ID   AL671117; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 209799 BP.
AC   AL671117;
DT   25-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-278L4 on chromosome X
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-209799
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; df055d942c912ea244f4a85e065db6f6.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456187.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031012; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000047678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035573; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035574; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035575; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035551; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035552; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035553; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035483; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035484; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035485; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035544; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035545; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035546; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035260; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035261; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035262; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036073; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036075; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034552; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034553; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034554; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035229; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035230; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035231; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035382; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035383; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035384; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035329; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035330; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035331; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035464; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035465; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035466; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035372; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035373; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035374; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036085; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036086; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036087; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034253; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034254; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034255; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034688; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034689; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034690; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL671117.6:1-209799; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000053659; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115435; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124710; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156096; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0095695; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0095706; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0095708; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0095782; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0095793; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0095795; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0095735; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0095746; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0095748; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0095699; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0095710; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0095712; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095272; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095283; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095285; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096220; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096231; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096233; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0095876; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0095887; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0095889; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095190; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095201; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095203; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095393; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095404; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095406; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095240; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095250; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095252; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0095414; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0095425; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0095427; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095218; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095229; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095231; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0096551; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0096562; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0096564; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095290; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095301; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095303; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094258; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094269; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094271; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A067XG53.
DR   GOA; F6Y9I5.
DR   GOA; F7CD87.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR004172; L27_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR036028; SH3-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036892; L27_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:2441734; Gpr82.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BZR0; GPR82_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A067XG53; A0A067XG53_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6Y9I5; F6Y9I5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7CD87; F7CD87_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-278L4 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..209799
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-278L4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    186632..186680
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    186632..186654
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    186679..186680
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 209799 BP; 62842 A; 41575 C; 42996 G; 62386 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctg acagtagagg cagatactgt ggcatattga acaacacctg taagagattc        60
     actgatatta ttgtatggac cagtagtttt tgattttaag tgacaaacaa tatgttcttt       120
     gtgtgaatat attgtttgct tatctatgca tttttttatt gttaggaatt taagttgatt       180
     cctgttaggg gcatgttttt ggttgctaat tcaggttatg actttggagg tcaaagaaca       240
     tggcattagt atgtacccag ccttggtgag gggctcatag tagatgaatg tccatcagga       300
     aaaaagtata cagtgagtca ggaagcaaag tatattctgg ggaggtgcca ggctggccaa       360
     taacaatcta ctcttgtggg acgtcctgag agaataagaa atacattaat ctattctaag       420
     agcagtgcct tcaatgagca cactatttac acaaagtttc agttcttgaa gggtttacca       480
     cctgagccgg gcaccctggc acatacctac aaacccagcc cccaggagga cgatgcagga       540
     gcatggggat cgggagtatg aggctatcct tggctacaat agagaagtca aagtcagcct       600
     gggctacatg aaactttgtc tcaaaaataa cctaaaggga aaacaagtgg ggataggtgg       660
     gtttggaagg tactggtgag atggctcagt ggttaagaat accagctgct ctagcagaga       720
     accggggttt gattcctagt acccacgtgt aggcttacaa ctataattcc agtcccagga       780
     gatctgactc cctcttctgg cctacacagg caccacacaa acatagtaca cagacatgta       840
     ggtaaaaaca cccattcaca caaaataaaa ataataaaag agaaagagaa agttcagtac       900
     ccattatcac cacattgatc tttttctttc ctacttctag tcttaacaag tcttttggta       960
     cccaagtcag cttcgtatgt tttgagtgga tttgctgtat tataaggctc tccaacttgt      1020
     tttattttta ataaaagatt tacttatttg tttatttatt tcaactactg agccatctct      1080
     ttggctcctt cttttccttc ttgtcatagt aggtacctgc aatggagtaa gaagcaagtt      1140
     ctggggtcac ctgaggccat aggccacggc atagcacgcc ctcctacatt tctctctccc      1200
     cattaggtct gttttgaaaa cctagcactg gacttggcca gaggagcaac tggggcagca      1260
     tttgccagga gtgggaagag aatgatttct agagccaaag tggctaacta gattctgttg      1320
     aaaccccaaa acagaccaca ttttcccata ctattttagt tttgtgaggc acaagtcttt      1380
     ttcaaacaat gagaatacaa aaatattcta agctcagcct gtggttggaa actccatgag      1440
     taaccattct cctaacaaac ctcggaggtg ggggagacac atatttgcag agcccaatgc      1500
     ctccagagac gctccccagc tggtccatat taagccgcca ttctggggcg cctgggcctg      1560
     gtcagcaatg tttccctgca gctgggagct ggagcaccca tctcaccagg ccacagactg      1620
     acagtttgtt tctggtgttt gcaagatttt gggacacctc ataacttttt cttttttttt      1680
     ttttttagat aaattgatgt acaattcaca taaaatgcac taccctttga catgtgacat      1740
     ttaggacaat taacaatgtt gtgcaactgt cacttttatc tagtccccac aagcttgccc      1800
     ctcttttcag accctggcaa cctctaatct gctgtcttta tgggttttcc tgttgcagac      1860
     atttcctgta aatgaaagga atatgatatg tggccttgtg actagctcat ttccccgagc      1920
     ataatttgtt ttgcagtttt ggggattgaa gctagggcct cacacttgtt gtgtaaatcc      1980
     tctatcacta agctgtatcc cagacttctt tttatggttt ttgggttttt tgtttgtttt      2040
     gtttttgttt ttgagatagg ggtctctcta aatagccctg gttgtcctag agctcactat      2100
     gtagaccagg aggctggatt agaacttaga gatttgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg      2160
     ggattaaagg tgtgagccat catgccagga aatccccacc cccctttttt gaaatagggc      2220
     ctcgtcatca tgtacaggct gaccttgaat ttgtgatcct tcttcctaag tatctgagat      2280
     gactgacctg tgttatgaag cccagctttg catgttttag aaattgcccc tttgtgtaca      2340
     ttttggcatg tgcctggaac tgttgtttta aggtgtacac atttgcttcc ccatcagtta      2400
     gttcaaagtc atcagttgtt tccactttct ggttattact cacagtgttg ccatggctgc      2460
     ttatgcatat aggcttgctt gcttttttcc tttattccct ttcttttttc ctttcttctc      2520
     ttccttttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctttctttc tttctttctt      2580
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttttcga gacagggctt ctctgtgtaa tagccctggc      2640
     tgttctggaa ctcactctgt agacaaggat ggccttgaac tcacagatct gcttgcctct      2700
     gcctcctaaa tgctggaatt aaaggcgtgt accacattcc tttggtcata tacctaagag      2760
     agacattgct aggccaccca gctattccat gctacacctt accccatcta cctctttaga      2820
     gataaggtct tactatggag gtcaggccgg tcttgaaatt gtgatcctcc tgcgtcagcc      2880
     ccctgagagc taggattaca ggtatgcatc ccaacaccta gtttaccttt gcacaacaaa      2940
     gatggatctc attttgacaa acttggtcca tactcttgtt ttaaccttca cattggaatc      3000
     ccctgtggaa ctgtatttgg tgtgtgggtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtgcatg ccaaaggaca      3060
     accttgatct tggatgtcat cctttggagc tgtccttact ttttgagaca gagtctctca      3120
     tccacctgac acttggcagc cagactattg tctggctagc tagcagggag gcccagggat      3180
     cagccttcct agttttgtga ttacactcct gcactactct ctcttcttta tgtgggttct      3240
     ggggctggaa ctcaggtcct ttacagcact taatagacta aactatgacc ccggcttcac      3300
     ctgtggaacc ttaaacatat caaggttctg gcaaggtaca gtggtacatg cctgtaatcc      3360
     cagtacttgg caggtggaga ctgacaaatt caaggctagt gtgggttaca ctgagttccg      3420
     ggtcaacctg agctacataa caagaccttg tctgaaaaac aaaacaagaa accaaacccc      3480
     atgcacacac aaaaaagcaa gcaaagaaca acaaaacaaa gagctgtgga tggagcattt      3540
     aagaggccga gtgctttcct ggtatgcgca gggccttggg ttccatgccc agcatagaca      3600
     actgtgcaga taaataagca atagaaaagc agatgcccgc tggaacccgt ccgtgttaca      3660
     actggcttgg actctgatgt gcacccttgg cttgaccatc ctggatcctt tgcagaatac      3720
     tccatagtaa tactctccat aggtaataat ttccatattc tgatacccgg tgtgtcaatc      3780
     ggctttccat tgctgtggga gaaatgtctg agcgaaataa cgtgctaagg aggagagagg      3840
     ctatctgtct cataccttca ggcttcagcc ttgtgatgag ctggctgtct tgttctgggg      3900
     cctgaagtga ggcagaatac catggtgagg aaaacagagt gtaaagctcc ttatttcata      3960
     gcagccagga ggcggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgctg aagacctagc      4020
     atcccttcaa aatggcacat gcccagtgac ctgactgtct ttcaccaggt cctgtgtttc      4080
     tgaaaggtcc catcacttcc cactagtgcc actggcaggg gaccaagcac atgagattct      4140
     aggggatatt taatctaaag agaacacctg gtgttttgct tcctactgtg ggacatattt      4200
     ccagttggct ttgagggatt tgtcccttga tgagctttaa tcctgtgaca agtggcgagt      4260
     ggagtccact tctggcttgg cctactgcct tcacagctgt cccaagcagt acagtacacc      4320
     tgttcctcat agctgcccac ataacccagg caggggaact gagtgacagg gatattctgt      4380
     ctgaggatta aaaagaagaa agcagcatga ggactcacag agaccaaagt ggcaattgca      4440
     gagcctgcat gggtctgcag taggccctct gcatacatgc tgtccttgtt tggcttgggg      4500
     ttttgtgaga ctcctaacac ggggaatggg gctgtctctg actcttttgc atgtgcttgg      4560
     gacccttttc ttcctactgg gttgcttcac ccagccttta tatgaagatt tgtgcctagt      4620
     attattgcat cttgttatgt cctgtccagt tgatatctct gggaggcctg tacttttctg      4680
     aggggagatg gggaagggaa aagagaagac tgggaagagt ggagggaggg aagctgcagt      4740
     tgggagcaga ataagaaggt ggggatgaga gtcagcctgg gaagaggcta cgggactctg      4800
     tctgagagaa gtggggcaga aagatatgtc ctcagggaga ggatttgagc atggaatgtt      4860
     ttgtaaagac tcactttgga atatgccagg cccttcttga gcatttcttg tcttcccctt      4920
     cctattcctt agaccaaagg ggaagcacaa aacccttccc cgatttccag atggagccat      4980
     ccccaaaata ctgccgcgag aagagacata gctgagcaac tgacagattc tcacaaacta      5040
     atcttgattt taactgggca aataggctct tctggccaag gtttccccat ggaactcagc      5100
     tcaggccagc taaggagatt tgttgttgaa atcgccactg ctgattctga gagagaccac      5160
     cttccacgtg gccatggaaa agtcagaact gtccggactt ctcaattctc tcttacagat      5220
     tttctgtcaa ggaaggctcc tttgggttct gaattcagat cattttcctg ggcaagatga      5280
     agtgttcaca gttcttctgg gggaaagagg aggggccaca aggcccgtac tacagaaatg      5340
     aagggggctg gttatgttag ctttccattt ctggaccaaa gatccaaggt atacagctta      5400
     gaaggaggaa aggtttattt agactcatca tttcacaggt ttccatccat gcttacttgg      5460
     ctctgttgct ttaggctaaa aatagcacag tatatcatgg tgggtagtgg aggcagaaga      5520
     ccaacttcac aacacttgat aataatgggg agagaaaggc tggccctggg atgccaatag      5580
     tcccttcaag gacacctctc cctccaaaga cctacttcag taagcttgat ttcttttctc      5640
     tctctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc      5700
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctt      5760
     tctttctttc tttctgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact      5820
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgactcc caagggctgg      5880
     gattgaaggc gtgcgccacc atgcccggct gtaagcttga tttcttaaag gttcctcctt      5940
     ctaatggttc cagaggtttt gggccaagct ttagtacatg ggcctttaga atgacacatc      6000
     aaagccaaac tagaacaccc gtgttaggct gctgcttaag actcttacca ggaccagtca      6060
     gatggctcag tggataaagg tgttggcctc caagcctgac catgagagtt caatccttag      6120
     aatccacatg gtacaagaag agaactaact cccacaagtt gtcatctgac ctccatatgc      6180
     atactgtggc acatacctgt gtacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      6240
     acagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat ggctgcaaac tataggacct      6300
     attctaggct gcagaagcaa atcagaagct cattacatga tcccagcatt ctagattgga      6360
     agcttcactg acaggcaaaa tgcctatatc acgaggtggg caactccagc tatttagtgc      6420
     ataaatctgc atacagagga cttgttaggt ggtgggtgtc agcaattcca tcatgcagac      6480
     ttttttttct ctcaccagtg tgtaaatctg aaagtcaaat gtcctgccat tctgtccaga      6540
     aaatggtttc tgcctgaagc ctccttctgt ttccaaatct tgttggctgt ctgcttgaca      6600
     aatctaggtc atttactttg agcctgaatt gcgagagaaa gttaggaagg agagtactgg      6660
     cttccaggta aatgtagaat aagtagttta aaggcgtcct ctctgctgtc aaatgtttac      6720
     tataatcaca gacagtttca ttgtaaagag cagaaatcca cttattcatg cagatgattt      6780
     gaatggattt ctgaaaaggg aacagggatg tgacatagga agttatggca gggccttgtg      6840
     ggaactcaga tctactgctc tcttggcaca tgaatggatt gaatgtctga gttgcattcc      6900
     taaatcacaa ctgaaactga attcccagtg ggctagaata aggagggagg cagagccttc      6960
     tgggacgcaa taggtcacaa aggaggagct ctcaagcccg gggtttttat tgagacatgg      7020
     tcttcatatg tatccctggc tggcctggaa ctcactggcc tgcttctgcc tccctagtgc      7080
     tgggatttaa aatgcgaacc atgtgccaga gagttcttct gtcatgagga caaatagaga      7140
     agatggccag ccctcatcag ccaccgaatc tgctttgatc tggaccttcc cagcctgcag      7200
     aaccacaagc aatgtttgtt tacaagcaat gtacccggtt taggacactt tgtgatgaca      7260
     ttctcagtag agggatagtc ctctggcttc ctcagaccgc ccttggcttc tgcttctcca      7320
     cagctttgca tcacatgctg ctgtttgata gttttgggtt ttgtttatta agacaggata      7380
     tatagtagct caagctgatc tcacagttat ttagccagcg atgccttgaa ctcttgattc      7440
     tcctgccttc acccaccaag tgctgggatc acaggctagg atcacgacat ccagatcaca      7500
     tgtggttttg aaacaaacct cagccccaaa gctagacagg cctcactcat gagagcttgc      7560
     tggccagtgt cttatgcctt atttcaatgt catggagaag aaattaatcc aattagattt      7620
     gcttagatca aagtgttcac ccatggtgca aatagctgtg cctgggagga cgcagcagag      7680
     acccatggga ttttgagtgg ggcatgtttt cttagaaact gtggttggta acagctgcta      7740
     tagagccatg gacaatgaat gccaggaggg ccctcaaaag gtgggaaagt gcagttcatt      7800
     catatcatag acataggagc tcagattatg tgagtggtct ggaagacaat aaagcttagt      7860
     ggaaagataa acaaaaatta gcaccattta gccccatctc cagaaatccc accttctatt      7920
     aagaccagga gaataatgct taggcgcaaa gctgtcagag tcaaagagat aatcttatga      7980
     ctctatgaac aaacacttat taaacttgat tattacagct aggcatgatg gcatacactt      8040
     gtaatttcag tacttcagag actgaagcaa ggggatcatg agttcaagtc cagcctgaac      8100
     ttcaagtgaa atagtgtttc aaagttttaa aaagttggtt cttaggagag aaaaagaaac      8160
     ccatattgag tggcactata tgtgttcatg tcacccatgt gacctgtgtt gctgtagttc      8220
     ctaaactatt ccctatattc actgttcatg gtattctgct cattgtgcat ggtgtgaggt      8280
     agggcttaag agtcttttta ttttctggtg cttacaatat gcaggtccaa tttgtcctgg      8340
     tctaccttga attaatcttg ttaccataaa tttgggaagt ctgggttgag aaatgttaca      8400
     agggaatttg gggcaccctt ccagggttct tagtcttgtt agtaaaagta cttggcaatc      8460
     ctcccatcac ctttcctcca cctccatcag actcctgaac catacaggaa catgctgtcc      8520
     tctgagaggc tccacctagc agccaactca gatagccaag cagtggatgg agcttgggaa      8580
     ctcttatgga agagtaggag gaaggattgt gggtccctaa ggagatagga actccacagg      8640
     aagaccaact aacctggacc cttgggggct ctcagagcct gaaccaccaa ccaaagaaca      8700
     tacacaggct ggagatttta cacacacaca cacatgtata tatatcagat gtgtgtgtgt      8760
     gtatatatat atatatcaga tgtatatata tatcagatgt gcagcttggt cttcatgtgg      8820
     gtcctgaaca actggagtgg gggctatccc aaaagctgtt gcttgtatgt ggatatgttc      8880
     ttctaactga acagccttgt ctggcctcag tgggagagga agcacctagc ctcacggaga      8940
     tttgaagtgc cagggaggag gggataccca gaggagccaa acctgctcag aggagaaggg      9000
     gagggaggat gggggaagga ctgtgatggg agaggtgacc aggagtgggg cagtgagcag      9060
     gatgtaaagt gaataagtaa aaaaataaaa taaaaattat ttggctggac atggtagcat      9120
     acatctttaa tcccagcttg gaaggcagag gcaggtggat cttggtgact ttgaggccaa      9180
     cctgctctat agcattccag accagctagg gctgtatagt gagactatct ttaaaaaaaa      9240
     atgagaacag actctgaagt aatcttgagg acaattttat tagattttga aagaaaaaaa      9300
     aaaaaaaccc aaagcaggca agctgcaaat gagcccaaag tatttttttt aaatgcatgc      9360
     ttagagtgga cacagaagga agaaaagaaa aagttacact ttactgagta agtcagaaaa      9420
     gcaggcagac cagagaagct gcatggcttt ggctagcctt gtaagctgct ggccttacag      9480
     ggtgtgaatt ctgggaagga aaagtatatt atagggatat tatctatctg cctgtctgtc      9540
     tgtttatata atcattaaag gggtaattat ttcttctatc tttttagtat ggtttaaggt      9600
     gagcttgtct ccttgagagg tagtcccttg gccaggtgat caggtgatta accagctcaa      9660
     ctggattaac ccttgtaagt tatggcagct cggaatgtta ggtctccacc caggtcagag      9720
     gactagctgg ctcagcctct ccacagatcc aggctaccac actgatacag tcttacattg      9780
     atccaagtag agtgttaatt catgtttctt ttcacccttt atgctactct gtcatatttt      9840
     tcactcgcgt atgttataaa ctccacaatt tcatgctatt tttgttttaa acaatcactt      9900
     gtctgttaag caatcaagtt gagaaaagga agattctgtg cacttcgaga tgcatctacc      9960
     ctttccactg tttttcatta ccttcctata gctccttgtc tagcttcata ctaggattac     10020
     tcaggaaaca tttattataa atctgttata aggattcaca ggggaagatg ggtctaatgg     10080
     gtgtaagcat ggggccagga ctttcaaaag aaaatacagg aactctaaaa agaagagttg     10140
     aagaggtggc tcagccagta aactgcttga tacacaagca tgaggaccca agttcaagtc     10200
     ctagcacctg cataaaaagc aggagctgaa agattacagc ctgtaatccc agggctgagg     10260
     atgcaaagac aggaggccct cctccctaca gatgaaatct gtagggatga aatcccatta     10320
     ttataaagtt gaaaccccat tattataaag ttggttcttg gtttcttact ttggatgtat     10380
     acttggaatt agtgcctggt ttgtgaggga ttaaagctct catgtaactc tattgtgaag     10440
     tcctggttag catgcccata aacagacctt tctctctctt tttaaaagat ttatttattt     10500
     attttatgta tatgagtaca ccattgctct cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcaaaa     10560
     cgcattgcag atggctgtga gccaccatgt ggttcctggg aattgaactc aggacctttg     10620
     gaagagcaga cagtgctctt aaccactgag tcatctcttc agccctcaat agatttttct     10680
     ttgtagtctt gtagcaataa ctatgggcat attgtagcta tcagcagaaa tattcatgtg     10740
     atggaagata gtctactatg atgacaagca ggactgacca caatatgtta ttatcatatt     10800
     ttaaatattt tatttgacac cctgcttttc tggcttacta atcacatacc taagtcttca     10860
     tacccggtaa gctaacattg gagttttgtt gtctgttttg agaattgact tgatttcatt     10920
     tgttttgctt actaatccag taaattactg tttcaaatgg ttatcagtct cagagaccaa     10980
     aaataggttt ctgatggtga tgtattggat gctttgtaga aatttaaaat aaactctaat     11040
     ctactttttg aaatgggcta caaattgagc tccaggatgg ccagggctac atagaaagca     11100
     ctgtcttggg agaggccggg tgaagagagg caatatacaa tggaaagctt catgctatgt     11160
     gtgttaaaaa catttttaaa acattagcaa ccatcttttt gatctcttga attctacaca     11220
     ccagttgtga taatccatat tatatcttat aggcaataat ataataacaa tagaagttgc     11280
     tagagctgga gttacaggca gatgtgagcc actctcttat aatcctgagt tgtttataaa     11340
     gagttctcaa aacaaatgac attctttggc aagcagttca taaaggaagg cgtcaattcc     11400
     atttacttct gcaaacatgt attgagccat actgtgtgct tggaacaatg ttggctgttc     11460
     agcaggagaa acatgagtca tatgattgag agtgtacttt ttcttaatta gaaagaagag     11520
     aggagaatga agggctgctg gtaaggaaat gtgatacttc aacttgacct agttggaagg     11580
     gttgatgaga acaggttact cctctgttct acagaggtct agagttaagg tatttttggt     11640
     cctgtctcct tagcagggta tatctcaatc aacaagagat cttattcaca gccagtctaa     11700
     cagtgcaagt tccaagaatc ttgctggtag cgtgatgtct atctcacagt gtttaggaga     11760
     aggagaagct atatcaagct tcctcaacag cagaataatg gaagtagccc attttcagtt     11820
     gaacactcaa agtcaagtct gaaagtgcca aattcccttg ggagcagctg agaaaccatg     11880
     gagtgtcccc aacagatgaa ctgctggaag ctgagccagc cctcagaggc agcagcaagc     11940
     atctcaagca tactcctgtg ttgtctatgc cttcaagttg cacagggact tagagagctg     12000
     tgtatgtgat ggaaaggacc aaatgacagg atcgggggag ggttgctaga aattggtcaa     12060
     tttattcctg ggcatccctt tctttataaa ctgtgaaact gaacactgtc tgaaatcact     12120
     tggttggaaa atgaaaatgg tccatctgtc agtttggtct tcccctctcc tctcctcttc     12180
     cctcccctcc ctctcatctc ctcccatctg tcagttcggt cttcccctct cctctcttct     12240
     ctcctcccct cccctcccct ctcttcccct ttcttctcct ttccagggtc ttatgtatcc     12300
     ttggctggcc ttgaactcac tatgtagctg aagatgacct agaacttcag atcctcctgc     12360
     cttccttcct gagcactggg attacaggca tgcaccacac acttgcttaa tgcagggcta     12420
     cagatggaac ccagggattt gtgtgtgcta accaagtact ctaccattca agctacatcc     12480
     ccagcctcag actaggcttg ggaccactgc cttgcacaag gaagcaggcc acgctgctat     12540
     cctgtttgct gtcagtggca gccatactgg aagaggggag atttttattt atttatttat     12600
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt     12660
     aggctctgct ctcctggaac tcactctgta gactaggctg gcttcgaact cagaaatccg     12720
     cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcttgcg ccatcacgcc cggctaagag     12780
     gggagatttt tgatgacttt atttgatcat tcactcgaat tttcagaatg aaatttgtaa     12840
     gcatttgtct ttcccagtat gatgtaaaac agtttctaga gagtaagggc tggtgaatag     12900
     aacttaactc tatagtgtcc ataatcattt ctttcaagat gtaggaggtc agtgacagtg     12960
     aattcaatat atgctgacct tgaaacatga gaggccacat agtgctggtg aggtggctcg     13020
     gcaggtaaat gcatctgtga ccaagtttga tctgagtttg atcctggggg cctcatatga     13080
     tagaaagaag aaaagtgatt cctgtaagtt gtcttctgat ctctgcatat acacacccat     13140
     acacaggcat aaaattaagt aaattaagat ggtgggtggt gggggtggag cagagagaga     13200
     tcatcatgag gacaaggaaa acaaggttct catgccctta attcataacc tgaaagctgc     13260
     caagagtccc tttgccctta tagacaatgt atggcatgtg cttgtccctt atcacaagat     13320
     aacaagaaat cctacagggt gactcaccag ccattgatct tggtgactaa caacaacaaa     13380
     aaaaaatcac taggtcccat accactcaaa ccacccagag taaaatgtct gctttttgct     13440
     gtgtctgcat ctaacctgga cttcccacaa tagctttctc cctcttttct tccaactgaa     13500
     actcatctga gggtttattc tgtatgtttc agtttttatt tctgccacca ctgggattgg     13560
     agattatcct taatatttaa attttaagtg actgttaaag actaagtaag gcagtaatag     13620
     gcttttccaa ctcccgatgc ctcatccttc tctaattctt cctttttctt ggggcttaac     13680
     tgactcactg tgggccaaaa attgaattct cataatggtc cagtgactcg aattgaaatg     13740
     tatcacaagc tccatttaga aacacacttc ccaagtagcc acatttgaca ttaatatgta     13800
     tcatctaaaa ctaccatttc aatatgtaac ccatacaaaa tcattgctga actatttaac     13860
     tttttggcat cctctgtata cttgtagtac tcaacttggc tggacacatt tctaatggtc     13920
     tggggcacac gtggctattg gctactgcac tgggatcaca ggccttaatg tgcttagagt     13980
     gacaccctca tagagtcccc tacccacaca atcaacaaac ctagctgttg gtatcaggat     14040
     cagctccaaa cctagtgaca ccacacctag gtgacattga cctatacatt cgtagccatg     14100
     gtaacttcca cacactccca gaatccactt ggctcacctc ccacctttac ctgcaagcgg     14160
     ttacatcaca atccaaataa aaggcagacc cctctgacct ctctctctct ctctctctct     14220
     ctctctctcc accttcttcg ctgccacctt tgccctcttc ccccacaata aacctctgcc     14280
     atgtggaact gctttgacct ggtgtggtct gtccgaacgc cagccatgct tctaacatac     14340
     tagtcatact ctaaaagcat acagtgttct ctgtatcata tggaagctta gagcaaagtg     14400
     ggatgcagca agagtctggt gattaaggtc attagaaagc aaaggggagg gcactgcggg     14460
     tggggaaact tgtgttggta agcagatgga aagaggccat tagatggctc cagggctcag     14520
     tgcagggtct gcaacccatt actggggtga cttttgacta ctgattgttc tctgtctttt     14580
     cttctggccc ctctcctctc tagcggtggt cttcagtctg ccctacacca gggccaccga     14640
     ggcctgtctg cgggcctgcc ctgcggcctg cacctgcagc cacgtggaac gtggctgctc     14700
     agtgcgctgt gaccgtgcgg gcctccagcg ggtgccccag gagtttccgt gcgaggcggc     14760
     ctccatcgat ctggaccgga atggcctgcg catcctgggc gagcgggcct ttggcacgct     14820
     gccgtcgttg cgccgcctgt cgctgcgcca caataacctg tccttcatca cgcccggcgc     14880
     cttcaagggc ctgccgcggt tggccgagct gcgcctggcg cacaacggtg agctgcgcta     14940
     cctgcacgtg cggaccttcg cggcgctggg ccgcctacgc cgcctggacc tggcggcctg     15000
     ccgcctcttc agcgtccccg agcgtctcct ggccgagctg ccggccctgc gcgagctcac     15060
     ggccttcgac aatctcttcc gccgggtgcc cggcgcgctc cggggcctcg ccaacctgac     15120
     gcacgctcat ttcgagcgca gccgcatcga ggccgtggcc tccggctcgc tgctgggcat     15180
     gcggcgtctg cgctcgctca gcctgcaggc caaccgcgtg cgcgcggtgc atgccggggc     15240
     ctttggcgac tgcggcgccc tggaggacct gctgctcaac gacaacctgc tggccacgct     15300
     gcccgccgcc gccttccgcg gccttcgccg cctgcgcacc ctcaacctgg gcggcaacgc     15360
     gctgggcagc gtggcacgcg cctggttctc agacctggca gagctcgagc tgctttacct     15420
     ggaccgcaac agcatcacct ttgttgagga aggcgccttc cagaacctct cgggcctcct     15480
     ggccctgcat ctcaatggca accgtctcac tgtgctctcc tgggccgctt tccagccagg     15540
     tttcttcctg ggccgcctct tccttttccg caatccttgg cgctgtgact gccaactgga     15600
     gtggctgcgt gattggatgg agggctctgg gcgtgtggct gatgtggcgt gcgcctcccc     15660
     aggctctgtg gccggccagg acctcagcca ggtggtcttt gagcgctcct ctgatggcct     15720
     ctgtgtggac cctgatgaac tgaactttac cacgtccagt cctggcccga gtccggagcc     15780
     agtggccacc actgtgagca ggttcagcag cctcctctcc aagctgctgg ccccaagggc     15840
     ccctgtggag gaggtagcca ataccacctg ggagctggtc aacgtctcgt tgaatgacag     15900
     ctttcggtcc catgcagtga tggtcttctg ctacaaggcc acgtttctct tcacctcttg     15960
     cgtcttgctc agcctggccc agtatgtggt ggtgggcctg cagagggagt gactgccaca     16020
     ctgaagtgac ccaaaccact ttggccaaaa gggggaaggt ttgcttgact gccatgagta     16080
     actgcctgta gtaactggag agggaatagg aatgggattg gtagttaaag ttcttgctgt     16140
     gggtggaaga aacagtttgt caccaaagat ggctctaggc agagagctct ggggaatgcc     16200
     actggagtgg gtatcaattt ctgcttttgt cacatgggca tccattgatt tcccgtcccg     16260
     tgggactcag ttattcgtgg gtgcaagggg gaccgcaatc ctgggagaaa atgggaggaa     16320
     gagaaaaagg agctggagac caagtagagg gtgctatcca ggtctctgtt tattaggctg     16380
     aaacgccggg ttttaaagca tacatcgagg ggaataggga ggggttgagg gggaattaac     16440
     aaagaacaaa gaagtgggca tcaggggaca caagggctga agtcaggctc caggtggcgg     16500
     gcactctgcg tcttaactct ggaatttgga tcctccttaa caactttggg tgtcaggcgg     16560
     gctcagcacg taactcatgt ccttggaagt cttgggagtc aggaagagct aactaaggaa     16620
     gagaggacta caattcagct tttacagcct caggtgccag gaagggaaca gggagaaggg     16680
     agtgacgacc ggctcctagc acgagaccat ttggcttgtc agggtgggag attgtgaaaa     16740
     gctcgctttc tcatggtatg gtctctaaca cattgaaaaa gagaagaatg aatatgggcc     16800
     tgggcccaca ggcctaaatt atattaggac tcaattggct aagtactaag aactatgtca     16860
     gctcttctct gtcagtagcc cataaaccca atccctgtct tttctaacat gatacttctt     16920
     ccacacaccc ccccttttat ccccagggac ttggggacaa caaggttcag gaaggtagac     16980
     agggcattag aaaaagggca tgggaaaaag acttagatcc aagacaggca gttgttgctg     17040
     aggtctgagg tgtgcgttta gaggcatttc aaaccagttt catttatttt atgccacaat     17100
     tgatccctca gtataggcac tgtcagaatt atattaatgt gtgtgtttgt gggccacatt     17160
     tataaaacgc taaagttaaa gttaaaccag tttctctaag ccttttcaga gtctttcaaa     17220
     tgctattgtg agtttccaat gtattgtgaa tatccaagga agcacataat cctcttttct     17280
     tagtatctct tttcgtggga agagtgtctg ttcccacaac atgctctgtc agcagcgcag     17340
     agcatctcca gctgggatgg ttctatcagg gatggaagtt attgtgagct gcttgaatgg     17400
     agactaacag ccaggagagt agaaatcaaa gacctgtgtg tgaaggggac tcagattccc     17460
     cagggtattc ccactgtatt cccaaggaca aagctctacc agcatccatg tgaacgttca     17520
     tggagttctg agtgtggagt gtgtgatgcc cagtcccact cagggcccct gacacaccag     17580
     cttttctcgt ggtcatgtgg aaaagagcag aggttttgtc agcttcagaa tccgcagctc     17640
     tttaggtctt ggccatgagg gtaactgttg gcaggttgcc tcttaaatgt tgtctcctgg     17700
     gctgggggtt gtgggtcagt tttatagtgc ttgcctaaaa tgggagaggc cctggcttct     17760
     atactcatga ctgaagaaaa caaaaaacta gccaggcacc ctctcattgt tggcagcaga     17820
     accagcctga gctgattgca gaagttgcag gttcctaacg ggccatcagg tgatcaggcc     17880
     aataaacatg ccacgtgtct gcaaaggaga tgcttggtaa gcctcaacac tgtgagcagt     17940
     gacagctcta tttgtcaatg tcctggaaat aaatgtacag ttttcatgct ctgagttcct     18000
     ttctttgtct atagagaggt gagttttcaa aacccgcaca cattagccta ggccaagatg     18060
     tcagtggcaa caatactttt taaaaaatat gattattttt attctttgat aatttcatca     18120
     ttctttgtat gtgtttgtgt gtgacaggtt ctcactctat agctggcctt taattttcta     18180
     acatgaccct actcactcag cctcccagtt gctgggatta caatggtttc tagtgtgtac     18240
     acacacacaa ttagaaataa tctttaaaag caaatacaaa gcatgaaggg tctaaggatg     18300
     tagctcagtg ataccgtata tcgtgtacaa ggttctgcgt tctatcctca gcacacaacc     18360
     atacaaaaaa ccccaaatcc atgatcaaca ctgtgttgtg taatctgtaa tttttgcatg     18420
     tgctttttca aattgtgtgt atctgtgtgt atatgttgct ataatttata tttaatggca     18480
     gtgttatagt ttaaaactgt gaaagctgct ggtctggagt atggtcttgt tttggtttag     18540
     cttttaaaat tgcatattgt agagacactc tcatgcctgt ggtatgacat gggtggaggt     18600
     cagaggatag ctgtgaaagt ctgttctctc cttcaaccat gtgggtgcta gagattagat     18660
     tgaatgtaca tggtcaggct tggtggcaaa catctttacc tgctgagccg tctcacttgc     18720
     tcttgagcat gtatagggtt ctttttttgg ggggggggaa ccctttaatg attttactat     18780
     cacttactca ttcttttgaa gtgtaaagtg tcttaactgg attatgatta cagatctttt     18840
     ttttttcacc gacccacccc tacagatcat ttttaatata ccattgctac tatattaaaa     18900
     ttatactatt tatatctaat attcaaagaa atttactagt gaatgctaca ataggcatca     18960
     gtctgacatg cttattattt gatcccatag gtataattat aggtcatgat aagagtctat     19020
     tctgtctcac caaatcagga acactgcatt tacagaacaa ataaacacac atagtgcaga     19080
     cacccaagga tcatgctagc tcttcaatta gctggcgcag ctcatacatg aatcctcact     19140
     gtgtgagcaa aagtcagatc caaatcttca tcagaaggtg ctagtggaag ttgtcagaca     19200
     ccttccaatg taggtcccca agccaatggc cagcagatga gacagtagca gagatggaag     19260
     gaaaaccttc agaaattctg ctgagaaaat tccccctttc ttcataacgc ttgtgtttct     19320
     catgctgaga gtagctgtgc gcttcaggtg tttaaaaagc aactccttgg ggggaatatt     19380
     ttctgccgac ttgactaatc ccatatccaa tctgactctt tcttcaagat actttcaact     19440
     tctcttctct caatataatc tttctcggag tgctgttttt ctcaccaaag ctgtgggtgt     19500
     ctatttcagc tctgttggta tcttgtggtg tctgggagtg aggtgggctg tcacagtgag     19560
     aactcttgca gttactttgt ccagattcat gctgggcatc cagcagtata tttttccccc     19620
     atgtcaccat tataaataga gacggaggct ggaatgctgc tcccattccc attgctgaag     19680
     tgcagttcta cctaggagtc ctgaaggttc ttctcccagc tctgtaactt ggtggctcgc     19740
     caaaggagcc tgagcccaac tgtgacaggc ctgggaggca ggcagtcatt gagaggttgc     19800
     agggcagcct gcaccgctca gctctggatg tatgctttta gacaaagttt actttggggg     19860
     ctggagagag atggctgagt ggctaagggt gcttgctgtg gaagcatgag gacctgagct     19920
     ctgatcctca gaactcttgt gaaatgctgt gcacagtaaa tgagcatgcc tataatccca     19980
     gtgctgttga ggggatgggg acaagaggat tgctggcact gtctctctcc ctattgtatt     20040
     atttcttact aatagtttaa atttgactct ccccttaagt actttaatgt gtgttaccta     20100
     agaatgaagc tattctctta tcaataccat tattgaaaat cagggtatct ataactgtta     20160
     aaatactatt atttaaaata tactctttgg gggctggaga ttgagccatg cctaacatgc     20220
     acaaaccttg ggtttggttt gatccccagc actgcataaa ccaggcatgg tagcatatga     20280
     ctgtaagcac tccctgcact gggaagatgg aaagcaggaa gatcagaagt tcagtggaat     20340
     gctcagtggt atagccagtt cttggccagc tgggctacat gagaccttgt caaaaaatac     20400
     aaacaaaaac gttctggtct aggagtgtgg cctagtggta gaattgccta gcatatataa     20460
     ggccctgggt ttcatctcca gaaccagaca cacattttta aaaagttaaa aaaaatatac     20520
     tgttgaaata tcaatgactg tgaactattt gtttttaaag tagccatttt cctagtggta     20580
     gaaaattaaa ttcctaaatc ttgacttgtc ttcatttagt cacagtgctc ataactctaa     20640
     gcctgttcat tgactttaat gtttcagagc aaactgattc tttgaatgtc ttcctttcca     20700
     aacgtgagaa tctgatgaag tcagaaatgt tatttgctca actgtgcatt gtggccatgg     20760
     agactgagta aagaccacta gagtcccctt gggcaggtct ctgtgtttgg gtagctatgg     20820
     aagtccacag cagacacaca gcctaggttc ctggggaatg aggtgttgcc ttgagagtaa     20880
     tgtcctttca tttggaatag cctcaaaact ttgctctagt tctgcctagg ttaggtggcc     20940
     agttttaaat gagtatttat tttgatgcat ttttgaacaa atatcaacat taaaatagcc     21000
     tcctgggaga cagagttttg cagacatacc tactccaata gaattctggg aatgtgggag     21060
     ctacttattg ccaaatagac ccagagatgc ctgaatggta gcctttataa actcttggaa     21120
     gatcagaaag tgaaccttcc tcattaggaa tccattaaaa cctgtcctgt gtggatgaag     21180
     cccttagtga acatgtgcta ttgacactag cacagccatg tcaaggaccc caaggcggac     21240
     ccccctcccc aagtgaggct cagagggatg gcaaggcctt tctcaggggt ctgagtgtga     21300
     atgttggcag tgtgtgcaga aaatgtccac catagcctct tctaccaccc aaacatttac     21360
     agcctgaaaa ctgctcccct acaaagactg cccctactga gattagctat acctgtcccc     21420
     ttgatctgta tactgtatcc aataacccgc ctctctgttc aactctctat aataaatatg     21480
     cccagcttct ccaggtgtgt gtcatttctt cattccctca ccaccctatt caggttaatt     21540
     gctggagcca tgtaaagggg ctgcactccc ctcaatcact ggctagttat cactttgata     21600
     aatgttaact aggtaccata ggttctgcta agcaaaactg tatgtagcag tcaggatggg     21660
     acacattctg ctgcagtgac aaacagcccc tgggggaaaa aaaatcacca tcttactgta     21720
     gtatatttct tgcttatggt atatagccaa tgaaggctta ttaggggagt cagtgtggta     21780
     cttcctcctt gtaactactc agactcaagt atggttacca aaatacaaag cttcaacatt     21840
     ccaagccaca gggaaaggga agttggtaga attaagcatt ctttttaaat gtttccacac     21900
     agctgtcctg tgttgatgtt gtgtgacaga ctttctgggt agatgcaaca cacacaggtc     21960
     tactcaaccc agatagggag cccacaacac agctaagtgc agatatcacc aaagtccaac     22020
     ttggtgaacc tatgagtttg attggtgtca cttataggaa tacgggtaag gggttactta     22080
     taggagcaga aataactcaa caacagctgc atcaccaaat cctaccccag cattgtgaca     22140
     gctcataaaa gttggaaacc tgcaggcaac tcaacaggtt ggagggtgtc ctttccaagt     22200
     ggctcacttt gtcggagcct cttccaggac ctgggcttgt ctatctcttc cttctaggca     22260
     gtcgagctga cctcagtctt ctttgtagtt tgattccact gagggcaact ctcagcagct     22320
     cttcactgtt tactcttgga aggaagggac ctagtgaatc tggtcagttc taggaacttc     22380
     ctaaagctct tttgggttgt ttgcttcctc tcttgaggag cttccctgca ggatgaaatg     22440
     tttcaatcaa ggaggaaact gctacacgac aatcaatgct catataaaag aaactgtact     22500
     tattaagaca aggaagtagg gtccctcatg tgtccaggag aagagaagcc agactatata     22560
     caaacacaac aaagcatagt gtcggtggct ctaatcgtgt ggctcattca gtagagaact     22620
     cagaagggcc tgaaggagac tgcaggaatg aagctcccac gaaggcttct gaacagcatt     22680
     tgcactagcc aatagtgatg ctatgatctc cttctattgg ttctttcaag aacggggaga     22740
     gatgccaggc atggtgacac ctgcctgtta aagggacctg catacagtgg gggctcccca     22800
     cccctcccga atcctggagc aggtgcaaat cacacccaaa gccctatttt cacagagaga     22860
     tcctttattg agcagggaag aaaagttaag gtggctgctt tctgactcag gcagaaaaca     22920
     ggagccaagg actttgcagg tcattgttaa gaggtgaaat ttttgcaggt gtaattttta     22980
     agaggagaaa aaaaaaaaag gaggtgtgtg ttagaatggg ttatgatgca gtagtatatt     23040
     ttgattgggc atgttaagta tgtgagccaa aggcttttaa ttgctggact ttgggtagcc     23100
     agcctcaggg atgagttggg cataagaagg tgtttaaata aaggaataga cctagcttta     23160
     gggatataat ttatggttta caagggagag ggaaggagga cagggggagg gctaggcttg     23220
     ccagtatcat gttagccaag cccaagactg ctagagccct tcacctgtta tcccagcact     23280
     tgaaaagctg tggcaagatg gttcaaggtc agccaggcta catagtgaac ttgtctcaca     23340
     caacagaaaa gggtagatct tggaggagtt agggagaaga atagggagga gatatgatta     23400
     gaatatattc tatactcgta caggattctt aaagaataaa aaatatatta aaatcaaaat     23460
     attaaaaatg ggtaaagaca gagttcatat ttttccttta aagagtgttt tcctgctggg     23520
     tgtagtgtct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     23580
     cacacacacc tttaatcctt gtatttggga agtagaggca ggaagatctg tgtgagtttc     23640
     aggcaagcct ggcctacata gcaaatttca ggtcagtcag agctacagat cctgtctcaa     23700
     agacaaatgt tttgaaagct cagtgatagc acttatctag catgtacaag gccctgggct     23760
     acaccctcgg ctcttaaaaa tgcttttcat acacacactc actatacaat aactaacttt     23820
     ccaaagtttg atcgttggaa aaagttccca gagggaacgt ctataggtgg tttgcaaaat     23880
     agttccttgc gttggcctcc caagatggtc agcaacgctc actctcctct ttgtcaggtc     23940
     agccctatac tccctccaga ggtaggcctg tccttactgc caccttccct ccttctgcaa     24000
     gagagaagac ccctttctct tttgtttttg gccaaagttg tccctgacct ctgaatccct     24060
     agcagcccgg gagagcaggg aatgactctt ttccaaaggg gtggttaaag tgagagagag     24120
     agaaaagtag ggcagccagc tgttgctggg aggggctgtt ggcagcattc agggccccag     24180
     cctccatata ggcctcaccc acatgcctgg aactgccaaa gtgtctcttc tgtttcccaa     24240
     accaaactgg cagtggggaa atttttttct cctctttaaa agccagcctc tgaagctcca     24300
     cctaggaaac cgcagggtct ggaaagtcat gccttctgca gcgctccacc agaacatcac     24360
     acagtcctgc tgtgtggcca ccagagcaag cctgttgatc ttctagactt ttctccatcc     24420
     cagttctaca atacttaaaa tttgctgccc agagctggaa ggataacagt gaggccggtc     24480
     agcctaactt acatagatgg acgcatttct ctacaaatag tagggaggaa tcgcctctca     24540
     ttaatgtgtt ccaggtacaa tcaatgtttt cctcctttct gttgtagccc ctctctgaga     24600
     atgtctgcag gttctcctta gagaggcctt agtgagcttt ctgttcacac aaggcccaac     24660
     ggcttcacag cacaaaggat gtcttttagg atgacagcgg gttttttttt ttttgtttgt     24720
     ttgttttgtt tttgtttttg tctcaggaag cagggactac tgaactctgt catcctctat     24780
     ctgtccttac atctactggg ctactgggtg ctggggcagg cacaccatta tattcagctt     24840
     tcagggaaca tggtggaggg taggggtggg cacagtccat ggggcatcta gattgtatga     24900
     tgtttttttc aattctgggg atggaaccca gggcctcata tatattagtc aagcactctg     24960
     ccactgaagc acacccacag ccctgctttt gtgtcccaag cagcagcagg agctgcttcc     25020
     ccttgagata gccctccttg tctctccctg gctgggttga tttgagtttt catctaattc     25080
     tcttctccct aacacaccat acacaatcag cccctgatct ggaggagcag tctggtgttt     25140
     gcttctctgt ggtttgaggt acaggccaga gtgaggcctg gcctttggtc tcttccctcc     25200
     ccagccccag ccaacttcag ttcctgaatg aaagcgacct ctgttccttc tctttgtgct     25260
     ccaggcaaat gaaattgaaa ggcactcgca gtaacataca attttgaagg gcattccctt     25320
     gaaattttgc tgacttttaa aactgtgttc ctaagaggag aaaacgagtt gtttatagcc     25380
     agactgagtt ccaccaagtc taacccccac agcggtccga ggaggctttt tctccatcct     25440
     tgccactggt ggtggtgttc cctattggcc tgtaaatagc tcctcacacc ccacttttct     25500
     gttgtggttt tgagagattt tttttttact ttttgcccag gctagctttg aattcacgac     25560
     aaccctcctg ccccagtccc ctgagtgctg agatgacagg catgagtcac tcacggtacc     25620
     tggttcttat cacccacttt tggtcatgga actagtagat gctaccagtc ttaaaacaaa     25680
     caaacaccaa aattgctcag tgtagctcag tggtatagtg tccttaccat gtgggaggct     25740
     gtggactcag tcctcagcaa ccccttcccc accttgtctt ggttcctttt cctgttgctg     25800
     tgataaagta gtccgatgaa agcaacttaa aagagaaagg gcttatttta ctcataatta     25860
     aatgtacagg gaagtcaaga cagcaggagc ttgaagcagc tggtcacatt gcacccacat     25920
     tccagaaaca gagacaaatg ctgctgttca gttcaggatc ctaagcaggg aatggtgctg     25980
     cccacagtgg ggagtccttc ctacctcagt caagataatc atgataatcc tccccgggca     26040
     ggcgggctca gaggcccaat tcccaagaga ttctagagtt tgttgccatt aacactaatc     26100
     actactccca cctcacaaaa taactaagta acatgtgtca gaagtagtga aaatgtgttt     26160
     acaggattcc aacttaaaga tatatccttg tgcactacaa ttttgtttgt tttcaagacg     26220
     gtttctctgt gtagctcagt ctgtcctgga actcactcag cagaccagac tggttttggc     26280
     ctgcctctgt ctcccctgag tgctaggcat gtgtcactgt acctggttaa tttgaactat     26340
     taaaccaggg tcacagatct ctctgattct gattccttct tgttttcaaa gaaaaaaaaa     26400
     aaggagatgt ggaattggcc agtctctttt ctcacaccac cagaacacat gccttccttg     26460
     tgctctcaca tagttagatc caaaaaagtt agaccagaag tttggaagat cacctgggca     26520
     attacaagga tgcacatcca agctgctaat gagtgctcag ctcctgcagt gagactctgc     26580
     ttcatttaat aagttaatag ctattagtga gaatgtcctt gagtgaccct cctggtgtcc     26640
     tgcagtgata cctattatta attctcttaa taacacacaa aaaacccaaa tacccaagga     26700
     ggaataacta cagattgtca ttaatcggag gaaccccatt atgtcaactc tgtaccccat     26760
     tcctaatgtt atgtatacct gccgttgcca aaacttttct ctctttattt caaaatgtgt     26820
     gttcctctgg aaatgagatg gttaccatca tccatggtgt attgtgtgcc tagtagggag     26880
     tcagttcaga attatttgat tctctcatcc agtctttttt ttatttttta ttagatattt     26940
     tctttatata catttcaaat gctatcccaa aagttaccta tataccaccc ccccaccccg     27000
     ccctgctcac ctatccaccc actcccgctt catggccctc cagaaagatt ttgctgaagg     27060
     gaccctgcta tagctgtctc atatgaggct atgtcatcta gtcttataac aatcctgcag     27120
     gataggcagt tacacccatc ttacaaatgt ggaaactgag gtttagaggt tcaagtgact     27180
     tggcaaaggt ccatagctag tatatggcaa aactggtatt tgaatatatg tctcagctcc     27240
     agattccaag tcaatgtcct tgctctccac agtaagggga cagacagttc tcttctggag     27300
     ctcacaatgg aaggttggaa ggaatgataa aaatgattcc caaagaactg gcctctggct     27360
     tagtcattgt tttcatcact ttgacaaata ttttagagga gccaggcagt ggtggtgcag     27420
     gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggtcagcc     27480
     tggtgcacaa ttatttccag gatagccagg gctattacac agagaaaccc taactgggtg     27540
     atggaggatg ggcgatggca cgggaacaac ctgacaggag ccacttaaag aagacaagat     27600
     tgattctgac tctcagttgc agagaatttc aatccatagt actagggaag ggatggctga     27660
     gtggcttgga cggtggagtg tacattaggg atttccccta tgactgcggt atataggaaa     27720
     caaagagctg agctaaccag gaactaatac tggggttggg ttgaggtttt gtcttttcct     27780
     gcctattgta atgctaagtg tgagccccca agacttggag tgtgcatgta gcccctaggc     27840
     ccccaagtta attctgattg gtgaataaag ataccgacag ccaatagctg ggcagaagag     27900
     acattggtgg ggttgacatt ttacaggcag agagagagag agggggggga gggagggaga     27960
     gagggaggga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaat     28020
     gggctaaggg ccaagagaac atggcccaga gggctgccca attggagtta agagcagtcc     28080
     agatggcaca tagtaaatag taattaataa cttggggtta ttaatcggaa ggtagattct     28140
     aacagcacgg agagtaggca gctgcccagc tattgtgctg cttaagataa ggctgtgtgt     28200
     gtctttcatc caagaacata actggtctaa ggtggggaag aagccctgcc tgggactttt     28260
     aatatttcta ctacagggtt ggcctgtacc atctataagg cctggcctta gtgacctact     28320
     tcctccaccc aggccccacc tcctgaacaa tggttcccaa cctgtgggtt gtaatccctt     28380
     tggggttgcg tataatgtat ttacattatg attcataaca gtagcaaaat tacagttatg     28440
     aagtagcaac aaaaataatt ttatagttgg aggtcaccac atcatgagga actgtattaa     28500
     agggttgcag cattgggaaa gttgagaact actataaggt tttatagcct tcaaaatacc     28560
     tccacaagct ggggataaaa cttgaatcat tcaccatgct gaacacacag ccttgtggca     28620
     agtggatgtt tatagatcaa aaaaagcaaa aagcaattcc agcctaaacc tcatagtgtg     28680
     tacaaaaaac aactcaaaat gaatcattaa attataaata aaagacattt tggaacaatt     28740
     cttagagtcg atgtcaaaag aataaactga tagattctca tcaaaattca agtgttatgc     28800
     tgcaacaggc catgcattta acatggatgc ataagttaca gggctggtga gatagctcag     28860
     catgtaaaaa cacttattcc taaacctgac tttaatccca gggacttaca tggcagaagg     28920
     agagaactga ctccagggag ttgttctctg acctccacac acatgtcaag gcatgcatgg     28980
     gtcaacacat acacaaaaca ggcaacagac agacaggcaa taaattacag actgcaaacc     29040
     acatagccca caaagggccc tcaaaactca acagtgaaaa cgacaatagt gcagttagga     29100
     aatgggcaga agtcatagac agacctacat gcagagatgg agaacaaaca tatgcaaaga     29160
     cactcggcat caccacccag gctaaaccac agtgagataa gtcagtatgg caaaaataaa     29220
     acccaatgat gacacccgat gctggtggct cacgtatgaa agtgcagcta gccattctgg     29280
     aagaaatgtg gcaatttctt acaaaatcaa acacacaacc accatgcagt gtagcacttg     29340
     cactcttgcc ccttcatcct actgaaatga aaacttacag tcacacgtgg acctacatat     29400
     gaatagaatg atcatagcag tttgactcac aatagccaaa agagggaaaa ccagctagat     29460
     gtctgttcaa ctggctacca gtaaaggtta attgctgaac ttttttttac ttttctactt     29520
     ttaaagaatg gcttaaaatt aatttatggt taataatata tattatttat tcttcaagaa     29580
     gcttgtgcat gtatacaatg cattttaatc atattcactc ctcactttaa ttcaaactct     29640
     tcccagacct ctctcactgt gtcctgtcct gatttggttt ctattgctgt gataaacacc     29700
     atgaccaaaa gtgacttgta gggggcgggc agggtttatt tcagtttaca tagtccctca     29760
     tagtgggaag tcaggacagg aacccagggc aggaattgaa gccatggagg agagctgctt     29820
     actggtttgt ccctggtggt tttctcagct tgcattttgt acaacccaag cagacctgcc     29880
     cagaggtggt gctgcccaca acgggttgaa ctttcttatc ccaaacaata atcaagaaga     29940
     tgctgcacag attggcccac aggtcaatct gatggaggca ttttctcagt taagggtctc     30000
     tcttcccaga tgactttagc ttgtatcaag ctgaccctaa aaaacccatg agtacaatta     30060
     gtgctgctta tgaatgtcta tagggccatc caatggagca tcaggggccc acctacctga     30120
     agaaaactgt taccccctcc atcagacaat aattgccaat tattcctttg acactggtga     30180
     gcccttcccc cattcatgct ccatgtgtat acacacacag gtgcacatgc tcctgggaac     30240
     ggagctcagg accttgtaca tatccatccc cttcctcctc catcccctgc ttctttttgg     30300
     ttcctctcag ctttcatgac atctgattcc ccaggctatg cattttgctg cactgtcatg     30360
     atttgatttc tctgtatttg cacagaatcc tattgtatgt ctgtagcaca ctttctgtct     30420
     ccatccatct atcattatga ggagtgcagc agagatgcac atgattgtct ttcgagataa     30480
     gcaatcaaca tcttggggac ttcagctcaa cttctttgca aaacccttca gctgggtttg     30540
     ctgatggctt gcttacaccc cctcataggg gtcataagac cctcacccaa atatccagtg     30600
     gctccccacc acctggcacg tgcaagactc ccctaattgc aggtgatctc agggaggggc     30660
     tagagtatat ataaggatgg agttggggac actagagaag gaggactcca tccatgtggc     30720
     tctagaaaag ccctcatcct gtgcctggtt gtggggaagg aacacccaca cctctgtaaa     30780
     tagctcctca cctgtgctct gcaacgaagc ccatgaagct cgttggtttt ccagagtgaa     30840
     cttcagggga atcatgtctc tgtcattgag accgttggag gaggggtaga tgttgcctag     30900
     gtctccccaa tggaaggaat tctagctcta agcaatgatg tgaatgagca agaatctcca     30960
     gtgggtgata tacatagcac tccaggtata catacagtgg atctatagtt agttgttaat     31020
     tctatagttt agatgtttga agaacctcca gacagatttc ttaatggccg tacaagttta     31080
     cacatccacc attatttgtt gtcagtgttt cttggcgaca gccactctga ctgaagtgag     31140
     gtggaatttc aaagcagttt caatctgcat gtccctgcta gctaaggatg ttgaatactt     31200
     ccccatttat ttactggcca tttgtatttc ttctttaaaa aaaaaaagtt ttgagacaaa     31260
     ggctcactat tcagaccagg ctgctcttta gattgtaatg ttctcacccc atcctctaac     31320
     gcctacacct tttcaattct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     31380
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtatgcct gcgtgttttc tttttctaca tttccctttc aaacggctag     31440
     gtgcatattt gggcgtcttg taaaagcact tgtcctttgg aggctgcttt cctgatgccc     31500
     aaatctacca gcacacctct gggatttctg atcgggattg cagaggcaca tctcctgttt     31560
     tctggctccc ctggtacttc gatgactaag acagcagctg caggcgcagc cttctggaaa     31620
     gacaaagaca gtgtcatttg tctccaccgc ctgcagtgct gcggctccta ttttcctcat     31680
     taggaaaatt cctttcactt caaggagctg atgtgaggag tgaaggggag aactagccat     31740
     ggaacccttt ttcagagcca aagaaaaatg agtcactgct ggaggctgga tggcactcag     31800
     ctgagggtaa cataaactcc agctccagag gctgagatgc cctagaagtt catttcttcc     31860
     tcgtgatgca gtccacatct gtgggagtgt atgtgaggac ctgcaggata ttaagtcaga     31920
     cagaggaagc cagatagcac atgatctcat ccgcacaggg aacctgaaac aacttgagac     31980
     catagaggca gagagtacaa gggaggctgt ctgcagctgg ggcacgggac atgttagtac     32040
     acacatacac acacaggatg gataggcctt cctggaccgc atggtgactc tagttagcaa     32100
     taccacttgg ttgaaattcc ctgagaggtt tttgaatgtt ctcactagag aagtgatcca     32160
     tgtgggagct agagaaatgg cttagcagtt ccgatcacta gctgctcttg cagagaagct     32220
     gcgttccctt cccagctctc aaccatccat aggtccattt ccagggactc tgatgccctc     32280
     ttctggcctc ctgtgggtat taagcatgca cgtggtgcac acacatatat gaaggcaaac     32340
     ccactcatac acataaaata aaaaccgaat acttcttaaa gtaattaatc tgtgaaacaa     32400
     cggagaaaga gcttgattta ggcattttac aaatgcatgc ataggtcaaa gcatcatgat     32460
     gtacaccata acttcaaaca attttaattt gctaattagt gagtatccaa gggcagagca     32520
     tatagctcag tagtattcac aaggtcctgg atttcatccc taccacccca tatcaaacca     32580
     agacaaaaca actccattaa gtttggcagg aagtctgtag cctatgtggc actgtactac     32640
     aaagctcaaa aagaaccacc tctctcataa gttatccatc ccagaatgtt gttctcattc     32700
     tcatagctgt ctcataaccc aacagggctg ccaaagcacc agccatcaca tagtgtagtc     32760
     agaaggagga aggaaggaag ggaacaaata aaaatatttt ttctatcaag aatattttct     32820
     ggctaggcac ggtggtgtac acttttaatc ccaacactag gaaggcagag gcaggtggat     32880
     ctctgtgtgt tcaaggccag tcttggtttc aggacaacca gacatacata aaatagaggt     32940
     cctgtcacaa acaaacaaaa acaaggtata aacaacccct aaatatgtat atatatctgc     33000
     tatcagaact cataggttat taaaaaatcc cagtgtcagg tgtgggatac tttattgtgg     33060
     aacattagtc aagaaggtct taggggacct caaaatgaca cagggttttg tcgttgctct     33120
     tagttgccca tagaacgaga tgaaaatacc acacacaaca gcacgccctc gggttgctag     33180
     gtggagagat agtaatcggg aactgtgctg aaagcagcct ttcccttgct agttaacttt     33240
     cacggtgcag gaaggtgcag tgtaggctgc caagggagaa aggtcatcag caggcttgcc     33300
     cagctgtgcg ctgtgtaagc tgcagtgcca acttgacacc aagaggtacc actagtgcaa     33360
     tagtggcaca acagcttcct ggaagaagtt atgcctgcta ctggaaccct ggcccaaccc     33420
     ccatggctcc agaggccata agccctaatg ggaagtgagg caggagtcta ttactgttct     33480
     gctagttgga catgatgccc aactgccttc caaatatgtt tacacccaga acttagtgtt     33540
     gctctcagcc ttggccaggg aagcttctgt ttgctgtggg caacagttaa tgcagagact     33600
     cattactggt caaagtgctc agatgtcccc tgcccccggg gctcagggaa cacagcagaa     33660
     gatgagattg aaagaatgta agagccagag gaggaaaggg gctgctgtgg aattctgcct     33720
     tctggacatg ctccctgcac aataatggga atttcttaag aattccattg tggccgggct     33780
     gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgaaaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt     33840
     tggaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc     33900
     ctgtctcggg aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaga attccattgt     33960
     ggattgtaag actccacccc ctccttgaga gctatagact gtaaatggtt atgggaggca     34020
     gtggtgtagc cacaggtaag ttgcttttgt gcaattaaat acccgccccc catgcccatg     34080
     cccatgcaag ccaagctaat taaatgtgtg ggacacacac tgagacatga tgtaaggagg     34140
     gagacttgag aagaaattgc tttggtggga agggaaaggg gataagaagg caatggggta     34200
     aataggatca aagtatatta cagatgtgta caaacttgtg aaaaagtaaa tatgtgaatg     34260
     gtatttcttg tcagttccct acctcccttc attcatcccc catttgacca aacacaaaga     34320
     cactggaggc tgagacatgt tatatctcca gtggaagggg agggagatac ataagccgaa     34380
     gagaaacgaa agtctgtatg ttgcagccca aactcaagtt gctattgtgg taggaagggg     34440
     gcgactgcag aaagaaggaa actgatacat cttggtgggt aaaggaggaa atgagaggtt     34500
     tgatcttcag gttccagcag ggacccagca gaagatggca ctacctggcc aagtcaacaa     34560
     aaatatgagc atgtaagagc tgccaagatg gctccattgg caaaagcact taccagggaa     34620
     gcaccaggac cggtattcga tcccagcacc tgtgtaaaag ttggacacaa cagcattggg     34680
     gaggcagaga caggatgacg ttacttgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcag acaggttagc     34740
     aagatggctc attgggtaaa agttcttgca gcatgcaaac atggctgagt ttgcctccca     34800
     gaattcatgg aggaagggga agagctctga ctcccagaag ttgttgtcct ctgatttcat     34860
     aagcacacag tcccaggcat agccgcccca ctcccgtccc tcaaacaaat aaataaaatg     34920
     gaaatgaaaa aataaagtgg agaacgattg aggtagatac ccagtattga cctctggcct     34980
     atatatgcat gcacatatgc aaacacatga gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     35040
     acacacacac acacacacac aagcacaagt ttgtttctac ttaatgtaaa ccttctctgg     35100
     ggtcatatct ggcttagaag gaactttgcc ttgacaccct gccttggcac gagtaagtac     35160
     aaaggcaaga ggcctgtctt tgtccagcct tcagggcccc cacttcccgc tctaatacaa     35220
     tgcttcttcc tgtttgttag gcatgctctg cctaccccct cctcccccca gctgcagtag     35280
     ttccttctaa atgttcccca ggtcctagcc aggaagggat acttccccta ttcccatggc     35340
     tacttcttgt accctatgag ggacatgaag caggggagag aaatagaacc cccacccact     35400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtccatgcac cagagtgtca ttccttagat     35460
     gccatccact actcttttgt ttgaaaaggg gtctctctct ctctctctgc tgaaactgcc     35520
     ccacccccat tccaaacagc ctagtctggc tggtcagagc acagcagtgc tttgcctgtc     35580
     tctgccccca ccccaaccaa tgccgggatg acaaacgcat gccaccatag tttggtttgg     35640
     tttggttttg ctttgcagtg gattgtggtg atcgccctca ggccatctct cttagaagca     35700
     tctgtatcaa ttccaacatc tcagtttctg tgtcttacaa agtgaatgtg gtgatgatac     35760
     ccacccttca ggactgtttg gaagatatga cggtacctgg ctcaaagtgc ttttctcttt     35820
     gtaaataatg agtcccctgg gtagatgtgc tggtgttatg tgatactatc cctagagaga     35880
     tatgaacaaa tgcctactca cccagtttta ttgggattac taagaggaat atgggtgagt     35940
     ggttacttac aggagcagat atgactcagg cagctgcagc atcgaagtct accctagcac     36000
     aggtgacatc tcacaaaaac tcaaattctg tatcacagca cacaacctga aggaagctca     36060
     ataggtcaga gtaaggagtg ccctacagct cacagtgttt tctcctcccc tcccctctga     36120
     ttcccctccc ctccctttct ctgccttccc ttctcctccc attccttcct ttccctcccc     36180
     tccccttctt tctttatttt taagacggag ttctactctg tgtacttcag gctgccttgt     36240
     acttgtcatc ctcctgcctc agtttcctga atgctaggat tagatattat gtgacactac     36300
     atgtatctaa tctaagggtt ttttcccttt atttttaagt ttcagtttta ttatactcat     36360
     tcgtgtgtat atgtgggcat gaacatggca tggtaccatg tggaggtcag aggacaactt     36420
     ttgagaacat tttctttgct ttcaccatat gggtcctggg tatcgagctt gggtcatcag     36480
     gcttggtggc aagtgccttt acgagccata ttctcaactg tgcttagctt taaagaaaga     36540
     atagctgtac atatttatgg atgagatttc agtacatgca catactgtgc aatgatcaga     36600
     tcaatgtaac taatatatct ataacttaga tatctttgtt gttattctgg gaacactcaa     36660
     aatattctct aataatcaat tgtcctgaac tacagtcact gtatcacaga atattagatg     36720
     ttattcttcc tccccaacag taaccctgga cctggtagtt tctatatatt ctttctatac     36780
     ttattttttt tttattctag aacacagatg ttctactcct agattgctaa taatgtttgt     36840
     caggaatggg tttcaaacat aaccaaataa tgccattggc ttcttattga gatacggatt     36900
     ttctgttaag gcagtgtatt taaaaaagcc tttattgtgt tagaagatcc tcataatctc     36960
     aataacagaa ccagaaaaag gaacaaggta cttttgttaa aatggggagc aagacagtgg     37020
     taaagaataa agacagagac atgattaatg tctttggatg aacacttaca tagtaggaaa     37080
     atgagtatgt ttggactcat gcctatcaaa accatgagac aggccaggag cagtggtgca     37140
     tgcctgtgag aggccaaggt gagaagagct ctggtgtgag gctagcctgg gctgcataat     37200
     gagttccaag gcactctgag ctacacagta agaccctttc tcaaaaaaga gaaagaacaa     37260
     ggagctggag agatagctca aaaaatttgc tggtatttca gagacctgag tttatttcca     37320
     agtacctggg caacttacaa cagtctggaa ctccagttct agagcatcca acaccctctt     37380
     ctggtctcta taggcatcac cacacatgta gacatacaca cacacataca cacacacaca     37440
     cacacatcca cccccccccc ccacacacac acatataaaa agaaagaaaa ttattttggg     37500
     ggggtgggtt tcaagacaga atttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgggctgtc ctggaatttg     37560
     ctctgtagat caagctggtc ttgaactcac agagatatgc ctgccactgc cttctgagtg     37620
     ctgggattaa gggctgcatc aacattccct acttaaatac atctttgttt ttgatttttg     37680
     agacagggtt tctgtatgta gccctggcta acctggaact cattttgtag atcaggctgg     37740
     ccctaaactc acagagatct gcctgtcttt gctttctgag tgctgggatt aaatgtgtga     37800
     accatcattg ccagttaaaa acaaaacaaa acaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaagcttc     37860
     cttggtgagg tgagtgctat acttctctgt atttagcatg cagttgggat tacattgttt     37920
     tggaaagtgg caataatatg ttctctagag tccatgactt catcgaccat acacaggtca     37980
     ggtttctact accaggcatg aattttatcc cactgaatgg accttaagtc caatgaaatg     38040
     gctgttggtt accctcaaga tgtaagtgcc cctctgccac tctaggggtt atctagctat     38100
     gctggttagg tctatggttc ataggcttta cagctgggtc ggacttttaa ttgcttttct     38160
     cccttggcac cttacacaag ctcctttcaa gcctgtgaga gacagtcctt agggaggagg     38220
     cttctatgat acttccagat caatttctct gtcctcaagt cctgtgtcca aagtttgtgc     38280
     tgcctttaga aatagggttt tacttcaaga aacttctttt tgtagcagat agagatcatc     38340
     actaaaaatc tataactggt caaaacacag agaacgactg accacaggat atcccacatc     38400
     aattgctaca tctacaacac aactcctaca tctatcactc aaggaacatc attgaaggga     38460
     gggtggaaag attgtaagag ccagaggatc agcatgtctg ctactagaca gtgtcttcta     38520
     catatgacag gaaagccaca tcatcagaac ttaagaatat ggttgcccaa acaagaccag     38580
     tacaacctga ctcccacttt ccaaaccagt gtaatcccat tgcatgctaa acacttatac     38640
     ccacagagaa gtatgccggt cacccccacc aaggaagctt ttgcttcttt ctctttgaat     38700
     aaaagatttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt     38760
     ggcctggcag tggtggtgca tgcctttaat ctcagcactc aggaggcaga ggcagaggca     38820
     ggtggatctt tgtgagttct aggccagcct ggtctttaca aatcaagtcc caggacagcc     38880
     agggatatac agagacaccc tgccccaaaa acctgacacc agttgacatc tcaagatatc     38940
     tatccggata gaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tctcacaata tccggcccct agatggagag     39000
     ctacaggcaa tcaatgaatt ctaagagaag acaatcaatc ttctctagga aggagtcccc     39060
     tgttaggtta ttcaatccca agtaatcaga ccgaaatact aaaaggattt ggttgtattt     39120
     atataaggag aggtaatgga tttgagatag agtaggagcg tcatggaagg agttggaggg     39180
     aggagggggg ggatgatgta agtgcaatgt cttcatgcat gaaattatta aaaccaatgt     39240
     ttaaaaaagg aagaacaaaa ccaaccaatc aaaatcatgc ccaatggcaa ccacactgta     39300
     atacacagaa aaagtactga ataaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ggtacaaagt aatgctatca     39360
     ttccaattcc tcttcatttt ttgacttttg cagagaaaaa gagtctggga cttctttggt     39420
     tttccagagg ttctctcaga gtttgggaat aagagtcttg tgatgttctg atcatcactg     39480
     cctccaccct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     39540
     gtctgtgtgt gtgagacaga gagagacaga gagagagaga cagagacaga gagagagaca     39600
     gagagagaca gagacagaga tgacagagac acagagagac acagagagga gggggacaag     39660
     ttgcaggaat cagttctctc cttccactgt tgtttcagag gctagaactc aggttgcagt     39720
     tttgggtctt ggggaagcag caaagctgct gagcaatctc tcccatcctc atacttttaa     39780
     ctgtatccca gaacaattct tgggagagta tttgcatctc tgcttagaaa ggtatctgtc     39840
     tcatcttttc cctctctcta aagactcaaa gactccaatg ggagtggccc gtggatctgg     39900
     ccttgctcac atacctccac ctgtccgaga ggaggggtag agtgcagtct cattttttgt     39960
     gatttagttg ggggtgggga gtagagctgc atctgcctga gttgaagcat ttccttgagt     40020
     aggaagctgt gagctgggga aacactgtca ttcttgctaa gggtgggaca tcccctgaaa     40080
     agtggtccct tgcttctggt gcttttggca gaggttatgg aattcaaagg agttgggtcc     40140
     tggctggagg aagtggcctg ctctgggggt gaggcttggg ggttatatac tgcccccccc     40200
     ctgctttctg attgccaaag ttgtatggct agctgtctta aactcttgcc acacctttct     40260
     tcccttacac tgcctcttgc cgtgtatatg gtcaaagcaa tgagaaaaag aactaatatg     40320
     gtactaaaca cttcaagagc aaacatcatc tcttctgctt tcaccccaaa cctttttctc     40380
     ctgtcttccc ctttacaaac aaatacccac ccctctttgc aatgaagaca agtaattgag     40440
     aagatctgaa ggtggaagtg ccatcaaggg tgactaaact gttgggataa gaagctacaa     40500
     cctatattca caatggatgc ctagcaacat agggctatag aaatttgcta caagtgtgca     40560
     tgcaactttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttc cccgagacaa ggtttctctg     40620
     tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcagtct gtacaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat     40680
     ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccac tgcccggcta     40740
     acttttttgt tttctaagta ttcatttacc tatcttcttt tgtgtatgca cgagtatatg     40800
     tgtgtatatg ttcatatgtg tacacacttg tggcactaca tgtacttgtg catcgaggcc     40860
     agaagtcaat gtcctcactt tacttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt     40920
     tatttattaa gacaaagtct tctactgaac ctggagcttg ccaagtagct gagctggtga     40980
     gcaagtgagt gctcactccc agaatttatc cgtttctgcc tcctccttat gtgaatttcc     41040
     agtagaatgt catcatgcct ggcctcgtat gtgaggtgct gtggatctga attcaggtca     41100
     ccttgctcat gtgccaagtg ctttacccgc tgagctcaaa aaagttccca gggccccttg     41160
     caacttttgg gtaaaatttt gagtatttta tgtatttatt tctctaattt tggcattata     41220
     gtacaattgc atcatgcctc ccttcccttc ctccctccaa actctcccat ataccctttc     41280
     ctcctgtctt tcaaatccat ggcctctttt tgtattagtt gtttatatat attattatat     41340
     tgttatacat attatatata caaagttgac tacttggtat tagataagtg attggtgtgc     41400
     ccttccctgg agaagactat tttttcactc tgaacattct tcagttgcct gtagttcttt     41460
     gtgtgggatt gaagcgtcat ggacttttct tcatccaatt tggcatggtt attggtatta     41520
     tccttgttca gctcataatt gggcagtcat gttggtgaga ctttatgtgt gtagcttctg     41580
     aaattattaa gagacagaat ctcaccagaa actctctgat cctctggttc ttacaatctt     41640
     tctgtctctt cttccacaac gttccctgag ccttaggtgc acaagttgtt ttgaagatat     41700
     atcagttggg actgggctcc agtcattttg cttggttgtg gtttttaggg aatgctctct     41760
     gtcctttgta aagagaagtt tcaaatttat taggtgtcta atatgcacaa agccctgggt     41820
     tctatcctca gcattatagg gaaaaagttt taggggagct taaagaaccg agggtagacc     41880
     agatgttcca tagtgaagga aaacaaacca aacagctcca agtgttttgt tggatccctc     41940
     cagtgaagcc ccaaggccac tgcagtcagg tggagtcaga gcctgtcacc tctgtctgac     42000
     agctgcaagc ctctactgcc accttgagca taaagctcac gggcttcttt attctgagtt     42060
     caggtgcccc acaggggcag aagctatggg tcacagaccc tgtctgttgt ttactgccag     42120
     ggaagtaaag aacagatctc atggcttcca ctttggaaag atttgtttac agggttggaa     42180
     ggtgttgaaa agattccagg tctgttctag ggcttctctt tccagctggg ttcccaaccc     42240
     caccccctgc tgctgaggac tgaaacgggg gccttaagtc tggttttggt tcttttttgt     42300
     ttttgacaaa tccatttgaa ttctcttttt ccttttggca caggatctag tgtagcccaa     42360
     cctggccctg agttctctat gccttggact attgattttc ctttctcagc ctggggtgcg     42420
     tggtggtgcc tggcttctat tttaattctt aagatcctaa attcaaagtt gagttaatta     42480
     accctttcct ctatgatctg tgcttttgta ttgtttgacc tcagcttgga agttataacc     42540
     tcttaatttt gctttcatga ttacgtaatg agtctgtttt ttaaaaaaga gtctacgaat     42600
     aagagtctgt ttttaaaaaa aatatctttt tttcctcagc tccatctctc tacaggaaat     42660
     accatgctgg gaatgaaaat agtccaccct aagatccagg gtgccaggaa aatgagtatc     42720
     tccctgtctg ggaacctgcg cccacagcta aatctaaata ttcatatttt ctgttttttt     42780
     tcttcatctt ttctataaat tgtaacattg ctatacgggc aaagcagagg cagatggagg     42840
     aattctgtct ccccagtttt ggctaaatta attttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     42900
     cagagagaga gacagacaca gctccgttaa atcaggctag tgtttgaatt ctgaaccagg     42960
     cattatgtct tagaattctg ggaaatactt gctcttaact agcatctttg acatacaaaa     43020
     attattaaat tcctgacctt gacaatgtaa agcataagcc gagttaatgc tatctccttc     43080
     cccacttctg tgttagcatt ataaagtatt taattgtata tagagtgaaa agtcaaacaa     43140
     gatacaattg atattagtat gtaaatgtat tcatttactt ttctactttc tcttcacagt     43200
     tctagttagt tttaaaatat ttcgaggaca actttcagga gtcagctctt tccttttact     43260
     atgggagttc tagggattga actcatgtcg ctaggcttga gggcaagccc tttacttgct     43320
     gagccatcgt gctagtacct cagaccaacc aaattatctg aagaaactat ttgaagccta     43380
     gggtgatgtg acttctcttc accgaggaat gaaattctct tctgtgaaag caccttaagc     43440
     atgggctcat ctgaaccaaa tgtcagggct ggagcagatg tgaagagaac acggacctac     43500
     ttcagcttca tttgtatcca acaacaacct ttttgtggaa gaggcaagtg cccctggagg     43560
     agaactcttc caagtttcct ccctgccctt ggcatcatcc tggccccagt tcaatcaatc     43620
     cttccctcca ttgttcattt ctctttgtgt ttgtgcatgc atgagtgcat ttattcatgt     43680
     gtgatgtgca cctgcatgtg tgagttccta tgtaggtatg tgttcttgag catgtggagg     43740
     acggagcttg acgtgtcctc tctgattgct tttctcatgt tttaaaaaga tggtccgtta     43800
     gtgaatctgg agctcatcaa ttgtgctaga ctggctggcc agtgtgctct ggggatcctt     43860
     ctgtccccac catcaccaca gttctgggat tacaggcctg tgtcgtgctg ctgtctctgg     43920
     ctcatttact tgggtgctag ggacctgggc tgaggtcctc aggcttatgt agactatgaa     43980
     acagctcttc tttagctgct aaggatattt gtcttatgct ttgactagat ccttttcaga     44040
     ttaggactca gcgttagatt ttgtcaaatg attattgagg gtagctgcaa aagtgatcac     44100
     agctgttgag tttgactttt tctaactgag atacatgcta tataaaagga agcatacaga     44160
     ccctaggtat taggttcaga tgtgtcgcca tcatcacgtc tgttagcacc accctaaaag     44220
     agagtgaaca tttgtattat tcaagctcat tctagggcaa attctgtgaa aactgttaat     44280
     ttgtggtgag cctgccttgt gtggtctctg cttccccacc tccagcctca gtttattccc     44340
     ccacaatcac aagccacttg tgaggtctca gcaggctgtt tttctccatt ttctttcaat     44400
     agctcatcag aattgagttg gcccctctgg gggtgtatgg ctttgaggag gggccacaag     44460
     cttcagtcat ggtgccctct tcactagtct tcccagctta tatagccagt ctagcctctc     44520
     cctgctgcca catgcaatta agatgcttgc ataaataggt ggtagagtgg ctgatactta     44580
     ggtgaggggt tgtgacatcc tccactccct catgagtggg tgcaaatagt caacaagccc     44640
     agctaatgca attcttttcc aagagggaac agctgaactc ctcaagatgg tggctgcttg     44700
     gcttggagga gagtcactca caacagtgta gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtac     44760
     acgagtggag gccaaaggtc acgctcaagc tcctcagtag ctgtttactt tctcttttga     44820
     gatagggtct ctcactgagc cctgaggtat tccaattcag ctaggttggg aggctagccg     44880
     agccccagaa ttcatgtttc tgcctctcca gcagtgggat tacaaggctt tgtcaccatg     44940
     cctggctttt tctatgggtg ctgggaatca gagccaggtt ctcatgcttg ctgctacgag     45000
     ctttactgac cagttgttgc cccaccccca tcatgtctag actcttacag tgataagttt     45060
     gtgtaaagtg ttggcttata atcaccagta ttcctgtttc cttattgcga accttcaaat     45120
     gagcaggtaa aatgtactgg gacttggccc ctttctgggg tgtatgcaac acaggcaaga     45180
     gtgagtctct acaactactt tcttgaacaa agcaaaaggc cagagcaggg agtgtgtcaa     45240
     cgaggtgagc aggggcaccc caaacaccac gtcccatacc ctagcttgac gccaaaccaa     45300
     actacaaaac agcacctgca tcaagccaac taagaagcca gagcgcttcc tcctacagct     45360
     ttttgtgcaa acgtcatata accacatttg ctgagctgtg gcgcctacat cactaaaatc     45420
     aatttagact tctatttcca gctgatgcca ccacttgtgt ttctcttcct ttttataaag     45480
     ttcagaagtt acttgaaatg tgcattcaaa tgcaagttga agtctctgat agccatggct     45540
     gagaggaagg tttccaggat ggacatcagg agcctgggac acgttcttcc tagaaagggt     45600
     agaagccatc cctttggtac aaacctgtgt gggggaggct tgcagaactt agccacgaag     45660
     agggcttaaa atctggccgg acctcccttc tacaccatga aagggtgttt gttctcaagc     45720
     tgtttggcct ggaatctgag gagacacgtg ccttttcatg ttttatacat tttattcata     45780
     catttctcca actttgaaat gacaaaagcc caagtctatg gtttcccatt acacagcatc     45840
     ctacaggtat gtatattcta caaagaatac tatgcagttt ctcttctccc cctgtcacac     45900
     gagataactg attagggttt cgacttgtac tgtgctggct tgccaccacc cttgtggttg     45960
     ttcaggtgac agggcaaagg ggttgggatg ggagggcatg tgctaaggca tgtaaataga     46020
     tacacacaga gagaaagaaa agcaggacat ttacaaagaa tccgaacctt tccaacccct     46080
     tcagctcctc ttgcaagcta aggctttgct gtaccctgcg aatacttaca atcggatacg     46140
     gtgaaatata caacaaccat taacatctct ctctttttat cactgagaca atacttcaaa     46200
     accttttata aaaaggcaat aatacataca gaaagaaaga acacattggc aaagctttat     46260
     gcaaaaccac cccagaactg agtctgaatg gcaatgcacc tacactgcac tggaacacga     46320
     tgctgtggtc tcagcaccac ctgcctgcag aggacatccc aggcgacatc aaagactgga     46380
     aatcaacccc taccccccaa ttcttggtct ctgccaaatg aaaaataaag gcaatgccac     46440
     tctctgtgga ggaatgccta cttctactcc caagcacaaa tccctctgtt gagattctct     46500
     cctgggtcca aaagactcat catccccgga ccttactcag tcacatgcta taaagaatgg     46560
     attgaactct aagcagtagc caagtgccaa ggttttgcac atacacagag ctggagttgt     46620
     gcttggggcc agcaatgtgg tctcccatgt ggctgcaaac atctccttcc attttctttt     46680
     gcttggtcca tttgcacagg ttcattcaag ggagttaatg gagggtcggg tgacaaacag     46740
     tgggaagtca ggaatggtct ctcccatccc tctaacagct aagacttgcg gatgcccgtc     46800
     ccagagacgg tgctgctctt tgcctatagc tgctactgct gctgtggcct gaaggcacca     46860
     acaggaagtg cagataggaa ggttggacgc gcttcctctt ttcccctact tccggatgga     46920
     tgtgggagct gaacttcact ctgtaagctg ggcaacccga gacttcccac aagtttaagg     46980
     caaatggacg tgtgcagtgc ccaggcatag ctgattacaa atgaggcctc ccaagtacgg     47040
     tttccttagc cagtggtacc acacagagag ggagacccta tttctaaaag ggccagaaaa     47100
     gggcaagtgc ccccaaataa aaacagcgat gagaagaaca tgcagccctt ctgaaagcca     47160
     taggaagaaa cgaggcatca agaaagatgt gttcaggggc ttcagtgtgc ctcagcatca     47220
     gcatccttgc gaagagaaca gatggagcag gctgtgttca gttctgacaa acagccacca     47280
     ctatctaccc accagaatgc tgacctgaaa caagaagtga tgaggcatgc caggggcttg     47340
     atttttggaa tgcttagcag tgtgccctct attctttcca aggagacatt tgtattaaga     47400
     attcactaat caagccattt tctccatagc gtttgtgaca agctaagctt atttttcccc     47460
     cgtgtaagaa actgacctga gatgctaaag gaacatccca tcagtgggag acaagagaat     47520
     gctttgggct gcctcaccct taaggagcag tttccattct gagtagctcc ccatttcctg     47580
     gagggtggtt cagttgattt aactttttgc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     47640
     aaaaaaaaac aaaccaaaac cctggtaacc ttaatgaaga gacccctgat tggaaaacag     47700
     aactcacaga taaaaagctt aaaaagataa cagtagcttc aaaggaatgc ttggcctgcc     47760
     tgccccaggc cttagatata gggaagggac cgcttcctgc cactcttcct ttgctgggga     47820
     actctgcagc tttatctatt ctgccaccaa tagcctgaga ctctgccttc tgaatgcaaa     47880
     tagcaagaag taggtcaact ctttcttttg cctttctgag ctgatatttt aagccatctc     47940
     ctctgatggg gtgctgctaa agcagttcca atgttatctc gacattggga aacttccaga     48000
     tgaattaagc tgagggacac attccttttc agtgttcaga taggaatacg atgcatgtga     48060
     gaagtaatta ctgctttatg attagaaaat cagctcactt catcttttaa gcaacgaact     48120
     taggagatcc aaacactcct tctcctgttg tggggagtag ggctggggcg gcagaaagga     48180
     cctgcactct ggctttccaa catttcagct gactactgat ttagcaatct ctggtaattt     48240
     gctctagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttctg gccgatgaaa     48300
     tggaagcagt caagaagctt tgagcaattt cctctgattg ctcggggtac ggctgtactg     48360
     atagtactct gacttcagag attgttttcc tgtaggtcat aagcacactg ctttagagct     48420
     gtgtattagt ggagaagagc aggtgagctg ctggggcagc cgctgggttc taggtgcagg     48480
     ctttcgccac ctgtataagg gcaggaagga tgccaccagt gctcttctct cagactccag     48540
     aaggccagtg aggacagaag ttccccatgt ccccgagtcc tggagtacct ttttcagtct     48600
     gtgctcacct gaacttcagc tggcttcact ttcctatgct cattctgtct ggggggacgt     48660
     ggtagatggt cacacacagg ccttgccagc atttctggag atgtgctctc aagagcaagt     48720
     ggagcataag ggattctacc agagggagga atggttcttt tttttcccac accttagttg     48780
     tgctttactg gaagaggtag agcaggtact gagccactga aaagggtgcc ttatgctcag     48840
     tactactgca gtaatgatgt ctggcctggg cactgattag gatcgaggtc agcactacac     48900
     agccctaagc aactcctgaa gttttctccc tccacctagc aagagctcac tgttgagtct     48960
     gtctctggtg tgctgttagg ccacccttac ttgtgggacc gaacacaagt tattctcaca     49020
     gtatcttgtt ggtaagttgt gaccatctgg gcactgacaa agaatggtct acaaacagaa     49080
     accaaatggt atcatgtaat aatagttggg aagggtgaga tgctgaaaac aggagaggag     49140
     tatgaacaca aaaatgcctt ctctgttcag tgcctaagag gagctgttca ggccagaact     49200
     cattctgcca aggcacaaag tgatggaggc cagctaaccc tgaagaaatg aaaacgatgg     49260
     tgtgtttcca aggaccagag tcatgtcagt gccctgttct ctcatccatg aaggggcaac     49320
     actctagtga cctctggcag tctgagaacc ccagcctggg cctcctctag tgattctgac     49380
     agcatggcgg gggatgacat ggtgaatgct tttaaagcaa caaggacagg tgactcccct     49440
     gtgccaaggg atagagcaag aggaaggaga gaccacaggt ggccttgtga gtcacatgtg     49500
     gtccaagctg tgccctggca ggctgctttg ttgccctacc aaccgatact tattcctggg     49560
     ccttcgatgg gtcagtgagc atctaacaaa ttttagaact taaaagatta ccagcttgga     49620
     cctgaacaaa tctataatga aatgaaggac ccaaaggcat ttaattattg aacacataca     49680
     atgaagtata tttaaaaaaa atggtcagac tgtcctgtta gttatcattt taaaggaatt     49740
     tacagggctg ttatagatta ttcttttgga ataattcagt ttgtagcaaa tgcctaaact     49800
     ggtttcttca ttgcacagta tattctcttt aaatgggtgc ttaaaacaat tacatacaga     49860
     ttaaaaatcc gcatttcttt gcttaattaa aacgttaata ctcttagaca acacagatct     49920
     gaaatggcga aaccagcaat accccctccc accttacaac aaattaaatt gagacaaaat     49980
     tacaaacaca tttcactaca tgattattat taataaaaat caggtttttt ttttctgttt     50040
     tataaagttg cccgaaatgc aagggatgtg cataggttta caacttagtc ataatagcaa     50100
     tttattctta ctcccctggg tgtgccccgt gaacggaatg tacttggctg taattacaga     50160
     ttgttttgtc caacacagac acaccgacag cataaacgct cgcgactgtc cacatgcatt     50220
     aagagtcaag acccaacttc aaatctctaa aaggtttaca gggtgcttca aagagacagt     50280
     atcacagtat ccgcatgtta cataaaggac ttaaaaaaag agagaaaaca ggcctttaaa     50340
     aatttatgac tgttttgtaa tcactagact aatcatttca aataaataaa ggaaagaaag     50400
     gtattccaat ccataaaatc agactctaaa aagaatgtag tgttccaccc ccagtcaagg     50460
     taacagaatc attgtttatt attattaaaa tagattatag aaagcagcat ctattttgtg     50520
     cagtttttag gggccttgga aataaaaagc tatgatttcc aaaaatataa cattccaaag     50580
     gattgaataa tacatacatt taaagataca ttttattaaa gtttaggaga actgattaaa     50640
     aaagatactg tctctttaaa ttagtgtgta attgattttc tcctcctatc tattcggaca     50700
     tgacaataat tataaatgta ggtcacacta caactaggta gtctctaggg accacgacct     50760
     gctgacacaa ggccgataac aaagaggctt tttccacgta ggaggtggct cccagtttta     50820
     tactcagata gccaaggaga agcctaatag acccaggaga ctgggaccca ctgtggggct     50880
     gtgcacacaa gctcgacagc ttcttccaga tgtctgattg tctcatcaat ttcgttgttg     50940
     ataattgtga gatcgaagta gtgtgcatat gttctctgca agacatcgga ctccttctgc     51000
     aggcgctgaa gagattcatc ctgcataggg tggtatggga gacggggagg gatgggagaa     51060
     gggaaaagca aatgcaaggt ggaagtcagt ccgtgccttt ctctttctac atttcatccc     51120
     agcgttagaa cgggtcaaaa ctaaacaata gtggggtatg aggctaagat ggctgtgtga     51180
     cagagatgat ggtcactgtc ctgtgatggc agggtcacag agctcccact ggcaactgtg     51240
     actggttgac atgcaacagg gatctctgtg aaaagtaact aaagccaaca ttttagcaaa     51300
     cacaaagccc ccacccaggc ctacctgggc ctattctcag agtccccttt gggagactac     51360
     acaaggcttg agtttctagt ggctatagtt cttttatcct tcctttgagc cagtgagaac     51420
     cagagctaca gcctttttgg tgaaatgcta gtgtggttga ggtaaactct cgaatctcct     51480
     tcccttggac cttaaagctc atttgagtct cgcatgtttg tgctaataat atttccctcc     51540
     atctacttaa aaggtttagt gtgttctggg aatgcaatgg cacataagag ccctcatttg     51600
     acagcagtcc atgtaagagg caaaactttc aggatgctat aaataatggt ggaataaggc     51660
     catttcccac atacatagta actggcagct gaagaatgcc cccaagttgg tctgtactgg     51720
     aaatggccag aaaaatgtca gggtttgtga atgtactcat gcctcttaag aaaactgccc     51780
     ccaaaccttg aactctaagt aggcttactg caggctgtca cccctgtatt cagctggcct     51840
     cagactatca aaactccccc aggctgaatc aacaccagga gggaaccttg ggtctcaagc     51900
     ttgtcccatt gctttttttt ttttttgagc cagagtctca ctatgtagcc caggctagcc     51960
     tggaatttag aatcctcttg ttttagcttc ccaagtatta gataggtatg tagcataata     52020
     cccaccttga atactttttt agtgttctaa agagtcacca gaaagaaggt ctgttgctct     52080
     gtttttacag gttaaatttc ttttttttct tttttctttt ttggttttct tgagacaggg     52140
     tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     52200
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc accaccactg     52260
     cctggccagg ttaaatttct tatgatgatt tcacaaaggc caaattcaaa tttgaatttt     52320
     gtgagtgaaa tgaactagaa gtttcctgcc ctacttccca aacacttggg aagagacagg     52380
     ggcagtcttt gggtaaccta gatcttagat catatttata tatttacaca tccataaatt     52440
     tatgtttatt agattattat ccctctcttc aacctgggca taaaaccttg tgtgttttgc     52500
     tattgctttg tcccagatta ttgctaagct gagtggcaca cacatagtgt atgttcaata     52560
     aatgctatta aaagaaaaag tgtttgtttg atattggtcc cattaggatt tttagaaaaa     52620
     aaaaaaaaac tgtcaagact ctgggtgatt gagaagtggg actcagagta acagagtctg     52680
     atctctggag aatgccaaaa ctctgatgat accttcaggg accaaggagt tctgtgtgtc     52740
     tagccctggc taaggacccc tcttcttgtt ctttgagggt acagctctct ggcaagggca     52800
     tactattcca gccctttgca gggacagacc caagagcatc cagaaactct tatctgggca     52860
     ttctgaccaa gcaaagtcta ctggtttagt caccctctac aggaatttca aagcaggaca     52920
     cagcatgctt tgaatatcag tgttaactat cccatggttg caagacctcc gtcactagtc     52980
     accctttgag gctaaataca cacattatgc ttgtacctga aaaagcataa tattttcact     53040
     gtggctcagt ttcacaggaa acaaaactcc ctttcagcaa aggtgttcat cagagccagg     53100
     agcacttccc accagtgcct agaggcacgt ttctaagaag tcagtctctg tgccaggggg     53160
     ttctttgtgc tatgtggtct tgggcccagg acgctgctag caggttctgg tttgttcaga     53220
     agactgggtt gatgcaaaca ttcaagaaaa tttatggcta gacagagttc tttttgcaga     53280
     agaacaaagc gcccttgtgt ctgtatcctc taaggtgagg ctctgtcggc ttcttttgca     53340
     gcagcttgtt cccttgcctg taacaggctt agctcagtga aaacaaaatg cctttattct     53400
     aacagcaaaa gcaaggattt atgggaacca aatgtctaca ttctacatct attaaaagac     53460
     acagactgta tttcatcacc tcctagctgg tacttacagg caattttctg caccattttg     53520
     gcagctatgg aaaattagta aaaaggtagg ataacaggca aaacagaaac aaaaacaaag     53580
     caaagatgat aattcaagaa aaatacatag caaccaagga aaaatattaa ccacaatgag     53640
     gagtttcaaa cacacatggg agagtagaat tttataaaag aatatgtctt ttgccaatga     53700
     aatgacaaaa aaaaaaccaa acaaaaacaa accaaacaaa caacagagat tgaaaatatg     53760
     agcactaaag gtcaacctaa atattaaggg cacacccaac tttcaagcct caatataact     53820
     gtactatata aacgggtcac tgatcactgg acacagtcga ggatctgctg gtttctagaa     53880
     tctgcaaaat catgctcttc agggtaagtt tactcaggag tggcttccta gctcaggaag     53940
     cagatgccag catatgctgc cacccttacc ttcccaggga ataacctgtg taggcttggt     54000
     aagacctggg gccagctctg gcaagtactg acttgagttg gcttgaaagc acccaggatt     54060
     tattcttttt gtggtgctgg gaaatagaac atagggacgt gtacatacta ggcaagtgag     54120
     aaatgaggct ccctgcccag gccagctcat ctctaggttt cgtagtctcc agaggtcttc     54180
     acaagacagg gaacctggga agccccatca aggtcataga ttccttatag cccctcttag     54240
     ctccaggagc tgcccctgtc ttaatacaat cctgttaggg aggcagtaga ctagctgcca     54300
     tggaaagagt ctgcttggaa tacctcggtc cttgggaact gagcggcttt ctccctggac     54360
     ttcccaagta gatgtattaa ggaaggctac aggctgtccc actgactggt ctagtccaca     54420
     tcataggtct ggggcagacc tcctgctgtg ttagggatgg ggctggaatt tgtctactgt     54480
     tctgatcgca gaagaaacac cctgcctatg tggtctaatt ctcaatactg aatgagctcc     54540
     ttgtactctg ggaatcagag tgcccagcaa aaggacaaag cagagctttg ctcaggtgtc     54600
     ctccgtgcag gacatctaca ttccttaccc cagactgtgc ttatccggac aagggcaagt     54660
     tcactcttac ctcatttaaa cctggagtga tagttggcgc cgcaatgaag acaacaaaag     54720
     gagcaaactc tgcagtcctc aggaccttca gtgcctgtgc agaaaaggaa gacacttaga     54780
     agaagaaatc accaagataa catgcagagg agcctataat acgtgaccca actgaaaacg     54840
     tcaaggccgt ggcttacgtt tttagcaaga taaaagtaaa tgtaccaact ttatacattt     54900
     tatacattgc tttcctccta aagggtggcc agcagctccg aagttaagag ctgataaatt     54960
     ggacctgttt gttatgaatc tcatagctta tatgtgggtt aatgtttgtt taaacctggt     55020
     gatttgatgg agcctgaatt tcagttgatg ggaaatgcat tctggggaga gttgcaagct     55080
     ggcttcacac tgactgggaa cccactctgt cacatatcaa actgccagtt gctaaccaaa     55140
     gagagcaaat cttggccacc atcactgtgt gggctgtcac atttacaaag gccttctgat     55200
     gaaagtcgcc ctcccagggg actcaagtga gaaagggaga cccttgtcca gggctgtaat     55260
     catgaattcc tgccactaaa gacactgtat ggttgtggta aacgtcatga cccatgtgaa     55320
     gatatggcat tcaagtagaa ggccctctga ggttccttct agtacctttc caaaacgtgg     55380
     caaatctgta caagtcatta gtttgcttag atgtgtgcct gagttgtgat gaggtggcat     55440
     aggaaccgac tctgtgaagg ctcactgttt ctattcctcc tctgggaagt catgatattc     55500
     tcagaggtta taaatatcaa ttctgggaca aagctgacca catccaggta cgtaatccac     55560
     acatgactga catgtgagtg attcataggc attgggaaat aaataccttg ctgctctctg     55620
     tttaacttta gttttctttc cccagaaaca ggtatatcca ggctggcttc aaatggacaa     55680
     cccttctgta ttggcctggc gttactgctt gctgctcttt acacaagaac caaacatgtg     55740
     tcttttgtta cctatatatt ttgctttgta aattatcttt gcttttgttt tctttcctgt     55800
     ttcttgtact ccatccttag cctggtttat agtactagcc ctagtatagc ccttagactg     55860
     attccctgcc tctagtttta ggggctttaa aatccatatc ccaacccact gatagctgat     55920
     ctttctggga tgcagactct ctcttcctct cctaatcctt caacagccca cttctacatt     55980
     gtagggaaaa acacatgtcc cttggctggg tcccatgttt aaactcctgc ctagctctgg     56040
     tccattcctg agtagactgg cctcattcct agagtcctag actttcagtc ctagaaaatg     56100
     cccaactctt tctggcttct tggcctttct gcttggtgct tcttctacct gcactcttcc     56160
     ttctttccca ctgtcctttc tgtgtggctg aataatccgt tggagcccag tttctgaaaa     56220
     gttctgtttt gaacatgatc tcataaagag aaaaataact tcatactttt gatcctcctg     56280
     cctccatctc ctgagtgctg ggattacaga catggccagt tttatgtagt ggtgggggtt     56340
     gaatctgggg tttcatgcat gctagccatg tacttgattg actgacttgg accttaagct     56400
     ccagatcctc ttgtgctgat gatagcacac ctggcagttt ctctggaaag ttccctgtta     56460
     ggctctgagg ccctgctgta tgctcctgaa gtatccatca gccacactgg aaacagtctc     56520
     tgggagtggt ctgagggcaa aggctgtgtg ttgctcagtt gtttctctta tactcaatat     56580
     ggtacaccat aagctgcctt tatgactcag taaaaatgta aaaacagtaa atggaatata     56640
     tacaacattt atcctggact ttgtagcagg tctaaccaga gagctgctgt tctcttggta     56700
     tctctgagca cacagaattc taagatccaa tctgatatta aaggttctca cttttgagta     56760
     tagtataagt ccagcctgta ctaggattct ggttttagat tttggtcaca tgctgtcttt     56820
     gggtgcatga ggggaacctc gctcactgtc ttatctgccc aaagctgttt attggtcaag     56880
     cccaagtccc cttctaaaaa tgctttccag gcccaccatg ttaatttttg atggtgctag     56940
     ctgcccattt cttttgttct tcttttgtga ctgaacacat gattcaagta agtctaacac     57000
     agtcctcact tagaaatgtc cactttgtct ctattacctt gggtcattgt tctttccttc     57060
     ctatgctctg gtaggaaagg tatatgacaa gtaggtaggg tataaggctt tcttatcgtt     57120
     tccactggac tgactgtctc tgtctgtctc tgtctgtctc tacctctctc tcaactaaga     57180
     tatggaaaca tcctattgct ttcccccccc ccccccaagc tacctctgag tgcctgctgg     57240
     aatggcctat agcctgtaga gaggacaatg acaatgacac ccagggggga gatggatttc     57300
     ttcttagtca tccaccctgc tacccaccca ttcccgtggg tgcttttgat ttctagcctg     57360
     ccatcacgtt actgaccaaa caaaccattc cttggaaagc agcactttag ctcctagtga     57420
     attagccaca cgtgcactgt gtgctgtccc aagtctacag cagacaagga ggaccaccca     57480
     actcaactct ggaaaatccc ccaaggaagg ccatgctcat cacattgcca aggtttttgg     57540
     caccctcctc catgacccaa agtttcggac cgaatttaat gttcatcaca ataagtacag     57600
     tagttcctgt ggttagcatg tttgttcccc tgtctttttc atgttcttct atttctatcc     57660
     tgtattattg catttttcaa aattccaatg tgcctcaaat accaactgcg attttcttgt     57720
     ctagtcaggc ctcagtttca gcatctctaa tacctccttt gtttctgtca atccctatcc     57780
     tcatattctg ttctacttag gggtttcaag caggagccag gttaggtcca ggttctgctt     57840
     agctgagatt cagagtcact ttagggatag gaaatagaac tgctcatagg atgcccctcc     57900
     ctcaggctgt taacaaccaa gttaaagatg aattttaaac cttggattta aggtgagata     57960
     caaatttgtt aatagtgaca ggtaaatctg tatgtgagga gaggaggatg agaaggagga     58020
     aagaaagaag aggagggagc ggacggaggg aagaagggaa agaggtgggg aatagagggg     58080
     agtggaggga tggactcaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     58140
     gagagagaat tttatagaaa aattatggga aacatactgg attaaaataa ttactacatt     58200
     caccctagat ttaaaaagta tcattcattt atgaagaggt aatttatgga gataaattca     58260
     tttttgtagt tcctttacct atgggcaaga actaatctca ggttattgtt gccaagaaaa     58320
     aagaactcat ttgacccaag gatctaagta agatacaggt gtcattagac taaagtagtt     58380
     tgcaatgtat acaaagctac aaagtataca agaaaatggc caagttgctc ttgtacacaa     58440
     actcaggggc ttcagggaga gcacagtaag tccacagtgc taaccagaga gcagaacagc     58500
     tctggcttag gctttgggac cgaggaggga atctagcatg ctcctcctgc atgctcctcc     58560
     tgcatgctcc tcctgcatgc taagcagtgc ccctatcact gagctaggtc ctaagttctg     58620
     attatttttc ttttttaagt ttaacattcc tactaagttt gagatttatc tccgaatgac     58680
     aacttttcac cctttgggca aaggcaaagc tacaagtaat ctgctattaa tcatatttaa     58740
     cctagaatct ggatatacag tctaggctgg ccttggattt ctgacccttc ttccttatcc     58800
     tcctgagccc gggtattaac cggtatgtac agctatgccc agcagctagc attgactttg     58860
     taatgcttct gattggtaaa tcagaataca gtgcaagtta aaaaccatta tataaagttc     58920
     ccattacaca atacagttat tttatggttt ctgctttact gatatagatt agttcttcga     58980
     gttatagttt tatttccatg aaaaatgagc tttgtagaat ttttcaggtt taattaccct     59040
     ataaactttc ctatttgtta aaagaaaaca aatatcaagg ttttaactgt aatattatgc     59100
     acaaggtggg agacctagag attgcccaga gttaccaccc aacccagttc aaatctcact     59160
     ttctaccagc tggaaaatgt tggttgatca cagttacatt aagcctgttc tcttcatcta     59220
     tggcagtagg tactggtaga gttccttaaa gttatcagga ctggcactat aggaaataca     59280
     gccccttgct aatgtgaaag caggcaggtt actgtttttt ttccctagtt taggattctc     59340
     taggtttgcc agggtcctct aggtttgaag ttagaccatc ataccttatt tagtattggt     59400
     acttaaattt accttcagtt gtctgaaata aactaaggtg gcacaaagca ctagacatgt     59460
     ctgaagggag ctgagcacca gtgttaggtg gtaatccaat gggccagcta tgggacaaat     59520
     gccttcaggt ggagtatatg ttgggcatat tcaaacaaga aaaggcacaa ggcactttcc     59580
     ctcttttgga tagtttctga ggcacacttg ggaaggaatt tcatcctcag caccttgtag     59640
     tctttagcac ttttggctct gggcacacag cctggcatat tcttgctctc agtataagtg     59700
     tgttgtatca gactgtctgt cagagataca gtagaggcct caatctaacc agctggggtg     59760
     ggaaagggga gtggaggaaa atgttctaag aacaaagctc tgcctgaaag taagtcattc     59820
     atggccacag acatcctgaa agcaggatga gggtgttccc cagccctgga gagagaggac     59880
     caagggcagg gaggcccagg ggagccctgt tagtatggac tcctaagtat ccctggtcct     59940
     actatcatat ataacatcca gctaggagtc tagactggga aggagggcct gggaccagag     60000
     tggtcaacca gaccatacag gggccagatg gccctgggcc attcttgtcc ccagagcctc     60060
     agccctgtag aggctagggc agaggcaagg atgcctaggg cccaccctca ggggtcagta     60120
     gaactgaaag gtcacagttg tgagaggagg ggaagcagga agcaggagag gagtgcagct     60180
     gagctcatcc agcagtcaga gcagcagggg ccagtgtgcc ctgcaggaga aggtgccggg     60240
     ccaagtgcaa tggagaaagg atctgctgtg gacgtcctga ggaggctgag agatggctct     60300
     cccgctcagc agtgcagagc agtgcatggc tgtgcaaggg caaggggaca gggagagttg     60360
     ggtgctatga gtggagcagc agcggcagca gcggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtgttggcg     60420
     gcggcggtga cagcagcagc agcagcaggg aaggcagaaa gcccttggaa gtggcctgag     60480
     gtaatgcaga gggatctgag gagccctgca gccagcatac tgctagagac attactacca     60540
     gcagaaaacg acgttcaggt gaagaccagt gtggaaccca aggagaggat gtcgaagacc     60600
     aggaccagga ttgagacttt gcctctagcc acccctggcc agaagatttt tccaatccct     60660
     agtaaggagg gattagtagt taaacaaaga tcaatctgcg ttacacatca tcatatttag     60720
     ttctctatag gtccaagtta accgttaagt aaactactaa tggttatccg actgtcgtac     60780
     tcctccctag cccctaacct cattgtgctt tccaaacttc cgagtacaaa accccacttg     60840
     gtgctggact ggaaatggat gaacctattg gccatgggtt agaatcttgg agcccagaaa     60900
     cagagtcatc aggacccagg tcacacagac tgctttagca cttagggatg gctatgagag     60960
     caagtctcac gcagtggcct ctcaaccggg attcccctgc ctgggacagg tacataagcc     61020
     tcctgcgaag ccgagtctgc tcaaccagga gcacgtctcc acatcttagc aggtggcacg     61080
     cccatcctaa ttaagtgatg cgaggtgtga gtacatagat ccatcttaga aatggtacat     61140
     ctgagtcact aagagctccc actggcctgg ccccgaatcg cctctgatat ctatcattcc     61200
     cgagtccttt cccttgtgct ttaagcccca tttctacttg gcttatgcat gaaaaattag     61260
     cctgtcagtc agcatatctg ttttacttgt tcatgctaag catgtgccca ccctaccgcc     61320
     gagctaagat gatgccaatc cctatgtgaa gtcttcagcc ttctgttcct caagttccat     61380
     cattgctatt gcttcctaca taagacttag ttacaaaatc actaaatcaa ccatctttgt     61440
     atctagctcc tttttgagtc ctcttggaga tcatttctct ctcaggaaag gaaagagcag     61500
     aggctgagag tcacctgggc tcttaatccc tgctctgtct aacactggcc tcactcacac     61560
     ttgctttcat taagctagag ctgtttcaca tccagacctc aggatcagtt tcttacaagc     61620
     aatcaatgta acatattggc aatgtaagat ccagcatggc tgtaccagga gaacagaagt     61680
     gggctgccat gataacaact gccagagcct catcctgagg tcaggtcagt gtaggatttc     61740
     tggcaggcag agacccaaat gggtacttca ccgagtttct gagtataagc cgcagaagag     61800
     aataatttgc tccttaaatg catgctgtgt acactgagtt cagtgacagg ttagtttgca     61860
     tcctagactg gtgacccagg aggtcttgag tacttaagct tagagaatta cttttgtgac     61920
     ccaaaacttt ctgatggaat tttcgatgtc agaatctgag cttatgagca tgcaggcaag     61980
     atggagtagg ttcagggtgg ctcggacatt acctgaggct ccacgtccag aatcgcaatc     62040
     agcccctgct catggatttt ccgaatggtc tccagttttg tcccgtacat tgcatcctca     62100
     tggctgccat actccaagta ttcgttattt gagatgtctt gcatcatttg gtcatgagat     62160
     acaaagtaat aattcttgcc attttcttca tctttctttg gaggtctggt tgtatctgca     62220
     aagttccgtt catgagaggt ttaaacagct ggactggtga gttacactcc caatggacta     62280
     ttcaactcaa tcactctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tactgtgtgt     62340
     acgcatgagt gggatctagg tctttgtgta tgttagggaa gtattctacc actgagctct     62400
     ataaacttag ctcctcaatt gtttctcaaa agctcattaa gccacaattt aatgacagca     62460
     catagctgca atggcacacc tgagaggtgg caccaggaag attgcatgtt caaggccagc     62520
     ctgggatata agagaccctg tctcaaaagg aaaaaaggct gttgtttctt tagagtgtca     62580
     catatcccct gtttccatct ctactaacat tgcagatttt caaacaaagc aattttttat     62640
     tagatatttt cttcattaac atttcaaatg ctattccctt tcctagtttc ctttgtgaaa     62700
     gtgccctata ccctccccct accctgctcc tcaaccctcc cccccactcc cacttcctgg     62760
     ccctggcgtt cccctgtact ggggcataga atctttgcaa gattaagggt ttctcctccc     62820
     actgatgacc gactaggcca tcctctgcta catatgcagc tagagacaca gctctggggg     62880
     tactggttag ttcatattgt tgctcctcct atacggttgc agaccccttt agctccttgg     62940
     gtactttctc tagctccttc attgggggcc ctgtgttcca tcaaatagat gacttcaaac     63000
     aaagcaattt aaaaactata tttatctgtg catagatagc agcatagcag cttctttttc     63060
     tagttgtttg gtgaatattt cagtgttgtg acatatttca tgccactctt ggaggaaaga     63120
     cttgaagtga ctgtggtgtt ttgaataaaa aatggcccta tagggtcagg tatttgaata     63180
     cttggtcttc tgtgggtgca actgtttggg gaggttgagc cttgctagag aatgtctaac     63240
     aatacaggct tggagagttc aaagccttct cccacttcca gtttgctttg tgtgaggttg     63300
     gaaatgtcat ctgtcagctt cttgctgctg ctgctatgct tcccctgcta tgatagcatc     63360
     ttgtcactct ggaactgtaa gccaaaacaa agtccttttt ctgtaagtta ctctggtcat     63420
     aatattttat cgtaacaata gaaatatcac taatagtgtg gctcaagatt aacataactc     63480
     actatcctta ctttggtccc ttgcagaaag aagaaagact aacagagtag acaattatgt     63540
     gtgcttagtc acatttaaat gaatgatagt gaaatcattc agtttcttag tctcatgagc     63600
     cacatttcaa tggctgaaga gccacaaagg actactgtgt tggacatttc agatattgaa     63660
     agtgctagtc tataccactt tatagatgag gatgctagaa tacagcaaaa gacacatcat     63720
     actgaaaaca aatggatttc aaaaggcgtg gctatgatta tcatagaaaa actaaagcaa     63780
     aaggtgaggc aaggaagttg tgaactggtt tatatgccaa attgtctttt agaggtggtt     63840
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttttgag ataaggtttt gctttgtagc cctggcaagt     63900
     ctggtacttg gtatgttgct cttgctggac tcaaatccat agcaatcctc ctgtctcagc     63960
     cttccaagtg ctggagttac aggtgtgtac cactgtggct gctttccttt aaagttttgt     64020
     ttttaagatt tatttttatt ttatgtgcag gagtattttg tctacatgta tacctgtgcc     64080
     catgtgtgtg cctagtgtct acagcatcag gatgagggca ctagatgccc tagaactgga     64140
     gttatagact actgtgagct gccatgtgtg tactgggaac cacacctgag tcctccacta     64200
     gagcagcaag tgctcttaat gctgagccat ctctccagcc tctgcattaa ccttttattg     64260
     aaacataatt gtgcatattt gttgataatc tgtctagggc tattttcatt ctttagtggc     64320
     agagatgagt agttctggca ggggttatgt ggccttcaaa gactcaaaaa gaaagggttt     64380
     gtcacctccc aagtcagtgt acactaaaat aagtgccaat atgcagaaca tactgcagtt     64440
     aaacaaactg ggaaaattgg tgttacggtt tagaaacaaa atgtcccccc ctaaatgctc     64500
     atgtggtaaa ggcgtggttt ccagttggtg catccaatca ttgaacagta actatatcaa     64560
     gagggttttg acctaataat tcatggattc ataattgggt ggcgttactg gggaaatagc     64620
     atttggaggt agaatctagt tggaggaagt agttcatcaa tgaggggata ttctttggac     64680
     accacattcc tatcctgcct tctctgtttc ctggttgcca tgaggtaagt atcattgctt     64740
     tgatataagc ttttgccatc atggtattct gtctcatcac aggctcatag caatggagta     64800
     agcaagccac ccatggactg atatctctga attgtgagca cacacatata cttttttctt     64860
     tcttccctcc ccttttttcc tccctgcttt tgttctctca tcttttaacc acttctcttc     64920
     tgtactcctt tattccttga gtaaagacaa atttatgctt ctctttgatg aatacaaatg     64980
     caacttagaa agaatgtttt ctccaggtat accaaaagct gaagttggca tacctaatct     65040
     tcagctatat cagataatgt acagtgccta tgcagctggg gtcaaattaa gaaatggttg     65100
     atgtcatcaa aagtaagctt tccaattgat ctagttagcc aggcaaatgt ttaataacca     65160
     ggaagtttac ctgctatgtg atcaagatga aactaaacat tccccaaact cattgtattc     65220
     atgatacaga catagacatg aaaactggaa gaacatttca aaatgtctga atataaaatt     65280
     tcaggagcac caattgcaat acctggtaag tttttttgtg tactaattgg tggacttctg     65340
     aagcctcctg actctctgag gtgtacactg accttgctta taagcaccca gaaggaagaa     65400
     acaagtcttg atattttctt ctattgtttt ttttttttgg tttgtttttt ggaggcatgg     65460
     gtttgaaatg gagccctggc tggcctcaaa cttgcagggg ttctgttgtc tctgcctcct     65520
     gagtgctgga tcataggtat gtgctaccgt ccctggttac ttctgtagtt ctagaacaat     65580
     tcttcatttg ctctgcctaa cctgaacaga gaactaattt ctggatagtt ttgggaattg     65640
     aaatattaac ctttagaata atgacataaa caatgaaatg ataggtctga ctatcatata     65700
     gctatgactt agccatcacc tgcttcatat acataccctg gaaccctttt tacaaccatg     65760
     gggttatttc attttacagt tgaggaaatg aaagagggca agaggttgat aatatgaaat     65820
     agactagtaa ggggaactga aaaatactgc agacctgaat tcccttttcc aaacaataga     65880
     taggacatgg actgggcttt aaaagagata agaactcaat aatacagatg agtggaggga     65940
     acagggttgt atcagagaaa ttagaaaaca gttaaagctt attttttcaa agaatcatcc     66000
     tagataatgt ttatgacata ttcttggaaa aattcggtta caaacaacac ggaatagact     66060
     aatgctgcaa ctccccatgg ggtacttaga atttggaaaa atgaagtttg aattaccttc     66120
     ttttctttat tgcttttgtt ttggatttta caaatttcct aaacagttac tatattgata     66180
     attagaaaaa tatgcacatt gcagtgataa gaatgtgata ggagaaaaag aattcaaaga     66240
     gtttgatctg ttgcttacgt ggaatagggt acgcaaaccg gtccgggtgc tttgtgatga     66300
     gggtattttt tatgtgtctt cttccaacac catgtgcacc tatgtgattt tataaacaat     66360
     ggaaacatta acaactagaa ataacatttg taaaacagtt tggaggtaag aataaacaat     66420
     cagccaaact tacctaataa gactaatgtt ttccttttga atgctggcag tttgactact     66480
     tcttcatatg tgacaagatc taattgatca aacactacaa tgcaaagatt tagaagaaag     66540
     gtaagtttat ggaatggata gctcatgtag gtgaattaca attttattat tggaaaaatt     66600
     aagttacagt aacaccacaa atcccgctta tgacatgaag cttacatgtg atttaattca     66660
     tagtgccatt atgggagaaa gtgtcatttt taagcccatg aaaatgattc aagaaccagg     66720
     aataatcaaa gatatgatga gtacatgcag gtccaaatct agaggatatc atattatttt     66780
     tttcatgcag tattccaaca aatcatttga attcactcag aaccacatgc tgttcatatt     66840
     ttcacaactc taagaaatag gcaatactaa aaagaagagt ctatgtatga tcagcaacca     66900
     acacaagtgg agcatggtgc aactaaagtc aagcgaggga gggccagctg tagcgcttcc     66960
     agagatgggt gagaaatgca tggccatcca gtttgtagtt catgggactg ctctttatta     67020
     cttcttacaa tctgataaag gtggcatgtc agaattggtt agagccaagt tctggaatga     67080
     tttttacaag gttttaattg accatttcac aaactatact ataactgagg tcttgggatt     67140
     ttaagtaggg aagcatgcat tcctgtccca gaaaccatgt cagccattaa ttatagagga     67200
     agctatatgg taaatcagga tgaacaggat ggaaataatc agggacagtc tgagcttaga     67260
     ggcctttgag aaagggcagt atgttataga cagggaaata cttaaaaaaa tatgtttctg     67320
     aaacctgcct cttaacaaca ctctgatggg aataatttca agcaatatgg ggaagttatc     67380
     acagtgaatt atcattgcta ttgaagttca atggggtctg attctcacac acgtttgaaa     67440
     attttcctga gaaagctgag atcctacatc tctttcctgt atccctgcct cccatccccg     67500
     gtacacagtg aagtttcttc ttaaaatatt gagttctccc aggattttaa gtgagtgaaa     67560
     taatccagtg agatggagtc tatggttgaa tcattcagag aagctgctgc tccctgcaat     67620
     aatatggcca catgatcttg agaatcagct cagtcctttt cacgtgtgat ctgcacagta     67680
     gcaaaacttt atgatgttaa aaaaagatac catggaatgc aatagatcac aaacacaaaa     67740
     atgaacaaaa gcatcattct caaaatatat agagaaagga atatattaaa ataaaggcta     67800
     gtgcatagta atagaatttt gtatatctct tttctttggg tagcttgact ataaaagtta     67860
     agtaaaaaat ctttacacca tattctctag caatagctta tattggagga acatttgcag     67920
     gatgtcatgg tcacaaaata aaaatgtaca cgagactccc tgtggtagag ctacctcact     67980
     gtgctgcagt gggaatggaa tgatgggaac cgcagaagta aaggcaggag tgcttactgc     68040
     atggcattct gtacctattg tcctgaatcc tatgtccatc aaggaaaagt gtgcttatgg     68100
     gaagaagtac accagcaagc tgatgttgtt ttaaactatt aaaaccatca agtgttttat     68160
     aaaagcacaa gatgattatg acacgaagtt ttctgaaagg gagacacccc tctctccttc     68220
     tacagagccc taacttgagt cttgcttatt tatgtttttg tcattgtcta aaagtacacg     68280
     agttagggat taacagtcaa tacgccacaa acaaagcaac atataggttg aacattagaa     68340
     tttgaaccat gaatgagcag catgaaaagg ttactctggt ttaaataaaa ttgtcatgta     68400
     gtcatagggt tgtgaaataa aacggaacaa aacaaagcaa tgcaaaacaa aacaggatat     68460
     ttgaagagag taattaaaga ctgaacttat gaagggttta aattgcttgc tgataaagac     68520
     aaagggctta ataaaatgaa atcattaaaa catagaggca tagttattca acaggttact     68580
     tacatgcaca gaggccattg ggagtgagac agcatgaaaa atgtacaggg gtcattgaaa     68640
     tatgactttt tatatattag taaaataaaa gtataatagg cacaaaataa actttatcat     68700
     gcaatatttt aaacacaagg taaataaacc acattaagaa acaaactcat tttaatacaa     68760
     attcaatcat acctttatat gaaagccagt gaattttata tgctagcatg tatatggaaa     68820
     ttttatgtgt aaatgataag aaaccatctt tagagaaaac aaatgtaggg gccttttatt     68880
     tttttttaca ttgtgcattc ctgtatcatt tgtggtttct aattatgtgt gtctattatc     68940
     ttattattat atttcatgga gcttgggctc aaaccttgca catgctaata aagtactcta     69000
     tcaccaagct atacataaat ccctattttt attattaaaa aattgccaat gtcagtgagg     69060
     ttatatgcca cttttcttta ggacagtttg tagtattaag cataatttaa atattatgaa     69120
     tactattcca gaaatcccct aagttcatat ctacccatat aagcagtatt ttcaggacac     69180
     taaatactgc tgttttgatg gctcatatta aaaatattaa tatagacttt gtaatttgtt     69240
     aaaaagttta agtcagtaac ttaaactaaa agtgaattct tgaagtcttg ggctgaagaa     69300
     gcacagggcc tccagaggac aggcctagca ggtggctaaa ggtctcacga gcttgtagaa     69360
     attatatttc acataaatat tacaatgata taatacaatt tattcccagg aatttagaaa     69420
     tattgcctgg catactttgt ttatatttct ctggtttcct agtaagctga agtagttaag     69480
     caactatatt ggcagaaaaa aagcaagcag gtaacactga atctttgcct ccgtttgaaa     69540
     ggctgtaagt agcttcaaat attacacaaa aaagccctca aaggcaaaac aaaatcacaa     69600
     agcaaccaac cccacatcaa aaactcccaa gaatggattt caatggacat cagcaccctt     69660
     agtcccaaag aaaggaagtg gcctagtgat tattttacca agggatgttg aaaacccaaa     69720
     gttttatgtt acataacctg attttcaaat gtggtatcat aaaattattt caatactgta     69780
     tatgaataaa atttatttat gccactatat tatgtaggat gtagggtgca cagtttaagc     69840
     agaattctgc tttaactaga tgtgagaatt ttcctggtga taaaaaaaat agatttggat     69900
     gttatgattt ccattcttgg tgctgttgat aaaagtctct actcttaatt ttacttgatg     69960
     atacaagtaa tttccaactt tgattataag atttagagct tgtcatcaat gaacatctgg     70020
     gtaacaaatc ccatgtcctt attttgaatt actgcacacc atagaaagaa cagagttgct     70080
     gtatttcata gtcagtttct aaaagaaatc cttgagctgt attgtttgat ctgtgagtat     70140
     ctggcgagtt gttgctatga aaaatatact gtttcaaagt tgtcatagca tagatggagg     70200
     ctaacagtat tttacagcaa ttctttatat gggcaatctg ataattcatg agggaatctc     70260
     atcctagcca aagcagacaa agcctggctt cttataatgc aataagcaat ttgctcttct     70320
     ggattttagg ataaacaaga gggaaacatt aatcaataaa gttgaggagt gcggaagaga     70380
     tggtgacaga aagaaatgtt aagcttagtt gggcaagtat agtgcaggta ggccaggata     70440
     gagaaaggaa gaacgctcac gactctacag ggaaaggaac ccgcacagca atcttctgtc     70500
     tagagattca cagacaagca gaaacagaaa gggttagaaa cctaagtggc tattcaagga     70560
     ccttccttcc aaggtactca gactcctttg aaggcagcca gagagacttg gttaggtagg     70620
     acaatccctc aagcacaaca aggactgctg ggatgtctag aagagctcaa cagttaggaa     70680
     aacaccaagg gcaacaaaga gtggtggccc tgtccccggt gcaactaaga ttacgtttcc     70740
     tcagtttgag tttttgagaa ctttggcaca tggtttgaga taatggggat gtcaggccaa     70800
     aggatggaga agaaaacaac tgtatcccat tgtctaaaat caaggataaa tacttcccaa     70860
     ccttgatagg gagtgtttct cagagacaca gggtattgca atattactca gatctaccat     70920
     gagggtacct tttggccagg ctgagtaatg agaaaacctt agatctactg aggtataagc     70980
     attagaaagg accatcttga ctggctaacc tgattgcttg gtttggcctc agtgagctaa     71040
     gtgactacca agtcatacac ttccttgggt gaactaatga tcttgtctca ggttgcctat     71100
     taggctgata gtcacattga ccacggggca tccaaatggc tatgacagaa gaagcacagc     71160
     gatgccccag tgctccaaga acagaaaaca tgaacagcag gaaatgagat tgggtgttga     71220
     ttctctggca acactcttca acaaatgatt tgactaagtc tttgtcaaca gttgaagagg     71280
     tcaagttttc cgaccaattc acttagttat cctcagagcc aacttaaaga atattgacaa     71340
     attgaatact gatgtttaca ctcctaatta gtagattaca aaactaataa catattagcg     71400
     gatttgccca gccttttctt tgcttttata ggcttaaatt aatttgagtg tcatcagtat     71460
     ttatgtatca tttaacacta tacaaatgac aagttgaatt agaaattttc ctctctaatt     71520
     tggatgctgg ggatgaaacc tagggccttg catatgctac gcaaacactt tactactgat     71580
     agacatcccc agctgattaa ttgttttgtc tttaactaat gtgatttaga tttaactaat     71640
     ctcctgtgag ctggttagat tgttttagac tagtgaaagc agacagaaga agagaaggca     71700
     actaagaaga gtgatatctc aggctaagct aacttctact gataatgttt ttcaaacagt     71760
     gccacttgaa cagagtggct gctagagtct atttagatat gtggctttac gtatttcttt     71820
     cctttatgaa acaaacacaa aagccattgt gtggctagtg catagtggga ataagagtaa     71880
     tgtaactggc agggagggaa agagccctca tttaattgag ccattcccac ttaatccatg     71940
     tggaaagtca cattcattct ggattataca gcagttcaga aatgcttaca tttaatttct     72000
     ggttaagaaa ggagaattca gaagtcctaa agaactgttc ctagcacatg ctgatgcacg     72060
     ctacaatgct gcatagagaa agctgctttc cagatttctc agagatacac tgaattgcac     72120
     atggatggct gcagtcattt gactttttaa ggccacatgc ttgatagtta tttctgaaat     72180
     cttaggaacg aagctaatgc caactttgaa tttcttagta aaagtccctt attgaagaag     72240
     ttatattgag aagtcattga aattaagtat accatcacat attttctttc agcttaaatg     72300
     atatcctgtg cgtcttctgg gaattcaagt gcaataacca atcacgcttt acttggtgcg     72360
     cattgcagtt tttttttttt ttttttttag atttatttat tattatatgt aagtacactg     72420
     tagctgtctt cagatacacc agaagaggga gtcagatctt gttacggatg gttgtgagcc     72480
     accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactctgg accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac     72540
     ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccatgcagt ttttaacata acagtgaacc ccatgattca     72600
     gtgaaacccc agcttcaata cagacagagg ggagggaagg cttagctaat catcttgtgt     72660
     ttttgagaac ttgaaaggac atacagctgg gaaaggtgaa tagtcacaga aactaaccca     72720
     agttagtatc catgttaccc atgccctttc aaatcagcta cagaaccctt cagagctcag     72780
     cccttctgtg tatctttgtc tctaatattt gtcatgggtc caaatccaag gaccaagaga     72840
     aactaggagg gagggttatc ctcttaaggt caacctctct ctgccagaga gagccccagg     72900
     gactcagcat accccagctt ccctttctca agggaggact tagcatgctg agttcctttc     72960
     atcagagagg aatactgcct ccaaatagca cctttgtcct agaaaataga gctctgcaaa     73020
     ctaactggta ggaggcaggg gttcttaatg catctgcaag ttggtcaagg tttcatagga     73080
     tacaatgttc tggaaagaga actctgaaga gcaaatgtaa atgctctatc tgcttacatc     73140
     ttggagatgt ttgacccagc ttcggaaaca gacatgcttt tcctacctgc gttgtgcttt     73200
     gccaaatatt tatctttgta ctgcttcttt ttcttgccaa accaagtaca gctggcctgc     73260
     tgctcttgtt tggtcttctc catggcaatg caagctactc gcctagtaca caaaggaagg     73320
     aaggaaggaa gaaaggggga gggggaaatc caacaaaatt aatgcatagt tttatgttga     73380
     gaaaagagaa aaagtcattt gaaggctaca cacaatagga tgtctagtcc ttctcagttc     73440
     ttgaaatcat ggccataaag agggttcttt ggctttcatg acaacttctt acaaatggtt     73500
     tgactacagc cttatgttaa aactgatgcg ttccttgagc tgataataag ggtcagaagt     73560
     cccaacatct ggttgtgaga ttcagggtga tgatcaaggg attgtgagtc aaggcaggcc     73620
     tgttttgcat cctggatatg ttatgcattg gtctgtttta agtgcttcgt gcttagtatt     73680
     aggcatattt ctaggaattt ttcacatatc aaaccaagca atatttttga caaactaaat     73740
     tgtatcacaa attgcacaga aattcctaaa gtttatagtt ttgtctttca tattttattg     73800
     tgtaagaaat tttttttgct tatcatgtaa agtaggagtc cagtctcttt tcttaagaac     73860
     ccctgcctcc taccagttag tttgtatctc atatatactc agttgtccta gcaggctata     73920
     ctaaaaagta agacccttcc tcactgctgt gcaatgctat ttgctacgta gaaagtagct     73980
     atttagctat gaaagtgctt tgattctgtc tctttagttg gtctagctga gcaccttcgt     74040
     tagttttgtt atttggttga ataagatctt gttctttgtt caagaacacc ctggctatcc     74100
     ctgaatttgt gcatttccag acaaacttta aagataatta tgtatgtatg tgtgtatgta     74160
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtatgta tgtgtgtgtg tatgagtgtg ggtacccttg tcactctcca     74220
     cttatttctt cgaggcaggg tctctccctg aacctgttgc tcagattttc ttggataagc     74280
     tggaaatcag caagctgtaa ctttccctgt cttcactttc ctaggagctg aggttacagg     74340
     gatacaccgg cttgctatgt gggtgctgag atatgaactc agattcatga ctgcatagct     74400
     agtcctctta attattttct gagtcatctc tccaacctct ccattcaaac tttaaaattt     74460
     gtctattttt ttttcagtgc tcttgtatct tttttttttt taggtatttt cctcgtttac     74520
     attttcaatg ctatcccaaa ggtcccccat tcccaccccc ccaatcccct acccacccac     74580
     tccccctttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat     74640
     gggcctctct ttgcagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctaaaga     74700
     caagagctcc tgggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagttct     74760
     ctttagctcc ttgggtaatt tctctagctc ctccattggg ggccgtgtga cccatccaat     74820
     agctgactgt gatcatccat ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac     74880
     agctacatct gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctagtgta ggcaatggtg tcagcatttg     74940
     gaagctgatt atgggatgga tccctgcata tggcaatcac tagatggtcc atcctttcgt     75000
     cacagctcca aattttgtct ctgtaactcc ttctatgggt gttttgttcc catttctaag     75060
     aaagggtaga gatggcattg gtacaattaa tgtaggaggg atagacattt ttacattatt     75120
     gagtcttata gtcaattaat gcaatgtttc tctgtcttct ttaaagcctt tttgagtttt     75180
     cgtttgtttg gtttgagcca ggttctcatg tacctcagag tggtttgaga gtctatgtag     75240
     ccaaggatga cttagaactc ctgatgctct cgcttgtacc tctaagttct gggattgcaa     75300
     atgtgtatca ttactccctg acatcttttt cttaaaaaca aggtttcata tagcccaggc     75360
     tggcctcaaa gtcactatga aaatgagact ggttttaaat tgatcctcct ttgggaatta     75420
     caggcataag ctaccactcc cagttcaaaa ctccccctca ggctttgcat attctagaca     75480
     aacattctac cactgagcta tatccctacc cttgtctcag gaaattagaa accagttctt     75540
     tatcttgtag tttcaggaga gttgacttta ttttttcttt cgagacaggg tctctgtagc     75600
     tcatgctggc ctggatctca ctatgttgat tacgttatcc ttgaacttct agacattttc     75660
     ctgctttagt gcacaatgta tggggtttca gatgggttct acaataccca gctgaatgaa     75720
     ttgtttttaa attgtgcttc tatgtcttta gtatgtccta ttttcctgta aacagggaaa     75780
     taatctagag tcctcttcct cttttttgag acagggtctc atgtagtcca gggtagccct     75840
     aaatttacta tataggtcag actggacgca caattctcct gcctccattt cctgcatact     75900
     gggattacag gtatatgtga ccatgctcca gcctgctttt cttgtctctg gtataccaac     75960
     ttttgtagtc taacaatgtg aggagggttc cctgacagga tgtccatctt ccttaagcct     76020
     gtggtcttac tcttgcttct ctggcataat tacaaatgcc ttcttggtaa gatgggatac     76080
     ttggtactct aagagtttgc ttacagcttt ggtgaaaagt cctcatagag gacctggttg     76140
     ttgagttccc cggtactctt tgagttattc agtgctttca agttcattaa aaaacaaaac     76200
     aaaacaaaac acccctttat tttctgcagc attttttctt tgcagtagaa agattgatct     76260
     gaacagtata gatgccagca gagacaagaa gcaaacctct ttccactgcg acttcttaag     76320
     atttctgcag aggactaaga gcacatgatt tatatctctg ctctaactag aaagaaacct     76380
     ggaatctatg tacttattgt tttttccttt ccttgttatt tttttccaat acagcccctg     76440
     tatccgagga tgtcctcaaa ctctctgtgt aactaaggat gacccttgag cttctgagcc     76500
     tcccaagtgc tggactgtag gcctgcacca ccacacctgc tttactggga atcactgagt     76560
     ttaaccacct gagctactac atccccagcc cacacatgat tattctgaat aaatgctcat     76620
     gtgattgctc ttcagaagac attttgggca atgtatcatt cacagcagca gcagcagcat     76680
     tagaaagact tagaaactgc gttcctcccg cttatgttaa actgtctgct taagatcaga     76740
     ctgaaagtgc aggatggcag gctgttgctt ctctgtttgg gccccatttc cccatttgta     76800
     gcatggcgcc tgaagctctc atctacttta acattctaaa tgtaagaata attttgggga     76860
     agatacgata gctgaaaggg gcaatcaagt caaagagatt aaccaagaaa accctttaat     76920
     agtgagaagg actggtgaaa aagaggaatt atttacggac tcaatatttt tggttacttt     76980
     taacaaagtt caagtatttt tgtagggata ggttagggag tggcagaatt ccaggttttg     77040
     gcagattaag tcttatataa aacaaaaccc aggtattaaa ttaccccttt ttgtagtaga     77100
     tttctggtag atattgggca aatatttaag agggtagatt atgggcattt aatagatgat     77160
     acacatcctg tcttctctca gttaaatggg ggaggggtat aaaatgcctg tctgatttca     77220
     tcctgtccca cagtttaagc cttctaacag aataggtcat ctttccctgt ctctgtctct     77280
     tggtctgtgg tataaccagg caaacatcta cttctaagct atgcagcccc caactcagaa     77340
     aaacacattc ttaaagaatg gtaaggccaa gaacaaagct tctgactgtc ctttctccca     77400
     acagtgggac aggctgcatt tttaaatacc tcgagtgaca ttgaatcatg gcacttgaag     77460
     atattttttc ctgatgttgg ggtaagatgg tcataaaagg atacagaggg atacatctga     77520
     aagcaaaggc cattgtaaaa agattagaaa agtttgtagg agttgagggc tctgcccaaa     77580
     tgatctgaag ctagccacct agcttatctc ctccctcttt tccttacaca gaaagtgtgg     77640
     ctctaactgg acctagtatc tgaccataag ctgaagatta agtcttggac agataatttt     77700
     tggatttgat cttagacaac tggaatttat atagttacca aagaaaagga tttatcaagc     77760
     aagttttata atatgaaata tgaaactgag aactggaaga gagggctcag tttcaccata     77820
     aaataacaaa aacataccat tcctgaagtt caggagaagg aatgagacct gcagttccat     77880
     ttttggagtt ttccagttta ccctgccacc agttgtggtc atccttacta ataatctgga     77940
     tgatgtcacc aactcggaac cggatgccag cttctttgca ggggatgagg tcatccttgg     78000
     ctggatcata ttcaaattgt gctcttacat agatctataa aacaggagct tgtaagaacg     78060
     gaggccacag tgatgggaag aaaaacagtg aatgctactc taataaccac acatcaacat     78120
     tgacaacaca acaggacatc agatggtgaa agctgaaacg atgtatggag gtaggacaca     78180
     agaaacaact accactagaa acagggtgcc atatctgatg cacagagctt catttttgct     78240
     gtttatattt ggaaggaaca cttaaaatac ttgttgaata aattctgctt ttagtaatag     78300
     gataggtgtg taattaagct caccaattaa aaacttgcta tggccacggt gatggcatgg     78360
     atacattgtc atgaccatga ggcagccttt aaggcataga gactagtact cagggtaggt     78420
     tttcatggta aagtagcaag aactctggga tgggatcttg ctttcatgat attggatgcc     78480
     atgttttcat gacaactggc agtgtgtcta tatactgcag acagagctat atgtaaccca     78540
     aacaatagta aaacattcaa aatacagctt tacttcttta gagagatttt ggatttgtgc     78600
     tttacttttc tggggaaata aagatgaatc taaacccttg ctttgacaat gtaacacttg     78660
     aaatcagcac agagcactaa agcatgcatg gttcaaggcc tagagcttta tggtatgtga     78720
     attgaggaga cacattagca gacaggggtt ataacatagg gttttatgaa tgactggaat     78780
     tctaagtgct ttaaaataag gcactatcta tatccaaggt tgccccagtt atgaaatcct     78840
     aagactaaac tgtggggata ttctactaat cattaattta tacaattctt aacttaaaat     78900
     cagatttagt atttttttta gcattacatt tcaagaaaaa cattctcatg atatttctat     78960
     tgatattaag cttgaatgtc ccatttaagt catggtaaaa ccaacctgaa ggctttggaa     79020
     ctattgtgtg atatttcatt ttagcaaccc aacccttaaa attaatgaat ctctgcattt     79080
     gtacctaaaa tgtatgcttt aaaagcgctg gctgtttgaa agctgcttgc tgatgctgga     79140
     cagcacttag catttctaaa ctagcacagg catactaggg tgaagaccaa ggtactgacg     79200
     ctgtttcatc gtatgtaact tttagataca caagcaagta gaaatttaat tttaattcag     79260
     atttcaatgt cagaaaagtg ccttaagttg ttcattaggg cgtgacttag tcatacttag     79320
     aattctatga attttgtatg caccagaggc aggtaagact ctctaaggct aaaacctctt     79380
     tactgccagc aaaaaatgat cagcttgtaa ttacaataac catcacagct acagagatgt     79440
     gaggaaaaaa aatctttata gagaattagt catgtataat gtgttaaaat gaaatggtac     79500
     aagctttcaa tgctcaaatg ttatggtcca aaatgcagac attatgggat ggaaagggtt     79560
     aataaaggat cagctattag cttggtttag agaagtttct atagagggta tctattcacc     79620
     tgtcgtcctt ttggttgggt ggttgatggc aagtcctgta gaataaagcc aacccaggag     79680
     aaaaattttc atttacttgt caagagtaca aagtaatttg tgtgtttttg ttacaatatg     79740
     gttaaaaatg aactagattt aagttgtaaa gagatcatat acattattac atttcttaga     79800
     aatgttgagt tattaggaaa aaaaaaatca aacccaggcc atttagcagc aagctgaaga     79860
     aagcaggtaa gttgaagcag agagaaaatg tgttcttaag aaacaactca gcatcttcaa     79920
     cacaaaagcc actgcggttc aaacagccta ttacaaaacc ccctgagtac aaaagaacgg     79980
     ttgtcctttt caacttcatc attgcaaccg tttagatttt gaaaatttta atggctctat     80040
     ggatttttta ccatcttaat agcattacat gttaatgtta aaaaggaatt ctttgagaac     80100
     ctaggttcac attggaaaca cagttataaa caattttctc acacaatttc tcttacttag     80160
     atacttggga tatcattcca tttgagatgg tctttgaatg actaatgatt tgattggata     80220
     agaaagttga tatattctta aagggcaaat taaaagtcag aacaaaaggc aacagtgctg     80280
     cattcttaga ggccttataa ttacagcagg gtgacaggca gcagcaccag caacttcaga     80340
     gaagatttgg ctatccccca aacctgcaaa cccatgcaca taaatgcttc tgtttggcta     80400
     aatgattctt tctgtaatcc aaaatggaga gttctgaaaa atggcaactt tccaagttta     80460
     agtcaagtat gtactttgtg ttaaagatgt gataccagcg tggcttaagt gcagtttgaa     80520
     gccagctcct tttgcttttc atatccaggc aaggcttaaa attcacaaaa atatgtgcac     80580
     gtaccacaat aacaagaggg cacaccaatt cgtaaactta gatagcggaa actaaaagac     80640
     gttgctgata tccctcagaa tggaaaacta tgaagcccaa gaacacccaa atgcttattc     80700
     tgcaaaaatc ccttacattt atcattttaa attaaaaaat tcttaaagaa atttaaacac     80760
     atttctattt atatcctttg agcagccata cgtattggtg gggtggctga gaggtagttt     80820
     tagaacaact acagcagtct tgaactatat ttcttcaaat gtgactgatt ttttaagaag     80880
     gaaatgttga gggaggtttt ccaggagtca actgcaaggc tgctgcagtc gccatgtgcg     80940
     tctgcagaag acaatctttc cactgaacac atggaactaa acactcatgg caggtgagca     81000
     ccaacaaaat cgtcacactt ggctgggtgg agctagagtt cttaccgaaa cagaattgtt     81060
     agtgctgcta tgaccattag caggggactg tctggaagtg gagggggaat ctctctgaaa     81120
     taagacacaa ggttcattaa cacagagcac tagcacagaa acagatattc acatcaacag     81180
     tcccaaccac agtctgacaa ctatttcctc tgaggttaat gctataaaag gtgtcatgct     81240
     gacctactta tatgatttca cagaagtata aaaatacttt tttgcagttt gaaggttccc     81300
     atattattag tgagggctgt gctgtcattg attattgatt attcttttcc tgtatcccaa     81360
     attctacaat ctttgccttt ttattgggat ctcaggacag tgatattaaa aacttatcaa     81420
     agggcacaca acaataaata ttatagtgct attgtactga agatctcaac tgcctagttt     81480
     tgaataggtt aaacaatggg tttgagaagt agtttattgt tcttaggtac cccactgtca     81540
     agaactacca aataactcca ctgaaagtaa atgagcctaa gagaaagact ttacatattg     81600
     taatcatctt agacctttct agaataaata ttactaatgg ggtaaaaaga gaaagttgca     81660
     ccagaaagca aatctctttc tttgtaacat tttagcagac tgagtaagac agtgactcca     81720
     agcaacaatg ctctatttct ggccaaactt gccaggagcc cacactcttt gctgttcaac     81780
     ccactcctaa tccttttcag gttctgttcc ttagtgtcta agacaacttt aataaaaaga     81840
     actatcagaa gaagaaatta agtcctttaa gacatttcat gtgtagagtt ctgtatccac     81900
     ttctgtccaa aagatatgtt tctctctagg atattgaaag aatacttctg gaattggtta     81960
     gcctgaaata gaatgagatc ctttagagga acattctcaa acattatgca gtggattgat     82020
     ctctatttgt cacccttagg gattcaaatc agtagggata gggtctgggg gaagtggatg     82080
     agagccttta ttagagaagc cttgcccagc taagaagagt ccaacccagg tgggttaaaa     82140
     aaaaaaaagt cgtgtatcta tgagcagatt aagaggagga aatcatttct ttcaaatatt     82200
     taaaggtgta gattttatat atatgatact ggtgtctccc tcaaactagt tcaacaactt     82260
     aaaaaaaagg agaaacttgt attcataact aacaatatct tctggttagt accaccccca     82320
     atccaatcta ttcaatgtct tcatgcatgt atgccattct ctctttccag gacaggttta     82380
     tactctaagt aacaaaactt aatgctctga atcttgaagc tggagcagtg ctgcttattt     82440
     ttgaaatata ctattaattg acattcctta ggaagtcacc aagaggagct caagacccaa     82500
     taaaatatga cactttaatt gacaattaaa atctacttga accttgtact tggttttctt     82560
     gtgaagtttg tagcaccact atagacttga aaagtataat ctttctttca aattttctta     82620
     agcacagatc cagtaagtca gctaccagcc cttaaaactt agctttagaa aatgtacact     82680
     tcatatctat ttatttgcag tgataaaaat tgaacccagg gactcacaca tgccaaacaa     82740
     gcattcgctg tgctatattc ccagctctta cacttcatat taacatacct ggaagagcca     82800
     cagggaaatt ggaaaataag gtttaataag taacacttga actgaatgtg ctacaaccaa     82860
     agaatgattc tgtttatgat aatttatgtc tcccaatata gaaagaatag atttttgact     82920
     ataataagca aaataaaact aaaaaaataa agccgtaagt tgaaagagtt ctaattgcca     82980
     gaggacagtc tgttttcaga aacacggggg gcattattct acaaaagatc atttctcact     83040
     ttagatatgc agaaaggtca caggagcctg tgtcctttca gtgaagtcag ttaccaattc     83100
     atcagggtct catcttgaga cctgtcactc atttaaacac tgatacctca acagaaattg     83160
     actcttggaa agaagaacta cctgtgggat atcttaacaa gggaagtgaa tggacttcct     83220
     ggaaacactg ctgtattttt tttttttttt gtctcaggga tttctttctt tttgttatca     83280
     agctttatgt tattgtagct tttctatatt tggctttgat tttgctgcaa aaaggctgaa     83340
     gatatctaca tgcaagtagg gctgaggagg tgggtgggac ctcctctgtt ccgttatctt     83400
     tgttgtaaaa ttggtgtgca gtgatctaac agcacaggca gaaacaattt cccagaaagc     83460
     aaaaacattc agccatcagc agacagttag ttaagaactc agaggagatg ggggaggttg     83520
     ggggtaggag aggcttgtta gacttattac ctcacaggac gaagactgag tgcggtagct     83580
     tggcacaatc ttgaaggtaa tactccctcg catttccctc tgggagaaga aaagaggaga     83640
     gttctcatgc aaacacatgt tgcacacaaa aacacagaag aaaccactca aaatgtgtgg     83700
     gtgtaatcag tccacaccac ctgacagcac tcagccctaa aaaaccccta attataaagc     83760
     aggaaacact caggttactg gtagagtttt ctgggaaaga tccctcaaag tcaaggctga     83820
     ctatcttgta tctagcaatg aatggtctcc aagatctctg atggttatct tttgtacaca     83880
     tgaatacaaa acggtcgaaa tgatatgctt tacaaaaatg actatacact gacccgaaga     83940
     agagaataag tacttatata aaatccctat ttaatatgct actctcagat gctatcaaca     84000
     taaaattgct tttatacttt attaattctg gcattccttt tgattacggc aagcccggga     84060
     tgcttgcttc ctgcctaaga ggtatttacc gcacgagaag ctgctgtact atagcaggga     84120
     ggactcaagg cataaaacaa atgcttccct ctgtttgcta caacccagca tagatggggg     84180
     tctgtcagca gatgtcaatg ctttttattg aaggtctaat ttcagtatgg attttttcga     84240
     gtatagccaa taatggcctt cctcttcttt gtgtcgtaga gagatacact atagctggcc     84300
     atgactcagc taaacaggaa agaggtttct aatggggtta atcaggaacc ttttgaggtc     84360
     agcgagacac tagttcacac gactatgtac tggggaggtt ttctgtaaat atctggttgg     84420
     taagaaacca aggaaggata acagtgtgca gactcccact gctaaaggca ggcaaaatgg     84480
     tttcaaagtc cactgcagct actgcatttt cctagttgtc agtttttaat gaatagtgtg     84540
     caagttcagc ttcacgtaaa tgatggtaca agaagtattc tgactaggat tgaagaacca     84600
     ttagatgtgt tttctttata tctgtttatt tagtgtgtgt gttaggtatg agtggggata     84660
     cctcagtcgc tgtatgtatg tttggtgtat gaacgtgtgt gtatacaggt gccagcacct     84720
     gtgtgtatgt gcttgtagag gccagaagag aatgttggat attctgctcc attattctct     84780
     accttctttc cttgatatag gatctctcag tgaaccttga gctaggctgg tggctagcaa     84840
     gccccagcta ccctcatgtc tctaccagac ataaagttgg ggttacaggc aggtgagacc     84900
     atgctctgcc ttttacctgg gtgtggcgtc cagactcagg tactctgaca agtacttcta     84960
     cccactgagc catctttcca taccttctgt gtgtgttttg tataaaataa gttaatagag     85020
     ctgtcaagat ggctcagcaa caggacctat acggtgagcg gaccagtgac atgctgttgt     85080
     ggaaggggaa atctcatggg gacctacccc tagacaaaga actacaggca actaaggaag     85140
     gttgagaggg agaagtagtt gttcccaggg atgggcctcc cacttggtca tcccattcta     85200
     agtggttatc tctgaaagca tttacaccca agggacactt aatggactca gcatgttgga     85260
     tttacatgta taaacatctc tatacgcatg caacaataca aagaaagaga gtccatgaac     85320
     tagagcgact gacctggcgg agtgctatat agaagagatt agagagagaa aggagaagga     85380
     gggaaatata attatatttt aattaaaaat ataatagtaa aaaaagatgg ctcagcatgt     85440
     gaaggcattt gccgccaagc ttgatgacct gagttcaatg cctgggaccc aactggagga     85500
     agcagagacg caactctttc aaactgtcct ccaaaccgca catgggcgtg tatgcatcca     85560
     cagccacacc aaaatacaca ttaaataaat ataattaaaa atcaaaatct aggctaatga     85620
     actaaaaatg aatcttagag aaggggaaac ttccattggc ttacaagcat tttctgtagc     85680
     tgttccactg tttggttagc gacactgatg ccattgattt ctcggatttc atcaccaaca     85740
     tgaagtgtac ctaagaaaat catacacaat tataaacagg aacaaagtaa ctgtttttag     85800
     aataatgaaa agggaaaggt agcaatgtaa tacaaaaata aattacagat ctaaaagcca     85860
     gtgatttaga gataggactg catttagcta tagaattact tcacttttgt gtagtaaaac     85920
     cattcaaata gatacattta cttacagaaa gcacagtttt gatggatggc caaagaaact     85980
     tgttgaccac ccaataagag actattatga atgagcagac agaactgaaa acaaaacaaa     86040
     tgactactac atctaaacaa aaccataaat ggcgacataa gataataaat ggatacattg     86100
     agtaagaatt cagacatgac tgaggagagt gtcaatgaac tggaagatat aacaaaagat     86160
     cacttaaggt catggaaata aagatatagg gaaaccagga aacaagaaaa aaatataaaa     86220
     atagctatgg cataggattg tttaatgtac atctaactga aattcagaaa gaacaaagag     86280
     aatgaagaaa aggcaatgtt tgattggatg aatattttat tgaactgatg aaagcattac     86340
     tatacagacc taggaaaaat aagattaata aaataagaaa tctgggccag aagcaaaagg     86400
     ctttttcatc aagtctgata atctatgttc aatccttgga acccatatgg tagaaagaga     86460
     attgattccc acagattgct ccctgacctc tatgtgcaca ctgcagcatg tgtacagaac     86520
     atgtgtgtgt gtacagagaa ataaataaac ataaagatat tgtttaagct gggggggggg     86580
     tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaagcaga tttctgagtt     86640
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggttacac agagaaaccc     86700
     tgtctggaaa aaccaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa aaaaaaaaga tattgtttaa     86760
     ctttaatata tggaaactta aaatttgtag gtaaccacta gtatcacaga aataggtgct     86820
     gaaattagaa gctagaggct aataaaacaa aaatctccaa aaaatgaacc aggaaagcaa     86880
     aacagtagaa tcattacatt gaatattaat gaagtactct atcaaaaata gtaatcagaa     86940
     ctggtcacaa tagtgcatga ccttaatcta agcactcagg aggtagaggc aggaggatta     87000
     caagtttaag gttacccttg gctgcacagt gagtttgagg cccatgtacc taattcatat     87060
     agtcaaatat ttaagtccaa agagagattt ataaatagac actgaaatac tttactatga     87120
     taaatggata ttttatgaag tatttgtggg tcaagcatac aaaaaattaa tcaacacata     87180
     aaagatttga acagaaagat taacaacacc aagccagttg ggaactctgt atgcaacaat     87240
     tgaaaaataa aggctcttca taaacatata cgcataaaaa tgatgaaagt gctttccagg     87300
     agggaaggtc ttaacaaagc tgtgagtaat ggtgtcatac agaccacacc ttctgagcac     87360
     aatgcgatta agtcagaagt gaattacaga aagatgtcta aaaaaaaaat tgggatagca     87420
     ctggaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatacctaat taaaaaaatc tctttaaaaa tggtaaataa     87480
     aaatacttct agggctggag agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccagg     87540
     ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct     87600
     gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag caacagttgt actcacatat ataaaataaa     87660
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaatc tgtaaaaaaa accaaccttc taaataactt     87720
     ttgggccaat aaaagtataa tggaaatgta agacaatgac aaatgaatca taacaaatta     87780
     ttacatatca aaattggtgg gatacagata aaagagtact tggaggtttt atttcatttc     87840
     tggtggtggg gatggaattc aggaacaagg tctacaataa ctgaaactga aaagacaaac     87900
     agctctttta tgtgaatgat aaaaaaccta cttccatcag aagtctagga agacttaagg     87960
     aaggtaaaga aagagtctct ggtgggactc accttgcctg tgaatcatac ccccatgcat     88020
     gattcttgcg acaatacaat gatttagctc attcattttc aaagtgattc cctgttaaag     88080
     aaaacaaagt tcgtaaggat acaattaaat gaaagcacta tcttatattt gtgattttta     88140
     ttgtaggtaa ttttaaatag aagagaacat atagaaaatg aagactttac atataaaatt     88200
     gttccatgac agaaatgcta cttgtcggta ttttgatcgc taaatagcaa gaatacagtt     88260
     tatctactac cttttaatat tttaattatg attatttttc actttacttt gtttttttat     88320
     attgctaatt atttttaaaa aggtttttat tcctaccaaa ggtatatact ttatattagt     88380
     gtatccctta tatttcttcc acaaaataag ttttattttg taacccacat aagatatttc     88440
     aaactgtaaa atttggcaag tttaatatgt gcatgcatgt gtgaatttgc cactacaatc     88500
     gctttgtgta tttgtgtgtt tccagataag gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg ctatcctgaa     88560
     actcgttttg tggaccaggt tagcctcaag ctctgagatc catctgtttc ctgagtgctg     88620
     gaattaaagg tgtgtcaacc tctgcttttt aataggagaa tttacattat taagatttag     88680
     tatgattgtt aacataattc agtataaata tatattcttg ttgtgttaca cttacccctg     88740
     agaataccag aatggatagc caatttgcat gcctcctttg tgctgccaga taatggtaag     88800
     gcaacttact aagaacagtg aacaagaata caaaccgcag tgtctagatc tgaggactct     88860
     ctggaaattg tgatcataga cccgttcttc tatatttctt ccttatctgg aaggcaactg     88920
     gtgaaacttt tcttacgtag gtatttcgct tctcttaaga actccaagga aaggatataa     88980
     gtgcatatct ttgaatgttt tcttccctgg aaacgtgctc ccatttttca acttgaaatg     89040
     tgcccagtgt tccatctcac tatctccttg tgcattcaat tgtttgagct tgaagtttga     89100
     gggtcatcct tgagttttgt gtctctcatt gcaacctact atttgcctaa ctggtttact     89160
     ttccttcctt ccttcctttc tgagacagga tatcaactag cccaggttgg cattgaattt     89220
     gttatgcagt tgaggatgac cttgaattga ttctcctgtc tccccagtgc tggggttaca     89280
     ggcatggtca ccaaatctgg ctctttcatt ctatcttgat gtacatgcta ccagttctga     89340
     gtaccatgat ctcttcccta taccatggca gggtctgctt tagtatctag tctccctaaa     89400
     ctctgtaaca gtttccaaag tgcttgttct aaaatgaaaa cccaatccgg ctccatgctt     89460
     acaatgattc aacagccttt tgctgctttg aagcctctaa catgtttttc agttcttgtc     89520
     tgctcagtgg ccaccccaga gccctttctt gatcatctca acctatgatg ctcctaagaa     89580
     tgagtgcaga cacacacagt ctcagttctc cagcacggga aaacagacaa acagttcaat     89640
     gtgaatggat gagatctgaa catttcctga attacttttc ttccattttt tggtgaaagc     89700
     aaaagatatg caaagtattg aaatttctct tttacttaat tccctctttc tttgttatat     89760
     gagatttttt tttttaacat tccagagtaa tgaccgtgtt cttggaaagt tgaaaagtaa     89820
     ttggtacagg agaggtggat gatcagcatg tctaagacct gattttaggc agaatacttc     89880
     ttggcaaaaa aggtaggaga actggtgatg atctggaaac tgatttttat ttttagtttt     89940
     tttttttttt ttgggacagg gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg ctgtactggc actcactctg     90000
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatt cagctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     90060
     taaaggcggg caccaccgct gcctggctgg aaactgattt ctttaggacc atccatgtcc     90120
     ctccatcctc cctccctcct tgagtagcag tctgcacagg gtgaagttcg aagctcttcc     90180
     tacttaccat tggctcatcc gtgttctttt ggaactgtac cagccgaact ctggtcacat     90240
     tctccatgtc catgtctccg tttgcacttt ctggagaatc accgtttaaa tagggggaag     90300
     tcgggggagg tgtgaccctt aatgcttcat cactgtaaac ttcatgtgcc actacatcat     90360
     gagtctgaag taaggcctgg catttttatg aaagaaggaa aatattatgg taccattcta     90420
     gcagaaatct gttacataaa cacatgtata accacttctc aaaagtattt tttatctgaa     90480
     gagaccacaa atgaagtaca cctccaaact atcagacctc aatttctttg tggcagatag     90540
     atggatttct ttttaaaaat agaatgaaca agtgacagag caaaagaatg aatggatggg     90600
     cttgtcaatc tggtgttagg ctacaaatct gtatttaaca cacatgtcca aatcaaggct     90660
     gacagactga aattttaaat aatttagcag aaatagccaa taataaaaag aaccaacaaa     90720
     tttgcactgg ggctttaaac tgatataaag tttaaaagat attatgtaat aattactgta     90780
     ctgaataagc atcttctgta tatgaataaa aaagatgaaa ttggtattgc gtactaccag     90840
     attgggtaat ggaaataagg gagaagcata gatcaaggag aatctataat cttcaggttc     90900
     ttacaattga atggacaatt acatagtgat ttcaattttt atatagccta aaggataaag     90960
     acaatttata acatgattta agaaataaaa tgaaaactgc atagatatac ttaagacata     91020
     aagttttaga agtatcacac acattataga actcaaatta gaacttttaa atttgtttat     91080
     acatatttac tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cacacatgaa tacatacatg tgtcatggtg     91140
     ttcatgtgga ggtcacagga caacctgtgg gagtagttct ctccttctac cttgggagtc     91200
     ccagggatgg agctcaggtt gttagatttg gtgaaatgtg ccttcacctg atgagccatt     91260
     tcatctcaaa aaggaaatgt tttgtaattt ttaacttggg gggctttgac ataaatctga     91320
     tcattattct tactttttaa gagacagggt ctcatgtctt gcagattggc cttgaagtca     91380
     ctatgtaggg aaagatgact ttgtttctac ctcccaagtt ccagaatcac aggagtacac     91440
     caccatactt gtttcatgtg atgttgggaa tgaagtaagc tcactcttaa caactgagct     91500
     acacccctac tcctaacttg aaaatgatta cttattcatt ttgcaaaatg cactaacaaa     91560
     gaaaaatgat ttcttttata ttgtcatctg tatgtcatct tggtaaactt cagcaataaa     91620
     tctcttttat ttttttaaaa gggataccct ttgttcccat cacaaaccct ttgtaataaa     91680
     catgagaaat tttagttaaa gagaatttac aactgattat tgttcggttt agaactttat     91740
     acagataagt atgtatatgc taagtctaaa tttagtctca ttttcatctg taatatgtgt     91800
     ggtaatgaga tatgcacaaa taatgaaatg tgattaaata gtattttgct atctgaaata     91860
     ttgtaaaagg cttatcggag ccatgactta gctactttaa agtcacacat aaaggcaaaa     91920
     ataaggtaat aatgtgttga aattagaaag gaagcaggga agtggatctc tctgaatttg     91980
     aggccagctt ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggatctccag tgcgacatgg agaaaccctg     92040
     tctcgaaaaa ccaagaccaa ccaaccaacc aaaaccagaa ggaaggaaga cagtgatgag     92100
     tcatcatcaa caggtactcc gagtaatcaa tttactcgtt tctgattgaa atggtcagca     92160
     ctacctcaat cccaggccac tgttctcaac tgcagatttg ggtgagggtg gctttagggc     92220
     actgacaatg tgccaatata taggtttaaa gcagaggtca atgaagggcc aggagatgtg     92280
     gctacaaaat atgaaggttg gactatatgg gcaaggcctt ctttgtggtt taactgtagc     92340
     caccaaagaa actaagattt agagcagaga ggccaaatca ggaatgggcc aagtagagaa     92400
     gttcatctat taagatcagg ttcatcatct aagttcaaag atgtctttta tgactcaaga     92460
     tgctttgtct gattgctaaa cacaggcaag cttttcatgg gaatgatgtc agccttcaag     92520
     tcctatgaac tgggtaaaat gtttacattg ctttttgtag atgatttcta taaatccttt     92580
     aaagttatat aaacaggtgc ttgcatttaa tgtattattt ataaggaaaa ataaaccttc     92640
     attcacgaaa tagtgccaag ctgaattttt aaaaagttta aattatgttg ccaaataagg     92700
     tcacacttga tattaaccag aatttgcggc tttcagtgat tgctgccaca aaatacaact     92760
     aaatccccag ctctaattca catgcaaaca gaaaagggga acatgtgcag aatgcttata     92820
     taatatggtt aaaaaagaat acataagata taaataagga aattgaagtt tgaacatttt     92880
     cttttaaata gcctatagag tatgactgaa caattagtac tagggtttcc agacacagtc     92940
     ctgcaacata cccaggttgg cctagagttt acaaccttcc tgtcttacca ttctgagaca     93000
     gcagggttga gctttaatac ttaaaagcct atttaatata tattttagaa ttttctttca     93060
     agagacagta tccacatgta tgcttgttca agaattatta ataagcttaa tataggctta     93120
     cagggaaatt catttgtgtt atgaacagtc tgctttttaa gagctagtca gatttggctt     93180
     gagtcttagg gaagccttct ttattctagg tggatgactt taaacaaatt cctacctcac     93240
     agggcaattt ctacttctaa ggctagtcac acaacttaac atcccaatca caagcaagtc     93300
     ctgttgcttc ctaccatccc caatatgaaa tcccaacctg cccatctgct accatcccca     93360
     tttttctcta agcctccatc attcctttca gtattctaac tggtctttct cctacagtcc     93420
     attcacagca tgtgagctcc agcatcttct accccctcac ttttgagaca gtgctttgct     93480
     ctgtagcacc ggctggcttg atacatacta tatacctcag gttagaatca gacctgtgtg     93540
     ttagcccatc tgatatttaa gtatttagtt tttgcctgct cttatgtcta gtgtattttg     93600
     aattggaggt agtatttcta tttcatttac cttatgccct tttttaacat ttgtcttaag     93660
     gggtatatat atcaatgtac accctgatgg tggctgaaat gtacatcaaa tgttcaataa     93720
     aaatgggagg atcggaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tcagacctgt ggaacgtcta tctcagccta     93780
     tcaaatgttg gggctacagg aatgtgtaac tatgcctagg agcaaccatg aaagcatgac     93840
     ttagctcata ttttcttgat tgcaatcaat cactcaatac aatcactact ttaaccagga     93900
     gaaaactcta gactctttac catggtctgg aagagcctcc ttggtctggc ctctgccaag     93960
     ctctgtaagc atttctgtac ctctttcttc tcttttccta aatccaatct ttaatggact     94020
     ttagctcggt tccctaaacc tacacaactt ccttctgcct cttcctcccg cttggatgtt     94080
     caggggccca gctcttctga gaacaagttt agctaactct tcagagggct ttcccctgag     94140
     gatataaaat agctcacact tgtactactg cctctatacc acaatctctt attcatagtt     94200
     attgtaacta tatgaaatta ttgtgttatc tgatgtgttc agtctatttc taatcagaaa     94260
     cccctatcct tcagcctcac tgagatggga aactctttga gggtgagact gtgtttttct     94320
     tattcataac tagatcctta gtggccagca tagagaacct ggaacatagt aggcacttag     94380
     atatttggta tatgaataaa gatgtctttt aagtactgag ctatgttttc aaggaatttg     94440
     aggaattatt tctgaaaatg tttcctgata gggacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     94500
     cacttctaag tttagacata aaaaatagat caaggcttag aaggaaggtg agctgtgagg     94560
     cactggtctg catgagcttt aatgattttt tttcctggaa aaaaatttac ccgataaaaa     94620
     aggccttatt tggggatatg ctaatttatg tagtcttcat caaatctaaa agatttacta     94680
     gtctgaaatg ttcctatata attctctgaa gtagctcagg ctatacagca attcgtagtc     94740
     tgttcaaaaa tgtggagaac acagtgcaca gagcagtgag tagtaaggtg aacctccttg     94800
     caaatgggtc aaatatgctc agcgcctact agagcttaca atataagctc tgtgcacagg     94860
     cagatgacat actgtgcggt aggtaataat cctcattagc taacactgag gaggcattaa     94920
     gcatatgtca ggcagaaacc aggccaagta cagcaaagga gattcgaact gagctctgaa     94980
     ttgacacata tcatgtaaaa gtgtgcttgc tcagactgaa gtatatttct aattcactac     95040
     catcagataa aacagagtta gacacttcca gagatgtgct tgagtttggc cactaaaact     95100
     tagaaaaatt agggaaggga aatagaaaat gatagataat aacctagaag gacaatggta     95160
     aagttttaga agcactgcat gtacaaagaa atagcatata cttaaaacct tacaggcatt     95220
     gatatgatac atatgtttca ttgtagctat gattttaaaa ctaacactta aaataaatag     95280
     ttgtaataag aacaacaagg ttttaaaatc acatttccac ccagagggaa gttagctggg     95340
     tttttaactc tttgcatata ttccacatta tattcatcaa ggattttaac ctataattgt     95400
     gctttttttt caaaaaaaaa tctgtcctat tttcatttat gcgtctgtgt ctatacaact     95460
     gtgtgtttat gaccttggag gtcagaagat gttggctccc ttggagctag agttatagca     95520
     gttataagcc acctgacttg ggagatggaa actgaccttg ggtcctttgg aagagcagca     95580
     gaccctttcc accacagagc tgtcctgtca gccctgtaat tctacttgtg aattgtagat     95640
     aagtagatat ctgtgaactt cttttctaca aaaatgtttc ttaacgactt agagcttcta     95700
     ataattggct aaacataagt gctatttcca ttttcataga aatcaacaaa aaagtatggg     95760
     agttctgcac tgtctaaaac aaagacactt tgagtttaat tcctgaagcc acatggtgga     95820
     agaaagactc cttcagcttg ttctctgacc tccatgcatg cattgtggca catgtgcccc     95880
     gtaaataaat ataatgtgaa aactgaagac agcttttcat ttaaaaagtt gtcgtcaatt     95940
     tcagctcttt gtggtttagg tagcatagag ttgcagtgag tgatgtgaga acacagggaa     96000
     gcagatcatt atgtggggtc tacatagtcc ttgatgagca cttgacaagt ggcacgttta     96060
     caactgtgat acaagggcaa caacaataat gaaacaaaac aatgtgttat tacctaggat     96120
     tataatctta gtctgatatt atagtcatga actacaaaat gatatttgag ccaatgagac     96180
     actacataaa caagattata tcgaaagcaa aatattccta gggcctagtg agttcatgca     96240
     caatgcctag ttacttggtt gtggtgttga tgctggtgca aagaaactag tgcagttagt     96300
     tcagatgaga gcatgatgca tgcagttatg aatggccgat cagacttgag agctgtgatg     96360
     ctgctggctt aggtagttac tactttttta aatcattatt ttttaaaaaa gatttattta     96420
     ttttataaat caagtacact gttgctgtct tcagacgcac cagaagaggg tgtcagaccc     96480
     cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag ggcctctgga     96540
     agtgcagtca gtgctcttaa ccgctgagcc atctctccag tccttaaatc attatttcac     96600
     agtctgcccc ttctacttag gaaaagttta tcatggtagc acatgcttat aatcttaata     96660
     ggagttcaat gcaggattct gaagttgagg ctactctgag ctacctagtg agatcttaca     96720
     tcaaaaataa aaccaaaact aaaagcaaaa tgaaaataaa gaaacaacat gtttcctgta     96780
     aaagtgtatg ttatgttatc ctggcactag cctcacaagc ttgtgttatg gtgtctcttg     96840
     attttatcac tctctagtgc ttgttaaatt tcatatggtt ctgcatggga atctaagcac     96900
     ctcccaggac tctgccatac acactgtagc ttggtgtaca ctagtagcct ctatcaccca     96960
     ggctcttgta aggacaccct gtgatgtact ttcaatggca aactgcctaa tgacatattc     97020
     tctaaaatgc acaccagcag gtgtacaagg atatatttat gacatttgat gacagtagca     97080
     atattttagg aaggttatta aaaatgactt gtgaaatggt gttgtatgtc tagtgatgtg     97140
     ttacttacca tgaaatgagg ttgtgttaaa atacgcttta gttccttcgc atcattattc     97200
     tcagggtaac atgaaatttc ttccaatacc tagaaaaaca aataagatac acactaatgc     97260
     aaaatgagct gtacaaagca tggaactcct ttaaattaaa aaccatgaat atatttttgt     97320
     agcaggaaag tcaattactt tcaaaacatt tgttgagttc aaaggttatt gaagtataag     97380
     aatattgata gtaataaaat gaaatgtttt gggtaataat agtttgcctt cattacccaa     97440
     ctatgatcca aaggtaacaa aaaaactaat aagcaaaatg ggaagcttgt aacacatact     97500
     tattacaggt ttaagtaact taagtagctt aaggaaaata tgccttacaa attccctccc     97560
     caaatcaatt tgccctttaa aatttaacaa cactgctagt tccttaaaag atgacacagg     97620
     ttcaatgaaa acaatataca taagactgct aattaactag cataattaac taagaacaca     97680
     tgtaagtgat tttccttgta gcctggcagg agtaaaatgc ttatctttca acacagagaa     97740
     aagcatgctt ctaccaaatg aacctttgat gaaactccag caaacaaaag accaaactta     97800
     aaaatttaaa caccttcagc agcaactttt cattgccaat taggcattaa cattttctct     97860
     gcattggtga aaatgctgct tgcaagtaaa cagttcttaa aaacttctcc cttccaccca     97920
     ggaatggagt ttctctgagt aggcacctgt tactgttttt actgcagatg gctcacagag     97980
     acctctacac tgaactcaac tgaattctaa tcatggagcc tatctagtat tgccttagca     98040
     ccatgggttg taaggggcac acatcccctc aaccagtagg actctcctgc cttaaccttc     98100
     aaggacttca gaaaggggct cactctcact ctgcttgagt ctcagatttc agcattctag     98160
     catgtaatga gctctgctac ttaagcatgg ggaagagtga gtgagtgaag aaataaatga     98220
     acacacaaaa cacacataag gaatgaatga atgaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     98280
     cacaccccac acaccaacca acaaaacaaa cactctcata tacatacata ctagtatttt     98340
     ttttcaaatg ctctgttaat ggctgcaggt tatacagcta atttatattg cttaatgata     98400
     ttaacatagt tttcttcggt gtattttcag cttctcttct aggaaacaac aggggaaagc     98460
     acaaactctc tcctttccct tgatactttc atagcccatg atcttaagta ttgagtctga     98520
     cctcctgagc taggggagat tcttccactg taaagttagg acaaaggatt gtccccccac     98580
     ccccgcccag agtatctctg cttctgtctg tttgggtatt gttaagattg ggcagcgact     98640
     catgattcct gcctgacagt gtaattcctt tcaaagaatg cttgctgagc aaactaagac     98700
     agacttcttt taccggagac tcaccaagag ggcaggcctg gcagccaata tggtctaatt     98760
     tctcagtgag tatatgagca tatacaatgt atatttttat caaaagtcat gtttaacctc     98820
     tgctaagaag ctagatgggg tggtacacac ctaacatccc aacactgagt acatggtgag     98880
     attctatctt aataaaacaa aacccagaac aatatctgct aggaaaggga taaaattatg     98940
     tcttcagtac atttagtaat cacatttact aatcacactt tataaaatat ttttaaaaag     99000
     aaaggtttat ttgcgtaaaa actttaaaac aaacagtaaa aataataagg cacttactaa     99060
     tggtaatttc tacatcattt tagtaatagg aaaaaattag tcattgtgct atagttataa     99120
     agaccaaata aaggtgtaaa atgcttatta cacaattcta ggctcaaacc aacatatttc     99180
     gattggtaat acatcaaatt ctatatgcaa atgattctgg gtgaattttg ttttccaagc     99240
     tctctgcaat gccatgcttc tatgataagc aagtatgaaa aaaagcttgt gggagatact     99300
     tttatatatt gatgatgcat aaaaaaatga cttctttgaa ctcagtatat ttaattgttc     99360
     tggaaagtca attaaccact acatagtacc acatttaaaa ggcaactaaa aaatttgaag     99420
     catgtctatt tcttccatgt acagtaaaat aatattttaa aaagacaatc ccaccccaaa     99480
     caatatgctc atttgcacag cagaaccaga aggagaagcc tggggactct tgttgctgag     99540
     actttttctt tcccacatgg atgttcaatg ataaacttag caaccagaat ctgagtatgc     99600
     ttcaagctgc catcctaaac agtgtgccct taacatgcaa agacatcttc agtaaaggtg     99660
     gcaaacgtga caatgctatg tactttgaga aaaatatgcc acttacctct ttggctctct     99720
     gtactgcatc acttggagga ttcctgattt gtggcgaaga ctttgtgtta attttgtcat     99780
     acagctaaaa agcaaagaag aaaatccgat caatacacat cgtgttttgc tacagtttat     99840
     agcttttggt ttattgtttc agaaaacaac atttgtcctc ctaaaaagtc agagagatga     99900
     tataagtgag tcttctttgc aattgttcat cattcagaat ataagtttta tgcacatctt     99960
     ttaaagtaaa tgtttttaaa gagaggaacc aaaactctat ccttagcaat tcacatttgt    100020
     caatatagca gcaaccccag tgttttcctc cagacagaag caatgctcac taacgggagt    100080
     gtggagtcaa atgaagaaca gattctggcc aagaagagtc tgaaagaatt ttcatagaag    100140
     ccttgatctt gggaaagggc aaatgtaact ccttctagga aggaatgttc ttacagaggt    100200
     ttgtgctcgt cttagtagga atattcatta atagaatcag tgctggagac ttcaacaggg    100260
     agtcatggac agaaacttgg tttctattgg ctttgcaaat tcaaggagtg tgagaagact    100320
     gaaaaaaatc tgaatatatt tacaattcct ccaacctgaa agaatcaaac agcaacttga    100380
     taaagaacat taattagtca gagaaaatac actgcagtct agaagtgtaa ttaaaacact    100440
     agttctacct caaatggaat ggctcacagt cagtggctgg cctgctctga aaagtataat    100500
     gttaaaactg acctctgttt gtctgatggc ttctatttcc taacttctct aaaacagttt    100560
     gagattttgg ggatggtttt gttccctacc tttttctccc tctgtacacc aatgctattc    100620
     cagaggtgaa atactgactg taaacattct tcaaattata gctagatgtg agataaatct    100680
     ttatgacttg taaatattta ggccaatgag gtaacaaaaa cgaccaagag aaagggccat    100740
     taattaagaa agtactactg aattgaaggc tgaataaata gtttgagcag aatggtaaaa    100800
     tgctattcaa acattttatt aacattttag ggcacaggtg atatgctttt tgaccaaatc    100860
     cttggagaat caatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    100920
     atagatatag tctctgtctt cttaaggttt ccatctctag tggtttgcta actaaaattt    100980
     agaatgaaaa aaaaaagtac tttcttatag aaataggcag ggactcacta tgtagccctg    101040
     gctggcctgg aacttagcgt gtagaacagg ctggcctcta atttgtagat acctacttgt    101100
     ctttgaattc agagagttag atctgtgctg actctaaagt attaggatta aagggtatac    101160
     cacaatgccc agcttacaga aataatgtag cgattagctt cccagactaa tctatgaaat    101220
     gaattactgc atatataaaa tatcaacgtg aatgccatct actacaaaat ccaaaacaaa    101280
     agacactctg aattataaat atttaaatat attacaatta caagaattga ataaaaaatc    101340
     ttataacatt acatctgtcg ataacaggct tacattttta ttgacagtaa ataccatgtt    101400
     gtattctttt ttttaaaaga tctatttgtt tattttatgt atatgagtat actgtagcag    101460
     tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcatcaga ccccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccata    101520
     tcattgctgg gaactgaact caggaccttt ggaagagcag tcggtactct taactgttga    101580
     gccatctctc cagcccccat gttgtattct tagcaaaata aaacaatatg taaagacact    101640
     agacctgaga gatggctcag tttgtaaaga cacctttagc taagcctgtt aacatgaact    101700
     cgattcctgg gtggcaggag agaaccaatt ctcaaaggtt gtcttctaaa atccacactc    101760
     acgcaatatt tcctgtcttt tcctgagctc ttctgcttct gctgactatg attatcccat    101820
     aggaatctgt tttccaataa gcaacaaaaa ggggttggat ctggatggga gagatggtgg    101880
     ggagaaactg gatggggtaa agggagggga aagtttatgg atatattatg taagaacaaa    101940
     atctactttt taatgaaaga aaaaattaca aatttgaaat gctttaaaac tagaaatgct    102000
     ccaacatctg aaatgccccc aaatctgaaa cttctaaaat accatactga ctctcaagtg    102060
     gaaaattcca catttaacct cacatgagag gttgtaccca aattccagac acactaaaaa    102120
     tgttgcataa aattcttttc aggccgtgtg tacatgctat atatggaacg taactgaatt    102180
     ttatgtttag actttgctcc taaccccaaa atatcattat gtgtactcaa atatttaatg    102240
     ttggaaaaga aatcctcagt ataaaaccct tcagatctca agcatttcag attagagata    102300
     tttaacctgc acactaggaa caatgatgag tgcttttact gagcacttac tagatgctaa    102360
     ttactagtca aagaccttaa tataaatgca tccacttaac cacagcttct cctgcaaggc    102420
     tggtgcctct gtcattccca ttttacagat ggggaaaaca gacgacagtg aagtcagaac    102480
     tagctttaaa gtaaagttct agctttagga tgacttcctg agtggcatag aggttcctag    102540
     aatctcagac ctttcatgcc tatattgtaa ggaaggtgct cagataaaac tctgtgcttt    102600
     tggtatggcc tgacacatgc acacatacag ctgcagtcgc acatgcacac gtgcacacgt    102660
     gcacacgtac atacgtacat acacacacag acagacacac acataaacgt tgtctttgct    102720
     attagacctc caccatcatg aatgggagct gtgtcactgg taataaaatc ttgagaatcc    102780
     caaggccttg tcccagatct ccccaagaat ctctgccatt tgattaagaa agcagctgct    102840
     gtccacaagc atcttgagag gaacagaaag gataaggatg gtaaattcca cctgattctg    102900
     atagagagca gaaattacca gttggcttga cactaaaaga ctaagcaggt gcttccaccc    102960
     aattggaaat tgagttgtcc acaacctctg ctctggtggc ataaattctc ttgtgtacaa    103020
     gagcaataaa atcacgttgg ttaataataa aaaaagaatg tcatctaagg ccaacaggaa    103080
     gctgacagtg ctggtgtaga gcttgctgca cagcagccag tgttccttcc acactcagcc    103140
     taagccttat tctgcctacg gaggcagaag cctgacatgt gtaggagtca cagaattagg    103200
     gagagctcat atttgatttt cccttcccct tcttgagaag gaaaggagag ggacctactc    103260
     ttccccctat aaaaagtgaa gggtagggag tcctccagaa aatcttgtcc cagaactgga    103320
     agttccagag agtggagctt cttgccttgg tctctggcca gggcttgtca agttgcagca    103380
     agttatagtc cagtcctaca ctgttgcact aggaaagata gctttgttca gagaatcctt    103440
     ggggaggctc aacatgtggt attttaggtt aagcgaaaaa tgacttgtat ctgttccttt    103500
     agtatgtgag ggcttccttt tctgcctcac ctgggatagc ccacacttgc agcacatctt    103560
     aaagtaagaa tgcatgcttc ctataagtca aagaaatgta tgagaggtaa cctgagcaag    103620
     gttattctga tggagtcctg tccaagagaa ctgcctgaac agagcaagaa gaaccagaaa    103680
     taggagctat gagtaacatc acggggcagg agacaagagt gtgctgctga ggctagctgt    103740
     acgctgtgcc aactatgcca aggctgcaaa tttgcaaccc agcaccaaca ctggcatgtc    103800
     tgctacacca agggcatcaa caaccaaaaa ggaagtggcc gtctaatgtt ggtgattata    103860
     gaacatgctg tgtaagggat tctttttctt ctccatgacc cttgagtttt ccaatataag    103920
     gtaacaggac acagtgtgtg tttcataatt gttttcttca aaaaataaaa atttgaactt    103980
     gtatgtagcg attataaata catatttgta aaaaaaatag agtagcacaa aaataaacac    104040
     agcagaatac ttattttagc ttgtttcttt gggaaccaga tacaatttct atttgatcct    104100
     gcttgcatac taaaattttt tcccctgaaa tcaaagacat tttgtacata tttatttttt    104160
     tgtgggtctt tcaagtctga cttactaaac aagtttttct ttaaatatag agaagacctt    104220
     agatataaat acaattctat ttctctattt taaagagaat cctatagtct ggacaaatat    104280
     cacccaagca cccatgtatt aaaaggcata attgccagct tgtggcacta gtggcaggtg    104340
     gtggaacctt taggaagtgg ggtctggtag gaaaagctag gtcagtggga ctgtgccatt    104400
     gaaatagatg gcagtattcc attcacttct tctctttgct ttttgtgtgt catgaagtgg    104460
     gtagcttctt ctgccataat gttttgcttt cccataggcc caaagcaata gggagaacaa    104520
     atggaaacct ctaaaaccgt gagccaaaat atttttcttc cttttaaggt gattatctca    104580
     ggtgttttgt catagcaact gaaagctgtt caacaaagag gagaaaacta atgtctaggt    104640
     atgtgaaatg ctgcacttag ggttacacaa gcagagcagc agggcatgag agcatggcct    104700
     tctggatcac accagacctc tctgggttat gttagaattt agaaatagat aacaactaac    104760
     aactcgtgct aggaaggtgc ctttagtaat attttggggg gaaattgcag aaaatgctat    104820
     tcatagatca tggcaaaaat aaactacata tgatctggaa gttaatcagt tgctggtttt    104880
     gtcatgttaa gtaactgcat ggttttgtca cgttaagtaa ccttaatctt ctcctggcca    104940
     aaagggaact ttttaggttt taggggctat ctggtctctg tcactactat tacagcctgt    105000
     tgtgttgtat aaaagcagct gttaacaatg aatagactgt gtttcagtaa aatatgtatc    105060
     aaataagtgg ttggctggat ttggcttgag ggtgataact tgcaacttct gctccagact    105120
     tataagttca aggtagactg gtaacatcaa aatagatttt tttgtcattt gcattcctta    105180
     aatctgaaga taataaagca tatttataag gctggcatgc tgaagggagt gggagagggg    105240
     atagaaagat gttaatagat tattcctaga aggaagacaa agatgaggag ctctggctgt    105300
     ttgcattctt tttctaaaga aattagctac ccaagttcag cactacacac acacacacac    105360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacaaacca cagacataga atcaaggcaa aaacaaggaa    105420
     atgtgaacag ctgcaaggga aacaggctgt ctcacactgt gtcactccta gacagacgtg    105480
     ctccctgcca gtctttggca ctgggtcaga tatgaccaca cacagctgca cagacacact    105540
     tcacctccgc cttggagtca ctgcaactcc attgggaaac tgtattctac agatggtgca    105600
     aacaaagcag agtaaactca gtggcaatac ccagttccta tctcctaagc atgcactttc    105660
     caacagatag atgaagtcaa tcacttttac tttacttgta aagcattaaa ggcagctcct    105720
     attttaacac agcattacat ttcactcttg atttcttagt cctcaaatag aaataattgc    105780
     tcacatattc cacatttagg tatctgttcc atatctattt taaatattct ataattaaag    105840
     ttagtgggaa gatactatga aataactatc cctgggttgt gtagctcatc aaccttttct    105900
     ttttccacag agaaaacctt ataaaggaca agaatatgta ccacttgaga caagattgta    105960
     acttttggaa caagactcta aatatagatc aataaatgaa gagcttcctt ctagagcttc    106020
     aaagaacagt taagttcatt agcggccagt tactttaaag acactgaagc aactttttgt    106080
     tggaagataa ttcaagttca tttttagctc caaaataatg aaatgtgccc gcaactgtag    106140
     tgagacagat agtaagagtg tgagaaagac tatatgaaat ggcagccatg agatgagaga    106200
     cagcctgtca gagactccct tcacagtctc agggaacagg aaccaagttc caatatcgtg    106260
     ccttagtgaa ctgagaagtg ctaggcaaaa ggactttttt ttttcacata ttatatattt    106320
     gaaatccatc aaaatgttag ggaaaggcag gtgacttaat actaatattt agggaactga    106380
     caagcagcta tcactttgaa gatgattttt cgaagttgta aactggagaa aagtttcaga    106440
     gatctaaact atattttcct gcccaaatta acataccaac ttgagatttt cagcttagat    106500
     acctacccag gaagtttaaa ccgcatagtt cctggatagc ccggggaaac ccaactcttt    106560
     aatataaaca aaaccaaaaa tgaaagtccc tttcagacat taaaaatgag atagtacagg    106620
     tctgaaagga atattgtaca tcttaaaatt gcattttcag aaaaattgag gaactataaa    106680
     tttataaact gaaagaaaaa ttttttacac atctaagaat gattatgcat cattgtgatt    106740
     ccacaattta caaaatgtta taaaagccac catggtgagt tttgggtcag aaatgttgac    106800
     tgtgggttaa taaccctgtc cctccccctt gagaccctgt ctatctattg gaggtagact    106860
     ctttgagttc cctctcccca atgttgggca ttttggctaa gggcaccccc attgagccct    106920
     taagagtgtc tcacctcgtg ggtctcctgt acattctaga gggtccccca tctcccaccc    106980
     caacccctga ggctgcttat ctctattcat tctcttgtca ctgggcttct ctcctgttcc    107040
     cccacatacc tgatcctgtt ccccctttcc cctccctgtt ccctctccta ctcaggtccc    107100
     tccatccccc tgcctctcat gattatttcc tttcctgttc taagtgggat tgaagtctac    107160
     tcacttgggc ctttctgttt gttacaactt cttatggtct atgggttgta ttctaggtat    107220
     tctgtacttt ttggctaata tccacttatc agtgaggaca caccatgcat gtccttttgg    107280
     gtctgagtta cctcaggatg atattttcta gttccatcca tttgcctgca aaattcataa    107340
     tgaaccgttc ctgtctaaaa aaactgcagg gacaaaaatg gaggagagac tgaaggaaag    107400
     tcagtataat aactggccta acttgagatc catcccatgg gaaggcacca aggcctgaca    107460
     ctattactga tgctatgatg tgcttacaga caggagccca gcatggctgt cctctgaaag    107520
     gccctaccag cagctgagtg agacagatgc agatacttac acccaaccag ggacccctat    107580
     ggttgaatta ggggaaagat tgaagaagct gaaagggagt gtgatcccaa agaagaccag    107640
     tagtctcaac taacccagac cctcaggaag ctcccagaga ctgagccatc aaccaggagc    107700
     atacacgagc tggtccgagg cccctggcac aaatataagc agaggtctgc ctggtctggc    107760
     ctcagtggga gaagatgcac ttaatctttg agagacttga ggcctgagga aaggggaagg    107820
     tctggtcggg ggagcaccct ctcagaggca agggggagga ggaaatggga tgagtaactc    107880
     tgggagaggg gactgagggg gttagggtgg ggaacgactg gattgtaaat aaaaaaataa    107940
     atttcaattt tgctgaggta tatacccccc aataaaaacc cactgggtga tctttctttt    108000
     atggagtaaa tatttgtcta tcctatcagt accattttct ccctaaaaac ttatgcatta    108060
     cagaattttc aaatctattt aattaaaatc tctctctctc ttcttcctcc ttctctccct    108120
     ttttctcctt tctttctcac ctctttctgt atgtgacaga atgtattcta catatgttca    108180
     ggtatccaca gagtccagaa gatagtgtga gatcccttgg agctggtgtt acagatggtt    108240
     gtgagctatt tgatataggt gctaggaact gacctctggt cctcaggaga acagtaagta    108300
     gtcttaatca ccttatcaac tctctagctc ccagtctatt ttgagtagtt aaaaagaaga    108360
     cattaaaata ttagtcatac agatgattct ccattccatg cattactaga aaattgaact    108420
     tccatttctt tgaacagcat cactaaacaa agcacctttt agaaatctta aaccaacctt    108480
     gtatttcatc tgaagaagta tgttatacca cagaaactag tgactggagt aaagcagcga    108540
     ttagagtcct actctggaat ttagcatatc cttgggtagg gcccagcaca tactgaatag    108600
     cttgaacttg aatttattat tgtaggatct actttagtat tacaaagtga atttcaaact    108660
     ctggtttatg caaatccatc caaaaccccc caaaactcca acccccccaa aaacaggagc    108720
     cacaataaac ccctgtaatc catagcatac tcagagaaga tagtatattc ttttaaaaat    108780
     gagaaagaat ataggaacca acttgggatc cagaaagcgc aattatgtga tgaatgaacc    108840
     aaggtagaaa tctctgtgat tggcattttg agaagctgtt ttttcctgta catatttacc    108900
     acataacatg gagagtggga gagcgggaga aaaaaatgca atatacacac acaaaataga    108960
     ctactattca accttaaaaa gagaggaaat tttaatacaa catggatgat ccataaggac    109020
     catgatgcta aataaaatag gctagtaata aaaagacaga tactggacta ctgcggtatc    109080
     taagtgggta aagttgtttg tcccaaggcc tgataacctg aaattaatct tcagaaccca    109140
     catggtggaa ggaggcagtc aactcctaaa aagtgacttc tgatcctcat aaatactatg    109200
     gcatatatgc acctaagtag caggacacac aaacacacac acattcacac ccacacatac    109260
     ccatacacat acacccacat aactaaaaac attaaaaaga taaatttttg tgattcactg    109320
     atgttcttgg aataataaca ttgatagaga cagtaagtag aattatgact gtcatgagcc    109380
     aagagtgaga gaggatgatg gtattgtttt atgttttagt tcagttgaga aagatgaaaa    109440
     tagaaggttg cagtagttga acagcaatgt aaatgcactt atccctatag aactgtatat    109500
     tttacagtgc tgaaaatagt gctgtagaga tgactcagca tggagaaaca cctgaaaaaa    109560
     tgttcaacat ccttaattat cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag attccacctc    109620
     acaccagtca gaatggctaa gatcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg gcgaggatgt    109680
     ggagaaagag gaacgctcct ccattgttgg tgggattgca agcttgtaca accactctgg    109740
     aaatcagtct ggtggttcct cagaaaattg gacataatac taccagaaga tccagcaata    109800
     cctctcctgg gtatataccc agaagaagtt ccaactggtg ataagaacac atgctccact    109860
     atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgtccctca    109920
     acagaggaat agatacagaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta ttcagctatt    109980
     aaaaagaatg aattcatgaa attcttgaac aaatggatgt atctggagga tatcatactt    110040
     agtgaggtaa cccaatcaca aaagaagtca ttagatatgc actcactaat aagtggatat    110100
     tagcccagga acttagaata cccaagatac aatttgcaaa acacaagaaa atcaagaaga    110160
     gggaagacca atgggtggat acttcattcc tccttagaat agggaacaaa atacccatga    110220
     aaggagttac agagacaaaa tttggagcta agacgaaaag atggactacc cagagactac    110280
     cccacccggg aatccatccc ataatcaggc accaaaccca gacactattg catatgccag    110340
     aaagattttg ctgaagggac cctgttatag gtctcgtata tgccagtgcc tggcaaatac    110400
     agaagtggat gctcacagtc atctataaga tggaacacag gacccccagg tctgcaaccc    110460
     tataacaata tgaactaacc agtaccccaa gagctcgtgt ctctagctgc atatgtatca    110520
     gaagatggcc tagttggcca tcactgggga gagaggcccc ttggtcttac aaactttata    110580
     tgccccagta caagggaatg ccagggccaa gaagcaggag tgggtgggta ggggagcagg    110640
     gcggggggga gggtataggg aactttcggg atagcacttg aaatgtatat aaagaaaata    110700
     tctaataaaa taataaagtt aaaaaaaaga gatggctcag catgcatact gggtcaccca    110760
     caactattat aactccaact ccaggggatt ttacactctc ttctggcctc tgtgggtacc    110820
     tgcactcaca tatacataat taaaaataaa tctcagaaaa tttaaaaaaa gataggaaac    110880
     tattctaatc tacagaatca tgacaatttt ttgacaaatt agcctcgatt taactttgtt    110940
     ctgaatctta agataatttt ctctcataaa tgaacattaa aaaatggttt gattagagaa    111000
     tgccaatcaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaacaatg tgcaatggtc aatttaaatg ttaagttcat    111060
     atcataacca taaaatgtcc aaatgttgat attatattat attatattat atctgccaaa    111120
     atctttgaaa tgtgggaagt ggcaaatgca tacttgaatg tagatggaat gatcacaaga    111180
     acactgtcct gctgcgctct cctcactgat gtataatact gtataactca gtgttttcca    111240
     acaagctgct gcttcctttt cttcattttt ttttgagata ttgtctcatg tccctcaggc    111300
     tggtgtctac tccttctgta gcagaagatg accaggggac gatccttttg ccacagtctc    111360
     ctgagtgctt ggattacagg catgtacagg cagtcatatc tgacttatga ggactgaata    111420
     tagggctttc ggcatgctag gtaagcatta cacctgtagt tcttaaaatc accttatctt    111480
     gaaaggttac aaaaatgcta agataagttt aaagaaaaac ctgattgctt tctctcatct    111540
     atgagggctt tgttcaagta cacggcgtgg ccactataag tgaatagatt gatgatggct    111600
     ggtaaacata tagctgtgat ggtttatctt gcttgtcaac ttgaattaaa tctggcatta    111660
     aattagaacc atgaacttct ggccaggtcc ataaaggact tcctggatgg gtgaacaaga    111720
     ggaaagacct tctcctagag taggcagcac cccacagtct agggggaaag gagtgtacgg    111780
     aaaaagcagt gctgtttttt atgcctgcct gcctttgttc cttgctggca aatgcatctt    111840
     gttgccgata ctgctttggc catattttgc tgacactgga atctagcttc ttccaacata    111900
     gagtgaagac cagcagctgt ctaggattcc tccagtcctt gagtataata ttggaattgc    111960
     tgaggtattc aacctcatgg actgaacagc tactgagtac ttagcctttc cagcgtgtaa    112020
     atactcactg ttggatttct gcactacact gtgtaagtcc cttggtagta tatgctcatt    112080
     gtattggttc tgttactgca gaaaacctta aataatagtt acataattat ctcaatccag    112140
     tttcagaaca tttctcccaa ttcccttgtg tttgcccatt gcatgcaatg aagatttact    112200
     catacgtgtg tgtattttca aagttttagg ggccatgcca ctagtgaggt accttagtgg    112260
     caaagcactt gcctaacaga tatgttatct catgtttgct cccaacacca caaaaacaaa    112320
     acaaaattta taattttaaa ctcttaaaat gaatctataa ttccctttga gattatggtt    112380
     cattctgaga taatttttgt atgtggtata agagtccaag ttcatatttt tccttatgga    112440
     ggcccaatag tggtggtccc atctaaagac tattgcattg ccatttaatt gccttgacat    112500
     cttctgtgac atcttagtta taaatgtgag tttatttcta aatatttttg ttccatcagt    112560
     ctatatatct atacttatac caatcagttc tgtcagtggt tgtcactgtt gaggcccctg    112620
     tcaaacaaaa cgatccatat taagcatggg gtgtggagta gtagaaggag aataaatgga    112680
     tgggcaaagt ttgaaaagtt tcttcccaag agctattcat ccatacattc tcttttttga    112740
     aacactgttg ctatgcacac taggctggtt tctagcttgt gttcttcctg cctcagtctc    112800
     gtgagtgctg aggatcaaac caaggatctt gtacgtgcta aacaaatgtt ttaccactga    112860
     gttacatgtc aaatctatgc ttgtgtctaa attgtatttt ctaggtcccc taccttctaa    112920
     agtcagaggt caaagacaat gtataagagt tgatatcatc ctgagtgaga taactcagga    112980
     cacacatggt atgtactcac taataagtgg atattagcca aaaaaagtac agaacccagg    113040
     acaaaaccca cagaactcaa aaagctcaac aagctgaagt gtccaagtga agatgtctca    113100
     gtcctacttg agagagagaa gaaaacaatc aaaagcaggg aaggagggaa ggacctgaga    113160
     ggaaaagcag atggggtggg gagtcggggg agagggaagc ctgatctggt attgggtgag    113220
     ggaaaaggac tgaagccctg agggtcagca gaaagaattt aaacaggcaa cctcaggaaa    113280
     taggaggttg ggaggagcct gaggaaaaga tggtccagca acaggcccaa agtgggatcc    113340
     agctcaaggg gaagccccaa ggcctgacac tattactgag gctatggagt gctcacaaaa    113400
     agggacctat catgactgcc ctctgaaaga cccaacaagc agctgaaaga gtcagatgca    113460
     gctgtttgca cccaaccaat ggacagaagc aactgacccc tgttgttgaa ttagggaagg    113520
     ctgaaagaag ctgaggagaa gggtgatcct gtaggaggac cagaagtctc aatctggacc    113580
     cctgagatca ctcaaacact gagccaccaa acagacagca tacaccagct gatatgaggc    113640
     ccccaacaca catacagtag aggacttccg ggtctgtgtt cattcagaga tgatgcactt    113700
     aaccctcaag agactggaga ctccaggaag tttagaggtc aggtggggtg ggggtggggg    113760
     tggggttagc tacatggaga tgaggtgggg tggggaggtg atatgggatg tggagcagtc    113820
     ggagggtgga tgggggtggg ggcaataaaa tatggagtgt aaaaaatgaa ttacaaatac    113880
     aattaaaaaa aaaaaagagt tgattatctc ctactatgtg ggacccagtg attgaactca    113940
     ggtcatcaag cttggcagca agcaccttca tatgccgagc cactttacca actctacact    114000
     acttttaatt atgtgcaaat gcatatagaa ttgcctatag aagccaaaag agggtactgg    114060
     atctcttata gttacaggca gttgtgagct gtctaatgtg ggtggtggga attgaacttg    114120
     ggtcctctgg ataaccaggt gtgctctctt tccagctcct atacccataa tttagaactg    114180
     tttattataa cagttagtga gttgatttat atatatataa aacaaaccag gggaggggta    114240
     gatgatctgt gagtgaagtg tgcaccaggt aataagcaat agggcttgat ttcagagccc    114300
     cagaatctac ataaagagct gggctcagca ttgtgtctgt aacttcaatg ctgggggtag    114360
     ggtggtcctt agagatcatt ggccagtcag cccagaaaaa tcaaaagctg caggtttagt    114420
     gagagatcct gtgtcaaaaa agttcctttt cgtcaggaca tcttagcact ggtaacaatg    114480
     cccacctgaa ccccacactt atttagtcat caaataacca atcagttaaa gccccttttt    114540
     cctttcctgc cccgcattac ctagcagaat gttttatagc acatcctgct gtgccttagt    114600
     gcaatctgca tcaacggtgg gtgaatcaag aagcaccaaa cagttctagg tctcctaaag    114660
     aagttatgtt ctcttcttaa gggaaagaat ttcctgcaca ccacctgaaa tgcactatta    114720
     ccatcagaac cacccacgat tttcactgta gaaatcaact atgctttctg agagtatact    114780
     gaaaacagac acgaatggtc agtttctgtt tctattcttt tcttgagaca gggtctcacc    114840
     atgtagtctt ggctgtccta taactttcta tgtaaaccag gatggtcaca aactcagaga    114900
     tctgcctgcc tctatcttct gagtgctgag tgtggaggca tgtgccacca catctggtta    114960
     tgcttctggg ctttttttgt tgttatttgg gtcctaatct gctgccaaat ttaataatga    115020
     aacactcttt tatatttgaa gataccaaat ttgcaaatgt tggtgtccca gtgatattaa    115080
     atatgtatgt gtgtagacct actccattgc acagtatcct cttagttttt tatcacttct    115140
     gtatgcatga ttgagaaata atgttttaag gcaatagaga gaaatcactg ttaagattaa    115200
     taatttgtta tagtagaaaa attaccttgg taaattaggg ttgtgctaca ctctaacaat    115260
     cttgctcatc acttgtgtgc acaaattata agtacacaca atttccctgt tgtggctggt    115320
     taggctatac tgcatttgta ctgcgcatat gattatttta gtttggaacc ggtactagat    115380
     ggttttcccc attttcacag atacaaagaa gttgaaaagg gagtactatg ctgtaagatc    115440
     tgggaatctc tatgaagagg tctgctaaat actaaatgtt cttcaaacaa gaaaaataaa    115500
     aaaagacaag acttacatcc agcagtgtgt gaagatgttg atcctggaaa acactgtgta    115560
     gaaaatctag gtccttttca ctgcagtctg taagtgcgtg aatctcttcc aggctgtcca    115620
     gcacctgaga gacggctcct ggggggacaa atgggaaaga aactgctagt gcatagtcag    115680
     tgttacatta acctttccaa ccctaagctt acacttaata acaatgagta tcagaactga    115740
     gaaggcttgt gttcttatga aggagaagct caaatgcttc atgtcattta agggcagaat    115800
     accttgtgtt tatgtcctca acaaagtatt tctgcctttt gcttttaaag tgaacttaat    115860
     cttgtatgtt taagttaaag cacttgggct ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg    115920
     tctgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt ctcagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat    115980
     ctgtaatggg aattcgatgc cctctcctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagtgaca gtgtactcac    116040
     atacataaaa taaatatttt tttttaaaat taaagcactc tgtcaacaga actgggctac    116100
     tataatagat gatctgggtg ctgcaagtta tacatcagct agacagtaaa ggtattggga    116160
     tcctaaggct ctttgcaata ttataaacac attttattac atactgacag tataagaaac    116220
     tatggataag agtcagagac catcaactaa gagctcttgg tacttaatat aagcttggag    116280
     gcttttttag ttttagttag caaagacctc agtctattta ttcctttttg aaattttaca    116340
     tatggagtca agagaagcaa agtcactgtc actgtctcag atccttatac agactcaatg    116400
     acaaagggct ggtaggttaa cagacatgtg catagtggat acatccaatt accacaggat    116460
     atgttaaaga aagttctttt gtaggaaaaa gaaaatggga gtgcacagta ggcaggtatc    116520
     attagtgaaa gataaacatg aatattatta aagtcattta cacagcctta aagaaccaat    116580
     ctgttttaca ctacacataa tatgcaaata tacactccat aagaaaagaa tcccaagagg    116640
     cctgagcgca tttgtatata ccaaggaagt ctgaaaataa gtgcttcatt tgtagctaag    116700
     tcttcggatc agtggtcctt gactgtgtgg gacggtttga ttttgctctc ctaggggata    116760
     tttcttagtt tctgcggcga ctctgggttg tgacaacagc aggaagggag ggtggcctgt    116820
     agtagtagag gtgaggggtg atactgaata ttctccagta tctaggacag gaccctacaa    116880
     ctaagaatca cctgacccaa aatgtcagta ttcagtatga aaaaccctga ttcagacaaa    116940
     aataaaatat tctttaggaa ctgtttctag ttcttcttct tctcagttcc taccctaata    117000
     ttacaatgtg tttattggtg agaatgtaaa tcagggttat ttccccagaa ggtaaccagg    117060
     caacatatac caaaaccctt aaatgtctat gtgtttcaat gtgctaattt catttgcaaa    117120
     aatctaccct aaagagaaaa atagaaggat tctgtacaag gatgtttatc ttataaatga    117180
     aagataaatt taatagacaa tgatcacgta aattattagg atgcttacat aatgacatgt    117240
     atagatgaat gaaaattgtt tttgaaaaaa atttaaagac ataggagaat tcttataata    117300
     taaaatttag aaaagtagac acaaaaccat ggaacttata tttccctaat tatagtaaaa    117360
     aaaacaagac agacagacat atagacacac acacagtgga aaaaataaat ctaaatacag    117420
     cagaagtcta acagtagtta tcattttctt acatagttca ccctgttttt tgctcatatg    117480
     ttccaaggtt tctacaacag caaaaacaaa ttgctgcata agctacttat atttgtagtg    117540
     ctatttagtt acattaaatt ttggtgttta agtcacaaat catgtgtcat tccacatgaa    117600
     aactactgtg actattttaa aaatctgtct ttattttgag acagttatag atgtaatgta    117660
     cttgtaaaaa atgacacaaa gatttaagtt tctctgaaaa taccatctga aaaagaactt    117720
     agtagatatc acagtcagga tggtgacata tgtaatatac aatatggtga catatgtaat    117780
     gacatataca ataagctaca aaacatccat ccctacaagg cattgtcatg atgccttaga    117840
     cccattcatt tgcctcccat tctgctcttt cctaattcct gacaaccaac aacctgtttt    117900
     ccacttctct aattttgctg ttttagggag gctatctaaa tgaaatcaca tagcatatga    117960
     tctttggaga ttggctcttc tttatttttg aaccctagca tacgtccctg tagtcatcca    118020
     gtttctcctt cattgcttag ttgtataatc catggcacag atatgccagt ttaatcattt    118080
     atttgttggg aagtaactat tggtactttt aaattttgga taatttatgc ctatcaggct    118140
     attgagattt ttcaccagga accttaagga gatatcaaat ggaataaaaa gatacaaggt    118200
     aggaattagc tcccattgtc cctggtattc ctaaagatgt aaggacacaa tcctcctctt    118260
     tggatttttt accttgctca gtgtagcaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaagcaaaa    118320
     caaacaagag ccccaaagaa taataacaac aaacccttgt aaaatagcac aaaatcaatt    118380
     ttgttccctt attgaaagat ttggaaagag aacatgtaga aaaaaaagta gtcaccaatg    118440
     tccttatgaa tctttggttc tccaaaccac atcatggcta gtggaataaa atgatactga    118500
     ggttatcaaa agagaattca caataacaac aactcccaat tctttagttt ctattactag    118560
     ccaatacaac tttaccctac tgggtcagat aatgaccagg ttccttactg aactgaatgt    118620
     tcctcctttg gccaggtact aggtaagggc ttcaaggaaa acagaaatat gctctcaagg    118680
     cctcaaggga ctctcaggtt ggtgtaggca ataggcaaac tacaccttga agtgaatagt    118740
     cctgggatag gactggggag ggggatgagc aggaagcccc catcttaacc aagggatgta    118800
     tctgctgatg gggccagcgg atggttatct ttctgaaaac atcgaagaca tctattagcc    118860
     tgcattccca tggtctccag tggcctacta aacctcctta cctgtcactt ctgaagtgac    118920
     ttattatagt catagcttat acacaaacag gattcattta atggacaaag cggggcattt    118980
     cttcagttgt atgcaagtta cctatttcca gctctgcaaa aggtccctaa cttcaagttt    119040
     ttgcaattat ataggagaac tattgtttta atttatttcc cttccatctt ttaaattgaa    119100
     tgaatgtttt tgtccaatca taaaatcttt cttcaccttt ggccactatt gttatttttt    119160
     gcagagctgg ggattgaacc caaggctttc tcccctcccc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    119220
     ctcctcctcc tcttcttctc ctcctccttc ttcttctcct tctccttctc cttctccttc    119280
     tccttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttttctctc    119340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    119400
     tcatcctttt ggagacagcg agtcactcac tatgtggccc tggctggcct gggacttata    119460
     ctgagagatc ctccggcctc tgcttgtacc accatgtcct gcagtcttgt tttttctttc    119520
     tttgggtttg accagcagaa ccacaaaaca cattttaggt ctgacaaatg tgtacaacag    119580
     gtatctctaa tcatgtacca agcccatcta aaagacctac catgtttcaa tgaaaaaaaa    119640
     agtaataaaa atgaatggac actttttcag gtcatggaag aagttacaga gacaaagttt    119700
     ggagctgaga tgaaaggatg gaccatctag agactgccac acccggggat ccatcccata    119760
     atcagcctcc aaacgctgac accattgcat acgccagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccct    119820
     gatatagctg tctcttgtga ggctatgctg gtgcctggca aacacagaag tggatgctca    119880
     cagtcatcta taagatggaa cacagggccc ccagtggagg agctagagaa agtaccaaag    119940
     gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctatagatg gaacaacaat atgaactaat cagtaccccc    120000
     aggagctcgt gtctctagct gcatatgtat cagaagatgg cctagtctgc catcactggg    120060
     aagagaggcc ctttggtctt gcaaacttta tatgcctcag tacaggggaa tgccagggcc    120120
     aagaaggtag gtgggtatgg gagtgggggg ggggtagggt atgggggact tttggaatat    120180
     catttgaaat gtaaatgagg aaaataccta attaaaaaaa tttaaaaaat gaatggacac    120240
     aaagactttg gtagggcttc cccattgctg ttgcttcaga ttttaaaaac aggttgtagt    120300
     ggcaatcaca cacacagaca cacacagaca cacagacaca cagacacaca gacacacacg    120360
     tttaagcagt tactagtatt cactgtagat caatattgtc atataggaac caggcattct    120420
     tttccaagat tgaagatgat gttttcccta taaaacccta gagtaaattc taactgcctt    120480
     acaaaaatca gccattaagt agttcacaag ctttctctag gagatagcta tctaatggca    120540
     taaccacaga caccctatca gctcttgtgt tttgggctag acttttagaa tgtctggttg    120600
     agaaggatgc ttcaaagggt ccttgatttt tcctgaacaa atttttaaga atttagaggt    120660
     aaggattaga atagatggtt tacccatagg aaaaaaatat ttttttggac atagagtctc    120720
     actatatagt tcaggatgac ctcaagttcc tgattttctt gtctcgtggt cccaagagat    120780
     gggattacag gtgtgagcta ccatgcacag aaaaaaaaat cataatggaa attatcttca    120840
     taataacaca catatgacaa tttatgtttt tatccttgct atcttatgtg actttacaat    120900
     aacctgctat gtaggcaagt gcttttgtat ttgaaaaact agaggcatat tatgagggtt    120960
     caataaccta tccaagggcc acaaacagac agggagcaga ggaatgaatc ccagcaccca    121020
     cctgggactc ctgttgcagt gctcttctct attacctcaa accacagatt accttcagca    121080
     atgcacctga atcatgtgtt cagtaatgct gtgctttgca ataactctat tttcttctta    121140
     attccaattt gtatttacca tatgaggttc tttttagcat ttgggccaca cttttatttt    121200
     tatcatttgt ttttcaagac agggtttttc tgtgtagccg tgggtatcct gaaaaatcac    121260
     tctgtagatc atgctggcct tgaactcaga aatctgtctc ctgagtgctg agattaaagg    121320
     catgtgtcac cactacttgc cttttaaaaa aaaattatta tttatgtgag tatgtgcatg    121380
     gctatatata cctgtgtaca tgtgcctgtg aaagcgagat gagctggagt tatgaattct    121440
     cttatgaatc acccgatgtg ggtcctggga acagaacttg tgtcctctgt aagagcaata    121500
     tttgttatcc actgaccaat ctgctggccc agacttggcc caaacttttt cattggcaaa    121560
     tttactaaaa gcaattatac ctgtcttagg gtaacatttt ccactgttca ttcaataatc    121620
     aatcttgttt ctaaaaattc agattgaaaa actatacaac tgaattttaa acacttatcc    121680
     ttttccaaag aatctcactt ctaagaaagg ttttctgaaa agtcttctct tactattatg    121740
     aaacaacagt caaaatagca taaatatatc aactacttta aaaatgtttt ttaggtctat    121800
     ttatttaaag aggaatatgt ttttaaggcc aatcaaagct tgggatacag agcagtttca    121860
     ttataagagt ggaaaagtct cacaaaaaaa ttttaccaag taaaaataaa cccaaaagga    121920
     cgacagaaaa ataaacagaa tactgtttaa actaagaggt tctcagcgct gatgtgggct    121980
     ctctctcaaa cccttttccc cacacagagc aaactctgag caattccaag caggcagaaa    122040
     gtctgacaac cacataggcc acagcttact gtatgcttta tcacatgtat caccagctat    122100
     ccatctggca attcatcaca tttctcattg ttacagtaag tggcagaatg gctgacacca    122160
     gtcacttcct catagagact tcagcgaaga tttcaattct tctctcagat acaattcaaa    122220
     tacagcaaag tacacgcatg ttaagtttac catttaatgg gctttggtgc tcccacattt    122280
     acctggcagt tgtttcaggg aagatccacg tgcatttctt gtttacatgt agaactatgc    122340
     ctatcccacg agtggctcac taatgcacca ctacaccact acacatgcac tctcccttgc    122400
     aacatgatac ctttcctgag gcagggtctc attatgcagc tcaggctgct cttgaagtta    122460
     tgattatcct gtctcagcca cctttgggag ctgtgattat aggtgggaac cctgtcccca    122520
     gccaagtaat ataatgctga aaaaatttgt ctttccaggt gtggtggcat atgcctttaa    122580
     tgccagcatc aggagacaga gaaaggtaga tctctgagtt gaaagccagt ttggtctact    122640
     acacagtgaa tcccaggcta gccagggcta catagtgaga gacctggtct catttttttc    122700
     cttactgaag tatacattat taatttaaac ttaccaattt aagtgtacag tgttatcact    122760
     caaaaaatat ccccccttgt caacctgcag tctgtttctt ctcaccacca tcccctagcc    122820
     aacagctttt atttccaatg catgaaaata aagcaaattc aggctttcaa tcatgttata    122880
     agcaacagtg aacctcacag tggaaactgc attttgagcg ctggcaggtg tactatatcc    122940
     aattctagtt gtgaaaactt ggatatgata gtaaatgtct tagattcttg ttgtgtagat    123000
     tatggcacag gcacctcaaa aatgtattta gcttaagttt cttaaggaat tctacatata    123060
     cattttgtca gcatacaagg gctacaattc tagtgacatt atgtttatta aaatagtctg    123120
     tttccaagta gtaatattct tttttagttt ttttctttta ataaactaga caagatctct    123180
     gtctgtcctg gaactcacta tgtagaccag gttggacttg aaattgtaga gatccacctg    123240
     tctctgcctc ctgagttctg ggattaaagg tgtgcaccac taggcacaag tagtaacatt    123300
     tttgagcacc atttttcaaa gtattttgac aatattctgc tagccttaaa tgctcatttg    123360
     cattgttatt tatacagact ggtaggtatg accgatagga tgttccttcc caaatatggt    123420
     gatagatgtg gctgactaaa aaaggataga agagagaaaa agggaaaggg gagaggaagg    123480
     agggagggga agaatagatt aattgcttga ttgatttcca ttcttatagt caccggcatg    123540
     gatatgtcat tagcctctga acccctaaga tccagtcccc tgctgtttat cacacaacta    123600
     cttctcctgg catggggcct gagcatagag aatgttactt ctgatgcaag gttaaaaaac    123660
     tgttccttgt cttgggaaca atgaggaaca acccctgcct tccccttagt catttatttg    123720
     gggcagcaag ctgatgggtt gtgaacagcc ttgttgacaa gcccacagcc agtgaagatt    123780
     agaaattttc tattccacac tttgaaggcc atccagagac tgcccgtcct gggaatctat    123840
     cccatataca gacaccaaac ccagacacta ttactgatgc caagaagtgc ttgctgacag    123900
     gagtctgata cagttgtctc ctgagagcct ctgtcagagc ctgaccaatc cagatgtgga    123960
     tgctcgcagc caacctttgg gctgagcact gggaacccaa tggaagagtt aggggaagga    124020
     ctgaaggagc cgaagggaag gggccttatc tggcatcaat gggaggagag gcccttggtc    124080
     ttgtgaagac ttgatgcctc agtgtaggag aatgccaggg tggggaggtg ggagtgggaa    124140
     cacccccata gaagcagggg tgggggatgg gataggggtt ttctggaggg gaaaccagga    124200
     aaggggataa catctgaaat gtaaataagt aaattatcca ataaaaaccg aaaatttcta    124260
     ttaactactg tgtgagctgc aaaattctga aaggtgggca gaggcactta gcaaagccat    124320
     accctacttg tgatccacag gtgctgcctt tctcagccac aaaccactag tatatggtga    124380
     gatttttgta ttataatttt agctataaat agtaaatgca acaaaagtgg caactcagtt    124440
     cattgttagc acccacattt tctaatttat ctttgtctca ttactttcct ttagtcagca    124500
     ttactttgag gtaaatttta aattttaatt gcattttaaa tactaatatt gttgtaatct    124560
     accctcttta ttgggacaac ttcagtttta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    124620
     cacacaaaac ccccaaacac attgttgttt gtgtatgttc tgtttgtgca tattttgtac    124680
     agcttaattt tttacatatt caaattatat ctctttgcag ttaaaggata tctattatta    124740
     ctcttacttg ttatttattt tctgcaacaa ggtctcacta catagccaag actggtctct    124800
     aacttgttac cttcctgcct cagtttccat gagtgtgaga ctgtatcagt atacctgtat    124860
     gtttcccggc cactgtatct gatgatgggg gttgttaaaa gacaatttca gagtttactt    124920
     cacagcccaa caatgataaa cagaatgact tttgtatcag taataaaaac cattcatgtg    124980
     taacaaaatt gtcgaaagaa aaactcactt accctaaaag ttttcttggg agccaacttc    125040
     aaaataaaat gttacctttt ccccagaatg aatatattcg tgtttgaatt tcaaatgtga    125100
     aataatatta aatatagttg aaattttaac actgcctcct ccctacccct tgaaagaatt    125160
     gagaaattca gctgtataac aatgccccag aaaatcaata tatacaagtt tttattttat    125220
     ggtcagacag tgttaaaatt cacttttaaa catctaaaca caagcagcca tggaaaaagt    125280
     caagccaatt atgaaccatg cagagccaaa cacttttgca taaagataaa ccttagagga    125340
     aaacaaaggg atacctactt tctgctgcta gaagtcctag gaggaaggca gcatatggac    125400
     aaaggacaaa cgttatgatt ttagagcaag caggtcatta agccatagtt gggtccttta    125460
     gataatccac aagcacagcc cccatgctga cccccccacc caatttcaga cattactctg    125520
     atctcattct aaatgctttg ctttgaaata tgagaacatt ttcattttaa ttaagtaaca    125580
     aagcaacaag atactgttta tcataagatt aatccagtaa aagcataatg aataaacttc    125640
     aataatcaaa atggaaaagt atttttcaga aaaaaattat tttgtattac aatgacacac    125700
     ctgaacatgt tcagcttctc tctggatggt aggctgtggc gctgattact ttttagaatg    125760
     tgattttaaa tactcacatt tctcaaatgc atactcttat ttgttagtaa ttttaattta    125820
     aggaaacaac atgctgcatt ttgtggctaa gcagttttag ttactgtccc caaacttcag    125880
     aatgttgtag aaggaatttt gaaaaaaata ttgggggaca aaattgggat ggacaattat    125940
     tacttttggt aggcttatat tttttaaaat ggacccacta taatttcatt agactggaaa    126000
     aggtattttg taatgtggaa cacaaagaca gtacatttag agaataggaa gctggtgaaa    126060
     tacactgttc tcttgtatct tcccagccct tcccaacctc ctttgatgat ggactgtaga    126120
     ctttaaggtg aaccctctcc tccctaagtt acttttggtc atggtcttta tcacagcact    126180
     agaaaggaaa ctaggtcagt agctaggtgg cttctcctaa gaaatttcat gtcatgcttt    126240
     caaggaacat tttggtatta aaactccatg gtccaggtag atacagtcag caccctacaa    126300
     gcgtatgctc tgcagtcatt tctttctcgt atctcaggct tggatgcact tgcaggtaat    126360
     tacagaaagt gctcctggtt tttttcagtg taaaacaaac ccgtacaaat ccaaacatca    126420
     agacaggaaa agggttactt tgggaatttg aaataaacaa gcataaggat aaaaggaaga    126480
     tttttttttt taggtttaga aagcaatgaa aataccaaaa atgagatgga aataatgaaa    126540
     aacaaatgta gatattttca tttacaaaag tgcaaagctt tgagtccaga taaaatacat    126600
     aaacagcttt ctgaagctga tacactactg ttggctgcag aaaggccatg ggctggcaga    126660
     tggctctcgg ttaatactgt tgattagggc agaatgcctt cctcaatttg cttagcatta    126720
     aaaattaatt ttggaaatgt atgatttctg atagctatgt gaaatgtgta cgaaaacatt    126780
     acacttgtct ttaaaaatct cctttgcttc tgacttctga ccacataaaa atgtctcctt    126840
     tacttggggt agtgatttcc atttagattt taattttact tttcacttga ttctaattct    126900
     acttttcgct tgtagcaccc agatagcatc actgaaaaag tcctttacag atatttacca    126960
     tggccattta aaatatacac tgctagatat agctgtctct tgtgagacta tgccggggcc    127020
     tagcaaacac agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctattgga tggatcacag ggcccccaat    127080
     ggaggagcta gagaaagtaa ccaaggagct aaagggatct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca    127140
     acaatatgaa gtaaccagta cccccagagc tcatgtctct agctgcatat gtagcagaag    127200
     atggcctagt cggccatcag tggaaagaga ggcccattgg tcgtgcaaac tttatatgcc    127260
     ccagtacagg ggaacgccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtggggg agtgggtggg    127320
     ggaacttgtg ggggactttt gggataacat tggaaatgta aatgaaataa atacctaatt    127380
     aaaaaaagaa ataaaaaaaa tcgccttcca acccaaagtt atcaaaaaaa ataaataaaa    127440
     tatatactgc ttagaagatc atgacgtacc cagaattaaa gagacgaaaa aagaatgtaa    127500
     caaagtgaga ctgcaggaaa ggaaagcgaa gaagaaatgt tcaattggaa acaattaata    127560
     tgaaatcctg aaggcagcct acaagacggt ggaaggtttt gttgttgttg ttgctgtttg    127620
     tttgcttgtt taaaaacata gatttacact aaaggaactg tttcaatcaa atcatttaaa    127680
     aaatatacta aagaggacca ggtgataaaa tatatttaat ataagcaagc atgtttacaa    127740
     atataatttc tttttgtaaa gaaaaatttc aattcttcca ggaaaagaac acttaaggtg    127800
     ctattaagtt gtcagtgggc agaggaaaat attaattaaa ggcaaattct caagattaag    127860
     gactatactg ttttctaggc tcatttcaaa aatgaaagtg atagtcgttg accataaatc    127920
     ctgaagagat aatttattct aaatatagta aagctgtgcc tctttcatgt catcacagat    127980
     acaaaataaa aattatgcct ggatccatgt tccctaaata gggccaactg taatctatgc    128040
     tgaaagccag agggagatgt tcaacttcta aaaatggtcc aggggatggg aacaacatat    128100
     agtaggaaga aaagaagggc agagatgaag tgatccagag gacgtggcca gtcacaacca    128160
     tgccacagca caagaggaag cccagtcact tctctaagtt tctgaatatg tttggaaatc    128220
     acctttgctc aaaagaggaa gagtcatatc ccgatttgta aaagacaaaa ggaggaagca    128280
     cacacctgct ggactaggaa actcagtctg gtcatttgca tatggtatag gtacatactg    128340
     attggcaaga gcttttgaat ctgtatgtgc atgagaagag ggcagaagct aagcactgac    128400
     agacaattcc agaccctcca gggaaaagca ctcttctact gctgactgta ggacatacta    128460
     ctcatgctgt aggacgagtc ctgagtcaag tttctaatgc tcatacgcaa atattaaaga    128520
     agccagttta aagaagaata gaaaaaaaat caaatcagag gggaaaattc caccacataa    128580
     aattttcgtc tctaacagaa gtaaagctga ggccagatga catatgagtc aggagctaag    128640
     taaataaaca aaagagagct aagtaaataa acaaagcagg acattagaag gttttgcagt    128700
     gggagaagat gatcatcgag atccagtgaa tctaactaca acaatagagg gaaggaaatg    128760
     cagttcagag tttggactgt acaaagggga agaagtattg aggtaaaaaa gaaactggca    128820
     taatgttggt ttgggagcat tcagagagga cagttttggt attcaaataa agaggaacca    128880
     gacatatgta agtatgattt tgtgggtgac aaacttcctt agaatctctc agaggacttg    128940
     actaaatagt cccacaaaga ctattcagaa tggaagagaa aagagatggc aagtgattcc    129000
     cactggtgaa gagcaaatta cccagttacc tgaggaggta gggtcttcgg agaaatctgg    129060
     caactcttca ggagggtccc catagaagga attgaatttg tgacttgaca cagcagctag    129120
     tactgcaccc tgcaggagaa gatgaaaaag tacacaatta caacaaacat gcaaacataa    129180
     ggcattacta attgttattc taagcttaag gattagtcag aaagtgacat ttgtaagtca    129240
     cgttggctag aagagagggt gggggggggt gtcacaaaac aacttcggaa tacttgacat    129300
     gaattccata tgcagaatga agtgtataaa ctaattacat tttggacttg cacatatatt    129360
     aaatggtaca aaattctgtc ataaaatgat gctgtagaag gttatttaat gaaataggaa    129420
     gattcttgta ataaatcata ttttttaaaa ggtttcaaaa cagtgcatat tctgatttct    129480
     ttttttggaa aaatagttaa caattataaa ctaataagca tatatcagca tgttaacaat    129540
     ggtatcattg aggattatga gtttctcatt tttctccctg ctttctttgt gtaacaatga    129600
     ctatgttact ctcgcacatc aactctctat cagactgcac atctgaatca actacatgta    129660
     aatttgtttt gagactagat atcatgaagt acaggttggc cttgaatttg ctatgtaggt    129720
     gaggctgccc caaactcttg atccaattat ctttacctct tcccaaggtc tggtattaca    129780
     gacacgcaac atcatacctg gttacagatg ggttctagaa gccacagaga agacccactg    129840
     aaccatagga gagaagcttt gtcatccaga gtgctgccat ctttaggact actgtgtggg    129900
     acagcaatgt gagttactgt tttagcaata ggaagactca tagttgctat gcttgctttc    129960
     tagcttcgtc atgttctggc tccacagcat tgcttgagta gatcattcat actttctagg    130020
     ttttcctgtt cttgcatggt gtatgcgtac atatgtgtat ttgagcatgt ttatatgaat    130080
     gtgcatgcat atgtgcatgt aagggccaga ggtctacact aggtgtcatt cctcaggagt    130140
     cagccacttg ttttctgcaa cagagtctca ctgggaacag ggacttgctg atgagactag    130200
     gctgggctgg gctggtcagc gggccccagg gatcctcttg tctctgcccc agggcacgtt    130260
     tgtgtattct ctcttgtccc agaggcctca gtgctggcct taggtgtatt cttatgtggt    130320
     gctaggaacg gaactcagtt ctcatgcttg tgcaggaagt acttttctga ctgagctatt    130380
     gatctcctca tttcctctct aggtcttata atctgtaaac ttagagtatg aaaggggatg    130440
     tgccttattt tacattgcct aaagtcttaa tgtaaacaaa agtgctttga aaactgttgg    130500
     acattctgga agtataaatc attactgagc ccactaaaac agaggcagaa catgagtgaa    130560
     tcttctactg ctctacatag aattgttcac ttagtttaaa tatcaaatca ctgaagtggt    130620
     ctaagtctat catagtttct atgtaaattt taaatattaa gctcatgagt tttctgcaag    130680
     gaaagataaa tctgccatgc atgtaggcac ttgttggtac atacatgaca atgttagcag    130740
     catttccaca aggtctaatt ttgggggatc acattaagtt tctataaata ttacttgaaa    130800
     aatggactac aggaagtgaa gaaccaataa gatgttgcat gcctgcagtt gaggcaggaa    130860
     gattgggagg tccaggctag cctgggctac atagcaagat catgtcttga aatagcagca    130920
     gcaagaacaa aaaagacaaa aaatggggaa aacacacaca cacaaaaaaa tacaagtggt    130980
     tttgaaattg ccatttgatg caactgccta catttcccac agtatggggc taaaacaagg    131040
     aagcttttct gcagaacttt atcagtcaca taggaaaata gagtgaaggt tgaattttct    131100
     ttctacagaa gaatcttatt tcactttgca tattatacat gctccctaaa agctaggtgg    131160
     aatggaattc ttatgtatca aatcatattt cccacaaacc caaaccagaa ttttagagat    131220
     tttttttttt ttatttccaa gtgagttgag ctgagtttct ttgtatgtta gtgttacatc    131280
     taaaggcttt ccccaactac ttctgtagtt gaagatctat aaacaagtac ttagactggt    131340
     acttaaaaga gcctgagaga aaaacagctt tgaaacaata agttcctaga agcttggctt    131400
     atttagtttc tcagttcagt gaccatatat ggttctacta cccaatgcaa gacaattatg    131460
     tgaaacagga aaacagtttc aaaacagctc agattcacag aattttatta cagtttgaga    131520
     cccaatcttg gtgatgagcc attcaaaagg attcatctca taggagggaa aactgaggtc    131580
     cagacaggct tagtgctctg ttatgattaa agatgcaatc acccatggtc agaactgaga    131640
     tccatcgatt agtcttccta atttaggagt ttttattcct ctaggagtta actttttttt    131700
     aactctgtaa agagccagag cataaatatt ttaggctttg aagggtccat attttgctac    131760
     tactcaactc tgttattaaa gcacaaaagc aacagacaaa atgtaaatga atatatgaca    131820
     ctgaatttta ataaaacttt atattcctcc acaaggtagt ggggtggact agactccctg    131880
     gacattgttt gccaactcct atagtatact tctagtgaag agcctattgg gtacagcaat    131940
     ataaatgatc gcttaaataa acatctctta tttttttctg gtttatccaa ctttgacaaa    132000
     tctcttcaaa tttattaggt atactttagc atgttttaag gatgaaacat aattttaagt    132060
     taatactatt taaaatctgt taggaaaaac tatgataaag ttgcaacttt ctgcttttaa    132120
     agaactaaaa tagcattcct aaactgtgtt ttcttataat aaggtataca tttgcaattt    132180
     gcaaaaacaa cgaagttgta aagagttctc agaaatctcc cttgtgttca tttcctttat    132240
     aaattgattt tcttatttga caatttctcc atgtatttaa tattttttgg ccaccccaac    132300
     ctcctatatc ctcccactaa gttcttatcc tactttcacg cctttttgtc ttctgtctga    132360
     ttttactttg tgacttcatg gggcttaacc tgagccacct gcatggatgt aggttcgagc    132420
     tatccactgg aacatgggta acttaccagt gactacactg agaaagatga cttctcccct    132480
     agcagtctca gtctgccatt agcttctttg agtgggttgg cgccccatga gcccctctgc    132540
     cacctatgac taaatgttta gggcctcagt cttgtgtaga ctctatgtag gaaatcacag    132600
     ttggggaaag ttcatgtgag ccttcttgag aggaggttct tccttgcttt ctatattaaa    132660
     agtataagtg gctttatcct cttaattgaa ctgcttggct tcaactcact gtagccctag    132720
     ttttggatgg ggtggtggtg gtttgcaaca gcacggctag atatcctagg agagctttga    132780
     acttgtgctg ggattacagg agtgcaacac cctgcttggc tcaaactacc acttcctaaa    132840
     ttgattgcag ttaattcact caaacataga ctattgcttc tatttagata tattttttcc    132900
     tttaaaggtc aaatcttata tttatgttcc attatatttc agtttaatag aaattatttt    132960
     aaatacaaac aatgaaatga aaattgttat aatagataac ttctgtgtat acaaaaatca    133020
     ataatgatag tgaaggggat gaaaatattt tatcccaaaa catgttattt tgattaaaga    133080
     tttttttaaa cttagcaaac attttaaact attttagaat ttcatacatg catatataat    133140
     gtattttgct tcattataga gaaatgtgct ttctatgggt caaaataatt cctgaagcaa    133200
     aggggataac ttttagagca gataccctgt tgagcttgtt gctagattga caaggccata    133260
     taccaacaaa catccctttg tttataactc ctttagtggc tgatgcttag gttagaagac    133320
     agtgtgcctt gtcatgatac ttacatttct actgtcaact tgcctgcact tggaatcacc    133380
     aaaactatca ccactgccag tgagtctagg agagtgtcct agagaggatt aactgaggag    133440
     ggaagaagag ctgccctaat tgtgggcagc accattcctc gggctcagga ctatgactga    133500
     gtaaagagaa ggggctacca ccattcatct ctctggcttc ctgactgtgg gcacaacatg    133560
     actactcttt catactcttg ctgttatgtc tccataccct ctaacagtga gccaaagttg    133620
     gttttgtcag gtattctgtt gcggcaatga gaatgtaact aatataccac ttaaggagcc    133680
     tgtacctcag ggcacagatc ttccttgcag cctagataac atagtcttcc cagataaatc    133740
     accctttact tagttagatt cctaatttct cccagcaata ttagtttata tatcttgtat    133800
     ttattttgct ggatttattt ctgaacattt cattgttatg ttgcagtgaa tagacttatt    133860
     tcttaatttc ttcttaagac tattaattgc tcaatatgtg tggatataga tgtaatatat    133920
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgaatcatt ttgttctgac    133980
     tcataaccta tacttgttat aaacttgtta tttctaggga atttcttggg actttctata    134040
     atatggaact gcgtcatcta caaagatagt gttatttttt ccaaatggaa gtgttttctt    134100
     atctgaatat attataacct aggaattcct atttctaata tgctccagat ggtgctgatc    134160
     tgctggtcca agagccccac atgaggagca tagactcgtt ttgcctttcc tcagttctag    134220
     ttacttacaa tcattccttg tatgaaaata ttacagggaa tatactaggc accaataatt    134280
     taaatgtttt aatgactttt ataataacat attactataa ttattgcatt tattattaat    134340
     tattataaat attaatgtgc ctgatttatt ataatttatt agaagcatat ttatttataa    134400
     aacagcagaa tatatgcaat tcaaaacaaa tttttcaggc acctagtaag ggtctggtat    134460
     gttacatggc tatattactt gtggaaaata gttacaagga agtgagtata atcctacaag    134520
     tataaaaact tcttgtagat aatttagagg gaaatgataa taagtagtga gaaaagtcta    134580
     agcataatta ctttggaaga aatataagaa ggattattca gtaaaagttt tcaatgtttt    134640
     atacattttt ttttagtgtt cctcaggcct ggcaagagtg ttcagtgggt aaaggtgcct    134700
     gcctcgtaca agctgccctc caacctccac atgcctggca tggcatgtct gtttcctgac    134760
     cttcaggcgc acaaaataaa taagaagtaa taaaaggtta aaagtttcta aaagttctaa    134820
     aatattaaag tgaatgacta gcaagactct aaaatggcat acaatattta tttgggaatt    134880
     acagtcttta tagattaata aatctaaggt agtaccatta aaatcttaat aatgtattaa    134940
     taaaaatcac aaagttaata gcaaaagaga tctttggagc atttaccaca tcctggtgtt    135000
     cttctaactg ctgtaacagt agctcattgg atcctgctac tcctaggaat tagctgcatt    135060
     ttgtactatg tatacttccc agataaagat gactgaagca tagagaacca ggattcaccc    135120
     actcaacaga gtttgaggta cttcttcttg cattgctcta tacctctttt ttttttctat    135180
     taatcaaaat tcagtaattg gctttcagca tcttttcagt gaattttaga atcatttcta    135240
     aagtggtctt aaaattttgg ttgctgcacc atttgaggaa ctttaaatca gtgtctgggg    135300
     gtaaagatga gcaggcacct agctgtttat ttgtggaaat aagctgtggg gtggtgggtg    135360
     atggaaacca gggaaattac catctttgtt gtagaacttc atagaagtat aagaaggaga    135420
     ataagctccc tgaggaagga aggtgttgca cgtgctaacc tggtagctga caactctggg    135480
     aatgtagcct tagctgaaaa caagcccaca atcatcaggc tgatgtttct aattccacac    135540
     agcttggcgg gtcttgagac ttttaatagc cctgtaaagg gatgtggtaa atccacatga    135600
     cccctgcttg ttgtgatagt ttagctctgt ccaaacgaat ctcagtcacc agtttggcta    135660
     tttttggtcc agtctgcttc tgtggcacca agggaagagc atgtctcctg tgatgggtga    135720
     gctcaagcct gagtggaaca cctctgtttg ggcaatgaag ccttgacctt gcatagagta    135780
     atgttatgtg aagccaaagc agagccaagg atgaaagaga tttagagaag agttaagaaa    135840
     gaagctcaga cattgtttct ttggacaaac aactaagtgc aagagagctg cccaaatttt    135900
     actctgacca gcttttcttt cctttgcagc ctatagcagt tcagggagac gtcaaagtaa    135960
     agatgttaag ccttaagaaa cttctccggg caccatctca acaatggcat atcattaata    136020
     actatttttt gccaaggatt ttacaaaaaa catagagaag agcccgttcg aactcctggc    136080
     aacaaaagaa ttaggagaaa agcttaacta aaaatgctca tcattaacag tgatgtgtga    136140
     aaagttctgc tgttcagcag catcccacgt ccagtggaat cttttaatag ggtaggaatg    136200
     gtttgtgttt gtgctgttca gtaaggtaac tactaggcca caaagctctt gaaacatgat    136260
     ggtatgaatg gggaactagc acttggattt ttaaatttta agtaacttag actcacacac    136320
     ctacatgtgg ctaatggaca ccattgtggg catttctgcc ttctatggta ctattatacc    136380
     ctgagagtct ccccaaaaca tttacatata atttccagct gtgtaaaacc attcataatc    136440
     ttcaaggcat aaagaatgat aaatagtatt ataatttaag acatctgaaa atactccaga    136500
     agttttgtag ttggtaggag tcttgtgatt agagactatt atccaatcag ctacttctag    136560
     aacagaccta acacgttcag tagcacagat caaacaaaca tcaatcattt cctctggatc    136620
     tttgtggcga gcttctgctg ccccatagca tttcctccca gagctgggga gctccaccac    136680
     tgaattgtgg gtgtttgtca gaaagttctg aactacaatg gctccctgtg aggagccatt    136740
     atccttgtgc tcctttactt tttgagacag agggcaggga gagtggtaag caagccacgg    136800
     agaaagaata aaggataata ggagatctgc aaacattttc tcatacatta tggcagtgtg    136860
     ccttttattt attgctttaa gatggttgtt gaaccctaga gccaatgtaa actcagctgc    136920
     agtttccaga gaactaaggt cacatttaac aattttaaag tcttatcatt gttaatttaa    136980
     cattttgaag tagtgtctct atatagccca ggctggcctg aaatgcataa acctcctgct    137040
     tcagcttttt tagtggtggg attacagaca cgtgccatgt tattgtccag atatttatgt    137100
     ttggaaaaac atagcttaga ttcataatgt agccatgtct ttgctatgaa gtttagcaga    137160
     acaaaacaaa tctaaaatat gatgtgcctt ctagttgcta aatttgtttt gattcatact    137220
     gaaacattaa cttatttatt tgatttaaat acccaaaagt ttaatgaaat agcaacaatt    137280
     tttagagata atttagctgt agcaaaatta atggccaaca caaggatgtg attatgaaga    137340
     tccaaaccta acagaagcat gattacaaac tccatctagt gagctcttag ggtcttaaaa    137400
     ccttaccttt agttttctcc ttgcattgaa tttcctcagt tgttctactg tttctggaag    137460
     atggattttg taggcataac gatcccgctc ctataaaaga agattatgat catacataac    137520
     cgctgagaaa atcaagaagc ttaacataaa ttgtgttggt catattcttc gatttgacgt    137580
     tgagatttaa ttttagggaa ctggctaggc tattttattc tatatactga tacaaattct    137640
     gatagaggtt ctacgaatat taaaattgat ggctaaataa tattttctag taagaatgaa    137700
     ggacttagta agaataaagt aatagattat ctacttttta gacaaagttt tcataataat    137760
     tataaaagta tgaagttatc tttttctatt taatttttta gttagcatgc aaaataatag    137820
     ctttctttac agcttttttt ttgaagacac atacacatgt tgtattgaag ttgtcttcat    137880
     tatgaacttt caggtaaaat gagctcttaa aaatgaagtc tatactgatt cagcattctg    137940
     tactgtcagc aacaactgaa catcaaaaaa atgtatagtc ttccaactag gacagacttt    138000
     tcaatgggca tctaattcaa ccacttcatc catacagggt ctgcatctgc ccttgcccag    138060
     aaagaaataa cttcctttgt agcagccctt tagaattcca agagagtaat ttcaaactct    138120
     attttagaag aatcaaacta gatccctatc ttttattctg cacaaaagtc aactccaaat    138180
     ggatcaaata ccttaatgga agtcctgaaa ttctaaaact gctaaaggaa aaaaaaatag    138240
     ggaaacactt gaagatttag gtacatgaaa ggtctttctc aataggaccc tggtcactca    138300
     ggaaataagg tcaacaacac acaaatggac ctcatgatat taaaaggctt ctgtacaaca    138360
     aagaaactat caattgactg aaaaggcagc ctatacagaa aaatctttgc tagacaaata    138420
     tctgacagaa acgtaatatc tggaatgtac aaaggactaa cgagacctaa gaaacaacca    138480
     actcaacaac tgggctaatg aaatggatac atcaccaaag atgaaataaa tatggccaat    138540
     aaacattatg aaaaaaaatg gtcaacctca ttagtccttg gagaatacaa gtcacaacta    138600
     gccagactgg caatcagtaa gcaaacaatt aacatatgat ggggtactat ttacctagag    138660
     agcaactgaa atagagcaaa gtacctagca caaaggtcca aggagtgaga atgtgtctca    138720
     catggcagta agtaagtaag taaataaatg taaaaaaaaa ccttcttatg aacattcaga    138780
     cacaagtcac tctttgtatg aatatacact taatttctaa ggaacagaca gaatggttag    138840
     gccatgtaaa tgagttatgt ttaacttttt aagaggcagt caaactgttt ttacaaactg    138900
     aacatatcct tttacactcg tagtaacagc atgagttata gatattctgc atctctgtta    138960
     acagtatgtg tgattagtca catttattaa ttctttgttt ggatttattt aatgtgcaca    139020
     ttttgcctgt agatttgcac catgtgtgtg cagtgccttt gaagaccaga agatggcaca    139080
     gattctctgg aactggagtt acagattgtt gtgagaagcc agtgctttta accactgagc    139140
     tacctgtcta gccctaacaa ttgttattta agccattcta acccaagtgt acaggtgtct    139200
     ctctctgtgg cattatttgg atttccctaa tgactactaa tgctgagcag ctttgaacat    139260
     gcttatcagc catctgcgta tctttgtaaa aaatgtttgc ttaagtattt tcaaagtttg    139320
     catcagattc aatgttttct tatagagttt taagaattct gtccttcgca aattttatat    139380
     gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgtgtag gggagtgggg    139440
     gtgggtgggt atgggggact tttgctatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagc taaataccta    139500
     ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaac caaacaaaca aaaaaaagaa ttctgtcctt tatcagatac    139560
     ataatttaga aagatttatt ctcagtttat agcttgtttc tcatcctctt actagtgtcc    139620
     ctcaaataac agtttttagc tatgtatgta tctggaggta gaatagggtg ttctgacgga    139680
     ctatgggtaa tgggaggaag aagacaccat gatataccac aattttgggt atgagtaaat    139740
     ggaagtctga ttcctcctgt actgggaaga ctaggacaag cagcttgaaa gatgcatgtc    139800
     ttatttggat acacatcaac aaatggggtt tacggttgat tgtgacaata ttccctacct    139860
     aatacataag cactttcccc aaactgttag gtactgacaa taaggaaatc agttcagaaa    139920
     tgacgtgctg aaaggaatga gtagtggtga gtggtgagac aacgcaatca catgtcatcg    139980
     catgcttctg ctgattaaag gccctgggga ggttccctga tgtaatggct gaagactgaa    140040
     agctggagaa aggaaggtag acagtttagg ggcctgaggg ttagaggaga gatcctaggc    140100
     tgatattgct gcgattttat ttattctatt tactttgctt tatttcattt ttttttgatt    140160
     cagcttggga agtcaaagga caagaaaccc tgagaaaatg agccccagga aatgcccaca    140220
     gaagaagcta tccatgcagg agaaaaccct ctgtctttac tccccatgag taacatcgaa    140280
     aactctattt acagtctgtc gcgggcttcc tttcagacta gaaaattcac tacaactatg    140340
     accctgaact cagtatttac ttaattctac tttggttagg atgaatattc atagcaagtt    140400
     ttcattaatc cattatttca ttaataagat aaagacatta aaagggtgaa agtcaataac    140460
     tataagggat tcatatatta cttggtttaa tactcagatt ctttttcaac atggaataaa    140520
     taaaaatatc tgtttttttt aaaccaaaga aataattctt tttgctctta tttttgactt    140580
     aaaacaatga tactttgact ttggatactt tattgcataa gtttcattat tccctttctt    140640
     tgctttgtag ttattaaagg catttttatt aaatgaaggc ttacattttg gcctttctaa    140700
     atcaacgtaa cttacgccca ctgtaatggg acacatatct acaggaacaa ggactaaatg    140760
     taaactaaag ttgctccctc cagctagata agctccttat tgactgcatc atctccagat    140820
     gacacataaa caatgtgaat aagcagtagt tcacacacag caggtgactc tgagttcagc    140880
     tttccagact tttcttttta tattactgac attttaaaac attttttggt gccagaaatc    140940
     tattctgtat acagctcaga ctacttaggg tgagaactat ctataatcat cggtagaaac    141000
     aagaatttcc aggaagaagt acgttattac acaagataag ctttgataat gtaagccact    141060
     gcaactgtat aatgctaaga ctttttataa aggatcttaa aaatgactta aacagctgct    141120
     agtgtcctta tttggcattt aaagtaactt ctaaatgaca aaagaccctt attagaaaaa    141180
     gctgagagaa gcaaggaagg aataggaatc ttctaagatt ttcatttcat atcagggaga    141240
     aaaacatact aaaacttact aaaagaaaga aagtactgaa taatctattc tttgctagga    141300
     aaaccagaaa tactagtagt aagatatcaa aaggctgaat gaagatttca aaagtaatat    141360
     tcttttaaat gttactgggg accatactta gggatttatg catgctagga tttatgggtg    141420
     ctttatcatt ggaccccttc agcccaagaa ggatcaagat tcactgaaat gtcaaaattg    141480
     ctctataata tcattccaca tcgtagtcac caagatacat ttttgatcga tatttttaca    141540
     tatcttagtg ccttacataa cctctgagga agcatcatga tataatagtc accagaagaa    141600
     gctggtatct aaatattgat ttgatgtgag ggaaatcccc aaagtgacct agaaaaagga    141660
     tattctagag agacagcatg attactacag gaatgttgag gcaacactgt ggtctgagga    141720
     tcagcaagga ggccagaatg acagaaactg agtcacagga gactaggaaa tggttaaatc    141780
     agcaaggtac caggaaaccc agttagacag taggttaagg aagaatactt caggtgagag    141840
     gcctggattc aggactcatc atgtacagat acttaaacac agtcaaactt aatgaggcct    141900
     cccacatata gagtgagatg gagaaagaga tgtagagctg ggatggaggt cagtcagtgg    141960
     cacatccatg tgatgtcata taaggaggtg atggaaaatc tgcaagactg gaggaggagc    142020
     agtcagacta gtagaagaga aacagagggc agtcaagggg agaaagtttc acgagatgga    142080
     tgtcaaatgt tgtcaacaga ttaagcagct gtagctctgg aatttgagca gtagacttag    142140
     tgatgtgaag gtcaatagtg actagacaag agttggcttt cttttgagct ttggcggttc    142200
     tgggttgaaa ctcagggcct tgcacatgtc aggcaagtac tctactgaag catacccata    142260
     gccaatacga attgttttag tggggttggt agatcccgac tagtatgaat gagcttaaga    142320
     gaaagggata ggaaagattg gagaaatggg tacagataat tcttttaagt tttgtaattg    142380
     agagaaccaa ggagtagggg cagaagctgg aggaatttgt aggatcaaga gaaggcaaat    142440
     gtttatgcat gcatgtgtat gtaagcaata aaaacaatca caacacatta actccaaaag    142500
     atccagaaaa ctgataatgt aggaaagagg gaagtagctg gagcaatgtc atcaagttag    142560
     tgagagggac aggatatata gcataaataa tgggtatggt aggctgaact aaataaaatc    142620
     ttggctctaa cagtaaaaac ttttgtgact tatggcaaaa ttctgaacat ctctgaggat    142680
     gtattcttcc ttatgaagca agaatttcct ggaattatgg cacaatgctt taatgaaaca    142740
     atactacttt ctgatgtctt aagatttgat tttccttaat ccagaaaaat gggatacaaa    142800
     accaacttct acatgtgtct ctcctctaaa actgtaaatc tacacctact gaaaaccagt    142860
     gaaatcctac agagtataca gtcatatgca atgtaaagat aatgtaagat gaaatggtta    142920
     ctttagatgt tccttttcat ctttgctgga caatagcctg ttttaatttg attttgtgcc    142980
     cagtccaata gctaaatatc aaacatgtct tggacaaggt gcaagagagc aaacataatg    143040
     gacaaagctg atggtaaggc tgaggaacaa gtaatggtga aaaggtccat gttgtagaat    143100
     tctttaaggg cagtgtggat ggtgacctgg gagcaacggt accttaagcc atgggtgatt    143160
     cagtgcttca taaacagtga tcctttcagc aggatccagc atcagcatgc ggcgtactag    143220
     gtctttggca ctttcagaga tatggctcca ctgccttgga ttcatctgag gaggaaacaa    143280
     ggaaagctac acagttatct tcaagaagtc aacacttact attatactct ttcggtgtaa    143340
     cattctcagg gcaaataaca gagattaaaa gacctgcttc cccagaaact tagaataccc    143400
     aagatttaag atacaatttg tgaaacacat gaagctcggg aagaacgaag accaaggtgt    143460
     ggatactttg ctccttcttg gaattgggag caaggcaccc atggaaggag ctacagagac    143520
     agagtttgga gctgagaaga aaggatggac catgtagagg ctgctatacc tggagatcca    143580
     tcccataata agcctccaaa cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttgctgaaa    143640
     ggaccctgat atagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg    143700
     atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc tggaggaagt    143760
     acccagggag ctggggggat ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag    143820
     tgcccccccg gagatcgtgt ctctagctgc atatgtatca gaagatggcc taattggcca    143880
     tcattgggaa gagaggccta ttggtattgc aaactttata tgcctcagta ctggggaatg    143940
     ccagggccaa gaagtgggag tgggtgggtg ggggagtggg tgtgggaggg tgtaggggaa    144000
     ttttgggata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgaa ataaataccc agtaatataa aaaaaagaaa    144060
     aaagtacaca aatttgcaag aatattagaa caagactatc aagagacaca ttgagaaaac    144120
     atgtaaaata tacacattga atcaaaatca taacttctta aagttacaac aggtgaaata    144180
     agagagcaca ggcaagcaaa ataacaacaa caacaaatag ggattttgcc tgagcctttg    144240
     ccaggtttgc gacacatctt tcaaaataag tgtaacaact ataagaaaca ttgattatgt    144300
     atttaacagt tgtgatatag ctatggaaat tatattatat ctttgaggag taattcatat    144360
     tctacttctt aacctcagag ctaaataagt tattaatgag gatcatgaga aaaatgaatt    144420
     ttaagtcaat tcaacttctc tcacttttca tgacttagta tatctgttaa agggcccgga    144480
     gagatggctc agaggttaag agcacttgac tgttcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc    144540
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaactatct ctaatgagat caggtgccct ttctggtgtg    144600
     gctgaagaca ttgacagggt actcacatac ataatataaa tacatcttta tatgtcttga    144660
     aaaaaaaaga cctgcttccc aaggaagaag acatgcagtg ctttgtggtt ttgttcctca    144720
     ttatttatat cagcaattat tgtattggtg ctgctatatt ataatatttt caatatttga    144780
     aaggtctgct catgacgctg gtttctagtt tttgattttt agctaaaaag gctagaatat    144840
     actggtccac tgaaataaat ttgaagtgaa aaaacttaaa gaaagttcct ttttggagtc    144900
     aaggtttcct taagcccagg atagactaga actcacagtg tagtccaggt tgaccttgaa    144960
     cctccagttg cttctacctt agcctcttaa gtgctgggat tacaggtctg taccatcaca    145020
     cccagctaaa gatttgaaaa ccagtgtctt ccaacgttag gaccaggtgt tgagtgtggt    145080
     atgcaccagt ttaatcttag caactgagat actaaggcaa gggaataatg agtttgaggt    145140
     cagcctagac tggggaaaaa ttcctaaagg gaagaaagaa acagtcacac aagctctaaa    145200
     acaaaactgg gggcaacatt aattgtgaag ctataaaaaa atcattaatt ggatattctg    145260
     actggggtat tcaatatata agaaaaaata tattatcatc atatctctgt aaaatagcca    145320
     attccacttg tacactactc agtgaagtcc tttcttttag agacgagaca actaattcat    145380
     gtggtaaaac tgagtgaaag taaacaaaaa gaattacacg tttttcaagt ctattgataa    145440
     tggatgtgta tctttgaggg aaaaattgga aggctcctgg gaaagaggac atgtctaagg    145500
     ccagaaatga gaaaaacact caaggaaatt gctcagagct tggagctggg aagggaagtg    145560
     ggaactgaag gtagtggcaa aaggggaagt tgcctgactg aatgaccata tgggagttgc    145620
     ctggtaccag gggcttctta tagtatccag cttttgtaac tgttgctatt gtttgtcagt    145680
     gttggagaca gaaccctggt ccaagtgctc tgccaaggaa ctacatctct ggctcagtgt    145740
     gctgacctta accatttaga gatcaatgcc acctcttaag agaaaatgat ggagaataaa    145800
     tataataatt taaagccaaa tgaaatcaca gtacttgcat cacagcataa aggaatcatt    145860
     ccagtttggc caagggctag caacagacac caagctttgg ctcaggtgag gctttgaact    145920
     tacagatggg gagggcaaag catctgtatg ctagggagag ctcttacagt tggacaatgt    145980
     tctagtttcc ttttcttaga ggcaaaatta ctaaagcaac cactttcagt tgttgaatct    146040
     catgcggtaa ctggcacaag actgcttaaa tattgtcatt ctattggaat tgtggtcaat    146100
     ggacctttag atgctcatct ttggtacatg tgttgcaatg tctgaaatgc atggtggtga    146160
     ctgattagcc actgcctaga tagtatgctt ccttgtcccc caacccccaa cttgtcacaa    146220
     gctagagtta ttcaggagga aagctcagtt gaaaaaatgc ctccatctga ttggcctgta    146280
     ggtaggtctg tgggattttc ttgattaatg attgatgtgg gaggggaggg ctacatctgg    146340
     tagtcctggg ttgtattaaa aaaatcagac tggcaaagca caagcccata agcaacattc    146400
     ctccatggcc tctgcttcat tccctgcctc taagttcctg tcttggcttt ccccaattat    146460
     ggactgtaac ctataagcca aataaaccct ttccctcaca acttgctatt ggccatggtg    146520
     ttcacagcag tagaaaccta actaaaacac ccttcttccc tgtcctgggc ctcatgtgat    146580
     ttcattgagc ttttcttaca aatgtccaag atcaggattt tactgcttct tttggtaagt    146640
     accatcatgg tgttgaaatg atttttttga gatgttttag aatagcataa aagtgcgtga    146700
     aatgcataac aagattggta atatattaag tattgaagct gagagctttc cactatcctg    146760
     tgtgtttgat catttccatg ataaagaagc atcaatgcat actgatagaa tcatatcaca    146820
     ctatatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaagaaaga agaaaaagaa aagaacagaa    146880
     agtcaaggcc catgaagttc atagaagtgg cagaagtgga ctccatgctt taaactgctg    146940
     ctgaagacct gggccttttg taaaggaaac catgaagaca agcaagaaga gagaaaagct    147000
     aaataaaatg ggaaataaat tctaagatgc aaggctgcaa acccttggta cagaaatcat    147060
     ggtatggctg ctaccttatc gcttcctaat aatattgcca ttatttgcta agaataggaa    147120
     attttaaaat aacttaattt ttagacagta caagcagtcg aaattactta ccaaggcata    147180
     aaaaataagt attcaatgct ttaaaaatag acaaaatcaa ataccagacg ctgttggaac    147240
     gaagcacatt gccttggaaa ccaggaagta agcaaatgaa caaacacaaa ggaagaattc    147300
     tattgttagc aaatgcttat aactcaaaaa ggcaggtggg agatttttat catgtggtaa    147360
     gtacgccatc agctgctgag aagactgact aaagtgctca gctaaagttc aggtcctgct    147420
     gcagatgaag tactgtctgc tgctatgctt agtaacctgt gcttgacttt gttgtttcct    147480
     tccttatggt atttttgaaa cagagcctca ctgtgtagct ttggttggtc tggagcttgc    147540
     tatgtggccc agattagcct taaactcata aagattctcc tgcctcagct tcccaagtgc    147600
     tgtggttaaa ggcatgcacc accatgcctg gcccttcatt ttcaactgag tttcttccaa    147660
     tacattagca tgtgtaattt catttgattt ggtaatattt gaccagaaag cccagtcttt    147720
     gtattactgg taacattcac aatctcccag gataggaggg ggaccattgc ttaataagca    147780
     atactttaaa agtattactt ttattttctg gtcaactgac tctaagacaa gtagaaaagc    147840
     atatacttac aacttctgtt tcagaaagat accgtttgct ctcatgagtg gacagtgcac    147900
     aaggtaaact aaagtatttg ccattttcac ctccatgtgc ttatttatag tttaaaagga    147960
     taaggctgta actctgaaac tacctttcca tatgatgggc tggaaagagg gctcaactgt    148020
     taagagtgaa tactggtgct gcagagatcc tgtgcttaac tgccagcttt cacatgactt    148080
     gtctaacaac tacctgtaat gtaactccag cgccagggag atctgatgtc tctggcctcc    148140
     actggcaact attctctctg gtgcctatac ccacatgcaa acacaaacat agttaaaaat    148200
     aaaataaatc ttaaaaatta taacattact gacaaataga aaagaaatgt tagcagcttc    148260
     acagtttggg agtctagtgt tatataaatt tatatttggt cttacattat caggcatggc    148320
     caaaaatgaa gcaatgattc agttgtatag aaagtatgag cttcagtaat aatggggggg    148380
     gggttcccca gcattaagtg ccaccagata cacactatca cagctctaga ccttaccaga    148440
     tatatgtatt gatacatagt tagagtaaga tgggttggga ctgtgaatgg accttcagct    148500
     tatttatttc tgagagtcct tagggctttt ttgatataac tctccataat gtcagtcaca    148560
     gcattgattt ttaataatga aagcagtaat ctagtaatta caagacagtg ataatatttc    148620
     aggcttttga tgcatagtag ctaaggaata tgaatgtgta agtcatatca aaatgtccct    148680
     aagatgggac tgaagaggtg gcttagctct tccgtagaac tcgagtttgc ttcctattat    148740
     ccgtgttggg tgggatcact actgcctgta ctctagctcc agggtcccca acatctcctg    148800
     cagactcttg cattcacatg tacctaccta catgcagaca tatacacaaa actaataaaa    148860
     aaagaattct ttaaagaaag tacctgtgaa ctgttattat gaaacatgtt gtaaagctca    148920
     catgtcagtt cactctgcaa tataaagact tttttggcta tgatggtgga aacttaaaat    148980
     taagataaga aatgactgaa aaagtacctg agtgaaattt ccatttgagt gttatgaatt    149040
     aagaaaaaag ctttaaaaat gaagggcttt aaactataca aaaaaggccc acagaagtct    149100
     gctgctcatt gagttgagct catggtgact caaacttccc aagaccccac tgtgcttcac    149160
     aaggctactg ggtcctgatg gcaacacaga cctttgctct ggcggggtag gaattcaggc    149220
     agtagtaagt taatgagcaa agacagacaa caacttcaag acaagtacct ttctcaggat    149280
     catttaattt gtatggaaaa taaaatggcc atagtctatt accttatatt ttcctttaat    149340
     aatgccttca aacaatcttt ccttggttcc gtagaaaggc aaacagccac tgagcaggat    149400
     gaaaaggatc acaccacagc cccagacatc cacaggcttt ccgtaaggct ctctcttgac    149460
     cacttctggg gccataaagt gaggtgttcc aacgcggcct gtatttaaaa cagcaacatt    149520
     atggaaaact gattttgtga aatctgaaaa ttaaaaaaag cagtatcagt ctggataaaa    149580
     aatttaccaa tatcaatgtt ctagtacttc ttttcccttt ctgaaaggaa ttcatagaaa    149640
     gcaaaaatag tttatctgat cactgggtca gaaaagactg ggcctagaac aggactctgg    149700
     tcctcttttt tgaattctgt atgttatata gtaggtcttc tatttcttgc tccttgaaga    149760
     attttatatg ttcctattta gagcagagga aggggaagag tgagttggcc agtctgtacc    149820
     tgtcctaagg agaggcaggg gcaggaagag ggcatgcata agtgaacaac agtttgatgg    149880
     caaaaagatg acttttaact gccaagttcc taggtcaatc agcaattctc agtggctact    149940
     ggaatgggaa tacttagctt attcctaatg taaacatttg aagggaatga gagcatacac    150000
     taaagcaaaa tcaggaactc ccgcccacgc aatcctcttt gactctcatg ttctttaaag    150060
     cgttttcata ttttcctccc tctcttacaa aaaccagttt tctaggagga atgtggttgg    150120
     agctgcatgt acactataac catctttcac tgagtagcct tgaggtagtc ttttcctctg    150180
     tggaggaata aaaggcttca actgtgccgg gaaaggactt tgggacaggc cactgcctaa    150240
     ccaacttggc agctcgtcta cattctgcag gcccagccct gcccttcctt cctctgtttt    150300
     ttgaccatct gcatgactct tatgctcaat ccaagattat ttttactttg gagattgtaa    150360
     aatactttat ctcactgtgg tcctgtgttt aaaaagaacc taagagaccg tttaacccat    150420
     ctatagagaa catgctgcca aggcctgttg atggttatca aattcagcag gggtggagag    150480
     gctagttagc tcctcaattt ggattacagg tgcgcctcta ctgcaggtca ctctgtgttc    150540
     tctcccactt cttttttttt tttctatttt tttattagat attttcttca tttactttca    150600
     aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ttataccctc ccccgccctg ctcccctacc cactcactcc    150660
     cacttcttgg ccctggtgtt cccctgtact gaggcatata aagtttgcaa gaccaagggg    150720
     cctctcttta caatgatggc cgtctaggcc atcttctgat acatatgcag ctagagacat    150780
     gagctctggg ggtactggtt tgttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagacctct    150840
     tcagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct ccattggggg ccctgtgttc catccaatag    150900
     ctgattgtga gcatccactt ctgtatttgc catgcactgg catagcctca catgagacag    150960
     cttagaatgg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacag agacaaagtt tggagctgag    151020
     atgaaaggat ggaccatcca gagactgccc cacccaggga tccatcccat aattagccac    151080
     caaactcaga cactattgca tatgcctgca agattttgct gaaaggaccc tgatagagct    151140
     gtctctctca cacttctgaa aggaagagat taagctcagg attctagcag ggaaaatacc    151200
     ttcactcaaa atgtacaatg agaactcagc attggctata aggacctgat gagagaaaaa    151260
     atttttttga ttgtctgatt ttgtttcttc aagcagcaaa attgatttta tagtattggg    151320
     aactgaactt cccacttcat tggcagcttc tgtaaggcag ggtcccagga aaataaacat    151380
     tgttttgatg gacagggcag gagctacgag gagtaaaaaa aagcagggcg aatatctcag    151440
     ggtaccattt gaagtacagc taccagaacc catttggtac ctgctgaaaa gttcagatgg    151500
     tactttgaca cgcacctcct acgacttcct actcaggcag agtgactcat tgtggggggc    151560
     ctccttgtga ggaataatcg aaacctccac agtcaggccc agccatccta aagaggctct    151620
     ctccatcaat gtggtctcca ttaatatgaa ttgaagcatg cccccactat gaagaaattt    151680
     atgctttttc ttcaggaaga tgtgtacttt gagttcaaaa atttgctcag tggtgacaga    151740
     taacagtggt ggctttttaa tgtcaagaac atcagtagaa tgtgaaagac ttcactaaac    151800
     cccttgtgtt tgctactaat tttcttcctc tcctctcctc tccctctccc tctccctctc    151860
     cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctcccctct cttaaccact tgacttttat    151920
     gactttgatc acaaaattct aagaacagga aaccaattac caaaccaaac atgtaacttt    151980
     ttgaaatacc tcagaaaggt acataaatat ttaaatgcta atttcaataa aataataacc    152040
     cttgcctcaa acttcaggga gggagttatt ctgagtggtt atgtttttaa tactttagga    152100
     tttgaatgtt catacataca accactgtta tcttcttcat atgtaggttt tttgtttttg    152160
     tttttttaca atttcctcac tagtttttca taggctgtta cacagcattt agcccttttg    152220
     tggtgacttc acttgtcact ctggctatca acaaaggaac aatgctacag tccagattct    152280
     ctcaggagct tcacaggtat gtaacgatga acctctgtgg tatcagatgg ctgctgtgca    152340
     ttttgtcacc tggctttcct tttctttctt ctcaccatgc tttctcaagt cctggcatgt    152400
     cttgatttgt tgcttataat ctgctactga ctggaaaatg gctagccact agtctttcat    152460
     ttaaacattt ctagagtgcg tgccaggacc taggcactgt gatagctggg gcagatattt    152520
     ggagggatga gccatggctc tcctaccact cactcttgcc tttgctgcta ttacatgttt    152580
     gatcacattt tgttaggaag taagcaagct agatagttct ggttagatgg aagaggggat    152640
     aggtcatata actagggcag ttataatagg cttgctttta aaaggcaata attgttagct    152700
     tagtcttcaa gcaaacacct aaatgcgaca gataaaatga caataggcat tctaagcaaa    152760
     tggaatagga ggtgcaaatt atgaggggac acaaatctat acaatttaat gaaaagcaga    152820
     ggaaggcagt ctcctatgta tgtagttagt tttcaatgga gaggactttt taagggtaac    152880
     cagttttact acactgtaat tgttttctac attgtattca gagtaagtgg attctctaaa    152940
     cagttgaatg ttagataggg gaaatgcaat ggagttacat ggttttggta tgtagaacat    153000
     gtaaaggaag ataatctttt tctctttgga agcccaggta gtcaaagatt ccaatctaca    153060
     ggaaaagagc tttctgttcc aaaattgata aatattagta aaatttcaaa agtactttaa    153120
     acagaagaaa agcttttttt cctatggaaa atcatgtatc tcttacctat tcacattgtg    153180
     ttttttaaag tactgtaatc tttaaaatag ttatttgaaa ggtatatgga aaggtacatt    153240
     aagaaatgac aatattttaa ctaccagaaa gtactttagg actagggtgc agcttagcag    153300
     agtccctgcc tagcatgtcc aaaccctgag tctcaccccc agcgccaaca actgggtgtg    153360
     atggtgtatc tgtaatccta ctgttcaggc atggagtcag gaggaccaca agttcagatc    153420
     ttcaactctt taacaacttg gaggccactc tggaccatat aaaattcttt ctcaatgtaa    153480
     aataaaacct ttttagagta taaaaatagt aatttttgaa taatgaacat gtgagttcaa    153540
     tattgttgaa aaaataaaaa ttagaggatg agtttatagt ctttaggaaa agaggtgaac    153600
     atggaggcaa acttagtgaa tctaccccca tcaagatttg tgaaatagtc tatgctacaa    153660
     tgaatatgaa cagaatggag atccagagta acagacacaa aatcatctta gcatataaca    153720
     taaaaggact gtggctcatt ttctcttatt cccatgttta caggaaatac ttagctagaa    153780
     aagtatgtaa gattagatct taacacaatt taatctcaga gagcagtgtg gcagagagtg    153840
     atttttaaaa tacaagtata attcaggctc atttttcaga agatggccat tgttattact    153900
     gcttgatgct ctagccacaa tcaaattgaa cgaactatct tgtgaaacag acagctattt    153960
     taaaagttag ggtttggaaa gcatttgaat ttaacatgag catttgtttc attttctttt    154020
     atgggatagt atcttgctag gttctcaagg ctggtcttag actcaaagca atcttcttgc    154080
     ctcagtctcc taagcgctga gattctgtgt gtacatcacc acacctggct taacagaggt    154140
     tttctgaagg ttggcaaatt gacttgaaga ctctatgcta aaggatatgc ttcatgaagt    154200
     tttgattcct cgtgaagctg ttagtattcg gagcactgcc tacaccagca gtacagaatg    154260
     gagaactgca atttgcaaaa ctaagaaata gaagtaaacc ctgggcactg ctgtggtctg    154320
     aattctggaa aagaattcat aaaaactcta caatagtgga atctgaatta gcatccactt    154380
     ctgtactctg gtgaaaaatt tcactttcta ctatggcaca ggcattttaa aatcatgttt    154440
     tgttttggtt aatgagaaaa ccagccttgt tattcttttc catttgctct tcacagacac    154500
     ataggctgat gactttagca ggcttctttg atatatagaa aaaggaaaat ggtaggaaat    154560
     ttaagcttag gcatgctgtg atcctaaaag gcaaacccat ttatactaga ggtgacttta    154620
     tttgtccagt tcaatttcca aatggtaagc tctttgtgca ctatgattac agtgctcact    154680
     cttcagagtc tccgggtagt tttccatcat gatcagtgtg aaatccagtg ttgaccatgg    154740
     ttttaaggat gtctgatcac attttctacc accctgcctt tgctcgttct ttcccagcta    154800
     tccttccttc caatcttcat acataccacc caggttttga agggggagca tgttaaagtg    154860
     gtcttacctc cagcaacaag tccagattct cctaactgaa tggccacccc aaagccccca    154920
     agtttaacag gtgccgagtt ttcttttgag gcaaggagaa cacagtgggg ctgaaaagaa    154980
     aaaaaagcaa caatcaaatc aaagataaaa tttaatgcaa aagagttcaa tttgcataaa    155040
     actaaataat acaatatagt tgtacttaaa aacaaaacaa aacttggaaa ttggtttggc    155100
     aagatggctc agagggtaaa agtacttgcc accaagtctg acaacttggg actcacaaag    155160
     tggagactcc tacaaattgc ttcctgatcc tctcaaccct ccctaaaata aaaactacat    155220
     gtattaagac acctattata aaaacaaatt tcaattttaa aaaagtttct gaagctgagc    155280
     agtggtggtg caaaccttta atcctagcac aaggggggca gaggcaagca ggtgtatgag    155340
     ttccatacac ctaggactac actgagaaac cttgtcccaa atttaaaaaa aataaataat    155400
     aaataaaagc atttgaatta ttttatatgc ttaagttctt tgtccttttc tcacttctaa    155460
     attctttctc taaagacttt aggaattatt tgtttccaag attatcaccc agaaagcatg    155520
     ggtattctac aagtgcagat atactttctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    155580
     taatagtctc tgtatttgat ttaaagttta tatttgtttc agcagaaatg catggcatgc    155640
     ttcttcctgc tacataagtg cttttattta aagtcactac actttgaccc ttagggaatg    155700
     ccaatggtct tttctttgct caccttcccc atcttctttc ttttctttat gttttctacc    155760
     ccagagtaat aggaatatca aatggctatt ttgttgttgt tgtttgagac agggtctcat    155820
     tatgtaactc tggctgtcct ggaacttgta gtgtagacca ggatggcttc aaacttacag    155880
     cgatctgcct gcctctgggt cccaagtgct gggatggaag gtgtggatgt tgggttttac    155940
     taacttgaat tgagctgtgt tcccagggat ttctttctgg gcattgcctg tggatctgct    156000
     ttccttccta ccttgtggta acaatgtgct ttcccatggg atcttatctt catctatttc    156060
     tctatggaag tttgttggag gtggtgtcag agaagaacgt agtagtagtg acctttggtg    156120
     tctgctcaca tactctattc tctgacacac ctaacagtac atttggatga ttctcaaata    156180
     taaaaagaca agccttttaa gttatgacac tttttattct ctctttatat gatggattta    156240
     caagtacttg taagccaccc agtatgtgtg ctgggaattg gtatcatttt aaagtttagg    156300
     tgataagaaa gttgccttga aacaaaggcc cccaccactc tgtacaacaa aactgagcta    156360
     gtgtacccac acagatattg atggtgatat aaatgggagt gggaaggatc ttattcttcc    156420
     taatgagaac atcagaaatc tactgtggaa aagtacatag tctgtcataa agaaagatga    156480
     atcctctaat agaagtgtgc atagtatatg agaacaacag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag    156540
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaaagctgg tatacagatg    156600
     aatagtgaac aaactgtcat gacaaagcag tgagaagaat gtatgcgagc tgtggatgct    156660
     gctcagtgca gagctctttc ctagctcctg catgcctgag aaatcatggg catgatgcag    156720
     ggggaaaatt atagcttaga cccaaatagg gtctcttggt cacatcggtg gaagcatctt    156780
     atcaccttcc tagggtcaga agctcatggt acactcttca tagtctgttg attatgtctt    156840
     ctgaagttaa tgttaaactg taatctatga aattctcatc actatgtgga ttctgccatt    156900
     ttcaattatc tgtcaagagt gataaaattt gaactccagg ttaaaaaaaa aactatatcc    156960
     atagatacaa atggagagag aataagccca aagcatataa tgtaaaatta gggaactgct    157020
     attttatttg gtgggtgtca taggagccct tcttattgtg acaaaatcca aacagagact    157080
     agggtgagga gagaaaaaaa aagcaagcca catggaagca aactctgggc agagaagtta    157140
     ataactgcaa aggtctagat atgtgcagag gcttgatatg tatgaagaca tatcaaggat    157200
     atgaagacat atgaaggata gctaggaaag aataagcaaa ggcagagtgg tagaaaatgt    157260
     gatcacacat ccttaaaacc atggtcaaca ctggatttca cactggattt cacactggat    157320
     ttcacactga tcatgatgga aaactacccg gagactctga agagtgagca ctgtaatcac    157380
     tttggggttt agaaaggatc atcctgagta ctctgcagac cagtaactac agaaacagga    157440
     atgagaaaaa agagccccct gagctgctta gacatgagag gatggtgcta tggagcgatg    157500
     gcaagaactt ctgttctaaa ggtaaagctg gcaggagctg ctgatggata cattgaaaga    157560
     ggaggtcaag cctgagaagc aggttcttgc aatgagcctt ggagtgaaga taaagatact    157620
     acttactgaa atggagaatt ctaggggaag agtttgaaag acagactatt attcagtttt    157680
     ataagatagg gtaggatagg agctgggatt agagatgtga atttggggat caacagccaa    157740
     gataatgaat gaatgaagtt tctgagggag tgactactat tagagaagac gatgggagtt    157800
     gggtctcagt gggtaaatgg agggcagaaa gatcagaaga atctagcaaa tggaaaccaa    157860
     tggtcagaca gggaaacaag gtgagcatca gagtttgcat ctcagaagcc aatggaaaga    157920
     catttttgtc aagaagaaat gcttagtagt gatcagtgtt actacagcca tttaaattga    157980
     gaagtgagaa cagatgatta gctttggcag tttggaagtc aatagtacca atgacaaaag    158040
     tggtattggt ggcatgatag acataaaaat gtccattggt ctaggttctg cagggaatgg    158100
     gtgtggagac agtaagtaaa gataagtttc aaagttttct gtgctaggaa tggaggcagg    158160
     ggatgcagcg agaggatcat gtggaattga agaaacccct tttcaacagt gtaacacaat    158220
     tgcaggaaaa tgaataaact tccacatacc tatcaccttg tatgaacaaa tcctcttatt    158280
     ctccaaagct ttttattaca ctcttgtgtg tatgtccttg tgtgcataat tgtgtgccat    158340
     gtcaaaggac aacttgtaca tgtcagttct ttctttccac cgtgtaggtt ctggggatca    158400
     cacttagtca ccaggcttgg tggcactcac ctttatcagc tgaaccaccc ttctgccatt    158460
     cttgttttat ttagcttcat ttgttactct ttgtttaagt attcaaaaac caatcataaa    158520
     atttcactta tttaccaagt tcagagcctc taacagagga cttaaaaata atgttgtggt    158580
     atccttggca aacagtgcag tcagatctaa taatagagac attctagaaa gtagcaggct    158640
     tatgctcttc aaaactagct ttggactcaa ggatttcagt gaaactaaag atgtatcaca    158700
     gataaatgtc atctttttat ttttgctcta aaaatattat tagggcagct gatgaaattt    158760
     gtaacaagga ttgtcaaata tataatggta ttgttttaat ataaatttcc caattttgat    158820
     tactgtgctg tataatgtag ctttttcata agtctaaaag tatgtcctga cccccaatcc    158880
     tattttaaag gaacctaaaa taacttcttc atgtggttat gcttttattt tgtcatataa    158940
     tgaggctcat ttagtttaat tagacttgta cagtttgggg ttttaattac agaaaacatg    159000
     tctgtacttc caaactcaaa attgcaaaac aaattatatt cagaggtcta atttttcttt    159060
     tctttgatta tgcttcaata tttccctcct tctttgtagg atattaaaag taagaaataa    159120
     catacataga gacatacaga cctttcctgt aatgtgcctg tagatataga ggaggttcct    159180
     ttctaagggt ttctctttaa ttagagaaac aaaaagcaac tcctagctga gagtggggaa    159240
     ggaaatgagg ttgctggcag tttgagaagg tcaaaggtgt gaaaagctat ttctgaggga    159300
     ggattaacta gggcaatggc ccttacattt taactccaga atcacacaga ctcttgggtc    159360
     tagatgaact tcagttgcaa gcttctgaat gagatatata tatatgtggg actacacaca    159420
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tgaagaattt tttattagag    159480
     tttttttcat ttacatttca agtgctaccc cctttcctag ttttctcttt gaaaatcccc    159540
     tataccctcc ccctccccct gatcccactt tgctactggt ctggaagtca tcctttgaga    159600
     attacgggac taaggacatt agaattcaca ctaaggattt ctggcagtgc agggcccctt    159660
     aaggttttgg attgccaatc tgaagatagg ctattctgta tggctgtgtg cttgtagcca    159720
     gcagtcctca tcttcactgg ggaggttcag aactggaaga ggtggcaagc tgaacttcac    159780
     tagggttggg tttcacataa tgaaggaatg gtgacaaagt tcagaatgat caggaactag    159840
     aacataatat tcaaacctta catcagcgag aaaatgtggc tacaatatga gaacactaaa    159900
     agctgaaaag caattttgaa atgggatgtc ataagtgtag gacaatagta caatacaaaa    159960
     ctagtattta tattgtattt caggagataa aaagcacatt atgactcatt tagtcatgaa    160020
     aatcctgaca gaatcttaga aatatttgca tattcatgtt ggttgcagca atattgcaat    160080
     attcataatt gccccaaagc agagaaaatt tacatgctta ttgaaagata ataaagaaaa    160140
     cgaagtatag gcaaacattg gaaatatgca gccttaaaaa caaaggaaat taggttacac    160200
     gttataggtg aacctcaatg atagtaggct aagtaaaata aacaagtcac aaaaaggttt    160260
     tataatggaa ctcaatgtca cagaatcatg gttgccaatg ttaagactag gggcagagaa    160320
     aattcgtgta tagagggttt agaggtttaa ttttgcatca taaaaatgtt atggtgatct    160380
     gctgcctgat ggtatatgta cactgagcag cactgcatga tagagtcaaa actggctatg    160440
     tggtaaatct agtggtatgt gtcgcttacc acagtaagaa aaaaaatact gctggacaga    160500
     tacagtaacc atcttcctgc tcagagattc tcagggggaa gtaagagtta taaaatactt    160560
     ttattctaac aatgtaaaat tatggtctca catgttatga ttcttcaaaa aactaaacta    160620
     aaagttctgg ggactatgaa gttcagaaga atatttccag aaatacttac aatgttagat    160680
     ttagacaaag ctggaggata acaatcatgt tccaaacaac aaccaaaagg ggaaatgaca    160740
     ctcgagtgca gggccagcag taacacagat gaattgatgg tggttaaaca gtggactgtg    160800
     accagaatgg aagctgcaga gcctcagcat cttttccttg aaataggaga gagcacttcg    160860
     gcttacttgg gtgagtttac tattgtgctg aggcgaaaat agtgctacaa atcccaccta    160920
     gtctccaaat tttaagatgt tttaggaaat gaatccatgg tctttaagga agatacaaaa    160980
     tgatactaaa ataatataga gagtaaataa aacttcagca gaaccaaaga gtaaaaacaa    161040
     aacaaaacaa aagccaacta ttagcaatgc tagtatactt tggggcagaa agttcatata    161100
     cttcatgatg gtagtaactt ctaaaatgaa tctggaagga aatggaaatt caggggttat    161160
     attctaaaat ccatacagga catcactcat catttcttag gaaagagagc atctgcccac    161220
     ttctgattgt attttatagt ttgttggcat cttaggggac aaatgctctt tagtttaggc    161280
     tagaagggac tcatacagaa gatgcaattt cctaaacttc aacttgaagc tgttgctaag    161340
     agtggtatct tttcttagct ccaaacggga cccaagggct gtcacagtga aaagagaaag    161400
     aaaaggggaa aaacaactgt accacatgtg gatataaaaa agaagagaac tctagccaat    161460
     tgcaccacca ccaccggatg gaagagccca gctgacacaa cctggtctag ggagttttgg    161520
     gtttactcct tttacttcag gaaagcttca actgtaagta ttctctgatt tttaaaagcc    161580
     acacacagca gcctttgttt tagttaaaac ttgattattt gaatgttcag agtgaagctc    161640
     gatgtatgct ggtaacacta ttctgctttc agcaaatctc tgttttttag agtcactgag    161700
     taaactgctt tggacgacac ctttgctttt caaaggagac ttctttttgg atagaataac    161760
     taagaacaat ggtcacattg tttattggca ttgcgtagtc ataattattt gcagttgtat    161820
     ttgaatcaac taaagttatt ttcagacata gtaaatttaa ttgcaatata ctacagattt    161880
     cctatttatt atctcttgac ttcacaatgc tatactgttt ccccatctta aacattttta    161940
     ttatattttt attatcttat ggtacagacc agttacaatt taagtttcat gttttggaac    162000
     taaataaaga gaatactcta gaaaagaaaa ataaaccaca atatattttt aaaaattaat    162060
     tcaaacaatt aaaagtaaac agttaagttt ataacaaaac taaatatagt actaatatcg    162120
     ttatttttca agtaacatgc tttcaattgt tctgtatgca gcagttcctg cagcttctga    162180
     agtatggcct gaatagattc agtcattatt ataagtccat tgtcaaatag gtatgtattt    162240
     cagcacatga tattgataga aataacaccc aaataacatg ttacatgatc ttttcttggc    162300
     tacagccact gaagaaaatc tgggaggtag gatggtggca gttggggtac aagtgctcac    162360
     ttagggctgc aaacaggaat ggggcttgct gagtaacaaa cactacctgc tattagagaa    162420
     tgagtgggac tactgtatga gctacaagtc agctctgcca tgccaacagg ctatgctcac    162480
     ttatttctca tcttcactgg caaattctta tagcgaacaa gtaaaatatg aataagtagc    162540
     cttaagaata attagtgaat ccaggtgtga tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg    162600
     aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag    162660
     aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag    162720
     aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag attgctcttt gagtttgagt tccaggacag    162780
     tcagggctac acagagaaac tctgtcttga cctccccaaa ttaattataa tactgatgat    162840
     ggtggtgatg atgatcactg agtgaatgat accaacatac cagatgactt atggatgact    162900
     catttacttc cttgcttttg cagtattgga tatcaaactc caagggcttt gtacttctag    162960
     gcaaccgctc taccatttag atatgttcct ggccctcttt taacttgttc ttttgaggca    163020
     gggtctcact aagttagaca acattgctgt aaacttgtga ttctcctgcc ctggactcaa    163080
     aaggaactat gattgctggc atacatgaac taccaagccc agctcccaat ttactttaaa    163140
     ggtgacacta gttaccaaat ttgagacagg ctgtaacttg tgaattgatt gataaatcac    163200
     ttgctgctgg ccaggtacta tctggcactg tatgccatgc ttctgttgtt gttgaaacaa    163260
     cacggctttt gctttattct ccaacttgac actagcagca tcactaatcg tgcttttgtc    163320
     caactattat tattgatcac ttaattttac ttgaatacta gagttgaaga aatggtctcg    163380
     ggatatgttc tctgcactga tatcttccta gaaacatttt gattattgct ctttggccca    163440
     gaaataagaa attctgatta atgatttgat tccatgaaat ctaggtttac ttgcatattg    163500
     ttatggacct agcaaatgga aagattaata acttccagag gagcaaagct agacagtaca    163560
     acctcttcat aaaacaacta aagtagatag tggtaaagga atcctcttaa actactttag    163620
     ttgatagaat ttaacattag taaggaaacg gtgatcagtt atgatagaag tgaagtttac    163680
     caaggcggtt cagggtcttt gagagtcaga gttgagcccc aacttgggta ctaccactta    163740
     agagctctga gaccacagta cctatgactc tttccttatc ttacacacta ttataaatac    163800
     tatatagagc cagagaggtg gctcagtggt taagagcact aactgctctt ccagaggtcc    163860
     tgagttcaat tctcacatgg tggctcacaa ccctctgtaa tgggatctga tgccctcttc    163920
     tgggatgtct gaagacaact gcagtgtact cacatacata aactaaatag aagttctttt    163980
     taaaaaaaag actatataaa agaaattata tcatgtgttt aaatagtatc tggatcacag    164040
     taagtgctaa ataatgacta attgatcatt tgaccattta gctcaagtgt tcaattttga    164100
     gtacacactg gctacctctc atgaattttt aaaccagcgt atcaaaccca ttccagaaca    164160
     actgtatcag ggtatctggg aagaagctag acattggtat cttcaaagac atgctcatct    164220
     acagactaga gtaccactga gaatccctcc tatagagcgc tgcagctttg ggtctctagc    164280
     ttgaagactt agtactttct gagctagact gcttcattct gcaaaagcat tacctcacaa    164340
     ggagacaata cctgtctctg cacttttcca gtacttgtcc ttgcttggat ctctgcacac    164400
     atgaataaga aggggagacc ctcttcatgg ccttgcaaaa cattttcatc tataggttaa    164460
     tgtgcctatt tccttcaact tatatctaca atatctgaat tctacttctt gtttggtgca    164520
     tggtctttct taagtatacc actggggatg attaataaaa aaagatattt taggggagac    164580
     tattagcttg agacagaatt caggtcagca gtaacaattt ttatttaaaa taccacagaa    164640
     gtttgagtta aaccaaagat ggggttagtt tttgtaatgg ttatattaca ttgctgatag    164700
     aggacaggga attgtgttat tgtgaataca gttgaagctt ccagtacttg tacttttaac    164760
     actttacatc tacttttcca aactccttct ttcattcagt aatatttatt gtgctaaata    164820
     cctggtacac agagaggcaa acaaaacgaa cttggttctt aatcctaata gggtttaaac    164880
     tttatgagga agaaaaacta cttacagatg cctattccaa gtcaattcac cttcttgagt    164940
     cttatcactt gaatctcagt atcctttcac ctatggatgt ttctatctga gcctctgagt    165000
     gcttcctgtg caaccacaca gcacaggttt ctcttcccat tactgacaat gtactttgaa    165060
     gtatcagcag cctgctacct ttcctagatt gtttcttcct tttaagtttc agatcacaag    165120
     aaacaggcct ggatgtttct acaagcattg tgaaatctgt cttcctgcat ctgcaacaca    165180
     gccccagctc ttccttcatt cctttctccc ttcctcccag tgcccttctc tctttctcct    165240
     tccatagtcc taaattgtgg agacctttct caagatggct taacagaact tcctcctcac    165300
     cagccacttc ctcttccttg aaaccaagac ctgccttcag tctgtaaaca ttcaaagctg    165360
     aacgctactt tctactaaaa gcctgtactt gaccaaaata tagttttaag agaggctaca    165420
     tttttccaaa tattttctct ctatataaca tccaatcaag aaattgatta tgcaaagaca    165480
     aatgttacat ggtcatatat agaatctaga tataaaaata taacagaagg aggttgtggg    165540
     agaggaatgg atctaaggga ggtagaacaa ggagaaataa tgaaggtgaa gaaacacaaa    165600
     gactgaatgt tttctttcat gaggattata cagttaaata cctatccatc catatgacat    165660
     cacagcacag aggtacaatc tgggggaggg aagcagacaa tgggcagagg agagtggaag    165720
     cacaataaaa caaatgtata aaatgccata tttagtgaaa tacattttgt atactaaaac    165780
     tgcttaattt taaaaggaag aaaaaactga aaaatccatt gtgctgagat gtgattcagt    165840
     ggtagaatgt ttgcctacta tgtgcaaggt tttgggttca atcctcagta ccataaaaca    165900
     atgacaacat gaaaaattaa ttatcataat taagatctac cctttatagc tggatggtgg    165960
     tgcattcctt taatcccagc attcaggaga tacagaaatg cggatgttta cagtcagcct    166020
     gatgtacaaa gtaagttcca agacagccag agctacataa agaaaccctg agtcaaaaaa    166080
     atctacactt tattatactg catttagggt ttcaacatac agtcctctaa aactgattac    166140
     tgagaacagg gtctctgtct taatattgtt aatatgcaat attgttaata ttggtcgtaa    166200
     tagccaagca gtatttaaac aaatatataa tgtttagatt gatcattagg tacctagttt    166260
     tttaaagtta ggtttttttt ttttttttca gtgctgagac ctaaaccagg attgcacaca    166320
     tactaggcaa gtgttctatc actgagctac aagacccagg cctaaagaca actattttga    166380
     gtacttacta tgcatcgggg ttaagtgttt cacataaaaa cttttcattt gtttgtttgt    166440
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttttcgaga caaggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctggcc    166500
     tcgaactcag aaatctgctt gcctctgcct cctgagtgct aggactaaag gcgtgcgcca    166560
     tcacgcccgg caaaactttg catttttaac atatgagaaa ataggcttag taatgatcat    166620
     ttatctttga ttatgaagtt aaatataatt tcgaaagtcc tgctttgaag tatttacttt    166680
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtgaca agtatgtgct actacataca tctggaagtc agagaacaac    166740
     ttgtggggac agttctcttc ttctgtctgg agatcagttt caggtagtta agcttggcac    166800
     aacgttcctt aactcttctg agctgtctca tctgtactct atcttacacc cacggaaggg    166860
     atttacagat aaacagggca gttgctctaa gaaaagaatg tgaggagacc ttcttgaatt    166920
     ctccttacat atattgtagg tcccaaaagt caaatgccta agaattgttc aatagcaagt    166980
     agcactggga acaagtaaaa ttgacatact taagaaggtt ctggtgacaa tctcaaatga    167040
     tataacccag ggtaaaatta atgtttagtt agtttcccat ctatattact gtcctatgct    167100
     tctaggctgg cagaggttta ctgtcagcta tctgctatct gatctggttt tatttgacca    167160
     gtatggtctc tggtgaagtg ctacaagaat ctctgaaagg aggcaggtgc caccttggtc    167220
     tgttttggaa ctgcatattt ctatagataa gtaattttaa tactcctatc ttggtcttag    167280
     gtgaagaagg aaatttaggg tcccctttct tactcttact gtgaaaaggt acatcactac    167340
     cacgacaaca tatatcaaaa tgaatggatg ccagctatga ggggactggg cagaacagga    167400
     agcattccta aagtcaagca ggatcaggaa gggacccagc tcactcatgg ctagaagcac    167460
     ctttatggga cattgagatt catccttaaa aaataggagc tgctgtttct tttgactatt    167520
     tctagtccta aaacagtatc tctaagaaaa tattatcata tgtttcaatt atttattttt    167580
     tctttcaatt atttacttta atataataaa tgaaatgagc atgccacagc aacagaaaag    167640
     gttagagaga tcctaccata tttactgctg ttttgtgatg caataatgca tgtgtagata    167700
     gcaaaataga accaagtaga atttaggtct gaaacgaaat ccttatctat gctttatgtt    167760
     aaagtagctg tcattatcac agcaaatgac tcaatgtttg gctttctgtt gtaggaaaat    167820
     ctgaagacac aaagaagtac aaagagcatg tcatttagct ctcctcctga tagttacaga    167880
     agacgttgag aagtcacact gtaacaatga ctactacttc agttgacagc tggctttgct    167940
     cctctcatgg aatgcacttt ataactaatt atagtgacca agcctcacaa aatttctcag    168000
     gagtgccaaa tgtcactagc tgtccaatgg atgaaaaatt actatctact gtgttaacaa    168060
     ccttctactc tgttatattc ctcgtgggac tggttggaaa catcattgcc ctctatgtat    168120
     ttctgggcat tcaccgtaaa agaaattcca ttcaaattta tctacttaat gtggctgttg    168180
     cagaccttct actcatcttc tgcctccctt tccgcataat gtatcacatc aaccaaaaca    168240
     agtggacact aggtgtgatt ctttgtaaag ttgtggggac actattttac atgaacatgt    168300
     acattagcat tattttgctt gggtttatca gtttggatcg ctatataaaa atcaatcggt    168360
     ctatacaaca aagaagggca ataaccacca agcaaagtat ttatgtttgc tgtatagtat    168420
     ggacggttgc tcttgctgga tttctaacta tgatcatttt gacactgaag aagggaggtc    168480
     ataattccac aatgtgtttc cattacagag acagacataa tgcaaaggga gaagcaattt    168540
     ttaactttgt tcttgtagta atgttctggc ttattttcct actgataatc ctctcatata    168600
     ttaagattgg caagaatcta ctgaggattt ctaaacggag gtcaaaattt ccaaactctg    168660
     gcaaatatgc tacaacagcc cggaactcct ttattgtact gatcattttt actatatgct    168720
     ttgtgcctta ccatgccttt cggttcattt acatttcttc acagctaaat gtgtcctctt    168780
     gttattggaa ggaaatcatt cacaaaacta acgagatcat gctggttttc tcctctttca    168840
     acagttgcct ggatcctgtc atgtatttcc tgatgtccag taatattcgc aaaatcatgt    168900
     gtcaacttct ttttagaagg tttcaaagtg aagcaagcag aagtgaaagc acttcagaat    168960
     ttaagccagg acattccttg catgatctgt ccgtgacagt caaaatgccc cagtacagca    169020
     ctaagggtaa ttgaggcaaa tgtactaaaa tgaatgatat aaaacagtct cttcatttct    169080
     tgaggttggt aaaattatcg aacaaagtcc taatatgccc aaaactcaga tctttagaag    169140
     tgatctttca cttgcttaat tgcaaagtag ttcaaagcaa agaaaagctt acattaatcc    169200
     ctagatttta gaactgtatg tagaattttc acagaataca ttgttaagct aacactttta    169260
     acaacggtta caatgttaag tgaagttcat ggatttaaca acaaaacaga tgaaatgtca    169320
     ttgttttttt tttccaagtc actaaagagt tactaaagtt aggcacttaa tactaatttt    169380
     aaatatgtct aaaaataaag taatctgggg actgagttga aatgtcagtg aacatgagta    169440
     ttacttcaaa atcttacatc acttgatgct atattcattt atgtctaaat ctctgctaac    169500
     agatgaaaat aataaaattc taataaaagt gagactgcgc actattgctg cttagaaaaa    169560
     aaaatgtgaa gaatttaaat agcaaacagt caagctaaga acatgatagc ctggcaaaag    169620
     gaatgactta atgcacattc ataaattatc catccacttc acactttgat acagtgagac    169680
     acagactgta cacgtgatga tatgaccagc aagttcactg caggtacatc tcttacagga    169740
     gcatgcagat acatacatac gagcatatat acaatgatac tcatcactca gaacacttaa    169800
     ggatgtacaa gtaaaagcag aaagaaataa actgtggttt accacatgaa atacctttaa    169860
     cacttcaatt caacacatac acatcagaca tgggaacata gcaaaaatcg tattgaatgg    169920
     gctggagaaa tgtaaagccc tggtattctt tttttttttt tttttttcca ttttttatta    169980
     ggtatttagc tcatttacat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tcccccttac ccacccaccc    170040
     ccactcccct acccacccac tccccccctt tggccctggc gttcccctgt accggggcac    170100
     acaaagtctg cgtgtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt    170160
     gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctca ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttcc    170220
     acctataggg ttgaagatcc ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg    170280
     agccctgtga tccatccatt agctgactgt gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc    170340
     ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctacatct gggtcctttc gataaaatct tgctagtata    170400
     tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg gatgctgatt atggggtgga tccctggata tggcagtctc    170460
     tacatggtcc atcttttcat ctcagctcca aactttgttt ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt    170520
     gttttgttcc cacttctaag gaggggcata gtgtccacac ttcagtcttc atttttcttg    170580
     agtttcatgt gtttaggaaa ttgtatctta tatcgtgggt atcctaggtt ttgggctagt    170640
     atccacttat cagtgagtac atattgtgtg agttcctttg ggattgtgtt acctcactca    170700
     ggatgatgct ctccaggtcc atccatttgg ctaggaattt cataaattca ttctttttaa    170760
     tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtagatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg    170820
     aggggcatct gggttctttc cagtttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag    170880
     tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccagttgggg cttcttctgg atatatgccc aggagaggta    170940
     ttgctggatc ctccggtagt actatgtcca attttctgag gaaccgccag actgatttcc    171000
     agagtggttg tacaagcctg caattccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac    171060
     atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctc actggtgtga    171120
     ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt    171180
     ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc attcggtatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg ttcagttctg    171240
     agccccattt tttaaggggg ttatttgatt ttctgaggtc caccttcttg agttctttat    171300
     atatgttgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt aaagatcctt tcccagtctg    171360
     ttggtggtct ttttgtctta tagacagtgt cttttgcctt gcagaaactt tggagtttca    171420
     ttaggtccca tttgtcaatt ctcgatctta cagcacaagc cattgctgtt ctgttcagga    171480
     atttttcccc tgtgcccata tcttcaaggc ttttccccac tttctcctct ataagtttca    171540
     gtgtctctgg ttttatgtga agttccttga tccacttaga tttgacctta gtacaaggag    171600
     ataagtatgg atcgattcgc attcttctac atgataacaa ccagttgtgc cagcaccaat    171660
     tgttgaaaat gctgtctttc ttccactgga tggttttggc tcccttgtcg aagatcaagt    171720
     gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt cttcaattct attccattgg tccacttgtc    171780
     tgtctctata ccagtaccat gcagttttta tcacaattgc tctgtagtaa agctttaggt    171840
     caggcatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt tatccttgag aagagttttt gctatccttg    171900
     gttttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaaa ttgctccttc taattcgttg aagaattgag    171960
     ttggaatttt aatggggatt gcattgaatc tgtagattgc ttttggcaag atagccattt    172020
     ttacaatgtt ggtcctgcca atccatgagc atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagatctt    172080
     ctttaatttc tttcttcagg gacttgaagt ttttatcata cagatctttc acttccttcg    172140
     ttagagtcac gccgagatat tttatattat ttgtggctat tgagaagggt gttgtttccc    172200
     taatttcttt ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tgtagagaaa ggccattgac ttgtttgagt    172260
     taattttata tccagctact tcaccgaagc tgtttatcag gtttaggagt tctctggtgg    172320
     aatttttagg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat attttgactt    172380
     cctcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg tcgaattgct ctggctaata    172440
     cttcaagtac tatgttgaaa aggtagggag aaagtgggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt    172500
     ttagtgggat tgcttccagc ttctctccat ttactttgat gttggctact ggtttgctgt    172560
     agattgcttt tatcatgttt aggtattggc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc agaactttta    172620
     tcatgaatgg gtgttggatc ttgtcaaatg ctttttctgc atctaacgag atgatcatgt    172680
     ggtttttgtc tttgagtttg tttatataat ggattacatt gatggatttt cgtatattaa    172740
     accatccctg catccctgga ataaaaccta cttggtcagg atggatgatt gctttaatgt    172800
     gttcttggat tcggttagcg agaattttat taaggatttt tgcatcgatg ttcataagag    172860
     aaattggtct gaagttctct atctttgttg gatctttctg tggtttaggt atcagagtaa    172920
     tagtggcttc ataaaatgag ttgggtagaa taccttctac ttctatcttg tgaaaaagtt    172980
     tgtgcagaac tggagttaga tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactctgca ctaaacccgt    173040
     ctggtcctgg gctttttttg gctgggagac tattaataac tgcttctatt tctttagggg    173100
     atatgggact gtttagaagg tcaacttgat cctgattcaa ctttggtacc tggtatctgt    173160
     ccagaaattt gtccatttcg tccaggtttt ccagttttgt tgagtatagc cttttgtaga    173220
     aggatctgat ggtgttttgg atttcttcag gatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc    173280
     tgattttgtt aattaggatt ttgtccctgt gccctttagt gagtctagct aagggtttat    173340
     ctatcttgtt gattttctca aagaaccaac tcctcgtttg gttaattctt tgaatagttc    173400
     ttcttgtttc cacttggttg atttcacctc tgagtttgat tatttcctgc cgtctactcc    173460
     tcttgggtga atttgcttcc tttttttcta gagcttttag atgtgttgtc aagctgctag    173520
     tatgtgctct ctcccgtttt ttcttgaagg cactcatagc tatgagtttc cctcttagaa    173580
     atgctttcat tgtgtcccaa aggtttgggt acgttgtggc ttcattttca ttaaactcta    173640
     aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa ggtatcattg agaagagtgt    173700
     tgttcagttt ccatgtgaat gttggctttc tgttatttat tttgttattg aagatcagcc    173760
     ttagtgcatg gtgatctgat aggatacatg ggacaatttc aatatttttg aatctgttga    173820
     ggcctgattt gtgacctatt atgtggtcaa ttttggagaa ggtaccatga ggtgctgaga    173880
     agaaggtata tccttttgtt ttagggaaaa atgttctgta gatatctgtc agatccattt    173940
     gtttcatcac ttctgttagt ttcagtgtgt ccctgtttag tttctgtttc catgatctgt    174000
     ccattggtga aagtggtgtg ttgaagtctc ccactattat tgtgtgaggc gcaatgtgtg    174060
     ctttgagctt tactaaagtt tctttagtga atgtggctgc tcttgtattt ggagcataga    174120
     tattcagaat tgagagttcc tcttggagga ttttaccttt gatgagaatg aagtgtccct    174180
     ccttgtcttt tttgatgact ttgggttgga agtcaatctt atcagatatt aggatggcta    174240
     ctcctgcttg tttcttcata ccatttgctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcattctga    174300
     ggtagtgtct atctttttct ctgagatgag tttcctgtaa gcagcaaaat gttgggtctt    174360
     gtttgtgtag ccagtttgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg cgagttgaga ccattgatgt    174420
     taagagatat taaggaaaag taattgttgc ttcctgttat tttagttgtt aaaggtggca    174480
     ttctgttctt gtagctgtct tcttttaggt ttgttgaggg attaccttct tgttttttct    174540
     agggcgttgt tcccgttctt gtattggttt ttttctgtta ttatcctttg aagggctgga    174600
     ttcgtggaga gataatgcgt gaatttggtt ttgtcgtgga atactttggt ttctccctct    174660
     atgataattg agagtttggc tgggtatagt agcctgaagc cctggtattc ttcggaagac    174720
     ttgggtttga ttcccagcac atacatggta gctcacaacc atttgtaact ccagtttcag    174780
     tggattctct tctggcatcc tggggcaatg taaacatcca tacacattaa aaaaatagta    174840
     tcgaataaaa aatagtattg aacaggaaag aaaaccatac ccaagagtaa aaaggtatgg    174900
     actatatgaa atcatttatg taaaatatta aaacattatc attttcttta cgtccatata    174960
     aataaaaaaa tcaaagcatg aatgataaca tatatatcat acagaccaat ttaaacttaa    175020
     tggtcacatg tgaagacttt ggcacaaaca tggtaaaagc ttaatgtata ttaaacccag    175080
     gtacataagt gctagtctga taaatttctg agtgaaacat ttcctgacaa tacagaaaac    175140
     ctggagtttg acattaaaag gcgcaaacag aaaacttcat gtatgttcaa gaacacagag    175200
     taaaaagaag ggactcatca ctgactccta ggtcagtgta gtttggcaag tcagaagcaa    175260
     tattttccga gtagttgagt gaacaaagga agaaaagata gatgaacaaa taagatgggg    175320
     aggaaaagat gtaaaagaaa aaataggcta attagctttt ccagtcatta ttctggatag    175380
     agctgaagaa acattataca ttgcaatcca gacaggaggt gtccttagag aaactgaaaa    175440
     aaaatttggc cagtgtttgt gtaggttttg atcttgctaa acacagaacc agaatgccat    175500
     tgtctgaata tataaaagac cgctgtaaca aactccatga atctttgatt aagtttctat    175560
     cacagaatat ggaattttat ttaaaaatca gaatgctttg gtactcttaa cactcttcca    175620
     acatagttag ttttacacat agatgacaac gacaactcct cctcttcctc ttcttcttcc    175680
     tccttctttt ttgaggagtc ttactatgga gccctggctg gcctggaact cactatgtag    175740
     accaaactgg ccttgaagtt acagagatca catcacatgc ctttgcctcc caagtgttgg    175800
     ggttaaaggt atatgtcatg tccagcctag aatatgtctt aaaactcaag ttaagccagt    175860
     ggctggaaaa caatgtcata aagcactaaa aatttagaat gcagttatga attatactgg    175920
     tttaaggaaa gtggcagtag caggttcttc tctaagacct atgatcttgt tagctctaag    175980
     tttacagtat caggcatagt ttccctgctg ccttaagccc aattagaaag ctgttggtta    176040
     ctaccaaaat atgtgccact attgcacctt tagagatatg ttgctatgct ggtcattgtt    176100
     gtggctaata ggtgtcatag ctgggtagga ctattggttg tattcctctc aaggcagctt    176160
     gtaatgtact ttccagtact atgaaaacta atcctcaagg ataaagcttt caggtcagat    176220
     ccagtggcat tctaaatact ccttatatat acagataagt ggctcttgcc cctcaaagaa    176280
     gcttcttttg tatcagacag agactattac caaaagcacc atcttgtcaa aatgcagaca    176340
     tcaactgatc atgggctgcc tagccccaac tgataaatct acaacaaaac ccatacacat    176400
     aaggctcaag gaacattgta gaagaggaaa gtgaaaaatt taagaaccag aagatcagaa    176460
     tatttgcttc tagataggac acagaagata tacctaagaa gtctcaacaa tatggttgct    176520
     taagcaagat ttaataacta caacaccagt tgatttgtca atgtggatga gggaaatgtc    176580
     ataaggccaa acccttagat gaagaagtaa aggtaacagt gattgccaag agagaaaaaa    176640
     actagttgtc ctcagggagg tgcctctaat tggttatcca ataccaagtg cttaaccttg    176700
     aaaatatata caacacaagc aacattaaac agtatgctgt atttacaaaa ttacatattt    176760
     acacatatat gtaagaataa taatgaaatg aataagaggg agtgaggtgg ggatatagga    176820
     tgggttagtt ggaagagagg gagggagaaa tgatataatt tttaaaaact gcaaaaaata    176880
     acttggatga gaaaaaagca tgcagatttt tggttgggcc tgatctcaat gagatttgct    176940
     tgtatatagt tgtagcactc agtttcattt ggcactatat ttcagaaagt gcataaacag    177000
     gttgaataaa gaataggtta agcctggcgt ggtggcgcat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    177060
     ggaggtagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc    177120
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaagaaac cctgtctcca taaaaccaaa aaaccaaaaa    177180
     ccaaccaaac aaaaaagaat aggtcaagca gaagtatatc tggaaataca aataacattt    177240
     gtcgataaaa actattagag gcttataaaa agtgttaaaa caattttagt tggtgtcctg    177300
     acaatggtat cagataatat ctaaattaaa tttagtaact gtttgtgtaa tcttaaataa    177360
     tgaaaacttg gatcctatca gtggtaagca ttccctacct tttaatgtca cattaagaaa    177420
     cacagtttaa atgttatcaa gagctgtaca gatggctcag tgtacttgct agtttatgtc    177480
     tttttgacat aaactagtca tcagagatga gggagcctca attgagaaaa tgtcttgaga    177540
     aaaagatcga gctgtaggat aacctatagg cattttctta attagtgact gatgggggca    177600
     ggtccagccc attgtgggtg gggatacccc tgggcaggta gtcctaggtt ctataagaaa    177660
     caggctgagg atgccataag catcaacctc catggtctct gctttggctc caggctccag    177720
     gttcctgttt tgcttgagtt tctgccctga cttccttcaa aaatgaagtg atgtggaagc    177780
     tcataatcca gataaaccct tccctcccca agttgctttt ggtcatgatg tttcatcaca    177840
     gcaatggtaa ctgtatctaa gacagtgggt cacagctgta accaaagcac atggggtgga    177900
     acatatcctg ggaacttgat ggccaggtga cttggcagat acatagagca gggcacctac    177960
     tgttctcctc tggcctctgc acacatcaga acacatgtgc atgtacaacc atacacacca    178020
     cacacacaga cacatgcccg tacacatgca tgtatcacac acaaactata ttatcatcag    178080
     ttaatataat gttcaggaac attaaaataa aatactcata gctctagaag tgatcttact    178140
     atctatatta aacgatgatc tctataaaat atttgaaaat gttttactga attaacttat    178200
     gttaactgta ataaagtaaa atttgattat agtaatcctg taattttttt ttactgatag    178260
     aaatttcatt tttaaacatc ctttaaatta gcctgaatct ggagagttct agaatttaat    178320
     aaaaagcatg ctaccgactc actaaattta gagatattta tcacatataa tgtcttagtg    178380
     atcattggtg tatgtactta ggaaatactg actttccaac tgccaacaca aggcttagtt    178440
     ctacatatac acagaaaagg aaattcagaa gtacatgcat atcttcacct tacaaaagat    178500
     cttcagacag aataagcttc caaatactat ctcacatgta caatgccata taagggcaac    178560
     atgaactgcc tggctccctg agtgacatct cagtactaag cactgctgtt agtttttgga    178620
     aagtattatg cacagagcca ggctagatgg tgtctgtctc caccatctta gaaaaaacaa    178680
     ttctatataa gctttggtta tcctgcttat acaaaaatag aactaatcaa attacaacaa    178740
     tttcaaccaa agcctattta aagttaccca gaaaacacaa aagtaggaaa atttcaagag    178800
     acaatatgaa tgctgcagaa ttattatttt ttaggtttct aaagtacata ctcagaatgc    178860
     cgaatttcaa aacctgaaag ttaaaatgct ccaaaatctg aaatatttaa aaattttaca    178920
     tactggaatt ttagggtagg aatgttcaac cagtaaagtc tgtgaagata ttcctagatc    178980
     agaataactc cgaaaacgga aacacttata gtcctaaaca tttcggataa gggatactta    179040
     atctgatgat agaaacttac tttatttgta ttaaatacat ttgtaacctt cgatttaaaa    179100
     aacaaacaaa caagggagta aatgcagaga aacttacgag gggaatggaa tatacacctg    179160
     aagcagaccc ttggtgatgt gaggagagta ttggcatgtg actgacactc agaagtgggt    179220
     aggaactaat cagaggaaaa cctaaagctt tgttacttat ggtgcgcata gttttgaaaa    179280
     gcttctaagg taactcttac acatcccttt ccctgagaga aaatcattgc aaataaagga    179340
     accactgcaa agagcttcaa gaaggaagag atggtttaat aaatagtgtt gtgcaaattt    179400
     aaaataaaaa gccaaattat atcctcacct tgtaccacac caaaggaaat ttaaatggaa    179460
     ttaaaagtta gttgtaaata aagaagttag ttgttaaaaa aaaaacatag atggctaaat    179520
     catctgagga tgggaaatag ttttctatta atgcaatgat agcaatcctt atagagaaat    179580
     gtctaggtta tgcttggatg aatggctgct gtaatgtctt agctcagttt gggtttccag    179640
     atgaagactt ggtggtggga gcaatggttc tagttatgga aacaggtttg tcctaaattc    179700
     cattttgcct cttattttct tcctttatgc ttacaagcaa caaaatagga atccaagtaa    179760
     atgtgtactt atatccaggc tggggattag agccaggtct tactgtttgt gtagcaagca    179820
     atttatcaac tgatctactt ccctaagcct ccaagatgat agttactaaa aacaaacaac    179880
     cccagccacc tcaaaactta gtaatattaa tatgcaatta atgcaaaaac ttttagcatt    179940
     tatcaaaatt gtatggtgcc caaatcccca aacctgcaag actggctttc tggctgtctt    180000
     acatttgtat accttacaaa ctctacttga ctcttgaaag ctaattcact gcaatcccag    180060
     acacacggag catacttttt aaaaaaaaag ataaattggt acattttatc taatttaatt    180120
     tttttcaagt tcataaaaca cgtaaagaat catcacagaa tgagttctga aaaagatttt    180180
     cagttgcagt ttggatatgt cacttttagc tttggtcacc cagtgaaatt agttcaggag    180240
     caacagttag ccattactta tcttatttgg taatttcacg tgtaagttta ctttatatgt    180300
     atataaacta tgtttttttt tcttgaaaca gaaaaatgat atgtagtata ggctgacctt    180360
     gaacttgtta tcttactgtt tggtcatact ggggttttac acgtgtgcat tattaacctt    180420
     gggtaaggag ggtttatttt ttgtactttt ataacacatg tgtataacaa gatacacttt    180480
     ccttccttcc ttcctttttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgcatagccc    180540
     tggctgtcct ggaattcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa atccgcctgc    180600
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcactgcc tggcttacac tttcttttta    180660
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtttacat gtggtgtaac tactatttta tcacctcata gctctttccc    180720
     actgtaatta tgcttatcta tgtctagcac aaaggcttta tttcttttca tagatgaagt    180780
     gttataggac acaaaacaac atgagttcat ttctccattt cccccaccaa cggacatata    180840
     ggtggtttcc agtttttctg ttagtaggag cagtcttctg cttgccaaag gtccttgcat    180900
     ggaggtccct tagagttgac ccctcaagca acaatgcctg gctgtaagac tgaaggcctt    180960
     cagcatatcc cagttctgat aattttccaa agcaatttta ctacttatac acccagtctc    181020
     acaagtgggc agaaatgagc tcctagctgc ccacatcctc gctaacactt ggtttcatca    181080
     cacactactt tttgtcaatc agataggtgt aagataatat ctccttgtgg cttcagtgtg    181140
     cactttcctg atcactaggg caatggagtg tcatttgtaa tacttcctgc atgtaggctt    181200
     tctcttaggt gaatggtctg ttcatagctt cacttccccc tcctcctcag ttgcttaact    181260
     ttctttcttt attgttgaag tgcttcttta tatattctgg gcctcaatca tttcttgttg    181320
     aaatgggtca caaataactt caacttgtat atacttatac ttagttcaga ggctccttct    181380
     accaggcaac aatagcaagg acaaaataaa aagaaataaa aaacaccctt tatcaataaa    181440
     tagagcccat aagactccta gcaagagagg atatggagcc tgaattggtc atctcctgta    181500
     accagtcaac acttctagtg gagggactgg gacaccaacc cagccacaaa actttgacct    181560
     acaatttgtc ctacctacat ggggtaaagg tggcacagaa agtatgggag tggccaacca    181620
     atgactgatc cagcatgaga gggaatccac ccctgatact gcctgcaggg ccaggaacaa    181680
     gaggctagat aacctagaga cctacgacag aaccaaacat gactgacaaa aaaccaagca    181740
     atgaaacact cctaatgata ttctgttata cgcataggtt ggtgtctagc tcaattgtca    181800
     tcagaggggc ttcacctagc aactgataga aacagatgca gagagaccac agacaaacat    181860
     taggtggagc ttgtggaatc ttgcattaat gggggaataa ggattgtggg agtcagaggt    181920
     atcaagaatg ctacaagaaa atccacagaa tcaactaacc tggggtcata gggacccact    181980
     aacaactagg gagcctgcat gggtctgacc taggccctct gcacatctga tacagttgtg    182040
     taccttggtt ttcttgtggg actcctaaca gtaggaacag gggctgtctc tgactctgct    182100
     gcctgccttt gggacccttt ccttctacag ggttgacttc tctagcctta ataggagaga    182160
     aggtgtctag tcttactgca acttgatata ctgtagctag ttgataccca tgagagggct    182220
     gcccctttct gaagagaaat agaggatgag tggatgggtg ggtggagagg ggaggtggta    182280
     gtgggggacc aggaagaaag gagggagggg aaactgtagt caggaactaa gtaactaaaa    182340
     actaaatcta gctagtcact agtcttaata tacattcctc aaggactctc aaattcatag    182400
     atcagatcat atttttgata tcttagcatt ttacttacaa atagtactga ggtattaaat    182460
     gtggggaccc ctgagaacat aaaaatagaa atgttttctg agagttaaaa ctacaaaacc    182520
     taagcacttg tgtataatta cataaaaata cttttaagaa gcacaatgtc ttgatcagat    182580
     gtcctgatta aatactaaac atgtcacggg aaagaattag tggttctcta gaaaaggaaa    182640
     gaaaattaag gggaagctgt gtgggggaat gtcagtattg cctagtccaa cagtccagtg    182700
     ggttagtttg gccaatggat atggagtaca atatgtgact tattgatatg accatgggaa    182760
     gaagcctggt gaggccaaat gcaacttaga gcttaataac acttcagtaa agaatgaaca    182820
     gagagctagc aaaatagaca ggctaaaaga ctgcctgagt tcaaatattt gctccatcat    182880
     ttataagttg cctcggacac gttctttctc ttacagagaa aaacatgagt aattgctgga    182940
     cctcactcag agttgttaag agggctgaat gatcctgagg tacccagcaa tcagaaaata    183000
     tttggtaagt tatccaaata gccaaatacc aggggaaagg cagaaataca cagctggaag    183060
     ctgagggtaa acatgagatc tagagaggta tacaatgaaa gtgactgtgg gccaactcta    183120
     gaagaaactc acaaagcgaa ctgaatccta gcttctggag atgtagcaga tagattctgc    183180
     tttatgctag ccaggccata ctctaaggct cagcaagcaa agactgtgag ggtatctggg    183240
     cagatgccaa aagatacatt aatatgtatc tgagccttga cttttctgta taatctggat    183300
     cgctgaacta gtcttcatat tgcaatggaa aatagcaaca aggtcacttc cctagagttc    183360
     tgccctctgc tgtgttattt ttgcttttgt tcttttggag gcaggaactc tttacatagc    183420
     ccaggctggt gttcaacatg ctattctagt gacggagtct tccaagttca gggattctaa    183480
     gtgaatacca tcatggccag tctaccctat tttcaaatat tggccaactg caagtttcta    183540
     gatcaaagtt cttcatgcct tctgctaatc ctgctggcat agactttaca aagagtcatt    183600
     taatagcagt tcctttctct gtttccttcc tgcctcttac tgctgtcctc caaatgagat    183660
     gttcttagca ccccggacac tccctcctgc tgtttttctt tcctgtactc agtagcacct    183720
     ttctcttccc cagttcagtt ttgtctctgt gtccctactt tctcttttaa gacccttttc    183780
     tcataactgc atgcgctctt cttttccaca ccccctctcc atctgtcaga agcagaaatg    183840
     ctcatctgta tggggaaatt cagtctgtac tcagaagaaa aacaccgttt cctctatatt    183900
     tttaagcgaa gacattgagc tggctgcaaa gggaactgac aggtttgcat gcatgcttat    183960
     attcacttcc cctttgtggc cagcaaggct tgaaaaacac aggacacatg gggtcagatc    184020
     ttgtgggtaa agattacatg gttccaagta tgtgtggcaa ctaggaagag aagatagtca    184080
     agtagcaagt gagtctcctg atccaatgat tggatattta tgaccctcat aatagtgaaa    184140
     ccttgagtga tgggtacagc ctagaggcgt gggggctgct cccttaacct tctgaaagga    184200
     ccatttttct acatcctttc aggctgtggt actatagatg ttagtgacaa tacctagctc    184260
     taaggagcaa ataaacttct agagctagca ggattaggct tttcttctag ctttcttgcc    184320
     aagctagatt gctgttctag aagcacagaa agagatattc atagatgaaa attacaaagg    184380
     gccagctttg tgatacattt ggtatgagaa ggaaccaaag cagttccaca cttccagcac    184440
     ttggacatgt gaggtctctt tgcaaagcat aattctcttt cctttgagga atgttgctga    184500
     ggaaacagtg gactctaagc tacacatacc ttattaatcc ctagggagag agccatttta    184560
     ctgcactaaa gggaaaaaaa tataaaagcc tagtcaggtc atcaaaagtg aaagcatatt    184620
     caaagaaatg tggtagatga aaatgaaaac agtatgttct tgccagctct tttgtttgtg    184680
     aggagggatg agggagttgt gtactcatgt gagagatcca tgcaggatgg aaggtggtga    184740
     ctgaagcttt agtgacaaag cacacgttct cggggataaa accctggatg tgcccctgat    184800
     gtagagagct aagctgcgag gcacttcgag gaggaagtat cggcatagtt ggcctgctac    184860
     tggaagaagg gaggacagtg gaggagaaag ggcatcgctt ctagtacttt cttcagagga    184920
     taaaatgtac tataaaatac atttgttaac tattttcatt ataagccctt tagcattact    184980
     tgacttttca aactgtatcc attagctgct ataattttat tttagaagtt aaatcccaca    185040
     aggtgaccac aaaattgtcc catgctaaaa tgttagactg tttttttttt ctttttcctt    185100
     tttctcattt cagtgggtgt aggatctcac tatgtggctt gggttgtcct agaagccagg    185160
     ctagcttcac atagatccat ctgtctcccg agtgcaggga ataaaggtgt gccccaccac    185220
     actcagcttg ccagactttc ttttaacctc caggataatt agagtcatga atatttcaca    185280
     aacgtgactc atgataatca ttaaaacaaa ataagacaaa gccaagcctt aaatgattta    185340
     tcctattcat ggctgatgag tggcactggg ctttcatctt gagagaattt gttgttttaa    185400
     aattattttc actttatcac ttttaaagtg gttttcatgc actagaaaaa gtaaatttat    185460
     agatttctta gagcttaaaa ggacaaaacc ctcaatatta aaaaaaaaaa tttcccctag    185520
     cctgtactgc agtcatttcc agctggaaac taagcaaatt atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    185580
     aaaaagaact gtgttgcggt gatatactgc cctctgctgg ccagagctct aaagaagcaa    185640
     gcactttaca gagctgttcc atgttaaaat gtaacaaagc ttttctttcc aattgttttc    185700
     tactaggtat ttcaggttgg tttttcctaa aataaaggca acaagaaaat attagaaaca    185760
     gccaggtatg tatacttgtc tagagtgact gatttcaact ctaaattatt tccacatatc    185820
     aaaaggttgc atcaagatgc aagtgccaat ggatgagact cctaatttaa taggaattat    185880
     cagtgactgc taaaatccac tgtgtaaaag ggtaacatta aatttaggat ctcaaaatat    185940
     aagcttcaga ttacataaaa agttgacata agtaaaagct atttttggtc aaaggagata    186000
     tgagatactt ggtcacctta tcagaagcat caacgcccaa acagcttttt gtacgggtac    186060
     cttgtctttt tgttgttact tatcttattt acttagtttt tgtttgtttt agttttcttt    186120
     tctttttttg agagagacag aaagagacaa agttgagagg gaggggaagg agggagagag    186180
     aatgtgaatt tgggtaggga ggatttggag gatgggaaag gatatgatac aaatatatta    186240
     tatgaaatgc cttttaaaat aaaataaaaa ataacagatt ctatgagtgc tatcttatct    186300
     aatgtgagtc aggataaaca acctttaaca cttgggatca attcaagccc tagttgtgtt    186360
     acaacacatg atatgcttgt cctgttgaag aaataaaagc atttatctcc gatatatctt    186420
     aaaccttcta tgtatgtatg tatgtatata tgtacataaa tataaaatat agttaagtgg    186480
     ttgtcattta ttatcaaatt ttggtatttt ttgagacagg gtttttttgt gtagcagaac    186540
     aggctggcct caaactcaca gagatctcct tgggattaaa ggggtgtgcc accatcaccc    186600
     aaactctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc    186660
     ctctcctctc ctctcctctc tctctccctt tccccctccc tctctctctc cctccctccc    186720
     tccctcgctt gcttgctttc tgagacaagg tctcattata tagacttgtt tgacctgaaa    186780
     ctgtgtagac caggctggcc tcaaagtcag agagatccat ctgttctgcc tccagagtgt    186840
     tgggattaaa gacctgtgct gccatgcctg gctgttatca attgttctag cagttcacat    186900
     aaactgcagt acttcaattt tgggggttct caatatgagc aattgaattc aaacactaac    186960
     aggtacagga aagaacacct cgtgcccaat tctctttccc tggccattga tataacctcc    187020
     tccttgagta aagacaaaaa gggacacaaa cacagtctta atcttaaaac aattttatcg    187080
     agaaattaaa aagaagtggc tagaaataag atgaccttgt tcttggaaag aaacatggag    187140
     aattctgggc actgatacat gatcgtaatc tctttgcatt cccagttgct gtgttgtgat    187200
     atgggcatgt gtttacttgt ggtaattcgt gataggtcac atttctccca gactcttgtc    187260
     aaatgcctta ttttctaaaa tgcctgcttt taaggaaaga aaataagttt ctttgtacac    187320
     ttcaaaggta gcacaggcac ggcaggcagt aacacaagaa ttgctggctc atttacatct    187380
     ttacctttgg ctttcaaagt acccacaggg aagaatggtt ggttctgaaa catgatatga    187440
     gcatgcaact gcacacacat gaacacacgt acacatccat aaaaagaggg gaaaagcccc    187500
     ctgatagtcc taaaaaccac tgacttctca ttcaggcccc cagggaccta aaagcacagt    187560
     gtaagcctgg tgtgtctgcc ttcattttgc atctatctct tttaatctgg ctcattagct    187620
     ttgtctactt ctttcaatat gaatcactca aggagtgtct atcaaattat cacttattcc    187680
     attgtccttt gaggccaagg acacagagac aggactaaag ggggcatctt agtgtcagct    187740
     ttttaccatg ttctgttccg gatgcctaaa aggtgcctaa agatatccag ttattatcct    187800
     aaaccaggac tcccttggat tctatcacct agatgatgaa atttaaccag tgaggactag    187860
     agtgtgagca atcatctcct ggggaccacc ctgttccctt gaacaataag aaagcctaca    187920
     gactaccttt gctgaaccat aactgagaca atgatcagtg agtcacacaa actactggct    187980
     acaccttgac taaggctgta taattatgca caactcttgc ctccttgcct caatttgtcc    188040
     tctaatctac agctgatatc agtaccctga gagggatttg gggtcaccag acactgttcc    188100
     tctttttgat gtgcacatga ttacctctcc tgtctctgat tttcacgatt tgtcatttgc    188160
     ttcttgagtt ggcatattaa gatgggtggc caaggccagc ctgttagggt tgctggagaa    188220
     agcgctttta tcctaaaact ctagttacac ttgggtcttc cacgactaca gattcttgta    188280
     gtagaatgtg aggacctgag agcagtagca ctggaaacaa ggctatggcc agataccaca    188340
     tcctaaagag aacagaaggt tcactgaact tgaacaaacc acagctttga gtaacaggac    188400
     tgcactgcac atctaaagct aactggcttg tgtaagcatt gaactgatga acaaggctta    188460
     ctgtggtccc ctttgaggga aattaagaat ggtgttctaa tatgcacaca tttagacacg    188520
     tgttcttgtc ttgcacaata gcttccctct caatgccctg agctactgat tggtcagatg    188580
     gacaaatttt aaactgtcca gttgtagcca atttagatat tagcttggag agccaaaaag    188640
     taagttccca tttgaaacac acaagttcag ataagtctaa ggtatctcat gtcctcctgc    188700
     ttttggtttt gagggaaact ggtaagtgac cctcaaaccc acccctcaaa gttgatagag    188760
     gtagtaacaa cagctcacca tgggctgcaa aactgaatga gctttccttt tggatcactc    188820
     ttactaaaat actccaaagg aattccaggg gccagattta aaaccatcac ctgaggcaga    188880
     tcagaaggat cagaagagta tgtactggag agtgcttggg cagatgatct gagaagtaat    188940
     cagataagga gatttacatg tggacaaagg aaaccgcact ctgaagagga gaaagatgag    189000
     aacacaaaga gccagagaaa atttgtgatc ccgaagtcca aaggggcaca ctatgtccta    189060
     gagaacttgc aacttggttt gatattcttg aaatagctcc atgacaagga atatttttgt    189120
     tagcttagta tttcctgcca ttactttttt ctactactgg agagtattgt ttactgtctt    189180
     agaaaatctt ttatagtatt tacctagtcg tctcacttga gtcgtttctt ccccgagcct    189240
     cattttccac caccatctat cacacattct ctgttcttcc ctttcagttc ttttaatgaa    189300
     ccattgtgat ttaccaactc actaagtttt tatttctcag acacatcaca tctacatctt    189360
     ccttggattt gaagacactc tagtttgtgg ttagcattat acttctggga cctccatgtg    189420
     ctactagaaa tgtagtagaa actccaataa atatttgagt gaactgtact gtttaaggaa    189480
     aatgtatgat agtgaaatcc aaaatggtct gagaatggag caatggccac cattttaagg    189540
     aattgtccat cttggggaac tcaggtctag gaaagggctt gccggctatg caaacatcct    189600
     ggagatgggc cacaatgaac acacagtggg acagtaggga gaaattatgt gccttcccct    189660
     ttccttctcc agaagttacc tttgtgctaa agaagagctc acctaaatga caaaaatgtt    189720
     aattgccaaa caatttgtgg atttattggc acccccacct ccaactcctg gtgactttct    189780
     gataacatct gaatgtgcag ctctccttgt tcttttaatc ccctgcatca gttaacacaa    189840
     agcatacaaa ttgctgtgga ggttaacttg tagataacta atgtgtttgt agctattttc    189900
     agaaggtcaa ggttgattac agttctagcc agaggcgggc aggggaatgg gcacagagcc    189960
     tcctgcccat cgttcgactg tataacccag gctttcctac ccttcttata acccaattct    190020
     ccaagacaga gctttgctga tggttgccct ctccagcttc tcaggatcaa tctttgagta    190080
     agcccaactt ctcatcatct acgtactaga cgagtggtaa gcaaatgagg tggacttggg    190140
     tttggaaaca agaattggca gaactgggct ggggatgcag gttgctcagt ggtcagtgct    190200
     aaatgcacat ttagccttcg gttatggtca gttcagacta catgctataa ctattaattt    190260
     gttttgaaac acatttgcta cctccaaaat ccatcataaa atgttctaac tcatgtactc    190320
     attattacaa ctccaaatgg aggtagaaca tgccaattag aagtagagaa aagttgttta    190380
     ttagtaacca aactgggttc tagtccctat atatactctg agcacacaga gagcaagcat    190440
     ctctgggcat cagttttttt caatcttaaa acagcagaga ccactgatga gcatgaattt    190500
     taatccagcc tagtgatatt tgatttgagc aagccggtat aaataagaaa acttcaagtt    190560
     ttgttttgtt ctactcttag aaaagatgga ttgcaaagaa gctgttcaca aatgattttg    190620
     tagtgaagtt tagagacaaa tttatgttgg tattttattg agttactgga aagaagttcc    190680
     ttttactatg ctcacagaaa aataattagc tatgtgtgat taaaccttag aaatgcaact    190740
     tcagccaatc acaacaataa agctaactac ttcatgaaat catcataagt atactacata    190800
     tatatttatt tatacagtac atatttatac taaatatatg tattacccac taacttcctc    190860
     ccactaaaga aatagagaaa tgagggttgt gtttgttttt ttttttttaa ggaggtactg    190920
     gttatattta ctgtaactgt tgactttctt caacaatcta atttcccttt ttctccccac    190980
     tgtacttggt gtcatgcaag actctactca tactgattaa ggatactgga agagtgaaga    191040
     tcagagaact gtgagtgtga aacagtcaat gagcataagc tactcagaca ggtaaggatg    191100
     atttttgggg gggggctcag ttttagctta aaggttaact ttgtaagtgt ctaaaaggac    191160
     taaactattt gaattgtgaa atctgatcat taaataaggt agtcagctca agaagtgttt    191220
     aaatagccac aagtaactgc tagagttgta caagttttct catttgtcaa attagcacag    191280
     tgtgtacaca gacattctgc tgaggagaat gtacacttgg agagatatcc ttggaagcaa    191340
     ttctgtaaga ctcactttta tttgccttct caagtttaat tgcattttac aaatttttaa    191400
     aactaaattt ctagtagctt ttgaatcaaa ggctgttact gaatggggca tgaatttggg    191460
     aagctgaaga tggggagtga gttgttattt gttttataga gactcaccat cacctaacat    191520
     ctaagtaata gtattctgct cttctttcat tagggaatag ttgctactga tattcataga    191580
     ggaacctctg ctgctttcag catggaatgc attatctcta tgaggcagag gctactggaa    191640
     gctttgcata aaagaagctt catctcttaa aaaaagcttt ggcccttcag taaaaccaac    191700
     atttcttttg aacagaaggg gacctttctt tcttcctgtc ctgtcctgtc ctgtcctgtc    191760
     ctgtcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    191820
     ctttcctttc ctcccctccc ctcctctttt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    191880
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    191940
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttgag gcagggtttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgtt    192000
     ttggaactca cactgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct    192060
     cccgagtgct gggattaaag ggtgcaccac cacatcccgg ctggggattt ttcttaataa    192120
     gtgaactggt tcatttcaat tgttatttgc ctaattttga aatcagcaag gttacagatt    192180
     aaggtttgat attaagagta tctacaactc ctatccataa aggcactctg aaacatatga    192240
     tgcagtttct gaataaaaat tgtaaagaaa taaagtgaag atagtggcag accttgataa    192300
     agggtctcag tacttgaatg cagaaaattt ttaagtattt aggtaagaga ttggcttaaa    192360
     agttgtttca gaatgataat gtattatgaa atgatcctca tttttaataa aatccaatgt    192420
     aattttaaag caattcaaga tgcagaaaat aataagacca agatgctgaa gtggggtaga    192480
     gaatacaatc ctgaaagggc agagatcaga agatgctctg tggaaaaacc tttttatgtt    192540
     catcatcaaa agagagaaga tggttaacaa aagattaaga aactctccta taaatcataa    192600
     aagtgtgcaa aatatggtgc cccaaaagtc aatggtgaaa atagagaaat catgtgcctt    192660
     taaaaatcaa taaatataat ttattaagtt ggtaattata actgcaactt tggaagatag    192720
     aaatcaggat tgttgtttga ccagaaccta gtaacttttc tgttattctc acctgaaaaa    192780
     aagtaagtaa ggtgaaaaag aagagagctt gactgggatt tctcacttat tcacagggaa    192840
     gacttaaaag gaaacaccag agctggagag gtgcctaggt agttaagagc cctggttggt    192900
     ctttcagaga agccaaggtt aagtgaatct cagcagccat tcaggaattc acaactgtct    192960
     gtaactctag tcccaaggaa gctgatactc tcttctgaag tctgcaggca ttgatgcaca    193020
     caatgcatgg gcatacatgc aagcaaaaca ctcaggcaca taaaataaaa atacattttt    193080
     aagaaagtaa aacccacgcc tgcatttatg ctgggttgga aacctatatc aaataaacaa    193140
     accctggaaa accacagata ttagaggaca cgttagggta ctctagccat caagcatacc    193200
     aagtataatt ttgacacata atgtaattta ttgaagtgtg agagtttagc attatttgga    193260
     atgggagatt actgatgacc ttgtaatgac cataggttct ggagtttatc tttattcagg    193320
     atcttgtctg agtattttgt tcatctggaa tggggtttac ttctggattt ctggatataa    193380
     tcaatgttgg aattaaaaac tagcttttac ttattagttt aaaaaataaa agcttaaata    193440
     taaaaacttt ctaataaaaa ttattaattc ttaaatcacc ttataaagtg atgtgtttta    193500
     ctggtctgtt aatgtgccca catttgtacc actgtccttt tattgtgctt ctagatttct    193560
     aggcaaaatc tataatcatt tacatattgc tttataatct aagaagtata aatttctcta    193620
     acctacgaat gataaatctc aggcatttaa ttaactattt ctaccaaatt ttgttgtttt    193680
     tttttttaga cgaaggactt atccatcgct ttaagtactg ttgcttttac tttaagcaga    193740
     ccactgtgac aacgagaaaa ggtaagaacc aacctggatt ttctcactcc atcaaaacca    193800
     aaaatgcctg ttgttgttag ttttaatatt aagtatatat aattccattc tagctcctgt    193860
     gacaaaaatc aagaaaatct aatataaatg actaataact cgacatgcat tcaaccatcc    193920
     gtgatttcta ccacagcttt accggtcact tacatctttt tgtttattat tggtctcttt    193980
     ggaaactcac ttgctcagtg ggtattttta acaaaaatag gtaagaaaac atcaacacat    194040
     atctacttgg caaatcttgt gactgcaaac ttacttgtgt gcactgctat gcctttcatg    194100
     ggtatatatt tcttgagagg tttttattgg aaatatcaat ctgtacaatg cagactggtc    194160
     aattttttgg gaactctttc tatgcatgta agtatgtttg tcagcctctt aattttaagc    194220
     tggattgcca taagccgcta tgctacctta atgaaaaagg agtccaagca agaggccacc    194280
     tcatgctacg agagaatgtt ttatggtcac gtactgaaaa gatttcgcca gcccaacttt    194340
     gccagaacaa tgtgtattta catatgggga gttgtgcttg tcataattat tccagttacc    194400
     ctatactact cagtagtcga ggctacagaa gaaggacaga gccagtgcta caatcggcag    194460
     atggaactgg gagccagacc ttctcagatt gcgggtctca ttggaaccac atttattgga    194520
     ttctcctttt tagtagtagt gacatcatac tattctcttg tcagccatct gcgaagagta    194580
     aggacctgta cctccattac cgagaaagat ttgacctaca gatctgtgaa aagacacctt    194640
     ttgatcatcc aggtcctcct agtagtttgc tttcttccat atagtatttt taaacccatt    194700
     ttttatgttc tgcaccagag agaaggagac tgtcagcagc tgaattattt aatagaagca    194760
     aaaaacatcc tcacttgtct tgcatcagcc agaagtagta cagaccccat tatatttctt    194820
     ttattagata aaacattcaa gaagacacta tatggtctcc ttacaaaatc ttaattcact    194880
     gcacattcta acatatggtt gacttttgga tagaaaacac cacaaaatag gaaaaaaaat    194940
     gcatgtgact cttagtgaca ttaacgggca ccaagaaaac ctctatggtt tttttaaaaa    195000
     aagatatatg cataaaattg gacttacagt tctacttata ttgaaagacc agatggcaga    195060
     gactttcaga gacaagtcaa gcataccaaa gggattctac tgtgtgtgaa gtcagacttt    195120
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttcagtcagt tgtggatatt ctgttcaaaa cacaatattt    195180
     tatgactata ggatgaagaa ccaaaaaggc ttatgggttt gcctgctttc taacctaatg    195240
     caagtaccca tctatggtca gattttatat tgttggtaac tttaaaaaat aattttaaaa    195300
     tgtaagtact ggaaaagtcg agcagtaaga aatgttttta tttaaatccc atctaactgc    195360
     atgaataatg cagtgtgaag tcaatttggt attatttggc tcattttact gggaaaggca    195420
     atattcaatg attctaatat ttaatacata gattttactt acacacattt ggattacact    195480
     tgtcaaaata aaaaaatata aaattatatg tccatctata tgctatttta tatatttcca    195540
     atataaataa tggtgctatc aatgatagta cctgccatct atttaattaa tttttgtaaa    195600
     ctaaacaaat gaagtataaa gaattgtaac catgttggat aaaaggctgg cctctggatt    195660
     caaactgtct gggtattata ctgtctccat ctcttattta gatggagaat tttgggcaaa    195720
     ctacttactc tctttacata atagtttctt taatcgtgga acagaaaata tgacctgatt    195780
     catatcacta ttattaaatc agatactgtt cctactgtga gctaccagca cttgctatgt    195840
     gctaggccct ctgtgtatat gtttcatgat tataatttta atcatcacaa ccacaaagca    195900
     tgttaatgta cttactgatg aaaaaaccca gatatgaagt gaagtggtta tcccaattcc    195960
     tccagtattt aagtatattt aagaagcaat catttcttag tgataatttc tttcatgtaa    196020
     tcttgccagt aacgaaaaga gtgattatat tctgtattgt atacattatg attaaaaaat    196080
     aaaaaaagtg ttcttcaaat gatcataagc cgcatcttcc ttttctactt ccatggcact    196140
     tgcattctct tcgtgaatgg aaccaaatga aacagctgag taaaatcaac cattgagcac    196200
     aactcggcac gctgttagga gctgctcaaa ggctcacttt cctctcttcc acatggtgat    196260
     cactttggta ttcaaagaga ggtttacatt aagttcatgt gagtctacag tctcatagca    196320
     ggttttgttc ctgaacaaga actgtagaag caattcacag aacagattct ctagagccat    196380
     gtgctcaaaa ttagtagaca ttttatgtag ttctcatcaa aatccaaaac tgaaacatac    196440
     ctagtaaata cttgaccttt ttaactcatt ctttaactga gagatgaaaa tatccaaagt    196500
     aggaacacat tctgccttca gatacttaca gtgtatatct attcttctgt gtatgtttgc    196560
     atacatacgt gcaaacgtgt gtgggctcat gtgttggaac atgcacttgg gtttagagac    196620
     tagaatttaa ctttagttct tatcttcagg agtcatccat gttgattttg acagagagaa    196680
     agagtctttc agtgggacat ggggctcgca gattgtacaa gcaaggctga acggccagta    196740
     agtgctgggg atatgccggt ctccccagca ctgtgactac aagtacatgt cactaagact    196800
     acctttttac ttgggtgctg ggaattgaac tcaagtactt ctctccagtc tgtacctatc    196860
     ttcccagtct gagtacccat ttttttcata ggaccaatta agtttttggc tcagtaacat    196920
     gcagagacaa aggataactg gaaattcccg gtgacctgta caggctgaaa actgagatgt    196980
     ctaatatagt gactttgcaa acctgcaaag cacagaataa ctccatataa ctccagtagg    197040
     agactgtctg aaatgcccag agttctccaa agttacaacc acttatcctt aaatcagttt    197100
     ctagtcccgg ggctggagag atggctcagt ggttaagagc gctgactgct cttccagcgt    197160
     tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccatctgg tggcttataa ccacctgtaa tgagatctga    197220
     tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact catatgtaat aaataaataa    197280
     atctttttaa aaaagtttta aaccccaaac tgattagact aagaggaact gaaatgatca    197340
     gaacttttat ggaaattgta tcatattaac tcactgcact gagtttaaaa tatatataaa    197400
     cttttaaaaa gtgttatttt aaaaatcact ttacagggct ggagaaatgg ctcatcttta    197460
     ctgctgctct tcagaggacc tgggtttgat tcccaacact cgtactgtgg ttcataactg    197520
     tctgtaacgt tagttccaga aaatctaatg ccctccaagg acacagacat acgtgtaagc    197580
     aaaataccca tacacataaa ataataaaat aatttaaaaa catccccttt aagggcaggt    197640
     gtggtggtga gccgttaatc ccagcacctg ggacgaagag gcaggcagat cttcgagttt    197700
     caggccagct agggctgcag gatgagagct tatctatgtg aacagcagtt gagaactttg    197760
     aaggcctaag tggagaaggg ttccacgtga acagcagttg agatattatc tttttgttgt    197820
     tgttgctgtt ggttttctgt tttttgaaaa ttgctttaca gttctattta ccatgttaaa    197880
     gataaatgat attggcaaac tagaattact aatatttaaa aggtgatatg caaagaggta    197940
     tgcagtttct cttcagattg ctcattctgg caggaaatgg aagctatatt aaattataca    198000
     ttgagcttat ttaatatatt tgtctttgta tgatttctat aaatcatgtt gaatttttca    198060
     aagtattaaa gagttggtta tttgatatta tagaaaaata ttttataaag tataacttcc    198120
     taaatctatc ctaattttaa agtttgtatt ttagaaatct caaataatat tttaactata    198180
     gaaaacagga atgattccct tttcttcctt cctcatgcac tctttcctta aggcaattgt    198240
     gaaattataa accaggaatt taaaccatta agactgggca aacaaaattt aagatgcacc    198300
     atttaatctg aagcaactct gtcttccctg ggtaggagag gaagatggcc cttggttctg    198360
     atttgatgag gacttcctta cagcctgtca ggatgggagc tatgatagat aagtaggtga    198420
     aaggaaagcc agcaggcaca caaagggaat tgctgagcat ttcagtagtg tggcctaaag    198480
     ctggggattg ccatctggtc ccccctaccc cctttgatat catttcaaaa gttactagag    198540
     acagaaacat tttataactg atggaaaacc tatctggtta tatgacacat gctcccctgg    198600
     gctcaggtga ggagtattgg aaggaactat ttccaataag caaaagaaat attcatcctt    198660
     taaaaatttg tgagaaattt tttagagtcc aatgattaag agcctataat cagataaaat    198720
     gtgggtaaga tgctcaagga ccttaaagtc attctcaagt actaattatc agtgagctgt    198780
     ttataataaa gacagaaagg aatgggtctg gatgggagag gagatgggaa agaactggga    198840
     gtatggggag gaaaaaccat aatcagaata tattgtgatg aaaaatattt tcaattaaaa    198900
     aagaattaaa tgtgagttgg ttttgatgag aagtaattct ttaaaactat aacacaggga    198960
     cttttggaat tgtggtagtt ggtataaaag aaatgccagt gagggagcac aagaggaagg    199020
     aacactacat gagatccaca ctgctgcggc caccattgtt tactgtaact gtggagaatg    199080
     cacatttata agaaagtcag gcacttagca ggtgaaagga gaactgagac cagaaagggt    199140
     ccaaagagca gtcaggcgtg atgacaaagg ctacaaagga aaccattgag gaagcacacc    199200
     cagaaacctt gaggtaggag gccttagatg gagtgtatat gcacctgagg ctagcagttt    199260
     tgagaactaa atactgagct ctcaaacctc ctgggccagg ccccactcag aatggaaagt    199320
     aattgtgttt ggccagcagt ctgtacgcca aactgcttta ctttgtcttc aattactaaa    199380
     gttgtaccag agtgagagag aaacagaggg ctgaagtgtg ctgtgtctct gcaaacccag    199440
     gcgatgcttt ggggttcagg ggagctgaga gtcaagagtc agccaaggag ctagaagctg    199500
     tactgacctt gtcaatggtc tgattctatc caaagttctc tggagtcagg ggtgagagga    199560
     caaaggggga tcacttcatc ataatggaaa tttccccaac tttttacaag ataaagaaag    199620
     ggaagaagat ggatgaaaaa aagaatatac atacctcaat taatgtctac aaggaggtaa    199680
     accgcaatat aatattacaa caatgggtgt tatctgaggg cagttttatg cctcaggaga    199740
     cgtttttggt tgccacaact tggagggttg gagatattat actggcattt actgggcaaa    199800
     ggtcagggta ctgtttaggc atattaaaac atcttagaca gcttcccaaa actaagtgtc    199860
     aaaccccaat ctcaatagta gactgctgcg agatcctaca tcatcatgac acggctccct    199920
     aaactgcaaa gactcaccat tttaaaaagt gcaatttctt gagaaattgc ttctccaatg    199980
     ccagcagttt ccactgtggc ttcgtggtac tatgtactca aatctaacca aaacacctcg    200040
     ttcaacttca ttattatgat ttcaaaagga aacagatacc aagcagaaga aaaatgtaat    200100
     taatcaacat aaaaatctgc ttttaggtaa tctggtaagg caggaaaggg gaaggggaga    200160
     agaaaggaag agggaaagga aagagagggg gagagagaga gaatgcaaac atataattgt    200220
     tagctagacg agacaaatta aactgaagat tccctcatga aagtggagta ttgtcatggc    200280
     cttctatttt cttaactaat taaaaggaag taaacaaaga ttaacataac aaaacaagtg    200340
     acattttaaa taattagtca tgtgaaatat attggtatta tatgtgaggg gtgaagttgg    200400
     gggatttctg gatatatatg gatgtcctga gacctaacag ctatgaaggt tttacaatga    200460
     ctggcaagca ggattaccca ctagaataaa caccggaatc acactaaatt taggtaagtt    200520
     actaaagtcc tattaagaaa ttctgttgcc acaaccttct aaatacagct acaatctaac    200580
     tgttcttttc ttttcctttc tcctctcctc tccctcttcc tctccaccct ctctcagtct    200640
     ctctccccac tctctccccc ctctctctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctaa    200700
     cctggaactc actgtagacc aggctaactt tggactcaga gatccacctg cctctgcctc    200760
     ccaagtgcct ctctcagttt ctaaactgcc agtttacttc tttttgcaca ttgacttcta    200820
     gctgtctccc tgtcagctct actagggctg tgattgtctt gttcactggt gtagctccag    200880
     atcctaggac agtttctacc acatagtagg cacttgaaaa atatcttttg gatgaatatt    200940
     ttagagaaat atacccaatt caacaacgcc aattaaataa gtggaacatt gaattcaatc    201000
     atgcaaaacg tccatatttc aggtaccttc aacataatgg tacctgaaat ggtataaagg    201060
     gtatcaacat taatgtaagc cctctgttga gtctcactga cagctggagt atggtgcttt    201120
     tgcctagtgc tttcttgatt tgcagtctga gaattacttc tctatttcct tcttcagcag    201180
     gtttctaagt gcttcctaaa aattacatgg tatgtccttc ggaaaaagaa actaatttaa    201240
     cacaacccaa aataaaacta cttttaggtc cttgcacaca ctgtttcttc tatgtgaaat    201300
     atctccctgt cctcatacaa ttaccccctc attcaagatt tccttcagga aacccttaga    201360
     ttctgtcttt tactgatact tagcaccact ctctatagca atttgtttgt ctgtctataa    201420
     agatcatacc caacaactta ttttaccctt gtatacttgt agcactttaa aaaaatgttg    201480
     cagctgacca gacatggtgg ggtgggagtc acatttctat aatatcagca cttgggttgg    201540
     tagagttagg aggtcaacct cagctataca gaaagttcaa gaccagctgg ggcaaacatc    201600
     acaccctgtc ttagaaaaca aaaatgaatc ccccaagcca aaccaaaaac caagaaaaac    201660
     aaacaaacaa aaaaagatcc cgaaaaagac agctctgttt ctttcactgg aactcagact    201720
     aattccactt ttaaaatctg atacaaccaa tcaaatgcaa aaggtccaac atgaaacgag    201780
     aactgagacc taggcaccta cgcatctgct aacttccatt tctgtgaaga cctgagccac    201840
     tgtacttttg gacatggggc cacataaaaa gagtggggga ggtgtcaatt atgacagagg    201900
     gaaaaagctt agcagctctc tagtttctgt tacttgagct ggtgggcagc tggtcccatg    201960
     atcctggcca acagtctggg taacagaggt gagcagttcc tccatggctc taactaaact    202020
     gtacaatagg gagcaaatga tgccagctgt tgtttaaagt cacttagtgt tgacaaatgg    202080
     tcagactcca acagtatgtg ataaaaatgt tacttagtct ctttcctgat acttttagag    202140
     ctcacactct gggtgaagta ggcaaccaaa tatttgtaga ctatataaac agatgctaaa    202200
     gtagaagatg aagccaaata taaccacttt tgtgtattat ttggttgggc ttgccattat    202260
     atcaaatacc atggccaatc agaatctaaa tatattacta taattactta ttatatatag    202320
     tcatattttg ttcttataat attgacaaaa tttttgtgaa gagcagaatt cacacaaaat    202380
     aaaactgctg agcaaactgt tttaaacaca attgcattac ataaactagt gatctatttt    202440
     acaaatttta agctttcaga ttatcatttt ttcctggatg tatttttaaa aattttttat    202500
     taggtattct cctcatttac atttccaatg ctatccccaa aagtccccca tacctccccc    202560
     ccactcccct acccacccac tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt actggggcat    202620
     ataaagtttg caagacctag gggcctctct tcccaatgat ggctgactag gccatctttt    202680
     gatgcatatg cagctagaga catgagctcc ggggtactgg tttgttcata ttgttgttgc    202740
     acctataggg ttgcagacct cttcagctcc ttgggtactt cctccagctc ctccattggg    202800
     ggccctgtaa tccatccaat agctgactga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccccag    202860
     ctcgtggatg tattttatag aatatttgtc ctatatgtat atatggagaa aattttactc    202920
     catatatatt cacttatatt cattcagaat gatgcaaaga agcatacatt ttaaaactct    202980
     attgattctt ttccctctat tccctcttat gatggttcaa gtgagaccac cctcctagaa    203040
     acacaccctg ctgctctatg cttgaatgct tggtcaccag ctggtcaact atttgggaag    203100
     gattaggaag tgtggccttg ttggaggaag tatgtcactg ggggtggact ttgaggtttc    203160
     aaaagcccat gcctgtccca gtttctcttt ctctgcctgc tgcctaagaa tcaggatgca    203220
     aagctctcag ctactgcaaa aactctcaga atctgactgt ttccaactat gatactcatg    203280
     actaatcttt tgaaactgta aacaagtctt caattaagtg ctttctctta tgagttcctt    203340
     tactcatagt gattcaccag agtaatagaa tattaagaca gctttgtaca atttttactc    203400
     tctatgcata actaaagatt tttaaaaata aaagtattat gtgtctattg gattgtttag    203460
     tgtcaagttt ttatgagagt accaacatca gacctgcatt tgaaaagaat gaacaataag    203520
     atattgtaca actaatttgc agtaatggaa atttttgttc attttacaat gattttcatt    203580
     tgctattatt acaattaatt agacagtttt ggaaatgctc atgaaagttc tcagctttta    203640
     gctacaataa tttccactac taacctctac ctaatttcct taacaattta aagtatacca    203700
     aagagtaagg cctttaaaaa tatgcctaga aggaagaaat accacctctg catgctgaag    203760
     gtttgataga ccagggctaa cacagctaac tatgaaaaca tcccacggct acagacttca    203820
     gagactctct ggtagttaaa caccttggaa ggtgctaggc ctgagtggga aatcccaccg    203880
     ctcctgcatg gcctgtttct gtattttttg acaacaatga acagggactg agaattcgca    203940
     ctaattcaat aaaaggatgg aaaaggaaga aagaataaca atctcactga tattctaaga    204000
     gtacaaagtg gattgtattt ggaatcatga ttccctgcta tattaaaaaa atagctgtat    204060
     gacagcacca aggagaaggg ggaggggtgg gcttgggcag cagcaggagt ggagagggaa    204120
     gagtagtggg atgctctcat gaattcatga aattcttaga caaatggatg gatctggagt    204180
     atatcatcct gtgtgaagta accaaatcac aaaagaacac acatgatata cactcactga    204240
     taagtggata ttagtccaga agcccagaag cttggaatac ccaagataca actcacaaac    204300
     catatgaaac tcaagaagaa ggaagaataa agtgtggata cttcaatcct tcttagaagg    204360
     gggaacaaaa tacccatgaa aagagtcaca gaaacaaact gtagagcaga gactgaagga    204420
     atgaccatcc agagactgcc ccacctgcgg atccatccca tatacagtca ccaaacccag    204480
     acactgttgt ggatgccaac aagtgcttac tgatagcact tcctttatca ttcacttcct    204540
     ccttgggctc aagtccctaa tgccacagac ccagagcttt cagtcctggc tcacagacta    204600
     cccttgactg tggtattcca aggataccag cctttttact gctggcatta aaagactctt    204660
     gaggataaag agtatatctt ctccaaagag gacataataa gctttcatga gggatctgcc    204720
     attacaagaa aatcttgctc ctgaggtatg tttactgagc agactggatg aaaccatcct    204780
     cagaaatgca agttgaaaat gatatcagaa agagtttgct atcattttaa tagtaggcca    204840
     aatgagaatt cttattattg ccaatttctt ccacaactag gtgaacagaa aagggaaggt    204900
     agtgatgaca ccagcattgt gattaatggg aaaatctttg aaggttacag aaatctggct    204960
     ataggaattc ctctatttaa gactttacaa tgcatttcaa acaaagaaag acctaaccag    205020
     aacaatacta tctattttaa tatcactgta gttcatgggt ggtttagtta ccttcgattc    205080
     tcataatcta acaacttagt gctcagagaa taaggtgcat actggagggc aattagagtg    205140
     ctatgaacac catagggtca aagctttaca gcaaagcatt aaaaataact gttaaggact    205200
     gtgcagcaaa ccaccacagg cttggattac agagtctgtg catatgcaga cagttattaa    205260
     agtaaactat attttatttc ttggatataa ggtaactagt tgagtcctat caaaatatag    205320
     cagttgtcct ttatgcagtt acatccatgt gccactttaa catgaaatgt taaaatggca    205380
     tccacttgtc aaagtacagt gacagttaac tgaatccccc atttatcaaa ctattcaggc    205440
     tagtttgtac tactagagtt ttgattctat tttcatttta aaatattctt attttcgtaa    205500
     cgacttttag tgagaggatt ttttttaacc ctactggttc tattctcttt aatttgattc    205560
     ataacctaca ctaagtttct tctagtctta ggcatcattt ttaattattt tatgctgata    205620
     ggtatgcgtg taagaagttg gaaggtaact tactggaatg aactggcttc tttcataatt    205680
     cctatctttt gtgacactgt gttttactac ttagcaaata gcaatgatgc tgtaaagtag    205740
     tggtgagtca gcaaagacca tgaaaatgat tctgattcta aagcaacttt ctcacttgtg    205800
     tgataaatgc ttttgattag gggtgtctgt tactttggca ctattctcgt ctcttatttc    205860
     tttcagttta caatccttca gctttacttg aaagacagaa atctggttga agaaaagtta    205920
     tagaaaaata agtgataaat ttaagcattt ggttaattaa aaaaatagtt ttgtttccct    205980
     tttttactgg ctttgtgatt cttttcctct gatggcaaaa gaggaaaaac attagtttgc    206040
     acacatcttt tagggaaaag taaggaaact gaaatcacag tgttcctgtt aaaaattagt    206100
     acaatgactc aatataaagc agataaatta ttttttattt tcaaataaag tttaagatgc    206160
     tctctatatt aaagaaaatt cctggttgtt gttgttgtca ttattattat ctagttccct    206220
     ttcagaaaca ttaaagttag tgagaaaaaa tacttacctt cacgtccctg tgaattatgt    206280
     tattatcatg acagtagcgc agagcttcca gtatctgtct catgtagtgg ctgtaaaata    206340
     caagagaaat ttaaaactgt aaagaacttc cattgtcaaa aattaataca cagcttctct    206400
     gctttataac tcctatcttt atattagcta gccacaaata gctttcattt gagtagataa    206460
     gtcagtgaga cttaataaaa attttgccaa acttatatgc ttctttaaga aacagaatgt    206520
     tcttctgagc caagtcaaaa aagaattcca cataatttaa taaacaacat tgctatacac    206580
     actaaaggag caagcctaaa atattttaaa aaaacaaaac aaaaccgaaa ccttggctac    206640
     ctctatttag ctaaactata tttctatgaa agaaaccgct tggagctatt ggaattattc    206700
     tgaccaaagg agttgtagcc ttttgtctgc cactcaaacc agctctctgc ttggtttcca    206760
     tttgaccatg agaggaacct acagaaccta atcaaatgtg gtttcttttt gcaacataat    206820
     caggctttat ttgagggcac tcttgaataa agcaaagtta ttgtttgaca gctggggact    206880
     gcagagtttt ccactgggta caagaaaaga acaaagaagg aattaatgtt ttttaaaagt    206940
     tctgacaggg tcaactagca acagattata acaggaatat aaatgttctt ctgttattat    207000
     gggtttatat ctggatgaac acatctgaag ctgaaaatat ggcaaggtga aagtgcatca    207060
     aacacacccc taacatgtta ctgaatatga gagtctaagc ttagtttgca ttttgcttta    207120
     agcattctca aaacactaac attagctaca tcatagtgtg tacacattaa tagcccagca    207180
     aaacttggaa gtgtagtgtc tactgactgc acatcttttt aatgccatca caaagtataa    207240
     aacttgtaag tcaaactaag gcaagacatg gatgtcctct cttttcatct caagcagcca    207300
     tagtatagaa atgctctatt tcaccatttt attgaacttg gttgtacttt cagacagtat    207360
     atttcttaca ctaatttaaa cttacagttt aaaatagagt actcatagaa gaccttacca    207420
     atgtatttat aactttcgac aaattaactg aaagatttct atcaaggttc ctctttggta    207480
     cactactgtc taacatgctc atacaaacat ccatctagtc aagatataga ttattttatg    207540
     tattataatg gattacaagt ttcccttaaa aataagaggt agaggagaat atcctccaaa    207600
     cttaaagcaa agcaaccctt ttttctacat agatcatctc ctcatacctg ggccctaagc    207660
     agttcttagt gtgatgatcc attgagaatg gacatgtaag ggctttgtct gtgccagtgt    207720
     agactataat taagttttgt ttaaatcagg gtagatttaa cctagcattg gggacttttg    207780
     gtcattcaaa gtagatcttg gaggaactgt gatcacctga aatggctaat aacaagtatc    207840
     atgatggttt gaaacctgta ctgaagtcac cattattata acattattat taagctcagt    207900
     caaagtctca aatgtcaatc gagatgtcaa aatggagggt ttaaattaag caaagtggac    207960
     atgtacctac ataacagact attttggata catagtactg agctagtcac ctaaattatc    208020
     ttcagcgaaa agaaaattcc cattttctag tcttaaaaat ccaaagaaaa ctccgtggct    208080
     gggcatttta aagtgtgaat atcattgtat ttcattattt ggctgaatga agctcagtga    208140
     cagaagattt atttaataag caaaaagctg tagatttaat tctcagccac tagaaaatgg    208200
     ggtactttat tatttgattc aaatatgcaa acacagcaga atctttatgt catataagtc    208260
     atttcatgaa taatcacagt taattttttc agagaacctc agcaatgtat atatttactt    208320
     ccatccatcc cataaacaac caaactcaaa cactattgca gatgtcaaca agagcttgct    208380
     gacaagagcc tgatatagct gtctcctgag aggctctgcc agtgcctgac aaataaaaag    208440
     tggatgctca tagccatcca ctggacggag cacagtgtcc ccaatgaaga agctagagaa    208500
     agtacctaag gagctgaagg ggtttgcagc cccataggag gaataatatg aactaaccag    208560
     taaccccaga gctccctggg tctaaaccac caatcaaaga aaacacatgg tgagactcgt    208620
     gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagaggatgg cctagacggt catcaatggg aggggaggcc    208680
     cttggtcctg tgaaggttct atgcctcagt ataggggaat gccaggacca ggaatgggag    208740
     tgggtgggtt ggggagcagg gggaggggtt aaaggacagg tggtttttgg aggggaaact    208800
     aggaaagggg ataacatttg acatgtaaat aaagacaata tctaattaaa aaaagaaatg    208860
     aaaaaaaaga atcaggaaaa atgataattc tatacaaaga aacaactgtc caatagtcca    208920
     tttactttct ctaggagatg tttttgatga caaagagaga tgactcagct tcctcctgtg    208980
     gtcaaaaatg ggttaaaacc cctctaaata tttgctgaaa tgttcccagc taaatattat    209040
     ctatggtaaa tagaagcaga catggccagc ttcagggaga atagaaatgt aagccaacca    209100
     acagtctcag tataaaacaa tgtttcataa ttgaaatgct ccctgaaatt cgtggaatcc    209160
     cacttgccct aagtagagaa tttgttctgg atcaggtgta ttgctagtta gttaatgtgg    209220
     gaagaagtga tatggggagc ccttgttagt tcagggcttc agatgggcct tctggttgtc    209280
     ttcaaacttc acatcattag gaaagcttgc tactagggaa gatataactc tgattttaaa    209340
     agttggagtt gatgacctta tgttaactta ttccacaaag gaagaacagg gactatcatt    209400
     agctgggctg tgttattctg tattaaataa gcattataca tatctgtgct ttgtgccatg    209460
     ttttgctatt cttcttgaaa taaaaacagc tttagccatt tgattgagtc tctaagtctt    209520
     gcagttgcac tcagtagaat acccacacaa gctgaatttc ctaacagaaa atcatagaac    209580
     cggagagaaa aaaggaaaaa ttcgaagtta cctggccaca cactccccac cactaagagt    209640
     tattgatctg gtgtaagagg gaacacagat aataatgaat ggtacctgag tctccctgct    209700
     tccattttca ttgttaggaa ggaaagactt caataaagca tgttcaaacc gctctctgaa    209760
     taatgtcact tactggtccc actccattct gatgaattc                           209799