ID   AL670673; SV 15; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 202412 BP.
AC   AL670673;
DT   23-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-32L5 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-202412
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Pearce A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; a131984b85ff4c536aa5509dddd796fb.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456109.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000001089; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066037; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066178; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070687; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028965; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028966; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028968; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028925; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028927; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028877; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028878; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028879; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028949; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028951; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028662; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028663; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028664; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028665; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029390; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029391; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029392; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028095; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028097; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028627; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028628; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028629; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028630; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028776; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028777; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028779; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028743; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028744; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028746; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028876; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028877; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028878; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028769; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028770; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028772; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029427; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029428; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029429; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029430; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027815; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027817; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028172; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028173; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028174; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028175; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL670673.15:1-202412; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084219; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084593; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000088677; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105850; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000117699; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000121571; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125696; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129230; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131671; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134524; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000145282; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000148843; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156259; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000168936; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068682; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068693; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068698; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068744; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068749; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068653; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068657; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068658; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068667; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068672; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068324; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068335; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068339; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068340; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069157; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069161; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069162; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068803; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068808; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068272; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068279; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068283; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068284; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068405; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068416; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068421; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068314; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068322; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068327; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068513; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068517; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068518; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068321; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068329; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068334; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069333; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069341; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069345; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069346; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068301; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068306; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067513; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067521; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067525; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067526; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2AW40.
DR   GOA; A2AW41.
DR   GOA; E9Q8F9.
DR   GOA; F7B5B5.
DR   GOA; S4R1E9.
DR   InterPro; IPR000504; RRM_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006535; HnRNP_R/Q_splicing_fac.
DR   InterPro; IPR012677; Nucleotide-bd_a/b_plait_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR026734; Luzp1.
DR   InterPro; IPR034410; hnRNPR_RRM1.
DR   InterPro; IPR034411; hnRNPR_RRM2.
DR   InterPro; IPR035979; RBD_domain_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:107629; Luzp1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1891692; Hnrnpr.
DR   MGI; MGI:2443447; 6030445D17Rik.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AW40; A2AW40_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AW41; A2AW41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8F9; E9Q8F9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q9L3; E9Q9L3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6XG76; F6XG76_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7B5B5; F7B5B5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R1E9; S4R1E9_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-32L5 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..202412
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-32L5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    72597..72619
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    72619..72619
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 420bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    72620..72664
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from uni-directional
FT                   dGTP big dye terminator read only. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    72665..72832
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    133315..133914
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_210480, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    201671..201688
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 202412 BP; 54207 A; 43858 C; 45339 G; 59008 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacta tgtagaccag gtcagccttg aactcacagt ggtgcacctg cctctgtact        60
     ccaagtgctg gaattaaagg catccaccac aacccccagc tcttaatggg cagagctttt       120
     catttcttct tttctccttc cttaactgaa aaatcaagac tacttttgta gtcttttttt       180
     ttttttttta aatatatgat cgggaaaatg gaatactaag agagtcaaac actgttcttt       240
     tctcacattc tctattgatg gttgtcttag ttagggtttc tattgctttg ataaaatttc       300
     atgactaaaa gcaacttggg aaggaaaggg tttatttgat tttaaagctt gtagttcacc       360
     atccaaggaa gtctgggcag gaactcaagc agaagaatgc tgcttatttt ggcttgctcc       420
     gcttggctta cttagcctgc aaatttagag cacccaggac caccagccca ggagtaacac       480
     ctctcacagg gagttggccc cgcccacagg ttaatctgat gaaagcattt tctcagttga       540
     agctcctagg agactagcga gtgctgacat agaccagtgc agtggtacac tactactgac       600
     gtttgatttg agcatttact tccctgacta ggttgatgct ttaaagtaga acttaaagaa       660
     ctactggctg gtatagggtt ttgtttgttt gctttcttgt ttttgtagta ctgataatca       720
     aaacctagaa ctgcaaagca agcacattag acattagctc tgtttctcga gttctagtgt       780
     agagttaatt actttgcttt cttctcgtat gttgtggaaa atatttttaa aaaaaacaaa       840
     tggcaagttc ccgggctagg caggctgcat ggctccaaca gggtgttctc atctcaacag       900
     attctctgac ccgaggctcg caagatttct ccacccgact cactaatttc ccttggtgga       960
     ctgctgccat gccagcccca tgcaatgact gcccacctcg tggttagata tcacaatacc      1020
     cagtaacctg gtaaagtcaa aactcttgaa gcttataatt aaccagtcag atttatataa      1080
     caataaattc tcaattcaca agatgctcac aaaataattt cagagccagt tgataatgat      1140
     acaagctgcc caccaggatt agacaagtta ccccaattat tctatcccta catgatatta      1200
     tatctaccta tggctattta attggacagg gaaaatcctg acacactgtt atctgttgaa      1260
     gtgctgatta taaaatccat agcttaggct cagcagtggt gtgcactttc aatcccagca      1320
     gttgggaggc agagactgag tttctagcca gcccagtgta tagaattcca gttcagcccg      1380
     agaaagcctg tctttatagt ttttgctttt ttggtggtgt attggcattt ctttgctctg      1440
     cttttagttt gggtgcagta agtcctatgc tggatatgat cagaacttag tgtcctgttg      1500
     agtttcagac agctatattc aactcatttt tgcatttcac agtcttaaaa catatgtgca      1560
     aaacttagat aatgaatatc acatctttat tgatatctga aaagttagtt tttgtatgat      1620
     ttttattgct gctggcattt ccccaggtgt ggattgtttc taggattgat tatttggaaa      1680
     aaggagtttg gctaaatgaa actttttttt aaacctttag atttgcatat ttattttatg      1740
     tgtatgggtg ttttgcttgt gtgcatatgt accacgtgtg tgcctggtgc cctcaggagg      1800
     tcagaagata gcatcagatc ctttgacatt ggagttaggg atggtggtga gcctcagtgt      1860
     gagtactggc acctgagcca tcttccagct cctcttttac cttctaaaat aaaatgagat      1920
     ggcattgctt tttgttctca acagtaattt atgtataaaa cataaggtga ggaaacagct      1980
     ctttctggct aggctactct tataagttaa aataattata aaatgcttac taagacacca      2040
     tatgtttata ctttttcaag atttttttta aaaaaaacta tgtgtatatg ggtgttttgc      2100
     ttgcatgtct gtctgtctgt gtcatgtaca tgcatggtgt ccatggagac tagaagaggg      2160
     tgtcacattc ttggaactgg gtggtataga tggccatgtg ggtgctggga attgagcctg      2220
     gagttctctg gagagcagca tatgccctta actgttgagc cagctctcta cttccccatt      2280
     tatactaagt tttaaaatgc tgtttcttat acaataaact taattttgta atttaggcta      2340
     tggatgaaat gaatggaaaa gaaatagaag gggaagaaat tgaaattgtc ttagctaagc      2400
     caccagacaa gaaaaggaaa gagcgccaag ctgctagaca ggcctccaga agcactgcgt      2460
     gagtttatat tttattattt gaataaagaa taccttggta acagatcaga ttaataaagt      2520
     cgggatgaac cttaaagtaa actgacttgt ttcttttctt ccttccctcc atttgctagg      2580
     tatgaagatt attattatca ccctcctccc cgaatgccac ctccaatgag aggccgaggt      2640
     cgtggaggga gaggtggata tggctaccct ccagattatt atggctatga agactactat      2700
     gatgattact atggttatga ttatcacgac tatcgtggag gctatgaaga tccctactac      2760
     ggctatgatg atggctatgc agtaagagga agaggaggag gaaggggggg gcgaggtgct      2820
     ccaccaccac caagggggcg gggagcacca cctccaagag gtagagctgg ctattcacag      2880
     aggggggcac ctttgggacc accaagaggc tcaaggggtg gcagaggggg tcctgcacaa      2940
     cagcagagag gccgtggttc tcgtggagct cggggcaatc gagggggcaa tgtaggaggc      3000
     aagagaaagg cagatgggta caaccaacct gattccaaac gtcgtcagac caacaaccaa      3060
     cagaactggg gttcccaacc catcgctcag cagccgcttc agcaaggtgg tgactattct      3120
     ggtaactatg gttacaataa tgacaaccaa gaattttatc aggatactta tgggcaacag      3180
     tggaaataga caagtgaggg cttgaaaacg attctgtcaa gatccaattg gctctagatc      3240
     tacattcttc aaacaaaatt ggcgtaactg tttcatcttt aagtagcagt ttgctgccat      3300
     ttgtattcag ctgaagaagt cactattgtg tatatactca aggcttctta tttttcttct      3360
     tttctaaatg ctcttggaca ttattgggct tgcagagttc ccttattctg gggctacaat      3420
     gcttttatcg ttccaagctt catcttagct tcagaacaaa ctgttaaatc atgattttgc      3480
     agaacctttg gtttggacag ttctgttctt ttggatttgg aatagattac ataggagtat      3540
     gaagtatgct gtaaataaaa gtacaagcca gtgctttgtc ttagtagttt taagaaatta      3600
     aagcaaacag acttaagttt ccttgtattg aagataacct atgactgtat gttttgcatt      3660
     cctagaagca ggttaactgt gtttttaaat tgttataacc acaccttttt gaaatctgcc      3720
     ctacaaaatt tgtttggctt aaacgtcaaa gccgtgacaa tttgttcttt gatgtgattg      3780
     tatttccaat ttcttgttca tgtaagattt caataaaact caaaaatcta ttcaaaacat      3840
     cacctatttc aaattcaatt gtgtctaaaa cattacttta ttcgtaatcc ttgaaggaat      3900
     actgttttca aagtagaact gcctatgtga gtgatcaaat tcatgaaaaa tttctcgtct      3960
     attccatcat gtattgtgga tattagattt gaggattatt ctaaattcac atattccaaa      4020
     taccatttca ttgattggtg ttctttcata atctcttcta attttgaaat tttatcctta      4080
     aaagaaaaca aacagactcc aatgtttttg aacaggtatt ggatcatttt tattaaagca      4140
     aaatggagct ggggaagcgc actgcagttt gttttgaccc acattctttc aaatcaagga      4200
     caatttgtga ctgaagacct tatttgctgg ataaaaaatt acacatacag agaaaactta      4260
     gtattgtgat gtcatttgca ctgtgaacta aagtcatttt tagtgttcat gatgagcacc      4320
     cctattttac tggtttagga ctgtgattcc catcgctgtg taaacttgct ttgggaagca      4380
     gccatgcttt agaagagact taaatatcaa gtggttatgt ctctggcttt ctgataagac      4440
     ctttaatttt tttaccatgt ctactgactt cagttttgtt ccaatttatt ctaatgactt      4500
     tgctaaatga aaagagcaga agaatgtaaa ctttcatttt gaaatttttt ccccccgttt      4560
     ggtgctggga attgaaacca ggacctgcgc acatgctacc gttgagttgt atcactaacc      4620
     cctctaaaat gttttacatt ataaagcata agccactggg ggataattaa aatggactcc      4680
     cttgttttac gctctgttcc tgtttggtgt cttttgtgat cacagtttca ggtttcagaa      4740
     tcataagcca tccacttctt gtccgcacag tcaatcacgt ttccagtctc atgacttcat      4800
     tttgagcttt aacatttgct gatgaaagcc aaataccaca tttctttttc aaagtttatt      4860
     catacagtat agtagtttaa caggctttat taaattttat tctatagaag ttgataaagg      4920
     aatcatgtgg cctgttgtag ttatgttagc atgggtgtta gtaaggttta gattatagtc      4980
     tttttaagtt tttctaatgc ccgtatataa aaataaagag agcagacaga cactctaact      5040
     gctgctttta aacttataat aatttgaggc cttgagtata aattagactt aaagaattaa      5100
     ttttttcttg gaaagaaaaa cataactaaa agttttattt tttttccccc taaatacatg      5160
     ttttgggcta gcaagatttc ccagcaagtg ctgccaaacc tgactatgat ccccagaccc      5220
     actcggtgga aggagtcaca gttgtgttgt agcacacttg tggaagtcag aggatatgtt      5280
     tcacacatac acaattaatc gattaaaaac attttaatta gatgtttgtc ataaagaaga      5340
     ttatgaaagg aaatagaaat gatctgaaaa tgcaatttat tgcacttctg ccaataaccc      5400
     taaaatataa actagtaaaa cctcaagttc catttcaaaa tcctttcatt gtatagtcta      5460
     tttcaagttt taagtgggca cttcctattc tgttcctctc actaaagata tatctgcaga      5520
     gatttccttt aatctttgct ttataagttt ttacttagtt aaaagtcagt gaccctatat      5580
     aaaatttccc tttagagctt tccctttttg atgtcatgtg agtcattgct tgtagtatcg      5640
     agaaaaagat aaccccggtg ctcagcttct cgtagacagt gaacgaatgt caatcaagga      5700
     gaggcgcaca ttcattcaca gtagggaggg tttggtcttt taagtgacta ggcacagatt      5760
     aggagttctg aggggcttga cttcctatcc taccttgcca tctttttttc tccccaccca      5820
     atttagttga tgagacttta tttatgagcc tgtcagatta aatgagtgtt gggaagtaat      5880
     acctatattg aggtagacct ctctgtaggt atcctcctga cattaacaag tatattcctt      5940
     ccccataatg gaatgcaaat ttttatttga tcactcattt atagcagttg tttaaatgtg      6000
     tatatttata tgaaggtgtt ctaattaaaa acaaaaaagt tctaataagt tgccagattc      6060
     ctaattaaat ttgagtttta cctgatcaaa agataaggaa aaatgagttt tggttttaaa      6120
     agttccttta aaaaaaaaaa aagtagagca gaattgtttt tcatttttct tagttcctgg      6180
     gattattctg cagaagaaag cccagtgctt tctcctagtt agatgatttt tctcattgac      6240
     tttggtatag gatgtgaacc ctcttacata aattctgtac agaagagaaa gggcataaaa      6300
     tttcactcct atcataaagc cttataaaag tattcttgaa actcattaca tcatttgcct      6360
     cctactcatt taaatataat catacctatg ttttattaat tgtgtattat ttgtaaaacc      6420
     agtcccttcc agtaaatact tgctataagg ctagtccttg tttgtaaatt tgatttgtaa      6480
     atttgctaaa agtttgcctt tcagagacag tcttactgtc ctgagctgtt gtcaggcagt      6540
     cagttgtgct tactgtttcc gctattctga cgatttggaa tctcctaagt gagcagtgaa      6600
     gagaaagcct tatagaaaga ctgcactgga cctagaaatg tgtttgtttc tctgaaatgg      6660
     agcttctgtt aacttagggg tagagtgctg gtagagccag tggattccat gactaactgc      6720
     aaagtcctcg aaccaaacgt gtttacttct gcattacaag tttgtagatc aggtcttact      6780
     tttgaaaccc aaacccaaag ctttcaaata ttaactcact taatatattg gtcaataatt      6840
     taatattaat atttaaagta gttactggta ctgtttctag aaatattttt cttttaaaaa      6900
     tacatgttta tatgtgtgtg tgtatatata tatataaata tattcattac tattgttatt      6960
     actttgaggt taccagaagc tctggttttg ctttggtttt gcttttttat cattttcaga      7020
     cgttgtccag aaatctgcaa gtgttctctt cctgttttaa ctccttcctt ttatcacctg      7080
     actatcaggg aagcgaggtt gaggctgccc tgccctgaca tgtcatgatg tcgacttgct      7140
     aggtggggtt cgctggggac cataaccagt ggaattgttg gtaagaactt tttttttcta      7200
     tttctttttc tttctgtttt tctgttttta tttttgtttt tgtttttagt ttatttacaa      7260
     gtgggacatt agttgtggga aaatgttgcc cattatcttg taagcaggaa attatgttgg      7320
     ctttaaggaa aaataagtgt ctaagtagaa tttgtattct caacaggaac atataataaa      7380
     tacctaactc attttcaaat tagtagatca gcagaatatt aagatatgaa attttccagt      7440
     tacaatttat caaaccatac cttacaatct agaatatctg ttgaagcaat aatgatattt      7500
     tactgtgatt ttagtctctc tggtatcatc tattacattt ttataggata ttagtgtata      7560
     agtattttaa gagatttatt gtacactaat gtttaatgaa aatgagaagg tattgcctag      7620
     attggagggt ttaaatagta tatatatttt ttaattctat aaaattttaa tattgcaaaa      7680
     ttaaacttga gaattctggc agtttaataa aatagtagta ttggttttaa agatccgttt      7740
     atatagtaac ttaggatcca gaggaagttt acgtggctgc agtcttgaga cctagagcat      7800
     aagtagaaac aaaggtgggg ctgaggacgt gggttagtga gagcttgtat ttaacaatgt      7860
     tagaggcact aagttcagtc ctcagcaccc cgtactaggt aaaaataaaa caattagtaa      7920
     atactgctag agtcaacagt ctagattcct agacatggaa atggtgaact aactgcctga      7980
     ggtgtgctta cctggaatcc cagcactggg ggagtatgag ccccaggctg gcacacaatg      8040
     gaaacttgcc tcaaaaaaga ccaaggctca ggatgtagtt cagtggtaga gcgcttgcct      8100
     gacatacata aagctctagg tcaatgccta gtagcacaaa aaaattaaac agctaaaaac      8160
     aaaaatcctc ccagcttata ctcagggtat atcatgatga ttgagtataa attgagggaa      8220
     accaatttaa caactaggca aaaataatta taatttgtga cactgaataa aagtaattgc      8280
     aagtgttgat gtttgaagag ctgcctcagt attcttgtgg acctttgcgt tctggtggca      8340
     gtgtcagtct agaacctggt aggcattaca catgtgctag tcagcactgg gactgacgtg      8400
     cttagctctt ggtgtcacag tgaagtcacg tgcttagctc ttggtgtcac agtgaagtcg      8460
     tgcagaatca ctagcagttt cagggttgag ttaaggtttt gttcctttgt ccacatttta      8520
     ttgtgcgtgc atcagtgcca gaaaaagtga ggtgtagaac ttggttgctt gcactaaaca      8580
     gcttcttggg aataaagtta atggtgttag ggacattcaa tttggatgag tttgtgtaaa      8640
     ttaagagaaa taacagtaca atttattaac catatgcatt tgcaacaaaa tacacttgat      8700
     gggaccagaa aggaagtggg cgctatggaa gaactcttaa attgctccaa taaggggctt      8760
     ccagtccatg tagcagctgt gtcaggatct cagaacatta cttactgtgg tttttcacag      8820
     gtaaagattt ggctaaagag gtgcttctgg cctgctaaag aaaataggtg gaattgtact      8880
     ttaaagagtc actgcagtat ttagagttat gttctctggc tatttctaga attggacaga      8940
     aaatgcctac aaaacactaa aaaactttct ggtgtactac agtacagtaa catgagatat      9000
     atccaaattg ggacagttac atgacatgtc catttaatca tttcaagaaa aacctgcttt      9060
     tggtacagtg ttcatgtacc atacctgtat tggaatattt gtatgatgtt aatattttta      9120
     ataaaattta acatgttcaa aatgttgtgt tggtgatttg gggtggggtg tgattaattc      9180
     agttgtacaa aacagagtct tcagctgtgt aatttaggtt tttacactca aaattcttcc      9240
     caaattcagt cctaacctat ttgaaagaag ccagttaagg agtagcaaag tggtttactt      9300
     actgaatccc tgcggggcgg ggctctcccc ggggtacttg agtacctttg taagacctgg      9360
     gctcagaagt atcaggcaga aatgttgact ctggcatttt aggctccaat aaagtttttc      9420
     agaggaaaat ttaacaacat tggaagtggt ctagagaaac tgtgaagggg caaatggaag      9480
     cacccgtgtg atggtggcag taggcttttt attgccttga gcaatagcgt ggtaccacaa      9540
     agagaggtgg tatttgatgc aagctgtgtt ggagggtttg ggtctgtggt tgaaaaatac      9600
     tgccagtgaa caggaagttc catggaagag ttctctgcct tcgtgtaagt ttagtatctg      9660
     tttaatatag ctcccattct cttgcaggtt ggcttgatgt ggcggttctc ttctgttatt      9720
     ttcctcaagg gcatacttag atcctcacca gtgaggaggg tggaaggaag ctctgccgct      9780
     cacaatggag atttactgaa agtcgtacac ttactcggcc atctttaact gtgctactaa      9840
     taccaaaaaa aaaggcttag gagatggtca tcggggtcaa atgatcaaaa caagttgaat      9900
     aagtagcaag aaggtgtcta gatacattcc gagttgtctt gtgaatgagg attgctggta      9960
     aagttaagtt atgaggtgag agtgatgggc cttcccttag gtcactggtt ttcagtttac     10020
     tgttctggtt tttttccgtt gtccccaggt cagaagatca ctcagtgaaa caggaagggc     10080
     tgttctcaaa gcagcagtgt ctaacgctct ctgagagact gtcatagcca gggtagggca     10140
     gaggccgggg tgcggtataa atactgatca ggccccaccc tgcctagctc caagatcaga     10200
     tgtgggccac atttagtctg ggatgtctct aggctatctt tactgctgtc tcaaccctga     10260
     attcatttac ttcgtttaaa gaaattagtt taatgaatat tttccagggt agttgtgtct     10320
     atatctttga agatactgct tttctagaaa ttttagaaaa attaggacca ggtacaggta     10380
     ttttcttcaa gaaaccttgt ttctttcagt tatttgtgac tcctagataa tgacctaact     10440
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tactaagagt cttcccatgt ctgctgcctc     10500
     tcaagtgctg ggactaaaag cttgtgccac catgcttctg ggaaccatta gggtctagtt     10560
     gttagcagag cagaagtctg tggaaatagt ttagtagcac ttactcctgt gcacaaagaa     10620
     tagcgtttag cttcccacca tgatgctaat aagttaattc ataaaatcgt acagttagac     10680
     tcatggccga ggccagcttg agcaaggtag tcagtttata taaaaattat ttaaactatg     10740
     cagcagcatc cttcaaaaat cacatagaag ttcattagcc taaaactcag cttcacagct     10800
     gtgcatgtga gaactgcagc atcgtctgag aaagtcattc tgcagttgtc agctgtgcag     10860
     agaagaaagc atttccttga acggaaaggg actgcgttat ttcaggtctc atattccact     10920
     gaggccttgg tcactgccat gtgttcttgg gaggttaatt ttatgctcga gccaagaatc     10980
     ctttaagtct tgcttttggt tccctggatt ttaaaatagg ttaaataaaa aataatatac     11040
     tttaaaagct atttttagtc agtgtttaaa atttcaggct taaaaggaag tgtgctttat     11100
     attgatcaaa atgttaccaa acaaatcctg ttattgaacc tgataagtat catgggattt     11160
     attcatttag ctgttgttag aatacctcag ttggtttggt cagaacttaa atgtctttcc     11220
     agcacatcat ggttgaagta agccaggcac tggtggtgca cactccttaa tctcagcact     11280
     gaggaggcag aggcaggcag atctctgagt tcaaggccag ccttttctac agagtgagtt     11340
     ccaggatagc caggactata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaaataa taacaacaaa     11400
     aacaaaagaa aaaccactca gattttggtt acattgtgtg tgtttagttt tgatgtgcct     11460
     cctgttagcc cataaagtcc tgttggagca gtgttctgga ggcagccgca ggaggaaagt     11520
     ctgaggctat acagggagac tatccttcaa atataagcaa gagtaaaaat tgttgctgaa     11580
     actcattctt atgctgtgga gagcaatgta gttatgttca ttcattgtaa caatttctat     11640
     ttgacttctc taaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaag tccgaatgag accatttttt tgtaaatgtt     11700
     aaaatgaagg ctctgctatc cccaggttct tggaagccag ctcgtacagt acataaagac     11760
     aatttcctaa agtccttgga agggatgctg gggattgatg agatgtttgc agttgttccg     11820
     gtcacagtta tcacttaact ccacacgctg acatggatag aagccctcag agatgttcag     11880
     attccctctt gtctctgagt tcatttccca ggctaatgct ggtcttgtag ttgattctct     11940
     tgtgtcgatc tgactgattg atcagcacca agcttctagg tgatgccaag gtcatgattt     12000
     tttcacattt ctggggctca acaaaagaag aaaaccttag tagaaagcta agtagaaaag     12060
     ctaaaagctt ttttgttact ggttggttgg tttgttcttt aagctgcttc ctgcctgtcc     12120
     tgtaattctc tgaactcaga gattagcctg cctctgcctc cagagtgctg ggacaaaagg     12180
     tgtatactac cacacgaagt agcagccgcc gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc ttctccttct     12240
     cctccttctc ctcctcctcc ttctccttct actactacta ctacttcttc tactactact     12300
     aatttcttct tctttctttc ttctctgctg ctgctgctac tccttttcct tctcctcttt     12360
     ctcctcctct tcttcttcct cctcctcctt ccttatcatc attattgaaa tggtctcact     12420
     gtgtagtctt gggtgccctg aactcgtgtg cacatgtggc ttcagactga cttgtgagtg     12480
     ctgggattaa tggcatttac caccacacct ggcaataaca aatcttacac tgatttgcct     12540
     agatctagtt ttgagatttt aaactatggt aaaggttgag gacttggttg cacaggccct     12600
     ggtttgccac ctagcaacag aaaacactgg taaaagactg caaatgtcat tagtgcttgg     12660
     agtcccaagg aaatggtaag aaaatgaagt ggatcaagaa gttaatttaa gaggttgttc     12720
     gaaaatcaag ccatggaggt caggtcactt tatgctagct tagaggtcag aaaacagctt     12780
     caggagttac tgaaggtaaa aacactcgag actcagaaag ggaatgttga ctgataacaa     12840
     tatcagttga gttggtttga gatttgtctc tgaccctgaa gtggcagggt agggttatgt     12900
     agaagcactc agatgacagg taagtcaaca gtatgtgtgg ccagtgcagc ctcacgcttc     12960
     ctagggactg acacggctgg ggtgtgagag ccccgatcat cctgcctctg atgattacag     13020
     gcacgtgcca cactagacgg tttgttcagc ttaagcatta ggttggaaat agacataaag     13080
     tgaagtaagt gatgaatttt atattgtgtt gtaccctaat ttgaatttaa agtaggcagt     13140
     aggtagggtt aattggtaga ctatcatgta cagccctttg ggtttatccc aacaccaaaa     13200
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaga agaaaaagaa aatcagagta tcacattttg atctgtgaga     13260
     aactcagttt ggggctggga atgtagctca gtggtagaga gcttgtctaa ggtacacaag     13320
     cttgggctgg aataagaaac ccaaggaaaa tgtcgggcat ggtggtgcac gcctttaaaa     13380
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcacgagg acctctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac     13440
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaactaaaaa     13500
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaact caaggaaaaa cagcaggata     13560
     aaaaggaaac tatttttaat ctaggcaggc ttatatttga tatgataaag aaagcttttt     13620
     tcgaaacctt gtgtgtatag atgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtga ttgagtgcct gagatgtttg     13680
     taagccacct tgttagtggc tgagaatcaa actctggtcc tttggaagag cagccagtgc     13740
     ccttaactgc tgagccactt ctctagcctg gaaaggtcct ctttctaagt gactttaaac     13800
     atttaaaaat gtcctttgta ctttattttt aaaaatctga atttgtttat ttctgaattc     13860
     tatctagtaa gtgctatata agatttttaa agtcctagtt tatcgttgtc ctactgtctt     13920
     caagctcagt cttttctgca ttttcacgga tgtgataaaa ggctggctaa agggctttat     13980
     gtagtacccc tggttatgtg tgaatgtgaa acagagctga gcctgcctgg gccgacttct     14040
     agtctcagca ccagggaggc agaggcagag cagaagggtc actacaagtt cagggccacg     14100
     ttggtctaca cagtgagttc taggccaacc aggagtacat agagatgtta tctcaaggaa     14160
     acaaaacaat aataaaatag aattaaataa aagccaaaaa ggttgagccc tgaattagta     14220
     tgaaactact tatttataca ttcttttaaa cattctaagc caggcatgct gcaaatgcct     14280
     acaatccaac actcaggaga acagagtcgt agaccaaagt tcatacacag ttgaaggctg     14340
     gctgatttac acagtaagac taaggaaaaa cttttcagcc agggttggtg gtataaacct     14400
     ttaatcccag cattcatttg taggacagcc agggctacac agagaaacgt gggggtgggg     14460
     gtgggggtgg ggctgcagaa aaactatttt ctctaatgta gaaagaatag taagtgaaaa     14520
     acttaaaagc aatggtttta gattagtctg ggtatttttg tttttgctat tctatttcat     14580
     gaatatctgt gttaaacaga atgataacag aagtggctgg gctcctagct tagctgtcag     14640
     cagggctgct cacctagcta gctaccttag ctagcactgt aagattgaga cattaagcaa     14700
     gagctgaaac cttgtatttg acatgctgca ctttcaggtt accttgagtt tctgtgtctg     14760
     tgtcgctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttaactgaa ctatatccca gcccttggat     14820
     taggccttac tctggagtcc atgagtggtc ttgaactcaa gtattctctg gcctatgcct     14880
     cttggatagc actagggtta tcaatgtata tcaccacact ggccccacaa ggctgctttg     14940
     ggttagggta gaatacatgg ctgctagagt tagacagtat gcatgatatg aaatatgaca     15000
     ttaataaaac atccaagcca gatagtggtg ggtggcacgt ctttgattcc aatactcagg     15060
     agacagaagc aggtggatct cttgagttta agaccagcct ggtctacaga gttgaatttt     15120
     aggacaacca gagctacaca aagaaactct gggaaaaaca tagataaatc caatcttttt     15180
     aaaagtcatc tctgtcctat ataccccaca gggtcttaga gctggttagt aatgtacttg     15240
     cttgcctacc atgtgtgaat gtgaaccctg tcagaacttg agtaccttat aaattgggca     15300
     tcataatgcc tttttatagt tctggggagg ctgagacaga aggatcagaa gtttagggtt     15360
     atcctcaaag acttgggaga atttgaggct aacctgtaac ccatgagcct tcttagtact     15420
     gggattatag ggaggtgact tctcatctcc agagttattg ctgatctttt agaaacagca     15480
     tttgtattac aatgggactt tctctcttcc cctgtgtgtg tgtgtacagc taatttacta     15540
     ctgataattt ttcaaagtaa agctaaacat ggtgatacaa atcttagtat taccacacaa     15600
     gaggataaaa caagagggtc acagattcta agccagcctt gggttttatg gtgataccat     15660
     ggtgactcac gccttcaatc tcagcatttg ggaggcagaa gcaggtggac ttcccagaat     15720
     tcaaggccag cctggtttat atagtgagtt ataggccagc catggctaca aagtaagacc     15780
     ctgtctaaaa acaaaaaaag atactctggt atgaagttag acacaaccta taaggcctcc     15840
     ggctgcactc tttagtttga ggctagcctg aacttcatga tgatatcttg tcttaaatca     15900
     ccaagatgga actaagtaat agagcaccca ctaacttaag tgctctggtt tcaatggcag     15960
     tatccctttt tgaagtctta cctttgccca ggacactgca gcagccccag ccccttgctc     16020
     ctacgtctct atccatgggg aagatgggat cgctcgctct tttggaaaat aacctcactt     16080
     tgacaagtct attcctgaca gtgatttctc agagaccaaa agcaagaata aagggaagaa     16140
     agaggttggt atcaggtaag ctttgggtgg cacttaggtg aaaaataata gctcttttga     16200
     ctacagacct acctctcatt tcaacccccc actcctgcct taatgcccat gagcttagca     16260
     gagtttttaa agaaaggata agaatgtctg ttagaagaag tgtagattag accctttttt     16320
     ttctctcccc gataaagaag ggtaggtaga gctcttgcct agaagacttg aaggttgcaa     16380
     gggatgaagt agcagcctgc cttagggaag tggaatatat tattgtgcag tttgtgttct     16440
     tatgttcttt ctatacagat aacttaaact aacaaaatga acattgaagg acatagtgtg     16500
     gaagaaggag ccctgccagg aaacacattg gagcaagtgt gttttattct ggtagcagaa     16560
     aggacacaat ggcactggga cccttcaatc caaggacagc atctctagag gagacctttg     16620
     ctgtccttag gctgcagata ggatacagtt caagaacagt gttttattag tggcgtttgg     16680
     tcattggaaa ggacccggaa gtgttgagtg gtaagtgctt gcctaggatg tggggggcat     16740
     aggttcagtt cccggcaaca cacacacaca gatgatcaag tgtaggaagg ggaaatgctc     16800
     agaatgttct ctggccttac ttttattctc atataatgaa catcttacaa cttacatgac     16860
     cttcattatt acttttaaag atgcatttca tgtgctaaga cttctgagat tgccattttc     16920
     cccggggcca ggttagaaga cattgccttt tgacaccagc agccattctg tcttcgttct     16980
     aacaaggact agcgtcttga gtttgctttt gttcttgact tggccatgtg ttagatctga     17040
     atcaaaagaa ctaagaagtg tggggcaaaa tatgtctggt tctggtatgt ttgtagacag     17100
     atcattgggt ctgtctcagt cagggacctg agtgttgtgt tagaacagta gtgttgtcaa     17160
     cagggacaac agaaggcgcc atagagcagg cctttgatcc tcccgaggaa gagtcaatta     17220
     gttctctgag ctcaaggcta gccagggcaa cacagtgaaa ttctgtctca gaaaataaaa     17280
     aatagtgttg cttatatttg aaattagtat tttaaagagc cacacaaaac tttgaagtta     17340
     gattattgta gctaatgaca aacatggctg ctatctgaaa gtataactgc attgctgcaa     17400
     tgctgcatga ctcctaatta cacagttaac taagaaggca ggaatgacga gcccagagtg     17460
     atgtcactca tgagaggtta gaggcacttt tttggggata gttgatatcc ttggaatgtc     17520
     ttatttcaag gacctctact ttttcttagg tttataaact aggtatgaaa agaacgaaaa     17580
     atgatccggt tatccaggtt atcaagatgt ttgtctttaa cgaggcacac actgtatctg     17640
     tcatggagcc cctgtgaact gtaggcttca tgagatgcca gtggaactga gtagatgtta     17700
     gagaaattgg tcagagtaga aacacccaga agtacagtgt taacacttga cagtgccagt     17760
     gaaagtgacc ctccactccc agtgctggac tgaagggaat taaagtgcaa cctgtgggct     17820
     ggggagtgga gctcggctgt gagtgctcac ctgcatgaac ctctgcgttt gacccttggc     17880
     acctcataaa ctgggcagag tggcacttgc ctgtaatccc agttcttaga aaatagaggc     17940
     aggagattga gaagttcaca gtggtcctct gcttcatatc aagttcaaag ccaccctggg     18000
     ggatgcaaga ccctgaatca aggaaaaata ctgtggaaat tgctcttgcc tgttctgaca     18060
     acaaaattca caagctagga tgcatgagaa gtctgtctga ctactcccta atgtctgttt     18120
     caaccttgca gctaacttgt tgtttttgcc tcctttccag ataccggtcg gttgtaacac     18180
     aggctccctg tcacactgct aagcgctgag ggctctctga tttgaaagga tctttctgtg     18240
     tacattgtgc ctttgatggg aatgttctgc tgaacctgca gactaaaact gagctcagtg     18300
     acacagcctt ttctcacgct cctccttaaa tctgagctga gacatgtgac atgcgactca     18360
     cttcctctgt aaaattgagt tctggtttgt ttttcctttt tttttttttt tgtttttttg     18420
     tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg     18480
     gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccaccggcc tctgcctccc     18540
     acgtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca cgcctggctt gtttttcttt ataaacagtc     18600
     aacacaagct ttactgcttg gaccttccat taacaacagt ggttgctgtg tctggtcttc     18660
     aattataaat ttttctgcca ttagatgatc tgttgagtct aatcttgatt ttttttttaa     18720
     atcaccagct ggctatcctt cctattcagt gaatacgtca tgataatgtt aacactttcc     18780
     aattatcagc ctggaaattg accatatgat gaaagacagg cattctggag ggttgggggg     18840
     gttgtaaagc caaaacttgg catggggtgc attctcagta ctaatgtgca ttgtttgtag     18900
     tcattgcgtt attattcgtc aacatgcttc ctggtcctac agtagcgtta tatgcttttt     18960
     tatttctttt tgccttttta gctgctaagc taggtaacag tcattgcaaa gtgcacattt     19020
     gtaaatgatt tctcctgagg atcactgctg agccacccat ggagtgtgcc ttgaggaggg     19080
     atgtgtcatg tggaatctag gaccatccag caaggatgat tgcctggtca catggctgga     19140
     acagtcagac tcttaacagc attcccctaa aagcaagtct tgggtttctt ttcatctatt     19200
     ttcattttca ttcccaaatg agtgatgaca tacttctgtc ttttctgcgc atctcaggga     19260
     gttgagctgt caagtcagtt tggccaacct gcttatgagt taacgaaaac aaatagaatt     19320
     tggtttgcta gctacccaaa tttttaaaag ttctggtttt cagtttatga ttttatagta     19380
     taaagagttt cctggacctt ttcacaggtg tttttcagta ttctactcta tgcggacttg     19440
     atttcattgc ttacttccta tgacgcagac agcagttgag caagctgggc gcagaggtcc     19500
     acacttctaa tctctgggct tgggagactg agggggctaa ggcacgagag gctcaaggtt     19560
     gaggccagcc taagttgagc tacactgtct attctgtctc aacattttaa agaagaaaaa     19620
     tcagctgaat agagataaac cttttaacta caaagcctgc gccagtgatc attaaataca     19680
     agctcacttt ttttctgttt aagtggtaca taatatttta catttgacaa attagaaagc     19740
     cacttagagt tgattagtgt gactggttct ttttatcaga attgttttcc ctttacccat     19800
     tcagcaaaat cattaagaga ctaaaactaa attcattgtg tttggtcgtc tttcctcact     19860
     gaacatttta ttaaaatcat gtagaagctg actgtggttg tttgcaccca cattaccaaa     19920
     caaacactca ggcaggaggc tccaaagcgg cttaggcaac ttagtgagaa cccagctcag     19980
     aaggaataga agatttccag cctaaaccgg ggagagggaa ccaactgcag gtgggaaggg     20040
     gactgggatg ggattttggg aagggatgag aaattataat gactgaagat gccataataa     20100
     aacccattac ttggtcccct aatccaagaa attcagaaag aaagaaagaa aatgtctgca     20160
     catagatttt gagcttgtca gagagccaag ttttgaatta aaaaattgag ttacaacttg     20220
     taattcatgc ctcagagtgt ggctcttccc aggtgaagtt gcaagacctc agactatgcc     20280
     cctgtgactt aattttatgt ccttccctgt ttactgtgtc tgaccttcaa gatttcgtga     20340
     ctgatgctga agtggaagcc agccagtgca aacgtttggg gaaataacat ctgaagaatg     20400
     caaagggaaa taggaattcc tctagcgttc ccatcctgcc ttgtcctgcc tgccttccac     20460
     tcaacaggga gaggaaaaga cccgggctca tggaattttc cagctcagcg ttacagctgt     20520
     ttggtgttct taggaaaggt actgagaagg tgagtgaact gtttctgaag aaagactgcc     20580
     catgcgttag aaccatggtt ctgcttttgt taagacagtc agctcccttc tgggctcccc     20640
     agctatgtgt tactttgaat gtgttgcagg actgtggaaa gtttagagta gttgagcctg     20700
     caagtattcc acgttagcca ggcctgacgg tgcacacctg tagctccggc actggggaag     20760
     cttgggaaag aggatgaaga actcaaggag acaggctgga gtgctagctc agcagaaaaa     20820
     gagcacttgc tgcagagaat ctgggtgcag ttcccagggc ccacatggca gctcacagcc     20880
     atgcataact ccgctccagg ggatccaggg ttctggcttt gaaaggctcc agacaggctc     20940
     atggtgtgca gacacacatg caagcagaac tctcatacac agaaacctgg aatctttaaa     21000
     gttcatggag agctgtggca atgcagcaag tcccagctgt ggtgagtcct tccttgtgtg     21060
     tgttctgtcc tctgtgtata tgcttttaaa cttgttagtg tcggagggtc cactaggatt     21120
     tcatttgcat ttgataggaa caaatacatt gtgtgtgtgt ggggggggga tagtggtttc     21180
     tgttaacatt catttatttt gttaaaaaaa aaaaaactca aaaattacta gaaataaatt     21240
     attccagact gaccacgtac ctgtgcagta ggcatcctgc aggcctggga agtaaactag     21300
     tacaggggtc atgaccttga gaaactcatt ttgatttata aagtacagag attttagttt     21360
     aaggaatcaa aatctgatta aaaaggaaat ggctaggctg ggcatggtgg cacatgtctt     21420
     taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc     21480
     tacaaagtga gttccaggat agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaactcccct     21540
     tccccccaaa aaaaagggag tggctaaatg ttttactagc aatctaccct acatatgcta     21600
     acctgactac acattctaaa tggaatgtct agcaatgtga gttgtacact tgtaatccag     21660
     cactcgagag gctgaggcag gagtatcaag agcttgaagc cagccttgca ccatctgtta     21720
     gtctcctaca atggacacac gcacgcctat gtgggtttgt atgggtaaca ttttctagat     21780
     ctttcttgtt tcagggacta taagagtctt acatgtaata tttcaagacc agcagagaag     21840
     ctaacaaaat tgacctgagt atgtgtaaca gtgatgtagg aacaatattt gaacacaggc     21900
     agaacatgca ctctttattt ggttatgata atacatgtgt agtacctgca gtaagtaccc     21960
     ccaaaacatt caggttcgta ataaaaactt gtatttgttt aaaaaaagaa agaaagaact     22020
     gccaggtgta acagcacacc tttttatgct caggaggcag aggcaggcag gtcacttgat     22080
     gctcaagaca agcctgctct tcatagcaag ttccaagcta tccagagctg cacagttagc     22140
     actcaaaaag aaaacaaaaa ggaaggaaga gaaagtagga atgtccaatt agtgatgaaa     22200
     gttaattaat gtagcagtag cttggggttt tcaaagtcag aaattccttt tttgactcta     22260
     agccggtctc tcttaagacg ttcagttcgc atactaacct cctcctttcc ccaggcacag     22320
     acttaaaaga tctggaacaa gggggcactt tctctttaga atgtggactc gggacagggg     22380
     aggagtttgt ctttcgctgt taaaacacgg tcaactgact gctgagactt tccctagaat     22440
     tcttttagaa acagagtttt ctttgtgcag aagaggagag acactccgtg agctgctgag     22500
     ggaggtaagt gcctgtgctg tgcacagcac ctctgtgccg cttccactgc tgtgtgtgtg     22560
     ttactctgta aacctggtgt tactttaata aactgttgtc tgaacgcatt gggtgttgtg     22620
     cctcatttcc tcctagagtc tagttctttg ataactgttt acatgttaac tgctgcccct     22680
     ccaggactgg ggtgtaagca ggagtaacag aaaaacagac ataattcatt gcaagttcta     22740
     ctcagtacta aaattacaca attttaatgg aaaaacagaa tttgaagaaa tctgtctaaa     22800
     aagtgttgga ttgtgtagtt tgaccaattg tgacagagga ggagtagctc tacatgcacc     22860
     atagtccttg cactctgggg agacacgaag aaccctgggc catgcaataa gatcctggag     22920
     tcagaaactt aaggggcttt ccctgccata ggtaaggcct tggtttcaat cccggcccat     22980
     taaaatgaag aactctgccc tactaacacc gagattggcc tgtgaagagt aaaattcatt     23040
     agaggaacag ttttgaccat gattgtttta gattcctact tcccagatgt tacattatgt     23100
     aagccactca agcatcttgc tagtgtttcg gtgagtctgc tcaacttgga aactttgagt     23160
     gtcttctctt gggcacagtg gcatgtggac tccatagcaa ggtcctgtct taaatacaaa     23220
     acaccaagtc ttactgagat aatagctcgt atgcacacag ttcattcaca gtacacgtta     23280
     catggacgtc agcatgcata gtgtcagctc ccatcgctgt ctaaatttaa gatgctttct     23340
     tgctgcagct cagctgtaga gtttctctca ggcactcatg aagtcccagg ttcaatcttg     23400
     tggactccca tccctccgaa aaagacccca tctttttcct ttcttccctc ccccagcctc     23460
     tggctttacc ttctgtcatt tcagccgacg catcctaaac ttttcatatg catgactgca     23520
     tatattatgc tgacttctgt aactggctgc tttcatttag tttgtctagg gttcatccat     23580
     gttgtagcat tcatcaaagt ttgttcattt cttatggacg ggtaacatgc cttcagtaga     23640
     tgtgtatctg gtttgcattc ttcagttgat agacactggg ttgacaaatg aacagtgtac     23700
     tggacactgt gtaaggtttt ctgtgcctat ctgttcattt ccattaggac cataactagg     23760
     agtggaattg ttgggtcaga tggtaacttc aaggaattat aatttttgtg tttggtgctg     23820
     gtactggaag ttgaacctag acccgccctg caaaaccttt ttctgcaagt ggctatgcta     23880
     tttcagtctg tgtttttagc accagaagat gcagatttca cgtcagcccc tgtagagaaa     23940
     aggagcatgg atgtgaactg agatgagctg gttgcgtctg atgagcagcc gggaaggaga     24000
     gagaggcctt gtgttagctg tggctttcac agctgcctcc cattctgact cttcctgttc     24060
     tgggggctat tgttctaact ttaaactcgg tctgagatct agaggaattt catttttaat     24120
     tgaagaagct gttccaagaa tgcttttaca gggcattgta gtccacacct ttaattctag     24180
     cactagggag gcagaggcag ttgaatctct tgagtttgag gccagccagg gctacacaca     24240
     gagatttgtc ctctgctgac ctccacatgt gcttacacac acatacacac acacacacac     24300
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaagtag caaatgcaca cacattgtcc     24360
     ttcactggcc ttggcatcct aggttgctgc ttggcttgca atacacacat ctgttcctac     24420
     caaagcccgt agcatacttg gacttcatct ttcatgagct gtgcacatgt ctgtctgtgt     24480
     aaaagaccag cctggtaaac acatgtatca ctaatgtccc tagtaattat ctctttatat     24540
     actagaaggt atcagggacc tagggcagcg ggctgattta gcctggttgg gctgcatgaa     24600
     tatatccttt gctacttcac tgtttgtatt gctgcttcag tcctctgaac aggtccccag     24660
     ggtcctcgat gtacctgaaa cacacagaag cccctatgtt aagtcttgaa tgtataaaaa     24720
     ggtacatgta ctaatgaaca gccaagtcgt ttcaagagta atgtagccag gcaatggtgg     24780
     atcacgcctt taatcccagc actcaggacg cataggcggg tggatctctg tgagctcaag     24840
     gccagcctgg tctacatcaa gttacagggt atctagggat gcatagaccc tgtctcaaca     24900
     aacccaaaag gtagtgtaat gtgatagctg tttttaagta agagtggatt tacattattc     24960
     tgttgctatg aagagacacc atgactgggg cagctcttag taaagaaagc atctaattgg     25020
     ggaatagctt acaatttcag aagtttagta gattatcatc atggtaggga gcatgccttt     25080
     aggaaggcag gcaggcgctg aagcagtagc taagagctta catcatcttt taagcaaaga     25140
     gaattgggct tggtgtgggc ttttgaaacc tcaaagccca cccccatgga cacacacttc     25200
     cttcaataag tccacacgta ctaattcttt taattcctta gtgctgttcc ctgtggatta     25260
     agcattaaaa tataaagtac cacatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt cagagagact     25320
     aggttttgag cctaggggtg ttttatatgt tgtctgccac taagctgcat cttagcattc     25380
     aaggaagcat ctctctcttg aatggcttga cttggtgcta gaagtgaaaa cagtaggaaa     25440
     cacgggtgca aaggtcactc agagccaggt ggtgtacacc tgtaacccta gcacttagga     25500
     ggtagaggca ggaacagtgg ttcaaaccca gccttagcta catagtagcc ggactcaaat     25560
     gagaccctgt atcagaaaat aaatacatac atgtaaatta ttgtgttttt ttttttaatt     25620
     tcgtgtacat taccagaaaa tggttttaaa ttatctagtg atgggtgctg gagaaatggc     25680
     tcagctgtta agagcactga ctgctgctct tctggaagtc ctgagtccaa ttttcagcag     25740
     ccacatggta gctcacaaca gtctgtggtg gggtctgacg ccctcttttg gtgtgtctgg     25800
     tctctgagtt tgaggtctac acagttccag gacaaccata ctgcattgca aaacaaaacc     25860
     aaataaagaa tcctagggat gtagcagttg gcacctactt agcactggag atgccctagg     25920
     ttccacccca gcctttataa gcctgtggtg gctcacgcct gtaaccctcg cccacaggaa     25980
     gatccaaagt tcagtgtggc tgggtagaca gttctgttgg caaagtgctc gctgtgtaag     26040
     cctaagaacc ttagtttggg tccccagcac tgacatgaaa agctgagcaa gttagagtgg     26100
     tagaggttca ggagttaaaa gcacacactc ctcttccaga caggggacca gaatttgatt     26160
     cccagcaccc atgtcaggca gcttacaagt gctctcaaag gatttaatac tcattgtctg     26220
     tgagaacata attaaaaaaa aaaagtttca ggctgaagac atagcttagg ggtcaggagc     26280
     tctggctgtt ccaggggacc tgggttcaat tcccagtgcc cacatgatgg ctcacaactg     26340
     tctaatgccc tcttctgctc tacaggatcc tacatgaaca tggggcacgt gaggtcacac     26400
     aactatacac ataacaatta aactgtctta aaaatctgag caatttaaaa agatgcctgg     26460
     gagctagagg gatggctcat tggttaagaa cacaaagacc caccatggtg actcaacact     26520
     gtaaatccag ttccaggtct gacaccttcc tctgatgtga ggatgccagg aatgagcttg     26580
     gaacacacat aacatgcagg ctaacacagt cttaaaagat aactgcacat ctgtaatctt     26640
     aacattgcgg tgacgaagga ggctcccttg agctcactgg ccagccacgc tagccaagtt     26700
     gggtgagctc cagccaggtt cagtgtagaa agaaatggag gaagtaacca acctctggct     26760
     tatacacgtg tacacacaga agctacatat tcatgcaacc caggttgaag atggggaact     26820
     ggatagaaat ggccctgcaa cagaatcgtc ctgctcttcc agggaactga agttctcagc     26880
     ggctcacaac cttcaatgat tgtaactcca gcaaagtgga tatgataggc atgtgatggt     26940
     ctctcctggc attggtacct acacacacat gacatacatt cacacacaaa aatgaaaaga     27000
     cctttcaaag taaccctagg ctacgtagtt cacagtggct gggtaatggt tttctgttgg     27060
     tgagatgctt gtgcaaaacc tgagtttgga tcccaaacac tgacataaaa ggctttttat     27120
     gtttcaaaaa caaaaaaaaa attatggctt aatgagtgat tctggctttg tctctcaggt     27180
     ttcagtcatt tgaagacctg actggttggg aggtggctca ctcatgccta gcaagtagtg     27240
     tttagtgtgg tgggaaaccc cagatctgta acttttcatg acaaatgtcg ccagcttccc     27300
     tcttgtactg aagaatctgt ccaatctcca tcatcagcac aaaatcctgc ttgcatagca     27360
     gggcatccct gttcataagc agacagagag gccagagtgc cagtcaactg ctttgagccc     27420
     tgggactcac ttggtaagaa aaaagaacca actccagcaa gctgtcctcc taccccacct     27480
     gtgccatggc tggcatgccc ctcccatgag tatataaata ttacatgcaa taacaaactg     27540
     aattagagcc aggcagtgtg tgtgtgtgtt gggagtggga ggtgcattct tttaatccca     27600
     gcacttggga attaaaggta ggtggggctc ttgatttcaa ggccaggctg gtctacagag     27660
     caagttacag gacagccaat gctacacaga aaccctgtct caaaaaccaa aacaaaactg     27720
     aatttgaaca actacttcat aagaaaagct tatttttact gggtaaatgt aaaaatacac     27780
     ccaacagcaa agtgttggct ctctttaaat ttatacccaa gaaaaatttg tcataggata     27840
     cataagttgg gaagcagaga ggtgaatcca gagaggagtt tcaggccagt caaaataaca     27900
     tagtgaggcc ctcactcaaa acaataaaaa ctaacccaaa atgtgagtgt gtggtgttgg     27960
     tggcagagat gccaaaacag ctgtaattgc agaactctgg aggcagaggc aggatgttca     28020
     actatatggg agtgagagat cagtctgggt tgagacctta ttttaagaaa caaaacatgg     28080
     gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ccgactgctt ttctgaaagt cctgagttca     28140
     aatcccagca accacatggt cgctcacaac catccgtaat gagatctgat gccctcttct     28200
     ggtgtatctg aagacagcta atagatataa taataaatac atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     28260
     aacaaaacaa aacaaacagg gctgatgtgt tggtgaatag tgttagcccg aggagcagaa     28320
     gaccacagtt caggtcccca gaacccacct acaaagctgg gtggtctggt ggctcctttc     28380
     acccctcctg tagttccagc acttggttag gtagagagat aagtaatccc tgagacaagc     28440
     cctagcaatc cctagactag ccacactcag ggagctctgg gttcagcaag agaccttttc     28500
     tcaatgaagt ggagagtggt tgaggaaccc atctgatatc ttaggacctc tacacatgca     28560
     tgtgcaattc ctcgaatgca cacatgaatg catataggta cacatacaat atagcaaaat     28620
     gaatgttggc ctggagtggt gatgaaggca tttaatccca gcactgggaa aacagaggta     28680
     aatgagtctc ttgagatgga ggccaggctg atatcctctt taaaattttt atacatatac     28740
     ataaattctc tctatatata tatgtatata tatataggtg tgtgtgtgta catatacata     28800
     tatatataca catatatata catatatata tatatatata tatatagaga gagagagaga     28860
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagcgagcgc aagcaagcga gcgcaccagg     28920
     catggtgata catgccttta gtcccagcaa cctgggggta gaggcagatg agtgtacatg     28980
     agtttgaggc caacctgcct tacagagtga gtttcaggac ataacaggac tacacagggt     29040
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaca aacaaaagat aaaatgagtt gatagtaagt ttgacatttg     29100
     taagttacaa attgtcattt gtaaatgtca aaaagtagaa ccagatctgc ttgttggctt     29160
     gcttcataag cctggcaact gggtttgacc acctgcaccc atagaaaggt ataaaagaaa     29220
     ggtaaaagag aactccacaa agttgtcctc tgaccactgc acatgccata agacacacac     29280
     aaacaccccc tacatagacg ccaaattcca aaagtagaat ggactgttct ttcacataaa     29340
     gttaacctgt gctgcataca acatagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc     29400
     gtgcgcatgc ttgtttttgt caatttgaaa caaatttgag tcacctggga agattggggc     29460
     tgaagaacca atccatcaga ttagcctgtg ggtgaatctg tggacatttt ttgatgaaat     29520
     attcatttgg gacggcccag gctacagtgg gcaatgccac cctgggcagg tatcctggcc     29580
     tgtataaaaa aggaaactgt gaactggaca aatggctcag aggttaaaag ctcttgttgc     29640
     tgaagattca agtttgattc ccagcactcc tagggcagct cacagctgtt cataactcca     29700
     ggtccagggt atccaacacc tgatctcagc agtcaccagt cgtacacaag atgcccagac     29760
     atacttgcac gcaaactgct catacaaata tatatcttta taaaggaaga aagggtctga     29820
     gtcaactcag tacgcagtat tcctccatgg tgactgcttc agttcctgcc ctggcttccc     29880
     tcagtgttgg ataacctgca agtattcgct gaaataaacc ctttcctttc caagttgctt     29940
     ttggtcatga tgtttgccac agcaacagga aaacaactag gccagtgtgt gttcccaggg     30000
     ataaatacag cacttcatga atgccatgca agcactatgc catgccattc atctgccatc     30060
     tgcttctaat ggctgaactg actacagtca tttcaaaaag ggtttccttg ctgtgaagag     30120
     acaccctgac caaggcaact tttataaagg acaacattgg gctggcttac agttcagagg     30180
     ttcagtccat tatcatcgca gtgggaagca tggcagcatg caggcagcca cggtgctgaa     30240
     agagctgaga gttctccatc ttgatccaaa ggcagcagca ggaatatctt ctgcaagcag     30300
     ctaggaggac ctcttacaca cggggtgtag cctgagctta ggacctcaga gcccaacccc     30360
     acactgacac ccttcctcta acaagaccac ttctcttaat agtgccactt ctcatgggct     30420
     gagcaaattc aaaccaccac aggttgataa tgccagtgtg cttgaggtcc caacactagg     30480
     tgaatcttat aagcagtggt gaccgaggat tccaacaagt cacagtgtga ttccacacat     30540
     gtcacaaagc tataaaccaa agccaggaag gcagactggc caggaggtat ggcatgaaaa     30600
     gagcacccca gtcattgcct tttgtcagca tggtaattct gtaagtattc tttatgcctc     30660
     gttagtttat gtgtttcata caagtcattg accttacatt tttataacgt ttaaaactga     30720
     gctctaagac aacctatgat acagctgaca ggtagcacct gcctacatcc ccaagggctt     30780
     gggttcagtc tcggcatcac aagggaaaac aaaacaaaac tctagcctca tagttacatt     30840
     tttgtcaaaa attattaacc tcatagtctc agtaaaatga ctggcaccca tgcagtatga     30900
     tggagggcga ctggggtgac ccatcacagt gccacatggc tgtatcacaa catatataag     30960
     ttacgtgagc acatacggct atataagatg ttacagcagc atctttacat acacagtcac     31020
     acactgagat ccattgctcg catcatccct tgaaaactgc aactcttgtc tttccatttt     31080
     atagatgaga taaaggctag gaaggttgaa tcaggaaaca agcctattac ataatagcca     31140
     acatgctgaa accctgtggg attatacaca cttacagtaa ccagcttgtg tgtgtagttt     31200
     tgatcagctt cctttgccag ctcagtctgc cttcagtcag cttctaaggc aagctctgtg     31260
     ctttccctct gaaacaagcg ttgctttgct gctggaagca gctgcggctg agtcgtccct     31320
     ccctgggtta gcaagggaac agtcaaggtc acagctcaaa ggtagcacta gcctagcatc     31380
     ccagtgatct gggccactgg gtgtcacaga caggtgtggc agaggacaac agcacagaga     31440
     ggaggaagca gatgacatct aagattggca caactcacaa agcaagtttc aagatggcca     31500
     aggctacata gaaaaaccct gccctaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa     31560
     aaaccccaca attttaaaag ggcaaggctc aaaggggcag tatttctgtg agtcacctac     31620
     gtaataagct tacaagcaga caccagaact gggccttcaa ttaagatagt ggttctctac     31680
     cttccccttg ccctgaatac agttcctcat gctgtgaccc ccaaccacaa actgatttct     31740
     atggctactt cataactcat tttgctatgg ttatgaattg tagtgtaaat gtctgtgact     31800
     tccagtggtc ttaggtgacc tctatgaaaa ggttattctg ccccaaagag gtcacggtcc     31860
     acgggttgag aaccactggc ttaaggcctt ggtcctccct ttacctttcg ttagagctgt     31920
     gaaaactgga gagtcctcta gcctctaaga ggcatcgttc cgcacaggaa gatttccctt     31980
     taaatgacca agctgactga gtcatcttaa ctatgagacg gtggggcagg ggcctgagta     32040
     caatgtttgc ctagcacgca gaagactaca tttgatcccc actactacaa aaagaaaaaa     32100
     caaattaaat tagcttcatg aagacattat tcagaactag aatagtagca ctcagattgt     32160
     ctgttgccac ggaatgccag ggagcaggaa tcgagccttt agattgccct ctactcggag     32220
     agagccagtg atcggaggca gaagcttctc atagcagctc gtcacggacc agctatttta     32280
     tggtggaaat gaaagcagtc attccagagc tcgcccccac cccaccccct gccgcccctc     32340
     gctgcacctc tgcttaggca gccagccaca tgtttgattc ttgtgatggt tgagactctt     32400
     tccgtatcat ctctgtcaca gtctgtcatt gtctggactc tggggctcag tgtttcctga     32460
     aatattgagg cgagtttggg tctgctggca ttgatcctgc acttcagccg ctgacagaaa     32520
     ggagagtcaa cgcagaacac atacatcatg gatactctgt gtgctaagct aattaacaca     32580
     cacacaaaca cctttctaca atatgggata ggaaagtgcc cttttccatc ctctattgcc     32640
     tactgattgg aaggcagtgt gtctctgggc cttttggata attaatgtta gtttctgtca     32700
     gaatctgtgt tccaaactaa tactaggggc tagacatgta acctagttgt agagtgccta     32760
     cctagcatgg aagatgtcct agcacccacc tacccacacc cccacaccct ccccccacac     32820
     ccttcataca aatccatggt gttgggggtg gggcataaag cagtatcata attctggatt     32880
     cccagacctt aactctatag tatgatagat ttttcttaca aatatttgtt ggacaactag     32940
     aaacactggg gaaaaataaa aaaggctaaa agataacatt ctccaaaaag gagacaaaaa     33000
     tatgatagga aagacaagtt atactgttcc ctagacacaa atatgatagg aaagacaagt     33060
     tagactgttg cctattttag ccacaaggag gcgctacgta caagggttac aggcttctag     33120
     aacaaagaac cacctgttcg tgtcacagaa aatagtgctc ttcacatttc agagacttct     33180
     ctgaagtctc atctcccttg atgttcacca ttttgaactc tgacagaatg agcattaagc     33240
     ctgaaatatt ccaccaatac attatgaact gtatagcatg catgaggccc tgggttcaat     33300
     cactagcctg tctaaatcgt tcatgatgat acacacctgt aattccagaa tttgggaggt     33360
     agaggcaaga ggaccagaag ttcaagggga acttaattac ttggggaagc tgaatgccag     33420
     tctgggctac aagagaccct gtctcaaaaa gaaagaaagg aagaaaagag agagggagga     33480
     gggggaggga gggaaggagg gaggaaaaaa acaaacccct gtctttcttg gagaggctga     33540
     gtggtagaat cctttgcctg tcatgtacca gacctgacta taacctagca caaaaacacc     33600
     aatttacagg gttctatcta ttttggaaat gctgagtttc ttggctaaaa gtcagggttt     33660
     ttgttgtttg tttgtttttg aaacagagtt tctctgtgta gacctggcta acctaaaatg     33720
     aactctgtag accaggctgg tctcaaactc aagagatcca cctgcctctg cctctcaagt     33780
     gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccaccgc ccggctaaag gtcacttttt aattctactc     33840
     tggtctatga atgtttattt tacataaatg acacaaaaat aatcttcaaa caccaagcaa     33900
     tgttagtaat ggggtatttt taaaaagttt cctagttccc attaaaagca agatgtgatt     33960
     caataattta agtccaattc aatcaaaaga aatactttcc gaggctggag acttggctca     34020
     gcggttaaga gcactgactg ctctttcaga ggttctgagt tcaattccca ggaatggcat     34080
     ggtggctcac aacaaccatc tgtaatggaa tctaatgccc tcttctgagt gtctgaaaac     34140
     agctacagtg ttcgtacaca taaaataaca aataaatctt ttaaaaaata ctttccatta     34200
     tttttttctg aaacttttgg acccgtgctc cgaaagactt tcagttttct cggtgatact     34260
     gtcacattct taagaaacac ccctgggctg gagagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg     34320
     actgctcttt caaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat     34380
     ccgtaacgag atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca     34440
     gataataaag aaatattaaa aaaaaaaaag aaatcccctt ttcaatcaca cttgagctta     34500
     tgtgctaata tggcaactta ctggagggcc actaatagac tcagggttga cttctataaa     34560
     aatttggata gtgggctgga gagatggctc atcggttcag aactcttcca gaggacctgg     34620
     gttcaattcc cagcacccac actgcagctc acaactgtct gtaactccaa ttccaggaga     34680
     tccgacacac tctcacagac atacatgcag gcaaaacacc aatgtacata agataaataa     34740
     atcattaaat gtatttggac aatgacatta gaaatgtgta gcacttccct tggtgtgaag     34800
     gaacggtttt cctagagtat caaccatcta agctctgccc cctgccctgg ctggaggcat     34860
     caatttcact tggctgttct ggtgtataat acatcagcaa gagcaagaac gttgctttcc     34920
     tgtgaccccc atctggcaaa ttactgcatt tgtggccagt ccagaaagac ctgggaccga     34980
     catttgacat tggacagact tgtgagacta aaccctcatc ctgttgggtc tgtgtaactt     35040
     taattttttt caatgtctat tttcccttcc agcccaccac ccaccagagg tagtggaaaa     35100
     gaaaggatat gggggaagtg aacctgttta gaaatggttc tttggagcaa gtctcatctg     35160
     cactgtcagg aaatccgcgg ttcagttcac agattagcag gcagcggcag ctcgatccac     35220
     tcgcaaacag ttcacggata catcagcaat ccaactcagt agtgttggga tagtagcaga     35280
     gatgacatga ccatgaccta gcgggaacag ccagacctta gcacgagtca gcagaaggga     35340
     cccagagaaa taccagaagt tttcagcagt gcatccctca gctcagtgaa gatgcgacca     35400
     gcatggcaca gctagctcta taagcaagcc aagcccagac tccatcactg tcctttttta     35460
     tactccctcc aaatatcacc tgccctcccc gggtctaaga actcttaggt ttccacgtca     35520
     ggtctgtgct tcatgcattg acagagttga gtcattggac atttggtgtc ctgggagatg     35580
     gagaattggt caccagttgg tgcagggaaa cctgcacatt tgctgtcagt gcacgtgcgt     35640
     ctgtctcagc tgacatcact ctgccaatca gcctgggtcc ttgaaaagtg gcaagaagct     35700
     gcaacacacc accagaagtg ttttggtgca tttctatgga gacctgacaa atggagctca     35760
     accacgcaat gtaagcagac caatgcaatg tcgttaggga agaatccttc atctcatgtc     35820
     ctttcacgtg cttgctttag cagaacatcc tctctcctgt gtctgcttca gtgaaacgtt     35880
     ccttctcgag tctgccttag tgaaacttcc tttcatccgt atccacttca gagaaatgtt     35940
     ccttcactca tccaatttaa gaaaacctcc tttcggccgg gcagtggtgg cgcatgcctt     36000
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc     36060
     tataaagtga gttccaggac aaccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc ggaaaaaaaa     36120
     agaaagaaag aaaagaaaag agaagagaag aaaagctcct ttcacctgag tccacttcag     36180
     gaacacacat tcccttcacg tatttgtccc agcaaagcac catccgacgc aactgacttt     36240
     ccaaagaact cttaggtttc cacgtcaggt ctgtgcttca tgcattgaca gagttgagtc     36300
     attggacatt tggtgtcctg ggagatggag aattggtcac cagttggtgc agggaaacct     36360
     gcacatttgc tgtcaggtat cttgagtaaa ggaatggtga atgcatacat cagcacgtgg     36420
     ccctcagata atttagcttg tggtcagcca ttatatttat ctgccaacat acttcctttg     36480
     aattccaagc atcttttctt tgaaatcctc tttagaggac ttatgacatt tctcaaacat     36540
     gataggtcgc agggccttca cctctggcct tggtcctgcc aacattgaaa ggcttcatgt     36600
     tctcagaaga ctcagtctca gcaggctgtg gtcccatcca ggatggctga tgggtttggc     36660
     gctcattgtt gatggaggaa agcccactgt ctttggccag acaaaatcgt tgataactgg     36720
     tcactgtccc caccctccac ctcctgatgt ggtctccccc acttgctatg agttttctgg     36780
     aagccattat tgctccttcc cacgtggatt agggaacaat gtcagcttcc aaagctgaac     36840
     atgttgctat gggaacctaa agttatttgg agtcgcagag caatagtaag caatcattga     36900
     cacaacctga aacgcgccat aattgtcccc caagaataat aggtggaata ttttatcctt     36960
     aggttggggg aacttttgtg ctttgtcctg gggatggcga ggagctgctg agggctggag     37020
     gttgggagag atctcctggc tttcctgtgt catcctgatg ctggagtccc ttacatactt     37080
     tcttctctct cagctgcgtt ttctcccgtg gaaagtgggg catccgtcta gagctgaaag     37140
     ggacgtggga gaagccgtgt gagcctctga agtgggtgtt gtctgcacat tctctagatg     37200
     aggggccggc agggaggggg aagcctgtac cagtaacatg accttgctat ccttaggcag     37260
     gcgtgcacac acacacactg ctctgactgc caccctcagc atttttaaag ggttatttat     37320
     ttttactgta tgtgtatgaa tgtcttgcct gcctgcatgt ctgtgcacca cttgtgtgct     37380
     tgatgtctga ggaggcgtaa aagagggcat cagatccccc aggactagag ttacagacat     37440
     ctgggatgca cagtggggag acgggagaca gaacccaggg catcagtaga agcagttatt     37500
     gctcataact acaacagagc catctctcca gctacccttc tttaacattt taatgtcaca     37560
     gtcctccaga gaggctgtga ctaagctatt aacatgctgt atgtgtgctg gcgaaggtgg     37620
     caggtcttat gtttgaaatg ccttttaaat tacttatttg tgtgagtgta ggtgcacacg     37680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     37740
     tgtgtgttga cctagggggc ctcctgtgtt ctacctctgg tacatattcc ttcacctgga     37800
     tatcaaaccc caggtctcaa gcatcctagc ccagtgtgct accactaagc tccctcccca     37860
     gcccagctgt tcatctcctt cagtctaagg ctatcctcag ccttccatgt gttgttttct     37920
     agattttgca gatcgtccca gtctggcctg gtcttggtga ttttgtatga tgggggtagg     37980
     gtcatacctg cccatttacc aggaacttca cggaagtaac cctgggtcct cggtgcctca     38040
     caccagaagg cttactggtg atggtagcgc ttgtctgtaa tcccaacacc tgagaagcca     38100
     aagcaggaga atagctgtaa gtctgggact aacccagcct aaggcagcaa cgttagctta     38160
     tcactgagct ctggggaggg aggccaaggc aggaggatcc ctggggctcg ctggccagcc     38220
     catccagatg aaacaatcag tgtgctacag gttcagagag agactttgtc tcacaaaata     38280
     aggaggagat ctggggtgat gactcactgg cttagactat atgccactct tgcagaggac     38340
     ccgagttcgg ttcccagcat ccacatctag aagcttacaa ctgtccataa ctttatctcc     38400
     aaagtccaat atctctggcc tcagggctcc tgcactctca tgcacacaca tacagataca     38460
     tatcttaaaa aaaaacaata aggtgggggt ggaaagatgg gactgggagt agggtgtcgt     38520
     aattaggata tatagtcaat aaattaatta attaataccc cacctgggga tccatcccat     38580
     atacagtcac caaacccaga cactattgtg gatgccaaca agtgcttgct gacaggagcc     38640
     tgatatagct gtgtcctgag aggctccacc agtgcctgaa aaatatagag gtggatactg     38700
     gcagtcaatc actggactga gcacagagtc cccaatgaag gagctagaga gagtacccaa     38760
     ggagccgaag ggggttgcag ccccatagga agaacaacaa tatgaaccaa ccagtacccc     38820
     cagagctccc agggactaaa ccaccaacca aagaaaacac atggagggac ccatggcacc     38880
     agctgcatat atagcagagg atggccttgt cagtcatcaa tgggaggaga ggcccttggt     38940
     cctgtgaagg ctcgatgccc cagtgtaggg gaatgccagg gccaggaagc aggagtggtt     39000
     gggttgggga gcagggggag gggatagggt aattttggag gggaaaccag gaaatgggat     39060
     aacttttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc taataaaaat aaatcaatta atgaatataa     39120
     ataagttgga gaaaaatgga gtgttagcct gtgtcctcca ctcactcacg tgcacacaca     39180
     ataaatgact tttaaatata aacagtcatt tttattggat tatatctgtt cattgtgtgt     39240
     gtgtgcacac gcgcacatgt cattgcgcac acatggaggt cagaagtcaa ctttcaggag     39300
     tcaattcttg ccttccactc tgtgggttcc agggattgaa ctcaggccct ccgacgggca     39360
     cgggagcctt tcccgagcca tctcattggc cctaagtaaa ttctaagaat taaaaaagaa     39420
     gaaagcttgc tacagctccc cactgttaag ctactgtgct ttcctgtgtg attagcaggt     39480
     gagttctaag gatgtcttgc taggttatgg ttccatgcga gcaacagtct ctgtcctccg     39540
     gctcttcgac agtctataag gaaatgcttc ccttcactca tgtcgctacg atgcagggac     39600
     tcctgcaata ttctaggatg tataatccag tactgctatg attgttcaga ggctatgtca     39660
     tcccaggact ctggttaata acaagcctac aaaccaaatg tctatgaatc atataaagcc     39720
     caggttcttt tctcaaagca gagatgggcc taaatagaaa ggtcggatat aggtcattgg     39780
     aaggtagaca taatgtggaa atgaaagtca tgttgggcag atttcagtaa acaaaagcaa     39840
     ctcatccacg gatgtgtatt gaaatattga gaaaaaatag cacaaccgct caacagtggt     39900
     cagaagagct tggtgtgagg gccaggatag gtgcgttcac tatcaaggag aagactgaaa     39960
     aagattgctg gatcttcagg ttgtctcaga cctcgaaggg gctgggctgg ggctcgaggt     40020
     ggtgggagtt gtcaaggtcc atctggtgct aaggtcatag ctttcttgga ggatttgaca     40080
     aagccgcaag ccatttctct tttgaaagca tgcaaggtca ggtacaaatt cagagagctg     40140
     agacggagct ccggctatgg ctttggggta cagcatattc ggtatgcgcg gctctgggat     40200
     tggtctccag caccacaagg acagaaaagg aatggatcat gggtccctag gtctacttaa     40260
     ttaatttcat ttctttctgt aaagctgcac ccgacaggtt ttattttacc ctgaggcttt     40320
     tctgatgact cagcgatagg ctgctggcca agcatttgtc ttcaacaaag aactagtcag     40380
     ggttcccttt cctcatgcca ggagaaagag tgcctcaaac ttctgattct cccaaccatg     40440
     tcttgcagac tttagctgtc accactcaga taaccccagg ctgtgccagc aggaagagtt     40500
     agggttcttc agtttagaag caggtgacat cattaggttt ctaactcaag agccagaaac     40560
     aagaattaat tacgtgtgat ccaggcacag tgccatgtac ctaatcccag catttgaggg     40620
     gtggagacag gattcaagct tatcctccat acatagggag tttgaggcta gcctgggcta     40680
     catgaggctt tcccagacca aaaagaatca cacaggactg aatgaatggg ttagggaagg     40740
     tggtagtttg aaatattatt gatgcctttt aaacttttct ctgggtacat agggaggttt     40800
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt aaacaatttg gtatactctg taagctaaaa tggaatgcca     40860
     aaaaagccac acttggagct gggagggggt ggagtgacct aggcttggtt cctagcacta     40920
     gaaaaaaaat ctttttctca tcagtccatt tctctctctc ctttccacag caactcttcc     40980
     tacgtctacc catagttaac ttctttacat ttatgagtaa tggcctcctc tttaccagac     41040
     tctaactggg aaaagtgtgt ttgcagttgt ggccccgcct tgtcctgtct gagatgactt     41100
     catcagctct gactggtgtt aaggaggcaa gttggagttt catgggcctc tgtcttcaag     41160
     ttctctaacg tgtgggtggg agaggtcgct ttggggtgag accagcctgg gaatcccaca     41220
     gaaagacagg ggtccacctg aactgaaatc cctcctccaa atctgcagca atgtgtgtct     41280
     atacattatc attctctgta aacctttctc tcctatcaag atgaactgaa gtgcagcttg     41340
     actgtgtagg caccaatgac cttcctgcaa gtttatgttt tgatcaatga gggtgtagca     41400
     tttcctatcg ccactgtaac aacctggtga ctgaaaacaa tgggaatata ttttagtagt     41460
     aggatattat actggcctgt tttgtgcgtc aacttgacac agctggagtt accacagaga     41520
     aaggagcctc ccttgaggaa aggcctccat gagatccagc tgtaacacat tttctcaatt     41580
     agtgatcaag ggtgggagga tccattgtgg atggtgccat ccctgggttg gtagtcttgg     41640
     gttctgtaag aaagcaagct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa accaataaga aacatccctc     41700
     catggcctct gcatcagctc ctgcttcctg acctgcttga gttccagtcc tgacttcctt     41760
     tggtgatcaa cagcaatgtg gaagtgtaag ctgaataaac cctttcctcc ccaacttgtt     41820
     tcttggtcat gacgtttgtg taggaataga aactctaaga cagatgtata tactcagggg     41880
     aagattttgt gcataccatg acacaacaca agacccccat cgtaatcccc agggcacgca     41940
     cacacacaca cacacaccac acagagccct aagctctgga agtcaaaagt ccagaatgta     42000
     ccttactgag tcaaggttca cagagccgtg ctcctgaaag ctccgggaag aaactatttc     42060
     cttacctctt ccagcatcca gagaccactg actcccttgg cctgtggtct actctagcct     42120
     caagccatcg atggatggag tggtgctaat ttttggctga ctacttgctg ggatgaggct     42180
     agcctttggg tgtatctatg gggcgtttct agcgaggatt agctgagggg gacccacact     42240
     gaatgtgaac agcaccctct cagtcccaca ggctgggacc ccagactgat agaaaggaca     42300
     tacggtattg cccgagcttt tgtccccgcc agcaagaaca cactcaggac aaccgaaatc     42360
     ttctgcggca aagcttttat tgcttactta tcaggaggga agaccctgaa ccgggaaaat     42420
     ggcactgctt atatagcccg cagtgtgacg tttcagcacc tgatgtggcg tgacagctcc     42480
     tgattcgttg ctcgcccatt accccattac tacgccgtga gatgggcagt gactaggcgt     42540
     gagttcactc ttgcacttgc gcataaggct tgtttactag ttaggcgcag tggaagccag     42600
     cgccatctta taatggcgat tgctcacggc acacacgtga ttgctcgcgg cacagctctc     42660
     cacatcacgg gagaaagcca gctgagtacc acattcccat ctgctgcttc ctggtgtcca     42720
     gtataagcca attcgtgccc acacagctgg ggcctgctcc tcccagccat gctggacact     42780
     gtcccccaca aggggaaagt cagccttccc ccttatgctg ttccttgtca gatgtttggt     42840
     cacaatgaca agtgtgtgtg gccaacgctg ccacccttac tctttttccg cctttgagac     42900
     agggcccctc gccgaatgtg gagcttgaat gttcagccaa gctgtctgac cagcaaactc     42960
     cagaaatccc cctgcctcct cctcctcagc actgggatta tgcccgtgcc cgagtatttt     43020
     ggggttctag gggtctgaac tgaagtcctc agtgttgagg cccatgagtc accctacaga     43080
     ccacacaaac gtccatcgaa ttcaggcagg gatggtttat tgagtgcaca ccctactact     43140
     gatcgatcag gacatagctc aggatctggg actgagccac ggtcatgaac atctttcttg     43200
     tcagctcata aaggaaacac acacacacat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     43260
     acacatacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     43320
     aacataccga ccaaggtggt tcaggaagtg gtgcccagtg gttggctctg actcaagcca     43380
     tgtcaaacat aacagttcat actgaccttt aatttgatgg gttctacgta aagctttgtg     43440
     gaatttctta agattaacaa aactcagaac atacagaaca taacaggatg tgtgatcagc     43500
     ctgactttgc tttgagtcaa attatttttc tgtgtcaatg actggcaggc atgttacaac     43560
     aatataaaaa agcttgcagg catagaaaaa aatggctaca gccatgctgg ggcaggaggc     43620
     ctcaacactc ccgtttatac atcaggaaca ttcctggcag gttttcctta aaccaggctg     43680
     gcctcaaact caatgatccc cctgcctcag tctcccaagt actgtataaa aatttttttt     43740
     cttatgtaat tctggggaat caaaccaggg ccttgcacat gttagacaga attccaccac     43800
     tgagctacat ctagtccaaa acctataaac gggagagaac tgaccaagtg aaatagctcc     43860
     tgtctgtgac ctgcagacac gtctggcagg agtgctattg gcttcctctg actgcagaga     43920
     agtccgttgt gtcaatattc ctgatgaaaa gtgtctgtga tgtgtattct cctttgagac     43980
     ggttttaacg tcttctgctt ttctcaatat tgagttaagg aagatatttc agatgggtat     44040
     tttatatctg aatgagaaca gtgattttaa ttcaacaaac aatccttgaa catgggctag     44100
     tgtgtcggtc caacttttca cagaacaaca aacgcctgag gggaaacagt ttaaacgaga     44160
     tatgatggtt tgaatgagag atgccccgtc cccacaccat agcgcacaca cacacacaca     44220
     cacacaaaca cacactcaca ctcacacagg ctttcactca ctcacacaca tacatgttta     44280
     cacacatgct tatatgcatg ttcacacaca ctcacatgat tacacacatg ctcacacaca     44340
     catgctcaca cacacatgct ctcacacaca tgctcacaca gactcagact cacacacaca     44400
     aacacatgct tacacacaca tgcttacata cctgctcaca cagacacaca aacacaaaca     44460
     tgctcacact ttgtatttga acatttggtc actagttggt gacagtattt ttctttgtca     44520
     tggttttgaa tgtatgcatg tgttcatgag tgtgtgtgtg agcttgcaca gaggccaagc     44580
     acagagatca acatcaagtg cgtacctcaa tctctccact ttattttttt tactttttat     44640
     ttatttagat ttatttattt attttatgta tatgagtaca ccatcatggt cttcagacac     44700
     accagaagag ggcatcagat cccattacag atgattgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg     44760
     atttgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcaat cagtgctctt aactcttgag ccatctcttc     44820
     agcccctcca ctttagtttt tgaggcaagg tctctcactg aagctggagc gcaataggat     44880
     tcctggccag ccagttagcc ctcatgatct ccttgtctct gcctccctat gctgaggttg     44940
     ctaagccaca ggcatgccct gctatttcca acattttata tgtgtgctgt ggatccaggc     45000
     tcaggtcctc actaactgat ccttcttccc agccccaagg gtacaagaca tggactgaac     45060
     gtggctgggg gcacagcagg cagaagtggg tctcagaagg caggcatttg aaagctgtag     45120
     cctggccctg ctgtggactc attctactgc tccatctgat ctgagcaggc catgatgcag     45180
     ggccttgctg ccacagactg agcccctcca gccctcatgc cgacgatgct ccaaatccct     45240
     tctgacctat gaccccagag aaaccttctt tcccataaag tcacttctgg caggaatctt     45300
     gtcacagcaa tgaaaacagt taataatatg agaggaaaga ctcctttaat ttctggtttg     45360
     agagactggc cctgctgctc cgtgcatctg agaggggctg gtgagaggcg ctgctcaccc     45420
     acgacagctg ggaagcagag agcgagcatg cctgtgctag aggcttcttc tcccgtatcc     45480
     catcccaccc ttagcctctc acccagtacc acccatgctc tgtcttggag ggatgccctg     45540
     gcatgggggg gggggtgccc tcacacccag agcatgcttt cctcccatcc caggactctc     45600
     tccttcccgc caggttaaca atcaagatca gacaacacag ctgtcactga gctatgctaa     45660
     gagtcctgag acccacgctc agtccttcca gagccagctc tgcctgcctc tgctttgaag     45720
     tttccaaagc ttctagagac ccagctgaaa tcatcctgca gttggcctgt tggagtggtg     45780
     gcctgcagag cggtctcaca tgggagagcc atgtctggct ggcactatct agcaatgaag     45840
     aacagtgcac agacataatg caaagcagac aggctctgtg ttcctgccct cgttcaaccg     45900
     aaatgccagc ttgggcaaat gacatatctt ctccgtggac agcagacaat tactcgtgag     45960
     gcattgcata aaggaagttc cgtggcgtgg gagacctctc ctatggggag ccttcaggaa     46020
     atgctggcta tttttattac cagcaggaac agcaaaggtt aacacagcac ataatttttg     46080
     tccctgaatt ccacctgtcg ttcctaacat gcgccaggcc ctggctagga ggcttgtgcg     46140
     ggtttagaca gaagcactag tacaggtcaa cgtgtgctta tcaagtgtgg ctgtgggggt     46200
     ggggggaggg ggaggggctg gcttattctg actcctccca aagttttaaa cgaacctcag     46260
     gtggtagaaa ttgctgtgaa acacacacct agttagcgag aagacgttaa agattttttt     46320
     ttttttactt tatacgtatg agtgacctta ttatgtttgt gctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46380
     tgcagtgccc acagaggcca gaagatggca gcagatcccc tccctgaagc tgaagtgcta     46440
     ggcagtggta accctctgcc cccaatatgg gtgctaggaa ttgaacctgg gtctactgca     46500
     agagcagtaa gtgtgcttaa ctggaagcca tctctccagc ccctccagtc ctccaaaccc     46560
     catccccaca aaactttaaa ctagatgtgg ccacgcctgc aatcccagca cttgggaggc     46620
     tgaggaggca gggtaccaag ttctcggcca cgctgcctca accctcccct caaagagaga     46680
     caagacagag taccatgaca cagtgtgcaa acgggctgtg cagatttgga gtaacacaaa     46740
     ggatggggtt tatgtgttgt agtggataac ggccacgtat gcagggaaca tagatgagtg     46800
     tcaatttata accttctaca atgtcagacc tttgctggtc accatttact gatggttccg     46860
     atttcttccg atagctagcg tagtcacagg ctcttttatg ttattttaac taattatgct     46920
     agctggaagc tcacatgttg tgcttcacac accggtgttt atgtagccca tagaatggct     46980
     aaaatggacc aaaggggcca agaggctgta acgttcaaag aggccttact gcgggcggtg     47040
     gcagaggcag agagccactg cagtttgggc ataggcctac tgccaagaaa tcacacccta     47100
     cttaaacaca cagtggctca ggccaaaagt aaaaattctt cctctggctt ctgaagcaga     47160
     gcccagcctg acccctgcct ccccgggcac cgctttcttc ctgagtttgg tttttcaacc     47220
     actctggcct tctcttgagg ccagagagtg cttgcatatg cgattctctc tgcccaaatg     47280
     ctttctctct ctcccattaa agcctcctgg ttctttgccc acttaattct tcctggcctt     47340
     caagtcttgg ctcctccctg gcctctctga gtcccaggag atccctgtag tgccctccct     47400
     gggtggctgg atgtgtgtct cttacacagc atttattgcc accagaactt ggcctggatt     47460
     gttcaggctg tggttcacaa ggaccctgtg ctggcttctg cattttgtcc agtttgttaa     47520
     ggttaattta tttattatgt atacattgtt ctgcctgcat gtatgcctgc aagccaggag     47580
     aggggaccag atcccgttac agatagttat gcgctaccat gtggttgctg ggaattgaac     47640
     tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtgttcttaa cctctgagcc atctcttcag tcctgttttt     47700
     ttgttgttgt ttttgttttt tttgttgttg ttgttgttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag     47760
     ctctggctgt tctagaactc cttctgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaactca gaaatcctcc     47820
     ttcctctgcc tcccatgtac tgggagtaaa gcatgagcca ccaccaccca gctactttgt     47880
     ccagttttaa tgcctaagtc agtccctcgc ggtaccactt gtgtctctga gcaaagaatc     47940
     aagcagagac gcactgctgc agaataagca gggagcatgg aggaaaagac tgtgcacttc     48000
     cagtaagagg caaacaacag ggacccagga gtctagggac tcagagaccc ttgctgtgaa     48060
     aaggttgcag ctcttagaat gggcttttca gagcttgctt tgtctgttac atgcagcttt     48120
     aaaaaacaaa aacagggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc     48180
     cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaacaag     48240
     atctgatgtc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctgcag tgtacttaca tataataaat     48300
     aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaataaataa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaact tcatgggtca     48360
     tgggtttctc atcttatatc tcaacacttg ggcctttggg ggggacattg ttcaaaccac     48420
     aggattcact tactggctag aacaaacgtc tctgtactag tgacattagg agacaagctg     48480
     acgctcctgt tgatcgtgac tttgcagcgt cccagcaaag ccccaaagga tgaagttaag     48540
     gtacagacag tgagagagga gaaaggtctc ttctcatctc agatacaaaa acacaccccc     48600
     aaggctaccc cactacctca tcttgatgca tctgacagca atcccttctc tggggaatag     48660
     gaggaagccc ccaaatgctg ccatagaggt caaaggacaa ctttaaggag ttctctcttt     48720
     cccctgtgtg gggcacgggg gggtgagact caggtgagca gacttgacat caactatctt     48780
     cacccactga gccatctcat cagccctctt accccttctc ccagatagct tcttacgtag     48840
     cccaggctag ccttaaattc tgatgtagcc taggttgacc tgctcctccc atctctatct     48900
     tgcaagttct ggggttagca tcttatgtct gccccttcct tcccacgtgt aatctgcctc     48960
     taatttggat cttttcgttg aaatgtctat agttctatct gctctctccc acggcagata     49020
     aagaaatggg ttcagaggag gggatgggtc agatcagccg tgggagagaa tgttcatcca     49080
     gttagatttg ggaaccatgt tggtgtctac tgtatgatgg atggatgggt tgatgggatg     49140
     aaatgtgtat gagcagaaag gctggcacgt tttgtcttct tctctttgca gatgggagag     49200
     ctaaggagag aaatggcatt gcatgtaaat aaaaagtttt attatgccgg gtgtggtggc     49260
     gcacgccttt aatcctagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcaaggcc     49320
     agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg     49380
     aaaaaaaaca aaaccaaaac caaaaacaac aacaacaaaa agttgtatta cttttgaatg     49440
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatt ttgagcaagg tttctttggg tagccctggc tgttctggaa     49500
     cttgccctgt aagacaggct agacttgaac tcaagagata gcacctgctt ctgcctccca     49560
     agtgttgggg ctaaaagggg gaagccacca acctggctta agtaattttt ctaaaagatt     49620
     tgtcttgttt ttatttccta tggatgggtg ttttgtctac gtcatgtagc cgacatgtag     49680
     accagaagag ggtgttgcat cccctggaac tgtagttata gactatagtg agcagccatg     49740
     agggtgctgg aaatcaaacc gcagtcctcc agaagcatag tcagtgctct gagctgctga     49800
     gccatccatc tcttcagccc ccttcacatt ttttatttat atatggtgat ggtgatgatg     49860
     gtgatgacgg tgatgatgat gatgatgata gttataggaa gtatactctg tgtgtgtgtg     49920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagatcagag gacaagtctg     49980
     gggagtttat tcactctatc cattgatact gaaactcatc aaggagcctt gggatggagt     50040
     tgaggtcatc gggtttgtat agtgagcgct ttaacccgct gccccatctt accagccccc     50100
     agatggtcta atcttacaat ttctttttct atttatttgt acgtgtgtgt tggcgccagg     50160
     agtcaggtca tgccatggca tgtgggcgga gttcagagga taattttcag gacttggtag     50220
     attcccagaa tctcgacacc tcaggtcttc agccctggcg gcaaatgttt acctgctgag     50280
     ccatcttgct ggccccacaa ttgcattacc ttaaatgcag aacttggact gagacttgcg     50340
     agtctcagcc tgaaggctgg aagtctagac agtcttcaac ggtcccatct cccgtctccc     50400
     tgctagggct gggccagaga aagaaatgtt agagaaaaat tgctctctaa agtagagggt     50460
     tataaacatg gtgaggagat aattccctat gctggcaact ccaaataggc agcttaaagg     50520
     gaggccatgg ctggcacctc gctccaggag gctggctata ttgggtcatg atgaccttgg     50580
     cgacggcagc ttgggaatta ggttaatttg cacctggggg gtattagcca atctgtaatt     50640
     gttcctatgt tcttccttcc taattaactg taaatgcctg caacgggagc atggctttct     50700
     gcgtccttcg tctcctccgg tgctgcagca gtgtagacag cttccaggtc agtctttgga     50760
     gcaccgtgtt tctgtgctag gaacagcaga cgcgtcctca ctaaccgttg tatgggtcac     50820
     actctggaga cagtttcccg gggaggcaca aggcagcctg aaaccacagc gctggctctc     50880
     ggcagacaag gtgaaatgaa gacagctcag agccggagac ctttgaatgt ctcctcatct     50940
     gaggaagcct tgtactggga ttcagggtga gcagagggtg ggggggtggg ggtgagggag     51000
     gtggggaggg gggaccactc tgaaaaaaaa ggctgttatc tcatagcaaa cagaattgga     51060
     agccagagga cagaatacca atttgtccct gtgggaggac ggatctttga gcggaggaga     51120
     gcagttcctg aggaggagcg ctggctttaa gacttgcatc agcttcgggt ggagttccta     51180
     cccctctctt ccccatgagc taaccagagc tcgcaccttg aactgctcca ggcaggtggg     51240
     tgcacacaac cccacctaac tgtttagata ggtgctgtgc tgggatctga actcgggtcc     51300
     tcacacttgt gtagcaagca ttttactgac taagccttct tctgagcccc caaatctaca     51360
     tttttatcac tttttcaaaa ataatctgtg gtgctgaagt ttgaatgcag agtcttatgt     51420
     atgctaagca agtgctctgc tggctggtgc tccctcgtcc tcctcctcct cctcttcctc     51480
     ttcttctctt cctcctcctc ctcttcctct tcctcctcct cctcttcttc ttctccttct     51540
     cttcctcctc ctcctcctct tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcttcct     51600
     ccccctcttc cttcctctct tctgtttttc cctctccacg ccccccttta tgttttgaaa     51660
     catagtttta cactgtgggc tggtctctaa ctcacagcca tcctcctgcc tcagcttcct     51720
     gattgctgga gctctcataa ggacgatcaa agccggggct gggtcaatgt aaagtccctg     51780
     agtcagcacg gtgaggtggg gggtgggggg gctgctgggc tttgcgttgg gagaagatta     51840
     ggatacttct cacagggggt tcttatgagg gagcaaggct ggctcccacc ctctcccttc     51900
     tgcttactgc ttccagatgt gaacacttac tctgtcctga cattccacgc accttcccca     51960
     gagaccaaat gcaactaact ccaaatcttc gagctgaaga aatctctttt catccaggtg     52020
     tgctgccaca ctcctgtcat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcagc tgtctgagtt     52080
     aaggccacct ttgtctacag agggactttt aggacagtca gggctacaca gagaaacctt     52140
     gtcttgaaaa tcaacaacaa tggggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcaccgtcg     52200
     gctcagtggt taagagcacc gtctgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac     52260
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cctgtaatag gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa     52320
     gacagcgaca gtgtatgcac atacataaaa taataaatcc ttcaaaaaaa aaagaaattg     52380
     ttgcttcgtg tatttttaat actggcaaaa agctggttaa ggtccatggt ctcctaacag     52440
     cctcaggctc catgctcctc agctctaact ctagagtaag gccagcctga gttcaaatct     52500
     tggttctacc tgtctcctaa tttatttaag atttttaaca tttctttagg tctcacctaa     52560
     tttgaaaaaa agatctggat gtggtgacac atgctcctaa tccctgcatt caggaggctg     52620
     aggcaggagg attgctataa gttctctgct ttcagacaga agctacttag ggaacaccca     52680
     gagggggcgg ctgaggctgg acagagggca aaagagacag attttcttaa gtgcagccag     52740
     gccagcagag gctggcaagc ttgtgctgcg ggccgctgca ctgaagccgt ttcctgctgc     52800
     ttcatcccta aatgggacaa cagggagagc tggaagtcac ctgttgccat cagcatttcc     52860
     tgtgccaagc ctaggggata caaggttcag taaggacaag aggcagcact cactacatca     52920
     tacctacccg gaccccagcc ctgcccctct cccaaccccg tcccaaacct gaaacaccca     52980
     aaaaccccta ctgctctagg cattttgcag gcaatgtaca taaactctaa ctgcatgctg     53040
     cagaacaggt gtcatttcgt tcccaattca cagatgaggg aactgtgggc acagggagag     53100
     aaaggaagtt gtccacatgg acaaggggcc caagctgaga tctgagccca ggcgacagag     53160
     ctccaggctc ttgtcccctt ggagtgctca cagtctaatg agtttgtata ggtgactcgc     53220
     ctaggaaaag ccacctgggg gaatctatgg acagtttcct aactccacgc aggatgtgtt     53280
     taccaggttt tcacttctgg ccccagtctt ccacttctac ggggcttcca gcctcagcct     53340
     tcccattcca cctccagtag aactgtgaaa gaagaaacca tcatgtcacc cctgtagtca     53400
     gtatgccacg gacactaacg gaatccctgc atacccatcc tggactttct cctctggcaa     53460
     gaggtgaggg agagagttga gccaagctct gtagtgaaca cttctaatcc cagctttgag     53520
     aggtggagcc aggaggatca ggagttcaag gacagccaga attacctgag atcctgtttc     53580
     aaaatggggg acgggggctg gcgagatggt tcagtggtta agagcgccga atgctcttcc     53640
     gaaggtccca agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggtt cacaaccatc cattcgtaac     53700
     gaaatctgat gccctcttct ggagtatcta aggacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata     53760
     aataaataaa ttttttttaa aaatggggga tgggggttga agggataaga aaggaaaggg     53820
     ggtgtttcta ggggctctgt gccttgcttt ggctttatgg cactgaagac tgtacctagg     53880
     gtgttgtgca ttcaaggtga gcactgtatt tccagcccca agcagggctt cgaacctgag     53940
     cttcctggca actccagcct tagagccaga agcaattcaa gccccgtgtc ctcatcctgt     54000
     gtcactgagt atgacctggc tgtgaccagg tgtcttacct aacactttgc ttacaaagcg     54060
     gactttctat ctatcgattc tgtgacagct ccataacaaa gataaatgtg tcctgcctga     54120
     gagagcattt ataatttctg tctcagtggc tcctcagaga gctgggcaca aactcaccaa     54180
     aagaggatgg acagtgagaa gcaaggactt tgaatatgta taagtctggg tgctggagag     54240
     atggctcagc gattaagagc cctggctgct cttccagagg tcccgagttc aattccaagt     54300
     gcctttatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtac ttggatctga tgcccccttc tggcacgcag     54360
     gtatgcatgc agagagagca ctcatacgta aaataaatac atctttaaaa aaactaaaga     54420
     ctacacataa gccttccact ggaccctgac tctgccacat atatgcaata caaccttaag     54480
     ggcgtcactc gatctacccg agtcttggtc actatcctta agatgagatg acagtaacca     54540
     ggctttttgg agtgatcttg taagatatag tgatcttgta taggagtgta ggaaggtaga     54600
     gccctggccc tgagccagac tgcttgctta ggtccctcgt ccaccacagt gtgtgtgcaa     54660
     accacgcgtg tgatatacct gactattcca gaagagggct tccgatccct tggagctcaa     54720
     gttcctggta gttgtgagcc acccaatgtg ggtgctggaa acagaacctt ggacccctgg     54780
     tcatacagtc tcgaacacta aagcactgtt ttacctcaca tgctcaggag acagacaggc     54840
     acacagtaag tcctcagtaa gataagtagt ggccctcact gagactcacc acagcgccta     54900
     cagtgccatc cgcaatatta catgaccaca aaagcaatga ccacagtgcc ccggaggaag     54960
     tggccttcgg agtggcacct gttgtctctg ctgccactcc ttgctggggg aatgggggat     55020
     gggggatgga ggtagggcga gtttgccttc cctgacccca gggttccctg accaagctga     55080
     tgatgcactg tgccccaatc tgttggctcc ccctcaccca ctaggagcct ggcattctga     55140
     aggagctcct agagtctgtt atagatttag ctcccggatg gcatctactg gttgtcagct     55200
     acttatcagc aattaagctt ccattgtaga tgtcaagaca gaaatacatt tttgctgttg     55260
     agtggggagg tattcccacg ggttgtcaga ctgtggctct tattctccct gctgcagcaa     55320
     agtcttctct acgtctgtac agccagaagg gacctgagag gacaccacaa gccagggatg     55380
     gggatggagg agccttgtgc tgtgttcctg ggctgagtct ttagaaggaa ccctgggcct     55440
     gtgctctctt attaagcttc cccgcagacc tgacacattt gctcatcttc tctcttttca     55500
     gagtagttta ttttttagta tgggtgcttg tgtgtgcctg tgtattggtt cgtgcacatg     55560
     gctgcagttg ccctgagagg cctaagatgt gggatatccc aggacctggg acccgaactc     55620
     agcaagcgct tgctgtaatc gctgagccat cttccagcct tccccctgac ccctgccatt     55680
     ttcttttaag atggagtctt actatgtggc cctggctggc ctggattagg ctgtgtacag     55740
     caagctagca aaactcatag aaatccacct gcctctgctt ttcaaatgct gggattaatg     55800
     gtgtttgcta ccacactcag ctatttgatt ttttttttaa caccaacttg aaataattgt     55860
     aaaatacact gttacatacg agaagcgcat ataactacct cttagtgttc agagcaccct     55920
     gatagaatcc tgagcctacc tccgggggaa catataggat aagcgctgcc accgtgaagt     55980
     cgcaaatacc acttttattt attgtttatt cacaggcagg ctctaatttc atatttcagg     56040
     gtgacccgaa actccctaga ctgccctcaa gttcaaagcg atcctcctgc ctcagcctcc     56100
     tgagtgctga tcttacaggt gtgatccagc acacacagac ctacatttgt ttaaattgtg     56160
     gtcttcagtg gggtccacag cccactggac acaaagtgaa ctttgggagg gattcacgat     56220
     gggaaggagt ccgtggagct agcttccggt cttagttagg ggttctgatg ctgcaatgga     56280
     ataggatgat aaaaagcaag ctggggagga aagggttaat ctgactcaaa cctagtagtc     56340
     catcacctgg aggcaggagc tggtgcagag gccatggagg ggtgttgttt actgatttgc     56400
     ccctatccct tgctcagttt gctttctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa     56460
     caggcacagc agcccaggga tggtgctccc cccacccccc acaatgggcg gggcccttcg     56520
     ccatcaatca caaagtaaga aaactacagc ccaaatttat ttattcatct ctttatttct     56580
     ttgtttgttt cagcccaatt ttatggagac atttttcttt ctttttttaa ttttatttta     56640
     tgttcattga tgttttgccc aaatgtgtgt ctctaagtga gggcgtcaga tcctgtggta     56700
     gtggaaacag gtgtgagctg ccatgtgggt gctgggaatt gaacccaggt cctcaaaaga     56760
     gcagacagtg ctcttaacca ctgagtatct ctcaagccct ggtaattttc tcaagtcctg     56820
     tttttttgtt tttgttttgt tttgggtttt tttttggggg ggggttgttg ttgttgttgt     56880
     tttgagacat ggtctctcta cataaccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactat atagtccagg     56940
     ctggctccaa actcacagag atcctcctgc ctctgcctct tgagtgttgg tattaaaggc     57000
     aagagccact atgtctgtcc tttagattga taatttcagt tcaggtccct ttcttgggga     57060
     cagagctagc cacctgtctc tgtttctcag tgttgtctta gccactcacc ttcaggaagc     57120
     tggaagtcct tcgcccaact tagtcagtct ccacccttga tctctgagag gaagacagag     57180
     tgtcaccgca ggcactgccc atcttcagtt cagttcagtt gtccgggcag aggcttccac     57240
     gccgacgctg cttgctctct gaggaatcac aggaggctta gagtcactag gaatacaccc     57300
     actctctcct tgtcctcttt tattttttcc ttatggcttt tgagacaggc tctcactctg     57360
     tagccccact gggtgagctc actctgtagc cctactgggt gaacagatgg ccagctcaga     57420
     gacacccttt cctcaattga catgggtccc tgcagtggca agggacacag aagagaagct     57480
     gagctgatga aggcctccct gtatccttgt agggaggcct cgaaactgct acagcagagc     57540
     agtttgtccc ttctgtaact ccatacccct gtgccctgtg atgttctagt cttggaaatt     57600
     acagcatcat tatgtggaca agaataaaca tgtgcagtcc aatgagatgg ctcagtgggt     57660
     aaaggtgctt gctgccaagc caggttcagt ccttgaaacc tgtgtggtgg atagaactga     57720
     cccctgcaag ttgtcttttg atctccatgt gcatgccatg gtacaaaggc acatgtgtgc     57780
     acacatacac atgtacatag aaactaaatg ttcatttttt ttttgacagg gtttctctgt     57840
     atagccttgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcaaaaatc     57900
     cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgctaccacg cccagttaaa     57960
     tgttaatttt taaaaacgat ttatttattt attttatgta tgtgaatatg cttttactgt     58020
     ctttactcac accagaagag ggcatcagac cccattacag atggctgtga gccaccatgt     58080
     ggttgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagcgccatc tctccagtga     58140
     aaaagagcaa tatgcatggt ggtgaaagat ggattagttg gtaaggttct taccataaaa     58200
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa caagcaagca aacaaacaaa actgcagacc     58260
     tgagtttgat ccccagtgcc catccaaaag ttctgcaagg cagacagcgt aaccgcagga     58320
     aacccaaggc gcctgtaacc cagcgctggt gggtagagac aggaggatct ctgggagagg     58380
     aatggaggaa gacaaaggac attggcctct gtgtcccaca tgcatgtcca tatgcacaca     58440
     cacaggaaca catcacatat ttgtgcacac aaagaaaaac atgcaaaatt ggtccctgtc     58500
     cctaccctcc tcctcctcct ctcctccccc tccctccctc tcccacaggg tttcagtagg     58560
     tagtacaggc taatctcggg ctgatcttcc tgcctcagcc tcttgagtac tggcatttca     58620
     agcctgtgtc accatcccgg gcttgacaaa ttgatgggat tcagattggt ttggaagcac     58680
     catgagatct ctccaaatga cttagccttg gctggctctg gacatcactg tgattctacc     58740
     gtcctgtctc cgggatctgc acctcctttc tcaggctcat gtcacccttc tccactgtca     58800
     tcggggcacc taaggattga ctagccaggg gtagagagat ggctaagcag ttaagagcac     58860
     tcactgactg ctcttctaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccga gcaaccacgt ggtggctcac     58920
     aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagatag tgacagtgta     58980
     ctcacataca taaaaattta tttactggga gctggcgaga tggcttagca ggtaagactg     59040
     actgctcttt caaacgtcct gagttcaaat cctagcagcc acatggtggc tcacaaccgc     59100
     ctgtaaggag atctgacgcc ctcttctagt gtgtctgaaa acagctacag tgtaattatt     59160
     tataataata aataaataaa tatttgggcc agagagagca gggccgactg gagcaagcag     59220
     aggttctaaa ttcaatcccc aacaaccaca tgaaagctca caactatagt gtactcatat     59280
     aaatacaata aataaataag tcttaaggaa aaattattta ccattaaata atcttaaaaa     59340
     aaaaaaacac aacttttttt ttggtttggt tggttttttt tttttttttt tttttaaaga     59400
     attgactagc caataagctt ttcacatttg aaaattctga ggaaccccag ttccctggag     59460
     gccaatgctc tggtagatgg ttccagatga ccctgtgaac atccaatcaa caaagataca     59520
     ctgttttcag gcccagggat atgggtgaga aaataaaggt cctgccctca actggttaga     59580
     aagatgtgca aattacaagt taggcaggtg caacaacgga attgtgccaa gtgtgcgagt     59640
     gtgtggggtt accctgcccc ccactgagct tgccggaact ctccattcag atcaattcca     59700
     ctgagtaaag agaccttctt ccttgcttct ctgtggtggt gttccttggg gctgctacca     59760
     tcagagtatt tgtgtgcccc cctaaatcct taggtcagaa tcttcattct caggctggtg     59820
     agttggctga gcagataaaa gaacttctca cacaaactca atgacctgag ttcaaatcct     59880
     ggatcccact gtaggagaga ccaggatgtg ttgtcttctg acctccatgc ctgcactcgc     59940
     cttattcagg ctggggttta tctgcggcgc tggagatgaa cccagaacct caggcatggg     60000
     aagtgattat ttgtagggat gggaccctca ggagtgggat tagtgccttc tataaaagag     60060
     gcttgataga cagccccttg tcctgccccc atttgaggaa caatgagaaa aggcatcagt     60120
     ggtctagaaa gccagacaac accagatacc caatctacca gcacctgatc ttggactttc     60180
     cagactctag aacttcaaac ccctgctatc tatctatcta tctctctatc tatctatcta     60240
     tctatctatc tatccatcat ccatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     60300
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctattt aagacacggt ttctctgtgt agccctgact     60360
     gtcctggaca gtctcaaact cacagagaac cacctgcctc tgcctcctaa gagctgggat     60420
     taaaggtgtg cgccaccact ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     60480
     ctctctctct ggcaatctct gccttttata acaagcttat gacattttat tacagatgtt     60540
     taaatggaat atgacagaca agtaaaccat catgggttca aatcccaccc ttgcagtttc     60600
     ctaatggtgt gggcagtagc tccctccctg gtctccagtt atatgtaaga gggatgaagc     60660
     aacctcccaa gcttgagtta accactggcc tgacagagtc cccttcttgc agatcagaca     60720
     gacagctgtt acagatgtca ggaggtgcgg gcttgaacac agcagctctg aggtctgatt     60780
     tgggaactaa atcagttttc tcaggagcac atgcacttgg cagctgtaat aatatctgtg     60840
     ggcaaaaatc tctgcagaat gcaactgtgg ttaaatgaga tggttctcgg acacaaaatg     60900
     ctgaaagcag agtctaggtg gatgtcaggg gcagtgctct gaaactgagg gctccccgtc     60960
     atagtcatat ttacaattta ataggtttct tctgcagact taaaatggct tcagcaagat     61020
     acggatagct atgattggct tacagcagac ttttgcgctt tttttttttt tcttcagaaa     61080
     tcatctcctg ctctacccag ggacccctag ctggtacagt catttgatcc cctttacaaa     61140
     ccttgttagc ctctgtctct gtactttgaa taaaagttac ttttttggca agcttgaatt     61200
     tgtaatggag ggaaaaaaga gaacaaaaat aaaaagatgt gactgctttg aaggcagagt     61260
     gtctgggtgt gcggttgcca tggaaacaat taatcgtgta aactttatgt tataggatgc     61320
     ccagttaagt aattggtcag gagggaaagg aagatgctct gagcagtttt gttttgtttt     61380
     ctggtctggg atggagggga ggggaggaaa gaagggagga aagaaggaag gaaagaaaga     61440
     ggaaggaagg agaaaggaag agagaaaaca ttagccaggg agagggtggc agatgatgga     61500
     tagaaagctt tcgtttctct cagggaaaaa gagttacaag gtatcttgtg cttgggttga     61560
     ctcaggagcc acaggactca gaagtgcatc tttttttctc ctctgcctac agattaaaat     61620
     gccagggaaa atcaagatga gagagaggca gatggtgtct catttctgga agagtgatac     61680
     aggaggatag ccatgagtat gaggccagcc tgggctacag agtaagttcc aggccatagt     61740
     gagacccagt ctttaacaca caataaggag aacattagaa gcagaggaag aaaggttgtg     61800
     agcagggcca ttaacattcc cagaggaaag tccagagcag gcacttcgca tgtgtgaggt     61860
     cctgggttcc agccccaacc ccaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     61920
     acacacacaa gcttacatgc atgctcacat atacacatgc acatactcct gtatgctcac     61980
     acacacacac tcacacgagc ttacatgcat gctcacatgt acacgtgcgc acactcgtgt     62040
     atgctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac acacacactc acacgagctt acatgcatgc     62100
     tcacatgtac acgtgcacac actcgtgtat gctctctctc tctcacacac acacactcac     62160
     acgagcttac atgcatgctc acatgtacac gtgcacacac tcgtgtatgc tctctctctc     62220
     tcacacacac acacacactc acacgagctt acatgcatgc tcacatgtac acgtgcacac     62280
     actcgtgtat gctctctctc tcacacacac acacacactc acacaagctt acatgcatgc     62340
     tcacatgtac acgtgcacac actcgtgtat gctctctctc acacacacac acacactcac     62400
     acgagcttac atgcatgctc acatgtacac gtgcacacac gtgcacacac gtgtgcatgc     62460
     tcacacacac actcacacat gcatgtgcag aatgctcaca cagaacagag tctttctgcc     62520
     taggaggcac cagtggctac taagcaaagc tacctgtaac tgtgttgtta ctgagggact     62580
     tccatatcct tggagatgtt taccggtgtc ccaagaacta tattactggg gatcaaaccc     62640
     agagtctcac acatgctact acctgagcta cagccacagc cctaggtttt aatttatatc     62700
     tttattttcg tgtctatctt gtgcaaaaca taaaccagac accatccttg cctccagcga     62760
     gtttgcattg taggtaagag aacatgaaca taaccagtgg ttttcagtaa tcagctggtg     62820
     tagtcataga ggctcagtgc ccgctgactg ctgacataca ctatctcgct taaactaacc     62880
     acccatcagt gggcactgtt accatctcaa cgttcatata ggaaatggaa ttcccggtta     62940
     gcaaagcaac ttgttccaag acacacagct gaattgagat ttgactccag acagtgagga     63000
     cggaaggcct agctatcaaa cctccctttg ctcccagtca gactgaagac tgctttggac     63060
     tgaaactgct gggaatcatg agattttgga gatttggaaa cggccagtgt cttagtcagg     63120
     gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt     63180
     tggcttacac ttccatactg ctgttcatca ccaaggaagt caggactgga actcaagcag     63240
     gtcagaaagc aggagccgat gcagaggcca tggagggatg ttctttactg gcttgcctcc     63300
     cctggcttgc tcagcctgct ctcttataga acccaagact accagcccag agatggtccc     63360
     acccacaagg ggcctttccc ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttag agttggatct     63420
     catggaggca tttcctcaac tgaggctcct ttctctgtga taaccccagc tgtgtcaagt     63480
     tgacacaaaa ctagccagta cagccagatt ttggaatgga gatccagagg gttcagagta     63540
     gttcctgtgc gtaccagttt catcttgttg ctctgataaa ataccctgac aagaagcaac     63600
     ctgagggaga aagaaagggc ttattaggct tcgagttcct ggttacagtc tggctcagca     63660
     gagaagtcac ggtggcagga gcgtgaagca ggaatgtgaa gcagttaata gcaccacaca     63720
     cagttaagag caagaagaaa tgcgtgcaca cagccctact tgcttcctct cttctttcct     63780
     atccagccca ggacacatac accaaccccc tccccattcc agcctaggga atggtgtcac     63840
     ccactgtggc ccgggtcttc ttcccatatc agttaatcat taagacactc ccacacaggc     63900
     atgcctatgg gtcagtctga tctagataat tcttcagtga aggggcgact caagtcagca     63960
     agtagcttaa tcaaaacact cagcagaaag aaaatccctc tgctcccggg agctggactt     64020
     catgtctcat tcttccattt tcagttgagc tgacattcag acttccctta tcaactttaa     64080
     atactgagac tggcttgtta gccacacaca ctggaatgga agggctggag gctcagggaa     64140
     ccatgggtta gctgggcacc actcgggctt gttcccaggg ccacaggagg acagcagcca     64200
     ccaggtatct atgtggcacc tgagaggaga gcatagaagt gacagccctc tgctggtagc     64260
     ctttagggtt tcatttggcc aggacttgtt ctgtggcttc cagaagtcac cgtggctccc     64320
     ggagcctcag tttctccctc tgggactacg aggtaagatt tccaattcac ggctagtggc     64380
     caggttgaag aaatagaggc aagtcgctct accgttgtca tgggccaaga agtgtggtgc     64440
     ttgaatgcaa acccaggtcc atggcccgct gccggctctt ccctgagtca gcaaataaga     64500
     ggcaaggcac agcttgctct aggtgatcct ttatcctcca ggctgcccct gggggcgacc     64560
     tgaggaccag gatgaggtac cattctctct cctgcagcca gactcaccag tagacgacca     64620
     aggaacagta tgattgacag gtgccacggt ttctgttggg ggtggggatt aaaatcaacc     64680
     aactgggcat ctgtagcctc tgctgtcagg gtagccaggg cagccatggt tatttctgag     64740
     ctagttactg actgtggctg ccgaagtcaa cctgggctgt gaagagcagg atgggttact     64800
     gcctgcaccc cataggggac ttggagggtt tttggttttg gtttttttgg tttttcgaga     64860
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct     64920
     cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgtctc     64980
     cactgtccgg ctttggaggg ttatttttat aaactgggcc tggggcactg gatacagcgg     65040
     tccctctttt cagtttcaag aaggcagacg gcctgcctgt gtggttctgc tgagccagtc     65100
     agttgagcca ttccccctgg aggaaagatt ctgagtgtag ccgcaggcct atacatcatc     65160
     acaggaaagc cacaccctct gctacagacc gtcccacagc cagggccata gtaccgctag     65220
     agccactgct gtgaccacac tcagccattg gcacttccca cagctccact acccagagcc     65280
     agttgtgttt gaggtctgcc gtggaccgga ccattgccac tacaacgttc tctggagaca     65340
     agctctgtac tcagatgtgg aaagctgggg ctgagagaga tgacgtcaac tacccagaac     65400
     cactcagcac atagccaaag aagtcccaga gatcctaaca ctcttttcag ggtgctagta     65460
     tggaacccat agtctcacac atcccaagca agtgttctgc tatgagtagc cccagcctga     65520
     ctgtctcgac gtccttagaa ctgaagatat acatcaacgt gcctatttta tgcagtgctg     65580
     gagatcaaaa ccaggacctg gtgcatgctg gataagcacc ctaccaactg agctacctcc     65640
     ccctcccttc attgatcagc aaaccagtcc aagaaagtca gcaagtcact ggataccaac     65700
     tgctggacct ccccatgagg ctaatctttt gtgactcagc ccatcactca atgactaggg     65760
     agtaagctta tcagatctcc agggacccga gactgtgcag ggtcaaccgt gccccgcctt     65820
     cccctgagtt gtccgtccgt cccccccgcc ccccctcccg gtttctttgt ttcctgtttt     65880
     tctacctgta gtatgcctca gatcccttcc ctgtttgtat gtgttttccc tgtgcgagga     65940
     ggaccaagcc tggtagccaa agcccagccc ctgcccttag tcttgggaag atcgaccacg     66000
     gctgagaggc tgagagtcaa caaggaatct ctagaccaaa gttctctgct caaaatcaat     66060
     gcagctctgt aacaaaacaa aatcaaaccc caaaccaata attaattgct ttcaagacaa     66120
     ggtctcatgc agtcgggact agccttaaac ttgctatgta gacaaagatg acctcaaact     66180
     cttgaccctt tcgcctccgt tccctcagag gcattacagg gatcgaaggc atgaagcact     66240
     gcgccttgtg tttgccaaca aacaacaagc aagcaagcca ctgtgagctg aggagacagt     66300
     cagtgaccaa gagaacttga acacttacag aggacactct gttccctgta cccacgtggt     66360
     ggctcacaac tgccatagcg cttgctccag ggggtccgct acactcttct gctattagtg     66420
     tgcacccgca cacctatata taaataaaaa taaaataaat cggggctgga gagatggctc     66480
     atctgttaag agcactgaat gctcttccaa aggacctcgg ttcagttccc agcaatcatg     66540
     tggcagctca cagctgtcta tgattctcct gtcaccctca cacagacaca catgcaggct     66600
     aagcactaat gtacataaaa aaacaaaaat aaataagttg cttaaaaaga aaatttaaaa     66660
     acaatacgtt gagccaggca atgacacact ttaatcccag cacttaggag gcagaggcag     66720
     gtggatcaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagtttcagg acagccaggg ctacacagag     66780
     aaaccctgtc tcaaaaatac aaaccagggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt taagagcact     66840
     gactgctctt ccacaggacc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     66900
     tttgtaatga gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gatagctaca gtgtacttac     66960
     atataataat aaataaatct taaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaccc accaaccaac     67020
     caaacaaaca aacaaaacaa accacacaat caaacaatca aaagtgtctt ggggcagggg     67080
     gcaagctcag ttggtccagc gcttgcctag catgcacggg ggaccccagc tctgcttatg     67140
     gatctgttgg ctcgagccca tcataccagc agttgggaga tggaggcagg agggtcagaa     67200
     gttcaaggtc accctgcact acgcctttac tccatttttc tagtagattg tattcttcat     67260
     ggttactttt taggacaatt atctgatcaa tattttgagg ttttgttgcc ttatttttgc     67320
     agtaccggga acgggaccaa ggtccttgtg caagtcagga aagtgggatg cctttgagct     67380
     atgtccccag cccagcccta ctctgtcagc cccacccttc ctttttccca cgtaccagag     67440
     ctcagattta aggtttcata caagctgggc aagcgctcca ccactgagcc atgtctctag     67500
     ctccaaacac tttgttttta tttatttact tcctatttat ttatttattt gtttgtttgt     67560
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttatt ttggcttttc aaggcagggt tttttttttt tttttttttt     67620
     tttttctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctagaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggtctcgaac     67680
     ttacagagat cttctgcctg cctctgactc ctgagtgccg ggattagagg tgtgccctgc     67740
     ctggctctaa gccccttgtt ttatgtagaa acattttccc caatcttgtc gttttgactt     67800
     tgtttatggt gtcatttgcc acagagaagc gtttatttct atgtagtcag atctgtcagc     67860
     catgataata ttttaagaaa ataaaggtta tttttaagcc aagcgttttt atttagatgg     67920
     cgcagcttcc acatgaagcc tcactttgtt tcctagccag atgtcgtcta ttttaagtca     67980
     tgtggaaaaa tgaaacaacg ggtcaattaa tgcattacat ttttcttttt ttccccaata     68040
     ctagatatga aatccaggac aagggctgta tcattgaccc agcagccatc ttcacagctt     68100
     tgttttaaat tcgtcccctg tcccagtcaa cactgaagat gaaggtaagg atgatgaaga     68160
     aaatgaggat taggactata acaatgacag caatggtgat agaggtgatg atggtgataa     68220
     tggtggtgat gatggtgatc atggtgatga tgaggatgag gatggtggtc aagaagaaga     68280
     agaagaagaa gaagatgatg atgatgatga tgaaaataga gacgacatgg tgacaaacag     68340
     aaaaatgatg gtagtgagca tggtaggata acaaggatgt tgttgatgag gaggaaggat     68400
     aaagagagct tctgctctgt gcaagggcca cgtcactctc atcctttaat ccttacattg     68460
     cctttttcct tccttttctc tgagatagtc ttgctgtatg gtccttgctg gcctgggact     68520
     tgacatgtag cccaggttag ctttgaattt gtggcaattc tcctgcctga gtctccttat     68580
     gctgggatga caggcacgtg ccaccactcc tagctcttaa aatatttttt gatttattta     68640
     tactatttta catgtatgaa tgttttgcct gcttgcatgt ctgtgtacca tgtgtgtgcc     68700
     tggtgcccga ggaggtagga agagagtatt gaatcctgga actggagctg ggaaccaacc     68760
     tgggtcttct atagaagcac caagtgctct taacctctga gtcatttctc cagccccagc     68820
     tctttttttt tttttttttt taaattgaaa aacgggtcag gtgtggcaac acatacctat     68880
     acctggcacc aagaaggtag ggggaagagg accagggggt cagagaccag actggaaaca     68940
     tgaagaagcc taaaaagaag cctaaaagat gggctggcaa gatggctcag agggtaagag     69000
     cactgactgc tcttctcaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtgactcaca     69060
     accacccgta atgagatctg acgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac     69120
     ttatgtataa taataaataa atctttgggc ctgagcgagt gggactgact ggagcaagcg     69180
     gggttgacca gagtgagcag aagtcctaaa atccaattcc ctacaccaca cgaaggctca     69240
     caaccatctg tacagctaca gtgtactcat atacataaaa taaatgaata aataaataaa     69300
     tctctaaaaa agaaacctaa aagacaccac acagagaacc tttgtcttga aaaaccaaaa     69360
     agccaaatga atgaaagaaa cctaactgta agaagaaaag aaaggtcata acattcacac     69420
     atagacttac tctttctcac ttttcaaaga ctgaaattta tgtatttatt actgagggag     69480
     gcgtgcacca cggcatgttt gtggaaatca gaggacagct ttgggagtca gttatctgct     69540
     tcctcatgtg agtctgggac catcaggctt agcgacagac acctttcacc tgctgagaca     69600
     tcttattagt catcttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaagctggg gatcaaaccc     69660
     agggcctcgg gtattctaga ttagcactct gccactgatc tgcaccccca gcccaaagcc     69720
     ccaaatgtat cctcttaagg tatgtggctc agtgattttt aaagagttct ttgtggccgg     69780
     gcagttgaga tgcatacctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg ttaatctctg     69840
     tgttaggcca gcctggtcca cagagtgagt tctaggacag agaaatcctg tctggaaaaa     69900
     acaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaac atatttctga aatcatataa ctcttactac     69960
     tcttgaaatg gagaacagtt tcactatccc taaaagaaag aagacatatg gtatgtactg     70020
     tcctcaggtc cattctacag atgaggaaac tgaggctcag gaaggctgag tcacctgacc     70080
     aagaccacac atcgtaatct ggatttgaac ttaagctgaa ttcttgaggt ggcaacctct     70140
     caatgagggt cagtcactct tttagatcaa gagccagaag gctgtatatg ttgaggaccg     70200
     ggttaggcat attctagatg ttgtcagtga tccagcggat gagtgagggg tagtggggaa     70260
     acctaagaca gacagacaaa cacctcaggg tgtacatctg gttagaaaac tgtcatctgc     70320
     cctcttgtac catttcggga gcctgtcctc acacccccag gggacacagg aagaaagagg     70380
     cagctgtcct ttgcctgcag ctgcctgcct tgcttctgat gagtgacctg gtttccctct     70440
     gggagcctcc tcctgtcctc tgactcgctc aggttttatg aggcaaggag agaaaacaga     70500
     atcatagcat ctctgtccag tggcacccag aatcctccat tcctagactt tcagttctgt     70560
     cagccaatgg cttcccctcc accatagctt cttttgttcc ccttaagagt cttgactatg     70620
     ctccctacac attagtagca aatgtgcagc tgtgggaccc ctaacaagta gagcagggct     70680
     tgtctcagtc tctgttccct gccactgaat caccttcccc taccttgttg ggactcaggg     70740
     ggagaggatg tgcctagtcc tgctgggact agatgtccca gggtggggtg gtacccaagt     70800
     ggggctcccc ttctttaagg agaaggggaa gggcaatagg tgaagggatt gtaagggtgt     70860
     gggactgaga ggagaggagg gagggggctg tgatccggat gtaagtgaat aaaaactaga     70920
     taaagaaaga gtcttggtta tcaataccct caataaatac aatggcacag acgatgcatt     70980
     ccccaagcct gttgcactag atagagcacg cagtcttcct taatgaagcc cctgcgtgag     71040
     aacatgtcat ctgctggaaa cacagcaaga actctatgat aattaaacat aatagtaagt     71100
     taggctacat atttcacatg ctcgagctac tccgtgaagc tgccaagaag cagagagcgt     71160
     ggccctccag tgacccctcc ctgtgccgca gcagctcttg gtggtccttt gaatacaaga     71220
     cttcttttcc cgagtgtaca ctggaaagca tcgcacagtt ggctggacat ctggtcccag     71280
     tcaatgtaac gagccactgg gaattctcag agtgcttggg agtctgactt ctcaaacagc     71340
     ccaatctagt gactcactgg agtctagagc gtcacctggg tctgtcgcct gcagtagggc     71400
     acggacatgg ggagagtctg tctctgcctc ccgggttatt tcactaagtc agctacttgt     71460
     gaaggtcaca acccacagat agttatagtt cctgggactg ttatacccat tagaatcaga     71520
     tgtcaaatat ttttgcttca gagtatgctt attgcagata tctggaacta gttggtaaaa     71580
     cttatttact gtgccagcta gcattaactg tcaacctgat gcaacctagt catccaagag     71640
     gaaagcctcg attgagggat tggcctgtgg gcatgtctgt ggggaattgc ctcgactgtt     71700
     aattgatgca ggcagtttcc agcccactgt gggcggcacc attccctggg tagatggtcc     71760
     ttcagtttac agctagctaa gcatgaacca gagagcaaga cagcaagcag tgttccttca     71820
     gggtttctgt ttcaagttcc tgctgagtta ctaaattgag ttccttcagt gacctgaaac     71880
     tataagtcaa acaaatattc tcctccccct gagctgctat tggttagagt atttttatca     71940
     tagttataga atgaagctag aacattcagc atcgtcatac catcatcacc accaccgccg     72000
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc accaccacca ccaatgtgtg tgcatgccac atggtacctg     72060
     tggaggtcag agaacagctc tgtggagtct gtcttcttct tctactttac ttacagggaa     72120
     tcagactcgg gtcaccaagc tttctgagca aatgccttta catgctgagt catcttacca     72180
     gcctgcttct ttccctgtct caagcatttc acaaatggaa ctgttgctgt ctgaagacca     72240
     gccctgctct ctcaagccat tccagcacca ctgtgaagtc tgtccggctc tcccagagac     72300
     cctgtgtgaa tattttcaat atattaaaaa acaatatata tattgagaaa taaatacttt     72360
     ttcaattata tttcaaacgt tttataggcg tgtatggatt tgattgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     72420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgcgtgtatg     72480
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tggtgtgtgg tgtgtggtgt     72540
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtgtg     72600
     tggtgtgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtat     72660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtgtg tgtagattag cagacatttc     72720
     tgggaatctg ttctctcctt cctccttcta ccattcaggc tccagggatc aaagtcgggt     72780
     ggccaggctt ggcaccaagc acctcttcat ctgctgagcc atcatcccac cggctgaaga     72840
     agtaaataac tttcaaacta ggtgtctaga gatgaactta aacgcttatc ctgtctattt     72900
     gacttaaacc ctatggtatt actaacctaa ataaaaccct tgataaaaga aaaaactacc     72960
     aggcagtagt ggcaaatgcc tttcatccaa cactccagag tcagaggcag gcaggttgct     73020
     ctgagtttga agtcagccag gtctacaggg tgagttacag gatagccaag actacactac     73080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcacac gcacaagctt gtctcaaaaa     73140
     acaaaacaga aaaagaaaaa gaaagaagga gagaaagagg aaagaaaaat tttcaattaa     73200
     aaatactgtc ttactagatg gagtggtata tgcctttaat cccagcaatt gggaggtaag     73260
     acacagaagg tcttgagttc aaggccaggc tgacacatat cacccaggct ggcctcccag     73320
     ctctctaagg agcctaggat gaccttgcat tttgatcccc cgcctgtact tcatgagttc     73380
     tggcatggca ggcatgtgcc accacacctg gtttatgcag tgttgggaac tgaacccagg     73440
     gttccatgca tgctagacaa gcgctctacc aacggagtta catctccagc cccaggagaa     73500
     gagaacattt gatgggcatg taggtaagtg tgcctgtgaa tgggctcagg tgtgacattt     73560
     cagtgctctg cagcaaatga cattgatcaa gtccagactt tgatccacat tcccccaagc     73620
     acgaggattt gaggccaggc ctacctggct ataaactcca ttctcactat ctgactagat     73680
     gtcaggaggc ttaatgtctc caaacaggtt tcttcctcct gaaaatgagg tcatttattt     73740
     ctggcggtat ggcagggatg ggagatttta cacgtgttag atcccccacg cagtgtctgc     73800
     aaggtgcaga gtaggttcca aaaaatagaa gctaccatca tggtggagag tcccctcacg     73860
     gcctgcaggg aaagaaagca ggcattgtcc agaggatggc tctccccaag gcccatctct     73920
     ccccagtccc agttcccaag ttctaaggca taagcaaaca ctgggcattt ctccccacca     73980
     agtgcctgag agtttgaggt agcacaccag gtggccagag ccaaagcgtc ttttcgactg     74040
     tgttataaat ggagaaactg agtccaaatg cggtgaagtc acttactcaa gttcatgtaa     74100
     tatttccctc agggacaggg actcagctgc tgttctcatt ccaaatgacc atgtccttct     74160
     ctcccaagga gacagaaagt cagcggaggc tgggctgcag ccctgaggta gggcccctaa     74220
     ggatcaagtg tgtgcaggca gaggggagac catgaaggaa cagcaggccg ataagaatag     74280
     ttaacaacct gcctgcacac atatgtcgta gatgtgtgtc ttgaccttca tgtaggtccc     74340
     aagcaactgg agctgggggc tgtcccaaaa gttgtcgcct atctgaggga gatgttcttc     74400
     tagctgggct gccttgtctg gcctcagtgg gagacgatgc acctagcctc acagagattt     74460
     gatgtgccag ggtggggggt aaccagggac ccccatctac tcagaggaga gggagagggg     74520
     gcgatggggg aaggattgtt agaggaggga ctgggaggga tacagcgacc aggatgtaaa     74580
     gtaaataata ataataatag taataataat aataataata ataataataa tagaatgcca     74640
     cctggtgttg agaattgtgt gcatgttctc tctctagtct tccactcacc ctttctccag     74700
     aaaaagctat ctatctcacc aaaattcaca tagctaagaa gtgcctgggc cagggtttga     74760
     accttgaatt gtcttctgtg ctttttatac tttgccattt caaagtctct tctagactgt     74820
     tccaccttct tggacttcta atgaccccat tactgttcag tcttgctgtt gcctcagcca     74880
     agggccctgg cctgtcaccc ctcccaggcc catcatggag atcaccacat acccctctct     74940
     tcttgtccaa agtcagctcc atggtctgtg gggaagccag tcaagactta tccaagttcc     75000
     atctcctgga gcctcatggt gggagagaga acctgcccct gaggcttgtt cttcaacctc     75060
     cacacatgct ccatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg     75120
     ctcatgcaca ctcacctcac atacaccaca catacccata tacacccacc tcacatataa     75180
     gtacatactt cacacactct tatacaccca ccgcacatac acatacacac attcatacac     75240
     acccacctca cataccagta catacttcac atactcatgc acacccacct cacatataca     75300
     cacactcata tacaccttca tacacaccaa cctcacatac acatacacac tcatacacac     75360
     ccacctcaca tacacataca cactcataca cacattcata cacacccttc tcacatacac     75420
     ccacacactc atacacatca gccgcacaca ctcacactca tacaccccca caccaaccaa     75480
     ccaaccaacc aaccaaacaa acaaataaac aaatatataa atataactaa agaaaagccg     75540
     gccagctgga gccccgaaga gtggttcttc tgaactggac cgcagcccaa cagcgatgct     75600
     acacttttct tcgagatagc agggcaggcc agggctgcta attgtgtttg tattggggct     75660
     gatttatatt tgtgctcagt atgcatcctc accccctacc aagaaagcag atgggtacgt     75720
     tgtgcctttg aaagaaatat aattaaggca atttagcatc tcccttcaag gatgctcttc     75780
     ctctgcaaga gaggaaatgt gtttggatcg gctttagaat gtttgagctt tcattctgtg     75840
     gcgctcacag ctggtgcatg ctgggggagg ctgagaggga aggggaaggc cttttctctt     75900
     ctgtatacct aggacctgag acaggactgg agacgccatc agctcaggag tgggagccat     75960
     tagcactgtg gtttggagaa gtctcttccc ctttgtgtgg tcttataatt cttgagatcc     76020
     agggagggaa gccagagcct ctggtaaggt gggcaagtgc tctacaatga gtaggatctc     76080
     caacactggt ttgttggttt taacacaatg aaacagtcca gcagctctgt ggatacagag     76140
     tccttggatg tactgggcaa cagtctctgc taaccgatga gcaaggctgg gtttaaatgc     76200
     gcagtgacac tggcatgctg gcacggaatc ttagttattc aggaggctga ggcaggggat     76260
     gtcgagttcg aggcccatct gggttggaga taagcttaag ggcctggaag ttccgtgaga     76320
     tgctctatca gaactgaaag aatattgctg gagtatagtg tgtgcgagag actggactca     76380
     gtccctagca ccgaaaaaca catacataca tgcatacaca catacatgca tgcatacatg     76440
     cataatgcat gcttgcttgc atacataact tatttttgtt aagtatttat aaaattttag     76500
     agccaggaga gaccttagta attagttttg ttattgtttt tgagacagtg tcttgtttgt     76560
     gctatgtagc cctggctggc ctggaactct gtagaccagg ctagcctcaa atgcccagat     76620
     atctgcctgt gtctgcctcc tgaatgctca gatttaaagg tgtatgcctc cacactcagc     76680
     aatatctccc gtaagataat acgtcatgtg aagattagta taaagtcact tcatactgtt     76740
     tttttcatat ttaattcatc catgttagaa aatatgttgg tcacaccttg tgtgtaagaa     76800
     aaatcaaatg taggtccaga gtggtgctgg tgcacgcaca ttcttcatgc cagcactctg     76860
     gaggcagagg cagcctgagc tctgggtgtt cgaggccagc ttggtctact tcaagctagt     76920
     cagggttaca cagtgagccc ctgtctcaaa aacaaacaag catatgctaa aagtataagt     76980
     gttgagtgtc ttccaggtct ctccctcacc aggtgatcac tcttaattca ctgagggtcc     77040
     ttcaaggatg gatatatctg gatatatata catatacata tatacataca caacatatat     77100
     acaaggagac tagaattgaa tcatagccca tataatttct tttttctttt tcttttccag     77160
     taatgcagat tgaacccaga gcctgtgcta gacaagtgct cctaccactg caatacactg     77220
     ctggctccaa aatgtaactt attctcactt agcttatcaa tacacatgga cccactgact     77280
     cagttttctg taaaggtagg aatgagagga acgcaggccc tcatcctagg cacacactgg     77340
     gtctctagct gcatcccgga ccctactgag ctattgttta ttgctttata ttgtctaatc     77400
     tcgcagctgt cctttttctt taaccagcag gaagtccagg gacttctagg tgcccttcgc     77460
     ctttcccacc gtgataagcc atcagtagcg atgatggtgg tttttgtaag ataatacttt     77520
     acaacagaat tattaaaaag ccttccttgt ctaacatttt gatgtttgct gtcagcttgt     77580
     ttgcccaaac acacaaacac tgctccagat gcccttgtcc tggtactgtc caaaaaaagc     77640
     atctcccaca atctccctgg tgccgggcac cactaatctc attaaaaaaa tctcttcagt     77700
     ttgaagagtg aaagtcagac ctaacatttc aaaactgtcc ttgcacacat ggcaccaaac     77760
     acgtggcacc aggtaggtgg cacacacctg agatctcagt acttaggagg cctccaagga     77820
     tcaggagttc aaggtcagcc tcggctgcat gagctcatac agtaagtttt gttcttggca     77880
     gctgaaggct gaatttagaa ttggcactca tgtgttgttg ttgttatttt cccctgtgcc     77940
     tctcctgaga gttagcccct gaccttctcc tgccttcccg tggtacggta ggaaggagtt     78000
     aagtggcgag gctggaaggt gtgtgggttc tggatccagc cctgcccccc cccccttacg     78060
     ccagaaactg ctcttgagaa cacacctcct gatgatgagt ctggaccaca aagggatccc     78120
     atcgcaaaaa caaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaccccagcc aaccaagcca aaccaaacaa     78180
     caacaacaaa aatggactgg aggaatggct ccatggataa gagcactgac tgctctcaca     78240
     atggactgga atccagttgc ccggcatcta cttcagacag ctcacaccgg cctgtaactg     78300
     cagccacaaa agatccaaca ccctcttctg gcctttaagg gcacctgcac tcttgtccac     78360
     atacccacac acagacacac aaacgtacac atgatttaaa ataataaaaa caatgcttta     78420
     aaaaaaataa atctaaaggt tgcctttgaa aggaatgttt atttccacgt gaagtttaga     78480
     gtccttttca gtttaaaagg gaatatctaa gagtgaaaaa ggatgcttgg gtatgtcaca     78540
     tgtgcctgtc aatcatctat tccagaaagt tccctcggat tacagagcct gtcaaaaatg     78600
     tcttctcttc agagagatgc gagctcctct cgtctcggca tctgaagatt aaatttggaa     78660
     gtgggactca catattacta ttattattat ttttctctgc gccactcttg agagtcaaac     78720
     cctgcctttc aactcagcta cagccctttg gtgctgtagg gtggggttat taaatggtga     78780
     gacctgaagg cgagtgcgct ccagagccag ccccgccccc tctgccccat tagctgagga     78840
     ggaaactgct ctgaagaaca tgcctcccag tgatgacatt gcacatacgt gcacacagcg     78900
     gaagggccac caggcccaag gggttccagc cttatggggc tctgggggaa aaggtacaaa     78960
     ttcctcgggc ctcccaggcc tcccctcggc ttggtcctgg gatccaccat cctacatgtt     79020
     tgttctttca taacgctttc ctacagaatt tggccttgtt tgttttcaca gttgtacaag     79080
     aagaacatta gccatctatt ttctacttag cgagagccac ccagagcaag tagccaagtc     79140
     cacagagcca gctgctcgtg tggagagccc agccccgtca tttcttcctt tttctttttt     79200
     cttttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattat atataagtac actgtagctg tcttcagcac     79260
     ttcagactct ccagaagagg gcttcagatc tcatttcgac cctcatttta tccatcccat     79320
     atgggatttg aactcaggac cttcggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttccccg ctgagtcatc     79380
     tcctccaccc agctccatca tttcttagct gtgagagctt gagttgtttt ttcaccttta     79440
     aaatgggagc agtaaagaac ggagctcctg gattgcttag aggagattca gtgtagaaaa     79500
     ctctccccgc tgcagtgcca gggttccagc gaaccctttg cgtaagtggg gctgacattg     79560
     acgaagccct ttcatagttg ttcatttatt tgtttattac ttaatcactg gtttggtgaa     79620
     ggttgttttc ttttcctttt tccttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaaatc     79680
     tgggtctcat gtcatgctgg cctcaaacag ctccccctgt gaagatgacc ctgagctgag     79740
     tcctggggcc tggttttact aaggaattct gtctcgcagc tgggaatgtg tgagaaaaag     79800
     cctcgtcgtc tccctggctt cctctgctgc cctgaatgaa ttcagccact ttgaaggctg     79860
     cagccgttca ggagatcagt ggagaaccag gacagctggg ggtggcctct gcatctctgt     79920
     ctccgtggaa ggctccgctg gtcctgggta gacctagagg catctcagaa gtggtcctca     79980
     tttttgtcag gccctgccct tcctgcctgg ttccctcaca acaaatcctc attttatcca     80040
     tcccatattc ttcacagcac acacaagccc atgcaaccgc tatcttctaa ataccggatc     80100
     cctttttttt tttattgttg ttattattta gtttttgtgt ggatttgttt gcttgttttg     80160
     cttttttgtt ttgttttgtt gttgtcattg tcgttctttt tggttggttt gtttgtttgt     80220
     ttgtttgttt ttgagacagg gtctcactat gtagctctgg ctgacctgga actcactctg     80280
     tagaccaggc tggccttaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggac     80340
     taaaggtgtg caccaccact gcccggctcc catggcaact cttataagaa caactttaat     80400
     tggggctggc ttacaggttc agaggttgag ttcattattc caggcagcta ggatgagggc     80460
     cttaaatcca tgcccacagt gacacaccta ctccaacaag gccacacctc ctaatagtgc     80520
     ctctccctgg gccaagcata ttcaaaccat cacagggtgc ccatagagag ccaggtgaag     80580
     tgtttctatt ttctggttga ttggcctctc acggctcata agtataacaa caggtgctaa     80640
     cagcaacgag gctcagagag gtaccatccc tgcccaaatt catgcagctg gttgagtgaa     80700
     gcacagggcc gtgtgggtgg gggtttggtg ggtgggtggg gtctctccca gtcagttcta     80760
     tctcctaagc ctggtttcct ttctctctga tgtgaagtct ccttttgggg tcccgactga     80820
     cacattcacc ccatgatcct gtaggcagct atttctgctc ctgtcttgca gatggatcat     80880
     ttggggtgtc agagctctct ccattttgca gattagaaca tcaaggctaa gggagggctg     80940
     ttggaagcag aaccagatcc tctgacttcc tccgtgctcc agcagctccc tgggaagaca     81000
     tggcttgggt ttgatgtgtg tcaaggtctc actcctcagc ccaggttgcc attaaacccc     81060
     ttttccatcc tcctgcctca gcctgcatgc tgagattaca ggtgtgtgtt accaggtctg     81120
     gcacagtgtt gtttaaaaga agaaaaaaag ttattcaata ctctttgtta aaatgacgga     81180
     gtctcagctc gacaggaaag tgctcaggtt tttgaactgg gtcccaggct ggtccagctc     81240
     tttcttataa catccactgt tagcaaacag tctctcaagg tccattcagc tggatccccc     81300
     ttgtcttacc tgaccatggc tgccatactt actatctgct tcttattcct tccctcatcc     81360
     actctgcccc cttacacgcc ccccccctcc cagggctgtc tccatcaaga accctgctgg     81420
     gtgggttttt tggccggcat ccccctcacc ctcaggcctt ccagctgtgc cccatggtta     81480
     tagactccac ttgtctgcgg tatatttgga gtgaaggtct ctctctccct accacaaaag     81540
     tccattgcta agggcccttg ctctatctcg acggcactga caagatctgc tttgtgaggc     81600
     cttggtaagg atggtccata tttttcctcc tgagaagggt gagtagagac actcaggaca     81660
     agcaaattct gcctgcttcc atggctggtg taaacttttc aaaatgtgta ccatggactt     81720
     taccactcct ggggatctga ctcagttggc tgagtgactg cctaacatgc atgaggtcct     81780
     gggtttaatc ccccatatca cacaaaacca gctattccga ctctataatc acagaactcc     81840
     ggaagtagaa tcaaagatgt tcaaggtcat ccgtgctatg tagggagttc gaattctgcc     81900
     tggattacaa gagacctgtc tccaatcagt tggttggtta gttagttagt tagttagtca     81960
     gtcagtcaat caaacagtca gtcagccaat cagtcaatca gtcagtcagt cagtaatcaa     82020
     tctaacactt ctccagttac tatagggaag gacttttgtc ctacggtcag actcattgtc     82080
     ctcgatgggt cccagctctc tgtggaggct cgagcccaca caggtccatc ctgagtcgag     82140
     agtctctcct tgccttcctc gcagccacag tctcctcgct gctggcccct gggatcttga     82200
     ttccccaggc aggctatcaa gctcttaatt aaattctctt gttaaaagct gaagcagagg     82260
     aaaacaaaca aagcccggcc ctgctgatca ctcctctccc gctggctcag gctgaggctc     82320
     aaggctcgag gctcgaggct cgcaactggc tttgaggtga tagccatctc tgtcgctgtc     82380
     catgtccacc cctctctgtt cctgggaatt tcctgttggc tctggctggc tcagcctgtt     82440
     ctgtctggtc cggaggaaat tgccatgggg ggctctggct tgtggtcagg agtctctgtg     82500
     cagttccagt ccggggtgag tccttggact ccaggctgaa gaggcaagaa atggagacaa     82560
     gggggagaca cttgtcccca aggacagcga gtcaccagca cagctgttcc caggtgacct     82620
     ccagtctccc ttgagcacac tctggtaaac agaggagcca tggaaagctg agaagggcat     82680
     tgagaagaga attgggaaac cctaagtgca tcccaagatg ggtaaccagg tcagccgtta     82740
     aaaatcatca ggactaaaac cgagcgaatt gtgtgctaag tgttttggcg aatctcacgc     82800
     atgggtgatt ccacttaatt cctccagcat ttcccttctt tcaggcaacc tgaggtccag     82860
     agagggtaag tgaccaacaa acagtcacac agctagggaa tgggaaagtt gagaatcaaa     82920
     ccaagaagtc tggctccagg atccaagttc ttaaccctac tcctcagttg cttcctcctg     82980
     ggtctcctga gctatcaatc ggggctgaaa cacttgagct gctaagactc gaacctctga     83040
     cagcctctga tttagtcacc atcttgccag gcagagctgg gactataacc attagcacgc     83100
     cttcacttct ggctctaggt tgtgaactcc ctgagagtac gtggcagacc ttaattctcc     83160
     tcgctgtcct gataccaatt accacagcag ttgtacactg aaaagaaaag gctatttgga     83220
     ctcctgattc ctgagggaac agatctaact gaagtcttgt ctcgggcctt gcaagagagg     83280
     tcatttgtgt cctgtgcttt ctctctttgt cgatgggctg gaaacagaca atcctttcct     83340
     aacaagggtc tggagagtta gtagagcggc tggcattgtg ggctatgctg aatcactctg     83400
     ctgtccccag gggaaaacca tataaagtca cttcacctgc cggggtgggg ggtgggggtg     83460
     ggggtgggtg cagacagcaa ggctgcctgg gcaggtccta agccccaggg agaaagggaa     83520
     aaatgtgaag ctgagtccct agagagcctt cccctgggct ctgattccca tgctgtcccc     83580
     attgctccct ggcagacatg tcccctgtgt ctagacagat ctcctctgaa gactctgcag     83640
     agcacagcct gtctggtgac aaaagcttgt cccagacaca cgctcctcga cacgggattc     83700
     atttagcact cctcaggaaa gcctaagttg gactgccact tctgaagcag agaggctcta     83760
     gcaagtagaa atggccaagt gatggctccc tcttcctcct ctccctcctc ctcttcctct     83820
     ttttcttcct cctctccctc ttcccccttt cccctcctct cctcttcccc ttccctcttt     83880
     ctcctcctcc ttcttttctt atttcttctt gaggcaggtg tcgcagagcc caagccggcc     83940
     ttgaactcat gatcctcagg cttccacctc ctgagtgctg ggattgcagg catggaccac     84000
     catgaatggc ttgtgtggtg ccagagaatc aaacccaagg gttggttggt gtatgctagc     84060
     cgagctgatc tgcatgccca gccctcttct cccgttgtgt gcccagccat ctagctttga     84120
     gtgaatgctt atagtgtgcc agagtagtcc taggccttgg gtgtagcaag atgactcagg     84180
     cttggcttgc tcagccagga gctcatcatg gcagatgatc gtcaggaagt catcacagta     84240
     gatggactta gagtaatcgt gaggtatctg attggaatca cagtgtctct cccgaggctc     84300
     cctgctggtg ggtattgcat gacctaagca tgatcttcct cagttataac cttgtgaggt     84360
     aagcaccttt accatggtca cgatgcgaca cacgctcgcc aaggttccag aactggaaca     84420
     cgcatctgga gttatgcagc cattcaatgc tgaagtcaag agtcaaagtt ggggggaatc     84480
     tgcccttgca tgactaagcc cactttggtg tgagcctccc tggagggacc cactgtccta     84540
     cgcatcgggg atatgaggac cactgagaaa aggggtcatt aagctggacc tggaggagga     84600
     ggctggtacc cagaggaggt aggaaacagt ctgtcagtga ggagatgctg atgctaggag     84660
     ggggaggaga gctttctaga cactgggggt ggggggtggg gaaatgagag ccagatcttg     84720
     ctgagaaaga gcaggggtgt agggatagaa gaggttgcga agacctgggg tgtcagaaca     84780
     agagaaatag ggcctctcag gaggctgtgg gaggacctag agatgtcaaa gccttagcca     84840
     gagactcaga gccctctctc tgctcaggca gttggcttcc cggaagctag aggttagctt     84900
     ggagaaggca ggaagctcac tgggaatcgc acccgccccc acagtgttct ctctcacttt     84960
     ccttcccttc tccttatggt tgtgacaatg attcagacta caaaggttct gggggcagtg     85020
     agcccctcgg tatcagggta ccaggactgc ctgtgtggcc tgtgaggaca tgctgtgtcc     85080
     tgtcagggca ccaggattga cagtgtgccc tgtgcggtca tgctgtgtcc tgtcaggaca     85140
     ccaggattgt cggggtgtcc tgtgcggtca tgctgtgccc tgtcaggaca ccaggattgt     85200
     cggggtgccc tgtgcggtca tgttgtgtcc tgtcagggca ccaggattgt cgaggtgccc     85260
     tgtgcggtca ggccgtgcct ttgtttacac tttttctcaa gttctcagcc caggagtgaa     85320
     aagaggtccc tgtcacctgg ccttcaagcc tctctaagcc tgcctgtctt gcccctccag     85380
     cacaggtcat ttactcccta cagctccgtc ccatccaaag cctctgcagc aagtacctgt     85440
     cctgcggttg tttggttgtt tgtttggtgc ctctgcacag cgactgcccc tggggaacct     85500
     tctctgcacc ccttgcctag atgcctctgg cctgtcttgg aggctcaagg ccagggtgac     85560
     ccctcccatg tgcctatacc caagggcttg tatacctctt cctctgcttc tgcttcccac     85620
     attctgctct ccccagctgt gtggaggttt cctcccgggg gggggggggg cggcagagat     85680
     ggcactttgc acaaatgcta gtcccgggaa ggactgagaa tctgaagtga actccctcca     85740
     tacacatagc tatttccatc aacattgccc tgagcagttc tataagcagg tgctattaga     85800
     aggtattgat tgctttaggt gtgtcctttt ctcctgtcct ttcttcttcc ctttctcctc     85860
     ctcctcttcc tccttttttc ctcttctttc ccccccaccc ccccaccatc atcaccatca     85920
     tcattatttt gagacagtct catagagtct agactgggct cagactccct gtgaatgtag     85980
     ccagtgacct tgaacttcta atcttcccta gtgctgggat taaggcatgt gccgctactc     86040
     tttgtttatt agatgctggg tgttgaagtc aggtgtttgt gcatgctagg ccagtatgct     86100
     tccaactgag ctatgttgcg catatctttc cccagggctg cttcagataa aagacacaca     86160
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact cgtgacatgc cactgtctac tctaaagtat     86220
     gtagttttca gctgcaagac ctcagggtag gaccttggca gctgccatgc tgggctgtgt     86280
     atcaggaccc tctggccctc cacaggggtt cagccaggac actagtagca cagcctatat     86340
     taaggccacc tatgtttggc attgctcaat ctccccatct ccagtgtggg gaaagagcca     86400
     agggcctaaa gagaggagag acggctgatt gaggtgtggc tgcccataac tcctgtctat     86460
     tcatgccgtg gatttatttg cctgggatct gcgctaagac aaaaagaacc tctgcattat     86520
     taatgaccat tgatcacagc cttccaaaaa agagagactg agagagatgg aggctccaag     86580
     ccaatcacaa atgacagacc aggagagcaa ggggtggggg cggaagggga gggccaggtg     86640
     ggcagagagt ttggcgcaaa tagaaggaca cggaaggacg ctgcaagcaa ggcgtggaat     86700
     agctgctgag ttctcagtgt gctggtgtgc cagatgtcaa acagctgtgt gggtgctggt     86760
     gggtgtttcc ggatctccct atgcactccc ccccaaagga gactcaaaga cacaactttt     86820
     accagggatg aagagtcgcg gtcacttcat gatgctaata gggtcaattc atcaagaaca     86880
     cataaccagt ctactggtgg atgctggtga taacaagaca tgagaatata caaacagtaa     86940
     ggagacacag tgggtgggca aggacacgga aggccaggtc caccggagct gtaaggaacc     87000
     tggtcaagca ggagtctttg ccctccctgt ctttgaactc agctctctct ctctctctct     87060
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttcttt ttctggctct     87120
     ctacatccgc agcccctact aaacgctgaa taagggagct ggcggtcata tctgctgccc     87180
     caactttggg atcactctgc ttgcccagca ggaaactgta ctcattccac ctctggtgtg     87240
     tggccgggac gcttcctacc tccggtctgt cctgagaggc tgctttcccg gtgagacttt     87300
     ctcccctccc ccgccctccc accgcctccg accaccctgt ccactcccca cctcctttct     87360
     tgctttattt tcctcctgaa acatctgtca tctcattaag tacatcgtat ccgccccagt     87420
     agaacgtgag ccccaagggg cgggggttgc acaatggttt taagcccagt gcatagccgg     87480
     tgcagatata aagcagatcg ataaatactt gctaaattaa aggtaggggg cgggagactc     87540
     agcttgtgag gaacccgcgg atggagtcta ggcacggtcc actttccccg gacagtccat     87600
     tccttcctac aggtgggcct cctccacccg catcccctgc gtcctcctac cgtggggttg     87660
     gggcaggggc tccgggcggg cctcccctgc tgtgggcggg aggccgagtg gggagcgagc     87720
     ccagcggggg aggagccggg gagcagagca cggagcagcg gcgggcgcgg gcaggagccc     87780
     ggagcccgag ctgcaggcgc ggagggcggc ggcgcccgga gctcagcggg ggtcgtggag     87840
     gaggccgggc tgcagccctc aggggtgcga ggcgcccacg gcgttgttcc gtacctcccg     87900
     gcagggagct ggtaagcgcg ggagcttggg gcgtcgcagc ctcgcggggc tgagcctagc     87960
     cgggcgggtc ctgatgggtc acctggcgtc ccgcctctgt gcgcctctcg gacgggacag     88020
     gagcgcacgg aaagacggtc ccaaaggacc atcggggccc gaagggagca tcccggatgg     88080
     ttgtccaaag ccctggatcg tggggtgggt ggagggattc cccaggggag gctgcgggac     88140
     cctgggagag cgtcctccgt gtcccgcgct ctgggaagat cccactggac aagagtgccc     88200
     ccccacctcg gcccgaggtg aaacgtctac ccccaggtgg ccccggtgac ggcctaggga     88260
     atcggggagc cctctaccgg ccaggtcagg ggtgacgcca gtacgggagg ggacttgaag     88320
     gagcgtccag tttggagctc gggtttggaa agggccctga cttgcttgtg accttgggca     88380
     ggtcactgct tctctctgag cctcagtgtg cacatctctc aaatggagag gacgcttccc     88440
     ttcactgcgg attggtggga gtgggtgaga gaccgtggat gcctttttat acgcggtaaa     88500
     gttctctgca aatcctagct tttcgagcaa catcagaact gcagagagct cagggagatt     88560
     ggctttattg cagatgggaa gaaggtggca aaaatcttgc ccaaagtctc agtacttgta     88620
     gaatgtaata ctcaacgccc ccggcccggc ccccaccccc acccccaccc ccacctgctc     88680
     ccactcgctg ggtttgggga ccatcagaga ttaagatcct aatactctca ggctggccac     88740
     attagcaaac tagccctggc tacttgctta gctgcttagt cctctgagca ttggctccct     88800
     cctatatgaa acgagagtga caacgaccac actccaggtt tgctttgcaa aatcaaatgg     88860
     aatcactgcc tagtattaca tctgacctca gacaggaact cggccttcct cgccaggctt     88920
     tgtagtagca acctcagatc tcatcttggg aattgcttta tggcagtggt cctcaaactc     88980
     tgagtctcaa cccctttgag actcgaccga ccttttcacg ggggtggggg tgcgggttgc     89040
     ctaagagttc agaaaacaca gatacttaca ttatgattta taaaagtagc aaaattacaa     89100
     ttatgaagta gcaacaaaaa aataatgatt ttatggttga gggtcaccac cacatgaaga     89160
     actgtgttga agagcggcag catcaggaag gctgagaaca ccttatggtg ttttctagtg     89220
     gcatttgtgt tgcaggtctg tgctttcctc tacatgccag tgacattggc tagactctca     89280
     gcccttccta taatggtcct tttatgacaa cagcaagctg gccacttggg cagctgagct     89340
     ttgatcactg atatttccca gttggttggc agaaagtggg ctttattcaa gagaccagga     89400
     ctccattgga agctggagtc caggccagta ggtataagtg gcagggtcta gggcccccac     89460
     tcttctctat ccgatgacag gaccaggaat ataaagatgg ctctttgcct ttactatctc     89520
     cctgatagag agtggatctg ctgtggtccc ttctctctct ggatggataa cgtttctttt     89580
     tggcaagggt gatatgaaca cagacagaaa tatgttctga ggctggcatt cccagacctg     89640
     agagggagcc ctccttgttg agatggctca cagcaggccc acagggtcca aggtcaacat     89700
     acaggaagcc agatccaatt taaggtgtcc ccatccccct gactccccct ccacagtgaa     89760
     cactgtggcc acatattcct ctttgttggt tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt ttgttttttg     89820
     tttttttttt tttttttgca ggctcatctt cgtatgccca gcactgggtg ccctgctgcc     89880
     ctgggccctc ctccccgaat ggtagaccct ctttccctgg gtgatctcac cttccctcgg     89940
     gctctccata ccacccctga gcacatgact cataggtgga tgtctccagc ctagagcact     90000
     cttgggctgg gaagccaccg cttaccgggg acacaatgat gagctcgaca gagctatgtg     90060
     ttatgtgggc ccggtggggg tgtgcaatgg agagaccgcc agtaaacaga taaagtggaa     90120
     agtatcagct tgtgttaagg gccagagcaa tctcaggagt agcaccggaa gggaggagag     90180
     tgttggtggg tgaagtggtg tgctgactgg ggaggcaggt aggagctgat gtcaaagagg     90240
     tgatggtgtc aaggcagaca gttgggggac ttgtagatct tggcgaggct ttggagtttg     90300
     tcctggatga tcaggggcta ttggagtact atacacagag tggagaaggc cggagtgcta     90360
     ctcaaaccta ttatcccagc acttgggaca cagaggtagt tggatctcga gtttgaggct     90420
     agcctgggct acaaaataag actgtctcaa aaacaaaagt gagagagaaa gagagaaggg     90480
     gggggagaga acatggggaa agggagacta acatttatta ttattattat tattattatt     90540
     attattatta ttattattgt agggggtgag gtcttggagg gggtcaaact cagagcctgt     90600
     gcatgctagg ccagccctct agccaggcct ggacccaatg ctgctgattt cttttgggta     90660
     cttttgggtc ctataaacag acttattcta gattggctgc aagtgatgca gtctggagtg     90720
     ggtagggagt gggattatct tcaatgagct tctagccata gacaggagga gccacaaata     90780
     gacttgaagt caggagatca aggagagaga ttgggggact aggaatatag ctcggttggt     90840
     agagtgcttg cctagcaagc ctaacagggc ccggtttgat ccctagtgct gcatacaacg     90900
     ggccatgatg gtgcacatct gtagtcccag cactcaggag gtagagacag gagttcaaga     90960
     tcattcctgg ctatattagc tacttgaaag ccagcctgtg ctacatgtga ctcttcagag     91020
     agtgggtggg aagggcttcc agaggaagtg gcatctgtag cagagatatt gtgtctttag     91080
     gcagacagag cagtccaatg taagacaaac gaatgtccca aatatgtggg gagagggaac     91140
     agaacctgga agggtggaag atacagagac caaggctatc aatggtgctg ttgagtcatg     91200
     gtgtgtgtgg ggagggactc tgttttctcc tttttatgag ataactgggg gaaacagcag     91260
     aaagggggaa agcaccagtt tgggtgctgg gctgggggct cagctgcaca gtgcttgctt     91320
     cgaatacatg aaaccctggg ttccacccca atccagaaag catcaagagg ggctgacagg     91380
     gtggctcagt gggcattgct gccaagcctg tcggcctggg aacatcatgg tggaaagagg     91440
     aaggatacct caagctgtcc tctggccaaa agaaaacaaa aacaatacat ttaagtaaga     91500
     agttggtcct agtggtacac acctgtgaac ccatgcctca ggaggcagag gcatgagggt     91560
     gtccggtctg aggccaatcg gggcatgctt atctggcagg cacaaggccc agggtttggt     91620
     cagcaatatg gaggtcagcc aagaggtagt ctgagtgaca ggacttgact gaatttgttt     91680
     gtttctttct ttctttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt tttttggaga cacaatttct     91740
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactctc tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcacc     91800
     tgcctttgcc tctgctgaga ttaaaggtat gcaccaccac tgcctgactt tgactgagtt     91860
     ttgagctcct acagggaggg acgtcagata gactcaccac aaggcattta gattactagc     91920
     gatgagggaa caggtctaag aagggtagaa tcgtctatat tctttcacac actctttgag     91980
     taaattttta ttgatcgtct gtatcaactc taaaatgttt agctatgaac aaagccaagt     92040
     ccctgctctc ggaacgacct ttctcgtggg gagaggtgag acgcagaagc tctgcattgc     92100
     agagtgaggc aggccctgcg tgagggacag actgacacac acaggggaga gaggacattt     92160
     cagtgatggg gaggttgaac agggagccct gcaggtagct ggagaaggac actgggctcc     92220
     accacccatg tgccagtccc ttccagaacc cctagtctgg cagggacatc agaagtcagc     92280
     aactgaggac agtcggggag gccaaatgta atcttccatc agaaacttag tatggagagc     92340
     aggagggatc cgttctactc tggggtccag agaaacttcc agaaagcctt ctttggagga     92400
     gagggagggg gggcacagta ggtaagaggg gctgctgcac aagcatggag acctgagtga     92460
     gttcaagttc ccagcatcca tgtgaaaaaa gccaagcatg gctgtgtaac ctgtaactct     92520
     agctctgggg ataggagaca ggcagacccc gggagctcac agatcatcca gcagagacag     92580
     gcagaccctg ggagctcaca gatcatccag cagagacaag cagatcctgg gagctcacag     92640
     gtcagccagc ataacttaaa tggtgacctt gaaagacctc atctcaaggg aatgagactg     92700
     agagtgtttg gggaggacac cctgtatcct catttggctg gtacacacac atgtgtacat     92760
     acatggacca cacactcatc acacacatac aataaagatt ttaaacaata aaagaggcat     92820
     tctgggtagc gggagtgacc tgtggagaca ctcagagaag caaaagaacc actgtctttc     92880
     caaagagaca gaggtggggc ttcagtgagt ccacataagg gaggggaagg agtcggttca     92940
     agtggtcttt gcaacggtaa atggcaggaa gtgaagggga tttgggggtg actaggggca     93000
     aatgttctcc aagcttcagt cctgtgcttc aaagctactc tcagagtctt ggggtgtcag     93060
     caggttgtct ttccgtggct gctgacacat atgctgtcat cctctcagga catcctaggc     93120
     acagaaactg tgtctctaga catcactgta agtttcccaa gatcagtgtc agatgcgggt     93180
     cgctctcgcc cttgggaatt attgaatggg gaaaggctca gagaggctaa gcaacttctc     93240
     caagatcaca gaggtagtaa gtagatctgg gaaacaagca gtctaggtga ttccataggc     93300
     taccttgccc gtgccagtga gcagatggtg gctggtggac ttgaatcctt taaaaacact     93360
     accattccct gtttgtgttt ctaggaaata gatctctgtt gttattgcct tgtttaccca     93420
     tgttagagaa agcaaattct cttctgcccc aaagaggaga gagggctcaa tccatgagct     93480
     tggatgctct ctagagatcc agatgtgcgg ttcaaaaggc ctgtacagct ggcctggctg     93540
     tgctataaga tttgctgttg atggaagagg tcttgggggt ggggcaggga gcatgaagac     93600
     agcagaagca tatgtcacca tcagggctgg acttcccctg agtctgtctg cccttcatct     93660
     caggttcacg ctgcaagtga gagtctgggt gtctggggac ttggtctgta cctgtaatcc     93720
     actgggtgac tgggtgaagc gcctcaccct ttctgagtct ccttagcagc agcaccgggg     93780
     agctggactc attggtttct aaaagccgtt cccactctga cacttaggtt ttttgcaaat     93840
     ctcagagctg ccatgactgc gctgtgtgca ccccgctcca ccccaccccc accccccacc     93900
     ccccaccccc tcttcccttc acacactgtt cagtgtgagc catgcagcct ggtcccggca     93960
     gtctcacctg cagcaagcca gggtggctgt caggccctct ccaggcacag ccaagtgtga     94020
     gacagcgatg catgccactt ccttctttcc tctgggctgt gccaagtgct gaacaaagat     94080
     gttaaccggc tacctaccta cggacctggt gggagaaggc tctgccagga gagcatgctg     94140
     aaacccagca ggagtaaagc tcctcccccc ttcctccccc ccccccactt ctctcccttt     94200
     ctccttattt ttcttagata aaggtcttgc tacacagccc aggctgactt caagctggct     94260
     cagcctccca agtgctggaa tgagtgagcc tccaggcctg gctaaggagt cctgcatgtt     94320
     ttcaggcctg cacccaccaa atctttgtgg gaagagaaag gagacctggg cgggctttca     94380
     cgccttttat gagtggtgta gcgtggagcc agacaaaacc aaatcccagt gcaaaaattt     94440
     catcctagct ctgaatgtgc ttctgagcta cagtttcctc ccctgggaga caatagaaag     94500
     gactgtgatt ggacataatg agtgtctata ggagacgttc aacacaatgc ttggtaagct     94560
     ctttttaatg ttggccaccc acgaggcctc cctggctgcc ctattccctg gccagaaatg     94620
     cagttctcag aagacaaata taccgaagtg acccctaggg ggcgatagca ccttgtttgc     94680
     aattacttgt tctggggctg cattgtccca cccttgttgt ccctggtggg gagcagggca     94740
     aagagtttgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtctct gtgtgtctgt gtgtgtgtct     94800
     atgtgtgtat ctgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt ctgcctatct atgtacaggc tctcactgtg     94860
     ttgcctaggt tagcctggaa ctctgttttc ctgctttagc ctcacaagtg ctgggattcc     94920
     aggtgtgtat cagtgttttt tacgcttaag tcacatctcc atgtctccat ttcaagtgct     94980
     cagtttcctc aatactgact cttctagagt tcctgactca ggccctcaat ccacctgtgc     95040
     caggcatggc cttgagagac tcatttctca ttctgtctct ccttctgtaa atggtgtact     95100
     ggtcctgcct caagggcagg tagagtgaca ttaagatctc gctgcccact ttcccacacg     95160
     cacagtggca agggctcttg cttctaggcc tctctttggc ttgttcacag tggcctctgg     95220
     cctgttgagg gctcataaca acccagagaa gagcaaactt gaactcccta actgaactcc     95280
     ctaactggtt caaaggccct gaaaacaggt ctctcctgta tgggtcattt tatcgatctt     95340
     caaccatcat tgatagccat atctctgtgt caccccaggc aggacacaca ggagaagcac     95400
     ttgaggaatt tttagaaatt acagtgtctg cgttctctcc cagagggtaa ggcgcagaag     95460
     ataactgtgg gctttgcttt ggcatcgccc tgtcccaccg caccctgctg gaattcaaac     95520
     cctagcattg ccaaaagcaa gagccctgcc actgagctac atctctagca ccctgcttct     95580
     tttcttcttc ttctgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg     95640
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttgt cgagacaggg tttctccgtg tagccctggc     95700
     tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaacaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct     95760
     gtctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccacac ccggctttct tttcttcttt     95820
     tatcttttga agcagtgtca ccctcagttg cccaggctgg cctgaaaatc actctgccat     95880
     ccaggcacac cctgaacttt ttcaatcccc ctgcctcagc ctcctgagtt gctggggcta     95940
     taggcctgtg cttccaggtc cagccactta tgattttttg tttgtttgtt tggttggttt     96000
     ttttgttttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctt tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct     96060
     atagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga     96120
     ttaaaggcat gcgccaccgt ggcctggctc cacttataat ttacagaagt tccctaggtt     96180
     taacccctca gggcgagtct ctaattcagt ccaagactat ctttttgaag cttgagaacc     96240
     tgagcatcaa ataaggacaa gacttaagag ttacacggag ttactggcag agccaagcta     96300
     aagcctagag gacccctgcc tctgccagac cctgttcttc aagccatctg cttggggtct     96360
     gacacagaca tttaaaggtt aatttttatt gtgtgtctgt gtgtgagtct gtgcacatga     96420
     atgcaggtgc cccaggtaca gaggcatcag agagagccct agagctccag ttatgagcag     96480
     ttatgaggtg cctaacacgg atgctgggga ttcaacctgc gtcctcaaca agaccagtga     96540
     agggtctaac cactgagccg tctctacagc cccctcagca tcaactcttg tcagagtctt     96600
     aggtggaata caacctagcc tctgtcctgg aggaatttgt gtggagatag ggatgggttg     96660
     tcaggggaag ggcacctggg ctgccgaggg cttgcagact aggaaagaca tctcaagcat     96720
     gcagtagtct agtccagaag ggtgaccagg actgagacag ccagagggca gaagagatga     96780
     cacttcccaa gcataggagg acaagggaga cagaggttta gagggggaga gagccctgcc     96840
     acaaaagcag gcagatgtgt gttgctgaag taggaagatg ccagcaagct gagtcagaat     96900
     gtgttggagg cagaaggact gttcatggtg gggcccttaa accgagcagt aaaaatgcca     96960
     tggaagcccc tggggggtgg ggggctaggg gccagataat tagctgaaaa gaaggttctg     97020
     gaaaggaagg gtgatctcag tgagttcaag ggcagcctgg tgtagcttca agctaacctg     97080
     ggctacatag gtgagacctg gtctcaaaaa gagaaagtta ttttctaagt tatgtgacta     97140
     taacctctcc cttccactcc cctgtttgtg atgatgtaag atgatataac gcctaaatgc     97200
     ctaagcgatg aggagccagg tgaatgtcat aggcaccagt gtcgtgttaa gtgacagcca     97260
     tatatgggac atctaaacag agtgccgtga gagcagacat tggtcccagt agagacagcc     97320
     cctgggtgac ttaatgggca agaagtgagc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     97380
     acacacacac acacactgtg ctgtggggct atgccaggca agggatgagt cacctctggg     97440
     ccagtctaaa caggactgtg caagatttta tcatgctgct cagaatgggg cacagcttat     97500
     aacttagaaa ttgttttgtt ttgtttctct agaactttct atgtcatact ttggaccagg     97560
     gttgacactg ggtaaggaaa gtgtggaaag ataactaggg ggccacagtg gctataactg     97620
     atggggcctt tgttagacac cccactttac accccaaata gtctgtgtgg ctatatggtg     97680
     ctgggatgct attgtctgtc ttcattttat tattttcttc tattattaat taattaatta     97740
     atttattctt ttacatccca aacacactgc cccctgcttc ctgttctcct cctctcagac     97800
     ttcctcaccc tcccttccct tctcctctga gggggtgggg cccacctgag gatcccccaa     97860
     ctctggtaga tcaaatctct gaaggattag gtgtaacctc tcccactaag gccagacaag     97920
     gcagccccat tggggaatgg attccacagt caggctatag ttttaaagac atccccccca     97980
     ttccagttgt gggggagcca cgtggagatt gtcttcattt tctacttgaa gaaactggac     98040
     atagatgttc aactgataag cctgaggtct gcccatgaca gacagctgga gcctccggcc     98100
     ctctttaggt cacttggcat ctaaccacta ttttttcgct agtttgggga gatatacaag     98160
     cggatcttcc ccaaacccaa ctgtgtggcc tggtgaattt ttacagctct agaaacaaaa     98220
     ccctcagagg cccctccctt tttaagattg acactctagc agaacagtgg tggcgcatgc     98280
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggatct ctgagttcga ggccaccctg     98340
     gtctacaaag tgagttctag gacagccaag gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcagaaaaa     98400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatgca ggacactatc tttttgttgt cgttattttt ccagacaggg     98460
     tctcactatg aagctctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactatgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac     98520
     tcacaaagag tgctggattc aaaggcatgc accactacgc ccagctaaga cactgtgtct     98580
     taaagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggagggaagg aaggaaggga agaaagaaaa gtgtttacct     98640
     tctcctacat tttccagatt tttttttttt ttgaaacagg atttctctac agagccatgg     98700
     ctgtcttgta actcactgtg tagaccaggc tgacctcaaa atcacagaga tctgcctgcc     98760
     tctgcttcct gagtgctaga gctaaagggc cgtgtgacca tgtgtcttag tttgggtttt     98820
     tcttctgtga acagacacca tgaccaaggc aactcttata aggacaacat ttcattgggg     98880
     ctggcttaca ggttcagagg ttcagtccat tatcatcaag gcaggaacat ggcagcatcc     98940
     aggcaggtat ggcgcaggag gagctgagag ttctacatcc tcatctgcag gctgcttgct     99000
     agcagattac tggcttccag gcagctaggg tgagggtctt aaagcccaca cccacagtga     99060
     cacacctact ccaacagggc cacacctact ccaacagggc cacacctact ccaacaggac     99120
     cacaccttct aattgtgcca ctccttgggc tgagcatata caaaccgtta caccatgtct     99180
     gacttttttt ttccagactt ttaagatttt tattctttaa ttttgtgcat gagtgcaggt     99240
     gcctggagaa gccagaactg tcagatcctc tggagctgga gtcacagttg tgagctgcct     99300
     gatatgagag ctgtgttgct cagtagagtc ctctgcaaga gcagcaagtg ctcttaactg     99360
     ctgagctgtc tctccagccc cattttccag cttttataat ttgagtggtt ggaccttgaa     99420
     accgatttat ttgtacctga agacactgat taaagtttaa aattagcact catgtgttca     99480
     cacacacaca cacacagagc cataagttat ggaaagattt tcctgtctat atcacacaca     99540
     ttacatttaa ccctcacttc gtctccagga agtatgcatg ctaccttgat tttgcggtag     99600
     agaagggctc tgactgtggg cagtccctcc caggatagag agtggaagca gataacagct     99660
     gtggaggcct tttataaaat ggaaagtgct cagatttgtg gagcgctatc cccctgtcca     99720
     gggctcactc atccgtacca cgctgctcct acagagaatg cagacatgaa ttcctctgtg     99780
     ggggatttat tctactgcaa caaatctttg atcagaaagc cctggatttt ttttttcccc     99840
     ctctaaaagg ctgagactgg cttcttcgga gccattagtc cgctttgttt ctggtaggtt     99900
     tcatgactca gttaaagact cttcggatag aagcagagac tgatcttctc tgagcccagg     99960
     gcaggaagct taggttcagg ggtagaggga ggacccctgc tatgtgccag tttctctgcc    100020
     aagggtgtcc tgactttgtt gaaacctagg aagagtctgg gagaaaagta gtggtgttct    100080
     gattgacaaa cgaggagggg ccgggaggaa aggggaccgt tgggttggag agagctgaaa    100140
     atgggggctg tttggtggga agagctggaa atctgtcttg ttcgactttt cagggccggc    100200
     tgggcccgtt tgagtcgact cagctgagag aagattgaag tgaaggttca tggtaggagg    100260
     tcactcagac atccaaggat ggggcccctt gcttctctcc ccaggctctg ctctctctgt    100320
     ctctgtctct gtctctctgt ctctctgtct ctctgtctct ctgtctctct gtctctctgt    100380
     ctctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctgtctct ctctctcagc ttttttctct gttgattctt    100440
     ctctccttca gaccttttta ttttgtttac aaatgtatta ttccctacaa agtagtgtgt    100500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat atatacatat gtgtgtgtgc    100560
     agactgaaga ataaaaggac ttaggtgcag ctcagttggt ggaatgccca gctaccacac    100620
     cctgagccct gggtttgatc tccagcactg tgtacgctgg ggttgcatca atcacttgta    100680
     atcccagcat ttaggaggcg agggcaggaa ggatcagagg ttcaagcaac gtattgagtt    100740
     caagatcaga tgaaactaca tgagattaat agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    100800
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa ctgatgaagt    100860
     gtttcataga caaagaagcc tcacatggcc cgttcatgct tctaacctca gcgttgggaa    100920
     agcagagact ggaagacccc tgggcttctc tggcaagcta agctatatga cttggtaagc    100980
     tccaggccag gagacgatgt ctaagaaaga aagagggtgc ggtaaaatgg agtggatagc    101040
     acctgagaaa tgacactcta ggttgacctc tgacctccat gagcatacac acaggaaata    101100
     gatctggaga gttagcctag tggtaggctg cttgcatagc aatgcatgag ggcattggtt    101160
     caatccccaa cacactatcc atgcatgcac acatgcgcat gcacacccac acccacaccc    101220
     acacccaata aaatgaaatg aaaaatagac cactatagag ctctgtggtg tagtgttcag    101280
     gtcctgccat tgagggacag ttcgttagtt tctggaggtt tgctcttacc tttgggacca    101340
     cccacaccaa tcatttctca tcagcccatg aacacggaag tgtctctgtc tacccgtcgg    101400
     ccacatagag ggatgggagc acaggttctc atggggtcct cacgtcgttc atgtcctgag    101460
     acagtgcaaa cgctgtgcta cgggcacctc caagtttccc tttattctca gagggtgaca    101520
     cttgtattgg ctcaccttct catacgctaa tttgatcaga ttaaaaattt tagctggaca    101580
     gaggtgagga ccacctttaa tttcagcact ctggaggcaa aggcgggaaa tctctgtggc    101640
     cagtctggtc tacagagcaa gttttaggac aaccagggct acacagagga accttgactc    101700
     agaaaaaaaa aatgttgtct cacctcctgg gtgagagcac aatgaaatgg tcatttttat    101760
     ttatggttct attttgttat ctgaggtgtt actgagaaag gcagctattt gtggatctgt    101820
     agtccaggcc tccaaaggta aaggatcagg gacaagtctc ctaactcggt tcaggaagct    101880
     tctaaaatga tgtcacttcc tttacaagtt ccagtgcaag cccctgacca aggctatctc    101940
     ctttgtccct gtccctcttc ccaagatgtc gctgagggct tgccctccta ccagcctctc    102000
     agccttccca gccccgggct cttcctgcag ggaggtgact ggaatgtctg gagcccaccc    102060
     tttgtggaac aggcacacta gcgtgctgtg ggacagaaca gtagcaagcc cacctaggct    102120
     gtctgcaggc aagaaacttc ccaaggattc aatctgactt cacatcttct gtgtgagcca    102180
     aaggaaaagg aaggcagctg cagacttgga atggagcctg gggcaagagg gggtaggagg    102240
     ggacaggaga gttgtttgtt atttattatc cctggggccg tacctatacc ttcaggcttt    102300
     tcttcctgag ttgcaaaatt tgaacaaagg tagagagttg gagaactctg gactcaattc    102360
     ttctacctcc agctgggtga tgtcacctct ctgaacaccc actggccaat tccttaagtt    102420
     ggaggatata tctctcactg gacaggtttg gtgactgggc tggctcagag cctgtaacat    102480
     ggcaagaatg ccattaacaa caacaataac aggctgggtg tgcctgtaat ccagcaggct    102540
     gtgctacggg cacctccaac tttcccttta ttctcagaag gtgacacttg acacttgtac    102600
     cgtctcggct gctcacaggc taatcagatg ggattaaaaa ttgtaggttt catgactcag    102660
     ttaaagactc tttagaaaga agaagggcct gaggctggat gatctctgtt gagtttaggt    102720
     ccacttggtc tattattgta tgagttccag gccagccagg gctacacagt aagacctgtc    102780
     tcaataatga tgatgataat gatgtcttat atttggggct aggttctaga ggttttttct    102840
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    102900
     ttccttcctt ccttcctttc ttccttgatg ataggttctc atataaccta ggctgatttc    102960
     ttctctcctt ctctccctct cttcctcttt ctttccttcc ttccttcctt tcttggaggt    103020
     agggtctcat ataacctagg ctgacctcaa actttcgata taactgaggc tggctttgaa    103080
     cacctaatct tcctacctcc acctgcaaaa ccactgggaa gatagtatgt gccactactg    103140
     cccagatgtt gttttggttt ttgagacagg atctcattat atagtcctgg ttatcctggg    103200
     actcactgtg tagactagtc acacatgtca gaatacataa aaacattcag tagctggact    103260
     ggggagatgg ctcagtgggt aagaacactg actgctcttc cgaaggtcct gagttcaaat    103320
     tttagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccgtaatgag atctgatgcc cttttctggc    103380
     acgtctgaag tcagctgcag tgtacttatg tataataata ataataataa taataataaa    103440
     taaatcttta aaaaaaaaac cacagtcctt aaaaacacac acacattcag tagctcttac    103500
     agtgagatgg gagatgaaaa tagggcaggg aatggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca    103560
     ctggctgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca accacaggtg gctcacaacc    103620
     atctacaatg ggatctgatg ccctcttctg atgtgtttga agacagcttc aatatatgtg    103680
     tgtgcgtgca catatatatt taaaacaaac aaataatata tatatattta tattaaaaac    103740
     aaataaatac aaataaaaag taaactttca aaacaaaaca actaatccgg gggggggggg    103800
     gcaaaatcca gtttccattt atgaagttca attctttttc tagaggtgaa tttctatcat    103860
     gaaaaatgtc caagaattta aaatgtagcg gttaccttct ttacttaata agaaatgttt    103920
     tgttgtaggg ctttttgctt tgctattttt tttttctttt tgagacaggt tcttactatg    103980
     tagcctagaa ctttatgtta ccaagttggc ctctaacgca cagaaatcca cctgtctctg    104040
     cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaaacgtatg cctatttgtg gcttgctgta ggttttgtct    104100
     cgttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttggttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg    104160
     tgtagccctg gctatcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat    104220
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtaccaccac tgcctgacta    104280
     tttctgtctt gttttaagaa tcattcagaa cccagcataa aaatcttcaa tcccaaaatt    104340
     cagaaagttg agtcaggagg atcaagagtc taaagttttc ctagacagga aagtgaattt    104400
     aaggctaatc tgggctacat gagactatgc cttaatacaa aaggaccacg gttcctttcc    104460
     tacctctccc acaagtcact tgtgctgact ctaggaaatt tggagtgttc tgatgaatgg    104520
     aaatctgtca ccctgaactg tcagacaatg tgagacaata tggggttctt tctggaaacc    104580
     tttgcttcct cccaggcctg gtttggtttg gcttagctgt catggctgcg tgtagagaga    104640
     cgctttctga ttcagtttac agcgctgact tcatgtgctt ggaacaaaac tgtgatactt    104700
     ccaaaagcta ggacactctg tcccctctgg gaattgtgtg ggtggggcac accaccaccg    104760
     tgatgttctt gatctcagaa agtcaggcac caggattcac aggaccaggg gcagctaaag    104820
     cactatcatt tgcatcctac cttcgcagct ttccgaatac tttcttgatt ctaactactt    104880
     ttttttctct cctttttctt tctcaagcct cagagcttcc aagcacagct cggtgaacca    104940
     gcggtgaccc atttgttttg cctccttcta gctcatgcat tctttgagtc ttggtcacgg    105000
     gaatgttttg tctggtcaga cgcaaagccg tcagcaggac agaaccaacg ctgaacactc    105060
     atgatgtgtc ggcaggggcc tgggaaaagg cagctcctgg tggcgcacct ctgaatcagc    105120
     tgtttctttt tgtctctggc tttaaaagct ctctggaact gacctgatat ccagagtctt    105180
     ctccaagtat gaacagggaa acgaagtttt cgttaaatat gttgacgtct tatgttttga    105240
     aaagcagtag agtgtcaaag gcgagaaccc cagaatcctg cccatcctcc tgtgagacct    105300
     tggtaattat ctaacaaact tatcatgtgt ccactgggct ggaccatctg ccaggaggag    105360
     tcccagaaac ccaagatgcc ttggggttta tctgcttccg gaagcagcta gccgtggttg    105420
     tggtgttctt ccctgcccac gtcttgagtt ttagtttttt tgttttgttt tgttttttgt    105480
     tttttttttt tctgtgctcc gtcctgatgt atacggcctt cacagttgtg aagccaaagg    105540
     atgaccttgc tctgtggatc ggactgcggt gaaggagcga gccgtgtgtg tagaagtctg    105600
     tgggaagaga cgagcactga gcatgtctcc tccaaaccag tccctagaag gccttcctca    105660
     ggaggcctcc aacagatccc tgaatgtgac aggggcttgg gacccagagg tcctgcaggc    105720
     tctcagaatc tcgctcgtgg tggtgctgtc cgtcatcaca ctggccactg tcctctccaa    105780
     tgccttcgtc cttaccacca ttctactcac caagaagctc cacaccccag ccaattatct    105840
     cattggctcc ttggccacca cggacctcct ggtttctatc ttggtcatgc ccatcagcat    105900
     agcctacacc accacccgca cctggaactt tggccagatc ctgtgtgaca tctgggtgtc    105960
     ttctgacatc acgtgctgca cggcctccat cttgcatctc tgtgtcattg ctctggacag    106020
     atactgggcc atcaccgatg ccctggagta cagcaagcgt cgaaccgcag gccacgcagc    106080
     agccatgatt gcggccgtct ggatcatctc tatttgtatc tccatccctc cactcttctg    106140
     gcggcaggcc acggctcacg aggagatgtc cgactgcctg gtgaacacat ctcagatttc    106200
     ttacaccatc tactcgacct gtggcgcctt ctatatccca tccatcttgc tcattatcct    106260
     gtatggccgc atatacgtgg ccgcccggag tcgaatcctg aacccaccct ccctctacgg    106320
     gaagcgcttc accacggcac agcttatcac aggctctgct ggctcttcgc tctgctcgct    106380
     caaccccagc ctccatgaga gccacacaca cacagttggc tcccctctct ttttcaacca    106440
     ggtgaaaatc aagcttgctg atagcatcct agaacgcaag aggatctctg cagcccgaga    106500
     aaggaaagcc actaagaccc tgggcatcat tctgggggcc tttatcatct gctggttgcc    106560
     tttctttgta gtatcattgg tcctccccat ctgcagggac tcttgttgga tccacccggc    106620
     cctctttgac ttcttcacgt ggctaggtta tttaaactct ctcattaacc ccgtcatcta    106680
     cactgtgttc aacgaagact ttcgacaagc gtttcagaaa gtcgtccatt tccggaagat    106740
     ctcatagtcg gatttggggg tgactcttgt ttgcctgtta tgtcctgtaa ccccactggg    106800
     gttgcctttt taaaaattac tgccatttct ctgagacccg ggttgatttg tgctatcttg    106860
     ggtctttggc ttaaattaat agatttgttc tgtgtttgat tgccagcatc ctccagaccc    106920
     ctgaatcatc taaagctagg tcactgtgtt gtgtaaaggg gagacaggac tgacagcatc    106980
     ccttaacata atattctcat ggttctctgg gttggaagaa atataactgt aggacccagg    107040
     tgagaaaatg tctttctctc tagcaggctt ggagggaagg ccttctggtc tacctgggat    107100
     tttacagagt ttttgagaat gggtgtgatt actgacttga attaaaaaag aatttggagt    107160
     tagaaaggag gggttgtcat ctcctggagc tcattgatta gaagataaca cccaggaatt    107220
     gtttccactg ggtcctggct gtccataagg aaagtggtat cagtggccca gcgtagatgg    107280
     agagaaagtc agaaagaggc agcaggagag aggtatactt gggaccagat cagctctgca    107340
     tccttcattc ttccctctgt ctctattacg caatgttccg aagttaaaac ccaccatcct    107400
     gccgctcaag aagactgacc ggtacgggac actcgaggct ttgaatggga caccctattc    107460
     tgcctttttt gatttttttc ccctgaatta ttctttttta caacccttgt ccttggagtt    107520
     cttaagatgt tgagcgttac caaataaacc gcatgagaca cagcgagcag tgaagtcttt    107580
     acaagattat gcatttgccg attgccccgt atgtgtgcat atgatgagtg tgtaaggctg    107640
     tgtggcttgc cacacctcta gtgtcagtcc tttccttaca ccttttttga agcagggtct    107700
     cccttgtctc cacccctgcc ttgtatattc taagctagtt agtccacaag ctccagggat    107760
     ggtctctgtt tccacctcct atctcatcac agaagtgtta agaatgcagc cacacaggca    107820
     tgcacactcg cagggcaata tccagctttt tacacaggtt ccagggatgg attctctcct    107880
     cccactgctc cccaccccgc cccttccacc cggaagtaca gactttcaac ttaactctgg    107940
     tttacaacat ccactgagca cccacctcac accaggaccc gtgaccttca tttgcatgtc    108000
     atttgcatat gattatcata acatttgcaa aaaacttgag cctcctaatt gtggataaag    108060
     tgacaattga aaactgagaa actgggcctg gtggcaagat ggctccaaga taccaccaag    108120
     cctgatgatg acctgagctt gattcccagg acccacatgg tagggagaac tatctcccac    108180
     aagctgtctt ctgatgcctg cacatgcaca catttatata tacacaaaaa tagatttcag    108240
     agatgttagg aaaaacaaaa aaacaaaagc ccctcaagag ctggggctgg ggtctcggaa    108300
     cgcagctcag tgagagtgtg cttagctagc atggtactgg gtttggctct cagcactaaa    108360
     caaaagaaac aaaacgagag aaaccgagaa cgggatcctt aggttcaaat gcaggcgctg    108420
     tcagttcctt aactgtgtgc tcttttctga atccctcatg ttcccggaag tataaagtgg    108480
     agatgataat tactgtgtca taaagattaa cacagcactg gacacaaaag tccctaccag    108540
     ccgggtgtgg tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agtacttggg aggtagaggc aggtggattt    108600
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccgg gacagccagg gctacataga    108660
     gaaaccctgc cttgaaaaac ccaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaagtcccta caatttggag    108720
     atccaagaat tgatttactc aacaaaacaa cagtagtagt agtaacagat cctctaaagt    108780
     accccggtac gctctgtgtc ccaccacccc caccctccgc cccctcgtgc actccgtgtc    108840
     tcttttctct tgttgcgctc catgtctctt ttcacttgtt ctcttcctcc ttgtcttaca    108900
     agtgtaagaa agaaatatgg ctgtgatcag aggagggcct tgttaagaga cagcttcata    108960
     acgatgagcc ctggagggat gacgtgctga ggtgtgggga gaagacaggg gacgcagagg    109020
     aaggcagggc acatggtccc aggtaagaca gcaacagagc ttctggtatt ccatgaggcc    109080
     tcagccacag ggagaggagt gagagccaga tgtcaggaag gctgggaagg agagaagggc    109140
     aacccagaaa tagaagattg ttctagatgt gttgttacag ttcagttcct ggactccacg    109200
     agcttgctga ccctggatcc ctggtctcat gtccaccgaa tcagataaga agagctggga    109260
     gtctgttttg tgacaagggt tcactgtgtt gttcagggtg actttgaacc tcaggttggc    109320
     tcaagccagg gcggggtagc atataccttt aaattttcaa tccttgcact caggagacag    109380
     aggcaggcag atctctgtca tgagcctggt ctactcagtg agtttcagga cagccagagc    109440
     tacataggaa gactgtctca aggcaaaaga aataaagcac acacaagagc aaccactttc    109500
     actccccacc cctcccacat aaagaaacct cttcttgcta aatacacatc tactttctgt    109560
     caggtaattt atttttattt ttattttttg tctttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtacccc    109620
     tggctggcct agaactcaca gagatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagggc tgggattaaa    109680
     agcatgtgcc accatcacca ggcctttaaa tatatatata tacatatata tatatttaat    109740
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtacaagcta cagggcatgt atggaggtca    109800
     gagaacaagt tgtgggagac atttttctcc ttctaccata tgggtcctgg ggatggtatt    109860
     taagtggttt caggcttggt agcatgcacc ttgacccact gagccatctc aattgctctg    109920
     ccctgaagac ttttcgctgc tgaacttttc atataaagtg gaatcctgct gcttgttgaa    109980
     gcgtgcctgt gacccaaact ctcaggaagc tgaggcaggg ggattcctgt acctttgagg    110040
     ctgagttggg ctatgttgca atatgaggct agtcgaggct acacagcaag accatgtctc    110100
     aaacaaaaca aaatatcctg gcatggtata tatatgtctt caatccttgt actctagaaa    110160
     cagaggctgg tgggtctctg tgactttgag accaacttgg tctatacagc tagttctagg    110220
     ccagccaaga ctacaagggt agaccctgta acaaaacaga caaaccaacc aaaaatcaag    110280
     accagaatcc tactgtgggt gatcttggag gctgccttct tttttttctt tttccaattt    110340
     tttattagat attttcttta tatacatttc aaatgctatc ccgaaagttc cctataccct    110400
     cctccctccc tgctccccta cccactcact cccactactt ggccctggca ttcccctgta    110460
     ctggggcata taatgtttgc atgaccaagg ggcctctctt cccaatgtgg actcgacctg    110520
     tcatgtgaca gctgcgttta gcctcctgta aaccaaccac ggtttcccag agtggccaca    110580
     accctgtttc ccttcccagg agcgccacgt aagggttcca ctcggtccac attctgtggc    110640
     tcctgtaact atctgtcttt tttagtggcg ccattctagt gggcatgacg tagtgtttcc    110700
     ttctattcta gtgggcatgg cgtagtgttt ccttgcagtg acgaagcttt gtaaaggggc    110760
     cagagagtga ctgtctccag ctctctgaca cactctggtc tctgccattg tgtcatgaac    110820
     agagacatgt aaataaacac tctgagttgt tgaccaacag gcggcaggca gctcaaaggc    110880
     tagtttgcag attctattta aaaagagtgg ctgccccatc tgcccagttc atctctgccc    110940
     cttctttggc atcattataa tcagctttag aaatagccat tattcactca ggaggcagag    111000
     acaggcagat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca    111060
     gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    111120
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    111180
     agaaagggaa gaaaagaaaa ccagaaatag ccattattct tgtgtgtatg cccatgatgt    111240
     gtgcgtaggc aggcgtgggc ccgtgctgta gcgtgcatat gaagtcagtg gacatttttg    111300
     gaggcttggt cccccttttc cacctttata tgggttttca tggactgaac tcatgtctcc    111360
     aaggctttgg cttttaccag gttggctttt atcttaccaa cttctaatat ggacttaaaa    111420
     aaaagtttta cgccgggcgg tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cctagcactt gggaggcaga    111480
     ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc    111540
     agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaagaa    111600
     agttttactt tattctctgt gtatcagtgt gtgtgtatga gtgtttgcat gtgtgtatgt    111660
     atgtacccta tgtgtgtgca gggctcatgg aggtcagaag aggcatcaga acccctggaa    111720
     ctgggatgat ggacaactct cagctgccat gtaggtgctg ggaactgaac ccagatcttt    111780
     tggaagagca gcaagtactc ttaacctagg agtcaactct tcagacgcca tcattagact    111840
     tttgaaacag gtctcctccc tacatggctt aggctggact tgaacttgag atcctcctgc    111900
     ctcagtcttc ccagtgctgg gattacaaac caggctgcca agcctggctc ctgggtttat    111960
     gttttcatta cgcttgcttc cagtgatcac acttaagcat tagtccttgc ttactgcctg    112020
     tccctcccct ctggtgtcgg cttgaagacg atgttcttat ttgctgtgtt ctctctttga    112080
     ccagtatgcc acagggtctg tgtatagtag gtgttcaata aattcatggt tgaatgaatg    112140
     agtggttggt ggacaaatgg aatcctgttt ctgctcaaag tcttgtcttt aaattttggg    112200
     gagatggtaa ctgcttccgt ttgggaacct gacctagtat gacaatcggt gtcaaggggg    112260
     actgggtcag atgggaggcc atagctcaga tgggatggct ggcaaggaag ccagtcaacc    112320
     cagtatctcc aaggggtcaa attggatctg gtgacttagc ttgtcctagc tcagcctcca    112380
     gactgacttc tcttcctcca gaagtcaccc ccactgtgaa agttacaagg tcagccccag    112440
     cagaggaaag gtgtgctggt ctttgtggtt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttagcaagat    112500
     ctcatcagcc ctttgttatc atctgaaggg gcccacgttc ttcccacagt tcctgcgctc    112560
     ctcaggacac atgaaggaca aattgaaaat aaacctgtct aacataggcc tgtggtttga    112620
     ggagctaacc cacactccat attgattcta ggcctagcca gggatatatg ttgaaaccct    112680
     gtctcaataa ataaatacgt acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat    112740
     acataaaatc atccagatgt ggtaacacag gcctttagtc tcaacacttg ggaggcagag    112800
     gcaggtggat ctctgtgagt tagaggccag actggtctac agagtgagaa gtaggacagc    112860
     cagggctaca ttgagtaaac aggtctcaat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    112920
     aataataaat acttgtaggc ttcgaagtgt agtttggaag tctgaggcag gatgattata    112980
     agttcaaggc cagcctgaac tacaaaatga gatcctgctg caaaagatta agttaaaaat    113040
     caacttgagg cggtgctgga gatatagccc agttaataga gcgagtgcct agcatacgaa    113100
     aaaccctggc tttgccaccc cagcattgca taaaccaagc acaggggcac acatgtgagc    113160
     ctagcaatag ggaagtggaa gcaggaagat cgggagttta aggtcactct gggctataag    113220
     caagtctgag accagcccag ggtacatgag atcatataga taaagagatg gatagataga    113280
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gacagacgga    113340
     tggacagaca gacagacaga taagatagat agatagagca agcctgagag ctggggctat    113400
     agttcagggg ttacagattt ccctgagagt acatgaggtc ctgggttcaa tccacatcaa    113460
     tacaaacaaa caaacaaaca gacaaagagt ttcttatgag cacagagacc atctgtaccg    113520
     aagacctttg tcctctccat ctttcctccc acctcccatc ctgggcatgc ttttaattct    113580
     ttcacactta gtcacagaca cacacccagt gtgacagaga tgacgccagg ggagggcaag    113640
     gcctcaaaca acacagactc tgctaagttc tggtttatgc aagtatggca agtcttatgg    113700
     tgctagccct gtcccttcct caaagaaacc caactttatt tttgaggagc acaaggacca    113760
     ggaatgacaa aggttaagag gttaagagga gctgggcgtg gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc    113820
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcaggca ggtttccgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta    113880
     caaagtgagt tccaggacaa ccagggctac acagaggaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaacaac    113940
     aaaaaaaaaa acccaaaagg ttaaaaggac cttttgagtt taggccatcc aagaagacag    114000
     tgagacccta tctcaaaaaa ctaaatcaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa acatatacaa    114060
     cagataacac ctccccccaa aatcaaatcg cctcttcatt cgctatttta aaaagtattt    114120
     acttatttgt ttgtttgttt ttgaggcatg gtctcaggct ggcctcaaac ttctgcctct    114180
     gctttatttt tttccaattg attttaaaaa aaaaatatgt ctttcagctg ggcgatggtg    114240
     acacatgtct tttaatccca gaactcagga agcagaggca ggaagatctt tgtgagttct    114300
     agaccagcct ggtctacata gtgcgttcta ggacagccag ggcactcaga aaaaccctgc    114360
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaatcaaa ataaataagt atgtaaaaat aaataaataa ataatgaaag    114420
     gcctaggtct atattaccca gggtggctgg ctttgaactt ctggactcaa gtgatcctcc    114480
     tacctcgggc ttctgggtag ctggaactgt aagtatgtca ttatggcccc agcttcccag    114540
     gccagtttga ttgtttatta ttgatttatt tttcagagct ggaagcatag cccagagttt    114600
     cacacaggct atgcgaatgg tttcccactg agctacattc ccagccaccc cttctccacc    114660
     gtttacttct caacagactt caggcctcca ggatgtgaat cctgcaggga gtgcaaataa    114720
     ctgagctccg tggacacagg tgacctcagc tcctctgctt tcaagatcag ggcgggggta    114780
     ggggtggggg gggaggggga ggggcttcca ccgtccatcc atcaccctat gatcgccatc    114840
     agactctgag cccctcaggg gctcgcttat ctatctctgt cctcttagcc cctggcacac    114900
     agccagacag catgtggtta atgataatag catttactga gctctgactg tgtacccagg    114960
     tatgccttaa gcattttatg ggcagtagcc acttaaccca gtgaagcaag tccagttgtt    115020
     acagtccaga ttcgaagcta gagtcccagg aaactcagtc ttttgccctg tatcccagtg    115080
     ccagaattca agtcaggcta cactctgaac cctcagagga tgtggccagg cacaaaggcc    115140
     agtgtttgcc tttgaaaagc agtaaagccg gagagatact ccgtaaagtg tctgcagtgt    115200
     acgcatgagg ctcagagggc ttggaatccc agcgctgaag aggcagcaga aacgagcaga    115260
     attgggaggc tcaggaccag tcagctaacc tcatccaggc aatcatgtgt atgtcgtcac    115320
     ccgagtacca acacccaagg ttaacctctg tcctccacac acaggcacac atgtgttcat    115380
     ccatgaacac ctggacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    115440
     acactagtgg gaaatggtaa ccagggtttc cagtttcttg ccttttaact caggctattc    115500
     tttggtacca cacgaataac aatactgtca acccaagaag gtggctgggg cctggtactg    115560
     tcccagacac tgcagtgttc agaactgggg aaatctctga atgggactag actaccactt    115620
     actcacttgg aactaattaa gtggcgaggc aaatacacac agttgatgat tcggactact    115680
     gacctgggag ccaggtctag ctcttgggtt gccagttggc aacctgtgat ctcttttttt    115740
     cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt    115800
     cttttctttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttta tttatttatt tattttttaa    115860
     agatttattt attattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg    115920
     gagtcagatc ttgttacgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactct    115980
     ggacctttgg aagagcagtc gggtgctctc acccactgag ccatctcacc agcccctttc    116040
     tttcttttat gatcgcttgt tttctgtccc catatggcca ccagatccct cacaaagctc    116100
     agagtccatt tggggatcaa agtacactca gcagattaga taggcaggca gtctgttcat    116160
     cacctggcct gtgttgtgcc ccaccccctc gttgccctca gatgactttc cagccagagg    116220
     ggagagtgcc ttctttatag tttctagcaa gtacctgatt tgagccgtcc tctgactgaa    116280
     gggtcttacg atagcattta ttgctttgct aatcctgaat tttgctctca aagacagaaa    116340
     cagggatccc agacctggag aaaggggatt ttaacagtta tctagggcac ctttagtcac    116400
     atcatccctg ccacagcagc aactcatgat cttggataga tttatcttgc tgactcccag    116460
     caacttgggg aacaggaaac cgttatcccc attttgcaga taggtagatg ggggcttaaa    116520
     atgcctaaga aatctgctca aggtatccct gtaactcact ggaagagaca aatgagcatt    116580
     cacatctagg tgacgtcacc catgaacaac atcactactt cctagtttac cctaatccct    116640
     gaaccactct ggttttgttc gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttga gacagagtat    116700
     ctctagtata gctctggctg tcctggaact caatgtgtag accaggttgg cctcgaactc    116760
     tgtgcctctt ctgcgttctg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat aaatgaccac acccaggttc    116820
     cctgaacccc acttggacag ctcattcact tgactttttg gcgtgcccac caagtatcct    116880
     tgaacagatt cagggacagg atgctcaccc tcaaccatac ctatgttgac ctagcgttag    116940
     ccaggcacta ggaatctaaa aaaatgtatg tcatttcttt tgtggggggg aggggtgaca    117000
     ggggtgttca gactgggttt ctctgtgtag tcctggctgt cctggatctt ggtctgcaga    117060
     tcaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc ttccacgtgc tgggatcaaa    117120
     ggtgtgcgcc accatggttc agctgtagta tttctgccta gcaacagtca ccatgttata    117180
     tcaccatagt gtggcaattg tatacttaaa gcagagaagg aacaggccaa gggtacaaat    117240
     ctagttctaa gaacaagctg gggccaaatg caagcatatc cctttttttg ttttgatttt    117300
     ttgtttgttt gttccagaca gggtctcagt acgccagagg ctctcaactt gtgggtcttg    117360
     gcctcttggg aagcttgaac aatcctttca caagggtcac atatccaata tcctgcatat    117420
     catatgttta cattatgatt catgacagta gcaaaattat agttatgaaa tagcaaagaa    117480
     aatagtgtta tggttggggg ggggtctcac agcatgagga agattgaaag ccaccataca    117540
     atgaagtcct agctggcttg gaacttgcta tatagatgag actggcctaa aactcagaga    117600
     tttgcctgtc tctgcctctt gagttctgga attaaagata cgagctacca tattggactt    117660
     tgattttgtt tttttaaaga gttttttttt caaaatgtat atgggtgttt tgcctgtata    117720
     tattgtggtc aaggaagcca gaagagaaat taaatcctct gggattggag ttacagatgg    117780
     tggtgagctg ccacgtatgt accgggaatc aagcaagcag ccagtactct taaccactga    117840
     gccatctctc cagccccgac aaagagacat gggccttggc tgtgttagag atagaagaac    117900
     ccattccctt cctacctttt tttttttttt ctgaaaaaag gaacctcatc ccgagagggg    117960
     ctggtacaag tctgagatcc catcatagga cagaatccag taggaacatc ttgccctaaa    118020
     caagtttgaa taaggcgttt ccctccgcct aaatcctggt ccattccaca tctgtccacc    118080
     agatggcgca gaagcatcag ggaataatgc agaaagaagg gtgggcaaac cccctttctc    118140
     tggcaaaact tttctacaag aagcagcggc aagcctctgc ctgttctggg acagcactta    118200
     gatcactaag gtatgcattg cagacactct cagaggcgaa ctcggcctga ccacggaagt    118260
     agcggaaggt gatggtaaac actaggaaat aagactccag cagacagggt aggaaatctt    118320
     tgcctctggg aaccttcttg gcagctggct cagagagttg tgctggcaca ccaaatgggg    118380
     tgcgagatga gatccgtctt tctcaggctt tgcagagagc tccaggtttt ggtgctctca    118440
     ctaggtggtt ggtggccacc gctagtgaaa gccttctaga tggctgacgt gtctgccacc    118500
     actcttggaa gcctgggggg cggggggggg gggcggttac taatggatct ggcaactcca    118560
     gagctcagct taggccctgc agctcaatcg ggacttctgt tcctctcaca ccacacatgg    118620
     aactgttaag ttcaaagact tgaggctgga aacctcgaga aaggtttgag atactagggg    118680
     tgggggaagg gaggccagga gtgagggagg cctagaagaa agggaagatt ggacgagaag    118740
     tcggtcagac cttggggact caaacaatct atctgctttg aactttatcc tgggaggaac    118800
     agggatctct tgaaaattat ttgggaagat ggcgtcgtaa gatgggagct gagatggatc    118860
     acttgagctg tgtgaagaca gaggaaggga ggtggagaag tctggaggga cagaggctaa    118920
     ccaagggact gagcacagaa gagctgcagg ttggatgggg taatgacagc gtgggttaat    118980
     tttccatcca ccaagacctt cccatgggct cctgggtacc ccagtgaaac tgtcttggtt    119040
     aggtgacagt tctctcaggc taggggactt ccctgggcca agaagatctg ttctccagct    119100
     ggtatatcct ggaagatcct tgatatcaat agacagagag agaaggagag agagaaggaa    119160
     agagagagag agagagggag agagagagag agagaggcta agagagaagc cagattgggg    119220
     gttaggaggg cagaggaaga tattccatta ggacacatac tggtggtaaa catctctttc    119280
     aggtgccaac tctgctaatt attggctgtg ttagcacagc caagtcaatt tggtaaccaa    119340
     gccccagctt ctatatctgt aaaatgtggt tatagagcta tggagatggc tcagcaggga    119400
     cctggtgacc tggatcagat ccttaaagct cgcatagaaa tggagctaac tgaccccaca    119460
     aagttgtcct ctaacgtcac acatgttctg tggcatgcac acacacccca acatacatgc    119520
     acagcaataa taaatcaaat ataaaaagta aaatatgatt atggctaaga ccaacctttg    119580
     aggccttgga caaggtggtg tgggtagggc tgccttagtt agggttttac tgctgtgaac    119640
     agacaccatg accaaggcaa gtcttataaa gaacaacatt tcattggggc tggcttgcag    119700
     gttcagaggt tcagtccatt atcatcaaga cgggaacatg gcagcatcca agcaggcatg    119760
     gtgcaggagg agctgagagt tctacatctt catctgaagg cagctagtgg aagactgtct    119820
     tccaggaagc taggatgagg gtcttaaagc ccacacccac agtgacacac ctactctaac    119880
     aggaccacac ctccaaacag tgccactccc tgggccaagc atattcaaat cacgacaagg    119940
     gttcagcatg tttttttgtt tttggttttt tgtgtgtgga ggggtccgag aacacccaag    120000
     aagaggggag tttttaggtt ctccatccct cagagagtct gtggttatgc agtagggcac    120060
     cctggctctc tggccaggaa gaacctcttc aaaccagggt gggtttcaaa tcaggtcagc    120120
     cccaggctga gagcccttgg aattaggcca agggaattct agccaaaggc aaagaaaaca    120180
     atctggttag tccagggcca ccttctggag aaaggtgttg tggctgtttt ccttgttgag    120240
     acattcaaaa tgatttttct gggccaggtt acaaggagtg agtctcttgt cctattttgt    120300
     ttgctctctc gctttgtgct tgcgcactga aagttgcctc tgaccccggt tactgagata    120360
     aaggtcttgt agatacccct gctttatttt ctttttaaaa atcttgtgtg tgggggctgg    120420
     caagatggct cagtggttaa gagcgctgac tgctcttccg aaggtccgga gttcaaatcc    120480
     tagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc ttaacaaaag ctgatgccct cttctggagt    120540
     gtctgaagac agccacagtg tactcacata ataaataaat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa    120600
     aaacctcttg tgtgtgtagg ttgtgtgcct gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgcgc acgcattcgc    120660
     tagagtatgc acacaagtgt cagtacttgc acagatgcca gagaaaggca tcaggcacct    120720
     tctctatcac tctcctctgc cttatttctt tgagacagga tctctcactg agccaggctg    120780
     gctaccagaa aaatccagcc ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt    120840
     ttgttttgag acagggtttc tctgcgtagc cctggcttcc tgggacgcac tctgtagacc    120900
     atgctgggtc cacctgcctc tgtttcctga gggctgggat taaagttgtg cgccaccagg    120960
     ctgccttttt tttttttttt ttttgtgagt gcctggttct gaactgaggc cctaacagtt    121020
     acccaccgag cgttcttaac tactgagcta tctccccatc tctctggtcc ctacattatt    121080
     attgttttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    121140
     ctttctttct ttctttcttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc    121200
     cttcctttct ttctttcttc cttcctttta tctttgggtc cttccttcct tccttccttt    121260
     tcttcatctt cagcatactg gataattgag cccgaggcct cgcacattga gcaagcagtg    121320
     ctttcaccac tgaattacac ccagcccttt gtataccttc tctcgggtgc tcattactgc    121380
     ccctgagtga ggaaggtcct acttcctatt cacccctttg taggggtagg gaaacctagg    121440
     ctgggaagag ttcacccacg tgtgtataga ctgacctaca tttactgatc tacatttact    121500
     gatctacatt tacttggcct gtggctaggt ctgtgcactt ggagcccacg gttcgcacag    121560
     caccttgaat tatccagtaa gtaaaactgg gccaaaagcc actaagagaa aaatagttaa    121620
     cacaaggtac agcagttgtc agcttggcag cacagaccgt tgtattcgta tgacacctgc    121680
     cagagagaat ttagcacagg gaaacacgaa tctttcccaa atcactggcc tgattcttcc    121740
     agtcatatca aaacaaaact tctttgggga gaggaggtgc tggaaaggga acccagaact    121800
     tcacaagcac atgctaggca catgctacca acccgatagt gaattgtcat aaacaatttc    121860
     cctcatgcca ggccttctct gagaacctca taccccttgc ttgactcaat cttcccaaat    121920
     ggtcccaaag aaaggggctc aaatggagac gttcaagaat ttctgatggt catgtgacta    121980
     gtgagcagaa gaattgggtt tcaaaatcac ctagctcagt gtagggaact tgtctgggag    122040
     gtagaaggct ctccattcaa tcttcagcac cagaaaaata aataaataaa gctagttaat    122100
     taacatagca ctgtctccaa gggctgtgca cttaatcacg ttgactactt cctatacaat    122160
     ttgaagcaca tcctgtttcc ttctttgctt tggctgccag gaagctcaga gccacgcttt    122220
     gggttatatc acagtccccg tccttaaaaa actttccatc agccgctgct gtattcagaa    122280
     tttcgtgttt cttccttcct tctcctctgg ccttctgccc aggcattcat tactccttga    122340
     ttcctgctct ttaattattg atcaaatggt ctttaggctg cggcggaaac cacctccaaa    122400
     ccctttttgg aatcggcagg acataagaca tttatgagat gaatagggac cttccgactg    122460
     gctgagctcg ccagtcacag ccgtgcaggg tgagcgtctt tgagcagctt ccagggccag    122520
     aacagtgaaa gttttctgca ttacacagct ctgcataagt tagcgccgca cccatatatg    122580
     ctagcgctat agcaaaccaa ccttgacaca acctcagcac tctactaaaa ggaagctctc    122640
     ccagtggcct ggtgggtaaa gtgcttgtta caagcacgag gagtggagtt tgagtggagt    122700
     ttggacctct caaacccagc ccacgcagga cacaggtgga catggaggtc cagctagaat    122760
     cccaaggcag ggaagtggag tgggatcttt ggtgcaagcc agtaagctag aggagcaaaa    122820
     ccagggagcc ctggctttag tggtgggacc ttgcctcaat gtctaaggtg gagagggatg    122880
     gaaaaagata cccagagctc taaatgagtg ctagcagctg cgcgtgtgca cacacactac    122940
     acatatattt gaaaaagtag aaaaaacaaa cccgaatctc ttccaatgta cgccctggcc    123000
     agtataggga tggggtaaaa cccagactga ttcaggttct gccacgttcc tcgtgtggct    123060
     tccaaggtca ccctggtgct ggcattccct tggcagatgg gagagagaga gagagagcac    123120
     atgcatgctt cctaaccacg ctggcctgga tgtggtgcca cgtcatccct gccactgtcc    123180
     cgttggtagg aaaagtcaca tatttgcaca taattgcaag acaggctgga aaaatgtagt    123240
     ctgggctgct tttccctgaa acagctctaa acctggaggg gaggcatctt tggtggagag    123300
     ctgacacagg tccagctcgt gtatatatgg atgcagagtg gccacaagag ggaaaatggg    123360
     cttgccttgc tttcgaggaa cccataggta aaagcattaa gggctgggga gatggctcag    123420
     tgggtgatgt ttgtgtcact gtaatgtcag tactggggga aatggctctt tagagcccat    123480
     tggctagctg gcctatctgg attacagcat tttatcttca gtaaaagacc ttgtctcaga    123540
     aaaataaaat aaagagaaga gcgtttagag agtttgtttg tttttttttt ttgtttattt    123600
     attctttctt ttttattgga tattttcttt atttacattt cttttttctt ttcttttctt    123660
     ttctttttct tggggttttt cccccccatt ttttattagg tatttagctc atttacattt    123720
     ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc acccaccccc actcccctac ccacccactc    123780
     cccctttttg gcctttggtt agagcactgg ctgcttttga agaggacctg aattcagttc    123840
     ccagctttac atgggaatct gtaactaaag cgccagggat ttgacaccct cttttggcct    123900
     caaaggtacc tgtacactct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    123960
     ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag catgcacttt aaaaaacaaa    124020
     cgaatcttaa gaaaaaaaag ggaggggtgc tagagagatg gctcagtggt taagagtact    124080
     ggctgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtat ctcataacca    124140
     tctgtactgt gatctggagc cctcttctag catgcaggtg tacatgcaga cagagcattc    124200
     atatacatta aataagtaaa taaataaatc ttaaagaaaa atatttcagt ggaaagcagt    124260
     tgaggatgct gccctctggc ctctatagca tgtgtgcatc gcagcctctg atgcacagta    124320
     gcctctctga cacatacaca cggagcattt acatttaaaa aaatgttgtg tgcacatatg    124380
     gaggccaaaa gtcaacatcc ctcctcagtc acaccaccag tagctttaga gatagagagt    124440
     ccctgactga aacggaagct cattggctta gctaagctga ttggccaaat gacagtcagg    124500
     tatttgtctc tacctcccaa ggataggttt acaggctggg gcagtcacat gacatcagct    124560
     gggttgttcg tttgttcctt tgtttgtttt tgagagaggg tctttcagtg tggcccgggc    124620
     tgtcctggaa ctctctctgt agaccaggct gcccttgaac tcagtgatcc aaaagtccaa    124680
     gggctgggat taaaggcctg cgccaccaca ccaggccaca cccagcattt tttttttgtg    124740
     ggtgctgggg tttggaagtc aggccctcat gattgtgcgg cagacatttt aaggacgagc    124800
     ccttaaatgg ctttacattt gcagtttaaa ccaaactttt gtccccaaag gaaatatgga    124860
     gagcacctta ataggaaaca gtcagcgact ggatcttcgc tagtttttaa ggtcgtagaa    124920
     aagagtcaag caggatgccc caacttttag cttggttgcc taattccgtg gtcttttccg    124980
     agataacagc ttagtgctga gctctgggtg ggcattgggg gactcataac aaatgagtta    125040
     aggtcttaac ctgcagctta ctgaactaca ctgaggaggc agcgcaatga atggatcggc    125100
     ctgaggtctg gaagcacaag gctggagtct tagctgttac atagctggat gaggaagaaa    125160
     ccacatgacc tctctggttg tcagattccc ggcccagtgg gtaaagtcta ttgtgataat    125220
     caggacgacc tgagttagaa tagaccctat aaattgtcct cggatcctcg tccgcaaccc    125280
     ggtgctcacc cctcgtccgt ccgtcagcct cactattctc atccgaagga tggagttaac    125340
     aggctgacat caggcggttg gaatctggcc gcattgtgga ctctgcctcc ctgggataag    125400
     tgtgtggcct cttgccctgt tccaaggact gtctcacaca cacacaccct caacacacac    125460
     acacgcgcac atgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaccc    125520
     gcgcgttccc ggcagaggag gaccccgagt tcacaagacg cggcttcctg gccgcattcc    125580
     ggagaaggag ctttgcgccg caagtcccat cccccggtcg tccggctcag gaaacgcaga    125640
     gaaagccagg aacccggcct gccaggcccc ggggccctcc gccccgtcct tcggcttcag    125700
     gaagcgcgct ggcgggaacg ccctgcccgt gggtgggaaa agctcgagcc gctgcatcgc    125760
     ggcgtccctg ggtgcagcga gctgtcaccg ccgccgccgc acgcccctgc cgcagcccca    125820
     tccctgcgcc agtgcggcag ccgcgtggcc gggatcctgc aggcgccacc gcgcgggggt    125880
     gcaggcaggg aaggcgtgga cccagagctc gctttgaggg ggcgacctgc ttagggtgtg    125940
     tgggtgagtg ctccactggg tcgctaggac attgctagac cggttggcat tagactccgg    126000
     gtgtctcttt gagtctcaac ttgtgcttgg ctcccggaaa tttagtttct taatggtgga    126060
     gatctcaaaa actgttccgg acctagagac tactgtgatg ggcagaccgt gatccctttt    126120
     caccaatgag agtcaaggaa gaaaaagatg gaggacatga aagggcggtg ctttcgagta    126180
     tagcctgagc gttggaacca gtcattcccg ggctcaggac ccagctttcc cccttactgt    126240
     gtgatcttaa gtaggttcct taacttctct gagcttccgg gccatgtcct ttttaaagag    126300
     tctttcaact ctaaacccag ttaggtttcc ccactgcacc cttctagccc acatggcctg    126360
     attccttgag acacttagtg tcaatagtat taaacaattg ttaatcggtg ccttgtcttt    126420
     ccacttcaga agcacacaaa gttcaggaag atagggacct tcgctaaagt aagactgtgt    126480
     agcgctgaca cgcgttaaac atccaggcat ttgttgcgaa gtgaagagcg aagggatgca    126540
     gagatgcgcg ccagatgccg ctttaagggc ggaaaagcac cagaaatgaa taaacaccat    126600
     tcctatcgtc aaggaggtcc cagactggct aggaagggga atgaaacgga cttgtgcaaa    126660
     gaagatggtc ctaagtgtgt gctaacaggg cttaaacagg cctggagaga aacactaatg    126720
     ggggagcagc cggaaagaca gagttgagag acaccgggtc cctagagtgc tgggataatg    126780
     gatctcactt ccatcacaat gtacaaagta cttagtttgc ataaagtatg gacgtacctt    126840
     ttttatccta aggaagtggg ggaattgatg gagactaccg acttgttcaa gtcctcctcc    126900
     ccttttggag gcggggagct gcgctgaaga tgaattccca aagccttgtg cacgctgatg    126960
     accattgaga tagatacata catcctcagc tttaaggcct cagctactca tgcgcaccac    127020
     ttttggttta ggtccaaata aactggtgat tttaggtaag gagcattgct tctctgactt    127080
     gctttacctc taagcctgtt tgccaaaact agaaagagta ataaaggctt cctataacat    127140
     gaccagatag ttggtgtaaa gtacttatca cttgtgattc ttacgtttat gctaaagggt    127200
     tcataggtgc ttgaggaatg accgtgtaaa accggtgcag tgtgggagtc ctgggtcgtg    127260
     aaaggactaa aagcggcgcc atttggaggt taggaggcag atggagggtg gcttcatccc    127320
     tccctactct cactttcctt gatccctagg agactttgct cctggcctca ttcattattg    127380
     cattataatt tactgtttgc agaccaacaa aggtgagcca actctagctt ggttagcatt    127440
     ctttttatat aggcttttac agccatattt tctgatgaca cagtaatacg tgctgcttgt    127500
     aaaaaaaaat taaatagcag gaagatatca cagggggaaa ttgaaagtgc aagtttaggc    127560
     actgagagct gacagcttgc tgttctttgg cctggggtgg gggaggggac atctcaccat    127620
     gtgagcactg acttttctgt gtcagtatgt ctgggagatt ggatgcccag atcttttcta    127680
     gatgtgtctg tgaggatgct tccagaagag atctgtattg gagttggtgg actgggtaaa    127740
     gattgaagtt ggtaagtgta tagctagggg tttgtgccct ccccaactca cacgcgcgtg    127800
     cgcgcgcacg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagtgctc cccaccacca    127860
     ccacagttgt atgcctgtga tgcatacaaa tcccaggact tgcaaaggct cagcatgtgc    127920
     tccgtcatgg tcttacagcc ccagctccta aagttctaaa cttagttttt tttcctctgg    127980
     gctgaagctc ttactgtgaa tgaatgaata aatggttgct gggatcctga gtcttgggca    128040
     aagaattcta tatttaggag catttactgg gaccccacca aaaatgggat gggatttgtg    128100
     gaacattttt ttaaattttt ttattttgga agaggtatct tatgtagttc aggctggctt    128160
     tgagctgatc ctcaaagctg atacctttgg agtgtgggga ttataggcat gtgatgtcac    128220
     actcagctac ctttgggact tcctcaccac tacacacagt tggcatgggt accttctgct    128280
     gatgtggacc gcagctgtat tttcatacat tttcctccct cttagcatcc agttgggtct    128340
     cttttggaaa gttcctatgc atgcacagaa caaaacaaaa cgcatgggga aaaaggtgaa    128400
     agtcctcttc tttccctttt tcttttgggc ctctgaattt ctccctatat gtagattaaa    128460
     cacacataag ccacaggttt caggtccacc tgtgattctg tgactctcac agctgacatc    128520
     actccgcaga cacctgctcc cgcctagtca cacaagccag tttgttttac tgcaggctcc    128580
     ttgaggacgg ggctgtcgtt agttcttaga ggccaatgca tggggcactt attggaagag    128640
     catggtgaaa cagtaacagc agcccgggga tgtcgctaaa acagtagagc acttgtctac    128700
     catgcctgaa ggcctgggtt cagttcccaa tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    128760
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacccaa tcaactacca tttcctagca    128820
     tgaacagagt tctaagttgt tgttgttttc catgacagga tttctctgtg tagctctggc    128880
     tgtcctggaa ctcaaatgta aaccaggctg gcctcaaact caaagatcca actgcctctg    128940
     ctttcatagt gttgggatcc agggcatgag ccaccactgc tggagtgcgg ggtaagcttt    129000
     taacagttcc tccatacact acttcattca atccacgaca atcactatag taggtatgca    129060
     ctattattct ctttttgcag atgagaagct gaggtgcaga gatttggaag tctgaggttt    129120
     catgactgac aaacggtgga gttaggatgt aactcctgct ctgttctgtt ccaaagcttt    129180
     gctgtggttt gttcgtttgt ctcaaagcct ttgctttgag tgagttagta agtgattgat    129240
     ggggccatga acacttcaga gaaagttcca gctctccctg ttcatgcttg gttctctctt    129300
     ctgaatgttt ttcagtgccg taagtcagag tcagcagata gagggcttag gaaaggccct    129360
     ctctgtgcct gaagcaagcc tgtgatcaag cttatttttc atggcaagaa gcatttttga    129420
     atctcctggt ctaaaaataa accacaattt ttaggagccc ttggggacca gcccaggcat    129480
     ttcaggacag ctatttgcct atctgcaaca caggaaatta atcagaaacc cctcccgtct    129540
     tcccacagac gggtgttctg gaaaggccca gggccttgct gtggttcttc tgaaagacca    129600
     tggagaagct aaggacagac taacacacac tcttctctcc gggaggaagc atagagcaga    129660
     aacaggtcat tctgctgcaa aaacctgtag agagaatgcg cagctgtcaa ctgggaggtg    129720
     tgccaagaca caggccctgg ggcctgcaca atccacctgg gggctggaga ctggggaact    129780
     ggtttctgct ctaatggcct catttagtaa acctcttcct tatgtcaaac cctagaggtc    129840
     ttcccctatg aaatgactgg gtgaattttt tctctttcca ttcctttttc ttttctctct    129900
     ctttcttcct ttcttttctt tcctttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct    129960
     tctcttctct tctcctctcc tctcctctcc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcctc    130020
     tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc    130080
     tttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tttttgagac    130140
     aggatcttaa gaatgtcatg tgttccagtg tggtcttgaa ctcctgtggt tacaggcctg    130200
     tacaactcaa cctggtgact gggagtgttc acaagaatat tatatgacgt tagaagctag    130260
     gaatatcatt gatagtggtg attttgaaaa taaaaatgat aatcacactg tgcctggtgg    130320
     tttctctata gtatcacaga ttttacttag ttttggaaac agcatctcac ccaggcttta    130380
     cacaaactca tagtccttcc gaagtgttga aattacagac atgcatcact gtgtttggat    130440
     tatcacattt aattaatcaa ctaattaact aattaactaa tcctttggtg ctgggaattg    130500
     aacctaggac ttagtgcttg ctaggcaaat gctctaccat tgagccagtt tgccaaatct    130560
     aaacaaatac cacacggatc acctatcaca aacggaggga cagaggctca gtgaactcct    130620
     gtgagctggg aaataggttt gtcacatcac aactcgagtt tcacaaaaat gtgtgagttt    130680
     catgcccaga atcactaagg aacaaatgaa cagtttgctt atttaattag agacagagaa    130740
     ttatgtagcc cagaacggcc tcaggcccac taagttgctg gggatgagaa tggcctcagg    130800
     cccaccacgg tgctgaggat ggccttaact ttgttttaaa aaacctttat tttaaatccc    130860
     tgtactcagg aggcagaggc agacctctga gtttgaggcc agcctccctt acagatctag    130920
     ttccaggaca accagagcta cacagtgaaa ccctgccttg aaaacatcga caacaccacc    130980
     aaccaacttt atttttattt attaattttt tcatgtggat gagtgttttt ttttaaacga    131040
     tttatttatc attatatcta agtacactgt tgctgtcttc agaagcacca gaagagggca    131100
     tcagatctca ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga    131160
     ccttcagaag agcagtcagt gctcttaatc gctgagccat cactccagct cccatggatg    131220
     aatgttttgc ttatgtgtat gtatgtgtat catgtatgta cctggtgcct gcagagacca    131280
     gaaaagagta ttcgatcctt tggagttggg gctgcagagt gttgtgagct tccatgtggg    131340
     tgttgggaca gaacctggct cctctgcaaa atgctctaac aaataggcta tctccccagt    131400
     tctgaactct ttctttcttt ctttgagaca ggatttcact atgtagctct ggttgtccta    131460
     gaacttacta tgtagaccag gttggcctag aactcacaga actctgcccg ccctctgcct    131520
     cccaagtgtt gggattaaaa gcatttgcta ctatgccggt ctctgcagtt gaattcctga    131580
     gttttctggc tttacctcct gagtgctgga attagaggta tatgctacca catccaacta    131640
     tgcagtgttt gtgattgaag ccagggcatt gtgcatacta gacaaatgct ctaccaacag    131700
     aactgtatcc ccagccccaa agggtactcc aggttggccc taaatgtgtg attctcctgt    131760
     ttcaccctct tcagcatttg cctaccagcg ctcatggcca tggatggcat tattttttaa    131820
     gacatgtttt cttatttgta gccctgcttg tctcaaacta gcaatgcacc tgcctgctga    131880
     gtgctgggat taaagatagg aatgtgccac tgccacaccc agctggaggt caacaggata    131940
     caagttataa tgtatccacg gccctgtgag agctggagtc aatgccacca ggtacagaga    132000
     gcaaagaggg ttggtctttt tgccttggga gaaataggag gacgcacaca ggagatgagg    132060
     tgacaagcag aagggcggat gtgggaaagc ggtgggtgtg ctaagggaag tttgggtaaa    132120
     cttcagagcg tgtgtatgaa ggtaggaagt gagaatacca ggccatggat ttggcctttg    132180
     ttccataggc aataaagagc ttacacaaga ggcgtctcca gagaccagcc atactcctgc    132240
     agtcagagag gaagcagctc ttagccatct gtgtcccggc ttgtgcaggc tgctgggtgc    132300
     cagcgcgtgg gagggcgccc acagaacgtc tctgaatgtg gcctgtgcgc tgcaggattt    132360
     aggtcctgag ctaccttcaa agtccacttc cccccagggg ttctcttggc cctagtactt    132420
     tgtacataga aggcattggg gggacttttt gagaccatgt ggcccactgc cgattcccat    132480
     tttaaagaag gaaaagtaag ggatatagat gggaaaggac tttcctggca gcacctgagg    132540
     aatgaatgtg gagccagtgg gactagaagt catgacctct gagccacgcc cagtcccttc    132600
     tccacactca ctgagtaaga ggtgtttggt tgagcgatga cttcatttca ggccctaatc    132660
     cctttgcatg gacgatttta ctgcaccctc ccaacgtctc tgaaagcgtt tcttttgagc    132720
     gcggtcttgc cttccaagtc aggtttcctc cggagcctag cccaggtccg gggcacctag    132780
     ctaggaaggc aatgaaaact tggctgggtt caaaccttgg gcttggaagt gggagggctt    132840
     aaaaaaagga ccaaaggagg cgtggcctgg catacgcccc gccccggagc gctgacgcca    132900
     cacaaggccc cgcccctcat tgtcagtctg ggggagcctg agcaggcgcc ggccgctggg    132960
     agcggagcgc cggatcctcc ggcggcggga gcgcgggccg cagccgctga ggtgaggcgg    133020
     cggcgggagt gtggcgaggc gggcggcctg ggagtccggc ttgtgtgccg ggggtgaggg    133080
     ggtctcggcc ggggtgtccc ggggacggcg gggagtgcgc gcgggttctg gaagcggagc    133140
     cgggaagggg aggtctccgg tgggccagcc ggagagagtg tggctggagt tggagggaga    133200
     gactcagaga tttttttttc ttcctgagga gggggaggga cgtttctgag gagactgggg    133260
     agacgccgag tgagggcgag cgcggctgtg gcggccaggg agggaggcgt cggggtcctc    133320
     gccgggctcc gcggggcggc gagccgggag gaaggaagtg agcggacagg aagggccgcg    133380
     gccggtgtgc gggacgcgac gcgcgggggg ccggggagag gcccgcggcg gccccggggc    133440
     gtccgcagct gtcggccccg gggctgcggc ccgcccgccc gcccgcgcgg ctcccgccgg    133500
     cgcgctgctc ccgtctcgcg ggccagaccg ccgcggcccg ggaaggaatt cgaggcattc    133560
     gctttgttta agttgccagt cgacagtccc gaggactaat taatggtgga atctgcaggg    133620
     gcactcgggt agccgccggc cccctcccgc cgccgcggtg aactttccgc agcgcgcacc    133680
     ccgccccgcg gcccggcagg gaagggagcc atggcttccc gaagcgcagg aatgaagtgc    133740
     ggtttcggga gccgcttttg gcctgcggct ggccaggcga ctagcgaggt ggaagccggc    133800
     gtcccgggca cgggcactgg cacggcgggg ctggtgggtt ccgcagcccg gtggggacct    133860
     ctccgaggtg cctgcggttt ctgctaatta cctcgcagga gcctcagccg gccgagaaag    133920
     acccatcttg ctatggagca tctgtttctt catcgcgtca gcccctttcc taacactgca    133980
     gagcttgttg tggcttgttt cggaaatgcc gaggcgggtg ctcacacttc ggggtgggag    134040
     aggggaagag agcaggcagc cccccccccc atcccccttc acacacctcc aaaaaaaaaa    134100
     aaaaaatctc cgcagtgttc tttaaccgag cagcttgcag attctctgtc gcaccttcga    134160
     tgacttgaat gaccttgggg gaaaggattg tgcttctgag cgcctcgtgg tggcttttct    134220
     gtccattcag gagaaaataa ctctctggac ctcagtgcct tttggaagat atttttgaga    134280
     tttggggttt gttcagggta tttctttttg tcctttttat tttatttttt tttccaactg    134340
     ctgtctgtgg ttctggctta aggatctgga ctagtgacag agccgggaag aattcagatc    134400
     acctaggaag atttagcaac cccagatgag gggaggctat ttcctctggg aaaatctgta    134460
     cagtatgttc cagattgcct tctgtcactt tgtgtgcagc tttggtggca tttgtgtggt    134520
     taaattctat aaccccctta gaaaattctt ctcttgttag aaataattgt tttgcacaga    134580
     atttcccctt ggggcagatt aaggttttgc tcaatttact cggaagaatt ttccaggttt    134640
     ctaaaattaa atcacttttc taaacatagc agctaaagtt tgaaaaacta gaaatagtgg    134700
     gatgggtaag ggatggattg gactatgaag gcaggaagta taggttcaca gctgaccatc    134760
     cactaataac atggagttta aaaaagattt gtcttcctgt gtatgggaat gctcacatga    134820
     gttcaggtgt ttctgaggcc agatccctct caagtttttg ttataggcag ctatggttgg    134880
     gagatgcctg acatgtgtgc tggaaactga actttggtct tctggagagc aagaagggtt    134940
     cttaaacatt ttgccctctc tctagttccc ataacatgga ttgtttgtta attagccttc    135000
     ctccatattt ttttttaaag cctgaagacc aagaaaggaa actcatactg ttgagttgtc    135060
     attcaataat actgagtatt gagtatatta cgtagtcatt gcaagcctgt gaagtgctag    135120
     ttgagcaaat tgaaggtcag aatgtaaaag tgactatccc aagctcatgc atataatcag    135180
     taagtagtgg tactggaatt caaaagtcaa gtcagcttgg aaagcccaca gttctctcca    135240
     ccatgctgcc ttgggaactg aggaacttag tttctgcatt tttaagtcag cccactgggt    135300
     cactgaggtc cttagagtaa gtcactcaag tattttacaa taagtagcct tcttccagag    135360
     tgttgtcagt atgctttggt ggcatgtttt ttggtacaaa gactatataa aaatatatac    135420
     tttatatagt agatgcttaa tgttttgctt atgttggatt aaaacaatga atgtattacg    135480
     ttgctcataa tttcatctat ataatggaac ttggtagaaa gttgtaatga tcctacagta    135540
     gaggccacca ttaaggtgac attcaggatc cagaaattaa aacattttca tgtaacagtt    135600
     ttgggacagt aataactcag taaagcacac tgcttgtgtg actcagataa tccaacctgc    135660
     aggatttgct acaaattttg atgcacataa tcgacaaaat ttatttgctg agtgaatgaa    135720
     tgtatgttat tgatatataa tttatataag atataattag ccagtgttag gtgtatagtt    135780
     tgagctttgc taaagttata gagttgtaca gttgtgaagt gattaccttt attcttttaa    135840
     attttaagga attggtaaca gattgatccc aaggaaggtt aggtttctgc gcttagattt    135900
     tatactgtga aatcagaata aacactaggg tgtctgtatg ccaggttggt aggaaatagg    135960
     gaaaccttaa atatttaatg ctgagcataa gagatgaagt aatgattata tttggaaaga    136020
     agtagatttt ggttacttca aggtcaaagg atatattttt gctaaaagta accctagtta    136080
     aagcttcatt ttattttatt tgttttgttt tttgaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagcact    136140
     ggctatcctg gaattctgta gaccaagcta gcctcaaact cccagagatc tgtctgcctc    136200
     ccaagtgctg tgccaccacc atctggctgt agttccttct tgttgttgtt ttttaatgat    136260
     ttacttttat gtgcactggt gtttggcctg catgtatgtc tgtgtgaggg tttggttctt    136320
     ctggaactgg aattacagac agttgtgagc tgccatatgg gtgttggaaa ttgaaccaga    136380
     gtcctctgga agagcagcca gtgctcttaa cagctcttct ccagcctctt gaaatgttaa    136440
     cacgttcaca taataatgct taagggtaga gaggctgtga gatgtttgaa tgtcttgcct    136500
     tcccacttgt aacagattga tctctgactt actttagcca atatttttca aaggagagga    136560
     tatattaggc agaacttgtg gcttgctagg aagacttttc tttccttata tttttcttga    136620
     gtcactaaac ttgactcaag ttgctgtgtt gctcaagtct gtcttaggaa atgctaaaac    136680
     cttacctgca gagcttttag atgccagagt ctagaagtag ccacaattct atttttctct    136740
     gttctctctc gtttttattt atattgttta gccctccatt tccatctgtg agtttgtctg    136800
     aggatgaaaa ctcttgttag catcaactat tgtcctttct tccttagact attagaaaat    136860
     aataattaaa ttaaaatacc ctccagacta ctcaacattt tgggtgactg tagggagaaa    136920
     attatagtag cttacttcat agttatgaag tagttatcct cattttatac atcaaggagc    136980
     tgagctcaga tcagttactt ctagaccctg tgaggggcag acattctact ctagtgtagt    137040
     ggtgggggta gctcaaagaa cacactttaa gatttttttt gggggggcgg ggtttcgaga    137100
     tagggtttct ctgtgtagtc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagaac taggctggcc    137160
     tcgaactcag taatttgcct gcctctgcct ctcaagtgcc gggattaaag acatgtgcca    137220
     caacgcctgg cacactttta agattttaag atgttaaaat tggaggtgca gtatagtagg    137280
     cctgatgctg ctgtgctaac gaatttgtag ctcatctttt attgcacaat tccttctcat    137340
     actcagcatt tattattttt aagtatagta ctttgtattc atttactgtt tgagccactc    137400
     cttcccttta cacatgatcc aaagttccca tctctgtagt ttgttatcca ggaacttcat    137460
     acttggcctg ggccctcgct ttgttttatc tggacagtct tatttaatta tttaatttta    137520
     gttttgagac agggtctcat atagcccagg gtgatctcag actcactgta tagctaagga    137580
     cgtagtgggg ggtgggggag aaagtatgtt tatatgtgtg ttgtagggga ttacatattc    137640
     tgagtaagtg ttttgccaag tttttctttc ttctctttct cacatatgat gggtaagtgc    137700
     tcttttacag aactgtatcc ccagcctgtt cttaccttgt gttttgagat agttgttaac    137760
     taagttgcct gggtttaaac ttactctgtc aacccgggtg accttgaact tctcttttgt    137820
     aaagatttat ctttgtgttt gagagggaaa attctgtatg tgggctcctt tgtgtaggca    137880
     gggtgggaag aaacaggagg agacttggaa aaggagggag aaaaagaaag ggaggaagag    137940
     ctgagcagta cgaggattgt ggcatttgtg aaacctctag atttttaagt tggtgctggg    138000
     atctgaactc tggtcctcag atttgtatag aaacagttct ttttaaaaat ccctttaaat    138060
     tattattttt ttaatagtgg acttcatcct gtctctgctc tgggagaggt ttttgttttt    138120
     tgttgtgttt ttttttttct tcttcattcc agacagggat ttaaacagct atcctggaac    138180
     taactttgct ggcattgaac tcagagaccc acctgccttt gcctcccgag tgcctaagtt    138240
     tatgctgcgt atcagagata cttctcacta ccctgtcttg ttagtccttt tccgttattc    138300
     cctattactg gcttttgttg cttttcttcg taggacctat tatgatttat tcattatgat    138360
     ttataatgat acacctgctt ccatgattat tatctgtctt cctactatac tttgtaggag    138420
     caaagaagtc atttattttg ttcttgagtg tatgtatccc taatacctat cacagtatgg    138480
     catattatat ttaataaata tttaataatt atattcaaaa gctaacacct ttgtttgtat    138540
     catctttttt ggccctccca ctctccctcc ctctttcttt tagtttttct agacagggtt    138600
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt tctggaactc actttgtagg ttaggctggc cttgaacttg    138660
     gagatccacc tgcctctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcattacca    138720
     ccaccatcac caactggcgc tgctttactc tctaagtggt tccattcttc aagaatcagc    138780
     tgtttttcat tgctgtcatc ctgactttgc catagtaaat ttattgtctc cgtgtgctgt    138840
     tgagatggtt cagcagataa aagtgtttac caccaagtct aaacagcctg aatctggtct    138900
     gagacccaga gagcaacaat tcttataagt tgtccttgac ttctacatgt atgccgtgcc    138960
     atgcaggcat atacatgcat gcacacacat acatgcatac aaagtaaata aatagaaatg    139020
     taataaaagt aaagtacctc ttctatgtgg tatttttatt gatattcctt atgttcttga    139080
     caaataatat tggcttgtct taatcctaat ttatcttgtt ggatcaaaag ctttatcaaa    139140
     aatattaaaa aatgtttagg tgggtatagt ggtgcatgtg tttaacccca gtatttggca    139200
     tgcagaggca agtggatcta tgtgagtttg aggctggctg gtctacataa tgagttctag    139260
     gacaaccaga gttacatggt gagacccagt ctcaaaaaac aaaacaaatt acatttattg    139320
     tgtatgtgtt tgcacaccac agtatatgtt tggaggccag agaacaactt gggtatattt    139380
     ctccctttga ctcctgggga taaaactcag gttgtcaggc ttagcagtaa gtgcctgtat    139440
     ccactgagcc attttgttct ctctctcaaa caacaaacaa acaaaaaaac caactattta    139500
     ctgtgtgtgt tctgtatgct tgtgtgatga ggtcagagga caactttatg tagttgtgga    139560
     gttggctttc ttttccagct ttatgtgggc ctctgagacc taattcaggt caccaagctt    139620
     gacagcaggc acgcaccttt acccatttac tcaccttgct ggctctcccc tctttataat    139680
     cttacaattt attatacttg ccatgttttt gttgttgttg ttagtttaat agcttatatc    139740
     tttaagaaat tattttattt tttaatgtgt cagtgttgca acatgtgtac aggtgatctt    139800
     gggggccaga ggagggtatg ggaatcccct agagctggag ttagtcagtt ttgttttcca    139860
     ttatcagaac tggtagccat actctgatcc tttagaagag cagctaagat tcctaactgc    139920
     tgagccattg cttcaactcc catactagct tatgtcctaa ttgcataatt tgataaggaa    139980
     tttgaattca gaagttattt atattattta gtaattctct aatcatttca ctgaacactg    140040
     cacatagtag gtcctcagta gagggtattt tgtgtgcatt taacaagcac agcatcgggt    140100
     gggtgtcttc ctctacccat ctccctcata ttttgagaca agttctttta gtgaacttgg    140160
     taatagtgaa cagtggactg actagactag ctggtcagca gacttttggg atctgcttgt    140220
     ctttttctcc cacttgtggt ggggttactt tctcaacttt tatatgggtg ctggggacct    140280
     gaacccaagc tcacatagca acagcccact gagacatctc actagcgttc tctgcacctc    140340
     cccctccccc ctttctttct tttttattta ggctggcctt tagtgttccc tgccttctaa    140400
     atgctgagat gtcacaggca tgctttactg catttaccac cacatttgtc ttcagtagat    140460
     tgagcatcat caaaactact tatgtatagg tatcaatttt aacttcttag gcttatcaat    140520
     atggattctt ttttttttaa agatttattt atttattata agtatattgt agctgtcttc    140580
     agactcacca gaagagggcg tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt    140640
     gctgggattt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagccat    140700
     ctctccagcc ccagattcct tttttttaaa gactggaatt ctgcataata ttttctttaa    140760
     tctagaaagt aggaatgcac taagtgcttc aggtagtagt agactgatat ggtatgagag    140820
     tttagaagtt cagtcttggt gccacaaagc aattgttcct ttgaaaccta tcgctagtga    140880
     agaactaagc agcgtttcca ctgggaaagg tacttgctct gtacaagtct gtaagaccta    140940
     ggattggagt cattaaccga agtgagatat cagctagtag tatctcattt gaattatttt    141000
     tgattaatat tttattggtt ctgttgataa tgaaaattct gaaaattttg tgtcacatgc    141060
     ctgtaatctc aaaaccgaga ttggtgtgac tacagctagc ttgggttgta tggtgaggtt    141120
     gtgtctcaaa aacagaaaca aaatatggat atctcaatgg gtaaagcacc tgtcacacaa    141180
     gcacgaggac ctaagttcag atccccagaa cctatacaaa acctggcagg ataacatgta    141240
     tgtgtgattc cagtgtttct tctacaagac agaagacaga gataggaaaa tccctgaatg    141300
     ctctcaggct agccagcatg gagtctgtag gagcaaatga taccatgtct tgaacaagta    141360
     gaaggtgatg tcttaaacct gaggttgccc tctgacctcc atacacatgc tgtggaatat    141420
     gtatacccag aagaatacac atacacagat aaaacaagaa tcaaagtatg ggctgaagag    141480
     atgacttggt aaagtgcttg tcatgcaaac atttgaggtt ggatcctcaa cacccatgta    141540
     aaaatgcagc atgtacagtg gctaacccca gcacaggggt ggtggagata aaatggatct    141600
     ctgaagctca ttggataagc tgaatcagtg agttccagat tcagtaagag acactgtctc    141660
     aaaaaatgaa gtgagttgga catgtgatac tcatcatcaa tcctgatacc tgggaggcag    141720
     aggcaggttt atctctgtga gatggaggtc agcttggtct gtgtactgaa ttccagacta    141780
     gctaagagct atatatcata gtgagagact gtctctaaaa tgagagaaag gtgagcaatt    141840
     gaggaaagac aatgctggcc tctggtcttt acttgcacaa acattgttta cacacctgca    141900
     tgcacatttg cacatacatg aacagattca cactccctat ctccccccta aaaagaaaga    141960
     agagaaaaag gaaaacttca accagtcaga tctatttaaa gcaaggggac tggagagatg    142020
     gcttaactct tgagaacaca tgctgctttt ccagaagacc tggtttcagt ccctagcacc    142080
     tacattgcag ctcagaactt tctgtaactg cagttatatg ggacctggca ccctcacaca    142140
     gacaattgca ggcaaaacac aaatgcacat acatagataa atcttaaacc tgtacactgt    142200
     tggtaaactt tcttggcagt tattcttcct ttctgtatta aaggcataat aacgtgtact    142260
     ttgagtcagt gtgagtgcag attaatttag tagacatctt ataatgagtg ataaatagaa    142320
     acccccattt taagagagtc ctagctgggc agtggtggcg catgtcttta atcccagcac    142380
     ttgggaggca gagtaggtgg atttctgagt ttgagtccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    142440
     ccaggacagc aaggactaca catccaggac agagagaaac cttgtctcga aaaaaccaaa    142500
     aaaccaaaca acaacaacaa caacaaaaag agaggcctac tatttatttt aaatcagtga    142560
     ttatttttac cttcctgatg gaattatacc ataagattcc agagtgatct agtaattgtt    142620
     ttattaagca aattgtttgt gaaatttctg agagtaattt tgttaatttt tgtaatatca    142680
     ctattgtctc tttctttata aattctgaaa tattttatga aataggatta tttgcttttg    142740
     ggttagtgag atggctcagc gggtaagagc actgactgat cttctgaagg tcctaggttc    142800
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccacccgtaa tgagatctga caccctcttc    142860
     tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtatact tatgtataat aataaataaa tcaatcattg    142920
     ggccagagca agcagggact gagcgagcat agttgacagc ggggccgact ggagtgaggt    142980
     ctaccagagc gagcagaggt cctaaaaatt taattcccaa caaccacatg aaggcttaca    143040
     tccatcagtg tactcacata gataaagtaa acaaatcttt aaaaacaaag attatttggt    143100
     ttttaccttt ttcattacaa ctaatagatc agttaaaaat aattcacatg cataggtatg    143160
     ccaagccagt agaaaacttc agtaaattga cttttaattt taatgtaagg agacaaatga    143220
     taaactttgg accatccatt aaaaaaatct ttagagttca ttacttacag atcagctatg    143280
     caactagaaa tggaaattcc tggtaagaga atataaatac ttcaaactat tgaactgctt    143340
     aaaattattt ttagttaaat atttaatcat tttgggatag tgattatact gttggccatt    143400
     gtctttttct tattccaggt atagatctaa agtaaatttt acatcagtta taataattat    143460
     gtcccaagca ctgttctgaa gaaaacaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    143520
     cacacacaca cacacacaga cacacagaca aacacacaga cacacagaca cacacacaca    143580
     cacacacaca cagagacaca cacacacaca gacacacaga cacacacaca cacacacaca    143640
     cacacagagt catatggagg tcctgacata aggagtggat atataaagaa atactgtgtc    143700
     ttcagaagcc cttttgtaag caaatattta agaaagtatg gaagttgaaa ttagagaatt    143760
     tcacttttct tttttttttg tgacttttta gtataatttt ccttgctttt acatatatca    143820
     gttgtggtat tttggggttc tagatttgtt gctgtgtaat tttatgatca gatactcctc    143880
     tttgagctat ctgaaaggta gtagaatagc ttttcaaata ctaatgtctg aacttcctaa    143940
     aatgggaggt tttaatattt atttgatgga attctaaact gaacttgcta tatagtgacc    144000
     ccttccttat ctggctttat ttttttatag tttgttacct atagtcaatc atctttggtc    144060
     taaagataat tcttagccgg gtgcacgcct ttaatcctag cacttgggag gcagaggcag    144120
     gcggatttct gagttccaga ccagtctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    144180
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa acaaagaaac aaaaaaagat    144240
     aactcttgac ttgggtttat gaaagtagat aagtggtgga acttgcttag tgtgtgcaag    144300
     ggcctaggtt tcatttctag caagaacccc ctccccggcc tcatttaagc tttttttttt    144360
     tttttttttt aaagatttta tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga    144420
     tctcattacg ggtggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact caggacctcc    144480
     agaagagcag tcagtgctct taactgctga gccatctcac cagccctcat ttaagctttt    144540
     ttgagagagg atttttgtcc tagaattctc tctgtagacc aggctagcct caaactcaga    144600
     gatccacttt tctttgcctt ctgagtgctg ggattaaagc tatatacttt gcctgggtat    144660
     atgtaaagcc atacacaaag ctcccattcc caatttaaaa tataattcag ctttaatttt    144720
     tttttgacaa ggtctcatat ctgaagctgc ccttgaactc acgatcttcc tgccttagcc    144780
     ttctaagttc tgagattaca gatgtatacc attatgcctg acattttaaa attttatttc    144840
     cctctcattt tttgccttca aaagttttat tacaatattt taattatcca atttcctatt    144900
     aatctcctta tgtgcctaat ttataagtta agctgtatca tagatttgta tagcacaaca    144960
     catagtatat ccaagtttct tacctcagct ttcaggtatc ccttagggtc ttgggatgaa    145020
     tatcctgtat gtaaggaagg gctgttgtac tttctttgaa tttgttttca gagcatgttg    145080
     tacatttcct aaacctgata aatcttcatt tttaagaggt ttatgtttaa cctttggcag    145140
     ttaggcaagt ctgtcgagtg aagtgagtga ttaattgttt ttggtctcaa atgagaagcc    145200
     atgtaattct aaaaggtgaa gagaagaatg gggtttcttt atgtgtgagg cttgcctttg    145260
     agaatcctac aagtggtgtt tcaaaggttt tgagtcttga ttatatgaaa agaagagagt    145320
     cttgtttcct aaaatgattc ctttgaaaaa catccttgtt ttggatttct tttaaaatta    145380
     ttgcttaaat ataacttgtt agacttgtat tacgattgaa tttggaattc tcttgatgaa    145440
     ctgttagctt gtattaatat gtgtgatttt tatttgttac cttaaaaaaa taataatggc    145500
     ccggcgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc    145560
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag    145620
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgt taggccgaac taggtatggc    145680
     agcacaggac tgtaatccca acaggagatt gaggcaggag ggttgtaagt tggagaccag    145740
     actgggctat atagggagat cctttctcaa ataaaaatga aaaggaaata ttttatggtc    145800
     tgttgttatc caagtctata gagtaacaga ttaaacttta tagttttttt tttttaagat    145860
     ttatttatgt aggtatataa gtacgctgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag aagagaatgt    145920
     ctgatcccat tacagttggt tgtagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc    145980
     tctggaagag cgaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc aagtcctaaa    146040
     ctttagtttt taatcacaag ggtaaaaatc tgttttccag agacctactt accaagggtt    146100
     atttgtttaa gttttctgca gaagatgaaa agttgaaata gaaaaatata actcatctta    146160
     aactctattt atatatgagc gctttggtat agattaaatt gtttctactt tttagatttg    146220
     aaaggtcagt tagccccgga tgtcagtgtc aagcaaggtt cttaaacttc ccgtagaact    146280
     ctactgttca agccagcaca ctggatcatt ttatcaacta tgtatatgaa atatcatttt    146340
     tccctaagaa gtacaaccga tactttgtca tgctgatagg aagaatattt ttagatttaa    146400
     aattttcatt tacattttga gatataatta catcatttcc cgcttccctt ttcttctcct    146460
     aaacccttct atatattcct tcttgttctt tttcagattc atggtctctt tttctcatta    146520
     attgttgtta cacatacaca catatggata tgtgtatgta tgtatatgtt cctaaatgca    146580
     taaatatgac tgctcagtct gtataatgtt ccttatatgt atgtttttgg ggctaccatt    146640
     tggcattgaa taaccagttg tgttcttcct tggagaagac tatttctctg gatctcagca    146700
     ttccttagtt gcccatagtt ctttgtgagg attgaggctt cctatgtttc tctgttgatt    146760
     tagtgtgtct aatgttgtct ttgttcagtt cttgtttaag gcagtcatgt tggtgagact    146820
     ttatgggtgt gtagcttttg atattgctag gaaacaaaat ttcatagcaa attctcttat    146880
     cctctcgcat ttacaatctt tttgcttcct cttccacaca aataccttga tagtggcaag    146940
     tagcagctct ccaatagtac ttaaaaccca ttcaatcaaa aagaaatcat acctggtacc    147000
     agaaatctag atgactaccc gggactaatg aagtcatgtg tcttggaggg agaacttaca    147060
     acttccactt tactaaacca gcataatctc atttagattt tgatggttgt agagattcat    147120
     aaatgtctat atgggagagt gacagtagct attggtaaga tacttaaaaa ttaagttaga    147180
     ctcacaaact actgttagta gatcgttacc tgtatctgac tgtaatggtg tcttgtaggt    147240
     ttaagtaagg aatgctatgt tttaaaatct ttaatttttt tattttttgg aatactggtg    147300
     attaaaccta gggctttata catgctaggc aagtcttttg taccatgggg ttgttgtttt    147360
     tgtttggtgt gtgtgtttac atgtatgtac ataccaggta catgatacat atagagatca    147420
     gaggactttg gatgttgatc ttccaccttg tttgagacag aatctcttat tcactgctat    147480
     gcacaccagg tggctggcct gcgagcctct gggaattctt cagtctcaac catctatttc    147540
     cccttaaggg tgcatgaggg ttacagaagc acgtgagaca acatctggct ttatgaaggt    147600
     tctggggttc cgaactcagg ttgtaaggct cgaatgacaa gtgcttagat ccactgagcc    147660
     atctcctcag atcttcactg ttccttctct tctctcctcc ttccctttct gtgattacac    147720
     aggtgggtgc caccaggcct tgtaggaata cttaattctt gtgctttgtg ccacagttgt    147780
     acatgagata ttcttaatgt actttgataa gattagacat tatcaatgtc tttttttgta    147840
     ggaacttgtc tgacgactag attaacaaac acttttgagg ttagactcta aaacagtttg    147900
     acagtaagca taaaaatttt gagattggat gtagctcagt agtagagtgc ttgtttaaca    147960
     tgctggaggg tcgtgcttat tagttaggtt tctcagtaac acatgcacac atactgttca    148020
     ggctagtttt atgccaattt gacacaagcg atagttagct cagaggagga aacctttttt    148080
     tttttttttt tttaaattgg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtata gccctggctg tccaggaact    148140
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc agacatcttc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg    148200
     ctgggattaa aggcatgcac cacctctgcc cggttgagga ggagacctta attgagaaat    148260
     ttctccataa gactgggctg taggtaagtc tgagggtgtt ttcttaggat ttgatatggg    148320
     agggaccagc ctcagcccca gcccatttta aatgtggcca cccctgaact ggtcaggtcc    148380
     tggtttctct aggaaagcag gctgagcaag ccataaggag caagccagta agcagcatcc    148440
     ctccattact catgccccta ggttcctgcc aagtttaaat tcctatctta gtttcctctg    148500
     gactgtgatt caggatatgt aagtgaaata aaccttttct tctttaagtt acttttggtt    148560
     gtggtgtttt gtcacagcaa tagtaaccct aaataagaca cacaaacaca cacacacaca    148620
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aatatggcgc tggggtgcgg    148680
     agtgtttgca tatcatagct gaggttcagt ctccaatata gaaagaaaaa gtgaaaagtg    148740
     cgatttaaaa aaaataggaa gatagtgagg caggtaaagg atcagagaga gactgaggag    148800
     atgctaaaga aatgaaggat aaaatttcaa gtcataaata aaagttagtg gagtgcaact    148860
     agtgatcatt tgaagtaaca ggagtaatgt agaaatgtgc agttagtgtt caggggagga    148920
     gagaaaatga gaacactgaa ctgacttcat gtacaagtgt ggctactgtc acatcagatt    148980
     ttaaaagcaa ggatttatat atatgttttg cttatagtgc tggttttgtg tccaacccca    149040
     gagtagttaa tgcaggacaa acaaaaaaac aaaggagtgc cacatacagc tcttaaaatt    149100
     ctaattggga agacagtgtt tacttttgaa agagttcctt aattgtagtg agctgataca    149160
     agggatatag actactggtt caaaaaccag gctcatttca agagcttatt tttccaaatg    149220
     aggacatgaa gatgagaaac atcaaatacc actacaaaag acagagcctt aaaagcagac    149280
     aagagaaaaa ggtatcttgg aggaaaacag gtttaagtac tacataattc cctttgtgga    149340
     aaatgtacat tagtatcctt tggaagtgcc attaagtaca gtgactacag taaaatttgt    149400
     tatgctactg atttgtctgg aaacgagttt gtgctttgct aagtttagtc tgagaacgtc    149460
     atgaagacag atcaagtttt gctggatttg aattggcagg aaggaagaga ggatgatttt    149520
     ctagtctagg acaaggcaaa ctgaagatac tgagattggg acacacttat gtgcttgatg    149580
     ggcctgatat agtatggact gttaaggagg taagattaag attaacaacc atcagtagtc    149640
     acactgagga atttagactt gatcttgtca acttttggga gccattgaaa gtttataaat    149700
     taggtaatga catgatatat ttggaattgt agatttatta atgaagtaga gggttagaaa    149760
     ggagtttttg tttcttttta aataaatcct actgttgtat attttatgtg tatgaatgct    149820
     ttgcttgcat gtctgtctgt ggatctctta tgtgccttgt ggtaagaaga gggcataggg    149880
     ggctagagag atgactcagc agttaagagc actgactgcc cttccaaagg tcctgacttc    149940
     aaatcccagc aaccacatag tggctcacaa ctatccgtaa tgcaatctga tgccctcttc    150000
     tggggtgtct gaaatcagca acagtgtact tacacataat aaaataaata aatctttaaa    150060
     caaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaagaa gagggcgtag gatcccctgg aattagagtg    150120
     acagatggtt gtgagccatc aggtagacgc tgggaaccaa acctaggtac tctggaggga    150180
     cagccagtag tcttaacttc tgagccgtct cttcagtctc ttccccctgc cccccaacta    150240
     cacacaccac cttctctctg acagttttac tgtttagtcc ttggtggcct gctgtttcat    150300
     aggctggacc caaacttgca gcaatatttt tgctctaacc ttgtaagtgc tgggattaca    150360
     agcacatgcc accatgctca gttccagtta aaggttttgt tgttgttttt gtttgtttga    150420
     aagaaattgt aatataagag agcaaggtat gggcagggag ttatggaaga attggggagg    150480
     tagatagagt aaatgatgta tttatactta catatttaat aattatatta aaaaatttaa    150540
     gcaataatac tactgaggca tgaacttagt ggttgagtgg aaaaataaaa aaaaagggat    150600
     atattagagg aatcagtgga taagaggacc tgagtgagta cccatgtgac aaaaagaact    150660
     acaacagagc agaaggcaca aggctaataa aaaactagca agctaggttc agtgagagac    150720
     agtgtgtgaa gaaatgaagg cagagagtga tagagcagga cacccagcat gtccctctgg    150780
     tctctgtgca ttactgcttg ttcatttaca tgtgtgcatg tgcttatgtg tgaggacgtg    150840
     cacataaaca cagggatgta ttgaagaggt tttgttgaga gtagagatag aactaaatga    150900
     cataaataag aaaggataaa ataaaaattt gaggttggta aaactgagaa ttatttgtga    150960
     ttgttacttt gtggtgggta attttggcta tctgctttag gctcctgacg ggtcgcctgt    151020
     gtgcgtcttg gcgtgcgcgc gcacacacac accacttatt cttaaattcc ttagctaact    151080
     caacaactgg gcactcctaa accttctctt gcaactgcat ccccttctcc tctcccctag    151140
     ccctcattct ctctctgtcc taccctgcct gtcctactct cggtgttcca cccggtgctc    151200
     agccattggc tattggcaac tttattgata gatcaaaaac cagttgaggg tgaggacctt    151260
     cagcaacaca gattccccga ttaaatcaaa gcatcaaaac ctccccctac attacttagt    151320
     tgaagttatt attatttcat attctttgcc aggattctca ctatgtatcc atgatctttc    151380
     ttcctccctt tcctcatgac tggcattgta aggtagaacc acaacacttg gcttcctccc    151440
     tccgccccct taactccact atagaatatt taggttattt aaaattgccc tggggttaat    151500
     ctggaaacaa ggttttgttt atatttgttc attttgttgt tatttgtgat tttagaaatt    151560
     gaacctaggg ctcacagttg ctaggtaagt gctctaccat tgagctatat cctcagctta    151620
     aaaagagatt tattttcttt aaaaattata tgtatgttta tctgtgtgtc agggtatgca    151680
     catgaatgtg catatccttg gagatcagaa gaaggcattg ggtccccgga gctggagtta    151740
     gaggtgggag tgagccatct gatgtgcgtg ctgggaccca aaactcatgt ctctgtaaaa    151800
     gcagtatgtg ctcttaacag ctgagttctc tctccagccc tgtttccttt aatttttaat    151860
     atataccccg cctggcatgt ttttattttg aaatactgtc ttgctaagtt gatctctctc    151920
     tgtagctggg caaggcctca aatttatgga ttcttctgtc tcagcctctc aattagttaa    151980
     tattacaaaa ggacaaggaa tactaagtct gggtagcttt gtttattttg gagatatgtt    152040
     ttctaaaaat tcattttaaa tttctaaaca ctatatgtgt agatatggga ataccttaat    152100
     accatcttgt taagttgtca attagtaatt ttggggatgc attttttatt ttagattttt    152160
     ttatgtttaa attatatttc ttttatgtat atagatattt tgcctgcatg tatgccatgt    152220
     gcccatggag gccaaaagag atcataggat gctccggaac tgaagttatg cagactgttg    152280
     tgagcttcca tgtaggtgtc aggaatcaaa ctcaggtcct ctggaagagc aacaagcact    152340
     gttaattgct gaatcatccc tctagacctg ggtggggtgg tctcttttca tttcccagaa    152400
     tttgtcccat gaatataaac agcagcgtag caataagttg ggttcagctt gactgcttgg    152460
     cttatattta tttaagtaat cttcactttt gccactgcag tatgttaaat atctaccact    152520
     actttagaac ttgctttata atagctactc cgcatgttta agatttgaat tttaaaactg    152580
     ctttatgaac taaacaccat tgtccctgct gtccagataa gggaagtgaa gctggtagag    152640
     gcttaggata tgtccctgga ggaacccata gagttaggct tttggattgc tgtttcaaag    152700
     cccctattct ttttctttct tttttttttt tttaaaccaa ctttggatta gacatatgca    152760
     aataggaata aagagtgggt tggttgaggt agcaggttag acagtatttc aagttggtga    152820
     tatgctatag taactcatct gtgctttttc atcctatcta tgtcagtggt tctcaacctg    152880
     tgatttgtga tccttttaag gtcatctaag actatctgca tattagatat ttatattaca    152940
     atttataaca gtagcagaat tatagttatg aagtagcaat gaaataattt tatggttggg    153000
     ggacaccaga acatgagaaa atgtattcag gggtctcagc attaggaagg ttgagaacca    153060
     ctgctatatt tttataaatg gggggcttac aaaattaagt ctgatctgta agtctaattc    153120
     ttgtcatata gcctttaact atcttttggg tagtgtccct tctgtctttt tgtaggactt    153180
     tgaacaaatc ttgattaaaa acaaatgtct aaccgggcag tggtggtgta tgcctttaat    153240
     cccagctctc aggaggcaga ggcagacgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca    153300
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctatac agagaaaccc tgtttcaaaa aaccaaaaaa    153360
     caaaacaaag aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa acccaacccc cctctaaaac aaaaacaacc    153420
     cccccaaaag aaacaaaaaa caaatgtcta cttcaacaaa caaatggaca caaacaaact    153480
     gttgatgata gtctagcaaa ttctgttttt ggtaaatgaa attaaaggat gttttagggt    153540
     ccaatttctg ggaaactggt ttttgaagat cctcttggag acattgcact gtgtagtgct    153600
     gaagatgtaa tgtttgtggt gtccagaacc tgcctgttgt ttctccattt aagctgtact    153660
     ctgtagtcac acagttcttt aacttaactg tcttcatttt ttaccatcta aaattacaaa    153720
     ttctgtttat caaaattgtc ttagcatgag aaagctaagc tccatttctt tacacttcat    153780
     tcattattac tatatttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag    153840
     atatgtgcag gtgtgtgtgt gagtacaggt gtgcagagaa ggcagaagag tacgagtcca    153900
     ctggagcagg agttacaggt gactgtgaac cacctgctga gtgttgcgaa ttgaattcag    153960
     gtcttttgga agagtagttg gtgccatttc tccagcctca attcccagaa tcttaatctt    154020
     tccttcaaca ctctctccat cttttcactc ataatgcaca ctgagccctt ttctgggtga    154080
     ttatcctgct tttgctagtt gaatactctg aaacgtctgg catgggaagg ggttgttctg    154140
     tctttctagt cttgttgacc cctagaactg tttaaaagct ccaaatattc attctatgca    154200
     gtttaatgat tgtatcattc catttgataa gtgttgcacc cactaactaa atgaaagtct    154260
     ggtatatgat ttttattttt ctatataact tttgtttctg atatcataaa attaagcaca    154320
     tgttctaaga gaaggtgtaa ataggctcgt taaaaagatg tttttcttcc cccccccccc    154380
     tttttctttt ttgttgttgt ttttgagatg ggagtccctg tgtagccctg actggcttgg    154440
     aacttgcctt gtaggtcaca ctgggctaga atttacagtg atccacctgc ctctgctttc    154500
     tcagtgctag gatcaaagac atacccacca tgcctggtga gtaaatagtt tctaagaaga    154560
     taattatcac ttgagtttgt tttgttgagc tgaatacagt gacttgcaat gttgctttac    154620
     caatcaaatc agaagtgtaa gcatgtggct gggactatga agtctttggt caaagtctct    154680
     ctagcatata taaggctctg aattgggttc ttagccactc tctcaaaata cataatgaaa    154740
     aattaaaaac tgacagtttg ttctaagaca gtggttctca acattcctaa agcttcaacc    154800
     cttttattac acagttcttc atgttgtggt gatcccggcc ataaaattat tttgttgcta    154860
     tttcataacg gtaattttga tagtgttatg aattataatg tgaatgtcta acattcagaa    154920
     tatctgatat atgactccca aaggggttga tacccacaga gtgaaacaac tcttctaatc    154980
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    155040
     tgattttatt tgaatgaatg ttttggctgc atatatgtgt gtgtatctga tgtgtatttg    155100
     gtgccagtgg aagccagagg agtgcattag atttattaga actgcagtta ttggcagttg    155160
     tgagccctga aaaccactga tctaagagat gagtttgcag tagtattgtt acataaagga    155220
     aatataagaa aggggttgga cagatggctt agtcgttaaa agcacttatt gctcttgcag    155280
     aagatccagg ttcagttccc agcatccata tgacagcttg taactgttta taaatccagt    155340
     tgctagggat ctgacaccct cttctggcct cttcaagcac aaggcatata catgatatac    155400
     agatattcat atagacaaac acttatgtaa ataaatctaa gaaaagtaaa aaagatatta    155460
     aaaaatatga gtggaagaca cacatatcag cagcagtatg gtgtgtattg taatgtcacg    155520
     agggaaattg tataaccaga gtccgtagca tatagacagc caatcaattt ataaggagat    155580
     gatgtgaagc tcagtgatat ttgtttaacc tacacgaagc cctgggtttc atccccatca    155640
     ctgatcaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa actgaaaata    155700
     gcaccatgga ctgagagtct agtatttgaa acccagtgtg tatattacac gcccattcag    155760
     gatgactaga ttgctttgga gcaaaagttt ttagagactt gttaacttgg ctaatgggta    155820
     agatgaccaa gagtaaaaca attactggag ggatttgctt attacttagc atgtgttagc    155880
     cactgtgctg agtttgtaat gaacttagtt tttttttttt taagatttat ttatttatta    155940
     tatgtaagta cgctgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggtacaga tggttgtgag    156000
     ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggacctctgg aggagcagtc agtgctctta    156060
     cccgctgagc catctctcca gccccatgaa cttagttctt tttttttttt tttagattta    156120
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggcatca    156180
     gatctcatta cgggtggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctttggacct    156240
     tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcccc gaacttagtt    156300
     cttaagttta gttattatcc ttattttata ttcaagtgca ctgaagtaac ttgaacatgt    156360
     tgttactaaa tgatatactg tatacctggc tttttatgac tccagagcca ctgatctata    156420
     taatttatcg atcttatttt aattgcagac tggaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag gaaaaagaaa    156480
     aaaaaaagta tagggcagtg ggaataaagt agaattcagc taggcatggt gactcatccc    156540
     tgtaaaatag tatttgagaa gctgatacag gaggatagca gtgagtttga aaccagtctg    156600
     gagtccattt caaattctag accagcctgg gctacagacc aggcttagaa aataaagcat    156660
     agatttcaaa tagtggttgg atgtttaatt aggttattga gcccaaatcc atgtgccata    156720
     atattctaac atgatttata tctcatgtgt attaatttaa tagcataccc aaatgtatta    156780
     atctgatggg ttgaagttga attccagctt tgccaagtaa tgtttttgta aacttgggaa    156840
     aataattcta tttctttgga ctttagttta tttactggga aaaggaggac agtagtatct    156900
     gtctcatagg cttagtgtga ggaattaaca tgtttatgca aaagtttaac agtaaagagt    156960
     aaatattaga gttattgtgc tttttagctt tcagagtact ttagcattct gtgaaagagg    157020
     tagggtctag aatctagttc tattttgcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcca tgaaaggaca    157080
     gaagaacaaa atgaaaagga ctaaatttta aatgattctt aaactctgaa tgttggttgg    157140
     gggaagttta ggatgagttc agtagtaggt agttcttcct cttgtataag caagagtaat    157200
     ctattactgc cccctccccc ctgaagcaca atgaccttga acttctgatc cttctatctc    157260
     tacttatgtg gcaagtacag tgtgtgcctc tatgatcagt ttatggactg tagagaatgg    157320
     aaccaagggc ttcatgcatg ctaggtcagc actctaccaa tagagctatg tccccagttt    157380
     gaatttgtgc tattttcaat gagagggaag atcattccag ctattcctac tatttgattc    157440
     ttttcctact taggaagtgt gggtgtgagg aggatgttgc tgtgtcattc ctatgtctta    157500
     ttctagtgaa ctgcaaagga gtattcgaag gatattgaat tttctgggaa ctgggaaaac    157560
     agcttccctg gagaaaaggg taaaatgagt gggagatgag agctacctac cgctagaatg    157620
     ctgttgtgtg gttcttggct ttaactcttg gatggcttga actgaattcc actcttacta    157680
     tgttttgtca attttttgca actccttaga actataatat tggcttgctc ctgatgacta    157740
     gcttagcctg catttttatt ttaaagctta gcctgcattt ttattttaaa gctttttatt    157800
     gatttttttt gtgaatttca tataatgcac cccaatccca ctcatctccc tgtgcctttg    157860
     tattcttgca acctcccagc caaaagaaag aattaaaaca aacaaaacaa aacaagaaaa    157920
     attccaaacc atcttgttgt ggaagctgta gtgtgccaga gtcatacatt gcaaacattc    157980
     attgcaaatc tctacttgca aacattcatt gcagtgagtc attggtcttt gactctgcta    158040
     ggctatcaat actgtatcct cacaggcact tctttctgat atcatgttgt cctgtgtcat    158100
     agagatcctg taactttgaa tctgcaggac cacctctttc atgtgctcca gaagttcata    158160
     aatgagatag atgttccggc gggccaactc aaaggcttgg gaggtagctg agttggtcaa    158220
     tccactagtt ttcctgtgct tgcactacca gggcgagctc tttccagggc tgtctgtcta    158280
     gctcactcaa tgctgaagct ggcttggggc agggtcagtt cttctgcttt catggcccat    158340
     accttcacca ttagcaccaa ctctgctgtt ctgtacaggc aggggtgggg tgcagggtct    158400
     ctctctcttg agttttgtag tcggtgaggg atggggccag cttttcctct ctcatgacct    158460
     tggggcgagc tcacctgcat gccacaggca gtgggaggca aagggaagag ggagggggag    158520
     gaagaggagg aagaggaggc tgagaatgcc atctctccct cgatcacacc acccagaggc    158580
     tggctcacct tcgatcctca ccaccagggt cagctctact gtactgccca ggcagggtgc    158640
     taggcatgct ttctcactct caggccttca gagccagctt tccctcagcg aggtggagta    158700
     gcctgttttc tttccttctc ttcttttttt tttctcatcc tttttttttt tttttttttg    158760
     agatatggtc tctctgtgta gtcctagctg tcttagaact cagggatcct cctgttctcc    158820
     cgtttctgct ttgcaagtgc tgggattgaa ggtgtgtgct acccatgtca ctatgtctgg    158880
     tccccccacc ccccaacttc ccgcgcttga gacaggatct cactatgtgg ctctggctgt    158940
     cccaatttgc tctgtagacc aggctggcct aaaactcaga gatttacctg ccacctctgc    159000
     ttcctgagtg ctaggtttaa aggtatgtgc tacagtgccc agcttccccc ttatttcccc    159060
     ctccccctcc cctttctttt ctcccttttc cactctgcca gtccccttgt gccaggcatc    159120
     aaatccaggg cctcatgtta ggcaaatgtt ctaccattga gctacatccc cttttcttct    159180
     tgaggtatga tcttgtctgg ccccagacta ctctatagcc caaataggac ttgaacttgg    159240
     aatcttcttg ccctaagcct tctcagcagc tagagcaggt cttgttgcag tggtctttga    159300
     aaatatattc tcagagttgt gcaaccatct ctactgttta atgtcagaac atttctatca    159360
     cctcaaaaag aagtcacatg cctactagca gtcactccat tctgtgactc actgttgagc    159420
     tataaatcac tttctgtctc tatgaatttg cctatattga acatttcata taaatgtctg    159480
     ctttttttcc ttcttgtcaa ctcaggcttg atagtgtctg acctctttta ctaggtgtag    159540
     tgttttcttt ttaaatctga gaaaaaaaac ctttttttaa aaagatttac ttataggctg    159600
     ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg    159660
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa    159720
     accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaagattta tttattatta tacataagta    159780
     tactgtagct gtctaaagtc ttcagatgca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacagg    159840
     tggttgtgag ctaccttgtg gttgcaggga tttgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc    159900
     agtgctctta acctctgagc catctcacca gccccagtgt tttattttaa ttttggggtg    159960
     tttttaattt ttagttggtt tgtgataggg ttttacatag gccaggctgg tctgaaaact    160020
     tgatgtgtta ctgaagatga tcttgaactc ctgatccacc ttccttttac cgtctagtac    160080
     tgggcttaca agggcgggcc actaaacttg acactactgt aatgctttaa aggattttct    160140
     ttcatattgc agtatgtatt ggtacttctt tttagaggtc tcctccaccc cctgtccttt    160200
     ggatagagtc ttgctatata gtatagcact atttggccta gaactatgta attatgtcaa    160260
     cctcaaattt gtaatcctcc catctctctt tcctgagttc tgagattata ggcatgcctg    160320
     gtgaaaattc cagctttgtt tctcattcat ttgtggacat ttgggctgtt tttacttcta    160380
     gtctattagg aactttccat cccttgggta aatacctcga gtagatacag ggtcatatag    160440
     tcactctgct taatgttttg aagacttgct gccaaccttc ctggtatttg tgtcattttt    160500
     attttacact cctaatagta catggatgga aattgtttcc atattgcttt attaatgcat    160560
     gtcttttttt attttttagt tacactagtg gaggtaaaaa gattttgatt tgcatatact    160620
     tattactaat gatatttagc tagctagcta gctagcttgc ttgcttcctt gcaaaatctt    160680
     cctatttagc ttactcaggc aggcttcaga cttacaacat tcatatatta atatggcttc    160740
     caatcatata ttttgaaatt tcctaaagtg aagcagttgg ataaatagtg ttatgaatgt    160800
     tcataaccct ttatacacat tagttagtac tcatggattt ataaaattct taaggtccta    160860
     aaagaagaat caaaactatt ttattaatgc caatacatta ctatttgtac tagtgttaca    160920
     aaagctaata gccaataatg ttgcttattt atgtcttagc cgacataaag aaagcagcat    160980
     tttgccaggt ggtggtggca catgtcttta gtcccagcac ttgggagtca gaggcaggtg    161040
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctgc    161100
     acagagaaac cctgtctcgg gtgtggtggt gggtggggga acagcattta attgtgttga    161160
     tgagaattat gctcatgaca catgtttaaa agcaagaata ctagtttcac tttcaaaagt    161220
     aattgaagaa gcaccaaaac catcagtttt attaatatat tgatccttga gtacatactg    161280
     ttgtatttgg tatgatggga agttcatgtg aagcctttct gcctatgtcc agttaataca    161340
     tcaagaaaaa cattgctgca gtttgaattt caagctacag taacattttt ctttttcagg    161400
     aatcactagt ttcatttgaa gggtgattga tagctaaacc tttggctaac atcatcttga    161460
     aaataaatga aatgtagctt gtcactgtaa aggaaactga tggaatttat tttcaaggat    161520
     acaacttgag cttccaagga aaaaatagaa ttaaaggtga cttatttctg ggcgcttggc    161580
     attatatcca acttagactt gtttttaaat gacattggca atactaactg tttttgacac    161640
     tgacaatgga atacactgtg aaagttctgt ttatttgatt gtttgttgtc actttagtga    161700
     cacagcattt ttaaatgacc agtgtgggca tttacagagg taaaagatgc gttcaaagtg    161760
     aaaaactggc caaagaattt tatataagag agtttgtaag aatctacatt acagttaacc    161820
     tttaaaaact tctacctgtc aaattctggt acaatagtaa agaaaaatat ctcttaatta    161880
     tttttaaagg ttattaaaat accttaaagt atacatactt tgtgaagtag gggatatttc    161940
     tttcttcttt ttttcttttt gttttctgtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct atgtagccct    162000
     ggctgttctg gaactcagtc tgtagactag gctggccttg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc    162060
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcgcc accactgctc agcagggtat ttctttatcc    162120
     atttcaaaca gaacaccatg ttaaaatgat tgcatatcaa agtaagtttt agagagctac    162180
     agcaaacacc aagaagggcc ctgggactgc agtgagactc attttactct tttcatcaga    162240
     ttttattttg tttttggaga agttattgtt aaaatttgtt attttattga atgttactaa    162300
     aactaaaata tgtttttaag gttttctttt tttttccttt tggttttttg agacaaagtt    162360
     tctttttata acctggctgt cctgaaactt attctttaaa ctaggctggc ttcagagatc    162420
     cacctgcctc tgtctcttga agagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgcgccatt gccatccttc    162480
     aaaaaaattt ttttaaaaac tttttctttt atgtgtattg gtgttttgcc tgcatatctg    162540
     tctgtgaggg tgccagatcc cttgagctgg agttacagat agctgtaaac tgccatgtgg    162600
     attctgggaa ttgaacccag gtcctctgaa agagtagcca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc    162660
     atctctccag cctgttttca aggttttgtt ttaagtttta tatagttaat atagctatct    162720
     acatataaaa agccctttga gaccttcatt aatgctttaa aggagacacg tctgaaaaat    162780
     tgagaactgc tggcctagat tctacacttg ttaatacaca tttgctttat ttatttattt    162840
     ttcttatact ttctcatctg aaatatttgg aagaaagctg catacattat tcatcaatac    162900
     ttaatatact ttagcattag cattcataca gtatttaatt tttgttcata tctaacataa    162960
     ctccttgttc tctaaatgta cttttaggac tttacctaaa gttagaagga ttttcagctt    163020
     tgtgggctct agagtctctt gcttattagg aatcacaacc ataatcacta catgagtaca    163080
     tgcgagtggt tgtgctctgg taaaacttct gtttatagat ccttgatcta gaacaacctt    163140
     cccaaatttg cgtatgtatc tttagtggca ttttgttttt aagaggccag gttagttatc    163200
     cataaattgg atagctcatt ttttttctca tgtttagata acagaaaagt ttgggataag    163260
     taaattatga tgtattatgg catggtgatg ctgtgcactt tgtcatataa atgcaagcaa    163320
     tgtcagaata tttgatcttt gcattgtaaa ggtacctctg agccatcttt gtatgaaatc    163380
     tgcggagtga cttggaaaca atactgttct tttaaccaag tggttttagt atccataaca    163440
     tagtgatcat ctttgcctga atgagttatt actttggagg ctgtgatgaa cttaactaaa    163500
     gttttttttt ctccaaaatt tatttgttat tttaatttgg tgggaaaggt atgtgcacat    163560
     gaatgcaagt gtccacagag gtcagaggga tgtggtatat gatccttctg gagctggggt    163620
     tagggacagt gataagctac ttgatatggg tgctaggaat tgaactcagg tcctcaggaa    163680
     gagtagtatg tgctcttaac tactgagcca tccattgttt cagccctaaa ctaaagtttt    163740
     aacatatact taagtaacaa caaatttgaa aatttgtatt ttcaaatcct catgagctta    163800
     acaaaaccct tttcagatac gttgtcactg cagttctgtg gttagttttt ctgctcagga    163860
     agaaggggct tgatcctgtt agttgttttg gccttgataa gttttttttt tttttaattc    163920
     tttattcctt tgccaatatt ttatatgttt tagtggtttg gtttctgtgt cctcttagta    163980
     gtctctgaat caattatggt caatttacta ttaagcctgt actgaaagtt caccaggtag    164040
     ttataactag aaaaatgcac ataataaccc tctatagtat gtgtttttgt aagtaactgt    164100
     ttgactatga ttacccccag gctggggatg cagctcagca gtgtagagta tttgcctact    164160
     atgtgtgaag acttaggttt gatttccagc actgggaaaa aaaaaaacaa cctaaaatgc    164220
     ccccccccca ctacttgatg aaatgcaggt gtgaatgaag gagtaccatc taccacaacc    164280
     acaatattat cacacctaga aaaatagttt ctcagtccag atgcctcctg atctcttagg    164340
     aatatcgctt ttggcttttt aagaaatatt ctttgaaagt ataataattg ggggctgtag    164400
     agatgatggc tcagcagttg ttgctctgtc agttcttagc atccacatgg tagcttacaa    164460
     ttgtttgtaa ctccagttcc aggtgatcag atgtcctttt ctggcctctg tattcaccat    164520
     atgtatatgg tgcacagaca tacatggcag tccaaacact catatacata acataaaact    164580
     ttaaaaaggt ttacagtaac taaagagaga tggtctcttt tgacatagaa aaaaatacca    164640
     ctgtatttaa gtgatgccct gcaggtagca ataaccactt gaattccttt ggtcaataaa    164700
     atatgagatc accagaatga aagcaggaga aggttcaagg gcttttttgg ctcatgttca    164760
     agtattagat tgttcagaat atcaggactg agagctaagt ggtgagtctc tgtatttgat    164820
     tcctagctct gcaaaattaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caacaaaatc aatcaatgat    164880
     gagtgagatc acttgaaaac aaacaaagca aagcaaacca aagcaaacca aagcaaacca    164940
     aagcaaagca aaaaagccta gaatgcagcc taacttggct tatggtagat acttagttaa    165000
     taatacttag ttaataattt tagaaggtag ttaatgagta atttgttgac ttagagatgc    165060
     caacagtgca gggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatctcag cacttggaag gcagaggcag    165120
     gtgaatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    165180
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct cggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga cgccaacaga ttggaagact    165240
     ataacagaaa aggaaactct ttctttgctc agtagttaaa acttttattt ggtcacgttt    165300
     atacatttaa tcagtatgat gctgtgggaa ataaatagaa aacaatgtta atgctcttga    165360
     gaaaacctat agtgttgtgt aagagtgagc aaatacagtc tttggttaat atttattgac    165420
     taccttttgt atgctgtaca gtattctggg tattggatat agtgattaaa caacactaac    165480
     aaagtcttta tctttgtaga gtttacaaat tatttgggaa agaaagcagc ttatttttag    165540
     ggaaaaaaaa aaagacatag cagtagtcca ggctgcagtg gcagattact ttagtcccac    165600
     attcagcata cagaggcagt cagatctcta agtttcagga tggccagaac tacacagaaa    165660
     aaccccgtct caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacatagt agtagtataa ttttggatat    165720
     agattcccag ttggggagac atgttaggag aggagtgcag ctttagccca gatcatcagg    165780
     taaggcattt ctgaggaaat tacttttgac ctgtgacttg aattacaaag tgatagacac    165840
     catgatatta ggaatggtgg gagaggttgc aaggtaggag aaggtaataa ccagactcat    165900
     agagttactt tgtgtggtgg aaagacatgg aggaatccaa gttatattcc ataagacaac    165960
     caaaatattc aatccattga tagagtctga tgttggtgat gtttaaatag tcttgacttc    166020
     aagatcctct tgtttcagct tccaagtgcc tggagtacag atacatgcac caccacacct    166080
     gtgtgaagag gcttgatttt aagaaactgt ttatttttag ccttatgctt gcaattttag    166140
     cacttaggag gctggggtag gaggagacca gatagaagct agtttgggtt aaatagggag    166200
     atgttgtttc aaagaaaacc aaataaaacc aaaccagcag actaattaca aaagccttta    166260
     acttgctgaa acccgaagag cctccggttt cattgacttt cactttttct ttcagcgtat    166320
     cctactaaat aatattatat taattgtctt attagtagaa ttacaaagaa attatagttc    166380
     tacagtttta agtttgagtt ggagttagta aaattgtggt gtaaacacaa ggagcttttg    166440
     agtaagaaac cgtatagctt tcatatatgt acacacccac acccacacac cccacacaca    166500
     gacatagata aatccaactc taattggatt ctgtcactta tgtcatgtgg tttatacata    166560
     gatatagcga cacattctgg aaattaatgg gaaggatttt ttttattttt atttatatgt    166620
     aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacatacc agtagagggt gtcagatgtc attacagatg    166680
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt ttctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcataa gaacagtcag    166740
     tgctcttgac ccctgagcca tctctccagc ccaggatttt ttaagttatg tatctttagg    166800
     aaagagctcc tacttaggat agaattcata ttattaatag gtgctgtgta gttgaggttt    166860
     ttttgtttag ggatggatgg ggaaatgttg aatgtagttg ttgaaatgta ttgcaagatt    166920
     tactatcctc actatagttg acatttgata gagtcatagt cttttatatt tgagggctag    166980
     aaatgagaat ggtgggctta ataatattta aaatattagt cttttttaga gtaatcacac    167040
     acataacaca atcataacag ctcctgtaca atttctcttt tccctacctt aactctgact    167100
     ttaaaaaacc cttttattgc ttaataccat cctcaacagt gttatcaata ggaaaaagta    167160
     ctttgtggca ttaattagaa ctgatccttt cttttcatgt cagtgactgt attcacatac    167220
     tttatagaaa aataagtgtt tagaacaaat ccagttttgt aaatgttact gtttatttgt    167280
     tggagcaggg ctttcccaca tcagatgtgg gctgtacttc ctgggtgctc attgcagatg    167340
     tagcccaggg ccctcccata ggaggtacat tagcactctg cttctggagc ccatgcaggt    167400
     acaggagcta ccagcagtga gtgccgagag aggcaaagca agtggtaaag agataatttg    167460
     gctggtagaa ggcattttct gaatgttgtc taaaatttga gattattgag tgtcttttta    167520
     tgactggctg gcttgctttt ttataatttg ctatagaaga ataagcccga cattaggcat    167580
     gtgctgatgg tgtttattgg cctcccctat ggagagtcct tagaagaagt cttctggagt    167640
     tgtattgttc tcctcctccc cctgaatttg atttaataga actgacaaca gatgtctcaa    167700
     gtgggtcaaa ccataacatg aaaggaggga attattgact ggatatagag aaatgcagtc    167760
     cccatcatcc tcccgccaca gtatgtggta aggctattgt tgaaaattct tcttaaaacc    167820
     aaacagtata tgattagatc tatatcccag tcttgactat tgagagactc tgtggtgttg    167880
     ttagagaggt aatatcgacc gctccctccg cccccggaaa aaagatgata agtaaagcac    167940
     atcctttctg aaggacaaac tagttggaat ttaagaatct tatgtcagta tttccactgt    168000
     ggtgaggctg taatgtagtt ctttgtgggt tgagtggtat tgctctacta tcaaggttca    168060
     ttgcgcactt gttattttca cataatactg taatagtggt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt    168120
     tttggttttg tcaaatttga attttaggat accattgtta gatggaaaag caagagaatt    168180
     tatcactatt taataattta aacttagatt tttattttat atctcccctt tagtacagta    168240
     cctggattgg cttaatttat atccaaattc tcttctggct tggtggcgta tacctgtacc    168300
     tcccagcact taagacattg aggtgacagg attgattgct taagtccaca agttcaggac    168360
     tatcctggct aacatattcc agactgtatc ttaagcaaca aaaccattaa aaacaaaaca    168420
     aaacaaaaca aaaacccacc ctctcccaat tttgcaaaaa tggattatgt taaattcaat    168480
     tttggaagct gttttctgtt gtttcttact attcaaaggg agtgagtttg tgagtttgag    168540
     tcttttctac ttccctccct tcttcctttc cttccttcct ttttcttgtt tcggttttga    168600
     gagtacacac tgttagtcac tgagctatct ctccagcccc agggttgttt tgaggaataa    168660
     agtgatacat agaccttagt atgtgctgtc caaggtattt ctgaccacag atgaatatag    168720
     acacatacat ggtgtgctgg ctagttatat gtcagcttga cacagctaga gttatctgaa    168780
     aggaggaacc tcaattgaga aaatgcctct gtagatctgg ctgtaaggct tttttttttt    168840
     tttttttttt tttttttaag tgattgatgg agaagggcac agcccattgt gggtggtgcc    168900
     tggtggtccc ggattcaata agaaagcagg ctaaacatac tatgaggagc aagccagtaa    168960
     acagtactac tccatggcct tttcatcagc tcttgctttc aggttccagc cctgtttgag    169020
     ttcctgtctt gacttccttc agtgataaac agcaatgtgg aagaattagc taaataaacc    169080
     ctttcttccc cagattgctt tggtcatggt gtttcatcac agcaatagta atcctaatct    169140
     aggacatgtg gttaattagt tatgtctggg caggaagtgt ctggctgacc cattgcagaa    169200
     cagaatgtag caatctttgt gtggtatgct gtattgtgct gttgaaactt gcagctctca    169260
     cattggtgtt cccagcactg aatttggctt ctcatatagt aggagccagg tcattcctgt    169320
     ggaatgtaag tcatttgaaa acagctatag attggatctt taagcttcag ttgtagttca    169380
     gctagggaga aaattgtatt atcatagtga aagtcaggtg gcagagactc tctaggatag    169440
     tccctagatt cactttgctg aatgtggtca ccatcaaaac aggaaagtga ctgcctagag    169500
     gttagccagc aaatgagtga ggctaataag accatatttt gctttctgaa gtagttccat    169560
     atatatatat tttattttat ttatttattt atttttggct gttcgagaca gggtttctct    169620
     gtctaaccct ggctatcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa    169680
     tctatgtgcc accactgccc ggccgaagta gctccatatt tataaacatt tataaaggat    169740
     acctattata ttccaggtat tgtttgaggg tcctagggat acagtggtag tggtagggaa    169800
     gcccctttcc taatggagtt acattctagt gaggaaggta agtattaagt cttaggaagt    169860
     gctaagaacc atgaagggaa aaaaaaacag gaaaagagca agcatcaagt taaagattgt    169920
     ttttgtgggg gttggagaga tggctcagcc tgtaagaata ctgactgact gctcttccta    169980
     aggtcccaag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca cggtggctta caaccaccca taatgggatc    170040
     tggtgacctc ttctggggtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt atttacattt aattttaaaa    170100
     aagattcttt ttgttattat gattattaat atttgagaag gattttgcta tttaagtcca    170160
     ggctggctta gaattcattt ttacttatct tgacattata ataaaatatc tggcagaaac    170220
     agtttagagg agaaaagatt tattttagct tatgatttag atgatacagt acatcatggt    170280
     cagaaattca tggccacagt aacatttctg tctgtgatgg caggggctga ggtgatatct    170340
     catatcttgt ctgattatga agcatagatt aggctgtata accttcaaag gctcatttta    170400
     gtgcctcacc tcttaaaact catagctcca taaaacagtg ccaccaactg agacaaagag    170460
     tactgaatac atctgtaggg gagaatagtc cagattcaag tcattaacag cctgtataaa    170520
     gtagttttgg attgatgaga tggcttagtg ggtaaaagca cttgccactt gagtttgatt    170580
     cctgaaagat ctacatggtg gagagatgtg actcccacaa gtgtaattta aaaaacataa    170640
     aaaaagtagt ccactaccag agtgcaaatt aaaaattaat tggctctacc acatatccac    170700
     ttatggacat ctgaggacag tatcaggaag tttgcaatat taacaaatac caaagtttga    170760
     aaccagggtt tgaaatttat tttctctatt cttgtcatta gacgtcgtca tctttaccct    170820
     gagcttagtg gctgtgcagg ctagcacctg cctacttaag acccattctt gtataatgtc    170880
     cagtggatct tgtatttact tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct    170940
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    171000
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgggtgctg ggattaaagg tctgtgccac agagctttaa    171060
     gtctggcttt agtctctatt gcctacccta agatgtattg atgccacagc aggaaaaaga    171120
     aaaggagcct ttatcttctt tcctattagt gttcttaatt ttcaccttag ccataaacct    171180
     gggaaggaga aacctctgaa tagagaaggc caattcagct atacacttat gttctacaac    171240
     aaaaaccaaa aatgaaacaa agcaaaacct tgctcacatt caataccttg ggaattttct    171300
     gctcattgaa aattcaagga ctggagagat ggctcagcag ttaagagcac tgactgctct    171360
     tctgaaggtc ctgagttcag atcccagaaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccatgaga    171420
     gctgatgccc tcttctggag tatctgaaga cagctacagg gtacttacat ataataaaca    171480
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaataaaca accaaatctt gaaaattaaa gttacttacc    171540
     tatgattaaa ttttcatcag atgtagtgac acatacctct aatcttagca cttggaaggt    171600
     agagacacat caatctcttc atgtttgagt cttgtctgat ttacagaatg tttcaagaca    171660
     gcctgagcta catagtgaga ccctattttg aaaaaaaccc aaccccctgt accccctcta    171720
     aaaagatgtt atagttttca cacagtatta agtctctacc atgaaaatat cttagtgaaa    171780
     gtgaacaaaa tgaaggcact gagaagatgt ataatgtgta gtttggtttt aaaggaggag    171840
     attgcagtca tcaatggcaa atgtaagctg tttgtagatg ttgaattgga tgcgagaatg    171900
     tcacagccac tattctagtg ggcaggcaca ctgttgaagg atgtgtatgg ttaccccagc    171960
     tttaatggca ctactgttaa tgtcatgttg tgggagacct aatagctaag atgattctct    172020
     gttagggcta tgccatacct atgagcaagt ctgactttca tatcttttct tgtgcagtca    172080
     gctcctcttg tggttgggct ttttggaata aatataaacc tctcttctat caaagaagct    172140
     gagagtcaaa gaaaaggaat tttcctccaa gatctaagta ctggaatata gataatgaag    172200
     tcaggttttc tttggtggag ttatctagtt ttctaattct ttagaaaagt accctcaagt    172260
     ctctgtgtgt aaacctttaa tcccaaatgt tcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatctctgag    172320
     tttgaggcta gtcaggtcta tctacataga gagttccagg aaagccagag gtgcctaatg    172380
     aagcctgtct taaaacaaat aagccaaata aaccaacaaa accctgcaaa taaaatataa    172440
     gtgtcttatt accctgaata tatctcccta ccctgttatt aatctaagag ttttcatgtc    172500
     tttccatcct tgcagttggt tgtttctgat tttaccagtc cagtgattag ctcattgaag    172560
     tgggtagtaa tttacaattt gctttttagt aaaaatgatg tgatgtgtaa gagaaaaggt    172620
     cattaaatta aggaataact ggtcttgggt cgaagttcta tggagagttc acaaagaaag    172680
     actggttttt ctgcttagta ctgaagagta aattcatttt tcttttacca tttgctgtat    172740
     ttactttctt ttgccttctt tcttcagtca tttgccaatg atagtcttgt gaagaggtct    172800
     gatgtggcaa aggtactaca gttgaagttc tagatactta ggtctaactt taagctcatt    172860
     tcctctggga cttattttcc catcttctgg aatcactact gtgattggcc agggaatttt    172920
     agatgtaact caggagtaaa gatggccttg tttagtataa atccagagct tttcatttca    172980
     aattaaaaag ttatctttta gtgttaccta gaaaccaaga ttgagtacaa gaacagtttt    173040
     tagtcaggtt ccagattgag ggagagtttt gaaaactaca gactcagcag ataaaactga    173100
     gtggaaaact agctcagtgg ttaagagcac ttggtttggt gttcctgcag aagacccagg    173160
     ttagtgtcca gcaccaacat ggcatcttac agctgttctg tattcagttc caggggaaca    173220
     gatgccctct tctgtcctct gtgggcactg catgtacatg atacacagac atgtatgtta    173280
     ggccactcat acacataaaa tagataaatc tcattttttt tcaacaaaca tgtattgaag    173340
     aatgtttcta cagaatacca aagggaccca gtctgatcct gattttgact cgtgtttctc    173400
     cttatgctgc catatagccg taccctgtgc agcaactggt cctaccttgg aggatatggt    173460
     agtgttctgt aagtggatcc aggtgccttc aagtcctttg tactctgctt gtgtatgttg    173520
     gatacttctt tgtgattttc cactgaatgt ccaagtccac ttttcttctt cacttcatta    173580
     cttccagtag tttcaccttg cctctctata tgccttttac ttttttttgg tcatgccgag    173640
     atctgtgata gctttcaact tctgtaccat ccattctctg gcctccatgg ctctgcagtt    173700
     tggtggatag actgtagact gggaggctac agatcctgtg ttgtgcttct tgggtggtct    173760
     caggctaaga taattttttt tttttgagaa atgtttccat gagtataggt tttatagcta    173820
     atctagtttt agttttgttt ttttaaagag atggtaaaat gttaaaagag ccataggagc    173880
     tagttggtag agagcttgcc taatattaat gtggccccag atttatccca ccatacataa    173940
     actgggtatg gtatgctcac ctgtaatcca gcactcaagg agaggcagga agattagaag    174000
     ttcaggtcat tcttgccttc atagtgagtt tgaggcttgc ttgagctata tgagacccta    174060
     tctaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacagaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaccac cataaaacag    174120
     aaggatatta aaagactatt tgaaacttgg atctgtagga agtgcattaa tgtgtatccc    174180
     aagtgactgt tctaataaca aatgccttgt tgggccttta tagggtggcc cagcactgtg    174240
     gcattttctg atgccagttg caaagagcaa ggaagtcaag tcagcttttg ctttgggaag    174300
     gagtggtgac ttactactga gcctaagata caaaggacat agctttctag ttctttgcag    174360
     agcccctctc cttgtgactg gaaaaatctg caattcaaac ttgtttggct ttaactatgg    174420
     gagtttattt tcaacacaga agtcacttca actcaggata gcttcataat tcttgtagaa    174480
     cactcagcta cttggataca tctgactcta gaacaaatgt aatggctatg ctctaaagtt    174540
     atataggata ctctggctct atgctggaca gggcttcata ttcttctagg tgggtggaga    174600
     gctttccatt cctttcttaa taaaaaacat ttagctgatt ttcaatcatg ccctgtcttg    174660
     tctctcattt tttctttgca tttcattctg gtttgctaca gctcagctct tccacttgtg    174720
     gctcaacaca aagcgtgagc cacaacttgg tacatggttg gttattggaa gagaaactta    174780
     aaatgcaaga ggtgggaagg cattagggct tttgttctgt ttgaagggag cattaggatg    174840
     agtaatgtga gcatagggga atgtggattc taaggttcag taacaatata tgtatagatc    174900
     aactatttgg ggaaatagaa ttttgggttg ctgacagggc agaaatattt ggagaagctt    174960
     ccattttgat aaagaagtta tttttagttt gtagaaaaag agtggtttca tcatcatact    175020
     ggaatcttgc agttatgttt gtaactcaaa ctaatcggct tatgtgccag agaagtgtca    175080
     ggtggcatgc tcgtttcctc ctgagtttga ggactgcttg gcttaactcc tgcagtgcta    175140
     tggctgggct gcggggcatt gttagggggt gtcatggatg acaagggtga gctgctgctg    175200
     gtttagatgc tggcctgagc agagaacacg catgctgtgc tcagctccat tgtattcact    175260
     tgggctacac tggctgccat aggtgctgtg tatggtgcgt aaaacctgtg catgctaggc    175320
     atattttggt aaaactgttt taaaacccag tttgcttgac tcagttgccc agtctcttgg    175380
     ttctcaccct agatatttta tttcccacaa gtggttttta atggatttta agttcccagc    175440
     tatcattcat gtatcgcact tccataaata tatgtgccca atgtaggtgt tagtgttctt    175500
     ggttattttt tttctttagt gtttcttata ttattcattg aagaatatct ggctaagtat    175560
     ttaaacaatt ttaattttaa aatttggaaa agactgttta aattactaag tcagaaaaat    175620
     gtagtttgtg gcttagtttt gatttaggta ctttgatcat tgtacaggag aatgtagact    175680
     caagaagatg tcatttcaac tctttgaaga agctagaatg gtgaggagaa agcagtagac    175740
     ttaagtaaaa caatgtccta taaacagttg actgaatgag ggctggtggg aggatatctt    175800
     cctgctggga catgtcttgc cctaatttct ccagctttat acataataga agcttatgag    175860
     tatgactgtt tgaagtcttg gagatttttc cttcctggac tggccttatt ttttcttaaa    175920
     agagtaaaaa tgaaggctgg gattgtggct tagtggtaga gcacttgcct agcatgtgca    175980
     cagtcctgct ctcagtgtct gtcacaaaag tgacaaaaac aactaaacaa aactataata    176040
     aaataacttg ctcctcatct gtgcatgcac catagtaggg ctggctcttg tcaagagggt    176100
     gcaggtgagc cagcccttag ggcaagagtg aggaagaact gctttctccc atcccccatc    176160
     atgagagaag gtgagctgtc cctgtccctg gccagctgca gcacttggga gagtaggcca    176220
     ggtgccatga ttgggctgca cagtggagct ggctcaggag ttgtgggtgt gggtaagcag    176280
     ccccaagggc atgagagcag gagagctgac cctgtctcct gccagtggca gcattgggtg    176340
     gcctagctgg agcagtgctg gagaatttgc cctggtggct tggatagggg agagctggta    176400
     cactgactag ttcagctacc acccaggccc agatctgtat catctgagaa tgattgggat    176460
     gtgtgaaagg gccagccctg ctgacccaaa gctgcaagat ctccatgaca cagggcaaca    176520
     acaatataat caggaggagt cctggtgaac atccagtatt gatggtgtca cggaagccag    176580
     agaacttgaa ccagaccaat gactcgtttg caagtaaaga tgtgtagaca gagggataca    176640
     ttgtgggaca cactctaaca tactacagct tccatgatat tttcctctgt gtgttttgtg    176700
     gggggaggtt tgcaagagtg ccagtggata tgaggggttg gggaggtgag cagaactggg    176760
     gtgcatgatg tgaaactcac aaagaatcaa taaaaagtta aaacaaaaaa tagctggtga    176820
     agctgatagt cgggggtgga gggtgggggt gggggataag aaaagcttgc agtcacagct    176880
     agagggttac tctatttggg gaggccagag gggtggcagc agtgataaat ttctctctcc    176940
     taggcctgag gaaactgcag tgaaaaccct tcttcagttg tttacctccg gctaacaatt    177000
     ttttttcttt tccttttaaa aagatttatg tatatttatt ttatatgagt ataggtagct    177060
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag aggttaggat cccattacag atggttgtaa gctaccatgt    177120
     aggtgctggg atttgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccactccc    177180
     gataggaaat tatttaaaag ttgagcctca gcttttcttc ttaatatata aaatagtttt    177240
     ggcaatcttg taatctgaga ggattgtttt gaggactgag agtgtgtatg agtgtaggtc    177300
     atctgagcca tgaagtactg tgtaagcatg ggcagtagga ggtatattat ttcttttgtt    177360
     ttgttttctg aaacagagtc ttggtatgtt agccacgcaa gttttgaatt cttgcctcaa    177420
     ttttctgaat agctgaaagg tatattattc agagagtaag agtagggttt ggaacaggaa    177480
     ataaacaaat aggcacttac aatactgaat aaatctagga tctgtcaaga gacctggttc    177540
     ttactggatt ctttgttact aaagctgtaa gaaatcctaa gggaaatgga gcagtttgcc    177600
     taagggtcac agccaatgtt taattacaga gctgaactaa gatgcaaaaa ctgctgctgt    177660
     tagctgtgtg tgtccctagg cacatcagaa ctgacctttg tttttctctt tgctctgacc    177720
     atttcctttt tcagttaagt ccttccctcc tcattctgca cccccccccc atcttttcat    177780
     ctattttttc tccctcacag ttgatattat aatagaagac cagggaatca tgagtttgag    177840
     ttttttaaca taatatatat tagaattgct tatatgactt ttacaaaata acaatgtcta    177900
     aagttttgat tttattttta tatttgtttt cttatgatta tattatatat ctgtagtaat    177960
     cgacccaaat tgttcaataa atttttatgt gtatataata taaaaatgac ttatattaag    178020
     gtgcatagca gatcaaaaca cagactatat gcagaactcc agaacattca ttccctcata    178080
     attcttcatc attactggct ccctcagtaa gtcgacatta attaaattaa ttaattaact    178140
     tttatgtttc ttttgaaacc aggtatcttg tagccaaact gggttccaac tcactgtgcc    178200
     ttgaacttta gtttctcctg cttccttcct aagtgctgag atcataggtg tgcaccgcca    178260
     tgtctgggtt tgtttttgtt tgtttgagac agggtcttga tatgtttgta gcccagttgt    178320
     gtggcccagt tggctattgc accgtctttg ttaattagct ttgtctttgt tgttgcagta    178380
     ctaggattga gcctgtggcc ttgagcatgc tggtgcagcc ctgtgtcact gagtataccc    178440
     accagccctt ctgttacttt tttacatatt ttgagacagt gtcactaaat tgcctaggct    178500
     aacttgaact ccctctgtag ctgggggttg gggggggggg gtgagccaga gatcctgtct    178560
     caacctcttg aatggctttt ataagtgctc ttcagtaggc ctggctgttt tgcctattga    178620
     atttcataca gagtcgatag tatgcattct tttggttctg gctctccccc aactccccaa    178680
     catcctattg atattgaatt gtatggccag gccaaagtta ctggttttac tgttgatgga    178740
     cacttgggat catacccact tcggctctgt gagaaagttg ccatgaacat tttcactcta    178800
     gtgtatatgt cttggtagat atatgacctc attactcttg gttttatata ccgaggaata    178860
     aaattggtaa gtcatttatt ctactttggt tgatacttcc aaacattttt gtggttgtat    178920
     tagttttttt gttttttttg tttttttgtt ttgtttttta atgaagaact tcactgattg    178980
     ttggtggcac atacctttga ttcctgcact tgggagacag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt    179040
     tcaaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc caggactata cagagaaacc    179100
     ctgtcttgga aaaaaaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcctgattat gatagtagtc    179160
     accactggaa accattttta gaaaacttaa catcacgtat gtatttgcct ttttactata    179220
     caattgatgc tagagaggac aaatgatcct tcagtacttg tgtttcattt acccctgtat    179280
     aagagctgtt attagtgtaa cttttttcaa actttatttt taatgatggt tcttaaacac    179340
     tttaacctct cttgtagcgt accacccacc agaggtagtg aaaaggaaag gatgggggtg    179400
     gtgtgcaaag tggacctgtt tagaaaagtt ctttagaaca actcccatct gtgttgtctg    179460
     gaaattggca gttcagttca caggttagca ggcagcagca gctcaatcca ctcacaaaca    179520
     ctccacagat acaccaccag tccagttcag tagagtcagg atagcaacag tggtaacaca    179580
     acctagcaga gacagccagg cctcagcctt gacttgagtt agcatgaggg accaatagga    179640
     acaccacgag aagttctcag ctgtgtctct ctcagggaag cgaagatcag cggagacaag    179700
     agacccacaa gcatcgaata gctagctgta ccagcaagcc aagctctgtc tccatcactc    179760
     catagagtcc tatttatacc ctccagatat catgtgtctt ccacatgatg cacatgcctt    179820
     gcctcagcat atgcatccaa tcagcctgag ttcactgaag tggcaggaag ctgtagtaca    179880
     ccactagaag ttttttggta tgtttctgtt gagggattgg gaggtacttg tggctacttg    179940
     cacacacatg gtatatgttc acacagaaat gtacatgtac acaaaagaca ttcataagtt    180000
     caggaaggaa cttgggaggg agaagagcct gtttctctga cttgggcatc ctccctgtcc    180060
     ttttggatgt tgcttggtta tacttccggt cttgcccaac caccactctt agtatatctt    180120
     taaaattctc tctgttggaa ccacacctgt gtttttcaaa gtttcttttt ccaaagactt    180180
     cctgatacac ctagacaaag ggattgacaa ttaaaataca taagatttaa ttacaatgtc    180240
     agtgtaaagg aaactgttcc aggtggtaca tggctaggca gtctactgtt aaatagaact    180300
     taatggtggt ttcatgatgt ttagatatga cttctataca gttgaaaaac tacatgtggt    180360
     aaagtttagt catcaacatt gctatataac tgaattaaag ttgggaccca gctcctctga    180420
     cttttgactg tctgctcttt ccactgtagt atattgccct ggcaggaaac agggaggaaa    180480
     aagtgtgaaa tagagactaa aggctgttct ctagacaata taaaacgaaa gacagttgtt    180540
     gcttttatag taccaaggtt gtatatagaa gctgtttttt aatcttacat tgtaatagag    180600
     agatgagatg tttgttgtaa gcaaaagact tgcacattga tttttaggca cttagaaatt    180660
     catcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tcacattcta agtttagtgt gattaaaaac aatttgaaac    180720
     ttttgagtga ctaatacctg ttaagacttg gagttcatcc tgtggctgat aggatagaac    180780
     ttggatacct ccttggttta gacaaaacca aacagaagcc actcctcaac tttccctatt    180840
     cttaaccacc tttactttta cacgtataaa tgcttctaca tagctgttgt cttagggttt    180900
     tactgctgtg aactgacacc atgtccaagg caactcttat aaggacaaca tttaattggg    180960
     ggctggctta caggtttaga ggttcagtcc attatcatca aggtaagagc atggcagtgt    181020
     ccaggcagac atggtatggt gctggaggag cttagagttt cgcatcttgt tccaaaggca    181080
     gctaggacta gggtcttaaa gtccacttcc acagtgacac atctactcca acaaggacat    181140
     ttcctaatag tgccactcca tgggcccagc atatataaac caccacagct gtctatattt    181200
     actgactctc cactcagtcc atttggcttc tgtcccttac atttcacagt aacatcctta    181260
     ttgaggtcac cagtatcttc taccaaactt aattttacaa aaatgttgtc cgtagttttc    181320
     ttggctagtg aactgttacc actcattcct gctaggactc ttcttttgac tccagtggtg    181380
     taatactcac tgccctaatc ttcctcctac gtctctggtg tttttacagg ctgatcctcc    181440
     tttctgtggc tattaaatgc ttatgcttcc atgccctcct ctcttcacat agtagacatt    181500
     ctccctgagt aatctccatc caccccattg gctttatgga tatgagtcat acctttgtgt    181560
     ctccaaccca caccactcct ctgggtatat agacccatct gttatctacc aagtactgtt    181620
     ctaggcactg gggatatagt gatgaactag acagaaaagt tatggttatt tatacagagg    181680
     aggaatgaat aataaaatag caggtaggga tgtgctaaga tgagcacaaa gtatggtgat    181740
     atagtagagg gtgagagtta ttttattttg gctgatccta actttactga ggtagtaaaa    181800
     tttatgttga attttgaatg actaaaagga gctagctata caaagggaag agggaactgg    181860
     tagtgcaaag gctctaggta gaaatgaaga cagcatatat gtgaaacggg aagtgaagag    181920
     aggagggtaa gccttgacat cagaaagtta gagtaggact ggagcttgta cagcccccat    181980
     aggctgtggc tgaaggctgt agataagtga aatggaaagc cactggagtt ttttgtttgc    182040
     ttgatagttt agagttttga tccaaaatta aaattttgga aatgtaatgt ttcgagagtg    182100
     gtttatatgg gaacaactgg aatcagggaa gcttaatggg atttttacag cagcaagtga    182160
     gagtaagtac agcaaggaat gtggagaaca gggacagaac caagtaccct gggaagtagg    182220
     attgacagga cctgctgatt gacatttttt aaggcaaaga aaagtccaga gtgagtctag    182280
     gtgcttgatc tgcacagctt gatgagtagt tctgctgtga ctgaggtagg caggcactga    182340
     aggggatgtg tttatagtga gaagagtgga aggcaggatt catgaagaat atgagtttgt    182400
     ggaggctagc tgtcaattag acatttaggt agagagagat caaaggagag tttcttgttt    182460
     tgttttgttt ttttctaaat aggaaattgt agaatcttac ttcccaaata tgctctctgg    182520
     atcaatgtga caatccttta gaaacctaga atctcattgg ttttattttt attttatttt    182580
     atttttttag attatctcat tttatttata tgactgttta gcctgcatat atatctgtgc    182640
     accatgcact cttacaagtt aaaagaagga tttggatctc ctggtattgg aattatggac    182700
     agttgggggc ctccatatgg attgctggga cccgaattca agtcctctgc aagaacaagt    182760
     gttcttaact gctaagcaat atttcctgtc cctagaatct cattttagtg agtccctcta    182820
     gtcatcttgt atcacattat ttttctgttc taagaacatg acttctcaaa ttatctgtga    182880
     gttgagacca ggatctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    182940
     ctctttcttt gacaagttgt tatgcaagtg tctaagtatt cactttcact tctttggctc    183000
     tattggaagg gccagtgttg aattgtgcag tttactccaa gtaggcacct tctagtgagt    183060
     gttgtatgct gatggctgca cagagaaaaa gtaatgctat gagaagagag tgagagtaat    183120
     gtgtatacaa agaacagcag gcatagtagt agatttggaa aattaaggtc tagatattgc    183180
     ttcttggtga catgttatca gctcatggct ttagaggtta attgaaaagg gaagtaaagg    183240
     catgaaaggg aacttaggga aaagcatggc acagttgcta gcagtgtaga gatgtgtgtt    183300
     tgaagtctgt ggtgatgtat tctctaagag aatagagaca gttagttctg tggcatgcaa    183360
     acattttagg gttgtagagt tcagactaaa gggaccagca gtcttggaag gaagctaaaa    183420
     gttggtctgt agggttggta agttatggtt caaggaagga catgtttgaa tgtgagattg    183480
     tgtccaaaag ctttaggtta gcactcacct atatgccatt ttcattcttt gagagtagac    183540
     aggaagattt gacccaagtc ctccacccca taacttttct ctaatcttag cagtaagttt    183600
     tggattgatt agctttatca cctttctttt acggggtgat tttttttaaa taaaactaga    183660
     agccgggcat ggtcccacac gcctttagtc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat    183720
     ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca    183780
     gagaaaccct gcctcgaaaa actaaaaata aataaataaa actagagaga ggtttgtaga    183840
     aactctacct tagctctaat taagctaaaa ttaataggtg gtaaagacca cttttgatga    183900
     ttgagtcaaa aaggtgataa aatgagagtt agtattgtga aatggctttt tatcaaataa    183960
     atgagtttaa gtattgactg agtttactaa gttataggat tttggacaaa gtcacttctt    184020
     aagatttaga ttatctatat gcaacattat cacactgata ttttatctaa aatatactgc    184080
     ccaggatgta atagattttc tacttgtctt cccaaacatt attagtataa ttccagcttt    184140
     acccctatgt cattgcatga cttacctttt ccaagatcca gtttcctctt tcacttgggc    184200
     gtttagttga tttctgaggt gcttcccaga tgcaagatgt cataaatctt tagaatattg    184260
     ggaaataata gatttttaat ttaagacaat ctggcctgga atcatattat ctgataggag    184320
     gggaggtagc acggagcctc attccccttc agagacatag gtagctttct ttacagtcag    184380
     gctataggta tagctcttcc ttgccttttt ctgatgctga gctatatgtg aaagtctttg    184440
     ggtcatctga gccttggcat gattcatgct atacttattt cttcttttat attctgtcta    184500
     ggtcaacaag cagctacccg tgaaaggcag taactgttta caagacagcg gacagtgggg    184560
     agggcaacca taagttccca cagaaagctc ccattaccta aatggtaagt atactgcaca    184620
     gtgatgtctg gcagaccaat agaattgggt gttttctgag ttcttgacaa ctttctaccc    184680
     cagggaggaa agtcagtgtt ggttgatacc ttgtttttga accatatatg tggctaagct    184740
     tagctaagtg ctttacatgt tttctctgtt gtgtccacag cctgataggg ttagagtcta    184800
     ctcaggaagc caaaaacttt aaggagcagg gctaacctgt cacttactga gtatttactg    184860
     tgtgtcaggc ctgtctgtca tacgttttct ttcttaatac ctattccaac tctttaaggc    184920
     tagtgctttt atcattgcca gaaagtgagg tgagaggtta aataacttat caagtttaca    184980
     caggcaacaa gaggcagaat taagttttta aactaggtcc ttttcattgt atcacatcca    185040
     ccttttgaga atgttacttt ctgggttgag atggtggctc acttaccttt cagaagcaca    185100
     ccagaataaa cattagagaa acttagacta acagctattc ctttgctctc tgggttttgt    185160
     gagcccgtct ttattggcac aggaaggctg tggagaataa caatgaacta ggactgtgag    185220
     gacgagaact gaggaggggg gacagctaag gggtttcgtg gtcctcgtca cttctggtgt    185280
     actgtggata gagaaaggac tgggggaaag cttggaaaat gtgcagtggt catggaaatg    185340
     cctggataca gagagaaatc ttggtaacac tactcaagtc aatccacgca tgaaaaggac    185400
     attgtaagga caaggaggaa cttgtcatga ggtagtggat aacatataaa catgttcttt    185460
     accctgtgga tctcagtctg gtataagtcc gatggtattg agttttcata taatgtggtt    185520
     aacattcgag gctgacaaat agtgaattcc tgtagagcct tcaaagatgg aatgagtttt    185580
     ctggtgggga agtgtctgtc cttcttgtca ttagaagtgc ttagacgccg ggcgtggtgg    185640
     tgcatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg    185700
     cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gacagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg    185760
     tctacaaagt gagttccaga acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaaa    185820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaagta    185880
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaagtg cttagacaag aattgatgat gagttactaa gacaacttgt    185940
     acattgaatt ctttccactt tgaaaagtgc ctgtcccaac aactctatag tgtgaagcag    186000
     acacgtaaga catagaagtg aataaacata gccatatttc aactaaatta tttataaaat    186060
     caggcaagct gctcagttgg tagaatgttt gtttatcatg cccaggttta gtccccagga    186120
     ccaacctaag tctgtatggt tggttatata tcaaactgca aagaagtttg ctgacccctg    186180
     ctataaatga ctgttgggaa caggaaatga atcatggcaa ctatgttggg agaaggggca    186240
     gggcaggatt ttttatgttc tatttcagat cttcctgatc tgcaagggca ggaagaagag    186300
     ctagtttcta aagggctagc taggttcact tagaaatagg tttaaggggc ttaggatgta    186360
     gctcagttgg tgaaatgctt gtttagcatg cccaggttca ggtccccagt accacataag    186420
     ccaggtgcta tgatatatac ctatatagtc ttagcacttg ggaagtagag gcagagggtc    186480
     taaaaaattc taggccatcc ttggttacat actgagttca aggacagcat gaaataaaca    186540
     aggccctgtt cttggttttg tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    186600
     taaagaggct taagaagttt ggcaaaaatg atctgccaaa tggaaataca attgatatct    186660
     ttctaatatt aatcagaact gaggtagata ttgatgtgag agacattggc tgtaaaagat    186720
     ggaactgatg gttggtacat gcccatgacc caggcacatg gcaggagcat tatgaatttg    186780
     aggctagtgt gggctacatg gtaagttcca ggagcacttg gactctagag tgaaagtgtg    186840
     gaaatgaaac cctttattta tttacttatg tatacagaag agggcatcag atcccactac    186900
     agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg agaattgatc tcaggacctc tggaagagca    186960
     gcatgctctt aactgctgag ccatctctcc agccctctct gtgagttctt gatcttcttg    187020
     ccccagtttc ccaagtgctt ggatcacagt agagtgacat tatgcccagt agggatggtt    187080
     ttattttttt aaaaaaccat tgttttacct ttggctatgt ctgtcttatt ttttcaaaga    187140
     caaaggagaa gctcttaatt tttttattct tgcacttcac agaagtctgg gtacatcata    187200
     gatgtgccat aaatatttac tgaataatga atcatctgca gagagcaggg aaacattagg    187260
     aagaaaggaa tcttttctct tttgtagaca gcccaggata cagcacctcc actgctttct    187320
     ccagatagga gatgtgtatt aaagaaatta aaggtatgta gtttgaggcc agcctggtca    187380
     atagtgagtt ccaggacagc caggactatt tagagagacc ctgtaacaaa aaacaaaaac    187440
     agaaaaataa atgtataaaa ctattctaag gagtagagga agattcagaa atactttttg    187500
     ttcttaccag cccagtgata atatttgggc agcctataag gagtggtttc agcagtttgt    187560
     cccagtttcc atggcgcaga cctgcagtct tgaaggggca caatatgatg gttaagccac    187620
     tgagcaagtg ggtacagggc ttgggtgtga tcttttagaa catgtgtcca ggacctgata    187680
     acctgttcca tctgatccac tcatttcctc cgttgtaacc catgaacagt tagttccttg    187740
     gtattactta gtgttgtctg ttaaaggcca gtgtctggcc agacactgaa tcattaggaa    187800
     gttcattcag ccactcacag tcactaagtt taaagcattt attgtgtgct aggctccttg    187860
     ctgagtactg agaattcaga atacaaataa gaaagcaagt agggaggaat atactgagta    187920
     aataaaactc atacatatac agtgttgtga gcatttgtct gacatgctca aggccctggg    187980
     ttcaatctcc agtacttcta ccactacaac cagctaaaaa tgagacttaa catgcaggct    188040
     gaagacaagg ctagagagag gtgggcaggc aaggccagaa catgcagggc ttcttggttt    188100
     aattggagaa tttggacttt aacctaagaa gaataagagc cttgaaaaga tttcagatag    188160
     gaaatgtaat gctctctttt tagtgtcaat taagtacttg ttggttgtta actgagttta    188220
     gctttttcat tcctgtgcta tactggttga gtctccacac tcaattttga acagaagata    188280
     gaaaattaac actaaaatcc aaatggaggg actggcaaga tggctaagtg cacttgtaga    188340
     ggactagagt tcatttcttg gtacccatgc tgggctgtga caccatagct gcatgtaact    188400
     ccagctccag gaggtccagt tccctcctct ggccttctag gtaccctcac agacacgcac    188460
     actcacaaag agatatacac ataactaaaa acatctaaaa agaaaaattt aatccacatg    188520
     aaaacagtag tcaggttcct gaacttttta taattcagaa tagtggtaat ttatagatgg    188580
     agaagtgcta aagtttcata tctatattag ttcttttcct gtttccagaa taaaatattc    188640
     tgattcttaa aaaaagttga gaaaggatta ttctggctta cacttagaat gttcccttat    188700
     ggtgaagaag tcaaggctgg tcacactgaa tctacagagc taatcccggg gaattgttcc    188760
     attcacctct agtgtgggtc ttcccctttc agttaatata atcatataat caagacagtt    188820
     ctcacaggtc tgcctggaga tttgttggat accaaattgt tatcaagttg acgaataaat    188880
     attaactatt ataatttcct cttaagatat ttgttcatga aaagttcagt gtaaagtggt    188940
     aaaagggaat gtttggagaa tgtcagttga gggtaggccg aggcccttct gttctgtttt    189000
     ggttttgtat ggggtcctca ctatgtttcc taggctggtc ttaagctcct tagtttaaag    189060
     aatccccttg ctttagactt ctgagtagct ggaactacag aaatactatc atgcctaggt    189120
     gtgtgggttt taaatttttt ttttcactat tgaacctggt atggtggtac acacttgtaa    189180
     tccaatactt gggaggcaga ggtgggtgga tctctgttag tttgagacca gcttgatcta    189240
     cagagagagt tccaggacag ccaggaccac acagagagac cctgtctcga aaaatgaaag    189300
     caaacaaatt attattgtga tgttgtatat catggagttc acctctacat tgtacaattt    189360
     aatggtttta agcatatcga caatgatgca ttgcttttaa agcttctcgt agaaacatgg    189420
     tgttatttgt cttctggtaa ctgttaagtt agtataaatc ctttaataat tctttatcct    189480
     ttctattact gaacatatga aatttgtgga gtccctaatc ccccaactag tgtaaaaata    189540
     gttaaggctt ttgctgtgcc agtggacaaa tagccaaagg aaagcgactt gttcccttca    189600
     gttttggaga atgtggaagc atgtaggcta tggagagatg ggaaagagtc tagaagaact    189660
     tagaggagag aagagagctg taccatagac ggggcagagt gatggatgat ccatgtttga    189720
     tggtagcaat ttctcccaag cattgctgtt ctataagagc tgtgcacggg ctccatctga    189780
     tggctcagac catgtagtgc agccaccaga tggagcccgt gcacagctcc agaaggcatt    189840
     tggtatttca agcctcagtt gcagttgaat tgttgggagt cagttttact ataagatgct    189900
     ggctgttctc ttataggtta gactgtgttt tttaattttt tattagatat tttcttcatt    189960
     tacatttcaa atgctatccc aaaagtcccc tataccctct ccccgccctg ctcccctacc    190020
     cacccactcc cacttcttgg ccctggtgtt cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa    190080
     gaccaagggg cctctcttcc catagctaca tatgcagcta gagacacgag ctctgggggg    190140
     tactgattag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agaccccctt agctcctttg    190200
     ggtactttct ctagctcctc cattgggggc cctgtgttcc atcctataga tcactgtgag    190260
     catccacttc tgtattagcc aggcactggc atagcctcac aagagacagc tgtttaccag    190320
     ggtcttttca gcacaatctt gctggcatat gcgatagtgt ctgtgtttgg tggctgatta    190380
     tgggatggac tgcccctaat ttcaaatcct gattctgttg ctgtttccag cactattctg    190440
     ttaaatagtg ctgaacccct gcgaccctgc acatgtggta ctggagatga aacaccagtc    190500
     ttcacatatg ctggacaaaa tgccttacaa ctgagacatc tcctcagccc tactggtgtc    190560
     gtgctggcaa tacttgtggc ataattgtct tgatagatcc acctgtgtta gtcttacttt    190620
     ttggaagctt ccattacact atgtgctatg cactcttgtg attttccact tgcctcacag    190680
     atgctttgtc ccctttgcta tattttcatc cctgtgagca ttggggttta gacagttggt    190740
     gtcttatttt ctctatattt ttctaagcca tctgtttttg ttgactcaca gatttatatt    190800
     gtaagaatac ctctcttctg agctctgacc ctgcttgtgt gtttatgggc tctattgtct    190860
     ttgattgacc attaacccct cacagataat gttttaaact tatcttcctt ttcttactgt    190920
     tccatctata cttaatttca ttggacttag gacagcactg tcctacaaat tcaggccagc    190980
     aaccttggtc tgaagcatcc ttaatttctt gcctgtctta tacatcatgt gcagtctagg    191040
     aacaaaagca tggggttctc ccttcacctg gccagagttc tgaccacttc ttagtgtctc    191100
     tgttatcagc cacactggct tttgcttgga gtatcacagt gcttcctgtt tggtcttcct    191160
     agtcagattc tttagtagtc ttttgaaaaa accagggcat ttatattgat tttcatcatg    191220
     agctagtcct aataattact atcacccaac ttatttatat actaacttta actttttaaa    191280
     aaagtttttt gagacagggt ctacaaaatt atttaatata aatatttcaa ggctccacct    191340
     caatatctag gcagtctatc ttatctattc taacccctca actagtttgg ctacctacta    191400
     gtcaaaatcc caataatact tgcaacttgg gacttccata tttctgctaa actctcaaga    191460
     attctttcca ccttactcaa cctgactgat ctcttcctcc ttcccctggc tggcagaagt    191520
     cctgccctat tctctgtttt gcccagccat tgggtaatca gcatttattg acaaagcaga    191580
     gaataaatgg taagaattgt ttacacagac ttgagagagg agattcttga cacaagtatt    191640
     acaatgccat gtctggattg aaataaaata cgagggcgga gaagtcagcg tttgaataat    191700
     acaaggataa cctttacaca gtgcattatg tctacattcc accttttttg tctaataaaa    191760
     aacaaatatt agacagaaga ctcataataa tctatataca gtgataacaa ttattatgac    191820
     taatcaggta agattcatgt tatatctagt ccataactat ttgccaattt tgtagttata    191880
     ttctattgtc catcctaact tggtgaattt agagttttgt acctaaatca ttttctatca    191940
     taacttgtct tattgaccta aagcatcttc taagacataa aacattttct taaatcctat    192000
     ataatttaag atttattctg aaactttatc tagtcttttc ccctatcaca gacctgagaa    192060
     ggaataaata ttacttgagt atgtaggaag tacaggccag cagcttctga aactatagaa    192120
     atgacagagg agcaggttgt ctgggaagtc ccccagaaat tctctaggat tctatcttca    192180
     gccttcatgc ccagaatatc tgacagacct tttgtgaagc aagaagtatg aaggactgct    192240
     taccctaact tggcagagct tggcagtcaa cttccctgca tcctgtttgt tctttctgga    192300
     tagcattttg tctgcagatg tagcatgggc agctttctgc ccagtggcag cttgtcacat    192360
     ttgagatgaa ctccatatgg aggttctttg atgctctttt atcttctttg aagtggatta    192420
     gagataactt ccaggagcag atctttctca ttgttagaaa agatctctta ataatgaaat    192480
     cattctaaat gtcatattct gtggatctct gaggtttttg aagaccatct atctattgaa    192540
     tatctgaatt gtcacccact gtttattcta tttactattt gaataactgt gaaaacatct    192600
     tactgtaatt aactcaacta gtatctatta tgaccacaag tttgattgcc tgacttttaa    192660
     ttcatattac ttaattatcc ttaacagttt gtaatagcag gcttaaaagg aatagaactt    192720
     tcattgtatc tttaagaatt atattggtac aatatcccaa atgttgaaaa catatacatt    192780
     atgtgcatta aaaactttaa atttgtataa atatacaaaa cgttatgcca gtgtaacaaa    192840
     atataacctt aacttttata tcaatataca aagatctata ccaatgtaag attatggctt    192900
     aaaaaaaaag ttgttttttt ttttaaagta aattcagtga tctctatccc tttttcctat    192960
     tattcttata atatttctat attccccctt tctcttttct ccctctctcc tcctctgtcc    193020
     cctcctccct aacccctagc taggagagaa agaataatag aggaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa    193080
     aaaagaaaaa aaaatccctg aatctaaata ccgtattttg tttcttccct gtctaagacc    193140
     ataactactg taaccatccc tctttttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt tatgtatatg    193200
     agtaactgta gctatcttca gacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat tacagctggt    193260
     tggaagacac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagacagtg    193320
     ctcttaacca ttgagccatc tctccagctc taaccatccc tcttttaatg atgacaaaca    193380
     tccaacaccc attgaaggac caaaaatcat ctactccact tctttggaat gggtcctgct    193440
     tctcgtataa ttgcttcctg ctgattttag atatagtatt ccttttggga gcccaagaaa    193500
     attgtgaaaa ttgttagtct taagaaagtt agctgtagca tttgttgttc agtctctgta    193560
     tgttgggaaa gtacagtctt aaacaaagtc ctgattgaaa cagtctgaaa gggtggacca    193620
     agtaagtagg atgttttgaa gttgtcctga aagcaagtct ttagaagaaa cagcattgga    193680
     gtagtctgag gtaggatcag gcaggaagcc ggctcagaaa gcctgagcat ctcaacatcc    193740
     ctgagggtga atcttgtcag ggttgtaact tcattggcat ctgtaaatat ataaactctc    193800
     acaagtaata catagttctg tgttaacata tttatggaat gtgcaaggtg cacaaattag    193860
     ttaatgaaga ttctttgttc ttgtttgagc agatgaaaga cattagtctt tctttataag    193920
     ttggcatgat agtcctgagg actttgtagc caaaggatta ttggctaagc aagccgaagt    193980
     tctggctgga gacgttttta tgtcttagcc aatctcagag ctgtttgcat atggagggat    194040
     cagcaaatta tgttacccgt cctgtttgat tttcttgatt tctttcttcc tgtctgcagc    194100
     caagatcttc aggaatgctc cctggtcata tctgattatt atcaatttgg atggaatcca    194160
     tagtttttct tctactctgg agacatgggc ataccctctt ttttcccctc catttattta    194220
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttattcact cactcactta    194280
     ttattgcatt tattgattgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgccc    194340
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc atgctggcct cgaactcaga aatatgcctg cctctgcctc    194400
     ctgagtgctg gaattaaagt gtgccaccac gcctggctct taccctccat ttagatgtta    194460
     agacatccct aatatataca ggctgattta gttcagtttt tcctcatagt tcattgtctc    194520
     taagcagttg attttattca ttagcattca agagttttta aggtcaataa agcattatgt    194580
     aatttattat tgaaggtctt tgttacccct ttgtttgtta agcatttctt ttaaagtatg    194640
     attggatctc tgtacaactg cttgtcccat agaattatgt ggtatatctg taatatgctt    194700
     tatattgaaa tatgtaaaaa atgtttcatt ttactaggga cacatgctag agcattgtca    194760
     atcttaattt gtacaggtat tcccataatt gccataccgt ctagtagatg tgtaattacc    194820
     aaatcagcct tttcagaagt taaagcagtt gcccattgaa atcttgaata tttatctatg    194880
     gtatggtgca catattttaa ttttgcaagc tctgcaaaat aaaatatatc catttgccaa    194940
     attttatttc tctgggtacc ttttaggtta ctcccagcag gtaatgaagt ggttatataa    195000
     agaacaagta taggacattt ttttatatat ataatttcct tgactagttg ctaaatgata    195060
     gaaaaccttt gttgttcaca tggtagtttt taatgaaata ctgaggcttc tagtacattt    195120
     cttattaata gttgatcagt tttagcatta ccttgtgcta gaagacctgg tagacccata    195180
     tgggatctga tagtgttaca cacagtggat gatttccatt tctgattact tgttgtattt    195240
     gaaattaatt ctgaatcatc ctgaattaat tcagcaggtt ttatatacag acaactcttt    195300
     ctgcatattg agacttagta actaactata ttaagagact ctgaaaagtc taataatact    195360
     gtaagaattg tgtataactc tgattttttt aactggatca taaggactct caaccacttt    195420
     actatttttt tcctgattta taacctacat tttcagattt tttttgcatc aatagagaat    195480
     gtagggcctc tagaaattgg tgtttctttt attatacaag ggagaatcca attagttttt    195540
     ataaattgaa gtctcttgct tttgggtatt tgttgttaat atcctccccc acattacttc    195600
     aaactctttg ccaatgttca tcttgtgccc ataatgaggt aatatcaata ttattagtaa    195660
     aacgtatcaa aatctcagat gcttttattc cagctaattg acaaagtctc gtttttcctt    195720
     ttagaataaa tgcagaaacc ttttctatat gtttttaatt ttttattcca tttgtgagct    195780
     aataatatcc attctaagat ataattgctc tgcataagaa ttcctatggg agggcggtgg    195840
     tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga    195900
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag gacgatacag agaaatcctg    195960
     tctcaacccc ctcccccccc aaaaaaaaat ccaaaaaatc caaaacaaca aaaaaaaaga    196020
     aaacaagaat tcctatggga gaatgagtag aaggcgagat aactaaaata cagaccatcg    196080
     ttgggtcagt atgacctgta tgtgcatctt ctagtttctt ttctaccaga gtcagtcccc    196140
     tttcagcttc agctgttaag tttcttggac tatttaattc tttatcacct tataaagttt    196200
     gaaatgaatt acttagctct tgaattgtga gaccaattgt tgtctgtagc cagttaatat    196260
     cacccagcaa cttttaaaaa tcactaagag ttctgtctct cctgatttgt gtcttttgtg    196320
     gctgaatttt ctgcagactt atgtcctaga taaataatag aaaaacctct tagtgttttt    196380
     tcatgagtaa tttgtaatcc ccaagaaagc aaaagaattt ttttgtttta ttaaaccttt    196440
     tttctaaggt atctccattt gaatcggcca acaaaatatc atccatataa tggtaaatta    196500
     tggattgagg aaatggttta aggattattt cgaatggctg ttgtacaaaa tattggcata    196560
     aagtaggact gttcaacatt ccttgaggca agaccttcta ttggacagct attattataa    196620
     gtgggtattg aaaaagtaaa actttcttta tattgttctt gtaaaggaat cataaaaaag    196680
     gcaatcattt aaatcaatca ctataatagg ccattcctta ggtaacaagg aagatgacag    196740
     gattctagac tgtaaagaag ccattggctg aatgatttta ttaattgctc tcagatctgt    196800
     caatatcctc catttgctag attttttttt tttttttaat cacaaataca ggagaattcc    196860
     aagggctggt ggactcttct atatgttgag cctacagctg ttttttgttg ttgttgttgt    196920
     ttttattttt ttgtttgttt gttttttgtc tgtcataggc cattgttcta tcctagtggg    196980
     gatggtcctt agtggcaagg ccatttgtgt tcttttagca gtctctctct ctctggatag    197040
     tcagctgctg ttgtctcgtt tatggataat gtggacagtc tatgactgtt cttgataaaa    197100
     gttttaatag tgtcgtcaag aacatctcct attttatggc ttgtccttga agctttgagg    197160
     aatgataacc catgtcttcc cattaattta tggctatatc aaccacatat ggccttaaat    197220
     ttcctatttg accttttggc tttacattta agccatttaa tactttcttt tacctgggat    197280
     aaacttctaa gtcattgaaa ttgggtatct atctattgat agtcaatagg aaaaaaagta    197340
     ttgcttttct ttgtctctcc caccccaccc cccaccgccc caaggggatt cattcaagat    197400
     ttcattccaa gcccctactt taggcatagc ctttgttaat taaccaatgc tgtgtgcaca    197460
     gcaggactct cctggaggag agcagaattc tttcaagtgg tttagagact cagagctcta    197520
     atagagcttt gccttttctg cttttcacct ggaactttct atctaataac taaatatgaa    197580
     ttttaaaggt gtgaatactg agtcgggcgt ggtggtgcac acctttaatc ccagcactcg    197640
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc caggacagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc    197700
     aggacagcca gggctacaga gagaaaccct gtctcgacaa cccccccccc aaaaaaaaaa    197760
     gtgtgaatat ttctccgtat tgagcaccaa atgcaaaatg gattatttaa tataaatatt    197820
     attaaattaa tacaccagct atataacttt atcctagcta gttcccaata acaacacagg    197880
     gagaccaaga tttatattta tttcaaggcc cctcctcaat atctgggcag ttttatctta    197940
     accattaaac taatctggct acctaccagc caaaatccca ataattcttg tcattgggac    198000
     tttcgtgttt ctgctaaact ctcacgaatt ctctcctcct cactcctgga ggatttctct    198060
     ttctcatcct ctttccctga cttctctgtt tttccagcca ttggatgatc aatatctatt    198120
     aacacggcag agaataaatg gtaaaaattg tttacacaaa cttgagattc ttgacataaa    198180
     cattacaaag ccgtgtctgg attgaaacaa gatatgaggg tagaaaaatc agcatttgaa    198240
     taacacaagg gtaaacttaa catagcacat aaaaataata tgcccataag ggtgggccga    198300
     cctcaaaatt cagagatcca cctgtctctg cctcaggtgc tgtgattaaa ggtatgtgct    198360
     gccatgacaa cataggtttt actcttgatc ttatatattt tataggttta aagagaggta    198420
     gaatgccatg gatccataat taaagtacac agagtatgtc attgctgggc tccctgtgca    198480
     ctagtcaccc ttcctgtttc tatagtttgg ctttctccag atgccattca gttagtcata    198540
     ccatgtgagg ctttttaaac ttgataactc atttcatttt aaagatgaat aatactccac    198600
     tgtctggatg tcacagttta tccctctgct tacttatttc cctgcttcta ggtttaacca    198660
     attataaatg caattactat agatatttgt gtgcctgctt ttatataaac atagtttttc    198720
     aaccattttt ggtaagcaag gagttaaact gctagaacat atggtaagag catgcttggt    198780
     tttgctagaa actatcttca aaagtggtgc taccattttg cattaccact ggtatggact    198840
     tgagaattcc tgttgctctg tatcctccat gttagcagtg atttggacat tttaatagat    198900
     atgtagtggt gctgagggtc tttgtttttt gagacaaggt ctggctgttg atcaagctgg    198960
     cctcaagttg aaggtgcagt tctcctgact cagcttctga gtgccgggat aatgagcatg    199020
     agccaccagg actgcttttg gtctattgta tttttttcag ttctaaatca acctaatttt    199080
     tccatgcact tatttgtaat ctgcatatat cctttgttaa ggactcatgt tgactcatgt    199140
     ttttcttact gagattttat atatatgact ataccccccc cccttttggg tttttgttgt    199200
     tgtttgcttt ttgttttttt gtttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta ccttggctgt    199260
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggt cttgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgct    199320
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgcgcgcc accactgccc ggaaattttt tttttttaaa    199380
     gacaaggtct ctatatgtat gcagctctaa cagtttgctt ctgcttcctg tgtgctggaa    199440
     ttaaagttgt ataccactgt tcctagtatt attgctaaaa gtattttagt tatttttttt    199500
     cccctgatat ttgttttgcc tagatgtctt tcaccttaac aagcttagat tattggttct    199560
     ttcctccatg gattgtactt tttgaacagt acctgaggtt actactgtac tcagggtcat    199620
     ctggtttttc tccttttgat ttttttttag gagttgatag ttttgcattt tatacttaag    199680
     tctgtgcata tagtctggtt atagccccat ctatagagaa gatgattttt gttgtgtttt    199740
     ttgcctttgc tcttttctca gagatcacag gacagctttt aatctgggct gttttgttcc    199800
     tttatctatc tattcttttc atacttactg ctgtgactga taactttctt agatggatag    199860
     catcaatttt gttaattttt aatgttatgt tagttcttct ggtcatccaa ctctaccaaa    199920
     actttaccag tttgtcagta tccacacaat agttgctaga gattttgatt ttgattgagc    199980
     ctatagaact gacattcgga actgtattga gtcttcctac cagtaaacat ggagactctc    200040
     cccgtttact taggtctcct gttttacaat ctgtaaaact atgaaaaatg catataggtt    200100
     ttgagtttac atttaaattt catttttata gtgttaataa aaatgatact gtactttaat    200160
     ttcaaattct atttgctcac tgatggtata ttgggaaatt ttttgatttt tatatatatt    200220
     gtctaccgtg caaccatctt gtaatcacta gttgttttaa agtggccttt atttttttga    200280
     tcattctgtt gaattttcaa catagagagg catgtctttc tctttttctt tcctccctat    200340
     cagcatatct ttttattttt ttgcctaatg tattatctaa gcttctagta caatgttgaa    200400
     aataggtggc aagaattctt gccttgtccc tcatcacaca ggaggctttg agcttccata    200460
     tgtgattctt gttggttttt cttgaaccta ttggtatgat gacttatatc agttttcaaa    200520
     agctgacgca gccttgcatt tcttctataa atccagttgg ttgtagcatt taattcttcc    200580
     tctacattgc tagttttcat atactagtat tttgtggaag agccttagat gtatttgtgt    200640
     acaggagata ctggtctgta gattttattt tcttgtgata tctttggtct tatgaggatt    200700
     ttgttggcct tacagaataa actgggaaat aatttgctgt gattctgtct tctggaaaat    200760
     tggcatactc ttctaaatgc ttgaagtact taccagtaag tccatttggg ctttaatata    200820
     tattttacaa agttattggt gaacagaata ggcctattca acagtgtcta ctatttggat    200880
     aaattgtggc tttcaggtaa ttggtctgtt tcatctggat tatcaaattt tggctacaga    200940
     attgttcata aattactctt taatgtctct gagatctata gtgtcatctc tgtcatgttt    201000
     ttattatctt tctagagaca gctttgtctt tggttaacat ccccaaacac acacacacac    201060
     ttgttttctt gtttcaactt gatttccact ctttttttac tgtttaatga tttaacatta    201120
     tttatgttag ctcgtagtga gtggtctcga ggctaacctc ctttgtttaa gcaatcatcc    201180
     tgttttactt tgcttggctg tgggactgcc atcatatccg gtttactttg cctgtttgtc    201240
     ggtttgtttc ttacctttga gattattgtt aaacttcatc aactgtgtgc actaagtgcc    201300
     ataaatatct cttagccaca gtgtgacttc ctcctacaat tctttttttt tttttaaatc    201360
     taaaattttc aaacccttgt gtcgagggct gactttcaat agatcgaagc gtgggagctg    201420
     ctctgctacg cacaaaaccc cgacccagaa gcaggtcatc tacgaatgct cctacaattc    201480
     tttagaggat atcatacata aatactgaat ttccatcatt tacacccact ctctcctcct    201540
     ctagcctata tgctaccccc ttctccttca gattcatggc ctctttaatt attattgtta    201600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactccct ccctccctcc    201660
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctactgagta aatgtgtatt    201720
     tagggttgac cacttggaat tagcagctac cagttgcctg tagttgttct tctgggggtt    201780
     gggctttgtg acacatccct ccagcccctg ttgggatgca tcagttgttc agattgtttt    201840
     ggcaacctca ctgttaagat tttgtgggtg cagctccctg tcatccatag aagacaccaa    201900
     ctcacagtct tctggctctt aaaaatcttt ccatcttctc ttttgcgttg ttccaagttt    201960
     atcttacaga ttttagaaag ttgtattttt ctttcaaaat atgtctattt ccagtcatct    202020
     tctgttactg atttgtttga ttcctttgtg ggctaattta agatttcttt tagaattgtt    202080
     caggtgagca tttgtttctt tttctgttga tgtgataaaa taccttgcta aataaactca    202140
     actcaaggga gaaagggttt atttcagctt acggtttaag ggcacagtcc atcatcttaa    202200
     gcagctggtc ctgtcacatc cacgatcagg aacagagagc aatgaatgca cactgctgct    202260
     caccttcctt tctccattta tataggacag gatccttgtc aagaaagggg ccacgcacag    202320
     caggcagcaa tgaacatagt caacttcccc actccatgct cagggcccat ctcccaggta    202380
     aggctaggtt ctgtccaata gacagttaac gc                                  202412