ID   AL672200; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 89129 BP.
AC   AL672200;
DT   20-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-37G19 on chromosome 3
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-89129
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Garner P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; e71daaa54f2610cc6e93c69a99c056e8.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040412; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068739; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068740; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027776; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027777; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027778; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027736; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027737; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027738; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027701; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027702; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027703; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027748; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027749; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027750; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027478; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027479; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027480; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028192; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028193; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028194; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026934; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026935; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026936; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027453; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027454; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027455; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027595; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027596; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027597; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027563; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027564; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027565; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027702; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027703; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027704; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027593; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027594; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027595; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028247; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028248; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028249; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026660; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026661; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026662; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027014; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027015; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027016; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL672200.10:1-89129; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000090553; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000090558; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106626; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132467; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000153499; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000185128; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063214; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063221; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063226; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063239; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063246; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063251; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063174; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063181; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063186; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063166; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063173; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063178; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062850; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062857; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062862; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063655; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063662; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063667; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063151; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063158; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063163; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062814; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062821; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062826; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062926; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062933; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062938; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062891; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062898; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062903; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063065; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063072; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063077; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062888; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062895; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062900; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063865; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063872; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063877; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062693; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062700; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062705; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062120; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062127; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062132; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; P26638.
DR   GOA; Q8C483.
DR   InterPro; IPR000152; EGF-type_Asp/Asn_hydroxyl_site.
DR   InterPro; IPR000203; GPS.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000832; GPCR_2_secretin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR001791; Laminin_G.
DR   InterPro; IPR001879; GPCR_2_extracellular_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001881; EGF-like_Ca-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002049; Laminin_EGF.
DR   InterPro; IPR002126; Cadherin.
DR   InterPro; IPR002314; aa-tRNA-synt_IIb.
DR   InterPro; IPR002317; Ser-tRNA-ligase_type_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR006195; aa-tRNA-synth_II.
DR   InterPro; IPR009011; Man6P_isomerase_rcpt-bd_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR009030; Growth_fac_rcpt_cys_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR010978; tRNA-bd_arm.
DR   InterPro; IPR011641; Tyr-kin_ephrin_A/B_rcpt-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR013032; EGF-like_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015866; Ser-tRNA-synth_1_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR015919; Cadherin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR017981; GPCR_2-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR020894; Cadherin_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR032471; GAIN_dom_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR033729; SerRS_core.
DR   InterPro; IPR036445; GPCR_2_extracell_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:102809; Sars.
DR   MGI; MGI:1858235; Celsr2.
DR   RFAM; RF00156; SNORA70.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P26638; SYSC_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8C483; Q8C483_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-37G19 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..89129
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-37G19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    11474..11485
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    12185..12192
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    13164..13184
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    22685..22708
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    22709..23109
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    23110..23226
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 52518, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    26914..27080
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   .contig_52518.1, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    45410..45531
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 89129 BP; 23218 A; 22283 C; 22360 G; 21268 T; 0 other;
     aggcaggaga ggagagtggc agagaaggca gacagagggt tagctggagc aacagagggg        60
     acagtgaaca gcttccacca gaaaaagaaa cagaaaagca gccccagccc ccaccctctc       120
     gcaagacggg ggacaggcat tgcgcataaa gcccaggggg tctggtgtac ccccaacaga       180
     gcaccatgtt gtctgggcgc acaagggagc tggactccgc ttagcccaac tgccaagcag       240
     agtagcccgg tgaagctcag aggcagcagt gggtcagtgg cttgggttag caaggacctc       300
     aggcaggttc cccccacccc acccccgtct ctcccgcccg actcactcag agccagagga       360
     gtcctcatcc accgtgcctg ccttgatgct catggcgaca ggcatgaccc cattcagctg       420
     ttcctgcaga gactggcgcg gaggtgggcg gggaggaggt ccgtgccgac tgccctcact       480
     gatggaggag ccccgagaag accctgtgcc ctgctccagg ggcagcctta ggaggctgct       540
     cttttcgctg atggtgggca gacacttctt cttgaggatg cctaggtaca aggtgtgggt       600
     atcatgagat gggaagtcct aatagctccg gcaagagaat gggagagtgg agctgatggg       660
     agagactcca ctcacctttg tgaggttggg tagaagggcc cggaaggggt cccagagacc       720
     cttcccgagt tagggcatct ccattctccc gtggccgctc ttcaaggggc ccactaccac       780
     tattctcctt tgttgtggtc ccaaagtctc ccagccaagg gaccttccca gaacccggac       840
     ccccatctgt caaagaaagg aaaccaatag tcccagagag ggcagacagt taggatagcc       900
     accaccccag ctctattttc caaaaagccc tggcctctta ggcttctgtt gccccccaat       960
     ggctgcagcc ctggtgctgg cccacccttg ggggtactgt gaaggggcag tctctcagct      1020
     ccaggaccca gcaggctgtc ccagccctgc tcgccaggga aggcggcctc ctcctcctct      1080
     tcctcgctgt ctgatgagtg ggtggaggca taggaaccac tctggtcatc ttccagggac      1140
     aggtcactgt cagagtccgt gtcgggatct gggaggtcag ggagggatca caactgtccc      1200
     acctgcccca gcccaccctc agcaaaagcc aggcccctgc cctgctaggc atccagggcc      1260
     tctgtcctca ccatgttgtt gggcttggcc ttccaagaac aggccgcttg ggtcccctag      1320
     gccaggggga acctggccag ggttcagcgt ggactcctcc ctaaaaagac aacactatgc      1380
     tgtagaggga ttcccaggtc ctactttgtg tcccttactg ctgttaatct aggctgcgac      1440
     ctgtgctggc ccccatctga gatgctcagc tcctagcagc tggctggtct tggttctagc      1500
     gttcacagtc tttcccccat tcccaattct cccgtttccc ggactcacct cagcaagaag      1560
     gggatgtagc tgggctgact cttgccggag cggctggcac tgtgcaacga gccagccgaa      1620
     tctccgtaag gctggtacag cctcccgtct gcgtaggggc tggggcagtt ataggactag      1680
     gccggagaca gacatgtcag tgagtgagtg agcaggaggg agtggcccca ggctaaaaag      1740
     taaagggtcc caggaactta ccccaaaccc tacctcccac atgcccaggg attaaagtgg      1800
     aaaggcccct tctgtgttgc cttcatcata gggcctagca gtgggcacag ctacaccata      1860
     gctgtgtagc actgaacact ccaaatgccc tggacttgta gaagggcttt ctggtttttt      1920
     tttaaaaaaa atggcatttg gaattgtctc ctgagaatat tctaggagac aggaaattta      1980
     tcaaaattca tgaggaattc tctggcacag ggtgtcccag ctgacaacca atctctgcct      2040
     gcatctccct caagtcaaaa tctcttttac ccagtgatag catttcctcc caagggaaca      2100
     cattccactc tgccccctcc tcctaacatg aaggtgtgca gagatgggaa aaaggatgcc      2160
     caggtaaaaa agcacagaga gcaaacagct tccccttcca tcagacccag gctccctcac      2220
     cgaggtcagg gtagacttag tggtcaaggc agggtcggga ctgggcttcc ggctgcaggc      2280
     gaacttgagt gctttccgga cctccttgct gagcaccacg taggagagga agatgaaggg      2340
     gccctggcag gcagagacag ccacggttgg cacactcggc accccacccc ccaggcgtgc      2400
     tcgcatctac tcagcagggg tgggggtggg gatggggcca gggccaggta cctggacaca      2460
     attgcaggca gcgaagaggt agtggaagag cagagtgtca ctgttgacag agagcagtgc      2520
     cagcagccac gtggcactca gcagcaggag gaccgtgaag gaggagcgca ggcccgagct      2580
     ggagggcagg gcagatgtga gtcctgccgt gatgtcctcc acaccaacac ccaccccatg      2640
     cccagccacc tgccagtact cacacaggcc ctttcttctc gaagccctgc cgttgggcag      2700
     cacaggaggc tcgggccgac aggatgtaca ggaagacact catctgggca gtggagaggg      2760
     atgtgagagg accagagaac agagacttta ctttctgcct tgccctgggg gctccagaag      2820
     ccttggctct tcctaaaggg gatctgtagg acccccctca tcctgcttac tgcacatcac      2880
     tttctaatca cttaccgaaa cagcaaaggc cactggtcca gcaaagctcc agatgagggt      2940
     atcatagaca gagagccagc agaagtcagg gttcccatag ccttccggat ccaagcccac      3000
     agcgaggcct gaagcataga tacagtagca agacagggtg ctcagggtgg aggcaattat      3060
     gctgccatca aagctcatag aaccaggcgt ggaacacata aggtctgtcc actcctctct      3120
     ccaaggagaa gcccagcccc tgacacccaa taccaggttg tccaagtata ggggaaggaa      3180
     ttcttaggac tcgaactatg ggtttggggt acatgcatga aggtggagcc agggcctagg      3240
     aacaggggat ctctaggcca gaaaaggagg caggatacct gtgatgaaag cagggacgcc      3300
     ccagcccagc atgtagtaga aacgcatggg actggcattg acgtcgcgca cctctgtgag      3360
     cgcgcggtac aggtgtaagg cctccagcag agcccaggag aaggtgcaga ggtacaggaa      3420
     atgcagcagg atagcgatga ctgtacaggc aaactggggg ccaggacaca gagtcaggag      3480
     ccaaggcggg taatatgggg agggcaccca ggggaaggag ggaggcagtg gggaagcctg      3540
     gtagtgtgcg ctgccctgga ggaagcccag gctataagca agaacatctg ggacgctgga      3600
     aaattatgag agaactagag aagagcatac tgtgggccag gtgctgggat gggcccttta      3660
     tccgctcact gccatgggag cagggatggg agagggccac aggggcgaca ccaggagcct      3720
     tggtggggct ggaagttggg agggtctctg agagaggaag aatcttacag ggaggtcagc      3780
     ctggttgatg cccaggagaa agaccagctg ggccaggccc agggcagctg tgaggttgcg      3840
     tcggatgccg tgctggttgg agcggagggc acggaggagg gtgaggaaga ggaaggtgag      3900
     catcagggca gccaaggtga ctccaagggc cacgtatgtc agggtcttca gtggcaagat      3960
     ctcaccgttc tgagggatga gtggcagggc atcaggcacc cggcccctgg acttggttcc      4020
     cacccaccgc tctgggccac ccctgtgggg tcacctctcg tcgtgacata tccataagca      4080
     cagcaaagct tgtcatatgg ttgcactggc agctgacgtg gctctcgtta cggaagacga      4140
     cttcgcagcc tcgggcggac cagccgccag tgccactgac cctgcaggag gaagacggag      4200
     tcagggaggg agaagggtgg gcggccagga gcctggactc ttgatccaaa gtcgtggagg      4260
     taagaggggt gtacaggctc acaggattga atggttccag aagacacaga tgggcttggt      4320
     ccgctcctcg gtctccagca gccggaactg cacggtgact ggcttgtcca gagcccgcgg      4380
     caggagttcc tcgtcgtcgt gaacgctgat gctcaccaca ggggtgttga tgacggggcg      4440
     cttggggact ctgatgacag gaaggcacac ggtcaccaaa gaggccacca gacaccttat      4500
     cactgggaga tgtttcctgt tcccttgcta accctaactt cccgggcctc gtcctagctg      4560
     cttacctcag gctacgctta tcggggtcat agttgtgggg cagcagtcca gccagggtgt      4620
     ggtagatgat gacactggcc actgcctctc cctgactcag ttctgggtgc ctccgctgcc      4680
     gccgggccag ctcctccgtc tcctgggctt caccaggtcc tgcagacctc accatggagg      4740
     gcatctctgg aagtaaatgc tgctacgctc agctggccct acccactgta tggacgtccc      4800
     actccaagcc gttaccacat ctgtgttccc cgctgacctc tgaagacaga ttctggcaaa      4860
     atgactgtgg tctcaagatc tggggggcgc tccccacgta atgcctcata acggggcagc      4920
     ttggtcccag caaagttccc cttatccagg cgcactacag agatgactag aaaggaacac      4980
     ggccacagtc actcactcac caagtgaggc aggtgggccc taagcacggt ggccctttga      5040
     aacaggggca gggctctctc cacaaccctc ccaccccagc ccagcaccac ctcaccaatg      5100
     ttgggtgtga cgatggtgaa ggggcttagg taggtgtgcc gcatattctg ggcaagggcg      5160
     ctggcgtaag cctcatagtg ctggagcagc caggcggtgc caccctctgt ctgctggatc      5220
     agttcccagt gcctcttgtt ggctgcatcc aggagggcgc tgcccaccct cagcagattc      5280
     tggggacagg catggtcaca gtagcatatg cttgtggtca acctcatacc aagtcccagc      5340
     ctgtgcctac cccagacccg ccctctgcgt ccttccctca gcagtcccca cagtctctcc      5400
     tgggaagcct tgtgtatcat actgtccact tccaacatgg gtacccgcct ctaacccttc      5460
     ctccacactt taatcagagg acccagtgtg tcctagcatg tctccttctg ttgtgtgcct      5520
     ctctggttct ctgaaaagac tgagctcttg gtataatagg cagggctctg ctttaggtca      5580
     gcgtacacct caatacaagt gcctctgcta ggtactagga tgctgataca ggtaggagga      5640
     agtactctta atcaactgtg ctgcaccatg gcttacaagc tggcatggag gcttcatgcc      5700
     aggggtgggg ctccttccag taggggagta cctccctctc tcccccaaga tctccaggaa      5760
     caggctgtct cactggcccc caccatgcct acttcaagcc ccacctccgt gaagtgtaca      5820
     tcctgtgtgg cggatagccc aaagccccgc tgggcactct catgagccaa gagccgtgtg      5880
     gccagctggt aggccacctt gacatcactg ccgaagtagc cagaggtgtg ctgggtggca      5940
     ttgcgcagga gcagggctag cctctgggag cgtcctgagt ccaggcctga ttcgttcctc      6000
     tgcagccgct cagcctgcat ggaggaccag aattgcagag ggtcagacag gatggaggtg      6060
     accggaggga ctcgggagta aaagggcttg aagaggtagg tggggaagag gcggcctctg      6120
     caggtcggag tctcaggtaa acaggaacca ggagtcagga gctctacttc caaagacaag      6180
     ggtgtgaaca agagaagacg agggatcaac ttacgaagcc ctttagctct gagaaggtga      6240
     ctgacgtgca gttgaagagg tttgggggga gccaacccct gtgctcatca cagtggcgca      6300
     cagcagtccc tggagggaag aagccaagaa ggcgggactt agggagacag gaagcccgga      6360
     gtaccccacg agccggacaa gtacaagcag cccaaaagaa agtaagaata tgggtgttca      6420
     gaagcccaga gccaaaacat ctgagcaaaa tcagtacaat ggaacagagg tctgtaacct      6480
     ccgccaccac gcccccaaga tatcactacg cctgtccctc cagctcctgc cttgcattcg      6540
     gctactcctt agccatgaat cctgtacatc actaattggg atctcttggg ataggacccg      6600
     gcactccaca ctcctcggga ctgcctccct ttaatgtggt ataactccag tactaggtag      6660
     agttagctga agacaggagg agcctcatgc aaaccgcctt tgagtttagt tcccaactcc      6720
     attcccagaa cacgcagggc tttcaacagt tctttttggg ttggatacag gcacatttgg      6780
     tcagcctagg ctgaagggta actgagtgaa ggaaggtgag acattgactc tctgggagct      6840
     agaaatcaga aagtggggcc ccaggagcta cacgctgggg gcttgctgtc tttactcctc      6900
     tgacagtaaa ggtcaagggt tcactatctt attgtagtcc tctaagacct accaaaggag      6960
     cctttggggc agggggcagc agcaggtagc ccgaaccgcg tgcggggcca ccagatccca      7020
     gcctctatgg cccgtgggca gctgtcgtaa ttcactatgg agaagagcac atggtcacct      7080
     ataagcagtt ccgtccaggc cccaaaacct tccttccacg tccccgaccg acccacaacc      7140
     agcctcattt ctagcctctg caatgtaagc tcttagcata cggtgaggag ggagcctacc      7200
     tgccccaaga gtcctacctt cacagccatt ggtggtgacc tcagcaaaag ggttgtcaca      7260
     gcggtcacac tgacgcccaa tgactccagg cttgcacgga cactggccgt cctcggggtc      7320
     acagactcgg gacaaagaac cagtggggta acagtcacac aagagacaag tggggctgcc      7380
     ggggggccgg tagtgattct cctaggaggg aagatgtggg gggaggtcac tggatcaaga      7440
     tgtcatcctg gatgctggtg gaggcttcaa gctgcggcct ccctagagac agtctcccct      7500
     gccctgggtc ctcatgggaa tgtgacttaa cattctcaag agctacccat gacctggagt      7560
     tgaactcatc aatgagaaac caagcattca gaataggctg cagccagcca gcctgtaggg      7620
     ctagtccaga gatccctgcc tcaatactgg tcctggatcc ccctgcatct ggatataagg      7680
     gcaaacgacc tcttgccatg cctaatatgg caaaggcacg gggtgctccg ctctccggag      7740
     gaaggcccgg atcctctact cctcttcttt ccccggcggg ggcaggccag aagctacagg      7800
     gcagggtgcc acagtggggg ctcactcggg actctcacct tgcagtggca ctccccactt      7860
     gtcttgttgc aatctgggtc aaagcctttg ctgacatcac agttgcatgg accacatgtg      7920
     gggtgtcccc accagccacg ggggcaaggt tggtcaatcc tgcagaaaga cacccagaca      7980
     ggcttgagcc ccctctgcca ctacatctcc tcccacttgg ttcaaccaca ggtggtcctt      8040
     tcagcctcgg ctgcagctca gctagactct cagggctcag agtgacagca gagataagcc      8100
     ctgacccacc tacctggtct cacaatatgg cccaaggtaa tttggtaaac actcgcagat      8160
     gtagccgtgg ggtgtattgg gttttcgggt acacacggac tggtgctcgc atgggttcag      8220
     gtcacacaca tttgtacagt tgtcaccata gtaacctgga caagaaggac caaaaagttt      8280
     cagggccaac cctctactgg cattctcttc tgtccatctc ctcttatcta cttccactct      8340
     aagcattgca ccaggcagcc ataaccctgt aggagatgac ggctcagaga agaagtgact      8400
     ggccacatat tagagatgga gtgtgacccg tggcactggc cccgtccccc gtccctctcc      8460
     ctccccgcat cctcagcata cctagaacac agctacaaga atagctgtcc cagtcattgc      8520
     tgcagtagct gttggtaggg catggattcg agtcacaggg atctggccag ctacagcctg      8580
     gctccacatt gatgctctcc ccgcggctgg gatctagact gctgataccc tcaggtgtct      8640
     cgcttaccct gacaccctgg agggataaga gcagcattag ccttcagtgg aacagggctc      8700
     caggtaggaa tgggaggtca ggggaggaga ctcacctgca aacagccccg gaagccacgg      8760
     gccactccgc tggctggccc aggaactccc ccgactgtaa tattgctcag gtgcagtcca      8820
     tgcagccgag ggcccagatt accctctgcc ttctgttgcc catagtcaaa ggacagaatg      8880
     gcatggccag ggcccccgct ggctcccagt gccagctgtg catgatgcca gtcaccatca      8940
     ttggctcggc ctggctcaag acgcagagat gacgcctgga gccctgtgcc ctccacactt      9000
     agcactacgt ggcctgcccg aagctgtaca agagggggaa aaatcagcag accacctcaa      9060
     tcaatgggtt cttccattct gcctggttga gggcagagga ggctgcttat ttcccttaaa      9120
     cccagtaggt ggcagcactg acccacggaa tgggcccagc cagctcttcg cttctgccaa      9180
     accctgccca gccacctggg tccaaccccc tgaaggctcc tacaacgcta gccaagccgg      9240
     ggcttgccac actcccacgt gccctgcatc acctgcaggg tgatggtgct gcgccccctg      9300
     gtgacggcct gcagcaggac gccatctgcc tggcgtgtgc ggaacatgag gctgaggtgc      9360
     cagggctgag agatgggcag agagaggcca tgccaggcca caaggctgct gcccaggaaa      9420
     cgctgggggt tggccatttc tgggaaggca gatgaaaagt gactcaaggg cagagcagtg      9480
     gagtcggaag cggggcagct ctatgagagc tggacccttg cctcccctca cacccaatcc      9540
     tctcagtgcc ccgccctcca gagcatttac ctgtcccggg ccggccctac attgtgccca      9600
     gggcctgcct gtctctgact aggccctttg tctcctgcct agcttctcac tctgcccaga      9660
     cacgcttttc cacccacagc ccagcttgca gaaccctgcc cagagcctgc cccaagccct      9720
     gcctgtgatc ccagacaaac tgacagcacc caggccccaa cctgtggcag gtgccactcc      9780
     taccctgggc gcagctcttg cccccgaagc ctagtggaca ctcgcagctg aacgcattcc      9840
     actggttcac acaggtgcca ccgttgtggc aaatgctgct gtcgcacacg atcttcttgg      9900
     tggggcagcc tggaaggaag agaaagggac tcagggacca acagcagaga ctggaagacc      9960
     acacaggctg gtcaggtcac gcacagccga gcctcttggc agttggctcc cagccttgcc     10020
     cctaccccgg gtcctcatac caggcacagt gccattgttg gcaatgaagt cggccatgtc     10080
     gatgtgccgg ctatccacct ggaggtcctt catgcagccc acaaagtgcc gcattcggac     10140
     ggggaagctc tcgggcagat ccggcacccc acccagcaac aagggccctg tcaggtccag     10200
     agacctgggg gacgaaagcg tgaagacaca ggggtttaag tttatggttt ttctcttacc     10260
     ccgtaccctg tcactaggcc caagaaaggg agcacttgga ccaaggctga ggagcccttt     10320
     tagaacaatg cccaggaagt agaggcactg cagtatatac aaatgtgctc tcagcccata     10380
     cccttccctc accatccgcc aagacctgac tctaactctc caacattgcc agtgtcagga     10440
     aggggcgcat ctgactggct cccgctctgg agccccttcc cttcggcccg tactaccctc     10500
     tccctagctc ctgcccccct caccccctcg ctcctgcccc caccttcccc gcttacttct     10560
     tgctgcctcc ttgggtgccc tgggcagcac aggagtagtt gcccagcata gctccaaagc     10620
     gcagagccac ccctgtgtca cagccatcca cggacaccac ggctaccttc tgctcagatg     10680
     gaccttgggg aagccctgtc tgacccaaca gtggctgtgg acagagaagg gaggcagtag     10740
     acaacccggc atagggctgc acctctccat gcacacacac ccacagacga ggaccgccca     10800
     gagggatgga ggtgccctgc acagcacatc cccatccccc tcccaggcac aagagctgtg     10860
     agcagcctcc ctcaccactc acaatatcaa ccggggctgg aaaaacgcat gcatcaagac     10920
     ctggaccctc taattcctcc gtccctcagc cagacccacc ttgttatagt acttcagctg     10980
     cactgtgtgc cactggccat cactgacccc tcccggcaca aacggagaca cggtggtggt     11040
     cgattcccct agagaaagga cagggttagc tgggtcacag gaagagagtc gggagtggca     11100
     gagcagcggg catgtctagg gatggaggcc gggtccgggt ttgactggga gggaaggcgc     11160
     gtggcttgag gtcagagggt cggaggcatg agctcttagg agctgggcaa ggacatgaga     11220
     ctctgggctc acctgcagag aaggtgagct gcacctgttc ctggatcacc tcgagagcca     11280
     caaagtcgtg cttctcattg aagcgcccat tgtacagcag tagcccgtta cgctccttgg     11340
     tagcaaacct gtataggggg ggttggtcat gggggcaagg aatggggtac ccacctgtga     11400
     accagtaccc cagacatcta agcaatagca aaactggcgc tttggctaag gctatggagt     11460
     cagaacgcag ataatgagcc caaacgagaa ccctggcgtt ctgactcctc atcctcaagg     11520
     gtcagaccct gatggtgagg gcagcctgct ggctaagcag acaggtagtt ctgtcaacaa     11580
     ctgctcccgg tgcgttcact gatctgctac ccccatctaa tagaccagga ggtaccccac     11640
     actctctcat gtgccctgca accccaggac ctcgtcacac tcacgagagg gccagggtga     11700
     agtggaagcg ctggcgcagg ccacggaagg tgatgaagga gcgggcaggg aagctgcgtg     11760
     tggtcacctg gcagaagggt ttctcaaagt ccccggaggg gcagtcacat ttgaaacctc     11820
     ccaccaacag gttgacacag gtacccccgt tcttgcagac acctggagta caacggcctg     11880
     agtgggtact cgcttcacag tgctcgcctg gggaggaaag acaggcaggg tgaggccccg     11940
     aggagaaggc aactgagcgt gaggtgcccc tccctctccc accgcctata ataaaggctt     12000
     ggttctggct gagggagctc tgttaggagg tattggaaac atcgggagga gtgtagctgg     12060
     aggaagccaa tcactggagt gtgccataaa gggctatatg ttgtcccagg acccttgcta     12120
     tctgggtgag tggcttcgcc accctgatgt tcttttctta tagcgtgggg ccggccacca     12180
     gaactgaaat ggcactgcag agcttacaag acaaaattaa ccttttttgt tttaaacagt     12240
     ctctcttggg taatccggtg gtgagaagtt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttcgagacag     12300
     ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccttga     12360
     actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccat     12420
     gcctggtggt gagaagttta ccacgtccct ggtgacatct cctgagacct ctacccatcc     12480
     tcaagactct cccacttcct cttggtgact ttctcctctg aaatcaatga cacaccagct     12540
     cctcttattg gcccgccacg ctattctctc tgcagctcca cagatactct gttgcaagct     12600
     cctcaaagtt tttcagccct tccccacacc tgtccgaaac cctggtcccc aggctctggc     12660
     ccctgcagag gcaaatgcca agccaggaag gatctagagg acagcatagg gctgtgccag     12720
     cccccactct cccgttcccc gcttccctcg gatgcttttg ttcctgtcag ggtcagagat     12780
     cagttttctt ccctagagat gtgaccaggt ttccatgtct atttgagtaa caggttgggg     12840
     tggttggcgt gaagcaagcc ggggctcccc caagaacaga actgaggatc cctctgcacc     12900
     caaacaaggc tgagagagtg ggggcctaag cctgaggaca gacgaggaag caggggactg     12960
     aaaactcaga tatcagatgg gaaagccact cccttctctc cctcccaatt ctgattctag     13020
     agataggttc tccgttccct gtgcctagtg actggctctt gtttccatgg aaactgttgt     13080
     tcgcctactt gggagccccc ttccccatcc tcctggacaa agactcccct cccctctctc     13140
     agtcccaccc tcccctctcc tccctccccg cagcatcccc cccaccccca cccccagcag     13200
     cagcacagaa gagtcaagtc tggcaagttc tgagcagaag gatgcagcag gaggcaccga     13260
     gcctgcctac gctactggca gagccagtgc gcctggtgct ggaggacatg aagcctggga     13320
     gtctgggaag gaaaaggagc aagggagcca gtagggtggg gcagggtatg aagagacctg     13380
     cagccacaga ccaataggga ggcagaaatg gagccttgct gctcagggct acacaggtcc     13440
     agcgtcctgg aactcccatg acgccaaagc cctgcttttc cgtgccttcc tcctgttcct     13500
     gggtggggaa agtctggctc caggttaatg aagggattca ctcagcgtta tgaagacctg     13560
     gtccgcggcc agaaacacct cgaagtggat caagtcatct catcccagga cttcctcaaa     13620
     caaaagccaa ctctcaccac acaagccagc tttctcttcc cgtcaaatta ctggcatgaa     13680
     tcctcccaag caacttttga cctacataaa ttggttatct ccatcttaaa tactagcggg     13740
     aagagaagct aagtagctcg ctcattttca cacagctatt agtgggaaag ctggaacacg     13800
     aagccaggtg ctggactgac ctcaattaca cggtcttagt gggtctgtgt gcaggcggcg     13860
     tgtgccagcg tgggtgtgtg ggcttgcaca gtgaacacaa ggctcctcat tctgacttac     13920
     caagcaggcg gttgccaaac ggcaatagga tctaagaacg gctgatgcgc ctataggttg     13980
     tacgcgcaga aggaaccagg cagccccatt attagcttga ttggtgcttg gcccagagcg     14040
     tcagccctgc agggccgccc ccactgtccc ttgccctagg ctcacccgtg tagccatcca     14100
     gacagaggca ggtatagcca ccctctcggc tgcggcagcg cccatggggt ccacaaggtc     14160
     ttgagtaaca gaggtccacc tcggtctcgc agtagtcgcc tgtgaagcct ggtgggcagc     14220
     gacagcgcag acccccgaca gggtggatgg gccggaagag caccgaagag gaagcgatga     14280
     agggcgcaga ggagtcgaac cgcagcacag acacacatcg catgtaattc tcgcagggct     14340
     cccgcaggca aatgttgtcg tcgaagggga gcacgcgctg cgccgagatg gcggtgagca     14400
     ggctgcggtt gaggtacagg cgctcctgga gatcctctga aggcagaaag ggtggcccac     14460
     ccccgggtcc tggaggctgg cccaccgaca ggcttacgtt gaggatatgg ccgcctgggg     14520
     catcagtatc cctttgcaca ttgaagacca ccacatgatc cgggggtgtg gccaacgtgg     14580
     ctgccacggc ctgaatgaag agtcccagca gtggtgagag aaagcgttct ggagacatgt     14640
     cttccaagcg cagcgtgatg ctgtgtgtga gcatctcgtc cgtgatgatg gtgacacgta     14700
     gcgagcactg ggctgtcaca ctgtggacac catctgaaga gaagcaacac ggatcaacat     14760
     cagtcctggg ggaggcaggc agaagcagat gtgccaagcc acaagaccct gacttagagc     14820
     aaaggaggga gtaggcttgt gtgatagtca ggggcggagt caagaaaaag gagcaaggag     14880
     gagggagtat caggaggagg gaacaccatc agaaaaaagt actgagaaga gagagcacca     14940
     taaggagaga gcattagaag tggggagcac caccgggcag tggtggcgca tgcctttaat     15000
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga gacaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca     15060
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agggctacaa aacaaaacaa aaaagtgggg     15120
     agcaccaaga aaaagaagtg atgaggagta ggaaggccag gaggagggag caccaggagg     15180
     agggagcact atgaagaagg actggtgaga agagggagca tcaggaggag agagcatcag     15240
     aagcagggag cactaagaag atgaagaaga aataatcaga agagtgagca ccaggaggag     15300
     agagcaccag gagaagggag cacgggagga gggagcatag gaggaagaag catcaggagg     15360
     agggagcacc agaaggagga agcatcagga atagaaggta caagcaggct aaaatccagc     15420
     ccatatcctg caaggtactc aagaaaacct ttttctagcc ggcataaagg tggccaatgg     15480
     gatgaatcac ctgtggacaa gtctctcctt gagggggtga cctcatacga gcttaaggaa     15540
     aggaggtttt tcaaaactgt tctttgtgtg ttttcccggt actccttggc atgacgcatg     15600
     aaccgccttc cagcatctct gcctgtcacc ccactcagac ccctgagacc agtccttggg     15660
     tttctctgct ccacgactgt gcttttttct ttgcttgctt ttctggaggg cgcagagtac     15720
     cgtgagaggc tgcttcccct taccctgtac ttctcagtcc cactgtgacc ccgcctctca     15780
     gcacgctgca gcaggttgtg tggaaggtga atctggtcag aggtgccagg ttcccctcgc     15840
     actcagctcc acaagtgctt ccgtgcaagc ctgctagccc atggcaacac cttttacaca     15900
     gagccctgta cccacacaac tctgggtagc ctgaggtccc catcccaaga agtccagctg     15960
     agccacctca gccagtggta gcgacacaca ctgctccaag ctggagaaag ggtaggcggg     16020
     ggtggggaac gtgggcagtt ttcaccctga gccccactgg gctggtctct cctctggcac     16080
     tagggcctct tgttattcat cactcacttg gctcaccaag ttgtacccaa aggtctgcct     16140
     gccatacccc acccctcccg ggcagccaac tcacttataa acagctaagt gctaacacat     16200
     tcgatggtgt ctcactccac ccacacacgc tatgctcaga agtgccatgc acacctgaat     16260
     gttgcataca cacggcaatg gactgtgctt agattaaaaa tgaattctgg gaggcagaga     16320
     aagggaaatg gcttggaagg ctataggggt gttcctagtt aacacagcgc tttacacata     16380
     atgagtgttc agtaaaaact aagatgctca tgggaatccc ttgtacataa aagtatcttg     16440
     aaaacatggc agcaagctag gcgatggtga tactcgactt taatactagt gctcaggagg     16500
     cagaggcggg aggatctccg agttcaaggg cagcctggtc tacagagcca agttccagga     16560
     cagacagcca gagctacata gaaaaacctt atcttgaaaa cccaaaagga aaacacacac     16620
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag caaactctcc aatcagatgc     16680
     aaaatatgac atccaagtgg gataggatgg gagccagtgt cactgaggca gaaaagagat     16740
     atggagatat gggaccctac atgtcacact tcgagtggct gctaccttgg gcatactgaa     16800
     ggcaggcacc catctcagcg atgccctggg cccactgccg acctgccctg cggccctcac     16860
     tgctgtggtc acttttgttc ctcctgcttt gcccagagtc atggtcctcc aagccctcta     16920
     gcctgcccat gggtcaccat ctcactgctc tgctaccttt tagaagcagg gttcaggagc     16980
     tgatgtcaca gcccagtgtt ttctggatag gatgttccct ccagacagaa agcaacaaca     17040
     cagggctcta caaacagtgc tcctggacca acaagcaaga gaatctctgc catcccctgg     17100
     ttctgggaag caacactcct gcatgatgtt gtccaccaac ccaggcccgt ctgtgcccct     17160
     tactcagcat gtctcttgct tcccatctgg cccaccatct gtggccacct gcccctctgc     17220
     taatgtcccc atcccagcaa ccaacccatt gctctctctc cttcctcttt gtccttctcc     17280
     cgtgccttgc tcgggtcact cctaaggtgc aaaggcaggt tgggaatagg agtggccggt     17340
     acattgcctg atttgtttta gacagaagag agagctgggg taggctctga cccaggaaat     17400
     accacctgag tctaggcctc agccagctgc acccgagaag atgccagagc cagcctccca     17460
     gccttccctc ttctggcaga ggctctgctg tctgggaggt gagcaggcct tgggcaggtt     17520
     ctcctgtgtg tctgaagaag gcagcagccg gggccatttg ggctgcagga cccgtccagc     17580
     ccaggctggg gcagctgcag ccagagggaa gaagggaaga caggatctaa acacagagac     17640
     caacagggga agacaaagac ccaggaaaag agccagcagt ggaggaaacg tgggagaagg     17700
     agagagacag aagccgggga gaaggtgaca gacaggcagt gcaggagggt ccccatgggc     17760
     agggttggga gggaaggagg agacaaagaa ccagagaagg aagacaaagg gacagtgggc     17820
     gacagtcccc ctcacccagc ctcctgaact ttggggttgc cttggtgact gactctaagg     17880
     gtcagggctg atgggggagg gggacaaggg cagaaaggca gccacagtgt gtcctagctg     17940
     cagccccagc ctgccctcta gcctagagcg ttgtgtttgg ggctgtgtgc cctggtgagg     18000
     cagtagaggc taagcagagc tgtcctccac acggtcggtc cctaggtatc tagccagatt     18060
     cactaccgaa ggctgtggat ggagggcagg agggagaggc ctttcttctg cctctagcgc     18120
     caggctcagg tgagggtact cctggcttct ttcccctgga gggggactgg acgcttcagg     18180
     tgctttacag cctgacccat agcttggaga gctccttctc cctggtcctt gcagggtggg     18240
     acctgagggg tgggaccagg aagtgtctgt ccagtaagaa gtgtgagcag gaagggaggt     18300
     aaggccatct tcccttccct gatgtgcaaa gggggcctgg agggggctgc caggcctcgc     18360
     ccctggaaaa attgttaaca gtcccccccc ccttcactcc aagtgacttg gctacccagt     18420
     ctgccttgct cccaccttgc ttctcatccc cagagctgac agaaaggaca gaatatactg     18480
     tcacccagtc ctgcttgcct tccccaagtc ctgctgtctg gggagtctgc aggctgagcg     18540
     cttgaccaag cagcaggaat gcccaggctg ggttctggcc aggctcccac gcccctagaa     18600
     atctgttctc tcccccacca agtcagggcc ctggagtctc tgccctcaaa gctcagcagt     18660
     ccccgtgcac tctgatcccc aggtctgttt tcctgagacc gggccaccat ggtcagcagg     18720
     gaaggcctag caccccaaga aaaagccaca gggagtctag gggcccaaaa ggtccatctg     18780
     ccctgacttc attgctgccc tccccggaag ccagacccca accaagaact caggacagtg     18840
     aggtctgttt ggacagagac aatgagctct ggctttactt cctgcctgga gctcaggagg     18900
     gggagccaag gctccttctg cctggaggga aaagcaatgc ctcagacaaa gtctaagcca     18960
     gtctctgctg cagctctact gagagccaga gggggagaga aaagggcagc agggtcctga     19020
     cccccttggt ggaatcctga gtccctaaag ccctctgacc tgccaaaggc cttgtgagat     19080
     cacaggacca tcctaatgag ggtgccaggg tactgaggag ccaacttgcc tcgccccttc     19140
     ctcgccaagg tcttccctcc ccctccccca gctcttgggc cttccaggct tccacgcgcc     19200
     ctttttttca caattcttgg cagccatagt cagggcaggc tcacaacact tccccccacc     19260
     acgtcacagt ctggtaggca ggggggcagc caaccaaagc agcccagccc agcctggggc     19320
     agcaggcagg gcctgcgcca gctgccagga gtcctgggct tttttcccag gccaggttcc     19380
     cgatctctca gcctctgagc tgtccacagg gtagagagtt gggtcaccag ctcctcctgg     19440
     atggcacccc acctccggtg gctgcccaga cctccctgaa gcactatctc caccccaaca     19500
     tcactgggca tcttccttac ctgacaccag cacactcatg atggcttcca ggggccggtt     19560
     gttgtccagt gcccggctca gtctcagctc accggtggag gcattgagca ggaccaagct     19620
     gagttcattt cctcgctcga agctgtacgt caggctgtct gagatatcgg ggtcgtgggc     19680
     aggcacacgg cctatggcac caccggggaa gctgctggag cggttggtga catagttgtt     19740
     aaagagaatc tcaaagttgc ccagcacggg cgggttatca ttgcggtcaa ggaggcggac     19800
     atggacagta gccctgctca ccaagggagc agacgtagcc tggatgacca ggacatattc     19860
     aggccggtcc tcatagtcca aatctaccag ggcagttagc tcgccagaga atatatccaa     19920
     ctgaaagacc tcagggatat tgccctccac aatctggtac atgatctgtg cgttggtccc     19980
     ttcatctggg tcagtggctg tgacccgggc cacggccagc ccgatggggc tgttctcttc     20040
     cacaaatacg tcaaactcat cctgttcaaa gacagggggg ttgtcattca catccaggac     20100
     agtaactgtc acttccatgg gtgtgcgggc tggtggcatg cccttgtcca ccgcataggc     20160
     ccgcaggacg tactgggcca cgttctcacg atccagcctc cgcagtgtgc gcacaatgcc     20220
     cgatgtcgac tctacaataa agtcaccgtc cccatcatct cctccttgga aggtgtagaa     20280
     aaccctgcca ttcagaccgg agtctcgatc cgtggctgag atctgcagga cgctggtgaa     20340
     gggcggcacg tcctcgtaga cgctgccctg gtaggaatct ctgaggaact ggggggcgtt     20400
     gtcgttcacg tcattcacca ggatctccaa ataggtggtg tcagacttct ggggaatgcc     20460
     attgtcccga gcagtgatgg ccagggtata agacacctgg tcctcgtagt ccagctcagc     20520
     ctgggtggtg acagccccag tgtccgcgtc gattcggaac tgggggatgc tatcctccat     20580
     aaagtaggtg attcgggcat tctcccccgt gtcctcatcc gtggcgctga tcagcaccac     20640
     tgtggtgcct gctggccggt cttcattaac gttgactgtg tagtgggagc tctggaagac     20700
     gggacggtgg gtgttggcat cggtgacatt cactactatc tgagctgtgt cctgccttgt     20760
     gccatctgag gcagtcactg ccagcacata ctgccgctcg agtttgtagt ctagcggtaa     20820
     ggcaagggag accagtccac caccactttg gctggtgata gagaagcggt tgcgggtgtt     20880
     gccgctggtg atctggtagg taatgacact gtgagcgtct cgatccacgg ctgacacggt     20940
     caccacactg gtgcccacgg cggcgtcctc gttgagccga acggtgtact ctggctgcgt     21000
     gaaggttggg ttgttgtcat tgacgtccag gatggttaca ctgacactgg ctgaggccgt     21060
     gagcgctggg gtgccatggt cccgggcctc tacaccaaag ctgtagaaat caacctcttc     21120
     ccgatccaac tctgcggcca cagagatcca gcctgtgcca ttgttaatgg tgaagggaaa     21180
     gtcgtgccca acccctgcca ggctatactc gaggcgggcg ttatcaccag cgtcagcatc     21240
     aattgcctgg acgtgcagaa caaggtagcc taaagggaca ctctctagga cggtggcctg     21300
     gaaaggggtg ctgacaaaga tgggggcgtt atcgttgatg tctaggactt gcactgttac     21360
     taggccagag acattggaga gtggaggacg gccaccgtcc tgagcccgga tccgaagcgt     21420
     atactctttg gttgtctcat agtcgagtgg gcttaccaca tccagggctc cagtctgagc     21480
     atccagatag aactggcccc gagcattgcc actcatgatg ctgtagtgca ctagggcatt     21540
     gctgcccttg tctctatcgg aggcggtgac tcggagaact ggggctcctg gggtcacatc     21600
     ctcccgcacc tggaccacat aacgcttctc gctaaactgg ggggcgttgt cattatcatc     21660
     ctccaccgac aggaaaacaa tggctgtgga actccgcggg cctgggtccc ggccctggtc     21720
     actcgcctcc actgttaact tgtaggattc cacttcctcc cggtctacag ggccgcgggt     21780
     tcggatcacc cccgagcgag gatcgatctc aaaggcgtct gaggggctgc ctccggcccc     21840
     ctccagcagg cggtacagaa tgttggcatt gggaggggcg tcgccgtcgg tggccctgac     21900
     tgtaagcacc tcatagccaa cctccaggtt ctccctgagg ctctccttgt actcttgctg     21960
     ctcaaaaaca gggtcgtgat cgttggtgtc ggtcaccaag atggtaagcg tggccaaggc     22020
     actccgtcgg ggcataccgt gatcctgtgc agtgaccctg aagacgtggg tgctcttggt     22080
     ctcccgatcc agctcctcag ctgtggtgac aacaccggtg attgggtcca aggagaagaa     22140
     atgattggag cggctatcaa agagggcatc catggtgtac tcaagtcgac ccgcctcacc     22200
     ctcatctgga tcaatggctc ttaaggatgc aacagaggta ccagcaggct ggttctcagg     22260
     cactgtggcc tggtagctgg gaggctggaa ctggggagct gtattcacat tccttttcct     22320
     gcgcccaccc agagattcct ctggtgagcc ttccccagcc ctgagccctg gggcctgtgc     22380
     cagcttgcaa gactggcatc tgagccgtgg ggcctttaag caagggtgct cttcaggcag     22440
     ggtcagcgtg ccttgtggag aaaggtgtcc tccgataccc aggagacgac agctccaggg     22500
     gcagccttca gaggatggcg gaagagggat atgagcccct gattctggac accaaaccct     22560
     caggccatcg tggtggggca ccaggtggcc ggtcagctca atgcccgatt ctctgcagcg     22620
     gctggtgtag agccagaggt tcgaagcaga ggctgggcag agccagccca cgggggcgca     22680
     ggccccagag gagctgcgtc ccccggatcc cagagaacga cagggcccca cttgatctcc     22740
     cagtagtggc gacggtggca gcagcagcaa cagcagtagc agcggcagca gcggcgttgg     22800
     gaggggggcg ctggcagccc ggctccgcat ctctccctgt tcccggccag ccgggtcaac     22860
     agccgcggcg gctcttcctc cggctcctgc cggccccgcc gcgcctcatg cccgggccgg     22920
     ggcgcgggtc cccgggggcc acctgtacgt cccactgggc ctgcacccag atggctcggc     22980
     ggggccgcgc tcttagccca cgatgcgccg ggctcccacc actctcgaag ccgggcccgc     23040
     tcccgagtcg ccgcgaccac tgcgggttca cgctgcgctt ccacctgcgc tctgagcgtt     23100
     ctctacctgc gcccgcgggc cgcgaggatc tctggctctg ccgggtcccc cggtcccgag     23160
     ccccagaatg tcccctccgc ccgcgtaagg tcgcccacct gcgtctgcgg agcctcacgc     23220
     tccggcccgg gcccggctgc caacgatggc cctgcgccac ccgctcgcgc cctgcgtccc     23280
     cgccgcggca gctaccggtc gccggggtcc cgggcccaga cccgcgttcc ctcgcctccc     23340
     gggcgggcgg gcgagctctg cagagcagcg gcggtggtgg cggcggctca ttaccataga     23400
     cctgctcgcg ccgccgcggt cttaaagcgg cgacgcccaa cgcgccgagg aggtgggccc     23460
     cacccagcgc cctcttctgc atggcggctc taagtaagat tcccgcctct ggtagaattt     23520
     ttcttcccag cacatcagac ttgctccttt ccatttctgg atcccttcta cagcttaaag     23580
     aggaatgaac aatcagaagc cacacaggga attgatactc ttgtaaaatt ctatggctag     23640
     cgctctttca aaacagtctt aatgtctgca ggaggtgacc agggggtggg aggtgggtgg     23700
     atatagacag acagacagac agacagacag acaactttcc agtcttacca tccctgaaag     23760
     ccctcattgc tgccccatcc tacaggtccc gggtcagaag taaagacgac tttgctcgac     23820
     ttcgctcgac actacaaagt ctcccccaga taccagaagt cgtgctctca cttggatatc     23880
     ttggacaaaa ggacccctaa gctcatttgg gatacatctt gggtaccaca tgtcaggtca     23940
     ggggaagtga accagaatgt ccaaagcagc aagagcacta acactaccag attcctaggg     24000
     ccagggtgag ttggttccag agggcccaag cttcctggac cttaggacgt gttccttttt     24060
     ctttatccct cctccctcct agatcaatgt ccaactgctg tcctcctcct acccgcggct     24120
     ttgtaactag caaatggccc tgtccattgc acaggactac tgagcccttc atggaatgcc     24180
     accccagaac cttctggaag gggtatgaag aactgatgaa tcttcccata agtggagttc     24240
     acacaagatg ttgggaccaa agaaccggga agagtgaggc tgggcaagcc agagggcttc     24300
     ttcctctcat accctgagca atgagggatg tcagattgta tgagagagga ggccactctc     24360
     acatgctagc tatgtgcgac ctttcctaga gtgagggact tgaataaagt aatggatttt     24420
     cagaagtctc gagggaggtg atgatatggt ctgaggagat agctgagtgg gtagagagac     24480
     cccaccgagc tgagtctgga ttcccagcac ccacattaga aagctgggca caggctcacc     24540
     aacgtgactg ctcaaacatg aaccaaagta gtcaggagac agaccaggag gcctcagccc     24600
     tgtacaagaa ctacaggcga ctcggggatt ctgagcggga gaacaggctt tccccaagga     24660
     agagcatgct gatttgttat tctgtaccaa tggtcagtcc cggaaaatac atacaagtaa     24720
     cactctacag atggagcagg ttgtatttag aaatgtctat acatatatga atataacagc     24780
     aatgaaaaaa gaggggatga atttgaaaga gggcaaggag aggtatatag gaaggtttgg     24840
     agggaggaaa gaaaagggag agatgatata attatactat aaactcaaaa gtaaaaataa     24900
     aacattatta attaaaagcc cgggcacggg agtgtacatc tgttacatca atgttaggga     24960
     agcagagaca ggaggatcca acatagtcct tctatgtcag ctagctacag tagaggactc     25020
     ccccaccttt gctctagacc agagaacccc catgtgacct cagagttatg ccagaggtga     25080
     caggcagctt ttctctctct gcaggggaat ataaaagaag ctggatagaa ggattatgtt     25140
     ggactgtttt cctggtagtg gtgttgggca gggttagtgg aggactcctg gttgctggag     25200
     tagcctacag tttcacccaa gatgaacttc cttcctttag acaaagtctc tctagataga     25260
     ggagtggtaa gtggtctcca cagggctctg cctctcctca tttcctcaga ctatgtttcc     25320
     tggggattgc gtgggcattt ttgctcttca ttccataggc atgtggtaca gagaatgctt     25380
     ggaaattata ctgtctgtta atgatccttt gaattgtggt tgggtaatga gacttgcttt     25440
     tgatgaagtt cccaaaccaa tgcatggaga aactgtagct cttcgttcat tggctccctg     25500
     tgggactaaa atgggcttgc tgggtagagg aaagagcaac tcggactcta taatgtggcc     25560
     atggctctga aagggagagg ggtgtgggag ggggcagggc tgccagggaa aactcaggct     25620
     ttcagagctt cctccaagta agtggccttt ctcctcaagg tagacatggt gctggatgta     25680
     aggaaccctc ccttctttca tcgtccacac atatttggca aatagtactt aatcccctcc     25740
     taacctcagc ccctgaggag gacagacagc tgcctccttt ctggccccct cagccctttc     25800
     cacctccccc aaaacaggag ggaaatttgc aagtcttata ttcatcactg ggagacataa     25860
     aagggggtgg cccagtgtgg caacccccta gaggggtttc ctgcttcatg gatactttta     25920
     actatcagga actttgggtc tccctcccac ctgctcctac ccaggtccaa tgaagtctta     25980
     cagacttaaa agggaatgta ccgtgccttc aatctcagca actttggata gtagactcag     26040
     ttggaacatt gtggcaggag aataagagtc ccaatatagc taaaccctaa tttaaggggt     26100
     ggagggtggt tctggggagg tattactgta ttggaaatta gtttcttggc ctatggcaag     26160
     ttcatactgg tataagatgg atctggtatg gctttggcag aaggtttctg gagcaacgga     26220
     gacagggagg caagtaggta agctgcttgc cttgcaagca cgaagacctg cgttccatcc     26280
     ccaggaccca catgaaacac aactaagtgt ccgtctgttt attttataat cttaacactg     26340
     gggaggtgga aactggcaga tctaatcagt aacttgaaaa gctggaactg tggaacaaac     26400
     agctgagcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     26460
     ccagtggttt gaatagggtg ccctctgaac tgttggtccc cattgatagc actatttggt     26520
     agggttagga ggtccagctt tgctgttggg agtttgttac taaaggtaag acttttagag     26580
     tcattttgag ttctcattct ctctgcttcc tgcttgaggt ttaagatgta agctttctgg     26640
     cctgggcatg gtacacacct ttaatcctag cactcagaag gcagaggcaa gagaatgtga     26700
     gttcagggcc ggcctgatct acatattgag attcaggaca gccaggacag actcaagttt     26760
     aaaatacaaa aatttttaag tgagggtcgg ggaggggaca aaggagaaga cagggagggg     26820
     gacagggtaa ccaaaataaa ggatgtatga aaaatcctta tggaaacata ctactttgaa     26880
     agttaattag aagaatgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcac attagggggg     26940
     agcttgaaca catgcatggg tggacagtgc ttctcctaga agacatgctg ttaaatgaaa     27000
     atctcatggc caggtgtggt ggacctctcc ctatggatta ttggtcagac aagccacgga     27060
     gctccccaca caacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gttattgcca     27120
     ttccactcaa ttgttcatca gaagtactct atgagactct attgctgctg ggtgcatgcc     27180
     ttcaatccca ggcctaggga gacagaagca ggcggatctc aatgaggcca acctggtcca     27240
     tacactttgt ttcccgccag ccaaggctat atagtgagat ctgtctcaaa ataagaagca     27300
     gacagacatg aatagaccct attgctgaag acacacacac ttgacttgta ggacacagag     27360
     gattcgccct agaactgacc tggaaatgtc ttccctgctg gctagctttc atagcgccag     27420
     aagttgctgt acacgtccct gggggagaaa ggtcatcgtc gccttccaca gcaataatcc     27480
     tgagtggctg acatgccagg cacacaggtg caagagtggc atgggtgtta ttagtaacca     27540
     actgatttct ggttagattt gaggattgga tttcacacaa aggaagtcat accaggctct     27600
     gtaaacctgg tcaaaacctc atggctgtca aggacatagg tcttaggggg aacgtagtat     27660
     tgttgtttca cggaatgtga agattgtcaa gatgccttct aaatatttat gtttatatca     27720
     atgggttagc actgttatca attttgacta gagaagtttc tttagagtta attaatccag     27780
     cggatcacaa ctggacaaac cgctaagaat aaataacgag tgctcagctg taaacgggac     27840
     gtctatatcc tcctaccgtc acccaaggct cagggaacat tgcagaagag agggtaggaa     27900
     gagtgtaaga gccagaggat ggggagacgt gtgtgctggc aagtgccttt aatgccagta     27960
     ctctgtgttc aagggcaaca tggtctgtag agcaagttcc aggctagcca gagctacata     28020
     gtgagaccct gtctctaaaa caaacaaacc aaaaagaaac atgcaccttc aaggctggga     28080
     gtgtagctcc attggaagaa tgcttgtcta gcgcatctga agccctggct cagtccatag     28140
     cactgcataa cctgggctca gaggtacaaa tctgaagtcc caacactcag gagataggac     28200
     agaaagccat caaggccatc cttgggagat caaaaactca agatgactcc tggctgcata     28260
     gggagtttaa agtcagcctg gaatatgtgt gaacatgtgt caaaagagaa gttaaaaata     28320
     aattaaaaaa attaggatat aatatacact ctctgcctag gtacaataat ggccaacact     28380
     actttttctt tcacagcttt tggagtacct gtgttctagg cccctcatca ggctgtgcca     28440
     gagatgcagg atcctccctc ctccatcacc tactgggcct ctgccatgac cacagccagg     28500
     aacagaaatg agactctaga atcatctctc atagccaatc caagacaaac tctctcttga     28560
     agtttctgcc ttcaaagcag atttttgtac ctaccatatg ctgcctttta acttattatt     28620
     aatgtatgtt tggtatgtaa agtgtattac atgagtgtag gtgcatgctt gccacgatat     28680
     gcctgtggag gttagaggtc aactttcagg cacgggttca tgggatttgg agttcaaact     28740
     tagattggca ggtttgcttt accttctgag ttgccatctc aaatgtcatc ccctcccctc     28800
     tccctacccc accatttttt ctttttaatg acatagtctg aagggtccag gctagttttc     28860
     ttgtttaggt gccatgatcg atccagatct ctcttcctct tctcttctct tctcttctct     28920
     tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttcttc     28980
     tcttctcttc ctctctctct ctctttgtgt gtatatgtgt gtgtgtctgt tcgacaggat     29040
     ttctctacct ctctacatag ccctggctgt tctagaattc actctgtaga ccaggcagaa     29100
     cttgaaccca cagagatctc cctacctctg catcccaagt gctgggatta aaggtgtatg     29160
     ccaccaagcc ccaaaaggag ttatgtgatt taaggaccct tcatgatgtt cttctcagag     29220
     agtaacattt cgaacttaag tctgaatatg ttgcttccct gctgagaact ctaccctgtt     29280
     gcacagtgga caacccccct cccctccatt tttagcctat aaagctccat gtgaactggc     29340
     ctagcctttc cctactcccc actctgttct gggtacctga gcctcctccc agttgctgct     29400
     tccttcttca cgcatggcaa tgtgcaatta tataggattt gtacctgtca atttacttgc     29460
     ttaacatgtt attctcagga ccagggagaa tgagtcccac aaatacctca catctagcat     29520
     gtgaccagag acatagtagg cactcaataa atatcagatg aataaataaa tgataggtgg     29580
     atggcacaga tgtcaggtgt ctcttcatgc ttcgaacttc tatctggtag gccgttgggt     29640
     gtcacttcag ccacaaactg aattctccga gccagctgta cttggaggtg gcaggcccaa     29700
     tgccccaact tttaactggg ctcaataaaa aatggcatgg atgtcttcac catagcaggc     29760
     tccatccaca gtgccagcaa tgtttgctag ggatgactta aaaagctggc attctataag     29820
     cgatgcaaag tccatcgcag atgcagctaa gtgcgtatgt ggtttgtcac atgtgcacag     29880
     cttaggtcat ctgtcacaga aaggctaaga tggagcctgg ggctgaggct tgggtagaaa     29940
     tccccaaagc aatgcgtcca gtaacttagt tgtcaaagca gaggagtgca caggtagaca     30000
     acacagatga atgagactct ggctccaggt taagctgaga caccaggcta tattcactaa     30060
     tatttttgtg accccccccc cccttcattt atctattgtg tacacatgtg tgctttcaga     30120
     ggtaagaggt caacctgcag gagttgatcc tctcctcctg tatgttgagt cctagggatc     30180
     aaaccctgct cactaggcct gctatgcagt aagtgccttt accagctgag tcatgttgcc     30240
     agcccttact gaaggagaat catggctgac ccatcacagg ctgtcactgc aggactgtag     30300
     aacagcgggg caatgagaag cggatctcat ggtgaaaact cagtgggact gtgcagcaca     30360
     ctggcctggg gtaggagcag gaagctgtct agggtgactc ccaggtgtct gggtcagggg     30420
     tagatatgga tgtgttgtgg gaataagggc ttgccatccc ggagagaggc tcagtcggca     30480
     tgtttgggag ccccacatgt tactgaagag caggcatatg gaaggaccag atgcttctgg     30540
     aaccagtgca tggagtcaag tgccatgttt ttttcccaag ctgcttcctc agccccaact     30600
     cagagtttcc tttgcgattc cagctgagca gagcagtccg cattccctcg taagtgggca     30660
     gacaccagag ggctggggat gctgatgaga cagtagaact gccaagtgtc ccctgagaat     30720
     gaatcttcga ggaaaaaaaa gagccagata ggatgctgtc cgcagatggg gacagtgtaa     30780
     gcaggttgag attaagggga ggcaaaggaa gatgaggcag aagaagaaat ttagggacag     30840
     cagcttaaga ctaagaccca ggactctagg cacaaggggg tagggctggt ttggaagagt     30900
     aaaaagaaat tgttttctct gacacaagat ggaaggtgta tagtattctc aactaggagc     30960
     ttagttcttc agttcaggat ttataatctc agtgtccctt aagggtcata ccttcttatc     31020
     agcaatttac acctcaacaa atgtaatttc ccagactctt tctgacagca ggcttctgta     31080
     ggggaggggg acagtcttac tagatatgag actccaaaac atcgcctttt ccagaccagc     31140
     cagttagagc agctagagag gatccatctc acctctccag aacagaggtc tcttgaccac     31200
     gggaacccta gcctctgacc agagccttga gaacctggat ctaggtcttt ccaggcacct     31260
     tggtagggga gctgtacatt gctgggtttc tgcaagactc tgcttgcagt accccgcccc     31320
     cattgggagg gctcttaaaa gggcaacaat cataggcgga gccttaagct caatcaggct     31380
     taagtggggg ctccaaggat gcaccccttt tgtgcctatc tgggaggggc taccgagaaa     31440
     gcccctgctg ggagagtggt aggggcccct catcctggca caggctctga catgtaactc     31500
     atttctttgg ggcccatccc agctcagcct gtcagactta ccctgggagc acagccagga     31560
     cggctctagg cccccagtag gagggatggg agttgggggg tggggggggg agttgtatct     31620
     gatagatcca ggataaaccg gaaaagcttc aggaaagtta aagcaggaca cactacaggg     31680
     agtctgctgc caggagtggg gtttcagccc taggggtatg tctggttggg caggctgagc     31740
     tcaggatggt ccctaggaaa ggctgggcct ccacatttgc ctgacctttc agaatcggcg     31800
     gaaagcatgc cttctggttg gtgatcagtg gttaggacac acatcacgtc ccagtagatt     31860
     acttccctca tctagacctg cattttggct ctgaattcct gggtgtggga accaaaacct     31920
     tctaagggac tcagggttct gactcactcc acagggcctc tgggggttgt ttgctgaggt     31980
     aacccgggta gctgaggttg gagctggggc agtcaaggtg ccagggatga gggcattggc     32040
     tgcggaggca ctaccagggt ggagacaagg ttatctgggc tcattcccaa gtacttccag     32100
     gtgggtcagc ccatcctcta aacaaggctt gcatcagcca aagccactgc tccaaaggaa     32160
     ggagtatggc ttgctctggg gaataaacca caccttccca gcggttaacc ttcttaatgc     32220
     tgcaaccctt aaatacagtt ccacgtgttg tggtggcccc caaccataaa attcatgctg     32280
     ttacctcata actgcaattt tgctaattac ataaagcata atgtaaatat tttgggaaaa     32340
     gggtttgtca aggaggtcac gactcacagg ttgagaacct gagttagctc ttgtcctgag     32400
     agcatgggac agtggtctgt tttctatttg tatgaagcat gggaagactc ccattttttt     32460
     gttctcctct ggtttggcaa tgaggcacac attctgtgaa gattacttgg ccctctctgg     32520
     ggaagacaga tgtggggaga aatgactgac tgctcagggt gtctagagtc caagagcagg     32580
     ctgctccagg aaactggcaa ggtagagagt aaagctggct agtgaagggg agacaagagc     32640
     ggatacagga aggcagaacc ctgtctgtgc ccaaggctac aggcgttaga ggacgggggt     32700
     ggggggagca gctgtggaga cctaggtcag gcccaagaca acacaggacc acctagctat     32760
     tcctaacaaa cttgtaagcg ggacagccta gtctccccat cacggttcaa gctgcttttc     32820
     ttctaactga atgttaaggt tatgggaatg tgaattaatc acaaatggga gcagcctggc     32880
     tctttgtcct cttgtccagg ctgtttccca gggctgaagc caaggggcca cggagcctgc     32940
     ctgggcagcc agctgccaca gcaggcagaa gagcctcggt gtttccccct tgtaggcacc     33000
     cagttttgac aggcttacca agagcaaggt taaccaactc cctagaagaa ataagcacac     33060
     ggcctctttg cttgcttggt actgggccaa agcagttgag gtgggctgag ctgaagccct     33120
     gtcacaagca gggtcatact cagctcccaa cctctgcaag tcactctgag ccagactccc     33180
     acctggccac gctacctcat tctcccactc tgggacaggt ataatcatgc ccccacccta     33240
     ccttctgggg ccacacgaag ataaaaggca gcatctagag gaagcgcttt aacctgctag     33300
     aaggcaagct ccagactgac ctaaggtgtc attagagcgg aggatacaga tcacagatga     33360
     aagagagctg gtgaagaaag cctgactact gccttcccgg gggggcaggt gcccagctat     33420
     taggacacag tgggagttcc tgaggacaga cccgtcctgc acccctctgc cctgcctctg     33480
     acactacagc aagtgactgc tatgtggcga gcctctcccc acgcggggac agctgtaaag     33540
     acggaagctg ctgttcataa ccacagcgcg tgctttggaa cctaggggct cctgtggagg     33600
     agtgtcagct accacactca gccttctctc tgcgagaagc ccttcctagg gaatgtatgt     33660
     gcgtgctagc aggcttttcc atcatactgg tctctaagcg cgtcacagcc ttcaggcagg     33720
     agtaacttta cagagaatcc caatccttgt cctgacaact tgtgttacaa ctccaggctt     33780
     tctaaaaagc ctttactaaa taaatatacc tctttactaa caccctggct gagggctctg     33840
     taatcattct caaagaagcc ttatctggga gagcagttca ggcccaggga gacccagcag     33900
     agacaaggtt caagtctggg gaggggagga gactggggaa gccttgtgcc ctccccagag     33960
     atgctttatt gcgtggcttc accagtcatc agtgaagaga cccctggccc gtgcgaggag     34020
     aagggaacac ctgctctgtc cacggcagat ggtttcccca gccgctgtgc agtcagatgg     34080
     gacagggtga ggagtggttc tcggcctctc tgtcccaggg caggcctggg atcccagcag     34140
     gcttagtaag taagtctggc agtgctcagg cctcagtgac ctccatgctc tgcagctggt     34200
     tctccagggg gacctctttc gctttctttt tgctgccttc atgttgcttc ttctgcttct     34260
     tagatggctc ctggtcaatg ggtgcaggct tcacaaacgg gatcagctct tggagccctg     34320
     ggagggaggg aagagcccgc aagtgaccta ttgcttctgt caaagcccac agacctcagt     34380
     ggaggatgta gacaatatcc ttccaacgaa ggggtaccca cacgagagag ggactgctct     34440
     gctcttctct tccccactct gaggttagga gctgcatatg acacccacac tccgttccca     34500
     gcagcatgcg gagggcagaa ttatgtagac tgtaggaaaa tggggtgcag atttcaaagg     34560
     ggcccctcag gaggtgtgaa gatggaggac tgtacctggc ggcatgaact ccctcaactt     34620
     ctctggcaca gcgatgccct tctctgcctg gtagttctcc aggatggcgc agatggtccg     34680
     ggtggtagca cacattgtag cattaagcat atggacaaac tccacctgga agagcaggtt     34740
     ccacggggaa gattaaagtc atccctcagt tgctcttcct gacctcgaac catccgctca     34800
     gccataaatc ccccaatttc caactttgta aaacttgatt tttcttttac tgcctctaag     34860
     gtaaccctcg gaagattcct catgttcgca cttgtgacaa gtagaggcta cagtactttc     34920
     agaggatgtg gaggaagaag aaagcaccag tgtggcccct ccttttaacc catcccaact     34980
     tgggacagag atcagggtct gaagactggg tcatttttgc tttttttgag acaaagtctc     35040
     ggtgtatagg tctggctgtc ctggaacaca ctagatagat caggctggcc tcgaacatac     35100
     agagcctgcc taagcttctt gagtgctgag attaagggat gcgccaccac gcccggctct     35160
     ggagactggg tttaagagag gagcttacaa cctgaccttc ttgggcgaaa agagggaaga     35220
     cattgccttc aacttgttct gtgtagagaa acggagatta ttctttttct ggagttaagg     35280
     aaaacaaagc caaagagaga aaagcttgaa ttactgtgta gaatagagct aggctcaggt     35340
     ttctgtctac aagaacccgg tcctgattca gcagaagttt tttcttttgg atctagactg     35400
     agctgatttt ctcatgatgc tggaaacata cactcccagg aattagaaac agaaaaactg     35460
     tgccctgtgt aggaagccct gctgcccact tccctggggg gctaactacc ttgtccatca     35520
     tcttcttggt ctgcccatat cggattctca ggcggcgagc ttggtaatcc gtgcaattag     35580
     aacaggacac caactcacgg aaggcacccg agcctgggaa ccaggcctcc aggtcgagct     35640
     tcttactggc agcgtgattc aaggagcctg taaggaaacc cctagcttca ggaagggcgg     35700
     acagggtttc aggaggccct ctgcagcgag cctgaagaag cctgcacatc acatcgaatt     35760
     cccagaaggg aaatcacact cagatctcat caccaaatgc tccggggaga agggtgtgac     35820
     attttaatga aagtgggtaa tgacttgaac tgagagctct ctctttgtga ggtgcctcag     35880
     ctggtgaaag tgatctgtga gatgcagaaa agggggaagg aagagatgag gggttccata     35940
     cctgagacaa tattcacaat gtggtaaggg atccccaaag actggtagaa ttcttctgcg     36000
     gtggcgatca tctcatcaaa catctcccac gacttattgt catggggcga tgagtacaca     36060
     aactgctcaa tctgcagaga ggggccgagg agacggacag cagtgagggt gagtaaagca     36120
     aaggaaaaaa ggtggagacg ctctcgcagt gagctcgtcc catagccccg ggcgcaggcc     36180
     aggctgggtc ccagaggaga tcagttctca actggactac aacagccagg acgatggcgt     36240
     ctatagagca tcaccatctt gtgctagcta ttgcagtaag tgcctgacac acactaacct     36300
     aaccagcctg gtgttcagcc agcctccgga ggcggctccc gccatttgct ctctttacag     36360
     gggtcgccca gctagtaagt ggtggaactg gcacaggaga tttaggaagc cttgctctag     36420
     tctgtgcaca aagcactgca tgcgttctct aggctcttcc ccaccaagaa atccttaatg     36480
     aatgtaaaag ctgcagccag tgggcaggca gatcacgctc ctcctgagac gatctggaca     36540
     cacagggaac tgactctccc cctcccctcc actcaccttc tcaaactgat ggactcggaa     36600
     gataccacgg gtgtcacggc catgcgagcc cacttcctga cgaaagcagg tggagaggcc     36660
     agcgtacttg atgggcagat cctctggccg cagccactcg tcccggtgca gagccgcgat     36720
     gggctgctct gaggtggcaa tcaagtattt ctcgtcatag gagttgtcat ctgacttttc     36780
     gctgcctttg ccaatcacct ggaggaggga tacatgcgag gaaagactgc atccgaagcc     36840
     ccaggaaaga tatagcaatg cttggggtga aggctaaaac agcgaggcaa caggtctatc     36900
     taaagaggag cccctgtgag agtttaaaag aaatcccagc acttaggaat ctgaaccatg     36960
     agggccttaa gtttgaggtc agcttgggct atgtagagca ctgaccaaag caccctgaca     37020
     caaacacaca aataaaaacg aacaaacaag acaggaaatc caacactcat aaaaacaaac     37080
     atgcaaatga agagcctaaa aacttactga acaactgcaa aacacagaat gatattaaat     37140
     ggtcaatgct ggcagatgta caacatctta tgcactcaac aaatatttct aagtccatct     37200
     gccaacgaag agaaaccagc tcagagtgcc aggcagatcg aagctgtgtt taatgtcagt     37260
     cagctgatca gaaaaacatt ctgaaattca acttgaaccc tctggttgtc ccaggttcaa     37320
     gcggaaggta caaggatgga cgtttctagt ctgcagacaa gagcagaagt ctctggaagt     37380
     gaactaggag atctgtccgt gtttgtagct ggtaaagggt cttctcttct aagttcccag     37440
     tgatagagtt acacagattt ctaggggaaa gatgaaaggg gttttctgtt ctacactaac     37500
     atggttggta ccaaccacat gtggttttag cattgaaatg aactaacatt aaaaacctgc     37560
     tgggctggtg agatgtctcg gcagggaaag gcacctgcta ccgtgcctga caacctgagc     37620
     acgatcctca gggcccacat gggtgaagaa aaccatccac tgtcctccac accatggcat     37680
     gcacaagcct ccccacgccc aacaaaaaca ccaaaacata aaagaaagcc agacaactct     37740
     gcatacatcc caatccctgt actctggaga cagagggaga agctcacaga tgtgtgaggc     37800
     cagccagcac tacacaagca gcaagactgt caagcaatct tgcaagcata gtgcacattc     37860
     ctgtaactcc aattcatttt cattctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     37920
     ctctctctct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ctccctctct ccctctccct ctctcaaaaa     37980
     aatcaaaata aaaaaataaa aaataaaaaa aaggccgcag acctgtaacc cttgctattc     38040
     aggaaggaga tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttcttgag     38100
     acagggtttc tctgtgtaac cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtaaac taggctggac     38160
     ttgaactcag aaatccacct gcttctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca     38220
     ccactgcccg gtgaggaagg ataatataaa attcaaggta tgcttgggtt aagtgaattt     38280
     gaggctagcc tgggcaactt actgagactg tttcaaaata aaaacaaggg gttggactat     38340
     aactcggtgt agaacacttg cctcgagaag cccaggattc aatccctgcc ttaacagtac     38400
     tgtagagcaa acagagagac aacaaaacca ccaaacaaac atttgtgatc agaagtacac     38460
     agaaaaccat gcaagaacac agtgagcagc tgcaagccaa gaacagaagc atcagaagaa     38520
     atcaacatgt taatcttgca cactgggttc cagaactgta agacaataca tttctgttgt     38580
     gctagacatg gtagcataca ccagtaatct actactcagt ggactgatag gaggttcagc     38640
     aattcaaggc cagtccccct tacaaacagt tcatcgtcag cccaatgtac tcaaaaaaaa     38700
     gagggaaaac cagtggagct ctgcaagtat tctaccatag cagaaagctg tgtggagaac     38760
     gtatcatgtc accattgagc tttgccacca cactacttac cttataaagt tcttcatcaa     38820
     actggctgag ctgggccact tcctgcatga cctctttcct catgaagaag ggggtgtaga     38880
     ttggagtgta gccccgactc cccaaggtac gcagtgcata ttggataagc gcctgctcca     38940
     ggaacaccag gggcccctaa ggaccataca cagcaaatgg gattgagtct tgtcaccagc     39000
     ccagtcagaa ccaaaaggca caggcaggtg gatgagacca gactgcaacg ataaatagcc     39060
     tgagatactg gttttaaagt ggtatcttat ttagttggtc cattaaaaac tcttgtatgg     39120
     aaacatatac aatattaatt gaactcaatc taagagacca acttgcaggg ttattaattt     39180
     tttttaacaa ctcaatacca gatatgaaga ggatagtcaa tagaattatg ttcaaaatta     39240
     cgtctggttt taggatgttt acacacaatg cagttttggg cgttatttgg cttcaggaga     39300
     gaacatttgt tcacctcacc agtggaaatt cctaatgctg ggctggcatc tgggtacaat     39360
     ggtgggaatt tactgttgcg actgtccaga cgagcaatgt atgggctttg tgcctgtcct     39420
     aagctgtgtg agtgatggtt ttgcctcctt actgctaagt aagtggtgtg gactggtgtg     39480
     tggaaatgtc atgatgagta cccctccaac tcaacttcac ccatacgccc acagataacc     39540
     atgccaaaaa tccaaacaca agtacccagg caattcttaa cacccaaggc caccagcaca     39600
     tggtcaggac accatgttta agagactcaa gtagctggtg atcgtgatcc acaccagcca     39660
     atgtagcacc tgggaggctg agatagcatt gctgtgaacg tgaagccagt ctgggtattt     39720
     agtgagacct tgtctcaggg tcctctcacc tccaccccat ccccacgaaa acagaccaaa     39780
     gtaaagaaat tatttaccca gggtgcatgg atcggagttt tctgtgttaa ttcttaaaac     39840
     actagactca tttgtaaata tacaatgttg aagtgtgcaa cacttccaaa attattctgc     39900
     catttccttt tggaagaatt cctgaattca catgcactct gctccagtta gtctgtgcca     39960
     gctgcccaca cctaccacag ctcaaagcat gctgggtcgc ctcagagcgc aggcttacca     40020
     cactgggctc ggcgtctttg ttacttgtct gactgtccaa ttacactgag ctcctcaaag     40080
     gcagagactg ttctgattca gtcagcaaaa catattcatt atgaaggatc actgagtggc     40140
     ttttgttcta tggaatctgg gtaagcgctc tcttgcctca gaaagagaat cgtgtctaat     40200
     tgccaggagt tcacaagcag gcatcgggtt caagtagagg atttgtgagc ctcttcaagt     40260
     atgatcatgc ttctcgcatt tatttgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta catatataca     40320
     tatttatagt tccttctggc tccccactct taccttcagg aagtaccccc gactaccagc     40380
     caccacggct cccttttcgc cttcaaagcc atctaccatc accaccaggt ccacatggga     40440
     atacttcttc ctgactgtac aatctcccca aatacgttct actttgttgt ctgcgtcctg     40500
     aggaaacaat ggagaagggg catatagcag agaccagcgg agcctttgag tgcatccatt     40560
     aaaccgagca ccagcttcgg gcctcatgta caaccaagga ggaagggaat ttgctactga     40620
     cagacaagaa agttacaaag tcacaaagtc acagaagcag tgccagtcag caaacttgga     40680
     gccttgactt gctcagaaat ctacagtata gtctctcttt acccttttaa atagctttcc     40740
     aaaaaccctg cacaagacac cgcctctcac aattggcatc acctggggta cagaggagaa     40800
     tgcaggactt tttctttgtg ggctctcatt ggtctccggg ccacatgagg gtgggctcca     40860
     ggccctgacc tcggtctgct caggctccaa ggccccaccg caccccagcc ggctgtgagt     40920
     tcagtgttca caagggaatg aatgaaagcg gcacagatgg gccccgccac ggctggggtg     40980
     tctgggaaca aaggctgggc tccgagcagc tttgtgccgg gaagctcccg ctccgcagga     41040
     aacttttatc atgcagattt cccttcaacc tgcggcttcc cagtgggctg tgggtgaggg     41100
     gttgggttga tttaacggat ccctcccaca ggacttactg ctaccagggg caacaggcca     41160
     ctgaggacag cagccccatt tagaagagat ttctgggcag ggcgtcccct cctatctgct     41220
     gtctctgcca cttcccaatc gggcagggac ctgactcctg caaagctcaa ttggtgggca     41280
     aagggaacac acaaaggccg gcttttctga ctgagcgcca gccttacggt ggcctggcag     41340
     tcaggaaggg gggcccctgc acggcccagc ccagccccac ctacctcatc attactaatg     41400
     ggcacagagg ggtgcagaag gttcccaatc tcgcggaggt tctcaaatcg ctctgcttcc     41460
     agctttaccc gctccccatc acacttctgg atggcttcat caatgaggag tcggactttt     41520
     ttaatctgtg agactttcag ggcctgcaga agaacaaacc ccgagggcgg ggcatccata     41580
     acatatcagc gtcttaattg ttgtcctcta gtgacaactc agcttttact gaaggggcag     41640
     cctatgaggc atcacagctg aggtttagaa tacgctagac aagcactctg cccacgataa     41700
     catttcaaaa aacggacaag gaagccgagt gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcacagcact     41760
     caaggcagag gcaggtagat ctgagtttga ggccagcttg atctacaaag tgagttccag     41820
     gccagctagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgacaaaa caaaaagcaa aaacaaatta     41880
     aaaaaaactc aaaagaatgg taccctggcc ctgctggttc cagcaactag gattacaaat     41940
     ccaggccaac ctgtgatact gtctccaaaa caatgcacac cgctgtaatc ccagcagtca     42000
     gtgggtgagg gaatcagaag tgtaagcctg aattagagtc tgaaaccagc ctgggctcta     42060
     tgagacccaa tctcaaaata atggtaagta ctaaatggca aattattcta cgctggtgaa     42120
     atgagccgct tcgagctgaa ttaaaggcag gttgactggg aagctgctca agtcaccagg     42180
     gagagggaga cggggcagtg ggggggcttt ggaggggtga ggtgacaaag acagaaagaa     42240
     catgtgcacg tagggacaga gaaaatgcag agaggaggag ggagaccaaa ctgcctggat     42300
     aatatagtga ggcgcttctg ggggaggaaa ccccagcctc taggctgcaa agtttagggg     42360
     gtgtgccagc catgacctgt aacaggcagg gactgagaga tgctgggaga tcacgaaggc     42420
     ctgggcccct ctgggtctaa aacctcacac tagagatgaa tgcatttaag aagagaggtt     42480
     gattcaacag ggcagacggc cttgcctttt aatccttgag catcttcctt ttctttcagg     42540
     ggcagaaatg tgtagactga ccttccttcc cctcatgtgc atatacagag aaccaggagt     42600
     ttggccctgt gtttcccctt aacttctcat tttctagatt gagccagttt accactctat     42660
     tatgtattcc caaatttctc caggaagata ataactttac gaggaccaag agaccctgtc     42720
     ttaagtttgt cttctatccc ttactgtaga tgtttcaaac tgtgctctaa tttctcaggg     42780
     gaacccttac cgaacccagt tagaggaatg agcccctagg ccagccctcc acgcacagca     42840
     actctgcatt tctggtttat actcttgcag tgtgctaagg atttcgaaga gcagtttggt     42900
     gacaaacaca gaaaattacc accccgaaac cgctgcttaa ctagagtaaa ttgggaaatc     42960
     ccctgccttt gtgaaagaaa gcagaaaatg gagctaacac aggccaacta ggtccgtgcc     43020
     ttttcttttc ctccttcact gtccccgtcc acctctctcc tgtgactaag gagtctcagg     43080
     gacagagcgt aacggaagca agtaggaaca gtccaggatg gagcctctca tcctgctgca     43140
     tggatggggc tcccgctctt cctgtccagg gatgaggtca ccacaggaac acagtcatct     43200
     tagaagagga gagaaaccta cagctagcgc gtctgcagtg aggtcatcga aattcagcac     43260
     gttctctggg acggactcgt cgtctcccac tgcttccttt ttctgtgggg agaaagaaaa     43320
     ggcaatttaa tcaagataaa aattctaaca ctgttttttt aagcacacgc caaattaaca     43380
     catcatataa gctaatcaca ctgcactgta tttagtaagc cgcaacatta gttaactgaa     43440
     agccagaaat ccaagtttca agtccttatt catcacttct tcctttctga cccctggaca     43500
     agtcaataaa cctgtcgggt gagagcatta gtatcatgaa agtaagaaca gctcttgcca     43560
     cacacagaac catcgaagaa accacaagac ccctgggaga cgcggggagg aggattactg     43620
     tgagatagac tagcctggtc tatagagcca gttccagggc aaccagggct atatagcaag     43680
     accatgcctc caaagaaaaa aacaaaacaa aaatcaatgt ggtagtcaaa gctggcactg     43740
     aggacgaatc ttgctaaact ctaagaacaa ccccagcaat aggcaagggg gatccgaggt     43800
     aaggcaaagg aacaaacaaa tcaaggcaac agacagactg cagggggctc tctccctcac     43860
     tccaatttct gtgctcatta cttgtcagtc tgtcagatca tcctctctgg tcccgatacc     43920
     caggcaaaca cttagcgggc actgtctgtg aagcggatct aaacaatact taggtagggg     43980
     tacatatggc acaaaagtat tcatgactga gggatctccg acctgtaagt gattaatccg     44040
     catgagtccc gtaggaataa aactgttact gatagccatt ttcacagcca aaagtatgac     44100
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcca gatcagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     44160
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaataaa taaataaata     44220
     aataaaatac tgtcaaagga tgcaagatat catgaagaat aatgtgccac gattccaggt     44280
     tggacttcac gctgtaccct tcatggccgt gtatgtgtac aaatgaagca cattccagtc     44340
     gccaaggact ccttcacaca cgcatgtact cacataataa gatattttaa agaaacaggc     44400
     tccctggcag agtgcctaac aagatacagg cagcatgtat gtgctccatt caaagcagga     44460
     ctacaccaag acaaagatct ctgcagcctg gtgggaagac gccttcctgg aaatgaaaga     44520
     tgaagccacc acagggtcac ttctcagctg ggtaatggtg gtgcacaact ttaatctcag     44580
     cacctgggag gcagaggtag gcaggtctcc gagttcaaga ccagcctgat aagagtacac     44640
     agagagaccc cgtaccttgg aaaactaaac tgactaacca aataaataaa taaataaata     44700
     aataaataaa taaataaata atttctccct ggtaagaaat tcagcatcac agacatcaga     44760
     cacagggtta gagctccatt tacttccagc taagacaagc cggaggagct cggctcaagg     44820
     ccccaagcct gtcagctctc ttaccttcat tttctcccca atagttttgc tgcataaatt     44880
     cttcagcttg ttcaagttgt ctgcccgaaa tctgcctaaa attgaaagag ccgtatgtca     44940
     accctgcaca catcattaag acacccactg accactgtcc ctcctgcaaa tgctctgtgc     45000
     tatgtagtaa agacctggtt ttcagtgtgg cagactttga aggcggtaga cgctctaaga     45060
     gctggaccta gcgggaggtc acagatacta gctagctttg tgcatcacgg gcgggggata     45120
     tatttacctt tcctctttct ttgcttccta actgccacaa ggtgaacagc tgaggtgggt     45180
     aacctttctt tcttttttta gacaaagtct tactacatag ctttggctag ccgagaactt     45240
     gctgacaatc ctcttgccta tacctcaagt gctgggacta caggcaggtg ccactacatt     45300
     tgacttcttc ctactttttt tttttttttt ttaatttaaa gacagagttt cttgccgggc     45360
     agtggtgggg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttggaaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag     45420
     ttcgagacca ggttggtctc aaactcagag atccgcctgt ctctgcatcc tgagtgctga     45480
     gattaaaggc tagcaccacc acaccaagat ctcccatttc tttgaatctt ttcagttaat     45540
     tgttagcaac aagaagtcta ctaacccagt gcggatctct gcttagactg gtaatattag     45600
     tggacagaga cagattgcag tagggaatcc cagaatttgg tgacaaggaa aaggccaggc     45660
     tggagttgaa actgaggtac cagaatctgg ggctggagag atggctcagg ggttaagaga     45720
     atatacatct tctatagagg acctgagttc agtactcagc acccacacta cggagctcac     45780
     aaccgcctaa ctccagctcc aggggatcca acgcctctga cctccatgga cacctacatt     45840
     cacatagcat cccatagaca cgagagcatg tgcacacaca cacacacaca attaaaaata     45900
     atacaaataa atcttgtttg aaaaggcacc atattctata catcaccaga gcacagccga     45960
     gctacctggg agagacatct ctgaagcctg cccaattatc ctaaagtcca cttacaggaa     46020
     ctacagaaca ctttccctga ctcccagggt cctggccttg aactcatggc acaatcctgc     46080
     cccagcctcc caagctactg ggactacagg cgcccgctcg ccaccacgtc cggccataat     46140
     actttcccat ctgctattta tccgtaaaaa cagtgctgac tgtttactat actcagtggt     46200
     cttgctaaag ttaatgagta attccaattc tgcacattac aatcaagtcc tatgcaaatg     46260
     atgagtttgc ttcttctgtc ccaatctttg tttcttgcac catagcataa ggtctggtac     46320
     ctccaccaag aagtaataat ggccaggcgt ggtagtggaa tctgactaac acaatgccca     46380
     actctattta tagtcaacac ggagacaggt ctgggagtgg tcgtaagtgt aatcatacac     46440
     ttgggaggct gtggcaagcc ttcatattgc tcacagaata ccagtcctta caacaactct     46500
     ggaaaactgc tttacagcag ctatgtgcca tcaccaaccc aattcccact ctagggcttg     46560
     ttggccagcc agtatagccc aattttactg aatagtccag ttttactgaa agaccgtatg     46620
     tcaaaaaata agtggagagc cagacagagg tggtgcacat ctttaatcct agcacttgag     46680
     aggcagagac aggaaagtct cttgaattca aggccaggct ggttagagga agttccaagg     46740
     cagccagggc tacacagaga caccatgtag tagtagtagg aggaggagga ggaagagaaa     46800
     gaggaggagg aggagaagga ggaggaggag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     46860
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaaagaa aagggaggaa atctggaata gtggcacact     46920
     ctttttaccc ccacttggga ggcagaggca ggctgatctc tctgcgttta aggccagcct     46980
     ggtctacaca gagagttcca gaactagaga gatccactca caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     47040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaatcaaac aaaaaaccca acaaaaaaca aaacatacac atacacacaa     47100
     aaaagtggag agttactgag atacccaaaa tacgtgacct tcatgtcacg tgcacacata     47160
     cacacacaca gcatacaaac ataaactttt agtcctagtc ctctggaggc atcctgacca     47220
     tctacatgcc tgttgtagga gaagagggag agtatagaga acagtcaaca accgaggcac     47280
     tgccatgtga gcgagcagca gcacaggagg tggacgaact ggggcagcgt gtgctcgcac     47340
     agacagacag acagacagac agacacacac acacacacac acacacacca accaagccac     47400
     agaagtggaa agcaggactg tgacaggcta gagcagagtg gaggccatct gcagttgagg     47460
     gatgaagatg gggagccaaa gaagaacttg gaggtatctt atgctttaag gctgtggtcc     47520
     actgtgtagt ctagctatat atatgtgacg accactgagc atttaaaatg agaccgtgta     47580
     aaacacacat tagattttga agacttgtaa agaagaaaga aaagatgtaa atgatctcag     47640
     caaatttgag tatgcatcaa tgtgaatctt aatatggtta atcatgaaac acacaacttt     47700
     tgtatttaat aaataggctt aaagaagact ttgaggaaac caaggtgttt agaaaatctg     47760
     gatgtaactg ctctgtactg tgatacagga gagtgaagtg gcccggcaca cctcccatgc     47820
     agcctctgat tagcacactg gcaaagatgg cctgtttctg attgaggcag gaccttctcc     47880
     tgaggctcgc tcactcacta caggcacttc tggcctcttt agctccagtc ccctttacag     47940
     ttttttggag tcagtattgt atctgtgact tacaccctag cctttggtgt tcctctgaga     48000
     caagagtgta agacttagcc tgcaatccca agggtgagat cagcattgca gaaatctacg     48060
     agggagacta aaccaaaaag gagagctgtt tgaaagctct tctaattgtt gggaaaacaa     48120
     agatttagga cagggtttca actgataagg agaaatctca ttctccatga ggatgcatag     48180
     tacattccag aggacagaat cctggggttg gctgcatatt tcagatacac tgaaatcaat     48240
     aagaaccttg tccttatcct tatcctctaa tctgaagttc aagatgtgaa agaacagtca     48300
     cacatgtcag agtctgccat gaccagccag agactcctgg gatcctggct attaggagac     48360
     tgtggcagtt agatcacaag ttcaaggtct tcctgggata cagagtgggt tcaaggctac     48420
     tctggttcct tagggagacc ctgttaatta agtatctata gggctggagg gactgctcaa     48480
     cagttaaaga gggctcacgg ctcctgaaca gcccaggttt agttcctagc acccacaggg     48540
     cagtcacaac cacccgtaac tcaggttcta aggagaccca agaccctcca caagctcttc     48600
     atgtatggga tatacatata cacttaggca catgcacata agataaataa atatttttaa     48660
     aatattcaca gccaattaag ccaacatggt atcttccatc atggggacct ggtgtgcaat     48720
     ggctgcaaac agcaccctcc ttgggagtat acgcaactgt gatttgttgg attgctctaa     48780
     gagaaagaga gttatctgat ggatattcat gcctctaacc tcatgatgtc ccctgtctag     48840
     attctagata ggtatgcaga gtgcaatgct aagcctcagg accacactgg accacactgg     48900
     ctcacactgg ccagatcatc atgtacaact gcaacatctt gcagaataag gcacatgtga     48960
     gggaaaccct acatggggcc aagttcaagt ttcctgcttg ccagaagatc aatatctcaa     49020
     agtaaggctt cagatggatc tgaagacctg gtggctgaga agcagcttac ccccagggac     49080
     tggtccctta caatgacagc ctggcactag tgacagcttc ctctgtgctg ctccactcca     49140
     ataatcacgt tcattaatgc atctcatagc caatcaaaac ccaaaatgct gatttttctc     49200
     tccttagaaa aaagtaagaa gagggctctg gacatagacc agtggcacag tactggcctg     49260
     gcctattaaa ggccctggat ttaacactca gcccagcaat aacaaagatg gtaattttta     49320
     gaagtacctt agacacagat cttcatacac tggacaaatg tctgtcacac tcttaccaag     49380
     gatgaggtgt gctgccgagg cctggaacat tgtgggtatt tgcacatgag tttatgtctg     49440
     tgcgtgatct ttaaaaacta taggaggcca ccgttttaag actatgctcc tgcacccagc     49500
     tccaacacac cattctaaaa atcaaaatgg atacagccca tgttaaagtt ccactgtatc     49560
     ctactgtctg acagggaaac ttcaggtgac caatctgctt tttgccttta tttctactgt     49620
     cttcaaccag gatctataaa gccaactcct tctgctcagc tcattgaaat acataattgc     49680
     ttttacagaa ttaagtgttg ctgatcctaa aactgacaac tgggtgtggg gcctttaatc     49740
     cccgaacaca gaggaaggtg gaccacgtga gtctgagggc agccagagct gcactgtaat     49800
     gagaggagac agtctcaaat aaaatttaga aaataaggaa gcatgactgt gtgtgagtat     49860
     attcccagct gcttgggaca ctagagcaag actgccagtt taaagacaga ataagcaaca     49920
     tagcaagaac ctagctccaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagtt agttagttat gcataactcg     49980
     gtggtagcat acttatctag catgtactaa aacctaggtt caaacactgc aaacacaaac     50040
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acctttaagc ctgctgtggt ggtacacact     50100
     tgaaattcca gaataatgga catgagaagc agaattagtt taaggccagc ctcactccaa     50160
     agggactaca tgagaccctg tttgaaaaaa gtaaaatctc ttccctttat atgcattttt     50220
     aaaaagattt atttatttta tgcatctgag tacattgtct ctgtctacca gaagagggca     50280
     ttaaatccca ttactgatgg ttgtgaggca ccatgtagtt gctgcgattt gaactcagga     50340
     cctctggaag agcaagtcag tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctctccagg cgctatgcat     50400
     ttcttttaaa aagattttta tccatctacc ccgtctccag ttctgctcag ggcccaactt     50460
     ctctcccaac ttctggtcct ctttttaaat aactgtcaat agttcctggt atgattagtg     50520
     ctcaccacct ttaaagccag gcgtggaggc agatctggac ccccagctga gaggagagga     50580
     ctacttgggc ccactgagtt ctacactagc ctggacaaaa ttgccaggcc tcatcttgaa     50640
     aacaaacgct cactttttaa agttgtcctt taatgcctgt ctatactatt gatccctaaa     50700
     gaacctacca atatctcttc aggtaagggt caaaatttcc tatatgtgca cattctatgc     50760
     aagagaccac taacatattt aaaatcacat tagtcagaat agataggtac agaaatcttg     50820
     ctatttctga ttatgattca aggcaaggtg ctcggaacca aggtgttttg tttttgaggc     50880
     agggtctgct ggccttgaaa tgcatatcct cctgcctccg actaccttgt gttaggataa     50940
     tatgtgaatg ccaccaagtc catctcagag tatctccttc caagagaggc tctcactatg     51000
     tagcactgac tggcctgaaa ctcactatgt agaccaggct agtctcaatc tcggacatct     51060
     atctctttct gacccctaga gtcctgggat taaaggcagg taccccccaa atattcttta     51120
     tcttaaacaa aaaaggggag ttcagtttag accaattcaa aacttttggt ccaagtgtaa     51180
     actctgacaa attaccctat tagagtacct gagacataca gaacaggtac acaactgtca     51240
     gctaagcaaa tatgttttga taccaaagaa gctttttaac agtaaaatca tgtccacaaa     51300
     acacccctat gggtatggtg gcacacaccc ttgatcactc tcgaagcaga ggcaagtgga     51360
     tctctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagcaagttc caggatagcc agggctacag     51420
     agagaaagaa atcctgttta ttttggaggg tgggagtagg agggagacac tcttggatcg     51480
     tgggattgcc ttagcagtgc tcttataaac caggttctca gctggttgca gacctattgc     51540
     atcagactac ccgagtcaca tgccactgac aacatccggt ctgccaggtg atcacttggg     51600
     aggcagagga ttctagagct tcttttaatt tcctgaatga cgatgggtca cttctacgct     51660
     gccaacgtct tttccagaaa actaccacaa atcacaacca tcctcagtaa ttacaagctt     51720
     tttcttgcct tacagcaccc ctccgtccta tctgatctag cacggaaaag cctgattctt     51780
     aaaggtatgc cttcagggtt ggagaagtgg ccaccccaaa tttcagggtc actgcattta     51840
     gtcaagagta gcctccaaag tccccagatg gttcgactgg ggtggagtaa tcctagggtg     51900
     ctgcagaagt cactcagtct gagagagcag cctttgatcc ctgcaaaacc cggaggacta     51960
     cgctgggttt gctaaagacg aataaaacac tgagaatgac caaaatgtat agaaaattaa     52020
     ttcccagccc gccccccaag taaaactcca gctctggctt gctgtagcta cgcaagggcc     52080
     tgacagctct ccctgcgcgt gcgtgcgtgc agctccttcc taaagcactg gcggcagtca     52140
     gcatagagca cgcgcgggga gggacccagg ccgcgggagc tgcagggaga gggggacaag     52200
     cccggttccc agcttgttct acggacaagc cggtagagcc ggccagtcgc gggagcatct     52260
     gacaaaagct gtaagctgtg acctctgaag ccatgaggga ttcaagggat actgcgagct     52320
     cctggtactt acatcgtcgc cactcactgt ctgctttcac cagctggtcc accagccccg     52380
     ggtccttgaa gcgcttctcc tgcgtctctc gaatgagggc tgggtcccct cctttatcca     52440
     cccgaaacaa atccaggtcc agcaccatcc ttctacctca ccagttaaca ctaagagagg     52500
     actgtaagcg gcgggtggac gatgcactgc gcctgcgcgc tgacctggtc tcactgcgca     52560
     ggcacccggc agcccgggag ggggcggcgc ctagctcgcc ggaagccgca gtgttaggca     52620
     gggtccagag ggagtggtga gaagtgaaaa gggcgtggta gccttatgcg ggttgtttct     52680
     ctgctgaact ccttactgaa aggccttctg atcgcccccc actgaaatcg tgaatgcctc     52740
     aggttcctct ggttgaaggg agtatctcgg tgtggaccga agctgacttg gaagacaatg     52800
     cactttgcag atgccagttt tcctctatct tgattacaga gcacacaccc agttacctac     52860
     cctcaagatt ctcgagccct ggggcttttt gttttgatac agggtctcac agtgtagctc     52920
     tgactagcaa ctatgtaaac ctggccagcc tcaaacaaaa tgttgggatt aaagatgtgt     52980
     gccatttcat cctttatttt tctttttata ctagccctac ccccttcctc ccgcaacaaa     53040
     cctttgccaa gcccccctga gataaaagga caaggttaga gaccctgatg gacttaataa     53100
     acagagacac tggagggagg ctaggaggca ggataatctg agcttgtccc ctcccggtct     53160
     cctgcagctt tggctacagt tttgtgttga aaaccagggg aagaagggtt gggtgtcaga     53220
     agacagtcca tgagatgagc acacctctct tctcacatat ccctcaccca aatccaatag     53280
     acctttgcaa gaagttgtag cttatattta cgattgaaac tattctatgt ttatgtaatt     53340
     tgagcattgc caggctattc tatcaacacg ttcaagttat tctttttgtc tgtttgtttg     53400
     ttttgtttgt tgagatagaa tctataggcc tggctgtcct ggagctcact atgtagacca     53460
     ggctggcttc agacagagat gcctgcctct tcctggggag tctctggtat caaaggggtg     53520
     tgccaccaag cccaacctac acacacctgt tactcttaaa gtgagaagac ctcatttgaa     53580
     attacctctc ttggccagat gtggtagtgc atgtccatgt gcatcccttg tgagtgggag     53640
     cagcgggtgc atgagttcag ggccagcatg tctccaaaaa acccaaacct agtcaggctt     53700
     agtagtaggt gccttttata tcacatcgga ggtagagagc tctgtaaagt caaggccagc     53760
     ctgttctaaa taccgaactc caagccagcc agagctgtgt agtgagaatc tgtctcaaaa     53820
     accaaacaca catacaacca aaccaaaaac ctactgctct cacacagtag aaaacattaa     53880
     ctaacacgga acccacaaac ctgctctccc cttcctgtgt cttctcctaa aaagaacact     53940
     ttcctgagta tctagcaatc ggacggctgg aaaatggaaa gcagccaaga gaagttataa     54000
     taataaatgt taaggataga gagctgcagt ctttgcagaa aatacttgaa gactgtcatc     54060
     aaagtgttgg gggtcactga acccctgaga gggtaagatc cgtgtaatct aaggtatgaa     54120
     aacaatggca ggtgctttga gaggtggggc ctaaggagtg catcagtcct ttatagtgta     54180
     attccagaaa tcactttgaa attctggcct ctcaaaaaca aacaaaacaa actccagggt     54240
     tttttttttc tattagtttt attattgttt ataaatacct ctctttgggc tggagagatg     54300
     gctcagcaga taagaccgat ggcttctctt ttagaggacc aaggttcaat tcccagcacc     54360
     caggtggcag ctcacaactc tgtgttactc cagttccggt ggatctggca ccctcaaaca     54420
     gacgtgcatg cagacaaacc ccaccagtgc atatgaaata aaaataaatt atttactggg     54480
     cagtgatggc ttactaattt aatcccagta ctggggaggc agagataggc agatctctat     54540
     gagtttgagg ccaacctggt ctacagagca agttcgaagt cagccaaggt tacacagaga     54600
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaacca aaagttaagg atctggagag gtggctcaga ggttaagtct     54660
     tgcgcgccag actcgaccag caagaacaac gctgcaacag gatccttctg cacacgttta     54720
     ttgggagagc ttgattgcag aggctaagag acccggagcc cagaactggt gctgcttata     54780
     taggcctagg agaggcgtgt ctcacacccg aattggttat gcactaagcc tcatttgcat     54840
     gttcctcatc tgattggcta ctctctctct ctgtacctca cagagcctca ttattattcc     54900
     tcatttgcat gtctcacatc tgattggtta tactctcaaa gcctcattat catgcccggg     54960
     ccaggcagtg tctttgcaaa aaactttact gcatatgtac acattggttg tttgtccaaa     55020
     cttatgcgtg gtggccagca gtagtcagtg ccactctgca acggcacatg tggcttccca     55080
     cagttaagag cactgactgc tcttccaaaa ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat     55140
     ggtggctcac agccatctgt aataggatct gataccttct tctggtgtgt ctgaggacag     55200
     tgtactcaca tacattaaat caatcaatca atcaatcttt aaaaaaaaag aaaaccaaag     55260
     ttaattaaca aatcaattaa ttaaaaataa gtctttctaa gtaattctag atagtctttt     55320
     aagaaaaata taaataaata agtaaataaa taaatagcta cctgtcttta aaaatgcttg     55380
     tgctaaggct agctggtgag atgacgcacc agggaaaggt gcttgactgg aaccttaaag     55440
     tctcgcattc aatccctggg ctccagaaat tggaaggaaa gaactgactc ccatgttgca     55500
     catacacccc caacaagtat aacataaata aaaacgtaat acaattaaaa tctggtgcta     55560
     cctggaagca taacaagtaa cagaacagcc cagtctgttt gtcagctaaa gatcaggatt     55620
     ttagtgctga aggaaaccag ccacctcttt tccttctctt gcttttctcg tcctccttcc     55680
     cttcctttat tcctcccttc tctctccctc cctcattcct tccatccctt ccttactttc     55740
     tcaagtctca ctatgttcta aagctagcct gagactgtga ccctgtagcc aaatgcaacg     55800
     agttcacagc ttggtaagta cagagcccaa acccacaaat tcaaaggcag gaagatgcgt     55860
     taccttggat gagtaaggag agcacagtta ctgcccaaag caatggcttt gtggcctgga     55920
     ggtagggctg cacaggaagc ctgtcagtac tcagaaagtc actttaggaa caggcatgtc     55980
     cccgagtgtg ctcatgttac taagtcaagg cttcaaatgt cccgagagac tagccaccca     56040
     ctcagcacac caaagagaca gtagtcacaa aggacaaagg atggaggctt ttcaccaaca     56100
     cgatcacttt ggggaaaaca gagaaatggg gccagtgact ctcaagtctg tctccaagac     56160
     taacagaatc agggacttaa ctcatctata gaatccttgc cttgcatact caaagccctg     56220
     gttcagattc cagcactgga aaggagagag gtagggcaag aaaggggaca gaaaggaagg     56280
     tttggggtct gtttagggga cagagatgga acaggtagtc ctggttatga ccagagctcg     56340
     attggtcatc atctcgatct ggttctacca ggaaccatag agaggttgcg atggctgttc     56400
     tcatttgccc agaacagtcc ggttctgatg ctacgatgcg gcagccttat cgttgaggat     56460
     aatcacccgc accggtgggg ctaggggttt cttctgtaga tttctgcggc tgcttggaag     56520
     cagtttgggt catttgttca taaagatatt tatcaatcat ttctgtgatt cctggaaccc     56580
     aaggtaactt caaaagaaac tcaggagagg aaaaaacaat ttaaagtgac agagccagag     56640
     acaactgtat gggattaggc cagccactgg tgctcctcat tcaactgtgt ggaattaggc     56700
     cagtgctccc cagtcaaact atttggtttt ttatttttgt gtgtgtgtgt tttgaggata     56760
     gcgcctcaaa atcattgtgc agctgacgat gaccttaaac tcttgatctt ctgacctcca     56820
     tcccccaagt gtagagatga ctcaagactg ttgctctcag cctgtggctc acaaccctta     56880
     cagggaactc atatcagata tcttgtattt cagatattta cattactgat tcataacagt     56940
     cgcaaaaata cagctatgaa atagcaacaa aaataatttt atgaatgggg gtcaccacga     57000
     catgaggaac acctgctgtc ctggggagat tgtccaaaca tggcactccc tctgcctgct     57060
     gcccaccagc ttctgggagg tgtttcactt ctggaaatgc cccttcctct ctccttacca     57120
     cacacatact cccctccttg ctttggggcc ttctttgcgc aagctccttt tacctggaat     57180
     tctcttcccc ttctttgctc tgactagctt ttccttctcc tgggaagccc tctccagcac     57240
     tgtctgtcct gtctcccaga ctggttagat acctttctgg tttcctaaga cactttggtt     57300
     ttattttttt taaggtgtgt gtgtttatgt gtgtgtgtgt ttatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     57360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     57420
     gtgtgtgtgt ttgcttcact gtagccagga tgaggtatta gattccttga cgctggagtt     57480
     acacatgttc atgaggcact tggcggaggt gctccactac aaattctggc cccttgctaa     57540
     agcagtgagt gctcttagcc atctagacca tctctccagc ccacaggcta gtttgttttt     57600
     gagacaagtc tctctatgca gccctgatca tcctggaact atgtagatga gtgtagcttc     57660
     agactcaaag agatctacct gcctctgctt tctgggtgct aggatacaag gcaggcacca     57720
     ctccccggct ccatgctagt ttttattgca cagtttccac agtcattcca actctgggtt     57780
     tcccatttcc ttctatcaga gagacagagc gatgccctca gggatcaagg aaagctgcca     57840
     gacctgggag agggttaggg atggggtcga cagagttcgc ctctggtaga attggggtga     57900
     caagtcaata cctctgtcac actgcaccat gtaagaagtt gcactttatg tgggattgtg     57960
     aagttttaaa ttatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgaataaac     58020
     agggaacagg gtctcattca atagcccaca ctggcctgga acatgtctct ttgaattcag     58080
     ggcaatctct actctcagcc ttctgaatgc tgggattgct gacatgaacc accacagtcc     58140
     actggtcgag gtgtttgttt gttggtcggt ttgtttgttt taaaaataaa tttacttata     58200
     aagaaaaatg ggaaaagagt taaaactaga ctgctgttcc cttaactata tctactgtaa     58260
     attcaaagta tcagaaatca tgtgttgtcc ccaaagacca tgtcactaca acataagaat     58320
     gctaaatcat tggcccaaac tcttgaaatg aaggggtgag tggaaaccaa tgagaagaca     58380
     ccctggcaag gacacaacat gagcaggtgc tttgggcgtc aggctctgac tgatgaaaga     58440
     ctctggtcca acactgaagg aggatagcta tctggtcaac cagccaaggg gaaagaaaac     58500
     aactggcagg attgaaggac aaagcactgt tagaccctac aaaacaaggc tctatcctca     58560
     ctcccaggag cctgcgctcc cacacttcaa catggtctcc ttgggagtat gtgctgtcag     58620
     ttgagaagtg atggcacggg aaacctataa gaatagtgcc cacgatgagg acaatccagt     58680
     atgcccagct actttggcat ttttgctttc taaaggatcc ttgttaccac cttttggttt     58740
     aaggtcactc gaatggacat caccaatgta gtactgcttt agcatctccc tagcatcacg     58800
     ggagtggctg acatcttcaa agctttcggc tgcagcagta ccagcttgtt ccagcagaac     58860
     ctcttccccc ccccctcgcc cccatgtgat atcaccatcc ataactcctc ctcagagttt     58920
     agacttgtca cctcctccag cccgtagtag gtgacagagg ggtcgcagcc ctcgccattc     58980
     ccactgctgc tgttccagtg tgccaggcaa gcactctatc aactgaactg tagcctcagc     59040
     ccttaaatgt ctttttaaaa ggtttagaca aagttgtaag tcaagcagtg gtcagcacta     59100
     aggaggcaga ggcatttggc tatctgtgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagaatgagc     59160
     tccaggacag ccaaggatac acagagaaat cctgcctcaa aacaacaaca aaagtttaga     59220
     caaagatgtt aagctatctt cttcattgga ctctcttgtc agtgactggg aaatctttaa     59280
     atttatctgc ataattctac cctaccggct ctgattttaa gcttggtttg tctgtagttt     59340
     tgtcctgggg tcttacagtc tatgttaaat gtagtaaaac caacagcagc atgactgtgt     59400
     ggttgtaata tggcttccac tgttgcatgt ccatagcaga gacagaacct ttcagttggt     59460
     gaccttgaag gaacaatgaa gagaggagct taggcaaggg agagcaaggg cctccaggga     59520
     gtggtacctc aggaggatgg gctgccccag ggagaacagg gtgggatggg gagtgggggt     59580
     ggggtggagg tactggggac cctgcaggcc acaattactg gaatttcttc ctctgttgca     59640
     aagaggacag agcctgcctc taggctttcc cgagatctga ggcagcttca tccaagctct     59700
     cagttcagac ttaacagaca atgcctaccc gtttctactt cttagccttt tcacttgatc     59760
     ctatgagcag gagtgatagc caaactattt aaccgccagt acaacccagt gactgcaact     59820
     ggtctgatgg aaatatagtc taaagagaca ccatgtctgt caatcttact attgaagcaa     59880
     cggaccccaa agaagtagca atttgcccag aaattccata ctgtgagaaa gaaaagggaa     59940
     atctggaaag agatttcaca gagctttaac aacttgacag cacacttcac aggctgaggc     60000
     tgaagcctgc atggcgggca ggaccacacc gcatctttac tggaactgct tagatgtttg     60060
     tctccttggc cctctcagga tcctgaagac agactccgag agctcactgc tttcctctgc     60120
     ccctctttcc aatgtggtca ccttgagaat atctttttct gcctcctaat acatttgtat     60180
     tgttttgttt tgagacaagg tctcactctg gctgtcctag aactcactct gtagaccagg     60240
     ctggcctgcc tctgcctcca gcatggtggg attcaaggta ttcactacac cagctccgct     60300
     tttcacttgt tttgtttttc aagacagggc ttcttagtgt agccttgggt gttccggtat     60360
     ttggccttaa actcagagat cattctgatt ttgtctttgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa     60420
     aggtgtaaac caccaccccc agacctgctt tccgctttta gtttggcttt ttaaattggc     60480
     ccactgagga tggctagacc tgagtatatg agttgggaca caagttggga ccccatattc     60540
     cataacggta tcacccggtc aggaagtggg tcatatactg cctgacagga gagtcacaga     60600
     gacttttgct catctgaggg ccacatgagt cagaaaaaga acactgagcc actcacagca     60660
     gtggacaccc atagggccag cactcaggaa acaggggcag aagaatctca agtttgaggc     60720
     cagcttgggc tgcacagttc aagactagcc tagggctaca tcctgagacc ctgtctcaac     60780
     agaacaagac aaccctacaa gatggcttag tgggtaaatc tgataaactt aatgacctga     60840
     gttcagtccc aggaacccac agagaggaaa aggagaacca gctcctataa actgtcctct     60900
     aacctctcca caggtgcacc atggcactca aataccccac tgttactgtg cagggggctt     60960
     ttctgtgcca gttagagttt gaaggcagga agtctcaaac agaacaggta gcagcttgac     61020
     aaatctcaga tagcaaacaa aactacctgg taaagacttt tgctgggcac agaggtgcac     61080
     accttgaatc ccagcactca ggagtcagag gcaggtggat ctctgagagt tcgaggccag     61140
     cctggtctac agagagagtt taaggactgc caaggctaca cagagaaacc ctatcttgaa     61200
     aaacaaaaac agaaaccaaa aaacaaacca aaacaacaac aacaacaaag agtgaaagaa     61260
     agacttttac taccctgcaa ggcacacagg aaaaaagacc ctcagtaaag caggaggaag     61320
     ccagtctctt ccttgggggg gtgtaggttg gtatatgagg gggtgagaga ctgagagggg     61380
     agaggaggag tttggggtgc agttaagggt ctttgagagg gtcatcttct cccagttaag     61440
     gattggtcag tttgaacaaa gacaagaaaa cagttcacca tttagagtga acatacccta     61500
     gtcaggcctt gaacttgtca gaccagtcca caagctggag gccctccaag gaggataaaa     61560
     gccccttagg cctttgtttt tatctccagg ttttggtctc aggccaagtc ggtgaagcca     61620
     gccagccatc ttggaagttc agcatgttta ttatctagtc atggctcttc tccctgtctg     61680
     cctgtcaggg aatttaccta atctcacact ctggaaatga cagcagaagg gtcaggagtt     61740
     aatgtcattc ttggcttcca acagttcagg cccaagctag accataggag atcctatctc     61800
     aaaacaacag gctgtcattt ttgtaacact attgagtaat gacttagtgt tcctgaatct     61860
     caaagagtaa cctgcaagga atttggaaac actgagaaac ttgccctttt tcattgtacg     61920
     ctgcaattct aaaatgcatc attgttgctg aataaatgtg cttttttatt ttgtaacata     61980
     aaaggacaac aggactggag agatggcctt gcagttaaga gcattgtctg ctcttccagg     62040
     ggaggtgggc ttgattccca gcacctacat ggcggcttga aaccgccaac tccagtccaa     62100
     ggagatctga catctctttc tggccacctt ggggttttag atgtatatgt gatccacaaa     62160
     tatacactaa aattaaactt ttaaaataca cacaataact gcactctgac agacctatac     62220
     acaaaccaaa tcaaaaccca cagacagaca tggttactca tgcctatggg cttagtactt     62280
     gggaggcaga agcaggactg ctgtgagctt gaggccagcc tgggctacac aatgaattct     62340
     agccagccta agctacactg tctcaaaacc aaaccaaact accaaactaa acaaaaaggg     62400
     gattgaggag gaggaagaag atatgaaagg ttctcatgac agagaagtgg gaggggctgg     62460
     aagaaaaact tggacactaa atagtttccc caaagactga ttgatgtaga acattactgc     62520
     tctgttatat tcaaaatcca gtgacatact aaactcactt gcaggttcaa tgctcctggg     62580
     gtgctaagtg tactcagcta cagtaaaaga aagtacagaa tcaggagacc cagctgccct     62640
     gggaaatggt aggtccgtaa tgtcctctgg aactttctcc acctctactc tgcaataatc     62700
     cacttcctac caggagaagc taaagtcact tgtattttat ggatatgctg tgtggctacc     62760
     tcatgccact tgagagaagc ctacccgggg aaggcatcta acaagcaatg ttttgctcat     62820
     agtatcttct gtccttctcc ctatgttata tcacttaatg cttgattatt acggaaaccg     62880
     aggtgttagg cattcattcc ccaatcggtg ccaagaactt tctagttctt gttctgaaat     62940
     ctatgctcct ttctctgctc ttcttttctt aggcttcaaa ggcaccactt tccaacaagc     63000
     cacccactcc ataattcaaa taagacagct caaaagatat gtttttattt tgggggaggg     63060
     ggagacatgc atacccatcc ctaataaact aaatgcttga aatacagaat aaaaagggaa     63120
     tccaacatgt cttgatgaga cacagatatg atttcacaaa gccaaaaaat cttttacaaa     63180
     gcttctgtta tataaatata gtcagtcttt aatatagttg gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt     63240
     ttgatggcat aagaaatccc ctgggccttg gatataccat aatcttcata tgtattccca     63300
     gccaaataca ggtgatgact aactacagga tgaaattatg tattctagga ctctatatat     63360
     ccaaatagag attagacatt atctcctgag ccaactctct ggccctaaag tttgcgcaga     63420
     ctaccacagt cctggctcaa agactaaagc cgttctccct tgcagaccta gtgtatgtgt     63480
     tctcaactgt atgttcatgg tcaatgatgt agctcagtgg tagaacactt tgcttaacat     63540
     gtgagacacc ctgggtttca tcttcagccc agaaaactaa aattgatata cctaaagtca     63600
     caaagttgta tgctttgaaa gggtgactta tgcagtatgt gaattatgtg ttagtagagc     63660
     ccctgaaatt atctgaactt gttgagctgc cagagaagca acaggtgagc ctcttccttt     63720
     ggaaaccatc ccaggaaaga gtaaggtaga ggtgcaaaaa gtgctatcat tgaatcagtg     63780
     ctgtttgagg atgcttggga ggaaggacat tcaattccag gatgtctgaa taaagaagtc     63840
     caaagagata gactttcccc catgtcttcc agaacagtct aaatatctcc tgtgatcttc     63900
     aacacagaaa gcagttattc catgggaagc agacatctaa gaggctgcag gagactggct     63960
     gtgagctcat ggcctgggtg tacatagcca ctcaagaata ttcccgtatg atcaaagtgc     64020
     tgagagccac aaaatgaggg acaacttgaa ctcccaaaga aaagcttcta ggtttgtcta     64080
     gctatcactg atgcctttga tggccaaaag tcatggcgta gcttcacttc tttctgattc     64140
     ttagaagcca tcatgagagc agccatggct agtcagatgg gcaagccatt ttgtggctga     64200
     caaacacctc agaaatgcct ctctgtctta taccaaccac ctgtcactgg gggaaaggca     64260
     caggtgaaga ccatgggcaa ctcaggcttg accaagagat ggctattccg gtatggaatg     64320
     aaagaggttc aattcccagt agtagggagg aaagttaact ggaaattatt ctctgtatta     64380
     ttctattcta ggttttctac tgattatagc tggagtgaaa gggagatggg aagaggaatc     64440
     ccactctact tgcgagttgg tacctaatct acttttcaga ggggtgttgc cagaatgagg     64500
     gccaggagtc ttttagatat ttatgcacaa gtgaaatgag aataggccag agccaggaca     64560
     gaggcttagg agtgacaaat gccccagttg ggtgtaggcc ttgtaagaca tccctacttt     64620
     ttctccctga agattggttt gtacctgcct gacgttcagc tcctttctgg tcagtctgca     64680
     agtttttaac tttgttggcc tagcaagtta aagacagaaa cagatatgac catagctggt     64740
     ccatgccaca gtgggctgga gtctaatact gccccatcaa acctttggcc ccctgtgttc     64800
     tttctaaata agatgctcca tcccatgata ctctaggcct ctaggactga ggtcctcaca     64860
     gatgggggtg tttctcactg gcaagcgttt attcccttcc agcaaagcca atggaaggta     64920
     tagctagact tacctggttc tttctagtgt cataaggaaa tgggagggat atttgacaaa     64980
     aacagtcgtg gaggatagat ctattggact ttgggcaagt tcttggtaaa taacttcctt     65040
     tgcctttaat gagaatattt atcattaaaa gagaaggaaa tgaggttcct ggttataaaa     65100
     caaaacaaac accccccccc ccccacacac acacagacac tttgcctttt tttgagtttt     65160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttttcttac acaggcttca cccaccatgc cttcagactg     65220
     tccactgctc tctgctccaa cttattaccc aggagaaata agtcgaggct gccatgagga     65280
     ctgtccctca gaccacagcc cccttctaaa gacatcatga gctgaaagcc tgtatctgac     65340
     cagaaaacct cccagctgcc cccgccctca cacaggaggc tagaagccaa tttcgtactt     65400
     atttaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaactactt ttactgaaaa ccgctaagaa ttctgggtag     65460
     atgagtctcc catgggtgga ctgtgtttag aaaacaagat gtaagcaagg aaacagtaca     65520
     cgaagtgtgg gtatatttgg taggcttgag gcaagcgtag agacaggttt gggtactcta     65580
     taaaaaacaa gggtctgaaa tccaaacttc tgataaggcc acaatgaaga gattcccagc     65640
     agcggggagc gcagggttgc tggcacctaa actgccacag gcctgcaggg tagtgtgccc     65700
     aggtgaggag gcaggcgagg caggacgggc acctctcaca tgtccatgtc tgggcctcct     65760
     gaagacgtct tcagcggcac cgagtcaaat ccatcaggag tcctctgaaa gagagatggt     65820
     gacaggagct gcctgctgca cggggacaca ttaaggggac aaagaagaga aatggaaaaa     65880
     taggtgacag aggaaccctt ctggacttcc tgcttccggt ggctttgggg gtggggggac     65940
     gggacgacga cgacacagga acgagtaatc ctctgcccct ccctgctctc cgcagactca     66000
     gtcagagcgt gagagcctta tgattgctgc tttgcatcct tgctgagttc tagaagttcc     66060
     agacagccct aagaggtccc cagggttaac tatctctcac tggtgggaga aaaaagaaaa     66120
     aaaaaaaaat caaggcccac gttggccaag ggagtcaccc tgacaagtca gcacaaagga     66180
     aacaagaccc agggactgga cagactgcca actcttcttc agcaggcttc ctgccccctc     66240
     ctagccgctg gtgccctcct cattcacacc tgtttgaaat actcccttgt gcgccagggt     66300
     agtcaggtgt gtgctcggct cgaggaagct gttcggatgc cctctgctgg ccctacgccc     66360
     agagacagtg gtgtctgtat tgcctttatg agcttcatac gcacctacac acccgcacca     66420
     cctagccagc ccgcccagtt cagaattaca tagcagccac agtttacgct tggctatgac     66480
     tcagccactc aggatggggc acacacacac cttggggata gcaccctcca ctggctaaag     66540
     gctctgaggc cctggcttct aacaggaatc aaacctagag atggcttcct cttcactcaa     66600
     ggaaaataaa gaaaaggaaa ttctctctcc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     66660
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     66720
     gtgtgtgtaa ccattacaca caaatggttc aatactccat ctggaagtta aaagacccta     66780
     acaacccacc caccagaata cacactggca ggaaggagcc tggtcaagaa ctggctaggc     66840
     tccagggaag agagttattg ttgagagctg cagagggaag gagacacttt taggagaggc     66900
     aggagagttc tgggagtggg gatcagagta caggtcttgt acggagcagg gccactcagt     66960
     atcccagtgt ccacgctcca ccccctgacc tccccaagct gagttctcat ccctctctac     67020
     cttggaggta aaggatttga tcttcccaaa gagggacttc ttgctggtaa agatgaagtc     67080
     atcctccacg tcctctcctt ccatgatggc acagctgtct gctgccggca ggtcgcagtc     67140
     tttaagagta gcgttcatta ccaacttgga gtatttgtat tctaatctgt gaaacagggg     67200
     aggggaggag gcaggagatg agagtgtggg agcgagggga aaaggttggg ctacaaatag     67260
     attgagtctg tcataggaag ggcaaagcct tgtgaaaggg cgtggagggc aggtgaacag     67320
     aagggatctt gcttcccagg ttagtgatct tttttcttca aggctgcttg tttctgcgat     67380
     atcaaaggtt aacagaaata ttgaaattat aaagtcatgc cttgtttggt tggttttggg     67440
     ttttatgaga cagggtttca tgtagcccag gctgtctcgg aactgatatg tagctgggag     67500
     atgatactga actctgagtc ctctcacctc tacctcccaa gtgttgggat tacaggcatg     67560
     taccacatct tgctttttca ttgttaataa aaaccacaaa ttaagaacat tcttcttttt     67620
     tttttttttt tttggacttt gaattctatg ctaggcaagt acaaccttgg cccagggacc     67680
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttttct     67740
     ttctgttttc ttttgttttt gggttttttt ttcttattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt     67800
     acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggagtca gatcttgtta cagatggttg     67860
     tgagccacca tgtggctgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tttggaagag cagtcgggtg     67920
     ctcttacctg ctgagccatc tcatcagccc ttgtttttgt ttttttaatt tgagatagtg     67980
     tctcattata tagaccaacc tggcattgaa ctctactttg tctctgcctc ctaagtactg     68040
     acattaaagg tacacaccac ctcacctggt ttgatttttt ccttagagaa tcttatagcc     68100
     atttttagat agccatccct gctcaagaac gaaagtaaca aagacctgca gtggataagt     68160
     atctttaaaa gtctctggtc aatcgcaggg tccatagcca actctcagta ataccctgcc     68220
     tggctcaagg ctccaactcc gacctccctc agaccccaac accccaccac gtacttttga     68280
     ttcttcttcc aaaagtagca ggtcaggaca gtaagcagga tggcagtgca ggtgccagcc     68340
     gagatgccca cttttaacca gaaatcgatc gttttgcaga tggtaactct ctgctcaggc     68400
     agggaaatgc ccccagagca cagctttggt tctcgccaca tgtaagtagt cttctgttgg     68460
     ggagaaaaac aaggacctca gaactcataa ccccttgtct cctggccgtt cccaagcaga     68520
     ggacagccta cctggatccc agccacacag ctgctgacaa aagtgtggta gtcagaggcc     68580
     gagcagagtg gacaagcggc cacactctcc cacaggaagt ggaagttaca gccatcacag     68640
     gtcccatcag agcacatgct agcaaagtag aaaggagacc aagttgtcac attggatgcc     68700
     tgtgacactt catgcctgat tcatcttctc tctccccaaa atgcctcccc caacctgtcc     68760
     ttaactcaga tgttccctca cccacctcct ccctccctcc cttctttccc tgcttcctgc     68820
     cttcctcctt tcctcccttc ttccttccta ttttctttcc tccctttctt tctgagaagg     68880
     tctcactctg taacccagac aggccttaca ctcacagtaa taccctgccc tggccttcca     68940
     agggctggaa atggataaat gagccatcca tggccatctt gacagtttag tcttcaatat     69000
     ccctgcctgc ttctgctgat gtcaaacgag agctcagcct aagatgtctg ggctctagaa     69060
     cccctaggag actcctgttc gccccacgga cgtgccatag ttcacaatgg cattttgata     69120
     cagctgcctg gttgtgggat tatggccgag atggagttca ggcatacata tgtgctatgc     69180
     ctgtgctcgg gtgtggttcc tcaggagctg tccactttgt tttgggggag ggacctgggg     69240
     catgctgatt aggctaggtc ggcttgtccc ggagctccac agatcctgtc tctagctctc     69300
     caacactggg attccaagtg tgacaccatg cttagcatgt gacgtaggtg ctagagagca     69360
     aactcaggtc ttcatgctta tgcactgagt gaacactctc actactgagc tatttcctca     69420
     gcccagtgca ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     69480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtattctgg tttgtttgtt ttgtttttaa gatagtgtct cctatagtcc     69540
     aagccagcat tgaattcatt atgtagctga gatcaacctc aactggggca caaactttgg     69600
     tctttatgta gagagagtga agaccaggga gagctagtcc aggcagcaat gtactggcct     69660
     cgccaaaaca aaaagacagg gtcatccttc agggaaggga agggagagac agatactcca     69720
     catctctccc tgccccagtg tgtaatggcc ctaggaatac gcaacactat cttggtcctt     69780
     ctgtctgtac ctaagtactg aggttccagg cattcactcc cacgcttgat tcttggataa     69840
     gcttgagctt tcctgtgcat gctttttttt ctacttccac actattgata gagcaaatat     69900
     tctgtccctc tccccttttg agacaatatg tcactatgtc atcctggtgg cctaaaactt     69960
     gatctgacta agctggcctc acctcaaaga tccatttaac tctctgcctc ccaagtgctg     70020
     ggattaaagg cattcaccac cacaccctgc ttattttttt actttgagtt aagatccagg     70080
     gaccaagact gtgaccccag gaacccatga atggatctaa aatgattttt ttttcctttt     70140
     taaaaatagt gtctgtgtct cggggtggcg tgagtcccag caagagcagg ctgtggttgg     70200
     tgcagcctcc cgccacagag attacctggg tagccgcagg gtgccaggag cagctttcat     70260
     tggattgcat ctgaggcgga tggtggttga tcttccagaa ctgcaggact gggtcacatc     70320
     attggatctg cagtgaaagc caaggcctta ggggaggctc actccactgt cactggggag     70380
     ccattgtgtg gagtcaacat ggggcgattt gagcatgaat ggactcaggt tctccttaac     70440
     agacagggag ggtacaaact ttggtcctta tgtggagaga gtagagacca gggaaatcta     70500
     atcaaggggg gcaatgccct ggcctaagaa agaaaaggct agcacagact gggacctccc     70560
     tcggggaagg gaagatcatg gcagatcctc catctttctc cctgagccag tgcacaatgg     70620
     ccccaggaat atgcaaaacg ctcatgtcaa gttacagcca gcttttactg ggatgactgg     70680
     gtagccttag acctcaatct tgttcaggct tgacaagtag gaggtggatt gtggggcggg     70740
     gtgggagggg agggcgattt tgtggaagag tgtgaggttg ctttagcctg gtctttcata     70800
     ctcacctaaa aaagaagact atgtccggaa ttcccgaggt ctctgggtga aaaagttcaa     70860
     ctggggagac gattccttcc aaggtcatgt ctgttgacac tcctgtcaaa ccagagctcc     70920
     cattagttct tgctcatagt gttagctggt aactacctca atgctttcaa agcctgtcaa     70980
     caaccaacct ttattccatc atattacgga gtggctcatg caaaagtgat gccaggggca     71040
     catggaatga aattggaaaa tgatcaggaa gttggacccc tcacatgggg ccatgtatct     71100
     tccagccacc agcctcatat ttggtaacac acacacacac acacacacac agagagagag     71160
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agacataaaa acacacacag gcacacagaa     71220
     atccacacaa atacaaacac aaatacacac agagatatac atatacagag gcgtgcacac     71280
     agacagagat gcaaacagag acacacacgt acacacagaa agaaacacac acagacacac     71340
     atgcaaacac agatacacat aaatacacac agagacacac aaacccacac acagagacac     71400
     acagagacac ctacataaac ataaacacaa acacacagag agacacatac acatatacac     71460
     aaacagacac acagaaacac atacatagat atacacatac acaaagagat gcacatacac     71520
     tgagagaggc acacagacac acacacacac acacacactc aagcaagcct agggtagctg     71580
     gcttactcac caacaagtcg gtcagcaagg ctgacgggct gtgaggacac cccggccttg     71640
     tagcccatca cctcagaggg gatgatgaca acctggcaga cataggctgt gacggactta     71700
     gagaagccgg cctcaccatc agggatccgg aggtcagtga cattgtctgt gcacacagcc     71760
     atttttttcc cctggtaggg cacacgtgga agaaagcaaa tgatcacaga agagtcccaa     71820
     aaggaacagg ggacattccc cattccccca catctaaacg ataagcgtca ccatcctgtg     71880
     ttgcagtaga gtgatgctca caagaagact gaagtgggaa gaggcgggag tggaggagaa     71940
     ggtaaagatt tgtcccagtt tctagacact ggccttgtac ttccctgtgg tcacctcgac     72000
     tgtgctggta gcagctgctt tggccttcta accaacaggt caagggtcct tatgtatctg     72060
     catgcatcct ctagacagaa gctgagctat gcaactgagc cccgaggcca atggcattta     72120
     ctggaacatt agggctgggg tttgctccct tcttgtttcc cttggggctg tggttctgct     72180
     gtcttggaag cactgtatgg accgactccc aggggttcaa acagaggaac ccagtagaac     72240
     taatgattgc cctgcttcat cccccctccc caaatacgtg ggattgctag gtacttaagg     72300
     actcctaagt ctgggtagtc tttaggtttt gggagaatga acctagggcc ttacgcctgc     72360
     caaagtgttc cggcctctca actgttcgct cttctctcag cctctccctt tctattttgt     72420
     aaaagagcga cataaaacaa agcaaactgt gtgctgagaa ggaaactggc ttctccgctc     72480
     tggctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagata gttgccctgt agagcctgac     72540
     ctcaaatacc agatcctcct gcctcaaccg tctgagggca gggattgttt ctgtgccacc     72600
     ctgcctggca cgtctggtct ttactaacct tgcagtgacc agccgtggag atgagtgtat     72660
     accttgtact tgggaggctg aggcaggaat agaaagaccc ccccaccccc accccaattt     72720
     cccaggttac ttcttctagc tccctgaggg aggctggctt caactattta aacctcttta     72780
     attctctcct tccctggatg cctcagagat tctgtgtgtt tttgtttgtt tgttgttttt     72840
     tctttgtttg tgttggtttt ttgtttgtgt ttttgttttg cctttttatt tttctccact     72900
     tcccagtgca cacacactgc tagctcacac agcttgctta cctggtttcc acagagactc     72960
     agggtgaaat gatgaaaata cttcagcccc ttcgaggtga agctcggcac ccctgccaga     73020
     gagacggtgc ctgccagagc tgagaagttg tagttgaaaa tcctgctggg ggtgtttcgg     73080
     gagaaggtgc agtcgttgta gcagagagag tggatctgag ggggagagga tccagtcagt     73140
     ggccagtctc aggctttgag agctgcagtg gagtagcggg cccccccccc ccccacagct     73200
     tgtgccagcc gggaggaaat gaaagaggag gaaggaagga ctgaggtaca ttagatggag     73260
     tgaagcggac ccctaaagga tctaccttgc tattgattat tggcacacat aagatgaaca     73320
     tgtctgaagt ggtggccatc atgaaagact gacagaggca ccagtgtgca gacgcttaaa     73380
     aggacacccc ttggatacac aaaggacttt tacaaggaca tctgcccggg aactgtccac     73440
     tcagccttgg actgatgccg ctctcgtgtt aatcatggtg gccagtgatc cctgttccaa     73500
     tacggccaac acacttttca ttcatgtccg ctcaatgtcc ccttgtctca gtctttgaat     73560
     agatctatga tttactgtgg cacatgtatt ccacttcagg actctgaggt tcccgtgcca     73620
     gtattcacag ggggatctct gtctgatttt gtttttaata gggctaggga ccaaacctag     73680
     agccttgtgc aggctgggca tgtgctctgt gaccaaccct gtctttcaag cagaagacag     73740
     cagagcctta actgaaataa gggcttctga gtggcaagaa agaggcttct attcttcccc     73800
     gcctatgcgg cgcacacatg cccacttcaa acacactgaa acttccttcc ttttgctgga     73860
     gttctctgta ggaaacccaa ctatggaagg aactttgttt cctggtcctt gtgtcagaga     73920
     ccccagtcag aggcaggcag tctgacatac tgccattctc cccttgcccc accagcagag     73980
     ggcgctccag ggaaagacta tgaagaacgt ctcaggtgaa ccctaagaca gtgagtggtc     74040
     ttcaaccttc ctactgctgt ggccctttaa gatcctttaa gacaccaaac cataaaatta     74100
     tcttgattgc tacctcatga ctgtaatgtt gctactatta gaaattgtca cgtgaatatc     74160
     tgatatgcag gatatctggc atgccactcc cactcaacag ttggagaacc actgccctaa     74220
     aaaattttca ggggtctgta caatgaatgt acaccctttg cagataaata gagcaagact     74280
     atatagtgtt tgaggttggt ctggactaca tgggacctgg tctcataaat acataaataa     74340
     atttaaataa atgaataaca tcttataggt gtctttctgg tgtgagcagt caaaatacaa     74400
     attaattcta aatgttaaca actatctaag agcctttctt catatgtact ttgtttgggg     74460
     ttttatcttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tggagacagg gtctcatgag     74520
     ttctatgctg atctcaaact tgctgtgtag gacaagagta accttgagct cctgacttcc     74580
     tctcctctac ctcccaagtg agggattact gataggagcc accatgtaca tgtatgcgca     74640
     tggatgcaaa actacttggg ggcagtgtca ctgttgggcc acactagatt cttctatccg     74700
     tagagctgag aagccccttg gatggatggc agcaatgctg attaactgta ggtaccagca     74760
     aaggttggct caccttccta aaacagaggg ggcagattac tgtgctaatg agctaaacat     74820
     gggccacaga cccccactac ttcttccctt caggtctttg cacagatgcc aaacctctgg     74880
     accacagggt cactgatctc caccaactga aaatgtgact tgcctgctac agagggaaga     74940
     caagacctcc tgctatggac tcaccaccca cagacacctc ctggttagtg tcctccacaa     75000
     caacctgagt gtggggctgg gggtgggggt gtttaagggg ggccatatgg gtttcagccc     75060
     ctggagaatt ccacttagaa cccggcacct tgttattctt ggtccctgga ccacagggca     75120
     cacaggcctg tgcaccgtaa ggctggtgag ctttcaggat ggtgttagag ggacagaggt     75180
     ggcaggtccc agaatcccgg ttgatgtaat ggccagcagg acaagaggtg caggaggagc     75240
     ccaaatcaga ggcttctagg gcacagggac ggcagtagga ggccacgccc cccatgacgt     75300
     tggtgacatt gattgagtag atcttggcga catcattagt atacttcctg ccctggagat     75360
     gagggaacaa aagcagagaa aggagaggcc tgaagcagca gcagccatag gaagagcaga     75420
     gtttattttc actttacttg tgcatgtaca cgtgtgtacg tgtgtacatg tgtatatgtg     75480
     tatgtgaatg tacatgcaca tatgtaagta tgcatgtaga agccagatgt ggatatcaga     75540
     cgttcctttc atcactctcc atctcatttt ttgagacagg gtctctcact gaactaattg     75600
     tctcatgtcc tggcttttac atggatgcta gagatcaaac ccaggtcctc gggctccatg     75660
     gcaacagctg gtactgactg aaccactaga agcatctttc tcactttatt tcatggtggc     75720
     tctttgtatg aaaattaaag atgaacgata ctaaaaatag agagctaggt ggtggtggtg     75780
     tgcaccttta atcccagccc ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gagctctaca cagagaaacc     75840
     ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaag ttaagtaaat aagtaagtaa gtaaataaat aaatagttta     75900
     actttaaaaa gaacaatggc ttttaaggta tattttgtgt aattaacaag actaacccat     75960
     tttaagttcc atgttatgcg ccatggggaa tttataggaa attctaatat atgggggggg     76020
     gtctttgtca aagaaaaaag aaaaaaaatc cacgtactta aaaagaaatc aaaattagga     76080
     ctgggtgtgg tcttactacc ctagaatccc agcactcagg ggcagaggca ggaggatcgc     76140
     aaggtggaag acaaccagcc tggattagaa tggcctgtct ctaaaagcca gggactgagg     76200
     agtggggatg aaaatataga cttagtatac ataagggatg cagagagggg cagagataga     76260
     catagaaaca aagaatgcac actctccaag atagtaattg ggttatctct gggtaacagg     76320
     tttatgggtg atttggtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttgag acagggccca ctttacagcc     76380
     caggttgatt tgttttctgc agtacatctg tttggttttg tttttttttt tttgtttttt     76440
     ttttgttttt tgagttaaga aaataaagca aagcttttca tcttagctct gggaaagcta     76500
     aggcatgagg attacaggtt ctaggtcagc ctgggttaca gaccaagacc ctgtctcaaa     76560
     aatgaaagaa aaacagagtg attattttta aaaatagcta tatgtctggc ttcacttgtg     76620
     gtagagactg taaggggaag tcatttagaa aaggctcaag ccctcagagg ccatgcttag     76680
     cattcctgct tggctcctgc agattatgaa ctcagaagcc agcatgagct cacagcagga     76740
     gccctgtggt cacagtctgc accagggaca ggagggacag gagggacagg agggacggga     76800
     gggaggggag ggaagggagg gatgggaggg acgggaggga cgggagggag gggagggact     76860
     cactgtttca tgaagggtgg tcctctggaa ggcccatgtg aagctcacag tagcattctc     76920
     ttcgatggtg taggtatagg actgcttgcc tttggtgccc ttccacgtct ccacaggagt     76980
     attggtcctg gaattcatgc cctgagccca ggggaggcaa gtgaggaagg cgggattgct     77040
     tcgtgaggca atcactatgc tgtgggctaa cacactggtc agacctgtgt taagtactag     77100
     ggagtccctg gcagtccctc taggctcttg atccgtggga tcaccatgat gggtgtccag     77160
     tatactgcct cactgctggg ccatgctgga ccaaccctcc catggaagcc cccatctggc     77220
     taggagaaga aacctaccac catgaagtag agctcacagt tcacagagca gatggtctcg     77280
     aagacaaatg tgatcctggc cacctctttg ttctctgtgt ctgccaccac tgactgtgga     77340
     ggtctgtgag agaaacactg aaagtcatct cagaggccag gaagtgcaat tcggagggtc     77400
     tagacaacag aaagggttag ctgtgggttt gggggaccta gataaggcgt ttgttggaaa     77460
     gaagtgggaa ctaagtccaa ttacgccacc caagctatat gaccttgacc tagctccgtc     77520
     agctaccgag tggaggtgat aaatgtcttc tttatctctc attatagtat tgatatccac     77580
     cagtacacca tgtgtgagtg tgctttataa cagggacagg tctgctcaat cttctggcct     77640
     aatcttcagc tggtaaaaat gaactaactg tatatgagct ggagcgatgg ctcagtggtt     77700
     tagagctgtt gctgctcttg ccaaggaccc aggttcaatt cccagaacct atatggtggc     77760
     tcacaaccat acatagctcc agtcccaagg gatccaatag gcacacacac ggtgcatata     77820
     catatccatg taaaacatgc atactcacaa agtaaaagaa ataagtctaa taaataaatg     77880
     cacaaaaagt gaaatgcaaa ggggactgtg gccctgtttt tacgtctctt tttaactctc     77940
     tcggctagtg tggagaggaa ggattcaagc ggcctgtcag aagccagcag gggcaatact     78000
     gtgtgagcgg aatatttagt tatttttctc attgctgtga caaaatgcct gatgaaaagc     78060
     aacttaagaa gaagggtttg tttatttggc tcatgggctg aggggtaaag cccacttgct     78120
     ggggaagtgt ggcctctgga gcatgaggtg gctcaaaatc caagatagat ctttctcctt     78180
     agtcagtcct ctctggtaat gcccttcctg acatacctag agatatgtct cctgggtgat     78240
     ttcaaatctc atcaagttga cattcaaact aatctaccct ggggtgtgga gtgggggatg     78300
     ggggcagggc tccggagaga ctgctcagag attggggaca ctggctggct gctcttgcag     78360
     agtactggga tttgattcct agcacccaca tggtggcttg cagttacctg taactccagt     78420
     tctagggaat tcagtgtcct cttctggtct ctcatggggg cacatacata catttgagca     78480
     aacactcata cacacacaaa ataaaaataa attttaaaaa agtaacgacc actggtgata     78540
     acaaggaaaa tgttctggcg tccagttaac atggccactg tttgtgtccc tctggattga     78600
     ttcaacgctg gggccctctc ctctaccaca ttctggagta catgggattt ggatgcggcc     78660
     aggttggctt gggcttccct cacctaaatc ctggtacaac cagagtgaga atcatgaagt     78720
     cgttgtctga ggcaccaaca gctgtataaa tgtggtcacc agccacctcc cagcctggag     78780
     aaggagagga aagggttaat gcccccaggc attgacaaat gtatattggg tggcactcta     78840
     gagataatag ccctgtcctt caaggtatcc agacctttct ttgcttattc tggcaactga     78900
     cttacttcgt cctttcttcc caggtacctt cctggcttcc tctccatctc tttctccccc     78960
     accccctttc tctcactctg tagcccgggc tggccagatc tgtggcaatc ctttttgcct     79020
     tgaccccttt tactttattt ttaaataatt ttgttgtttt gagaaggatt tcaccctgag     79080
     gccagcctgg acctcactat tgcttcctat ttacagtaat gctcctgcct cagcctcctg     79140
     agtgctggag ttacaaggca taaaccgtcc atgttttttt tagctgtctc tgaaactgag     79200
     catcatcggc atgtctgctg taaggagtgg agctttcaag gggatgggtc actcccctgt     79260
     cagtcggtcg gtcgagtgca gggtaagggg gggggggcag tcacctgtca ggcccttgta     79320
     ttcaaagttg atcccactga gaaccgtagt ttccatgttg gagggcagtg tgttccacca     79380
     tttgtactca aatcccacgg caggctcagt tcctgctggg cagtgggtac aatctagggg     79440
     aagcacaaga gcggttggct acccaggagg aaatcgacag ccgctgtctg aaactgctgc     79500
     cagacagaca ggcggcagcc aaacagtgga tgatgcagtg gagttgcaca aagatttgtc     79560
     agtgggacgc aaaacatatt taacacgttc caatcagaca cacaggccag tatgccaacc     79620
     gtccttactt atcaaaactt ccgtttcgat gtcccttaaa tcttactcac gtacttcacg     79680
     tgattcccac gtagccatca actgcattcg gatttgcatg ttcacaatct cccccccaca     79740
     cacaccccgc cccccgactc ctttgtgtaa caaaggttcc gattctgtcc agccttagcc     79800
     ccctgaactt tctacctagc atccacacac tggacatctc tgtcctgaag actgaggtga     79860
     ggctcttgag acccaggtcc tgtttgcaga tggagtgagg aaggaggagg gcagtagtta     79920
     aatctgaccc tgacctacag actcctgacc ctggtcccca gaactgttcg gctagctata     79980
     ctgggtattc aggtggccca cccgacagcc agcgttagga aggagaggat ataagaagcc     80040
     gagcgccggg gctgttaccc gagccgttgg agtacgagcc gtatgggcaa ggttcacagg     80100
     tgctgttgtc ggttttgaag aagcccgggt tacagggtgg gcagcgggtc ttcacaccag     80160
     aggcgggcag cttcaccgcc ccctccaggt cctcaccgca gatttttggt atggcccatt     80220
     tgtacatgag ctgtgtctaa aacaaataaa tagatagaaa agaaaaaaaa aatggattca     80280
     gcaagattca tcacttatag ggtttagcct atgtttttag acactggtgc tcaacctgtg     80340
     acccatttga gtttcagata tcttgcatat catatattta tattacattc atagctatca     80400
     aattacagtt agaaaatagc catgaataat tctgtggttg gctatcacca cacccagaaa     80460
     tgtattaaag ggtcacacac agcactagga aggttaagaa ccactgttat agaccctacc     80520
     aaaaatgctg gagaatacta gagatttgga ccaggatgag aattctagaa aaagtagaga     80580
     attcagttct ggtcacacat ttgtacacag taactgccaa ataacactga tcagaggaga     80640
     aagggtgtat ctgctgagga ttctatgata gaggaaatgt gtgccaggtg tcttcagaca     80700
     acatgtgtgg agtctttccg gaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaccaacaac     80760
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaaaa aaaaccaaac caaaaaccaa aaaccaaaaa     80820
     aaatttttat tagctgagca tggtggtgca caccttaaag gaggcaggta aattctaggc     80880
     tagcattgtc tacataataa gcctctgttt caaaaaataa tcaaaacaaa aactccccac     80940
     accccctcaa tatttgttga ctgttgaatg gtcttttcaa aaaggctttc tcagactcct     81000
     catgcctgtt ctgttttttg ggattctccc aggccgtata catcacctcc actgtcttat     81060
     ggctggcctc cctgcagccc ttggaagctc tgggagaaca gagatgcatc tctgtttttc     81120
     tctgttcctt gcctgacacc tcagttcacg ccagcactgt ttgtcagccc agagatggag     81180
     aaagtacaaa gggaaggctt tgtcctgagc ctgaaggttt ggtgtgggtg ggagctggag     81240
     agaaacagct gggactgaag ccagttaggc cagtggttct caccgtccct aaagtgcatg     81300
     cgaccctcta atacagttcc tcatgttgtg atgaccccca accataaaat cattttcatg     81360
     gctatttcat aatagtaagt cacacagtaa ttcaaagcca tcctgtaatt ttactgctgt     81420
     tatgaatcgt aatattaata tctaagtttt ccagtggtct tatgtcgagg tttggcctgt     81480
     tgctatgtat ggtaatacta aattctgtac ccaaaggtct aggccagctt ttgttgtgca     81540
     aaccttgctc cttaatttaa aactgttggt taaataaaaa tagctacagc cagttactgg     81600
     agggattaga ggtaggtagg tgggtttttg agttagctgg ctgaacgaac gtttgagaga     81660
     tgagagaatg agaagcagag aggagaaggc gccctgagag gagatggacc atgagccatg     81720
     gccaggagaa acagcaagga tttgaggaac acgggtggga ggcgaccagg cagcagttag     81780
     aaaagtagat taacggttac tccccagtaa ccatcaaaaa caaataagat aaccctagtc     81840
     tgagtctcat ttatttgtta actagtcggg gataagttta aatgggataa actacagtct     81900
     ttccctgtga aagggttatt tgatctcaga ggggtcgaga ctcacatatt gagaaacact     81960
     gacttaggcc attttccaga gacttagggg taggacaaga tcccctctgc tctccccgga     82020
     agcagctagc gcttgggact gagtatcact atggaatgca gccggtgtag acggatgggc     82080
     aaatggggtc tgggattgag caaacggaag aaaccaagca aaaggaaaag aacagttctg     82140
     ggtgacacac acaggaaaag gatgccatgt tcttggcccc cccccccccc cggctagcct     82200
     gggctcacca tgcaggtctt ggggggtttc tccagtgagt tcactgacca ctgggtgtaa     82260
     ggagcgggaa acaggttctc tgagcgtgct acccacctct ccctgagcat cacaggctgt     82320
     gtgggtgtag aaatagtcct tgtctgtgca ggctgggcgc actttgcagg tggaagatcc     82380
     tttttctaaa tgaccacagt gagaaaaaaa tatttcaagt tacataagag agcagggctc     82440
     ttatcgtagc cactgaccag tgaccgataa ctcccaagcc cgtgggtgtg tcaccacaca     82500
     aacttccaga aggtgtttgc gttctgtttt cacttatttg ccttcttctg gtcttctgag     82560
     acaggctgac ctgagactca ccatgcggtt gaggctggcc tcaaacttga ggagattctg     82620
     ttgcttcatc ctcttggacg gctaaggcta caggtgtgag ccaccatggt cttttattct     82680
     tttgtcttaa gtttggcttt ttggttttct gtttgtttgt tgtttttggt tttgtggttg     82740
     ttttgcttct ttagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctccctctgt     82800
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaat tcagagatcc acctgcctct gtctcccaag tgctgggaat     82860
     aaagtgtaca ctaccaagga attttttttc ttaaacctac ttttacttat atgtgtaatg     82920
     ctgttttgcc tgcctgcatg tatgcatgtc tctgcacatg tgtggctggt tcccacggag     82980
     gccagaagag ggtgtcggat tcccctagaa ctggagttag tgagccatgt gggttctgga     83040
     atcaaaccag gatctcttgg aagagaagcc agtgttctta gcctttgagc gatctctcca     83100
     ggccccatcc ttagacctcg tctgagagtt ctcttgccta tgacaaacgt gaagaaggcc     83160
     atctgttact tccccttctc catgagacca ccccacacag ataaagttgg aattgccatg     83220
     aactcaagat gaagctgcct ctgcctcgcc tcagcctcag catcctagtg ctgactctca     83280
     cccagttact tttctcccac ttggggagca ctggggtttg aaccctgggc tccaggcatg     83340
     ttttaccact gaaccccatg tccttagcca ttttatcagg ctttttgtgt tacccttata     83400
     atgatataat gttgcttcaa taccgtggac ctttacagaa gaactaatga accctcctcc     83460
     tcctcaaagc aatggatgtc atatttttct tttgttttga tgttagagac aactatagcc     83520
     caccccatag cctgtgctaa cctggaactc ctaatcttac tgccttaggt actaggaaaa     83580
     caagtgtatg acatcatgca tacacatata aagggtgtgg tggtgcacaa ctttcatccc     83640
     agcacccagg aagcaaaggc agaccaatct gggttcagac caggctagcc tggtctacat     83700
     agtgagttcc agggtagcca ggaccacaaa tgtctcaaaa gccaaaataa atccttttcg     83760
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ttacaaagcg agttccagga caaccagggc tatacagaga     83820
     aatcctgtct cgaaaaaagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagaagaa     83880
     aaaagaaaaa aaagaaatgc agtcactatt atttgcctgc aagcttgcat attcttttta     83940
     tttgagaact gtccagggag atttaataga ttatgtgttt cttcacctcc tttctagtga     84000
     ctttacttct taataggttc catccctttc ccagatgact tcctctgtca gagactctaa     84060
     agatgccttg ttggcctgta ctgggagctc agagactgaa tatctcccca tctctctgtc     84120
     cctgtcttat taggctgggc aagaaggaag tgttgggaaa cagctggaat cggctcagcg     84180
     cctttattca gtaataaagg caggaggttc aattcctcag agagggaact agaaactccg     84240
     gttggtgact gacttggcca ggagagattt gggggtgggg agagaggtgc tgaacacgtg     84300
     ccagttccca gggccttgtg gatcaggtct ggcagagcag aagttaagtg ttagaaaatg     84360
     tatttggcac aaagaccttt gttctgctag ttaaacattt gcttaacctg acaccctagg     84420
     tctaagtttt agcagaaatg gtccagctgt ttacacacag accactgtga aaatggcttt     84480
     aataaatgat taactgcaat gttcagacag acctcacttt ccaagcacgg gtttaaacca     84540
     agaggcttaa gttgggcatt ggtcaagtgt gaaaaagtca cctagatgtt tggtaaggcg     84600
     agggattgaa tgtgggttga ggaggaacgc tcgtgggaaa acatgtaaga cgacgttgat     84660
     ctcagggccc ggggtgcttc ctctgtacct accttctcct gccgatctgg ccccccttct     84720
     agtccagtgt tctctctggg gcccatttta tcaaaggaaa acatttcctc agcaggcaca     84780
     ggaccccagc acacataagg gcacagctca tagcagctca gatgctgagg tcttctcgga     84840
     acctaccttt catttgtaaa tggagggctc actcccacac cacgctttga gtcataaatg     84900
     agacaatgtt gtattgagtg taaacttctg tacaagtgag ctattattgt aaactatacc     84960
     gagaacattt tcatcctgta agaggggtat ctggacaggc cttcattaaa agaaagtgaa     85020
     ttagtaaaac taactctacg gccggagtga gcagggccag ggagagagaa gaaaaagtgt     85080
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat agatcttttt ttaaaaaaaa     85140
     gtaaaacaaa actaatgctg aagggataag gtgaacagga tggctcagtg ggtaaaggtc     85200
     cttgccacca agcctaacca cctgactcct tcctgcaagt tgttcacatg cacacatgtt     85260
     catgcatgaa cccacacata cacacacaca tacacaataa aacaaataag tgtaatagta     85320
     cttagtgctt aggctagagc tgaagctccg cagaggagag ctggcctaac atgtgcaagg     85380
     actctgggat ctatccccaa cactgcaaga aacattgttt aaaacagtga ttacacagca     85440
     ctcaggaggc aggggcaagt ggatctctgt gagttcgaga ccagcctggt ctacagagtg     85500
     agttccgtaa cagccaggtc tacacagaaa aaccctgtct caaagaacaa aacataatga     85560
     acaaaaacca aaaaaagcaa ttacaaaata ccaggcccat ttctggatcc tttcctgcat     85620
     tagccaatcc ctgtggtaac agtgtatggt ggacatgatc atcatcactt ctattttgga     85680
     ggtaaagatg tagagacatg gttgcttctc aggcctccac taagattgtg tatagggact     85740
     gcagcacgag caagcagtgt agcccagatg tcacatctag tgaggggtga ggctgagatc     85800
     tgaacctggt gagtgtgttc tggagtcccg gcactgttcc ctattgcacc gtggagagtt     85860
     cctacatttg tgtgcccaca tgggcagatt tctcctattt ggttcaacct ggaggacagg     85920
     caccaactca ggctgtagca ccaaggctgg tccttgtagg tattcaaggt gtgtgtgtgt     85980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acgtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     86040
     gagagagaga gaactggcct ttcatcactg tcttcgttca tgttcattcc acgctatgtt     86100
     cttattagac tctttgcatc tttcccagcc tctccccttg aaagagttgc gtgtccaata     86160
     aatgtgactg tcttagtact gaaagttgat gaggttaagt cagaggggcc gattgagaaa     86220
     ttggtgactg aagcagagct ctatgaattt ggcttcctga ttaacaattt catgacaact     86280
     cttggataga aatcggttta tacagcattg accgaaacag gctttttata caactacctt     86340
     gtcattcaac ccttgcacag ttgcagaact ggagccaaag ctggactaac aaaggccacc     86400
     attgataaga ggtggagcag gggagaggca taaggattaa agtggaaaaa caggaattta     86460
     gatgtttggc tagaaacttc ctctcagatc taaactttct tgcctggcaa aaaaaactac     86520
     ccatgtttga caagatcagg gtagaaaagt aggccttttg tattaggagt gtagaagcga     86580
     gccacaggtc aatggctggt cctgggttaa cagccgcaca tcttaacacc tgcgtgacac     86640
     atggggaaac ctataggggt gtgagtctgt acacacgggc ctggtgctgg gtttgtacac     86700
     gtttctgtat aagaagggga agaaagagtt gtgatgaggg tccctacgga gagctcagag     86760
     cagaactctc ctatttcttg cttgtttcac agcctactct gaggtctaga tctggtaccc     86820
     atcactgggc tgtctctttg gtgacattac cactctcaca tgggtgttct gatattttat     86880
     taaataaatg accaggtctt gttttttcct tctcttgaaa aaaaataagc ttaaaaaaaa     86940
     aaagtctgtt tgtggttggg tttgtgcatg tgagtacagt gtccactgtg gtggaagggt     87000
     agggtgtcgg gggttcccta gagctggagt tacaggcagg tgtaagctgc cacacataag     87060
     tgccacgggt tctggggaac ccaactcagg tcacctgcaa gagcaacaca cacttctcac     87120
     cactgagcca tctttccgtt gttcacatca gaatgtttgt ggaggcgtct ctctagttta     87180
     tcttagaaca ttaagacttg tcttaacaac agccaaaaaa tggttatgct cgtactctgg     87240
     tctgaccgtt ctacaaggta ggttggtatt gaaataccac actgtatctc atacatactg     87300
     ttaacctcaa agatttaagg agaaagacca ctgtcccaaa tcactgaggc caaattaatt     87360
     aaaacaaact ctttttttta aaagttgtgt acatgagctg actccccctg ctaaggcagg     87420
     gttcaagaga ttggtattgg acatgggcca gataagggct ttttatagct cacgggtagg     87480
     gggtttccaa gtgggggatt tggcacatag gtgaggcggg gttccaagag caaaacataa     87540
     caaggtggtc ataataactt tttgaaataa atgtagagtt gcaaggtgtt gataagaacc     87600
     tcctgaaaca aaggcatttt ggccattcct gcaacaggca agaacagaac catttgtagt     87660
     taaggttaca agtggggcac agccccactt agagaaacag agatttaatc gcaaacagga     87720
     atgaacctag cttgtcttta ttataagttg gctttcaagc ccaaaatgga agcagctggg     87780
     ttcatcaata aatatgtaat tactatttgt tatcgaaaat aaatttgaaa agtttgtgct     87840
     tgtcaatata gcctcttggt tttcatagat taagtagatt tgttttgttt tgtttttaaa     87900
     ctattaggca tgatggcatt tgcccataat ctcagcactt aggaggtaaa gagagaggga     87960
     gcagaagttc aaagccaagc tggacctggc agcatgtatc tttaactcct gtattcagga     88020
     ggcatttgca atggatctct gtgtgtttga ggccagcctg atctacagag tgagtaccag     88080
     gcagccaggg ctacagagga tgaccctgtc tcaaagaaca aacacacaaa caccaaaaca     88140
     aaagccagcc tctgaacctc tgccacatac acaccgagag tacagccagt accaaacagc     88200
     agcagcagca gcaaagaatt atcatctttg ggacggccaa taggatgggc ctcctggttt     88260
     cctttgtgtg taccccacta ctcccccaca ccctaccctc agaaacatca cctgagtatt     88320
     tgtcagcatc acacggatgg caggacgttt ctcctttgtt tgagtagtag ttggctggac     88380
     aaagcttgca gaaaggggag ccctgcttgg cagcgtatgt gccaggcttg caggggaaac     88440
     actcggaggt gtaagccacc cctaggaaga aagaatggta tagacgatca aagcttgagc     88500
     ccagacacca aggccctggg gaccaaatgc ccatccctcc ctagaagcca ggagtccagg     88560
     aagccagcag cagacccaga tccaagctgt tttctgtacc tgttatggcg atgtttctaa     88620
     caagcacggg cttggacact ttggaccaca ccgagaaagc tgtggttctc caatagagga     88680
     cgttattgcc tctatttagc tcaaccttca aaaaggcata aggtaggtgt taattcatca     88740
     caaaaatggg catcactaac ttgccttttg tagctttgtg tttttaaccc tctcccactc     88800
     ttccctgatc ctccacatat gatccgtgca tcatatgcac tacaagcatc tctaatggag     88860
     cgatcagaac aggaccagag ggggctggca gtaagggaga ctgacgattg ctcattcttc     88920
     tatggttttc cagaaaacac agcctcaaag ctggaacgct ctggctcctg ggatgaagtc     88980
     ataggggcaa actagccact gtatagcatc atctagcaac cacaaaaaga ggaatcactt     89040
     atgtctcagc ctgccccctc cgttacggcc ctcggcctct cctctgggat cccaaggacg     89100
     gctggtgtga tgctcacact gtggaattc                                       89129