgcattct tctacatgat aacaaccagt tgtgccagca     83040
     ccatttgttg aaaatgctgt ctttcttcca ctggatggtt ttagctccct tgtcaaagat     83100
     caagtgacca taggtgtgta agttcatttc tgggtcttta attctattcc attggtctac     83160
     ttgtctgtca ctataccagt accatgcagt ttttatcaca attgctctgt agtaaagctt     83220
     taggtcaggc atgatgattc caccagaggt tttttatcct tgagaagagt ttttgctatc     83280
     ctaggttttt tattattcca aatgaatttg caaattgctc tttctaattc attgaagaat     83340
     tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattacattg aatctgtaaa ttgcttttgg caagatagcc     83400
     atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga     83460
     tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagacttg aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacttcc     83520
     ttagttagag tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtga ctattgagaa gggtattgtt     83580
     tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtgtaga gaaaggccat taacttgttt     83640
     gaattaattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg     83700
     gtggaatttt tagggtgact tatatatact atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tggtattttg     83760
     acttcatctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct     83820
     aggacttcaa gtactatgtt gaataggtag ggagaaagtg gacagcattt tctagtccct     83880
     gattttagtg ggattgcttc aagattctta ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactagtttg     83940
     ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat gggctttgaa ttcctgatct ttccaagact     84000
     tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa caagatgatc     84060
     atgtgctttt gggatagcac tgaaaatgta aacgaggaaa atacctaata aaatttaaaa     84120
     aaaaaaagat gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tgagtttgtt tgtataatgg attacattga     84180
     tggattttca tatattaaac catccctgca tccctggaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat     84240
     ggatgattgc tttaatgtgt tcttggttag tgagaatttt attgagtatt tttgcatcga     84300
     tattcataag ggaaattggt ctgaagttct ctatctttgt tggatctttc tgtggtttag     84360
     gtatcagagg aattgtggct tcatagaatg agttgggtag agttcccttt acttctattt     84420
     tgtggaatag tttgtgcaga actggaatta gatcttcttt gaaggtctga tagaactctg     84480
     cactaaaccc atctggtcct gggctatttt tgcctgggag actattaatg actgcttcta     84540
     tttctttagg ggatatggga ctgtttaaat cgttaacttg atcctgattt aactttggta     84600
     cctggtatct gtttagaaat ttgtccattt cgtccaggtt ttccagtttt gttgagtata     84660
     gcagtttgta gaaggatctg atggtgtttt ggatttcttc aggatctgtt gttatgtctc     84720
     ccttttcatt tctgattttg ttaattagga tgttgtccct gtgccctcta gtttgtctag     84780
     ctaagggttt atctatcttg ttgattttct caaagaacca actcctcgtt tggttaattc     84840
     tttgaatagt tcttcttgtt tccacttggt tgatttcgcc cctgagtttg attatttcct     84900
     gctgtctact cctcttgggt gaatttgctt cctttttttc tagagctttt agatgtgttg     84960
     tcaagctgct agtgtgtgct ctctccagtt tcttcttgga ggcactcaga gctatgactt     85020
     tccctcttag aaattctttc attgtgtccc ataggtttgg gtatgttttg gcttcatttt     85080
     ctttaaactc taaaaagtct ttaatttctt tctttagtcc ttccttgccc aaggtatcat     85140
     tgagaagagt gttgttcagt ttccacgtga atgttggctt tccattattt atgttgttat     85200
     tgaagatcag ccttagtaca tcgtggtctg ataggatgca tggtacaatt tcaatatttt     85260
     tgtatctctt gaggcctgtt ttgtgatcaa ttatatggtc aattttggag taggtcccat     85320
     gaggtgctag gaagaaggta tatccttttg ttttaggata aaatgttctt tagatatctg     85380
     tcacatctat ttgtttcata acttctgtta gtttcactgt gtccctgtgt agtttctgtt     85440
     tccacaatct gtccattgat gaaagtggtg tgttgaagtc tcccactatt attgtgtgag     85500
     gtgcaatatg tactttgagc tttactaaag tgtctttaat gaatgtggct gcccttgcat     85560
     ttggagcata gatattcaga attgtgagtt cctcttggaa gattttacct ttgatgagta     85620
     tgaagtgtcc ctccttgtct tttttgataa ctttgggttg gaagtcgatt ttatccgatt     85680
     ttagaatggc tactccagct tgtttcttca gaccatttgc ttggaaaatt gttttccagc     85740
     ctttcactct gaggtagtgt ctgtcttttt ccctgagatg ggtttcctgt aagcagcaga     85800
     atgttgggtc ctgtttgtgt agccagtctg ttagtctatg tctttttatt ggggtattga     85860
     gtccattgat attaagagat attaaggaaa agtaattgtt gcttcctttt ttttgttgtt     85920
     gttagagttg gcattctgtt cttgtggctg tcttcttttt ggtttgttga gggattactt     85980
     tcttgctttt tctagggcgt gattttcgtc cttgtattgg tttttttcta ttattatcct     86040
     ttaaagggct agattcatgg aaagataatg tgtgaatttg gttttgtcgc ggaatacttt     86100
     ggtttctcca tctatgctga ttgagagttt ggccgggtat agtagcctgg gctagcattt     86160
     gtgttctctt agtgtctgta gaacatctgt ccaggctctt ctggctttca tagtctctgg     86220
     tgaaaatctg gtaattctga taggcctgcc tttatatgtt acttgacctt tctcccttac     86280
     tgcttttaat attctatctt tatttagtgc atttgttgtt ctgattatta tatgtcggga     86340
     ggaatttctt ttctggtcca gtctatttgg agttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg     86400
     catctctttc tttaggtttg ggaagttttc ttctataatt ttgttgaaga tatttgctgg     86460
     ccctttaagt tgaaaatctt cattctcatc aactcctatt atccgtaggt ttggtcttct     86520
     cattgtgtcc tgtatttcct ggatgttttg agttaggatc tttttgcgtt ttgtattatc     86580
     tttgattgtt gtgccaatgt tctctatgga atcttctgca cctgagattc tctcttccat     86640
     ctcttgtatt ctgttgctga tgctcgcatc tttggttcca gatttctttc ctagggtttc     86700
     tatctccagc tttgcctcac tttgggtttt ctttattgtg tctacttccc ttttttaggt     86760
     ctagtatggt tttgttcatt tccatcacct gtttggatgt attttcctgt ttttctataa     86820
     ggacttctac ctatttggtt gtgttttcct gtttttcttt aaggacttgt aactctttag     86880
     cagtgttctc ctgtatttct ttaagtgagt tattaaattc cttctttatg tcctctacca     86940
     tcatcatgag atatgctttt aaatctgggt ctagcttttc ggttgtgttg gggtgaccag     87000
     gactaggtgg ggtgggagtg ctgcattctg atgatggtga gtggtcttga tttctgttag     87060
     taggattctt acgtttgcct tccgccatct gttattctct ggagctagtt gttatagttg     87120
     tctctggtta gagcttgttc ctcaggtgat tatgttagcc tctatcagca gacctgggag     87180
     actagatcta tccttagttt cagtggtcag aatactctct gcaggcaggc tctcctcttg     87240
     cagggaaggt gcccagatat ctggtgtttg aacctgcctc ctggcagaag ttgtgttcca     87300
     ctcaccatag gttttaagat cctgtggagg gtcctgtggg ggtccttgcg ggtgtccaga     87360
     gactctgcgg gcaaggaacc ccggtgctgg cgttgactgg aagggactta tgaccctgat     87420
     caggccgggt tttctgcttc cctaattaat gcagtctcag gtcctgcaag attggattgg     87480
     agcagacgct gtgttccact caccagaggt cttaggatcc tgtgggggat cctgtgtgtg     87540
     tccttgcggg tgtccggaga ctccccgtgt cagggatcct ggtactgcag tggaccggaa     87600
     gggacttgtg ccccagatca ggccgggtta tctgcttcct taattaatgc agtctcaggt     87660
     cccgagagat tggattggag caggtgctgt gttccactca ccagaggtct taggatcccg     87720
     tggcagatcc tgtgtgggtc cttgcgggtg tccggagact ccccgggcca gggaccctgg     87780
     tgctgcagtg gaccggaagg ccgatctcag ttttattgga tggtaacaaa aacatgtgta     87840
     catgatgtct gcttgtagtc ttctcttgcc tcattctctc actataaatt tagacctcca     87900
     tccaaataga attaaaggcc tcctggttat tattctagtt attactttaa tgtttacatt     87960
     ttgtttttca aatcaaattg acttaacagt ctcagatgag ctcactgaat taccttggca     88020
     ggaaaaatat attgccgata tcctcatatt cctttagaca aattctatac tagagggcac     88080
     ttcaatagtt tagcaggaaa ctttagcata aaacatcaca ccaacacaaa gaaataaaag     88140
     attttcaaac ttgaaacagg gaccatagaa agaaattttc actttttccc tatggtgtaa     88200
     tttctaaaga aagaatttac tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggg ctggtgagat     88260
     ggctcagtgg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccaaaagtc cggagttcaa atcccagcaa     88320
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaacg agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga     88380
     agacagctac agtgtactta catataatga ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa     88440
     tttactcaat catttagaac aataatttcc ttaattctac tgggtcagag ggtcattgtc     88500
     tcataatgct taaaaatatg caatcataca attacaggtt aagataccta ggtagaagct     88560
     gtgtccctgt aatctaacaa aggacaaggt caaaaagaac tcatccaaag aatgaaacag     88620
     aacaagaaca tcaggacaaa gtacaaatga agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     88680
     aacagtcatt aaaaggcaaa ggataaggtc aataggacaa aacaggtgcc tacagattgg     88740
     gaaaagatct tcactcaccc tacatccaag agaaggctaa tagccaaaat ataagttaaa     88800
     aaaaataaaa ataaaataaa aaactcaaga aattggacac caacaaactt aataacccag     88860
     ttataaaatg gggtacagag ttaaacagaa ttctcaacag aagaatctca aatggacaag     88920
     aagcacttaa agaaatattt aaactcatta gtcacttgaa aaatgaaaat caaaatgatc     88980
     ctgagatagt cttacaccta tcagaatggc taaaattcaa aaactcaagt gacagcacat     89040
     gctggtggga tcgcaaactg gaaatcaatc tgtagatttc tcagaaaatt tggaatagtt     89100
     ctacctcaat acccaaatat acttcttgag catacaccca aaagattctc caccatacca     89160
     caaggacaca tgctctacta tgttcatagc agccttattt gtaatagcta gaagctgaaa     89220
     acagcctaga tgtcctcaac caaagaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggttcat ttacagaatg     89280
     gaatactatt cagctattaa aaacaaggac agcatgaatt ttgtagacaa ataactggag     89340
     ctagaagatg tcatcctgag taaggtgacc cagacccaaa gggacatgca tgatgtgtac     89400
     tcacttgtga gtagatatta gccaaaagta cagaatactt atgatacatt ccaacaactc     89460
     aaagaagctg tgcaagaagg agcaagcaag gatgcttgaa tctcacctag aagggggaat     89520
     aaaatagtca taggaggcag atggagggag ggaactgagt gggagagtgg tgggggaggg     89580
     ggagggatca ggtgtgagga aaaacaagag agaggaccag agagccagga gaatgactgg     89640
     aatctacagc tgttggggag tggggagcaa catctccagg aagtaccaga gacctgggat     89700
     ggggaagtct cccagcagtc tttgggggta actttagctg agattcatct cagtagagat     89760
     acggattctg aagaggctac ccactgtaac caggcagaac cccaagtaga ggaataaaga     89820
     catcaacata accacaaaac ctttaaccca aaatttgtcc tgtctacaag aaatgcagag     89880
     acaaagatgg aacagagact gagggaatgg ccaaccaata acaggcccaa tttgacactc     89940
     atcccatgga caaccaccaa tctctgacac tattaatgat actctgttat gcttgcagac     90000
     aggagcctag tatatcagtc ctctgagagc ctctacccag cagctgactg aaacagatgc     90060
     agagactcac agccaaacat tggacaaagg tcaaggactc ttgtggaaac attgctggaa     90120
     ggtttgtgtg ccacaaagca gatgagaact ccacaggaag acctacagag tcaactaacc     90180
     tggacccttg ggggctccca gagactgaac taccaatcaa agagcataca tgggctggat     90240
     ctaggtctcc tgcacatgtg tagcagatat gcagcttggt cttcatgtgg atccccaaca     90300
     acaggagcag gggttgtccc taaagctgtt gtctgtctat ggaaaccttt tctcaactgg     90360
     gttttcttat ctagccttag tgggaaagga tgctgctagc cctgtattga cttgatttgc     90420
     cgggtaaggg ggaaagatta tggggggctt catcctctca gaggagaagg ggaaggggtg     90480
     gggtgggcac tgtgtgagag ggggaccagg agggagggaa gcaatcagga tgtaaagtga     90540
     acaaattaat gggaaataaa gaaatcaaac aagattttta atacttggtg ttggtgtact     90600
     atcttcaaca ttagaaccaa acacataagt tacctactga tgacttagaa gttatatatt     90660
     attactgaca ttattaaaat agaaagttat actgaaaact accaactgct aatggggaaa     90720
     atgccttgca ctcgtactgt atttgattct ccttcaatac cctgtaactc cttcaccaga     90780
     cccaaatgtt aatctgctct gtgagacttc tggaaacatt tgcatggaac tgaaaatgga     90840
     caaagaaata gctctactta tatttccatt taccaaatat taaattattt attagcttgt     90900
     gttctttaaa aatagagaga gattacacag acgtggtttt taatctgctc actacctccc     90960
     tcggtcttaa ggctttggtt tctttttatc ctgtttactt tccatcactc ccatctctgt     91020
     atgtctcaca tcttcatcaa actcctctgt cttgcagcat gaaaaattat tggacttgtg     91080
     catagaatat tagaattgag tgttagagct attaaccaac atcatttgtt ccatctcctc     91140
     aagttataaa tgttagaata tagaatacat tttaaaggag cttgatggaa ctttccaggg     91200
     gctgggagga aactgttata aagtcaccag ggagagtcag gctcaaggaa ctgtgatgcc     91260
     gaacactgca tcagtgccct tttgttttca gatgggctgt gtatttgaac tgctgcccat     91320
     atttcaccct gtcaggcttt ctggaaggcc taaagctgta tatcttcctt atatccctcc     91380
     cttcctgtag agtcattctc atgtggcatt tctaattcct ttcctaactt ctccatggtc     91440
     atacttttcc tgggtcaggc cctatgaaag gtgattttta aaccattgct ttagttatgg     91500
     aaaaaggaaa ggttcatatt aaacagtatt ctcttgtcta gaatggcatt ctcagagact     91560
     ctcaatccga atctactata caaggactct ttgtagactt gtatagatgc tgtgtgtgtg     91620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtcctttaa     91680
     attaccaaca cttaatcatc ttgacatatt tacggtgtaa ggcaagagct ctatttggtt     91740
     ttccttggat aaatagcaat ttgttccatt ccttttcttt gaatgaaaca atatattttg     91800
     tatattaaac tactatgtat attgggatca atttctgaaa tttgtctcat tcactataca     91860
     atgtgtctat tgctctgtct atataatact ttttatatgt attttatgtg tatatgtgtg     91920
     tgcacatatg cacatgccat acatgtgcag atgcccacag aggcaagaag aggagctgtt     91980
     gttacagact gctgtgagct gcctgagatg ggtgctagga accaaactta agccttccgg     92040
     aagaacagca agtgctctta acctctgagc catccctcca gtctcaatat acaccatact     92100
     ctctccatga ctgtggtgct tatgtgatgc taatggtcag ttttagcatc tcatctgaaa     92160
     aggtcagctt cctatgtata ttttccttat cattgcaaag tatttttggt tgacattaat     92220
     cgtacaaaat acactgattt tctcatgaac cacgtactat gattggtctg atgtttattc     92280
     tgtataagtc acagtaaatc attatggctc tttctcaaaa aaagtaaaca gaaaatttga     92340
     tgttagtcaa gtacgtatga aaatatgttt ttctttaaaa tgtgtatggc taattatcta     92400
     gcatggttaa aagactagaa agaagactat gaattgaccc ttcatggggt ggtgaactta     92460
     tgataacttc atatcactta tgcctctgga aatgtgggag gcagagacag actcctcgcc     92520
     tgtaagctca caggtcagct agcctgagat gtgcaaaaaa tgagagaccc ttggagggag     92580
     aagaagagaa ccagctccca aaagttgtct ctgactaaca cgtgtgtggt agtcatcaac     92640
     acacacagat gccacactac actagcaaat attttttaat acaataacag aacagaacga     92700
     caaaaccatt cattgtacca tttctggtta tatccaaaac ggaactatag tcagcctgta     92760
     ggacaaagat atttgcatat ccataatttg tggcactatt cacaataact aaactatgag     92820
     cacaatctag ttgccttcca acagatgaac caataatgaa aatgctatac atatttttat     92880
     atttatatat aatttataat tatatatact aacatatatt agtaatgtat tattcagcta     92940
     taaaaaaaat ggcatcctat catttgcagg aaactaggtg gagcttcagg acatgttatg     93000
     taaagaaaaa cacataagca aaacaggttc cacatttgtc atatatataa aggaaaaaca     93060
     atataacatt tacctagaag tggaagactg accactagat gcggcatggg agaggagact     93120
     gatattctag ggcaaatcgt acattttgta actatgtttg ttacagatat taatccctat     93180
     ttttgtgaca cggaatctct tgtagccttg cgctcactgt gcagtaaaga atgaccctcc     93240
     taccttaacc tcctagatag tgggtttaca agcgtgtact gccatgctca gcaataacat     93300
     acgttatgat gaacaagaag tccagcttct aggagtgtat gttctcgctg attaaaatac     93360
     aataatttgc agatgacacc aagaagaaat gtcacctgac agaaaatatc aagaaagaaa     93420
     cattgttttg agcttttggc atcttcttag ttgatattga aaaggagctc ctgacacaaa     93480
     gatagcagaa gcagaaaatc acctgtttta caaaattgtg ttctagtctt gcactaagac     93540
     tagtatgctt gaagaaaacg attccattgg tgtaagttga gcagtgaggt atttaaaatc     93600
     tgaattacaa aatccataca tgatcagaag aggttcatac agaaggaatt aaccatcaga     93660
     cacaagttaa cttcaaacca tagcctgatg gtatctgagg ctaacatgaa attggttaca     93720
     cttgattatt atgtttgaca atagtaatct ttaaaatcat tatttgctgt ttggcaaaat     93780
     ctgttttcag aattttaaga gaagctactc ataaaatggg ggttgatttc tattctccaa     93840
     gtgttaataa atctcttaac acactcagaa gtgacctgga ggagtcttta ttagtgaggg     93900
     tctacatgtg cactgaggag tgctcagaag catctctgta ttatgcactt aatgccattt     93960
     atcagacctg ctactgtgac aaccaaagtt tcatgaaata ataccaaatg gccactaggt     94020
     ggcagtcact gccagcaggg aagcgctgtt gttcagtcag agaccaaatg gggaaagctg     94080
     tatgcactaa atacattcaa gttgtgaagt agaggtatat ttattttaat tcataccttg     94140
     gttaatttat ttttaatttt tctacatgtt aatcatgaag agagcttcgt acttaaatac     94200
     tacataataa ataaaaattt cttataaaac taaactataa ataaactaaa ttttgcttgg     94260
     aacgagggac atacttcaag cattttttat aacatgtagg aggccctata tttaattcct     94320
     aacacgacaa gagagaattc ctaaaaacct tagcttgagg tctttctaga gccacaaaat     94380
     gtacttatag gatagacata tttataatct tatgcttctt catgctgaca taaatgcatg     94440
     cctctttgcc gctagttttg ataaaatact attgagataa gatcaatttt cagtgttttt     94500
     ccacttttct ttagtacaat tacataattt acaattagaa aatgatatta aagagtaaaa     94560
     tcctgccggg cagtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttaggaggc aggcggattt     94620
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctgaagag taagttccag gacagcaagg gctacaaacc     94680
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaag taaaatcctc aaagcatggt ggagcacata tgaaattgca     94740
     gaagctggga gagtgaggca tgaggaatac tgtgagtctg aggccatcct aagctacaga     94800
     aaggacaagg agtgccaggc ttggtggcac tcatccttag tcccagcact tgggaggcag     94860
     aggcaggcag atctcttttt ttaacccaag aaccatgact gctttcagtt aataagcatt     94920
     gtgcaaaaat aacacatagc atataataat aacaacaact atccaatgcg gaattaatgg     94980
     ctcctcagtg tttttatgat ctttaaagcc agagttccat tgaaagaatg gacagacaaa     95040
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacgtc ctacagaagg cagttcacag     95100
     ttcatttttt cccaaaaaat aagaacaata gagttgtgta atcatcttaa tatcagacac     95160
     acacgcaaac tcatacacac acttaagact gtatacccac acataaaatt ataaataaaa     95220
     ataaacgata taaggattcc ctaaccattt tactcatcga gaatagaccc agattttcca     95280
     ggcctagacc tccatggcca tttgtttatg taaccctggc tttaacagag ccatacaaag     95340
     acatttaaca gtttaaagag tggcaactca ggaagtacag agtcatgctt cctaaattca     95400
     gcatgaaaaa aaatttgcta tagactagga tacattaaaa taaagacatc cgcttttgtc     95460
     tgctgtacac agcctctcaa ctactttctg gaatgtcttg ctaacgttcc ttgggttgat     95520
     gagttctata cttatgccat taataaaaga tactttttat tttaattttt gctgggtttg     95580
     catattattt attacattac aattctaata gcatggaact accactacac ttttctttct     95640
     tttcttggtt accaccccat tccttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttgtt ttttgagaca     95700
     gggtttctct gtgtaaccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccaa gctggcctcg     95760
     aactcagaaa tcctcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg gttaaaggtg tgcacaccat     95820
     gcccggctta ccatcccatt ccttatgaca cactttttct tatatgctat tttccacatc     95880
     aacactctcc gttttctccc tacaggtcct cagcaccaac cataattaga ttagtaggat     95940
     tattttctcc actctctgct catgtgtttc actgaaaata tatcagttag tttttatctt     96000
     tctggaaata ctactggttt tatttatagt gttggggtcc aggagttgcc caaaaaacac     96060
     ataaacacag atggtttact gaacgtgtgc cctaagactg attgatcagg gccatagctc     96120
     agaacttggg agctgaagct acaactccgg acatttttcc atgcctgaca caggtgctag     96180
     aagtgctatt cagtggtcgg ccctgactca agccatttta aacagagcag ttcatattga     96240
     cctttaattt gatgggttct acaggaagct ttttggaatt tagactccca ctttttccat     96300
     ttcccctcca aggcaccact tccctaaaga acacctgtcc tttagctatc ctcccatgtg     96360
     gctctctgta cacctcacac tgcaaacctc cacttctatc tccaagacca ggcacaagct     96420
     cgaggaggga agaaaccatg aacactcatg atccagcaca gaagtgggaa cataatagaa     96480
     gctaaagtgg tataataaat aaagtgaata gtaaataagg aaaaccatcc gagctagaaa     96540
     ttgtggttct ataatatttc agaaagacag gggtccaact gcggaagtta gcagagtata     96600
     gtattttacg agagtagtca gttcagcttt gctgtcctca ttccttgttt ataactggtt     96660
     aatataaaca cactgcctga tttatagcct tgtgtgtatc tggtctacaa agctggttct     96720
     acaagcaaga acaaatcaaa cctagtagat atttactgac taatcaatct gaatctaggg     96780
     ctaaatccaa acacccagaa ctatttgtcc tccagtgtgc tcctgactca tggcctaact     96840
     ctcacagcat ggttcttaat cttaaatagc agcctccgtt ctcaacagag tatcttcaac     96900
     tactgttctc ggctgtctca atacccctct gctctcctcg gtgacttcaa actgtgctgt     96960
     tagtgacccg accatgttga ccatggacca gcaagatggc tgggcaggtt aagtaagaca     97020
     cttgccatca agcaggatga cttgagcatg atgatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     97080
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tgcataagtg agcaaatgta tttttggaaa caatggaaac     97140
     aaagcaagtc ctggtcatgg aaataaatgg agcctgtttt ctcacccacc tgttttcttt     97200
     tctttctttc tttctttttt aattagatat tttcttcatt tacatttcaa atactattcc     97260
     cttacctagt ttcctctcca aaagtcccct atacgctccc cggccctgct ctccaaagcc     97320
     cccccccccc tttcctggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactag ggcatatgat cttcacaaga     97380
     ccaagggcct ctcctcccat tgatgaccga ccgactaagc catcctctgc tacatatgca     97440
     gctagagaca aaagcggaaa tgacatcatc cagagagctt acccctgcca tgtggctcta     97500
     tttgaggtaa cacaaaagga gaaagcatac agatatttag taatacaggt ggtagcaaaa     97560
     gaaaactggt gggggggagg gggaggggat ggagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag     97620
     agggagagag agagagaggg agagagagag agaggagaga gagagagagg agagagagag     97680
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaagc caatgtggct     97740
     tcaatccagg cagaatgcct cttagactga cttcccacag ctacataaga gaaagcagct     97800
     aataggcccc caaggggaag tgatcatccc tcaagaatac aaaagcttta ctgagttgtt     97860
     ttctacctta ggacttgtgg caaaatgaag tcctgagagt cattaaagat acttttcaat     97920
     tactaaaaac ataccttttc agtcaggatt ttattaattt tgtattcttc ctgctttgac     97980
     tttttaaggc tgatgtccgg aaccatcaca cccagctgct ggttattttt gagtgaaatc     98040
     atctgacctc ccatatacac acacagcaga caccaaacta cctacttaat atttattctc     98100
     tagatacaca tatctaggta gctcaaaaaa aataagcaaa cacaacaaaa gcccaagaaa     98160
     gagagccacc aaaaagtaaa ccgcttgttc ttggtctgag ctctaatgca cctgttaatc     98220
     tgtataacag ctttcatcaa agatattgcc tctatgtaaa aggaatgtca ttttaccaaa     98280
     taaatatcta tttacatatt atctaccttc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     98340
     tctatctatc tatctattgg tttatggaaa caaggcttct ctgcataaca gccctggctg     98400
     tcctggaact ctttttgtag aacaggtggc cttgaactca cagagatgcc tctgcctcct     98460
     aagtgttggg ttttaaatca tgcaacacca tgcccacctc caaataaata ttcatgatca     98520
     cttcatgaac tggggcttcc agtgtcaggc tagttttctt gacaaaatat tgttcattaa     98580
     aaacaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt attgaaagga cccagatgta     98640
     gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca     98700
     gctaatggat ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtagc caaggagcta     98760
     aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc     98820
     ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg gaaagagggg     98880
     cccattggac acgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aatgccaggg ccaaaaaggg     98940
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggtgtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg     99000
     gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aatgggaaaa aaaacatgta ggctattcag     99060
     taagatatta aattaaaaag ggacagaatt agggatttcc cagcactaat gtcaatttaa     99120
     tacgctaagt tctgttatac aaagtcctta tatagaagag aagggggaga agaatagggg     99180
     gggaaaaaag aggaaaagaa aggaaactta tgctaaaatt tatatggagc cacaaaagac     99240
     ccaagataga caaaacaatc ctgagcaaaa agaacaaagc tgaaggagct actattccag     99300
     atcttaagat atattcatta tgataaaaaa aaaaaagcaa tatagtactg actcaaaaat     99360
     agacatggaa actaaaggaa caaaatgaaa ggcccaaaca ggagtacaca taacttcatt     99420
     taatatttga caaagatgct ggcaaaactg aatgtccaca tgaggcatga aattagtcct     99480
     gaatctatca cgttgcacaa cgttaactgc aaatggatca aagacctaaa cctgaaaggg     99540
     aaagtatatg cagcccctcc ctgatgcaag tctggtctca tttgcctaag aattaaggcc     99600
     aacaattaac aagggggact tcataaaact gaaccacttc tgaccagata aggaaacaat     99660
     cacgcaggtg aagaggaagc ccacaaaatg acagaggatt agtatccaga atacaaaaaa     99720
     cctcaaattt aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaaaca aatgatccat tggaaaaatg agcctgggac     99780
     ttgaattgag agttctcaaa agaaggaaaa agatgggatg gcaacgaaat atgttcttca     99840
     ttcctagtaa ccaggaaaat gcaaatcaaa ataactttga gatttcttct tacctggatc     99900
     agagcagcaa agatcaacaa aacaaccaac aacaaatact ggagaggatt cgggcaaaga     99960
     gaaccctcac tcactgctgg tgggattgca gactgatgca ggctgtatgg agaattctca    100020
     aaacgttaaa aagtaaacca accatacgac tccttggcag atgcccaaag attccaacat    100080
     ccttttgcat agatgcttgc ccaggcatgt tcactgttac tctattcata atagctaaga    100140
     aatgcgtaca ttctaaaagt ccttccgctg ccaaatgcat aatgaaacac atacagatac    100200
     tctatgaaat gaaatcatga attcttttcc taatgagaaa agtcgcattg aatgaggtaa    100260
     cccagaccca agaagacaaa ccttaagcat gctctctcat tggaggctcc tggctctgaa    100320
     ccttcagatg tgaatacata tcctggagta actacggaaa ccagaaaagt aaaaagggac    100380
     cattgccaag gttagagttt gtggaagcat cagggagggg aatagcaagg cacaaatgat    100440
     ctgactgggg aaacatggga aatgggaagg aggctctaat taaggagggg gagagagaaa    100500
     tacagaagaa agaggaagga agatagaata agagtaagga tcaataacat tgtaaggaat    100560
     catattatta actgtctccc acaaaatgcc tatagtagac ataaatctct gtatatgtgt    100620
     atagtttaaa tgaaaatttt ccatcagcac taacaatcct cctttgaaga gccaaagaac    100680
     atcaaataaa aaatccaaca ccaggcataa gaaaccctct tttgagttgt ccgtcagggt    100740
     agtctgagag actcccaaat attacaggct actgctatta atcttggtta ccacacagat    100800
     gtagaaataa gtccctattg ctggaggcac cttgcacttc aggcactgga cccagaggcc    100860
     cctgagcagg aactgacttc agagcctccc tgctgaggac tagttttttt tttgtttgtt    100920
     tgtttttgtt tttttgtgca gcttttatac tgaagctaat attgagctac atttgaattt    100980
     cacattctta gcagaacagt tgcctgagca cacacattat aggacatcca ttttattatt    101040
     attactatta ttactattac tattattatt attattatta ttattattcc tcatcttctg    101100
     gttcattttc ctttgtgcct tttggcatgc caggctcctt ctttcctgcc tccctctcac    101160
     ctgcctccca ttccatactt ctatagttta attgccttcc gttcccatgg ctatttatct    101220
     ttgactgact gttcagaaca catctcaccc aacttttctt cgtctctaca atttgggtga    101280
     tgtctagcgc ctcaggaaga gggcagacag tggtttgggg gaaacactga ggtctttttt    101340
     ctttactcct ttcacctctg ggaggatcat attctcccca tcacgatgac cattgtcact    101400
     tcgggtcgca tcttcacgtc tgatcttctc ctttgcagat gtgatcattt gtctctcaga    101460
     gctttccttg agaatgcatc aaaattgacc aaggcatcag cgtatttcat cttgtgctct    101520
     cccaaacaag tcttcaggaa aaaaggatgt gagaacattt tctccctccc tgttggcttg    101580
     gtagggtctc ctttatccat gtggatggag cagcatctac ttactggcac aggctcttcc    101640
     ctctgagtaa aaccaagaca tttccttccc caagcttcat acataaatga ttttgtacca    101700
     caattttaaa ttgggctatt tattatgaac ccatggagtt ttattttttc agttctttcc    101760
     atattattat tattaatccc ttaatagatg tataattggc agtttccctc cctcttcctc    101820
     ttcattcagt tgactgtttc cttagctatg cagaaggttt ttagtttcat gggatcagtg    101880
     tcaattgctg gccttgcttc ctgagtaaat ggagtgttct tcagaaagtc ctttcctata    101940
     tctctgtttc ttcaaagatt taattttttc attgcagagg tctttcaccc ccttgattag    102000
     atctattcct aattattttg cttcctgaag gtatttatat ttgctttaaa atacaaatat    102060
     aacatgtaag tatttatata cataaagttt gtatatagtt taaattaagt tatatcattt    102120
     aagatgacaa tgctcccaac aaaagccata aactatctaa caaaactccc tgtacaaaca    102180
     aaattagttc tagacatggg aaccttaaag ttggtggcta gagaagtcca agagactctc    102240
     aaaacaatat agatattttt ttgtttgcct tccaaatcct gaagtaatac tctagtgctg    102300
     aagacactac acacttcaaa cttggactac ttggaagaat tgaggtgaaa ctgaccaaaa    102360
     atcctcctcc ctgagcactg gtcctcaaac atctcacgat gctatgtgag tcactgaggg    102420
     aaaaacatca attgacagtc ctacctattt gtaacttcta tgaatcacaa accataacca    102480
     gcatggcaag acatgctatt tagtggcatt tagatcttgg cggtaaacaa cagtcatcca    102540
     ttcagaacta atgcccactc agtagcaggg aattaatgct ggtactttaa acccaatcaa    102600
     ctactcatga ctggtgaggt catggactgt agaagagaac ctactgttga cattttccta    102660
     agcaagtata attcccaact gcattataaa tacctagctt aacatccaaa gataagtgta    102720
     gctcagcccc tattaaagac actctttttg caggagacaa ggatcattat agaatgctac    102780
     aacttgtcaa aatgcaacga atgactgaca atggaatgtc catgcccagt tgattcatct    102840
     acaacagaac tcctactcct aagactcagg gaacatcaca gaagagagaa cagaaaaatt    102900
     ttgaaagcca gagtgtcaag atgatggctg tgacataatg ccttctatat atatgtcagg    102960
     gagctgtcta tacccatgac atcttaataa tatggttcat atctgaccaa agacaacact    103020
     agtcaacacc ccagtgtggg tacaggaaag cccacaagac tctaccccta gctacaggca    103080
     aattaatgac tgctaagaga ggaagaacca gtcttttctg agtattaact cccagatagg    103140
     ctaatctaat ccctaaatat atctctaaac acataagcat atgggcaact ctaaatagac    103200
     tcagtagact gtacttacat atgcacatat atatgtacat atacataaat aaaaattaag    103260
     aagtcattaa cttaaaagga ggaggaagga catggggaaa gtagatggga aggtagttga    103320
     atggaaatga tatgtaagta tgatattcat gtatgaaatt tccaaaaaat aaaataaaat    103380
     aattgctgaa aaacaagaaa gctttccctg agaaatttat ttaagctgag accagacttg    103440
     actactcaaa gattaggaag aatttttaaa taacaacttt gaaaataaga catagaaatt    103500
     atttaaaaaa aaaaaaggac cctgatcaaa ctgaacagct gcatacagaa gaatgaaaat    103560
     agacccatac ttatcactct acacaaaact caactcgaaa tggatcaagg gactaaacac    103620
     aagaccagat gccctgaacc tgatagaaaa aaaaaagtgg ggaataggct tgaactaatt    103680
     ggcacaggaa agaactttct gaacagaaca ctgataccac aaccattagg ccagcattta    103740
     ataagtggga cccccctgaa gcctatctgg gagtgccaaa gggcaccatt attccagtga    103800
     agtggtagcc tttaaaatag aaaaatatct ctaccaatta tacatcttag aaaggagtta    103860
     gcatccagaa tatataaaga acaaaaacat tcatattcat atattcaaac atattcatat    103920
     atttacaata tatgaatata taaatatatt tattttatat gttgatatat ttataatata    103980
     tttatcatat atacacatgt atatatatgt gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    104040
     atatatatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatactatc taaatggagc caccatgtaa    104100
     taggaaagag aattccccaa caagacattt tatgtcatcg agtaaaaccc taacaacagg    104160
     aatgagttgc atctttttaa atcattggtc aaaggggtcc cacaaactac ctccaaacat    104220
     ctgatgcaat tttcaaggct actggttgct cttcgcaaac caatagtaag cctctgttgt    104280
     cgaagacagc aattatatat gtcataggac acaaaatagt caagctggtg cttcactaga    104340
     caatttaccc ctattggcta atgttcgtgg tactggaaga tacgctatac tccatcaaag    104400
     caaaaagctg aaggtattct acactctact gaaggagaaa gaatcaatat tgcacagcta    104460
     caagccctat gacctacaac agagccctgc ctgcaagata tgctggcaca aaaatggcac    104520
     aaatgctctg acgctgtaga gacagctata gactatggga cttctgaaat tgaactaaat    104580
     tgttttgcat tatgctacag ctacttatag ccccgtagac tcaagtgttt aaacaaccct    104640
     atgagaggca gggagtggaa tgtggtggtt tgaatacact tgacctaggg agtgacacta    104700
     ttgaaaggtg tggccttgat gaagtaggtg tggccttact ggaggaagtg tgtcactgca    104760
     aggatgggct tctagacacc cctcctaacc tcctgtttgc ctttggatca agatgtaaaa    104820
     ctttcatctc ccccagcccc acatctccct ggacactgcc atgctccagc cttgataata    104880
     atggactgaa cctctgaacc tgtaagacag cctcaattaa atgttgtgct taataaaagt    104940
     tgccttggtc atgatgtctc ttcacagcaa tggaaaccct aactaagacc aaccacttct    105000
     ttttattgga tgtaaggccc actctgttag ttggaaccca ggcctgacac tgctaacata    105060
     gtcaagaact tgggactaca taggccatca acctagggaa aaacgtatta ctattattct    105120
     tgattaatga acctagcaat aaaacaatct ttaatgactt actgatcact acctcactca    105180
     actctcatga gagaatcctc ttatggcagc agatggaaat taacacagaa atccacaact    105240
     agacaacata cggcgaatga cactttgaag cactcattcc taaatggtat ttcttcacca    105300
     aacctctaac ttcagggcta agtgatctat gcagaagaga accttgaaat actgtaagat    105360
     ccagaggtga tagatgactc caaggaaaca gtgtctccca gacaggacag gactaatgca    105420
     catatgaact cacagagacc aggagtacca caagacctgc acagtttgga gccagacggg    105480
     aacctgctac tggcaagagc aagtagacat agggccccaa tcctaaccaa aaagtcattt    105540
     gcaactgata cccaaaaaga aaaatcagtt ttctccgatg gagtgtcact gagtacatca    105600
     acactctaag gcagtcttca tgcacaggag tagttgccaa acacaaagtg agctctgggt    105660
     tttcttttat gaactttaac ttcatttttg ttttgttttg tttttttttc ccgcccctca    105720
     tttttgtctt attggtcttc agcttgcttg tttcgatttt ttttatggtg gtttcttgaa    105780
     agagagagga cataaaggta agtgggtagt agggtgggta ggttctgaaa gaaagtagga    105840
     gaaaggaaaa acataatcaa gacatattat taaaaaaaaa aaaaactgta gctgggtggt    105900
     gatggtacac acctttggtc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gctggtgaat ctctgagttc    105960
     taggacagtc tggtctacag tgtgagttcc aggacagcca gacacagaaa atccctgtct    106020
     tgaaaaataa aaagagaaag agaaagagaa aaagaaaaag aaaaagaaaa agaaaaagaa    106080
     aaagaaagag aaagagaaag agaaagagaa aaaggaaaag aaaaaaagat taatctaggt    106140
     gttacacaaa ggcaaaatca aagtagttta gcaaggcaat ttgccaggtc gtgatgcctg    106200
     gctttaatcc cagcactcaa gaggcagaag caagcagatc tctgtgagtt caaggccatt    106260
     gtggtctact gagctatttc aaggaaagtt aaggttccac aaagaaacct tgtctcaaga    106320
     agggaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa gggaaaggaa ggagcgaaaa ggaaaggaga ggagaggaga    106380
     ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggaagagaga    106440
     gagagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    106500
     gaaagaaaga gaaggaagga agaaagaaag aaagacataa tgaaagaaag aagagggtgg    106560
     gggttccatg gtgtaatggt tagcactctg gactctgaat ccagccatac aagttcaaat    106620
     ctcagtggaa ccttaacatt tgggctgaag agatagctca gaagttaaga gcactgactc    106680
     ctctcccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaactacat ggtggctcac aaccatctat    106740
     aataggcacc tatgccgtct aaaagcattt tattggggag caatcaaatc aagtgtttgt    106800
     gagtacttct tatgtgctca atagttgaac aatattgtac ttgggacata tcagaaaata    106860
     tagcaagggg cctacccttg tggagcatac agactatggc atattatcac ttcacctatg    106920
     cactgcttgt gaccttgggc aagtcactga tctctctgcc ctggtatcag ctgcccaatg    106980
     gggtagcaag cagggtgggt tcagcatgga cactgagcct ggtgaactgc agatgctgaa    107040
     tccagacagc agagagggct ggcggatgat gtttagggat caagtacagt gaggagaaga    107100
     gggaggaagt gaggagagta gcactggcta gctggcaaca caagctgctg cggctgtggc    107160
     tgctcagtga ctgctgctgc cgctgctccg tggctgcctt tgttggctag gctcttggtc    107220
     ttctatgaag ctgcccagct gtctcctttg ctttctcttt ggcctctttg gctgtgtcaa    107280
     caagtgtttt ggaacggggc ctcaccttgt agctcggcca agatgtactc aaagcccttc    107340
     tttgtcttgg tcgcattgct tttgaataga gcaccaaaat cctagacagc tctggagatg    107400
     ccaaatgagc tagagatctg ggcttcctga tggatttcaa tcctgcctct gttgtcagag    107460
     tccacactgt aaacatactg gttcctccac cgccatcagc ggggcatggt tgctgttcca    107520
     cgtgaaagta ttgatggtct gattttactg gtccgcaata gaatccttca gaatgcacac    107580
     cgagtgagca atgttggcaa aactgctcaa taaggcatcc tgttggtttt ggtcaggaat    107640
     atcgggacag aagcttctgg tcagggttgg gtcatctccg ggtggagtat ttctttggtt    107700
     aagacatgtt tgctaaaggg attctggtac cattgccaga aaacagagaa ctttttatcc    107760
     caggagcatt ttctagctca agaaacattc cattgtcatc caggccagga caggttcagc    107820
     atcaggaggc cggggaccat gtgactcttt ggctcacagc tcagtcactg gtgtgccaag    107880
     cccaggtccc tgccactaac atgaggggga tctaagactc tgttcactgt tttcatattt    107940
     ggttgaatgt gtcaaggaaa tgttagcatt ttaccatatt ttgaaattac tctgaacact    108000
     aattaccaca tggacttcta ttctagaagg taaacttgtt aacttgtaaa caacattact    108060
     tctcttgaga gcactgtttt acctaagaaa tgatgttata cagtcacctt acattttttt    108120
     ttcttttagt gggtagtgaa gtacacagca aatcctcctg cagagaaaac aggacttcct    108180
     taagaaagat tgctcaaaat gcagcttaca acggccaaca ctgaaggaga ttcagttcaa    108240
     atcacaatga actcatgttg acttaagact cacagaaaga aaaggtctaa agaaagaaaa    108300
     tccccaagac ttcctcgcct caaaatgaac agcatgtcta attattgggt cacctttcca    108360
     cagtctttga ctagcgccta catggtctga gggtcccaga ccactggcat ctgaggtata    108420
     taaccttcct gtttgtttct aggtgtctta attataagac aagatctcac tggtgtggtg    108480
     gcccatgcct ttcattcctt cactcaggaa gcagagacag gcagatctct atgagtttga    108540
     ggtcagcctg gtctacagag tgagtcttgg gccagccagg actacatagt gagttttttg    108600
     tcccaaaagg aagagggggg actggagaga tggctcagcg ggtaagaaca ctgactgctc    108660
     ttctggaggt cctgagttca aatcccagta accatatggt ggctcacaat catccataat    108720
     gagatttgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aaaacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata    108780
     aataaataaa tctaaacaga aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaga ggaggaggag gaagaggagt    108840
     gtggggagga gaatgaaaag taggggaggc tgaaacttac acaaagttca atgccccttt    108900
     ttgaaattta tttttacact ccatattcca tttcctgccc cctccatcca ccctccgact    108960
     gctccacatc ccacacctcc tccccaccca atgccctatc tcccacctca cctgacctct    109020
     aaactccctg gggcctccag tctcttgagg gttaggtgca tcatctctga atgaacaatg    109080
     acccagaagt cctctagtgt atgtgtgttg ggggcctcat atcagctggt gtatgctgtc    109140
     tgtttggtgg tccagtgttt gagagatctt aggagtccaa attaattgag actgctggtc    109200
     ctcctacagg atggcccttc tcagcttctt tccaacttcc ctaattcaac aacaggggtc    109260
     agctgcctct gtccattggt tggatgcaaa tatctgcatc tgactctatc agctgcttgt    109320
     tggatctttc agaggacagt catcgatagg cccctttttg tgagcactac atagcctcag    109380
     taatagtatc aggccttggg acctcccctt aagctggatc ccgctttggg cctgttgctg    109440
     gacctccttt tcctcaagct cttctccatt tttgtccctg aagttatttc caacaggaac    109500
     aattatgggt aagagttttg actctggcat ggcaactcca tcactctact tgatgctctg    109560
     tctttctact ggaactggat cccactttgg ctacctgaag acccagctat accactcttg    109620
     ggaatatacc caaaagacgc ccctccatgc cacaggggca cctgtcccac tatgttcata    109680
     gcaggcttat ttgtgataga cagaagctgg aaacaaccta gatgtcccac gacagaagaa    109740
     tgaatacaga aaatgtggct catttacaca atggaatact actcagctat taagaatgag    109800
     gacatcctga agtttgcagg caaatggatg gaactagaaa atatcatcct aagtgaggta    109860
     actcagaccc aaaaggatgt gcatggtatg cacttactaa taagtggata tcatccaaag    109920
     ggggagggaa gtacagaata cccaagatac agtccacaga actcaaaaag tcaataagct    109980
     gaagtgccca cgtgagaatg cttcagtccc acttgggaga gagaagaaag caatcacaag    110040
     tttggaggga ggaaagcacc tgggaggaaa agtagatggg tgggaagtga gaaggggaac    110100
     ctgatctggt attgggtgag ggaaaaggac tgaagtcctg agggccagca gaaagaatga    110160
     aaacaggcaa ccttgagaaa taggaggttg ggggggggga ccctccagaa tgcaccagag    110220
     acctgggagg taagagactc tcaggaatca aagggaggga ccttagatga aatgcctgac    110280
     agtaaggaga gggaacttat agagcccacc tccagcagaa agacagggca tcaagtgagg    110340
     gatggggttg ccatcccaca ggcacaactc tgacccataa ttgtttctgt ctgaaagaat    110400
     tacaggaatg gggagtggat gggtagggga atggggggag ggtatggggg acttttggga    110460
     tagcattgga aatgtaaatg aggaaaatac ccaataaaaa attttaaaaa aaagaattac    110520
     aggaatggaa atggagagaa acctgaagaa aagaaggtca atgacctttt atagtacata    110580
     ctttaccttg tcttaaaaat gagcaactag gccgaggacc ctgggctggg agtttgcctg    110640
     ccctggctct actcactgcg gcagcccagc tcttgggagc caatggagca agtggggccg    110700
     accgtagcga gcaaccttca ttcccagcaa ccacatgatg gctcacaacc agcagtacag    110760
     ctacagtgta ctcatataca gaaaaaaaaa tttttttaat taaaaaaaaa ttttaagttt    110820
     aaaaaaaaac aaagcaacca gaagtaaatg tttaacttga cactcattgt aggttctaga    110880
     gtctaaagaa ttagatgttt atgtcaacag gaacaatttc cttttgtgga aaaagcgtat    110940
     atgactgtcc tacctttgag taggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagctacca aaacacacct    111000
     ctcgtccgtc ccagcactca ggaggttgag gtggaattgt aaactcaaga ctaccctgag    111060
     ctgcatagca agactctgcc tcaaaagaag aaaagaaaaa catggagaaa attttagtat    111120
     ttggactttc atgaaatttt ttggtaaaca ataatattat aaagagggtc acattcactt    111180
     taatgtgctc atcgaatgat gagttcatgt gcaaaatatg actctgtttt gaaattaagt    111240
     ggaatagttt caataatatc aaggaaacaa ctggctgctg agatgatgaa tagaactcca    111300
     cctcagtact aaattaggac agttaggtta ataaaactga gttaatttta taaaccatat    111360
     agaagagcaa ttgagttcag aaactgaaag aataaaggat tgaatgaata aatataaata    111420
     agtaaacaag tgagctgttt cttcctatta tcatgccttc ttacttctcc actaaaaata    111480
     gaatctcagt tgtctagtga gacctgcttg gtggttaaaa atatgaactg tatatataac    111540
     ctgtctaggt ttaagcacta accttatcat tactttcatg accttgagca agttacccat    111600
     gctgtgtgcc ttgtttcctc actttaatta ctgttctcac ttagtactgg ctgtaaacca    111660
     cacagaccaa ttccatgaac atcaaacaac cccattttta agtgatgcaa ctatccccat    111720
     gtagtgatgg gaattgaaac cactgggttc agtaatttgt tccatgtcac attattagta    111780
     tgtacaggag atttgaacct gtatgtcttg gtgccaccta gcagcactgt tccaaacaca    111840
     gccaaacaat tagtataatg ttgataatga tgaggtttca atgatgatgt tggtgatgtt    111900
     tgatggtggt ggtggtggtg gtgataatgg tggaggtggt ggtggtggtg gtgataatgg    111960
     tggtggtgga ggtggtggtg gtggtggtgg agatggtagt ggaggtggtg gtggaggagg    112020
     tggtggttga tcatggtggt agtactgctg ctgtcataat aagaatataa ctaagcaatt    112080
     gggagataat ttccaagcac aaaggatctc ttttcttcat ctgcatcatt ccccttttgt    112140
     cctaaatatt agacaatcaa tctgctctat ctcctcttgt gataaggtat caactacctc    112200
     ttgaccactg gcttggggtc caagcactac acaactgaag tcagtagctg tagtcctttt    112260
     gttggggtca aacaaatgag atttacccta agtgctgcca tctcattttc agactccact    112320
     ttgatcataa ggtaaaatga agttcaagct cgcagattct gagggagatg gggactttcc    112380
     tctcattcct tttttgtccc tcaaacatgg tgattgttct taaccaggac aagaacaaat    112440
     gattctgatt gatgaaattg tagctgtacc ttggcataga tgcttatggg ccttataatc    112500
     tgcttaaata gtaactaaga ctttgggaca cagtcagttt ctgaggagtg ctgttgtttc    112560
     tgactgatca gtttttgttc cttaattcaa ataaagatct tgctttgcta gactctcatg    112620
     actgcttggg ttgttttggt ttttcatccc caacacgtct aacacttaca tgcattacca    112680
     catctctctt gatagggtga aggagtgaca tctcttttca tcccttcatt ctctcttttt    112740
     agaaaaatta ctgctcattt gagacattta ttgaagccat tcagagcaca tgcttgagaa    112800
     agttcttctt gcttaatatg aatttgagtt ctgacaaaaa taccttcagt ctggacactt    112860
     tgtctgaaaa tgaaggataa tgattctgca tttttatcac ctgcctggta agtattgtat    112920
     agttgcttcc atttcctcac agaactcctc ccagtgcctc tggttcagta tttgcagatt    112980
     cttcccactc cagtggagaa caacatgtac agagtgacct aaacagcaca gctttttgaa    113040
     acatcataga aagtgggctg gttgcttcat caggtagatc tggtttcagt ggagcatttc    113100
     ccctggctta cccttagtac aactgtgggt ttgatggtaa cggagtgtta ctgccaccta    113160
     gtgtaactct tgtgaataac cagtctacaa ggtgcttttt cccccctaag aaaaacttga    113220
     aataagcccc ttctaacatt ttatataaag agcagtaatg ttgctgagat gctccaaaac    113280
     tcacacccct tcttccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctcccttc    113340
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttctg tccaatgatg atagaggcaa taaacaaagc    113400
     acagttggtg ctgacaaagt tgggatccaa ggatgctcct cagaggtgag agagcagaac    113460
     aagcttctaa cacatacatt caagtcagac tcacccaggc tgtgctgggc cttcacagac    113520
     tctccagttt ggagttcagc cctatatgac ttagtgccta gagacactgg ctagagctca    113580
     tgcctcctga gtgcctgaaa atgcctgttt tctccttcca gacatacctg tacaatatgt    113640
     acttcacccc ttccagccaa caattaaagg agaatgaata ttcctcctca ggaagggtat    113700
     gtcatgtggg aagaatgaca atccttctag tgggattttt taacctggtt gtgttatgtt    113760
     ttatgtgaat atgcttttgt tataatccca ggtgtgggat atgggactgc ttctgactat    113820
     ccacagcagc cgactatgat tggtctcgtg ctctggtagg ggcatgattc tggcagctaa    113880
     agacagttta catttggaat tctagagact cttgagaagg tatgagagag gtcagagccc    113940
     tgagagaggg ggtggtcgct gctgcctgtg acactggtcc tcactgctgc ttgctcttgc    114000
     tttgcttgct cttttgctgc ttttgccaaa ttccaaaaga ctggtttgct ggttggagat    114060
     gccctaagaa aattggactt gcccttagga actggatgcc ccaaatcagc aggaagtagt    114120
     ctaaagagat ctatgccccc tttctcctct aaccttcttt ctcacctacc tagtgctggt    114180
     gggttggtag gcactagggt gtagagaggt ggtagatatg agaacccaat aaaatagccc    114240
     aaaagtacgg ttacagatca tcccaagcac ttccctcaat accctattac aaccatgcct    114300
     taaaactgtc aggatacaat cagttgttga gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta atgtaaatgt    114360
     tcgtatggga gctaaagtag ctgacacata taaagtcctt gaggagctca gttgggaaga    114420
     acacttgtta caggatattt gaccacactg tgaagcccaa gattatgttg cttactggga    114480
     aaacctgttt ctagttgtac tgtagctcaa ccctagcaca cgcctttcct ccaggaactt    114540
     tttgtgtatt gtaaacagga ttaaatcaag tcaaccatag gtcaagaggc agagcaagca    114600
     accagctgac atggtgtaaa caggaataag aaaaacagcg agaaatgtaa atgaggaaaa    114660
     tacctaatta aaaatatttt aaaagaaaaa gaaaaacaga gcgagtaaga ggaagtcaga    114720
     gggccagaca gagagacgca caggaagtgg aaaggaggtc cgttcagttt gaagagttct    114780
     tgagacacca tggagaagaa cttccttttg ggatgctggc tgtggaggaa ggtcagctgg    114840
     gtgctttctc tgcttctctg agctagcagg cttttacccc agcatctgac tcccgagtct    114900
     ttattaataa atggaaaatt gattttgtta aaatcatact ttacaggttc tcgctcccct    114960
     tcattgggta tttcagctaa tgtcatcccc actgggccct gggagcctct tgctttcctg    115020
     gcatctgaaa ctttctagtg gctaccccca gttccccatc ccccccactg ctacacatct    115080
     ccattcacat tctggctcac ccagcaggac ctgagttcaa atcagtggca cccacataaa    115140
     aatctggaca gggctacaaa cacccctgtt aactcccaca ctgggagggt aggaggcagg    115200
     gaagggggtt gggggttcct ctggggcttt ctagctgcca gcctactcct acattcaatg    115260
     agagaaccta gtccaagaga atatatggag agtgacagag caagatacct ggtatcctat    115320
     tctggcctcc aaattcttat atgggtgcat gcacctggac acatgtgcaa acatatacat    115380
     acaccctaca cacactcaca cacacataag ctatatggga gaattggtga gagggtaaat    115440
     attatcaaaa cattatataa agctctcaaa tagtaagcat tatttttaaa aattaatttt    115500
     tggggttttt tttttttttt gtctttgatt tagtttggtt taggtttttt gtttgtttat    115560
     ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggtttg gtttggtttt tggtttttga    115620
     gacaggattt ctctgtgtag ccctacctgt cctggaactt gctctgttga ccaggctagc    115680
     ctttaactca gagatcaacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgcacc    115740
     accacagccc aacaattaat taaatttttc tttacagata atacaaaatg cgcttacagt    115800
     attccccttt ccacccttgc ccaacagaat gaactttttc aatgagcgaa gcaaaccatg    115860
     ctttgtctgt gctctgtcct aacctagcta cctccaaccc ttacactggc cacggctact    115920
     aagaagatag aagatacatt tccgaagatg agagtcaact tccctactgc atcctaatga    115980
     tggagaaata gtagtggctg ctgagggact gttccctgtc ctgatgtccc tggacagacc    116040
     agcttctctg cacaactgag catggccagt ggatcctatc tcttccttac agcctcacag    116100
     tgagatccca agatggatgt gtgcagttct tcactgggca atgtttggat gatcaggtca    116160
     ttcttcaatt taacacagaa aacaacaggg cagtgccttg ggcactgtga acagaaacac    116220
     ctgggcacag acacccggaa cactgagtcc caagagttga ccaagaacga ggaaaaaacc    116280
     tcagagtagc actggcagat ggccatgccc tgggggagca cgaaagaggt gtctgtgggc    116340
     agagcaaaaa gatgtgaggg tttccctgga agggtggggt agagatcaga ctcttctctg    116400
     ttttcaactt gcagtggatg gagggggata agaaagaaag tctgcagatc tcacccagaa    116460
     gtggattatg actcagcagg cacggggggg ggggggggag gggggggcac agaggggaac    116520
     taacaagggt cagctctggg atgaagcttc ccagttaggg aaagacgagg aaggggtgca    116580
     aaaggtcaga gcaatcccag ctgagtggga gccccattct gtccagaaga tttgaggcta    116640
     caagactcaa gaggaaaact aaagtagggg cttctgggat ttccagtatg gtggaaagtc    116700
     tgccttctcc tatctctatc tttccgatga ccatactcac cacacctgga tgttgctcca    116760
     tctgcagctc ctccacgaga agagtccaga aggactagga catggatgtc atttgaagta    116820
     agtcctaata ggctcatgtc aaggacaact gtgtggaaga ttccagagat cttgtcttca    116880
     agagagcttc aaaaaggtaa tggagtcccc agccatgact gtgacctgta gcatgactgt    116940
     ggaaaagcat catcagcatc gcatgtttgg gtctccaacc caacctggga atccctctct    117000
     gacctgcacc ctacgtagca tgggcatata gccggatggc gtcttgctct attaggatca    117060
     acaagatctg aatgaccatt ggggttccca aagaggcgct ggttcagttg ccatgtggac    117120
     cacagtgaag gaagcaggcc tgtgggaagg ctctggtact ggtgcttcag agttgaggtc    117180
     tatgcctggt cttcatagtg gctgctttta agattcattt tgtggccttt ggtacaagag    117240
     gaagaagaca atagcagctg cataaaagtg agagctcaaa acattgcaag tcttccatca    117300
     ctctgtgaat ttagatttaa atttatatat cataaaagga aaggagagag gaggagagag    117360
     gagggagcag aagaagacaa gggggtgaaa ctgatcaaag acccaccatg tacagatatg    117420
     aaaatgttac caaccatctc cacacgtagc agcccatgtg tacgatccta gaatttgaga    117480
     aatgaagttt acagcctgag ttacacagtt aatttgaaag caacctaaac taagacccta    117540
     tctcaaagac aaacaactca gaacaaaaaa caaaaacaaa caaaaaaccc tcaaacaaca    117600
     aaagtcaaaa ctcacaagtg aataaaaagg aaagctatga aaatggtatg aaaagatggt    117660
     gtaccttact cctccaccaa gaaagccaag aagctaggaa acaggatgcc tttggatttc    117720
     ttatcttcat aattccagga agctgaagtg tccccattgg ctgtaggaaa ggagcttgaa    117780
     atcttgtcca ggctttgtta cagaagcccc aacacctgat gctatcagtt atcttgatga    117840
     gacacaggtc atcctgagcg ataacacccg ctgtgtctaa agatgagtaa tcagaaagga    117900
     cagaaatctg gggatgggaa gtcttcagaa aagacagaca tatgcaagtg gaagggcctc    117960
     agaaagtgtg cagatggtct ctaaaaccac catcaccaac agagcatcgt acaagtgagg    118020
     gaagaaagaa gtctagttca acatgactca gcagccagtg ttggttcaac atcaagagtt    118080
     tgccactggg aagtttattt taagatagtt aagtacagca cagttggggg ggggggtgcg    118140
     gttttctgtt gataattaac tcaatcccag atgcacaata aagcttctgg taggactaca    118200
     tcaaaactct ctgtaaagta catgcgacat cttccataaa gatgggttct atagattgat    118260
     aatatgtgac ttcttaaagg tcttgaggag gctctggtgt ggtttcggtc atacagatag    118320
     tacaaaggtc accaagctag taaccacctc cattcccagc tttctgggca taaaacaagt    118380
     tctacaattc tccttttgaa gagacggccc tgtgtgttta acattcctgt tttccctagt    118440
     gcttatctat gagcacaagg atgtccatgt ctcctacaag aaaagacaac agctgggaat    118500
     gagagagctt cttccttatc atgtcctctt actttaggct cctgtaggtg tgagatgctg    118560
     aagggaggaa aacgaagatg ggcgttaatt agagctaagc aggagacatg aattacgatc    118620
     tcagttggtt tcattgttca aaaggaagaa atttggggga aaatttaaag aaccaatgaa    118680
     agatatcact atcactagcc actagagaaa tgcaaataag atcacaaagc agaaacaaca    118740
     acaacaacaa caactactac tactactact actactacta ctactactac tacctgctat    118800
     agcagataac atagaaatga acaggctggg gacctggctc tgtgagtaaa gtgtctgctt    118860
     cacacgcatg aggaatctca tttcagatcc ccatcatcca cataaaacct tggttggtgg    118920
     cccacgtctt taaccccagc tacaggcaga gccccagagt tcactgacaa acaagtctag    118980
     ctaagaaatg gtgcaatgca ggtactggaa atggacattt tctcaaaaga tgagatggac    119040
     agagatatct cgaggtccac ctctggtctc tacatgcaca gatgtacata cccataccca    119100
     taaatcaatc aattgattga ttaatagtac agaaatccaa taccaaatgc tggcaaaaat    119160
     gtggaacaac tggatggttg tgggtggtaa cagaaaagat tgaccacagt ttgacagttt    119220
     cttataaaac taaacatacc aatcccagtt atttggaagg ctgagtcagg aggatcacaa    119280
     gttcaaggcc agcctgatct gatagtaagt ttgagtctga cctgtactac acaatacagg    119340
     gcctgtctca aagtaacaga aaactaagta aaaacaacaa aagctagcaa ttatttccct    119400
     ggtacaaaga ctaaagaagt gaaattttac aaaagcctat atacaagcac cctggcttta    119460
     gaatcactaa aacctggcaa caatcaacat gcctattaat ctatgcatgg ttaaataaac    119520
     tggtaaatcc attttgtgga atactaaatg gtaatttaaa aaaaatagaa atgcagtact    119580
     gaagcacaca gctctggaga gcactccatt aaatgaaaaa caagtcaaga gacatatctg    119640
     tatgatggat ctattcacac aacactttta gttgatgtgt gaactcggtg atggaaagaa    119700
     gactaaccca gctcgtggct gccaggatta agtgtcgtgg gaggggaaga catctgtgac    119760
     cacagagagg aagcacaaag agatctttga aaacacagat aactctgcat cctgactgag    119820
     gtgggactgg aaaaatataa ataagaacaa atagacaact tagaaggtag attaaaacaa    119880
     caacaacaaa ccggttgttc taccagccaa cattactaac tcggaatcta ctctacaatg    119940
     tttttattta aaagttttta ttattatggt actggaaggt tggctcaaca attaagagtg    120000
     tacactgcta ttgcagagga cccaagttcg agtcaatggg ctcccaagtt cacacgtgtg    120060
     ctaaaataac aaagaaccat acacagaatc catcaaagct ggtttcctgg ttttactgtg    120120
     gtactgtagt tataaaagac gtagccctta gagaatactg aggctacaca gttattcggt    120180
     gtgttaaatt ttactttgaa ctttttcaaa tgtaaaaaga tacattcgaa agtgacagaa    120240
     taccgactag caagacgggt cagtggttaa ggtcgattgc tgccaagact gaagatctga    120300
     gttcaatcct tgggattcgt gtggaagaag agaatggatt ctcacaagct gtcctctggc    120360
     ctgtataagc atgtcactgg tacacccaga gaataagtaa atgaaaagta agagttgctg    120420
     ttttagtgtg tgagtgtgag tgtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtatg    120480
     tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ggtgtgtgtg ggtgtgtgtg ggtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtg    120540
     ggtgtatgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg    120600
     tgcacatgta tgtgagtgct ggcactgcag aagtcggagg catcaggtcc ctctgaaatt    120660
     tgtgggactg acaatggtcg tgaacagtca acatgggatc tgggtcttga actcaggttc    120720
     tctgcaatcg ctgtaagcac tttacagagc cgtctctctg gccacataaa gacaaaaact    120780
     ttttaatcaa aagtatttgt ggctgggtgt ggtgctgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    120840
     ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc    120900
     aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtatttgt    120960
     gagtagacta tgtctcagaa atattgtttt ttagaacaag tgtttctttt taaatgcacc    121020
     tcaacttact tacttgtcct tatttatatt ttccttggtt ctaatttttg tatattactt    121080
     atattatttg ttctgattgg gagcaaataa ataatttttg taaaatatgg catgaaaatc    121140
     aataaatata acttatcttc caatgaataa tcatgatgca atcacttgat gccaggtacc    121200
     atgctaagcc agatgaacac aattagtgtt caaacacgtc tctgcattgg cttgtccaca    121260
     tcctacactg gcaacactaa ttctcctggc taaacacacg ctcccagatc tagctctttc    121320
     ctgtgctctg ctgtttgttc ttggatcttt caccaaaaca caaatagcag tttctgaaat    121380
     aaaggatatg aagcagagct cttcaaccac tagaaaacag aaacccttag gacaaagaag    121440
     tcgtgggtgg gactggcttc agaggcagct gaaattagac aggggtgtga gggagggtgg    121500
     gcgggtgcct gcctcaggca aaggagctac tgaacaacac tcccaccaac agggctgcag    121560
     tgccaaagtc aaggctgttt attttgaaca tccttcactg cagccacaca aattcatagc    121620
     attatcccta ggaaagatta gtgcgcatcc aaagaatgcc aaaagacaac agcggtgctt    121680
     cttaaaaaat aggaaatacc ctatgtcctt tcctgttcta ggattttcca aggttcactg    121740
     caaatggaaa actcagtagt cagggaaagt gattagtgac tataattcca ggcctctggt    121800
     ttgaggagac aaaggatggt gaagaattta caagttactg ctgctgaggc tgctgttgtt    121860
     taatctgagc gcctcaaaca ccagaagaca gtgatgaaac agttataccc agcatactat    121920
     atacacttag agccacagag gtgggatccc ctcccctgtc cagctctcgt gtccccttgt    121980
     acagaggttc ctcctttaaa atttcaactc tcatcccaag gccttggtaa atattcttga    122040
     aggtgttaag aaaaaaaatt aacaattttt ttttcctcca aactcaaact cctctaagaa    122100
     cagacctaga ataaaggcag aaaaggtgtg ctagcattaa gactacaagg agaaccccaa    122160
     ccagtttttt cccctaataa gaatcaagat ggttaagtga gcatcttcca ttatagagat    122220
     ttcaaaaaaa tagttcaact taaatatatc aaaagtgata tggggggagg aggctacaat    122280
     gctaactgca acccccaggg gctgactatc ttttccttgt gtttatttcg aggatagtgt    122340
     atgttacata cgattcattt catattttga actaagtaaa taactaaaaa gtaacaaaat    122400
     gatttctcat gagaattctt ttttttgtta taacttatct ctgaaataag caaaaaatac    122460
     atatgatccc aaaagtatat gggagacata cttctgattt ccatccacct accacactgt    122520
     gatggtttgt atatccttgg accagggagt gacaccatct gaaggtgtgg ccttgttgga    122580
     ataggtgtga actggttgga atgggagtgt cactttgggt gtgggtataa gatcctcacc    122640
     ctaattgcct ggaagtcagt cttccactag cagcctttgg atgaagacat agaactctca    122700
     gctcctcctg caccatgcct gcctggatac tgccatgctc ccatcttgat gagaatggac    122760
     tgaacctctg aacctgtaag ccagccccaa ttaaatgttg ttttttataa gacttgcctt    122820
     ggtcaggcaa aagacaccga caataagaca aaaaggccac caacagattg ggaaaggatc    122880
     tttacctatc ttaaatcaga taggggacta atatctaata tatataaaga actcaagagg    122940
     gtggactcca gaaaatcaaa taaccccctt aaaagatggg gctcagagct aaacaaagaa    123000
     ttctcacctg aggattaccg aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta    123060
     atcatcagag aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgagattcc atctcacacc agtcagaatg    123120
     gccaagatca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgag gatgtggaga aagaggaaca    123180
     ctcctccatt gttggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaacctc tctggaaatc agtctggcgg    123240
     ttcctcagaa aattggagat agtactaccg gaggatccca caatacctct cctgggcata    123300
     tatccagaag atgtcccaac cggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc    123360
     ttatttatca tagccagaac ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata    123420
     caaaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt    123480
     gtgaaattcc taggcaaatg gttagacctg gagggcatca tcctgattga ggtaacacaa    123540
     tcacaaaaga actcaaatga tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaactta    123600
     gtatagcgag atataaggta caatttgcaa aacacatgaa actgaagaag aacgaagacc    123660
     taagtgtggg cacttttccc cttcttagaa ttggaaacaa tcacccatgg aaggagttac    123720
     agagacaaag tttggagctg agacgaaagg atggaccatc tagagactgc catatccagg    123780
     gatccatccc ataattagcc tccaaacgat gacaccattg catacactag caagcgtttg    123840
     ctgcaaggac cgtgatatag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccagggccta gcaaacacag    123900
     aagtggatgc tcacaatcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccatgga ggagctagag    123960
     aaagtatcca aggagctaaa gagatctgca accctgtagg tgcaacatta tgaactaacc    124020
     agtaccccag agctcttgac tctagctgaa tatgtatcaa aagatagcct agtcggccat    124080
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacaggca aactgtatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc    124140
     cagggccaaa aaatgggaat gggtgggtag gggagtgcgg ggggaggggg gggacgactt    124200
     ttgggatagc attggaaatg taattgatga aaatacgtaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaagacttg    124260
     ccttggccat gatgtctgtt cacagcagta aaaccctaac taagacacac acacatagac    124320
     ttctccaaaa tcgtttcttc ttccctgatc ttgagattat attttgtcat taacttgtgt    124380
     tagtaatggg gaaaaaaggc agatttatct tttcatatat gcaggccatc atattttcct    124440
     tatatttgtt ctccttcttt ccctggtccc ctgttcctgc ccagcggcca ccacccaaag    124500
     aagggaaagg gggctttcac ttaagtttac ctaacccagt attaaaattc gttctctctc    124560
     tctctctctc tctcttcctt ccctacctcc cttcttcctt tgctccttcc ctttctcctt    124620
     ttaattattt tattttttgg gctgttacaa agcagcatcc atgtggtttc tggaaacagc    124680
     ttggaccaca gacatccaca caggccccag catcagcatg gactagggac ttcagcctga    124740
     tttcagtgga agtacaaacc atagacatca acccagccct tagctgcatc acaggcacca    124800
     tcaaagccca cagcagagca ggcaacaaac accaatgtgt cttctagtga catgggctgt    124860
     ggatatcatc atggcttcag gcagcagtgc agaccacaga tgtgcacatg gccttcagtg    124920
     gtgacacaga ccacaggcat ccatgtggcc tccagtgaca gcacagacca tcaacatggc    124980
     ctctggtcac agcatgaacc atggacacca taaggtcatg tagaagttca tgatccatgc    125040
     tgccgctgac tgttacctgc aagaaagctc attttgcagt ggtatcaatg agtttagact    125100
     cacagttgag aatgagagac actgaaggct tctgtgacaa cctctcccca gtctagacaa    125160
     gaagcaattg aaaggagctc tttttttaat ttattttatt ttttatttat ttattttgat    125220
     ttttttcaag acagggttgg ttttgttttt ttttttgtat agtcctggct gtcctggaac    125280
     tcactttgta gaccagcctg gtctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgtctcag cctcccaagt    125340
     gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccactgc ccagatggag ctcttttttt aaaaaatggg    125400
     tttatttatt tatatcccaa atgctgtacc ctgtcctggt ccctccctca aaaagcccct    125460
     ccccctgact ccctaccctt ctcctctgag agggtgagcc ctacccaccc cccaccaccc    125520
     ccacccctgt tatttccaac actggcatat caaatctcta ccagattagg cacatcctct    125580
     cccactgagc ccagacaaga cagccatgaa gactgagtgg ctacatatgt gccagggcct    125640
     cattccagct catgtgtgtt ctttggttgg tggctcagac tcagagctcc caggggtcca    125700
     gttggtgact ctgttggtct tcctgtggcg tttccatccc cttcagggcc ttcagtcctt    125760
     ccccaaactc ttccataaga gtctctgacc tccatctaat gtttgctgtg gatatctgca    125820
     tctgtttcag tccactgctg ggtagagcaa cacagtcctg ctaggctcct gtctggaagc    125880
     ataacagagt atcattaata atgttagggg ttggtgcttg cccatgggat gggtctcaag    125940
     ttgggtcagt tattggttgg cctttccttc agtctctgct ccatccctgc atttctttta    126000
     aacaggacaa attttgagtc agaagttttt tgggtgggtt ggtgtcctta tccctccact    126060
     ggaggtcctg cctagcaaca ggaggtggcc tcttcaggtt ccatgtccac gctaggcatc    126120
     ttagctaagg ccactcacat tgactcctgg gaacctccca ttttccagat ctctgggact    126180
     tcctagagat tctcacctcc ctaccccctg ctcccatccc cacccccaca cccctgctag    126240
     ctgcatgata gtaatgcaaa gatgtggcag cagaaacagc tgagagccaa catcttgatc    126300
     cataagtagg agactgatag tcacactggg aatggcctgc cccacattga cacactgcct    126360
     tcaataaagc cacacctcct aactcttccc aaaaagttct accaactggg gaccaaggat    126420
     acaaacatag cctacaagga ctattcaacc caccactggg gggggggggg ggcgcacagg    126480
     gaacagcagt ttattttgtt tgggtcttac tgtgtggtcc tagctgattt ataacttgtt    126540
     acttagccca agttgacctc aaactttcaa taatactctg cctctgtctc tgagagctgg    126600
     gattataggt gtgtatcacc tatacatagc aagagggagt cttactatgt tatacaggct    126660
     agtctctaag tcctgggctc aagtgaccct ctccttctga aggagctcag catataaggc    126720
     atggaccatt ttcccagctt aaaatttttt tagcttcaaa aggaatctct attttaaaca    126780
     ctttgcaact tttgactgta tcccctcctc tattctctca aaccagtaaa tttaagcagt    126840
     ccccaaagcc ctctcaagta ggtatgagaa atatttcctg aatgtgttct ctttcctttc    126900
     atccccacat tctcaagtct tagtccccct tttcagaaac tcttccctgg atcactgtga    126960
     tcccccccca aacttcagag gcaatttctc cccaattcgg cagatcctac acaattacag    127020
     actccactga atatgccgtc tctctgatct ctgcttattc tttgtctata ggtaggaatg    127080
     agtttttttt tttttaaatg gaatgtttct aaagctacac aatgtactga ctggttttct    127140
     gtgtcaactt gacacaagct ggagttatca cagagaaagg agcctcccct gagaaaatgc    127200
     ctccatgaga tccagctata acgcattttc tcaattagtg atcaaatggg gctggggggg    127260
     ggggggcagc ccatcgtggg cagtgccatc cctgggctgg tagtcctggg ttctataaga    127320
     aagaaagctg aacatgccag ggaaagcaag ccagtaagca gcaccctcca tggcctctgc    127380
     atcagctctt gcttctaaat tcctgtcctg tgtgagttcc tatcctgaca ggacaggtgg    127440
     tgtggcaatg tggaagtata aaccctttcc tccccaactt gcttcttggt catgatgttt    127500
     tgtacaggaa tacaaacctg actaagcata agatctccaa tgcacctccc cagccttgtc    127560
     ccctgcagtt ctcctgacag cctggccaca cgtgtgctgg ttcctgccat cacttgcttt    127620
     ctcctgtctt tgaccatggg cttttctcac ccacaactac tccagtgtgt ttataaactt    127680
     gtactccctg ggcaggatca catgtaaatg acgctctttg ggaaagttca tcatgagtca    127740
     tcacgaccaa cttaattgtt ctctttgtta tgttttaagc attttgtata gctcaaataa    127800
     tcaggaactt gagatgttct tttaaaaaga acaagagagc attcttactt ttactcagga    127860
     gaaataaata tctttttcca tgctgtgaga acagcattca tcttgagctc taaattacac    127920
     tgactcagaa tgtaatggta atactctttg acaacactgt gattcctatc tcttagtatg    127980
     caggaccttt atctaaagtc ttcctgatga gttcagactg aagctaggtc ttagtgccaa    128040
     tgttcctggc atctcgctct ggtctatcct cagctcaggg atccttgtga tctccataga    128100
     aagaatacgg attgggggag ggggtgagtg gagagatggc tcatagatta agagcagtgg    128160
     ttgctcttcc acaggttctg agttcaatac ccaacaacca catggtggct tacaaccatc    128220
     tgtaatgagt tctgatgccc tcttctggca tgcaggttta caggcagata tagcactcat    128280
     acattaaata aattttaaaa aaaaagaata cagatgatac acacagaaca tagtatagaa    128340
     gagaatttgt gacacagtgc atgtgtggca acctcaaagg ctgagaatgg gcagtcgttt    128400
     ggctaatgcc ttgattcaac ctgcacagag gcatgtaacc tgcactaagc atgtctgcac    128460
     ttctgtcctt cggaaactgt gaaaaagaag ggtatcattt ttatgaggct agaggctttg    128520
     gaccagaaaa aaggagtcaa ttctatttac tgacatcagt ttatctcttc attttgtagg    128580
     cagtatggag cccctgccgt tggcctatct tcagccttgc aattagttgc aagcagtttg    128640
     tgggtcttca ctacttatgg aaaggcaata ctctcccagc cttgatatct gatcacattc    128700
     attggcctcc actatggcct gccttcagca aacatccttt agatcaatgt cttagttagg    128760
     attactattg ctatgatgaa acaccatgac caaaagcaag ttggagagga aagggtttat    128820
     ttgacttaca cttctgtatc atggctcatc attaaaagaa gtcgggacag gaattcaaac    128880
     agggcagaaa tccagaggca ggagctgatg cagaggccat agaggggtac tgcttactgg    128940
     cttgctaata ctgctttctt atagacccca ggaccaccaa ccccaaaatg gcatcaccca    129000
     cgacaagctg ggccctccca gagaaatcac tgagaaaatt ccctacaggc ttgcctgcta    129060
     attgaggtcc cctcgtttca gatgacttta gcttgtgtca agttgacata aaagtatcca    129120
     gcgcaatcag ttctttagcc agaactcctt agcctgatgc ttcctctcag tcttatccac    129180
     tgtcctctaa gccacttctt ggttataaat gtccattctt ccttcttgta ttgacatttg    129240
     agcccaacct ctctcctcta ctaaatattt cattacgtta gtccatgtgt gctacagttt    129300
     tatgtcagct tgacagaaga taggttcatt tgataaagtt ctcaagtgag aacatgctgc    129360
     caccagattg gcctatgggt aaacctgtgg tacattttct caattgataa ctcatgggga    129420
     acagtccaga ttgctgtggg cagtgccact gtgggctagt ggccctgtgg gctattaaga    129480
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    129540
     aagaaagaaa gaaaaaaaga aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    129600
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggct gagcaatcca tgagaagtaa gcctgtgagg    129660
     agcacgggtg ctccagggct tcagtttctg cctccttgag ttcctgccct ggtttccctc    129720
     agtgagagaa tgtgttgtga aactgtaagt tgaaatattc ttcccacccc aagtttcttt    129780
     tggtcatgat gtttcatcat agcagtagaa atagacactg tgttaaataa tgctttttgc    129840
     ttcctcttcc tcctcatctt tcccttcctc ctcccaacat gttaggcaag tgttctaaca    129900
     ctaagctaaa accacttccc ttctggtttt gttttaatag attcttttac tttaaaatat    129960
     tacatgtaat aataaagatg cactgggtag cagtgggggt ggggtgcaca cctttaattc    130020
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caagtggatc tctgtgagtt taaagccaac ctagtctact    130080
     agtgagttcc aggatagcta tggctacaca cagagaaact ctgtcttaaa caaacaagca    130140
     agcaagcaaa taaccagaaa aaattcatag gtaggtagat acacacacac acacacacac    130200
     acgtatttca gtttttatct ctgcattaaa aaaatacttt cttcattcag attttaaatg    130260
     ttgtaacagc tacttggagt aagaaataat gaatctctag tcattgcttg ataaggtgtt    130320
     tcatgcaagt tagcaaagag gtcaccatat taacatttta aaaaataaat ttgtagacta    130380
     gaaagcaagg aaagtgccac gagataatag gctgagagga gactagcaaa acacaaatga    130440
     tttgaaaggg agggtaagaa ctacacagta tgggaacttt agtgaaaggg agggtaagaa    130500
     ctacacagta tgggaacttt agacagggac acaccatttg gcaaactcct ccattgtggt    130560
     tgacctgtgt gaactccagt aactacaaca attgggtttc cagaagtaaa ccaacttgct    130620
     tgtctagatt ctttattgct ctgttgcatg gaccccaagt aacagccaat caggaaagat    130680
     gaacatccac catctaatat tctttaacct actaactggg cacttgtagc aatggccaac    130740
     tatggggcca gcttgtagtt gacagcagat tctgattctt acagagactt gaactcttgg    130800
     gggtgggtcc cccaaaataa aggcctatgc tcccttaagg tatccattct cttttttgtc    130860
     tttctctcct tctcactgaa ttttcagaga gattaaacgg gaatggagac aaaagatggg    130920
     caaaagatgg agtgaaacaa ggtacattat tataaatgta tgaataaatt aacactgtag    130980
     ctgtttctcc ttatcctagc tagtcctcca ataacaatgt agagagatta agatttattt    131040
     acaacttaaa agcataataa ctaagcatta taaatctgtt ctaatcctct aatctaatct    131100
     tgttacctgc cagccaatat tcccataata cttgtcttta tgtccttcta cgctccagct    131160
     gaactctcat gacatctcct ttctccctcc tcctggctgc ctctctccag ctcaacctct    131220
     cccagaatct tttctcctca tggacgtccc accctgttct ctctattgtc taattattgg    131280
     cttttccagc atttattgac aaggcacaga atcaatggtg agcactgttt acacgaattt    131340
     aagataggag attcttaaca taagcattac aatgcctgta ctgactgaca ccagatagtg    131400
     ggacagagaa atcagcattt cagtcctcca tgggtgcaca atatcattaa acctacaagg    131460
     gagggaaggg aagactaacc aaaactaagg atgtctgaaa gtcactaaga aacctgcata    131520
     tggcctagtt agatatcaat gagaggagag gcccttggtc ctgtgaaggc tctatgcccc    131580
     agtgtggggg aatgccaggg ccaggaagca ggagtgggtg ggttggtgag cagggggagg    131640
     gggaagagga aagggatagg gggataatgt ttttggaggg gaaaccagaa acagggataa    131700
     cacttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatgtcca attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata    131760
     tatatatata tatatatata taaaagaaac ctgctacttt gtaagctaac tgaaataaac    131820
     atgctttaac aaaaagagtt tgagcggtag tggcgcaagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg    131880
     tggatctctg tgaagtcaag gccagcctgg tctgcaggac atccagggct acatagagaa    131940
     acactgtctc aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcaagagt tgggagttgg aatagaagca    132000
     ccacacatgg gtgaatgatg ctatttccca aaaatcatta agaccttatt atggaaggaa    132060
     gacatcgaac acttgaacca tacgaaaact gagttggaaa ctcactacct gctggcagtg    132120
     ttcattcaca gtgctagagt gtgtggaatg ggctgctggg ggaaggaaat gtttccatgg    132180
     tcttacctag tcatgaaccc tgtgcactga tacaatagtg gtggcatgcc tgtgtgaggg    132240
     acaactgact gtattccgat tggatttgta gtcctctctg gtggggaata catgcctagc    132300
     actagaactc tggtcagaaa cctacaccta ggagtgatca taggccctgg gagaattgat    132360
     ctgtttgttg ttgttttgtg gtttgtttgt ttgtttgtag atggacacat agccaaactg    132420
     tatatcattg aaagttaact gcatgtatgc ttaattttta gagtaatttg tatattaata    132480
     tatgtgctct atgaagggga ttctcaagtt taataaagct tcctgaactg gctagtttat    132540
     gtttaaaaga ttaagtgcag agggctggag agagggatca atgattaaaa acccttgctg    132600
     ctcttggaga ggactcaggc tcagttacca acacccatgt ggtgattccc acccacccag    132660
     aaatccagct ctggggaacc tgatgcctct ccctacctcc tcaggcacca agcacgcaca    132720
     cggtccactc acatatatgc aggcaaaaat gaattcatgt agaataaaaa ttttataaaa    132780
     atccaaaaat aatagtaagg ctataaaaat caaatgatgt ttatgcattt gtgaactgct    132840
     ttaactcaaa aaaatgagat tataaaaaca gtggaattag gctggatggt ggtggtgcat    132900
     gcctttaatc ctagcatgaa ggcagaggca ggtggatctc tgggagtttg aggccagctt    132960
     ggtctacaga atgaattcca tgacagagaa accctatctt aaaataataa caacaacaac    133020
     aataatgatg atgatgatga tgatgatggc cgggcggtgg tggagcacgc ctttaatccc    133080
     agcacttggg aggcagagac aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag    133140
     tgaggtccag gacagccaag actatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaaaaa    133200
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aataataata ataatgttga ggcctgctcc cccagcatag    133260
     ctgcagccat tttgtttcat acctgccagt catttcattg ttactgagac agaaaaagag    133320
     cttgactcac agcagggtca agctgacgac acaccctctt atgttgtgag gttgttttta    133380
     atcttaagaa attccaccac cgggctggtg agatggctca gtgggttaga gcacccgact    133440
     gctcttccga aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg    133500
     taacaagatc tgactccctc ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat    133560
     aataaataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa ttccaccacc    133620
     ataaggtcca cttaggaccc atcaggatga agggcagtga gaactgttct gtgtagctgg    133680
     ccaaggctgc ttgagtcaga gctgaccaca ggctgtgctt tctgaacctg acaggagctc    133740
     acggtggttt gagcctgtat aaactggctc tgagagatgt ccaaggccac agtcagctcc    133800
     taagtctggt ctgtggcccc aacgactcag tcttttggtg tgcattcaat aaaccacccc    133860
     tatttaactg agatgggtgt ctggtttgtg tggcaagtcc cagactccaa caagtaacag    133920
     caacaaaaag agtggaacta ctttgaaaga tgtgtgttat ctaaaacctg atttctggag    133980
     ctgggcagtg gtggcacaca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt    134040
     tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag    134100
     agaaaccctg tctcaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaacctgact tcttttaagt    134160
     aagagagaat agaatagaat cttcgctaag attaactttt ttaaaaaact attttagggg    134220
     ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccagagttcg    134280
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccctaac aagatctgac tccctcttct    134340
     ggtgtgtctg aggacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata aataaataaa tattaaaaaa    134400
     aaaaaaaaac tattttaggc cagatgtgat gacacatacc agaaatttga taaattggga    134460
     aacaggtctc aaattcaaga attcaaggcc agcctggact atacagactg actgagtctc    134520
     ctctccccct ccccttcctc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc tctctctctc    134580
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac    134640
     acacacagaa aaaataaaag tcttagtctt catggactgc tgcaacaaag tataataaac    134700
     taggaaggag gccaatccct ctcacagttc cagagcctag acagtataag accaaggtgt    134760
     ccacagattt ggtgtgtggc aaaatcagct tcctgccttg aagactaggg gatctggcta    134820
     tgggctcata taaccttttt acacaggagt tatcagaagg ctcctccctc tccccctccc    134880
     ccctcccctc cctcctcgcc ccttgtaagt atactgtgat cataagggtc ttggctagtg    134940
     tcgcttagtc ctcaaagtca gtttgaatgg gattagagat catcatagag acatactctg    135000
     ggcatgtctc taagggtgtt tccagaaggg tttaactgca gaaacgttcg ctaagacaca    135060
     cccagaaagt agctagcaac attccatagg ctgggaccca taaataaaag gggattaaaa    135120
     ctgagctgag ctctagcact ccttcctctc tgcttcagtg tgaccagcca cctcacactc    135180
     cctctccctg cctttcctga catgataggc tgtaaccctc gctgtgactc acaaccctgc    135240
     ctttcttaaa ttgcttgtca ggtactttgc cacaaggaga cacatttccc caaggtctaa    135300
     ccaagtaacc atcacctggg aatgaggact tcaacacgtg aaggggggag gggagccaca    135360
     tacaaacttt cagatgtcgc agatgtaaat ctcaactagt gtgcattact tttattcccc    135420
     tgaccctgcc agctgctcct tttcttgtgg atacaatcaa tggtgtaagt gataaagttg    135480
     taggaagctg aggcagaatc tagacagaag tgtcttctgg ctccctacct aaccccaccc    135540
     caccccaccc cacccccacc ccccgcaatg tcctctttct cccgctccta tctcctggat    135600
     tttatttctt aaaattctca aatcagattt gtaggatgac ccgtcccata gagtgtccca    135660
     tagagttgtt tgccactgcc aacaaatctg atgacctgag ttcgattctt gagacccaga    135720
     aagtagaaaa agagaacatc cctgcaagtt gtcctatgac ctacacgtcc tcgtcacttt    135780
     catcctgggc tccgaaaata tcccaagtta acgaacaact caatttgtct cgaaaaacaa    135840
     aataaaagag agaggggagg gtatgggggg ggggggcaaa catccttagc tctttccctc    135900
     gttttcttgc ttcaacaccc attcagtttt tacctttcag taagagaagg aagacaaggt    135960
     gaattgaact cagcttattt tcataaataa cgactcttac ctccttccct gtgcactaca    136020
     tatttgatag tgttagcagc tatgggtttc aaagtccact caattcccca gtgccccatc    136080
     agttaggctg tagtacagtg tgtttttaga gcattagggt tttgcaggtg acaggaactt    136140
     aggtgacctc catattccac agggagacca gtagagaagc taagattgct acctctcccg    136200
     agccgggctt tgccgtactg ggggacgtac acccgctaag aatcgaggga tgcaagcgcg    136260
     cgggtgacgg tggtccacgc agcccggcac gctcggacgc caagagctgc gacgcgcagt    136320
     acggccgcga gagggcgcgg gctccattat ggcggcacgc cgaccgggaa ggaaagcggt    136380
     ggtccgcccc ggagatgggg aaagtggggc cgaggagcgg cgggaccagg ggcgcccagc    136440
     ctccttccgc agctgccggc ctcggcaacc tgccctgaca cagggctcca ccccgtctgc    136500
     gctcgcaggg tggccacagc atccggaaag tgaccagggc gctcccctac gcgcccacct    136560
     ctctgccccg cttccagccg gagaccctgg gaaaggggca gccaggtcct cggggcgcca    136620
     cgctccgaat ggcgcgaggg gccgcggaga acgcggctga acggggacgc cggagagccg    136680
     caagccccgc cccgcggccg gcgccctgac aacgcgagcg gcccgggcgg cgccgccgct    136740
     ctccgcccct cggccggcac caggcggggc tgggaccaga gcgccgccgc tgccagtgcc    136800
     gcacgagccg cgctgctctg cagagccgga ccgggagcgg ggcccgggcc gggagcgggg    136860
     ggtcgcggcc ctcgctcgac cttctcccac catgagccag ggaagtcctg gggcctgggc    136920
     ccccctggat cccacctctg ggtcctctgc gtccccaaac ccgttcgtgc atgagttaca    136980
     cctctccggc ctccagaggg ttaaggtaag gtgtgggcag gggacgtgtg gaagactggt    137040
     tggaatggag agacccagtg atgagatggg caagggggtg ccagaggagg tggatgagaa    137100
     gcttgtgggg agggagttag ggggcgcgca cgtgggggcg gctgggggtg ggtaggcgag    137160
     gagccttggt gaggactcca gcttaggcga tagacgagct cacaagtgag gaagaaatga    137220
     gtgggagagg gagcactgaa ggagacccaa ggataggaga gatggagggc actggggaat    137280
     gcggattaca tcctacggag gttgacgggc taggatggag ctgaaggcta cggaaagccc    137340
     agggtggggg caggggcgtg ctcagcgatc ggggcttcga cttaaacggt ttggacccag    137400
     agactgcgtc cttgtgccct tccaacacct cctctttccg ccaccaccac cccccccccc    137460
     ccgtgtcact gcagcaccta ctggtggggg cagggaggct gggaggtggg ttagctacag    137520
     gaagtagagg gacgcaccac cctagggtag ccaggaggtg gtgtggggag gaagtgtcca    137580
     aggtttctgt tgtgatcacc tcccgtgagg tcggcccccg ggggctaggt ttatttacct    137640
     gctcaatcct aaggaagcct ctggagtcac cctggcactt ggcaaccctt accttgcgga    137700
     atagggctga gtgttaccga aggattgctg ttctgcagta ctaggctagg gattgattga    137760
     cccgaggttt gaaaagtgga tctctgtgtt tccagccatc tgctccttgg gcccaaagtg    137820
     ttgaaagccc tgcacagggt ttgtttgaca taggagctat ttatggaatg ggatgggatg    137880
     ttgggaagaa ctgtctctaa cctacatcaa acacagtgct ggacaccttc cctgcatttt    137940
     ctcattaaat cctcttttct ttttttcttt tgggggtggg gaggtattgc cctgtgtagc    138000
     cctggctgtc ctagaacttg ttctgtagag aagactggcc tggaactcac agagatccac    138060
     cagactctac ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa atgcttgggc cacccactcc cagtccatta    138120
     aatcctaaca tccattccaa gtatcagatg cgttatgaca gtaacctttg tagggggagg    138180
     gggtcacctg agagtaagaa aacaaggcac ctaatggtat tgatcccttg tcctcccggc    138240
     ctcactagca ttttcatccc atgtggaccc cctgtgcctc tcccctatca cctacaaggt    138300
     gttaactagt tgcccctggg tcagtcctta taggagtcgg tagctgtgaa atgagccttt    138360
     cccgggccta agggacattt tctcctgccc ttctgcagtt ctgcctcctg ggggtactgc    138420
     tggccccaat ccgagtactt ctagctttta ttgtcctctt tctcctctgg cccttcgcgt    138480
     ggctccaagt agcaggtctc actgaagagc agcttcagga accaattaca ggatggagga    138540
     agtaagtggg acccaactcc aaagaccatt tctcaccggt ttcgatgctc tgcttcatcc    138600
     ccaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccagcatc    138660
     tggagcttgt cacatgagct aacagccaag cccagatgtg gtccttagga cctgacttct    138720
     aagtgacatg tccaaagtac ttcagctcga cgaccagcgt gttttgaggg ggaaagaggg    138780
     gtgtcctgct ttcccaggag cctggttggg ggacagggtt gattaagagt cacaactccc    138840
     tctcccgctg actcccagcc ttacctcggc aggactgtat gccacaacgg ggttcttggt    138900
     ctgagccgcc tgctattttt cctgcttggc ttccttcgga tccgtgttcg gggtcaaagg    138960
     gcctctcgcc tcgaagcccc tgtcctggtt gctgcccccc actcaacttt ctttgaccca    139020
     attgtcctgc taccctgtga cctgcccaag gttgtgtctc gagctgagaa tctttctgtg    139080
     cctgtcattg gaggtgagag agttcaagag cgcatagggg aggaatggca accccaaaaa    139140
     tcagacatgg aaacactggc tcccagtgta gagaggacag tcaggagggg cacctgtctg    139200
     ttggcagata aaagtaaggc aacatcattc catttgtcac ctgatctcaa gactcagggc    139260
     tggggccaga gacaaggtgc taaaaagaca gcctccatac atagattgta gcaataaatg    139320
     gatggttgaa atatcttgca ctgttgagga aactgaagct gccagatgtc agtgcctcag    139380
     ggtcagaacc aagtgactcc tcctcttaac cttcccaacc cagcactcct tcgatttaat    139440
     caagccatcc tagtctcccg gcatgacccc gcctctcggc gcagagtggt tgaggaggtc    139500
     agaaggcggg ctacttcagg aggcaagtgg cctcaggtgg gtaaaagata tcttgaagct    139560
     ctgcctcacg tgcccaacgg ttgctctttc ctccccactt cactctgtgc tttgggtttt    139620
     ttgtttttgt tttctttttt tcacccaggt actatttttt cctgaaggca cctgttccaa    139680
     caagaaggct ctgctgaagt tcaaaccagg tgagtaaaat gacagtggga ggtgaggtgt    139740
     gtgtgggggg agtacctcac aaagtagagg gaagggtacc gggtaacagt gacagggagc    139800
     ctcccacctc tctgacaagg tgagtcagag aggaaattct tggtagagca aagccacatg    139860
     gcatttggga tttgtcccag cccctcatgc caggtagcta cctccgtgta ctaacttctg    139920
     ccttgggggt gggggtggaa atgggattta ggagccttca tcgcaggggt gcccgtgcag    139980
     cccgtcctca tccgataccc caacagtctg gtgagtctgg gtagaaggaa atggtgggtt    140040
     caggggatta ggaagccctc ctgagtggac ataagtggaa actgctggtg gggtgttaaa    140100
     gatacgcatc tggggtgaag catgaggtga ggttggggtc tgctgaagga gactggctgg    140160
     tttccaggaa gagaactaac ctctgcccct tctgcttttc ccacaggaca ccaccagctg    140220
     ggcatggagg ggccccggcg tgtgagtgct agggtcacag gggttagggt ggggagtcgg    140280
     gtccaccaga gcatttctga tccagtctct aatcaaagag gtgaatgacc tacagtgtag    140340
     gactgagaga actccagcgg agattgccct ctgacctccc cacattactt ggcagtgttt    140400
     ctaggcctcc cacctaagtc actcctgcta taattacagt tccttattta ctgtccagta    140460
     tttcttgttt gtgggtttgg gggaggggag ggagttcgtg gctggttctg aactcagtgg    140520
     tccctgctag agaacccata ccactaggga tgcctcttcc cattgcctca gcgcccaggc    140580
     ttctccttgg agtgtttcct gcagcttttg tcccgcccat tacctttctg gcccttctca    140640
     cagcctcctg gctaactgga gctagggttc ccattccccc cccccccccc cccccccgca    140700
     tcaccgggag aacgtcccac tgccttgctc aagaggagca gctagctcat cgttaaacag    140760
     cggcaaacac ccatctctcc tctcttagac tcaaagttct ctggctcacc gcctctcagc    140820
     cctgcagcat cgtggatgta gaggtacaaa ccccttagtg ggattgggga aaatagagta    140880
     gtgaccacgc atgctttcag gtcctgatga gagccgtgtc tgtatttcag ttcctccctg    140940
     tctatcagcc cagcctggag gagagtaagg accccaccct ttatgccaac aacgtccaga    141000
     gagtcatggc acagtgagta ttacaggttg cttcctgctg ttcaacgaag tacttcctgg    141060
     agctgttctg ctgagctgag gaaccacgag gaggtgcggg aggttttgag gcaaagataa    141120
     gggataatgg ggaagggctg ggagacagcc gagatcaagg agagaaaaag acaaaggaaa    141180
     ctgaccgtgc cagtctaacc gtgtaaggaa acctcaggaa ggtctcctgc cgccttctct    141240
     tgatctccat ccttctttgt cctgaagggc cctgggcatt ccagccactg aatgtgagtt    141300
     tgtagggagc ttgcctgtga ttgtggtggg ccagctgaag gtagcgttgg agccgcagct    141360
     ctgggagctg gcaaaggtgc tacagaaggc tgggtaagtt acccttgaag gcggggatat    141420
     aagaagcagt gcacccggga ggggaaatca gggaggaaga agggctgtgc taccctccgt    141480
     ccttagtaca gggcctcagg ggacagacag cagctgagcc tgcaccggag cctagagctg    141540
     ggggtaagac tgtgcatggc gtatccaaaa agaaactgag tcaactctgc tgtcaacgat    141600
     tccgtcgtag gctgtcccct ggctttgtgg acatgggggc agagccaggc cggagtcgaa    141660
     tgatcagcca agaggccttt gcccaacagt tacagctctc ggatcctcag acagtggctg    141720
     gtgccttcag ctacttccag caggtaatgg actagaaccc agggcaaaat ggacggcttg    141780
     ccctcagagc caaggagctc aagatccagg gatgatgtcc gagtgattat ttatggcaaa    141840
     ctatatttcc ggaaatggaa cccaagtata ctgtcaattc acaattctag tttttgtctg    141900
     tgtgtattaa gaatacactc aagtttttat actaggcagg tgctctttat accactcaca    141960
     agggcccttt ctgtgctaat gggtcttagt gttccctcaa cactaaggga acagaagcaa    142020
     ggaatcgtaa gtttaaggcc agcctaggtg atgtagttac acctttctaa aaggtttttt    142080
     ttttttttgg ttttgaaaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc    142140
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tcccccagcc tctgcctcct gaatgctggg    142200
     atcaaaggcg tgcgccacca ccgccttgct aaaagtttta aagtaattaa aaattttaag    142260
     ttttgagctg tttggatttc ttaaattgag gaagaccgtc agccaacata tcccccacag    142320
     acataacatc tatcctgttt agatttttag tatttaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaagttaggt    142380
     cagtggcccc caagtctgtt cgaccagttc taccacatag gctgagtcag aggaaaacca    142440
     gtttgtcggg gttggaaacc gggattgctc ccttgggtat atcagagtgg gtggtaactt    142500
     tggaattcct gggggatccc ctgacattcc tagatctctg tgggaggact tggtcacttg    142560
     gcatagcttg gcatagctta tggcagtaag tgatagtgga aggcagcaca ggagtcctgg    142620
     ggagtttgcc ggtcattctg agcacagtga tcatgagcat catctttaag cctgctgaac    142680
     agaagccaga gggcaggagg aagatgccca gcccccacat tgttctggtt tttcaccctc    142740
     caggatgcca agggtttggt tgacttccga aatgtggccc tagcgctagc ggccctggac    142800
     gggggcagga gcctggagga gctgactcgc ctggcctttg aggtaccttt gagggactgt    142860
     gggacagctg ctgagatgct tgaccccaca gcttcatccc aagagggcag aatattgtac    142920
     tgttcccagt tagctcttca ataacgcaag ctcagggccc tccccagtgc tacactgcct    142980
     aaaactgcct ctgtccagaa tctcccacca aggcctacct gggaacaaga aggcagaagc    143040
     tagctagctg ttttacactt gtcctgaaag atcaggtact agagattcaa gaaggcttta    143100
     cgtacagcac tcttagaaac agagcagtgc atcaggccgg cttcctgggc aatgtgaggc    143160
     actgtctgaa ggagaaaact tgatgccccc ccccactctt ccccatctct ccccccctca    143220
     agctctttgc tgaagagcag gcagaaggat ctgaccggct gctgtacaaa gacggcttca    143280
     gcaccatcct gcacctgttg ctgggttcac cccgccccgc tgccacgact ttgcatgccg    143340
     agctgtgcca gcctggatgc agccagggcc tctccctctg tgagtcactg ccttctttgc    143400
     cctgtgcagg tgctgggggt gggggtgggg gtggggtgag ggggttatgg tcagcaccag    143460
     gatatggtct gagcactgag ctgggttgag aaagagggct agtggccagt gtcagggatc    143520
     agaacctctg agaggaggca agctatattt gagaaggcaa acagactagc agggctgggt    143580
     tctgagaaaa gagaagcgag gggtgtcctc ctcactctca agtggtataa ctttcccgtg    143640
     tcccactcct cctgtccagg tcagttccag aacttctccc tccacgaccc tctgtacggc    143700
     aagcttttca gcgcctacct acgcccccca cacaagcctc gaagcacctc ccagatacca    143760
     aatgcctcat cccccagcag ccccactgcc ctggccaacg ggactgtgca ggcccccaag    143820
     cagaagggag actgagcgcc tcagcttccc actttcctca gctcaaaccc agccctgctc    143880
     tcaggacggc gtcagaggcc taccctatgc ctcaacccca cctctgctcc tgtttgattt    143940
     tttttttttt tggttatctt tttttttttt catttttttg tttggtgggg tctttttgta    144000
     aaagactatt ttatatataa atataaatat atatctaata aaaaaaaacc tgaagcttgg    144060
     tccagagggt ggaatcatta gttgtgaaga aaagagatga atggttggtt gccagatttc    144120
     cattggaatt tccaaaaaaa ctccaaagat tgctcttggc catacctgaa ttctttcatt    144180
     cacaagcgga ctggggtgtt tcctctatgg aaatcatgct gtgatttttg tatctgcccc    144240
     cctgttatca cctactaaat atgcacatcc taactgactt tttcatgagc ctctcagccc    144300
     gttccctccc gttctgccct cattaaagat gaaaatatag cttcctatca ttccatattt    144360
     aacagtccca cggagagtta attccatcgc ccatgctcgg ggcagggacc tgtgttggga    144420
     aacgagcctc ccccaagaca cgccaaccac atggcacttc ccctacggta gtcagagctg    144480
     aggaacatag aagcccttcc tgaccagccc ttaaaggaag gaaagtcccc ccctcctcca    144540
     accttgctct cccagcaccc gagtcttgac acatataacg tagaataaag tagatttagg    144600
     aaatgagatc tgacctacaa aaagaatccc ctctccccaa cagacttaaa ggaggcagac    144660
     aataataggc tctccagaca agattcagtc ttgggaaaga gggagtgaac ctttagggac    144720
     tcctgttttg gaacccatct atctggacat gaaagtgatt cttagtaaaa cactacaggg    144780
     gaaccaagat aaggttagca gtgtggtcac tgggtccaca gaacctgcct ttgttagaat    144840
     tgctttgctc tatgtcacag ccaggatgct cacacagaag agcacatagc attttccaac    144900
     caaaaacaat ctttatttct ccacataact tccgaaagcc aacttttccc tttggttccc    144960
     actaacagga cctctgcaac ctagccagtc tgacctgccc caggatctcc agcttctggc    145020
     acaacaaaac aaaaacagca ttgggctgag actgcttctc cacggggtag ggggagcagc    145080
     agcactaaaa tagactttgg gtgctgctag gtggagcagg gtggccctct gcttcctact    145140
     ggctacgacg tcgtttcttc cttttgctgg tgacaaaacc gtcacgccgc cttttccgag    145200
     gctgtgggag ctgggccatt cccagagcaa ggggcttctg cccagaacca ttaaactgag    145260
     ctccttgctg gtctctctct acaacagtag ctggactccc aactagggct tgcttcccag    145320
     acttgggagg gggtgaaggc tggccaaggt catctacttc agtagagtgg cgggatgttt    145380
     tcacaattcc ctgacctcca gaggcctgac gagtactaag gggaagccct cctgaagaga    145440
     ggctgagttt tgaagccaaa aggtaggaga agttggagag ctcttcgtct tcttcctcct    145500
     tctctgtctc tcttcttttg gctctatctg ctgaggtgca tttttcttta ataggggttt    145560
     ctctcaaaat ataagcatcc ctggttgccc accttgggga agtacttccc tggccctggc    145620
     catttgtcaa tttggttgtc tcatgtgtat aggattcttg attgtcttgt aaaggaacaa    145680
     ggtcggtggg tttggaggaa acagtatctt ccctgccctc tccttggagg ttataagaat    145740
     taaaatttga taagcaggaa tccttgctga cccctggttg ggggcaactg tcatctttaa    145800
     catctagtat ggtgacctga tctatgtttt ccaacagagg aaaaagtaga ttacctctgc    145860
     tctctgcctt ttggctagtc tgggcaagag aggaggcatc ctgggtccca atgataagaa    145920
     gattgccttg gcatgtgggt atcagggtgt ctttggaaga ccccagtgtg gaagagacaa    145980
     gtgttggcag cagtgggggg caagcttcag cccacagatc actaggattc tgtatggttt    146040
     tagggctcag cgcttgattt tctttggaaa ttttttcttt ggacctcaaa cctggaccac    146100
     tggccatcaa agatcctggc aagctgcagg ggtttctctt ttctgggaca gctgttgtat    146160
     ctgggcctcc agagggaatc acactgttcc ccacatcctt gggcactgtg ttttttctag    146220
     gacctagaga agcactgttt ctagaattca atgcctggtc ctctcttctg catgcctcat    146280
     cttggatgct gtctatgaca gtctcaattt gtaagggaag ctctaaacct acagcaccca    146340
     tgtcactgct cagccacagt cctgggctga gagaaaccct gtctaggttg ccagctgctc    146400
     caggggaatg gttttgactg taactctgaa gcataccagg acctctgtca tctccccgca    146460
     cggcccttga agagcccttc tgggaaacca ctgaaggtgg ttctcttcct cgagtaagca    146520
     tcccagctcc cccgatccgc tttcctatct gcaatgtcaa agcctgtttt tctaacccaa    146580
     gtccttgcag aggaactggc tctgtaagtc caacatcaaa attgggggct ctcatgtgtt    146640
     ggggatcttc ttgccaacaa caaggtaaaa cctctggatt cctatctgct actgggtagt    146700
     acccagggga cccagtcctt cccaggtggc catcctgagt tgcagatagc tgttttatag    146760
     ccttcccaga catttttctc tccataccca agagtactgg catcccctgt gaagctgtga    146820
     gctctagctg tacatcccag ctgctagggg atggcagatt atttccatcc ttgtgaatcc    146880
     ccgctggacc acctagtgtt tgttcctgcc caccatgtat ttctcttgcc tgcttgcctg    146940
     gagaagcaga ttttccaatg cgaacaatgc ccgcagcccc ctgaagccca ggtgagggcc    147000
     gacgcctttg acccccgtct tcatcttcat cagaaacaga aggacttgag tctgactgag    147060
     ctccgctgca acttggaggt gtctgtgcat cttcctcctc caaggccaag agtcgtttct    147120
     ggaccagctg gaagggaatg gacaaatgcc agttctatac atggttagga gaagaggtgg    147180
     ctgagtgggt gataggagat ggtagatagt gtggggaaga aaagcaagtg ttttaagtga    147240
     tggtgtcaaa gatagatact gtagctctct ctgcgttaga gctgtgagcc tttcctcgtt    147300
     ccctccctac ttgctttaga ctgtaggcat aatgcttttg tgcactgtgt gaaggttatc    147360
     cttgtgttat tcaactgctg atttctatgc ccttatatga cccaaagccc aaacctaaat    147420
     tctctcacaa acagtatcaa gatatcaaag ggttatacaa aatcagccag gatcctttgc    147480
     ctgtgttctt tgcctcccaa gtttacctgg gcaagattca gtccttcttc ttgctctagt    147540
     tcctcaagta aagacaaagg atctctctgc tcttctggag acagcagatc tgccagaaac    147600
     tgagggtgta tgactgcctc cacctgggga acagaaagga gagtggtgta aatcttgata    147660
     tggagtgatc tgtaagccca ggtgctctag agacaaatct atgaggccca tagcccatag    147720
     agacaaactt taatgctgga gtttgttaca aaaatttgtg gtagtcctta ccatcagcta    147780
     cctacctgta tacctatttc caaattatag aatggagcct actgactttc acagaacccc    147840
     agatggctgg tgccccacag tatccaactc atagatatct attcaaaatt ataggatgga    147900
     ggctcctacc acatgcagaa ccccagagag ctgatgcctg atagtgcctc gcccccaaat    147960
     accagaaatt agccattgta gacctagctc accttggaga caaagacttc ctgagaacag    148020
     agttcatcaa tgtagctcag aagacttgga tctggataca tccctgcacc ttcctgctgc    148080
     ccctcctcct cctcttctgt cttcccagtg tccacgtagc ttcccatcag cccatccatg    148140
     atgtcaacat attcttgcac agcttcaggt gggatctctt tgggtgcctc gggaacagga    148200
     ggcctttgag gtttgcgttg ccgccgccga ggagcccgag tcttagaggc tgccttctta    148260
     gggatgtaca ctgagggaag aggtggagag tggggaagga gccttggtat ctacttccca    148320
     gtgatacttg gaagggaaga aattcgggtt ccagaatggg attgaggtgt taggggagaa    148380
     aacataaaaa gctggagggg gtgtgagaga aaacacggtt agaaatcttt ccacacacct    148440
     tgacatccca acaaaccatc tgatccaacg ccatgtccga taaaggatag gactcatgca    148500
     caatccagat gagagagtag tttacttggc caagatcaat agctcattca agacaaaagg    148560
     agctaacacc ccagcttcct agggggcatt gcatttggct tataacaatg tcactcccag    148620
     gaaagacaga cagaagcaaa agcagagttt cctaatcctc gtctgcactg cgggtggcct    148680
     tacctggctg ctggcaagcc tcagggacca tggaccctgg aggatcaagt ttcaaagggg    148740
     ctatagggga cagacccggg gagccattca tcaactgtgc attctgtatc tgtgtttctt    148800
     cctcggcctc aaactccatg aacctgcaag ggtaaagaaa gactgggcag agctggagag    148860
     atggctcagt gattcaaatc cctgcacgca catggcagct cacaattgtc tgtaactgta    148920
     agatctgaca ctctcacaca gacatacatg caggcaaaac accaaggtac ataaaatgga    148980
     aaaacaattc acattttttt aaaaaaaagt acagtctgta ataaggagaa cccagtccat    149040
     cagtaacaca gacgccaggc agcatccaca catggccaag aaaccaagca ccctccattt    149100
     ggctcaatac tgttgaagtt gggtcagtca gggtaagctg ctcacaggta ggtagtagcc    149160
     tagtgacagt tctgagaaat gccattatat tgtcccttca ccttcagtgg ttattcaaga    149220
     agctaaataa ggaaactggt ggtatacagt ttggataact ctccaggaca aagtgatacc    149280
     ctttacttct gctgcctatc aatctcaccc agtgtcctga ttaattgcta ctttatataa    149340
     gcttggtgaa tccatataag catggcccat gtaacagtct agagggacac tccaaagggt    149400
     tgttcctgat ggcctcatct gcccctttct acaactgaaa atgatggcgg aagcagagcc    149460
     caccagagtg caaaggctgg aacaggtcct caagggtaac agaggggaaa aaaaaaagat    149520
     atacttggag gaaatgattt cttccccagt tgctgtgcta aggattctca ctatgttgcc    149580
     caggctggct ttgaactcct ggcctcaaat agtactccca tgtcagccct ggggccatgt    149640
     gtgctgactc acaacacggc caaccaaagt tactttttaa gacatggcta tcctgtcgaa    149700
     atggggaata aagaatcagg agaccactct gggtataccg gatacccaga gtcccctgtt    149760
     tcttctcgcc aaccttttcc agacttggtc cctccctgga ttgggggaga acctgtttcc    149820
     tgtactattt ttaaaaacat aaacaaagca aaccatgaaa ggaaaagtgc ttgtaaagtt    149880
     ccagatcaat agccacgtgc catctggcga gctcaagagc cttcatggtg aggttctctc    149940
     agcatgggat ttttagaggc cctgggttca atcctatgct aaccccttca agataaaagc    150000
     cacatacagc tcaagacctg gaggcaagga agctttcaag aacagacagg atagagtaag    150060
     cccagagctc aggtggtaga aacaggaagg gtccaggaga ccctcatctg gcctacagcc    150120
     ctccccctgt ggcactactt tattctattt taaaatgtat tccatttatt tatttattta    150180
     tttatttgta tcatgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtacaatgtg tatgtataga cctcagagga    150240
     cagcctctgg gaaccccttc tctccttcct ccatgtgagt cctaagatca aactcaggtt    150300
     gtcaggcttg tggtacctaa gctaccttgc tgaagctctg ttacacccct cccgcaccag    150360
     acacttacag acatctcccc atctccgcta cccctgtatt cgaccactcc cccacccctg    150420
     cagggtgaat gagggttcat caaactcact tctctgccat ctcataaaag atcatccggt    150480
     caaagttgct ggtccgctcc cattcctgca gagccctcgg cagtccctcc tccaaggtca    150540
     tagtaggctt cagtcgggcc agggaacgaa gcactgggct aaaaccccca ttaggtcaga    150600
     cacattgtaa aagtgtgccc tgcacctgtt ctgatgccca cctcagtcca tatccccctg    150660
     tctctcacca aatctagtat gtccctcaag ccctgtcatg ctccatctta ataagacctt    150720
     cagactgagc agcctccctt ccctcccgtt gttcaccatt cttgctgccc ttcctactga    150780
     gatgtgcaaa tcacacaaat caaatgattc tccttctgac cttctgagat cagcaagggc    150840
     acccaccttt aattctctca gtgctagcct taactaaaca ctaaaaggga aacactccgg    150900
     attgtaacca taaagtggat taacccagcc acaggaatgc tgtatgcctt tagtcccagc    150960
     acttgggagg cagaggcagc ctgttctaca gagctagtta caggaaagcc agggctacac    151020
     agaaaaaccc tgttgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    151080
     gagagagacc cagagccttt tgatttttcg aagacttaac taacccaaca taagcatcta    151140
     attaaaacat gtatagtagt ttggggattg gttcccccac cccaattttc attctttctt    151200
     tccagaatgc catcctagat ttttcaaata gaatattgga ccattacttc tggaaagccc    151260
     cagaggaaat caagggtgca gaccaaagca aagggcttca tgttagccta tccggcttct    151320
     ctttaagtcc ttaaacatta ttatcagagc cacctgggaa agcttgcctg cccatggatt    151380
     ttagaagcca gatggctgct gtataaagtt ttgatcgtgc ctggcataag atcctcccca    151440
     tagcatcgac acttggaaag caggagttgg ccagaagcaa atggggtcct atgcaaacct    151500
     tgagagctta tactggctct agatttaaaa attgtgccac caggcctcta gagagaactc    151560
     aacaaccacc tcaagaaacc aggagctcag taagatggca tttgtggagg actttgggaa    151620
     tgtctcttga tcatgaccca aagtccaaac gaagaagctc tcccactgga agggagcatg    151680
     cttttttttt ttttttaagt ctggtttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggagag actgtttgct    151740
     caatggtctg cagctgagag ctaccctgtc cggttgggaa gtagagaaaa tttcccagat    151800
     gactaataac taatatataa acaaaaaagg actgcctgta actccaggtg tcttggctag    151860
     acatacacat actcgaaaga agggatactt tggccttttg tgggctccct tcccctttca    151920
     ggttgccttt ttatagtatt aataaaagaa tgaccatttg aatgattcat cttctatgcc    151980
     tggcactttg ccaatcttct gatcagccct tggagatagg ggtaattacc cccttttgtg    152040
     aggaggaacc tgagggcaaa ggtgttaaat gtcctgctct ggatcacaca cctagtatgc    152100
     gtggagccaa ctgtgcttcc cctcgcccca tttcaccatg actcctgagt aagctagggt    152160
     gcacacacac taaggtcttc ctttgcctga ccagcgccat cttccccatt cccacaggaa    152220
     tgagtcaggg cccagcccat ctcatcccag tcagtgtcag agggcaggca ggcaggcagg    152280
     gccctgacat ttggagtcag agacctatat gtcaatctct gcttcctgtt ttatgacagg    152340
     aagtctccca gccttctcaa gattaccata aaatgcttgc ctgacttcag agttgtaggt    152400
     attctttcag agatggtacc tgaacgtttc ttataagcca ggaagaatgt agcactgttt    152460
     ttcattctct taacagtgtc ttctcattct cacaactgcc ttcaagaatt ctggagtaac    152520
     tgaaacttct gtgtctatcc tagagtcctc actaaaagcc ctaggaaaaa agtcaacctt    152580
     ggataccccc accccacccc cacttacata aggaagcatg aaagagcttc tacatcagga    152640
     ctctgggata ggtgagtccg ggccaagact ttgtagcgct gccagcgacg atagttctca    152700
     taaacaccct tggaagcata ggcaaggtca ccttgagagg gcttccgagc agccacgggg    152760
     cctccttcca tggttgttgc ttgtgttcct ggccagggct tttccagggg cacaatggga    152820
     gccagttggg cagctggtgg taggacctgc agaggaagtc ctgcaaggcc ctcctggctc    152880
     actccaactg ctacagcagg caggatggtc ttcacattag aggcggtcac ataccgagga    152940
     ggaggaggcc cctcctggct cccacaagga gcccctgagg gaatccagtt tagggcagtc    153000
     tgagtaacta taaggttctg ggtttgagag gactcagctg gccccacatc agtcttgact    153060
     ttgacaatga cctggccagt tccagccaca ctggggccag ggcctccttc tcctgtcacc    153120
     aacaatgggc tggggaaagc agaaaggagc agaggattgc ttggagagaa gacaggaggt    153180
     atagggggct gtggtgatgg ctcccagagg ggttgatctg gtggaacagg aggaggtggg    153240
     gcaaaaggaa gcgcactgaa aggggacagg ccagtgccag gtttcatgga catatctggt    153300
     cctggtaatg gagaggctgt tgagacaaag aagggaaggg agtaggaaga caatgagaag    153360
     ttaggccact tgacttcctt ttcgtcccta tggggtcaga gcaatgactc ccaatgcgtg    153420
     aaggaaggga catggacggg tgcctctgga gcagtccttt acccttgagc tagtagtagg    153480
     ctagaggagt tgctcccttc caaagagaca cacaggcctg catcttccag gaagaacaag    153540
     ctcaagccgc catccctgcc gctaagaaca tctctcaaaa cagtcctgaa gacctcccct    153600
     gccagctcca taggcagatg aagaagatgt gaaataagat tgatgcctgt tctgcaggaa    153660
     aagcagtctg caagcacgct gagtgcaggg aaaagtccag gctcttgaga agcgttcatg    153720
     ggactcttga gaaaaaggca gtttcacaaa cactggtcca ccccactcct cctcttccta    153780
     tgcctcttgt tcctaataat ctcaaataac agaagatgca gtttgtgagc aggctcaatg    153840
     actctaggac tcataagctc atttctccaa aagtcgtccc actcagcata cacggacatc    153900
     tactaaccct acccactcca caagacaggg aagccaccgg atcccaaccg ctctagggct    153960
     cctgtctcta gccacacaag cacaattccc aggacagaat acagcagcct agattctggg    154020
     ttcccagaaa cttcattata agtgagggga gggccatgga gggagggagg gaagtttcct    154080
     gtgctttcag ttgacaagta tgacaaggtg aaatttggca gcacacgggg gctggagaga    154140
     tggctcagca gttagagcac tgattactct tccagagttc aattcccagc aaccacattg    154200
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tggtgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaga gcagtggtgg    154260
     tgtattcaca tacattaaat aaataaataa ataaatctta aaaaaaaaaa aaagacagta    154320
     cagactatct atggttctgc tgcttaatag tagaagttta gggctcacaa agaacaaaac    154380
     attggactga atctaagaaa gaaagaaatc tagaacacag ttcctgtcag ggaccagttc    154440
     tgtggatgct ggtcaggtag aggggctata aatgtgcttc cttaaaaagg gcctgcctgc    154500
     atcctgcatg actttaatgg tacagacaga gcccacttgg tctgatttca tgcaacactt    154560
     ctcccttttt tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatatatata aataattcca    154620
     ctgactaagc agtaccctca gattccactt cctggccata aaggagacat gaaataggaa    154680
     caacctaatg ttcacactca tctgaaccat acaccacagg gctagcttta taccaccaag    154740
     ttctgcacgc agtgaaaatg ttcctaaggt ctgagctcca caatagggag aaaaactgag    154800
     tatctcaccg ttgctaagat ggcctatccc ctccagcctg aaaaccaaga aagatcgccc    154860
     ctaatcaaat taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaca aatccattta cttaaaagat    154920
     aaatgcaggt ttatacaacc actctgaagg acaatcacaa gttcaaagcc agcctgggtt    154980
     acagagggag ttcaagggca gcctgagacc ttgccacaaa ctaaaaggtg aaatgggagg    155040
     tgcagatttg actcacagca tgctggccta gcagatgcaa ggccccagat tcagtttcaa    155100
     taaacaaata ttcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gagagagaga    155160
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaacgt atgaacacac atgctcagaa    155220
     atggaagtct atggaagtat cctatccaaa acactaacta gacagaaact tgaccttaga    155280
     cttcccaaat tccagataga tgcatgataa attacaatga aagaaaaaag aaagcaagag    155340
     aagcctgctg cctgaactga caagtagcca cctctgttag aaggaaccat caggccctgg    155400
     gaacaagcaa ttttacaaaa tctctagccc cgttcactgg ctcataagtg aataacccca    155460
     ctgagtttta gctttctgag caaggctaat ggacctggcc ccatcccact tctccatcct    155520
     tcagcctact tttcctggaa agatcaagag agttgaccct gacttcacat gaagtctaga    155580
     gtgggtcaga agacacagat catggctctt ctcctgaaac cctgatgacg ccccttatac    155640
     taacacataa gcctctgttt ccaccacaag catgctaaag ttccctcttc ctggaatcaa    155700
     actgggtaac tggtatccag tcccaatatt cagtgtatta cttcagatgg actttgtttc    155760
     atttccaagg atgtaccttc ccattctttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg ttttgttttt    155820
     tcgaggcagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc    155880
     tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaagacgtg    155940
     cgccaccacg tccggctgca cctccccatt cttaatggta aaaatctatt tccctgggct    156000
     ccctggtgcc tcagatcccc atggattatc ctaaatgatt tgtccctagg taaagtggca    156060
     aatttgatac ctcaggtggc agatactcca cactccacta cccctagtct tacttccatc    156120
     tgatgccata atccgaggtt taggtactcc aacagtgaca gtctggaagg ctccagaatg    156180
     aaacacttga gtctaggatc caggcaataa cccagctcca acagatgata tctaaggaag    156240
     ggaggctaaa gactgggtca gaacagaatt agaatcttgg actcaggcat tctgtagtgg    156300
     gggaggggaa aggatattgt gtagtgagaa tgaggagatt tcactctgtg ggtttttgta    156360
     agcaagcaaa aattagaaag tccctccgtg aatttgatac catgattgtt gggtgtcctc    156420
     ttttaggaca gtttgaacat tgtctcccag attctcaaca ttacactgta gttttcactg    156480
     ttggcttctt attctattct tcaacaatac atctaatccc gagctccgcc ctttgcccag    156540
     ttctgcagct ggattactat taacaacaga cccttgggtg gacctcgggc ttgtttcaat    156600
     gatgactcta cttcccgagc caaagtctga gtgcacagtg aggattaaaa acaaaaacca    156660
     aaactaaacg cttggcactg aagtgtctca gatgatgcag tgttcaactg ctgtgggctg    156720
     agcgccacct tcctgcaaag ccaacacaca cttgtaatcc taggacccag gaggtaagtt    156780
     tgagaaaagc ctgggctaca aagtgggact aactctgaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactctct    156840
     gtaataccca aacagttccg tcacaacact cccgaaattc ctggaagcca cggccctttt    156900
     ttctccccat ttgctgaaag attttactaa attaaaaaag attttaatta attgattatt    156960
     gatttttgag acaggagctc actctttagc cctagctggc taggaactca acaaagatct    157020
     gcctgcctct acctcctgag aactggtatt aaagaccttc accttcagct gggtgcatgc    157080
     ctggtgctca cagaagccag aagagggagt cagagcctct agaactggag ttagaaccag    157140
     ttatgagttg gtgctggcac ctgaagatgg gtcctctgta acagagtcga gcattcttaa    157200
     ccactgagtc acatctccag ttccttttgg atttttgaga caatctggct atgtagtctt    157260
     ggctgaaatc taagactctc tgaccttagc cccttgagtg cacaacccct gccttaaaat    157320
     taccataaag ttttttcatt aaattacttt ttaaatttta aattaatatt ttagtatgac    157380
     tcaaaagtca gattaagaaa agttttgagg gggagtccaa gggagttaag aaagggagat    157440
     gggagggtga aaaggactaa aattctgtct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    157500
     taaaagtcga caacaataac atcaaaacct agacaaaacg aacaaaaatc caggctatgt    157560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaccctaca tcagcaaaca ctcttccctt tcattccctg taccaagacc    157620
     tccatgccag aagataccaa tattaactgt ttgttgtata ttcccacccc cgcaaaatct    157680
     cgaacaccca cgccccccca cacccccccc acacaaaaac acgaacactc gcgaacacat    157740
     ccacccaccc accacgcttt tgtttgtttg tttctcggtt taaaaaaggg tttcactgtt    157800
     tagaatactg tccaggtagg ccttggacct aggatgttag aaatccttcc gtttcagcct    157860
     ctggacttct ggggttacaa gcacgggtta agctcccggg tttttttaat gtatctcatg    157920
     aaaacggcag tcgaactgtc tatagtcact acttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa actttacgat    157980
     ttttctggct acaagtttag tatgctacta tatttttgcc actataagta gtgctgcaat    158040
     gatcattttg caatatcttg gttttagttt ttaattcttt tttttttttt ttttcttttt    158100
     gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg    158160
     gcctcgaact cagaaatcct cctgcctccg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg    158220
     ccaccttaaa ctagaatctt atgagacttt tcagtctttt aaaaactgga aataccccga    158280
     gaaggcgtac cttacttgct attatctgct actcaccata taagaaagag ctgaacttgt    158340
     ggtcaggtcc cgagtttgaa tcttggttcg atccctaaaa caaaatccac cggttcacaa    158400
     gaaaaccttt ccgttctgtt cgctttgcat aatatcgaat acccatcatg cactctttgc    158460
     cgccaatact ctgaaattgg gcgggaaacc ggatgtaaaa agtagggttc aaaaaaaaaa    158520
     atcttaactt cttccctagg atataggagg ttgagaatcc ttgagtcctt gtttctccag    158580
     gaattcgaaa agtggtgcct ctgaaatggg tgtgcaattt gaaattaaag ataggactga    158640
     tatcaacagt gaatgatgca tcaacattca acccacatcc atccctactt cctaatccct    158700
     ggcaagtggc tggcacacag tgggcagttc catggatctt aataactttg caaggttgct    158760
     gctagctgga acccaaggcc aagcaagact tgctctacta tgcccccttc tggtcacatg    158820
     gatatgactg gagaaatgga ctacatttcc caggatgcct tggagagact tccgtccaat    158880
     ctggaaggtt gttggcgcac gcgattgaag cggcgcactc ggagtaaacg cggctggcgg    158940
     tagtacgtgt gtctttttgc tgagggcagt tatgtttctc caatattacc tcaacgagca    159000
     gggcgatcgc gtttatacgc tgaaggtaag gggaggagga aacagctata tatcaaaagg    159060
     acgagaaatt tagatgggag gaacagttgg aaccggcctg cgcagcccac tgagtggagc    159120
     catgtcggag ccaaaacgtg gtagataggc agtggcttct ttttctgacc acgcgatctc    159180
     ctggcctcag gtcacccatt ttcttgtttc tttctatcac accactcata ttgagatatt    159240
     ttttattttt ccttgagcag aaatttgacc ctatgggaca acagacttgc tccgcccatc    159300
     ctgctcggtt ctccccagat gacaaatatt caagacaccg aatcaccatc aagaaacgct    159360
     tcaaggtgct catgacccag caaccgcgtc ctgtcctctg agggctcgtt aatcttttac    159420
     gctgctcatg cctcggccta ttatcagcaa ccaaacgcgt caatctgtaa gccttgaagc    159480
     cttcccatgc tgtttggaat cctatctcac tcaccacgtg aatgagtcta tactgatggg    159540
     cctcgcctgt aaaaggaaca atatttttct ttcttttttt catgccaggt tattaaagat    159600
     atagtgaact gaaagttcat tttgtgtgtt gttggaggaa gagatggggg aagggtagta    159660
     ccgttggtag tacaaggcca cttgagaaca ttcgtaagcc ctcattgtag caatagaact    159720
     gtgtgccatc gacgataggg tgttgggggg aaaaaggctg tgaaagactc ctacaaaggt    159780
     cagcattccc tggaaaacta ctgtctaatt gtgggccctt taaaaaatat tctgaattcc    159840
     tcaaagagta aaaaaaaatg tatgtgtgtt ttagtatttt accgacatgt gtctatgcct    159900
     atatgtgcca gtaaccatca agaccagaag agggagtcag atccctggtg actagagact    159960
     gatagctagt ctttctgtga ctgcagggga tagacacagg tcctctggga agcacccctc    160020
     tctccagtcc taccactaca ttttgagttc tgagataaca agtatgccca accctggaag    160080
     ttttcttttt ctctctttag acagagtctc tatgtagagc tggctgccct ggacctcagg    160140
     tctaactgcc tctgcctttg aacactatct taaaggtgtg cgccagcctg tggatgtttc    160200
     tttaccaagc cagtgaaatc tgtctggtag gagatatgtc ttcttggttt ttttcagtat    160260
     tggatacaat taattctgtc cttcgattgc aaaaataaaa cattagcatt gttagcatta    160320
     cttctatgcc acgagctgtg cataccaaaa taaagacttc aacctggagg tagtactagt    160380
     caccatggag aaaaggaaac gtgtgactct agcaatgact tagacaatcc cctggataca    160440
     catggcttta gggagcttga ttatgtgttt gggggcaaga ggaagagctg tcagagtgag    160500
     ctaggtagtg catataaata catgcaaaaa gactggcatg tgtcagagag cagaaattgc    160560
     gcaaaatgtc attgtaaagt ctgtgaagtt tgaatggcca tcaaggctgc cttagaaagt    160620
     agattcctga ggagatgggc ttcttttctt caagaacagt tgtaaggttt ttggtttggt    160680
     ttggtgtggg ttttggtttt tcaagacaca gtacatttgt aaggtttttg tttggtttgg    160740
     gttttggttt tggttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttgta tagccctggc tgccctggaa    160800
     ctcactctgt agatcaggct gacctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag    160860
     tgctgggact aaaggtgtgc atcaccactg cccagccatt agctagctat aggctatatt    160920
     taaaaatcca ggctgtgcat ggtagctgat gtctaattct gtcatagaat gaggtagaag    160980
     gatccctatg agttccaagc cagcctaggc tatgtagtta gtccttgtat cagaaaacta    161040
     aagggagctg agggtgtaca taacatagta ggtccagtga ctttctaaca tgcacatagc    161100
     tttacagaag actgggttta gtgaccccat aattccagca cttgggaagt aaaggcaggt    161160
     cagaagttga aagtcatcct ctgccgggca gtggtggcgc acacctttag tcccagcact    161220
     tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    161280
     ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctggaa aaaaaacaaa agaaaaaaga    161340
     aagtcatcct cggctatata gtttgaggac atcctgtgca acatgaactc atgtttcact    161400
     ttctctaaag agcaaaagag gtattttggc agcaaaggtg cttcacccac aagcctgcag    161460
     atctgggttc agatcctggg acctataatc agaaggactc atgtatttgt acactcaaaa    161520
     taaataagtg taccagtttt ctaaccctgc ccccaccctc actgatgagg atagaatcaa    161580
     gggctttgga tatgtcaaat actcaaagat ctaatacaat tttacatttt aacgggtttc    161640
     gttttatttc caagctatca aactcgactg gaaattgcca tttggtcaaa gtgaatttcc    161700
     aagccctgga attaagatgg ttttgattca tttttttttt aaactataaa tcttttatgt    161760
     gtatttaagt gcagtgccag catgggtctt atcacctaga cctggagtta cagggccatg    161820
     agaactggga acggaattag ggtttccttc agagcagtaa acgctgttaa ccactgaggg    161880
     tctagcctcc tgctccatta ttaagtccac tgatttgcaa ctaggaggaa aggaaaggtc    161940
     tcaggaaagg ctccagtgag tttctgcatt ttgatcaaac tttcagagcg ttttcaagta    162000
     aaacatggtt gaactgaaag ttattaaaac accttgacga attaaataaa cattctagtg    162060
     ttaataaagt gggtcaaatc ctggaaatgt tgcagagcag atatcccaat gtcttctcca    162120
     tgtctgtata agttctcttt aatggaaatt taagcctggc ttgcagtttc aaaaggatat    162180
     gaacaagaaa ggggaaagta gcccataatg atgaacaaga tacaggtgtc ttagaaaaga    162240
     caactgaatt tttacagagg tcacatctaa ggtaactaga taccgtaatg ggaggtttgg    162300
     gtgccataga gttaaggttt ccagagagct tttagagatg acccttgcgg ttcgcgggtc    162360
     agtgttcact gagtgcctct aagcagcata ctgagtacgt ggagcacagg tgaggaaaaa    162420
     gcagctcgcc acacgcgttc agaccctagg gcggactaca gttcccgtcg tgctccacgt    162480
     gagagtcgcc ggtccgcgca ggcgtggtgc cctctgtctc ccgcgctgca tgctccgggc    162540
     ggggctgctg ttgcccggcc gcaggacggc gccgccctct agctccccag acttctccgg    162600
     acggttaacc tcgaatgagg aacgagaggg gcggaaaggg gagggctgcg gcggcgcggg    162660
     cacagcccgc cgcgcccggg gcggggggcg gcgaggtcac gtaacggcct cgggcgtctg    162720
     ccggggaggg ggcctcctgc gcgccgcggc tccggaacgg ttagcggcta gtaaacaaca    162780
     gctgcgcgcg cacccgcatc agctggcgcg ggctcccgca cctgcgacct cctccgtagc    162840
     cgggaccagc ctgcctggcc gtcttctccc tccgccgaga cccaaggaaa gccggcgaga    162900
     ggctaacggg ccccgggagg aaagcgcgtc ctgtcacacg cagtgcaaac acggcgagcg    162960
     gtcgtgggct tgagggactc gccacgacct gccacgaccc tgcagtggga gctgccctga    163020
     tccgctagcc gccgcctcca gctcctttgc caggacgaga cctctgggag gcaggaatcc    163080
     actctgcttc ggcatcctct cgtggctctc ctctttctcc ttcctgtagt gtgggggtat    163140
     tttcccgtta tgcatgcgca tctctcccac cagacccaag tggattatcg acctcaaaaa    163200
     catcgggtgg ctcagcacac acctcctccc agccagacct gtggggtatt cacctgatac    163260
     acaacaggtg gctggtgcac acctttgcgc aatctgatcc acgctcttat acgcctgata    163320
     agggtgggcc tgcatgctcc gtcctcagct agaaccgtgg gacactcggc agataaagga    163380
     ctaactacct catccggacc ctgggggttg agcagaggga ggcgtcacca gctgctgtga    163440
     gatcatggca cggagccctc agccctggac caggggagat agctaggatt ctgaaagaac    163500
     caagttatac aggattagca tcgttttgtt cttattttgt tttctcgaaa attatttttc    163560
     agttactggt ggggcacttt ataaaacagc tggcttgaat tctatacacg gattcttaat    163620
     tgggcctttg tgggctgtaa atcagggtaa ttgagggttt ttggtttttt ttccccttct    163680
     atttttgcaa tcagaagtag ctagtgtagg aggaagagtt tttgtgagct tttccttttt    163740
     tctttgtcaa aaaggaaagg ggggggaaaa tgcatccacc agaagccacc accaagatgt    163800
     cctcagttcg gttcatggtg acaccaacta agattgatga cattccaggt ttgtcagaca    163860
     ccagcccgga cctcagctct cggtctagtt ctcgagtaag atttagctcc cgagaaagtg    163920
     tgccagaaac aagccgtagt gagcctatga gcgaactgtc tggggctact acttctctgg    163980
     caactgttgc cctagatcct tccagtgacc ggacttctaa tccccaggat gttacggagg    164040
     gtaagtagag actcagagag ccgggtgttt caacccttgg gttgtccatg ttggctaact    164100
     accctaattt tataatcata aattaaggcc cacgtttctg tgatgcttac gagtgtggga    164160
     ataatagcga cagttagtag gtcactgcag tagtcttttt ggcgtgggaa agtagctggc    164220
     aagagggcaa ggaaatgtct attttggttt ccttatttct gtcttatttc taattaaaat    164280
     gactattttt aaaaaattaa atcttttaca acacacaaaa aaagttctaa actaaaattt    164340
     taatgggctg gatatgcgct ttctagagag ctttggggct ttgactccta agtcagcgtt    164400
     taaggcaggt tgttacatct tgtgtcttac tggattcttt tgcagattca gttgggtgtc    164460
     ataaaattat tttttgaaat ttatgttttt atagagtatt taaagtaact gaattcactc    164520
     aaggaagtgg tactctcttg aaagaatgga actttcgaga gggacttctc gtgcatgatt    164580
     cccacataat ttccctgctg agctttagat aactattttg tatattgtat attgagtttt    164640
     gtagtcagaa cctatagaag ccacttctgt tcgtattaac cactttccag acttgacctt    164700
     gagctgacga gcctgacttg aattagaagt tttcctttga tttagtggga agaggtgatg    164760
     caaggaggaa agttactttt tccagactca gttaaaaaac ttgagaactg ccacttagtt    164820
     ttatgcctca ttcggaccag cataagtctt tttttttatt atttaagttt ttcccttaag    164880
     aatcttaaag acttttaaaa attctattct acacaagttt gaaaacatgg ctttagacag    164940
     tgacttgtta aagcaaggct atcttaccat ttccggtctc aggaaatagt gttcctcctg    165000
     accttaagtg ttccggaagc cagaatagtt ttagttcctc aaatttgctt gtttttaatg    165060
     tcttgagaaa gatagacttg gtaaagctta tagttccaaa attaactaat ctttagcgag    165120
     tcatgtttct tttatggcag tagtatgagt taattcctag tctgactgct ttctgttgct    165180
     taataaacct tacactggat tatatacact atgttaaagt atgagataaa agatcataac    165240
     ttccttttct accatattta tttatctata tatatatata tatatatatt ttgtgacagg    165300
     atctcaagta gctcaggctg accttgagtt ttctatatgg tcaaggatga gcttgaccct    165360
     ggctctacct cccaagtgtt gggattgaag gcctttttca accacaccca gttttgtggg    165420
     atgctgtgga tggaactcaa ggcaggcact ctgtcaactg agctacatcc caagccagca    165480
     ccaaattact tccaaattat gatcttaatc tttaattcat cacattacat ttgaattgtt    165540
     aaaaaatgcc cattaaacaa atacagaagt ggatgctcac agccatccat tggacgaagc    165600
     acagggtccc caatgaagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctgaaggg gtttgcagcc    165660
     ccatacgtgg aacaacaaaa tgaactaacc agtaccccca gagaaccctg ggactaaacg    165720
     accaatcaaa gaaaacacat gttgggactc atggctctag ctgcatatgt agcagaggat    165780
     ggcctagtcg gtccttaatg ggaggagagg cccttggtcc tgtgaaggtt ctatgctcca    165840
     gtataggaga atgcctgggc cagaaagcag gagtgggtgg gttagggagc agggggtggg    165900
     ggtggggaat aggcgatttt cagaggggaa actaggaaag gggataacat ttgaaatgta    165960
     aataaaatat aaaaaatgcc aattaaaaac tacaatctac ataagtcctt tcaaggagta    166020
     ctgataactt tttattcagt cctatattcc agtcaacttg atcaggtctt atatttttat    166080
     atccctactc aagactataa ctataatatc tatagcactt tgttgttatt tacatatctt    166140
     tcccaaccag attataaagt tcttgaggac aggggcacag tttttgcacc taatataatt    166200
     tatgatatca catctatttt gtgctcagta gtgagtcaaa gaacttacag acatatccaa    166260
     cagaaattca acagaatttt aaaagatatg gtgaagagcc agagatgatg gcacactcca    166320
     ttaatcccag cacttgtgag gcagagggca gagacaggcg gatctctgga ggccagcctt    166380
     atggatggat ggatagatag atggatagat agatagatag atagatagat aaagggagat    166440
     gaaagatgaa aggcaactgc tgaagcagag aagcagatgt atgtatctat atgtatatct    166500
     atatatgatg aaacgagaga attgttttaa atgtttctgt cctagtgcaa ttttttaaag    166560
     attatgattt atttatatta atattaaaaa aggaaaacct ctccagctgg ttcaactatg    166620
     aaaccagtgc tgaccacagc tcaaagggaa gatgactaat gctacataca tagaaaacac    166680
     tttcatataa tttgaaaggt gatccaatat gcactaagtg cttagggcac attagccttt    166740
     taagaaaatg ttagaggatg ttatatatct acatttggaa tcactacagt tcctgtggaa    166800
     gttactctac ccagttgctt tcccagttct atattgtata agtaggtctc atccaatccc    166860
     aagccctttt tttgtttgtt tggtttttgc tttttgtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt    166920
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc    166980
     tgcctgcttc tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat taaaggcgta ggccaccact acccggctac    167040
     actttccttt ttaaaacagg actcactgaa cctggagttc atctgttcag gaggccagct    167100
     gggtagccag caagccccaa ggatcactct ctctctccct ccacagtgtt gattagatag    167160
     gcacacagtg ctatgccaac tttttacatg tgcactggag aattcaagct ccagtcctca    167220
     ttgtccatgt ttggcaagca ctttaggact gctctgtctc cctgcctttc caaaagggtg    167280
     tgggttaagg ctttaattgt ttcctcctcc tcctcttcct ttttgtactc catattaaca    167340
     tgaaaatcta tagcattctg cctcctcttt tgtttatgga ataccctctt aggtaccttg    167400
     gtccctaaag ctagtagaat tctaagatca gatcatagaa gtgggatgtg tggactataa    167460
     ttgacgaatt gacagtatgt atcattttaa aacctgataa tatgctaata gtatctgtat    167520
     cacaaaagca gtcagccaga ttcagaatat gagaaattgt atttaatgag tagattctcc    167580
     aaaacatgaa tggcacagtg tagaagaatg atttatagat taaaaagagc catggcaatc    167640
     aaatgcagca tgtaggtttg gcgcctacag tggacagaac aactataaaa agacacttgt    167700
     gagataatga gaactgggta gttagtgtac atctgtagtc ccagtattca acgtagcaag    167760
     atagagggat cagttatacc tactaaccta gacagcataa tgagacactg cctcaaaaac    167820
     aaatgagagt cacagtaatt gagggaattt gaaatacatg gctttaaaaa acattaaaga    167880
     aattctaatt ttcttagatc tacttaagat attgttgtta tgagaagccc tcaggtaaag    167940
     ataacctgtt ggagtattta caggtgagat gaaatggtct ggatttcaca cacacacaca    168000
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tatacacaca catacacaca cacatacaca cacacactca    168060
     cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ggaaagaaaa aaagaaaagc    168120
     ttggaaaaca gtactgttgc taaaaagtat gtgaagagcc acttactatt ttcacagctt    168180
     ttattctata aagaaaaaca tttgaaaggt tgagttgtgt actcaagagt cagagacaag    168240
     atcacaggtt caagacctgc ctagacatca taggcccttg tcagaaaaaa cagtgccagg    168300
     gcttacagct ttatggtaga gagttcgctg cacactcatg ggcctttggc ttgacccagg    168360
     gctttctccc actcccccaa gaaatgttgg tattttcaga gctggctttg gagggagtat    168420
     cttctgttct agaggcagtc ctgggattcc ctggatatgg ataagcacca ttgattacca    168480
     cagtaattat gtcaccttct gagctcccat ctcagtgttc tcttccattc ctcaccaagt    168540
     ctttcctcag tgagcccaca tgcttttcct ctcattggca tgctgatggc ttcgaggttt    168600
     cataattttt tcttttttct tgaaaatagg ttcttttctt attcactata tcctattatc    168660
     acctttacta atggagaagc ataaggggag gaggatagtc ctggaggtct ggaaccttac    168720
     aaaagtcatg tctttgtttt aataataagg ggagtgctat ttcaggtagc ctgtaatgac    168780
     ctatcaggac attacaatgt tgctatttaa ggcatattac cctatatcct tttggatcat    168840
     ggatggtttc cattttgctc ctggtaatta aaacatttct ggactaccaa gaactttgca    168900
     caaattctaa caaggttcca cctttatgcc ctgagtcata atggcttcgt tggagaagag    168960
     caagctggca ttcagttctc actacgcttg ctcttttggc ctgatgcatt tatgcacagt    169020
     atacacctga caaacttgtt aactgagaat aaatcaactc ctatgcactt tagttttggg    169080
     cattagtttt tgaatagaat gtatctcttc acagtatatg aaatttttaa atgttcactg    169140
     ttggaattat aatcactgtt aaatgttaaa caaaatattg ttttaattgg gttttataag    169200
     ttttataaaa tcttattggt ttggtttgga tttttgtttg tttgttttta gagacaggat    169260
     ttttttctgt gtagatctga ctgcccttga agacactcca tagatcagga tggcctcaaa    169320
     ctcagagact cgcctgcctc tgcctctcaa gtgctgttat taatggtgtt tgccaccacc    169380
     acctgactag agcccttaat tacaaatgaa ggcaaaacca cataacatat aacatatgaa    169440
     ggcacgtaca tgggacattt tgcctggaca ataatagttc aatggttggt tagtaagaaa    169500
     tattttctta tgggggccgg gcagacaaaa agaaacaaaa acaaaaaaga aagaaaaaaa    169560
     tattttttta attctaaggt atacctttgt cctattttaa catttttttt ttgcagaaca    169620
     ttttattcct gctgatcttg agtgtctgtg tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    169680
     tgtgtatgac tgaccacaca caagaacctg tgagtgtagt taagagactg aacccagggt    169740
     ttgttgcctt ctaattacat ggcctgccat gttctgccac tgagaagtct ccagccatat    169800
     atttaagttg tgttattgta tgtactaaag gttgttctgg gcatctctta tagcttcagt    169860
     tcatctcaaa ttcattaaca tccaacttcc actacccaag tgcatatttt ttcttgaagt    169920
     gggatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca tgtgctttca    169980
     caagcatgtg accttgcaca tgcgagcatg cttgtgtatg tggaggccag aatcttgggt    170040
     atcacctctg cagccacccg tgctgccttt gagatagggt ctctcactga tccttggtgc    170100
     tcactgatta ggataggctg gccaggcccc ctatttgcta gcaggttctt tactcactga    170160
     gctattactc caatttttaa gctccaagtc agtagtgaaa cttaattcac aaggtttcat    170220
     aatcaagtca gaataaataa attaatctca tggactggta agatggttca gtggataaag    170280
     acacctgcca ccaaacctga tgacattact tcagtctcag aacccacatg atggaaggag    170340
     aaaacctatt cctaaaaagt tatttattat ctgtcttcca accagcatat gcacatgaat    170400
     tagtgtgagc gcccacttgt atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    170460
     accagatatg taataaatct caactgttca aaatttcaga tgttgaaatt ttttttccat    170520
     agagtaactg gcaagatgga agttttcaac tgtgcagtgt ttagggctgg agagctggct    170580
     cagcaagctg ttcttgcaga tgacctcaat gcgagtgtga gtctcggcac tcgcgtcagg    170640
     catctcaaag tagcctgtat ctccagcctc agaggaccga tgactcctcc attcacgtgc    170700
     acagacagtc ctacccactt gtaaacacac acaattcaaa gtagattttt taaaatgtgt    170760
     ggttttttaa cattaaaaag ctcaaaacta ggggaaaaaa gcaatattaa gtcattaagt    170820
     ggcaggtatt tgggtttctt ttttgtcttg ttttgtcttt catatttagt tttgtctttt    170880
     agtattttat tttgtgggtg tgagtgtgca ccatgaggca catgcagggg ctgaagacaa    170940
     gtttagggag gtgctgctct ttcagcatgg aggtcctaga gactgaaccc aggtcgctgg    171000
     gcttcgggac aaatgccttt ggcctttgtc acttcactga ccccttatgc tcccaatttt    171060
     agtcctttgt atttaaagat ctctttgtag tcaggagcta gctgcattcc agcttctagg    171120
     ttcctcacct agtaatcagt ggccgccttc ggtttgctgt ttattgctgc atttgataat    171180
     ccttggtgtg tttctagtga ccttgagaag tccatgtgca aaagccaatt gataacattt    171240
     atctgtttgc tttcataatc atttcgtaca ttaaagattt tagctaaatg gcacttgagt    171300
     ttcttccatc ttaccagtta ggtttgcctt cactttgatg aaaagctctt cattttgcat    171360
     attgctgggt aaagaaaaaa agaaaactct attaagtata aacttgtgca tacacctgta    171420
     ctttttcacc taaggagtga accgttgtct gtacaagaag ttacaacaca gattaaattt    171480
     ttaaaaaatg tttgtttgtt tgtttattat gtgagtgcac tgctgctgtc ttcagacacc    171540
     ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ccattacaga tggctgtgag ccaccatgtg gtgctgggaa    171600
     ttgaattcag cacctctgca tgagcagtca gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag    171660
     cccaaactct ttttttcccc taagatttat tttatgtatg tgagcgctct atctatctgc    171720
     atgtgcacct gcatgccaga agagaaacca aatataatta gagtttgttt tgctttgaga    171780
     ttatttgcat ttattacctt aaacataaat aatgcttatt ttcattattg aaaataaaaa    171840
     tggctagtta catcctaaga tgcaaacaaa aggctcgtga ctgattcacc acccacccct    171900
     tggttagcag tgtgatctat tccacttacg ggactaagca caggtaggag ctaggatcca    171960
     tgttcttctg tatagataag gttagctctt tcctttcttg aaaaaaaaag ttttggtatt    172020
     tttcaccgtg gatttttgtt tgttttttgt tgttgttgtt gttttcctgt gctaagataa    172080
     actttttctt gtctaagaaa aaatctgagg catcagataa gtagattggt caaatccatg    172140
     gtaaccattg acaagtagtg attgagccca gggtactgtg tgactccagt ggtagtattt    172200
     ttgtcttacg aaagttgacc ctgccaaaat gtttattaaa tttaaatata taataatata    172260
     acagatgcat gaaagaaata ccccaggaca ttattttgcc tgacattcag aggaaaacta    172320
     caaacagaag gcaatacaat tattattttt gttttgtttt ttttttcgag acagggtttc    172380
     tctatgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctagcc tcaaactcat    172440
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtact gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccag    172500
     ctggcttctt tatttatttt tcaatttttc ttttttgagg cagtcttgct gctgtttagc    172560
     ccagttggcc ttgagtgtgg atcctcccta ttcaaccttc tgatttcctg ggtacgaggc    172620
     attcaccccc accatgccgg aaccaaagca gtggttcata aaatcatttt ttctttgaag    172680
     tagaaattaa attaacaggg ttggtcctga actggggaag ctactcagtg atagactatt    172740
     aacatagcat atgcaaggcc ctagggtcaa cagctggcac tatcgaccaa ctattgcttg    172800
     cttaatcgat tattttgtta acaaggacat tttctttggg actgtgtttt cattgttttt    172860
     tccttatgtt ttaagactat atttatagtt ttgatagtgt gttgcatagt gtcatgtttg    172920
     tattctgtag acttttatca atagaaatat attttagggc tagagagatg gctcagcagc    172980
     taagagcagt gactgctttt ctggaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    173040
     ctcacaacca tctgtaacaa gacctgattc cctcttctgg tgtctgaaga cagctgcagt    173100
     gtacctacat ataataaata aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa agaaatgcat tttaacctgc    173160
     caataattta ataatagaaa aattaaatgt gtagatggga tattaaactg cagtgaggaa    173220
     ctgagttgtc tgtattctta gctaccagtg ttgcctcttt ggttggtgat tcttggatgt    173280
     catttacccc taggctcagt gacattagac caaggggaaa acagccctgt acaggaagtt    173340
     acaacacaga ctaaactttt ttattttcat aagatttaat ttattttatg tatgtgtgtg    173400
     cacctatatg ccagaagatg gcattagatc ctattacaga tggttgtgag ctaccatgtg    173460
     gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctttgg aagagcagct agtgtttttg tttgtttgtt    173520
     tgtttgtttg ttattgttgt tgttttttga gacagggttt ctctatatag ccctggctgt    173580
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc    173640
     tcctgagtac tgggattaaa ggcgtacacc accatgcctg gagattaaac tcttaagagt    173700
     caactttaag agccaaacaa tttccagagg catttggtaa tacctcattt agtgtttgga    173760
     cactgctgct aaaaatgaca gattgccctg aagttagcta gctagccatc acatcctatt    173820
     acatccctcc agtgagctcc cagctttggg ctcctgaaga agtaaccggt ctgagcagag    173880
     tggtgggatg tcatgctctc ctggttcttt gttggcttgt gtattgtact caggatgtat    173940
     agttcattgg ataacaggac tgcacactca tgcagggctg gggacgggcg gtgccttgca    174000
     ttgactcatt cccatttctg gtacctgtta ggcactctag tagtagagag taaatgcatg    174060
     attctttgag agtttggagg cctcaaccag aggactcttg ccttttgttc tctacaacag    174120
     tatgagccca ccaggaagga atgtctttca tcttttatct ttaaggcctt tggccttaaa    174180
     atttattaaa tattaaccac ttcaactatt tcatagaaat ctgttttcat agttttaaat    174240
     agtatgttct tgctatcctt gttacccggt cttcacaaaa gttattcact caccgtttct    174300
     gtacttgtat gctacgtgag ataaaactta gaattttaag tcatttaaat taaaaattgt    174360
     tttagatagt taattttatg tgtatgagtg tttcgcctac atgtatgtat gagcactaca    174420
     agcatacctg gagccttcag aggtcagaag tagcactggg tcccctggga ctggagttac    174480
     agatggttgt gtgccaccat atggatgctg gagttgaatt caattctgca agaataagtg    174540
     ctcttaacca ttgagccatc ttcccagccc attaatttga tattttaaac tattattcag    174600
     tctctcagta gcagataaaa ggggttgctg aatatgataa atagggaagg tgtaggcaca    174660
     tcttttattg gagaatgaga atatacttag cagactccag caatagcagt aactctaaat    174720
     ttaagtaatg aacgactcat tatcttctgt aagatgttta cagaattcta tagaacagtc    174780
     attcagaata tgcagatagt gctgggtcat attgcctatc agaggaagta aggtaagaaa    174840
     ttgaaatttt agaagcttgc atggtagctt aatagaacaa tcttttatct gctgaatttc    174900
     atgatttaaa aaattgggat ttatgccagg cagtggtggt gtgttccttt aatgccagca    174960
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctca gtttgaggcc agcctggtct atagagtgag    175020
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aacccccccc ccccaaaaaa    175080
     aaaatctgct tggcatggtt gtatactcct gagaagatag agacaggatg atcagggctt    175140
     taaggacagt ctccattcca taatgtattt gaggctgggc tgggctacat gagaccatgt    175200
     gtcattaaat agaaaaaaaa acttcaccaa aaatagttgg caaaacacta ttctaaaaca    175260
     gcagtgaatc atctttcata cttgtgcctg acatcccaag tgacaccaca ctcaatgcgg    175320
     ggattgagta gtttctctac cgttggttct aagtagtctg gaataggttt ttctttcctg    175380
     caactgtttt ttacctacga atcattgcgc tagggttggg aaatgactct gtgtataagc    175440
     gtgcttgctc ccaatcccag aattgggaga tggcagggct cactggccaa tctgcttttt    175500
     cagattcagt gaacttcaag ttccgtgaaa gaccttgact ccagagaata aggcagaaag    175560
     acataaaaga gaacacttga ttttattttc taacttacac atacacatat gaacataccc    175620
     caccacacac acacacacac acacacacac aagatctctg ttctaacatg taacataggt    175680
     ttctttataa gatatgttaa aatttgggag ttttatactt tataaattct tcagttcaga    175740
     tattttaaat aaatgataga gggaggaact tgtgagggcc catgcgtagc tgaggagtta    175800
     ttggtagcta acactgctgg agaagtgggt caggagtcat ttttcttcag tggcgtaacc    175860
     actggtaggt agtctgtgcc ccgactcaat aacccatacc atgctcatgc aagcaacacc    175920
     aattaacttg agtaggtcac ttaaaaacta cataaaccta gaaggagtac ttattggaaa    175980
     gaaagaattc agtggaagtg aggagcaaaa gagggtaagg aaggaatatt atcaaaatat    176040
     gttctataca tttataaaag tgtctgtgta aatgaaagtg taatttttaa tttatttgag    176100
     tgctggctaa tagttcccat gatttagtaa agatatctgc ttaaagccag atgtggttgt    176160
     gcaggccctt aatctcagca ccagggaggc aggaacagac agatctttgt gagtctaggc    176220
     cagcctggat tttatagtga gctccagatt ggctgggact aacagtaaga ctctgtttca    176280
     aaaaacagaa tcagaaagcc taccataact attgtgaaga taatcctatg ttggacctgc    176340
     ttccggtatt tgctactgcc tttcctattt gttaaaatgc cattggaagg aaagtgaata    176400
     ctgtagctgg atagccaccc attgggcttg atttgaaggt tccacctcca gtatttattt    176460
     agctcttaac agcagagaaa gtactttgaa tgctgtctaa aatctgcagg aatttaggag    176520
     aggttcatgt gatttgaatc tgtttcaagg ccagaattca ttgctcctca ctgaggattc    176580
     ccagtgagca caatactttc ataaagcttt atcttgtgtg gtgtgtggtc atatgtgtat    176640
     aagttaatga gagaattctg ggaacaggta ggtgtatgca gatgaagact gcacagtgtg    176700
     ggctcatgat atctagtctg ttgtatctgt gttctgatct taaaatgttt ttatttttac    176760
     tgtgtatgta ttgctatttt acctgtatgt atgcctgtgt gccatgtatg tatctgatgc    176820
     ccagggaggt cagaagaaag cagtggattc ccttggatgg gaattatagg tggttgttag    176880
     aggggttttt tgttggtggt ggtggtgtta ggagtcaaaa atgcaggtcc tctagaaggc    176940
     cagctgagcc atctctcctg cctctgtgtc cagtttataa aaataatatg cctgcatctt    177000
     tgatcaaatt taattttata tgttattttc aaaaagggtt ctatttcaat ttaaatatac    177060
     tacaaaatgt gtaacattaa attaaaattg tttcaagatg ggcatggttc ctcttatttc    177120
     tgtactaagg gggctgaggc aggaggatca taatatccag accaggttag gctactatta    177180
     agacccagtc tcaaaaaaca aaaatgaaaa ctgaaccttt cagcaatcaa atcatatgcc    177240
     tctaggctgg ttgtggtggc gcacaccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaaga    177300
     ggatctctgt gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctagagtaag ttcagagcag tcagagctac    177360
     atagtgggac cctgtctcaa acaaacaaac aaacaaagat catatggctc taggatattc    177420
     atatataatt taactgtcag tttctgaaag ccaagataaa aatacatatg atttgaccaa    177480
     aatttgagta ttttttgcca ttggagagaa taattagaaa ttcttacaat ttgataattt    177540
     ttgtgaaaat aattttctac tgacttgttc ttgttccagt cttttcacta tgtttaactc    177600
     atctttattt ttattttttt taaataaact gcttgaatca gacaaaacac tggttatcat    177660
     gaattgtaag ttcagcctaa aaatacataa ttgcatgggg tggagcagta agttataatt    177720
     ttaaaataat tactgtaact agtcttcttt tgaaggatga ctcttctgac aatttaaaga    177780
     tagttacaaa taaacatttt actgaaacta ttagcaaaga aagttttgtc tattttggtc    177840
     ctaatgtaaa caacactgta gaagggagac attaaaaatg ttcctttgca taaaggtccc    177900
     tggcctggcc ttagtatctt attaatttta aatgccacac atttttaaaa cgtgacagtg    177960
     taaatatttc acacctgcac atcaactctc aacatccagg gctctaaact gaagcacaag    178020
     caaagcattt atggagctct agaacctgtg tgtgaaaagg agcgtgcgtg accccacagt    178080
     gactctgccg agtcctcttc cattgtatgt ccttaggttt cattaggaaa atggtcaaat    178140
     ggacagacaa cttgaaggac gtccacagtg agcacataat ttttattcca taggtgacta    178200
     tacctttctg cttcactaat ctatttttaa agcattttaa agttatagga atcaaatgct    178260
     tcacccccag taacactgat atgtgtttca tttgtgttgt ctataatgca taatctctaa    178320
     ttttaatcat aatggtgtta aatttacccg attattcctc ttcattgttg agtaacggtc    178380
     tgctgtctaa atctactgaa gtgtttatcc tattgattta tagatattgg gctgtttact    178440
     atttgggcca ttgtgaagaa agctgctata tgcatgcttt ttttttgttt tttgtttgtt    178500
     tgtttcttgt tttttttttg ttttgttttt ttgttttttt ggtttttttt tttgtttttt    178560
     gttttttttt tttggtaact acatctttta gttctcttgg ttaaaaatgc caagagggtt    178620
     tgctgggtca catggtaaaa gtatatttta ga                                  178652