ID   AL671858; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 121969 BP.
AC   AL671858;
DT   01-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-341B14 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-121969
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 062e7f9c4907083608de8425177e29b5.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456109.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028865; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028868; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000049649; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028886; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028887; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028845; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028846; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028799; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028868; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028869; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028582; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028583; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029310; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029311; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028015; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028016; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028548; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028549; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028697; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028698; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028664; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028665; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028798; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028799; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028690; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028691; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029348; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029349; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027736; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027737; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028095; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028096; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL671858.6:1-121969; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000052090; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105910; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105911; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138831; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000151025; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068334; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068340; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068390; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068396; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068309; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068313; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068319; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067978; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067984; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068802; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068808; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068424; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068430; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067926; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067932; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068060; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068066; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067971; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067977; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068157; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068163; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067976; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067982; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068983; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068989; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067929; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067935; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067165; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067171; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q9D6W7.
DR   InterPro; IPR007947; CD164_MGC24.
DR   InterPro; IPR028288; SCAR/WAVE_fam.
DR   MGI; MGI:101908; Gpr3.
DR   MGI; MGI:1098641; Wasf2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1916905; Cd164l2.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9D6W7; C16L2_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-341B14 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..121969
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-341B14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    7308..7348
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_22263, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    7506..7506
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 130bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    10270..10402
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_22264, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    83503..83576
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_173917, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    83577..84108
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_173917, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    84109..84323
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_173917, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    90512..90621
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_173917, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    102716..102810
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_210488, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    102882..103080
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_210488, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    105272..105272
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 170bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    105273..105347
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    106350..106357
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_22266, version 2."
SQ   Sequence 121969 BP; 30473 A; 28143 C; 29577 G; 33776 T; 0 other;
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagtgaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca        60
     aaaaacccaa aacaaattaa acataaaaat caagggctgg agagatggct cagtgattaa       120
     gagcactgac tactcttcca gaagtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccgc atggtgactc       180
     ccaaccatct ataatggaat atgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg       240
     tactcatata cataaaataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaat ataataaaat aaaatcaagg       300
     agggagaggt gatatacacc tttaatccca ggactaggga gccagaaaca ggaggatttc       360
     tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacagagc aagttccagg acagccaggg ctgcacagag       420
     aaaccctgtc ctggaaaaca aaattaaaac accaccacca acaacaacaa caggggttgg       480
     ggatttagct cagtggcaga gtgtttactt agcaaggaca aggctctggg ttcagtcctc       540
     agctccagga gtgggtgggt ggatggggga gacaaaatac aacgataaat catgtctttt       600
     tttaaattaa ttaattaatt tattatatgt aagtacactg ttgctgtctt cagacactcc       660
     agaagaggga gtcagatttc gttacggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggg tgctggaatt       720
     tgaactccgg acctttggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag       780
     cccaataaat catttctgaa agagtaattt tgcaaaaaca gttataggag ccagctatag       840
     ggtatacagc tcaggggata agagcgattg cctagcttgc acaaggccct gcgttccact       900
     ttcaacacta gaaaggaaaa cagaaagaga gagagagaga gaaccataga aactgaacaa       960
     ttgagcagat gaaacactga aaactggcca gttacagctg ggagaaggac aattctagga      1020
     ttaaaatgtg tgtggacagc ctggaggtgg tggcacatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg      1080
     aggcaggggt aggcagattt ctgagttcta ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag      1140
     gacaaccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaccaagaaa aaaaaaagtg      1200
     tgtgtagact gtgggaactg aggacctgat ccttccgggg ggaggggggg gcaggggggc      1260
     ttgttatagg aggagaggtg cattccaaag ctggaagaag tgaacaggtg tgaagagcag      1320
     gagtggtttt tggcccctgc ctcacactgc accgacagcg agtcaccgtg aatcatgggt      1380
     gtaaacgtga tacagctgct acatgacagc atatggagtt aggcaaggtg gtgcatgccg      1440
     agcgtcccag ctctcaggag gggaagaccg aaggattata acgttgaggc caacccaggc      1500
     taagtaacaa gattccatct caaaaaccca agggcttggt gatcgggtag gaaagtaagg      1560
     gggtggggtg gagggaggaa ggaggagaga aagaaaggaa aagaaggcat ctgggagaac      1620
     tttcatgacc tgtgagactc aaagcttttt tgttgggttc aagcccacta accacagtct      1680
     gacgcaagac acagacctat taccatctca gtcctcggag accaagacag gaggatcgtg      1740
     tgtttgagcc tagcctgggc taaataacag catcctggct caggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      1800
     aagagcctgg taatgatatc aaatacctga aattctagca cttgggagcc caggatagct      1860
     ctgaacttgt cctcctacaa gagaccctag gtcaaaacaa caaaccagcc aggtgttacc      1920
     tgtgctccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca gtctgtctga tctctgagtt cgagaccagc      1980
     ctgatctaca gagtgaattc caggacagcc agggccctgt ctcaaaacaa caccaaccac      2040
     caccaacaac aaataacaag aagtgtccga gtgagttcca ggccacctgg tctacactag      2100
     caagttccag gccagccagg gctatgtagt gaatccctgg tctcaaaaca aacaaacaaa      2160
     caaaaaaaca aaaaaacaac aacaaacaaa caaaaacaga tgaagcaaag agcagaccac      2220
     cctgggcact gtgactgtgt aggagatgat gtttcatcct gagggtagtg ggtcataaga      2280
     aaggggatta aggcaggggt gggggagggg ataaacaggc tttatgacta agagttacct      2340
     tctctgctat gctccagaca gcaagatatt gcctaacacc taaggactca atgcaaaagg      2400
     aatcaaagga aaaacgggct cccttgctca gcagagacag ggcaaggctt ggattctacc      2460
     cctttgcaac caagatgcag ttttacaact tgaaaagtca cttaatccag gtgccaggat      2520
     gaggtggggc actgcaggtg gggcctggcg gtgaggcctg tcctgcaggg caccaggagc      2580
     tgcagtctgc cagctgctac ccatgtcaca actcctcctc ccgctccact ggctgtgctc      2640
     agcacctgga caccccctcc tttttccagt cttcctctca ggggaggaga gagctgggca      2700
     gggacgggag ccacgagttt cctccaccca ctcccacaca atagaacctg taacagatgg      2760
     agaagacaac aggcacccag gttcctgcag gatcccctcc cctgccaggc cttcaactcc      2820
     gtgaagaagt gcatgtctgt gatcccagca tttaggaggt agaagatggt gggtctctgt      2880
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctgtataggg agttccagga aagacagggc cacacaaaga      2940
     aactctgtct cgaaaaacca aaaaaagaaa tagggtaagg atgtacccca aggagcagag      3000
     cccttgccta ggagagccct aggttcaatc tccaacaaca catgaactag acatgatggt      3060
     gcccaccttc aacccctgca cttgggagac agaagcggaa ggttcagaga ctcatggtcg      3120
     tctttaggtt atagacccag tttcagggaa agcctgggtt atatgagacc cacatgatgg      3180
     agacaaagaa ctgaccacct caggctgttc tctgccctcc actcaagtcc tctgaggcat      3240
     gctgcccaaa cagactgaat aaatcgcatg gaatttttaa aaaagattta tttatttatt      3300
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tctcttgtat gtgggcacac tgtcgctgac      3360
     tttagacaca ccagaagatg gcatcagatc ccattacaga tgattgtgag ccaccatgtg      3420
     gtggctggga attggattcc agacctcagt gctcgtaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc      3480
     ccacatgcaa ttttagttct ttattcactc ttttctgaca acttgagaaa gctgtacatt      3540
     ggccaggaat tgaacctggg cctcccgggt ggcaggcaag aattctacca ctgaaccacc      3600
     aatgcttcac tccacatgca attttttttt tagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac      3660
     actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggggtcaga tcttgttaca gatggttgtg      3720
     agccaccatt ccacatgcaa ttttaaaaga aagaatattc ttggtgtcag aggaagccta      3780
     agcattacat atagggacag ctggggacca aagcagtcgt tgaggtctca caacacctct      3840
     gtgagatgct ctgatttcat ccatagccca gaagtggaga aactaagaga ggaatctgcc      3900
     tgtttcaaac tcccacagct ggcaggtggt aggggtgggg ctggagtcct gtgtcatctg      3960
     ctcctttctt tgtaccttat aggagcttga gcagaggaca tgcgggggcc acgaggagag      4020
     gagagggcag gaggtgaggc caggtcatgg gtagcagggt tgctttggtg agaagtacag      4080
     ttttacccag agagcactga agagccattc aaggggtgtg gctgaagagg tgactgagac      4140
     atctgtctat tttcagaagt gcacttcatt tatttatttt attttgaggt gtgtgtgtgt      4200
     ctcaagacag gatttcattg tgaatctctg gctgtcttga aatttactat gtagaccagg      4260
     aacttgcaga gagccttctg cccctctgcc tcccaagtga tgggataaaa ggaatgggcc      4320
     actatgccca gtttagaggt gcgttttaga gaaagacaat ctgggaggaa cttggtacaa      4380
     aaatctaata gaggtgctgg tcagatggtt cagcagttaa gagcaccgac tgctcttcca      4440
     gaggtcctga gttcagttcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat      4500
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgaccatg tacccacata tatgaaataa      4560
     atatggccgg agcagggctg gagcaagcgg ggctggagca agcggcaccg gaaaaattta      4620
     aacacacgca caaatcaaaa acaaaataaa acaaaggaaa aaaaaattca agagaaagag      4680
     cagtgcctga ggcagatgag atgttttccc aggtaaatgt acttagggct aagggataaa      4740
     ggcttgaccc cgtaggtatg gacccgtatg gacccatact cacccctcca actctctcct      4800
     ctctctctct ctctctccaa acacacatgc ctctaggaat aaaaagatct gggccggatg      4860
     gagcttaatt gctgcacttt ggatgtgtct ggaggaggaa ggttctaggt caccctcctt      4920
     ctgctacacg tggccagcct gtgcttatta agaggtggag aggaaggggt acactgggga      4980
     gacaccaagc aaacattggg gttccagtgg ggaccagttg gctcttgcag atgaaatggg      5040
     gggaggagtg aaaggtggtg tccctggtgg cttccatact gcggaaagaa tgtggtaatt      5100
     gttctttgca gtagttcaga gtggggaccc tcactcgccc gccacctgcc tagcttaccc      5160
     aacaagatgc tttattctcc agacgttcat gtgcatccct cagccatttg tgtatgcatt      5220
     cagccacctt aatggatcac tgagtggatg ctggctgctg ggctgggagc tggggagaca      5280
     tcattagcgg tacactgctt acagcctcgg gtatggattg gaagtctggc tttgcagccg      5340
     acttgcggtg agtcctggct cgaccttcag cttactatga cttaaggcga gtgatgggac      5400
     cttttgggtt ctttttgtca tctgtaagat ggggacgtta atggcaccta tatggctaga      5460
     gtggagtgtt agctgtcatt gtttcctttt caggaaggag acagatccca caacacactt      5520
     taaccgtttc agttcgacag tgataaatat tccaatgaag cccataggga ctggagggaa      5580
     ggacaggctt cctagagtga tagtcagctg acctaggcta gcctgggctc cgctgctagg      5640
     gaaagcagga ggtcataagt ctagtgctag agggacagag aggaggtagg atgggggagg      5700
     gatgggggag ggctggggga ggggggctga gcgatcaggg tttctgctac tttgcctctt      5760
     tgaacctcaa ggcagggaag tgggttagag agacacactg ccccatttta cagaaaagac      5820
     actaagggcc agattgcaca gtgacttagc aggtctgtct gtgaggtggt ggcttagggg      5880
     gctggaagaa acaggcctga gaagagaggc ctttgtccca gggcctgctg ggatgagaaa      5940
     ggcgcaagct ggagctgcag atgaccacca gcagctgtgg tggccaggac cacattcctt      6000
     cccctggcag tggggcaagt ccaggcttca gcaggggcct ggaattctct tctggtctta      6060
     aaccaaaaca aaagaaaaca aaacaaaacc aaggaacttt agtccacatt aagttgtgct      6120
     gtgacttcaa acagatacag ctctgaactg tccttcctgg ccctagattc ccacccccca      6180
     cccccacccc gccccaagtc cccaggataa acctcccagc agtgggactt ctgggaaaga      6240
     agaggaagtc tggagttgga gtccagactt tgtggtgagt cttggctcag cttctccaac      6300
     ttgctgtgtg acctcatgca ggtcattagc cctctctggg tccaccaaac tgaaggaagg      6360
     gagggtggga tgatataagt ggggtgggag tccaacaact ggctccagcc agctgcagca      6420
     gctttgtcga tctccaagtt ggagttcttg ggcctggttt ttttttttgg gagggggggc      6480
     agggggggca attggtgggg gttgctattg gtggtggtgt ctggaagcag gagacagaca      6540
     gcctttcatc cttgctggcc cagggtctgg gggcaggttg gcaggctcca tatcccgaga      6600
     tcacgtttca agcaagaagg ggccttcctg tgacctcagc cggccagcct tgtccctgcc      6660
     ttcctcctcc atccacacca gccgggagac aagcagcatc ccacccaagg tcactggcca      6720
     gcaagtggct gtccttctgc ctgcccttcc ctcccctccc gctggagcca gcccccaccc      6780
     ccgcagcagc ttccccctgc aaagccctgg tctcctgggc cattaggaat ctgccaggcg      6840
     aggcgtggtc ttcttcctcc cttttgcttc ttggcttgct ttcccagctc tgcaaaagcc      6900
     tctgggtgcg tgtacaggaa cattcttctt taaaaaaaaa aagaggaggg gttgggggac      6960
     ctcaaagaga gagagagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagctctggt ttgggtagaa      7020
     aatcaaccgg ctccttaatc cttgcctgca acctctgcct tcccagccag cctgttggct      7080
     ctaggccctg gaaagaaggc tcggctccag caagaggcct agacctgtcc cccgcccgcc      7140
     tgcccgcctg cccgccctca tccttgccac ctccttctct ttctggggtc cgcgtgtctt      7200
     ttggaacctg caggggctca gcagggctga gaacatgtgg gagctgcaga gggggctggt      7260
     gggagatctc atggccctgc ccacttggcc attttctcca gaccagaggt tacaggatct      7320
     gcattgctca ccctagccca gcccatcctt cctcttcctg ccgtcagttg tttctctatg      7380
     aatcactcac tggtctctcc actgccagtt cccccagggc catcacctat atgttcctat      7440
     cactgctgtt gccttgtaca ggacttgtct gctcctgctc ctgctcctcc tccccctcct      7500
     cctcctcccc ctcctccttc tccccccccc tcctctctcc ttctttttgg tgagagccat      7560
     ttactttttt gtttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgtttgagac agggtttctc      7620
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtccc aggacactac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact      7680
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg cctttaatcc      7740
     accaccgccc ggccgccgtt tactttcata ttctaagtct tcgctcttcg gaagcctcag      7800
     cacgatggca gccaatgccc taccctttgc tccagctgag gacgctttaa ttatgtgggg      7860
     ttcccacatc tgcttctgtg ccttatgcgt gtcttgaatg aatgaatgca aaccataaat      7920
     agatcctccc cagatattca gagaaatctt gcaaagggcc atttggcaat ggcgtacccc      7980
     cattaaaggc ctttggtgcc aatgaggaag gtggtgcatg catataatcc cagcattcag      8040
     gaagccatgg gagtgggact gtccagagtt caaggtcagc ctctactata tagcccagcc      8100
     agggctatac tagtaatacc cctttctcaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca      8160
     aaaaaacaat tcaggccagc tcagaccttg gatctggcac agtggataag gctgcttgct      8220
     gccaagcctg atgaccgagt tcaactccca cttgctggaa ggctatgggc ccctcccatt      8280
     tatgataaat tcatgtaact caaaacaaaa gcaaagagca accttccacg agtgcgtgcc      8340
     ctgcactctc accaacacaa gcctccatct ctgcctctct aggcatcagc cctgtagagg      8400
     ctttcttttc cccagaaaac catttctctc ttgcccctag acttctgccc atgcgattcc      8460
     ctctgcctgt atactctttt acttgcttat ggctctccca ttacccaagg agtgcacaga      8520
     gattaccatc aaagcaaggc gacttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt tctctctctc      8580
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgcg cgcgcacgcg cgtgcatgta ctgggggact      8640
     caggtaggct aagcaaactc taccactgag tgaccccacc ccatacacac cctttttact      8700
     ttgtatttta agagaaagtt tcattaaatt gactagggta gtgtgaactc actctgttgc      8760
     ttgtccttga atttgcaatc ctcctgcttc agccatgacc gctaggcctc agatggcctc      8820
     gaacctgcta gaagtgcagg cattctccac tctgttgcct atttagaatg tgtgtgtgtg      8880
     tgtgtgtgtc tggagatcag gagctaactt gcaggaatca tttctctcct cccaccacga      8940
     tgagcttagg gatcaaactc agttcctcgg atttgccagc tacctggcaa ccattgaatt      9000
     gtctcttctt gcttctaata caggttccag gtagcccagg atggtctcaa acgtgctatg      9060
     taaagaggag gatgaccttg aactcttaat cttcctgcct tcatccctgc cccctccccc      9120
     tgcctccccc cttccccccc ccccccccag tgaaggaatt atagcactat agcataagct      9180
     actgagccca ctcccaaggc tttctttggt tcttcggtat ggcttctttc tcattaagag      9240
     acactctcag acagaggctg gctagattga tcctgggtca cgggtgccct gcagaagcct      9300
     ctacaggagc agacagcaat ctatgcttat taaatgaaga gactgggaaa ggaggtcaag      9360
     ttcaggattt gggctttttt gggtgggggg agggggcaga ggatgggtgc tggggagtga      9420
     attcaggtct tgctggggct aagtgctttg tccatgctat ggctctgggc tatacacctc      9480
     aggtgcatgc aggattctga aggcaggagg aaaaaaacat aacatgtttt tgccaaggga      9540
     acagagtcag gacagacaga cagatctctc tcctctcctc aaggcattga gcagagccag      9600
     gtacatatgg gcatcatgtc aactgctgtc actattatct cttccttgag ccttttggtc      9660
     acagtcacat cagacttttt ttgttgttgt tgtttaatct gccatcttcc ttagttctta      9720
     ccaaagccca aagagccagg gattggttgt tgtccctttt gctaaagaaa tgagatggaa      9780
     gcaggacgaa cggtttgcta gggttgcttg ctggttaagt ggcaggcacg gggtttgaac      9840
     ccaggtctct ctaaccctgc cgcccaccct tgttccctgc ctggagcacc tgcctgcagg      9900
     aggaggaaga gaagagggtg gcacatgggc atagtgggaa ggcagggagg ctccaccgag      9960
     ctggggcctc cgagggaagc agagcagcag gcagtttcta gggctttcat ttctgtctgt     10020
     ctcttccaag caggtgaaaa accccacgga gggcccttct ctcattcccc cttcccacct     10080
     cctcctccca gctgcctctt cccccacgct gggagggggg aggtcaggta tgccgctggg     10140
     gatgcagggg ggagctgagt gaggaggtag gggtgcatca ttccagatcc ttcccctcta     10200
     acacccccct tccccatcaa aggcgctcag ggaggcgaga gcattccagg tggaaggaat     10260
     ggcgcaaagg cagcagatta aggatgtgga ggcggggaac gcctgtgagc caggctggaa     10320
     ccgaggtttg gggccccctg ggattgctca gtgaagaaga acttgctgag agagagagag     10380
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     10440
     acagacagac agacagacag acagagagtg agacagagag agacacatac agagacagag     10500
     gaggaggaga gagagacaga gaggggaggg ggagagagag acaggaggga gggagagaga     10560
     gagacagaga gagctgtgta cccagcaaga gccaaggcag caagtgccca ggatgccaga     10620
     ggaaggggag cggcagggac tttctggctc tgatcatggt gctccccacc cacttcccca     10680
     cagatagggt tgggatgcag gaggcaggag aggtgattct tttgggtccc tctgttttgt     10740
     agctggcagt gctagttctg catcagacac aacaatggct caaagctctt caagaattct     10800
     cacattgcat ctttctctcc ctctacaaga tccatattaa tgtgctccat tttacagaca     10860
     agaaaactga ggtatataat ttaatggaaa tcagaaagca tgtttgggtt gtctggctag     10920
     ttagttttgt ggttttgctc tttttgagac agtcttaaca aagtagccac tggcctcaaa     10980
     cactccatcc tcttacctca gcctcccagg gctgggattg taggtgtcct gcacccagct     11040
     ccagactgtg taagaggcac atctaagaac tgatctctgg tctgtttcta caggtggcaa     11100
     ttttgcctgt cagatggatg ggctgttctc ccaaagggtt cctgtcccca tagcaacgat     11160
     gacaggaagt ccctggtgga ctgcacttta gagtttgtgc ctgccttatt gcctgaatgc     11220
     ctcgaggctt tatcatccct atttcagaga taaggaaact gaggctccta ggatgggtct     11280
     gacctggctg agattacaga gctcctaaac agcaaaacta gctagacatt cttttcaact     11340
     cccccacggg ggaagagggt cagtttcctg ctcttctccc ggaaatggca gtcccattgt     11400
     gctgtggttt ttttgagaca gggtctcact aggtgtcaaa gggtgtgaca ccacacccaa     11460
     ccagttcaag gacatttttt tagagctctg ggagaggcgc tgggtgtggc ctggccacct     11520
     gggagctgct ctaggcatta ggtcactttg attccaaggg tagaagaggg agggtttggc     11580
     caccctgggt tcaatcctag ctagtacttc ctgactgaat gtcctggagc taggcacttg     11640
     gctcctctgt tcttccttgg cctcatggtt aacatgagaa caataacaga caagtagact     11700
     tgtagggact gaggtaatac atacgtgtac agcatttgca ttcgcataaa ctcagcatac     11760
     agtaagtgct gattaaacat tggagagtat taatattgct actctatgta acaatacctt     11820
     ttcacaatgc aagttgctta gctagctaca tcatctccac aggagatgcc aaggttgtca     11880
     ttggacaaac agggacccaa atcttcattt ttcctgcagg gagcatcact gctgacacag     11940
     acatattaac aatttttatt tgtgtttggg gcagcatctc tctgtggaac ccagactgtc     12000
     ctagaactcc ctgtgtagac caggcaggcc tcgaactcac agacatcagt ctgcctgcct     12060
     ctgcctaagt tggggcatca aaggcatgcc atactaggcc agatttgttg ttttggtttg     12120
     gtttggtttg gtttggtttt ggttttttga gacagggttc ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     12180
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc     12240
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accactgccc ggctatgatt tgttgttttg     12300
     aaacaaaagc tttcctagga tgtccttgag ttcattctgt agctccggtg attctcctgc     12360
     ttcagcttcc aagtacaagg attacaatta tgaaccacca cactgggttt aataaccata     12420
     aacattgtca gatctgctat tcccacccaa tagctgctga tatatggcaa ttgctgtgct     12480
     gtttcaagta taccgtttcc tttaaatgtt tttgagacaa gagtgcatgc agtccatgca     12540
     gctgaggacg actttaaatt tcttttcttt tctttctttt ttttgggggt gtgtgtgtgg     12600
     ggcaatgatg acagggttac tctgtgtatc cctggctgac ctggaacttc ctctgtagat     12660
     caggctagcc tagaactcag agatctgctt gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggtataaag     12720
     gtgtgtgcca ccattaccac caggccaacc ttaaatttct aatcctttta ccttcatttc     12780
     ctgaacgctt ggctcacaga agcaccatca catctgtagg cctagatttt tcaaaaccta     12840
     ctttaataag ggttttaaaa aatgctttaa cctcccttct agcctaccac ccaccagaga     12900
     tagtagaaag gaaaggttaa aagggacatc cagggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag     12960
     agcaccccac tgctcttcca aaggtctgaa gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtagctc     13020
     acaaccatct gtaacaagat ctgacaccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg     13080
     tacttacata taataaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggacatcca catcggacct     13140
     gtttagaaat aattctttgg gggagattcc aatctgtgtt gtcaggatat cagcagtttg     13200
     gtttacacaa atcagcaggg gtagttcagt tcactcataa acaccattta cacacgaatc     13260
     atcaacagct gttcaatcca gaagaaacct ccaggctctg ccaattggtt tgaggagtca     13320
     tagtcgtcag tgaagatcag tggcagcaaa gcccaacaaa gagtggcaag gtgaaccaat     13380
     gccacactgt tgtccactgt ctgccgggtt atacttatac cctttccaaa catcacgtgt     13440
     tttctcaagt gtctgctcta gcaaaacatc ccatgccctt ttcccaggta gcatccagaa     13500
     aaacaccatg tgtcccttct cagcaaaaca tcctccgaag tgtctgcctc agcaaaacct     13560
     tttcccataa gacagtgtcc agtgtccaga aaaacctcac atgacacaac tgagtcttca     13620
     aagaaactag aaaatttcac ttcatacatc tacatttttt tagatgtttt cacagtttag     13680
     cccaggctag cctcaaacta cagatcttcc agcttcagcc tcctaagtgc tatgatttca     13740
     aaccaagcca aatcatactt attctttata gctctgggaa atagaaataa tagtaatttt     13800
     cttttttttt ttaaatactt atttatttat tatatgtatg tacactgcag ctgtcttcag     13860
     acacaccagt cagatctcct tacggatggt tgtaagccac catgtggttg ctgggacttg     13920
     aactcaggac cttcagaaga gcagttgggt gctctctttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg     13980
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc     14040
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg     14100
     cgtgcgccaa ccacgcccgg cgcgttgggt gctctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag     14160
     cccatagttt tctttttaaa aatttttatt tttttcttta tttatatgag tacaccgtag     14220
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc agatctcatt acagatggtt gggagccacc     14280
     atgtggttgc tgggaattaa actcaggacc tctgaaagaa cagtcagtgc tcttaaccgc     14340
     taaaccatct ctccagccca gtaattttct tttgagtcag agtcttacta tgtagcctag     14400
     ctggctggaa ctcactatgt agaccaggct agcctcaaac tcagagagat ccatctgctt     14460
     ctccttccac actaggccag aaacaattaa aaaccttact ttctgtttac tttgaaacaa     14520
     ggtctccctg tacaggccaa actagattca aactttcgat gttgtccagg tgggccttga     14580
     attcctgcca tagttctggg attgtaagtg tgtaccatca aaccaggaac agtggcgcat     14640
     acctgtaatg tcaacactca ggagcctgag gcagggggat aattacaggt ttgaggctaa     14700
     tgtgggctac atagtatcag gctgcagaga tgacttagtg gtttaaaggg cttgctgcac     14760
     ttccaaagga cctgagtccc aggacaagca cttatgttga ggaagaagag caaatgatag     14820
     ctgcccttca ctccagctat gatccgtatc tttcagataa ggaaacaagc tccgagaggt     14880
     gaagtaccct gcctaaagcc atagctggat ttcgtggtac acatcggtaa tcctgggact     14940
     cagaaagctc aggtaggagg attgccttga gtttgaggcc aaacaaaata aataacactg     15000
     tcaaacaaca agaagaacca aacaataaca aaattacaca ttgaggacgt tgtcaaggaa     15060
     tgatttagag ccagcttgtt cggcttcaaa gtcttaaaga tcagaaggca acaatggcct     15120
     gagcataaat gtctgcatcc gctctatctc aatccatggt ctggatctgt tgcttcagac     15180
     tcacttccct ggatgtgggg ttgactaagc accattgatg cagtacctcg atggttgtga     15240
     gccttcgtgt ggttgttggg aattgaattt taggacgtct gctcgctctg gtcagctcca     15300
     cttgctctgg tcaactctgc tccctcaggc ccaaagattt attttttatt atacataagt     15360
     atactgtaac tgtcttcaga cgcaccagaa gagggtctca gatctctcat tatgggtaag     15420
     ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggaccttcag aagagcagtc agagccgggt     15480
     gtggtggcac atgcctttag tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaagcag atttctgagt     15540
     tcaaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc     15600
     ctctctcgaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaac agaagagcag tcattgctct tacccactga     15660
     gccatctcgc cagcccgatg taaaagtaac ttttgccagt tatggcacac acaggtagga     15720
     gttgctgaag ttgcagagac aggaggatca cagatttgag accagcctgg gctatacatt     15780
     gggctggaga gatggaaaga gcaccagttg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca     15840
     ggaaccacat ggtggctcac agccatctgt aatgggatct aatgccctct tctggtgtgt     15900
     ctgaagacag cgacagtgta ctcataataa ataaataaat cttgagagaa agaaagaaag     15960
     aaaggaagaa agagcaaact cccatttcct cggtgaaggt aaatcgtcac ctcagccttg     16020
     tgaccttcca tcacatccaa tcttcagctc tccaaagagt agaagaggta cagcaaggtt     16080
     tggtgactgt tcaaggtcac tcaagcccgg gagcactggt aacagtcaag gttcagacac     16140
     aagcgagtct accttgacga ttccttcttt tagtgcagtg ccaagattct aggagaacag     16200
     ctccactttc aaagtcaggt cctaccccca taacattctt atctatttag caataacagg     16260
     atctgaaggt cacgtttcct ctgccctgcc tccctgatgt cactctcctt gtggcttcat     16320
     tccttctgca ccccttgact tttgatgtgt tccacctttt ccagcttcca gctcatttat     16380
     gggcagacac tcctccccac tgtttatcca ttcaccccag atatcaccta ctgaggggtg     16440
     cttcctctga cctgatccat cccaacattc actctgctaa acaggttgct tcttgttctg     16500
     ccttcttgtt cccttccacg gtgtattttc atgagcctgg tcacttattt aacttggaat     16560
     ccaagttcca tgagggtctg agtctgattt gctcaacttt gcagctgtcc attcccgtgg     16620
     tgctttgcag attgtaagtg cttagcagtt tttaagcgtc tatgtgctgt gtgtgtgtgt     16680
     gtgtgtgtgt ttgtatgcgt gcatgtgtaa tggcatgtaa tggcatagac atgccaaggc     16740
     ctatgcatga acgttgattc tctctttcca ccaggtgggt tctggggagt gaatttcagt     16800
     taccaggctt ggcagcaagc gcttttacct gttgaaccac ctcagtagtt tctactgaat     16860
     ggatgaatcc tttagtaaac aaatgatcac tgggagcttt gcccacccat tcattctgcc     16920
     attaattcgc tgaatgctca caactgcaca caattttttt taaggtttaa ttattttctt     16980
     tcatgtgcat gtttgcttca acctatgtgt gtgcaccagg tatatgtagt gcccttagag     17040
     gtcagaagag ggtgtcctag tcccctggaa ctgaagttac aggtggctgt gactcacttt     17100
     gtgagtgcca gaaactgaac ctggattgtc tgccagtggc gagtgctctt aaccactgag     17160
     ccgtgtctta gccccttggt gtccatgttt tagagaacaa gtcagtgagg cgtagagaga     17220
     ctggaagtgg tggagttctg tcctgatctt aggtcagtct gatcccaaag ccactgtcat     17280
     ttacacagct tgccctcctt cacttaacag tcacagcggg gatttaaaca gtcacatgtc     17340
     agactgagtg tcccaattca agcccagaag acaccaatcc agtagtcgct ggggccctgt     17400
     tggctcggtt tatttggtgg tgtctgcctt tctgaagtct tgaacttcag ggagggaaaa     17460
     ggacttggac atacacacca gagcggccct cgatggccag accaaagcag tcctcaatgg     17520
     ctagagctct gttctaagag tggacagacc tgaacaaaga cctggggatg tccagtgtgc     17580
     tggcaaatgt ctctaatccc agccctggga aagcaggggc agggaaagca ggggcagggc     17640
     cagaggcaga gaggcagagg cagagaggca gaggcagaga ggcagagagg cagaggcaga     17700
     ggcagaggca gggagatccc tggaagtttc aggccaactt ggcctacaca gtattccaga     17760
     acagccaaga gctacataat agagagaccc tgttccaaaa ataaaaataa aaataaaaaa     17820
     gatccagcat ccggccacct cactgagggc cccagtgaaa ttttcgtttg gcttctgttt     17880
     gggttattca ttgaccggtc atctcttttc tcttcacttt tagaacgcta ggaacaagtt     17940
     gaccatatct ctgggggcac ttttcttctt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt     18000
     ttgagacagg gtttctctct gtagccttgg ctatcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc     18060
     tggcctcgaa ctcaaaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg     18120
     tgccaccact gcctggccac ttttccacaa gaatattggt ctagctggtt ttacagtgac     18180
     cagagtgaaa gaaacagtca cccagcaccc ttaggaccat cctggcctgt taaggggatg     18240
     agaaaaaaaa aagccatttt caggtgacaa gatgtcacag agtaagaaat acaggaatag     18300
     atgctaagtg gtgtaggtct gagttctgtg gtcatttcca actagctggg tggctgcggg     18360
     aaaactgtat caagtattca gggtgttgta tgtgtgcgtg tatgttgtat gtgaggatgg     18420
     accagtgcag gccagagaat cacctcaggt gctgttcttc aggcaacttt taccttggtt     18480
     ttagtaactg gctctctcat tggcccagtc tggaggagca ggctaggcta ggctgggcct     18540
     gtgagctaga gctctgcctg tctctgcctc cccagcgctg cgaagtcagt atcatcgggc     18600
     ctgttaggct ttgtttggaa tctgagttct caaacgcagg tcctcattct ttcaaagcag     18660
     cactttactg actgagccgt gtcgtgtcgt gacctccacc ccaccgccct cacaccgtgc     18720
     accctttttg aaaggaagca aagagggagg cagacgtggc ggtaacaaag cctgcctaag     18780
     atccattctt ccacaagagg ccaatacctg ctctacagag atgctctagt atactaaatg     18840
     tgctaagccg gactcgtcac gttgtcaccc agccgcagca ttttgtattc tataagtcac     18900
     ttgggagtgt attctcaaac tgcccacctt catggactgg gacgtgccag ggcctactgc     18960
     atctattttg tagaacaaag tgagaactag gtaggcagca gttgtccgaa gttgcagagt     19020
     gaagtgacag gtgtttggct cacctgacag tggcctctca gaactagctc ccaatctcag     19080
     gatgccagct tcacccgaat acctatcctt tggggtgagc tgaagcctat gactcactcg     19140
     cccccacccg actttcggtc ccgcttggga caaggcgtga agggacagaa cgatctgcca     19200
     cttgaggggt gtctacagaa agttcatagg ctcggcctgt tctttacaca aaaaacaggc     19260
     tggctctctg gactctaata aaaataaatc gtgtttcaat acatgttagc cgaggtcttt     19320
     ccctgtctta gcagatattt ttgtacttaa acttgggcgt cgatgtacct ttagtcccat     19380
     ctccacttca cttggtttgt cctcgcctct gtttactccg attgcggaag tcgctcgggt     19440
     ggagttcccg ggacactacc tttgaatacg tcttttgcgt acttatttaa ttggcattgg     19500
     attcagacca atgggatagc tgggggctcc gggcgggtgg ggcagggagc caatcagaac     19560
     ggttggcggg gtgtggctgc gtcccggggc ggggaaatcg cgtaatggcg gactcaggcc     19620
     ggtggagtgc ggctgggggc gtagcgcgct gaggggggcg tccggctgag tagcagcccg     19680
     cgaagcagta ggctggagcg ttctccgtgg ggacgcggac cggctgccca gcccttcatg     19740
     tcgctgaggg cgactgcgcg aggtcaggtg agcaacaagt ccccctgggc gcgcccggct     19800
     gtgagaggcg agcgccggcc cggccacccc tgcaagggtc cggtggcacc gggtgtctgc     19860
     tctgacggtc gctggtgcgg ctcgtgtgtt gtcagcgccg tggcgacacc tcaggggtgg     19920
     tggtgaccca gagtgccctt cggagactag ggagggtcgg cgaaagtggc cctaccacca     19980
     acccactgtg tgttcttgag caagtcactt ccgtcttcgg gcctcagttt accatttgta     20040
     aatagacttc accgaagcct gtgaattggg tctcagcaac tccccgagct cctggacaag     20100
     ttcatctcca ggctgagcct cagtttccat atttggacca taaagtaatt gaggtgctct     20160
     ttggggaccc tggctgctag gctgggggta gggacattgt ggaggagtgt gtgagcacgc     20220
     gcacatgtgc acagaatgag ccctacagaa aggagccttg gcttacgggc cactggtacc     20280
     aatgcatggg tgctacccag atcgtgacag ggaagggcta agtcctgtgg tcctttgaga     20340
     tgaggaaatg ttcatagatt cagagatcag gggttaccct tggcgtttaa gcccagcact     20400
     gaagaggaag aaagccaagg aaaatgttaa tggttgtcct actatgtgcc aaaccttagg     20460
     tataagtgct tgtttagttt ttccagctgt ccttgtaagt ttactggtga ggaagtcaag     20520
     taggtttcag agaagtaact tgctcagggt gacaccggaa cgtgtggcac ttaccaaagt     20580
     gagggtgttt cctctgggaa gcaccgggcg cgcagggata agttagtgtt ctcttacaaa     20640
     gtttgctttg tcataaatgg agggaggggt ctagcctgga gagttgattt cacttttggt     20700
     gtggagacag gctaggtctt aagctcagga ttattaatta taagcccatc tccttttctt     20760
     gctttgtgac taaggaaggg ccatttctga gtgttaaaaa tcacttcgaa gtgtgtcagg     20820
     acagcagagg attccgtttg agtcccaggc aggtgtcacc aatatttgtt gtatagagac     20880
     atgagttttg actccaggtg gtgtcatcag agtgtctttc tctcctctgt acaaaggcta     20940
     cattttattg ggagggagaa tttatccatc tgttgtataa tttctttggg ttccttgggg     21000
     ctaaagtttc aatggcctgc ctgtgttcaa gtgtagcctt tctttctttg ttctttcctt     21060
     atcttgcaga tgagtaaagg cagtggactt tgagtaggag tagctgggta ccttagccct     21120
     taagttttcc aaaccgccag agctttgggt taatcaaaat agcaggtcca gctgtgggta     21180
     ttgttctcat gtgccagtgt tagggaggga aatccgagga ggaagttgct gagaaagagg     21240
     gcgtttctga gctgtggagc caatatgtat tttctttgtt tgaaattcta aaaccagaaa     21300
     agcagcagct agaggaagga aggaaaggac ttgcaagcct gcttcctgtc agggagctgt     21360
     aaggactgtc ccgggccatg tgggaggcac cgcttgccca gaaaaaggca gttgagttgg     21420
     ctggactttg agaacggtct tctagatttt agaatataga atgaagtaac tttaggtctt     21480
     aaatcttcca gagtaaacga ttaagggact ctttattgag tcatcactgt tggttcgttg     21540
     tccccatcat acttcccagg ctttgtctga gttttaactg tgattacaaa ctctgggttt     21600
     taacataatc tgactttcct actagagggt gcaaagccac cagcacttga aaaatatgtt     21660
     tgcccattta attatatcca tgttgtcatt ttctttttaa tgttgctatt tatttattta     21720
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tgagtctggg tcttcctatg     21780
     taactcaggc ttaccttgat cccagtattt tcctgtgtca gactcccaaa tgttgggatt     21840
     ataggcatca agcattagca tactccactt ggtttttgac atttaaggtt tttttttttt     21900
     taaatggttg tgaatcacac aacttatgta gtgacttatg tcctctgcca gagcaacaag     21960
     tgctcttacc tgctgagcca tctcctcagc cccttgtgtc tttttaaaaa aatatatttt     22020
     attttacctt taattgtctg tatgagcatt tggctttgtg tgaatgtgtg tgactttagt     22080
     tccagaggat ctgatttcca cttctgatgt caggcagcct gcacatgcac actgcacatg     22140
     catacatgca agcaagatat acagtaaata ttgtacagca aagttgattt cagtgtctga     22200
     aaatagtgtt gtgtagaaaa ctttttttcc tgtgatgtaa aacttttact ttaattaaaa     22260
     tgtagtcagt gggcgttttc tctcagattc cgaagtatgc cttttagcac tctctctgta     22320
     cttgttttga taaaagtaca atgaccccca cccccacctt tttctgttta tggttctgct     22380
     aagcagacac tctttccagc tgaattacat caccaccctc tctgtcctcc ccccacattt     22440
     ataaataata atttgtaggt tgtttggtct ttattttctg taaactcaaa gattggtgtt     22500
     tgtaggactt ttttttttta aagatttttt taaatgaata cagttttttt ttaaaagatt     22560
     tatttattta ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacataccag aagagggagt     22620
     cagatctcat tacagttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttggaagagc agtcgggtgc     22680
     tcttacctgc tgagccatct caccagccct taaagatttt tttaaattac tattatacat     22740
     aagtacactg taggtgtctt cagatgtgcc agaagaggcc atcaaatttc attacgggtg     22800
     gttgtgagtc accaggtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcaga accttcggaa gagcagtcag     22860
     tgctattacc ggctgagcca tcttgccagc cccctgtttg caggacttta gagctgattt     22920
     tccttcaggg tgatgcttag tgtaacgtgg gataatcact aggagatgga atctgggtca     22980
     aattgtttct tttttccttt ctgtttttct tggtgttttg agacaaggtt tctagtagta     23040
     caggcttgcc tggacttagc tatgcagctg aggatgaatt tgacgtcttt tttgtttgtt     23100
     ggttttattt taaaaagatt tctgtgtttg ggtgttttgt ttgcatgcat atgtttgtgc     23160
     ctggtgacat ggatacccgg gaactggagc tgcaaacagt tgagctgctg tctgggtgct     23220
     gggaactgaa ccgaggtcct ctagaggaag gaacgtctag tgctactaac tgctatttct     23280
     tcagcccctg accttgaact cttgattctt gtacctccac ttctagttct gggtttagag     23340
     acttgtctaa aaataattct tggtggattt tctatgccac ttttcccaaa taaacacagg     23400
     gcgtttctac attgctctag cctcttttag ctcccaaata aagacacaga aacctgtttt     23460
     ttgtttgttt gtttcgtttt gttttgtttt tcccgagaca ggatctctct gtatagccct     23520
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc     23580
     tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtaccatca cgcccagctt tttttttttt     23640
     tttttttttt aatttctttt atttatatga gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag     23700
     aagagggcat cagatctcat tacagatggt tggtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt     23760
     gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagttggt gttcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc     23820
     tgagacctgg tatttttatt aacaagctac aagcctaagc tgggaaggtt ctgagctatc     23880
     ctaaccttcc aatgctgtcc attcccatcc atgtgtccct ttaccttcaa tccatggctt     23940
     gccctggctt gctctggtcc gtgtgacctc acggtgactc cttatttgtt tttggcactt     24000
     tcctttcttc ttcactctct gggaccccct gaccgggatt ggaagtctcc ctattctctt     24060
     ctctcagcta gttgtctgat cagctcttta ttaaaccaat caggaggtga tggagaagaa     24120
     agaatgttta caaaacactg agacaggtga tgatccacaa aagtaacatt accaaagtct     24180
     ggacatattc cactctctgg ggtacagaga tcagcatgtg gataacacaa agacctttac     24240
     acagtgcaca aaaccatctc ccaacaggct tgggccatta tacccaggtt ttgtggtgct     24300
     acggatcgaa gccaggacct caatgcccgc taggcaagtg ctctaccaac taagctcatc     24360
     ttcagtcata tgatgtgtag tcttagttct tctgagctac ctctaccata gaatgaagta     24420
     cattgtttga caatgaagga tttcttctct ttgtaagaaa cctcaggaca gcatagattt     24480
     taagaacttt gttccacaga ctatgggacc attgtgtttg aagccttcat tcagttcatc     24540
     ctccgatttg aagggcacca tggcgtctgt taacagcact ttgacgggga tgtagagagg     24600
     gtgtggaatg gtgactggaa gctggaggtg gagtagttgt gggattggac tagggaatag     24660
     gagtgagtct tatctagact acccactttc ttccatttca taagggctga tactattgaa     24720
     agtaattgta aaatagtgaa ctagcatgtt acatgctaag atatgcttgt gattctgtgt     24780
     aaatcatctt agcatttggg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagcgtgg gtaccaggac     24840
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca ccaccaccac     24900
     aaactcaagc caacttaact gtgtcttata tttcttttgt gtttgtaatc cctaaagatc     24960
     agagcttcaa actggtcata tcaggatttt tcatgaaaaa tgtgcttatt aagtggcata     25020
     ggagctctga tgtcaataca taatcaggtt aagaattgtt tatcttagtc tggagagatg     25080
     actcagtggt tgggagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac     25140
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gacctgatgc cctcttctat gtgtctaaac     25200
     agaatgacag tgtactcaca tatatatata tatataaata taattgttta tctttctagt     25260
     tcagtgtttg agagcactga ctgctcttcc cagaggacct gggttcaacc ccagcactac     25320
     atggcagttc acaactgtct gtaactccaa gatctgactc cttcacatag ccatgcatgc     25380
     aggcaaaaca ccaatgcata taaataaagg caaataaatt atctgtcatt tagtgtgtgt     25440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gattgagaga     25500
     gatgcaatcg atgcatgtgt gccacagaag gtgtgtggag gtcagaggac tactttgggg     25560
     gtcagttctc tcctttcatc tggtatccag gggttgaact caaggttgtc aggttgtgaa     25620
     gtttttactt gttgagccta ttgatatatt attgatagat tacattgtaa ctgcttgata     25680
     atattttttg gtgagttttg tgctggcagt aacatgagtt gagtatgata aaagatggtt     25740
     cagacctggc agtggtggca cacactttta atcctaatac tcgggaggca gaggcaaatg     25800
     gatctctgag ttcagggaca acctggtcta caaagtgagt ttcaggatag ccagtgccac     25860
     agaggaaccc tgtctccaaa aacaacactt gcctgttgac tagattttga gtgctggggt     25920
     tacagatgtg gaccaccatg cctggccagc tgaagcttat ttttattagc cttggttgag     25980
     tggggtgaca agtgataatt ggggaatagg tagaaatgaa taattttggg ggatttgggt     26040
     tagggaggaa gactcctggg ctccagtgat gccaaaggaa gacatggaaa gttgtaggtt     26100
     gagggctgga gagatagctc cgtggttaat tattgttctt acagaggaac tgagtttaat     26160
     tcccagcacc cacacatcag gtggcttaca gccagctcca ggggactgag atttctggtc     26220
     tctgggcacc tgcacttatg tatacatacc cacatgcaaa tagacacata gacatagttt     26280
     aaaataataa aaataaaata aaaaatagga gaaagttgta gtttgaatgg gtctacagca     26340
     taacataaga aagaattgat ggtccattgc ttttggttga ctaaagaatt gaaaggttcc     26400
     ttagggaagg acgctatgcc attggatgct ttagagctga tctcagccat tttctgcttt     26460
     aggaaaggct cattgactac cctcccccct ttgtcaaacc attaatcaga gtcaaaactt     26520
     agacaacaaa aattacttaa tcctgagaac aggcaagagc ataccaatta gttatctgat     26580
     actaaatggc cagctctgag aagcatatcc aaaaaagtaa cattggagca cacactgaca     26640
     cacagataca tacaaaaaca gagggggaaa ggccatgaat tcaaaaggga acaaagcaca     26700
     agtagataca ttgaaggttt ggagggagga aaggaaggga gacatgatgt aagtatatta     26760
     ttattttaaa aaattgtttt actcccaatc ccaaatcaga caagttagaa aattcctttc     26820
     ccttactgtg agctgctgct gctgcttttt ttcttcctcc ttttcctcct cctcctcttt     26880
     tttccaagat aggtttttct gtagccccag gtatcctgga actcagagag attctattgc     26940
     aagtgtctcc caagtgctgt gatcaaaggc atgtgccatc acacctggtt tactatgtgc     27000
     ttcttaagaa taggacgtaa tgttatcctc ccttcctcct tccctccttc cctccctctc     27060
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcgg aaatgaaccc     27120
     aggacctcat atatgctagg caagtgacac actattgagc cacatccaaa gcatttttaa     27180
     attttttatt tttctcgata cagggtctca ctatgtagct ctgacctttc tggaactcac     27240
     tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa tgcacataga cccatctgcc tctgtttccc acgtgctggg     27300
     attttaggca tgccacccag ttttattgtt cattgttttt gtttgtttaa gatttattta     27360
     tttttttatt tagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacccc agaagagggc atcagatcta     27420
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc atcatgtggt tgctggtatt tgaactcatg accttcagaa     27480
     gaacagtcgg cactcttaac cgctgagcca tctctccagc ccttgttgtt catttttgtg     27540
     tggtcaatgt ataacatacc atataagctt aataagtgct aataatacct ctgttttatt     27600
     ctgtgtgtgc gcgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     27660
     gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcgcgc gcatgctcat gggggtggtg gggtggtgat ggtggtggtg     27720
     tgtgtgtttt tttttttgtt tgttttgttt tgttttttgg ttcttttttt gttttgtttt     27780
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc     27840
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga gatccgcctg cctctgcctc tcaagtgctg ggattaaagg     27900
     cgtgtgccac cacgcccagc gtgtattttg tttttgagac aggatctcac tctttagccc     27960
     aggccgtctt gagttcactg tgtctggctt tcctaacttc atttgtgtgg gtttctctca     28020
     gtttcatttc atggtcaggt tagagcttta aacagtctcc tgtttgctac ccactgccag     28080
     tattgatgtg atatctcccc ccacccccaa atgtgacacc cagaaatatc tctagacgtt     28140
     gttacacaga cactggagag ccagaaatgc cccagcccca gttggaaact actgagttag     28200
     cagggtggct cgatggcctg aggaaggaag tgtgtgcagc cggcctgaga tggatgcttg     28260
     gcttttgttc cttctttctg attataggtc tcctgtcttt cgatgagaag agaaattgag     28320
     ggaaatcagg aaatgacaac tttaaaatag ccacattatt tttattctgt tcagatttta     28380
     ttttattaag ttaagatata ttggagcagt acagagagct gaattattta tgcagatcta     28440
     tgtaaattca atttcttatc actgattaag attagatgga gtaaagagct agcagaccat     28500
     tactttcatg aatgaaagac tcagaaaagc ttcagtccta aagattaact agaattgctt     28560
     tttaaaaaac ctgctagaac cggttaggat tcttcttcac tgaagtttga gttttctggc     28620
     taaggtctat cttttgctgt ccttgtttag atactttata actctaaaac acaggtttaa     28680
     ggttttcctg ggtaaagcct cttgttacta cacctgaaga cccaatgaaa aggcttcatt     28740
     tctgttgcta tagtgaaaca ccgacagagc gactgagggg gaaggcttac attttgctca     28800
     taatccatta aggcaggact tggaagcagc tagtcacagc gcaggcaaga gcagagaagt     28860
     gcatgcattc tcctgctact tagctcagtt ctctttcttc aaggtctggg acccaaagcc     28920
     agggaatgat gccgcccaca gtgggctgag tctttccaca tcaattaacg taatcagaac     28980
     aatcttacag acatgcctac aggttatcct aacctagaca gttttactga cattttcttc     29040
     tgaggtgact ctacatgtta agttgaaaat taaaactaac cacaagactc tcatatgaga     29100
     gagaactaac tcctgcaagt tgtgctctga cttccacaca cacaaataca tttcatttaa     29160
     attaaaaaaa aatactgctg ggcaatgatg gcgcacacct ttaattccag catttgggag     29220
     gcagagacag gaggatctct gagttgaaga ccaatctggt ctacaagaga gagttccagg     29280
     acagccaagg cttcacagaa agaccctgtc tcggaaaatc aaaaacaaca gcaaaaagat     29340
     ttatttattt tatgttttga tacagtatgt gtatgctggt gcccatggag gtcagaagag     29400
     ggtatcagat cacctggact tggagttaca gataattgtg agctaccatg tacgtaggct     29460
     ctgggtcctc tgtgagagca gcagatactc tagactgctg agtcgttact ccagttcttt     29520
     agataaataa ataagtaata tattattata tatatacata ttttgagact gagtttctct     29580
     ggagctgcct ctatagacca gagtagcctc aaactcacag agatccatct acctctgtcc     29640
     cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcatacatat accacactgt ccaacactaa gctggttttg     29700
     gtttattttt taaagattta tttacttatt ttatgagtac atagttgctg tcttcagaca     29760
     caccagaaga gggcatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     29820
     gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagaacag tcagtgctct taactgctga gccatctcca     29880
     gtcctaagcc agtttttaag agtaagtttt ttaaaataaa aatatctggg catgatggtg     29940
     catcccttcg gtgtcagcac tcaggaaaca aaagcaggca gagctctgtg agttctaagc     30000
     cagccatggt gacacagtga agaccctgcc tctgagtaaa taaacactta aacaaattat     30060
     tgtctcccac atttttagtt ttgtggtgtg ggcatgtgtg tgctgtagga catatatgga     30120
     ggccatagac cgacttgcaa gattctgttt tcttgtactg tgcggctcta gggatggaag     30180
     tccggcttgc tgggcttggg ggaagcatgt ttgccccggc cgtgcccgtt agcctgcact     30240
     tgggagctgg tacactggaa gctgcacact gctgggaacc taaagtcacg caagcttgcc     30300
     aagagcaagg gcttgcagtg ctcccttcac ttgcaaggct tgcagccgac atcaccatct     30360
     ataaagtctg tgtttaagac gtgtgcaatt cagagacagg agaggtggct tggaaattaa     30420
     gagtgcttac tgctcttcca gaggacccca gttcatttac catcacccac atatggggct     30480
     cacactgtct gtaactctag ccctagagaa tctgatccct tctagtgtct ttgagtattt     30540
     gtacacactc acaaattcat acacgtgaat aaaaattaaa aaaataatcg taagaagaaa     30600
     aggcacaaaa ttgagtaaca acaacaaaaa acccacccaa aaaatctgat gtcttaagta     30660
     cgattatgat tgtgtgttga gccgcttccg tagctatcct gggactgtag gttggactca     30720
     ttgctctaca gtagaataac attagcatcg cttatatctt agtcaccatt aaggtaaagt     30780
     tgaatgaatg ttttttctcc tgtttcattt gaacttatga atggtactct atagagaatt     30840
     caaatgtata gtcatgaata gtatctcaga atagttacca tttatgcaaa tgaaacacac     30900
     ttcttaactt agaaaccaaa cagaattgaa ttagaaaaga gaagaataga agcaaggact     30960
     gcagagggaa tgctgctcgg atacagacgt gtcctagaac agcttcacat caggggcgta     31020
     ggtacctaaa ggtcagcgct tgacgttgat gggaaaggct ggtgagctct gcttaggata     31080
     cttactttca agctctgtct ggtcttcctt ctctggtaac acacaggaaa acctgagctg     31140
     tacgctctta gttgtaagat taattccagt tgaataaaat taggtttctt atttttagga     31200
     tatagatgcc atgttttcag agagttatgg ttcattttag tttcaattcg agtgtatgca     31260
     tacctattta ttatacacat atatcttata taacttatac taatttaatt taaactctgt     31320
     agttggcaca atcgaatgac aacagttctt ttactctcca gtatttagag ttgccccctc     31380
     cccaagatgc cattgttcta gcaagtatca aaagacactt tccttctcct cttcctcctt     31440
     ctctttttct ttttcctctc tgtcttcctc ttttctcccc ccccccttct ttcttggtgc     31500
     ttgtattgat ctagagcctc aattacccta ggcaagagct tcactactgt cctatatcct     31560
     tagccctctg ttttgccttt tcaccttgag acagggtctt gctaagtctc ctaggcctcg     31620
     gactctgacc cgtctgacct tgcgcttgcc tcagttctgc ctcagctttc cagggagttg     31680
     ggattaaggc ctgtaccatc aggcctggct tcaaaacaga gcctgagaaa ctgcttaact     31740
     gtgtaggaga ttttgggtca tacgtacttg ttggtgttcc cttccattca cattagggat     31800
     tgtagattcc taaaatcaaa atcggatttt gggtgggcag tggtggtgca cgcctttaat     31860
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcagaggat ttctgagtcc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa     31920
     agtgatttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcggaaa accaaaaaaa     31980
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aagaaaagaa     32040
     aaagaaagaa aactggattt tgctaagtag aagaccaact ttgtttcaat ctggcttgca     32100
     agccgcctca gcttcatgga tgataatctg cagagctgag ctcccagtat attctggtat     32160
     ggtcagttcc cagcatctga gataaactgt tagtagctac tttttatatt ttataaaaag     32220
     ataatatcag ttcagaaata aacttttaag aatttatttt taacttatat acattgatat     32280
     tttgcttgca tgcatgtcta gttatggaaa gttgtgaact gccatgtggt tgctgggaat     32340
     tgaacccagg tctgctggaa gagcagccag ctcttaaaca ttgagctatc gttccagtct     32400
     cagcagtaaa cttttaaaaa gccactctgc tcacgaatag gaagctttag actgaaatgt     32460
     gcccaagcct ttcctttctt tctggagatt gggtcccgtg taactcaggc tggcttagaa     32520
     ctcaccctgg agctgaggat gcctacagct ttgctccttc cacctctatc ttctattaca     32580
     ggaatgtttg taaggtttgg tttttattgt tgctgtttga gagggtcagg ctaagttgcc     32640
     ttgtgctatc ctgaaactca gtgtgtatgt agctcaggat gattttgaat tcttcatttt     32700
     cctgtctggg tagctgagat aattagcatg ttccaccatg cctggctctc agctgatgga     32760
     cttatttatc tattattatc atcattggtt ttttggtttt gttttgtttt gtttttgtga     32820
     cagtctcact ttgtagacca aactggcttt caagagattt gactagctct gctggggtta     32880
     aaagtgtgtt ccactatgca ggctctttat ttttaggttt tgagagagtt ttatgtagcc     32940
     catcctgacc ttatagtcaa cagtgtagca aaagatgtcc ttgaaatttc ttgtcctcca     33000
     gcttccacct gccaggtgct agggttgcag gtgtatgtca ccctgagact acccacctca     33060
     ttttacatat ctgcttctca gagtttgcca gttggtagga ggtagtaata ctagcctaac     33120
     acacaaacag gtggttctca gagtttgagg ccagcctggt tttggagtga gttctagatc     33180
     atcataggct acagagtgag gctctgtctc agaaaacaaa gtgcaaacta acagcagcat     33240
     aaggaatata gatattgagc cagatctggt aggtcatgcc tatagttcta acacttggga     33300
     cagataggta ggaaggttgc tgcgagttca aggcctgcct gggctatctc tcctacagcc     33360
     ccccaaaatc tactgaggtt tgtatgtagt ttcttacagc ttctcttagc ctgtttgctc     33420
     atctgtaaaa tgtagagtat atttcagaga aatatttgga ggattaaacg atgcactcct     33480
     ttgtccagtg cttagtaact taacagttgt taaccataaa ttaaggaatg gcatattcgg     33540
     ttaggcacat catctgtcta gcccagaatt acacttttgt ttttttaatg atacaaaaag     33600
     tttagttagg attagcaatt tagacaatct cagttttgct ggcaccaccc aagggaactc     33660
     ataggctgta ccttccttcc accaggcctg caggttgtta atcatggcta cttcagtgac     33720
     gttcagtttc tttacagcct acttggtctg gttcctgcca gccctgacct tcatgaacag     33780
     agtgctttac tctcttctgt ctgcagcttc tcacagactt tgtggtcagt ggacctgatg     33840
     gtgaatggtc agtctttctc ctgagtgtgc tcttctgggg atatttggag cttcgttgtc     33900
     ttggcttgcc agaagtgggt gttgtccagc tttaacgtgg gcgtagcatt cagtgtcttt     33960
     cagttgtttc tcctttgtgt ttactgtctt tgctttggct ttgactttgg gataagggtg     34020
     gggatggcag aaacatcctt atttttcctt ggtgctattt tggtgcaaag ggaagatttc     34080
     taggtaatgc ttgctctagg gcactggttt tcaaccttcc taatgctgtg acctgtaaaa     34140
     aagattataa gccgggcatg gtggcgcatg tctttaatcc tagcactcgg gaggcagagg     34200
     caggtggatt tctcagttcc aggtcagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacaccagg     34260
     gctacacaga gaaaccttgt cttgaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttataaattt     34320
     tagctggccc atataaaagg tccagaatcc accattttat ttataagcta taagcctaga     34380
     ttgagcagat tttgggtgct attctaagtt atgtcccagc catgtgtcct tgttacttct     34440
     ggccacatgc tcacggtcca tcttctctcg tggcagcttc cttttctctc cttgtccttc     34500
     cttctcatca gccaggtaac tgaaagcctg ccgacctcta cctattaccc agtcaccctg     34560
     catctttttt tgccctgtta acttggggag caagattcac acaacaaaag ctggtggaca     34620
     cgagaatttt ctcatgtgtg tggggaaacc atgaaattac ttttgttgct gctttataac     34680
     tgtaatttgc tactgttatg agttgaaatg taaatctctg ttttccagtg gtctcgggca     34740
     acccctgaga caggggctcg ggatgcacag gttgagaact gctgctctca ggctttgtgg     34800
     gggaggaatg aaaatgccac tttcaacatt taaggccttg ttgcctaaaa ttcatgattt     34860
     ctcataggaa tgtgtttgga aatgttatct gtgaatttat actgcctttg gattttagtt     34920
     ttcttttatt ctacatcccc cacttcagca gcgagtttaa ttgttttaaa ttcaggattg     34980
     ggacataagg tgttatattt aattgggtct agtacaagca ttggctacta aatacaaaca     35040
     catcatgtta gaagttttct cttctcatag tagtccttca ggtgatcata gataagagcc     35100
     aaaagcccgg cactttggct ttaggagttt aaggctaaca taggctgcat ggatgacatc     35160
     ctgcttcaga cacaaataca aagagaaaga gagtgtgaag aaggaaagga gagaggaaaa     35220
     gaaaagagtt aaaaaatgtg attgttttat ggttatagtc ctaagcctac tataacagaa     35280
     tttgaaaatt ttgcactacc aagcatggtg gttcatgctt gtatcctgcc aatcccagca     35340
     ttcagaagcc taaagccaga atattgtggg ttcaagacca gccccggggt atatggtaag     35400
     actatacctc aaaaacttgt ttggatttaa acagcaaata tgacacagtg aaaacattgt     35460
     ttcttgactt ctgttttgta acttttaaga tttggtgtag aaatgcctgc cattggatcg     35520
     ctttgcttca tgttaaagac gcttgtagat atgtctgtgt ttttaacaat cctgccttta     35580
     ccaaagcgcc tgtcctttgt tcttttcagt tatctttcga gacagtttct attttacctt     35640
     ttctgtgtgg cgaccacact gcacattcta ttctaggtac agacactctg tggtttgtac     35700
     aaggaagaat aatgtgtcct gtgtttcctg ggcttctgta ataacatcca gcatttttct     35760
     ggctttttgt agctgtattc agggtagaaa tgagggactt taagaccctt tcctgtgttc     35820
     gacagctagc tttagagctc atcttctgat aattatagtt cagactattt ttccattcct     35880
     gcattacctt gattatctac atggaggcta tttcccacaa ttctggacac atccaacctt     35940
     gggcattcgt agttctctct agtactatag atcccaaact acagtttcaa tagtttatag     36000
     attatttatt taggtttatt tattagcttt atgtatgtga gcacactgtt gctctcttta     36060
     gacctagaat aatcagtctc tgttccaagt tcttccacca taaagcaaca gggccaacct     36120
     tgtggtgctg tagtcagaat attagggaat gtacataaat aaagctttag agcagcaccc     36180
     agcaggcacc acctgaattt gtcattgtca acctttcttg cgggtatctt gaagtcttaa     36240
     acttagactt tttttttact cttttttttt tttttagatt tatttattta ttatatgtaa     36300
     ttacactgta gctgtcctca gatactccag aagagggcat cagatttcgt tatggatggt     36360
     tgtgaaccac catgtggttg ctgggatctg aacttgggac cttcggaaga gcagtcggtg     36420
     ctcttaacca ctgagccatc ttgccagccc caaacttaga ctttcatgtc tgtttgggtt     36480
     tgttttgata cagtgtcatc atcacttata acttcatatt cttgcccctc tctctctttc     36540
     tctgtctctc tctctctctc ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagcctt ggctgtcctg     36600
     gaactcactt tgtggaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc     36660
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgggccacca cgctggcgct ctctctctct ctctctcttt     36720
     aagatttttt ttctatatga atacactgtg gctgtcttca gacacaccag aagagggcat     36780
     cagatctcat tacaaatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac     36840
     ctctagaaga tcactcagtg ctcttaacag atcttttatt ttattattat ttattaaaga     36900
     tttattatgt atacaatgtt ctgcctgcac gtttgcctgc aggccagaag aggacaccag     36960
     atctcactaa ataaagatgg ttatgagtta ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga     37020
     cctctggaag aacagccagg gttcttaacc gctgagccat ctctctggcc cttggtcttt     37080
     tatttttaat tatgtgtata tgtggggcta tgactggggg ccccaaaggc attggattcc     37140
     acagagttgg agttacggat ggttgtgagc cgcctgacct gggtgtcatt ggattccaca     37200
     gagttggagt tacggatggt tgtgagccgc ctgacctggg tgtcattgga ttccacagag     37260
     ctggagttac ggatggttgt gagccgcctg acctgggtgt tgggacctga acttggtgct     37320
     tctgcaagaa cagcccatat tcttacccac catctccccc ttcttctagt ttttgagaca     37380
     agatctcata tagctcagtc ttgaaatcct catctccctg cctctactta ccaaatgctg     37440
     gggttgtatg catgccacca tgccaaactt actgtgcaaa ccaggttggt attaaactca     37500
     gagcttcata tgcctctgtc tcctgagtgc taaggttaaa ggcatgtgct gccatgttgg     37560
     ctcttccgag gctaaggact gaactcaggg cctagcactt ggcctttgtt tgttttttga     37620
     gacagggttc tctgtagccc tggctatcct ggaaccagga cacaggctgg tcacaaattc     37680
     agaaatccac ctgcctctgt ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa gggtgtgtgc cccccccccc     37740
     ccagcatctt ctttttttaa aggtttattt ttatttatgt gcatgtgtat gtgcctgacc     37800
     attatgtgtg ctgtatgtat gtgctgagga gacctgaggt gggtgttgga tacactgtaa     37860
     ctggagttag gacaggttgt aaactgcctt ctgtgagtgc tggggaccaa actctggtct     37920
     tctaaaagag taatatatat tctttacctc tgagcatttc tcaagcctct aatttgccct     37980
     gctggcctca aacttgtagt gattctccta tgtctgcctc ctaaaaacta aaattataga     38040
     catatattgg cactcctagc ttagatgcat gtgtacatgt gtgtgtgttt gcctgtgtgt     38100
     attgggcagg ggtgttaaat agggtctcat gtagccaagc ttggtcttga acttgctgtg     38160
     tgatcctcct acctccattt cccacacact gggattgtaa attttcatcc aagggcccaa     38220
     ctctaggtaa tagcatgcat tgtttggtat atgtaagtgt gtgcaccctc agacatgtgt     38280
     ggagtccaga gggctgatgt cagaatagct tctcctgttg tctctgtctc agcttctgag     38340
     atggggctgg ggttataaat agccctgcca cagccaatgt tgtgtggatg ctgaggtcct     38400
     tctgaatgca gaccctcggt cggtcgttct cacacagtaa accttttctt cactaagcat     38460
     ctctccagcc ccttcatttt ttaaaattat gaattgtgat aggtcagcct caaatggtcc     38520
     ttggggatca tttgtttaca catctttaga gcaggcacta tgtcaaaaca ttcaaattat     38580
     ttttatttat gtgcattggt attttgcctc catgcatgtc tatgtgaggg tgtcaggtcc     38640
     cttggaactg gagttataga cagctatgaa ccaccatgtg gggctggaat tgaatccagg     38700
     tcctctggaa gagcagtcta tgctcttaat cctgagccat ctctccagcc ctatgtcaaa     38760
     acattttctc tcttctcctc tctcctctct tctttttttt ttttctgaga cagggtttct     38820
     ctgtatagtc ctggctgtac tggaactcgc tctgtaaacc aggctggcct taaactcaga     38880
     aatctacctg tctctccctt ccaagagctg ggattaaagg catgcaccac cactgcctgg     38940
     ctcattttct attttctaat ttaaaaaaaa aaatgctgct ttcagtagat aagagtttga     39000
     ttcttagcac tgcaacaaca aaaataaaag tcccccaaat gaaaacaaac aggaatccac     39060
     tttacttggc tgaggtatgg ctcagtagca gtagaatgct tgcctggcag gcctgacacc     39120
     atgaattaca tctgccagag ctataaaaca aacaacaatc ccatttctgc tttcctgtct     39180
     ctgtgtctca gtgtacgttg actgattaat tgattgatgc tggtgacagc atggatgtgg     39240
     aggtcaggat aactcacaga agtcatttct ctctccgcca cgtggattcc aggttttgga     39300
     cctatgagaa gctcttcagg ttgactgcca gctctttttg aaataattgt ggaagtcttt     39360
     gctagcatcc cttgctttct atgtgatacg gtgctccaga tttatcctgt acatttccta     39420
     caatctccct aaaaactctg gattctttta gtcggatatt atgtatggtg cacagtgtac     39480
     tagcttctgt gttttttttt ttttaaagat ttattcattt attatatgta agtacactgt     39540
     agctgtcttc agacactcca gaagagggag tcagatcttg ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca     39600
     ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcctga ccttcggaag agcagtcggg tgctcttacc     39660
     cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccccagcttc tgtgttttga cagtagcgca gctgaaggcc     39720
     ggtgaagttc agtagtttaa ccaagatcac atagattaga tgccgggtta tgccttgtaa     39780
     gatggacatt tgcctctcag ctctgtgcca ttgccatttc ccctccattc tggtacctac     39840
     tttctagagc aaatgatgta actccatttc agcttctact ctagccgtca gagcaagaca     39900
     gatcatcatt tgagttacta tcaaaccgta ttaatgtggg ctaactggga gaaaacttag     39960
     agcgttgtat gtccctttta tatatatatc cagctgttat tatgttatta tgtctggtaa     40020
     gtaaaacgag gctaatagtg ttacaggtta ttttgttagg taaagggtct tatatttggc     40080
     tcaatgaata actgagaatg atataccctt taatctacgt aaattagact cttacaatgc     40140
     ttaaaaacag ttcattaaac attttttcct atagttattt attgttttca tagacttttt     40200
     gttattggaa tgcagaggta aacttaagat cagaccagaa tttgtcccga tttaaacgtg     40260
     tgtagtctat actactgtac taataaagtg ttgccggcag aattcagagg agcttaggaa     40320
     gagcacgaga acgtgaggag ttgcacctaa cagtacttga gctgagtagc agggatttag     40380
     agaaagctcc ttcctatgcc gtgcagcagc accaccctag gcctcactca gacacagtcc     40440
     tggatgggga ggcacaaggg cccaggtgtg tgaggcctca cttcgttgcc tcgggactct     40500
     gtggcccaga gtaaaaacac ttgacctctc tggaccttta tttgtttgtt tatttattta     40560
     gagacagggt ttctttcttt cttttttttt cttttctttt tttttttttt ttttcgagac     40620
     agggtttctc tgtgtagctc tggctgccct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc     40680
     gaactcagaa ctccacctgc ctctgtctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcgccacc     40740
     actgcctggc tggaccttta tttaaaaagt gtattttatg tgtatggata ttttgaatgc     40800
     atgtgtgtct gtgtaccagt tgagccttgt atacatgaag gccagaaata tgttgggtct     40860
     cctggaactg gagttacaga ttatgtgagc caccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     40920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg ggaattaaac tcagggcctc tggaagaggt     40980
     gctcttaacc attgagctat gtctggtctt taatttatta atctatagtg aggtagctaa     41040
     aatggcaaca gtaatacatg ttttaaaacc tcacccttgc caggtgtggt gatgcagacc     41100
     tttaatccca gcattcagga gtcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttccag gccaacttgg     41160
     tctacataga gagaccatat ctcaaaatca aaacaacagg tctgaagaga tggctcgaca     41220
     gaggcagagc aggagaatct ctgtgagttc gaggtcagcc tgcttacaga gctggttcca     41280
     aggacagtca aggctttttc ataaagacac cttgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     41340
     aaaagcgttt ctgttttaag tttatgggct tcttgcctgt gttcatgctt gtgctttcag     41400
     aggttcaggg tccctgggac tagagttaca atgactctca accgttatgt gggtgctggg     41460
     aattgaaccc aggtcctctg gaagagcaag ctgtgttctt aactgctgag ccacttttct     41520
     agcctttggt tcactttttt ttttggagac agggtttata gccctggctg tcctggaact     41580
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg     41640
     ctgggattaa aggtgtgcgc caccacgccc agctgaaatc taaaaaaatt ttaagaaagc     41700
     aagagagact actattagta accctactgg aagcattgat gtaaaccatg atgaacaccc     41760
     taaaaggata cctgttggca aattcaggtt taatatgtga caaggcatga ttatttttaa     41820
     ttataattgt attttatttg ccatagatat ttgctaatac agtaccgatg cttttgtttt     41880
     tctcttgcca atagaagtca ggtctttacc tgatacattt catatttttt cttttctcga     41940
     ttttgttaat ttgtttgctg tatatcagac cacttgggaa atattctttg tcaaactcta     42000
     tttcctctaa gtttgaaaaa taccagcagg aatttgtaac acttgtcctg ttttttaaaa     42060
     tattggtggc atttaaaacc ataaattcta aaacatcttt attaacatga tttctataag     42120
     gagtggagct gggacggtat tactagattg gcagagaatt aatactattg tcatcttctt     42180
     atagatgttt ggaaataacc ttactgtgtg gtcatgggac tgtgttaatg cttgttggag     42240
     agggccatgg cagtctggga cccagggtat gtgtcctgtc ccattcatct gtcagccttg     42300
     gagtgcctac tgctgttgta atcactgtta ttgcagtagt gctctgctaa cgggaatcct     42360
     attagatgtt gactctcact aagaaagtaa tagtattttt tggccaatcg ctaaacaagc     42420
     tttcaaatta ttctagtaca aagtacactg aattaaaaat gacattattt aaggctcccg     42480
     agtgtttgcc tgcatgtatg catgtgcatc tggtacccga ggaggccaga agagggaatc     42540
     cagtggctgt gagctgccgt gtgggtgccg ggaaactgtg gcgttatctc tccagaccca     42600
     gtttttgttt ttgtttttta aagacagtga cctggctggc ttgggactca caaaaatctg     42660
     cctggcattg cctcccgagt tgggattaaa ggcatgggtc accatgattg gctggttttg     42720
     gtgctttggg acagggtcta gtgtagcaca ggctggcttc ttaatctgtg tagttgaaaa     42780
     tgtccttgag cttctgctct tcctgcccac tttacaggca gcacaggcca cacgtctgcc     42840
     tagtaactgt gagtgttccc tgtttctgtc tcagttcttt aatatcctga gccatcacag     42900
     atacacattt ccagtttgcc ctcttgttgg gttttggtca tatggcttta cctgttgttg     42960
     aaagagacta gtcttctggt taattactgg gaggcggcca ctacacattg tcactttcca     43020
     taatcttcca gctttcagag gtgcccttgg tctcagtgtt tggtaaaaat taaaaagtca     43080
     tttattgaaa aaaatttggg ataccaagcc tcattagtta ctaggaaaga acagattaaa     43140
     attgtgataa tgttggttca tcatattgtc aaaaaaatta aaaacaaaaa atattaccaa     43200
     aacgactggg tggtactact actgctactg tttctccttc ttcctcttct tcttcttcct     43260
     cttcttcctc ttcctgttct tccctctctt cctcctcctc ctctttgctt tttcaggcag     43320
     ggttctctgt gtagctttgg ctgcactgga gcttgctctg agaccaggct gtcctcacac     43380
     tcatagagat tcgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtattggga ttacaggcat gcactccact     43440
     gtccggcttc tttctgtctg tctgtctttc tttcttcctt tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctc     43500
     tctgtctttc ttttcttttc ctttctttct ttctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     43560
     ttctttctct ttctttcttt ctttctcttt cttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     43620
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     43680
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     43740
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt catcctacac tgtgtgtctg     43800
     gaggtcagag gataactcac aggagtaggt tttcttccat taagtaaaca tcttagcagc     43860
     agctaacttt acttgcctga gccatattgc cagccctatc ttaaagaatt cttaaattgt     43920
     acatgtgtat cagggcatat ttacaagagt gtccatagca gcaataatat tggcagtaaa     43980
     ctaacaaaaa taacaaaaat tggaaaaaaa gctgtatgtt cttttgagat tggataagta     44040
     agtcatggtg tgtccataca ataggatact atatattagt agaaacaaat aaattacagt     44100
     ttcagagcat tatctcaaca attatagaat aaaaatttac taaagaatgt gttcatttag     44160
     gactagggtt gtgactcagc ctgcaggaag ctctggattt gatccccact accacagatt     44220
     gccgtggtgc accccgcgat ccagctctcg aggagaggcg agaagatctg aagttcaagg     44280
     ttattgttga ctgcacagag agaggccagt ctgagctgag tccctgtctc agaggaaggg     44340
     gaggggagga atagatacat tgagattaga gatacttgac attcaagaat gtaaaattag     44400
     taatgtttag agaatgataa agccataaag gagagcaagg aagcagtgca attacacttg     44460
     agggcggttg tcctggggta aagggaagat ggatttggat gaggcatgca gggctagaaa     44520
     tgtgtatcat ggcatcatgg ctccttatcc cgtgggtatg gatttaataa aattttttct     44580
     ttttcttttt tcttttttct tttttttttt tttttttgtt ttttcgagac agggtttctc     44640
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa     44700
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac tacacccggc     44760
     aattttttaa gatttatttt aagtgtttct gtgtgagaat atgcacatga atacagctgc     44820
     ctgtgtaagt gtagtgtgcc cttttatacc agtaagcctc ttctccagcc ctctgttgaa     44880
     aaaaaaaggt gtgtgtgtgc tcagagacaa gagaccaacc agcgttgcac agctagctct     44940
     ataagcaagc caggctccgc ctccgtcacg gtcccaagga gtcctgctta taccatttat     45000
     cttccacagg gcttgtctca gtacgtgttt ggcctcaaca tgtacatttg tctcatctga     45060
     catcagtctg tcaatcagcc tgagtccgag aaagtgacaa gaaactacat cacaccacca     45120
     aaggcttttt ggtgtgtttc tttctatggg gtcctgacaa atataactta actacatgat     45180
     ataaggtgga ccaatacatg tgtgttgtta acaaaaaaat ccttcatcac gtgtcctctc     45240
     acatgtttgt tttaacagaa cagcctttca cctgtgtctg cttcagctaa atgaataagc     45300
     cgccttttga gctgggcggt ggttgcgcat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg tgaggcagaa     45360
     gcaggcgggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacatagaaa ccctgtcttg     45420
     aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaagccaca tttttttcac tgaccgtgga     45480
     gccctctgtc atctcttgca gttctccctt cctgttacat agatcctttc aatcagactg     45540
     cttctgcctc tgtcttccac ccttcctgta gcacattctg cacactgctg ccaaagagac     45600
     ctctctaaat ccgatcatgt tactctctgc cctcaatttt acatggctcc cagtagcctt     45660
     cagaacactc ttaagtgcaa tagcctcctg tgtctctgtt tctgtccggc ctattaggct     45720
     cgtccctcag tacttcctgt attcagccca gccaagctgt ttgctgttcc tggaacattg     45780
     cttctgcact tgctctgtcc acctgaaatt aattccctcc ctttctcatc ccataatctc     45840
     agaaatctag aggctgagat ggaaggatca agaatttgaa gtttattatg ggcgtggtgg     45900
     tgcacacttt taatcccagg atttgaggca gatagatctc tgggttggag gctaacttgc     45960
     cgtgcttatt gagtctgggg cagccagagc cacataatag ttcctgtctc aaaaacacaa     46020
     accagtgaga gaacgcacaa atggcagatg gtgggatccg tgtcgtttta cataaccccg     46080
     cccgtgcagt gtgctcctag tgttgccatt catggatcgt gtacttgttt gtatgctggc     46140
     cagccttctc tgtagaggaa ggggtgaggg aggaaaaggc tagtgaagga aggtggagcg     46200
     agactggaaa ggcaggcagg ggagagtact tcgaggagga aaagcaagga aggaaggaag     46260
     ggtttggtgt tttattaata tttcacacca agtccctgga gagtttaaaa catcgtggat     46320
     tcccctgcag cttagtcgtg ggctctcacg acttgccctc tctgaccttc cttggcctta     46380
     tggaagttgt tttccttcct gatgatatag cactatcatg tgtttgtcat gttaggcgct     46440
     ttgaggaaca tggataaaat ggaagtgtgg aagaggcaga ccgatcatat tggttgcctt     46500
     gggggcagag agtgtctgta agacagagtt tctctgtgag ttctggctgt cgtagacctc     46560
     actatgtaga ccaagctggc cttgaactca gagatccata tacctttgct ttttgagtgc     46620
     ctatcaaaag tatgtgtatc acttttagaa acctagctgg cttctaattt ttaactactt     46680
     ctcccactgt ccccgattgg gcacttcatc actttcttgg catctcatga ctgactatct     46740
     cataagctgg gaagctgttg gtatcttact ttgttttgtt tgagacaggg tctttctaca     46800
     tcgccctgac actccagaaa ctcactatgt ggaccaggct acctttgaac tcacagagtg     46860
     gccgggcggt ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat     46920
     ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca ggactgcaca     46980
     gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctaggagtga     47040
     agttgtttac cacaattcca ggctgccact atacatttaa tagaagttag tgttggggtt     47100
     ttagctcctt tggtagagtg cttgactact gttctagaag ctgctgggtt tgatctccag     47160
     taccatataa atgggatctg taggggcaaa aggattaaga gttcaaagcc atctttggct     47220
     acatagcaaa ttcaaagtta accctaggtt gcaggagact ctttcctaat aacaacataa     47280
     aaaccccaca aaagggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagtaccaac tgctcttcca     47340
     caggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat     47400
     atgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctaacaag agtgacagta tactcacata aataaataaa     47460
     tcttaaaaaa atacacacaa aaaacctaaa acaaatgttg gatgtggtta tgcaagcctt     47520
     taatcccaga actcggaagg cagaggaaga ggcaggtgga tctcttgatt tggaggccag     47580
     tgtggcatac agagtgagtt ctaggatggc tagggctatg tagagagaac ttgtcttgaa     47640
     aaacaaaacc taaaagagac tctgctttgt gttatgaagg ttggctcttt tccctcagag     47700
     agttgtagga gcagcagtcc tgacattatc cacatcctta tctttgtggg agttagggcc     47760
     caagagcctc attcatttgc tctcttcaat ttctgctcat ttttctgctt cctaatacag     47820
     ttgcaggtgc taagagtaag aatgagtaat actgccagcc tcagagaacc tctcaggtta     47880
     tcaggacagc aagtaagaaa ggcagtgatt gtaacccagt gtgatgggct ggtggggaaa     47940
     ggtataggga aacttagaga accaaggtgg atctaagcct ggcgggcaaa cctctaaaca     48000
     gagtcactca gaaagttgag gctggaagat tgaaagttca aggcctgtgt gggttgaaga     48060
     tggagtttag actagcctag gctacttagc aagaccctgt cttagaaggg aagaaagggc     48120
     tgagggtata gctctggggc agagagcttg ccatatgctc acaaggttta atctccagtt     48180
     ctaagatgaa agcggagagc agcagaaggg catggtggga ggacgtcagt cttcttggcc     48240
     taaggagaag cttctcttgt gcttcatctc agaagaccac agacctcagc aaagattgaa     48300
     gaatgtggtg taaccggtag ccagtggcac ggtctgtggg gctacagaca aggggaattt     48360
     agatgaggca ggaacaggat gtgaggtctg agccatgtaa aacagctgtg ttgtgagtaa     48420
     tcttttctgc tttcccaaat aaagccggta ttattaataa gcacattctc tctgtattag     48480
     atgacaacag ggtctcactg tatagcccgg gctgcctaga atttgctaag tagaccaggc     48540
     tatccttgaa cttgcaatga ccctctagtc cgtgttttcc aagtgctggg ataaaaggcg     48600
     tgaaccattt caactagcct actattgtat cttgagcaac tgagttttac catgttttat     48660
     ttcttcgatt tgctcatttt atgtttcata tattcggagc cctcttaagt tttgggtgat     48720
     ttgctctgag gattgtgcca aatcctacat tcaggcattg tagaatggat gatacgtatc     48780
     ttttagggct gcttggaaag acttaaatga ccttcaaagg ctaatgtcag ggccccacgt     48840
     cagtgtcaca gcaactcatg catgcatgga gagtgaaaaa gggaacttaa ttatggagga     48900
     ggggaattgt aaccctgctt gaatgggtag ttgaaagtcc tgggcccgcc ccttagcctc     48960
     agaaaaggac tttcttacat tttctgccaa gaggtcatag ggagagccca cataaataca     49020
     gccctccctg agccatatgc aggccaggct tattttactt gtacaggtgc agaataggtt     49080
     caccaaatag tatcctgatc gcctttgagc agaagctggc atcttattgt cttgcacaga     49140
     atcaatccct ttaaagtatg gaacatggca attttaggtc agcaggcatt taaagacacc     49200
     ttttaacttt caagagctgc ctaataagat atattttgga cagaaaaacc agtgttatca     49260
     agatgaaact tgagccattg aaattttgaa tagggcttag tttttggctg ctgatgtccc     49320
     tttatctgtg aaatttcttt taatgctgct gttctctggg gcgctgtggt tgtcatcagg     49380
     tttcaaggcc ccatcctaca tgctgacgtt tggaaacttt taagtctatt acagtgattg     49440
     agccgagtcc gtgtgcagag gtcggaggac ggtttgacgt cactgttcag ggctggagag     49500
     acggctcatc cattcacagc acttgctgct cctttggagg acctgggttc cagtcctgcc     49560
     acccacatgg tagctcacaa cttcatactg ttccatcaga tctgaggctc tcttctcaag     49620
     cacatatgtg gtgtgcacac acacatgaag gcaatatact cataagcaga aaatttttaa     49680
     aaagtgttga ttatcgcctt ccaccattgt gggtcaggtt atcaggcttg gtggcaagcc     49740
     atcttcacct actgaactat cctgtcaacc ctcaaacgtt taaaaacagg gtcttatagc     49800
     tcaagctggc cacagactcc tgaccatccc cctgctttct aagtgcatgt attgggccca     49860
     agatcaagtt tgttcatttc tttttttgta tgattctctt ccctctctgc tctaattgat     49920
     gttctttcaa aaattattgg agcctatttt caaagcagtt cctagactta gctatataca     49980
     gtttatttac tgttgcttaa taggggagtg tcaaagccaa cgagccagat ggatgctcag     50040
     agaaagtgtg ggggtggcag acttgagggg ccagagcccg gagaataaga tcacgccccg     50100
     ggggtgtccc aggagggctt ggtgaggaca gagtagaact taggaagtgt agagcactgg     50160
     accattacat tctggtgaca gagtttatat tggattgtct ttccaggtga catctctgtg     50220
     gattggaatg ctacagaatt aatcttttgg ctttttgtcc cacttaagcc ctggaatttt     50280
     acatagacct tcaatgtaat ttatggcaga taaggaatat cagttaagtt ggactaggtg     50340
     ggatataatt aggccttctg aaggaataaa ctattcctgc caaaaatgtt tgtggttaaa     50400
     actgcaacaa aacgcagtag agtacagcat tacacacaca tgcatatgtt ttaaaagaga     50460
     gacattttta catttttcca aagtcaaagg ttaatttaaa atattaatgc tgaaaagatt     50520
     aattcgatat attaaatgca gtaggcgaga acacacgtac acactgcgat tactcccttt     50580
     ttacagttac agtaattgga ttatatttaa tgagctgttt acatttagta atttaaaaag     50640
     acatcttttc aatagcccta taagagatca gggaaaacaa atttctgaca ttactttctt     50700
     tttttttttt ttggtggtgc acaaacacat tcattcattc attcatttct ttctttattt     50760
     atttattaca tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcagat     50820
     ctcattactg gtggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactt cagaccttcg     50880
     gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacctactga gctatctcat cagccctgac attactttct     50940
     tgacttgggt gaaaacaact gtttttagaa aaaagttgca agaattttat ttaaaaatat     51000
     acttacatag tttaggagaa ttacccatag gaatatgttt tgaatcattt aaacaaaaaa     51060
     acaaaaaaac aaaaaacggg cgtggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca     51120
     gaggcaggcg gattttggag ttccaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag     51180
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaaa acaacaacaa aaaaagatga     51240
     gggattagat gctttttaaa gaagtccctg gtggaacgat gtgacacact gagcagtgaa     51300
     tggagaccga agcttaaagg gattctctgg gaccctgtag ataaaagtgc cagcccgagt     51360
     gcccagctct ccagaaacta gagggggttt tggtttggtt tgtggttttt tttttgtttt     51420
     ttgttttgaa agcagtgtca tctaaatgtg tcatctgagg ctggcacgtc aaatgagcca     51480
     gtgtttatgt tgtttaaagt gagagatgtg aagcccctga gcagctggct aaaactgggt     51540
     gcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa     51600
     agcggtgtgt tattctcatt aacaccactt ccgttctagg ataaatatgt caggaaactt     51660
     tcctgtgcta tcgtgcagtc tgatttttaa gggagaggaa cctagtctgg agcttggggc     51720
     actttcctga gatgagaaat tcaagtgtat ttgtctcttg tatggatttt gtgaggagtt     51780
     agctttgtgt taggggaaaa atgtgaactt tgaacataga tagacatgcg tatcttttaa     51840
     atgtttgttt gtttgcttgt ttttcaagac gtgatttctc tgtgtggctc tggctgtcct     51900
     agaaccaggc tggtctaaaa aactcagaga tctacctgct gcctgggctt cttttcattc     51960
     tgcttgtttt tagcccaggc tgactgaaag ctccagctct cctgcctgca gctctttaca     52020
     cgaggattat aggcataaac cacagattat aggctgactc tggacctgag attaaaagct     52080
     ctttgggttg gctatgatgg tatacacatt aagagctgtc tatctgggat gtatggtggt     52140
     cagtccttca atcctcaaac tgggggtgga ggatagagct gggtaaatct gtgaattcta     52200
     ggctagccag ggctacatgg taaaaccctg tccaaaacca aaacaatcaa aaaataaaaa     52260
     acctgtctat tctggggggc atgagtggca aaggtgagca tgacatgtgt atggtatgtc     52320
     ttggcttgta tactaacgaa aagtattcat cataaaaatg cttagaaggg ggctggagag     52380
     atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct cttccaatct gatgtcctct tctggtgtat     52440
     gtgaagacag cgacagcgta cttattttat ttatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatgt atgtatatat atatatatat atatatacac acacacacac     52560
     atatatatac acatatatat acacacatat atatacatat gtatacatat acatacacac     52620
     acacatatat atacatacac atatacatat atacacacac acatacacat atataatctt     52680
     tgaaaaacaa caaaaaaccc tgcttagcag ggtgtggtgg cacacgtctt tgaactgagc     52740
     attgagaaag cacaggcaag cagatctatg agtttgaggc tagaatacta atttttaaat     52800
     tatataacat ttcaagaaga taccatttat aactaaaaga agtagaataa aaatcagcta     52860
     gtagaaatag atgcagaggc aggaggatct cggtaagttt gagaccagcc tggtctacag     52920
     aatgggtcca ggacagccag ggttatacaa ttgaaacctc atctcaaaaa caaaacaaag     52980
     aagaggcata taaaaaagac ttttaaaaat gcacgtgtat gtgtgtatta tatatgtgtg     53040
     tgtgagcccg aggaggccag aagagggtgt aggatcccct gaatgtagaa ttttcgggtg     53100
     gttgtgagac cttttctatg gatgtagaat ttttgggtgg ttgtgggacc ttttctatgg     53160
     atgtagaatt ttcgggtggt tgtgggacct tttccagggg gttgagctga acctggactc     53220
     tgcttcttta gcagctaact ttccagcccc atacttcatc cattctcaga tgtgtccttt     53280
     ggggcacatt tgattgttga ctcatggtac attttgccct tagtagtctc agagttgttg     53340
     aagtacatag tacaagtcct ctgaaagtga cctgtctata ttttccgtac tttattctag     53400
     gatgaaattc gatgctgttg tgtaatgtat tgcctctgtt tgtttgtgat tttgccgcat     53460
     ggttttgctg cgtgactcgg actggccttg aattcaggac cttcttcccg cagcctccgc     53520
     tgtgctgtaa cctcaggagc acagtcctgt gtcctcccag ctcctctatt cttatcccct     53580
     caagggtgct acatttattc gtttattaat ctctgtgtgt ttggcacagg tgtggaagtc     53640
     aggataactt gcagaacttg ggtatctcct tcacggtgat ttcaggcaac aaattcaagt     53700
     cattagactt ggtggtaaga ctcattacca agccgggcgg tggtggcgca cacctgtaat     53760
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt caaagccagc ctggtctaca     53820
     gagttccagg acagctaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tggaaaaaca aaacaaaaag     53880
     acctggtgag ccatattgtt ggtctttctt agttaatttt gtgtctgtgt atgtaaatgc     53940
     atgtgaatac aggtaccctc acaggatata ctgttgggtc cattggagct gagttacaga     54000
     cagttgtgag ctgaaaatca aacctgggtc ctttgtaaga acactgagtg ctcttatcca     54060
     ctgagccatc tcctcagcca cagaagttag ccattcttcc actaccacca tgcttcttct     54120
     actgctgttg gcatttgagt gatctattct gtgtatacac tctgcctttt tctgaggtag     54180
     ggtctctgtg tagttttcac tggcctggag ttctctgtgt agaccaggct ggccaaaaat     54240
     tcagagatct gtctgcgcct gcctccagag tgtgaggatc aaaggtatgt gccgccttac     54300
     ctggctattt taattgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg ggtgtgctca tgcatgtgtg catgtattca     54360
     tatggggagg tgcacctgca cttttgtgca tgcagagcac aaagggcaac cttaagaatg     54420
     ctgccctgct cttttgagac atgatctcag tttgcttaga gctccccatt aggctagatt     54480
     ggctggccag ttagccccag gaatccccct gtctctgcat ttctatcact gggatatcac     54540
     tgggacgcag ctgtgctgtc tgtcacattg gcttctgtat gaatgctggg gtctgagctg     54600
     tcccaacccg gcatcatacg ttgtatagct atcttttctt tttcttcaga ataattttac     54660
     agaataggaa tcattaatct accaggttag gaaacagact gagaggttag acagcttgcc     54720
     agaatatcag aggtaaaatg tgatggcggt cgatgtgatg gtgctaggtg ggtcggtctc     54780
     acatctggat ctttttgttt gtttttttct ttttttttaa tttttattta tttattatat     54840
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacgca ccagaagagg gcatcaggat ctccggtggt     54900
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aacttcggac cttcgggaga gcaatcgggt     54960
     gctcttaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc ctcacatctg gatcttaaag ctcctgttct     55020
     tgcagctttg ccctagtgct tattaggttt ggttacttcg aagtaaactg aaggcagaaa     55080
     ggtatttatt gttttcatct gctcgagatc ctgtcctcct aacccccatg ttttgagtga     55140
     tgaccttgtg agaagtagat gtccagctgc cctttgctga ctctgagtca gttgctggtg     55200
     gcttggttct ttgtgacaga tgagtatgtg acagtttttc aggaatgaat tcttgttgca     55260
     ggatggcaga atagaatcat tggtatgaac gtgcatggca gtttgctcca taattctgct     55320
     ccctgttgct cggctgtagc tgagattgct aggtctctcc cctgtctcct ggtgtacagt     55380
     cactctccag actgctgcat ctgcttgctc catgaccaca cggtgtgttt gtggattgcc     55440
     ctgagctgtc agcaaaacat tttgctgaat tttctttttt ggtgttgcgc tgcagccttc     55500
     ttttccgtgg cctttctcag ttgtgtgaag ttagttactt ttttggctgt tcatttccag     55560
     agagggaaca gttactgcat ctagaagctc aaaacccaaa gtgagacatc acggagctta     55620
     aactgagtcg ttagagagtt ggccggatga ggagatcccg tggctgatgg gcagcagagc     55680
     agctctgatg cactcttccc ttctttattc ccacagcact gcacccagcc caccagcggg     55740
     cacttcagtg ccttgtgtag agggagcttg accccactca tcctcacttc tactgcgtga     55800
     gccaaggatt gtagtatcta ccatactgtc tgtccccaga gtagggaagc aagatgggat     55860
     aagcattgta tgaaagccag ctgtgggctg tggatgtcag ggagttggtg ggaagcacga     55920
     ggctgtgggg gagtgtcaat ctccagcacc acgtaaacta gacgcagtgg cacgtcctag     55980
     aatctgggag gtggacggag gcaggaagat tgcaaattca aggtcatctg caatcctgtc     56040
     tctccagtgc tgaggtgcag agagctcttt ggtcctccca gcttgttgga gaactcagat     56100
     ccgcgtgctt ggactttaaa gccaagctct ctctccagcc cttagtcatg gcagtttcat     56160
     acatgtgtgt aatgtacctt gatcatgatt cgcttccaca cgtgtgtgta atatatcttg     56220
     atcatattca cttccacttt cttcctttcc caagtgaatt gattgcctcc ctatttctaa     56280
     ttagtcctcc cactacttta atgtctcaaa ttttatttta ctctggcatg atggtgcatg     56340
     cctttaatcc cagtactcag aaggaagagg caagccaggc ggggtggcgc atgcaatccc     56400
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctccagag tgagttccag     56460
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaaacaa     56520
     aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaag aaggaggcag agtcaggaga atctgagctc     56580
     caggccagcc aagactatgt tgagagacac cttgtctctc caaaaaaaca gtctttaaac     56640
     gtttattttg ggtgggtggg ggcttgtgtg tgtcatggca cacatgtggg agtatatacg     56700
     gcctccagcg cagatagtag ttgtgtggtt ccagcccctg ttggtatgag tccaagaatg     56760
     cacagacagg tcattctgga aatgagcatc ccagaccact ccctgcttcc gctggctctt     56820
     gcactctttc ttaaacaggg ttctctgatc attgatgggg agcttgtgta atttaatgtt     56880
     taattgatga tgacagctga aagaaatccg gtctctacaa atgttaggaa aaagactctt     56940
     ctgttgatga gggaaattat tcattatata tttatttaat taaggctaat ttagggcctg     57000
     gcatggtggc atataacttt aatcccatca ctcaggacag agacagatgg atctctgtga     57060
     gttcaggcca gcctgctcta tctacatagt gggtttcagg ccagccagga ctacatagta     57120
     aaaccctgta tcaaaaatca aaacagggct ggtgagatgg ctcagttggt aagagcaccc     57180
     gactgctctt gaaggtccgg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc     57240
     cataatgaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat     57300
     ataatcaata aataaatctt aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa caaacaaaca     57360
     gccaggcgtg gtggcacacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt     57420
     tctgagttcc aggccagcct ggtctaaaga gtaagttcca gggcagccag agctacacag     57480
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca     57540
     aaaaaaaccc caaaacaaca accagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt     57600
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctatac agagaaaccc     57660
     tgtctcaaaa aacctaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaggtgc taatttaggt     57720
     tatgggtagc ccatttcaaa tcataccatt ttgtcaataa tgaatattac tggaaattaa     57780
     cattaggtta gaaaagtaca gtaaactttc tgtttgtagc tgaaaatcat tagtgacagt     57840
     attctgtagc ttttgatgtc caagtggctt cataaaaagg aattgggcga aaatagagac     57900
     aagaaatact cgggtgggta tgggggactt ttggtatagc attggaaatg taaatgagct     57960
     aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg gaaaaaaaaa gaaatactct aataagtctt ctttgcaatt     58020
     aaaaaaataa aaagtcaaaa gaaaaaagag aactaaatgt tttttctcag agctgagaat     58080
     atgtcttagt tccatatagc atctctcgag cttttttctt tctttgtttt tgtttttgtt     58140
     ttgttttgtt tgtaagagta ggctacagtt aaactaacct gaatgcatta tcttttgaga     58200
     aaccaggtgg gtcctgctct cctggaaata gagcctaatt ttggtcactt atgggggaaa     58260
     tttctagaag aaaattaaat ttgaaggaga taatcctctg atcttcattt caagagcgac     58320
     gctgtgacgg aagcttgaga atagtaaggt agggtgagag agaggtggac agacagttgg     58380
     ggaattagca aggatgaatg gcccctgcat gtacagtgcg ctcaaggagt gtgctactgc     58440
     agttcagaaa tcctgtttcc taggtgtctg agagtcaaat taaaacagga agcttcttca     58500
     ggttgactgc agttaggcca gaggacattg ctttatcgcg ttggaaattt ctcttagttt     58560
     agcgcagaag ctctcttgct tggcttgcat aggcgtgttt tctctgtcca ctgcagaacc     58620
     tttctgtcct gccatctctg ttggacattg tttcagtcac ccagcctgat ttgtcagtag     58680
     tgccttgtgt ttggaaagag tggttatatt tgtcagctca gccccaccct gtgtttcagc     58740
     aggaagtggg tgtgtgcctt agcctttgag gaagttttct tccttgtcct cacttcacag     58800
     tgtgggggac tgctgtagtc tacattgtgc tttttgagag aaagggagaa gcaggctcac     58860
     agttaaacac aggtgtgagt cacctgtggg tgctgggtat caaactcggg tcctttggaa     58920
     gagcagcaaa tgctcttcac cacaaagcca cctctcctgt ccactgtcac accttaaatg     58980
     ttttattgca ccagtttgga ctatgctgct aagactgtgt agtcttgccg ccaggtggtt     59040
     atttaacttc agtgaacatt ggtttgtgga gggaatgagt gggtattgag aacaaagtct     59100
     tgggtagcca aggatggcct tggattctct gtcttctgtg ttacaggcct gtgcccatac     59160
     ttagctatta aaaatattaa atctgatgaa atgcacaatt ttaagtaagg aaatttgaaa     59220
     tttgcctttt gcaagaggaa actgcagagt gaacttgttt accccctttc aaagcactgg     59280
     taactgagca gtgaggaaag ttgaagtgaa agcagaagtt gccattgccc agacccagcg     59340
     tccccacatg ttcctgtccc ttcttctgct gatcgtttta aagaggaact acctcgggaa     59400
     gcattttcct tgtgagggtt atggctgtgg ctcctgtatg cttgcctttt gaatgtgatc     59460
     atagaaatct gcaggtgtca tcaattgttt gtttattata aacagctcaa aatgactatc     59520
     cttgccattc tgggcaggca tatacctttt ctcagtatga acaggactgc ggaatgtgca     59580
     gtacagactg ttgctgctgc tgcttctcgc atgcagcatc cttccacccc ataactaccc     59640
     aatgatgttg gcaacaagat tgtagaagtt caggaagcaa aagctgggct ttttcctgtg     59700
     ctaatgtggt gtgcatatat tccatgctaa actctactgt gcacacttga agaatttcat     59760
     catttgaggg agatctgaaa gaccctgtca tccagcttca ctttcaaaat ataaatccca     59820
     tcatggtgcc aacatccaga ctggttggca tactgccagt ccagggctag agagggatgt     59880
     gtgagatttt tttttctttt ttttttgtgt gtgtgttttg gatttattcc cttaggctga     59940
     aatctgttag aggtgaatat ggggttgctt ctgggtctgg tttggatatc tggtacctct     60000
     ttcctttgga cttcttcagg tatagttctc tcagattggt ctgggacccc cctagagtat     60060
     aaataacata accccagtat tctctctgga atattctttg ggccaattgt gtatctatca     60120
     catgggtctt ggtaactggc aaaatctcga cttgttttac cttgtgttta gaacacaagt     60180
     ggatgtttcc caagtgagaa ggttgtgaca gcttagaagc aaatccatat attttagaag     60240
     ttgctgtgtt gcccaggcta gccttgagtg ctccttgatg ctcgccgtct caacctcctg     60300
     tgctggcctt ggaaggtcct caaagatcgc ttagcttagt ctattttgca gctgaggaga     60360
     ctgaaacctg gtgagaatga caaacttttt ttttttttcc ctgatagtgg tgatggtggt     60420
     gtctgcggtg ggtgtaggtg ctggtgctgg tactgtagac caaacctagg gcctcagata     60480
     catgctaggc aagtgcgtta acactttatg gctgaactat atccctagca tctacatctt     60540
     tgagagattc tttggggcct ttagcagaag agagcagcca agatagtcct ggtgcttaat     60600
     ctgtggtgta ggagggagca tacagctttg ggagggacag gcatgaagct gaaggagtaa     60660
     ggaggacacc tgcctagcca acttcatcag ccaaatcacc ctggcatcag tgagaagaca     60720
     gacagatgtt gcagcctgac tgccctcaca tgctgcatcc ctgattgatt gagaaggtgc     60780
     tgtgaggatg cagttggacc cctcacctct tttcttcctt ctgtgaggtt ggggatgaac     60840
     ccaagccctt agatagactt tttttttttt aatttaaaaa aatgtaggtg tatgagggtt     60900
     ttgcctgcat gtatgttagt acacctgcat gtatatctgt gcctggtgcc cttggaatac     60960
     agaagagggc atcagatctc ctggaactgg agttacagat ggttgtgagc ctctatgtgg     61020
     gtgctgggaa ttcaactcaa gtcctctgga agaacagcca gttcttaatt gctgacccat     61080
     ctctccagcc cctaatttta gtttttaatt atgtatgagg atgtaggtgg gcatgtgtgt     61140
     gtgtgcatct gcagatacag atgtccacaa agtcaagaga aaggtgttgg atggttgtga     61200
     gttaccttat gtggatgcca ggaacagatt tttagattct catacaagaa ctttagatgc     61260
     tcttaacctc tggccatctt cccagcccag ctttgtacac acttgacccc accccctccc     61320
     agtaccttct tgtattttag gatttcctcc ctcaacatgc ctgacagttg ctcatgcaca     61380
     ggctggaaag acttcacagt tttatccaaa gagaacccat tctgctatag agctgcgcta     61440
     gttataaaga actagataaa ttgaaattta cttctctgta acttttatgt ttttgacagt     61500
     tctaactcat tttctattta acactctcaa gataagacct caaatcctga gattagcagc     61560
     cattgtgata ttatgtaatt ttcctaatca aaagtaatat atgactaaag ggctggagag     61620
     agggctcagc gggtaagagc tcttgctatg ctgcgtcagg accagggctc agatctccag     61680
     cacccttgta aaccagccaa ggcttggcca cacatgcatg tagccccatc agtttggggc     61740
     ggagacagga tctaggatgc tcactgagca cctaggctag ctataagcag caagcttcag     61800
     gttcagggag agactgtctg cagagaggct aatgtcacgg ggcacctgtt gtgtgtgaga     61860
     gactaacttc tccagggcat ccacagtggc actccttatg tacagtctgg aaggaaattg     61920
     aggaaatagt cgctctaatc attccctttg ttccatggtt cagatgagga gcacagttgg     61980
     gagactggag gagagaggat tgtatttcag gaggtctgag cgtatagcta ggggcaactt     62040
     cgggtggaaa acccatcaaa ttcattgaag tccagggttt catctttaaa ttttttatgt     62100
     gaatgttgca ttcaactatg taatatgtcc acggcttaaa gtgtttttaa atatttatca     62160
     atgaatagag ttcattcaac aggaagcttt gcctatgacc tgtggaacta caaataccta     62220
     tcccttccct tccagctctg tagagggagt tttggatata ttttttagtg tctataggaa     62280
     aattgttgaa gataacaatt atgaggtatc agaggcaaga gaccaactca tgtgtcctga     62340
     ctccgcaagc catgtatttc tgcagttaga aatgacatgg agagtctaaa ggctgcagtc     62400
     tgctggctat ttctaagttt atcattcaaa tgtagggttt tttttctttt gtcaaattac     62460
     aagtgtgttt caggttatgc ataatttcat acttctccca tagaagacaa ccagtccttg     62520
     gttacctaaa aaaaaggagc atttggtaca agtacttctg tactgcaggg tgtcttgtct     62580
     ctctttggtg tctgaaaaaa atctcctttc tacccctcat atttatttta cttttatctt     62640
     tattttctgt atgtgggtgt ttggcctgca tatgtgtctg tgcactgtgt gagtacaatg     62700
     ccctcagagg ccagaagaag gtgggttctg ggactcgaac ccctgtctgt tctgaggttt     62760
     ttctccagct ccagaaatgt tttttgtttg tattgaagca gggtttctct atctagcctt     62820
     ggctgtctcc gatcttgtta tgtagaccag gctggcctct aacacacaga gagagactac     62880
     tgccttgtct cccaagtgct gagattaaag gcataggccc ccatacctgg tcaaaaccaa     62940
     aacaacaaaa tcttttgaaa agaaatagca catctgtttt tcttgatggg tattaacatt     63000
     ttttcccatt ctctctgtct tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttttgttt gttttttgtt     63060
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tgaaactcac gctgtacacc     63120
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg     63180
     cgtgcgccac cacgcccggc cttagactct ttacaccatg ttgtagattc actaatcaca     63240
     gtgtgctgtt aagtgtagct gtgcatcgag tacctagtgc tgtttgcttt aagtagaaga     63300
     gttaagctgg aaagtctgga gggagggagt tagtgttaaa aacctgtggg gtcaaaggag     63360
     gatcctagca gagaaatgga atgggagtca tttcctaaga caatgaacgg acaagtattt     63420
     aggaaacacc tctgcatccc aaagataggc acagctgcct cacagcgacc gttagagagg     63480
     ttcaaagtta gaagcaaaca gctggttctt ttagttccta tgttgttact cttggtgaca     63540
     ggaaatcttg ttccccaggc tgctggcttc ctgttttatt tttacttgta gcagatcaga     63600
     atgtccataa caaggagcag cctgttccaa aaggttccac tgcctctctg tgtatttgtt     63660
     agtttggggt ttttgtttca ttttggtgca acaatgtgtt ggtttgcctt taatctctgt     63720
     agtgatgagc ttgtagtaag cgttttggat ttgcaggcag cttgtctggt gataagctga     63780
     tgttttagga tttgatgtga gtaaacttga tgatgatgat gacgatcgtt tcttccttcc     63840
     cctcctcctt ttctttctct tcttcctcct cctcctcttc tttggaattt atagttgagt     63900
     ttctgtagtt gcttctgtgc cttttcattt gatgtaaggt agcacaaagg cttttatgac     63960
     attttaaatt tctttatggt tttcttcctt tttttaaaaa aaagatttat ttatttattt     64020
     tatatataag tacactgtaa ctgtcttcag atgcaccaga agagggcgtc agatctcatt     64080
     acaggtggtt gtgagctacc atgtgatttc tgggatttga actcaggacc tctggaagag     64140
     cagtcagtac tcttacctgc tgagccatct ctccagccct ctttatggtt ttctaagaaa     64200
     taaaaatatg gcctgtccac tgtgacttga ctgttctagt catacccacc ttgttgagaa     64260
     taaaaccttc tcccaatgtt tgggggtggt ggcactcgag gggcagaggt aggcagatct     64320
     ccgagttcaa gaccagcctt gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga     64380
     gaaacctggt ctgggaggag gaggacttct cctaaacgag taatgtagga atttggtaat     64440
     caaaatctaa aatgatagct ccatataagc ctgaggagct ggtgtgtctg gggaagggcc     64500
     accaggataa aaagcagcaa taggagggtg tctgcgtctg tcccagacac accctgctgc     64560
     tgctcccggc ctttgactcc aggagaggag cactgggtag aagcaagggc tgcgatctga     64620
     aagcacagtt ggcttagcgc tccgtttgac atattgaaca tgtaaatttt tccttgattt     64680
     tccttcattc tgtcaattta cagactaaac tttggtagtg ttaatagatc ctggcagcta     64740
     gtatttagtt gtacattaac agtcacccat ccaggaagac ctagagagag aaagtatagc     64800
     caggaactta cagtgggatg ggtcactgtt ggcagctgac ttcattgtgg agattaccag     64860
     acaaaggcaa atctgctcag cctgacctta cactctgttt agctgagaat ggccataaac     64920
     ttgtcatact cctgcctcct ctgtcctcca aatgctggga ttacatagtg tcctcaaatg     64980
     gtgtatcacc atgtccagtt tatgacatgt taggggcggg gtgtcagacc tatatctgtg     65040
     tatgccaggc aagtgccata ccagctgggt tgcatcccct tgccacagag gtcatctttt     65100
     gtttttgagc cttgtagctg ttggcctaga atctgatttc tgttgttgtg gatacctgtg     65160
     gatgctattt tctctgatca tgcttccttt cccggagggt tcttgctggt tagagcagca     65220
     attgctgctt taaggttcca cgctgccttc atgacgtcac cagttcagaa tttctaaact     65280
     ttaagcaaga cttcttagta agccttgaga agatcatgag ctgcctcaac tagaacatgg     65340
     gggtggggtc agaggggaag gtttttaaaa acctgtttca gatcagagca acagcacaag     65400
     agaaaaggag gagactcgca tagccctgtg tgcctgggat ctgtggttga gtactgtttt     65460
     cctgctcttt cccttttagg tttttttcat cattgagaac ctcgcctgaa gcaggtccac     65520
     tatgccgtta gtaaccagga acatcgagcc aaggcacctg tgccgtcaga cgttgcctag     65580
     cgatacaagc gagctggaat gcaggaccaa catcaccctg gcaaatgtca tccgacagct     65640
     gggcagcctg agtgagtgcc tgggagagcc tgtgctttgc cctcaggggt cgttggtgct     65700
     ctttatttag tttccctctc ctccatgttc ctatttctcc cccatctgct ttccctaggt     65760
     aatgcaaaaa tatatcccct gttccctgct ccgagaaggg ctcctttttt ggtgcctctt     65820
     cttcccttct accctctctt catctaccac caccctctag cttcaaaagg aatctgcagg     65880
     acggatggca ggaagggctg cagcagaaac tgcagacgca gtgacagagc agaattctct     65940
     gtgtgtgaag tgggaggttc acagagcagt gtcttgggtc gaggaatgct cctgtaatta     66000
     gacgatctgt tccgtgtgga agcctcacgt gcgccaatag tctagctacc cagcacccca     66060
     ccgcgctctt cccaaaggga agcaaagtaa gcatgttctc agagacgctg gctgacgcgt     66120
     catccctgat acacatttaa ttgtgctgca agcccccagg tccaagatca gggcacacat     66180
     tacttctgca gtctccagag tattgggaga tttgcgagct ttgtgagcac acggtgtgag     66240
     ctcacggtgt gtgcacacgg tgtgaacgta cagtgacaca aatggtagct ggagccgttc     66300
     ttatatatat gtaaaatttc tttaattggc tatattagtg agactgcctt gggaaggtga     66360
     tttgcatgtg gtttggattc cattctgaat caagctgact gtttccttga agctgaggtg     66420
     tgggagaggc agatgttagg accagccctg ggtttgccta gtgctgcccc agctcccata     66480
     agcacctctg tggcaatgcc actttagtga tcctccttag caaaggcact tggtataaat     66540
     tatttctgac actcacccct gctgtcacat cactgcccct agaaaaggca gaggactatc     66600
     cgaagcttgc attcccctct ggcgtgatag gccctacctt gagccaagga ggcagagctg     66660
     tgtgaccagg tgatgtatgg agtctgagac tcctaagcct tcacctagca taggccctgt     66720
     ctcagttgat ccagggctta gtgagcctgg atggggcatc acagagaata aacccattgg     66780
     cagtgcctgt cgcacacaaa gaccctgacg gcagcacagc agcagagctg tagctggcag     66840
     tgagtgcagc acgaggaagc tgcagaggcg ttctgcttct gtcaccccag aaggccaagt     66900
     gcatagaagc cagccataca ctggttcctt ctccacagga caaagaacgt ccagctgctg     66960
     ctgctgctgc tgcagctcct gccccctcca aggtgctctc agctttaatg gaggctgttg     67020
     tggactttgt ctgcttgtga gcaaacccct tctatcatga cgctgatctg agagccagtg     67080
     ttcacgttga cctaaggact gagttgttcg tgtcagggca gtaacttacc cttcactcaa     67140
     caccagtggc agggactgga tgagtcttac atgtggataa tgctggaatg acacagaaat     67200
     gagaggacag gaggtggccc ctgacttctg ggagaaccta ccaaaggaga tcagaaaaaa     67260
     atacattttg agggcacaat ggaaagaggg tgagagggga actcaaatat gttgattgcc     67320
     tgttttatgc cagttttcaa tgaggtgttg atagaacttt atttaatctt gtcagttttt     67380
     cagatgaaca aatgaaagct taaagacatg aaataacttt tctaacgaga ggcctgtaag     67440
     actcaagttc atttcttcct tgtttctgta tttacttatc ttgtcctaag gctccgcccc     67500
     agggcgttgt gcatgctaag cacacaccca gcgtcaactt ttaaacttag ctaagagttt     67560
     tcttgcttta tcaccagttc tgtccgtgcc agtggtgccc tagttgagat ctttgttgac     67620
     ttacctaaaa tatttttaat tacattgagg taataaatta acttgttttt taagacagga     67680
     tctcattata tagctcagac tggcctcaaa tttgtgaccc acctgcctca gctcaccagt     67740
     gctaatgccg tgattctcag aggatctgat gtccatgcct ctctctggcc ttcgttcttt     67800
     cagtgtctac ttagctctgt cctgtctacc agcagtggtg ggcttaaaac acgtggctca     67860
     cctttcctgt attccattct gagctttgaa actttgtgag acaggtgtca ttgtgtagct     67920
     caggctggcc atgagccttc cagatgctag agtatcattc ctgcttctaa tttggaattt     67980
     gtttgttcat tgatacaaag tttcctgtac cttgggttgc cttttatcca gttgtatagc     68040
     caaggataac ctagacagtt ttaaaaagat gccattagtt tgtcagcaac gttttcctgc     68100
     tcctcctctg tcactaccac tgagctatag ccacacacct tttattttta cctttttaat     68160
     ttggagacag ggtcctgcta aattgccctg gcttaccttg gtctcagcct cccaaatagc     68220
     taggattgta gatgtgtgcc actggcctag cttaataaat gtttgaaaag cacatttaaa     68280
     aaaaaaatcc tatggaataa tataagctct ttggcctagt gtaaggtcct accttccttt     68340
     ctgctcttac cgtctgtaat ccattttttc ccattttata atactcaaat aaaaattctt     68400
     ttaaaataga gacaagaggg ccagtgagat gacctagtga atgaggttgc tgttgccaag     68460
     ccaagcagcc tgagtccagc cctggagccc acgtggtaga gagaaccaac tctcaaaggc     68520
     tatcttgtga cctccgcggg cgggcaggac tccctgcctt tgcctcctag tgctgggatt     68580
     gaaggcttag actaccatgc ctgtcttcta gaccttcttc tttaatgctt ctactccatc     68640
     gtcatcagtg tggggtgttg ccctggatcc tacggctaac agttccagct ctgggataat     68700
     tgtccatgaa cctggttatt acttgcctat attcctgcaa acccccataa cacaaattat     68760
     ctgtgttctt tttactaaat tgcatttaat tactagaatg tgttttattt atttcttgac     68820
     aattttatac atgtatacag tgtatcttga ttatctcaac catgccccag attccccctt     68880
     cccctctccc cagggacccc tagcacatcc cacagatcaa gctggcctca gactcacaga     68940
     gactgtcctg ctcctgcctc ccaagggctg ggattaaaga cattcgccac catgcccagt     69000
     ctcagcttgc actttagacc agtattgggc ccatccagga gggtggaacc caacttgaac     69060
     ctgtaggaaa tggtgtttat aggtttctgg cattgagtag agggtgggac tgtctctgca     69120
     gagccctgga actctcactc agatttcagc aagaacagat gcaccttttt tttgtttttt     69180
     gttttgttgt tgctgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttttgttt tcgagacagg     69240
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa     69300
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccacc     69360
     gctcagccag atgcaccttt taaaaaatga gtttcactag tttttgcttc ctcataccat     69420
     ttcacttgaa gaattttgct gagaggcagt tgggggaacc tcctgaagac tattctgaaa     69480
     ccttttggcg aaatgtggta tctgttaatg gctgtcctga tagatacggt ctgtcctggt     69540
     gccgtctgga tgagtgagat tcacctttgg accaggcact ttcttttcct ttccttttat     69600
     ttcctgttct tttaattact taaattgatt tattttaaat tttattttat atgtatgtgt     69660
     gttttgcctg catgtgtgtc tgtgcaccat gtgtgtacag tgctcataga ggtcatcaaa     69720
     agatgtcaga tcctctggga ctgcagttac aaatggttgt tatctgccac atgggtgctg     69780
     gggattaaac ctgggtctct cagaagcgca gccagggctc taaccactga gtatctctcc     69840
     agccattatt tgttaatttg catagagaca gcctcatgta ggcctggctg gcatcaaact     69900
     tatcatctaa cccaagggtg agcttgaatt tctgatcctc ttaccttcat ctcccaattg     69960
     taggaatacc aacatatact attacaatgc agtgttggag agcaaaccca gggctttgtg     70020
     ctacaccatc actgtgccaa cagaataaat ctctggctct gactctgtct ttttgaagta     70080
     tcatacttct gtttccagaa attgcagtag cttttttttt acatttgaag aataggaact     70140
     atcaaatctg attggaatta cagttaaaat ttattctaag gatgtgacta tggcaaacag     70200
     gttaggtcta cgtcttccac tgtccttcac tgctgatgtc ctgctgcagg tcagtgccct     70260
     tacctgctga gccctctcac cagccccaga agctgctctg tagattaaac tgaacattat     70320
     cattccgagt tgggtttggg agcctcctct aagcgtggaa ttgagggtat ttaatagtca     70380
     tttggttttg tgaccaggtc ttgctatcat tcctggactt caccgggact cattggccca     70440
     cgtgatcctg tcacatcagc ctcgaagcct ctcagggatt ggggaggcct cacactggct     70500
     tagatagttg aactctgaaa aattgtctcc atggctgagc agcagtataa gaaagaagtt     70560
     cactgtgata acttagattg ccagcttatt taatccaata gtatgatggg aggatataat     70620
     cactgtcccc agtttacagg tgagactaaa tctgattgtg actgctcaag aagtacccag     70680
     tgtaaaagtt agttcctggg tctacatccc agtcccatgc tcctagaaat aagactcgga     70740
     ctcaaaatat atttataaaa taccttggcc acatacctag gctctttaac tagaatcaga     70800
     acttaagata atccactgct ctttccatta ttttaatcta cattttgcca tgtggctggt     70860
     tatctgagct taggtaccag gcatccatct cctctgatct tctgcctcag ctctacccca     70920
     gaatcctttg tcctcccagg tatctcatct ccatttccta agccataggc cataggcttt     70980
     ttaattgaca ggtgatgcat ccatataata ttcaacatat tctctgtaca acacaggatg     71040
     agagagatgg cttgactatt aagagtactt gttccaggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt     71100
     aagagcactg gctgttcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtgtc     71160
     acacaaccat ctctaatgag atatgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctaaag acagctacag     71220
     tgtactcaca tacataaaat aaataaatct taagggaaaa aaagaagagt acttgtactc     71280
     agatctgtgg tacatgtatc tcagaaccca aaagcagagg cgggtggctc tttctgagtc     71340
     tgaggccaga caaagctaca tagacattac agagtaggac tcttttaatt cttttattgg     71400
     agaggagggt ttgttttttc aagacagagt ttctctggat aaccctggct gtcctggaat     71460
     tctctgtaga ccaggctggc ctctaactct gatctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagt     71520
     tgcgtgccac cagtgcccag ccaacactta cagttcttag accaaagttt ggtttcctac     71580
     acctgcatag tggcttacaa cttcctgtaa ctccagtttc acaggatctg gcaccctcat     71640
     ctgtcctctg tgggcaatca cacacacaca tgtgcatact aacaaacaaa aacacgcatt     71700
     tatgtagata ggaataaata taagaagtac tccggcataa tagaaagagc tgcagccttg     71760
     gctgggtaca gtgatacaca agtcatctca gtggtgagga agagaaggat gagatcatgg     71820
     cgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctactaagt gaatttgaaa ccagccaggg gacgaagtga     71880
     ggcagtgtct aaaaataaag atctgagctc taacagtctg aggcttctga tttgaggtct     71940
     gctgctcttt ccattttcca tagtgtgatt ctgagtcgcc cagggcctga cctgacatgg     72000
     caaggaagag gccaggcagt gctggtgcac gcctttactc cagcctggtc tacagagcac     72060
     agcgagggcc acacagagaa gccctgcctc agaaaggaga aaggaaagct gagcacaggc     72120
     ctttaatccc agcacttgga gggcagaggc aggcggatct ctgggttcaa aggctccttg     72180
     tccggtggct ctggagagca gcttgggagt gacgaggaac aagcagggat ccatgaccct     72240
     cacactgtat gagaaattac ttcagtagaa catcagacca agatgaagat atctctaact     72300
     tatctatctc tgacgcagga atgtaggact tctcctggtg aggaggtcac tttatgtttt     72360
     ctaactcaca gttttcaaag atcttgtctg cacagaaagt tccgagccag ccagtgctcc     72420
     atagtgagac cctgtctcaa aataataata ataaattttg tatattgaga tcttttgtaa     72480
     gatttttacc tgatgcccac tgtcacaagc ccttctactg tggaaccgaa aatctcagtc     72540
     ttctctggga gacagaaaga tgggttaact tgtatttttc tcttttccgc cagagcagtt     72600
     gaatttttac atttgttatg agacagagtc tcactatgta gtccaggctg gccttgaaca     72660
     aacagcctcc ccctcggcct cccaagtgct aagattacag gtgggagcca ccaccattgg     72720
     gtgtttttaa ggttggttca tttcccatgc ataatcctgc gttatttctt tgcttttgtt     72780
     tccaaacaca atttttcttt acctggtgga gcaggagcac tgctgtatta tcaacatatc     72840
     aaacaggacc ttctgcctgc agcagagcag ggacgcagca tgttggcctc tgagtccttt     72900
     gagctcagga atgcctcttg actgttgctg catggaagcg tgcagtatgc agaattggga     72960
     gctcctcctt gatttattaa atgcaccagg agctcccagt gcacaagtta actgcagttt     73020
     accccgaggg tgtggttttg cccttccagg ctaggttagc ctaattcccc cttaaatatg     73080
     tactaagctt agaagctaaa ggaaaaaaaa atgagacctt actttaacta ggtctcaaac     73140
     tctcgtcagg ttgggcagtc gtttacggct gccttccctt tgtgcgtgag catccgaggt     73200
     gtggagactt actcctcata cctctcccat cccttgcggc tcagaataac agtgtggagg     73260
     tatttattcc acatggcggt ttctttggct acaaattctc cttgcattca gggttgaaag     73320
     tacagaactc ttttcttatt ctaaaaagtg agaccttgtg gaaaaagacc agtggtgtct     73380
     tgtttttcag ggagggcttg aatatctcag cttttcgctt gttccctggg gtgtggattt     73440
     gaaggattgt aacctggagc aaagactttg aaagctgtgg gttagagaat gtaaggtgac     73500
     cttttcaccc ttagaagaaa tttggcatct ctgtgtgggg tgggaaaatt caggcccctt     73560
     agagataccc acatcttggt tttcagtggg cttttgaaat tcaactgagg acgtaattta     73620
     gtgtattaag catggacgcc tagttgttgc tctaactttc aggctgctct cagagccgtt     73680
     ttacaaggtg ctttacagaa caggagggtg agagccaagg acaaatgttt gcatacactg     73740
     gctgcttttc cgggactaac ttgttgacat tgcacctttc gattttgttg aacctgcttt     73800
     taatttcatg tttgttcaga atttgccaaa gaggttctat tagttatgga ctatataagc     73860
     acagagtgac caggctatgg aaactgtctc tttctccaag aacaagcatg tgtgtgtgtg     73920
     tgtttggggt acgatatact ctttagtctt tgggctggtt cctctcactc ctgtgcacta     73980
     gtgacttgct ctgtttgccc tttctaggta agtatgcaga ggacattttc ggagagattt     74040
     gtactcaggc aagtgccttt gcctcccgag taaactccct tgctgagcgg gttgaccgag     74100
     tacaagttaa agtcactcag ctggatccca aggaagaaga aggtaaggag gcttagccag     74160
     agctgcaggc tctgccgagg agtgcctcag aatcctgccc tggtttgtta caaagcaaga     74220
     ggagagatca gagagactga tatacgtcta cttggaagcg acataagcct aggtggtgta     74280
     aagaaacctt tttcccttta ccacacagca cactgccatc cccccagtcc ccttgttctc     74340
     acgtttcctt tccctcagtg gtattttgct accataaaag tacttggaag actcatttca     74400
     cccatggaga ggcctgcaag atctggccac atagtaaacc tttgtgttgc ttcatctgtt     74460
     cagtcatgaa atggctgggc tgctgacagc ctcgtggggc ttccccagag ggggaaggga     74520
     aaaaaaacct ggctgccaag aaaggcagca gctgaggcgt ctccgacggt gtgactcagt     74580
     gtttgctcaa atagcctgcc gtccattttc taacgccttc catcttcctt ctctcagtgt     74640
     cactacaagg aatcaacact cggaaggcct tcagaagttc taccacccaa gaccagaagc     74700
     tctttgacag gaactctctc ccggtgcccg tcttagagac ctataacagc tgtgacgctc     74760
     ctccccctct taacaatctc agtccttaca ggtaaccgtg cgctcgctct ctctctctct     74820
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gtgtgtgtga ttaaaaactg cattgtctaa     74880
     aatctctaaa gataatatct gtatcagaga gagaatactg ttgaactccc tgcccacccc     74940
     agcagagacc gttagctcat tcttgtctgg tctctgacgg acatgccgcg tctcctatgt     75000
     actgaaagtt tgctgtacca ttgatgctgc aaagtttaac ttgggaaaag taagtccatc     75060
     tggattccat ccaaggaatt tagttattac agaagcaaga ggacttgtta gcaggcagtc     75120
     ctgcacacgg attcccaggg gccacattct aaccggcttt ccactttctc agaaaactct     75180
     aaattaccag atgtttgggc aagttaatgg gaccagcctc atactggctg ctggggaggg     75240
     ggggatcaca gtgtggggag tattggtgtc cttccacgtg agtgccggtc ccttcatttt     75300
     gaacaccctt tggatggttt cttctgtaag gaccagccct ggtgtaggta gacatgggaa     75360
     aggaagatgg taggtttaaa gacaacctag agtcctcccc tctggcgatt tgctaatgtc     75420
     atcttgaaca gaccaactga gcagaagtag aaagggaata tttatcttgc ttgtatccat     75480
     aaaaagtagt tacaggtagc tagacgtggg tgctggcggt caggcatggg tacactgaaa     75540
     agcagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acctcttgaa     75600
     ttcaaggaca ctggtctgtc cctcgagccc caaataggag cttggtagcg tctcacagag     75660
     atcaagaaga atatctgccc ttggtcctag taaaggatat ggagtcttgc ttgccccagg     75720
     gctgtcactc tttagtctga ttgagtttgg ggatagtgtg tgatagaaag ggttgacata     75780
     cctcatagta ctgaaaacga tatgagacag tgtttgtatg gtgggatagg attgacaaat     75840
     aatattgaga tgtttcatct ttctggaaac tgtattattt tttttttttg atactaatac     75900
     tgccagaatt agtatctcct tcctctcagt tatctggact tggcctaaca gaaacaagca     75960
     gtggttacta taaacatgtt gctgtcaggg cctggagaga cagttcaacc cgtaagaaca     76020
     tctgctgcta ctgcaagttc agctcccagc acttagagca gaaactcaca accgtcagta     76080
     actctagctg cgtgtgctct tacaccccct tctggccttt atgggcaccc acatatgtgc     76140
     acagagacac gcatacacac acattaaata aaaataaaat aaatctaaag catgttttaa     76200
     aaggaactaa aaacggttgg tctagacacc tgtgccctca gtggtggtgg ttgatataga     76260
     tgtgcccttg gagtttgaaa ggcaaggggt agaattgtct ttcagaagtt ttggttggtt     76320
     ggttggttgg ttgattcact gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     76380
     gtgtgtatgt gtaaagaaag attgggtctc tctatgtagt tctgggtgtc ctagagctta     76440
     tatatacacc aggctgtctt aagaccatcc ttttaaatgt tttgtgtgta gttttttttt     76500
     tttttaagat ttatttatta ttatatctaa gtacgctgta gctgtcttca gaagagggcg     76560
     tcagatgtca ttatggttgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gttggaattt gaactcagga     76620
     ccttcggaag gccagtcggt gatcttaccc actgagccat ctctccagcc ccgtgtatag     76680
     ttcttttttt gtgatccatt ctctccacat agtgtaggct ggccttgaac ctctgatgct     76740
     tctctctgct tctcagtgcc aggactacag acatgcactg ccacgcctgg cttcctgccc     76800
     cctaaagcac atactttctg aacagtggaa gtttcaccac accaaagtag aagattctag     76860
     tcaggcccat ggagtatggc aaatagttgt tactcagtag ctcactctgt cctatgtatt     76920
     gccataccca ctaagacctt gtggtctttt gttgtttgag acagagtttc tttttttgtt     76980
     tttgtttttt ctgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagctctgg cagtcctggg actcactttg     77040
     tacacctggc tggcctggaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtactgggat     77100
     taaaggtgtg ggccaccacg cccagctctg agacagagtt tctttatgta gtcatggctg     77160
     tcctgtctct gtctgtctct gtctcccccc cacacacaca caccattgcc ttgaactcag     77220
     agatttgtgg ccagcccctg cctcccgatg gaccttgtgg ttttaaaaca gctggccgtt     77280
     tgtgtcagtg ggtctccttg cagtaatact gaacaaggga gcaggaagta gctgctctct     77340
     tgtatctgtg tggagaagag caactgtaca cagagacact taggtagaaa agacctgggg     77400
     ctggtgagat ggctcagcag gtaagtgcaa taactgctct tccgaaggtc ctgagttcaa     77460
     atgccagcac ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccaataat gagatctgac accctcttct     77520
     ggtgtatcag aagtcagcta cagtatactt gtgtataata ataaaatctt agaaaagacc     77580
     agcagggcat ggtggcatac tcgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca     77640
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtcccga     77700
     aaaaccagaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaga ccttagtgct ttctacagag     77760
     tcctggggaa tggataggga agaggaacca acagcagaag tctccttaga gatagacagt     77820
     atttagatat ctctgtcaga gtcaactgtg caggtgatta gaaataatca gaattctggc     77880
     caatctagcc tgttcttgcc cctgaccatg tagattcctg catgagaact gaagatatgg     77940
     ccaaggtttg taaggagtta gggccattga gaatctggtg tggaagctga aacatacaat     78000
     tgattcgaag gtgtcctgac tccttaaaaa ctgctaagtg gttggtgttg ggatattggg     78060
     tttggttggg agctcatctc tctactgaca gctactcgtc ttcattttta tcccagggac     78120
     gatggaaaag aggcactcaa attctacacc aacccctcat acttctttga tctttggaag     78180
     gagaagatgc tgcaggacac caaggatatc atgaaagaga agagaaagca tagggtgagg     78240
     ggaagggacc tctgtgctat acatcagtag gccccgttgt agaggaggga taaaaaggaa     78300
     gcgggtctta tgtgaagtca ttccaagtga ccgcttgctc gggtgcaaaa gaatgtgtcc     78360
     acaccaaata ccaccaagat gaaagtataa atcacaccaa aaatatgtat gttcccggca     78420
     ctgtgtaata actgagaata tttgagctga gctttagaag tgggcttttc tgttcaccag     78480
     ttatttttct tgcaatctgc acccgactct gcgggacacc cagctagcct ggtcccgtcc     78540
     agcacagtcg ttcctagaca cgcaccaggt gaccccttca ctgctgcgtg ggcggggcca     78600
     ggactgccgg gtttgtggcg ctgcttctct ctttaggctc ctggtgctgt gtgacctgcc     78660
     agctttgacc tagcaatccc attagcatgg ctgtcagcag acccaggaga gtgccagagg     78720
     ctagtgcggc tgcaggagct ggaaaaccct tcattggttg ttgtgttttg tttttaactg     78780
     tttccttcta tctgctccag atctctggag ctgtcagctt tcacctgttg actgaccttt     78840
     gtggcatgac aaataacaaa taactgttta ctaacttcct aacaattaga gccacttata     78900
     gatgtgaaac aatccccccc ccccaggtag ctactgtttc ctgttagagg tgcttgtgtg     78960
     tgagcctgag caatgctctg cctgagaggt gctgtgaatt ggacggccta ggtcactgca     79020
     aacctggtag ttctgtaaat cctgctgtta tcctgtgttg tctaggcaaa tcatctcacg     79080
     agtgtgtgtc catgaggatg ggtagaattt taatgaagca ctttggaaaa tgttttacaa     79140
     aggcttttct gttccttttc attatagaaa gaaaagaaag ataatccaaa tagagggaat     79200
     gtgaacccac gtaaaatcaa gacacgcaag gaagagtggg agaagatgaa aatgggacaa     79260
     gaatttgtag agtccaagga gaggctgggg ccttctgggt aggtgatgct gtgtagcatt     79320
     ctctggagca gctgggaccc tagggacaaa aggctctggc gtggtacctt tcccaccatc     79380
     tcaagtctgg ctgtagggtt taggctaata caccgttaat caattacttt taaaagcatc     79440
     catctggtga ttaaaatttc ttaataagtc aagagactgc gatttaaacg aggtgactag     79500
     gctggtctga cagggaaggc catggtttct aatgatgata ctctgccaga agccagtaca     79560
     cctgaaggtc tcggaggaaa gtggtcttgg aagccctctc cctccagagc acacatgaag     79620
     gttgtgctga agagctgggc tgggcacggc acgggaggtg cagcgcaggc aagctctgca     79680
     ggttcccaga acaaattctc agccaggctt ggaagaggga tagccaaagg actgaatgca     79740
     gacctcagag tcagtatggg aaaggttgct gggccactgt ggagacagat atatctctct     79800
     gaaaaagtgg gagatggcat cctgacccat ttcccaatac caaatcacgc tggaggttta     79860
     aagaggcaga atggttttaa aacctagttt gatgcttatc ctgatgtctg acccctgtga     79920
     cattcaaagc caaatcacca tgactaccta gtgtgagagt caccctggct tttcctctaa     79980
     attcattgct cctggcagtc agagatgtgc acagcccata ctaggcactg agtactgata     80040
     aaagggaaga gctcttgatt ttagaataac taccatggaa atcttgatac atgtgacact     80100
     tgttcttcct ggattcagag gtttgtttca taagcatagg aagatggtgg aaatgaacct     80160
     ttctacagaa aaaccagtag taaaggggcc ttcattgatc tcactgtcca gtagggggcc     80220
     attttgttcc ccagtcccat cctgttttga taggcacatg gcataggatt agtgactcct     80280
     atggccataa atgccaactg tcaaaagtgt atgtctgatt ttgaggcttg ggtggtgaag     80340
     atgagctagc cgccctccac ccctatatca actccccccc ccccaacttc ctgaaggttt     80400
     ggaattggct gtgtggctag gctatatcat ctgacttatt tacgtgccca caattctgat     80460
     cctgggacct gttgggtgag ctctgtagga cccagcagtg gcacagagga gaggggcagg     80520
     gcgggccagt tttgctagtt ggtgcccatg ggcttgagct agtgtggagg ctccctgcct     80580
     tgtgtgcacg tgtatgaagg gttagtgctc atccagagcc agctcaccca gggccaaagg     80640
     cgctgaagaa tgggtttcca tgcagccagc tctaaaacaa taattatttt ttcccccttt     80700
     ctttcattat tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggcagtcctg gaactcactc     80760
     tatggaccag gctgaccttg aactcagcta tcccctgctt ctgcctcctg agttctggga     80820
     ttaaaggtgt ttgccaccgc tgcccaggct tctcgaatcc tgctttaagc atcagctcat     80880
     gtgataaagg acgtggtaga gactgtcatg actgcctcat ggtataccac catacctagc     80940
     ctaaagtata atcttggtgt aataggaaac acatggaatc tccttatttt gctccaccat     81000
     aataaccttt gtgtcagatg cacttatgtg atatctatta ataagaaaag gagagcactc     81060
     aagctctgga tgtttaagca tgttttggca ctttggatgg acctcgagtc tttaaaagac     81120
     aactgacatt ggtatgtcgt caggtattcg tccaccttgg tgtaccagaa tggcagcatt     81180
     ggctctgttg aaaatgtgga tgcggccagc tacccaccac caccacagtc ggactctgcc     81240
     tcctcacctt ccccttcatt ctctgaagac aacttgcctc ccccgccagc agaattcagg     81300
     taaatggtag aacctcttcc atccatcctg ggtagtgaag cactcaagaa caaaggaaga     81360
     ggcgggcatg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatc     81420
     tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     81480
     agaaaccctg tgtcaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaagaaca aagtaagagt     81540
     tcactaaagt gacttgaggc aagagtgtgc agataggaat aacatttatg aagtactggc     81600
     agagttgttg ttaccccata ttaggtacac atcagctttc ataaaggcga gaggtgggag     81660
     gtggggagac ctcgtagacg gctgcttcag ctcactcagt gtaccctaaa gcatgagcca     81720
     agtgtggtgg ccagcacaag tcagcacttg ggggcagaag gataagagat ttaaggccag     81780
     cctggactac atagtggcag gcggtggggg acagcacacg aagggaaagg ggaaatacag     81840
     actatgtgac ttccagtctg tcccttggaa gtgtgtgcac tggggtcttt gacagatgtg     81900
     tacaaaggat tgccatggtg gcgagaaggg gtctgaggat tggtcaggct tctctgtcct     81960
     ctgagttcct tttccctctc tgtgcctgac gagtgggcct tccaggcgct cttttccccc     82020
     tgaacactgc ctaattagtg gctgatgatg aaggactctt gaatggaaac tgagacagtg     82080
     ctggcctctt ttctctcctc attcttggcc cttaaattac caatcccaag tcttctccct     82140
     ctaaaatcac ttcttgctga tgcctcgtca aggtgtagtg aggcttaaag gtaaaactta     82200
     gggtgttcca acaccctaag ttgggtgttg cttctgctgc tgttgctgtt tttcctcctc     82260
     ttgagatggg gtctctttat gtagccctgg ctactatgta gagccctaga actctctatg     82320
     tagggagact gagctagcct caaactcata tagatccact gcctcggtct ctggaatact     82380
     gggattaaag gcttgagcca acactactgc gtagtaaggt gcttttctaa gcagtagctc     82440
     tcagtgcagg gcaggtgtga aggttcacaa gaaaacctcg catcttcaca ttgtaacctg     82500
     aggtcttgaa gttggaacct cacagatctg atccctaaag tgagccttcg ccctctttca     82560
     aacctgagtc aagagttagc caggagttgg gagtcgtggt tcatgccttt aatctcagca     82620
     ttcaggaggc agaagcaggc caatttctgt gagttgaggc cagccagaac tacatagtaa     82680
     gaccctgtct caagcaaaca aagctgagtg tgttagttca agcccataat tttagtactt     82740
     gggaggctaa ggcaggaatg tcatgtgttc taggcccacc tggactacat aataaggccc     82800
     tgtctccaac tccaagtgga catttgcccc taccaaattc agtagcattc atagagtaag     82860
     aaacagagcc cagtggatga cgagggcttg aattcttatt ctagctcttt cttgtatgta     82920
     tttaggtcta gctagaggtt tacactgaca gccacccatg ggacactctc caggagggtt     82980
     caaggagcca tctcctgaaa agattaaagg ggacctgaac tgctgtctct gctagtcttc     83040
     ctgacagggt gctcagtcgt ctccttcagt ctccagttgt ccccttctcc tggatgacgg     83100
     ggtgctcagt cacctccttc agtctccagt tgtccccttc tcctggatga cggggtgctc     83160
     agtcacctcc ttcagtctcc agttgtcccc ttctcctaga tgacagggtg ctcagtcgcc     83220
     tccttcagtc tccagttgtc cccttctcct ggaaggctgc ccatagtgct gcttattcct     83280
     tggtgatctg ttttggctga tctgtttcta tcagtctgag gcagagcgaa atgggagtca     83340
     actaagaagg gcctgagctt atagaagagc ttgcctctgg gcaggagttg gcactgtggt     83400
     cgtgatggta aatcttgtcc ctctggcctt tcagctaccc tgcagacaac caaagaggat     83460
     ctgtcttggc tggacccaaa agaaccagca tggtcagccc aagccatcca cccccagctc     83520
     ctcctctgag ctctccgcca ggtcccaagc ctggcttcgc tcctccacct gcccctccac     83580
     ctccacctcc catgagtgtg ccacctccac taccatcgat gggattcggg tctcctggga     83640
     cccctccacc cccatcacct ccatctttcc ctcctcaccc tgattttgct gctcctccac     83700
     cacctccccc accaccagca gctgactacc caatgccacc acctcctttg tcccaaccgt     83760
     ctggaggtgc tcctccgcct cctcctcccc ctccccctcc agggcccccg cctctcccct     83820
     tcagcggtgc tgatggccag cctgctgcac caccaccacc accaccttct gaggccacca     83880
     agcccaagtc ttcattgcct gctgtgagtg acgcgcgcag tgacctgctt tctgccattc     83940
     gccaaggtaa agccagggtt ggatctgagg acacgcaccc ttagctgaga tgctggggca     84000
     ggatcttgac cctttcaagg agacagcttt cccagacaac tgagagatta gacctccagg     84060
     tcagggtggg acttccctga aagatactgg gattgagagt tcttcctcta tttgttgatt     84120
     gtgaattact ttttaagctg ggaccctaga attccttgaa gtaagcacgt tatgtgtgtt     84180
     tacatacatc ttcttgggaa aagatcccca gatgaaaatg agtcactgtc ccatcggcca     84240
     acttttcagc cagactcggt tgcagctgtc ttctctgctc tctcatccct ccctgcctgc     84300
     tcccatttct tcctatcttt ttctttcttt tctctccttc ccttctcttc ttccagccac     84360
     ccatcttccc cctccctcct ctcccccctc ccccctcccc actctcctgt cactcattga     84420
     gatcagattt ggtcggaggg ttaggtgtgg tttgttctgt tggtaatcct ccaagcccca     84480
     ctgtagctag ggctgagcac ttgcctgatg ggggtactct aacttcagaa gccttggtgc     84540
     tcacagccag gcaggacagc gggcttcctt tcagagatgt ccacaaccca gagatgctga     84600
     ttccacagga cctgtctttc cttttttttt tcccttgctt cttcaggaat ccatctttct     84660
     ctgtccttta taatcctgtc ctgatgatac tcagtcccag agggttgtga gactagggct     84720
     gtgcttcctg cctaaccctg ctcctctccc tccaggcttt cagctgcgaa gggttgaaga     84780
     gcaacgggag caagagaagc gtgatgtggt gggcaatgat gtggccacca tcctgtcccg     84840
     tcggatcgct gttgagtaca gcgactcgga agatgattct tctgaatttg atgaagacga     84900
     ctggtcggat taactccgcc tgctgcccac attcctcttt ctagtcctcc cacctgcctt     84960
     cctccataca aactaacagt ctcatggggg gaagaaagca agggacaaag aactgcaagg     85020
     ggccaaagcc aaagatctat ccgagtgctt ccttcaactg accatatgct tcttcctcgt     85080
     gtctgcctgc gggctcctga gggtccacag ctgagctgat ccatctttcc ctcaagtgac     85140
     cgtatctagt gacaggaagg gagaacccta cagtagatcc ctctgcttgg gtttcaactg     85200
     gagatagtgc cttcccctga taaccatttt aacccatggc cttcgtcaaa accctttcat     85260
     ttagctactt caaataatgt tatccacctc ctgtctcaca gcagtgggta cagcctgtgt     85320
     gggcgcaggt ggtccctttt ctgtgccctg acaagtagac tggcacactc ctgccccaca     85380
     ctcagccttc tgcagcaggt aggcttgctt ctgttagctc tgcctggatg cctttgttcc     85440
     agaaggcatc aggcctctaa agactgtctc acaagtgatg cccttctgga gactgagggt     85500
     gtggccttcc tcccatgctc tctctgggtg agtgtggggt ctgggtgtcc tttgcattcc     85560
     cctcctcacc ccaggtgcct taagacagcc cagttctaac ctgatattca tgaccaaact     85620
     agccctgaca ctcagggacc tgggcctctg ctgactgtca ggagcaaaac ttgaaggtgt     85680
     ggcaccgcag gactggaaga gagtggaaca ccttgggtcc tgcctgttca gggtactgag     85740
     gccaagatga gaagtgactc tctcaaggtc acacagatag tgatagaaca agagcccagg     85800
     cttcctgttt ccaagtcacc tgtgtttcct gggaccaaat aatgagcacc tgctggagtc     85860
     tgggcagagc agcctggctc ccttctaccc cagagctccc aaatgccggc cttgcatttg     85920
     gagggttcat ggcctgtgcg gggaggtggg gggggggggc tctccggtgc agctttaact     85980
     gcagccgctc tggtaagccg ctcttatttc cccttctgtc tgcagccagt catgtggcat     86040
     gggagctgtg ctggggaggc agtgtagaga ggagctgtgg ggcagccagc cttggcaggt     86100
     gcagtttgca gttcactgca gctccctccc ccttttgttt cctcaattta agcagaggtt     86160
     gtgccagctg tagaaacttc agtccctcag gctggcagcc gctgcaggta cctgcctggg     86220
     ggggcctggc agccatggag aaggctgaga ggcagaagga cacggggtct tcctgcctca     86280
     ccaccttgct gtgcatgatg atgctgaccc acccccttta cctcccttcc cagaactgat     86340
     acacgggtgt tattattcag gaaaaaaact gagcagctct ggccagcagc aaggtttctt     86400
     ctctactgcc ccaactattg tgtggcctct tgtgctgaaa tctctggctt cagagcctga     86460
     aacaaagaga aacaggatct gtctctaccc agcacagcaa atggttgtag taattgccaa     86520
     agccctcata aacccctccg gcttgaggag agtgcaatca tggctctgct gcctgcactt     86580
     gctgggttcc tcccctctgc ctcctttctt gaactcagag gtagggacta agcaccaggt     86640
     gccagcaggc cctcctgctg tggccactcc agagtgctcc gtgtctccat gtgtccgtgg     86700
     cctgcccccc ccccaacccc ccaaatccag tgtctggcac cgggtttggc agtcaactcc     86760
     atgctgtgca tgtttcccac cccgtgcctt agaagctgaa ggtgcttttt catcagaacc     86820
     ttaacatggc tgttgatggt accctggctg cagcccagcg ggggctggag aggcagggga     86880
     gggcagtggt ccttccaaat agaagtcctg gggcctggcc aggccagggt ttgggcctaa     86940
     tggtttttac taaattactc ccctcctgct ctccgagaaa ggggagccag agccgctcac     87000
     tgtggttctg ttccgacctt gaaggggcgg tattggcctg gcttctggaa tggacagagt     87060
     ccaccaggaa agactggggg cgggaggagc tggggagggg ccctgtctgc ggaaggtagg     87120
     attagatcat tagctcagtg acctcctagg gtttcgatgt gctgtgttct catcctacag     87180
     ctggtttggt aatgatctgc aagtcccgga gagcaacagc acagctccgc ctgacgctct     87240
     cattaaaatc catgcagcca agctctgcgc tttgtagcag ccggccttgc agagcctcct     87300
     cagcttgggg ggctggggac ccagtcagct gagaggtcct ctaggctcta cttaggcata     87360
     tgtgtaccca aaaaaaaaat ttttttttaa gcatgcttct tttaaaccca gagcccttta     87420
     aaataataaa gaacccagtg caggtgggtg tgtttgtgga atcccgtaag cgtagaatac     87480
     caagtttagt gactatttaa actgggctga ggctggtaag actataaagc agtggcccat     87540
     aaggactctt aagcgtgagg ccaaggagcc acgtcccttc ccagtctgcc tggcccaggg     87600
     gggctgcccc cattcctgga gcccaggggc ccagcttgca attgctagtg tcaggagtga     87660
     cttgtagctt tgccttggtt gtgaaatgat ttcattccag gggagggggc gggggatccc     87720
     ttggaggctc agagcagctg gcccaagctg cagctcgtct ccagtggagg cttgaatgcc     87780
     ctcagaaacg accctggcca atgtcaccgc agagccgagg cggtgttgtc agggctaatg     87840
     tgaaatctct tcccgtggcg ccgatcctct gactctatag cgccagcttg gacagattga     87900
     ggtctctgtg gctttggtga ccctgcttaa gcattcccac cgtgtccctg ttctgcgcta     87960
     gcactgcctc ctgctgcagc ccctgacttg acctcagggc ctggggaggg aagcaccata     88020
     ccagggccag gagctccaac tccgacgtgt cagcctctgg gggagggggg attaagcctt     88080
     gagcttggct ggtgcccatt ggacctggga ccaggtgtta cccagagagg tgcctctgct     88140
     gtgcttcctg cctccatcac tttcctaggg cctccgtgag ggctgagaac agctctgctc     88200
     tgctcctgta ttattaactt gcttcagtta actgacttga gaaactaacc aatttttacc     88260
     ttctgcctag aatgatgtac acataggaga gaaagctatc atgttcccga agtgccttgt     88320
     tttctctgat agaaatatat ttataaggac ctattccaat aggctcttgg tgtttcccat     88380
     atcaagattt ctgctagcta atgcatagag ggaatactgt ctaaaaatag accctttctt     88440
     cccaaaggtt gggaggtggg acctgagcag tggagtgaag ccacacccca caatttttta     88500
     tttatttttt tatttttaga tagggtttca ggtagatctg caggccttga ccttactata     88560
     tagttgaaga tggccttgac ctcctgaccc ctgcctcagc catgcctggc taggacagcc     88620
     aaattgttgt tgtttcaagt ctggtttcat ttgcttccct gccgggttta ttgtgtgtac     88680
     cccatttgta ctcccaataa cctgaagatt ccatgtaact cttatgtacg cgcatgaata     88740
     ctttaaatgc caaccttttc aatcatttga taaagtcttt gtagtcactc agtcaccttt     88800
     ggtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttcgtgg gagaaggtaa     88860
     gcaactctgc aggccacagg tgggtgaggg actctgtaag gggtccagca tgggtgggct     88920
     tcaaaggcag gaggcctctg gctagtttgt aggcacaggt ccccttctgt gaggacagcc     88980
     ctagagctgg ctgcccacag ctccttgcac caggcaggag aggcgcacac tgaatgctga     89040
     tgccgccttc caacatctgg ccggcatctt gtctgcctca cagacccaag caacttacct     89100
     taaatagaac cgttcacaat ggaatccgat aaaaaggttt tggactgctc caagccccat     89160
     ctcttgcctg cctgaggaag actgaggggg ctgggtttgc attctgaccc cccaaaatga     89220
     cctacccagg aagcaacggt tgttggaagc acagctgtgg gttactgtcc ctaggggtaa     89280
     tttatgagca gacacccaga tccaggccca gtagacacag tggggtggcc cggggagacg     89340
     acagggagca gaatcggggg gtttggtgag gggggcgcca tgggccgtgg gtcaccacgc     89400
     ctgctgttca cagagtcacc cacgggcatc gcgggagagg gggcagaagt ttttgaattg     89460
     tcagcaagtg ctgcgccagc cactctgagc tcatcgctgg aggtggggtg ccggggaggg     89520
     ggcacagaac ccctcgctcc cctcccgcgc ggcctgtgtt tagtcagcac ttggccgcca     89580
     gagctggtga ctgacaggca gccagacgcc cgccctggca gaagacaaaa tggtgtcgga     89640
     gccgcccttg gaggaacggg agggaaggag tgtggttctg ggaaactaga ggcctgtgcc     89700
     tggatgctgt ctccactgct gccacacagg gaagaaagcc ctgacactgt gcgagtcggt     89760
     tcgcctcctg gaactaggga aaaatggaca tttaccggag tgcccactac ctgctatagg     89820
     cagcacatgc gaagtgtgcg aggtccccag tggacaagag aggtgctttg agctgcctaa     89880
     ccctgcctgc tgctatgcca tttacgctgc tcaacgatcc accccgcagc aggctgagga     89940
     gtgccagtgt ctaaggtttc cgctctgaga tcttacctgc cgcacctacc ctgccagtgc     90000
     tcagttttac agctgcacta acaggtgagg gtatttttgt tctttggagt caagcaagct     90060
     tgactgaggc cccagccatc tttgaccttt ggggcagaag aaacctgtgc ccttgactac     90120
     ttgggaacaa caccggttcc ctacgtctgg gctccaagca ggtacatcct gccctgttca     90180
     cacatgcatg ggttcacgta cacgcatttg tctaataagt agcctacagt ccaggcccag     90240
     aaagcacact tagacattgt gtacagagct ctgctcttat gcaaaacaag gacacaagtc     90300
     agcacacagc tacaggagca ggcataattg caagcacatc taagaggcct cctgagccat     90360
     ggtgctggct ggctgcctcg gccagctgct cactgccccc tcctggccac ctttccacca     90420
     gggcaacctg gcaccatttc ctgaagttct gctcagggtg attggcaacc agttctcacc     90480
     tagattatgg aatcgggagc aatttctggg cctcccttcc cccaggccca gggtgtgggg     90540
     ccccagagga agctcttcag ggcttaagga cacagacagc ctgaacagcc tgagcaatcc     90600
     aagtagaatt gctctcctgt gtgacagcat ggcgataccc tcccactcca ctccagggag     90660
     cagccacccc cgccctgccc tagtgtgtgc cccacccagt actcaccctc tttctctctc     90720
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac     90780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacaagg tttggaggta taggcttcca cgctgcccag     90840
     gcaggagctg ctccagctca aagctccctg ctttccggtc tggacttcaa ctgcctttat     90900
     tcagcaaggc attgagcctg atactaggtg cagacattcc actgtggtgt tccagtcggt     90960
     gtctttgcag ctgataacgc tcccagatgt acacccgggt agagcacatc tgtaaagggg     91020
     tcagtggctt cctcgggaca gacttaaagc ctttggttcc tgttgtacag atgtggaaag     91080
     gcacagaagg gctttgcggc gggcccagca ccacacagcc aactggcatc cgatgtcaaa     91140
     atagaaacac cttagtgatg ctcaagagaa cacagcacct tatgaggttg ggcccagaga     91200
     taaggagact ggagccgagt ggcaaagtcg ggagctcttt ttcttcagaa aatactcaca     91260
     gggccaaatg aagacttggg ggaagctctg aggaggttct agacttggac cctcagcagg     91320
     gaggctgggg acaatgcatc ttgaaagctg tgtggattcc tccattgctt cctcctgcac     91380
     tgggtaaatc cctgacttgc ttttatgcag aggcatgaga caagtcaaag gagcctctcc     91440
     ctagcccatg gctgcttgct tgcccatctg tgtatgcacg catgagtgag gtgtgcacat     91500
     aggcctggag taccagtgtg tgcactcacc tgagttcgtt tatgcttgcc tcaagtagtg     91560
     catctgagtt cacgcacagg tttattatcc atgactgtgg ttagttggtt tatgtggata     91620
     tttatttatt ttgagacagg gtctctgtag tccaggctgg cctcaaacta ctggtgagcc     91680
     ttttgcccca gcctcctaag tgttaaaatt ctaggtatca gccactgtgc gacaatgcct     91740
     gcctctctct ctctctttct ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     91800
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcctttctt tttttaagac agggtttctc tgtgtaatcc     91860
     tggctgacct ggaactcact ctgtagatca ggctggcctg gaattcagag atctgcctgc     91920
     ctctgcttcc tgagtgctga aattcagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcttcct gagtgctggg     91980
     attaaaggag tgctgcgcca ccacagcctg ggctattaaa acaacaacaa caacagaaat     92040
     ggggattgaa ccccaggctt tgctgtagcc tcaggccctg tgtgtgagct tacatacata     92100
     aacagtgtct gtgggctggg tgacaggact ggagttgtga tgggcaccta gcacaatcac     92160
     ataattcagc tgcagggaat ctgagggcac ccacactccc tcggggaaag tgcttgccta     92220
     gaacatcaat cccagttcaa tccctaatac cataataaaa ccaggtttgc tggtccacgc     92280
     ctgcaattcc agcacttggg agatggagat gaggatctga agtttaatgc catccttggc     92340
     tgtgtagtga gttcaagggc agcctggact accctgagac tccgtctaaa agtaaaaatc     92400
     aatcaatgat ttctacatgt ctgaccgatg acttaatgaa caggtaaggt tttgcttgag     92460
     tgtgtgctca atgcagttgg cacattgaat ccacttggga atatacaagg gttcccctgc     92520
     cttggtgtgg agagctgggt ggaatctgcc tacatactca ccccgtggtg tgtacatttg     92580
     tgggtgtgta tgtgtgtgta caggaatggc tttgtgtggc tgtccaagta aagtagaaat     92640
     gccctgtgag aaagtatgat gtcatcactc ccccaccctg gtatatgtgg tgctctgatg     92700
     ggctgatgat gccctgtctt gtgtcccccc tccccacagc gggtacacaa ttccctggac     92760
     ccatcctgct cagccaattt gcagccttgc tttcagctcc caagaaggcc tgcagcaaag     92820
     tcaaggggct ggtggccaat tagtgagggg gttaatcagg gacctgggga ccccccaggg     92880
     ggtgggaggc tgaaggcagc catggggttg acagaagcag gagctgcctg tcataaggtt     92940
     gggggagggg acgaagagga ggtgggggcc tgtcggtgct gcagaaccag aagtgtgcca     93000
     atggattcct gattgctgac cactaacagc aggaagcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     93060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tactgtgtgt gaagtggtat gtagatgcat agatgcatgc     93120
     aagtccttga ttgtggccct gtatgcaatt gtgttaaaat ggctatgaat atcacctatt     93180
     tacatttttg taggtacata tatgtgtatt tataagtgtg cagtggtatg caaatgggtt     93240
     tgcttataca aacaaacctg tgtgtatgta ctgtatacat atgtgtgcaa gaatatatat     93300
     atacatatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatatat atatacacac atatatatat     93360
     atatatgtga gtgttccagc atgcacccct gtaacataaa gttcatatgt ataatgttgt     93420
     atctagtgtg cagatcaagt gtgcctgtac aagtgtgcaa atgcacccag ggatggatat     93480
     atgcatggtt tcatgtgtct ctgaacagtc aggtgcctgg ttcccacatg tgtgcccatg     93540
     tgtatgtgtc tgtgtatgca gagatcttgg catggagtga gctggggaat ggcaggctcc     93600
     aggctgcagg agggaatctg acagacgagg cttgctgcag cccccagccc cgggagcctg     93660
     ttttccagcc tgcggaagct gtgagcccgt gaactcatct tatattaata gctgctgtct     93720
     cctcacttat tgcaagggag aggcggtcat ggcccctgcg gggcgcagca ctcagggctg     93780
     ccccacctcc cacaaggacc agggctcagc ccagctagaa gagagcccct ggtttttcct     93840
     tcagttcaga gagcccctct cctggccagg aagatggtaa actctaccat caggataaga     93900
     aaactagcgg ctgggaggct tagtaaccct ctctagacac acaggcgcat ggatacacac     93960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca ggctgagcag cccagggcct agctccagag     94020
     gagactgagg gagacaggag gctcagtatg aaggggagac tcggccctgc tctcaagggc     94080
     tcttagaggc cctctgccta agaggaagct cagatttctg agttcctggt ctgaggagag     94140
     tcatgacctt gtctttagga gcctctagtt ctgaggagga gacaaagaaa tgtactctga     94200
     tgagtcttca gcttgaaagg acatgtgtgt ccctgctgtc ggggaccctc tgttggagac     94260
     aggatacagc actgccttca ggaggcctgc tctgacttta cctctccttt atgcatacgg     94320
     tggctcggtg gctccagggg accagaagga aggtttattg tataaattgt ttcttcttaa     94380
     gctcaacagg acccaacaag ggattccctg gggaagattc ctgggtggag gggtaactga     94440
     cctgtctttg gaaaggggaa aaaaaaatcc aaagaaactg ggtggggatg gtgcacgcct     94500
     ttaatcccag cactcggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc     94560
     tacaaaagtg agttcctggg cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct ttaaaaaaaa     94620
     aaaaaatccg gagaaaaaaa agctggagag atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct     94680
     cttccgaaga tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacgtgg tggctcacaa ccactcataa     94740
     tgagatctga cacccttgtc tggtgcatct gaagacagct ttatttataa taataaatac     94800
     atttatttat aaaaaaaaaa ttcaaagaaa ggaagagcaa tctagtccac tgcacacaca     94860
     ggctctccca aatgccacag gtgaggccca acacagactc ctagacaaag gataggagta     94920
     ggttcctgtg agcccgagca gggagcgtgg aatgaggatg cacaggatcc agctgtaccc     94980
     acctagaaca gaaaacgatc tgggagaggc ttcactggga tccaagggac tcagcatgaa     95040
     gatgctttcc gtacagcgcc acctctgaca gtaacgttca acctggagaa accagcttcc     95100
     ccctagcatc ggcacagggc cccacatgcc tggccaacct tttttttttt ttacttgctc     95160
     ccaaaactta cttcctaaat cagtaaagaa agagatttgg aggcagatgt ggcctgggtt     95220
     caaatcccag ctcaattgac cataaacgtg acctttctgg gaggacgttc tttccttctt     95280
     aagttgttgg agagtttccc gtagcacagg ctggcctcaa acgccacatg caacctcaga     95340
     tgacctggtg atcatctcgt ctccacctcc cagatcattc aattacaagt atgtgtctcc     95400
     aaaccattta gattgatggt agaaccaagc atggggtgag aaatcgggta gaggaagagc     95460
     agctaggggc cgactaccca gacacagaca cagaccagca ggagcacaca ggagggattg     95520
     aacctttgtg catgtggggc aaagactctg ccaacagaac tataacccca gcctccagga     95580
     aggcttttat tttactttca tcttacaatt actcatctat tctctttccc aattttattt     95640
     ttattcaagg tttcagtcac taacactgca gggttggatt tgtttttctt ttttaaataa     95700
     ctgtatgtaa tttatttatt tcatgtatgc gagtacactg tcactgtctt cagacacacc     95760
     agaagagggc atcagatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat     95820
     tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgcccttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagc     95880
     ccactttata tttggaaata ttttattttt aattgtttgt acgtatggct atctgtgtat     95940
     gggcatgtgg ctgtgtgagt acagatgttg gtggaggtca gaagagggcg ttggatccca     96000
     tgaagctgga gtttctggca gttgagccct gcccagtgtg agtcctgaga agcgagctca     96060
     gttcctttgt gagagcagta tgtgctctta actgcttaca tcatctcttc agctctaact     96120
     gtaatgattg gaaacctttt tctagttcct ctactagaca ttaagctatc tgcaagaaca     96180
     tcagggagta ggtgatggct tgttactatc agagtttctg tagcccagag aaacctggaa     96240
     cttgcaatcc tcctgcctca gtaactggaa ttacatagca ctttgggatt tacaggtctg     96300
     tgtcacggtg ctcaacttat tcacaaagcc ttcttctttt gtattttttg tttatctgtt     96360
     ttttgaaaca gagtctctct tttttaaaaa agatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca     96420
     ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcatat gttattacag atggttgtga     96480
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc atgacctttg gaagagcagt cagcgctctt     96540
     acctgctgag ccatctctcc agcccttttt tgttttttgg tttttttttc gagacagggt     96600
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggttg cccttgaact     96660
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcctgaat gctggtatta aaggcgtgtg ccacagagtc     96720
     tcatgttgcc cagaatagcc ttgaacttac aatgtagttg cggccagcct tgagcctctg     96780
     gccttctgct ttaatgtctc agtgctggga atagacatgc cattatatcc agcatccatc     96840
     ttcttcaagc atggagcatc tgccctgctg cctatgccga ggcgctagtc tatgaattgt     96900
     ttggcttcca gtttggcttg gagcaggagc ttgcccagtg aagagctcct cccagggacc     96960
     ttccaaaaaa aaggtgagga gagagaacag tcaaggctcg gcctgagcta gtaggcatcc     97020
     ctcactgtgt gcctgcgagt tggaccctgg agcctctgtt agagaggagt cttgaactct     97080
     aggaaaaaga gcaggaactt ggggaatgga gatagaactg tggtcccagc agacctgaca     97140
     caactgaatt tgaccaagct gctcatcttg gggcctcagt ttctctagct gtgtgatggt     97200
     agaactgtaa cgtgggcaga aatgttctca tgagatggac cattccttcc ggctgaccta     97260
     gtcagagcat gcatacgtag gtatgtatgg gcgtacatat gtatgtatgt attcttgaaa     97320
     tagagcctta catagctggc tagcctcaaa gttgctatga gctgaagctg gccttttagg     97380
     gttgggatta tagacacgta ctgccaccgt tgtttgcctt tccattttat gtgaatgagt     97440
     gtttggtcta catgtgtatc tgtccccagc agagagtgct ggatcgatcc cctggaactg     97500
     gagtaacagg cagttgggag cccccatgtg ggtagtggga attgaaccca ggtcctctgt     97560
     agaagcagct cttaactctt gtttctccac ccttgctacg gtgttgctag ggtttaagtg     97620
     ccttaggctg gaattgaact taatgtgtag ctgagggtgg cctggtacct catgttcctc     97680
     tggcttctgc ctctccaaca cagagaatgc aggcgtgtac ggccccagct cagagcttcc     97740
     cttgacgctg cctctgctct tgcgatgagc ttcctccctt cctaagcccc tgcagttcca     97800
     gtgtccagtt gcgaacacca gctctccaat gcgaccacct cccaaatgtg ggccactgat     97860
     cccaaggaca taaggcaagg tccagaaggt tgagctccag ggtaggaaac aaacaaacaa     97920
     acaggaaaag tcattgtcca ggagactgag gacaggtttt ggaaacagat gttccaggtt     97980
     tgaatactat cttgtatttc tagctgtatg acctcagcag ttttctcata catttaaggt     98040
     ggagaccaga tagcctgtgc catccatcct agctaggcat gtacccttag cacaatgtag     98100
     cccagaggaa acacagtgga aggcagctat tgctgtgaag ggaacttgca tggtacaaac     98160
     atgttctgca tgcctaagcc ctgatctggc tactgtggac aagctgtggg gaccttcaaa     98220
     ctaagaggag tatcctggtt ctcgtccctg gatagggagg ttcttgcaag ttgatgtcca     98280
     ggatttggtc caagggatac taatttccca gatgcattat gggtcccact attctggctc     98340
     aactccacac tatgcaaatg cacagacaca agcatttatc caaaaaaacc attttttttt     98400
     tattgagtag ggttggggac tgaacaggaa tgcactgggg gccataaccc gattggcaga     98460
     ggggtggggg tactggctct tgtcccgcct cctctcgggc acctcagggt aaggcctggc     98520
     ccccaggcca tggctgtggc gctgaaagcc aggctggagt gagagatggg ggtgcatttt     98580
     acaatcccga ctgccttgtc ggtttgcaat tcccccaaat ggccaccaga gggaagccgg     98640
     gcctcagcgc agaggaattc tcggttgctc aggtgatggc ttcttaaaaa aataaaaaac     98700
     cagaggctgg tgtgttctcc ctgcaaaccc gagcagtgcg ggcctgggga ggaggctctg     98760
     gtttctatga tttctctgat aaaaaataag caaaaataac aaaatacgtg gtttctcttt     98820
     ttccatcccg cccccttcgg aaactgaggt cagaaatggg gtcatggagg ctgaggatac     98880
     cctgatatga gctagatttc taggtgtagg tctctttttt cccccttacc acccataagc     98940
     aaatttataa ataaataaat aataaataaa taaataaacc ttctctgtat gtccacatat     99000
     atagagataa atctttctct catctaggca actaagtgat taacctctga ctctggagct     99060
     tcgaaattca aaagcgacat gatcaaggtc aagtttctgg gaaggaagat caaggacttg     99120
     gaatggtact gtaaaattcc cagccttctg gaactgcaaa ccacttgggc tgtgagacat     99180
     ttccgagtgg gaccctgacc atctggaaca ttctagagcc acgcggtcag ctggggtggg     99240
     ccccccgcag gaatcttgaa taagatccta aaacacccaa cgtcctagaa ctccagaacc     99300
     agctgggtct taagggcgtg gagctgggga ttggaattaa gccctggtgg acctaacact     99360
     ctggagttct atagtagtca aagccacagg ttcaccagga tgaaactaga catcactagg     99420
     ggaccgggac cggaatggaa tcttggaagt ggaacagcag cagcagatgg cccacagcac     99480
     cttctgcaca tcttggttgc gaaaggcgta gatgacaggg ttgatcatgg agttgtaggt     99540
     ggctgggagc agggtaagat aggtgtagag acggggagag tcggcatctc ccaggaggca     99600
     gtagacagtg aagggcaacc aacaggcagc aaaggcgcca agcaccacag ccaatgtggc     99660
     gatgcccttg cgggtggcca cgtagtgaga ggcaggcagc aggtgtcgtt ggagggcgat     99720
     ctgctgggca tggcggcaga cgatgcggca gatctgggca tagagctgca acatgatgcc     99780
     aaacaccatg aagaaggcga tggccagaac caccagatgg ttcttggaga gtggatagac     99840
     cacaccacac gtggtcaggc catcccggca gttccaggcc agcacgggaa ccagccccag     99900
     gcccagggca cccacccaca ccaaggccag catcacataa gtccgagtta ccgttgtctc     99960
     tgagtagtaa gtgagagcat tgtacaggga aaggtagcgg tcaacggtaa tggccagcag    100020
     gctgccgatg ctggcagtga aggccattgc tagcacgccg accagcatca agctcatctc    100080
     tggtgagcca atgcagaagt cagccgcaaa gtgcaggacc aggcccaggc ctgccagcag    100140
     gtctgctacg gccaagctac ccaccagcag gaacatgggg gcgcggaagg caggagtgcc    100200
     cacaatgatg gccaccacca gcgcgttctc gcaggacacc agggtgcctg agatgcacag    100260
     caccacatcc caggccctgg gagagggcag cagtgtagct gggcctgtgg gttcctctac    100320
     tgggtccacg ctgctcacgt tcacactgcc tgagccagct gagaaccagg ccatagagct    100380
     tcctgctccc cacatcatgg tacctgtaga agaaaggtcc tatgagatgc tggcaggccc    100440
     gtatcctgac aggaggccct tcgagaaaag aaagctgtca ggataacagg tagggtacgg    100500
     atgtcctgca caccccacac ccccaattca tgtcctgtgg tttttgtcct ctgatgcctc    100560
     caggcctcta aacaggggtc cctttttctc ggtgatccct tttctgtgtc ccttcaccct    100620
     cccctccatt cctctaagtc ctgaagacct cttggccaca cgtggtcaaa gaagtgaatc    100680
     aaagcttacc ataagtgaat aggggaagca caggattcaa ggtgtgccct caataggctc    100740
     atgaataggg gagggaaaca cgtcaagaag aagagcagtc agctccctcc caccagacac    100800
     gatgacttgg ttcctgaagc tcccagaccc ctcacgattc atgggcactg ccagcctcaa    100860
     gctccgcccc caggcaaagc cggtgcagct tcttgccagc ccccactcga cattcccagg    100920
     gtaacacctg ggaactcatt tcccctacac tctcccagac ttctgactcc ggacagacac    100980
     cccacacaca ctgccccctt cttcctccta accactgggt ctccgtagca gacaccccct    101040
     ggtgaaagcc ggattcctga gtcagacccc tccttctgcc cggacacctg gatcttgggc    101100
     ctgactccgc ctcctgcctt ggatagccga agccccaaat aagacaccac ccgctactcg    101160
     gacgtctagg tgcccgcccc agacgcctcc tgttctccca acctcagatg accgcccgtc    101220
     cctctagggc ctcaggtccc gcaggaatgc tcaccctttg ccgggtcacc ccatcatacc    101280
     actcgagagc acccgaacac ttggggagct gcctgcttat gcagactctg cacatccaga    101340
     gtcccaggta cgaccccccg accctgagca ggggcaagca gccttccgcc ggcccggcgc    101400
     ccctgcacgc tgtgtcctcc cagactccgg gtacccgcgg cagggcccac tactcaccgg    101460
     tggctcagga ccgggtgcgg ccgggccgcg gggcgcctcc actcaggttc tggcagagca    101520
     aggtgtgcgc ggaccccaag aagcccccgc ggccgcggga gacgcggcgt gagtcacccc    101580
     gccccgcccc gcccccggcc accggtttgg tgacgccaga agcccagcag gccaatgggc    101640
     gctgcgcgct ggagcgcagc gcgtgctgcg cggcatagta atgaggcctc gcgccgcccg    101700
     ctcccccatt cataaaaagt gaccgtggcc gcggccccgc cccctccgga gccggctctc    101760
     tgtccttgac gcggcgccct ctgcgggtcg ggggttttgg ggacactagt gggagagcct    101820
     taaaagagac tcggggaggt cacagaggat gtgggaagag gtcaagggat tgggatagtc    101880
     tgcgggggtg atgagtacct tcggtggcag aaacgagctg acataagaca ggtgatggag    101940
     cgaaatgggc gtccccggtg aggatgacag gctctgcctc tgatagggcc ccgaggcgac    102000
     ggtgacagga gcacgaggga gcagggaggt gggtggctgt gacgatatga gcacggtgac    102060
     aggatcttgg aggatggcgg ctgtgggacg ttgacggtag cggggtgtag gcctcctcag    102120
     gacagccaca gcattgtcag gatgactgca gcatgatgga gctcggggac cctagggtaa    102180
     cagaagtggt gacaaggctt tggagatgag tgtgcaggtg aaggaacttc aggtcactgt    102240
     gaccctgtta agtgctataa aggactgagg tgacgaagct aaatgagagc tgtggggtcc    102300
     tgaagtaaag accaaatgac ttgtgtgtgg gccccagagt gagggaacag ggtaggaagt    102360
     ctgactggac agcgacccag caggtaagtt gctgtcagga caggtcccgt gatgttgggg    102420
     ttggaataag gagctgggtg acgtcactca tgtggaccca atagcgtcct ctctgcatgg    102480
     gagggtgcgc ctggcaagat ttcaaaacct caattattta ttcaaggatc tgaaaagcca    102540
     gagcgagggc tggggggggg cgggggtggt cacttccccg aagcagcagg agatagggag    102600
     ccgggaagaa cttggaagca gaaggactcg gcagctccgt gctcagagca gccttcctga    102660
     gcaccggctt aggtacccca gggggtgggg cagaaagaaa acttgctctt tactagacct    102720
     gcctgcgcca tccctaggga aatgccccat cagatctaac cctaggcacc agtactgtcc    102780
     tttctccctt tgatcgtctc tggaatgttc aagactttag gagggtgatg ggagtcaggg    102840
     gtcggatgtc ggtctgaggc tgaggaaagg aaggaggcca ggagtcaggg aatgcgtcat    102900
     agcctcacag agatgacaga gcatgggctg gagactggca gggtttgggc gggatatggg    102960
     gagttcagct ggtggaggag gtcaggcctc caagcctaat ccacgcttcc gaaccctgtg    103020
     actttgaggc cctgttaggc tctctgaagc tgttttttca tgtctaaacg gctggggact    103080
     gctgggggca gttggcccgt tagcagcacg gggctgtata ttggctgtca gtggtgtatc    103140
     tggccagtag aggatgtcag ggaaacacag gagggcacaa agaaaatgaa gagtggtcac    103200
     aggaggctct gcctttgtgg gaccaggcta gatggggctc tcctgctgca ggctcctatg    103260
     ggcaagctcc cttcagaact ctccttttag ccatttcatc cataaatggg cttcctgacc    103320
     ggtcacaaat gaccgactaa ccttcccctg gccttccctc cttgctttgt tatcttctca    103380
     ggtgtgcaga actcctgcaa caaaatactc tccctagttc ccttttactg tttgcttgga    103440
     gtctgaggct gtcccactgt aggataaggc atgtgacaat aatgcctagg tttggtttgt    103500
     gctagggaca gtgcctgata tgtaattggt attcagttac tattatctgt tggttgatga    103560
     aacataacag gaacagtcaa ggagagggaa acaaaggagg cagaggcgca tgccttgaat    103620
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga tcttgtgagt ttgaagccag tcttgtctgc agagtgagtt    103680
     ccaggtcagc cagggctatg cagagagacc ttgtctcaaa acaaaaacac tcaagtatga    103740
     gactggagcg ataactcaat agttaaaagt atgtgttgct cttccagagg acccaaggtt    103800
     ggctcccaga acccatgcgg aacctcattc atatttaaaa aacaacaaaa ctgggcggtg    103860
     gtgacacaca cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg cagacggatt tctgagttcg    103920
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg    103980
     tcttgaaaaa caaaacaaaa cacaacaaac aaaaatttgt cgggcaatag tggtgcatgc    104040
     ctttgatcaa gcagatctct tgagttccag gccggccacg gctacacaga aaaacactgt    104100
     cttgaaaaaa caaagaagca aacaaaattg aaaatactca tatatagata aaataataaa    104160
     acaaacccag aaagagaaag agacacagga agaacagtag tcctgatggg gatatgtcca    104220
     aagagagggc aagggcatca caggacaaca gcaccccaag acttggatat ccactcctct    104280
     ccattctgag ccaagtcaga gctctggtct cagagacggg agctggaaca aggtgctagg    104340
     gcattgggat ccaagtatag atgagagaca cctctgcttc tgagcagctg tgtatagtca    104400
     gggttttcaa gaagggaatt tgttgtgatg acttacagtc tgtagtccaa ctaccccaac    104460
     aagggtcagc tgtgaaggga agtccaagga tctcctagtt gctcagtccc atgaggcgag    104520
     ttgtttcagc tggtcttctg tagaagtagg ttccaacagc tgtcctggca agtaagcgca    104580
     agcaggtgaa gaaaagtgaa acttctttct tccaatgtcc ttatggaggt ctccagcaga    104640
     aggtgtggcc cagattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccatgcctgg atctgggact tgttttgtcc    104700
     caggctgacc ttgaactcct tgccttagtc tcctagcatt aaaggtgtgt actaccttga    104760
     ctgggcctaa gcttttcata gccactatgc ctcaagagat ctccatgcca agatccaggt    104820
     cagaaacttg tatcttccag catcaagatc tggtgagccc tccaattctg gattgtagtt    104880
     tattccagat atagtcaagg tgacaaccag gaatagccat tacaggacat ttgggagttt    104940
     attgatctgc tggtgagaat tagccagcag ggatcgggac acattcctgt aatctcagat    105000
     cttgggaggt aaaaaagatc aggagtttgg ggtcaccctg actcatgaga ccctgtacca    105060
     aaataaaaac aaactgtctt attgctgtag atcaagtctt caaagatgct cgtgttgtca    105120
     gcccaacact cgcctttgac ttctctattc tgtcctccct acagctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    105180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tggtgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtggtgtg tgtgtgtggg    105240
     gggtgtgtat gtgtgtgctg tgtgtgtgta tggtgtggtg tgtgtatatg tgtgtatctg    105300
     tggtatggtg tatgtgtgtg tggtgtggtg tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tggtgtgtgt    105360
     ttaacatgga gtttctctgt gtatccctta ctactcactc tgtagaccag gctgcccttg    105420
     aacttagaga tccacctgcc tttgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tacacacacc    105480
     actcagcagc tatttttttt tttaaggatt tctatgggct tgaaagatgg ctcaacagtt    105540
     aagagcactg actgttcttc cagaggttcc tgagttccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca    105600
     acaatctgta atgggatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaatgcagc tacggtgtac    105660
     tcataagtaa aacttttttt ttaaggattt ttatttttac ttgtgtgtat ctatgtattt    105720
     ctatgtggag tgtatgccat gaatgtactc acacaggcca gaagatggta ccaaatccct    105780
     tagagcagag ttataaatgt ggttgtgagc tttctgaaat gggtgctagg tcctttaaca    105840
     gagcagtaag tgctcataac tgtggagcca tttctccagc actcaccccc catccctgac    105900
     cccagctgtt tgctcgagtt gatacgggcc atatcctgca atctgttttt ggattaattt    105960
     ttctttatag gataattata aactccaccc aagcaagttg tgtccctcca cagtgcctcc    106020
     atcactaaaa taggttccga atctaagtat aaagatgaca tcctgagtag tcttggacat    106080
     ttgggttaat tttcttcaaa tttccgtctt agtgacagtt accaacctac agtgaggaca    106140
     ttagtgacca gttgtttcta ctgaagtaag cttccttatt acacgtcacc atgttcttta    106200
     tggggaaggt tgcctctcac tgccagggag ggagagtggg agagtttttc taacgtgaga    106260
     acccttggag actcagactg agtaaggcca tagattttca catatgtgct ctctcgggtg    106320
     ccaaagagta tgtgagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagagag    106380
     agagagagag agagagagag agacagagag acagagagac agagagacag agggacagag    106440
     ggacagaaag agaggagaca ttctatagcc caaactggcc tcagacttgt gggagtcctc    106500
     tctggttcag attataggtg tgagccatta tgtctggctg gctggctctt ctcctctgct    106560
     ctcttctccc cagaccttct gtccacggga agtacagccc tttctcaggc cctcttgtcc    106620
     ctatctgtct ccctacgtgc ccccctcccc cacaaacaca tgccaatttt tcccaccaac    106680
     aaccctacaa agttaagggg cagatcccac atttcatgga ggtcaaggga ctttccctgc    106740
     ccagggtgct tacatagata gcagcctcgc ccccaaaggg gcatctcact gacagacttg    106800
     cagttcctca tgtggccacc agatggctac gtgccttcct gccaggtgaa actttttttt    106860
     tgagccaggg tctcaagcag cccaggctga cctccatctc cacgtccaga gtgctggtgt    106920
     tacaggttac aggcattctc catcacacgt ggtcttatgt ggtgaaggga caagacccag    106980
     gattcctgca tgctaaacaa gcaccccaca cgtgaactta caccacacac acacagtgga    107040
     gcatgtagac cagggaacaa atgggcagtt aattatgcat ggatgcttgc tgggaaggag    107100
     agctggcatc agcatggaga ataactagga gaggtcttgc cggtttaagg actgagtgct    107160
     aggattaaag gcctgtgcca ccactgccct gctgagtttg aggatttgaa ttgggggcaa    107220
     gtgccagggt gaaaacagaa cactgagatc caaactgggt gattgacagt gaggagcgca    107280
     gaaactgggg ctttcccgtg tggaggacag aaaatagagg cctaatagta ctcaggtgga    107340
     ggtgcacagg aaacagaccc tcacccccac cccgacccag tcctagctga ggtctaactt    107400
     cccctgagca gctgccaatt aaagatgaca gacagcgcct atcctggggc agttgtggac    107460
     attagttaag tagctctgat tagactatat tttacatctc catggtagga gggggttatg    107520
     ggggctggag agttgactct gtgattaaga gcaatggtta ctcttcccaa ggagtcagaa    107580
     ttgatcccca acacccacac aaaggctcac accccccttt ttttcacacc ccctttataa    107640
     atttttttgc tgctgttttg agacagattt ctctatgtag ctgtcttgga actttctatg    107700
     gagaccaggc tggccgcaga gatagagatc tgtgtccttc tcacatgttt ggattgaagg    107760
     cgtgtgctac catgtccagc taatcttcca taactccact tccaggggac ccagtaccct    107820
     cttctggcct ctgagggcac caggtgcata catggtgcat agacataaat gcagacttaa    107880
     cacttgtatc cctataacaa agtaaaattt tactttttaa ttaaaagtgg gaggggtgct    107940
     gattttcagt tatgggtgtg gtagctgcgg tagccgggac tggtgtggag gtggagattt    108000
     agagatttct tggctactgt tgttgctatg aggttcaaat tcagggccat gcaatgctaa    108060
     gcaagtgctt tattgctgag ctatatctcc agcccttgtt tggaaaggtg cgggacaggg    108120
     tctcattgat gtagcccaag ttggcttaaa atctacaacc ctcctgcccc agcctcccaa    108180
     gtactgggtg acagatatct gctcctttgg taataataat aatattatta ttttaatgta    108240
     tatgagtgga tattttgcct gaatatatgt ctgtgtaccg ctttcatgcc tggtgtctgt    108300
     ggagaccaga gggtcatgct ggatcccctg gaactagagt tacaggtatt tgtggccacc    108360
     ctgtggacct agaatcaaac gtagatttgg aagagcagcc agtgcttctc attactatgc    108420
     aatctctcca gctccccctc accccacaca cacacctcct tgttgttttg aggcatggtc    108480
     tcgctgtcat cctggctatc ctggaacttc ctgtgtagat caggctgtcc ccaaaattca    108540
     cagagatctg actatctctg tctctggagt gctgggatta aaggaatgtg tcactctgcc    108600
     aggttaacac ctttccccca cctccccggt tttaaggcaa gggttcttta gcctaggttg    108660
     gctctaactc tctctgtagc aaagatcaac cttgaacttc taagtcttct gtttctacca    108720
     cccaagcgct gggactgcac aagctaccag gctggttagt gctagggatg aagcctgggc    108780
     taggcactcc agccaagcat cctaccaaat gaaccacatc cctcgcctta ctcaatggct    108840
     tttaagtggg acctgacagc agaagaatag ccaagatgat tgcaggagag ggcagactaa    108900
     ggctcagggc taagagggcc acacctgatt aagaagttgg cagaggaaag ggagatatct    108960
     gaaaagggac tgagaatcgg ctgtgccagg acaggagagt gaccaggagg cagatccccc    109020
     aaaggctcag tgatctagta atggcaccac ttaggaccca gggatgtgat gagctggaag    109080
     gcaggacagg gtatggtgtc cccacagctg ggaatagcca gccacaggtg tagccagaat    109140
     ggagttccaa atttaccact gtgggttcag actgctcact cgcctcacct gtgagacagg    109200
     gttaaaaaca tctctcatct tggagagatg gctcagaggt tagagcactg gctgctctcc    109260
     cagagctcct gagttcaatt cccagcactc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg    109320
     atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctcaag gcagctacag tgtactcata tacataaaat    109380
     gaacaaataa atcctaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtcttt agggtttaaa    109440
     gtgggctctc aacctcctta acgctgggac cctttaatgc atcttgtggt gacctcccaa    109500
     ccataaaatt attttgtaat tttgctactg tcgtgaatca taatgtaaat aatgtttttg    109560
     aaatagaggc tcacctaagg ggggtcccgg cccataggtc gagttaggtg atggcatagg    109620
     cctttaatct cagctctgct ctacaataat gagttccggg acagccagag ctacacaagt    109680
     gattccctaa aaactcacca aaacatagta gctatgttga caaggcctgt tctcacagag    109740
     atcctcccgc cttgaagctg cccctcaggg accaggtgac atgagtctta aacccatccc    109800
     ttttgttcag gccccgcctt aaatcgcaca gcagagcggg gctctacctg gaccctccca    109860
     gaggtctcgg cctctagcca cgcccacaag gcaaccacgc tccagcctgg ccacgccccc    109920
     gctgcccagg tttggctctg gctagccggg cgagtgtagt caagaaagga cgcgccacac    109980
     cagctgtccg ccgaccccca gtcccggccc ccgcgctcat ggccgcaccc ggaccccgcg    110040
     ccttgcgtgc tgctctctgc ggcggttgtt gttgccttct cctgtgtgcc cagctggttc    110100
     tagctggtaa tgctgagcag gatctgacca ggggcccagg caggtgaagg tgtagctcac    110160
     tttagcttct tcttccagca cagtaggctt gtgagaggga acgttttcga cctctgcagg    110220
     actccagggg tgtgttgaga ccttagtgcc tatttagagg ttccaagtgt gggggactag    110280
     gagacttagc tgagtgtgga ggaggaactt caggagtgtg tatggaaaga ggttggggga    110340
     gggcagctcg gtgagtttaa gcagggctgg ggggagctcc agacctgtgc ggaggtgtga    110400
     gtcgctgtag tgggagatgt attgcagctt ggcacctggc tttctgccgc tttctgccca    110460
     tttgcacccc ccgacaccca ggtaaaggag ctcgtggctt tggtcgggga gccctgctcc    110520
     gcctgaacgt ttggcctact acccaagggg gctgcaaaca cctgggacac tgtgaacact    110580
     gtgtggacag agcccacaac ttctccattt gtgtctggca gcaatgtggg ccagaggagc    110640
     caggtatgta gttgagccct ccttgggaac atcctcttgt ctatatggca ccaccactct    110700
     caactttctc tccaaacctc ttctctgttt cttctcccac caggacactg tgtggcccaa    110760
     gctgaagtgg tcaaggaggg ttgctcaatc tataaccact cagagtcatg cccaggtaag    110820
     ctaagggagg agagtgaggt gtccccagcc acaatctctc aggaagtaga ctgcacccac    110880
     gaactgttgg cttctcggcc aggaaccgtt cgatgtatat gccctggctg gtatcttagc    110940
     ctataatttg gtccagcatg cccaggagct tgtgggagct agcaccctct gctgaggagg    111000
     tctttggagt ggcggggtct tcctgaagca agtgacatta gagaccagtc ttgtagatag    111060
     agcacagcta ggggcggaga cgggctgacc agccttaaat ggggcagggg tgtgatcgga    111120
     agtgggtcca gctactggcc caggctcggg attgggtttc ctgatagcaa ggagaggggg    111180
     tttattgtgg atgccctgtc tcctcagctt cccatcatca ttccacagag gaaccgaagc    111240
     caagtaccac aggtagggtc ctccccgggg aatggggaca gggcagctgt agagggagag    111300
     gcagcttgag gcacgggcac tgacacgcag gccccatgac ctcagtcctc cgagttctct    111360
     cccagtgcgt tttgacacct ggcaggtggg ttggatggat tcttgcctcc cagtgccaca    111420
     agggcttctg agtctgtgga aggcccatta agcatctgac acatcgaaag cagtcagaaa    111480
     agggcagctt ccctccccac cggttctggg aactcagggt gacccccctc cagagctgag    111540
     gaggtgtggc ttcagttgcc ctccttgacc acccgctgca agctgaggtc tccacagtgg    111600
     gttcccagca gagctgggaa ggaaccccat ctgtctctag gtccccgcac tcccgctccg    111660
     aggcctggag gtcactaaac ttagtcagga tggctgaaga ggctcttggt taattaaagc    111720
     cggaaactga tcttaaggaa taaattattg atggctcagc tccctcagcc tgagccccag    111780
     atctgccgtg cccagctcac agcttccctt tctctcctct gcccccagca ccctcctctg    111840
     cagctctcgg cctcagccag cacagccatc cttccatttc ctgttcttag attctgtacc    111900
     gtccatgtcc tcgggaaagg ggaccctgtt cccattcggg ccccttgtcc attgtcccag    111960
     aatgattttc ccctccccag tggtttcctg ccctgggcac ctggcccagg gcctgaaatc    112020
     aaatccctgg tcagaattga tgggtaatgt ggtacagctg gtaaccactg acgcctagac    112080
     taccgactgc agcgctgtga ccctgcccta caaaagggga agggcaggaa gccagccagg    112140
     tctggcccat agtgttcacc tgcctgctca gtcggtcggg tgctggcctt tcctctggtc    112200
     cttcctttct tggtgacgat tccaagctta gaagtccaaa ggactgtgcc cgtttcatct    112260
     gtgcttcaag cccttagctg gaagggggtc tggtggctga gcttcaggtc catccttcct    112320
     ctactgagct aataagggac agggagggta caggagcact tggtcactgt tggtcccatg    112380
     taaccaggag gcacagagag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttac    112440
     tgtagggact gaacctaagg cctcactaca caagctaaga gggcctcacc actcaactgc    112500
     atctcccagg ccctaattgg actccagagc atgttagcct aggccagggt cttgagggct    112560
     tcaagcctca aggcatcagt tgagggatga gtctgggatc tccgtggcct gttgtgacct    112620
     ccactctgcc tcattctgca gggagtcccc ccatccctga agaccacagc ccaggttttg    112680
     atggagctag cttcattggg ggcatcgtgc tggtactgag cctgcaagca acagctttct    112740
     ttgtgcttcg cttcctcaag gccaaggaca gcacttacca gacactgtga gtacagggcc    112800
     agcagagtct gactgcattc tctacatctc ctgcccagca actgtcttcc atgggatggt    112860
     cctaaggaca gtgactcccc tccaacatcc ccctaccccc acccatggga gccatgcctc    112920
     ctctctctct ctctatctga ggttatccct gccagatgtt gggtgggacc tgagttcagt    112980
     gtctgagaat ccagctgagc ctttgtgtct ttgtctcctc atgctgccag cagggaagag    113040
     aaccagtagg tgacagcccc aggccagtcc tccgcctgct gcaggcctgg gcagcagcta    113100
     gggccgtgtg cagtgttttt tctctctgag gaaggggctg ggcgaggctt ctgtgtgcct    113160
     gctgtgtgct gtgggaccag ttgtgcagcc tgcattcaag tgtttgttct tccagctgtg    113220
     ctgtctgctc tctggaaagt ggggtgcggg agcctcgcct ctgagtgttc tctctgtctg    113280
     gcctccacag aatctgaccc cagtgttcct ggctccacct tgaagggaca gaggacctct    113340
     tggttgcttt atgggcactg ggggtgggac aaatgttggc caccagtttc tggtccctgt    113400
     aggcacaagg gcaccacgca ggcttagtgc tgatggctga catttcctgt cctgggtctg    113460
     gtacctgcag ctgagagcac cctccagcca cctcgtgtct catccagcct gctgggcccc    113520
     ctgagctgct gcctctgccc accaatccac tctggggtct cccctcaaat aaaggacctg    113580
     tttccacccc atgattcctg acctatgtct tgggctacat gtaaatcggg ttgggtgagg    113640
     gaggaatttc tgtctagtat tgttgtgatc cctcccccct ttaagatatt ttcaaggtgg    113700
     gggagagcag caagatggcc cactgggtaa agggacttgc tgtgtaaccc tgacgacctg    113760
     agtctaatcc ctagaaccca cagagtggaa agagagaaca ctggctcctg caagttgtcc    113820
     cctaaccgtc acacgtgtat gtgttagagc cccaaacaaa tactaaaaat atttaaattt    113880
     taaaaatata tttaagttgg gcagtggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccacc acttgggaga    113940
     cagaggcagg tggatttctg agtttgagac cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac    114000
     agccaaggct atacaaagaa accctgtctc gaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagata    114060
     tttttaagct aggtcttggg agtcaggtgt gggggttgta tctagcagtc aggaccaaga    114120
     ggagttcaag gccagccaca gttacatagc aagttctttt tttttttaat taattaatta    114180
     atttattaat taatttattt attatatgta agtacattgt agctgtcttc agacactcca    114240
     gaagagggag tcagatctcc ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    114300
     gaactctgga ccttcggaag agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc    114360
     cccacatagc aagttctaag acagccgtga ccacataagg ctctgcctca aaagaaaaaa    114420
     aaaagtaatt tattttcaag ccaggcatca tgtgtggtgc atacctgtca tgtccgccct    114480
     tggtaggaaa agtaggaggg ccaggtcatc gtcgcagtta tggcgaggaa gcaagcgact    114540
     gagtgcaagg ctagcctaca tcacacaaga cctcatctca aatatcaaaa ccagcacaac    114600
     aaaaaaggaa tttcatctgg aatatccttt tctcaggtta attttagttt tatatgagtg    114660
     tgttcatgtg tgttcgtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtaattgtat ctgtctgtgg tatgagtgct    114720
     tggcatgggg gtaatgtatc catgtgcagt gcatgtgggc atgcaggagt cacagaagga    114780
     tgctgggtgt ctcctctgtt tttcctctta ctgctgtgag gcggggtctc tcactgtact    114840
     ggaagcttga ctttttttgg ctagctggtt gaccagataa cctcttggaa cctggctctg    114900
     tctgcttgcc tctgccctgg ggtagctcag ccattccttg ctcctaccag gagacaccac    114960
     ctagggctgg ggatgtgact cagtgggtaa aaaccatttc tgtgtaaaca ggagaccctg    115020
     attttgaacc tccagctgct ggagaggctg ggctggtgtt ggagtctaag attcctgact    115080
     ctagcctgag cagaacatca gaattccctt ctggaagcct cttttatccc taaaattaag    115140
     catctgccct aaggcagggg ggcgggactc tcgagactct ggcaggcaga aggcctctca    115200
     gactgatgac agttctggga ctaaacttgc tgccaggtct gtatttgggt cgtatttaga    115260
     acattccgtc ctagctgggc taggaggttg cagactcagc cagtgccaac tgaagcaagg    115320
     aacttcacag ctctgggcct cagtttcctt atctgtaaag tggggacggc accttggtta    115380
     gatgtggaaa ggcacagagc aggtggcagg cttccaggaa cgcagcgatc tctgccttcg    115440
     aatcccatgc tcccaagggg gcctccggct gctacttggc ctcggggtta atctgctgcc    115500
     cacttatgga gtcaccagcc acatgtccag ttgctctcac tgccccacct ctgtccgctc    115560
     aggcaccagc atcccctttg cgggctctct ccggtttccg ggcatccggt tctccaagcc    115620
     cccaagcctg cttcctcctg ccataccata gccttgcata gcttactctg cacgattgct    115680
     tccccgcatc tgcctcactg atcaaaggct gtcttttcct ttaaaagcag caaatgtctc    115740
     tgattggaaa taaaggacta gacatttata gtgagaatga gagaagcggc aggggtgact    115800
     ctgttaagaa tgtttaccgc tcttgtaggg gacctgtttg gttcccagca cccacatcag    115860
     ggggctcaaa acctcctgga ctctggctcc aggaaatgtt caattctaaa ctcctcgggt    115920
     acctgccctc acatacccat tgtacacata attaaaaatt taaaaaagcc gggcaggggt    115980
     ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagtttgag    116040
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccggg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc    116100
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggggggggg tggagctgga    116160
     gagattgctc agtggttaag gctcttccag agggcccagg ttcaaatccc agcatgcaca    116220
     gggcagctca caactttctt tattttattc taagagctga cacttgcaaa tagacaatac    116280
     attcaggcaa atgcacataa aatgaaggta aataaatcaa aagtttagaa aattgaaatt    116340
     acaggaaaaa aaatcatttt ttatttgttt tcagacaggc tttctctctg tgtagccctg    116400
     actggcttgg cgcttactat gtagaccaga ctggcttcag attcacacag acttttctct    116460
     gcctcatgag tgctggaact aaaggcttgt gcaccatgcc aaatccaaaa taaaatctca    116520
     aagaaaaaaa aagttggagg gctggagaga tggctcagag gttaagggca ctgactgctc    116580
     ttccagagat cctgcgttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtagt    116640
     gggatcctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acaatgtatt catatacatt    116700
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagttgga gtcaggcccc    116760
     tcccccacct tgccacactg catcagtgat cagatcgccc tggctgctgc tctcaaggtc    116820
     accccaaggc tgaaggtccc tctgaggccg agctccagaa tcgccatctg gtttctcact    116880
     gtggtaatga agcatgtcca cgctggcaaa ttgaaactcc ttgatgacca cagagctggg    116940
     aacactgctg tcaatcacac agggggagga ggcagtatgg agggatgagc cccagccccg    117000
     acgtgcaggt tgtaggtata gagaagagga agaacaatct gcttccatcc gcccatgtgg    117060
     tttcatcgca ctgacaactt cacatgccac tgtggatgat ggggaagcca gatggaaaca    117120
     cagtgagaag aatcccaaat cccacgcctc agtgctgggt ggggctgggt ggggtgactc    117180
     tgagtctgta atataagcag aagatcagga gttcaagtcc agccttggct acatgaggct    117240
     ttgtcttata aaagcttgac ttcactcact aagattcata tggttgacct tgacttccac    117300
     acataagata tggcacatac actcacaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaat gggggctggg    117360
     gagatggctc agcggttaag agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattcct    117420
     agcaaccaca tggcggctca caaccatctg taatgggatc cgatgccctc ttctggtgtg    117480
     tctgaacagc tacagtgtgc tcatacaaat taaagaaatt gaagaataaa agaggagggg    117540
     aagggggagg aggaggagga ggaagagaaa aaggaagaaa aaggaaagaa agaaaagaaa    117600
     gggaagaaag ggagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    117660
     agaaagaaag aaagagaaaa aaggaaggaa ggaaggagga tggagacatg gctcagtggt    117720
     tgagagcact gtatgttctt ccataggtcc aggttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggcagc    117780
     tcacaactgt ctgtaactcc agtttcagag gatccaacac ccttgcacac acatgcaggc    117840
     agaacaccaa tgcacataaa agtaaataaa tcttttgttt taaagaaaga aatataaaaa    117900
     taacgccaga tgaagtgcat acttgtaatc acagttctca agaggctggg gaagaagatt    117960
     gctgggactt taaggccagc tcaagttgca aagtgtcact ctgtctcaaa aacaagacaa    118020
     gcagccatcc agtaagtggt gcatgtcttt aatcccagca ctcagaaggg gaaggcagag    118080
     ggcagaggcg ggcagatctt tgtaatttca agaccagcct gatctacaga tcaagttcca    118140
     acccaagact atatgtagaa accctgtctc agagcaaaat aataaagtaa tgtggtttga    118200
     atgagaatgg ttcccagagg ctcatacatt tgaatgcttg gtctgccttt ggaactgttg    118260
     gggaaggttt aggaggagta agtagccttg ctggaggagg cgtgtcactg gaggtgggct    118320
     ttgaggtttc aaaagcccaa accattccca gttagctctt gctttctgtc tcttaccaga    118380
     gttccgaggt gagcgttcag cctctgctct gccgccatgc ctgtgcgcct gctgccgcca    118440
     tgcctgtgcg cctgctgcca tagttgctgc catgatgatc atgaactcca acccctgtaa    118500
     ccacaaccct cctcccccca attaaatgct ttcttttata agttgctctg gtcatggtgt    118560
     ctctcacagc aaatgaaaag taagactcct tcccttggcc cctccccgga tatagcttcg    118620
     gttagcagtg tattccagac ctctctttgg ggatttataa cctatgtacc catgttgagc    118680
     atttttatag tacaaagtgg gtccgtgctg ttctgtggtc gctgctttct cacagatcag    118740
     atgcatcctg ggacgtgtcc agatggccat aattggtttg cctggatccc attaatggtt    118800
     gctaggatca tttccatatt gactcctacg cagccgtgtt caggcctgtg agtatagagc    118860
     ttcgcactgc tgtgggaagg cttgggtgag acggatccct agagggagaa ctgtagaatc    118920
     tcagggcatc cttctcaggg atccatctat cccatagggg agctctggca ccctgacacc    118980
     tcattgcccc tccgctgtcc ccacaccacc ctcataggac aagccctcca gagggtttgc    119040
     tgaataagat gactcatccc ccccccaccc ttctccccat cccctgatgc tctcctcagg    119100
     ccttacctct caccgctgga ccaggcctgc tgcctctagg caccctcacc actcactgga    119160
     tttgcttatg ctaacagctg tttccagagc tccaggagac tcaaaaggga ccaaccagcc    119220
     acgtccctga gggtacttct ttctctgggt ggggtggagt tttttgcaca gggtgtggct    119280
     ggaagttctg tggccctgtg gtacagcaaa atcatggctt ctctctgagg cacattattt    119340
     tgtttccttt tgtttctgag acaaggcttc actatgtagc catggctggc cctgacctag    119400
     aactcacttg ataaactggg ctggccccag agattcagag atctgcctgc cactgcctca    119460
     tctgtgctgg gattaaaggt tttcatcacc atgcctaagg agagcctctt tttttttttt    119520
     ctctcttgtt catgtgtatg tacacatgtg tgtgcatttg caaatgctgg gattgaaacc    119580
     caggcctcag gaataccaag cacgtgctct gtaatcaaac catccctagg cctgctggag    119640
     agatggctca gcagctaaga gcactggctg ctactccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca    119700
     gcaactccat ggtggctcac aaccatggat ctgatctgat gcccacttct gtcatgcagg    119760
     catgcatata gaatattcct atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac    119820
     atacatacat acatacatac atcttaaaac aagacaaaaa caaaacaaca aaacctaccc    119880
     atttagccag tgctttgtag caggacccat gattaggagt agagtagggg agtcttagga    119940
     gatgaaaaag tcagtaaagt gcttgccgtg tgaacataaa gacctgagct tggaccctct    120000
     gctctcacat aaaaggcaag tgtgccctgg ccaatggtgt gaacaccttt aatcccagca    120060
     ctcaggaggc agagggcaga caaatctctg tgagttcaag gccagtctga tctacacagg    120120
     gagtcccacg tcaactaggg ctatgtaact gaaaccatgt ctcaaaaata agttaatgaa    120180
     taaaatgtgt tttaagtcat gtaaagggtg atcaaggaag atattcaata ctgacctcta    120240
     gcctctgcat cgtgagtgaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgactaagag    120300
     tgacatttga atgcaacaga taacccataa agggtggcca ctattaacag tgttcacaag    120360
     gaccacacgg tagagacagc aatggggctg gaccttcaca gagaggcaga gctacacaag    120420
     gcaataccaa ttctctgagg cctgagggag gaaatgcccc aaaccctgct ggctccagtt    120480
     gaggtggtgt gcctctggga gacaatgggg agaagtcttg cttcaagtta tttcccccac    120540
     agcctggtcc atctatgctg gcacccacct ctagtagacc ccacaagatg ggtctactat    120600
     gggccctact gttctagctg ctcctattta aagggctgcc tgcctgaggg ctcagggtca    120660
     ccccagatgc ccaggtaggg tcctacaaat gctcaccaca tcaaccactc attctctcct    120720
     catctcaaga agcagggtga gagagtttgg taatctggcc ttttcatgta aatttatgta    120780
     aataggatat aaatatcaca acatatgtaa ataggatata aataccacag aacctcagca    120840
     tctcaggagg tcctgatatc tagaatctag gaggtagaag gaatggcaga aaagtctgga    120900
     ggagatatgt tcgccctgtg cacgttggcc ctgtgtttcc atgtagaacc cagggagctg    120960
     gagctggaag ccagcaaagt ggtccccctg cccagttatt caggtgtccc aagaagtcct    121020
     agagagaaga gatctgtagg ttctcaaggt aagggatgcc agggacctgg cagagagggc    121080
     cctcaaggta gcctgtggag gctggatgtg gctgcttggg taagaatggc tctcataggc    121140
     tcatatattt aaatgcttag ttattaagga gtggtactat ttaagaagga ttaagaggtg    121200
     tggccttgtt agaggaggtg tgtcactggg ggtgggctct gaagtttcaa aaacccaact    121260
     ctgtcttccc tctgcatgcc tttgtgtgta tctttctgtc ttaggatcag gatgtagccc    121320
     gaaactactt ctccagcagc atccgtgcct ctgtgacctc gtgctcccca ctatggtgat    121380
     tgtgggctaa acctctgaaa ctgtaaacaa ttccccagtt aaatgattct ctacaggagt    121440
     tgctgccttc gtgcccagca ctcaggaggc agaggcaggt ggatctctgt ggggtcaagg    121500
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttctggga cagccaggga tacacagaaa agcctgtctc    121560
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaata ggaaaggtag tcatggtcat tgtgtcccct cccagcaata    121620
     gaacactgac taagacactg gggtgcaggt gctgagtgtg gacaatgacg acgtgggaac    121680
     cgcctctgca ccaggctcca agtgggagag tgcccaggat cctggggtgt accaggtaga    121740
     ttgcattgtt catgttttac tgcagaggac tgtgaggctc agaaaggaac aattgcttgt    121800
     ccccaataca gagccagaaa aggatgctaa taggtgagaa caccaaattc tgtttcctcc    121860
     tcttcctctt cttccttctc ctcctcctct tcctcttctt ccttcttctc ctcctcttcc    121920
     ttttgtcttg agcactgggc aggacacagg acatctgcct ctggaattc                121969