ID   AL670958; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 177041 BP.
AC   AL670958;
DT   24-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-410K19 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-177041
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Thomas D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; ef007662f7f3b0fa917084ded01ba3ee.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456104.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584272.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000059049; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028400; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028401; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028361; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028362; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028310; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028311; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028381; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028382; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028096; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028097; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028820; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028821; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027537; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027538; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028065; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028066; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028214; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028215; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028180; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028181; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028314; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028315; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028209; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028210; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028857; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028858; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027260; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027261; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027613; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027614; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL670958.4:1-177041; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170248; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0066139; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0066140; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0066197; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0066198; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066085; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066086; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0066117; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0066118; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065781; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0065782; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066592; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0066593; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0066138; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0066139; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0065730; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0065731; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065868; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0065869; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065795; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0065796; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065971; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0065972; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065779; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0065780; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066776; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0066777; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065680; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0065681; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064991; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0064992; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q5Z7.
DR   GOA; F7D5I3.
DR   InterPro; IPR001304; C-type_lectin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR003644; Calx_beta.
DR   InterPro; IPR016186; C-type_lectin-like/link_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016187; CTDL_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR032825; FREM1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2670972; Frem1.
DR   RFAM; RF00761; mir-340.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q5Z7; E9Q5Z7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7D5I3; F7D5I3_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site: http://mrcseq.har.mrc.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-410K19 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..177041
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-410K19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    14344..14344
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap sized to be
FT                   approximately 130bp from restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    21449..21900
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-76J17
FT                   (AL671005) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
FT   misc_feature    25403..25413
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-76J17
FT                   (AL671005) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
FT   misc_feature    33279..33383
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    68503..68961
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    70036..70236
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    82475..82478
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_64560, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    83065..83205
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    89201..89739
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    90562..90906
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    91012..91259
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    91742..91742
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106341, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    103679..103679
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap sized to be
FT                   approximately 260bp from restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    103679..103712
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
FT   misc_feature    104746..104897
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-391M19
FT                   (AL773515) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_587380, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    114862..114937
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
FT   misc_feature    114938..115342
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-391M19
FT                   (AL773515) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
FT   misc_feature    152367..152408
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_106345, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    162228..162379
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-391M19
FT                   (AL773515) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   version 1."
SQ   Sequence 177041 BP; 52997 A; 37835 C; 36856 G; 49353 T; 0 other;
     gaattccttt agaaccgctg tctacattag acatcttcct tttgttacag ggtacccgga        60
     gagaactccc aagagacctg aaataagttg aatggaatct ttatttactt ctgtcaggac       120
     tgtcccaagc agattagtgg gaagcagccc tgaccctgtt catttaagtt ttaagggcaa       180
     aacccacaat tataacgtac atagaaagac agctctgaac ttctcaacaa gcaagtgttg       240
     tttacagaag caaagagata gcacttaaat gtccagatgc agggtcaccc tgtataggag       300
     ttttatggct ggtccagaga ccagttttat ccaagatgat tttagtactt aaagtattct       360
     taggacgact ttcctgagcc tgcacagcta cagtgcccac tagactttaa gcgatttgac       420
     gttcccattt gaacaccgag tgaaccattt gctggtaaat tttcctgaca agacagctcc       480
     atgaaggcat agaccctgtg ttagacgtgt ttgtctttcc attaattctt ctccatgtca       540
     gatccatcct gggagttcag tgggttagct gagttgatgg aaaatagggg aggggcattc       600
     aaaataaaag tccgaacagt gatcagacac ttggagatgt gtctgagtct aatcatgatt       660
     tactgcagat actggagggt tttagacatt caagaggttt ttcttgaatg agagaaggaa       720
     tggggttagg agaagccata atcaaaaata ggaaaacata caaaacgatg atcgtggtaa       780
     ctgaggaaag accattggat ttggtaacta gaattttcct ggagaactaa ggatgcattt       840
     taataactag atgatttaag agtaggtaga ttatttggaa atggaggcat tgattattgc       900
     tgcaagaagc taataaacaa tggaattgtt tttttattag tgttttggaa tagagacggc       960
     tggatttaga attgggaatt tacataaagc tagggcagag acgccagtag attctacaga      1020
     cccagcggga aggttagctt ggccaggaga atgtttagtt attcgatttg caaaatcaaa      1080
     agacaaacaa gaggcagggg gatggtgggg gtggggatgt ttaagcagag aaaaagacag      1140
     ctgagtttta cattctcata cctcccagct tctctgttag ggcaccagaa caaaagtgct      1200
     gtgttctcaa agggggtgga aaaaaggact cagccctgga agggacaagg ctgctaagga      1260
     gacagttcac acctctcagc ggaggtctgt caacgacagg ataaatccat tgagtccttt      1320
     aaggaaaatt aaggtaccag agaaattttt taaaaagtac tttctgttgt gtcttaccgc      1380
     tgcaaacact gaagaaataa atttaagaga ttttccaaat atatatgaca cccacatcta      1440
     acagctggaa aatttagttc aatggcatgt cccccttcaa cactccacag tgccaagaag      1500
     gaatgctcat acttgtctaa acacacataa gcccacataa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      1560
     gtgtgtgtgt atgcagacaa gcacacatgc atacctaaac ggacacacat gtacacatgc      1620
     gtgcactcac acacacatgc acacacagag tggttgacat gagtggaata gcaaatatgc      1680
     ttgagaaaat tctctaagaa atgcaggatg aagtcacgag ggagaaaagc ctgcagcaaa      1740
     gagagatcta ggaattcagt agaaacaaca gtgaaagact agctggctac cctgaagttg      1800
     tttcttgggc ttattagtgg cctatgcttc tctgtatggt gccatccaca aaactcacag      1860
     atgcacacaa tattcagcac acactgtact tctaacagtc ttcctttttt gcactctcac      1920
     gcaaatggaa acttttaaac tataacagaa ttacaaaaag tcatttctac ttagcatttt      1980
     cctaacaagt agtatccagt tcactccttc acctctctga ctttggctgc ttaggaagag      2040
     tttggggtgt ggctgcacgg agacacgtag gctgacagta gaacatgacc tcaggtttca      2100
     aaagtcctga actcagggac cttctcgggt ctgattcgtg aaagtctgca ttctcagact      2160
     ctttcctgga tgtgctgttt attaattgct actggagcta ccaggctgtc attacgaagc      2220
     cttgtgtagg tgctctatag ctactaaaaa tgtgttacaa ttatagcatg tgcattagct      2280
     gctggggctg ttctgtcaag acagtttcac catgaaaaca gcacactatg gctcccataa      2340
     tctctcctcc ttacagctga cccaaagcac ccaagagact acaatttaac tcttcgatca      2400
     caccaggaac cacatgaccg gtcgcaacac tttggcaagc ttcttccctt aagccagtat      2460
     gcctagctaa tgatgcagat gcctatagta tactcacttg taaaaatgag ggcaggtaga      2520
     tcttctttga tgtttcttgg gacaaggaaa agcctttccc ctttcttcct gttgaggtgg      2580
     atgagtggag gtgcatctga gagctggccg agcagccaag cgcggcgtgg gttgtgtgtg      2640
     tgcagtggaa tgcatatttt ggcaagtgga gacatttgtc tgacctgctc ctgatgtcta      2700
     cccagaatag acaagacctt gctaattctt ctttattctg ctctaccatg gtattgtgct      2760
     ggaaagaaag cactagactg catagggtgt ctctcataat gcaactaact ggctgataac      2820
     ttgaaaatat taatattctt aggaatggtg atattattat atttgcatat gataataccc      2880
     ataattctta gaatatgcat acactgtgtt aaaagggaaa tgtcagaata cttgaaattt      2940
     accttctctt ttaaaaaaga tttattttta ttcttgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcacatgta      3000
     tgtacacgtg gccagaagag gacatagggc tagagttcca tgtggttagg atctgcagga      3060
     tagcatgggt gattatctag aagagctgta tcctgatata tacttttcac attatccaac      3120
     aaaatacaaa tatatatcag atgtaaatac acacatccat ataaagtgag agacaaggaa      3180
     aatgtggtgg actgtcaaag cttttgaact aacgtgaaga gcttgaaact actccggcca      3240
     cgtttcattt ttcaactatt ttgtatatta aaatatttgt atggaaaatt cagattcccg      3300
     ggagtccccc aaatccactg aatcagtctc ccagaaatag acattgctac tgagtatctg      3360
     aagcaagttt tagcccttag tagttagttg aaggttatta atcataaact taaacgctaa      3420
     tgaaaaagta actgtaattt taaaagtgtg ttcttagagt tcttagtatt tgaggaaagt      3480
     aagttatctt agttagagac ccaagtttct ctggacaaga caaaacaaaa ccaaaaccct      3540
     cggagtaaaa ctcttgctac aggaacgtga gatcctggag ccagcccctc agcagctgca      3600
     gctgcagcaa ctgcaaccaa agcaatggag taaatcagaa gggagaagtg tggctcctta      3660
     gcttccacac aacaaacctg aagaactctg tagacagtcc aagtggaaaa tcggagcacc      3720
     actctttctc agagggtaag caggtgtcca gagttcctgt gctgcaaagt ccatagttcc      3780
     tggggggagg gggagaggtt gttttggttg ttgcttgttt tccagtgctg ggttttaacc      3840
     ggcctttgct aggtgcaatc agagattttc tgtccctctg tatctcctgt catctggcaa      3900
     aaacacctgg gcagcttaaa acacgtggac cagtgcgctt agccccaggt ccaacctcca      3960
     gaccttcagg cagagtttct atgtttcaaa accacacata tgctagaatt ctagtctaga      4020
     gacagagtta aaaagcagtt gttgctgaaa agaaggcaca ttctgtcttc ttggacaagg      4080
     gacttctaaa ggtgcctcaa ggagccagcc caatacctga ggcttcctag attcaaaatg      4140
     tatctatttt gaattgggct agatacatta acaggcttta gttagagctt tagggaactg      4200
     tagataactg aatacttgga aaatgaagtg agcaagggat cagtggggaa aagcagatta      4260
     ttatgacacc aaagaaaagt ctgtctgctt tataattttc attacaattt tgctctgacc      4320
     ctatcgcctt tcagtaagga caaacagggg aacacggtat gcagtccact tttgcttgtc      4380
     tcagagtccc tgtaatgttc tacactacag ctcaaggtcc caacaaagct ctctgactgt      4440
     ttatttgtgt tctcagacac taagctaggt ggaggcttct tggagaggca tcctttgcct      4500
     gaggtaagca cgcacttcct ttgctgaaca ggaatccagg ctccttgcat tgacgtcatt      4560
     gcccactgga aattcttgtt ctcgggaatt ggtcatgaga gaggtgtgtt tcttttagtt      4620
     ggtagacaag aggaagctgt cataatttct ttggaaagta tttatccaaa ctccactcag      4680
     gtgggtcact cacaattttt ttttttttgt agttgggttt ttttcttttc ttttctttct      4740
     ttttttttca gagaagaagg aggataaatg agaagaggaa gaagggaagc aataaaatga      4800
     aaatctaggc tgggatggtg ggtggggaca ggaggcctgt ctttaggaaa ctcgcattac      4860
     aggaaagtgc ccttctttca gtgaggttac tcactgtgtc cccactgcac actccacaga      4920
     gcagatctca gtgtacacag gcaaaccaag tcaatggctg tacctagaac tcccatttac      4980
     cctccaggaa gaagagatgg gggcagcagt gttgtacagt tgtttttttt tttccccggc      5040
     atcttgggcc tctgttcttc ctctattatc ttatggtaca atctctgagt ctcggaaacc      5100
     tttgaaacct ttaagaagct catgaaaacg caaaaatatt ctgccctgaa accttccaat      5160
     atttgtgtgc atttccatgg ttgatgcata ccttttactg tgttctgttc aaaaactcca      5220
     tgctgcttac caaatccatg tgcctgaaac ctcaaacatg tagcgagctt tccgagagta      5280
     gttcatgaaa catactcatt ttattccttt aaaacattaa aattatacat tgtgtatttg      5340
     tgtatgcata taatatatga taatatacca gagacagaag tacaacaaag atatataata      5400
     cacacaactt attttagatg gtttataaag tagatagaaa ttaatgacaa ccagatatca      5460
     agtggaatgg ctttaggtgg cacagtttta ggctgcccaa gagccatgtt ttccttattc      5520
     ctcattttct tatttaatta tcttggtcat tcctgcttct tcttggctct ttacaagaga      5580
     aacaaagtag aagagaacta tttctggact ggggctcaac ccccaaccct cttgcacatt      5640
     acaacatccc tggacatcct ctttttcttt tctagtatag accctggcat gtggatggtg      5700
     cagcaaccac cacattgtca gtgcaaaggc ttgtggggga attgacagtg acaggcaaag      5760
     acgaaggagc ccatgttctc aggggagtgt ggagatgctg gctgggccag gttccattcc      5820
     gctgaaagaa gtcctgtata gtttattacc ttctgagctg ggttttctgg tactggaatt      5880
     gagagcactt tactgtgact actactttag aaagaaaagg ctttggtacc taaagaaggg      5940
     gtacaccatt aaatgagcta caggctgaat taagcttgtg tgctgtaggt atgtgcatac      6000
     ctttatgtat atatagaccc atgtatgtat acatttatat atttacccac atacacatat      6060
     tttttaatct gggagcattg tggcatagga aggaacctga gcttgggagt cactcacctt      6120
     ctgccactcc ccagctgtga cacttcacca aggttactat cataggagct caagcctcac      6180
     caactacgaa acagtactga attctctact ccacacattt tcatgcaggt tcaatgaaga      6240
     tatatgagta tatcttgctt catatatctc atatatgaat atgagagaga gcacttggta      6300
     cttggatata ttatatatgt gcagcatgta acatatatta atattgcagc ttttgtacct      6360
     acaaccccct gtttgtgcta gactctccca ggcactgact acaatgagaa agatacctat      6420
     ttataatctc tcttctcatg aagctgagaa ttcagctaat actgcaaaca aaagtataat      6480
     tatgatcgga gatgaagcat gacgtaagga aatgcagcag cgtgaagtcg tggaagcggt      6540
     gagcccaagc ttgactgggg ttagggaagg ttccctggga aggcagttct tgaggcttgg      6600
     ggttgagaat ttggaaggat cagcccagta cgctttataa aagaatgaat gggaagcaac      6660
     agcgtgtatt tacttattcc tgtcctgaag aatttaaagg gctgggacta tgtccagatg      6720
     aacctgtgtc aattcataat ctttatgctg ggttcatgtg ggtgagccta ttgttgtgtg      6780
     catatctgta taccatttgt cttcagtacc ttaggaggtc agaggaagac actggagctc      6840
     ttgggactgg agttacagac aattgtgagc caccacacac gtgctgggaa tccaaccctg      6900
     atcccctcag aagagcaccc atcactgttc acctctgagc atcctcccca gccagatgga      6960
     taaaggaggt ctttaactcc ttgtttaaaa aaacagttgt tgggtagaaa gcagtcctgc      7020
     catgcatgag gctatagatt ttgtattcaa cagcacacac ataacacatg ctcacataac      7080
     ctggaaatgt cttctcctaa aaggcctcca aacacatagt aaagtctcaa ccattcgaag      7140
     ctattcctgt gcctgcaaca gtctttgcct cactgctgca cacactgtct ttgctgcata      7200
     ccgaaaggtt tgaagtggaa gaaactgtgt ccagtttatc tttaaatagc ctgtcttttt      7260
     aatgtagtgt cttgcataga ataaagtctc taaaaatgca gggatcaaat gactacttga      7320
     ttaggaattc aatgaataga taaaagacaa ccattggcct tactttggtg gaggcctata      7380
     actccaaaca ccagaagctt gctgtgatgg caaacacctg tagccatggc acttgggagg      7440
     tggagagagg aggaccagta ggccaccctc agtcatacag tgagttctgg gccagctggg      7500
     gctagatgaa atcctttatt aaaaatactg atattaataa tgttactatt ctcaaacatc      7560
     actggaatca ggattaccat gtgacttgtt caacttaacc acggaataag ggacatttgt      7620
     gttacttcta gagcagtcct caagaataag taagtccact atcttgtcct ttctttgtct      7680
     caggcaagat gcttattcca gaaagtgttt gctcctgtca aatgtgtgag tcctggaaga      7740
     atgtgaagca gaggcaaagc caaccagtga caaatgtgtt gtgtaaaaaa caaaatagac      7800
     ccatgtcaac aaatgcccaa aataagtgca cactgggaag ataaaatatt aaagctcact      7860
     cagcttctct ctgttgggaa tactgaatgt cagctgtcta gaatatacag aaacatttag      7920
     ggaaaaacta atctctaaaa tgcactggag aaacaaggca gggcactgtg cagagaagac      7980
     accaccatag accaccgaag gagaccatcg tacagccatt gacagggcac cactttaaag      8040
     tcccagcttc cagagagcag tcagtggaaa gccatctgcc tctagtatac tgctctgcct      8100
     aaggcttaga gccagctcct tctcccttct cagttgtttg attttcgagt tccttgccca      8160
     acctaccata agaaggagct gggattctgt ttaacttgca ctcaagctag tacacagcat      8220
     atgtgtaact ggggcgcctc tgctgataaa gcatacgcac aagaacagta ctatgtgtgc      8280
     tactgagcag tgtgtgtacg aggctgaaga ataccagggg gatccaagtt aaagtacatg      8340
     ttcatgagaa tgggtgcttg tggacaggga gggcagaggt cagtgttggc ggctttcctc      8400
     aatagttttc ctatagatct ctcactgcac ctggagctca tggatttcat aggctgcctg      8460
     gcccatcagc tccaggaatc tgaacacata gaaacacaca cagacacaca gacacagaca      8520
     cacagacaca cagatacaca gacacacaca aacagacaca cagacacaca gacacacaca      8580
     gacacacaga cacagacaca cacacacaca gacacacaga cacagacaga cacacagaca      8640
     cacacacaga cacacagaca cacacagaca cacagacaca cacacagaca cacacagaca      8700
     cagacacaca cacacacaga gacacacaaa cagatacaca cagagagaca gagacagagt      8760
     gagagagaga gagagcaggg ctggggttgc aaatgtgtgc tttcacatgg gtcccaggga      8820
     cagtggggac atgaactcaa gcctttgaca agagctttac ttactaaact atcttcccag      8880
     cccctaatct tattttattt ttcatgacaa gaaaatgaaa ccaagatcta ggaaggcatt      8940
     tgaagtgagg accaatcaag tcatagcaat gtttagagag aacctggtcc agggacatgc      9000
     tcagatagaa tggctaggta agacatctat aagatcagtg aggcgtaaag ctaaagtggt      9060
     agagaaggag caggcgacta ttttaacaca gatagaaact ctgttgggaa tgtaagagac      9120
     ccaaatctgg cttgtatcac tgaacagcta gggtgagcct tgattatagc tttttgaggt      9180
     tatcctctgt agaacatcag tcagtgccat aagaaaaaaa cttccatatt taatgtggtc      9240
     ccagagctat gtaagtacag caaatatagc tggatcgggg ggtctcacag aaagagtgct      9300
     ggcttgctgc ctttgaccat gaactagtct ataaaaatat ttaaatacag ccataagtaa      9360
     attaagttct caagtctatt aaaagaaagg aaaatacagt ccatgcaagt gtagataaat      9420
     tgcttaaact tacaaggctg actctctttg ctggtaaaat aggtgattac ctgcttcaca      9480
     tggtttttgg agatgaggag atggcctttt aaaaagacac atctggtgcc tgatggatac      9540
     actgtttgta catagcctct catcaatttc ctatgctcct gtgttttata cgtataactg      9600
     agccactaga cactgctttt tcttgcaagt aaaaacattc atgaatgagc atttttatga      9660
     ggttcacaca aatcacttta tgaatgtaag ctccgaccct tcgatcacct agcccatctg      9720
     gagtttacgt tcgaggaaga gcaagccaga agtttgaata aaactaatga ttgtctggag      9780
     cttgggcttg agggcctatt tgcaagtata gataaaaggg atttgtgaag atgtaaggag      9840
     gagaagggga ccccaattgg cagagatggg tttacataat cagggttagg cagttgcaca      9900
     ctagacagat gctcaatagc ttttggcacc aaaatatatt gaccagctgg gatatcatta      9960
     atgcttaaca attttatcct tatgaccaca tcttggccaa ttaggttgtc tttgactacc     10020
     aaagggtata atatatcctg ttgtgcatgt cacacgtgta cctcagaagc tcatattcta     10080
     ttacattgat atgttgcata atacacacta actctaaatg catttgcttc ttcagggtac     10140
     catgttagat ggtgatttaa aaggaataga attataatgt gaaattaatt tctttataaa     10200
     cagtaattag tcattactca ggaatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ctgaaagtaa agggatccaa     10260
     atcaagtaat ttctaaataa aatatttgaa aaattactat taaaaagtaa tctggctggg     10320
     aaaagccagt gctgcacagt atttggacat aagtaaatac aagcaggaag aggcagtagc     10380
     taagagacgg tgattgagtg acttaaacag aggctgcttg tgaaacccgt ggtcagtgtc     10440
     ataagcccat gaatctattc cagaaatgct tctgaaagac caatacaaga catttatgtg     10500
     gcgcagcaag tccaagaatt tctcacactc tacaatgtaa tatatcacaa cactcagatc     10560
     agggtcagaa tttgccattg aggtatttgt caggttgaat ttgtcacaca tactcttaga     10620
     caataggaag aagcccaaac atagaaacct aacttgctag aagattcaaa agcatacgag     10680
     tagaagattt cgtctatata cacgattgtc cttcaaaatg actcacaatg tacttggaga     10740
     cttatggcgt ttcctagtaa cttcctcaag tgactctaat actgttcatg tattttcctc     10800
     atattccggg aaaaggtttg gttcctagtg cctgagcccc ttccacgtgt aaactgttaa     10860
     gagtaccttc actattcctt cttcaacgcc agataaccaa cagtaaaaac ttcatgtgga     10920
     gaatacagaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaatacat gggccaccaa gcaagctgcg tcccacatct     10980
     gtggcaaggc ccattcaata gaatcaaaat attttctgag tctcaaaggc aactttgaaa     11040
     catgcaaaat ctcttttaaa aatccttctg ggagctatgt attatggagc atgtctgtaa     11100
     tcccagcact caggaattgg atcaggagtt taaaatcatc cccagccaca ttgtgagttt     11160
     gaggccagct gagaatacat aagaccctgt ctaaacacaa acatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     11220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa     11280
     atagagagaa gagagagggg gagagaggga gagagaaaga tattttccac tgatctttat     11340
     ataactcaca taacatttcc agattgaata accctcactt attctgttga ggttttgctt     11400
     tctgttgagg taattcatgg gtttgttttt gaagctggaa gtccagggat gaaggaaccc     11460
     tgggaaccag ccagtaggag gcgctcctct ccacgttccg tcttcaccat gcactgacac     11520
     tcttctactt gcatcaccat cttgaccacg ggggttgggc tggtgcagtt cagcatcaag     11580
     tgcacggtgg tgaatttggt gggcgagcag tgggagcaga agctgtgggc atctgcccct     11640
     tctccgggaa aacgaatgga actgcatttg ccaaagcaaa ggttgttctg gacaacgact     11700
     ttttgacagt cttcatgggc aatggtctga aaggcaaatg gattagggtc atctcgagac     11760
     atttcagacc actcaaggca cagacggatg atttagaata aagtgctcta aactctccac     11820
     tttgggacga attttgtgat atctaagaga tgatgtttgt tagggacaag gccaccacaa     11880
     aaaaacttcc tttttactga gttacttatc agttaacctc ttaaaagcct taagttaaca     11940
     tgaaaaacct cccactaaaa acagcatact taaaaaaaat ctaattctaa tctaaagtat     12000
     ctcatctaat tgaatataac caaatggagt caagaagcca taatggcagc tttcttattt     12060
     aaccaccaca tcttatcttt ctgttaccca tagtgcattg cacacagcag cttctcaata     12120
     aatactggtc cgttaatcag caaagaccag agagcaggag ttgaattctg tcctatttcg     12180
     cttgagctgt gcagcgttca gcactctaag tggcagaatc gcgatgcata caccaccttt     12240
     accaccttct cagaacccca tacacccagt cttatgtgac tcaaactcaa aatatgactc     12300
     aaactcctta attttaatct aattagcaat agaatttaaa agtaagaatt tcaaaggaaa     12360
     cttgattgcc tgagtcttag gagcaatttt ctaattccac atggtccagc aaagtggata     12420
     ttacttgatg actgacccgt cattgctaca caggcaattg ccttagaata ctgccggctt     12480
     aattgggcag tgttactaga ctgtaaaatt ttagtctctc ccgcactgtt tctggttctg     12540
     tttcttcttg acgcagtttc tttattttat tttagcattt ggaaagtagg tgttgtcagg     12600
     aaggaaagag aagtagaatg ttcctctgtc taatcatgca gagccgatcg ctataaatta     12660
     gccagcacgt gttaggacac gtcaaggaaa ttcctgattt catattaaga tactttttaa     12720
     aaaccaatga gaaacataac ttccactcta aagtatggtt tgccatcaca atgccaagaa     12780
     atgatagtga gaatctcaac atagagtccc tgcaggaaca ttctaagcat caaatagttt     12840
     tagcaacaat taaagaaagc tctcctgaac ctgtaaagta ataagctgag tagcagagat     12900
     gcatgctggg gtatcccggg agatgtccaa cctagccccc ctcacctcca gttggatttg     12960
     cttgctttac tacctatcct catgagtatg gagagaagct acagggtagt tcaggcaatt     13020
     gctctaaatt cccagtttcc aaactgggga cttagccttg cttttctata tggatgatac     13080
     ccaccaaata tatacaaatt caacaatctt ctgtgccttc aatacgggga ctaccgatac     13140
     tgagcatgct accatgctag catgaagcat ttccatcatg ccaagaaaca ctggagacat     13200
     gaaaaataaa tgagggaaat gtgcttacat ttggccacgt cccacaatga atacccaaag     13260
     gactgaatct ggaactagac aaggcccgag ctctcgccag actctttcta ttttgccgtt     13320
     tgtcctagct gtccagctgt cctccctgtc tggcaaactg gtggtttacc ctctagaatg     13380
     catacctggt tgaagggcac agtcctgcag gtctcccagt gtacttcgtg gcttttgatg     13440
     ggcaggatga ctccctggaa cgccgggccc tttctgaaca tgaaccgatg ccagaacctc     13500
     ttggcttcct cctgtagagg tgatctctcc actttcctcc catctgctgg ctgagtcacg     13560
     gcctgcatcc ccgatgagac atgatcgctt tccacatccc ttggggggta aaattcggtc     13620
     tcaggtttct tccagaatct tccaagcctg gacagcatct tccctctctg cctctggcct     13680
     tccccagcca ggctggtgcc catgaggtgt ggcacggcca caaacagatc cggcttgtct     13740
     tctgcctcct cgtggttggc cacgtggaga tctctgcgac ccctttctag gagaggaaag     13800
     gataaagagc cctgactctg gcagccatcc acacataggt ctgccttccc cagaggcaag     13860
     agaacaagca gctgaactaa gaggagatgc atgcttcctg attcccagag actgaggtta     13920
     gattcacaga tggacgggcc taaaagagag gctccctctg cacggctaca gtcggggcat     13980
     cacatatatg ctacctgcct ggtagcatgg ggaggcaggt ggtcagcagg tgggcaaagc     14040
     aaacacatta agtgtttgcc cacattacgt agtgctaatg atgtcctgcc ttcactttgg     14100
     ctctgtgtgt ttaaggcccc agtgaaagcc cgagacccag ggggtaatta gctggtggtt     14160
     tagctgttgt ctgagattta ggagtggctg tactggcaaa aacaacgtgc tttttgtctg     14220
     aactcttcat gactgacatt agaagaagaa acagactcag ctcacatttg ctgcacatct     14280
     gcactgagtt ggggtagaat agacacggaa taggagagag agagagagag agagagagag     14340
     agagagggag agggagagag agagagagag agagctaaag atgtctgcca cagcacagtg     14400
     gttaggaaag cacattagct ttgttggaca ggagccttct atgccttctc ttgtatccac     14460
     atgtggattg aagctgttgg tcacagctgc cttaagggaa tcattttgct tatccataca     14520
     gggagactca caactctaga gttaatcctt tcacattagg aaacaaacac tgagtgccaa     14580
     atttcacaac tggccagaga tcagtaaact cttccaattg tttacaaatt tctccacagg     14640
     atcccaagtg acctacaatg acatctcatc aatcaaggag gataatgggc ccctcaaacc     14700
     gctttgtcac tattattatt ttctttaact ttgaggcttg agaaagggga atacaaacca     14760
     ggcctgatag atttgggggt gaagctgcac cagtgtgtgt gtgtgggggg gtggtcgggg     14820
     tccttacccg actgaatcca catcttctgc cttagttcca aggaactggt gatcaaattc     14880
     aataaagatc agattcaata aacacaaccc ttcagggatc aggggagaaa atggcaattg     14940
     aaattagcca agggtacaag aaacctatca ataaagagaa accttggagt tcaggtgtgt     15000
     ccacccaaaa tggcctccca atgggaaaca caacacagtt gcttatcttt cttccccctt     15060
     taatttagtc accacattcc tttcttttgc tggcagagat aacatgcaac gaatcctctt     15120
     ttgtttagta tgcagatttc tccccacaag ttccccactg tgaggtcttt ccaggcattt     15180
     gtgttcttga ttggccttgc tgagttcttt gagacaaagc cttgcttgag ttattttata     15240
     aattgtgttt aagtggatta tcattttact aaaattctaa aacatatatg ttttacttgt     15300
     ttcagaggtc catggtgact ttcctagtat tccctgacag gctgccgacc cataccgcca     15360
     gaacattggt gttcatcatt tattttaaat agtctcttta aaaccttacc cgatacttga     15420
     atgtcttagt tgccctcagc agtccaatgc aatctgctct ccagagcagc cattaagtct     15480
     cctggtaata aatacggtgt gaaagccaac taggatacat ttcctggtgg cttaaatccc     15540
     gtggctgtca gtcacacagg gtctagcatg tcccaactaa gcattaatcc agggagtcta     15600
     cctggggtct cagcttacct ggttctggaa ttactggcta ttggatatag ttggaacaat     15660
     ttctgttgaa cagacattta tagaagactt acactgtaga tgaaatatca ggatcaatac     15720
     tggaaaatga ctaaaatgat taaaatctgc cgcctgcctt aagtaggtta gatacccagg     15780
     ggcacgggct ttctaatttt attacctatg gggatgtcag tcactcattt taaaattttc     15840
     ttgtggtctt aacttcccat cttctgggcc caaattttgg ttcttataaa tgcccattac     15900
     aaatcactcc tagagaattt ccttttttgc tatcctgcca attcctgttg ctcaaatgtg     15960
     caagtatcct gactgacaag aaacctcttg ggagaagcat gaaataaaag gcggtttcca     16020
     gatctccact tcacaactca ggacagggca gctccccttt ctcagcgatg tataactgtc     16080
     tgatcagttc taaagctttg ggtgtgacat gctgtcttaa gcacataaat gaatattgtg     16140
     ttgcttgtaa aggaaaagag tggcctctgt cttcagttga cataggcatc tctcctgtcc     16200
     atttggatag gtcaaccgta ggcagatctg aaggagactt ctaaacacgg caggaatctg     16260
     taagtggtgt gctccctacc agtcatcaca aggaaacaag cccaagccaa ggagcgggca     16320
     cccatgaggc taaatccact tcctgggccc aagtaaggga gagccacagc agctgggctc     16380
     agatcacgca ggtcatctgc cacacatgcg tggcatgctc tgctttgcac gtcctctgta     16440
     gccctagaga cctttatgaa gatacctacg tgaaaatttc ccttaagcca atggcatttc     16500
     tacagaaaca cagccatgaa cgttaaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacaaaaa aagtgagggg     16560
     agattggaga gtactgtccg acagcagagg taagtccttt tctcaaagca acaaaaggtg     16620
     agaggcaatg ttgagacagg aataggtata tgacctaaac aggaaaactg agaaatgaaa     16680
     aaggaagttc aagataatag ttttgtgtga gaaatctcct atggtacagg ccaccccctc     16740
     acatgtttta aaatattttt cctcaaagca taggatagca gtagtactat aggagtaact     16800
     aagttttaaa atgcaacgta aggcagaatc tcttttagtc tttcatttcc tttctgtttg     16860
     atatttagtt tagtatggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     16920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcct caacatgtgg ggttgaggac agcctatgga agtccattct     16980
     cttgtaccat gttggttctg gaatgaaact caggtcatgc ggcttatcca tccatccatc     17040
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca ttcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     17100
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttct ctctctctct cttccttcct tccttccttt     17160
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctctctta     17220
     gttttcaaac aacaaggaga aaggtagaac aagtggtttc cttcaaacca tttcctcagt     17280
     ggtttagttt agtaagttat ttggaatata gaactatttc tagcatcact gctggccttt     17340
     tttatggaaa gcatagattc aaaagcactc tcttccccaa ttctgctcca tcccctgaac     17400
     tcactcactc attcattcag tcagtcatac aatgtatatg tgagtgccaa cacttagaat     17460
     ggtagggact aatgatctgg atgtccttgt ccatggctag tagatgttgt aatgtggcaa     17520
     aaagtattac ttattcaaaa tataagaaaa ctttaagcag accccattct tatgctaatc     17580
     agcttctaag aactgttccc aaactccaga acacattgag ttgcacacgg tttcccttca     17640
     ttttacccag taagtattca ccgagcacaa gcagatacgg tagacattgc acaagtcccc     17700
     tttctttttg agtaggtcgg aagtaaccag attcaaataa tacaaagaag ttctacagta     17760
     acacgtgagc cttctcctgg tcccttctcc ctcatagacc gcctgttctt accatgattg     17820
     atctgagcta ccctgggctt gcgcgtagta tgctcttggg cactggagtc tccagtcttc     17880
     accaaggaca ataatgcccc ttggcttatc attctgtgtc cacaggaatg aattctgacc     17940
     attctgatat catgtcatca gtatcacacg aatgtctatt caaccctgtg ggcaccaacg     18000
     ggcagcaggc tgctcttgta acttaaagct ttgagattct catagctttt taccctctcc     18060
     ctgatgctca tctcttcccc tcgtctactt gggacccact tcaaaaaaaa atggattaaa     18120
     tgctgagagt ttaggaaggc agagatggtc ctcaaagaaa ggaggttata aagaagtcga     18180
     ggccggactg cagtggcctc ctcttccttt ggcctcctca cccacagttt tctgacccct     18240
     gttgcaccca agagctgcag tcttctgaac tgtcacatgt gtgtttcaca atcacatgtg     18300
     acatgttatc atcatatacc acaggtctaa ccaaagcgtg tttatgtgca catttgtcta     18360
     gcattggtcc ctactctgga ttttagagtc acaaaaagat tgaacggatg gtttttgtta     18420
     ccatctcagg atgtaagttg gttcctttca cactgtgaat gctcagaagc actgatttag     18480
     tgagtgggtg aggtcactaa ctaacttgta tctatgaagc ttctggtccc cactcccctc     18540
     cctgtccagc ttgggttcca tggttcataa cgttagagtt ctgtactgtt ctctattccg     18600
     tgccctttac aagttcaaac tggttctgta caaaacatcg ttctttccct ctgcttagca     18660
     ctcaatctta ttactctagt catctcttat tttccatata aacttaaact ccaattatct     18720
     cagcccattg attggtctgg cctgccctca ttatgagcaa ctaccctacc ccttcttata     18780
     cagaaaaaga caaaagtcat cggatgagag ttcctcacat gtgacctcaa accctaccag     18840
     ctcatctttc cttccctgcc ctcccctcag aattgcattc tctcctcatt tcattgaata     18900
     gctccatagc tttcctggtc acctccatta gcattttcat aatgttagac tgcctcaaac     18960
     tctttcaaaa tgtctctgga atccataaaa gctttcacgt tctgccctct ggtgctctct     19020
     cttgcattca caactgagtg atgggattgt ttgtacaaac ccagcctcta agttcttatc     19080
     tactcaattt tcctgaaaag agtcctaagt agattagggg gatcgatgtg caccagggtg     19140
     aaaagctatg agaatctcaa agctttaagt tacaagagca gcctgctgcc agtcttaaga     19200
     aagatgttct ctacacagcc catgtagagc tccaactctt agtgttggga ttgcaggcgt     19260
     gtgccctgac ttggggctag gtccttcttt attcagtcac ttcatgactg ctagatctgg     19320
     gcttaactaa gagccatgtg tatcttctta gccacagaga cataactatt cggggtcagg     19380
     actaccatcc ctagagtctg caaggttcac cgcaccaagt ccaggcgttt gattgaacac     19440
     atttttctgt ttcatttctt ttcctggccc aagctctaca gttagctttg tgaatgtctg     19500
     cttcagcctc ccaaatctaa cagcagtgtg cctggaaact cctgacacga gactgcccgt     19560
     gctttacttt ctgagagggg cctctgtcct agaggactta tatttaatac tcatgctcag     19620
     actctatttt aaaatcaaat ttccattaaa tctggaagga ttcagaataa accattcctt     19680
     attttcctag ctggctgcat ctcagagtag gtatctgaac tttgtcatac tgccacagtt     19740
     tatagacaac tctctgggga gggatcttga cactcctaaa gaaaggggac tcaggcagga     19800
     ggatgacgtg cctgccaggt aacactaggc agcttgtcaa cttctgtgat ccagttggaa     19860
     gatggaggtg gtgtatcacc aacagagagt gcagggggca tctgtctgaa aaccgttccc     19920
     ctcctggctg ccttaccagc ttctgcttat acagtgcagg cagcttgggg gagccatatt     19980
     gtccctataa gctcataaca catggacaaa tgattaaaaa cacatggaaa ccagttccgc     20040
     agcgaagctg taattcagat gggacggaaa atcaacttgc aaagctttca gctgactcag     20100
     ggccaagtgt aggacagaat gcaagaggag ttgccaaaag aaaggaaagt tgtgtgtgtg     20160
     tatgtgggga gggagggtgc aaatcacgga tcagaaacgg aaaacaatgg cgccttgtat     20220
     tgacagtcct tctctgaggc tgtccaagaa caggcaccga gtcgactctt tgaaaatatt     20280
     aaaaccttca tttcatgaaa gcttttggac agatttatat tttctaccct ctataaataa     20340
     aagttggctt tactatcttg gcaacaccta tgcagaaaca taatcttaag tatctttaac     20400
     gtaaatatta aaatattaca cataatatta cctctaggtg tgggaattaa gtaacaagat     20460
     ggcaggagac aaacactgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta aaaacattga     20520
     caataaaatg gaaaaacaga gcaaacctgg ctctgtttat gctcgttgcc tgagcctggg     20580
     cccaggctga tcataaatgc aggcaggcta agacaccttt acataaattc cagcttcact     20640
     taatgcaaag tcctaagaag gcttattgta tctgcacctg gattctgctg ccctggattc     20700
     tgctgggtag gaaaaaagca atggggggag gcatttaact gggaggcttt ccctgctggg     20760
     acttactgtt aatcagcttc tcagcttctg ccctgagtgg tgtcctcact cccgagtagg     20820
     cctgaccact cttctttcca cgggtagccc catcgagatc attattaatt tgatgcatga     20880
     tccataacca tatccttctt ggttcgtgca gcaaatgtgt gcctagatgc tgaatgtcaa     20940
     aggaaacttc aataatgtgg ctccagaagc cattcttagg aagtcgctcg ctctcaccca     21000
     acttcagccc attagcacag caaacactct actctgtcag acgaggtagc atgccttcat     21060
     ttagttctta ttagaaggga atttgcacag cacagttctt gtctgaaagc aaggcatcct     21120
     gggacttcaa agagggcttt tgtagtcatc tggacgtctc ctaaaaacag ttccacgttg     21180
     aacacaaatg ccttaacaca tgagaaagtt accacttgcg atatagaacc ttaaaacgcc     21240
     agttctcacc cccccacttc ctcctccccg ctgcagttag tcagtggtgt gattctgaga     21300
     ataattatgc taaatgaaag agaattgcaa aaatagtaga gtgcatatgt agtccattta     21360
     tagaaaattc tagaagttac aagccaatct atagtgacag aaagttgatc aggcattacc     21420
     ttaagatagg agaagcaaac tggaaagatc aggaaacttt tgagagaggt ggatgtagtg     21480
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgctctaact     21540
     gcatgtacgt ctgcatgcca gaagaggaca tcagatcaca ttatagatgg ttgtgagcca     21600
     ccatgtggtt cctgggaaat gaactcagga cctctggaag aacagcagcc agtgccctta     21660
     gtcatctctc cagtcctgta tttatgatct aaattataag caatgacata agcatattat     21720
     gccaaataat acctgctaaa tataagttta tcatagagtt caaggacatc ctcgggtaca     21780
     caaggaattc tgagtcatct tgagccacat aagatccttt cttaaaacac acacacacac     21840
     acacacacac atacacagag agagaggggg gcggggagac aaagggaggg aggagaaaag     21900
     agtccctcat aagcatagac aaaaagttct aaaagaaaac aaaacaaaac accctctgac     21960
     caattcaaac caacagcaaa tgcaaacgaa caacacatct caaccaagaa atcgccaaga     22020
     gaatgaaagg acaagccaag cactggaaga aaacatttta ttatgcagag taaaactcaa     22080
     ggggaaaaaa aagctttttt aatggtgcag ggatttgaac cggtatttct ctaaagaaga     22140
     tctatagatg gtaaacacac acacatgaag atatagtaat actaagacca ttagtcacca     22200
     ggcaaacatg aattcacccg acagtgtggt ggagctacca gcttcatggg agcagacctc     22260
     cacagtaagc agctggcagg gctgaagtcc ttggactctt ctggtgcaag tagaagatgc     22320
     tgtgaccact ttggaaaaca gttttgtggt ttcttagaag cagacactac acaacaatgg     22380
     tccagccatt gtacttctag gtatttgtac aacggaagag atagcgttat gcccgtccag     22440
     ggactaacac atgaatgctc acggcagttt tatttgtaac agccccaact ataaactcca     22500
     cgtcccctac gtgtccactg ttgtgtgaac aagtcaacga gccatgtggg catctttatg     22560
     agcttttgag gtaacacaga ttagagaatt tcgagatatg ccttcaaacg ttccagcggt     22620
     aacaggattt cttcctgtag tctgtgtgtt ttacggagct ttaggagtct gcgcttcact     22680
     gtatccattc tgtttagatg gttgtgctta tcctactgca ctatccccga tagtccccat     22740
     tagtgtatga atagctgtaa tacactaaga acaccttagg gctgctactg cctcattcct     22800
     gggattagta atctgtgtct tttctttctg atcagtctgg ctagacttta cagaacttta     22860
     ctttcaaagc actgttttgg ctacactgat atcactactg ttcactacca ttcttcgttg     22920
     ttttgcttat agtgctgggg atggagccct agacctttcg caccccagag aagccctcta     22980
     tcctggagcc tttggacttg tgaaccatgg tttttatcac atagcacagg ttagtcttga     23040
     acttggattc ttctgcgtct gagcaccact gctcctgaca ttccttggtg ttctggtgtg     23100
     acatttgtca cctccttact tccacctcct cctcatctac tgttcttctt ttgagacaag     23160
     gcctcactat ggagtccttg ctatgtagat taggctgact ttgaactcac agattcaact     23220
     gcctcctgag acccaaggtg aaaggcaaga gtgtgccacc acacctggct atttcttatg     23280
     aaggcaggag tgggttgttg ggtgaagatc tatgtacttt ttaatataag accttactat     23340
     tataaacttc ctcctaatta ctgccttaat ggcatcccac acatgttgat atattttcaa     23400
     ttttatccag atcaaaatac ttatgaagtt cattttgaaa acttcatcca taacatacac     23460
     attaaagaag tgtacagtgc agtgggtaaa cactcagaga atcttcgaga aacatctttg     23520
     tcgctgattg ctaatttaat tccactatat ctaggggaga tattctgccg ggctggaaaa     23580
     aatacagaca ttttatgatt gagccctaag actttgcctt agtaaatgtt tcacaagcac     23640
     taaaagataa actgcaatac ttctggatac ttccagaaat ctcttacgcg gttacagtga     23700
     gcagcaggga gattccgcac cttggttgat ttcctcactg ctccttctat tgacttaaaa     23760
     gaaagggtat tgacatgtct gactgtgaaa acagatctat cagcttttgc tttgcatgct     23820
     tctaaatgtt gctaccaaac gcatggatgc atcggacctc aaggttgtgt tactgttcta     23880
     tcccttagca gtctaaacta atcttcatta tccttggcaa tatcctttgc tctaaaatgt     23940
     atgctggctg acattcatgt agccactcca gcttcgacta ggcataaggt ggcggatctc     24000
     tttcaactcc tctacttgac atggatttgc gtatttatat taaaagtatg tttcttataa     24060
     gcagcatgta gttcagtctt aacgtgattt ttctatacat cgagttgagc cagactgccc     24120
     tttgaaggcc ataatgcagg tggagagaag gaagggaaag gtggaccaag gcagcagtcc     24180
     ctggaaagca ttgccggtta ccatgaggcc actaatggaa gtgttggttg atctgtattc     24240
     ctttctgtct taagataaac ggaactttat tacctctcgg agtatagggc ctataaaagc     24300
     tgttcaaaat gaacagttct gcgtaagtta tgaggatagt atattcattt cctgaacgat     24360
     cctactctaa aggcttgtaa cattaatttc atgaaaatca cggtgttctg gacgttactg     24420
     acatccagac gcactctgct gttagtggcc gttctttgcc atgattgatg gggaggaagg     24480
     agaacaccag tcaggccatg ttgccaattt aaaactatgt caaggggctg gcgagatggc     24540
     tcagcgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtccg gagttcaaat cccagcaacc     24600
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccgttacgag atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag     24660
     acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa actatgtcaa     24720
     attgagcatc ccttgcccgt gagccaacga cacaaacaag caaacaaaat gtgggtgagc     24780
     atcaggcata aaagggaagg tgtatctgag taagccagat aaacacacag cagagccaac     24840
     agcccatttc cagcttttgg aaatgaattt tatctggaga ctttgaatag cacttctcag     24900
     tttgaaattc atcaacataa agtattctct ttggggctgg ggatataggt cagtggcaga     24960
     atgtttattt aatacatgct ggctttaatt tccagcacct caacaaattc taaaatcaag     25020
     tattcactgc aatagttttg agtgcattca ctggatggtg tagccatcac cacaacctaa     25080
     tcccagagta ttttcaactc ctcaaaagga aattcaatcc ctatggccag tcagtttcaa     25140
     gccctcaatt tctcaacatc ttgaaaactt cgggtccact ttggatttat aaatttgcct     25200
     agtctcagca tttcatataa ataggatcat acaacatatg gtttagggtg tgtctttcat     25260
     aaattttata acactattca aaaatattgt gctagaatac aataaagcca cctgaatatt     25320
     actattgaaa gagatttagc ctaccattgt gtatgtgtat gtttgtgaat agaggccagt     25380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtctgt gtatctgtgg tgtatggcta     25440
     tagaagctgt tatgcatgtg ggggcgtggt ggggtgagtg cataattgcc agagttgacc     25500
     tttcacttgg agctgatctt atcctttaga ctaggttggt gagaatgccc tagggacatc     25560
     ccagttgcca ctcccccacc ccagctctgg gattacaagc acaaacccca acatgagctt     25620
     gttacatgag tgctggtgaa gaacatgcat gttcttagca tgttctagat aaacatagca     25680
     cgcatgttac tcattgaact atgtccccac cctgctgaca tcatttctca gatgtcagtc     25740
     ctgatgctgc tttcttcacc ctgtagatca gaggaagaaa tttttacttc agaggccctc     25800
     agtgctctcc tctgtaaaac gggagtaatg aataagatta tgtcaatgat ctctctttaa     25860
     tttctgttgc tctaggaatc tatggtacag acacaaactt tttattgttt agggagaaaa     25920
     gctagaacaa atgaactaaa ttaaaaaaat cttcatcccc atctccttcg tggaggcatg     25980
     gattcagaaa tactgggatt attgatacct ggcctttatg gtaagcttca ggagtggaga     26040
     cccattcctt aatctggaga gagtactaca gcaatgagcc tgagcagtta gcctgagtgt     26100
     gcgtctctcc tagcctggaa agaggtgacg tagccaccaa gctccacagc aatgtcctct     26160
     ctggtccaaa gctccaggcc aactgggcaa tggtggtgcg cacctttaat cacagctctc     26220
     tggaggcagg ggaggtggat ttctgaattc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc     26280
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa aaacaaaaac aaacaaataa     26340
     aaaaagttct ccaggtttta aagctttcgg aaatctgcat ctattctttg tgattttagt     26400
     tttttactcg gtcctgtgtc tctagatttt taacaacgcc cggtgtctgc tgcatattca     26460
     ataccactga gcaaatactg tatgaatgca tggaagctag taactaatag ctagtgtaac     26520
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag cctgcttaag ataaaaacca atggtggcac atgcctttaa     26580
     tcacagtact tgggagacag gaggaccatg acatctcaag gagagtctca gctacacagt     26640
     gaaagactgt cttgaaaaag caaagtgaca taaattaaac gataccagtg aggccccatg     26700
     aaaaatgtaa aggacgacaa actaaaggta cagtgtctga gaattagaca tgtttatttt     26760
     attggctttg acacaacact agatatagta cagttaatat gctacttcct tacagaaatt     26820
     agtcagcacc agttgatgat ttaaattaca tagaaccaca gtgttcatta aaatacgtgc     26880
     atatttgggt tgtattaaaa ataaactaaa ctagaaatac aaataaaggt tgctcagttt     26940
     ctttgtatca ctccagggaa gaggaggaaa tgattggcgc cagcttttaa gatttatctt     27000
     cagtaaacat atactatgta ttctttaagg atcaactatc agaacaaaat ttaaaagttc     27060
     tataccattg agcttcatgt atgtccttgc acataagaag ctcctgagtg ggcattcaag     27120
     ttagaggggg aagggcaata atcagccctc tgctgtatgt tcttcttggc tactggcatc     27180
     tccagccttg cctcctcaac cctgacagcc atgtccatca gctaagcttg cctgaccttg     27240
     tgtgttctgc caatcactta gacccgattc cacattttgg taaagctttc atgatcaaga     27300
     aaatttcaaa atggtctttt cctaattgga agaaactaat tgggtctctt cccaaaccat     27360
     tccctatact aactaaccac ttgcaattac agccatgcca ttttcagtgc aggaaagtgt     27420
     aataaactag ctgtgccgcg caggttgagc acggttggcc tagttctgta tttccagctt     27480
     taacggagca cacagctata gaatgaattc ctcagtatcc gaactggaga actccaccct     27540
     ctttcctgca cgctgaatcc caactttgca cagtgtagaa gccagtaggt tacaaggagc     27600
     ttggctggag cccgagtgga ggaaggattt gacctgtttg ggttaaacac taaaggttcc     27660
     ttatgttcca caggcctttg cacttacggt ctacaaactt ctccaaacct ccaagctaag     27720
     agcacccggc tctgcaatta catctggatt tcagcaagag acagaatgtc tgagtcttat     27780
     cctaacctta ggtaaaaatt tctatgaacc gaaactttga taaatgagca gaaatgaagc     27840
     aagcctgtca tgttttatat ccagaaactg gaacgacttt cttaagccat ttttagtgtc     27900
     tataacactc gagatattat tattctattt aaaaagtctg ccctaaagct ctagtctact     27960
     tgaacacctc atttaattct aaagttacac gggtgctcat atgacaggtt atatttggca     28020
     cagctgtatt ttttagagat tatgaaaaga aaaattttaa taaacatttc aaaaaggacg     28080
     ttctgacttc ctataattaa ccctgggctc cagaagggat tgttgggaga agcacagcat     28140
     gcttgaatgc tacaaaaatg tctcactcaa ctgagtttat aaattaataa gctaccctct     28200
     attggagaat ctaattagaa gagtgtctct gcaaatatta cagatttaaa ggctcaaagt     28260
     cacatcaaaa tcctttccaa gagtgagtct ggcctttcaa aaggtctgtt tccagtatta     28320
     cttttctttg gtcatcagaa cagttcatga aggtacttcc aagggagtgg cacttttcct     28380
     ctgtatgtca accatactca tatacactcc ttattccaca tatcctttaa aaagacttgt     28440
     caacatagta aatagagatg aagatattgc tacttcaaag tttatacgac cttggaaggt     28500
     gtgaaaaccc aatagttagt caaggaatgg cacaatgcca taattgtatt ggaatgtaac     28560
     atgtctcacg agtggaatgg gttgatctcc ctagtagagt cagagccttg cctgaatctg     28620
     agctctccaa tagaggcagg cctctgaccc tacctcacta aacctatata gttgagcatc     28680
     ctcttgaaag actcttccat tcaaaacaga gcccctttgt ctacacatag cctctggttt     28740
     taagttcaca tttaaagggc ctaaggaaat aaaccaacct ttggcattca accttggttt     28800
     aatggatcta cagaactata tccactcaaa ctctgtggta gaagcacctg caataccgac     28860
     ctttctaggt ggactcattg gaggtctaca gacaaaagca tttaaggtcc atggatattt     28920
     gtattgcctg agagtaggca taggaaagag tctgaatctt ctagaagaag caaatatttt     28980
     agcctataat actgtagaca tttatctaga aaaatattga gatacagaag ttgtatctca     29040
     tcttgaaagg cacattcata cagtcatctc cctgggactg ttgatttagc ttccaggttt     29100
     gcttgacaga ctcacaaaga catgcccagc cagccacaac aacgcatctt cactgggcaa     29160
     tacacataga tcttgtaaat agatgaatga gaaaggctag gttgtgttca gagtttcctt     29220
     gagcacacaa aattgtgagc cttgcctttg ctacagttct ttgtctgcca ttgtcctctt     29280
     ttctgaacca aagcacagtt ctttccaggt tttgggtgca gaggggcccc tctcctccag     29340
     ttggtaaaag caacaggttc acctccgatc cactcccagt ggccagtcct cggttggttc     29400
     ttcaagccta gtgtgagcca agagaacatg ccggatattt tgattacatt taaactcagg     29460
     caccatggct ctcctatttc cttcttcctg ctatttctct cagagctagt atgaagctga     29520
     tttctttata ccagctaggc aagtgctcta ctactgggct agagtcctct gctgtgttac     29580
     tttttgcttt ttgggtatgg tctcactaaa ttccccagtt agtcttgaac acatcggtct     29640
     cctacctcaa acctccaaat agttgtaatt acaggtgcaa accaccagac cagccttggt     29700
     ctacggtact aagcagagtt ttaagtgaaa atgagttcct gttcttgaac caagaagatc     29760
     tgaggacaaa atatgacaca atttggtgta ttagactttg gagccaagaa gcatctgccc     29820
     tctttgggta ggttactcaa cctttctgag ttttagtttt tacatctaaa gaatgagcat     29880
     aaaaacagta tatattgatt tgttgaagat taacgatgat agcttatgta aaactcttac     29940
     cataggcaaa gaactgtagg caactaagga acactgagag tgggagagat agtctttcat     30000
     ggaagagccc cccaactggt tcttcaatac caactagtcc tataaccaac tagtcataac     30060
     ctgaattcat atacatacaa gtaacagtgt atgggctgaa caggttgtat ttatgtacgc     30120
     aagaatatac atacatatgt acatatttat aataatatat acaattaaag aaagagaggg     30180
     caagactttg agaatgagca agtggggaac aggaaatgtt atgcagtggt tctcaacatt     30240
     cctaattctg ctactccgta acacagtttc tcatgccgtg gtgacctcca accacaaaat     30300
     tattttgtta ttatttcata actgtaattc tgctactgtt atgaattaca atgtaaacat     30360
     cggtgttttc cagtgttcct gtgaaagggt tattcaaccc caaaaagggg ttgcaaccca     30420
     caggttgaga gccactgtgt tagagggaag aaagggatgg gggggaatta tgtaattata     30480
     tttgaattta agatttaaaa aacccctttt aagatatttt ggtgtttact taatggctga     30540
     tattattttt tcaatttatt attattttat gtatatgggt atgttatttt tatgtgtata     30600
     agtatttttg cctacgtgta ggtcggtgta tcatgtatgt gtggtgccag aagtggccag     30660
     aagaaggcat gagattctct ggaatgagag ttacagatgg ttgtgagctg ccacataggt     30720
     tctatgaacc gaacctaggt tgtctgtaag gacagtggtg gtcttaacca gttgggtcac     30780
     ctctctagct attattgtca tctctgtcac ctacccacaa agctcctacc acgggaaaac     30840
     agacattttg ccacccatta ttattccttg ttcccgtact ttaaaagcct tcattttcat     30900
     atccagaagt agctgatgac atatcatttc ttgtcaggag cttaacacgt ttcactttgc     30960
     tacaatgcca ataaaactca gccttttttt tttctcgttg ctgctctacg cccactggca     31020
     atttctgaaa attagactcg aatgttgtaa gtatctgtaa catttgctta aagaagcact     31080
     cccctacttc tcataataga gtttctaaaa agaaaaccat gcgagagaac tcctctgtga     31140
     tcacagagtg gtctgacatc ttgtcactca gatttaactg tgacaaccat tctagccacc     31200
     agcatgcggc cttcctccac tgccatttca gtctgaaaca ccctgacctg cactgggcta     31260
     tttccatgga ttattgacca gatcacatgt gcttttgtga acacaaagcc ttagaaccat     31320
     tatggacata tagggaaatt atgctccaga ctaactcaat actcttagac catgtctgga     31380
     cttaaagacc caatgaagtt tacagaaaaa aataattgag aaccaaagac tggctttgta     31440
     attgttaccc caaatacagg gtctctcaaa ggcagcagtg gaaacactaa ctcagatatg     31500
     ccttgagaat tctgtctcag aagtaacttg taaagattgt tataactgtc aaaattagag     31560
     aaaatattaa aaatttgaaa aatcaaggaa taaaattcaa agtacctgta ttgttggtta     31620
     gagacaaata atttccaact ttagcatgta attctataat ctatctctcc aacttgcaca     31680
     taaatttttt tattccaaat tattccatgc tttatatggc tatgaattct tccttttcac     31740
     ttagtacctg gtcacaaatg aatactgcct tcctgaaatg gcagcggagg aaagcagtat     31800
     gcttattaat actatgatat ataattgttt agtcaattaa tatatacaca agacattttg     31860
     ttacagcttt actagataat ttaagaataa ataataactt tgcctttaca taggcatgtt     31920
     gtaatctaat ttgctctata gctatttcta aatatttgaa ttttagaaat gtcatgtgtt     31980
     gaatttttat gtcagtctgt ccagatccct atgtcttcaa aataaatgtc taaatgaaag     32040
     taccctgcca aaaagccaaa aaaatggtcc ttttcccccc tcaggctgct agggattgaa     32100
     gccaggggtc ttgcacttgc acagtatatg ccctgtcact gagccacact ccaggactta     32160
     ggatgattct aactgactga ctgtctaact gttacatgtt accataagtt acaatcactt     32220
     ggccaacgga agggagtggt gggcatcggc tccttggctg cttgtgagcc tgcttcttgc     32280
     tcagaggagt gcagatactt gcctatccag aagggttttc ttccactcat cgcccatagc     32340
     cactgcatat gccttctgga gagtacggtc acaaggtcgc cctggtgcct gcacatacac     32400
     aaatgaaaac aggagtctca gtgatatggt ggttacattg ctgttcacat gatgtgcata     32460
     atggaaatac aaagaaaatt agtaaatatg tagaaagaac ttttctgttg gagggattgc     32520
     aagcttgtac aactactctg gaaatcactc tggcagttcc tcagaaaatt ggacatagta     32580
     ctaccggagg atcccgcaat acctctcctg ggcatatatc cagatgttcc aaccggtaag     32640
     aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa     32700
     gaactcagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg     32760
     gaatactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggatggac     32820
     ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa agaactcaca caaaaggtac     32880
     tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccacaaac ttagaatacc caagatataa gatacaattt     32940
     gcaaaacaca ggaaactcaa gaagaatgaa gactaaagtg tggacacttt gccccttaga     33000
     attgggaaca aaacacccat ggaaggagtt acagagacaa agtttggagc tgagacgaaa     33060
     ggatggacca tctagaaacc gccatatccg gggatccatc ccataatcag cttccaaacg     33120
     ctgacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt tgctgaaagg acccagatat agctgtctct     33180
     tgtgagacta tgcaggggcc tagcaaacac agaagtggat gctcacagtc agctattgga     33240
     tggatcacag ggctcccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtaa ccaaggagct aaagaggtct     33300
     gcaaccctat aggtggaaaa acaatatgaa ctaaccagta ccccggagct cttgtctcta     33360
     gctgcatatg tatcagaaga tggcctagtc agccatcagt ggaaagggag gcccattggt     33420
     tctgtaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg gaatgccagg gtcaagaagt gggagtgggg     33480
     gaggactggg gaggggagag cgtgtggggg acttttggga tagcattgga aatgtaaacg     33540
     aaataaatac ccaattaaaa aaaaagaaag agcttttcaa gatttttaac actctggctt     33600
     agctttgatg ggcatgggcg acagcaagga aagtgttatc ttatacctgg gttctattta     33660
     caccatagtt cagtgggatt agaatagttt cttggaaatt aacaactgtc aacttgggaa     33720
     gattatttag atcaattact tcatatcaaa tattctgaag aaccttatcc tgtttctcct     33780
     ccttcttaga gacagggtct catgtaaccc aggctagccc caaactccgc agtagcttga     33840
     actgctgatc ctcctacaga gttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaaagc tggtatgaat     33900
     ttgacagtcg tccacttaat ttggtcagta agttaccttg attttcctcc cagataatat     33960
     gactcaaagt ctaaattttg aggttggtgt gtttacttaa tcccataagc aggagccttt     34020
     ccatgtctca gtgaaatgga actagctcca ttgtcaaacc tcacccattt aatacaagtc     34080
     agagactctc ttcctgccag cacttgccat ttttcctcaa aatagagctc tctgcgaatc     34140
     tcactgaagc catctgaatt ctctctgtaa gcagcgttcc gttatctgac ttccctagtg     34200
     gagcacactt aaagctctct aaaagcactc tgataaaagc cagtaggtta ttttcttctt     34260
     gaaaagaaat ggactcaagg aggaagcaat ggctaaatct gcctctctca cagcagcacg     34320
     gtgtgccctg tggatgtcca gttgttccaa tgaatagaat gaagcaggat gtcttctgag     34380
     tcaccttctc acttccacac atgcaccatg gcattcatgg accatgtgcc acataagtga     34440
     ccggagaaga aatgcaattc aaaaaaaaaa aaactacaac aacaaaaata aacattaagc     34500
     caaatggcaa gaaaacaaaa ccatgacgac tgtcctgtca ggtcaacatt tattgacatg     34560
     aaaacaagtg gggaagaaaa cggcgacaca aagttaagcc attgctgagt gaaacttcat     34620
     tcattttgcc tatgtcttcc caaaatccac atagatttct ccaacttatc atctatagta     34680
     actataattt gtttcttaat gatttttccc tccactaacg caggattttt gctgctctat     34740
     aattcagcag tgctttatag gtctcctgag atctgtgagg ctgctggaga gcttcaagct     34800
     gctggatttg ggctttacga cttggttttg aacctattat ttactgctgg ctcatggttg     34860
     acagtcacag cggctacaag agacatctcc tcatatccag tgtgggcatc ctatgttctc     34920
     tgggcttggg acacataata tttaacttgt attaaatggc ctgggctatc ccatccctgt     34980
     ggagtgctgg actaagaatg tgaatggcag atttcctgcc tattccctct gtcccttccc     35040
     tggtaatttt cttacttatc accaccaacc tcacagccat caccaggatg gatataggag     35100
     ctcattcctg ggtgtttagc ttctcccctg cttgaaagtt tttgaaacta tctttaaaac     35160
     agactttgta aaatgtattt taactgctta aaaacagttc taggtttttt tgtttgtttg     35220
     tttaactcta taaaaaacaa gaattacccc taacaaaata ataataatta ataattaata     35280
     ataatgttaa aaaataagaa gaccaggcag aaaaatagct gtttcttacc taggcaaaat     35340
     atcaaagcaa taattcacaa aacaaatgtt ttggcatgtg tggttttaag taaaaagaaa     35400
     aattcctgtt cactttgctc aaagacttat aaaatatggt agctactatc tttttagaca     35460
     tgtgtgttta tagatataaa attgaaatct ataggtaaca catacgaata gaaccccttc     35520
     aaaaactcta aactatgatg gctttcgaag tccaggatca ggaacggacg cgttactttt     35580
     tctggctata aaaacaaaca tctatttctt caaaaggttt tgcataagta ctggtatttt     35640
     agggcaactc tttaaggata ggccagcagg ggttccagac gctcctgtgg gatggagaaa     35700
     tggcatcata gataatgatc tataataata gaattaccaa atgtacaatg actgccttag     35760
     gaaatgagca gatgagatta caatatgtaa attcaagaaa tgcttaatct agcagtctgg     35820
     ctcctttggg ttagaaaaat aataaaacac caatggggag gcccagagat gggagataac     35880
     ggttgagctg agtgagtaat ctgattaggg acaagggata acatacaatt tactgttctc     35940
     attgaagcac gggcattgta aatgaccctc tggaaataaa gaaaaagaaa agaatcagac     36000
     acataccgtg gggaactcga agaaacagca cagtataaaa taacagtccc tccagcccaa     36060
     tcaaaacaca gtctgtatgt gttctaattc taaccgtgga atctaaagcc atctactaaa     36120
     atatctaatg ataaggcaga gcttcaagtt tcaaaatgta aaatgcgtga ctttaacttc     36180
     acgacaagga ttgacaatcc ctagagaaat actcgttttc aagccaacaa gaccagtgaa     36240
     cacgataaaa atgatccaga aagtattggg tgatataagc aggagaccgg ggcgtgactg     36300
     aagcatgctg aatggcagag cagtggtcag cattcggaga caagttgtgc tcgagagggg     36360
     tcttactacc cacaaacgtt cctcctgggc ttatacaagt tgttgaaatc tccccgtggc     36420
     ctttgaaaaa gtgacttcca ccagtgtgta cctctttaat cattctcctc gtccttctag     36480
     aaccagatgc atgctcaggg accatgcaag tgcagtccaa taaaatattt aacatgtcaa     36540
     ctaaaacaga catttctagt gatgcctgac atagcacatg accttacata ccctagaata     36600
     tgatcaaaga gggtatttgg taagctgttt aatttcccag tcaataaggt aaataaataa     36660
     tgtgcaactt gggtttgttt tactgctagt tagttgtttt cttaaagtac gttccctaaa     36720
     acaattcccc gaaaaaagtg tactaaaaag cttggaaata atttgaacga cagtggttct     36780
     agagtttttt tttccacatt tgatctgaga gctgtgccca ctctgatgca cccccaccct     36840
     cgaagcacca cggaagatga acatatttca ggacaaaaat cttccatttg cagaatttct     36900
     aaatgtcaat catgttctgc tatatgtagt caacagatat tgctggaaac tcatatttac     36960
     tgccagagga attcttaact ggacttatag taagacatga acttagtaag ttctaagtct     37020
     agactttcaa attaaaaaac atctacattc ttaatagagc tttatgagaa agagatgtgg     37080
     gaaagaaatg atctgaaagt ctatgacatc accaatgtaa aatgcatctt accatgaaag     37140
     acaattatat tgagctatga gtagtttagt tattggatta tgagaccaat actaaagaac     37200
     agtgtttaaa ggtatggtct agtctagact cactttattc tacagcaaaa agttaaaaca     37260
     tgaatccata aactcaaaac ctgattacac ttttgatttt ccctgaaaga gctagccaca     37320
     ctcgatttta aatttttatt tctttgctgt gagagtgata caagacttta aaacacatga     37380
     ttttgaaggc ttgcgataga tttgcctatc acaaatttaa aatagccaca cttcttggtg     37440
     catatgtagt gagaaatacc ctacgcattg agctccttgg gaagggtatg gaaaagccct     37500
     ttgtatttcc tttttttaga ggacaacgag caatggattt ttcttcctta gacctgtctt     37560
     acaatctata aactgtgagt attgatactg gcttccctcg cagaagtgat ggattgtgac     37620
     aagattctga aaacgacaaa gtataatatg taatgtgtca ttggaaaggc agcacagagc     37680
     tggctcaggc tagctaggtc agggtgacaa tgtttaaccc aaattgcagg agaagtctta     37740
     ggttaaattt gtgacaaagg aggcaggcct ttaatttcag ccttgtgttc atgatgacca     37800
     tgagtaaacc agacagtact aatagaacta tgaaggaact ccccataact agaaggctgc     37860
     taaccattaa aactcagctg taataaaatc tgtcaatata ataaaaaaat ttaaaggtat     37920
     tggaagcctg acagaattat caacaggaaa gtatcagcag ggttactcca aaggggcagg     37980
     attttataac aagaatttgt aacactaaga aattagaaga tcaagatttc agaatcaaga     38040
     acagaaacag acattgaaat agaaaaaaaa aaaataaata aaacaactgg cttcctttca     38100
     ccaagatctc tgtatgaatg cagagacaat ttccagtgca cggctccttc attttctcac     38160
     agcattaaca attaaggaga gtctagggta tagctcagta aacagtggat atatggctat     38220
     aatttatcaa gctctaaatt tcctctccaa cacaacaaaa atgaataaat gaacgttcaa     38280
     aaagaaaaag gaaaggaaat catgagtgtt tgggagaagc acaatcaata aagtgataga     38340
     tatacaagta cagggacttg agtttggatt cccaggatcc acacacaggc tgggcacagt     38400
     agagcatgcc tctaatccca tgctaggaag acagagaaat cagtgaggac tgggcattca     38460
     ctggccagca agtctgaatc ggtgacctca gggctcagtg ataagccata tctaaaagga     38520
     ttttttaaaa gaactaatat agtgactgag gaagaaccct ggcctcactt ccagcctcca     38580
     gagccaaccc taaacagccc cgactctcac cccaagcccc acccccacaa ataaagaaac     38640
     caattttctt tacaactaac cctgaaagct taccgaggac tgatttactg tggacttgag     38700
     catcctttgg gaatcgcaga agggagtgac tgatgtcact gatcaggctc taactaacca     38760
     ctgagagcca gccacatcaa atggaagatg aaccaagaaa gctgccttcg agttcgaagt     38820
     tgggaagttc tgtttgtaca cattttaccc agaaatcccc acactatgac catgacaacc     38880
     accactactg ggtacgtcca ccgtcctccc tttgccagta atgaccctct cctttacaaa     38940
     gcatttttct cctggccaga cagctttcgg gttaacaccc agatctctca aggagtgaaa     39000
     ggcaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaccca aaaaacccca aactatcatt     39060
     gccccagcct gccataccct agatcaattg ttctcaacct gtgggttgcg acccttttgg     39120
     ggaccaaatg atcctttctt aggggttgac taagaacatc tgcatatcag atattcacat     39180
     tatgattaat aattatagca aagttagagt taggaagtag caacaaaaat aattttgtgg     39240
     ttggggtcat cacaacataa ggaattgtgt taaggtccaa aacattggta agtttgtctc     39300
     actgtcctag atgaacttca aatagatgtg gtctatctgg ttgttttagt aaaagaatgt     39360
     ttcatttatt ctccagcatg cagcattgtg gcaacagata aagtgaaaca atactaattt     39420
     taagagttct aaatgtctgg atttatatga cattaccaac ttacaaacaa ctgccccaaa     39480
     agtactgatt aacctgtcat gactctattt acagttaaaa tataaaatac accagtgaca     39540
     agaaaaatgt ggttgacctt cctgggtttt aaacacttta tttctccttg aaacaaagtc     39600
     tatatgagaa gctgtgtgtt gagcccatga tgtagaggct agcctgggca acacagtgag     39660
     actctgtctc aaaaaaatga aacagaacaa aaaaccaact agggaagttt acaaataatg     39720
     cagaggtcat taaatattta atctggtgga ttttgacaaa ggtgttacat ccacataata     39780
     acagtgcaga tgaagacaaa gacccttacc atcccttcca caaggacaat tttggggttg     39840
     tttctagttc tctgacaatc tgtgggtaaa accctttatt actgaagcag cacagactag     39900
     attctcctac acatatacct ggaactgtgt aatgtgtatt ctcttgtgta aagctgtata     39960
     ctctctgtat gctatttatc cataatttac tcacaatgtt ggacgctcca gaggttcagt     40020
     cttatgtgaa tataaatgtg ttttggtgaa gtagctaggt atagaataac taagttatat     40080
     aggacataca gttttattta aaaactatca gacagtccca caaagtagac accccattgt     40140
     gtggttccaa gtataacaat ccatgagaat tatctttgct ctataccctt gtcaacactg     40200
     gacttgtaat tttgtgattt tttaaaatca tttataagta taaattgctt tcattttcac     40260
     ttgacttgtc tctaatgatg ttgaggatct ttttaattat gtaggaacct tttgtttcct     40320
     tttcttgtga ggttgctaag tcacttataa aattttgttg tagttgtaca tatgttctgt     40380
     gttcactgat gcccacatgc tacctcatgt atgtaaaggg cagaggacaa gtttgtggag     40440
     tcggttctct ctaccttttc acgagtcatc aggttcttcc tgccgagcca cctcgtcagc     40500
     ccatttgctc ttatttcagc tacattgtta ttaatttata ggagctttat tctagaactt     40560
     ggtcatttac gtgatttaag aacagatttt ttttttctga atatggttta cctttcattt     40620
     tcttaatggt gtcctttgat gagcacaacc cttttaaatt tgataaagta taggatatga     40680
     tcaatattaa ctagaaatta ctgaagtctc aatttcaaca agaatgcatg catattagtg     40740
     taattgcatt gtttggataa tatccaggtt atcaaataaa aaggttggtc aaggactgct     40800
     acatatgcat tttcaaactc cttctggatc agatggattt tgttgtcatt atctgaccac     40860
     aagtcatctt ttattgactg ttacccagtg agcctttgtc ctactcgcct ggctttatgg     40920
     gcatccgtgc ctcctgcact gccagaggct ggatgccaag gccttttatt accaggtact     40980
     ttaaaatcaa taggcatgga tgtctgtcat ttgaaggggg aacaaagaga gatgagaaaa     41040
     tatcagaagc caccatgctg ctaactcagg aaagttgtta gactttttct ttaaaacgtg     41100
     gaaataaaag gaaacagaaa agagtgtgac accagtatag ccataacagc aaagacctta     41160
     gcagacagaa gtatcaaagt cagccacaaa tccattccaa actacaaact ccctttaggc     41220
     tccttagaca aagctggaca gacagtagac gttcaatact tattcaatga cttatgcagg     41280
     cctacatttc catgtgaaaa taaggaaaac ggcaggcacg tgtgatgtcg ggttccttac     41340
     tgttctctgc aagctcgggt agctgtggtc caggtgcctt tctgtcttgt gaccaagatg     41400
     tgacagtagc cagaatgaag gagccatcca cctgggcagg atctgtcctc cagcccctgc     41460
     aagacagttg tgcgtgttca ccccggaatg gacttgatca tctgaagtcg gcctcatagt     41520
     acaagcctgt gagccttctc acttcagcga agcagaggaa gccctcgctg taatttctca     41580
     tcttaagaaa taaatgactt cttactgaaa ggactacctc agtcagaaat ggttcaatgt     41640
     tataccactg acattctgat aactaaacaa aatcgactgg tctaatacta tattgtggat     41700
     cttgttgttg ctgttgttta ttcccccaga ctctgtgtag ttcaggctgt cctgaaactc     41760
     actctataga tcaggctgac ttcaaactca gagatctacc tgtctctgca ggaattcaaa     41820
     gcaggtacca ccaccacctg gctttatact ttggatctta aaaagtcact tcgtaccatg     41880
     tttccctcat ggctttctag gtataataag aaaagacatg tgcgatttga gaatcacaca     41940
     ttgaatcacg ctgtaagctc attaaatggc atattgctca ttaaaggtgc ttagctatag     42000
     ccaatgtccc accttggttt gggggctcca ggctttccag gagatcccat cacattgata     42060
     caatctgtgg gtgctttctt caaaatgaaa gagtcccttt aagtccacag aacaattctt     42120
     tggaaacaag ggccgcagac cctgtaggca agagtggcag attagaattg atttcacgca     42180
     agctgatagc agtttccttc cttgggtctt catctacagt acaacatctg tgtcaagtaa     42240
     actgtccccc aacttggggt ccattttgtg aatgaagtgt gtttgtggcc cagggaacag     42300
     cttgctggaa ggcaaacagg aaggaaggaa gatttccata cctgtctgag aaagtgcaaa     42360
     tcagttgtgg attccacctt atcagctaga ggcagctctg ccaccttgat tgtcctctgt     42420
     ggctgactaa caatggatat tttggccttc cgtttgtgag ctgagaatct gtcgccctct     42480
     agtttcaagg aaactatacc atggtacttg aggaaaacag caaacaaaaa caatgagaga     42540
     aaaataaaca ctgagaaagt acacaaacct tttaataatg ataataagca tttaaaagac     42600
     agcatcaagg caaagagaca aaaaggattt ttctcaatca cccaatcttc tttaaaaaaa     42660
     aaaacttttt cagaaaaaaa aacttcggga aaatagagaa agagaaaaat ataatagtat     42720
     cacttctatg aagacatcta tgaacttaag acatttggca attctttgtg cttacattgt     42780
     agatggtgtc tgtcccattt ctacaaacag aggatgggag aacctgaaag caacaaaaga     42840
     cgtatgtgcg caaaaccgac tttaaaagca agtagcagta tattttagta aggttctgaa     42900
     ataactgaaa acttaaaaag aatatttccc gagacttttt tttttcatgc caggttcaat     42960
     agaattttgt aaaccatcat gtctaaccac agctcatgat catgctgatt cctgacaagc     43020
     aggacagaga ggtggctttc gttttcagtg catctgtagc acagagagat tcaggaaagc     43080
     acacaggtac acacgtgcat gcacacacat gtgagagtgt gcctggtggg catcatagct     43140
     tccacaccca agggggtcac ttaaccgtgc ttctgttcta ggaccactga ttgttcccta     43200
     tctatcttga tcataaaaag gaaccaaagc aggattcaca cggctgaatg aatgtgccta     43260
     ccgcttcagt tggcacagtt agtggagtgg gtcagcataa tgatatttgc acataaaagg     43320
     cactgcatga ctccacaaag cactcactat gagaatccaa accgttctgc actgtatcag     43380
     ccacttatca cacatcccca cacacccact cccagtcttc atccttactg atttgccatt     43440
     cccctgggtc attgtcttcc tttgagtgag gtcggtgaga ccaaaaccct gaagagcatc     43500
     tccactggtg aaagatggag gaggcctttc cagaagagga gaacctgaag tggtgagcga     43560
     ggatgagcct gagggcagcg gatgccaagg gcccttcccc cacgtgctgt gcttgctttg     43620
     gttgaaggaa tttgaaggat ggcaccgtcc tggaggcatg caagatggca ggcaatcagt     43680
     acactacaca aacacataag caatggcgtt gacacagttc ctggaacagc ttgtcattaa     43740
     acctagacgg atgaatttcc caccagatgt tgcctttttc ccatttgcca gaaactccct     43800
     ctctcgtcat cagtttccac ctgggaaagc ggtatccctt ctgcacatgg atggggtgat     43860
     tataaactca tgaaatccat cccacaaatc atagatgaaa atcattgtca tggcttgata     43920
     atcattccag acgcttagga aaccggctca cttccctcct gtgatcctcc ccaacatgga     43980
     aggtttattc accgatcaag tgccaccccc tcccaacact gggaaaggaa tcgagttttc     44040
     ctccagtctt ttagaggtac aaactaggat tgtttaaagg gagcggtgaa caagcagcag     44100
     ctgtaaaata tttgcaatca actctaaagg gacaaaaccc tagtgaatct taagagagtc     44160
     tctactagaa acttcaacaa tgaatatttc tgggaaggtg cagaaaacag cccaccaaat     44220
     acaaacaaac tagccagtga agtggctcag caggtgggga tgttgaccac taaccctggc     44280
     taccagagtt tgatcctggg aacacacata agaggagaga acagatcccc acaggttgtc     44340
     ctctgacctc cccaccaaac cataagtaaa aaggaattaa agattaaaga acaattacaa     44400
     aacctcaatt aacaagaaaa caaaacgacc tgccgaaaga acctggctga atatttattt     44460
     tatttttagc agcacggaga ttcaaccacg gagccttttg caggctaagc aagcactctg     44520
     ccactgagct acgttccaag tccagagcat ttttgtttgt gtatatttcc cacactcaat     44580
     gtgagtggaa attcctgctg gccaagaagt acacgtggtg tggagaaaag ggggatgaga     44640
     gatgtcatgg aaatgtgggt gtacagagca aaggagacaa cacccacttt tattataagg     44700
     taagcaaggg gacaccagat tataggtaag gaagaaaact gcagatcacg gggcatgaca     44760
     agcatttaaa aaaggcttga aatcgagtgt cacgctggac acataaagtg tcacatagat     44820
     aaggaactgg aagcagaagg actttggcag aacaaaccct cagagcgcca agggctttgc     44880
     ttttcgtttt atttgtaggt tgctctctag caggctcttc ccagaaccgt ttggctctgc     44940
     ctcaccaagt cattcattag tattctccag ctgccccctg aatccccagc cagctgcatc     45000
     ttcacgtctg ttttcctcca attccttccc ttcttagaat tttcctggtc acactacagt     45060
     gggggctcct gttttgggca ctgagagctc tccttaacag aggaaagata attacagccc     45120
     tgcaaactca ggggggaaat aattgtccat agattctcac caacattgtt tcccccttgg     45180
     tgagaacaac aaatggttag aaaaaagcaa ccagggctct gacttgttgc ttcgctgcag     45240
     ccattgctct tagcaggagg aaaaaccaca tgaagcacac accagaataa agaacccggg     45300
     agtcatggtg caggcggctt tcttgacaag aaattacgca ttttgatttg aaggcgttat     45360
     caagcatgtt ggctgctgca agccagcagc catggcgcca ggactgctcc tgatttcaag     45420
     acgaggatca aaagaatacc tccttttgag tccaaaattt tcaccgccgc ttttgtctgc     45480
     gtgccaagaa ccgcattcac aggggagttc agaattactt caaagacctc atcatcttcc     45540
     tctaatccgt cataggtaat tgctatattc cacatcttag ttgacattcc tacaagaagt     45600
     aaacatttta attactcttt aattgctatt tcaatcacct aggtgtcaga gaaatatatt     45660
     aattaacatg tctaccgcta gactgcagta gcccgagtga gctattgtac tgccaccaac     45720
     tcactgaggc cctgctgttc tcccaaataa tataaaaaga gtgcatttgt tcctggacaa     45780
     tgatgaccgg ccttcaatgc aaacactgta acaaaaagta agcagcatta cacaggggga     45840
     ggataaaagg ttagtagaca aaatcccaga cataattttt cttccaaccc caccccctct     45900
     gtgccttaga ataaatagtt actacgattt gaaaatctta atagttgcaa aaatcttaag     45960
     agggtgcagc agacagaagt gatttttgga tggtacttca ggcacctcac agaatccttg     46020
     acgtgattca tgtactccaa ctgctgcctg catcggctgc tatcaccccc acccccagat     46080
     cttctagccc atggatgatt tttctgattg atgcaatgtt caatagttgc atactctcct     46140
     agagagaatg tatgggctga ggattgtacc catagactgg tccagcctcc atgtcccctc     46200
     tttgtgtcta acatggagta caaacaagtt tattccacat aaccttctga acttaacata     46260
     actcttcatt cgctaagata tcccagccaa tctgtcccat caggatggaa ggcaaattca     46320
     aatcggagac acaaagtact caggctagaa gacacttctg aaacagtctc aatctccagc     46380
     agtgtgcatg atgggaactg tgaaacatct tcctgactta cttagaaggg aaggtgaagg     46440
     cagaggtaag caagctgaag gctgcttggt ggcataagag gcagagacag ggacaaagga     46500
     cagtaagttt acagtttagg ctctagagca aagcttggaa gtctgtcctg cctcccctgc     46560
     ctatgggtgc ttccatatcc ataagtcttt ctctatacag tggctaaaca ctctttccca     46620
     gccttctctt ctgaaaactg acttttttgc ttgcatgctg atatgtctgt tactctgtca     46680
     cctacatgac agccaccttc tcaaaagtat gtctcataga gttcttatgg cccattcagc     46740
     atatcatgga tccctgcagc attcattaga aaggataaat tgttcacttc tgaactgggc     46800
     tgcctttata gggaaaatgg gggcatctgc agtcattttg gtaaagaaca agctggtgtc     46860
     cgatttatga tgctttcagc atcttctgtg gtctcagatg atctcttttt acagtctttg     46920
     caaaatcaga agttgaacta tctaatataa gacattaact aattcccaac tcactgatgg     46980
     acgagtgggt ctgccaaaat gtgtgtttta tccctaagtg cttccctctg cactagacgc     47040
     tatggagaac accagacatg cagcataagc caagctctga cctaaaggag tttgaaactt     47100
     tttggaggag acaaattgtc tttgggtacc caagaagatt ggtctcagga ctcccactga     47160
     atgccaacat ctgcagcagt tgcttaagtc ccttgtatac ataccctgtg caattctctt     47220
     gtaaacttta gaccatctgt agattgttta taatagcaat ataatgaaca ctttgcgaat     47280
     cttgtacctt gacccagtta atgacaagaa aaccaaaggg ttcacagtca ttacagaaag     47340
     aatgtttttt ttttctgatt attttttgat ttgtgtttgg ttgactaggt ggatatggga     47400
     cccagggatt ctgcagctct tcttcttacc agaaaagtca agtaactatt aaaagctacg     47460
     tgtgattagc tgaaaaaata tacagaatgc agtgtgtgca ctaactagat gcctatagga     47520
     tccacatgta cagatcagaa tgcagtgtgt gcactagatg cctgtagatc cacatacaca     47580
     gatttggagg gaagaaatga gaagcaatct aaggaagtta gcaaagttga ggtttgggtc     47640
     agggcagtgg taaatagatc agctggatgg ggaagttgca tctggggaaa agaggccacg     47700
     ggttgcaggg agattctatt ctatagctgt gttacaccaa gtggctaggt ttgggcttta     47760
     gacaatggtt aatgagggag gacatcactg acattctgaa agcaaacact ttagcaaagt     47820
     gaatttgagt gtctgtgtga aggttgggta cccagagact ctgggacgtt agaggcagcc     47880
     gtggaaataa aatgagatgg gcaatgaaga gggatgaagg ctgagattgt taatattcag     47940
     agaactgttc tgaccaccaa gcatcataag gttaggtaca atttaaataa aaatccaaca     48000
     cacagagaca tatttccaca tctcaaacag ttgtcctcct atttgaaaat ttatttcaga     48060
     aagaaatgat agtatcactt tttaaacaaa ccaaccaaca aaacaacaaa aaggccttta     48120
     aagttttcac tagatcttta tgaaattaag agtttaaaga gatcttctct gagtcttttc     48180
     aagagcatct gacttgctga cctccatttt aacttggttt ctagcctccc aggtgtgggg     48240
     gtcactgcct caggttgtga atgggatttt tcattgctgt tgtttggtcc cctgcttcct     48300
     tcacttccca ggtgcaaagt gtcccttaac tccctgagat gtctctgggt ttctaggggg     48360
     cttgaactgc ctcttcccat ttccagaaaa caaaaggtgt tggagtgcag aaggggtatc     48420
     ctgtcataaa aacacaccca ttttataaag aagccgagtt cctggatatt ttcctacaaa     48480
     gcagatttct ctgttgagag acattttctc aatatttttc agtaaatgcc aaattagaga     48540
     gctgttcctt tggaaaacat tttgactttt cagaatgatg acgatttgat taagaatgca     48600
     tcaaatcttt cagggacatg ttttaaagga aagcactcgt tttccttaga gtgtttgcac     48660
     aggcactgca gtacttcagg tcagagcagc tgaatgccag tctcaggacc ctggtttgca     48720
     aggtttggtg aagtgctaca ggcaagcctt catccctccc caggaagagc tcttcagtct     48780
     cacagtaaca cacatactgg atgatccatt ctgtttctct ggtatcaggg aagctgatat     48840
     ttccagagaa atgaatagat tgctcctggc aaaagtgata ggatggagct ggggacatct     48900
     aaaagagacg aggatttaca atatgaaagt atataaacat ttataggacc tgtggatgtg     48960
     ggggactttt tttaattctc taaagtaagg cttcatgata tgaaattatt tctggcttaa     49020
     taaattccaa actcatgggc agccaagcgt gtggcttttt aaaaaaatgt ataaaatgtg     49080
     cttgtattat tcctcaatgt ataaacaatc cttaaaatcc tgagaccatt tgggggcccc     49140
     agaagtcatt agtagctatc aaaacagcat gtaaactctt ctagacaaac gggcatttat     49200
     cttatgtagc ggaatctcca acagataaat ttctgagtct cccctagtgt gatacattcc     49260
     agctcttcca aacccaaaca gagtgcctgg tgagctgctg aaaacctaac ttgcaacaaa     49320
     cagccatggg taataaaaag ggcatgtgac aaaaatgatt gactttcaaa caagtccttt     49380
     aaaacaccag gacaaaagaa cattaactct ttcttggtag agcagaggac taaggaacct     49440
     gcagaaacct aaggctaaac gttgaataca gatcagcaat aacatggtca gcctagaaaa     49500
     cccactccat atcagaaagc caaataacat gggaaggagg ctagcaagaa tatctgagct     49560
     gttgcatgtc aaattcaagg ctcattgtta gaggctgaat tgtatccccc accgcttata     49620
     ttgtgaggtc ttcctaacta actgccagga cctcacaatg tgacatcatt tataaatggg     49680
     gtgatggcat ggtcattaat tagcatgatg tcatggtgga acagggtagc tcctgaacgt     49740
     aagctcattt gggtccttat gatgagggag actcaatcca tagggagagc atcgtgtgaa     49800
     ggggaagaca aggactaggg agacagaggc agagccagga ccaccacaga tcgccagcaa     49860
     acctcaaaag gcgcacaaga aagagacagg agagattctt cctcacagac tgacacacat     49920
     cggtctaaga ctgaacagcc tcgaaaactg caaggcaatg tctatgttta aaactactca     49980
     gcttgtggta ctctgatata gaaaaaccat atcatcttca tatgctatgc ttctggttgt     50040
     gaacagcaca aagacatccc taaatactaa gatcatcagt ttggggatgg tggtgacatt     50100
     cagtcatttt agtgacctta cactgggcag aatgcggtcc aggtacagaa catctctaca     50160
     gtacaaagct gcaagccctg gccacttctc tagcatttgt ccatttgttc ttaggtgagt     50220
     gacccaggtc cattatagac catagggaag gagagagtta aatccaccca cagggaagcc     50280
     tagaagggtg gtgtccagcc tcctggcttt aaggcagtct tctccagaag taagtggtgc     50340
     ttcagtatta gtgcttcagg cttcctcctc ttcttcttcc tccccccccc cccactagaa     50400
     tgttgcctcc cctagaacaa tggctttcac tttggcttcc aaagttctgt tggcaaatat     50460
     tttcatgtct atatgttgca tacagtagaa caacttcagg agaaaaaaaa acacactttg     50520
     atattgtacg ttttggtact cagcaaaatt ttcagcaaat ttttatttaa atccacggat     50580
     ttaaatcaaa gtaagtacta ttcaatgaaa taatgctttg ccctggaagc ctgttatgaa     50640
     aacttatttc aaaagaaatc atttagaaac tcctttgagc aatctgtaga atcataacat     50700
     ttgaaaaatt cctaccaaaa tatatggata aattaacatt atattataat gatgtttagg     50760
     ttacttttta tctttctgga ttgttttgaa tatttacttt tgataatttt atgtttatca     50820
     tttgctatga tcttttttct cagtttaaat aaatattcac ttgtaagaag actatatata     50880
     agagcagaac ttcagaccaa acccgtctgt tgggcaaagg gtggtaaggc tccctggcga     50940
     tcttctagtt ggctgaaatt gcataatatc ctgtgttctc agaagtctcc agatcgctta     51000
     tggaaaatga aacaaaccag atacacaaaa cgtacctggg tcaaattgaa gcagtttgga     51060
     tggagtgaca gtaaaatctt ttccaactgt agctgacact tggttaacct tagtaggaaa     51120
     gaaaaagcca tttaaaaaaa taaaagtaag tattctccac tagagaaatg gttactctcc     51180
     ccacccccat accagactaa attcatggtc tcaaatctgt ttttaatgct aggtaggttt     51240
     ttttttttct tttaaattat aataaaccat tttgggtcca ggccctgtgg tatgcttccc     51300
     tcccccttaa gatcctttct ccctttaaaa gtacccagtt attggaatac aaagtttaca     51360
     accttattgt tctctttgtt atgagagcca ttttattcca tctcctccct tggtcataaa     51420
     tggagaagga agagggcaag ggagaaggaa acccagggag cccagcgagc ctgtgcacca     51480
     tctctgaggg cccgtgagct ccagcacaca gagatccctc aggccagact aaccacctga     51540
     gcactgcctc aatggatccc tcactcagca ccagccttct gggactgaga gtcgtgctaa     51600
     gaagttatgt gcaggcaatc cacacctagg accccccagt tctagaggcc ttgttatgaa     51660
     agccgtacag agggaaaatt attctggtct aactcaacta ctgactgccc cattcagtcc     51720
     ctgatccagg tctaaaatcc aaggaggcat ccaaagtcat ggtcttagat gcccaaggag     51780
     agtctacatg tctgctaaaa aataaaagtc tgtggtgagc ttgtaaaggg tcattgagtg     51840
     agacccaggt agtcgttaat tcacacatat ttaagatgtt gaagatggtt aagatggtga     51900
     gaggaacgaa aggtacaact tgaagctatg aaatgcccat ctattcctgt ggtctctgac     51960
     atcgtctcta gttccagcca agatgctaat aggtcaatga gtctgtctgg aagcatcttg     52020
     ctgaagaaga aattacctct taggcgtcca tttactcttt gtcttcagtg ttcagtgcca     52080
     aggctccccc tgaaccagct tttgctggga aaaggcagcc cattgtacac ctgcatccac     52140
     catatgctgg aagttacatt tgtctgcatg gttctcacat acacaattac ctagtattta     52200
     ccaccaccgg gtttacagaa tcctaggtgg gaaaagcatg tctgatgcaa ggtgtttgga     52260
     aagacatatc aggtgaaggg acaaatgcag cgctggcaga cagcacaggg caaaagcatg     52320
     ccttctctct cttctcagtc aagtagccca tacaatctca tgtaagatgg caggttttat     52380
     acgccccata tcaaacagtc cccaaagctt caggcactac acttgatgaa ggcctgcacc     52440
     cttgactgtc aggatcatac aactttttat gtagactaaa gtcccatata cgttctttct     52500
     acgtgtcaag gtgagtggta atgtagccct aagcgcttta ctcagatatg tagaactcac     52560
     tgtaaaggac caggggattg ttcacaaaac cacaccagat taattctctt ctctcccata     52620
     gacattccct ggagttatgg gaagtgccag cttttctact tcaatgataa aacacctcca     52680
     agatggcacc cgggactgca gccatacctg ctccccacaa tgagacagag acctatgtcc     52740
     actagaaaga taaacagcca gtctggatgt gcgcaggttt aggtccaagg ggttttaatt     52800
     gtaacactca atataacttc tactaacaga gatgccacct cacccagagg ctcgtcctgt     52860
     tagactgagt aggagtctct ttcagtcccc atcaaagcaa agaaacttac tctacaagcc     52920
     cactttctgg aagggctgct gttacaatga cttcgaaaac cacttcagct ctacaagctt     52980
     caggttgtgc tccatcccaa ggaaaggaca gcaaatccta accatgtgag gactccacac     53040
     tgcaggtaac tgtcccaaag tgctcttcta ctcctgcgtg atgtggatac atttcacact     53100
     aggcttatgt ctattcctgt ggtctcagac ctcgcctcta gttccagcac aagatgctaa     53160
     taggtcaatg agtctgtcta gaagcatctt gctgaagaag ggatcacctg ttaggtctcc     53220
     atttgctggt gactgcttca ggcatctcat aggagctgca tataccttcc aaggtggaat     53280
     ttaagacaga gtcgctaagt cagatatttc tgtgaaatca aacttgaaag ctaaagaaag     53340
     tgtagaagta gctggatttc aaaaccagtg gattttaaat taggaattta aactaggaat     53400
     tccctgaaag actggagaac aaagatgttg tatacttgga ctctctggca tatagtaact     53460
     ctccccgccc ctgcagtctg tgatccttgc ccattgcaaa ttttccaaga agatcatcaa     53520
     aggcgcaaca ttaagttcta tcttgacaat ttgcagttta gagttgttac ctctacaccc     53580
     acaaaggctg agtccatggg atatcccctt ctggtaactt ccaagggcaa taagcccaca     53640
     ttctcacaaa cctcatatgc agtctgggcc cattcaatat acgaccatct caagtccaag     53700
     ctgtgaattt ttaaaaaaaa gagagaaagg acatcattag gacccatgag aatgtccctc     53760
     agtatggtca gatcgatgag agctgagcac tgagttccat ccaatggcag tttgattaat     53820
     ccatgccaat cacagaaacc tttcacagtt atttggaata tttgttcatg acaaactctc     53880
     acattttctt ctttgataat tataatgacc ttgtgaggga acaaataaaa tgttcgaaat     53940
     tctatttcat aaatgaaaca agattaaaag aatttccaaa tcccacagtt gtttgtgatg     54000
     aggcagaggt tcaaatttga gtgtgtgtgg agggaaagaa accagcaggc atgaagctca     54060
     agagtctatt cattctagga agatctctga ccctgggttc actttaagga aaagttctcc     54120
     ccaggacctg cttaggaatt agtgtctacg tgctttgttc ctaactcctg ttcctctctg     54180
     tgcgtgtgaa agagacacaa tagtatgcag ctcgggtgca atcctggcca tccctcagcg     54240
     tccacagaaa agtaggaccc actgctaatg ccggcatgtg tacaagttca agtctcacac     54300
     agcctgcaca tagcacacag cctgagtaca gcatacagcc tgcacacatc cttctgtatg     54360
     cgttacttca tctatagatg acagacaata ccaaatacag tgtagctcct ctgtaaggag     54420
     ctgatttact atattgctta gaggttaata atgacaagaa agagggtctg tgcattcaac     54480
     atgacataat tctgtaataa ataactttga attatgattg gttatatcta caaaactcat     54540
     gacacagagg gccaactgta tacagctgag tatgattcat aaatagttct gatataccat     54600
     gaataaatct gacatttgat ggaaattgcc ctatttagtg gttgtcatct aaagaactta     54660
     gaaagactaa ggtcagaaag gttcaacaac tagttttcca gccttgtagg ggtcataggt     54720
     cactaccaca atatgcgaag ctcaccaaca aaataaatcc agtagtactg gtctgcctaa     54780
     gaataatggt ctggggtgga ctgacacccc agcatagact tactacaggg gcccatgata     54840
     aagatatgct tgttgtacat atacatgttt attcaatact tattaaacat taggttactg     54900
     catgatggat atcataaaaa tgacccaaga tgcattatta tgttaagaaa cattggttca     54960
     ttcattggca tttgatgcaa cagaatcttt ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttag     55020
     ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtcccccata cccacccacc cccactcccc     55080
     tacctgccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg ttctggggca tataaagttt     55140
     gtgtgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat     55200
     gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgatc cacctatagg     55260
     gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct catccattgg gagccctgtg     55320
     atccatccat tagctgactg tgggcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc     55380
     tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt cgataaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt     55440
     gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat aaggcagtct ctacatggtc     55500
     caccctttaa tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccaaggg tgatttgttc     55560
     ccacttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca cttcagtctt catttttctt gagtttcatg     55620
     tctttaggaa attgtaactt atatcttggg tatcctaggt tttgggctaa tatccactta     55680
     tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc     55740
     cctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgagt     55800
     agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc     55860
     tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg     55920
     tgtccttctt accagttggg gcatcttctg gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat     55980
     cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga ggaaccgcca gacggatttc cagagtggtt     56040
     gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catcctcgcc     56100
     agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct tagacattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc     56160
     ttagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga tgattaagga gatgcaacag aatctaagcc     56220
     taccatgaaa tagatcaaga gataaaaatg tctctatgct taaagcacaa caaaatagta     56280
     gtcaataagg tcaattcaaa agccaataga aatgacaaat tgcaaagaat tcccagagga     56340
     tccaggtaaa caagaaaaca aaaaacgtga ttcagggaga agacagcaga ataaattggg     56400
     gacctgatat atgtggccag atttgagcta agtctcctaa aagtcaggtg agcttcaagg     56460
     ctgagttctg aagttccacc cgtcgcttat actgagcaga ataagcagaa atcaatgcca     56520
     ccatacagac ccatagcctt actgtctaac actcagtgca gcgtggctct gatctggata     56580
     aagaagggaa caatccagag gactgttcac tctaaggcac agagtctcag tgttcgcgag     56640
     tgtgtatgtg tattttcaag acgaaccttc tgacttagca cgatgcctgt aggttaagac     56700
     tccccagaca atgtcctata tttatttttc ccaaaactaa atcactataa gtaataataa     56760
     tctgttgaaa agccatgaaa cttaacccag gctatagatt ttccagaaaa actattttta     56820
     aaaataaggc ctcctatacc cacagggtac gtgcagtgtg ctctgactgt gaatccattt     56880
     ttgcagtaat gtatttgcaa agctccttct attcttaaac tctctgcaaa tacatggggt     56940
     gggggagaga agaaatgata tagccaactg ctttgtaatc ctccctgtaa gaatccacat     57000
     gactgtaggc ttggtattag gtagacattc agatgtaggg acctataaga acaatcttca     57060
     agtgctgggt atgtaggcat tgtgtagata aggctggatt gatatagtca catctaaggg     57120
     accctcttct tagtactgag tagagtgcat tctgtgggcg gagatgatgg ttaataagat     57180
     acctaccatg tgttagacat atctagtgaa ccttttaagt tgatgggcag gagcccccag     57240
     gtcagggctt ccccacctca cactgtggat gtcagagtca agcattcttt gctgcaggct     57300
     gatagcttgg actctgaaag gtccagcagc accaccccgg tggacataga tttgtacttt     57360
     accccaataa cgaccaacaa aactatgtcc agacttttca gatgacccct gggaggaaag     57420
     acaccttcag ctgagagcca cccgtttgga gatgctcagc actgcagagg gtctgctcta     57480
     agtgaaagct aaattttggt cttcgagaac cacatttgga aacagaaggc aatgatgctg     57540
     gattacgctg agccctcttg ccattcagta acttgaagta gtctcacaca cacacacaca     57600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggt gtttggacac ctcatttaac     57660
     attgcagatt ctttgccaaa gtttcatttt ctttagtcat ccttatcctg gtttagggtt     57720
     tcctgcatag cacagtatct ggactttctg attctaagca cgttccatgg gagcagcctt     57780
     tgcttctcca tgtatggcaa ctcaacttga ggagtatgga agacaaaaag taccaaaggg     57840
     tacccagaaa ctacctgctc actctgctgt ttgctgagca tcgttagcat cttttccaca     57900
     ccctgaaaat aactctcaca tgctcttcat aaccccagct tactctgaac ctctttaagc     57960
     ttattctgac ctcgttagag agaaagacga tgatagaagt ggtcatcagc aaaacactct     58020
     ttcttttttt tttttttctg atcttctagt atgtgattcc tttcttttaa aaaaatatta     58080
     attattttat ttatttatat tccaaatgct gtccccttcc tcattccccc tccatgaatt     58140
     cttcacccca tcctgcctcc cctttgcttc tgagagagag ctcccccacc cacccacaca     58200
     ctcccacttc accctgctag catccctctt ccctggggca tcaagtttct acaggattaa     58260
     gagcatcctc tcccactgag gccagacaag gcagtcctct gctacatatg taacggggcc     58320
     acggatcagc ccatgtgtgc tctaaagcat ggtttcttaa ctgggcatgt atgcaattct     58380
     ctgaggcata ttgtaattct tagcactagg catgtctgga gacactgttg actgtcacaa     58440
     gcagcacaag ggtggtccag gcacttggta ggtggagcca gcaagggatg ctacctagca     58500
     accatgcaca agtcattagc ctatggcgaa gagttatgct ttcccacact ccaaaagtgt     58560
     tgtccacagt gagagagctt gttctacaat ttaaaaaaat tgtgcttttg gtattttatt     58620
     ttgtagctac ctgactcgtg tatacgaaca aatggaaaga agcattctgg gttagaaggt     58680
     caggtttgga tctgggacat caatctaggt taataacagt gctttaccct ctccatacct     58740
     cagtttcctt aaagtacact aagggcaagt cacacttcaa aggagctaat gagcatccag     58800
     gagtgcccat taagtgtggc aagcgtctta gtaacgggtt tcagagaagc tagaatcgcg     58860
     attaggtcat tactcctata accagacggt cacttaaaat ccagcagcat ctgacttcag     58920
     aaaactgaaa tgctaaaata tattttccta agcattccaa ggtttatcaa ttcagagacg     58980
     gagctattaa gcctgacaac ctcatacttt gaacacctgt gcttcccagt tttcattttc     59040
     tcttgataat ggggagtggt tagccaagag gcaacacaga gagtggaaca aacacgccct     59100
     ttggagtcaa gcacaccttg caagcattca ttagtgtggg aatgcggtca gttcttcccg     59160
     ctctctgggc ttctgctttc attatcttaa aatgaggaga attacactca cgtcaaatca     59220
     ttaacattaa aattagttaa tgtgtacaaa gcacctgtac acagtgggtg cttaataagt     59280
     gccattttct ctcccttcct ctgtgctttc cggagctcga gactggggat aagcgtgttg     59340
     actctgggct ggagacaatg ctcaggcatt agcgaggaaa tggcttcaac ctctcccctt     59400
     acaaggtgtt tcataaaagc agtttaaatg tttaaaagtt cgcctgatag aaattcctct     59460
     ccttttacat ttctttcaac ttttctcttc tgaggccaag actgagtaac agaacagctg     59520
     gggcagttgt tcgagaggac aagaatcagt gatcagagaa agcattggat gagaagggcc     59580
     aaggggataa cttttatttt gaagttaact ctctctctct ctctctctcc ctctctccct     59640
     ctctctctct ctctcacaca cacgcacaca cacacataca cacacagaag gaagtccaca     59700
     tgaaccgtgt actaagaaca ttacattggt gtacattggt tccattctct ggtctacagg     59760
     gatgctctca gtgagttcta tgggccctgt gtgccttgct tgggctccgt agatcgtttg     59820
     gacagtcgag ctgagccagc gagcagagca agcttgtgaa tgagcagtgc caaggccaga     59880
     gccaggaaga gctatgctat gctctctgag atctggatgt cagggttcac attcggaggc     59940
     cactcttccc ctggcacaga gatagttacc tcagtgtttg gagtctaatt tccttattat     60000
     ctttggagga ttgtgttttt aagcacctag catgctgcct agaatttagg cacttagcca     60060
     aatctaaatc ttgaggcaag catccatgga tttcagtgtt ataaaataac ttctatttat     60120
     ggcagtgtct tctgaatgcg ttctgtgaca aattgtcacc tgcactaaca tggagggcgg     60180
     gggtggggga ctctggcctg ttgaggtgag gtgagctact taatgagccc tttcacagag     60240
     tctcaataac aagatcagct tgatggattt tgatatgata tacttttttt ttaaccttta     60300
     gaaagatgtt tatttagctc acaattcaat aggttcaaag ccctctagat atgatatact     60360
     taaacacact caccaactag ctagctgctg ctaacttgat taatctcacc cagaccaaac     60420
     tttcctatgt ttgatgaaat agagcatcta tcaatccctc agaactaaga atgcacagaa     60480
     agcacaaaaa gaaagcacac tgtttagctt actgcgaata accacatgga ttgtttgctt     60540
     tgtgaataac cctaaaatca atatctaatt acagataggc tttcatctac caaatggttc     60600
     aggatacttc ttcaaacggt caattgaatt aacatagata ctcaggggaa ttactactag     60660
     tagtaaggac cccaagatgc ttccatttgt gggacctcat gtatttatct aaagtaacta     60720
     taatagttcc ctattgtaca tatgagaaag ctgttgtgag caatcactaa gtgcaggcct     60780
     gttcaactcc agatccaagg ataattatcc ccactatatc ccccgggaag gagatatgga     60840
     gaccacacga acgttgacag ttgcttttca cgattccaca cacacacaaa aacgggtaag     60900
     ccttaaagtt cttcatggga aaatatgtct cttgtagctt gggtggccaa tacctactgg     60960
     gaaagaaagg cttagctagc attaaggaag gatgaagggg gcagagcagg gtggcaggcc     61020
     acatgggcta ataagggccg agtcccagct accatactaa ccagctgcac gcgtgtgtaa     61080
     gcctcctcca gctctgtgcc tctgtttcct tgcctgcaag ttctaaatta tgacggtttt     61140
     agtgaataaa taacattaag tagagctaaa aatcatgaaa ttctaaatgc ctatggttca     61200
     tattgtgtgt gtaagtaggc tctgactggt tgttttgtga cgacaaaaca ctatttagaa     61260
     ttttgtttgt ttatttgttt taaagcctcc ctctcttgtc cccttagtgt gcgtgtgcgt     61320
     gtgtgtgttc agaagacagc tcttaagagt tggatacggg ggcagggggt gtatgttggg     61380
     gatttagctc agtgataaag catttgccta gcaagcgcaa ggctctgggt tcaatcctca     61440
     actctgggaa aaaaaaattt aaattaaaaa aaaataaaaa agagttggat agggaagtaa     61500
     actcaggtgt tccgggctaa acccgcaccc tgtttgttat cagaaaaatg tgtgtttagt     61560
     ttcaggaaag aaaaccaaac caaaatccgt gtctgcttgg gcacaactat tccgctcaaa     61620
     taccgagaca acgcagagca atgtttactt ccatgagccc cctcaaaagg aagtaacaga     61680
     caggatgctg ggcccaaatc tgagttattt ttgaattatc tgtccgcggg catctttctt     61740
     cacgggtttg agccatctcc agatgatagc gtcatctcca gcatgagcct atggaaagag     61800
     atctctgtac aaggatgcct atgccaatct caaccagtct cctcagaagc catagcgctg     61860
     ttaaccacgt gataatgact cgactgtgac taacaacaag gcttgtaaag ggttcaagtg     61920
     tggcgaaagc tagtatcatt gctgggggta aattctgtca ctcacaccat gctggctggc     61980
     ttgcggaggg ccaaaggttt gtactcactc aggggcagaa ctgagcaaca ctgcatttca     62040
     gtagaaccat ttttaaacga ctataaggct gagtgaagtc aatttgttaa cagttttaga     62100
     atgtagtcaa ctatttttct tgaaaataac gtcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttccttt     62160
     ctttccttct tcttcttctt cttcttcctc ttcctcttcc ttcttccttc ttccttcttc     62220
     cttcttcctt cttccttctt ccttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     62280
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct cttcttcttc ttcttctcct tctccttctt cttcttttct     62340
     cttaaggtaa gttatcgcta tctaatcttt agcccgtgat ctccaggaat cagttccctt     62400
     aggcagaggc agtttaatgg gtgtttatag cttcaggatt ttaagtccag atacctggtc     62460
     ttccttgttc gtacctgatc cctaacaccc agtgctgtgc gcctggcata tggtaaccac     62520
     gggaccaaca tcgtctgtgg ggttatttaa taaaccaggc tgagggactg cacttgaaca     62580
     ggcaaaagaa gccgcatcag aacgcatttc tgagacagga tgtctgggtt tgctagcaat     62640
     ggctgtagca ctctctggtg gcgagtggtg aaactacact acagaatgag gacacggaaa     62700
     atccagccct gagaacattt tctcagtttc tcttcccgtt cacaattcga catagaggga     62760
     gcatagtagg gctgtgctcg tttatgctat tatttatgtc ttggatatgg tgaacacaaa     62820
     atttagaacg aattaaatgt tctctgaggc gtctgggaaa ggcagtaaat aacgaaaacg     62880
     aatgcagcag gagaaatgga cggatggacc tcattgtgac catctgtcag ccagtaaatt     62940
     attcaaggtc tatatccaga agcatctggg aaggaggcac agtcactgaa attatcctgc     63000
     tctgttaatc ttgttaatat cacagatttg ttcttgttat ggccactatc ctacatcata     63060
     tatatttgtg tttataaata tcacttaata tcccctctac tctatttttg tttatactat     63120
     cttcttcttg cctataaggc ttgttaactt acagaggcaa gtgttttctt tctttctttt     63180
     ttgtaagaaa gaatatattt ggctgcttct ttctacttca tcccaccccc acctccgtcc     63240
     ccacccacca tggctcagaa gccagtcgtg actaacacag tcctagagtg acctctggct     63300
     gcaatacgaa cacacacagg ctttgagctc agtcctgaaa ggcctccaac agtcacttcc     63360
     cagggtgtga aaggcgatgc atttacaacc gtgataaaaa gggtgctgtt tgctgagcct     63420
     tttagtgcct ttataatctg ggaactactg gtttctccat catctagaaa tgatacaaca     63480
     gaaatcccct ctccaaaata aattgcatga gcctatgaaa tagtccatca atttacccta     63540
     ttaattgtaa aggtttaccc tgtaaacatt taccctataa acagtgaaag acctggtatg     63600
     gaaaagatta tttcacgttc ttaatcggat aaacgtgaca tgcagagcca gtgaataatg     63660
     gaaagttacc tctggggagt ggcagtgttc cctgtggggt ccatggcctg aaattccagg     63720
     atatcggaag tcacttgcaa agaagggttt atgatgtaaa ggatggtctt atggcttaag     63780
     tccttctggc taaatcgctc gtggatgaat tcacctacaa gcaagaaata gatggatctc     63840
     tcatggataa tcaaatcaaa catcacttga gaattaaaaa accacacagc tgttttgttt     63900
     caaacagatt taaggaatag agtgccgggc tgggggttct attcaggcgg tagtacttgc     63960
     ctagcatgca tagaacacac ccaaaaccct gtatggaggc atacacctgg aacgctaaca     64020
     cttgaaataa agagaaagga tgatccaaag ttaaaggctg tgttctacta catatcaaat     64080
     ttgaggccag ccgctacctg agaccttgtt ttaaagagag agaaaaaaaa gccaaagtcc     64140
     atttaaagaa aattagcatt gttgcaccca tgctcagata caaataagat tgactcaaat     64200
     tcctctttaa gtttgctttg ctttggagat acttgcctta taatcctaaa ctaaagagaa     64260
     agggaatggg gagttaataa aacctgtcgc ctctgccatc ctgtttaatg agttgttgtg     64320
     atcattgcct tcctgaagca gagctaatat aaaatttagc aaagctatta ggggaaaaac     64380
     catattttta aaaaagcaga tgatataatt ggggattcat actaggagaa agaaattaat     64440
     ctcaaatatc aatctcaccc tggcactgtg ttctgaataa aacacaacat gaaaataaaa     64500
     caaaataaca agtcagtgaa gagttcagct actgtgtgtc aggagctgtt tctccttatg     64560
     aagatgaatt tagaagattc agcttcaaac ccctattagc aacaacattg atttataaac     64620
     tgagtctatc agcaagccct agggagcact caccaaacgg gcctacctac acttacctga     64680
     gttcctcttt agctctgcca gcaactagta gtttaaaatg aggacttaca aggactgaga     64740
     tggaaagtac acccgccccc ccaaaaaaga tggaaagtac ctgttgttgt gttctccaga     64800
     cgtccgtaca atgggcctcg taaaatctta aagatgatct ggtcatcctc tgtgtcaggg     64860
     tctgatgcct tcagcacacg ggaagtgatg taaatcccat agcagccatt tttcaagagc     64920
     cccacttgag taggggagtg caagtgtgtg atacggggcg ctgccttgtc cagctgatcc     64980
     acctgaatca ccaacgtagc gttacacaag gacttctctc cctatgctac acagggcttt     65040
     cctggctcaa caatagtgaa ctcctcaacc cagagatcgc ttggagtcct tatctgttga     65100
     tttctgccga agcctgtctt gttcacccta tcctaacaaa tacagagaca agggccaagg     65160
     tttcctttcc atcacaaacc tccacccagc tttatgatgt cccctgtctg aatttcctta     65220
     caatattagc tttatgaagg gacataccac accttcccac ccaatgccca ttcttgcaca     65280
     cagcactatg catgaaccat gacagaagca caaggaaaac actaaaaatg accccaaaat     65340
     tacatggcaa atttaacgtc agcaccacgg aaagatttgc tgtgtttaat gaactacata     65400
     aacagaatcc taggttttta caaatgccaa agacctttcc cacatgcctt tgcccaaatg     65460
     ccaaagtgtt gagaagaaaa gctgaaatag ttcactataa aaattatgca agtgattatc     65520
     tttagcctgt atattgttcc actaaggctg aagaccacca gactcaataa gtggactaga     65580
     tacttaaggg tggtggattg ggtaaggctg tgtcagagat gatatccctg gggcaagctg     65640
     gctagccaga ttagctgaac tagctagctc cgtgttcaac aagggagccc ttgccattgg     65700
     aaaatagagt aatcaaggaa gacactcaaa gtcaccctct agccaccaga tggacataca     65760
     tacacacatg agcacacaaa catgctctca catttgtaaa taagcatgca cacacaccct     65820
     acacgcatat gcatgcaaaa aaaagcgtgt ttatgttttc tggatttgtt gtagatgact     65880
     ataaaagcat tttaacgaat tcggatctga aaattgtatg ctgagacttt cagcacttca     65940
     aggctggtgg aattcgggct gtgaatttcg tgatgatctc ctgggaagag cagctcccgt     66000
     agtcacggtg gcatgaaaga ggaaacatga aacatactaa gccatattag gatcctccca     66060
     aacccaggtg gctgaaggtg gggttgtggc ttttattttg ttgttatgtt tataaaccca     66120
     aaagttacaa aagcaataaa gatttgttgt ggtcaatgtt tttaaaaatg tcttgctaca     66180
     caagcgctgg gcactttggt tcccctgttg tgcctctggc catactggtt tgttcatata     66240
     tattaaacat tttgcatcat caaaagcagg tctttgactt ggtagaccag aaggctttga     66300
     aacattacag gggaagacat tttattttta aggaaggctc tgcgtatttt acgataactt     66360
     aaggtatatt tagtaagact cttcccagac atgtcagtcc ccatagagag taatggcagg     66420
     tccttttgtc tacatacact ccttgtcccc ttcacaggag gactatagat tgtgacagtc     66480
     ttgagcatgt gtggtttccc acagaatgaa ggtcatgtgt gcctcctgct attagtcagc     66540
     cacaccatat ctatctgtct gtctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     66600
     atctatccat ccatccatcc atctgtctat ctgttatttt taattcttcc atccagcagc     66660
     ttttcccttg gttactcata gttactctta gaaccacaca gaacctgttg atccatgctt     66720
     gagttactta tctgggtcag tgtatcattt ggtggcagtc agtaagtact gtattgtctt     66780
     cacaaaacaa ctcttggaag ccagacactg ggcatgtttt ctcttctcca ttgctggcag     66840
     ggccagctgc ttcataaaac cctccttgtc ctctctgctc tgagggacca agggtcaagg     66900
     aaatttgaag acaaaaacca catgctttcc ccgtaagtgt ttaacacaag ttttttttgt     66960
     ttgtttgttt gcacaaggga catcttacat ttgtgatgaa aaataagctt taccaaaccc     67020
     aacagagagc tgccacaact tcagacaggg aacaaactct tagactagct ttacagttag     67080
     aggaacgctc tggtggagag atctgtttta gttctagcac attctcccta ttcccccatt     67140
     tccatctctg gaatacagaa agcagttgtg tctgcatata gaatttgtaa ctcttcaaaa     67200
     ctttcaggaa acaaatccag aaaaacattt ttcagtagac accatagtgc ctgtgtattg     67260
     atgacatcaa caccatctcc ccaagtatct acagtcttca tagtgccaaa gactcatcca     67320
     cacccagaga ccctgaaggt taattctgtg acaagtcttc taggccatag gcctggattg     67380
     actgggtaat gtagactgag tgagaattat ccactgccag tccaaagaga gaagaccgag     67440
     attcccccaa agaagtaaga gctttgtctc tctacccttt ttagatccaa ggccaccata     67500
     tcaccttgac tgccagtttt agtctactgg cctgcttgca caatacatct tgagcataag     67560
     gcaattccta aatcaacttg tgcctgtgtg cctctctgtc attcagacac acactttgtc     67620
     cctcacatcc tattgatctg tattgtgtat ctacacagat atatggatac tgtacacaga     67680
     ggctaaaaaa caaggagaaa atagtatccc actagtcaga gggtaccctg aagtagagac     67740
     aaaatcccat ctttgttgct gttggttgaa gtgtgtggag cagtgtgaac cccatccaag     67800
     aagagtacgt gtaagagttt tgagagccag aacatacttg atgtgttttg actaaaagac     67860
     gaaaaacact ctgccctcca agaattgttg agagtctaca aatgtggccg tatggagcca     67920
     taggagggac acagaatttg gaatcaaaca gacttgacgt ctttgatcaa attatttaac     67980
     ttctgatact cagcttcttc gtgtatagaa atgtagacaa taaaacctag cacatacaat     68040
     gtttatgaga atcaaatgag atttatgcaa agtagccctg ctctttagat aaccatttta     68100
     aaagcatgca gagcatggaa gagccagagg atggggagat ggactgtaaa aacgacatgt     68160
     agatatgaca aggccatagc actcaaggat gctgctccgc tgatgatttg cacaagacgg     68220
     ggtccaccca catttcatca tgggtatggg agggaccaca aagcttcacc actgccccct     68280
     gaagtcctat tggctaatgg ttgctggagg agagagcatt gttttcttca gtgatgtcgc     68340
     tgttgagatg ttcctcgtgc tccagcgaat aatctaccca cgctcatggg agcaacacta     68400
     atcaaactca gtgggtcaca cgcgcgcgcg cacacactca cacacacaca cacacacaca     68460
     cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaag atgttggaga atagtttcaa tgggtagggt     68520
     agggggatga gtgggggaat gggaaaatga gaatgatata ggtccatgga actatctaag     68580
     aattaaaagt gagaaaaggg tgtttgtagc tgctgctact gttatcgcca tcatcagctc     68640
     ctgggtgata ctgatggatc cttgtaagtt tctatactta caatgccagt aaacgacctg     68700
     cctgactagg cagaatccta aaggcacaat tataatttca aaagtctaat acatacctca     68760
     aatacgtttc aggcaatgtg tgagtgcctt ggataaccta atcttatttt attgccacca     68820
     cattctgcag gcatgctttt caaatatgag gaggcatggt agtttgaatg ggataggccc     68880
     catagctcat gtattggaac acttagaccc cagttggtga actgcttagg aaagattaga     68940
     tggtgtgtgc ttgttggcac tgtgggcttt gaggtttcaa acgtctatgc cagaccctgt     69000
     cttactctct cagccatggg cttgtgggtc aggatgtaag ctctcagcta ctgcttcagg     69060
     atatgcctgc cagctaccat gctttccacc atgagggcac aaactacgtg cctgccatac     69120
     ttgcctggat tgtgaagcga acaggctctt tctgaacttt cccatccaca acaaagcctt     69180
     ggttcttcct gtctgtggct agaaaagtaa aatagtcctc ccgggcgccg cctcctgagt     69240
     gctggtaggc cacgcccccg ctgtccacat ctcgctgggt gaagttgtgt tggagtgctt     69300
     tccctctcag gaagaggtac ccgtggcgtg ggagctgagc cagaaagaag gtcaggttct     69360
     ctggaggtgt gtcggggtca gtcagctgaa ggtgatcagc ggacaggagg cccatggccc     69420
     cttcggctag cctcagcctt ttgttcttgg tcagcacagg caaggcgctg tccacagtct     69480
     gcagtgtgat ttcaaacacc ccacgctggg tctgcagtcc attgctgatg gtaaatctgg     69540
     caaagagagg caaggcagcc ttcagcatgg gctcttgtgt ccccatcgac tggaatgaaa     69600
     tgataacaca cacaccttta ctacaggaca caccacattg agactcaaag gggaaagcag     69660
     ggaggggatt cctgaggagc atccttctgt tagtaaacca gttgctaagc aacatacaca     69720
     ttggtcatac tacatccaag agtattttcc tagcatcact gatacccctc ctacgatgaa     69780
     gcaggcaaac tcagtgtaat ctttagtccc aagcaagaat ttcctgtcgc actggaccca     69840
     ttgtacgggt agctactgtg tgctcatata ttttaatatt gcagtaatat tttttcatgg     69900
     aatgtagaaa acagaacttt aaagaccatg gtataatgag acactgaata ggataattta     69960
     gtctaatttg tatattttca tgcttttctc agtaccgggt attgaaccca gagctttaca     70020
     cgtgctagtc tagggctcta ccactgtctc aaacatcctt tttatttctg aaaaaaaatt     70080
     ccgtttctat ctgtctctct gtctctctgt ctctctgtct ctgtgtctct ttgtctctct     70140
     gtctctctgt ctctgtctcc ctctgtggga gaggggttgt gagagtgtgt atgcttgcca     70200
     cagcacatgt gcagagtcat tggacaatct gcctatcagt gtcaggtctt accttccacc     70260
     ttatttgaaa caagttctgt tgtttgcagc tgtatacgac aggctagctg tgcccccaca     70320
     cccacccccg agattgcaga gattcttgtg tcaccagctc ccatgccacc acgggaacgc     70380
     tgagattgca gatgtgcacc actgtgtctg gcagcagtgt ttgtaagaac atttgtaaag     70440
     ggcagatcac attatttagt catgttaact tatctagctc actctccttt ctgggacttc     70500
     ttatcctaaa tttgtaaaat gatgagagga taggccagat gaatactaga tgccacccag     70560
     ctccgcggta ttatgtgaga ctctaacctc ttagggccta catgtgttct tctgcacctg     70620
     cttcatttga gatatgtagg tattgatgat ggacaaggat ctttccctgc tgaaaagaga     70680
     aatttagaaa cctagtagag ggcatgaaca tgtagataag agttagtacc agaactcaga     70740
     ttatttgtct ctgcatcctc tcttcttaca gacttttcaa tctatagctt aacccctcta     70800
     tcccccctac acacaaaaaa atcaagagtt gcagtcccca agtaccaatg tcgaactttg     70860
     aagagaaagt agaaatgaca caagtttggg gtcagtagac ctctcttaca atctttagta     70920
     tatgttttcc ttacgtcaaa aactagggct attccattca ctgcagccag tcacccagta     70980
     acactggttt ttgataatgt ttcaacattt tgtttccact gcaagtaaac ttaatgatat     71040
     catgaactgt cctagttagc attaactgtc aacttggcag agcctaaagt cacctgagaa     71100
     gggactctcc atcaatagat tatctaaatc agactggatg gtgagcatgt ttgttggaga     71160
     ttggcttgat tttaaactga tggaggagag tttagccaac tatgggcagc accattccct     71220
     aagctatcct aagctatata ataaagccag ataaccatga gtctgtcaga gcaagccagt     71280
     aaagtgagta gcatgcttca agtttctggt tgagtttctg ccctgatttc cctcaatcat     71340
     ggagtataaa tcaaataaaa cctttcttcc cctaacctgc ttttaatcgt ggtgtttgaa     71400
     ggaaaaggag catatgaact tatgtctgta aataagacac aatattagaa ctccgaaaag     71460
     ttagaagttt actactatca aatgagatgg acaaatttac cacagagcaa agggatggat     71520
     gtactaagag ctactcagag ttggttctta gcagcttctc tccactcatc actcatgggt     71580
     gctggaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgc     71640
     aggctgcaaa ctccactgga gtaacaatat atggaatacg tttatattga tgtaaaaatt     71700
     tgcaatagca tattttactg gaatataaca ttaaatcaca caaaaccctc ctttaactag     71760
     ggaaagcatg gcatttagtt tacaaatctg gcatatttga ccaggaaatt ctttatcccc     71820
     tgaattggct cttgtgctcc aggatttgag aggagatgag ttgtttctga ccaagaagga     71880
     cctgaagaca ggctgtgaaa ccagccttcc tggggcaaag gactcaggga aaagcatact     71940
     tgactaacag tccagggaga tagacttggc tgagtgcaga ttttgctttg aagattatgc     72000
     taaaaggttt tgtttgatga tttcatacat gctcaaatct attcccttct cctctttctc     72060
     ccccaatttt cccactatct ctctctacta cttttctctc ctaacttctt gtgctacttt     72120
     tttaaaacta ggttcactta atgctacctt tatgttcaca agtgtggggc aatcaagtga     72180
     agaacgggaa gctccttagg tcccatccct aatggaaagt gactgtctat acttcagcag     72240
     ccatcagtga ctaatagctc cttagctagc catgggaccc tccccaccca tgctgctatt     72300
     acggctggtt tggtcttaac gcattcagtc acagctgctg tgagtgcatc tctgcaatgg     72360
     acctgtcgtg tctggcaaat aatgttttcc tgctgtcttc ccaccactgc tggctctcac     72420
     catctttctg ccccatgctg tgatgatgag gcctaagcca tagggtgagg gggatgatat     72480
     caatatccag atatcactcg gaattgagca ctctatggtc ctttgtttgc tacacatgga     72540
     tcagttgtgg atctgtggga atcaccgttt actaggctgg gtgggggtct ctgatgagga     72600
     ctgaaagata cactcattgt ctcttctgcc acttcttaag tgaaatggtt tcctgtttcc     72660
     taacagatcc catataaaat gtgctttttg aggaagttta aatcagttgt cagtaataag     72720
     atgagaactt agggtacaat ttactactat gtccatttag tattaagttt ttccctaggg     72780
     cctatgaccc tgctagccat gattttggac tccactaatt gtactgagca ctaattctat     72840
     cttatgaagt gggacttaaa tccaaccaga aagcagctgg ttactaccat gacattagtg     72900
     ccactgttgt gcccatggac agatctttcc aggccaggtg ttattatagc tctcaagttc     72960
     agggaatcct aaagattttg aggttttaat tagctagcca caaagactgt cttcaaggaa     73020
     aataagatgt gacacataga atagcaattg gtgttcccaa cgttgaaata gctaaatgga     73080
     ataaagttta aaactttcac atatccctaa tctaagtttg taaacaatgt gattttcccg     73140
     ggagcattgg tatgcacagt ttgaagaaag atactgaatt gttctggaaa ttatatatat     73200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aaaatcagca atcatatttt ctctgatgta     73260
     taagttctat acaaattgga aattttcttt ggctgaacat gaagtatcat cagataattt     73320
     tgatgaaaaa aatcaagtgc acttaaagag ctatgtgtgt gttcttcaga ctttgtggac     73380
     agcgtcgaag tgacctcaga gtggggaagc actctgaggg gcagcacttg gctctgtctc     73440
     tggcaaggat cttcacagga ctgacttcat tctcttcttc cctgtgatat cagcacaggc     73500
     tcccctcttg tagctctatc tagtgacccg aagtgacaca tgaaagaagt gagacgctcg     73560
     tgtgtgctca cgaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatctc     73620
     caaggcctct tctcccattt acatctctga catacgcttc acactgtcca tcctgcccaa     73680
     acctcttctc aaatgaagtg actctctgtc ccctaccaca tcccaacatc aaatgtgctt     73740
     tctgggggag tttaaattag ttatcaggaa ctcagcagcc atgtaggcta aaaggcatgc     73800
     cattttataa ttttataatt tataatttta taattttctt aaactttatt tcatgtgtac     73860
     gtgtgtgtcc ctgtggagtg tgcacccttg tgtatgcagg tgcatgtgtg tgtttgtgtg     73920
     tgcatgtgta tgtgtgtgta catgtgtgta ggccaggggt tgacatcagg tgtctccctt     73980
     gattgctctt atggttgttt gtttgtttgt tgatgtggtc ttttactgaa tctggacctc     74040
     atgagttcgg cagcagtggg caaagagtga gccctaggaa tgtgcctgtg tctacctcct     74100
     tggttcttgg ttctggggtt acggatgtgt gccaacaccc ttgcatggca agcattctac     74160
     cagctaagcc atctcctcac cctcatgatc tgcattttta atattagcct tacttgtaga     74220
     gttaaagaat ttgtgcctct attaaaaggc tgtcaaatat cagctaacaa ggaagaagaa     74280
     attaaaagga agtgagacaa atcaagagct agtgtgagcc caggtgacta gctggatgtt     74340
     ccaaggtggc catttttaat atctgaccgg agactcagtc ctttgaaaac aggtctttca     74400
     agctcagtgt cagggccaca cacgacctct tagaggacac tgaaatcgtc tcctgaccca     74460
     tcctgtcctt cccacacccc tccccgcctg atgctgggga atctgaccac ctgggaaata     74520
     ggcaatgtgc catgtgacag atgggaatga gggtgatcag gccagggacc atggaagagt     74580
     aagaaataca tttactgagg ccagtgctcc cagctgggac actgaagcag ctgtctgcat     74640
     tgacctaaag ctaataagtc agggatgaaa aaagatgtga tttctaaaca tgactggatc     74700
     aaatgcacca tcccactttt gtgagtaatg atgaaagcta ctcactggca gagaagcctc     74760
     cactagggtg agagacagag cgaatggttc tgcttggatt cccatcagaa taaagctagc     74820
     acagtcacaa aacaaggtca gcagaactcc tgcccgcaaa atggaagcaa agagagagac     74880
     tcacccgtgt gcctgccttc acaaccctgc aaacatattc tgaaagtcag tggtgtccac     74940
     cctgaggtga ggagggctgc cgtgcggagc attagctctg ttcgcaggtc cattttgttt     75000
     gatttccctt gttactccct ccttccattc cctcccagcc ccctgaaaaa ggatgcagcc     75060
     agaatgacca gcactctcag aaaatttggg ggatgacttc aggtttgtct aggggtgtct     75120
     gcctggtctg attttaccat taccacaatg ctgtcaagct ttctgcattt cctggcaata     75180
     gagttggctg aagaatctac catctgtcat ggcatttaaa agataaaaat ggagtcataa     75240
     atagtgccag ctcctcagga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtcca gccggcatgt caaaatggag     75300
     gatattaaca tgttctttca gaacccagcc gccagcagct gaagtcagct tgctaatcgc     75360
     tccatgtcat ctgtcctaga gtgggctgcc aaatctctct tccaggccag cagcaccaaa     75420
     caatgcgggg gaaatttatg attcacaaaa tatttttgca gaaggtaaaa ttcaaccatt     75480
     aaaccctatt taattaatgc tgccacatcc tacattaaaa aagagaaaga gggaaaattc     75540
     tctaccatag aattcatctc ttttacccag ccaaattccg tgccaaattt aacagcaagc     75600
     aacataaatt tgggtgatta gattggttgc atatatttaa tttttaaaac gcaccatgat     75660
     cacactttca ttaaaacagg cactcggctt tggtttagag ccacctgaca aacaacacgg     75720
     cagctcttga ttgggtgagc gaaatgacaa gattaaaatg tggatctcgg gcagatgcga     75780
     ggctcttcca ttataaatat gtaaaactgc tggccccaga tcagaatgac acattgaagg     75840
     gcttccttcg cacaaacaga gtctccacta atttttgcta agataaaggt atagtgcaaa     75900
     gaatacttct tttgtaataa actctcagtt cccaaggaag tcctgatgca cagttgttac     75960
     gtcaattggg caatgccttt gtctctcaaa tttaggattc tgtgcacaaa ctggtaacaa     76020
     tcgcatctct ctcaaaatgg tggctagagg cttggaagaa agacatacag agtgtctagt     76080
     gccctgacca aggtaacaac gtggatattt ggacaagagg agcttcccca caaacttctg     76140
     ctgaagaaac ccagtatgta aaatcaaaca gaaaacagaa tatcaagaaa caaaatgaag     76200
     tgaaggtcca gttagtacgt tgaggtgagg acccatgagc cccctagttc cctttgtcta     76260
     caggagggcc tggcagggct tctggaaatt ttcatgcagg ctcaagaaga cacactcaga     76320
     gcagtggatt aggccagctc actgatgctg gtcctgaggc atccgtgatc agattcttgg     76380
     ggagtgcctt tcaaaagaca gatttccagc tgagattgga gttgccaaaa ctggcatgag     76440
     gtccaagaat ttgggatatg taatgctccc acatgtggtg ctcccacgtg tggtgctccc     76500
     atgtgtagtg ttctcatgtg tagtgttccc atgtgtactg ctcccacgtg tggtgctccc     76560
     acgtgtggtg ctcccacatg tggtgctccc atgtgtagtg ttcccatgtg tagtgttccc     76620
     atgtgtactg ctcccacatg tggtgctccc atgtgtagtg ttcccatgtg tggtgctccc     76680
     atgtgtactg ctcccacatg tggtgctccc atacgtagta agggatttgg gtttaggttt     76740
     tctgccatct cagtatctca ccttcacttg cctacatcag tttaaattca ttcactggct     76800
     tcttcagcca gctcattgca gtgttcctcc agcagccatt actgtctgga gctgacagac     76860
     ctgtgggcat taactagaga aacaggaatg gagagaagca aaaggcccca gaaatgggta     76920
     taaaatcaaa caccctcctt ccgataaaca tgcgttagac taaggagcac ccgtttcctt     76980
     agcaaaccgg aaagagtaag ctctactcct gtctgaatgt ccttactcct ccatgatcac     77040
     gcttgctact gcaaagattg aaggtgagac ggcagccaag gaaacagtgt cacactgagg     77100
     gcaacaccag ggtaagaaca actccgttcg ccctaagtgc ccaatgctgt gtgcatgcca     77160
     cgtgcctaat tcatttgaaa ctccctatgg ccctaactgg caaatacaat gagcactctc     77220
     cagtcccata gaaggaccag taatacaagt ggccgtgtaa cttgatgaca tttatggcgc     77280
     agtgaatcac aaaggcaata aatgaccctg aacctgtgtt ttcaccatgg caatatacaa     77340
     cttaaacgac aaagccgatg agaagaggga cctctccctt ctgatgtttt cattaatgcg     77400
     caacagtact caagcacaaa cttagtaaag gtatggctca attaaataat tatcttcctg     77460
     ttttaggaca tctataaaga gaaggagggt gcagaaggaa tggatcagtt agtaaagggc     77520
     ttgatttgaa agcatgagga cttggatttg agtcctagaa cccatatttg aaaacaaaac     77580
     aaaacaaaac aaaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccctga     77640
     gtgcactggc acgttatcca aatgctggag gcagagggag gacacttcct gggctcactg     77700
     atcgtccagc ctggcctgct gtgtaagatc aaggttaaga agaggcctta tctcaaaacc     77760
     aaggtgggtg gtgtttgaag accgacaccc aggttgtgct ctatcttcca ttcttgcatg     77820
     tacttgcaca cacatgtgca ccacccccac atgagcacac atacaagaga cagaggaaat     77880
     atttgttcat atcggtctgt attttgttgt tgttgttgtt taagactaga ctcaatcaaa     77940
     accatccctc agaaatacct tcaaaagttc aaatggcaag gaatatcatc cttgctgaca     78000
     gacagctcat cacagcagga atttaagtag gtgaaatata cagagaaaac atttaaatgt     78060
     gggtgccctt atagtccatg taagttcatg gaaggccact ggataataca ggcatctgct     78120
     atgcttacgt tattttgcag ggcactccag aagttaaaag gattgtcctc tgtctatggc     78180
     agacaaactg atgctctcta actggtaaaa gtaaaggctg gatcaatacc caatggctaa     78240
     tccaagcttg gctgatcctt gcccctggcc cgggtctctg cttttatgaa gaactacatg     78300
     cttagctagc tagcctccag ttattagagc cctcagaatg cctcctgttt ttgcgagact     78360
     aataccaaat ctccacattt taaacagatg cagatttgca ttgacgttgt atctttgcct     78420
     tttcacccca gatcgttatt catccccgtg atttatttga taccgaatcc ttgagcaggt     78480
     gcacagtccc caattatagc atgggttcta tggggaaata tgatccactt tgtgacaacg     78540
     tgatttatga tatagttaca ggaacatgtt gtgtcaaaag gcagtgtctg ctcatgccaa     78600
     atttattatg ctaatatgtg cctttgcctc cgatagaaaa atgcactcag agaagggaaa     78660
     ttacatttct gtctttctgg agccagggtc ttctccgttc tttgtgttcc tttcagagaa     78720
     gggcttggac gcagtgtcat ctgcgtatga cacttagctt ttaaccacag ccgtggttgt     78780
     ttgccttgcc tctgccattt taatagcgtg tttttgcctt tcctactgtt gggaaacaca     78840
     agaaaacaca gctttaggag agctgggaaa ggacttcatg ttccttcctc taaaagatca     78900
     cactgttctg tgtatccata agcaacgtct catgtcagaa acacataatg agtggctaat     78960
     gcagtgagtg gggcacactg acctcactcc ttttctcttc ctaagcattg atttaaaggg     79020
     ggggggggca gaaaaaaatg tcttgggctc acctgaagct gtcagtgggg acagctgtcc     79080
     tgctcttgtg tatgtagcac actgtctgtc ctgctatgtc catttggctg aagctggcaa     79140
     tggggactcc aggagagtgg acgtactcca cttggccatg ccgtggtggg gaggtgatga     79200
     ggtagagcag ttcctcaggc ttgtctgctc catccacagc cagaagggtg gcagtcgtca     79260
     agagacctct gtcacctttg actaccacga gtggttttgc atgaatgaca atatcacctg     79320
     tgtggcaagg aaattttagt taagatttat atttaaaata taaatcaatg taatatataa     79380
     atctgtaata ttattaatac gtattaatat attaaatata cttattaaca taataaatca     79440
     atttaaaata taaatcaagg gtgttcgacg ccccagtgta atgccagggt gggaggatgg     79500
     gagtgggtgg gtggggagca ccctcatgga ggcaggagga ggggtgatga gagagggggt     79560
     ttctgaagag gagacctgga aaggggaaaa catttgaaat gtaaacaaag aaaatatcca     79620
     atttaaaaaa aaatacccaa aaaacaaaaa aacctcagtg cccatattgg tgaagacacc     79680
     acaggcttca gacacaggac ttggagaaag tgagcagggt ctgatctgga aacttctgta     79740
     ttctccaagt attgaaggca ccgtgcgagc tgccacggga agaaagcaac ccattgttcc     79800
     cactcaacta taaaacctct cgccctctat caaagaagct tctttttgca ggaggtgggg     79860
     ccattacaga actccaccac tggtcaaaat gcagagaaca gctgaccgtg gggccccaag     79920
     ccccaactga tatattaaca ctgcaaccta acattgctca gcgaacaggg agcatagtag     79980
     aagaggggcc agaaagcctg ggagccgaaa gactaggatg tctgctgaga tggcgtcttc     80040
     tatatatgag ggaagttgca cacatgaaaa cttagcaata tggttaccta aacaggactt     80100
     gtgaaatgac agtaccagga gacatgccag tgtatatagg ggaaatctca caaggctcga     80160
     ccaacccttg gaaggagaac tatagacaat cattggctgc tgaaagaggc agaacgagtg     80220
     ttctccagga acgagctgat atgttatcca accccaaggg gtcagcccta aacacacata     80280
     cgtatgagcg ccactaaatg gattcagcag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg     80340
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgcagc aatagtaata     80400
     aaagaagaag gggccaataa cttgagagtg gtaggaggtc cactgaagaa atgggaggag     80460
     ttggagagaa gaggtaaggg tggaaatgtg caaatacaat attcatgtat gacattggca     80520
     aaattttttt taaattaaaa aaatctctgt gatggtgaat gctcatcatc aacttgtttg     80580
     gatttagaat catcatgaaa acacaacttt ggctgtgtct attacagtgt ttccagaaat     80640
     tttaactgct aaggactctc cctgaatata gacagtgcca ttagtgggag gggccagaac     80700
     aaatgaaccg agaaagcaag ctgagcacca gcttcctttt cctgcttccc gactgtggat     80760
     gcaaatggac agctagctgc ctcaggtcca ccactatgcc ttcccaacat agggaccgta     80820
     tgacccctta gcgataaaag ccaaggtaag ccctcttccc cccgccccca agtttcctgt     80880
     tattaagtat tcaattgcag gaatgggtac tgtaactaat acaatgtcca aagtaaatat     80940
     taaagacaga ggtcaaactg tactcaaaac taacctgcct ttgatttgga ggcaggattt     81000
     ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctagaactt gctctgtaga gcaggctggc ctcaaacttg     81060
     gagatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa tgggtgtacc accactgccc     81120
     ggcaaggcct aactaacaag gaaagaacaa gtcacaagga ctaagcagat acttcccaga     81180
     agaagcaggg actcatttta gaatacgcct attctatagt gttaaaggaa atacagagat     81240
     gggtgtgaga attagcaaga taaagggatt agcagatagg ctggtgatac ttcacaaacc     81300
     aggggcaata ctccagtttc atttaccaga gagccattaa aaacgatcat ctctaaaata     81360
     tagctcagtt ataaagtgct cgcctagcat acacaaggac caaagctcaa ctctcatcac     81420
     cacaaaataa gtaaataata aaaatgaaca gagtcccctt caagtcaggc acaggaatgg     81480
     gggatcttct gccgggagga gctttatccc aacccccaga ctacagatag agagattggg     81540
     atgtgaagga gctacttact gctggaggct atctcttaat gaaagctgga gacagaactg     81600
     gctgtaagtc actcacaagg cacaactcac aaccactgtg ctgtaccacc ccctcttcaa     81660
     taatcagaac taaatgggcg aatatcatgt gaaaatagat tagaaacata aaagccagta     81720
     agattcgctg gggaatatga atggccctat atgttcatgt gttttaacac gtggtcccta     81780
     gttggtaaaa gtgattagga aggattcaga ggtgtggccc gttgaagggg ctgtgtcact     81840
     gggggtgggc cctgaggttt caaaaataca ggccatctcc agttagcttt ctgctacctg     81900
     cttatggcgg ttaagttctc agctactgct ctggagccat gcctgcttgt ctcctgccag     81960
     gttccccact cggatggcta tggactaacc ctgtccaaac tgaatgtccc actactgcct     82020
     tggtcacagt atctcttcac agcaatagat aagtaactca gacaaatctc ttaagaaaac     82080
     aaaagtgaaa agaaaacatc aagatggtgt catttatttt acatttattc attgtgtgtg     82140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg cgcgcgcgcg cgagcacgcg tgtatgagca tgtaggtcag     82200
     gacaatttga tctgcaggaa ttgcttctct gcttctacca tatgggtttg gtggattgaa     82260
     atcaagttgt caggcttggt gacaagttcc cttacccagt gaaatatctt gttggcctga     82320
     aatggtgcaa ttttacatga gtgtttttaa caagagccac tagtgcacac acataccaca     82380
     tgacatgaca cacacacact cgtacataca ccataccaac cctccccccc ccactataca     82440
     cataaactca tacaacacac aacacccccc ttactcccac tcccacccac acccaaaccc     82500
     tttctctgtc tttcaggata tttgccaaag cctggagata tcttctttgt ttgtttgtta     82560
     tatgagtgtt ttacatgcac gcgcatgtgc atgagtgtgt gtgcttgcgt gtgtgcatgg     82620
     aacttgagtt acagatggct ctaagtcatc gtatgagtac tggaaaccaa atgcagatcc     82680
     tctgcagaag cagcaagtgc tcttaaccat tgtatcttct gtccaagcaa aatctggagg     82740
     tatccttggt tgccaggcat ggcaagattg tggaattttg tttcaaatga cctaactggt     82800
     atttgggggc atactgtgct ttttttctct ccaattgaaa tgcaagaatc aaagaccatt     82860
     ctaaattcaa atgaaaatct aagctgcaga cgctctgaga taaccgcaat aaacacaggg     82920
     aggcagtaag aggaacaaag aaggcagggg aaatgaaatg ttgtggggca cttttgccag     82980
     gagcacagcc acctctcggg ggaggaagag cacccagctc cccctgctgc tgctccagat     83040
     aaactacaga cctgtgcatc ctaaatgtct cctaaaggca tcctctctgc cgttatggta     83100
     atcacagcat atcacatcac agctggaagg tgaaaggttg tatgtaatat gtcctagaca     83160
     gagctaagcc catattccta agagaagaga tggtacaacc agctactcca tatcactctc     83220
     tttgaaataa gttgtgctgg gctggggaga tatcgcaaca gttaagagca ctggctgctt     83280
     tttatagagg acctagattt agttctcagc agcccaaaac catctggaac tctggttcca     83340
     gggtatctga caccctctgg tctccacaga caccaggcac acagtagaca cagacatgca     83400
     tgcaaacaaa gctcatacac acacaaaaag aatttacatt aaaaatttag atctctgggg     83460
     gtgggtgggt atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagc taaataccta     83520
     ataaaaaatg ggaaaaaaaa gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aatggaaaaa     83580
     aaagaaaatg ttcaaataat aataaaaaaa tttttagatc tcttaaaaag ttatacttgt     83640
     gaagtcatga gaaatataat aagcaactga taaatacctt gttaaggaac ataaattaaa     83700
     acaacagaaa aacagaacac aatgttgtgc agtgataaaa caccatacaa aagagcaaga     83760
     ggaactccca ggtgcttgtg gcatggtttc tcccattctg taaagcgaag gaagtgagaa     83820
     gatagcctgc actaacatgt tacttgccat gtgtcaaaat gctagtgtat tccattcgcc     83880
     tggacacctt gacctggaca taagtgtcct acttaactta agtttctgct gtggtaataa     83940
     aaactctggc ccaaaccaac ttgagtaagg aaagggattc agcttacagg ttacacactc     84000
     catcaccaag ggaacccaag gtaggaactg aagcagacac catggaggga cactgcttac     84060
     ttgcttgctc tcatggcatg ctcagccagc tttcttctac atcccagaac caggggatat     84120
     aggttccagg aaccagggcc aggttgtacc acccacagga gaatgggccc gcccacatca     84180
     atcattagtc aagaaaatgc ccccagaact gtctacagtc caatctgatg gaaataattt     84240
     cacagcggag actccatctt ccctgatgtc atgttgtcaa aacccaacca gcacagtcat     84300
     atttttgcag agaagaataa atatgctcag cgtcatctac ctcggatctg tctgactgtt     84360
     cttagttata gaatacattt tataactgga aaacaaataa gtgaaatata atataagcac     84420
     ccccaaagac aagaataact catatgaaga aaaattattt caggacaatt ataattattg     84480
     cacgcacata aaataaagtt gtttttttta attgcatgta aatcacagaa tttaatcctg     84540
     agcatcctgg aaaacgaggc tgaacaagga agcatttagt caacaaagca tggatcaagg     84600
     acaaagacga tttgatctga aaatgtttgg actctgggat tgtgaacaag atatgattct     84660
     taacatcctg gtgtaagtta catcataaat tatagaatag tggcaataaa gtatcaagaa     84720
     cttatatttt tccttcattt ctttgttttt gtccttttat tttgagttgt gtgtgtgtga     84780
     gagacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gcacgagcgc acgcaacatg tgtgtgcctg     84840
     atccctatgg aagtcaggaa gttttctagg cccatagcac acaaatgtgt gtatttacac     84900
     tagctcattt ctactgacaa ctactggtct ctctaagcat ggacaaacac actcttacct     84960
     ttgcccatgt cttcaatgat gatgtgacag tcaaatgcag gtgacctgtt gtcctcatcc     85020
     cagaggtaga aggtgaagct gtctccatcc tgggagtccg ttttaccagc atgcgtgtat     85080
     cttagcaagt tcaggtccac atcctcctgg gtgcactgca tgccagtgga gagagggacc     85140
     cagtccctcc ctatctgaaa ggtgtcacag ttaggcaggc accctggcgt ccccagctca     85200
     gctaacggat atgcttccca catcctgaaa acctctgata ggaacacttg ggggaaattc     85260
     tacactaatt tttgccatgg gacctcatat ttttttcctt tcgacaaaat atattaaaat     85320
     aattaaagac cttgggtgag aaacagctcc aaccagagga attttgacaa attcgttcaa     85380
     cagccctggt atttccgagg tattcatcct caccaatcct ggctgattaa ataacccaat     85440
     taacgagagc aggtgggcaa tcgattgctg aaacgggttg cttagaaatg aaatgtgttt     85500
     ctttcaaaat tcccttttca aattttactt tattttttaa ttttgtgtat ctaataaaac     85560
     accttttctt caacatggct tgtgtatcca agctcactgg gtaaaacaaa gccagaatat     85620
     actgatatct cccccacccc accccccagt cactatctat ccttactaaa aactaaagaa     85680
     agctttcaga ttcccatcaa cccccctaca catacatgca cacacacata cacatacaca     85740
     tacacacgta cacacaggca cacgtgcata cacacagtaa gaagaaagta taaaccatcc     85800
     attttccatc aggatcttca aagcccaagt caaccataag taagtgtttg gggcagaact     85860
     gcggcatttt tgttagaaga ggcttttatg ctggcagagt ggctaacaac tggggaagta     85920
     ttaggggata gaatactaaa cctatattgc attaataacc ccactttaat tctcttcagt     85980
     cccaagcaca gcttttctta agaagagctc gcagaagtca ttccacacaa ctgaaggaaa     86040
     atgtcatttc cagtgactca ccatgcacag gactcgtcag tttgcctgtc tggtcaacag     86100
     actaagacac ccgtaagtca tttctgtttt ctcttctctt ggtcatccgc cttagttccc     86160
     agagagtctt agccctgctc acacacaagc ctcccttctc ctgagttcct ctacctggtg     86220
     ggatttcttc ttctttatta ttttgcccac ctgacatttg cagacctatg ttatactaca     86280
     ggtccactgg gtaaagctac ttagagtaca gtagttaggc tgcttttttt ttttttttaa     86340
     aaaaaaaatg aggtctattt gcgaatagag attttcagac tctttttaaa ctaggcagca     86400
     ggggctccta tttaactttt cctctggata atattctcct agaaataaaa tataggggaa     86460
     ggcatcattt gccctcttgt ttctaattct tcatttgcat tcccaaatat gagtttgact     86520
     tgacagaatc atctgatgcc agaaagaaga aagaaagaga aactcaaaat gaaaaaaaca     86580
     aaaacaaaat aaacaaacaa aaatgaaggg gagctaacaa gaaaacaaga agctgtaaga     86640
     agctaggggg cccagaggcc cagtccctag cctcagttag ccagcctcag tgagccctag     86700
     ggaggtgtga gaagatggtg cacagcctgc tgggactctg gacccatctg gatcctctca     86760
     tatccaaagc aagtcaggcc ccaagccacc caaacgtgta cactctcact gtgtttctgc     86820
     ttcattacgc tttgaaatga aatcaggaca cagctgtacc tcaatttaaa tcagcgattg     86880
     ctcttctctc tgactctctg tggtacccac gctctgtgac aaccaagctg ttccccacag     86940
     gatgaatccc ctctgctttt caactctaag cctagcctgt gttagattaa gactcacgca     87000
     ttcaggtaat gacatcgcgg ctggctagac attgttgcta gtctctagcc accattcaga     87060
     tcaaggtttt ggacccgtgg gtcagccgac ctcctcaagt ggctgatcta tgattcgtgt     87120
     tggaccggct actaagcatc atgcctgcaa cctgaataga tcagaccgtt cactctcaca     87180
     ggactaagag gaatcacaag gactcctcaa gctccgggaa cagttagcac cagagctcca     87240
     gtgacttaac ccttcatgta ccctcacatt tccatgattg ttgctttcta ttaaagggtt     87300
     aagtttggga acacgtacaa atacaggtgt gtagatttac tgtcacaccg gtgttttgcc     87360
     agattctaat acagcagtta gtaagatagg agagccatca ctgagtgggg taggaggatt     87420
     gccacacgga gtgtccctag tgtagctttg gattcaagat tttgtcctct cacagattcg     87480
     catgaggctg ggaggaggct tcattaaaaa aaagacacta ataggtgcag attttaaatg     87540
     cttccatgct cccgagacgg cttagagtat ggcagagaaa atgagagagg caaagggagg     87600
     ggtgcaggaa cgggaaagga agacacaggc attaaggagt gagagaatag aaggaaaaga     87660
     gggaggggag gcatggggga gagaggaaaa gaagtggcaa cagatttaaa agttttctaa     87720
     acaggaaaag taaatattct acatttgagt gaaaactatg cttatactag aataaagtca     87780
     atggtacaaa tgtgtgttga taacatgtac acctgctttg ggaaatgaag gttaaagggc     87840
     ttttgtgtgg gtcatccacc cctagtcccc agcaagtcta gggctagata gattgctcag     87900
     tgattgagaa cacaaactgg tcttgcagag gacgggggtt tggtttccag ccctcacgtc     87960
     aggcagctca taagcaccta taattccagc tcctcgggat ctaaacttca tgggcatctg     88020
     cacacatgtg gcacatataa tctcacacag gcacacgtac atgaaaaagg taataattaa     88080
     ttaaataatt gctttaaagg gccacttacc ttaagttgaa gttgtccatt ttggggaagt     88140
     ctttcaaata catagtgaat cttctctctg ggcgagtctt tatctgtggc tgaaagaaca     88200
     gcactagaca ggacgcgagt atcgcccaca gccattgaga tttcagcctt cctagagaaa     88260
     ggaaaggatg ggtgttcata tgaaaatgga aggcataggc catcagggga cactcatact     88320
     ggttatcatg ggctatcaca gatcccaccc tcaagatata agtaataagc aacagccaaa     88380
     gcgctggaaa cagtcgtata ccaaagtctg gaaaaggagt gtggcctaag tgagagatgc     88440
     ttctcattat ttacatgagt gcaacattat gcctttatgt taaacgtagt ttatacaaca     88500
     attttgtttc tgttctctct tctaacgttt acaacgtctc catgaagaaa gcaggtcagg     88560
     tgttatagat ctaaccatat ggccagaacc ctactgaaag caatttatat aatgttccaa     88620
     agctcttcct gaaggccctc ctgaggttga tactcttgca ctatctctgg tcctctaatc     88680
     tcctccctcc ttctgaaaag gcccctggtg catgtagtct ttatagcagc tcatcttcct     88740
     gaagaagtgg accctccagg ctggcccctg gcatctggat ggctaactga gagcatgaac     88800
     agacagggca gccatgtgct gcttccatgt gaccactgca acctttcccc agctccaccc     88860
     aagtgaggaa gggggtctct tcctaccagc cttccagctc tccactgtgg tcacagtgag     88920
     ctcacctatg acgactctat ctgcctcaca agttttgttt ttgagaaaca tggggaatct     88980
     tgaagtccat ggccttggga ccaaagacac cgagtctcac aactgatatt agcaaccatc     89040
     aggtcttctc cagagaagcc catgcctgac acgtcattct aacctctctc attcaaagag     89100
     gaattcttgt tagcccagga ctggcaactt ccctgataag agtggggaag atgaatcaca     89160
     gcattctaga ggactaatga gtcaggtgat tgaggctttt caagatcatt gctatcttct     89220
     ataagatgaa agatagcctc aaatcactac ttgataaggt tggtaggagc agtgtcagga     89280
     ttacatgaca gcgaagaagt accacagtct gggttgcctt aaaggggatg ctgggataaa     89340
     agactgtgtt acaagtaatt tatatagaaa gggatcccag aagtagaaag atgggagcca     89400
     gtgagaaggg aaaggcgtag cagtgactgt tttactctgg agcattttta catgtctttc     89460
     ttgtaacaat catatgaaaa gagtgatagc atcatcccca tccactttca tacatacttc     89520
     aaaattagaa gctagggtcc ggataggagg aagaagccgt ggtgtttgtc tttccagccc     89580
     aagttgctgc tcttactaca atattttcta atcctgtacc atgttccttt acatctcagg     89640
     atcatttttc tttacataca tacatatatt ttcatcgagc atatagcttg tgaatatcca     89700
     ggatgatccc gtgtcttttc ctctgtgaat ggagctgtct ctgtcactct gtctcactca     89760
     agatttctga accactagct atggccaagg tcttaataac aaaaggaagt gaacagaggg     89820
     tcagactgtc tttgtgtttc cagaacagag agaaccgctt gtaataatga caatgaagga     89880
     tatttgtgat cactctctgt gtacaatctc tggagcattt ttacatgtct ttcttgtaac     89940
     aatcatatgg aaagagtgct agcatcatcc ccatccactg agaggcaaag agaaagatag     90000
     agagtgtgtg tttaaggcca cacctctgat aagcagctgt ctctgtcact ctgtctcact     90060
     caagatttct gaaccattag ctatgcccaa ggtcttaata acaaaaggaa agaagggaga     90120
     agatggagat gtagaaggag acaaagaatg gagggtgttc tgggagaaag ggaaaggagt     90180
     tctactaaaa accaaaaggg taaaagaaaa agggcaactg ctgcttcctt cctagggaga     90240
     aagggaagga ggaagagaaa ggaaaaaggc aactgtctga actacagcag accagtcgac     90300
     cagatccgac cgttgcactc catgcacagg aactgaaatg tcaccccgtg gcccacaggt     90360
     atgctcaaca gttctgctaa tagaacactt tcctcacaga ggatggattc agaagcagag     90420
     ttgaaagaga ttggggattc tgcagctgtc gctgtcgctg ggaggccagc agcaaggcgg     90480
     tggctcttca gaggacagac tccttttctt ctctgctcct ggccagtgag tggcagatgg     90540
     attcataaaa tcatgtgtag gaatggttta gtaaaatgtc tgacacttag taagtactga     90600
     ataaacactg gcttttatct ttctcccttc ttcacgtgtt gacgacaaag aggtttgtaa     90660
     cagtttaata tcctcccatc ctactgtcac agatcttcca atagagtcaa ggctggcctc     90720
     aaactcactg tgtcaccaca ggctagcctc gaattcatcc ttgcttcctc ttgggttcca     90780
     gaatgacagc atctttcaca tccataaatc aatgtcaaac caatctgaca cctcatcatt     90840
     gaaataagga tacagacatt tcatatatat tcttggatga actgatacct gagaatcagt     90900
     cttccaaaat actattatca gcatttccca taacactttc tttcttcaga gcatttgcag     90960
     ccaataaagg atgatgttga tctgacagca taaggtgggg atttgcctgg tctctcttcc     91020
     ctacatagtc caggagactt tgggaggttt agagattcgc aggaaggtgt tcccatccca     91080
     gaaaaactca gtctatttaa ggcttaatgg ctacatcatt aaataagagg ggtctcagtg     91140
     gaaccccaag agccagacac atgtctgcag ctagttctaa agacctgcta gacctcgtga     91200
     agatctttgc agtctgaagt gtgacacttg acaactgcag aagaaattgc tagtattaga     91260
     gaaatgcaat ggtatgtaag ttttgcagtt catgttacta gaattctggg tcgtattgtg     91320
     atatgcagta gtggggtggt gatccgtcag ggacatagtc cagatgggca gacagtgaag     91380
     caggataaca aagtgggact gagcgtctcc cttgatcgct tttagttaaa agtttgatgg     91440
     ttagccaggc gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagtact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg     91500
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag tctggtctac aaagtgagtt tcaggacagc cagggctata     91560
     cagagaaact ccatctcgaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaacaa aataaataaa taaataaaat     91620
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat gtttaaaagt ttgatgattg ttagcagtta acatcgtaac     91680
     tcaagttata gattgcacct tgcacgccat gcgcgtgcgc atgtgtgtgt gtatgttatg     91740
     gtatatgtat gattatgtgt cttttaagga ctgactgttt cagctatctt cctagcctct     91800
     gctctggcta ctcctgatgc ctgagaggca gggcagtcat agaagatggg atctgtggga     91860
     gcctggcatc tttctgtgga cctagtgtca caaaactttg tggacatcag aaatgaactc     91920
     tctcaggcag ctcacttgct tagcgttggt gtctcgtcat tcactggggt aatgtttact     91980
     gagatggttt taaggatttt atgtttcccg tctgacaact ggatcacgaa gttatcagca     92040
     gagctctctg agtcgtcgtg ggcatagacc agcttcattc ctggaagaga aaagaggaaa     92100
     gggtcttcct tcttgttgac tgtcctcatg ccccagatac tccattttaa tacctggttt     92160
     tggtgttcag aaaactcact aataaatgta ttatagggac atgagctctg ttttgtggag     92220
     tcattcaaaa gctcattaaa ttttcttatt taaataagga aaccgcataa accataaaag     92280
     aacaaagtta ttacagtgtt taaatgaata taagaaatga attcttgtag gaaattaaag     92340
     taaaatctat cttgggccag tcatcaaaat gaattataag tagttctaaa catcaccatg     92400
     caaactacct ttagtcattt ttaaaaaaaa cttcctaatg gtcctttaga tagatattca     92460
     gttgaaaaca ttaatttact gttttcaaaa ctaactacaa atctttagaa acaccaatgg     92520
     atttatgcaa aatgtttact gacatgtgac tattaatgcc aagaaataaa aaataattat     92580
     ttaaaataaa taagttatga aaatctatag catagtatat ccatataata aaacaccata     92640
     gttaccaaaa ctattcaagg tactattgag aatgtacatg aaatgattat aatatgagtt     92700
     atctaatatg tcaggcaatt gataaattct gtatgtttaa gggtggaata tttgtgagaa     92760
     tatatttaca ttgtatgggt tacttttaat atgttcataa atgaaccaaa aaccaaaata     92820
     caaataaaac ctaacttttg aaaatgtcat caaaatatac atttatttaa gaaattttat     92880
     tttttttttg ttcaaattaa ccatgctatc caaacttaca tgatgagtgc atggtactta     92940
     tttaatctga taagaataac caataatata acttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctctcgggct     93000
     ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg actgttcttc cagaggtcat gagttcaatt     93060
     cccagcaaac cacagggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatttgatgc tctcttctgg     93120
     tgtgtatgaa gacagctaca gtgaactcac atatataaaa taaataatta attttttaaa     93180
     aaccctcttt ttgggccttc aaatggcacc ccacaacttc ccccaaaagc acaagacaaa     93240
     taaataaata aataaatgta aaaaaatatt ttaaactgta ttctttcccc tttagaaaca     93300
     gattccctgt gtagctaagg ctgtccttga aagccttgag ctcttggccc tcctatctca     93360
     gactccttag gtgctggtat tacaggtatg catatagctc agcaaacaaa aatgaatgaa     93420
     tgagagtaca ttttaagcta ttattccctt ccccagtgtt tgtaacaatg ttatttgctg     93480
     cacataagga cagatttggt cagatcaacc tcaaagttcc agaatccatt tctttacaat     93540
     tcacaactga gatgatgaat tggcttttca tattcaaaca tgagatgtca tctgcaatta     93600
     ttacaaaata acctttggga caaagagact acattctaat tagagaaata aatacttaga     93660
     agacagtagg aaacaggcca aaaagtacga gtgcaaagga ggcacagagg agagaggcct     93720
     ggagagtagc aggcttcctg tgggaggaga gcagagccat cctggtgcca tcctggtcag     93780
     ggtgacggaa gaccttccgg gtcggggaaa ggaaacacgg aagagaggag tgtgaggtta     93840
     ggtactgatt ctagaactgc atatttgctc atgtctttaa aagtattttt aaacatcgaa     93900
     actgggacaa ggccttttta aaaagtaatt aaaaaacaat tcagcctgct ccagtgtgtc     93960
     ttttccctaa agaaggcatt atctccacag agactaatga atggttatta tatgtggatc     94020
     tatatttgtt tcaactgtaa aaattttggc agacaagcca tgatctgaat cgtttgagaa     94080
     ggaaaattta aattatgatt aaaattctat gttaaaatac cgaaaatcac aaatataatt     94140
     gttaatggta ttctaagagt catagaaaac acatcattac atcttcaact gcctacagtg     94200
     tctggctagg gctgtctgcc ccttgttagt catgagccca taattcagac tgaagagata     94260
     agtatatatg cttccttgcc ccacatttct atgatttgtt tgtatcttta gtggagtaaa     94320
     gcagttctta aatttatgta ttaattaaca aaaatttgca agcacaacat ggcattttga     94380
     tatatgtgac gtgctggaat cacactttgc tttcccttat atgtgaatgt gtgtactctt     94440
     taatgttcag ctaccctata cactatttac tataatcatc actgtgtaca aacatatgcc     94500
     tcaaatattg cccttccctc tcctttacaa cctcgtgcct ttttttttat tgttattatc     94560
     tcctgagtcc aatatttgtg gttttaaatt ttcttgacgg actgaaattt cctacccttt     94620
     gaccaacagc ttctcatttc tctcctctcc ccctaacctc tctggtaacc accaatttaa     94680
     tttctgtttc tactattacg acttgtttag agtccccacg gaggtgagct aagtcactgc     94740
     atcaggtaag cagaagcggc tcacgatcta ccattcttga gaaggtccac ggagaagctg     94800
     tggatttcgt gttgcagctg cttgatctga tgggagtcct tgctgatggc agcatcgacg     94860
     agcaggccgt gctggggctt gagagcgatg ctgaagagca aggggtcctt gggaatatcc     94920
     ctgtcagtag cactgatgat ggaagaatcc agttctacca tgtgcccctc atacacctga     94980
     gcggagcaag ccggcacagt gagcagtaga aaatagaacc tttcctctat ctacttcttt     95040
     tgaaaaagct actttaaaac ccacccagtt atatgaagat atcccatttc aaattttcca     95100
     tggcattttc agatactgag ttctagaaaa agaaacttct agttaacagg aatgtaaaaa     95160
     gagatctatc atttccctca tgtcttttct aaagatttta aagttcttct tagttccatg     95220
     cacagcatag gaggaatgat taaaacatca acgtggggct ggtgagaagg tgcagtaggt     95280
     aaaggtgctt gccacacaag ccgagacaac ccaagttcac acacagacac ccaggcacag     95340
     gcataggcac acacactcgc acacacactc acgcgcgcac gcacacacac atacacacac     95400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acacacatac acttgtccac acacactgga     95460
     gtgcttattg gatcaagaaa gccactagcc atttggtact cagttgactt gcccacgtcc     95520
     ctgttcttcc ttagagagag gctagaacaa gaaaatattt gttttctgtt ctgaaataca     95580
     gcaagatcta aatactcaaa gagtataaat cctacgcatg ctccctgggg atctgcccgg     95640
     ccactgtgct acattctgaa ggtaatataa atgttctcag gagtcaaagt caggaggaag     95700
     gactgggaag gcctgcctat caacagtgta gctggggaag gaataccaag agccgctaga     95760
     catccagaaa caagacgcat aaaagagtgg aggccagcag gctgtcttca ccgcggagcg     95820
     gtcacatcat gagaacctat gctttctctc cagtgtcttc cagtggctcc gaagggacct     95880
     tcctgcagcc acactgatat ttggccaaaa ccagtgctgc tcctagctga cctttttgta     95940
     ttaaagaccg aaatcacatc acagattagt tcataatgat gtagctattt aaaaacttct     96000
     gtcagtgtct cactctccct aagaactcta ataaagcaac tcaaaagcat gtaattctcc     96060
     atttttacta agcttaacta ggaagcttcc ccctagactg tgtggtaatg gatctcattt     96120
     acaaaaaata ctaaattcac ccacaagatc gccaaggaat tttctaaaaa caaaacaaaa     96180
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac ctacaggatt cttttttgga aatgaaattg tttcttgaca     96240
     ttatgaaaat aaaaattttt atttttatgt gcaatggtgt tttgcctgca tgtatatcta     96300
     tctgggtgaa tatgtcagat cccctggaac tgaagttaca gacagacagt tgtaagctgc     96360
     catatgggtg ctgggaattt aaccttaggt tctctggaag agcaaccagt gtcctctcag     96420
     ccatttctcc aggctgttaa aaattttttt accagaataa aaaagtttga attaacatac     96480
     tcagaaagca gataactact aagacacagg tttgcacatg attaaaatgc actgaaatat     96540
     tctgatggaa gcccagctat ctatacaata aggaaatttc ctaagaggaa agataaatgc     96600
     agttatatga aaaaaagaaa gaaaagaaag aaaaaggatg cttgatgctt aaaagttgtc     96660
     tctgccaatg ctccaagggc ctgtgcatga tttgcgtaga tgagaaggct tgggtgaaag     96720
     acatgatcac tcccacaaag ggatgaggga caacttccca gaggacgaat tattccaaaa     96780
     gcccttgcct caggcagaaa agacagtgaa aataggtgtg gaaaggatca tttatagatt     96840
     ttttttccct catataatca ctgaagggct ctccagagta agccacgagc caaaagaaga     96900
     ggagaggcag gagttggctc ttaaatctca tgctgaggtg acactcatgt gccattaaga     96960
     ttcagtagaa aattaaaatc aaataaagac attcacattc agaatgtgat tatttttagc     97020
     aaaaaaaaat gaggggaaat aatgagtttg gtcaatatta gtaaaacaat ggcgcactaa     97080
     ctgtactgca aacattcatt cattacggtc acactgtgct tggccaacta aatcatcatg     97140
     gctgactttc aaaagaaaat ttacatacat tttcaaagat ggggaaacag aaacttgaag     97200
     agaaataacc tgcccaaata caaaaaaaaa attcaaagca atccccaagt tcctttgagg     97260
     ccaaagcctg tgttcatttg acatgttaat gcatgaatat aatgtatgaa ctaaccatat     97320
     ataggtgcat aatatttaaa aggaactaca cagtgattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     97380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtggtcttat actttagaga gtaaagcata aagtcgtagg gtatcattct     97440
     cttatttgta agtaaaaaca tacagaaaaa attatagtat acagacataa ttctgacatg     97500
     ttcatgaatc tcttgggtta cttagcttgt ttatgctcac tttcttcggt aatgaaataa     97560
     aaagcaacaa tatagaacct aaaagcctgt tgtgaggaca tctatgaatg catcccaact     97620
     atgaatactt ggaacctata acccagtagg tactttatta cacagacaca tagacagtca     97680
     cagacataca atctcactca ctcacacaca catgcatgca cacacactca cattatcttt     97740
     gccatgacca ttattattag gctaatagtc cacaagtgat taattatgtg acataagatt     97800
     ctgattttcg gggctggaga gatggctcag catttaagag cactgactgc tcttgcagag     97860
     gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgca atgtgatctg     97920
     atgccctctt ctggtatgtc ttaagagagt gacattgtac tcacatacat aaaataaata     97980
     aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaag attctgactt cctcactcct caccaaacta acattggggg     98040
     tccctggacc aacataaagg ggttaaaagc cagaaaatgt tgaggtaaag aggaatattc     98100
     tagtgtttct tacagtgatg ttctgtactg caaggtcagg agcttcatcg tttgtggggt     98160
     tgatgataac gtgaaatgtt gtctccaagg agcgatgctt cccgtctgtg gcatatactg     98220
     tgaactggtc agcagttggt tccactctca ggtgcctgga ctgcacatag ttaatgtgtg     98280
     aagccttcat gtctgtccac tggaatgagg ctagcacaca ccaagacaga acagggaaat     98340
     gataaagagc acttcccagg gacctgcagt ttgtaacagc tgcttctctg cgaagtagat     98400
     acatgatcat agccgggaca ggtgtgatgc ctaccagcca tataaaggcg gggatcacag     98460
     atcttaagaa aggacaaaaa tttgcccaaa taacagactt gtgataacca ctaatcggga     98520
     ggcagggact tcataatcag tctccagaca cttggactga aagtcaggga gaagaaccct     98580
     tggctaaact gtccttctga cacgtggctt ttgtcatact gggttaagaa ggataccatc     98640
     tctttaacat taggcagaat gcctggaaac caatgacttg tccccataac atacatcaag     98700
     aagctcactg cattgaatag aattaattaa tgaatttgat aatcagctag ccttaaatca     98760
     gaagatgaaa aatgtcctat gttatgaatt aaatcatgaa acaaaatgaa taacctttaa     98820
     tttggttaat cttaaatcta atctcacttg tattttaaaa tagaaatgtc ttacgattga     98880
     aaaagtaact tacatataaa gagttctttt tggaagattt atgtcttgct ttttatctct     98940
     gtttcatttt attaaagact cttctggttg ctgaggaaca ttttgctttc aaaattaatg     99000
     taatctactc aaacatttcc ggtttctctt tcagtagcac ttacagcaat atttcttaat     99060
     atttttcaat aatatctatt aaatgtgctg aaagacaagt atgagtctct gtggttccca     99120
     tcatattaat tatatcccag ggctgagtgg ctaggaaggc cttggaatag gtgggcactt     99180
     tagcatatat tcatacattt ttcatacacg aagttttcca cttatttcac ttgtaaatgt     99240
     tcatacatgg gaaaagtcca gataaaagtc caactgagaa acaattaaga ttcagtgtat     99300
     cagctagaat aattataaca atctcttgaa cgcatgtggt gccttgaata tttttaaatc     99360
     ctcacgcatg tcctaagcct gatctagcca ctcacatccg tgaacactgg caagacattg     99420
     tgggtcagga aaccctgact tacctatcct tatgccgatg ttacttttct caaagcctgc     99480
     agaaggcagt gcgttttcta agtagccaaa ctggggctga gaagccaaca tgaattttaa     99540
     gtcatccggg gcagtgtccc aatcaacaac agtcaagtga tgagtagtaa gggctgctga     99600
     gaagccttca tccactgtga gcatcctacc tgcatacaaa aaaacaccag tcagaggcca     99660
     gggtgatagt tcagtgggtg gaggtgccaa atgtctggtc caatgagctg agttcaatcc     99720
     tgagaaccaa cgtaggggta gggagaacca gtttctgctc tcagatctac atgagcacat     99780
     tggctcacaa aaccagtaag tcaaaatgta acaaaattta aaaccataca cttgcatctt     99840
     agcctgaact cctccatcag aatagtaaga agcagagggc gtgattgcaa ccccagccag     99900
     agcaaatatg caaaaatcct acaggcaaac atgcttccgt gggagagact cattttctcg     99960
     ggcataaatt ctccttgtgg taagaatatt ccggggacat gagtgtgatt taattgggac    100020
     ttacagcatt gtatactctt tcgtatccaa gccagccaga tgatagtgga aagacggcag    100080
     caaggctaaa tgctctgcta cagcccctcc agtcattctc aagaaactct gatttccctt    100140
     gtgtctctat agaagtgaca aatgaaaata agaattgcca aactgtttta atgataagcc    100200
     actaaatgta gtttatgtac tcctcaagat cagtcgttac ctctgtttgt cacagcgtta    100260
     attgcctgag agcgattatg aattgctcat aacgaacatc ttttcatgcc ttggtgctta    100320
     attactctgc tgggataacg cttcctttcc agaacattgc ttgggagata ctttgcaaat    100380
     tacaacaaga acattcatac atatgcttat ttttttttct gtgagagaga acatatacat    100440
     aatgcccatg aagagatgac tttctgagaa gcacgtaagc ttaaatgtat ataaatggtc    100500
     tctgtggtaa gcagattctg tctgaataga aattattatg gataaaataa attattctcc    100560
     ctccagcagg caaatgatat tttcccatgt gaaataaacc agcatatttg aggatctcaa    100620
     cgtccttgtt gtagaatgca cacacaaaga cacatgtgct gttgtgatct ctgtatatat    100680
     ggaaatatat aaatttttaa gcacgtatgt tcttcggtgc tgtgatattt tattacagat    100740
     cttgggttta ttatgtattt ctgttgagat gattactggg tgatgactgc atttggtagc    100800
     tttctaatct aagcaaagag aactatttca ctgactcttt tggtatgaca ctaagacaat    100860
     tatactgaaa agaagaacac agtcacctat tataattgaa ggtggctggt tgtcgactgg    100920
     atgtactgtg atgttgagct ggtatgtggg gaaggactta tgaagaggaa cagatgaatc    100980
     aggtccatcg tagcaacagc cgttcatcaa agggtcagct tcaccatccg aaaccaccaa    101040
     tacaacagtg tcagaacaag gttcaaggcc aatctcgcca cctagaaaac ataaccgtgc    101100
     tgagtcctga cttttggaaa cagggcagca tgaacaacgt ccttcatact ttttctgcaa    101160
     gcactgcatg gaagggaaag gaatttaagg ggataaaaac atgaaactcg attttatcac    101220
     tataaaatta aatatagtca ggaaaataat acaaaaatgc ttgtccatct gttgcctctt    101280
     gtgaaatccc tgccagccac agaccatatg gaggagcaaa gcagggctaa caagggtctg    101340
     acagttcaca aatgaacaag ggggaggcaa ggagcttgac tggggatgat ttcattcttc    101400
     cctcttaatc ctttgatgtt agcaacaacc tcagggaacg gcagagggtt cctgtgtccc    101460
     cttgataatc atcgctccat gtgcgttaac caccaaaaat gaataagcac caaccacaca    101520
     gcagtcctga gacacagggc aggacactgg ataagtgtaa agaaaaggaa tccacatcct    101580
     ggccttgtct ttcagtgttt ccttgactac acactagcca gtccctgatc agcaaacagg    101640
     acggtctatg ttcttcaggc aacaaaaaag ccctgaatgt gtgctcttgg caattcttaa    101700
     agtgggaaat gggaaacaat actgagaact ctgaagaaca ggagggggga agagaggtca    101760
     gaggagggga ggagaaaggg gagaagggaa gaggagggga gtgaagggaa aagagggaag    101820
     ggaaaggaat aggaggggat gggaggaaaa atccaagttg aagtttatag agttcaatag    101880
     aaaccattag cttgatagct gctgatagag ggagagttag tttcctttaa gagtatgacc    101940
     tctgtgagat tgaagagggt tcaggtgcca catccagaaa tatttggaca acacaaattt    102000
     gacttgatgg atttacatgg ataagtagat gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    102060
     tagatagata gatagatgat ataaatagat gattgattga tacatacaca tacatacaca    102120
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaaca cactggtaga    102180
     tgggtaccca gatgcatata tagatagaga taggtgagta aaagggagga gtggtctggg    102240
     agaaggtgag gagagaaggt aaaaatgctt caaatacact atataagatt ttgaaagaat    102300
     caattaaaat attattcagt aaaagcatta tccttcaaat tttgcaggaa taaaaataga    102360
     cctcttaatt gttcatactg atggtaaaag agaaagttga cttaaaacat ttacccacta    102420
     gttattaatt tgataaacat ttactcaatt cctgctatga gataattagt cctctgggca    102480
     tttcaacaga gaaaacacag acatttcaca cttctgaaag gcatgtttaa aaaatgctaa    102540
     atgtcaaaag acctactgtg tgttatttac tgtgtaataa gagaaaaaca aaggcaatgt    102600
     gttcaaagta ccacagaggt atgcatccat taggttgagc cttgtagaat tgctactctt    102660
     caaacatttt aacccactaa atggcaattt cattcacagg gagagacttt tctatcctca    102720
     caggacacat ctgcaaaccc aaccaaccac acatttaaaa tacttgaaaa aaaaaagttt    102780
     atctgtaccg aatatgtaga ttttcttatt ccctaataaa agaataccac aagttgcctg    102840
     agttgtaagt gatgccagga ctattgaaat aatgtggggc ttttcatagg ttatagggaa    102900
     atactacacc gtttcctgga agaggtttga acacgctgga atttgttatg cagtgttcct    102960
     gagacgcatc ccctaagtac actcagtgac aactccattc acttggataa tggacaaggt    103020
     tttatggttg gggaaaagat acaagcgcct gatgacagaa ccctgggcaa ttgtttgtgc    103080
     cagtgcctag taggtccttc ctatgctttt tctgactttg tgctatgccc tgaaggaggc    103140
     ataaacctgc caagcaaatt cctgggaggt acaggtcgga gctgcaggaa agggaagtca    103200
     gagaaagaag cactgagaaa aatgtcctga gagaaagagt acttagtaga aaaagcaagt    103260
     atagcactta gtaactgatt tctccataca agacaggttt tatttacagc attggacaat    103320
     gggccaaggt gccggtcact aagaaggccc cttcaagtgg aatataatct aaggacttag    103380
     gaacatagga actttctcca ttcttatttg ctatagtact agaaactaga aatcttagca    103440
     aaagaaatca tgcaacagaa agaaagggca tcaaaaatga aaaggatagt tgggcgtggg    103500
     cggtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcaggaggg agaggcaggt ggatttttga    103560
     gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacaaagaaa    103620
     ccctgtctca aaaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagggagg    103680
     ggaaggggaa gaaggggaag ggaagaaaga aagaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaggaa    103740
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagaaaga gagagataaa tgttaaatta ttcccattta    103800
     taaatatcat agcagactct attaaatatt tttagaatgt ttaataaatc agttcagtaa    103860
     attagacaga aacaaaacca acgcatacac agacacacaa acacacacac acaattcttt    103920
     tctttcattt tctttttaaa gtactggtat aatgaaggac aagtagaccg atggaataga    103980
     attgaagacc cagagatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcact tgatcttcga caaggaacca    104040
     aaaaccatca agtggaagaa agacagcatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggca caactggttg    104100
     ttaacatgca gaagaatgcg aatcgatcca ttcctatctc cttgtactaa ggtcaaatct    104160
     aagtggatca aggatcttca cataaaacca gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg    104220
     gggaaagcct caaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaatccct aaatagaaca gcaatggctt    104280
     gtgctgtaag atcgagaatt gacaaatggg acctcatgaa actgcaaagc ttctgtaagg    104340
     caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaaggc cacaaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct    104400
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatctcca atatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact    104460
     ccagaaaatc aaataaccct attaaaaaat ggggctcaga gctaaataaa gaattctcac    104520
     ctggggaata ctgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ctcagcatcc ttattcatca    104580
     gagaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccatctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga    104640
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc    104700
     attgttggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtatgg cggttcctca    104760
     gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc ccacaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag    104820
     aagatgttcc aaccggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta    104880
     tactagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacaaaaaa    104940
     tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat    105000
     tcctaggcaa atggatggac ctggagggta tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca caatcacaaa    105060
     agaactcaaa tgatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac ttagtatacc    105120
     cgagatataa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca tgaaactgaa caagaacgaa gaccaaagtg    105180
     tggacacttt gccccttctt agaattggaa acaatcaccc atggaaggag ttacagaaac    105240
     aaggtttgga ggtgagacga aaggatggac catctagaga ctgccatatc cagagatcca    105300
     tcccataatt agcctccaaa cgatgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttgcgaaag    105360
     gaccctgatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact aggccggagc ctagcaaaca cataagtaga    105420
     tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggagcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta    105480
     tccaaggagc taaagagatc tgcaaccctg taggtgcaac aacattatga actaaccagt    105540
     accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac    105600
     tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgcaaac tttatatgct ccagtacagg ggaatgccag    105660
     ggccaaaaaa tgggaatggg tgggtaggga tgtggggaga gggtatgggg gacttttgga    105720
     atagcattct aaatataatt gaggaaaata cgtaataata aaaaatattt taaaagaatg    105780
     aaagaaagaa agagtttctg gtaattaaac cattatattt ctgtgtgagc caaaaaaaaa    105840
     aagtagtgtt tctaaacaca aatagtaagc atggtgaaaa gaaaatgaag gaagcaacca    105900
     ccctcaagat attaaaaaaa aaaataaaga actctgcagc aaaatgataa aacactgata    105960
     aaagaagtga taggaacatc ttctggatat attccatata ttctgggcat atatccagaa    106020
     gatgttccaa ccgataagaa ggacacatgc tcccctatgt ttatagcagc cttatttata    106080
     atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccaaatgc ccctcaacag aggaatgaag acagaaaata    106140
     tggtacattt atacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt tatgaaattc    106200
     ctaggcaaat agatggacct ggagggcatc atcctgagtg aggtaacaca atcacaaaag    106260
     aactcacaca atatgtactc actgataagt ggatattagc ccacaaactt agaataccca    106320
     agatataaga tacaatttgc taaacgcatg aaactcaaga agaatgaaga ccaaagtgtg    106380
     gacactttgc cccttcttag aattggaaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt tacagagaca    106440
     aaatttggag ctgagacgaa aggatggacc aactagagac tgccatatcc agggatccat    106500
     cgcataatca gcttccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag    106560
     gacccagata tggctgtctc ctgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga    106620
     tgctcatagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggagaagct agagaatgta    106680
     cccaaggagc tgaaggaatc tgcaatagga ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccaatacccc    106740
     ccccaccccc cgagctcgtg tctttagctg catatgaatc agaagatggc ctagtcggcc    106800
     atcagtcaaa agagaggccc attggtggtg caaactttat atgcctcagt acaggggaat    106860
     gccagtgcca agaagtggga gtgggtgggt gggggagcgt gtgggggact tttgggatag    106920
     cattggaaat gtaaatgaaa taaataccca atttaaaaaa agaagtgata ggaacacaaa    106980
     aaatagatat atttcatact cacactaccc aaagtgatgg agagatttaa tcccaccaca    107040
     aaatgtgcaa ttaatcatca gaaaaatgtt catcaagacc acagtgagtt attaccttac    107100
     tcagctgaac atccatcacc aaaaggacaa taaataacag aggcagagaa acacaaacac    107160
     tgctaaaagg aatgtaaaat aataggagtt ttatgggaaa tgttatgcag attcctcaaa    107220
     aattatatat gatccaacaa tcctactctt cattggctac ccaaaggaga tgaaattttt    107280
     atagcaaaaa gacccatata tcttcatgtt tattgcagca ttaatcatga tagtcaaaat    107340
     gtgggaccac tccagatacc cttcaataga tgcatacata aagaaaatat atgtttatgc    107400
     tatgccagcc acagcaacac ggttagagct caaaaacatt tatgttaagt gaaacaagcc    107460
     agatgtggga agcaataact cagaagtaga agaaggaatt gtggacagta tccagagaag    107520
     ggaaagaaaa agaaatgaag agagactttt acagccagag aagtgtgttg tggcagaagt    107580
     gtagaggatg agagaagggt cctttgtgga agagggtaaa cggacgtaac caatgaatga    107640
     ctataataca atcatggcac tgccaccttc tcttcctcaa tctaaactca cctctagatc    107700
     accccccacg cctgctctct ttcaatctct tccagtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt tcctaactac    107760
     ataaatacaa tctgctcatc tctataatat tacttgtata catatgttct caagaatgac    107820
     cattttagaa atggttaatc aatttggtgt actcttccct gggcaagacc ctttctcaca    107880
     ctctcagcat cattaatagt ctgtagttat ttgcctagga ttgaggcttc ccgtgtctaa    107940
     gattaaggcc acatgagccc tctcccttct aatttagctc gtctacagga atgatccttg    108000
     ttcgggtcaa gtttctgtaa tcttgtggat gagtcttcag agttgtagct tctctaacat    108060
     ttcacagctg actttctgtt ccttgctata atctttcagg ctcttcttcc acaatgatcc    108120
     ctgaatcttc tgtgccagag ttgtgttgta gatgtagtta gttagggctg ggctccacga    108180
     ctctgcattt taattggttg ctgctttctg taattgtctc catctatagc aaagagaagt    108240
     ttcctcaatg aggggtgagg acaacactta tttgtgggca tgagcataaa tgtttagatt    108300
     gttgttaggg attgtactgg tttagcgaag gagtggttgc agtttctcct ccaagattca    108360
     tggcttcagt agtcctaggt agttggctgg gtcaccagta ccaggcacga tttctttgtt    108420
     gttgaaaggg tcttgagttg agttagagag ctgttggtta ccaccaaggt atgtgtacca    108480
     ctacttgacc ctatggttat tatgtcatat tggtgattgt tcaggtttac aggagtcact    108540
     gtggggtaga accattgttg acttccatcc tttggaagct tgcatggcac cttcttggtg    108600
     ggtaccatga aagatagccc tctgggagga ggccttaagg taagctccag ttcatggccc    108660
     tctgggccct gagtctgaag tgcatggttt ctttagccat agggacttca cttctaccta    108720
     tgagggtgaa caattcccca cagtcatgcc tgcacgccaa cccaatatag ataattcttc    108780
     actgagactc ttttctgggt ggttttaagt tgtgtcacgt tgccagttaa aggtaatcag    108840
     tacaagtgat aaaaattaat caaaacgctg aagcaagggt tggaatagat aagtcagtaa    108900
     gacatcagat gtttaatgcc agggctcttg gtatcaatct gaataatgct aaatgagtac    108960
     cagtggagca aagaagtgac atctgaggag atgtaacatt caaaacaccc tttgagtcta    109020
     gtgttctttc taatctaact aagaaatcta tgtgaaatca tttccatagt gtccttctca    109080
     gccttattac ttaatagttc cttgtatgga catcacactg gaagagatgc aaatgtttgt    109140
     aaacctgcct tttagcattt ggaaggcagt gtaagagaac atggttcatc ctactgtgat    109200
     ttaccttgct ttatgagcct gccgaagata tttcaattat tcaataaaca gtaacattgg    109260
     tctttgaatc ccttccctgt aagactattt gagattacag tggaggtagg gggcagtaca    109320
     caagcttgag gctggtctag gttacacagc aaatttgtct acattttgcc atgtgtgatg    109380
     gtttgtatat gctcggccca gggagtggca ctattagaaa atgtggccct gttggagtag    109440
     gtgtgtcact gtggtgtggg ctttaagacc ctcagcctag ctgcctggaa gccagtattc    109500
     tgctagcagt cttcagataa agatgtagac ctctcagctc ctcctacacc atgcctacct    109560
     ggacactgtc atgctcctgc cttgatgcta ctggactgaa tctctgaacc tgtaagccag    109620
     ccccaactaa atgttgtttt tataagagtt gccttggtca tggcatctgt tcacagcagt    109680
     aaaactgtaa gacaccatgt cctaaaaacc tgtgtgagac tgaattaaaa aataggggac    109740
     taatatcatt ggtgggagga gttgaagaca gcgtagcatt caggctctgg catgattttt    109800
     gctggctgtt cttattcaac tttacaggga gaattaggag ctaaatgaag aggaggaaga    109860
     tgtgaaatgt gcagttcgtc aaggaataga atatgctgta aactgtgaac aaaacaagtc    109920
     tcagtacatg gctgcaggtt taaaaggtag cagcatactt tgatgaggaa ataatgccat    109980
     gtggctgaat gacattacat ttcaggaagc aacaaaacct catgggtgga aggatctaga    110040
     gcataaaact gcaaactcat ttaaaagcct ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgaag    110100
     agaaaaccat gggagcgcca tgcatgcttg accataatgg cctaggaaga catttttcaa    110160
     gattctgcca cacaggcatt cagaggctgc tttcattatg gtccaggacc accaggctac    110220
     ttaagatggc agccagcctt ggctctgtct gtgtagtgct ggttttactg gcacacccaa    110280
     ttcatgtgta aagagatcgt ggaggcatgc actctgattt caaaggaaag cttgtgagac    110340
     atgtctccca gttggaggca gtgtttggga gtcagtggga ccttacaggg ctgaagctag    110400
     ctgggagaag taggaaagta tcaataggtg gactttggag gtcacagctc agatcctggc    110460
     tccaggcttg ttctttgcgt cttgagctgt catgtgaaga gatgacactc tgcctcaagc    110520
     ccctgccacc aaatgagatt ctctgccatg cctttgtggc tgtgaatagc tgaaaaaccc    110580
     tcagaaatca atgcacacaa tgtctccctt cccaccaact gtttctgtca ggtatctgtc    110640
     ccagtgactc aacagtaagt aatacagtgt cctactcagt cagcctttcc atgccctctt    110700
     gcttcctcca tagaaatttc agactaaaga gactataaac aggaaaattg tgatagtgtt    110760
     tgatttaact ccagcaagag gaaataatgc atgataccat ttccaggcaa atgttactta    110820
     ggtctaagta gatgactttc ggtttcagtt gctgtgatga aacaccatga ccaaaagcaa    110880
     cttgaggaag aaagggttga tttctattac cctcccatat aagagtccat catcaaaagc    110940
     agtcaagaca ataactcgaa cacatcagga acctagaggc aggggcagat gcagaggcca    111000
     tggagcgatg ctgctaatgg cttgctcctc aaggcttgct cagtctgctt tcgtatagaa    111060
     cccaggacca ccagcccaga ggtgacacca tccacatcaa taaataatta agaaaatgct    111120
     ctacaggctt gcatactggc tgatctgatg gaggattttc tcaatataag gtcccctttc    111180
     ccaaatgact ctagcttgtg tcaaaatgac acagaattaa gcaggaaaga aaatatgcag    111240
     agaaggacat tgtgaagtgt cactaggcca tgatgtggcc tttcatgtgg aagagttctt    111300
     ccatctgtac acttaagcta acagttcttt gacacagtct agactatact ccactatggc    111360
     ccatgggact cagtgctgtg ccttgcaaat atcagacgct gaattaatat tttctttctt    111420
     tttttgtttt tgttttgttt ttgcttttca agaccaagtt tctctgtgta acagccctgg    111480
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg taaaccaatc tggcctcgaa ctcacaaaga tctatgtcct    111540
     tctgccttcc aagtgctgga ttaaaaagaa tgcactacca cccccagctt agagtaagta    111600
     ttttctttaa ctgaacactt cacaaggtgg gaagaaatgc caacatagta acaatgcatt    111660
     gagataaaat caatgggaac ccagtcttac aaacatgcat ttgtgctctg gctgtcatga    111720
     acaagacatc atcttgcttt caaggaactt agaaaggaga ctagttactt atagggagtt    111780
     ggatcgtggt cattagatgt aatgacgtca ttgctttagg tggcttgctt tggtaaatct    111840
     gtaagtaaaa tggccaaatt cttctagttg actaaaaaag gacttgggtg gaggtggggg    111900
     tgggggcaat gaccaagtgc agatgctctt tctacacgtt ctgaaattca ctatcaagct    111960
     caggtcagaa gtacctctgc ccatgatggc cgtgcttact aagcgtggtg caggctgcaa    112020
     tctgctttat ctttcattgc aaaaaaaatt aagattgtaa ttttatgtga gcccatgaca    112080
     aggggtggcg ttgacttgaa tgccttcacc agtcacaggt ggtcacatac ctgtatgttt    112140
     gtatgtcaca gcccctgaga tgacatctcc ctgagagaac ctgtccacgt gaagtccagc    112200
     ctttctcacc actccatgct gaggctctcg ggcaatcaga aacagcagtt ctaagtcatc    112260
     gctgtctgca tcagtagcgg aaatgtattc aggggtgatg gtcacctctc caccctcaga    112320
     gcagtgcatc atggggatga ggtcagcctt cagaatgggt ggctcatcat tcacagggaa    112380
     cacctaagca ggaacaaaag attacacgtt caaggaaaag aaagaagtga caaatgtccc    112440
     cactggtaaa ccatagctca cagtcacagt gacaggcatt tttcatcttc tggacgcatg    112500
     gaacaatagc catggaattt ggccaaagca gcctgagcat tttttttttc ttttttactt    112560
     tctccattgg ttgaggggtg ctccacatga gagacatctt agacagaaat gggaatctgc    112620
     tgttatagct gggaactcag agaacccatt attttcagaa gacaaaggag aaacgcaata    112680
     taaatcactc atccctttaa cacagggact ctttcattaa attcacacac actccagaag    112740
     aattctgatg catgtacatc cacaacatca aagttatttt tattctaaat cacttggtgc    112800
     ctcagctttc tgccaccttc agtttctggc cacccacgga ttttccttgg gtccacatta    112860
     agccacagcc tcatgtcaaa caccttgagt gacaggctac attccatgac cattcaatca    112920
     gctccaggtt ttatcttgaa aaaagtattt ttctctccca ttcatggaaa gcaacacgag    112980
     ggtgtactgg gtctcgagat ttaaaaaaga atatgtaaaa tcataaaatg tgcatctgtg    113040
     cggtaggaat ggagggttca cagccacaat ctgatgcaag agtttctggt tggttggttg    113100
     gttggttatt tgtttgtttg cttgcttgct tgcttggttt aattttatgg ctgtttggct    113160
     ggttgttttc ttggttggtt tggtcaaatc tggcctttga gcctgtgtac ccttccaatc    113220
     ctacacatcc ttccacatac ttcagccaaa gcgatcttca taaaacatca agctgttggc    113280
     ctgcaggaac cttgcgtgcc cctacccacc ccaaccaccc ccgcaccccc gccatgcttc    113340
     tctgagcagt ctctggtgtg gctgcctcca cttccctacc ccactcttac tggagcacat    113400
     actccctctc accatctcct atggcctctg cttcacccct tgcgcctgcc caggacattg    113460
     catctccctc tctttgtgca gctaatttct gccttggatc ccatgtgtgt ttttcaggga    113520
     atgcttcccg atcactcagt ttaattaaga agcttcaatt acgtacgctc ctgttcataa    113580
     aacacatata cattttaatc aattatcttt gtgattatcc agttagtatc tgtcagcatc    113640
     tgtggtctgt aacttcaaga ataggaacct catttatctt gctcataatt gttctacaag    113700
     catctaagac cccacgtata ttacagaatg cgcttattaa atgtttgttg aagaaataaa    113760
     tgagttgcat ggtttctatg cattcaaggg gtgatgactg taagacaggt acccagtgca    113820
     ccatgacgat gctttcctgt caagggcaca gggatgagtg cctaggtgtt ccagcttagc    113880
     tccttcatca aaggtttaaa aaatataatt gtctgctttc cttttggcct atggagaaca    113940
     ataattatca ttgttcatgt ctccagtgag aacccattga agacttacat cattctttcc    114000
     tgactgtaag aaatgttatc aatccattta catgaatggt aaatgtaaat gatcattgtg    114060
     agaaaaagaa aaaaagaaat cacaaacaat actttccaaa atggtttggt ctggctttca    114120
     ggaaccgtgc cctttaactt aaaaagtaga aatattcagt ttctttcacc aagacgcact    114180
     gctgatcacc atacataata ggatggtcat atatatgacg gataacagac aggactggga    114240
     tctttccttt aaaaacaaaa gtataaaagg agcagggagg ctttctttgt atgtgaaagt    114300
     ttcccagaaa gaaaatattc ctcctggaag ctgaaaatgg cctcctgctt ctaacagagg    114360
     catctcaggc tgttgtgagg accgaggaga aggtgagaga cagcctgcca cagaaagcaa    114420
     tcaaaaccag ccaagaagaa gcatggccgc atgacgagaa agaacatctc agaatatgcc    114480
     attgagttta taactctgaa cagcagtttt ggagtccagt gtactaacta aagagagata    114540
     atgccttccc tgaatatttt tttaaaaaaa caatctatat agatagtaac actctttatt    114600
     actggccagc tataaaatat cttacaaata catagcaatt ttatatcatt aaaaatgtag    114660
     accatattca ggcaaagatg gcagctagca tgatgagaat actaagtggt cttcagggaa    114720
     catgataagc ttcttgatga gcagctatga acacttgtac atcacacaca caatgctcat    114780
     ccatccaggt acccactcgg cagagaagca ccaatggtct tagaagtcct ttgaacatgc    114840
     ctcaactttg tcagcagact ttgtcaaagg aaagggaaaa atgacttcaa acagatcaca    114900
     taccaggctt gtggtataga cgttcctaat ggaaccccac aggcatggct tcttccataa    114960
     gcaaggagaa ccccaatggt tctgaacagt cttcccaact gctaagtaag cttgcgtgtc    115020
     acagtccaaa gatattagac atctttatat atggaatgga ccactttttc aattaagcat    115080
     ctggatttaa gcttagaatg gttctaactt tagataaact agggtagagg tagggagaga    115140
     gaaaaacgaa tatgtctgtt tcactagtat gatctttgcc tccattgtct gggtccacac    115200
     acacacaggt gtagctggca accattaact ttggagtctg cgtattttga gttgttttga    115260
     gatcctgaga ggtccccaga atagagactt tacattcaaa tgactcaggg aggaaagacc    115320
     tacctcaatg tggagaacaa atgctgctga atttgtgcca tctgtgacct ccaaaaatat    115380
     ctcatcctga agaacctcag atccatcatg ttgatacctg caggtagagt atggaagcta    115440
     atctctcaaa aaaaaatgca tgggtgtaaa tagagccctg caacacaaac acccctcctt    115500
     aaccatggca gtgaccttca gtgtaacaca cacacacaca cacacacata ctcatatgaa    115560
     aagaagcagc ttaaaactct aaatgcaaag atatagtacc actcaagatc cctaactgta    115620
     aacttactct acctgggaaa acattgtgca tacattggta atttgtcccc aaaacacaaa    115680
     atggcctttt tggagctgga aagagagctt aacagttaaa actctgaggg ctcttacaga    115740
     agacctgagg tcagtgacca gcagctcaca accaccattc cagctcagga gggctctgat    115800
     gtctctggcc ttcatcggtg cctggactca catgaacata tccacatatt tgcatatgta    115860
     tgcacatgca tgcacaataa cagagacatg tgtaattaaa aataatcttg aaaaataatt    115920
     cttagaaggc agtctttcaa tggcctctga caacggtaag tatttggcct gggatctttg    115980
     taatgctgaa acacactgag tggcggcagg agtactccaa gataaagtgg aacactttaa    116040
     ggactgtgat ccctgtagca cccatctttc ctcctgcgcc ctgtagctgt ccattcctct    116100
     ctgcagcctt catctatgaa ttaggtatca tatccctcca tcatacccca tgttccattt    116160
     ataagctctc tatatcagct gttaacgagt ctcacatctc cccaaattac aacacatttg    116220
     tttggtctaa ccttggccat gtctttctct taattcttag ccacatttaa aaagaaattg    116280
     tatagttcca ggcttttcac acactctcta gcccactacg tgatactcag ttaggtataa    116340
     gtagctcctg aatttaactg ggccattgat ttgttcatag taacaaatgg aattatgccc    116400
     tatgaattga aaacaaaagt tttaacaaaa cagtatcgta tattgaaatt atatgattat    116460
     tcttatatga ataaaaggag actgtatctt attcaaaatg ggtcaccagt atagtgataa    116520
     tggatttaat gccagtggca ggaagcctac attgtcacac ctttgtctac cacacatatt    116580
     actgccttct ctgatctgtt tttccatgct tcttactact tttgtcaaaa atgatcatga    116640
     attataatgt gctaatccat ttcacaacgt tgccatccct aagacagcta agtatatctg    116700
     agtgggcaca tgtaaagggt attagtggag gcagcaggtc tttaaaacct cactcctgaa    116760
     tattagcaaa tgcctcagca tctttgtgct cagttctgcc accctgagaa cagaatgatg    116820
     cacctcatca gacccaatga ctgaggttaa atgatgttaa taaatactta cttgcaattc    116880
     tctaggaaag tgagtataca tagaattcta gctaatactt tgttgatgtt gttgttcatc    116940
     ttggcactac ctaaactttt acatgttact tttctaacat gtagggagga gctgagattt    117000
     caaaatccaa actataaaca aaacagggac atttttaaca gaatgggtga gtagtgacag    117060
     aaatcatgaa gaattatatc tctgtgatgt aactgagcca ctgagtttat gtaatcttat    117120
     atgaagcctc cagtccctag tgaacttcca ggctcaaaac caaacatttg acaagaaaca    117180
     cttcctccca catgtcacta agaaaggatg agatgcccct ttgtcagagt tggtaagtga    117240
     aacgatagca tgtctggctg actggctgtt acttttaaat agttagcatt ggttttagga    117300
     gatgtttcac gtgatgttgt gaaaaagagc tcttacaact gcattaggta gaggaagtga    117360
     agctttcaaa tgggagctac tgtgaggcca agaggcagag ctgcactagg ctggcattga    117420
     actcacagtc gtcctggttc agtatcaagt gctgggatta aaaggataga ctaccatatc    117480
     tggctgatca atagcgttct agccctgaga ttccaaggtt acaaaattgc ctttgctaag    117540
     agccaacttc aattagctgc acagattatt ttagtctcta cagagttcgt gatatgtgcc    117600
     attgtagcaa aattaatatt catggcaatt aatttttatt gcacaaatat tcataaaccc    117660
     attccctctg ctatagtaag ccagaaaggg aaaaaaatga ctggtggaaa atgaagtttt    117720
     cttttttact tctttgattt tcaactgacc cttaacaata tggcatattg ttctagaaag    117780
     aattagacag cttctttccc ttcactgtgt ttcatggttg atccagatag aaagcataga    117840
     agggaaacac aaaatcttct aaccaaactt ttaaggtatt gaggtctcgc caagaaaatg    117900
     tgcctcttgg gtttagagga aatccgtcca gctctacccc gccatgcaga ggcctctcct    117960
     taagagagag gctgatgctg tctagcgggg tgtccacatc agaaaccaaa atgtgctctg    118020
     tgctgatggt gcactgaccg ccctcgacca ctctcagggt gttggtgaat acctagaaag    118080
     aaggaaggag acattcaaga ccttgttcca tgaggtatcc ctgaacacag aggtcattgg    118140
     atccctagaa agcatccggt accatcttca agggccaagt aacttaagca tgtttctaag    118200
     gagattgatc cacagctgca taaattgtct aaaatcattt taattgaatt tcattttcca    118260
     ttccaagtgt tgacacatac agacaccaag acagacccct aacttggaag tgcacgtgct    118320
     tcaagtgtct cggagcctct gtagcagaat cagcaaaggg gacagagcca cgaggaactg    118380
     agggaataac gcccagcttc attcactcaa cctttgccaa gtgcctctaa aggaaaggat    118440
     ccacctctct cgatttttaa ccctaaaaat tctttagaac ttgggaaatt gatgaggact    118500
     ccactctgtt ttgcagtgag aactgggaaa ctgacggcaa gagagttaca tccatgagac    118560
     tatttctttt acagtaagtt caaatattaa aagtctgagg cttcataagg agcactttgg    118620
     agtctccagg tttgcatggt gtcaacatgc cctaatgatt gctgtcaacg cggtttcata    118680
     ttgtactaac tcagtttcta atactctcgg ttctttgaag cactatttca ttcgtccctc    118740
     gcctgtaaac gagaagtgag tgtccaccat agcccgaaga cctccatctt ctctcaaatg    118800
     aaggtaactc ttcaatctgc ctcataattt cctcacaaag agcatatttc tttgaggtta    118860
     ggctgttttg ttttctcagc aagtgttata gggaaagctt tggtttggtt caggatctaa    118920
     aacgtgtgaa tggaaaagga aggtctaact gaaatctaac cacgttcatt ccacagctac    118980
     tctgacttat tttcacaaga gttaggtcag gtccccagca gggaaggagc cccagatgga    119040
     gttaatgtag atgtcatagc tgcagctcgt caacacttct tcaaacacag attgcaagct    119100
     tgaaatcttg agagattggg ctgttgtcac agtgagtgta gtgccttggt ggggactctg    119160
     caacttaaca gtgcaacctg ccttgtatcc atggtacctg tggctaagtg ctgggagagc    119220
     tctatatttt ccagagaaac cccaagtcag ccttcttaag aaacctcctg actcttcaag    119280
     gttcacaact taagaaatat tatttatact tgttattata ttatttatga tattatatta    119340
     taaatataat aatattattt agacccatca agcgattttt gcacattaaa taagtacctt    119400
     cccttgggcc ttacaagaag cagtatgttg gctgacccga ggcaggtaca gcagtgctgg    119460
     acaaccagga gagagagcgt cagggttggc tatattctca taggtagata acagggaaat    119520
     tcaccctttt ccttggaaaa aagctaggag tgcctctagt cccctggtct gtaacaaatg    119580
     ggggatagtg gccctttgtc tttccacttt taagggggaa aattccaata acagtcatac    119640
     taatcaagta tagtagtctg aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct    119700
     cacattaggg ggtgggtgtt caaaaaaaga tctctcaaag taaaacagcc tcagagaaga    119760
     catagtaggt agcaaggttt ttatagtttg gttgtaagaa aaaccaaggc ttcttaagac    119820
     ttccatgaac actgagcagt ggcactgggt aagaagaaag ggtagccatc ctacttcatt    119880
     ttgggaaatt aaaaagcttc tttggaacac acagcagcat agctggcctg cagtgagagc    119940
     aaataggttc ttctggttgc taagagactc atcatttaat ctccttctcc tgatcaacag    120000
     ccggagctca gcagaatgaa agaggttttg acaggctttg aaaacaatgc caaattcaac    120060
     actgaaaaat tctcaccttt cagataggaa gtcccacgag aaaaagagtc tcccacccac    120120
     acccacccct ttttaatcta tactgcagct agagaatgaa aacattactc tttctctctc    120180
     actgcttctg gcccaccatg tcaaacaccg catacctcgg gaacctggtt gtccactggg    120240
     agaactgtga tgttgaagca gattccatgc aaagcacctc catgctggtt actgacagac    120300
     actgtgaact gcacatgtcg aggggagggg cctatatctt gcatgggtgg catgtaggcc    120360
     actttcatat ggttcacggc atgctgtgaa gcaaattgag atgaacacgt gtgctgattt    120420
     gcagagatca gaatcaagcc ctccaacaat gttaattgat atggaacatg ataaacatca    120480
     ctgtagatgg aaagattccc aaggctctat tctgtaaggc acattgccta cacataagag    120540
     gaaatggatg aagtcagaaa gtatatcaaa tgatggagtc caagaacctc tgcaaatgta    120600
     agctcagact ttaccctatt ctgccctgca gttctatact aatacaagct gtgtgcgcct    120660
     gctatgcccc tgtttgcata ttactaaagt tggtgaaaca gtagcactta gcacatttac    120720
     aacttgtaat tgtgaagaaa ccagacgtaa ttagccccaa accacagatg tctgatgcct    120780
     gaacattcat ataccagact cgtattgggt gtgcagagga ggagagctca ctggacgaag    120840
     cagggggatg ctgaaggatt tgggagagtg gttaagtatt atggaatgag ctgcatcccc    120900
     agaaaatgac atactaaact tggaattgtg aatgtattta gacatagggc cattacagat    120960
     gcatgtaggg gggaattttt gagtaatgtg ggtcctcaat ccaatacaac tggacccctt    121020
     gtaagaggaa gagacagatg ggggagcctt gactgacaga aggcaaagct gaacatgatg    121080
     tagctacaag cctgggaata tattaaaaaa aaactgctaa cgaagcacta gatgctaaaa    121140
     cacacggagg gagagatgtc tacagggctc agaagaatac aaccagccaa tgcgacaatc    121200
     tccacacctc catcttccag aggtacaggg aaaacagggc ctctattctg aactacaaag    121260
     tgtatggtat tttgttatgg ccacagtggg aaactaacac agtagacaaa agcatggcct    121320
     gcataagaca ctagacatac ccatgggtcc tgaagtcagt gtcctgtcac tggcaaaatg    121380
     atgcaaagct tatggattta caagaaattt ttaaattaca ttcaacttga tgacaccttt    121440
     caaacagatg ttatatattt atcagatgtg ctcaagcaca aggataaaga caggagaaac    121500
     tgtggcagaa gtgactgggt agcagctcag acacagcact gcgtaccaca cacctactca    121560
     gaaggtaaat tacatatcgt gttagccaat atttttacaa attttcatac ctgagtaaat    121620
     gaacttagcc ctggggctgt cggatttttg gttagctttg gtatgctgtc caccatgaat    121680
     agcttcccag catccaagtg tctaagaaaa atgcagacca catgagctta tttttttttt    121740
     tcagctaaga aaaatgaaat caaatcaccc accattgctg ggagcataaa gatccttgtg    121800
     cccaaagatc accaaggaaa ccagaaatgt taagcatacg ggattatcct ctcaaaggaa    121860
     aggatgtgta accggtcctt ccatccagaa ggctgggaat cggagatgat taacagctta    121920
     ttgatctgtg ttatctgtgg ggccaggcca tatgaagctc tcacaaccag aaccacgggt    121980
     agctaatatc tcaaataacc tctacactat ctgtgtgacc aagatcacgc cagatccttt    122040
     cctaggccct tcagctaata caggtagcct atctctagaa cccattgagt tacaatctaa    122100
     ttccgcctcc ttgtgctcca gagattgtac tacaccagga aactttttcc aaaattctac    122160
     tatgttttaa atatgctggc aataaaccac ctagtgtcag actctattag tttgatccaa    122220
     actaagtcag gctcacctct tcacggttca tgaccctgcc caccatgatg cttgcaacga    122280
     cccttgcata ggaatccatt tttttaaaaa aaaccacttc attgtgggaa gaaaacagag    122340
     acttttagtc tctttatatt gggagcttat agcgttaagt tcagcattat ctatgccacc    122400
     ctcatcatga cagaacaaag ttttttgctg tctcatggtt aaaaagaatc cttaatctcc    122460
     tcctgagtgt ttcctcactt gagtatagga catgagccta aggaatattt atgctaccat    122520
     tttgaactga gatcataaaa cgcaaacacc gaatggcctg ccatatctaa aaatattaca    122580
     ttgcagacat aataatgctt ttctttaaaa taaaaaggaa gaaaaaagga tttactttag    122640
     aaaaatagta tttagactgt ttcacactgt gctgaaaact acaaagtgca tggcagtcac    122700
     taattgtcac tcactcggtt atggtaaaga tgaatttatg ataaaagtga atgctaaatc    122760
     agatgtaagt tcaagtctac ccaatgaagc agttgaatca cactgctaaa ccagcgggtc    122820
     atatagtagc tttacaagga cacctgtggc tgaaggagaa acatggaggg cgtgttactg    122880
     tgtagatgag ttccccatca cgggattcca tgtctaggaa atgtaggtgc tttttagtga    122940
     tgtaggccac ctctgtttcc ttgacaacca aatgccggga aatgccagga gcttctttag    123000
     gaagctggtc atctactgga gtgatatgaa ttgtcaccac ctggaatgaa aacgcacagc    123060
     tctattaaat tgaaatacag caaagcacca aagagagtgc cccaggatca ccctggaaca    123120
     gttaagatga cttctccaaa ctgtcattaa taaaatactt ctgttgagtg atgtagaaac    123180
     tactaaggct tcgttcattt ggttttatgt tttaaaaata taatcatcac atcagacatg    123240
     gtgacactca actttaatcc tggcactcaa gaagcagaag cggagggcgg aggatctctg    123300
     tgagttcaag gctaatatag tcctaggata gccaggaaca cacacacaca tacatacaca    123360
     cacacacaca catacacaca cacacatata tatattcaca actcaaccta atctattaga    123420
     agtgttccta atttctaatc cattagaaaa ttgacatgaa gacaacaaag tacaatcttg    123480
     attttatttt cccacctcct ttctagtaat aacctatgcg tctgtttccc cctctactcc    123540
     atcattaatc ctggaccctt tgttgtcact cttggttcct tccccacccg catcccacct    123600
     attgccaaaa ttcctgaacc actcttatag tttcttcctt atgtggttgc aacaactcta    123660
     actccttgtc ctcctatact tgctattcta cactttttat taacttgcat taacttaaaa    123720
     acacacaagt caaattagtt aattcacttc ctctgaaccc ataaaacagt gatctagagg    123780
     taacattcct ctaactcctt agcagaatat caaagattgt tcttcaactt tattttttat    123840
     cgcctctcaa tataaataca acactctggt ggcacttggt ggatggactc cctccccctc    123900
     cctcagatta tatcgtattg tctcttcaat ctcatgctcg cctctcacgg tctctaagaa    123960
     gccagttatt tttgctctta taggatcttc tggattcatc ttccagtttc tcagctggaa    124020
     ctgttactga acctggttta tcccttgcaa ttccactgag ggtttgtgtt cacctccaag    124080
     gtccatctcg gaactttgcc agcaatgcaa cagtatggag atgattagat cagaggggat    124140
     atgcacccat gaacaggttg gatgcatttg aaggggaaag cttgtccttc catcctttta    124200
     tgccttgcat gtgtcctctt aggaggacat ggtgacaagg taccaccttg gaaacaaaga    124260
     gctactctca ccagacagac aacaacctgg atgctacctt gaccctggac tttccagtct    124320
     tctgaaggta agaaatgttt ctgttgtcta taaattatcc agttataata ttagagtgat    124380
     taaaaactaa ggccggttat caaaataaaa gactacaaag acaatgataa ttctagtctc    124440
     ccaaatctgt atcatgattt tccccaccta cagtattttt ctaatctaca aagttcagaa    124500
     attctctatg gaccctcaca gcgatagtgt ggatcggtga ggttctcctt aattgaaaaa    124560
     ctggatttaa taaggaaaca atagttattg tgccttcaaa gagaccattt tccatgctaa    124620
     tttattctcc aatgtgttct ttatgaagga agaatggaag agcgtgcttt ttatcccctg    124680
     tagtaattct tggtgggcgc atttttcaac atgctttatg atcgcctaag ttgatgtgtc    124740
     tttacatatt tatgcatgct caaacaatta gtgtatgtgt ctgtgggcaa gagaaattcc    124800
     attttagcaa actccacaga gaaataaaag cattctcatt gtgctgaaat ctgttcataa    124860
     caaagatatt attaagaacc cattcccaga cagaatggga accagttttc aaaacagtca    124920
     ccagtcactg tattccagct tccctaaagt cctccagtgt ccttgtggct gcagcacaca    124980
     cagacagatg tacaaagaat cagaataaca agaaaaaggt ctgcatgcca aatgactccg    125040
     tcaaaaccta accctaggat tcaggctctg taatcacact tcaccaggtg acatctgact    125100
     tccttatggc ctgaattctt gatccttcat atgccctgat ctcagatttt agcttagtct    125160
     tcatttttct ttctttgaga atacccagtg tcatttctca gtaccaagaa ttaattgcat    125220
     tgttagggct ggccacttta cgaagtacaa tagttttgcg caagctttta ggaaaagaca    125280
     ctaaatgttt gtttgacagg atgcctttta aatgctgatg tcagggagaa gtggagatgc    125340
     tgggtgaaga ggtgggatga acacacaatc tgagctagaa aaagtcaccc cttggtgtcg    125400
     gcaggaaata ggctccagga gttccactgc cccactatgg atcttgaact ctgcggatgt    125460
     tccagtccct aatataaaat ctgctgtatc tgcataaagc ctacctgttt cccttttgta    125520
     cacttcaaat ctcctccaca ttgtttgcaa tatctaatat aatgcaactg taatgtaaat    125580
     acttatggtt catatggctt ggggaataag gacaggttca aaacagaagt aattttaaaa    125640
     tattatctac catcagtctg ttgaatcatt gatggaaaac acaatataca gagggggtgg    125700
     gtcaaatgtg tttaagggga aaaaacaaca acaaaaatct aaaccacgtg ctgcatgaac    125760
     acaagacaac tctgtagcct tcccactcag acttttccct agtccagaaa tataagacca    125820
     gcaaagcagg gcaaagtgtt aaatatgttc cttcacaaca aataaaaaca tcctgggacc    125880
     ggagagatgg ttccctggtt aagagcactt actattctta cagaggacct aggctcctaa    125940
     gagcacttac tgttcttata gaagtctgag attccattcc cagcatctac atgacagctc    126000
     acaactgtct atatctccag atctaagaga tctggtgctc tcttctgccc ccccccccaa    126060
     gcacttgaac atacacgtgc atagttttgt gtgcacctca cacaaataaa taaaagtaaa    126120
     tcataataaa agaacccatc cattatgcag aataaatgta gtgccagatc tatagtttaa    126180
     actgatttgc ctgctcagat tgaaaaataa ttgtcccaag agttttcatt agcttggtct    126240
     ctcttataga gaggtgtgat acttctcttc ttgtatatga ataacatgat ctcttaaatg    126300
     tttaacgaga aaaaaaaaag aagccttgag atcttaactt ctgtaaagac agtcttctaa    126360
     ccatggcgtg atgtcctagc aacagcttca acagatgcac gggagattta gaaataggtc    126420
     ctgctgtccg ctaccattct gagctactaa atcaaccacc atctcctgta aaagcttaac    126480
     ccggaaacac caggtatgat atactgatga aacaagggct gactacttta aaacgatttg    126540
     gcttgttaga aaaaacaaag aagaatcaga cgaattcaca gctttctttc taatgcagtc    126600
     cgcgcaaagg cgtcactgac ttcactaggt tcccagcctt gtgacgccat cctttcagat    126660
     ccttcccttc agtatgtcca cattagcaaa caggcgtaca gcttggtctt ttgcacactg    126720
     gctaatatct gtggctgtag ctttctagga acccactata gcaatagaac acaagcttta    126780
     agcggtcttt gctagggtcg agaactgcca gagcccacat atatgcaacc tttgaaggta    126840
     acagatataa aatgactggt cacaatattg tacgaagttc atgatcactt catttcaatc    126900
     gcttcttttg aaatttgacc gttcctcctc accaccgttt cctcgcagag tgcacacagt    126960
     cacagctgtc catatgctac actgattccc atctcttaga atttctttgt gatgtttgct    127020
     tcatcttatt tctgcttact gtagacttaa actatatcct ctacagccag gcagatctga    127080
     gatcttaaaa acaagaaatg aatccttttc tttttttgag tagtttccag gtgctcagta    127140
     ctctccaagt cacatgtcac tttcccacag tgactcttag gaggcttcct tctatagtgt    127200
     gcttggaata agtagagagg accagaggtt tatctgtatc attgggaaca ggaggaaaac    127260
     tcaagaagtc tcacccttgg ctctgtaatt taaacactgg ctttaaaaaa aaaatgcttt    127320
     cttgggtgtt gagaagcaag taaatttgtg aggttgtcta tgtaagaatt ccatagctaa    127380
     gtaaccttag aaacagttac tatgtaaaga cttgaaaagt gctttagaaa agtgcaggca    127440
     tagtcgtgag gggtaggggt gggggtgggg gcagggcatg cttatttttg cttagtccat    127500
     tgcttctcaa actttgaatc ttgaaaccca ttttcacata ctgctaaata acatctctta    127560
     gagctaacac tgctgtgtac aacttgagca agatgttctg aactggtctc tcacctgtgg    127620
     cactgagaga tttggaggct catggctgtc ccacagtacg aattcaaagg aatcttcaaa    127680
     gatttctcca ccaaagtgac gatagtaaat gattccactg aacaggtctc tctgcaggaa    127740
     gccagggaca ggatacccta aggagaccac aaagtaccat acaacttaag gtgttgacgc    127800
     acagtgaaat tctactcact tctcaatgtc ttctctgcct agtgtgttgc atatagttaa    127860
     agatttgcat taaataacag aacttagagc agtaattaaa attgccctat ctcaatgtgg    127920
     agattaacca tggaaaatat ttttaaggaa tagttttcat ttcaaaaaaa aatgctgggg    127980
     aacacttttt atttgataca cactatcaaa ctcttgacac caaaatgtaa gcaagtatat    128040
     taataaaatt atttgagtaa ctatctagaa taaaccaaat atttttcttc agacttattt    128100
     attctattgc tgtccttggc taacttaact tttaatagca tgatggttat cttgaggttt    128160
     agcaccggaa ccttggtcaa tacatattca atatatgtct taagcttctt taatgggaat    128220
     ttataaaatt aattatacat atgtacatac atatatataa ctttgcttca taaatgtgat    128280
     gtctaccctt acacaaattt gaccacatta caaagttctt ttaaaaacat taaattcacc    128340
     gggcgtggtg gcacacacct ttaatcctag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct    128400
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagagc tatacagaga    128460
     aaccctgtct caaaaaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa acaacaacaa aaacattaaa    128520
     atcgggggct ggagagatgg cttagtgttt aagagcattg actgctcttc caggggtcct    128580
     gagctcaatt cccaacaacc acatagtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatgga atccaatgcc    128640
     ctcttctggt gtgtcggaag actgctacag tatacttata tacataaaat aaataaatat    128700
     ttttttaaaa aaaagattca attccattca aactgttgta cctgcctaga tcttacctat    128760
     cagtcttggc cctggcttct tcatgatctc cccagcctgt ggaaactttg tgatattaaa    128820
     gaagatgtag tcatcactgg agtccatatc tgaagctctc aacatagacc cttggatcaa    128880
     gatggtcttc ccctcttcta gttcaatcac gacattggtg atgaggaatg gggggctgtc    128940
     atctttaggc aagatgttga taggaaactt gtggtggctg ctgtggtggc catcgaatat    129000
     cctgaaagcc acaaagtctt tggtggtatc actgtcatcg tgatgatagc ggacaactcc    129060
     agcttgaagg tcagtcacgg tgaagagaaa tcctttcccc tctgatggag agagcagaga    129120
     gggtactgag tggtcaaggc agggagcaga ggcagcctct gagaaaggaa tcgctgcatg    129180
     acagcaggct atgggaaaca ctggcaatac agatgcccct acactcacca cggggttatg    129240
     caccgtaagc catcataaac tggaaatgtt ctaagtcaaa cacatataca atagtcctta    129300
     tgacatcctc aaaatataaa aacaaaataa acaagcaaaa acaaaaccat aagtcaagga    129360
     gagtctgtag cctgtgcagt ttaatgagca ctagggtgct gcatttagtg ttggatacta    129420
     cctgtgtaga cttgagacaa gtatttgata ccctgtgaaa ccgggaaaat aatagagtta    129480
     tagcttattt taggtgtcaa ctaagagata ccagacagtt atggatgtaa gacaaaaatg    129540
     cagaggcaca gtgagcactc tatgtcatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    129600
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctattatcca tccatctact taaattctct ctctctctct    129660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt ctctctttct    129720
     ctctctctga gtcaccttct ctccacgccc agactatgtg ggcctttgga ctctcaccca    129780
     ccttgtttcc cagggctttg ataggaccga gaattatttc atcagctatc ctagttctca    129840
     agccctggag caggactgaa ttactcaatg ggcttttctg tacataaaga gtaattcttt    129900
     ccagaaacag atcatagggt ttcccagtca ccatagacac acacacacac acacacacac    129960
     acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa agtcatcctt    130020
     atatatttgt gtgcatgcta ttgttttttc tttgttactt aggtcatggc cattgtggca    130080
     tcaagcatag ggaagcaatc tttccaacta gcagcatcgg taccaaatcg gaaactatta    130140
     gaagagtaat ctcttgggct ctggcctgag cctacttagt tggaaattct ggagatggga    130200
     ctctgcaacc catgctttac cccagggtga gcgcatgcta aagtttgaaa ggcatctctc    130260
     tagctcctcc cactctgttt ttttttttga gaagagtctg tcactgatat ctggaccgca    130320
     tggatttggc taagctggtt gactaggaag ccttggtgct gggatttaaa gcatgcacca    130380
     ccacacggga cttctgggca gttctgaggc ttaagcagta agcacattac caactgcatt    130440
     atccctagtc ccatgatttg cttttgaaga ggccctgggc tcaattttga attggacagg    130500
     tcaatcattt acctcgtact gtaagccgtc catgctgcag gccaccaatg gtgaccaact    130560
     gcacagcacc aatgtcatca ttgtcaacga tctgaaattg ttcccaagtg atggcccgag    130620
     actgcccctc taggagattc aaacctgtaa gaaacacaga cacaagtcct atgaagttct    130680
     gtccatccag catatctgtt taaggctaat aatttttcac tcgtgaactt atctacaagt    130740
     tatattttta aacacttttc atgaaaattg aatattactt gtgattttag taaactttgc    130800
     tctaatttca gtctgacaat tgattcctta agatgcatcc ttaactacct gagactaaat    130860
     actgaaggaa agagcagaag ttagaccacg ggggtcccta gtttgaatga atccacaggg    130920
     aatttgtcaa cgactctata tggtttaagt ggacaagagt caggaggggt tttgcaaatg    130980
     acttatggag caattagatt cccatagggg agggaatgca tagtgtttca atatcctgat    131040
     aaagaacgac tgtacctggc aatgcttaag gatgctaaat gtagaatgct tgatgctttg    131100
     caaaattgaa catacattag tttcaacttt aattagagat ggatctatgc actgaaacct    131160
     ctcctcagac tcagtatgcc agaggaaaat tgtagagttt cattcacact ggtaatagga    131220
     aaaacagaga ctctggatga caccctgtat catcaagcat tcttagctct cagtagaact    131280
     gggactggac agaaacttca ccctttcctg gtccacctca aactcttctc aaatacagtg    131340
     gtcacgtctg cttcatagag acaccagaac aactgagaac ccacatatct tactgaaaag    131400
     ttgtgaccag ctcagccgta tcacctgctg tagcttggac tatgattcat cacctaaagg    131460
     cccacatatt ttaggcctgc tctccagggt agcagtatga gagaggtgat catggtttta    131520
     caaggccttg gggcagatct ttaagtcacc atgagccctt gaaggggact gtggagtgca    131580
     gcctcttcct cttcctctgt cttgctgctt cttgcccatg aagcttcact tctccacaag    131640
     ctcctgccag cacgtgctct ctcatcagag ccccagagtg acagaggcaa ctaaccatgg    131700
     gccagatgct ctagctgtgc taaccttctt ctttataagt cagttgcctt gggtatttgt    131760
     tacagagaca tcagactaat gcccgctgct cttccttttc aggacaagat ccatagatga    131820
     tctaccttaa ggtctgtttc ctgagtaaat tgggctaaga catctatagc tgtaaaaaaa    131880
     aaaaaaaaaa aacccaacag caacaagaaa cagacagaag tgagaagagg gagggggaga    131940
     ggaagagaga aagggggagc cagaaaggga gggaaggggg caaaggggag gctgaagata    132000
     aaagaaaggc aagcatatgc aaatgagttc caggaagcct gctgggttct tgaagtggtg    132060
     ctggggacat gtgtacacac aacacagcat atgtaaggca tcatggatat atcacaagag    132120
     catccaagaa gactagagga caatcaacac atcaaaatgc taacagaaat tctatctata    132180
     ttatatgtag tggaaaaaaa aatgaagagt tatcctattt agcatattct ctaacttttc    132240
     aataatagca gataccaaac tcataatatg taaaacttca ttttaaaagg gattgtaatt    132300
     tttgcagcag ccagagccag acctgcagct cccttggttt atctgagcat catgtatcat    132360
     acatacagtt gattctgtct cctcactaga acacagtagc tgcacaaagt agccttgcta    132420
     ctcaactttg gttgaccagg cccttcattt ctctcattat ctctcgaaca gccaggatca    132480
     taagctgaag cagagacttg aaatcggacg tgaatgagtc cctcctccta gcacaacccc    132540
     agcactgctt ggaagtacat tttaaatgtc attaatgtta ttagtgaaaa ggaaaattca    132600
     tttgcattcc acatttgcat ctcatctaaa tgtacaaatc acattcccgg tctacttaga    132660
     attgaatggc agtgtaaagc cccctctata aagctgctta agttcttatt tacttctttt    132720
     ggtttccatg caacccaacc aaaacaggac agtggattcc aggctgctcc ttgctcccat    132780
     ccctctgcaa aatctgaatt ggagaccttg actttctgtc ttactttcag tcaatatcac    132840
     aagagccact ttctctcttc attcagttca aaggggtcac tgttccggcc tctctcccaa    132900
     agaagaaata tagcctgaag acccaaggat gctggatttc agtttctcac cagctaccag    132960
     gaaaaagaac agagctaaca gtctgctgtt cttggtctgt cgctgtttct actgcctcat    133020
     ggatgaaatg gaataaaagg agttttctga cccacccact tccttgcatt tcccttcgga    133080
     ccacacccac acctgtattc caagacaccc gtggtgcatt cgtgtctgct gttctgatgg    133140
     agatgtggac agtgatgggg gcactcctct caaagaagaa gtcgtacacc tccagctcca    133200
     tctggaaaca aacagattca tatgagccac acatagacat acacacacag acacatattt    133260
     acccacaaat atacagacac acactcacac acacatacac acatatacac acatgcacac    133320
     actgactcat caaaacctcc atgtgaacgg gctgttattt tattatagga agtaacttat    133380
     tttgtgaggt cactcatttc attcctaggt attacttttt ggtgttttta attctttaat    133440
     tgatcatgat tgtatatatt tagggtatag tatcacatag acactcatgc ctacacactg    133500
     tgccctaatc agatcaggga agtgtcatat ctgtaccatt atctcttgta tgtatctttt    133560
     cccaacgtta ggaacataaa aatcctctat actagctatt ttgaaacata tactttagta    133620
     ttatttattt attattccat gtgtatatgt atgtaagagc atggtatata tatgtgtgtg    133680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataga tatatataca cacatatata tcacacatta    133740
     aatatatcac acacacatat atatgtgtat atatatgtat atgtatacat gtatatacat    133800
     atatacacac acatacatac acatatatac attatataca tatacataca tatacatata    133860
     tatatacaca catctatata tatatagata tatagatata tataatatct acacttcaaa    133920
     ggcacaagtc tgagtgtgca caaggtcaga ggaggatggt ttgtgttctg ctctatctgc    133980
     cttatgttct tgggctagga tttcttactg aacctgaagc taagctatca gccagcaatc    134040
     tcctgtcttc atcctttttc catgccccgc aggactataa cccctgtgta gatttctgat    134100
     ttctctggac aacagagagc tacagccaca tgtagtccac ctagatctca acatggcagc    134160
     cgtgggctgg aactgaagcc atttctcaag ataaaacacc ttcttttaat cggccacacc    134220
     agtgcctctt caggaagccc tgaagggtat tacattgtga cttgcagaaa tcaagtctcc    134280
     tctgagaaag tgactattta ctttcaaata cttttttgaa acccaccagg ctggacactt    134340
     ctcttccctt ccttcttacc gtgtaatgtc tcctctcagg gtggctgctg tttggtggct    134400
     ggtaggcaac ttgcatgtca ctgagatcct tccaggtgaa tgaagagatg ggtctggtat    134460
     gatccagcag gtgggtcaca tagccctgga gtggggcttt agtgatgttg aacaccaaca    134520
     agggtttcgg agtctcatcc tcctcacagt ccagaacgga ggttgtcaga ggggtcagta    134580
     tgaactggtc cacctccaga acaaacatgg ccataaatgc agcccttggg acctggttag    134640
     gaatgccaac tctgatatag acaggcaacc acgcactctc tgacttttga aggagagaaa    134700
     aaatataaaa gagagagaat agtgtgaatg aagttgtggt atgcatggtt aatgtcatgg    134760
     catgtaccga agctgcagac tggagggcgc tccatctgag accaccaagc tacatgttag    134820
     aatcacctgc tgaccaccag gaactacccc caagtgttca cttaactatt ccaaggaggg    134880
     aatcagaaaa ctgctactta gagctcccag tgagtccatt gcacacaaaa ggaatgggag    134940
     ctcctacttt aatgtcagga agagctgtgt gtgattgtat ctttaaattt tatgtacttg    135000
     ttttggtgtg catctagata gatgcatcac attcatgcaa gagcccatag aggtcagaaa    135060
     agggcattgg atcccctgga acaggaggga ggaactggtt ttgagccacg gtgtgagtgc    135120
     tggttatcta caagaacaga gtgttcttaa ctgctaacta ttgttccagc cccgtgattg    135180
     cttcttcaga gactgctact tgtgtgctgt tagacaagtt ctataattcc taaatgccac    135240
     gtttctctct cctataaaag aaaattctag acacgtatgt attaaataaa accatgaaaa    135300
     taaagcagca ggcaatgcct ggcacagaca ctactaatct caggccatgc agtttcaaag    135360
     aagccaggga aaggataggg aagaagggtc ttcactctga acttgtgcaa ctgaggagga    135420
     ttgtccattt ggccaacaga acaaggaaac agcaagtgag gaagccagaa gtgtgagatc    135480
     ttctacattc ataaaaggac accatggcat gtgaggcctc agtgagggta tgggaagaag    135540
     aagcggagag cattgatctt tgctattatg ggactgatgt gacccactgt tgagagaaac    135600
     aggttcagtg agccaagtca catttatccc acacacctga atatttctaa cctggtgtta    135660
     gaaaggaatg ttcatgcaag ttcttcattt tatctaggtg aacgactgac agatgatatc    135720
     ctacaccagt ccgaattaaa gttaagagag aaagagagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    135780
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagatttca aaagtaagaa acatgtatgt    135840
     gaatctgttg gttccagact ctggaatact ctcattcatt agaggaatgt agatataata    135900
     agagagataa gagatgactt atctggagag tagggtgcta tgctgactct ccagctaagg    135960
     ccccccccaa acctatgaag gctgaggctg gggtaacgcc atgccccctt gtctcaggta    136020
     tcaggaaaga atgttcctgg tagagcctta caggtggggc atgcacaggg ctgctttagg    136080
     gccaaccccc aagaaatcta aatcgtcaga agtagaaaaa tggtggctaa tcctcattta    136140
     atatttggga ttccagaatt tctacttcaa tgttggaata ccctgaggtt gaggagttag    136200
     gaacattctt agattctact tgtccttctg tattttggca agagacacat gagtgttccc    136260
     atgccacatg gtgcagagga ctgctgtggg gtcatcctgg atcctgacct aagaggacca    136320
     ttcttgacta aactggagag ataaatcata ttctactggc tgcagaatta ttgcaggtgg    136380
     tggctcaagt taggtagggg tgaaccctcc cttctaagac agagggatag gctctgagct    136440
     ggaactttcc agagaaattt ccaggaaact gcccctgaga caacaaagca gcttaaaaca    136500
     tctgccatgc tcagagagca tgaaatcata ttctatccat tcctgagcaa gtaagacctc    136560
     tctccccact accccacccc tctcaatgcc ccagccaaag caccagccca aaggttcaca    136620
     aactagccag caacatctgg aagaagagcc atttaaaatc gaatcaaagg agacagccct    136680
     cttttcctct atagcgccaa agacgagcaa tattctgagg taccccaggg atcaaagtat    136740
     ctgcccatga tgtgttactg gaaaacaaca gaaaagacaa attgtggttt ttaagggcta    136800
     gaactgaaca ttgaaagcaa ttaagtgtag aactaaatct taataaaagt attctttgaa    136860
     atgtaaaaaa aagagataca aatgtatata gtacttactt acttaaaaga tagatgatgt    136920
     aagaaataat aaaacacaat agctttatgt tagaaatggt gttgatagga gccagaagaa    136980
     aagatagatc agaccaatct tcatcaaaca tatgaaggac tccaaagagc cccttacaat    137040
     tctggacttt aaataatatt aacataggtt aaagaacatt ggcttgcttt cctgcagagc    137100
     tggggatcag atccacaccg tgtgcgagct agaaaagcac cagggcacta ggcgattatt    137160
     tccagcttgt ggaatacgtt gtaaaattaa ataaaacatg aagtagaaga aaggactttc    137220
     agataggcaa aaacaagttc atgaaatata ctgtactgta cagtattctg taagacatgt    137280
     atgtggggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg ttactgagaa    137340
     tcaaatccat ggctttgcgc atactaggaa gacatttcct ttgtaactga cattaacaca    137400
     tgaataagac gatggggaaa aatccacatg tatccattat taccataaaa taatttatat    137460
     tttcttaatt aaaaaagaag aatcctaaaa ttttgaggaa atgcctagta atatggacct    137520
     cacagaagag acttgggagt cataggaaga ttgaaagtaa aagtgtagcc caagtttatg    137580
     atggagaatg ggaccagagt ggccacattc atttcatatc tttggaacca aggcgagaag    137640
     ctttgaaaag gacaatgtgt acagctgaaa tagatagact acccgagaca aaaaatgcct    137700
     acaagcaaca ttatatttag tattgttctg gtcaaaccag tgtggaggag agcagaagta    137760
     aagagaataa ttacagaaaa aagaaaggcc caaattatca tcattagtga agatataatt    137820
     atggtctttg aagcccagag aattgaaaat ttcttaaaat aattgaattt aggaaagaag    137880
     ccagataaaa gaaaattgca ccaaaaagtt gctctcctat ttatcatcaa taaccaatga    137940
     aaagacatca ttctgttcct ggtagttcca caagaacttc tagggactgg atttagtaag    138000
     cgctcaactc acacggagta agtttccttt ccgtacacat gtacaatggc atttgtcgta    138060
     gggaagtgag gtgctcactc tgaataagaa gactcagcat ggcaaagttt tgacatgcca    138120
     gctcctccct ctcctcctca aagaatgttc agtttgaagc tagcattggt ttaaaacaat    138180
     ctagaggatt taaaaatcac ctatttgact atttatctgg aaccccaaat tagtcaagaa    138240
     tggccaagac aattgtaagg atgaagagtg tgaaggccat gaatcaggtc acgaagcaag    138300
     ggggttgggg cgggatttag aatgggactg taccagcaaa gaaagaagaa taggaaacca    138360
     gagagcagaa ggttggccta ttggtctttt tacacaacag gaggattttc aacaaaacaa    138420
     gttcatattt ttatcaaata gttctgcaaa ttttggctat atggagaaaa actatttctt    138480
     gcacttcact gcgaaatata acttaacctt aggtgttaca aagacaaaga tgaagagaat    138540
     gccatttaaa ggcatagaag aaattggcct gggggtgttg ctcagtgggt agagcacttg    138600
     cctagcatac atgagagtct ccatgcaata cccaggactt ataactaatt aattaattaa    138660
     tgaaaacttc acagatgaat tgatgccatg aaacaaaatg agctctgggg cacacatccc    138720
     caatgtgtgt ctctgtataa gacaaatggt aatcaataaa atcagtttta tttacttcct    138780
     ctattcccat gtttttaata ttttcctcaa tgaacacact gtcttcctat ctataagtga    138840
     atctgttttg tagcttgtca aatgactatg tagtaggtta aggcttagaa aacgaaaagg    138900
     ctaatttaca cagacaatga aactgaccta gaaacaaaaa taaagccttt gacacagtga    138960
     ggggacaatt atgaaaaatc aatcagaaag aaaaatatca gatgtttaag tggaagtacg    139020
     aaggcattga taataaaagg gtttcatgac aaaccaacca gataatatgt gctagtaact    139080
     acaaaccagt tttgagtgtg tcaaccatga aacaagcatg tataaacagc aaggccatca    139140
     ctgtgaaaca agaggctggc ccctactatt atgtcacacc tagttgacca caggttcttt    139200
     tcattcatag ctatttacac atgcttagca tgtaccaagc tctgtagcaa gaactttata    139260
     aggagtgtct catttaatcc cctcagctac ttagagttag gttccagtgg cctcatttaa    139320
     gatgaagaaa gtgaggcatc aaatccaaaa tcagatggct agtaaagcat atatacgaac    139380
     ccaggtaacc tgggtaccag ctcccgtaac tattaacggc agatgggaaa cctgagcttt    139440
     gaaaagcttc ctggctcatt tagctgatca attaggcaag attccctcca agtttcattt    139500
     ccagacctca actacaaact tctgtggtct tgtttcatca ttttcatcat ttctagggaa    139560
     tcaccgattc ctgggtttat taggagaaat gctagtggga aggcagagag cactggaggt    139620
     cttacccacc gtcccctgca ttgtatcata ctggcataaa tatgggatgt gtcagcaggg    139680
     tcactgtttc cccagcctcc caaaccaact gtagaatatg tgaacactgg agtaacattc    139740
     aaaatagttc ataaagtttc atctactttt gatcattggt tcaatgggaa aagacacaga    139800
     ggaggagggt gaggaaaatg aagacaaaga cagatggagc ctttgggaaa ccatcccctc    139860
     ggccttctgt cctaaagtct gaatgagcac aaatgagact tggtctgctg cagtcaacac    139920
     actaggctgc cttgccctct gtcccctgcg gccttacaga gcagatgcct tcatgtcagg    139980
     gaggaaaggg ggaacactag aaaagggcag agctgaaagt tttagaggga aaagaggaaa    140040
     aaggagagac agagagagag aagacagagg acagaagaag atgggagaag gagaagaaga    140100
     tgagctgagg ccacgtggcc tgaaggagcc gtaagtagcc agggatttca tagatgagca    140160
     atagagcagt gtagggtaca tttgcccaat ctaggcatgc agcttgtatt tattatcagt    140220
     tgggttttgt ggtctttgcg agggcacttt tggggggttg tagatttacc gttataaacc    140280
     tgattggtat attacaagta tctagtgtta tcattttaaa gggctaaggg ggatctgtgg    140340
     tcgactttct gcaggctacc caaagggatg gcctgggaag tgagagcaac ttggcagcaa    140400
     gctggccccg ggggttgtca agaccacagt tgccagtgcc tagctggagt cagcgtggat    140460
     catggttatt gtcttggttt ttgggttgtt tttggttttg tttttgtttt gtaaaactac    140520
     acactacgtt taggcacaac ctacaagcca gaagttatgc catcatcagc acagatactc    140580
     ttcttcatag acaccagcat ggacacccaa gagaactact ttctgacaat gagccaggta    140640
     aggacaccaa cacacaactc caaactttac cttgtatacg gttttgctcc ttctgtcggt    140700
     gagatccaac tgaatgggga tgtaatcaat gttgggtgaa gggggctgca tgtgttggta    140760
     gtgaaacccc gtcagcagaa actcctcaca gctcactttc agacttgcca cttgcttcaa    140820
     ttccagggca cagcttccat ctggacactt cagtccagcc cctagctcta gagagcacag    140880
     cactgtgtca agacatctac ttgaacacaa tgattgtact aactcagaat gcatcttcct    140940
     gccttggact cgtcttcact cactgcccca gggcacttgc acatgcacca tccaattatt    141000
     cacccactag actgtcattg ttctgaaagg tcataaactt ctttactaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141060
     aacaaaacaa aacccatttg accagttgtc tcatcagggt tcacctacca aaagttaggc    141120
     tgaggggaaa aaagttaaag aggggctctg tggtatttga atacctctga caaacatgtc    141180
     agtggctcat tgtgggcact cacagctcag ccactgcttc tgtttacatt atacagcctc    141240
     atgtggatta tccacccaca gtaatcccac ctccttgccc ctggttggtc tttttagcaa    141300
     atgcttcctt aatccttctc ttgcccctta aacaaaccgg ttctgacatt ttgaacacag    141360
     agctatcctt aaaagactct ggctgggcag tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcactt    141420
     gggaggtaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gtacagagtg    141480
     aattccagga cagccaggga tgcacagaga aaccctgtct tggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagactgt ctgtctcctg tctctcccag ctgtattttc actgttgctg    141600
     aggagtggtg ctcagggagt ctcatttccc tactacaaga aacaggtact ctactcctta    141660
     acccaatggc taggctaaca aaatggactg atgttcaact tcagctgtct ttagctggaa    141720
     gcttttgttc aaaattcaag gtaatactgt ggctatttct aggtcttccc atgatcacta    141780
     gaacactact tactcagata gcaagtgttc gaaatgtaca gtttatatgt ctaccacggg    141840
     gagtgctgta gaatatagta accgaatgga tactacaagg ggcatttcag ccaacgttct    141900
     ggatgtcaag cctggctgct acctacagtc tttactagaa tacaacccaa tactactcag    141960
     aaaagagcac actactgccc ccactgctgt ccattgctat aatcatagat ggaaacccat    142020
     gagcaccata acgggccaaa ctactaaagg aaaatacaaa cctcaacccc agatgtttct    142080
     gattctgatt ccaaatccac agccttaact aatctatatt tttcttttgt tttgtttttt    142140
     taatgtgttt ttagtttcat tttcatttta tttggttttt ttggaagtta gggtattttt    142200
     tcccctccac catgtaggcc tggtgatcaa attcaggcca tccagtttgg aggccagtgc    142260
     ccccaccaag tgagccatcc cactagcctg tgtgtgtgca tgtgcgggtg catctgtgtc    142320
     tctgtgtgtg catgtgtcca aaagaacttg tgcctcagta tgagtttgga ggtcagagga    142380
     caatttgaag gagtaggttc acttcttata ccatgtaggt tacaggcatt gaactcaggt    142440
     caggcgtggt aacgagtgcc ttaccactga gctacctcac taaccctata gcttagagtt    142500
     ttcaacaagc taaaaactat atttgttaag cagaactctg tctttgtcaa tagaaagatg    142560
     agaatttaga cattttgttc agttttagta acgtcaacta ctaagaggtt acctatacct    142620
     acctgtctca gagaagaagc tgtgtggctg atctccacga ggcccctctg acttacgatt    142680
     caccacgacc agcttgccgt gagctggcag ctgagtcctc agtgggtcta gtctgatggt    142740
     gcaatccagg ctggcagtcc tatcataatc aaactggagc aggttcttat caatggcttg    142800
     cgataagcca tagaattcag tcacttccaa cacattactg ctcatacgga tgatgttaca    142860
     gtctggttcc acaagataaa cccgcaagag aaaggtttcc atgaaggtgt ctgtttcagt    142920
     aaacctggag agagaacagg ataaaggtca tgtttattgg tgctcagatt cttcagagac    142980
     ttgtacactt attgaaaaag ttgccctcgt gagccagatg tggtgatgta tacttctaat    143040
     cccacctgaa gcactttttc ccagagtgtt agctcaaagt ctgggaggcg agagccagga    143100
     tcttaacagc ataccaccac ggccttacca tgccccttcc attcaggctc agacaaagga    143160
     ggactttcag ggaatcctgg atttttaata aaactcactg atcagtttta ttaccagttt    143220
     gagaaaagac tgggatacat ttgaggctag cccaggcaac ttagcaagac cttatttcaa    143280
     agaaaatcaa aaccaaaata gaataacaac aaaaattgtc cttgacaaac tgtgtacttc    143340
     agatggaatt tggctccatt ttctcctcta tttttggcct ctccttgttc ccgtggcttc    143400
     atcttcagtt ttgtgccaat gatttgtgtt ttgttttatt ttgttttgtt ttgccactcc    143460
     ctccttaccc gtctctctta caaaccctgc tctcaaattc accatccatc ctaatatcta    143520
     atgactgctg agacctcaga acctcccttc tagcacatgc ataatttaag agcatgaagg    143580
     ctgagatgag tttcaactta ggactgaaga agtactgagt gtcatgatct tttctccttc    143640
     agaaatgcct attggggtgt ccagctcagc acttgctatg taaactgaat aaatacttgt    143700
     tattgccata atacttatgt tctgggcatt ttcacaggca actggtgaag tgttatcacg    143760
     ctgtagaagc gagaaaggtg ataataatga gtgtgccctg acaacacaac tctgaactga    143820
     tgagtttgta atgtagtcca gctgtgttaa taaggccttc accaaatcat tggaccctgc    143880
     aataggcatt gcccacccct ctcaccaatg aggagactga ggcgcagaac agttggatag    143940
     cttgacaaag aagctgaaga ggagattcaa ggaaaacaaa ctgctccctg gtcccttgcc    144000
     tctagtcttt ctgaatgctc tattacaaat gtccttaaaa ccaagtgcat gccagaccct    144060
     ttagccctcc cttgcacagg ccccttccca accttcctac atgctagaaa gtcaaagtgt    144120
     ctggaagctg acaggactcg tcagtttccc tagcctttcc tggcaagttc tttgaacttt    144180
     atttgggttt ggctctaaag tttggaaaga tgaaacccac cttcacattg atgttgtagt    144240
     ttcttaggaa atcccttggt gtcatgccac tatttgagca cagcgttttg tttgtgactt    144300
     ttgtttggtg attgcaactg taatcattcc ccagctgccc atcctccaga ttctggcaac    144360
     cactaatcta ctttctgtgt ctatgaatct acctattaag atatttcata taagtggaac    144420
     catataatac tagttctttt tgtggctggc tgctctcatt tgatgtaatg cttttagagt    144480
     tagtttacgt tgcacaagtc aggacatcat tagtttttgt gactgaataa tatcccattg    144540
     catggttata ccattgatca attcaattaa ttcagcattt tatctattat gaataaggtt    144600
     tcagggttag cattttgtgc aagcttttat ataagcatag gttttcactt gtgtatatag    144660
     atgggatgtg ttttatagga ttatattatg aatctatgtt taatttcata atcaacttta    144720
     aacatacttg tattatttga catctagaag tgaaaaatat cgtgcttcct ataactaagc    144780
     atctggcaat caaactgaaa aaattcatcc aatcttgtaa taagtgtcca tcagattttc    144840
     ataaggaact tgtatttgtg acttttgcca catgaatggg ttgaactttc aaggttaagt    144900
     aatgggttac agtaagagaa acctctgcat ataagcggag gaaaacataa tgtagttaat    144960
     aatctgtaga aaggctccaa ggaggaagag acgaaagaat ccgactctgg ctgcaatggc    145020
     tgcctcaccc actcggatct ccaactgctg ctgagtactt ttttactaga ttatagtgac    145080
     tcctacagga aagcatgtag tggtaggaaa tgcccacgga gtacacagca taactatctg    145140
     gcagaaataa aataaattat aagaaagggt tctatgccac tcacctgtaa agtctaagct    145200
     tcacagagtc ttcatccaga attgggcatc cattgtgaac atacttcact tcgttgggaa    145260
     gaaaatggca atcaaagacc tagttcacag gaacaaaaac atgtctatga aaaagccagg    145320
     gcaaagtttt attcctccag ctttctagcc cttccaaaac ataatgtgct agctgctggt    145380
     ggtgacacac acgtgcaatc ccagcacttg gaaagaagat gcaggaagat cttcaagagt    145440
     tcaaactcag cttgaactac atagtgagtt caaggaaagt gtcaatacag aagaaacaaa    145500
     ccagaactca ttaaagggaa tgaggatctt ttattctgga gccattgtga gtgattgtgg    145560
     cttggtaaca cagaattgag ttattctaaa gcccatgttc ctccacggaa gcagttttat    145620
     ggagtttcgt cattttacag aacaaaaaag ccactcagtc aagacaggtt taaaatacat    145680
     tggtgctaca tcagagggtt ggttatagca agatggcaga aggctgtttg cttggtttta    145740
     gcctcagatg ttatctgacg acagccatag ctttggggtt ggtaaagcca gtggtctgct    145800
     aagtcgacag atttcgaaag attttttttc tattagtcac aggttgctag ttcccacagg    145860
     gaggcaggca aggaatggcg atttaatctc tggactgaca acatccaacc cctccacacc    145920
     actgaagctt taattagtca atcagtcttc acagatacag cttctttcca agactcttgt    145980
     tcataccacc agcctgggct gtttatatca gtcttcacag atacagcttc tttccaagac    146040
     tcttgttcat accaccagcc tgggctgttt attgagactc tgtctcaaaa agaaaagcat    146100
     ggcgagtggg agtcgggtgg gaggtgccga tgttctatta gtgatgtggg tacaagtatc    146160
     tttctgccac catcgacccc ttctttccta cccatgcgcc atcttgttta tagttgtatc    146220
     ttgtttggtt gatgtctaaa taataacaat ccaaacaagc aaattaatga atgctacatc    146280
     tctaaataaa tagatgtcta taaattataa tgctttataa aaatctgcta tttatcaaaa    146340
     agactattta tccttttcag gagcatatag caattgaatt aaagaggtct ttctgggtgt    146400
     ctggacaaca catttaccca cacacaaaca cattgttctg tgtggttttg ttctgtcttt    146460
     ctttttcaaa taaattcttt atgttcaaag atggagacac agtgggtgtg tgctgttgag    146520
     ttgatgagcg ccaaagaaga tatgcaattg tctctcacat gcttgcaaat gacaactttg    146580
     atggttatgg ggggaaaaaa acaaatggca gataagggtc aaagaaaatt tgctctcctt    146640
     aaatgcagta acaattaacc ttatcacctc ataaagaatc attgaagaaa cgactatttt    146700
     atattaggac cctgggtttc tgtttcattg tgttgtgttt ttaaaacttc cgatcctccc    146760
     actgccttgg tggaagtggc aaagtccaga gaaacatcct tgcctgcatc catgcatcca    146820
     tccatacatc catgcatccg tgcctccaca catccattgc attactgcaa tggtgttctt    146880
     agtacctttt acagcctcaa agatttccag acgatataac caccctggga caacattctc    146940
     actagtaaga atgaatttct attcctcttt tgaattgaca agcagagaga agataaaggg    147000
     aagcccttcc catatcactg acaaatagcc gtggcaataa agagacaatc tgctttgtta    147060
     aaagaaacat ctgttccgtg tttcctaata tgttttcctt ttataaaagg cgacaaccat    147120
     gattgaccat aaatttacta actaaaacaa aggagagcta aatccttttc taattactgt    147180
     ctagctttgg ttttttccac ttcaactgct tttcaattac aatttataat taaattgtca    147240
     cacattcctg actcattact cactttaatg acaacgaagt ggttcaaact agagatgttt    147300
     tcttaatgct gtatttcaga ttcaaaaaca gcaagctcag cactaaacca aggtgatttt    147360
     ccaccctgaa aatgttttgc cttggtccag gtgtggagtg ctggggagtg gggaagtctt    147420
     gccctggaat ctgagacagc acactgccat tgacctaaat ggctaaatgg ctatccagga    147480
     gactatagag acagaaggca ctagcatgaa cccacgcaag tggctttcca gatatgcgat    147540
     gggaatgaac ctgttggttc taagacaaac ttcagtaatg aaatgaaaac actaattgaa    147600
     cagatgttaa acaaagcatt tctgtgcaaa tcccacaaaa ctgttcatta cacagcaggg    147660
     tgttgctaat acaatagttt tgctaggaat gggttcacat aagcctagct cgaagcttac    147720
     tgttaagctc taggaagaaa taatgtttat ttagctgtgg aggggggtat ccttgtacac    147780
     ttatgcactt aaccatgctt aattcaaaaa ttcttaatag agaaatccgg gaagggctga    147840
     accactctac ctctaaaatc aagcataaat tctcctcaaa ccagacttta cctgagaatc    147900
     ttatttattt gctaaaaatt atcagaattt aaaattagaa aaaaaataga aagaaataat    147960
     gtttctatca acatatctat gacacacagt aagccaggaa tgaagcttag agaaataaat    148020
     tctagaatat actgacagca tgtccccttg aaatgctgca aatccatttt ctctgtcata    148080
     tttactctag aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacat ccagtaccac agtggacatt    148140
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttttcaaat aatcagcaaa cagaagacaa gaacacttgg    148200
     aggttttcta aacagtcaaa aaaactccca atctggttgg gtatttgttg tctctgttgc    148260
     ataatatctt cctaataact ataattttgc cttaaaatca gagatgactt ggaggtctta    148320
     tgtctgtgat aatcatatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat    148380
     agccacatac atatatgcat gcacacattc atatgtattt atatatgtca tcatgcatat    148440
     atgtgcacat gcacacacac atatgtcatc atgatttacc tttgtcattc tggggtctgc    148500
     atatgaccta aaaatgtctc aaaactaata gaacccgatt atgaaatcag cctagtagcc    148560
     ttgctacctt ctctaagata cttctcttgc agtgtgtgag agaataactt tgtaaggctg    148620
     ggcacagcat gccctccaag ggacctctca ctaagtctct ctgtctctgt ccctgtgtct    148680
     gtctctctca atatccttct ctttctcgat cttcctcttt tccccacttc tctctcccct    148740
     ttctctcccc ctaccctaaa atgagagacc aggaaacatg tgatttttct tacatcctct    148800
     ttttttccta actggattaa gggctactct tgtaggtcag gacacctggt aagacatgga    148860
     aatcctctga atgagacaag acactgcaat gaaaggtttc ttgaaagcag tgattgttaa    148920
     gaaaatgtgt acacacctgt atgagtttta cccttacttc ctgtaatatg ttaatataaa    148980
     tcagattaaa ccaagtcagt ggcttagtat ctgaatccgg tcaagaatat tcaaaaacag    149040
     ggctagcaag ataactcaga gggtaaaggc atttgccagc aagaccaatg acctgttcac    149100
     tccccatggt tcaaggagag aaacaacgcc taacgttgtt ctttagcctc cacaagcctg    149160
     ctgtggcatg cccacgtcca gacacacata ataaatataa ttttaaaagt attcaaaagc    149220
     gtgttccacc tctttgacaa aagcaatagg atcccatgcc tgtgcctttc aacgccttag    149280
     tttcaaatat gctacatact tgtaacgatg gcttaagaga gcctttacct atcccctctg    149340
     ccttcccaca ctgtacagac acacacatac atgtctgaac aaaaacaaaa cgcgacctac    149400
     ctgtggagag agtttcccaa ccctctgggt tacgggctcg ttcatcacca cctccagtct    149460
     gcaggcgtcc ttttctttag ggactgcaac cctcaggtga tctccagaca ggaaggcaga    149520
     actacccttc atcaccctca ggccccggtt gatgctgatg aaggtggcac tgacccggtc    149580
     caggtgcagc agaagcagct ggagcagcaa gaaccactga gccttgggcc cagtgcagcc    149640
     tggagagtgc atgatgccag ggccagctct gtccacaggc acagtctgtt caacaaagca    149700
     agcttcctgc acttcttccc caagtgtcag cttgaggtcc agggggcaat actaggggtc    149760
     ccgacagcgt gccccaagac cttaacatgc tccttccatt cagattcaga caaggaggcc    149820
     tttcaggcaa tcggggcttt ttaataaaac tcgctgatca ttcctgacaa cgctggcaag    149880
     attaatgtgc ctcccaagtg ccttcctaat cctgcaaaca gaaaaggttg gaggaaaatg    149940
     agagggacca aaggtttgtg cagctatttt aagaacagtt cctaacaaag gggtctttca    150000
     ggtggcctat aatttcagct aaattaaaag caaataaacg aacttgacct tcaggcccat    150060
     ccaaagggca aggaagccat ttcattactc tgcttgtagc cgttgcttcc ggatgcagtg    150120
     aacctcaacg gggatgccaa ctgtgtggtc ctgcaggatt ctctgcctga ttgctccagc    150180
     agaggcaggc cctccctgct cagtgcgagt ggtgcgctcc ttgctttcat ttccctattt    150240
     gctaagtgag ggccacactg taacttgggt cagaaatccg atagcattat ttgtacattg    150300
     tttttaaagc acggggtaat taagaatgaa tagaacccgg ctaagaagta tgcctaatac    150360
     ttggtccaat gaactcagat gggtaacgag gtcacctaac agacccttca gtggaaactg    150420
     gtggaagtag tctttttttt tttctaaata agcatccaag tattgtttaa acacagaagg    150480
     aactgtgaag agagagtggt acagctcaaa gtgcacagct cactactgta ggagcacaca    150540
     ttatatcttc atcttcaagg cttactcttc ataacatact tgattgactc tgatggaggg    150600
     ttttttttcc ccacaatatc atggttattt ttttttctat tctataagaa ctgagaagcc    150660
     tttaaaatcg atgtgtcaca acctatctct aaatccaggg tatgcttaga ttatcagtgg    150720
     ccatgttcta cggccatgga aaagcttcac accaagccaa gtgcatggtg gctcaatggt    150780
     ggagctcgtg cctgcaaagt ttacctcgtt ataatttcaa tcttttccta cagcagaact    150840
     ggggaataag aaagtggaca tgaaagacct gtcactaggt gtacacaaaa tgtccatgcc    150900
     actccttccc tccgtatcgc tcccagtcct gcatgctttg cacaccggct cataccctcc    150960
     atggccaccc ccagacaccc tagaagccca gcacctagtg gcagtgaagg ctttgatgag    151020
     cacctcaaga aagtggaggt aaatactatt ttacagacat ggatgcaatg gcgaaaaagt    151080
     ttaggtcacc tcttgtgaca ggaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaaaaaaccc tcgttgtaaa    151140
     agctcagaac gctttgacaa gtagttttct tataatctgt gagagaagtc tgaagagaca    151200
     taaccacggt gaaagaactc agcctgttga caatgttgca gatggcccac gggttctgca    151260
     taaggaacgc gagagatgtc cgtgcacggc aaggaagctg ggagaagcat gggggctgga    151320
     aggaagcatg gcagtaatac ctcaggtatg tagagttgtg gaaaggcaga acgaaagccc    151380
     cgtcctcatc ttgggacagg atttgctaag acactgagca agctgggcac aacgagcgag    151440
     cgtttctcca aacagcaggt ttttttcttc ccttttaaaa aattacctcg tttctcgtca    151500
     tctttaccac ggatgcttta aatgaaatgc attagcttca gtagatcatg cctttgattg    151560
     attagatcat gcctttgatt gataaagaaa tgtgttggtg ctgattttac aaatgccttg    151620
     tagggtccac ctctgatgca ttcaagggaa tctgtcccac atcatggttt gaaacctttc    151680
     acagatgcca tctgtcctgc gtcacctgag ggggtggaag ctttacagat cagcctgctt    151740
     ttaatgatgt cagtcctaaa ataaagctgt tcacagactc ccactgaccg tgctgtccac    151800
     actcaagctg aattggctta tttgtgtaaa aatgcaaatt tggttgtgga atttttcaca    151860
     acaaagtcaa atcttttata ccatttccat ttgtcctcca aaatctcaca gaaaagaaaa    151920
     ccggccagag agagagaagt gaggggtgga ggagaaagac aactttccgg gatttgggct    151980
     agctcagtca acatgtaaaa gctgcaagcc cgcggcgccc ccccccctcc ccaacaacaa    152040
     caacaacaac aacaacaaca cagcactcct gctcaggccc cttcattgcc tctttctaca    152100
     caactctgca tttttaaaaa acacacttaa gtttatttgt atgttttatt gtatatgtgt    152160
     gggtgtgtag tcagagcaca cccttggggc ttggttctgt ccttccaccg tggagtgcct    152220
     tggatcaaat ttaggtcctc aggctagcct ttgctctctg agctgtctca tcagccccca    152280
     tctgacgttg aaatattgga cactacaatt cattccttgg tcctatttgt gtctttcctc    152340
     tatcccccta tttttggaac tgaataccat ttacatgtta atgagtaccc ttcccccgcc    152400
     cccaccccca cccccccatt cttaccctca gcgtcatccc cacctaagta cctagcgggc    152460
     atctccttcc ctaagtagcc atataattct cctggttgtc tcagttctgg ctaagttaat    152520
     gaatggcaac tccaacgttt tggctgcttc tctgttgcgt cactcttaat atcctagcaa    152580
     aagcctgctg gttccggttt gttcttcatg ctaggcagat cccagggcaa aagcgataat    152640
     tctagccttc cggtaactga aagggctttt cttctgagtg ccagaagaac aggatcaggt    152700
     gaaggtgatg ggcgattgat tatgtggcct gttaccgaag actatctcaa gcaaagcttc    152760
     aagctctccc gctgacctcg aagccacagg cctatatgag ttcttctgcc actaggaaac    152820
     aagttctgca gacaatcaga atgagcatca aagtggattt gcttaagtca gtctccccac    152880
     tcgacaggag cccagtgaga tgaacccata gcagagaagc cagtgaaacc accagtgaac    152940
     ccagaataac agaaactgac actagacacg aattaattca agcttcaacg attgcagtaa    153000
     tttgttcaga gaaaatcaat agcctttctt taaaatatat ccagaagcca agcactgctt    153060
     cctgctttcg gtgtatcagc ctggtccagt ccccatcagc tctgctacac aaggtgatag    153120
     cctcctgttc gagcccctct ccctttgaac gtgtcttggt atcatggctg agcttcctag    153180
     aaaaagttgt gcatgccatg taatttctct gctcaaaatg tcccatggtt ttgcttcttg    153240
     aataaaagca gaacacttgc tattattcct actgatctct gccattttag gtccccacat    153300
     tccgctgttc tgcgaccggt ctctctcctt tctctcccac aaaggcttct ccgactgcct    153360
     gccggttgct ctgtagtgaa taccacccct acccacaccc ccccaccccc acaagcccct    153420
     gtctccctcc tcactttcaa gctttctgtc aaacatcaaa attgcaacgt ggctacactt    153480
     aattgtctca taaaatcccg ccctgtttct ctgatttgtt tttaacctta gaactaatga    153540
     ccacctaacc aaccactcac ttgtatgtta gaccttgcta tttccttcat taaaaaggtg    153600
     aatttttgaa agttgtttat aggtttgtcc cagtgtctag aacaaaatat gatacatccg    153660
     taactgtttc ttagatgagt aaataagttg tagaagcaat tccctatata caaacaatag    153720
     tttaatcggt aaaaacgtaa actttttttc tgactgtggt ggaacaagcc tttaatgcct    153780
     taactcaggt ggcaaaagca ggacagcccg gtctacaaag cgcgacattg tttaaagggg    153840
     aaaaaaatga gggaagagcc accgtcatga aaaatactat caatcatggg tcaagagcca    153900
     agtgggcttg ctaattttct tgtcaacctg ccacaatcta gagtcacttg aaaagaggga    153960
     ctctcaattg cgaatgtgcc tccatcagac tggcccctag gcaagtcttg tctggcattt    154020
     tttaaattaa tggttgacat gagagggcac agctcacggt gccattccct gggcaagagg    154080
     tcctgggttg tataagaaag taggctgagc gagcgagagg gagcaagcca gtaagcagca    154140
     ttcttccacg gtcgatggac ttgagtttct gccctgactt ccttggatga tgaacaacaa    154200
     gctgtaagat gaaacaaaac ctttcctcct cagattactt caggtcaggg tgttttatca    154260
     gtgatagaaa ccccaagaca ccaagtaaat tcagctccca gaagtgacca gaaaaggtca    154320
     gatcatcttg gggccaacta cacatctaca acactaggat ttttagctct ggaaaaatgc    154380
     cattttctga gacctttgca aaagtaactg tgcagacaac caacctttcc cagtcagctc    154440
     cccatgaaaa tatatgaaga actataaatc tctctatcct gtgataccga agcaaattgg    154500
     gaatctttcc cccagaaatc aaagcagcta gatgtagcac tcttatagtg gcaaagatcc    154560
     agacaaagct aatgccatca tcaaggaagt gactgaacag agtcaaccat ggatgctgtg    154620
     tggccgtaca cagaaaaaag ctgcatctct atatattcac acttgtatat agaaataagg    154680
     ctttcttagg ccctgtacta gtttgctgcc tatagctgtc ataaacacca tgaccggtaa    154740
     caacttgggg aagaaagagt ttattaggct tacttctcaa tcactgccta tcatcagagg    154800
     aagtcaaggc aggaactgaa gtacaagagt gttgcttact ggctagcact ggctggctac    154860
     ctctggtttg tccagtttgc tctcatatac cacccaggac cacactgcac tcagcctccc    154920
     acatcaatca gtgatcaaga aaataaacac agagacatgc ctacaagcca atctgatgaa    154980
     ggcattttct caattgatgt tcccccagca taggggtgtt gccatatttc acaaacttgt    155040
     gtttgatgac agtacatttg ggctagcaag gtcttaataa gaaaggcaag ataggccaaa    155100
     ataaaacaaa actgcttgaa gttttatttt atatccacaa ctttagaaag tcaaataaac    155160
     atggctgtat tttatgatat attttaagag aatacagcaa atactctctt catttctctt    155220
     atgagaactt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct    155280
     gtatagccat ggctgtcctg gacctcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    155340
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca cgcccggctc    155400
     tcttatgaga acttaaccat gatgtgttca gtatctatct gtgactagac tgtcatctgt    155460
     ggcttgggaa gttccatgtc tcccagcagc tccaccaatt gctacaaacc caggaggtgg    155520
     gtcagcccta tagcaggatt agtggagctc tcagacctca tcagagaaga ggggtgtgtg    155580
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca tacatgttca tgcaggtgca tgtgcttgta    155640
     tacccatggg gttgtatagt gggcaatggt taatgcagaa actcacaact cattgggaag    155700
     tgcagagaat tggtgactca gccgcaaatg agatacctat agcacactct tccccaaagc    155760
     tcagggacca tcatggaaga tggggtggaa agattgtaag aggtagaagt tgaggcttaa    155820
     agcaaaacag tgtctctgaa catggctgga ccactgcact tatgaagtaa caacagctgt    155880
     tcaagatgaa gccagttaac attctagcaa ggagtggaaa ggggctcatg atcccctaat    155940
     tgagaagcta tgagcagttg atggtttcta ggggagtgag agtcagtttt gtttaagggt    156000
     gtgtctagta ggttgaccac actccagtgg aagtatatgg gcaacacaaa ctgaagtcaa    156060
     tgggttcttg aattgggggg ggagggggag tatttgcagg aaaagccatg gtcaatggtt    156120
     aagagcacta gctgtccttt cagaggatca gagttgaagt ctcagcaccc acaggctaac    156180
     tcacaactgt ctgtgactcc acttccaaga agtctggttc cctctgctgg cctccacagc    156240
     acacacatat atatgcaggc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    156300
     tgtgtgtgta atataaatta aaacaaaaca tgaagttggg ggttacagaa gttgaagtag    156360
     atttgaaagt agttaagggg agattaaaat gaatgttatc aaaatacatt gtataaaatt    156420
     ctgaagaaaa ttaataaaaa aatttaagtc catttgcttc atactaccca acactatctt    156480
     cttctataga aacagaaact ttagataggc gctggtcact agaacataga ctgtcttgcg    156540
     gttagatatg gttatgtgac caaactctaa taggctaaaa gaagtatccc atggtatcct    156600
     gagaagtttt ctttaagagg tcctatctga gtttgcagct tgggtaggaa ggtttatttt    156660
     tatcttgcag gttgaagttg tcatcaagaa aaatcagggc aggaacctag tggcaggagc    156720
     tgaagcagac tctgggggtg ggggggaacc ctgatgaatg gctcatttcc ctgacttgct    156780
     caaattcccg tcttattctg cccaggctcc cctgaccaca gtgtgctggg ccctcagaca    156840
     tgctcccagg ccagtctgat ggaagcagtt ccctatttga gaattcctct tcccagacaa    156900
     ctctgagttg tgtcagctga acagctgaag ctagttgtaa tagaccctta tcattttaat    156960
     tcctgcctcc atccgaccta ctggctagac ttgggcagat tctcaagtac acaatgcccc    157020
     aggctggcag aactgtgtga gtatggatgg cccctggggc atctacaaaa cagtcaccat    157080
     acaccttccc agaattttat atgacaagaa tacaaacttc ctggcttgtt gctattattt    157140
     tgccttttgt tgttactaag gctgactttt acacactaat cacaacattc tttaagttct    157200
     taatcttaac aggaaaagtc agataaagat tacaacttct tacctaaagc ctgtcttagt    157260
     tagggcttta cttctgtgaa gagaccctac aaccaccatg gcaactctta taaacattta    157320
     actggtgttg gtttagagtt cagaggttta gttgattatc cttatggcag gaagcatggt    157380
     ggcatacagg catacacagt gcaggaggag ccaagagttc tccttctgaa tccacagcag    157440
     caggaagtaa cagtgacaca cttcctccaa caaagccaca cctactccaa caaggacaca    157500
     cctcctaacg ttccaatagg gccattttta ttcaaaaaca ccaacaccac agagcctgag    157560
     aatgggtcag tggctcattc tccagttata tcatagtagg tccttaaatg ggcaacaagg    157620
     tacaacctaa gtcctaatgt ctatctacca ggaagagcca agagaagaaa gagaaaactg    157680
     ttcccattcc tgaagctcct ttgccaatgt cctggaagta tcagatcaga gctctgaagg    157740
     tctggattct aaacctgact cagcttcctc ttttgaagac gggatcatcc actcttgttt    157800
     tcccatgaga ccaaatgtca gttggcatga aagaatgttg gtcataaacc cacatgaata    157860
     tgatatcaat tatcctagtt tgctttctac tcccgtgata agaaccatga cgtgaccaaa    157920
     agcaacttgg gaagaaaaag gtttatttca attacagttt ccatccatcg tgatggatta    157980
     ttagggcaat aatttggagg caggactgcc tgcccatggg tggacccacc cacagtgagc    158040
     tgggctcttt cacatcactc attatcaaga aaatgcccca caaccttgcc agtctgatag    158100
     tggcactttc cttaattaag gtatcatctt cccagatgat cccatcttgt atgaagttga    158160
     caaaaataaa aactgtaacg aatgcttcaa taccatatgt atgagcagga tgagaaagtc    158220
     aatctttctc tggaaagcca agtggcaaag taagttcaat aaatgtcggg gtacatttct    158280
     gtttcccctt acagtcttaa agtagaatgc agaataaaaa attgaatcaa ccaggggcta    158340
     tgcaattgaa agattgtata aaaagagcct aaaagtaaca ctttacaaat tcaacaatga    158400
     agaatgtgca tccctccatc aacagaacct gtgagctggc tgcagagtca ggagctattg    158460
     aagcaaatgg atgcttttgt gttttactta tattttaatt agcttctgta tggaaaacac    158520
     tctctgtttg tttggtttgg gttttcttcc acttcaagac atggcaaagc agaggagaga    158580
     aaagacagaa acaggacaga aaagaaatgt agaaaagaat aaagactgtc aaagagtaag    158640
     atttcctgag tgatgaagag tctctcatct ccccagacaa gatgacagtg atcgtcttgt    158700
     ctctgcagca gtgcggcatc tgatggcagc cagcagtact caccaacact ctgagaggaa    158760
     gcctaacacc tcttgagaat ttagttttct tgctctcaac ataggacgaa gtcagctcct    158820
     cagaatccac ctgccaatgg ctcccttagg tcactattat gggtacccat ggatcagagc    158880
     gttactgggg tcccttgaag gttgaagcag aaagagcacc gggctagatt cctcatggga    158940
     gcttagaaca tggctcaaag ccacgtcagt cttaactctg tttttgcaat agaagcaaat    159000
     cctgtcagct tgttttcagg gttcagctgt tacacagtat ttcaaactcc tcctgtctct    159060
     cctgcaagcc agttctgttt ccctgaccat tcccaccacc gcttgtcctt catgtgaaaa    159120
     tcacatattc taaatattcc tatacaagct gattccaatg tgtgaaaatg ttctgaaagt    159180
     gtaaaatcat cctgtgtcgg gctctttctc ataaaaatcc acaagggttt ctttatctaa    159240
     actttctttc ttggaagccg tcccgaacag aagaaagtaa tttaggatca tttcattgat    159300
     agggaagacc tatgcacttg tagttctttc ctaattgtgt ggctaagccc caagagcctg    159360
     tattctctgc gttgctgtaa actcttctgc aatcactttg gcacatggaa cagcaatgga    159420
     tccctgagtc ctgcagcttc tcattgagat ggaaattccc agtggccaat accaacgatg    159480
     ctccctgatc acaacagcaa gtactgtatc tcctctctaa agtttacagt ggtagttaca    159540
     caaagcacag caaccaacgg ccctcctctg cctggccgca gcacagacag caaaccatat    159600
     atggccttgt taatttggtt tatatctgca gaatttgtat ttagtctact attcttctca    159660
     gcagcaagcc acatagttat tacctcttga ttgaagatga taagtagttc ttttttatcc    159720
     tccatatggg tgagtctgcc tggcttacaa cttgaccgat cgtgaaccta tcatctatcc    159780
     gtatctctca tcttcctagg tctcttatct gtttacttgc ttactttgat ttagagtatt    159840
     gtgatgctgc gtagcctatc ttcaaacaca cagtgagcat ctgcctcagc ttcccaatta    159900
     ctgagattag gaccatgtgc caccgtggaa caccaggtaa caccatagac cactgtgtgc    159960
     caccatgggc caccatgtaa aaccatacac cactatgtga caccataggc caccatgtac    160020
     cacaataggc caccacacac caccatgagc caccatgcct ggctctgact tacagctaag    160080
     ttataacatg tgctctaaga gccactaaag aagaaaataa accaatttta aaaatagaat    160140
     tttgtgtaga aataaatagc cagctcatga tcagcccatc ccacccaccc aaacatccag    160200
     agagtcttag atccttggta agaacgggga aggaagtcaa cacaaacttt ctactctttt    160260
     ccacattaaa accttgcaag ttccaattag agagaacttc aaagctgcct tggggttttt    160320
     atggtgtgtt ttgtaaatga gcagaatttt ttcatgtaaa tatttttcaa aaacaattta    160380
     tatagataaa aacttaaagt tgtgtaaacc tagggctgaa tataattgtc caccggacaa    160440
     ctgagttaaa ttcaaatcac atgtggtatg aattggccac ccggggcatt gaaatgtaaa    160500
     tcaggaagag tcctgggaag agctggccat ttggtcatct gatggcagca gaggaaatga    160560
     aaggttagta gacctttgcc aagcactttg gatccactct cccctttccc tgaggtaggg    160620
     aaggctaatt gcccccttgt tacaagcctc caggaatgag cagtctaaat ctccacaggt    160680
     ctaaaggtca cagcagagcc acgagagaag catccaactc agggttcttt cttctttcat    160740
     cctgaggacc tcagccctct cctgtccacc catccttgag ccatattgga aaaagacaac    160800
     tggaaacagg gtcttcaagc tcctgggcag cccccactgc tccagtgacc ccagaggtag    160860
     caagacccta catctcacca aacacaggat ttacagagtg attttttttt agagagacta    160920
     caataatggg gaaagaaata tcctgaaaat tctaaagttt ttctttaaag atgtttttag    160980
     aatgccaatg tacatatttg ggtgtttttt gctaataaca gtttttacta tgttgattgc    161040
     taagatcctt aaattatata ctctgcattt ttaattaatt tacttaaaat tttttataga    161100
     ggaagcagtg ttataggttg aactaaaccg tattttattc gtttaagagg ctgcaattat    161160
     gaaggggctc actggcttcg aggcctttaa actctctgag ctgtattgct tatatgcatc    161220
     tattcattta ttccccctaa cacacctata aaacagcccc tattattatc ctgattttat    161280
     aaactatgac ttcaaaaagt gacctaataa ttataataaa atgaacactt atttaccagt    161340
     taaaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaacca cttactaagc atatgtttta agacaagaat    161400
     tgtccagaca actctccact gccttgcttt ctctttatag ctctttcagg aagtagatgg    161460
     tgattttttg tgtatggggg aaattcaaga gtaggtaatg acccaaggtc ttcagcctga    161520
     ccttgtgctt gctagtgaag cccatttgtc cacaacagga ctcaggcact tagctgttgt    161580
     gttccactga ttcacattga aacaaatctt tttactctcc tcagtttgct tcacaagccc    161640
     taggggtctt ttatctccaa tatttaaacc tttaatgatc tcctttatgg ttccaaacag    161700
     caatggatga ctgggctcag ccagtttcac cagaggcagt gatggaggaa ggaactagct    161760
     gttatttaag agcactaatt aacagagtgc ctgcccaccc cgtcttagtg tctgacccct    161820
     tacactgtga gtgatgttta aagacctcaa agccagtgaa ccccttcata attgcatccc    161880
     cttaaatgaa taaaataaag gttggttcat cctgtagcat tgcttcttct gtgaaatttt    161940
     ttaactaaat taattacaaa cacagaatat acaatttgag gatcttagaa atcaaccagc    162000
     ccagacagct cactttatgt atccatttat ttactttctc tgaaaatagt ttttgtttgt    162060
     ttgtttgttt taaatataaa ataagtatat gctcatttag taaggacata aggaacctgc    162120
     agaaaaggta aaaatacatt tcctgctacc tgtagaaaat actcaagttt ctttggtggt    162180
     gatgctggta gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    162240
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtatgt gagtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt    162300
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt    162360
     gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtga    162420
     gggagaatac acgcgcatgt gtacacactg ttttattctt aactggaccc acactctgaa    162480
     gaaatgctat cactgtcttt catcagcatg gcattctatc aagagcattt tctttaatat    162540
     taagcatccc ttactgtctt aacctgtgca ctgtgtgccc tacaaggaga cctggagttt    162600
     ctctattcac ctccctgtag cactcacaga ctagccacac tatccataca aacactgaga    162660
     aaccgagttg gttacaaagc actggcttct ggcttgggcc cacataacta gaataaaaac    162720
     atgccatctc tgccttcact ttgacttgac attaagtatg tactcactct aggcgtcgct    162780
     atctagaacc tagtgatacc taatcaatcc cttcaaggct gaaagcacag aggtatcatt    162840
     ctcttagcac tacagtcaga acaagacctg gaagcccagg cttgccaccc cttcagggtg    162900
     attatctgag acagctaagc ttcaacctgg agtagaagca accattcata agagtaattg    162960
     caccaatacc atgctgcaga accagatgtg agataataat caagatgacc acgtcttgac    163020
     caggactgcc tgattactca taacctcttg acctttgccc ctgctgttcc tctgtttaag    163080
     tctaaagctc aggttagctc cacacccacc ctcatacaca aactcagtgt tcctggactc    163140
     ctttatctga tccactttcc agtgtattga ttaagtctcc tttccctgct ctctactgtt    163200
     cctcatccct tcagttggtg taataggatg ggtgaccaca tctggcttat caggggcccc    163260
     tgagccaggc ttctgcctaa aactctgtct gtattgttag ttgctctaaa aataggtaat    163320
     aaaaaatcct ttaaattggt gggagtgcaa acttgcacaa ccactgtgga aattaatttg    163380
     gcagtttctc agaaaattgg aaataattta tctcaaaatc cagctatgct actcctgggc    163440
     acatacccaa aagatgctct accataccac aaggatactt gctctactat gtccatagca    163500
     gttttttttt tttttttttt tttgtaatag acagaaactg gaaacaaccc agatgccctc    163560
     aaatgaagaa tggataaaga aaatgtggtt catttacata atggaatact tactactcag    163620
     tgattaaaaa caaagacatc atgaaattta caggcaaatg gatggaacta gaaaatatta    163680
     tcctgagtga ggtaacccag acccaaaaga acatgcgtga tatgtactca ctgaaaagtg    163740
     tatattatct ataaagtact ggatacccat gctacaatcc acagacccaa agaagttatt    163800
     tggattcatc aaatgggaat taaaaatgct attggaaata aatggaggga gggaaccagg    163860
     tgggagaggg aatgggaagg ggattaggga agaagataag gtatagaggg agatggtgag    163920
     agagagactg gaaagtgaat taaatgggga atggggtgca tttctagaac ttgccagaga    163980
     cctgggatgg agaaggcccc agggagtcta tgagggtgac cctacagctg agactcctag    164040
     cagtggggga taaatactct gaagtggcca cctcctatag ccaagcagga ctcccagtgg    164100
     agggttaaag atgtcaacca cccacaaaac ctttgaccca aaatttgttt gggctacaag    164160
     aaatacagga acaaagatgg agcagcaact gagggaatgg ccaaccaatg actgacccaa    164220
     cttgagacca attccatggg gaagaaccag tcccggacac tattaatgat actctgtcat    164280
     gcttgcagac aggagtctag cataactgta ggctgagagg ctctacccat aagctgacca    164340
     aaacagatgc aaagacccac agtcaaacat tagactgagc tcaggaagtc ttggagaaga    164400
     attggaggaa ggattgagga atccagaagg gataggaact ttacaagaag accaacgtag    164460
     taaacttact tgtgtccttg ggggctacca acaaaagcct aactcgggct agacctaggc    164520
     acccctgcac atatgtagca gatgtgcagc ttggtcttca tacaggtcac ccaacaactt    164580
     ggacagggct tgccctgact ctgttacctg cctgtggatc ctgttcctct aactggagtg    164640
     tcttgtctgg cctcaatgag agaggatgta cctagacctg caattttgag gtgccagggt    164700
     gggtgggtac ccaaggggaa cctacccctt cttagaggtg aataagaggg tgatgtcgga    164760
     ggggccatgg gagggggata atgagggtgg ggtcttgaga agagggaagc tgcaatcaag    164820
     atatatagta aattaattaa ctaattgggg gaaaagaaaa tcccttaatt ataaattagg    164880
     ccctttcctg gggttttcct tttggtggat tctagggatg ggattatatg gtcaagaggt    164940
     gtaaacatat tgacactatt atacccatgc tttctgcaag gaccagcagg caccctcccc    165000
     agctcttctc atggatggca ggatcatccc ttttttattg ctgtttaatt cacatttcct    165060
     gccttgcatt aggagagtcc acttcctttc caaagagttg tcaccaggat cttccctctt    165120
     agaagtccct taacgctatc aaagatcaga agtcctgcag cacataagta gccaccaaca    165180
     ctgcaaggct acctgactcc aatcttggtc tgagacttct gacgtggagc ccatgctctc    165240
     tccaccacct caggagcttc cagaaatcac aagtgcttag tccagaaatg tccctttcat    165300
     catagccttc ctggacccca ccccagaaaa cagtgagctt agaactgtag agatggaatc    165360
     ctcccgccac cagaaggcta cacttgaaat aaagaataag atatagttaa agaatccata    165420
     aggagatgtt atgtctgaag caaatgtctt tgtgtgaaag ggtacagaga tgtgaggcaa    165480
     tcacaagaaa caagacttat cctggcttca tgagagacga agcctttaag agaggtgatt    165540
     tattatcaag aacttgacac aacaaaatgg catttgtggt actagtgtaa gagtaaactg    165600
     ctcccatgtt tccaccaaac ccatcagaat acatttaaga caacttctac ttcactagaa    165660
     aaaggtttgc tcacatatgc agccaacact tcctcagctg tgctgtgcaa cctgcagcat    165720
     cttactttca tgtcgtcagt gataacactc agactctcat ctgataacac tcagatgtca    165780
     ctgcaaatcc cttcccgaaa agatctgatc taaaggatat gcttccggtg acttaagaaa    165840
     cttgttcata ggtggcagaa actgtggtgt ggtttgatct gtggtcatat gacaggatga    165900
     cagaggttga ttggattttc ggtctgctct acagcaagga actcacatcc ccctataaac    165960
     ccaatcaata gcccaaagct agaacagtca tcagccctac aggggaaatc acagttgttt    166020
     tgttaatggg catgataagg ctgtcaagct gccttctttg tgggggaggg gcagttgaga    166080
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctagctgttc tagaattcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct    166140
     caaactcaga aatctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtttgccac cactgcccgg    166200
     ctcaagctgc cttctaaaag gctgtcatca gctttgggca gaacagtttc ttcttgtaac    166260
     agtcagaggt atctagaaat tcataactga tcacagtaca tgaaataaga tgtggctgaa    166320
     tgctcagatg taagtgggac atttcatatc acttccacca agtctcctag aatataacca    166380
     aatagaaaga atgtaagagg ccgaggaaag gatggagtgt cgtaggacac ttgtagggag    166440
     ccatcccagg ctgtaaacag gtcagccgga tggaaatcta ttccaggcag taaacaagcc    166500
     catgtttggt ggatggcccg cccttaatcc ctgattagct gagcaagcct gcctggtgag    166560
     gtgatgtgac ctgtggtgat tggtgggggc atggttgtgg ctggagaaaa acacttgtaa    166620
     ctagagaggc tggggcattt taagtaagta gctgcctgag taaactgctt taagaagaac    166680
     cggtggttgt gttttgcttg ctggtcaact gggacacgac agacactaac ttgcttgctg    166740
     gtcgaatggg acgtgacaga cactaacttc ccagcacgac atcacgatgt gtcttttcag    166800
     gcttaagttc atggcagctg tgattaccaa cctagcttct tcaccaggat attgggcttg    166860
     tcgacatcct gtcaataaag gaggagagat tcatagggtc cgttcttccg tgaggatttg    166920
     tgtattaatg attgatgggg gacggagaga acttttcttc aggggcgtag ccattggtaa    166980
     ggtatccttg cttctgtaaa caagccctct tccacgctct tataagcaaa tctcatgaag    167040
     ctcattgggg caacaacagc caaaccaaaa cataggcggt tcattaaaaa ggggagaagg    167100
     ttcaacaagc agggaggagg acaagacagg gtaatggggg gatgaacatg attgaaataa    167160
     ctatgtgtgt atataaaaat gacataagga agtctattaa tgtggtaatt aacatatgct    167220
     aaaattaaaa cttttaacat accagaattc taggactaga aaaaaactcc tctaaatttt    167280
     acacatcacc atcataaata aatatgtatt gttgtttact tgtacctggt actgtgtaaa    167340
     cacatttaat cttcataaca acatacagat agagtttatg atggattccg tttttgcagc    167400
     taagggaaca gagacacaat ttgtcaagct aaaggcttgt ggtgtagctg ggattccaat    167460
     cccagcagaa aggccaacag cccagaagcc tgaaaccccg ggactttgtg ctccagctca    167520
     cagtgatctg catgaggaag tggggcctga ggagactcgg acatcctcaa gaagaagaag    167580
     caggtatact gtgttactca ccagtgcaat aaagtatgga agggaagcca gcgccctccg    167640
     tggcatggtg gggaagagca aaggagtcac agttcttaaa ttgacaaact caatagaact    167700
     ctaatgagat gctctttcct tcacaaggct ggaggttttg aagaagtctt cagctgtatc    167760
     attctattta tttctttatt tattcattca ttcattcatt tattcatttt ccttctttct    167820
     ttccccctga gagcctcagt atgtagccca aactggcctc aaattgatga ttcccatgcc    167880
     ataggctcct gagagctgag actgcaggat gagcgccgcc tagcactgct agctgtttga    167940
     aaataattaa gaaaactgta aataaatttc tgatttgaca ttactaaaac ctaggaatgc    168000
     gagaggattt actccccccc cccccctcgc acacacacac acccctgttg caacaagtca    168060
     aagagaaaga tcccacggag ccagccaaag gcctgtgagc ctgtgttaag gtcaccattc    168120
     ctttaatcaa agccttgttc ttccttggag tttgtttctc ataaaattaa ggcacagtcg    168180
     atactttcat gtgtataaaa cagttaagtg tggtaatatc tatacatgtc aattaaagcc    168240
     tgcttagtct cctgcacaca agtgcacata cccacataca catgtgcatg aaaataagtc    168300
     cagggtccct caagattagt tctctttctt ctcctcccta tcccaaaccc ctaaagaaag    168360
     cttttctaaa agttagtttt aaaactagtg ctgtagggct aggagtgtgg ctcagttagc    168420
     acagtgcttg cttcacatga aggaagccct gggtttgctt cgcagcaggc catacactcg    168480
     atgtggtagc acacctgtaa ttccagcatt tgggaggttg atccaaggga tcagaagttc    168540
     acagtcaccg tctgcagtag catagtgaat aggaaaccag cctaggatat ataagactct    168600
     gattcaacag tgtgttgtga gggacacatg tcactgaaca ttggtcagca ttcacagaat    168660
     gtacattaaa tatgaatcca aatgtaaacc atgggcctag gctcacaata gtggttctgt    168720
     cattgtggga aacatctgtt cacactaacc caagaagcta ataatatgga aagtatatat    168780
     agatatataa atattattat tttatgagat ttttatttat gcgtatgagt atttttcttg    168840
     cttggatgca tgtagaccgt gtgtgtgcct gctgcctgtg gagagcagca gatcgcctgg    168900
     cactggagtt aggaatggtt ctgagctacc ttgtagtgct gagaactgaa ccctggtgca    168960
     ctgcaaaagc aacaaatgtt cttaaccact aagctaccta tctagccatt caaagtttag    169020
     tagacgttaa aacttatctg ctgctatgta ttgtaatgtt aagtgcaagg cccccaagat    169080
     ctggttgccc ctgagacgag agagtctata catagaccca agtgaaactg tgtgaccttg    169140
     ccccctatgt catttctgat tggtgaataa agatgctgac agccaacagc tgggcagaaa    169200
     aaacataggt ggagtttagg ggtcctgggt ttggggttgg aagagaacca caaaggtgag    169260
     aagaaggtag agaaagtggg tggatgagtc aaaaaataat agccatgtgg gtgggctaat    169320
     tggagttaag agcagcccag atgaaacgtg acaaagtata taatgagatt atgtgctagg    169380
     aaatagacat aatagcacaa aggacagata tcttcccagc tcttgtacag attaaggctt    169440
     attgtagata taaagtttgc atgtgtcttt tatccaggaa ctcaatggtt aaagggaggg    169500
     tagaaaccct ggatttggga ttcaatattt ccacaacagt tacccattaa gtcctccttt    169560
     aacctgtctc atgagttaga ttgaatggat tctcctctgg tcaccaagta acactgggcc    169620
     ctcagctaca gagaaaaaca aggcaagata gagcaggctg gcccatctta ttcctgggga    169680
     gagggggcca gctatgactt tagcaggttt tacagctgcc cccatcccaa ggatcagcct    169740
     gataagcacc atcaggtccc actggcccca ggatgtgccc ccatgctgac ccccattgga    169800
     atgcacagct gtgccagtgt tggttaatgc aggccctgcc gcagtgcgca gtgtggctca    169860
     ccgagcctaa tggcattagg aaatgtgaaa cttaatctgc ctccttgcac agtttggctg    169920
     tggagagcac agggtacagt gtgttgggca gcatagttaa aaatggttca atttcttgat    169980
     caaaaaacaa aatctccgat gtcaatctcc caaatgtcac aagcctaaaa taacccaaat    170040
     gtctgattcg ttgtctgatg gaataaaggc gtgcaggagg atggtgtatt atgataactg    170100
     tggaccagac agaaagagtt taagaggaaa tatggagcac ttttggctca acacatttgg    170160
     ggaatcttca agatacaaac agcttatatt cttttttttt ttttggatgt tttctttatt    170220
     tacatttcaa atattatccc cttttctggt ttcccttcct cccagaaacc ccctatccca    170280
     tctcccctcc ccctgcttct atgaaggtgt tccaacacct acccacccac tcccacctcc    170340
     ccgccctcga ttctcctata ctggggcatc tatcgagcct tcagaggacc aagaacctct    170400
     cctcccattg atgcataaca aggccatcct ctgctacata tgcagctgga gtcttgtgta    170460
     ctcctttgtt gatggattag tccctggaag ttctaggggg tctggttggt ggatattgtt    170520
     cttcctatgg ggttgcaaac cccttcaact ccttcagtcc tttctctaac tcatttattg    170580
     gggacctgcc actcagtcca atggttggct gtgagcatct gcctctgtat ttgtaaggct    170640
     ctggcagggc ctctcaggag acagacatat caggctcctt tcagcatgca cttcttggca    170700
     cccacaacag tgtctggatt tggtaaatgt atatgggatg attccccagg tgggacagtc    170760
     tctgggtgac cttttcttta gtctctgctc aacactttat ctccatattt gctcctgtga    170820
     gtattttgtt ctccttctaa ggaccaaagc acccacactt tggtcttcct tcttattgag    170880
     ttttatgtgg tctgtgaatt ggagctagaa agaacccaga tgtccttcaa caaaggaacg    170940
     gatacagaaa atgaggtata tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaatgaaga    171000
     attcatgaaa ttcttaggca aatggataga actagaaaat atcatcctga gtgagataat    171060
     ccaaaggcaa aagaaaacac atggtgtgca ctcactgaca aacagatact agtccaaaag    171120
     ctccaaataa ctagcttata ttcaaaatgc tggtttggat ctggaaagat ggctcagtga    171180
     gtagagcacc tgacatgcaa gcatgaggac ccgagttctg atccccagaa cccatgtaaa    171240
     gcttagcatg gtgatgtctg tagtcccaac actcttatag caagacacca ggcagagaga    171300
     gaagaatgcc cagctagcca gggctgagtc agactctctc aaatacaatg gaaggtaaga    171360
     cctaacactt aaggttgacc tctgacctcc acacatgtgc ctgccatgtg tatgcacacc    171420
     atacacacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac cgcagtaaga    171480
     taaaataaaa ccaggagctt gagagttggg tcagtggtta agagcattgg cttctcttcc    171540
     agaggaccca agttgagttc ccagaaccaa cactgggctg atgctcccag tcacctgtaa    171600
     caccagttcc agaggattca atgatttctt ctggtctcca tagacaactg cacccatatg    171660
     tacatacctc cacacagatg catatccata tacataattt aaaatgaaat aaatcatcca    171720
     ataaatgtag gcctgcttgc agtttgtcta gaaagtacag catattcact ctaggtataa    171780
     tatacaaaaa ttcaattcac actgtgctac cgatgagcac tggatgaaag accctcccat    171840
     gaaaactgca ctgatacact tggcttgtca agagctggcc agtgaagttg aggctctctt    171900
     cctgggtttt gctttgtcca gctcagccaa tgccacaaca accttcgcgg catcttgaac    171960
     cagaggcacc gagtttcaat ctcactcact cctcaggcct gaaggaacct gaccgttctg    172020
     tgaagacctg tgtgagcctg cattataaag gacagcagga acacactaag ataaaaaagc    172080
     actgcaattg cccaaccctg actagctttg gagcatcatt tgtcagtgtt tctgatttaa    172140
     tttctctggg tagagctctg tctccttagt ttaaaagacc tccaggtgac tctaatgaag    172200
     aaactgggct ggagagccat ggctacaaat gacagaaaac atcatcttcc tcttctgtaa    172260
     gtataagagg taaaagaagc tttagcatcc aaagactgaa gtaaggttct tgggtctgag    172320
     aaaacctcag aattaggggg tctctgggtc agagtaaaga aagcgggcag aactgcagct    172380
     gaggatgctc ctgcctgcat cagcaccagt cagcatcagc accagcatca gcaccagcat    172440
     cagcaccagc aacagacccc gtgcaagatg actgggcagg actggtgcag aagagacagg    172500
     gagatgaaag gcttagacag aaagggtaga gaaggcagga cgcctcagat gtgacgtcac    172560
     cagggttaac tttccctgag catgctgcct agccattccc tgtggaaaat attcacaaaa    172620
     aaactaagag cttctggaat tagcagtttt acagaaaaaa aaatctaaaa tgaaagaaat    172680
     caccctaaag tttaactaga attttatgtg aaagacaaag gctgtatgtg tacacacatc    172740
     cacatgctca gacacacaga tatacacaca tacagacata cacagagaca gacacacaaa    172800
     caataagctt aatttctcac aaggctgctt ttccttgctt atttttccca cagtatatgg    172860
     gatgctaaac catgatgata atgtgtaaca tagcacactc tttagcttgt ctgtctttgt    172920
     agacagagtc tgtgtatgaa tatgtactaa gggcaaggca ctagccatgt tctttacttt    172980
     ttgtctgtgg aaagaatttc aacctgtaat ttcaagatga aatggaaatg ggtatatttg    173040
     ggtttagtga cagcccttat aattatttct tacaaaataa ttatttaaaa gtctaggaac    173100
     taaaatctac ttgctttgtt atcagctaca cacaaaaaat gaacctaaga cctctgggtc    173160
     tatgaattaa aaaccacaca caaagtgtaa ttgccctctg tgtttcttag gtcctaatta    173220
     cttcttgaag attcttcagt ggaatattga aattttccta cactccctta gaacatgctt    173280
     taacttgctt atggacctca gtcttcctcc ccttgtgatc cctaggcctc tgcttgagga    173340
     aactcacctg ttctaaccta ttcaaagaca acagcaaaag ttaatctttt gaagaaagaa    173400
     aaaaggagtt aattcctatt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgtttttc gagacagggt    173460
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact    173520
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctggtaatt cctattttta ataaagtgtg    173580
     tttcttatat taatataaat catggtgata tgaacaaatg ctctttagct catctctctc    173640
     tgtagacatt tcatgggtga atccattgcc taagctcctc actttctgtc tgtagaagaa    173700
     atttcaacct gcaatgtgtt gtctgagctt tctcagcctc ggtagttctt actgttttaa    173760
     taaacagaga gtctcagctg ctcacactcc agcacctgca ctctgcacta acacaccgtc    173820
     ctaaagcctc atgtcttgaa gtcccaattt cagatctctc aggccacagg gctcacaatt    173880
     cagccatgcc cgaggtgact gggtagcctg tgagagccaa ccttcaataa aaacagcatg    173940
     gccacagctc catgccctgg gctcacacag ttgtggtcat tcgctacgct cactgtcagc    174000
     aaatatttgg agtagggaag acagagagtt gggacccaga ctcttcctac caatatttcc    174060
     cacaggctgt ggtttccaca tgctctgctg gacctaacac caaaggagct cacacacccc    174120
     cagatcagga aatgtctctt cgttggaaga ataaaagaag accacagttc ctaataaagc    174180
     aattcatcaa ccgtcaatga atgaggccac agaccatctg taacacaatg gtccacaggg    174240
     cgccacacac tgtggcacca cacgctgctc cctcctcctc gctggagcca tcaaatcagc    174300
     accacatggg ttttatggcc aaatgagaaa gatgaaatgg gttccatctg gggctcttga    174360
     aagataatac aaaaaaagta caaagctagt cagaagtctt gcttgaggaa atttccccga    174420
     gaccctagcc tgcagccaaa caccaagtcc agaacacact gtgagctgat tatccaaacg    174480
     gagctccaag taggtatggg cttcatttag gttatttctc catagtgtct cagtaatctg    174540
     gaagaccagc taacaccaga agtggtggtg ctggcctggc tacatgacaa acagggggtg    174600
     aataggaggt gtgacgtcat gtcaggttcc ttgtttgcta tctaaaattg tcaaagggcc    174660
     actcaactcc cacccttcta ctgatgcaga gccttccggt cagctttgaa tctccagtca    174720
     gtacctccca cgacaattgt tcttctcatc ccacaaagac taaaggctta gagccccagc    174780
     cactttcata tttaagtaga attatttcaa taaacactgt gtggtttcat tcagatctat    174840
     tgtacgaacg cagacattaa gtcagcagaa gccacagaca gcggagccaa gtcacactct    174900
     gtgacatgtg gtgagcagtt gtcccattcc ataagatgga gaacacattc aaagactgtg    174960
     aacaaaggta aagaaagcag gggtacaggc tattgtctct gcaatctgca atgggttgct    175020
     aaggctttag ctgctggggg actggtcctc ctgctgcaca gccttaaatg atgctgagtt    175080
     cgttaagggc ccggttttat accacctgtg atattactgc ttctactctc actgaaatcc    175140
     ttcacatgtg ttaacaccag tgaaatggct cccctgggat gctctaaaac ctgattgtcc    175200
     cccttggaaa gacttttctg tctgccattg tagaagacca taaatttact taaaaaccta    175260
     ccacaaggca ttcaccctgt gctatatatt tgtctatgag ttttgaaggc aggggcacta    175320
     agctgtctgt ggcagataga gggctttcaa tgagtagact gaataattaa atcaacagtt    175380
     gctgtgtctt taacattttt gtcagaacaa gaaagcacct ggtacagctt agatattggc    175440
     atgattacag gttacacaga cactgtaact ggtttcttct ttaaagaaag agaagagagg    175500
     agggacacac acacaaacag cggtggtggg ggtgggggag acagagagtc agagacagag    175560
     agagagagac agagacagaa atcatccccg tgcctcatag ctctcatgtt cactttctct    175620
     ggtggcaacc ttatccaact cacagacagc acaaatcctt gagggctggc tgctgtcact    175680
     gaggacataa tctagattca cagctttgat aatctgaggt tggaatgatg gattcaagcc    175740
     agtgcattag ctttcaatat gcaaaaatgt gtaactctat atctcccaaa ttaactgcat    175800
     gtgtatgagg aaaagcaagc ccgtttgggt agtaattggg gggggggggt gccttcagtt    175860
     atttgaggaa ggcaacctta ccatggctgt gggacagaga agcaggggaa agcaggggaa    175920
     ggctccacct acttccatca gtcccccact ccaacccctc cccccccacc acagcaatga    175980
     gaagggctca ggtctttatc agagggatgg agcgagattg tgtgctttct ggattccctt    176040
     tggggtgtga gattggcttt cccttccctc ctctcttggc tcttcttgta cccccatctc    176100
     ttggccaccg accagctgac caagcatgac ttctgacctt ccttaaactc cccacatcag    176160
     ctcctgagtc tctctagtct gtgaagcctc tttccaactg cccaagtccc cactgcccca    176220
     ctcactggct aaccctgctg gttcctccca ggtctcgctc ttcaggagca ggtttacctg    176280
     ctcatgtgga attcagcaac accactacag gcttttcatc actatggaaa cgtttttaaa    176340
     agtttccctc ttctcccctg gcctgcaagc atcttcaaga taaaagccgg gactcatctg    176400
     ctcgcttcag tttttccaag gctggcactg ggtgttgtac agagaaactc aacaagtatt    176460
     agttgcataa atgaccccct agaagcatcc gagctgtgaa aaccagtgtc agtgggggag    176520
     gggaggaggg agaccatgct caatggcttt gtctttccat ttactcagag ttcagactta    176580
     agaagctgta aatccagagt ttcaaattct caatcaatct cgtatccctg atatggaagc    176640
     agttgctaca acaaagcaaa atgcaaagta acaaaattat tcatcccctt atacattttt    176700
     cagaaactag taatacgctt ctcgaattct ggaatccaaa agagtcacaa tgatgtcttt    176760
     gtgaaggtcc cactaccttt aatcttcaat atcaatatct ttcagtctta ttcgttcatg    176820
     gacctgtttc gggcaactca aaccatgaga agaatcaaga aagaaccagg ctgtcagaca    176880
     gagacagtac ccagtgcagt ggtggactag tgtctgctct tcctttctgg ggggatctga    176940
     agaaactgac atcatgtttt ccactgtgtt atgcaatgtg ccacagtttt gcttctttcc    177000
     agccttcttc acacctgtat gatccctctc tcaaagaatt c                        177041