ID   AL683897; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 187308 BP.
AC   AL683897;
DT   08-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-208E23 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187308
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 601668b10c4307bf7927efdc5da844f4.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027130; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027131; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000096764; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026288; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026289; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026291; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026248; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026249; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026250; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026252; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026229; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026231; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026261; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026262; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026263; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026265; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026008; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026010; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026708; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026710; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026712; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025471; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025473; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025983; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025984; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025985; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025987; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026122; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026123; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026124; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026126; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026084; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026085; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026086; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026088; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026223; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026224; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026225; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026227; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026103; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026104; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026105; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026107; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026763; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026764; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026765; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026767; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025207; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025209; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025540; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025542; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL683897.5:1-187308; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028549; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000028551; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000053666; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110987; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110991; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141047; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056676; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056684; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0056688; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056703; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056704; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056712; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0056716; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0056663; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0056667; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056645; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056653; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0056657; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0056358; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0056362; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057128; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057129; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057137; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0057141; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0056578; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0056582; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056304; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056305; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056313; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0056317; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056413; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056414; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056422; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0056426; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056379; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056380; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056388; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0056392; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056539; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056540; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056548; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0056552; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056355; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056356; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056364; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0056368; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057286; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057287; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057295; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0057299; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0056176; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0056180; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0055645; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0055650; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q3V0N8.
DR   GOA; Q6P6P5.
DR   InterPro; IPR000076; KCL_cotranspt.
DR   InterPro; IPR004841; AA-permease/SLC12A_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004842; SLC12A_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR018491; SLC12_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR030364; KCC3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2135960; Slc12a6.
DR   MGI; MGI:5439454; Gm21985.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V0N8; Q3V0N8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q6P6P5; Q6P6P5_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-208E23 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187308
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-208E23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    139049..139316
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-21D3
FT                   (AL691423). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    140593..140625
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-52C15
FT                   (AL731840). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    140859..140883
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-52C15
FT                   (AL731840). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    141326..141346
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-52C15
FT                   (AL731840). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    146985..147208
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-52C15
FT                   (AL731840). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
SQ   Sequence 187308 BP; 53105 A; 37470 C; 37718 G; 59015 T; 0 other;
     gaattctggg aacaggtagg tgtatgcaga tgaagactgc acagtgtggg ctcatgatat        60
     ctagtctgtt gtatctgtgt tctgatctta aaatgttttt atttttactg tgtatgtatt       120
     gctattttac ctgtatgtat gcctgtgtgc catgtatgta tctgatgccc agggaggtca       180
     gaagaaagca gtggattccc ttggatggga attataggtg gttgttagag gggttttttg       240
     ttggtggtgg tggtgttagg agtcaaaaat gcaggtcctc tagaaggcca gctgagccat       300
     ctctcctgcc tctgtgtcca gtttataaaa ataatatgcc tgcatctttg atcaaattta       360
     attttatatg ttattttcaa aaagggttct atttcaattt aaatatacta caaaatgtgt       420
     aacattaaat taaaattgtt tcaagatggg catggttcct cttatttctg tactaagggg       480
     gctgaggcag gaggatcata atatccagac caggttaggc tactattaag acccagtctc       540
     aaaaaacaaa aatgaaaact gaacctttca gcaatcaaat catatgcctc taggctggtt       600
     gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaagagg atctctgtga       660
     gtttgaggcc agcctggtct agagtaagtt cagagcagtc agagctacat agtgggaccc       720
     tgtctcaaac aaacaaacaa acaaagatca tatggctcta ggatattcat atataattta       780
     actgtcagtt tctgaaagcc aagataaaaa tacatatgat ttgaccaaaa tttgagtatt       840
     ttttgccatt ggagagaata attagaaatt cttacaattt gataattttt gtgaaaataa       900
     ttttctactg acttgttctt gttccagtct tttcactatg tttaactcat ctttattttt       960
     atttttttta aataaactgc ttgaatcaga caaaacactg gttatcatga attgtaagtt      1020
     cagcctaaaa atacataatt gcatggggtg gagcagtaag ttataatttt aaaataatta      1080
     ctgtaactag tcttcttttg aaggatgact cttctgacaa tttaaagata gttacaaata      1140
     aacattttac tgaaactatt agcaaagaaa gttttgtcta ttttggtcct aatgtaaaca      1200
     acactgtaga agggagacat taaaaatgtt cctttgcata aaggtccctg gcctggcctt      1260
     agtatcttat taattttaaa tgccacacat ttttaaaacg tgacagtgta aatatttcac      1320
     acctgcacat caactctcaa catccagggc tctaaactga agcacaagca aagcatttat      1380
     ggagctctag aacctgtgtg tgaaaaggag cgtgcgtgac cccacagtga ctctgccgag      1440
     tcctcttcca ttgtatgtcc ttaggtttca ttaggaaaat ggtcaaatgg acagacaact      1500
     tgaaggacgt ccacagtgag cacataattt ttattccata ggtgactata cctttctgct      1560
     tcactaatct atttttaaag cattttaaag ttataggaat caaatgcttc acccccagta      1620
     acactgatat gtgtttcatt tgtgttgtct ataatgcata atctctaatt ttaatcataa      1680
     tggtgttaaa tttacccgat tattcctctt cattgttgag taacggtctg ctgtctaaat      1740
     ctactgaagt gtttatccta ttgatttata gatattgggc tgtttactat ttgggccatt      1800
     gtgaagaaag ctgctatatg catgcttttt ttttgttttt tgtttgtttg tttcttgttt      1860
     tttttttgtt ttgttttttt gtttttttgg tttttttttt tgttttttgt tttttttttt      1920
     tggtaactac atcttttagt tctcttggtt aaaaatgcca agagggtttg ctgggtcaca      1980
     tggtaaaagt atattttaga tttataaaaa gctagaactt tcgcccaagg gaaagtcctt      2040
     gatgacccct gacggggagt atgttttcaa atgcttctta gccttttgtt tattgtcctt      2100
     tgtcagctgt ttgttttaat cataagtctt gtctttttat tcctgagttt aagaaatctt      2160
     tgtgtagttt atatccaagg ttctgcattt caaggtaaat tgagatacca gttcactttc      2220
     ccacaaactt gaatgtgtat tattatttaa agcttagaat ttgttcaagg ctttttcttc      2280
     tgaagtaaac ttcttataca gtgaaatgca aagggacatt ccaagtaaat tgactgaaat      2340
     tgacaaatgc atacactttc tagcaagatc tctagtgtca tgttttcagg aagttttgct      2400
     gtgttggagc ccagctaatc tccactccac cttctcagag gcaaccattg tactaattag      2460
     aaaggccgtt agcacgaata taacaacagt aggttatatt ctaacatttt cacgcccatg      2520
     tgttgtgtac tttgatcctg ttctcctcat tgcctccttt ccttcccctc actggtaccc      2580
     tgacttttca tcagtcgctc cctctaaagt ctaaactcca cgtacaagct acagtacagt      2640
     atagtagttg tcattctgag cacagcctat ttgcttaacg tgatgatttc aggttgtact      2700
     ttttttttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaacc catgttttct ttatccattt atctgtttta      2760
     acaacaccta gacagatttc atctggcttt ccatgccata gactgtttta aacgttaaag      2820
     cactgcaaac acattcatgt tgtgtttatc tggtggtcat ttttaacatc tcgaatggta      2880
     aatacacttt ggctctatag tttttttctt acgaatgaat atgtatggta tttccacttt      2940
     agagacgtca ggaatataag cattttgtgg agcacagttt gattgttagg agagaatgct      3000
     cgagagtgaa gttgttgatt gctagggcaa gtccagactc ttctatagtt atccacctta      3060
     acagccgcag ccacagtgtt tgagggtcct ttctttcatt ctactttgtt gccacatttg      3120
     gtctttttaa ttttagctgt ctcagtggga ctgtgttagt atattattgt gacagtgcat      3180
     tgtgttttct gtgtatgatg tctcaccttt atgtaattat tttctgtcca catcattcat      3240
     atcttaatgt tacttcacct tcagtgttct atggcctgca catctatcta cagttaatcc      3300
     ccagagagaa ttgtaaaatt gctgaccgct gtggtacaaa acactgagct ggtaaataaa      3360
     ttactcctgt catagagttt attaacaggg ctttgtcaca ctccttcttg ttcagtttga      3420
     tggactttag agaagaggag agtgagatga taacatttag atttagtctt tttttttttt      3480
     ttttttttgc tttgtttttt gtttttgcat cagatctcat tacagatggt tgtgagccac      3540
     catgtggttg ctgagaattg aactcaggaa gagcagccag tgctcttaac cactgagcca      3600
     tctctccagt cccatgaagg gacttttaaa agtcttaaga tccaaaccct attgctaaag      3660
     cagttaaata gaaatatctg agatagaccc aaagcatcaa tattttaaaa gctccccagg      3720
     tgaatgaatg actgcaaacc atgactatca ggaacatatg aagtagaagt taagtacttg      3780
     tgaactttct tttaaattta gtgagtcttt gttgcctacc aaaaggcttt aggtatttta      3840
     aagtttgcct taccattcac cgtgacttta gtcatctttt gtatctaaat gtttgtgcag      3900
     tgagttaatg agactgatgt agagtttcta gtgcaatgca gagcacagcg taggactgac      3960
     tactgtagag gtggtgtgct ttgaatgaat gatgatcgca ttcattctct agtcagcaca      4020
     ttttactgag tcttgtctgg cagaagacat ttctaatgac aaagtcttgc tatggtacca      4080
     acatggaaag taacataaag cttgatttac tctccctgcc cgtttaatca gctgagcact      4140
     tgataaagct attcaatgtt attgtggagt aaagtatgtt actatgttat gggactacag      4200
     gcaccttaag gatacctttt tctttaaaac agttatgttg aagcttcctt tacataccaa      4260
     tttaaaactt taaatacagt tttctctttt aaacttgtgc ttttgataaa attagttctc      4320
     ttcttgaatg tccttgcaag catctgggca tccaaaactg ggttgtttat aaaatatgat      4380
     gtgtcattaa atattggcta agtagatgtt tcacctgaag gaggagagaa gcctttcact      4440
     gactcttgca aggttttccc atatgctttg aacttaagca acaatggaaa ccgtcctttt      4500
     gttttctgag ttgacatagt gccagtcttc attaaagagg gtagtttgtg aaataaagtg      4560
     ttccctgatc tttctcgtgt gaagtaaaag gacagatgat gagtaaggtt gagatgatgg      4620
     aacccagaga agtggcaata aattaaagga aacaagtggg agacacaggg tggacagctc      4680
     ttgatgagct cacgggcttt agctttctgc cgcctggaga aactgcccag acagttggag      4740
     ttctacaggt taataacaat aagctggggt ggagtgctta agccttttaa gagaatgata      4800
     aacagggcgg aaggcgtgtc ttcaagcgtc ccactccctt ggggctatgg tcacgtgggc      4860
     tcagtacttc ccgattccca gccactgtct ccctaggctg tgctctgagt gtggagggag      4920
     agaggcaggg acgcacggga aggaaattta aacgctgaaa gcaagggtct gtctgtaaga      4980
     acaatgccgc acttcactgt gaccaaggta gaagacccag aggagggggc agctggcccc      5040
     ctctctcctg agcccagctc agcagaagta aaagcccgga ttcaggatcc ccaagaacca      5100
     ggtaagtcct gcgcttgtag cgtcggggga cccacagact agtttttgtg aaggaagcgg      5160
     taacttggcc atcagtcttc aaactgttgc ttacagatgc tgatggagaa aaggcgtgtt      5220
     tttcagttgt ttcactcccc gtatatctga taacgtgcct tttttttttt ttttttccac      5280
     gaagcggttt gttttttcct ctacaaagag ttttctgtgt ccattaccaa caggtgaaat      5340
     tgaatcggta gcaatgtatg aaaggagttt tcaagcacaa agaaagacag taaaagtcat      5400
     ttatgcagat tttagaattc agttttcgct cagatggctt aaattctatc tagaaaaagc      5460
     ttcgaaccaa acagatattg gccttttaat cttagctgtt tatataatat atccaaaggg      5520
     agcatggttc agtagttttg ttctgtggac tttttacttg tgaacctgcg gttattcaga      5580
     accctgcctc aatttacccg gtacacagta aatcagtaac aaatgttcta ataacttaaa      5640
     aagtacattg gttgggcatt gtggtgatca gcatagcatc gggtttaata aaagtattta      5700
     atgaatgtgc tcatctcttt gtggcctctg aatgttgaca gttagacttt cctggggaat      5760
     tgtggtttgg gatttttaaa catgcaatta aagtattaat actgtggtat taagtatagt      5820
     tacactttga ctctaatttt tttaaatttg taaatcgtta gcaacatctg tatgtgggaa      5880
     aagttaaggg aaatgcacaa ttcctctgta gctctttctt gtgacaggca gctgtggtta      5940
     gcaaccttga acttgagatg gagagaagtg ttggaatagg agacgttcca tttattcacc      6000
     ctcattcttg gagtgagaga ctttgtcagg agacagtaaa gaaggtagat taaaatgtaa      6060
     aacatgtaaa tgttttgccc actatgtaat ttttgctttg ctgaatagca gcgaactgtg      6120
     agttagtcta tgctctctta cttgaacctg cttttctatg gctttaggta gaagagccag      6180
     cagagtcagt cttaggcctg ggtgtatgtg aagttaccct ttctcatttg ctgatggttt      6240
     caattccttt tgtgtttagg ctgtcttgaa taatgtcaca aaatgtaaat aatatatctc      6300
     atctctcatt ttttttttgt gctgttttcc tctgccttta attacttcat ctttaccagt      6360
     ctcattgttt tgagaaattt ggttttttta gtaagagggg ttagagaaga gtaataaaat      6420
     tattcagtct attaacagcc acctagaaag ccataaaagt tttgatggaa cccagcttta      6480
     ttaataacac aacattatta ggcttaaaat attttcttcc ataaaactgc tttgaaaaag      6540
     gaagaagcaa cagatataag ctaactctgg gctggagaga tggctcagca gttaagagca      6600
     gtgactgctt ttctggaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accgcatggt ggctcacaac      6660
     catctataac aagacctgat tccctctttt ggtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacctat      6720
     atataataaa taaaataaat cttaaaaaag aagaaagaaa gaagctaact cgaatttaat      6780
     aagggtcttt tatttggtgt tttccataac atttcagaga gtgtgcagtt gaatatacta      6840
     atatttgaca agtgaacaac tactgggaat gtattatctc agttgtcttt accataaagt      6900
     taagtaagaa gaaaagagat tttttttctt gttattgaag gtttatttct ctccttcctg      6960
     gacacatttg ctagaaatgt agtgaatttt agccacttgc tcttctaagt taaaagaaca      7020
     aaagaaagca aggaaggaaa ggaaggaaga aactcggtga aacctactgt tttgtacaat      7080
     ggatatgtac ttgtaaagat actacctagt ttgttatttt gttttattac ttcaaaccct      7140
     gaccacttgt gtaacacccc atccttcctt tttcctttgc atcagtgtaa caagaaaaat      7200
     atatagtaca aatatatata cttaatatac ttatttgaac taaaaaataa ctttcgataa      7260
     gtagaaatat gaaaatagga ctaatccaaa ctcactttta cataaaataa ttttaaatgt      7320
     attatcatta gtgtgaatat attgtacatg ctattaggtt acataaggac attttcataa      7380
     gttgtacgta agtaaaataa gtatagtggt tattgccgca taaggtacta caaagtctgc      7440
     aatagaccct gctggagtct cagaaggaaa gcagaacctc agcgttctga aacatgtccc      7500
     tttttcccct gcactgtttt cttggcagca agcctgtaga agtagcaatg ccacacctgt      7560
     gtcacccttt gtcccctcac cagactgaga gtaagcagcc tgagccagag actttgtcag      7620
     atcgtttgta tctcaggctc ctaagctgct tagcaaatag ttcagtgact aggcatgctc      7680
     tcagcctttc aattcaccag actttaggcc aactgtggga cttctcctaa tgttccaaag      7740
     gtgtaaactt taccaaaggc agcaaaatgg ctttagagtc agggatctgg ctatgaatcc      7800
     cagacctact aattacacct aattggtaat agtgacaatt tgtaataatt agtacttggg      7860
     tgactttctg caagttgttt agcttctctc ttcattaata aagccaatgc ctactttaca      7920
     gggtgactac aaggactgta tggaatagat aattcataga tacatgtatg acatcacact      7980
     tacaaatatg aatacctatt tcttacatta tgattagtgg ttcattgaaa aaaaggaaaa      8040
     ggtttggata actgatgttg gaagaatact gaaatgcctg gaggacattg taggtatctg      8100
     agtaggggat ccaaataatt tttaaggggg gacacagaga aaaatcacca agaatggaaa      8160
     tagtttgaaa atatcaggaa agagtccagc tcttatgaga cacaaaagtt gggacaatcc      8220
     caggtgtgtg gtaaagaaga ggtgagggag gagaggtgga gtctggtcag cgaagctcat      8280
     ccatttcatc tcctcctcct gtgtgtgggt ttgctacccc ttccaggcca gtacttgcca      8340
     cgggccaccc acctaacctg ccctggaggc ggtgcctagt taccagtgct ccccattgca      8400
     tcattttgct aagtccttgt gtgcttggcc cactgagttt gataggatta ttaaacatat      8460
     atatacacac atacatacat acatatatat atacatatat atatatatat gtatatatat      8520
     atatatatat atatattttt tttaggtata gtggtagaag cctgtaatcc caggctcagg      8580
     tggggggata atgagtttga agccagactg ggctatacag tgaggctctt tctcaaagaa      8640
     aaatgtaaat tattttatag gactgttaca gaccttatct ctttattgca ctttcttaat      8700
     cagatatata tactacagtc atttcttgat ttaaatataa ttcataaaaa tattttaatt      8760
     aaataactgc tctaaatctc cttgctcttc aaatcagctt atggattagg taactatgga      8820
     ctgccatgtg tgcctcacta gacacagata gcagatctgt tgttagcaaa cagccgctcc      8880
     atgggaacct ggtagaagag catactgtga gagttctatg aattaaagat tagatcttag      8940
     taactcataa gatgtaacta ttagctacct attagttgta cttgttaccc gtgaaatatt      9000
     ctttaaatgg tggctttgac agtgttgtct cattgactaa aactaaaata ggttgaacta      9060
     gacaattaca aattctctat atagattatt ttttggagtg aagatttcca gtgagatgtg      9120
     ctggcataca cttgtatccc cagcctgtgt aacagccaga cctctgtctc cgcacattcc      9180
     tttaatccag cacttaggaa cagagacaga gcagagggat ctctgagttc aaggctagct      9240
     tgacttaggt agcaaattcg agaccagcct agagacccca tctcaaaaga aattttttta      9300
     aaactttttc ttcttttatg tatctgttta catgggattt ttacggactg tgaaaacaga      9360
     aacagatctg catcttataa aatctgagtt aaaagttttg gaactggcag gtgagctgtg      9420
     tttttctgcc tcctacactg cactccagta ttccagaatt gtaagaaggc ttcacatgtc      9480
     ccgcaagtat cttctcaata attttgtcat gatttttatt gtacctaaaa ataagaatac      9540
     agattttgga gttagggagg tagctcagtg gttggaatgc ttactctgaa agtatgagga      9600
     ctggagttca catgcctgct gggcatgtca gcctgcctgc ctttccagcc ttggaaagaa      9660
     aagagctcca gagtatgctg gctagcaagc ctaaccgcct tggtgagttc tgggttttgc      9720
     ctaagcaacc ttggtatctt agaacttaac atgcatgtcc acacacatgc aaagcacaaa      9780
     catgcatata taccacacat acgtagaaca ggaaaaagaa caaggactat aaatctgaat      9840
     gtgtttgcct acagtctttg catcttaaaa cactgtggac ttgacatgtg acactcccgg      9900
     acttaaacat ttgccggttc tatttctaca ctgcttaacc actgatttgt taggatagct      9960
     cactcccagg atttcttgct tggtatccca acccttatgt actgtctgct actttggccc     10020
     cacaagagac ataccagatt gaagattgaa tgctataaag ataaaagctc tataaaaata     10080
     cacttgtaag taggtgtggt agcgcatgcc tgcagtctga gtacttggaa ggctgaggta     10140
     aaagcatata gtgagaccct gtctcaaaaa ttaaaagccc ccaatgtcct catttgattt     10200
     taaatattgc ttattacttt tatattctat actcaatatt tagttggtag taaggaatat     10260
     attatgtata atttagcata tgatactttt ttttaaaaag atttatttat ttttatacaa     10320
     gtatactgta gctgtctgtc ttcagacaca ttagaagaga gtatcagatg gttgagagcc     10380
     accatgtggt tgctgagaat tgaactcatg gcctctggaa ccgctgagcc acctctctat     10440
     caccatgata caactttcta aaacttatgc agtatatcca agttcaccat gaaattgaag     10500
     atttgaaaga gtttcagatt tcagtccaaa tttggacatg cagagaaagg ttatcaggtg     10560
     gtaacctcta aagaaactag tatcttttgg ttttggcata ttgaaagagg aagatatttt     10620
     acatacaaaa tgttatcagc attatagtaa taatagcagt tgccattgct aggcagtgct     10680
     aggtgagtag ctgaggcagg gttaacccag gcatctaaca gtgttgactt cttgcccaca     10740
     gcaaccactg gaccatggtg gatcagaaaa gtgaggtgcc aggaaatctg ggttacatca     10800
     gtgtacagac tcaggtggag aatctgtgca tagcacagcc tttcctcccc ggcactgcag     10860
     tcctgtactt tttaaacatg ctttaaaatt tttatttaat ataaattaaa atagaattac     10920
     atcatttccc ctttcccttt tctccaaacc tttccgtgtc ccttttctcc attcttacat     10980
     atgtgtgtgt gttttatata tagatataca tacacttgta atgataataa acactttaaa     11040
     aaactcttat actactaggc atctgtattc tcttaattac taatcctgag gctttctttc     11100
     ttttgtaaat atgaattcct cagaatttga tgaaaattta ttccttgtca aactttgtgt     11160
     gtgctgtatt gctcttttat ttggtatgga ctatttccaa gtatactgta tttttctaaa     11220
     gtgtgccaaa aattgagaca gctgaagaag caggaagctt ggcttaatca gactgtccca     11280
     gagtatctct ctacctgtca tatatatagg aaggcgcatc cttacctgtg agatggatac     11340
     ttcaagacta agggttagtg ctaggatgta gacaatgtaa aataattaac ttttagaatt     11400
     actttaaaat gttagaagct gggtatgttg gctggtgctg caatatctag cagggggatc     11460
     attagaacaa gttcagggcc agcctgagct acagagtgac acctgtttaa aaaaagaaaa     11520
     aaaaaaaaag caagagaaac ctacatgtag tgccgaaatt atactaggtg ttttttactt     11580
     aagtaaaata acaataaaaa aatcccattt aaaggaaaat tttcatatag gtgtaacata     11640
     tacatggtag aaattgcata tggcacataa acacatagat aaaattattt taatccagta     11700
     agccctgtat ataaggtggg ttgggttccc ttatttactt cctgtgttct tcttactgca     11760
     gcggaacatc ttgtggaaaa agatcctaat attagtgtta gaaatgtcag ctctggagca     11820
     agagcctaag aagccatcat tgtctttctc ccaactcctt gcttatactc cggatagctt     11880
     tttatctgaa cttctgtttt cattttctgc ataccataaa aaattacaca caaccacatt     11940
     gaactcctcc atttactcca ggtctggtcc gtctccattt cctgtgggct ggcatgactg     12000
     attgtccctg gctttgatta ctccgtttat caatatctgt cagtactcag acataccaac     12060
     tctatgtctc aacttgcagt tgcttgtggt ttaacctatg cacttcattt gattgattga     12120
     catgcagagg actagtttca aacttgtggt ccttctgctt aggcctccag gtactgggac     12180
     tataggaacg caccactgta tttgacctta tttcttcagt tatattatga attgcagaaa     12240
     gatgagtgat agtcttaata tttttagaaa agtagtttct attgcaggaa atttcaaact     12300
     gcaaaaacag tgactttcct gccagtatct cttctctctt gctgtttttg ttttgttttg     12360
     ttttgtttta gatctttgta tttagaaata tcaacctttt aaaacaaaat gttggaacta     12420
     ttttcctcaa tcattatttt ttttaatgtt tcattgaggt ataggtaaca taaaattcac     12480
     tacataaatg taccatttaa tgagtttgca cacatgcata tacttgtaaa acagttacca     12540
     taatcaagat aatgaacatt ttcagttccc acaaaaattt cctgtgctct ttataatgta     12600
     ctttagctaa ttcccaggtt tgcaaacaac agctaggttt tttctgtcac tattctctta     12660
     tttgcattta tgagagtttt atgtgaatag aatgatagag tattattgtc ttcttttata     12720
     cagcataatt atattgatat ttatccattc tatttttatt ttattttatt gtttggtttt     12780
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctga ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccagac     12840
     tggcctctgt ctcccaagtg ctggtattaa aggcatgtgc caccacgccc ggcatattta     12900
     tccattcttg tcagtatcct ttgcttctaa ttctccttaa catatcttta tttcttgaaa     12960
     ttttttttga acttagcatt caagggagta gttgaaaaca agacagttta taaatatgta     13020
     gacttcacag agacatttat gtgtacttta gaaggatata ttggtaccag tcagtagacc     13080
     caataactta aaaggctgag gcagaaggat cattgaaccc aggagttaga agccaacttg     13140
     ggcaacataa tcaaaacaaa gaaacaaaca aacatacata catacatact acactgtttt     13200
     gtgattactg tccctatcct gttattcctc tcccatctct gacacccttt ctcatctatc     13260
     ccagtccctt tcccaggtcc ttgaattttg atttgatttt gtgtctcact aaatttagca     13320
     agagccatct gtgcgagcat taccttggaa ctattcctta gagcctggtg gaatcaccaa     13380
     tggatacaca actgaaggca atgactcccc ttttccctgt gtctatcatt aacaaatagt     13440
     ttatcagtgg ggggtgtggt cccctaagcc cttcctccat ccatacctgt taacagaccc     13500
     atccttttgc agacacggtg taggcatcca tagctatttt gaggttgtgg tatctatctg     13560
     tttcccagaa gatggcatgt tgtagtccct tttctctgtc ttccagctct taaattctac     13620
     tcctacttct gtgaagctct cagagcctcg cagggaatgg tataaaagtc ttggttagtg     13680
     ctgaacagtc atccactact tattctcagg gactttgatg ctttgtcagt ctaactcgta     13740
     aacaatttgc agttcctctc tcgggctcac gatctctact ctttggggtt cttgacaggc     13800
     tgtataatac cagacagaat tccctcctgt gtcacaggcc accatatcag tcagagagca     13860
     cttggttaac ccctcacagt aatgtcactc ttgtacaagt gagcatatct tgctttacag     13920
     gttggccttg tagttcacag tttacaggtg gtgagactgc cttagggttt ccactgctgt     13980
     gaagggacac catgaccaag gcaactctta taaagaacgg cgtttaattg gggttggcta     14040
     acaggttctg aggttcagtt caatgatcat cagacagaag aagcatggca agaggagctg     14100
     agagttctac atcttgttcc aaaggcaaac agaagactag cttccaggca gccaggagaa     14160
     gggtctcaaa gcccacccca aagtgacaca cttcctccaa caaggtcaca gctcctaaca     14220
     ctgccactgt ctgggccaag catattaaaa tcactgcaga gactgttggt gttctttctc     14280
     tgaatggcct gcatagtgcc ttctgggatt atggaagcta gccagcagag agaaaggtcc     14340
     caggtcagtt ccacctggat ttctccattc atgcaaccaa ggtgtattat cttcagcaat     14400
     agtgtctttt tgtatagttc tgctgggcag ccaaaaggaa tggcaggagc tgatcttgtt     14460
     tgggagtact cttggggctc ctataattga caactcagta gggacactag ggtttttatt     14520
     tgatcattta cagttcctag gaaaaatatg ttctaaaatc tggttaaaag ataagtttct     14580
     taaatatatt tgtccaaatt ttagtgtgtg taggattagt ctataaactg aaccactttt     14640
     actgaatgtt atatttctga gcatgttcta gaaagatgac agttttctag gttttaaaag     14700
     ttgttggagg gttggagaga tggctcagca gttacgagca ctgactgtct tccagagatc     14760
     ctgagtttaa ttcccagcaa cgacatggtg gcttaaaacc atctgtaatg ggaatccgat     14820
     gccatcttct gatgtgtctg aagacagcga cagtgtatac acataaatga aataaataaa     14880
     tcttcctttt ttaaagttgt tggttttgta gcccaagctg gccttgaact tgagatcatt     14940
     ctaccccagc ctactgagta tggatattat agctatatgc catcccacct caaaggtggg     15000
     tatttgcata ttccactgtc tgtccaatcc taattccagc ttgttcctct ttctctttag     15060
     cagaagtacc ctggatctag tgaactgttg ggaatgagca agacaatgga ctctcaaggc     15120
     tctttcagga aaacatggct taggattgat ttgttcctca aatgctgcat gagagccttt     15180
     agtgccgcaa gataatattg agaatggaag atctaaaaag aacatgactt gtagagatcc     15240
     ctgagatctt tgtaggggat aggaagagct agggccctga gatcttccta tctctaagca     15300
     gagaagagag gcttcttccc ggccccaaca gaggcctgtg agacagaagc agacactgag     15360
     ttctctccgt tcctcctcct ccttcctccc tcccacaccc attaaaattt aagtctctgt     15420
     aaaagaaatg agttggttcg tggttctgga agctggaaag tccaagataa aagtatcagt     15480
     ttaaagggag ggcaatagaa gaaacaagtg gaccaaacac cttgtgataa caagcctgct     15540
     ctcacattaa taccaatcca tccaggcagg cagtgccctc atagcttaac acctgggctg     15600
     aggcccatcc tcccagtcat ggtggaccca gggttaagtt tctctcactt gcctttcttc     15660
     caatctcatt gaaaccataa atgtttgaat tgcatcttat tttgtagtaa agaagctaat     15720
     aatgttcata atgtacaaaa aatggaataa atctctaagg cattatgcca gatgaaacat     15780
     gagggcagcc tcaaaagtca tgcataatga gattacaatt ccattcactt attcagtgtg     15840
     tgcgtgtgtg atgtatatag tatgcactca tgagtatgtg aatgttgcaa tgtacatgca     15900
     catggaggcc agtggatatc aggtgtccat ctctactttc ttctattaag agaaggtctc     15960
     ttaggtgggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaagcac     16020
     gtttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt tcaggacagc cagggctaca     16080
     cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcct cttactgaac     16140
     atagaactat ggttggagcc agcaatcttt agcaaccctc ccagtctttg ttttctatag     16200
     cacatgggtt agttacagga ctacatggcc accatgatct ttttacatga gtgttgggga     16260
     tttgaagtca catcctcata attgagcagc aatcactctt acccccacta agtcatctct     16320
     ctagcctcca tttccacttt ttaaacatgg aaattcaaag tatgtttact aagcaaactg     16380
     tgttgataca tacatagtaa aaaattttaa ctttacatat gtaattgttt ctggtttaat     16440
     ctctgtattt gaaactttag aaacgtatta agcaattaag ctatattaga tttatatttg     16500
     tgtgtgggta gtacagagta aaacttgtgg gagtatgtgc aggtatgtat tgaggtcaga     16560
     gtacaacttg caaacataat cttttaccct atgggtccct ggaatgaagc tcaggccgtt     16620
     aggcttgatg acagcacttt acccactaag cgatctcact gtcccagcaa ttatggtatg     16680
     aacaaaggca tgcaccactc tgcttttatg attattttta gagactgctg cagcatcttt     16740
     atttagctgg tccaatcagc tgttaattct aaatgggttt tttctcgctg gctgcctggt     16800
     ttccctagat agtttgcttt ttctctcttt cacttcataa gagcttatta aattcatttt     16860
     ctggaggatg acaagtgctg gcaatctcaa gaaaacaagg gtgggtacag ggatttttgt     16920
     cttaattgtc tgtctgtggc atggaatcaa taaagactta aaatatcaag aatgttctca     16980
     gtattgtctg taatgcctgt gactcccgtt agagtttaaa tgttaagtat tccccacagg     17040
     atctggttgc tgatttctag tctgtggcat tgttttagga ggttatggag cctgtggata     17100
     gaaattatgg ttgatagagt tgggtcactg ggaatgagcc tctgaaggtt atagaccggg     17160
     cctacttcta gcttgagctc tgcttcctag tccaccatga tgtaaggtgt cccagctgct     17220
     catggccacc accgtgaact gaccatgcct tctctgccat gatgaactga aaatgtaaga     17280
     caaaaattaa cctttgtttt cagtatttgg tcacagtgat gcaaaggtca ccactgcaga     17340
     aaattggtgc tagacagtgc ggttgtcact ttaataaacc tgttcactag tttataggtt     17400
     tttgaactgg taggcaggaa gaatatggaa aaatatggag ctgtgggcta gagaaacctt     17460
     tgaatgctgt aagagtttaa tggggcgatt gtgattggga ggcgaggaac aaaatgggga     17520
     gagaaatgta gccaataaaa atgatattca tgaggtctca gacgggaaca aggactctgg     17580
     gaaagagggg tagaggccat tgatgtattc tagcaaagaa tcaggctatg tcttgtcatg     17640
     tatgttctga agatttaagt gaggctgaat ttaaaagtca tgtactaact gacactgagt     17700
     ctggggcatg gtggttactg gctgcttgta gtaaaattac aaagggaatt aaaaataaaa     17760
     agtagagcaa gaagatgtga aaagctatac tttgggaagg aaggaagtga acacatttac     17820
     agtcatgaag ggataggtgc agacaagcta tatgttcaag atattagtat agttatagga     17880
     aagggaccaa tgggggcaag accctatcca tcagaggctt caaggtgtca gaatgcagac     17940
     atatttgaaa gacgtgggga aagtgtctga acagaccaca ttacaacaga ggttcccttt     18000
     ttaccaggac cacctaagga catgtttttg caggtttagc tgtgcaggtt ctcccaggca     18060
     actgtagctg tgctgaaggg gactaactgt aacgcaatag gcagccaaac cttgtgtcat     18120
     ccatttgttc gggttttgta ggcatgggct tgtagatgca aagtccttag aggactgcag     18180
     tattatgggg actttgtaac tagaactaaa tgtattttgt tttatagagt ccctacagga     18240
     aggccctgaa tggtgaacaa atgaagtaag ttgccgtaga aactatagga tgttggatat     18300
     gccagggtct tggaacatat gccaagaaaa actgcgtgta tagagtggaa ctagcacaag     18360
     aaaacccatg ggtggccagt gagggctaaa gaggcagtgc cacccaaatg atgttaccat     18420
     gtgatatgaa tgctggacat ggagttacaa gttgtttgcc tgctgaattt ttatttgatc     18480
     taatctttgt cagtttcctg tttcttccct ttgtaatgga aatgtttgaa gtcattggtt     18540
     ggaatcatgt tactttctat tttattttta tagcagatca tagctccaag ttgtcttgaa     18600
     tctcagacaa gaccatagtt ttgtgtgttt attttatgat attagaaatt gaacctagtc     18660
     ttgtgtacaa ggctcacact ctaccaagcg atccttgtcc tcagactctc acgagagact     18720
     ctggactttt gaacggtttt gggactgtta gtattatggg gactttggaa ctagaactaa     18780
     atgtatttta tttttatgag atggccgtaa gacacattat gatttgaatg tgagatgaga     18840
     cacacaggcc agtatgttaa tacttggtcc caagctggtg ctgctgtttt ggaagactgt     18900
     ggaaccttgg tttgggatgc agtgatagta caggtggata gtacagtgga aggcaagcct     18960
     ttaaggactc tatatagccc agctccactt ctggcataag gtctctgttt tctggtccca     19020
     agagttgtaa ggtgccctag ccacttcctc aatgatcacc atacctttcc taccaggatg     19080
     agctaaagct gaaactgtac caaagcaaac cttcacattg cttgtcaggt atttggtcac     19140
     acaagttcaa aagtagctaa tataatgccc cacttcatcc cctcccccca tctttttgtt     19200
     gttgagtttt gttttgtttt gtttttgttt tttggaggca gggtttctcc gtgtaaccca     19260
     actgtcctaa aaatcactat gtagaaggct gaactcagcc ttctgagtgc tggggctaaa     19320
     ggcatgcact accacacctg gctgcctctt ctacccgttt taaaacatat ttgactttta     19380
     ttttatgtgt attggtgttt tgcctgcttg tatgcctttg tgaatgcgtt ggatcctgga     19440
     gttacagaga gttgtgagct gccatgtggg tactaggaat tggaccccgg ttctctggaa     19500
     gagagagcag tcttaaaccc tgggccacct ctccagctcc cttttcccct tcttagtaac     19560
     catgtagtta ctaagtgcat gcttattctt ctaaagccac cacctttaaa aaataaaata     19620
     aaaaggtaag accaaaaaag tttcactgtg tagcccatac tgtcctcaaa tttgtaatcc     19680
     gctaacctca tcttctcaag taactaagat ttcagacatg ccacttgtcc tggttggttc     19740
     tgtcaacttg acacaaacct aaacatatct gtggcaggtg tggaggactc ttaattgaga     19800
     aaaggcctct ttaagattga ccactaggca aacctgaagg gaattttctt agtgattgat     19860
     gtttgagggc ccagcccttt gttggtagtg ccacccctgg acagttggtc ctggtgtgtt     19920
     taagaaagca aatggaacaa gctatgaaga gcaagccagt atgcagtgcc cctccatggc     19980
     ctctgcatca gttctgactt ccaggtcctg actttctagg atgatggtct ataaactgtg     20040
     caatgaaata aaccctttcc tccctatgtg acttttggtt gtggtgttct gtcacagcaa     20100
     cagaaagcct aagacacctc cattcccagc tgcatgttga gttagtagta actgtgtgcc     20160
     aggtatctat gccattaggc aaactgaggt gggactatca attgtgtcca aaaattcaat     20220
     accagcttgg gcaacacagt agaccctaat atcagaataa taactcctaa tgttgtcctg     20280
     gagaattcct tagagatgct gggtttgtta ttgtttgttg ttgttgttgt tgtatgcttg     20340
     gttttggcag gtaccaccac ctccttgtaa agatgctatt gttagcgtgg atgagttaca     20400
     ttggcccaga ctggatgtga tgaacctgcc ttattagtct aataaatcta atgttcacct     20460
     aattttcata ttggctgcta aaattctgct ttcatttttg agtttcacat agaatttttc     20520
     agttgttttc ctatcccttt ttgtttctaa ggttttcata atatgatcta aacccctcaa     20580
     actgcccaga catgtgtcct gcttgttttt tctctggttt tgggaccctt attgttttta     20640
     agggtttaaa aaatcctatc tacagctgac actgtgcagg tttcatatga tggtagtaag     20700
     aaaattcccc tcgaatcaat catttaggga ctctatttgt agtcatttca gctttatgaa     20760
     tcatcctcac tttttattta ttgttttttc ttaggttgag ccacagcttt catgactact     20820
     tttaacaaaa gatttgtcac aaagtgaaat atcagcttgt gtgctgtgaa tactgtataa     20880
     attaaaaata gatacagtac aagtcataat cttgctaaat actgttgcca gttgtaggct     20940
     ctaagaaaag attagtaagt tctaaagaga tatttaaaga tattctaaca cattgaaatt     21000
     atatttgata aagcaactct tagtttattg atcgagtaat gtcaggatgg cagtgagaag     21060
     gtggaggagt cacatcctaa agcctaaaac cacaggtaga gatgatctga atagccaata     21120
     ataacttaat aaacacttta aatgtttctt tgtacttaaa ttaataaata tttatgaatc     21180
     ttccttatag aagcaatagg aagtattaac acaggtacac tagcttaatg gctacacaga     21240
     agcattttct tctgtgcagt tgttcttggc attttcctaa cttctctctt cctttatctt     21300
     tatctggctt tgaattggat tccatgacct tgtgagctgc ctcttcgtcc catgttctgc     21360
     catgctctct ggatagggga tgaagtcctc ttctctgagt acacagtgtg tctgaagtgc     21420
     taacagtagg catcacatgg tcatctgtgg gtatcatcca gttcttcctg catattaggt     21480
     agcttcttat atgatctgta atattacttc atcaaagctt tacatgataa catttgccct     21540
     tggttatttc atctctaaat aataattatt atatattcat tctaacatat taatcatata     21600
     taaataatat attgatgata attcattctt atacctacac tttatagtaa ttattattat     21660
     tttataatct ggctgtttta agatattttt cttagttatt tgagaatttc atacatattc     21720
     acccaccgtc ctccagctat tcacagatcc acctcctctt ccctttcttg tatcattttt     21780
     cttcctcatc aaagccaatt tgtgctgccc caatattctt ggatgtgtgt ccttcaacta     21840
     gaatatggtc aaccaatcaa gggctacact attagagaaa ctgactatct ctcaacagct     21900
     aatgatttcc agtttccact ctgctaagag tggaactttg tgcccagctc cttgttccat     21960
     gatggaattt agtctagttt gggcttgtac agatcatgta catcctgtcc aaccactgag     22020
     ttcataagtc ccactgcatg gattgtggcc aaaagacatt tgttttctta tggtcatcta     22080
     cagcctcagg ttcttacatt ctttccaact ctggaattat tcctgagatt ttggagaaga     22140
     gggtacagta tatatgttcc atttagggct gaacataata aaatcactta ttctcggcat     22200
     ctccgacagt tgtgggtctc tctctgctag tcaccttcta ctacaaatag cagcttctca     22260
     gatgagggtt gaaaaatgca ttgttcaaca agtataatca taagtcatta gaaattggtt     22320
     taatacagtg tccatttagc agaataatag taatagcttc tacaacctat ggtctgtcta     22380
     gccacggatt cttgatccag taatggtgtc agatgtaggt ttcatcttgg ggagtccagg     22440
     cagaaggtgg ttggttactc catgatgttc tgtgccactg ttgtaccact gggcatttct     22500
     tgccaggcca gtcattactg tagctggaag gattcctttc tgggaatgat tggtgattac     22560
     ttttctcctc tggtagcaag catcataaaa ctagcctgta gggatgaagc ttccaagcca     22620
     ggaccagctt gttatcttta ttttctatga ctcatacttg ctgtctttgg caattgtgtc     22680
     ctatccccag accctggagg ataaccagga gcacaggcaa tagcctgtac gacttgaagg     22740
     tctatgggac ctgaataacc agcaactcca aaagaagcag cctattcccg agcctgggct     22800
     gcttccttgt tatggagcag gagtactgct gccccatcta tggttaactc tttttaggta     22860
     agtatataga tctagtctag gaagcttcta tagtagtagg tttcagtata actcttttga     22920
     aaaatctttg gtattatttc tccctcccag tttccttctc tgcccctcct tcccccagct     22980
     tatccctttt tgttcatgat gcccttatat ccctttatat acaagtgtag tctctctcct     23040
     cgctcttgaa agccttgctc cctgttagta atttccaaat gaaacacata tatgtgaaga     23100
     ctcaaagcta atatccacaa atgagagatg tgacatttgt ctctctgtcc ccggggtacc     23160
     gcactcaaaa tgattacttc cagccccatc taattacctg tgaatttcat attttcattt     23220
     ttgttaatag ctgaataata ttttaccgtg taagtatacc aaattttgtt atcatttcct     23280
     tgctgttgtg aatagggcag tactgaatgt gagtgagcat ctcttcagta ggctggagag     23340
     tcctgtgggg gtgtgcccaa gagtgtgcat gaggagccac catactgatt tccatggttg     23400
     tttggctagt tttcactccc tcagcagtaa gctcctttac ccacatccac gccagcgttt     23460
     gtcatcagtt ttactttctt aataaaaaag ttttccagac acttacattt cagctttgga     23520
     gaactccctg cttagtacca ctccccattt ttaattgtgt tgtttgtttt aatttttagg     23580
     attttaaaaa tatattctag attctaaccc tctgtcgtat gtatagctgg gaaagatttt     23640
     ttacccattc tgtaggcttt ctcttcactc agatgatggt gtcctttgat gtacaacttt     23700
     ttagcttcat gaagttccat ttattaattg ttggtcttaa tggctacaat attgagatct     23760
     tgttcagaaa atcctttcct gcacccacca gttcaaacaa tttcctactt tttttttgtc     23820
     tgtcagatct agggtatcag gttatatgtg atccatttgg aattgagttt tgtgtgtttc     23880
     attctctatg tagcagacca gtgtgagcaa caccgtctgc tgaagatgct tcttttctcc     23940
     agtgtgtatt attggcttct tatagatgaa taggtagctg taggagtgtg ggtttatatg     24000
     tgcatcctta atttgatccc aatgactatt gttacgccag taccatgctg gttttattac     24060
     tataggtctg taatacagct tgaaatctgg gattgttgtt attttggcta ttcttggtct     24120
     tttttattcc catatggaat ttaagaatga tttttcaact tctgtaaaga actgtattgg     24180
     agttttgatg gggattgcat tgagtctata gattgctttt ggtaaaatgg ctttttaatc     24240
     tcaatcaatt catgagtatg gttggggtgt gtattagtca gggttctcta gagtcacaga     24300
     acttatggat agtctctata tagtaaagga atttattggt gacttacaat ctgcagtcca     24360
     attcccaaca atggttcagg agtagctgtg aatggaagtc caaggatcta gcagttactc     24420
     agtcccacac ggcaagcaag ccaaaaagag actctcttct tccaatgtcc ttatatggtc     24480
     tccagcaaaa ggtgtagccc agattaaagg tgtgttccac cacaccttta atcccagatg     24540
     accttgaact cggagatctc tttgtcttaa ttttctggaa tccatagcca ctatgcctca     24600
     agatctccat accaagatcc agatcagaaa attctatctc ccagcctcca gataagggtt     24660
     acctgtgagc cttctaattc tggattgtag ttcattccaa atatagtcaa gttgacaacc     24720
     aggattagcc actacagggt gtgtgtccat cttctggtat cttcttcagt ttctgctttc     24780
     agtaccctta ctatttgtac aaatctgtta ttttcttggt catatttatt ccaaggtatt     24840
     ttgaaacact atttgaatag tattgtttgt ttggtttctt tcctgttatg ttttgccatc     24900
     aaactagttt tggaagttta gatgcttcat gtattggcca gagcattgag cctaacttag     24960
     ctttggcttc tttatacatt tcctactgat atcacagaat tatcatgaga accaaagaaa     25020
     atatttgaaa actaagtgta gggtattgtg ggttgtgtgg tcccagtatc tgctctgcca     25080
     tagggcacag ctgcaggaga ggtggtactt gggaagttga ccacacttac cccacaacag     25140
     gtgggtattg ggctgtagag cagcgcaggg acattggggg tccccaggcc tttgatgagg     25200
     ctgggggctt ctggttctca ggctcttggt cacccaggca ccactaggag ctacggaaga     25260
     gctgagaact gagtgggaac ccacaggctg gatctaggcg ggggattggg ggggtggtgg     25320
     atgagggagg ggaggagaag ccccggcggt cctgctgggg tagtcctagg tttgatggca     25380
     gctgcaggct tggacaactg ggcttggtag agaaggtggc tgggaataca gagaggtctt     25440
     ctacaggaga ttagatggcg gctttatggg caaaggcctt ctccttggct ccccacagca     25500
     gatccccatg aaaagagaca gtccatggtt ctaagacatt tattgtcatg gtggaaagta     25560
     gttgtttaaa accatacctc acttctgagg gtgggcctgg gttaaatacc ttttgcagag     25620
     agaagtgtct gggaaggaaa gcttattggc taagctctcc agcctttagg tacctcatta     25680
     aaatgaagat ctgtcttgag cctacatgac cacaagtcac atctacaagt ggaggggttt     25740
     gggacattgc ccttacacaa ctgatagcca caaatctatg gggagtgggg gtgggggtgg     25800
     ggtgatttgg ctagtgatgg agcctggtgc ccaggaatca ggtgaagtgc atgctgtccc     25860
     ttcaggattt ctggggcttt aagccttagc tcaaccaggg accatgcccg cctttcacgg     25920
     ccccacaggg tgttattaaa tataaataaa ttactaccac tgttctcagt ttcttatatt     25980
     tggtttaaaa gcttcttata ttaggaattg tcttttgtat gggatgtgtc tatgtgagac     26040
     agggtcttaa tatataaccc tgattggcct agaacttgct atgtagacag gctgtcctcc     26100
     aactccttcc tgtctctgcc ttccagcatt gtgattaaag ccacatgata ccatgcccag     26160
     cttttttctt ctctgtgcat attcataaat atactccacc cccccccact tctttccccc     26220
     accctgcctc agtgaaatgc tgtcttgaga gctcagtcaa tcttcttttt tttttttttt     26280
     gccgttttag tcctttctgt tcttcattat tgcacctcat ttctctttct tttccttttc     26340
     tttattagat attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgttatc ccctttccta gtttcccttc     26400
     tgaaaaatcc cctatcctct tccccctccc actgctcacc aacctaccca ctcctgcttc     26460
     ctggccctgg cattccccta tactggggca tagaaccttc acaggaccaa gggcttctct     26520
     tcccattgat gaccgactag gccatcctct gctacatagg cagctagagc catgattccc     26580
     accatgtgtt ttctttggtt ggtggtttag tcccagggag ctctgtgggg ggcaggttag     26640
     ttcatattat tgttcctcat atagagctgc aaaccccttc ggctccttgg gtactttctc     26700
     tagctccttc attggggacc ctgtgctcag tccaatggat ggctgggggc atctactttt     26760
     gtatttgtta ggcactggca gagcctctca ggagacagct atatcaggct cctgtcagca     26820
     agctcttgtt ggcgtccaca atagtgtcta gttttagtgg ttgtttatga ggtgtatatc     26880
     cccaggtggg gcagtctctg gatggtcatt ccttcagtgt ctacttcaca ctttgtctct     26940
     gtaactcctt ccatgggaat tttgttcccc cttctaagaa ggactgaagt atccacagtt     27000
     agtcttcctt cttgagtttc atgtgttttg cgaattgtat cttgggcatt gctgtcttga     27060
     gagctcaatc aatcttctta tcccagcctg ccaagttgct aaacttgaag ccatgtacca     27120
     cggatgccca atacattcaa ttctcttaaa aatagttgtt taatgagtat cttctatcta     27180
     tctgatcctc acaattttat gttttattac ataaatagaa aattttattt tcattgccta     27240
     aatagaaaat taaagctaaa aattatttag tcattatccc agattaaatg aatagtgcaa     27300
     ggtgaagtta gaatcttacc tgcattttta cctcccagtc ctgtgttctt gtttccattg     27360
     ccccttgtat gtgcccttgt atgtatgatg gtgggctctc catacgtcac cattctagga     27420
     attccctttg tctctcctga aatgataaca gcagtagcca cagcatggga tggaaatgct     27480
     gtagaaataa tacagataaa ctgtttgggt gtctgtcata tacatattct aacaactgct     27540
     gtggataacc attgctgtta ttttcataca aaaatttgtt atatttgact ctaaaactgt     27600
     catgacatat atatttatat cataaatgga ctgattaaac attatataaa actgatatat     27660
     atctgaagag atagtagagc atttctctga aagctaacat gaattactta agcaagtcag     27720
     cccaacaata aagttctgtg acagagtgga ttagcacaaa agttttaaaa agatacaaat     27780
     attgtctcac ttctgtcatt aaccaaggtt ggaaatgata ggcatatgcc tgcctagtag     27840
     gtatgagtca gagaagaaga catgagttgt atagcttcta tcaaatgact aatcgatcag     27900
     tagatattta taggtttata ctcttaaatt gttcatgtac aagcatgtgc tgtaatagta     27960
     gagatcagag cacagccatc ttcatatggg ttccaggaat ggaactcagg tcttcaagtt     28020
     taccaggaag tatgacaacc cactggatca acacaccagc cttgtaaata attgtatgca     28080
     atctatagct tttaatttta atatctgtcc tgataacagt ggttagaagt cttgtatttt     28140
     aacagtctcc gtttttagtt tctatccttg aaaccatatg gcataagtct ccaagcgaac     28200
     caaggtctta cactagcagt ttttaaagtt tgctccctca gctttttttc cagaaataca     28260
     ggaatagcat tagtaatgtt tgtagctgta ttagatggct ttatatttga gctgcatgat     28320
     gtgtcatcct ctctgaagcg tgtcgtgagc ccatactgtc ttatgacttg ggagagaggg     28380
     atggatgctg aaaagctatt gaacaaagga aatattaaaa agaacaaaac tgagtattta     28440
     tgttagtcct gtaaatgctg taaatgaaaa ccacaggggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg     28500
     gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccgaagttca aatcccggca accacatggt     28560
     agctcacaac cacccataat gagatctgat gccctcttct ggtgcatctg aagacagcta     28620
     cagtgtgctt acatataata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     28680
     aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaac cacagtctgt caaaactata aggtgatcgt     28740
     tccattcagg aggttgaggc aggaggttgt cagacatcct gagcttcaca gtgtctcagt     28800
     ccccagtagc accagaatac agccccaaag caaaatcgtc atcacttact ctgctctgca     28860
     ttgtgacata gtgtaacaca aatctgcatt ctgacagtta tttgtttttg tctttgggat     28920
     atacattctt attatgtgta gcccgggctt cttcaacctt gagattctcc gccttcacat     28980
     ttaggattat aggaatataa tctaccaagc ctagctcatg gtttttaaaa tgtacagttc     29040
     agttgtatta agtatcttct cattgttcta ccaaagagct tcagaacgct tacattgtgt     29100
     gactcatcgt acaaatctcc actttttttc cctcccagct cttagtaacc atccttcctg     29160
     gttctgagtt tgactacttt ggagtttcag acaagtagag tcatatggta cttggctctg     29220
     ttcctgtgtg actgagttat tccattagca tgttctcaaa gattcatctg tcctgtagtt     29280
     tgtggccaaa ttaccttcct tttaaactgt acatatatac tacatttagt ttacccattc     29340
     agcaatggac atttgaatga cttctcatta aatgaattct taatatattt actagctgct     29400
     gggaaacctc acagctaacc agagatccag gccactgatc tgtcatcaca aagactctcc     29460
     tacatagctg tcttgggaaa cgactaaaag ctgacctctt gagctaggtt acttgtcctg     29520
     tcccagtctt ctgtggcgct cgtacccagc tctgactgct gcttgtcatc ttggctactt     29580
     tccaacctta ctcaggatgc cgttttcttt tccgggatca tcttagcttt ctaactgtgc     29640
     ttcctgtacc tcctcctcat cgtgcagtct gttcttgata gcagctgcag tgatcctgtg     29700
     gagatagcaa gccttccagt gacttcctat tgtactcaga gtaactcaga agtccagact     29760
     gtgccctaga aggcctcgtg tgacccatgc tttcttcact gcctgcattc gtctcttaga     29820
     ccatgttcca ttgctccctg tttatgctgc tgatagcctg gtttactcgt tcactgaaca     29880
     ggacagctcg gaccttggtt ctgagtattt cctctttctg cacagttctt ttcttttcct     29940
     tccttccttt ctttctattt tttccagaat atggtgtcaa atcccctgga actagagtga     30000
     taggcaactg tgagcctatt ggggtactac tgtctgaacc aaggttcttt tcaagagctg     30060
     taagccctct caacagggac atccatcgag ccccttattt ctgttcttac tccctttaca     30120
     atccaaccat cagcatgcct tttaaacagt taaccaggcg tgttgtgtgg ctgtgtaaaa     30180
     cctcccagta gaccttgttc aacgtaaaag tgacaatcat tgtcttgtct tcaggacctt     30240
     gagtataact gctatctacc tgtttcctga cccttttaac cactgtgcta ctcattacac     30300
     ttcagcacat cacaagttcc caagagtacc aagctgactc ccatttgata ctgcctttcc     30360
     tcatccatcc ccctgctcca agcagtcatt ttcaagattg tcatgcttac cttcttttta     30420
     tagagacctt tattttttta aggttttatt tttattattt taattatgtt tcttattcta     30480
     cgtcccttgg ccagttagtc accctatgtt agtctactgc agaaagaagc gtctccgatg     30540
     aaagctgaga aatacattga tctatgggta taatcataag tcattaggaa tgggtttaac     30600
     actttgtcca tttggcagaa taatagtagt agcttctatg acctattgtc tgactagcca     30660
     catggtcttg gttcaataat ggtgtcaact gtaggtttca ttttggggag cagccttaga     30720
     gtcagccaga aagtggttgg ttcctcccat gatgtccagg tcactactgt atcagtgggt     30780
     gcttcctgtc agacccatca ttattgtaac tggcaggatt catttctggg tatgattgat     30840
     ggtttctttt gtctcttctg gtagcatgca tagtgttttt tagcactgtg aaaactagag     30900
     ggatgaagct tccaccatct tgatttcccc gtatcctatg actcaaatac tgcttcactc     30960
     atcaagttct gaagggttag ccaaaagcag tgacagtagc ctataatgtt tgttggggaa     31020
     gtctccagga ctttactggc tgcagtccca aaaaaagtaa ctcattcctg agacttaagc     31080
     ttatatttgt cccagttaca gggtaactcc attttaactc tgttaatata tgtatccaca     31140
     ggtatcttag aagcttatac agcagtagct tcccgtgtga cctttccaat gttgctatcc     31200
     cttccctgct ccctctccta ccctcttctt tcctgtcctt ctctcgctct ctctccctcc     31260
     ctgttccaca atttctttct gcctttctgt accaggtctt ttcttaatga ttgcctcctc     31320
     agaaaggttt gctcagttaa ctcagttaac tccttagcta acatttacaa actcaaatta     31380
     tggtttttat ttttcagggc tgatgattga agtaaagtta ttttaattgt taattttctt     31440
     tttcttatct ctgagtatct tcatgaggac aggaacttta tcttttcaaa ggtaggcaag     31500
     tggcaaatgc taaagcaaag ttcttacagg aagtgagaaa ttccagtgac ataaatgaca     31560
     agaaaacaaa atatctttgt tgctgatagg ggaaagggtt tactggtctg gagagatgaa     31620
     aagctaagag agaaaaggat ggcgtggaag aaaaccttga agtgagcaga ggttgtttga     31680
     gctgtttaag gaaagaagct gtccgcatat cataaaagta cccggtaaag catcagcctc     31740
     tgatgtagaa gcaagaagga cagaagagct agagaagatg actgcagaca ggggtcacgc     31800
     aaaacagatg cacggtgtac acagcgcagc acagcgcagc acagccctcg acaggaggaa     31860
     ggtcccaaca ggggcttctt taactagaaa ggaaacttat ctctggcatc agaggtcagt     31920
     gttgcccttt tgggagctaa tgtatctagg gacgggacta agttgaaact ggtgcttaat     31980
     tgccattcca aaagtcctct ggcccttaaa agttaagcta agtatatcct gcttatttat     32040
     attctgtaac tgaagcttaa acctgaatgg caatgtattt gttttgactt agtctactga     32100
     gtattttcag ccactgttga cctactccta aagggggaag aacagattcc attcaaacta     32160
     ccaatttgtt gttgttgttg tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtaaccc tggctgtcct     32220
     ggaactcact ctgcctccca aatgctggga ttaaaaacat gcgccaccct gtcccagctc     32280
     aaactaccaa ttatgttcct gatcacctaa gaagtctgat gaagatgggc aagattaaaa     32340
     tagttttcat ggcctgttta acatgatacc tgtcctgtgg atcaaagaat aaattaggct     32400
     ttcatgtatc cttaagacat gcatttctta gcatggaacc tgttacataa agtaattcct     32460
     ctgagactac tgaacaaagt aattagaaac tgttctggta gggactcaac tttgagaaca     32520
     tttatggcct atgggggaat cagtgcatca tcactaacag gagctggaag tagttggatc     32580
     ctgacctcat gtttgaggtt tgaagcttaa gtgagaaaat agccagatat ggaagtggca     32640
     gagagcaagg attcgaagca gagtcagaga ccatgtctat ttgacaaaac ttaaataagg     32700
     aattgctttc ttgttttgtt ttgtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtata ggcctggctg     32760
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcagactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc     32820
     ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac caccacgccc ggctaaggaa ttgctttcct     32880
     atggatgagc aaagagtggt ttcttaaacc tactcatgga gaagacggtt tgagcattgc     32940
     tggaatgatt cctatttcag aatatcctcc agtgttggtg gagcagtggt aagatatctg     33000
     ttatagtagc gctttcagag tggctaagct ctagaagcag cttacatatc tgttagcaaa     33060
     tgaggataag gaaagtgtgg tgttatataa tacacaatgg acttttatgt agtcatagga     33120
     aagaactgaa ttatgttatt tgcaggaaaa tggatgtaag cagacatcat gctaagcaga     33180
     ttaagacaga aagtctaggc tctctcctat atgtgggact ttgacttttt ttttttaaag     33240
     acatgaacgt aaaaagtgga atactaggga agagataaag ggccatagca gggtaaagga     33300
     tgaactttgg tcatatggga aaatgaatag aagacacgta tgtgatgcat taacaaaaca     33360
     catggttttg tacattgaat aaacactgct gaaaggaatg aaaaggagag ccctggcagt     33420
     gttggaaagg attcactaat ttgaacattc tacaaagtaa gtggctacta agtgagacca     33480
     tgtttcccca agaccaaaca aaggaaatgc tgtcaaacag catctcatgc cccagaggca     33540
     tttttgtgca aagaattaac cctcacagat ttcatattta aaagttgcca tcccatcata     33600
     gggctcccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta gccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta     33660
     taggtggaac aacattatga gctaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat     33720
     atatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgcaaac     33780
     tttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaataccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggcagggg     33840
     agtgggggtg ggtggatatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagttaa     33900
     atacctaata aaaaatggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagttgcca tccccatcca cgaaacctta     33960
     agtatgtact ctgctaaatg gcagccatca acactgaggc aggaccttcc accagtgacg     34020
     agactgtagc tcatgaaagg ctcagatgat cttgagcatt ctctagcaat agagtatttt     34080
     gaaattgagg tctctatatt gcttaaacaa tataatgtga ctgcacactt catagaaact     34140
     acagcatatt ataaatacag gttgtgtgag caccagggaa ccaaaaacta caaattatat     34200
     gacttagcac tgtggtctgg aaccaacttc atgatatttc tgttctcagt tgtgaatgtt     34260
     attaggtaaa gaatttctca acagaacaat aaaaataatt attttatggg caatagtaaa     34320
     atatctataa taagccccac ccacaaacat ttttctctct gctcctgaag gtgtgtgaca     34380
     gatgaatccg tttttagatt tctaaatttt ttcatataat atattttgat cctattctct     34440
     cctctccccc acgttctccc agatcttctc tagctcccta cccatccatg tcatttctac     34500
     ctcactcctc ccatcccttc ctctctcaaa aacaaacaga aaagaaaaac catcaaaaaa     34560
     taaaaagtgc aaaaccaaaa gagctcacaa aacaaagcaa aacgaaacat gggatctgat     34620
     tcgtgctgag cctaaggcct gcccaggagt tcagctgatg actccattgg aaaaagctcg     34680
     gatttccttc tcctggcatg tgtcagttac aaatagcttc ttggttgggg ggcactttgt     34740
     gcacacttca ccttcacagc actgaaattt tgtttggctg aatttgtgca ggccttgtgc     34800
     ttttattcag atgaaaagat gcattttttt agaagctaaa gaaacccttg ttaatgtgtt     34860
     ggctcaattt ctcttttcca aaatcaaatc aaggaagaaa attctgaaaa atacaactaa     34920
     aatattaatc atttaaaact taattgtgga aataaggtca taataacatt atgtctgtct     34980
     tgctgaacat tgtatactga cagggatact gtaatacata taagaaacca gagtttgtta     35040
     agagctcctt tttattcctt ctgtcttgga gctctttttt attattgctt actgaagtag     35100
     tggaggtcaa acccactcta ccacttgcta tgtcctaccc ctggggtctt tcctttaaag     35160
     tggtatgttt aattacatat gacatatata tgaagcatgg tgaatattat tttcactttg     35220
     tgtaaaatat tagtaacatt taaaataaaa tatttaccac tgcccccccc aaaaaaagag     35280
     aaagaaccaa aacactgcta cttttgtata gcttcttgct gacagaaaat ttaaaacttc     35340
     aattagaaat tagtaaaact cattcttcac acacccgtgg tttaaattta ttttcattcc     35400
     ttcagatact tgcatggaag ccagatgcag ttcacagcat ctcaagagac ttagtttttt     35460
     aggaaagtag agcttagggc cgtttccata tttagccctt aatgcttttc aagaccttaa     35520
     aataagctag tggttgatgt taagtggtgg ttgtcggtcc ctcctgcatt aggcatttgg     35580
     cttgttgtcg ccactttcag attattgatg aaacagtttt ttttatcaaa gctgcttagt     35640
     cactagatct tcaggtcata ggattctggt agtaatccgt gcctttgagt tgctgcagaa     35700
     aatgtaactc atgtcacagg tcctgaaagg ttagacttct gctttatgaa ctactgcagc     35760
     ctggtcgcat ctgcataatg attttttatt tactgtttat tgtggtaata tatataggac     35820
     acaaagtttc ttgctttagt cagttttcac gtgtatattt cttggcagtt attacctgcc     35880
     cttactccta aatttcctga atttcatatc atccaaactt tagcaataat acccatcctt     35940
     ccttcagcca gtcccgttag cactcatctt tctgtctata acttcgcatg tgaccaatat     36000
     tctgcataaa tgtaattcga taataggtgt tctttgtctg cctttttcta ttagcatact     36060
     gtgtttgggt ttcatctgtg ttttacagag cgtggtcaga attccattct ttttatgggg     36120
     ataatgctgc agcctatagg acaccacact tcattgactc ctccatctgc cggaggacag     36180
     ctgggacggc ttttgccttt tacttttatg aataatgcca ctggaaactt ggttacatgt     36240
     atctatctga gtccccactt tcaagcggtt tgggggatag atgtgaaatt tttgggtcat     36300
     ataactcagt aattcagtat ttaatgtata gaagaacatg atcattgttt tacagtagtt     36360
     ttgttctttt tttttttttt ttactctttt gttaatgttc atttatttat ttatttattt     36420
     atttatttta cgtttttgct tgtcaccttg tttgactttt gttgcttgag ttttaaataa     36480
     atgtttgttt tggtcattca tttttttcct atccttttca attgtttgtt tttcagaccc     36540
     gagtcagaac tccatcacag gggagcacag ccagctgtta ggtatagtat tgctctggga     36600
     agtatctctg taaagtctcc ctctttgtcc ctgaagacat tacctacttc cctccattgc     36660
     tattttgatt ctttcacttt gctcttcact cctcaagctt ctcactgttt atttacaatt     36720
     tggtaagata tatgaagcta cttttgtaat taattattaa aatcagtagt cagtacaatt     36780
     tttaattata ttttaaaagg taactttaca taatctgtag ctaaaaaaaa aaaatcttac     36840
     cttcttgttc caggatagta ttgaaaagaa gacattatct tccacacatt tgctgtggta     36900
     ggtttgccca caaacacatc atatgtacgt aaaaattatt taaaagttag attaaagtgg     36960
     gcaagagata gttaatccag taatggcact tggcctgaaa gcctggtgac ccaagtttgg     37020
     tccccaggac ccttgcacat gggaaggaga gaaccaactc cacaaagtgt tccctaacct     37080
     ccacactggc acggtggcac ggtggcgtgg tggcacatgc acacacaccc tgttaggaac     37140
     atgtacaata acaattaaga tcacaatatc atggtctata cagatattct tctcgtttat     37200
     tatgttggtg tttaatcaca ttttaattgc tggaagctgt tgagtttctg tgagatgctc     37260
     accaggtaaa gcacttccct gatagcctga gtttgggtcc tcggatccac atagtagaag     37320
     gagagagccg actctctcgg gtttctctga ccttcacagc acagtgcagt gtgtgtgcat     37380
     gcacccacca tcacacagaa aaataagata caataataat gtaattactg aaagccttcc     37440
     tagacaacat gcctttaata acccataaaa ttgatagtcc agtttcttac ctatgaaaca     37500
     agttatggag atgaattgat ttcctctagg tattatttat tgtagggaaa ttgtaatttg     37560
     acatgaattt tataagctct caaaacttgt agatttcaaa acatatcctt acaacttgga     37620
     ctcctttcta gaaacactgc aatgaggaac ccaagcaaca caaaagatca gtattaaaaa     37680
     agcaaattct ttaaagggtc tcttgtcccc aacacctccc ctctacttcc ccaagtactt     37740
     aattttgact acttattagg agttctagaa aaagttattt ataaatgttc atgtcctgta     37800
     ttatgtttcc cttaatgcca atggcattgg gtcattggaa tggccttttg tcgtttatgt     37860
     ttcctcgtgg tatctcctct cagtacgtag ggatctctcc atcctttatg tagagtgcag     37920
     tgggacttgg ttgtcactgc agctttactc agccatttcc cctcttcatg agcatttagg     37980
     ttttttctag aacactgatt taaaaaaaat tatgttgagg gacctgggtt caattccaag     38040
     catatggcag cttacaacca tttataactg cacttccagg gaatccaatg tcttcttctg     38100
     gcctatataa gcaccgtgtg catgtggcac atgaacaaac atgcaaacaa aatactcata     38160
     cccatacaat attttcaaaa gaaattatgt tgccatgagt atcttatact tgaatctgtg     38220
     cagtcacagc tgtcagtaca tttgtatgca aattttctca gtggatttat acattttcaa     38280
     caagataaat caccataaac tcccaccaat ctgggtatga ggaacgtttg ccactctgtt     38340
     atcaaaaact gatgttcttt ttaaagtttt aatatttact tatttaatgt agggaatgac     38400
     atgcatggca ttgcatgtgt gtggaggtca gaggacacct ttcaggcatt ggttctctcc     38460
     taccatatgt gttgtgcaca ttgaactcaa attgtcaggc ttggcagcaa ctgactttac     38520
     ctgctgagcc agctatccag tccaaactga tactattaat ctatattttt tatatttact     38580
     aacagaatgt catttctagt ttgtattata cttctttagt tatgagtgag aataagaaat     38640
     gtatggtatg ttaataatta atgttgtatg tagtgtgcat gtctaggttt gtacactggc     38700
     atgtgctatc agaaagtcca caggagggga ggaacttgat atgacttgtt tgcttacaga     38760
     aaaagctcca gagtattgaa gaaactgggc atgcgtactc gttctctttc tgtctatctg     38820
     tctcatggta gcacattcct gtaatcccaa catgtgggaa actcaagaca acaaggccag     38880
     cctgggctac attagactct gtctcaatct ttcttttctc ccctaaatta tgaaattgcc     38940
     aagataagct caaaagtctg agactacttt gttatctgac caggaatatt tgtgcagtgg     39000
     aggcagggca agggtaagaa tttatacagt tcacaaatta ccaaacagca ttgaactaga     39060
     caaagactgt attttgtaat attttttata attgcccctc ctttcaggac tggggatgta     39120
     attcagtgat acagtattaa ttggcaaaaa caccctgggc tcaaccccag cacctccaaa     39180
     gttaaacccc caacaccact aacgggcccc ccgggtcttt ctaagaggct cctatgtgta     39240
     ggctcacctg caggaaacac tggctcaact gtcttgcttg ctgaattcac tttataataa     39300
     catctttcag actttgcctg ccaaatggga ttgaaaacag catcttcagg ctgctaagtg     39360
     ctgctcctgc caacaggccg cagttatttt actgttgtat ttactgttcc cactgactca     39420
     tcagctctcg tgcaaaactc agggtcaggc tgaggtgacg gatgggaggt gaactttctt     39480
     ctgggataat gtatccaagt ctgtacttaa cagtttgcga actgttccca acctgtgtat     39540
     gtgtataatt ttctatttaa aaaattttgg aaagcaagca ggcaaacatc agtgagtcgt     39600
     ggcagatttt cttaaaaatg agaggatgaa aacatccagg tttgcacaat cttctttcat     39660
     agtataggaa gccaaataaa tacttcaata aatttgagtc tttcataggc ttgataccaa     39720
     tacgtaatag tggtaagatg aggaaagcat tgcccagcct aaacacagta tctgtaatcc     39780
     gaatcacaca gtgtttttat tttaatttaa atataaaatt ttatcactat tttgagaatg     39840
     tcatgcacgc atgcagtgta ttttgattat attcaccctg ctcctctcgt ggactcctcc     39900
     tcccagatcc gacctctttc cctacttgct ccaaagtttc tgtctgattt ttgggttggt     39960
     tttggttttg gtttggtttt gtttatttta cagcccactg agtttagttt atgatgctca     40020
     catactcatg gatattgagc catccagtgg agtgtgggtg tattagtcag ggttctctag     40080
     agtcacagaa cttatggata gtctctagat aataaaggaa tttattgatg acttacagtc     40140
     ggcagctcaa ttcccaacaa tcgttcagtc acagctgtga atggaagtcc aaggatctag     40200
     cagttactca gtctcacgca gcaagcaggc gaaggagcag gagcaagagc tagactccct     40260
     tcttccaatg tccttatatt gtctccagca gaaggtgtag cccagattaa aggtgtgttc     40320
     caccacacct ttaatcccag atgaaaggcg tagcccagat taaaggtgtg ttccttaaac     40380
     tcggagattc aatcttctgg aatccatagc cactatggct caagatcttc aaaccaagat     40440
     ccagataagg atctccaagc ctccagataa gggtcactgg tgagccttcc aattccggat     40500
     tgtagttcat tccaaatatt gtcaagttga caaccaggaa tagccactac aatccacccc     40560
     ttgtcaactt gacacaaata atatctcatg ttcacatgaa acaataacaa ggttgtaaat     40620
     acgcctaaca tgatataact atccctcgta caatcgcaaa cacattagta aatttacaat     40680
     gggcattcat attactttat aatcctcgtt tctgcaactg gttacgtggc cttaattggt     40740
     atttataact accttcctct actacccatt ctgtatttcc ttcaccttca gccagcacct     40800
     cagcaggtct tggctctttt cctggaggat tgacccatac cttcattcct gatgggtctg     40860
     cgtcctttgt catcctgctt ggattaggct gttgtagttt cccattgact ttaatcacag     40920
     gacatggtag tactaagaga cgccctaagg gatctcctac actccagaca taatcttgct     40980
     taccaccatt gtgaagaggt aatccaattt ctccatggta atctggatct atcacccctc     41040
     ctaacactgt tattcctttt ttagcctgtt ggtttaaggg cattagaagc ccaaaatgac     41100
     cagggggaag tctgagcttc cagttcaatg gaatgtttgt tgtagctcct ggtaggagga     41160
     ctcccctctc tggagccaaa acttctaggc cagcagaacc tagagttatg gggacaggaa     41220
     gcaaaaattt tcctagaggg tcactaggag tgatagtaag tggaactatt cctttttcca     41280
     ccccttgatt cctggaccca tgaatcctgg ctatgggtga aactgtacca tatatcgagc     41340
     gctgattcaa agcatatact gccttctgaa gaactctgcc ccagccttcc aagctgttac     41400
     cacctaattg gcgctgtaac tgcgtcttca aaaggccatt ccatctttct atcagcccag     41460
     ctgcttcagg atgatgggga atgtggtaag accagtgtat tccatgatcg tgggcccact     41520
     gtcgaacttc tctggctgtg aaatgagttc cttggtcaga agcaatactg tgtggaatac     41580
     catgacgata gatgaggcat tctgtcaatc cgtgaatggt ggttttagca gaggcattac     41640
     gtgcaggaaa ggcaaatcca taaccagaat aagtatctac tccagtaaga acaaaacgct     41700
     gtcctttcca cgaaggaagt ggtccaatgt agtcaacctg ccaccaggtt gctggctggt     41760
     cacctcgagg aatggtgcca tatctggggc tcagtgttgg tttctgctgt tggcagatct     41820
     ggcaatcagc agcagcagta gccaggtcag ctttggtgag tggaagcccg tgttgctgag     41880
     cccaagcata acctccatct cgaccaccat gaccactttg ttcatgtgcc cattgagcaa     41940
     tgacagggat ggctggggag agaggctgac tgtccacaga acgggtcatc ttatccactt     42000
     gattattgaa ctcctcctcg gctgaagtca ccttttggtg agcatttaca tgggacacaa     42060
     atatcttcac atcctttgcc catttggaga gatctatcca catacttctt ccccagatgt     42120
     ctttctcacc aattttccaa ttgtgatctt tccaagtccc tgaccatcca gccaatccat     42180
     tggctacagc ccatgagtca gtgaataatc gtacatctgg ccacttcttc ttacaaacaa     42240
     actgtaatac catgtgtact gcccgaagtt ctgcccactg tgaagatttc ccttcacctg     42300
     tgtctttcaa ggttgtccca gaaaggggtt gtaatgctgc agctgtccac ttctgggtgg     42360
     tgcctgcata acgtgcagag ccatcagtaa accaggctct agtcttctcc tcttcggtca     42420
     gttgatcata gggaacaccc catgaggcta taggtgcatg cttggcagca gatggcattg     42480
     taacaggagt agaaaccata ggcatttgag caacttcttc atgtaacttg cttgtgcctt     42540
     caggacctgc tctggcccga tcacgtatat accacttcca tttgataata gactgctgct     42600
     gtgcgcgtcc cactttatga cttgcagggt ctgatagtac ccagctcatg atgggtagtt     42660
     caggtcgcat agtaacttgg tgtcctattg tcaaacgttc agtttccact aaggcccaat     42720
     agcaggccaa gagctgtttt tcaaagggag aatagttgtc tgcagatgat ggtagagctt     42780
     tgctccaaaa tcccaaaggt cttttctgtg attcacctac aggggcctgc cagaggctcc     42840
     aaacagcatc tctatcagcc acagatacct caagtaccat cgggtctgct gggtcatatg     42900
     gtccaagtgg tagagcagcc tgcacagcag cctggacctg ttgaagggcc ttctcctgtt     42960
     ccaggcccca cacaaagcta gcagctttcc gagtcacttg gtaaataggc ctaagtaaca     43020
     cacccaagtg agggatgtgt tgtctccaga atccaaatag gcccactaaa cgttgtgctt     43080
     ctttcttggt tgtaggaggg gccaggtgca ataacttatc tttcacctta gaaggaatat     43140
     ctctgcatgc tccacaccac tggactccta agaatttcac tgaggtagat ggtccttgaa     43200
     ttttggttgg atttatttcc catcctctga tacgcatatg tgttaccaat gagtccaaag     43260
     tggttgctac ttcctgctca cttggtccaa tcagcataat gtcatcaata tagtgcacca     43320
     atgtgatatt ttgtggaaga tccaaacgat caagatccct tctaactaaa ttatgacaca     43380
     gggcaggaga gttaatatat ccttgaggca aaactgtgaa ggtatactgt tggccttgcc     43440
     aactgaaagc aaattgcttc tggtggtcct tatggacagg tactgagaag aaggcatttg     43500
     ccagatcaat agccgcatac caggtgccag gagatgtgtt aatttgctca agtaacgaaa     43560
     ctacatctgg tacagcagct gcaattggag ttaccacctg atttagtttt cgataatcaa     43620
     ctgtcattct ccatgatcca tctgttttct gcactggcca gataggagag ttaaacggag     43680
     atgtggtggg aaccaccacc cctgcatctt tcaagtcctt gatagtggca gtaatttctg     43740
     caattcctcc aggaatacga tactgttttt gattcactat tttctttggc agaggcaact     43800
     ctaaaggctt ccatttggcc tttccaacca taatagccct cactctacag ttcagggaac     43860
     caatatgaga attctgccaa tttctgagta tatctatccc aattatacat tctggaactg     43920
     gggaaatcac cacaggatgt gtccggggac ctactggacc tactgtgagt cggacatcag     43980
     tcaaaactcc attaatcacc tgccctccat aagcccctac tttaactgga gggccacaat     44040
     gtttcttggg atcccctggg atcagtgtca actcagaacc agtatccagc agaccccgaa     44100
     aagtctgatt atttcctttt ccccagtgta cagttaccct tgtaaaaggc cgtaggtccc     44160
     tctggggaag aactggagaa agggtaacag caaaaccttt gagtgtctta tcaagatcct     44220
     tcctcagtgg aacctggcca ccccttcatt caaggggttc tggatctgca aactgtctca     44280
     agtctggaaa ttgattcact ggccgagatt gctgtttacc acgatctaat gtagcctttc     44340
     tttcatttgg ctgtttacca cgatctaatg tagcctttct ttcatttgtt tgagaatttt     44400
     tctgcttata cagatcaaac aaatatgcag taggcttcct atgtatttca ttcctggaaa     44460
     caccatgatt ggttagccag taccaaaggt ccaaccgagt catgccatta taaatttcac     44520
     ctctcctgtg ctgaccatta ctgggtatgt tattataaac attcttttgt ctacgctgtc     44580
     cattataata actagaatca ccttgtctcg ggcgattcaa tgctgccacc tggcccttgt     44640
     tacctcggaa tccaactaaa cccagtgaat ttaattcatc taattgagca gaagcatctc     44700
     caatgctaag atctggcaca aggaaaaggg aaagaacaaa acccttcaaa tgtgctggtg     44760
     cccctctcac caatttgcgt cttatagagc tggtgaaagg catatcttct ggaccttccc     44820
     attgtggaca attatgcttt acacaatata tccactctag cattgcaatt tccctaagtc     44880
     ttaaaatccc ttcatcaaca ctaagccatg gaatatcagg catctccaag tcatttccag     44940
     taggccatct tttgataaac acctcagcca accattcaaa caaacttttg acaccttttt     45000
     taactatgcg agcttccgta ttaaacctag aatctctact cagaggaccc atgtcaataa     45060
     actcagcctg ctctagtttt atgttccttc cacccttatc ccacaccctt aaaatccatt     45120
     cccacacata ttcaccaggt ttctgcttga atgaattagc aaactcatta agctccttag     45180
     tagtgtagcg aatttcctca tggactacac tttctacctc ccctctagga gcctgttttg     45240
     ctttgagtct ggttacaggt ctagaagaaa ctattggtgg gccgtgagca gactctgcaa     45300
     aattaatttc ctcatgtggg gaaggcatta tttcaagagg tggggctgag ggtactactt     45360
     cctcaggtag ggcaaaccct tgagaatctg aggattcaaa attctcagct tcaacatggt     45420
     cttcccacac atccccatcc catgttgtag gatcccattc tttgccaatt agagccctta     45480
     ctttaactgt cgacacactc tgaggctgag acttgaattt tcgctgtagt tcagccaacc     45540
     ttacaatgag agtttctgtt tgattttctg caacttgagc tctattgcta caagagagaa     45600
     gattctcctc aaggacacac ttagcaactt ttagatcgtt tacttgtgtc tggagccttt     45660
     cgattttatc acacaactcc ttcctttcat tcatcatttt ttccacagat actaagagca     45720
     gccagccagt aaaatcattt ttcgattttt tccccatctt gtagaaagct ttgtgcactg     45780
     aatcacctaa ttcattaaga aaatcaaggg cattagcttc tttaagttcg gaatatagtt     45840
     tcaaccatgg gtcttcaaaa ttctctgagc tcccaggagg gagagaatct ggagaggttt     45900
     caatagttga aagtgctggt ggatcaacaa gccaattcca gaattttaaa agattcatcc     45960
     ttgtacttct gttactctag aaccactcct ggtaccaact tctgtattag tcagggttct     46020
     ctagagtcac agaacttatg gatagtctct agataataaa ggaatttatt gatgacttac     46080
     agtcggcagc tcaattccca acaatcgttc agtcacagct gtgaatggaa gtccaaggat     46140
     ctagcagtta ctcagtctca cgcagcaagc aggcgaagga gcaggagcaa gagctagact     46200
     cccttcttcc aatgtcctta tattgtctcc agcagaaggt gtagcccaga ttaaaggtgt     46260
     gttccaccac acctttaatc ccagatgaaa ggcgtagccc agattaaagg tgtgttcctt     46320
     aaactcggag attcaatctt ctggaatcca tagccactat ggctcaagat cttcaaacca     46380
     agatccagat aaggatctcc aagcctccag ataagggtca ctggtgagcc ttccaattcc     46440
     ggattgtagt tcattccaaa tattgtcaag ttgacaacca ggaatagcca ctacagtggg     46500
     cgacctacca gaggccataa acttagagaa aagggactct cccttcccca gaagcattac     46560
     ctgtcaatag ctgtccagca aggggttggg acttcacctc tcccttccat gctggaatgt     46620
     tagccaggtt agtcttgtgg aggtcttttt acatgtagca gtttgtaaaa ttaccttcac     46680
     aggctgtggt ttggctcaat gttaagagtg tttatctacc atgtgcaagg ccctgggttc     46740
     aatctccaat gcctcaaaaa taaacaaata ccatacttgc taaaaataca tgacagactt     46800
     tatatatttc aaaaatgaat ttatgttcct gtcatggttc acatctctcc tcccagtaca     46860
     tggttcacat ctctcaatca tcccagtatt tagaaagatg aggcctgaga aacatgaact     46920
     ttagggtagc ctgagctaca tagaccctat ctcaaaaatg tatgtataaa gttatgtgct     46980
     tcttgtatta gtatttaaga agtatgtaat cattttatat aagtagaggg agcatttaat     47040
     aggaaatttt aaactaagtg tccgtaactg gagtgctctt gtgtgcccac tcattgattg     47100
     ctcggtgagg gagaataata tactgtttta tatttaactg taccagttga cagccaagta     47160
     gtagatttaa aagaatttct ttcctttgaa atgtgtgacc tatgaagact aacagaatga     47220
     aaatatcaca ttttacccct cataggataa tggacccagg cattaatcat caatgcttgt     47280
     taatatctca aaaagaaaga caacctgaca aagccaagga tcacagcgca gttctgcagc     47340
     agtttttctg ttccccaaaa ataacaaata tgatgtgctt aagccaattc ataggaactc     47400
     tacagtaaac agaacacagc atcttgtcga tggcattatc aaaacccaat gcctctgaaa     47460
     ccctaggaca catgacacga tttcttgagg aggaagaaag cagactatag ctgaaagaaa     47520
     gagagcagtc agtcgtaatg tgttttgcct gactgcaaac tcagcataga ccagaggatc     47580
     acttgtgggg tttctctata ttgctcagtg ttgccttgct tacccagaat gcatgagtgc     47640
     cgaggttctg tcctcatcac taaagaaaga aaccagcaaa caagccagcc tgtgaaccct     47700
     cattcacatc cctttcagaa aaaaaaagat acaagagaaa aaaccctaat tttagctttt     47760
     tctttctcac tagttaatac ctattcacca tatatcgcag aatatttaat atacttctac     47820
     ttacaacata cttctcagaa aatctcatat ttttccaact ttccaatttt cattcacttg     47880
     aaaacagtaa tttttcagca tttgagacaa tgtttcctgt tgtagtggat gtggttcaaa     47940
     cagatatatg tcagaggaaa ttaagtactc tttatgttcc atctctgtct agatgagaac     48000
     agcaaagacc atctgacagg gccaggaggc taaagaacta gtttacagtt tatcttggtt     48060
     ccaaacaata aagatattag gtatagactt tttctgatta cagagaagag agaatgtagc     48120
     ttagtgaagg tgtgctcaaa gccctggatt cagttcgtag cacacacaga cagaaaggaa     48180
     caacaaaagc aagttatagg acataaatgt gtcacaaaaa acagaattaa attttcagaa     48240
     gacacaggtt ctgtcagttt tctttctcac tgtgccgtga gacacagcag cttcctcatg     48300
     gtgtacatgc tatttgggtc gtaaatgaga ggggagagac atggctctga tggtgagatg     48360
     ctgacgtcag gtcgttgacg gggccagtgg ggtcttagag aatgatctta tggttcagta     48420
     tgatcctttc ttcttaacga tctgtgtgac tgtgtgtggg ggtgggaggg gtggctgtat     48480
     gagtttatat gtacctcaca tctgtgcctg ctgccataga ggtcaggaga gggcatccgg     48540
     tcccctggaa ctggagttag aattgtgtga gctgtttgat gagattactg cgaactgaac     48600
     tcagatcctc cccaagagca gtaggtgctg ttaactgcca aggcatctct acagccccag     48660
     agttcttata taacttttaa gggtcctaga atatacgctt ggttctgagt tcatgacgaa     48720
     aaaaaattat tttttacttg gaatatctag aaattcccct gtgtctagca ttcctgtgta     48780
     gtgacccgac tacagaagcc tatggttatc agtgtgtggc caaagtgtct tggataaagg     48840
     tgcttgctgc caaccgtgat aactggagtt taacacaggg cctcccatgg tagatggaga     48900
     gacctacaca agttgtcctt tgagctccat atccatggca agtgtcacat gtgtccacat     48960
     gtacacaaca ctaagtaaat tagtgcactt ttaaaaatca ctttaagccg ggtgtggtgg     49020
     tgcacacctt taatcccagc acctgggagg tagaggcagg tggatctctg agttcgaggc     49080
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctt     49140
     gaaaaaccaa taaataaata aataaataaa ttaattaatt aattaattaa attttaaaaa     49200
     atcactttct ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaccaata aataaataaa     49260
     taaataaata aataaataaa taataaaatt aaatttaaaa aaatcacttt cttggaccag     49320
     gattgtagta cacaccttta atcccagagg cagagaatca acaacaacaa atttgaggcc     49380
     agcttggttt acattgtgag ttctaggaca gagtgaaaac ctgtgagttc taggctacat     49440
     agtgaaaccc tatctcaaaa aaagttattg taataaagtc acagatagaa tcatcatgta     49500
     gctatattaa tgttcctgtg tagacatctg tccagttcca aatgctatct atacatctca     49560
     gtgatgatat gcatccatgc aggtagagtc gtttttctga ttccaaggtt cacttaatgg     49620
     ctcatgcttt tactctcaat tacattttca tcacttatca ccacaaaagt gtatgtgtgt     49680
     tcatttgtat tgttatcttg actttgtctt ccatctctga aatccttctt ctgcttgttc     49740
     ttgtctgtcc ataatggcat ctgttgtttt tatttgcttg accatctcat ttacttcaag     49800
     tgtttctgtt cattttggtg tgtgtgtggt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     49860
     tttttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atctctgtat agacctggct gtcctggaac     49920
     tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt     49980
     gctgggatta aaggcatgtg tcaccacgcc cagcttcctt tatcttttga acttttacct     50040
     ccaatttact gttgcattca cttttgagac tgtcttgttg aagtctatga tagatttcct     50100
     taatgtgtcc atctgtttga atcttctggg tgatcattat taagtctctt aaaaagtaag     50160
     actctgaatt ctttgttaga catccaacta tctatgtggt tttgggttcc ttctttaggg     50220
     agttggtttg ttgggatggg tcatagaaca cagctgtgtc atagtgtttg tgtttctgtg     50280
     atgttgttat atgcatctct tagagcatgt gtgactgtca gttttgactt ccccatcttt     50340
     ggagtgtatt ctgtggtgtt tctgtggttc ttcccaaagg attgtctgca tgaaattcag     50400
     ctgtgtggac tagaggaatt tagtgttgtc aagtgtagtc gtcaaggtaa tccggtcata     50460
     gctccgtggc aacaagacta agggtggatc agcacatgaa gaaccaacac agccaggtgg     50520
     gctcagagcc tccttcattg cctgaattct gtgaatccac tggagccatg atagatccac     50580
     tgagtcagga tactatctgg gggctgtggc taaagctcta ggcacttaag taacccctgg     50640
     gagaccacaa tagtgtaaac tccaggtcct ccagtgacca ctgggacctc aggattcaaa     50700
     atccacaccc acactaatct taacaccccc cccccttttt tttttatttt ggagacaggg     50760
     tatttctgtg cagtcctggc tgtcctggag ctcactctat agaccaggct ggtctcgaac     50820
     tcagaaatcc gcctacctct acctcccaag tgctggaact aaaggcatgc gccaccactg     50880
     cccggcctta aagacctctt aagccaaagc tccagtttct caggggaccc tgggcactga     50940
     agcccaggat actcactgac ctctgattcc actggagcta gagattcttg cagactctca     51000
     gattccagtg gagccagtga cctagtcccc tggtgcttcc tggtcctgca gaaacccaag     51060
     agtaataaat gcaacatttt ccagttaagt atatatttaa atttccctgt ttttaatttt     51120
     ttatattatg ttatgttttt ggatgttttg cctacatatg tacctatata cagcaagtgt     51180
     atctggtcca tgggccagaa aagggtgtta gatcccctgt cactataggt ataggtgatt     51240
     gtgagttgct gtgtgtgtgc tgggaattga acccaggtcc tctggaagag cagttgtgtc     51300
     attctctgtt ctagaaatgt cttttcacgt ttatttgagc caaggttcta acaaagctca     51360
     tatcttagat ttcagtcaca tcaaaagctt taatccgtaa aagtttactc tcttcagctt     51420
     gtgatttcct gaagaaatta gattatcttg tttctgactg tggtgattac atctttgagc     51480
     atgcttacca tgtatttttg tatttccttt atattttctg cattcctgga gaggcttagt     51540
     agattgaatt tccattcttt tgctaagaat gaacagtatc ttgccctccg tgatgttagt     51600
     attggtcagc aggctcatga ctgccttcct ttactcattg ccaggttata cttcagctct     51660
     ttatcattgg ttttcatagc cattgagatg actgcttaga tctgttattt ttacaaaggt     51720
     ttgcaaactg gcagaggttt tctgtgtact gttccatgtg tcataaatta gctacaatgt     51780
     gtttctaaaa aagttaacta ataactagtc tttagcagta taattatcct caggtgtaat     51840
     tctcacaaaa catacagcat agttacttga ttcttctatg atttttcagt tgtatatatt     51900
     gtttccttaa aactgggcaa aattgacttc ttaaaaatga ttattttgaa tgtctcgtgt     51960
     gtctcatgca ctcctgttaa gtgctcctcc cacagccact gggagcttct tcatgtcagc     52020
     ctcttgtcct ctcagatgac caactcatct ctagagtttg ctgtcctttt gccaggctcc     52080
     tctaatagat ttaaagtaat atacagtgct tttaattttc tttaattttt atattagtat     52140
     cttttttcag taatagaaat cttagtttta aagagcatac atttttctct tctctcctgt     52200
     cagactgcaa ttatgtaact tatgaacaat ttaaaaagtt aaagattaag aagtattcat     52260
     ataacacaag ctctgctgtc tcaggatctt ggattcttct ttgtttgctt acaggtagtt     52320
     cattagattc cagttaggtg ctgtcgacat aaaagtaata tggaagggtt catagaaaaa     52380
     tatactagat gctgatcatg aagagacaca tatataatct actactttgg ggactgagaa     52440
     aggatagtca agagtttgag accagtctgg gcctcatggt gagactcttt caaaaactac     52500
     tgctgacttc cagctgcttg gtgtacagat aacaaaagac aacagagtgc ctagccccaa     52560
     attgaacttt gatacgttat ctcaaggctg ggagttttga tggagggggt ggcagggcag     52620
     gaagattgta agagctgaag gccatggacg tttaaaggaa actgttttcc agacagaagt     52680
     gcatctgaac tcagtgactg ttacagtgtg cacagatgtg cacaagctcc agccagccag     52740
     agtccagcag tgggaatgtg gtgggatgtg tacttccagc accagtgcac caaggagcta     52800
     ttagcattta atgattgctg tgaagaagag attcaggttg tcatttactg gtggtgacct     52860
     taataatgtg actgtgcacc agagcatacc ttaatctcca aactaactaa gcaacacaaa     52920
     ctggacctca tgggaaagaa agttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa gcatgctgaa     52980
     agctgggttg gaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaaaa aggaagcatg ctgaaagctg ggttggaaag     53040
     caatgagagg gttggaatat attcaaaata catcctatga aattatcaaa gaatttttta     53100
     aaaagcatca aagatgaagt cacctattat aagtgacaaa gcgtcaggaa ggaggccagc     53160
     aacactgttc tgcaagcact tggcacgcaa ccctgacagc ctgcattcca taccttacac     53220
     aggtggaagt agagaatcag ctctaccagc ttgtgctccg acttgtgcac tattctacac     53280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca catgcacata catacacatg     53340
     ccttggaaac agctttttct cccattatca gcattaacaa tttgtaaagt agcccatgtc     53400
     aagagcagta taacacacca agaaagaaat acttgtgggt tagttcaagg gtagggcccc     53460
     cagcggtctc tgtattaaga aaagaacttt gtgttgattc ctttggtttc ctgatttgct     53520
     tttgcctgac catcacattc ttcaagctct gctaactgag gtctaccact caagctgaac     53580
     ttgaatctga agtggtttct gctaacacag aggcaacatc gttgttggtg ctgctgtctt     53640
     agtacccatg aaaaactaat gttttccttt cttttcagat gacggccata aaaaagcccg     53700
     aaatgcttat ctcaataatt ccaactatga agaaggagac gaatattttg ataaaaattt     53760
     ggcactcttt gaggtaatat tttaattata tatgtatgtg tctgtgtggg agtagaagag     53820
     ggcatcatat ttccctggag atggagttag gagagttgtg agcctcccaa tgtgggtgct     53880
     ggtaactgaa ctcaggactc tggaagagta gcacggactc tttcccactg actgagctgt     53940
     ctctccaacc tgcacaatgc aattcatcag ctactaggaa atatgaaatc atcacatttc     54000
     cagagaaatg tttggaagca tcaatcatca tgttaagcaa aataagccaa actaagactg     54060
     atgctgagta gtgcatgttt tctccctatg tatatgtaag tatatgtgtg tcagagaggg     54120
     aggagactgg gggtgggggg agagagaggg tgagcacagg ctgtgagtag gaaggaagag     54180
     atgttaaggg gcagagaggt gaagaccaaa taatagaatg catgatgtaa cctgaaagca     54240
     ggagtgggga ctaattaggg aaagaagggg gaacctagtc tctttagagg gtcagaagga     54300
     atggggaagg cagaggagga ggggagcaag ggagagcaca agcataacac atgtgtagga     54360
     acccctactg agtgtcagga ctctgtatcc taccttaact cgttgcccta attaagcgtg     54420
     gtcttttctc catctctgcg ctggggttgg accgcaggcc ttgagcatgc tggcagccac     54480
     tctcactgac ctgtcccctc agctccacac agtctttcaa atgtgaggaa aaaaaatgtc     54540
     tcacagaaga cttttcttaa aatatttatc tgttaaagat tttatcattt acttttctgt     54600
     ttcctggtaa agtattttgt tgctgaattt cagtatcctt cataaattat ttctggcttt     54660
     ataggaagaa atggacacca gaccaaaggt gtcttctctc ctcaaccgca tggccaacta     54720
     tacaaatctg acacaaggag caaaggaaca tgaagaggca gagaacatca ctgaagggaa     54780
     aaagaagcct accaaggtga tgcctcacaa cacccaggat aaaaaaagat ggcctgaata     54840
     taagatgatg aagacatacc cagggcatcc atccatgtga agaaacaatg tattagatgt     54900
     tttatgtacc cagacaatgc tgagcattgg catcatggcc caggcagaat gcacagtgtc     54960
     ctggcttcat gtgggaagcc agtccctatg ctctttaaac tgttaaagta tataacattt     55020
     ttagtgtcaa ttaatgcttg accaaaactt aagcagagtt aaaaacagtg agactgacaa     55080
     gagtctgctg gaaggagttg cttctctggc aggctgggca gaggaggccc tctgacttgg     55140
     tagatttgag cagaaaccat tcagggttag ccatgtgact gacagcactg caggaagaga     55200
     cagtagcaca tcagtgaagt ggatctacct ggctgctcag tcggcctggt gcaaggggtt     55260
     tggggttggt ttttttgttt ttttggtctt ttgagactat acctcaaata taagacaggt     55320
     tggccatgga tttacaatcc ttctgcctca gttcccagtg ctagaatcat aggcatgtac     55380
     catgataatg atagccagca attgttagac tttttttgta atactactat ttttcttaca     55440
     ataaaattat gccaatacac acaggccagc tctttgcaag gggtcagatg gccttcaagt     55500
     ttttattttc cccatgtgtt tcatttacca actattatga agaatttgaa cctaaattct     55560
     caacagtttc cacaagttat cgctgttttt aaatgaaaag aattttagca atagaaaaaa     55620
     atttttgaag aatagaaatt tttagatttt caaatgttcc attgtttagg tatagtaaaa     55680
     atatgtagga tgttatccaa attataaatg tatatagata atagaagtat agtgatgaag     55740
     ttaactaaga gatcttagaa ggtaatggtt aaacttcctg atgactctac ttggatatta     55800
     atatggtaag tctgggctgc agatggctca gcagttaaga gcactgactg ttcttccgaa     55860
     ggtcctgagt tcaaatccta gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccat aacaagatct     55920
     ggcgccctct tccagagtgt ctgaagacag ctatagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat     55980
     cttaaaaaaa aaataatatg gtaagtcaaa gcatctttta tggctatggc taactatata     56040
     atttcccttt gccttgcatt tttattttca gagcccccaa atgggtactt tcatgggtgt     56100
     ctacctccca tgtctacaga acatctttgg agtgatcctc ttcctgcgtc ttacctgggt     56160
     agtgggaaca gctggaatcc ttcaggcctt tgcaattgtc ctcatctgct gctgctgtgt     56220
     aagtcgtgca ttggctccta gagctttcat tttgagctgc caagagtata tgcacttgac     56280
     ctcctggaga acaagcacag aaaatatgtg agaaggctca tgaccccaac aggaaagaga     56340
     attttgatct taaaatcgaa aagattttca ctaagcaccc attagacata acttacatta     56400
     tatagtatat ggtttcctag atttttggaa atacaaaaca aaatgcaggt cttaaaataa     56460
     tttaaaatat ggataatttg agcatgaaaa cactgatgtt gtaacagaaa atattagaaa     56520
     atgaatacac gctgggcgtg ttggcacacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg     56580
     caggcggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag     56640
     ggctatacag agaaaccctg tcttaaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa agaaaatgaa     56700
     tacactattc caaaatgtcc tgaaaataaa gttggtaggg cctgaattgg gtttggttac     56760
     tttgaactct ttttatccct ttcttgtaaa tcacttagtt ttccccagga cttattatct     56820
     ctcacactca acccattctg attctccttc atttaaactg ctcactcttc tgttctgtgt     56880
     cccatccctg cactttctac tgttgcagtt gtcttagtga ccattatatc ctccctcccc     56940
     cctgcacgaa ctatgcaggt taagcagaca taacctgtat cattaaggat ttagggacac     57000
     agccttcccc acttgcagtt tctcaagctt gaaactctag gtcatatttg actcctttgc     57060
     cattcaccag ggccaatctg ttctctttga gctgtttcat atgcaccctt tcctccttgt     57120
     tcccactacc acactgttgg ttttgcctct catttgcact aaagtcgcct actagctagt     57180
     cactgtgtct acagcaactc tctctttcaa gccctttctg aactgtgtta ctagataatg     57240
     ttttaatttt tttccccaat gtttcttgct gtattattat tataattatt atttggtttt     57300
     tcaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagctctgg ctgtcctgga acttactttg tagaccaggc     57360
     tggcctcgaa ctcaaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgat tgctgggatg aaaggcgtgc     57420
     gccaccaccg cctggcttct tactgtattc ttgaccttgt agctagtctg taggtaggtt     57480
     caccctacct tgcaatgtta gctccctagc tgttcctttc gaatatgcta tacagcaacc     57540
     cgtcctaaaa gtaggtagag taaaatgttt gctaagtgct ctgacattca cacatgggaa     57600
     agaaatacag aaatgtcagc tccactcagt agtaaaatcc ttctcttcta cagacaatgt     57660
     taactgccat ctccatgagc gccatcgcca ctaacggagt ggtgccaggt cagtgcccag     57720
     ccttgaaatt cacagtgtca gtgagtaatc actgtggtta cggttttcca gagaacatga     57780
     atgtgtttgt tctgttgttc atagggtact gtgacagaca cttcctacaa gccagagaga     57840
     caaatgctgt ttagcttaag gttttgaaat ctcattattt ttagactatt tttagtgctt     57900
     gaatttcagc catactcttt gcttataaaa tgttttatta gactatctta tttctttagg     57960
     aaggattcca tttttttccc tagtagtgac aaaatgtaga gtattggaca caccatcttc     58020
     cccagcaaat ctactttgtt acgttcaatt tcccaaagtc tgaaacatct ttttgtgcac     58080
     attttaagat tatttcttat gacttgttta cagttcttct tgtgatgctg ttcgaattct     58140
     gttttgtctt gtagctgggg gctcatactt catgatttcc agagccctgg gcccagagtt     58200
     tggcggggct gtaggcctct gcttttatct tggcaccaca tttgcagcag ccatgtatat     58260
     tcttggtgcc attgaaatct ttctggtaag tgatggatta actgttgact acaatgtaga     58320
     agctctgtgg gtttattttg tccttagata tcaaggttcc tgagatcagg cgagttgtgg     58380
     cagccaatga ggtgatgact gcctgggacc gtctgcttac catgactcgg aagcagaaag     58440
     gttgaggtgt ccttcacctg cctgtcctgt cccctctggc tgattgtccc caactttatc     58500
     acctcagcca gggaagtcat agctaagtac aaaagacttg tacatatgtc aatggaaaaa     58560
     agtaacataa agtttttcta cattgtatgt gtgtttgtat gtgtgtagag gccagcaatc     58620
     aacctatttc ctcacctgct gttcctcagg agccatcctg tttgttgaga tggggtcttt     58680
     ccctgggacc tggggctcaa cacgtttggc tgcagagctg ttcagctcca aggttcctcc     58740
     tgccctcacc tccccagtgc taagatgaaa agtgcacacc accatgcaca gctcccctgg     58800
     ggatcaaact caggtgctca ttcttgtgca acaaatattt cactggctga gttgtatccc     58860
     atacccctct ttttgataac tttataccaa tgaaagagtt tttaatttct ctactcatct     58920
     tttctatagc cttttgaata aaattattca tttttcttgt tcccatttgg aaaggcagta     58980
     ttcagaatag caaatagaaa acaaaaataa tctacaacat aacattttta tagacattct     59040
     agagccaaat aaaaatgtgt ttaatttgca gtcaggaatg gcacataacc ttaatccagc     59100
     acttgggaga tggaggcagg tggatctctt tgagttccag gccaactagg gctaggtaat     59160
     cagaccctgt ctaaaagtaa atgattataa agaagaaagg agggctggag acaggcccag     59220
     tgcttaagag cactggctgc tcttgcagag gaccagggtt caatttctag tacccacata     59280
     gcatctcaca actgtctgta actccaggta aaaaggatac aaccccttca caaaacatac     59340
     atgcaggtaa aacaacagta cacgtataaa taataaaaat aagatcactt tttaaaagaa     59400
     ggatacaaat taatgttttg gtctttgttt gtttgtttgt ttagctgtcc ttcacaaaag     59460
     aaacaaacta ttatagcccc tctccttgat tgttttgaaa tggccgcaca tctcctctac     59520
     ttctctttct tcttctgaca ggtatacatt gtcccccgag ctgccatctt tcggagtgac     59580
     gatgcactca aggagtcagc agctatgctg aacaacatgc gcgtctatgg tacagccttc     59640
     ttggtcctca tggtcttggt ggtattcatc ggcgtacgct atgtgaataa gtttgcctca     59700
     ctcttcctgg cctgtgtaat tgtgtcgatc ttggctatct atgctggtgc catcaagtct     59760
     tcctttgctc caccacactt cccgtacgta cctatctttg acatagtcag tgatggtatc     59820
     tggtaatgtg aacatttcca ccagaatgtc atggggtgat ttcctattgg tccagtttcc     59880
     cagaaggaag cttcttgaca tactgtcttg tttaccctct tcatcacttc tgaaatgtag     59940
     acctagcagc catagccatc attaaggtac ctctctttaa gtgtgctccc ccaaccccct     60000
     aataatgaat gtgtttatgt gaactatcca tgaagggctt tgcagtcata gtcattacca     60060
     acaaccaatg ttcaattgct tttaaaataa aaatcgattc aaaagaattt tagagtagtg     60120
     gtctggagag aggactctgt agttaatagc tgatcttcag aggacctggg ttcaattcct     60180
     aacacccacc cacatgatgg ctcaccactg tctgtaactc cagttctagg ggatctggtg     60240
     ccctcttcag gcctctacag gcttcaggca tacaactgac acacacagac atacaggtag     60300
     gcaaaaacac ccgtatatcc ataaactaaa tctttgtttt taggagttac ccaaattgtt     60360
     tatttttttt cttggtactg taagtgttaa gacttaccag ctataaaagg aaatgactgt     60420
     cttatcacat gtatgtcccc tggacgttcc atgccataca taatatgcag taatgaagtg     60480
     atggatttgt tcagtgtctt cactcacaga ctcacctatt gtctcatgga tttgtgacac     60540
     acaggccagt tgacactgag ttatttgtaa tcttgttaca gaagttgcct ttgaagtcac     60600
     atgaatcagc aggggatcaa atttattgat attacgctga tttaaattag cttacaggga     60660
     aaacaaaaca aaaactttat ttttcatgat gaaaaggcag gtccactgaa gatgaatgac     60720
     tttccccaag tcagctaatg gtagggcaag aacgtgggac tctgatttcc tgattgctgt     60780
     ttggtatttc ttctgtgtga tgtcagtaat aaatcccacc gtaagttttc attttgcttg     60840
     cttagggcca taaaataaga tcttttttag agttataaag gttttagatg caacagttta     60900
     gctgtatctc aacttgggaa attccatttt gcttcaggtt cccctttggg cttctccaat     60960
     tttgtttggt tggaaaagaa atcccagtgc aagctatttt gttttttaaa attccagaat     61020
     aatatgtttt aaaaaatcaa acctttgaga aaccatgaaa caaaactagg cttgttaagg     61080
     gttgttgagg ccaagtgata gatcggtggc tcattgtgta tgtatgaagc cactctgaag     61140
     aatctgagcc atgggttttg agctcagcag tattttacta cggctctttt tctccattct     61200
     tgtttatgtt tctaggtagt ggaaaaaagc aaagctacag tcaatatttg tattatcctt     61260
     aaatttcctt tttaccactg ggtctaggtt taaggtcaaa gccagttttc tcttgggcca     61320
     tagagggata tgcttttaag tctagtcagg ctgccctaca acagtagcca gaagacttag     61380
     aagagccagc agtcccagga ggttatgaca atagacatct tcacgtttcc tttcctacct     61440
     tctttctttc ctttcctcca acacccctcc ccccacacct cctgtctaga aagaaaacaa     61500
     gcaaatgaaa atatgggcat ttggacattt tttttaaaaa aataagagca gaagttccct     61560
     ggaatgttat tgttgttgct ggcacatggt aatggtgtgg gggtggggcg gtgactgccc     61620
     atgtgtatgc ctgtgtggaa acgacctggg tgctagagat ctgagctcag gatctcatgc     61680
     ttccagaaca agagctccaa cctcactgga ccacctccct agcccctcca ggattctttt     61740
     gagcctgaaa atggatgaat agccaaatat tttttggaag ataattgagc atagtttctt     61800
     tgtatagttc ttatgtttga atcatattac ctacatctgt catttgtatg accttgatct     61860
     tgggcagaat actgaatcac tgttaatgcc tccagcaaca taagacaaat attaaaatat     61920
     tgtgagatct gtgagggtta ccctggcaga agatacatgt cacctcagtt taaggtgttc     61980
     atccctatta ccattgcggt aaaacccctg tgaggtgacg tttttatcct ttactgacca     62040
     gcattaaaag gtcttaaaga cttagttttc tctgttcttt cttcccttct tgatctttct     62100
     cctcttctct gtttgctttg atttagggtc tgtatgctgg gcaaccgtac cctgtcatca     62160
     agacaccttg acatttgctc taagaccaag gaggttgaca acatgacagt accatcaaag     62220
     ttatggggat tcttctgcaa ctcgagtcag ttctttaatg ccacctgtga tgagtacttt     62280
     gttcacaata acgtcatctc aatccaaggc attccagggt tggctagtgg tatcattact     62340
     ggtaagttag agagtttaac tagacccggt ttgttttgtg ttgtttcttc tttaaggaca     62400
     gtggtgggaa ataggcgttc ccatcttaga tttttcaccc tccccctatt ttttactttg     62460
     tattatagta tttaattact cataacaatg agtttattat attttataca tgcatgcaca     62520
     ttatgttatt ttgatcacat tgactcatac tcattaatct ctcattagtt tgcatacaca     62580
     ctaaatttaa ttataactga ttatatgttc atggatggta tgtttatacc agcgtgggca     62640
     ccttacagtg gcttcaagac tgaggaaaag gactctccct cccacactgg gtgggtatca     62700
     agcctcagga gtgggtgggg tcttgtgagc gcccccttcc tcctcatgtg acatattgat     62760
     agagcccatc ttgtgcaggt aatcagagat gctttgagtt caaacatgca agagccagaa     62820
     aggcagtttg acagatacag catgtccatt tagcaaatat aggcagtggc ttccccacta     62880
     aagccaatga cctagacctt aattagtgat ggttatgatt gcagttgtaa ggattgaacc     62940
     cagggaataa tgtctgacaa gcatcacata ctctaccatt gagctacacc ccagcccact     63000
     gtctaagact gtcctattga acatggcatg gatccctgtg tatttacaga tgactttaaa     63060
     ctcagaatcc ttaggcctca gacttctgag tactggcagg attataggca tgtaccacca     63120
     tgccctgcat atatctgttt ttctcttgaa attatattaa tgagcttcct tgcaaagtgc     63180
     agctgttaaa atttcccctt ttttgagaac agagatggac aaatgacttt gtagcatagg     63240
     ataagataaa atattttgtg aatattttta ttttgcaata ttcctcaagc taacttgaaa     63300
     ctcctgggct taagcagtcc ttctgcctca tgttcctgac aagctaggac tgcagggatt     63360
     tgcctttgta tctaatttaa tgtactcctg aaaaattgcc agtggttttc cttcagtgat     63420
     agctaaaata gaactgtttt aatgtcacca aacacaccta tgttttccta gacagctaaa     63480
     tttctgaaat tcttttgttg agtgatgtcc accttaaatg tcttgtccac agatttcttc     63540
     caagttcata ctaagaggtt aaaactgttt tgatactaat taaaaaaaaa aagctttaca     63600
     tttgagaact aatttaaaaa tgttttgtcc acaaatttct tgcaagttca tattaagagg     63660
     ttaaaacttt ttgatactat ttttttttaa aaagcttaca tttgagaaat aatttaaaaa     63720
     taggctttat gggacatgtg attttagtct gcttaacttt tactaagttg tgttagaaaa     63780
     gtcaattaca tttattatac taaaatattt tgtaaaatta ttttaaaaca aattagaaat     63840
     atcacatttc atcctataat acttacatgt gttcatgtta aagaaacaat ggttctttaa     63900
     aaacattaaa gggctgaggt agagagaggg ctacggtaca gtacttgcct agcaagtaaa     63960
     tggctcctgg gtcagtctcc agtacagtaa ttataacagt aacaataggc gtctctggtt     64020
     gaatattgtt tgggtaagaa atcatatagt tgtattactt ccatattgca tttatccttc     64080
     tattctcttt cttcttatcc accccacccc tcaacccttt gcagaaaatc tttggagtaa     64140
     ttatttacca aagggtgaga taattgaaaa gccatcagcc aagtcatctg atgtcttagg     64200
     caacttaaac catgaatatg ttcttgctga tatcaccacc tccttcactc tgctggtggg     64260
     gatcttcttt ccctcggtca caggtaagtg gatagggctg ttacttgttt tagttggcca     64320
     tcagccacaa tgagtgagct ttctcagtgt tctgtttacc cctagtcttc aggatcagta     64380
     tgaacatcag agtgcccaga aagctaagaa gttaacttgg tgtttgccct ctaggtatca     64440
     tggctgggtc aaacagatct ggagatctga aagatgccca gaagtctatt cccattggga     64500
     ccatccttgc catcctgacc acatcctttg tgtgtatcct ttttgtgaac ttggtttgag     64560
     ttatggtatg ggatcatgca atagaactag gatgatcagt actttcatct aatagtaatg     64620
     ccatctctta gtaccactta agttgccaga tagttggcct gcttcataag cattgttaaa     64680
     gcattttata gaagtaatga atctagcaac tcatttactg atagtgtagt tattacataa     64740
     aaccaaaaga caacaataat ttccttgact gtcagcataa cagatttaag caatgttgtc     64800
     ctttttggtg catgtattga aggagtcgtt ctcagagaca agtatgtgta acaaccatat     64860
     gtcttcttct atgacatttt gtcactagtg tcaacacata tcaagaaacc aggttataac     64920
     taataaaata gaaaatgtat acattgatct aaaatgtgtg tgtatatata cacacacata     64980
     tgtagatact atatatacat acatatacat atatgtatat atatatgtat gtatatatga     65040
     gcttgtatag cacatacaac acccctagat ttgattttag caaaaaaacg tttgaaaagg     65100
     ggattaaaat atatgtgcat aatttagcct atgataatgt gatttttttt ttttttttgc     65160
     aatgtttctc aagctaacct caaatttctg ggattaaaga ctcctactgc ctcaagcagt     65220
     aaatatagta cataataagg accaatgata ttttgtaaaa tacaacaaag tagctccttc     65280
     ctccataaaa ccacataaag ttgtcagaat actaataaat acttctttgt acaccaagaa     65340
     ttgctagaaa gttgtacaaa ggtagatcac gttaaagaaa ctatttcata gctccagcat     65400
     ctgctctaca agagagaggc atctatttat taacacttgg gcattctgag tgaattggaa     65460
     actaactttc ttcatgaagg ctacttagta tttattactt cttttctctc tcatatgttt     65520
     tgtgagatat ttgtggatct ctccctgaaa gctgctaatt cttacatttt ccacttcagt     65580
     ccctttcact aggaatgtaa gtatctttct accctaggtg tttcccctca ttttcatcca     65640
     tgatccaaat catttttaag ccctgggact cttatctact tctcactgtt cagtggtccc     65700
     atcagtatgt acaaggtgca tacctaaata taatgtaagc aatatcacag caagccaata     65760
     gccagcatca aactaaatgg ggagaaactt gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agagacaaga     65820
     caagggtgcc cactctctcc ctatctattc aatatagtac tcgaagttct agcaagagca     65880
     attagacaac aaaaggaggt caacgggata caaactggaa aggaggaaga tatcactatt     65940
     tgcagatgat atgataatat acataagtga cccaaaaaaa tccacgagag aactcctgta     66000
     ggagcaaata aacaacctca gcaaagtggc tggacacaaa attaacttga acaaatcaaa     66060
     atgtttaaat atattaattt ttgcaattct taggaatctg cctcaaggaa aaatatctta     66120
     tgtttcattg aatatgtgtt cataatgata ttaattacag tatttcaaat tatagaatac     66180
     ttgtaggagg gggctgcagt tgggatgtaa agtgaataaa ttaatgaaga atatcaatag     66240
     tagaataatg gatgatataa aactgtttta agtagataga aacatgcaaa gtatgcataa     66300
     tgctaacaag tgaagattat ggacctcttg aggctggaga aacggctcag tgcttaagag     66360
     cacttgctgc tttttcagag gacccaggtt gagttgccag cacctccctg gtagctccct     66420
     gcagttttgg gcattctgca tcctcttgta gcctccaggc atctggtaca caaggaaaga     66480
     gtaatgaatg ctcttaagcg actgtgggcc agtttccacc ccaaggcaga ttaattgcca     66540
     ttacagagaa gtctgtaaat gaagcttggc ttgtttttta actgtactgt ttgttttgtg     66600
     tccttaatat gtattattaa ttttcccctc cacagtggtg atagggcctc agaaatatgc     66660
     taagtaaatg atgtattata tatccctagc ccagaaactt atttttgaga cagggtcttg     66720
     ctgtgtatcc tgagctggcc ttgaacttgc tgtatagact atactggcct tgaactaaaa     66780
     aatgtagcct tcctatcccc aaactcagcc tcctgaaagc tgaggtggca ggcatgtgcc     66840
     ataatgcctg ctattatgaa aaacctctac ctttacattt ttcagtattc atgtttgact     66900
     cagttcgaga cttaaaactt atgagcgctg ggcatggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     66960
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     67020
     gttccaggac agccagagct atacagggaa accctgtctc aaaaaaacca aaaacaagaa     67080
     agaccaaaca aacaaactta caagcaagaa aacgtaactg ggtgaatgtc ttcctaactt     67140
     ttaatctaga gttgttttca aatcaaattt ctctattctt tctttctttc ccagatttgg     67200
     ggatgctgta aaagggaatt tggttgtagg caccttatcc tggccatccc cgtgggtgat     67260
     cgttattggc tccttctttt caacatgtgg ggctgggctg cagagcctca caggtgcgcc     67320
     tcggctgctg caggctatcg ccaaggataa catcatacct ttccttaggg tgagtgatgg     67380
     gttgctgtgc ccgctgcctt ttttcccctc gagattttat gaaaaatatt acctttttca     67440
     gctttagaat tgggagatca taaatgtagg gacatgtaga gttttagtac aaggccctca     67500
     aaatcctttg tatacattta tgtatgattg ctctgaagtt acttttcaga tatctgaaat     67560
     gggaacattg tgtcagaggc cccatgcctg atgttttttc tcatgtgcac aggtttttgg     67620
     tcacagcaaa gctaatgggg aacctacctg ggctttactt ctaactgctg ccatagcaga     67680
     gctgggaatt ctcatcgcct ccctggatct cgtggcccca attctttcca tgtaagagcc     67740
     actttattct caactatggt tgtttaatga taaataacat gatttctatc agtcatctaa     67800
     aaatagtgat gatggcagag gtaaccaaac ataggcttca ctttacttaa aagaatgttc     67860
     ctgagatggg gctgaagatg tgactcggtg gctaatagca tgtgtgggtc ttccagagga     67920
     gctacgttca gttcttagca cccaggtcag gaggctcaca gccacatata agtccagctc     67980
     atagagaact gacacctgac ctctgtgagc actcacgtga acacacaatt caaataaatc     68040
     tttaaaagac tattcctgac aacttttata tacccctaac ttttataaat gactgtgatt     68100
     ttatagaggg aggggtccta catacaagta acttgtataa ctttaaaagt tactcgaatc     68160
     cctaccttct tttccttctg tttttcccct tctttttttt tttttttcca taaagcttgc     68220
     atttgaaccc agggcctcat atgcactagg catgctctct actgctgagc tacattctct     68280
     agcccctgcc tgtattttat gagtcattag cagttgattt cacttttggc atctactcat     68340
     ttacctgtgc attactgatg atttattgtc tatctgacat tgggaatatg aagatgtctc     68400
     aagacactga taataggtga gaaatccatg agttcccata tagtacaatg aatgaagagt     68460
     ggtaaaggta actgctgggt gccacgaaag cacagcacat agaaaggaag tttctgtagc     68520
     cagtggcatg tgtcttgaag ataactagtt atttgttacg cagagaagga ggctgtgtct     68580
     tactctgtag ttccagggga ttcagtgccc ttttctggcc tctgcagtca cccttacata     68640
     taaaagtaaa tcaatcttca ctcggtatgg tggtacatac cttttcagtt cagcccagga     68700
     ggcagaggca gacagatctg tgagtttgaa gccagcttgg tatatatata tctagacagt     68760
     tctaggacag ccaaagttac ataaatgaga ctgtctcaaa agaaaaaaag tatgtgtgtg     68820
     gggggaggga ctagaagagg atagtattaa actagaagtt ggaaaaaaaa agaagtgcaa     68880
     gcctgaacta aggtgagggc actaaacaag aaaataaaga agttttggaa gtttgaagtc     68940
     ggcagaactg tagttcttgg taggtaaatg taggggaaga atgaataagg aagtagaaat     69000
     agggattaag tcctgatcat ctgggaaaag aatggttgtg ctgggcccaa gagatggctc     69060
     agtgagtaag agcactttct gctcttccag aggtcctgcg ttcaattccc agcagccaca     69120
     tggctgctta caattttctg taattccagt ccaaggggat ccaacaccct cttccacctc     69180
     cacaggctct tagcgcacac atggcacaga gacatacatg caggaaaaca catacacatt     69240
     ttttttgtgt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctga ctgtcctgga actcattctg     69300
     tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagagatg tacctactcc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     69360
     taaagacatg ttctaccact acctagccaa aaaaaaaaag gtttcatcag ccaagagaga     69420
     acattggaag ataaacagat ttgggagaga aggcttctaa agttctttaa atggttggtg     69480
     ctgtataaat agggtttagt agtgcacagg cctccagttg aattattata tcattttata     69540
     ataattccac ttactgtttt tattcctcca ggttttttct catgtgttac ctctttgtga     69600
     acttggcttg tgccttgcaa acattgctgc gaacccccaa ctggaggcct cgattccgct     69660
     attatcactg gtaagttttc atcttcctcc tcatctttct agaaatctag gagagtctgg     69720
     gtcctgaata catttttttt aattggccag ccacaccata ctattgtgat gttcaattgt     69780
     tgctggcatt ccttctttcc tactctttcc taactgttat gtatcacttt ataataacat     69840
     aacagtggca gaaactgagt acttctaagg ctcacgtcca ccttcccctt gcacagctgc     69900
     ctttctgttc tctcttagct gagcactggc ttgcatcatc tcatcagttt tcatcctcac     69960
     actgttatca gaacttcact cagtaactaa gggcgagctg tgaagttagg taactgaaga     70020
     cctagttcac cttcactact tccttgtcca ggaatctgct tgaaagcata tagactcctg     70080
     aaatcttatt ttactaattc ataacaggga ggaatagcgc taacatgcac attaatacag     70140
     tgctcttaca tagtaaagct ctcagtgaaa agctgtggta ctgtggtaca gttttgccag     70200
     tcctgaagga gccatctgtg tttctttttg gaggagggga ggatagattg ttctaggttt     70260
     tggctggttg gattttggat tttggtgttt ttatttgttt ggtttttggg ttttgttttg     70320
     agacagggtc tctgtgttgc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtacat caggctggcc     70380
     ttgagctcag agatccacct gcctctgccc ctcaagtgct gggattaatt aaaggcatgt     70440
     accaccactg tccagctgtc atgtgtctca tcgttttcct gtgagcatat gatcgtgtag     70500
     atttttatgt ttgtatatgt gtaccttact ccttctctgg cttcacttac taatactggc     70560
     caatgatggg tcatttatgt ggcaaaaata tatacctaca actggtttta acacctctca     70620
     tccttcctct agctttaaca ttagctaaaa gtttgtggtg agcattttta gtgttatatt     70680
     ttagcctcca aagtaacagt tcttctattt acaagtgaac attcgtcata gaactagaaa     70740
     ggcaatactg caaacaaagg agcttcagta atactttatc tatctgctgt tactattcat     70800
     cactagcttt tcatcactag attctacagt taagggtatt aaatactcat aaaaatgtta     70860
     ggaatactta caagaaaaat atttaatacc acatttaaga ttcctgatgg tattcaatct     70920
     ctgcttttcc acataagtac taattgtcct tgaggcaaac agcactgtag catcctcttc     70980
     atagttcatg attgcctaga aacaggaagg cctaggcttt accccacatg ggctggcgtg     71040
     aaggctcagt aatagttggc ctgcctacat gaacaaggca ttgagtttga gccacagcac     71100
     taggaagaaa aacagtaaga gtccttgcta cagcaaacat atgaggaatt ttttaataac     71160
     aattttcatt tagatttaac acaagttgtg tctgtaatta actggaaatt agtatgtaat     71220
     aacaacactt atatatcagt atattataat gtatattagc atgtattata tttatattaa     71280
     tatgatatat aaacgcatca ttgattatat aatgtataat ataattttaa tatagtaata     71340
     taatttgtta tattaatcat attttatata attgtgcctt gtatgttata ttaatgaaat     71400
     ataaacatat aatatataac atacattgat atctattata tcttatatta atttatttat     71460
     atatacatat taaaaacaat ccccaccata gtctaggaag cacccctcaa actggtgtca     71520
     gtccttgctt cttcagatac ttcttggttt ataattatga ttttcatttt ctagggccct     71580
     ctctttcatg ggaatgagta tctgtctagc tctgatgttc atttcttctt ggtattatgc     71640
     cattgtagct atggtaatag ctggcatgat ctacaagtac attgaatatc aagggtaagt     71700
     ttgaatttta ccccatcact gctgaatggg gcaatcaaga atggctagtt tggggctgga     71760
     gagatggctc agcagttgga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaatttcca     71820
     gcaaccactt ggtggcttga aattatgtgt aatgggatcc gatgccctct cctggtatgt     71880
     ctgaggacag tgacagtgta ctcacacaca taaaataaat aaaatcttta agaaaaaaaa     71940
     aaaaaaaaaa gaatggctgg tttggccatg catgttgtca cagtagacag gaggctgaag     72000
     caggaaagtt gcaagtacaa ggctgggctc catatcaaga ttctcccaca ccaaaaagga     72060
     aaaaaagaaa tgctgggctg gagatatgat agcccagtgt ggttagtagc acttgctgtc     72120
     cctccacagg accatagttt ggctcccaga acttacccag cagctctcaa tccacatgta     72180
     accccaaccc caggggatct ggcacctgtt ttgatctcta gagacacatg aacatccatg     72240
     agcatatcca cacatataca taaataacgc tctaaaagta taacccaaat ataaacagct     72300
     tagctgtctc aagcagggga tcatctgaaa tacaattaac cctgaaataa ccaaaacctc     72360
     cagcagcctc caaaactggg aatgaattat cttctgactc agattgcttt ggctttactt     72420
     ccattatttt gaaaatcaca attacaagta atttctgaat ctgaattgct gttccaaata     72480
     gttacttttg aatagatcca cacagggtta agtgagtaac cctggcagcc tgtattgtga     72540
     acccctctgt agggcagtcc atctcacagt gtgttcctca cgctagtggg ggacaacaga     72600
     taaaccacaa gcctgagttt taatcttcta ccttgtacat actttactgc tagatttaga     72660
     gaatcctggg ttttattttt tgaacttgta ctcactataa tgtaaactga ctatccctct     72720
     tttttctttt tctcccaagg gctgagaaag aatgggggga tggtatccgt gggctgtcgc     72780
     tcagtgcagc ccgcttcgct ttgctccgtc tagaggaagg acctcctcac actaaaaact     72840
     ggaggtaaag cagtcacaaa gcagagctta gtcgtgtgtg cccatagtta acacacagct     72900
     gtactctgct gatcaccaga taaagaaatg atgtggctca aggaactgtt gaactatccc     72960
     ctaaccttac tgcctttctt actcttatat ctattgttgt tactctgtga atattggtca     73020
     gttttagcta atactgagaa cattcaaagt acccaagaac cctcatctta ccattccact     73080
     gattccattc ttctgtcaaa gttgaatgct ttgtggccct cctgaggtaa aggatggaga     73140
     tgccatcagt ttcccacacc caccccttct cactcacatc ttcccaggcc tcagctgctc     73200
     gtcctactga agctggatga agatttacac gtcaagcacc ctcgcctcct cacctttgcc     73260
     tcccagctca aggcaggaaa gggactcacg attgtgggct ctgtcatcgt ggggaacttc     73320
     ttggagaact atggtgacgc gctcgcggca gagcaggtga ggagcactgt ctctgtctgt     73380
     gcttctcaag catgtgtgcc ctgcaggctt ccaaggccag cactgctgtg aggaagaggg     73440
     cagtcattct ctcccagatg gtaaaccttt tatgttatca tagaagagga gctggaaaat     73500
     ccttttattc ctactaactt caaaaatgct tttctgagcg gggcatgtag tgcctgcctt     73560
     taatcccagc acttggaaga taagtggatc tctgtgagtt caaggccaac ctggtctaca     73620
     gagtgagttc caggatagcc aaggctacac agagaaaccc tgactcacac aaaagctttt     73680
     ctgtatgtac ccttgacaac agatttccta ggaaatcata gaggataata aagcatttga     73740
     atagtataat agatgtaaaa aaaatcagaa acattaaccc aggtgacaaa aattaatttt     73800
     ttaaaaaatc atatggttac aaatgaagag ccttacccta gataaccact gacttaattt     73860
     gtgtctttgg aaaaatcata tccattttgt gcatcattat taccttttca acaaaggagt     73920
     aaggtaaaaa gaaatgggta tatgatatta gctctaagtt agcttgacta aatgcagcac     73980
     taataattta aatgcaggtg tccttaccat tcaaacatca caataaatag aagaagagag     74040
     gaggcggggg aggaaacctt atctgaggag attctgaagt aaaacttcca ggatcatcag     74100
     attaagtttc ttgaaaaaat aagtcaggac atgcctggga tgacaagagt atggtgtttc     74160
     cactagtgaa ctcaccctgc cagtcaagcc atgtctggtg ttcacttttt ggacatccct     74220
     gtgctcagtg cttcacctga aagggaagca cgcagaatag aggaaaaggg agaggagcta     74280
     catgtggaca gccagctaca gatagaaata cagatgacac ttcactgaac acatttaact     74340
     tcttgaagtt ttctgttgag ataatcttat gtagaatctg gggagagatg gaaatacaga     74400
     agccagaggg aacgataagg ttaaaagtgc aggataaagc agttgaagtt ttgtgttttt     74460
     tttcctcaga ccattaagca cctaatggag gcagaaaagg taaaaggatt ctgccaattg     74520
     gtggtggctg ccaagctgaa agagggcatt tcacacctca tccagtcctg tggcctcgga     74580
     ggcatgaaac acaacacagt ggtgatgggc tggcccaatg gctggcgtca gagtgaagat     74640
     gctcgcgctt ggaagacttt cattggtaca gagtcttgta ttaacctgag ggcccagaag     74700
     ggggactaga ttaaatctct gtcaccctaa ctctgtccta aagtagagac catgccatga     74760
     aacatactgt tagacagcca cctaaaacta gtaacctgat gaaagaaagg ggactagatt     74820
     aaatctctgt caccctaact ctgtcctaaa gtagaggcca tgaaacatac tgttagacag     74880
     ccacctaaaa ctagtaacct gatgttagcc cgccttcttc atctttacat ttatgtccac     74940
     aaagtattta gctatgtcac gtctcaaact gtcatattcc attctgatga ccccacagga     75000
     actagaaaga ttctttcgtc agtctctgac aaattcatgc attaaatatg tagtataaag     75060
     tatccacagt tacctaaatc acggttcccc attcaattag tagttcccca gacttcagac     75120
     agtgatctct gctccttaag tgtactgtat tatgtcaata ggacgcatta ttcaaagaaa     75180
     tgtcaatgga tgttaccttc ctttcctgaa atggtgggaa gcaaagccca gagattgttt     75240
     gcagatccca atttgctctt ctctccacag gcacagtacg agtgacaact gctgcccatc     75300
     tagccctgct ggtggctaaa aatgtctcct tctttcccag caatgtggag cagttttctg     75360
     agggcaacat tgatgtgtgg tggattgtgc atgatggggg catgctcatg ctattaccgt     75420
     tcctgctgaa acagcacaag gtattctggg tcaccacttt acctcttgct gtaatggtgg     75480
     gacttaatct gaagagacag ggcttgttct tggctgtccc ataatcccag ctccagcctt     75540
     atgagaagta gagtgggttt aaggttttat tttttaattt tacttgttgt tatattttat     75600
     accagtcctc cttaagtgaa ttcctgcaag cttactaaaa ttcctgtata atagtgttta     75660
     gaaaaaacaa aaaacagaga aaccaaatac aagggtacat cagtttcagg tgcagtcctc     75720
     actgctctgg aactcgctct gtacaccagg ctgcccttga actcagagat ccaccagcct     75780
     ttacctcctg agttctagga ttagagatat gtgccaccat acccagctct ctattaaatt     75840
     tgtaatggta tcattgctat gctgtttgaa taaaccactc agtgtaccct gagtgcggat     75900
     atgtttttcc ctccccatat gaagccagca gctgttctgc agtgggcagc agtttggtgt     75960
     cctctaaatc aatactgaca taattatctg taggtagcac tccatccatt ttaaactgat     76020
     agtcttacac tgtcttcctg caagccctga ttattctacc cctgctctga cttaggagac     76080
     caatttcaca ataccatatg agcaaatttt ttcttggtaa tgaaattaag aacttaaaac     76140
     caggaataat cgggcagtag tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg agacatcgga     76200
     tttctgagtt cggggccagc ctgctctaca gagtgagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     76260
     gctctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag gacaacaaag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa     76320
     ccaagaaaaa aaaaaatcag aatgtgaaat gtgccagtaa tcccacctct caggccaggc     76380
     cagggtttag tgttaactta gaaaatattt tatgtgttgc ttagtcagtc ttatcaggaa     76440
     gcaaggaaca aatacttgat actacagcaa ggtcattcta gatataaatt ctctttttaa     76500
     gaaatcactt tttcagggct ggagagatgg ctcagcaggt aagaacgctg attgctcttc     76560
     caaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat tcttaataag     76620
     atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaga taaaataata     76680
     aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa atcacttttt cccttcacgc atctaacttt ccatgtacac     76740
     gtggcgttgt gtcaggtttg gcggaaatgc agcatacgga tcttcacagt agcccaacta     76800
     gaagacaaca gtatccagat gaagaaggat ctggccacct ttctgtacca cctgcgcatt     76860
     gaggcagaag tggaagtggt ggagatggtg agaagtagag tttgaaacag aagagactaa     76920
     cacgccttca gccctagctt gctttctagt tagttcagga cattactcag ctgtaaatgt     76980
     gtgctttaat cacctaggcc aaccaaagcc ctaaataact gacctaagta agtagaccgt     77040
     gtaaatgttt gcaattgatt tctttgcttt ctttttaaaa ctttacattt ttattacaga     77100
     gtaagtgtgt atgcgtatgg gtcggagggt gatatacagg attcagtttt ccttctatca     77160
     tgtaaatctc tggacctgaa tttgaggcat cagatgtggc aacaagtgcc tttacccata     77220
     ggatcatctt cctactcctg ggctgctttt tgtttgcttt attatttact acacatctct     77280
     tacataggtc ccaaattctt agctacttag ttcattaata tttaattcat gctaaaaagt     77340
     cacactagtt ttgtgtgctt tgttttaagg aagtgattag atcatagaaa acactaaaac     77400
     cctctattta atctcatgcc ccaaaccatg tgtccttaga accaaagact gagcaaagta     77460
     ggagggagag gttgctatgg tggcaggtct tctgaattag gtcaggtgta aaaataaaaa     77520
     tgggggagga gggctagtga gacggctcag taggaagagc attagctact cttcaagagg     77580
     acccgtgttc aattcccagc actcacatga cagctcacaa ttgtttgtaa ctccagtttg     77640
     aggggatctg acactctcac atagatacat acaggcaaaa caccaatgca cacaaaataa     77700
     aaataacaaa tttttaaaaa caacaatgtg tggttaactc ttccttctgc ctactttgtg     77760
     tgctgtctgt ctgtggcagc acgacagtga catatctgcc tatacatatg agcgcaccct     77820
     gatgatggag cagaggtccc agatgcttcg gcatatgcgg ctgtccaaaa cagagcgaga     77880
     cagggaggta agaccttgct gagttcacct gaccctgttc tctgaggctg aggcctgtca     77940
     gtgatataaa gacagatact tcctcctcct gtttcttagt tactccagta gaacctaccg     78000
     tcttcagaac atttaagcat gagaaaaaga atagtaaaaa taactgtgtt tgactttctc     78060
     caggcacagc tggtgaaaga tcgaaactca atgctacgct tgaccagcat tggctctgat     78120
     gaggacgaag agacagaaac gtaccaggag aaggtgcaca tgacttggac caaggataaa     78180
     tacatggcat cccgggggca aaaggtcaag tcaatggaag gattccagga cctacttaat     78240
     atgcgtccgt aagtgtgtgc actctcaagc ttatcctatg atacagtatc ctagacagtg     78300
     gtacatatgt gactgcctga acacagtcac aaagcacgag tgttttcatc ttacctaaat     78360
     cagctattat tgtctactaa tgaagattag ctcccagttt taaacattgt atacaaaaca     78420
     agctaaccat ctttttctcc tccacatagt ttatttcaat attatttgtc tattattata     78480
     aaataggcaa atggaatgag aaaactaggc caatgagata atagcttgtt aggcaaaggt     78540
     gcttgttgcc aagccttagt actgagttcg gtcaccagga ctcacctctt tgtaaattgg     78600
     tggaaggaaa cccaactccc aaagagctgc cttcctacac acacacacaa cctttaaaga     78660
     atgagaaaac tagagatgtt aacctaacaa agaaacgatc acactatcca tagtcaagtg     78720
     aaaagactct gagcctcaaa ataatgagta tgtgagctgg tcttctttct gccttaactg     78780
     tgtgatttct tccccactca gggaccagtc caacgtgaga cggatgcata cagcagtgaa     78840
     gctcaatgaa gttatagtca acaagtctca tgaagcaaag ctggttttgt tgaatatgcc     78900
     aggaccaccc cggaaccctg aaggtgatga aaactgtatc ctttccgaga gtgaagcagc     78960
     caatgggggg aattcttctc aagacagctg gatagtggtt aaagtcagtc agttccccat     79020
     ttccttctct aaggaggagc ttaatgtcat agctgaggcc acttcctaag tgagattaac     79080
     cgatcgggaa gctggggcag cggattatca tgatctcagt gaaacccaag aataccaagg     79140
     tggtgaatct gcagagactt gtagttttca gtgataaacc tggagacaga acacacatcg     79200
     ttctcctttt caggatcctc gctctgcaaa gctgcttttg gatggagtta ggtaagaagc     79260
     acttgaaact tgttaatgga actgagaaaa agaccaagga ttctgcttca tcccagggtt     79320
     gcttttatgg gaaacctccc agccctgcag tgacaggact ggctcattct tagcaacacc     79380
     attgaggaaa acaggggttg ttttattaat gaagaaactg gtatgaaaat ctgactcatg     79440
     cagcttcact tagaaatttt gtaggttctc tctagagatc ttttaagctg gtttttaaaa     79500
     aaaacttttt cttacttggc attttgtcaa aaggataaca tattacttgt gaattctttt     79560
     tcatttttga tttgtgtgtg catacaaatt tatagaggca tatgaatgca cacatactat     79620
     agcctgtatg tggaggtcag aggcaaatct ttgagtcagt caactcacgt cactaggctt     79680
     ttgtacagca agtgtttcta cctgcctcac cttatccccc aggcctgttt tttttttttt     79740
     tcaggtgtgt cgcttgcacg tatgcaggtc tgaagtgttt gttgaatttt ctagagctga     79800
     gttagagatg atcatgagcc accacatacg tgctgggcac tcagacctgg gtcctctgtg     79860
     agagcatcaa ctgctcttaa ctactgagac atatctccag cagttaaaac tgtttatatg     79920
     aggcatggtg actcacaccc ttaatcctag cattggggag gcagaggcag gcaaatcact     79980
     gacttcaggg ccagtttagt ctacataatg agtttcaggc cagctagtgt gacacaatag     80040
     tgtgggagtg ggtgtgcacg agtgctctca ggactcattc cagggaactg aactcaggtt     80100
     gacagggtta tacaacagat ggctttcagc agtggggcca cctcactgtt aactcagttt     80160
     taaatcacat ttagaaaata aatacaggct ggggctgtca ctcagtgcta gaatgtttgc     80220
     ctaacatgca taagattcct ggttcagatc caagtacttg gagcacggga acaaatgaga     80280
     atgtcttgta ttaaatacac aaaggctcta gattccacga ttatttcata agtttaaaac     80340
     tgaatccaat tccaggcttg gtggtacaag cctataatct caggaaaatt tacacatgtc     80400
     tgtctggatg ccatagctag tcaagatcag cctgggcagt tcagtgaggc cctgtctcag     80460
     gattgaaaac aattaaaacc agagccggtg aagcagccgc acagagtagt gtgtttgcct     80520
     cgcaagtgca aggccctaga ctgaatgcac agcacggccg agtgaatgag tgcgtggata     80580
     tatagatgat gttgagtcaa gttcaggctt ttcctattca gagcaggtct atgatcaaat     80640
     aaacttagat tactgatgcc aggttataaa gtgcactact gatcatccta tttccttgac     80700
     aacttctgaa gacatggaat ttctagaagt gctcactgag ggattagaac gagtccttct     80760
     tgtccggggt ggtggcagtg aggtcatcac catttactca taatcagctg tgggagattc     80820
     tgcgtggtcc gacttcccta agactcatcg tccatggaga tgatagctct ttcctaccac     80880
     tcccactcta ttcttgcaga gctgagcccc atctatgctc ttggctgcaa catgatctgc     80940
     catcccagca gaaacaaata atccctcaac agaagaatgg tcaagtccta aaagctattt     81000
     ctatggcagg agaaggcaag tcaaaattaa caagctaagc caaagggaac cttttggcac     81060
     acagaaggta atgagttagt aaaacatatg ctagaaatgt aactggcaac agaaagcaat     81120
     gttcatatct aacattcagg acgagtttca gaagacacgg gtcagtgagc accagaaagt     81180
     taacaggcag ttaagcttca ccttagtaaa aaatgagttc ccattataga gacagcctgc     81240
     agcagccagg atggaaacag gatactgata tataaaacct gagacatagc tgcagccact     81300
     acttcttcct catggtttat tgtctgtact gtaccactgt acattttaac tgtctttgtt     81360
     ttaaaaccca ttctgtggtt ataatgcaga cagtagtgtt actatagaaa tgtttttttg     81420
     aaaggctaga aatgtttttt caggttttca aatgctgaac taaggggatt ccaaagagtg     81480
     cgtattaaaa tatatagaaa cacagtggtt agctatgcaa cataaagcac acaagctatt     81540
     atcttaacaa atgtgggttg ttatgtagtt aaccagaagg gtctcttcta ctcttagtag     81600
     gcattggtct taaaaaccaa acaaaccaaa cctgtaagga agagacgcca gggctgtgtg     81660
     atgccacctc caaggcccca gggttcagag gttcagcagt ggaactgggg gtgtgaaagc     81720
     catacccttt ccactgtgcc aaaatcgtct gcctacactg gcagacaggt ttgcagtggc     81780
     ctgacacaag caccttttct ttcacaagaa atccatctgt ggcctcttca ccaaagccat     81840
     agtgcagatt tgaggcactc gacctccatg cccagagctt ttcccgtctc aatattatta     81900
     ttattcattc tgacttcgga aacttggctc tgaaacaaat ggttcactaa gctaatgatc     81960
     tgctgtattg gttttgcttt caaaaagctc taactgtgcc aaggaaatac ttgtgtaaga     82020
     tcagattttt tttttttttt taatttactg atcacaaaca cttggcttac cagcataggc     82080
     agcctttgtg gctgagcagt attcccaggg tgtgaaacct ccataccctt tccaagatag     82140
     ttactgaaga aactgtcttc ttgcttagat tcacggctgc ttttacattt cctttcactg     82200
     acagtaaatt gtgccactct ccataccctg taggacaatg aacacccaga attcaaccca     82260
     agacagaaga aaaccctcaa atatggctta agaagctgag tcatatggtt tgttcttcct     82320
     cctcccaggc ccacttgagt agcaaaggat ccagcatgtt ttcctttgct tcctgcagag     82380
     ggtagaaact actcgtagtt ctctttccaa cactccattg catacttgag tataatcccc     82440
     taggctccaa ggcattggag cgcccattct gtaaaagcca gcctgcccag gaactgccta     82500
     acacatccac ccctgaccaa agtgacacat actttttcca tatcaaacaa acatgggaag     82560
     agaataaggt ttctttaaga aaggctgttt gtggttagag ctacataaga atctgttaaa     82620
     gggtagagta tagtcttcat tccccaagat aaaaatcact gttacatgga caaatggtta     82680
     ttaggccaga tttgtactca tctctgtcta gaacatttca tgtctatgtg ttgcttatgt     82740
     tgtctgtctg caaagtgtct tagctctttt aatcactgca aataaagcaa tactgaaaac     82800
     ttgagagaga aaatgcacct taggggaagg ggccaaatgt ttctagaggg aagaggaaga     82860
     ccttctcctg ccttcttata agacccagct tgtgtcttac ccatgagttt attagcaggg     82920
     caggctgtaa cattcgttct cccccaactg gtcctcagcc ttccgtagct accttaaaag     82980
     ctggagtttg aattgcaggg cctggttgac aggtgccagc ttcctcgtgg cagagcaaaa     83040
     gctgctgctt ttcatattct gttgcctcct tttcttgtgg ccccaaggat cccaccaatc     83100
     ctcattcccc ctaaatgtta aaagaaaatt ccttattgtg gatattaagt tacactgtaa     83160
     gcatatttac atgctctttt tcccccctgg tttttctttt catcatgtat aatttgaatc     83220
     cagtgatagt ctcacatctt ccaaaaaagt ctgcttatgt gatatagaag agaaatatta     83280
     aagtagactg aaggggaact tgtgaaacat taagcattgt tctcaaccgt ttaatttatt     83340
     gaaaggagaa gctgctactg agcagctgct attcttttgt ttacatagag tctggttttg     83400
     tttgttttgc tctgtgctgg gaacataaat aaagttttct acattatttt cagtcataag     83460
     ttgtgctgta gtttcttttc tgctgtaaca tgctgcacac tggcctcacc acaggaggct     83520
     cttctccaca tgcatgactg ttttaaggga ggatatttag gagtcaacag cttaaaatgc     83580
     agatgaggtc catatgcatg gtgctttctg ggggtcacag aagtaagcct cctccactga     83640
     actccattct ctaaaaaaag aaacagtaaa gaggtcaatg gcaaacaact tcttagttac     83700
     tttatcacaa gctctgctgt acatgacctt gtaactgcca aatgcctgta aacttccaaa     83760
     cctgtgttgt tacttaagaa atgaacacgt gggctagtga gagtgctcag agggtaaggg     83820
     cacttgctgc caagcctgat gacctgaatt cagttcccaa aacccatata ttcagtcgga     83880
     agttgtgcta tcgtttgttt gtttgggttt tttttgccag ctaacttgca gcaccaagtt     83940
     ctctgacctc caaaacacac acacacacgg gcatgcaata aaaaatgtaa aagctttaaa     84000
     taaagcagcc ctcaatacca acatccaatg agctcactag ctgttcactg cagactctgt     84060
     ttgcctgaaa tttaacttta accatacctc agggggctca ataaaggcta gccagtctga     84120
     tgcatgtgta ggcaacagtc ccatggactg gcacttgtaa actgccaatg ccaaacccat     84180
     caggttccca atgagataga ccaagccttg aagaaacttc tgacttgaac tctccagcat     84240
     cttgaaagct gttgggatta acagacattg tcaacaccat tttcctccca atatgaaacc     84300
     tagaatttaa acatacagcc ccaaaataag attataaatg gtacgacgac taccactacc     84360
     aaaataccct ctagctaaaa atatgccaaa gaattggcct tcattcctta gcacccaggg     84420
     aaggagtatt attttctgaa tacttactgg ctgaaatggc cataagtgct tgaatgggtc     84480
     gccaggccat catacacacc atcatagtag ggaagatgga aatggtgttg cctgccatgt     84540
     acatgatgaa gaggttcatg ggaatctgct tgaggggacc caaggcgatg tcccagcagc     84600
     gctaaaataa acacacggtt tagacctcta atcactcccc ttcagtctct cgtgtactgt     84660
     acaactgatc ttaagtcatg tgaacagaag cttcagttct ctgctagact gaactggctt     84720
     ttcagctcct ctttaggttg ctacaagttg ctctactact ctacccctgt gctttttccc     84780
     tatataaact ttctggggcc ttttgttttt caggatcatt cctctgtgta gatctggctg     84840
     tcctggaact ccctctttaa accaggctgg cttcaaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc     84900
     ctcccaagta ctgaaattaa aggtgcgtgc taccactgcc cagcaagttt tgagaaattt     84960
     aaaatctttt tgttacttga gacaaggtct tggtatgtcc aggttgacct ctaaattgag     85020
     acctttttta acatccccca aaactaatag gattgtagat atgcaccacc acacctggct     85080
     aaaattccat gatcttaaga acatgtgaga agactcagca tctacttcat gaaagtcagg     85140
     gaaaggggct ggcgagatgg ctcagcgggt aggagcactg actgctcttc caaaggtcct     85200
     gagttcaaat cccagaaagc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccatattgag atctgacgcc     85260
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag gcagcaacat tgtataataa gtaaatcttg gagaaaaaaa     85320
     aaaagaaaga aatttaagca gggtgtggtg gtgcacgcct ttaatcccag cactagggag     85380
     gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggg ctacagagtg agttccagga     85440
     cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaatca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaagtc     85500
     aggaaaagaa caaactaaag gattttgaga agaaaacaaa aatgagagct catcaaaaat     85560
     aaaattttct ttttgcaaga ttataaattc aattctggta agcctggagg ggagaaggac     85620
     aactcttcca tgtccagaga gaaggcacgc agctttacag accctccagg cgtcacactc     85680
     accagtttag aaacttgtgg actatttgaa agtttcggaa atggatacat tcctagagac     85740
     atgacttaac aaattgcata aggaaaaaca gttgcatggc aattagcaaa gctgacccta     85800
     taattaagcc cagatcactt tcttggcaaa ttctaactat ttaaagctaa aaatacaagt     85860
     cttacacaaa ctcctttggc agaaaacaaa actaaaaatt ctacaaatct tgttaatacc     85920
     caaaccctaa aagactatta tgagatatgt atgtatgcat gtgtattttt gtatatatac     85980
     aaaataaaaa gttataatac ttatgaatct aaatgaaaaa tcctaacaag gcactggaga     86040
     agtgacttag tgtttaaaag tactcgttgc ttattcaagg ggaccaatgt ttggttccta     86100
     gcacccacat ggtggctcac aatgatccac aactctagag ctgggggatc caataccttc     86160
     ttctaacctg agagctctag gcataatata tatgtgcaga caaaacactg atatgcgtaa     86220
     aataaaccta aaagaaaata agtttaatcc taacaaagta tgaaatatat aaatctatgt     86280
     aaaaataacc ataactattt tgattattca cattaaaact caaccatatt tgtaaataac     86340
     tttctgtaga atacagcagt tatacaagta ttttatgata tgcttttaaa aatcatatca     86400
     tttaataatt tgtaatcata atttgatata ccaagataaa acattacagg ataatactta     86460
     tccaagaatg actaatgact gtgtgtgtca ttttcatact gtaacaactg aatgtatgta     86520
     ttccatggaa tcaaaattat tcggcaaaac taaggctgca agggaagcat aaacgcaaga     86580
     agataccaag caccctctgc acactgggac tcgtgctgtg acagtcctgt aaaacagcta     86640
     ctaaggcaga tgctaaataa cataagccat gtgatatgtt cataacatat aaatcaaaca     86700
     gtgtggcaca tggaaaggct tgactctgta atattagaga gaccccaaag gagggactta     86760
     gcaagttatg aaggaatcct gaggaagagc attctaagac tagagaacaa acacaaaaag     86820
     cagggaaggg ggatttgtct ggtatcctta cagagcagca agggaatcat tatgaaagag     86880
     taaacaaatg taaaaatagt agacagggca cagtagctac aaggagtctg actggtacaa     86940
     gcagagttat gtctaatact aaaaagacgt ttggtgtgta cgcggaatga acatggaatt     87000
     ttagactgat tttgagtagg gatggtctgg catgttttaa agggatcatt tttgatggct     87060
     gtgtttggag actgcaaaga ggacaaggta ggacataaca agacccatta gaactccata     87120
     cagagaagga tactgagaat ttgagaaggg gagacttgaa tataggatct caggggttta     87180
     tttgcaggta tacacaaagc gcacctcttt agacctagaa aacgtggtaa tgctggaaac     87240
     atctttagtt cacacaatta tgcaaagcca tagtggtacc taatgtgtag agatcaggag     87300
     tactaaacat cttaaagtaa gtacccagca taattctccc caacaacaac aaaaatgtac     87360
     ttagccccaa agagaaaaca gagaaaacag tgctgaggtt gagaaagcat gattttaaat     87420
     agagggatgg agggataggt ggtagatggt tagtctacgg ctggtgatgt aacagttgaa     87480
     ggcagtgaga aatgatagca ggattgggat gttttcaggg taaaagtgac acagtatcct     87540
     aacacaccga aattatgtca gggaacatat acgtaagata ctgtaccatg gatcttaagc     87600
     aatgtgtctt aatgaccggc tgctttacct ccactccaga gagtaaggcg aaacagggct     87660
     ggcctacacg ctacggtaac gtctaatacc tctgtacctt ctccaccagg atccggtcgg     87720
     tctcttgcac gctggtatca ggcacttgct tgtccaagta accgactgga tagagggagt     87780
     ctccctgtcc actgccccgg tcacttcggc ccctaaagaa ccaaaccaaa tcaagagact     87840
     aaaactgcgg gtttccagcc ctatcaatca caggaaaaag aacctcagat gtagctaccc     87900
     aaattagacc ctctcgtgcg ttcgtcagtt ctctctgcct attgggaaaa ctaaaagatc     87960
     ctggggaaaa ataccttcca cagcacagaa gctccttggg taacatctat gtgctaccca     88020
     ctcgtgtcgg agacttagac gaggcccagg tccgctggat ctcgggccgt tctagggtaa     88080
     ggatcagata ccgagcttca ctcgagagac tcacctgctg cctcctcccg gcccactcag     88140
     ctcaatggcc catttgaacc gccggcctcg gttggccact aggcccccct gggtcgtcat     88200
     gacagcggcc gctggctaaa agtacccaca ccctccggcc gcttgcgttc tgcaggtaag     88260
     aactagctgc aactgcaagc tctccgactt cctcgcgttc gccgcagtgc acttccggcg     88320
     cataattgaa cgtcacacga tcaccggaaa cttcctgtcg ggaatacaga agaaagaatg     88380
     cgtgaattta gaaaatccgc agacatccag aagagcagct ttctgaaacc tccctgcgag     88440
     tacacctctc acttgtgctc tgtctctcag gtgtgcgcca tcgtgctgga gtgaagtccg     88500
     aaaagacaag aactgaagcc aagaagagca cgaaattgaa atgttgtttt aatcctgggg     88560
     ttatccggaa ttgggtgacc ttgagcgaat tattcaacct ctgagtactc cgtgtccaca     88620
     tatcgcagga gctatgtatt tgtcttgttg ttgttcttgt ttaaatggtt ttcccccatt     88680
     taactcgcaa actaacccac cgaggtagac tctgggaatg gaaagataag ctgagttcag     88740
     gatttatctg gtctcctttt aagtcctttc attacttact gtgccacctc gtctaaatta     88800
     aattcattgc tccacctgcc tcatgcaaaa cgatggataa tcgcctaatt ttgacctgtt     88860
     gtgggattaa ataggaccta taacctagac ctaacttttt tttatcatta agcgttatca     88920
     ttcctagaaa ggagtttaat attcaatggc tcatctgtat tgtaatttag tctattactg     88980
     gaaaaatgtt tcctccctct cacccctttt ataattcagt gttagtgtga aaatcacttg     89040
     ggacatctgt tcctattgta ctaggagtgg aattgctaca tctaagagta tgtacatttt     89100
     taaagaatta ctattttaaa tgcctacttt taaattatca gttcaaatac agtagttttg     89160
     tttatttctt ctatttacct ttattactgt tattcccaaa ttgtttgtta tggctgtagt     89220
     tttgaggaaa ggactactgt gacagtatgg ttgaggatct ggctgaagaa tacctcctta     89280
     gccaacttaa gttttaagag ataatctctt agagatgacg gtgatctgca cacattgaag     89340
     attcccacct ccacatcatt ttccagtttt gtagttctat gtgcagagaa gagaaggctg     89400
     tgtatgacat acagtgtagc agagtggcgg agggtgtgag attttaccag ctattcagaa     89460
     cactgcaacc taagacatta gtctagaatt ttccatttaa agtttgtaga acacaagtga     89520
     agctaggaga gctacgtgca gataatctaa gccacgaaaa gcaaaactga tgattgaaaa     89580
     gttgtaatta aataagttgt cattaaatgt gccacggtag aaataagtta gaattataca     89640
     tatgtaaaac aaaatataaa ataggttatc tatcacaaat gttaatatgt gttaagtaat     89700
     agttttcagg taacgtctaa tttttagggc actcgtgtgc taataaattt ttaatgagca     89760
     tattttaaaa acaaacttgt ttgataaaat cgcatttttc tacttaaagt atttcctcgt     89820
     tatatgaaac tttaaactat aaatctcagt tactctgtcc tcaaggagtc agccaggaag     89880
     tgtattcctt caccccgaga atcttaaatg tcatttgcta agttgtatct caggaagacg     89940
     aagccattgg aacgagatgc tcacatctgc ggtattttca gtactgttag tataatgtga     90000
     taagctattt acaaagatga caacaggcag atatggctgc actggcatgt caaaccacaa     90060
     agtggctgcc agcatacatg tgtttttcat gactgggtgc cacaagacca cccctcttca     90120
     catactccaa ggagctgagc actgaggtga ccagctcttc agtgcctgca cgtgggatat     90180
     gttctgctaa ctgggctgcc gaccaagtgc cagcccagtg tggggataca cagggggcct     90240
     ccacccaatc agaggagaag gggacgggga cagggacagt gagtgggatg taaaatgaat     90300
     aaataacaaa agttgagcac tgcccccagc cccagcctca gcatgcctgg ctttctcagc     90360
     cagtgatgcc ttccaagccc tgcacattga gtccttctcc agcttcctcc aaagttttca     90420
     gaagtgatga aaccacggga ttctggacgc agtgccaatg agcaagctgt gcaatcaagg     90480
     gccccacgcc catcccctgg aggcccatcc cccggttaga aagatttaac tgtcaaatgg     90540
     ttactagaga attgctttta gttttctttc cttatctgaa gttaggtttt tgttttcttt     90600
     ttaaatctat ttattttata caaggtccca ctatgtaccc ctggctggct ttaaattcag     90660
     agattagcct gcctctatct cctaaaatta aagatatgtg gtatgatcag ggcctttttt     90720
     gttttttgtt tttgtttttc tgtcttacaa ctccttcagt atccaataga atgtaggaga     90780
     ctactttatg catgtgggaa tgcttcagga gaaaaatgaa gggcatctcc acaaacttca     90840
     cttgctcatt ttccttgtca cttttttttg tttgattgtt tatttgtttg tattttattt     90900
     tatgttttaa acagggtttc acatagttca gacagcctca aagtcatcat gtagccaatt     90960
     gatagccttg aactcttgat cttccagcct ctgccttcaa gtgttgggat tatagtcctg     91020
     caccactgtg gcaagatctg cttattcttt tgaaaagatt atcagactat cattaaagta     91080
     gagatttgtg agtatgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtctgtg tttttaaaaa     91140
     tggggttttg agtgtgcttt gtaaggaaag ggaccgatgt gtgtgtgtgt ggggggggtg     91200
     ttaaaataat ttttaggaat tttaaaacta tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata     91260
     tatatatata catagataga tagatagata gatagatatg tgtgtgtgtg ttcttgtgtg     91320
     tctatgtggg tatatgtgca tatatgtaca ggtgtctgag gaggccaggt gtcagattgg     91380
     gagcttgtgt tacaagtggt tggtagctgc cagacaaggg tgctgggaat tgaacacata     91440
     tataagacca gtacaggctc ttgaacctct gagccatgtt ttttgtgttg ttgttgttgg     91500
     tttttttttt ttttccataa gcctaggaaa tgtggattct aaacctgaat ggctcaatta     91560
     gggaccctct tgatcttcat ttgtaaaact tagatgattt ctaagggcgc cctctagatc     91620
     taggatgtat tacacttgct gtcaacaaat aataatttgt gctggttgtg gtggagtctg     91680
     cctgcaatcc cagcactcgg gaagtggaag ccagaggata ttgagttcca agctagcctg     91740
     ggctacattg aaagacactt tcaaaaacaa acaaacaaag aaacaaaacc attttgctta     91800
     ctgtcctttc catccttata cactcctagt aaagaaaaaa ctcaaagaaa taataagatc     91860
     tcatctccac cccctcccca ctccagacta cctgggtctc tggattatgc tggaaggtct     91920
     tttagcatta attatagcaa ttttcagcct agaagcacaa tggctgcttg ggaggcacat     91980
     atggggagta ctaaaacatg ctaatgcaag acttcgtttt tcggggctct ttgcaaggat     92040
     ggctatgggt gaatttgtac cagaacagca gctacagtca cctcagttcc acctttatcc     92100
     tctcaatgtt tcccttggat aagacacact cagcagcttc caattcaaag catcaaaaag     92160
     ctgtgccaag gaagacaaat aatgctctat gagcaactgg aagcattttc tgtattgctg     92220
     tatggacata cacagcaaca caaattgaaa gagtggaacc tgcacactat tggcagggcc     92280
     attctatagg gcaagatcag taatcatgcc agctggtctc ctaatcaatg agttgtttca     92340
     aaaccaacac gcaggtgaag ccaagtaaaa gcatcatgta ttcacaaaag catgacacac     92400
     tgaagaaagt aatgtacttt tgaaacctta aaaaaaaatt agtagtgcct ggacactgct     92460
     tccagcgatt ggggttgact ccctctgggt gggccctggg aatcagtctt tcttgtggtt     92520
     cttttgatac tgctatacag gaagacctaa aaagcacgga acaaaagtat ctcattaacc     92580
     taaaataaca aagtttgggt ttttacaaat gaatttgaga aaaaaattat cagtttttga     92640
     aagcctcttt gtgtgcctct aactgcacta gcagtgattt ggaaaactca tcagaaatac     92700
     taaaactgcg aaataaacat taaatttccc ttactttgta tttttgagca aacattttaa     92760
     tgatagaaaa taggcaactc tcaatttggt agctcatgag ttactttgtt tgtcctttat     92820
     atggcacacc tgcacatttt ttgacccatc tttcaggttg aggatcaaac tcaggcaggg     92880
     attcctgcat actaaatggc taccttgtcc ctgagctaca acctcctctc ttttgtattt     92940
     gtttctgtat ttcattcttt gcctcctact aggagtcaga aaagttattt cacaccaatc     93000
     ttctccaacc tttggattaa cacctgaaca aggaaagtct ttattcagtc agatttgcaa     93060
     gaatgggaag aatggataac tctaaaggaa tcctacagat atgatgtgag gtttttttgt     93120
     ttttgtctta gcatctgaca gcatctttat aacacttctg tttggttatc ctttcttgtc     93180
     caatcagtta ttccagtgtg ctctaataga ccctgaacct tttgttatgt caataaaatt     93240
     ttgcacattt cttgttgttt tgacaatctc tcaaagacca tctcttatga agcatacccc     93300
     cacccccatc ccgtgtcagt aacggggtct taaaaggaaa tgttcaccct ctattttgtc     93360
     tgtctgcttt cacatcacat gagtggggtg atggtaggga agtccattcc ttgctaatta     93420
     ctgttgggtg aaccctaatt ctaatttttt tccttttcca gttcatgact gcagtgtcat     93480
     gaaatactcc agccaggata acatgactaa gttagtggtg tggtgttctg aaatgatgtt     93540
     gattcagtca ggccactctt cttggcagtt acctttcctt catttcaaga gtgttgtgca     93600
     attcacttgt aacaagtccc cattattctt ccctccagca cttgcttagg aagctgggag     93660
     ggttgccatt cccacagaac gcattaaagg ataagaatga caaccgtagc atgagtcata     93720
     atgatacaac actgagggcc tgacaggcct ctccacgtta ggttactctg aatccatcaa     93780
     ctcattctga agagcaactt atgcctcttc agagtgggct aaacggtctc taaatctgaa     93840
     tgaccaattc aattccttta ggaaaaaaat ttcatttgtc ttagttttta aaacaacaat     93900
     cagttcaacc ttagattttt aaaggactat gatggactaa agatctatgt ctctcacagc     93960
     tatcttatgt tgaaatccta atccctggtg tgatgtattt tggagatagg gctttgcaaa     94020
     gcatttagtt tggatgaagt cataaaggtg gagccctcat gatagcatta gtaaccctgt     94080
     aagaaaagaa gagacagaaa atagctctct tcccactacc caccatttga gaatctggtg     94140
     agaaagcagc cctctgcaga catgaagaga accataatcc ctgggcagaa ccagcttaca     94200
     cattgacctt aaacttccct gcttcccgaa cagtgaggat attggtttct gatatctaag     94260
     ccactcatac tttactgtgt cagcccaaac aatgaataca aagggaagca gaattcagta     94320
     acatttatta cttcaaaaga taaaatcatc ccttaaaaca catatatggg gagctggaga     94380
     gagtgctcag tggataaagt cgcttgccac caagcctgac aacatgagtt tgatctctgg     94440
     gatccacatg ggtggaaaaa gagaactgac ctatatacac aaatatttta aaaaccacac     94500
     atttatgaat ggagtgtttg atttactcat tatatcaaca caaacatact aaactctatt     94560
     aatttactct tatttaatct gttttgggtg tcctctatgt ctgttatgtc tagctcattg     94620
     ctttccaagg ttgcaaagta tatgcagtat agatgcatgc taacttagcc aatctccaaa     94680
     agatggacat ttagattatt cccatctttc actattacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac     94740
     aaacaaacaa acgttgctgt gagcatcctt gggtacctgt cactatagtt ctgtaagaga     94800
     atcatgcact taggagttga actattgata gattcaaata tctcctataa aatgtactgc     94860
     ttcccaactg tgaagatgta agagggttgc atatgcatca gacacaagtt gtcttctcaa     94920
     cagacttccc aagctctcta tcatttccct cttctatcca cgagaaacaa acaaacttgc     94980
     tattactagc accaacccag gtgtcagtat tgtgtttgaa acaatcatga gtgcagtaaa     95040
     acaagagctg ccttatctca tgctgccgct acttcctccc acagcctgca caggaagatg     95100
     gggattgact tcgccaaagc caactggctg gaattttcca gaggtgctgg aagcagagca     95160
     gtggatgttg cttatggcat aaacgatctg ttgctgtggg caggtctctt aaaacagtgt     95220
     cctcttagcg acagtctgag tgaataaaca taacatacaa ggcaattgat gccctagttc     95280
     cctaaacctc caaaccaaat cttcataact aaggttcttg ccaacagtcc tccttgccca     95340
     tcccttggcc atcctgcaac ctggtgacag atcagttggc agaagaagga agaaatcgtc     95400
     actgccttgc ttaggagtct cagcctctgc tgcatcctct aatatctcca accaccaact     95460
     cttgataaac ccaggtgctt acaacattct gggtacctac ttaagttttc agtcttcgtg     95520
     cctgtctctc ttcaaagctg tcttcactag actcaaatcg ggcaaacagt gatccttaaa     95580
     cttacggtga atttcctgtt ctctgtctgg aatagcaggc ctgtcagaac cgtgtccagc     95640
     tcggtaggcc ctagctcaaa gcctccttca cactcttaat tccactaaga agtgcacata     95700
     ggtctttgca tagagttctt tattctgtgg ggtgtctatg gatatgggct tctttataca     95760
     ttgccaccaa gtgttcctac acatagcagg gaatgaggca ggaagactaa ctcagctgtt     95820
     tattcactca caagggaaag atgaaggaag gataggattc cttgcagact gcccactgta     95880
     aagacctggc cacctttttg tgcatgtgta ttcttgttgg gacatgggtt attcttactt     95940
     atgttcatgt gactgcaggt acctgtctct gtgtggctgt gcttgcatgt gtgtgcatgt     96000
     gaaggccagg ggacaacccc agtggtcctg ccacaggtac tacattttgt ttgttctgag     96060
     agaggttcct actatccaga gccttgaccg ctctggagct ctgactgcct ctgcttctaa     96120
     agtcttggga ttaaagtcat gtgctgccac acctggtcat ttttcagggg agtgcatgca     96180
     gggggggggg gtgttagtaa tgaagtctgc aggctgtggg tttctgttta gagatggttc     96240
     tctagatagt gaccaagggg agaagaaaaa tatgtaaccc aggatagcct caaactactg     96300
     attaccgatc ctcttacctt tgtatcaatt atcctaccaa cacatgcacc acaactgaca     96360
     ctgtgttgtt tgttttttaa tgtggtatgt gcagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     96420
     tgtgtgttta catgtgcaaa aactgggtaa ggggagatca gaagaaaact cacaggagtt     96480
     ggttctctcc ttccaccctt acatgagttc catcagttct ggatctcata tttatttgat     96540
     acagggtggc agtcctggaa tgtgttttgt agacctggct agcttggaac tcagagatct     96600
     gcctgcctct gtctatattc cttccccacc cgcagtgctg ggtttaaagg ccagcgccac     96660
     tagctccaca gccctcctcc ccattttgag tagtttacct gctggccagg gaggcctggt     96720
     attcacccac ctgtctccac ctcctcatta ctgggattaa aggcatgtgc catcactgct     96780
     agcttttaaa atacggattg attctgagga ttgtatttgg gtccctgtgc aaagcaagta     96840
     ctacagacaa acggaactat ttccccaggc ccatgccaca cgtctttaag gaaagaaaag     96900
     aaaagaaaag aaaagaggaa agggggaagg ggaaaggaaa ggaaagaaaa gaaaaaggaa     96960
     aagaaacttt attgagtatc aagaaaaaaa ttcaatttat tgataggaaa ggtattggtg     97020
     ttctcaatat caaaatggta caatttgtat ttcaaaagtt gcaatatcaa gacatctttc     97080
     tttattctat atgttaaaat acaagaacca ggatgtaaaa gcacagggtt tttctacacc     97140
     ttcctttgtt ctgacataac tacacaaaga cctgttgcat ttattaaaag ctgcaggcac     97200
     taagctgggc aggattctga gccagcctgg ccagtcacct cccagccacg tggtgttacc     97260
     tgccatcttg gtcccccccc cccctccttc ttctcaatgg agacgcccta gcgactctcc     97320
     accttggacc ctctcccggg gattggaagt cttgccttaa ctctcctcct caactttagg     97380
     ctgatcagat ctttactgac caatcagaaa atgattgggg aacaaagttc tacaaaataa     97440
     ggattcagga aatccttcat cataatgaca atatcaaaat ccggactgca ccccagacct     97500
     ccgggtacag aaatcggcat tggaatacac agcgcacaaa aacatccctc aacaccggga     97560
     caccttggca gctcattacc ggtataaacc ttaaaatctg ggtctggatt tgagagttta     97620
     tattttaata agttccataa atgagcacac tgaagatctc ttcttacttt taggcatctg     97680
     gacgccttac tttcaataag atttttctgt tagtaaacca gatttcgagt ctcaggtctc     97740
     tgccatttgc taccacaccg cccagcctct cctgaggtaa ggaacatgtt ttttctctct     97800
     ttattctctt ctgccgaggg cccaggaata atctttattg catagtgggc cgtcaagaaa     97860
     ttcatgttta ggatgatgaa gaaatacctt gagtgaaagt gacttcatgt gcgttacgct     97920
     tctattttaa agcaccacca cctacttggt agaagtcatg tttaggaagt attctctctg     97980
     gcctggttcc tctcactggc tcacccagat ggagcttgca ggtgtggcta cacatagagg     98040
     catgtgcctg cttgtgcttg gtatcatctg agcagctctc aaagacattg ctcacacaaa     98100
     gtagtctaga aatattttcc cattcccata actggctgct tcaatgtttt cattgttact     98160
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tgattaaagc tagggccctg ttgttgcaga ggacaaatat     98220
     atgacattat acttaactaa tggcctctta gctctgaata tccacatcgt ttagaatata     98280
     gctttcatga cctcactcag tgtggtgtat tgcaaatacc actctttctg actttccaag     98340
     ccacctcctg ttgtctataa cacctggaga caagtctgct aggtgcatag gaaatcctta     98400
     aacatgttga tgaacttaac ttaagcagcc atttccttaa gacctaagag ttctttcagg     98460
     agcatataaa aaagtgagcc acgggatgta tgaggaagac ttgcatcaaa tgccctactt     98520
     gcttggctgc tgtactgggg acaacaacca cagaagacaa acttagtctt atctttgcta     98580
     cccttgacca gtggcttaac ctgagcaggc tctggtcaag ggaattgccc tcagtaacta     98640
     aaaatatgtc aggggcagaa ccaattctaa tcttttgttg ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt     98700
     cgagactagt tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct     98760
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaagtcgtgc     98820
     accaccctgc ccggcccaat cctaatctta tagtcttgtt cccaaccgaa gaagactgag     98880
     cttgctttct gaggagagga cctatattat acacatttgt ctgaagactg ttgcagcagt     98940
     ctgtgagttt ttgggtaggg agggtgctgg gagttgcaaa tttttcggtt tttttttttt     99000
     ttttaaataa taaagttgat aaaaattgtt aaaagagatt ctggaagtgt gacacgtaac     99060
     agaaaacaag acagtcagaa attatgtagt gtttaccagg agccacatac tctccaaatt     99120
     actttgtatg tattaaccca tttgctatcc ccagcaatac tgaggcagat gcattttcct     99180
     catttccatt ttacagatga ggaattcaaa agcacaccgt tttgtgactc gtccaaagtg     99240
     gcacagttcc agagtccacg cttttaacca ctataccctg gtggtttaaa tgaaaatgaa     99300
     tattcatctt ctcctgaacg attttaacag cagattgccc cacgtgtaga ttgtccctta     99360
     cccgcaggtc cactgttctt gtggcaaagc gtcggacgca cctgtggaca cgagggggcg     99420
     ccgccgcccc gcaccctggt ccccctccgg caggcatccg agggggcgga gtctgagctg     99480
     ggtggggccc ggctggccgc ccacggggta gctatcccgg cgggccgcgc gcggcggtgt     99540
     ttgaatggct gtgagtgggg cccggctggg gatccgaggg acgctccgag ctgccgggag     99600
     cggttcatca gcacagtggc tgagcttggg cgctgcggta ccatgaggcg ccggtaagtg     99660
     acggccggac ccggttgggg ccttcgctgc tgctcgcgcg gcgggcttct tgagcagctg     99720
     gccgggccca cctgcaggcc ccgcggcagc ggcctttccg gggctgggcg gcggggtcgg     99780
     ggcgggacgc aggcgggtgg ggcccccggt ctcccgcgga gcccccgggc gagcggttgt     99840
     ctggaggttg gagctgcagg cctcgggggt cctggcagga gaggcatgga tcaaacctac     99900
     tgtcatttat ttatcttcgg gtggagtcga catctgcacc ctacggggaa agacggggcg     99960
     cgtgagaaga ttgctctgcg aggacaggtt ttccccagag cagcctaggc ccggctgagg    100020
     catttcctta tttttctgag gaatttttga gtcccagaca gatcggcttt tgtttctaag    100080
     gacagaaact tgacatagcc gcataagaat cattgactgc aacttttaaa acctcgttgt    100140
     gctttctgaa aagttattcc gtaattgtac ctaggtgctt aactgagctt aggcatggag    100200
     ataacaaaga gttgatttgt tttgtactgg cttctaaagt cccttgaaaa cagctatatc    100260
     aatttcttgg cagatctgga gaaaaaagta actggaagag ataattctat aattattgcc    100320
     gatttcgtac ttaacgagct cgctgagaca ccagtccacc taatatctga aactttatac    100380
     aaaatcattc aggatttttc ctctctcata tatttttggt tgtgagccta gcctttaacg    100440
     gctgagccat ctctccagcc ctcttctctc tttcaaatca gcttcttcaa gtcagaagtt    100500
     tatgcatgga ggctttttgc ttggatagta gctggacttg taataagcca taacgagtaa    100560
     taacttactt attttgtttt ctgtgtgcta agagttgttt taagagtgct gctttggaat    100620
     aggtagtatt atcatcattt tgacacggga aaaaggcacg gggaagtcat cttaggtagg    100680
     gttacatagt tatttgctcc acaaagccac agggccgcct cctctgcctt gatcttacta    100740
     atgtccaaag tgttgtttca tttgcttgag cttcggagat atttatgtgc gtacgcctct    100800
     gtgtacacta cacatgaatg aatccacaca ccaaccacat tccctgctcg tattgaccac    100860
     gattaatttt tgtgtttgag ggaaaaaaat gtttctaaga taaatagaaa taaggtttat    100920
     ggtttcactt ttcagagacc agagaacagc tggaaacatg attctttaaa actgggtaca    100980
     ctattttgta tttggaatga gtatacttca taacaccttg cagagaaaca cctcaagagt    101040
     aagctacctt cagtagtcag cacttattca tatggaaacc ttgaaacttc attcagcaat    101100
     tactgaggtt tctattgcct cagtgtccag cacagtactg gatccagtga gctatattca    101160
     agaaatgtgc caggcaacag gtattaggga agttagtttg gtgtgagatt agttacaaaa    101220
     taatatactc ttccttgggg cagtgatgta tgatgatctg gactgggtaa atctgctata    101280
     cagctaagaa atgaagggct tgtgtaagac atttatagaa agggaggcag ggtattttac    101340
     tgaagaaact gttcaaagac taggaatcca gaccaaaaat tacttttaat gggaacagta    101400
     agttatcttt ttaaaagttc atgttggtta acatcatatg aaataagact gggaaatgtt    101460
     gtaaatgaca catgtcatag aggtctgata cacccagagt tctcaggcac acaaagattt    101520
     gggaatttgt aaaattttgt tgcagtggct ctcaactggg tcaagttttc tccttaggat    101580
     atttagggtt gtcagacata aggaaaggtt gatactgtca atctactgtc cataggctgg    101640
     agtacttata agcatcctgc atcagacaga ctcccataag aaacaatcac tccaagggtc    101700
     agtgttgctg tggttgcgaa accctaattt taagttggtt ggttatgtgg ctggcttcca    101760
     ctcacatatg ttataggtaa gtaggaatga caaattttag gaacacaact agacttcata    101820
     atgacattag gagtggttta gagttctccc aaaggctgtt ccaatcctag aggagaggtg    101880
     tgtaggagat aggcaggagc tttaagaatg ctaaaattaa ggtaagaatc actaaatttt    101940
     attttatcta aatgtgaaga taacaaaaat tcatttgaaa tagaaaatga acataataga    102000
     aaatagaaaa cagaacataa gcagaaataa gggccagcag gatggttcaa gcagccagaa    102060
     gtgcttgcct tgtgagtctg atgacttgag ttgactctgc aatccacatt aaaagaacaa    102120
     aagagacccc caagaggtgg gtgaggtgtc acaagtccat aatctcgtca aacgggaggc    102180
     ttaggagacg tgggagacag agaattcccc agaaacttga gggccacctt acctgcagta    102240
     ttattgcagc atggtaaaaa caagagagac tctaactcta gggcttggag agatggctca    102300
     gtggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcacccacat    102360
     ggtggctcac agccatctgt aatgggattc agtgccctct aatggtgtgt ctgaagacag    102420
     ccacagtgca ctcatataca taacttaaat attcttttga aaaaaaagaa ggactcttca    102480
     gcaaggtaga cgtgaaagcc aattccctta aagttgtcct ttgacctcta tttgcactct    102540
     ggcatgtgca tgcacacaca atatttaata aataatttta aattattttt ttaaaagttt    102600
     aaatacatca cttataaata ccccaataga acaactgtta atgttttgat gtatggcttc    102660
     ttttgaagct ttttaaaggc tgatagtact tttcttttta taaaactggg attatgggct    102720
     agagagacag ctcagaagtt aagagcagtt gctgttcttg cagagaaacc aggttgagtt    102780
     tccaacgcac acatcagatg gcttataatg tactgactcc agttccaagg cccctgttct    102840
     ggtctctgca catacatgta tgtgacacac attcaggaaa gcccacacac ataaactaat    102900
     acaaataagt acattaaaaa tacatatctt ttcattgttt aaacaaatac tttttttttt    102960
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgattttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt    103020
     aatcctggct atcctggaac tcactctgta aaccaggctg gcctcgaatt tagaaatccg    103080
     cctgtggctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggtgggcg ccaccactac ccggctaaac    103140
     aaatactctt taggggacag gagagatagt tgatcagtga agagttcttg ttcttgcaga    103200
     gaacctgggt tcagttccca gtacaaatgt ggtggctcac agccacccat aattccaagg    103260
     ttaagcaatc agatgccatc ttctgacctc tgtgggtgtc aggcatacat gtagtgcaca    103320
     cacatacatg caggcaagtc attcatgcat atacaataaa cctaaaagaa attaaaagtt    103380
     aaaaaatact tttacagtca cagtatttgg gttttttttg tttggttggt tttggttttt    103440
     cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgc agaccaggct    103500
     aacctcgagc tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctaggatt aaaggtgtgc    103560
     gccaacactg cccggcacag tatttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaagtaact ggagatacag    103620
     cagaatgctt atctaccatg cacagtgacc taaactaggt actcagcatt gctcccctct    103680
     cccccccaaa aaaaagaaag aaaaaagatt atttggcaac tggggactac atagtagggc    103740
     cgtgtctaaa taaataaata agtcaggatt aaaatctttg acatttcaag gtttgatgtt    103800
     tcagaagcca ataaaagaac agtagaaaca gtgaagtaaa ctgtatgctt ataactttca    103860
     ttctggaatg tgaattgtat tcacatacac aacataatga gaatgtttgg tctgtaactc    103920
     actacgtaaa tgaggctggt ctggaatgca gtgatccacc tgattgtgac tcccaactga    103980
     tggggttaaa gtatttacca ccacacctgg ctcctcctga gattctatga aaaccctcac    104040
     tatcaactaa ttctttcccc acactcctaa agttagttgt gtttccctgc ttttactttt    104100
     ttttttcttt ctttcctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtttctt    104160
     tgtgtagccc tggaagtcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaatttaga aatccgcctg    104220
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggttaaaggc ttgtaccacc actgcccggc acttttttta    104280
     aaaaaaatat taagtttata tttcagatgg caagctttct gcttcactct cttttcaaaa    104340
     gattttactt tttttaaact gttggtcatg aatcaaagag taaagggcta attttgagtt    104400
     tttgtttttt aatgtacaga tgacacagtt ttacaaactg attataactc ccaccgtcac    104460
     ttttcccagg ggaatgggaa attattttta aaatgtacag ttcataaaga atgtcataaa    104520
     atataccaat cagtattgct tttttatcat tcattttgct tgattgctgt tgtgtaagta    104580
     acagcaatca aaactaatct gtgattgtaa ttgttagttt tttggttgct gtgacaaata    104640
     cctgagaagc aatttaagaa gagaaaggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    104700
     tgtgtgtgac aaatacctga gaaacaattt aagaagagaa aggtgtgtct gtctgtctgt    104760
     ctgtctgtct gtctggattt gaggttttaa ctaaaggttg gctggattca tagcttgggt    104820
     ctgatgtaag agaactggct gctcttccag aggtcctaaa ttcaattccc agcaaccaca    104880
     tggtagctca caaccatcta ttatgggacc taatgtcctc ttctggcatg cagaagtaca    104940
     tgcagataga gcactcatat acataaggta aataaaccct tttttaaaga agcctttatt    105000
     taaaataatt catttatcag ccatttgacc atatccaact ttaaggttag taagagccca    105060
     ggcttggtag tacctgagaa tctagcactt gggaggtggg gacaggaaaa tcagctcaag    105120
     gtcctctttg gctacatagc tacttggggg ccaatctggg ctacctgaga ccttgccccc    105180
     cgcccccaaa caagcaaacc ccaaaaggat gataaaccaa cctatcattt atctgagagt    105240
     taaactaaca ctgttccatg acacaattta atgtttacca tatttaggaa cttataattt    105300
     aacatttcca aatatctttg aattttctta gtgttctttc ttgactgatc actgtctcat    105360
     ttttgagtgt attgtcctgt gagtaaccca ctttccactg acttgtgact aaaaatacaa    105420
     ggaagatttg tcaaatttag agaatggtgc agtcctttaa agtctggttt ggtattaaac    105480
     cctggggagt tttttgttct taaggataaa ctttgctact ttgaactggg atgcatatgt    105540
     ctgctctgtt ctaatacttt tataattatg aaagtaaact ttacacattg ataaaaattt    105600
     agtgaaataa tcattgagaa ccacagggca aaccctgttc aatagaggct gtaagaagat    105660
     cttatacgca actaaggaat actgagagtt atggagtata gatagtatgt ataacagctc    105720
     ccctccccca atgagcccct taattggtta tttggtacca agtagttagt cttgaaatca    105780
     tctacatcca agtaacacta cacagactaa agcaaatagt taatatattt agatgtgtat    105840
     atgtaaaggt gataatgata aaagaggcca gaatttgaag agggcacagc atgaaaggct    105900
     ggaggaagga aatggtataa ttacacttta atccaaagtt taaaaggaca aggttgtaaa    105960
     gaacttgctt taaacctatt ttctatttct ttttctttta aaaaagaaat ttaaaaacat    106020
     ttattttgtg tgtctgggta ttttgtctgc atatatgtct gcacccccct gtgtgcctgg    106080
     tggccacagg ggcctttgaa agagggcttt ggatctcttg ggactggagt tacagatggt    106140
     tgtgagctac cgtggggaag ctgggaattg aattcaagtt ctctagaaag gcagctagtg    106200
     ctgcaccgag ccatctttcc agctccattt tgtattgcac agtttaactt aacagtttcc    106260
     ttggtagagc gtggtgatcc atatgcttca gccatcattc aggaggtaga agcaggaggt    106320
     ctctgagttc caagccagcc ttgtctacca agcaagttca gaaccaccag ggctacaata    106380
     gagatgtctt gtctcaaaga aaaacaagaa aaccaacaaa acaaacaaac aactaaataa    106440
     aaaaaaaccc aaaaggcagt tttcttgcca agctcttgga tagattttca gtaatatcat    106500
     catgctatac ttgaatgaca gaattccata accagaaagg ttgggaagtt taaagctatg    106560
     accagcaatg aggtaagaaa gttctagttg ctgagaagag gggttggggg agaaacacta    106620
     tataacacca aaagttctta gaatggcttc agagtttttt tttttataca tttatttatt    106680
     tatttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttatttg taagtcaggg tttctgactg tcctggaact    106740
     cacgttgtag gccaggctgg cttcaaactc agagatgtac ctgcctctgc ctctgcctcc    106800
     caaatgctgg gatcaaaggt gtgctccact tcaatcaact ttttatagtt attttgtatt    106860
     ctttcacgtg atttttttta tcatggaaaa gtagtttatt ttacttagtc cctacactac    106920
     tactgtgaaa atagcaagtt aagtaagatc atgcaactaa taaacgactg taatagaatt    106980
     taaattcagt gactctgact ttgggatttt ttttttttaa gacaatttcc tgctccctga    107040
     gcctgcttca ttgagattac acttgcctga tctgtcctgt atttgtattt cctgctctac    107100
     tgtattgcct tttcttttta gcttagtaat acaagaaaat tataacctta cactattttt    107160
     tttttgcatt tagtgtgtgt gcccatttgt gtgcatgcca tgatgcacct gtaggattca    107220
     aaggaaaact tgcaggagtt gcttctcttt ccacttacga tgtcatgttt ggcagcaagc    107280
     acttttagcc agccccctca cttaatctgg gattagacta aaattgtatg tttatatgtc    107340
     agtttttgaa gattaaagga atgataatac agaatcatat tttaagggtg tatagctcag    107400
     tagaagggca cttgcctagc atgggctatt tatttagcac acatattacg ggtggcgata    107460
     gtaatttcta cctttactaa taagagcctg atgtagaaaa gtctttgtag gaacagctaa    107520
     cagtccttgc atatttgcca agtttatttt gttgtggatt tagtaaatat gacagtttaa    107580
     aatggagttg ctgttacaaa acagaacaag gagtcacaga tggcctatag tcccagctcc    107640
     tctggaggct ggggcaaaag gagtgcatat tggatacatt tctcaagagg aagttaaaaa    107700
     aaaagaagga agaaagaaag gaaggagaga cagagagtga ttaaatcata tatatatata    107760
     tacctaaaga tttatgtatg tatgtattta tttatttatt ttatgttgct gtcttcagac    107820
     acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt atagatggtt gtgagccacc attgtggttg    107880
     ctgggatttg aactcaagat ctctgaaaga tcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagccatc    107940
     tcttcagtcc ctaaataaat agtttatatt ttaaaaggcc tgggaccata gctcagtagt    108000
     agaacactta gttgcctggt gtatgcaagg ccctaggttc agtttctagg ttgaacaaat    108060
     gagtactttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttccagaca gggtttctct    108120
     gtgtaacctt ggctgtcctg gaactcacac tgtagaccag ctggccttga actcagaaat    108180
     ccacctgcct ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac caccacacct    108240
     ggctgagtat tggtttctat gagaattatt ggaatattgc tttggctaat tttagttaac    108300
     acaaacctag tcatctgggg agaggggacc tcagttgaga aattgtctcc accagagtag    108360
     cctgtgggca gtgctagtct taggcagctg tggaggaaag gtagctgaat gtgatgtgag    108420
     ccggggaggg ggcaccattc ttctgtggtt tttgcttcaa gctcctgtct tggtttccct    108480
     taatgatgga ctgaaagtgg aagatgaact ctttcccaat tgcttttact catggtgttt    108540
     atgactacaa cagaaagctt aaccaggaaa actgtgttgt atagtctatt tgaaagcaaa    108600
     tggcttaaac attttattat taaactacgt actgatttga aaattaaagc agtaaaaaac    108660
     taagtcctgt ctccagatat ttacattttc aggtttttgt ggttacctct gataatggtt    108720
     aatattgatt accagtttga tctaggatag tttaggagac aggcctctgg gcatgcctgt    108780
     tgagggattt tctagattat gttaatttag gtagaaagac tcatcttaaa tgtaggtgac    108840
     actattcttt gaggtggggt ctggtactga gtcaaaagta ggagacctga gcaacagaat    108900
     tcctcccttc cttccttctt tctacctttc actgcagtct gactagcccc tcaagctttt    108960
     gccaccatga tttccacatc atggtgacct atacttctga actgtgagca acagtaaacc    109020
     ttcctaagct ttgctttttg tcacatattt tgtcatagca ctgagaaaag taactactgg    109080
     tgtatcattt acaatattat atggatgtgc ctgtgtggct atgtgcacat gattgcagag    109140
     ggcaggaatg cccaatatct ctggtggtgg tgagccacct gttgtaggtt ctggaaattg    109200
     aactcggtcc tctgggaaaa tagtacactt ttaaatgtcc ctaagattca ggtctaattg    109260
     ggatctattc caaatgcttc ggtgctccat aggatatact gcttctgcct tctagtaact    109320
     agtaccaacc acagcttttt ttagtataat ttttgttggc ttgtcactcc tctcagaaat    109380
     aagacatatg ttacctgttc atattttgac acatagtagg gagtgaatta agtgtggact    109440
     atatgttatg ttttcttttc cacttttgtt tatttacttt cattagttga gatctggaaa    109500
     ggctacagta tcttatagat tttgtgtcca gtggcctttg caggaagccc tctgtgtccg    109560
     tgggccagga accagagtta cctttcccag atcagtctgg tttaggttgg tttggttcag    109620
     tttgcctcca ggagtcactg ttatttttgt tttaaacaca taagcacatt tcttacctaa    109680
     ggagaactca gcttcaactt tcaactcttt gagaagagct ctgtgctctc cttggtgccg    109740
     gagacctcac ttagagccag caaaaatggc cttgcaccac agccttccag atatatttgc    109800
     cttttagaag ttttgttccc agcaggcctt ttcaggcgcc aaggtgactg ggttttttgt    109860
     ttgtttgttt ggttggtttg gttttttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccccag    109920
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaagtc tgcctgcctc    109980
     tgcctcccaa agtggctgtt tttatcattt aaaattaaac ctcaaaatac cagtgttttg    110040
     tgattacaca tttgttcact caacggggtg tgtatgcaca tgtgtctgtg tgtagtgtat    110100
     ttatacatta agtagtagct gtgaaattgc attttaggta gtatatgtta atgtatgcag    110160
     tccctgtcta tcagcagttt tatagtgtag cgatggctca gtagggaaag gtgccaaatc    110220
     tgacagcctg aatccagccc ctgtgaccta cacagtaaaa gagaaggcag tttttcacaa    110280
     gttgtccgtt tgacctctac acacatagta gcatttgtgt gcgcatacag acatgtaatt    110340
     taggaaaaaa agttaaatgt tttaaaaagc tttgaagttt atttagccag aggagacaga    110400
     ctaaaatcag ctagtgctca gccatagctt acattaatcc ctcatgtatt tgttatctgc    110460
     caaaggcaga aactgcaata ttaaactgag tgttctaaga gatggtatag gaaaccttgc    110520
     accaagacca gaatcaagaa atgctttgga aaaaaagatt caatcctcat agtaagagag    110580
     gctttgataa agcggaaagg aagaaaagaa atatttcctg gagaagaaac attttgtttc    110640
     aacacaaagg caacattgac agagacagaa tatgtctatt acaaaaactt gggaaatgat    110700
     aattaatgtt atgttttctg tattgaagga catatacagt aagtccctat ccttttcctt    110760
     tgtaaaacag ttttagtgtc ctcagagttt gtccatgtcc tgtgtctctc cccacattct    110820
     ccccctgatc tcatgtcatt gtccccttag cccccttctt ttccttttga tttctgtgta    110880
     gtgttcaata ccactcttct gccaaattgc ctgctacttt ggaatcagct ttgactctca    110940
     aaatattctc tccttaagcc aggcatggtg gtatgtgcct gtagtttcaa aaagtgggag    111000
     cttggagcag gaagatcaag aatttgagga gggggaggtg ctgctttgag attgctcagg    111060
     atgggtaaaa gcacttgtct gcataagcct ccacaaagtt gtcctctgaa ttcccattag    111120
     tgtacatgca tgtacattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagagaca    111180
     gagacagaga gagagaggga gggagagaca gagagagcac gcaagtacgt aacaccacca    111240
     cgaataataa ttttaaagtt aatttgtact gaagagatgc ctcagtgggt aaaagcactt    111300
     ggtaccaagc ctaatgacct gaattcagtc ctcaggaccc atatgccagc tgtagctata    111360
     taacaagttc caggtcggcc tgggttatat aatgagactc tgtttcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    111420
     ttcccctaag atcccatttc tctttgtttc agttttctcc tatattaaaa caaaggtacc    111480
     gttttgtagg tttttcattc ttttggagtt aagtcaaggc aaattatata aataaacatt    111540
     tttactttta ttcatgaaaa cactaaaaca gctggttccc aagttacatg gatagttaaa    111600
     ggtggaagct ggaaaattct gcctggttct tttgaacctg gtctttaaac tgcaccggtc    111660
     ttttaagttt taagagagtc tttagttttt actcagtaag ctgtggccca tactactaca    111720
     cagtgagcag taaggttccc agagagttga gagagcgtgg aaggagccca gaggtgtctg    111780
     ctgattgagc tttgtaaact cccacatgcc attgcataca cagggcactg agggcatgtt    111840
     cagcttggtc tacacagtct gatccagccc acacagttga ctactagaac cagttggtct    111900
     ggctttggta atctccattc agaacgcatg tgtgttctgg gtgttttaag gaacatttca    111960
     gaaactgtca ggactcaaga atagactggt ttcctaaagg gaagacagtg ggtctgagcc    112020
     caccgttact tctatcaagc aagtgcctga tgtatgagca tgctatagtg aaaagccata    112080
     aattctctcc tctatttttt cctatgtgct ggggattgag ccaaattctt gcagattttc    112140
     taccactaag ctacacaaca gtgctatttc ccaatttcct taaaggcagt tattaagata    112200
     ctatttctat gacttgtcac ttccatatag tagcacaatc attactatag taaagtatgt    112260
     aacatctctc tacccccaaa attttcttat tcctttggag agaacttttc cctgcttatt    112320
     actgatatgt ttccttccac agtttatatt tttgctattt agaatgtcat gaaaatagcc    112380
     ttttacattt tagtttcctt cacttagctc aatatagttg aagttttttc atgttatata    112440
     tgtctgtagt tattcactgt gtttctatag ttttatagtt cattagttga taatttttat    112500
     agaaagaaat gatcaaaaaa atagatgtag gacagtaaac attagaactg actgaggcca    112560
     aacatccata catcctgatt gcacgggaca gacttagttt gtgcctgttg tcctaacaag    112620
     ctttttcatg atgcctcctc tcattcccag cagtgtcttg gtttggatgg taaattattt    112680
     agttaatcca aatgtgacag gacaagatgt gatcatactt cataggcttt ctggtggtgt    112740
     tcaatttgct ttccaaacac taaatcatac atatttatgt tttatgtaaa tgctatgaat    112800
     gttaatagca ataatatata taatctcact ttgatcgtca caatattatt tatattttac    112860
     atttgagaga ataaattcag aatagaaggc cctccaaact catgaactag aaggtttatt    112920
     tatatatcat ctatatatgt attcacatct gttaattggg agacattgtg gtttattagt    112980
     taagattaga aacagtagga agagaatccc tagactccaa ccccaactct ttgcattttt    113040
     gctgttgatt ttagggcaaa ttcatctcat ctatacaaaa aaagtacaaa tgtatgtatt    113100
     tatgtctgtg tgtgcacaca gagaggtcag tgcctgacac ccagcagatc tcttacgaga    113160
     ttacttaaca ttactgtagt ggtgcatttc cttcccagcc ctcctcctgc cccattagaa    113220
     ataacaggga ctcctcatgt gtatttcctc tttttttgag ggattatctc ttacagccca    113280
     ggctagtctt aaacttgctc tatagtagaa gatgacctta aactcctgat cttccttctc    113340
     ctgcctctta aaacctagaa ctataagtat gaaccactgt tcttggcttc tcactcttaa    113400
     aaaaataaga aataaaaagt accccaatag tatggtacct gataatgagg gtgttctgtg    113460
     cttagatagt ttagtgtgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata    113520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg agtccaaaga cactggtagc    113580
     caagactggg aatcagagct aaagaacata attgaatgtc tcagaacctt ttaggtatac    113640
     tagatttcca ataaatactt taacatgcag tgtaaccagg tttacttgaa caaagtaagg    113700
     catccttaaa atgtatgtaa tttatacttg gcttagtcag ggtagtattg ctttgatgaa    113760
     acgccatgat cagtaagcaa attggggagg aaaaggtttc tttgacttac acttccacat    113820
     tgctgttcat cgccaaaaga agtctggtca ggaacctgac acagaggcca tagaaggagt    113880
     gctgcttatg gcttgcttgt cctggcttgc tcagcctgtc tttttataga acccagcatt    113940
     accaacccag gcatggctcc acccatagtg tcccccattg attactaatt gtgaaaatgc    114000
     cctacagttg gatctcatgg agccattttc tcaactgagg ctcctttctc tgtgaggact    114060
     ttgtgtcaag ttgacataca aaaccagcca gttcaaaaca taactttgga aaattctgta    114120
     tttgtatttt ctccataaac actatagttg ttattacata ggatgattta tagggatcag    114180
     gagaagacct gtagtgggaa acaaagaact aattattttt acagtatttt aaaaaatatt    114240
     tatctattta tttaatgtat aagagttctc tgtcactgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg    114300
     gcatcatatt ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggaa aatgaactca    114360
     agacctggaa gagtagtcag tactcttaac tctctaagcc atctctccag cccatttcta    114420
     cagtatttta ggcttgaagt gatggggctt ttctgacagt agaaaaggga agtcagaatg    114480
     gaattaggaa atattttgat ggaagattct agaatcttag tggcttggtg aaaggaaagg    114540
     aagaagaata aaaataactc cccagtttct agttggagag aattttggtt gttagtaatt    114600
     caagtatgat aggaggtacc attattgaac tgacaattga agagatctgt tttagacatg    114660
     ttgattaaaa actagtggtg ggtgtggaaa ccagtttggt acagaaaaag ttacaacaga    114720
     gcctagatct agaaaagtaa ctgagtctgt gaaaacatgc cccctcaatg ttcgtgtagg    114780
     gagaaaagag ttgttgaagg aaaagtgact caaagaaggg aagtgagcaa ggagagtccg    114840
     cagagttgtg tgggaagctg aggatcatgg actggtgaaa cagctgacta gtgatgaagg    114900
     aatagcctta acattggcct gggagctctc cattgaacat cgactgctaa aaggtttctg    114960
     gtaggggttt tatttattgc agtggggaag gtaatttgtt tttctttttc attttttttt    115020
     ctttttttca ttctttgatg ttatttgttt tgttttgtct tgttttgcct tttgagacag    115080
     tcttactatg tagtccagac tggccttgaa ctcacaattc tcagtctctt gctttagcct    115140
     ccagggtact gtaattatag actgtcacta ttcctggctc ccatatagtt gtaagcgata    115200
     gacttacaca tgagaaaaca gaataaggca aaattgtaaa gggttaaaga ccaattggaa    115260
     gctaaaaagc actcattgta gaaatttggc aggaaaggaa aacagaaaga gtataggagc    115320
     tgataggaga aactggagca tgcttgaaag caggcacagg ggaatcggtt caaagtgaga    115380
     aaacaaagag aaaaaaaatg aagcaagtgg gcagaagtaa gaaaattaga ttatattgtc    115440
     ctaattttgg aaaagttaaa aggactgatc gcatttaaaa aaatcatact tttagaaaat    115500
     agaaaaaaag taagttattg agaagatgga agatggccca tagtccctct agcaataact    115560
     ttaattaaag ctgtgttgtg ttgttttaca atgcttggga ttgaatttag gccctcaagc    115620
     atgctaggca agcactctac cataagagct gtgtctccat ccccaactta agtttggtaa    115680
     tttcttttaa ctaattaaac atacttttaa acagacttgt aacataagca ttcacagggt    115740
     acacgtgcta ttttaatgca tgtacacatt ttgtgttgtt gaatcaggtt gcacatatct    115800
     ccttgaacac ttacccattt ccttagggtg aaaatattcc gaatctcttc tgcttgactt    115860
     ttgagataca cagtacataa ttgttaccta cggtcactct gctatcccag aacttcgtat    115920
     ctcatattta cctacaactt agagcctatt gatcagccca ggtcttcctt ctgctctcag    115980
     cctctgtaag gtcagcttca gtagattcca cataggaaat tacaagttat ttgtcctttt    116040
     gtctctggtt tatttcactt acaaaatctc tgtttttata caggtggcat aagttgtaag    116100
     acttcatcct ctgtggtatt ccattgctta tatttaccac attttcttta ttcattcact    116160
     aataaataga ttatttccat ttcctggcta ttgtgaatag tgctacagta aacagagaga    116220
     agtacagttt tctatggcaa actgaactgt ttcttttgga taagtaccca ctgttggaac    116280
     tgcagaatca tctgagcatt ttttattatt ttgaagaatt tttgtacttt tttttttttt    116340
     tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtata tccctggctg tcctggaact    116400
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg    116460
     ctgggagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgagcc accacgccct gcttgtactt ttttaataat    116520
     gattatgcaa tatacagtcc catcattggt gtgcaacaat ctcttttatt ttgtaaaatt    116580
     tttatttatt tagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaggagg    116640
     ttggggttga gtgcatgtgt gtcttagtca gaggacaact cttgagggat tggttctttc    116700
     ctaactttac gtggattctg aggctacatc atggaggtag gtcatcaggt ttgtgtagca    116760
     agatccttac tacttagcta tctcaccact ccaaggggtt cccttttcta tatatccttg    116820
     ctagtacttg ttttctgtac tttctgattc tcggtattcc taatgaaata tagtaataat    116880
     ccagtatggt ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattagtgat gttagctagc actttaatcc    116940
     tcctgctgac tgttggtcag tttaggttgt gttagctgcc actgctgtga cattcagaat    117000
     acccgagaaa gccacctgaa aagagcagaa gtttactttg gctcactttc agaggttgta    117060
     ggttgtgatt acttgactcc agtgctatgg tcctgttgca agacaggaaa ttttggtctg    117120
     cagaaccttg tagagcaaag ctgtttattt cactgtgacc aagaagaaag aagacagggg    117180
     agtgaccagg ggctaagaga taagaagtag gctgtcagtg acctacttcc tccagactcc    117240
     acagtaggcc ctatcttctt caatacagaa gactttcagg gacattctag gtccaaagtg    117300
     caataagatt cagagcccaa tcttaattga gctgcttgat tttcttttct ttttctttct    117360
     ttcttttttt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt    117420
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtatcc    117480
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct agaactcaga aatccgcctg    117540
     cacctctgcc tcccaagtgc tggcattaaa ggcgtgcgtc accactgccc ggctttgatt    117600
     ttcttttttt ctttttcttt ttactattgt atttttggag ttccttatta ttctgaatat    117660
     taactcctca tcagattata taatttgcaa atattttctc ctattcttta ggttgtctct    117720
     ctgatgaatg cttcttttgt gcaaaacctt tttcatttga tgtgatctta tttgtctttt    117780
     gttctttcat tttggggtga ggattaatag aacttttata ttagtcaggg ttctctaagt    117840
     gaacagcatt ggtagaatga atatacagga ctcatttgag tgacttacag cctgtgatct    117900
     gagtaatcca actacaaatg tctctaaagg gaaaggcaaa ggatcctgtc attgtgctgt    117960
     ccacaggact ggatttctcg gcagtcccaa tctggtgctc tagtcttgga ggctgacatc    118020
     ttcagtctct tggaacccct aagaagtaag ttctaatatt gaatgtctca agaacaggat    118080
     agaagaactt gccagtgaaa gtcagggcaa gcaggcaaaa agcaaaagtt tccttctatg    118140
     tccttttatg ccacctgaaa gtatggctta catttagtgt gagtcttcac ccattgatcc    118200
     aatcaagaag atctctcaaa aagcatgtcc agttgcttgg gttttaattg attataaatg    118260
     tagtcaactt gataaccaag attaagcatc tgttttcttt cttttttttt ttaaagattt    118320
     atttattatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagaggga    118380
     gtcagatccc attacggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggggtt tgaactccgg    118440
     accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ctgctgagcc atctcaccag cccaagcatc    118500
     tgttttcaat actgttgtaa taggcttttg ttgttgttat ttttaacatt gttaagattt    118560
     gtggatgtag cggatcagac tcagtgccct gtgcatgctt agcaagccca gtaccattga    118620
     agtacaccct ctaatgccct gtgctttaaa aagacaattt ttagaaattg tacttttcag    118680
     gacattttct ggaagtgatt tggttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtg agtctctgtg    118740
     tacaaatgga ctcttctgcc tctgactctg agtactggga ttatataaca aggtgaccaa    118800
     atggataagg cattgcatta ctgaacttat ttcttgttta tatattttat tattataggg    118860
     cagtgatttt tttttaagct ccaattaaat gtatttaaga gggaggaggg aaggaagaag    118920
     gaaagatagt agctaaaaac ggttctgatc ctcatggctc ttaggagata accacatgtg    118980
     gaaggaattc ttgtataagg agaagtgtgt ctttctcaac agcttgtttt gttttggtag    119040
     agaaattgcc tagttggatt acgggttaag tacaacgtga atagtcaatg tagtatatga    119100
     atgtagagag aaagctaact tggtcttgaa ctgtccaggc atgtttcatt cctgtgtaat    119160
     gagtttccct tgttgtgaga aggcagggag tatctgaaca ctttgagctg tttaatctct    119220
     tggtttggca gccattataa gagtatatga atagatccct ttttatcttt gaggtagaag    119280
     acagctactg tataaagaga aatcatcccg tgagcttcat tattatgctg ttgtttttct    119340
     caatagagct actcattgaa agcattgtga tattgtaaga aaatgcatgc tatgtctgat    119400
     gtttagaagt tgtacacaat gttagaatag ctgtcccttc tctgctttta ttctcttagg    119460
     gtcctgctta tgttcttctt tgcttatgtt cttctttgct tattaagagt tgtttgtttg    119520
     tttttttaat gagtcttcaa ccatttcaga ttcttttctt tttgtgtctt atcaaataga    119580
     acttcaaaaa cacagagaga acttgaaact agtttcagta gcattcctaa gtgcttctgg    119640
     gggagaaaga caattctatc tatattatgg gtctagaaag gtgctattaa atgcatgaga    119700
     catgggtaaa aaacagagtg tatagcttat aaagccttat tgtgatataa agtatacacc    119760
     atgaaacttt taaatgtgca atttactgat tgtaaggaca gactagaaca ttctccagtc    119820
     ccagtagatc tttagagcat ttatttctgt cactgaaaaa ctctgtgccc ctgtgtagta    119880
     acttccattc ctactccaac ttgagaagca acaaacaatt ggttttctgg ctgtatttta    119940
     tttcctataa gtggaatttt gtcacagttg taccgtggtc tcttacttac aggactactg    120000
     ctcatgtgta tactgaatta tgagtaccta gttccttttt gctctaagta gtgttctaca    120060
     tagatgggtc acattttatt tgttaacagg gtaataaaca tttaccagtg ttgatgtctc    120120
     ttgactatgc tcaatatttg catacaaact tttgtgtcaa tatgttttct tccccttcag    120180
     tatatatgta ggagtggaat ttaactttaa gaaactgcca gggcctggag ctttctccct    120240
     gggagagcac ttgccttgca tacatgtcac tctagatatt catccccaat actgagaatg    120300
     gaagggagac catgtcatgt tattttatat gatgcttgac agtccttggt tctccatctt    120360
     tctcagcact tatttttgtc ttcattgtat agctatctag tgagtgtaaa atagtatttc    120420
     atgtagtttt gattttggtt ttctagtggg taatgtcttt cttttttttt aaaaaaatgc    120480
     tacctttgtg gttgggttta gctccttgaa cacttaccca tttccttagg gtgaaaatat    120540
     tccgaatctc ttctgcttga cttttgagat acaccgtaca taactgttac ctacggtcac    120600
     tctgctatcc cagaacttcg tatctcatat ttacctacaa cttagagcct attgatcagc    120660
     ccaggtcttc cttctgccct cagcctctgt aaggtcagct tcagtagatt ccacatagga    120720
     aattacaagt tatttgtcct tttgtctctg gtttatttca cttacaaaat ctctgtttct    120780
     atacaggtgg cataagttgt aagacttcat cctctgtttt agctgtatgc catttctttc    120840
     tgattttttg acagctaccc ccctttcact taatggatac ttagtatttg ctttatttat    120900
     gtatttattt atttattttt gagacaggat ttctctatta atcctggtat gccatttctt    120960
     tctgattttt ttgacagcta cccccccctt tcacttaatg gatactcagt atttgcttta    121020
     tttatttatt tatttttgag acaggatttc tctattaatc ctggaactta ctttgtagac    121080
     caagctggcc tcaaactcag agatctgcct gcctctgagt cttgagtact gtgattaaag    121140
     atacgtgcca ccacaccctg cccagttttt attttaagcc catttcattt ttgcaaatcc    121200
     tttttttttc taagctttct aacgtgttcc aggatatatt ggaaaattcc ttcccatctc    121260
     tcgcattaga atttatttat cttgtgttat tgtttttcag tattgctatt agaaaggaat    121320
     attttttaag atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga    121380
     agagggagtc agatctcatt acggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga    121440
     actccggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc    121500
     cgaaaggaat ttttttaact gaatgattat tacgctcaca tttgactaaa taggatgttg    121560
     taaatttcct gaatttgggg gggaaaggag tgttttgttt tgttattatg aggcagggtc    121620
     tctctgaagc tatgtaaact aagctggtct ctaactcaca gagaaactat gtaaactaag    121680
     ctggtctcta actcacagag aaactatgta aactaagctg gtctctaact cacagagatc    121740
     tcctgcttct gcttttcagt gtgctgggat taagagtgta tgccaccaca cctggtcata    121800
     ctgccgtctc tagtttttca tagttctctg aatttgaagg tgatgtacct tccacatctg    121860
     ctttccttca ttatggtgtg tactggctag tttcatgtca acttgacaca ggctggagtt    121920
     gtcacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa atgcctccat aagatccaac tttaaggcat    121980
     tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggaaaggc cccttgtggg tgggaccatc tctgggctgg    122040
     tagtcttggg gttctttaag agagcaggct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa gccagcaagg    122100
     aacatccctc catggcctct gcatcaactc ctgctttctg acttgcttga gttcaagtcc    122160
     cgacttcctt ggtatggaag tgtaagctga ataaactctt tcctccctaa cttgcttttt    122220
     ggtcatgatg tttgtgcagg gataaaaacc ctgactaaga catggtgact cagatggagc    122280
     ccttttctct aggaatttgt gttcttcagt tctgtatagt tttcttaaat cttctcattg    122340
     gtttctaatt agtctctcta ttcttccttg tacttccctt ttgtttgaat gttggttcct    122400
     ctaaacctgt cttctgattc tttttatcat ttgcttgtat gttctggaag ataccctcag    122460
     atttgtcatt caacttctgt ggaggtttag ttttgtttgt ttttttgttg ttgtttcatt    122520
     ttgtttttaa gtttttattg tgtgcgggtg ttttgcctgc atgtatgtct gtgcatgatg    122580
     cccattaaag ccagaagagg atgtcagatt ccttgtaact ggaattgccg actatgtggg    122640
     ctactgtgtg gatgctgaaa attgaacccg ggtcaactag gaggaactgc cagtgctctt    122700
     aagtgctgag ccatttctac attcccatct atttggggta ttttttgttg ttgtttggat    122760
     tttggtctta atatagcttg tttatgattt ctcacaatag ttttattgct tttttttttt    122820
     tttaattttg agactaggtc tcactttata cctctgattg gcattaaacc taaagagatc    122880
     ttgtctgttt ctgctctcaa atgcaggatt acagacataa gctaccacaa ctcactctgt    122940
     gtgtgcttgt ctgtatctgt gtgtagtttt gttagctttg gcagatgagc accactgtaa    123000
     acaacataca ggaacttctt tagccacttt gacgatcatt gtatctgtgt tgtgttgtgt    123060
     tttgttttat tttgttttgt tttttgagac agagtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct    123120
     ggaactcact ctgtagaccg ggctggcctc aaattcagaa atttgcctgc ctctgcctcc    123180
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcaccacc accgcctgac tgtatctgta ttttaaaggg    123240
     atgtgtatgt gtgcccacag gtttgtgtat atgtatgatt tactgtagag ctggtcaaag    123300
     ttcccaaaga aacatcttgt gaactcccct tgaagtatat gggcttgatt gcaagccttc    123360
     ataagtcaag tggaagaaag acgataaagg gatttgaaat ttagtgtata aaaacttggg    123420
     tttataattt ttgtagaata aaattgtagt cctggcacgt gaataagagc actgactgct    123480
     cttcaggagg tcctgagttc aattcctagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa    123540
     tgggatcaga agccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagtg acagtgtact cacatacata    123600
     aaataaatga aaaataaaat ctttttttta aagaattttg ttatatatgt taaattaaaa    123660
     tacagaattt catgtgtggt atattgaaaa aaacctacca agttaattac cactttagct    123720
     ttgcagcttc taaattgttg ctcttatctc ttctttttct ccataatggt aatattatgc    123780
     ctttaaaaat cttctttttt cattttgaca atgtgtttag ttcattgtac ttttttgaga    123840
     cagggtctct ctgtgtagtg ctggctatcc tagaacttgg ccagccttga actcagaaag    123900
     ccacctgttt ctgcctcctg agtgctagga ttaaaagcat gcaccaccac tgcctggcta    123960
     gtctgctgtc ttgtattcta tctttctttt tttaaaataa ggcttatatt gtggaacccc    124020
     tttgacctag agtctgtgtt ttttttcttg ccttgtttct cactctacag cagaacaacc    124080
     tccagactag gctttagccg atgagaagtt gaaaagcctt tatgtcctgg gatactatat    124140
     gttgtgcttt ttctgtgttt caggttttag aaatatttaa aacaaggctt atatttgtat    124200
     ttctagagtt tagcaggcaa tggcaaagtt ggaacattga gtttcaagtc aacctgtact    124260
     actgtctcag gaaaacaata atctgtatat tacagatttg ttacacacac aaacacacac    124320
     acaaagtatg tctttttttt ttctttttac tgttaagcct catttgcaca gcatagagat    124380
     gttaatatat gtgcatatac atgctatgaa agattggact ctggcttttt aaattttcta    124440
     tttttatttt gtttaggcac ttaagagatt atggcatttg atactcacca tgttaaaaaa    124500
     cggaacttct ctaatagtat tgatcttcct agaaagagga tctctaactt caccagtaag    124560
     aacatgaagg aggtaagtat gggagtttaa gccatcagat ctgtttaatt tcataggtta    124620
     gatagaatta atgaagcata cctattatta tattcctaag gttataagaa aattttggca    124680
     aatatactgt ttctataaac tgtgatataa atgttgacaa ggaactcaga gatgcatttt    124740
     gttcattcaa agggtgatta acaatgaaaa tttttttaaa ccacattaaa ctcgaactga    124800
     cttattataa gcacccttta agttcagtat atgactggta ttgtttaaaa aaagaaaaat    124860
     aatatgttac tttgccaaac ataccaaaat acaattttgt gcctagtggt tgaaaacatg    124920
     gtattaacac aaagaaaaca ttggccctat cattacctat tgagttttaa actgcattgt    124980
     taacatcaat cataaagttt gcataactgt attaaaaaac tgaatatgat tcactgttta    125040
     ctttggcttt caggttaaga gatctccaaa acagttggct gcttacataa gtaggtaaga    125100
     gcttctttaa catttgtagg aagaattgaa agtagacgtg aagacataaa acaagtaaat    125160
     gctctttttt actataatta cagttaactt gttatccagc tgttcctctg tgctgggctc    125220
     tgtactaatg catcagcatt atctattcct tatatagatg ccattattcc taaacagtga    125280
     caagaatact aatagtcaga ggaaatatgt gatttgctca ggatcaaata gccagacagc    125340
     tgtcaaaatg gcctgtactc taagagcagc tttctaaacc atgggtatcc acggtatgac    125400
     ctggggtccc tggaggccaa cagggagggt ttgaagtcct tgctcatctt gtccattttt    125460
     actcttttac aagtgtacag tatgagctgt tcagaaatag cataatatta aataacaaca    125520
     gacagacaga aataagaata cagctgtcgt ctgttaaact gagaagtaga aattggtaca    125580
     aatgtgaaac agctatttct gtagtctttc tgttcagaaa aaaatgtgct ccttttggta    125640
     aaatattcta tgacagtatg tttcttagct tcccagaacc atgacttttt ataaggagga    125700
     aacattctgg gggccattgt ggtagtgcat gcctcgattc ctagcacttg gcaagctgag    125760
     gccgcagaat tgtgaatgca ggttcagcct gagccacagg gtgagaccca gtttcaggaa    125820
     aaacatttct tttggttcat ggtttcagaa ctttagtctc tgacttgttg cctttgggtc    125880
     tgtgattgtg gtgaaagaaa actgcttccc tatgatggta aggaagcaca aaggaaaaat    125940
     aataataacc cccagagtgt ctggaaactt gtactctata agattttgtt tgttgtattc    126000
     tttcatacac aaaattaaat gtgttccagc ataaaataaa tttaaaattt tttacttact    126060
     agaaaatgtg ttagttgttt agaaaaaagc ttagatgtct gaaaagtgtt tctgtttcca    126120
     tggcctttaa tattttattt taaaacagaa gctattatgt ccttttgttt tcatcttgta    126180
     taacttacca tattttttat tgccttcccg gtaatttata acttttattt tcctcttcaa    126240
     attaagagtt ttaaaatcat tttcttctaa ttttagtgga ttataattgc aaaatgtagc    126300
     tgattaaatt ttcatttaaa accttttttc ttttttaaaa aatttttaaa tttttttttt    126360
     tttttacaga acagttgcac aggcagtgaa aagcccagaa aaactgcgca aggtgctcta    126420
     ccacagaaag ttagttcgtc gttccttccc aaatccttgt tacaaaacta agcagtcccc    126480
     aaaaagtggg ggctgtgaca tggcaaataa agaaaatgaa ctggcttgtg caggccatct    126540
     acctgaaaat ttacgccacg acagtcggac atttgtcatt aataccagtg attctgggtc    126600
     ttcacagaca gaaagcccat catcaaaata tagtggtttc ttttctgaag taagtcagtt    126660
     ttagcttaat ttattcctat tgtactacta ggttgctttg ttttggtttt gatttccttt    126720
     ttgttttttc ccttgtgtta ttctattagc tgatagccac tcttaaaata atatgtattt    126780
     gaattgtgtt cactgcctaa gacagttgta cagatgaacc ccctgtctct aacagcgtct    126840
     gaaatagaat gaaatacctg ataggctgtt gtaaaatatc caaagtgaca agttggcaaa    126900
     gagaaattta gaagaagagg gtaaagagac attttacctt aaaaagtaga tcattgtaac    126960
     ctgttatctc gtcagttttg ctggttctta gagctgccag tggttacttg attcagcaaa    127020
     ccggcttcta catcttttaa ctgtaaaatt aaccctaagg aaagtaacta tacaaatgta    127080
     tgcatttaca cacattacaa tgtttacaga aacagcttaa ataggaaaaa aaaaacagaa    127140
     ataatctaaa tagtgataaa gactaaaaat atgttactat tttttgttaa atgaaatcca    127200
     tatgtatttt agcattgaaa atgcccatgg attcatgttt atgtataggg aaaaaagttt    127260
     ttttaaaata agattttaaa ctttttggtg tgtaactata tgtacctatt tgctattgtc    127320
     taaagcatga tttggaaaga cgcattccag tttagtggct gtaattgctt ctggagaatg    127380
     acgtacttca gatacttttg ccttagggta gtcacttttt gtctcaaata gttttgagct    127440
     aaagttttca taacaggaat gcattacctt atttagaaat acacttagat ggcacattca    127500
     tcttgcttgt agcaggacca cactccaggc tgtgcttcct ctctcgtgct attcatttgg    127560
     taatcagtag cctatgtgct tacattgtct ctgtgcccac agccctaaaa ctcagctaga    127620
     aatatcttac tatataaact actgggattt ttgaaaaaac aatagcaagg agggaagaaa    127680
     gaaaaagtac taaatttatc cacatcactc attcactgta ttcaactgta aattactgta    127740
     ttcctttttg agggccagta taaggcattc cctttgcata attcaaggct gtgtctacca    127800
     gaacattttc atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ttgtgtcatg tttcagtgtg gtttttaaca    127860
     aattagatga ttgcctttca ggtttctcag gaccatgaga caatggccca ggttctattc    127920
     agcaggaatt tgagattgaa tgtagctttg actttctgga gaaagagaag tataagtgaa    127980
     cttgtagctt atttagtgag gtgagtgtga tgtttttgtt tctgtttaac attagtaatc    128040
     tttaatgaga tatgaaaaga gacttttaag aaagttttta ttggttttat tcaaatttaa    128100
     acattgtatt tagcatccat agacacacta tagtttaaat tatattcatc accaatttaa    128160
     gtgtagtaag gatacagaaa acttttatca gattaaacaa agctgttact ttttctggtt    128220
     aggattcttt tcttatctgt aaaacttaag tgtgggaaac ttaccattct aaaaacaatc    128280
     ccctttggga gttttaagaa tcagtctccc tcctcgttgc atctaagtct ctgaacactg    128340
     ccttactggt gcctactcca cgcctcgctg agtgcctcct ttaaaaagat acggctcatc    128400
     ctttcccatg tctttttcta ttcctccaca gcacttagca tcagcatcct gctctatata    128460
     gtctgtgttc atctctcttt gatccattgc tgcctccaac acccactcag gcactcgaaa    128520
     gcaatccctg tctctttttt ccctttatat cctcagtact cgactcatga taaatactga    128580
     agttgttcaa tatcaaatgc ctcgaaagga ggatggagac tgtaatatga atataactaa    128640
     ggacactgta agcaatggta tctgtcttat actcacagga tagaagacct tggagttgtg    128700
     gtagattgcc ttcctgttct aaccaatagg taaaaacagt aatttttttt tccggaaaaa    128760
     aataagtttt aaagaaaaat ttaatcagtt catattttat aacttagaat ttcttttagt    128820
     ttacaggaag aaaagcagta tatctcactt ggctgctgtg tagacttact tcctctggta    128880
     aagtctttac ttcaaagcag atttgaagag taagtgctaa attaaatctc aacttttttc    128940
     tctcaacatt cttgattttt gtgttttgtg agttcataat aggagactgg actcctatac    129000
     atttgggaga tacacgatgc ctgggttttt ttgttttttt tgttttgttt ttttaattaa    129060
     aacatcaaag ctacacttta tttactgtga cagtggggta agagaacaac ctctagaatt    129120
     aagttctcct tccagcgtgt gaatttccga gttactcagt tgtcagcttt ggggtcagat    129180
     tcatttaccc actgagccat tttctccaac cctatttctg ttcccacgag gtttatagta    129240
     tgattaggac aggaatataa aactaaagaa aaatcacaaa aggattaaga acagctatgt    129300
     aatttctatg gttttgtgaa gtatattttt cttaaggagc atgactggtg tatatctgtg    129360
     gggacttttg gggggtagcg ttattgttat aggcttatat gaaaacactt aattttgtca    129420
     caatatttta cttcagatat gtaattgttg gtttaaactg gcttcaagca gtaataaaaa    129480
     ggtggtggtc agaactctca tctacgtcag aaattataag tgatgggtaa gtataacttt    129540
     aaagataatt tatgctgaaa tttctatgga aaagtatctt aattagacaa agtagtgagt    129600
     ttattctgtg gtcatcattg tataatttta ttttcttcat tttcagagaa atattaaact    129660
     gaggtacttt ttatttatga aaaaaacatg cagagtccca aaactcctta tatctctgct    129720
     gctagaacct gaccttttat tttaggtttg ttttggtttg ttttgtgatg ctctcactgt    129780
     gtgtcttcag ccccagcgtt ctcggtgctg gtgtaagaca gcatagctat ctcagccctt    129840
     ccctcccgag gtaacagctc agcagtggtg taaccttcac atggaatgtg ctagaaagat    129900
     agaagaaagg agctgccctt ggtgtactaa ggaatggaaa tatcctgaca ggtctctgaa    129960
     aatggttaca gtcagcatgc cttagcttga aaatatgtga ggagtctctc aaatgatttg    130020
     aacccaagcc aggcatggtg gaacaggcct ctgaacccag cactaggaag gccaaggcaa    130080
     gaagaacaca agcttgaggc cagcctaggc tgcacagcaa aactctgtat tgccagatgg    130140
     tgttgaaaac aacagtctct ctcctcacta actccctctt agattccata atctttgtaa    130200
     actcagtgga attttctact tcatacccaa gaaagttgtc cacttgctac aaatgcctac    130260
     ttgctgtctc atctactttg acagccaaat atccatgaat ttttgtatgg catagcatat    130320
     actattttaa gaagtttctt gactttgtta tatgattttc tactgatata aataaattaa    130380
     aagcaagtct gtatcttact atttactttc ttctctttct ttcttttttt cccctcagaa    130440
     atattaagat tttaaagcaa cagttgagtg gactatggga acaggaaagc catcttactt    130500
     tggttccagg atatactggt aatatagcta aggtaatcta tatttgtaat ttaagaattt    130560
     tacattttga ccagtattga tatgcttatc tcttacagga aaaaggcaca ttgctagttg    130620
     ggattttaat atttaaactc ctagaggaca ttgatagtta taattgcaga aagaattggt    130680
     ggtgagaagt atttccacct gctgcttggc atttgctgtc atgagtagtt atttaccagg    130740
     aaataaaaca ttgtatggtt taagaaagtg tttatgtcac tggctcatga aattttcttg    130800
     ggtacctgtg taaaaagaaa caaatgcgat tgagcattaa atatatcact atatgtgatt    130860
     gtacacacat ttcccagccc cctaccccat ccccttttct ccctccctcc cttacctctt    130920
     tgtctttgtt tctgctcgaa cagttttact atgtagccct ggctggcctg ggacttgcta    130980
     tgtaggctag gcggcctcaa actcacagaa attggcctgc ctttgcctcc caagtgctgg    131040
     gattatatat atcaccatgc ctggcaagaa ttcttttttg actcactact tttactctga    131100
     ttactctgac atagtgagtt ttttttttaa tgttttgggt tatagtcaca cttttttcaa    131160
     attcatctaa catccttctg aatctctcat tcagactaaa gtcttataaa cagttctatt    131220
     tttctgaggt tgtttgttgc ttgtgatttt aaagtataca taacactgtg aagactttag    131280
     tagagctgaa aagcattttt tgcctaaaat tttgattttt tttttttaat gttaggttat    131340
     tgggacaggt ctgtatagtc agggctatcc tcgtgtcact gtgaagcccc tcctggtgct    131400
     gaaatcacca tcttctttcc tcagctccca agtgccggga gcagaggagt atgctgccat    131460
     gcctggttaa cttaaattct ctttttatta aaaaagaaaa gccttctgat aaacatagcc    131520
     ttaagatact atggtgatca tgaaaattgt caagtaatta aagtttcaat gtaaagtcta    131580
     tagtaaaatc ttgatatcag ccctaaaata tgttacttta tgttatgttt tcagggagca    131640
     atggacggta tataaagtga ataaggaaaa agaaacatta aaagctgtac attttcattt    131700
     aaaatttaaa aataaatgat ttctttgacc cattcatgtg tatagtgcat tctggtcata    131760
     ctgaccttat ccttccacta cttccagtca cccgtcctct cccaagtccc tgctccacct    131820
     ttatcatacc tttgtggttt ttgtttcttg agacatggtt tttctgtata gtcttgactg    131880
     tgcaggagct cgctctgtgg accagactgg ctttgaactc acagagatct gcctgactct    131940
     gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaagtcaggt gccaccactt cctggcttgc ttttatattt    132000
     tcttgccttg cttttgtttc tctttatgag ctgtccactg tggcactgaa aatagtggct    132060
     tcctctccta cagcagccct tgactgcttt attacaccat ctgattttta gcctggagaa    132120
     aaacaaatgg gtggggagtg gatctggaga ggggatctca aggtctcctc cttacagagg    132180
     acctggcttc actttttagt acacacattg catttcagag ccgtctgtaa cttcagttcc    132240
     aagagattca gtgtcccctt ctggctgctt ctggccgtat gcattcctgt gatgcacaga    132300
     catacaagca gacaagcatt tatacacata aactcagaat aaattatttt taaaaataac    132360
     ttgaaattgt caaactgtgc cttgggcttt ggtttctata gcacttacag aatctctgca    132420
     ttttaactgc aaagcagagt tgttgaaaca caggaaccaa aacattcact tagtgtttgc    132480
     tcaacgttat tgaacatata gcatgtgcca ggacctgtga taaacaaatg catataaaat    132540
     ttttgaataa gacttcttcc ttctttttaa aggtttcaaa gggaagtaag gcaaattaag    132600
     aaacaagcag aaaagaaggc aggttgagtg cgtttgtatt tgcttgatta actgatggga    132660
     tgttttttct cctttaagga tgtagatgct tatttattac agctgcattg aaagatttca    132720
     tcttataaag atttgagtat tcagacagcg ctggattcta tgatttccaa aaggaggtct    132780
     ctcctgagaa ccgagagctg tggaagaaat aaaaccaatt tttttctttt aaaaagccac    132840
     ataataaaac cactaatgaa atcctaacaa tctacttcac attgaagtgg aaatatcaag    132900
     aaggagcggc atcaacttca atgaggtgaa agtgcactat gaagactgtt tgcctttgct    132960
     gcattcagaa ttcaaatgac tgtttgatag cgttgtttaa gaactactgg gtcttcactc    133020
     ggccctgcat aagaatatga ttgatagtat gcaaaaataa gacaggactt attaccagga    133080
     actataaaga ccaatcatta aattttttat tgtgttttat gaagaaacac ttaagtgtgt    133140
     gcagctaatt tcttctgttg gaaagacttg gaaagtttaa aacatcatag taagtaatat    133200
     taaaaatttt tgtccacact gatactgtgt acaaatgcct taattattga taagccaata    133260
     tgttataata ccaatatctt ttttaaaaaa attaaaagca accatgctct ggcatgataa    133320
     aatcatggaa ttaaatcagg ggtttacatt catgtagaat gttgttgaaa tatattcgac    133380
     accatttttt taaacttgag aaatttttag catctctgat tctttttgtc agaaacttca    133440
     tgttatgttt gtatgtatgt gttattctta tataaagaaa aaaggtgaat atgtatttgt    133500
     atgaatgttt aactggaaat gtccatggag ttggctaatt tatattcact ttttattgta    133560
     tatagagttc taatattttt catttctgta acatttaaac ttcctttgag taaatttact    133620
     aaatatttct attttttgct tttttaattc taattttata tgaaatctga ttaattcctt    133680
     gacactaaat gtgttctgaa aagttccaca caatgtttca gaattgttta cagttaatgc    133740
     tgacattgta ctttaagttc caacacagtg catcactacc tcctctaatg gttagtagga    133800
     aattccagca aaccatatgc aagcgttttt gtgttttgtt ttgttttttt tttaatatgg    133860
     ccatttgaag tatcagtgta ctcaattcta ggaagtcata acagtttgaa tcgtacctgt    133920
     cttagttgga attgcagtta gctaccactc ctgctggccc attcatcatc tttctttagt    133980
     aaggcttgca agcttccaga aaagataaat tgacttcctc ttcatattcc aatgtacatt    134040
     ttaaaactta aagcagtgac tactgagacc cccagccccc ctgccctcca gtgttatttt    134100
     ttaactgaat tctgttttgt atagctatta ttccagatat ctatgtacac cacagaatga    134160
     atatccgttg tagtaattga ttattatatc ctcagattag agtcacatcc aaatgactac    134220
     agttttgtga tttcgaggtg aggtatgtaa gaagtcattc ttcagaacgt gggggtgtca    134280
     tgaacctcca ttcccctgaa gccttcagct gggaactaca gcctttcttt cttcttagcc    134340
     tgcagttttc actgtcttat tgaaccattt gggcaggttg atgtggtttg gttggagtgt    134400
     gatgctagtg agactaaggg tttgagtctg atccttttaa attcattaac ttctcacgtg    134460
     cacaaagaaa ttctgtagtt cctgattgca tatttctttc agtatccact taataaattc    134520
     agtttgtgat ctcaaagaat gtggtgtgca tagtttactt ctcaaagaga aatagaatga    134580
     ttgatttgta taacagtata gatttccagt ttgaagagaa aatattcaaa ataagaccta    134640
     acatacttta taattttttt ttgtttgttt ttgttttaag acagggtttc tctgtatagc    134700
     tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctagcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct    134760
     gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccag ctatacttta    134820
     taatttttta gttgcacaat atcaaatact atggatcaga ttattgacta aacagtatct    134880
     ttttaaaaaa aaatcaaagt tcaagtaaat atcaataaaa attgagtata gtaaaaagca    134940
     atactattgt tttaacagaa ttcttattcc taaatatgct tgttgacatt gaataagatg    135000
     gcatgctcca ttttttatgc tctgggcaat gaaagaagca gctttacctc gcagcacaca    135060
     cacacagtct tcttcctgct taatgaaatg gtcatatcag ttggctttgt ctgttggagg    135120
     aagaaccaca agtgggactc atctacaacg tactacatgt ctgctagtac agacttattt    135180
     tctggattct ttcagatgga aatagtgtca tgtgttgaca ggtgtttata gatatatgcg    135240
     ttctccttta atttttctag ccataagatt gtaaaacaaa gtctgcaaca tttactcttc    135300
     tcccttctta ttttgtggca ggagtataca ataaataatg tattcctaag cctagtatgg    135360
     tggtgataca agcctataat cccatcactt gggcaccagg cggtgatttc tataggttca    135420
     aggacagcct gatctatgta gcaagttcat accagccagg cttagaaagt tagaccctga    135480
     ctcaaaaaga aaacaacaga aaattttcat cctttcatta gaacattaca tgcttctaat    135540
     ttgtaatgta tactgaatca ctaacatcac tatagcaata gaaatgaata ttgcattgta    135600
     attagcatgc tggatacatt tttccagtac tacatttaac atatttttaa tcagtatatt    135660
     aaaatgctgt atttataatt tcatctgggt gaaaccattg agctaacaat atttttgaga    135720
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct    135780
     cgaactcaga aatccacctg ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct    135840
     gcctctgcct ctgccaagtg ctggaattaa aggtgtgcac caccactgac tgacacagta    135900
     tcttttaaga accaaacttt agtaaaaatt taagtacaac tgcttttaga atattaaatc    135960
     accacattgt cctttgaaga ctaatcataa aatcagaaga tagagctgct gtttatcagt    136020
     atttccagta aaggcaacag taaagtaaac ctgctggtgg gtttttattt tcaaaatctg    136080
     tgataaaaat attgctttga tattgcagaa ttcttattct tcaaaccatt ttcagatgtg    136140
     agtttccaaa atctagataa ggattcagcc cctaaataga cgacgtcctg aagtacattc    136200
     ttttactttc cttttttctt ttctctctct ccctctccct cccaggcccc cctccccctt    136260
     tcattctttc attgagacaa gacttctctg tgtatcttgg ctgtcctgga actcactcta    136320
     taaacaggct gacctcaaac tcagatctgc ctactgagta ctgagactat aaaggctccc    136380
     gtcaccacct ggctctgatt cttatgtttt cattcaaatt gtacaaattt ttatgtacac    136440
     caaagctctg ggaagaggtg aggttttctt tcttttcaag gtaagtaagt aactgagtcc    136500
     cagaatacgt tgaaccacca gaggtgtatg cttccagaca caccttattg taggtgttgg    136560
     tgttcaagtt cttggcttat gcccttaaga tccctattgt taccatttga aaaacacctt    136620
     gagaaaacaa cttaaaatca ccatttgttc ctgtcatttc ctttggcatc tgcatttggg    136680
     gtgtagaaga gaaactatat tttggttgac caagtaaaca tgctttttct ttttcttttt    136740
     tttttttaga aaacattctt tactattatg catgtattct taaatgtagc ttcaggattt    136800
     aaaggtatat attctgttgc ccattgaaaa catccactga aatatcttaa gacatcctgg    136860
     attctgctgt tccagagttg gccttatttt atatttgttt cccttcatct actgcctgta    136920
     cagactcaaa gtcttcatgg atcctggatt agcattctta ctgaatatcc ctaatgtatt    136980
     agtcagggtt ctctagagtc acagaactta tggataattt ctaaatagta aaggaattta    137040
     ttgatgactt acagtcggca gcccaattcc caacaatggt tcagtcgcag ctgtgaatgg    137100
     aagtccaagg atctagcagt tactcagtct cacgcagcaa gcaggcgaag gagcaagagc    137160
     aagagctaga gctagactcc cttcttccaa tgtccttata ttgtctccag caaaaggtgt    137220
     agcccagatt aaaggtgtgt tccaccacac ctttaatccc agatgaaagg catagcccag    137280
     attaaaggtg tgttccttaa ctcggagatt caatcttctg gaatccatag ccactatggc    137340
     tcaagatctt caaaccaaga tccagataag gatctccaag cctccagata agggtcactg    137400
     gtgagccttc caattccgaa ttgtagttca ttccaaatat tgtcaagttg acaaccagga    137460
     atagccacta caatccaccc cttgtcaact tgacacaaat aatatctcat gttcacatga    137520
     aacaataaca aggttgtaaa tacgcctaac atgatataac tatccctcgt acaatcgcaa    137580
     acgcattagt aaatttacaa tgggcattca tattacttta taatcctcgt ttctgcaact    137640
     ggttacgtgg ccttaattgg tatttataac taccttcctc tactacccat tctgtatttc    137700
     cttctccttc agccagcacc tcagcaggtc ttggctcttt tcctggagga ttgacccata    137760
     ccttcattcc tgatggatct gcgttctttg tcatcctgct tggattaggc tgttgtagtt    137820
     tcccattgac tttaatcaca ggacatggta gtactaagag gcgccctaag ggatctccta    137880
     cactccagac ataatcttgc ttaccaccat tgtgaagagg taatccaatt tctccatggt    137940
     aatctggatc tatcacccct cctaacactg ttattccttt tttagcctgt tggtttaagg    138000
     gcattagaag cccaaaatga ccagggggaa gtctgagctt ccagttcaat gaaatgtttg    138060
     ttgtagctcc tggtaggagc actcccctct ctggagccaa aacttctaag ccagcagaac    138120
     ctagagttat ggggacagga agcaaaaatt ttcctagagg gtcactagga gtgatagtaa    138180
     gtggaactat tccgttttcc accccttgat tcctggaccc atgaatcctg gctatgggtg    138240
     aaactgtacc atatatcgag cgctgattca aagcatatac tgccttctga agaactctgc    138300
     cccagccttc caagctgtta ccacctaatt ggcgctgtaa ctgcgtcttc aaaaggccat    138360
     tccatctttc tatcagccca gctgcttcag atgatgggga atgtggtaag accagtgaat    138420
     tccatgatcg tgagcccact gtcgtacttc tctggctgtg aaatgagttc cttggtcaga    138480
     agcaatactg tgtggaatac catgacgata gatgaggcat tctgtcagtc cgtgaatggt    138540
     ggttttagca gaggcattac gtgcaggaaa ggcaaatcca taaccagaat aagtatctac    138600
     tccagtaaga acaaaacgct gtcctttcca cgaaggaagt ggtccaatgt agtcaacctg    138660
     ccaccaggtt gctggctggt cacctcgagg aatggtgcca tatctggggc tcagtgttgg    138720
     tttctgctgt tggcagatct ggcaatcagc agcagctgta gccaggtcag ccttggtgag    138780
     tggaagccca tgttgctgag cccaagcata acctccatct cgaccaccat ggccactttg    138840
     ttcatgtgcc cattgagcaa tgacagggat ggctggggag agaggctgac tgtccacaga    138900
     acgggtcatc ttatccactt gattattgaa ctcctcctcg gctgaagtca ccttttggtg    138960
     agcatttaca tgggacacaa atatcttcac atcctttgcc catttggaga gatctatcca    139020
     catacttctt ccccagatgt ctttctcacc aattttccaa ttgtgatctt tccaagtccc    139080
     tgaccatcca gccaatccat tggctacagc ccatgagtca gtgtataatc gtacatctgg    139140
     ccatttcttc ttgcaaacaa actgtaatac catgtgtact gcccgaagtt ctgcccactg    139200
     tgaagatttc ccttcacctg tgtctttcaa ggttgtccca gaaaggggtt gtaatgctgc    139260
     agctgtccac ttctgggtag tgcctgcata acgtgcagag ccatcagtaa accaggctct    139320
     agtcttctcc tcttcggtca gttgatcata gggaacaccc catgaggcta taggtgcatg    139380
     cttggcagca gatggcattg taacaggaat agaaaccata ggcatttgag caacttcttc    139440
     atgtaacttg cttgtgcctt caggacctgc tctggcccga tcacgtatat accacttcca    139500
     tttgataata gactgctgct gtgcacgtcc cactttatga cttgcagggt ctgatagtac    139560
     ccagctcatg atgggtagtt caggtcgcat agtgacttgg tgtcctattg tcagacgttc    139620
     agtttccact aaggcccaat agcaggccaa gagctgtttt tcaaagggag aatagttgtc    139680
     tgcagatgat ggtagagctt tgctccaaag tcccaaaggc cttttctgtg attcacctac    139740
     aggggcctgc cagaggctcc aaacagcatc tctatcagcc acagacacct caagtaccat    139800
     cggatctgct gggtcatatg gtccaagtgg tagagcagcc tgcacagcag cctggacctg    139860
     ttgaagggcc ttctcctgtt ccaggcccca cacaaagcta gcagctttcc gagtcacttg    139920
     gtaaataggc ctaagtaaca cacccaagtg agggatgtgt tgtctccaga atccaaatag    139980
     acccactaaa cgttgtgctt ctttcttggt tgtaggaggg gccaggtgca ataacttatc    140040
     tttcacctta gaaggaatat ctctgcatgc cccacaccac tggactccta agaatttcac    140100
     tgaggtagat ggtccttgaa ttttggttgg atttatttcc catcctctga tacgcatatg    140160
     tgttaccaat gagtccaaag tggttgctac ttcctgctca cttggtccaa tcagcataat    140220
     gtcatcaata tagtgcacca atgtgatatt ttgtggaaga tccaaacgat caagatccct    140280
     tctaactaaa ttatgacaca gggcaggaga gttaatatat ccttgaggca aaactgtgaa    140340
     ggtatactgt tggccttgtc aactgaaagc aaattgcttc tggtggtcct tatggacagg    140400
     tactgagaag aaggcatttg ccaaatcaat agccgcatac caggtgccag gagatgtgtt    140460
     aatttgctca agtaaggaaa ctacatctgg tacagcagct gcaattggag ttactacctg    140520
     atttagtttt cggtaatcaa ctgtcattct ccatgatcca tctgttttct gcactggcca    140580
     gataggagag ttaaatggag atgtggtggg aaccaccacc cctgcatctt tcaagtcctt    140640
     gatagtggca gtaatttctg caattcctcc aggaatacga tactgttttt gattcactat    140700
     tttctttggc agaggcaact ctaaaggctt ccatttggcc tttccaacca taatagccct    140760
     cactctacag ttcagggaac caatatgaga attctgccaa tttctgagta tatctatccc    140820
     aattatacat tctggaactg gggaaatcac cacaggatgt gtccggggac ctactggacc    140880
     tactgtgagt cggacatcag tcaaaactcc attaatcacc tgccctccat aagcccctac    140940
     tttaactgga gggccacaat gtttcttggg atcccctggg atcagtgtca actcagaacc    141000
     agtatccagc agaccccgaa aagtctgatt atttcctttt ccccagtgta cagttaccct    141060
     tgtaaaaggc cgtaggtccc tctggggaag aactggagaa agggtaacag caaaaccttt    141120
     gagtgtctta tcaagatcct tcctcagagg aacctggcca ccccttcatt caaggggttc    141180
     cggatctgca aactgtctca agtctggaaa ttgattcact ggccgagatt gctgtttacc    141240
     acgatctaat gtagcctttc tttcatttgt ttgagaattt ttctgcttat acagatcaaa    141300
     caaatatgca gtaggcttcc tatgtatttc attcctggaa acaccatgat tgattagcca    141360
     gtaccaaagg tccaagcgag tcatgccatt ataaatttca cctctcctgt gctgaccatt    141420
     actgggtatg ttattataaa cattcttttg tctacgctgt ccattataat aactaggatc    141480
     accttgtctc cggcgattca atgctgccac ctggcccttg ttacctcggg atccaactaa    141540
     acccagtgaa tttaattcat ctaattgagc agaagcatct ccaatgctaa gatctggcac    141600
     aaggaaaagg gaaagaacaa aacccttcaa atgtgctggt gcccctctca ccaatttgcg    141660
     tcttatagag ctggtgaaag gcatatcttc tggaccttcc cattgtggac aattatgctt    141720
     tacacaatat atccactcta gcattgcaat ttccctaagt cttaaaatcc cttcatcaac    141780
     actaagccac ggaatatcag gcatctccaa gtcatttcca gtaggccatc ttttgataaa    141840
     cacctcagcc aaccattcaa acaaactttt gacacctttt ttaactatgc gagcttccgt    141900
     attaaaccta gaatctctac tcagaggacc catgtcaata aactcagcct gctctagttt    141960
     tatgttcctt ccacccttat cccacaccct taaaatccat tcccacacat attcaccagg    142020
     tttctgcttg aatgaattag caaactcatt aagctcctta gtagtgtagc gaatttcctc    142080
     atggactata ctttctacct cccctctagg agcctgtttt gctttgagtc tggttacagg    142140
     tctagaagaa actattggtg ggccgtaagc agactctgca aaattaattt cctcatgtgg    142200
     ggaaggcatt atttcaagag gtggggctga gggtactact tcctcaggtg gggcaaaccc    142260
     ttgagaatct gaggattcaa aattctcagc ttcaacatgg tcttcccaca catccccgtc    142320
     ccatgttgta ggatcccatt ctttgccaat tagagccctt actttaactg tcgacacact    142380
     ctgaggctga gacttgaatt ttctctgtag ttcagccaac cttacaatga gagtttctgt    142440
     ttgattttct gcaacttgag ctctattgct acaagagaga agattctcct caaggacaca    142500
     cttagcaact tttagatcgt ttacttgtgt ctggagcctt tcgattttat cacacaactc    142560
     cttcctttca ttcatcattt tttccacaga tactaagagc agccagccag taaaatcatt    142620
     tttcgatttt ttcccatctt gtagaaagct ttgtgcactg aatcacctaa ttcattaaga    142680
     aaatcaaggg cattagcttc tttaagttcg gaatatagtt tcaaccatgg gtcttcaaaa    142740
     ttctctgagc tcccaggagg gagagaatct ggagaggttt caatatttga aagtgctggt    142800
     ggatcaacaa gccaattcca gtattttaaa agattcatcc ttgtacttct gttactctag    142860
     aaccactcct ggtaccaact tctgtattag tcagggttct ctagagtcac agaacttatg    142920
     gataatttct aaatagtaaa ggaatttatt gatgacttac agtcggcagc ccaattccca    142980
     acaatggttc agtcgcagct gtgaatggaa gtccaaggat ctagcagtta ctcagtctca    143040
     cgcagcaagc aggcgaagga gcaagagcaa gagctagagc tagactccct tcttccaatg    143100
     tccttatatt gtctccagca aaaggtgtag cccagattaa aggtgtgttc caccacacct    143160
     ttaatcccag atgaaaggca tagcccagat taaaggtgtg ttccttaact cggagattca    143220
     atcttctgga atccatagcc actatggctc aagatcttca aaccaagatc cagataagga    143280
     tctccaagcc tccagataag ggtcactggt gagccttcca attccgaatt gtagttcatt    143340
     ccaaatattg tcaagttgac aaccaggaat agccactaca cctaatatca gttattgctg    143400
     agatgcaaat gtcttcctct tgaactattt ctaaatcatt tatcaagtac tgttactgca    143460
     acccctaatt ttttctatgt ttattacctt tcttagtttc tccttccatt aaactagagg    143520
     gattgctaca ttattccagt aacctttgtc cgtttcattg atccttcatc tctacatccc    143580
     attctgtata catgctgcac cagggtaatt tgtaaggcag acatcctact gtgtcactct    143640
     ttaaggtctc ttaagagagt ctgcagaaat agttcagtcg gtagagtgct agctctgcaa    143700
     acgtggcgaa ctgagttcaa gtcccagaac ccttgttaaa gagccaaacg tggtaagcac    143760
     aggggagaca ggtgccctgg ggctctctgg ccattcagcc agcctagcct acttttggga    143820
     tcactgtctt taaacacaca cacacataca cacacaccaa cccaccattt gttcctgtca    143880
     tttactttgg catctgcact aattgttcag atagacattc ctgataatga cactagaggt    143940
     tatcctctgg cctctataca tagtctttta aagtattgtg tcttgttacc tcttaaaggc    144000
     aaaataccta acttataatt tgttttgaga cagtgttata ttccaacact gtctataaac    144060
     ttgctaagtc actattggat gatcttaaac tttgttgttg ttttttcatt ttggggggag    144120
     tggggagtgt ggaagtcaaa ggaaagcttg caggaacagg gtctcttctt ctgccatgtg    144180
     ggtcctgaac ttaggcttga tgacagtgcc attccctatt gtgacatctg gtcagtggtg    144240
     acctagaact tctgatcttt ctacctcaac ctcccaagtg gtagtattat agacatgttc    144300
     actgtacatg gtttttttgt agtgctagag atcaaaaccg gggccagtcc attgttaggc    144360
     aagtactctg ccacccaagc tacatcatca gctccattgt ttatttttta cagttaagga    144420
     ggctggagag tttaagcatg gtgtgccagc gtctgcttag tgagggtttt catgctgcgt    144480
     cacattatgg tagtccaggt ctttcttcct gttgtcataa ggtcactgaa gctatcatgg    144540
     gaacgccagc cctcatgact tcactgaatt cttattattc caccctaaat ttcccatctc    144600
     caaatactgt taactatgag caaaatttga ggcatatgga cttctaagat gcccatttaa    144660
     acactagcat acttatatta tctcagcatc tctcttcaga tcaaaaagca ctaggttcaa    144720
     ttttttgggt atattgtgct tcttctgttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    144780
     tgtttgtttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg    144840
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgccct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt    144900
     aaaggtgtgc gccacaacgc ccagcgtgtc ttctgaaaat gctttgttca cctcagctct    144960
     gcctgatgca ttcagttaat cactttcctg gggaagtctg tagcttctgt ggctagtgca    145020
     ggcctccact agacactcag tagccctgtt ttcttattcc aacttaccag tgttctatga    145080
     ttgactgtct tctcagctag cttggtaggt ccatgaggcc agaagactgg tccctctcaa    145140
     tccctggtac ttggcacaaa gcctggcaag taagtggcgt ttttatttct tagacaatta    145200
     ggcaaaactg tgggctcttt agacctaaac tgtataaagt aatttaatac ttcagagttt    145260
     gttctcacag cttggcagaa aataaatagt ttcagaataa aaataatccc atttttctcc    145320
     cttttgttta aggaaactgg gttatgaatg tgctacaaca aagtcaaacc acacaaataa    145380
     agcatgtgac ttgtaaaggt cgttacgttt gttttctttg ctgtattgtt tctgcgttcc    145440
     acataaaatc tgtgcaagtg aggactactt ataagatgca gtgggtatct tcatataatg    145500
     tgtgaaatat gtaaattatc acaatttaag aatgtctcag gtgttttcca ttttttatcg    145560
     aaaaataatt tagagtcatc acaatgattt taaatatatt tatctttaaa atcactaaag    145620
     aagatactga tttctgaaaa cgttcccccc aaatttttaa aatttttcct ctcagatctt    145680
     tgctctcctc actattgtct ctctagtccc tctcccccag atccactcct tctccttttc    145740
     ccttcagata gggcaggcct cccagagata tcagcaaaat gtggttacaa taagattagg    145800
     catatgccct catttcaagg ctggacgagg caatccagta ggaggaaagg ggccccaagc    145860
     atagacaaaa gaatcaaaga ccgtcctcac tgccactgtt aggaatgcaa caagagcacc    145920
     aagctacaca actataacat atatacagag gacctaattc aggttcccta attatcagct    145980
     aagtccctgg gaaccctaca tagttgatct gtgaactgtt ttcttgtggt gtccttgatt    146040
     gagtttgcac ttatagacct cccttctgaa gacttcccca agctctgaat gttgcttggc    146100
     tgtgggtctc agcatctgct ctccttagtt gctggatgaa gcttctctgt tggtgattat    146160
     tgttaggctt ccatctgagt gtagccgagt atcattagga accatttcat tgactttcct    146220
     ttttttcccc ctggtcctct ttgtttcttt cctaggtctc tgggctattc agactctggt    146280
     tcctgatcct ccaagcagtt ccagttgtgg gctcccattt gttgcagttc tcaaggtgga    146340
     ccaggaattg gctggccact cccacagctt ctacaccatt tttattccag cacatcttgc    146400
     aggcaagaca ggttgaaggt tgaaggtttt gtggctgggt tggtggtgtc ccaatctgtc    146460
     cactagaaga cttactagga gtcttctcta gggtcaccat tgttgactcc tggacgtttc    146520
     cattgcatca ggtttctacc taacccttaa aatgtcccct aattatagtc ttctcttcag    146580
     tattctcccc ctccaccccc ctcatctgat acctcctgtt cctatcccca tctgcctcca    146640
     ttacacctgc aaaatatttc accttcccag gaaggtccat gcatcccccg ttgaactctc    146700
     cttactacct agcttcactg ggtctgttga ttgtagcatg attatccttt actttacagc    146760
     taatttccac ttataagtga gaacatacca tgtttgtctt tctgggtgtg ggttacctca    146820
     ctcaggatga tcttttctag ttccacccat ttgcttgcaa atttcatgat gcctttgttt    146880
     ttaacagctg aataatatcc gttgtgtaga catcacattc tttatccatt cttcagttaa    146940
     gggacatcta ggtggtttcc agtttctggc ttttatgaat aatgttgctg taaacagttg    147000
     agcaactaaa tggtatcgct aagtctcatg gtagatcaat tcccactttt ctgagaaact    147060
     gccatatttg tttccaaagt aactgtataa gattacactc ccaccagcaa tgaaggaggg    147120
     ttccgcttgt tccacatcgt caccagcagg agctcttact tttgtttttg atcttagcta    147180
     ttgtaacaag tgtaagatgg aatctcagag tgattgtgat ttgcatttcc atgatggcga    147240
     aggatgttga acctttaagt gttttcttga acatttgaga ctcctctgta tcccagtttt    147300
     taaaattgga ttatttggtt tgttggtgtc tacttctttg agttctttat atattttggc    147360
     tattagccct ctgtcagatg tggagttggt gaaaatctcc cattctgtag tctgtcattt    147420
     tgtcctattg gtttcctttg ctttacagga gcctttcagt ttcatgaagt tccatgtatt    147480
     tatcttagta tttgcattcc tctacatgct gatatccagt taggccagca ccatttattg    147540
     aagatgcctt ttcccccatt tttccctatt tctagtttct ttatgaaaaa tcagatgtcc    147600
     ataggtgtgt ggtttacttc tgactctttg attcaattcc agacaaccct gtctgttttt    147660
     atgccaatac aattcagttt tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtgta atatatatat ttacactcca    147720
     tattttattc cccaccccac cccgatccac cctccaactg ttccacatcc catacctcct    147780
     ccccacccaa ctgtctccac gtggatgtcc ccaccctacc tgacctataa attccctggg    147840
     gcctctgtat cttgagggtt aggtgcatca tctctcaatg aatacagacc cagaagtctt    147900
     ctattgtatc tgtgttgggg gcctcatatc agctggtgta tgttgtttgg tggtccagtg    147960
     tttgagagat cttgggatcc agattaattg agactgcttc tcctacagga tcgccattct    148020
     cctcagcttc tttcagcctt cgctggttca acagaagggg tcagctgctt ctgtcctttg    148080
     attgggtgca aatatctgca tctgactcag ctgcttgttg ggtcttctag agtgtggtca    148140
     tgctaggtag gtcccttttt tgagctctcc atagcctcag taatagtgtc aggccttggc    148200
     acttcccctt gagctagatc ccactttggg cctgtcgctg gaccttcttt tcctctggct    148260
     cctctccatg tccatccctg aaattctttc agacaggaac aattatgggt cagagttgtg    148320
     actgtgtaat gtccccctct ccctcgcttg atgtcctcta gacgtggctc tataagttcc    148380
     ctctccctat tgttgggcat ttcatctaat gtcccctccc tttgagtcct gagggtctct    148440
     tacctcacag gtctctggta catcctggag ggttcccccc aacctcctat ttcctgaggt    148500
     tgcctgtttt catctttctg ctggccctca ggacttcagt ccttttccct cacccaatac    148560
     cagatcaggt tccccttcca ctctccattc ccccccatcc actttccctc ccaggtccct    148620
     tcctccctcc acacttatga ttgctttctt ttccctccca agtgggactg aggcatcctc    148680
     acttgggccc ttaagcctgt tgacgttttt gagtactggg gactgtatct tgagtattct    148740
     gtactctttt tttttttttt ttttttagct aaatccactt actagtgagt acataccatg    148800
     catgtccttt tgggtcagag ttacttcact caggatgata tgttctagtt ccatccattt    148860
     gcctcaaaac tcaggatgtc ctcattctta atagctgagt agtattccat tgtgtaaatg    148920
     aaccacattc tctgtatcca ttcttctgtt gtgtctaggt tgtttccagc ttctgtctat    148980
     cacaaacaag gctcccctct atctgccacc ttgcacaaag ccctctatcg gatgtgggtt    149040
     agtgaagact ttttcccaat ctgtaggttg ccgatttgtc ttatctacta tgtcctttgc    149100
     cttacagaag cttttcagtt tcatgaggtc ccatttatca attcttgatc ttagagcatg    149160
     agccattgga gttctgttta ggaaatttct ccctgtgcca atgagttcaa ggctctttcc    149220
     cgctttctct tcttttagat tcagtgtatc tggttttatg ttgaggtcct tgatccactt    149280
     ggacttgagc tttgtgcaag gtggcagata ttttcatttt tctacataca gacagccagt    149340
     tagaacagca gcatttattg aagatgcttt cttttttcca ttgtatattt tttggcatct    149400
     ttgtcaaaga tcaagtgaca gtaagtgcgt ggttttattt ttgggtcttc aattatattc    149460
     cattgatcag tgtgtctgtc tctgtaccaa taccatacag tttttatcac tattgctctg    149520
     tagtaaagct tgaggtcagg gatggtgatt gccccaactg ctcttttatt gttaagaatt    149580
     attttcacta tcctgggttt tttccctttc cagatgaatt tgagaattgc tctttccacg    149640
     tctttgaaaa aattgtgttg agattttgat ggggattgca ggtgtaggat ttgaactatt    149700
     ggtttacaaa acatattaag gtttttacac tattgcatag gtagaatttc ctagcctttg    149760
     tcaactctga aatcatcatt tatattgctt gcttttaaaa tcatgcattt atatgtttta    149820
     aagaattagc aatacgattc tgaatattat tcataaaatc atttgttatc ttagccaagt    149880
     acagattcaa gatttttagc ataatgttgt tacacatgtc tctaatccta gtcttggaga    149940
     tgctcaaatt caaggccagc ctgggcttca gagaccctac tttagtgagc accaacagga    150000
     agatccaatt gattcatgat ttttatttta tttcttagtg aagactttaa atttttaaaa    150060
     attcattttg tgcgtgttat gtgcatgggc acaaatgcat tgcacatgca tggcagtcag    150120
     agagcaaggg cattgcacat gcatggcggt cagagagcag caggttggct ttctcatttc    150180
     actttcacac gggcccccga gatcaaactc aggtaggcag acttacagta tcagaccaaa    150240
     gtaccttcac cactgagcca aatctctgac cttgacattc agggtttctg acttaacact    150300
     tactaagcca acagataaca aaaatatcag aaatttatta gtaccttaat actttaaaaa    150360
     tattctatat tttttatttt atcatttatg aaaatctttt taaagataaa attcgctttt    150420
     taagagtgac taaccgcatg gaagtatagc aattgaaaca gactaatttg ttaggctttt    150480
     gatatattta atagctcggt aaagtgcttg ctctgcaacc ctgaggacct cagttcagat    150540
     cacaagttca gcccacatga cagctgcctg tggtgatgcc tgtaatctca gcaataggaa    150600
     ggtagggcca gaacccgata atttttttga aaatataggt tgatacggga gtttacaaat    150660
     ttcgtgtttg agggacatga agtgtggtac tttctttaag tgctaatgca gctgttgtct    150720
     agtgtgatat gacaaactgc actgtatctt tgaaatcaaa tactttaatt aaagggtatt    150780
     tataaaacat atagtttccg tgagcttcta cagcagctgg cactcccatt tgtcatatca    150840
     cgtgcagctt gggtttctag ttagatatta tctcttaaac aatctcctgc tccatcttct    150900
     gagaataaac gccacagctg actgctcaga ccatcacagt gcgatgttga ttaacaggaa    150960
     tctgagggcc agagcactaa gcttgtgaac atctaaatgc agctggtatg agaagtgcta    151020
     cagatagcac tgaaacgttt ggctcaccac acagcaacca agttcaggac aagaacagag    151080
     tctcaaaatc caaacagact ggattttttt tctttcttcc agttaaatga atacaaacct    151140
     ttttttagtc attctgataa agttctctaa aggtatatat ccaggtttcc tcaaattttt    151200
     attggagaat taagacgctt ttgcacccca atttgagcta actggtaaaa gagtatgtta    151260
     acattctctg ctgtgtgccg ttacccgtga ctgtgggaca caggcgttga acgttgaggt    151320
     tatcgggtac caactggatg atgacgacga tgagactgtc cataagctac caattcattt    151380
     ctgtgtgttg acacacagca caaatggtaa ttattctcca cttcataaag ttgtaggtgt    151440
     gttatagttc tgaaaccata ctttggaagt ctttacattt taacctcact cttgggaagg    151500
     tccagagcca aacagttcca aactcaaatg taaaagtagt gcactgcatt caaacaaatg    151560
     ttgggggttt ttcttcttgt gtgtgtttgt tttgctttta ttttgttttg ggttttgtag    151620
     acagggtctc actacacagc caaggctcca ggtttcgagc ctcctgcctg ccacagcttc    151680
     ccaactgctg tggtttttct agtcatggac caccagccca gcttagcctt ctttaaacga    151740
     gaagagggga gttgtttccc cttgcatcag tcggtatctt gtacctttta tgatcagaac    151800
     ttttaggaaa ttttaatagt gagattgata tattgtggtc atcctgttca tttttataat    151860
     gttatataaa aagattgggt gtgtgtatat aaaaggactc agtggtagag cacctggtga    151920
     aacgtgcaca gctctgagtc ccagtacctc aggaaaaaat acgtatgaac tagatatatc    151980
     cgcatgtaca tactattaca tcacccacta ggttatacct tggtgatacc agttgccaat    152040
     ggtttctgtg caacttttat gctccttact tgtgccctgc atatttgtag attaggagtc    152100
     ctgggcagga tttctgatgg gaacttcatc cacattttta ttacatcatt tccagatcat    152160
     catcttgttt gagctaagga tttgaaagct tactgctgtg gtgttccttg gcaggacaca    152220
     gttgttagtt atactgaaag acatggttag ccatttcaca agagagattt taaagagttc    152280
     ccactcctaa ggttcttcct tgtatgtttt cttccccatt ataaataaaa ctgttgtcat    152340
     gtttaatata cacaataata agcccactgg actatacacc ttgaatcctg ctaagtaaat    152400
     ggctacttgg taaattctaa gtattgcgcc cccccatacc cccatactct tttctaaatt    152460
     gtgattgtga acattcttca taattgctgg ttttggctct ttggggggaa catttacatt    152520
     tggggggggc agattcgaga cagggtttct ctatgtagcc ctggctgtcc tcgaactcag    152580
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccatgcccgg    152640
     ctacatttac atttatatat ggcaagaaaa ctagggctgt ttcttatttt ctttaacaat    152700
     ctacttttat tatgtatacg aatgaatgtg tgtgaaattt gcgcatgaaa gaggaggggg    152760
     tcagctactc tggagctgga gttacaggtc ttactaagct acgtggtgct gggaactgaa    152820
     ctcaggcctc tgcaagcgca gtgcatgctt ttaaccagag ctgggtcccc agccaacatc    152880
     tcctttgtgt ttttgaagtc atctttcaca ggaaaaaaat gtataaatta tataaaacca    152940
     gtctttaaat gagcatgtcc ccatcttctc cttttatgat gatttaaact aaaaatattt    153000
     ttacttaaca gaattggcac tgttcggttg ttatacaatg actgtagatt atatttctaa    153060
     cacagccata tgccaaaaca ctccctttat aggggtgtga ttgactaaga agaaataaat    153120
     tccctgaact atctcagagg aaactaagga actttttgca tcagagttgt ttatgtaatt    153180
     aagtaattga ggtgggtagg tgggtgggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg    153240
     ttggttggtt gatttggggt gctggtggtt taatacaggg tttcacagac tgatcacact    153300
     tttaacattg agctatatca acggctagag ttttcccttt aatgacttag aggaaatgtt    153360
     ccttagtgca agcagagtca caaataataa ctagaggaga cactgggctg ggatctgaag    153420
     aattgagatt taaacacttt aaactgcagc gcaaaaagat tttttatgtg aagtaggttt    153480
     tatttacata gatttgagat atgaatcaaa cttcatttta gtgtccaaaa ataattacca    153540
     tctaatctat gataacagat cctcagaata ctgaacaacc tctgtagaat accacaatgg    153600
     aaaagtgatc ttgataaaac tgcttaatat gccttgacat atttggtcta tatattgtca    153660
     cagtgaaagt tctgcattcc tgaagaccag gagctgaaat aaattcttaa taggcttaag    153720
     tgccttcgtc atggcctgac ctgacctttt tgtatactca agatcttgaa gattgccata    153780
     cttacacaat actagtagat tatttgcttt gactttctgc attcagagga acatcacacc    153840
     cctttatttg agctctcatt ctctgtccta acagattttg ctgagtcact tgcagtgtgt    153900
     gatccagtca gcactttgag acctagtcat gtgaaacagc agagctgcgt ctgcacatga    153960
     gccctttcat cagcttagca acttgcctaa atcaaaattg tattatacct tctcttccct    154020
     tgtttttttc ccagcagttg ttatgattat ataatatata atgtatatta ataaatatgt    154080
     ctctaattct ttggcttttt tataatgttc atgtatgtta ctacatatca aaggacactc    154140
     aagaacacaa atgcctcact ttttctttaa agtaagaagg ccttagataa agttgaaggc    154200
     tccagaaggg gggaaaaagg attcttggag attacaaaaa cgtaatgctt cctcctcagc    154260
     aggaatgggg gtggggagca tgggtaggta ctgcagttgt ttgtgggaag aaatgaaagc    154320
     acataggagt aactggtttg cccacagctc cacagctcca cagctccaca gctccacagc    154380
     taggaagtgg aaagcaggca gccagtctga caccacttcc ttgggcttca ttattttgta    154440
     cttctcatcc aaaatagcca ttccttttgc cccttatttg tgtaaatatt gtgatttttc    154500
     aaagaatttc ctactcagat tatgtttaat gtgtatatct tttgtataaa acattaaatc    154560
     ttacatgaat gttttgatca gctcttatga agtcccaggt gttctcatag caatctaaat    154620
     atatcttgca tgttcatgcc tgctacctat gggctttcag ccatttatct ttgctacaac    154680
     agctccatag taccattctt tacaattaca gataagatag gaaaaattta aatatgattt    154740
     tgacaaattt agtgagacat tgaaggggtt ccctaatagg tcttcttaat agcagaaatg    154800
     ttctttttat ctaaggtttt accgggtatg atgcatacac tcataatcct ataacttgct    154860
     tgagagctga agcatgggaa agctgtgcat tcaaggcccg tgttcaaggc aaactgaact    154920
     atatagcaag acattctgat atgggtatca gaagacatct atgggactgg agagatggct    154980
     cagatgttaa agagcacttt ctgctcttcc atgggatttg ggtttggttc ccagcacgcc    155040
     tgcacgagca tgagtgtgtg tgtacaatta tgtataaggc atatgtaata tataatttat    155100
     atgcatatta atataattat ttaaattaat tttgttaaag tttgaattag atatatattg    155160
     tataatatat tttgtaaatc ctttgataat atagaagata cttgttcaat ttaattataa    155220
     aacagagccg ggcgtggtgg cgcacacctt tagtcccagc acctgggagg cagaggcagg    155280
     tggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct    155340
     atacagagaa accctctctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattataaa acagaaaaca    155400
     gggttttaag atttttattg gttttgttgt tgtttgtttt gtttgttttg ttttgttttt    155460
     tgagacaggg tttttctgtg tagcctttgc tgtcctggaa ttttctctgt agaccaggct    155520
     gcctcaaact cagagacttg cctgcctctg cctccccaac actgagatca aagcacgagc    155580
     cacttaaggc acaaggcact gctacctggc ttaaacagaa aatttatacg aaaagtaata    155640
     cagaaagccc tcctttattt gtaaacatgg catttcatag taagaatcac acaatgaaaa    155700
     tgagactcct aatgtgaata taaagttaag agataattct agccttcttt ctcacaaatt    155760
     atttacatct ggaggcttat atcccccttc ttaataatat gcttaacatg agcataaagc    155820
     taattttccc gggaagtctg ctgttgggca catgttaggg ttgcatagga ggctgcgtcc    155880
     tctgtggggc atgtaggaag agtaaacaag tcttcccttt cttagttatc ccccaaaagt    155940
     cgtctaggag cctggtctct gaaggcaaat caactccaat tcaagcctaa tggtcttaac    156000
     catctctttg gatatttcag gcctcatctt ttaattcctt ttaatgtcag aatacaaaat    156060
     aataggcttc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctagtctaca    156120
     aagtgagttc caggatagcc agggctacac aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg    156180
     gaacacaggg cccccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa aggggtctgc    156240
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc ccctggagct catgtctcta    156300
     gctgcatatg tatcagaaga tggcctagcc cgccatcagt ggaaagagag gcccattggt    156360
     cgtgcaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gaaaagaagt gggagtgggt    156420
     gggtagggta gtgggggaga gggtatgggg gacttttggg ataacattgg aaatgtaaat    156480
     gaggaataat aaaaaaattt ttaaaaaaat aggcttcatc gtggcatggt ccaatgtttg    156540
     tcactgagca ttgtttgcgt tcgtgtccca tgtccaccga gggaagagga cagagatcat    156600
     gctgtgtgtg cctttctctg ttacttttcc ccttaggttt tgagacatat tttcctacca    156660
     aacctagagc ttgctgactg agctggaaaa gctggactgc gagctttagg gatcctcaca    156720
     tccctgcctt cagcgctggg attacaggca tgcaccacca catgcagctt taatgtgggt    156780
     ttgtggcatc aacactcggc tcctcatgcc tgtgcgtcag gtgcattact gactgagtca    156840
     tctccccagc ccagcattta atttcttctt cagtattcat gaatgggatt gaccctgatt    156900
     tatttctcag caaatttgtt attggaatat aacaaagctg ttgattttgt gtctattctg    156960
     tatcctgctt actttactga aagtattctt agttctagat tttctagtgg agtcttagtg    157020
     ttttaactac caggttacgt tttctaaaag tagggataaa ttgatgtcct ttcctattaa    157080
     taacctttta acttctcttg ttctagctaa gactttgagc actaaattga ataccaaaaa    157140
     gagttgacat ccttatctcg ttgcatattt tagaagaaat gctctcattc cttccccatt    157200
     tagaattgtg ctcgctatag gtttgaatat gtagccttta tcatgtgagg tgtgttcctt    157260
     ctacttctat ttttccccac ttgacgtttt attatgtagt gatattgaac ttctttaaat    157320
     ttagatgatc atgtggcttc atccttaagt ctgtttctgt gccgagtttc acttacagat    157380
     ttgtgtctgc taaatgagct ttgcattcct gcagtggcac aaacttgata agaatccttt    157440
     ctgcctatgt gattggaatt tattactatt tcacttttct ccatttcaaa acagaagaaa    157500
     gtattgactc tgaattagta aaaatatatg aacctatttc ataaattgtc ttgttgctaa    157560
     cagattctgt gatggtcaaa gcagagatgt aaaaccataa tgtcagggct ggagatatgg    157620
     ttcagttgtt aagagtgctt tctgcagtta gaggatcaga gttcagatct cagaacccac    157680
     ataagctggc cataatcctg tgcaaacctg taaccccagc tccaagaagg cagagatagg    157740
     agggctcttg gagatttctg gcttcttttc tgatcaagaa aacataagcc ccggtatgag    157800
     gaagagagcc tacctcacag gactaaatag agagttctag aggacaccca aagccctctt    157860
     ctggacttca caaacgcatg tgtacctaat ctccatcccc ctcacataaa taatttttaa    157920
     attatgaaaa ataaatttga aatactattg ttgaggaaaa atcctgttag atatccttgc    157980
     tgtgtgcgtg ttataaaccc tatgaatagg tgcacacagt ttaaggagaa atgaaactcg    158040
     gtgccttaaa agaaggtgac tggtagatat ggctgtgtac ctgtggtttc taagatttct    158100
     tttgagtggg tacaggaagt tagggttgat tgcttcagaa tgaaggattg gtgactatca    158160
     gtttcaaata gcacacatta aatacaaaat taattcagac agatacttta taagcttact    158220
     aattctttta tcactgtggc cactttggga cagttttatt gttgatgtta acaaaactat    158280
     aatattttgg agttaaacct tagttaaaaa ggaatgacag catcctcacc tatggtaaaa    158340
     attggagggt aactcacttc gttttggcct aggatctgtt cagcgttaat gacctctgct    158400
     cactgctgct agtgacctaa ctggaatttc ctggtgcttt aataaggctg tagtaaattg    158460
     agaaaatagc tattttgatg atgaaatctt aagaacctgt ttcaccacag tctttgaggt    158520
     aggagtttaa aagaattact atattctcac tcatcctttg agatcagccg aaagaatcct    158580
     tgtgcctctg cttataaatc tagatgtaag ctctcagctg tttcagtccc atgcttgtct    158640
     acacactgcc atgctccctt tccattatgg tcatggactc accatttgaa actgtaagcc    158700
     ccaaatacac tctttctcct ataagtttcc ctgggtacgg tgtcttcaca gcaatagaag    158760
     tgagtagcca ctctgttatt gccagctctt aggtctgtgc aacctgaaga aaaaatgttc    158820
     aagctggatg tggtagcaca cacttgtgat ctgagctagt gatgaggcta aggcagtttg    158880
     attgcaagtt caaagacaac ctgagctaca cagtgaaacc ctatcttgaa atacaaataa    158940
     gactaataaa aaggagtcca tgtgtaatgt agaatgtaga gggaaaacac ttgactgtat    159000
     gaggcttgta ttcagtcatc agaactaaaa gcagaatagt aaaaactgtt gaataattgg    159060
     acaacaggac aataagcctt tgggtattta tactaaacca acacattcag ataagaacca    159120
     ggtgccagtt cttatcagcc atccatactt cttagttctg tcaccaacta gcacccagtt    159180
     ttctgtcaag agaatatctc ctttaacaag actctgccac attgtcaatg aggaatctgc    159240
     aagtccttta ttgccactat gattcacttc catacacgtg ggtcattagt tataagactt    159300
     catgctttgt tgcagaatta atgttagata attgttttat ttttattgat tgattgattg    159360
     attgattttt caagataggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta    159420
     gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    159480
     aaggtgtgcg ccaccactcc tggcctggct ggttttgtgt gtcaacttga cacaagttgg    159540
     agttatcaca gagaaaggag cttcaggtga gggaaatgcc tccatgacat ccaaccataa    159600
     ggcgttttct caattagtga tcaaagggga gacagcctag cccactgtgg gtagtgccat    159660
     ccctgggttg atagtcttag gttctataag caagtaagct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa    159720
     gccagtaagt aacattcctc catggtctct gcatcagctc ctgctccctg acctgcttga    159780
     gttccagtcc tgacttcctt ggtgatgaac agcagtatgg aagtgtaagc tgaataaacc    159840
     ctttcctacc aaacttgttt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc aggaatagaa accctgacta    159900
     agacaagtag catctggggt acctacagga gctcatttag gacccccacc aatggactgt    159960
     gcagcattca gagagtgaca ggaggaagga tcttggcaac cctcactgtc cacctctgtt    160020
     cagagacttc acacttaaga acgttttctg gggctggtga gatggcttgg cgggtaagag    160080
     caccaacttc tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca    160140
     gccatccgta acaaaaatct gatgccctct tctggagtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta    160200
     cacaataaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaat ctttaaaaaa atgttttctg ttcaactcac    160260
     ttctcttatc cacaagaaat catgaagtgt agaataaagg gttgtttttg agaccattga    160320
     gaagtagaat tgaataaacc tgggatggaa atattgaatt tctccattgg aaatagtttc    160380
     tacacattgt ttacctgaaa aattattttt acttaaagtg ttgggttcta gctgtaaaga    160440
     actaactgaa gctggttact gataactggt attgtttctt ctgtctcata ttaagtcaga    160500
     taccatgaat ttgtttattc atttagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc    160560
     ctgtgcacac acagagacca aaggtgggta atgtttatca ctctctgact tctttcttta    160620
     aggtggagta tctccttgaa cctagatatt acaggatatt tgatcacact gtgaaccctg    160680
     agattgtctt atttacagaa aaaaaaaaaa ctgtttctag ttgtggtgtg gctcagccct    160740
     tagcacatgc ccttaatctc tctggcagga ttacagacac acctttaata cataccttta    160800
     atccaaaaca atatgtctaa ctgaggggca aagtgaagaa tcagagaaag atttgacaga    160860
     atgaatcaga gatagggtac acccaactca cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt    160920
     atttataata gccagaagat ggaaagaacc cagatgtccc tcaacagagg aatggataca    160980
     gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caatagagta ctactcagct atcaaaaaca tttatgaaat    161040
     tcttaggcaa atggatggat ctggaggata ttgtcctgag tgatgtaacc caatcacaaa    161100
     aggacacaca tgatatgaac tcactgataa gtatatatta gctcagaaac tcagaatacc    161160
     caagatacaa tgtgcaaaac acatgaaact caagaaggaa gaccaaagtg tgtatacttc    161220
     aattcttctt agaaggggga acaaaatatc tatggaagga gttacagaga caaagttcgg    161280
     agcatagact gaaggaatga ccatccagag actgcctcac ctggggattc atcccataac    161340
     caatcaccaa acccagacac tattgtagaa gccaacaaga ttttgttgac aggatcctga    161400
     taatagctgt ctccactgag gctccagtga ggctctgcca gtgcctggca aatatagaag    161460
     tggatgctca cagtcatcca ttggacagag cacagggtcc ccaatgaagg agctagagaa    161520
     agtacccaag gagctgaagg ggtttgcagt cctatagaag gactaacaat atgaactaac    161580
     cagtaccccc agagctccat gggactaaac caccaatgaa agaaaacaca tggtgggact    161640
     tgtgtctcta gctgcatatg tagcagagga tggcctagtt ggccatcaat gagaggagag    161700
     gcccttggtc ttgcaaagat tctatgcccc agtatagggg aatgccaggg ccaggaagtg    161760
     gaagtgggtg ggttggggaa gcagggggag gggaggggat aggggatttt cagagaggaa    161820
     actaggaaag gggataacat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atatctaatt ttttttgggg    161880
     gggggggggg ttccgagaca gggtctctcg gtgtagccct ggctggcctg gaactcaccc    161940
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aacttagaaa tttgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctcag    162000
     attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcccgcctg aaaatatcta atttttaaaa aagggtacac    162060
     ccaactctca tgagaacagt caggaaagag agtctacata atactgaggg agcgtcagtc    162120
     cagtgcagtt cagttaagtt tgttcagttt cattcagttt atgcagtcag tgcagtgcag    162180
     ttcatggaat tcggaggcag tttttccaag cagagcaatt caggcagaag tgggagaagc    162240
     cagtttgaac cagtgggctt ggagaggcgt tttgagccca aacagctgaa ttgaactagc    162300
     tagccagagt tcagaagtaa atgggtaagt ttattcagca gtaaatctca gagattgaaa    162360
     acattctaag cctagataag attgtataga gcccagaaac ttccaggagt aggcctaggt    162420
     tagcacagta aagcagtaag cctccaagac aaaaattacg acgggagaat aaaagttaca    162480
     tttacaccta gagctctttt ttgggggggg ggggctcagg tggtcccaca atcctcctgt    162540
     ttctgaccgt aatggtgcta gggttagagg ccctcatgag accacaccca gcttattaca    162600
     aggatcctag gagtcaagct tgggtcctgt gtggcaggta tactgggcaa tctctacagc    162660
     cccaacattc tggttttgaa gggggaattt ggcctgttac ataaaatcag tctactaaac    162720
     cttgagttct cctctaacta ctatggttcc tgaattatga cacaggaatt tggccatttc    162780
     agggcttgag acaggctctc atttgtccag ctatgcttga tatcactatt atttaacaga    162840
     ggatgacctt gaaattattt ttttctgcaa agcaaaatac ctgtggatta tagggaaatt    162900
     aatttctgaa tgacattaac aaacagatta cttactttta aatagatgaa agatttgatg    162960
     gtggtgtaca gaatggaaaa tgtaaatgct ccacccatcc ctggaataaa tatatggtca    163020
     cattaaaggt cattaaattg tttgtaatct gtgtcacact gaagccatca tagtgataag    163080
     tcactgtaat agtaatagta cttccgttta ttgataattt tctgcctgct gcatcattta    163140
     caccatctca tttaatgttc acgatgaccc atatggtata aataagcagg ctaatccctt    163200
     ttccacatga agaaactgag ggtgagcaaa gcaaagccct ttagcctaga ttctattgtt    163260
     agtaactgac acagctacag tttcaaatac gttttgaccc caaagccctg tgctgtaaac    163320
     ctgtacattg ttttaacctg agtcacagct ggacataaat ttgttattac cttcagaatt    163380
     aacaccattt ctccttttag aactttgcta ctgactgata accacactgg aagcattgtg    163440
     tttaaaaaat aaagcttggg gcttggagtg atgtcttagt ggttaagagc cctggctgct    163500
     cttcacaagg gcctgcattc attcccagaa cccctatgga gactcacaac catctgtaac    163560
     tgcatttcca gaggatccca caccattttg ttctctccat gcactcagca aaagctggtg    163620
     cacagtcacg taagcagcta aagcacctat accacaaagt gaatgttcta aatgatataa    163680
     aatagagctc cacatatata gttttcaatg aatactttta ctagattact tattgtgtaa    163740
     tgcaaacaaa attattctcc aggagtagat gaccagctct ccaacttgaa gcatagtaga    163800
     ctccctggtg ggaggatctt atagaaaggg atgtgcatag ggcaggttcc agccaaactg    163860
     agtcagtgtc ttgtgggtgt ggaggaggca gctgatgctg actaatctcc cagggtggct    163920
     ctggtccgca cataagtctg acagccactt ctagctctct gtgaatggga aggtttcctt    163980
     taggaatgat aattctcagg gctgcatatt tacttggggc tccacaggaa gtttggaaat    164040
     agcttcattc taactcataa tactgaatca tccttctgta tgcatcacaa ctgtcagcac    164100
     gccactctgt ggtggcatga cttactgtaa tggtcctggt tgtcatctaa ttttcttttt    164160
     tatgttggaa gattgtgtat aataatagct cacatttgtt tttggtcctt ttcatttggc    164220
     atgtgaaaat atggaggttt ttttctgtaa ccactattaa taaatctgga gcaggtgaaa    164280
     caacagctgt taatactcca aataaataac cacaaagtcc caagattaaa gtcagaatgt    164340
     tcagacatac actacttgaa ttctctttta cagccactct acaaagtgct aaatattctc    164400
     tttctcttag atagcaggtc attccttagg cacaatttct tctacctaac ttacaaaagc    164460
     cctctttggg ccaacaagat ggctcaatgg ataaaagtac ctgccacaga acctgacaac    164520
     cctcgtctag actccagaac ccataacaga agtagaaaat caactgaaag ctgcaccaca    164580
     taaaacatgg tgtaagcatg cgtgtacatg gatgcgcaaa aataaatata tgtaattctt    164640
     tttaaaagaa aggtcatcct tgtgcaaaag tgaaatgaat ttctctggtg cttccacatg    164700
     tggggccttt cccaacctca tctgaacttc tcgctcaaaa caaccaaagc ctttgaatga    164760
     ctcttctgtt gcagcttctg caagttgaca ggatgcctca ttatctgatg acatctgtac    164820
     ttatcccatg gcaaacagat ttattatgga gaatttacat attatggggg caaaatggta    164880
     gaaaaaatat agcaattttg ttgaactatt ctaagtgctc agctgtatta acatcactag    164940
     tttgatatgt tgagtttatc aatcagattg aaatcaaaga aggtgtttta ttttctctgt    165000
     gagttattca gaactttctc atctccctgg agtggttaac agttctcttc taaatgaaaa    165060
     acatacgaca ggttccactt gagtgccttt gctatctaag aacttccctg taaacatccg    165120
     tctcacagac tggaacttga tcaggaccac agtctaaatc taggagatag tctcttctcg    165180
     tatgtacttg ctgctggagt acaataaggg ggtcagcatt cacctgtttt ctctgaggtt    165240
     tcctaaattt tgcacagtca gggatatttg tttccaaaag gcacacacag catatatatt    165300
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctctgtgt    165360
     gtgtgtgtgt acaaagcatt ttgcattttg ccaccacctc cttcatctct ggttttagtt    165420
     agtctcctgc cagcagtaat gaacgtcaac attcaaatga actcttcaga tttcaaaaaa    165480
     agtctgagag aaacacatga gtcatctgtg tttattttat aaaagaagac tacaaactat    165540
     tatatccatg ccctgacaac caaaaattaa gcccatggaa gaacatatat gtatatattc    165600
     atacacatat atattctttg aatgtatatg ctttattaat aaggggctga aggtgtgaca    165660
     tctgaatttc agtagtatct gccttaaata tgataaatgt aacatggaga aatatatatt    165720
     ttattgtatc attaaatttt ctgggctaag tcccatggta atggcagata aaatatgcca    165780
     acagtattta ataattcaaa aacaagaaaa cagctattaa aatgatgagc aattcacagc    165840
     acactgctgg tactttgttt agagagcatc ctgtctgaac actggaggaa ttctaaatat    165900
     ctgcttctgc ttgttaattg tgggaactca acaacctgcc aggcattgta cagttgccag    165960
     tcttgtggaa ttctgaatta gtcctcaata aaccacagac aacttattgt taagcataat    166020
     aagtacatgc ctagggccca tgacacattt aggaggccac aaaaatgcat tcttcttatt    166080
     gagtaagaag gaaataaaat gaacatatat aaaataatgg atctgccttt attatatgtg    166140
     tctttgtact aatattgtca tgaaatataa tgtttagggt tttctggata aagaagagga    166200
     tcctccaaat tatagagtag cctgtgataa aagtctccat agtagaattc atgagtaaca    166260
     cattttaatg gtctttgtga tggtttgaat aagaacaatt gctaggcagt ggtggcacac    166320
     gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc caggccagcc    166380
     tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggtcagcca gggctacaca gagaaacctt gtcttaaaaa    166440
     aaacaaacaa acaaaacaat tgccttaggc acatatactt gatatattta agtttaaagt    166500
     gtattttaaa agtaaaatat taacattttt aaaaattggc agtaacttta aataagcatg    166560
     ttttcaaaag acatacaaat agctaaaata tattgaagtg gcatttctgg aattttgttt    166620
     ttgtttaaaa aaaacacaga aatattagga gaatatggtt tcattttcat taaagaagac    166680
     ctgggagtaa ttgtggatgc ctataatatt atcaactcag gaggcggagg caggagattt    166740
     acagtgctgt caatcaagaa catagcagaa ccactgttgg tgaaaaaaag aataaccagt    166800
     atggaagact gtttgggggt tctttaagaa aattaaaaat agaactatga tatgtttaca    166860
     ccacaccact actgggtatt tgtccaaagg aaattaaatc agtatgtcaa agggacatta    166920
     ttcacaataa ccaagaaata gaaacagctg aagtgttcgt caaatgatga atggataaag    166980
     tgtggtatac atacacaatg taatactgta caaccataaa gaaaatgaca ctctgccatt    167040
     tgcaattcca tgaacagaac tggaactcct tatgttaagt gaaataagtc agatgaaaat    167100
     cacatgatct tacgcatatg aaatctgggg cagttgagct catagaagct gagagtagaa    167160
     tggtgagtaa ggctggtaag gataaagagg agagctggtt actgtggctc ccacatatca    167220
     tcccagtact caagaggctg aaataggact gaaaaagttc agtgtcagcc tgagccacac    167280
     agtaggaatt tgactatcct ggactacata cactacaatg tgagactctt ctctctttct    167340
     ctgtctcagt cttacacaca gaaagaagtg gaggaggaga agggaggaag aaggaaggtt    167400
     tatcagtgag tactaactta tgcctacata ggaacaagag gctcagagat acctagaaag    167460
     aaatctttgg aaatttttca ctaggaagaa attaccaatg ttttgagaag ataaatatgt    167520
     ttaaatgtta tttaaacatt aggtaacata tacatgcata aacacttcat ggtcccttac    167580
     taatatgtac aaactttgta tctttctcag ctaagatttt taaaagagaa gaaagatata    167640
     cctgaaaaaa aatgcaggaa aggggatgac gagatttcct cacagaaagg ccaacaagct    167700
     caaaagaaat aaaacacaga gcctgagaaa agatctatgg atgtaaagaa aatgcaactc    167760
     aaggccaccc acaccctgat ccatggcttc tatgtgaacc aacacaagga accccaaaga    167820
     aataaaaagc aaacataaca aggtctaaca tggtgtagac aacctgcaac actgccctac    167880
     tggtagcaaa attaaatggt actgccatcc tggaaaacag cgtgatacct ccatctaaag    167940
     caaaaagaga acggctgtct gacccaaagg aaggagaggc aggacttcac agctgtgtgt    168000
     aggcccctct tcatacccac agtagcaaac atggaagcag cctgaaggaa tgggcaaaac    168060
     ataccatgta cattcaattg aatccattca cccagtttta aaagaaagaa aattaacata    168120
     tgttccaata tgtatgaacc tcaatgatgt tgctgtgcta agtgaggtaa gctacacatg    168180
     aaaagacacc ttctgtaagc ctatttaatg agccccagat aattcacagg aacataaagg    168240
     aattaagtgg tcatcagttg gttggcaagg gaggacaatg aggtttttaa atttgttttg    168300
     ttttgttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtt ttcagacact    168360
     ccagaagagg gcatcagatt tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga    168420
     tttgaactcc ggacctttgg aagagcagtc ggtgctctta accactgagc catctcgcca    168480
     gccccttgtt ttgtttttta atagatgtag tttcagttcc ctaaaataaa agggtctgga    168540
     aggagtcttg ctcaacacta catagaaact tacgtcaact aaatgtgaac ttcaaatggt    168600
     tgtgacagta aattgaatgt gtactttaca acaatttttt acaaagttta gattcaaatg    168660
     aagacatcct ggaactacag ccattgtact tgtgcagttg taaacagagg ctcagtgctt    168720
     tctaagggct ggcatgtgaa aggcagagcc cagggactga ctgaataaag gctcaagctc    168780
     cctgggtgaa gctcaagttc aactgctgtg ttgaacatgg catgttctgt ggctgctctg    168840
     agctaatcct ttaaactaga cccccatggt gtcaaggaca ttcctacact gcagcccaag    168900
     ccagtgaaaa gctgtgccca ctagaacagt ccaggcttaa cacacaagaa taatcagtgt    168960
     accatagctt cttccacctt agatgttggc ttctcagcca ctattactca aacacagtac    169020
     agtattgaga aatacatttt aatatttaca aagcacttga tctagaatat gccaggagac    169080
     ctaggatatt atcatttcct acaatctaag atgtttcctc ttcatgtttg taagttattt    169140
     atcatatttt attcttcctc aatttgtttt tcttttagtt ttcacagaat ttgatggaag    169200
     agataagaaa ttcaagtaaa atgaataaag tgaaacattt ccattattat ctatttctgg    169260
     aagacataga agcatactaa cttccctatg tgaaagacag atgattcatt tcactgcaaa    169320
     gaactttaga gatagctttt gagagtttga aacccagagt cctaggtggg caacagacat    169380
     taaaaatata caaaagaatt gactacagtc tatttgagtg aaagagatta gcttaactgt    169440
     ttgaagtaaa tatgatttga aaactcaaga gggcaaaagt catccccaaa taaataccag    169500
     agtgtttggg gattagcata gctgaagttt cctaggaatt acagtggcta ctctattaaa    169560
     aaaacactga cttccctttt aacctttctt ctatttagaa agctggtaca tgaaagtggc    169620
     tagaggatca ccatgacacc acacaaatac taacaagcag aatactgaga cagagggaaa    169680
     tggccaaacc catccccaaa tatgtcagta agtgattagg aaaactccag caagggagga    169740
     taattggttt tggagaagtg ctgattcaaa tttcaatagt tatatagtta tatgtgtata    169800
     tatgtgtgta tatatatgta tatacgtatg tatatgtata tatacatatg tatacatata    169860
     actacatgtg tataactata cacacatata tgtatatgta taaataatac ttcagcttct    169920
     ttaattaaaa aaattaacta caaactgttg caaaaatatc aaaaacacaa agaatgcttt    169980
     tacaaaaagg aagaaataac atctgaatgt gtaatccaac actcaaaaaa attcttaaat    170040
     tctggatgtt gttctgtttt ttccctattt cacactcctc tctgcccccg tgtggcaata    170100
     acaagaaaag gctgggggcc cagagagaag agagggtgga aaagagcagg tctgggtgac    170160
     gaacaaatca cctccacatt tcacatcatc attaataacc aaggataagt aatagctcag    170220
     gtaagtacca cctgcttgac gtctaaacag gaaaaccatg gaaagttggg aaggagtgac    170280
     tgtaaattta cctcatcact aaattttctg cggcattgtt aaaggaaact gaaaagcctt    170340
     tcctggtaca gtccattagc aaaagtcagt tttctggaag atagaagaag agagaagagt    170400
     ttttgcaatt tttgaagggt caaccttcca ggatgtaaag cagcaaggtt agtctgtctg    170460
     aacaagcaaa gtacatcaaa cttaaggtct tcctagaaca gtttcctgtg cttagtttct    170520
     atattagaca caggcccaag ggggggtatt gcaagactgc ctctcctata atttggagtt    170580
     gggtatctat acaaaccata tcctacttag aaaacagcag ataacagact tctaccatgt    170640
     ctgaaatgag cccttagact tgtgtcctct ggtcagtgtg tggagtcctg cgtttgacag    170700
     tcgaggattt ccaaatacta gatgctttgc taagtgacag tagactaagg actaaggtag    170760
     agcgggagac agatctcagt cggtgtttgc tgcttgtctt cttccgctca tactcctaca    170820
     gaaaaagcaa ctcccacgtt cccctcttca ttttcagaac cggtgcaaca aagtatcaac    170880
     aaagaagaaa aaaaatacac ttgaaaaaaa aatataaaga cttgctttga agttattttt    170940
     atttgggcat atttgtaaca tttttatcgt tttatagagg tgttagttta ctttgtgttt    171000
     tctaaaacca ctctagcagt taaggattgg ggcactgcta cacagtctca tattttaacg    171060
     gtgattcaat aatggttatg tctgccctag ctggatttga aataaccctg aaactgtctg    171120
     agggctcagc cctccggcaa agtgaacctg gtgatcagtg atgccatttt ggcgcttttg    171180
     tctttgatgg aatgtcttcc ttgcaaacac atggttttcc cctaagtctg caacacaatg    171240
     cagatcccat tcgtggtgag gcagagaaca gagaccttgg ttgttgcatt taggagaagg    171300
     atggtgtact ggctggtttt gggtgtcaac ttgacacagc tggagttatc acagagaaag    171360
     gagcatcagt tggggaaatg cctccacgag atccagctgt aaggcatttc ctcaatttgt    171420
     gatcaagggg gaaaggcccc ttgtgggtgg gaccatctct ggactggtag tcttggttct    171480
     ataagagagc aagctgagca agccagtgga agcaagccag taaagaacat ccctccatgg    171540
     cctctgcatc agctcctgct tcctaacctg tttgagttcc agtcctgact tcctttggtg    171600
     atgaacagca gtatggaagt gtaagctgaa taaatccttt cctccccaag tgcttctttg    171660
     tcatgatgtt tctgcaggaa tagaaaccct gactaagaca gatggggaga aaaggtcaaa    171720
     gattgtgggg ccagggagct gagggactgg gagtggggag tggggagtgg ggagctggcc    171780
     aagagcaaga gttgggttga ggtttgccaa accctggaat tctaatccta aaattgacag    171840
     gggtaggatt gctgccccac cccaaacccg aggcctatgt tcagccttgt ccccaacctc    171900
     agtagccaaa cttccaatcc acttataaag tcatgtttgg cagcatctgg aatttcctta    171960
     tgcaaatgag gtatccccag tgcccaggcc atggacaatg atgtaactca ccccaaaagc    172020
     ccttacccgc cccctacggt ttaagtagcc tttgttccct tattaaaaga gctgtctccc    172080
     aagagtctgt tctcggtgag ctcaccactg cctgaggtgt cttctgctcc cagatattcc    172140
     cattataggc aacctgaaca gcaaacgatg gtgtattaat ctaggccttc cacagcaacc    172200
     cagtttggcc tgtttaacaa gagagcttta ttaactccag ttccagcagg taggaatccc    172260
     agagagagat gctgacagtt ggtttctctt ctccacatgg tgtttttttg tctgaatatg    172320
     tatgtctcca tgttttgctt gctccttatt aggaaccagg cctgatacat aaggtcttgc    172380
     ccttatgata tttaacttta attatttcat tagaagtcct atatccagat atattcttac    172440
     aggcagttag agcttcacca aatgactttg caggaataca actcactcca taatagttac    172500
     aatatcttag ccgggcatgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcgga agacagaggc    172560
     aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg    172620
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    172680
     ataaataaaa gaaaagagaa aaggaaagaa aagaaaagaa aaacaaaaaa atatcttaag    172740
     gagtactgta aaaagaaaga actgaggctg aacatggtgg cacacacctt taatcccagc    172800
     acttgggagg cagaggcagt tggatttctg agtttgaggc cagtctggtc tacaaagtga    172860
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    172920
     caaaaaaact aaacagacaa aaaaagaaat atcaaacaac aacagagaga gagagagaga    172980
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa aactgagata aaatgtcttc aaccaccact ttccattatc    173040
     tgttgtactc ataaagatag cccctccttt cctcagcttc tgttggattt taattatatg    173100
     ctattactac aataactttt agtacagtat attactataa ttacactatt ttatttaaga    173160
     tcattaatct cttactgtgt ttaattaata aattaaactt ttttgtaggt agtaaataca    173220
     ggagagtcca tatagggtga tctggggttt tttgcaccca ttaggaatac tggaacacat    173280
     cattatggat taaaaaaagg aattctggat atggacatgg aaatcacatg atgaaggaaa    173340
     tgcactttag caaaatcagt aagattagga acaattttaa cgtctcttag tagggaatca    173400
     ggaaatctat atactggggt acttggtagc cttattttaa gaatgaggaa acatttatat    173460
     accattggga taatttacag ccaagagcag cactagctct agcactaggg aggttgagac    173520
     aggaaaactg ccacaagttt gaggttagcc tgggttgcat agtgaattct ggggcagact    173580
     gagctatggt ataagaccct gtctataaaa catagaccaa aaacagagat ttttttttcc    173640
     aagctacatt agggaaaaag ggcaaaatga agaactgcat ttgtagtttg ctattagata    173700
     gatggtgtac aaatatatac atgtaaaata gagatgcatt atagctgcat acatttatat    173760
     atttatatgt attataacac attaatttta attaaattac atattgaggt aattgtgatg    173820
     gctcacaatt tatgtcaatc cttccagcat ttcagtggct gaagaacaga taaagttcaa    173880
     gaccagtctg gactgtagta tgaaatccta tctaaaaaaa aactcacgat gggggaggaa    173940
     ttcacaacat actggtttta tttatataat aagcactatt tatataatag tgtgtgtcaa    174000
     ataaatatac attatgttgc atattatatt tatttaatat caagtatatg gatgttgctc    174060
     acatgtatgt atgtatgtga actagcctgt ggaggtatca gatcacctgg aatttgaaga    174120
     gctatagtgt gggggctggg gactgaactc aggtcttctg caagagtaac aagtggtctt    174180
     aacagccgac tcatctctct acccccatat atgtatattt ttaattttat gtttttgctt    174240
     atagactatt tctgggcaca gagtcaaggg atggagatag agaccactag aaacatgcat    174300
     aaagttaggt gtattaattt ctgtagcaag aaaaactcta taccagagaa actgaataga    174360
     agagaattag tagaagagta ttagtagaag agaagatgga tgaattttta cagtatttag    174420
     gcctctgctc aatgactgag ttatctaagg caggtaagca tcaactctga aaagaatatg    174480
     ttagccaacg aaacagtgag aaacgaagca gggttgcggc actcttggta aataagaatt    174540
     aagaactgga agaaggatgc tagacgcggc atggctttac gaaggtaact gttttctggt    174600
     ggtctggcca tttgccctgt ctgtgtctta ggtattttat ttaccattta tagtgagtgc    174660
     ttcactttct cagtctgcaa ccttgtttgt taaaaaacca aagcattaac acagaatgaa    174720
     aataaacatt ctccgcgaac ttaaacatgg atcaccattt tttgatatag attttaaaaa    174780
     actttttgtt ttccttttca gcccaaattg tctgcatttc cactctccat cgggagcttc    174840
     actctttttt tttttttttt taacttttct atggaggcag agtgcacagg gtcttttacg    174900
     gagatatgtg gtagaaagga gactatttag agctagcaag aaccttgaga aagtgatagg    174960
     gtcgatgtct gaatgttgtt agctacagac acagcactca acacttcaga tcctcattcc    175020
     tctcggtctc atggtccttt acgcccacga taagacctgc aactgtggac gccacagcaa    175080
     aactctctgc cagctttact tcgccttaca tgccctggca tctttactta aaagcctcgc    175140
     caccttttaa gccccagccc tgggtcattc ggagcgttga tcctgcgccc cttctcctga    175200
     ttagtcagcg gtcacaactt ctctccgggg cgtggacaag ctccgggccg gatccggctc    175260
     gggatgatga cgacatcggc tggcgacggt ggcggcagct ttagcggcct tgcggcgggg    175320
     taggacttcc gggccgtagg cctgactcct cagagctgct gtcatggcgg gtgctctgtg    175380
     gggtttcttc tccgtcctgc ttctgttatt atcaggagat gcccacagct cggaggtgcc    175440
     tggggctgct gccgagggcc cgggaggtag tggggtcggc ctgggagatc gttttaagat    175500
     cgagggacgt gcggttgttc cgggggtgaa gcctcaggac tggatctccg cggcccgagt    175560
     gctggtagac ggagaagagc atgtcggctt ccttaagtga gcatcccgag ggcagcagga    175620
     aagcgattgg ggcggacgct ggaagggtat ccagctagga cagctgtcag gaccctcagt    175680
     gtagctgtca gaaactgaag gcaccggcgc cactaacggt ttgtgctggg agaccttgag    175740
     aggcagtcag gtacttcagc aacgaggatg gcggacagtg gtcccaggcg cccgagacct    175800
     atgcggtcat ttatttgtag ccgtattttg gctccagtgt gagacagatc atacttgggc    175860
     ccaggggagt ctcatttatc tgttgggttt tacccgcttt gcattttgtc tagtgtttct    175920
     gaaacctagt tgctttctcc atgtcactct tctgatagct tggtgttgtg tagaaagatg    175980
     ctgaacaagt gggaattgtc aaagcccaaa gggctcccag tgatgacata gactgtaagg    176040
     ctaatggtcc tgcttctaaa attaatgggc ccagaagtcc ctaatcaaag agtgcttttt    176100
     tggggcccga gtttgtgatt attgttcttt ttacaattga attcatcgag ggatttgcga    176160
     tatcatagtc gtcatttaag tcagaccagg gttactcgag attccttacg cctagttgtt    176220
     cttttcttgt tcttaagagt ttgtgattta tgtttagatt ggaaggtggg ttgaatttct    176280
     taatgctttg tcagcagtcc gttttcattc ttcaagccac gaatatgttt taaattttgc    176340
     catcagtatt tggagttgaa actatgagtt gaaagaaaat atttctttgc tggctttata    176400
     gaccaacttc aaccatacat cttaaatgtg gatgtttcaa cttgaattgc ttatttctgc    176460
     agattgttga tgttcccttg tgggatattc aacctcagat taataaataa tggcaagttg    176520
     acaaccaata ttttaatgtt atttggcatt agggtattgt ttaaattttg tcctaattaa    176580
     tgtttcatta gtaataaatt cccactagga tgtgggaggt aaggcttaat tgagtagtca    176640
     acttctgccg tatgcagcac atttgaaaac ctcctatttt tattttgaag atattttaca    176700
     acttaatata gattgttaga tatgtttagc cttgcacagt gacatagacc tagcatctca    176760
     gctactcagg aatcggaagc agaaggacca taagctaaag ggtactctga actatttcgt    176820
     tgagaccctg tctcaaagaa gaaggaaaaa aagctggtgg tacagtgttg tggtgggact    176880
     tagtatgcaa gaggtccaag tacaaataaa taaatgttta ttgaagaaaa tataaataag    176940
     atattttctt tttaaaagat gcaacagaaa gataataacc tttaatgttt tatagtaaat    177000
     ttttttctga ctctgtagaa tcatatgact tgtctttaag agtaaagcat ataagaccat    177060
     aattttcatt taacatttat gaacatgttt ttattcatgc tcttatattc atatagaggg    177120
     ctaattgaga gtcgatgtgg tttttatggt gatagtcttt ttttttttgt ttgtttttag    177180
     gctttttatt ttttggcttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagcccttt gctgtcctcg    177240
     aattcacttt gtagaccagg ctggctttga actcagaatt tcgaatgcct ctacctccca    177300
     agtgctggga ttaaaggaat gcgccaccac tgaccggctt atggtgatag tgttgttgga    177360
     aataggcttg gtaatttgtc ttattttttt gaataaccag cacacaagtt tgactatatt    177420
     tttggtttct agggaagtag cttggaactt tactaatgga ggtgagagga agtgggttaa    177480
     agagcactta agccactttt catatcataa tgtgcatata aatcacaact cgcttttcca    177540
     gtcttctgct tttggacagt taggtggttg ccaggtgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    177600
     tattttgttt tgaaattata agcttatata ctacttactt gtgacttttt aaaaaataat    177660
     tatttattta taatactgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat    177720
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttc ctaggatttg aactcagaac ctctggaaga    177780
     gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg ctgagccatc tctccagccc ttgaatattt tttaaataca    177840
     tagtttcact gtggttcata caatcacgtc ctcctgtgct cacttcctcg tgagattaca    177900
     ggtatctcct agcatgctga gatttgcttt ttcatttagt aattctggtt ctatttgtgt    177960
     tgaatagtca tcagtttctt ttttttcccc tctgctcaaa caaaagtgtc ttgaggttgt    178020
     tatcagtgtc tataaagaaa tagaagatga ctggatgtaa tatgcacact tatgtcccag    178080
     ctcttgggag ggaggcagta gcatcatgaa tctgaggcca tcctgggtta tatagtaaga    178140
     cttttgtctc caaaaacaaa agagcagaat atgcaccaaa attagaatag ttcacataga    178200
     gtttaatcaa aggattaaaa cagtctattc atcgtgatat aaagaaacat cagattatgc    178260
     agtaccctgg agcttacagc ctcagcagta tttatcctat aatgcatgaa agccaaacta    178320
     acatagaaat tactaccacc tctgctagag ggacaaggag gggaagaggc tactgtcaac    178380
     ttggaagtga tagggtgggt gagatgacgg ggtgggatgg ggcatgtatg tagccatggt    178440
     cctgagcaaa gccagttagt gataaagcta tggaggaaat attctaaggc attttcttcc    178500
     cttcccatag acacaaagag aaaggtagaa tgggtctgga acacgtgcag gtgatatggc    178560
     tgtgacatct cttagctcat tgcttgttag ggttgatttg gctagacaga tgtctcttaa    178620
     ttctcacaca cacatgcaac cctcctgatg ctgctagaac ctccaaaaac cctcagatgg    178680
     tacataggag agtgggtctg gggagtaaac atgtgcagct gaggggtaag gtagtttaat    178740
     gtttatagtt cagttatact tcaccttagt atacacttgc aaggaacact tgtcatctta    178800
     attttttaaa tttcttttct ttgaagtagc agtttttcat tttcaagaca aattattttt    178860
     gacttacaag aagaaattac cagcttttgg ttggtcgatt taaacaaaac cttgtaggat    178920
     tagagaaatt aaagatagat ggctttagct actaagttgt gggtttctat ataaccagcc    178980
     aaaaagtaac tatttataat aaataggaca atttactatt caaatatgtt tgtgtgaaaa    179040
     agaaaataca acaaaataca aattaactag aatagaatta tttttttaac agtaagagta    179100
     tattgaggga acatgataaa atgggtactc tactattgta ataatataca ctgataattt    179160
     ttattcagta gagatagttt cagagtagaa actgctcttt tgtcactgcc gcttgtacct    179220
     gcagaaggaa tctctatcac tctggcatag gcccattgta ctttagaaac tgttaacatt    179280
     ctggagcata aaatgtaggg ccaacttttg ccatttttct ttatttggga agaggggcag    179340
     aaaccacatg gcctaagctg gccatggatt cactatgtag ttcaggctgg cttcacattg    179400
     gcagtggtcc tcctgccata tgctcctgag ttttatgatt acaggatgtc accatacctg    179460
     tgttttctgt ttggttagct gcttccactt gtttatttat ttgtttggga caaccttaat    179520
     cactgtagtc caggttatgt tgaaatttac tctgtaaccc aggctggcct tgaacccatg    179580
     gtgatactcc tgcttaagct ccccccaccc ctctgtgcta ggattatatg tgtgagccac    179640
     catgtcttct tttcttctga tgttttttga gaactatggg gaaataagca cgtgctttca    179700
     aacagggaaa gactaaggtg ctgatgagaa gtaactatga ttttcctttt tccaggacag    179760
     atgggagctt tgtggttcat gatattccct ctggctctta tgtagtggaa gttatttctc    179820
     ctgcttacaa gtttgaccct gtccgagtcg atatcacttc aaaaggaaaa atgcggtgag    179880
     gatacccagt ttatttttta ccaaagtctg gtctagttag aatgttgtta catgtcattt    179940
     ttggaattta tagtgaaggt tgagagtttc ttacttaaac cacagttatt tcttaaaacg    180000
     tttactcttg tttgtaatct gagcactgag gctttgaaat tgaatccccc ccccccccat    180060
     ctgcatgaat gtttataaca tctactatag ttgtttagag taaaggtaag gttacttact    180120
     gtagagggaa agtactgtga aagttataat cgaaatgtgc cttttaaagt ggagaattat    180180
     ttaacttttt tgaattagaa atactactca ggacttttca ttgagatatt ttgataatcc    180240
     ctcttcttat tagctacaga gttgatctat aagtttctat agcttctcct ttatacacaa    180300
     cacattttag taaaggggtt atcagatgtt attgtggagt tatgtcacag taaggatctt    180360
     gataaaatgg aaagagggcc catgagatga cccagggggt aaacatacat gccatggagc    180420
     ctaatgacca gggttttatc tgagacccat atgatgggag gaagaaaatt cctgcaagtt    180480
     gttctctgac ctccacaagt gtactgtggc acttatgtgc ccacaaacat acgctaaata    180540
     ggtaaaaatg tgtaacctgg gatataaatt taaaacttct cacaaagtct aggagtgtcc    180600
     aagctgccga ttgaaggtga ccctcggtta gtatgactgg aatagtagcc tacatttcct    180660
     ggaagataaa gccctattaa ctgtttaaat cagaaaaaca tttctatttg ctgaaacaac    180720
     tttaaaaatt caaagtgaat aaaaaacagt gtgtattggg ccatccatga aacagacctg    180780
     taggtactag acactacagg tactagatat ggcttaaata gtttaaaaaa tatattttaa    180840
     gtgattaaca aaagacttga tatctcttgt tcttattgta aaggttacta catataaatt    180900
     cgaggccttg tcttaattaa aatattgtct ttgggggctg gagagatgac acagcgatta    180960
     agagcactgg ctgttttttc agaggtcctg agttcaattc tcagctacca cattgtggct    181020
     gacaaccatc tacattgaga tctggtgccc tcttctggcc tgcaggcata catttcagac    181080
     agaatgcagc atacatagta aatatttaaa caaatgttag ttttatagga ttaaaaaagg    181140
     aatagatttc aagacaaatg atatatcaaa gtaggtgata gatatttgaa agaaaatgag    181200
     ataaaacctc tacaataaaa cagtcgttga gatggaaaga ttaacagata tataacaact    181260
     gaagagaagt ctattgaatt ggaagacata gtaaaagaaa ttacccaaac tacaattcac    181320
     ataaacaaat ggacaatgat agcaatgcaa aaataaataa atgttgggga tatagctcag    181380
     tgctagagta cttacctcac atactcaaga ttctcggttt gagcctagaa ccaacaccac    181440
     cactgaaata gacagacaag cagacagata gacagaaagg aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    181500
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga agaaagaagg aagaaagaaa    181560
     gagagaaaga aagattttga agtgtaaaaa gtgaacagtg agaaaataaa tcatttcaga    181620
     gataaagtgg attatgcatg tatgacttat aagaaaggat tttcattttc tttatctttt    181680
     gaggcagtgt tttgttttgt tttgttttta ttgtgtagct ctggttggca cggaactcac    181740
     cgtatagacc agctgtcctc agactcatac agctccagcg gcttctgcct ctgctggaat    181800
     caaaactgct gggatttaag acacgtgtta ctaattccag ctgagagttt tgttttaact    181860
     gcatctctgg taaaactgag ctattaccaa tgtgttttct atggctttct tgaatcatac    181920
     ggtttttttg ttttttgttt tttgtttttt tcctgaaaaa tagcattaaa aattgggtgt    181980
     atccagtaat gtatgtctta gaccatcata aatatatatg ccaatacttg tatatctaca    182040
     gtaaaataaa tttattatta catataatga aaggacttta aaatgggaaa gattctaaaa    182100
     gaattttgag gaattttgct tgttttcttt tgttctttta agacaaagta tcataaaggc    182160
     caggcaagcc tgtagctccc tgtgtggctc agtctgacct tgaactctga tctttctgcc    182220
     tctggttctc agggctagga ttacagattt gccatcacaa tcaggtttaa aataacattt    182280
     gatataaaaa gaaggtaagg agttatatgg atctaagtat aggaagtgat agagctagaa    182340
     gaccccagat ctagttcctg tgtaccttga tgagtgcttt agacagacag tttggccaga    182400
     ctttcttttt tttttttttt ttttttaaag atttatttat ttattatatg taagtatact    182460
     gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg cgtcagatct tgttacagat ggttgtgagc    182520
     caccatgtga ttgctgggat ttgaactccg gacctttgga agagcagtcg ggtactctta    182580
     cccactgagc catctcacca gcccccttgg ccagactttc aagagcaaaa gtttagctga    182640
     aaagatggct cagcagttat gaaccctgac tgctcttgca gaggacctgg ccgcaatttc    182700
     tagcacccac atggcagctc acaaccatgt ctaactctag tcccagagta tccgagcctt    182760
     ctgccatgtt tggatgctgc atacacatgc agacatacat gaagacaaaa cacacttaac    182820
     ataaaaataa ataattttga aaagatttat gtttttaaaa gtttagatgc taaagtgctt    182880
     tggaaacctg aaataagtct aatgcattgc tgacataagc agttcttggc tttgcttttg    182940
     tttggcttgc tttgtttgtg tgtatgcttt cttttgtagt agcctaggat tcaacccagg    183000
     actttgcaca tattggacaa gtgtccaact ctgagctctc gtctgacccc tagtcttgtt    183060
     tttcatagaa tccactttct cctgtttcct tatcagagca agatatgtga attacatcaa    183120
     aacgtcagaa gtggtcagat taccctatcc tctccaaatg aaatcttcag gtccaccttc    183180
     ttactttatt aagagggaat cgtggggctg gacagacttt ctgatgaacc caatggtatg    183240
     tatacagcat tttactaatc actggtttcc ttctaccagt cagaaacttt aagctcctgt    183300
     gagagggaag ggtggaattg ggaaactagt gtctttagga acagataatg aaagggataa    183360
     gaattttact gtgtgtttca tagtaaatgc acaactgaaa taaatgttga ggaagataac    183420
     agatttcatg ggatattgga tagaatgaga gtatatactg agttgtatat agagttaacc    183480
     tgtccattct atctatttgt atattagccc accgataaat gtgctgtcat ttattaacca    183540
     gccatggtaa tgggacatgt aatgttgtat ttctgttgtt tgagaagggg tcccatggat    183600
     cccaggctgg acttgagctt gctatgtagc tgagggtgac agtgaacttc agatgttcct    183660
     gcctccacct cccaagtgct aagatgtaat tttttgtgag gtgctgggaa tcaaacccag    183720
     ggactccgag atgctaagca agtactctta caacacaagc tacatctcca gccctgtagt    183780
     agggctttct ttcttctctt taaaatatgt gtagtgaggg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg    183840
     ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttccgaagg tccgaagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    183900
     tggctcacaa ccacccgtaa tgagatctga tgccctcttc tggtgcgtct gaagacagct    183960
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatcttt    184020
     aaaaaaaaat gtgtagtgaa cagagacgtt accttggttt actttaatta gtattaatct    184080
     tgaaactgat tgtgatccta cttgtaaaat actaatagat atatactttt agaaacaaat    184140
     ttgccttgta aaaatctggt ttttttgttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt    184200
     tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgccctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag    184260
     gctggcctca aactcagaaa ttcgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg    184320
     tgcgccacca ctgcccggca taaaaatctg ttttaaaaaa ttgaattatt ttaggagtct    184380
     ctaaatttga aataggttcc ttactgataa ctactgagat cacaaacagt gttgtttggg    184440
     ggctactcat ctagagttta ttacgagagc taaaagacac gagaagagct aagaggagaa    184500
     atgtcagcag ggaggctctg tcgttttcat cctcagtgtt ctcatttctg aaatacacag    184560
     aagtgtgtca agtactaatg gagtctaggt caccctcagg aagactgtgc tgcaggctct    184620
     ggggggtgtg attaagagca gtagtgcagt cctccggaag cagcacagat gtctctacag    184680
     accgacccct ctggccgttg gaatcagcaa cctcagtgcc agcttatagg aagaaggcaa    184740
     tgagcagaca gttcatttgg aaataacttg catggcaact aaactcttta caaagataga    184800
     aggcacgtag aagtgtggtg gcagtaaagc ccaggcacac acagcaaggc tctggcagtc    184860
     tcagatgctc catgcagtcg cacagcaccc accacccaag ctgctcagta ctgttgtggc    184920
     aattttgata ctattttatt ctgtgtgcac acttgaatct tgacgttgtg aaatggactt    184980
     tgtttcacaa gctaaagtgg aagaaaaggt ttctaatttt tttcttttgc aggttatgat    185040
     gatggttctc ccgttattga tatttgtgct tctgcctaaa gtggtgaaca caagtgatcc    185100
     tgacatgaga cgggtaagct gactgcccag caatggactt ttgaatcacg ctgtgtcttt    185160
     ttttaaaatg gcattccaga ctggtgtgta tgtatgtgtg tttgtgtgta tgtgtgtatg    185220
     tatgtaagca tgtgcttatg gacactggag agtaaacaca tggccttgtg catcctgcca    185280
     aatgctctat ccttggaaca gcaacatccc tagtgctagt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg    185340
     ttgttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttttgtca aacatgattt    185400
     taatattttc aactgttaat attcaacaaa tagaataatt attttaagat atattttgtg    185460
     gttgtgtctt acttttcctt tctgatttta ttaattttgg atactgtctt tgtgccctct    185520
     gcttagtctg gctaagggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc tcatagaacc agctcctggt    185580
     tttgttgatt ctttgtatag ttctttttgt ttctatttgg ttgatttcag ccctgagttt    185640
     gattatttcc tgctgtctac tcctcttggg tgtatttgct tctttttgtt ctagagcttt    185700
     cagatgtgct gttaagatgc tacgctctct ccagtttctt tatggaggca ctcagagcta    185760
     tgagttttcc ccttagcact gctttcattg tgtctcataa gttttggtat gatatgtctt    185820
     cattttcatt aaattctaaa aagcctttaa ttttttcttt atttcttcct tgaccaagtt    185880
     atcattgagt agagcgttgc tcagcttcca cgtgtatgtg tgctttccgt tgttttggtt    185940
     ggtatttaag accagcttta gtctgaggtg atctgatagg ctgcatggga ttatttcagt    186000
     tttcttgtat ctgttgaggg ctgttttgtg atcaattata tggtcaattt tggagaaggt    186060
     accatggggt gctgagaaga aggtaaattc ttttgcttta ggatgaaatg ttctataaat    186120
     atctgataga tccatttggt tcataacgtc tctagtgctc tttttttttt ttggtttttc    186180
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccccggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaacaggctg    186240
     gcctctaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca    186300
     ccaccaccgc ccggcttcta gtgttagttc ttaagcagtt tttagatctg gttgagatag    186360
     aatctcagta agttacccac gctggccttg acctgtccat cttcctgcct cagtttccca    186420
     tcctatcatt tggctcatgg tctggtgctt gttctgttta actgcagctc tgtagctgta    186480
     gctgaggctg agattttcaa ctttatccta ctccctgaga caaattcttc taagagtttg    186540
     tgtaaatgca gtattatgtt tccttggtca attagctatt tctattgatg agatgaattc    186600
     agttggttgt cttggtaaat gctaatgtct ttttatatag ctgaaacatt gtacttagcc    186660
     tctgtgtgct ttacttgtta cacagttgaa atgtataacc ttaatgtgct tcatatgcct    186720
     aacccagata ttttgatcct ttaatctatt tttaattagt agcactctct tgacagtact    186780
     tatttggggc tggagagatg gctcagaggt gaagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc    186840
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cctgtaatgg aatctgatga    186900
     cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcgacg gtgcactcac atacataaat aatctttaaa    186960
     aaaaaaaatc tagccaggca gtgctaatgc acgcctttaa tctcaggagt tgggaggcag    187020
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tccaggacag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc    187080
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctggaa aaaccttaaa aaaaaaaaat ctgttcttta    187140
     ccaaattgca aaatctaaaa aggatatggt taattaaaaa aagagagtac ttacttaatt    187200
     tatatgttca tacatgcaga tgactcagta gaactacggg agaacaccac tcatatctga    187260
     tgctttctcc ttgcaggaga tggagcagtc aatgaacatg ttgaattc                 187308