ID   AL671908; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 205224 BP.
AC   AL671908;
DT   01-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-307G22 on chromosome X
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-205224
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Pandian R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; eec200c885b3f513c01df65c54146bbc.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456200.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031344; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031347; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035794; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035795; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035796; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035778; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035779; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035780; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035700; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035701; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035702; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035765; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035766; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035767; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035468; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035469; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035470; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036295; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036296; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036297; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034760; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034761; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034762; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035443; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035444; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035445; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035596; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035597; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035598; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035547; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035548; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035549; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035685; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035686; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035687; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035582; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035583; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035584; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036316; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036317; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036318; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034460; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034461; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034462; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034902; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034903; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034904; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL671908.8:1-205224; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000033713; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114550; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114551; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000114553; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152200; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096330; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096332; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096335; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096423; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096425; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096428; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096360; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096362; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096365; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096347; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096349; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096352; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095897; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095899; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095902; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096852; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096854; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096858; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096488; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096490; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096493; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095814; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095816; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095819; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0096022; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0096024; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0096027; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095865; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095867; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095870; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096051; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096053; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096056; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095830; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095832; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095835; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097200; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097202; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097205; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095905; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095907; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095910; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094874; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094876; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094879; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR002048; EF_hand_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006028; GABAA/Glycine_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR006029; Neurotrans-gated_channel_TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR006201; Neur_channel.
DR   InterPro; IPR006202; Neur_chan_lig-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR008101; GABAAt_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR011992; EF-hand-dom_pair.
DR   InterPro; IPR018000; Neurotransmitter_ion_chnl_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR036719; Neuro-gated_channel_TM_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036734; Neur_chan_lig-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1888498; Gabrq.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-307G22 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..205224
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-307G22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 205224 BP; 60644 A; 42813 C; 42572 G; 59195 T; 0 other;
     gaattccttt gcttattcca agttttagct cccaagttac tcagatacta tacacaatca        60
     tacaagaagt aataatagag attttggcat aattatcatg ttatgtaatt tgaggtacac       120
     cattatttaa attgactata tgcttttcat taaatttaca atcttttcta ataaaatgag       180
     aacaattctc aaatatcatt tttccttgaa aggcccatta gtctaaatag gtttaaagag       240
     aaaatcccca agattaccaa attacagtat ctttatgata gaaaaccact agcattctaa       300
     catgatggtt aagattttaa gagaaagtgg acttgctgtt agacagtatc ctccatgtat       360
     aatggggaag ctgcagccat aaaatctcaa caatctggtt gcctaaacaa gaccagaaca       420
     atgacaatac cagctgacat gccagtgtgg gtggaggata tttcacaagc ccctacacat       480
     gcatgaagag ctacaaacaa ttaatggcta ctaagggatg aggcccaaag gagttggtta       540
     tctaatacta agtgggcaga tctaagcagg tatagaaatg agtgccctaa agggactcac       600
     tgggttaggt ccatgcagtg cagatgtggg cgtgtgttgt gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaaa caagagggag ttggtgggaa cagaggtcac       720
     agggggagtt agagggagaa aaacgagaaa gaaatgacat aaatacagta ctcacatatg       780
     gaattaagaa tctcttgagt gatacattag tgctccaggt ctttagcaga aacatgaaat       840
     ttgtctacag gattgtcaaa ggatttggag gtaccaatat caacatagca aaacatcttg       900
     acaatccttt gttacctaca aagaaagtac tttagttgtt gcaatctgat gaaaagcaaa       960
     ccaaaatggc atgccttgaa gttggagttt actatgatca ctgtaaaggg gcaatgccag      1020
     aaatagtggg caacactgaa agctgctaat gaaaactcag aggtaattta gtttgaaagc      1080
     caattgcatt cctttgctgc cacatttaat cgactgaagt ttaagaacaa actgttctca      1140
     aatgactttg cataacagta ggtacctaga aaacacatta ggaaaatgta tatttgccaa      1200
     aatcttttac aatgtttcta aaaatatatg gaaagtacct tctttaggca aaacccaaag      1260
     ctatgagtaa caaatgtgtg ttaggaaatc ttacttatag aaagtagtgc ctttaggcac      1320
     aggtactcac gatctattac agattatggt tggtgcccta ttgaacctat ggctgcctgg      1380
     aagctaaggc tccatatcac tgtccagtgt cagaagagat aattactagc ctggaaaaga      1440
     tcaaacctca aaactctatg tgatctctac tgaatgccta ttgcttcctc aacattgtag      1500
     agttgaaaca cacacacatg ttaaatcatc acaagtcatg gtccatctgt aaggcaaagg      1560
     gaaccttata acattccata atattaatgt ggcttgaacg tgacagcatg atcaatttaa      1620
     ttttatgtgt cttgggccct gaagggagaa aatgaggctg tacaaagatt gaaaatccaa      1680
     tgtagtcaaa gttccttgaa aatctttaag ccacacttaa atttcagcat atagtcatgg      1740
     agcccctgct ttgtactgga aactgataga agcttgggat cctagagaaa acaaaacaaa      1800
     gcttcttctc atatagagtt tcccttcctg caggggtggg cagccaatga gtaacaaata      1860
     taattcaagt atttagtaga gttaaaggta caaaatgaca aaaaggaaaa gtaagctctg      1920
     agccagaagg aatgggtatg ctgcattaca gagttgatac tggaacagaa actaaaaggt      1980
     ttgagggcct acattgaggc tatctgacag tagaacagtc tgtgcaaagg gactaatagc      2040
     cagtgacaca gccccagggc aggagcatgc ctagaatgtt tgaggaatat caaggaggtc      2100
     aacttgactg ggtaagtgat ccaaacagag caaagaataa ggcagagtgg ggctaagact      2160
     ggaatacagc tgctggtttc taggtcatta ttacaggtct atccacaaat gggaagctca      2220
     tacctccccc ttgcattcac aaagggaagt ccatgaatga tttaaaatta gaagatgaaa      2280
     tgacctaggc ataactttat aaggaagaca agaaaatcat gaaaacttag gcatcctccc      2340
     cctgaagagt ctaccttttc atacattctc acagcatgat tatattaggt taagaaccca      2400
     tgtagtacaa gatgtcatag actcctcaag actcaaggtg gaaaataatc taactttgaa      2460
     ggcactctta tacatagctg ctgcttgact gttttcttca ttagaacatt tctctggtat      2520
     tctgatcaca gcagggttgc actggtttgg ccaaaggcca ttataatact tagagcagag      2580
     cagatatgat gtcagcttta aaataaattg ggaggattaa aatagaccaa atgagagtta      2640
     ttttctaaga gtaaaaatgg gtcacttctt aaaattgtgt tcataaaagg agccatccaa      2700
     tttatgcatt tctggccatt ttatctctaa cagttttcac ttacagctcc agtattatca      2760
     ttgaaaaatg aaagacatta cagcttatgg caacatccat cctgtatagg aatccacttg      2820
     actttttgca ggctgttcta cagaaaaact aaaaattatt cccaaaacct ttttacatgg      2880
     gcctaggttt acagagaaag agagatgggg gagggagggg aggaaggagg aaaagagaga      2940
     gagtatgaca taatattggg gtaggcatcc atcagcaagg ctgagtattg gaatcataga      3000
     agtagaaaag ctaaagataa tgtgaagaat ggtacaaaat tataaggctg acttccaagt      3060
     aacaaggctg ttaaaccttt tttatgtaaa tgattttcag atactgaagt ataatcaaca      3120
     tacactcaaa tgcacatgga taaagtatgg actttgagtt atatatgtat ctgcaaaact      3180
     aatacaagtc aaatatggtg gcacatgcct ataattccag tgctcagaag gctgagccag      3240
     gaggattgag agttcaaagt cagacttagc tacatagaaa gaccccgtta tgcaaaacaa      3300
     agggatgagg ctaaagtact tgcctaactt caccaagact ttggattcag tccctaacaa      3360
     ggggaactat caacatgaag atgacaagca tccactgaag tatttacaag aaaattacca      3420
     ttctcctgta aatatttttc caatcctatg cacacctaga tccctaacag tgatattccc      3480
     tttagttaca gtaaaatatt gtgttagatt ccaccactgt gataacttta ctgaaaaaaa      3540
     ttaaattgag tgggtaatga gttcttctgg ctactggttc cagaggtttc agtgtatggc      3600
     cacttggctc tgatgtttct ggttctgatg aagacagaga gggcatggta gagtagagat      3660
     actttcctgg tgctggcaat gaatcaagtg aaaatggaaa gggtctggga acaaatatag      3720
     ttttaaaagg tacttcccca gtaaattaat ttctccaact aagcaccacc ttttgaagtt      3780
     catgcttctt cagtgaattc attgatgaag tcagagccca tatgacatta atatcctttt      3840
     aaaatcctca cctctataca ttgctgcaat agagactaag actagaacac atgagctcct      3900
     gtgggacact tcagattcaa acctttacta gtttgcattc tacaaacttt catataaata      3960
     acatcacact ttttgcctac cttctgtcac tcagcatagg tattatgaga gttatccatg      4020
     ttgtaacatg tatcaatatt ttatttttgt ttttattttt agtagtatat aacacaatca      4080
     ttgattcaat tatatgttga ttgatatttg actcattccc agtttgggag tattaaaaag      4140
     acagttattg tcaacatttg ttataaatct gtaaatggac tatgctttca ctactcacat      4200
     aaaaatttgg aaatagtagt gctaattcat ataaagatgt acatttaact tttaattaca      4260
     ttgacaaagt attttccccc aaactaaccc ttcatattcc caacagtagc atgcatatga      4320
     tctacttgct ctgcatccca gccaacagtt gttgtaggct gtgctttgaa ttctagcaat      4380
     tctaatgagt acgtagttac atctcattga ggtttgaact ttaattttag taaaggctaa      4440
     ttacactggg catcttttca cgtgtttgtc cgccaacaat aaagctcctt tggcagagtg      4500
     tcttttcaaa tttgttttcc atattagaca ttgctcgttt atcatttcct cactattaaa      4560
     ttttacatat tttaagtata agttcattaa cacagatatc atttgtgaat tttttccaag      4620
     actattgatt gcattttcaa ctaggttatt ttttcattct ttgacagttt catatatgta      4680
     tataatgaat tttaggaact tcacccccat tactttttct aaccccctct tctcccattc      4740
     tcccatggaa acccttctta acaagcctcc tcttacttta atatattttt gcttggggga      4800
     cacactgaat ttagttagaa aacaggtgag agattactta tgaagcacag ataaatttta      4860
     aagtattaaa aatttccaat ttatcaaata tttctattac agatccaact ttaagaatat      4920
     tgacctctgg gggccatgcc tatctactgg aggtggtctc cacaggttcc atctcctctt      4980
     tgttgcatat ttcaactaaa gtcattcctg ctgggtcctg ggagcctctt gcttccctgt      5040
     tgtctgggac tttctagtgt ctatccccca ttccccattc ctgattacta catatttcta      5100
     tttgatttcc tgaccctctg tacttctctc ctgtcccttc caatacctga tcctgccccc      5160
     catttttcct tctccctctt ttctcccctc caggccccac cctccctcta cctcctgtga      5220
     tcattttgtt cccccttcta tgtaggattg aagcatccac actttggtct tcctttttct      5280
     taagctctgt agtctgtggg ttgaatcatg ggcattgtga gtttttgcac taatatccac      5340
     ttatcagtga atacatacca tgtgtgttct tttgtgtctg agttacctca ctcaggatga      5400
     tttttttcta gtttcatcca tttgcctgtg aatttcatga atttgttgtt tttatagctg      5460
     agtagtactc cattgtgtga ttgtaccaca ttttctctgt ccattcctct gttgagggac      5520
     atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc      5580
     atgtgccctt gttatatgtt ggagtatttt ttgggtatat gccaagtagt ggtttagatg      5640
     ggtcttcagg tagaactact tccaatcttc tgagaaatca ccagactgat ttccagagtg      5700
     gttttgccag ctttcagttg aggaatgggg ctgcccaccc atctcaaaaa tattaactca      5760
     gaattgctcc tacctaaagg aagtgtagag acaaagactg gagcagagac tgaaggaagg      5820
     gtcattcaga gactgcccca cctagggatt catcccatct gtgggcagca aacctggaca      5880
     ctattgctga agccaagaag cacttgctga caagaacttg gtatggctgt tccctgagag      5940
     gtgctaccag cacctgacca atacagattc agatacccac agtcaaccat cagactgagc      6000
     ctagggaccc caatggaaga gcaagaggaa ggactgaagg agctgaaggg gattgcaacc      6060
     ccataggaag aataatatca actaaccgga ccacctggag ctcccagaaa ctaaaccacc      6120
     aaccaaagag gtcacgtgga agaatccatg gctccagata catatgtagc agagaatggc      6180
     cttatctgat atcagtggga agggaggtcc ttggtcctat ggaggtttga tgccccagtg      6240
     tagggggatg ctagagagat gaggtgggag tgggtgagtg ggtgaaggag caccctcata      6300
     gaggcaaagg aaagcaggga gaggggatat gagatgaggg tggttgtgga ttagtaacca      6360
     ggaagggtaa tatcacttga aatgtaaaca aataaatgat taataaaaag agaatattga      6420
     ccacacatgt gtgggtttaa ttttggactc ccttttctgt tctgttccaa taaatttctt      6480
     ttatcccagg atcatgctat cttgagtacg atggctttag aatacctctt aaaattagcc      6540
     aaagtatgtc ctccaaatac gtcattttcc aaaattcttt tggctattcc tgatgattac      6600
     atttccacag gaatcctttt ggctattgta gcccaacttg gcctaaaact tgtggcagtc      6660
     atctggcttg agcttcttaa gtgctaaaat gacaggtaag cttgtaactt ttaaattaaa      6720
     attttctaca ctaattccac ctaggattct aactgggact ttatttaacc tgtagataaa      6780
     tctagcatga actgacattg ttctggtttg gatatacaaa gccctccaat aaagcctcac      6840
     aagttatatt tggatccttt cctggtggca ctactgaaat gggattggac catgaaggtg      6900
     cttctattat cactggattg aactactgac gaggtcatag gtgaatggaa tactagtata      6960
     tgaggcctgc ttggaggaaa cattggaggc ataactttga agggtgcatc ttgtctctag      7020
     accctttgac caacttcccc ttctctacct ccatgctgtc atctccatac tgtcataaag      7080
     taagctagtc tgctccgttg tatactcaag cactttgtca ctacaacaaa aattgatcaa      7140
     cacagacata gcaataagat taaatttcta tatttctgaa catgacatat agcctcagct      7200
     atttgtcctt agtttgtctc aacaatatta ttgattttca ttgcatagat tattgatatc      7260
     ctttgttaaa tttatgcata agtactttag atagctaaat ttttatctta aatttttctt      7320
     tgaaagtaca tagagaagtt gagtggaatc tatatatacc tatatactta tcttatatat      7380
     tataattttg gcacattcat ttattagtgc cactgattca cagatagagt gccactctag      7440
     aacctttgat atagattaaa atgttatctt caaaaagtaa caattttgtc tctttctact      7500
     atgaatgctt ttgatttctt ggtgttttgt aattggttgc accaactagt ttccagtaca      7560
     acaccaacta aatatggtga tggcagaggt cttggtttct tcttgatctt aagtacaata      7620
     ttgtctttct tctttaagta cactattggc tgggagcttc tcatggaatc tgttccgttg      7680
     aggccaactc ttttttaatt tttaaagtaa tacagtggaa tactcctggc agtgtgacag      7740
     atttgatatt ctgacataca ttatcactcc acaaacaaag atgctggata aattacagca      7800
     aatttcttta taaatgtgaa gctgaccacg caagaaattc aaggacgtta atccccagga      7860
     gtgaaaatga taatagccac gtaaatactg aaagcagagt tctgaggtga atttacaatt      7920
     ctagaagcca tatatagcct tgcattttaa cagctaacat gctctctaac tgatccacct      7980
     caatcttctt cagaaaatca tatcctaatc tatcctttag acattagtgt ttatcaaatc      8040
     tctcctagtt tataatacta tcacatgctt ttattgctct caggttacta tttcacatat      8100
     tacctctact acctctatgc taatggatgt aaattcatac tttccaggct tttctgcctg      8160
     aattatttct tctatgctat ctggacattg atatgctaga actctttcaa atatttgtcc      8220
     aaactttatt cgtcttcact ctgcatatgc ccatatttct tattttgttc tatattattg      8280
     gaaccaatgc ttgaaatcat tatgaatatt taagatttat ttatgtgtat gggtattttg      8340
     actgcatgca cagatatgtg caccacctga atgcctgatg tgatggatcc tctgtaactg      8400
     gagttacaaa cagttgtgag ctgccatgtg ggtgctagga attaaacctg ggtcctctga      8460
     aggagcaccc agtgctctta actgatgagc ctcctctaca gcctcattgt gaatatttta      8520
     ccatcttatc tacccataga tatccattat tcttcttagt tcagcctcat aagtatcatt      8580
     tgagcccatt tcttcattcc cctagttact gccactaccc ttgttcatgc accatttttc      8640
     acctaaagtg ctgtaatagc cttttctaca cattgctctg cagacatccc agcttctcat      8700
     gctccaccca acttaatgct accagtgtca taaataaaaa gcaggtgtcc tcaagctccc      8760
     acttagtact cataatgtcc tactcagtac ttgtttctct tctctaagcc ttactctgca      8820
     gttattttga atgacacaca atttctggag cctacttgtt tctcttcttt aagccttact      8880
     ctgcagttat tttgaatggc acacaatttc tggagccctt taagctgtgc ctgattttgt      8940
     agttttacac ttgctgtatc cttccactta ccccctctta tttgacctgg ttaaccaaat      9000
     tctttatatt cttctactct cctaacatac attaccaata agaactattt actaataatc      9060
     agtaagctgt atgcttagct agattctgtg agtattcctt gcagtgatct cactgtaata      9120
     ccttgtctac ttgtgttctt ttctatgtac tttctaagac tagagtctcc aactcatcag      9180
     gaactcaaac atacacaata cttaacttat ttatcagttg atgaaggtta accagctgga      9240
     aaactcaaac acagaaatcc agtagtggag tcatactatt tgttcaacaa tgttttgttg      9300
     atcacctcgt tctacctgag agactggcca atagtgaaaa acatataatc tttgccctca      9360
     aggagcattg cagtccagta gaaataagat gaagagtgtg actctggcat gaacatgtct      9420
     tgatacaatg agagaagtac taatagttct taaatggagc aaaggagaat agaacattgt      9480
     tgaactgatt ttttccagcc tttaatccac tcttctaaaa atatttcctg actacacata      9540
     tttggaaaga aaaatatctc ctaaaagagc tcactatcag gaagccaaaa gcaatttgga      9600
     atagaatcta ttaagtacaa caagattcat gtccaagagt taagagttga aacaggggag      9660
     gctggagaaa gaaaaaagag agggaaagac aaaagaagga aaacaaagag gcaatgagtc      9720
     tgaaattggc attatctcag gtttggtgtc atttggttcc ccaaatacaa agccctgctc      9780
     tttgatctaa ttcttgtgtt tttctaatgg tacattttaa tttttggaaa gactgtagct      9840
     tgacagaagg tgttttccac tatgtctaaa tgcttatttc aatttaaata gtgcttagcc      9900
     ttcaactttc tcagagttct cacaatagcc cccagctcca agcctccata atggtgcaca      9960
     gtaatttgca atagctgagc tctgtatctg acatattccc aagatggagt attcttctca     10020
     atgatttggc aaaggaagaa gaggaaagga gttgaaagat ggtttcattc tgttgccaag     10080
     gataacctag aatggatcat aatttgtgcc taaaaagtac taagattata ggtatgtaca     10140
     cagtcattct tttaggaaga atcctattca gcacacatta cccctgcttc caagaaaagt     10200
     atttttgtac acagactccc gtgcatagaa ttcatgctgc tcaacaggac ataggatcaa     10260
     acattgtaaa ataaatgcta agacagaata caagaactaa gagcactctg ctaccaaact     10320
     ctatagatca tcatggtagc catgtaagca ctacaattgt ggtctccata agcaagagtg     10380
     tgcagttcaa gtgaaatgag taccctgagg caaaagcctc tggctattgt ccttttcagg     10440
     attcacctca ctgaacctga acttcctagg taggccaaaa gtaatgcctt gcaaagaaga     10500
     gtgcacattt ctgaacaaca caggattctt ctaatgtgaa acaattgttc tatggctcag     10560
     ttttagaatg cctaagagct tatgagatat aaactgagta gtagatgctt cctgacaagt     10620
     cctgtccttt ttattcttca cagatgcttc acaccaaatt tgttacactc ctgtatctct     10680
     atagtccagt gcctgatttc tggagtcccc aaaagattca accatgtatt tgcaatgtaa     10740
     gcaaattcac aagaaactga tgtcttcatt gaccttgccc ctccatctct agaagaacca     10800
     attaccagcc aaggtaattg tacaaaaaat atgaaatatt caaaaattat atctatgtac     10860
     taataattat actcttccaa tttgtttttt aagtattttt aatcccagca tttaagtatt     10920
     gttgacagac cagatggtta acaaagtaaa acctccaggg agcctaaaaa gagcaataaa     10980
     tagaagggta agactaagat atggactctg cacacaaaac tgtgctgtac tatcagaaat     11040
     tccaaaggac ttgcaggata tagctcaata ttgtgtgcta gaacagtatc ttagtctaag     11100
     agacttttct tatcagtagg tgaaccctgg actaccatgt ctatagaagg actaattcta     11160
     tatgaaacca aaacagtaaa ataaacacat aaaatgtgca gttaacttta aaaagtgata     11220
     tccctagata tcatcttgta tgctggatcc aaaatatctt caataataaa tggggccaat     11280
     ttttctagcc tccctgctta tctggcttat cacttacaaa cttattctaa aagaaactta     11340
     cagttcagga atgtgtgagt gacctggtta tcatatctgt taccttattg attatcagag     11400
     ttgatttggc tgatctagct ggctaggtgg gtgagccttt ccacactcaa cactccagta     11460
     tgcatctctc cagaagctga aggtggtgat gggaaggcct gggaggagag gagggaggga     11520
     aaactgccat cggatacaat atattgagag aatacatttt aaaggaggag gggaatttct     11580
     agggctaaat gaacctgatt gttcaagtca tctacagcca atgtattata gtattagcat     11640
     ggtaaggaat ttgaagacat taacctgcac atcctttgtt tcataggagt ttatttaaga     11700
     ccctcttcta cctctcatcc aagatgctag acatgagtca cccatagctt taggggaagt     11760
     tgtcaaaaca taactagaga ataaaggtgt caaaatcttg acaattgagt gtttcaaaaa     11820
     ccaggggttc aggtgtaaga cagaaaatat ttggaagcat ttgtaaccta gttttcttct     11880
     cctgtcccag attccagagt gaggagaaaa atggagaaag actgtggatt aaagagtgaa     11940
     gccagaagga agggagaaac aagcttcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc     12000
     acacagcaca catgcacaca cacatgctca aacacacaca catacaccac caccaacaac     12060
     aacaacaaca acttttaaag tacctctagt atccagcatc agaaagctat gtgccatgaa     12120
     gccaattgat caagcatgca acaggaacaa tgtctggcct taatgactca gtactctagg     12180
     ttccttatag ccaggttttt actactttgt ggattattct ttcttccatc cttctccatc     12240
     cctttttttc ctgccctttc atccccctaa cagtagatta gagagaaaaa ggacagagac     12300
     aaaaagaaag aggtccctaa ataaagttag gggttggaaa atgggacgtt attgtcagac     12360
     tattaactgc tgaatagtga catcaagtct cttggtgcaa gcttgatctt tgccatcagg     12420
     atatctaatt tattcttctt gttgtttctt ctttgctcat gactacttaa caaagtgtga     12480
     gcaacaacaa ccaaccaccc accatgcctc tcaggactct gtaaaaggcc cctagagttc     12540
     tgtatgtcac ataatctcag aaactatctg cagctggcaa aatcacgtct ctgatagagc     12600
     aggaggcaaa acatagtcac ttgctgttga caatctgaag cagccacatt ttcccacatc     12660
     tggaataaaa acaaaaatgt attcttataa tatttctgtt tttttttaag aaaccagaat     12720
     tccaaaattg tcactagagt ttatcttaaa cttctggaca cctgaacata gtgaaatgag     12780
     aaagaaatgc cttaagaact ccaccaatca ataattatga catatatatt ggtacaaatt     12840
     cactgttaat ctccagtggc cattgttgtg gaggtgacta ctccaatctc agtctattgg     12900
     agtcattatg tcatgtcttc cattcccagc agtgaaccct tgattgaaca accgattgat     12960
     catctgttac aggctttgtc cattaatact tagtttggaa attggccaca tctattcaaa     13020
     tacttgatat ttgctatttt caggtaaagt tcaagtcaac atctcttgta tccactttta     13080
     aattcgctat ggactcatat tagtcatagc ctcaacagaa aacatgtccc tttctcaaac     13140
     tatataactt aaagagaatt tagttcgaaa acaatttact gagatttggt caggatttaa     13200
     gaaaaccagt aagcctcttt ggagatagta acttactatc ctcatgtctg aatggtcaag     13260
     agaaaacagc agtcaccaga atacaaaaga tgatagagag aggagtaatc aaacagtgtc     13320
     tgtgttatgg gacacaatag atctagggtg agctaacact ggcaaagcca gaggaatctg     13380
     gattttgtct taacttgcct ataaaccctg cccactttgc ttccctattc agagaagttt     13440
     ttgggtgaat ctaactacaa gaaagaaact aaatggatca agtgaagcaa cctctgcaga     13500
     ttagagaagg tggaagatct gaggtggaag acctgaaaag ccaatggaaa gcactgagta     13560
     aagaaaactt gatataaggt gtaaatactt cctgagactc tctagaaatt cttacaccct     13620
     gaagagtcct gaaattggct atctaatact aagtggccag tcctgaactc atatacatcc     13680
     aactaatatt atatggacta ggcatgttgt atttatatat ttaggatagt actcaggcat     13740
     gtatatgcat gtgtgtttgt gttatgtgtt tgtgtgtatg taaaacaaca aaagaggaaa     13800
     tgaaattgag aggaagaaga aaatgtaatt atatttaatt tcaaaaatta aaaataaaaa     13860
     taaataaaat agtttttatt atatatctat aaattttaat aaaaaagaaa ttactagtaa     13920
     gtttaatttg attttgcaca tttcaaggaa ttccacaact ctggtgagta ctttatactg     13980
     tatttggaag ttacatagat ctaaacttaa acccccagct ctagtgagct gtttataaga     14040
     atatatgtca tctttttatg attcctagtt ccttggctgt tttcctatca catttccaga     14100
     agcttagaga tcccagagca agactgatta ttttgctcag ctagaagtga accaattggt     14160
     cctgttcttt actcagctct gctcattctg agctacagta cagagtttga gtaacagagc     14220
     tgttaaggaa aagcaagcat gaaatttaag gctggccatg tgatagcagg ttgcctagca     14280
     acgctagctg ggaggctttc cttctagagc ctctcaacag agcagcagaa agacatgaag     14340
     gggaggagaa aaggagagaa agagtgaaat gtggagtcag acaaagacaa aaagggggat     14400
     tataagcaag aaaagaagta agggggaatg gaaacaaatt taggagaaat gtggaaaaga     14460
     tcagaggctg ggcagtgaga tgagctcagt caaagggaaa atgaagagaa gcaaagtctg     14520
     aacagagagc catccagagg aaggagataa tagcaggagt ggcccctcct ccatgacccc     14580
     ctcaatgatg gctgcttcac aaacaaagtt gcctgatttc ctctcataac tgtcattatg     14640
     tctcataagt caaatcatca ttgggagcag taccaccagg aattctttat tgagcaatac     14700
     tgagttcaca gcactgccta gcccaggaaa aaaatcctct tgtataataa ctacagtgat     14760
     gactcagccc tggagcacag ctctttatag ctgacatctc atgggaccct tactgcagct     14820
     ttgtgagagg taagcaatgc aggaatcacc atgattttaa ttccacacat gaagaaactg     14880
     aggttttgag agcaggagtg gctacacaag agtctgcatg ctgaggtgat ggacagtata     14940
     tatatacctg gtgctctggg gcacagcatg catggctgta gctggagtgc ctggacttgc     15000
     cagtggcaaa ggaagtgtgg tatacctgta gacaggcaag acacttagtc tcagtcacct     15060
     actgagttaa gagatgaaga cctattacaa agtctcaagc cagcaggagg cttcttcttt     15120
     caccttatcc cccccacccc ataatgtgca aatgtgtgca tctgtgcttt ccagagaaga     15180
     ctttaattga cccaggtgtg cagcttctag aaacctcatg agatattgct ggcacccatc     15240
     ttaaggaaaa ccttgcctct cttatttcag aacaatcact agtgcttgag aaagaactct     15300
     ttgacaggat aaaggatgtt tctccactgt atggggggtg aggtggagca gaaatgagct     15360
     caggttcttt atgtagcatc aatcttttct cctgctagtc tcctcccccc accaccacca     15420
     ctgtcccccc atctggtcca ctctatactt gctgacagaa taaactccca aaaatacaat     15480
     ttacctgatc agcaactcta aatgatttct ctgttcatta caagactagt tctaccacca     15540
     tggcatgcca agtgtcacct aatgttgcct aaacttctct tttcagctta atgtctgcat     15600
     atataataaa tgaagcccaa gtatccaaga aactgggcta cttgctgact ctcaaacaca     15660
     cctcatactc atttgtgtct ttgctctaga tataccatct ctcacaattt ccaatcaaag     15720
     ggtattcacc aacccatgac atagcatttg ttcatcctgt taactcaaca tttgccatta     15780
     tctaaagatg tgtgcttcta atgtcatttc tctaattctt tgattttttt tcaaagcata     15840
     tacatttgtc accttataaa gtgcatcaca taaggcaaaa agaacatttt ttccagattc     15900
     ctcaggccat aagattatgt ctgactctaa catacaacat acaagatgaa taattttgca     15960
     tgggaatcct tagctctgag agagagacag ccttgcttga actgaaagga agagatctgg     16020
     actctaactg taactctatg gctggggagc tggaagaatt ggatgaagaa acatcctctt     16080
     tctgacatct tcagagagaa ggaagatatt tctagtgaaa tgggagacag ggaagaaata     16140
     tatgtaatgt gaaagcagaa tagggaatat acatgtggag atgggtagtt ggggaaaacg     16200
     gatgaagaaa aacagcttcc ccttctgttt ttggttggtt ttgttttgtt ttagaattta     16260
     ctatataaat gaatgggttt cattagggga ctgaactcca ttttattttg tctcttcatg     16320
     tctctccccc aactactctt ttctgtcttc acacttagtc atgttctagg tgagaatttc     16380
     aacacttcct cgtgcatctt ctagggaaat gttggtttcc ctacacagtt aggaatgttt     16440
     aggattctct aatgttctct aggatcatga ctccatcttt tcaaggtact tgactgaaaa     16500
     tttgcctttc tttcctctgc ccttagggta agcactagaa cagaaggaaa caaggtagtg     16560
     ccatagtcaa aaacagattt ccataggagt caacactaag gctagacctt aaaaatcatt     16620
     tttattctaa actacctact ttcagatgtt tacaacttca aagaataaaa ataaacacat     16680
     attttagaaa tctaaggtgt cagaatctca gacaatggag tttcgttagg catgcataca     16740
     attcttgtac agaagttata gtcaaacact atgtttcaca catcttctag tgactttgat     16800
     tttgacatgt gaaattaact ttttaaatct acgaaacgga tcatgttcat ttatttgaca     16860
     atagggagac actgaagtca tttccaaagt tgttcttatt ttaaactgaa atttcccgct     16920
     gaaggttcat atgctagaag tttgatagct agctgagcta ccttttggaa agagattgag     16980
     tcatcagact tcatcaggga attcactcac tcatgaattc ataatatgat tgtattatta     17040
     tgtgatacaa atgttaggag gtagatcctg attcatattt gataagtcac ttggaggtat     17100
     gctttcaaac agggttatcc tgttcttgga cctttctggc cttatcttag gcttcctgtg     17160
     caggataagg tgagtagcct cttcatacac atgctcctac cactgaattt caatcttagc     17220
     caaggcaata gagtcaatca accatgtact aaaccaaagt aaatcctcct tcccttcata     17280
     tcctttcttt tggtagtaca ccacagcaac caaacgctaa tgaacacatg aatctatgca     17340
     taaaacaaga tccaaaccat tatctcatcc acaaaagagg cacctaaaaa tttgttcttc     17400
     tcttgttccc atacaacatc cttaatttat tgattttggt acctatcagt cccatgacct     17460
     aatcttagat gccatccttg tcttacaaat tataaaataa agagaaagct tgtagaggat     17520
     tagagacaca ggaacattcc ttaatcttct tgaatctgat acatggctac agagaaaatg     17580
     agatggcaag aaagtcacag gtacatagca attaaacata aaactgtgaa caggtgaaac     17640
     agttattgaa gtttagaatt cttaaagaaa taaatgagcc aaacattggg tactactcaa     17700
     tacactagag aaagggggaa attcccctca gtggacctgg aagtaaaggt agaaaggaac     17760
     ttttgtgaac tttaaggatc tagatccagt ttaaggttag aggtgtgctg ccagaacttc     17820
     cacgtgaact gtaaagtgag atgcctgggg aaagggcaag tatttcatcc tccattgcct     17880
     caggaaggac aaaacatgga ctggtcttct ttgtattata tttttctttt taattactat     17940
     accattgtcc ttcatgcctt catcctatat ccttttcttc tcatatgggc aaagagatac     18000
     ctatctcaac agatctacaa aaaagagtgg agaaatacaa aaatgtgaca aattaaagca     18060
     atatgattgc tcaaaaactg tttgacactt caatagcaaa actaaatgat atgaaaatag     18120
     gagctgggga gatggcactg tggataaaat gcttattatg caagtgtggg gacttgagtt     18180
     tagatctcca gaaactaaat aaaatctgag catggacgtg ggtgacttgt aactccagca     18240
     ctgggaggca gagataagag gatcctggtg atttgcaagg cacaaaatct aacctaacga     18300
     gaacttcact ttactgacag actctaaaca gataagatag agaagtgatt gaagaaagac     18360
     attaacatca tcttctggtc tccatacaca ctcatacaag cactgtgtgt acacacatac     18420
     atacaataca cacacaattt ttaaagaaga ttaaaattga aatgccaaac caaaaaattc     18480
     aaaaggcaaa aatttaaaaa ctcatattaa agtagataaa cagatgaata aattgaagtc     18540
     aaaataagac ttcaataaaa aattcatcaa caagttagaa actgtgaaaa ttcgaaatct     18600
     tggaaattaa agactcaata aattactaca tccactccag tagtgacttg cattataggt     18660
     ttggaaacct ggaagcagtc ctgaggcaaa gagtttcaag gaaactcagt ctcctagaac     18720
     cttggcattc ccatagctag aatgccccca gatttgtccc tgcaatattg tggagggtct     18780
     tgcatgcttt cttacagtat tttacaggat aagagttaga aatctcaggg caagcttagc     18840
     aaagtatacc tagaatcttc attacagtca ggtactacaa actacattgc atattagaag     18900
     caagttggtg aattcttcag acaaatggag attccctaca gatacttaaa agaacagcca     18960
     agttacactc atatgcaaga atttaccaag gcctaggaaa tagggggggg gggttgtggt     19020
     attgcattat tcatgagaag gtctgctaga gcagaacccc ctggtgttag ctttcacaag     19080
     gttcaaagga gtagcataaa ttgtggctag ggtgtgaaat ccttacctgt cattagctga     19140
     ccctaggcag agatgtttta tctttactgt aaacattacc tggttcctat aagtcctttg     19200
     aagtcattcc tttattttgt gtcagatact tcaatgtact gtgacatcct acccgtttat     19260
     tttttgtttt atatatatat atatatatat atgactggtg tgcactttgt gacaatagct     19320
     ctctcttgtc atctctgttt gtcattcact gactccttcg cccacttgcc acaagagacc     19380
     cgttccacgc agatagaaga cccaaaaaag gggatagtct gcggcaataa atcaaattta     19440
     aaagttaagt aataatcacc agaaaattaa ctgaagcaga agaaatgata ttatggattt     19500
     aggccaaagt tgaggggctg ctacattcag ataaaaacaa acaaaaatag gcaattatgt     19560
     ctaccaccaa atggacctat ttacagaaca ttttacccaa acacacctca tagatccttc     19620
     tccaaaattg actatatact cagatcataa gcaagtctca acagatacaa gaaaattgaa     19680
     atatttcctt gcatcttatc agacgaccat gaactaacgc tagatttcaa caacagaaac     19740
     aagaaagcct acaaattcat agaaactgaa gatctctcca ctcaatgtat aatgaatggg     19800
     tcaaagaaga agtaaaaaac gaaatcaaaa tctttctaga attcaattaa aatgaatgca     19860
     cgacataagt aaacttatga gacacaacga aagcagtgat gaggaaagtt caaaacacta     19920
     agtgcctaca tagaaagtgg aggagactgc tccacatccc acaccccctc cccacccaac     19980
     cctgtctcca catggatgtg cccatccccc tccacacctg acctctaaac tccctggggc     20040
     ctccagtctc ttgagggtta ggcgcatcat ctctgaatga acacaaacct ggcagtcctc     20100
     tactatatgt gtgttggggg cctcatatca gctggtgtat gctgtctgtt tggtggtcca     20160
     gtgtttgaga gatctcaggg gtccagatta atcgagactg ctggtcctcc tacaggatcg     20220
     cccttctcct cagcttcttt cagccttcca taattcaaca acaggggaca gctgcttctg     20280
     tccattggtt gggtgcaaat atctgcatct gactctttca gctacttgtt gggtcttttg     20340
     aagggcagtc atgataggtc ccctataaat aaaactttaa aaatgtggag aagaaatctc     20400
     atactagcaa cttaacagca tacctgaaat ctctggatca aaaagaaaaa aaatcacacc     20460
     caaaatgatg gcaagaaata atcaaactca gggctgaaat cagtaaatta gaaacaaaac     20520
     aacacaaaca atacaaataa tcaatgaaac agtttgttct ttgagaaaat caataagatt     20580
     gtcaaatcct tatccaaatt aattaaagac acagagagac tatccagatt aacaaaatca     20640
     gaaatgaaga ggggaatata acaacagaca cagagaaaat ccaattttcc tccaaattga     20700
     aaaatctaaa agaaatgaat aattttctca ataggtagca ctttaaatca agatcagata     20760
     aataatttaa atatacctat tgaaaaaccc acaacgtgag gaccccccac ccacgttctg     20820
     actcaggaga ggcgacaccc caaatcactc acaagaaatg gtcttgctgc aaactgcaag     20880
     aggattttta ttcaagagtg ctctcgggcc cacggtcata caccacgcag gggtagagga     20940
     ccgtggcgcc ccaagtagct ggataagggg gtatttaaag ggagaaaaca caactcaagg     21000
     aagtggggag ggcgttgttg gaaaaaaata ccaaagatac cagttaagag tcacaaggaa     21060
     gtgcaaagtc acaagtgtca caaggaatac ctggtatttg ttcaggttat ctctcaagac     21120
     agtttctaag agcccctaac aatagcacat tctttgaatg aacactcttt gaacccagga     21180
     agtgggtggg tggaggaatg tggctatctg ttttatgatt agcatacctt ggagcattga     21240
     gtcacagagg tcacattccc aagcctgggc ctaaaggcct agaattctgt ttttactttg     21300
     ttatactttc actataaacc ctaatgaaat agaagcagtc attaaaagtc tcccccaaaa     21360
     aagggcacag ggacagattg gttttttttt tcaaaatgaa tacaaaattt tattagatta     21420
     ttaagataag atatgtgata agaccaagta tttattgatt ctttgtggtg gggagattat     21480
     ggctatgtat tttctacttt attgtgtcaa gtctcagata gccttgaact cagcctccca     21540
     agtgttaaga ttacaggtgt aatcttattg cctagtttta actcttcata atcagcagaa     21600
     ttaacacatt aaaaaattta aacccaaagc aggtaagaca ctcagtacag tcttctcatt     21660
     tcaacactta gaaaacatga gacctgagac aatccaaaag cacatagctt gttaatggca     21720
     tcgtgtaaaa gaaaaaaatt cttctagcat gacaaacttt tcatcaaaat ccatcacgga     21780
     attaattatt aaatactttt aaaacaaaaa tataaggaac caaagacatc aacaaagggg     21840
     caagacaatt ctgtaatttc agaacaaaag ctataagctt aaggaggagt gatttaccat     21900
     gcgtttatat acatttagaa tatagatagg aaactccttt tttaaaaatt tatcatcccc     21960
     accaggccat ggtggcaaac aactttaatt ccagcaggca gatctctata aatttcaggc     22020
     cagcctgctc ctacaggaag agttctagaa cagccaaggc tacacaaaga gaaacctcat     22080
     cttaaacatg ttattcctac taatgtacac attcaaatga atatttaaca atttaagttt     22140
     tattctatta tagggacaga ttgttttaat gcagaattct actagacttt caaagaagag     22200
     ttaataccag tactcctcaa actattccac aaaatagaaa cagaaggaac attgccaagc     22260
     tcattccatg aagccacagt cacccttata cctaaacaac actaagactc aacaaaaaaa     22320
     gagaatttca aatggattgc ccttatgaac actgatgcaa aaatactcag taaaatactt     22380
     gcaaactgaa ttcaagaaca catcaaaagc accatccacc atgatcaggt agccttcatc     22440
     ctaaagattc agggatagtc caacatatga aaatctatca gtatattcca ctatacaaat     22500
     gaactggaag aaaaaaaaca catgatcatt ttatgagatg aagaaaaggc ctttgacaaa     22560
     atctaacaca catctatgat aaaagtcttg ggatacaagg ggcatactta aacacaataa     22620
     aggcaattta taggctggag agatggctca ggggttaaga gtactgactg ctcttccaca     22680
     ggtcctgagt tcaattccta gaaacaccca ttccaaccag gtcacaccta ttccaacaag     22740
     accacacctt cagatggtgc cactccctgg tccaaggata tacaaaccat tacagatagg     22800
     ctaagaaata aattaaggaa acaactcttc acaatagcca caaataatat aaaatacctt     22860
     ggggtaattc taaccaagca agtgaaagat ctgtatgact ataatttcaa gtctctcaag     22920
     aaagaaactg aaaaagatat cagaaaatgg aaacacatac atacatacat acatacatac     22980
     atacatacat acatactaca cacacacata tatatacata taaattttaa atggatttaa     23040
     tgcttataca taacaagatt tttcctacga agatgcaaca cacacatcta ctcatcccaa     23100
     tttgagattc tacaacaaac caaagtacaa gtggatatag aatgagaacc aaacaggaaa     23160
     ggtctatgaa acctggagga aagcggaaga gccaaaccta ccaaagagtt ctcaatcaag     23220
     gcaggggctc tgtatccctc catgtcacag tggctgaacg gaagagtata ctgtcataaa     23280
     agggaagcaa gccagcttga gcctgggagt atgagactgt ttctagctgc cagcaatctt     23340
     ctgtctattc ataattacca ttatcttcac ttgggaccat ctgattataa aattgttcct     23400
     gcttcaggcc atcaaatata gcctattgtt tgatttgttt aaacctgggg acttttgtgg     23460
     aggttccact caactgtggg aattgtgctt cattcttggc tccttgtcac ccaaggcttg     23520
     agttctcata tgcaaccaaa aagctgcaag tatcactagg catgaagcat tcttatccta     23580
     atacgtaaca gagactgctt ctcttaaacg ctgtcctccc tgcttagttg tagagactgt     23640
     cttgcaagct ttccaactgc tgcagtgcac ataactatct ttcagtgagg ctaggcttta     23700
     gagcccagtg tgtagctgag taaagtaaat gacattgatg ctactgtaac tatgcattat     23760
     ttattggacc ttaaatcatg ggagagtttg cctgcttatt tcataactct gaacggtttc     23820
     ctttaaatca gtcctcttcg tgcattctaa ttactcagac ttccaaaagc catctacata     23880
     ttaaatttag atcgctttct tgttctctta agattcattg ataaactcaa gaatcccttt     23940
     aggggatatt gcctaccaag caatatatac acatagggtc tctggatagc ctttacagca     24000
     atctagttgg gttacagcta attagagaaa caaaataaga agtttcattc ctatgagctt     24060
     tccatttagc tctacctggt tctgaaaaaa caaagcctta aatcctgagg atttgtttta     24120
     ttgcttataa tggccattat gaggaccata ctgaagtaaa aaaaaagtca taatcattca     24180
     cccaaccaat taataactta ttttttaaaa atgaagcacc ttctatgtaa cttacctaga     24240
     ggttccaaaa tcaaggcatg gtccctaacc taaaagtcac tcaagtgtcc cacaaagagt     24300
     ctagtgtctc aaatctctga gctagcagag gaatgaacat agttcatttg gactggtgca     24360
     actctgcgca gagcaaatac acactactgt ccagagactg ggcctgcaga ggtctgtatc     24420
     agatgaggcc ctaggactga aaggagtaga aacatgcctc tatccataac tcacaaacta     24480
     tcaccaattg ataatcattt gcaaatgaaa atttattttc ctccaaagaa aactcactgg     24540
     gaaaactact cttaagggta gacccccatg tagatggcaa acagaaaact aactcaaagt     24600
     catctttgca ggttccttgt ctcataaggt catgttaaaa aggcttttcc atcttgtatc     24660
     ctgggtctct cagagacctg tccatgcagg agagcatgtg ggctgcagaa gcaacagagc     24720
     ttcttggaca tgtttgcttt gggcctttat cctcagcaag gaagcagagc tgagccccag     24780
     acctctgtat accttctcca ccagaggaga gttggcctcc agggagggct ctgaccctgg     24840
     gactcaggca agatcaccat cttctttccc tgggctctca cagaccagtc tgctcaggag     24900
     aacacgcggg ccacagaagc aacagaagtt cttggacagg gtccctttgg gccttcatcc     24960
     tcagccagga ggcagagctg atcctcagac ctctgtgcac cttcactgca agaggagagc     25020
     ttgcctacag agagtactct gaaacctggg actcaggaga gagttggact cccaggagtg     25080
     ctgacatagg ctaacagaat cacaggagga acaagttcca gccagagata gaatatctaa     25140
     caccaaatat taccagatgg tgaaaggcaa acataagaat cttactaaca gaaaccaaga     25200
     ccactcatca tcatcagaac ccagtattcc caccacaatg agtcctggat acttcaacac     25260
     atctgaaaag caaataaccc cattaaaaat ggggtacaat caaataaccc cattaaaaaa     25320
     tggggctcag aactgaataa agaattctca cctgaggaat actgaatggc agagaagcac     25380
     ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaacc aaccctgaga     25440
     ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg     25500
     caagaatgtg gagaaagagg aacacttctc cattgttggt gggattgcag gcttgtacaa     25560
     ccactctgga aatcagtctg gtggttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact accggaggat     25620
     ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgtcc caacgggtaa gaaggacaca     25680
     tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga     25740
     tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac     25800
     tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggagggc     25860
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acattcacaa aggaactcac acaatatgta ctcactgata     25920
     agtggatatt agcccaaaac ctaggatacc caaaatataa gatacaattt cctaaacaca     25980
     tgaaactcaa gaaaaataaa gactgaagtg tggacactat gcccctcctt agaagtggga     26040
     acaaaacacc catggaagga attacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgga     26100
     ccatgtagag actgccatat ccagggatcc accccataat cagcatccaa acgctgacac     26160
     cattgcatac actagcaaga ttttattgaa aggacccaga tgcagctgtc tcttgtgaga     26220
     ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctaat ggatggatca     26280
     tagggctccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacccaagga gctaaaggga tctgcaaccc     26340
     tataggtgga acaacattat gaactaacca gtaccccgga gctcttgact ctagctgcat     26400
     atgtatcaaa agatggccta gtcggccatc actgcaaaga gaggcccatt ggacttgcaa     26460
     actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaatgcc agggccaaaa aaggggagtg ggtaggtagg     26520
     ggaggggggg tgggtggcta tgggggactt ttggtatagc attggaaatg taaatgagct     26580
     aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg aaaagaaaaa aaatggggta cagagctaaa caaagaattc     26640
     tcaactgaag aatacctaag ggatgagaag cacctgaaag aatgttcaac atccttaatc     26700
     atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct     26760
     aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcaaggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc     26820
     ctccattgct ggtggaattg caagctggta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ttggaggttg     26880
     ctctgaaaat ggggcataat actaccagaa gatccagcaa tacctctcct gggcatatac     26940
     ccagaagatg ttccaacttg taataaggac acatgctcca ctatgtccat agcactctta     27000
     tttataatag tcagaagcta gaaagaaccc agatgttcct caacagagga atggatacat     27060
     taaaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa caattaattt     27120
     atgaaattct taggcaaatg catggatctg gaggatatca tcctgagtga ggtaacccaa     27180
     tcagaaaaga acacacatga tttgcactca ctgataatat cagtggatat tagcccagaa     27240
     acttagaata cccaagatac aatttgcaaa acaggtgaaa cttaagaagg aagaccaaag     27300
     tgtgtggata cttccctcct tcttagtatg gggaacaaaa tacccatgga aggagttgca     27360
     gaaacaaagt ttggagctga gaaggaaggg ccatccagag actgccccac atggggatcc     27420
     atcccataaa caaccaccaa acccagacac tattacatat gccagcaaga ttttgctgac     27480
     aggactctga tatagctgtc ttttgtgagg ctatgccagt gcctggcaaa tacagaagtg     27540
     gatgctcaca gtcatctatt ggatggaaca cagggccccc aatgaaggag ctagagaaag     27600
     tatccaatga gataaagggg tctgcaaccc tatagaagga acagcaatat gaactaacca     27660
     gtaccccgcc cccagaactt gtgtctctag ttgcatatgt agcaaaggat ggcctagttg     27720
     gccatcaatg ggaagagagg tccttggtct tgcgaagatt atatgcccct gtacagggga     27780
     atgccagggc caggaagcag gagtgggtgg gttggggagt agggggaagg gggaagggat     27840
     agggcatttt cagaggggaa actaggaaat gggataacat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa     27900
     atatctaata aaaatttcaa taaaaaaaaa ccttttgctt cctaagttgc tttgggtcat     27960
     agtgggtttt cttgtttgtt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttgttttgt tttgtttctt     28020
     gtgacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg     28080
     gcctcgaact taggaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtg     28140
     ccaccactgc caggcttggt catagtgttt tatcacagca aatatcccta actaggacag     28200
     atcaattgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatgaata     28260
     cacaggtata atctgagatt ttgatgataa ctaagtagat ttttttccaa ttcagtccat     28320
     tatgagatag agttagagat agttacctac tatgtatctt cccatcaaat ttggtaatca     28380
     attttatagt ttctgaatac ttaattgatc attgtttttt gctctttagt tactaagaaa     28440
     agtgtgttta caatatctat ttgggctatt atgccttatt tttccttata attgtgacaa     28500
     tttttctctt ctttcagact cattagataa gaaatttgaa gactgtcaaa agaaattaat     28560
     cagagctagt aattttaacc taccactctt agaaactgaa aattcaagta aacaaaaatt     28620
     ttcaatggta tcaaagacaa taataaattt gagctattag ataatatgag agtatatatt     28680
     caacagaaac aaaatacaga atctttagga atttcacact gcccatttaa actcctaaga     28740
     atgaatatca ttaaatctag gttccttgac cttatggtta tacagaattt aacagcataa     28800
     agacagcagt agaaaaccaa attatccaga aacaaaatat tatacgtaga gagaatatta     28860
     ctatttcttc attagactga tgaaaattaa taatttagaa atgtatactt agttcagatt     28920
     tctattgcct gagataaagc attgtagcac aaaacaactt gggaaggaaa gggcctattt     28980
     cttcttatag tttatagtcc atcatctgga gaggtcaggc tgtcaaggta agaacctgga     29040
     ggaaggagcc ggtggagaga gtgtggaggg tgttgcttac tggcctgctc cccatggctt     29100
     gctcagcctg attttttata gcaactagga ccacttgttc aagagtgtca ctgcccacag     29160
     tgtgctagac tttctcaaat tattaaacaa gaaaatgtcc ccacagactt acctacaggc     29220
     caatcttacg gaggctttta tttattcttc tctcatatat tacatccaga ctgcagtatc     29280
     ccctccctcc tctcttcaaa gtctctcccc gcctacctcc cctctcttcc aaatccattc     29340
     ctcctctgtt ttccttcatt agaaagcagg caattcactc tcttccaaaa tgaatcaagc     29400
     ttgtatcaaa ttgacaaaaa agacacaaaa attctatgtt attaattcat aacatttaaa     29460
     attgtttact ctgagcagta ataacacagc taaggactta gtttagagac gttcatgtat     29520
     aaaaaaatgc tataatagac acattaaaaa tattcaaagc tgccgtgctt gtaagaattc     29580
     cacatttaat attagttgga tgtgtatgat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     29640
     atagatagat agatagatag aatttacaaa ataatattga attaataatt cagacacaca     29700
     gctatataca ctgaatgagg ccacaacatg cactcaaaag caatacacaa agcaatagcg     29760
     atgtagcaca gtggtctagt tgctagttta acatgctcaa agctcctggc tccatcttca     29820
     gagccaaaac ctaaaaacac ccatatagag agctacacat aatatgcctg agtttaagag     29880
     gccagttgaa attccatagt gagattctgt ctcaaaaata tatacaaagt aatcaaagga     29940
     gctattaaaa taaaataaaa aggaagagga aggactttct gggagagtgg ctatattttt     30000
     ttttgagaag tgactacata aatgttcacc ttagttatag ttatgaactt ttatagatat     30060
     gttgtattac agaagtgtgg ctcaaataat atgtgatact atgatatact cacagttaaa     30120
     ccctttatag tgttagtgtt ggagattaat ctgtccctcc atcagaacag tattcaagta     30180
     gactctggat atatatgttt gttttggtga tgaacagaga ctttaaattt taaaatttaa     30240
     atttttgatg aaaagatgat ctaagatgat tctcttggtt tgccttatgc cctaacttta     30300
     aaaaaaatgc ccacaattat aatgtagaca actcatcttt atttatgata aaagatccat     30360
     cccagcattt tttttttagt tgaagaaact tattgtcaaa gttgatgcct atcctcagat     30420
     gggacatcac aatcatattc ccttcactca aggctcaggg accatcaaag aagaggggat     30480
     agaaggatag ttacagtcaa aattgaggag gactttagaa aaactgtcct ctggatatga     30540
     taggagggtg gtgatagttg tggtggtggt ggtagttgtg gttgttgttt taacagcaag     30600
     gcctctgata ggtcaatcat actccaatgg atggctcata ctctatttta aaaatagaat     30660
     tatacattta aaatgtggta taggagagac agatgaggaa accttctttt tgaataagtt     30720
     tacctggaga tactaataca gaaatgttgg gaaatgaaac tgtatcacct gtcatttctt     30780
     tcatttctga ctgcatggat agaatagtct gagcaactaa ggcagactag ttctgatttt     30840
     gtgtataaaa gtgccaaggt aataggttat tatgtagtta aaagaatgag ccacagataa     30900
     tcagtggcac ccaactccca ctcgagcagt gcattccctg tgtaaattac ttctgaagga     30960
     caagcagttg aagtttcgtg acaagattga gtgcatttct agttggaagt tggaggcctt     31020
     tgttttcttt ttgaagaagt atagtaaggt aatacattgt tgagagatgc ttaatgtaag     31080
     aaaacaagga agttagagag agagctcagt gattaagagt actgcttttg ctgaggacac     31140
     aaattcagtt tccagcacct atgtcatgct cctcacaact acctgtacct acagctgcgg     31200
     gggattcaaa acccttgtct ggcatccaca ggtactacat ccacatgcat accccacaga     31260
     catacctata tacatattaa aagtccccta tttccttagt gtcttggttt ctgattctct     31320
     ctccctctgc ttcattaact gtgcagagca cttacctggt tcctacaggc ctatgcccag     31380
     tcatccctct gattctcatt gaatagcatc ttatctactc tactgtccag gtagattgtg     31440
     tcttttccct ttttatatct actgcagaat ttctggtgat gggctgaata tgtatcagga     31500
     tcctccatag tgattatttg cagttacatg aaccccagca cactatttta ctactctcta     31560
     gatgaataga ctgaagtaag cactggcctt ataggcaaaa atcccaactg agctgcacaa     31620
     caggtcatga atgagccttc taattggata atgatgatgt aatggcactc ctagcaaaca     31680
     caagtctggc tggttttcac actgcttgca tatgtaattt ctatttcaca attgcaagaa     31740
     tattcttcag aaatggcacc tttctcaggt gactttagtt ttcagtcttt ggctttttgc     31800
     ctccttacac ttcctaaata gcccagcatt actcaaaaaa cacccagtct ttcctatttc     31860
     ttatttattt tgaatttctg tctaatttcc ctatgtgtgt caatcacatc ttttcctagg     31920
     atccactgaa aaggtcaaac aaggtgtcta tcctcctgga acttatttct cagtgagaga     31980
     aacagatcta gatttctaca agattttaga tgaaagaaca aattctatgc ttaaatttat     32040
     tggatcagaa cagactctag gttaaatttc caaagctgtt tctcaaacta acattacatt     32100
     attggcactg ttagtatatt caggaaggca aggcctcaac cactgctaag attatccaaa     32160
     atactgcccc taaagctata ctacctcttt ctccatctac ataaaaatgt aggcatctca     32220
     tgacttatct tttaatgtcc attaaactag gaactgcaga ttaggacgtc tgttattgtt     32280
     aattcaaaag aacagaagct tccaatgcca tactcaataa ccctacacac acacacacac     32340
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgc acacacacac aaaggaagag gaagaagatg     32400
     aataagagaa gcagcagaag tgactaccac ctggcaccaa ttcctttccc ttccaaacta     32460
     cactcagtga aacatgagat ccagaatgtg agagagctta gaaaaaacgt agtttttatt     32520
     tacattccta acttttatca tttatcaaga catataatat tgaggttgaa atagattcaa     32580
     agaagctaat ctatggtatt tgccacagaa gacaagtcta gaaagaggga agacaactgg     32640
     aggctattat aaatggtcca ttcaccttcg ataattacaa ctgaaaatga aaaaggctga     32700
     aagtagtggg atttaagatt gtatttattt acagattgga gcaaggttca ttgataaaag     32760
     atagtaaaaa tatgaaaact aaaactaact accatccctt ccaaacctcc caaatttcct     32820
     cctgaatgct catgcctggt ttaggattcc ctcctacttc cataatatca tcatcctgaa     32880
     ttttagaaaa atctttgtca ttcatatata tatatatgac tttcatttct ttaaaagtag     32940
     gataagtgat tagctgtgta ctgaatagtt caaatcactt ctaagtattt tattctttgt     33000
     tgttactgta aatgtttttc ttttgtataa atttagtata aagttttgtt gtgttaaatg     33060
     cattgattgt agtgatggct tatatttatt ttgaaatcat caactaatac atcgaatatg     33120
     tgttgtgtta tatattgatt attcctcagt gaagaagaca aatacctgaa agcaagctta     33180
     aaagagaaaa tacttatttt ggctcacagt tcagaatgtt tggtccatgg ctggctttca     33240
     tcattgcttc caggactgtg ttaaggcaat aatggtagaa aggcatggtg gaagaaatca     33300
     agacacctca tagcagttat gaaaagatcc tggcagagag taaaaaatta tttaagcccc     33360
     tagacctgtg tccaaaatag ccccattgtt tcaggatgtt tttgatgtgt ttctcatgat     33420
     gtttttttat gtgtttgagg tttttgccag gtgtttgcgg tttttgcctt tatagcccaa     33480
     tggtgtttgt ggtttgtgtg tctatataaa ccccttaccc cttgagctcg tggtcgactc     33540
     ctctaccact gcgtgggata ctagtcgtcc ccagtgcact ggtctttccc gaataaacct     33600
     cttgcagttt gcatcaagac cgtttctctt gagtgatttg gggtatcgcc tctcctgagt     33660
     cagaacgtgg aggagtcctc acgctgtgtg tctttcatta caaagcagag aaaatggatg     33720
     tctgaaatag ctgatgtatg gtgtatagtt tctctccttt tattccatct aggttcccat     33780
     cttatcaaat acccacatcc aggacgagcc ctccctcctt tgctaatcct ttctggaaat     33840
     gttctcagat tctcaaccag aagcacaagt ttataatctc ctttgttatt caaacaccag     33900
     acaaaatgac aatccagatt atccaaccca atggctataa ttcttaaaat ttaaaatgac     33960
     aagtattaat gaagctgtag aaaagttgac ctgaaaatat atacatatat gtgtattata     34020
     atttattact agtctgaaat taaagttgtg cattctctat ggaaagtagt ttggtgcttc     34080
     ttaagtaagt tgaatgtgaa agtcctatgt aacccagaat tatacagcca gagaattttt     34140
     aaatttaatt taatatttaa tttatttttt acagttcata ttccattccc cccatccacc     34200
     ctctgtctgc tccacatccc acacctcctc tccaccccat cccatctcca cgtggatgtc     34260
     tccaccccac ccccacctga cctctaaact ccctggggcc tccagtctct tgagggttag     34320
     gtgcttcatc tctgagtgaa cacagaccca gcagtcctct attgtatgtg tgttaggggc     34380
     ctcatatcag ctggtatatg ctgtctgttt ggtggtccag tgtttgagag atctcagggg     34440
     tccagattaa ttgagattgc tggtcctcct acaggatcgg ccttctcctc agcttctttc     34500
     agccttccct aattcaacaa cagggatcag ctgcttctgt ccattggttg ggtgcaaata     34560
     tctgcatctg actctttcag ctgcttgttg ggtcttttga agggcagtca tgatagatcc     34620
     ctttttggga gtgctccata gccttaggaa tagtgtcagg ccttgtgacc tccccttgag     34680
     ctggatccca ctttgggcct gtcactggac cttcttttcc tcaggttcct ctccatttcc     34740
     atccctgtaa ttctttcaga caggaacaat tatgggtcag agatgtgact gtggatggca     34800
     accccatccc tcatttgatg ccctgtcttc ctgctggagg tgggctctat aatttccctc     34860
     tacctactgt caggcatttc atctaagatc cctccctatg agtcctggga gtctctcacc     34920
     tcccaggtct ctggtgcatt ctggagggtc cccccaacct cctaatcctg aggttgccta     34980
     tttccattct ttctgctggc ccctcagggc ttcagtcctt ttccctcacc caataactga     35040
     tcaggttccc tctccccacc actaccccct ctgtttactt tccctcccag gtccctcctt     35100
     ccctccctcc ccacttgtga ttgctttctt atctctccca agttagactg aggcctgctc     35160
     acttgggcat ttcatcttgt tgactaattt gagttctgtg gactatatct tgggtattct     35220
     gtaggttgtt ttactggttt ttgttttgtt ttggctaata tccacttatt agtgagtaca     35280
     taccatgcat gtccttttgg gtctcagtta tctcactcag gatattttct agttccatcc     35340
     atttgcctgc aagactcagg atgtcctcgt tcttaatagc tgagtagtat gccattgtgt     35400
     aaatgaacca cattttctgt atccattctt ccattgtgag acatctgggt tgtttccagc     35460
     ttcactgcca gagaattaaa aatagatgtt ttgtgtgtgt acaaaataag gaatactata     35520
     ttattgtact atatatggca tcttatttgt ccattcatca tttgagcact tggatacttt     35580
     gccacctgtg attggttgtg aaaaatgaat ccatggaaat tcatgaagaa tggttgttta     35640
     atgtatacgt gttctcatgt aatgaaaatg tttttaaatc taggtagagg tggtggttat     35700
     atagctccac atatactaaa atgcattagc ttatacactt aaatagtgat ttgtgtggca     35760
     aacaaattat atgttaactt agttgttttg tttaacttat ttatttacat gtataaagtg     35820
     tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag agattgtagt ttatgcaccc acacataaaa     35880
     agggggacag aaagaacata agagcagaga ctcaaaacta gttaaagtgc taaaaataag     35940
     tgtgttatcc tatagtgttc agcagaaaga gaattcttga aaaaaaaaaa aacactatcc     36000
     cagaagtcac ctacaccttg ttctccccat gtcccttcct ggccacaggt gtacatgggg     36060
     tacaagttgc agagtggttg cacatgtgac tctcctaagg agcaagggtt ctagacatgt     36120
     tctcatcagg gagttgtggg tgcctaacag catgccaccc tacttgggtg tcattggaga     36180
     aatgatctca cagtatttgt ggtatccagt tgggctgggt ttcttacagt ctggcttagc     36240
     tcctgaagtc agtgatgtgc agagtgactg cactgaagac tgagacagga tttgttccta     36300
     aaatgccagg ggcatctatc aaaaagtatt gtgaagctct tcagataatc acagtctgta     36360
     atgtaacacc aagtggtgga tgtgtcttaa ccttacttaa gccaaggaac actatattga     36420
     actgaatttc tcctttgtac tcaggagggg gtggtcttca aaaaacccac tatatctcat     36480
     tataccaaac cagaaatgtt ttttttttaa tcctgtattt ttttccctgt gctccctgtg     36540
     ggaatcagca tcatgtctac atcaacatct gaaacagcta cagcagcagg gtagaaagct     36600
     gctgctatag aaactgccct gagattatag ctagaaagaa aacagagatt caattaattc     36660
     aacatggatt gggagctctg aatatgattc tgaagcattt ataatgttca gtgataaaga     36720
     aaaagaaatc aaacaagtac cttggctgca aaacacaacg acatcaaact ggagctgggc     36780
     tagacgcctt ctccctgctg gttagcccta atagtacaag aagacgctct gcaggctgct     36840
     aagagagaat tgtcaacagt agtcttattc agctgtggac cttgtatgca acaacaccaa     36900
     tgtgtgcaac aacaccaact ggtctgacaa gatgaaccta gtggtatgaa agtggcaagt     36960
     ccattgtagg ggtaactaac cgctttctgg ttaaatctga tgcctgcttc atgggagtaa     37020
     atttatgtct gatattgtta aactttatca aaaacctgtg tttaggagaa tgaggcgctg     37080
     gtggaaaagt tactgctgtt attttgctaa ttaggtatta tgtgcctgtc aaagcaactt     37140
     ctaaataact atgcttgtgc ccatagatta ctgctgctgt cagctttggt cagaaaagct     37200
     cctttgttca gtggttaatg gtaacagcaa tggctcaaaa ctggtaaaag tactaagaat     37260
     aaatgactgt tggctggcta gccataaatg gcataatcta tataactcct ccaaggctca     37320
     aggagcatag tggaaagggg gacagagaga ctataaggac caaaggggga tgggtgaaaa     37380
     agatgaaaaa ctgacttctg aaccctgact aatacacatg gctagtgtat tcttgaaccc     37440
     agagcagctc tgattatgtg cagaagatca tcacaagatt gagcttgtca gcacactgtc     37500
     atgaaaagag gatgggctca tagttccctg actcaggatt tatacctagt taattgttgg     37560
     ttggggaaga agacacattt tcatcactca tgtagccact agtaaggtac ccattctcct     37620
     ataaacaaat ccccattcat gcaaataacc aaaatgaaac tcattagacc acaaaacagt     37680
     aaaatgcaaa agtggagtca ggggtctctg gaaagatatt aatgggagtg ggaggggaac     37740
     aaaagagggt aatggatgag gaatatgttt aaaagacatt atacacatat ataaaataac     37800
     ttcagatgtc aatggaaacc tgtaaggact gcacagctgt tttctaaatt gccataacta     37860
     aattaagaag ttagtaattg aaaaataaag tatgattaat tgggctttta ctttgtgtta     37920
     caggagatca tcaactcttt ctggactcta gcctgtctag gtttggattt ttggttttgt     37980
     ccttttgtat ttgtttgttt gtttgtctgt ttgtttttaa gatcttttca catctactgg     38040
     gttttaagag attatggctg gggttaacac aattagggca cacgtcatgc actagctcct     38100
     ccaggcctgc atttgataat ctttttattt ttaattctcc ttccatatat tatatcctat     38160
     cccttccttc cacacctctc agtccatccc tctacttccc atctccctga gatccacttc     38220
     tcctctgttt cccctcagaa aagagcaggc ctcccagaga taacaactga acacagcaaa     38280
     acaatctgca ataagactag gcacaagctg ccaaatcaag gctggactaa gcaacccagt     38340
     agaaggaaaa tggtctcatg aacaagcaaa aagagtcata gacaccccta ctcccactgt     38400
     tagaagtccc caagaacatc caactaaaca atcacaacgt acatgcagag ggcctaggtt     38460
     actgattgtc actcagtctc tgtgagcccc taggaaccct gcttagctga ttctgcaggc     38520
     catgttctcc tggtgtcctt gacttctctg gttcctataa tccttcctcc acttcttttg     38580
     catagttccc caagttctac ctgattgctc acctgtggtt ctctgcatct tctgcagtct     38640
     tcttatatgt ctatttctac cactaaacag aaacaaataa atcatcctgg gactatagat     38700
     gagactggtc tattccagta ggccatattt tccttccttt cattctcaca ggaaatttac     38760
     tacttaactc cattagaaat ttaaaaaata aactattttt caccatttga acactggcta     38820
     tgtattcatt aatttcttag gaatatatat atatattcct aagtatataa catatatata     38880
     tatatgttat atatcacata tcacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     38940
     acacacacac atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attcacttta     39000
     tgatgaaagt ctgttatatc attttagaca taaggccaat atcactgtat tgagcatttt     39060
     tcctaaaaac aacctcaggg agatggaaac tctcagaaga actgaggtgg gctcctgtta     39120
     tttcattttc tggaaattta agatgtaaat accttgttca ctttggcttc catgctagcc     39180
     cagtctgtaa attaaaggga ttaaatgtat gcaacatgcc cacattctaa ggaatgaact     39240
     agagaatggc tcaattctta aaaatcccat aatcctcaag aacaaagcaa aggcttaagc     39300
     tagtcaaact cagaagctaa gaaatgaatt gaataaatac tttaagtaac ctttcccttg     39360
     ggcttggcat ttctaaagga cagaagggga agcttggcga gcaagtgggg ttcctcattg     39420
     attaataaag aacactgggg cagtgttcag aagaatcaat catttgtgac ctcaattgtt     39480
     ttccactccg atttctacat tgtcagttag tgcctgaaat gacttagctc atttgcattt     39540
     aaagatgtca gatgttaaaa atacttttca ctacaaccta cacaagccct gattgggttt     39600
     acttgtttat ttagtaagtg aattaaggat tctgaaaaat aaatatggtg gacaaagtgt     39660
     ttgtttttaa attgagaaga cagtgtagcc actggtgaga gacacttcat agatttaaag     39720
     gaaatgaaac aagcacacag tgaacattga aaaaaaaaaa ccatcaatga gcagagcaca     39780
     gaatcttatg gccaaagccc ctgtagctgg ctttgaaaaa acaggcatct tgtctgatct     39840
     agtctaagat agatttgatt caggcaggtg aaggtggcaa gccatctgtc caggggactt     39900
     gactcaagga aaggccagta gactctctgg atttgtggtg aggtaagatg agaggagtga     39960
     aaggagtgac atggaaggaa aagctataat caggaaatgg cttcagtaaa gaagggattt     40020
     aagaggaaga gatcatccga aatgaaaact aattacaagg gtattacagg agtcaaatat     40080
     ggagacaaaa gcctgagttg gcatgacagc agcagtgtga gaagcaacat gcagtcacat     40140
     caggagttta tctaactgct ggaaagcaaa gtagctaagg cgtggtgcct tccagatgtg     40200
     gttgtagcat gtaccacagc tagtgatgca ctcacacatc tgctgacgca ataaaagcat     40260
     tgtacatatg caaaccctca aattacatat cttcttaccc ttaggtatta ttctgaaatg     40320
     atccctctaa gtgttaatgc tccactttca gaaaaatggc ttcattaaca acctttgtgt     40380
     ctacatttac attgcttggg agtcttagaa gcattagatt catgactgca caggcattgg     40440
     aagggacagg agagaagtac agaggatcag gaaattgaat agaaatatgt agcagtgcgg     40500
     gatggggaac taggggtggc cactagaaag tcctacatgc cagggaagtg agaggctccc     40560
     aggacccaac taggatgact ttagcctaaa tacccaacaa aggggagata gaatctgtag     40620
     agaccacctc cagtagatag gcatggcccc cagttaagag atggggccac tcacccatct     40680
     caaaaatttt aacccagaaa tgttcctgtc caaagaaaag gcaggggcaa aaaatgtatc     40740
     agagactgaa ggaaaggcca ttcagagact gccccaccta gggatccatc ccatctgcgg     40800
     gcagcaaacc cagacactat tgctgatgcc aagaagtgct tactgacagg agcctggtgt     40860
     ggctgttccc tgagaggttc taccagcacc tgactaatac agatgcaggt actcacagac     40920
     aaccatcaaa ttgagccagt gacctcaatg gaagagttag ggaaaggact gaaggagctg     40980
     aaggggattg caaccccata ggaagaagaa tatcaactaa catgaccacc cagagctccc     41040
     agaaactaaa ccaccaacca aagaggccac atggaaggat ccatggctcc agatacataa     41100
     gtagcagagg atggccttat ctgacattaa tgagagggga ggcccttggt cctatgaaga     41160
     tttgatgtcc cagtgtaagg gaatgccagg acagggaggt gggagtggtg ggtaggagag     41220
     gaagcaccct cataaaagca aaggcagggg gcagggggag gggagatggg atgggggggg     41280
     ttgtggaggg gtaactggga agatggatat catttgaaat gcatacaaat aaaatgatta     41340
     ataaaaaaga aggattaaag tcctggttac ttaatatttg aaagagaaaa aaagaaaacc     41400
     taaattttca gcagactctg tagaattctc tgtagtagtt cctgagagtg ataatacttt     41460
     ggaatctccc atgataggaa gttcattagg cttttggaat attttttctc ttttatctac     41520
     tctttgaaaa ttacttgtca gtaacttttg tggatattta actacttttt gaaatttttc     41580
     ttctcttcat ttctgggtta actctaacag ttatccagag cacccattat aacccaaact     41640
     ttggactggg ctctagctca accctaccct tcccactcct cccactgcct gattagttgg     41700
     atgtttttgt ggggcaccta acagttggag taggggtttc tctgactctt accttcttca     41760
     cataatagac tctctcctaa ttggtatttt ttcttcatct catttacata gacacgccaa     41820
     gccaatcaga gcctgcctga gcatgcatgc atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     41880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtataatcag ttcagtattt agctggttcc agctttggcc     41940
     agagggataa caaatagaga aacagaaacc cttacacatt gtgagaatgt aactcagtat     42000
     ttgctaaaag gggggcagag agatggctca atgattctca atgattaaga gaacttctag     42060
     agggcctggg tttgattccc agcacccatt tggctatgac ctctcagctt tactagttgt     42120
     caccacattt taccagcctt agagctagta cttcaagcaa tatttcatgc ccatggacaa     42180
     tagtctcctc ttttgtggcc aatagaaaga gaggtgaaca tctataatac aatagccttc     42240
     taaatgacaa ttggaaatgg ctcccaagtt attgaattac tttagaaagc atgttcctta     42300
     atgcaaacat tgaattaact agtgctgaaa ctgacacgtt taaaaataat catccatgga     42360
     ctgactaatc aagtacgctc attcaaaagt gtgggtctca ctccctgccc taatctccat     42420
     ctcttcactc ttccactagg tcagggtcta cttctcatat atttgatagg aggaatgagt     42480
     tctagtctct atagcacaat agcatgacta ttaactgagt gcatattttt tttccatttt     42540
     ttattaggta tttcgctcat ttacatttgc aatgctatac caaaagtccc ccatagccac     42600
     ccaccccctc tcccctaacc acccactccc cttttatggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg     42660
     gggcatataa agtttgcgtg tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtggtggcc gactaggcca     42720
     tcttttgatg catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccgggg tactggttag ttcataatgt     42780
     tgttccacct atagggttgc agatcccttt agcttctttg gtactttctc aagctccttc     42840
     attgggggcc ctgtgatcca tccaatagcc gactgtgagc atccacttct atatttgcta     42900
     ggcccaggca tactctgaca agagacagct atatcagggt cctttcagca taatcttgct     42960
     agtgtatgca atggtgtcag catttggaag ctgattatgg gatggatccc cggatatggt     43020
     agtgtctaca tggtccatcc ttttatctca gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aactccttcc     43080
     aagggtgttt tgttcccact tctaaggagg ggcatagtgt tcacacttca gtcttcattt     43140
     ttcttgagtt tcatgtgttt aggaaattgt atcttatatc ttgggtatct taggttttgg     43200
     gctaatatcc acttatcagt gagtacatat tgtgtgagtt cctttgtgaa tgtgttacct     43260
     cactcaggat gatgccctcc aggtccatcc atttggctag gaatttcata aattcattct     43320
     ttttaatagc tgagtagtac tccattgtgt agatgtacca cattttctgt atccattcct     43380
     ctgttgaggg gcatctgggt tctttccagc ttctggctat tataaatagg gctgctatga     43440
     acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc ttcttaccag ttggggcatc ttctggatat atgcccagga     43500
     gaggtattgc tggatcctcc ggtagtacta tatccagttt tctgaggaac cgccagactg     43560
     atttccatag tggttgtaca agcctgcaat cccaccaaca atggaggagt gttcctcttt     43620
     ctccacatcc acgccagcat ctgctgtcac ctgaattttt gatcttagcc attctgactg     43680
     gtgtgaggtg gaatctcagg gttgttttga tttgcatttc cctgatgatt aaggatgttg     43740
     agcatttttt caggtgcttc tctgccattc ggtattcctc aggtgagaat tctttgttca     43800
     gttctgagcc ccatttttta atggggttat ttgattttct gaagtccacc ttcttgagtt     43860
     ctttatatat gttggatatt agtcccctat ctgatttagg ataggtaaag atcctttccc     43920
     aatctgttgg tggtcttttt gtcttattga cggtgtcttt tgccttgcag aaactttgga     43980
     gtttcattag gaactgagtg catatttaaa agcagctaga agagggtatt ttaagtatat     44040
     gtgacacagg aaaaacagtt tgaagtgatc aataaattaa tttctctgtt ttgagcatat     44100
     aactattgct tttcaattaa aacacattca caggaactgt gacagcatgc aaagggcctt     44160
     cacaagacta tgccagatgg ggtcccagtg ctcagagagg agatggatgc agtcccatcc     44220
     ctaacccaga agggctgtag cccttccaga tgaaactata aaaagagatg gcgctccagt     44280
     tgaaaacagc tcaaaaaggg aaaatttgtt ttcaccaaca gagtctcact gggtatacaa     44340
     accacactta agagcaggac tcctcgaaaa acaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaacaagagc     44400
     aggcctcata tccaacagta tgaaattaac tcagtggttg ttttagagat ttttgttgtt     44460
     gttgtttcat aatgctttgg gttttggggg gtggttgttt tttgtttttt tttaatctac     44520
     aggtattttg cttgtatatt atagttttat atcttgtatt ttttatgaga tttctatgtg     44580
     tgcaagtgtg tgtgtctgca tctgtatgtg tctcttatgc gttttctttg gctttttttc     44640
     tgttgtttgt ttttgtccta tgctgttttg gttgcctgtt tgttttctaa tgaaaaaaaa     44700
     aaggagggta tggatttgtg tgggtgggag gtggggaaga tctgggtgga gttaaggggg     44760
     gaaaccagga tgtagtgtag gggggaagaa aactaatttc aataaagaca aaattgaaaa     44820
     taaaatggac ccaaccttaa cagtacataa acagaaaaga aagaaataga agcctgtcca     44880
     tgtgctggtt aacattccct cctttatgga cgtttatctc catcagtttc actgagattt     44940
     tgagggtgtt cttttcctaa atatcagcct ggctttggtt tcagataaca attaaacaga     45000
     aaggctcatt ctgccaccag accaagagcg ttggtgccct ctcgtggcta gatgcggtac     45060
     tagctgtagc ccttccagat gaaaccataa aaagagatgg cgctccagag ctagagtttg     45120
     aacaaggctt ccttctgtct ggcttgttac aggcatagat gagtaggtat ggttaccatc     45180
     ctcatatttc agatgaaagg ctaaaacaca gttctctgga ttagctcttg agctttaatc     45240
     tataccttca ggtttgtggt caaatgcact tttagtgcaa tatatatatt ctgtccccta     45300
     atgcagtagt tctccaccat cctagtgctg taatgagttg caaccacaaa tttatttcat     45360
     tgctaattca taactgtaat tttcctactg ttataaactg taatgtaaat atctgatatg     45420
     tgaccccaga gaggaagggg gtgtcacggc ccatacttag aacatcctct atactcttgc     45480
     acttcactgt aagaaaagga gatacaatta gaacatgcta aaggaggaca taaacaatca     45540
     aggcccagca aaatgaagag aaaatgtgga cactcgaaat cagaaattca gaaccctctt     45600
     cctttgtaac acttggtgaa attgttgact acttaccact tgctacaatg aagggtagtt     45660
     tacatcttca gacagcattc tgatcgccta ctattccgtt acccactctt gcagaaagga     45720
     ttttctgtcg aggcatatga gagcattgct caaatcaaag caatacatga ggtactttga     45780
     gcagaaagag agaaagaaaa gaaaagaaag aaagaaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     45840
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa agaaggaaag aaagaaagaa     45900
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaggaagaa agaaagaaac tcagagtgac     45960
     ttcccatatg aaagagaatt ttagcttcca tccatggctg attggagggt attttttttt     46020
     cagtcagtct ctagtgatga gaagagggct cactctcccc aaatctagcc tgtttgcctg     46080
     tatgtgtaca ggaacttcat tgcagcacag aaaagttaca tagcccagtg agtgatagag     46140
     ggaagaagac accccaacta tagagctgct catttaatag aaacagagca aatgttgagg     46200
     gagtgggaag cagaaggata atttttctgc aaagacctaa agggaaccaa agggagggga     46260
     aaaacagaaa gagaaaaagg gtatggtgtg gcacttaata aaaacatatt atatacttgt     46320
     atgaatgtgc tttcatgtca tccagtacta tgtacagcta acatacacaa agaaaaagaa     46380
     aagtaaattt cattttaatt ttgactttta aaactactca tttggtcatt cttttgctta     46440
     aatgaagtac tttttccagc cttagagctg aactacaagt aatatttcac acacacagtc     46500
     tcctcttttg tggccaatgg aaagagaagc acacatctat aaaacaatag ccttctattt     46560
     ctcagtagac aattctaatt ctaattgtat ttccttgcct ctagttttta gcatttatac     46620
     tataatgtgt aaatataatt tttggctact ttagttggct cttatatata ctacccttct     46680
     ccaccccaat tccttccata cttctgctcc aacaatagat aggcaagaaa gatagttaga     46740
     gaggaaagga gatgtagact tctttagact gattcctgct gattacaggc attgagttcc     46800
     ttgtgggaaa gtcccatctt tgtcatcaga atatctccaa ccagcaatcc agcaatccag     46860
     caatccagca atccagcaat ccagcaatcc agcaatccag caatccagca atccagcaaa     46920
     cagtaaagag caatcatcaa acagaatttt tttacagtaa ctattttctc cttttattta     46980
     atgagcatat aatctagcaa taaataatga atacctaaac tggctttgaa aaaaatccca     47040
     ctatctaaac cacagtggta tgaaacttct acagataggc ctggttaatt tccccaaata     47100
     ctgagattaa gggcgtgtat aacacatttc ttcatggctg taaaggcctg gacagcaaac     47160
     agaaatttaa caaacagaaa aaagcagcaa cagtgacagc agcagaggtg acagcaatag     47220
     cagggtaaca gcagccactg cagcttctcg gggctctggc atttttatac cctttcaaga     47280
     gtccccagaa cttcaaacat aagctatgtt cagctggcag aatcactgcc ctgcaagaac     47340
     acaacacaaa tcatagttag tagctgtgga caatcttaag cagccccata tcccacacct     47400
     gtaattaaaa caaaaacata ttcccataac ataactgggt tttttaagaa accaaaattc     47460
     tcacaacagt gatgcatcta taagtagatt taatttcatc tgtccctcct gcctggaatt     47520
     acttgagtta tttgaaactg tgaatttgga tcttctctgt ttttctctca tatgtgtgtg     47580
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata tatatatata tatatataca tacatataca cagtgatcaa     47640
     atatatatta tgtgactctt ctcagtctac ccactggatc tcatgttcat ttttaaagtt     47700
     tcaatgtaat ttgtttctcc aggctgaatt tttgtattat tacttgtaac atatcttcca     47760
     acttaattat attttttagt tgcgtttggc attctgttta gcccagccat tcaattatca     47820
     agtttcattg ttagtggctt gagttataag ccttctcttc aactcttttt tttttttttt     47880
     tttttttttt tagtatttct ataacacttt tggtgattgc atgttccctg cagatattgt     47940
     caagattctt ttagaatata gtaaatcaca gttatttcac tctatagatg tggagttaca     48000
     gacagttata agcctcctgg catgggtgct aggaactaaa cttgagtcct ctgcaagagc     48060
     agtaagtgct cttaccactg atccatctct ccagccctat ttcatcattt tttgtcttac     48120
     aaaaaaaaaa aacaaactgt atccttcatt gtggtgtgga cgtacagtgt gagaatgaat     48180
     ctagaagaac tttccagggc tgcactggcc tccctgggcc ataatcccac ctctagcctg     48240
     gatttttaaa ctattttata cattaacttt attttagcat atgtgtatgg tggggacata     48300
     ctatgtttat ctatgaaggc cagaagacaa tttatcagag tcagttcttt tattcttcca     48360
     tgtgaattcc agggatcaaa tttaggtcaa gtttgaagtc aagtccctta ctaactgtgc     48420
     catcttaccg ggttcagccc aaaagtttgt gggtatacaa atacattgag acaaaaactc     48480
     attcagtaca cactgcagca atatgtgtat aagtctagct acatttgagg cattatttgg     48540
     tcctatgact cagaaatttc aaagcattac ctccaaggaa accagaagtg gatcctttgg     48600
     gatttaaggc ccagaattaa ataattgaca tcgatttttt ggaaatattc atagtcacag     48660
     agacacataa gaacagaatt tcaattctaa aactcttcct tacaaataac aggctatgcc     48720
     agttaattgg ctgcagaagt tgattcctct gtgctggaaa tatctctcaa acaaatctac     48780
     tcccatctgc tggtagttgt ctgaattttc agtcagagga agcaggcaaa cctgcaagta     48840
     gattttccag cttgacgctc tactactatg cagcattggg tcagtttctg ttctttctct     48900
     aaacctcatt ttacccatat taccatccag ttgtttaggc aaaaagatac agattccttt     48960
     tggtgagaaa caaagaatct ctgtaaggat gtctggatga tcaggtgtga cgtggcagga     49020
     ctcacaactc gagagcaggc ttgtctctca gttcttatac gtgattagca ataacgtata     49080
     aatcttatca ttcctttttc tcttccatgt ccattttctg caacagttgg ggaagaaggg     49140
     agattttatt tttttaagga agatataaca gtactctgca ccttaggaga agtcgtgaga     49200
     ctatggaaca tggaatagtt tgtttctaaa gtgtgttttc aaagaagagg aaaaagttta     49260
     agttagcaac tgtgtaagac attgagaaaa ccaggagagt gaagatttca ctgtgttcac     49320
     ccaactaaag ttgtgtcacc aagtcctgaa ggaaagcaga aagggtgtgt ttctgtgtgt     49380
     atgagcctag taagggaagg ttggacttgc gatccatctt acttcggtcc ttctctatgg     49440
     tgttacgtgg gaggtgtaat gatagtgcac gtgattaagc cctttttctt attactggga     49500
     aaatgagctt ttgtgatgcc tcgtttggca ctagttcagt catggaccca ggctgggtca     49560
     cgggatagtg tgaaaccatt ccatactttt ctcttccata acagaagcag tttccaggta     49620
     ggggaaatga taaaagcctc ctaacaaaac cccaaacttt tccatgtgat agcacttgaa     49680
     ctcaggtgca ttagcatctt ctagtgacct gtgaagcact gacttttgcc ttctttcccc     49740
     cttcagcctg gatcctcact tccgctctgc aatcctgttt acagcaagga atcatacctt     49800
     aggaagactt cattcagctg gtgaatactt tccgctccct gaatttgttt ttctcgagac     49860
     cctaaattta aggaaaagaa aactctggga aatttggctc caagaagaca gttaccgtcc     49920
     tctgtggtca aagtcctgca ttgagaccct ttggtaagag attccatcag cccactcaaa     49980
     gatgaagtgc attgggttaa acacattgag ttactggagt gtcatggtct gagaacaacc     50040
     tccggattct tctaagatgt gcaagtgttt cagagctcac atccagtcat gacagtcaaa     50100
     tggtcacact tctttgaaaa tgcaaactct tggacacagt cttctaaaag aaacacatca     50160
     ctttccttct tcaaagaaga ggccaggagc cagaagtccc tggcttccct gtggtctagt     50220
     ctcagcagta agccccttcc tttcccatgg ctggacccaa cccaggtgac tagtgctggt     50280
     cagggtaaag ctgcagagac ctgaagggcc tgcggcctga ctgcgcgcag cctgaggggc     50340
     ggcggggagg gggccaagcg cgcgcgcctt ttttaccgct ccttgcgcct gcgggattgg     50400
     ctcagcaggt gctgccgtcg gagtaggcgg agccagccgc gcgccccgcc ctacttgaca     50460
     cccagtctca gccctgagcg gtgccagacg aagcgcacct tgcagtggca cgccctgtgg     50520
     accgctgcgg gggggcagag ctgctgcgga gccactgttc tttcaggccc tggactccgg     50580
     agagacccca tactccctac ttccttcagg tctctcctta gggtcccgat tctgcggaag     50640
     gactagcgat tccgcccctt ttgcccggtt ctgactcgct cccaccccaa ccctgtcccc     50700
     ttttccagct gtccgctgcg gtccccaaga gcactgcagc catgggcatc cgaggtatgc     50760
     tgcgagccgc tgcgctcctg ctgctcatta ggacttggct ggcagagagt aacggcccca     50820
     gtcccacccc gaaattccac ttcgagctct cctccagcac gcctgaagtc attctggatc     50880
     tcttcaactg gtaagctgcc ctgcctagct gagcatggaa gggacagggg caaaagaagg     50940
     tcttggcctc ttggacagag cgggccgggg acaagggatt aggacccggg tttgcctagg     51000
     ggatgaagca tggggacagc cgtgaaatga tactcctagc ttcaagccac ctgttactgc     51060
     tgtgccttac tgtgcctact gtcagcccaa ttcttgaagc cagagcaccc tcaccccaga     51120
     gtctacctga tcatcctcgg ggactgaggt cccaggcagc tttttcccag tcgtgttttc     51180
     tgatgcccgt ggtactgggg gtgtacatgg gcaattcaca aaacagactg gaaagacacc     51240
     tgtttgagta aagatttcta gtccatttgc tgaaacagta tctctctgtg cctctgtctc     51300
     tctctggggg agggggtgtg aggggctctt tcaaatacag cagattgaaa tgattaactg     51360
     tgtaatcagt agctgtaaat ggcatataac ctcaggctta agtggggtac gcttttgtgc     51420
     ttattctgtg aaaacatttg aagatttcag tgtttctgtt tgatttaaag tttctttagg     51480
     tctgcaagta tctgaagagg ggataaacca tcatccttga aatataaatc acacataaaa     51540
     aatgtgtatt ttcaagtggc taccgatctt aaatgctggc acatgggaaa tttgtggaca     51600
     gaaacaggga ggaatgtatt tctttagttt aagaataatt catgcacata cttttaaatg     51660
     ttacaaaatt aaattttatg attgagggaa atgaataata attttaagtg gcaaactaga     51720
     aataaacatg taatcagaaa gggggagggg ccaggctggg caaggttcca gcaggcagcc     51780
     ctgcagtgct ctcaacccaa cattccgact gcgtcagtga acacacaggg gtagggggag     51840
     tcagggagag atggaaagag cgagaaggag acacccagag aaacagaaag atggagattg     51900
     caggggtgat gcgtcaaagt tccgaggagc cacagtgata gtgatgcctg gggcctgttg     51960
     tcatttaaaa gccctttggg aaatgaaagt ctagattgat tcaatgaaca tcatagagac     52020
     ctatggaaag gcctactatc tgcagttgag ctgtcttcac ttacagatgc tcacctaaga     52080
     cacctccagg ctgaaagcac atgtgtagtg agtaagatgc ctattcccag aatgaatatt     52140
     tcgaagacag ctctaaaccc ctgaaatcag aaatggttta tttcaatgag agtcataaag     52200
     ctatcctaca tgagcaagac acacacactc tctctctccc tcccccacct ctctctttct     52260
     gcgtcatgtg tcatatacca actctctcat acacaaggtt gacataaatg taagggggaa     52320
     atgcctggac caggtagagg aaatgtgtct ttgagctgga aaacatgagc tcagctcagg     52380
     ggcacactag ccagtgggag ctgacctcca ggggcaatga ggtaccactg gcaagactgc     52440
     cagcaatcag catccaggag tacctcaagg tgcagtgtct caaagaacta aaacaatgca     52500
     gttttctgag agtatcatct gcccagcttt cctcctctcc tatgatgggc tttcttcccc     52560
     tgaccactat ttctgcctgg taacagggaa acagtccttg ggcccctccc tctggatgaa     52620
     agctgtgaag ggggaggggg aaaaagagtc tgcgtcactg ctgtgcttct ggctgactca     52680
     ctgtgggctg agaagggagg aagggagggt gaaagcaaac acatatgact gcacatgttt     52740
     gcatatgtac aggagcagtg atggccctgg caaaccagcc actggtaagt aggccgcgag     52800
     tcaaccagta tatactcatg gcttctctgt ttcagcaaaa actgtgcaaa tgaagctgtg     52860
     gttcaaaaga ttttggacag ggtgctgtca acatatgatg tccgacttag accaaatttt     52920
     ggaggtaagc catattgaga caccagagac ttttatgtta gatggaatag agccagtatc     52980
     accctggaag ctaaccaggc tctacacctc tgtcccccac ccccagatcc tagtttcttg     53040
     aacctgcaag ggagctcctt caggtttggg ccttttgctc tctttcatta aatatgtgac     53100
     tttctatgcc agaaaccttt tactctttac tcccttctaa aggtgttgcc acccttaagc     53160
     aattctagaa gttgagaatt gaggcctctg tcacctaacc cacctaggcc tgggaccctg     53220
     ctagaatgcc ctgtttttcc aagccttcag ctttcaccaa attcagttca tctagcatcc     53280
     catattatat gtgctcttca taaaattcag tctgatggcc actaacagaa ataagaagtg     53340
     acaagaaaac aggacagatt cctgtaggat gggatacaat ctactcagta gtcactgcta     53400
     acgattcaaa tttgtgctca tctgtaactg tcttctgaaa atactatacc accttggaaa     53460
     gtaaggacgt ttctcttggc cctaaattga agaggtgaga ctattagctg gtacttccct     53520
     gcaatacatg agggcagaag gctcaggcca aggactccaa ggtgagtctg catgggaaac     53580
     agggttgaaa aaggcagaag gcatataatg tcttctgcca ctggcagcag cttttccatg     53640
     tggcatacag aaaatcaggg gataaagcac agccaatacc ccttacatga atcattgtgc     53700
     caagcccgaa aggatgactc tttcttactt taacatttgt ccacaaaaga ccaaataata     53760
     gccatctcca ctcaatgagc gcatgttcac cactgtttca ggatcaggct gccctccctg     53820
     caccattcaa gactaaaaga agggaagagc ggcaagagtg tatgtctggg tacagtccag     53880
     cactataggg ccacaggagg cctgaagcct cttgctgtca actttcatgt cccaacgagt     53940
     gttatgatca cgccaggctg gagcatatga taaaatatgg gcccttacaa ttactctgcc     54000
     aaacagatgg ggcagtagga ggaggggaca aagagaacgt aggaccacct gccatttaga     54060
     tggaaaggaa cattgcaggc tataaggctg gggctgttgc atgggagaaa tatggtggaa     54120
     gacccaatga tcagacagcc aggctagagc attcagggtt tagggaggcc aggactctct     54180
     gtagagcctc taataaacag agtaccctct gtatttaata tggaatgcgg ttttagggct     54240
     taatcttcac acataagaat attcctgact ccctccctca cacacacagg aacatgagac     54300
     agacacccaa catcataaag gaagacatgg cgtgttttca ccttagctag agaaataaga     54360
     gtactgtccc cttcctctgg ttgtgtccct atgccatatc atggcttggc aaggcgaata     54420
     tgctctgcat tttagtacct attacctctt cagctaagag cccttggcct tttcactcca     54480
     caacattcca cgtgagtaaa ggcatcatta ggatggtcta gagaagactt actttggagg     54540
     aaggggctgg caatcaggct ttgaagaaat gagctggcat gtgggcctct ctggggcttg     54600
     ttgcttaata acacagctac catctgctaa aaatgtaggg atggcagcct gaaaggcagc     54660
     aatcaaaccc agtgtttcta ggaagctctg tcactacata gaattttcct ggagcttttc     54720
     gaactagtgt tggagtctgg gctacaccct aacacaactc catttgcttc tcagctgcca     54780
     ttcatacact tattccccga agcactttgc tctttgaggt gctgggtttg aaataataaa     54840
     tcttccttta gctcagcttc tatgcaatca gcctgcagtg aaaccagcag gttgaattgc     54900
     aagcatcaca tgtacaccat acttccctag cagcagtgtg gtgtgatatg ctttgctgta     54960
     aactggtggg agaataataa gatggatttc tccatagtat cttacagttt actattttca     55020
     taaccatgat catatttgag gcttgccaat ggacactgaa aatgctcagg caaagcgaaa     55080
     aacacaggag gtagaacact ttcacattaa acacaccatc attaaacagt attaactcac     55140
     atgagcacac tcatgaattt actcacatag acacatataa gcatgaccat acatccactt     55200
     aaatttgcat attaatgcac acaaacatga cccaaactca tacattaaca ctcatataaa     55260
     atggccatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgc     55320
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgaaaaata cttgctcatg tacaaacata cagaaataat cacaaaattc     55380
     atttatatac ataaatacac aatttgctca cacaatcaga catttacatt aacacactca     55440
     tacttatgaa catattcaca tgttcattgc catgaaaata cattcacaca tgcagacagg     55500
     tacattcatg cacacagaca agttaaaaaa acacacctaa atatgaacac acgtggtctc     55560
     acattcacta agcacaaata tgcttacata tactcattta tacccacata taatcacaca     55620
     actctattcc tacataagag caaatacatc aacatactca cacatataca cataaatatt     55680
     ctgatacatt gacaaaccat ctgcactcaa atttgtgttc atatgtatat ataaacatga     55740
     atgttcacat atgtatactt aaaaatccac tcatacttta atacacagta atacattaat     55800
     acacaaacat gcctcatgta ctcaaatata cctataaatt ctgtcatgtt atacattatc     55860
     aaactcatac atccacacac attcacttat agttatgttt gcttacacaa acacactgat     55920
     tcactcccac atatgggcaa acagtgacat attcatacac agacgaacat agtacctatt     55980
     gatgcactca aatatgcctg cagatataaa cacacaggca aatttacttt acacattacc     56040
     attcttatgt acatatgctt acagtatcac acatgaccaa ggtcacacaa aactcatatt     56100
     cattcacaca aatatgctca catacactca ctgccatata aaaatattca agatgcatac     56160
     aaaatcattc atacacatag gcaagctcac agacacccat atatgaacat gcagaatcac     56220
     atattcattt atatattact gtactcatac cacacattca cttccataca ccacacagtg     56280
     tatcctaatt ccacaaagca tactgaaatg aacatgtaag tacacgcctt cacaaactcc     56340
     catagtcaca catgtattgc ctcatgatca atatcctcat gtttcacttg aactctctca     56400
     tatgttgtct ctcacacaac tcactgtacc acacaaactt gcccatagaa catactagat     56460
     cacacaaaaa atgctcgtac gacacactgg atcacacaag catgcatgca cactgactca     56520
     tacacagaca tgatcacaca catgtgaaca cattcatctg aatataaaca cattcccaaa     56580
     gtcattcact cacacagagc caggaatctt agctcttttt catgggcttg tagagtttca     56640
     attttttatc agaaaacatt taccacagag ttcttcattt catattttcc ttttgtgttg     56700
     ctcttatacc ttcctttcag cacagcataa gcaagacctt gctctaagca cttgaccttc     56760
     atttaactat gataccatta ccaccattta acccacgagg aagctcagac tcagagaggt     56820
     taggtgactt aagataatac aaccagcaaa cctccaaatt agttttagcc tagacaactg     56880
     ttgagtacat attcttaacc tttatccaaa tgttcatgtg attgtatctt cctgtattgt     56940
     aggagctcct gtgcctgtgt cagtatctat ctatgtgtcc agtattgaac agatctcaga     57000
     aataaatatg gtaagtctat aggtcctagt catggtactg gagatacggg acaagaagca     57060
     tagtcatagg caactctaat tgttctgacc agtgacagaa cacatgaaag ggagtaaggg     57120
     taggtttaaa agtgacagcc ctctggaata gcaaaaaagt caattgaagg ctcacatcac     57180
     accatatcca aaggttcagt tacatgtaga ttatcaactc aaaagaatta tgaagcttta     57240
     aaaagattta atagcacact atgtttgtac tacaggatag ttgagattta gtctgagata     57300
     cacattgccc aaaacagaag tcagatactg ctgaggttga tgagttgaaa acactgctgt     57360
     cacctattct cagctttttc aggaatacaa atggccactt tcactttacc attgtaattt     57420
     cttcctgttg ggggcatgta tggtattttt tgcatagtta tatatatatg ttcatatgtg     57480
     gaaatattct ccaggaaaac aggagaggaa attatagtta cacacagcaa ctttgagtga     57540
     gccttacaag tacaatactg tgtaggaaaa gggggttaca gatatatagt ttggttctaa     57600
     ttggaaagca ttccaaaaag aagtccaact aagcattgtg ttttctaaaa atacacatgg     57660
     aaacaatgaa actctatcct gaagcatggg aaatagtacc ataaaacttg aataatgttt     57720
     cctgctggtt gtggaaagtg tgctctgaaa atcacacatt ggagctttct ttttttatta     57780
     tttttattag atattttctt catttacatt tcaaatgcta tcccaaaagt cccctatact     57840
     ctccccccat cccgctcccc tgctcaccca ctcccacttc ttggccatgg tgttcccctg     57900
     tattggggca tataaagttt gctagaccaa gggacctctc ttcccaatgt tggctgacta     57960
     ggccatcttc tgctacaaat gcaactagag atacgagctc cggggggtac tggttagttc     58020
     atattgttgt tccacctata gggttgcaga cccctttagc tccttgagta ctttctctag     58080
     cttctccatt gggggccctg tgtcccatcc tatagatgac tgtgagcata cacttctata     58140
     tttgccaggc actggcatag cctcacaaga gacagctata tcagggtcct ttcagcaata     58200
     ttgctggcat atgcaatagt gtctgctttt ggtggctaat tatgggatgg actcctgagt     58260
     ggggcagtct ctgtatggtc catccttttg acttagcaca ttggagcttt cttaacctgg     58320
     atattaatat aaaagcttaa tttttgttgt ttcttcttaa gcatgtttat gcacccatct     58380
     gcatgatatg tttcatatag tagcatatat gtatgtgtgc acatataata tatgtatata     58440
     gaagacagag agctggacaa tctaacaact atcatttacc tgtttgcccc aaggactata     58500
     caatcacaat gtttttgcat cagacctgga aggacacacg cttagcttac tatgaaacca     58560
     acctaaacct gaccctggat tatcggatgc atgagaagct ctgggttcct gactgctact     58620
     ttgtgaatag caaagatgcc tttgtgcatg atgtaactgt ggagaatcgt gtatttcaac     58680
     ttcacccaga tgggacagtg cgatatggca tccggtgagt ccctacaagt cttgggctgt     58740
     tctggcaagc ttcattcttc ctactatgta tcccacacgc ttttacatac ttccctcatg     58800
     caaatgttcc cctcttcggg aaatcctcaa aattcccatg gctgaatact caattaaaaa     58860
     aaaatgaggt cccagtttag atactatagc tgacttctac ccttacaaat gagtcctatg     58920
     gtgggagggt ttattaagct cactgggagc agtgttactt tattttgtag acaatgaagg     58980
     aagaaattga caatgttgcc taccatttgt aagaggaaat actgtttttg ttaatttttt     59040
     atgtaattat ataattaaaa aaaaactgat tccctggacc aaatgatccc ttcctccatt     59100
     tcgcttatgt gtgttgaatt ctttatctcc atgcaacaat gaagggagac tgaagaatgc     59160
     tgaaacctgg gctccacctc tttccctcct ttgcactatg aagggtatcg ggagaagagg     59220
     gagctaattc tgtaagaggg ttatggtatg gcttctcagc atctgctctc tatacagaga     59280
     ttatgtgcgc actgatagtc tatgactgat ccatttacaa tagagccatc accaaagctg     59340
     tcttcacact ttcagctcag attgtcagta atgcaagctg ataggtcatc ttagcccaga     59400
     aaatgtttcc tggtggtagc taccatggtt tgtttgatag gtctaatcat tgtgtttccc     59460
     ttactctagt gtactctttc cccatttctt cctttcttct tcctccatcc acatggaatc     59520
     atggaatatc aatgcttaca tgaaattgat caataataac tcttgtttaa agtaaaggag     59580
     ccattagcta atgaataaat tcatttttaa ggaggaaagt acatctaccc agtccccaaa     59640
     atgaaattcc tccaaggatt gacggtgctt agactagctt agcagatgag aaggaaagaa     59700
     aatggcatag gactgaaatg aggcaataga gaggtttttt ttttttttta atcattatgc     59760
     tgttttcaag cacaagtcac ctccctagcc ccacaaaggc catttactca gattccactc     59820
     ctgggtgaac agtataacaa tcaatacttc ttctaactgt gtctactatc agcactgtct     59880
     ggatcatcca tggataagca ttttgtgccc actgatgtct ttgtagctct cagttccaca     59940
     tagcccctca ctactaacat ggatgtagat atggtctaag gccaccctgg gtcactgcct     60000
     acatttatac tagcacacca cattcctgct ttccccaatg gttatgcagg cttagcacat     60060
     tacacataac acacagtgtt ctctcaacag ctttgttgat ctttaacaag cacaggtgtt     60120
     tctttctctg tattgtttcc tcaagggccc ttccctttgt gatgttctgt ggattttctg     60180
     gcatgacata tatctatctg ctctttgttt cagctctgcc aaatctatgg attctttatc     60240
     aaattccagt ttttgtcttt ctttgcttct ccccaattcc aaatatgtgt caacccttca     60300
     cctaaccttt gcctccccac cctgcagaat ccttagggat gagtttgatt tcccttcctt     60360
     ttctgttttc cttggcagac ttaccacaac agcagcctgt tccctggatc tgcaaaaatt     60420
     ccctatggac aaacaatcct gcaagctgga ggtggagagc tgtgcgtatt tctcctgtgg     60480
     atccttcatc cctgagttgg gctgtaccag tcagggaagc aggagtagag ttgacatcaa     60540
     gaacagcaca gctccttagc tacacatttc cctctttctc cccaaatatg ttcacaagca     60600
     gtatataaat gatagatgga tggtggctgc ataataagct gacagatagc tgtatatgcc     60660
     tgacatctgg aagtaggtag cctttattgt ataggtaatt caactgagaa actatacata     60720
     ctcatgggta aaagtgcaag catctttcag ctacacattc cttcctgcct aaaatctcca     60780
     aagtggaagt actctttctt tgcaagtatt tagactcccc catgctcaca ctcagaaagc     60840
     cacaaagtag cccccatatt ccaagtgcca accatgattt ggttttcaca gacttatgtg     60900
     gagtgaaagc tgcctagatt aactctttgt ttcacctccc agatggctac actgtcgaag     60960
     acattgtgtt atcctgggaa gatgataatg ccatccacat tactgatggg ctgcatatcc     61020
     ctcagtacac gtacctgggg agaacaatta ccagcaagga agtgtacttc tacacaggtt     61080
     ggccagacag cctctttctc tcctgtttct tgttcccttt acaccagtac agactctgcc     61140
     tttgattctt atagttgtct ccatcctttc ccatttcttt ggttctgaac acatctcatc     61200
     ttccattccc ccttgataag cctagtgatg gaggatctcc tctacagatg aagaataagt     61260
     gtggaaggct tgggcagact gacaacactc tacagctgga aatgattcct gctcctcata     61320
     gggctgacct ctcaccctcc atctgcttgc agcctgaaaa catcttgtgt ggaaatgagt     61380
     gaagcaggag gcaagctaga gatgacttgc ataggcctga tactgatgtg tattcttaca     61440
     ggctcctaca tgcgcctgat agtgaagttc caggttcaga gggaagtccg cagttacctt     61500
     gtgcaggtct attggcccac ggtcctcacc accattctct cctggatatc attttggatg     61560
     aactatgatt cctctgcagc cagggtaact attggtaagt tctctctatc tccacctcag     61620
     gaagaaactt ggatcatttt acttagaaaa caaagacaga acagagaaga ccttgaactt     61680
     gaggtctagg tttaggggag tcatcaaatg ttttaagcaa ggaacagtct agaatattga     61740
     gctacttggc ccatttttac catctgtgga gcagaattgc ctcttttcct ttagggacac     61800
     aactatggct atctatgtgt gatattttag ggttcagaaa acttcagata ctaaaagaag     61860
     actttctaga actggagatg tgaattactt aaagcatggt tagaaatttg aacttgatcc     61920
     agagcaataa acctgatgaa gcatagggaa caggagcaag gagaggacat gggcaaacct     61980
     tcacccaaga ggtggcctct gctcgcctcc tttgaggtat agacccaaag gtttgctaaa     62040
     attgccgcta ttgaaggaga ctaaacctgt actgtgttgt tcataggact aacttcgatc     62100
     cttgtcctga ctaccatcga ctcacatatg cgggataaac tcccccatat ttcctgtatc     62160
     aaagctattg acatctacat ccttgtatgc ctattcttcg ttttcctgtc actgctggag     62220
     tatgtctaca tcaactacct tttcttcagc caagtacctc ggcgtaatca cagaagatgc     62280
     aggaaaccca ggagagttgt tgcccgatac cgctaccaag aagtggtggt agcaaatgtg     62340
     caggtttgac attttgaatg acagtcaagc tgttctcagc acctcctcag cctaggctta     62400
     gcatttgacc ctttcgcatt ccatagtctc ttttatcctc atcaagcata cccacactca     62460
     tctgtagata ataattattt gatatcatga aacaagaaaa gtcagaactt gatttctcta     62520
     gatcttcgat ccaagtttgc tccattttac aggcttccac aataagtgat gaaactagaa     62580
     ggggaaggga ggtacaggga gactggccta cttttccttc cctgtcactt cagacacctg     62640
     aaaacatact gagccctttg ctttggggta tatataaatg cccaacaaca ccacttcttt     62700
     gaagaaagct caacctcatg ctacttggga agcctacata tagcacacag tattactgat     62760
     gtcacaactg ttccacaggg agatacttac ttggctgcag ctataacatt ctctgcatgc     62820
     tacctcctgg ttcagtttct caacccctct aagtacctga gagagcccaa caggctctgt     62880
     ccatcaaaga tgtcaatagt agctttgcaa tcactaatca ggaagtttcc ttcctttttc     62940
     tctttcccta tgcatgccca ctaggtgata tgaaactaat cagcttattc attatctcct     63000
     tcaaggatgg cctgattaat gtggaagaca gagtagaaga cagagctggt ccccttcctg     63060
     acagccccat gcaggctcat ctggcaagcc aggaaagtct aggatccttg gtgttcacat     63120
     cagagcaggc ccagctggct acctcagaaa gtctcagtct actctcttct gcctcaagcc     63180
     agactcaatt ggccactgga gaaagcctga gtgatctgcc ctccacctct gagcaaacag     63240
     tgcctgagtg taccattcac tttcatggct ttcttactaa tgacagtatt atccccatca     63300
     aaatccacag ccgatctgat gcctgtgatg atgaagactc cgaagaaagc ctaagctctg     63360
     aggagagcca tggccatgga agcagccaca ctggaaggct caagctccag attagccaga     63420
     ggtgtgtgca agaagcaagt tgggaccttg ataaaattga gatcttacag gatgacatca     63480
     gtatcacgag cagctggctt ggccttgatg aacaatgcaa gggggatgct gacagtatct     63540
     ggagccttac tgatgaggag ctcatggcct gtgaccaaga gaaggacagt agctcagagt     63600
     ctgaggagaa ttgctcccca agccctgggt gctccttcaa tgaagggttc tcttttcagc     63660
     tctttaaacc taaccgggtc cccaaggttg atagatggtc ccgtttcctc tttcctcttt     63720
     cctttgggct gttcaatgtg gtttactggt tataccatgt ctattagttt ctcatacacc     63780
     acagccgcgg agatactatg atatgtttcc tttatggttt cttcgggttt atcttttcct     63840
     cttccccttt ttcattttat tttgcaaagg gtgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttggg     63900
     aggttgtttt gttttgtttg gaagagtcaa tcaaatccat tgggcatttc tctttattat     63960
     aaggtgggga ggagatagag aaaacatgta gccagaggag aaagattgag gaggacttgg     64020
     agataaattg cacattgatt tcctcctgct agaaaattct cacctttcac tttaaactgt     64080
     ccatcagcct agaaatgccc ttggaagtat ttagaagaca gagaagagcc acactaagga     64140
     aggaggataa tctggttgac aaacattcct gggacatttg gttttagtcc cctcaaagtg     64200
     ttgaaatttt tcttgcttca cttttttcct tcctcttggg tgccatgcac cttgtctgcc     64260
     tgctaaaaat tactttggga gaagaagtca aaccaagttg gcctggagta tgtagaggag     64320
     gggctaggca tagcttagat attctgacaa aggaaaattg ggaatcattt gtaagtgcct     64380
     tgcactttga gtgtagagtt gtgatacagg agtgggaagg gcaggtgggt aggagggact     64440
     gccaaagaaa tatagcagag taagtgagaa agcatgcttc cagcaagggt atgtgagaca     64500
     ggggagtgat gtcaggttga agttttgtac atgttcagct attccctttt aagttactag     64560
     accttctctt gccggtattt gcccttcaca ttacctgaca gtagggactc agtacttctg     64620
     ttcagttatg agttaggttt ctatcaattg ctgggttgat tactagttac agtagacaca     64680
     cttggtgagt aagacctagt tgagaaaatt cagatttgct atttcaccat gggcctagaa     64740
     tagcatatga acaactactg taaatctata tactaatcct ttctatttgt ctagtgcata     64800
     gtaagtgtca acgagctccc tgacccatca catcgttgga tcctcacagg agccctgtga     64860
     gccagggaag acaaagcacc ttgtccccag tgttccaagg aaaatgtgga gcttgtgtgc     64920
     catgcttaaa gatgcttgtt cttttcctta tctgcttaac tctcaactaa ctgccccttc     64980
     cctgtgctca agctgccaag ctcatggaca gcacccggaa catctctata tgaagaggcc     65040
     agctggtgaa catggagcct actcagcagg gctcctgata agagtgggat gagcctgtac     65100
     accaactttc caggaagcac cagcttattg atggaggtca tgagggagct ttcccaagca     65160
     ctcaacctat atcccccctt cctctatagg cagcctctcc ttcagcccta tactcctctg     65220
     cccacccgcc ttcttaagta tactcctgta cttctatatt tatatgtttc tgcgtatctc     65280
     tgaggatgac tatgtatgta ttcaggtagg tatatgtgct atccatacaa ccatctgaga     65340
     agctgtacta gtgccaatct acactgtgtg gataaatagt atgtatgcat ctctatgaga     65400
     gtgtcacttg tagtgtcact tatagtaaca gagctgaatg cattctgcat acattcatag     65460
     aatgtgcatg tctatatacc tgtgtttgtc aaagttagtt agtgtaaaag gatatacata     65520
     aaaaaaaaaa aacacatgta ttccctttag gaggttcttg tagaaacagc atgactctag     65580
     tgacctgttt tagcagagtg gggacagtct tagttagctg gactgattaa ctctttcttt     65640
     tcagttcttg agagccaggt ggacctattg gtaaagtaca tttgtagcta atccttggac     65700
     aggcttggct gcttgaacag gcccacaaat ctaccttgtg tttggagttt gaacattcct     65760
     tactttaact tgattccggg aaagactcag agaagtaaaa atggacagga gaactaagta     65820
     ctgaatagat gatctcagta ttgtctcttg tccatgcata ggcacaattc tagcctttta     65880
     tgcatacaca cccagacaca tatacctact ccattacatg tgcatacata tatttcatga     65940
     gcacccacgc actgggttat atttacaagc atgtccagat atatacacac acaaataaac     66000
     acacacacac acatactttt aaaacaactc aaaacaagga tatttttacc aaaatatcta     66060
     agattgttta tttggggggc ggggggagaa cccagcataa aacggtccag attaaaggga     66120
     gagcaaaagc tctcctctgg aatctgagca ttcgttagat gtgcacttgg atctggagac     66180
     ctatataatc ttgtagtgtt gaacacatca ctggactaaa gttactaaga gggattagag     66240
     tagtgggacc aacgataaag tagagaagag gcagagaggc cagttgtaaa tatccatgta     66300
     gctagatata gcatacccta aaaagactat tttgccctaa tgtgctgcaa tgagagcagt     66360
     taaactgcaa ttcatactat gtgaggttac atgtaccatg gagatctggt aatgacagct     66420
     tttcaggaac ttgaatcatc tgggttgttt ttgttttttt gttttttgtt tttgttgttg     66480
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttattt ttcatggcta tggtctttct tacttgaaag     66540
     ttgccagatc tctccttgta ttctctgtgt ggtctgttgt ttatcttcat taagccctgt     66600
     atcctgctgc cctcagcccc ttttcagcca tacaggcaca ccctctctat tggctgccta     66660
     tgtctcctcc caaacttcct ccaacaccaa gtagttgttg aagtgcagag catctgagca     66720
     gtgctcctga ggttcagtca gtccaacagc ttggaaagaa ggaagagcct tactaagtct     66780
     gagatggagc aaccccactt tactactcta ttctgtcttg tcttaccctc tcctgtcccc     66840
     ctagaattcc tgtctgagaa agaccccagc tttctgtctt tccaatgcat cattttattg     66900
     tagaaatatg tgatataatt cctgcccagc ttgatttgca ctgtggggtg tctctgcaga     66960
     gtttggccat tgtagtctta caatttgtat catccttatt catagcaagg ctgcaaactc     67020
     ttgacatacc taaaccaagt tttgctgaga ttgtgaccat tcctaatgag gattccttac     67080
     tctgtatata cagcagcaat gctttcaagc tattaagtac tgaaagccct cactaagcac     67140
     tccacctgca tgctaccctg tggtagtaag caggaacttt ctagctactc cacagcccag     67200
     cattcaaagt aattatccct tgtcctactg aaagtgcagt gtgtttgtgt ttctgtttgt     67260
     gtttgttgta tggtgtcctg agattaatat gaatctacat tttcagtgtt gggttttcag     67320
     aggagggaag gaatgatgtt aaaatatctc tctggtattc ttcaataata aaatatgcca     67380
     gctggtcaag gtcatctgtg tagaactctg ggtcagaatt ttcacccact atcatgctag     67440
     actatatccc tgagatcagt attcattagt aaaggcaact taccagaatt ctgcacagta     67500
     atagaagcca acttcagata ataccagagg agtctttcag tggctattaa gttagtaaca     67560
     ttctgggagc atatgaacta tggtaaagtc acatacatac agatcttcag tagtggtgta     67620
     gggccaagac aataaaaagt aagaaaatag aatgaccaac agccaggtaa cccgggtgag     67680
     ctgacctgca agggccacag aagcagagcc ttactagata agtgggtgcc catgttgagc     67740
     tcattaattg acattgttgt gagaaagaga ccttgaccag tccggacttc aagaaagtga     67800
     aacatgaaag agcataaaat catgcttctg aaaaatatac tttaaaaaca tgtaaatagc     67860
     aaaaggcaaa ataaagatct ataatagcaa atactctagt gggcctgtgc ttcctctatt     67920
     agattggtag atactacgtg cgacattcat ctgggtcgga aagcttctag cttccattat     67980
     tcatggtttt caagaggggg gagccagcaa cacagtcact gagtaagttt tgcacaaagt     68040
     catttaagat cattgaaaac aagttttaag acagagcaag tcaaatatga ggtggacatt     68100
     tagttccact ttgtgtaata gaaaaagcaa gaaaaatgtt tataaaatac aaaaaaaagc     68160
     tttgttttaa tctctaccaa agtggatgta cagtgtggaa gcaagaaagt tgaagggaca     68220
     atggcttagg attaatccag atcaaaagca ttgcaaagtc acactgaact atcctagtgg     68280
     cagagagagt ccttttgtgt aacccaccct cttcagaaca tctccaagca gtttgtgatg     68340
     aaaatgtgag accttgaaaa gtgaatccta agccagtgta tcttcttcct tcagtctttt     68400
     tgtggcctaa tcatattaaa aaggttttct cggggattgc tgtgcttctc tgctcacagc     68460
     catgaggtgg aactagctgg atatgtttcc tcttcacaaa tccttggttt tggtaaggta     68520
     tgtgcacaca tgtacaggtg cacagaggcc agaagttgac actggctgtc ttcctcaatt     68580
     gttcctccat catattttaa gagacaattt ttctcacaat agctagagct cactcattca     68640
     tctaatctgg ctgtccaata gcctccagtg atccacctct ttttgcttcc ccaatatttg     68700
     gatgtcttat ttggtgttct attgctgtta agaaacacca tgacaacaca aaaagaaagc     68760
     atttgattgg ggcttgctta cagtttcaga ggtttagtcc attataacca tggtgaagag     68820
     catggtgtca cacaaaaaca tggtgctgga atagaaactg agatttctac atcaggatct     68880
     ccaggcatca agaagaaagt gagccactga gcctggcttg aggttttgaa acctcgaagc     68940
     aatcccctcc aaatggcata cttcctccaa gaaagctata cctcttaaca ccacccaaat     69000
     aacgccagtc cctgatgact aagtattaaa acatgtgagt ttgtgggggt cgttgttaat     69060
     cataccacca cattggatta caggtaaggg tttttgtgca ttttgctgtg gatccaaact     69120
     cagatcctca tgtttgcaca acaagcacac tactggttga accatttcct cagttccagg     69180
     gttcttcagt tcctgaagat ggccttgaac aacaggtgga gtttacagtc ccatgatggg     69240
     cctaacatga ccaactatac tataatgtgt ggtatgccta attatgcaat taccttaaag     69300
     gatgggtgag aaaagaggtg tgatagatag cattcccttt ttacctgcat tggtatacct     69360
     cacatccacg ctcatctttg aaattctagt caggagagag cctgcaaact gaaactgggt     69420
     aaacattacc attgaagctc taatcgatct ctgggaaaaa gctgaaccaa gactaggaaa     69480
     gcaaataaaa aataattttg tgtacaagtc tctatgctgt gtgtctggta tacacacatg     69540
     tgtatacata ggtatgtgtg aaggcaagag gaggttgagt cacaatgccc cactgaacct     69600
     ggagctcact gttggctata gtagctggcc agggaacttc tggaatctgc ctgtctccat     69660
     ctctcaacac tagagttaca ggagcatgca accatacatg gcttttacat gggtgctgga     69720
     gatttgaatt caagtctgtt ttgtgatcct attcttgtca gacatgtaca aacatcactt     69780
     tactcattcc aaataggaaa atgagaacag aacaaaaaat acatgagtac cgtatttaca     69840
     taatttccat ccttccaaaa tctaaatgga tttgatgagt tttaacaatg ttactaatgg     69900
     aaatatgggt gagggctcat ttacaggagc acagatgact ttaaaacagc tgtgacacaa     69960
     aaagcctacc ctagcatgga taacaactca caaaaaactg taaaacctag agctcgcact     70020
     atacctttca ggcagctcaa caggttgatg tttctcttcc aggcaactta cttggtcttg     70080
     agccttttcc aggtagctca gcttgtctct ccctcttcag caatccttaa tgcttgcata     70140
     accttaggaa aggagtttct tagtacatct ggtcagtttt gggtactttc tggggctttc     70200
     tgagtcttaa tagtctctcc tcataatttc ctgaatcttt ataagcttaa gaagaaactg     70260
     gtacaaaaca ttgtccagtt gctctcacat caagtgttct tacccactga gacacctctc     70320
     tatcctgtgg tgtacctatt tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     70380
     ttattattat tatatatttc tttatttaca tttcaattgc tatcccaaaa attccctaca     70440
     ccctcccccc ccgccctgct cccctaccca ccctggtgtt cccctggtgt tggccctggt     70500
     gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaag gggcctctct tcccaatgat     70560
     ggccgattag gccatcttct gccacatatg cagctagaga cacaagctct gggggtactg     70620
     gttagtcata ttgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagaccc cttcagctcc ttgggtgctt     70680
     tcaatagctc ctccattagg ggccctgtgt tccatcctat cgatgactgt gagcatccac     70740
     ttttgtattt gccaggcact ggcatagcct catacaagac agctatatca aggtccgttc     70800
     agcaaaatct tgctggcata tgcaatagtg tctgggtttg gtggctgatt atgagatgga     70860
     tttcttagta acattgagtg tattttatat caatatattt taaaatagta gaaaatacga     70920
     ggtctctgtg ccatgagaat caaacattct atcttatagt ctcattgtag cctagcagct     70980
     gtataaggag tcagtgttca aatatgaatg tgaactcttg tgatgagtta atatttgctc     71040
     taacagaatc aagtttgata tgcttgattc caattacttt ttctgtttac tttcatgtgc     71100
     tttgtccttc cttttcctct ggattcaacc aactgtatat actaaactct agctggaaaa     71160
     aaatcaaaaa agccttgaaa cagttggaga gtctcttttt ctggatcctc atcagcaagg     71220
     aaccccatgc tgcctatcaa tcacaaagtc atgttcaaat atgaacacag actgcctgta     71280
     cagctgccaa gctactgtga ggccataaag cagaccagca tactcctgaa gactcacaag     71340
     ggaagatttt ccctttgcta ctatctttct agattacacc aatggatgca gtgctatcca     71400
     ttttaagcgt gtaactatag actatagaag tccaaatgtt tttctcattc aggtgtttat     71460
     aaaggacccc tccattggca tgagtgctag gtaggaaaga tatgttacta caaatatgct     71520
     gtgttgtaca aagaatagaa aacagagttc tgatattcat gggcaggtaa aggataccct     71580
     atctccagca aagataaaaa gttcaaattc ccattccctc tactttttta ttccagctgg     71640
     atttcaacta cttgggtgat gctggctcac actggataag agggtcagaa ctcctttatt     71700
     tagttagtcc tggaagactg aatctagaaa tgatcaaaac cttctgtgat attcctgaca     71760
     aaatcaccaa cagacatatt ttggaatctt gaagttacta ttaaaagcct tcctaatgct     71820
     gtgataaaat atatacaaaa gcaccttaat ggagaaagag tttgttttgg ctcatagtta     71880
     gaggttatag cctaacatgg taggaaattc acagcagaag aaacctgaag agatagcttg     71940
     tcacattgca tctgcagtta aaagtcaatg agcaatgaat acccatgctc agctcgctct     72000
     cacaatttta ttcacataca gacacacata gaaaaagaag aacatagaca atttgtaaaa     72060
     atttgtaaaa gattcaagca atgcatataa aactataaaa tagtaacagg tttggtgatt     72120
     tttagatatg aatgaccagc cttaaataca taaaatatta aaatatattt aaaccaggca     72180
     atggtggagt atgcctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggcag atctctgagt     72240
     tcgaagccag tctgatctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc ccaggctcta cacagagaaa     72300
     cactgtctta caaaaccaaa aggaaaaaag caagaagaaa agaaaatatt tttaagagcc     72360
     tggagaggtg gctcagcagt taagagtagt gactgcttct tccaaaggac ccaagttaac     72420
     atcatgccca aggtattcaa attacttttt ccatcttcca tgggaccagg catgacaagg     72480
     catgcacatg gtgcacagac atacctgcaa gcaaagcacc tacatatata aataacaata     72540
     atcattaact attattacat ttaagacacc cataagttct agaagctcag aatgaatatt     72600
     ataaacctaa gtaaatataa attaggaaac aagatgagaa aatagcaaaa taggtaacac     72660
     cagtaaaaag taacaaaatc agggctagag agatggttaa cttgccaatt ggttcaagtc     72720
     tgtggaagtg gtcagaagct gccagatcac caccagaagt ttttttggtg cttttctctc     72780
     tatggagtca caacaaatga tgaccaatag acaatagtaa ggcataacaa taccattcag     72840
     catcatccac tgtctgttgg gttatattta tattccttct aaacatcaca catcctttca     72900
     cctgtgtctg cttcggtgaa acattccttc atgtatctgc tttagcaaaa catcctctaa     72960
     cctatgtctg cttcaggaaa acactccttt acaggtttgg cacaactgac tttacaaaga     73020
     aaccataagt ttccacttca gaaggtgatc taaatgaaat cgccaaatga ggaagacaga     73080
     gacccaactg gccatctctt gtcaaacaaa tgaagcttct agcactgtga ctgggttaaa     73140
     tgtaattgat ttattggcca aagtgcccta tagaaaccct ccaaataacc caagctattt     73200
     aagcttctct ccacaactgg cagcaaggcc ccaaggctga agacaacacc tacacaagtc     73260
     atgaaacatg gagaagtcta cagaggcttc tctgctatgg actagcctct tttgtaaaga     73320
     aagaaaagaa aatactaaaa gaaaagtata aacaccaatc tgttatagaa ttgatttaat     73380
     gtttgtatta tgttaattgg gttcccaaaa ttgtaccaga atcccacatg gaagacactg     73440
     agggtccctg atcccagttt gttctaattg gtaagtaaat ttgcctgtgg ccaatgtcca     73500
     ggcagggaga catatatggg actttaggat tcaaaggcaa gggaacaaag aaggagaatc     73560
     accatgccag gaaaggaata agatccaggc ttgagagctg cacattagca acatgaaagt     73620
     ttgggagtgg cccaaccatt gagttgtttt aggcatattt aaatataagg tgctgtgtgt     73680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt cattgggaat ctagaacatt     73740
     ggggcaggta gattagagca tattaatcaa ctactgcaac accaacctag ccacaatatc     73800
     tttgatctac agtggttccc tgcctgcaag acatgctagg gcaatggcag cacaaagcct     73860
     gtgggagtaa gcaaccaata tctaatctga cttaaggcca ctccatgaga tggaatccat     73920
     gcctgaccct gcttgggtga tcaagagcct gagactagat catccagaga cctagggtga     73980
     aaccaaataa taaatactgt tctactgaaa caacatagca ataaaatgat tcctgatgac     74040
     attcttctat atcagaatag tgccttgttc agagcatcat cagagaagct tcctcctgca     74100
     gcagataaac acaaagagcc tatgacagct tttctttttt aattctatca tattttatac     74160
     acatttttag tttgtcctct ttccttttgc cctacaggtc ctttgtgtat atattatgtc     74220
     ttccagttta gtatttggag ggtggagatt cctgagcatg caaacaagtg ggtctctgtt     74280
     cttgtgcctt ttcttgcact attctgtttg tttggtgtgt cctattccaa tgtgcttttt     74340
     ttgtttgttt gttttgcctt attatatctt actttatttt atttcattat tatcccttgg     74400
     aagtttgttt cttttctaat gagagacata aagggagtaa ataagaatga atatggaggt     74460
     ggggagaaac tgggaggaga agaaggactg gaaaccataa ccaggatata tatgtgacca     74520
     aaaaaaaccc tctattttca agaaaatgga aaataaagaa aagaaaaaga gacaagcctt     74580
     ggctaagagt caagtcattt ggacaagaga gactggagag atgatggttc agcaggtgag     74640
     gctactctct ccagaaccct tggggaagct cacaactgca actccagtcc cagggaactg     74700
     atgtagacat ccttttctgg actacctttt ttggctctta catcaaccac ccttctaaca     74760
     cttattccac actaatcgct tccaaccccc taacactagg tagaagaaat cacaggcaaa     74820
     tggatggaac tagaaaatat catcctgagt gaggtaacac agacacaaaa gaacacatat     74880
     catatgtact cactaataag tggatagtaa ctcaaaagtt cacagtgtct actatacaac     74940
     ctgcagaaca tatggagtgt agaaggaaga tcagggtgtg gatacttcag tcctgcattg     75000
     agggaagaac aggatgattg tgggagatgg aaggagagaa ggacaaggaa cagagaaagg     75060
     aggaggaaat aagtgtggca gtatcagaat ctggaggaga tgtgagagag gtacagagga     75120
     tcaggaaatc aaataaaaat aggtagcagg ggggatgagg aactggggat agccactgga     75180
     gggtcccaga caccagggaa gcatgaggct cccaggaccc aaggggattg actttagctg     75240
     taatgcactg agaaggggga gatagaacct gtagagacca cctccagtag ataggcacag     75300
     cccctaatcg agggatggaa ccacccaccc atctcaaagt ttttttaacc cagaaatatt     75360
     cctgtccaaa ggaagaacag aggcaaaaat ggaacagaga ctgaaggaag agccaaccag     75420
     gaaatggccc cacatgggga tccatcctgt ctgcagacaa caaacccaac actgttccag     75480
     tagtcaagag gcacttgcag acagaaacct ggtgtggcaa ctgaccaatg cagatgtgga     75540
     tgcttggagc caaccatcag gctgaactca gggaacctgt ctgaggagct ggcagaagaa     75600
     atggaggagt ggagggggac tgcaacaatt tggaagaaca taggctggcc tgactaccca     75660
     gttctcccaa agtcgagatc accaaccaag gagtgtacct ggagagacct atggctccag     75720
     atacatatgt agcagaggat ggccttgccc aacagcaacg ggatagtagg cccttggtcc     75780
     tggtgaggat ggatgcccca gagtaggggg atgctggagc agtgaggcag gagagtgtgg     75840
     gtgggagggg gtgcactcta atacaggcaa aagggaggag gtagggcaga tgtgggatgg     75900
     aggtggtgga ggggtaacca ggaagtgtga tatcatggga tgggggggtt ggtggagggg     75960
     gtaacctgga agtgggatat tatttgagat gtaaatgaat ggaatgatta ataataataa     76020
     aagaaaaaag gttagaggaa aagatggggc ttagacatct ttaggctatt tcctgccgat     76080
     tagatgtgtc agactcctag gggaaagttc aatcttcatt gtttaaatat ccagcaatag     76140
     caaacaagta atccagcaaa gttaagagca agaaccagca gtagccatct cctcagagtg     76200
     cacattctca gagtatgccc tctcaggatt ctcaagttta taccctctca agagtcccca     76260
     gaattctaaa cgtaactatc tgcggctggc aaaaatcacc cccctgctag agcatgaggc     76320
     aaatcataat cacatgctgt gaagcagctc cttatcccac atctgatatt aaaacataat     76380
     cacataacat aattggaaaa acaaagttct cactacagat cagtaccatc ttctcatccc     76440
     tgtggttatc acatacattt ggtacacaga cgaatatgca tgctgctcat gcatagaaaa     76500
     tgataaaaat atttttcttt ttcataatac ttgtattaat tatttgagaa ttttacatca     76560
     tgaaccctga taacgttcac atccaaatcc tcccaggtct gtcccctgcc acccttgtga     76620
     cctcttttac aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag agagagagag     76680
     agagagagag agagagagag agaaagagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     76740
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagaagagga agaagaagaa     76800
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     76860
     gaagaagaag aagaaaacat gtccaatttg tgttgtccat atactcactg gaacatggtc     76920
     aaattcccag tgccagccct ttaaaaaact tagtctttcc cacccacatc ccctccagta     76980
     tcatcagttg tggaaagctt cacttcatta tccttatcat gatttttaag agttctcttc     77040
     aatggatttc tgtctaggct gttacttctt ttgggatgaa gatgtataat ttgtcacaaa     77100
     agccttctat gtctctcttt ctcaactgtg agtctgaagt catcaatacc attgcaaaag     77160
     tggctttctt gccccttaca gttagcaaaa gcatggatca tggacttaca caaggtctcc     77220
     tgaatcagca catgccacag acctcagcac gaaatttaaa tgagtcagca cacagcatag     77280
     atccactgct gctgcttctg ccccttgtgt tgctcaccct gctgggggtg aagagagcat     77340
     agggctctac tactactgtc tactggctgc aaacatgatg atcatgtcta gggtgccagc     77400
     aaggtagcca gcattgaggg cactgtggag aacagtagct tggatggagt tcaggcaggt     77460
     tctgtgcccc agatatgcta ctcaaccata taatcaccct gaagctgagc aacagcaaga     77520
     tatccgtggt gaagatggtt cattttctgg attaagtctc tttgaaagac tcccaagacc     77580
     tgtgttgctt ctggaggcca ttgctgcata aggccatgtc aaagtccttg atctgtgctg     77640
     ctaccagaga ccacattgat gtccatgatc catgctgcca ctggatactg tatggaaatc     77700
     catgatccat gctgctgcca acagttatgg gcaaagtcgc tgcttttgca atggtatcga     77760
     tgactgcagt ctcataacag aaaatgagag acattgaagg cttcaagcta cccatcccgt     77820
     tccaaaaaaa gaaaaagtcc agacaagaag ctattgaaga gtgtccttaa aaactgttat     77880
     aaagacactg aagtataact cttcacagtt gatggcttct ggctgtgggg aggtggcaca     77940
     ggatggaaca gagacactca attttccagt tttctttaag ggattggcca ctggaagttt     78000
     gaccatcctc caatgagtat ttgggcaaca caaattgagt ttggtgggtt cgggtttttt     78060
     ttttggtttt gtttttgttt ttttgagggg aggggcaagg gtaggagagt gggcctggga     78120
     ggaacaggaa gcgagttaga actgggtaca ttgtatgaaa ttcccaaata attaataaaa     78180
     atattatgtt atagaaaaat taaatcacaa atgacatata aaaaaataac aaggctaaat     78240
     agggcatgga ttaaggagaa agccaaataa tactattgtt ttcctaaagg aacacagcga     78300
     taaaattgac aattagtaac attttcctat acccatacat cactctacca tcataagaga     78360
     agcttcctcc tgctgtagtt gggaacaaat acagagaccc acaactggac aagttttgga     78420
     aagtgagaga ccttgaaaca ctcccaacag ggctcaggaa actatagaga ggattagaca     78480
     gaacaattat aagagccaga tgggatggat gatcccaagg agtatcttcc aggcacaaaa     78540
     caaatgtttt gtttgagctt ttttgcctta ttagtccttt tcttgtatat tatgttttct     78600
     tgtattttgt gtttttattg tttgtctgtg tgtgcgtaca catgtgtgca cacacacatt     78660
     tctttgaaat tttattttcc tgtttgtttt ctttagaaag aaaggcacag tactagaagg     78720
     gcagaaaggt gtagaagatc tgggaggagt tgagagaggg gaaactgtaa tcagaatata     78780
     ttatataaag atttaatttt ttaattgtat acatgttgta tttatattta ctttgcagca     78840
     cagttttgaa atagcacctg gaaatcatat ttctcatatt ttaaaaaatt gtactttctt     78900
     agatgagtct cagatccttt taatctttaa tcttttattc cttttttaaa aattggttat     78960
     tttcttaatt tacatttcaa ctgttattcc actttactgt ttcccctcta taaatcccct     79020
     tttccttccc ccttaccctg cttctatgag ggtgctcccc cacccccaac ccactcccac     79080
     ctcaccaccc tagcatttct ctacactgga acattgagcc ttcacagaac caagggcctc     79140
     tcctcccatt gatgctagat aaggcaaaga tttattttca gtaaaataaa ataattttaa     79200
     aactaaataa agcagaatag ttaactatat gcagtgctgc ggtcagactg tcaaaggtaa     79260
     tctcttgata agctggttga agtatgaatt gttacttcta catttgaaaa taaatttagg     79320
     atattgtctc tgtgccctct ggttagtctg gctaaaggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc     79380
     tcaaagaacc agctcctggt tttgctgatt ctttgtatag atctttttgt ttctatttgg     79440
     ttgatttcag ccctgggttt gattatttcc tgttgtctac tcctcttgtg tctatttgct     79500
     tctttttgtt ccagagtttt cagtgctgtc aagctactag tgtatgctct ctccagtttc     79560
     tttttggagg cactcatagc tatgagtttt cctcttacca ctgctttcat tgtgtcccat     79620
     aagtttgggt atgttggctt cattttcact aaattctaaa aagtctttaa tttctttctt     79680
     tatttcttcc ttaaccaagg tatcattgaa tagagtgttc ttcagcttct acatgtattt     79740
     gggttttcta ttatttttgt tgttactgaa gaccagcctt agtccatggt ggtctgatag     79800
     gatgcatggg atcatttcag tcttcttgta tctgttgagg cctgttttgt gaccaattat     79860
     atggtcaatt ttggagaagg taccatgagg tgctgagaag aatgtatatt cttttgtttt     79920
     aggataaaat gttctatagg tatctattaa gtctatttgg tccataactt ctgttagttt     79980
     ccctgtgtct ctgtttagtt tgggttttcc atgatttgtc cattgataag agtagggtgt     80040
     tgaagtctcc caatattatt gtgtgacgtg caatgtgtgc tttgagcttt cctatagttt     80100
     ctttaatgaa tgtggatgcc cttggagcat agatgttcag aattgaaagt tcatcttggt     80160
     aaattttacc tttgatgagt atgaagtgcc cctcctcgtc tttttttttt ttttttgata     80220
     actttgggct ggaagtcgat tttattcgat attagaatgg ctactccagc ttgtttcttc     80280
     ggaccatttg cttggaaaac tgttttccag ccttttactc tgaagtagtg tctgtctttg     80340
     tccttgaggt gggtttcctg tatgcagcaa aatgttgagt cctgtttgtg tattcagtct     80400
     gttagtctgt gtcgttttat tggggaattg ggtccattgg tatttagaga tattaaggaa     80460
     atgtgattgt tgcttcctgt tatttttgtt gttagaggtg gaattatgtt tatgtaacta     80520
     tcttcttttt ggtttattaa aagaagatta ttttcttgct aattctaggg tgtagtttcc     80580
     ctccttgtgt tggtgttttc cattcattat cctttgaagg gctggattta tggaaagata     80640
     ttttgtaaat ttgtttttgt catgggatac cttggtttct ccatctatgg taattgagag     80700
     ttttgctttg tgtatagtag cctgggctgg catttgtgct ctcttggggt ctgtatgaca     80760
     tctacccagg atcttctggc gtttatagtc tctggtgaga agtctggtgt aattctgata     80820
     ggcctgcctt tttaatgatt attcttaaat gctttaacct cccttgtatc ctaccactca     80880
     ccagaggtag tggaaaagaa aggatatggc agaagtggac ctgtttagaa aggttatttg     80940
     gagaaactcc tgtctgtgtt gtctgtaaat cagcaattcc attcacaggt tagcaggcag     81000
     cagatcaatc cactataaaa cacctcatgg gtacatcagc agtccagttt ggtagagttg     81060
     ggttagcaat agcagtgaca cgacctagca gagacagcca ggcctcagcc tcagctcaag     81120
     tcagcaggag gggctaacag gaacaccagg agaagttctc agctgtgcct ctctcaggga     81180
     agtgaatatc agatcagtga atggtcaaga cccacaagtg ttgcacagct aactgtagca     81240
     gcaagccaag ctcacctcca tcactctgtg gagtctattt ataccctcca aacatcacgt     81300
     gtcctccatg tgccttgcct cagcatggct cttgcttcag caccaatctt gcctcagcac     81360
     atgcatccaa tcagcccaag tccttgaaag cagcaacaaa ccacagcaca acaccagaaa     81420
     tttttttggt gtgtttctct ctatggcgtc ctggcaaatg cagttcaact acacaatgta     81480
     aggtggacca atacatgcct gtccttagca aagacacatg tccttcatca cattgtcctt     81540
     tcatgtgcct gtgtctgctt cagcgaaaca ttccttcaag agtctacctt agcctgtcac     81600
     aactaagtcc attttaagga aacattcctt tcacgtgctt atcccagcaa aaaccatcca     81660
     actgactttc caaaaagaac ccttaagttt ccacttcaga tgaggactat ggggaagatt     81720
     taagacaatc caggaatgca aagcaaaagt gacccattgc aacatattct attagctgag     81780
     ataaatgtca ttgccatgtg gatagaagtg atgttttctg gctccaagta ctgagctatg     81840
     ggagagacaa gccttaaagc attctcaggt tggcataaat aaatgactta gtctcttccc     81900
     tgaggactag ctttcaggaa ggtgctctac aagtttccaa gggagggaag caggcaatca     81960
     tttataaacc atagtttatg atgcctatgg accacaacta ccagcacagc acaatatcct     82020
     taagggtata ataacggtac tcatattgtg gcaataacta agagtttgct aataggactc     82080
     atgacccact caataggagg aaaaccatgg atggtactag aaacctaccc atctatgtaa     82140
     ggctagggag gtcataaatc ttagaggaaa gcctactact ctcactttag ttacccaaca     82200
     taattcatga atgtactcca aatgcatatc cttataccca catagaaata tagctttcac     82260
     tctttacctt agggtttcta ttactgtaat aaaccaccat gaccaaaagc aacttgggga     82320
     ggaaagggtt tatttcatct tccaagttgt ggtccgtcat ccagaggatc tggggtatga     82380
     actcaaggca ggatcctgga tacaggagct gaagcatggt ggaataccac tcactggctt     82440
     gttcctcagc ctgctttcta cagcacacaa gaacagaagc ccaggagtgg ctccatccac     82500
     agttagctgg accctcccat atcaattatc aataaagaaa tgtcccacag gttagcccac     82560
     aggcttatgg gagtattttc tcaattgagg ttcttctcaa acagctctag tttgtgtcaa     82620
     gttagcataa aactagcaaa catacccctc atcaaataaa cttttctttg cagtaagaag     82680
     aaatcatttc agaaaaatac aaccaatcaa aacgaacagc tgatggtgga atgcctaatt     82740
     ctaatttaaa catccacaac aaaactccta cacctaaggc taagaaatca gcaaggaaga     82800
     gttggcagaa aaactgagtc agaggactag gaactctgca tgaggttgta actcctagaa     82860
     acaacaggga aacctcaccc attttacctc agcaattttg ttgcctaaac aagatgtaaa     82920
     taaacaaacc accaacagaa atgtttacac agaaaagata atttttctag ggtccttccc     82980
     agaggcaaag taaccaagga attctgagag caggaaaaat agccacaccc aaaaatgagc     83040
     tcctgaattg gctatccagt agcaaagcac agccctaaaa tcatatatat atatatatac     83100
     cagttacact aaattaacca agcaggttgc atttgtatat ttaggggtgt gtgtgggtgt     83160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aataacaaag aaaaagaatc cacgaattct     83220
     atagggagca atgaagggta cataagaggg atttgaaggg ggaaatttct atgagtattt     83280
     taactttaac aacgtggctt agatactatc aggattgaag gaaaagattg aaagaacccc     83340
     aaaacccagg agagaggaag cccagctttt tgcctgttgt gccccataag gcagggttac     83400
     caagcaggta tttgctgatg tctggaaaag ccttcaatgc ggttacagac aagggtaaga     83460
     ctcaggcatt ctctaacatc ctaatgagga ctgtggtcct ctagagagct ttgtcctgtc     83520
     cttaatgtga gttatgaaat gtaacatcca ctaaatttca tctgggaaag ttagggggtg     83580
     gagtaagtaa gaatcttatt ctgaggccct cattttagac ctgcagagca gagagaacct     83640
     gaacttcagg aatctggatg ataacttaaa gtacgaaagc ctcactctgg gaaacacact     83700
     cttttctaaa gagaaaggga agaagagtgg atctggggga aaggaaaggt ggggaagact     83760
     tggagagagt ggaaggggaa actgccatca atatgtattg catgagagaa gaattttttt     83820
     aagactcgtt ctgcttagag gagtcccaaa taatacatat gctattctgt gattagtctg     83880
     taatcaaagt agaactactt gtacattaaa ataataataa caataataat ccttctgctt     83940
     ccacaacatg ccttgatcct ttttatggag tccactgaaa agaaatggaa ccaagttctg     84000
     tgagaaaaca gaatgagacc ctgatggtaa gttgaggaaa cagcattcct gatagatatt     84060
     ctcgaaataa cccatctgct ctcctagtgt ctgtgctata cactaatctg accactgtca     84120
     gagaatggcg ctctgttcaa gccttctgcc tcagtgggtt ctggatgttt gagcccagtt     84180
     ccaaggttgc ctgaagcggg agaagacaga ggagctgtga ggtgagcaat ccccatcaaa     84240
     attccaactc aattcttcaa caaattagaa agggcaatct gcaaattcat ctggaataac     84300
     aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa aactcttctc caggataaaa gaacctctgg tggaatcacc     84360
     atgcctgacc taaagcttta ctacagagca attgtgatta aaaactgcat ggtactggta     84420
     tagcaacaaa caagtagacc aatggaatag aattgaaggc ccagaaatga gcccacacac     84480
     ctatggtcac ttgatctttg acaagggagc aaaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aagacagcat     84540
     tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc acaactggta gttatcatgt agaagaatgc gaattgatcc     84600
     attcctatct ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc taagtggatt aaggaactcc acataaaacc     84660
     agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt aggggaaagc ctcgaagata tgggtacagg     84720
     ggaaaaattc ctgaatagaa cagcaatggc ttgtgctgtg agatggagaa tcgacaaatg     84780
     ggacctcata aaattgcaaa gcttctgcaa ggcaaagaca ccatcaataa gacaacaagg     84840
     ccaccaacag attgggaaag gatctttacc tatcttaaat cagatagggg actaatatcc     84900
     aatatatata aagaactcaa taaggtagac tccagaaaat caaataaccc tattaaaaaa     84960
     tggggctcag agctaaacaa ataattctca cctgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac     85020
     ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga     85080
     ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag aagatgctgg     85140
     cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattattggt aggattgcaa gcttgtacaa     85200
     ccactctgga aatcagtctg gtggttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact actggaggat     85260
     cccgcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgttc caaccggtaa gaaggacaca     85320
     tcctccacta tgctcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga     85380
     tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atatggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac     85440
     tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctaggca aatggatgga cctggagggc     85500
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acaatcacaa aagaactcaa atgatatgta ctcactgata     85560
     agtggatatt agcccagaaa cttagaatac acaagatata agatacagtt tgctaaatgc     85620
     atgaaactga agaagaacga agaccaaagt gtggacactt tgccccttct tagaattaga     85680
     aacaatcacc catggaagga gttacggaga cacagtttgg agctgagaca aaaggatgga     85740
     ccatctagag actgccatat ccgggatcca tctcataatc agcctccaaa cactgacacc     85800
     attgcatcca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa ggacccagat atagctgtct cttgtgagac     85860
     tatgctgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac     85920
     agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctgaagggat ctgcaaccct     85980
     ataggtagaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcatgtctc tagctgcata     86040
     tgtatcagaa gatggcctag ttggctgtca gtggaaagag aggcccattg gtcgtgcaaa     86100
     ctttatatgc ctcagttcag gggaacgcca gggccaagaa gtgggagtgg gtgggtgggg     86160
     gagtgggtgg gggaacgtgt gggggacttt tgggatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgaaata     86220
     aataccgaat ttaaaaaaaa agactgtgag ggaggagtgc gggagcctca gcttcaaaaa     86280
     aggattcccc caaatactct gctgtcattg ttgccatgtc tactacagtg tgtgagtgtg     86340
     tggtgtgtac gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgcat gtgtccccac aactgaccct ggagtgccga     86400
     gtctgaattc ccctgccttc catggcaacg cagtcaagtt gagagcctat ggctgtgttt     86460
     cacttagttg gtttcattgt ttaagataga ttcttactct gtagcccaca ctggactcaa     86520
     acttggcgct actatttcag cctctccagg gtggcaagca taaatatgac ggaggacaca     86580
     cagcttgagt gccattttga ttggagaaag ttccagttct gtgagggttt gaaaccctga     86640
     gggtggactg tggaagtgct acccaagaga aatagtcagc atacagtgca acttgattct     86700
     tgttttagtc tggcatctta ggaactttac ctcagtggag tgtgggattc acaaccgtga     86760
     ggtggaacaa acgtaaagcg cctaaactcc gtgaggaatc aaattaagac tccaaggtaa     86820
     gatgcagcag ccctgaggga gagcctctca cactacaagg cagatgcctg ctcccgtccc     86880
     ttcctcctca gaagactctc agatttccca gagcctttat ctttttgtcc ttttgggttt     86940
     tttggttttg ggttttgttt tgtttggggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     87000
     gtgttaggtt tattttgctt ttatatatga atctgtgttt gtttacagtg aatttaaagg     87060
     acccaaattg tggggcgagt gaatttgagg ccagaatagg gcaatgaacc ctccagagct     87120
     tgccttgtga gccacccaaa gtgctggaaa ccaaactcca gtactccaca agaacagtaa     87180
     gcgctccatt gagtttcagg acagcgaggg ctacacagag aaacgctgtc tcgacaaaca     87240
     aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataataa aagttgtttg     87300
     attaaaaaac aatcaattga acagtcttgt gtagatgctt gtctacagca atactgaaaa     87360
     tacatttttc tcaatataaa ttttaaataa ctccaaatat attaactgta tgatatttta     87420
     aaataatatg tcactattag ttttttaatg aacataaata gataaaagtc tttttgtttg     87480
     tttgttttgt ttttagtaga gcttaaagtc ttggatctta ctgtggtaca aacacagaat     87540
     aagaacaaat tttggacatt ggagttcatc gtaataaggc tgtactttaa tgtccgtcac     87600
     atcaccaaag gatttcacct ccatagtaga taagctaaga gttgacagtt ctgttgcacc     87660
     aaggaatgag ttgtaggcac gatttttgga tacatttttc ctgctatggt caaagctatt     87720
     tgattgagtg attctcagct cacagggaac aggttacatt catttaagaa atggtgtgtg     87780
     tattaagatg atctatccat gaagtcattc atcaactgtt tcaatgaaga atggttctgc     87840
     ttggagggtg gcacagatgt taggtgaggg taagattctg gttcattggc tgtgatgatt     87900
     ttgaaaatca ttcatctcag aataagagta acttataaag tcctcttctt caaaattgat     87960
     acaataatta taaatatcaa gcaaagcctt cagtctcact ctttgctgtt ctcttacaag     88020
     ccacttccca aattaattgt ctacgtttct tttggctgta taaataattt agaaatatgt     88080
     aagctgttct gaaaaccata gtatagtgta aaatatcaaa taaacaaccc tactaataga     88140
     gaggctgaga taggagaagc atggtttcaa gaccattatg tggcacacag caagaccctg     88200
     tcacttacaa acaagcagaa agtgtatata agttgtactg agttgtacaa tattgggcct     88260
     atttctccca ttaccaaatt aaagagacca ctgaatgaca tgatccactt ttcagtgcct     88320
     gactttgttt tgttttgggt caggatcccc tctacataga ctagactgtc ccgaaatttg     88380
     tataaaccag attgactttg aagtgaggtc tgcctcagct tccttaatgt tgatattaca     88440
     ggcatgtgcc acctcacctt attgaagaaa cattttctga gggctgggac atgttagaag     88500
     acaagacttt gagactgaca atgccccaca cttgatagag tgattaccct tacacaaccc     88560
     atataatcca gtggttacct ccacctcccc actctagtcc cttccttctc agtaaagtct     88620
     taaagattca gaggtttggt tttgtttgtt tgttaccttt ttgttgttag atttattttt     88680
     gtttttattt atggataagt gtgtgtgcca ggtcatttat gagtatgtgt gtgcatgtca     88740
     gagacatcat tttaattgtt ttgacttctt gagacagggt ctttttcttg gttggtttat     88800
     ttggttttgt tttgagatgg tcctcgctat gtagcccaag ctgtcctgaa attctgtgta     88860
     gactaggtag actttaatgt gtgagcatct ctctagactc ctgagtactg agattacact     88920
     tagtttagaa aacatgattt gagggacaag ccttgtgaag gcacatggtg agatcttgag     88980
     gatgtactca gaaagtccag tcctaatagc atctccaaaa agtatctaac cacagctctt     89040
     atctggcctg caccataata ggggtgggct ttgttcaaat gaaaaccaac atcctctatc     89100
     tgctgcagta gactttggga tccagagctg tgaggagcgg gtgtggtggc agtcccaaag     89160
     gtgccaggga ctgcagctaa gtcgtatgac ttgcacctga cttcctcata taagccacaa     89220
     acatcttgag agctgcgcag gtgtaccagg ataccggtga atccattttg atggagatat     89280
     gcccctgctg ccctgattag cgaagctgcg tgcctggtaa ggtggtgtgg cctgctgtgc     89340
     gtggatggga actgagagta taaaagagtg agaggcccag ggctcggggg agatataaac     89400
     aagggagata taaacaagaa gaaacaggac tgaataaacg tgtgcagaaa gatcctgttg     89460
     cagcgtcgtt cttcctggcc agttgggcgc acgcaagaag tggtgccaaa acccgggaaa     89520
     agaaacatct tcaggcatga gcgaagaccc cctgctacag gaaggatcta gaactgcatc     89580
     actgggaagg agcggttaat aaagtgttcc cgtaaaacag actgttgaga aggatccggc     89640
     gtggattcag aactctttag ctggggaacg gtactgatga agagaaagaa gaaagatgaa     89700
     gactgaataa actgctgtta gaagggctgg tggtcctgtc gttcttgctg gtcaagagcg     89760
     gacgcgacaa ttggtggcgg ggatccgact cccccaccga gttcagaact ttcagcagtc     89820
     agtggttgca ggcagggtaa gttcacggta agtgaaactt gcgaccccag gggtttggga     89880
     aggacctcgg ataaaattga ggcaagtata aagttgccag gaaggaggca caaagtaacg     89940
     ataaggttcc tggctttggg acaagttaag gttcctggtt ttgggacaag ttaaggaact     90000
     atgataacct cagtgtagtg atcaagagat cctcgctgtg tagttatgct tttttctccc     90060
     attggccctt tgtgggtagg tctgatagtt ttggtctttt ttgttctgat atatggactc     90120
     tgttactgtt tgaatcgaga gacagtcaag acaggtcaga aaatccttat agagcaacaa     90180
     gagagtatgt cggaaaagga gaagggctta aaaagaaaaa ggaaaaagaa aggagacaca     90240
     gtgttatcag gtggacagaa aggacaaaat aaaagagccg aggcggagga ggaaggcgaa     90300
     ttagcttctg ctccccctcc ctatgcctcc tcgtcagccg cctataggtg gaccttctgt     90360
     ccggagattt ggcgtattga ctccccagat ggacacacag gtgattgagg ttatggtctc     90420
     atcaccacaa ggtattgtgt ccatctcccc tggggatcga gtagctccgg tgttgatgtg     90480
     ggcgagaggg tctgtttgtg tgtttccaca ggaccagacg gaacctcttt gggtgctgga     90540
     gaggttggtg agacgctgca agaatgaggc tcctgatcca gttgcccctg tggatgtggt     90600
     ggatggtccc acaagcacaa acgatggagc caagatggga gatcctttca gtgttccaga     90660
     agccgatacc agctcgacat gacgttcaca tttttccatg cctttttgat ccctgaattt     90720
     cccttaaaga gatagcccct ctggctatct atcccttgct tcagggaaga tgagtgggga     90780
     tgagagccct gggatgtatc attgttatag tgtgtgtgtt gtgtgtttgg cacatgtgtt     90840
     aggtgcagag tgtgcgggcc cgcactttcg ccatggtagc ataggctttt gctgcagtgg     90900
     aggcggggca atctcctcag attcggtttg ccgctctaaa agaaattatg ctgcgttatg     90960
     ccgtggggtg cgaggctaag cactgcacag aggatagctg ctgttggcat cctgtggaag     91020
     gcatgtctga ttgcatgaag gttcagtgtc ctagttccct tcccccagga aaaacgacac     91080
     gggagctggc caagacctct ctgggtgatg agcccaaggg atggttttgt gtagggcccc     91140
     tatgcttgca cactggggat cagacctcta ccttcaccca tgaggcttgc ttgcagcaat     91200
     taagatctgg ccatagatta atcaacatcc tggccctttg atgcacctgc cgcaagcaaa     91260
     acacaatctc cccaggtgtg gcttggcatg atagagaggt agtcagtgat aagactccct     91320
     gggcatgtca ccaacctaag acagggatca aaccaatgct gtttgtctcc caaggacggg     91380
     taaggggcat ggctgcgggg ggctatctac agacattctc cctgccaaaa aagaaaaaag     91440
     ggggagacgt gaggagcggg tgtggcggca gtcccaaagg cgccagggac tgcagctaag     91500
     tcgtatgact tgcacctgac ttcctcatat aaaccacaaa catcttgaga gctgcgcagg     91560
     tgtaccagga tactggtgaa tccattttga tggagatatg cccctgctgc cctgattagc     91620
     tgaagctgcg tgcctggtga ggtggcgtgg cctgctgtgc gtggatggga actgagagta     91680
     taaaagagtg agaggcccag ggttcggggg agatataaaa acaagggaga tatataaaca     91740
     agggagatat aaacaagaag aaacaggact gaataaacgt gtgcagaaag atcctgttgc     91800
     agcgtcgttc ttcctggcca gttgggcgca cgcaagacag agctactttc taaggtacac     91860
     acagcaaaga ggacccaggg gtctggaaca gggtgctgag atactctgag gctagaatga     91920
     agatgcccag tcctgatagc agaacctcaa accatccata ccacttttat tcaccttata     91980
     ccaaaagatg acaatttgtt ggaatgagcc cttccaatcc ttccttttac ctcaatggac     92040
     tctgaaattt agaaccatgt tccaagatcc agtgtgctgt gagagcatgt taaggaacat     92100
     ggtgagaccg tggagatgca tttagaagtt tgcccctgat ggaaatgctc cctaccaagt     92160
     gatttaaccc tgcttctatt ttcagccatg caccatacag ggactgtcct gttaataacc     92220
     cacttcagta gattttggca gtcacagtcc tgagatctgc atagctttgt gagggggtca     92280
     cagtaagatt ctgaggacag actgggaaag ctccagtcca aatacaggca acctccaagt     92340
     aaaccatcct tgactctgtt gccggccctg caccataagg aagcaggcct ttcagcggag     92400
     atactggaac ccctggctcc cttttcccca cctcctcctg tccctggagt cagagccttc     92460
     atctgggaac agcagactga actcatcaga tattgagggc ttagaatgat ctatgagtca     92520
     cagggaggac tatgattgat gataatgtgc cactaaagga tcacattgta tccttgttaa     92580
     ctccaagaag ctcgggatct ggttctatgg ccagatgtgg agtacgaaag cttttgcctt     92640
     ggataccaga aaagaaggaa aaggtccaga ttaagagaaa gaattctaac accaaaaaaa     92700
     aagataaaat aaaatggtcc cacagaagcc tcctcccgtg ttcagcacag gaaggcccaa     92760
     tttaacatga ccagtaaagt aatgcctgtt ttccacagtt tggtctgaga ggggagagga     92820
     tttataggta gtcatagggc ctcaagtcag cagagtgggg gtcccagaca ctgttggaag     92880
     tcaagatgaa catttaggaa gggctgagag gaccctggag gggacccagc tatatgctgg     92940
     ctctgagccc agataggcac taataagcaa gtgattcctg actttggctt tggcatccag     93000
     gcctgagaga gttcggggcc ttactaaaga acactgcttc ataaggaccc agatcctgtg     93060
     aagaggtgga ggatgaccgt ggggagctta catgtgagag ctcatggtta cccccacaat     93120
     cttgtcagct ctggtagtct ctaggaagag tggccaggtg cagtgtacct tcactatagc     93180
     catgaggtgt tagggaaaag tgagatttgt tccgcagaat cactagggga tgaggtctgc     93240
     tataaagcag aaacgtccgg aaagacacat cagatgaata aacttcgggt acacttaggg     93300
     aacaccatat atgcaaaatg agtccaggtc atgtagataa ccctgaagat cttttgcagg     93360
     gccaaagtga tatagtatct gttcattact cctgagtgtt ttcagaatgt ggggatcctg     93420
     gtgagggatt ttacctctgt gagtaatctc agctagacac gggtattaaa ggatctggca     93480
     agagtcaagg taaggacacc aagagctgac tgaaggtaac tccagttcag agtacataca     93540
     aggtccccac agaagtccac actgcaactt gtcaccccca cagtcctgta ccggaccacc     93600
     agtctaagcc ctttatctgt ttctaggcca ttcatctcag agagctaaag gtcttgtcaa     93660
     gaagatcttg actcaggtca tcagagaaaa aaaatccagt tatgtcagga ctcaaggtga     93720
     gaaccgagaa agtcccaccc atcacccaac cacagggagc ctagcccttc tgttggctgt     93780
     gggaaaacct agggactatg ggtggatttc ttcccctcac ttgccttttc ttctttctca     93840
     cagaaataac ctccacatta aggaagctca tcatgggaag cagttcagtc cttgcaattt     93900
     attgaggtaa gtatgaaaca ggctccacct cccaaaatac atgggcttta gtgaaatgtg     93960
     ttacctcttc tcatcaccct aggcaagttt agccagatat aaggttcctt cattactttg     94020
     ttccatctca gagctgtgga actttcattg caagaagcat gccctcaggc cagcagagaa     94080
     gtggggttca gatcctgacg gtgcaaagtt gagagcctag aatgactaca gagacatcag     94140
     aggggctccc cagagtccag ctctcctctc ctatcagggc cagccaccca gtgttcttag     94200
     agtctgcagt tctgggatgc ctcaacatct cttaccttta ggagctccag gggccagaag     94260
     tgaagggctt gttctagggc aggatcttca agtcagacat aggagaagcc caagcagagt     94320
     caggactgaa agtgaggtac ccagggcccc atccaacaga acacagggac tccacatttc     94380
     cctgccccca ctggagtgtc aagctctgta acatagctgt gctttgaaga cacttctcac     94440
     tccttccctc agtctcgtaa taggactgac aggaagatag gttcctctat ggccatacag     94500
     taatacccaa gaggaaaaat ctgtaaaagg ccattttgag atgtttcagg gtgtaactgt     94560
     cagcaaagta ttttcacaca gccctcttct tgccccaggt ctgattctgt atcactgtga     94620
     tcctgcccag cctcctgcct gctagctgca tcatgtctca tcctcagaag aggcagtgtt     94680
     acacatttga gggaaaatct caggcccaaa gagaacaggg cctgatggat gagggggaag     94740
     agtccactga caataacacc tccgactcca ctagctcaac cctccccagg aagatgcctg     94800
     ctggtggaat accaaattat caccagagtc tccagagagc cttatctcct cccattgtta     94860
     tagccaacat tccaatatcc ccaactgatg aggcctctgt caaccaaatg gagttggaag     94920
     agcccatggt attgcagcac gcattaaatt caaaggcaat tgatatggtt cagttcctgc     94980
     tcttcaagta taaaatgaag gcgctgacca acaaggcaaa gactgtagaa aaggttatca     95040
     gagatgatga gcagtattac aataggatct ttaatcaagc ctctgagggt ttgaagctgg     95100
     tgtttggcat tgatgtgata gaagtggacc ctgttgttca cacctatgcc attgccctgg     95160
     ggatcaccta tgatggaatg cttactgatg ttcagggcat gcccaagaca ggcctcctaa     95220
     taattgccct aggtgtcatg tgcatgcatg atcactgtgt ccgtgaggat atgatctggc     95280
     gagcactgaa tatgatggga gtaatttcca tggaaaatca ctatgtagct ggaaatgcca     95340
     agaagctttt ttcactgaaa cttttgtacg ggaagggtat ctgatataca atatagtgcc     95400
     tgacagtgat ccccctcact atgagttcct atggggtcca agggcccatg ctgaaaccag     95460
     aagtgtagat gtcatagaat tgttgactca gatcagcagg attaactaag tgattccaga     95520
     ttcttctcat ctctgtattt agaggctttg agagaagatg gggttttgtt tagaattccc     95580
     gccacaagtg gcatcttgcc atggccaata caagttctag tagcaccaca ttcagaagct     95640
     ttctgaacaa agcctctaat tcttcactgt attttaaagt ggcagtttgt gttttaagta     95700
     gcaaagaggt gctgtggagc taggggatgt aaggaaatag catccttttc ccctctgttt     95760
     tataacagga ccctggaact tttttttttt tttggtgttt ttccaatttt gttattttat     95820
     gtaacaaaac ctcccaactt gttatggtct gtaataaggt aacatttaca tatgaattta     95880
     atctgaattg tgaaagacct tagtaatata tccaatgtca agaaatagag acgaatcaaa     95940
     gaaaaagtta attcttgttt ttcccttcaa caaaatatgt tcctttgtaa aattaagtta     96000
     catgtgtaga cctaaatgcg cttggctttt tgaaaccgta tgaggaattc catcctaata     96060
     agttacccag tgtgaagcgc caaagcttcc gattgtagaa aagctcactg aaatgtatag     96120
     agtttggatc tggttactat cagtgtgcga tggttttgct ttgcaagttc ttttaataaa     96180
     attacaatac aaataagtcg tgcctcttac tggctgattc tttgaggacc tgctctttgc     96240
     aaggacctat gttcacaggg gaataccagg aaaggctaga gctgccctta cctataaatg     96300
     gtaaagtcta tctatcatca gccgaaaaat aaaaagaaga agaaatataa agaagaaatg     96360
     aggtgtcctc ttagaaatca aaggaatgat tccatgctgt gtcttaggcc caggaaggga     96420
     atattttaat tctaagcagt tccctttcca ttttcagaac agtttcttct aaggttattt     96480
     ggatttttaa tatttatttt atttttaata attatgtgta ggtctgaaca cgtcagtacc     96540
     agtgcactag gaggcccaag gtgtcagatg atcctgcagc tgagcttcct ttacaggcag     96600
     tggaaatacc gactgtgggc actaggattg aacctggctc ctctggggga aagtatgttc     96660
     ccatcaccat tgattatctc tccagtccca taaaaagttc cttttggata tcaggtggat     96720
     aggacacaca ggaatcctca tctagatctt gtgcaagaag tgtggtcctc agtgtgatgc     96780
     agaagttgag taaaatggga attctttggg agcattgtcc tcttaggaat aattgatata     96840
     attaccatgg ggccctaggt atttcttgca agaggttgat attaaaagag ttagcctttg     96900
     gattggagac atggttcagt tgctctttca gatgacccag atttggttcc ctggactcac     96960
     atagcagcta tctgtaactt ccacaacctt ctataactcc agttccaggg aaactggtgc     97020
     cctcttctgg ccttcacagg tatcaagcat gaatattgtg cagcgtacat gcacatgtgc     97080
     catgtgcatg atatagacat gtgggcaaaa cattcataaa catttttaaa ataaaaataa     97140
     tttttaaaag agcctgaccc ctgaatcact ctgtggattc ctgatctgtc catcttgcac     97200
     acattcccat agtgttggct gctatgagac ctttatcaga gcagaatttg gtttcttgga     97260
     tttttagcct ctaaaactaa aatttccaaa taaatttctc tttataagtt actcagtgat     97320
     ctaaatgaaa gagcacttac aaagtgacaa aaataacttg agaaaggaag tattttggct     97380
     cacaagattt ggataaagct catcactatg ggtaaatctt ggaagcagtt tgaggcagct     97440
     gttcaagttt catccacagc cacaaagaaa agaatgagaa cgcctgttct gcagcctttc     97500
     agtcagagcc tcatcccagg ctaggaaatg gtgtttccca catttacact aagtcttctc     97560
     acatcaataa acttgatcaa gataaccagg cacaggcaca gccagagact aacctaatca     97620
     agatggaccc ctacaggtca cctgtgacct aggtgatgct gacatcttga aaagcaatat     97680
     taaaatcact aagccagatg aggtccagca gtgtgagggg gaagtggaca cagaaaccca     97740
     cccctaatca agaagctatt ttgaattgat acttgctgac aaaggggaaa tcttttgtct     97800
     tcaattaagg gtcactgaat atatcagcca tactccaagg aaaggcccat gtccaggtat     97860
     acctgggcaa cacaaaacaa atgctctgtt tttgttgctg cttgttgttg ttggtttggt     97920
     ttggttttgg ttattatggt ttgggggttt ggagtttttt tctgtttttc tttttttctt     97980
     ttctctctct ctcttttgtc ttattggtct tttgctcatg tgctttgatt tttgttttta     98040
     tttttttttg ttttgtgcat ttgtggagag aaagaaataa aacaaagtgg ggaagtaggt     98100
     ggatctagga caagttggag aagggaaggg aggatgatca aaatatattg tattgaaaaa     98160
     attaattgaa ataagaatag taaataagat agatagacag acagacagac agacagacag     98220
     acatcacact atgtgctgga cagttttatg tctgcttgac acaagctaaa gtcatctgag     98280
     aggaggaaac gtcaattaag aaaatgattc cataagatct ggttctaccc agatgtccct     98340
     caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggagtac tactcagcta     98400
     ttaaaaagaa tgaatttagg aaattcttgg gcaaatggat gtatctggag gatatcatcc     98460
     ttagtgaggt aacccaatca taaaagaagt cattagatat gcactcactg gtaagtggat     98520
     attagcccag aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgcc aaacaaaaga aaatcaaaaa     98580
     gaacaaagac caaagtgtgg atacttcatt cctccttaga atagggaaca aaaaacccat     98640
     ggaagtagtt acagagacaa agtttggagc taagatgaaa agatggacca ttcagagact     98700
     acctcaccaa gggagccatc ccataatcag ccaccaaacc cagacactat tgcatatacc     98760
     agcaagattt tgctgaaagg accctgatat agctgtctct agtgagagta ggccagtgcc     98820
     tgacaaatac agaagtggat gctcacagtc atctatagga tgggacacag ggcccccaat     98880
     ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagct gaaggagtct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca     98940
     acaatttgaa ctaaccagta ccccccagaa ctcgtgtctc tagctgcata tgtggcagaa     99000
     gatggcctag ttggccatca tttggaagag aggccccttg gtcttgcaaa ctttatatgt     99060
     cccagtacag gggaacacca gggccaagaa gtgggagtag gtgggtaaag gagcagggcg     99120
     gggggagggt ataggggact ttcgggatag catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta     99180
     aaaaaaaatc tggttctaag ccagcagttg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg     99240
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagtttga ggccagccta gtctacagag tgagttccag     99300
     cacagcctgg gctatacaaa gaaaccctgt ctcgaaagag agagagagag agagagagag     99360
     agagagagag agagagagag agagatagat ctggttctag acaggcctgt aaggtgtggg     99420
     gagcgggtgt ggcggcagtc ccaaaggcgc cagggactgc agctaagtca tatgttatta     99480
     gacgcgttct cacgcccggc caggaagaac accacagacc agaatcttct gcggcaaagc     99540
     tttattgctt acatcttcag gagccagagt gtaagaagca agagagagag aaaacgaaac     99600
     cccgtcccta taaaggagaa ttttccttcg cctaggacgt gtcactccct gattggctgc     99660
     agcccatcgg ccgagttgac gtcacgggga aggcagagca catggagtga agaaccaccc     99720
     tcggcacatg cgcagattat ttgtttacca cttagaacac agctgtcagc gccatcttgt     99780
     aacggcgaat gtgggcgcgg ctcccaacat ctcccccttt ccttttaata agagcaaata     99840
     ggccacccat attaatgaga gtggagatag aggtcaaatc cccagtgtgt aggtaaagga     99900
     gccatgtaca ggattagctc ttaggctcac aggcttttac ccagagcaac cctgacctgc     99960
     tcccgtgtcg ttttgcctgg gggaagggaa ctaggacact gaaccttcat gaaagatgac    100020
     atgtctccct agaataggct catatatgcc gcagagcctt tccattgcag tgcttagccg    100080
     tgcaactctc tcgggctgct gaagcacact cactctatcc cgtgcaatga gtctagcctc    100140
     gtgagatgta agagctgagt ggccagcgac ctattgccta agcatagata accatatatc    100200
     agggggagct ccatgttcta gtcctgcaag cgcctgggca ataaccacct tgtctctcct    100260
     agtttgggcc ttaagcttac agaccaatca aagaagcaac actaatccac agcaaagtgt    100320
     atctccaaat aatattaatc ccacccattt tttaaagaaa gaaaatgctg aggagatcca    100380
     attgggtaat cctttggtca gcgacaggtc caagcgcgtg gagttgacct gaagtctcaa    100440
     ttcccgaagg atctgttcaa attcagccat ccaattctgt aacatatact gaaaaagact    100500
     ttttgacaaa ttagctgccc tagtaaattt aacatactga atggaaataa cacacaatcc    100560
     cggaaacttt tgttcacaac cctgctgagt tatttgtcat aatacatcta gttgtatctg    100620
     gacaagatct atgagttgat taaccagcat gagacctctc tgtatcttga cattagctga    100680
     ggcctgttta tctatgactg tagtcactga ggctgacaaa gtgttaatgg tgtcagtcgt    100740
     ctggacctgt ccagacagag ccaaggctgt ctgaatcaag gctaaaccca gttcccagtt    100800
     agtggtaaaa aagcaggaga atacttgagc attatacatc accgtcattg ggagtggaaa    100860
     tgtcgacatt atcccccaac gctgctctct ttttattatt gacgccctgg acatcaccaa    100920
     gacgagggac atcagtattc ccttggacac aaaggtatag aaaagaaaca atctttaata    100980
     tctataataa ttaaattcca gccacgtggt aaggcggaaa gtacagggag acccctctgt    101040
     actgggccaa ataagttcat ttgctcatta atggctctga ggtcatggag cagtctccac    101100
     tttcctgact ttttcttaat tacaaaaatt ggagtattcc aaggtgaggt agagggttca    101160
     atattgccta attttaattg ttcctctacc agttgaatca cagcttctag tttttcagag    101220
     gataggtgcc attgaggaac ccacactggg tcccctgttt tccatggtat gggccgtgct    101280
     gccccaatgg ccgctaagga aaaacccaga ccctgtctgt cttggtttcc attaggtgag    101340
     atgggctcta tccttccctg ttcttgatgt cctaaccctt ttccttcttt ataacccatc    101400
     tttgccatga tattttttgc tttagctgaa taccctcctg atggggtgtt ttcattggac    101460
     aaaataaggc ccaaatgctg cataatatcc cttccccaga ggttaaccgg gagtgggagc    101520
     acataaggta tgaatttccc ttgctgtcct tcagaggatt cccacgtcaa ggcaatggag    101580
     cttatagtgg gacatgattg ataacctagg ccctgtaatg aatgagatga ctctgtggtg    101640
     ggccatgctt tgggccacca atgtgtagag attatacttt tatctgctcc ggtatcaagg    101700
     atgccttcaa actcttttcc gttgatctta aggcagagct taggtctatt attcaaagat    101760
     acaaccaaat aggcagaatc atttcctgag gagcccattt tctttatctc aggtcctgca    101820
     aatttttccc tggtattatc agggaggagc agcagctgag ctatcctatc tcctttacta    101880
     atagaaaaaa cgcccttagg gcttgagcac aggacctgta tttcagggga atgttgacaa    101940
     tccataactc cagggtggac tactaagccc tgcaaggtga gtgaaccccg gccgagaata    102000
     aggcccatgg ttcccggggg caaggatggt ataggctcca ctggcaccgg ctgaatactc    102060
     atttgaggca ttagtaggaa gtcggaggcg gcacgcaggt ccacccttgt gggtcttcct    102120
     gggtcgcctc tctgactgct tcctgggtcc tgacaaaccg gttcccatat ctttgagggc    102180
     cctgggaccg agggcccgat gacccgtttt ttggcacata agctgattga ctatcaggtg    102240
     ggggaaggac tctgcccttt atatccctca cagagcgaca ctggtcagct ctatgataac    102300
     ccttgccaca cttagagcaa agagtgagag tccctccctg tttatctgga gctctgcaat    102360
     ctttcttaaa atgcccaggc tttccgcaat taaaacatgt cctctgatca tttctgctca    102420
     tggagcggtt ctgagattgg aggatggcgg ccgctaagcc tgcattggtg agaggtcccc    102480
     caagctctcg acagaccctg agccagtctt ttaagccttt gttctttctt ggggctatgg    102540
     ccgctcggca ctcctttgtg gcttgctcat agatgagctg ttttatcaga ggcgcagctt    102600
     gctctgactc tccaaaaata cgctctgctg cctctgtcat tctggccaca aaatctgaga    102660
     aggattcctg aggtccctgg attatctttg ttaactgccc agtggtttca cctgctcgag    102720
     agagcgcctt ccaggcccta atagccgtgg aggaaacttg ggcataagct ccccaatggt    102780
     agtttgtttg atcagcagaa taagctccct gacccgttaa caagtcaaaa gtccaatctc    102840
     tctgctctgg agtcaaagca gctgcgtttg ctcgggcctg cgcttgtgca gtttcatgcc    102900
     aaagagctct ccattccata tatttgccca tactagggag agcggctttt acaaccgttt    102960
     gccagtcagc aggagttagt gccatgccgg cgagcctgtc taactgcacc aaggtaaaat    103020
     tagcattggt tccatattta cggaccgact cggcaatttc tttaatttgt aagtattcta    103080
     ccggagcgtg gacacgccca ccctcggctc cttcaaagac tggaaatgcc tgttgtattt    103140
     tcctttgttc ctctctggga atgaatgagt ctgcgcattg cctctctgcg cagggctgac    103200
     gcactacgca gggcggggac tccgcatagg gcggaccttg aagccgactg ccctgaggcc    103260
     aatcagcaaa ctggccttcg ccagccgctt ttggcttcct taactgatta gctagcactt    103320
     tacctggctg gtaccctttt ttctcataat gagctgcttc ttcctcccag tctgtttcct    103380
     cagaggagaa ttcttcatct gcttcagagc tactaagagc tggcttcctg agctcatcta    103440
     gtgacgagta tctcctagag acctccgcta atcgatcttt tttcttttct tttttctttt    103500
     ccttccttct aatctctccc caggtattct tacctgacct aaacttttcc tcgggttcaa    103560
     gacccttgga aaggcctgta tacttatttt gtgtaccata tttcctcttt gttcctactc    103620
     tctctcccca ctttacttct gatagcttgt cctgaatttc atctagaatc cgccctatct    103680
     taaccacttg ataacatgtg aaaaggaaca aaagggcttc taacactaga aaaaattcaa    103740
     ggccaaacat attccacttt acttctgata gactgtcttg aatttcctta gaaagttcaa    103800
     gatcagactt acctcgtaaa gctgtactca ctggtactct cgttccccag ctgaaaagtt    103860
     ctgaattcat acagttgaat ccttcttaac agtctgcttt acgggaacct ttattaccgc    103920
     gacccgcagt tctggttctg gaatgaggga tcttccttgc gccagtcccg agttttttct    103980
     cgtcccggaa ttcggcacca attgttatta gacgcgttct cacgcccggc caggaagaac    104040
     accacagacc agaatcttct gcggcaaagc tttattgctt acatcttcag gagccagagt    104100
     gcaagaagca agagagagag aaaacgaaac ccgtccctat aaaggagaat tttccttcgc    104160
     ctaggacgtg tcactccctg attggctgca gcccatcggc cgagttgacg tcacggggaa    104220
     ggcagagcac atggagtgaa gaaccaccct cggcacatgc gcagattatt tgtttaccac    104280
     ttagaacaca gctgtcagcg ccatcttgta acggcgaatg tgggcgcggc tcccaacagt    104340
     aaggcacttt cttaattagt aattgttgag ggagagtgca gttcatagtg ggtggtgcca    104400
     cccctgggct ggttctataa gaaagcaggc tgagcaacac gtagggaaca agcctttaca    104460
     tcagctcctg cctccaggtt cctaccatgt ttgagttcct gtcctgactt ccttaaataa    104520
     tgaacagtaa tatggaaatg taagccaaat aaaccctttc tgcttcaact tgcatttggc    104580
     tatggtattt catggtaaca atagaaaccc taactaggat acagtactta aattctagaa    104640
     gtttcaattg gatccagtta ggaaaggctc tagaaaaatt caatagtaga tcatctagtg    104700
     ggaaaatagt ggtgacagtg acatctaaca catatttata tccgaataca tagcatgctg    104760
     tgaatgcact ttgcacgcac cataaacatt ccaacaaatc tacttcacag ttgaagagcc    104820
     tgaagttctt taaaaccttt cacaactgta tggtttatga gtgacatggc tgttactgta    104880
     ggtagaattg tgccagttat aaaattccta tgaaaaaatc tgtacctcca gtacttgaga    104940
     ctgtacctat atgtaaatat tgagtctgta atggggaagc tgatgtaaaa tgtaaaataa    105000
     agtcacaatt gtgggcctta atcaatatgc tttagtttct ttcaacagaa accacacgca    105060
     cgcgcgcgta gtgagaattt tgaaggtttt gtttctttaa aacgccacag aaatattata    105120
     tgtgcttgtt ttaatctcgg gtgtggggta tggggctgct tcagactgtc cacagcagct    105180
     gactatgatt tgtctcgtgc tctggcagac gtgtggtttt gccagctgta gatagtttct    105240
     gcaattgtgt gacatttgga attctgggaa ctttccagag actatataaa tgctagggtc    105300
     ctgataggtg gattgttggt tagctgttgt ttatcgtggg ttgttaaaca gtcatacaca    105360
     aagaagaaac aagaagaaga aattagatat tctgacagca aagatcaaac ttatcccaag    105420
     gaatgcccct aatcagcagg aagtcatcaa tgataacatc accccctttc tgacttctga    105480
     ctttattcag ggatcccttt tctttcctct ctgtcctttt ttctttttta tctagtgtta    105540
     cagggttaaa atggtggggg aaaggggggt agagaagggt agaagacaga agaacccaca    105600
     aagagataaa gaccaccgac aagtggcacc cagaatgaga aatttgattt caaatgctgt    105660
     ggagaaactg gaaggaaatg agggggtggg gttttttaag acaccagcaa aaaaattatt    105720
     gtagccgcta ttggttggat atctctcact cagctcccag aggggatttt ctgttttctc    105780
     ttttccttca tcctatattc tgtttcaaag aaaaggttgc agttggctgt gcaactgtaa    105840
     aaattgcagg ttaaagtgga agcactgagg aggcaaggaa cactggaagg ggaaaacaaa    105900
     aaggtttggt catggcgact gagcaagtga gcaggagttt cctgaaggaa gaaagaggga    105960
     atgaaactgt gctgggcggc agtcaggtcg gagaaaagct aaataggcag gaagacaggc    106020
     tgatgaaaaa gcctatttca aaagaaaggg ttaatcttga accaactaca ctgccagagt    106080
     gagttatgag atcaccctca gctttcccag tagttacagc atatgcctgc taatggtgta    106140
     gaacaaggtt atgacgagat aagatgcaat ggttaacatg gtggagagaa gaacctgaga    106200
     atactgaaca gtcaaataga gcagggtctc tctatgggca cctgtacacg cccacacaca    106260
     tataaacaca caattttaaa actaaattaa aactaatttc tccttattta aatttcttat    106320
     gttctggtta tgatatgtct tggtgtgggt tttttatttg atctttgatc ttctgaaata    106380
     agattactat aggtttatgt catttataga atgtcagtgt tgtgcagcaa ttttctgaga    106440
     taaaacttta catctgtatt ttggttggga ttttctgaaa actttcagtg aatttgaaaa    106500
     aaaatgtcat ctcaacaata tctttaagtt tgtcaacaag ttatattttt ctatatactt    106560
     agctctttat tattttattc tgtagatttc agtgcataat ttttatatct gtgctagagt    106620
     cattcattag cattttattt ttgctaaagc tgttttaaat tcaccataaa tttggaccag    106680
     aaggatggtt cagtgaataa agacacttgc taccaagcct aatgagctga attcaacccc    106740
     tggcacccac aaagcagaag aaaactgaat cctacaattt gtcctctgac ctccacatgc    106800
     acactgaggt acatgtatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacta    106860
     aatagatgta atttttaaat tcaccataaa tttccaaatg ttcatcataa aatataattt    106920
     ttttttctga tgatcttatg taaccttgct aaactccacc actagtccta aaagaatttc    106980
     ttcaggttga aagaattttc tgcatatatt ataatctgtg tgtaaagata gtttactttc    107040
     cccttttatt catctggggg tctatgatgt ttagtactac ttgtcaactt ggcacaatct    107100
     aggagcactt gtgaaggaga gtctcactga gaaattttgt agattaggtt ggcctgtggg    107160
     taattgtctt gatatattca tcgaagtggg atgacaccat tccctagaca ggggattctg    107220
     aactgtataa tagtaacaaa agctaacttg catacctgat tatagacata atgttatctg    107280
     ctttcttaaa ttacacactg tgacttcccc atgatgctgg actttgacat gaaacgccaa    107340
     tctaaaataa accctttctt ccattagttc attttgtcag tttattttgt cacagcatca    107400
     gaaaaaaatt caggcacctt ctaagagaca ttgtacgttc atttttatat agtagtctcc    107460
     tgcagcatga cttctagcag aggtggatct tcctcacccc tacattgtta taatcctgac    107520
     ctccatattt cacctgagac caacatgatc cacatatctg aaagaaaata gggatgcctt    107580
     gaggaaaaag attatttact gacagctaga agacagtgat ttcagattga acaacagaaa    107640
     actgaagtga gttataatgg caaaagaaaa gaaaatgaat agaaaagttc tctggtggta    107700
     gccaacatgg atgcacaaaa catttctagg ctggaagtaa gatgagtcag gctggtgaga    107760
     tgtcttggtg agtaaaggtg cttgccatca agtttaggac cagagtataa tcccctaaca    107820
     cacacacaca cttaatttca ttgaaatata attttgaaag gaagtaggat catgcctatc    107880
     tccacagaag cttattattg ccatcttagt tttggaaggg ttttaggtaa gacatgtgag    107940
     cactaggtaa ttatgaatgg tgggaagaga gtagcatgag ctgagctgaa tagggtgcct    108000
     aaaggaaaca atagtatgag acattttctc aatcccatct aatttactga aattcagcac    108060
     aagtagatat ggaaaataga aggtcagtgg aaaggccaag aggtacctta gtaacccctc    108120
     actccaacca gagtgaattg gagcccaaag taccctccac ctcagagagg tggcaaagta    108180
     atgtgctatg aatattgccc tccctctctc tcccccagac ccagattcaa tgatatctaa    108240
     gtccccccaa ccctcgtggc tagctgcatg gctgctgatc aaacaaagcc aaagggagtg    108300
     gcctcctcta ccctgtgggg agagagacag agagacagag agacacagag agaaggcaag    108360
     aaacctaaaa cagaccccta agcagtgtag atggagaata tgagcaaaaa actaccacca    108420
     caaattactg aaatccaaca agtgacctca aacaccaaac gatggaagaa aaagaaagct    108480
     ctcccctccc aactcagctc cagggaccat atcaaggtga gcagatccat ccaaagccat    108540
     cttcctattc tccttgattc cttggcccga tactcctagc ctgtcctctc ctggaacaca    108600
     cacctcaggc cttacacctt tctctgtatc tccagttttt aatccttctt ccaccctttt    108660
     cctgcaaact agacagaatt ctctctgcta tccttccaga tactcataat accaaagacc    108720
     acagaaaccg ttagaggagt ttgaaaggga aagccttaga actcagagcc cctcctctta    108780
     atcttaagaa agggagaggg tcagtagcag ctgcccacaa tcagcagctg aaaagcagga    108840
     ttaagataag ctggagctga ccagagtaga actccagttg ctggaggatg acctgagcaa    108900
     caagtacggt aagagcaagg taggagacct cagaaccatc taacaagtgt ccagagccct    108960
     gagggctgta cagtggccaa ctacaaagaa atgattttta tagcaagtgg tcaatgataa    109020
     tgaaaataaa accaagctct tatggcaagg agttggggga gtgagttgta ggaaagttaa    109080
     gaagtgggtt ctatggaatt ggggctctga ctgttaggtc cacaatgaac cagatatggg    109140
     acataatgac caggtcagaa catgctactg aaaaccaatt ttgccttaat atcttgaccc    109200
     atagaagaga aaacaacttg gcatttctac ttctatatgt atgtaaagga taaactgata    109260
     ggcatggcct gcaaatgtga acgtattttg tagatatgat aaatgtttaa atcaggtgga    109320
     ttacccataa tcaggtcact atcctgcagt caattgaaag cattaagaga ggaaaaataa    109380
     agcctcttaa ggttttcttt ttctaagata aagatccacc agctcaattt cagacttata    109440
     tgctaataca tatatagtgt taataggaag taccatgttt ttcggagtga ctggtggtgg    109500
     tttgaataaa aatggccccc ataaaagaaa ataaccatgg gaggcagagg gagggagggt    109560
     tctgggtgga aaggggagag ggaggataaa aagggaacag aatcaggcat ggagggggag    109620
     gacaggagag aagcccagag ggccagaaga atgaatatac agccttgggg aggtaggagg    109680
     tggagggaac cctccagaat gtaccaaaga ctcaggaggt aagagaatct caggactctt    109740
     gcagggacaa aaatgcagaa gagactgaag acaggagtct ggcatggctt tcctctgaga    109800
     ggccctacca gcagctgact gagacaaaca cagtcaggga cccctatggt tgaattaggg    109860
     gaaggactga agaagctaaa cgggagggtg acccatagga aaactagcag tctcaactaa    109920
     cccagacctc agttagcacc cagagactga gccaccaaga gcatacatgg gctggtcaga    109980
     ggccctcagc agtatacaac agaggactgc ctcatctggc ctcagtggga gaggatgtgc    110040
     ctaatgcttg aggccccacg gacggggagg tctgggaggg ggacaccctc tcagaggcaa    110100
     gggggaggag gagtgagatg aggaactgtc aggagagata ccagcaggag aggaacaatg    110160
     gctggaatgt aagtaaaata ttctatttta aatggcctcc ataggtttat gtatttgaat    110220
     gctcagataa tggaattatt tgaaagggtt cagaaatgtg ggcttgttgt agaaagtgtg    110280
     ccactagagg taggctttgg agtttcaaaa gcccaagcct gtctcagtat cttactcttc    110340
     ctgtctgtgg atccagatgt agaactctca gatacctcta cagcaccaca cctgcatgct    110400
     gtcatgctcc atgccatgat gataatggac tgaagctcta aacctataag ccagccccaa    110460
     ttaaatgttg tccttataaa aattgccttg gtcatgttat cccttcacaa caatagatta    110520
     actaagacag tggccatcct atttatagtc ttgccagcaa aacacaagca ttttctccac    110580
     atcctggcca gcatttgtgt cactgatttt tattgtcagt gttatgatag gtaagtagaa    110640
     acatcttatt gcagttttaa cttgcattcc atgatggttg gtggtatgga atgtcttttt    110700
     catacactta tttgctgtcc atagactctt tgtctttttg ttgtggatgg agcttccagt    110760
     gctgtgcagc agaagactag aaagctgata gtgggcaccc tttgcttgtt aatctgaaaa    110820
     aataaaacat tgtctttcac cttcaagtat gatgtaatgt gaagttgtaa taatgccttc    110880
     tattaccaat tggggaaaga tgttttgtta tcataaacag ctgttaaatt tttttcagat    110940
     gcttttttgc ctcaaattaa tataatcaca tgattttttt cttctgttaa cttaagggat    111000
     tgcagtgatt tttcaaacat agaacaaatt tacataccta gataaagcat atttagtcat    111060
     gaagaataac tatttttata cattttggag ttccatttaa taataatatt ttcttggtag    111120
     ggtttgtgtc taagttcatg agaaatactg gtctcatggg ttttcttttt atatttgtgt    111180
     cacctttatc tgtctctcac atcagagtaa taagggtcct ataaaatgag ttgaaacgta    111240
     ttcagtcctc ttcagttttc tgggaaattg tgtatagagt tgcattattt cttcttttaa    111300
     tacttcactg aggttgtgtg tttattggtg gagagatttt ttttgactac taattcaatt    111360
     gtcttaattt agtgttctct acctatatta tagcaagttt gtagatactg ctgtttttca    111420
     agccttcgta tctttattga tatttgtaca ctatttctaa tggttattga aaaggaggta    111480
     caaagtgtat aaatacaatg ttagattttt ctatttctcc tatgaaactt tgcctcactt    111540
     attttgaaat gttattatta aggattagga tgcattctaa gaagactgac ttctttatca    111600
     taaactatat ttaatcattt gtagcatttg tcttaaattt actgcatcta attataatag    111660
     agagagtccc tgatgcatca ggcatttctt ttcactgtta ttttatgcat ataagtgttt    111720
     gccttcatgt atgtatgtgt actatatgca tgcctagtgc ttatagaggt cagaagagaa    111780
     caacagatgc tgtggaacta gagttacaaa tggttgtgag caaacatgtg ggtgctggga    111840
     atcaaatcta ggtcctctcc aagagcatca agagctctta atcattgagt tatttttcta    111900
     gccatgtagt cttatattcc tggtataggc attttttctt aaagttgtgt tttatgggaa    111960
     atgttaagta gagcactctt ttttcttttt tttaaatatt tttattacgt attttcctca    112020
     attacatttc caatgttatc ccaaaagtcc cccataccct ccaccccact tccctaccca    112080
     cccattccca tttttttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgtgtg    112140
     tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc    112200
     tagagtcaag agctccgggg tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc    112260
     agatcccttt agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggagcc ctgtgatcca    112320
     tccaatagtt gactgtgaac atccacttct gtgtttgcta ggccccggca tagtctcaca    112380
     agagacagct atatctgggt ccatttagca aaatcttgct agtgtatgca atggtgtcag    112440
     cgtttggaag ctgattatgg ggtggatccc tggatatggc agtctctaga tggtccatct    112500
     tttcatcaca gctccaaact ttgtctctgt aattccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccaat    112560
     tctaagaagg ggcaaagtgt ccacactttg gtcttcattc ttcttgagtt tcatgcgttt    112620
     agcaaattgt atcttatatc ttgggtatcc taaggagcac tcttttttca aatatgacta    112680
     actttacatt ttattttgac agtactaaga attgaatacc atgcttcata catgctaggc    112740
     aaatgatcta tcactgagcc acagatacag cctcaaattt tgccttttta attgaagaat    112800
     ttaaattaac ctaaagttgt tggcttagac acggttatat tgctggaaag aaagagcata    112860
     gccatgccaa ctcttataaa gaaaaacatg taattggggc tggcttgcag ttcagagttt    112920
     tagtccatta ttgtcatggt gggaagcatg gcacaatgta ggcagacata gtgctggaga    112980
     gttctacatc tggatccata ggcagcagga aaagacagtg agccattaag actagcttga    113040
     gcttctgaaa gctcaaagcc caccactggt gatatacttc ctccaacaag gccacaccta    113100
     ctccaaaaat gttaccctcc aataatgcca ctctctctga gtctatggag ctgttttcac    113160
     tcaaaacacc acagttgtat attctcttta ggagagaaac ctgtatttaa tggtgagcta    113220
     atatagggtc agatggagta gccctttgcc tcagttaaaa acaatactga agggtcatgc    113280
     cagctccaaa actctgcaca tggttacaaa actatttcac tatagtaact gagtcatagt    113340
     tcaactgtcc tactggctgt actccctcat acatagtgtt cccaaaatgt ttccaataat    113400
     cttcctgcaa acaactctct tgtggatcta actaaagaca aatacctttt atatggagat    113460
     gataaataaa tataatcatg catcccagaa agtcttctag ttatgttctc caaaataaaa    113520
     gaggatataa cctgcagaaa tatttgcaca aaactgttta taagatgttt atagcaggat    113580
     tgtcttagca actgttatat tgctgtgaag agataccatg accaaggaaa ctcttattca    113640
     aaaaaaaaaa aagcatttaa ttgggagctt gcttacagtt tctggagttt agttcattct    113700
     catcatggtg gggaatgtgg cagcacacag gtagacatgg tctacttctc agctggagaa    113760
     gtagctgaga gttacacatc tggatccaca gacagcagga agaaagagat tggcttgagc    113820
     atttaaaacc tcaaaatcca cccccagtga cacacttcct ccaacaaggt cacacctcct    113880
     catcttccta atcttttcaa acagttccac tccttaggga ctaagcattc aaatatatga    113940
     gtatctgttg ggaacaaaat aaaaggaggg ccctggggag gccctgggga agaaagggaa    114000
     ggaaaagggg cccacgtctg gccagagttc ctgtgttctg ggcaggcaga gctgccaggc    114060
     gcttcccact aggccctggt gagcatctaa gcctctgact cacgcagtgg ggagtggaaa    114120
     aggggcagtc ccctgactgg gaaccccgga gctaccttgc taaagcctcg gggttgtagg    114180
     agagagggaa taggggaaga agttcccaac actgaccaga gtgtgcagcg gaacttgatg    114240
     gagcagagac tctatggttt aagagcttta ttataaaaat ggagagagag agatcaactg    114300
     gataccagcc tgcaattccc cacaagcatc tgtggaccat tattattcaa agcaccacaa    114360
     ggtcataaca ttccaaatgg aaacaaataa accaatatct ccttacatgt aaatgtttaa    114420
     ataaattgtg atctatccaa tgaaatgtaa ttcaataata aaaataaaac agtgaaacaa    114480
     acacaaagaa agaattataa taatattgaa aaatatttta ttttaattat agaacattct    114540
     agaaaatgaa gaacaattta tgaaaccaga ataatggcta cctaggatga gaaaaagact    114600
     gaataggaaa tagaataggg agctttctga gaacagagaa aagcttaaca ccataattgt    114660
     attagtagac acacaactta ggcatttgtc aaagctcaat acagttgagt tttaaccatc    114720
     ccagcatttg gggagtggta acaagaggat ctggagttca aaagccagcc ttggttacac    114780
     agtgagttta aggccaacct gagctacata aaattgtgtc tcaaaaaaat accagaacaa    114840
     caacaaaaat aacttcaaga aaacatgtag acaaattttc tttgaaaatt aaaactggat    114900
     aaaaattttc agctcaggct ggtagagagt tgatcagagc tagagtgcat gtctaacatg    114960
     cacaaccctg ggtaagaacc tcagcactga aagggtaaat gattgattaa tgtcaaatgg    115020
     aataaaaatt attactaaat gttttaaagg gtagtaaaac aaagaaaaat aattatcata    115080
     catcttcctt tatcatagaa gttgattata cttcatatgg gaggctctgc attgctaaaa    115140
     atactctatg tagactcgtg tggtatataa ctttatgtta gcttcatagc cactgcaaaa    115200
     ttatactttt gaagtttttg ttaggatgta acacttcata catgaaattt ttgaataaat    115260
     aagcatatta ggatggcttt ctggtaaatg tgattgccag caagacttgc aacttattag    115320
     attcccagaa gtcacttaaa ggtgggagga aagaactgag tccacaaagt ggttacataa    115380
     ctccattcaa caacaaacca aagtacaatt acaccaagct tcaccctgga gaactaattg    115440
     aagttactta taggagcacg gacaccacag aagctaatgt actagaaaat tttgcccagg    115500
     ataaatgatg gattccccct agtcatatag aatctcatca gttaaccttt cctatcctat    115560
     agaacctcca aagattccaa gaccatgtgc aattagagca gaattgtgta caagtgtctg    115620
     gaaaacatgg ctaatattcc agagaggatc caatggctct ccctataccc tcctactgtt    115680
     agggaacatc agtggtcaac aggttcttga tggcaatagt ctcttgcaag ctggcacagc    115740
     tgagctagtg aaagtggcag ctgtttggct caaagaatgg tactctttaa cagaagccat    115800
     tgtttaatgg atgtctaaga ttgtatgatg ggaaaattat tcttgggaat actaacatgc    115860
     aagaagatgg caaaatgaag gtggattatt ttagataagc agtgactata tagcatgagt    115920
     aataatgaaa tttttgattc atggagaaga gaaataagat acaataactg taaaacaata    115980
     gcaaattttt ctaagatgct tgtgcagttt aagaggagag gagagagagc cagtcattat    116040
     agttttgagg agctaattta gaatgttgaa tatttaaaga gcaacttgag ctcaggaaac    116100
     tagaaaatat gaaaatttgt ttaagttcac tggatgttca atacaattta cttgaatgaa    116160
     caactaagtg agaaaaacca tcaatgtggc ctctttctcc gtgttgccaa acacagactt    116220
     atttttattt ctgttctcta gctcacctgg aaataggttt gcatcttttt tggactagca    116280
     gtaaagacag ttggaagtgg gtctcctgac aaaggagcct gggaaaatgc attgcctttc    116340
     tgatgttgaa gttctgtggt ctgtgaagat tgcacagcca gaggctcagg gtttaatgcc    116400
     ccatctccag atattctctt gtagattgtg gcacataggc ttctctggat atgctctcct    116460
     tggttctcaa tatacctagt gacactgcat tgaaaaaaaa aacagatttt tcctttctta    116520
     gcagatatca gttccaaata gttttcttgc ataggtatga gatcttgtat ctagtataac    116580
     ccttccccat cccagtgctg ggatcctccc ggagctgggt gctgtctgga ttgaacctgt    116640
     gcaggcctct tgtgtgtttc cacaatctct caaagttcat atgtgtttca gtcctattat    116700
     gcctggaaaa atacaaggtt tatttggagt catccattac ctctggttct tacaatattt    116760
     ctgcctcctt ttccacatag atccttgaga cttgaaaagt gggttttaat gaagacatcc    116820
     catttagaac tgagtgctcc aaagtctctc actctctgca tgttgtccag ttgtgggtct    116880
     ctgttaattc ccatttactg caaggagaag cttctctgat gaggggtgag tgatgcaatg    116940
     atctgtaggt atagcagtgt gtcatttgga gtcattttat tgctatgttc ctttagcaaa    117000
     ataatagtat tgtttttccc ctaagcctgt cacctaacta gtctcggatt cttagccatt    117060
     taacagtatc aggtataagt taacatcttg tggaatggac cttaaatcta aaagtggctg    117120
     gctattccca tctcccataa caaggcattt tcaaaccaaa aagattgctt gcttctttgc    117180
     ctcatgtatg cctcttcatc tttacttatc ataaaataca tataacttta aatttatcat    117240
     ttgaattact ctttagtagt agtttgatta tttcacttag ggaaatgtct tcatccatgt    117300
     tgtaacattt gtcatatatc actttttata gtcaaataat atactttcat gtatatatat    117360
     catgttttgt tcagatcttc atttactgat gaacatttgg ctcatctttc cacctcctgg    117420
     ttattatgaa taaggcagaa aaataagggt ataaaatgga gtggaaattt ctagtcatgt    117480
     catgtgatgc attcatgcag ttttgctgaa gcaagacccg tgagaggaca tgtgatgttt    117540
     gtagagagta taagtaggat tcaacagtga cagtgcaatt gcatagctag atttgtaatg    117600
     ctttattggt ctcgagtatt tgctctcttg agagaggcat ggcagagaac ttttttatga    117660
     cccagctgat gctggttact cccactgcca acttggtgga gaactggtgg tttccactgg    117720
     atcaagccac cactgatgat tcatgtttgg tatcctgaca ctactggtct gaactgctca    117780
     tatcctgaca atagagattg caattgcccc aaagaactac ttctaaacag gtccacatcc    117840
     ccttgtccta attactatct tttctcctct acctttggac agtgggctag aagggaggtc    117900
     gaagcatttg agaaccctca ttaaagcatg ttttgaaaaa tctaagccta cagtaaaaag    117960
     tgtcattatg atctgaaccc aaatcttttt agtaagtata taagtaggat tgatgaatct    118020
     tatgataatt gtacttttaa ttttttgagg gatccccata ctgtcatttg tggagattac    118080
     accttttcag aaccccagaa gcagtatata agggtcccag cttttccaga ttcttagcaa    118140
     cacttgatat tttctatttt tttaatttat ttttttatta ggtattttcc tcgtttacat    118200
     tttcaatgct atcccaaaag tcccccatac ccaccccccc aatcccctac ccacccactc    118260
     cccctttttg gccctggggt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca agtccaatgg    118320
     gcctctcttt gcagtgatgg ccgattaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagaca    118380
     agagctccag ggtactggtt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagttccct    118440
     ttagctcttt gggtaatttc tctagctcct ccattggggg ctgtgtgatc catccaatag    118500
     ctgactgtga tcatccactt ctgagtttgc taggccctgg catagtctca caagagacag    118560
     ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctagagtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttaga    118620
     agctgattat gggatggatc cctgcatatg gcaatcacta gatgatccat cctttcgtca    118680
     cagctccaaa ttttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca tttctaagaa    118740
     ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tgatctttgt tcttcttgaa tttcatgcgt ttagcaaatt    118800
     gtatcttata tcttgggtat cctaagtttc tgggctaata tccacttatc agtgagtaca    118860
     tattgtgcga gttcctttgt gattgggtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca    118920
     tccatttgcc taggaatttc ataaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag tactccattg    118980
     tgtaaatgta ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttctttca    119040
     agcgtctggc tattataaat aatataaaat accttggtgt gactttaact aaggatattt    119100
     tctatttttt aagggtgcca ttctgatgga tcactttcca tggaaagtgg aatctcatag    119160
     tgatcctgat tggctgatgg tgttgagcat cttattagcc attgtgcatg tcatttatta    119220
     tacatttact ttaaactttc tatgctattt atgtgtgggt agggagtata catgtagatc    119280
     agaagacaac ttgctagagt cagttctctc cttccatcat gtgggtccca ggaatctaac    119340
     tttgtctggt tgtcatactt ggagacaagt gattttgctc actgctccat cttgtcagcc    119400
     ccatacacac tttattggta taaacttatt atacacaatg ctgagtttca taaagggaat    119460
     ttcaaatata tctaatttta tccatattca ttccccctct ttccccttcc actagtttct    119520
     ttcttatgta aatgagaaaa ggcatgcaat atatgctttt ctgagtttga cttatttcac    119580
     tcaatatgat tatctccagc cacatcagtt ttccagcaaa taacataatt ccaatcttct    119640
     ttgtggctga ataaaatttt attgtatgtt ctttagagaa atagctaatt aaaccatcta    119700
     tctattttaa tttgttttaa atttatgtat taatgttttg cctctgtgta aatgcacgtg    119760
     catgcaggac cagaagaggg gattggatgc cctgggactg gtgttagcag atagttgtga    119820
     gctgccatat ggatattggg aaactcagat cttctaaaag agcaatgtgt ccttttcacc    119880
     acatctcctt aacacttcat cagtctattt ttttaaacat aaaacatggt tgttgtccag    119940
     ttgtaaaagt tatttgtgta tagccgataa cagatatatt atcagatata ttaactataa    120000
     atgctttctg tcatttcatt gattgccatt ttactctaat gattgttttc tttggtatgt    120060
     tggtatgttt tacttttgaa gtagcctcat ttatctgatt gttctttggt catgtgtata    120120
     ttttgatgcc atatttttaa aagctattat atctaatata atgaagctct tttttcccat    120180
     tttttctata tgctttatag ttctgtccca taatttaagt ctttgattca tttaagttaa    120240
     tttatatgca tggtatatag tgagactcca gcatggttct ttgacttatg tatattcagc    120300
     tgttcccagc attatttgtt taaatagctc agctcttgaa agatgttaca gctacacatg    120360
     attgtctgtg ttcaagccca gagtccacaa catccataaa gtttagagag tctgtggaat    120420
     taaatttggg agagtatttt ttttctttta acaacctcta actgaaattt agctttgcca    120480
     attaagggtg caaacagtaa aggtaataat caggactttg tcgtcaagag aaatccctag    120540
     tatcctcagt actcgtggca gtaactcttt ccaaatatcc tttacacttg tcagcacttt    120600
     gacagtaatt agagctgcta ctccatttta ttatttgata agttttatga caaaatcatg    120660
     ctgtaagaaa aatattttag tagttgcagt ccaattaaaa ttatttcctt tcaaaatgta    120720
     cctattttat ttcatgtatt caaaaatgtt cttgctcttt ccccagacaa ccaaagagaa    120780
     gatctggtgc ctactcagag tgggaggaaa cacaaataaa tagatagaat gcattcagtg    120840
     atttctgtgc tgtgtacact cgggaccatg gaaacccaag agaccacatc actccaaatt    120900
     gatcgcccat tgcttagagg tttctatgtg gtgaggatag cactattgat tcataattct    120960
     tgcaggcagg ctctggccct gctcatttgt ttgctcctct gtgcagaatc ataagataca    121020
     gtgaaaacag ccctgccccc tttggtagca gcagatcagc tcccttcccc ctcttctgct    121080
     gataccagat atgttcagct ataggagaaa agatgctgca tgagctctca gtaactatgg    121140
     aaatcccagg gtttccctag caacagctcc aaatgggtct tgttgctagg gaacacaggg    121200
     atttcccagg ctaccaaaga acaaaagtgc tgtagctcta acgcataaat gtgagctcaa    121260
     ctatgagtct gagccccgta gggactgatg tcgacccttg attctgatgc tttcagagta    121320
     cccaaggcca agtgaagtga aaagggaagg ggatacacag tgggcaaggg aatccagagt    121380
     aggtgctgag gagtgctatt tgtatgcaaa ctatcagaga agtctaaatg tgcccaacag    121440
     atacctagaa gtggacgact ttattttgga aatgaactca gttttgtagc atagcatttg    121500
     actgttcatc acacagtgca cacctgtaca atttcaagag aagggagatg gctggaagcc    121560
     agactggttt catggttgtg tagtctaggt agtcacacat ggaatctgca cacttagttt    121620
     taagactcag ctattactga cttaaagggc ttaataactt tgttctagtt gtttgtgtgt    121680
     gtgaaaggca tacaattcca tgtgtgtatc tctgtgtgca gaggccagag atcactatca    121740
     agtgtcttta tcacttttga gtcaggatct cttattgaac ctagagctca ccaattagct    121800
     gtgttaactg cccattgagc tctcaggatc tgtctctatt tccccccatc cggggctgca    121860
     gttgtaggta acacactgcc ataccctgat tttacatggg ttctgaggtc taaactcaga    121920
     aactcagaac ctcatggttg tgcagcaagc attttaccca ctgaaccatc tccccaacac    121980
     cttaacgttt ttcaaggaaa aaaaaaggaa aaggtaatac taaacacatt tttaaagcca    122040
     tatggaagcc cactacagta gtggctttct agaaatgggg gacatgatta ttttacagtg    122100
     agtcccacaa attatgtata actcctagaa ctgccatttt acaaaggaga aaactgaact    122160
     ataggggaac aggtatgatg agcttaagtt cacatgccag ctcccttgca gggccaatag    122220
     attgtcctta actatctttg ggcatcagta gacaatttga ttcaaagagg catcagtatg    122280
     aggagactct cttgggatgt ccacagcaga aaactggggg ttatagaaag cacgattctg    122340
     tcacctgttc tgggattcaa ctcagaagta gaagaaacaa gattttggag agcttcctgt    122400
     ctcacataaa aatggacaaa gacaatgcct actctgtctc tatcttgaac cccttggctc    122460
     ctcccacgtc tcagaaacag tttgcttcct cttgccttag attttgtcta aagtagctag    122520
     tttccatctc tgttcctgat ccttaatcat taattttagg gccattaaag cttcatataa    122580
     cactctacac acattcagtg aggtcatgtc agaccctaag gtaatattta taaggactga    122640
     atttttctct ctcctaaatc catatcctga agtcctaata cccagtacta cagaatgtaa    122700
     ttgtccttag tgaaagacct tctaatgaag caaccaaagt agaataaggt ttgtatggta    122760
     gatcctaatg cattgtgact tgtttcctta ggagatagaa acacagatga tacagatgat    122820
     acagatacag atagatacag atacagatac agatacagat acagatacag atacagatac    122880
     agatacagat agatacagat acagatacag atacagatac agatacagat acagatacag    122940
     atacagatac agatacagat acagatacag atacagatac agacagaatg aattaagcta    123000
     agtgcatagt aaagagaaag ggctcgggat aaagcaactc tgtgcacact ttgatattgg    123060
     acttctggcc tctaaaacta tgagtcaata gatatctgtg ccttgaacca cagctgttta    123120
     aatgacccag tctgccttat tttggaggac cactataaaa accttccctc actttgctcc    123180
     taggaagtaa aatttatggc tgtttcagag ggacctgaag ctctgagggg taaaatatat    123240
     acaggctcta tggcagccac agcaagtctg gaatttggtg tagcctcact tcaagtatat    123300
     gggtacaact tgcctagcct tgttgagact atacccctag atcacccaat atggaaaatc    123360
     tgcagtcatt atcaagatac atccgtctct tgtttcattg tgggcttggg gccttccctg    123420
     aggcctataa ctcccacatt tcccctgtgg ctacaatttc tgaaagtttc tttttgcttt    123480
     acacccctat cccaagctga gatgactgtc caacctagat acaatgatgc tcccaaacat    123540
     tgatgcacac atgtctgtat cagaaacagt ccactttcta gcatttcttc ttaatagcta    123600
     agccaattgc catatgcatg agtctgtttc cagggtagtt gtttgtccaa cagtctgttt    123660
     acttgttcct gggtctatat acatgcttat ttccctgtaa atttcaaaca ttcacaagtt    123720
     tctcccatcc atttttttct attcccatct tgaatatcat cttgtctgga cactagctgc    123780
     tatcctatat cctttcacca ttttacaaat tctcaaaaaa tgtttctata tagatatagg    123840
     tatagataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata tatatatata    123900
     catatatata tatatatgta tatattctct atgctactaa atctaaagac aataatatta    123960
     cagccctccc agagtgttct cttggccctg tggccttgca gttagatttc cttcagtcac    124020
     tttgcctatc tttagcctcc tatctttgct cttcctcttt ctatttctta aacactgagg    124080
     gtctgggatg tttggcctat gatacttctc ttagaattct caccacacag cttccctagg    124140
     agaacttcct gaacgtacat ttcactcatt acatatacat atacaatgtc accagtcatc    124200
     acttcctttc ctcctttaca tgtagctaca ttcccagaat cttactattg ggattccctt    124260
     gggttatcat gtggccactt accatcaaat gtgatgggga caagtggtcg gatgacactt    124320
     tcaggtctgg ccacatatta tccttaatgt gctttcctct catttatttt ccaggtacaa    124380
     aaatggaaga tctgtgaata tctatgggcc actggagcta caaacaagag aaagctgggt    124440
     ccctaaaagc gttcatggag aaaatgtcaa cctttatccc aactctcctc catcagctta    124500
     gagacacagc acagctagaa aataatcctt gattgaataa gttcactgag atgcagaaat    124560
     tatttgatgc agcaatgagc ctagtctagc taatatactg tgtaactagt tacaagaaat    124620
     tacactatct agttacaggc tcatacttct aaatatagat caaataattg acaaagatac    124680
     ccaaaaggac aggctatata attgtaggaa ctgggatcca gaagggggtg atagaggtgg    124740
     agtcatgaac ctggaaaaca gactccagac tccagcatgg agatgcaaat ttactgtatg    124800
     gtacagtagc aaatgtggtt tttttttaat acagcctttg gctcaatggg gaatctacac    124860
     aagctctgga gtaattaacc atcccaccgt cactatgggg aggtgtcagg ctgccagcac    124920
     ctgaggggac ttgcataaag atggaggaag gagccaccac cctgttccca gtccattctg    124980
     aggttccact agtttgctag gatcctctat tttgtgtcac acagtatgcc agtggacatg    125040
     ggcactcata ttatcagagc agtatggaag agccccaaac catctaccaa ggtctgcagc    125100
     acccaccata caaacattta agtagattag gaagttacag attttatgta ttcatttaat    125160
     catccaacaa atacatatca agtactcaca gtatagcaga tactgtgtta agcgccaaag    125220
     ctaaagtaac aagcatgggt aaatagaggc cttaagctca cagttttccg taactaaatg    125280
     acaggatcca catgccttta tatcttatca tcgctactag aacttctgca gcacttgctc    125340
     tttcacttaa acataccatc cccactttgt caagagctta aactagatct aaaagcacag    125400
     tacccttctg ttaagaatat ttttcatact tatcctggaa ttatattctg gaacatttat    125460
     cattttaatt acttctaact atataattca ttgacactaa atgtattcac gatatactgg    125520
     taaccattac cagtatattt acccaaaact ttatcatttc caacaaaaac tcactacatg    125580
     ttaaatatta attcacttcc ctttcctcta gtctgtggta atctcttatt tactatctgt    125640
     atgcacttgc ctgtagtatg taccatatat aagtgtaata atatatttgt catcagtatc    125700
     ttgatttact caataagcat agggttttca ctatccagac aagaagaatt ggtccacaat    125760
     atatgaagat atgatcacaa tatatattac atatagagaa atttacatat atagagaaaa    125820
     ttttcagtca taaagaacaa ggctatgtca ttagcagcaa gtgtttaaaa cactaagcca    125880
     ttatcactac agtcccagat gtatataatt tttttaaagg aaatagcagg aaaaatataa    125940
     aagaacaaat gttcccaata ggaagtatga aatctagcac acgtataata tatatatgcc    126000
     aataaaatta cttttacaat gtattttgtc ccatttatgg atgaacaata ctccgttgta    126060
     tggataaatt atatgtcatt cattcatcta tcaacaaatg cttgaattgc ttgtagcttt    126120
     agtgtgagta atgtgctagc aacatgtatg tacaaatctc tttgaaaact tgcttttgat    126180
     tattttggtt atatacttgg aagtgtacct gtatgtatat gcaacagcat gtcattctat    126240
     atttccacaa gcataataac agttatttcc ccttttttta gatttattta tttattatat    126300
     gtaagcacac tgtagctgtc ttcagatgct ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc tcattacaga    126360
     tggctgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggta cttgaactcg ggaccttcag aagagcatcc    126420
     agtgctctta accgctgagc cacctctcca gcccagttat ttcccttttt aaaagctata    126480
     tccatctggg actggattga taatggctca gtggtttttt ttaaaaaaac actttctggt    126540
     catgcacagg atctgagttt ggttcccagc actacatcta gtgcttcaca tctagtgatt    126600
     cagaacaaca tataactcca gctccaggag atctgaatgc cttctggctt ctgtggccac    126660
     atacatgcat atatgcatat atgtacattt atgtatagtc ttttttaaaa attacaccca    126720
     taaagtgcta cctaacaaca ttctaaagac atgaaaatca tacatggaca cattcttgtt    126780
     gcaaaaaaat taaccccaca atggtatcag atagctaagg tttacagaca ctcatgtctt    126840
     agatatgatt ggctaagtgc ttgctgagtt ccagtctttg atgaaaaggt ttatatatat    126900
     ctgctctttt cactagcctc acaattatag gaaatagatt tgtgttgttg ctctaagaat    126960
     gaaaaatgtg agacacagaa attactctca aaaatggagg gaaaacataa tgccagaaca    127020
     gaataaaagg agaaagtcaa ctgtcaactc tggttactcc taagctcctt tcctgtgtag    127080
     aggaaaagca tgattcaaag catggcatgg gtccttcaga ccttggtctg tgtaataaaa    127140
     gtgcaagatt atgcacaata tatttgttta ttgtcagtca agttggtttc cctctgcatt    127200
     tcaccttttt cattggtcct tctgttaaag acatagaact tctgaagttt tgacctaaaa    127260
     cttatcccac tgacggtaaa atggcttttg tgtctcagga agagaacctg tgttggggaa    127320
     tgttgatttt agcagctgaa attgctatgt attgggcagc acacaattct cagtcactgc    127380
     aggcctgttc cagactaacc tcatgtcaca tatatctatg ttacactctt tctatactaa    127440
     tagtgtgcta aagctacata gcaatagaat aattgataat gacatattac tatatcaaaa    127500
     gataagttca ttgcccaacc ctcatctgat aaacatcatc tttcagtaga tgctatttaa    127560
     cacagagatc tacacctgga gagtgtgcag agagtgggaa attttggatt actcaaccct    127620
     aaatgggatg cccatatcaa gttcctcacc tcaaggctca gagatctatg tgcaagaaga    127680
     ggcagaaaga ctgtaagagc ctcaggtggt ggatcactct ggttactatg aggaaacagc    127740
     atcatccaga cacaatgaga ctgatacagt attaactcac agcgaccatg atagcatgca    127800
     caagattcaa gctagacaag aatcccaaca tgggaaagag gaaggaggaa caaagtccca    127860
     cccctaacca agcatctatt tgtaactgat agctactggg agaagaaaaa tcagttttct    127920
     tcaatgaaga aaaagattgt tctccctttt gaagaagact ccaaccatat gaacatggga    127980
     aataagtgta gcttgataaa agattgccct ctgctggctg tgttagccaa ggttcttcag    128040
     aaatagcgac ttaggataaa caggaataat ctataaatgt atttacataa tatatacata    128100
     tttgttacat acataagtat gtacattata tatcataaaa tatgcatatg cattattact    128160
     tgtggaagtc tggaagcctc aaatcctgca ggttgaatta gcaagatgaa ggtccagaaa    128220
     agctgatgtg tggtttcagc ctgtaggaga gcaggctcaa atcccatgtc acaattcaaa    128280
     ttcaaagaca attttcctgt tgtagaaaat ttaaagttat aaataaggga ctggggagat    128340
     ggttcactag acaaacttct tgatgagcaa ccatgaggac ctgagttcaa attcccaggc    128400
     acggtgatgc aggtccttaa tctcagcact caggacacaa agacaaggct atctcttgtg    128460
     atttcaaggc cagcctgttc tccattacaa gttccaagct acatagtgaa accatgtctc    128520
     tttaaaataa aataaaataa aataaaataa aataaaatat ccaagcatgg tgatactatc    128580
     tgtaaccctg gaattctctg gctagctggt caaaatttta agtgcaagat ccagtgagta    128640
     aaaaaataaa aaataaataa ggtgaaaagc aattgacaaa gatatgccaa tgaaaatttc    128700
     tagcttgcaa acatacccag gttggcaatc acatccacac aaacacacat gtgcacacag    128760
     acatatacca cactgaagta gaaaaaaatt tggtgctgga agggaggtta ctttattcat    128820
     acaaaaaatg ggttttaaaa atataaacct acaacacaca gacacacaaa ttgttaatca    128880
     ataataaaca acaaaaaatt acatcaagaa actacataag ccaagctgga aagaaagaat    128940
     gcactaccag tgctaggcaa gataccttcc tatcctgctg aggacaccct gatccaaaga    129000
     acatcacctc tacctatgga acctaccagg tttgaccctg tcccttacta acttctgctt    129060
     caaccatatg agattcttca tagttcctca ctgtgccaac caagactgct gctgcctcag    129120
     gacctttgca catgctatcc tcttgagctg ggtacttttt ctacaagtct atgtaagatt    129180
     ttaggctttg gcttaaatgt catcttcttt ccatcccttt taaaaaactt tgtatctttt    129240
     tttttctttt tctttttttt tttttttctg actttctgtc ttcttcacta gaatacaaat    129300
     accacgcggc tttgtttttc attgcaggcc tggtatgatg gtttgtatat gctggacctg    129360
     ttacaaggtg tggccttgtt ggagtaggtg tgtcactgtg agtgtcagct ttaagaccct    129420
     catcctagct gcctggaagc cagtattctg ctaacagcct ttagatgaag ttgtagaact    129480
     ttcagctcct cctccaccat gcctgcctgg atgctgccat actcctgcct tgatgataat    129540
     ggactgaacc tctgaacctg taagccagcc ccaattaaat gttggcctta taagagttgc    129600
     tatagtcatg gtgtctgttc acagcagtaa aacgctaaga cacctgggta tgtttgtgtg    129660
     tatatatgta tgcatgtgtg tacatgtgca tgagtgtatg cacatgtgtg gggatgtgga    129720
     gcagacacct gcttttgaga ttatccatcc atccaggaat tctgagtagg tatgaagtct    129780
     ttgctgagtg aatgaaaaga tgaattaatc caaataataa gacaagatat ctactaatgg    129840
     aaaatacaca ttaattcaca tgatgatgtg gatcctactc agtaattaat gtggggaagg    129900
     ctaaagatga gaatgaattg aaactttcaa aaaatgaaaa tagatcagca gctgggcggt    129960
     ggtagcacac gtctttaatc ccagcactag ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttg    130020
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct    130080
     gtctcgaaaa ttcccaaaaa tagaagaaga gaagaaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga    130140
     aagaagaaga aagaaggagg agaagaagaa gaggaggagg aggaggagga gaaagaagga    130200
     ggaggagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    130260
     aagaaagaga aaaaaggaaa agaaaagaaa tcaacaaaac accttttagt cagtgtggaa    130320
     aaaaaggaaa gagcaatttc ttaagaggaa aataaatctt gatggtattt ttccttccgc    130380
     aagactaacc ttcaaggtaa aaatgtcaga gaaaagggga ggaaaatcgc agaaaattca    130440
     tgcaagggac aaggctgttg gatgccaaag gcacaagcat ctagacaagt ggatagagaa    130500
     tctcaaaagc aggtgtctgc tccacatccc catacatgta cacacattca tgaacatgta    130560
     cacacataca tacacagata caggtgcaca catgcatgca cacatatgac tggaacaccc    130620
     atgctgtggg tttacataac ccatgtgtaa ttccaattct gaatcttttt ggtctcctgg    130680
     aaatctttga acaaatctga cacaaactgc ccacctgtat gtactcacaa actgaacata    130740
     tgtcaaaaga ttaggaactt cctcagagca atttgtggaa tcctgatcgc tatataaccc    130800
     ggattagaag cccttgttct aaaggtataa ccctgtcttg gggttactat tgctgtgatg    130860
     aaacaccatg accaaagcaa attaaggagg aaagggtttg tttggtttgc acttccacat    130920
     cactgttcat cactgacaga agtcagggca ggaactcaca cagggcggga atctggaggc    130980
     agaagctgat gcagaagcca tgaaggggtg ctgcttactg ggttgctcag cctgctttct    131040
     tatagacccc acaaccacca gcccaaagac agaaccaccc acagtgagct ggactctccc    131100
     atcaatcact aattaagaaa atgtcttaca ggcctgccta caactaggtc ttatggaggg    131160
     attttttttt tcaattgagg ttccctcctc tcagaagact ttagcttgtg tcaagctggc    131220
     ataaaacccg ccaggacccc taacactatt gatgatactc tgctatgctt gcaagcagga    131280
     gcataactgt ctcctcaaag gctccatcca gcaactgatg gaaacagatg cagagtccca    131340
     cagccaaaca tcaggcagag attggggtgt cttgacgaag agtgggggac agaactgagg    131400
     aagccagagg ggttaaggac aggacaaaaa gattaaagag ccaattaacc taggcccatg    131460
     gaaggctcac agagaccgta ctaccaaaga gcatgcagtg ggtagaccta gatccccaca    131520
     catttgtagc agatatgtag cttggtcttc atgtgggtcc cctaacaatt ggagcagggg    131580
     ccgtctatga ctctactgcc tgccattgga tccccttccc gtaactggat tgtctggctg    131640
     ggcctcagtg ggagaggatg agcttaggcc tactgttact agatgtccca cggtggggtg    131700
     gtactcaagg gtccctcccc ttctctgagg agaagaggag ggggtaatgg cagaaggatt    131760
     tgtaagggta ggactggggt ggggggttgt gactgggaca tcaagtgaat aagtaaataa    131820
     attaatggga aaaaaactag ccaggacaac cccgtaattg caacactggg attgtcaatg    131880
     aaactactga cctctgtagt aaaagactga aagagtacag ccaaattctt gttttcttaa    131940
     tttgacaata tttattgaaa tgatgacatg ggtagggcct ttctaagccc tttagatata    132000
     ttggcttgat tataattctc acaactgctc ttgaggtagg ttctagtaac acactccttg    132060
     cagacagatg aaatgaatga agtcctgggg ccttgggtaa cttactccag gtcaaagcag    132120
     tggaactagg cacaaaagtt caacatttca ctcttattcc taacaatgcc tctcaggaga    132180
     gtatctgctt ggacaaatat ctacattcct tcttgtagaa ggattgtttg ggagggtttt    132240
     gtttaatgag aggattttat gtagctcagg ctggcctcaa agtgctctgc agccaaagct    132300
     tgccttgtat tcctgaccct cctgcttcta cctctctagt gctgccctta cagaatcccc    132360
     acagccagct tcgctaggtt ccttcagaag caggtctctt aaacagcaag cctgatgccg    132420
     agtccaccct gccttggttt tcatctttcc caggcatttt tgatggttct ctccagaaga    132480
     gaagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttgccagaag    132540
     tctggtagca aaacacaacc aattcagagg cttcagcaaa agaaataagt ttgtttgttt    132600
     gtctgttttt acagaaactc aagatttgag tgttaggctc agccagatgg ctgcttcctt    132660
     ctaaggctgt gaaggatgga aaggctctag catctccaca gcttgtgggc attccaacca    132720
     tcaatctctc tgtgtctctt acatgttata aaatttcttc ccctagggag gcaaaaacaa    132780
     tgtctgcccc ctccttatga ggtcataaag acatcccaaa atatgattcc accaaagttc    132840
     aatgtggaga accagtgaat gaattatgtt tactcataaa gcactgagta aggtgttcct    132900
     ggaaggagtg tgggtgaccc aatgcagagg cactgcaaag acttcatcaa gcacagataa    132960
     aggattcttc atagctgtat gtatagagcc tcttgttgtt aaccttacac aatctattat    133020
     actctgggcc ctcctccaat accaacactg catgcaatta gggcagaact gcacacacac    133080
     agggctaagg agagctgttc gaatgtcagg tgtgcatgca atgtgctctc agtccccacc    133140
     ccttatatga agcctgatct tgatgggctc ttacaagtag gcacaggtga tcagacagcc    133200
     ctattgtaca atgtcattgc cctctgtgtc ccaatgtccc ctttctgtaa acgaatccgt    133260
     aacgacagat atgggcccat ccttatcttg aacacaacca tagagacctt aggcacaatg    133320
     aatgaagtta cattctgcag taccaggaat tataacacca gcactgaggg aagcacaatt    133380
     caacctgtaa taaaggataa ttgtcagaaa aacagtcatg gacagctaga aaaatttaat    133440
     gagttagtaa gctcttgctt tatgaccctc agttaatgag taagtctgac tacagctaga    133500
     gcattgcacc aggcacagag ggttgctgtg aagaactcaa agacataacc gtgtcctccc    133560
     tggaggggtg ttcagtgtag ctgggaatct tagcgagcca tgcacctggt aaacaattct    133620
     gactgcaaaa ctgttattgt acccttttaa ttagactcag tagggcaccc atccaaatga    133680
     gctatccttt catgagaacc catgcctgct agggtttttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgtg    133740
     gggggggggg gatccctagc cccacctctc tcccagcaac ctatcacgtg tcaaggctgt    133800
     ttgagcagca agaagctact taaatagcca ttgcctccag gcctctgtcc tggtcctcca    133860
     tctagtggca agaatgtttt ttgcaagaca gctgtcttat attaattcta gctgggaaat    133920
     ctctcaccca cccacccacc ccctcccgcc ctcctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttttccagg    133980
     agagagctct ggaaaaatga aagatgtagg tttgggacaa agataaggat atttcaattg    134040
     gggaaatggc aaagatatta tgtatataga aatgagccaa cataggtctt tttttgtttt    134100
     gttttttttg ttgttgttgt tgtttttttt tttttttggt tttttttttg agacagggtt    134160
     tctctgtata gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc    134220
     aaaatccgcc tgcctcggcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgcacc accaagcctg    134280
     gctccaacat aggttcttaa aggaaagaga atctgaattc ggggaaactg gaaaactggc    134340
     aatggagagt gatccttggt aacagagatg actgtaccga tctgctgaag gctgtaggtg    134400
     agacctacac ccaatgtgcc caccagcttt ttgaccatat gcaggagcct ggcatccata    134460
     agttcccttt gttctcatgg tacactgatt ttctagatgt gcacagcaag gttgaagtgc    134520
     taggcttcca aggccatagc tgctgagtag aaaagctgca atttgaagca gataggacca    134580
     aaactagagg tcacactcct tcacagagca acatgagaac aaggtcttgg ggaaagacaa    134640
     aagagagacc aggtagggaa cagtgtaaca atctatattt ggattgacag gtggtgtcag    134700
     aaattaaaag gggagggagg ttgatgaagt gcctctgtgg tatagatgct tgccacaaag    134760
     tctgatgacc tgaattcaat tcctgggacc cacgtggtat aaggagataa cccactcaat    134820
     gattgtcctc tgaacacacc tgtgcacatg caacctcata aataaaagaa atgcaatggt    134880
     ggctcacaac tctcctttac tccagttcca ggagctttca caccttctgg gggtgcaaaa    134940
     cacacatata gtgtacatat gtacatggcg gcaaaacata tacacaaaat aaaaacaaag    135000
     atttgttaag aaaagaaact aataggtcaa agtgacttct attgggtaag tcttggtggc    135060
     agccgagatg gtcagagcaa agaacagaaa aggaagggta aatgacatac aaaaagttct    135120
     gcggagacaa aaagagggag gcttcctttc atatggctca aaggctgact gtgatattct    135180
     tagccatgag gccagagctc tcctaagaga gagttcagtg gtaaaaagta tttggggctc    135240
     ttgaggagga acctgcatat tactccttgt ggaggaccca agaccaaact cctgcaccca    135300
     tactaggtgt tgcacaatgg ctttatatct tcagctccag gaaatctgag gccctttctt    135360
     ggcttctgca gacatagaga cctgcatgta tggctatgca tacatatgca tacatataca    135420
     cacaaagaaa aataatatgt tgcagaatgg cacagtagac tggtaatatg gcttcatgac    135480
     tataatctgg gcagactgat tacttcaact acaatggaag gtgcaggata ctcaagcaaa    135540
     ttccagcata tggaacagtg aacaaaacaa gtcatgaaac tcattgtgga ggaggtaacg    135600
     acttactgca aaatgtcaat cacagtggag gacttagaaa gggcatttcc tggattaggc    135660
     agtgggggtc gggtaggggt gtgtatcttg acttcaaaaa caccatcagg gcagcaagca    135720
     attctggcca aacagatgga tgcctatttg tatagtaggc tgaatactgc atgttttctg    135780
     gggactagta accaagtcac tactactatt caagtgtggt tttgatttca ttacttcctt    135840
     taaccctgct accaaaattc tagtatttga aaggatacaa aaatgaaacc aagttgaaca    135900
     gctcttgcct acagtgtagt taaagcaaga gcaggctcaa gagaagaact ggaggggagc    135960
     ccaaaattct tgtacttgac actgtttgca aggtcagcac tttcagaagc cattaaactt    136020
     caggaaagtt attcctagta gatgtcaatg gacatgctca ggaacttgta gccacgtggc    136080
     ctgttctaaa cagacagtct aactactagg ctttccaaag aggcatgttt ccaagcacat    136140
     gttctcttgt taccttagcc accagagaaa ccatagcaag atgaggaaga aaaaaagcag    136200
     aaggtgctca tgtgagactg aagcaaaata gtctccaaag aaggtaagac ctggtagaag    136260
     gtaaaagtac ctcaaggtgg cctagcgaag tcagtctgcg tttagctctc ctacagtgtt    136320
     ttgcctatgt tttgtgtcta tgtcttccga ggactgtaat ttaactacct tactctttaa    136380
     actgctttct caaatagatt ctaaactcaa cactggtgtg tcttcagaaa aagactcaac    136440
     cattgaaaaa ctctttcatg aatacttact atgtctttaa gcccaacatg aatggacctc    136500
     ttctttcctc cagaccatct ttccaaaact tctatgtgct ccctccccat tcccactaca    136560
     tgcctaagat cacatcaatt agtcattact gtcttcaact gaatcccact caacaaaaat    136620
     gtctcagcta cagcctcaca tagactatct tctacattct ctctctctcc ttccccacca    136680
     cccatcactg tgttctgtcc tgaatgaact gaactcacct tggttccttc aacttctgat    136740
     cccttcctac tttataaaat gtgtctgggt ccattcttcc catcctttgc tactgctcct    136800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    136860
     agagagagag agagagataa ttggctgaac ttgtccctct cctgagtgcc caagtctctg    136920
     gtacagtcat gctaaataga accaggccca tcccatcgat cactctgcct cagttctttt    136980
     tctatcccac atgcccaatc cctacagtgc cccttgcctg gctccacatg aactgaactt    137040
     acacagctcc agttcttctc acagctcctt ggttagcccc acctccctgc ttggatgact    137100
     catcctgtct atctgtttcc tatactgaga atcacagaat gtctgcactg caggacatgg    137160
     tgacttcctt atatttgctt ttgtcactag ggatgatatg caataatcac ctccatcaag    137220
     agattctaaa gagatttatt atcagagtgg gaaacattaa acagtaggag aatgttctca    137280
     gggtaattag cttgattcca ctattttata aagtaggcat atttcaaaat ataattgtgc    137340
     atacacaaac tatagagaac ttttacttgc ccattaggaa taaattgatt ttgtggggct    137400
     atatacttca tagtaaagtg ggctgaaggg tcagtctttc taactatctt ttatccttct    137460
     aaaaaacatg ctgtcaaaaa atgctgccaa tgactttggg tacaatgatt gtaagtttca    137520
     tggaatgaga taattctgaa acatcttata cttgaatagc atagcgcaag gttctgttga    137580
     gaagttttca tttgactgca caaaatctcc attcaacagt tctcctcgtt gtacaaggaa    137640
     ttcgagacac taagagaagc agcttgcccc aaatttccat ccaggaacta agtgaaccca    137700
     tgttgtaact gaaatctgag gtgcctcttg gctttttgtc tccctgtgtt ttccacggag    137760
     taatccctca cttatcccag tacacctaga tcctcaagac tgccaacgta taaaggcgtg    137820
     cccaggagca caacttttta gcaggccccc aacagaaaat ataaaatgcc ttggaaagtt    137880
     gaatgttaga tcaagaggaa ttggaggcct ttattattac acacacacat acagagagag    137940
     agagagaaag agacagacag acagacagag gaagaaaaag aaacagagac agacagacaa    138000
     atgagccaca gaaacagaga gagtgggaaa gagtatggag agtttactta gtggttaaga    138060
     gaacttcttg ccttgttgct cttgcataag acctgggttc gatttccagc acccagcacc    138120
     tacatggtga ctcacaactg tcccttactc tagttatata gaattttata ccctcttcta    138180
     actaatgcag gcaccaggct cacacataat gtgcatatat acatgctggc aaaataatca    138240
     tacccataaa ataaatatat ctacaaattt ttaactatat gtacatataa cccattgatg    138300
     atatgattca aaccgatctg gttatgtgga gtcttgtttt gttttgcttc tttgagacag    138360
     gatcagactt tgtgacccag aatgatacga aactcattat gtaggcccag catgactaaa    138420
     agtcatggca accctcctgc ctcatccatt gggattgcca tcttgatcac ctgcctggct    138480
     cttatagtgg gttttgtgtg tgtatatatg taggtacatt ttcatgtatg tatttaatca    138540
     ttgttcattt tccatttccc ttcagctctt cttgttccca ccctcatcct ggattagatg    138600
     tcaatgccac atacttgggc ttctctcata ggcaattctg tgcaagccca gagggcactt    138660
     gtacaatgag atattataaa acaaataatc tcataagatt gcctgaatat tacctactgc    138720
     ccatccctct ccattttgtc caagcagaaa ttacacataa gactctatag gcttagagca    138780
     taagaaattc tactagctgt aaaaatccac aagttctgaa agcaaaaaaa ctatttatgg    138840
     cagaaaagtt acaaagaatt attacccttt tttaatccat aggccgatga caaattgtat    138900
     atatgtacca ggctgtcctc aacacagttg tttacaaggt gaactcacag ttaaagctaa    138960
     aaaatactca tcctttaaag aatgagagct taaattaaga aaggttttat ttttttaaag    139020
     accaaacaaa tacattaaca cacatccaaa tgccacagca agcactcatt gggttttgta    139080
     aaagagaaaa ctgtactgtg gtgtcaaatg aaaaccaaaa ccactttaag aacaaccact    139140
     gcttatggtg acatggatac atggacaact aagaagccac tgcatgtttt cagtcgagtg    139200
     gatatgcatg agcaaggtga agtaatggaa ggtggggtgg ccacagtcac actttcagac    139260
     ccttttcccc actctatgtg ctcttgttct gccctgttga tttagtcagc aggtaaatgt    139320
     acaaagaact taatatcaaa gaacacttcc aaaagtcaaa aatagattca aggtcatggc    139380
     taaagttacc ccaggttggg ggagggaggc tttcaaaagc catatttcac aaaatgccag    139440
     gcactaaatc tagtcacatg tgcttgcagt agaaaaagaa acactgatct taatagaggc    139500
     tggtcttttt catgatgcgc aggaactctt gctcattgac ctcaccatct ccatctcgat    139560
     cagcttcatc aatcatttcc tgcacagaga taagggttca tcttagatta agtcacaaac    139620
     taaactgaaa gtaattagat aagaaacttc agacaggctg tggtggcgca cacctttagt    139680
     tccagcactt gggaggcaga caaaagcaga tttctgagtt caaggccggc ctggtctaca    139740
     gagtgtgttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaaacgaaaa    139800
     acaaaacaaa agaaaaaaaa gaagaaactt caaataatgc tatgagaaaa gatgactatg    139860
     gtccatttaa tgtgagtatg cccctttcta tgaaagttac ttaaaagcca aatctcaatg    139920
     actgtcatat gcatccattg aaaagaagct ggaaagtcac cctgacctga aacccaaatg    139980
     agggaacttc aattgtacat gtgtattatc gaaacagggt ccacaggtat gaaattatca    140040
     ccacaggtat gagggatact agctttcctt caaagaagga aaatagagaa aatagaaccc    140100
     acgaaagcca tagccttttt ctcacctgca gttcctcatc tgtcaggttc tcacccagct    140160
     ccttggccac gcgcttaaga ttcttgaatg atattttccc agtctcatca tcatcgaaca    140220
     acttgaaagc tttcaggatt tcttctttag tgtctttctc agactggagt agaacacaaa    140280
     agtgatagtt acttatatcc agccactctt gctactcccc ggtcatcttt ttgtctccaa    140340
     aaacctgact tgaacaatgt taggaagcca ggtcctctga ttcatggtgg catatattcc    140400
     ctttctactt cctctgccat catctattcc ataatcaaat cagaacttag tagaaaaaag    140460
     atgcctgctt ttgaaaaagt caagaagtcc taaaaaatag acatgaggac ttgttggggg    140520
     ggtggggcaa agtatcatgt ggcaaggaca ggttcctatt atagccgaac agtcatatac    140580
     tgttttcaca ggtagaagac aagagcctct ggagtgagct ggggctcatc tttctaacac    140640
     ctgacactgg atctggccag gtatctatac tgtccctcct gtgctttgtc ttgtatagaa    140700
     cgctgcccag ttctaatccc aagaagggag ttgtaggaaa actatcttct tagattaatt    140760
     ccccggccat ggcccacatt atcataaggt cctggtgata gctgtcatga tatatgtcct    140820
     tggtcacagg caaacaagta tggtacattg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaacatact    140880
     tagtaaagtg aatataaact caggggttac ataggaaata taattgtata taaagtactg    140940
     tacaaaacaa gcagacacta gattcatttt taaaatatag aagcagtgag tagggttgta    141000
     gtcagggaaa atacattgct aaaacagata gactgataaa ggcagaggag gagagaggta    141060
     tttttcacaa tggccttcaa agaattacca gggccctgag tccttgtaat gcagaagagc    141120
     agaatttctg aaagcgttca aacctcagct atttcaggaa ggttcttgcc aggaggttca    141180
     ggtggaagaa taatctagga accaatctta agtgtgaacc atttgtctga aaatgtcaga    141240
     ttgacacctg atttattgta tgataattta atttttaata ataataaatt aaaaccaaaa    141300
     atgactagca ttgaaaatct cggtgttaaa agtttttact gcttgtgatt atcatgtggc    141360
     cacatgaaac aagataatgc taatacctta aagaaagcca aatgaaacgt agagatcctc    141420
     tcaattaaaa atactatctt ctcccatgtg gaagggatag attttgttgg ataaagctct    141480
     ttgtatgtct agattctcat gtttctacca ttatgggtag aaagcatgct aattatctta    141540
     actaacttac cattttctga gtcatcactg tcaaaaagtc actgaagttc atttttcctg    141600
     ttccttcttt atcaatttca cttatcattt tcttaatttc ttctttcttg ggctcaaagc    141660
     ccagggccct cattgccacc tacaatgaaa acagaatcat ctaaatagat acataacgta    141720
     aaaacaaaaa tgactattga agatattaac caaacacctg ataaaatgat ggaaatgatc    141780
     agggaacact taaggctgat ttaattgata tttgcaatca actttatcaa ttagaccatt    141840
     gtttcaggta aaatatacac agggtaccct tgtctgttac tttttgcagg cagaaaggag    141900
     aagaacggta acagctaaaa gacaagcaat aaggaaacac aaggtaacaa agaaaaggat    141960
     gtgtgcagct taccttcagt tctttgatgt ctatagttcc agttccatca gcatcaaaga    142020
     gatcaaaagc ttcccggatt tcctgtttct ggtcttcagt aagttcaggc ttaggactca    142080
     tcctttttct ctgggcactg gatgccatgg ttgtcttctt aaaattagag gccttcacac    142140
     aatatataaa cacagaagca cattattaca agccatagtc cttgttttat ttatgacagc    142200
     tctaaacata catatctttt tcaatgaggt gtgccatcgt ttgtaatgta cttatgtcat    142260
     tacgtaaact tccatgggcc agtgagaatt cttgctgcca agcttgataa cctaagtggg    142320
     aaccaggacc caggcttcag ttgtcgttgt caaagatgaa aagggaaacg atgcttacat    142380
     ggtaaaagga gagaactaac tcttccaaat tattctctga ccgccacact caggctaaaa    142440
     tgtgcttctc caccaaggaa taataagtgt aaaaactaaa ataaaattaa ccccaactct    142500
     aaatgacaaa tagcacaaac ctctgtgaag aaaaaacttt ctctcaactt aaaactattt    142560
     caatttatat atgtcagttt ttactaagtt ataaaaaaag aaattggcaa taatgaggtt    142620
     attttctaat ataactgtaa atttgtctta atgtgatgtc tcatatgact aaattcaact    142680
     atatttcatt ggggagccac caaatagaag agagtttttg ttttaaaata gtatattacc    142740
     attttcctcc ttgttcttgt atagatcaac atagagcaag tgaatatatg aatatgaatt    142800
     tctagtgtta acatagcctt catgagaaga cataactctg acctccactg tcttaaagtt    142860
     tatactacag aaagttcatg caattgtacc attaatccat gtgtcacttt aggagattca    142920
     atttcagtca tttttaaatc taaaaaagca tcatcaaaag ctctttgaga aaccaattac    142980
     agttatggat gatcaactgt atatgatttc cgtactctcg gttttagaaa tgtacttaaa    143040
     acatctactt gtggtgccag ttcccaagaa ctctgctcct ccaattactt atgcctaaat    143100
     ttggctaaat gtaaacttac taagataaaa attatgccgg tacaaagtga taaaaatcaa    143160
     accatttgca cctgcgtgct ttctcacagc ctctcctgaa agcgtttgcg accatcagaa    143220
     cacagtaaac ctcttagcac caatgcataa actttaactg ggtggccgcg gccaggaggc    143280
     ctgagtttga ctgaggcgga agtctaaggg aagcaataga atggtcaccc tgctgtttcc    143340
     tgaaagccag cggaggtcca gaggcagttt gtgcgggggt ggctgaaggt gacttgggcg    143400
     aggagggggt agtgggaaag agcaggcaag gcaagctgct ggcggctgta ctttctcttc    143460
     tacccttccg gcacacagct ccaaggaaga actagtgcgt caacgccaag aaccgtgcaa    143520
     gaaaggtagc aaggctgcac cgaggcctag gaaaggaccg gggacgccgc gtggggtcca    143580
     ccgaatccct agcacttacc atcacccaac ggactctgcc accggttgtt aaggcaacgg    143640
     cgtactcgca gcctcagcgg cgttcccact gctccacgcg cgcacagccc gcttcccatt    143700
     ggtttgggaa cgaagaggtg gggctaacct ggcaaaactc gcccaagagc aagagggcgg    143760
     tgcgtcggca gccaaagact agcctcattg ggcaaaatca tgctgtgagc gtcaattggt    143820
     tgcgccagag ccaagctaga ccaatcaaca ttatgaagga agctctgctg attgtgggct    143880
     catatctatc agtagaaaag ggtggcgggt gttcagccag acttctctgg ttgccggttg    143940
     tctgcaagct gaggtcgatc atttgagtgt ctaaaccggg taagagttgc gggcttgccc    144000
     ttagaggctg ctgcgtgtgg gtgacagagc ctggaggaag taggagggaa tgggtgggac    144060
     ccattttaaa accgagttgg gggacacaga acatctgagg ggccagcaag atatgaccaa    144120
     atggtttgga ggggtgactg tgccaggaga agctgagacc tcgaaactgg agtgggcatg    144180
     ctgagtattg tgtcagtggt tcacagggct ggggcttaga aacccaatcc acatgaggct    144240
     ttgtctttac attagctcta caagagtcac tttagctctc aggggaatgg gctggggact    144300
     tttagatctt caaaactcat caaaatgtgt cctgttagac gtacagacac tcaagtcaca    144360
     tgggaaggag cattcctgaa tgagactccc ttgaaagcaa agccacagga gttttggaag    144420
     tatggaatgt aaagagaatt aaagggcaaa gtgcacaacg ggttggggct acctggagct    144480
     gtgccaggag taatgaaggc ccagggtcga acacagattc tatgttctac gtccctcaaa    144540
     gcaaagaaaa tcagtttagg gactttaagg gcacagtatc agtctctcaa actgagaaag    144600
     gcctgagact taacagctcc ccataaatgt aatataggcc ctttgccctc tttcctttaa    144660
     gccaggaacc ggcttcaaaa cttttgtgtc ttgtttggct cctttgttca ctgcagcaac    144720
     aatcccccat atccagcctc tgagttctca cagttccgtc cttgaattgt cctctgtttt    144780
     ctctgttcct cctcagccct tcctcagcag tatgagctgg agttctcacc ataatctgca    144840
     aagcctgcca tgaaattcct ccttctccca tcacacccac actgttcccc ctctggctca    144900
     ctctcaccca gggcactatt tttgcggctg atacattcct tcactgacct tacccagtcc    144960
     catgaacttt ttaaaatttt ttagtatttt gattaattct ttgagaaaat ttcacaggta    145020
     gatataattt ttttgttttg agatagggtc tcactctgta attctggctg acctggcact    145080
     cactatgtaa accaggatgc cctcaaactt cacagggatc catctgccac tgcctcctga    145140
     gtgcttagat taaaggtatg caccagcaag cctagtattg gtcttcagct attgtcacct    145200
     tctctgtaaa ggtaatcact ctctttactt tgtacctggg cccctcatat tgctccatat    145260
     ttttatagta gcacttgtca cctcctaagc cactgtaaag ttaacctttt ttctttgttg    145320
     tctccactag aaggtaggca caggaggaca ggaatcatat ttgtgttcac cagtacctgg    145380
     aaaaggaaag actacatgtt cagtgttcag tgaaccttag tctatcaggt agtccataag    145440
     tatcccttag tttttcataa ttcacccctc tgccaacata tgcttatact cttacagtga    145500
     acatctctgg tttcatcagt cccctttggg gtggcagccc agcaggctag aaaggacaaa    145560
     taaatttctt cctgggttat gcgctaattc tgtgacccta gccaagttct ttgacctgtc    145620
     tgagtataat tttgctttgt tcttatgttc ttgcaactta tcacggttac taggacatgt    145680
     tcttcccacc cttggatgtg atctatcttt taagactctc acatcctctc tttaactcac    145740
     tcattctagg gccttagcac tcaagttttc agataatttc atgttactaa gcatcataca    145800
     ttagttctca tgggcttagc ctccttagga tccaaccaca gctctatcat tctttgaagc    145860
     tttctgtttt ccatacaagc tgatggtttc tttgaagatc tgaactgttc tagttggctt    145920
     ctgtctgaca gtggctgctg tttggcaact tgtgaataag taagtgagtg agcccctata    145980
     gcaactcgga tgtaggcagg aaatgtgaat gttttccaga tccaacttct aaaacaacaa    146040
     caggataatt caatagaagt cacttgagtc aggaagaaag cattgccaac aggtactgag    146100
     gaaatagaag gataaggggc aatttggatt taccttaaat ctgaaaggaa cagtagaagc    146160
     taggctcggg cttggtaagg ggctcctgag tggcccatag caaattcaaa agtaagtaga    146220
     tatgaaaaag tgagaaagat gtggcatctc aggtctgtga aaagacagag tccagttgga    146280
     tggccccagg aaaataatgg cttacctcct aaacactttc atcctgtgcc atgtctttga    146340
     attctgcaca gagaagtctt tgttttttta caagacccct gccctttttt ggcaatattt    146400
     actcagggta atgtatccat tggataagta ggtgccagct tcatgggagt tgttctcttt    146460
     ccattagatc atcaggccag gtcttataca gtgtgctaag cctgaggtgg gtggtgacaa    146520
     cataaaactc agggactcat atcaggattc ctaattccac taattgactt gtctgggaag    146580
     tatattttgc ccttggagtc tgtatttctt acacagatca gcacaatcta tcctcagata    146640
     aggaactcga ggtagccaca gtctaacttc acactctgtt cctttacagg gagctcacac    146700
     tcctcagaaa atgaggggca ctttcatctt tgtgggcttt gaaacacatt atcctttcct    146760
     gttcagcaat cagtggtcac aaacagtccc taccttcttg tatttttcac agtgtgtgat    146820
     gtggcggtac atcttagctt ctaatggatt caaagtccca ccattctaaa tggaacagac    146880
     ttgaggcttc tggtatgaca gtcttcacag ctcactagtc cctcggactt tgctctttga    146940
     ggactacttt tcagtagttc agggcaattc tgtttttctc tgtaagtgtg tgatcaaata    147000
     tatgtaccag aaaatgcaac attttgacca tttttgtact ctcttcctac tgtagagcaa    147060
     ctgacaccaa ctctgctctg atattttcag tctgcaaaac tgaaactctg cattagcagc    147120
     ccttcctcct ttacccctga caaccagaaa ccatctactc tcagtttctg tgagtttaag    147180
     tacctggtgg gaatggaatc agacagtgct tatccttttg tgcctggctc atttcattta    147240
     gcataatatc ctcagagtat attcagtttg ctacatgtat tagaattttg ttcctcttta    147300
     tatctgcata atatcctgct gtatgatttc aatggaccac attttatcag ctcgtgcatc    147360
     actggaaatt taggatactt ttaccttttg gctacagtaa acaatgcttc tgtgaagaca    147420
     gatataggaa agtcaactcc aggtccttgc acacaattta ggaggtttat actcacaaat    147480
     gaaactgctg aatcacatgg gaattctgtt ttaattctgc aagcaactgc caaatttcta    147540
     cagcgaagca actcttttct attaccatta gcttcacata agtattccag tttctccatg    147600
     accttgctaa cactttttct gttttctgac ttctgatagt agctctccta atggatgtga    147660
     gctggtcttg ttgagatttt ggttggcatt tctctagcaa ttggtaacat ttagtcaatt    147720
     tcatgtgctt gcttgtgttt aagtgtatcc tctctgttca ttcagagcca gtcctgatat    147780
     gcatttgaac ctaagtatag aatgtccact gcatttcaga catctggccg gagaaagagg    147840
     gtgccagtgg catttgactc actgtcagac taattctgat atcccaggac ctacatacac    147900
     agcagatagt aattctgata tcccgggacc tacatacaca gcagatagta attctgatat    147960
     cccgggacct acatacacag cagataggcg tataggttta gttttgagaa gaggtcggtg    148020
     tgctaagacc tgtgtgctca tcatttgagc actgcaatta tactagcgtg gccatgtcac    148080
     ttttacctct cacctcctcc tctggcaagt gggaaagact atgtgcttct tgctttgact    148140
     agtcgtgggg gtgggggttg gcaactgcac tctgtgtttc tagactgcac agaattcatt    148200
     cacccactcg gtctttgtaa cctgaccaca gacagcgtgg aggacaagtg agtttctttt    148260
     cttttgtttt tgtaatcctt acacaacctc ccttaagcta gcccagtttg ggcccatatt    148320
     tcttcctaca tcttatatga aacttcgagt gctggcatga ttatattttc tgcattttat    148380
     ttaggaaccg ggtgaaatat gttatttaca gttttgtacc ttggtgttct tgtgagactc    148440
     ctaacaggga acaggaccta tctctgattc tgtcgcctgt ctctgggacc ctttccccta    148500
     actaggctac cttgtccact ctcaatagga gatgtgccta ttcataccac aacttgatat    148560
     gccatggctg gttgatatct atgggaggcc tactcttttc tgaagagaaa tggaggagga    148620
     gtggatgggg gaagaggaca aggggaagtg ggggtagggg ggagacttag cagagagaag    148680
     agaggggtaa ctgtggtcag atgtaaaaat aaataagtaa ataaacagct ttaaaaaaag    148740
     aactaagtag aacaccttag gatgaattgt gctttactga gaatgaggtg ggaagggatc    148800
     aaagccaggg cactgggcat gttaagcagc ctgtatcaag tgtacacagc gtgtcctcag    148860
     gtaagctaga tttcagaagt ggaccattgg gaggtatgat aaaaactgct tttaacaggg    148920
     tgtttaatgg gtatttggca ctatgctcta agggctttgt ctttaattct cactgtaatc    148980
     ttacaaggct atctgcttta taaatgaaga aacaggttca gttcccttta atgactccca    149040
     agagagcttc ccagttagag gtagaactga gatttgaacc taggcacagg ctctgggttt    149100
     attagtttat agctttgaaa agtaaagggg tgtgtgcttt ggcagtgtag gtgagcaggg    149160
     tatcctccag ggatggactt attagtaagc ttgcattcat ctcttagatc tatgtcatgc    149220
     ctgaacatac atatcatgac ttaaaacagc agcgctccga acctgtagga agcattctct    149280
     ccctgaagct acgatgggat cccacaagca ggcaggtgga gaccatcaca gccccagata    149340
     cataacacag acccctgcta gagaggttaa taatggcatt gacagggttg caaggtagac    149400
     aggagaatcc ccttgcctcc actgatgcat ctgccttctc atttgctaat gctcccttga    149460
     ggatctgaaa aaatatgcaa agtgaacagt agacatttgt gatttataac acaccagctt    149520
     aagaacaaag tcatccactt agtgaagctt ctaggtaggt gtcactagat acatgaggaa    149580
     gagcagtata gactctgcat gtataaatac ttgatgcagc cctgagacca gcaggcccat    149640
     gagtgcctgc tctatgctag gccctgtctt gcatgcctat aattcagcag caagcaagcc    149700
     agatcagact gtttgcaaga ctggcacaag gtgccctgac ccttgttctc cagcatcttc    149760
     tgtcctgcta gatgcaaagc catatatgag tccagtcact gccacctagg tttgaggtga    149820
     gtagatgtca gttgcaagtg ttcagggcaa tgagcaataa agacaggaat ggagtaggca    149880
     tggaactgca ggttaactat ccatattcat tagatgtatg gacagagact cagaaaaagg    149940
     caagttctaa aatatactga actgatgtat tggatatttt tcttattaca gtgagaaact    150000
     aactgaagaa aagcaacctg tggaaggcag aagtttagtg ttgtgtgata gagagtccaa    150060
     tccgtcatgg caaggcagtc atgacagcag gaatgcgagg tggcaggtca cactgcatct    150120
     gcagtcagga agcagaggga gatgaatgct ggtgcttagc ttgctttctc gtttttttat    150180
     ttaaaatata agatttctaa gtttcatttt atgtgtataa gtgttttgtc tacattgtat    150240
     atatgtatac catgtgtgta tagcctgcct ggtgctcact gaagttaagg acagttgtaa    150300
     gccaccaggt gggtgctggg aaccaaatac agttcctctg caagagcagc aactgccctt    150360
     aaccactgag ccacctctcc attgctttct cgtttttttt attgagtcca ggttcccagc    150420
     ccatggaata gcactaccca tgttcagtgt aagtctttgt atcttgctta aacttctctg    150480
     gaaatgccct cacagacatg tctcaaagtc tcctagaaat cttgtcagtt taacaagata    150540
     aatagttata actgatattt tctattatga attcagaaaa tctccctata ggtgacctat    150600
     caaacattga gggttgtaat atctgtttca aggatgtttg ggccatttat atgcccacaa    150660
     aaaatcaata cactcatcaa attaagtccc gtagagacat atgatgatac ccattgtttg    150720
     aaagtgtcag gctgtggaaa ttggattgaa gccattacaa gacctagtca gtactgggtg    150780
     cctgtcactt ctttccccag tgacattctt tgcatcttct ttcatgggta gactctttta    150840
     tttctggtac agttttccat ttacaaatac tacatcagaa acacctatac atacaaaata    150900
     atatcataat ttttaatttg cgtttgcacc tgtgtattgt gggtaaagga aaagggaatg    150960
     atgagtaggc cttcagcagg actgcatttt tctgtttagt agcatcattg ctcttgatta    151020
     ctttgtctcc cactataaag ttcttggtcc ccatcatttt ccaaccacta cccaaaggct    151080
     tttgctatga ctattgtaaa ggaggttatt cctatcctgc ctctaaccca agtacattat    151140
     gagttaaaga cttgtcacat actctctagc acaggacagt ttggctggta gtgtataata    151200
     gctgtacctt ggcattttgg aaacctggaa gagaagaggg gctaggtggc gagagaaaga    151260
     aatgtagcca agacagttat tctgatcaaa gctcaaattt tactgttgcg acactcagtt    151320
     atgaaggaag ggggagggga cccgattccc gccgaataat ctcaggtcca gtagaaaggt    151380
     gagcatgtgt gtggctccaa acagcaaagc ggcaggttcc agcagtgggc gtggcagaac    151440
     gaatgagcag gaagctccac ccctgagcaa gcaggtttca ggctggggga ggggaagcta    151500
     tttatgaata ctcacccata atggctaaca gtgctttgct tcacatacta ttaatgtctt    151560
     tctctaatta tgtctttagg aagaagagtt gattgcaaac gaaaccatac tttgagccat    151620
     aatggaacaa gctgttcatg gtgaatcaaa gcgaggccag gtcacaggaa cacatttgac    151680
     aaatgacatt tccaaagtag gtactaacat ttaaaaagta gaggaaagtc aaactattga    151740
     tatttacctc tgcagtttta aatgtattta ttcttttctc atatattatt acatcttcac    151800
     tacagtttct cctccatcca ctcctccgag tccttcctca ccccctccca tctccccaga    151860
     tccactgctc ctctatttca cttcaaaaac aacagccctc ccaggactat cagccgagca    151920
     tgacgaccta acaagccgca ctaagactgg gcacagacct atcaggcttt atctgtacat    151980
     tttaaaatgt acttcaacca tctgttcagt cagtgctggt tggttatgat tttgtgcatg    152040
     tataccttga tttcaaatat taaaacatgc cagttactta ttgctgtgta cccaacaaaa    152100
     atcacaaagc aagagtttaa aaaagcaata attagagcag aagcatgact caatggttaa    152160
     cggcaccagc tgctgttctt cagagagccg gtgtgtagtc cccacatggc gacttacgac    152220
     cacctgtagc tccagtccta gggcatcccc ctttcctccc ttctgaggat actgagtctg    152280
     gttcgagttg ggagatttac actggacttg ttcatgtagc tgcaaccacg caggcacctc    152340
     tggcatgcat gtttactggt ggactaacgc actgatggca gtgaatgtcg gctgtcagct    152400
     agacacattg acttgtcttc ttttgtttta atgtgtagcc caggctggcc ttgaactcca    152460
     gatcctcctg cctctgcttc cttcagcaaa tcctcctggc cctcaccacc agtactggct    152520
     ggcttgtctt catatggcct ctagtatgtt agcttagact ccttagtgaa atggtagaag    152580
     ccttcccaga tggtggcagt agcccctaag atgtagtatc atgagtctca gaagatactt    152640
     ggaggaattg ttgccccatc attgtcaagt gttctgaagg ttcttcacca taggtcttca    152700
     agtttactgt catgtaattc actcttgata aacatcacat ttccaaattg tgtctatcaa    152760
     gcattagtaa attagatatt ctccaagata ataccaggcc tccaaatcac tctagttttg    152820
     gtgtagagtt caaataagtt ttcatttggg cacctttggt tgaagccctg tactagctct    152880
     ccaccctttt tgtataaacc aagattttat tgttaacagc aaccttaaaa aaatcataac    152940
     aaactgctag taccatcagg tctgaacctt ctttacatac tttggaatat gctctgtttt    153000
     ccagggagtg actttctaag aaataaatgc ctaaatttaa gctactaagg aagaatagtt    153060
     ttatctactc taaaaagaaa atcatctctg ctgaagaaaa agtaaaacta gaaagaaaaa    153120
     aaacccagaa gccccagcca tgctcttaag attatattac aatcgaattt aattcttttg    153180
     tggtgctggg aatcaaacat gtagcttaat agatgtgctc taccactgag ctatacaccc    153240
     tactccaagc tcattcctct ccttttctta gcactatcat ctctaagatg tccattttat    153300
     ccatttggtc catcctggag tcttactacc tgaaatttta tttttatact ctgcttttaa    153360
     ctggtatggc caccaaaagt tagtgattat ttcacctggt ctcttctagc cacttagtct    153420
     tagacatatg attaagtacg ttaataagcc tttacatgtt caacatctct gggcagagtc    153480
     tagtttgatt cccatcacta taaaactcta ctgaccagca attgtctcag ttgttccaag    153540
     cagtatcagt acaatatgcc tgtaggttca cggccagcct ggtctacata aagaattcca    153600
     ggacagctag ggatatagag agagacagac cctgatttca tacatacata catacataca    153660
     ttcatattat aaaaccagga aatgtaattt ccctgaagga cacaatagca aaattataag    153720
     gttatttatt tgtctgattg attggtttgg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtatatg tatgtgcatg    153780
     cctgtatttg tgtagttcat gtaagtgatt gtacaggtgt gcacacccat atgtttatac    153840
     aaagaggcta gaggaagaca ttggatgtca ttattgtact ccgctttctt tctttaagac    153900
     agagcctctc accttattat ttttccattg ctgtgataaa ataccatgac attggcactt    153960
     cagagagaaa agggtttatt tgggctatga ttccagagga ataagattcc atcatcatca    154020
     ctgcatagat gcttggcagt aagcaagcat agtgactaga ataacaagct gagagctccc    154080
     atcttgaact ataaacatga aaccaagaga gagagcactg ggaacaacag gaaactttga    154140
     aactccaaag cccccagtga catacttcca gcaaagccat agctcctaaa cctacccaaa    154200
     cagcatcacc aactgggacc agaggactca tgcccaagat gacagaggat gttcctattt    154260
     aagcctctac tatattctat aaactagaag attgctgttt tgcctaatat ggctggtcag    154320
     caagctctca ggtttcacct ggctttgctc cttaaatctg ggttataagc atgtgcagcc    154380
     atgcctggct ttttacattg gtgtcgggga tttggactca tgtcatacat ttgcacagca    154440
     agcactctta accactaagt catttcatca gcccctaagt tgttttattt aaaaataatt    154500
     attagactat gagccatata gaatccctga agctataagc actagagagc atcagcagga    154560
     gctctgagga ctggccagac ttctaataaa ccaagaaaaa ccagtgtggc tctaagtgct    154620
     cacagtgtag ctgaggtaga aagagatggc aggacgggct gccagagagg tgattgatgg    154680
     acagtgatga ggctaactgt gtctacagag ctatttcatg atgagcaccc agattaagac    154740
     aggtaaatct gcagaaggta cctggctttg acaagccctg aatgtgccat atagcttaat    154800
     tatgtcactg catgtgtctg tcattgcagt ggcttgtgac aggtaaactt gaccttcacc    154860
     actttaatcc tcatcctctt gtcctcttgc catccttctc tttctgcagg ctaagaagtg    154920
     cacagtgatt ggaggctctg ggttcctggg gcagcacatg gtggagcagt tgctggagcg    154980
     aggctatact gtcaatgtat ttgatatcca ccaaggcttt gataaccccc gggtgcagtt    155040
     ctttataggc gacctgtgca accaacaggt aagggaccca ctcagtctca ctggtctctc    155100
     acaggacccc aatgggaaat caagtgctca gagaccaggg taactgtagc ttaaaaaaat    155160
     tctattttga aaactgtaaa agtagctggg cgtggtggcg catgccttta atcccagcac    155220
     tcgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt    155280
     tccatgacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga atgtaaaagt tataggaaat    155340
     aatttcacat accatgttgt cattaatcag aatgagcaac agttgtctgt gtcacaggga    155400
     ttttgttgtg tcataggaac atgagagcag ccatgggcca tacatagtcc agtgagcaga    155460
     caaggctgtg taccaagcaa actttaccaa aatatttcat caaacatatt ataggttgca    155520
     acatgccaac tgctgcccta gagtatgcag atggtaggcc atatgatatt tattcctttt    155580
     aattgagata cagttaacat gctataacat tcatatttaa aaatatattt tattatttta    155640
     gttatatgtc tgtgttgatc tgcacatgtg agtgcaggtg tctgcagaag ccagagatgt    155700
     tagatatccc cagcttcccc aatcagagcc agagttagag gtagttgtaa accatcggat    155760
     atgggtacta ggatttaact cagatcctct ggaagagcag tgcatgcccc agcagtgctc    155820
     agccacctct ccagccctga acttcacatt tttgaaatgt gctctgaaat aattttcagc    155880
     agctcttcac ttcccaagga gatcctgcgc ctcttcagtc cccagtgtcc tcacagccct    155940
     cagcaccact ctcccactct cagatgttct gaaaatgtcc tttaacacaa agctttcaag    156000
     ttccatcctg gttgtatgga gtatttatat tttgaatcat tgtagatatt gccaagtcgc    156060
     tcagcaaagc tcttgggtgt ttatggtgac catccacagc cacccctttc ccttcccaaa    156120
     tgactgactt ctttccacat tggtttcagc tccttgctga aggtggcccc atcaacattt    156180
     ctggtaaaat tgtactccag tgggaccaac tctgggcatt ttactgtcac cctctgtact    156240
     gcatcctcac cagctttggc tccatagccc ctttgttttc ctgtgtaact ttcatccccc    156300
     aaacccagtc tcttcttgtc acttgtcagc tagggttctt cagaaaaaca atccatagtg    156360
     ggaaggagag ggccagtgca cagggcagga aggagagaat gactgagatc aaattcaaag    156420
     aatgagtttt tgtgattggc gggtgggaag tattaagtta gcaggacaga cagaaaactt    156480
     gggcagaact gatagcatgc cctgattagg acccctggct cttacagaaa cctgttttgt    156540
     tcttaaggtc ctgttcacca agagtttcaa ggagagtact cttttgtctg aagcagccga    156600
     ctgttagtta ctattctccc ccagccagtt atagatgcac tcgctaagag ggagatagga    156660
     tatggaccag gtgattcacc agaagcccca acaccgacaa aaccatctgt cttttccttc    156720
     tgcttctccg ggtgatgcgt acattctcac tgttccttgc ttctatcata gccctcactc    156780
     tcccctggtg ccatcgagcc tcagtcacaa gcctacacat gcctccatct aattccaaag    156840
     gaactttccc aacacagcat gttctccagt cacaatcagc ctcgcaaaat acaagcaaga    156900
     agcattaacc aggtcagggg tttgccagac aaatgtgcta aaaggtcaga ggactaaggc    156960
     aaagctctat gagtagagcc cgaattctca actaagcaag gaaaggtgga ttgatgctgt    157020
     taaagaccat ggcaagggac cacttcaaaa tgatccttct gcctcagcct cccagagctg    157080
     gaactatagg cacctaccta tgtcagctga agaagccctt tcattgcact ctctttagct    157140
     cctggttcta ctttccaaac agccagatgg aaaaagatgc ttatcgactg aaagggggta    157200
     ggggagcaaa gtaattccag atctttggta ttttttgaga ttgtatttat tttcatttta    157260
     tgtgctttgc ctgcatatgt gtctctgtga cacataaaca ctgcacccac agaggccaga    157320
     agaaggtgtg tggtcttctg gaacatgagt tacagacaga cgtgagtaag tatgtggctg    157380
     ctcgggatcg attccagggc ctccagaaga acaaccaagg ctcttaaaca ctgggcatct    157440
     ctccaactcc atagcccact tctttttttt tttttttcca ttttttatta ggtatttaac    157500
     tcatttacat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccatat ccacccaccc ccactccccc    157560
     tttttggccc tggtattccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct    157620
     ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgatata tatgcagcta gagtcaagag    157680
     ctccggggta ctggttagct cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag    157740
     ctccttggct actttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct atgatccatc cattagctga    157800
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctggg ccccggcata gtctcgcaag agacagctac    157860
     atctgcgtcc tttcaataaa atcttgctag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct    157920
     gattatgggg tggatccctg gctatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt tcatctcagc    157980
     tccaaactcc gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaaatc taaggagggg    158040
     catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattctc cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattatat    158100
     cttacatctt gggtatccta ggtttggggc taatatccac ttatcagtga atacatattg    158160
     tgtgagtttc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat    158220
     ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag    158280
     atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctaggttc tttccagctt    158340
     ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttacctgtt    158400
     ggggcatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg    158460
     tccagttttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcactcc    158520
     caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct    158580
     gaatttttga tcttagccat tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt    158640
     tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca agtgcttctc tgccattcgg    158700
     tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt    158760
     gattttctga agtccacctt cttgagttct ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct    158820
     gatttaggat aggtaaagat cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgacg    158880
     gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa actttggagt ttcattaggt cccatttgtc gattctcgat    158940
     cttacagcac aagccattgc tgttctgttc aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca    159000
     aggcttttcc ccactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc    159060
     ttgatccact tagatttgac cttagtacaa ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt    159120
     ctacacgata acaaccagtt gtgccagcac caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac    159180
     tggatggttt tagctccctt gtcgaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct    159240
     ggatcttcaa ttctattcca ttggtctact tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt    159300
     tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt aggtctggca tggtgattcc gccagaagtt    159360
     cttttatcct tgagaagact ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gacaaatttg    159420
     caaattgctc cttccaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg    159480
     aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat    159540
     gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagatttg    159600
     aagtttttat catacagatc tttcacctcc ttagttagag tcacgccaag atattttata    159660
     ttatttgtga ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc    159720
     tttgtataga gaaaggccat tgacttgttt gagtttattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg    159780
     aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg gtagaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact    159840
     atcatatcat ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg    159900
     atctcctttt gttgtcgaat tgctctggct aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag    159960
     ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct    160020
     ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat    160080
     gggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccaaaact tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca    160140
     aatgcttttt ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggtttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata    160200
     taatggatta cattgatgga ttttcgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa    160260
     cctacttggt caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt ggattcggtt agcgagaatt    160320
     ttattgagga tttttgcatc gatattcata agagaaattg gtctgaagtt ctctatcttt    160380
     gttggatctt tctgtggttt aggtatcaga gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa tgagttgggt    160440
     agagtacctt ctacttctat tttgtgaaat agtttgtgca gaattggaat tagatcttct    160500
     ttgaaggtct gatagaactc tgcactaaac ccatctggtc ctgggctttt tttggttggg    160560
     agactattaa taactgcttc tatttcttta ggtgatatgg gactgtttag atggtcaact    160620
     tgatcctgat tcaactttgg tacctggtat ctgtccagaa atttgtccat ttcgtccagg    160680
     ttttccagtt ttgttgagta tagccttttg tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct    160740
     tcaggatctg ttgttatgtc tcccttttca tttctgattt tgttaattag gattttgtcc    160800
     ctgtgccctt tagtgagtct agctaagggt ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac    160860
     caactcctcg tttggttaat tctttgaata gttcttcttg tttccacttg gttgatttca    160920
     cccctgagtt tgattatttc ctgccgtcta ctcctcttgg gtgaatttgc ttcctttttt    160980
     tctagggctt ttagatgtgt tgtcaagctg ctagtatgtg ctgtctcccg tttcttcttg    161040
     gaggcactca gcgctatgag tttccctctt agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccataggttt    161100
     gggtacgttg tggcttcatt ttcattaaac tctaaaaagt ctttaatttc tttctttatt    161160
     ccttccttga ccaaggtatc attgagaaga gtgttattca gtttccacgt gaatgttggc    161220
     tttccattat ttatgttgtt attgaagatc agtcttaggc catggtggtc tgataggata    161280
     catgggacaa tttcaatatt tttgtatcta ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgg    161340
     tcaattttgg agaaggtccc gtgaggtgct gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga    161400
     taaaatgttc tgtagatatc tgtcaggtcc atttgtttca taacttctgt tagtttcact    161460
     gtgtccctgt ttagtttctg tttccacgat ctgtcctttg aagaaagtgg tgtgttgaag    161520
     tctcccacta ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg tatgctttga gctttactaa agtgtctcta    161580
     atgaatgtgg ctgcccttgc atttggagcg tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg    161640
     aggattttac ctttgatgag tatgaagtgt ccctccttgt cttttttgat aactttgggt    161700
     tggaagtcga ttttatccga tattaaaatg gctactccag cttgtttctt cagtccattt    161760
     gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gcctatcact ctgaggtagt gtctgtcttt ttccctgaga    161820
     tgggtttcct gtaagcagca gaatgttggg tcctgtttgt gtagccagtc tgttagtcta    161880
     tgtcttttta ttggggaatt gagtccattg ttcttgtggc tgtcttcttt ttggtttgtt    161940
     gaatgattac tttcttggtt gttctagggc gtgatttccg tccttgtatt gcttcttttc    162000
     tgttattatc ctttgaaggg ctggattcgt ggaaagatat tgtgtgaact tggttttgtc    162060
     gtggaatact ttggtttctc catctatggt aattgagagt ttggccgggt atagtagcct    162120
     gggctggcat ttgtgttctc ttagtgtctg tataacatct gtccaggctc ttctggcttt    162180
     catagtctct ggtgaaaagt ctggtgtaat tctgataggc cttcctttat atgttacttg    162240
     acctttctcc cttactgctt ttaatattct atctttattt agtgcatttg ttgttctgat    162300
     tattatgtgt cgggaggaat ttcttttctg gtccagtcta tttggagttc tgtatgcttc    162360
     ttgtatgatc atgggcatct ctttttttat gtttgggaag ttttcttcta ttattttgtt    162420
     gaagatatta gctggccctt taagttgaaa atcttcattc tcatcaattc ctattatcgg    162480
     taggtttggt cttctcattg tgtcctggat tacctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcctttt    162540
     gcattttgta ttttctttga ctgttgtgtc gatgttctct atggaatctt ctgcacctga    162600
     gattctctct tccatttctt gtattctgtt gctgatgctc gcatctatgg ttccagatct    162660
     ctttcctagg gtttctatct ccagcgttgc ctcgctttgg gttttcttta ttgtgtctac    162720
     ttcccctttt agttctagta tggttttgtt catttccatc acctgtttgg ctgtgttttc    162780
     ctgcttttct ttaagagcct gtaactcttt agcagtgctc tcctgtaaat ctttaagtga    162840
     cttatgaaag tccttcttga tgtcctctat catcatcatg agaaatgttt ttaaatctgg    162900
     gtctagattt tcggttgtgt tggggtgccc aggactaggt ggggttggag tgctgcgttc    162960
     tgatgatggt gagtggtctt gatttctgtt agtaggattc ttacgtttgc ctttcgccat    163020
     ctggtaatct ctgaagctag ctgttttagt tgtcactgtt aagagcttgt tcttcaggtg    163080
     actctgttag cctctatgag cagacctgga gggtagcact ctccttagtt tcagtgggca    163140
     gagtattctc tgcaggcaag ctctcttctt gcaaggcagg tacccagata tctggtgttc    163200
     gaaccagact cctggcagaa gttgtgttcc actcactaga ggtcttagga tcacgtgtgg    163260
     aatcctgtgt gggcccttgc gggtgtcagg cgactcagct ggcaaggtag ccggggctcg    163320
     agtggagtgg aaggggtttg tgccccagat caagcccggg tagcctgctt ccctatgtac    163380
     cgcagtctca agttccacgc gattggattg gggtaggcgc tgtgttccac tcaccagagg    163440
     tcttagggtc ccgtggggag tcccgtgtgg gcccttgcgg gtgttgggca agactctgct    163500
     gtcaaggtag cccggggctc gagtctcgag tcgagcggaa gggacttgtg ccccagatca    163560
     ggcccgggta gcctgcttcc ctatgtaccg cagtctcaag ttccgcgcga ttggattggg    163620
     gcaggcactg tggtccactc accagaggtc ttagggtccc gtggggagtc ccgtgtggac    163680
     ccttgcgggt gttgggcaag actctgctgg caaggtagcc cgggccatag cccacttctt    163740
     aaagagttgt tccccacccc cacccccaac ttgtggtggc ttttgtagct tttgtaattc    163800
     agattgttgt tctttgtaag ccatctggct tttccactca tggctttagg attttttttt    163860
     ttttaaatat ccaggcctca gttttggtct tttgttacct tagcctatgt cctgtgttcc    163920
     ttcttttttt tatactatta cacagattct tacctttata taacttctca tggccatgtc    163980
     atctttaccc tcacgttatt ttctgtgtgc atgaaggtgt ggccagatag acattcttgt    164040
     gtaggccaga agttgacatc aggtgtcttt agtcactttc catctcattt tgaggcagga    164100
     tcactaaacc tagagttcag ctaggctagc caggaatctc cagggatcca cgtgtctctg    164160
     ctccaccagc cctgggatta caggcacacc tttgtgcata gcttgggttt ttgttttttt    164220
     atttggttgg ggttttttgg ttttgttttc ttgagaccag ggtttcactg tatatccctg    164280
     gctgccctgg aactcgctat gcagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacctacct    164340
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac tgcccagcac aaagcttgtt    164400
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttttg gtttgttttt aacatgagtc ctgggaattc ccaactgccg    164460
     ccttctcagc atgtctgttt cctgccctcc ccccccccaa ttattttcaa gacaatctta    164520
     aacatatcag tctatctata aacatttcag gatttgtctc taaaacatta aaattatttt    164580
     taataaaaat attatacaat attatctcag aggcacagta aatagttcct taatgtataa    164640
     ttgtttcccc aaatagagag ttaaacacaa agatttgact gtgtatttat atttatatat    164700
     gtcagtctct tagttcccac gatgtcttag tatatgtgtt gacttagtgc tgtttagctt    164760
     gttcattatc aggtagcatg tcccagggct ccaggtaatc aacatatgtc cctgtgccat    164820
     ctactatttc ctgtaaaata ataggtccat tgtccagtaa ggcacccaag ggccacctat    164880
     ggctaccaag ctcttcaatt aagacaagtc agagtgagag gcactttaaa atacatattg    164940
     aaattcagag actgagtaca aaatcattaa gtagctcaat aatttcatat tgattatgtc    165000
     cagggactac aaaatctaga ctctgatagg tttatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    165060
     cacacacatt tttttttttt tgagaaaggg ttttgctttt tagtgtaggc tagcttggaa    165120
     ttcattatgt caaggatact agccccaaac tcacagtaat ccttttgctt ccaactccca    165180
     aataagtagg aagcaaagac ttgatgtggt tctggtcgtc gtcgtcccca atcctgatgc    165240
     attgtgacta caaacccctg tatatgtata tgtgtgtgaa cattgaatgt gcacatgcac    165300
     gcacacgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatt    165360
     cattttagag atattaagta cattagagag ctgagtattt gtcctcatcc acatttctga    165420
     gtgcactgct gcttctcgag ggcagataag aaactactaa tcaccatctt tcaaaagatg    165480
     agtcatatgt gtttctccgc acccagtgct gtgtcagagg aacccatcac catgcccaga    165540
     aggaaggaat gctacacaga gcagccaaaa agaatctggc caaacaggcc ttgctgggct    165600
     ttcttattaa ctgtgcttat atctatgctt cggccgtgct tgtgtcatga gactggaagc    165660
     ttgtgcaccc agggtgggca tgggagctct atactatttc ctcaataact taccctgtgc    165720
     atctcttcac ctgtaccctt tgtaattcct ttagagtgag tcagtaaatg tgtttacctg    165780
     aattctgtta gcctcttgca caagttaaac atagccataa agggaatctg cgagtatagt    165840
     aactatgggt gcatagattc ttttttatct aacacataac taaaggaatc tatgcatcca    165900
     tggttcataa aaagaaaatt caggtggaca gaggtctact tggcagagga acgtcaactc    165960
     agtaaatgtt tagggaacaa ccaaatgaga atgtcaccat ttgctgagaa atgctccaag    166020
     acagagacat cagtggatgt tgtaagtatc accccacaga tttggtgaga atctggcagg    166080
     cagctgtcac cttcactgaa tgacccagct tggcattacc agcagtgagt gccctgataa    166140
     ggatacacta gcattgatgt ggaatgcttg ccaaaaccat tgagcctgaa tacagtcatg    166200
     aatgaacaga caagtgcaaa gtgagaaggc catgaaataa cctctctgat cctgtgaagt    166260
     agtagtgtgg cagagggcga agctcagggg actgctccag attaaatgga aagaccagaa    166320
     gaatcacata tgcatggtcc atatgtggat cataaacccc caaataaata ttgtcagaat    166380
     ggctcgggaa gtttagatat ggactaactt acttaagagt tccaaggggc tgaggaaata    166440
     gcttagtgag ttcaaatccc cagaacccac aaataataaa aagctatata taatcatgca    166500
     ggcctgcaaa ccaagcatta gggagggaga gatgggggac tttcaggggc ttattgacca    166560
     gctaacatac ctcaaacaag aaggtgtctt ttaaaatata ggtggtagag aaaggtgatg    166620
     ctctgtgagt tggagggcaa agtgttctac ataacaagtc ctagaccatc tgaggacaca    166680
     cagcgagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaataaaaa aaaattaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa    166740
     aagaaaaaaa tgaaattact tttccgcaag agtaaatcag tttattcctc tctattttct    166800
     cctttcacta ataactctta ttcttactga tgaccaaact gtctcttctt tggccagtag    166860
     gagtccctgc gtgtttgttc ttgagtcttt ttagtctcct gtaggcctag agagtcttac    166920
     tgattcctgg tccatttagt atgtttactg ccccagatct gcagccacct gtttgtctta    166980
     ggaggttcct tctagaagta agtgaaagct gctcgcttta taaatctcct tcctgtcact    167040
     gcattgtctg gcttctagta ctcccattta attcagggca aggtaataag aaggggacaa    167100
     ttaaaagaaa acttgttttt atcccacatg cttttgtgta gtttgagtct tttacaaaaa    167160
     gtaaggtttt tgtgttgctt atataattat aaaaagccaa aagaccttca gccacagatg    167220
     acagaatgtg agaaggcttg tgggaagccg cccccacatt cgccgtcaca agatggcgct    167280
     gacatcctgt gttctaagtt ggtaaacaaa taatctgcgc atgagccaag ggtatttacg    167340
     actacttgta ctctgttttt cccgtgaacg tcagctcggc catgggctgc agccaatcag    167400
     ggagtgatgc gtcctaggca attgttgttc tcttttaaga ggaaaggggt ttcgttttct    167460
     ctctctcttg cttcgctctc tcttgcttct tacactctgg ccccataaga tgtaagcaat    167520
     aaagctttgc cgtagaagat tctggttgtt gtgttcttcc tggccggtcg tgagaacgcg    167580
     tcgaataaca attggtgccg aaacccggga cgagaaaaaa actcgggact ggcgcaggga    167640
     agatccctca ttccggaacc agaactgcgg atcacgttta taaaggttcc cgtaacacag    167700
     actgttgaga aggattcaac tgccgaattc agaactcatc agctggggaa cgacggtgat    167760
     aaaggttccc gtaaagcaga ctgttaagaa ggattcaact gtatgaattc agaacttttc    167820
     agctggggaa cgagagtacc agtgagtatg tttggccttg aattttttct ggtgttagga    167880
     gcccttttgt tctttttcac atgttatcaa gtgattaaga tagggctgaa aattctagag    167940
     gaaattcagg acaagctatc agaagtaaag cgggaagaga gagtaggaac aaagaggaag    168000
     tatggtacac aaaataagta tacaggcctt tccaagggtc ttgaacccga ggaaaagtta    168060
     aggttaggta ggaatacctg gagagagatt agaagaaaaa gaggaaaaag ggagaagaaa    168120
     aaagatcgat tagcggaggt ctctaggaga tactcgtcac tagatgagct caggaagcca    168180
     gctcttagta gctctgaagc aagtgaagaa tcctcctctg aggaaacaga ctgggaggaa    168240
     gaagcagccc attaccagcc agctaattgg tcaagaaaaa agccaaaagc ggctggcgaa    168300
     agtcagcgta ctgttcaacc tcccggcagt cggtttcaag gtccgcccta tgcggagccc    168360
     ccgccctgcg tagtgcgtca gcaatgcgca gagaggcagt gcgcagagag atgcgcagag    168420
     aggcagtgcg cagagagatg cgcagagagg cagtgcgcag agaggcagtg cgcagagagg    168480
     cagtgcgcag actcattcat tccccgagag gaacaaaaga aaatacaaca ggcatttccg    168540
     gtctttgaag gagccgaggg tgggcgtgtc cacgctccgg tagaatacgt acagattaag    168600
     gaaattgccg agtcggttcg taaatacgga accaatgcta attttacctt ggcgcagtta    168660
     gacaggctcg ctggcatggc actaacgcct gctgattggc agacggttgt aaaagccgct    168720
     ctccctagta tgggcaaata tatggaatgg aaagcgcttt ggcacgaagc tgcacaggcg    168780
     caggcccgag caaacgcagc tgctttgact ccagagcaga gagattggac ttttgacttg    168840
     ttaacgggtc agggagctta ttctgctgat cagacaaact accattgggg agcttatgcc    168900
     cagatttctt ccacggctat tagggcctgg aaggcgctct ctcgagcagg tgaaaccact    168960
     ggtcagttaa caaagataat ccagggacct caggaatctt tctcagattt tgtggccaga    169020
     atgacagagg cagcagagcg tatttttgga gagtcagagc aagctgcgcc tctcatagaa    169080
     cagctaatct acgagcaagc cacaaaggag tgccgagcgg ccatagcccc aagaaagaac    169140
     aaaggcttac aagactggct cagggtctgt cgagagcttg ggggacctct cagcaatgca    169200
     ggtttagcgg ctgccatcct tcaatctcag aaccgctcca tgagcagaaa taatcagagg    169260
     acatgtttta attgcggaaa gcctgggcat tttaagaaag attgcagagc tccagataaa    169320
     cagggaggga ctctcactct ttgctctaag tgtggcaagg gttatcatag agctgaccag    169380
     tgtcgctctg tgagggatat aaagggcaga attcttcccc cacctgatag tcaatcaact    169440
     gatgtgccaa aaaacgggtc atcgggccct cggtcccagg gccctcaaag atatgggaac    169500
     cggtttgtca ggacccagga agcagtcaga gagacgaccc aggaagaccc acaagggtgg    169560
     acctgcgtgc cgcctccgac ttcctattaa tgcctcaaat gagtattcag ccggtgccgg    169620
     tggagcctat accatccttg cccccgggaa ccatgggcct tattctcggc cgaggttcac    169680
     tcaccttgca gggcttagta gtccaccctg gagttatgga ttgtcaacat tcccctgaaa    169740
     tacaggtcct gtgctcaagc cctaaaggcg ttttttctat tagtaaagga gataggatag    169800
     ctcagctgct gctcctccct gataatacca gggagaaatc tgcaggacct gagataaaga    169860
     aaatgggctc ctcaggaaat gattctgcct atttggttgt atctttaaat gatagaccta    169920
     agctccgcct taagattaat ggaaaagagt ttgaaggcat ccttgatacc ggagcagata    169980
     aaagtataat ttctacacat tggtggccca aagcatggcc caccacagag tcatctcatt    170040
     cattacaggg cctaggatat caatcatgtc ccactataag ctccgttgcc ttgacgtggg    170100
     aatcctctga agggcagcaa gggaaattca taccttatgt gctcccactc ccggttaacc    170160
     tctggggaag ggatattatg cagcatttgg gccttatttt gtccaatgaa aacgccccat    170220
     caggagggta ttcagctaaa gcaaaaaata tcatggcaaa gatgggttat aaagaaggaa    170280
     aagggttagg acatcaagaa cagggaagga tagagcccat ctcacctaat ggaaaccaag    170340
     acagacaggg tctgggtttt ccttagcggc cattggggca gcacgaccca taccatggaa    170400
     aacaggggac ccagtgtggg ttcctcaatg gcacctatcc tctgaaaaac tagaagctgt    170460
     gattcaactg gtagaggaac aattaaaact aggccatatt gaaccctcta cctcaccttg    170520
     gaatactcca atttttgtaa ttaagaaaaa gtcaggaaag tggagactgc tccatgacct    170580
     cagagccatt aatgagcaaa tgaacttatt tggcccagta cagaggggtc tccctgtact    170640
     ttccgcctta ccacgtggct ggaatttaat cattatagat attaaagatt gtttcttttc    170700
     tatacctttg tgtccaaggg ataggcccag atttgccttt accatcccct ctattaatca    170760
     catggaacct gataagaggt atcaatggaa ggtcttacca cagggaatgt ccaatagtcc    170820
     tacaatgtgc caactttatg tacaagaagc tcttttgcca gtgagggaac aattcccctc    170880
     tttaattttg ctcctttaca tggatgacat cctcctgtgc cataaagacc ttaccatgct    170940
     acaaaaggca tatccttttc tacttaaaac tttaagtcag tggggtttac agatagccac    171000
     agaaaaggtc caaatttctg atacaggaca attcttgggc tctgtggtgt ccccagataa    171060
     gattgtgccc caaaaggtag agataagaag agatcacctc cataccttaa atgattttca    171120
     aaagctgttg ggagatatta attggctcag acctttttta aagattcctt ccgctgagtt    171180
     aaggcctttg tttagtattt tagaaggaga tcctcatatc tcctccccta ggactcttac    171240
     tctagctgct aaccaggcct tacaaaaagt ggaaaaggcc ttacagaatg cacaattaca    171300
     acgtattgag gattcgcagc ctttcagttt gtgtgtcttt aagacagcac aattgccaac    171360
     tgcagttttg tggcagaatg ggccattgtt gtggatccat ccaaacgtat ccccagctaa    171420
     aataatagat tggtatcctg atgcaattgc acagcttgcc cttaaaggcc taaaagcagc    171480
     aatcacccac tttgggcaaa gtccatatct tttaattgta ccttataccg ctgcacaggt    171540
     tcaaaccttg gcagccgcat ctaatgattg ggcagtttta gttacctcct tttcaggaaa    171600
     aatagataac cattatccaa agcatccaat cttacagttt gcccaaaatc aatctgttgt    171660
     gtttccacaa ataacagtaa gaaacccact taaaaatggg attgtggtat atactgatgg    171720
     atcaaaaact ggcataggtg cctatgtggc taatggtaaa gtggtatcca aacaatataa    171780
     tgaaaattca cctcaagtgg tagaatgttt agtggtctta gaagttttaa aaaccttttt    171840
     agaacccctt aatattgtgt cagattcctg ttatgtggta aatgcagtaa atcttttaga    171900
     agtggctgga gtgattaagc cttccagtag agttgccaat atttttcagc agatacaatt    171960
     agttttgtta tctagaagat ctcctgttta tattactcat gttagagccc attcaggcct    172020
     acctggcccc atggctctgg gaaatgattt ggcagataag gccactaaag tggtggctgc    172080
     tgccctatca tccccggtag aggctgcaag aaattttcat aataattttc atgtgacggc    172140
     tgaaacatta cgcagtcgtt tctccttgac aagaaaagaa gcccgtgaca ttgttactca    172200
     atgtcaaagc tgctgtgagt tcttgccagt tcctcatgtg ggaattaacc cacgcggtat    172260
     tcgacctcta caggtctggc aaatggatgt tacacatgtt tcttcctttg gaaaacttca    172320
     atatctccat gtgtccattg acacatgttc tggcatcatg tttgcttctc cattaaccgg    172380
     agaaaaagcc tcacatgtga ttcaacattg tcttgaggca tggagtgctt gggggaaacc    172440
     cagactcctt aagactgata atggaccagc ttatacgtcc caaaaatttc agcagttctg    172500
     ccgtcagatg gacgtaaccc acctgactgg acttccatac aaccctcaag gacagggtat    172560
     tgttgagcgt gcgcatcgca ccctcaaagc ctatcttata aaacagaaga ggggaacttt    172620
     tgaggagact gtaccccgag caccaagagt gtcggtgtct ttggcactct ttacactcaa    172680
     ttttttaaat attgatgctc atggccatac tgcggctgaa cgtcattgtt cagagccaga    172740
     taggcccaat gagatggtta aatggaaaaa tgtccttgat aataaatggt atggcccgga    172800
     tcctatcttg ataagatcca ggggagctat ctgtgttttc ccacagaatg aagacaaccc    172860
     attttgggta ccagaaagac tcacccgaaa aatccagact gaccaaggga atactaatgt    172920
     ccctcgtctt ggtgatgtcc agggcgtcaa taataaagag agagcagcgt tgggggataa    172980
     tgtcgacatt tccactccca atgacggtga tgtataatgc tcaagtattc tcttgctttt    173040
     ttaccactaa ctgggaactg ggtttggcct taattcagac agccttggct ctgtctggac    173100
     aggtccagat gactgacacc attaacactt tgtcagcctc agtgactaca gtcatagatg    173160
     aacaggcctc agctaatgtc aagatacaga gaggtctcat gctggttaat caactcatag    173220
     atcttgtcca gatacaacta gatgtattat gacaaataac tcagcaggga tgtgaacaaa    173280
     agtttccggg attgtgtgtt atttccattc agtatgttaa atttactagg gcagctaatt    173340
     tgtcaaaaag tctttttcag tatatgttac agaattggat ggctgaattt gaacagatcc    173400
     ttcgagaatt gagacttcag gtcaactcca cgcgcttgga cctgtccctg accaaaggat    173460
     tacccaattg gatctcctca gcattttctt tctttaaaaa attgggtggg attaatatta    173520
     tttggagata cactttgctg tggattagtg ttgcttcttt gattggtctg taagcttaag    173580
     gcccaaacta ggagagacaa ggtggttatt gcccaggcgc ttgcaggact agaacatgga    173640
     gcttcccctg atatatggtt atctatgctt aggcaatagg tcgctggcca ctcagctctt    173700
     atatctcacg aggctagact cattgcacga gatagagtga gtgtgcttca gcagcccgag    173760
     agagttgcaa ggctaagcac tgcagtagaa gggctctgcg gcacatatga gcctattcta    173820
     gggagacatg tcatctttca agaaggttca gtgtcctagt tcccttcccc caggcaaaac    173880
     gacacgggag caggtcaggg ttgctctggg taaaagcctg tgagcctaag agctaatcct    173940
     gtacatggct cctttaccta cacactgggg atttgacctc tatctccact ctcattaata    174000
     tgggtggcct atttgctctt attaatagaa aagggggaac tgtgggaagc cgcccccaca    174060
     ttcgccgtca caagatggcg ctgacatcct gtgttctaag ttggtaaaca aataatctgc    174120
     gcatgagcca agggtattta cgactacttg tactctgttt ttcccgtgaa cgtcagctcg    174180
     gccatgggct gcagccaatc agggagtgat gcgtcctagg caattgttgt tctcttttaa    174240
     gaggaaaggg gtttcgtttt ctctctctct tgcttcgctc tctcttgctt cttacactct    174300
     ggccccataa gatgtaagca ataaagcttt gccgtagaag attctggttg ttgtgttctt    174360
     cctggccggt cgtgagaacg cgtcgaataa caaaggctgt tgacctgccc taaaccggag    174420
     tgactctttt gtctttgtgt gcttttccag gacctgtacc cagctctcaa aggtgtaagc    174480
     acagttttcc actgcgcgtc ccctccgccg tacagtaaca acaaggagct cttttataga    174540
     gtgaatttca ttggcaccaa gactgtcatt gaaacctgca gagaggccgg agttcaggta    174600
     aggggaatgc tgtgctgagg agtatcagga gagtgtgctt gctttctcag agggcggggg    174660
     agcaattctt gttactgtct tcctgggcct atccaggatt gccttttaca tgtcgagaag    174720
     atactaaaaa ttaagccctg gggaccagtt gatatcacag aggaccactt gcggttatac    174780
     tcttccaatc cagataggcc atcatcagga tgctcaggta gactaaggcc tatttgtctt    174840
     tgcttagcaa actatgaaat ttgaacatta cttattttct ctattgaaac agcatgtact    174900
     taatgttttc aatgtttgac cctgtgaccc tttcagatgt tcattcagtg atactaacta    174960
     tattcacttc gttgtccaac cattaccact gtccatccct agtcatgcat acgcagcagg    175020
     gctccattct tctgcccacc cctaactcgt ggcaaccacc atattctggc catctctctg    175080
     attatttagg gagctcatgt gagtcattca caccatgttt ttatcttttg acttgtcaca    175140
     atacagtctc tgtaagagct gtccacgctg acacatgtca gaatttcctt ttcatttttc    175200
     aaggctaata ctccccttag ccttggacca taacttattc attcatccat caatagacat    175260
     ttgtggtgcc ttcacctttc atctgctatg tatgggggct acaaatgcct cagtccttgc    175320
     ttttgactct tttggttcag tactcagagg tggtattcct gaaccataag ataattttgt    175380
     acagaacgtt tttaaaagaa tcgtcacatt gtttaacaac cttgcttata ttttaaaaga    175440
     aaaaaaaaaa gacagtactg ttgcgtatat ctgatagaaa cctatcatga ctttggccaa    175500
     aggacataca gattttagcc ttgtgtcagc ttataacact gttagaaatc tgcttcctag    175560
     aatggcccta atgaaacctc agcctctagg tccaacatct cacttgctta cagtgaatgc    175620
     tacatgccaa atactctgaa ctgagtaaaa gagtacttct cctaataatt ttcctggtta    175680
     cttttggcca gttcccagta accaaccggc ccagcaggaa tagatgacag gggagctctt    175740
     ctggattccc attagttaaa atttccattt gccaatcata ttaatgcata agcaggaact    175800
     agagagagat ggatgccagt attcagttag cttcctcctt tcttcctatt caggacccca    175860
     cagcctatga tcccctgcat ggtggctttt cctctataat tgaaacctct gtagaagtgc    175920
     cacccagaca tacccagaga tgtatctccc aggtgatttc aaaccaactg tcatactcag    175980
     ctgtgcttta cacttgacaa gacacttcac cctgctgtag ttgtcaccta ctttttctca    176040
     tcttaagtag ccaggagcta ttcatccatg cacctctggt ataaggcatt ggcttgcatg    176100
     ttggagaact ttataacaat ggtgtcgcac tgaacatgtc tttctgtaac ttttttccac    176160
     caatactaaa cttttgagct ttatgtatct tgatatatgt agctcttgtt catcctctga    176220
     gggggaggac agcttgaaat tgatataagt aacctttttt ctctaacacc caaaaccaag    176280
     tcttgaatgc atcttatctc aaagtttgaa catgttactt cccatactta aggctaatta    176340
     accaggtatc tatgattata tgcaagattg ctttttacag ttaaccagtt aagcatgttg    176400
     atggcttaat ccaacatttg tgcaaacata tgcctcctgc agcatacttt aggcatcctg    176460
     tcctgccaga gtctgttcct aggttttctg tttattgtac tgacctctgt tctcatggca    176520
     gtagcataca tatcagtatt tgatagggca cacaccttga gcaacttctt caaagatccc    176580
     ttagctactc tgagactttt gttcaaattt tcccatctgc tatatatatg tattcagctt    176640
     gtcaagttcc ttgatgaagc tgtgagatta ttactgcaat tgcatttatg ttctggcaaa    176700
     tttttaaaag agctctttct ttctattatt tagtcttact ttctttttct tttcttcttt    176760
     ttttcttctc tttttccttt ttgaattttt ggaacagggt tccctgtgta gtcctgtctg    176820
     tctgggaatt cactatatag accaagatgg cctcaaattc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc    176880
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcctgagc caccaccacc tagcaagcct tcctttctat    176940
     aaatatctcc cagttggtaa tgccactcag tgatgttgta ccatacttca caaacatttt    177000
     atatatcttt tgttgaattt attcatgtgt accccatcat gtgttaatta ccaacttata    177060
     ctgcatttca atttctgctg atatttagga atatggctaa ttttcacaat acacatatac    177120
     atacatatgg tagttttagt tttggggttg tttttgtttg gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtacgc    177180
     acaattacat gcaggagctt tcagagacca aaggctcaaa tcctattaga actggagtta    177240
     caagagtttg tgagcataca atatgggtat agggaagcca actcagtttc tcttcaagag    177300
     catgacccct ttaaggtcac atatcagata tcttacatgt cagatactta tattacaatt    177360
     tatagcagta gcaaaattgc agttatgaag tagcaatgaa ataactttat ggttgggagt    177420
     cactacaaca ttaggaactg tattaaaagg ttacaaagtt aggaaggttg agaaccaatg    177480
     cactggtgag attaatttgg tttcttgttt tttaaacatt ataaattaga tttgtcttct    177540
     ccttccacta tggcttggac ttgtagaatg atgtataata aaagaagcaa agaatatata    177600
     tagctagctg ctttcctttc ttccttctgt cttttttttc ccatagtgct actgtagact    177660
     gaacctaggg ccttacactt gctagatgtt tggctctatt agcaaagcat ggaaggcacg    177720
     actaaagtta tgtgtgtgtg tgcataggta tgtgttcaca tggcaagatt ggtatcagag    177780
     catccaggag aattttgcaa tcagaaattt ccctacaggt tggtggtcca tccttccctc    177840
     catggagatg ctctcctata gtgatctacc acgaatagtg ttagttttga tgcctccctc    177900
     agatgtgatc ggatggaaaa aataagatct actcttttag attggaatac cataatgtgt    177960
     ccagagttcc tatggataca aaggttatct tttgggttat cttagaagac atagaaataa    178020
     aagatactcc agcaagtgac ttggaaatgc cttagatagg acttgctcat gcactttgaa    178080
     tagcaataat tcctgactta tatattcctt tgaacttttt tcttccagaa actcatttta    178140
     accagcagtg ccagtgttgt ctttgagggt gttgacataa aaaatggaac tgaagacctc    178200
     ccttacgcca tgaagcctat tgactattac acagagacca agatcttgca ggagagagta    178260
     tgttctttaa aggcagttaa atgagcagat acctcaaatg tctccattca taagaaaaat    178320
     tatctatgaa catgggaatg ttactatttt aaggcccaag tacccaacat gagatgtaaa    178380
     ttcatgtgtg aagttaaatt tcaagaggac agaatacctt aatgtggcca gatactgttc    178440
     tcagtatttt ctgtgaacta ctacttttac actccgaaat gatctcatac agtagatact    178500
     ctttcttatc atctccaaat gacaggaaaa tatcctggtt cgcagaggga tccagagcct    178560
     tcatcagggt tctcatcgtt tccatgtgat tgggttgagc actgagattg caaggacact    178620
     ggggatcctg ggctgtagac tgggcagctg taggcttcca tctcttaggc ctttgcagca    178680
     caccacacac tgtggtccac tccccaagct ggtactccta aactgaagct ctgcactcaa    178740
     gtggcatgag tcatcctgtt ctgcctgtcc tcacattcag ctcagaactg gacacagtca    178800
     catagaaatc acagcagagc ctgttctcag ctgattaaga gcgacttcct aaaccagatg    178860
     tggcctttga caggctaaag tcctatgtcc gtgctgtgtc ctcctgctcc atggaactag    178920
     gtttaaggaa aaccaaagcc tacaatgagc ctcctgttaa ttagttacct caggccctgt    178980
     gcagctgagt aagctcatga cctccagatg gaagcctggc ctcaagtcat gaatgtgtca    179040
     ctggcatgga cttttgggta ttcagccgga agtctgaaaa acgggaggtg actccaacag    179100
     taacttaatc ttgttttcca gatcaacact ttaaaccctc ttaataatag gtcatttggg    179160
     ggattagtcc agaaactctt caaattccat tctctttagc actaaagata gccatgacaa    179220
     aggccatttg aaggcttgct cattcccttc agcacctgca tacatatttt gccaccttgt    179280
     ttttactaac aataataaca aatcatttcg gaaattactt acgaggcaaa acctgttttt    179340
     ccgtatagtc atgcttcata aggatgaaga catgttcaga gaaatgcatc gttgggtgac    179400
     ttatcattgt gggaacgtag tatacctgaa aaactcagac agctaatggt acctctagca    179460
     tatgagacca ccaatatgtg tctttgtgtg tatatgtgta tgtctacatg ataatggagg    179520
     tatatggaca cgtgtatgtt tgtattgagg caggtatcat cttctggaat attgtccacc    179580
     tcctttgaga caaggtcatt cattgacctg gaactcacta gttctaaagt ggttgtttag    179640
     taagcctcgg ttatcttcaa gtgtctctct tcatagcctt gggattataa gcatgcacac    179700
     tgacctagaa ctcaccaatt agactaaaat ggttatccat caagcctccc tcacatatcc    179760
     tcctgtgcct gtctccatag ccatgggatt ataaacatgc acctccacat attttgacat    179820
     gggttgtagg ggatcaaact catatccttg tgcttgcaaa gtaaaagttt tgctgactga    179880
     gccagctccc caactctatg tatctgttgt tgactgaacc ctttattaat ggtgcatgag    179940
     tatgcttgaa gcttcacaca cgacactgaa ttcaggagct cttttggtgg tagcagcctt    180000
     gctggaggct caagactact tcactaacta gaactctcat accctttcca gcaattaaag    180060
     aagccaggat acaccttctg gctgcatgtg taaatagcca ttatacccaa cctaaacttt    180120
     ctgatttcaa tcctagcaga tgttagccag attctcctgc cttgttggtt tttcagggac    180180
     aagtgggata gagttatagt gtgctgtccc aaggcagaca actgtccagt gtcctgcaca    180240
     cacaccaaat atgtcatagg tctgcctcct agtgggaagt attccacaca tagtaaggta    180300
     ctatcttagc tcaggaaacg tcttatagtg gctcctttct ctcctgctct ctttcaggca    180360
     gtactggatg ccaacgaccc taagaagaat tttttaaccg cagccattcg tcctcatggc    180420
     attttcggcc caagggaccc ccagttggtc ccaatcctaa ttgatgcagc tagaaagggc    180480
     aaaatgaagt tcatgattgg gtaaggcagc tcccattgct ctctgtgatc cattctgact    180540
     gtgatcacac atgtagaaaa taatttgaga ctgtctgagt ctattcgggc ttttttaaca    180600
     aagtagtata gtgtgggtaa catcacaaac aggagtaact cagagctcac agttctggag    180660
     actgagaagt ccaagatcag ctgtcagcaa aattggtatc tgctaagaga acttagcaat    180720
     gtctgctaag aactatctag tcctcctacc tgctgtgtat ctttatgagg cccctattcc    180780
     cgggggcagc actctcatgt tctaattacc ctgtaaagtt tccacctcca aacataagta    180840
     cattgaggat tagattctaa caagaatatt gagggaacag aaacatttag accatacatg    180900
     tgagcttctc tgttgacctc catgttgatt ccctgaaagt actatattcc cagttcttaa    180960
     aacaacaaaa attgatgctc agttatggaa accagaagtc taatgcagct gttggcagga    181020
     ctagctcctg gctgctgtga ggagcccaca ggccaccaag cttgtcgttg ctgctccttg    181080
     cataccactg tatcactcct acctcatacc tctgatacag acatcagcat tgagctaaga    181140
     cttctgctct agtcttacca taactaattt catctgcaag acactatttc gacatacagt    181200
     cactctacaa tttccagagt ggtgtaagct ttagaaagat accattcact gattcccctg    181260
     acttaaaact ttgagggatt acggaggcag tgctagaaaa ctggaagtcc attggcgggg    181320
     tgtatcctgg gcaagtgttt gagatatatg cctcaaatct gagcctaaga agacacgttg    181380
     gtgctcgtcc tgcaagacat gcaggacacc atgctctcgt attcaatatt tcactgctcc    181440
     caagagcccc agtggttctc catggtcaca tttccttacc tgctacaatc acttaactgt    181500
     accagaggca ggcactgttg aggtagaagt agattagttt atttaatgtc tcaatgctgg    181560
     aactttgtgg ggccagcatc cagatactca gcacaactta aatacttcct gtgtacccac    181620
     agaaatgggg aaaacctggt ggacttcacc ttcgtggaga atgtggttca tggacacatc    181680
     ttagccgctg agcacctctc ccaagatgca gctctaggtg gaaaggtaag atacttgctt    181740
     ctctcagcac tttaggatcc gctgggaagt tctataccat agcaacatca cattactttg    181800
     gagttgacag ccaggacaga cccaaacctc aaggcttttt tctctagagc tctcatgttc    181860
     actccaggcc tggccacatg tacattgggc ggatgcctgc tcctcatttt tctccttttt    181920
     atagtccaga tcatcatcct ccctccccac gcacacacat ggctcacatt gctcaggcct    181980
     gatattcctc tagcaagtga tgcgtatgaa ctccctgaca tttgatactc agaagtcagc    182040
     agagtggaga gaatctattc tgttccttca tgttgcctcc tacttgtcag ggctagctct    182100
     gtaatccctc ctgagtactc agtactcttt tctccccggg aacattttcc attttcccac    182160
     tttgggagtg gttggaaatg gggtggttat agcttttggt ttaaaagatc taatatagat    182220
     cttacatgca aagattaaaa ccaaatgtaa ccttctaagt gcaagctaaa cttcacttaa    182280
     agtcctggcc ttttgtagaa tttgtatcac ctcccctctt tgcccttaaa cactgcccat    182340
     tctgagagtc taagacgggc acattgctgc agctaggcat gtgacgcttg ataacacaac    182400
     ctcaccattt agtgcccctg caaaagagat ggggcaggct ggacagtgtg cctttgcttt    182460
     ccacagaagt tggaagtgga gccagcaagt tgagcttagg gacccatgtg tggcctgatc    182520
     actctagcag ctgtgcaggc ctttctaact tcatgttctt ttaccaggca tttcacatca    182580
     ccaacgatga accaatccct ttctggacgt tcctgtcccg cattctgaca ggcctcaatt    182640
     atgaggcccc taagtaccac atcccctact ggatggccta ttaccttgct ttcctgctat    182700
     ctctactggt gatggtggtc agccctctca tccaaatcca gccaaccttt acaccaattc    182760
     gagtggcatt ggctggaaca ttccactatt acagttgtga aaaagccaaa aagctctttg    182820
     ggtaccggcc actggtcacc atggatgaag ctgtggaaag gactgtgcag agtttccacc    182880
     acctgcggaa ggacaagtga agttccccag tgccctcccc agtaactttc tcctctctgt    182940
     tctaaagaac gcatatcctt aactgagttt ctcttgacct gtgtgtccct tgctggttag    183000
     atggtagcat acctgacacc ctccatgaca ttggaggtga caacaggaga catttctccc    183060
     aggatagcat tgaacttctc aggcagagtc ataatctact gcttgggtct ttttctctcc    183120
     cccacacccc tacttctgtc tcctgggttc attatcagaa agacagcact aaagtgaagt    183180
     ctttatctgg ggtcttaaaa attgaagcaa aaccagaaat tgtaaacaca cagtaagcct    183240
     tcagacatac attttatatg atcacagtac aatagctcaa agtattgatg aatgtaatcc    183300
     ccaatcctta aggataaatc cactgctggt tccttgcccc tcacatactg tctaggtctc    183360
     tttcaaagat ggttgcagtg tctgcctcta ttgtttttcc ataaatcatt tcaatttatc    183420
     cacagactct ggtgtggtct ttattgctca gtgatggtgc aatgcaatgg tacagtgtgt    183480
     gctgtgttag ctggtcagct cctaataaac aggagatgat ggctgcttgg caataagcca    183540
     aaaagagtgg tctccttcat cgacatgatg tttgagtaga aactcctccg tgagatgggg    183600
     cagaatgggt tacagacatc tttgcagctc atttcacaga acattattag gccactttcc    183660
     aaagagtaca ggccactaac aatccagcca tttctgttct ctgaactcat tgaaatgtat    183720
     tcttgaagaa ttctaagttc ttcttcatca ctgttcaaca gtaagatgat tgggggaaaa    183780
     taacaaagaa ataaaagcca tacagtttgt gttgctggct gttcttccag aggtcccagg    183840
     ttcagttccc agcacccaca tggtaactca taactgtctg taactcctgt tccaagggat    183900
     ccgacaccct cacacaaaca cacttgcagg caaaaatacc aatgtacata aaatacaaat    183960
     aaattatgaa aaatggaaaa ggacagaata ccatgggaag aagatggtcc tgtgaatgaa    184020
     tctggtgtag gaactaggtg tggaagcagt gtcccctcag acctcaaaga cggagttaat    184080
     tagaaagaga cagaccctac attcttaact gctcactctt tcccagcttt cctgactcag    184140
     gcccactcac ccactatgcc cttttggagg aaatgcaagc accaggaaat ttcagccttg    184200
     ggcatacccc aaactgtgac aggggataga cctggcactg tgcctgccag tcctgcagat    184260
     agttccaacc actgaagtag cctcacctca gccactacaa gacacaactt gctgtcatca    184320
     caggccgaag tcctaggggt tacccaacct gttgaatttc tgatgaccta cagtagctgc    184380
     ctagaacatg gagcttggcc tctgcatctg ccatgcagta ctttctccct agagaatcag    184440
     agccagagga aggcagctaa ctttctgtat gtctaatgag gtgatctccc atttcagtcc    184500
     cttttcccat ctctatggct gctgacctag ttcttcctgg ctcatctgca cctgagtcag    184560
     gtgtgctgtg atagcaagct gatctgtccc tcttccagtc ctggggatgt cagacctaaa    184620
     acaattctag attctacctc actactcaca atgctttagc agatctcaat gttctcccag    184680
     cctacctttc cacttccacc actaggctaa catgtactgt attgcagcaa aactgtacca    184740
     tcacttttga ccctgtcatc catatacttg ctcaggttgt cctgcttgct gacagtgcat    184800
     ttttgtggcc attcctttcc ttcccagatc ccctcccgct cctcagtctg tggctcttgg    184860
     ccttcacctc atttcatgtg tttcctgcct ttgctttctc ctacttccgc cagaccatag    184920
     gttctttcag ggacagaggc agccagtgtc ctgccagcac agggtagctg tccattaagc    184980
     acaggtgatc ttctttcctg acttggtgtc ctaggggaac agcaggaagt gctggggtag    185040
     agatgagcca cagtcccagc atacatgtgt gggatctgca acctctgagt accataaatt    185100
     agcctttcag catgtgtctt tcaccaatat gtcagataag actgtgacct aataaaaaat    185160
     tgcaagctag agaatttggg actcagcagc tgtagggaaa cctgctttgg agagagatcc    185220
     aaaggagata aggaagaggg cagtagtcat ctctgtctgc aagtctctaa actagctctt    185280
     ccactgtgga gtccaggact ccaaagtgaa agccatgcaa aggacagaaa tggcctcttg    185340
     cccttcacag gttccaggta tgccgtgaag ccgcacatgc tggtccacct ttcacaccct    185400
     ctccctccca actctactct ttatatatat atatatattc ttcattgaca tttcaaatgc    185460
     tatcccgaaa gtcccctata ccctccccct ccctgccctc ctccccaacc cacccactcc    185520
     cacttcctgg ccctggtgtt cccctgtact ggggcatata atcttcgcac aagtctactc    185580
     ttttatcccc aagagtacag cttgtgccat cctctaccca cttcctcggc gccagcatcc    185640
     tatacccaac ctccagctca ctgtggggga ggcagcacct gattctcttt cgaagtctat    185700
     ctccagcata atttcttcct tacagctccc ctcgcttttt acacgtccgt ctaattatgt    185760
     cctcagtcat atattaacca ttgacccaac tgcccactct cgcttacaga ctgatcttct    185820
     tgttccttag aggctaaggg ctttctattc tttacctatt tcatggaagg tacacactta    185880
     gtatgccaag agccaacaat tcccacatta gccacctgag ggagccccaa agatcctttt    185940
     cagagtcaga atgggaacta attgttttgg ccaataagca ccacctttca cattcatact    186000
     cagccagcct aatctagcta agagttccta agcctacagg atagcaggct tcaatctgat    186060
     atgtttgtaa cctgaaggtt tcaaaaagca caagtagggt ctggggagat ggctcaatga    186120
     ataagaatga ttgttgtaca agcaccagga actgagttca aatccccagc actcgcataa    186180
     aaagctgggc atgggtgtat gtgcctgtaa tcctagctct aggagtagga cagagacagg    186240
     aagatttctg ggacttgcta gctgccagcc taaccaaaaa caatgaactt taggttcact    186300
     gagagacctt gtgtcagtag aataaggtag acatctattg aggaagatac acaatagagg    186360
     aagatgcctg atgtcctctt ctggcctcca tacatgcact cacaggagcg tacacctgaa    186420
     catgtgcatc attctaaaac ttaggctgcc ctggctaagc catgattgac aggctgccag    186480
     agctgttcct tgattgacag gcacatcgca ctggcagtgg ggaaggggta ggagcagata    186540
     cgattgccat tttgcctttt tgttttcagc atctagtgat catctgtttt gttggcttgt    186600
     ggccccttct cttcatagca tattacttcc atctctgttt atactatctt atttttcact    186660
     gactcttatg aaaataggta agattttcct tatgtccact gagataatcc aggattatca    186720
     tctcttcatt ttaagactct tgaccacctc tggctggtgg ggttgcaggg cagaagtgtc    186780
     ctggtcctct aattttttgc atagcaaaac caatcgagca aaactctaca aaggtagaga    186840
     cagaaacaac tcaagtgagt gagaccaggc agccttgagt ctaaagccct gaaaccttgg    186900
     agaagcacag agagaaggta ccaagccacc tgatgaggcg tgaaacatgc tagaactcag    186960
     tgtggaagct aactgaaaga gagaagagag gtcaaaggac aggcaagtcc taacaggttc    187020
     agttggccac caatctgggg tagggcagcc aggcaagttg gctcagagaa gaaagtgctt    187080
     aattctcctt cttgccccac aagggcgcct gctaggcttc cactgggtcc aagaccttaa    187140
     gaaaactgtt agatactttc agccctgaac cagaaccatt cagatcattc cctggactgg    187200
     tttgtcactg atgagtgcaa aacctacata gaggtcacca ggagggtggt gctgagaaat    187260
     gtgggtggat tctcctgaga atccagtggc ctagggtgag caagtgctcg ttcagcactg    187320
     ctccaggctc tggactggaa catctgctag ttgctctggg tctctggctc cagcaagtat    187380
     gggactcaga cacttgggca tactactttg tactttctgt ggtgctgtga ttagcatgtc    187440
     tgaaaaggaa gctggcaggc tgagctaaag gctttcagcc agcatatacc aatgaagggg    187500
     tttccaggat aggactatgt aactcttcga agaatactgc aaaagctggg ccctgcacca    187560
     atgacagtag taagacccca ggtgccaaaa atcactgtag gctgttcaaa tgaaggaagg    187620
     agcagcaagg caagaaagta tacagtcaga gagacactgg aaagcctgat ttcatgacct    187680
     tggtttcatg cccaagccct catccctgtg aggtgacctt tttagtaaat agtctgtgta    187740
     gataaaatca agttactatt ccagggcctg aattcaaata taatggtgtt ctcagagaag    187800
     ggaacagagc cacagactat gactgaagat ggccatgtgg agaaagaaac agatgggaac    187860
     catgtggtca cagctgaaga acacctgggg ctactaaggc tggaggacac aaaaaagggc    187920
     catccttaga ggttcactgc caacattcta tttcagactt ccgactttca gaactgagag    187980
     agaagccact ccatcatttt aagcaccctg atttgtggtt ctttgttcca gcagccctgg    188040
     cacactaacc ttccccacgt gtctgcagag gtctaagtgt tgcatgtctt ctaagtgagg    188100
     tatcctctca ctgccacccc accagtgact aaacagcact cctccccttc aaagcacctt    188160
     gggaatacta attaactcgc acttaattga gtgaaataat gtgaagctct agtgacatca    188220
     tctccatcct gtgcccagat ctagccacaa gcacagtctg gtgactgttg ggctctgagt    188280
     cttgtcttgt ggtaacatgt tgagcctttc ccagctgtcc cacagaacat ggctggtgag    188340
     ggccctccat tcatctcagt tccgtagact taaagatggc cagttatgtg cacacttagt    188400
     cagcataggc acacaaatgg tttctgtgac tgaggacgac agggactaca ctgccatgca    188460
     tcatctgcac ttggccacac atcatcaaga tgatattact agtgcttcac ctgcaaaaac    188520
     acatatcctt tcatttattc tacactgtga gcccaagccc tgtggccctg tagccctgtg    188580
     gccctgaaga ccttcgtgcc tcttgcctaa tagaaccaaa aggagaagaa tccctctggt    188640
     gatgatgttc aggatcccag caggcaagaa ttacttgaag tgggtaagta gctgcttgca    188700
     aggcctggag gcaaaagtct gctggaagtc agaggtagtc taggccaaaa ttagttaaag    188760
     aagactcagt tagaggagac tcagatcaaa gcccatgggc cctgatgagg agtgggggct    188820
     gtccccacca tgtcagaatc attggtggtc aggaaactga ggtcagagta ctgcctttaa    188880
     ctctgccact agttaacctg atgacagcag ccacactgct taggctgttc agatgtgaag    188940
     ccataacccc tttatccaac atgcatctgc ctggatcact ttgtaccggg cagatctgct    189000
     cttggctcca tctactgaaa acttcacttg tgtgtcccaa cagatcgacc taaacatcat    189060
     tggtgataca aagactgtct ttgttcacaa gaaaagaaat gaaggccatc attgctgagt    189120
     tatcttgcaa tccttaatat tacgaaagga aagtaagcct ttaacaactc aaaccaccaa    189180
     accatgtact ctcttgtttt cactctgtat taaagtatat atttaattta gaattcagaa    189240
     gattaggcag gcaactactt caatcagatt cttgccttct ttggcgactg ctcagaagta    189300
     tgaccatgta aaagcacaca gacatggaaa tactttgctt ttttattgta ctttcaggga    189360
     tttctgacca tgaatgtttg gctccattag cttgggccta tagtgaagca gccatcatga    189420
     tggaagtttg tgacaacaca aaaaccattc accttgtcac tagaatacaa aagaaaggga    189480
     gaggggctgg tatatctcta taggcctttt cctaggccct ccccacaata ataaagacct    189540
     cctgtgaaaa catatcttct aaaactcaaa ctctcatcat ttcctggtag taccaccaca    189600
     gggagtaagc ctttaacact tagttctttt aggaagactt aacatcaaaa ccaaccatag    189660
     tctgcccaag aggacatgaa aacccgtcag catttcctct gtactccatc ctgtgtagtt    189720
     tttttctttg agaagttctt aagttacatt tttaataata aacaataata gcaggtaaag    189780
     tcatttccag agttctgtaa gccattcaag taaactattg aacttgagga agggctgata    189840
     agaaccctga gtttataacc agccatcagg aagggcagat ggcaacttag gacatgaact    189900
     ggcatctgaa gtggaggcaa ccctgtggga agtggactaa ctctaggtag ctttgtgtca    189960
     gaagtggatc tcattgcaga acatgcagct ggtatctgga gattcagaaa ataaactgtt    190020
     ggccagaggc aaatacctac acttttgggc tgggtgggtc agtatgagtc aaaatagttg    190080
     agaccctagt aattaatctg ggtgctactg tgaaatactc tgcagtagtg attcaggtcc    190140
     atcatgaatt aactgtaaaa tagggagatg atcctagacc ctcagcctca gccaatcatc    190200
     tatgttgtgg tggtttgcag cataggtcca tatctaaagg gcccagcttg ctattcttta    190260
     tggctgtgct ctgcaatgta gacctcctca agtggccccc actatcacat gagtcacttc    190320
     ctttcaatgg atttttatat gctgctgggt tttttttttc ttttggaatg gatagctaat    190380
     tcattctctc aacaaaatct tcacacttag ggaaatggat tctctcaacc atttgacaga    190440
     atctagaaaa agaaggaaca ttccctaaag ggaacagaaa ataagaaaat gacaatccaa    190500
     acataaacat agatgccaaa aataaaactc caccacctca acagtcatag gtaaggaagg    190560
     tatatggaac atagtcttgt atcaaagcaa gttggtgtag atgcaggggt acaattgctt    190620
     aggtagctct cattaatata cagtaggcta gaattcagtt caaaaattgg aaagtcaact    190680
     atcaaacttt tagaagtaca cttgacaaca ataaccatga gctttgatta tgtcatagcc    190740
     ttattttacc tcttgacatc tttcatgcct cagaatccaa agttaaggca ccaggttgaa    190800
     gaggatccct ggatcaactg aagttctgca tcactctcct ttactgccca aatctatgga    190860
     gaagcctgat ttgcagcatt ggttgctaca aaattgaatt gtgtccttag ggcaagttat    190920
     ttaatctagc acaattgctt ttctgaaggg ctccaggagc tttggattgc tatctggcct    190980
     cagccacttc aaagctatgt ggctgtatgc cctcacttct ctaagcctca ggatcctcct    191040
     gtggaccata caccaatgac agcagctaga aggcagtaca ggaatatatt ctggatcaga    191100
     tctgtctgcc tagactctca gtaagggcca catcaacagg caactaagat catagccccc    191160
     agaaagaaag ccagctggtc atggattatt ccctgttggt gactggtgaa accttcactc    191220
     ccattgcaag caaaacattt acactgaagc ttccaagtat aagttacctc ttgacctatc    191280
     cagaaatgtc ctactaaaaa gccaatcatg ttactttggt catgtgaggc attttacaca    191340
     catttttact taaacataaa tttctttagt tcatttttga gacaggctct tggtgtgcag    191400
     ctctgggtgt cctcaaactc agtatgcaca ccacaatggt ctcagactca aagcaatctt    191460
     gcctcagact cccacatgct aggactacag aaaaaagcca ccaaccccag ccaataattt    191520
     aattgtcacc aaagggaaaa gccttcttac ggaggtagca gaaagaaggg gtccaaagta    191580
     tcaagagtag atttctcagg acacctagta gaggcgtttg gcgccattct taaagattag    191640
     ctttcctgtt gagatcagga actgctggcc aatgtattcc tgtgctccct actagctgtt    191700
     gccattgggg caggggcacc ctgaacagct ggaaaaggat cgtaccttcc ctttgggata    191760
     tgctccacag aaggatacgg aagcttagag tagtgtgagc atatagccat atcgctttga    191820
     agtggtttgc caattttggc accctgtgta aaatgtaaat aattatcatt acatcacaaa    191880
     gtggtatgaa cctgaaatga aattatttct gacaaaataa gtattaagta aacatccgca    191940
     agagaatcac ttgccttgat ccagcttcat caagatggtc ttgtctctcc agtaatgtca    192000
     tgtcaggcag ggatcagaag tctctggtct tgtggttacc gaaatttgga tcagattgaa    192060
     atgtcaattg aaggcttgtg gtcactgttc ctccaggcag ggaagcctcc tagaaaagga    192120
     ggtctaccct tgccatgcag gtaaatctca accaaggtga cttctgaacc ttttatcaaa    192180
     ctccttcctt atggaaatcc tctcatgaaa ctgtgattcc tctctggcct tctctggtca    192240
     tcttgacata ttcactcttt cttatgctat atccaccagg agcttcaagg ggccaaggca    192300
     agctgcctac atccctacat aattagttct ctctgggtcc cagtcatgtc attgcatgtc    192360
     aacttcatct tctctgggtt gtcacataag ccactcaacc ctactatgga tgccttctcc    192420
     tccaccattt attcctgaag accagacagt ttccctaaat tgtctcacat ggcatttctg    192480
     atttctaagt aatagatgat tggtggaagc agccaacaca aacaggctct gaaccccagg    192540
     cctccctggt caaagctgga aaatagagtt gggaatgagg atatgaaatc gtgtgccagc    192600
     cacacagaaa cattctgctg ctccaagaaa cctacatcaa aggggccaca gggtgagcta    192660
     atagaaggtg aacaaatgtg actccacatt aattgccctt tacgtagaat ccagacttta    192720
     cagggaggga agggctggga ttataggtgt gcactgctat ttctagtaga tgtagtgcag    192780
     agtctctggg ggatgacttc tccttccagc agtggcacta tagtttatgg cttaagacac    192840
     tactcagaag caaaaactgc cattggctct gggtctcata tgctccctgg aaagagtgct    192900
     ttggcatggc ttgagttggc tctttgtaaa gtacttgggg aggggggcat cagagtcact    192960
     gttcaagttg aatctgaagt ttctgcgact ggtaaagcta gcctgtatgc taagaacagc    193020
     tttctttttt tgtttttatt agttgatttt attatgaaag cagtgtactg tcataaaaaa    193080
     aatcaaagaa cacagaagga aataaagaaa tttaagtgcc ctcttattct gcccacacaa    193140
     acccacttcc agaggcagcc actataatca ttttttgtgt gaaaccttct agatactttg    193200
     tatgtggaaa tatgagataa actgattttt ggaaaatgat ttttgaaaaa gactcttaac    193260
     ataattttta gtaactgtgt gcatgtgtga gcatgcaatc acacacatgt acagtgtact    193320
     gagatcttac tcatcctacc tcctacttca ccactcctac tgatcccctc atcccagctc    193380
     atccctctta cctttatatc ttttgaaatc actaagttta agtagtatca cttgcatgag    193440
     cattgctaag agggttttta ttagaaagtg ggcaatttac cagtgggtag accacagatg    193500
     aaagtgacac acctccccca gaaccattaa ctgccaacag ctccccaggg aagggtaggg    193560
     cctccctgat ccgtgttgga atatcaaagg gctgaatttt gtatacatct tgaacagtta    193620
     gggataagtg ttgtgtcctg ttcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctct    193680
     accaccacca cctcctctac caccaccacc accacctctt gttcttcctt ttggtatgtg    193740
     ctatgtgtgt ggaggttatg tgtgtggggt gtgtatgtgg tattcatatt gggtatgtgg    193800
     ggccatagaa aaaggggtag aaagaatata agggcctgaa aatgaagaag aaagctgtga    193860
     agtgttctgc ctatgacatg gccattgtag tcacgaacac agagcagtgg ctggggacaa    193920
     tatattgaag atgactggta actagctttc ttccagaagg ttctatgcag actgctgggg    193980
     aagaaagttc atcaatgatc ttacccagct taccatttat tcctcagtac attctgcaca    194040
     cacatgaatg ttcaggtcca tgtgtgtatg tggaggccag agaagcacct agggtgtctt    194100
     ccattgctct ctctgccttt ccccttttga tggggtctct cactgaacca gaagttcact    194160
     gcttcagcta ggctagctgc aagtaggctt cctgaacttg cctttttgtg ctccacaatg    194220
     ctgagattac aggcacatcc aggctctgat ttttgtaagg gcccccaggg attcaaacca    194280
     aggttctcct atttgtacaa aaagaaaaca ttgcatagca ctcctctcca tttggaggct    194340
     tttatattct ctctgccccc tctttcacaa tgctacctgg gccctggaag ggatgatatg    194400
     ggtgtcctgc taagggctaa aactcaactg tcacttattc tcagcacttt gcccaatcat    194460
     gagtctctgc actaaccacc acccattaca aaaagattct tctctgccta cagtggagag    194520
     caacattagt tagtctgtag gtataatcat gaatacttag aatacaattt ggctacatgt    194580
     ccaattaaca aagcgtcaat agtatgttgt cccctaaggc atgtgacttt cccttttgat    194640
     cagttttaca tatattgcct actatagatc aggactcaaa tctaatcaga aagagattat    194700
     cttccaagca gtcatatgat aattgcacca gtggtaaaat attgcctggc aggtcagcat    194760
     acaggatcca cagctgggta aggccactaa tgagtagtct tccatagcaa cctgcacata    194820
     acatcctggc actatgaaag ttaaccagga aacaagcttc caaatcgctt tcatcttgat    194880
     ttctatatgc cttgcaacca aaatcggtgg tttcttaacc aattggtttg taacatctag    194940
     tcctaatggg ccaccaagag caaatgctgt atgctgtatg atttggggat ctagtggaac    195000
     ttccttggcc aataactcat agaaaggtgt ttggtttggt ttggtttttg agacaaggtt    195060
     tcacagagac caggccagct gggtgttgaa ctctataggt aattgaggat gcccttgagt    195120
     tccagatctt tctgtctcta cctatgaagt actggaacta cgggaatgac agttttttaa    195180
     atgaaagggg tagagagatg gatcagcagt taagagtaat ggttgttctt ccagagtacc    195240
     aaggtttgat tcccagcacc cacatgacaa cccacataac cccagttcta ggagatctga    195300
     tggcctcttc tggtcaccat gggcattcca cacatgtgga atacagatat acatgtggta    195360
     tacagatata tgttcaggca aaaaaaaacc catacatata aaataaaata agtaaatctt    195420
     tttaaaagtg aaatattata ggaaatacaa aatagaacat gagaaaacaa aaacaacaac    195480
     aacactactc aaatcctgct ctgagagatc caggatctcc ctcctaagcc cacaggtgag    195540
     atcaccactt tcactacaat aactctccaa agaaggacct gccaggagaa cacagggtac    195600
     aggaaccatg gagcagctgg ggacagggtc cttctggtct ccatctgcat cctaaagcta    195660
     aagctgtcac acaagcctgc atatccaaat cccacccagg acagagctgg tctctgcagg    195720
     agtgctaaca cacctaagat cacaggctaa gaggtccaca ggagtgtcag ggacagcaaa    195780
     accaactaac accacaaata tccagatagc gagaggcaag cacaagaatc taagcaacag    195840
     aaaccaaggc tacttggcat catcagaacc cagttatccc accacagcaa gtcctggata    195900
     ctccagcaca cccgaaaagc aagattcaga tctaaaatca cttctcatga tgatgataga    195960
     ggacattaag aagggcataa ataacttctt taaagaaata caggatggct ttgacagtgc    196020
     cttgcaaata cagaagtgga tgctcacagt catctatagg atggaacaca gggcccccaa    196080
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc tgaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggtggaac    196140
     aacaatatgg tctaaccagt acccccagag ctcgtgtctc tagctgcata tgtagcagaa    196200
     gatggcctag ttggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacttgaaat ctttatatgc    196260
     cccagtacag gggcaagaag tgggagtggg taggtagggg agcagggcgg ggggtatagg    196320
     ggacttttgg gatagcattt gaaatgtaaa tgaagaaaat atctaataaa aaaaatttaa    196380
     aaaggagaac acaggtaaat aaatagttac aagtccttaa agagggaaca caaaatccct    196440
     tagttacagg aatatacaat caaacagttg aaggaaagga acaaaaccat ccaggatcta    196500
     aaaatgaaaa tagaaacatt aaagaagtca caaagggaga caaccctgga gttagaaaac    196560
     ctaggaaaga aatctggaac catagatgcg agagcatcag caacagaata caagagatag    196620
     aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagatacca tagaaaacac tgacacaaca gtcaaagaaa    196680
     atgcaaattg caaaaagctc ctaacccaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa    196740
     gaccaaacct aaggataata ggtatagaag agagcaaaga ctcccaattt aaaggggcca    196800
     gtaaatatct tcaacaaaat tatagaagaa aacttcccta acctaaagaa agagatgatg    196860
     aacatacaag aagcctacag aactccaaat agattggacc agaaaagaca tttctcctgt    196920
     cacataatag tcaaaacact aaatgcaaaa agacaaagaa aggccggaca gtggtggcgc    196980
     acacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag agacaggcag atttctgagt tcgaagccag    197040
     cctggtctac aaactgagtt ccaggacagc cagggaaaca cagagaaacc ctgtcacaaa    197100
     aaaaaaaaga caaagaatat taaaagctgt aagggaaaaa agtccagtaa catatgaagg    197160
     cagacctatc agaattacac cagacttctc accagagact ataaaagcta ggagatcctg    197220
     gacagatgtc acacagaccc taagagaaca caaatgccag cccaggctac tatatccagc    197280
     aaaactctca gttaccatag atgaagaaac caagatattc catgacaaaa acaaacttac    197340
     ataatatttt cccataaatc cagccctaca aaggaaaaca gatgaaaaat tccaacaaaa    197400
     ggagggaaac tacacccttg gaaaagcaag aaagtagtct tctttcaaca aacccaaaag    197460
     aagataggca cacaaacata attccacctc taaaaacaaa aataacaggg aataacaatc    197520
     actattcctt aatatataac agactggata tgtaaacagg acccagaatt ttgctgcata    197580
     caggaaatgc acctcagtga caaagacaga cattacctca gagtaaacac ctaaaacaac    197640
     agaaagccta catacacatg gaagctgaag aagactctat tcgatgataa cttggtcaag    197700
     gaacaaataa agaaaaaatt taaagacttt ttagaattta atgaaaatga aggcacaaca    197760
     ttccaaaact tatgggacac aatgaaagca gtgctaagag gaaaacttat agctcgattc    197820
     cctccaaaaa gaaactggag agagcataca ctagcagctt aacagcacac atgaaagctc    197880
     tataacaaaa ggaagcaaat agacacaaga ggtgtagaca acaggaaata atcaaactta    197940
     gggatgaaat caaccaaata gaaacaaaaa gatctataca aagaatcagc aaaactagga    198000
     gctggctctt tgagaaaatc aacaagataa acccttagcc agactaacca gagggcacag    198060
     agacagaatc caaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga ggcataacaa aagaagcgga    198120
     ggaaattcaa aaaatcatta aacctactac aaaagcctat actcaacaaa actggaaaat    198180
     ctggatgaaa tggacaattt tctagacaga taccaggtac caaagttaaa tcaggattag    198240
     ataaaccatg tgaacactcc cataacccct aaagatgtag aagcaatcat taaaagtctc    198300
     ccaactaata aaagcccagc atggctttag tgggtttagt gcagagttct atcagacctt    198360
     caaagaagac ctaataacaa tactctacaa actattccac aaaatagaaa cagaaggtac    198420
     tctacacaat tcattctatg aagccacaat tatgcttata cctaaaccac acaaagaccc    198480
     aacaaaaaaa ggagaacttc aggccaattt cccttatgaa tatcgatgca aaaatactca    198540
     ataaaattct cgccatgatc aagtaggctt cattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaagga    198600
     cctccacata aaaccaggta cactgaaact catagaagag aaagttggga agagcctcaa    198660
     agatatgagc acaggggaaa agttcctgaa cagaacacca atggcttatg ctctaagatc    198720
     aagaattgac aaatgggacc tcataaaatt gcaaagcttc cgtaaggcaa aggacactgt    198780
     caataggaca aaatagcaat gaaaagattg ggaaaagatc tttaccaacc ctacatctga    198840
     tatagggcta atatccaata tatacaaaga actcaagaag ttaggcccta gagaacaaaa    198900
     taatcctatt aaaaatgggg aacagagcta aacaacaaat tttcaactga ggaaactcaa    198960
     atggccgaga agcacctaaa gaaatgatca acatccttaa tcatcaggga atgcaaatca    199020
     aaactaccct gagattccac ctcacatcag tcagaatgga taagatcaaa aactcagatg    199080
     acagcagatg ctggcaagga tgtggagaaa gaggaacatt cctccattgc tggtgggatt    199140
     gcaagcttgt tcaaccactc tggaagtcag tctggcggtt cctcagaaaa ttgaacatag    199200
     tattacctga ggacccagct ataccattcc tgggcatata cccagaagat gctccaacat    199260
     ttaacaagga tgcatgttac actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct    199320
     ggaaataacc cagatgtcct tcaacagaga tacagaaagt gtgatacatt tacacaatgt    199380
     agtgctattc agctattaca aacaatgact tcatgaaatt cttaggcaaa tggatggaac    199440
     tagaaaatat catcctgagt gaggtaactc agtcacaaaa gaacacacat gatatgcact    199500
     cactgataag tggatattag cccaaaagcc agaataccca agatacaatt cacaaaccac    199560
     atgaagctca agaagaagga aggccaaagt gtggatactt cactctttct tagaaggggg    199620
     aacaaaatac acatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtatg gagcagagac taaaggaaag    199680
     accatccaga gtcggctcaa cctgggggtc catcccatat acaatcgcca aactctgaca    199740
     ctattgtgga tgccaggaag tgcttgctgg acccatggct ccagccacat atatagcaaa    199800
     gaatggcctt gtctggcatc aatgagagga gaggcccttg gtcctgtgaa ggctcaatgc    199860
     cccagtgttg gggaatgcca gggtagggag gtgggagtgg atgggtgggt gggggagcac    199920
     cctcatagaa gcaggggagg ggatagggag tttttggagg gaaaattggg aaaggagcta    199980
     acacttgaaa tgtaaataaa taaaatatcc aataaaaaag gaaaaaaaga aaaagaataa    200040
     caaaaaaata ataacaacaa caacaaaacc acaaagtgac tcaagtttca gcttatagac    200100
     cataacaaca agtaatattc tccaagctgt ttctcaatac ctttgttata gaaataaaat    200160
     cacactgtgc tgtcatggat ctcttcttct tcttcttctt ctttttcttc tttttcttct    200220
     ttttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttctcct    200280
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctttttt attcttttga    200340
     tacagggtct cactatacat cctaatgcta tgtagactag tctgactttg aactcataga    200400
     cctctactcc cgaggattaa tggcatgcat caacatgcca ggctccaatg tgcctcattt    200460
     ttatgcaagc catatttccc tcttccattt aaaaatgtgg tatataattt cttgtgtcta    200520
     acttgagatc taaaatcatc ttgatcagcc agagtatcgc actataaaat gtgggatgtt    200580
     gttatggttt tgaatgtgaa atgttgccca tgagtgcatg tgttaaggca cttggttccc    200640
     agctgttagt attatttgag gaggttgtgg gatctttgta acataaagcc taacagaaag    200700
     aagttattaa gtacaagttt taaagagtat atcacattgg gttacagtcc tatgttcttt    200760
     attttcctgg tccataccat gtgacaagta caagttccca gcaccataga ctgagcccct    200820
     ctgttctgct ttcctgccat gctatccttt gtaaccataa acgaaataaa cctttaagtt    200880
     gttgctgcca ggtattttaa acctattgat taaaacttgg taggttttgc cactagtgtt    200940
     gtttgtttgt tttgtttcaa aacatagtct tatgtaacac aaagtcatgc tggtcttgaa    201000
     ctcctgatcc tcctgccttt gcctactgaa tgctgcgatt acaggcttat actatagtgc    201060
     ccagcataaa aaaagctttg aaaataccag tgaacagtgt tgtagtgagc atacctgtgg    201120
     ttcattttcc tcaccatgat gataatgcag gtgcaaacta ttaacaaata tctaaattta    201180
     taaatttggg aactcttgta ataaacatct tgtatccact gtactgacaa acataacaca    201240
     tctcacagca tcaagtgttg gcaagaattt aaaacactag ggatgctagg gcaggaaaat    201300
     tagtattcta ttgtcaggtc aaacaggttt gttacaacat catattcaac aaggttctct    201360
     aatcattctt gtttgtgtgt gggggggttg tctttttagt tgacacataa tgaatatgca    201420
     aattgggata ctgaaaaaaa acatgtgatc ccaaaacctg gaattcaagg aatgggcttg    201480
     aaagactaga attctattta aagttacaag caggattgaa atcatcttag atatgagtat    201540
     aatagagttc caaggactga tttctggata cttcaaaaat tcagagggta tggcctgtag    201600
     aaagaggaga aactgagaag gaactaaagg aaatagaagt gactggtctc agatgacact    201660
     agtgtcctgt aaaatatgaa ctttaaaagt agccattgga tttagcaaca tggcagactc    201720
     cagaccgtga caagagccac ttttgtctag tgatacaaat gaggaagaga aaagagaagc    201780
     aggaaatgta gatgattttc tggaggaaag atggctttca agaaaaaact ggcttcctgt    201840
     gtgagaattt cagaacactc tcagaatggc ctgattaaga gggactaatt tctaaaccag    201900
     gaggaaggaa gaagtgtatt atgtggcagg atatgggatg tacagcctat aaattgacct    201960
     ttaatctgaa tcaggacagg tcattccaaa gctccagaac aggggctaaa gtccctagct    202020
     aatgctactg gcatggatag atatttatac acatcatgtt ttatataata tgtaaatgtg    202080
     catatattat atcacatact aaaaggaatc tgtacatgtt agtactcctg ggtattttcc    202140
     atatgtgtta attggcaatt gatgactttt ctttttccta ttgtctgtcc cattctttcc    202200
     tggcctattt tcctgttggg ttaattttaa gatgagagct tgcattttca tatagagcaa    202260
     acaaaccttt ctcatctgtc atttctgtaa tgacagttat ggtgggtttt gctgtacagg    202320
     agtttttcat ttctccatct cttctcgtat gatttctggt tttcatgaaa tacttagaaa    202380
     ggctgtcccc accccaagat tccttctagt gcttttatag tttcgttttt acattaaacc    202440
     tctgagccat ctggagttta ttttcatgtg tagtatgaag tgggaaaccc agcttgctgt    202500
     tccaacatga tttcttggat gataatgctt ttaatgcact gatttgaaag gggaaagagg    202560
     gggcaggatc aggtgtggga agagacaggg agatgttcag ggatcaggaa attgaacaga    202620
     ggcgtatagc agtgggggat ggggaactgg gagtagcttt ggtcatacac tgcatctgaa    202680
     atgaaccctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cttccttcct    202740
     tccttccttc tttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttctt    202800
     acttgctgga tgttcctgtc tgctcactca ggtatggtat agcaagggct cactcgggaa    202860
     aagggcagtt gtgaaggggg aatggaggag agagacagtg accatgccaa atactaagta    202920
     ctgtgataaa gcagatagaa gagacttttc cctagacgtt ggtagttaag aactacttcc    202980
     tgtggtgaga agtagaggct agagagggta ggatgggctt gggaggaaga gaggaggggg    203040
     aggggaaaga gggggcagga tcaggtgtgg gaagagacag ggagatgttc agggatcagg    203100
     aaattgaaca gaggtgtata gcaatggggg gtggggaact ggggttagtc actagaaagg    203160
     cccagatgcc aggaaaacaa gagcttcccg ggacccaatg ggtatgacat tagctgaaat    203220
     acccaacaaa ggggagagag atcctataga gaccacatcc agaggttagg catgaccccc    203280
     agttgagaaa tggagccacc cacccatctc aaaaaattta accaagaatt gctcctgtct    203340
     aaaggaaata cagggacaaa gagtagagca gagactgaag gaaaggccat cagagactgc    203400
     ccaacctggg gatccatccc atatgtagcc agcaaaccca gacattgctg ataccaagaa    203460
     gcacttgctg ataggagcct gatgcagctg gcccctgaga ggctctgaca gagcctgacc    203520
     agtacagatg cagatgctca cagccaacca caggactgag cacagggacc ccagtggagg    203580
     agttgagaaa ggactgaagg agctgaaggg gtttgcaacc acataggagg aacaataata    203640
     tcaactaacc agactcccca gagctcccag ggactaaacc accaaccaaa gagtacacat    203700
     ggaggggccc atggctccag ttgcatatgt agcagagggt gtccttatct ggcatcaatg    203760
     ggaagggagg cccttggtcc tgtgaaggct tgatgcccca gtgtagggga gtgccagggc    203820
     aggagtgggt gggtgggtag gggagcaccc tcatagagac agggggaaag agatagcata    203880
     ggaggaaggg acaggggatt gcggagggga gactggaaag ggggatagca cttgaaatgt    203940
     aaataaagta taaccaataa aaaatgggga aaaaaaacaa cttcctgcta gaagcaatga    204000
     acttgccttg aaacctggga gtggtagtaa ggcaagtgaa ggagtcagta ctaaagcttg    204060
     gagacaggat aagtattgga tgtgaacatg cagaaatcca gggtgaactc tgtgagcaag    204120
     aggctggggc tatagcttgc accagacctg gatcagaagt tagagtctca gaaagtgccc    204180
     tgttgcctgt ttgaatagag agcacagagg taaacccctc taggtgcttt aaatgaatgg    204240
     acacaggggc ttgacaccag cagccaagag agcagagaag aggtgaggac accaatatag    204300
     actggatggc gatgggtgtc ggtaggaagt gctctggaag gtggagctgc agcaggactt    204360
     gctgattgtt tgaatgtgga tgaaccattc tgataatgaa gtcagggaga aaagattgct    204420
     ttggagggca acagggccct gagaatctca aactgaagca ttccatctcc taggaaatct    204480
     ctttaaaaca gaaggtaaac agcttcctga aaacagcttc ctgaaaacag cttcaggaag    204540
     tcccgaaaac tgatcagatt cactagaccc ctccctccca agagtaaaca atgctgctga    204600
     gactctctca gacaaaccaa gctgcagaca agactgagaa cggaccagct gcctaaagac    204660
     tcagaaacca gccacactgc ctagaagaaa tgtagaccaa cttggagagt cacttggaag    204720
     ggacactctc taacctatag agctgcctca ggctgtgcag tgtactccag gtcccccagc    204780
     tttgtgagct atcacccacg ctggtgtggg tcttggtgat gcagctgtct ttgagtcatt    204840
     tctgttcctg taagtaaccc ccatccatat tcatgtaagt gaccccaata aaactcattg    204900
     gtccaccaag atggacttga gtaacattca taatttattt gatctgttat agtctcccta    204960
     tctgggatga gttgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg cctgtgtgtg tgtacgtgtg tctatgtgcc    205020
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtacgtgtg tgtgtacgtg tgtatatgtg tctgtgtgtg    205080
     tgtatgggtc tgtgtttctg agcctgtgtg tgtctatgtg tgttatgaaa gtctgtcaca    205140
     aaacaagggc ttagaatgga gggacaagaa tgtttttgaa tgtgttagtt ttagttgatt    205200
     cttaaacact catgtggtga attc                                           205224